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 - Class of 1950

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1 . y FLORENCE. ALABAMA BONNIE CANTRELL. EDITOR JAMES KIMBRELL. BUS. MGR. RALPH HOLT, BUS. MGR. THIS IS TOUR DIORAMA PROGRAM WITH NAME AND PICTURE OF EACH AND EVERY PLAYER FLORENCE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE F. S. T. C. TAKES KICKOFF THE REFEREE TAKES HIS The Ninth President . . . takes the reins . . . in a solemn and impressive ceremony . . . " The Man Who Came to Dinner " . . . " Dear Ruth " . . . " Twelfth Night " . . . " The Importance of Being Earn- est " . . . AND CALL RUNNING PLAY S? in } L IN MOTION Strictly extracurricular . . . clubs. honors, and bull sessions coun- terbalance " sweating out ' grade slips . . . SCOOTS FOR A TOOCHDOWN! PRESIDENT E. B. NORTON It was he who gave the school a united spirit and the theme of this book when he opened the doors to football. ADMINISTRATION DEAN F. E. LUND The alternate captain of our team who, by calling the plays, irons out the rough spots in our schedules. WW First Row: CHESTER M. AREHART, B.A.. M.A., Registrar. MRS. RUTH ARNETT, B.S., Instructor in English. WILLIAM H. BADGLEY, JR.. B.S.. M.A., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. EDMOND E. BILLINGHAM, B.A., M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education. SHIRLEY WILCOX BROWN, B.A.. Assistant Profes- sor of Psychology. GORDON W. CLARKE. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D., Associate Professor of English. Second Row: MRS. VIOLA CLARK. B.S.. M.A., Assistant Professor of English and History. GORDON A. COLE, B.S., M.A., Instructor in Biology. MRS. CHARLES C. COOPER, M.A.. Instructor in English. BERNARR CRESAP, B.A., M.A., Fh.D., Associate Pro- fessor of History. FACULTY ORPHA ANN CULMER, A.B.. A.M., Professor of Mathematics. RUTH DACUS, A.B., B.S. in L.S., Assistant Librarian. Third Row: HUGH DARDEN, A.B., LL.B.. MA, Assistant Professor of History MARISE DAVES, B.S., M.A., Instructor in Physical Education. CHARLES H. DAVIS. JR., B.B.A., M.B.A., Assistant Professor of Accounting. DONETTE DAVIS. A.B., M.S., Instructor in Business Education. W. L. DAVIS, B.S., M.A.. Director of Training School. REX D. DePEW, B.S., M.A, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. First Row: Z. S. DICKERSON. JR., B.S.. M.A.. Associate Profes- sor of Business Education. GEORGE W. EDWARDS. B.S., M.S.. Associate Pro- lessor of Chemistry. CAPT. RAYMOND S. ERNST. B.S.. Assistant Pro- lessor oi Military Science and Tactics. EDWARD H. EVANS. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D., Professor of History. EVERETT H. FIXLEY. JR.. B.S.. Instructor in Science. ELIZABETH E. FLEMING. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D, Associate Proiessor of English. Second Row: HUBERT A. FLOWERS. B.S., M.A., Associate Professor of Physical Education. FACULTY HOMER H. FLOYD. B.S., A.M., Ph.D.. Professor of Science. R. C. FULLER. Ph.B., M.S., Treasurer. ELIZABETH B. von GEMMINGEN. A.B., M.A., Assist- ant Professor of Biology. HILDA K. GILBERT, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.. Associate Pro- fessor of Economics. J. NOEL GLASSCOCK, B.S., M.A., Professor of Geog- raphy. Third Row: CHARLES A. GLOCK, Director. Audio-Visual Educa- tion. HENRY T. HARVEY, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages. HOWELL THOMAS HEFLIN. A.B., LL.B.. Instructor in Political Science. MARY BELLE HERNDON. B.S.. B.S. in L.S.. Reference Librarian. ARTHUR H. HERSHEY. Ph.D., A.A.. B.S. in Education. Professor of Biology. MRS. MARY R. HUDSON, B.S., A.M.. Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics. 18 First Row: FULTON HUFF, A.B.. M.A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. MARY W. HUFF. B.S.. M.S., Associate Professor of Home Fconomics. RICHARD E. JAGGERS. A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Education. LORENE JOHNSTON, A.B., A.M., Instructor in Music. MRS. CATHERINE C. JONES, A.B.. Instructor in English. GAIL JANE JOYCE, B.S., M.S., Assistant Professor of Home Economics. Second Row: DORIS H. KELSO, B.J., M.A., Instructor in Journalism, Director of News Bureau. ROSEMARY LAMBERTSON, A.B., M.A., Instructor in Physical Education. FACULTY MRS. EARL MASTERSON, B.A.. Instructor in English. LAURA JEAN McADAMS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages. Third Row: EDGAR L. McCORMICK, A.B., M.A., Ph.D Professor of English. EDWARD McGEHEE, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of English. WILLIAM J. McILRATH, B.S., M.A., Associate Profes- sor of Psychology and Education. MARY JULIA NEAL, A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of English. ROBERT E. NYE, B.E., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Music. MABEL OWEN, B.S., M.A., Assistant Professor of English. First Row: OTIS L. PEACOCK. B.S.. M.A., Associate Professor of Education. Director of Extension. EDWARD PENAAT. Lt. Colonel. C.M.P.. L.L.B.. Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics. WILLIAM H. PRESSER. B.A.. M.M., Ph.D.. Professor of Music. FLORINE K. RASCH, B.S.. M.A., Instructor in Home Economics. WILLIAM A. RICHARDS. B.S.. M.A.. Associate Profes- sor of Business Education. HANS A. SCHMITT. A.B.. M.A.. Assistant Professor of History. Second Row: HENRY H. SELF. B.S.. Athletic Coach. FACULTY GLADYS SHEPARD. A.B.. M.A., Assistant Professor of English. ELDON E. SHUPE. JR., B.A.. M.A., Assistant Professor of English. ERNEST E. SNYDER, JR.. A.B., A.M., Instructor in Chemistry. MAURINE SUBLETT. A.B.. Ph.M., Assistant Professor of History, Dean of Women. SOPHIA E. SULLIVAN. A.B.. B.S. in L.S., Librarian. Third Row: LOUIS B. SWORTWOOD, Major, C.M.P.. B.S., Assist- ant Professor of Military Science and Tactics. CORRINE TUTHILL. B.S., M.A.. Associate Professor of Art. GEORGE E. WEEKS. B.S.. Instructor in Physical Edu- cation. MARIE WILSON. B.S., Instructor in Biology. WILLIAM WISE. B.S.. M.A., Assistant Professor of Geography. 20 CLASSES m Lett to Right: Bobo, Myers, Hannah, Sims, Gibbs, Daily JAMES BOBO (Fall) President HERMAN MYERS Vice President MARY JO HANNAH . Secretary ANDREW J. SIMS Treasurer GLENDON GIBBS Student Council Representative CORNELIUS DAILY Reporter WILLIAM C. HANNAH (Spring) Not Pictured President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 22 First Row: ARLO ABEHCROMBIE Somerville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Secondary Education, F.T.A. EDITH ADKINS loe Wheeler Dam, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education. FREDERICK ADKINS Joe Wheeler Dam, Ala. B.S Degree, Secondary Education and Chemistry F.T.A., I.R.C. Treasurer, Kappa Mu Epsilon. GEORGIA BAGGETT ... Florence. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education Business Club. Second Row: DAVID M. BAILEY . . . . ... Athens. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration WILLIAM H. BALDWIN Decatur, Ala B.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Club. MARJORIE BARKER ... Corinth, Miss. B.S Degree, Business Education F.T.A., W.A.A. FORACE H. BARLOW Savannah, Tenn. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Third Row: TED H. BARLOW Savannah, Tenn. 3.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Club. MABEL BEASLEY Toney, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education OSWALD BELEW Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education Business Club. EATHIL BONNER Carona, Ala. B.S. Degree, English and History W S G A F.T.A. , Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. . DIORAMA Staff, Kappa Delta Pi. Fourth Row: ALICE BOWLING Trinity, Ala. B.S Degree, Business Education W.S.G.A. House Chairman ' 49, F.T.A., Business Club. JOHNNIE BOYD Fayette, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education F.T.A., Veterans Club. A. B. BRADFORD Mt. Hope, Ala. B.S. Degree, History and English. F.T.A., I.R.C. JESSE BRADFORD Tuscumbia, Ala. A.B. Degree, Biology Rehearsal Club Vice President, Alpha Psi Omega Reporter, " Flor-Ala " Staff. SENIORS SENIORS First Row: RUBY CREWS BRACKIN Florence. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education W.A.A.; Inter Faith Council. WILLIAM A. BRALY Florence. Ala. B.S. Degree, English and Social Science F.T.A.; President, I.R.C., ' 48- ' 49; Rehearsal Club; Reporter, Tennessee Valley Society, ' 48- ' 49; President, Tennessee Val- ley Society, ' 49- ' 50; M.S.G.A. Board. JACK W. BREWER Florence. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Club. JACK BROOME Muscle Shoals City, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Club; Company Commander, R.O.T.C.; Vice Presi- dent, M.S.G.A.; President, Sophomore Class. Second Row: FORD BROWN Decatur, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration MITCHELL BURFORD, JR. . Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry Band; Choir; Rehearsal; Treasurer, Young Musicians Club. LOUIS CALHOUN Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology Reporter, F.T.A., ' 49- ' 50; Vice President, Physical Education Club, ' 48- ' 49; President, Physical Education Club, ' 49- ' 50; President, Kappa Delta Pi. ' 49- ' 50; Representative, Married Students to Student Council, ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50; Baseball Team; " F " Club; Who ' s Who, ' 49- ' S0; Mr. F.S.T.C, ' 50. ELZIN P. CHILDERS H.