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k Alabama k. ,jB % " m Id 2310 .D5x 1953 [ c.2 I tp. ' fcV mimnBwffiijji Hl . H BwK H (RiJ MBBj J B rW ! 7 K Jifl 1S0015 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA 569 00266 0220 ! v . Iiv COLLIER LIBRARY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE. ALABAMA COLLIER LIBRARY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE, ALABAMA 7 1953 VivusuK y i ! 4 i rffr - " l %, - s teifs t ' pCateace State t 7eacAe f ui (?oteye Florence, Alabama Floyd Gullion, Editor Drew Dorris, Business Manager JL c itU ) 7 e y TKutcte Sk U tic i; I -oldest Southern teachers college -a record of continuous progress v5-i Mm 1 M i .1 LJL ' r r j ft l ' v " ' ' . ajc: 5 -an ei;er expanding curriculum -growing facilities and equipment -an increasing variety of extracurricular activities " . M ettv0 A A geared to today ' s needs and tomorrow ' s demands -football -basketball -baseball tennis -swimming ; i % Mr % fl Be " 1 ' - -V fal H,0,l Kct lM,fal K4,l far att ta, te and iKteie tt A i :fc L U n 1 E. B. NORTON, A.B., L.H.D., President LL.D. In the few years that Dr. Norton has been " our president, " there has come a new spirit to Florence State ' s campus. Always the democrat, never the autocrat, Dr. Norton ' s efforts have been devoted to making students and faculty a part of the planning and building of a greater college. His broad insight into educational prob- lems, his wide and varied interests, his genial manner and sense of humor, and his deep spirituality have all combined to make him one of the South ' s leading educators and public speakers and to endear him to the students of F.S.T.C. CAREY V. STABLER B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the College New to our campus, but already a vital part of its life and influence, Dr. Stabler came to us at the opening of the fall quarter from West Virginia. Since he had been a member of the FSTC faculty a few years ago, he was no stranger to our campus. The quietly effi- cient way in which he has moved toward an understanding of student and faculty problems gives high promise of success for the college program while he is Dean. MAURINE SUBLETT A.B., Ph.M. Dean of Women In Miss Sublett is found the rare combina- tion of a woman of civic and social leader- ship, a scholar and an understanding friend to the women students at Florence State. Her interests are centered on the welfare of her students and upon the obligation of the edu- cated woman to service in society. I ? acuity m R " ALLISON, MIRIAM Bookkeeper AREHART, CHESTER M. B.A., M.A. Registrar W | ' l N ' A -f FACULTY BILLINGHAM, EDMUND BOLES RALPH C. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of of Health and Mathematics Physical Education Basketball Coach A W . 4 B .A W e W 1 A i ML BURNS, MRS. MELVILLE Social Director of O ' Neal Hall CHEYNE, ARTHUR C. Lieutenant Colonel, M.P.C., B Professor of Military Scienc and Tactics CHRISTESON, WAYNE B.M., M.A., Ed.D. Professor of Music CLARK, MRS. T. E. B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of English and History COX, BARBARA A.B. Secretary, Department of Education COX, ILA B.S., M.A. Supervising Critic FACULTY CRESAP, BERNARR B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History CULMER, ORPHA ANN A.B., A.M. Professor of Mathematics DACUS, RUTH A.B., B.S. in L.S. Librarian DARBY, CHRISTINE B.S. Secretary to Registrar DAVIS, DONNETTE A.M., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education DAVIS, W. L. B.S., M.A. Director of Training School DAY, ELIZABETH B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education DEESE, COLIE L. Sergeant Instructor in ROTC w k FACULTY DENT, MABEL DICKERSON, Z. S., JR. ENGLISH, H. J. ERNST, RAYMOND J Social Director of B.S., M.A., Ph.D. A.B. Major, M.P.C., B.S. Powers Hall Professor of Assistant Treasurer Assistant Professor Business Education of Military Science and Tactics -A EVANS, EDWARD H. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History FARLEY. KLORA BELLE B.A., M.A. Supervising, Critic FLOWERS, H. A. B.S., M.A. Professor of Health and Physical Education FLOYD, H. H. B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Science FACULTY FULLER, R. C. Ph.B., M.S. Treasurer VON GEMMINGEN, MRS. SIGMUND S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology GILBERT, HILDA B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics GLASSCOCK, J. NOEL B.S., M.A. Professor of Geography ! SE GLENN, MARTHA Buildings Supervisor GLOCK, CHARLES A. Director, Audio-Visual Education HARBIN, NORMA JEAN B.S. Secretary to Director of Student Personnel HARVEY, HENRY T. A.B., MA. Assistant Professor of Biology FACULTY HAYES, MRS. PAYTON Dietician Training School HENDERSON, EDITH B.S. Secretary to Registrar HENDERSON, MILDRED B.S. Secretary to Dean HERNDON, MARY B.S., B.S. in L.S. Reference Librarian HERSHEY, ARTHUR L. A.B., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Science HODGES, JOHN MAJOR M.C.P., A.B. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics fe HUDSON, MARY W. B.S., A.M. Assistant Professor of Mathematics HUFF. FULTON A.B., M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry HUFF, MARY W. B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Home Economics FACULTY INGRAM, MRS. TOM A.B. Dietician JONES, HENRY J. B.S., M.C.S., C.P.A. Associate Professor of Business Education JONES, CATHERINE A.B. Instructor in English KELSO, DORIS B.A., M.A. Instructor in English KNIGHT, MRS. ESSIE R.N College Nurse LANCASTER, DALLAS M. B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of History LEDBETTER, VAUDINE B.S. Secretary to Registrar LENTZ, MILDRED B.S. Periodicals Librarian x FACULTY LOWRY, DOME MAY B.S., M.S. Supervising Critic McADAMS, LAURA JEAN A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Foreign Languages McCRORY, BESS Manager of College Bookstore McELHENY, W. T. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Student Personnel : McFARLAND, MRS. W. F. B.S. Social Director of Keller Hall McGEE, EARL W. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Associate Professor of History McILRATH, JANE O. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Economics McILRATH, WILLIAM J. B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology FACULTY MASTERSON, MRS. EARL MATTHEWS, HELEN MEDLEY, BERNICE MITCHELL, HILDA B.A. B.S., M.A. A.B. B.S. Instructor in Assistant Professor Secretary to Instructor in English of Physical Education Registrar Art f jfci MUSSELMAN, PAUL L. B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of History NEAL, JULIA A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English r " I OWEN, MABEL B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of English PAPAGEORGE, SOPHIA B.S., M.A. Supervising Critic 3 FACULTY PEACOCK, OTIS L. B.S., M.A. Director of Extension PEACOCK, MARY A. B.A., M.A. Secretary to President PHILP, WILLIAM A. B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education PORTER, MRS. HUGH B.S.M., B.M. Assistant Professor of Music RASCH, MRS. CHARLES B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics REEVES, OSCAR R. Sergeant ROTC Staff RICHARDSON, EVA Social Director of Willingham Hall RIDDLES, LEE H. Sergeant ROTC Staff o c FACULTY SCOTT, WILLIAM C, JR. SELF, HENRY H B.S. B.S., M.A. Instructor in Head Football Mathematics Coach SHEPARD, GLADYS A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor in English SNYDER, ERNEST E., JR. A.B., MA. Assistant Professor of Science SPARKS, PEARL Alumni Secretary STANFIELD, Z. A., JR. B.S. Instructor in Engineering Drawing STEVENS, ROY S. B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education SUTTON, MRS. WILLIAM Assistant Dietician - r-y Jw ' i Wmsmm J FACULTY TEMPLETON, JOHN M. TERRY, GEORGE W. TERRY, MRS. GEORGE THOMAS, CARLE5S c M Sergeant Superintendent of College B.S., M.S. ROTC Staff Buildings and Grounds Post Office Assistant Professor of Business Education THOMAS, GRACIE B.S. College Bookstore THOMAS, NANNIE PALL B.S., M.S. Supervising Critic TOLBERT, JAMES M. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English TROUSDALE, VERNICE B.S., M.A. Supervising Critic FACULTY TUTHILL, CORRINE B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Art VAN PELT, NELSON B. J. Instructor in Photography WAITE, WILLIAM H. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education WALKER, MURIEL Secretary to Registrar WEBBER, EMILY B.S., B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Music WEEKS, GEORGE E. B.S. Instructor in Health and Physical Edu- cation, Assistant Football Coach WEST, WALTER P. A.B., M.A. Director of News Bureau WHITE, DEUEL J. Sergeant, QM. D. ROTC Staff 5, V FACULTY WILSON, CELIA J. B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics WINN, J. N., JR. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English YOKLEY, PAUL, JR. B.S., M.A. Instructor in Biology i I fr 9( 9 ( fr faculty Z tct frtCLty at % . " - Nat . " " ' i . ri? imm r mm - . $ 4V , L3 ' - f t., St fiN ' ' ' V ' tMy ' fa, ' . ?