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. r argd r, s. . the unwensmy of new mexmo alBuquenque, ' new mEXICO 01am Beau, GOIEOR BOB hmm, assnstant eCItOR DAVID smeono, Busmess manaqen RIChARO mELGSkl, uanERSlty photoqnaphen ill!" 0 I l-' s 1: MAX 1.1111?! i IV a... El Unlverslty of New Mex1c0, served for many years as the University Chapel. It was originally designed as an exact duplicate of the mission at Taos, but was eventually changed into the Uni- versity Theatre. In the spring of 1960, a new chapel was dedicated to ttthe war dead and other former students and friends of the University." The Alumni Memor- ial Chapel is Franciscan in design and is modeled after the old mission at Acoma. Rodey Hall, named for the man who introduced legislation creating the acabemlcs 16 Spemal events 144 tune ants 176 onqanlzatlons 192 SDORtS 320 T g Lt UMew Q. i i n e u; Student Union Building was From 1937 to 1959, the old i the focal point of student so- cial life. In 1959, however, the old SUB was shut down and came the new student center. The old student union, built for $110,000, is now the An- thropology Building; the 01d ballroom is now a lecture hall, and a museum area has recent- the New Mexico Union be- 1 1y be en added to the original structure. Our new $2,900,000 Union is one of the best equipped student centers in the country. These buildings, at the hub of campus life seem almost to symbolize the old and the new ethe campus in an ever chang- ing, ever-expanding picture that is the theme of the 1 963 MIRAGE. .i I I A '73! " a J , YA! pams But then theme IS . summen IS SO sweet, REGIStRAtIOh haiion. IS The night after reg Report 'to cell itMH 101. The day offer registration. anchaeoloqy The dig that the UNM Anthro department concluded ihis summer a? San Gabriel de Yunque received national coverage when i! was discovered ihaf Chey were uncovering the oldest capitol city in the U. S. unm has Its Downs and ups No, Virginia, these are not pillars of salt. Dame Judifh Anderson One of UNM's more striking visitors. Hurry Golden DROQRAITI SERIES ? Suiufa and Asaka Llord's "International." Our award winning yell leaders kept spirifs high at UNM. campus pass times The UNM pool champs. a J 3'34, Mcm wavuwn.m ..:. i". ..- So we've made sure that 1he roof won't leak in our new plant. Remember, low man repairs the roof. mtennatlonal stubents leann the amemcan way 0E lIFG Miss Ruiza Shakein Malik, graduate studenf from Pakisfan, models a popular evening dress of her country, a "Sari." Newman lnfernational Dinner. 12 Elecfions. the amemcan way 0; Me lnRufion. Things iusf SEEM fuzzy. Guess who's finals are over early. 14 n m To A U 0 A R G, agziz, academics 16 During the early years of the "College on the Hill," the square, red brick building that was to become Hodgin Hall housed both classrooms and the administrative omces. Erected in 1892 at a cost of $26,000, the building was con- demned, then remodeled to modified pueblo style architec- ture in 1908. Hodgin Hall was named for C. E. Hodgin, first dean of the College of Educa- tion, who retired in 1925. Mitchell Hall, the largest classroom building on campus was constructed in 1951. This focal point of many student academic careers at UNM was named for L. B. Mitchell, one- time dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. , W , . 7 7 ., . g m ; A A, g . N A ,7 , . , A ., Tom L. Popejoy President of The, University of New Mexico THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO ALIUQUZROUZ OFFICE or THE PRESIDENT Each student, I am sure, has a different view of the University, depending on the pattern of his own experience. To sample all the offerings of so complex an institution would require a life- time. And so we could not claim, if we wished, that all our students have a common education, or that they are in any way alike. What we can hope, and continually strive for, is that the education- al experience of every student has quality