University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL)

 - Class of 1951

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" ' tfg-7k 15QG13 ALABAMA COLLECTION Restricted For Library Use Only COLLIER LIBRARY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLOR ' f ALABAV " . nraunuqfi. : ' " ' v;m..v. , ' ., wbobmiib iciw J - ' ! I WV rj iMTllH .1= JMCIW, ' nwUH,li U4 JWUBmOB UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA 3 1569 00266 0527 CIRCULATE COLLIER LIBRARY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE. ALABAMA : ..;., , ; ..- , - , w. , M-r . n -.ittiu a 3WWiWMimJMSIBWtMMUUmmia SHBU rnformallu the DIORAMA FLORENCE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FLORENCE, ALABAMA JOYCE WADE, Editor HARLAN KNIGHT, Bus. Mgr. fc COLLIER LIBRARY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE, ALABAMA I l ecord. .; -: ,.... ; iv , m m 0 3 _Bi BUtia .. . 1950-1951 I= a, n a d d e d y ear of h - - -- i i life L e$ onS an j luuand Ly I_- lew 1 lemoried of , , , 0 at faced i m Mral ni K i rZecallina uictorieA of the cJLlonS J Ll -t T C nrich f t i t !!( the rristoru oP sr. S5. J. L . L_ ZJhe f- resident, o r. C . (15. f fort on His capable leadership and guidance have inspired all who have come in contact with him. Through his efforts, as our president, he is pulling F.S.T.C. to greater heights. DEAN F. E. LUND He is known to all for his human warmth and understanding. These characteristics among others make him highly respected and esteemed by the students and his fellow col- leagues. FACULTY AND STAFF i our CHESTER M. AREHART, B.A., M.A Registrar DOROTHY ARNETTE, B.S., M.A Assistant Professor of Physical Education EBHURA BARGANIER, B.A., M.A Supervising Critic MRS. TOM CLARK, B.S., M.A Assistant Professor of English and History CLIFTON BOB CLARK, B.A., M.A Assistant Professor of Mathematics 13 mmm FACULTY First Row: ILA COX B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of English and History BERNARR CRESAP B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History ORPHA ANN CULMER A.B.. A.M. Professor of Mathematics Second Row: MARISE DAVES B.S.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education DONETTE DAVIS A.B.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education WILLIAM L. DAVIS B.S.. M.A. Director of Training School Third Row: REX DEN ' WIL DEPEW B.S.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics GEORGE WHEELER EDWARDS B.S.. M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry EDWARD H. EVANS B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of History Fourth Row: FLORA BELLE FARLEY B.A.. M.A. Supervising Critic HUBERT A. FLOWERS B.S.. M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education RICHARD THOMAS GALLOWAY BEE.. M.S. Instructor in Mathematics and Basic Engineering Fifth Row: E. B. vonGEMMINGEN A.B.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology HILDA KESSLER GILBERT B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics J. NOEL GLASSCOCK B.S.. M.A. Professor of Geography ...;;. .;; ... . -.- AND STAFF First Row: CHARLES A. GLOCK Director Audio-Visual Education MILDRED GROOMS B.S., MA. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages HENRY T. HARVEY A.B.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology Second Row: ARTHUR LEROY HERSHEY A.B., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Science MRS. MARY R. HUDSON B.S.. A.M. Assistant Professor of Mathematics MRS. C. FULTON HUFF, JR. B.S.. M.S. Associate Professor of Home Economics Third Row: C. FULTON HUFF, JR. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Le RAY O. INGRAM B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Geography LAURA JEAN McADAMS A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages Fourth Row: W. T. McELHENY B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology Director of Student Personnel MRS. WM. J. McILRATH A.B.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Education JULIA NEAL A.B.. M.A. Assistant Professor of English Fifth Row: SOPHIA PAPAGEORGE B.S. Supervising Critic OTIS LEE PEACOCK B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education, Director of Extension NELSON VAN PELT B.J. Instructor in Photography and English . MH H FACULTY First Row: MRS. HUGH S. PORTER B.S.M., B.S. Assistant Professor of Music FLOVINE K. RASCH B.S.. MA. Instructor in Home Economics EARNEST E. SNYDER, JR. A.B.. A.M. Assistant Professor of Science Second Row: ROY STERL STEVENS B.S.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Bus. Adm. WILLIAM HERBERT STOCKDALE A.B.. M.A. Assistant Professor of History MAURINE SUBLETT A.B., Ph.M. Assistant Professor of History, Dean of Women Third Row: SOPHIA SULLIVAN A.B.. B.S. in L.S. Librarian JAMES M. TOLBERT A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English VERNICE O. TROUSDALE B.S.. M.A. Supervising Critic Fourth Row: EMILY ELIZABETH WEBBER B.S.. B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Music CELIA JONES WILSON B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics J. N. WINN, JR. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English Fifth Row: JOHN PAUL YOKLEY, JR. B.S.. M.A. Instructor in Biology W. T. YOUNG B.F.A.. M.A. Instructor in Art AND STAFF 16 Ji Ar SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OTTO KERR President BONNIE CANTRELL Vice-President BETTY C. SMITH Secretary JIMMY WESSON Treasurer BILLIE RUTH SMITH Reporter DENZIL CLARK Rep. to Student Council JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS CLYDE ANDERSON President SUE SMITH Vice-President MARTHA HAYNES Secretary RICHMOND HOGAN Treasurer ANNETTE WILBANKS Reporter HELLEN KIMBROUGH .Rep. to Student Council 18 CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS CHARLES MOORE President HERBERT HESTER Vice-President JEAN GAY LINDSEY Secretary ANN ALDRIDGE Treasurer JOYCE WADE Rep. to Student Council FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS DEAN GOODSELL, JR President BETTY FERGERSON Vice-President BETTY HENSLY Secretary BETTY MILLICAN Treasurer HENRY CHENEY Rep. to Student Council 19 CO O w CO w I first Row: GEORGE MELVIN ADAMS Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Biology and Chemistry; Provost Corps; Provost Marshall. LORENE BAILEY Crane Hill, Ala. B.S. , Elementary Education. OLLIE MAE BAKER Woodville, Ala. F.T.A.; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary. H. V. BARNARD New Hope, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; History and English; Sigma Tau Delta, ' 50 Treasurer; Rehearsal Club; Flor-AIa; Diorama. JAMES OLIVER BELEW Florence, Al.a B.S. , Business Administration. Second Row: VIRGINIA BISHOP Hamilton, Ala. B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club Vice President; Re- hearsal Club; Glee Club. JESSE C. BRADFORD Tuscumbia, Ala. B.A., Biology and History; Sociology Minor; Rehearsal Club; B.S.U.; Alpha Psi Omega. MARTHA BRADFORD Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Biology; Who ' s Who; Rehearsal Club, President; Alpha Psi Omega, President. WILBER BROWN Decatur, Ala. B.S. , Business Administration. EDWARD ANDRES BRUGAL. .Dominican Republic B.S., Civil Engineering. Third Row: MITCHELL A. BURFORD, JR Florence, Ala. A.B., Biology and Chemistry; Mathematics Minor; Band; Choir; Re- hearsal Club; Young Musicians Club Treasurer; Alpha Psi Omega; Inter- Faith Council ; Student Council. LEO E. BUTLER Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration. E. F. CAGLE Rogersville, Ala. B.S., Physical Education; Biological Science; Physical Education Club; F Club. BONNIE RAE CANTRELL Tuscumbia, Ala. B.A., Pre-Med; Spanish Club; Skull and Bones; Who ' s Who; 1950 Diohama, Editor; Flor-AIa; Student Council; I.S.S., Secretary; W.S.G.A., Treasurer; Philosophy Club, Vice President; Senior Class Vice President. CHARLES ANTHONY CANTRELL .Florence, Ala. A.B., Liberal Arts; History and English; Glee Club; Rehearsal Club; Flor-AIa; Diorama; Philosophy Club, President. Fourth Row: CLIFFORD WARD CAMPBELL Cullman, Ala. B.S., Elemenraiy Education; F.T.A.; Glee Club; Rehearsal Club; Wesley Foundation; Student Council. MILLIE R. CAMPBELL Cullman, Ala. BS., Elementary Education; F.T.A.; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Who ' , Who. OTIS COUTHEN Double Springs, Ala. B.S.; Skull and Bones. GEORGE EDWARD CHAPMAN . .New Hope, Ala. B.S. , Business Administration. DEWEL W. CHRISTIAN Town Creek, Ala. B.A., Pre-Med. Fifth Row: DENZEL L. CLARK Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club; Provost Corps; Stu- dent Council. DORIS COBB Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Business Education; Business Club; W.S.G.