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nr!r: mt lfSmm ' Taylor PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS, ItXAS ' ?iyU%-m9i(t MiAm httu rtAttoon Proudly we present the 1952 . . . DIORAMA . . . of our Alma Mater FLORENCE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Florence, Alabama ROSS WRIGHT, Editor ORION J. (Sam) HYDE, Business Manager DIXIE , 35- ' i ' - -4y TENNESSEE Stands The School we owe all honor. Love and ' ' : ' %. loyalty. portals Bless our memory; Friendships dear found in thee Through the future thy name; May thy sons and Everlasting fame Alma Mater, Bring we homage due; Pledge we here our heart ' s devotion " k - To our colors true. KELLER HALL IN SUMMER PRESIDENT ' S HOME IN WINTER -- - jmxmm ' AA .mn ff iin pn i I 1 1 I i , ' ' HISTORIC WESLEYAN HALL n |- " ' % m J ' , Ji : ' ' ' Zi. " IWMl ROGERS HALL ,. M L ALUMNI and GUEST HOUSE COLLIER MEMORIAL LIBRARY IN SPRING O ' NEAL HALL IN SUMMER THE MIGHTY TENNESSEE POURS OVER WILSON DAM .H-..W ' " " ' The President, DR. E. B. NORTON, A.B., L.L.D., L.H.D. His capable leadership and guidance have in- spired all who have come in contact with him. Through his efforts, as our president, he is pulling F.S.T.C. to greater heights. .. Dean, F. E. LUND, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. He is known to all for his human warmth and understanding. These characteristics, among others, make him highly respected and esteemed by the students and his colleagues. Florence State loses a good friend in Dean F. E. Lund as he leaves our school to accept the presi- dency of Alabama College June 15. ALLISON, MIRIAM Bookkeeper AREHART, CHESTER M. B.A., M.A. Registrar BARGANIER, ELHURA BILLINGHAM, EDMOND BROWN, EARL H. BURNS, MRS. MELVILLE B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Social Director Supervising Critic Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Instructor in Physics CHRISTESON, WAYNE B.M., M.A., Ed.D. Professor of Music CLARK, MRS. T. E. B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of English and History ' A ' ' ' ' ' " ? 1 COOPER, MRS. C. C. B.S. Instructor in English V cox, BARBARA A.B. Secretary, Department of Education COX, ILA CRAIG, GEORGE D. CRESAP, BERNARR CULMER, ORPHA ANN B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. A.B., A. M. Supervising Critic Associate Professor Professor of Professor of of English History M athematics DACUS, RUTH A.B., B.S. in L.S. Acting Librarian DARBY, CHRISTINE B.S. Secretary to Registrar DARDEN, HUGH A.B., L.L.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History DAVIS, DONETTE A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education DAVIS, W. L. B.S., M.A. Director of Training School DAY, ELIZABETH B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education DEESE, COLIE L. SGT. Instructor in ROTC DENT, MABEL Social Director DICKERSON. Z. S., JR. B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Business Education EDWARDS, GEORGE W. B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry ) ' :=m HENDERSON, EDITH B.S. Secretary to the Registrar HENDERSON, MILDRED B.S. Secretary to the Dean HERSHEY, ARTHUR L. A.B., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Science HODGES, JOHN MAJ. M.C.P., A.B. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics HUDSON, MARY R. B.S., A.M. Assistant Professor of Mathematics HUFF, FULTON A.B., M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry HUFF, MARY W. B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Home Economics I INGRAM, MRS. TOM A.B. Dietitian JAGGERS, RICHARD E. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education JONES, MRS. WALTER A.B. Instructor in English JONES, HENRY J. B.S., M.C.S., C.P.A. Associate Professor of Business Education KINDBERG, OSCAR SGT. R.O.T.C. Staff KEITH, JOHN D. SGT. R.O.T.C. Staff KNIGHT, ESSIE R.N. College Nurse KIMBROUGH, HELEN B.S. Secretary to Director of Training School LANCASTER, DALLAS M. B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of History tv u t V LEDBETTER, VAUDINE B.S. Secretary to the Registrar LENTZ, MILDRED B.S. Periodicals Librarian McADAMS, LAURA JEAN A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages McCRORY, BESS Manager of Bookstore McELHENY, W. T. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Student Personnel MclLRATH, JANE 0. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Economics MclLRATH, WILLIAM J. B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology McREYNOLDS. CONSTANCE B.S., A.M. Supervising Critic J MASTERSON, MRS. EARL B.A. Instructor in English MATTHEWS, HELEN E. B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education MEDLEY, BERNICE A.B. Secretary to the Registrar NEAL, MARY JULIA A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English PAPAGEORGE, SOPHIA B.S., M.A. Supervising Critic PEACOCK, MARY A. Secretary to the President PEACOCK, OTIS L. B.S., M.A. Director of Extension VAN PELT, NELSON BJ. Instructor in Photography RICHARDSON, EVA Social Director RIDDLE, LEE H. SGT. R. 0. T. C. Staff ROBINSON, ELEANOR SELF, HENRY H. SCOTT, W. C. SHEPHARD, GLADYS B.S. B.S., M.A. B.S. A.B., M.A. Bookkeeper Head Football Coach Instructor in Math Assistant Professor of English SPARKS, PEARL Alumni Secretary STANFIELD, Z. A. B.S. Instructor in Engineering Drawing ,- 1 STEVENS, ROY S. B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education STOCKDALE, WILLIAM H. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Social Science SUTTON, LEONA Assistant Dietitian SWORTWOOD, LOUIS B. Lt. Colonel M.P.C., B.S. Professor of Military Science and Tactics TEMPLETON, JOHN M. M Sgt. R. O. T. C. Staff TERRY, MRS. GEORGE College Post Office TERRY, GEORGE Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds THOMAS, CARLESS C. B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Business Education .. V THOMAS. GRACIE H. B.S. College Bookstore ' ' - . SILLIVAN. SOPHIA ELIZABETH A.B.. B.S. in L.S. Librarian Ion leave of absence) TOLBERT. JAMES M. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of English TROUSDALE. VER.MCE B.S.. -M.A. Supervising Critic TITHILL. CORINNE B.S.. M.A. Associate Professor of Art WALKER. MLRIEL Secretary ' to the Registrar V WAITE. WILLIAM H. A.B.. .M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of Education PORTER. MRS. HIGH B.S.NL. B.S. Assistant Professor of Muic 5 WF.HBEK. KMII.Y U.S.. li.A.. M. A. Assiritant Professor of Music WEEKS. GEORGE E. B.S. Instructor in Health and Physical Education EST. WALTER 1 ' . WILSON. CELIA J. WINN. J. N.. JR. WOODWARD. W. B. A.l?.. M.A. B.S.. M.S. A.B.. NLA. A.B.. Ed.M. Director of News .Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Bureau of Home Economic of English of Education I f I YOKLEY. PALL. JR. B.S.. YLA. Instructor in Biologv YOLNG. WILLIAM T. B.F.A.. M.A. Instructor in Art 4 , SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Joy Marable, secretary; Wayne Rutledge, president; Lois Rich- ardson, reporter. Standing: Brandon Sparkman, treasurer; Doyle Ramey, Student Council representa- tive; Sam Hyde, vice-president. E. LOUISE ADAMS Childersburg, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Secretarial Science Sigma Tau Pi; FTA. CLYDE CROW ANDERSON Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Freshman Class, Secretary; Town Students, President; Student Council, Secretary; Junior Class, President; College Choir, President; Diorama Staff; Business Man- ager; Sigma Tau Pi, Secretary; Provost Corps; Senior Class, Treasurer; Who ' s Who. VIRGINIA 0. BAILEY B.S., Elementary Education WSGA; YWCA; FTA. Athens, Ala. Bessemer, Ala. s E N I O R S CHARLES BEARDEN B.S., Business Administration Student Council, Treasurer; Sigma Tau Pi; Social Committee. ARGUS ALBERT BEATY Toumley, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, History and Sociology WILLIAM H. BERNOS Florence. Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and Physical Science Outstanding Third Year Cadet; Provost Corps Finance Officer. JOE H. BEUMER Florence, Ala. B.A., Chemistry, English, and Math Who ' s Who; Flor-Ala Editor; Student Council, Vice President; Provost Corps; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau Delta; ISS. ELAINE BERRYHILL B.S., Home Economics WSGA; Home Ec Club; YWCA. HuntsvUle, Ala. DOROTHY BLACK B.S., Elementary Education SARAH CHRLSTINE BLACKBURN B.S., Elementary Education FTA; College Choir. Elkmont, Ala. HuntsvUle, Ala. JOANNE T. BOND Dahon, Ga. A.B., Business Education and Spanish Who ' s Who; Student Council; ISS; Business Club; YWCA; Choir; Social Committee. GENEVA NORWOOD BOSTON B.S., Home Economics Florence, Ala. DAVID JAMES BLISS Florence, Ala. B.S., Chemistry and Math ISS; ACS. SARAH BRADFORD Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology P.E. Club; Rehearsal Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Flor- Ala Staff. JARVIS LEE BREWER Rogersville, Ala. B.S., P.E. and Biology P.E. Club; Provost Corps; MSGA, President. JOEL BREWER Collinwood, Tenn. B.S., Math and Chemistry Provost Corps; F Club. BARBARA MARCELLA BUTLER B.S., Secondary Education YWCA; Science Club. VIRGINIA COCKRELL B.S., Home Economics Home Ec Club, President. REBA JEAN COGGINS B.S., Elementary Education EDWARD ALBERT CROSS B.S., Chemistry and Biology Provost Corps; ACS; IRC; ROTC. Florence, Ala. Decatur, Ala. Tanner, Ala. Courtland, Ala. s E N I O R S TROY E. DAHLKE Cullman, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education Glee Club; Cullman County Organization. FLOYD DANIEL Iron City, Tenn. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and History Kappa Mu Epsilon. LUTHER C. DALEY Waterloo, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Chemistry and Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, ACS. s E N I O R S BOYD L. DAVIS B.S., Physical Education Provost Corps. Trenton, Ala. THOMAS ARLIN DEAN B.S., Biology and Chemistry Provost Corps; MSGA. THOMAS P. DE WEESE B.S., P.E. and Biology P.E. Club; Provost Corps, F Club. Rogersville, Ala. Carbon Hill, Ala. JAMES M. EASTER, JR. Clements, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Business Administration Deputy Provost Marshall, Provost Corps. MARY BELLE ELDRIDGE B.S., Elementary Education YWCA; FTA. Rogersville, Ala. WILLIAM B. ENNIS Decatur, Ala. B.S., Business Administration WILLIAM E. EVANS Loretto. Tenn. B.S., Secondary Education, History JAMES KENNEDY FARNEMAN Sheljield, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, History and Biology Extension Chairman of the BSIJ. BILL F. FARRIS Corinth, Miss. B.S., Secondary Education, Physical Education and Biology F Club. BILLY R. FARRIS Double Spring, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Science and History FTA. MARGARET ANN FLIPPEN Tuscumbia, B.S., Secondary Education, Home Economics Home Ec Club. Ala. MARAGEM FOSHEE Morton, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Business Education HERBERT GLENN FRENCH Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Band HELEN MAY FRENCH Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education Editor, Ftor-Ata; Class Editor of Diorama; Inter-Faith Council, Reporter; Student Council, Secretary; YWCA; Who ' s Who; Westminister Fellowship; ISS; Business Manager of Flor-Ala. ROBERT DOTSON FULMER Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Business Administration and Economics Sigma Tau