-rtselle, Ala. B.S. Degree, Chemistry rnd Mathematics President, I.R.C.; Librarian, F.T.A.; Kappa Mu Epsilon. Third Row: W. CHARLES CLEM Athens, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration President, Business Club. JEAN BOND COFFEY Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree, Business Education and English Secretary and Reporter, Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; I.S.S.; Business Club; Spanish Club; Who ' s Who, ' 49- ' 50. JOHN B. COLLIER Beaverton, Ala. B.S. Degree, History and English F.T.A.; Wesley Foundation. MARY COOPER Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology W.A.A.; Secretary, Physical Education Club, ' 49- ' 50; Secre- tary and Treasurer of Lauderdale County Club, ' 47. Fourth Row: JUANITA CRAIG . . Town Creek, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education F.T.A. RICHARD P. CROWSON Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Secondary Education President, Wesley Foundation; FT. A.; Vice President, Inter Faith Council. WEYMON R. CRUMPTON . . Brilliant, Ala. B.S. Degree, History CORNELIUS DAILY . . Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S. Degree, Home Economics Reporter, Home Economics Club; Treasurer, W.S.G.A.; Vice President and Treasurer, B.S.U.; Vice President, Y.W.A.; Vice President, Inter Faith Council; Corresponding Secre- tary, I.R.C.; Apartment Dormitory Representative, Student Council. 24 i First Row: JAMES DARBY Florence. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Manager, Band; Social Committee. MARY RUTH DAVIS Fayette. Ala. A.B. Degree, Pre-Medical Skuil and Bones. MABETH DOSS Anderson, Ala. B.S. Degree, English and Social Studies HAROLD L. DUDLEY Sulliqent. Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Science Physical Education Club. Second Row: JOHN R. FELKINS Jasper. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration. Business Club; President, M.S.G.A. HOUSTON FIKES Hamilton, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education W. LESLIE FISK Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration SARAH JANE FOSTER Tuscumbia. Ala. B S Degree, Elementary Education F.T.A.; Y.W.C.A. Third Row: ILEY D. FREEMAN Rogersville. Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education GLENDON GIBBS . Brilliant, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Science Librarian, F.T.A., ' 49- ' 50; Physical Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who, ' 49- ' 50; Junior and Senior Represent- ative to Student Council; President, M.S.G.A., ' 49- ' 50. HAROLD E. GILL Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration JEAN GLASGOW Hodges. Ala. B S. Degree, Elementary Education Secretary, I.R.C. ' 46; President, B.S.U. Council, ' 46; Pro- gram Chairman, Y.W.A., ' 47; F.T.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. Fourth Row: GEORGE W. GLOVER Lexington, Ala. B.S. Degree, business Administration JEAN SHOTTS GOGGANS Hamilton, Ala. B.S. Degree, Eng ' ish and History SARAH ALICE GRAHAM Courtland, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology Vice President, Y.W.C.A.; Assistant House Chairman, W.S.G.A. ANNE EARWOOD GREEN Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, English Secretary, Young Musicians Club; Glee Club; Treasurer, I.S.S.; Sigma Tau Delta; Who ' s Who ' 49- ' 50. SENIORS SENIORS First How: MARY LOU GREENHILL Guin, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education F.T.A. PETE HAMILTON . . Jasper, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration MARTHA HAMMOND ... Leoma. Tenn. B.S. Degree. Home Economics Reporter, Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary, Home Economics Club; Secretary, F.T.A. ; I.R.C.; Y.W.C.A.; W.S.G.A. Board; Wes- ley Foundation; Sponsor for ROTC Company " A, " Who ' s Who, ' 49- ' S0. SANFORD T. HAMMOND Lexington, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Science Physical Education Club; " F " Club; Baseball Team. Second Row: MARY JO HANNAH Florence. Ala. B.S. Degree, Social Science and English F.T.A.; Tennessee Valley Society; Secretary and Treasurer, Rehearsal Club; Secretary, W.S.G.A.; Vice President, Wes- ley Foundation; Vesper Helper, Y.W.C.A Cabinet ' 48- Re- porter, I.R.C.; Honorary Member, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Secre- tary, Senior Class. W. C. HANNAH Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Bioiogy and Sociology Rehearsal Club Representative to Student Council ' 48; Vice President, F.T.A., ' 49- ' 50; Vice President, I.R.C., ' 49- ' 50; Tennessee Valley Society; Skull and Bones; Junior Representative to Student Council, ' 48- ' 49; Trailer Court Representative to Student Council, ' 49- ' 50; Alpha Psi Omega. HOMER WADE HARPER . Pisgah, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and History F.X.A.; I.R.C.; Secretary and Treasurer, Tennessee Valley Society; Kappa Delta Pi; Epsilon Psi Chapter. JOANN HARRISON Decatur, Ala. A.B. Degree, Spanish and English Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; President, Spanish Club; W.S.G.A.; I.S.S.; Vice President, Sigma Tau Delta; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A. Third Row: EDWIN L. HICKS Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Mathematics and Science JAMES H. HIGGINS Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry I.R.C.; Skull and Bones. HOYT HUNT . Crane Hill, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology Physical Education Club; M.S.G.A.; F.T.A.; I.R.C. JACK HYATT . Cullman, Ala. A.B. Degree, Biology and Pre- Medical Skull and Bones; I.S.S.; Who ' s Who; Editor, " Flor-Ala. " Fourth Row: CURTIS IKARD ... . . Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree, History and Music Glee Club; " Flor-iAla; " Band; Young Musicians Club. WALTER B. INGLE Joe Wheeler Dam, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry ROBERT IVEY . Huntsville. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration DOROTHY M. JAMES Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Science Physical Education Club; W.A.A. 26 First Row: JUANITA JEFFREYS Leighton, Ala. E.S. Degree, Elementary Education F.T.A.; " Flor-Ala " Staff. LUTHER E. JOHNSON Rogersville, Ala. B.S Degree, Physical Education and Science Physical Education Club: " F " Club: R.O.T.C.; Varsity Bas- ketball, ' 46- ' 47- ' 48- ' 49. NANCY RUTH JOHNSON Killen, Ala. B.S. Degree, Social Science ROBERT W. JOHNSON Enville, Tenn. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education and History F.T.A. Second Row: THOMAS E. JONES . . . . Florence. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration MILTON S. KILLEN, JR. . Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Club. JAMES H. KIMBRELL Chickasaw, Ala. B.S. Degree, History and English F T A , ' 48- ' 49; Tennessee Valley Society, ' 48- ' 49; Business Manager, DIORAMA, ' 49: M.S.G.A., ' 49. HOWARD KING . . . . Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education Third Row: WILMA YOUNG KOONCE . . Florence, Ala. B.S Degree, Elementary Education Glee Club, ' 30- ' 31- ' 32; Freshman Debating Club, ' 30- ' 31; I.R.C., ' 31- ' 32. HAROLD E. LAYNE .... Warrior. Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology F.T.A. ; Physical Education Club. VAUDINE LEDBETTER Red Bay. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education and English. F.T.A.: Business Club: President, Sigma Tau Delta; Secre- tary and Reporter, Sigma Tau Delta, ' 49; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 49; Who ' s Who, ' 49. VIVIAN ADELLE LEIGH B.S. Degree, Elementary Education Mt. Hope. Ala. Fourth Row: SARAH HODGES LEWTER Elkmont. Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education T. J. LEWTER ... Ardmore, Tenn. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology F.T.A.; Physical Education Club; M.S.G.A. DELPHA LEE LINDSEY ... Vina, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education F.T.A.; Reporter, Y.W.A.; B.S U.; Y.W.C.A.; W.S.G.A. Board. CHARLES GRIFFIN LONG B.S. Degree, History Kappa Mu Epsilon. Florence, Ala. SENIORS SENIORS First Row: LEO LONG Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Mathematics and Science Kappa Mu Epsilon; " r " Club; Tennis. SARAH LONG . . Florence. Ala. A.B. Degree, History and English CHRIS E. LUTHER Florencs, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology. F.T.A.; Physical Education Club. MAX McBRAYER Marietta, Ga. B.S Degree Physical Education and Biology F.T.A.; Physical Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; President, Student Council; Football. Second Row: ELMER J. McCORD Tuscumbia. Ala. A.B. Degree, Biology and Chemistry Skull and Bones. MAVIS McCOY Booneville, Miss. B.S. Degree, Home Economics Treasurer, Home Economics Club. JOAN McCULLOUGH Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education W.A.A.; Vesper Helper, Y.W.C.A., Cabinet ' 48; Social Service Chairman, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet ' 49- ' S0; Floor Presi- dent, W.S.G.A.; Senior Editor, DIORAMA. SAMUEL McGEE Oakman, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Tennessee Valley Society; Business Club; Secretary and Treasurer, M.S.G.A. Third Row: MARY HUE MARSH Mt. Hope, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education and English ALLAN C. MEDLEY Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education GILBERT R. MELSON . . . . Moulton, Ala. A.B. Degree, Pre-Medical Vice President, Skull and Bones; President, I.S.S.; Vice President, Student Council; Cadet Commander, R.O.T.C; Who ' s Who. DANISH R. MILLER Florence, Ala. B S. Degree, Secondary Education Fourth Row: VIVIAN MINOR ... . . Fairhope, Ala. B.S Degree, Home Economics Home Economics Club; F.T.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.A.; W.S.G.A. MRS. ETHEL D MITCHELL Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education JOHN DAVID MORGAN . . . Lutts, Tenn. B.S. Degree, Mathematics and Science Kappa Mu Epsilon. CHARLES H. MULLINS Florence, Ala. B.