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Ajomunu FLORENCE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE m 5 ALABAMA COLLECTION Restricted For Library Use Only COLLIER LIBRARY University of North Alabama iqX REKCE, ALABAMA T " UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA 569 00293 1753 Oe5 MOT ORCUlATE r l v ' " mmmmm SCADE HA SM or CHANGE AT F.S5.C- The 1947-48 DIORAMA is the first annual published by the students of Florence State Teachers College since 1937. It is a revival of the old PANORAMA publication of a decade ago. During this ten year period, the en- rollment of the college, the curricula, and the building facilities have more than doubled. In view of these many changes, the students have felt an Increasing need for an annual publication. This enthusiasm was climaxed in the Student Council, where our new yearbook was given birth. In a student contest for a new name for our annual, LeVaughn Davis emerged the winner by contributing the name DIORAMA, which means " a painted canvas. In sections, which tells a story. " The job of " telling the story " of ten years of progress has been both difficult and interesting; it has awed and inspired the staff. It has been our purpose, in this yearbook, to feature only the highlights of this period of expansion. At the opening of the summer quarter, June 6, 1938, when Dr. J. A. Keller assumed the duties of President of Florence State Teachers College, the college accelerated its march of progress. In the fall of the same year, preliminary preparations were made for the construction of our gymnasium and swimming pool and the girl ' s apartment dormitory. The following year, the building p,-ogram went into full swing with the construction of our new library, the student lodge, and the president ' s home. The erection of these buildings was followed. In 1941, by the construction of the boy ' s dormitory, with still another boy ' s dormitory being completed in 1947. Also, In 1946, twenty-four housing units were built for the use of veterans and their families. The latest building acquired by the college is Courtview, which will be named Rogers Hall, our social center. This tremendous building program was complemented by expansion in our curricula and enrollment. In 1939, Florence State Teachers college was chosen one of five Alabama colleges to take part In the National Civilian Pilot Training Program; this program was started In 1942. Curriculum experts came to the campus in 1939 to confer with the college faculty in preparing a four year curriculum. Including a secondary education group; this also Included the B.S. degree. In 1940, many curriculum changes were Inaugurated with the fall term. Among these were Secondary Education, Secretarial Science, and Business. These addi- tions were followed by Pre-Engine- ering and Pre-Medlcal Training. The newest department of the college is that of Home Economics, started this year. These academic advances were highlighted by the addition, in 1947, of two new degrees the Lib- eral Arts and Bachelor of Sciences degrees. The faculty membership and the student enrollment have grown in corresponding measure to the many other accomplishments. Interrupting this period of continual " good news " was the untimely death of our be- loved Dean Dr. C. B. Collier, on December 19, 1947. STCians over the state were saddened by this tragedy. We were fortunate in hav- ing Dr. F. E, Lund selected as our new dean. The college points with pride, particularly, to the increase in stu- dent enrollment: from 650 students, in 1937, to approximately 1400, in 1948. Florence State Teachers Col- lege is now the third largest college in Alabama, and the end of this expansion Is not in sight. We are indeed proud of this ten-year record, and the staff members of the DI- ORAMA are pledged to the pur- pose of recording this continual march of progress In the years to come. V tRE AR Q w m - HERE IS " . tjfma ir -7 1 1 ' - . TdT esUepa rtm en td c umcu la I " ' " I ' " ' " mf mmmmmmii ifmmmi . 1 ' ISIB m ! 1 1. , r ' li ' ' - J ri t I I Ok 47- 48 cJjio ram a STlff EMMEn RODEN Editor EARL HARSETT Assisfant Editor EUGENE GREEN Business Manager LEON DUNNAM Ajjistant Business Manager EUGENIA HUGHES Feature Editor TRACYNE GIBSON Art Editor BUDDY GOUGH Advertising Editor BRINKLEY GARNER Circulation Editor JEAN WHITLEY AND JAMES ROBBINS Photographers MRS. DORIS KELSO Sponsor EDITORIAL STAFF LUCY INGRAM Freshman Editor CLARA RUTH WORTHINGTON : Sophomore Editor DOROTHY CAHOON Junior Editor HEHIE LENE BUTLER Senior Editor ANNIE MAE Win Senior Editor FEATURE STAFF JIMMYE DUNCAN CURTIS IKARD ANNE EARWOOD ANGELO FERGERSON ART STAFF ROSE ABBOTT RUTH McKINNEY JOE ZINAMAN ADVERTISING STAFF RAY RANDOLPH NANCY WILCOX BILL HESTER SALLY HOYLE MARTHA GREENHAW TYPING STAFF MARTHA HARGETT SUSAN LAWLER SARAH ANN McMURRY ROBBYE SUE BRIGHT CIRCULATION STAFF VERA MAE BRADFORD EDDIE HOLLAND BETTY SELF EDITH HENDERSON LONNIE PETTEY PEGGY MOORE WILLETTE BOSTICK JUANITA THORNE ELOISE GIST 12 r ' l) ' A. Uiew of r J 1 n n n 1 1 i N sharp contrast to the tranquil and historically colorful college of a few years ago is the aggressive, expanding college of today, casting its influence as freely as the waters of the Tennessee. To this expansion, embracing the future annbitions of unknown students and the hope of a dist ressed world, the 1947-48 edition of the DIORAMA is proudly dedicated. SCALE t PE5IGM W " ,2 ut{aM 15 mamiPM mmmmm Our p 1 n 1 1 n ! i Through the dynamic energy of Dr. J. A. Keller, our college has enjoyed fhe rewards of progress. Our pemnanenf, beautiful buildings are monuments to his ability and foresight. Even with the increased responsibilities of ex- pansion, he has not lost sight of the small college, personal touch. This, above all, has endeared him to the students. It is with pride that we refer to Dr. Keller as our Architect of Progress. a a n J I D E 1 1 Endowed with geniali+y, frankness, and scrupulous fairness, Dr. F. E. Lund enjoys the admiration and complefe confidence of the students. His outstanding academic leaJership is exemplified in our enlarging curricula. In essence, he likes us and works for us because of his infallible faith in youth. o u r I First Row: WILLIAM PRESSER. B.A., MM.. Ph.D., Chairman, Department of Music. EULA P. EGAN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman, Depart- ment of Psychology. Second Row: CAREY V. STABLER, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman, Department of Social Science-History. LAURA JEAN McADAMS, A.B., M.A., Chairman, Department of Modern Language. Rrst H( Hi 18 a f Hilll First Row: HOMER H. FLOYD, E.S.. A.M., Ph.D., Chairman, Department of Science. HARLEY FITE, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman, Depart- ment of Education. Second Row: W. A. ASHBROOK, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman. Department of Commerce and Business Education. EDGAR L McCORMICK, A.B., M.A., Chairman, De- partment of English. 19 o a r First Row: HUBERT A. FLOWERS, B.S., M.A., Chairman, Depart- ment ot Physical Education. ARTHUR H. QUIRMBACH, B.S., M.S., Assistant Pro- fessor ot Chemistry. C. FULTON HUFF, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. MRS. RUBY HENDERSON PORTER, B S.M., B.M., Assistant Professor of Music. Second Row: PEARL SPARKS, Alumni Secretary, Sponsor of The Flor-Ala, Publicity Director. DALLAS M. LANCASTER, B.S., M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor of History. JOHN H. BANKS, B.S., M.A., Professor of Mathe- matics. i 20 a f 1 n ,iro First Row: Second Row: CHARLES A. GLOCK, Chairman, Department of ORPHA ANN CULMER, A.B., A.M., Chairman, De- Aeronautics, partment of Mathematics. ELIZABETH B. von GEMMINGEN, A.B., MA., In- structor In Biology. WILLIAM H. BADGELEY, Jr., B.S., M.A., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. HARRY CRAIG SIPE, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor MARY JULIA NEAL, A.B., M.A., Associate Professor of Physics. or English. 21 yy a r First Row Second Row: LORENE JOHNSTON, A.B., M.A., Instructor In Music. MRS. MARY W. HUFF, B.S., M.S., Chairnnan, Depart- ment of Home Economics. WALTER S. ROBINSON, Jr., B.A., M.A., Associate JULIAN B. ROEBUCK, Jr., A.B., M.A Assistant Pro- Professor of History. fessor of History. SOPHIA ELIZABETH SULLIVAN, A.B., B S., in L.S., J. B. PEARSALL, B.S., Instructor in Business Education. Librarian. 22 ' U I I, ! I First Row: CORINNE TUTHILL, B.S., M.A., Chairman, Depart- ment of Art. OTTO WASMER, Jr., B.S., M.A., Assistant Professor of Biology. MABEL OWEN, B.S., M.A., Assistant Professor of English. Second Row: SAMUEL M. BRADLEY, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of English. J. NOEL GLASSCOCK, B.S., M.A., Professor of Geography. MRS. EARL MASTERSON, B.A., Instructor in English. 