Pi. VIRGINIA LYNN FUQUA Rogersville, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Business Administration and Social Science Sigma Tau Pi; Wesleyan Foundation; YWCA. JEAN GARRISO N Russellville, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Biology, and Chemistry Science Club; FTA. s E N I O R S f- ' f;. H ' .? GRADY GAUNTT Jasper, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Physical Science ELIZABETH ANN GIBSON Sheijield, Ala. A.B., Secondary Education, English, Math, and French Student Council; Rehearsal Club, Secretary; Junior Class Officer; Social Committee; Diorama, Class Editor; ISS; College Choir. s E N I O R S CAROLYN LaFAY GILBERT Cordova, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, History and English FTA; IRC; WSGA; BSU. EUGENE MASTIN GILL B.S., Business Administration F Club; Sigma Tau Pi; Tennis Team. Huntsville, Ala. ANNE CROWE GLASS Jemison, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Home Economics Home Ec Club, Vice President. JASPER CARL GLASS A.B., Pre-Med ACS. Jemison, Ala. BILLIE RUTH GORDON Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Home Economics Home Ec Club. JAMES RALPH GRAHAM Florence, Ala. B.S., History and Biology Cheerleader; F Club; Glee Club; Band. JONES RAYMOND GRAHAM Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology P.E. Club; Provoat Corps. NITA JANE GRAHAM Princeton, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology P.E. Club, Secretary ' 51, President ' 52; WAA. Sports- woman of Year. I HUBERT GREENE Belmont, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education, Math and Chemistry FT A. WALTER GUY GULLETT Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education, Business Administration Vice President of Sigma Tau Pi; Band; BSU. LEO F. GUSMUS Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and Chemistry Provost Corps. CHARLOS C. HAGOOD Town Creek, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and Chemistry Provost Corps; President of ACS. JOHN HALLMARK Belmont, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and Physical Science FTA. NORMA JEAN HARBIN Win field, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Business Administration and English President of YWA; BSU Council; Sigma Tau Pi, Sec- retary; Flor-.4la Staff; FTA; Student Council; WSGA, Treasurer. MOLLY SUE HARRIS Leighton, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education Secretary of FTA; WSGA; Glee Club; Young Musi- cians ' Club; Wesleyan Foundation; YWCA. MARTHA ELIZABETH HAYNES Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Business Administration and English Chairman of the Handbook Committee; Kappa Delta Pi; Associate Editor of the Flor-Ala; Junior Class, Sec- retary; Who ' s Who; Sigma Tau Delta; YWCA; Sigma Tau Pi. J U ANITA HICKS Haleyville, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education FTA, Secretary; YWA; BSU, Secretary. RUDOLPH S. HIGGINS Cullman, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Biology and Chemistry s E N I O R S LOIS WYNELL HILL Moulton, Ala. B.S., Math and Physical Science FTA; Science Club; YWCA. MARY ELIZABETH HITCHOCK Savannah, Tenn. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and English College Choir. M. LOUISE FARNEM AN HOGAN Rogersville, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education Band; Choir; BSU; Inter-Faith Council; Y Cabinet; Flor-Ala Staff; ISS. WALTER C. HOLDER B.S., P.E. and Science P.E. Club. Haleyville, Ala. s E N I O R S ROBERT HOWELL, JR. Vinemont, Ala. B.S., Math and Physical Science Provost Corps; FTA; Glee Club. JIMMIE RUTH HUDSON Jasper, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education WSGA; YWCA; WAA; YWA; BSU. DONNIE I. HUGGINS B.S., Physical Education Provost Corps; Sigma Tau Pi. Guntersville, Ala. Nauvoo, Ala. ORION J. HYDE B.S., Physical Education Outstanding Cadet; Co-Captain Football Team; Diorama Business Manager; F Club, Vice President; P.E. Club; FTA; Provost Corps; Student Council. BEBE JOY HYDRICK B.S., Home Economics WSGA; Home Ec Club; Flor-Ala Staff. Millport, Ala. RICHARD HAROLD JAGCERS A.B., Secondary Education, Geography IRC; FTA. Waterloo, Ala. History, Spanish, . f RUBY GIBSON JOHNSTON Madison, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education ELVIN JOHN KIDD Haleyville, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology FTA. " - i f GENEVIEVE PRISCILLA KILLEN Loretto, Tenn. A.B., Secondary Education, English and History FTA; ISS. JOHN LEROY KILPATRICK Falkville, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and Physical Science FTA; President, Kappa Mu Epsilon. kv CYNTHIA ALLEN KIMBROUGH Leighton, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology Cheerleader, YWCA; F Club; P.E. Club; WAA; Beauty Attendant ' 50. HELLEN BRYAN KIMBROUGH Barton, Ala. 15. S., Secondary Education, Secretarial Science Student Council; Sigma Tau Pi, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President; WSGA; Convocation Committee. EARL DUNCAN KOONCE B.S., Secondary Education, .Science Florince, Ala. PEGGY ANN LANGSTON Hunt.wille, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology FTA; Flor-Ala Staff; WAA; BSU; YWCA; Glee Club; Science Club; P.E. Club. GEORGE WALTER LATHAM B..S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; MSGA. Carbon Hill, Ala. GEORGE SMITH LINDSEY Jasper, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Physical Education F Club; Talent Show Winner; P.E. Club. s E N I O R S MARK RAY LUTTRELL Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and Physical Science FTA; ACS. CHARLES D. McCORKLE Cloverdale, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Chemistry and Math Provost Corps; American Chemical Society. i s E N I O R S CLYDE F. McCORKLE Cloverdale, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and Physical Science American Chemical Society. CHARLES RICHARD McHENRY Cullman, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Chemistry and Biology FTA: Science Club, President. MAVIS RUTH McHENRY B.S., Elementary Education FTA. Cullman, Ala. BOBBI G. McKEE Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, English and History Diorama Staff; Flo- Ala Staff; Band; ROTC Sponsor. CHEROyiSE A. McMICKIN Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and History WSGA; BSU; YWCA; WSGA, President; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Flor-Ala Circulation Man- ager, Co-Business Manager; Who ' s Who. HOWARD H. MANN Hanceville, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology. P.E. Club: FTA. MARTHA JOY MARABLE Shef ield, Ala. A.B., Secondary Education, English and Sociology Y Cabinet; Inter-Faith Council; Flor-Ala Staff, Society Editor; .Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary-Treasurer; Senior Class, Secretary. MALENE MARTIN B.S., Elementary Education FTA; WSGA; IRC. Vice President. Winjield, Ala. KATHRYN MASON Rienzi, Miss. B.S., Secondary Education, History and English FTA. BERNICE R. MORRIS Shefiield, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education ISS, Secretary; Wesleyan Foundation; Inter-Faith Council. DOROTHY RAE MUSE Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, History and English BSU. MILDRED ADA NIXON Arab, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Science WAA; P.E. Cluh. PAUL REVERE O ' MARY Nauvoo, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Physical Education Who ' s Who; Science Club; Provost Corps; Vice Presi- dent, Student Council; Sports Editor, Flor-Ala; P.E. Club, Treasurer; Outstanding Cadet in ROTC ' 51; Pro- vost Marshall General ' s Trophy ' 50. RALPH PALMER Hodges, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Physical Education P.E. Club; Science Club. WILLIAM DONALD PARKER Hilhboro, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology F Club; Provost Corps; P.E. Club. CHARLES MONROE PAULK Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; Provost Marshall of Provost Corps: Band. RUBY JO PETTUS B.S., Elementary Education. FTA; YWCA. Veto, Ala. DOROTHY ANN POE Shefiield,- Ala. A.B., Secondary Education, Secondary Science and English Flor-Ala Staff; Sigma Tau Pi; ISS; Diorama Staff. s E N I O R S HELEN E. FOOLE Decatur, Ala. B.S., Business Education anil Englisli Junior Class, Secretary; Sijinia Tau Pi; IRC; WAA; WSGA; Flor-Ala Staff; YWCA. LEON POOLE Danville, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education FT A, State President; Glee Club; Kehearsal Club; Who ' s Who; Diorama Staff; Social Committee. RAY PRITCHARD Addison, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education MARY JUANITA PUTNUM Florence, Ala. B.S., Home Economics FTA; Home Ec Club; Kappa Delta Pi. S E N I O R S DOLORES PYLANT Cullman, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, English and History Who ' s Who; Rehearsal Club; FlorAla Staff; FTA; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; YWCA Cabinet; WSGA. DOYLE WINFORD RAMEY Huntsville, Ala. A.B., Biology and Chemistry Provost Corps; ACS; IRC; Student Council. LOIS RICHARDSON Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education. English and .Sociology Rehearsal Club; FTA; Choir; YWCA Cabinet; Inter- Faith Council; BSU. JAME LEE RICHEY B.S., History, Psychology. Cheerleader. Birmingham, Ala. English HELEN E. RIDGEWAY Athens, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education. P.E. and Biology P.E, Club; WAA; YWCA. KATHERINE ROBINSON Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S.. Elementary Education ffi i i JOHN LINCOLN R0(;ERS Jemison, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology P.E. Club; Science Club; Student Council. DEMPSEY RUTHERFORD Shejjield, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer; IRC. Vice President; FTA; Provost Corps. WAYNE D. RIJTLEDGE Florence, Ala. B.S., Finance and Accounting Senior Class. President; Deputy Provost Marshall; Drill Team, Commander; Sigma Tau Pi. JAMES ARTHUR RYAN Sheflield, Ala. B.S., Marketing, Retailing, and Economics Provost Corps; Executive Officer; Sigma Tau Pi. mmd HERBERT CALVIN SANFORD Manrhe.iler, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, Physical Education F Club, President; Science Club; Vice President, P.E. Club. NAOMI SANFORD Fayelte, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology WAA; P.E. Club. RUTH BELK SIMPSON Hamilton, Ala. 15. S., Secondary Education, Home Economics YWCA; Glee Club; Home Ec Club. .MADGE S. SIMS Cullman, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education Sophomore Class. Reporter, ' 36; Salamagundi Club. WYLENE SMITH Lexington. Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, English and .Sociology ANNA SUE SMITH Scottsboro, Ala. A.B., Secondary Education, English and Music YWCA, President; Who ' s Who; Sophomore Class, Reporter; WSGA; Vice President, Jackson County Club; Wesleyan Foundation; Flor-Ala Staff; FTA; Choir; Band; Rehearsal Club. s E N I O R S JANIS SMITH Scottsboro. Ala. A.B., Chemistry Rehearsal Club; WAA, President; Diorama Staff; Flor- Ala Staff. BILL SOLLEY B.S., Math and Physical Science Provost Corps. Haleyville, Ala. BRANDON B. SPARKMAN Harlselle, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, P.E. and Biology Student Council. President; FTA, Vice President; P.E. Club; Provost Corps. REGINA GRACE SPRATLIN Hackteburg, Ala. B.S., Home Economics WSGA. Vice President; Inter-Faith Council; YWCA; Home Ec Club. s E N I O R S L. GLENDALE SPRINGER B.S.. P.E. and Biology P.E. Club; WAA; WSGA. NELSON RIVERS STARKEY, JR. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Tau Pi; Band; F Club; Tennis Team. Lexington, Ala. Florence, Ala. HARLEY HARRISON STONE Florence, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education FTA. THOMAS RUDOLPH Florence, Ala. B.S., Chemistry Provost Corps; Rehearsal Club; ACS. KENNETH BYRON TAYLOR Phil Campbell, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education, History and Biology IRC. President; BSU. CHARLES L. TAYS B.S.. P.E. and Biology P.E. Club; Provost Corps. Killen, Ala. r LEONARD BAILEY TERRY HiUsboro, Ala. B.S., Busine;; Administration Provost Corps: Sigma Tau Pi. DAVID THO L S Hackhhttrg. Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education, Science NANNIE PAUL THOMAS B.S., Elementary Education YWCA; Student Council: BSU: Dora, .41a. WSGA. ELIZABETH SHARP THORNTON Madison, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education. Home Economics Kappa Delta Pi: Choir: SGA: Student Council: Sec- retary. Home Ec Club. . cn W t , A " WAYNE L. TIDV ELL B.S.. Secondary Education. Biolog IRC; Provost Corps. NANCY COE VANCE B.S.. Secondary Education. P.E. Houston, .41a. P.E. Club. Secretary; Junior Clas Sheffield, Ala. and Biology , President: WAA. GERALD N. WADE B.S.. Secondary Education Florence, .41a. JOYCE ANN WADE Moulton. Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education. Business Administration Student Council: FT A: WSGA: Sigma Tau Pi: Diorama Editor; Social Committee. PEGGY SMITH WADE Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education. English and History Kappa Delta Pi. President; Sigma Tau Delta. Vice President. JEAN BISHOP WAKEFIELD Allsboro. Ala. B.S.. Elementary Education FTA: President. Colbert County Club; YWCA: WSGA. s E N I O R S WILLIAM HAROLD WALDON Nauvoo, Ala. U.S., Secondary E lucation, P.E. and Hiolo);y CHARLES 15. WALLACE Louisville, Ky. B.S., Secondary Education, Math and Science F Club; Diorama Staff; Sports Editor. MIRIAM ROBERSON WATKINS Florence, Ala. H.S., ,Secon lary Education, English and Social Science WAA; FTA; Rehearsal Club. WILLIAM H. WEATHERFORD B.A., Biology and Chemistry ACS; Skull and Bones. Lutts, Ala. s E N I O R S EARL O. WEBB l!.. .. I ' .E. and Biology I ' .E. Cluh; F Club; Science Club. HORACE W. WELLS B.S., Math and Physical Science FTA; .Science Club. Hanceville, Ala. Florence, Ala. IMOCENE WE. ' T 1!.. .. Elementary Education GERALD O. WHITE B.S.. Secretarial Science Provost Corps; Science Club. Haleyville, Ala. Rogersville, Ala. I.. L. WHITTEN Florence. Ala. U.S.. Bu i inei ii Administration Club: Sigma Tau Pi: Provost Corps. FRANCES ANNETTE WILBANKS Florence. Ala. ll.S.. Secondary Education. Home Econninic Who ' s Who: Flor-Ala. Circulation Manaiter; Diorama: Home Ec Club; Clee Club. JAMES I.AWRENCK WILLIAMS I5.S., F.Ufslisli and Malli Sifima Tau Delta. Fliircnif, Ala. IfOli !.. WOKTMAN Kiwa,u-e, III. A.I!., Scoonilary F.ducalion, History MSCA. S E N I O R S BETTY LEE YARUKOIIC.H Florence, Ala. li.A., St-coniiary E(lu ation, Spanish and English Rehearsal ( luli; I.SS, Secretary; Flor-AIn Staff; Diorama Staff; .Spanish Clul), .Secretary; Si nia Tau Delta; Who ' s Who. DALLAS JERRY YEA(;ER ,pm, Teim. I!.S., Math and Physical .Science .Student (Council, V ce President; Kappa Mu Epsilon. - A ' L f - X JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Jack Daniel, treasurer; Nancy Coe Vance, president; Elizabeth Ann Gibson, representative to Student Council; Helen Poole, secretary; and Ross Wright, vice-president. JUNIORS EMOGENE BALL Section, Ala. KENNETH V. BARNWELL Hackleburg, Ala. DICK BEASLEY Kimberley, Ah. REGINALD C. BEDINGFIELD Decatur, Ala. AfOAro liOOK ' ' - " Mmstj ' ONg ' Use, De. ' " " tbi, 4 a. - ?! JOE BAILEY BETTERTON Hartselle, Ala. ERLINE BISHOP Burnsville, Miss. NINNIE RUTH BISHOP Allsboro, Ala. JOHN BLACKWELL Huntsville, Ala. JUNIORS S " " t.M. " ' - jf ' in ;4la. " i ' - Horts JOE BREAUX _ Shelfield, Ala. MARY LOUISE BREWER Rogersville, Ala. DAVID CLARK BROWN . . Florence, Ala. MARY ELIZABETH BROWN yernon, Ala. Kari ' - -i ' ' " S? A ecai, Ala " ' Ala Axli, . WILLIAM G. BURLESON WinlieM, Ala. DONALD R. BURROUGHS Hunlsvilte. Ala. EDWARD M. BURROWS .... Ft. Payne. Ala. ETNA REE CARRAL ._ _. Decatur, Ala. JUNIORS f - N ' " ' ' " " ; Ala. Cftoss ' s S!l or ff " Athens J, " - it JACK DANIEL Cherokee, Ala. MARY PRISCILLA DARBY Collinwood, Tenn. N. ELOISE DAVIS. Booneville, Miss. CHARLES JACKSON DEAN Five Points, Tenn. ANNIS MAXINE DEKICH Nashville, Tenn. DORTHA DEANE DILLARD Winfield, Ala. DREW B. DORRIS America, Ala. WYNELLE DUKE Steppville, Ala. JUNIORS H ' ' " " !ce ' " ' Iron " ' ' . ' ;: ' ifr .lsj i MARJORIE GODWIN Booneville. Miss. i. W. GOODWIN Shellield. Ala. JAMES LARKY GRAHAM . foullon, Ala. JOAN PATRICIA (;RAHAM Couriland, Ala. RONALD J. GRAHAM Couriland, Ala. ANNE GRAY , Florrnce, Ala. LYMAN H. GREENE _ Tuicumbia. Ala. PEGGY D. (;REENE ...._ Tuscumbia, Ala. K JUNIORS Flof ' f, Ala. 5; . - - S o ' A, " " J-e ,, ' e. oro mTi M JAMES R. HODGES ... Fairfield, Ala. JERDA MARIE HOLDER Huntsville, Ala. CALDWELL HOLLINGSWORTH Glen Allen, Ala. COLEMAN F. HOLLIS ... Westpoint, Tenn. JOHN A. W. HOST Florence, Ala. THOMAS ALVIN HOWELL Cullman. Ala. GLADYS HUFFMAN Florence, Ala. JAMES BERT IKARD Shejjield, Ala. JUNIORS HEKBt W ..Vincent- - i SSS: nso erin He ' " ' ' " ' - AU " " ' V , ANN SCHRIMSHF.R Worfiion. Ala. VIR(;lNIA ANN SELLERS Adamsville, Ala. DORRIS SHELTON Moulton, Ala. NOLAN SHERRILL Spruce Fine, Ala. GLENDA SHERER Jasper, Ala. IRENE SHORT ..._ _ Nauvoo, Ala. RACHEL SPECK RussellvUle, Ala. PEGGY SUE SPRINGER . Lexington, Ala. JUNIORS %. x- " miM J ' ' I RAYMOND VERNON, JR Florence, Ala. ,,.to BETTY SUE WALDEN Tuscumbia, Ala. ' I J. BRACK WALKER __ Arley, Ala. i " ' I OLEN WAKEFIELD ..._ Double Springs, Ala. Spruce fi, DONALD WARREN Decatur, Ala. FRANK WATTS jasper, Ala. WILLIAM EDWIN WATTS ... Fairlield, Ala. KENNETH RAY WEEMS Town Creek, Ala. JUNIORS Ala- rice. ! MARGIE FRANCES WRIGHT ... Dora, Ala. WILLIAM T. WYNNE Camden, Tenn. %.. " " SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Mary Ann Wood, secretary; Bill Morris, president; Lou Ann Ray, vice-president. Standing: Barbara Bolton, Student Council representative; Hoyt Turbyfill, treasurer; Peggy Smith, reporter. SOPHOMORES HENRY L. BRINK Florence, Ala. JOYCE I). I5K0WN Haleyville, Ala. WINNIE F. BRYANT Florence, Ala. JAMES H. BURGESS BILLY J. HI KMIAM JTin je rf, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. THO! SOPHOMORES Uappli; MARY E. BURNUM Decatur, Ala. JOE H. BYARS Winjield, Ala. GKOKGE CALICH Fairmont, West Va. HILDA J. CAMP Florence, Ala. WILLIAM CAMPBELL Athens, Ala. L BHD; ' , Hi. BETTY A. CANNON WILLIAM H. CHAMBLEE HENRY W. CHENEY, JR. ROY CHILDERS Parrish, Ala. Ho dges, Ala. Florence, Ala. Russellville, Ala. JESSE D. CLANTON Athens, Ala. IRICHARDG.COFFMAN EVANS COLBERT Athens. Ala. Florence, Ala. PATSY A. COOK Haleyville, Ala. MARTHA A. COOPER Tuscumbia, Ala. JOE C. COUNTS Moulton. Ala. I THOMAS E. CRAFTON JOYCE P. CROMWELL ETHEL E. CROWDER Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. iL HHk JOHN D. CURTIS Haleyville, Ala. GEORGE R. DAVIS New Market, Ala. SOPHOMORES ETHEL M. DAY Huntsville, Ala. CARRIE V. DILLARD Phil Campbell, Ala. MONA J. UYER Guin, Ala. MAX I. EARWOOD HYMAN M. EDWARDJ Florence, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. 5 ' JOE S. ELMORE Reform, Ala. CARL EVANS Woodville, Ala. EUGENE FARLEY Moulton, Ala. WILMA J. FARROW BETTY S. FERGUSON A ' ei Market, Ala. Huntsville. Ala. I hi ' V HAROLD F. FINCHER Arley, Ala. BETTY FLACK Huntsville, Ala. WADE FLOYD If ' intirlil, Ala. VIVIAN FOSTER Florence, Ala. REBA FREEMAN mi Campbell, Ala. h I i . i 1 1 - i,it . J i%. Margerum, Ala. }. B. (;atks Russe.llville, Ala. VIR(;IN1A (;()()U 1AN Clilum, Trnn. DUNCAN (;RAY Florence, Ala. NADINE (.KEEN Wheeler, Ala. SOPHOMORES ILA J. GKOSS Scottsboro, Ala. MAKV N. GKOOVER Hartselle, Ala. BETTY GRISHAM Cherokee, Ala. JEAN GUYSE Hartselle, Ala. LEASEE HALBROOKS Hartselle, Ala. ' - S,FE8CIIS0I|IDINA J. HAMLET i lfj i. I Tuscumbia, Ala. !S TROY HAMNER Killen, Ala. VNE L. HENDERSON JAMES HENNESSY Florence, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. JACKIE N. HANKINS Sulligent, Ala. JAMES A. HARBIN Haleyville, Ala. JAMES G. HEMBREE Section, Ala. BETTY HENSLEY Huntsville, Ala. BOBBIE N. HENSLEY Florence, Ala. REBECCA HESTER Tuscumbia, Ala. HARLAN HILL MARGARET R. HILTON RALPH R. HINZ mai)c;e holt DANIEL R. HOLT Killen, Ala. Haleyville, Ala. Brilliant, Ala. Veto, Ala. Cloverdale, Ala. SOPHOIMORES MARY R. HOLT Lutts. Term. COWDEN W. HORTON Florence, Ala. ROBERT J. HOW Kl.L. JR. Birmiiighani, Ala. ' WILLIAM R. Hl ' DSON Jasper. .41a. JAMES E. HI NT Florence. Ala. MELBA HUNTER Tuscumbia, Ala. BOBBY JACKSON Moultnn. Ala. JAMES F. JOHNSON Florence, Ala. WILLIAM E. JONES JOSEPHINE M. KENNEt Moulton. Ala. Fayetteville, Tenn. ftf m ' l ' . M.. ALBERTA KENT Loretto, Tenn. SAMUEL R. KEY Town Creek; Ala. ROBERl IJ. KILGORE Meridianville, Ala. JOHN H. KITCHENS JOHNNIE U. LANDER Moulton, Ala. Town Creek, Ala. GERALD R. LATHAM Carbon Hill, Ala. NINA L. LAW Meridianville, Ala. A. EUGENE LONG Huntsville, Ala. KENNETH B. McAFEE MARLENE McBRlDE Florence, Ala. Pecaliir. Ala. SOPHOMORES McCOKMlCK BARBARA A. McDANlEL ' ield, Ala. Arab, Ala. VIRGINIA L. McFALL Florence, Ala. JACK D. McGRAW Red Bay, Ala, DELORES A. McKEE Florence, Ala. MARY L. MAPLES Scottsboro, Ala. ASKEW MARABLE Erin, Tenn. m k BILLY O. MARTIN Tuscumbia, Ala. BARBARA MAYFIELD BETTY S. MILLICAN Hartselle, Ala. Brilliant, Ala. MARY E. MURPHY MARY A. NeSMITH Florence, Ala. Town Creek, Ala. EARL ODOM Nauvoo, Ala. E. ANN OWEN Sheffield, Ala. BARBARA A. OWENS Sheffield, Ala. SOPHOMORES LA RUE RAMEY Winlield. Ala. LOU A. RAY Waynesboro, Tenn. JANE F. REDING Court and, Ala. FORREST E. REEVES CHaRLOTTE RORINSON Ardmore, Tenn. Veto, Ala. DANNIE ROGERS Hartselle, Ah. ALTON ROMINE Rogersville, Ala. SUSAN E. SANDERS Florence, Ala. DORTHULAH SANDLIN Town Creek, Ala. NINA J. SCOTT Florence, Ala. BETTY E J. SIBLEY Mount Hope, Ala. JAMES C. SIBLEY Athens, Ala. BILI.IE J. SIDES I ' arrish, Ala. MARTHA L. SMITH l.rightim, Ala. PEGGY C. SMITH Moulton, Ala. SOPHOMORES JOE TUNE Winiield. Ala. HOYT TURBYFILL RiisReJIvillp.. Ala, JOYCE VANN Huntsville. Ala. ELREE WADDELL Lexinetnn. Ala. BOBBY N. WADE Shefiield. Ala. SOPHOMORES DOROTHY J. WALDEN Parrish, Ala. DORA M. WALKER Florence, Ala. OLA M. WAMP Hanceville, Ala. ERNEST L. WANN Florence, Ala. LAMBERT L. WATTS Hamilton, Ala. ALMA E. WHITAKER THOMAS W. WILLIAMS WILSON WILLIAMS Sfrtinn, Ala. Carbon Hill, Ala. Thomasville, Ala. THOMAS R. WILLINGHAM Decatur. Ala. MARY A. WOOD Cordova, Ala. UWIGHT WOODARD Moulton, Ala. SPECIAL STUDENTS EDNA F. WOOLDRIDGE Hackleburg, Ala. BENJAMIN MARTIN Athens, Ala. MICHAEL D. SHRADER Tuscumbia, Ala. WENDELL TAYLOR Bridgeport, Ala. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Standing, left to right: Doyce Bailey, treasurer; Doyle Bailey, vice-president; Winfred Gillespie, president. Seated: Rebekah Cagle, secretary; Betty Whitt, representative to Student Council. FRESHMEN JAMES AIKEN Carbon Hill, Ala. THOMAS P. AKINS Good Springs, Ala. MARY E. ALDRIDGE Cordova, Ala. MARY T. ALEXANDER Shefjield, Ala. WILLIAM D. ALLFREY Athens, Ala. MARY C. ALLISON Rash, Ala. MARGARET A. ALMON Moulton, Ala. GORDON M. AMSLER Huntsville, Ala. JAMES E. ANDERSON Florence, Ala. SHIRLEY F. ANGE Decatur, Ala. HAZEL ATCHLEY Leighton, Ala. HOOVER RAGGETT Phil Campbell, Ala. DOYCE R. BAILEY Double Springs, Ala. DOYLE J. BAILEY Double Springs, Ala. RITA BAKER Decatur, Ala. MARGIE T. BALCH Lexington, Ala. RODERICK K. BANKS Florence, Ala. CARL E. BARNES Moulton, Ala. JAMES D. BARNES Moulton, Ala. CLOYD O. BEASLEY. JR. Florence, Ala. JUANITA BECK Town Creek, Ala. MARY A. BERRY Hartselle, Ala. HELEN BEVIS Florence, Ala. JAMES R. BILES Decatur, Ala. FRESHMEN DORIS E. BLACKBURN Florence, Ala. CAROLE C. BLAND Florence, Ala. MILDRED A. BOWEN Brilliant, Ala. DONALEE BOYETT Moulton, Ala. JAMES C. BRACKIN Town Creek, Ala. RUSSELL S. BRAKEFIELD Jasper, Ala. GEORGE W. BRETHERICK Florence, Ala. DORLA BREWER Waynesboro, Tenn. MARTHA E. BREWSTER Sheffield, Ala. CLYDE E. BRIDGES Athens, Ala. JEANNETTE BRIGHAM Toledo, Ohio VIOLET BROWN Anderson, Ala. DOROTHY E. BRYANT Laivrenceburg, Tenn. BARBARA A. BURLESON Winfield, Ala. HELEN J. BURTON Jasper, Ala. CONRAD L. BUTRAM Sheffield, Ala. BOBBIE BYNUM Scottshoro, Ala. REBEKAH A. CAGLE Haleyville, Ala. MARGUERITE CAMMACK Moulton, Ala. HELEN T. GARDEN Huntsville, Ala. JOAN K. CARTER Russellville, Ala. WELTON R. CARTER Cordova, Ala. TONY P. CARVALHO Iron City, Tenn. CECIL A. CHANEY Huntsville, Ala. FRESHMEN k JOHN L. CITRANO lliintiville, Alii. 1JILI.Y G. CLEMONS Hartselle, Ala. CKORCE T. COCHRAN Cherokee, Ala. LUCIA F. COOHKR Hartselle. Ala. liARBARA J. CORRY Oukinan. Ala. JAMES CRABIJ Shejlield, Ala. KATHERINE K. CRAIC Russe.llville, Ala. PATRICIA L. CRAWEORl) Shejjield, Ala. I ' EGGY J. CRUMP Gorgns, Ala. RACHELL C. DAILEY Riissellville, Ala. DARWIN C. DAVIS Florence, Ala. CHARLES N. DAVIS Florence, Ala. HELEN M. DISON Rogersville, Ala. FRED R. 1)01)1) Ciintersville, Ala. MARY S. DORROH Millport, Ala. HILLY J. DOWNEY Section, Ala. MARY 1(. EARNEST Ja.sjier, Ala. JIMMIE L. EVANS Hiis.sellville, Ala. CHARLES K. FARRIS Carbon Hill, Ala. JEAN A. FARRIS Collinwood, Trim. JOE T. FARRIS C.arhon Hill, Ala. HAROLD FIKES Hamilton, Ala. ARTHUR C. FINCH. JR. Heil Hay, Ala. .SCOITY FORI) Hiinisvillr, Ala. FRESHMEN ROBERT C. FRANKS Sheffield, Ala. BETTY J. FREE Decatur, Ala. BETTY S. FREEMAN Florence, Ala. MARGARET C. FROST Florence, Ala. CARL D. GARRISON Russellville, Ala. RAMONA GATCHER Sheffield, Ala. MELVIN T. CAY Manchester, Ala. CONNIE GARNER Rogersville, Ala. J. W. GILLESPIE Hillsboro, Ala. CHARLES D. GOOCH Florence, Ala. CHARLES E. GRANT Tuscumbia, Ala. FRANKLIN GRAY Harvest, Ala. GLENNA A. GUTHRIE Florence, Ala. MARY K. GUTHRIE Phil Campbell, Ala. JANE HAGGARD Florence, Ala. GLENN HALE Tuscumbia, Ala. DAVID H. HALL Woodville, Ala. IMA F. HALL Danville, Ala, JAMES W. HALL Athens, Ala. JEWELL HALL Bridgeport, Ala. MARY J. HALL Sheffield, Ala. KENNETH A. HARAWAY Lexington, Ala. IVA J. HARBOR Florence, Ala. ROBERT E. HARPER Tuscumbia, Ala. FRESHMEN CLIKKORI) HEAl.l) Spruce I ' ine, Ala. ISF.TTV HEKRINC I ' hil C.umpbell, Alii. PV:U. HF.KRON Jasiier, Ala. .M ARCAKET 1). HICHTOWER Haneal, Ala. ROIiERT HILL Florence, Ala. V.LI AliETH HILLMAN Fhirence, Ala. PE(;t;Y J. HINDS Carbon Hill, Ala. nOliliY C. HODCES If ' oodville, Ala. EDSEL v. HOLDEN Florence, Ala. JAMES E. HOLLAND Hiis.sellrille, Ala. RUUV N. HOLT Florence, Ala. EDITH I). HOVATER Hussellville, Ala. JOE I ' . HOWELL Hartselle, Ala. Itll.l.V J. hii(;hes Town (.reek, Ala. HOWARD HUMPHREY Trenton, Ala. JAMES E. HURST Moulton, Ala. (;eor(;e d. incram Florence, Ala. HETTY J. JACKSON Hassellville, Ala. MARY R. JACKSON Hussellville, Ala. BOHRY JAMES Hussellville, Ala. DENNA R. JOHNSON Kennedy, Ala. DEMI ' SEY JOHNSON Ml. Hoitf, Ala. JAMES W. JOHNSON I.eomn, Tenn. JAMES W. JOHNSON l.oretlo. Tenn. FRESHMEN QUINTON F. JOHNSON Florence, Ala. WILLIAM R. JOHNSON Florence, Ala. SALLIE J. JONES Florence, Ala. SONYA J. JONES Cordova. Ala. NORMAN 1). KELLEY Jasper, Ala. LUCIAN A. KENDRICK Carbon Hill, Ala. ROBERT L. KEPHART Florence, Ala. ELDREl) R. KICKER Tuscunibia, Ala. JIMMIE KING Leighton, Ala. JOSEPH C. KNOPF {Warrior, Ala. ALHERT S. LAMON Sheffield, Ala. PATSY A. LANIER Savannah, Tenn. HOLLLS R. LANNOM Mt. Juliet, Tenn. JESSE W. LANSDELL Florence, Ala. HOUSTON L. LAWRENCE Hartselle, Ala. JOHN H. LEE Nauvoo, Ala. BARBARA J. LEIGH Moulton, Ala. JIMMIE Y. LIVINGSTON Florence, Ala. GUY L. LOCKER Florence, Ala. MILTON A. LOONEY Athens, Ala. KENNETH LOTT Hartselle, Ala. DEWEY McALLLSTER Stevenson, Ala. BILLIE S. McALPIN Parrish, Ala. THOMAS W. McCUTCHEON Russellville. Ala. FRESHMEN ife DORIS s. McDonald Eva. Ala. JAMES G. McDonald Bridgeport. Ala. JESSE McRELVY Florence, .ila. JOYCE A. McKLNNEY Florence. .4la. JANICE McLEAN Huntsiille. Ala. GARY DELANO MANN . auioo. .ila. ELLIE F. MARTLN. JR. Florence. Ala. GORDON . L RTLN Florence, .ila. SHELBY D. NL SSEY Mt. Hope. .ila. BOBBIE S. MICHAEL Lexington, Ala. BOBBY H. MILLS Tuscumbia, Ala. BOBBY C. MINOR Moiilton. .ila. CLARA MITCHELL Section, .ila. RALNEY L. MITCHELL Tuscumbia. .ila. WILLIAM B. MITCHELL Florence, .ila. MARTHA R. MONCl RE Florence, .ila. EDWARD D. MOODY Scottsboro, Ala. JAMES E. MOORE Sheiiield. Ala. ANN F. MORRISON Florence, Ala. SARAH G. MOSHER Sheiiield, Ala. OTTO L. MULLINS Harlselle, Ala. JEAN NARRAMORE Cordova, Ala. DOROTHY S. NICHOLS Sulligent, Ala. LOliGENE C. NICHOLS Nauvoo, Ala. Kkmt4 : v:; ' - ' !s FRESHMEN 1 Ik Jkmt- ' MARY J. NICOLLS Florence, Ala. DOROTHY j. NORRIS Florence, Ala. ARCHIE NORTON Florence, Ala. BARBARA ORMAN Riissellville, Ala. TRAVIS W. PARKER Moulton, Ala. WESLEY A. PARKER Florence, Ala. RALPH PARMER Hamilton, Ala. KENNETH PARRISH Lawrencebiirg, Tenn. HAL R. PAYNE Falkville, Ala. CHARLOTTE A. PEARSON Florence, Ala. CHARLES E. PHILLIPS Florence, Ala. TOMMY L. PHILLIPS Decatur, Ala. ELIZABETH PIRIE Decatur, Ala. JOHN L. PITTMAN Florence, Ala. JANE PORTER Lexington, Ala. CAMILLA POSEY Cherokee, Ala. RICHARD E. PRESTAGE Huntsville, Ala. JIMMY R. RATLIFF Decatur, Ala. DONALD RAYFIELD Lawrenceburg, Tenn. EDWARD D. REDDING Florence, Ala. ARTHUR W. REYNOLDS Sheffield, Ala. SARA ROBERTS Eldridge, Ala. ELLA M. ROGERS Sheffield, Ala. ALVIN C. ROLEN Lawrenceburg, Tenn. FRESHMEN CHARLES M. RUSHING Hartselle, Ala. BARBARA A. RYLANT Hnrtxelle, Ala. KAVF, 1). SALMON Jiisi er. Ala. C. K. SANDKRS. JR. Trenton, Ala. MAURICE SANFORD Fayette, Ala. PHILLIP SCOCCIN Lawrenrebarg, Tcnn. VIRCINIA SELF Toney, Ala. JOHN P. SELL Derntiir, Mich. JOSEPH W. SHAW Upper Darby, I ' a. RllFllS R. SHERROI) Florence, Ala. HETTY J. SHEWRART Florence, Ala. LEOMONI) SHORT Cordova, Ala. I LA VEE SHORT Nauvoo, Ala. BETTY R. SIMS Florence, Ala. JAMES W. SIMS Cullman, Ala. JERRY J. SIMMONS Nauvoo, Ala. EDWARD C. SKIPWORTH Killen, Ala. CHARLES E. SMITH flartselle, Ala. IDA L. SMITH Russellville, Ala. GLORIA J. SNODDY Rogersville, Ala. WAFORD G. SPARKS Moullon, Ala. MARTHA S. SPRIN(;ER Florence, Ala. JAMES B. STEWART Florence, Ala. LOUISE P. STIVENER Townley, Ala. FRESHMEN . i L- - DAVID STONER Hunlsville, Ala. WILLIAM L. STUTTS Cherokee, Ala. FAYE B. SUDDUTH Addison, Ala. WILLINE SUDDUTH Addison, Ala. JAMES C. SWINEA Florence, Ala. CLOVIS 0. TAYLOR Tuscumbia, Ala. CURTIS 0. TAYLOR Russellville, Ala. JIMMIE N. TEMPLETON Hartselle, Ala. FRED T. THROWER Arab, Ala. JIMMY 0. TILLEY Cullman, Ala. JAMES WILLiAM TODD Huntsville, Ala. BETTY R. TURBYFILL Russellville, Ala. CHARLES M. TURNER Athens, Ala. VIRGINIA W. TURNEY Somerville, Ala. MARILEE TURPIN Killen, Ala. BETSY UNDERWOOD Tuscumbia, Ala. BETTY J. VANDIVER New Market, Ala. PAUL W. VAN MARTER Russellville, Ala. GLORIA E. VERNON Florence, Ala. GLENN ALLEN VICTORY Cordova, Ala. BILLY H. VINSON Stevenson, Ala. BETTY R. WADDELL Tuscumbia, Ala. ROBERT A. WAILES, JR. Courtland, Ala. JAMES S. WAKEFIELD Russellville, Ala. FRESHMEN JANET WALKER Pleuna, Ala. RAYMOND WALLACE Cordova, Ala. TALLULAH WATSON Detroit, Ala. DARTHON WELLS Florence, Ala. MARY B. WELLS Florence, Ala. BETTY J. WHITT Ardmore, Ala. FEBBY E. WILLIAMS Sheffield, Ala. NORMA S. WILLIAMS Parish, Ala. MOLLIE S. WILLIS Russellvitle, Ala. MARY W. WOOD Scottsboro, Ala. JIMMIE WOODWARD Athens, Ala. PAULA M. WYLIE Cordova, Ala. DOROTHY YARBROUGH Cherokee, Ala. MARY J. YEAGER Leoma, Tenn. JACK N. YOUNG Moulton, Ala. ' t ' c ??r w ' ' i- ' :, FEATURE MR. F.S.T.C, Samiuy Hardy m ( V o Miss Jean Jolly ksy unot Walker ( V ' P ' i " I ( ' o ' f 31iss Lesie Threa dgili% J u " Miss Rebekah Cagle - ' I .Miss Bobhi Artis nnmiB n; Miss Betty Flack HOMECOMING QUEEN j o c " o t ' W Miss Marlene McBride Co- ' Miss Rebekah Cn le jio c v VV Co ' Miss v4n7i Motk 0 e " o iv ' vv Miss Jo Nell BoA) C " - ' Miss Bobbi .4rli ,= . PROVOST CORPS SWEETHEART Miss Mary Jane Hall s l ll .,,, ft A Bilp ' TAlJON SPONSOR Miss Rchekah Cagle 1 0 ' c- COMPANY A Miss Charlotte Pearsoi COMPANY B Miss Joan Carter m a-j. 3 .0 ' ' vz: 0- ' C- mfi COMPANY C Miss Jean Jolly j; COMPANY D i Miss Rita Baker $r so ' vz; 0- ' C- R.O.T.C. BAND mss Bohhi McKee l .0 J. urrid ideti ( iJ Named in honor of the picturesque " faithful towers of Wesleyan Hall, " this highest honor that the student body can confer upon fellow students is awarded to not more than two graduates at each commencement for high scholarship and laudable service to the college. % ,;ff Sarah Sockwell (August, 1951) % f I Ralph Holt (May, 1951) Bonnie Cantrell (May, 1951) SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR Herbert Sanford SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR Nita Gr aham W.. and WiM 3.ienJli i ienaiineSd Joe Betterton Carol Bogle 4I| l;i9Sm i hs ' . m Aw ! Please, somebody yell! al A rose with three thorns Willingham ' s Side-show Takes the Prize Ob,vou " ' M A ' - V ' 1 ' v n 4 n ' ' c? ,, They all go native on a Saturday night. .It ..;:|r(|i! - ::[-, : i ' i.. . tt ' JUL tTVsT iS i QKEDl? ' ii w m 1 Br END Twirling Trio The Punishment a Cameraman Takes! Behind the Scenes Pardon my spit curls " Two of a kind. jf Cr - " s The Editor at work Brains at work. Two ' s company Three ' s a crowd. The oomp S " Ot for L S . n ' ' ' ' p ej-:;2fV- fetteg i i ( 8 F. S. T. C. ' s Grand Ole Opera The Golden Hawk and his Captive F. S. T. C. ' s " Jezebel ' The General looks ' era over. The spider and fly A foxy lady in a foxy room The spider and fly A foxy lady in a foxy room % Six heads are better than one At last Love that Muscle-Man Romeo Contemplatin ' again Yea, Team! What goes up is bound to come down! w " . ' 1 Relaxin ' between classes Happy Easter, Merry Valentine Unmasking time One way to beat the heat ? ' r- f Evaluation Committee and General Joe General Parker comes to visit. These Home Ec girls give a good dance! " ' - " . D., ' " " " Slyl, OacV ' " Anything For A Laugh! Field Shower Room On a Bon Air Saturday Night ( Week-End Warriors Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition " % Vacation with Pay Parade Rest! ORGANIZATIONS OFFICERS JOE BREAUX _ President PAUL O ' MARY Vice President HELEN FRENCH - Secretary CHARLES BEARDEN Treasurer DR. W. T. McELHENY DR. H. H. FLOYD DR. GEORGE CRAIG HUGH DARDEN Faculty Advisors The purpose of the STUDENT COUNCIL is to act as a clearing house for problems affecting the social welfare of the students, and to unify the student activities in the college. The membership of the council consists of representatives from the dormitories, classes and the non-boarding students. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS First row: Joe Tune, Bill Moody, Doyle Ramey, Elizabeth Gibson, Helen French, Carol Bogle, Betty Whitt. Second row, up: Jo Nell Bobo, Paul O ' Mary, John Rogers, Bill Morris. Third row, up: Hartwell Beasley, Dr. Floyd, Mr. Darden. Fourth row, up: Joe Breaux, Charles Bearden, Dr. McElheny. DIORAMA V ROSS WRIGHT Editor Below CHARLES WALLACE Sports Editor ELIZABETH GIBSON Class Editor CAROL BREWSTER Asst. Class Editor ROSS WRIGHT Editor CAROL BOGLE Asst, Editor MARY ANN GILCHRIST Faculty Editor MARY EMILY BURNUM Feature Editor Not pictured LEON POOLE Organizations Editor PATSY COOK Photography Editor RITA BAKER EDWARD CARTER Assts. in Photography E D I T R I A L S T A F F STAFF ORION J. HYDE Business Manager Bottom DORRIS SHELTON Typist CHARLOTTE PEARSON Typist HENRY CHENEY Assistant Business Manager {Advertising J BETTY WHITT Artist SAM HYDE Business Manager MAGGIE JONES Assistant Business Manager (Circulation) MARLENE McBRIDE Circulation Not pictured JOYCE WADE MARY ELLEN ALDRIDGE Typists MEMBERS First row: Betty Yarbrough, Dolores Pylant, Martha Haynes, Dorothy Jeffreys. Second row: Charles Dean, Miss Julia Neal, Peggy Wade, Joe Beumer, Joy Marable, Lawrence Williams, Floyd GuUion, Carol Bogle. SIGMA TAU DELTA, national honorary English fraternity, has been represented on the campus since 1935 by the Theta Delta Chapter. To be eligible for membership a student must be an English major or minor, must be of junior standing or above, arid must have maintained a " B " average in his English courses. SIGMA TAU DELTA SCIENCE SOCIETY MEMBERS Charles McHenry, President; Maxine Dekich, Vice Presi- dent; Mary Ann NeSmith, Secretary; Donald Burroughs, Treasurer; Dr. A. L. Hershey, Sponsor. Billy Kilgore, Mil- ton Thomas, Alberta Kent, Juanita Ledbetter, Elizabeth Whittaker, Ruby Campbell, Dannie Rogers, Rudolph Hig- gins, Tom Graham, Ben Blanton, Helen Ridgeway, Charles Tays, Brandon Sparkman, Joe Breaux, John Blackwell, Jerry Clemmons, James Farneman, Floyd Gullion, James Thompson, Martin A. Gann, Thomas Howell, Mark Ray Luttrell, Bill Moody, Ross Wright, James Hodges, Lyman Green, Betty Jean McBride, Bill Millican, Orion J. Hyde, Bill Burelson, Mary Ann Barnes, David Thomas, Gerald White, Wayne Tidwell, Horace Wells. OFFICERS LEON POOLE _ State President DOLORES PYLANT .- President, Summer-Fall BRANDON SPARKMAN Vice President, President SALLY RIGGINS Vice President ALBERTA KENT Treasurer MARY M. JONES Reporter RONALD GRAHAM _... Librarians DOT SANDLIN MEMBERS Jim Aiken, Mary Ellen Aldridge, Ninnie Ruth Bishop, Sara Blackburn, Mary Brown, Violet Brown, June Bush, Roy Cameron, Betty Ann Cannon, Helen Garden, Tecumseh Carpenter, Eloise Davis, Maxine Dekich, Wynelle Duke, Mary Belle Eldridge, Eugene Farley, Elmer Fowler, Reba Freeman, Jean Garrison, Fay Gilbert, Alvin Glover, Mar- jorie Godwin, Ronald Graham, Betty Grisham, John Hall- mark, Jackie Hankins, Molly Sue Harris, Peggy Herron, Juanita Hicks, Jane Higginbotham, Lois Hill, Doris Jean HoUaday, Joyce Holt, Mary Ruth Holt, Gladys Huffman, Orion J. Hyde, Dorothy Jeffreys, Alberta Kent, Wilborn Killian, John Kilpatrick, Peggy Langston, Ray Luttrell, Molly McBride, Barbara McDaniel, Jesse McKelvey, Kath- ryn Mason, Dorothy Miller, Mrs. Dorothy Mitchell, Neeka Moore, Pauline Moore, Elizabeth Murphy, Mary Ann NeSmith, Tommy Phillips, Leon Poole, Camilla Posey, Ray Pritchard, S. A. Pugh, Juanita Pu ' tman, Dolores Pylant, Sally Riggins, Dempsey Rutherford, Dot Sandlin, Glenda Sherer, Ila Vee Short, Brandon Sparkman, Susie Smith, Harley Stone, Johnnie Ruth Stovall, Jean Taylor, Kenneth Taylor, Joanne Thomas, Ninnie Paul Thomas, James Thompson, Carrie (King) Tompkins, Libbie Legg Turney, Mrs. Miriam Watkins, Horace Wells, George Wilson, Margie Wright, Carolyn Yarbrough, Howard Mann, Robert Howell. SPONSORS Dr. Waite, Mr. Davis, Miss Barganier, Dr. Jaggers, Mrs. Hudson, Mr. Winn, Mr. Woodward, Mr. Young. PURPOSES All prospective teachers are eligible for member- ship in the FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA. This organization is to acquaint future teachers with the history, ethics, and program of the organ- ized teaching profession. It tries to interest the best young men and women in Education as a lifelong career. " Y " CABINET First row: Lou Ann Ray, Cherovise McMicken, Ann Bobo, Cynthia Kimbrough. Second row: Miss Sophia Papageorge, Doris Jean May, Sue Smith, Ann Schrimsher, Dolores Pylant, Miss Donette Davis. Standing: Janet Walker, Regina Spratlin, Molly Sue Harris, Sudie CoUum, Helen French, Carol Bogle, Joy Marable, Martha Haynes, Martha Gresham, Joanne Bond, Lois Richardson. An organization of long standing at FSTC is the YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. All women students are made eligible for membership by accepting the organization ' s purpose, which is to further campus-wide Christian living. Y. W. C. A. I MEN ' S SELF - GOVERNMENT OFFICERS JACK DANIEL President JAMES THOMPSON .-... Vice President CHARLES DEAN Secretary-Treasurer ROSS WRIGHT Reporter MRS. W. F. McFARLAND Sponsor MEMBERS James Mitchell George Latham Joe Tune Kenneth Taylor Rex Holt Hoyt Turbyfill Drew Doris Bill Morris Wiley Higgins Bob Wortman The object of the MEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT Association is to further the interests of those boys living in the dormitories and to maintain the high standards of conduct which manhood requires. The organization ' s constitution and by-laws are designed to help uphold the honor and dignity of the college. Epsilon Psi Chapter of KAPPA DELTA PI, an honor society in Education, was installed at Flor- ence in 1945. Its purpose is to en- courage high professional, intel- lectual, and personal standards of preparation for teaching ; to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educa- tional work; and to promote a closer bond of fellowship among students of Education. MEMBERS Seated : Helen Kimbrough, Peggy Smith Wade, Cherovise McMickin, Dolores Pylant. Standing: Mr. Mcllrath, Elizabeth Thornton, Martha Haynes, Dempsey Rutherford. KAPPA DELTA PI SKULL and BONES OFFICERS BETTY JEAN McBRIDE President DUNCAN GRAY Vice President WILEY HlGGim.. Secretary-Treasurer JAMES BURGESS ...Reporter MR. HUFF Sponsor MEMBERS James Burgess, Charles Dean, Maxine Dekich, Duncan Gray, Donald Griffin, Wiley Higgins, Betty Jean McBride, Jack Mclntyre, Bill Moody, Herbert Pender, William Weatherford. SKULL and BONES is com- posed of students interested in medicine and the allied fields. The purpose of the Club is fourfold: to stimulate interest, to promote greater coordination, to further high ideals and to encourage the maintenance of high scholastic standards among its members. OFFICERS NITA GRAHAM President CHARLES TAYS Vice President NANCY C. VANCE Secretary PAUL O ' MARY Treasurer WALTER HOLDER Reporter H. A. FLOWERS and HELEN MATTHEWS Sponsors PURPOSE The P. E. CLUB was organized at Florence in 1946. The objectives of this organization are to awaken a wide and intelligent interest in health, physical education, and recreation; to acquire and disseminate knowledge concerning them; to pro- mote such universal health, physical education, and recreation as will provide well-trained leaders and secure good programs throughout the state. MEMBERS Fred Aldridge, Thomas Akins, Raymond Armstrong, Hart- well Beasley, Ben Blanton, Sarah Bradford, Jarvis Brewer, Ed Burrows, George Calich, Berry Cantrell, John Citrano, Bill Creekmore, Max Earwood, Rebecca Draper, Joe Elmore, Carl Evans, Bill Farris, Martin Gann, Carl Garrison, Grady Gauntt, Tom Gay, James Glass, James Goodwin, Nita Graham, Raymond Graham, Lyman Green, Ed Harvey, James Hennessy, Terrell Henderson, Betty Hinds, James Hodges, Walter Holder, Caldwell Hollingsworth, Lucy Hunt, Sam Hyde, Howard Humphries, Melba Hunter, James Johnson, Elvin Kidd, Bobby Kephart, Jack King, Cynthia Kimbrough, George Lindsay, Paggy Langston, Howard Mann, Gordon Martin, Delores McKee, Eugene McMeans, W. R. Millet, James Moore, Durrell Mock, Sarah Mosher, Paul O ' Mary, Ralph Palmer, Ralph Parmer, Bimol Poole, Charles Phillips, E. D. Redding, Helen Ridgeway, John Rogers, Alton Romine, C. E. Sanders, Herbert San- ford, Naomi Sanford, Tommy Scott, Jerry Simmons, Edward Skipworth, Peggy Smith, Glendale Springer, Betty Flack Smith, Brandon Sparkman, Charles Tays, Fred Thomas, James Thompson, James T. Thrower, Charles Turner, William Waldon, Ray Wallace, Earl Webb, Martha Webb, Nancy Coe Vance, Lloyd Whitt. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB k:? , ' . V m Mi ' -JR KAPPA MU EPSILON OFFICERS JOHN L. KILPATRICK .. President TOM WILLIAMS Vice President ARMSTEAD ALSOBROOK Secretary-Treasurer MRS. MARY R. HUDSON Faculty Sponsor MISS ORPHA ANN CULMER Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Front row, left to right: Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, John L. Kilpatrick, Armstead Alsobrook, Tom Williams, Miss Orpha Ann Culmer. Back row: Floyd Daniel, Dallas Yeager, Olen Wakefield, Cherovise McMickin, Edwin Watts, Richard Marmann. Not shown: Joe Beumer. KAPPA MU EPSILON is a national honorary mathematics fraternity. The object of the fraternity is to further the interest in mathematics; to help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of western civilization ; to develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathe- matics; and to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics. The Alabama Beta Chapter was installed May 25, 1935. First row, left to right: Joe Elmore, George Lindsey, Sara Hyde, James Hodges, Nelson Starkey, Dickie Coffman, Robert Cauthren, Harlon Hill, Bobby Wade. Second row: Charles Wallace, Cynthia Kimbrough, Ed Burrows, Maston Gill, Eugene Long, David Neyman, Raymond Vernon, Herbert Sanford. Third row: Joel Brewer, Tom DeWeese, James Hunt, L. L. Whitten, Bill Farris, John Braswell, Jack King, Ralph Graham. Fourth row: Coach George Weeks, Kenneth Tice, Carl Bradley, George Calich, Bimol Poole, Cald- well HoUingsworth, Don Parker, Kenneth Farris, Ed Watts, Jimmy Dyer. The purpose of ths F CLUB is to promote intercollegiate athletics at Florence State Teachers College and to foster good sportsmanship in the student body. Membership is based upon the recommendation of any letterman by the head coach of football, baseball, basketball, and any other intercollegiate sport, with the approval of the director of athletics. THE " F " CLUB COLLEGE CHOIR Mrs. Ruby Porter Conductor Membership in the CHOIR is open to any student who has the ability and desire to sing. Under the able direction of Mrs. Hugh Porter the Choir pre- sented Handel ' s " Messiah " as a Christmas program. Other programs during the year included music by the following composers: European Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Mendelssohn. American Ernest Bacon, Charles Bryan, Robert Delaney, Robert Shaw. SOPRANOS Alice Almon Aileen Bishop Ninnie Ruth Bishop Ann Bobo Mary Ann Christian Patsy Cook Bobbye Cooper Joyce Cromwell Betty Furgueson Martha Gresham Bobbie Hensley Maggie Jones Josephine Kennedy Alberta Kent Mary Ruth Malone Carolyn Murphy Billie Sides Roa Lee Scott Betty R. Sims Elizabeth Thornton Mary Lee Williams Joyce Vann Mary Jo Yeager Mary Ann Berry Carole Bland Barbara Burleson Molly Sue Harris Betty Hensley Cynthia Kimbrough Mary Ruth Holt Barbara McDaniel Lou Ann Ray Jane Reding Sally Riggins Marilyn Roberts Ann Streit ALTOS