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. JAMES COBB Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club; Student Council. GERALD COMER Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; History and English; Student Council; Rehearsal Club; Flor-AIa; F.T.A.; I.R.C.; Who ' s Who; Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Psi Omega. FAYE NELLE COUEY Somerville, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club; W.S.G.A. Sixth Row: LELANNE CRANE Oakman, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Physical Education and Biological Science; Physical Education Club; W.S.G.A.; Miss Sports- woman, 1951. WEYMON R. CRUMPTON Lexington, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; History; Sociology Minor. EARL DANIEL Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; History; Flor-AIa; Diorama. MARY ALICE DANIEL Sheffield, Ala. A.B., Secondary Education; English; Music Minor; College Choir; I.S.S. PEGGY DAVES Cullman, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Physical Education and Biological Science; Physical Education Club; F Club; W.A.A. 21 :.. . ' h-ji.,i t. CO pa O w CO w 22 f) ! First Row: ROBERT ORREL DEAN Killen, Ala. B.S., Secondaiy Education; F.T.A.; Giee Club. DORIS DILLARD Phil Campbell, Ala. B.S., English; Sociology Minor; Y.W.C.A. JO ANN DILL Russcllville, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education; F.T.A.; Y.W.C.A. CARL HUEY DUGGAR Hamilton, Ala. NELSON ELLIS Huntsville, Ala. B.S. , Business Administration. Second Row: MARGARET FRANCES EUBANK Athens, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education; Physical Education and Biological Science; Diorama Staff; P.E. Club; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; W.S.G.A. JAMES EZELL, JR Rogersville, Ala. A.B., Biology and Chemistry. PEGGY LOUISE EZELL Florence, Ala. B.S., English and History; Student Council; Inter-Faith Council; Diorama Staff; Sigma Tau Delta; Who ' t Who; Kappa Delta Pi. HARRY FREEMAN FORCE, JR., Birmingham, Al a. B.S., Biology; F.T.A.; I.R.C.; Vice President, Student Council; Who ' s Who. EDWARD HENRY GATTIS Huntsville, Ala. B.S. . Business Adminirtration. Third Row: GRADY GAUNT Jasper, Ala. B.S., Physical Education. JOHN D. GLOCK Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Provcst Corps; F Club; Business Club. HAROLD C. GLOVER Old Hickory, Tenn. A.B., Secondary Education; I.S.S. JOHN BUNN HALL Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; F Club; P.E. Club. FRANCES HARRIS Haleyville, Ala. B.S.. Business Education; W.S.G.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Business Club;; W.A.A. Fourth Row: KATHERINE JANE HARRIS . .Old Hickory, Tenn. B.S., Secondary Education; Y.W.C.A. GENE BENNETT HARVEY Rogersville, Ala. B.S., Physical Education; P.E. Club. WILMA ANN HENSON Florence, Ala. B.S. , Home Economics. BILLIE DEAN HERREN Haleyville, Ala. B.S., Business Education; Business Club; Who ' s Who; Student Council; Young Musicians; Choir. MARY EVELYN HILL Crane Hill, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education. Fifth Row: OMER MILES HILL Crane Hill, Ala. B.S. , Biology and Chemis try LOVELLA HITT Gadsden, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; English; F.T.A. RICHMOND H. HOGAN Decatur, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Mathematics; Wesley Foundation; F.T.A. ; Glee Club; Band; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Inter-Faith Council; Young Musicians , REBECCA J. HOLLINGSWORTH, Huntsville, Ala. B.S.. Business Education; W.S.G.A.; Band; Business Club; Diorama Staff; W.A.A. LAUDICE HOLSONBACK Kennedy, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education; W.A.A. Sixth Row: OSBURNE HOLT Haleyville, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club; Who ' s Who. RALPH A. HOLT Cloverdale, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club; M.S.G.A.; Who ' s Who; President, Student Body and Student Council; Business Man- ager, Diorama. ROBERT ELLIS HORNBUCKLE .. .Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club. VIRGINIA L. IKARD Gurley, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Biology and Chemistry. FAY ELOISE JACKS New Market, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education; F.T.A. 23 CO o w CO w E-i 7 aUL m d i First Row: RICHARD HAROLD JAGGERS Waterloo, Ala. B.S. , Secondary Education. JOHN E. JOHNSTON Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; F.T.A.; P.E. Club; F Club. NANCY RUTH JOHNSON Killen, Ala. B.S., Social Science; Y.W.C.A. AARON E. JOINER Rogersville, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Qub. MARY JO JOINER Rogersville, Ala. B.S., Education; Kappa Delta Pi. Second Row: MARVIN JOLLY Warrior, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; History and Political Science; Treasurer, Student Council; I.R.C.; Rehearsal Club; Social Committee. BROOKS JONES Vernon, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Physical Education and Biological Science; F Club; P.E. Qub. SAMUEL DAVID JONES Florence, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Chemistry. WILLIAM KEENUM Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club. MARGARET KEPHART Florence, Ala. B.S., Secretarial Science and Education; English Minor; Business Club; Rehearsal Qub; Sigma Tau Delta. Third Row: OTTO KERR, JR Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; F Qub; Student Council; FIor-Ala; Provost Corps. SALLIE HOYLE KERR Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Diorama; F.T.A.; Student Council . DOROTHY WHITE KILLEN Florence, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education. JO HELEN KILLEN Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Social Science; Diorama Staff; FIor-Ala; Glee Qub. HARLAN DAVIS KNIGHT . . .Double Springs, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club; Business Manager, Diorama. Fourth Row: MARY JANE KNOWLES Ardmore, Tenn. B.S., Secondary Education; Rehearsal Club; Glee Club. ROY EUGENE LEDBETTER Florence, Ala. A.B., English and Chemistry; Young Musicians Club; Who ' s Who; Rehearsal Qub; Sigma Tau Delta; Alpha Psi Omega; FIor-Ala. GENE LENTZ Decatur, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; English; F Club. PARNELL LOVETT Double Springs, Ala. Secondary Education; History. REBECCA JEWEL MARTIN New Market, Ala. B.S. , Secondaiy Education; Social Studies and English. Fifth Row: DUREN McCLUSKY Hodges, Ala. B.S. , Physical Education and Biology. WILLIAM LINDSEY McDONALD, Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club; Provost Corps. ALBERT JACKSON McGRAW Anderson, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; English. CLAUDINE McNUTT Jasper, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education; Physical Education and Biological Science; P.E. Qub; F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U. ALMA OPHELIA MILLSAPS Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Physical Education and Biological Science; P.E. Club; W.A.A. Sixth Row: ROBERT MITCHELL Florence, Ala. B. A., Business Education; Diorama; FIor-Ala; Business Club. PEGGY JEAN MOORE Florence, Ala. B.S. , Business Education; Business Qub; Diorama; Flor-AIa. DOROTHY A. MYERS Town Creek, Ala. B.S., Biology and Math. BILLY NICHOLS Florence, Ala. B.S.. Elementary Education; Glee Club; F.T.A.; Flor-AIa.; Y.W.C.A. WAYNE NICHOLS Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Business Administration. 25 CO O w CO w (J First Row: WILLIAM CLIFTON PARKER Moulton, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Social Science and Biology; F.T.A.; I.R.C. JAMES ALLEN PATTERSON Florence, Ala. B.S. , Elementary Education; Glee Club; F.T.A. JACK WILKINS PERRY Birmingham, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club. BILL PILGRIM Rogersville, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Biology and Chemistry; F.T.A. ; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; Glee Club; Flor-Ala; Student Council. MARGARET RUTH PRESLEY Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Business Education; Business Club; F.T.A.; Glee Club; Band. CARL PRINCE Florence, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Physical Science. Second Row: PEGGY REEDER Florence, Ala. B.S. , Secondary Education; Physical Education and Science; Y.W.C.A.; W.S.G.A.; Student Council; Diorama Staff; W.A.A.; P.E. Club. ROSA NELL REID Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S., Secretarial Science; Business Club; F.T.A. MARY KATHERINE RICHESON, Russellville, Ala. B.S., Business Education. HOWARD CLAYTON ROBERTS, Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Mathematics. ROBERTA ROBINSON Athens, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education; English; B.S.U., W.S.G.A.; Inter- Faith Council. JEAN RYAN Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; English and History; Diorama Staff; Re- hearsal Club; Choir; F Club. Third Row: WILLIAM LESTER STRICKLAND .Sheffield, Ala. B.S. , Mathematics. CLARENCE NEAL SMALL Florence, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Finance and Accounting; Business Club; I.R.C; Provost Corps. BETTYE CATHERINE SMITH Leighton, Ala. B.S.. Elementary Education. BILLIE RUTH SMITH Oakman, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Mathematics and Science; Flor-Ala; Alpha Psi Omega; W.A.A.; Rehearsal Club; W.S.G.A.; Y.W.A.; Diorama; Senior Class, Reporter. ETHEL NICHOLSON SMITH Florence, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; English and Music; Choir; Rehearsal Club; F.T.A.; Spanish Club; F Club; Flor-Ala; Diorama Staff; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; I.S.S. JOSEPH WINFORD SMITH Cullman, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education; Physical Education and Biological Science; F Club; P.E. Club. Fourth Row: SARAH ALEXANDER SMITH Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Mathematics and Chemistry; W.S.G.A.