23 . Oa BBSJP ' OPPOSITE PAGE First Row: ROWENA ASHER. B.S., Instructor in Biology. OTIS L. PEACOCK, B.S.. M.A., Associate Professor of Education. RUTH DACUS. A.B.. B.S.. in L.S., Assistant Librarian. Second Row: MRS. MARIE WILSON, B.S., Instructor in Biology. ROBERT COLEMAN. B.S., Instructor in Pre-Enqineerinq. ROSCOE H. O ' BANNON, JR., Fliqht Instructor. Third Row: MRS. CATHERINE C. JONES, A.B.. Instructor in Enqllsh. LEO WHITMAN MITCHELL, Flight Instructor. MARTHA PORTERFIELD, B.S., M A , Assistant Librarian. First Row: MRS. CHRISTINE Business Education. structor in English, structor in English. ABOVE DANIEL COUNCE B.S. MRS. DORIS KELSO t LEON C. WILKERSON, Instructor B.J.. M.A., B.A., M.A., Second Row: HENRY S. SHERMAN, B.S , Instructor in Pre-Engiieering. EARL W. McGEE, B.A., M.A . Instructor in Social Studies. LORETTA DYER, B S., M.A , Instructor in Physical Education. MARISE DAVES, B S., M A., Initructor in Physical Educa ' ion. 25 ir Ou ABOVE First Row; TREASURER ' S OFFICE. Left to Right: MRS. MARY ADDIS PEACOCK Secretary to the Treasurer. MARY GRACE DAVIS, B.S. Bookkeeper. OLIVIA CLAY FREE. B.S., Secretary to the Treasurer. R. C. FULLER, Ph.B., M.S., Treasurer. MILDRED HENDERSON, B.S., Secretary to the Dean. Second Row: REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE. Left to Right: MRS. ELLIS BAGGS, Clerical Assistant. MRS. MARGARET P. ALDERMAN A.B., Clerical Assistant. MRS. ERSKINE MURRY B.S., Clerical Assistant. MRS. W. A. ASHBROOK. A.B. Assistant Registrar. MARY WILMA WEBB, B.S. Registrar. OPPOSITE PAGE First Row: ELHURIA BARGANIER. B.S., M.A., Supervising Critic. MRS. HENRY S. SHERMAN, Acting Supervising Critic. MRS. WALTER S. ROBINSON, JR., B.S., Supervising Critic. Second Row: MRS. LESTER NORVELL, Dietician, Kilby Training School. W. L. DAVIS, B.S. M.A., Director of Training School. CONSTANCE McREYNOLDS, B.S.. A.M., Supervising Critic. Third Row; MRS. MARY R. HUDSON, B.S., M.A., Supervising Critic. MRS. VIOLA CLARK, B.S., M.A., Supervising Critic. MRS. BESSIE HAWKINS JACKSON, Secretary to the Director of Training School. 26 ur H i n f i! 9 FHIIII OPPOSITE PAGE FIrsf Row: DR. T. L, BENNETT, JR.. M.D., College Physician. MRS. RUTH R. ARNETT. B S., Instructor in English. MRS. TOM INGRAM. A.B., Dietician, O ' Neal Hall. Second Row: MRS. W. F. McFARLAND 6. A,. House Mother of the Boy: Dormitory. MRS. BIRDIE C. CAMPBELL, House Mother of the Girls Dormitory. FRED S. WELLS, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. Third Row: GEORGE TERRY Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. MRS. WALTER S. GLENN, Supervisor of Building Mainte- nance. MRS. HARRY CRAIG SIPE. B.S.. Social Director for Married Veterans. ABOVE First Row; MRS. GEORGE TERRY, Postmistress. MRS. LEE COOPER, Book Store Aisstant. MRS. ESSiE KNIGHT, R.N.. College Nurse. Second Row: LITTLE DRUG PERSONNEL. Left to Right: ANN KELLER PARRISH. GRACE THOMPSON. LORENE JOHNSON. Left to Right: MRS. BESS McCRORY, Manager of Book Store and Little Drug. RUSTY McCRORY, Assistant. CHARLES THOMAS, JR., Assistant. 29 J M E i II B I 1 II Miss Janney was a scholarly woman and a brilliant teacher. She possessed a most pleasing personality which, with dignity and poise, made her popular with students of FSTC. The students will long remember her modest bearing, her gentle manner, and her consiructive guidance. rvli - t i c e IIIH c Ljavock A a nne f 1 ' n 1 J [ i r J jf Auanlta J adteu -.J ettle cLene (I5utter s eniord OFFICERS BILL CANTERBURY President RAY ROBERTS Vice-President SUSAN LAWLER Secretary-Treasurer ANNIE MAE WITT Representative to the Student Council VIRGINIA SEGO Reporter Left to Right. Rrst row: Vlrgima Sego, Anni Mae Witt, Susan Lawler, Ray Roberts, Bill Canterbury. i 3 34 ALVA ABSTON B.S. Degree; Major in Math, and Sci. REYNOLD BERRY Member of Winston county club (President); F.T.A,; B.S. Degree; Major !n Business Education. RICHARD BA ILEY Member of Kappa Mu Epsilon; I.R.C.: B.S, Degree; Major in Sci. MAE BOWERS Member of W.A.A.; Freshman class (Secretary-Treasurer); B.S. Degree; Major In Etem. Ed. ROY E. BATCHELOR Member of I.R.C.; Sophomore Class (President); Student Council Treasurer; B.S. Degree; Major in Eng. RAY D. BATES Member of Student Council; Sigma Tau Delta (Vice-President); I.R.C. (Vice-Presld nt); F.T.A.; B.S. Degree; Major in English- Social Sci. VERA MAE BRADFORD Member of Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. ; I.R.C. (Reporter); Rehearsal Club; Social Committee (Secretary); Limestone County Club (Secretary); B.S. Degree; Major in Eng., Soc, Sci. J. O. BRASWELL Member of F.T.A.; " F " Club (Secretary-Treasurer); B.S. Degree Major in Phy. Ed., Sci. RUBY BELK Member of Glee Club; W.A.A.; Wesley Foundation; Student Council Rep.; B.S. Degree; Major in Elem. Ed. ARCHIE W. BRETHERICK Member of Y.W.C.A.; B.S. Degree; Major in Elem.. Edu. ALVA ABSTON REYNOLD BERRY RICHARD BAILEY MAE BOWERS ROY E. BATCHELOR VERA MAE BRADFORD RAY D. BATES J. O. BRASV ELL RUBY BELK ARCHIE W. BRETHERICK s. eniord JEAN BURFORD l.S. Degree; Major in Er.q. MRS. IMOGENE V. CANTRELL Member of Social Committee; Glee Club (Vice-President); Secretary W.S.G.A. (Floor President); B.S. Degree; Major in Math. MONTROY BURNS l.S. Degree; Major in Eng. MARY ELLA CLANTON B.S. Degree; Major in Elem. Ed. JULIA BURRELL B.S. Degree; Maior in Elem. Ed. NANCY ANN COLEMAN Member of W.S.G.A. (House chairman) ; Wesleyan Foundation; B.S. Degree; Major in Elem. Ed. HEHIE LENE BUTLER Member o( W.S.G.A. (President i. Vice-President): Assistant Floor President; I.R.C. {Reporter Secretary); Kappa Delta PI; Sigma Tau Delta; F.T.A.; W.A.A.: Student Council Rep.; Glee Cub; Who ' s Wtio; Senior Editor Diorama; Turrls Fidells; Major in Elem. Ed.; B.S. Degree. OLIVIA BUTLER Member of W.A.A.; B.S. Degree; Major In Phy. Ed. WILLIAM CANTERBURY Member of I.R.C. (Vice-President); Senior Class (President) A.B. Degree; Major In Soc, Sci. MRS. JEANETTE R. COONS Member of Student Council; Flor-Ala; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Mu Epsllon; Rehearsal Club (Reporter); A.B. Degree; Major In Math. JEAN BURFORD MRS IMOGENE V CANTRELL MONTROY BURNS MARY ELLA CLANTON JULIA BURRELL NANCY ANN COLEMAN HETTIE LENE BUTLER WILLIAM CANTERBURY OLIVIA BUTLER MRS. JEANETTE R. COONS ISHilllCC M KAIL ( 36 D. SHELBY COUNCE Member of l.R.C; Senior Class President; F.T.A.; A.B. Degree; Major In Hist. EDDYE PEARL GARTMAN Member of Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Wnleyan Foundation; F.T.A.; B.S. Degree; Major in Elem. Ed. tm MARIE DARBY Member of W.S.G.A. {Floor President, Monitor); Glee Club; Wesleyan Foundation; F.T.A. ; B.S. Degree; Major In Eng. and Social Studies. GENEVA PHILLIPS EVANS Member o( Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Wesleyan Foundation; B.S. De- gree; Major in Eng. and Hist. ANNIE RUTH FARNED Member of Y Cabinet; Sigma Tau Delta; l.R.C; Shophomcre Class (Secretary); Student Council; Who ' s Who; B.S. Degree; Major In Math. Scl. JOE C. FREE B.S. Degree; Major in Bus. Adn JOANNE GOGSANS Member of Y.W.C.A.; F.T.A.; B.S. Degree; Major in Elem. Ed. MARY ANN GOTCHER Member of Y.W.C.A. (Cabinet Member); l.R.C. (Secretary); Interfaith Council; Dcamatic Club; Social Committee; B.S. De- gree; Major in Eng. Hist. JUANITA JUNKINS HADLEY Member of Student Council; Y.W.C.A. (Secretary. Treasurer); W.S.G.A. (Fire Chief. Floor President); Junior Class Reporter; Glee Club (President); Sigma Tau Delta; l.R.C. (Vice President, Reporter); Kappa Delta Pi (Reporter); Turris Fidelis;; Who ' s Who; B.S. Degree; Major it Elem. Ed., Eng. JAMES D. HAND Member of F.T.A. (President); Vet. Club (Vice President); Colbert Co. Organization; B.S. Degree; Major in Math,, Minor Sci. D. SHELBY COUNCE EDDYE PEARL GARTMAN MARIE DARBY JOANNE GOGGANS GENEVA PHILLIPS EVANS MARY ANN GOTCHER ANNIE RUTH FARNED JUANITA JUNKINS HADLEY JOE C. FREE JAMES D. HAND s. eniord EDITH HENDERSON Member of Y.W.C.A,; FIor-Ala (Clrc. Mgr.. Asst. Circ. Mgr.) Classes: Sophomore, Secretary-Treasurer; Junior, Reporter Sigma Tau Delta (Secretary); F.T.A,; Kappa Delta PI [President) Diorama Staff (Asst. to Circ. Mgr,); Who ' s Who Among Students in Universities Colleges; I.R.C. (Corresponding Secretary); B.S. Degree; Major in Bus. Ed. and Eng. MARION HENSLEE Member of B.S. Degree; Major in Eng. DONALD HOLT Member of Sigma Tau Delta (President); I.R.C; A.B. Degree; Major In Soc. Scl. EUGENIA HUGHES Member of Y.W.CA.; Sigma Tau Delta (President); Rehearsal Club: Kappa Delta Pi; Diorama Staff (Feature Ed.): B.S. De- gree: Major in Bus. Ed. and Eng. WILLARD JONES B.S. Degree; Major in Eng. VIRGIL R. KENNEDY Member of F.T.A.; Vet. Club; B.S. Degree; Major in Eng., Hist. LAVEHA WEBSTER KULL Member of W.S.G.A. (Assistant House Chairman); Junior Class (Vice President-Treasurer): I.R.C. (Treasurer); Kappa Delta PI (Vice President); B.S. Degree; Major in Bus. Ed., Eng. SUSAN LAWLER Member of FIor-Ala; Y.W.C.A. (Treasurer. Cabinet Member); Classes: Sophomore, Vice-President; Fr. (Secretary-Treasurer); Senior, (Secretary-Treasurer): Kappa Mu Epsiloa; Westminster Fellowship Group. (Vice President-Treasurer); Madison Co. Club (Treasurer); F.T.A.; B.S. Degree; Major in Math, and Sci. BESSIE JACKSON Member of Glee Club (Reporter); W.S.G.A. (Secretary); B.S. Degree; Major in Eng. C. D. MAYS B.S. Degree; Major in Eng. and Soc. Sci. EDITH HENDERSON WILLARD JONES MARION HENSLEE VIRGIL R. KENNEDY DONALD HOLT LAVEHA WEBSTER KULL EUGENIA HUGHES SUSAN LAWLER BESSIE JACKSON C. D. MAYS lauiM no ej LEBURN MAYS M mber of F.T.A.; Senior Class Secretary; B.5, Degree; Major P.E. and Sci. JOHN D. McCRORY Member of Student Council (Treasurer); Flor-Ala (Asst. Bus. Mgr.); Y.M.C.A.; Kappa Mu Epsllon; A.B. Degree; Major in Math., Sci. MILDRED LENTZ Member of Sigma Tau Delta (Vice President); Kappa Dalta Pi (President): Who ' s Who among Students in Colleges and Uni- versifies; B.S. Degree; Major in Eng. ard Soc. Sci. RUTH McKINNEY Member of Jackson County Club (News Re p.- President; W.S.G.A. (Treasurer): Diorama (Art Staff); B.S. Degree; Majo ' in Elem. J. D. LIGHT l.S. Degree; Major in Sci. NELDA McMillan Rehearsal Club; Y.W.C.A.; Vesper Helper; B.S. Degree; Majc- in Elem. Educ. FRANK LONG Member of Student Council (President-Treasurer); Classes: (Sophomore President); Kappa Mu Epsllon; I.R.C; Who ' s Who among Students in Universities Colleges; A.B. Degree; Major In Math., Sci. REBA LEE McCAGHREN Mer-.ber of Y.W.C.A.; B.S. Degree; Major in Bus. Ed., Eng. JAMES F. MOORE, JR. Member of Sophomore Class Vice President; Student Council (Secretary); F.T.A.; Town Student ' s Org. (Secretary); B.S. De- gree; Major in Hist. Eng. IVA LENE MOULTRIE Member of Flor-Ala (Asst. Circ. Mgr.); Y.W.C.A.; W.S.G.A. (Floor President); W.A.A.; Sigma Tau Delta (Treasurer); B.S.U. (Executive Council Member); Kappa Delta Pi; Y.W.A. (Presi- dent); B.S. Degree; Major in Bus.. Eng. LEBURN MAYS JOHN D. McCRORY MILDRED LENTZ RUTH McKINNEY J. D. LIGHT NELDA McMILLIAN FRANK LONG JAME F. MOORE, JR. REBA LEE McCAGHREN IVA LENE MOULTRIE " S ' -SSBM 39 s. eniord BEHY SOTHARD MURRAY Member of Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. (Secretory); Sigma Tau Delta (President); I.R.C; F.T.A.; Kappa Delta Pi (President); Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities; B.5. Degree: Major in Hist., Elm, Ed. GEORGE MURRAY Member of Glee Club (President); Freshman Class (Reporter); Young Musician Club; A.B. Degree; Major in Eng. SARAH ANN McMURRY Member of Y.W.C.A. (President); Social Committee; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Irterfaith Council; F.T.A.; Rehearsal Club; Kappa Delta Fi (Treasurer): A.B. Degree; Major in ScJ. RAYMOND RICKETTS Member of Madison County Club (President of Social Corr mittee); F.T.A. Major in Social Studies, Eng. ERNEST RAY ROBERTS, JR. Member of Glee Club; Senior Class (Vice President) G. T. ROBINSON B.S. Degree; Malor in Math. RICHARD ROE B.S. Degree; Major In Eng. ELIZABETH S. POWELL B.S. Degree: Major in Sci. JOHN RAMSDEN B.S. Deqree; Major In Elenn. Ed. LOUISE RASCH Member of Kappa Mu Epsiion (Secretary-Reporter); Kappa Delta Pi: A.B. Degree: Major in Sci. BARBARA SCARBROUGH Member of Kappa Mu Epsilon: Glee Club: A.B. Degree: Major in Math. VIRGINIA SEGG Member of Y.W.C.A.; W.S.G.A. (House Chairman); W.A.A.; Senior Class Reporter; F.T.A.; B.S. Degree; Major in Math., Sci. ETTY GOTHARD MURRAY GEORGE MURRAY SARAH ANN McMURRY ELIZABETH S. POWELL JOHN RAMSDEN RAYMOND RICKETTS ERNEST RAY ROBERTS JR S. T. ROBINSON RICHARD ROE BARBARA SCARBROUGH LOUISE RASCH VIRGINIA SEGO MILKA SEPPANEN Member of Y.W.C.A.; B.S. Degree: Major in Bus. Ed.. Eng. LADYE (JONES) STAMPS Member of Y.W.C.A.; Miss. F.S.T.C. ' 47. ' 48: A.B. Degree; Maior in Bio. Sci. STANLEY WEEKS Member of Kappa Mu Epsllon; i.R.C; F.T.A.; Kappa Delta PI; Marlon Co. Club (President); B.S. Degree; Major in Math., Sci. ONVA HARBIN STOCKMAN Member of Student Council; Y.W.C.A. (Vespers Chairman): W.S.S.A. (House Cliairman, Fire Chief); Glee Club; I.R.C; B.S.U. (Secretary); Kappa Delta Pi: Walker County Club (Presi- dent); B.S. Degree; Major in Elem. Ed. CAROLYN SWAIN TERRY B.S. Degree; Maior in 6.E. i R. C. UNDERWOOD, JR. B.S. Degree, Maior in Eng. iWWOI MILKA SEPPANEN LADYE (JONES) STAMPS STANLEY WEEKS mmm DEEN WEEMS ANNA JEAN WHITT JOHN D. WILLIAMS DEEN WEEMS Member of W.A.A.; B.S. Degree; Major in P. E. d Sci. ANNA JEAN WHIH W.S.S.A. (Fire Chief. Floor President): W.A.A. (Vice President); B.S. Degree; Maior In Elem. Ed. JOHN D. WILLIAMS B.S. Degree; Major In P.E. ANNIE MAE WITT Member of Slee Club (Secretary); " Y " Cabinet; I.R.C. (Sec-e- tary): Student Council (Senior Class Reporter); Diorama (Senior Editor); B.S. Degree; Major in Elem. Ed. NORA LEE WRIGHT Member of Glee Club; I.R.C; B.S.U. (President) 1928; B.S. De- gree; Major in Elem. Ed. MARY ALICE YOUNG B.S. Degree; Major in E ' em. Ed. ONVA HARBIN STOCKMAN CAROLYN SWAIN TERRY R. C. UNDERWOOD. JR. ANNIE MAE WITT NORA LEE WRIGHT MARY ALICE YOUNG ' illllfe 41 ' Auni ord Q O Rose Abbott FIRST ROW Polly Arnns+rong Forace Barlow Allison Barne+t R. Chadwick Barber Homer H. Blankenship SECOND ROW Fredda Bos+ick Robbie Sue Bright Dalfon J. Broussond James Bradford Orville Brown THIRD ROW Mary Brown Raymond Buchanan June Burton H. L. Burcham Celestine Butler FOURTH ROW Bill T. Bynum Harold Camp Mary Sue Campbell Dorothy Cahoon 43 Aunt ord .1 M hA% FIRST ROW H. J. Cope W. G. Clarke Williarti R. Coffey Hugh Collins SECOND ROW Wendell B. Cooper James T. Crew Arthur Crossman Christine Darby THIRD ROW La Vaughn Davis Earl Dodds Wallace C. Dunn William E. Ellison FOURTH ROW Angelo Fergerson Louis Fisher Lanal Ford Robert L. Ford Imogene Coffey Nicholas Raymond Crisler Bernice Duncan James Flannagan 44 n } Auni or A FIRST ROW Edna Grace Fowler Lester Frawley Brinkley Garner Nila June Gilbert SECOND ROW Betty Gardiner Kemper Glasgow Randall Goggans Martha Gordon Neil Taylor THIRD ROW Robert Gokey Martha Hammond Andy Hardy Martha Hargett Mrs. Violet Hand FOURTH ROW Earl Hargett A. E. Harris Evelyn Harrison James W. Haynes Bill Hester Austin Mike Haygood 45 Aunt ors cr r i mM Dot Hester FIRST ROW Lester W. Hibbett John William Holland, Jr. A. N. Hollls Laura HIpps Doris Holloway SECOND ROW Oliver Wendell Holmes Henry J. Huddleston Lorene Huffman THIRD ROW Douglas Holt Edgar Hyche Curtis ikard N. K. Jenkins Jean Johnson Audrey W. Jackson Don Jones FOURTH ROW Joe A. Jones James Harold Kimbrell Harold G. King Dorothy Kelso 46 Wfr - j ' m l m y Aunl ord Walker H. Kirkland John E. McDonald, Jr. Edwin Morris Alvin Parker FIRST ROW A. B. Lightfoot, Jr. John O. Markham Charles A. McCalla SECOND ROW Maxine Millican Dorothy Mitchell James Mitchell THIRD ROW Grace Morrow Marshall A. Newman Nita Nix FOURTH ROW John Parrish Dorothy Lynn Pettus Bob Plowden Barney Luther Jean Millsaps Faye Myers Samuel Dole Peck 47 Aunt orS 0 FIRST ROW Ken Posey, Jr. Frank PoHer Celia Reneau Granville L. Ric hardson SECOND ROW Lois Ray Mary Richardson Lucy Margaret Roberson Mrs. A. T. Robinson Celia Scott THIRD ROW Emmett Roden William Scurlock Raymond Shirley Charles D. Smith Ernestine Smith FOURTH ROW James H. Sloan William V. Smith Dot Stanfield Doyes Taylor James E. Taylor . Mary Beth Stutts 46 ord FIRST ROW Vannah Taylor Por+er Tigner Mildred Walker Reba Walker SECOND ROW Bernard Turner Peggy Walsh Kathleen Wea+herby Mildred Whitehead James R. Williams THIRD ROW Sigmund Weathers Vastie Williams Nancy Wilcox Rae Yielding William B. Worthington 49 opfi r omot A First row: Hu!en D. Cockrell, Lila Fife, James Chisholm. Second row: Frances Hampton, Delma Hand. OFFICERS HULEN D. COCKRELL President LILA FITE Secretary-Treasurer JAMES CHISHOLM Vice-President FRANCES HAMPTON Reporter DELMA HAND Representative to Student Council 50 opn r lomored MmM. Fredrick E. Adklns, Jr. rniiixii ' Ralph Thomas Allen WW liporter Lorene Bailey Hugo A. Barton FIRST ROW Ruth Akridge James Aldridge James Aldridge SECOND ROW Thomas H. Arnold Ellis Thomas Baggs David Bailey THIRD ROW Louis Baker Warren Barnett Jane Ann Bartie FOURTH ROW Martha Barton Virginia Beavers Nina Sue Beck Hilda Aldridge Rita Ashburn Marjorie Barker Mary Louise Beasley 51 opfi omored FIRST ROW Oba Belcher Martha Jean Bishop Hugh Blacklidge James Bracken SECOND ROW Edsel Blackburn Jesse Bradford James Brink Willard G. Brown Pauline Bryant THIRD ROW Joe Brink Gordon Burnet J. B. Burns Berry D. L Cantrell Syivania Cantrell FOURTH ROW Raymond Campbell Travis Carter David M. ChafFin Beckham Choot, Jr. Thomas M. Clem George E. Chapman 52 Ray Cobb Mary Cooper James Cunningham Eugene Davis FIRST ROW Thomas R. Cochran James Ray Collins Andrew M. Coons SECOND ROW C. V. Copeland Richard Crawson James Cruce THIRD ROW Billy E. Darby E. C. Dar+y Carrol Davis THIRD ROW Aubrey Dixon Ann Duncan Frances James Duncan opk mnomored H. H. Coffey Thomas Counts James Darby Bronson Dawning 53 opti r lomored FIRST ROW Leon Dunnan James Ray