= ' ' . : 54 : r fi SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing, left to right: Sudie Collum, Secretary; Ros Wright, Representative to Student Council; Janit Smith, Reporter. Back row: Cecil Kent, Vice President; Jimmy Cheatham, Treasurer; Jack Daniel, President. SENIORS FRED ALDRIDGE Florence, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology Provost Corps; F Club. BILLY ALEXANDER Athens, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology FTA. DOROTHY J. ALEXANDER Bear Creek, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Science PE Club; Vice President of WAA. ARMSTEAD P. ALSOBROOK Tuscumbia, Ala. A.B., Mathematics and Chemistry KME President; ACS; Provost Corps. RAYMOND L, ARMSTRONG Florence, Ala. B.A., Business Administration F Club; Provost Corps; Distinguished Military Student. LOLA B. AYERS Florence, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education and History EMOGENE BALL Section, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education YWA; WSGA; Jackson County Club; Flor-Ala Staff; Homecoming Court 52; FSTC Beauty Court 52. KENNETH V. BARNWELL Florence, Ala. B.S., Marketing and Retail Management Provost Marshal of the Provost Corps; Sigma Tau Pi; F Club; Who ' s Who. SENIORS SHERMAN BATES B.S., Elementary Education Phil Campbell, Ala. Bessemer, Ala. CHARLES BEARDEN B.S., Business Administration Student Council, Treasurer; Sigma Tau Pi; Social Committee. HAROLD R. BEASLEY Winjield, Ala. B.S., Business Administration HARTWELL M. BEASLEY Kimberly, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology PE Club; Square Dance Club; MSGA; Student Council. R. CEDRIC BEDINGFIELD Decatur, Ala. A.B., Chemistry and Biology Treasurer of ACS; Provost Corps, Executive Officer. WILLADEAN BERZETT Athens, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education JOE BAILEY BETTERTON Hartselle, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; Deputy Provost Marshal of the Provost Corps; Mr. Friendliness 52. M. AILENE BISHOP Bishop, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Chemistry FT A; College Choir; Who ' s Who; Kappa Mu Ep- silon; ACS; Rehearsal Club; FlorAla Staff; BSU; YWCA; Young Musicians Club; Diorama Staff. SENIORS NINNIE RUTH BISHOP Bishop, Ala. B.S., History and Sociology Young Musicians Club, Secretary; FTA; WSGA; College Choir; Flor-Ala Staff; Diorama Staff; BSU. DOROTHY BIVENS B.S., English and History Florence, Ala. JOHN W. BLACKWELL B.S., Physical Education PE Club; Provost Corps; F Club. Russellville, Ala. JO NELL BOBO Winjield, Ala. B.S., Home Economics Student Council; Vice President of Home Economics Club; Homecoming Court 51; YWCA; FSTC Beauty Court; WSGA Executive Board. CAROL BOGLE Trinity, Ala. B.S., English and History IRC; WSGA ViCe President; WAA; Assistant Editor Diorama 52 and 53; Student Council; YWCA Cab- inet; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary; Society Editor and Assistant Editor of Flor-Ala; Kappa Delta Pi; Miss Friendliness 52; Homecoming Court 52; Who ' s Who. CARL BOLEY Decatur, Ala. B.S., English and History F Club; Who ' s Who; MSGA; Sigma Tau Delta, Treasurer; Most Valuable Back 49. BARBARA ANNE BOLTON Florence, Ala. B.S., English and History Student Council, President; WAA; Vice President of Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; WSGA Social Chairman; Flor-Ala Staff; Who ' s Who; Organizations Editor of Diorama; Mathematics Achievement Award 50. JOANNE T. BOND Dalton, Ga. A.B., Business Education and Spanish Who ' s Who 52 and 53; ISS; Sigma Tau Pi; Social Committee; YWCA Cabinet; College Choir; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President. ' y|gfr7 SENIORS DAVID BROWN Florence, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education Band; Inter-Faith Council; Baptist Brotherhood; BSU; President; FTA. JOYCE D. BROWN B.S., Elementary Education Diorama Staff; WAA; WSGA. Haleyville, Ala. MARY E. BROWN Vernon, Ala. B.S., Business Education and Sec. Science Sigma Tau Pi; FTA; IRC. WILLIAM G. BURLESON Winfield, Ala. B.S., Biology and Mathematics Biology Club; Vice President of Kappa Mu Epsilon; Provost Corps. DONALD R. BURROUGHS Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology Provost Corps; PE Club. JAMES O. CHEATHAM Nauvoo, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Student Council, Treasurer; Sigma Tau Pi; Senior Class Treasurer; Provost Corps. WINONA M. CHILDERS B.S., Elementary Education Eva, Ala. Bangor, Ala. SUDIE F. COLLUM B.S., Business Education WSGA House Chairman; Sigma Tau Pi; President, Kappa Delta Pi; Vice President, YWCA. SENIORS NEYSA CRAIG COWAN Decatur, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education FTA; Young Musicians Club; Rehearsal Club; Col- lege Choir. BILLY CREEKMORE Russellville, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology JACK DANIEL Cherokee, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tati Pi, President; Student Council; Junior Class, Treasurer; Senior Class President. MARY P. DARBY B.S., Secondary Education Florence, Ala. NONA ELOISE DAVIS B.S., Elementary Education FTA; WSGA; YWCA. Booneville, Miss. Nashville, Tenn. ANNIS MAXINE DEKICH B.S., Biology and Chemistry Biology Club, President; ACS; IRC; WSGA House Chairman; Skull and Bones; Inter-Faith Council. CARRIE DILLARD Phil Campbell, Ala. B.S., History and Sociology YWCA; WAA. DORTHA D. DILLARD Winjield, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; Homecoming Court 52. SENIORS DREW DORRIS Aliceville, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Student Council; Business Club; Provost Corps; Diorama Staff, Business Manager. EDDIE DRANE B.S., Business Administration IRC; Business Club. Moulton, Ala. WYNELLE DUKE Steppville, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education BSU Executive Council; FTA, Reporter; YWCA; WSGA; YWA; Flor-Ala Staff. MAX EARWOOD Florence, Ala. B.S., Biology and Physical Education F Club; PE Club. JAMES M. EASTER, JR. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; Provost Corps. Athens, Ala. ROBERT FRANK ELKIN Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Physical Science BILLY JOE ENCLAND B.S., Mathematics Biology Club; Provost Corps. MARGARET ANN FL1PPEN B.S., Home Economics Mary Willis Huff Club; WSCA; Economics Club, Reporter. Florence, Ala. Russellville, Ala. YWCA; Home SPENCER L. GLASGOW Belgreen, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Chemistry JAMES EDMAN GLASS Haleyville, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology F Club, Football; PE Club. EMMA K. GOODE B.S., Secondary Education YWCA; FTA; ISS. Shejjield, Ala. DEAN GOODLET B.S., Physical Education Cullman, Ala. P. E. Club, Reporter; WAA; FTA; Sportswoman 53. JACK N. FORSYTHE Iron City, Tenn. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi, Treasurer; Flor-Ala, Business Man- ager. ELMER FOWLER Red Bay, Ala. B.S, Elementary Education BSU Baptist Brotherhood; FTA; Inter-Faith Council. THOMAS A. FRANKS B.S., History. Russellville, Ala. CHARLES W. GARDINER Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Business Education FTA; Sigma Tau Pi; Diorama Staff; Provost Corps, Adjutant. SENIORS J. W. GOODWIN Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology MILDRED ANNE GRAY Florence, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Chemistry. FTA; ACS, Secretary; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secretary- Treasurer; Band; Flor-Ala Staff; Diorama Staff. LYMAN GREENE Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology Science Club. NADINE GREEN B.S., Social Science and Biology WSGA, Treasurer; YMCA. Wheeler, Ala. PEGGY GREENE B.S., Home Economics Tuscumbia, Ala. Lexington, Ala. JAMES DONALD GRIFFIN A.B., Chemistry and Biology ACS, Vice President; Skull and Bones, President; ISS ; Provost Corps. FLOYD T. GULLION Hartselle, Ala. B.S., Biology and English Diorama, Editor S3; Sigma Tau Delta, President; IRC, Vice President; Biology Club, Secretary; FlorAla Staff; Kappa Delta Pi; FTA; Who ' s Who; Provost Corps. ADINA JOY HAMLET Tuscumbia, Ala. B.A., English, French, and History ISS; Glee Club; YWCA; Rehearsal Club. JACKIE NELDA HANKINS B.S., Elementary Education FTA, Treasurer; YWCA. WALTER E. HARRIS B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi. Sulligent, Ala. Moulton, Ala. ANNE HENDERSON B.S., Elementary Education FTA. JANE HIGGINBOTHAM B.S., Elementary Education FTA; WSGA; YWCA. Florence, Ala. Scottsboro, Ala. WILEY T. HIGGIN, JR. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. B.A., Chemistry, Biology, and German ACS; Flor-Ala Staff; Skull and Bones, Secretary and Treasurer; ISS; MSGA; Wesley Foundation: Social Committee; Provost Corps; Mr. F.S.T.C. 53. B. PATRICK HILL Fountain Circle, Tenn. A.B., History and English IRC; Rehearsal Club; Baptist Brotherhood; Provost Corps. JAMES R. HODGES Fairfield, Ala. B.S., Physical Education F Club, Football; PE Club, President; Provost Corps. JERDA MARIE HOLDER B.S., History and Sociology Huntsville, Ala. SENIORS CALDWELL HOLLINGSWORTH Glen Allen, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology F Club, Football; PE Club; MSGA, President; Mr. Friendliness 51 ; Provost Corps, Executive Council. JOHN A. W. HOST B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi. Florence, Ala. MRS. REBEL HOWELL B.S., Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi. THOMAS A. HOWELL B.S., Biology and Chemistry Science Club. Moulton, Ala. Hackleburg, Ala. GLADYS E. HUFFMAN Florence, Ala. A.B., Spanish and History Flor-Ala Staff; YWCA; ISS; IRC; Choir, Reporter; Business Club; FTA; Rehearsal Club; Town Stu- dents, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer. RAYMOND 1SBELL Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Chemistry ACS; Provost Corps. FLOYD IVIE B.S., History and Geography. DOROTHY JANE JACOBSON A.B., Spanish and History Carbon Hill, Ala. Sarasota, Fla. SENIORS DORIS M. JAMES Florence, Ala. B.S., English and Social Science Glee Club; YWCA. JEAN JOLLY Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education ROTC, Sponsor; Miss FSTC; Homecoming Court; Miss FSTC Court; Flor-Ala Staff; Diorama Staff. MARY MAGDALENE JONES Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Business Administration and Music. Flor-Ala, Editor; Young Musicians Club, Vice President; FT A, Reporter; Diorama Staff; Student Council; YWCA; Sigma Tau Pi; Choir, Soloist, Reporter; Rehearsal Club, LUCIAN KENDRICK Carbon Hill, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Science CECIL D. KENT Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; Senior Class, Vice President; Provost Corps. AVIS M. KEY B.S., Elementary Education FTA; YWCA; BSU; WSGA. Arley, Ala. JAMES E. KIMBROUGH B.S., History K. MAVOLINE KING B.S., History and Sociology WSGA. Huntsvitle, Ala. Detroit, Ala. SENIORS PERCY MADDING KING, JR. Leighton, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi, Reporter; Wesley Foundation; Pro- vost Corps. MADGE HOLT LANDERS B.S., Elementary Education Florence, Ala. IRA LUCILLE LOGAN B.S., Elementary Education Moulton, Ala. Tuscumbia, Ala. BETTY JEAN McBRIDE B.S., Biology and Chemistry ACS; ISS, Vice President; Skull and Bones, Presi- dent; Biology Club, Reporter. MARLENE McBRIDE Decatur, Ala. B.S., History and Sociology Diorama Staff, Circulation Manager; Homecoming Court; FTA; Inter-Faith Council. EUGENE McMEANS B.S., Physical Education PE Club; Science Club; Choir. Lexington, Ala. MARY RUTH MALONE Cherokee, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education YWCA; YWA; BSU; Flor-Ala Staff; Diorama Staff; Choir. ROBERT MANASCO Carbon Hill, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Chemistry Provost Corps. SENIORS JEWEL ELIZABETH MANN Biology and Chemistry ACS; Biology Club. LINNIE DEAN MARTIN B.S., Elementary Education Detroit, Ala. Mt. Hope, Ala. DONALD EUGENE MARVIN Vina, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education Provost Corps. RUTH MASHBURN Birmingham, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education BSU; YWCA. ROY P. MICHAEL Lexington, Ala. B.S., Chemistry and Biology Provost Corps. DOROTHY E. MILLER Thrasher, Miss. B.S., Elementary Education FTA Librarian; IRC; WSGA; WAA. WILLIAM MILLICAN B.S., Biology and Geography Science Club; Provost Corps. BETTY JEAN MITCHELL B.S., Elementary Education FTA; YWCA. Sulligent, Ala. Rogersville, Ala. SENIORS JAMES E. MITCHELL B.S., History and English MSGA. Toney, Ala. WILLIAM JAMES MOODY Tuscumbia, Ala. B.A., Biology and Chemistry ACS, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer; Skull and Bones Club; ISS Treasurer; Biology Club; Student Council; Provost Corps. DORIS JEAN MULLINS Guin, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education and Music BSU; YWCA; WSGA; Choir, Vice President; Young Musicians Club. CECIL CAROLYN MURPHY Florence, Ala. B.S., Home Economics Home Economics Club, Treasurer; YWCA Choir. HAROLD DOUGLAS MURPHY B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi. Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. MARY ELIZABETH MURPHY B.S., English and History FTA, Vice President; YWCA, President; Choir. PEGGY McKAY MURPHY Florence, Ala. B.S., Home Economics Home Economics Club, President. FAYE CHRISTINE MYERS RossvUU, Go. B.S., Physical Education and Biology PE Club; WAA; Glee Club; YWCA, Social Chair- man; Square Dance Club, Vice President. JOANNE PATTERSON B.S., Elementary Education IRC; FTA, Secretary; YWCA. Hazel Green, Ala. Red Bay, Ala. WILLIAM E. PATTERSON B.S., Secondary Education Provost Corps; Treasurer of the Town Students ' Organization. EVERETTE M. PIERCE Somerville, Ala. B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics ACS. MARY HARRIET PLYLER Guin, Ala. B.S., Home Economics WSGA, President; Home Economics Club; YWCA. SENIORS DAVID LANIER NEYMAN Sheffield, Ala. B.S., English, History, and Political Science Flo r-Ala Staff; Cheerleader; F Club; Glee Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Rehearsal Club. WILLIAM H. PACE, JR. B.S., Business Administration Provost Corps; Sigma Tau Pi. Sheffield, Ala. THOMAS A. PARRISH Florence, Ala. B.S., Music Education Band, President; College Choir; Director and Man- ager of the Starlighters. MAX PALMER Hodges, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology SENIORS CRESTON L. PORTER Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biology JESSE D. PORTER B.S., History Lawrenceburg, Tenn. JOHN W. PRU1TT Cullman, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi. HERBERT LEE RABURN , Hamilton, Ala. B.S., Business Administration MSGA, Vice President; Sigma Tau Pi, President. H. EUGENE RATLIFF Decatur, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; F Club. REBA R. REAL Detroit, Ala. B.S., History and Sociology WSGA. ZORA ROBERTS B.S., Elementary Education RICHARD T. ROBERTSON B.S., Buninms Administration Florence, Ala. Cypress Inn, Tenn. SENIORS EUGENE ROLLINS Hamilton, Ala. B.S., Business Administration BSU; Baptist Brotherhood; Tennis Team; Sigma Tau Pi. DOT SANDLIN B.S., Elementary Education WSGA Executive Board; FTA. Hatton, Ala. VIRGINIA SELLERS Dora, Ala. B.S., History and Biology Homecoming Queen ; YWCA. DORIS O. SHELTON Moulton, Ala. B.S., History and Mathematics Choir; Band; Diorama Staff; YWCA. GLENDA SHERER Jasper, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Geography Student Council; WSGA; F lor- Ala Staff; WAA; YWCA; FTA. NOLAN SHERRILL Phil Campbell, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Science F Club, Football; PE Club; Provost Corps. CELIA IRENE SHORT B.S., Elementary Education FTA; Flor-Ala Staff; BSU. PEGGY SUE SIMS B.S., Elementary Education YWCA. Hueytown, Ala. Cullman, Ala. SENIORS JAMS SMITH Scottsboro, Ala. A.B., Chemistry, English, and German Rehearsal Club; WAA, President; Diorama Staff; Flor-Ala Staff; Senior Class Reporter; ACS; Vice President. RACHEL SPECK B.S., History Band. Russelhille, Ala. PEGGY SUE SPRINGER B.S., Elementary Education FTA; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. Lexington, Ala. THEARON C. STANLEY Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Business Administration HELEN STOUT Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education YWCA; Junior Class Vice President. JOHNNIE RUTH STOVALL Carbon Hill, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Physical Science Student Council, Secretary; FTA; ACS; Glee Club. BUNNY STROCK Tuscumbia, Ala. B.A., French, History, and Spanish ISS; Rehearsal Club; YWCA; Flor-Ala Staff. BETTY TERRY B.S., Home Economics Home Economics Club. Town Creek, Ala. BETTY SUE WALDEN Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Home Economics Flor-Ala Staff; YWCA Cabinet; Home Ec Club; FTA. DOROTHY J. WALDEN B.S., Elementary Education Secretary of YWA; BSU. America, Ala. BRACK WALKER Arley, Ala. A.B., English Diorama Staff; Flor-Ala Staff; Rehearsal Club; Provost Corps. SUSAN S. WALSTON B.S., Home Economics YWCA; Home Ec Club. Florence, Ala. SENIORS LEONARD BAILEY TERRY Hillsboro, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; Provost Corps, Adjutant. MILTON A. THOMAS Leighton, Ala. B.S., Biology and Chemistry Vice President of Biology Club; Flor-Ala Staff. RAYMOND H. VERNON B.S., Physical Education F Club; PE Club. Florence, Ala. OLEN L. WAKEFIELD Double Springs, Ala. B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon. SENIORS FRANK WATTS Cordova, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education WILLIAM E. WATTS Florence, Ala. B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics F Club, Vice President; Kappa Mu Epsilon. KENNETH R. WEEMS B.S., History and Biology IRC. HARVEY D. WELBORN B.S., Elementary Education FTA. Town Creek, Ala. Phil Campbell, Ala. HORACE WELLS Florence, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Physical Science FTA; BSU; FlorAla Staff. MARGUERITE WHEELER Scottsboro, Ala. B.S., Business Education Student Council; Sigma Tau Pi; Young Musicians Club; YWCA. ALMA ELIZABETH WHITAKER Section, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education Science Club; Jackson County Club. AUDREY WILLIAMS Hollywood, Ala. B.S., English and Sec. Science Sigma Tau Pi; FTA; YWCA. V SENIORS THOMAS WILLIAMS Birmingham, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Science Rehearsal Club; Flor-Ala Staff, Sports Editor; KME. KATHLEEN WILSON Gain, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education YWCA; BSU; FTA. Iron City, Tenn. ORLIE E. WILSON B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi. BETTY WILSON WOOD Hackleburg, Ala. B.S., English Rehearsal Club; Alpha Psi Omega. FAYE WOOLDRIDGE Hackleburg, Ala. B.S., Biology and History FTA; WAA; YWCA; WSGA; Executive Board. JAMES ROSS WRIGHT Athens, Ala. B.S., Biology Diorama Staff, Editor 52; Science Club, Secretary; MSGA, Secretary; Student Council; Junior Class Vice President; Senior Class Vice President. MARGIE FRANCIS WRIGHT Dora, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education YWCA; FTA; Choir; WSGA. LORENA PARKER YARBROUGH Hamilton, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education i v yr - s ! I - ft JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing, left to right: Vivian Foster, Secretary; Charles Kennedy, Representative to Student Council; Martha Brandon, Treasurer; Ben Stutts, President; Helen Stout, Vice President. JUNIORS MARY E. ALDRIDGE Cordova, Alabama ANN BOWEN Brilliant, Alabama DONALEE BOYETT Moulton, Alabama MARTHA BRANDON Florence, Alabama JAMES BURGESS Win field, Alabama BILLY J. BURNHAM Birmingham, Alabama EMILY BURNUM Decatur, Alabama RUSSELL CAINE Moulton, Alabama GEORGE CALICH Fairmont, West Va. HILDA CAMP Anderson, Alabama JUDITH CORRY Oakman, Alabama JOHN CURTIS Haleyville, Alabama JUNIORS MARY DAHLKE Cullman, Alabama GEORGE DAVIS New Market, Alabama ROBERT DUNNAVANT Florence, Alabama MONA DYAR Gain, Alabama GEORGE ELLIS Florence, Alabama WADE FLOYD Winjield, Alabama VIVIAN FOSTER Florence, Alabama REBA FREEMAN Phil Campbell, Alabama ROY GAISSER Florence, Alabama RALPH GARNER Barton, Alabama DUNCAN GRAY Florence, Alabama ILA JEAN GROSS Scottsboro, Alabama JUNIORS LEASLE HALBROOKS Hartselle, Alabama TROY HAMNER Killen, Alabama SPURGEON HAMPTON Double Springs, Alabama JAMES HEMBREE Section, Alabama HARLON HILL, JR. Rogersville, Alabama MARGARET HILTON Haleyville, Alabama MARY RUTH HOLT Lutts, Tennessee REX HOLT Cloverdale, Alabama CLINTELL HOWARD Toney, Alabama WILLIAM HUDSON Jasper, Alabama MARY RUTH JACKSON Russellville, Alabama ROBERT JACKSON Moulton, Alabama JUNIORS MARY DAHLKE Cullman, Alabama GEORGE DAVIS New Market, Alabama ROBERT DUNNAVANT Florence, Alabama MONA DYAR Guin, Alabama GEORGE ELLIS Florence, Alabama WADE FLOYD Winjield, Alabama VIVIAN FOSTER Florence, Alabama REBA FREEMAN Phil Campbell, Alabama ROY GAISSER Florence, Alabama RALPH GARNER Barton, Alabama DUNCAN GRAY Florence, Alabama ILA JEAN GROSS Scottsboro, Alabama JUNIORS LEASLE HALBROOKS Hartselle, Alabama TROY HAMNER Killen, Alabama SPURGEON HAMPTON Double Springs, Alabama JAMES HEMBREE Section, Alabama HARLON HILL, JR. Rogersville, Alabama MARGARET HILTON Haleyville, Alabama MARY RUTH HOLT Lutts, Tennessee REX HOLT Cloverdale, Alabama CLINTELL HOWARD Toney, Alabama WILLIAM HUDSON Jasper, Alabama MARY RUTH JACKSON Russellville, Alabama ROBERT JACKSON Moulton, Alabama JUNIORS JAMES JOHNSON Florence, Alabama W. R. JOHNSON New Market, Alabama EVELYN KAYLOR New Market, Alabama ALFRED KENDRICK Carbon Hill, Alabama CHARLES KENNEDY Loclchart, Alabama ALBERTA KENT Loretto, Tennessee ROBERT KILGORE Huntsville, Alabama DEVON LANDERS Town Creek, Alabama JESSE LANSDELL Decatur, Alabama EUGENE LONG Huntsville, Alabama BILLY 0. MARTIN Tuscumbia, Alabama MAYME McALISTER Russellville, Alabama JUNIORS BILLIE SUE McALPINE Parrish, Alabama BARBARA McDANIELS Arab, Alabama JANICE MILLICAN Sulligent, Alabama BETTY MITCHELL Talledega, Alabama JOHN MOSELEY Florence, Alabama JIMMY NAISH Siluria, Alabama JEAN NARRAMORE Cordova, Alabama ROBERT L. NERREN Miami, Florida MARY ANN NeSMITH Hatton, Alabama DOROTHY SUE NICHOLS Sulligent, Alabama TRAVIS PARKER Moulton, Alabama JOHN L. PITTMAN Hollywood, Alabama JUNIORS MARTHA PUGH Lester, Alabama JANE REDING Courtland, Alabama DOUGLAS RHODES Memphis, Tennessee WILLIAMS RICHIE Addison, Alabama MARILYN ROBERTS Pulaski, Tennessee DANNIE ROGERS Danville, Alabama JEAN SCOTT Florence, Alabama BUDDY SHORT Cordova, Alabama B1LLIE SIDES Parrish, Alabama PEGGY SMITH Moulton, Alabama GRADY SOCKWELL