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; I.S.S. WYLENE SMITH Lexington, Ala. SARAH JOYCE SOCKWELL Sheffield, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Social Science; Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U.; I.S.S.; Inter-Fairh Council; Choir; Flor-Ala. ROBERT HITCHCOCK SPAIN .Collinwood, Tenn. B.A., Liberal Arts, English. ELMON GRADY TERRY Decatur, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Business Club; Provost Corps. BETTY THOMPSON Woodville, Ala. B.S.. Secondary Education; F.T.A.; W.S.G.A. Fifth Row: ELVIA TROUSDALE Killen, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education; F.T.A.; Choir; Wesley Foundation. JOE NEAL TUGGLE Parrish, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; English and Social Science; Flor-Ala; Rehearsal Club; Alpha Psi Omega. BETTYE ANN WEEKS Winfield, Ala. B.S. , Elementary Education. BILLY J. WEEKS WinHeld, Ala B.S., Business Administration; Business Club. BOBBY G. WEEKS Winfield, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Business Club. BETTY WEEMS Town Creek, Ala. B.S., Secondary Education; Home Economics; Home Economics Club; B.S.U.; Choir. Sixlh Row: MARY JOYCE WHITE Cullman, Ala. BS., Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; F.T.A.; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Who ' s Who; W.S.G.A., President; I.R.C. MILLARD O. WILLIAMS Waterloo, Ala. B.S., Business Administration; Marketing and Retail Management; Business Club; Flor-Ala. VIRGINIA JOSEPH WILLIAMS ...Florence, Ala. B.S., Elementary Education. W . C. WILLIAMS Burnsville, Miss B.S., Secondary Education; F.T.A.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi. THOMAS E. WOOTEN Huntsville, Ala. B.S., Business Administration. 27 MIRIAM ALLISON Florence, Ala. CLYDE CROW ANDERSON Florence, Ala. SARA CHRISTINE DAVID JAMES BLACKBURN BLISS Huntsville, Ala. Florence, Ala. ANN ARTHUR Florence, Ala. MAKY FRANCES BOBO Florence. Ala. EVA MAE BRITNEI.L Hamilton, Ala. MARIE T. COURINGTON Jasper, Ala. FAY NELL DUPREE Hale ville, Ala. BILLY R. FARRIS TVLON KATHERINE BULLOCK CAKTEK Burnsville, Mi. Florence, Ala. BILLY C. LUTHER O. DALEY DALEY Waterloo, Ala. Waterloo, Ala. JOE EATON Hlintsville. Ala. PAl L EDWARDS Hanceville, Ala. MARGARET ANN HELEN MAY FLIPPEN FKKXCH Double Springs, Ala. Tuscumbia, Ala. -in-tin id. Ala. LAURA JEAN GAY Brilliant, Ala. CAROLYN LaFAY RALPH GILBERT l-KAHAM Cordova, Ala. Florence, Ala. JU ANITA HICKS Hale) ville, Ala. BENJAMIN- PATRICK LOIS WYNELL HILL HILL Moulton, Ala. Fountain City, Tenn. CHARLES M. H I ' WIDEN Bessemer, Ala. MARY I in l-l BOWSER Tuscumbia, Ala. III ' LON DAVID COCKRELL Decatur, Ala. ALMA RUTH BELK Hamilton, Ala KARL WALTON BRADLEY .Sheffield, Ala. VIRGINIA COCKREI.L Decatur, Ala. JOE BEUMER Florence, Ala. JARVIS L. BREWER Phil Campbell, Ala. WILLADEAN (ORDER Athens, Ala. THOMAS ARLIN THOMAS BEATRESS L. DEAN DeWEESE DODSON RoKersville, Ala. Carbon Hill, Ala. W infield, Ala. MARY BELLE JAMES K. KLDK1DGE FAKNEMAN Rogersville, Ala. Shcllicld, Ala. MABEL LOUISE FAKNKMAN Sheffield, Ala. JAMES FRTK Hamilton, Ala. LUCY CAROLYN JEAN- GARLAND GARRISON Scottsboro, Ala. Russell ville, Ala. JOHN ARTHUR MOLLY SUE HALLMARK, JR. HARRIS Belmont, Miss. Leighton, Ala. MARTHA ELIZABETH HAYNES Sheffield, Ala. MARY ELIZABETH JACQUELINE HITCHCOCK MARIE Savannah, Tenn. HOOD Lawrenceburg, Tenn. ORION JACKSON- HYDE Nauvoo, Ala. , o CO ?9 ETHEL INEZ RECECCA J. DORIS JEANNE 1SBELL JACKSON JONES Haiel Green. Ala. Rllssellville. Ala. Double Springs, Ala. KATHLEEN MARK RAY l.l MPK1NS 1.1 TTKKLL l awrencehurK, Tenn. Huntsville, Ala. KITH M AKY W. MASIIIH UN MICHAEL Hinninirhajn, Ala. Lexington. Ala. Rl ' TH McCLUNG Phil Campbell, Ala. HILLY P. MITCHELL Florence, Ala. WILLIAM DONALD THOMAS ALAN CHAKLKS MONROE I ' AKKEK PAKKISII PAU.K IlilUlHin.. Ala. Florence, Ala. I lorence, Ala. DOROTHY ANN MARY Jl A M T A DOLORES I ' OE PITNAM PYLANT Sheffield, Ala. Florence, Ala. Cullman, Ala. STELLA ETHELENE ROBINSON Cullman. Ala. WILLIAM AKLO WILLIAM EKYIN RORISON SANDERS Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. BRANDON B. EINA BELLE GLENDALE ANNA SCK SPARKMAN SPRINGER SPRINGER SMITH Hartselle, Ala. Florence, A ' a. Lexington, Ala. Scottsboro, Ala. JESSE II. THORNTON WHKELEIt YANN HENRY WIGINTON FRANCES ANNETTE Ardmore, Tenn. Hunttiville, Ala. Tuscumbia, Ala. WILBANKS Florence, Ala. H ELLEN B. KI.MBKOUGH Barton, Ala. CHARLES D. McCOKKLK Cloverdnle, Ala. MARY R. GEORGE SMITH KLMBKOUGH LINDSEY Lancaster, N. Y. Jasper, Ala. 1:111:1:1 G. CHEROYISE A. McKKF. McMICKIN Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. FAY MYERS MILDRF.D A. NIXON Chattanooga, Tenn. Florence, Ala. DOROTHY V. OLIVER Russellville, Ala. BETTY JOYCE PAYNE Gurle.v, Ala. MARTHA FA YE MARY LOUISE PKTTL ' S PHILIJPS Lexington, Ala. HiintsviMe, Ala. DOYLE WINFORD NORMA I.OIS KAMEY RICHARDSON JAMES WILLIAM ROBINSON II nut svi lie, Ala. Tuscumbia, Ala. Peterson, Ala. Ill B ANN AARON SANFOKD ELIZABETH JACKSON Manchester, Ala. SCIIKIMSHEK SHI LTS Madison, Ala. Florence, Ala. BILL SOI. LEY Halejville, Ala. DONALD RALPH DOROTHY SLE CHARLES ELIZABETH S. SMITH SMITH TAYS THORNTON Athens, Ala. Moiilton, Ala. Killen, A!a. Madison, Ala. MARY LEE BOB BETTY WHITE SUE CLARK WILLIAMS 1YORTMAN YARBROUGH Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. Keuanee, III. Florence, Ala. IIH II 2 O CO 31 CO K pel O o o CO H E- " Coo (p II4 dj 111! Jl III! Ill (0 mi IJJB Hil u II K 32 NADENE ELIZABETH JERRY NELL ARM8TEAD AHRAMS ANN ALEXANDER PATNE Waterloo, Ala. ALDRIDGE Decatur, Ala, Cherokee, Ala. ALSOBROOK Tuscumbia, Ala. ELAINE DOROTHY W. JOMN JO NELL BERRYHILL BLACK HIIIIMI BOBO Huntsville, Ala. Elkmont, Ala. BLACKWELL Wlnfleid, Ala. Huntsville, Ala. LEE SES8UM MARY WILLIAM DONALD ROSS BROADFOOT, ELIZABETH GENE BURROUGHS JR. BROWN BURLESON Huntsville, Ala. Cloverdale, Ala. Vernon, Ala. Winfleld, Ala. JIMMY PAULINE CHEATHAM LOIVIA Nauvoo, Ala. CHUNN Sheffield, Ala. LaFONDA REBA JEAN COFIELD COGGINS Bear Creek, Ala. Tanner, Ala. CAROLYN JEAN COWAN Scottsboro, Ala. ANNIS MAXENE DEKICH Ardmore, Tenn. ROBERT FRANK ELKIN NEY8A CRAIG CORNELIA COWAN CRAIG Decatur, Ala. Athens, Ala. EDWARD ALBERT CROSS Courtland, Ala. DORTHA MARGARET DREW I If It JO BENNETT Winfleld, Ala. DOOLEY DORRIS Lawrenceburg;, America, Ala. Tenn. MARTHA TAYLOR FERGUSON JACK N. GLADYS FORSYTHE FOSTER Iron City, Tenn. Scottsboro, Ala. Huntsville, Ala, Florence, Ala. JAMES DONALD BAKER Jasper, Ala. KENNETH VAUGHAN HAROLD BEASLEY BARNWELL Allen, Ala, Florence, Ala. JAMES WILLIAM BENDALL Sheffield, Ala. CAROL JOANNE T. BOGLE BOND Trinity. Ala. Dalton, Ga. BARBARA M. NELLIE BUTLER LORENE Florence, Ala. BUTLER OLIVER JOE COMER BREAUX BONE Sheffield, Ala. Hartselle, Ala. MARY JO ETNA REE CAMPBELL CARRAL Leighton, Ala. Decatur, Ala. RoKersville, Ala. LYNETTE GERRY COLLIER COLLINS Detroit, Ala. Guin, Ala. PATSY ANN COOK Florence, Ala. SUDIE FRANCES COLLUM Bangor, Ala. EDITH ANN ELOISE EVELYN CHARLES DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS JACKSON Florence, Ala. Booncville, Miss. New Market, Ala. DEAN Five Points, Tenn. EDDIE RAY WYNELLE JAMES M. JACK DRANE DUKE EASTER, JR. EGAN Athens, Ala. Steppville, Ala. Athens, Ala. Cordova, Aln. ANN CHARLES W. ELIZABETH ANITA FOWLER GARDINER ANN GILBERT Kansas, Ala. Huntsville, Ala. GIBSON Parrish, Ala. Sheffield, Ala. CO w tf O O K Oh o CO w W E- 34 MARY ANN FLINT JUANITA L. J. W. GILCHRIST GILLESPIE GILLESPIE GOODWIN Courtland, Ala. Hillsboro, Ala. Moulton, Ala. Slieffleld, Ala. HUBERT S. GREENE LYMAN H. GREENE PEGGY D. GREEN MARTHA HERNDON Belmont. Miss. Tuscumbia, Ala. Tuscumbia, Ala. GRESHA ' M Florence, Ala. DOROTHY FAYE HAMMOND Five Points, Tenn. WALTER E. ROBERT BETTYE JO HARRIS ANTHONY HESTER Moulton, Ala. HARTSELLE BelgTeen, Ala. Decatur, Ala. PAUL E. CALDWELL HODGES HOLLINS- Woodville, Ala. WORTH Glen Allen, Ala. Kit NEST RAY JOYCE HOLT HOLT Lutts, Tenn. Veto, Ala. ALICE W. H. JEAN JAMES JOHNSON JOHNSON WALTERS JONES, JR. Ardmore, Tenn. New Market, Ala. JOLLY Florence, Ala Sheffield, Ala. GRADY S. JEAN GAY BILLY VANCE GRADY MILAN KING, JR. LINDSEY LOVING LOWERY Lexington, Ala. Florence, Ala. Petersburg, Tenn. Decatur, Ala. JAMES K. BETTY JEAN CHARLES MAVIS RUTH MAY McBRIDE RICHARD MeHENRY Florence, Ala. Tuscumbia, Ala. MeHENRY Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. BARBARA NITA JANE PATRICIA MILDRED JEAN GRAHAM GRAHAM ANNE GRAY GOTHARD Princeton, Ala. Coiirtland, Ala. Florence, Ala. Bridgeport, Ala. J. DONALD PEGGY FLOYD T. JOYCE GRIFFIN GROOVER GULLION GUTHRIE Lexington, Ala. Hartselle, Ala. Hartselle, Ala. Townley, Ala. FORREST NELLHERBERT HESTER OGBURN Sheffield, Ala. HESTER WILEY T. JAMES HIGGINS, JR. RANDOLPH Favetteville, HODGES Florence, Ala. Tenn. Fairfield, Ala. JOHN ARTHUR MAX L. DORIS JEAN DOROTHY WM. HOST HOWARD HURST JEFFREYS Florenre, Ala. Toney, Ala. Moulton, Ala. Lelghton, Ala. MARY GENEVIVE JOHN LEROY CYNTHIA ELIZABETH PRISCILLA KILPATRICK ALLEN JONES KILLEN Florence, Ala. KIMBROUGH Florence, Ala. Loretto, Tenn. Leighton, Ala. WILLIAM RACHEL ANN MALENE DORIS JEAN CHARLES MAPLES MARTIN MAY MAFFETT Hartselle, Ala. Winfleld, Ala. Guln, Ala. Florence, Ala. EUGENE BETTY JEAN DOROTHY JOYCE McMEANS MITCHELL AYCOCK MONEY Lexington, Ala. Rogersville, Ala. MITCHELL Scottsboro, Ala. Russellville, Ala. CO w O o cm O en w 36 CHARLES JOSEPHINE PAULINE BERNICE R. BETTY JO ENLOE MOORE MOORE MORRIS MORRIS MOORE Cypress Inn t Wlnfleld, Ala. Sheffield, Ala. Waynesboro Florence, Ala. Tenn. Tenn. RUBY JO MARY HELEN E. LEON CRESTON PETTUS HARRIET POOLE POOLE LYNN Veto, Ala. PLYLER Decatur, Ala. Danville, Ala. PORTER Lauderdale, Miss. CHARLOTTE THOMAS S. R. ROBINSON Rl SSELL Veto, Ala. Sheffield, Ala. BETTY JEA N THOMAS SKELTON HENRY Waynesboro, SMALL FLORA PARMAN SANDERS Nashville, Tenn. JANIS ELIZABETH SMITH CHARLES O. SEGARS Tuscnmbia, Aln. PEGGY JEAN- SMITH Florence, Ala. Tenn. Florence, Ala, Scottsboro, Ala. JOHNNIE ROBBIE RUTH TATS STOVALL Killen, Ala. Carbon Hill, Ala. JAMES L. DALTON G. THOMPSON THREADGIL1 Moulton, Ala. Brilliant, Ala. RARMOND JOYCE ANN WILLIAM HORACE W. HERSHELL WADE EDWIN WATTS WELLS VERNON, JR. Moulton, Ala. Fairfield, Ala. Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. JEANNE AUDREY WHITWORTH PITTMAN Madison, Ala. WILLIAMS Scottsboro, Ala. MARY LOUISE TOM WILLIAMS WILLINGHAM Rogersville, Ala. Decatur, Ala. JULIA YOUNG Florence, Ala. MARY LOU ALMA WILLIAM MYHAN NUNNELLY HENRY Leighton, Ala. Hamilton, Ala. PACE, JR. Sheffield, Ala. HELEN RIDGEWAY Athens, Ala. Huntsville, Ala. SALLY EDITH MARILYN RIGGENS ROBERTS Pulaski, Tenn. DEEMER VIRGINIA ANN NOLAN CELIA IRENE OTTO SELF SELLERS EUGENE SHORT Toney, Ala. Dora, Ala. SHERRILL Nauvoo, Ala. Spruce Pine, Ala. SAM R. REGINA SNODDY GRACE Double Springs, SPRATLIN PEGGY SUE CHARLES M. SPRINGER STALEY l,exington, Ala. Florence, Ala. Ala, Hackleburg, Ala. MARIANNE EUGENE THOMAS NANCY COE TODD TONN JOWERS VANCE Huntsville, Ala. Florence, Ala. UPSHAW Sheffield, Ala. Birmingham, Ala IMOGENE VIRGINIA GERALD O. WILLIAM B. WEST MARGUERITE WHITE WHITLOCK Haleyville, Ala. WHEELER Rogersville, Ala. Sheffield, Ala. Scottsboro, Ala. MARY ALICE SARAH JANE ROSS WILSON WOOD WRIGHT Carbon Hill, Ala. Scottsboro, Ala. Athens, Ala. CHARLES MOORE WALLACE Lawrenceburg, Tenn. CHRIS YOUNG Florence, Ala MARTHA ELIZABETH BOBBIE BETTYE ALCORN ANN ARAXT7. ARTIS AUSTELLE Fairish, Ala. Decatur, Ala. Florence, Ala. Scottsboro, Ala. KATYK ROB LILA MAE N1NME RVTII HYTHRINE BECKHAM BENSON BISHOP BOGLE Lulls. Tenn. New Market, Aln.Allsboro, Ala. Dccntur, Ala. CAROL ANN ALICE JOYCE JEAN BREWSTER BROWN BROWN BROWN Sheffield, Ala. Fl irence, Ala. Double Springs, East Point, Ga. Ala. Rl ' BY BETTY ANN ALICE CAROLYN l XMPBEI.L CANNON CARTER CAULK Town Creek, Parrish. Ala. New Market, Ala. Rogcrsville, Ala. I1.VA s RA (LEGHORN COKEIC Arley, Ala. Arab, Ala. .inns DONALD COOPER CREEKMORE Savannah, Tenn. Florence, Ala. MARIE DAY RAYMOND JOE CARRIE CARTER DILL DILLARD DOYE Hnntsvilte, Ala. Russellville, Ala. Florence, Ala. Camden, Tenn. BETTY BETTY WADE PAIL WAYNE FERGUSON FLACK FI.OYD FOSTER Huntsville, Ala. Iluntsville, Ala. WinHeld, Ala. Moulton, Ala. JERRY JOHN- THELMA JEAN EMMA FULLER FURMAN GALLAHER GOODE Tuscumbia, Ala. Corbin, K.v. CnllimvtMid, Tenn. Sheffield, Ala PATSY TOMM1E I.Ol JEROLYN RAGGETT BARKER HARNKTT W ' inllelil, Aln. Florence, Aln. Colliiigivood, Tellll. BARBARA ANN BOLTON Florence, Ala. OCELIA BRYANT I ANNIE LOU BETTY JO BRADFORD BRANUM Town Creek, Ala. Gurlej , Ala. ROBERT BARNETT Rogersvlllc, Aln. PEGGIE BRAY Grn.vson, Ala. JAMES Bl ' RGESS E.MILY BURNl M JOE HENRY RYARS Lnwrencelmrjf, W infleld, Aln. Decatur, Ala. WinHeld, Ala. Tenn. WILLIE MAE HENRY JO ANN MARY ANN CHANDLER CHENEY CHILDEKS CHRISTIAN Houston, Aln. Florence, Aln. Eva, Aln. Carbon Hill, Ala. JOYCE ROBBIE JOHN MARGARET CROMWELL CROOK CURTIS ANN DAVIS Florence, Ala. Town Creek, A!n. Double Springs, Haleyville, Ala. Ala. MONA DYAR Guin, Ala. VIVIAN FOSTER MAX EAR WOOD JOH ELMORE WILMA JEAN FARROW Florence, Ala. Reform, Ala. New Market, Ala. RF.BECCA FOWLER TED FRAXIER REBA FREEMAN Florence, Aln. HiicklehurK, Alu. Double Springs, Phil Campbell, Ala. Ala. DEAN VIRGINIA PEGGY RONALD GOODSELL GOODMAN GOOLSBY GRAHAM I ' liiience, Ala. Clifton, Tenn. Winflelil, Ala. Courtlnnd, Aln. 7 n Il .1 W$f at nt in. ik .!-. to brtrf.Ul ll fa p I a M CO a s 3 39 DUNCAN XADINE M AKY NELL ILA JEAN GRAY GREEN GROOVER GROSS Florence, Ala. Wheeler, Ala, Hartselle, Ala. Scottsboro, Ala. MARY JANE HAROLD LEASLE NELDA HALL HALLMON HAI.BROOKS HAXKINS Sheffield, Ala. Loretto, Tenn. Hartselle. Ala. Sulligent, Ala. BARBARA IAMBS BETTY C. G. MNA MAE REBECCA THOMAS MARGARET HAYES HEMBRKK IIENSLEY HESS HESTER HESTER HESTER HILTON Folrence, Ala. Section, Ala. HuntsviMc, Ala, Huntsville, Ala. RALPH III W CHRISTINE DANIEL HOLCOMB HOLT MADGE HOLT Brilliant, Ala. Monteagle, Tenn. Clovrrdale, Ala. Veto, Ala. M ELBA HUNTER BELTON .IONES sua JONES ENNIS JONES 1 ii mill. in. Ala, Jasper, Ala, Hancevllle, Ala. Moulton, Ala. SARAH ANNIE RUTH NINA EUGENE KING KOONCE WW LONG Lf ighton, Ala. Florence, Ala, Meridianville, Huntsville, Ala. Ala. BILLY MARLENE CHARLOTTE BOBBIE SITE MARTIN McBRIDE McBRIDE McDONALD Tnscumbia, Ala. Decatur, Ala. Hillsboro, Ala. Winfleld, Ala. BETTY FAYE BILL JANE MILLICAN MITCHELL MORRIS MURPHREE Brilliant, Ala. Florence, Ala. Bridgeport, Ala. Arley, Ala. BETTY GK1SIIAM ROY GRISSOM JAMES GUIN GLEN HAIRRELL Clicrokee, Ala. Spruce Pine, Ala. Carbon Hill, Ala. Florence, Ala. DO.IUANA JO CHRISTENE MYRALENE RONALD HARGETT HART HARRIS HARRIS Husscllville, Ala. Cullman, Ala. Cullman, Ala. Florence, Ala. Kc l Bay, Ala. Tiiscumbiii, Ala. Russell ville, Ala. Haleyville, Ala. WILLIAM HOPKINS CLINTELL HOWARD SYLVIA HUDSON Florence, Ala. Toney, Ala. Jasper, Ala. GLADYS HUFFMAN Florence, Ala. JOSEPHINE JAMES SAMUEL ROBERT KENNEDY KEPHART KEY KILGORE Fayettevllle, Florence, Ala, Town Creek, Ala. Huntsville, Ala. Tenn. MARY MA LONE ROBERT MANASCO LELA MANN PHILIP MASHBURN Cherokee, Ala. Carbon Hill, Ala. New Hope, Ala. Birmingham, Aln, I I.OKA DELORES HAZELENE MITTIE JO McGEE McKEE McKINNEY MERRIMAN Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. Russcllvllle, Ala. Waynesboro, Tenn. CAROLYN BETTY LOIS MARY ANN MURPHY MYRICK MYRICK NeSMITH Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala, Town Creek, Ala. .k lk m m HI a Ik LIT nu ti , td td CO s td 3 BARBARA OM ENS TRAVIS PARKER CHARLES PHILLIPS sheftic M. Ala. M.iulliin, Ala. Chattanooga, Tenn. EVEHETTE in i; i i Somerville, Ala. LOl ANN- RAY Way nesboro, Tenn. JANE EUGENE THOMAS REDING RHODES RHODES I ' ourtland, Ala. Florence, Ala. Florence, Ala. ANNETTE DORHls SH ELTON GI.ENDA S11EKER BETTYE JTM SIBLEY Oeeatur, Ala. Monlton, Ala. Jasper, Ala. Mt. IIo| e, Ala. i.,i:i I RACHEL EUGENE BETTYE RAMEY SPECK NPKI ' IELL STAGGS W infield, Ala. Hussyllvllle, Ala. Hamilton, Ala. I n- umlii.i. Ala. BUNNY STROCK WILLIAM TALBOTT Tnwambw. Ala. Irley, Ala. Ml M PAUL, TAYLOR TAYLOR Scottsboro, Ala. Bridgeport, Ala. MYRA DOT BOBBY SEAL BETTY SUE MARIE VICK MADE WALDEN WALKER It. ml.. i.. n. Ala. Sheffield, Ala. Tnscumbia, Ala. Florence, Ala. REBA PATRICIA THOMAS MARGARET WHITWORTH WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIS Madison, Ala. Bridgeport, Ala. Birmingham, Ala.Florence, Ala. MARY ANN MONA VIRGINIA WILLIAM PRETTY PUB1.1COVER PUGH PUGH Florence, Ala. Stnben, Maine Florence, Ala. Parrish, Ala. MARY SUSAN LOUISE DOT SANDERS SANDERS SANDERSON SANDLIN Fayette, Ala. Florence, Ala. Iliinisi in.-. Ala. Town Creek, i I ' ll I II JEAN HELEN PEGGY CHARLES SIDES SMITH SMITH SOIHERLAND ParriKh, Ala. Hollytree, Ala. Monlton, Ala. Scottsboro, Ala. JAMBS YKKGIE LEE SUE ANN STEWART STIDHAM STREET STREIT AthenH, Ala. Joppa, Ala. Kansas, Ala. Leighton, Ala. JOANN ALICE JOE JOYCE THOMAS THOMPSON TUNE VANN Scottsboro, Ala. Parrish, Ala. Winfleld, Ala. Huntsville, Ala. OLA MAE WAMP LAMBERT WATTS JIMMY WEEKS JAMES WHITAKER Hanceville, Ala. Hamilton, Ala. Glen Allen, Ala. Steppvllle, Ala. DELPHI S WILSON HETTY WOOD MARY ANN FAYE WOOD WOOLDRIDGE Loretto, Tenn. Phil Campbell, Cordova, Ala. Hackleburg, Ala. Ala. a CO 3 -41 or m n! mJdm J iCJ 1 Eg I ' lvsiticrMiii ii ' i ' SniiPNiirnxiiS ' l ' oolittai 10 iHf ul il ' c S ' r " ' ' ' l " t tl ' CAI H n ni-n ' i ' i I- ' 1 i r I ALICE ANN CANTRELL MISS F. S. T. C. LI BERS DF THE YAL COURT CHARLOTTE McBRIDE ELAINE BERRYHILL LYNTHIA KIMBROUGH KATHRYN GIBSON WD ml i BERS OF THE YAL COURT LESIE THREADGILL ETHEL SMITH MEMBERS DF THE RDYAL CDURT JEAN RYAN BOBBY ARTIS AND MISS ENDLINES S PATRICIA GRAHAM CALDWELL HDLLINGSWDRTH VIRGINIA SELLERS MISS HDMECDMING MARIANNE TODD Right, Top to Bottom PEGGY REEDER JEAN JOLLY MARY PHILLIPS AND HER COURT MARY JOYCE WHITE IS R. D. T. C. SPDNSDRS Opposite Page: Jean Ryan Peggy McCormack Nelda Jean McDonald Patsy Cook Jean Jolly Below: Bettye Austelle IS fl. 0. T. C. SPONSORS COLLIER LIBRARY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE. ALABAMA HONORS Right: LOUIS CALHOUN MARTHA H. ROLLINS J. F. WHITLEY Below: JACK HYATT JOANN HARRISON First Row: Millie R. Campbell, Dclores Pylant, Second Row: Ralph Holt, Hillman R. Mayfield, Helen French, Peggy Ezell, Bettye Yarbrough, Jr., Mitchell Burford, Harry Force, Ozborne Ethel Smith. Holt, Joe Beumer. Standing: Sue Smith, Bill Pilgrim, Martha Bradford, Mary Joyce White. 57 DDN PARKER MR. F . S C . I SPDRTSWDMAN SPORTSMAN LELANNE CRANE JACK KING THE THEATEH IS CALLING 4 Tf J ' THIS IS THE DAY-SHIFT c (1 fOR A CHAt HANDS ACC CLUSTER CHORAL AJW Aft- WISHING ON A STAR CREAM OF THE CROP SB8 S ; ' Ml )AY " r,,v dtfCRS TODAY " ' i-TPMnRPniAI I I WaAny Repeated Troy a Defeated Hi V OPTIMISTIC JUNIORS isesas THESE ARE THE BOYS AT OLD BOY ' S . 