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0018 ALABAMA COLLECTION Restricted For Library Use Only 4t UNIVERSITY Of NORTH ALABAMA 3 1569 00266 0055 Iliorama FLORENCE SI ft norw - tb anpos s LaGRANGE COLLEGE 1830 NO J r ogress Cftfter 127 JJears • •!• Wk2.«5 n • IP w ,- 2 - t " ■ " 1830 m 1840 m 18 JO. I860. 1870. 1880. 1890 1900m Wes e vi an Jfa T fflv Openecf n 1830 as La c Jrancfe C)o eye, 1960? — 1830% 1840 • 1850 y 1860 1870k 1880 1890 , 1900 • £ 020« W.s ei an ( l{nwersilu ( l(nli 1930 • 1940i 1950% I960?— 1830 1840 • 1850 k 1860, f JCffS, " S5 rain na L)cnoo ZHZ C oseo by Uyar in L 7 n tS72 7 li ' Ja.s Oeecfecf h i£e a e hi . . . the Gnurcn and Jjecame Florence (b a e j Cor ma f School. Wi Iing Jfa T 1920 • $ o M40 m I ' r 1830 •M c€_ ' O. T res c enfs T Jfome r A ,89° ■ 1880 9n 1926 ■ ' Present yCame Was CTlc op ecf. iO J J owers Jfaff • 20 m V r 1 1 II I T T IS II I ii ■■ I 5 0 J oaer.s 7 g 7 orence c) a e JKemorial Cflmpnitneater ! f 3 I gE II II rr 1840 • ' S sill B Mill I) H I; O ' S, O t 1870 {jfi 0. IS90 14 ' 7lfier 127 Jjears of Continuous so t ' o- 1920 • 9 ' 3 0 ' gymnasium y i 71 ZffJZ J royress, jBooAs Uowarcf i£e CPu ure 15 V 16 ) f ft " + " « ■ , i },. ' y rJ t ,. .. A sign of progress the faculty of 1957 DR. E. B. NORTON ]TJhe jPfresident Under the leadership and guidance of our President, Dr. E. B. Norton, Florence State has undergone a period of rapid progress and growth. 22 DR. TURNER W. ALLEN EJeigf ean In his still new position Dean Allen has already distinguished himself as an outstanding and capable leader of Florence State in its March of Progress. 23 iQjfficers of jAfdministration CHESTER M. AREHART Registrar R. C. FULLER Treasurer OTIS L. PEACOCK Director of Extension JjJfean of jMfen DEAN ABEL F. DEWITT ]F lorence Sltate ) Officers of jAj dministration Plean of jWjomen DEAN PAULINE GRAVLEE 127 jYJears of ) Progress DR. W. T. McELHENY Director of Student Personnel WILLIAM A. GRAHAM Director of Training School HUBERT A. FLOWERS Director of Athletics ANDERSON, MRS. PHILLIP Dietitian BLEVENS, DOROTHY G. Assistant Dietitian BUNN, RICHARD W. Campus Policeman BURNS, MRS. MELVILLE Social Director, O ' Neal Hall COX, BARBARA Secretary, Education Department DACUS, RUTH Librarian DENT, MABLE G. Social Director, Powers Hall ENGLISH, H. J. Assistant Treasurer GLENN, MRS. W. H. Buildings Supervisor GRIFFIN, MARTHA L. Assistant Librarian HARRIS, WANDA Secretary to Training School Director HAYES, ETHEL Dietitian, Training School HENDERSON, EDITH Secretary to Registrar HOLT, BARBARA B. Secretary, Registrar ' s Office INGRAM, MRS. NELL R. Social Director, Florence Hall KNIGHT, ESSIE College Nurse LEDBETTER, VAUDINE Secretary, Registrar ' s Office LENTZ, MILDRED C. Assistant Librarian 26 2£U LOTT, MRS. SUDIE C. Secretary to Dean McFARLAND, MRS. W. F. Social Director, Keller Hall PEACOCK, MRS. ODIS Secretary to President REEDER, ROBERT L. Operator of College Store RICHARDSON, EVA Social Director, Willingham Hall SOUTHARD, WILLIAM Director of News Bureau SPARKS, PEARL Alumni Secretary and Hostess, Rogers Hall STEVENS, SYBIL Secretary to Treasurer TERRY, GEORGE Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds TERRY, MRS. GEORGE College Post Office THOMPSON, MRS. JEAN Secretary to Student Personnel Office THORNTON, RUTH A. Secretary to Speech Therapist VAN PELT, NELSON Director of Photography and Audio- Visual WALKER, MURIEL R. Secretary to Registrar WILSON, WILBUR M. District Supervisor of State Vocational Rehabilitation Service ■ztfk ntaff 27 d LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Wayne Christen- son, C. Lynn Brown, Mildred Harding. Head of the Music Department: DR. WAYNE CHRISTENSON Mfusic Department ISfocial [Stcience Department Head of the Social Science Department: DR. EDWARD H. EVANS FIRST ROW: Viola Clark, Dr. Bernarr Cresap, Dr. Edward Evans, Noel Glasscock, N. W. Hickman. SECOND ROW: Dallas Lancaster, Dr. Earl McGee, Maurine Maness, Jack Wilhelm. 28 Above: FIRST ROW: C. W. Allen, Viola Clark, Dr. Roland Dickison, Henry Harvey, Dr. Albert Johnston. SECOND ROW: Katherine Jones, Dr. Laura Jean McAdams, Mrs. Earl Masterson, Edward Matis, Julia Neal. THIRD ROW: Mabel Owens, Mrs. Robert Peck, John Rodman, Gladys Shepard, Nicholas Winn. Head of English Department: DR. ROLAND DICKISON Head of Foreign Languages Department: DR. LAURA McADAMS Eyiglish and Fforeign )j anguages jD epartment 29 Head of Math Department: MISS ORPHA CULMER 1 FRANK PHILLIP ORPHA MARY R. JEAN WILLIAM VCHORN CORRIGAN CULMER HUDSON PARKER SCOTT M ath and )P re-Engineering Department jHjealth and lP hysical jE ducation Department Head of Physical Education Department: MR. H. A. FLOWERS EDWARD BILLINGHAM H. A. FLOWERS GEORGE GIBBONS HELEN MATTHEWS GEORGE WEEKS NANCY COE VANCE CORINNE TUTHILL HILDA MITCHELL NELSON VAN PELT Head of Art Department: MISS CORINNE TUTHILL fAJrt Department S[cience Department Head of Science Department: DR. H. R. FLOYD DR. WILL S. DELOACH DR. HOMER FLOYD HENRY HARVEY Below: LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Arthur Hershey, John Holland, Fulton Huff, Ernest Snyder, Mrs. Sigmund Von Gemmingen, Paul Yokley. (T £% LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred Dickerson, Mary W. Huff, Florine Rasch, Celia Wilson. Head of Home Economics Department: MARY W. HUFF iHlome jEjconomics Department [B usiness JEJducation and )A dministration Department Head of Business Education and Administration Department: DR. Z. S. DICKERSON Left : ORVILLE BOES Below : LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Z. S. Dickerson, Eunice Hoff- meister, Henry Jones, Sara Kami . Ellen Moore, Roy S. Stevens. ADAMS BROCK COX DAVIS FARLEY FINLEY FORNEY McILRATH LEWIS LOWRY MILLER SCHMITT WAITE Head of Education and Psychology Department: DR. HOYT BROCK Above: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Adams; Training School, Dr. Hoyt Brock, Ila Cox; Training School, W. L. Davis, Flora B. Farley; Training School. SECOND ROW: John Finley, Katherine Forney; Handicapped Children, William Mclllrath, Sarah Lewis; Training School. THIRD ROW: Donie May Lowry; Training School, Dorothy Miller; Training School, Fannie Schmitt; Library Science, Dr. William Waite. FOURTH ROW: William Woodward. jE ducation and jP sychology Department 33 ' V ( ' ) Col. Philip Merrill, M Sgt. Edward Doody, Maj. Ben Hedges, S.F.C. Ludwig Lesch, Sgt. John Rice, Sgt. John Roberts. SECOND ROW: Sgt. E. J. Smith, Lt. Kelly Turner, Capt. Bynum Ward, Helen Glasgow, Maud Haddock. Professor of Military Science and Tactics: COL. PHILIP MERRILL Rjeserve JOffficers Jjjraining jCforps The R.O.T.C. Department Holds Open House. Florence State — 127 years of Tradition and Progress 35 asses A sign of progress - student body of Florence State " J i iS MM JAMES E. FREEMAN President Hamilton, Ala. Business Administration Activities: Provost Corps; Sigma Tau Pi; Conver- sation Club; Drill Team; SGA 55, 56; President, Sophomore Class 55; Senior Class President. FREDRICK H. PHILLIPS Vice President Florence, Ala. Biology Activities: Conversation Club, President 57; Provost Corps, Executive Officer 57; Distinguished Military Student; Rifle Team; Drill Team; Inter-Presidents Council; Vice President, Senior Class. SARA COUNTS Secretary Haleyville, Ala. Business Education Activities: FTA; Sigma Tau Pi; Diorama Staff; Junior Class Reporter 56; Senior Class Secretary. Gfa ass ot J7 ZW- DAVID LLEWELLYN Treasurer Florence, Ala. BS., Marketing and Retail Management Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Provost Corps, Deputy Provost Marshal; Ushers Club; Conservation Club; Basketball 53; Senior Class Treasurer. LEE HICKMAN SGA Representative Florence, Ala. Business Administration Activities: President, Day Students; Rehearsal Club; Alpha P»i Omega, Vice President; English Club; Ushers Club; Business Manager, Flor-Ala Staff; SGA; Homecoming Committee; Editor, Lion Grid- iron; Provost Corps; Sophomore Class Officer; Senior Class Officer. BILLY WRIGHT Reporter Birmingham, Ala. (.hrmistry and Biology Activities: ACS; Provost Corps; Drill Team; Con- servation Club; Senior Class Officer. JAMES ADAMS Amory, Mississippi THOMAS AKINS Goodspring, Alabama Physical Education and Social Science Activities: " F " Club; PE Club; Football PEGGY ALEXANDER Leighton, Alabama 5.5., Business Education Activities: Wesley Fellowship; FTA; Sigma Tau Pi; YWCA; Inter-Presidents Council, Vice President; YWCA President; Kappa Delta Pi; Treasurer Senior Class; Who ' s Who in American Universities and College. ALLEN ALSOBROOK Tuscumbia, Alabama B.S., History — Business Activities: Provost Corps. ELBERS BAILY, JR. Florence, Alabama Chemistry Activities: ACS. GLENNIS BAILEY Arab, Alabama 5.5., Business Education and Sociology Activities: YWCA; BSU; FTA; Sigma Tau Pi; YWA; Treasurer YWCA 55-57; WSGA Secretarv 55-56. LAVRETTE BAKER Phil Campbell, Alabama 6.5., Physical Education and Art Activities: WSGA; Sigma Tau Pi TP Club. PE Club; WAA; JANIE BARKER Florence, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: Band 54-57; WILLIAM BARNES Florence, Alabama Pre-Med THOMAS LLOYD BARNES Tuscumbia, Alabama Physical Science Activities: Veterans Club. MARIE BASSHAM Five Points, Tennessee Chemistry and Library Science Activities: Wesley Fellowship; YWCA; ACS; WSGA; Publicity Chairman YWCA. ELAINE GARDNER BEARD Sheffield, Alabama Elementary Education s TOMMIE C. BEASLEY Cherokee, Alabama enwrs ROBERT BECK Tuscumbia, Alabama Business Administration and Marketing and Retailing Activities: BSU; Feature Editor Diorama 53-54; REW Committee Chairman. JAMES BENDALL Sheffield, Alabama Marketing and Retailing and Economics Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Executive Committee. JOHN BENTON Florence, Alabama Accounting and Economics Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; " F " Club. GLENN BISHOP Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Business Administration Activities: Provost Corps. JOHN BLAIR Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Business Administration and Math Activities: Provost Corps. ROBERT BOHNSTEADT Florence, Alabama BS., Business Administration and Psychology Activities: Rehearsal Club; Ushers Club; Students Organizations; Sigma Tau Pi. Day SARAH JO BOX Vernon, Alabama Home Economics Activities: Home Ec Club; Wesley YWCA; Home Ec Club Reporter. Fellowship ; WILLIAM BRANDON Florence, Alabama Physical Education DAVID BRANSCOME Tuscumbia, Alabama B.A., History and Political Science Activities: Ushers Club. REVA BREWER Sheffield, Alabama Business Education and English Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Tau Delta. EDWARD BRIDGES Athens, Alabama Physical Education and Biology Activities: PE Club; FTA; ' F " Club; Baseball. Sfeniors THOMAS EDWARD BRACATO Sheffield, Alabama Marketing and Retailing and Math Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Day Students; " F " Club; BasebalL MABEL CARPENTER Tuscumbia, Alabama Elementary Education MARY LEE CATHEY Florence, Alabama Physical Education and Biology Activities: Town Student Organization, President; FTA; PE Club, Reporter; WAA Publicity Chair- man; WSGA Executive Board; Conservation Club; Wesley Fellowship; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who. ROSE MARIE CATHEY Florence, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: Town Students Organization; WSGA; Wesley Fellowship; FTA. DORIS CHILDERS Vina. Alabama Elementary Education Activities: WAA. ROY GENE CHILDERS Russellville, Alabama Accounting Activities: Rehearsal Club; Flor-Ala. PAUL CHRISTIAN Florence, Alabama Chemistry JIMMY CLEMMONS Killen, Alabama Marketing and Retailing Activities: Sigma Tau Pi. ENID MAYS COBB Hamilton, Alabama Home Economics Activities: Home Economics Club. CAROLYN COLE Florence, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: Flor-Ala; FTA; Rehearsal Club; YWCA; Diorama; Vice President WSGA; Associate Editor Flor-Ala; President Beta Beta Beta; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Pi; Class Officer; Hall of Fame; Wildlife Conservation Club; SGA. JOAN DORRIS Florence, Alabama Music — English Activities: BSU; Executive Council; JOHN CITRANO Huntsville, Alabama Marketing and Retailing and Economics Activities: Conservation Club; Provost Corps; Sec retary of Conservation Club; Sigma Tau Pi; " F Club. YWCA; Band; Kappa Delta Pi. Choir; BSU 7 41 Jlfe enwrs CARL L. COMPTON Wedgeworth, Alabama Chemistry, Biology Activities: Beta Beta Beta. COY COX Hamilton, Alabama Chemistry SHIRLEY COX Hamilton, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: WAA; WSGA; Cheerleader 1954-1955. Square Dance Club; HUGH CRAIG Florence, Alabama Biology — Physical Education Activities: Conservation Club; Vice President Beta Beta Beta. WILLIE MAE CROCKETT Phil Campbell, Alabama Home Economics Activities: President YWCA; Home Ec Club; Kitchen Delta Pi; Treasurer YWCA; Vice President Home Ec Club; WSGA. AUTICE CULBREATH Union Grove, Alabama Math and Chemistry Activities: BSU; YWCA; ACS; Vice President Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Phi. JOE ANNA DALE Florence, Alabama Chemistry Activities: ACS; Diorama Staff; Flor-Ala Staff; ACS Treasurer; Secretary Town Student Organiza- tion. MARY ALICE DARRAH Sheffield, Alabama fl.5., Physical Education — Biology Activities: Choir; FTA; WAA; PE Club; Day Students Organization; Lionettes; Vice President PE Club 56-57. YVONNE DAVIS Loretta, Tennessee Physical Education and Biology Activities: Beta Beta Beta, President WAA; WSGA; Treasurer YWCA; Choir; PE Club; Secretary Beta Beta Beta; Band. RICHARD DAY Florence, Alabama Business Administration Activities: Sigma Tau Pi. WILLIAM DEAN Florence. Alabama Business Administration Activities: Provost Corps, Sigma Tau Pi. BARBARA DEFOOR Phil Campbell, Alabama Home Economics Activities