Florence, Alabama MARGARET STEWART Hazel Green, Alabama JUNIORS VERGIE STIDHAM Joppa, Alabama JAMES STOKES Mt. Hope, Alabama FRANK STONE Florence, Alabama ANN STREIT Leighton, Alabama BEN STUTTS Cherokee, Alabama DELLA TAYLOR Florence, Alabama BRYCE T1DMORE Arab, Alabama DARTHON WELLS Florence, Alabama THOMAS W. WILLIAMS Birmingham, Alabama AARON WILSON Florence, Alabama WALTER WILSON Birmingham, Alabama JOYCE VANN Huntsville, Alabama J SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Standing, left to right: Harold Fikes, Representative to Student Council; Alice Almon, Secretary- Treasurer; A. C. Rolen, President; Bobby Hodges, Vice President. SOPHOMORES PHILIP AKINS Goodsprings, Alabama ALICE ALMON Moulton, Alabama JOHN ANDERSON Athens, Alabama MADELLE ASHWANDER Hanceville, Alabama MARCIE BALCH Lexington, Alabama CLOYD BEASLEY Florence, Alabama FRANCES BECK Town Creek, Alabama LILA BENSON New Market, Alabama MARY ANNE BERRY Hartselle, Alabama HELEN BEVIS Florence, Alabama DORIS BLACKBURN Florence, Alabama AMANDA BLAIR Laivrenceburg, Tennessee CAROLE BLAND Florence, Alabama JAMES BRACKIN Town Creek, Alabama BILLY BRADFORD Town Creek, Alabama SOPHOMORES EDWARD BRIDGES Athens, Alabama VIOLET BROWN Anderson, Alabama ELAINE BRYANT Lawrenceburg, Tennessee BARBARA BURLESON Winjield, Alabama JOYCE BURLESON Hamilton, Alabama REBEKAH CABLE Haleyville, Alabama BILLY CAINE Moulton, Alabama MARGUERITE CAMMACK Moulton, Alabama HELEN CARDEN Huntsville, Alabama EDWARD CARTER Florence, Alabama JOAN CARTER Russellville, Alabama WELTON CARTER Cordova, Alabama RAY CHILDERS Russellville, Alabama ALMA COCHRAN Hackleburg, Alabama PATSY COOK Haleyville, Alabama LUCIA FA YE COOPER Hartselle, Alabama JOE COUNTS Mount Hope, Alabama KATHARINE CRAIG Russellville, Alabama CONNIE CREEL Florence, Alabama SARAH CULVER Leighton, Alabama NEAL DAVIS Cloverdale, Alabama SOPHOMORES ELBERT DEASON America, Alabama HELEN DISON Rogersville, Alabama MARJORIE DOBSON Florence, Alabama CARL EVANS Woodville, Alabama JIMMIE EVANS Russellville, Alabama EUGENE FARLEY Moulton, Alabama JOE FARRIS Carbon Hill, Alabama HAROLD FIKES Hamilton, Alabama BETTY FREMEAN Phil Campbell, Alabama SOPHOMORES MARGARET FROST Florence, Alabama ELSIE GAINES Decatur, Alabama PATRICIA GALLAHER Collinwood, Tennessee CONNIE GARNER Lexington, Alabama W. GILLESPIE, JR. Moulton, Alabama CHARLES GOOCH Florence, Alabama RAMONA GOTCHER Sheffield, Alabama FRANKLIN GRAY Harvest, Alabama JOHN GRAY Jasper, Alabama JANE HAGGARD Tupelo, Mississippi DAVID HALL Woodville, Alabama MARY JANE HALL Sheffield, Alabama CLYDE HAMPTON Hear Creek, Alabama JAMES HANCOCK Bear Creek, Alabama IVA JEWELL HARBOR Florence, Alabama SOPHOMORES BENNY HARRIS Leighton, Alabama BYNE HARRIS Hillsboro, Alabama EDWARD HARVEY Decatur, Alabama PEGGY HERRON Jasper, Alabama AUSTIN HICKS Athens, Alabama MARGARET HIGHTOWER Harvest, Alabama BETTY HILLMAN Florence, Alabama BOBBY HODGES Woodville, Alabama JAMES HOLLAND Russellville, Alabama DORIS HOLLIDAY Danville, Alabama RUBY NELL HOLT Florence, Alabama JOE HOWELL Hartselle, Alabama HOWARD HUMPHERY Trenton, Alabama JAMES HURST Moulton, Alabama DOLORES HOVATER Russellville, Alabama SOPHOMORES GEORGE INGRAM Florence, Alabama NELDA SUE JONES Hanceville, Alabama SALLIE JONES Florence, Alabama CHARLES KAYLOR New Market, Alabama NORMAN KELLEY Jasper, Alabama ROBERT KEPHART Florence, Alabama DORIS LANEY Pisgah, Alabama PATSY LANIER Savannah, Tennessee HOUSTON LAWRENCE Hartselle, Alabama BARBARA LEIGH Moutton, Alabama JIMMY LIVINGSTON Florence, Alabama SIDNEY LOVELADY Scotlsboro, Alabama dewey McAllister Stevenson, Alabama doris Mcdonald Eva, Alabama SOPHOMORES william Mcdonald If infield, Alabama LAWRENCE McGREGOR Landersville, Alabama ROBERT McINTYRE Huntsville, Alabama SARA LOU McWILLIAMS Cherokee, Alabama DEAN MARTIN Haleyville, Alabama BOBBY MITCHELL Lexington, Alabama BROWN MITCHELL Florence, Alabama RAUNEY MITCHELL Tuscumbia, Alabama WILLIAM MITCHELL Florence, Alabama JEAN MORRIS Laceys Springs, Alabama ANN MORRISON Florence, Alabama EDWARD MOODY Scottsboro, Alabama SARAH MOSHER Sheffield, Alabama MARY MYHAN Leighton, Alabama DOROTHY NORRIS Florence, Alabama SOPHOMORES RALPH PARMER Hamilton, Alabama WESLEY PARKER Florence, Alabama HAL PAYNE Falkville, Alabama TOMMY PHILLIPS Moulton, Alabama CAMILLA POSEY Cherokee, Alabama JANE PORTER Lexington, Alabama RICHARD PRESTAGE Florence, Alabama JIMMY RATLIFF Decatur, Alabama THOMAS RICHARDSON Tuscumbia, Alabama JAMES RODEN Dorsey, Mississippi ELLA ROGERS Sheffield, Alabama KELSIE ROGERS Florence, Alabama A. C. ROLEN Lawrenceburg, Tennessee ALTON ROMINE Rogersville, Alabama C. E. SANDERS Trenton, Alabama IOPHOMORES JESSE SANFORD Goodsprings, Alabama PHILLIP SCOGGIN Lawrenceburg, Tennessee VIRGINIA SELF Toney, Alabama ILAVEE SHORT Hueytown, Alabama JIM SIBLEY Athens, Alabama JERRY SIMMONS Nauvoo, Alabama BETTY SIMS Florence, Alabama IDA SMITH Russellville, Alabama JOHN D. SMITH Harvest, Alabama MAUDENE SMITH Phil Campbell, Alabama SANDRA SPRINGER Florence, Alabama LOUISE STIVENER Townley, Alabama SOPHOMORES W. L. STUTTS Cherokee, Alabama CLOVIS TAYLOR Cherokee, Alabama JIMMY TILLEY Orangeburg, South Carolina CHARLES TURNER Athens, Alabama MARILEE TURPIN Killen, Alabama BETSEY UNDERWOOD Tuscumbia, Alabama MARY UNDERWOOD Tuscumbia, Alabama PAUL VAN MARTER Florence, Alabama ROBERT A. WAILES Courtland, Alabama JANET WALKER New Market, Alabama ERNEST WANN Florence, Alabama JIMMY WEEKS If infield, Alabama JOHN WEST Haleyville, Alabama DORLA WHITEHEAD Waynesboro, Tennessee BETTY WHITT Ardmore, Tennessee E SOPHOMORE JOANN WILLIAMS Jasper, Alabama PAUL WYLIE Cordova, Alabama MARY YEAGER Leoma, Tennessee BETTY JO TUNE Sheffield, Alabama SPECIALS JUDITH S. AYRE Sheffield, Alabama ARANETTE BRADLEY Cullman, Alabama DALTON BROUSSARD Tuscumbia, Alabama JAMES BROWN Florence, Alabama MARTIN COUNTESS Florence, Alabama VERNA COUNTS Landersville, Alabama ROSE ERNST Florence, Alabama RAY GRISSOM Florence, Alabama DOROTHY HANKINS Florence, Alabama v- 3. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Alfred Brann. President; Josephine Willis, Vice President; Robert Frrnrh, Reporter; Don Pickens, Secretary -Treasurer; Don Sholts, Representative to Student Council. attie Absher Iteppville, Ala. Faye Alexander Bankston, Ala. FRESHMEN Phillip Anderson Florence, Ala. Edgar Avery Townley, Ala. Lois Baker New Market, Ala. Jerry Balentine Florence, Ala. MHM Imogene Barnett Rogersville, Ala. Benton Ball Athens, Ala. Betty Banks Oakman, Ala. Gene Barksdale Vina, Ala. Martha Barnett Florence, Ala. Robert Beck Tuscumbia, Ala. Sherry Belew Rogersville, Ala. William Barksdale Athens, Ala. Donnie Bevis Florence, Ala. John Bostick if infield, Ala. FRESHMEN Wilda Bynum Town Creek, Ala. J .- Canrrday Florence, Ala. Nancy Casey Florence, Ala. Shirley Cheyne Florence, Ala. Joyce Christian Halton, Ala. FRESHMEN Luther Danner Covington, Ky. Tom Darnell Huntsville, Ala. Syble Davis Hamilton, Ala. Helen Dawson Decatur, Ala. Elizabeth Day Huntsville, Ala. Faye Dillard Winjield, Ala. Johnnie Dodson Florence, Ala. Gerald Doran New Hope, Ala. Jerry Duke Florence, Ala. David Easter Athens, Ala. FRESHMEN Jim Edwards Cullman, Ala. Linda Edwards Lacey Springs, Ala Marie Ellis Waterloo, Ala. Benjamin Etheredge Town Creek, Ala. Charlotte Evans Falkville, Ala. Miry Ann Gentry Scottsboro, Ala. Irene Class Haleyville, Ala. Martha Clenn Corinth, Miss. Elizabeth Coggans Hamilton, Ala. William Goings New Carlisle, Ohio Marvin Golden Cartersville, Ala FRESHMEN Max Gordon Moulton, Ala. Samuel Graham Courtland, Ala. Holland Greer Killen, Ala. Bobby Grissom Russellville, Ala. Imogean Guthrie Parrish. Ala. Larry Gram Medway, Ohio Daniel Hall Athens, Ala. Imogene Green Florence, Ala. Ovida Hallmark Belmont, Miss. John Harling Haleyville, Ala. Dixie Harris Florence, Ala. Thelma Henson Florence, Ala. Betty Herring Phil Campbell, Ala. Eural Hester Belgreen, Ala. FRESHMEN Sue Holmes Cullman, Ala. Uless Jarnigan Bel green, Ala. Wyvonne, Holmes Cullman, Ala. Betty Howell Vinemont, Ala. Peggy Jessup Florence, Ala. Charles Johnson West Point, Tenn. Nolan Humphries Florence, Ala. Charlotte Johnson Sheffield, Ala. George Hyslip Prescott, Ariz. John Johnson Athens, Ala. Mary Johnson Brlgreen, Ala. Johnny Jones Hueylown, Ala. Peggy Jones Florence, Ala. Paula Kelly Sheffield, Ala. Willis Latham Huntstille, Ala. FRESHMEN Betty McCullock Russellville, Ala. Mary Lee Lindley Brilliant, Ala. Shirley McDaniel Corinth, Miss. Dorothy McWilliams Cherokee, Ala. Joe Magnusson Decatur, Ala. Shirley Linville Iron City, Tenn. Laura McAnnally Garden City, Ala. Dorothy McDonald Florence, Ala. Jesse McGaha Gorgas, Ala. James Manasco Carbon Hill, Ala. James Mangino Russellville, Ala. Rheta McCrory Florence, Ala. Helen McKinney Belmont, Miss. Dee Melson Moulton, Ala. William Melton Florence, Ala. Ima Jean Michael Lexington, Ala. Bob Minor Moulton, Ala. Joe Miles Winjield, Ala. Dorothy Mize Double Springs, Ala. FRESHMEN Zark Perry Driatur, Ala Jean Porter Kenntdy, Ala. (Gloria Powell Florence, Ala. Nancy Price Cullman, Ala. Pat Purnell Tuscumbia, Ala. FRESHMEN v v Betty Randle Florence, Ala. Alta Rankin Sheffield, Ala. Gene Rayfield Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Jane Remke Lawrenceburg, Tenn. June Robertson Athens, Ala. b Tfc Clark Rountree Decatur, Ala. Ennes Roper Decatur, Ala. Jim Schildknecht New Carlisle, Ohio George Simms Huntsville, Ala. Dean Simpson Berry, Ala. Lucile Sims Phil Campbell, Ala. Zora Nell Sims Berry, Ala. Patsy Smith Russellville, Ala. Betty Sneed Russellville, Ala Dot Sneed Tuscumbia, Ala Thelma Snow Florence, Ala. Margaret Sockwell Sheffield, Ala. Robert Solley Haleyville, Ala. FRESHMEN Kermit Southern Haleyville, Ala. Daniel Sparks Russellville, Ala. Robert Stanley Tuscumbia, Ala. Freida Steele Phil Campbell, Ala. Everett Stidger Lacey Springs, Ala. Donald Stovall Carbon Hill, Ala. Oscar Strickland Spruce Pine, Ala. Gracie Swartz Bankston, Ala. Jeanette Stewart Glen Allen, Ala. James Taylor Huntsville, Ala. Myra Tessener Tuscumbia, Ala. James Thomas Arab, Ala. Jack Thompson Florence, Ala. James Thompson Florence, Ala. William Thompson Florence, Ala. Mary Thranher Florence, Ala. Frances Thrradgill Sheljield, Ala. Wayne Tuggle Graysvillt, Ala. John Underwood Florence, Ala. Lillie Vanderver Quintan, Ala. FRESHMEN Burnwell Wilbanks Huntsville, Ala. Carol Wilkinson Florence, Ala. Faye Williams Rogersville, Ala. Josephine Willis Cloverdale, Ala. Betty Wilson Falkville, Ala. m Billy