and validity in terms of his own needs and inclinations. We hope that each of you who graduates this year will feel that in this respect the University has served you well. And we ask that, in whatever ways you can, you will help the University in future years to fulfill a like function for those who follow you. In these pages the Editors of the MIRAGE have re- corded the faces of friends, and many a memorable achievement and occasion. We will turn to their work with appreciation through the years to come. ext Tom L. Pope W President e University 0 New xico BOARO of Regents Left to right are Bryan G. johnson, Mrs. Jack Brandenberg, Dr. Lawrence Wilkinson, Howard Bratton and Thomas Roberts. acabemlc Vice pnesmem; 20 Harold L. Enarson Omecmn 0E stubent aEEams The University Board of Regents meets each month during the academic year to decide on administrative policies concerning proposed budgets, major con- struction contracts, building-bond issues, general Uni- versity policies, and sales and purchases of University land. This year land expansion has been a large issue. A large tract of land between the freeway and the new stadium was purchased to be used as a University re- search park, an expansion and centralization of the University research facilities. The land adjacent to the Bernalillo County Indian Hospital also was purchased for the new Medical School. The members of the Board of Regents are appointed ! by the Governor of New Mexico for a term of six L years. They serve without salary. t P compmollen Sherman E. Smith John Perovich 21 aOmInIstnatIon H. M. Campbell Director of the Placement Bureau John N. Durrie Secretary of the University William R. Bierbaum Director of New Mexico Union Ralph L. Edgel Director of Bureau of Business Research Roland F. Dickey Director of UNM Press M. F. FiHeId Director of Physical Plant G, Ward Fenley 23 Director of Public Information AOmmIstnatIon A. O. jackson Manager of Associated Students Bookstore .I. C. MacGregor Director of Admissions and Registrar LUMN: moam. w...r ' David O. Kelley U niversity Librarian Robert G. Lalicker Director of Development Pete McDavid Director of Athletics Frank McGuire Director of Alumni Relations Winifred Reiter Editor of Alumnus Magazine Monica A. Novitski 25 Director of Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene programs Harold O. Ried Director of the Extension Division Edwin James Schodorf Manager of the Printing Plant E. Jim Smith Director of Residence Halls. 26 Harold L. Walker Director of Research A. A. Wellck l Director of Counseling and Testing Dr. A. Kenneth Young 1 Director of the Health Service nme - Channel Ewe ebucatlonal televusnon Dr. F. Claude Hempen Station Manager KNME-TV is in its fifth year of broadcasting television for educational purposes to the people of New Mexico. Owned jointly by the University of New Mexico and the Albuquerque Public Schools, and operated in cooperation with the New Mex- ico State Department of Education, Channel 5 has come a long way from that spring day in 1958 when the first live program hit the air. Housed in the former Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house, which it still shares with the UNM Speech Department, KNME's first day of programming consisted of an English lecture by Dr. Edith Buchanan at 6:30 p.m., followed at 8:00 by 3 Biology 1 lecture by Dr. Martin Fleck. This year, programming began at nine in the morning and by sigmoff time at 10:00 p.m., KNME had put seven hours and 55 minutes of locally produced programs on the air. The other five hours consisted of films and videotapes from many other sources around the country, including those of the National Educational Television and Radio Center, of which KNME is a member. Only a few, large, multiostudio, non-commercial sta- tions match this 65 hours a week schedule and even commercial stations rarely approach the number of live hours a day broad- cast by KNME. Most people who appear before the camera are university and public school personnel. Professor Donald McRae of the UNM Music Department hosts "Sounds of Music," which features a different musical group of students and faculty each week. Dr. Walter Keller, also of the UNM Music Department, is a well- known expert on the harpsichord. He has performed twice this year on "Sounds of Music." "This is where television shines," says Dr. Bundy, KNME's program manager. "It is obviously impossible for Dr. Keller to take his harpsichord to each of the fourth grade classrooms in Albuquerque, not to mention all the other fourth grades within our coverage area. It is equally impossible for all those fourth grade pupils to visit Dr. Keller. But, thanks to television, there are now thousands of fourth graders in this area who not only know what a harpsichord looks like and sounds like, but who also have an idea of how it works internally." 28 Dr. Fishback and "the crewfl Dr. Keppers views his "Introduction to Guidance" program as "an up-daling refresher course for leachers all over the state," as well as a necessary course for all undergraduates planning to go into education. Dr. Alexander presides on his perennially popular humanities program. 29 pensonnel beans m. N ram amt; :;.,.4..;. .2. Helen VVhiteside Dean of Women W illene Paxton Assistant Dean of Women 30 Perhaps the most well-known of all administrative staff members of the University are the personnel deans of men and women, Howard V. Mathany and Helen XVhiteside, and their asso- ciate, XViIliam M. Chase, and assistant, VVillene Paxton. The personnel deans offer individual counseling to any student seeking help, whether financial, academic, or per- sonal. In addition, the deans are re- sponsible for counseling programs in residence halls; they act as advisers to honorary organizations; and they su- pervise rush in the social fraternities and sororities. Student aid in the form of loans and scholarships are also administered through this office. Howard V. Mathany Dean of Men William Chase Associate Dean of Men 31 college of ants anb scuenee Dean Hoyt Trowbridge has been a part of the faculty of the University of New Mexico since the Fall of 1957, when he became chair- man of the English Department. He assumed his present position as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1961. He received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Wisconsin. Before coming to the University of New Mexico he taught at the University of Oregon. Dean Trowbridge likes to do research in 18th century English Literature and the his- tory of literary criticism. The oldest and largest college on the cam- pus of the University of New Mexico is the College of Arts and Sciences, established in 1899. This was the year that the University was created by an act of Territorial Legislation. The site then included only 20 acres and one building; today there are over 500 acres and over 60 permanent buildings. The College of Arts and Science itself in- cludes seventeen departments of sciences, Eng- lish, languages, social sciences, history, and speech. The staff has grown to 309 full-time and part-time employees headed since 1961 by Dean Trowbridge. Studies of Latin-American and Southwest- ern cultures and history are specialties in this college. The Museum of Southwestern Biology has been rated as the most important single source of New Mexican vertebrates and plants. The geological and anthropological museum are also well known for their regional exhibits. The language department has an especially acclaimed Spanish department. The Peace Corps training center for Latin-American work is located here. The department also offers studies in seven other languages. enqllsh Dickey, Franklin M. Ahern, Matthew, J Arms, George Baughman, Ernest W. Chairman of English Davis, Paul B. Freedman, Morris Buchanan, Edith L ma Haley, Margaret L. Jacobs, Willis Dana Kuntz, Joseph M. Pearce, T. M. 34 enqllsh Simons, Katherine Tedlock, E. W., Jr. Tessen, Edythe D. Thygerson, John R. Wylder, Delbert Zavadil, Joseph B. qovennment Cline, Dorothy I. Irion, Frederick C. Jorrin, Miguel Judah, Charles B. Richards, Allan R. 85 Duncan, Robert M. Book, Truett Chairman of Language Santiago, Silviano Tessen, Howard W. Welsh, Rosemaxie 36 Breiland, John G. Green, John R. Carr, Patrick G. Hendrickson, Morris S. Chairman of Mathematics r , L , 3$ Renggli, Heinz J. 00:-60-00!13 Sasaki, Tom T. Walter, Paul A. F., Jr. Woodhouse, Charles E. 37 Eubank, Wayne C, Bundy, Wayne Chreist, Fred M. Gravlee, G. Jack Chairman of Speech Owens, Cullen B. St. Onge, Keith R. psychology Peterson, George M. Benedetti, David T. Chairman of Psychology 3 8 Ellis, Henry Morgan, Robert M. Rosenblum, Sidney Zippel, Bert hlStORy Floyd, Troy Longhurst, John Reeve, Frank Lieuwen, Edwin t Chairman of History Russell, Josiah Sacks, Benjamin BIOLOGy Degenhardt, William Potter, Loren Chairman of Biology Dittmer, Howard Fleck, Martin Martin, William Riedesel, Marvin 39 economics Wollman, Nathaniel Duncan, Julian S. Hamilton, David B. Chairman of Economics McDaniel, William L. Robertson, Robert A. Therkildsen, Paul T. Udis, Bernard Jounnallsm philosophy 40 Rafferty, Keen A. Jermain, Leonard Famki, Z. T. Alexander, Hubert Chairman of Journalism Chairman of Philosophy geology Elston, Wolfgang E. Fitzsimmons, J Paul Kelley, Vincent C. Chairman of Geology Northrop, Stuart A. Rosenzweig, Abraham W engerd, Sherman A. Gordon, B. LeRoy Chairman of Geography anthpopoloqy Ellis, Florence Hibben, Frank C. Newman, Stanley S. Hill, Willard W. 41 Chairman of Anthropology Chemlsmy Reibsomer, Jesse L. Castle, Ramond N. Crosby, Glenn A. Daub, Guido H. Chairman Small, Ella Mae Yamauchi, Masanobu Dr. Guido Daub, chemisfry professor and director of 'he Los Alamos gradu'ute center, bbova and Edward Vigil, an engineering sophomore, UighA con- duct experiments in UNM chemisiry laboratories. 42 ants ano scuences semons Adler, Les Alfred, Pat Baker, Sara Elizabeth Bernstein, Lewis Bolton, Patricia Honors Kappa Alpha Theta Judicial Board Delta Gamma-Pres Blue Key Hyper-tens Senate Mortar Board Chakaa A Capella Dorm Wing-V Pres Publications Board Newman Center PSP Phi Alpha Theta Horsemanship Club AWS ; Botts, Bob Childers, Mary Cline, Judy Cole, James R. Colquitt, Walter L Kappa Mu Epsilon Honors 8c M.3 Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Epsilon-V P Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Theta Campanas Blue Key-Treas Campanas Senate Chakaa-Sec Spurs Angel Flight Phi Sigma Waterlous Special Events Comm Pre-Med Club Cordova, Anna Gordon Cottingham, Lon Cox, Aaron, Jr. Coyer, Bill Crittenden, Gale I Kappa Sigma Blue Key Pre-Med Society-Pres Delta Delta Delta Senate Kappa Mu Epsilon WRA Student Council Senate Mirage Track Union Comm Sigma Gamma Epsilon Geology Club 43 44 Cromes, George F., Jr. Sigma Chi ants ano scuences semons Crosse, Murray L., Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cundiff, Reed Blue Key Vigilantes Senate Varsity Wrestling Letterman's Club Cunningham, Cheryl Alpha Delta Pi Panhellenic Publicity Chm Angel Flight Deseret Campanas Deakin, Robert Sigma Alpha Epsilon Del Castillo, David Drew, Laurel Horsemanship Club-Sec. Treas Photography Club Bowling Docter, Ann Home Economics Club Ski Club Duncan, Tom Mirage 1962 UNM Band Concert and Marching Radio Board Wesley-Pres Lobo Dodd, Judy Kappa Kappa Gamma Can Lerbury Homecoming Att Eckert, John Lambda Chi Alpha NROTC Student Court Doherty, Sheila Dorris, Karen German Club Kappa Kappa Gamma-Pres Ski Club Mortar Board Panhellenic Student Council Emanuel, Joe Evans, Thomas L. Phi Delta Theta Sigma Gamma Epsilon Blue Key Geology Club Kappa Mu Epsilon Imramurals Wesley Eyestone, David Falls, Delbert G. Fay, Robert Franklyn, Allyn R. Freshman, Dennis Sigma Alpha Epsilon Esquire Club Student Body-V Pres IFC-Pres Arnold Air Society Hillel-V Pres Homecoming Comm AFROTC Vigilantes Fiesta Comm IFC-Sec Greek Week Comm NROTC Rodeo Club Frye, Patricia Gerlach, Charles Grasse, Bill , Phi Delta Theta-Pres Wardroom Society-Pres NROTC Sigma Alpha Epsilon Green, Janice Alpha Chi Omega Senate Rally Comm Gillespie, Fran Glass, Barry Kappa Alpha Theta-V P Mortar Board Campanas Theta Sigma Phi-Pres Young Republicans Grenko, Ronald Groff, Darla Sigma Chi Kappa Alpha Theta A Cappella Choir BSU Gothberg, Olivia Anthropology Club Spelunking Club Harrington, James Sigma Chi 45 ants ano selences semons Hirni, Robert Hodges, Donna Hoffmeyer, Sara Hokanson, Anders Holcomb, Phil Geneva House-Pres IRC IRE A Cappella Choir Mirage-Asst Ed Geneva House Kappa Mu Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha State UCCF-Pres Eta Kappa Nu-Pres Mesa Vista Service Award 1960 Hubbard, Dwight Hudgens, Gayle Huston, Sally E. Ivers, Don Jelso, Joe Blue Key Angel Flight Waterlous, Publicity Chm Phi Delta Theta Sandia Grotto Spurs Wing Pres-Hokona Hall Anthropology Club Phi Sigma Iota Canterbury Canterbury Latin American Desk V Pres Hokona Hall Kappa Kappa Gamma IDC Johnson, Douglas Paul Johnson, Richard A. Kellogg, Martin Kemm, Robert Kerstetter. Darlene Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Kappa Psi Blue Key Kappa Mu Epsilon Phi Alpha Theta Senate General Honors 46 SPRA-V Chm Klein, Richard L. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Football ' Loughridge, Carolyn l I Meyer, Melinda International Club-Sec Islamic Society-Sec Latimer, Lee Levitt, Elliott G. Lineberger, Chloe Latin American Desk Alpha Epsilon Pi Gamma Delta-Pres International Club International Club LOBO Esquire Club Hillel Senate Dorm Counselor IDC McIntyre, William McMurray, Marti Mason, John Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Phi Epsilon Meyendortf, Angela Mickelson, Ann Miziker, Ronald LOBO Sigma Chi Campanas IFC Losey, Janet Elaine A Cappella Choir Music Comm Delta Delta Delta i. Meares, James Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mobley, Donna 47 ants ano selences semons Mondragon, Fred Mock, Richard Monteverde, Eduardo Morgan, Ray Morris, John T. Phi Sigma Kappa-Pres German Club Club de las Americas-Pres Kappa Mu Epsilon Newman Center-Pres Phi Kappa Phi Economics Club Wesley Chakaa Kappa Mu Epsilon Mirage Senate Muzzy, Darlene O'Neill, Roberta Ortega, Reuben Pearson, Neal Peer, Sunny Lu Delta Gamma Mortar Board Economics Club Phi Delta Theta-Pres Sigma Alpha Iota-Pres Rally Comm-Sec BSU-Sec IFC Geneva House Activities Chairman Hokona-Pres Senate UNM Band Campanas Ski Club UNM Chorus IDC-Chm IRC Perkins, Dave Powell, John B. Redd, Stephanie Rila, Mary Ann Robertson, Lois Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Beta Phi-V Pres NROTC Residence Hall Planning Mortar Board Ski Club Comm-Chm Campanas IFC Coronado H311 Little Sisters of Minervak Swimming Team Pres Angel Flight 48 Rose, John Sigma Chi jIFC Pres Track Team Gymnastics Team Senate Scery, A1 Delta Sigma Phi Sec Anthropology Club IFC Silverman, Jackie IRC Rowland, Mikc Phi Delta Theta-Prcs Phi Sigma Iota Student Court Chief Justice XVho's XVho Servadei, Anne Simpson, Ernie Sigma Alpha Epsilon Blue Key-Sec Ruben, George Sharer, Valerie Alpha Delta Pi-Pres Senate Rally Comm Smith, Larry Phi Delta Theta Sanderson, Tina Chi Omega Student Council Campanas Pres Mortar Board Latin American Desk Schmidt, Buckley Sigma Gamma Epsilon Shimizu, Russ T. Shomaker, John Blue Key Sigma Gamma Epsilon Phi Sigma Geology Club Geneva House ProMed Society Ski Club Solenberger, john C. Swimming Chakaa Smith, Marjorie Blue Key Kappa Mu Epsilon Student Council 49 Spang, Richard Alpha Phi Omega Blue Key Fiesta Comm Homecoming Comm Stough, Trudy Ski Club Thompson, Betty Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Sigma Iota Campanas Mirage Hospitality 50 ants ano Sperry, Sam H., Jr. ASME ASEE Taggard, Penny Naughton Pi Beta Phi-Pres Spurs Campanas Angel Flight Student Council Tod, David Laurence Tau Kappa Epsilml-V Pres IFC Canterbury SCIENCES Spiegel, