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" THE 1949 DIORAMA -il I THE 1949 DIORAMA WILL REFRESH YOUR MEMORY FLORENCE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FLORENCE, ALABAMA EUGENE GREEN, Editor ANGELO FERGERSON, Business Manager DO YO Registration ! ! ! Lines! Lines! Lines! Pity the " raw meat. " Faculty reception and group singing made swell ice-breakers if S v Aa w % ! Friendship week. If you smiled, the campus smiled with you! H. L Burcham and Sarah Alice Graham were crown- ed " Mr. ard Miss Friend- Ii mess. .a _ DO YOU it on)ij takes S ft U$C It 5 Shmoo Week topped by Sadie Hawkin ' s Day ! ! ! Beards, turnips, and coffee on the gals ! Bill Schisler and Eloise Gist were declared FSTC ' s own LiP Abner and Daisy Mae. PROCLAMATION KnOW II D04Patch men wkal ni mrr.c ) tKc presents and sp ialW U Montr lokum UlheTCaS Oicr.U intidt out U-n limit, a if a ! wl..t n,r, ' l rWTTiU kul ct... .omclhin.) ful to be, r l Wtareas u, arvwidtT. ( It ' liui :f . Ii p0is ft " " rtnm of IHi.V buted ' ana keep for rwx ot U " " - WhCTCBS ' lvrl m l ,paUl plenl-l of NCttna Whereas ou a. uu i. , j- m end b inn n P eei ,., ' | ' We hereby proclaims and decrees . einUl a ln Dower n.d .fl- l-l VoAlA : WS HaMO ' ' of DoO-Onle K f Ifci-Ur 8 ttU-J, Slv.- r .i. J 1 tOranW. H - SCHMOO WICK ' ' I SoLrdo i M.nli.. I ' ., CMS SADIE HAWKINS DAY IrvllClCCLJ a tuenip crvwvipiiV and o oc k of man punu ..II U K.U ....J IW. Jc. L_ ' r B V AutVlOTitvj of a,. I.w an J ik, UUt. Ui w, o. ..J f j ' rv., .. J C,p,l.l., U.k,.l,..U H line, -I,. k.J U nuke .i u no. . ,4-,LU. .. . ' C. I..n.l-, n. Be,n. IV,. k.m.l,. .J .11 tn. t k. w.y. nUA 4t-l. ' Given under our nand and seal , iu iu .. . j a IW, .U- U. . thrill. , in U- " f K..i.kj- ' I, Ur. f [iUa. . DO YOU " FSTC ' s hoopsters and net men ran up brilliant records for the season. Christmas ! ! ! FSTC ' s beauties took top honors in the an- nual Christmas Cam val Parade. 1 mrnkt He has won the confidence and deep respect of the entire student body in a very short time, due to his uncompromising sense of fair play, and his refreshing store of humor. OUR NEW PRESIDENT DR. E. B. NORTON i.T ewiHe y.-.v ' s; . ' ;:i ' 4 " ; r ' DEAN F. E. LUND He displayed extremely capable leadership during a time when it was most needed. Students are grateful for his efforts, as chairman of the committee on athletics, to make football a reality at FSTC. Ml - --- FACULTY First Row: MAURINE SUBLETT, Ph.M., Assistant Professor of His- tory . WILLIAM A. RICHARDS, M.A., Associate Professor of Business Education. ORPHA ANN CULMER, A.M., Professor of Mathe- matics. HOMER H. FLOYD, Ph.D., Professor of Science. WILLIAM H. PRESSER, Ph.D., Professor of Music. LAURA JEAN McADAMS, M.A., Professor of Modern Languages. Second Row: EDWARD H. EVANS, Ph.D., Professor of History. EDGAR L. McCormick, M.A., Professor of English. HARRY B. EMIGH, CM. P., Professor of Military Science and Tactics. MARY W. HUFF, M.S., Associate Professor of Home Economics. HUBERT A. FLOWERS, A.M., Associate Professor of Physical Education. WILLIAM J. Mcllrath, M.A., Associate Professor of Education. Third Row: SOPHIA ELIZABETH SULLIVAN, B.S. in L.S.. Librarian. W. L. DAVIS, M.A., Director of Training School. CHARLES A. GLOCK, Instructor in Aeronautics. CORINNE TUTHILL, M.A., Associate Professor of Art. R. C. FULLER, M.S., Treasurer. CHESTER M. AREHART, M.A., Registrar. 18 I First Row: MRS. RUTH ARNETT, B.S., Instructor in English. WILLIAM H. BADGLEY, JR., M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics. JOHN H. BANKS, M.A., Professor of Mathematics. ELHURA BARGANIER, M.A., Supervising Critic. EDMOND E. BILLINGHAM, M.A., Assistant Profes- sor of Physical Education. SHIRLEY WILCOX BROWN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology. Second Row: MRS. VIOLA CLARK, M.A., Supervising Critic. MRS. CHARLES C. COOPER, M.A., Instructor in English. ILA COX, B.S., Supervising Critic. RUTH DACUS, B.S. in L.S., Assistant Librarian. FACULTY MARISE DAVES, M.A., Instructor in Physical Education. DONETTE DAVIS, M.S., Instructor in Business Educa- tion. Third Row: REX D. DEPEW, M.A., Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics. Z. S. DICKERSON, JR., M.A.. Associate Professor of Business Education. LORETTO DYER, M.A., Instructor in Physical Educa- tion. FLORA BELLE FARLEY, M.A., Supervising Critic. CHARLES N. FEIDELSON, LL.B., Associate Professor of History. ELIZABETH EASTLAND FLEMING, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English. 19 MM FACULTY First Row: ELIZABETH B. VON GEMMINGEN, M.A., Assistant Professor of Biology. HILDA KESSLER GILBERT, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History. J. NOEL GLASSCOCK, M.A., Professor of Geography. HENRY T. HARVEY, M.A., Assistant Professor in Foreign Languages. VIVIAN HENDRIX, B.S., Supervising Critic. MRS. MARY R. HUDSON, A.M., Supervising Critic. Second Row: C. FULTON HUFF, M.A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. LORENE JOHNSTON, A.M., Instructor in Music. MRS. CATHERINE C. JONES, A.B., Instructor in English. DORIS H. KELSO, M.A., Instructor in Journalism, Director News Bureau. DALLAS M. LANCASTER, M.A., Assistant Professor of History. HENRY L. MANN, M.S. Associate Professor of English. Third Row: MRS. EARL MASTERSON, B.A., Instructor in English EARL W. McGEE, M.A., Instructor in History. CONSTANCE W. McREYNOLDS, A.M., Supervising Critic. MARY JULIA NEAL, M.A., Associate Professor of English. MARTIN K. NURMI, M.A., Instructor in English. MRS. MARTIN K. NURMI, B.S., Music Supervisor. 20 First Row: MABEL OWEN, M.A., Assistant Professor of English. OTIS L. PEACOCK, M.A., Associate Professor of Edu- cation. MRS. RUBY HENDERSON PORTER, B.M., Assistant Professor of Music. HANS A. SCHMITT, M.A., Assistant Professor of His- tory. GLADYS SHEPARD, M.A., Assistant Professor of English. HARRY CRAIG SIPE, M.A., Assistant Professor of Physics. FACULTY MRS. ROWENA ASHER TROTTER, B.S., Instructor in Biology. c OTTO WASMER, JR., M.A., f Assistant Professor of Biology. EXUM D. WATTS, M.A., Instructor in Chemistry and Zoology. LEON C. WILKERSON, M.A., Instructor in English. Second Row: ERNEST E. SNYDER, JR., A.M., Instructor in Chemistry. LOUIS B. SWORTWOOD, Major, CM. P., Asst. Profes- sor of Military Science and Tactics. Third Row: MARIE WILSON, B.S., Instructor in Biology. M. WILLIAM WISE, M.A., Assistant Professor of Geography. 21 sr IN MEMORIAM DR. J. A. KELLER Scholar Teacher Public Servant Builder Friend 22 IN MEMORIAM MRS. J.A.KELLER " It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. " Gen. 2:18. ?3 MRS. WALKER. MR. AREHART, MRS. MEDLEY, MISS HENDERSON, MiSS ALLISON Front to Back: LESTER FRAWLEY. Senior Class President; JACK IVY. Junior Class Presi- dent: TUPPIN COCKRELL. Sophomore Class President; LELDON JONES. Freshman Class President. CLASSES M EDITH HENDERSON TURRIS FIDELIS - - - - - - - 26 BETTY MURRAY The Turris Fidelis Award is conferred upon not more than two members of the senior class at spring and summer graduation. The award is based upon a high scholastic standing and outstanding service to the College. It is considered to be the highest honor that the student body can confer upon a fellow student. 27 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LESTER FRAWLEY President JAMES CLOUSE Vice-President ROBBYE SUE BRIGHT Secretary-Treasurer BETTY GARDINER Reporter JIM FLANAGAN Representative to Student Council Clouse, Gardiner, Frawley, Bright, Flanagan SENIORS First Row ROSE ABBOTT Sheffield. Ala. B.S. Degree Publicity Chairman Young Musicians; Associate Art Editor, Diorama; Music Editor, Flor-Ala; Glee Club, Band. JAMES ALDRIDGE Danville, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A. PEGGY WALSH ALDRIDGE . . . Double Springs, Ala. B.S. Degree Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta Secretary Student Council; Society Editor, Flo-Ala; YWCA Vespers; Basketball Cheerleader. ROBERT GUY ARELLO Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Mr. Friendliness FSTC, 1946-47 I.R.C., Westminster Fellowship (President ' 46- ' 47). THOMAS ARNOLD Florence, Ala A.B. Degree Skull and Bones. Second Row ANNIE RITA ASHBURN Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree ORVILLE M. BAILEY Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Vice-President, F.T.A.; Rehearsal Club; President County Club 1746-47; Vice-President, Freshman Class 1944. WILLIE MAE BAILEY Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree FORACE BARLOW Savannah, Tenn. B.S. Degree ALLISON VERNON BARNETT Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree Third Row HUGO AUBURN BARTON Cordova, Ala B.S. Degree Business Staff of Diorama 1948-49; I.R.C. GWENDOLYN BATSON Florence, Ala A.B. Degree ROBERT LEE BATSON, JR Florence, Ala A.B. Degree OBA ERNEST BELCHER Laurel Hill, Fla. B.S. Degree President of F.T.A.. P. E. Club. REYNOLD G. BERRY Haleyville, Ala. B.S. Degree 29 SENIORS First Row HOMER A. BLANKENSHIP Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A. FREDDA BOSTICK . Winfield, Ala. B.S. Degree President of Y.W.C.A.; President of Modern Dance Club: Society Club- Treasurer, Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Secretary, Wesley Founda- tion; Who ' s Who; Vesper Helper, (Y.W.CA.) ' 47; Secretary, W.S.G.A.; Treasurer, Y.W.C.A., ' 48 ' 49; F.T.A. ROBBYE SUE BRIGHT Pickwick Dam, Tenn. B.S. Degree President of Y.W.CA- President of Modern Dance Club- Society Editor of Flor-Aia, Summer ' 48; Social Chairman (W.S.G.A.) Summer ' 48; Vesper Chairman for f.W.C.A. ' 48; Reporter of Junior Class, (3rd year); Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class (4th year); Beauty 1949; Inter Faith Council ' 49; Wesley Founda- tion. ORVILLE EUGENE BROWN Florence, Ala B.S. Degree Music Director of B.S.U., Physical Education Majors Club. RUBY BROWNING . Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Second Row RAYMOND M. BUCHANAN .... Tishomingo, Miss. B.S. Degree B.S.U. President HENRY LOUIS BURCHAM Russellville, Ala. B.S. Degree President " F " Club; BaskeTball 2nd year, Captain ' 49; Mr. Friendliness ' 49; Mr. Sportsman ' 48. STAATS GORDON BURNET Florence, Ala. B.S. I.R.C.; Rehearsal Club; Flor-Ala; Westminister Fellowship (Presi- dent ' 46-47). MARY SUE CAMPBELL ... Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi (Secretary-Treasurer Summer ' 48); Glee Club; Madison County Club; Rehearsal Club; W.A.A.; Future Teachers of America: Y.W.CA.; Who ' s Who. TRAVIS RAY CARTER Detroit, Ala. B.S. Degree Third Row WALTON G. CLARKE Union, Miss. B.S. Degree " F " Club; F.T.A. ; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Baseball (3rd). JAMES B. CLOUSE Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree Rehearsal Club- Wesley Foundation; Student Council- Vice- President of the Jackson County Club; K.M.E.; Who ' s Who. THOMAS RILEY COCHRAN College Station B.S. Degree IMOGENE COFFEY Florence, Ala. B.S. Degre3 Rehearsal Club; Glee Club- F.T.A. (Secretary-Treasurer 1943); Y.W.CA. ; Flor-Ala, Circulation Staff. WILLIAM RICHARD COFFEY Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree I.R.C.; F.T.A; Flor-Ala (Editor) ' 47-48; Glee Club; Rehearsal Club; Who ' s Who; Student Coun,cil (1947-48). 30 SENIORS First Row WENDELL B. COOPER . .... Cullman, Ala. A.B. Degree HAROLD JAY COPE Trenton, Ala. B.S. Degree I.R.C.; F.T.A. COY VERNON COPELAND . ... Town Creek, Ala. B.S. Degree RICHARD CROWSON .... Maysville, Ala. B.S. Degree President, Wesley Foundation; President.lnter-Faith Council. RUTH E. CROWSON .... Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree Wesley Foundation; Madison County, Y.W.C.A,.; Re+iearsal Club; F.T.A. ; Inter-Faith Council (Secretary-Treasurer). Second Row CHRISTINE DARBY . .... Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T..A.; W.S.G.A. Board; President Sigma Tau Delta- Kappa Delta Pi. JERRY DARBY ... Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree LEVAUGHN DAVIS Oak Ridge, Tenn. B.S. Degree Student Council Treasurer DORIS EVANS Haclcleburg, Ala. B.S. Degree Secretary and Treasurer, Wesley Foundation. MARGARET FARROW Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree W.A.A.; Publicity Chairman, B.S.U.; Y.W.C.A (Vice-President); Glee Club, Accompanist. Third Row ANGELO FERGERSON Mt. Hope, Ala. B.S. Degree President, I.RC; Reporter I.R.C.; Bus ' ness Manager of Diorama; President, Veterans Club; President of Freshman Class- Glee Club: Who ' s Who. LOUIS FRANKLIN FISHER Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree Veterans Club, Mr. F.S.T.C. (1948-49). JAMES JOSEPH FLANAGAN .... Springfield, Mass. B.S. Decree Editor, Flor-Ala; Treasurer, Sigma Tau Delta; Who ' s Who; Student Council; Copy Editor, Diorama. HOMER HAROLD FLOYD, JR Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree Pre-Med Club, President. EDNA GRACE FOWLER Winfield, Ala. B.S. Degree Y.W.C.A. 31 SENIORS First Row LESTER FREDERICK FRAWLEY Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree F.7.A.; President, Senior Class 19-18-49; Veterans Club. BETTY GARDINER Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree Librarian F.T.A. ' 48; President of Westminister Fellowship ' 49; Glee Club- Inier-Faith Council Reporter President, Kappa Deita Pi; ' 49 Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Corresponding Secretary, I.R.C ' 49- Flor-Ala Society Editor ' 49; Repcrter, Senior Class; Who ' s Who. EDWARD BRINKLEY GARNER Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree I.R.C; Glee Club; Diorama Circulation Manager ' 47- ' 48, Who ' s Who; Young Musicians Club; Business Manager, Diorama ' 48- ' 49. NILA JUNE GILBERT Haleyville, Ala. B.S. Deg.-ee Reporter, K.D.P.; Secretary, Sigma Tau Delta; I.R.C; F.T.A. KEMPER GLASGOW Belgreen, Ala. Second Row ALVIS B. GOUGH Florence. Ala. A.B. Degre- Secretary-Treasurer of Glee Club ' 49; Rehearsal Club; I.S.S.; Feature Writer of Flor-Ala ' 49; Young Musician Club; Business Manager, Alpha Psi Omega; Assistant Business Manager of Flor- Ala ' 48; Who ' s Wh o; Vice-President cf Lauderdale County Club ' 43; Advertising Manager, Diora-na ' 48; Publicity Manager, Diorama ' 49. EDISON EUGENE GREEN Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Diorama Editor ' 48 ' 49; Business Manager, Flor-Ala ' 47- ' 48; Young Musicians; Business Manager, Diorama ' 47- ' 48; I.R.C; Who ' s Who. O ' NEAL GREENHILL Russellville, Ala. B.S. Degreo F.T.A.; Glee Club. JAMES D. HAND Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A. President; I.R.C, Vice-President. VIOLET HAND Hazel Green, Ala. B.S. Degree P. E. Club, Treasurer; F.T.A. Librarian. Third Row EARL FOREST HARGETT Golden, Miss. B.S. Degree Student Council ' 47- ' 48- Freshman, President- Basketball; Flor- Ala Staff; " F " Club; Associate Editor, Diorama ' 47- ' 48; Sports Editor, Diorama ' 48- ' 49. CAROL SHIRLEY HARKINS Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree Fior-Ala- Sec-etary ' 48- ' 49 of the Y.W.C.A.; Rehearsal Club; F.T.A.; B.S.U.; Sigma Tau Delta; Glee Club. ARMOND E. HARRIS Florence, Ala. A.B. Degres I.R.C; I.S.S. EVELYN HARRISON . Lester, Ala. B.S. Degre; F.T.A.; W.S.G.A.; Y.W.C.A. MIKE HAYGOOD Sylacauga, Ala. B.S. Degree Sigma Tau Delta; President ' 48 ' 49 of Kappa Mu Epsilon; Mr. F S T.C ' 48- Rehearsal Club; Glee Club; Student Council; Flor- Ala M.S.G.A.; F.T.A.; Inter-Faith Council; Who ' s Who; Joint County Club; B.S.U.; I.S.S. 32 SENIORS First Row BEATRICE HENDRIX Belgreen, Ala. B.S. Degree DOROTHY MARIE HESTER Russellville, Ala. B.S. Degree W.S.G.A.; F.T.A.- Franklin County Club (Secretary); Social Chairman of W.S.G.A WILLIAM C. HESTER Russellville, Ala. B.S. Degree Annual Staff; Flor-Ala Staff; President of Rehearsal Club; Board Member Men ' s New Dormitory; F.T.A. LESTER L. HIBBETT Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree I.S.S. President; Skull and Bones (President); H. H. Floyd Science Award 1948. WILLIAM NORMAN HILL Huntsville, Ala. A.B. Degree Young Musicians Club; F.T.A. ; Madison County Association; Vice-President of Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. Second Row OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES Athens, Ala. B.S. Degres Freshman Class President DOUGLAS C. HOLT Athens, Ala. A.B. Degree Skull and Bones; I.S.S. CHARLES FRANK HOPPER Altoona, Ala. B.S. Degree President I.R.C.; Vice-President of Sfuaent Council; F.T.A; Kappa Delta Pi; Delegate to regional Conference I.R.C. ' 47- ' 48; Dele- gate to Collegiate Council for United Nations 1948. LORENE HUFFMAN Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Glee Club; I.R.C; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. CURTIS IKARD Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree Glee Club; Flor-Ala; Young Musicians; Band; Westminister Fel- lowship. AUBREY WAYNE JACKSON Cloverdale, Ala. A.B. Degree Freshman Class President 1944-45; Rehearsal Club 1944; F.T.A. 1946; Favorite ' 44- ' 45. Third Row ISAAC D. JACKSON Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree I.R.C. DON JONES Moulton, Ala. B.S. Degree " F " Club; F.T.A.; President of the Student Council; K.M.E.; K.D.P.; Baseball (3rd and 4th year); Secretary-Treasurer ot Junior Class. (3rd year). EMILY VERTA JONES Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree JOSEPH A. JONES Decatur, Ala. B.S. Degree " F " Club Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi; Student Council; Presi- dent, P.E. Club; Basketball , 46- ' 4 - " 48; Baseball ' 47- ' 48. 33 SENIORS First Row MELVIN RAY KACHAROS Cordova. Ala. B.S. Degree HOMER LEE KIMBROUGH Barton, Ala. B.S. Degree JOHN ELBERT LEWIS Cloverdale, Ala. B.S. Degree LLOYD B. LONG Huntsvllle, Ala. B.S. Dcg ' ee BARNEY LUTHER Pontotoc, Miss. B.S. Degree Second Row DOROTHY MAYFIELD Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S. Degree MARY HUE MARSH Mt. Hope, Ala. B.S. Degree CHARLES ARTHUR McCALLA Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree President of I.R.C.; Reporter, Skull and Bones Rehearsal Club; I.S.S.; Tenn. Valiey Society; Veterans Club 46; Social Com- mittee ' 46; Marshal] ' 4B. ELMER JEWEL McCORD Tuscumbia, Ala. A.B. Degree JOHN E. McDONALD Florence, Ala. B.S. Degre; Studenl Council ' 43; Assistant Circulation Manager for the Flor- Ala ' 43; Stunt Night Chairman, ' 48- Class Favorite ' 43. Third Row VAN KENNETH McDOWELL Red Bay, Ala. B.S. Deg-ee ALLAN CLINTON MEDLEY Florence, Ala B.S. Degrea PAULINE MEFFORD Town Creek, Ala. B.S. Degree Circulation Manager of Flo-Ala; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. DOROTHY NADINE MELSON Moulton, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A. DOROTHY AMELIA MITCHELL .... Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree 34 SENIORS First Row ROBERT MeKINLEY MITCHELL Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree Flor-Ala; F.T.A.; Vetersn Club. RUTH MORRIS Elkmont, Ala. B.S. Degree Kappa Delta Pi GRACE VIRGINIA MORROW Hamilton, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A.; Y.W.A.; Vice President of W.S.G.A. CLARA FARRIS MYERS Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree MARTHA NARMORE Sheffield, Ala. B.S. Degree Miss Sportswoman ' 49; P.E. Club. Second Row LUTHER M NUNNELLY Hamilton, Ala. B.S. Degree MABEL EFFIE OZBIRN Hackleburg, Ala. B.S. Degree 35 m ALVIN FLOYD PARKER Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Kappa Delta Pi. LUTHER JONES PARKER Killen, Ala B.S. Degree Glee Club. KENNETH CLAY POSEY Haleyville, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A. Third Row FRANK WILLIAM POTTER Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S. Degree Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Who ' s Who; K.D.P. AULINE POWER Gurley, Ala. ANN PUCKETT Hartselle, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A.; W.S.G.A.; Annual Staff. LOIS RAY Sulligent, Ala. B.S. Degree WALLACE G. REID Cordova, Ala. B.S. Degree SENIORS Afl First Row SRANVILL L RICHARDSON Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S. Degree RAYMOND THEO RICKETTS .... New Market, Ala. B.S. Degree 3.S.U. Recording Secretary; F.T.A.; Madison County Club President HOLLIS ROBERSON Decatur, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A. President ' 46-M7; Kappa Delta Pi. LUCY MARGARET ROBERSON . . . Mount Hope, Ala. B.S. Degree DONALD W. SANDERS Huntsville, Ala. B.S. Degree Glee Club. WILLIAM R. SCURLOCK Sheffield, Ala. A.B. Deg ' ee Second Row JAMES GRADY SHAW Cordova, Ala. B.S. Degree JAMES H. SLOAN Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree CHARLES DOUGLAS SMITH Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree President of P.E. Club; " P Club F.T.A.; Baseball (Junior); Basketball (Freshman, Sopohmore and Junior). WILLIAM ALBERT SMITH . . B.S. Degree ANNIE MAE SPEAKE B.S. Degres Moulton, Ala. Moulton, Ala. LADYE MAUDE STAMPS Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree Miss F.S.T.C. ' 43. Third Row FLOY BROWN STRANGE Horton, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A. SERRILL LUCILLE STUART Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree MARY BETH STUTTS Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree H. NEIL TAYLOR Phil Campbell, Ala. B.S. Degree I.R.C. JAMES E. TAYLOR Hamilton, Ala. CECIL THOMPSON Tuseumbia, Ala. Skull and Bones; Y.W.C.A. (Cabinet); Secretary of Colbert County Club. 36 KB SENIORS First Row DAVID H. THOMPSON Sheffield, Ala. B.5. Degree Vice-Fresident, B.S.U.: President, Ir.ter-Faith Council; I.R.C. JUANITA THORNE lulta, Miss. B.S. Degree F.T.A.; Social Committee; Y.W.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Kappa Delta PI; Sigma Tau Delta. WILLIAM E. TROTTER Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A; I.R.C. SARAH TURBERVILLE Margerum, Ala. B.S. Degree F.T.A. ; Kappa Delta Pi; W.S.G.A.; Vice-President, F.T.A. EMILY RUTH VANDIVER Hackleburg, Ala. B.S. Degree Y.W.A.; Y.W.C.A. BETTY JEAN VARNELL Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Secretary-Treasurer, I.R.C; Secretary, Skull and Bones. Second Row JAMES HAROLD WAKEFIELD Jasper, Ala. B.S. Degree President, Walker County Club. REBA WALKER Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Glee Club; Flor-Ala; Secretary-Treasurer, F.T.A. MIRIAM ROBERSON WATKINS . . . Mt. Hope, Ala. Treasurer, W.A.A. MARY KATHLEEN WEATHERBY . . . Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S. Degree Beauty, 1949- Maid of Cotton 1949. HENRY H. WEST . Hodges, Ala. B.S. Degree MILDRED LYNN WHITEHEAD .... Rogersville, Ala. B.S. Degree Vrce-President, Sigma Tau Delta; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi; Student Council; House Chairman, Apt. Dorm.; F.T.A.; I.R.C. Third Row NANCY ELLIS WILCOX Florence, Ala. A.B. Degree Business Manager, Flor-Ala ' 49; Rehearsal Club; Young Musicians Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Diorama Staff ' 48. JAMES ROBERT WILLIAMS Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree VASTIE WILLIAMS Fayette. Ala. B.S. Deg-ee Y.W.C.A.; F.T.A.; Y.W.A. WILLIAM CLETUS WILLINGHAM . . . Tuscumbia, Ala. B.S. Degree NORA LEE WRIGHT Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Kappa Delta Pi; I.R.C. BONNIE RAE YEILDING Florence, Ala. B.S. Degree Y.W.C.A.; B.S.U. Council; P. E. Club; Modern Dance Club. 37 DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS? my f .i JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JACK IVY President RUSTY PARKER Vice-President CLARA RUTH WORTHINGTON Secretary-Treasurer BUDDY HANNAH Representative to Student Council Ivy, Parker, Worthington, Hannah. JUNIORS First Row: FREDERICK EARL ADKINS, JR. JAMES M. ALLEN GEORGIE BAGGETT DAVID MORGAN BAILEY Second Row: JASPER N. BAILEY, JR. LORENE BAILEY MARJORIE EUGENIA BARKER TED HUGHES BARLOW Third Row: MARTHA COLEMAN BARTON LOUISE BEAIRD MARVIN McKINLEY BENSON J. D. BIGGERS Fourth Row: MARTHA JEAN BISHOP DAVID JAMES BLISS JEAN ELIZABETH BOND LOIS BONNER Fifth Row; ALICE BOWLING CULLAN BOWLING JOSEPH BRINK PAULINE O. BRYANT Sixth Row: WILLIAM H. BURKS SYLVIA S. CANTRELL ELGIN PHILLIP CHILDERS JOSEPH BECKHAM CHOAT 41 JUNIORS First Row: NELLE CLEM RAY L. COBB JAMES RAY COLLINS BARBARA COX Second Row: JAMES T. CRAW JAMES L. CULVER ROONEY CURREY PEGGY DAVES Third Row: CHARLES DuBOIS GEORGE EARNEST ROBERT FARLEY JOHN ROBERT FELKINS Fourth Row: WALTER LESLIE FISK SARAH JANE FOSTER ROSA KORN GAHN TRACYNE GIBSON Fifth Row: HUBERT GILBERT MARY CLEO GIVENS JAMES GLASGOW GEORGE WAYLON GLOVER Sixth Row: ROBERT HAROLD GOKEY SARAH ALICE GRAHAM WILLIAM EARL GRAHAM MARY LOU GREENHILL JUNIORS First Row: REUBEN CECIL HALBROOKS SANFORD TURNER HAMMOND W. C. HANNAH ROBERT PAUL HARGETT Second Row: GRANVILLE HINTON, JR. JOHN W. HOLLAND, JR. ANNIE DORIS HOLLAWAY D. L. HOWELL Third Row: WILLIAM S. HUMPHREY HOYT HUNT WALTER BRYAN INGLE JACK FREDERICK IVEY Fourth Row: LUTHER E. JOHNSON NANCY RUTH JOHNSON ROBERT WARD JOHNSON EDWIN HILL JOLLEY Fifth Row: LEWIS JACK JOLLY LEMUEL CURTIS KAYLOR JO HELEN KILLEN MILTON S. KILLEN, JR. Sixth Row: JAMES HAROLD KIMBRELL EDGAR KING REBECCA JEWEL KNOWLES ROSA VEE LANN 43 JUNIORS First Row: MAGGIE BELLE LATHAM ELIZABETH NELL LAWSON HAROLD EUGENE LAYNE VIVIAN ADELLE LEIGH Second Row: VAUDINE LEDBETTER OTTIE FERNELL LEDGEWOOD ELLA SUE LeMAY DELPHA LEE LINDSEY Third Row: LORENE LEWIS T. J. LEWTER CHARLES GRIFFIN LONG SARA ANNE LONG Fourth Row: CHRIS E. LUTHER MAX EVERETT McBRAYER MITCHELL HOMER McCLELLAN JOAN McCULLOUGH Fifth Row: berniece jackson mcdowell james a. Mcdowell SAMUEL McGEE, JR. RINKEY MARTEN Sixth Row: GILBERT MELSON JOHN DAVID MORGAN DANISH R. MILLER VIVIAN WINONA MINOR 44 JUNIORS First Row: WILLIAM GUY MITCHELL WILLODEAN MOORE CURTIS NEWBERN EMILY SUE NICHOLS Second Row: MARGARET NUGENT PEARL NUGENT SAMUAL ELLIS NUGENT ROBERT C. ORMES Third Row: BILLYE JEAN PARKER FLOYD RUDOLPH PARKER BETTY SUE PATTON LONNIE J. PETTEY Fourth Row: EUGENE PICKARD CECELIA JANE PRATER WILLIAM J. OUIGLEY CARL KING RAND, JR. Fifth Row: RAY S. RANDOLPH CELIA SCOTT BETTY SELF BENNIE WELLS SHAW Sixth Row: BILLY N. SIBLEY ANDREW JACKSON SIMS GEVETTA SMITH JOHN F. SMITH 45 JUNIORS First Row: KIRBY RAY STRANGE RAYMOND D. SWINDLE ELOISE TANNER CLARICE R. THRASHER Second Row: JOHN V. TILLMAN, JR. JOHN 0- UNDERWOOD, JR. FAYE VANN BILLY MORGAN WALKER Third Row: FRED SAMUEL WELLS, JR. MARY JO WHITE HILLARD E. WHITLOCK MARY WILLIAMS Fourth Row: DOROTHY BENNETT WILSON JAMES PAUL WILSON LACEY ALBERT WOODLEY THOMAS E. WOOTEN Fifth Row: CLARA RUTH WORTHINGTON MIRIAM ANN WRIGHT DENZIL A. YARBROUGH THOMAS EARL YORK, JR. INEZ B. YOUNG 46 5=SS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS HULON COCKRELL President OTTO KERR Vice-President BILLIE HERREN Secretary-Treasurer WALTON YAR8ROUGH Representative to Student Council SARAH HOYLE Reporter He rr en, Hoyle, Kerr, Yarbrough, Cockrell. m SOPHOMORES Cwd I I First Row: FRANK AARON ARLO ABERCROMBIE DOROTHY ALLUMS VIVIAN AZBELL Second Row: A. B. BRADFORD JESSE BRADFORD WILLIAM BRALY FORD BROWN Third Row: MARION BROWN OSWYN E. BROWN WAYNE BROWN WILLARD BROWN Fourth Row: WILLIAM BALDWIN HORACE BATCHELOR JENNIE BEASLEY NETA BISHOP Fifth Row: RAY BLAKELY MARTHA BLIZZARD EATHIL BONNER WILMA ANN BOSTICK Sixth Row: SUDEARER BOYLES FRANCES BOYLES JOHN BURCH JOYCE BURKS Seventh Row: MITCHELL BURFORD BILL BYNUM BONNIE CANTRELL CHAS. CANTRELL SOPHOMORES First Row: HULON COCKRELL E. F. CAGLE DAVID CHAFFIN EULALIA CHILDERS Second Row: DENZEL CLARK THOMAS M. CLEM JOHN B. COLLIER WILLIS COLE Third Row: PEGGY COPELAND GERALD E. COMER FAYE NELL COUEY WILLIAM CRUMBLEY Fourth Row: ERA MAE CRIDER JOHNNIE CRANE JUANITA CRAIG MILDRED DAVIS Fifth Row: JAMES DAVIS PAULINE DANNER KATHERINE DANIEL EARL DANIEL Sixth Row: CORNELIUS DAILY BILLY DALEY WILLODEAN DAVIS WILLIAM DEATON Seventh Row: MRS. W. S. DOTY ERNEST EDMISON WILLIAM ENNIS JAMES EZELL !i IT I SOPHOMORES First Row: MACK EZELL JOHN R. FAUST ROBBIE FAVORS RALPH FAULKNER Second Row: BILLY FERGERSON JAMES FINCHER MARGARET ANNE FLIPPEN W. W. FOSHEE Third Row: BETTY JO FOSTER HAROLD GILL WILLIAM FOWLER HENRY GATTIS Fourth Row: ELOISE GIST EURAL GIBBS JA CKSON GLOVER MAGDALENE N. GLOVER Fifth Row: MARY LOU GREENHILL RAYMOND GRAHAM ANNE