Woodard Moulton, Ala. Granville Woodruff Russellville, Ala. Frances Wooldridge Hackleburg, Ala. Grady Yeiser Florence, Ala. Robert Young Russellville, Ala. COLLIER LIBRARY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE. ALABAMA flfe. 7-5- 7- wifey higgins 0% ml Wi I mary jane hall j beauty court I mary ann oaks beauty court WBfetiCfcourl i omogene ball beam V court -1 4 jo nell bobo beauty court i I Johnnie ruth storall beauty court rebekah cdule omecoming mary jane Kail homecoming court emogene ball homecoming conn ortha dillard homecoming court bogle homecoming couri imm ' m, WBsBt w vivian foster homecomin, ? martha barnett company a sponsor norma sue wneeier company b sponsor w pat purnell company c sponsor frances threadgill company d sponsor t i v I LITARY POLICE CORPS 5TTE TEACHERS COUiCE mary ruth jackson band sponsor mm i k d miss friendliness ne whitt Harold fikes Who ' s Who in American Elise Threadgill, Betty Jean McBride, Carol Bogle, Barbara Bolton, Sam Hardy, Gladys Huffman, Tom Williams. Universities and Colleges Jo Nell Bobo, Mary Harriet Plyler, Vivian Foster, Ailene Bishop, Carl Boley, Sudie Collum, Floyd Gullion. Not pictured: Kenneth V. Barnwell, Joanne Bond. Turris Fidelis Named in honor of the picturesque " faithful towers of Wesleyan Hall, " this highest honor that the student body can confer upon fel- low students is awarded to not more than two graduates at each commencement for high scholar- ship and laudable service to the college. HELEN FRENCH and CLYDE CROW ANDERSON receive Turris Fidelis from acting dean Otis L. Peacock. (May, 1952) BRANDON SPARKMAN (August, 1952) Keller Key Given to the student at each grad- uation who has the highest schol- astic average. JOE BEUMER (May, 1952) DOROTHY JEFFREYS CROSS (August, 1952) new but why dwell on it? M ' " I Work 4 k v -- adP a kS e iel! M T f the red rug ' s out " f It ' s Homecoming at Florence State cultural outlets i V 1 ' i A JEfe i B i J a ' jgl, J a year of change politically 2 V. and otherwise new hairdos m i new colonel new clinic STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS JIMMY CHEATHAM Treasurer J. D. CLANTON-Kice President JOHNNIE RUTH STOVALL-Secr try JIMMY SPEAKE President STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of the STUDENT COUNCIL is to act as a clearing house for problems affecting the social welfare of the students, and to unify the student activities in the college. The membership of the council consists of representatives from the dormi- tories, classes and the non-boarding students. MEMBERS Seated: Joe Farris, Betty Jane Whitt, Harold Fikes, Pat Hardin, Ross Wright. Standing: Charles Kennedy, Barbara Bolton, Sue Jones, Don Shotts, Jack Daniel, Marguerite Wheeler, Russell Caine, Dr W. T. McElheny, Faculty Advisor. kim DIORAMA FLOYD T. GUILLION Editor Below ROBERT WAILES, JR. Classes BETTY WHITT Circulation Manager DAVID HALL Sports MARCIE BALCH Faculty Editor BETTY BLACKBURN Typist DORIS LANEY Features Not pictured JAMES A. HODGES Sports Editor RONNIE MITCHELL Artist BARBARA BURLESON Typist NINNIE RUTH BISHOP Typist STAFF DREW B. DORRIS, Jr. Business Manager Below HERBERT HANDLEY Classes BARBARA BOLTON Organizations Editor HAROLD FIKES Classes PATSY LANIER Feature Editor AILENE BISHOP Snapshot Editor CAROL BOGLE Assistant Editor GLADYS HUFFMAN Typist Not pictured CHARLES GARDINER Assistant Business Manager ELIZABETH DAY Typist MARY RUTH MALONE Typist NESS MANAGER -C BUSI % mi S W MARY MAGDALENE JONES Editor HAROLD FIKES Associate Editor Ety mcr-Kiu STAFF First row: Monya Blackwell, Sue Holmes, Betty Whitt, Mary Lou Underwood. Second row: Bobbie Mooney, Janet Walker, Peggy Jones, Ailene Bishop, Helen Stout. Third row: Dot McWilliams, Lou McWilliams, Paula Kelly, Patsy Lanier. Fourth row: Roland Oliver, Milton Thomas, Ronnie Mitchell, Robert French. Fifth row: Robert Beck, Douglas Rhodes. _ m - i i MR. WALTER P. WEST Sponsor MRS. DORIS KELSO Sponsor The FLOR-ALA, a member of the Associated-Collegiate press, is a student news- paper published weekly by the journalistic -minded students of Florence State. STAFF First row: Carol Bland, Doris Laney, Betty R. Sims, Jimmy Taylor, Carol Bogle, Marcie Balch. Second row: Ann Clendenin, Jean Ann Farris, Emogene Ball, Joyce Brown, Barbara Bolton. Third row: Norma Lee Creel, Herbert Handley, Johnny Pittman, Glenda Sherer. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION B.S.U. is composed of all Baptist students on the campus and has as its purpose to tie the student to the local Church and to promote individual spiritual growth. OFFICERS ELMER FOWLER _ President DOT WALDEN Secretary LKJiNALtr, BUVETT Treasurer B. S. U. COUNCIL Back row: Donalee Boyett, Leasle Halbrooks, Ila Vee Short, Bryce Tidmore, Norma Lee Creel, Miss Jimmie Lyn Littleton, Advisor; Aaron Wilson. Middle row: Dot Walden, Janet Walker, Virgie Stidham, Pat Lanier, Martha Brandon. Front row: A. C. Rolen, Elmer Fowler, Janice McLean, Joe Counts. SIGMA TAU PI The purposes of the SIGMA TAU PI are to foster a feeling of unity, mutual interest, and good fellowship among the members of Sigma Tau Pi; to promote the general welfare of the Department of Business Education and Administration; to acquaint business students with their future duties and obligations; to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards ; and to make use of available resources to provide opportunities for social and educa- tional growth. Members of the Sigma Tau Pi must be business majors and must maintain a scholastic average of 1.0. OFFICERS HERBERT RABURN President MARGUERITE WHEELER Vice President ALICE ALMON Secretary JACK FORSYTHE Treasurer DREW DORRIS Sergeant-at-Arms PERCY KING Reporter MR. ROY STEVENS Sponsor MISS DONETTE DAVIS Sponsor First row: Emogene Ball, Faye Wooldridge, Ninnie Ruth Bishop, Betty Hillman, Dot Sandlin, Martha Brandon, Carol Bogle, Alberta Kent, Eloise Davis. Second row: Doris Jean Mullins, Maxine Dekich, Mary Harriet Plyler, Jo Nell Bobo, Ann Flippen, I ' ., t ' v Jean Mr-Bride. Jane Higginbotham. Third row: Dean Goodlett, Lucia F. Cooper, Virgie Stidham, Mary Lou Myhan, Mary Ann Neamith, Keba Keal, Kebekah Cagle, Peggy Smith, Betty Whitt, Em Burnum, Marilyn Roberts, Nadine Green, Joan Carter, Mavoline King, Janet Walker, Margie Wheeler, Miss Maureen Sublett. WOMEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD First row: Faye Wooldridge, Fire Chief; Jo Nell Bobo, Social Chairman; Alberta Kent, Advisory Chairman. Back row: Betty Hillman, Convocations Chairman; Mary Harriet Plyler, President; Miss Maureen Sublett, Sponsor; Martha Brandon, Secretary; Nadine Green, Treasurer; Carol Bogle, Vice President. SIGMA TAU DELTA SIGMA TAU DELTA, national honorary English fraternity, has been represented on the campus since 1935 by the Theta Delta Chapter. To be eligible for membership a student must be an English major or minor, must be of junior standing or above, and must have maintained a " B " average in his English course. MEMBERS Seated: Carol Bogle, Secre- tary; Mona Dyer, Mi ss Julia Neal, Sponsor; Dinie Hamlet. Standing Floyd T. Gullion, President; Barbara Bolton, Vice President; William Cal- lahan, Carl Boley, Treasurer. BIOLOGY CLUB The BIOLOGY CLUB, an honorary society of biology students, seeks to promote superior scholarship and to encourage interest in and appreciation of the biological sciences. Seated: Milton Thomas, Vice President; Maxine Dekich, President; Floyd Gullion, Secretary; Betty Jean McBride, Treasurer. Standing: Mr. Paul Yokley, Sponsor; Mr. Joseph D. Hevert, Bobby Jackson, Billy Joe England, Jewel Mann, William Burleson, George Ingram, Dr. Arthur Hershey. MEMBERS First row: Coach George Weeks, George Calich, Carl Garrison, Buddy Moore, Em Burnum, Durrell Mock, Joe Elmore, Ed Watts, Neal Davis. Second row: Joe Shaw, Maston Gill, Harlon Hill, Raymond Vernon, Eugene Long, Bill Farris, L. L. Whitten. Third row: Wilson Williams, Roy Gaisser, Bill Smith, Bimol Poole, Jim Glass, James Hunt, James Hodges. Fourth row: Philip Akin, William Shaffer, Nolan Sherrill, Monk Romine, Max Earwood, Tom DeWeese, Caldwell Hollingsworth. THE " F " CLUB JOE ELMORE President EDWIN WATTS _ Vice President JAMES HUNT _ Secretary-Treasurer EUGENT LONG Sergeant-at-Arms RAYMOND VERNON _._ Reporter The purpose of the F CLUB is to promote intercollegiate athletics at Florence State Teachers College and to foster good sportsmanship in the student body. Membership is based upon the recommendation of any letterman by the head coach of football, baseball, basketball, or any other intercollegiate sport, with the approval of the director of athletics. KAPPA MU EPSILON The purpose of the KAPPA MU EPSILON, a national honorary mathematics fra- ternity, is to further the interest of mathematics, to help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of the western civilization, to develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics, and to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics. OFFICERS ARMSTEAD ALSOBROOK President WILLIAM BURLESON Vice President ANNE GRAY Secretary-Treasurer ORPHA ANN CULMER Corresponding Secretary MARY R. HUDSON Faculty Advisor MEMBERS First row: Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, William Burleson, Armstead Alsobrook, Anne Gray, Miss Orpha Ann Culmer. Back row: Edwin Watts, Richard Marmann, Spencer Glasgow, Robert Cash, Thomas O. Williams, Alberta Kent, Olen Wakefield, Ailene Bishop, J. D. Clanton. mki. PP " ThK W KAPPA DELTA PI Epsilon Psi Chapter of KAPPA DELTA PI, an honor society in Education, was installed at Florence in 1945. Its purpose is to encourage high professional, intel- lectual, and personal standards of preparation for teaching; to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work; and to promote a closer bond of fellowship among students of Education. OFFICERS SUDIE COLLUM President JOANNE BOND Vice President BARBARA BOLTON Secretary GLADYS HUFFMAN T reasurer GENEVA BOSTON Reporter MRS. CEL1A WILSON . Sponsor MEMBERS Seated: Sudie Collum, Joanne Bond, Barbara Bolton, Gladys Huffman. Standing: Carol Bogle, Geneva Boston, William G. Burleson, Peggy Sims, Floyd T. Gullion, Faye Wooldridge, Mrs. Celia Wilson. fe F. T. A. All prospective teachers are eligible for membership in the FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA. This organization is to acquaint future teachers with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. It tries to interest the best young men and women in