-S. Degree, Business Administration 28 First Row: EMILY NICHOLS Huntsville. Ala. . A.B. Degree, English and Mathematics Glee Club, ' 47- ' 48; F.T.A.; Madison County Club. SAMUEL E. NUGENT Anderson. Ala. B.S. Degree, History and Social Science Tennessee Valley Society. ROBERT C ORMES Savannah, Tenn. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Club. LONNIE L PETTEY . Decatur. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Sports Writer, " Flor-Ala; " Business Club; Circulation Staff, DIORAMA; " F " Club; Tennis Team. Second Row: EUGENE PICKARD Haleyville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Geography President, F.T.A.; Student Council; Social Committee. TALMADGE POOLE Vinemont, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration MARY ANN PRATER Millport, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology. F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Y.W.A. WILLIAM QUIGLEY Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry Third Row: RAY RANDOLPH Oakman, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education Vice President, Rehearsal Club, ' 49; Publicity Chairman, Business Club; DIORAMA Stat!, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; President, Alpha Psi Omega, ' 49. ANN RATAGICK Waterloo. Ala. A.B. Degree, English and History Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi; Treasurer, Sigma Tau Delta. MRS. LOIS ROMINE . . Rogersville. Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education EDWARD M. SAVAGE Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry Fourth Row: JOSEPH SCHISLER Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Chemistry and Mathematics CELIA SCOTT Birmingham. Ala. B.S Degree, English President, Alpha Psi Omega; Rehearsal Club; W.S.G.A. TRUMAN SCREWS . . Cullman. Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology Physical Education Club; F.T.A. BETTY SELF Warrior, Ala. B.S Degree, Physical Education and Biology Social Chairman, W.S.G.A.; President, W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; I.S.S.; Physical Education Club; Miss Sportswoman, ' 49- ' 50. SENIORS SENIORS First Row: JOE SHULTS Cullman. Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology " F " Club; Baseball. BILLY N. SIBLEY Mt. Hope. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Club; Vice President, M.S.G.A. ANDREW JACKSON SIMS ... Burnsviile, Miss. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and. Biology Physical Education Club; Treasurer, Senior Class. FRANK SMITH . . . Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Physical Education Physical Education Club; F.T.A. Second Row: JOHN F. SMITH Harvest, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration President, Glee Club; Business Club. LUNELL SPEARMAN Red Bay. Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Physical Education W.A.A.; Y.W.A.; Physical Education Club; F.T.A.; Floor President, W.S.G.A.; Y.W.C.A. RAYMOND SWINDLE Oakman, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration ELOISE TANNER ... Eva, Ala. B.S Degree, Home Economics F.T.A. Third Row: BETTY TERRY Red Level, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education CLARICE R. THRASHER .. ' _., Moulton. Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration F.T.A.; WA.A. PORTER C. TIGNER Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration MILLINEA TROUSDALE Rogersville, Ala. B.S. Degree, Elementary Education Fourth Row: CATHERINE TURNER B.S. Degree, Elementary Education Florence, Ala. HAZEL TURNEY Hartselle, Ala. B.S Degree, Elementary Education F.T.A. JOHN O. UNDERWOOD Tishomingo, Miss. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology M.S.G.A. Representative, Student Council. FAYE VANN .... Hobbs Island, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Education House Chairman and President, W.S.G.A.; Secretary, Y W.C.A.; Inter-Faith Council, Secretary and Vice Presi- dent; V .A.A.; F.T.A.; Glee Club. 30 First Row: PEGGY WALKER New Market. Ala. B.S Degree, Elementary Education Treasurer, Y.W.C.A.; President, Y.W.A.; F.T.A.; W.A.A. BOBBY WEEKS Winfield, Ala. B.S. Degree, Business Administration Business Club. FRED S. WELLS Florence. Ala. B.S. Degree, Chemistry and Mathematics WILLIAM M. WHITE Pisgah, Ala. B.S Degree, Biology and Chemistry F.T.A. Second Row: I. F. WHITLEY Falkville, Ala B.S. Degree, Mathematics and Physical Science F.T.A. ; I.R.C.; Vice President, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi. EUGENE WIGINTON Hackleburq, Ala. B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry DOROTHY WILSON Florence, Ala. B.S Degree, Elementary Education and Biology Major Reporter, Skull and Bones; W.S.G.A.; F.T.A. JAMES P. WILSON Killen, Ala. B.S. Degree, Physical Education and Biology Third Row: CECIL THOMPSON WINTON Sheffield, Ala. A.B Degree, Pre-Medical Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Skull and Bones. TERRY C. WOODIS Florence, Ala. B.S. Degres, Mathematics and Physical Science F.T.A.; Secretary and Treasurer Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi. OSCAR WOOTEN . . Phil Campbell. Ala. B.S. Degree, History CLARA RUTH WORTHINGTON . . . , Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree, Home Economics Glee Club; President, Home Economics Club; F.T.A. Fourth Row: MIRIAM WRIGHT . . . . Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree, History and Social Science B.S.U. THOMAS YORK A.B, Degree, English Florence, Ala. Barton, Ala. INEZ B. YOUNG B.S. Degree, Home Economics Home Economics Club; Kappa Delta Pi. F. S. ZIMMERMAN, JR Shefiield, Ala. B.S. Degree, Chemistry and Mathematics MELVIN NORTON . . . Town Creek, Ala. B.S. Degree, Chemistry and Biology SENIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JUNIORS MILTON ALDRIDGE JAMES L. ANDERSON First Row OLLIE MAE BAKER JOHN THOMAS BALCH Second Row NINA SUE BECK VIRGINIA BISHOP Third Row WAYNE DeWAUGH BROWN E. F. CAGLE H. V. BARNARD LEONARD BEARD. JR. CARL BOLEY MARTHA BRADFORD CLIFFORD WARD CAMPBELL BONNIE RAE CANTRELL 33 JOHNIE ANDREW CRANE LE LANNE CRANE PEGGY DAVES MILDRED DAVIS NELSON ELLIS MARGARET FRANCES EUBANK HENRY EDWARD GATTIS JACK D. GLOCK First Row EARL DANIEL HUGH GAINES DANIEL Second Row WILLODEAN DAVIS AUBREY JAMES DIXON Third Row JAMES B. EZELL, JR. PEGGY LOUISE EZELL Fourth Row HAROLD C. GLOVER JACKSON H. GLOVER JUNIORS KATHERINE DANIEL MARY ALICE SMITH DANIEL FRANK EARNEST, JR. ERNEST M. EDMISON RALPH ELSTON FAULKNER ANNA M. GARDNER MAGDALENE NESMITH GLOVER FRANKLIN DYER GOODSON li 34 JUNIORS First Row MARTHA GREENHAW DORIS JEAN HAMMOND BILLIE DEAN HERREN SAM HAMBRICK FRANCES HARRIS Second Row LORENE HERRING DOROTHY HILL REBECCA JEAN HOLLINGSWORTH RALPH HOLT RUBY HODGES OSBURNE HOLT Third Row MARGARET JEAN HOWE RICHARD HAROLD JAGGERS MARGARET KEPHART SARAH LUCY KERR LEMUEL CURTIS KAYLOR OTTO KERR, JR. Fourth Row JO HELEN KILLEN HARLAN DAVIS KNIGHT ROY EUGENE LEDBETTER william l. Mcdonald MARY JANE KNOWLES PARNELL LOVETT KATHRYN McELROY 35 H1LIMAN R. MAYFTELD. JR. OPHELIA MILLSAPS JAMES ALLEN PATTERSON LILLIAN PAYNE DOYLE W. RAMEY PEGGY REEDER ROBERTA ROBISON DOROTHY A. ROLEN First Row PEGGY JEAN MOORE BILLIE NICHOLS Second Row MARY PHILLIPS JAMES B. POTTS Third Row ROSA NELL REID BARBARA ANN RHODES Fourth Row JAMES A. RYAN MARTHA JEAN RYAN WAYNE NICHOLS ROSE MARY PARSLOW MARGARET RUTH PRESLEY CARL PRINCE MILLARD J. RICHARDS OVID C. ROBERTS. JR. CLARENCE N. SMALL BILLIE RUTH SMITH JUNIORS 36 JUNIORS First Row BETTY CATHERINE SMITH JOSEPH WINFORD SMITH WYLENE SMITH ETHEL NICHOLSON SMITH MARY GRACE SMITH Second Row MARY JOYCE SNEED SARAH JOYCE SOCKWELL JOE NEAL TUGGLE BILLY J. WEEKS ELMON GRADY TERRY JAMES DOYLE WALKER Third Row IMOGENE WEST MARY ELOISE WHITE SARAH JOYCE WHITE LACEY ALBERT WOODLEY MARY JOYCE WHITE VIRGINIA J. WILLIAMS WALTON PARKER YARBROUGH 37 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mitchell, Smith. Pace, Richter BOBBY MITCHELL President RAY PACE Vice President MILLIE RICHTER Secretary-Treasurer SUE SMITH .-. " ' .... Reporter LELDON JONES Not Pictured Student Council Representative 38 E M First Row MARIE AARON LOUISE ADAMS CLYDE CROW ANDERSON MARTHA ABBOTT GERTHAL DEAN AKERS EDWARD ANDERSON. JR. Mt Second Row BETTY APPLING HAROLD BEASLEY JIMMER ELLEN BEENE ANN CULLOM ARTHUR AUDREY CAMERON BECK MATTIE RUTH BEHEL w Third Row ALMA RUTH BELK MARY FRANCES BOBO KARL WALTON BRADLEY SARA CHRISTINE BLACKBURN MARY LOUISE BOWSER JOE FRANK BREWER M Fourth Row EVA MAE BRITNELL DAVID CLARK BROWN KENNETH EARL BUTRAM WILLIAM DOUGLAS BROOKS HELEN IONA BROWN ALICE ANN CANTRELL SOPHOMORES 39 SOPHOMORES First Row KATHERINE CARTER PAULINE CHUNN JOYCE COLE DEWEL WESLEY CHRISTIAN RUTH C. CLEM Second Row CARSON L. COMPTON Q. D. COOPER ROBERT O. DEAN TOM DeWEESE WILLADEAN CORDER JOHN C. DENTON Third Row JO ANN DILL PAUL ROBERT EDWARDS JAMES KENNEDY FARNEMAN BOBBY FLACK ACY LEE EVANS MABEL LOUISE FARNEMAN Fourth Row A. MARGARET FOSTER HELEN MAY FRENCH VIRGINIA LYNN FUQUA LUCY CAROLYN GARLAND HERBERT GLENN FRENCH JAMES FRANK GARDNER JEAN GARRISON KATHRYN CHRISTINE GIBSON WYNONA GILLEY WALTER GUY GULLETT SPUD HAMPTON MARTHA ELIZABETH HAYNES WILLIAM B. HENDERSON JACQUELINE MARIE HOOD WALLACE MURRY HUDSON First Row LOUIS HIX GOGGANS RAYMOND GRAHAM Second Row JEAN HARBIN MARTHA NELL HARDISON Third Row DOROTHY HESTER H. DENTON HESTER Fourth Row SHIRLEY JANE INGRAM DOROTHY JANE JACOBSON JIMMIE SUE GRAY FREDIA BELL MAUD GREEN ONITA M. HARRIS MARGARET HARVILLE LOIS WYNELL HILL RICHMOND HOBSON