Mary Aldridge Marcie Balch Sara Blackburn Sara Bradford Joanna Bond Winnie Bryant Rebecca Draper Mona Dyar Jane Hall Dinie Hamlet Mary Hitchcock Jerda Holder Elizabeth Houston Doris James Janice McClean Doris J. May Martha R. Moncure Dorothy A. Pitts Susie Smith Johnnie R. Stovall Janet Walker Betty J. Whitt TENORS Cloyd Beasley Leon Poole Mike Shrader Jim Speake Jerome Stumpe Jim Terapleton BASS Clyde Anderson Joe Breaux T. Carpenter Ed Carter Joe Earns James Morris Bill Morris Jack Nale Charles Phillips Frank Stone David Stoner Gene Tonn ACCOMPANISTS Dorothy Ann Pitts Cloyd Beasley HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The HOME ECONOMICS CLUB was organized in the summer of 1949. Some of the objects of the club are to encourage creative arts and activities which will develop worthy home membership; to encourage each member to contribute toward the happiness and well-being of her home and com- munity; to provide opportunities for members to accept responsibilities and to become good follow- ers as well as good leaders; and to provide social, professional and business experiences through the various aspects of club life. Membership is open to all home economics majors enrolled in this institu- tion. MEMBERS Elaine Berryhill, Jo Nell Bobo, Ginger Bogle, Geneva Boston, Elaine Bryant, Marguerite Cammack, Virginia Cockrell, Jimmie Lou Evans, Margaret Ann Flippen, Anne Glass, Billie Ruth Gordon, Peggy Green, Martha Gresham, Mary Kathryn Guthrie, Leasle Halbrooks, Betty Hensley. Margaret Rose Hilton, Doris Huggins, Bebe Hydrick, Bob- bie Sue Michael, Betty Millican, Josephine Moore, Carolyn Murphy, Peggy Murphy, Dorothy Nichols, Lougene Nichols, Mary Harriet Plyler, Juanita Putman, Virginia Self, Ruth Simpson, Gloria Jane Snoddy, Regina Spratlin, Jean Taylor, Alice Thompson, Elizabeth Thornton, Betty Walden, Susan Sanders Walston, Ola Mae Wamp, Tallulah Watson, Ann- ette Wilbanks, Mary Ann Wood. OFFICERS ANNE CROWE GLASS _. President REGINA SPRATLIN _ Vice President BEBE HYDRICK Secretary MARY ANN WOOD Treasurer MARGARET ANN FLIPPEN Reporter RUTH BELK SIMPSON Parliamentarian MRS. MARY WILLIS HUFF Sponsor EXECUTIVE BOARD Seated: Regina Spratlin, Vice President; Ila Jean Gross, McMickin, President; Betty Hensley, Advisory Council Fire Chief; Dot Sandlin, Convocations Chairman. Chairman; Glenda Sherer, Treasurer; Miss Maurine Sub- Standing: Barbara Bolton, Social Chairman; Mickie lett. Sponsor; Ann Schrimsher, Secretary. WOMEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION MEMBERS First row: Maxine Dekich, Jimmie Hudson, Margaret Rose Hilton, Ann Streit, Ninnie Ruth Bishop, Elizabeth Murphy, Lou Ann Ray, Doris Jean May. Second row: Helen Poole, Glenda Sherer, Barbara Bolton, Ann Schrimsher, Mickie McMickin, Regina Spratlin, Ila Jean Gross, Betty Hensley, La Rue Latham. Il o Standing: Carol Bogle, Dorothy Miller, Joyce Brown, Joanne Bond, Faye Gilbert, Josephine Moore, Wynell Duke, Jo Nell Bobo, Pat Graham, Juanita Ledbetter, Mavoline King, Jean Harbin, Nadine Green, Bebe Hydrick, Glendale Springer. SSi i The Florence State chapter of the PROVOST CORPS, a national fraternity for outstanding cadets in the Military Police R. 0. T. C, is the fourth chapter in the nation. Membership in the fraternity is the highest honor that may be conferred upon a student in the Military Police R. 0. T. C. The purpose of the Provost Corps is to elevate the personal standards of the corps and its various units, to establish in the public mind a necessity for professional training of the personnel of the Corps of Military Police, and to foster a greater coopera- tion between the Military Department and the school. Membership is obtained by application by an advanced cadet, whose record and qualifications are reviewed by the Executive Council. The Execu- tive Council will recommend acceptance or rejec- tion of the cadet. PROVOST CORPS OFFICERS Front row. loft to rifiht I.F.O Gl ' SMlIS Exenitive Oilicer JOHN AnKlNS Execiilire Oiiicer WILLIAM H. BERNOS Finanre Oiiicer CHARLES M. PALLK I ' rovost Mnrshall Stamliii!:. loft to right S M IY L. HARDY Kxcriitire Oiiicer JOEL RREWER Adjutant WVYNE L. RITLEDCE Deputy Provost Marshnll JARVIS L. RREWER Provost Sgt. Major n s. M 9 nn- H K " ' It is the aim of the lA ' TER- NATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB to bring about a more thorough and unbiased understanding of in- ternational affairs. Students who have completed eighteen hours of social studies with a " B " average, and have a " C " average on all their studies are eligible for member- ship. Seated: Maxine Dekich, Floyd Gullion. Helen Poole, Dorothy Jeffrey?. Janie? Speake. Alberta Kent. Stanilinj;, left to rij;lit : Carol Bojile. Wayne Tiilwell. Fay Gilbert. Mary Ann NeSniith, Denipsey Rutherford. Ken- neth Taylor. Dorothy Miller. Jo Ann Patterson. Richard Jaggers. Philip Vi ' riglit. George Wilson. Janie? Thomp- son. Dr. Cresap. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB SOCIAL COMMITTEE The SOCIAL COMMITTEE is composed of students I selected bv the President of the Student Coun- cil and approved by the college President) and facultv members, organized for the purpose of plan- ning entertainment for the entire student bodv. Sealed, left to right: Miss Maurine Subletl. Miss Helen Matthews. I.i Gibson. Mrs. . F. McFarland. Bettv Millican. Molly MoBride. Standing: Charles Bearden. Dr. W. T. McF.lheny. Joe Tune. Mr. Winn. Wilev Higgins. KAKSAL Cl.UB is ihc collcgc organizatioii. Any student interested lase of (Iramaties is encouraged to nieiiil)er. This group presents sev- r productions each year. You Can ' t Take It With You AIJ ' HA I ' SI OMKGA is a national dramatic fraternity composed of members of the Re- hearsal Clul) who prove their spectial interest and ability in acting and stage lechnicjue. A n t i g a n e R E H E A R S A L C L U B and A L P H A P S I o M E G A OFFICERS TED HRYSON President MAGDALENE JONES Vice President NINNIE RUTH BISHOP Secretary DUNCAN GRAY Treasurer MOLLY SUE HARRLS Reporter MLSS EMH.Y WEBBER Sponsor The FLORENCE YOUNG MUSICIANS CLUB is composed of students seriously interested in music. The club realizes its purpose through the media of radio programs, concert series, and the study of various composers and schools of music. YOUNG MUSICIANS CLUB THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY PURPOSE: To afford an opportunity for students majoring in chemistry to become better acquainted: to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences and to instill a professional pride in the study of chemistry. OFFICERS CARLOS HAGOOD Chairman BILL MOODY _. Secretary JANIS SMITH - Vice Chairman JOHNNIE RUTH STOVALL . ;._.. Reporter EDWARD CROSS Treasurer GEORGE EDWARDS Faculty Advisor TOMMY " CHIGGER " PARRISH Director and Manager EDSEL HOLDEN Vocalist DR. WAYNE CHRISTESON Faculty Advisor TRUMPETS Eclsel Holder) Glenn French " Chigger " Parrish SAXOPHONES Bill Cofield Bobby Morris Don Pollard Buddy Ingram Carter Gable TROMBONES Lawrence " Doc " Chawning PIANO Martha Taylor Ferguson BASS Sam Ruth DRUMS Jack Stanley FSTC STARLIGHTERS . c4i j iP - ' 1 % C r vi% vm .w- S hilBb WS S) t 1 0 Z -1 The Flor - Ala JOE BEUMER Editor HELEN FRENCH _ Co-Business Manager MrCKIE McMICKIN Co-Business Manager Below: WALTER P. WEST Sponsor 3ean Harb.n. -: ' - ... . " ' " " ' STAFF Mary ' " " ah. M ' aggie " y ' -s. Joy w H s w H I I Seated: Joanne Bond, Helen French, Martha Haynes, Rutledge. Delores Pylant, Cherovise McMickin, Joe Beumer, Sue Standing: Sam Hyde, Brandon Sparkman, Joe Breaux and Smith, Leon Poole, L. L. Whitten, Clyde Anderson, Wayne Paul O ' Mary. The students selected annually for WHO ' S WHO acter, leadership, cooperation in scholastic and IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES and COLLEGES extra-curricular activities, general citizenship, and are chosen by secret ballot, by a joint faculty-stu- promise of future usefulness to society. dent committee, on the basis of scholarship, char- HANDBOOK COMMITTEE JOE BREAUX GEORGE ADAMS DELORES PYLANT MARTHA HAYNES During the summer of 1951 this group of students, working with the Student Council, planned and wrote a STUDENT HANDBOOK giving names of faculty members, names and pur- poses of all campus organi- zations, and other informa- tion of value to all students. SIGMA TAU PI OFFICERS L. L. WHITTEN Pre sident WALTER GULLETT Vice President JEAN HARBIN Secretary CLYDE C. ANDERSON Treasurer RAYMOND ARMSTRONG Reporter Z. S. DICKERSON, JR Sponsor PURPOSES The purposes of the SIGMA TAU PI CLUB are: to promote interest in the business department; to stimulate business, professional, and personal growth of its members; to cultivate friendships between business students; to provide various func- tions to aid in making the member a better quali- fied student of business. B. S. U. COUNCIL Juanita Hicks, Secretary; Wynell Duke. Kenneth Taylor, Brotherhood President; Bill Morris. James Farneman, Jimmie Lyn Littleton. Virgie Stidham. Josephine Moore, David Brown. Dot Muse, Elmer Fowler. Mary Ann Christian, Treasurer; Ann Bobo. James Johnson, Sally Riggins. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION B.S.U. is composed of all Baptist students on campus and has as its purpose to tie the student to the local Church and promote individual spiritual growth. MORNING WATCH SERVICES 4 R T C COMPANY A Jarvis L. Brewer, Company Commander; C. M. Paulk, Com- pany Executive; C. D. McCorkle, Company First Sergeant; C. E. Sockwell, Guidon Bearer; B. L. Davis, First Platoon Leader; E. A. Cross, Platoon Sgt. ; D. C. Brown, Platoon Guide; C. HoUingsworth, 1st Squad Leader; F. Aldridge, 2nd .Squad Leader; A. P. Alsobrook, 3rd Squad Leader; K. V. Barnell, 4th Squad Leader; D. L Huggins, 2nd Platoon Leader; D. B. Dorris, Platoon Sgt.; W. H. Chamblee, Platoon Guide; J. B. Smith, 1st Squad Leader; J. O. Breaux, 2nd Squad Leader; D. R. Burroughs, 3rd Squad Leader; J. 0. Cheatham, 4th Squad Leader. = s TR ' a g ' l af5 COMPANY B S. L. Hardy, Company Commander; T. P. DeWeese. Company B. J. England, 4th Squad Leader; L. F. Cusmus. 2nd Platoon Executive; C. C. Anderson, Company First Sgt.; E. McMeans, Leader; R. H. Howell. Platoon Sgt.; T. A. Dean, Platoon Guirlon Bearer; D. I.. Ramey, 1st Platoon Leader; L. B. Terry, Guide; S. L. Graham, Ist Squad Leader; T. H. Hammer. 2nd Platoon .Sgt.; J. H. Mclntyre, Platoon Guide; R. B. Kilgore, Squad Leader; W. E. Harris, 3rd Squad Ua ler; J. B, Ikard, 1st Squad Leader; B. B. Creekmore, 2nd Squad Leader; S. E. 4th Squad Leader. Cross, 3rd S(|wa l I.eader. mf 1 - ' M K . i ' .i L w W W I COMPANY C P. E. Marvin, CoTtipany Commander; Joel W. Brewer, Com- pany Executive; J. J. Adkins, Company First Sgt. ; W. B. Brandon, Guidon Beayer; D. E. Rutherford, 1st Platoon Leader; R. W. Ritch, Platoon Sg .; R. C. Mangino, Platoon Guide; C. B. Jackson, 1st Squad Leadr; R. S. Manasco, 2nd Squad Squad Leader; W. L. Tidwell, 2nd Platoon Leader; W. J. Moody, Platoon Sgt.; C. C. Bonner, Platoon Guide; W. L. Williams, 1st Squad Leader; D. Mock, 2nd Squad Leader; R. L. Armstrong, 3rd Squad Leader; R. C. Bedingfield, 4th Squad Leader. COMPANY D W. E. Patterson, Company Commander; B. B. Sparkman, Company Executive; K. W. Bradley, Company First Sgt.; J. D. Clanton, Guidon Bearer; C. C. Hagood, 1st Platoon Leader; B. P. Hill, Platoon Sgt.; J. B. Walker, Platoon Guide; J. B. Betterton, 1st Squad Leader; C. C. Bone, 2nd Squad Leader; W. G. Burleson, 3rd Squad Leader. J. M. Dyer, 4th Squad Leader; T- H. Beumer, 2nd Platoon Leader; C. P. Tays, Platoon Sgt.; F. D. Thompson, Platoon Guide; J. B. Vaughn, 1st Squad Leader; J. D. Griffin, 2nd Squad Leader; F. T. GuUion, 3rd Squad Leader; W. T. Hig- gins, 4th Squad Leader. BATTALION STAFF Lt. Col. W. H. Bernos, Major T. L. Sutton, Major W. D. Rutledge, Major C. D. Kent, Captain J. M. Sandlin, Sgt. J. F. Johnson. t HP ir tr t 4 r Capt. Jarvis L. Brewer, Capt. S. L. Hardy, Capt. P. E. Marvin, Capt. W. E. Patterson, 1st Lt. B. L. Davis, 1st Lt. D. L Huggins, 1st Lt. C. M. Paulk, 1st Lt. D. L. Ramey, 1st Lt. L. F. Gusmus, 1st Lt. T. P. DeWeese. T; ! I i D. E. COMPANY OFFICERS Rutherford, 1st Lt; W. L. Tidwell, 1st Lt. Joel W. Brewer, 1st Lt. B. B. Sparkman, 1st Lt. C. C. Hagood, 2nd Lt. J. H. Beumer. ROTC BAND William D. Alfrey. Qyde 0. Bea|py. William L. Campbell, Henry W. Cheney, Robert Dunnavanl. Roanald Eddens, J. T. Parri, Herbert C. French, Duncan Gray, R. C. Harper, Cowden Horton, Edsel Holden, George A. Hooper, William Hudaon, George D. Ingram, Norman D. Kelly, Eldred R. Kicker, Jimmy Living! ton. Thomas McCutchen. William A. Norton, Max E. Palmer, Thomas A. Parrish, Frank B. .Stone. Charles Tuch, Jimmy Woodard, William T. Wynne, Donald V. Warren. ' i ? , Left to right: Wayne Christeson, H. H. Floyd, Otis Peacock, H. A. Flowers, Dean F. E. Lund, Chairman; Charles Clock, R. C. Fuller. The Athletic Committee, headed by Dean F. E. Lund, has been in operation for four years. The committee was formed to investigate the possibility of bringing back foot- ball. Their favorable report, after touring some of the South ' s better known small colleges, was the principal argument in the final verdict. Since the inauguration of football they have been superv ising all intercollegiate athletics. Florence State is now a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and the National Association of Intercollegiate Basketball. Football here at F.S.T.C. has advanced with great strides under the direction of Head Coach Hal Self and Line Coach George Weeks. The coaches have justified the recommendation to bring football back to Florence. Under their direction, football at Florence State will rival the best football among small colleges in the South both in quality and sportsmanship. We join the 1952 DIROMA in saluting the F.S.T.C. coaching staff. H. A. FLOWKRS Athletic Director HAL SELF Head Coach FOOTBALL JACK KING Assistant Coach GEORGE WEEKS Line Coach ,M HYDL ' JIilL WHl URELL MOCK 1 ' ' V First row: Don Parker, Raymond Wallace, Ed Skipworth, Charles Wallace, E. D. Redding, James Hodges, L. L. Whitten, Captain; James Moore, Bill Farris. Second row: Nolan Sherrill, Edward Burrows, James Hennessy, Joe Elmore, Ed Watts, Bimol Poole Caldwell Hollingsworth, Sam Hyde, Captain. Third row: Carl Garrison, Wilson Williams, Gordon Martin, John Braswell, Durrell Mock, Captain; Troy Hamner, Roland Romine, Melvin Gay, George Harvey. Fourth row: Fred Thrower, George Lindsey, Herbert Sanford, Bobby Wade, Jim Glass, Roy Hen- derson, Harlon Hill. 1951 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE JUNIOR VERNON Manager |V Florence ...44 Florence 27 Florence 30 Florence 13 Florence 12 Florence 3 1 Florence. Florence 32 Florence 6 Union Austin Peay 7 Howard 6 Arkansas State 35 Livingston 9 Troy 6 Middle Tennessee ...-21 Conway 20 Jacksonville 13 BENNETT BLANTON Manager JOE ELMORE Back JIM HENNESSY Center FLORENCE 44 UNION The Lions opened with a big bang, downing Union 44 to 0. " Monic " Romine broke loose on the first play from scrimmage and raced 55 yards for the first T. D. The game was full of precision blocking and tackling. FLORENCE 27 AUSTIN PEAY The Lions came off the turf in the second half and put on an amazing display of power to bury Austin Peay ' s powerful Gov- ernors 27 to 7. Fighting off a 7-0 half-time deficit the Lions scored 27 points in the last 22 minutes. Ray Wallace is now moving the ball for the Florence Lions. 19 1 - - ,oO. JOHN BRASWELL End FLORENCE 30 HOWARD Without the services of Joe Elmore, the Lions roared to 30 points in the second quarter. Burrows, Romine, Whitten, and Watts were the work horses behind the fine blocking of quar- terback Lindsey. The Bulldogs of Howard let out a little bark in the last half to take home a 30 to 6 licking. FLORENCE 13 ARKANSAS STATE 35 A 95-yard kickoff return-for-touchdown shocked Florence BIMOL POOLE beyond repair. After allowing a 14-0 lead, the Lions started to End roll. Sam Hyde intercepted a pass on the Indians 30. Three plays later, Romine scored from the two. But the Indians took a scalp. Burrows digging for yardage t L. L. WRITTEN Captain Back ' Darlflv " Whitten makes a nice try. DURREL MOCK Captain Guard 1 SAM HYDE Captain Tackle FLORENCE 12 LIVINGSTON 9 A beautiful Homecoming was climaxed by a rug- ged, rough football game. The Lions and the Tigers were out for blood, and they got it. Burrows, on a beautiful 46-yard run, drew first blood for Lions. After the kick-off, the Tigers were tired of knock- ing heads with the Lions and chose to pass. Finding all receivers covered, Coley chose to run. Finding blocking, he went all the way to tie the score 6 to 6. The Lions knocked on the Tigers door three times in the second quarter, before Elmore found Wilson with a pass. Score at half-time was 12 to 6. The second half saw little scoring. A field goal by Livingston ' s West was the only score. Florence put up a terrific forward wall to stop the Tigers. The game was the Lions first Homecoming victory since football was resumed at Florence. BOBBY WADE Tackle GEORGE LINDSEY Back JAMES HODGES Guard ALTON ROMINE Back CHARLES WALLACE Guard FLORENCE 31 TROY 6 The Lion powerhouse was too much for Troy and we buried the hapless Red Wave 31 to 6. Glue-fingered Harlon Hill, the great Lion end, scored three of the Lions ' six touchdowns, one of them on a 65-yard run after a pass interception. FLORENCE MIDDLE TENNESSEE 21 Powerful Middle Tennessee, the old Lion headache, stymied the Lions with a 21 to shellacking. Smith, the great Raider quarterback, put on a dazzling running and passing show to lead the offensive parade. The Blues of Murphreesboro were keen as razors and held the Lions in check. CALDWELL HOLLINGSWORTH Guard Hill snags a pass. ' mm EDWIN WATTS Back ning of the entire seasun. FLORENCE 6 JACKSONVILLE 13 Bottled up by the powerful Jacksonville line, then constantly hampered by penalties, the Lions fell to the underdog Gamecocks in the season ' s finale. The Lions were assessed seven 15-yard penalties, two of them figuring into Gamecock touchdowns. Bobby Wade played one of the best defensive games of his career. But it was a sad ending to the Lions best football season. Crazy-legs is headed for a fall. 5 GORDON MARTli E. D. REDDING ,!. ' GEORGE HARVEY RAY WALLACE FRED THROWER BENNY HARRIS TROY HAMNER Leap frog ! No Hole. Surrounded. Cold and getting Colder BASKETBALL ED DILLINGHAM Head Coach Basketball . x ?. ' !s; ' " CHVFFV " r. 4 i First row: Aldridge, Tucker, Webb, Hardy, Calich, Evans, Romine. Second row: Hall, Johnson, Poole, Thomas, Sanders, Vernon, Pugh, O ' Mary. Third row: Gray, Glass, Bretherick, Shaw, Parmer, Earwood, Lamar. SEASON RECORD DECEMBER Florence ..._79 72 77 ......47 Lambuth 65 Florence Jacksonville 67 Florence Howard 76 Florence Austin Peay 53 JANUARY Florence Florence _.-...75 ......60 Lambuth Union Jacksonville 92 74 Florence ......59 ......61 ......51 68 Florence Livinsrston 55 Florence Miss. Southern .. U. of Alabama .. Delta State 76 Florence Florence. ......47 49 93 50 Florence Florence ......72 ......80 David Lipscomb Livingston 80 46 Florence FEBRUARY Florence Florence _ 72 ......66 .....82 Georgia Tchrs. .. David Lipscomb Howard 66 80 52 Florence Florence ......70 ......66 ......60 Birmingham-Sou. Austin Peay ...68 77 Florence Birmingham-Sou. Union 59 Florence 60 75 y y r? -. ' i iV - -i. ' T ' V. ' CAPTAIN SAM HARDY Forward JOE SHAW Center ALTON ROMINE Center GEORGE CALICH Forward What ' s this? The l)allet? " ihhiwhwh MAX EARWOOD Curd Jump for it, Joe! TENNIS RUSSEL STARKEY GILL LONG LANDERS DYER wi W " HP BI HHHJI m mr ' iB] Ml Etarl l K H t Wf- Mtt H fc .,..{ " Mm li iii a x : ' I, f Florence 7 Florence 4 Florence 8 Florence 7 Florence..- ..5 Florence 8 Florence 6 Middle Tennessee Marion Institute Union __ .0 3 ... 1 Howard _ Middle Tennessee Jacksonville .2 Jacksonville 1 The Lions of the chalked court were plenty hot in 1951. The racket-swingers blazed through a seven g ame schedule with no defeats. Mastin Gill was the top performer, not being defeated in a match the entire season. CHEERLEADERS , Liveliest " pep-getters " we know of, these six lads and lassies organized pep meetings, parades and cheering at FSTC football and basketball games. JANIE RICHIE LAMBERT WATTS CYNTHIA KIMBROUGH MIKE SHRADER EM BURNIIM DAVID NEYMAN :: : ' r- J Swap J ' irst row: Coach Weeks, Gaisser, Minor, Bill Farris, Coffman, Armstrong. Second row: Mason, Ken Farris, Hamilton, King, Goodwin. Third row: Hodges, Whitten, Johnson, Hunt, Cothren. BASEBALL 1951 SCHEDULE F. S. T. C. -. 8 F. S. T. C ?. F. S. T. C. 7 F. S. T. C..__._ 5 F. S. T. C.._._. 7 F. S. T. C._.__. F. S. T. C.._-. F. S. T. C.__... ......6 6 F. S. T. C.._... 4 F. S. T. C..-_. 8 F. S. T. C Q F. S. T. C.._... F. S. T. C... ... .8 6 F. S. T. C...... .......3 Union 2 Middle Tennessee 8 Birmingham-Southern ....4 Livingston 9 Bethel 4 Austin Peay 2 Union 4 Jacksonville ..8 Howard 6 Howard 6 Birmingham Southern ....3 Jacksonville 6 Middle Tennessee 5 Austin Peay 4 With a record of ten wins, and four losses, the Florence Lion baseballers had one of their most successful seasons. Playing an abbreviated schedule on limited funds, the team made a showing every Florence fan can be proud of. There Was FARRIS Safe At Second GAISSER Let Go A Single and When The Dust Had Cleared and HUNT Hugging Third HELLO FOLKS, The Editor and Business Manager of the 1952 DIORAMA, say: Patronize Our Advertisers .11 STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Florence, Alabama Founded 1873 Oldest state-supported teacher training institution in the South Offering B.S. and B.A. degrees. MAJOR AREAS OF SPECIALISATION: English, Social Science, Foreign Language, Biology, Chemistry, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Health and Physi- cal Education, Mathematics, Home Economics, Business Administration, and Sec- retarial Science. BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS, comfortable dormitories, and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medical, dental and other professional schools. FULLY ACCREDITED: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools; American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. For catalogues and general information write: Office of the Registrar STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Florence, Alabama Class and Feature Pictures By: DAN GLENN STUDIO Portraits Commercial MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Phone 2561 Florence Alabama To reorder class portraits, write Florence Studio giving name of person and year photographed for the Diorama. Serving Florence and Lauderdale County EL,ECTP?ICITY DEPARTMENT " FLORENCE, AI_A. Compliments of " The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands " COURT STREET FLORENCE FLORENCE TIMES Dedicated to the Interest of the People of Muscle Shoals District EAST MOBILE STREET FLORENCE ALABAMA afc DISUG OQ WALGREEN AGENCY Drugs with a Reputation Fine Foods SHEFFIELD FLORENCE and DRUCd CO. j. cm in TUSCUMBIA ALABAMA Compliments of J.C. PENNEY CO. In Every College Town There ' s a Favorite Shop. IN FLORENCE IT ' S o i i e ' 4 Court Street Florence LADIES ' WEAR 305 North Court Street Florence Alabama SMITH CLEANERS Cleaning Pressing Alterations BENDIX AUTOMAT 1207 North Wood Ave. Florence ELEBASH JEWELRY CO. Successors to J. W. Sommer 106 NORTH COURT ST. FLORENCE Washing and Drying 1205 NORTH V OOD AVE. Florence Ph. 2111 Alabama rj. The Hanger F.S.T.C. ' s FAVORITE HANGOUT 673 North Wood Dunn-Smith Inc. 118 NORTH COURT STREET Florence, Alabama Bootery 1 1 1 North Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Young-Pittman Co. Inc. 600 South Court Florence, Alabama 212 South Court DIXIE SUPPLY COMPANY " Sportsman ' s Center " Florence, Alabama INDUSTRIAL. " Serving the Tri-Cities Since 1926 " 107 S. COURT ST. FLORENCE IDEAL. TNC. r Florence, Alabama 319 S. COURT ST. PH. 3028 1157 N. WOOD PH. 134 KING-NANCE INSURANCE AGENCY 123 EAST MOBILE Flore nee Alabama Mefford ' s Jewelers HIE. TENN. Florence Alabama S. S. L Stores 1 14 NORTH COURT Florence Alabama FLORENCE PHARMACY " Prescriptions as Prescribed " OTIS BROWN Flore nee Alabama TrI-Cities Automobile Dealer ' s Association LAWERENCE CHEVROLET COMPANY HAMPTON-McNEES MOTOR COMPANY MORRIS SERVICE STATION COOK DYE MOTOR COMPANY COLEMAN MOTOR COMPANY HARDY MOTOR COMPANY MILEY BUICK COMPANY S M CHEVROLET COMPANY KILLEN MOTORS MclNTYRE BUICK COMPANY PERRin CHEVROLET COMPANY SOUTHERN MOTORS CAMPBELL MOTORS CITY MOTOR COMPANY FOOTE AUTO COMPANY WILCOXSON MOTORS Qiiiii - " I " " = - " TrT - THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Florence Common Stock, $300,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits, $1,303,106.00 FLORENCE ALABAMA iniiKf II F L O R E N C E Coca-Cola arrives hospitality begins OflllB UNbft AUlNOIITt O IMt COCACOIA (OMCAMV t1 A L A B A M Florence Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Phone 384 GREEN MILL RESTAURANT AIR CONDITIONED Phone 9161 Sheffield Elizabeth ' s EXCLUSIVE IN TRI-CITIES Florence Sheffield P . ' FLORENCE INDEPENDENT FISH CO., INC. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA BEST JEWELRY CO FLORENCE SHEFFIELD " Fish protein is 90% digestible and contains all the amino-acids required for growth and mainte- nance of weight. Eat seafoods for figure control. " Jewelry on Easy Credit Ternns Home of Keepsake Diamonds One, P.O. BOX 1409 Birmingham, Alabama DA 1 R 1 E 3 MILK and ICE CREAM 3 1 3 North Seminary Phone 367 ANDERSON NEWS CO. 218 East Tennessee HOTEL REEDER Fine Foods Florence Alabama W JOI CHARLES EDGAR YOUNG Circuit Court Cleric TOM SMITH TIRE CO. WOOD AVE. AND MOBILE ST. Florence TROWBRIDGE ' S " Ice Cream Sandwich Bar " Florence SHARP KILLEN Department Stores Florence Athens HERMAN LONGSHORE Probate Judge GUY F. GULLETT SON HOME FURNISHINGS Sheffield Alabama Compliments of BEVIS LUMBER SUPPLY CO. Sheffield Alabama SHELL SERVICE STATION Neal J. Wade, Dealer South Court Street Compliments of ABROM ' S OF SHEFFIELD DICKERSON ' S BARBER SHOP We live on long hair and whiskers. Come to see usil 220 ' 2 N. Court St. Florence BARKLEY REFRIGERATION CO. Commercial Refrigeration Dealers 24-Hour Service 225 E. Tenn. St. Phone 1759 Compliments of MILNER ' S DRUG STORE Court Street Florence Compliments of LANDERS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Sheffield Alabama Compliments of RAMON ' S HICKORY FOODS SHUMAKE-POSEY " GOOD FURNITURE PRICED RIGHT " 122 E. Tenn. St. Florence WELLS TIRE SUPPLY CO. 228 N. Court St. Florence Phone 276 We specialize in giving you THAT DIFFERENT LOOK THE VOGUE Sterchi ' s FLORENCE SHEFFIELD THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 121 East Tennessee Street Florence, Alabama R. W. AUTO PARTS FLORENCE. ALABAMA POOLE ' S HOUSE OF FLOWERS 3508 Jackson Hiway Between Sheffield and Florence PETERSON ' S PAINT AND COLOR SPECIALISTS South Court St. Rorence, Ala. NORTH FLORENCE DRY CLEANERS 1124 North Wood Avenue Florence, Alabama Compliments of MARSHALL PLESS MI-LADY BEAUTY SALON 106 E. Tennessee Street HILL GROCERY CO. 321 North Court Florence, Alabama WEAVER FUQUA Tax Collector Compliments of Good Wiring Doesn ' t Cost, It Pays. 122 W. MOBILE ST. PHONE 2022 Hamilton Foods, Inc. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Distributor Best Food Products SOUTHERN INC. THE GRIFFIN CO. Florence, Alabama FLORENCE LUMBER CO. Building Materials Florence, Alabama GARVIN WITT JEWELER Shoals Theatre BIdg. " For Goodness Sake Eat Golden Flake " GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCTS SOLD IN LIHLE DRUG FLORENCE SEED FEED CO. Flower Seeds and Bulbs, Plant Foods, Pet Supplies, Insecticides H. S. and W. S. Wiggins Phone Florence 1990 MANGEL ' S Feminine Apparel 105 N. Court St. Florence, Ala. THE WOODYMAC DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Genuine Bar-B-Q Jackson Highway Sheffield Alabama L M. DRIVE-IN Pit Bar-B-9 Plate Lunches A Fine Place to Eat 3116 Jackson Highway Sheffield Compliments of TRI-CITIES BEAUTY SALON Phone ill 324 E. Tenn. St. Florence MUTUAL WLA Y " The Voice of Muscle Shoals " 1450 YOUR FOOTBALL STATION Serving The Great Muscle Shoals Area Since 1933 COMPLIMENTS OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS ; Compliments of ( f itiftta ADREY FLORAL COMPANY Florence Phone 41 1 BELLANGER PRINTING CO. FLORENCE ALABAMA Compliments of BREWER ' S RESTAURANT Sheffield Alabama Compliments of SHIPPER COTTON CO. Florence Alabama JAXON FINANCE CO. Florence Alabama DARBY ' S TEXACO STATION 402 South Court Street Florence, Alabama Compliments of CLARK-HELLARD Insurance Real Estate Bliss Building Florence Alabama " The Home of Real Coffee " Delicious Home-made Pies ANDY ' S GRILL 108 E. Tennessee St. Florence Alabama Davidson - Lovelace " Electrical Specialists " WESTINGHOUSE DEALER E. College St. Florence NORWOOD GRILL " STEAKS, CHOPS. CHICKEN, SANDWICHES " 5:00 AM 12:00 Midnight 1132 N. Wood Phc 9272 ( tA -d n 3614 Jackson Highway Phone 185 Sheffield, Alabama J. B. GIBSON, Owner Night Phone 185 The PLATTER and SKILLET Shoppe 1 14 E. Tennessee St. Florence DAILY HOT PLATTER 65 SMALL CLUB STEAK $1.00 SMALL T-BONE STEAK $1.45 Served with Salad, French-fries and Coffee Under the Management of SCHIAVONE FOOD SERVICE FLORENCE HARDWARE CO. Paint, Farm Implements, Floor Coverings, Wallpaper, and Building Material Phone 64 Florence, Ala. The Best Food (Homecooked) The Lowest Prices Open 7 am 8 pm CAMPUS INN COURT JEWELERS Your Locally Owned Store Leon Graham Manager Compliment of C. PALMER SMALLWOOD John O. Roberts Repairman Arrow Shirts, McGregor Sportswear, Hickok Swank Jewelry, Freeman and Florsheim Shoes. Montgomery Ave. Sheffield Norwood 6 Joy-Lon Theatres Always A Good Show FLORENCE OTTO SPEAKE Men ' s Wear " WHERE COLLEGE MEN LIKE TO SHOP " 210 N. Court St. Horence FRANK ' S SPUDNUT SANDWICH SHOPPE _ 24-Hour Service Discount to Students Delivery Service 1209 N. Wood Phone 1172 ' 1 1 f i I 1 1 2 ' ( ' 1 FLORENCE SHEFFIELD TUSCUMBIA luuwwiJMWuuMit ' U ' tfU ' ijJjniimliuiuui ' igimBi MUSCLE SHOALS THEATRES in Florence - Sheffield - Tuscumbia - Athens LOUIS ROSENBAUM STANLEY ROSENBAUM CORNER DRUG STORE 201 N. Seminary 1118 N. Wood FLORENCE Belk- Hudson Co. Montgonnery Avenue SHEFFIELD SMOKE HOUSE BILLIARDS RECREATION and HOT SANDWICHES 118 E. Tenn. St, Florence CHERRY DIVISION GARDI NER - WARR I NG DIVISION J.T. FLAGG KNITTING CO.,Inc. MANUFACTURERS OF 14iah rade nU ( (hhU Florence, Alabama GREETINGS to FSTC GRADUATES We are celebrating our TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY this year. During the twenty-five years we have been in business in Florence, we have watched the growth of the College and the progress of its gradu- ates. These graduates are nunnbered among our outstanding business people and teachers in our local schools. We are indeed fortunate to have in our midst the present Florence State Teachers College and its wonderful student body and faculty. SAVINGS ACCOUNTS INSURED BY A GOVERNMENT AGENCY UP TO $10,000.00 TO EACH INVESTOR. CURRENT DIVIDEND RATE 3% First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Florence Compliments of COLA Sr MY rAST-T5r RYAN PIANO CO. 207 East Tennessee Florence Phone 223 Compliments of LARIMORE BUSINESS COLLEGE TENNESSEE VALLEY FINANCE CO. W. L. Rhodes, Manager 1201 2 East Tennessee Street Florence Phone 2161 rui iTuiv:e V EDDING INVITATIONS and ANNOUNCEMENTS GREETING CARDS FINE STATIONERY S. C. Toof Printing Co. 218 North Court St. Florence 1 E. E. FORBES S ONS PIANO CO. Incorporated " Your Friendly Music Store " 109 So. Court St. Florence add REFINEMENT when remodeling by using UALCO Jalousie Windows The Uaico Lifetime Aluminum Jalousie offers a simple and economical way to add distinction and refinement when remodeling. It is the ideal window for sun porches or breezeways or wherever maximum light and ventilation are de- sired. Constructed of satin-smooth lifetime aluminum, with glass louvers, the UaIco Jalousie will outlive the average building and is available in all sizes from doors to windows. AFTER BEFORE Phone 263 1 for Free Estimates and Information low initial cost lifetime endurance freedom from maintenance resists all forms of Manufactured by World ' s Largest Manufacturer corrosion and fire never needs painting will not rust or warp; rot crack, chip, or peel of Aluminum Casement Windows INC. Sheffield, Alabama ervice OUTHERN 107 Ash Street Phone 2631 Sheffield. Ala. ROGERS -1894 Congratulations and Best Wishes from NORTH ALABAMA ' S LARGEST STORE to Class of ' 52 We invite you to make our store your headquarters while you are down town ... for shopping, resting, and for nneeting your friends. All our facilities are at your service . . . Use our telephone for local calls ... Let us check your parcels FREE of charge. That ' s Rogers for you . . . friendly, helpful, and obliging. Owned and Operated by 3 GENERATIONS of ROGERS RYnOLDJ RYnOLDJ ALumnum flLuminum Compliments of REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY REYNOLDS ALLOYS COMPANY LISTERHILL, ALABAMA 1 RYnOLDJ ALuminum RYnOLD ALummum Fine Jewelry 108 EAST MOBILE FLORENCE When Students Back Our Advertisers Advertising in NORTH FLORENCE DRUG CO. Your REXALL Store Shane Haraway, Owner 1151 North Wood Avenue Florence, Alabama WE DELIVER PHONE 692 The DIORAMA Pays 5EIBERLING TIRES 401 North Court St. Florence Alabanna WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES LIGHTING FIXTURES TABLE LAMPS WESTINGHOUSE and ZENITH RADIOS WADE ELECTRIC CO. " You Can Be Sure, If It ' s They Back Wes+inghouse " Florence Sheffield 119 E. Mobile 210 Raleigh Ave. Our 2 z cfai IN c. GRADE " A " PASTEURIZED College and HOMOGENIZED MILK We Produce the Milk We Sell Phone 2553 Florence, Alabama AMPUS 1 LOTHES AT O-ED PRICES Shirley ' s Florence Patronize P r Our Rfrll - im. imsm m gaftji ' r " SAM ' S DRIVE-IN Advertisers " We will start selling again our delicious soft custard as well as our tasty barbe- cues, hannburgers, and all others. " BEHIND HILL ' S SUPER MARKET Phone 9136 Florence l-i LT i i

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