education as a lifelong career. OFFICERS MARY ELLEN ALDRIDGE __., President, Fall BOBBY HODGES . President. Winter-Spring ELIZABETH MURPHY Vice President JOANNE PATTERSON Secretary TOMMY PHILLIPS _1 Treasurer WYNELLE DUKE ._ Reporter, Fall GLADYS HUFFMAN Reporter, Winter-Spring DOROTHY MILLER Librarian, Fall DORIS HOLIDAY Librarian, Winter-Spring HORACE WELLS Librarian MEMBERS First row: Dean Goodlett. Ailene Bishop, Pat Lanier, Marcia Balch, Maggie Jones, Doris Laney. Second row: Tommy Phillips. Joanne Patterson. Elizabeth Murphy, Mary E, Aldridge, Wynelle Duke, Dorothy Miller. Horace Wells. Back row: Bobby Hodges. Jackie Hankins, Jean Taylor, Barbara Hamilton, Dot Nichols, Mattie Absher, Charles Gardiner. Margaret Stewart. William Burleson, Doris Holiday, Floyd Gullion, Harold. Fikes. Marguerite Wheeler. OFFICERS Seated: Charles Gardiner, Ad- jutant; Kenneth Barnwell, Provost Marshal; Joe Better- ton, Deputy Provost Marshal. Standing: William Pace, Fin- ance Officer; Donald Bur- roughs, Executive Officer; Oliver Bone, Sergeant-at- Arms; Cedric Beddingfield, Executive Officer; Caldwell Hollingsworth, Executive Of- ficer. PROVOST ' %: ' Mr. Fulton Huff, Sponsor; Mary Jane Hall, Provost Corps Sweetheart; Mrs. Doris Kelso, Spnosor; Lt. Colonel Arthur Cheyne, Professor of Military Science and Tactics; Kenneth Barnwell; Provost Marshal. mmmmmmm fl First row: Cedric Beddingfield, G. E. Sockwell, Bob Manasco, J. D. Clanton, Earl Odom, Spurgeon Hampton, Billy Joe England, James Speake, Nolan Sherril, Donald Burroughs, Percy King, Donald Griffin. Second row: J. P. Vaughn, Raymond Isbel, Oliver Bone, Caldwell Hollingsworth, Edwin Watts, Charles Gardiner, Kenneth Barnwell, Joe Betterton, Roy Michael, Eugene McMeans, Farley Thompson, Donald Warren, Calvin Bon- ner, Bobby Jackson. Third row: Durell Mock, Troy Hamner, Bert Ikard, Herbert Lee Raburn, William Pace, Floyd T. Gullion, William Burleson, James Dyer, Robert Kilgore, David Brown, Brack Walker, Max Palmer, Armstead Alsobrook, Thomas Wil- liams. Fourth row: Ben Stutts, Devonne Landers, Joe Elmore, Ralph R. Hinz, John D. Curtis, Hoyt Turbyfill, Eugene Long, William Milliken, Raymond Ar.nstiong, Charles W. Moore, Rex Holt, Cowden Horton, James Graham. Back row: Max Earwook, Harlon Hill, Carl Evans, James Cheatham, Wiley Higgins, Fred Aldridge, Billy Joe Burn- ham, George Davis, Leon Matney, Eddie Drane, James Johnson, Wilson Williams, Walter Harris. CORPS The purpose of the PRO VOST CORPS is to elevate the personal standards of the corps and its various units, to establish in the public mind a necessity for professional training of the personnel of the Corps of Military Police, and to foster a greater cooperation between the Military Department and the school. Membership is obtained by application by an advanced cadet whose record and qualifications are reviewed by the Executive Council. The Executive Council will recommend acceptance or rejection of the cadet. PROVOST CORPS SWEETHEART MISS MARY JANE HALL, outstanding beauty on the campus, has been selected Sweetheart of the Provost Corps for three consecutive years, not only because of her beauty and popularity but also because of her cooperativeness and interest in the organization. YOUNG MUSICIANS CLUB The FLORENCE YOUNG MUSICIANS CLUB is composed of students seriously interested in music. The club realizes its purpose through the media of radio pro- grams, concert series, and the study of various composers and schools of music. MEMBERS Seated: Margie Jones, Betty Blackburn, Ailene Bishop, Treasurer; Ann Streit, Mona Dyer, Reporter; Betty R. Sims, Elaine Blackburn, Corresponding Secretary; Mary Jo Yeager, President. Standing: Jack Hale, Robert Dunnavant, Miss Emily Webber, Sponsor; Ann McBrayer, Philip Anderson. Not pictured: Rose Abbot, Vice President; Ninnie R. Bishop, Secretary. SOCIAL COMMITTEE The SOCIAL COMMITTEE is composed of students (selected by the president of the Student Council and approved by the college president) and faculty members, organized for the purpose of planning entertainment for the entire student body. Front row: Marguerite Wheeler. Emily Bumum, Vivian Foster, Jane Porter, Ann Flippen. Second row: Mr. Nick Winn, Miss Maureen Sublett, Mrs. W. F. McFarland, Connie Garner, Miss Helen Matthews, Dr. Earl McGee Standing: Byne Harris, Joe Farris. James Cheatham, Charles Kennedy. COLLEGE CHOIR The purpose of the CHOIR is to become acquainted with the various fo rms of musical lit- erature from classical to modern, special emphasis being placed upon choral music through the use of selections from opera, oratorio, and the shorter works, a cappella and accompanied. Membership is open to any student who has the ability and desire to sing. OFFICERS TECUMSEH CARPENTER President DORIS JEAN MULLINS Vice President PHILLIP ANDERSON Secretary-Treasurer BETTY JANE WHITT Reporter MRS. RUBY PORTER _ Conductor SOPRANOS Carol Bland Reva Brewer Bobby L. Cooper Charlotte Evans Mary Flurry Sue Holmes Mary Ruth Holt Betty Howell Maggie Jones Ann McBrayer Shirley McDaniel Jane Remke June Robertson Beth Rock Betty Ray Sims Ida Smith Joyce Vann Jean Wamp Mary Jo Yeager ALTOS Mary E. Aldridge Marcia Balch Betty Blackburn Jeanette Brakefield Emily Burnum Dinie Hamlet Ann Henson Dorothy McDonald Martha Roper Moncure Doris Jean Mullins Susie O ' Dell Gracie Swartz Janet Walker Betty Whitt TENORS Bob Dunnavant Charles Henderson Jack Marks Delanie Patrick Douglas Rhodes Jimmie Templeton Jimmie Tilley Jerry Duke BASSES Philip Anderson Cloyd Beasley Oliver Brazelle Eugene Brooks Tecumseh Carpenter Edward Carter Robert French Joe Farnemen Joe Farris Jimmie Hall Jim Horton Bob Howell Jack Nale Frank Stone Jimmie Taylor Y. W. C. A. The YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION is an organization of long standing at FSTC. All women students are made eligible for membership by accepting the organization ' s purpose, which is to further campus-wide Christian living. OFFICERS ELIZABETH MURPHY _ President SUDIE COLLUM _ _ Vice President JANET WALKER Secretary VIRGINIA SELLERS _ _ Treasurer MISS DONETTE DAVIS Sponsor " Y " CABINET First row: Joyce Vann, Elizabeth Murphy, Faye Wooldridge, Josephine Willis. Second row: Jane Haggard, Marguerite Wheeler, Virginia Sellers, Faye Myers. Back row: Lucia F. Cooper, Mary Ann Berry, Betty Hillman, Janet Walker, Jackie Hankins. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The purpose of the A. C. S. is to afford an opportunity for students majoring in chemistry to become better acquainted; and to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences and to instill a professional pride in the study of chemistry. OFFICERS WILLIAM MOODY Chairman DONALD GRIFFIN Vice Chairman ANNE GRAY Secretary CEDRIC BEDINGFIELD Treasurer EDWARD CARTER Reporter MR. FULTON HUFF Sponsor MR. H. C. SIPE Sponsor MEMBERS First row: Cedric Bedingfield, Donald Griffin, Anne Gray, William Moody. Second row: G. E. Sockwell, J. D. Clanton, John Moseley, James Livingston, Betty R. Sims, Robert Cash. Third row: Connie Garner, Roy Michael, Jane Porter, Evan McCarley, Jewel Mann, Mary Ann NeSmith, Herbert Pender, Rex Grissom. Fourth row: James Roden, Mr. Fulton Huff, Mr. H. C. Sipe, Duncan Gray, Payne Alsobrook, John Arantz, William Martin. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS PEGGY MURPHY ; _ President JO NELL BOBO Vice President SUSAN WALSTON _ Secretary CAROLYN MURPHY Treasurer JIMMIE LOU EVANS _ Reporter MARY HARRIET PLYLER Parliamentarian MRS. MARY WILLIS HUFF Sponsor Some of the purposes of the HOME ECONOMICS CLUB are to encourage creative arts and activities which will develop worthy home membership, to encourage each member to contribute toward the happiness and well being of her home and com- munity, to provide opportunities for members to accept responsibilities and to become good followers as well as good leaders, and to provide social, professional and busi- ness experiences through the various aspects of club life. MEMBERS First row: Mary Harriet Plyler, Doris Laney, Jimmie Lou Evans, Betty Sue Walden, Jo Nell Bobo, Peggy Murphy, Dorothy Snead, Carolyn Murphy, Susan Walston, Leasle Halbrooks. Second row: Martha Pugh, Billie Ruth Gordon, Dorothy Nichols, Jean Porter, Josephine Willis, Peggy Green, Elaine Bryant, Marguerite Hollifield, Ginger Bogle, Rebekah Cagle, Alice Curtis, Mrs. Mary Willis Huff. Third row: Myra Tesseneer, Tallulah Watson, Freida Steele, Sue Murphy, Mattie Absher, Eta Marie Ellis, Carol Bland, Selma Brewer, Margaret Rose Hilton, Betty Ann McCulloch, Betty Terry. i 1 . pi i pi rt 1 f fl p i .1 i i.i.j i Nw l I f MEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS DEVON LANDERS President REX HOLT Vice President ROSS WRIGHT Secretary-Treasurer MRS. W. F. McFARLAND Sponsor The object of the MEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION is to further the interests of those boys living in the dormitories and to maintain the high standards of conduct which manhood requires. The organization ' s constitution and by-laws are designed to help uphold the honor and dignity of the college. MEMBERS First row: Leon Matney, Rex Holt, Devon Landers, Ross Wright, Luther Danner. Second row: Robert French, Dee Ford Melson, George Hyslip, Bryce Tidmore, Mrs. W. F. MeFar- land, A. C. Rolen, John Curtis, James Biles, Donalee Boyett, Assistant House Chairman. ALPHA PSI OMEGA ALPHA PSI OMEGA is a national dramatic fraternity composed of members of the Rehearsal Club who prove their special interest and ability in acting and stage technique. PRODUCTIONS IN 1952 The Great God Brown by Eugene O ' Neill She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith Spreading the News by Lady Gregory Riders to the Sea by J. M. Synge The Boor by Anton Chekhov The Boor The Great God Brown Spreading the News MEMBERS David Neyman, Bernard Jac kson, Lesie Threadgill, Brack Walker, Gerald Comer, Cloyd Beasley, Paul Van Marter. 1952 Members: Earl Young. Nancy Wilcox, Sarah Bradford, Leon Poole. Honorary Members: Doris Kelso, Mabel Owen, Gladys Shepard. REHEARSAL CLUB The REHEARSAL CLUB is the college dramatic organization. Any student inter- ested in any phase of dramatics is encouraged to become a member. This group presents several major productions each year. ACTIVITIES An annual DRAMA FESTIVAL is held each spring on the campus for the presenta- tion of one-act plays by casts from high schools in North Alabama. The Boor, with a cast of Alpha Psi Omega members, was presented in nearby schools. The Great God Brown Riders to the Sea MEMBERS Pat Hill, Frances Threadgill, Jimmie Templeton, Charles Alexander, Graham Sisson, Ben Stutts, Betty Jayne Whitt, Marilee Turpen, Robert Watkins, Paul Van Marter, Ailene Bishop, Thomas Warren, Margaret Willis, Judy Ayre, Dorothy McWilliams, Ann Morrison, Elsie Gaines, G. E. Sockwell, Frank Stone, David Neyman, Lesie Threadgill, Bernard Jackson, Barbara Walker, Jean Scott, Martha Roper Moncure, Dean Martin, Imogene Barnett, Jimmy Davis, Orland Britnell, George EU ' S ' Edgar Avery, George Hooper, J. L. Sharer, Robert Wailes, Hartwell Beasley, John Patterson, Wayne Tuggle, Jimmy Taylor, Helen Dison, Harold Fikes. MISS MABEL OWEN and MISS GLADYS SHEPARD Directors I N T E R F A I T H C U N C I L OFFICERS ELMER FOWLER President MARGARET HIGHTOWER Vice President JANET WALKER Secretary-Treasurer LUCIA F. COOPER Reporter The purpose of the INTER-FAITH COUNCIL is to deepen our appreciation for each faith and to help each faith promote its work. Membership is open to members of all religious faiths. BATTALION STAFF Lt. Col. Raymond Armstrong, Captain Donald Warren, Lt. John Arantz, Captain Wiley T. Higgins, Major Kenneth Barnwell. R.O.T.C. SPONSORS Frances Threadgill, Company D; Mary Ann Oakes, Company C; Martha Barnett, Company A; Mary Jane Hall, Provost Corps Sweetheart; Martha Glenn, Batta- lion Sponsor ; Norma Sue Wheeler, Company B; Mary Ruth Jackson, Band Sponsor. COMPANY A Joe Smith, Company Commander; James Burt Ikard, Executive Officer; James Cheatham, Platoon Leader ; Fred Aldridge, Platoon Leader. COMPANY B Joe Betterton, Company Commander; Walter Harris, Executive Officer; William J. England, Platoon Leader; William Millican, Platoon Leader. 5 3@i r S3 iMr r.i f i -, w V ttl wT J t iP ; w ; ' I , w i?l COMPANY C Donald Burroughs, Company Commander; William Pace, Executive Officer; Charles Gardiner, Platoon Leader; William Burleson, Platoon Leader. mammm OH COMPANY D James Dyer, Company Commander; Cedric Beddingfield, Executive Officer; Donald Griffin, Platoon Leader; Floyd T. Gullion, Platoon Leader. R. 0. T. C. BAND William Wynne, Eugene Long, Norman Kelley, Kermit Southern, James F. Wade, Eldred Kicker, Henry Nichols, Philip Anderson, George Pertain, James Thompson, Roland Stanley, Jim Woodard, George Hooper, Charles Ball, Alfred Bran, Jr., Joe Farris, James Livingston, Floyd Hancock, Robert E. Harper, William Hudson, Cloyd Beasley, George Ingram. ROAD GUARDS C. E. Sanders, Roland White, Winfred Gillespie, Alan Counts, Philip Akin, Hal Ray Payne, Jos- eph Shaw, Ralph Parmer, J. M. Massey, Jimmy Dean Clemmons, Edward Skipworth. w " } r B ' [TTtT ' l ' " " " i A- LI ' H MBJBWWW 111 1 1 i m 11 R. 0. T. C. COLOR GUARDS Robert Kephart, Thurman Willis, Philip Scoggin, Eugene Prestage ' wlettct leerleaders Bobby Minor Bobby Kephart David Neyman Emily Burnum Wyvonne Holmes Frances Threadgill c Dr. Wayne Christeson, Eddie Flowers, Charles Glock, Otis Peacock, R. C. Fuller, Dr. Homer Floyd ATHLETIC BOARD These men are the power behind our Athletic System. No group of men could have worked harder or more faithfully. To these gentlemen, Florence State owes much of their success in inter-Collegiate sports. The first requisite for a good sports program is a sympathetic administra- tion. Dr. Norton meets this requirement. Since his arrival, athletics have boomed at Florence. To Dr. Norton much trib- ute should be paid for his outstanding contributions in this field. DR. E. B. NORTON Coach Flowers has been at Florence since 1929. In that interval he has fos- tered athletics with all his heart. He coached Basketball at Florence for 20 years. In 1949 he was promoted to Athletic Director and has fulfilled this mission successfully. M EDDIE FLOWERS Coach HAL SELF Head Coach GEORGE WEEKS Assistant Coach Coaches Self and Weeks in the short space of four years have developed at Florence State, football clubs which have become well known in many small college circles. While these men do demand high standards of ability, they also place a premium on sportsmanship and fair play. IHKI {EL MOCK and HARLAN HILL Co-Captains l+t % 9 y$ V ' ' ft First row: Mock, Hollinsworth, Watts, J. R. Hodges, J. A. Hodges, Whitten, Boly, Wood, Shaver, Buddie Moore, Hamilton, Joe Moore. Second row: Brewer, Sherrel, Garrison, Poole, Clem, Wallace, Richardson, Taylor, Jones, Bostick, Miles, Gordon, Crabtree, Perry. Third row: Roundtree, Byrd, Williams, Higgins, Parker, West, Johnson, Thomas, Farris, Jobe, Pickens. Fourth row: Elmore, Hill , Romine, Hammer, Wakefield, Edwards, Harris, Hancock, Glass, Tucker. 1953 SCHEDULE F.S.T.C 51 F.S.T.C 9 F.S.T.C 47 F.S.T.C. 7 F.S.T.C 34 F.S.T.C 29 F.S.T.C 34 F.S.T.C 28 F.S.T.C 41 280 Union 7 Austin Peay Henderson 21 Arkansas State 28 Livingston 6 Troy 6 Middle Tennessee 18 Conway 6 Jacksonville 14 106 JUNIOR VERNON and DAVID YARBROUGH Managers JAMES HODGES JOE ELMORE FLORENCE 51 UNION 7 Florence State journeyed to Jackson, Tenn., and swamped Union 51 to 7. Every man on the squad saw service as the Lions ran wild. The Lions racked up 19 first downs and 378 yards rushing. FLORENCE 9 AUSTIN PEAY On the road again, the Lions managed to squeeze a victory out of the Austin Peay Governors. The Lions scored on a quarterback sneak by Joe Brewer late in the second quarter. In the last quar- ter, Hub Sanford tackled an Austin Peay back for a two point safety. L. L. WHITTEN S|8?5 CARL GARRISON TRAVIS RICHARDSON BILL FARRIS ' MONK " ROMINE FLORENCE 47 HENDERSON 21 Playing their first home game of the year, the statesmen routed the boys from Arkansas 47-21. Ray Wallace, speedy wingback, was the boy who touched things off with a 26 yard run to pay dirt. L. L. Whitten spurted 53 yards in the second quarter to further thrill the fans. FLORENCE 7 ARKANSAS STATE 28 Powerful Arkansas State came to town and for three quarters were held in check. However, their superior power began to tell and in the fourth quarter they scored two touchdowns to emerge on the long end of a 28-7 score. The Lions played inspired ball but were unable to emerge victorious. JOE BREWER Elmore breaks into the clear. HUB SANFORD HARLON HILL RAY WALLACE MARVIN CLEM FLORENCE STATE 34 LIVINGSTON 6 Florence traveled " down south " and outclassed Livingston 34 to 6. Florence scored the first two times it had its hands on the ball. The game was made more exciting when L. L. Whitten broke into the clear and was tackled by two Livingston players who had been previously ejected from the game. L. L. was awarded a touchdown in spite of their efforts. FLORENCE STATE 29 TROY 6 Before a large Homecoming crowd the Lions wrecked the Trojans 29 to 6. After a slow start, the Lions roared back with Joe Elmore leading the way. The win was Florence ' s fifth against one setback. Outnumbered ff BIMOL POOLE " BO " SHERRILL ED WATTS FLORENCE STATE 34 MIDDLE TENNESSEE 18 Florence State ripped Middle Tennessee 34 to 18. It was the first win for Florence since the two teams have been meeting each other. Joe Elmore was again the " big gun " for the Lions. He passed for two touchdowns and set up two more with his running. L. L. Whitten also thrilled the fans with several nice runs and catches. FLORENCE STATE 28 CONWAY 6 With the best record in college history assured, the Lions continued to win. In the eighth game of the year Florence crushed Conway 28-6. Joe Elmore scored two touchdowns and Watts and Romine each accounted for one. Wallace is met head-on JIM HODGES BENNY HARRIS JIM WAKEFIELD w JIM GLASS Ray behind Good Interference CALDWELL HOLLINSWORTH MERLE WEST DURREL MOCK FLORENCE 41 JACKSONVILLE 14 Florence State romped over their old rivals Jacksonville 41 to 14. The win gave Florence State its best record in the college ' s history. Joe Elmore closed out the season in a brilliant display. He hit Poole and Hill in the end zone for two touchdowns and crossed the double strip twice himself. Hill set a school record for the season with eighteen catches and seven touchdowns for a total yardage of three hundred and seventy-nine yards. The Lion line was superlative. " BUDDY " MOORE PAUL DYER TROY HAMNER Did He Catch It? WILSON WILLIAMS CARL BOLEY ' BRUB " HAMILTON TOM SULLENS WENDELL TAYLOR Make It Hurt Boys ' ' COTTON " BOX JOHN BOSTICK af n WILBURN THOMAS CDi BOBBY WOOD JIM EDWARDS Talking It Over MAX GORDON fer-C " BUD " HANCOCK HUGH HARRISON Ray Wallace Starts On A Long One DON PICKENS om JOHNNIE JONES CLARK ROUNDTREE Beware Mr. Taylor Almost but not quite u t JOE MOORE FRED SHAVER ' JH A= ED BILLINGHAM Basketball Coach KENNETH BARNWELL Driver DAVID HALL Manager First row: Dan Cook, Monk Romine, George Calich, Max Earwood, Joe Shaw, Don Shotts. Second row: Coach Billingham, Ralph Parmer, Marvin Forsythe, Sam Hardy, Skeets McGregor, John Bostick, Bobby Broadfoot, Jimmy Davis, David Hall, Manager. Lions 62 Lions 81 Lions 50 Lions 50 Lions 92 Lions 83 Lions 83 Lions___. 58 Liops 102 Lions 82 Lions 78 Lions 72 Lions 56 Lions 54 Lions _ 48 Lions 62 Lions 86 SEASON RECORD Southwest Missouri 96 Union 65 Howard 77 Troy 64 University of Mississippi 111 Lambuth 93 Union 86 Jacksonville 54 Howard 100 Livingston 77 Jacksonville 75 Livingston 56 Delta State 66 Troy 53 University of Mississippi 82 Austin Peay 78 University of Chattanooga 83 DAN COOK Freshman " SHEETS " MacGREGOR Sophomore DON SHOTTS Freshman GEORGE CALICH Junior JOE SHAW Sophomore JOHN BOSTICK Freshman SAM HARDY Senior " MONK " ROMINE Sophomore BOBBY BROADFOOT Freshma n MAX EARWOOD Junior EW, MARVIN FORSYTHE Freshman JIMMY DAVIS Freshman JOHN SMITH Freshman RALPH PARMER Sophomore GENE ROLLINS ED BURROWS JAMES DYER EUGENE LONG GENE TONN CECIL CHANEY TENNIS Florence 5 Florence 6 Florence 9 Florence _ 5 Florence 6 Florence... 3 Florence 5 Florence .10 Florence 5 Florence 5 Florence 6 Florence 6 Florence 5 Union 4 Jacksonville 3 Lambuth David Lipscomb 3 Marion Institute 3 Middle Tennessee 5 Marion Institute __ 2 Jacksonville 1 Union 4 Lambuth 1 Middle Tennessee .. 