Edwards Glen Esslinger Claude H. Evans SECOND ROW George Ernest Doris Evans Lecil Evans Patrick Faughn Ralph E. Faulkner THIRD ROW Mack C. Ezell John R. Felklns Leslie FIske Jane Foster James Fowler FOURTH ROW Margaret Flippen Hubert E. Gilbert Tracyne Gibson James A. Glasgow H. J. Gooch Gurnialene Glasgow 54 J ouk mnomoi ' ed Alvis B. Gough George F. Grensey Byne Harris Edwin Hicks FIRST ROW Joe Graden Eugene Green O ' Neal Greenhill SECOND ROW W. O. Hall Paul Harge+t Carol Haricins THIRD ROW James H. Hawkins Beatrice Hendrix Mary Catherine Hester FOURTH ROW Gloria Hill Granville Hinton Ovilee Hogan 55 Sarah Alice Graham Pete Hamilton Quitman Henderson Miles Hill opn mnomoreS E. H. Holland Charles Hopper U. B. Ingle Elan Jainer O Ci O f ) 7 FIRST ROW Laudice Holsonback Catherine Honey C. L. Hopkins SECOND ROW Harvey R. Houston L. L. Huskey Alice Hyche THIRD ROW Jack Ivey James Davis Nancy Ruth Johnson FOURTH ROW dv in Jolley Dean Jones Prince T. Jones M Fred Holt Billy Humphrey Robert D. Ivey Lewis Jack Jolly opn mnomoreA FIRST ROW Ernestine Jourdan Melvin Kacharos Milton S. Killen, Jr. H. L. Kimbrough SECOND ROW Calvin Keeton Howard E. King Laurence H. King Kroulen Knowles Rebecca Knowles Richard King THIRD ROW Elizabeth Lawson Vaudine Ledbetter Sue Lemay Sarah Long FOURTH ROW OHie V. Ledgewood Betty Marmann Lloyd Martin Jimmy Mattox Elmer J. McCord Rinky Martin 57 opk r omoreS 3 Joan McCullough FIRST ROW Kathryn McElroy C. W. McWilliams Jeanell Meeks Gilbert Melson SECOND ROW Nadine Melson Vivian Minor Dalton T. Mitchell William G. Mitchell THIRD ROW Erskine Murry Martha Narmore Bryon V. Nicely Emily Nichols FOURTH ROW Melvin Norton Luther M. Nunneliy Weatherly Oliver Samuel McGee Kenneth Mink Virginia Myers Ellis Nugent ' k 58 f i ; S opn mnomored b FIRST ROW Robert C. Ornfies Don O ' Steen Zettie Patterson Reba Penn SECOND ROW Luther J. Parker Lonnie Petty Eugene Pickard Harvey Powell Ann Puckett THIRD ROW O. T. Pool Charles Randolph Ray S. Randolph Grady Rennamer John B. Roberts FOURTH ROW Wallace Reid John Robertson Billy Roden Don San ' ders J. L Sanderson N. F. Saddler 59 opk omored FIRST ROW Jean Sandlin Robert Sandlin James S. Shaw Billy Sibley SECOND ROW Betty Self Annie Mae Skeltan Virginia Skel+on Frank A. Smith John F. Smith THIRD ROW Charles D. Smith James Spain Willa Dean Spain elytra Spearman Samuel T. Spry FOURTH ROW Daniel Spangler Alice Starkey Elizabeth Wren Steele Betty Stutts Raymond H. Swindle Dot Stockton : I 60 opn T 1 C l. ' fw mnomoreA FIRST ROW Clarice Thrasher William E. Trotter Emily Vandiver Faye Vann SECOND ROW Sarah Turberville Betty Jean Varnell James Wakefield Billy M. Walker T. J. Weatherford Fred S. Wells, Jr. THIRD ROW Grace West Imogene West Amelia Wilson Paul Wilson Walter Witt Dorothy Wilson FOURTH ROW Clara Ruth Worthington Laura Wood Lacey Woodley John F. Wylie, Jr. Denzil Yarbrough Davis Thompson Juanita Thorne 61 re6n men Jera Murphy, Anne Earwood, Wtltattt Bosttck, Jamas McCloud. JERE MURPHY Vice-President ANNE EARWOOD Reporter WILLETTE BOSTICK Secretary-Treasurer JAMES McCLOUD President ' JS res It tmen a SC 2MJL FIRST ROW Adolph Abroms James Anderson Jean Ander+on Dorothy Armstrong Betty Armstrong James R. Armstrong SECOND ROW Eugene Arnwine Vivian Aibell Georgia Bagget W. L Bagget Bill Baldwin OIlie Mae Baker Ned H. Barlow THIRD ROW Horace Batchelor Jennie Beasley Loret+a Beauchamp Oba Belcher Ruth Belk Oswald Beleu Glendora Bendall FOURTH ROW Ray Blakely David Bliss Eathie Bonner Gail Borden Wilma Ann Bostick Willette Bostick Alice Bowling FIFTH ROW Cullan Bowling J. B. Boyd Sudearer Boyles A. B. Bradford James W. Bragg. Jr. Doris Nell Bragg William Alvin Braly James Bratton 63 ireS n rednmen Fayrene Brooks Jack Broome Arylon Burney Marshall Burrow Bonnie Canfrell Gene Can+rell Charles Clem Kafherine Clemmons Faye Couey Peggy Copeland FIRST ROW Marion Brown Wayne D. Brown Roy A. Brown Joyce Burks Mitchell Burford SECOND ROW Eugene Henry Cagle Dora Faye Campbell William S. Campbell Roy A. Comeran Lenga Campbell THIRD ROW Horace B. Carpenter George Chapman Arch W. Carrell Eulalia Childers FOURTH ROW Doris Cobb Willis M. Cole Weston Coburn Gerald Comer FIFTH ROW Sarah Cortel Wayne J. Craig Juanita Craig Bill Crane 44 Denzel Clark Mary Compton Johnnie A. Crane re6n men M U. S. F. Cribs Era Mae Crider Frank Dailey Earl Daniel Gerald Driggers Tonn Durhann FIRST ROW Donald Crosby BeHy Hurl Crossman Alice Cross Jonels Crowder SECOND ROW Doris Davis Thomas DeWeese Marie Davis Bill Do+y THIRD ROW Harold L. Dudley Anne Earwood Carl Duggar James W. Eldridge f FOURTH ROW William Blake Ennis Linda Ewing Charles Eiell Bill Evans Prances Bowles Jimmie Ezell I Robert Farley Sarah Famed FIFTH ROW Billy Farris John Robert Faust Esteile Faulkner Robbie Favors 63 Curtis Mary Frances Drake Charles Elliott Arthur Leon Farley Billy Mack Ferguson t ' i ' edn men e it FIRST ROW James W. Fergerson Lex Files Ben Fennel William H. Fowler Ivan Pike Dorothy Files Betty Joe Foster SECOND ROW Montgomery Franks Betty R. Futrell Eural Glendon Gibbs Eloise Gist Bobby Fuller Henry E. Gattis Martin Gill THIRD ROW Harold Glasscock John D. Glock Magdalene N. Glover Ester Goodwin John W. Glasgow Jack Glover Chesley Goodman FOURTH ROW William T. Goodwin Raymond Graham R. B. Grainger Caner Hadley Ralph Graham William Earl Graham Martha Greenhaw FIFTH ROW James A. Hal! Thomas Hall Charles Hamilton James W. Hamner Nina Lois Hall S. B. Hambrick Elizabeth Hamilton 66 Credit men L " i M ' mM. Spud Hampton W. C. Hannah Virginia Hastings James N. Hendon Audrey Holcomb Jean Hollingsworth Robert Hughes Douglas Humphrey Elmer L. Ingram Lucy Ingram FIRST ROW Gene B. Harney Audrey Harris Homer A. Harper Elsie Harris SECOND ROW Billie Dean Herren Mary C. Hester James R. Hester James H. Higgins THIRD ROW Everdel! Howard Philip F. Howe Margaret Jean Howe Sally Hoyle FOURTH ROW Hoyt Hunt Jo Ellen Hyatt Oran Hunter Myra Jo Hyatt FIFTH ROW Roberson L. Ipsay Fay Jacks J. W. Ivey Frank L. Johnson 67 Jo Ann Harrison Ruby Clara Hodges Jimmie Hudson William Hyde Luther E. Johnson Credit men e iO ' -P f C! p t 9 J f ? f i i i Patsy Johnson Marin Jolly Helen M. Jones Marguerite Jones Trubie Kelly Charles Kennedy George Latham tola Lawson Nancy Lewis T. J. Lewter FIRST ROW Austin Jones Frederick K. Jones Charles Jones George Jones, Jr. SECOND ROW Samuel E. Jones Ray Jordan Thomas E. Jones Lemuel Curtis Kaylor THIRD ROW Otto Kerr, Jr. Thomas Kilgore Weymouth Kidd Ida L. Kimbrell FOURTH ROW Harold E. Layne Gene Ledbetter Robert Layton Claude Lee FIFTH ROW James F. Lindley James R. Lourey Winford Logan Gwinn Mason 68 Glenn P. Jones William L. Keenum, Jr. Murray Knight Vera Lee Durin H. McCleskey )f fedn men CL itD If Id ffi p (5 FIRST ROW Jim McCloud Dorothy J. McDaniel William L. McDonald Georgia L. McCluskey Fred McDaniel Van A. McDowell Betty Jo McLin Sarah Ann Maddox Leia Rae Mays Nadine Melson Jannes C. Mitchenn Fred Moore Jere Murphy William E. Murphy SECOND ROW Bandy Magnusson James R. Marsh William Carl Mandis Ruby Martin THIRD ROW Wylodean Michael William Middiebrooic Quita Middlebrooks Billy Miles FOURTH ROW Peggy Moore Joyce S. Murphy Frank Mosely L. A. Murphy FIFTH ROW Lowell Muse John Nelson, Jr. Melvin Neai Talmadge NeSmith 69 Marie McLeskey Garlin Mays Dorothy Miller Mrs. L. A. Murphy Biilie Nichols Credit 1S men Margaret Odom James A. Patterson H. M. Perritt Ruth Pierce Gerald E. Pitts Gene RatlifF Robert Reese Mary Ann Robblns Dorothy Rolen Gwen Russell FIRST ROW Glen Osborn Billy Palmer Betty Sue Patton Ann Pennington SECOND ROW Lonnie Pettey Martha Faye Pettus Bill Pilgrim Kitty Pittman THIRD ROW Mary Pless Aaron Powers, Jr. Bobbie Jean Reed PB99y Reeder FOURTH ROW Rosa Nell Reid Lecil Reynolds Newton Robertson Johney Roden FIFTH ROW Mildred Nixon J. D. Romine, Jr. Homer G. Solley Eugene Sanderson Lovett Parnell Mary Phillips Margaret Presley Jean Riddell Benny Ronnell reSn rednmen e iO a en , Frances D. Sanderson Edward M. Savage Paul B. Sherrod Emmitt Shirley May Joyce Sneed Grady Sockweil James F. Sfocknnan Albert Streit William B. Thompson Billy A. Thornton FIRST ROW Joseph Schisler Aubrey Sewell Robert Setton J. L. Sharer SECOND ROW Clint Simpson Horace Smith Robert Sitton Joseph W. Smith THIRD ROW Sarah Joyce Sockweil Lunell Spearman H. C. Sparks Reeder Springer FOURTH ROW Harold Sullivan Elmo Terry Eloise Tanner Charles Thomas FIFTH ROW Lois Tonn Joe Tuggle Dessie Trousdale Hazel Turney Doris Sherrell Richard Smith J, C. Steele Ernis Thompson Maxine Umfress redk men SMS ' Maurice T. Vann Ramona Victory FIRST ROW Frank Waddle Elijah B. Walker Mildred Walsh Doyle Walker Peggy Ann Walker Oliver Ward Juanifa Weatherford SECOND ROW Jean Webs+er Henry West Jack Weeks Mary E. White Mary Jo White 1 William A. White Raymond Whitt THIRD ROW Jean F. Whitley Tommie Wiginton Eugene B. Wiginton Bobbie Sue Williams Mrs. E. S. Williamson Virginia Williams Mariun Wilson FOURTH ROW Adron Wood Terry Wooden Betty Wood Paul Yarbrough 72 Rena Yarbrough Walton P. Yarbrough ft i) F i I ycs ueen oP ll5euut LADYE MAUDE STAMPS Sparkling, charming, and so- phisticated, Ladye Maude was chosen the " One from Eight " to reign as our Queen of Beauty. m. 3.S.D:C 1 m l ouai K ouri i o adies m Waiting of the Oueen of Beauty, these " lovelies " of the Royal Coort " reigned " with Ladye Maud at our Christmas dance. The judges for this Beauty Tontest were meinhers of the Florence Junior Chamber of Com- merce. ANN PUCKET i li nof Cflort BETTY JEAN VARNELL I JD ELLEN HYATT WILLA DEAN SPAIN SUSAN LAWLER L, . SP BETTY SELF GLORIA HILL Jn Ul mnrmm r v [artna KJordon " Mot " loved life and lived hers enthusi- astically. She will he rememhered for her generosily, kindness, and fine lead- ership. Her sense of fair play won for her the deserved honar Best Sports- woman of the Year. These attrihutes also made for her an enduring place in our hearts. iJorCd r woman oP tke Lje ear MARTHA GDRDDN Sportsman of the Uje ear N. K. JENKINS f iM t BWBiSBiK P m. 3.S.V.C. MIKE HAYGDDD rlflldS riendii nenulinedd SARAH LONG II r r. nenctil nencllinedd HULDN COCHRELL WL : WL in A mencan S olieaed and fnli erditled S First Row: Het+ie Lene Butler, Brinkley Garner, Mrs. Juanita Hadley, Austin Haygood, Donald Holt, Mrs. Mildred Lentz. Second Row: Frank Long, Sarah Ann McMurry, George Murray, Emnnett Roden, Barbara Scarbrough, Frank Potter. Third Row: Mrs. Betty G. Murray, Dick Coffey, Alvin Parker, Edith Hen- derson, Christine Darby, Mary Sue Campbell. NOT PICTURED Mrs. Rita Byars ' i i 66 I 1 II s Ltft to Right: Whitehead, Buford, Long, Walsh, Hand, Batchelor, Harqett, Hargett. The Student Council is composed of representatives from the classes and organizations within the Associated Student Body. The purpose of the Student Council is to foster high ideals of conduct, to maintain traditions, to promote unity and cooperation among the students, and to further worthwhile activities of student life. 88 1 w tno OFFICERS h ROY BATCHELOR . . . Treasurer FRANK LONG PEGGY WALSH .... President Secretary 89 UL 1948 I CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Seated, left to right: Brinkley Garner (Circulation Manager), Edith Henderson, Peggy Moore WlUette Bostick. Standing, left to right: Eddie Holland. Betty Self. Lonnie Petty. Vera Mae Bradford. ADVERTISING STAFF Left to Right: Ray Randolph, Buddy Gough (Advertising Manager), Nancy Wilcox, Bill Hester. EDITORAL STAFF Sitting: Doris Kelso. Sponsor; Earl Hargetf Assistant Editor. Standing, left to right: Clara Ruth WortKington, Dorothy Ca- hoon, June Burton, and Lucy Ingram, class editors. ART DEPARTMENT Left to Right: Rose Abbott. Tracyne Gibson, Ruth McKInney. TYPISTS Left to Right: Martha Harqett, Sara Ann McMurry, Susan Lawler. JEAN WHITLEY ,.eft to Right: Jtmmye Duncan, Eugenia Hughes, Anne Earwood. Curtis Photographer Ikard. DL 3L ia in 1947-48 OPPOSITE PAGE, Upper left: Grace West. Assistant Editor; Lower left: Edith Hen- derson, Circulation Manager; Top Center: Eugene Green. Business Manager; Center: Dick Coffey, Editor-in-Chief; Upper right: Peggy Walsh. Society Editor; Lower right: Jim Chtsholm, Sports Editor. ASSISTANTS TO BUSINESS MANAGER Left to Right: Peggy Moore, Nancy Right: Wilcox, Peggy Moore, Buddy Gough. ASSISTANT SOCIETY EDITORS Left to Right: Vivian Aibell. Lila Fite. Nina Wilson. Betty Gardner, Carol Harkins, Catherine Honey. FEATURE WRITERS Left to Right: Billie Nichols, Lois Tonn. Gene Ledbetter, Virginia Hastings, Joe Zinaman, Rose Abbott, Earl Hargett, Jean Sandlin. EoM No ASSISTANTS TO CIRCULATION MANAGER Left to Right: Peggy Reeder, Doris Davis, Reba Walker, Curtis Ikard, Polly Arm- strong. ttiat FST See Th Plays Tomorrctw A traOMMT rOBUCATIOM. rLOklHCS tTATR TBACUM COLL One From Eight PM RENCE. AJLIBAMA, N ' UVEMBEIC U. IMT NINETEEN STUDENTS NAMED 47-48 WHO ' S WHO COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES FSTC TO HAVE ANNUAL NEXT YEAR STUDLNT COUNCIL BEHIND PROJECT BACKED BY FULL FACLUY APPROVAL The Student Council Name Emmett Roden Edilor-tn-Chief ; Mrs. KeUo, Sponsor E. Eugene Green, Businest Manager inn aiuund U t umpu!. ' IntiH nktiU oA luuj ttr. U ' like thiit: Bvjv tian ' i )nBi kijtc asd il toi A Ihp (iris! " fenl unc j fW be duid u ul a ioei. iomrone has mA, SirN b rii1 Ik fimr l thrm shvrL lltprr ' mOdSR tbc B ritJj tbr imv of Ihe howt-PF Th havp iii fiii.l . wtth thr ilecte h t, {(II ttie dornttMi aiU wear ln Ij I-h mis fir(et KTMtP. tvitV j ' ct tum DB feral M-Kani but wtlrh will hr r l) " Nob h p l l imw, " ptr trH Uk bulletiii bu. (OQfrrte tttrekt M t ' ' ALSS Maddox Telh Moral Economic Statui ' Now In Euro The 1 ChuK ! ' n lM Mr UiitJdojii. h tU(-netJ (roma U15 ' h atlctiiiC!! ihe B Uatio, pTMORird infiirmalion ronre .,vuJHERF udent, Spanit I German Are ble To Join vpomonliiv of V HcAdaniN of ttir : tment. an Inlnu ' ,Wiy will b or; end of tbe |UB ' - ' J of the DTSaniwii " t ftlendthtp iunoot: : o )e M IiUerem f- ' Isngus e o orgauuMt n SjKmub and I giw A r ' VI its McAdai dl be bl4 ' 1 hour. Mcmfc to brin Uhht ... ..,, -,.iiK tile wrf M.U UcAUanu KUtcf UuA . (K-er a luUtion meuber it fflaUtriM, Th atudenls " -. cRiill gifts, cartij, etc, Mt ' ddi. " Stmt bavr Bven fou . -ice and a hibaiw] ar wife ' " i ' b l S hM an mtmiAw f ' chiLiter and pins (or vhidentj ha bndquarten in vt ' rv i-nun No tn lU tTtb year ! s n ir]{ii Mid IB isad 111 ' 4 dsnu coDwters 1 " dm ilM M) ' nt4t by A D wrCtin - , tht KOod e ighboi ' which all aitr to aine pUrpc litef ididil ldrn4aad- ProfrwoT Ttm- faidin Ibr or- lya and gtrli are atModtns with ' Dd oUi Goun rf (he b t I pt3V and m n and all ETeK- NS TAKE NOTE ti ulJ havF Onr I cM I tiiww gatril H0% M UM dcW4 to itad . Nw. H. arc BTScd U tcin iw br tUa Ubm- e]icUt! far thr FACULH COMMHTEE BASES CHOICE SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, EXTRA- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, CHARACTER Honor Coveted Throughout Year By Student Quota Based Upon EnroUment, Largest Ever Nineteen Chosen Are Representative Group DLDTWO ' to MoMfomi tbt BnRua! i y a , ' S i arwe MMina U UrMn 8udd uouilb Lkrd P My Moore ih Tf ihe iMT stng bu frnm the eitiandt , .J r f WJHieiabip whitJi il yean 8 the p ake to Denmark one 01 octal PKpMiinenU in . belag carried out (uf cording 10 Mr. Mddoic 1 out that IVnwork ii ,.,.....,.. ,1.., there i-fdved Itiis Mtu. JjnA ptogtuu , uwtaj ' IB Denmi Ttt pitei ndJed Uart wick I re- _ Crara would nat tieMaMrity b Iha ]o tat Ihinii lor tha Uitit d SUiet Mr Ma . t.- . Ih4 ' th.- Ill fharlifi B.T ' ' . mC. ntTtMhtcd ' to tba club waa In cbarve ui : menta. SBANNON NAMEI Tha Cloer-l. AsMricas Leei ' SbannoD, B.S - Tarn is pfi " ! 1 dala Jiimur t sU h- 1 fintMIl MitMandiss Mtidrata bvve ben )erted to f reseiit STC in ibe aimuat poll tif Who ' IVho AM g ttei f JUewrlcaB I ' Blmnitica asd CkUcfta: HeUte LMte Butler. Mia. HiU Sytfa, Mary Sfll MARrH - ' ' ' ' ' Pt " ' C(r 7, OMiitifte Darlv. Brinkky Garsn. Krt. Ill ITlnnVll Ju3D ta lladWy. Aufctin Haygood Bdidi HcoderetHi. Donald Holt, Hra. ' viiWred hemx. F- v Leng, Sarah Ann McMnrry, , Sei G?. Mur- Necessary Due ' g - ' " . f aak Tctiar. EmmMt Rfideii. ud ead Service rf " hS . " gamzatton . Hl ludenu Annk Rufb Fimedi MucttiWi v . B ttud ts wer Aomo oa d tbp uft . . PHM HI . ' citKracter. adi vihi , 1 enra-duTkolar tc- tenfllity for future iisinws aad tociety ititu; on? Datioa fon tar tludeou, mittatiaa feei, ivedmsrsttaa Thwi, after tw wba% wiM AJMfkaii IM- M was bent. rpoMof tbeK- WTe u M out- whlel. a deccrv- di:qtf) mvit iccoi F iatoqt but liven nw Bttbrn to pay Mme fw: etlabli a rafar- authn-itattve in. h rKt body of 4 !lte auidaats. .tuoaol bto - iUea n ideal index of meii bo are taoti apt to . ce in life, . ' .ivnb who wai appear in the lMT4e volume of Nh Km TTte PrasktlB Cmoq Oeb or invnt stadMtej AanleftK IM- ,f cBntn-d .u fotlcnm Kenneth llink ,ttttlea aad C llsc wli) bivc [Mviij( t Jjaniu Westberford ' ntyrtjkd benflft. iaetsdad te tti ac pri j(leni I peH " pearfflan , ()i, j,pbt( i jefc . 1 i itTirer Nita Six re- WS PreaideBt BettJe Ub r M . Roocri Hu .oii w fac ButVr wa adnUMed tft that pan- i)fi frw) tbe ii:i reaidmcy ef i K Tbeae vifl repreaenl ehible f " r nrt .! .!.. flft Ar WlDb piltini7ur u A .rm Girls Get Tips from Mrs. Ingram Balanced Di ! tood Sh rnial per tiw weirt 1 rt porter 11m- Lamar ayt N K ' -n tri ' fan Sfacr r ! 1 f laied to oud hf toted, and she eru j-n 0bra Mai fa lUnde! rbink Has S uh (hin bu (iracoa. Ywinit; Br j nt - b u. Ilook: L ' AAw d Natla. Pre - Mfd; MaadaUa, Debu.; reWeiu ; ., , aaA. Br hiB: Veraiebltebea Htanit- ;,, uion liuu ! rbne. Brahim jgratetwl lor tbt I A gmep of Wins wpwIhUv chart. fcifh . ' written tf r and iie 1i(atPd to Lon " f j ,!., ,v - a Vichola V Tbe Mew Trail. John v Work; Tbe Rtin Wamblper, Wall. Ihrbe. Rwtiiien. William Prv i. Mieeter, Charles T Bryan T Tbe Chtldrai. ILlr niendmre. or The Plratr K . . " Bernera Tbe aaba o! h TlHiraaalhinhJIt: l e W i:i l i ,..: hut. anh Bndce , ' . ' - ' - - ' ' IME Mrs. Bitters To Spealc To Sigma Tau Delta On November 20 Mr I. iretiut- at tnr meft- . . ... -t,..ft r pon8il tlifie v " her a vtai rrf , Ray Bate , vin- " ' nuraei y rbj , HpTidenKMi. ire- ' N ' t FROM BIGBTTr Moultrie. tr aiirr: if tbe smwer i . ,e , nd yes, i. T .,ned, reporter ' ,fW-AU bemity contest. Th stutlcni oTwamrasii ' i;!iera will be Ket randidste each, Tbe tit hmf- ; iaiHi. fuur. and tbe jurUor and enii r r T: - lli-w in twv fr the rb ' Kr r ' l- - Ihuraday fna 1 1 ibc sMTStotC t 4 In iioua i lb errl4 ra .r. teHHallbytbrMu Udeiit ote, will ser N The f-lut ' Ala ( ' tiiialriU " iiiii ' rv tnii will atipear in )bc !- : mas CaituMi un the FSIC float, Thv ONB KSUM F etcfed b; joAt ttvia tbe flonmee Junior C mbci Her picture will ai war in tbe C TC annuul. atonn iii : ' bratitiea, and in stale and nation oevi pitpen. There ii pwttibiiity that her fame mny be en gte; (wri I lit met thf ,ara orgaaiiallon She bM al- ttfliU ' f%ilv .. r!preenl d thirt jTwip aa np- il V. to the Student Cowncil .! a reporlM it. Tbe Rer-Ala. a member of Kitppe Delu fiira T ' u Delu, FTA. Gtee b WAA. and the Out--StaW ! A a member o I tM-nation- " latMiu riub. ibe ba served ' ai ierreJai} aod r tOTter. ' r Mn m Bjars, led the ea- tir Rtodeot bod tuf quartet Mth 21 hours o( As OR 21 hoon work. _ " a PMt aeirary of the Junior Marj hue Cam l] U a monber ' " igoii r u Delta and wi Ber- rtaurB af Future Tes m America lor 1MS4?. f - tw of Tbe nM- Abi, Dtck Col- i the repreiwUlive of that ' up to il Student Couoca. B - urv betomtDg editor oi tbe sdMol ubItcvtioD. waa a feature Titer sad an aK riatffitr. Re s a ittcmber (rf ItitematUnal Re- iatlMu Club. Oh Club, Vetenu- nub. and FTA, Cbristi Darby ia a member of ' Intprnatloital Eelattoro dub She " ' ' U. aiafl aji active memb of (be Wesiey Foundatioo, Briiriiiej Ganw, whoasBdele- (ttU to the Vedey Fouodaltoii Slate ConventKia in I U. baa been tciive in that group nince coming ' the campus. He it a fonnar Qicraber oi be STC Olee Club VWCA ralwnet isenAer Juanlta Badt tervtd tbi grotip IHT ! men she w a me r of Stg- iJ-( Tag Delta. Kappi Dt K f glitil ' WSCA Board, and U a past preri- arlia I Club She U abo jy juvtt " n ' ' ' IntemaiMri Reta- ' ., !tfoKC!ab ' T TT ) AbsOu nayfood U affiHated wHb " " " ; FTA. Weale r Fouadattoa. Veter- , ant ' Club, and Kappa Hu RpMtoi. ui to The Mike hat been a reporter ftom the ' J 111 ,!ii; VXprsn! ' Chib and the frekhman ..- od hu served. a Ktudent rman of the Facultj ' -audent .il ContiUttee , rircolaiton matiagec of T%e " " " " Flor-AU. Edith KR4ersiM la a ' " f ' ' of rwmBu.te .jw; - ; p u, p, fi-. evretfT trecMBrer oti berclaae wplioniore, aiwl served si rt- :r t ir Ihe junirv claw for two Lii jcd a aCtihsted wtih FSTC . lookinK- H !the ' ? the ONE FHOM ElfiHT. let it be : h I ' lald Holt, who trastferred to STC from (be ttniverrtty of Ala- bama. bi nnorter fer latemattoaal lielathitM cWb Hei 1 alao a nem- FSTC Annual of ISO Pages Coming Up This Year-First Time Since 1937 ttLi. lll fir IT y r AF:tf-tri!g Lef to Right, First row; Abbott, Gardner, Nichols, Underwood, Ryan, Duncan, Yarbrouqh, Knowles. Rolen, West, Bartee. Ingram, Nix. Second row: Vann Tonn. Harlcins. fcarwood. Glover, Anderson. Campbell, Gart- nr,an, Fite. Harsson, Coffey, Pressley, Darby, Walker. Third row: Fergerson, Sandlin, Drigg ' ers, Brown, Burford, C ntrell, Mitchell, Blakely, Miles, Sumner, Sanders. Fourth row: Grossman, Murray, Smith, Harris, Garner, Coffey, Clark, Coburn, Gough, Humphries, Ikard. Membership Is open to any student regularly enrolled in the col- lege who has the ability and the desire to sing choral nnusic. A great variety of music is presented during each scholastic year, from a Cappella singing to selections from Grand and Light Opera and Folk song settings. The highlight of the school year is the annual Christmas Carol Concert. The Glee club assists in sponsoring annual music festivals for junior and senior high school choral organizations and the TrI-CItles Music Festival. i 1 94 Left to Right. First Row: Grossman. Fergerson, Sandlin. Driggers, Brown. Miles. Humphries. Sumner. Second Row: Harris. Burford, Mitchell. Coburn, Cantrelj. Ikard. Blakely. Third Row: Murray, Smith. Garner, Coffey, Gough. Clark. Sanders. Left to Right. First row: Grossman. Sandlin. Miles. Humphries. Second row; Smith. Coffey. Coburn. Ikard. Third row: George Murray Accom- panist. The Double Male Quartet Is a newly organized ensemble consisting of Glee Club members who have time to devote to its activities. This year, this group sang lor many civic clubs, for the 1948 Alumni Banquet, and for spring concerts presented by the Glee Club. ear5cL i Lf to Right: Ray Blakely, Vice-President; Mary Jo White. Secretary and Treasurer; Jean Sandlln. President; Mitchell Burtord. Representative to Student Council. The Rehearsal Club is the college dramatic organization. Any student in- terested in any phase of dramatics is encouraged to become a member. This group presents several major productions each year, and members who show special interest and ability are invited to become members of Zeta Rho Cast of Alpha PsI Omega, a national dramatic fraternity. I IcLuolii " Arsenic and Old Lace " " He Ain ' t Done Right by Nell " " Last Horizon " Say It With Taey " 97 Jy nternatlonal iKetatlonA ( tub l it A r i w - M r. 3 ' ,aiLL. Ltft to Right, Pint row: Gotchsr, Rodan. Wit, Wstks, Harsjor. Batchelor, Hadley, Murray. Second row: Garner, Honey, Bates, Gardner, Green, Wright, Long, Bradford, Robinson (Sponsor). Third row: Fergerson, Romine, Morris, Kennedy. Crowe. Coffey, Murray, Henderson, Cope, Hyche. The International Relations Club is one of the oldest and most active clubs on the campus. Problems pertaining to international affairs are discussed in an impartial and non-partisan manner. It is the main purpose of this club to keep our students informed con- cerning international developments, and to help its members to study intelligently both sides of all questions. Membership is limited to those who have completed a minimum of eighteen hours of Social Studies with a " B " average, and who have maintained a " C " aver- age on their other courses. 98 ntematlonul student ocietu Left to Right, First row: Hibbett, Melson, Hastings Long, Blakaly, Gough. Haygood, Ingram, Long. Second row: Robbins, Gre ' enhaw, Harrison, Cantreil, Hill, Jones, Files, Parker, Howe, Self, Burton, Wilcon. Cahoon, Miss McAdams, Sponsor. Third row: Hand, Fife, Renegar, Harris, Parrish, Hyatt, Gokey, Braswell, Anderson. The Infernational Students Society was organized recently on the campus for the promotion of international friendship, and scholarship. This is accomplished through friendly correspondence with members in French, Spanish, and German-speaking lands; active participation in the local chapter; and co-operation with the Inter- national office. Left to Rigtit: Miss Laura Jean McAdams, Sponsor; Lucy Ingram. Reporter; Sara Long, Secretary and Treasurer; Gloria Hill, Vice-President; Lester Hibbe, President. _y u pp a oD e 1 1 a f- I Kappa Delta PI, an Honor So- ciety in EdL;catIon, endeavors to promote a closer bond among stu- dents of Education, and to create a strong fellowship among those dedicated to the cause of teach- ing. High standards of prepara- tion for teaching are fostered. Students who have attained excel- lence of scholarship and achieve- ment as students of Education are eligible for membership in Kappa Delta Pi. Left to Riqlit, First row: Butler. Weeks, Darby, Gilbert, Henderson Parker. Miss Sophia Sui ivan. Second row; Murray. Faulkner. Smith. Rasch, Kull. Hargett, Davis, Hopper. McMurry. Third row: Miss Eula P. Egan, Mr. Otto Wasmer, Lentz, Campbell. Huffman, Robinson, Stockman. Young, Hadiey. Miss Nellie Pearson. J appa I Via C pdilon pp p Kappa Mu Epsllon, a profes- sional mathematics fraternity, en- deavors to further interest in mathematics. Membership Is re- stricted to honor students who are taking, or have taken, analytic geometry. Left fo Right: First row: Grossman, McMurry, Lawler, Hyche. Rasch. Banks. Wilfon, Miss Culmer, Sponsor. Second row: Clark, Potter. Haygood. Weeks. Long, McCrory, Jones. ! 100 h a I I and 93 o n e 3 One of the newest organizations on the campus is Skull and Bones. It was organized to promote great- er interest in medicine and to encourage the maintenance of high scholastic standards among students who plan to enter medi- cine or one of the associated fields. Left to Right, First row: Burton. Thompson. Long, Patton. Second row: Jolly, Sanderson, Anderson, Burns, Varnell, Worthington. Third row: Hand, McCalla, DuBois, Hyatt, Knitht, Hibbett, Arnold, Ashmore. Fourth row: Mr, Wasmer, Sponsor; Holt, Whitlock, Renegar, Barnett, Jolly. Hill. Clem. Fifth row: Walker, Walker, Burrows. Sigma Tau Delta, a national honorary English fraternity, has been represented on the campus since 1935 by the Theta Delta chapter. The purpose of this fra- ternity is to encourage worthwhile reading, to promote a mastery of written expression, and to provide fellowship for students who are exceptionally interested in litera- ture and the English language. s.