0f t$ 111 ' ' i Rin N lr - -i-f ' i ' W$ st -J ' VS ' r v ft " - .. .rSSewBj A SMILE GOES A LONG, LONG WAY THIS IS THE LIMIT [AARNTZ, ALDRIDSE, " ABSTON " ARE you here? it s 9 1 1 rganizations ANDERSON OFFICERS RALPH HOLT President HARRY FORCE Vice-President MARVIN JOLLY Treasurer CLYDE ANDERSON Secretary MEMBERS Seated, Left to Right: Miss Orpha Ann Culmer, Anita Gilbert, Paul O ' Mary, Peggy Reeder, Clyde Anderson, Gerald Comer, Hellen Kimbrough, Ralph Holt, Joyce Wade, and Henry Cheney. Standing, Left to Right: Coleman Hollis, Marvin Jolly, Harry Force, Denzil Clarke, and Joe Beumer. Not Pictured: James B. Cobb. The purpose of the Student Council is to act as a clearing house for problems affecting the social welfare of the students, and to unify the student activities in the college. The member- ship of the council consists of the representa- tives from the dormitories, classes, and non- boarding students. STUDENT COUNCIL FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Cliff Campbell President Leon Poole Vice-President Ju anita Hicks Secretary Ruth McClung Treasurer Dr. R. E. Jaogers Advisor Mr. Woodward Advisor Dr. Waite Advisor Mrs. Mary Hudson Advisor MEMBERS Nadenc Abrams, Mrs. Zula Allison, Lorene Bailey, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Roy A. Cameron, Clifford Campbell, Millie Campbell, Mary Ann Christian, Mrs. Joyce Clark, Lynette Collier, Gerald E. Comer, Marie T. Courington, Robert Dean, Jo Ann Dill, Beatress Dodson, Fay Nell Dupree, Mrs. Mary Eld- ridge, Margaret Eubank, Harry Force, Mrs. Vaudia Frederick, Reba Freeman, Alvin Glover, Louise Grafton, Ronald ' Graham, William Graham, Joyce Guthrie, Jackie Hankins, Frances Harris, Molly Har- ris, Juanita Hicks, Jane Higginbothame, Lois Hill, Luella Hitt, Paul Hodges, Richmond Hogan, Chris- tine Holcomb, Gladys Huffman, Ethel Isbell, Fay Jacks, Rebecca Jackson, Doris Jones, Mary Magda- lene Jones, Samuel Jones, Alberts Kent, Elvin Kidd, Dorothy Killen, John Kilpatrick, Mark Ray Luttrell, Howard Mann, Maylene Martin, Mittie Merriman, Marlene McBride, Clyde McCorkle, Ruth McClung, Claudine McNutt, Betty Jean Mitchell, James Mitchem, Pauline Moore, Mrs. M. K. Murray, Wil- liam Parker, James Patterson, Mary Phillips, Helen Poole, Leon Poole, Margaret Presley, Carl Prince, Samuel Pugh, Delores Pylant, Dot Sandlin, Thurmond Sanders, Ann Schrimsher, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Susie Smith, Brandon Sparkman, Peggy Springer, Johnnie Ruth Stoveall, Wiley Styles, Jean Taylor, Betty Thomason, Elvia Trousdale, Betty Sue Walden, Hollis Warren, Horace Wells, Doris Wheeler, Mary White, Mary Joyce White, Mrs. William White, Reba Whit- worth, Audrey Williams, and W. C. Williams. PURPOSE All prospective teachers are eligible for membership in the Teacher ' s Association. This club is to acquaint future teachers with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. It tries to inter- est the best young men and women in Education as a lifelong career. 81 WOMAN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT MEMBERS Ann Scrimpshcr Jean Gay Lindsey Mary Lee Williams Anita Gilbert Miss Sublett Joyce Money Kennemar Juanita Gillespie Peggy Reeder Elaine Berryhill Faye Myers Billie Ruth Gordon Joan Bond. Doris Cobb Man ' K. Henderson Roberta Robinson Etna Rhee Carroll Mary Joyce White Jean Hurst Johnnie Ruth Stovall Bonnie Cantrell Delores Pylant Lafonda Cofield Sudie Collum Rebecca Jackson Betty Thomason Jean Hollingsworth Marie Thomas Willodean Michael Martha Faye Pettus NOT PICTURED Joyce Wade and Ruth McClung The Women ' s Self Government Association is an organization of all young women living in college dormitories or in town homes away from the supervision of their parents. The ob- ject of the association is to enrich the lives of its members by constructive planning in regard to cultural, social, religious and physical living. 82 OFFICERS JARVIS BREWER President ARLON DEAN Vice President GRADY KING Secretary and Treasurer MRS. McFARLAND House Mother MEMBERS George Chapman Harlan Knight Robert Lovelady Harold Beasley Doyle Ramey Jimmy Hodges John Blackwell James Cobb Gene Lentz Jack Rhodes Harold Glover The object of the Men ' s Self-Government Association is to further the interest of those boys living in the dormitories and to maintain the high standards of conduct which manhood requires. The organization ' s constitution and by-laws are designed to help uphold the honor and dignity of the college. MEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT 83 DIORAMA JOYCE WADE. Editor HARLAN KNIGHT, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF BOBBI McKEE Assistant Editor PEGGY SMITH Freshman Editor JEAN JOLLY Sophomore Editor BILLIE RUTH SMITH Junior Editor EM BURNUM Senior Editor ELAINE BERRYHILL Feature Editor JO HELEN KILLEN Sports Editor DOYLE RAMEY Sports Editor MARY ANN GILCHRIST Organizations Editor MARY JANE HALL Typist DELORES McKEE Faculty Editor ELIZABETH ARANTZ Typist JEANNE WHITWORTH Typist BUSINESS STAFF PEGGY REEDER Sales BILLIE RUTH SMITH Sales MARY ANN GILCHRIST Sales MAGGIE JONES Typist LIZ GIBSON Advertising Not Pictured Lambert Watts Jean Ryan Tom Willinsham Clyde Anderson FLOR-ALA HK1.EX FRENCH, Editor H. V. BAKNABI), Business Manager WALTKK P. WEST Sponsor EDITORIAL STAFF BKLOW: Top, Seated, Left to Right: Henry Cheney, Kthel .Smith, Jean Jolly, Tom Williams. Mainline: Braek Walker, Sarah Sockwell, Carol Bogle, Klvia Trousdale, Dean Goodsell, Dorothy Ann Poe, Martha Haynes, Joe Beumer, Delores Pylant, BobM MrKee, ami Sue Smith. Not Pictured: Alice Carter, Peggy Ezell, Maggie Jones, Gene Ledbetter, Ann Marie Schiavone, Betty Yarhrough. BUSINESS STAFF JtKLOW: Bottom: Cheroviese McMicken, Ann Arthur, Doris Jeanne Jones, Billie Ruth Smith, Comer. Not Pictured: Martha Gresham and Janis Smith. Delores McKee, Gerald MEMBERS Miriam Allison Clyde Anderson Anne Arthur Harold Beasley James Bleue Thomas Blackwell Leo Butler Denzil Clark Doris Cobb David Chapman James Cobb James Darby Billy Enis Joe Eaton Ed Gallis Mastin Gill Charles Gardner Walter Gullet Osborn Holt Lynwood Hay Ellis Hornbuckle Sonny Harris Ralph Holt Jean Hurst John Host Francis Harris Harlan Knight Mary E. Jones Aaron Joiner William Keenum Bill Kachelman Margaret Kephart Martha Haynes Percy King H. A. King William Killium Helen Kinbrough George Latham Robert Mitchell William McDonald Jack Perry Margaret Presley James Robinson Neal Small Raymond Springer Thearon Stanley Garland Taylor Bailey Terry Elmon Terry Joe Turbyfield Mary Edna Underwood L. L. Whittin Sarah Wood Thomas Wooten Bill Weeks Tom Willingham M. O. Williams Julia Young JACK PERRY OFFICERS President MIRIAM ALLISON . . ELMON TERRY Treasurer .Secretary The Business Club was organized in October, 1949. Qualifications for admittance are: (1) A sophomore standing; (2) Scholastic standing of " C " ; (3) pursuing one of the curricula in the Business Administration Department. The purposes of the club are: to promote interest in the business department; to stimu- late business, professional, and personal growth of its members; to cultivate friendships between business students; to provide educational, busi- ness, and social functions to aid in making the member a better-qualified student of business. THE BUSINESS CLUB 86 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB The Physical Education Club was or- ganized at Florence in 1946. The objec- tive of this organization is to awaken a wide and intelligent interest in health, physical education, and recreation; to acquire and disseminate knowledge con- cerning them; to promote such universal health, physical education, and recrea- tion as will provide well-trained leaders and secure programs throughout the state. OFFICERS HULON COCKRELL President HERBERT SANFORD Vice President NITA GRAHAM Secretary DUREN McCLESKY Treasurer First Row: Brooks Jones, Donald Parker, Caldwell Hol- lingsworth, Bill Smith, Sam Hyde, Ophelia Millsaps, Jani,re Smith, Ralph Palmer, Latus Holsenbak, Myra- lene Harris. Second Row: Jarvis Brewer, John Gray, Glendalc Springer, Peggy Daves, Duren McClesky, Ed Bur- rows, Otto Kerr, Herbert Sanford. MEMBERS Third Row: Joe Elmore, Claudine McNutt, Jean Ba- ker, Betty Flack, Maxine Dekish, Helen Ridgeway, Margaret Eubank, Fred Thomas, Rebecca Hester. Fourth Row: Hulon Cockrcll, Faye Myers, Lelanne Crane, Mildred Nixon, Mary Jo Campbell, Max Nun- ley, Naomi Sanford. 87 REHEARSAL CLUB The Rehearsal Club is the college dramatic organization. Any student interested in any phase of dramatics is encouraged to become a member. This group presents several major productions each year. OFFICERS JOE TUGGLE President CAL GASKINS Vice President GENE LEDBETTER Secretary MEMBERS Bettye Austelle Gene Ledbetter Jesse Bradford Jean Gay Lindsey Martha Bradford Farve Nathan Sadie Bradford Alice Brown Ocelia Bryant Mary Emily Burnum Gerald Comer Henry Cheney Dortha Dillard Elizabeth Ann Gipson Merrill Hairrell Rebecca Hester Betty Hensley Gladys Huffman Bernard Jackson David Neyman Dorothy Ann Pitts Leon Poole Larry Root Tommy Russell Ethel Smith Leslie Threadgill Joe Tuggle Brack Walker Patricia Williams Margaret Willis Mary Ann Wood Jean Ryan 88 ALPHA PSI OMEGA MEMBERS Jesse Bradford Martha Bradford Sadie Bradford Mitchell Burford Anne Cantrell Gerald Comer Cal Gaskins Mona King Gene Ledbetter Tommy Russell Ethel Smith Joe Tuggle Miss Gladys Shepard OFFICERS MARTHA BRADFORD President JOE TUGGLE Vice President GERALD COMER Business Manager Alpha Psi Omega is a national dramatic frat- ernity composed of members of the Rehearsal Club who prove their special interest and ability in acting and stage technique. 