Home F.r Club; WSCA; Vice l ' i, ,.,,1,-iit Home Ec Club; Inter Presidents Council; President Dorm. Ige enwrs PEGGY DOTSON Gorgas, Alabama Home Economics Activities: Home Economics Club. JAMES DUNNIVANT Sheffield, Alabama Liberal Arts EDWARD ESTES Sheffield, Alabama Market and Retailing— Psychology Activities: Ushers Club; Sigma Students. Tau Pi; Day SHELVA EZELL Rogersville, Alabama Physical Education — Biology Activities: Lionettes; WAA, Vice President; PE Club, Reporter; WSGA Representative; Kitchen Delta Pi. EUGENE FARLEY Moulton, Alabama Business Education Activities: FTA; Sigma Tau Pi. GEORGE FARRIS Lynn, Alabama Physical Education — History Activities: " F " Club. JAVAN PARVIN FAZEL Tehran, Iran (Special Student) JOSEPH FLIPPEN Russellville, Alabama A.B., Chemistry — Biology Activiti es: ACS; Beta Beta Beta; ship, Treasurer. Wesley Fellow- NINA FREEMAN Hammond, Indiana Elementary Education Activities: FTA; Rehearsal Club; Diorama Staff; ROTC Sponsor; Miss FSTC Court; Junior Class Treasurer. SUE FRYE Florence, Alabama English — Dramatic Arts Activities: English Club Secretary; Treasurer Town Students; Wesley Fellowship; Rehearsal Club, Vice President; President Kappa Delta Pi; Business Manager Diorama; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Tau Delta; Flor-Ala Staff 53-54; ROTC Band Sponsor; Hall of Fame 57; Who ' s Who 57. MARTHA FULMER Florence, Alabama Chemistry — Math Activities: FTA; ACS; Flor-Ala; Diorama Staff; Kappa Mu Epsilon, President; Secretary-Treasurer Kappa Mu Epsilon, Circulation Manager Flor-Ala; Vice President ACS. JAMES FRANK GARDNER Scottsboro, Alabama Business Administration Activities: Sigma Tau Pi. FAYE GARRISON Winfield, Alabama BS., Physical Education — Biology enwrs ROSS W. GLASGOW Belgreen, Alabama Business Education MARJORIE HUDSON GLASSCOCK Florence, Alabama Business Education Activities: Sigma Tau Delta. BILL A. GODSEY Haleyville, Alabama Business Administration Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; " F " Club; PE Club; Baseball 54, 56; Football 54-56. BERT GOODWIN Sheffield, Alabama Social Science Activities: Phi Theta Kappa. BETTY GRABEN Florence, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: WSGA; FTA; SGA; Town Rep. to WSGA 55; Treasurer WSGA; Rep. SGA; Junior Class Reporter. THOMAS EDWARD GRAY Florence, Alabama Chemistry — Math Activities: ACS; Band; Flor-Ala; Rehearsal Club; Day Students Reporter. CAROLYN GRIFFIN Florence, Alabama B.S., Secretarial Science — Home Economics Activities: Choir; Band; Sigma Tau Pi; Treasurer Sigma Tau Pi 56-57. SHIRLI HAINES Tuscumbia, Alabama A.B., English — Spanish Activities: English Club; FTA; YWCA; Sigma Tau Delta; Vice President English Club; Diorama Staff 54. LAWANA HALL Hackleburg, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: FTA; BSU 54-56; WSGA; President Dorm; Kitchen Delta Pi 54-56; WAA; Junior Counselor. WILLIAM FLOYD HAMILTON Athens, Alabama Physical Education -Math Activities: " F " Club; Football 53-55. JOHN HARLING Haleyville, Alabama BS., Business Administration — Physical Education Activities: PE Club; Honor ' s All Club; Sigma Tau Pi; Provost Corps; President Honor ' s All Club; Executive Officer Provost Corps. BEN BISHOP HARRIS Leighton, Alabama Physical Education Activities: Football. HAROLD HARRIS Florence, Alabama Business — Sociology Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Provost Corps; President Freshman Class; Business Manager Diorama; BSU; Finance Officer Provost Corps. DAN HENRY Trinity, Alabama Chemistry — Biology Activities: ACS; Wesley Fellowship; Wesley Fellowship; Vice President SGA; Beta; Kappa Delta Pi. Treasurer Beta Beta DANA LEMONS HESTER Union Grove, Alabama Music Education Activities: BSU; YWA; YWCA President. BETTY HESTER Cherokee, Alabama Chemistry — Math Activities: ACS; YWCA; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary-Treasurer Kappa Mu Epsilon; Historian; Reporter Kappa Delta Pi; Won Fresh- man Chemistry Award. OLGA HESTER Sheffield, Alabama Physical Education Activities: PE Club; FTA; WAA; Lionettes; Sec retary PE Club 55-56; Secretary WAA 56-57. WANDA CAMP HIGHTOWER Anderson, Alabama Home Economics Activities: Home Ec Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Presi- dent of College Clubs Section in Alabama Home Ec. EDSEL P. HOLDEN Florence, Alabama Marketing and Retailing Activities: Glee Club; Band; Ushers Club; Sigma Tau Pi; College Dance Band. JOHN HOLLIDAY Florence, Alabama Physical Education — Biology Activities: PE Club; " F " Club; Football 54-57. ANN BENNETT HOPKINS Florence, Alabama B.S., Biology — Psychology Activities: WAA; Beta Beta Beta; Diorama Beauty. DAVID B. HUDSON Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Accounting — Speech and History Activities: SGA President 57; Inter-President Coun- cil; Secretary-Treasurer Veterans Club; Sigma Tau Pi; International Relations Club; Treasurer SGA. BETTY IVY Golden, Mississippi B.S.; Math Activities: WAA; FTA; Wesley Fellowship. enwrs CHESTER CAREY JACKSON Sheffield, Alabama Accounting — Math Activities: Day Students; Sigma Tau Pi; Provost Corps, Deputy Provost Marshal. EUEL JAMES Hartselle, Alabama Physical Education Activities: PE Club; Basketball. JAMES COOPER JOHNSON Leighton, Alabama Math — Chemistry Activities: Provost Corps; ACS. BELTON JONES, JR. Florence, Alabama Accounting Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Football 53-55. JOHNNY L. JONES Bessemer, Alabama Chemistry and Geography Activities: " F " Club; Tennis Team; Football. Team; Swimming MAVIS JONES Ardmore, Tennessee Elementary Education Activities: Rehearsal Club; BSU; FTA. REX PAUL KEETON Cherokee, Alabama Chemistry — Math Activities: ACS. PATSY BROWN KIDD Huntsville, Alabama Secretarial Science — English Activities: English Club; WSGA ; Secretary-Treasurer Sigma Tau Pi. Wesley Sigma Fellowship; Tau Delta; THOMAS H. KILGORE Haleyville, Alabama Chemistry Activities: ACS. JOHNNIE F. KNIGHT Haleyville, Alabama Social Science — English, Psychology Activities: SGA; FTA; English Club; Vice Presi- dent Ushers Club; Senior Class Rep. SGA. BETTYE LANDERS Huntsville, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: Wetley Fellowship; FTA. GERALD RAY LATHAM Carbon Hill, Alabama fl-S. ; Chemistry—Biology enwrs BETTYE LOUISE LIGON Huntsville, Alabama B.S. ; Social Science — English Activities: FTA; English Club; Square Dancing Club: Tennis Team. WENDELL VERNON LOGAN Speake, Alabama B.S. ; Physical Education Activities: PE Club. shirley Mcdonald Eva, Alabama Business Education — Sociology Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Wesley Fellowship; YWCA, Reporter; Sigma Tau Pi. evelyn Mcdowell Hamilton, Alabama Business Education Activities: FTA. LEONARD McDOWELL Russellville, Alabama Accounting — Speech — Drama Activities: Rehearsal Club 56-57. MARTHA McVAY Double Springs, Alabama Secretarial Science, English Activities: Vice President Sigma Tau Pi; President Sigma Tau Delta; Secretary SGA; Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Class; WSGA; English Club; YWCA; Homecoming Court 55-56; Miss FSTC 55- 56; Battalion Sponsor 55-56; Flor-Ala Staff 56-57; Diorama Staff 56-57; Diorama Beauty 55-56. GEORGE McWILLIAMS Tuscumbia, Alabama Chemistry — Business Activities: ACS 55-57. JOHN McWILLIAMS Cherokee, Alabama Chemistry — Business Activities: ACS. REBECCA B. McWILLIAMS Cherokee, Alabama Elementary Education A. W. MARTIN Florence Alabama Accounting — Political Science DOROTHY MATTHEWS Loretto, Tennessee English — Spanish Activities: English Club; Sigma Tau Delta; Vice President Sigma Tau Delta; Freshman Chemistry Award; President English Club 56. CAROLYN ELIZABETH MITCHELL Florence, Alabama Liberal Arts, A.B. Activities: Rehearsal Club; English Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Tau Delta. enwrs DEXTER WOOD MONTGOMERY Golden, Mississippi Business Education — Music Activities: FTA; Sigma Tau Pi; Inter- Presidents Council; Music Education Club; Kitchen Delta Pi; President Wesley Fellowship; Choir; Vice President Wesley Fellowship; Hall of Fame 56-57. MARTHA SUE MONTGOMERY Moulton, Alabama Home Economics Activities: Home Ec. Club; YWCA; Flor-Ala Staff; Home Ec Club Treasurer. ROBERT E. MOORE Falkville, Alabama Chemistry — Math Activities: Provost Corps; ACS. MRS. RICHARD E. MORRIS Iron City, Tennessee (Special) RUTH MORRIS Lacey ' s Spring, Alabama Business Education — Sociology Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; SGA 54-55; Treasurer FTA 54-57; Dormitory President; Inter-Presidents Council; Flor-Ala Staff 54-57; Diorama Staff 54-57; WSGA; Hall of Fame 56-57. STANLEY DEAN MOSES Fulton, Mississippi B.S. ; Physical Education Activities: Basketball; FTA; PE Club. WILLIAM MURPHY Florence, Alabama SUE NELL NELSON Russellville, Alabama Business Education — English Activities: Wesley Fellowship; Sigma Tau Pi; FTA; President YWCA; Vice President FTA; WSGA Choir; English Club; Inter-Presidents Council; Miss Friendliness 54. BETTYE JANE NICHOLS Florence, Alabama Secretarial Science — Home Ec Activities: Sigma Tau Pi. SALLY TURNER NICHOLS Florence, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: YWCA; Choir; Wesley Fellowship; President FTA; Inter-Presidents Council; Town Stu- dents Organization. FREEMON NIXON Hamilton, Alabama MRS. JAY NELL NIXON Hamilton, Alabama B eniors GLEN OSBORN Florence, Alabama Biology — Chemistry JAMES PALMER Florence, Alabama Business Administration — Psychology Activities: President Sigma Tau Pi; Ushers Club. JAMES B. PAYNE Gurley, Alabama Chemistry— Biology DOROTHY WILEY PEARSON Tuscumbia, Alabama Physical Education — Sociology Activities: PE Club; Choir. WILLIAM RAMSEY POLLARD, JR. Florence, Alabama History Activities: Alpha Psi Omega. JAMES PRATER Florence, Alabama Physical Education Activities: Provost Corps; " F " Club; Football 52-56. CATHERINE PUCKETT Danville, Alabama English — History Activities: Flor-Ala; FTA; Wesley Fellowship; English Club; YWCA; Sigma Tau Delta; FTA Sec- retary; WSGA Treasurer. RUTH RAGLAND Cullman, Alabama Secretarial Science — Music Activities: Lionettes; Sigma Tau Pi; Choir. SIMONE RASCH Florence, Alabama Math — Business Activities: ACS; WAA. GEORGIE ROACH RICHARDS Cloverdale, Alabama SUSANNE RIGSBY Decatur, Illinois Elementary Education Activities: Secretary Junior Class; Flor-Ala; FTA; Wesley Fellowship. ANITA SCHUMPERT Shannon, Mississippi CO ' 1 " f 13RARY English-Biology T O I rDCT ' 0 ivities: YWCA; WAA; Wesley Fellowship; IVLKi)lfeJfelish Club; FTA; Sigma Tau Delta. WYLODINE SHARP Somerville, Alabama Chemistry — Home Economics Activities: Wesley Fellowship; WSGA; Secretary YWCA 55-56. M enwrs YWCA; ACS; MARY SHRADER Hollywood, Alabama Business E ducation Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; YWCA; FTA; WSGA. WILLIAM EARNEST SMALL Arab, Alabama Business Administration Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Football. BETTY F. SMITH Florence, Alabama Physical Education Activities: WAA; Homecoming Queen 51. BILLY CHARLES SMITH Russellville, Alabama B.S. ; Marketing and Retailing — Business Administration Activities: Sigma Tau Pi. EMMA JOYCE SOUTH Florence, Alabama Business Education HOWARD W. SOUTH Florence, Alabama Business Education Activities: Veteran Club, Treasurer. JO SOUTHERN Addison, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: FTA. SARA SPAIN Sheffield, Alabama Elementary Education Activities: YWCA; FTA; Flor-Ala; Wesley Fellow- ship; Day Students; SGA; Choir; WSGA; Feature Editor, Flor-Ala. BOBBY SPARKMAN Red Bay, Alabama Math — Chemistry Activities: FTA; Conservation Club. WILLIAM HENRY SPRUELL Leeds, Alabama Pre-Medicine Activities: Beta Beta Beta; Junior Class President PAT STEELMAN j I k l ...,., . North Carolina Elementary Education Activities: BSU; Kitchen Delta Pi. 23 enwrs MARTHA ROSE STOUT Tuscumbia, Alabama Elementary Education — Spanish Activities: Band Majorette 54-57; Drum Major 56- 57; Rehearsal Club; FTA; Flor-Ala; Diorama Staff; TP Club. CURTIS OLIN TAYLOR Russellville, Alabama B.S. ; Biology — Chemistry Activities: Ushers Club 53-54. CHARLES L. TAYS Killen, Alabama Physical Education — Biology Activities: PE Club; Science Club; Provost Corps; Vice President PE Club. J. P. THOMAS Fulton, Mississippi Social Science — Art Activities: FTA. JANE THOMASON Blue Springs, Mississippi Math — Political Science Activities: YWCA; SGA; WSGA; FTA; WAA; YWA; BSU Cabinet. DENNIS TIDWELL Brilliant, Alabama Chemistry — Biology Activities: Beta Beta Beta. JO ANN TIDWELL Brilliant, Alabama English — Art Activities: English Club, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary Sigma Tau Delta. MARY LEE VAUGHN Sheffield, Alabama Home Economics Activities: Town Students; BSU; YWCA; Home Ec Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Town Student Secretary. BETTY M. WADDLE Sheffield, Alabama Math — Business Activities: WSGA; WAA; Wesley Fellowship; SGA; YWCA; WAA; Secretary and Treasurer Sigma Tau Pi; State President Wesley Fellowship. HOWARD WADE Tavares, Florida Physical Education Activities: PE Club; Junior Class President. NELDA WATKINS Hackleburg, Alabama Home Economics Activities: Home Economics Club, President. SGA ; Conservation Club ; VIRGINIA WATSON Detroit, Alabama English — Sociology Activities: English Club; YWCA; WAA. 1 f Q. enwrs BENITA RICE WELCH Florence, Alabama B.S.; Business Education — Music Activities: YWCA; College Choir; Sigma Tau Pi; Music Club; Secretary Sigma Tau Pi; Secretary Music Club; Secretary Junior Class. JAMES H. WHITFIELD Red Bay, Alabama Math JEAN WILLETT Cloverdale, Alabama History— Sociology Activities: FTA. MARY ALICE WILHELM Sheffield, Alabama Business Education — English JOHN E. WILKS, JR. Florence, Alabama Business Administration — Geography Activities: Sigma Tau Pi, President. NELSON E. WORD Florence, Alabama Chemistry