HOGAN DELORES NELL JAMES JAMES L. JOHNS SOPHOMORES 41 SOPHOMORES DORIS FAUSTEEN JOHNSON IMOGENE JOHNSON HOWELL J. KENNEDY DOROTHY SUE KENT ARNOLD KOHN PEGGY ANN LANGSTON MARTHA ANN McCLENDON RUTH McCLUNG First Row THEOLENE JOHNSON LELDON JACKSON JONES Second Row ROBERT KIMBRELL HELLEN BRYAN KIMBROUGH Third Row JAMES HOWARD LEDBETTER MARK RAY LUTTRELL Fourth Row CHARLES DAVID McCORKLE JENNIE QUILLEN McGEE ALFRED KENNAMER MARIE KENNAMER MARY R. KIMBROUGH CHARLES COOPER KING. JR. JAMES K. MAY RUTH McBRAYER WYNELL McINTOSH BOBBI G. McKEE JEAN CATHERINE McKINNEY MARVIN CARLOS McMULLAN ROBERT MITCHELL OLEN A. NELSON First Row CLAUDINE McNUTT NELLIE RUTH MILES Second Row RAMONA BROWN NELSON FLOY LEE O ' MARY ALTA ELIZABETH MILLER PATRICIA MAE MITCHELL CHRISTENE MILDRED O ' REAR RAY DANIEL PACE Third Row SARA I. PARADISE JOANNE PATTERSON DOROTHY ANN POE WILLIAM C. PARKER CHARLES MONROE PAULK Fourth Row ARTHUR PRUITT DOLORES PYLANT JACK KENNETH RHODES MILLIE RICHTER ROBERT REESE NORMA LOIS RICHARDSON JOE EDMOND RIDDLE SOPHOMORES 43 SOPHOMORES First Row JAMES E. ROBBINS JAMES EASEL ROBERTS. JR. IMOGENE RODGERS WILLIAM CURTIS ROBBINS WILLIAM ARLO ROBISON Second Row WILLIAM A. SANDERS WILSON SANDL1N ANN ELIZABETH SCHRIMSHER SUE SMITH NAOMI SANFORD A. I. SHULTS Third Row HOMER G. SOLLEY BRANDON B. SPARKMAN NELSON RIVERS STARKEY. JR. THOMAS R. SUTTON GLENDALE SPRINGER HAROLD LEON STONE Fourth Row SARAH ANNE TANNER KENNETH BYRON TAYLOR BETTY ARMSTRONG TERRY EVELYN THOMAS CHARLES L. TAYS BETTY RUTH THOMAS MARIE THOMAS I I 44 JOE TURBYFILL MARY EDNA UNDERWOOD BETTY WEEMS RAMONA WHITE CHARLES FREDERICK WILSON BETTY YARBROUGH Fourth Row DOROTHY OLIVER SOPHOMORES FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Moore, Holmes, Scott, Money CHARLES MOORE President THOMAS SCOTT Vice President ANN HOLMES Secretary JOYCE MONEY Reporter 46 FRESHMEN First Row BART L. AARON. JR. WESLEY W. ABBOTT MILDRED ALEXANDER JOHN ARANTZ ANN ALDRIDGE JERRY ALEXANDER Second Row GRACE L. AGEE MIRIAM S. ALLISON RUTH M. AUSTIN MARY BATSON ELLIS C. ARNOLD DOROTHY N. AYCOCK JAMES D. BAKER Third Row MARGARITA M. BAUZA MORRIS BECKHAM JOHN BELK WILLIAM H. BERNOS REGINALD C. BEDINGFIELD JAMES W. BENDALL ROBERT BENDALL Fourth Row GLENDON E. BERRYHILL JOE B. BETTERTON JOHN W. BLACKWELL JO N. BOBO DOROTHY BLACK BETTY J. BLAIR ANN BOBO CAROL BOGLE First Row JOANNE T. BOND ROSE A. BONIFAY JOE O. BREAUX COMER O. BONE BOBBYE J. BRACKIN JAMES BRADFORD Second Row LEE BROADFOOT, JR. BARBARA BUTLER KATHLEEN W. BULLARD BETTY J. BURNS BETTY BUFORD BETTY J. BURCHAM WILLIAM G. BURLESON Third Row DONALD R. BURROUGHS ANN BUTLER JAMES W. CAMPBELL JIMMY CHEATHAM HARMON CAGLE MARY J. CAMPBELL MAE R. CANTRELL Fourth Row JO A. CHILDERS OSCAR D. CHUNN REBA J. COGGINS RUTH CORNELIUS LA FONDO COFIELD GERALDINE COLLINS SUDIE COLLUM DOROTHY COUCH FRESHMEN 43 FRESHMEN First Row EASTER C. CRAIG DONALD CREEKMORE MARCENE F. CRIDER THELMA P. DANIEL EVELYN DAVIS EDITH A. DAVIS JERRY L. DYAR GEORGE P. FINLEY CLYTEE M. FLYNN JO A. GARDNER FAY GAY JUANITA GILLESPIE BETTY I. GOODWIN BETTY W. GREEN HERBERT S. GREENE FLOYD T. GULLION BETTY E. GURLEY First Row JEAN GAY ELIZABETH A. GIBSON ANITA J. GILBERT MARY A. GILCHRIST CAROLYN L. GILBERT Second Row MELBA A. GORDON PATRICIA GRAHAM BARBARA J. GOTHARD ROBERT C. GRANT JAMES L. GRAHAM Third Row LYMAN H. GREENE DONALD GRIFFIN PEGGY D. GREENE BOBBIE F. GRISSOM MARTHA GRESHAM Fourth Row ARLIS HAMMOND WANDA HARRIS ANNIE R. HARAWAY ROBERT A. HARTSELLE LEE D. HARBISON FRESHMEN 50 JEANE HAWKINS MELBA F. HEADRICK JUANITA HICKS JANE HIGGINBOTHAM ERNEST R. HOLT JOYCE HOLT ARTHUR G. HOWELL JEAN HURST FRESHMEN First Row c. G. HESS BETTY J. HESTER CAROLYN S. HESTER Second Row WILEY T. HIGGINS, JR. PAUL E. HODGES GREER HOLLAND Third Row STANLEY H. HOOD EDMOND H. HOOPER JOHN A. W. HOST Fourth Row DONNIE I. HUGGINS. JR. ORION J. HYDE JAMES B. IKARD FORREST N. HESTER HERBERT O. HESTER HERBERT HOLLINGSWORTH ANN HOLMES MARTHA S. HOVATER MAX L. HOWARD CARLE B. JACKSON DOROTHY JEFFREYS 51 ALICE L. JOHNSON JEAN W. JOLLY ORV1LLE C. JONES GENEVIEVE P. KILLEN GEORGIA P. LATHAM BETTYE LEE BILLY V. LOVING GRADY M. LOWERY First Row JAMES O. JONES DORIS J. JONES JACK G. JONES Second Row BEATRICE M. KIMBROUGH CYNTHIA A. KIMBROUGH JAMES E. KIMBROUGH Third Row GRADY L. LeMASTER DOYCE E. LEMAY ELANDA L. LEMONS Fourth Row BETTY J. McBRIDE CLYDE F. McCACKLE MARY P. McFALL MARY E. JONES MARY M. JONES PERCY M. KING, JR. JIMMIE L. KIZER BOBBY D. LINDSEY JEAN G. LINDSEY BOBBIE J. McGEE MARY C. McGLATHERY FRESHMEN ; 52 FRESHMEN WILLIS R. McKINNEY CHEROVISE A. McMICKEN BETTY J. MARTIN MALENE MARTIN BARBARA S. MILLER BETTY J. MITCHELL MARY L. MYHAN THELMA L. MYRICE First Row WILLIAM C. MAFFETT ROBERT S. MANASCO RUBYE NELL MANN Second Row WILLIE D. MARTIN ANNIE R. MASHBURN RACHEL A. MAPLES Third Row JOYCE MONEY CHARLES E. MOORE PAULINE MOORE Fourth Row DAVID L. NEYMAN HAROLD O. NICHOLSON VERNON L. ODEN VIRGINIA R. MANN RICHARD A. MARMAN BARBARA K. MASSENB0RG DORIS J. MAY BERNICE R. MORRIS MARIE MORGAN WILLIAM H. PACE. JR. JEAN PARR m WWW I s- SJ First Row TOMMY A. PARRISH ARCHIE O. PATTERSON MARY J. PHILLIPS BARBARA A. PARSONS MEREDITH A. PETTUS RUBY J. PETTUS Second Row THELMA R . PIERCE MARY H. PLYLER HELEN E. POOLE RUBY N. PUTMAN ALV1N L. POOLE AGNES POUNDERS JOYCE E. PRICE Third Row JAMES T. PYRON I. A. RATLIFF BETTIE REEVES MARVALENE E. REYNOLDS BETTY A. REED ANN C. REID CHARLOTTE A. REID Fourth Row ROLAND D. RHODEN BARBARA A. RHODES HELEN RIDGEWAY CHARLOTTE R. ROBINSON WILLIAM M. RICHIE ROBERT ROBBINS MARILYN ROBERTS THOMAS S. RUSSELL FRESHMEN 54 FRESHMEN A ' t First Row RICHARD RUTLEDGE T. CHRISTINE SANDERSON CHARLES O. SEGARS SUSAN E. SANDERS JAMES H. SANDLIN THOMAS H. SCOTT Second Row IIMMIE SEGARS DEEMER O. SELF MARY A. SIBLEY FORREST SLATON NOLAN E. SHERRILL ALFRED H. SIDES CLEO SISSON Third Row JANIS E. SMITH BILL SOLLEY BETTY E. SPENCE RAYMOND G. SPRINGER NORMA C. SPALDING PEGGY S. SPRINGER REGINA G. SPRATLIN Fourth Row JOHNNIE R. STOVALL PEGGY E. SUTPHIN JERELENE THORNE MARGARET M. TURNER CHARLOTTE A. TAYLOR EUGENE T. TONN HILLIS H. TUCKER BARBARA I. VAN BIBBER 55 g 6u FRESHMEN First Row WILLA D. VOIGHT JOYCE A. WADE WILLIAM H. WALDON BOBBY N. WADE SARA F. WADE BETTY S. WALDEN Second Row DONALD WARREN ELBERT WATTS. JR. CONRAD D. WEBB KENNETH R. WEEMS FRANK WATTS TAMES S. WEBSTER NORMA G. WEEKS Third Row VIRGINIA M. WHEELER GERALD O. WHITE THOMAS R. WILLINGHAM MARGIE F. WRIGHT MARY L. WILLIAMS THOMAS S, WILLIAMSON SARAH J. WOOD Fourth Row CRIS YOUNG DOROTHY S. YOUNG EVELYN E. YOUNG JULIA C. YOUNG 56 Y-f " K , -- ' - " X ' t w,.r: -v, " ' ' . .-; - - %y -.-;tM r --W. -, V ..-- u . A . . %-. FEATURES THE QUEEN OF BEAUTY Miss Jean Jolly, vivacious freshman from Sheffield, was selected as the 1949 Queen of Beauty irom a roster of nine of FSTC ' s most comely young ladies. She was chosen for her beauty, charm, and poise by a panel of the " most eligible bachelors " from six North Alabama cities. MISS F. S. T. C. s - JEAN JOLLY ETHEL SMITH JEAN RYAN MEMBERS OF ROYAL COURT i 60 GRACE WEEKS BETTY SELF MEMBERS OF ROYAL COURT PEGGY PARMAN ANN HOLMES if 60BBYE BBACKIN MARGARITA BADZA HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT Top Row. left lo right: Nancy Doty. Peggy Ree-der, Sarah Bradford. Bottom: Betty Reeves. Mary Joyce White. Peggy Parman, Margaret Eubank. I MARGARET EDRANK HOMECOMING QUEEN ! RAY B LAKE L Y MR. FRIENDLINESS PEGGY REEDER MISS FRIENDLINESS 66 MACK EZELL SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR BETTY SELF SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR R.O.T.C. SPONSORS ETHEL SMITH MARTHA HAMMOND BATTALION SWEETHEART " A " COMPANY 9 PEGGY REEDER " B " COMPANY V SALLIE KERR DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS ( ANGELO FERGERSON BETTY GARDINER The Turris Fidelis Award is conferred upon not more than two members of the senior class at spring and summer graduation. The award is based upon a high scholastic standing and outstanding service to the College. It is con- sidered to be the highest honor that the student body can confer upon a fellow student. TURRIS FIDELIS 70 JACK IVY JEAN PARKER LOUIS CALHOUN MR. F. S. T. C. WHO ' S WHO The students below were selected to represent FSTC in " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities " on the basis of scholarship, leadership, cooperation in educational and extracurricular activities, general citizenship, and promise of future usefulness. Top Row, Left to Right: Jean Coffey, Glendon Gibbs, Eugene Ledbetter, Ann Ratagick. Middle: James Bobo, Bonnie Cantrell, Jack Hyatt, Anne Green, Gerald Comer. Bottom: Louis Calhoun, Billie Dean Herren, Max McBrayer, Vaudine Ledbetter, Martha Hammond, Gilbert Melson. 