89 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB INTERNATIONAL CHARTER The International Students Society is orga- nized for the promotion of International Friendship and improvement of Cultural Re- lations between all nations, through Friendly Correspondence with distant members, active participation in Local Chapter, and co-opera- tion with International Office. OFFICERS MR. CHARLES JACKSON DEAN President MISS BETTY JEAN McBRIDE Vice President MISS BERNICE MORRIS Secretary MR. WILLIAM JAMES MOODY Treasurer MR. AUVIN DOYCE WARREN Reporter DEAN F. E. LUND Advisor DR. LAURA JEAN McADAMS Sponsor MEMBERS Bill Moody Annie Ruth Koonce Charles Dean Wiley Higgins Bernice Morris Joe Beumer Betty Jean McBride David Bliss Hillman May-field Wilson Smith Maggie Jones Marguerite Wheeler Joanne Bond Donald Griffin Genivine Killen Patricia Williams Gladys Huffman Duncan Gray 90 MEMBERS Carl Prince Mary L. Bowser Joe Beumer Richmond Hogan Miss Culmer Mr. Clark Mr. Depew Mrs. Hudson KAPPA MU EPSILON Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national hon- orary mathematics fraternity. The ob- ject of the fraternity is to further the in- terest of mathematics; to help the under- graduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the develop- ment of the western civilization; to de- velop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics; and to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics. The Alabama Beta Chapter was installed May 25, 1935. 91 First Row: Betty Waldrop, Helen French, Sarah Sockwell, Lou Ann Rae, Delores Pylant. Second Row: Louise Farneman, Sara Ann Tanner, Edith Ann Davis, Ruth Mc- Clung, Rachel Maples, Jo Ann Bond, Cherovise McMicken, Mary Joyce White, Sudie Collum. Third Row: Mrs. Mary Hudson, Sue Smith, Doris Jean May, Carol Bogle, Faye Nell Couey, Cynthia Kimbrough, Peggy Reeder, Miss Donette Davis. An organization of long standing at FSTC is the Young Women ' s Christian Association. All women students are made eligible for mem- bership by accepting the organization ' s purpose, which is to further campus-wide Christian living. Under the direction of Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, this group sponsors a Freshman Party, Big-Little Sister Week, Sunday Vesper programs, mid-week group singing, Friendship Week, and many other activities. These projects are expressive of the organization ' s high ideals, and they encourage better living among students. w . 92 SOCIAL COMMITTEE The Social Committee is composed of students (selected by the Pres- ident of the Student Council and approved by the college President) and faculty members, organized for the purpose of planning entertain- ment for the entire student body. Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Winn, Marvin Jolly, Miss Sublett, Mrs. McFarland, Edward Gattis, Dr. McElheny. Second Row: H. V. Barnard, Joyce Wade, Evelyn Davis, Cherovise McMicken, Pete Scott, Mr. West. COLLEGE CHOIR Membership in the Choir is open to any student who has the ability and the desire to sing. During the fall and win- ter quarters concerts were given in Athens, Decatur, Florence, Huntsville, and Russellville. Programs during the year included music by the following composers: Bach, Brahms, Handel, Las- sus, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Praetorius, Schuetz, Vaughan Williams; Ernest Ba- con, William Billings, Charles Bryan, Robert Delaney, Roy Harris, Vincent Persichetti, William Schuman, Ina L. Strom, John Work. MEMBERS MRS. PORTER Conductor Mary Jones Mary Ncel Groover Marilyn Roberts Jean Ryan Betty Gresham Gladys Huffman Ethel Smith Jane Redding Annette Scoggins Lou Ann Rae Ann Cobb Patsy Cook Mary Jane Knowles Margaret Jo Dooley Sadie Bradford Ruth Belk Joyce Vann Porter Ellis Gene Tonn Leon Poole Dorris Shelton Buri. Icard Ralph Graham John Braswell Richard Hogan Ray Blakely 94 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS JAMES THOMPSON President FLINT GILLESPIE Treasurer MALINE MARTIN Vice President DOT SANDLIN Reporter CHARLOTTE ROBINSON Secretar y MEMBERS James Thompson, Maline Martin, Charlotte Robinson, Flint Gillespie, Dot Sandlin, Harold Hallman, William Parker, Comer Bone, James Robinson. Eddie Drane, Travis Parker, Peggy Smith, William Chambers, Bruce Varnell, Benjamin Hill, Rudolph Higgins, ' Cole- man Hollis, Kenneth Guin, Albert Cross, Mary Ann Ne- Smith, Devon Landers. PURPOSE The International Rela- tions Club is one of the most prominent clubs for stu- dents of social studies at FSTC. It is the aim of the club to bring about a more thorough and unbiased un- derstanding of international affairs. Students who have completed eighteen hours of social studies with a " B " average, and have a " C " average on all of their stu- dies are eligible for mem- bership. MEMBERS Sally Kerr. Virginia Bishop. Betty Jo Hester, Jo Nell Bobo, Elizabeth Thornton. Betty Weems, Ann Glass, Willodean Michael, Faye Hammond, Virginia t ' ockrell, Josephine Moore, Geneva Bos- ton, Juanita Putnam, Martha Gresham, Annette Wilbanks, Peggy Green, Martha Faye Petters, Ruth Belk, Elaine Berryhill, Mary Nell Groover. Margaret Anne Flippen. Mrs. Huff. The Home Economics Club was organized in the summer of 1949. Some of the objects of the club are to encourage creative arts and activities which will develop worthy home membership; to encourage each member to contribute toward the happiness and well- being of the members of his home and community; to provide opportunities for members to accept respon- sibility and to become good followers as well as good leaders; and to provide social, professional and business experiences through the various aspects of club life. Membership is open to all Home Economics majors enrolled in this institution. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 95 BAND MEMBERS Alice Brown Mitchell A. Burford, Jr. Henry Cheney Patsy Cook James Davis Porter Ellis Louise Farneman Glenn French Katherine Gipson James Graham Aileen Graven Duncan Gray Ann Grey Richmond Hogan William Hopkins Gladys Huffman Bettye Israel Jean Gay Lindsey Harold Maples Nelda Jean McDonald Charles Morman Thomas Parrish Dorothy Ann Pitts Mona Publicover Robert Robbins Jesse Sandlin Joseph Smith Sue Smith Wilson Smith, Jr. Rachel Speck Charles Staley Joe L. Stanley- Eugene Tonn Margaret Willis Bill Wynne Marilyn Roberts John Hardiman Mrs. John Hardiman Sonny Cook Edsel Holden Carter Dove Carter Gable Ronald Eddens James Sharp Tecumseh Carpenter Martha Ferguson Dr. Wayne Christeson with his band during practice. F . S . T . C BAND Top: Carter, D. McKee, B. McKce Bottom: Gipson, McDonald, Cook 97 THE . . Tl CLUB First Row, Left to Right: L. L. Whitten, Don- ald Parker, Caldwell Hollingsworth, Bill Smith, Sam Hyde, Sam Hardy, Bobby Neal Wade, " Hub " Sanford, Lelton Gray. Second Row: Coach Weeks, Brooks Jones, George Lindsey, Peggy Daves, Duren Mc- Clesky, Ed Burrows, Otto Kerr, E. F. Cagle. Third Row: Joe Elmore, Gene Lentz, Jean Ryan, John Braswell, Harlan Hill, Junior Ver- non. Fourth Row: Ed Watts, Charles Wallace, Bel- ton Jones, Durrell Mock, Marvin Taylor, James Hodges. The purpose of the F Club is to pro- mote intercollegiate athletics at Florence State Teachers College and to foster good sportsmanship in the student body. Membership in this club is based upon the recommendation of any letterman, by the head coach of football, baseball, basketball, and any other intercollegiate sport, with the approval of the director of athletics. 98 YOUNG MUSICIANS CLUB JEAN GAY LINDSEY TED BRYSON OFFICERS President PEGGY GRUBER Secretary Vice-President MITCHELL BURFORD Treasurer DORIS HALLOWAY Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Seated: Rose Abbot, Louise Farneman, Jean Gay Lind- sey, Doris Halloway, Sue Smith. Standing:: Ted Bryson, Mit- chell Burford, Richmond Hogan. Not Pictured: Weston Co- burn. Mona Dyar, Dean Good- sell, Duncan Gray, Peggy Gruver, Molly Sue Harris, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Eu- gene Ledbetter, George Mur- ray. PURPOSE The Florence Young Musicians Club is com- posed of students seriously interested in music. The club realized its purpose through media of radio programs, concert series, and the study of various composers and schools of music. Front Row: Peggy Bray, Roberta Robinson, Doris Jean May, Cherovise Mc- Micken, Louise Farneman. Back Row: Paul Edwards, David Brown, Billy Joe Morris, Tommy Upshaw. (Small boy, Rickie Arnette) Standing: Ruth McClung, Mrs. Arnette, Lois Rich- ardson, Sally Riggens, James Farneman, Mary Lee Williams, Martha Gresham, Ruth Slator, Jimmie Lyn Littleton. The Baptist Student Union is an oranization for Baptists enrolled in higher institutions of learning. Every Baptist is a potential member and becomes an active member when he joins a Baptist Church in the educational center or any unit organization that is represented on the B.S.U. Council. These unit or ganizations are Sunday School classes, Young People ' s Unions, Y.W.A. Circles, etc. The purpose of B.S.U. is to promote spiritual growth and development of individuals while enrolled in college. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 99 KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS BILL PILGRIM President DORIS COBB Secretary and Treasurer JULIAN JACKSON Vice-President MARY JO JOINER Reporter MR. McILRATH Counselor MEMBERS Seated: OlUe Mae Baker. Helen Kimbrough, Juanita Putman, Doris Oobb, Bill Pilgrim. Vaudine Led ' xtit t . K us t nia Hujibt-s, Del ores Pylant. Ethel Smith. Standing: Julian Jacksoa, Mary Jo Jointer. Zula Alli- son, Peggy Ezell. Christine Darby, Elaine Yel st.