1 David Lipscomb 3 Huntsville Ten. CI 4 This squad compiled one of the better records in small college circles. Under the guidance of Coach Eddie Flowers and player-coach Jim Dyer, the team displayed talent which was judged as the best in college records. BASEBALL TEAM First row: Ken Shafer, David Yarbrough, Bill Farris, Coach George Weeks, Sam Minor, Lucy Hunt, Neil Davis. Second row: Bobby James, " Rabbit " Goodwin, George Calich, James Johnson, Phil Akin, Elbert Deason. Third row: Ray Armstrong, Edwin Reeves, Jim King, Bill Gardiner, Don White, Johnny Mann, Roy Gaisser. Under the direction of Coach George Weeks, the Lion Baseball team had an excel- lent record with the exception of a few losses to some semi-pro teams. First row: Donald Ray field, Norman Kelly, A. C. Rolan, Bill Free, Johnny Curtis, Philip Scoggins. Second row: Sonny Wilbanks, R. A. Herlston, Joe Magnusson, Johnny Jones, Horace Wells, Billy Bradford. Third row: William Barksdale, Willis Latham, Kermitt Southern, Melvin Sims, Jimmy Frisbie. SWIMMING TEAM For the first time in the history of FSTC, a swimming team is a part of our athletic system. The team is coached by Mr. George Gibbons. It is hoped that this sport will become a regular part of our sports program. STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Florence, Alabama Founded 1873 OLDEST STATE-SUPPORTED TEACHER TRAINING INSTITUTION IN THE SOUTH OFFERING B.S. and B.A. DEGREES. MAJOR AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION: English, Social Science, Foreign Language, Biology, Chemistry, Elementary Education, Secondary Educa- tion, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Home Economics, Busi- ness Administration, and Secretarial Science. BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS, comfortable dormitories, and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medical, dental and other professional schools. FULLY ACCREDITED: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools; American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. For catalogues and general information write: Office of the Registrar STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Florence, Alabama Class and Feature Pictures By: DAN GLENN STUDIO Portraits Commercial MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Phone 2561 Florence Alab ama To reorder class portraits, write Florence Studio giving name of person and year photographed for the Diorama. ' C.- Norwood Grill " STEAKS, CHOPS, CHICKEN, SANDWICHES " 5:00 AM 12:00 Midnight 1132 N. Wood Phone 9272 Davidson - Lovelace " Electrical Specialists " WESTINSHOUSE DEALER E. College St. Florence " FOR GOODNESS SAKE EAT GOLDEN FLAKE " GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCTS Sold in Little Drug Spalding DRUG CO. WALGREEN AGENCY Drugs with a Reputation Fine Foods SAVINGS ACCOUNTS INSURED BY A GOVERNMENT AGENCY UP TO $10,000.00 to Each Investor Current Dividend Rate 3% FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Florence t SHEFFIELD FLORENCE DARBY ' S TEXACO STATION 402 South Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA CHARLES EDGAR YOUNG Circuit Court Clerk COURT JEWELERS Your Locally Owned Store LEON GRAHAM Manager JOHN O. ROBERTS Repairman HILL GROCERY CO. 321 North Court Florence, Alabama TROWBRIDGE ' S " Ice Cream Sandwich Bar " FLORENCE j AMPUS | LOTHES AT O-ED PRICES Shirley ' s Florence The Best Food (Homecoolced) The Lowest Prices Open 7 am 8 pm CAMPUS INN WELLS TIRE SUPPLY CO. 228 N. Court St. Florence Phone 276 ADREY FLORAL COMPANY Florence Phone 41 1 Compliments of CLARK-HELLARD Insurance Real Estate BLISS BUILDING Florence Alabama Compliments of COLA BUT 9Y TAST-TST R. W. AUTO PARTS FLORENCE, ALABAMA KING-NANCE INSURANCE AGENCY 123 EAST MOBILE Florence Alabama Sterchi ' s FLORENCE SHEFFIELD OLIM ' S Arrow Shirts, McGregor Sportswear, Hickok Swank Jewelry, Freeman and Florsheim Shoes Montgomery Ave. Sheffield Compliments of PURITAN CHEMICAL COMPANY DAVE GREENBERG, Representative THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Florence Common Stock, $300,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits, $1,303,106.00 FLORENCE ALABAMA Phone Florence 1990 MANGEL ' S Feminine Apparel 105 N. Court St. Florence, Ala. SMITH CLEANERS 1 Cleaning Pressing Alterations 1207 North Wood Ave. Florence E. E. FORBES SONS PIANO CO. Incorporated " Your Friendly Music Store " 109 So. Court St. Florence ELEBASH JEWELRY CO. Successors to J. W. SOMMER 106 North Court St. Florence Larva r s URJMITUR, " The Home of Real Coffee " Delicious Home-made Pies ANDY ' S GRILL 108 E. Tennessee St. Florence Alabama FLORENCE LUMBER CO. Building Materials Florence Alabama GUY F. GULLETT SON 1 HOME FURNISHINGS Sheffield Alabama Mefford ' s Jewelers IDE. TENN. Florence Alabama S. S. L. Stores 1 14 NORTH COURT Florence Alabama WEAVER FUQUA Tax Collector Compliments of MARSHALL ' S BEAUTY SALON 106 E. Tennessee Street Compliments of W J O 1 AM W J O 1 FM COMPLIMENTS OF LARIMONE BUSINESS COLLEGE Approved by: National Association and Council of Bus i ness Colleges Veterans Administration BELLANGER PRINTING CO. FLORENCE ALABAMA Compliments of ABROM ' S OF SHEFFIELD RYnOLDJ BwkV ALummum RYnOLDi PLummum Compliments of REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY REYNOLDS ALLOYS COMPANY LISTERHILL, ALABAMA RYnOLD ALummum RYnOLDi flLummum mil mil W ! nij ([[((,, III F L O R E N C E Coca-Cola arrives ' W ' 1 hospitality begins OMi VMM oBOtitT O tMt COC-CCHA COAT IT A L A B A M Florence Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Phone 384 WEDDING INVITATIONS and ANNOUNCEMENTS GREETING CARDS FINE STATIONERY S. C. Toof Printing Co. 218 North Court St. Florence BEST JEWELRY CO FLORENCE SHEFFIELD Jewelry on Easy Credit Terms Home of Keepsake Diamonds Alabama INDUSTRIAL BANK ' Serving the Tri-Cities Since 1926 Meadow Gold DAIRIES MILK and ICE CREAM 107 S. COURT ST. FLORENCE 313 North Seminary Phone 367 FLORENCE The FLORENCE TIMES Dedicated to the Interest of the People of Muscle Shoals District EAST MOBILE STREET ALABAMA SEIBERLIMG TIRES H H TIRE SERVICE 401 North Court St. Florence Alabama In Every College Town There ' s a Favorite Shop. IN FLORENCE IT ' S Earline ' s LADIES ' WEAR 305 North Court Street Florence Alabama GROGAN and SON Fine Jewelry 108 EAST MOBILE FLORENCE HERMAN LONGSHORE Probate Judge Serving Florence and Lauderdale County ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT City of FLORENCE, ALA. T FLORENCE SHEFFIELD TUSCUMBIA TRI-CITIES Automobile Dealer ' s Association (Franchisee! New Car Dealers) MUSCLE SHOALS, ALABAMA FLORENCE: Campbell Motors City Motor Company Foote Auto Company Killen Motors Mclntyre Buiclc, Inc. Perritt Chevrolet Company, Inc. C. Palmer Smallwood Wilcoxson Motors SHEFFIELD: Coleman Motor Company Larry Dye Motor Company Miley Buiclc Company S. M. Chevrolet Company Southern Motors TUSCUMBIA: Lawrence Chevrolet Company Morris Service Station Jesse Hammond Motors 1894 ROGERS 1953 Congratulations Class of ' 53 NORTH ALABAMA ' S LARGEST STORE GREEN MILL RESTAURANT AIR CONDITIONED Phone 9161 Sheffield DIXIE SUPPLY COMPANY " Sportsman ' s Center " 212 SOUTH COURT FLORENCE, ALABAMA MUTUAL WLAY " The Voice of Muscle Shoals ' 1450 YOUR FOOTBALL STATION Serving the Great Muscle Shoals Area Since 1933 Hamilton Foods, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama Distributor BEST FOOD PRODUCTS Cloverdale DAIRIES Inc. GRADE " A " PASTEURIZED and HOMOGENIZED MILK We Produce the Milk We Sell Phone 2553 Florence, Alabama WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES LIGHTING FIXTURES TABLE LAMPS WESTINGHOUSE and ZENITH RADIOS WADE ELECTRIC CO. " You Can Be Sure, If It ' s Westinghouse " Florence 119 E. Mobile Sheffield 210 Rale igh Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF Cafeteria COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. PENNEY CO. V Court Street Florence RYAN PIANO CO. 207 East Tennessee Florence Phone 223 POOLE ' S HOUSE OF FLOWERS 3508 Jackson Hiway Between Sheffield and Florence THE GRIFFIN CO. Florence, Alabama Compliments of MILNER ' S DRUG STORE Court Street Florence Compliments of WIMBERLY THOMAS HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc. Birmingham Alabama FLORENCE SEED FEED CO. Flower Seeds and Bulbs, Plant Foods, Pet Supplies, Insecticides H. S. and W. S. Wiggins 1 SHUMAKE-POSEY " GOOD FURNITURE PRICED RIGHT " 122 E. Tenn. St. Florence Compliments of LANDERS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Sheffield Alabama FLORENCE PHARMACY " Prescriptions as Prescribed " OTIS BROWN Florence Alabama THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 121 East Tennessee Street Florence, Alabama Compliments of TRI-CITIES BEAUTY SALON Phone 1 1 1 324 E. TENN. ST. FLORENCE GARVIN WITT Jeweler Shoals Theatre Bldg. BARKLEY REFRIGERATION CO. Commercial Refrigeration Dealers 24-Hour Service 225 E. Tenn. St. Phone 1759 Compliments of Dr. Pepper Compliments of BEASLEY-BAILEY POULTRY CO., Inc. ATHENS ALABAMA ELIZABETH ' S of FLORENCE Fine Feminine Apparel OTTO SPEAKE Men ' s Wear " WHERE COLLEGE MEN LIKE TO SHOP " 210 N. Court St. Florence Norwood b Joy-Lan Theatres Always A Good Show FLORENCE CORNER DRUG STORE 201 N. Seminary 1118 N. Wood FLORENCE SMOKE HOUSE BILLIARDS RECREATION and HOT SANDWICHES 118 E. Tenn. St. Florence DUNN Inc. 118 North Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA TRIANGLE F.S.T.C. ' S FAVORITE HANGOUT 673 North Wood imm MWWWWWWWMAAMMAAM AAMM No Coffee at any price gives you more Good Cups per pound than A P COFFEE MMMMMWMM Compliments of Kreisman ' s " THE HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS " Court Street Flo rence SOUTHERN DAIRIES Inc. Birmingham, Alabama SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS J. T. FLAGG, Pres Treas W. H. MITCHELL, Secretary M. E. EISENBERG, Vice President W. C. HUGHES, Asst. Treas. J. T. FLAGG KNITTING CO. Division of Flagg-Utica Corporation Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE KNIT GOODS FLORENCE, ALABAMA CHERRY DIVISION _ I . nsStiR GARDINER-WARRING DIVISION GREETINGS to FSTC GRADUATES During the twenty-six years we have been in business in Florence, we have watched the growth of the College and the progress of its graduates. These graduates are numbered among our outstanding business people and teachers in our local schools. We are indeed fortunate to have in our midst the present Florence State Teachers College and its wonderful student body and faculty. MUSCLE SHOALS THEATRES in Florence Sheffield Tuscumbia Athens LOUIS ROSENBAUM STANLEY ROSENBAUM Bootery I I I North Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Belk Hudson Co. SHEFFIELD and FLORENCE Young-Pittman Co. Inc. 600 South Court FLORENCE, ALABAMA THE ' 53 DIORANIA STAFF PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS " COLTIER LIBRA: FLORENCE STATE I FLORE: COLL FCORENCE STA ! 7 ?53 ALABAMA COLLECTION Restricted For Lib rary Use Only JUL my w

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