- 9 m a au csD e 1 1 a Lft to Right. First row: Murray, Hughes. Harsson, Gilbert, Henderson. Second row: Morris. Moultrie, Darby, Hadley. West. Third row; Thompson. _ Murray. Huffman, Campbell, Bostlck. Fourth row: Bates, F ' anagan, McCormick. future Jeach erj merica Left to Right. First row: Harrison. Metson, Walker, Vandiver. Morrow. Coffey. Hargett. Hargett. Mays, New- man. Brown. Jones. Berry. Hand, Hand. Goggans. Goggans. Second row; Dr. D, H, Fite, Robinson, Stockman. Campbell, Moultrie, Darby, Darby, Weathers, Thore, Batchelor. Spain. Clark. Jones, Gardner, W. L. Davis, White. Third row: Ricketts, Weeks, Gilbert, Gilbert, Lawler, Clark, Hester. Stewart, McMillan, Murray, Murray, Kennedy, Bates, Taylor, Coffey. All prospective teachers are eligible for membership in the Future Teachers Association. This club acquaints future teachers with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. It tries to interest the best young men and women in Education as a lifelong career. 102 Social (committee Left to Right, First row: Long. Lawler, Essiinger. Bradford. Gofcher. Second row: Mrs. W. F. MacFarland. Noel Glasscock, Mabel Owen, Dr. William Presser, Dr. Carey Stabler. Roberta Dyer. Third row: Knowles, Randolph, Puckett, Arnwine. McMurry. Blakeley, Chisholm, Kennedy, Miss Eula P. Egan. F. C. Huff. The Social Committee is composed of students (selected by the President of Student Council and approved by the C ollege Presi- dent) and Faculty members, organized for the purpose of planning entertainment for the entire student body. 103 mmmmimm l m mm Cyouna rl ' udlcland f lub Lft to Right, First row: Earwood, Rolen, lltard. Underwood. Wilcox. Gough, Duncan. Second row: Green, Garner. Tonn, Ledbetter, Burford, Aibell, Coburn. Abbott, Murray. The Florence Young Musicians Club was organized for the purpose of promoting connnnunity and collegiate growth and interest in var- ious fields of music. Composed of students seriously interested in music, this club realizes its purpose through the media of radio pro- grams, concert series, and the study of various composers and schools of music. This group is sponsored by Dr. Presser and Miss Johnston. 104 l Uomen d student K overnment Top, Lef to Right. First row: Pucitetf, Fowler, Butler, Weems. Turbcrvillc, Gordon, McKinncy, Hester, Bostick, Spain. Second row: Clanton, Ray, Stamps, Lawler. McMillan, Hester, Witt, Bowers, Vann, Darby, Darby, Hendrix, Morrow, Coleman, Sego. Above, Left to Right. First row: Honey. McKInney. Whitehead. Spain. Turberville. Cross. Second row: Daniels. Lawler, Goodwin, Coleman. Morrow. Sego. Baker, Bostick. Third row: Hudson, Myers. Hester. Ray. Hendrix. Couey. Moultrie. Darby. Vann, Puckett, Darby, McMillan. The Women ' s Self-Government Association Is an organization of all young women living In college dormitories or in town homes away from the supervision of their parents. The object of the Associa- tion Is to enrich the lives of its members by constructive planning in regard to cultural, social, religious, and physical living. In co-operation with the administration, the Association attempts to formulate and Implement regulations which point to high ideals of womanhood. 105 _ Ljouna l UomenA ( nrislian Ljouernment Left to Right. First row: Yielding, Hadley, Thompson. Pettus. Bright. Bosticit, Reeder. Second row: McMillan. Self. Murray. Harkins. Sotcher. Herren, Lawler. Hill. Davis. Hudson. An organization of long standing at F.S.T.C. is the Young Wonnen ' s Christian Association. All women students are made eligible for membership by accepting the organization ' s purpose, which is to further campus-wide Christian living. Under the direction of Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, this group sponsors Sunday vesper programs, mid-week group singing. Friendship Week, and White Christmas boxes. These projects are expressive of the organization ' s high ideals, and they encourage better living among students. 106 The Wesley Foundation Is a stu- dent religious organization. Its purpose is to promote Christianity on the campus. Although spon- sored by the Methodist Church, anyone Is qualified for member- ship. Left to Right, First row: Sides. Hcrren, Bosticli, Howe. Reeder. Bosticii. White. Second row: Robinson. Crawson. Self. Yarbrough, Bell(, Graham, Belcher, Houston. J k e 1 1 e 6 I e u oundatio V n J h e n I e r - a i t It ( o u n c I i Left to Right; First row: Lawson. Gotcher, Turberville. Second row; Vann, Belcher. Brown. Knowles. The Inter-Faith Council Is com- posed of representatives from many religious denominations. Its purpose is to promote religious tolerance on the campus. To fur- ther this purpose, the Council HE sponsors daily morning and noon devotional programs. 107 P.i O me 3 a 9 rk iMjfm First row: Sandlin, Randolph, Wood, L ' edbetler, Scott. Second row; Dunn, Gotcher, Esslinger. Gough. Alpha Psi Omega is a national dramatic fraternity composed of members of the Rehearsal Club who prove their special interest and ability in acting, stage technique, or play writing. Miss Mabel Owen is sponsor of the Zeta Rho cast of Alpha Psi Omega. 108 a ap lid t student Mnlon Left to Right, First row: Brown. Anderton. Newman, Yielding, Thompson, Clarlt, Hill. Second row: Bradford, Kennedy, Middlebroolcs, Roberts, Ricketts, Kull, Braly. Third row: Williams, Sockwell, Parley, Edwards, Buchanan, Wright, Moultrie. The B.S.U. is an organization of Baptist College students. Its purpose is to promote the spiritual development of its members. It is a means of keeping Baptist students in direct contact with church activites throughout the Tri-Cities. 109 1 . n f 1 1 J L m b " ' . Y t h ' %. V, 0 ' s i YAK! YAK! . ' 6n r- Hf ' ' X PEPTO-BISMAL WILL ' MAKE a QU FEEL G OOD AGAIN J djadhetball Class !n poise and grace Whose is it? 120 (15 u6e b u It " Casey ' s at the bat! " Can she really hit it? 121 . ne j ( lub The " F " Club is an honorary athletic organization composed of those who have served their tinne in varsity ccnnpetition in one of the major sports, and student managers and cheer leaders elected by the student body. Its purpose is to promote inter-collegiate athletics, to foster good sportmanship in the student body, and to promote school spirit. What ' s it doing up there? i ' i% r ini Rat Iff C J.;f 1 I? k r ' ' ' I= ' ' l Bnnk, L Challenger, Myers, Nixon, Long, Spain, Walsh. Second row: Flower? Kerr Rrh.?; " ' rf " " " , ' ' ' " " w ' po Hin ., Ryan. Pettey. Johnson, Burcham. Ellis. Third row: Coach Flowers, Kerr. B. Challenger, Davis, Jenkins, W. Smith, Braswell, Williams. Johnson Maftox J Jones Hargett i ' omen 5 Wo yrlhiellc ddoclcttlon The purpose of the Woman ' s Athletic Association is to offer opportuni- ties in recreational and seasonal sports to all girls who wish to participate. This organization, under the direction of Miss Marise Daves, sponsors an annual student-faculty basketball game and a spring camp, and promotes Interest in recreational activities throughout the campus. I MILDRED NIXON MARTHA GORDON OFFICERS . . . Reporter LETHA CROOK President Vice-President MARY FRANCES DRAKE Secretary 124 Left to RigKt, First row: Gordon, Hoi sen back, Middle brooks. Reeder, Thrasher, Prater, Narmore, Victory, Cook. Gist. Drake. Second row: Nixon, Sfunh and sfumbling Slow motion She can do the swan, too Perfect follow through mii mum ri J IP r I Ji m i J STATE nflTIOnflL BflRK Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation yne of iVlanu Ljood ( ankA S eruina i lortn . labi fama ROGERS 54th Anniversary Gift To the Tennessee Valley ONE OF THE FINEST STORES IN THE SOUTH Rogers new home at Court and Mobile Streets (the same corner on which the firm was founded September 4, 1894) is a store rivaling the best and the greatest in modern arrangement and service facilities. New in thought and planning, new Inside and out, yet steeped in the old traditions upon which this business was built, this magnificent structure of white stone epltonlzes Rogers 54 years of progress. Erected, as it was, in the name of service dedicated to the policies of honest merchandising, fair dealing and civic enterprise, it stands as a monument to the faith in this section of our management and en- fire staff. A ( mplete Department jtore Owned and Operated by three generations of Rogers o o u o z Of o - _l Z to Z I o UJ 2 BEAUTY INSULATION PERMANENCE STRENGTH PERMA-STONE youR home REG US. PAT OFF. The permanence and classic beauty f stone is within the means of all A-ho desire to remodel or build. Perma-Stone