-r. Miss Sophia Sullivan, and Mr. W. J. Mellrath. PURPOSE Epsilon Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in Education, was installed at Florence in 1945. Its purpose is to en- courage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards of preparation for teaching; to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work; and to promote a closer bond of fellowship among students of Education. MEMBERS Delores Pylant, H. V. Bar- nard, Margaret Kepart, Eugene Ledbetter, Ethej Smith, Gerald Comer, Ol- lie Mae Baker, Julian Jack- son, Bettye Yarbrough, Peggy Ezell, Miss Neal. Sigma Tau Delta, national honorary English frat- bership a student must be an English major or minor, ernity, has been represented on the campus since 1935 must be of junior standing or above, and must have by the Theta Delta Chapter. To be eligible for mem- maintained a " B " standing in his English courses. SIGMA TAU DELTA 100 WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS PATRICIA GRAHAM ( 1950) President ANN ALDRIDGE Vice-President HERBERT HESTER (1951) President NELLIE BUTLER Secretary SUE SMITH Vice-President REGINA SPRATLIN Treasurer MEMBERS Seated: Sue Smith, Nellie Butler, Herbert Hester, Pa- tricia Graham, Ann Aldridge. Second Row: Mary Joyce White, Peggy Springer, Re- gina Spratlin, Molly Sue Harris, Faye Hammond, Sue Jones, Juanita Gillespie, Marguerita Coker. Third Row: Mr. Rex Depew, James E. Cobb, Charles Moore, Wiley Higgins, Charles Dean, Charles Bear- den. PURPOSE Wesley Foundation serves the Methodist stu- dents on the campus by providing them with an opportunity for worship, Christian fellowship, and recreation. This group meets twice a week. MEMBERS Seated: Marianne Todd, Ann Aldridge, Tommy Upshaw, Charles Dean, Louise Farne- man. Standing;: Maxene Dekich, Marlene McBride, Elizabeth Arantz, Doris Jean May, Mit- chell Burford, Regina Spratt- lin, Sarah Sockwell, Roberta Robinson, Juanita Gillespie, and Peggy Ezelle. Not Pictured: John Arantz, William Maftett, and Donald Warren, PURPOSE The Inter-Faith Council is composed of represen- tatives from many reli- gious denominations. Its purpose is to promote re- ligious tolerance on the campus. To further this purpose, the Council spon- sors daily and noon de- votional programs. OFFICERS TOMMY UPSHAW President LOUISE FARNEMAN Secretary and Treasurer CHARLES DEAN Vice-President ANN ALDRIDGE Reporter INTER-FAITH COUNCIL 101 JANE HALL PROVOST SWEETHEART . n n - n n r _. r.o PROVOST CORPS First Row, Left to Right, Officers: Thomas Small-Pub- licity Officer; George Adams-Provost Marshall; Aaron Shults-Adjutant; James Ryan-Executive Officer; Thomas Scott-Executive Officer; William Robbins-Ex- ccutive Officer; James Easter-Deputy Provost Marshall; Clarence Small-Provost Sergeant; Elmon Terry-Fin- ance Officer. Second Row: Leo Gusmus, John Blackwell, Dale Hamilton, Drew Dorris, Wayne Tidwell, Ralph Gra- ham, Benjamin Hill, Jarvis Brewer, Askew Marable, Doyle Ramey, Bill Solley, Raymond Graham, Jesse Sandlin, Wayne Rutledge, Thomas Sutton. Third Row: Loring Kiker, Donald Huggins, Arnold Kohn, Ralph Palmer, K. W. Bradley, Paul O ' Mary, Denzil Clark, Brandon Sparkman, J. W. Robbins, Lei- ton Gray, Flint Gillespie, Donald Parker, Archip Pat- terson, John Adkins. Fourth Row: Thomas Parish, James Armstrong, Charles Paulk, Glenn French, Dempsey Rutherford, Robert Magino, James May, Bob Sandlin, Carey Smith, Gerald White, Albert Cross, Billy Loving, John Cummings, Bill Bernos, William Patterson. Fifth Row: Joe Bcumer, James Farneman, James Davis, Leonard Terry, Rufus Ritch, Hillis Tucker, Wendell Miller, Clifford Campbell, Edward Hay, Orion Hyde, Tom DeWeese, Carlos Hagood, William Moody, Joel Brewer. Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Charles Rasch, Mr. Walter P. West. Major John O. Hodges. The Provost Corps, National fraternity for outstanding cadets in the Military Police R.O.T.C., is the fourth chapter in the nation. Membership in the fraternity is the highest 1 honor that may be conferred upon a student in Military Police R.O.T.C. The purpose of the Provost Corps is to ele- vate the personal standards of the corps and its various units, to establish in the public mind a necessity for professional training of the personnel of the Corps of Military Police, and to foster a greater cooperation between the Military and the school. Membership is obtained by application of an advanced cadet whose record and qualifi- cations are reviewed by the Executive Coun- cil, who will recommend acceptance or rejec- tion of the cadet. 103 M mi: HOIH.KS I.T. COL. SHOItl ' SHIK)]) MA.IOK ERNST ROTC AT FSC The ROTC REVIEW Mm Maj. Gen. Parker addresses the ROTC Color Guard f Battalion Officers I OT r S Athletics I. unit, Flojd, Peaem-k standing: Glock, Flowers, Fuller COMMITTEE ON ATHLETICS MEMBERS DEAN F. E. LUND H. H. FLOYD OTIS L. PEACOCK CHARLES GLOCK H. A. FLOWERS R. C. FULLER 108 Left: CAPTAIN BROOKS) JONES Center Senior Outstanding; Lineman L. L. WHITTBN Halfback Junior Outstanding: Back HUB SANFOHD End Junior Bottom, Top Row: SAM HYDE Tackle Junior ED BVKROWS Halfback Junior MARVIN TAYLOR Fullback Sophomore Bottom Row: BKI.TON JONES Center Freshman DON PARKER Halfback Junior DALE HAMILTON I la! i l ' :i l. Junior FOOTBALL The Lions ' second football season was more successful than the 1949 sea- son. The Lions ' notched five wins against four losses. At the start, it looked as if most Lion stalwarts would be facing the Korean " Reds " and the the mobilization of the National Guard did call from the gridiron the 1949 combination of Carl Boley-Joe Brewer. Florence, 2; College of Ozarks, Opening against College of Ozarks, the Lions showed spirit, outgained their opponents in all departments, but lacked scoring punch. Hub Sanford ' s alert end play gave FSTC a 2-0 win when he tackled an Ozark ball carrier in the Ozark end zone. Florence, 0; Austin Peay, 6 The spirit was still there when the Lions met the Governors in Clarks- ville, Tenn., but the " T " offense still lacked punch. The Governor ' s offense penetrated the Lion defense only once, to give them a 6-0 win. Florence, 7; Howard, Before the season ' s largest crowd 8,000 in Decatur, the Lions played the Bulldogs in a Lions ' Club Benefit Game. L. L. Whitten scored from the nine late in the second quarter, but the spark of offense wasn ' t there dur- ing the rest of the game although the Lions won, 7-0. Florence, 48; St. Bernard, The Lions romped over the out- classed St. Bernard team, with Taylor, Sherrill, Watts, Bradley, Moore, and Hill sharing scoring honors, rolling up a 48-0 win. GENE LEN 1 Guard Senior DIKRKUL MCM K Guard Sophomore LELTON grey Guard Junior CHARLES WALLACE Guard Junior JOHN BRA8WBLX End Junior JOE ELMORE Quart erba ' k Freshman ROAR LIONS JACK KING Taekle Junior JAMES HODGES Guard Sophomore JOHN HALL Half bark. Senior BERNARD SCOTT Taekle Freshman HARLAN HILL End Frewlimaii BOHBY WADE Taekle Sophomore JERRY FORREST End Freshman NOLAN SHKRRHX Fullback Sophomore JOK NEELAND Halfback Fresliman JAKE " WILLIAMS (uard Sophomore ROY JOE KAPLE Center Freshman H 3? Q 5 Don ' t fret Yank, it will all come out washday Looks like there is no way around this guy It can ' t be that bad, Don ' Florence, 0; Livingston, 19 In a rough, wet game at York, the Livingston team stopped the Lions cold. Once or twice, like Taylor ' s 41-yard dash in the third quarter, it looked as if the Lions might get started but the Lions tumbled 19-0. Florence, 0; Troy, 19 It may have been Homecoming, but the Lions didn ' t " take Troy in ' 50. " A stunned crowd of 6500 watched Troy roll up 12 points in the second quarter and go on to win. The Red Wave engulfed the Lions in a 19-0 tidal wave. SCHEDULE Florence 2; Ozark Florence 0; Austin Peay 6 Florence 7; Howard Florence 48; St. Bernard Florence 0; Troy State 19 Florence 0; Livingston 19 Florence 14; Middle Tenn 26 Florence 39; Bethel 2 Florence 6; Jacksonville Smiling Ed It seems there is no way out c 113 Top: Gene Lentz, Joe Elmore, Hub Sanford, Marvin Taylor, L. L. Whitten. Florence, 14; Middle Tennessee, 26 Middle Tennessee had scouted the Florence " T " six times, and the Raiders were caught flatfooted when the Lions opened a single wing attack and led 7-0 until the third quarter. It was easily the best game yet for the Lions. Played in near freezing weather, with oc- casional sleet, the game was won by a fourth quarter rush by the Raiders, 26-14. Florence, 39; Bethel, 2 It was another cold night, but Florence was hot! The new single wing offense got a real work-out as the Lions scored at will and stopped Bethel ' s passing attack with interceptions. Everyone got into the act as the Lions rolled up a 39-2 win. Keeping a close eye on the team are our coac hes: George Weeks, Hal Self, Ed Billingham. Playing in the spotlights J% 41 PROP. k . S. T. c. PROP. L f. ST. Intramural Sports Important men on the campus ' Burley Earl " Florence, 6; Jacksonville, At the end of a season, there are few unbeaten teams and the Gamecocks were one of them in 1950 until they met the Lions! Taking advantage of a bad kick by Jacksonville, the Lions scored early in the first quarter on Watts ' line plunge. With victory in their grasp, the Lions dug-in and the Gamecocks offense was never sparked. The Lions knocked the Gamecocks from the undefeated ranks, 6-0. Faculty softball team 117 " Skeeky ' standing: William " Skeeky - ' Maffett, Lambert Watts. I avid Neyman. Kneeling:: Jean Hyan, Cynthia KinihrouKh, l i bel Smitb. III.. I David Cynthia Jtk Coach in action Captains Winfred Smith and Joel Brewer SCHEDULE Florence 57 Florence 80 Florence 57 Florence 98 Florence 76 Florence 67 Florence 67 Florence 76 Florence 86 Florence 54 Florence 69 Florence 69 Florence 58 Florence 57 Florence 69 Florence 54 Florence 77 Florence 68 Florence 69 Florence 89 T. P. 1 56 M. T. S. C 60 University of Alabama 75 Union University 51 Illinois Wesleyan 73 Delta State 77 Union University 63 Troy 38 Lambuth 69 T. P. 1 63 Austin Peay 70 Howard 61 David Lipscomb 69 Jacksonville 69 Austin Peay 74 Howard 58 Jacksonville 63 M. T. S. C 69 David Lipscomb 73 Lambuth 58 Southern District, NAAU Tourney Florence 79; Knoxville Motors 80 Florence 75; Lambuth 78 119 Those guys didn ' t have a chance Sammy does it again ACTION WINFRED SMITH -MIMV HARItY .TOEI. DIIKIVER RONALD ESTES Mp, I see nothing but arms Is it a bird, a plane ? No, a basketball! FOR ALL FRED THOMAS EARL WEBB nil. 1. 