Activities: ACS; Executive Corps; " F " Club; Basketball; DONALD WEST Haleyville, Alabama Accounting Activities: Football; Provost Corps; " F " Club. CHARLES WHITTEN Somerville, Alabama B.S.; Chemistry — Biology Activities: Beta Beta Beta; ACS; ACS 56-57; President Junior Class. Vice President JOHN TRAVIS WILLETT Cloverdale, Alabama Ch emistry — Biology Activities: Conservation Club. HAROLD MAX WILLIAMS Haleyville, Alabama Music Education Activities: Band; Choir; Kitchen Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Pi. KATHERINE LEE WILKS Decatur, Alabama Secretarial Science — Home Economics Activities: Sigma Tau Pi; Home Ec Club; English Club. Committee; Provost Baseball; Flor-Ala. SARAH JANE WYATT Decatur, Alabama Elrmentary Education Activities: Wesley Fellowship; FTA; WSGA. h M. m Jj p 4 P §1PP- • ¥ ' . . -it ' . . ■M, toS!rfl I P wJ 11 « ' • fc •v ■PB C A 9 5? Above: President, Marvin Pogue, Florence, Ala.; Vice President, Gene Sanders, Huntsville, Ala.; Secretary, Jerry Streater, Town Creek, Ala.; Treasurer, Marlene Sullins, Hamilton, Ala. SECOND ROW: W.S.G.A. Representative, Betty Graben, Florence, Ala.; S.G.A. Representative, Sue Curtis, Savannah, Tenn. GRABEN CURTIS jjtunior Jctlass jOffficers AMBERSON ARDIS AUGUST BABB BENTLEY Above: Paul Amberson, Town Creek, AU.; Jimmie Ardis, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Ann August, Birmingham, Ala.; Marie Babb, Corinth, Miss.; Tilman Bentley, Tuscumbia, Ala. BLACKWELL BLAIR BLANKENSHIP BOBO BOLDING BOONE BRITNELL BURNEY CARTER CHARLES CHESSER COCHRAN COLBURN COOPER COTTON 9 ki wJ CRUMP CULVER DEXTER DOLLAR ELLIS A bove : FIRST ROW: Mildred Elaine Rlackwell, Sheffield, Ala.; Rebecca Blair, Florence, Ala.; Jack Gilbert Blankenship, Barten, Ala.; Willis Delano Bobo, Florence, Ala.; Ruby Rowene Bolding, Red Bay, Ala. SECOND ROW: William Frederick Boone, Florence, Ala.; Dama Britnell, Florence, Ala.; Helen Irene Bur- ney, Burnsville, Miss.; Elizabeth Anne Carter, Town Creek, Ala.; Shirley Wayne Charles, Arab, Ala. THIRD ROW: Joyce Chesser, Florence, Ala.; Kenneth Lee Cochran, Florence, Ala.; Maxine Colburn, Hamilton, Ala.; Barbara Ann Cooper, Russellville, Ala.; Thomas Wayne Cotton, Brilliant, Ala. FOURTH ROW: John Clifford Crump, Jasper, Ala.; William Howard, Decatur, Ala.; Charles E. Dexter, Florence, Ala.; Jerry Dollar, Dora, Ala.; Frank F. Ellis, Hartselle, Ala. unwrs 55 ELROD EPPERSON FOSTER FREEMAN GARRISON GEORGE GENTRY GLASGOW GLASGOW GLENN GOBER GOFF GONZALEZ GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAY GUNTER HAIRRELL HARDY HARGETT Above: FIRST ROW: Jimmy Elrod, Florence, Ala.; Tommy Morrell Epperson, Russellville, Ala.; William J. Foster, Russellville, Ala.; Mary Bosley Freeman, Florence, Ala. SECOND ROW : Christine Garrison, Houston, Ala. ; Alex L. George, Florence, Ala. ; Bettye Gentry, Moulton, Ala. ; Alice Owen Glasgow, Decatur, Ala. ; Thomas Lee Glasgow, Russellville, Ala.; Eugene Glenn, Decatur, Ala. THIRD ROW: Mary Anne Gober, Birming- ham, Ala.; Max Goff, Hartselle, Ala.; Eduardo Sanchez Gonzalez, Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Maurice Emerson Graham, Courtland, Ala.; Samuel Keith Graham, Courtland, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Elton Gray, Loretto, Tenn.; Doyce Walton Gunter, Henagar, Ala.; Edward Eugene Hairrell, Florence, Ala.; Charles Edward Hardy, Falkville, Ala.; Jimmy Talton Hargett, Belgreen, Ala. m uruors HARRISON HESTER HESTER, F. HIGDON HINDMAN HODGES HOLLAND HOLT HOVATER HOWARD ISBELL JACKSON JACKSON, C. JACKSON, L. JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON, R. JOHNSTON JONES JONES, V. Above: FIRST ROW: Ellie Hugh Harrison, Vernon, Ala.; Freddy Lee Hester, Russellville, Ala.; Frieda June Hester, Guin, Ala.; William Gerald Higdon, Sheffield, Ala. ; Faye Hindman, Hodges, Ala. SECOND ROW: Treasa June Hodges, Hartselle, Ala.; Ronald Edward Holland, Sheffield, Ala.; Loree Holt, Elkmont, Ala.; Zollie F. Hovater, Jr., Tuscumbia, Ala.; Martha Louise Howard, Leighton, Ala. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Ann Isbell, Sheffield, Ala.; Brooks Allen Jackson, Sheffield, Ala.; Charles Herbert Jackson, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Lacy M. Jackson, Haley ville, Ala.; George Johnson, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Grace Johnson, Vina, Ala.; Ralph Johnson, Russellville, Ala.; Charles Delane Johnston, Somerville, Ala.; Billy Lee Jones, Killen, Ala.; Vernon Jones, Florence, Ala. jjtuniors 57 KENT KEY KRAFFT LARD LARD LARD LAWLER LAWRENCE MADDOX MATTHEWS MEEKS MILLER MILLS MITCHELL MOBBS MORRIS MURPHY McCARN McGAHA McLAREN Above: FIRST ROW: Billy Jack Kent , Russellville, Ala.; Wanda Key, Parrish, Ala.; George Daniel Krafft, Henry- etta, Okla. ; Jack David Lard, Florence, Ala.; Janice Vawter Lard, Florence, Ala. SECOND ROW: Peggy Jean Lard, Waterloo, Ala.; Glenn Russell Lawler, Russellville, Ala.; Kenneth Earl Lawerence, Haleyville, Ala.; David Joe Maddox, Cullman, Ala.; Eugene Francis Matthews, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Ronald C. Meeks, Florence, Ala.; George Miller, Rogersville, Ala.; Deloris Jane Mills, Vernon, Ala.; Catherine E. Mitchell, Sheffield, Ala.; Henry Vernon Mobbs, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. FOURTH ROW: Thomas A. Morris, Florence, Ala.; Kenneth Murphy, Florence, Ala.; Carole Anne McCarn, Brilliant, Ala.; Jesse McGaha, Parrish, Ala.; Virginia A. McLaren, Orlando, Fla. m unwrs McRAE McWILLIAMS McWILLIAMS, W. OAKES ODEN O ' NEAL OWENS PARKS PERKERSON PHILLIPS PHILLIPS, K. PIRKLE POSEY POSEY POSEY PRETTY PRICE REAL REDDING ROBINSON Above: FIRST ROW: Alan McRae, Florence, Ala.; Walter Glenn Mc Williams, Tuscumbia, Ala.; William Edward Mc Williams, Tuscumbia, Ala. ; Billy Huston Oakes, Lacey ' s Springs, Ala. ; Rolland Oden, Eva, Ala. SECOND ROW: Peggy Bee O ' Neal, Mt. Hope, Ala.; Barbara Ann Owens, Town Creek, Ala.; Peggy Parks, Huntsville, Ala.; Connie Lucile Perkerson, Florence, Ala.; Carolyn Phillips, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Kathryn Elizabeth Phillips, Stevenson, Ala. ; Guerry A. Pirkle, Florence, Ala. ; Carolyn Posey, Double Springs, Ala. ; Donald S. Posey, Double Springs, Ala.; James H. Posey, Double Springs, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Jack Pretty, Sheffield, Ala.; John Hobson Price, Florence, Ala.; Bobbie Real, Detroit, Ala.; Edward D. Redding, Jr., Florence, Ala.; David Robinson, Hamilton, Ala. Ijjuriiors f 1 Wft ™ fc» ROBINSON " 1 SANFORD 1 SAWYER l t SCHELL SEWELL m ffe SHORT SKIPWORTH SLAUGHTER SMITH SMITH, J. SMITH, L. SMITH, S. SMITH, V. SMITH, W. STAFFORD STANFIELD STELL STICHER STRICKLIN TAYLOR Above: FIRST ROW: Kathlen Ophelia Robinson, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Jesse L. Sanford, Goodsprings, Ala.; Hal Willard Sawyer, Birmingham, Ala.; Thomas Henry Schell, Florence, Ala.; Aubrey Lucien Sewell, Sheffield, Ala. SECOND ROW: Nella Dean Short, Hueytown, Ala.; Glenn Skipworth, Killen, Ala.; Robert Lewis Slaughter, Haley ville, Ala.; Flora Mae Smith, Phil Campbell, Ala; Joan Smith, Lexington, Ala. THIRD ROW: Lawson H. Smith, Harvest, Ala.; Sherrell Smith, Florence, Ala.; Virginia Margaret Smith, Mt. Hope, Ala.; William Howell Smith, St. Joseph, Tenn.; Jeannette Bradford, Birmingham, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Ray Stanfield, Florence, Ala.; Billy L. Stell, Red Bay, Ala.; Harold Eugene Sticher, Town Creek, Ala.; Robert Darrell Stricklin, Cullman, Ala.; Bonnie Marie Taylor, St. Joseph, Tenn. m iituors TAYLOR THACKER THAXTON THOMASON THOMPSON TUCKER TUNE VAUGHAN WAKEFIELD WALDREP WALDROP WALTER WARREN WAVLAND WEEKS WEEMS WHITLOCK YEAGER YOUNG BERRYMAN Above: FIRST ROW: Nancy Fay Taylor, Corinth, Miss.; William Keeton Thacker, Savannah, Tenn.; Jimmie B. Thaxton, Town Creek, Ala.; Jesse K. Thomason, Cherokee, Ala.; Ivous Thompson, Guin, Ala. SECOND ROW: Peggy Marilyn Tucker, Birmingham, Ala.; Joe Tune, Winfield, Ala.; C. Wayne Vaughn, Decatur, Ala.; Jim S. Wakefield, Russellville, Ala.; Nina Christine Waldrep, Sheffield, Ala. THIRD ROW: Rita Gayle Waldrop, Fayette, Ala.; Jerry Philip Walter, Decatur, Ala.; Billy Warren, Ardmore, Tenn.; James L. Wav- land, Florence, Ala.; Bill D. Weeks, Detroit, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Mary Nell Weems, Florence, Ala.; William Parker Whitlock, Jr., Sheffield, Ala. ; Patricia Anne Yeager, Tarrant, Ala. ; John Dwight Young, Ardmore, Ala.; Geraldine Berryman, Hazelwood, Ala. Jjjuni unwrs 61 BOB COUCH President Winfield, Ala. MAURICE REECE S.GA. Representative Haleyville, Ala. LOUISE HAMPTON Secretary Huntsville, Ala. BETTY ARTIS Treasurer Florence ) Sjophomore Ctlass )0(fficers IF - -— — ■ I ALEX COUCH Reporter Winfield, Ala. JANE CROW W.S.G.A. Representative Athens, Ala. ALEXANDER ALMON AMMONS ARNOLD Above: Bobby Alexander, Athens, Ala.; Thomas Almon, Florence, Ala.; David Amnions, Eva, Ala.; Barbara Arnold, Haleyville, Ala. 62 ARNOLD ARNOLD, S. AUSTIN AYCOCK AYCOCK, S. BACCUS BAGGETT BAKER BALLARD BANKS BARBER BARRETT BARTLETT BARTON BEARD BELL BENNETT BERRY BISHOP BOSTICK Above: FIRST ROW: Buford Arnold, Bear Creek, Ala.; Sybile Arnold, Bear Creek, Ala.; Shelba Austin, Cloverdale, Ala.; Harold Aycock, Russellville, Ala.; Shirley Aycock, Tuscumbia, Ala. SECOND ROW: Marline Baccus, Winfield, Ala.; Frank Baggett, Double Springs, Ala.; Freed Baker, Russellville, Ala.; Jimmie Sue Ballard, Hamilton, Ala.; Eleanor Banks, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Louise Barber, Parrish, Ala.; Bill Barrett, Greensboro, Ala. ; J. J. Bartlett, Double Springs, Ala. ; Don Barton, Jasper, Ala.; Claudette Beard, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Doris Bell, Danville, Ala.; Robert Bennett, Haleyville, Ala.; Dal Berry, Town Creek, Ala.; Mary Bishop, Russell- ville, Ala.; Pat Bostick, Red Bay, Ala. FIFTH ROW: James Bozeman, Winfield, Ala. JSJoph omores 63 BRADLEY BREWER BROCATO BROCK BULLINGTON BURKS BURLESON BUTLER CAINE CAMPBELL CAMPBELL, C. CAMPBELL, J. CAMPBELL, M. CARPENTER CARPENTER, S. CARTEE CARTER CAUDLE CHAPMAN CLEM FIRST ROW: C. W. Bradley, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Larry Brewer, Double Springs, Ala.; Patricia Brocato, Sheffield, Ala.; Richard Brock, Sheffield, Ala.; Carolyn Bullington, Athens, Ala. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Burks, Decatur, Ala.; James Burleson, Florence, Ala.; James Butler, Town Creek, Ala.; Delores Caine, Moulton, Ala.; Barbara Campbell, Athens, Ala. THIRD ROW: Carl Campbell, Hatton, Ala.; John Campbell, Fayette, Ala.; Marilyn Campbell, Sheffield, Ala.; Ray Carpenter, Florence, Ala.; Seymour Carpenter, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Cartee, Decatur, Ala.; Carolyn Carter, Town Creek, Ala.; Paul Caudle, Florence, Ala.; Bobby Chapman, Pulaski, Tenn.; Jane Clem, Huntsville, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Robert Clem, Huntsville, Ala. M JSfoph omores CLEMONS CLENDENIN COFIELD COOPER CROCKETT CROSS CROSSWHITE DARCY DAVIDSON DAVIS DAY DODSON DORRIS DOSS DOUGLASS DOWNING DUGGER EADY ELMORE ELMORE, G. Above: FIRST ROW: James Clemons, Decatur, Ala.; John Clendenin, Florence, Ala.; Billy Cofield, Florence, Ala.; Shirley Cooper, Hartselle, Ala.; Jimmy Crockett, Phil Camp- bell, Ala. SECOND ROW: Donald Cross, Sheffield, Ala.; Emmitt Crosswhite, Florence, Ala. ; Richard Carey, Sheffield, Ala. ; Deanna Davidson, Florence, Ala. ; Wallace Davis, Cherokee, Ala. THIRD ROW: Margaret Day, Sheffield, Ala.; Faye Dodson, Florence, Ala.; Harold Dorris, Florence, Ala.; Mary Doss, Hanceville, Ala.; Joseph Douglass, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. FOURTH ROW: William Downing, Birmingham, Ala.; Regina Dugger, Florence, Ala.; James Eady, Killen, Ala.; George Elmore, Reform, Ala.; Grady Elmore, Reform, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Martha Etheredge, St. Joseph, Tenn. ) Sfoph omores 65 EVANS FINCH FLYNT FOOTE FOSTER FOWLER FREDERICK FREEMAN FULLER GANN GARNER GARNETT GATLIN GIBSON GILLESPIE GLASCOCK GOODE GRAHAM GREENHILL GRIFFIS FIRST ROW: Bettye Evans, Russellville, Ala.; Shirley Finch, Vernon, Ala.; Mary Flynt, Florence, Ala. ; Shirley Foote, Hartselle, Ala. ; ■ George Foster, Brooklyn, New York. SECOND ROW: Loyd Fowler, Sulligent, Ala.; Billy Frederick, Florence, Ala.; William Freeman, Florence, Ala. ; Joan Fuller, Tuscumbia, Ala. ; Lynda Gann, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Walter Garner, Anderson, Ala.; Martha Garnett, Decatur, Ala.; Wayne Gatlin, Florence, Ala.; Anita Gibson, Town Creek, Ala.; Jimmy Gillespie, Decatur, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Charlotte Glascock, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Kate Goode, Florence, Ala.; Charles Graham, Courtland, Ala.; Cecil Greenhill, Russellville, Ala.; Margaret Griff is, Gadsden, Ala. FIFTH ROW: William Grisham, Hartselle, Ala.; Charles Grainger, Sheffield, Ala. [Sfoph omores GRISHUN GRISSOM GUTHRIE HAGOOD HAIRRELL HAMMONS HAMPTON HANNAH HARGETT HARLESS HARRIS HEADRICK HESTER HESTER HIBBETT HICKS HILLS HODGES HOLD EN HOLLIS Above: FIRST ROW: Ellen G. ' ishun, Rogersville, Ala.; Lonnie Grissom, Leighton, Ala.; James Guthrie, Florence, Ala.; Wayne Hagood, Town Creek, Ala.; Peggy Hairrell, Cherokee, Ala. SECOND ROW: Eddie Hammons, Fayette, Ala.; James Hampton, Double Springs, Ala.; Yulette Hannah, Town Creek, Ala.; Joanna Hargett, Russellville, Ala.; Lee Harless, Huntsville, Ala. THIRD ROW: James Harris, Iuka, Miss.; Frank Headrick, Florence, Ala.; Charles Hester, Belgreen, Ala.; Maggie Hester, Red Bay, Ala.; Barry Hibbett, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Hicks, Hartselle, Ala.; Buddy Hill, Florence, Ala.; Joe Hodges, Fairfield, Ala.; Elmer Holden, Russellville, Ala.; Florence Hollie, Cullman, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Alice Holt, Tuscumbia, Ala. JSfoph omores 67 HOLT HOLT, N. HONEYCUTT HOOPER HOWARD HOWARD HOWELL HOWELL, J. HUGGINS JACKSON JACKSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JONES KEEL KEENUM KEY KILLEN KING KIRKPATRICK FIRST ROW: Don Holt, Cloverdale, Ala.; N orma Hoh, Florence, Ala.; Charles Honeycutt, Florence, Ala.; Jimmy Hooper, Russellville, Ala.; {Catherine Howard, Florence, Ala. SECOND ROW: Robert Howard, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Janis Howell, Haleyville, Ala.; Jeanette Howell, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Velda Huggins, Garden City, Kansas; Billy Jackson, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Peggy Jackson, Sheffield, Ala.; James Johnson, Athens, Ala.; Leah Johnson, Somerville, Ala.; Clayborne Jones, Tus- cumbia, Ala.; Yvonne Keel, Huntsville, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Robert Keenum, Florence, Ala.; James Key, Parrish, Ala.; June Killen, St. Joseph, Tenn.; Billy King, Decatur, Ala.; Peggy Kirkpatrick, Dora, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Sarah Kitchens, Tanner, Ala. 68 YStpphomores KOONCE LANDERS LETHCOE LEWIS LIMBAUGH LOCKER LOVELACE MANASCO MARTIN MARTIN, D. MARTIN, D. MARTIN, J. MAY MAYNOR McANALLY McCAWLEY McKEE MEEK MEHRTENS MEIER Above: FIRST ROW: Martha Koonce, Florence, Ala.; John Landers, Athens, Ala.; Eddie Lethcoe, Grayson, Ala.; Lucinda Lewis, Florence, Ala.; Evelyn Limbaugh, Birming- ham, Ala. SECOND ROW: Guy Locker, Florence, Ala.; Shirley Lovelace, Florence, Ala.; Xan Manasco, Carbon Hill, Ala.; David Martin, Athens, Ala.; Doris Martin, Collinwood, Tenn. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Martin, Florence, Ala.; Jack Martin, Florence, Ala.; Charles May, Cloverdale, Ala.; Bobbie Maynor, Pisgah, Ala.; Carolyn McAnally, Sheffield, Ala. FOURTH ROW: William McCawley, Birmingham, Ala.; Suganne McKee, Joppa, Ala.; Ted Meek, Decatur, Ala.; Frederick Mehrtens, Cullman, Ala.; Carl Meier, Guin, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Betty Miller, Killen, Ala. )M°p h omores MILLER MILLS MITCHELL MITCHELL, R. MONTGOMERY MOORE MOORE, W. MORROW MURPHEE MURPHY NELSON NEWMAN NEWTON NEWTON, W. NORTON OSMER PARKER PEETE PENNINGTON PERKINS FIRST ROW: Edward Miller, Rogersville, Ala.; Tandy Mills, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Regina Mitchell, Florence, Ala.; Robert Mitchell, Florence, Ala.; Virginia Mont- gomery, Moulton, Ala. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Moore, Florence, Ala.; Wilburn Moore, Killen, Ala. ; David Morrow, St. Joseph, Tenn. ; Jerry Murphree, Oneonta, Ala. ; Peggy Murphy, Sheffield, Ala. THIRD ROW: Glenda Nelson, Florence, Ala.; Jim Newman, Athens, Ala.; Gerlda Newton, Vina, Ala.; William Newton, Lawrenceburg, Tenn,; Peggy Norton, Town Creek, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Vera Osmer, Huntsville, Ala.; Patsy Parker, Decatur, Ala.; Ben Peete, Madison, Ala.; Jane Pennington, Flor- ence, Ala.; Howard Perkins, Sheffield, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Clarence Phillips, Birming- ham, Ala. ISfoph omores POLLARD PORTER POSEY POUNDERS PRUDEN PUCKETT PURVIS PUTMAN RHODES RICHARDSON RODGERS RUSSELL RYAN PORCH SANDERSON SANDLIN SCOTT SHARP SHERER SHERER, C. Above: FIRST ROW: Dan Pollard, Florence, Ala.; Norma Porter, Lexington, Ala.; Mable Posey, Cherokee, Ala.; James Pounders, Sheffield, Ala.; Eddie Pruden, Quinton, Ala. SECOND ROW: June Puckett, Hartselle, Ala.; Patricia Purvis, Corinth, Miss.; Donald Putman, Lexington, Ala.; David Rhodes, Florence, Ala.; Margaret Richardson, Tus- cumbia, Ala. THIRD ROW: Martha Rodger, Huntsville, Ala.; Thomas Russell, Austin- ville, Ala. ; Lucy Ryan, Dora, Ala. ; Donald Porch, Weogufka, Ala. ; Winfrey Sanderson, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Owen Sandlin, Hatton, Ala.; Gary Scott, Florence, Ala.; Robby Sharp, Cloverdale, Ala.; Charles Sherer, Nauvoo, Ala.; Clara Sherer, Hamilton, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Shrader, Hollywood, Ala. Slophomores SIDES SIMMONS SIMMONS SIZEMORE SNODDY SOCKWELL STATOM STIDGER STUTTS SULLIVAN TAYS THOMAS THOMAS, J. THOMPSON TIREY TIREY TODD WADE WADE, G. WALDREP FIRST ROW: John Sides, Oakman, Ala.; Barbara Simmons, Homestead, Fla.; Bobby Simmons, Florence, Ala.; Leolen Sizemore, Beaverton, Ala.; Gloria Snoddy, Killen, Ala. SECOND ROW: Gerald Sockwell, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Ernestine Statom, Florence, Ala.; Elbert Stidger, Lacey Spring, Ala.; Mae Stutts, Cherokee, Ala.; Owen Sullivan, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Jane Tays, Killen, Ala.; Bobby Thomas, Decatur, Ala.; James Thomas, Russellville, Ala.; Peggy Thompson, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Faye Tirey, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Floyd Tirey, Russellville, Ala.; Marcella Todd, Courtland, Ala.; Ann Wade, Hamilton, Ala.; Gene Wade, Long Island, Ala.; Marie Waldrep, Courtland, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Wallace, Florence, Ala. mores WARDEN WARHURST WAYNICK WEATHERS WEBB WELCH WELLS WELLS, R. WEST WHITFIELD WHITT WICKWARE WILLIAMS WILLIAMS, M. WILLIAMS, P. WILLIAMS, M. WILLIS WYNN URBAN YARBROUGH Above: FIRST ROW: Bill Warden, Huntsville, Ala.; Clara Warhurst, Russellville, Ala.; Lacy Waynick, Erin, Tenn.; Barbara Weathers, Loretto, Tenn.; Joan Webb, Sheffield, Ala. SECOND ROW: Troy Welch, Florence, Ala.; Norma Wells, Florence, Ala.; Rose Wells, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Carl West, Birmingham, Ala.; Betty Whitfield, Red Bay, Ala. THIRD ROW: Joann Whitt, Ardmore, Tenn.; Harvey Wickware, Canton, Wisconsin; Don Williams, Brookside, Ala.; Madeline Williams, Sheffield, Ala.; Patricia Williams, Bridgeport, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Marie Williams, Hamilton, Ala.; Martha Willis, Jasper, Tenn.; Robbie Wynn, C hicago, 111.; Ernest Urban, Florence, Ala.; Billy Yarbrough, Florence, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Launette Yocom, Russellville, Ala. [Sloph omores President BOBBY BISHOP Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Vice President BOBBY PORTER Reform, Ala. Secretary and Treasurer ARMA JEAN TURBYFILL Russellville, Ala. S.G.A. Representative JACKIE GRABEN Florence, Ala. WS.G.A. Representative SHERRY PHILLIPS Rogersville, Ala. Freshman Class Officers 1956-57 F freshman )Cllass ABSTON ADERHOLT ALBERS ALLEN ALLEN, H. ALLMAN ANGEL APPLETON ARNOLD ASHLEY BAGGETT BAKER BAKER, G. BALL BARNES Ahmr FIRST ROW: John Abston, Florence, Ala.; Betty Aderholt, Haleyville, Ala.; Jerry Albers, Cordova, Ala.; Carolyn Allen, Florence, Ala.; Harold Allen, Huntsville, Ala. SECOND ROW: Varina Allman, Phil Campbell, Ala.; Shelby Angel, Cloverdale, Ala.; Willodean Appleton, Minor Hill, Tenn.; Charles Arnold, Cullman, Ala.; Myra Ashley, Haley- ville, Ala. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Baggett, Double Springs, Ala.; Betty Baker, Eldridge, Ala.; George Baker, Sheffield, Ala.; Walter Ball, Hornell, New York; Jimmy Barnes, Florence, Ala. 74 BARTLETT BASKINS BAYLES BEASLEY BECK BELUE BELUE, G. BENDALL BENDALL, W. BERRENS BLACK BOBO BOSTICK BOX BRADFORD BRADLEY BRASWELL BREWER BREWER, K. BROWN BRYAN BRYANT BUFF BUNDY BURDINE Above: FIRST ROW: Tommy Bartlett, Double Springs, Ala.; Margaret Baskins, Florence, Ala.; Mary Jean Bayles, Florence, Ala.; Gloria Beasley, Florence, Ala.; Joyce Beck, Town Creek, Ala. SECOND ROW: Bobby Belue, Cherokee, Ala.; Gerald Belue, Rogersville, Ala.; Jack Bendall, Courtland, Ala.; William Bendall, Florence, Ala.; Mary Berrens, Flor- ence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Thomas Black, Athens, Ala.; Cecil Bobo, Winfield, Ala.; Pat Bostick, Winfield, Ala.; Mary Ann Box, Sulligent, Ala.; Marie Bradford, Russellville, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Bernardean Bradley, Tuscum- bia, Ala.; Celia Braswell, Anniston, Ala.; Charles Brewer, Collinwood, Tenn.; Kathryn Brewer, Collinwood, Tenn.; Ida Brown, Bear Creek, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Robert Bryan, Sheffield, Ala.; William Bryant, Hollywood, Ala.; Max Buff, Section, Ala.; Barbara Bundy, Sheffield, Ala.; Robert Burdine, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. SIXTH ROW: Jimmy Burfield, Danville, Ala.; Buddy Burkett, Huntsville, Ala.; Billy Burney, Wolf Springs, Ala. Fireshmen 75 BURNEY BUTLER CAMP CARPENTER CATHEY CLAUNCH CHANCE CLARK COBB COCHRAN k. fl COFFMAN 7 COLEMAN i " 4fiB COMPTON •i COOK IK COPELAND tt COUNTS m COX K t COX, S. ■r i CRAFT V - CRAWFORD CREWS CROCKETT CRUMP DAVIS DAVIS, E. Above: FIRST ROW: Jackie Burney, Town Creek, Ala.; Freda Butler, Lawrenceburg, Term.; Billy Camp, Hanceville, Ala.; Harvey Carpenter, Town Creek, Ala.; John Cathey, Huntsville, Ala. SECOND ROW: June Claunch, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Harriet Chance, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Annette Clark, Sheffield, Ala.; Fidelia Cobb, Florence, Ala.; Morris Cochran, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Sonya Coffman, Florence, Ala.; James Coleman, Florence, Ala.; William Compton, Falkville, Ala.; Carol Cook, Decatur. Ala.; William Copeland, Tuscumbia, Ala. FOURTH ROW: John Counts, Haleyville, Ala.; Myra Cox, Florence, Ala.; Sue Cox, Stevenson, Ala.; Glenda Craft, Sheffield, Ala.; Carolyn Craw- ford, Decatur, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Virginia Crews, Florence, Ala.; Frances Crockett, Sheffield, Ala.; Ronald Crump, Corgas, Ala.; Joan Davis, Winfield, Ala.; Edward Davis, Rogersville, Ala. SIXTH ROW: Polly DeLano, Florence, Alabama; William Delowes, Florence, Ala.; Lula Dobbins, Stevenson, Ala. 76 Fjreshmen DOLLAR EATON EDGAR EDWARDS ELMORE FAGO FARRIS FIKE FINE FITZGERALD FLEMING FORSYTHE FOSTER FRIDAY FULLER GABLES GARDNER GARDNER GARDNER GARRETT GIBSON GLENN GOOCH GOOCH GRAHAM Above: FIRST ROW: Delores Dollar, Addison, Ala.; James Ellis Eaton, Florence, Ala.; Avelyn Christine Edgar, Phil Camp- bell, Ala.; Gilbert Allen Edwards, Decatur, Alabama; Edith McKelvey Elmore, Florence, Ala. SECOND ROW: James Joseph Fago, Florence, Ala.; Margaret Farris, Collin wood, Tenn.; Virginia Ann Fitzgerald, Hartselle, Ala. THIRD ROW: Jo Ann Fleming, Bear Creek, Ala.; Carolyn Forsythe, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Don Lesley Foster, Decatur, Ala.; Hank Friday, Bear Creek, Ala.; Martha Ann Fuller, Russellville, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Genell Gables, Flor- ence, Ala.; Dorothy Jean Gardner, Sheffield, Ala.; Charles Garner, Danville, Ala.; Roy Garner, Phil Campbell, Ala.; Larry Morgan Garrett, Cloverdale, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Harold Clayton Gibson, Florence, Ala.; Marye Glenn, Decatur, Ala.; Patrick Edwin Graham, Courtland, Ala. SIXTH ROW: James Howard Gresham, Florence, Ala.; Ann Taylor Griffin, Florence, Ala. ' Ffreshmen GULLETT HAMMOND HANKINS HANSOM HARAWAY HARPER HARRIS HARRISON HAVERWAS HAWKINS HEIDON HELTON HERSTON HESS HESTER HESTER, W. HILL GLASS HOLCOMB HOLLIS HOLMES HINTON HOLT HOLT, B. HOLT, M. tfrw HOOIE HOVATER HOVATER, R. Above: FIRST ROW: Jimmy Gullet, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Joanne Hammond, Florence, Ala.; Judith Hankins, Fayette, Ala.; Brenda Hanson, Loretto, Tenn.; Myra Haraway, Lexington, Ala. SECOND ROW: Larry Harper, Iron City, Tenn.; Vonda Harris, Florence, Ala.; Edna Harrison, Sheffield, Ala.; Mickey Haverwas, Florence, Ala.; Waylon Hawkins, Huntsville, Ala. THIRD ROW: Donald Heidorn, Tecumseh, Ohio; Billy Helton, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; James Her- •ton, St. Joseph, Tenn.; William Hew, Florence, Ala.; David Paul Hester, Russellville, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Wyche Hrstrr, Sheffield, Ala.; Amelia Hill, Florence. Ala.; Stella Louise Glass, Iron City, Tenn. FIFTH ROW: June Holmes, Sheffield, Ala.; Peggy Hinton, Hammond, Indiana; Bennie Holt, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Bertha Holt, Athens, Ala.; Mary Holt, Florence, Ala. SIXTH ROW: Gwendolyn Hooie, Florence, Ala.; Gerald Hovater, Russellville, Ala.; Robert Hovater, Tuscumbia, Ala. B Ftreshmen INGLE IRONS ISBELL ISOM JACKSON JAMES JENKINS JOHNSON JOHNSTON JONES JONES JORDON JORDAN C. JOYCE KELLEY KEDRICK KENT KILLEN KING KING, M. KIRCHNER KITCHENS KNIGHT LAWLER LAY Above: FIRST ROW: Charles Ingle, Sheffield, Ala.; Bobby Irons, Florence, Ala.; Roy Isbell, Florence, Ala.; Ford Ison, Spruce Pine, Ala.; Donald Jackson, Tuscumbia, Ala. SECOND ROW: Bevis James, Florence, Ala.; Mary Jenkins, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Howard Johnson, Florence, Ala.; Betty Johnston, Decatur, Ala.; Barbara Jones, Section, Ala. THIRD ROW: Bert Jones, Florence, Ala.; Bobbie Jordan, Florence, Ala.; Carl Jordan, Florence, Ala.; Gary Joyce, Huntsville, Ala.; Kenneth Kelley, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Sylvia Kendrick, Birmingham, Ala.; Judith Kent, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Henry Killen, Florence, Ala.; Peggy King, Sheffield, Ala.; Margaret King, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Kirchmer, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Carolyn Kitchens, Decatur, Ala.; Joe Knight, Haleyville, Ala.; Joyce Lawler, Russellville, Ala.; Joe Lay, Clifton, Tenn. SIXTH ROW: Mary Leath, Sheffield, Ala.; Ella Ligon, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Jacque Littrell, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Freshmen LONGSHORE MADDOX MANN MARSH MARTHALER MARTIN MAY McBEE McCRAIG McCONNELL McCULLOUGH McDONEL Mcdowell McELYEA McINTOSH McLEARY McLEMORE McMURRAY MEEK MINOR £ £ MITCHELL MILLER MOODY MOORE MOORE, P. MORRIS MORRISON MORROW Above: FIRST ROW: Jean Longshore, Florence, Ala.; Shirley Maddox, Huntsville, Ala.; Frances Mann, Hodges, Ala.; Betty