73 ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS The purpose of this council is to act as First Row, left to tight: Glendon Gibbs. Max McBrayer. lames Bobo, Peggy Reeder, Johnie Crane. Tommy a clearing house for problems affecting the Russell. Second Row: Louis S. Calboun. Billie Dean Herren. Social Welfare of the Students, and to Unify Clyde C. Anderson. Cornelius Daily. Joe Breaux. Sallie Kerr. Leldon Jones. Sally Long, t O. Underwood. Jr. (he student activities in the college. The OFFICERS membership of the council consists of rep- MAX McBRAYER (Fall) President JAMES BOBO (Spring) Not Pictured . President resentatives from the dormitories, classes and PEGGY REEDER Secretary JOHNIE CRANE Treasurer the non-boarding students. McBRAYER REEDER CRANE 94 FUTURE TEACHERS ' ASSOCIATION All prospective teachers are eligible for membership in the Teachers Association. This club acquaints future teach- ers with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. Il tries to interest the best young men and women in Education as a lifelong career. The members, some of whom are pictured are: A. T. Abercrombie, F. E. Adkins, Jr., Ollie Mae Baker, Murphy Burney, Virginia Beavers, James Bobo, Eathil Bonner, Alice Bowling, Johnnie Boyd, A. B. Bradford, Joel Brewer, Doug- lass Brooks, J. P. Brown, Louis Calhoun, Roy Cameron, Cliff Campbell, Otis Cauthrea, Elzin Childers, Jean Clcs, Ann Cobb, John Collier, Andrew Coons, Wendell Cooper, Dorothy D. Couch, Juanita Craig, Johni3 Crane, Cornelius Daily, Edith A. Davis, Willodean Davis, Edward Denton, J. W. Eldridge, Frank Earnest, W. W. Foshee, Jane Foster, Vaudine Frederick, Annie M. Gardner, Glendon Gibbs, Juanita Gillespie, Jean Glasgow, Magdalene Glover, Sara Alice Graham, Martha Greenhaw, Joyce Guthrie, Charles Hamilton, Martha Hammond, Buddie Hannah, Mrs. Buddie Hannah, Homer Harper, Joanne Harrison, Lorene Herring, Juanita Hicks, Margaret Jean Howe, Juanita Jeffries, W. J. Jeffreys, Margaret Kephart, Curtis Kay lor. Otto Kerr, Jr. Salli3 Kerr, James Kimbrell, Harold Layne, Elanda Lemons, Sara Lewtsr, T. J. Lewter, Sara Long, Billie Lovin, Chris Luther, Garland M. Mays, Vivian Minor, William Mitchell, Katherine McElroy, Mary C. McGlathery, Neal Nicholson, Sara Paradise, William Parker, Rosemary Parston, Ruby Pettus, Mrs. Georgia Philen, Gene Pickard, Bill Pilgrim, Leon Poole, Carl Prince, Delores Pylant, Rosa Nell Reid, Barbara Rhodes, William Ritchey, Millie Richter, Ovid Rob- erts, John Roden, Dempsie Rutherford, Raymond Screws, Truman Screws, Betty Self, Joe Shultz, Ethel Smith, Frank Smith, Mary Grace Smith, Brandon Sparkman, Harold Stone, Fred Strickland, Johnnie Ruth Stovall, Eloise Tanner, Marie Thomas, Jerelens Thorene, Lois Townley, Hazel Turney, Fay Vann, Joyce Wade, Rachell Waldrop, Doyle Walker, Peggy Walker, William White, Jean Whitley, Virginia Williams, Lacy Woodley, Terry Woodis, Clara Ruth Worthington, Den- zil Yarbrough, Inez Young. Sponsors: Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, Mr. W. L. Davis, Dr. R. E. Jaggers, Mr. W, J. Mcllrath. wnmZWrz 95 BONNIE CANTRELL Editor i PEGGY EZELL Associate Editor THE DIORAMA RALPH HOLT Business Manager STUDENT A EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: Jo Helen KiUen, Sports Editor; Bobbi McKee. Faculty and Freshman Editor; Joan McCullough, Senior Editor Jean Hollingsworth, Typist. Second Row: Margaret Eubank, Junior Editor; Helen French, Sophomore Editor; Brack Walker, Art Editor; James Robbins, Photographer; John Vess, Feature Editor; Frances Harris, Typist; Betty Yarbrough, Organizations Editor. BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Ethel Smith, Mary Magdalene Jones, Martha Haynes. Standing: Ralph Holt. Not Pictured: Kenneth Tice, Faculty Editor; H. V. Barn- ard, Activities Editor; Bobby Mitchell, Assistant Art Editor; Billie Ruth Smith, Activities Editor; Charles Can- trell, Earl Daniel, Sports Editors. m m , DORIS KELSO Publications Sponsor JOHN VESS. Associate Editor JACK HYATT, Editor GERALD COMER Business Manager PUBLICATIONS THE FLOR-ALA EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: Billie Ruth Smith, Dorothy Ann Pitts, Sara Bradford, Sue Smith. Back Row: J. P. Vaughan, Eugene Ledbetter, Kenneth Tice, Ethel Smith, H. V. Barnard, Brack Walker, Helen French, Shirley Ingram. BUSINESS STAFF First Row: Her Ash, Billie Nichols. Second Row: Helen French, Martha Hayrues, Dorothy Poe. Not Pictured: Bill Callahan, Tom Johnson, James Led- better, Annette Wilbanks. 97 Curtain Going Up The Rehearsal Club is the college dramatic organization. Any student interested in any phase of dramatics is encouraged to become a member. This group presents several ma- jor productions each year. Members are: Martha Bradford, Jesse Bradford, Sadie Bradford, Gerald Comer, Charles Randolph, Tommy Russell, Gene Ledbetter, Ethel Smith, Dcrothy Anne Pitts, Wardrobe Mistress Pat Mitchell, Bill Callahan, Anne Holmes, Sally Long, Cal Gaskins, Joe Tuggle, Celia Scott, Pete Scott, Ray Pace, Howard Thomp- son, Jimmy Potts, Cooper King, J. C. Cun- ningham, Virginia Bishop, Mona King, Anne Cantrell, Jean Hurst, Billie Ruth Smith, Alvin Braly, H. V. Barnard, David Neyman, Ray Randolph, Neysa Cowan, Earle Young, Bailey Terry. REHEARSAL CLUB All Hands On Stage K Alpha Psi Omega is a national dramatic fraternity composed of members of the Re- hearsal Club who prove their special interest and ability in acting and stage technique. Members are: Gerald Comer, Celia Scott, Ray Randolph, Martha Bradford, Joe Tuggle, Gene Ledbetter, Charles Randolph, Alvin Braly. Set Going Up Painting the Map Finishing Touches ALPHA PSI OMEGA 99 WOMEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE BOARD MILDRED DAVIS President ROBERTA ROBISON Vice President BONNIE CANTREIX Social Chairman VIRGINIA WARDEN Fire Chief {CATHERINE DANIELS Secretary JEAN HARBIN (Not Pictured) Treasurer MEMBERS Sitting on Floor, leit to right: Betty Self, Ollie Mae Baker, Ruby Hodges, Faye Nell Couey, Willodean Davis, Marie Thomas, Katherine Daniel. Seated in Chairs: Alice Bowling, Rebecca Jackson, Margaret Eubank, Margaret Jean Howe, Sarah Alice Gra- ham, Maurine Sublett, Celia Scott, Mary Joyce White Mattie Ruth Behel, Mildred Davis. Back Row: Jennie Beasley, Sara Alexander, Joan Mc- Cullough, Peggy Reeder, Roberta Robison, Mary Ann Prater, Lucy Garland, Bonnie Cantrell, Billie Ruth Smith, Jean Harbin, Jean Glasgow. The Women ' s Self Government Associa- tion is an organization of all young women living in college dormitories or in town homes away from the supervision of their parents. The object of the association is to enrich the lives of its members by constructive plan- ning in regard to cultural, social, religious and physical living. mm Davis, Robison, Cantrell, Warden, Daniels 1l o - p ji k s l 4k f - ft i - Nfe MEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT OFFICERS MEMBERS GLENDON GIBBS President W. B. INGLE Vice President First Row, left to right: T. J. Lewter, ELZIN CHILDERS Secretary-Treasurer Jack Hyatt, Carl Boley, Ford Brown. The object of the Men ' s Self-Government Associa- tion is to further the interests of those boys living in the dormitories and to maintain the high standards of Second Row: Mrs - MacFarland, Glen- conduct which manhood requires. The organization ' s , , . j.j,,, don Gibbs, W. B. Ingle, Elzin Chil- constitution and by-laws are designed to help up- hold the honor and dignity of the college. , R , , , Gibbs, Ingle, Childers v. Third Row: Johnie Crane, H. C. Sparks, Eill Baldwin, Bobby Green, a? tfmmmm Talmadge Poole, John Roden, Paul Foster, Ed Gattis. MEMBERS First Row: Carolyn Hesler, Claudine McNutt, T. J. Lew- ter, Otto Kerr, Jr., Winford Smith, H. A. Flowers, Walt Yarbrouqh, Gene B. Harvey, Tom DeWeese, Bugs John- son, Marcene Crider, Mary E. White, Marise Daves. Second Row: Dot James, Betty Self, Martha McClendon, Helen Ridgeway, Harold Layne, Peggy Reeder, Louis Calhoun, Lamarr Belcher, Bob Belcher, Bart Ellis, Harold Stone, Naomi Sanford, Lunell Spearman. Third Row: Nancy Coe Vance, Nita Graham, Imogene Johnson, Glendale Springer, Charles B. Ellenburg, John B. Hall, J. O. Underwood, Jr., D.empsey Rutherford, Duren McClesky, Junior Vernon, Ann Aldridge, Mary Cooper. Fourth Row: Peggy Daves, Margaret Eubank, Carl Boley, Cynthia Kimbrough, Andrew J. Sims, Brandon Spark- man, Glendon Gibbs, Dale Hamilton, Jr., Jimmy Sege rs, Don Parker, Fausteen Johnson. Fifth Row: Kenneth Tice, Hulon D. Cockrell, Lelanne Crane, Frank A. Smith, Ophelia Millsaps, Granville My- rick, Doris Hammond, L. L. Whitten, Harold L. Dudley, Franklin Goodsen, T. E. Segers, Max Palmer. OFFICERS First Row MARY COOPER Secretary LOUIS CALHOUN President OTTO KERR Vice President Second Row COACH FLOWERS Sponsor MARISE DAVES Sponsor PEGGY REEDER Reporter WINFORD SMITH Treasurer The Physical Education Club was organ- ized at Florence in 1946. The objective of this organization is to awaken a wide and intelligent interest in health, physical educa- tion, and recreation; to acquire and dissemi- nate knowledge concerning them; to pro- mote such universal health, physical edu- cation, and recreation as will provide well- trained leaders and secure programs through- out the state. THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB SMITH YARBROUGH JOHNSON OFFICERS Second How: Gene Ratliff, Leo Long, Bill Doty, Ed Bur- WINFORD SMITH President rows ' Bobb y Wade ' Winford Smith ' Louis Calhoun ' Duren McClesky, Eihel Smith. HERMAN MYERS (Not Pictured) . . . Vice-President ,,.__, ., ,. .., c- t Third Row: Don Parker, Bart Ellis, Mastin Gill, Jack MACK EZELL (Not Pictured) . . . Secretary-Treasurer _ ' .,.-, ,, , Glock, Peggy Ezell Bugs Johnson, Sally Long, Herb WALTON YARBROUGH Reporter Sanford Q(to Kerri peggy Dayes LUTHER JOHNSON Sergeant-at-Arms Fourth Row . charley Jones Walton Yarbroughi Garland Taylor, Mack Ezell, E. F. Cagle, Joel Brewer, Pat Brewer, Bill Whitlock, Clint Hamilton. MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Coach Ed Billingham (Basketball), The purpose of the F Club is to promote Coach George Weeks (Football). Carson Compton, Brooks intercollegiate athletics at Florence State Jones, John Hall, Jack King, Carl Boley, Kenneth Tice, Teac hers College and to foster good sports- Bob Belcher, Coach H. A. Flowers (Head of Physical , , . . , , . Education Department). manship m the student body. Membership in this club is based upon the recommenda- tion of any letterman, by the head coach of C football, baseball, basketball, and any other ! , ' U intercollegiate sport, with the approval of the Jj J JJ director of athletics. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS RAY MAYFIELD President JOANNE BOND Vice President BETTY YARBROUGH Secretary ANN CANTRELL Treasurer MARTHA GREENHAW Reporter DR. McADAMS Sponsor MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Dr. Laura Jean McAdams, How- ard Thompson, Joanne Bond, Sara Sockwell, Ray Blake- ]y, Gilbert Melson, Mary Alice Smith. Second Row: Genevieve Killen, {Catherine Carter, Jimmie Sue Gray, Jo Ann Harrison, Jennie Beasley, Sarah Alex- ander, Bonnie Cantrell. Third Row: Ruth Nell Roden, Betty Self, Margaret Jean Howe, Barbara Massenburg, Peggy Ezell, Arvin Warren, Ann Cantrell, Tommy Russell. Fourth Row: Ray Mayfield, Bernice Morris, David Bliss, Charles Dean, Jacqueline Hood, Dorothy Jacobs, Betty Jean McBride, Martha Greenhaw, Betty Yarbrough. The International Student Society was or- ganized for the purpose of promoting inter- national scholarship. This is accomplished through friendly correspondence with mem- bers in French, Spanish, and German-speak- ing lands; active participation in the local chapter; and co-operation with the Interna- tional Office. Foreign language students must maintain a grade of " B " before becoming members. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB MEMBERS First Row: Dr. Cresap, Elzin Childers, William Hannah, Mary Hannah, Willo- dean Davis, Cornelius Daily. Second Row: Homer Harper, Sara Sockwell, Alvin Braly, Mildred Davis. Third Row: W. W. Foshee, Johnnie Boyd, Curtis Kaylor, A. B. Bradford. The International Relations Club is one of the most prominent clubs for stu- dents of social studies at FSTC. It is the aim of the club to bring about a more thorough and unbiased understanding of international affairs. Students who have completed eighteen hours of social studies with a " B " average, and have a " C " average on all of their studies are eligible for membership. 105 THE BUSINESS CLUB OFFICERS W. C. CLEM . . . ' President FRANK WEATHERFORD Vice President PEGGY MOORE Secretary MELVIN CLEM Treasurer Z. S. DICKERSON, JR Sponsor MEMBERS First Row. left to right: Granville Hinton, Sam McGee, Bill Sibley, lames Smith, Lonnie Pettey, David Bailey, John Felkins, Ted Barlow, Robert C. Ormes. Second Row: Pete Hamilton, Forace Barlow, Doris Cobb, Ruby Hodges, Ernest Edminson, Betty Appling, Tom Jones, Edward Gattis. Third Row: W. A. Richards, Melvin Clem. Ruth Cross Clem, Walter Fisk, Porter Tigner, George Glover, Raymond Swindle, Millard Williams, 2. S. Dickerson, Jr. Fourth Row: Dorothy Ann Poe, Martha Haynes, Dorothy Hill Sibley, Gene Ratlin " , Wayne Brown, Oswald Belew, lack Broome, H. E. Gill. Fifth Row: Jean Bond Coffey, Ann Arthur, William Deaton, Ollie Mae Baker, Harlan Knight, Edgar King, Frank Weath- erford, W. C. Clem, Carson Compton. Sixth Row: Dick Coffey, lean Hollingsworth, M. V. Killen, Jr., Frances Harris, Joyce Sneed, C. H. Davis, Alice Bowling, Garland Mays, William Keenum. Members Not In Picture: Louise Adams, Georgia Baggett, Bill Baldwin, Leonard Beard, James Belew, Gloria Bendall, Frances Bobo, Ruby Nell Bracken, Eva Mae Britnell, Eloise Broome, Ford Brown, Samuel Bruce, Leo Butler, Denzil Clark, James Cobb, Joyce Cole. J. C. Cunningham, James Darby, Elmer C. Duffey, Joe Eaton, James W. Fergerson, Saniord A. Franklin, James Frye, Houston Fikes, Virginia Fuqua, Jack Glock, John Glover, Walter Gullett, Spud Hampton, Norma Jean Harbin, William T. Harrison, William L. Hay, Billie Dean Herren, Osborne Holt, Ralph Holt, Re- becca Jackson, William L. Jackson, Charlie N. Johnson, Aaron Joiner, Bill Kachelmann, Grady Kennedy, Howell Kennedy, Margaret Kephart, Wilburn Killian, Mary Kim- brough, Howard S. King, George S. Lindsey, William L. McDonald, Kathryn McElroy, Jean McKinney, Pat Mitchell, T mes Mitchem, Pegav Moore, Monroe Morgan, Wayne Nichols, Betty Payne, Jack Perry, Edith Pierce, Othar Poole, Ray Randolph, Jack Rhodes, Billv Rollins, James Ryan, Aa- ron Shults, Neal Small, James C. Stutts, John G. Taylor, Elmer T rry, Clarice Thrasher, Howard Thompson, Porter Tigner, W. J. Walker, Billy Weeks, Bobby Weeks, John F. Wylie. The Business Club, organized in October, 1949, has a membership of 123 students. Qualifications for admittance are: (1) A sopho- more standing; (2) scholastic standing of " C; " (3) pursuing one of the curricula in the Busi- ness Administration Department. The purposes of the club are: to promote interest in the business department; to stimu- late business, professional, and personal growth of its members; to cultivate friend- ships between business students; to provide educational, business, and social functions to aid in making the member a better qualified student of business. YOUNG MUSICIANS CLUB MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Mitchell Burford, Dorothy Rolen, Weston Coburn, Jean Gay Lindsey, Howard Thompson. Second Row: Miss Lorene Johnston, Ray Pace, Ruth Nell Roden, Curtis Ikard, Dolores James, Dot Jacobson. The Florence Young Musicians Club is composed of students seriously inter- ested in music. The club realizes its purpose through media of radio programs, concert series, and the study of various composers and schools of music. West- on Coburn is president of the group which is sponsored by Dr. Presser and Miss Johnston. SKULL AND BONES OFFICERS AMANDA KEELYN President GILBERT MELSON Vice President VIRGINIA KING Secretary NAPIER BURNS, JR Treasurer DOROTHY WILSON Reporter MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Paul Vernon, Otis Cauthen, Jesse Thornton, Elmer McCord, Cooper King. Second Row: Mary Ruth Davis, Arrie Wood, John Braswell, Barbara Massenburg, Mar- garita Bauza, Grace Agee, Betty McBride, Amanda Keelyn. Third Row: Jack Mclntyre, Evan McCarly, Donald Griffin, T. C. Underwood, Charles Dean, Anita Gilbert, Joann Gardner, Gilbert Melson, Millard Richards, Joe Breaux. Fourth Row: C. Fulton Huff, Jr. (Faculty Spon- sor), Sue Hosey Baldwin (nurse sponsor), R. G. Hightower, M.D. (Medical sponsor), W. E. Murphy, W. B. Ingle, Dorothy Wilson, Os- car, Virginia King, R. C. Farrow, Bonnie Can- trell, Janice Smith, Napier Burns, Jr. Fifth Row: William White, O. J. Renegar, Jr., James Oaks, James Anderson, Thomas Rus- sell, John Odum. Skull and Bones is composed of students interested in Medicine and the allied fields. The purpose of the Club is fourfold: to stimu- late interest, to promote greater coordination, to further high ideals and to encourage the maintenance of high scholastic standards among its members. In keeping with these purposes a program of activity consisting in the establishment of a small medical reference library, providing an opportunity for the members to observe medicine and surgery; sponsoring the Medi- cal Aptitude Test as well as a yearly award to the student with the highest scholastic average. 108 MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Miss Maurine Sublett, Joanne Bond, Mrs. W. F. McFar- land, Peggy Reeder, Otto Kerr. Second Row: Howard Thompson, Celia Scott, J. Noel Glasscock, Gladys Shep- ard, Harold Layne, Barr Duggar. The Social Committee is composed of students (selected by the President of the Student Council and approved by the college President) and faculty mem- bers, organized for the purpose of planning entertainment for the entire student body. SOCIAL COMMITTEE 109 Y. W. C. A. An organization of long standing at FSTC is the Young Women ' s Christian Association. All women students are made eligible for membership by accepting the organization ' s purpose, which is to further campus-wide Christian living. Under the direction oi Mrs. Mary R. Hud- son, this group sponsors a Freshman Party, Big-Little Sister Week, Sunday Vesper pro- grams, mid-week group singing, Friendship Week, and many other activities. These proj- ects are expressive of the organization ' s high ideals, and they encourage better living among students. YWCA CABINET First Row: MARGARET JEAN HOWE President SARA ALICE GRAHAM Vice President FAYE VANN Secretary PEGGY WALKER Treasurer JOANN HARRISON Treasurer Helper FAYE NELL COUEY Vesper Chairman MARY JOYCE WHITE Vesper Helper Second Row: SUSIE SMITH Vesper Helper PEGGY REEDER Social Chairman JOAN McCULLOUGH . . Social Service Chairman WILLODEAN DAVIS . Apartment Dorm Representative EDITH ANN DAVIS .... Town Representative SARA ANN TURNER . . Tuscumbia Representative HELEN FRENCH .... Sheffield Representative Third Row: SARA SOCKWELL . Inter-Faith Council Representative RUTH McCLUNG . . Old Boys Dorm Representative CYNTHIA KIMBROUGH . . Freshman Representatixe MARGARET EUBANK Reporter MISS DONETTE DAVIS Adviser MRS. MARY R. HUDSON Adviser 110 MEMBE RS First Row, left to right: Orpha Ann Culmer, Frank Moseley, Dallas Yeager, Charles Long, Terry Woodis, Elzin Childers, Frederick E. Adkins, Jr., Rex Depew. Second Row: Mary R. Hudson, F. S. Zimmer- man, Jr., Sarah Alexander, Carl Moss, John E. Jordan, Jean F. Whitley, William G. Mitchell. Third Row: Fred Wells, Jr.,. Caver Hadley, Carl Prince, Richmond Hogan, Leo Long, David Morgan, Richard Stutts, William H. Badgley. Those Not Pictured: Chester Hopkins, Wen- dell Cooper, Andrew Coons. Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honorary mathematics fraternity. The object of the fraternity is to further the interests of mathe- matics; to help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of the western civiliza- tion; to develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics; and to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics. The Alabama Beta Chapter was installed May 25, 1935. KAPPA M U EPSILON in HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club was organized in the summer of 1949. Some of the objects of the club are to encourage creative arts and activities which will develop worthy- home membership; to encourage each mem- ber to contribute toward the happiness and well-being of the members of his home and community; to provide opportunities for members to accept responsibility and to be- come good followers as well as good leaders; and to provide social, professional and busi- ness experiences through the various aspects of club life. Membership is open to all home economics majors enrolled in this institution. OFFICERS CLARA RUTH WORTHINGTON .... President ELOISE TANNER Vice President MARTHA HAMMOND Secretary MAVIS McCOY Treasurer MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Martha Hammond, Katherine Daniel, Wilma Ann Henson. Second Row: Mrs. C. Fulton Huff, Ann Reid, Julia Ann Nolan, Cornelius Daily, Anna Gard- ner, Mary Joyce White. Third Row: Clara Ruth Worthington, Regina Spratlin, Eloise Tanner, Dorothy Kent, Vivian Minor. Fourth Row: Ann Holmes, Virginia Bishop, Betty Weems, Mavis McCoy. Filth Row: Jean Gay, Sallie Kerr, Faye Nell Couey, Ruth Belk, Inez Young. 112 MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Ovid Roberts, Sara Sockwell, Lois Richardson, James Farneman. Second Row: Betty Weems, David Brown, Roberta Robison. Third Row: Ruth McClung, Cornelius Daily, Dorothy Rolen. Fourth Row: Mary Kimbrough, Louise Farne- man. Fifth Row: Virginia Williams, Paul Edwards. The Baptist Student Union is an organiza- tion for Baptists enrolled in higher institutions of learning. Every Baptist is a potential mem- ber and becomes an active member when he joins a Baptist Church in the educational center or any unit organization that is rep- resented on the B.S.U. Council. These unit organizations are Sunday School classes, Young People ' s Unions, Y.W.A. Circles, etc. The purpose of B.S.U. is to promote spiritual growth and development of individuals while enrolled in college. lad Jsrd- ;rx. nop BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 113 COLLEGE CHOIR WILLIAM PRESSER, Conductor Membership in the Choir is open to any student who has the ability and the desire to sing. During the fall and winter quarters concerts were given in Athens, Decatur, Florence, Huntsville, and Russellville. Pro- grams during the year included music by the following composers: European Bach, Brahms, Handel, Lassus, Mendelssohn, Moz- art, Praetorius, Schuetz, Vaughan Williams; American Ernest Bacon, William Billings, Charles Bryan, Robert Delaney, Roy Harris, Vincent Persichetti, William Schuman, Ina L. Strom, John Work. CHOIR PERSONNEL Sopranos: Martha Lou Arthur, Ruth Mary Austin, Vivian Azbell, Virginia Beavers, Nina Beck, Patsy Cook, Mary Alice Daniel, Mil- dred Davis, Willodean Davis, Elizabeth Ann Gibson, Ruth Henson, Fausteen Johnson, Bobbi McKee, Sara Paradise, Marilyn Rob- erts, Jean Ryan, Sarah Sockwell, Regina Spratlin, Margaret Turner, Flo Underwood, Willadeane Voight, Marguerite Wheeler, Mar- gie Frances Wright. Tenors: Ray Blakely, Joe Brewer, Weston Coburn, George Finley, Richmond Hogan, Curtis Ikard, Jr., James Bert Ikard, Leon Poole, James Robbins. Tenor Soloist: Curtis Ikard, Jr. Altos: Juanita Ashwander, Mary Louise Bowser, Alice Ann Cantrell, Geraldine Col- lins, Neysa Cowan, Doris James, Doris Jean May, Nellie Ruth Miles, Helen Putnam, Ruth Nell Roden, Dorothy Rolen, Ethel Smith, Sara Ann Tanner, Millinea Trousdale, Virginia Williams. Bass: Clyde Anderson, Mitchell Burford, Kennie Butram, Charles Cantrell, Harold Glover, Ray Pace, Bill Pilgrim, Thomas Rus- sell, Robert Sandlin, Thomas Scott, Charles Staley, Howard Thompson, Eugene Tonn. Accompanists: Dorothy Rolen, Ruth Nell Roden, Ethel Smith, Mary Alice Daniel, Mary Louise Bowser. 114 COLLEGE BAND DR. ROBERT E. NYE Director RICHMOND HOGAN Assistant Director KENNETH BUTRAM Drum Major Flutes: Edith Ann Davis, James E . Robbins, Trombones: Joe F. Brewer, Mitchell Burford, Thomas R. Sutton. Kenneth Butram, Tonnie Pyron, Marilyn Rob- Clarinets: Patsy Cook, Anne Gray, Richmond rts. Hogan, Jean Gay Lindsay, Robert Robbins, Baritones: Porter Ellis, W. C. Moffett. Nelson Starkey, Eugene Tonn, Bill Wynne. Bass Clarinet: Martha Taylor. Sousaphones: David Brown, B. F. Law, Joe Saxophones: Winnie Sue Green, Sue Smith, Riddle. Paul Yarbrough. Percussion: Walter Gullet, Charles Marman, Horns: Ira K. Hibbett, Thomas Scott. Jesse M. Sandlin. Bell Lyre: Louise Farneman. , _ . _,, , r , t-. , n ., T T , Tympani: Charles Staley. Cornets: Glenn French, Bobby J. Lackey, Thomas A. Parrish, Charles M. Paulk, James Majorettes: Edith Ann Davis, Kathryn Gibson, B. Potts, Julian Smith. Bobbi McKee, Dorothy Ann Pitts, Cris Young. K A P P Epsilon Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in Education, was installed at Florence in 1945. Its purpose is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal stand- ards of preparation for teaching; to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work; and to pro- mote a closer bond of fellow- ship among students of Educa- tion. OFFICERS LOUIS CALHOUN President ANN RATAGICK Vice President JOANN HARRISON Secretary JOHN RODEN Treasurer MARTHA HAMMOND His torian-Reporter SOPHIA SULLIVAN Counselor First Row: Terry Woodis, R. C. Smith, Gene Whitley. Second Row: Louis Calhoun, Mary Mason, Vaudine Ledbet- ter, Eathil Bonner, Gloria Clem, Max McBrayer. Third Row: Anne Ratagick, Bill Pilgrim, Jean Glasgow, Martha Hammond, Sarah Turberville, Edith Henderson, John Roden, Inez Young. Fourth Row: Robert Hudson, Carl Prince, Joann Harrison, Glendon Gibbs, Eugenia Hughes, Sophia Sullivan, Mike Haygood, Mildred Lentz, Homer Harper, Jean Coffey, Walton Yarbrough, Mary Hudson. Absent From Picture: William Mitchell, Anne Green, Willie Foshee. Sigma Tau Delta, national hon- orary English fraternity, has been represented on the cam- pus since 1935 by the Theta Delta Chapter. To be eligible for membership a student must be an English major or minor, must be of junior standing or above, and must have main- tained a " B " standing in his English courses. OFFICERS BILL BURK President JOANN HARRISON Vice President JEAN COFFEY Secretary ANN RATAGICK Treasurer First Row, left to right: Vaudine Ledbetter, Dorothy Rolen, H. V. Barnard, Anne Green. Socond Row: Gerald Comer, Jean Coffey, Jennie Beasley, Jo- ann Harrison, Ann E. Ratagick, Mildred Lentz. Third Row: Julia Neal, Ollie Mae Baker, Gene Ledbetter, E. L. McCormick, Bill Burks. SIGMA TAU DELTA 116 WESLEY FOUNDATION Wesley Foundation serves the Methodist students on the campus by providing them with an opportunity for wor- ship, Christian fellowship, and recreation. This group meets twice a " week. First How: left to right: Clyde Anderson, President ' Millie Richter, Vice President; Sue Smith, Secretary - Treasurer; Rex DePew, Sponsor. Second Row: Dorothy Kent, Ray Pace, Katherine McElroy, Mary Joyce White. Third Row: Patricia Graham, Jean Garrison, Juanita Gilles- pie, Sarah Alice Graham. Fourth Row: Bill Graham, Ann Aldridge, Regina Spratlin, Richmond Hogan. Fifth Row: Clifford Campbell, Juanita Ashwander, Ray Blakely. The Inter-Faith Council is composed of representatives from many religious denomi- nations. Its purpose is to pro- mote religious tolerance on the campus. To further this purpose, the Council sponsors daily morning and noon devo- tional programs. First Row, left to right: Cor- nelius Daily, Willodean Davis, Juanita Ashwander. Second Row: Ovid Roberts, Mildred Davis, Ray Blakely. Third Row: Ken Bottenfield, Lorene Herring, Curtis Kay- lor, Richmond Hogan. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL 117 0. s. V2f Top: Lt. Colonel Penaat, Major Swort- wood. Captain Ernst Middle: Complete Battalion Bottom: Honor Guard Stori- R. 0. T. C Top: Honor Roll Middle: Company " A " Bottom: Company " B " R. 0. T. C. !l Top: Student Officers Middle: Company " C " Bottom: Company " D " ATHLETICS FOOTBALL 1 tl V J .; At ' " COMMITTEE ON ATHLETICS Sealed, left to right: Dean F. E. Lund, Chairman; H. H. Floyd, Otis L. Peacock. Standing, left to right: Charles Glock, H. A. Flowers. R. C. Fullsr. H. A. FLOWERS Director of Athletics COACHING STAFF Left to Right: Coach George Weeks. Coach Hal Self. Coach Ed Billingham. iljliwu - t - ' - _ V i d V k MWt " : ' .. - fc ' Front Row, left to right: Don Parker, Joe Erewer, Jack Whi ten, L. L. Whittgn, Karl Bradley, Jimmy Segers, Bill Doty, Dala Ham- ilton, Lelton Gray, Carl Boley, Gene Len ' z. Second Row: Bill Morris, Durell Mock, Dick Pollard, Bill Smith, Harold Hargrove, John Hall, Jack King, Sam Hyde, Tom DeWeese, Caldwell Hollingsworth, Max McBrayer. Third Row: Duren McClesky, Brooks Jones, Leonard Beard, George Lindsey, Glenn Graham, John Br swell, Aubrey Free, Ed Burrows, Bill Sanders, Raymond Gra- ham, Bill Wade, Bob Belcher. Fourth Row: Coach Hal Self, Bobby Allen, Loring Kiker, Hub Saniord, Clint Hamilton, Baker Hoi lis, Bobby Wade, Gene Turner, Bimol Poole, Johnny Benton, Coach George Weeks. T H E SEASON Outstanding Back Outstanding Lineman BROOKS JONES CARL BOLEY 125 126 127 f " r 7r - ' WILD GOOSE 1% SCORES F.S.T.C 7 Jacksonville 12 F.S.T.C. 18 Howard F.S.T.C. 28 St. Bernard F.S.T.C 13 Livingston 14 F.S.T.C 7 Troy 19 F.S.T.C. , 16 Middle Tennessee 55 F.S.T.C. 32 Bethel 6 F.S.T.C. 53 Tennessee Junior College F.S.T.C 6 Austin Peay 27 i ' -J " DADDY " L. L. EYE FOR AN EYE 130 BASKETBALL F.S.T.C. . . 47; F.S.T.C. . . 84; F.S.T.C. . . 51; F.S.T.C. . 53; F.S.T.C. 57; F.S.T.C. . 84; F.S.T.C. . 67; F.S.T.C. 52; F.S.T.C. . . 75; F.S.T.C. 64; F.S.T.C. . 68; F.S.T.C. 97; F.S.T.C. 71; F.S.T.C. 70; F.S.T.C. . 58; F.S.T.C. 63; F.S.T.C. 56; F.S.T.C. . 46; F.S.T.C. . 65; F.S.T.C. 67; F.S.T.C. . 47; F.S.T.C. . 58; SCHEDULE Alabama 87 Mississippi College . 60 David Lipscomb ... 62 Troy S. T. C 46 Howard 55 Lambuth 63 Jacksonville .... 56 Howard 49 Austin Peay 59 St. Bernard 57 Middle Tennessee 45 Lambuth 50 Bethel 48 Middle Tennessee 67 St. Bernard .... 52 Mississippi College 58 Bethel 62 David Lipscomb 50 Troy S. T. C 54 Jacksonville 75 Union 60 Austin Peay .... 58 JOEL BREWER MACK EZELL SAM HARDY PAT BREWER DUREN McCLESKY First How. left to right: Ray Collins. Bart Ellis, Leon McCrary. Douglas Griggs. Garland Taylor, Joe Shultz. Charlie Jones, Bill Whitlock. Second Row: Guinn Mason, Winford Smith, Duren McClesky, Jack McDonald, Avery Roberts, Johnny Johnston, Turner Hammond. They put their all into the Roar Lions, flipping, hollering, and keeping our spirits up. Ethel Smith, Jean Ryan, Peggy Davis, Ralph Graham, A. W. Martin and Arthur Pruit all kept punching, through rain, mud, and bad looking scores. Pages and pages should be devoted to their efforts, for they stayed with their team through thick and thin, being ever confident ever sure that the F.S.T.C. spirit was still there. We won ' t forget these yell people of ' 49. We only regret that these so few words do them such injustice. THE ROAR L I N E R S 1 ADVERTISING t oger3 Since 1894 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS ' 50 WE ' RE PROUD OF YOU We invite you to make our store your headquarters whenever you are in town . . . for shopping, resting, and for meeting your friends. All our facilities are at your service . . . use our telephone for local calls ... let us check your parcels free of charge. That ' s Rogers for YOU . . . friendly, helpful and obliging! OGERK SINCE 1894 Where F.S.T.C. Students Meet - STATE nnnonnL briik FLORENCE Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Jne of It Ian if LjoocL d5anhc eri ina r lorth Ariab V ama SERVING FLORENCE AND LAUDERDALE COUNTY ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT CITY OF FLORENCE, ALA. DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY BY ( Aerru 5 studio Short Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone 170 JERRY LANDRUM KATHRYN LANDRUM Phone Flo. K83 PETERSON ' S " Color Headquarters " O ' tlTfiEN PAINTS Court Strcor Florence, Alabama Ladies Ready-to-Wear Men Boy ' s Wear OLIM ' S OF SHEFFIELD fun? Oh man, yeah! COMPLIMENTS OF MORRIS SERVICE SFATION Phone 562 121 W. Sixth Street Tuscumbia 213 Montgomery Ave. Exclusive in Tri-Cities HANDMACNER SUITS MARY MUFFET, JR. AND PAKABLE DRESSES Phone 1267 Sheffield, Alabama Ma Mac " serves the punch DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT bAr-b-q JACKSON HIGHWAY , Hl Tf IUO. AlAIAMA JAXSON FINANCE CO. BARKLEY REFRIGERATION CO. Commercial Refrigeration Dealers 24 hour Service 225 E. Tenn. St. Phone 1759 DAVIS Apparel for Women NO N. Court, St. Florence Ala. MI-LADY BEAUTY SALON MARSHALL PLESS owner 106 E. Tenn. St. Phone 174 ALABAMA INDUSTRIAL BANK FLORENCE, ALABAMA " Serving the Tri-Cities Since 1926 " 107 S. Court St. Phone 126 ' DiXIE SUPPLY COMPANY " Sportsman ' s Center " ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT TENNIS SUPPLIES RUFUS G. HIBBETT, Manager Florence, Alabama Phone 2067 Compliments of LAMAR FURNITURE CO. Court Street Florence S. S. L STORES FLORENCE TUSCUMBIA COMPLIMENTS OF COLEMAN ' S CLEANER ' S E. Tennessee St. Florence FLORENCE PHARMACY " Prescriptions as Prescribed " OTIS BROWN Phone 208 Florence FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ADREY FLORAL COMPANY Phone 41 I 105 S. Court St. C ord CflRlPBEU mOTORS FLORENCE, ALABAMA Entirely New Line Of Ford Cars and Trucks in 1950 Home of FORD SALES AND SERVICE Our Service Department is the best in the State T. E. CAMPBELL General Manager EARL HOLLAND Sho P Manager HOWARD TIREY Service Mana 9 " Bring Us Your Car Troubles SHOES ACCESSORIES Y?s u %cfi@ jr Our 32nd Year of Service SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE COMPLIMENTS OF ECONOMY AUTO STORE 120 E. Tenn. St. Fhone 224 Oh, now, Marthey! 3)SU tA A BITE DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Phone Florence 1990 MANGEL ' S Feminine Apparel 105 No Court Street Florence Alabama SHARP KILLEN DEPARTMENT STORES Florence Athens STERCHI ' S FLORENCE SHEFFIELD Compliments of SCOTT STORES FLORENCE PERRITT CHEVROLET CO., INC Your Dealer for 21 Years CADILLAC SALES PARTS ACCESSORIES SERVICE ABROMS DEPARTMENT STORE FLORENCE SHEFFIELD COMPLIMENTS OF KREISMAN ' S " The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands " Court Street Florence CITY MOTOR COMPANY, INC. FLORENCE Compliments of WILCOXSON MOTORS FLORENCE Compliments of MILNER ' S DRUG STORE Court Street Florence SHUMAKE-POSEY Home Furnishings Phone 483 122 E. Tenn. St. Flor FLORENCE FEED SEED CO. Flower Seeds and Bulbs, Plant Foods, Pet Supplies, Insecticides. H. S. and W. S. WIGGINS WELLS 7 IRE SUPPLY CO. 228 N. Court Si Florence, Alabama Phone 276 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of BAILEY ' S BEAUTY ACADEMY 22! 2 N. Court St. Phone 2537 DAVIDSON-LOVELACE " ELECTRICAL SPECIALISTS " EAST COLLEGE STREET FLORENCE FINE FOODS AT REMARKABLE SAVINGS UALCO UNION ALUMINUM CO., INC. WORLD ' S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF ALUMINUM CASEMENT WINDOWS SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA TAPSCOTT AND GRIFFIN CO. FLORENCE, ALABAMA Compliments of CRUMP CAMERA SHOP I 17 N. Seminary Phone 169 KILLEN MOTORS Dodge Plymouth Sales Service Telephone Florence 817 Compliments of BEST JEWELRY COMPANY Nationally Advertised Merchandise Sheffield 1340 Florence 515 WILSON ' S Women ' s Apparel 308 Montgomery Avenue Sheffield 1687 Lollipop kiss? PALACE DRUG STORE 100 S. Main Tuscumbia 35 THE GLOBE DRUG STORE J. D. MITCHELL, owner Service Department Tuscumbia 72 Prescriptions Tuscumbia 1464 DIXIE DAIRY " Pasteurized Products " 3 I 3 N. Seminary Florence 367 Compliments of RADIO HOSPITAL Jackson Highway Florence Compliments of FLORENCE DRIVE-IN " Home of Kwiki ' s " Florence South Court WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES LIGHTING FIXTURES TABLE LAMPS WESTINGHOUSE AND ZCNITH RADIOS WADE ELECTRIC CO. " You can be sure if it ' s Westinghouse " FLORENCE I 19 E. Mobile SHEFFIELD 210 Raleigh Ave. _ r Salute to 1950 LjraduateS YOUR FUTURE IS WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE IT Our AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE makes it possible for you to choose your life work. Whether it is your own business or that of an employer, give it your best and the best will come back to vou. J. T. FLAGG KNITTING CO., INC. FLORENCE, ALABAMA Manufacturers of High Grade Knit Underwear and Outwear. MUSCLE SHOALS THEATRES LOUIS ROSENBAUM STANLEY ROSENBAUM Princess Florence Majestic Florence Shoals Florence Colbert Sheffield Ritz Sheffield Strand Tuscumbia Tuscumbia Tuscumbia Ritz Athens Plaza Athens DARBY HARDWARE CO. Seminary Street FLORENCE SPALDING DRUG CO. WALGREEN AGENCY Drugs with a Reputation Fine Foods SHEFFIELD FLORENCE BEST WISHES MclNTYRE BUICK, INC. FLORENCE, ALABAMA Telephone 694 215 E. College St. CLOVERDALE DAIRIES, INC. GRADE " A " PASTEURIZED and HOMOGENIZED MILK We Produce the Milk We Sell Telephone 2553 Florence, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF BELK HUDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Really sharp, huh general? 316 No. COURT V FLORENCE, ALA. State Teachers College FLORENCE, ALABAMA Since 1373 B.S. Bibb Graves Hal! DEGREES B.A. Florence State Teachers College is primarily a teachers college, but because this institution believes in broad cultural training as well as in professional competence, it offers a wide selection of four year courses leading to either the general liberal arts degree of B.A. or the more specialized professional and pre-professional de- gree of B.S. These degrees represent a satisfactory basis for graduate work in recognized graduate schools of the country. The campus, located on approximately the highest elevation in the city, affords a delightful setting for a college. A ten year expansion period, including an increased enrollment from 650 to approximately 1,400 and the erection of seven new buildings, has made this institution the third largest college in Alabama. Its faculty member- ship and its curriculum have been enlarged proportionately. The influence of this institution on the entire Tennessee Valley has greatly con- tributed to the prestige of the community " the cultural center of North Alabama. " THE FIRST nflTIOnflLBRIIK OF FLORENCE FLORENCE, ALABAMA Common Stock, $300,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits, $1,080,669.02 Lfde ZJhi pace for -StutoarapltA Hospitality Is An Art Coke Makes It So Easy IOMII0 UNOII tUlHOHH O IM( COC COU (Om.k IT FLORENCE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Nope, they aren ' t twins Is that a train in there, Barlow? 9- V I H M THIS BOOK D E S I G n E D A n D P R I II T E D BY ooMM p 1 1 n t i n o c om p a n y n a s h v i lie I Highest Awards of Merit in Printing Exhibits of the Southern Graphic Arts Association for Excellence in: COLLEGE ANNUALS HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS CATALOGS BOOKLETS CLOTH BOUND BOOKS SALES PROMOTION PIECES ruloarciphs tu toarapltA wrapi n

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