1- Tl ' CKKK GEORGE CALIf ' H BASKETBALL GROUP Front Kovv: Karl Webb, Sam Hardy, Joel Brewer, H inlnrd Smith, Konald Bwtf . GeorffC Calioh. Second Rmti Coaeh l ii Billiimrliam, Assistant eoaeta Maek i-. t ' il. Fred AWrtd e, George, Davis, Jimmy Bpefike, Fre l Thomas, Itaymnml Armstrong, Hillis Tueker, Kalph Smitli. Third Row I I ' at Brewer, Karl Darby, Charlie Faulk, Charlis Ka lor, Mav Karwootl, .larvis Brewer, Carl Kvans. BASKETBALL Off to a good start with victories over TPI and Middle Tennessee, and a fine showing against Ala- bama ' s Crimson Tide, it looked like the Lion hoopsters would be the hottest in history. But they reached their peak just before Christmas with a stunning 98-51 win over Union, and a 76-73 thriller over Illinois Wesleyan. Losing Pat Brewer to the Air Force didn ' t help after- Christmas prospects and the Lions were plagued by colds, weather, and bad luck. But " Little Red " Thomas and 6 foot 6 inch Ronald Estcs gave the crowds many a thrill and made the Lions a respected court adversary. Two More points, I think! The long and the short of our team Cheerleaders and Basketball Midway of the season, the Lions were invited to play in the Southern district, National Amateur Athletic Union tourney near Chattanooga at Rossvillc, Ga. But their luck was no better in the tourney, losing a last minute 80-79 verdict to Knoxville Motors and then being upset 78-75 by Lambuth. Coach Billinghams ' fast-break offense was handi- capped most by lack of varsity reserves, but a good crop of " B " teamers gave notice that there ' ll be a dif- ferent story next year. What gives fellows? Like figures frozen - . Bill Pilgrim. Atch Itussell, (iene KatlifT, Avery Huberts, Joe Krhultz, .1. V. (imnlwin, Leon MeCrary, Johnnie Jolinsnn. Carl Bnley, Jimmy John . Je Brewer, Jaek King:. l nren MeClusky, 1,. I.. Whitten, Bill Whitlixk, Raymond Armstrong, Chalmers " Duke " Kiley, Coach; George Weeks, Kenneth Tiee, nigr. B B N N I L S Front Row: Wade Rollins, Jimmy Dyer, Porter Ellis. Second Row: Cnaeli Wise, I-eo Long, Joe I-.lo.vd, (arson Cmnpton. I ADVERTISING oger: SINCE 1894 Do you remember . . . back in 1894, September 4, Major B. A. Rogers and his two sons, T. M. and B. A. Jr., opened the little " Surprise Store " in Florence on the corner of Court and Mobile Streets. 57 years later . . . there on that corner, the same corner on which North Alabama ' s largest store stands today, the Rogers family has been keeping store ever since . . . that ' s 57 years of storekeeping: 57 years of service to North Alabama ' s citizens ... 57 years of courtesy ... 57 years of hard work with you in the upbuilding of this section ... 57 years of steady, progressive growth . . . owned and operated by three generations of the Rogers family, this store is look- ing forward to the 4th generation of Rogers serving your grandsons and granddaughters tomorrow. North Alabama ' s Largest Store OGERS siNCE 1894 Where F.S.T.C. Students Shop DIXIE SUPPLY COMPANY " Sportsman ' s Center " ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT TENNIS SUPPLIES RUFUS G. HIBBETT, Manager Florence, Alabama Phone 2067 MUSCLE SHOALS THEATRES LOUIS ROSENBAUM , STANLEY ROSENBAUM Princess Majestic Shoals Colbert Sheffield Ritz . . Sheffield Strand Tuscumb an . . . .... Tuscumbia Ritz . . Athens Plaza . COMPLIMENTS OF BELK HUDSON CO DEPARTMENT STORE SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA low Trust its Quality In this book are pictures of the friends whose companionship has made your years of study happy and memorable. We hope that Coca-Cola has added some small measure of enjoyment to your lighter moments that Coke has been a friendly part of your most pleasant gatherings. Wherever you go, whatever you may do, you will find that a relax- ing moment now and then always helps you get the most out of life. And whenever friendly refreshment is in order, you can count on ice-cold Coca-Cola to make any pause " The Pause That Refreshes ' .. 5 4 Ask for it either way . . . loth trade-murks mean the same thing. 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Court St. FLORENCE 2l4 ' 2 Montgomery Ave. SHEFFIELD Phone 2 1 32 TRI-CITIES AUTOMOBILE DEALER ' S ASSOCIATION HAMPTON-McNEES MOTOR COMPANY MORRIS SERVICE STATION COOK DYE MOTOR COMPANY COLEMAN MOTOR COMPANY HAMMOND MOTOR COMPANY HARDY MOTOR COMPANY MILEY BUICK COMPANY S M CHEVROLET COMPANY KILLEN MOTORS MclNTYRE BUICK COMPANY PERRITT CHEVROLET COMPANY C. PALMER SMALLWOOD SOUTHERN MOTORS CAMPBELL MOTORS CITY MOTOR COMPANY FOOTE AUTO COMPANY WILCOXSON MOTORS SERVING FLORENCE AND LAUDERDALE COUNTY -K ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT CITY OF FLORENCE, ALA. RYnOLDJ aluminum RYnOLDJ flLuminum COMPLIMENTS REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY REYNALITE DIVISION REYNOLDS ALLOYS COMPANY LISTERHILL, ALABAMA RYnOLDJ Aluminum RYnOLDJ D f El flLuminum Compliments of LANDERS O FFICE SUPPLY CO. Montgomery Avenue Sheffield Ladies Ready-to-Wear Men ' s and Boys ' Ready-to-Wear OLIM ' S OF SHEFFIELD Montgomery Avenue Sheffield ELEBASH JEWELRY CO. Successors to J. W. SOMMER 106 N. Court St. Florence, Alabama LEFTWICH ANTIQUES AND GIFTS Silver, China, Crystal Wedding Invitations 410 Montgomery Avenue Sheffield STANDARD DRUG CO. The Rexall Store PRESCRIPTIONS 401 Montgomery Ave. Sheffield, Alabama O. H. BLANKENSHIP LEWIS HARDCASTLE Free Del. Pho. 26 COMPLIMENTS OF OTTO SPEAKE MENS FURNISHINGS North Court St. FIc SHEFFIELD PHARMACY RIGGS WOODWARD, Owner " YOUR PRESCRIPTION STORE " 1555- -Phone -393 WE DELIVER WESTERN AUTO WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Wizard Appliances Wizard Bat- teries Davis Tires Vita Power , fc oil Western Flyer Bikes True- tone Radios J. C. BREEDLOVE, Owner SHEFFIELD COMPLIMENTS OF THE HANGER S.T.C. ' s Favorite Hangout COMPLIMENTS OF Triodmarrs | IS4 -v " I 1 ST. PHONE 1010 BELLANGER PRINTING COMPANY FLORENCE, ALABAMA ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW AT AND North Florence, Phone 1976 (LOVEME WAp. rtOHTH Of ROKHCE WONE 67 YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRES TENNESSEE VALLEY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Phone 794 8 1 5 East Tennessee St. Florence, Alabama WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS SOCIALLY CORRECT S. C. TOOF PRINTING CO. 218 North Court St. Florence, Alabama ALABAMA INDUSTRIAL BANK FLORENCE, ALABAMA " Serving the Tri-Cities Since 1926 " 107 S. Court St. Phone 126 Compliments of IDEAL LAUNDRY Compliments of ABROM ' S OF SHEFFIELD it ' s at DAVIS 110 NORTH COURT STREET FLORENCE, ALABAMA of course llll I0S {AST HIOBIlf fLORCNCt aV I SOX COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. PENNY COMPANY Court Street Florence Compliments of LAMAR FURNITURE CO. Court Street Florence WILSON ' S Women ' s Apparel 308 Montgomery Avenue Sheffield 1687 SHOES ACCESSORIES 7? %i , %i1 U Our 32nd Year of Service SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE COMPLIMENTS OF KREISMAN ' S " The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands " Court Street Florence WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES LIGHTING FIXTURES TABLE LAMPS WESTINGHOUSE AND ZENITH RADIOS WADE ELECTRIC CO. " You can be sure if it ' s Westinghouse " FLORENCE SHEFFIELD 119 E. Mobile 210 Raleigh Ave. FLORENCE PHARMACY " Prescriptions as Prescribed " OTIS BROWN Phone 208 Florence S. S. L STORES Florence Tuscumbia IN EVERY COLLEGE TOWN THERE ' S A FAVORITE SHOP In Florence It ' s - LilliiVUt 305 North Court Street JAXSON FINANCE CO. 1 M itt4 rttbli ! Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Florence State Teachers College for completion of another out- standing year of accomplishments. The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book and one which portrays the high- lights of memorable activities. Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. We are proud that the 1951 Staff selected us to help design, print and bind the " Diorama. " We have earnestly en- deavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE KWfllBOr-aKniVfcKyvH :. ' :-. !. " : i!im :. ' .;. : i ' iV-, i ' i: T: : ' ; ' ;- ::) n vr : ' .;: ' ; ri.-i :: . ' .. ..--;::!, . ' :r-. i . .- -- nt ' rKr.) COEEIER LIBRARY FEQRENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE. ALABAMA LB ' ' 3 0 COLLIER LIBRARY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSIT FLORENCE. ALABAMA ALABAMA COLLECTION Restricted For Library Use Only r 150013 Br ' it St- t l ?f Lfy I feci ? " $ ' s 4 W , J-jL, ' i t( ii;| en- ' . . if....- - - oi ' i ifN vr ' Tf " jn ! 1 ,. if ill tt i{ 7; " i ' if ( I . ! , -i . - T - V V ffgg wi i,-.- i.--. s ' : " ;,-r- V 1 ki

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