Marsh, Sheffield, Ala.; Mary Marthaler, Leighton, Ala. SECOND ROW: Ronald Martin, Sheffield, Ala.; Carolyn May, Guin, Ala.; Roy McBee, Berrien Springs, Mich.; Roy McCraig, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Pat McConnell, Winfield, Ala. THIRD ROW: Howell McCullough, Moulton, Ala.; Jimmie McDonel, Leoma, Tenn.; William McDowell, Flor- ence, Ala.; Betty McElyea, Athens, Ala.; John Mcintosh, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie McLeary, Florence, Ala.; Mrlvin McLemore, Athens, Ala.; Charles McMurray, Rogersville, Ala.; Riley Meek, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Barbara Minor, Parrish, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Paul Mitchell, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Reba Miller, Decatur, Ala.; Robert Moody, Florence, Ala.; J. P. Moore, Hartselle, Ala.; Polly Moore, Florence, Ala. SIXTH ROW: Jo Ann Morris, Henagar, Ala.; Wanda Morrison, Florence, Ala.; Anita Morrow, Red Bay, Ala. 80 Fjreshmen GRIGGS MURRAY MUSSLEMAN NEILL NELMS m NEWBEN NEWBY NEWELL NEWMAN NICHOLS NOBLETT NORRIS NORTON OLIVER PACE PACE W. PARKER PARKER P. POSTON PATTERSON PATTERSON, G. PATTERSON, J. PAYNE PENDLEY PHILLIPS Above: FIRST ROW: Edgar Griggs, Anderson, Ala.; Bette Murray, Russellville, Ala.; Mary Mussleman, Florence, Ala.; Pearlie Neill, Tuscumbia, Ala.; William Ersie Nelms, Tarrant City, Ala. SECOND ROW: Jerry Newben, Florence, Ala.; Rowe Newby, Athens, Ala.; Orman Newell, Haley ville, Ala.; Judith Newman, Sheffield, Ala.; Joe Nichols, Hatton, Ala. THIRD ROW: Joan Noblett, Double Springs, Ala.; Mary Norris, Florence, Ala.; Bobby E. Norton, Ardmore, Ala.; Dean Oliver, Russellville, Ala.; Charlotte Pace, Decatur, Ala. FOURTH ROW: William Pace, Russellville, Ala.; Mayme Parker, Waverly, Tenn.; Paul Parker, Iron City, Tenn. ; Gerelene Poston, Leighton, Ala.; Franklin Patterson, Florence, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Grady Patterson, Florence, Ala.; Judy Patterson, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Emelda Payne, Gurley, Ala.; Charles Pendley, Berry, Ala.; Earl Phillips, Florence, Ala. SIXTH ROW: Stewart Phillips, Bear Creek, Ala.; William Pollard, Daphne, Ala.; Barbara Porter, Huntsville, Ala. Flreshmen POTEETE PRESTRIDGE PROCTOR PUCKETT PUTMAN RALEY RANEY REEVES RENFRO RHODES ROAN RICHEY RICKARD RIDDLE ROBBINS ROLEN ROMANS ROMINE ROPER RUSK SADLER SANDERS SANDERS, M. SARTAIN SAYNELL Above: FIRST ROW: Joanne Poteete, Detroit, Michigan; Odford Prestridge, Double Springs, Ala.; Robert Proctor, Sheffield, Ala.; Meredyth Puckett, Lacey ' s Springs, Ala.; Johnny Putman, Lexington, Ala. SECOND ROW: Sara Raley, Decatur, Ala.; Robert Raney, Huntsville, Ala.; Nobel Reeves, Vernon, Ala.; Peggy Renfro, Florence, Ala.; James Rhodes, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Mary Roan, Decatur, Ala.; Barbara Richey, Florence, Ala.; Glenda Rickard, Florence, Ala.; R. G. Riddle, Colbert; Easter Robbins, Tuscumbia, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Betty Rolen, Flor- ence, Ala.; Syble Romans, Sheffield, Ala.; Ronald Romine, Rogersville, Ala.; Emma Roper, Decatur, Ala.; Charles Rusk, Wheeler. Ala. FIFTH ROW: Gerald Sadler, Huntsville, Ala.; Bobby Sanders, Sheffield, Ala.; Maurice Sanders, Florence, Ala.; Geary Sartain, Huntsville, Ala.; Tommy Say well, Russellville, Ala. SIXTH ROW: Owen Scruggs, Bear Creek, Ala.; James Searcy, Addison, Ala.; Jerry Shaw, Florence, Ala. [Fjreshmen SHIRLEY SHOOK SHORT SIMS SLEDGE SMITH SMITH, J. SMITH, P. SMITH, S. SMITH, W. SOCKWELL SPARKMAN SPEAKE SPEAKE, M. SPRINGER SPRUELL STATLEY STAPLER STEEN STEENSON STEPHENS STEWARD STEWARD STRICKLAND STUART Above: FIRST ROW: Ann Shirley, Russellville, Ala.; Ann Shook, Sheffield, Ala.; Odis Short, Hueytown, Ala.; Linda Sims, Danville, Ala.; Caroline Sledge, Florence, Ala. SECOND ROW: Harold Smith, Cordova, Ala.; James Smith, Hanceville, Ala.; Pete Smith, Florence, Ala.; Sondra Smith, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Warner Smith, Florence, Ala. THIRD ROW: Joel Sockwell, Florence, Ala.; Franklin Sparkman, Decatur, Ala.; James Speake, Mount Hope, Ala.; Milton Speake, Decatur, Ala.; Mary Springer, Florence, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Spruell, Mount Hope, Ala.; Bette Staley, Florence, Ala.; Morris Stapler, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Robert Steen, Rogersville, Ala.; Morris Steenson, Tuscumbia, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Gary Stephens, Oakman, Ala.; James Steward, Florence, Ala.; Nancy Stewart, Shef- field, Ala.; Glen Strickland, Spruce Pine, Ala.; Martha Stuart, Florence, Ala. SIXTH ROW: Dan Summers, Steven- son, Ala.; Jerry Swinea, Killen, Ala.; LeRoy Tatum, Florence, Ala. Ffreshmen WARE MATTHEWS WEEMS WEEMS, H. TAYLOR TEEL THOMAS THOMPSON TIDWELL TIREY TODD TOWNSLEY TUCKER TRUELL VAN SANDT VAUGHN VAUGHAN VAUGHAN, F. VINSON USSERY WADDELL WARHURST WARNER WAKEFIELD WALDREP WALKER WALKER WALL WARREN Above FIRST ROW: Jimmie Taylor, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Dot Teel, Decatur, Ala.; Frankie Thomas, Winfield, Ala.; Bobbie Thompson, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Sarah Tidwell, Sheffield, Ala. SECOND ROW: Ruth Tirey, Russellville, Ala.; James Todd, Sheffield, Ala.; W. C. Townsely, Florence, Ala.; Charles Tucker, Birmingham, Ala.; Bobby Truell, Winfield, Ala. THIRD ROW: Tommy Van Sandt, Florence, Ala.; Betty Vaughan, Addison, Ala.; Charlotte Vaughan, Jasper, Al«.; Farley Vaughan, Sheffield, Ala.; Myra Vinson, Phil Campbell, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Doris Ussery. Tuscumbia. Ala.; Meredith Waddell, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Doris Warhurst, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Glenn Warner, Lawrenceburg, Trnn.; Jimmy Wakefield, Haleyville, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Rosa Waldrep, Sheffield, Ala.; Agalia Walker, Florence, Ala.; Robert Walker, Winfield, Ala.; Robbie Wall, Harvest, Ala.; W. L. Warren, Florence, Ala. SIXTH ROW: Gwen Ware, Sheffield, Ala.; Charles Matthews, Florence, Ala.; Donald Weems, Town Creek, Ala.; Herbert Weems, Town Creek, Ala. Flreshmen WEST WHITE WHITE, J. WHITE, M. WHITE, R. WHITAKER WILLCUTT WILLIAMS WILLIAMS, E. WILLIAMS, J. WILLIAMS, J. WILLIAMSON WILSON, A. WILSON, P. WILSON, S. WINE WITT WITT, W. WOODARD WOODRUFF YORK JACKSON NEESE HUBBERT HUTCHESON A bove : FIRST ROW: Bonnie West, Hodges, Ala.; James White, Birmingham, Ala.; Jerry White, Boston, Ala.; Eugene White, Florence, Ala.; Richard White, Anderson, Ala. SECOND ROW: Marlie Whitaker, Section, Ala.; Zecora Willcutt, Sheffield, Ala.; Robert Williams, Florence, Ala.; Earlene Williams, Hamilton, Ala.; John Williams, Sheffield, Ala. THIRD ROW: Joy Williams, Valhermoso Springs, Ala.; Rebecca Williamson, Florence, Ala.; Anne Wilson, Florence, Ala.; Philip Wilson, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Shelba Wilson, Decatur, Ala. FOURTH ROW: Katherine Wine, Florence, Ala.; Densel Witt, Town Creek, Ala.; William Witt, Russellville, Ala.; Leah Woodward, Decatur, Ala.; Bobby Wood- ruff, Russellville, Ala. FIFTH ROW: Donald York, Cullman, Ala.; Michael Jackson, Sheffield, Ala.; Charles Neese, Florence, Ala.; Margaret Hubbert, Carbon Hill, Ala.; Sarah Hutcheson, Florence, Ala. SIXTH ROW: Willard Moses, Danville, Ala.; Joe Mosley, Beaverton, Ala. iFireshmen II athletic department and facilities. wmn i y " ■ 0 i-V ' -■ ' - " swi • . • . „_ jAjthletic jClommittee Line Coach OKORGK WEEKS Head Football Coach HAL SELF $ iv o 9 6 6 Co-Captains DON PICKENS JIM PRATER Below: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lawrence, Crump, Williams, West, Sanderson, Burleson, Dorris, Mos v, Colvin, Citrano. SECOND ROW: Small, Mclnnis, Rayfield, Harrison, Martin, Hubbard, Hargett, Cunningham, Elmore, Pickens. THIRD ROW: Redwine, Sisson, Meeks, Flurry, Prater, Dickinson, Strozier, Smith, Whitsett, Coach Self. FOURTH ROW: Hamilton, Mgr.; Holliday, Godsey, Lawler, White, Cotton, Grisham, Barrett, Phillips, Bostick, Mgr. 9 § 9 § ¥ G " , Ml JTJhe y lorence JSjtate )F[ootball [Lyions 89 TENNESSEE TECH 20 FSC 6 The Lions, plagued by the loss of last year ' s veterans, lost their opener to Tennessee Tech. The Golden Eagles with a much more exper- ienced team were able to dominate the first half, but they had more difficulty moving the ball in the sec- ond half. It wasn ' t until late in the third quarter that the Lions found a workable com- bination in Ken Lawrence and Max Burleson and managed to push across their lone touchdown. Go, man, go! Ain ' t nobody on my side? FSC 19 MURRAY STATE 18 In their second game the Lions edged the Thorough- breds of Murray State in a game that was a real thriller. The difference in this ex- citing game was Bill God- sey ' s point after touchdown. The Lions overcame a six- point half-time deficit by scoring twice in the final period. The whole team played an excellent game in what could only be called a team victory. 90 Now who ' s on top? AUSTIN PEAY 19 FSC 6 The Lions suffered their second loss of the season at the hands of the Austin Peay Governors. The Lions, in a game in which punts played a big part, scored their only touchdown on a fumbled punt. The punt was fumbled on the two-yard line and rolled into the end zone where Tom Cotton fell on it for the touchdown. Come to papa. ARKANSAS STATE 39 FSC 13 The Lions received their worst defeat since 1949 at the hands of the Arkansas State Indians. The Indians, leading only 14-0 at the half, scored four touchdowns in the second half. Lion touch- downs were scored by Bill Flurry and Ken Lawrence. Until the game ' s won, the coach just ain ' t him Self ! ! FSC 21 LIVINGSTON 18 The Lions staged a comeback against the Livingston State Tigers to win their second ball game of the season. The Tigers led 18-7 at the half, but the Lions came back in the second half like a new ball club to score twice more. Sander- son scored once for the Lions and Burleson scored twice. The extra points were kicked by Godsey. (Action shot of game unavailable) Ooooofff!!! FSC 21 EAST TENNESSEE 7 The Lions won their second game in a row by spoiling the Homecoming for the East Ten- nessee State Buccaneers. The game was an offensive battle throughout the first three quarters with neither team able to score. The Buccaneers scored first early in the fourth quarter, but the Lions were not to be denied. Florence touch- downs were scored by Sanderson, Pickens, and Lawrence. All three PATs were kicked by Godsey. 92 FLORENCE STATE 27 — TROY 6 HOMECOMING ' 56 In the first afternoon game ever played here, the Lions pleased a large Homecoming crowd by defeating the Troy State Red Wave. The Lions took command of the game in the first quarter on touchdowns scored by Lawrence and Elmore. The score at the half was 14-0. The Trojans scored their only touchdown of the game early in the third quarter. Holiday and Redwine scored the other two Lion touchdowns in the final quarter. " Hurry and git ' im! ! ! Really rollin ' along! FLORENCE STATE 27 — JACKSONVILLE STATE 14 The Lions made it five straight wins in as many years over the Jacksonville State Gamecocks. They also clinched the unofficial Alabama small college championship. In winning their fourth straight game this season the Lions played one of their best games thus far. Jack Redwine, the standout for the Lions, scored two touchdowns, passed for another, and set up a fourth. The other Lion touchdowns were scored by Holiday and Sanderson. Jacksonville scored once each in the second and fourth quarters. Hit and run ! ! 94 Luggin ' that pigskin FLORENCE STATE 61 — SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE 13 The Lions finished the season strong by slaughtering the Southeast Missouri State Indians. The Lions finished the season with a 6-3 record, winning their last five games. It is hard to pick a star in this game because the whole team stood out. The Lions had 354 yards rushing to 154 and 156 yards passing to 55 yards. Seven seniors played their last game for the Lions. Hit him Hard!! !«Uk w4nv « »« » ' •bHm» » 95 II ,f HUGH HARRISON, Tackle WALTER fCjo jL{iom JJ jeMam of?56 ! ffc. % ft ¥ f 1 1 • i CLARENCE PHILLIPS, Tackle „ „., „.„ GLENN STR0Z1ER, Tackle JOE MOSLEM. Center HAROLD DORRIS, End i n VH DAVID MARTIN, Tackle JERRY WHITE, Guard BILL DICKISON, End V % SHERR1LL vMITH. Guard H V REX RAYFIKLD, Halfback C Iheerleaders MARVIN POGUE, Head Cheerleader. ROBBIE WALL. BUDDY HILL, J A JANE MILLS MARTHA KOONCE MOST VALUABLE BACK Don Pickens MOST VALUABLE LINEMAN Harold Sisson 100 Harold Bjasketball FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Payne, Kelly, Bush, Frederick, Thomas, Hardy, Burleson, Frost, Shell. SECOND ROW: Gamble, Price, Romine, Jones, Miller, Coach Billingham, Burcham, Tomlinson, Sanderson, Bragwell, McBee. [F lorence jSjtate 103 ' earn ▼ GEORGE MILLER. Center I r I IM.IiHtK K ( 104 jRloar JL[ ions CARLTON KELLY. Forward .ILK in M.ULI a ■ M. litlMKIIWKIX IKia jFJlorence Jsjtate UJfons roTfl ■TiiTr 105 Everyone Likes a me! ions [Fjlorence ' 56 and ' 57 Action! 107 GEORGE WEEKS, Baseball Coach )B aseball jSlpring 1956 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stewart, Word, Russell, batboy; Coach Weeks, Godsey, Melton. SECOND ROW: Littleton, Brocato, Bush, Bostick, White, Akins. THIRD ROW: Rutledge, Phillips, Redwine, Bittinger, Burleson. FOURTH ROW: Davenport, Smith, Gentle. Baseball 1956 Florence State.- Florence State 1 Florence State 7 Florence State 4 Florence State— Florence State -.16 Florence State 7 Florence State 2 Florence State 5 Florence State.... 2 Florence State.... 7 Florence State 10 Florence State 5 Florence State 6 Florence State 2 Florence State 7 Florence State 11 David Lipscomb 7 Bradley (111.) Braves 11 Middle Tennessee 8 Murray 2 Murray 2 David Lipscomb 17 Middle Tennessee 6 Lambuth 1 ' Bama Frosh — 6 ' Bama Frosh 4 Austin Peay 5 Belmont _ 3 Austin Peay 7 Howard — 5 Howard 3 Belmont 3 Memphis State 3 110 JACK REDWINE, Outfield ' DONALD WHITE, First Base GENE RUTLEDGE, JOHN BOSTICK, Outfield BILL GODSEY, Pitcher R ifle jTf eam ooters 112 THOMAS ALMON JIM BRADFORD " BUTCH " STEENSON DAN POLLARD JERRY NEWBERN FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnny Jones, Sonny Thompson, Don Shotts. SECOND ROW: Jerry Garnett, Reynolds Howard, Perry Counts. Tlennis I T ( earn Spring 1956 m Tennis Coach DR. ROLAND DICKISON 113 Features k i i U M sign of progress: Ui out st an ding stu dents 116 ]M r. F lorence Xs tate • Dexter Montgomery jMJiss JFJlorence [sjtate • Martha Mc Fay Miss Betty Graben Mr. John Citrano yfi CP fi V jfj i G° »v 1S m • Afiis Peggy Parks Mr. Marvin Pogue in o v 3 t • Miss Sue Nelson Mr. David Robinson • Miss Martha Rose Stout Mr. Ken Lawrence 4 °n v %. ? 119 Mjiss jWyymecoming 1956 • Miss Barbara Simmons 120 • Miss Ann Carol Wade • Miss Martha McVay Miss Jo Ann Whitt JHjomecoming Clourt Miss Peggy Parks • Miss Martha Koonce i % Htomecoming ) Cjpurt Miss Jane Mills Miss Barbara Owens Mrs. Edith McKelvey Elmore G Bjand [Siponsor • Miss June Holmes }BJ 0. T. a Mi sponsors IjiZl jCJompany jS ponsor • Miss Nina Freeman [Pjrovost jCjorps jSJweetheart • Miss Martha Mc Vay 125 r Bj jC ompany SJponsor Mrs. Edith McKelvey Elmore J_RJ 0. T. C. JEjponsors 1956-1957 JC ompany JSfponsor Miss Betty Artis ik -V 1 JBjattalion Sponsor Miss Barbara Owens 127 r w KELLER KEY, Spring, Jimmy Townsley KELLER KEY, Summer, Imogene Green TURRIS FIDELIS, Spring, Sherry Belew TURRIS FIDELIS, Summer, Joyce Campbell and Fred Shaver W ho ' s SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: MARLENE SULLINS, BETTY HESTER, DEXTER MONTGOMERY, MARY LEE CATHEY, PEGGY ALEXANDER. SECOND ROW: SUE NELSON, SUE FRYE, CAROLYN COLE, SARA SPAIN. Students selected for listing in WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES are chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, personality, participation in college activities, and promise of future service to society. American Universities and Colleges 129 ]E all ofjFJame CAROLYN COLE, Florence, is an elementary education major. She is President of Beta Beta Beta, member of the S.G.A., W.S.G.A., Wesley Fel- lowship, F.T.A., Inter-Presidents Council, Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi. She has served as Associate Editor of The Flor-Ala, Vice President of W.S.G.A., Vice President of eighth district F.T.A. and as chairman of the 1955 Homecoming Committee. Sponsored by THE FLOR-ALA staff in collaboration with the DIORAMA staff and the Student Government Association, a 20- member student faculty committee nominates and selects the four students to be honored. SUE FRYE, Florence, is an English major and dramatic arts minor. She is President of Kappa Delta Pi, Business Manager of the Diorama and is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, and the English Club. She has served as President of the Rehearsal Club, President of Alpha Psi Omega, member of The Flor-Ala staff, Secretary of English Club and R.O.T.C. Band Sponsor. T£i Wall of Jilt 4 ame DEXTER MONTGOMERY, Belmont, Mississippi, is a business major and a music minor. He is President of Wesley Fellowship, member of Kitchen Delta Pi, Inter-Presidents Council, F.T.A., and Sigma Tau Pi. He is the reigning Mr. Florence State and has been Mr. Friendliness for the past two years. The four seniors picked are judged on the basis of their accomplishments and contribu- tions to the college, character, and are fea- tured in the DIORAMA and THE FLOR-ALA. The pictures of these students are framed and hung in Bibb Graves Hall. RUTH MORRIS is a business education major and sociology minor from Lacey ' s Spring. She is serving as house chairman of Willingham Hall and is a member of The Flor-Ala staff, Diorama staff, F.T.A., Inter-Presidents Council, Sigma Tau Pi and W.S.G.A. She has served as Treasurer of F.T.A., S.G.A. member, Organization Editor of Diorama. % }Mjr. and JMjiss Jljriendliness Betty Waddle • Milton Speake YSjportsman and Sfp ortswoman of the ]Y[ear • Shelva Ezell • Fred Thomas t I- " 1 V !• -■ can tics of Jj lorence tate H 9 uJL aJtMk dees whdduw s K 9Cs tf £k+ -Uul QJ 4s Lost p " i J ° T J 1 H A 4 w.w Holmes ■I J 1 142 fUTiTjTZifJx KvffnsSnfiRi who will be society ' s future leaders. Situdent Glovernment jAissociation fflffi icers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer DAVID HUDSON DAN HENRY BETTY GENTRY BILLY WARREN jTfhe JCjouncil SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Warren, Dan Henry, Betty Gentry, David Hudson. STANDING: Betty Gaben, Jimmy Hooper, Carolyn Cole, Jane Mills, Jackie Graben, Betty Waddle, Sue Curtis. SECOND ROW: Dr. McElheny, Sponsor; Joe Tune, Ralph Johnson, Bob Couch, Ben Peete, Lee Hickman, Maurice Reece, Lawson Smith. Below, the council at work. DAVID ROBINSON, Editor Jfjhe Jfjior-Ala 146 SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Morrin. Betty Arli., Marlene Sullin . STANDING: Billy Joe Camp, Patricia Williams, Wayne Hagood. Bob Couch, Catherine Puckett, Glenn Stricklin, Maurice Rrccc CHARLES GRAINGER, Associate Editor LEE HICKMAN, Business Manager W°ff RONNIE HOLLAND Assistant Business Manager MR. WILLIAM SOUTHARD Faculty Advisor 147 TJhe 1957 D liorama Jsftaff MAURICE REECE, Editor THE EDITORIAL STAFF 148 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty McElyea, Myra Cox, Meredith Puckett, Marlene Sullins. BACK ROW: Patsy Bostick. Lacy Jackson, Christine Waldrrp. Billy Warren, Ruth Morris, Robbie Wall, Bob Couch, Katherine Howard, Sankey Sherer. ABSENT: Ivous Thompson, Barbara Cooper, Nancy Taylor. T ART and PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenneth Cochran, Farley Vaughan, Harvey Wickware, and Joe Douglas, Co-Art Editor. ABSENT: Carolyn May, Co- Art Editor; and Bob Bennett. SUE FRYE McCRANIE, Business Manager BUSINESS and CIRCULATION STAFF FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Streater, Martha Fulmer, Associate Business Manager; Peggy Tucker. SECOND ROW: Martha Howard, Claudette Beard, Janis Howell, Barbara Arnold, Betty Staley. 149 M H H M ON FLOOR, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Kirkpatrick, Carolyn Cole, Retty Johnston, June Puckett, Peggy Lard. SEATED: Ruby Holding, Retty Waddle. Willie Mae Crockett, Catherine Mitchell, Retty Graben, Jane Mills, Pat Yeager, Carolyn Posey, Shirley Cooper, Delores Dollar. Nancy Taylor, Sara Wyatt. THIRD ROW, STANDING: Carol McCarn, Mamie Thompson, Glennis Railey, Maxine Colburn, Mable Posey, Norma Wells, Mary Rishop, Mary Doss, Marlene Sullins, Jo Southern, Autice Cul breath. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Morris, Louise Hampton, Robbie Manor, Virginia McLaren, Lula Dobbins, Katherine Phillips, Sara Spain, Mayme Parker, Sue Nelson, Lucy Ryan, Virginia Fitzgerald, Frieda Hester. OFFICERS SEATED: Betty Graben, Carolyn Posey, Pat Yeager. STANDING: Catherine Mitchell, Jane Mills, Shirley Cooper. ISO ) Y(oung ) W ( omen ' s j C l hristian jAfssociation FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Willie Mae Crockett, Jo Ann Fleming, Sherry Phillips, Sybil Arnold. SEC- OND ROW: Sara Spain, Lucy Ryan, Sue Nelson, Louise Hampton. THIRD ROW: Mamie J. Thomason, Mar- tha Howard, Betty Waddle. FOURTH ROW: Jane Crow, Freda Butler, Martha Willis, Regina Mitchell. OFFICERS President SUE NELSON Vice President SARA SPAIN Secretary LUCY RYAN Treasurer GLENNIS BAILEY The YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION is an organization of long standing at Florence State. All women students are made eligible for membership by accepting the organization ' s purpose, which is to further campus-wide Christian living. 151 )K appa jMJu jjjpsilon SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Martha Fulmer, Miss Orpha Culmer, Vance Oakes, Betty Hester, Mr. Graham. STANDING: Mrs. Hudson, Sponsor; Paul Christian, Autice Culbreath, Mr. John Finley, Mrs. Parker. The purpose of the KAPPA MU EPSILON, a national honorary mathe- matics fraternity, is to further the interest of mathematics, to help the under- graduate realize the important future of the study of mathematics, and to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics. President MARTHA FULMER Vice President AUTICE CULBREATH Secretary BETTY HESTER Sponsor MRS. MARY HUDSON Corresponding Secretary .... MISS ORPHA CULMER 152 Hfome lEjconomics jCllub FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Weathers, Bobbie Maynor, Anne Rodgers, Willie Mae Crockett, Nelda Watkins, Annita Gibson, Barbara Owens, Wanda Camp Hightower, Mrs. Charles Rasch. SECOND ROW: Ruby Bolding, Mary Lee Vaughn, Peggy Jo Dotson, Kathelene Welks, Enid Cobb, Sarah Jo Box, Martha Montgomery, Glenda Craft, Ann Hubbert, Ella Glenn Ligon. THIRD ROW: Ivous Thompson, Gereldene Pos- ton, Jo Anne Hollis, Dolly Williams, Doris Martin, Peggy Kirkpatrick, Betty Artist, Betty Baker, Fay Hindmon, Mary Nell Weems. FOURTH ROW: Martine Baccus, Wanda Key, Freda Butler, Ruth Tirey, Carolyn Kitchens, Norma Wells, Maggie Hester, Gerlda Newton, Rebecca Glascock. FIFTH ROW: Elane Blackwell, Virginia Crews, Amelia Hill, Margaret King, Nancy Cox, Carolyn Crawford, Stella Glass, Mary Bishop, Martha Ann Willis. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Campbell, Sandra Smith, Lula Dobbins, Jane Newton, Mary Louise Holcomb. Some of the purposes of the HOME ECONOMICS CLUB are to encourage creative arts and activities which will develop worthy home membership, to encourage each member to contribute toward the happiness and well being of the home and community, to provide opportunities for members to accept responsibilities and to become good followers as well as good leaders, and to provide social, professional, and business experiences through the various aspects of club life. OFFICERS President NELDA WATKINS Vice President WILLIE MAE CROCKETT Secretary ANNE RODGERS Treasurer BARBARA WEATHERS Reporter ANITA GIBSON Parliamentarian BOBBIE MAYNOR Sponsor MRS. CHARLES RASCH 153 Florence YSftate jCfhorale FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Slaughter, Gerald Hovater, Elaine Beard, Joan Dorris, Roger Wade, Max Williams. SECOND ROW : Barbara Porter, Ann Tays, Ruth Ragland, Peggy Jackson, Emelda Payne, Sarah Kitchens, Azalia Walker, Edith Culver, Pat Fike, Dot Leel, Shirley Maddox, Frances Seabarn. THIRD ROW: Kathelene Robinson, Joan Webb, Mary Virginia Roan. Betty Whitfield, Pat Steelman, Betty Jean Pickings. Judith Kent, Yvonne Holt, Clara Sherer, Nancy Stuard, Pearlie Neal, Marian Middleton, Delores Cain, Dana Hester, Carolyn Griffin. FOURTH ROW: David Underwood, Waylon Hawkins, Jimmy Moore, Edward Estes, Bill Reeves, John Cathey, Edsel Holden, Ray Isbell, Joe Douglass, Jimmy Palmer, W. M. Pace, Delano Bobo, Dexter Montgomery, Donald Sauter. The purpose of the CHORALE is to become acquainted with the various forms of musical literature from classical to modern, special emphasis being placed upon choral music through the use of selections from opera, oratorio, and the shorter works, A Cappella, and accompanied. Membership is open to any student who has the ability and desire to sing. 154 First Squad: Ruth Ragland, June Puckett, Shelva Ezell, Shirley Lovelace, Edna Harison, Sue Cox, Sue Curtis, Barbara Owen, Joanne Webb. Second Squad: Anita Schumpert, Madelyn Williams, Peggy Parks, Vonda Harris, Shelba Wilson, Dottie Martin, Betty Artis, Peggy Murphey. Third Squad: Sonya Coffman, Ann Carol Wade, Christine Waldrip, Olga Hester, Joann Marsh, Yvonne Keel, Norma Wells, Virginia Montgomery, Amelia Hill. Fourth Squad: Joann Whitt, Louise Hampton, Mary Allice Darrah, Suzanne McKee, Janice Howell, Carolyn Carter, Sara Hutcheson, Betty Whitfield, Jerry Streater. El a 155 JLjion jMjarching JBjand M l M ° I l ft M P H I f H t ft T E R % £ FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Jean Bayles, Sarah Tidwell, Janice Vawter, Martha Rose Stout, Deanna Davidson, Joyce Lawler, Ann Shook. SECOND ROW: Lula Dobbins, Patricia Fike, Betty Murray, Gwen Ware, Dean Oliver, Tandy Mills, Arma Turbyfill, Jeanette Howell, Charlotte Vaughan, Joan Dorris, Jean Gardner. THIRD ROW: Dr. Wayne Christenson, Director; Joe Douglas, Maurice Reece, Max Williams, Roger Wade, Bob Couch, Jimmy Alexander, Billy Boone. FOURTH ROW: Jim Mardis, Robert Steen, Bill McDowell, Gerald Hovater, Robert Slaughter, David Pickens, Jerry Garnett. FIFTH ROW: Joe Shaw, Carl Van Bibber, Jimmy Gullett, Lloyd Clayton, Gene White, Bob Scogin, Alex George, Bill Palmer. m 156 JMtajorettes 1956 [Sjeason MRvMHW Drum Majorette MARTHA ROSE STOUT - • it Z- I Alternate SARAH TIDWELL JOYCE jAjlpha [ciki FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roy S. Stevens, Howard South, A. W. Martin, Marlene Sullins. SECOND ROW: Eugene Sisson, Leonard McDowell, John Benton, Joe Byars, Belton Jones, Ralph Johnson, Henry V. Mobbs. OFFICERS President A. W. MARTIN Vice President HOWARD SOUTH Secretary MARLENE SULLINS To foster a feeling of unity, mutual interest, and good fellowship among the members of Alpha Chi, to promote the general welfare of the department of accounting, to acquaint accounting students with their future duties and obligations, to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards, and to make use of available resources, to provide opportunities for social and educational growth are the purposes of Alpha Chi. 158 Ysfigma jTjau jP i FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vera Osmer, Pat Kidd, Carolyn Posey, Sue Curtis, Delores Caine, Bettye Gentry, Patricia Bostick, Marlene Sullins. SECOND ROW: John Citrano, Faye Dodson, Jane Crow, Sue Vin- son, Rita Waldrop, Suzanne McKee, Mable Posey, Virginia Smith, Betty Waddle, Peggy Tucker. THIRD ROW: Mr. Stevens, A. W. Martin, Varina Allman, Joyce Chesser, Carolyn Griffin, Barbara Cooper, Martha Garnett, Nancy Taylor, Robbie Wynn, Barbara Simmons, Joan Webb, Jerry Streater. FOURTH ROW: John Benton, Ford Isom, Christine Edgar, Ruth Ragland, Chester Jackson, Tommy Brocato, David Lewellyn, Sue Nelson, Louise Hampton, Noble Reeves. FIFTH ROW: James Palmer, Mary Shrader, Nella Dean Short, Billy Small, James Gardner, William Murphy, Billy Smith, George Krafft, Brooks Jackson, Edsel Holden. SIXTH ROW: Belton Jones, Vernon Mobbs, Tommy Epperson, Donall Pace, Ellie Harrison, Eugene Glynn, W. R. Dowen- ing, Bill Bendall, Bob Bohnstedt, Edward Estes. President JAMES PALMER Vice President NANCY TAYLOR Secretary BETTY GENTRY Treasurer CAROLYN GRIFFIN SIGMA TAU PI is especially designed for business majors in Business and Education and Business Administration. 159 ) Pjhysical jE fducation jCf lub FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shelva Ezell, Mary Lee Cathey, Yvonne Davis, Joyce Beck, Bonnie Taylor, Mary Alice Darrah, Betty Smith. SECOND ROW: Tom Cotton, Olga Hester, June Puckett, Joe Hodges, Billy Joe Colvin, John Bostick. THIRD ROW. Bill Jones, Johnny Landers, Sonny Kitchens, Eddie Hammons, L. C. Fowler. OFFICERS President TOM COTTON Vice President MARY ALICE DARRAH Secretary JUNE PUCKETT Treasurer EDDIE HAMMONS The purpose of the PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB is to provide oppor- tunities for all physical education majors to participate in some form of recreational activity, to promote physical and moral development and foster a wholesome college spirit. 160 [jij fta JSj eta JB eta FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Cole, Ann Hopkins, Betty Evans, Bonnie Taylor, Marlene Sullins. SECOND ROW: Dan Henry, Joe Flippen, Jane Mills, Mary Lee Cathey, Rebecca Blair, Suzanne McKee, Paul Yokley, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: William H. Spruell, Harvey Wickware, Hugh Craig. FOURTH ROW: Charles Estes, James Hudgins, Julian Henderson, Charles Whitten, Robert Slaughter. OFFICERS President CAROLYN COLE Vice President WILLIAM SPRUELL Secretary YVONNE DAVIS Historian REBECCA BLAIR Counselor MR. PAUL YOKLEY, JR. Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary fraternity for students of the biologi- cal sciences. Tri-Beta emphasizes a three-fold program: stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge; and promotion of biologi- cal research. Beta Zeta Chapter was established at Florence State in 1953. 161 JAJlpha )P[si jOynega and JRJehearsal Jctlub THE GREAT GOD BROWN THIEVES CARNIVAL YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU 162 ALPHA PSI Betty Mitchell Doyle Pace Lee Hickman Mary Bonley Freeman Sue Frye Claudette Beard J. P. Side. Director— MISS GLADYS SHEPARD PRODUCTIONS Spring 1956 . . . THIEVES CARNIVAL by Jean Anouilh Spring 1956 . . . GREAT GOD BROWN by Eugene O ' Neil Fall 1956 . . . YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU by Kaufman and Hart Ujshers jCilub FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Warden, Sonny Thompson, David Branscomb, Edward Estes, Lee Hick- man, Jimmy Dabbs, Charles Dexter, Buddy Hill. SECOND ROW: George Stanford, Billy Crabb, Jerry Walters, Edsel Holden, Charles Winborn, Bob Bohnstedt, Harris Burns, Mike Crane, Jimmy Palmer. THIRD ROW : Doyle Pace, Johnny Knight, Robert Slaughter, Gene Sanders, Fred Phillips, Ronald Holland, Bob Bennett, Bob Couch. OFFICERS President GENE SANDERS Vice President JOHNNY KNIGHT Treasurer CHARLES DEXTER The purpose of the Ushers Club is to help with college functions and usher at the Musc le Shoals Concert Association series and other community activities. 163 ] K[appa [Djelta ]Pti FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Cole, Sue Frye McCranie, Mary Lee Cathey, Betty Hester. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Celia Wilson, Autice Culbreath, Joan Dorris, Elaine Beard, Ann Isbell, Mary Lee Vaughan, Betty Graben, Shirli Haines. THIRD ROW: Betty Gentry, Dorothy Matthews, Dan Henry, Catherine Puckett, Vance Oakes, Sara Spain, Wanda Camp Hightower, Cleo Givens. OFFICERS President SUE FRYE McCRANIE Vice President CAROLYN COLE Secretary MARY LEE CATHEY Historian BETTY HESTER Sponsor MRS. CELIA WILSON Epsilon Psi Chapter of KAPPA DELTA PI, an honor society in Education, was organized at Florence in 1945. Its purpose is to encourage high pro- fessional, intellectual, and personal standards of preparation for teaching; to quicken professional growth hy honoring achievement in education work; and to promote a closer bond of fellowship among students in the field of Education. 164 Ijfnter- ) P (residents jC founcil FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Robinson, Nelda Watkins, Jane Mills, Carolyn Cole, Sue Nelson, Sally Nichols, Peggy Kirkpatrick, Eugene Glenn. SECOND ROW : Martha Fulmer, Sue Frye, McCranie, Betty Mitchell, THIRD ROW: Wayne Hagood, Dean Gravlee, Sponsor ;Glennis Bailey, David Hudson, Dean DeWitt, Sponsor, Tom Cotton, Ruth Morris, Dexter Montgomery, Charles Whitten, Maurice Reece. OFFICERS President DAVID ROBINSON Vice President GENE SANDERS Secretary GLENNIS BAILEY Reporter JANE MILLS The INTER-PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL is composed of presidents of all organizations on the campus. The purpose of this organization is to foster better understanding between the organizations and to create more interest in them. 165 ) Conservation )jC lub FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John L. Citrano, Christos Cassimus, James E. Kennemer, Fred Phillips. SEC- OND ROW: A. L. Hershey, Sponsor; James E. Beshears, Ellis H. Coats, Max Burleson, Jessie L. Sanford, Er- nest T. Rainer, Hugh Craig, William Goings. NOT PRESENT: William Palmer, Ted Kennemer, Eddie Phillips, John Willett, Ben Peete, James Jonhson, Curtis Taylor, C. G. Mieer, Ben Harris, William Jennings, Joe Neeland, Charles Hester, Don Williams, James Hudgins, Buddy Short, Billy Martin, Bobby Sparkman, Joe Mattox, Alton Ledlow, David Lewellyn, W. B. Woodward, James Freeman. President FRED PHILLIPS Vice President HUGH CRAIG Secretary JOHN CITRANO Treasurer JAMES KENNEMER The aims of the Conservation Club are to instill in each member the ideas of preservation of natural resources and to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. 166 iPfrovost iCjorps FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Colonel Philip W. Merrill, Faculty Advisor; Mrs. Charles Rasch, Faculty Advisor; Martha McVay, Provost Corps Sweetheart; Cadet Lt. John C. Blair, Provost Marshal. SECOND ROW: J. C. Johnson, Fred Phillips, Don West, Glen C. Bishop, M. A. Llewell yn, John T. Hading, C. C. Jackson, J. H. Harris. THIRD ROW: E. E. Glenn, T. W. Cotton, J. R. Stanfield, Jimmy T. Hargett, R. 0. Lindsey, W. E. Sisson, Billy Crosswhite, Jack Lindsey, W. F. Boone. FOURTH ROW: James Freeman, W. L. Hoffer- bert Jr., W. R. Dean, J. R. Osterlund, K. L. Cochran, J. A. Southern, John D. Young, Charles Dexter, Lee S. Hickman. FIFTH ROW: James C. Isbell, Steve Gentle, W. P. Whitlock, E. E. Hairell, Alex George, W. E. Warren, Lacy M. Jackson, Jack Kent, Jesse McGaha, Harris S. Burns. SIXTH ROW: Robert Weeks, Gene W. Sanders, Charles Jackson, Don Littleton, Glen Strozier, C. H. Gann, W. K. Thacker, W. T. Countiss, A. K. Also- brook, L. D. Johnson. SEVENTH ROW: Donald Posey, James Posey, Ronald Holland, James R. Prater, R. E. Moore, Max Goff. NOT IN PICTURE: Billy W. Wright, Ronald C. Meeks. The purpose of the PROVOST CORPS is to elevate the personal standards of the corps and its various units, to establish in the public mind a necessity for professional training of the personnel of the Corps of Military Police, and to foster a greater cooperation between the Military Department and the school. Membership is obained by application by an advanced cadet whose record and qualifications are reviewed by the Executive Council. The Executive Council will recommend acceptance or rejection of the cadet. 167 BATTALION STAFF Color Guard: Clarence Phillips, Don Holt, Eddie Lethcoe, Don Putman, Martha McVay, Lee Hickman, S-l; Fred Phillips, Execu- tive Officer; Jimmy Freeman, S-3; Carey Jackson, S-4; John Harling, Assistant S-3; John Blair, S-2; Don Littleton, Sergeant Major; Barbara Owens. tie F BAND LT. RONNIE HOLLAND, Commander jRfeserve jOlfftcers ] Training jCforps DRILL TEAM LT. JOHN BLAIR, Commander m BKBHJlKfMj S888 ?.( o. r. c. T% o. r. c. " A " COMPANY LT. DON WEST, Company Commander m I " B " COMPANY LT. ALLEN ALSOBROOK, Company Commander m-ms ' am 170 777 0. T. C. 1 pun ■ ,1,1, mm mum iiiiiin huh ■■■■■III 11111111 iiiiibii iiiiiBII " C " COMPANY LT. WILLIAM HOFFERBERT, Company Commander a RAO. T. a " D " COMPANY LT. WILLIAM DEAN, Company Commander 171 jEjnglish JCjlub FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Matthews, Peggy Laird, Parvin Fazel, Ann Isbel, Carolyn Phillips. SECOND ROW: Wayne Hagood, Catherine Marie Waldrep, Joy Williams, Sue Frye, Frieda Hester, Lawson Smith. THIRD ROW: Mayme Parker, Betty Mitchell, Shirle Haines. FOURTH ROW: Julia Neal, Faculty Advisor, Jane Mills, Catherine Puckett, Anita Schumpert. [Stigma )T[au [Djelta 172 FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlr. Polk, Martha McVay. Mary Alice Wilhrlm. Avelevia McNeill, Ella Maude Grant. Dorothy Milthrwn, llohliy Mills, SECOND ROW: Anita Schumpcrl. Julia Neal, Marioric Glaoscock. Jeannclt Staf- ford. Catherine Packet!, R,va Hrewer. Shirli Haincn. Pliny Kidd. Sue Nelson, Sue Fry. MEMBERS NOT PRESENT: Belly Mitchell and IVguy llowland. [Ajmerican j Clhemical Sfociety FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. F. Huff, Faculty Sponsor; Dr. Walter Brown, Industrial Sponsor; Charles Whitten, Vice Chairman; Joanne Dale, June Hodges, Betty Evans. SECOND ROW: Betty Hester, Jack Lindsey, Martha Fulmer, Elbert Bailey, Fletcher Smith, George McWilliams. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Cochran, Billy Boone, Alex George, Wayne Vaughn, Wylodene Sharpe, Betty Norton. FOURTH ROW: Ernest Urban, Delano Bobo, Edward Gray. FIFTH ROW: William Hofferbert, Delbert Dobbs, Wayne Charles, Tilman Bentley. Klitchen jDtelta IP lie FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Phil Anderson, Faculty Sponsor; David Ammons, Clara Sherer, Charles Pendley, Sanky Sherer, Willie Mae Crockett, Lacy Jackson. SECOND ROW: J. P. Sides, Jo Ann Morris, Pat Bostick, Gary Joyce, Ellen Grissom, Lewana Hall, Dan Henry, Shelva Ezell. THIRD ROW: Thelma Christian, Willie Appleton, Dexter Montgomery, Pat Steelman, Freddy Hester, Gerlda Newton, E. J. Pruden, Bobbie Maynor, Dot Blevens, Faculty Sponsor; Betty Waddle. 173 j FJ Jcfub I bA SBW FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Martin, Ken Lawrence, John Citrano, Max Burleson, Johnny Jones, John Bush, Benny Harris. SECOND ROW: George Gibbons, Sponsor; Teddy Hargett, George Farris, Tom Cotton, Ronald Meeds, Buddy Hill, Tommy Brocato, Sonny Thompson. THIRD ROW: Bill Jones, Bill Barret, Clarence Phillips, Ed Bridges, Bill Flurry, Don West, Don Littleton, Bearl Whitsett, Sherrill Smith, Jim Wakefield, John Crump, Jack Redwine, Glenn Strozier, Glenn Lawler. Wiomen ' s Aithletic Association FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Nancy Vance, Sponsor; Yvonne Davis, Theresa June Hodaes, Catherine Mitchell. Bobble Maynor, Anita Schumpert. Joyce Beck, Shelva Ezell, Mary Alice Darrah. Belty Smith. Olga Hester. Mary Lee Cathy, Gerlda Newton, Helen Childers, Vonda Jo Harris 174 lF[uture jTfeachers of AJmerica FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Grahen, Catherine Puckett, Yvonne Davis, Sally Nichols, Sara Spain, Sue Nelson, Jimmy Hooper. SECOND ROW: Tommy Epperson, Virginia Crews, Susanne McKey, Mary Bosley, Christine Waldrep, Mamie Tomson, Dexter Montgomery. THIRD ROW: V. P. Thomas, E. J. Pruden, Mary Holt, Mamie Thompson, William Pace, Ruth Morris, Bobby Porter, Betty Johnson, Anita Schumpert. ]C(anterbury ICjlub FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Webb, Dottye Martin, Kathy Springer, Doris Bell. SECOND ROW: Mr. Mul- lins, John Mcintosh, Unknown, Jack Martin, Robert Mitchell, Betty Mitchell, Paul Mitchell, Bob Proctor. 175 jWjesley JFjellowship FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Meredith Puckett, Yvonne Davis, Freda Butler, Mary Bishop, Joan Webb. SECOND ROW: Gene Wade, Betty Waddle, Sally Nicka ls, Shirley Lowery Director, Mary Lee Kathy, Leah Johnson, Dexter Mont- gomery. THIRD ROW: Bobby Sharp, Bobbie Jones, Peggy O ' Neal, Lyle Woodard, Mary Doss, Sarah Kitchens, Joy Wil- liams, Patsy Bostick, Carolyn Cole. FOURTH ROW: Sue Nelson, Marie Basham, Betty Evans, Sherry Phillips, Catherine Puckett, Connie Perkerson, Dan Henry, Sybil Arnold, Barbara Weathers, Jane Newton. FIFTH ROW: Joe Flippen, Anita Schumpert, Billy Nelms, Sarah Spain, Connie Perkerson, Christine Waldrep, Barbara Weathers. SIXTH ROW: Jack Hendericks, Buddy Whitlock, Ben Pate, Doyce Gunter, Howard Johnson, Melvin Smith, Don Porch, Ken Dial. OFFICERS President DEXTER MONTGOMERY Vice President BUDDY WHITLOCK Secretary LEAH JOHNSON Treasurer DAN HENRY The WESLEY FOUNDATION is composed of all the Methodist students on the campus and has as its purpose to tie the student to the local Church and to promote individual spiritual growth. , 176 ]B[aptist )S(tudent }U[nion The BAPTIST STUDENT UNION is composed of all act ive Baptist students on the campus. It has as its purpose to link the student with the local church and to minister to the total spiritual needs of each individual. Pictured below is the Executive Council of the BSU ... an adminis- trative body which directs the program and activities of the organ- ization. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Jo Randall, Regina Dugger, Regina Mitchell, Peggy Norton, Pat Steelman. SECOND ROW: Pat Yeager, Elaine Blackwell, Peggy Kirkpatrick, Rita Waldrep, Joan Dorris, Clara Sherer. THIRD ROW: Al Micheal, Vernon Mobbs, E. J. Pruden, Gene Glenn, James England, Richard Brock, Robert Beck. Snapshots 178 Uuuhhooo, how did this picture get in here??? 4F W I? ' • Lots of fanfare. 180 ikI u s mure. I rush . -. Madam - Salami. i ' .n r -x-i-. ilirl IfciSTg ff I low do ye git the cicrn thaii|i started??? ► , ' " wa cKy DO N " Dog patch wuz never like this!!! Prince Rainier and Grace niver even J had it this good ! ! " Q " V0 8$ Mr. Florence State, Au Natural THERE I ' ve got a gravel in my boot, that ' s 1 bounce. ■- «. 191 $« « Famous Last Words: " To do it or not to do it? ? ? mm i I want my Mama ! ! ! Sickening ain ' t it? ? ? Mr. Graham, one of your practice teachers is watch- Broken hearted lover??? Typical " Freshmanism " ; " It is that, that we don ' t know where it in that we ' re at. ' stem " Oh! Mr. Brown, is it Beethoven ' s sym- pathy ... 9 beat, 36 chord, 11 measure, on that little bitty " C " note? ? ? " 4 ?k t 6 One more " pop " and you can have the dog!!! y , David, quit whispering those sweet noth- in ' s to a married woman ! ! ! 1 197 Mama, come get your baby boys! ! ! ' Away all boat " I " I ain ' t got no home! ! ' I 203 " ' T ' TT1 ' afeBSI mr- ' .,t , Ik iH YOU CAN ' T TAKE IT WITH YOU!!! Oooh! ! ! Look, the moon is falling! YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU Who 4lf ' Who Those w Are N ' IN KILBY AUDITORIUM WtaM fcw pr ty i ' BY KAUFMAN AND HART and Those TO-B A REHEARSAL CLUB PRODUCTION So what, they are married now? ? THE 5AP STORY From a Student ' s lorence OF REGISTRATION s A I dvertiser. A sign of progress: The growth of Florence State and the City of Flor ence. STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FLORENCE, ALABAMA FOUNDED 1872 Oldest State-Supported Teacher Training Institution in the South OFFERING B.S. AND B.A. DEGREES AND THE M.A. DEGREE IN EDUCATION MAJOR AREAS OF UNDERGRADUATE SPECIALIZATION: Art, English, Social Science, Foreign Language, Biology, Chemistry, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Music, Home Economics, Business Administration, Business Education, and Secretarial Science. MAJOR AREAS OF GRADUATE SPECIALIZATION: Elementary Education, Second- ary Education, and School Administration and Supervision. BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS, comfortable dormitories, and wholesome campus life. A de- gree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medical, dental and other professional schools. FULLY ACCREDITED: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. For Catalogues and General Information Write: OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Florence, Alabama 216 $ u4tu, HOME OF PIG-N-POKE FSTC ' S Favorite Hangout 217 For the Cutest CO-ED CLOTHES SHIRLEY ' S FLORENCE ' S FINEST " THE OWL " At the 1240 Spot on Your Dial " THE BRIGHTEST SPOT ON YOUR DIAL " Florence, Alabama DAVIDSON-LOVELACE Westinghouse Dealer E. COLLEGE ST. FLORENCE 218 ORY ' S CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Laundry Dry Cleaning Rug Cleaning 213 N. Wood Ave. Florence, Alabama SHARP ' S RADIO AND TV SERVICE I 19 E. Tombigbee St. FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone AT-2-3643 Save for Opportunity Save for Future Security SAVE AT FIRST FEDERAL Liberal Earnings Insured Safety Each Account Insured to $10,000 . . . Current Dividend Rate 3 ' 2 % FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. Florence, Alabama 1886-1956 Our Seventieth Year of Leadership In Consumer Acceptance and Public Confidence STANDARD OIL COMPANY (KENTUCKY) Florence Alabama ' i o • i u r. i t t MA LADIES ' WEAR 305 NORTH COURT STREET 219 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 57 From ROGERS North Alabama ' s Largest Store We invite you to make our store your headquarters while you are down- town . . . for shopping . . . resting ... or meeting your friends. All our facilities are at your service. Use our telephone for local calls. Let us check your parcels FREE of charge. That ' s ROGERS for you — friendly, helpful, obliging. Owned and operated by three generations of Rogers. Compliments of RICHARDSON LUMBER CO. 406 East Tennessee St. FLORENCE, ALABAMA 220 DIXIE SUPPLY COMPANY Rufus G. Hibbett Sons " SPORTSMAN ' S CENTER " 212 So uth Court Florence, Ala. SMOKE HOUSE BILLIARDS Recreation and Hot Sandwiches 118 E. TENN. ST. FLORENCE Residential and Commercial Wiring VERBON JONES ELECTRIC CO. 113 E. Tombigbee St. FLORENCE, ALABAMA YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS Westinghouse Appl. SALES AND SERVICE BELK-HUDSON CO. Sheffield and Florence 221 THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF FLORENCE Extends Its Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 Compliments DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES City of Florence, Alabama ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT GAS DEPARTMENT Board of WATER AND SEWER COMMISSIONERS of the CITY OF FLORENCE, ALABAMA 222 MEFFORDS JEWELERS III E. Tennessee Florence Alabama GOLDEN FLAKE POTATO CHIPS Alabama ' s Own Compliments of BARKLEY REFRIGERATION CO. COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION DEALERS 24-Hour Service Phone AT-2-3452 DICTATOR FLOUR n For Cooks Who Care " Distributed by MUSCLE SHOALS WHOLESALE CO. SHEFFIELD ALABAMA 223 Court Street THE FIRS! o 224 t North Florence Branch NATIONAL BANK Florence 1 225 TRI-CITIES CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION MUSCLE SHOALS, ALABAMA Florence CAMPBELL MOTORS Ford BARNETT MOTOR CO Studebaker and Packard FOOT AUTO CO Oldsmobile— Cadillac KILLEN MOTORS Dodge— Plymouth MclNTYRE BUICK, INC Buick TOM SMITH CHEVROLET CO., INC _ Chevrolet JENKINS WYNNE MOTORS, INC Lincoln— Mercury WILCOXSON MOTORS Chrysler— Plymouth HARRISON-WHITE PONTIAC CO. Pontiac Sheffield HARDY MOTOR CO Ford MILEY BUICK COMPANY Buick HESTER CHEVROLET COMPANY Chevrolet PAUL SAYWELL Dodge— Plymouth Tuscumbia MORRIS SERVICE STATION Hudson D D MOTORS _ Ford 226 MUSCLE SHOALS THEATRES Florence, Sheffield, Tuscumbia Athens NORWOOD GRILL " Steaks, Chops, Chicken Sandwiches " 5:00 A.M. — 12:00 MIDNIGHT 1132 N. WOOD PHONE AT-2-9878 ANDERSON NEWS COMPANY Sports Headquarters for the District FLORENCE ALABAMA ABROMS " For the Lady Who Knows Clothes " FLORENCE, ALABAMA 227 rR€YnOLD i IS R€YnOLD flLuminumi Compliments of REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY LISTER HILL, ALABAMA ■ ■ ktvnoLD; Aluminum ■ R€YnOLDJ mummum 228 Always a Good Show FLORENCE ALABAMA OTTO SPEAKE " Where College Men Like to Shop " rr(rn kife " " ©dhRto » !■ THE BOOTERY I I I North Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA 229 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 57 HERMAN K. LONGSHORE _ Judge of Probate (Ex-Officio Chairman of Commissioners Court) ESTES FLYNT Tax Assessor J. EARL ROMINE Sheriff WEAVER FUQUA, JR Tax Collector CHAS. EDGAR YOUNG Circuit Court Clerk ALLEN THORNTON Superintendent of Education MARSHALL ' S BEAUTY SHOP 409 So. Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone AT-2-2662 Compliments of SLENDRETTE REDUCING SALON 209 N. Pine St. FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone AT-2-2863 Students Are Always Welcome at ST. JAMES METHODIST CHURCH 275 Sweetwater Avenue FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone AT-2-1692 Compliments of GLAD-BETH SHOPPE Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear 209 Montgomery Avenue SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Class and Feature Pictures by DAN GLENN STUDIO 230 Florence Portraits — Commercial Phone AT-2-I05I MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Alabama FLAV-O-RICH INDEPENDENT DAIRIES FISH CO., INC. Grade " A " Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk Birmingham, Alabama " Fish protein is 90 percent digestible Phone AT 2-8251 __ FLORENCE, ALABAMA and contains all the amino acids re- quired for growth and maintenance of weight. Eat sea foods for figure con- trol. " 1 PAPER Compliments of 1 CHEMICAL 1 SUPPLY CO. ROBERT ORR SHEFFIELD ALA. COMPANY Distributors of Paper Products NASHVILLE, TENN. and Sanitary Supplies i, 231 " It ' s the Total You Save That Counts " HILLS SUPER MARKET 321 North Court Street Florence, Alabama THE FLORENCE TIMES Dedicated to the Interest of the People of Muscle Shoals District EAST MOBILE STREET FLORENCE ALABAMA 0 %, Compliments of KREISMAN ' S " The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands " meu.jwTon COURT ST. FLORENCE COLA BEST BY TASTE -TEST In Bottles or Cans NEHI BOTTLING CO. ' » Phone EV-3-5342 Sheffield Compliments of TOM WATKINS ELECTRIC Good Wiring Doesn ' t Cost IT PAYS 310 N. Pine St. Phone AT-2-6741 Compliments of CITY DRUG STORE Tennessee Street Florence Alabama THE GRIFFIN CO. Florence, Alabama Sheffield, Alabama W. B. SIMMONS AND CO. Phone AT-2-0351 Florence, Alabama 232 THE SHANTY RESTAURANT We Serve BREAKFAST — LUNCH — DINNER Clubroom Available for Banquets Steaks — Seafoods — Barbecue Compliments of P. N. HIRSCH CO. Florence and Tuscumbia BROADHEAD ' S Furniture — Rugs — Appliances 208 E. TENN. ST. FLORENCE, ALA. PHONE At-2-67 1 1 Sir 1853 MILNER ' S DRUG STORE W. H. Cromwell, Prop. The Rexall Store FLORENCE. ALABAMA ZALE-ELEBASH JEWELRY CO. 106 North Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA ALABAMA OIL COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of QUALITY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Phone At-2-3523 Florence, Alabama DARBY ' S TEXACO STATION Alvin and O ' Steen Darby 402 S. Court St. PHONE At-2-6272 Florence, Alabama " THE HOME OF GRAYSTONE " Gray ' s Concrete Products Office and Plant — Union St. FLORENCE, ALABAMA TROWBRIDGES " Ice Cream and Sandwich Bar " FLORENCE SHUMAKE-POSEY " Good Furniture 122 E. Tenn. St. Priced Right " FLORENCE TOOF PRINTING AND STATIONERY CO. 216 North Court Street Florence Alabama SOUTHERN INC. Compliments of CLARK-HELLARD Insurance and Real Estate FLORENCE ALABAMA Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Court Street Florence TENNESSEE VALLEY FINANCE CO. W. L RHODES, Manager I2C 2 East Tennessee Street Florence Alabama PARIS CLEANERS " Your Cash and Carry Cleaners Conveniently Downtown " 113 W. TOMBIGBEE ST. 233 1k jph?i[Jh dtbuqftt FIATUtlNO A DRIVE -FN TELLER SHEFFIELD OFFICE FLORENCE OFFICE TUSCUMBIA OFFICE STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR 234 CORNER DRUG STORES 4 Stores FLORENCE ALABAMA COURT JEWELERS LEON GRAHAM, Manager Florence Alabama BOSTON CHRISTIAN Wholesale Produce 619 E. TENN. ST. PHONE AT-2-5861 FLORENCE TRIANGLE SODA BAR Sundries, Soda Fountain and Lunches 235 Compliments of S. D. S. ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Wholesale Only 121-125 Royal Ave. FLORENCE, ALABAMA Compliments of TIMBERLAKE HARDWARE COMPANY | Sheffield Alabama NORTH FLORENCE PHARMACY " Prescriptions as Prescribed " Phone AT-2-3771 and AT-2-3772 Florence Alabama Compliments of SOUTHERN DAIRIES, INC. DECATUR, ALA. Serving Northern Alabama With SEALTEST Ice Cream and Milk L GREEN MILL RESTAURANT Air Conditioned SHEFFIELD ALABAMA YOUNG-PITTMAN J CO., INC. 600 South Court Florence, Alabama SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY Bottlers of 7-Up. Orange Crush Grapette and Chocolate Soldier SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA PHONE Ev-3-2451 236 DrPepper PEPSI-COLA Bottlers of Pepsi-Cola and Bireley ' s Flavors PHONE Ev-3-2842 Sheffield, Alabama Compliments of FLORENCE BOWLING CENTER North Pine Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Compliments of 1 1 McCORKLE ' S FURNITURE CO. 322 North Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone At-2-2591 MEADOW GOLD DAIRY 313 North Seminary Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone At-2-4363 THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 202 South Pine Street Florence, Alabama O ' STEEN TILE MARBLE CO. 129 East Tombigbee Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone At-2- 1532 STRICKLAND LUMBER CO. Phone At-2-32 1 1 East College Street FLORENCE ALABAMA FLORENCE SEED FEED CO. Flower Seeds and Bulbs, Plant Foods, Pet Supplies, Insecticides H. S., W. S., AND H. S. JR., WIGGINS Compliments of LANDERS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Sheffield Alabama TOM CARRIGAN ' S BARBER SHOPPE Professional Barbers to Cut Hair Like You Want It 104 N. Seminary Florence, Alabama RYAN PIANO CO. 207 East Tennessee Florence Phone At-2- 1881 POOLE ' S HOUSE OF FLOWERS 3508 Jackson Hiway Between Sheffield and Florence KING-NANCE INSURANCE COMPANY 123 East Mobile FLORENCE ALABAMA PIG TRAIL DRIVE-IN Cater to Parties and Picnics FRANK AND ELMA 619 South Court Street Phone At-2-9923 Florence ] L-om-oi s IMS. Court St. Florence Phone At-2-4471 FLORENCE LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials FLORENCE, ALA. Phone At-2-0551 237 " Good Listening " " Top 50 Tunes " " News Every Hour " " Sports and Special Events " " 1450 on Your Dial " MUSCLE SHOALS, ALABAMA ALABAMA WIRE COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of METAL-MESH Insect Screening Terrace St. Phone AT-2-4271 FLORENCE ALABAMA Patronize Our Advertisers THEY BACK OUR COLLEGE 238 ere ' s to good times and good friends . . . may you always have an abundance of both BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY FLORENCE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 239 ' 57 WI5HE5 FROM THE LITHOGRAPHED BY LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS • B«« Y.-irbook» ot. TAYLOR MADE 240 DATE DUE |jM(26 tl £ - ALABAMA COLLECTION Restricted For Library Use Only F 150018 4BT

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