GREEN PETE HAMILTON Sixth Row: HOMER HARPER FRANCES HARRIS JOANN HARRISON RUDOLPH HADLEY Seventh Row: GENE HARVEY WILLIAM HAY BILLIE HERREN FRANCES HERRING SOPHOMORES First Row: RUBY HODGES SARAH HODGES JEAN HOLLINGSWORTH CRISTAL HILL Second Row: MARGARET HOWE SARAH HOYLE JIMMIE HUDSON JOHN THOMAS HUDSON Third Row: ETHEL ISBELL WILLIAM JEFFREYS JUANITA JEFFREYS MARGARET JOINER Fourth Row: PATSY JOHNSON MARVIN JOLLY LAURANE JONES THOMAS JONES Fifth Row: WILBURN KILLIAN MARGARET KEPHART OTTO KERR, JR. CHARLES LANDERS Sixth Row: JULIA LAWLER WILLIAM LAZENBY EUGENE LEDBETTER VERA LUCILLE LEE Seventh Row: PARNELL LOVETT SARAH ANN MADDOX BETTY MARMANN RAY MAYFIELD u SOPHOMORES First Row: William Mcdonald rosa marie mcleskey CLETUS McWILLIAMS EVELYN McWILLIAMS Second Row: MARY MITCHELL JAMES MITCHUM PEGGY MOORE FRANK MOSELEY Third Row: LORENE MOSS JERE MURPHY WILLIAM MURPHY LUCILLE NOBLITT Fourth Row: TALMADGE NeSMITH JOHN OLIVER GLEN OSBORN JAMES T. PALMER Fifth Row: GEORGE T. PATTERSON JAMES PATTERSON JACK PERRY FAYE PETTUS Sixth Row: MARY PHILLIPS WILLIAM PILGRIM MARGARET PRESSLEY JAMES PULLIAM Seventh Row: DOYLE W. RAMEY ANN RATAGICK GENE RATLIFF PEGGY REEPER SOPHOMORES First Row: ROSA NELL REID JEAN RIDDELL BARBARA RHODES MARY ANN ROBBINS Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: JOHN TAYLOR LOIS TONN R. B. GRAINGER JOE TUGGLE Seventh Row: DOROTHY ROLEN GWENDOLYN RUSSELL JEAN RYAN EDWARD M. SAVAGE JOSEPH SCHISLER MARJORIE SCOTT AUBREY SEWELL CLINT SIMPSON MARY ALICE SMITH WINFORD SMITH SARAH SOCKWELL WILMA SPEARMAN REEDER LEE SPRINGER J. C. STEELE BETTY STUBBS ANNE SWORTWOOD HAZEL TURNEY FLO UNDERWOOD DOYLE WALKER PEGGY WALKER I SOPHOMORES _ First Row: FOSS J. WEATHERFORD JUANITA WEATHERFORD BILLY WEEKS BOBBY WEEKS Second Row: MARVIN WILSON JEAN WHITLEY MARY ELOISE WHITE SARAH JOYCE WHITE Third Row: EUGENE EDMUNDSON BOBBIE WILLIAMS LAWRENCE WILLIAMS VIRGINIA WILLIAMS V Fourth Row: ARRIE MAE WOOD BETTY WOOD WALTON YARBROUGH JAMES OLIVER WARD JAMES ANDERSON He ' s got that pipe appeal O ,1 IN THE STILL OF THE N IGHT FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS LELDON JONES President MARGARET EUBANK Reporter JOE SCOTT Vice-President CLIFF CAMPBELL Representative to Student Council ANN CANTRELL Secretary-Treasurer MR. SNYDER Sponsor First Row: Leldon Jones, Margaret Eubank, Jo Scott. Second Row: Cliff Campbell, Ann Cantrell, Mr, Snyder. RS U Mr FRESHMEN First Row: JOHN JULIAN ADKINS CHARLES JAMES ALEXANDER JEWELL FAYE ALLEN CLYDE CROW ANDERSON Second Row: BETTY APPLING ANN ARTHUR JUANITA ASHWANDER JOSEPH RANDLE AUSTIN Third Row: MARY SUE BADGELY ANNE BAHR GEORGE RICHARD BAILY JOHN THOMAS BALCH Fourth Row: MARY LYNN BARKLEY FRANCES KATHRYN BARNES HERBERT CLAYTON BATT HAROLD BEASLEY Fifth Row: ZERE EDMOND BELLAH DOROTHY MAE BENSON JOE BEUMER CHARLES MILTON BIGGERS Sixth Row: VIRGINIA BISHOP SARA CHRISTINE BLACKBURN SID WAYNE BLACKBURN JAMES BLAYLOCK Seventh Row: JAMES A. BOBO MARY FRANCES BOBO DOROTHY BOWERS NELDA JO BRAWNER Eighth Row: SARA ELIZABETH BRAZLETON EVA NELL BRITNNELL CHARLES A. BROWN DAVID CLARK BROWN FRESHMEN First Row: DOROTHY RAMONA BROWN BRONTON BRYAN GALVIN MARINE BUFFLER JACOB LORINE BUFFLER Second Row: NELLIE LORINE BUTLER KENNETH EARL BUTRAM ARTHEL CAMPBELL CLIFFORD WARD CAMPBELL Third Row: ALICE ANN CANTRELL MARY NELL CARSON HAROLD LEE CARTEE KATHERINE BENNETT CARTER Fourth Row: IMOGENE NORA CHILDERS PAULINE OLIVIA CHUNN JERRY REED CLEMMENS DORIS FAYE COBB Fifth Row: ALONZO BAILEY COCKRELL JOYCE REBA COLE CARSON L. COMPTON JR. GORDON COOPER Sixth Row: JOYCE COPELAND WILLADEAN CORDER MRS. MARIE COURINGTON WILMA INEZE CRAFT Seventh Row: LELANNE CRANE EDWARD ALBERT CROSS RUTH CHRISTINE CROSS EUGENE CRUMP Eighth Row: JAMES CUNNINGHAM BILLYE SUE CUTSHALL LUTHER O. DALEY BOYD L. DAVIS OlLJyl 00 FRESHMEN First Row: GERALDINE DAVIS MARY KATHRYN DEARMAN THOMAS DeWEESE EVELYN DICKINSON Second Row: JO ANN DILL MERTICE DODD BROWNIE M. DUDLEY FRANK EARNEST, JR. Third Row: DANNIEL ISHMEAL EDDY MARY BELLE ELDRIDGE EVELYN ESTES MARGARET FRANCES EUBANKS Fourth Row: PEGGY LOUISE EZELL JAMES KENNEDY FARNEMAN MABEL LOUISE FARNEMAN ROBERTSON CARNELL FARROW Fifth Row: BILLY FAUGHT IVAN EDWARD FIKE ALTON BOBBY FLACK ELIZABETH FLANAGAN Sixth Row: LORENE FORD ALICE MARGARET FOSTER ELBERT F. FOSTER, JR. HELEN MAY FRENCH Seventh Row: HERBERT GLENN FRENCH JAMES FRYE VIRGINIA FUOUA ANNA MAE GARDNER Eighth Row: JAMES FRANK GARDNER LUCY CAROLYN GARLAND JEAN GARRISON WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON mmmmimm mm FRESHMEN First Row: KATHRYN CHRISTINE GIBSON GEORGE R. GILES EUGENE GILL DORIS GLASGOW Second Row: J. W. GOODWIN BILLIE RUTH GORDON KATHLEEN GRAHAM ROY GRAVES Third Row: JIMMIE SUE GRAY FREDIA BELL GREEN REX FRANKLIN GRISSOM WALTER GUY GULLET Fourth Row: JAMES O. GUYTON CARLOS HAGOOD DALE HAMILTON DORIS JEAN HAMMOND Fifth Row: ROGER LEE HAMNER SPURGEON HAMPTON NORMA JEAN HARBIN HAZEL JUANITA HARDIMAN Sixth Row: MARTHA NELL HARDISON JOHNIE D. HARDY GAYNELL HARGETT WILLIE LEE HAYGOOD Seventh Row: MARTHA ELIZABETH HAYNES DOROTHY HESTER DORIS HILL DOROTHY HILL Eighth Row: LOIS WYNELL HILL TERRY W. HILL VELERIA HILL RICHARD HOBSON HOGAN, JR. JI J FRESHMEN First Row: DEWESE HOLLADAY VIRGINIA FAY HOLLEY MARY RUTH HOLT JACQUELINE MARIE HOOD Second Row: JOYCE ANN HOWARD ROBERT HOUSTON HOWELL, JR. THOMAS ALLEN HOWELL WALLACE MURRY HUDSON Third Row: BOBBY HUGHES RUBY KATHRYN INMAN GERALD ARVIN JARNIGAN JAMES LEONARD JOHNS Fourth Row: IMOGENE JOHNSON THEOLENE JOHNSON WILLIAM T. JOHNSON LELDON JACKSON JONES Fifth Row: ROY DOUGLASS JONES JACK KELLY ALFRED KENNAMER MARIE KENNAMER Sixth Row: HOWELL KENNEDY WILLIAM CHARLES KENNEDY III DOROTHY SUE KENT FRENETTA C. KILPATRICK Seventh Row: KATE KIRKPATRICK ROBERT KENNETH KIMBREL HELEN KIMBROUGH MARY RITA KIMBROUGH Eighth Row: CHARLES COOPER KING, JR. VERA KING HARLAN DAVIS KNIGHT MARY JANE KNOWLES ,i FRESHMEN First Row: ARNOLD MARVIN KOHN EARL DUNCAN KOONCE ANNE LaBRUCE JIMMYE LAKEY Second Row: JAMES BOYD LAMON PEGGY ANN LANGSTON ZERE LILE DEWEL COLEMAN LOTT Third Row: MARK RAY LUTTRELL WILLIAM CARL MARDIS CHARLES JOSEPH MARMANN BILLY JACK MATHEWS fourth Row: GARLIN MERDITH MAYS GEORGE MAZURENKO EMMA LEE McBRIDE MARTNA ANN MeCLENDEN Fifth Row: ROBERT RUTH McCLUNG CHARLES DAVID McCORKLE CHARLES RICHARD McHENRY JEAN CATHERINE McKINNEY Sixth Row: EURAL JULIUS McLAIN MARVIN CARLOS McMULLEN CLAUDINE McNUTT NELLIE RUTH MILES Seventh Row: OPHELIA MILLSAPS BILLY PORTER MITCHELL PATRICIA MAE MITCHELL ROBERT DIXON MITCHELL Eighth Row: ALMA MORGAN MILTON MONROE MORGAN, JR. BETTYE JEAN MONTGOMERY DURWARD A. MOORE flfcASU FRESHMEN First Row: HAROLD LEE MOORE DEWEY HAROLD MYRICK THELMA LOIS MYRICK PAUL DONALD NELSON Second Row: LUCYE NOBLIT MARDIE H. ODELL WILLIAM T. OLIVE DOROTHY V. OLIVER Third Row: RAY PACE WILLIAM E. PARMER MARVIN LEE PARRISH TOMMY ALAN PARRISH Fourth Row: JOANNE PATTERSON CHARLES MONROE PAULK BETTY JOYCE PAYNE GEORGETTE WILSON PERRY Fifth Row: GLORIA JUNE PETERS TOMMY PIRKLE CALVIN JACKSON PITT AUDREY PITTMAN Sixth Row: DOROTHY ANN POE RICHARD POLLARD NILON HOUSTON PRATER ARTHUR PRUIT Seventh Row: DOLORES PYLANT JAMES ELBERT ROBBINS ROBERTA ROBISON WILLIAM ARLO ROBISON Eighth Row: LESTER ROMINE JAMES EUGENE ROSS RILLA MAE RICE CHRISTINE RICHARDSON FRESHMEN First Row: NORMA LOIS RICHARDSON MILLIE IRENE RICHTER JOHN LANS RUMPH ROSEMARY RUSSELL Second Row: SARA CATHERINE RUSSUM THURMOND SAMUEL SANDERS WILLIAM ALTON SANDERS JESSE MARSH SANDLIN Third Row: NAOMI SANFORD WILLIAM JOHN SCHISLER ANN ELIZABETH SCHRIMSHER JOE ANDRY SCOTT Fourth Row: HARRY L SHARP VIVIAN GRACE SHEATS WILLA DEAN SIDES ROBERT L. SITTON Fifth Row: ANNA SUE SMITH BILLIE RUTH SMITH DOROTHY SUE SMITH ELIZABETH PHILOMENE SMITH Sixth Row: ETHEL NICHOLSON SMITH JULIAN SMITH WYLENE SMITH RUTH ELLNER SNEED Seventh Row: BILL SOLLEY HOMER SOLLEY BRANDON B. SPARKMAN SLENDALE SPRINGER Eighth Row: CLARA OPAL STANSELL NELSON RIVERS STARKY, JR. ERNIA M. STEPHENS CHARLES R. STEWART FRESHMEN First Row: HIRAM STEWART SUE STOCKLEY JOHN STONE MELVIN STONE Second Row: HAROLD SULLIVAN BOBBY ODEN SUMMERFORD CARL BROOKS SUTTON THOMAS RUDOLPH SUTTON Third Row: JAMES W. TATE ALFRED TAYLOR KENNETH BYRON TAYLOR RALPH ARNOLD TAYLOR Fourth Row: CHARLES L. TAYS BAILEY TERRY EVELYN VIRGINIA THOMAS MARIE THOMAS Fifth Row: BETTY THOMASON HOWARD THOMPSON CHARLES KENNETH TICE HAROLD EDWARD TIDWELL Sixth Row: WAYNE LARRY TIDWELL JAMES EDMOND TODD ELVIA GLADYS TROUSDALE BILLY TUCKER Seventh Row: MARLIN DAVID TUCKER JOE W. TURBYFILL MARY EDNA UNDERWOOD J. WHEELER VANN Eighth Row: JOYCE VIRGINIA WARDEN HOLLIS LORENZ WARREN JEWETT LEE WEBB BETTY JEAN WEEMS FRESHMEN First Row: BETTY LEE WHITE ELIZABETH RAMONA WHITE MARY JOYCE WHITE MAVIS RUTH WHITE Second Row: WILMA DEAN WHITEHEAD WILLIAM BERT WHITLOCK L L. WHITTEN FRANCES ANETTE WILBANKS Third Row: DARYL LEE WILLIAMS JUNE WILLIAMS MARY LEE WILLIAMS ROY TRAVIS WILLIAMS Fourth Row: BETTY CAROL WILLINGHAM CHARLES FREDERICK WILSON JO ANN WILSON PATRICIA MAE WRIGHT Ladles (and Gents) be seated 1 A E m Ui V illi HE MUST ' VE BEEN CUTE K HEN OUT OF PLACE BUT CAN YOU BLAME THEM? FEATURES 6 e OUEEN OF BEAUTY AND COURT BENNIE WELLS SHAW MISS FSTC ,i foi BETTY JEAN VARNELL MEMBER OF ROYAL COURT 6y RDBBYE SUE BRIGHT MEMBER OF ROYAL COURT 1 i 1 1 i 1 n i B 5J| jy RD KATHLEEN WEATHERBY MEMBER OF ROYAL COURT ' G BETTY SELF MEMBER OF ROYAL COURT , (0. RAMDNA VICTORY MEMBER OF ROYAL COURT ?y JEAN RYAN MEMBER OF ROYAL COURT ANN CANTRELL MEMBER OF ROYAL COURT n ETHEL SMITH MEMBER OF ROYAL COURT Oi SARAH ALICE GRAHAM MISS FRIENDLINESS H. L. BURCHAM MR. FRIENDLINESS MARTHA NARMDRE SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR H. L. BURCHAM SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR , ' L QUI S FISHER MR. FSTC WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES First Row: Betty Gardiner, Jimmy Clouse, Gloria Clem, Eugene Green, Nila June Gilbert. Second Row: Angelo Fergerson, Buddy Gough, Fredda Bostick, Don Jones, Mildred Whitehead. Third Row: Jim Flanagan, Jack Ivy, Joe Jones, Lester Hibbett. 89 SHMOO WEEK THE SALS DO THE TOTIN ' " JggiWBMK I I P ill I i 1 " II Wk Er - ; - 1 Bl NOW AIN ' T THAY PEACEFUL LOOKIN7 AS YE WOULD THAT MEN SHOULD DO WORSE THAN THE HOME-TOWN PARTY LINE VISITING CELEBRITY OF " BEG YOUR PARDON " FAME DOES HE ALWAYS USE THREE HANDS? fr - ' ATHLETICS HUBERT A. FLOWERS, B.S., M.A. Director, Department of Physical Education. DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION During Coach Flowers Administration of the Physical Education Department, orogress has been the key word. A new gymnasium was built in 1939; the major .n physical Education was added in 1947, and a new athletic field was acquired. Not only has Coach Flowers trained the Varsity athletic teams but he has supported an excellent intermural program as well. Coach Flowers is president-elect of the Alabama Physical Education Association; past-president of Alabama Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Association; president of Mississippi Valley Conference. 102 tor 20 BASKETBALL COACH ED BILLINGHAM CAPTAIN H. L BURCHAM i A newcomer to our campus from West Virginia, Coach Billingham has produced a good team, winning 12, losing 8 games. He demands fine sportsmanship and has greatly increased our interest in sports. First Row: Coach Billingham, Myers, Collins, Eiell, Burcham, Smith, Johnson, Jool Brewer. Second Row: Hamilton, McCleskey, Ward, P. Brewer, Faught, Jarvis Brewer, Nelson, Cockrell, Pilgrim, Whitlock. 20 T.SIC 33 1 m t r BUGS JOHNSON Rogersville, Ala.; Center MAC EZELL Rogersville, Ala.; Guard RAY COLLINS Scottsboro, Ala.; Forward JOEL BREWER Collinwood, Tenn.- Center (CAPT.) H. L. BURCHAM Mount Hope, Ala.; Guard HERMAN MYERS Lacy Springs, Ala.; Guard WINFRED SMITH Fairview, Ala.; Forward PAT BREWER Collinwood, Ala.: Center SEASON SCHEDULE State Teachers College 42; David Lipscomb 44 State Teachers College 37; State Teachers College 47; Troy State 28 State Teachers College 83; State Teachers College 66; St. Bernard 44 State Teachers College 58; State Teachers College 59; St. Bernard 51 State Teachers College 58; State Teachers College 74; U. T. Jr. College 44 State Teachers College 66; State Teachers College 45; Union 49 State Teachers College 52; State Teachers College 44; Livingston 55 State Teachers College 71; State Teachers College 57; David Lipscomb 56 State Teachers College 58; State Teachers College 59; Bethel 41 State Teachers College 46; State Teachers College 57; Howard 54 State Teachers College 44; Lambuth 44 YMHA 56 Troy STC 60 Austin Peay .... 78 Bethel 62 Southwestern ... .47 U. T. Jr. College 50 Lambuth 45 Soulhwestern ... 73 Union 61 104 N N I Cdptain Lonnift Petty, Jimmy Mattox. Euqene Gill, Otto Kpit, Portpr Ellis B A S B A L Two out and bases loaded. 105 R. 0. T. C. Battalion Otto Kerr, Jr., First Lieutenant Baitaiion Adjuctant; hulon D. Cockrell, Captain Company Commander; Gilbert R. Melson, Captiir Battalion Commander; Colonel Harry B. Cmiqh. P.M. ST.; James C. Waddell, Jr., Captain Bat. talion Execvitive Officer; Jcel C. Doss, Captain Company Commander; Wil- liam L. McDonald, First Station Bat- talion S-3 Seorge E. Chapman, First Lieutenant Ex- ectuive Oficer Company B; Walter B. Ingle, Jr., Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Co. B; Harold L. Dudley. Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Company B; Frank Storms, Jr., First Lieutenant Executive Officer Company A. Carl K. Rand, Second Lieutenant Pla- toon L. Company B; Herman C. My- ers, Second Lieutenant Platoon L. Company B ; Jack O. Broome, Second Lieutenant Platoon L. Company A; Luther E. Johnson, Second Lieutenant Platoon L. Company B. Drum and Bugle Corps -J ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of this council is to act as a clearing house for problems affecting the social welfare of the students, and to unify the student activities in the college. The membership of the council consists of representatives from the dormitories, classes, and the non-boarding students. First row, left to right: Joe Jones, Betty Jean Varnell. Lucye Noblett. Peggy Eiell. Peqqy Reeder. Don Jones, Gilbert Melson, Le Vaughn Davis, Mildred Whitehead, Bonnie Cantrell, Buddy Hannah. Second row: Marion Brown, Walton Yarbrough, Clifford Campbell, James Flanagan, James Clouse. 110 OFFICERS DON JONES President GILBERT MELSON Vice-President PEGGY REEDER Secretary LE VAUGHN DAVIS Treasurer ill Above, Left: Eugene Green, Editor-in-Chief, and Doris Kelso, Sponsor. Above, Right: Angelo Fergerson and Brinkley Garnsr, Business Managers. Top, Left: Jim Flanagan, Feature Writer, and Tracyne Gibson, Associate Editor. Bottom, Left: Betty White, Freshman Editor; Hulen D. Coclcrell, Faculty Editor; Peggy Reeder, Sophomore Editor; Robbye Sue Bright, Senior Editor; Clara Ruth Worthington, Junior Editor. Anne Green, Activity Editor; Buddy Gough, Publicity Manager; Annette Wilbanlcs, Assistant Publicity Manager; Earl Hargett, Sports Editor; Bonnie Cantrell, Organization Editor; Ethel Smith, Feature Editor; Peggy Eiell, Assistant Organization Editor. THE 1949 DIORAMA Right, Top: Melvin Stone and James Robbins, Photogra- phers. Center, Sitting: Sue LeMay, Typist. Standing: Ann Puckett and Jean Bond, Student Pictures. Bottom, Sitting: Jean Ryan, Sally Hoyle, Jimmie Hudson, Adver- tising Staff. Standing: Lonnie Petty and James Kimbrell, Circulation. Standing: Bobby Mitchell, Art Staff. Sitting: Ray Ran- dolph, Art Staff and Billie Ruth Gordon, Advertising Staff. 113 Carol Harkins, Jean Ryan, Betty Gardiner (Society Editor) Vivian Azbell, Society Staff. k Vj Bi fl i 1 1 i m J Wj_jk lv " fc k Walton Yarbrough and Lonnie Petty, Sports Staff. Sitting: Parnell Lovett, Nancy Wilcox (Business Manager), Earl Daniel. Standing: Jessie Bradford, Charles Cantrell, James Guyton, Otto Kerr, Jr., Business Staff. Bobby Mitchell, Art Editor and James Robbins, Photographer. 114 I THE FLOR-ALA Top: James J. Flanagan, Editor-in-Chief; Doris Kelso, Sponsor; Gene Ledbetter, Editor-in-Chief. Center, Sitting: John W. Vess, Jr., Peggy Reed er, Paul Hargett, Buddy Gough, Rose Abbott, Gerald Comer. Standing: Sarah Ann Maddox and Ruth Sneed, Feature Staff. Bottom, Sitting: Bill Humphrey, Peggy Reeder. Standing: Imo- gen? Coffey, Polly Mefford, Reba Walker, An- nette Wil banks, Circulation Staff. 113 First row: Bill Humphries, Betty Appling, Jean Coffee, Nancy Wilcox, Charles Randolph, Jackie Hood, Sara Ann Kldddox, Ethel Smith, Carol Harkins. Second row: Jesse Bradford, Cooper King, Charles McCalla, Ann Cantrell, Billie Ruth Smith, Mary Sue Campbell. Bill Hesrer. Betty Whire. Peggy Ezell. Third row: Ray Randolph, Gene Ledbetter, Gerald Comer, Buddy Gough. REHEARSAL CLUB Officers, left to right: Gerald Comer, Sara Ann Maddox, Bill Hester, Ray Randolph. The Rehearsal Club is the college dramatic organization. Any student in- terested in any ph-ase of dramatics is encouraged to become a member. This group presents several major productions each year, and members who show special interest and ability are invited to become members of Zeta Rho Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, a national dramatic fraternity. 117 First row: Jennie Beasley, Peggy Ezell, Ethel Smith, Helen French, Betty White, Laura Jean Mc Adams, Second row: Willodean Davis, Betty Self, Bonnie Cantrell. Elizabeth Smith. Margaret Jean Howe. Mary Alice Smith. Third row: Joann Harrison, Jean Parker. Mabel Farneman, Anne Green, Charles McCalla, William Kennedy. Fourth row: James Anderson. Jack Hyatt, O. J. Reneqar. Gilbert Melson, Homer Floyd. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SOCIETY Officers left to right: Laura Jean McAdams, Willodean Davis, Anne Green, Bonnie Cantrell, Jean Parker, Gilbert Melson. The International Students Society was organized for the purpose of promoting international friendship and scholarship. This is accomplished through friendly cor- respondence with members in French, Spanish, and German-speaking lands; active participation in the local chapter; and co-operation with the International office. 