is not a tacked-on siding, it is in fact a stone-like veneer, cast and applied on the premises. The cost is substantially less than for real stone. Before you decide, investigate Perma-Stone. FULL DETAILS ON REQUEST V ITHOUT OBLIGATION BY THEROUX HOME INSULATION COMPANY Phone 1714 Florence. Alabama I o o o o N O O r I to O m t i C z on O m m _Z r C Flowers For All Occasions Corsages Our Specialty ADREY FLORAL CO. Phone 41 105 S. Court St. MORRIS SERVICE STATION HUDSON ' A Friendly Place to Trade ' Tuscumbia, Ala. RADIOS Tuscumbia RALPH OWEN " Everything Electrical " RECORDS Alabc Dedicated to the Interest of the People of the Muscle Shoals District COMPLIMENTS OF The First National Bank of Florence FLORENCE, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF KREISMAN ' S " The Home of Nafionaliy Advertised Brands " COURT STREET, FLORENCE Woman (In a crowded bus, to her friend): " I wish that good-looking man would give me his seat. " Five F. S. T. C. students got up. If all students who have slept In class were placed end to end . . . they ' d be far more comfortable. COMPLIMENTS OF THE HANGAR S.T.C. ' s Favorite Hangout WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS SOCIALLY CORRECT S. C. TOOF PRINTING CO. 218 North Court St. Florence, Alabama A man Inspected his wife ' s new bathing suit prior to eav ng for Florida and remarked casually, | " Darling It ' s ust big enough to Drevent your b emg tanned where you ought to be. " Tha averaq e man ' s arm is 28 inches long. The average woman ' s waist Is 28 inches around. You can ' t beat na ture, can you? Marria ge Is a mutual par nershlp with the husband the mute. WEAVER FUQUA Tax Collector HERMAN LONGSHORE Probate Judge J. L pons Sheriff FRANK C. HARRISON Probate Judge Clerk CHARLES E. YOUNG Circuit Court Clerk ANNIE MAE SWANK Tax Assessor COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR LOCAL TRANSIT SYSTEM SHOALS TRANSIT. INC. .avo :o ' ; phone 00 f CABS RBD Ph Top one iiQ For Safe and Dependable Service Call A RED OR YELLOW CAB This Area Served since 1918 40 Dependable Cabs 215 East Tennessee St. FLORENCE, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF BELK HUDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA MUSCLE SHOALS THEATRES LOUIS ROSENBAUM STANLEY ROSENBAUM Princess Florence Majestic Florence Colbert Sheffield Ritz Sheffield Strand Tuscumbia Ritz Athens Plaza Athens In Construction Shoals Florence Wilson Tuscumbia PERRITT CHEVROLET COMPANY Your Dealer For 20 Years FLORENCE, ALABAMA S A t? r BACK LA ' rO C H E VROLET ! FOR SERVICE PARTS ACCESSORIES DIXIE SUPPLY COMPANY " Sportsman ' s Center " ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT TENNIS SUPPLIES RUFUS G. HIBBETT, Manager Florence, Alabama Phone 2067 Always Stop For A Snack At The WOODYMAC DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Chicken In The Basket Real Southern Pit Barbecue Fountain Service On U. S. 72 43 SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA THE SOUTHERN COHON OIL CO. Manufacturers COTTON SEED PRODUCTS HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF CITY OF FLORENCE WATER DEPARTMENT Compliments of ROBBINS TIRE AND RUBBER COMPANY DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. FLORENCE, ALABAMA Compliments of FLORENCE COAL COMPANY FLORENCE STEAM LAUNDRY East Florence Phone 32 20% Cash and Carry Office 106 E. Tuscaloosa St. Phone 231 BUFFINGTON-PRUETT Quality Clothing Phone 255 Tuscumbia Lester Hibbett: " C an you lend me five " Delma Hand: " Mo- - " Lester " minutes ot your t me? ' Delma " trouble at all. " Jean Sandl n: " Goodness, Bob, that isn t our baby. It ' s the wrong carriage Bob: " Shhl Ifs a better carriage A FRIEND TAPSCOTT GRIFFIN COMPANY FLORENCE, ALABAMA FLORENCE LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials RE Paint Roof Model -Pair Florence Phone 27 BILL BRYANT WILCOXSON MOTORS Chrysler Plymouth Coiloqe St. and Wood Ave. Florence, Ala. THE PALACE DRUG STORE Established 1911 R E. HYDE A. E. RAY Tuscumbia, Alabama Compliments of Eason-Shumake Furniture Co., Inc. 103 W. 6th St reet Tuscumbia | Phone 1050 CITY MOTOR CO.. INC. DeSo+o Plymouth 1 18-120 W. Tennessee St. Florence THE GLOBE DRUG STORE " Prescription Specialists " Gifts for all Occasions Phone 72 1464 Tuscumbia DAVIDSON-LOVELACE " Electrical Specialists " E. College St. Florence FUR ITUR YOU TRUST ITS QUALITY REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. Coke REO. U.S. PAT. OFF. Ask for it either way . . . both trade-marks mean the same thing. ' 4 Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. CONGRATULATIONS AND SINCERE BEST WISHES FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS MARTIN STOVE RANGE COMPANY FLORENCE SHEFFIELD HUNTSVILLE ABROMS DEPARTMENT STORE FLORENCE SHEFFIELD Before Mr. Wasmer told me The danger of a kiss, I thought that kissing you Was the nearest thing to bliss. But now I know biology And sigh and moan and groan, Ten million bacteria And I thought we were alone. Compliments of YOUNG-PITTMAN CO. Compliments of ANDERSON NEWS CO. CARTERS BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Mr. Hu about the tury? " . George sir. " ff: " Can great chf Earnest: you tell me smists of the " They are anything 17th cen- all dead. SERVING FLORENCE AND LAUDERDALE COUMT -K ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT CITY OF FLORENCE, ALA. HOLT HARDWARE CO. NORTH FLORENCE Compliments o ' f FOOTE AUTO CO. Oldsmobile Packard FLORENCE, ALABAMA CLOVERDALE DAIRIES. INC. GRADE " A " PASTEURIZED and HOMOGENIZED MILK We Produce the Milk We Sell Telephone 225 Florence, Alabama BRYAN MOTORS Sales Service 310 E. Tenn. Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Savings Accounts Insured by a Government Agency up to $5,000.00 to each Investor Current Dividend Rate 3% FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FLORENCE A NEW AND MORE MODERN BOOTERY TO SERVE YOU SHOES ACCESSORIES 7li}C j S Our 30th Year of Service SPORTSWEAR LINGERIE WELLS TIRE SUPPLY CO. 228 N. Court St. Florence. Alabama Phone 276 STERCHI ' S FLORENCE SHEFFIELD Westlnghouse Appliances Lighting Fixtures Table Lamps Westinghouse and Zenith Radios WADE ELECTRIC CO. I 19 E. Mobile St. Phone 851 I yx cC CnmPBELL mOTORS FLORENCE, ALABAMA I Entirely New Line Of Ford Cars and Trucks in 1949 Home of FORD SALES AND SERVICE Our Service Department is the best in the State T. E. CAMPBELL General Manager EARL HOLLAND Shop Manager HOWARD TIREY Service Manager Bring Us Your Car Troubles Compliments o f DARBY ' S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Across from Post Office 219 N. Seminary St. Florence, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF SCOTT ' S STORES A professo r is a man whose job is to tell students how to solve the problems of life which he himself has tried to svoid by b Bcominq a professor. VooDoo STANDARD DRUG CO. The Rexall Store FLORENCE, ALABAMA O. T. MEFFORD Jeweler 104 N. Seminary Florence MclNTOSH BROS. Mens Wear FLORENCE Flo : " Say, it ' s past midnight! Do you think you can stay here a 1 night? " Cu rtis: " Gosh, ' II have to phone Mother first. ' The time when a man 1 ikes to see Marye Pless stick to her knittin g is when she is wearing a bathing suit. PRYOR ' S WOMEN ' S WEAR SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Phone 647 JOHNSON JOHNSON Real Estate and Insurance FLORENCE TROWBRIDGE ICE CREAM AND SANDWICH BAR 316 N. Court St. Florence SHARP KILLEN DEPARTMENT STORES Florence Athens JEAN ANN ' S Distinctive Apparel for Discriminating Women Phone 1990 MAC ' S LUNCH CORNER HAT SHOPPE 126 N. Court St. I RYnOLD ALumnum RYnOLDJ ALurnmum COMPLIMENTS REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY REYNALITE DIVISION REYNOLDS ALLOYS COMPANY LISTERHILL, ALABAMA 1 RYnOLDJ mm ALuminum RYnOLDJ m flLummumi i dan glenn stuc lO PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS 3l8 ' 2 N. Court St. FLORENCE Phone 2561 214 2 Montgomery Ave. SHEFFIELD Phone 2132 I mSTED SANDWICH EASON-SHUMAKE FURNITURE CO.. INC. FLORENCE When a fellow breaks a date, He usually has to, When a girl breaks a date. She usually has two. Ch arles R andolph " Dr . Egan , 1 can ' t go to class today Dr. Egan: " Why? ' Ch arles: 1 don ' t feel well. " Dr. Egan: " Where don you feel well? " Charles: In class SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. I 2 I E. Tennessee St. Phone 1400 SOUTHERN $ M INC. J. T. FLflGG KniTTinc CO., inc, Manufacfurers of HIGH GRADE KNIT GOODS FLORENCE. ALABAMA Ljde ZJItid S fjace for . utoarapkii 1 Uie ZJkis pace for . uto rapkd f 3! p R I n T I n c m p A n y iv n A s H V I LLE _ wmmmm I I s

Suggestions in the University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) collection:

University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 1


University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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