118 An organization of long standing at FSTC is the Young Women ' s Christian Association. All women students are made eligible for member- ship by accepting the organization ' s purpose, which is to further campus-wide Christian living. Under the direction of Mr.s Mary R. Hudson, this group sponsors a Freshman Party, Big-Little Sister Week, Sunday Vesper programs, mid- week group singing, Friendship Week, and many other activities. These projects are expressive of the organization ' s high ideals, and they en- courage better living among students. Robbye Sue Bright, President; Sara Alice Gra- ham, Vice President; Carol Harkins, Secretary; Fredda Bostick, Treasurer; Peggy Walker, Treas- urer Helper; Margaret Jean Howe, Vesper Chair- man; Joan McCullough, Vesper Helper; Mary Jo White, Vesper Helper; Ethel Smith, Social Chairman; Peggy Reeder, Social Service Chair- man; Mary Joyce White, Reporter; Faye Pettus, Apartment Dormitory Representative; Fay Nell Couey, Old Boys Dorm; Sara Long, Town Repre- sentative; Cecil Thompson, Tuscumbia Repre- sentative; Betty Gardiner, Sheffield Representa- tive; Faye Vann, Inter-Faith Council Representa- tive; Bonnell Hill, Freshman Representative; Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, Sponsor. YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION kk 119 First row left to right: Billy Dean Weerns, Sarah Sockwell, Dorothy Rolen, Rae Yielding, Cornelius Daily, Betty Appling. Second row: Miriam Wright, Raymond Buchanan, BSU president, Rebecca Knowles. Third row: Billy Roberts, Davis Thompson, Ovid Roberts. William Mitchell, Orville Brown, James Hamner. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is a youth when he joins a Baptist church in the organization for Baptists in higher institu- educational center, or any unit organiza- tions of learning. Every Baptist in col- tion that is represented on the B.S.U. lege, graduate school, technical or profes- Council. Unit organizations of the B.S.U. sional school is potential member of the are Sunday school classes, Young People ' s B.S.U. He becomes an active member Unions, Y.W.A. circles, etc. 120 Sigma Tau Delta, national honorary English fraternity, has been represented on the campus since 1935 by the Theta Delta chapter. To be eligible for mem- bership a student must be English major or minor, must be of junior standing or above, and must have maintained a B standing in his English courses. First row: Juanita Thome, Mildred Whitehead, Carol Harkins, Miss Julia Neal. Second row: Vaudine Ledbetter, Fredda Bos- tick, Mary Sue Campbell, Lorene Hutfman Thompson, Nila June Gilbert, Peggy Walsh Aldridge, Christine Darby. Third row: Robert Sokey, Edgar L. McCormick, Walter Crowe, James Flan- agan, Ermis Thompson, Frank Potter. SIGMA TAU DELTA Front row: Vaudine Ledbetter, Ermis Thompson, Bernice McDowell, Juanita Thome, Carol Harkins, Edith Henderson, Robert Gokey, Frances Clingan, Nila June Gilbert, Peggy Walsh Aldridge, Mildred Whitehead. Back row: Mary Sue Campbell, Fredda Bostick, Erskine Murray, Betty Murray, Walter Crowe, Miss Julia Neal, Mrs. R. C. Fuller, R. C. Fuller, Christine Darby, Mrs. Edgar L. Mc- Cormick, Edgar L. McCormick, James Flanagan, Elizabeth Flanagan, Mrs. Frank Potter, Frank Potter, Mary Elizabeth Williams, Doyes Taylor. 121 BOARD MEMBERS Left to right: Fay Vann, Julia Lawler, Mildred Davis, Mary Jo White, Fredda Bostlck. Second row: Joann Harrison, Batty Jo Stubbs, Lorene Herring, Eulalia Childers, Cornelius Dailey, Eloise Gist, Peggy Reeder, Betty Self, Maurine Sublett. Third row: Mildred Whitehead, Margaret Jean Howe, Alice Bowling, Billie Dean Herren, Joan McCullough, Joan Wilson, Christine Darby, Martha N arm ore, Lucy Roberson, Grace Morrow, Frances Harris, Edna Grace Fowler, Willadean Michael, Ramona Victory, Faye Nell Couey. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Women ' s Self-Government As- sociation is an organization of all young women living in college dormitories or in town homes away from the supervision of their parents. The object of the As- sociation is to enrich the lives of its mem- bers by constructive planning in regard to cultural, social, religious, and physical living. In co-operation with the administration, the association attempts to formulate and implement regulations which point to high ideals of womanhood. Executive Board: Fredda Bostick, Presi- dent; Grace Morrow, Vice-President; Mary Jo White, Secretary; Bonnie Cant- rell, Treasurer; Ann Puckett, Fire Chief. 122 The object of the Men ' s Self-Govern- The organization ' s Constitution and by- ment Association is to further the inter- laws are designed to help uphold the ests of those boys living in the dormitories honor and dignity of the college. It is and to maintain the high standards of the duty of every member to abide by conduct which manh ood requires. the standards of the Association. MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT First row left to right: Edward M. Savage, Ed Jolly, John Felkins, Jack Broome, Bill Scnisler. Second row: John Holland, Frank Storms, Johnnie Crane, Mike Haygood. Mrs. MacFarland. Ralph Holt, Bill Hester, Alvin Braly, J. O. Underwood. 123 First row, left to right: Earl Hargett, Christ Luther, Charles Smith, Ray Collins, Oba Belcher, Mack Ezell, Jchn Markham, Joe Jones, Louis Calhoun. Second row: Ruth Cross, Estelle Faulkner, Peggy Reeder, Doris Hammond, Imogene Johnson, Elizabeth Brazelton, Martha Narmore, Mary Ann Prather, James Crew, Rubel Shotts, Randall Goggans. Third row: H, A. Flowers, Violet Hand, Margaret Eubanks, Mary White, Sue Stockly Betty Self, Ramona Victory, Ma McBrager, Lunell Spearman, Joy Cope, T. J. Lewter, James Hawkins. Fourth row: Hubert Gilbert, Eural Gibbs, Frank Smith, Orville Brown, Winford Smith, Ed Biliingham, Jack Ivy, Luther Johnson, James McDowell, Rae Yielding, James Fowler. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB First Row. Left to right: Jack Ivy, Joe Jones, Earl Hargett. Second Row: Betty Self, Violet Hand. The Physical Education Club was or- ganized in 1946. The objective of this organization is to awaken a wide and in- telligent interest in health, physical educa- tion, and recreation; to acquire and dis- seminate knowledge concerning them; to promote such universal health, physical education and recreation as will provide well trained leaders and secure programs throughout the state. Any student who is enrolled in this in- stitution, and who is a Physical Education major is eligible to become a member of this organization. 124 The Skull and Bones is composed of stu- dents who are interested in Medicine and allied fiields. The purpose of this club is to promote greater fellowship, to fur- ther high ideals, to stimulate interest, and to encourage the maintenance of high scholastic standards among those stu- dents. In keeping with these purposes, field trips are made to medical schools and near-by hospitals, such as mental institutions. Yearly, an award is made to the student with the highest scholastic average in the club. It is not all work. OTTO WASMER Sponsor Socials are held throughout the year, and once a year the entire club takes off for a day of fun. SKULL AND BONES First row: Ruth Sneed, Oscar, Betty Jean Varnell. Second row: Charles McCalla, Bill Humphries, Reba Walker, Cecil Thompson, Bonnie Cantrell, Evelyn Dickinson. Third Row: Hiram Stewart, Douglas Holt, Harold Floyd, Allison Barnett, George Mazurenka, Lester Hibbett, Ed Jolley, Marvin Kahn. Fourth row: Charles Kennedy, Buddy Hannah, Thomas Arnold, Ota Renegar, Gilbert Melson. 125 First row: Buddy Gough, Carol Harkins, Ann Green, Gene Ledbetter. Second row: Dorothy Rolen, Lois Tonn, Ethel Smith, Nancy Wilcox. Third row: Mitchell Burford. William Presser, Weston Coburn, Vivian Asbell, Rose Abbott, Norman Hill. G n Green, Curtis Ikard. YOUNG MUSICIANS CLUB The Florence Young Musicians Club is concert- series, and the study of various composed of students seriously interested composers and schools of music. Doyle in music. The club realizes its purpose Lewisispresidentofthegroupwhichisspon- through the media of radio programs, sored by Dr. Presser and Miss Johnston. 126 The F Club is the highest honorary athletic organization on the campus. Its purpose is to establish a better athletic relationship between the players of each of the major sports sponsored by this school and to promote school spirit, gen- eral good fellowship and the domineering and never-dying aim of love and loyalty to FSTC. Only those who have served their time in varsity competition in one of the major sports are eligible for membership in this group. Also student managers and cheer- leaders elected by the student body are eligible. Letters are awarded to new members in a ceremony held at the end of each sports season. Initiation usually precedes the final ceremony in which the candidates become full-fledged members. THE " F " CLUB First row: Mack Eiell, Peggy Aldridge, Sarah Long, Luther (Bugs) Johnson. Second row: Leon McCrary, Charlie Smith, Lonnie Petty, Ray Collins, Charlie Jones, Gene Rati iff. Third row: Jack Glock, Mastin Gill, Joel Brewer, Herman Myers, H. L. Burcham, Winford Smith, Joe Jones. Fourth row: Don Jones, Claude Keenum, Jimmy Maddox, Coach Billinqham, Otto Kerr, Johnnie Johnston. 127 First row left to right: Jean Parker, Nila June Gilbert, Hubert Gilbert. Second row: Betty Gardiner, Betty Jean Varnell, George Ernest, Elgin Childers. Third row: Angelo Fergerson, James J. Flanagan, Gilbert Melson. Fourth row: Dan Hand, Eugene Green, Marion Brown, Don Jones. Fifth row: J. B. Clous . Bill Trotter, William Graham, Jack Ivy, Alvin Braly. Sixth row: Charles McCalla, Frank Potter, Dick Coffey. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Left to Right: H. A. Barton. Jack Ivy, Betty Jean Varnell, Jean Parker Betty Gardiner, Ray Strange, Alvin Braly, Charles McCalla. The International Relations Club is one of the most prominent clubs for students of social studies at FSTC. It is the aim of the club to bring about a more thor- ough and unbiased understanding of in- ternational affairs. Discussions are carried on intelligently in an unprejudiced manner. Students who have completed eighteen hours of Social Studies with a " B " aver- age, and havo a " C " average on all of their studies are eligible for membership. 128 All prospective teachers are eligible for membership in the Teachers Associa- tion. This club acquaints future teachers with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. It tries to interest the best young men and women in Education as a lifelong career. Officers, left to right: Sarah Turbervill e, Imogene Coffey, Oba Belcher, Reba Walker. FUTURE TEACHERS Seated, left to right: William Norman Hill, Peggy Walker, Martha Jean Bishop, Sara Turberville, Grace Morrow, Hazel Turney, Martha Hammond, Rita Ashburn, Vastie Williams, Mariorie Barker, Lorene Lewis, Lorenz Warren. Second row: Charles Smith, Alice Bowling, Betty Gardiner, Imogene Coffey, Mary Sue Campbell, Joan McCullough, Christine Darby, Beatrice Hendrix, Vaudine Ledbetter, Doris Evans, Lorene Herring, Emily Vandiver, Violet Hand, Mack Ezell, Ray Collins, Billie Dean Herren, Robbye Sue Bright, James Flanagan. Third row: Oba Belcher, Fredda Bostick, Alvin Braly, Reba Walker, Jack Ivy, James Hawkins, J. Harold Cooe, Mary Lou Greenhill, Glendon Gibbs, O ' Neal Greenhill, Hubert Gilbert, John Roden, Hulon Cockrell, James Kimbrell. Joe Jones, Eugene Pickard, Jere Sanderson, Max McBrayer, Ken Posey, H. L. Burcham, W. L. Davis, Sponsor. INTER- FAITH COUNCIL Left to Right Betty Gardiner, Ruth Crowson, Ec b bye Sue Bright, Pa ye Vann, Ray Elakley, Raymond Buchanan, Davis Thompson, Curtis Kaylor, Henry T. Harvey, Sponsor. First Row, Left to Right: Charles Randolph, Nancy Wilcox, Gerald Comer. Second Row: Gene Ledbet- ter. Bill Hester, Ray Randolph, Buddy Gough. ALPHA P S I OMEGA MARTIN K. NURMI Sponsor The inter-Faith Council is composed of representatives from many religious denominations. Its purpose is to promote religious tolerance on the campus. To further this purpose, the Council sponsors daily morning and noon devotional programs. m Alpha Psi Omega is a na + ional dramatic fraternity composed of members of the Rehearsal Club who prove their special interest and ability in acting and stage technique. Martin K. Nurmi is sponsor of the Zeta Rho cast of Alpha Psi Omega. The purpose of this organization is the discussion and promotion of understanding of events (current and historical) concerning the Ten- nessee Valley Authority and the region that it serves. Kappa Delta Pi, an Honor Society in Education, endeavors to pro- mote a closer bond among students of Education, and to create a strong fellowship among those dedicated to the cause of teaching. High standards of preparation for teaching are fostered. To be eligible for membership a student must have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement in the study of Education. TENNESSEE VALLEY SOCIETY First Row, Left to Right: Neil Taylor, Samuel E. Nugent, Hans A. Schmitt, Granvill Richardson. Second Row: William Scurlock, C u It a n Bowling, Bowling, James J. Flanagan, Thomas R. Cochran. Third Row: James H. Kimbrell, William A. Braly, James M. Allen, Samuel F. McGee. First Row: Juanita Thorne, Martha Hammond, Peggy Aldridge, Joe Jones, Sarah Turberville, Don Jones. Vaudine Ledbetter, Lois Bonner. Second Row: Otto Wasmer, Donette Davis, William Norman Hilt, Christine Darby, Jack Ivy, Mary Sue Campbell, Betty Gard- iner, Edith Henderson, Sophia Sullivan, James J. Flanagan. KAPPA DELTA P I 131 First row, left ro right: Jimmy Williams, Don Jones. Second row: Mike Haygood, Mrs. W. F MacFarland, W. A. Richards, Maurine Sub left, Z. S. Dickerson. Third row: Jimmy Wakefield, Sarah Alice Graham, J. Noel Glasscock, Martha Blizzard, Dorothy Hill, C. A. Glock, Gladys Shepard, Nelson Starkey. SOCIAL COMMITTEE The Social Committee is composed of students (selected by the President of Stu- dent Council and approved by the college President) and faculty members, organized for the purpose of planning entertainment for the entire student body. 132 Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honor- ary mathematics fraternity. The object of the fraternity is to further the interests of mathematics; to help the undergradu- ate realize the important role that mathe- appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics; and to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of matics has played in the development of Mathematics. The Alabama Beta chapter the western civilization; -to develop an was installed May 25, 1935. KAPPA MU EPSILON Wtliiam Bagley, J. H. Banks. Raymond Campbell, Walton Clarke, James Clouse, Andrew Coons, Coy Copeland, Miss Orpha Ann Culmer, Kemper Glassgow, Mike Haygood, Mrs. Hudson, Don Jones, Charles Long, Frank Potter, Doyes Taylor. Jampi Wakefield, Fred Wells, James Williams, Mrs. Wilson. 133 First row: Martin K. Nurmi, Faculty: Flo Underwood, Rose Abbott, Mrs. Julian Hood, guest soloist: Curtis Ikard, Harold Cartee. Second row: Lois Tonn. Mary Nell Hoi lis. Sue Smith, El via Trousdale, Lois Richardson, Mavis White, Vivian S heats, Jean Ryan, Pat Wright, Billie Nicholi, Dot Braden, Virginia Williams, Dorothy Rolen, M ' s. Charles Cooper. Third row: Cornelius Dai ley, Annette Wilbanks, Mildred Davis, vVillodean Davis, Joan Wilson, Betty Gardiner, Billie Dean Herren, Cecil Halbrooks, Mardie O ' Dell, Billy Roberts, Robert Howell, Betty Weems, Cora Lee McCormick, Ann Cantrell, Rebecca Knowles. Fourth row: Mary Alice Smith, Vivian Azbell, Dan Hand, Angelo Fergerson, Bill Roden, Mitchell Burford, Ray Pace, Ray Blakley, Bill Burks, Robert Dean, Rex DePew, faculty; O ' Neal Greenhill, Tracyne Gibson, Mrs. Exum Watts, Reba Walker. Fifth row: Faye Vann, Mary Sue Campbell, John F. Smith, Dick Coffee, Frank Porter, Charles Cantrell, Charles McHenry, Charles Wilson, Brewer Young, Denzil Yarbrough, Don Sanders, S. P. Hogan, Weston Coburn, Buddy Sough. GLEE CLUB Membership in the Glee Club is open to any student regularly enrolled in the college who has the ability and the desire . to sing choral music. A, great variety of music is presented during each scholas- tic year, from a Cappella singing to selec- tions from Grand and Light Opera and Folk song settings. T.he highlight of the school year is the annual Christmas Carol Concert. The Glee Club assists in sponsoring an- nual music festivals for Junior and senior hiqh school choral organizations and the Tri-Cities Music Festival. The year, 1949, was highlighted by the trip to Dallas, Texas, where the club sang for the Na- tional Federation of Music Study Clubs. Accompanists: L. Mrs. Martin Nurmi and R. Miss Lorene Johnston. Director: Mrs. Hugh G. Porter. 134 The Wesley Foundation is the student organization of Methodists. The purpose of the club is to continue the active work of Methodist students by providing fellowship, study and training through worship study. I J senior -: " ' - ... Nt WESLEY FOUNDATION First Row: Arthel Campbell, Robbye Sue Bright, Billie Dean Herren, Willie T. Hay- good, Ethel Smith. Second Row: Ray Blakley, Bonnei! Hill, Doris Evans, Glen- dale Springer, Ezell Essingler. First Row: Lowell Muse, Ethel Smith, Ray Blakley. Second Row: Peggy Ezell, Helen French, Jean Bond, Barbara Cox. Third Row: Mabel Farneman, Martha Haynes, Joann Harrison, Bobby Mitchell. Fourth Row: Neil Taylor, Henry Harvey. SPANISH CLUB The purpose of this club will be to promote practice in Spanish con- versation and familiarization of the members with the Spanish and Spanish-American customs, literature, arts, and thus to increase the friendship between those countries and ours. 135 T ' WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS jU - w GOING SHOPPING STATE nflnonm briik Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Jne of ivlany Ljood (AJankd ervlna I forth rlabt tama Jrdeald It has been our privilege to extend congratulations to the members of 54 consecutive graduating classes of Florence State Teachers College. The graduation styles in 1894 were different from those of today, and so was the face of the store building in which Rogers served the people of the Tennessee Valley long ago. Yes, graduating styles and store buildings change, but inside the graduates and inside this store, there remains a steadfast adherence to certain ideals and principles. Now, as in the past, these ageless ideals must remain in the hearts of students and business men in order to make secure the glorious future to which you are richly entitled. We pledge to you, the leaders of tomorrow, that our store will always be an institution of integrity, good will and highest ideals. Accept our warmest congratulations upon your worthy achievement. NORTH ALABAMA ' S LARGEST STORE FLORENCE ROGERS ALABAMA Where the District Shops CABS Phone 100 FOR YELLOW OR RED TOP CABS 40 Dependable Oabs 215 East Tenn. St. FLORENCE, ALA. " It ain ' t hay " Flowers For All Occasions Corsages Our Specialty ADREY FLORAL CO. Phone 411 105 S. Court St. E. E. FORBES SONS PIANO CO., INC. 109 So. Court Street Florence, Alabama " Your Friendly Music Store ' MORRIS SERVICE STATION HUDSON ' A Friendly Place to Trade " Tuscumbia, Ala. Dedicated to the Interest of the People of the Muscle Shoals District SQUARE-DANCE " WHING-DiNGS " have caught the fancy of even the younger generation. They ' re find- ing fun in " Levis " and calico ... in the swing-your- podnah rhythms of Grandma ' s day. It ' s a bit enervat- ing, but you can take it ... if there ' s one of those cute picnic coolers full of well iced Dr. Pepper on the premises. It ' s a lot of fun. They say it has juvenile delinquency on the run. Since Dr. Pepper is whole- some and does something for you, elders and kids " drink " and dance together and have a " heck " of a time. Jacquie Strong of Salt Lake City with the con- certina is shown in this picture, made while in Holly- wood modeling for the ' 49 Dr. Pepper Calendar. Paramount was host. What ' s that hiding in the hay ?. COMPLIMENTS OF BELK HUDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS SOCIALLY CORRECT S. C. TOOF PRINTING CO. 218 North Court St. Florence, Alabama A Pullman porter reporting for a night run found that the trip had been cancelled. Returning home unexpectedly, he took a look around the house then he got out his razor and began to hone it vigorously. " What you fixing to do, Sam? " inquired his wife. " If dem shoes stickin ' out from undah de bed ain ' t got no feet in ' em I ' se gwine to shave. " PERRITT CHEVROLET CO., INC Your Dealer for 2 1 Years CADILLAC SALES PARTS ACCESSORIES SERVICE DIXIE SUPPLY COMPANY " Sportsman ' s Center " ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT TENNIS SUPPLIES RUFUS G. HIBBETT, Manager Florence, Alabama Savings Accounts Insured by a Government Agency up to $5,000.00 to each Investor Current Dividend Rate 3% FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FLORENCE 316 No. COURT o . FLORENCE, ALA. Phone 2067 Si, Senorita LflfOflR S DAVIDSON-LOVELACE " Electrical Specialists " E. College St. Florence COMPLIMENTS OF BREWER ' S RESTAURANT " We Serve to Serve Again " SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Open 24 Hours a Day TAPSCOTT GRIFFIN COMPANY FLORENCE, ALABAMA Compliments of ANDERSON NEWS CO. WELLS TIRE SUPPLY CO. 228 N. Court St. Florence, Alabama Phone 276 CONGRATULATIONS AND SINCERE BEST WISHES FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS MARTIN STOVE RANGE COMPANY FLORENCE SHEFFIELD HUNTSVILLE DAVIS Apparel for Women 110 N. Court, St. Florence Ala. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 121 E. Tennessee St. Phone 1400 Ob servation: Of all lab Dr-saving devices ever invented for women , none has ever been so popular as a devc ted man. A Hollywood child was asked if sh e had a mamma and a papa. " 1 should say 1 have came the reply. " 1 have three papas by my first mamma and two mammas by m y second papa. 213 Montgomery Ave. lEltzabettj ' a Exclusive in Tri-Cities HANDMACNER SUITS MARY MUFFET, JR. AND PAKABLE DRESSES Phone 1267 Sheffield. Alabama WESTINSHOUSE APPLIANCES LIGHTING FIXTURES TABLE LAMPS WESTlNGHOUSE AND ZENITH RADIOS WADE ELECTRIC CO. " You can be sure if it ' s Westinghouse " FLORENCE SHEFFIELD 119 E. Mobile 210 Raleigh Ave. CLOVERDALE DAIRIES, INC. GRADE " A " PASTEURIZED and HOMOGENIZED MILK We Produce the Milk We Sell Telephone 2553 Florence, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF THE HANGAR S.T.C. ' s Favorite Hangout Compliments of YOUNG-PITTMAN CO. M E FFO R D JEWELERS s 104 N. Semina ry St. Fit rence Ala. BUFFINGTON--PRUETT Quality Clothing Phone 255 Tuscumbia SHARP KILLEN DEPARTMENT STORES Florence Athens Mr. Sipe: " What do you know about a vacuum? " Kemper Glasscow: " Noth ng. " In the parlor there were three She the table-lamp, and he; Two is company, there is no d Dubf So, the little lamp went out! Have a Coke Coke Coca-Cola " Coca-Cola " and its abbreviation " Coke " are the registered trade- marks which distinguish the prod- uct of The Coca-Cola Company. Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by FLORENCE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CC CHARLES E. YOUNG Circuit Court Clerk HERMAN LONGSHORE Probate Judge WEAVER FUQUA Tax Collector PRYOR ' S Women ' s Wear Phone t47 Sheffield, Ala. " Swing that girl from Arkansas " MUSCLE SHOALS THEATRES LOUIS ROSENBAUM STANLEY ROSENBAUM Princess Florence Majestic Florence Shoals Florence Colbert Sheffield R;tz Sheffield Strand Tuscumbia Wilson Tuscumbia R;t z Athens Plaza Athens SPALDIN DRUG CO. WALGREEN AGENCY Drugs with a Reputation Fine Foods SHEFFIELD FLORENCE COMPLIMENTS OF KREISMAN ' S " The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands " Court Street Florence SERVING FLORENCE m U -r: b AND LAUDERDALE COUNTY -X ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT CITY OF FLORENCE, ALA. 90t ' I ' m- ! . - ik f.i.iLt... . caituawi ::-n. " ; - " 1 _. - " Best Foot Forward " COMPLIMENTS OF ECONOMY AUTO STORE 120 E. Tenn. St. Fhone 224 FLORENCE PHARMACY " Prescriptions as prescribed " OTIS BROWN Phone 208 Florence Tired Worker: my foot? " " Madam, will you please get off Hefty Number belongs? " " Why don ' t you put it where It Tired Worker: tempt me! " ' Don ' t tempt me, lady, don ' t ABROMS DEPARTMENT STORE FLORENCE SHEFFIELD STERCHI ' S FLORENCE SHEFFIELD FLORENCE STEAM LAUNDRY East Florence Phone 32 20% Cash and Carry Office 106 E. Tuscaloosa St. Phone 231 BRYAN MOTORS Sales-Service 310 E. Tenn. St. Florence, Ala. BELLANGER PRINTING COMPANY FLORENCE, ALABAMA MI-LADY BEAUTY SALON MARSHALL PLESS owner 106 E. Tenn. St. Phone 174 SUMAKE-POSEY Home Furnishings Phone 483 122 E. Tenn. St. Florence i CflmPBELL mOTORS FLORENCE, ALABAMA Entirely New Line Of Ford Cars and Trucks in 1949 Home of FORD SALES AND SERVICE Our Service Department is the best in the State T. E. CAMPBELL General Manager EARL HOLLAND Shop Manager HOWARD TIREY Service Manager Bring Us Your Car Troubles dan glenn studio 6A : PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS si SH 110 E. Tuscaloosa St. FLORENCE Phone 2561 71 Us-BJlj Pop Carney ' s Campus Inn is the place to meet your friends BARKLEY REFRIGERATION CO. Commercial Refrigeration Dealers 24 hour Service 225 E. Tenn. St. Phone 1759 THE GLOBE DRUG STORE J. D. MITCHELL, owner " Prescription Specialists " Gifts for all occasions Phone 72 1464 Tuscumbia VALLEY SUPPLY CO. A Complete ine of janitor ' s supplies Phone 1310 1551 Lee Hiway Phone Florence 1990 MANGEL ' S Feminine Apparel 105 No. Court Street Florence, Alabama SHOES ACCESSORIES Y? frL TTv l Our 31st Year of Service SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE Open House State Teachers College FLORENCE, ALABAMA Since 1373 B.S. Dibb Graves Hall DEGREES B.A. Florence State Teachers College is primarily a teachers college, but because this institution believes in broad cultural training as well as in professional competence, it offers a wide selection of four year courses leading to either the general liberal arts degree of B.A. or the more specialized professional and pre-professional de- gree of B.S. These degrees represent a satisfactory basis for graduate work in recognized graduate schools of the country. The campus, located on approximately the highest elevation in the city, affords a delightful setting for a college. A ten year expansion period, including an increased enrollment from 650 to approximately 1,200 and the erection of seven new buildings, has made this institution the third largest college in Alabama. Its faculty member- ship and its curriculum have been enlarged proportionately. In the Spring of 1949, a committee on athletics approved a football program to be started in the Fall of this year. The influence of this institution on the entire Tennessee Valley has greatly con- tributed to the prestige of the community " the cultural, center of North Alabama. " COMPLIMENTS CF CITY OF FLORENCE WATER DEPARTMENT ELEBASH JEWELRY CO. Successors to J. W. SOMMER 106 N. Court St. Florence, Alabama Dear Son: I just read in the paper that students who don ' t smoke make much higher grades than those who do. This is something for you to think about. Love, Father. Dear Father: I have thought about it. But truthfully I would rather make a B and have the enjoyment of smok- ing: in fact I would rather smoke and drink and have a C. Furthermore, I would rather smoke and drink and neck and make a D. Love, Son. Dear: Son: I ' ll break your neck if you flunk anything. Your Father. Many girls have been taken In when they thought they were just being taken out! SOUTHERN Wdald INC. ' Har-mon-y " THE FIRST RflTIOnill BflnK OF FLORENCE FLORENCE, ALABAMA Common Stock, $300,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits, $965,182.22 lAse ZJnid pace for Stutoaraphi J. T. FLflGG KIWTII1G CO., IHC Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE KNIT GOODS FLORENCE. ALABAMA LiSe Jhis S pace for s rutoaraphd A Memorable Year Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Florence State Teachers College for completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard tc give you a superb book and one which portrays the high- lights of memorable activities. Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the bes t grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. We are proud that the 1949 Staff selected us to help design, print and bind the " Diorama. " We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE -

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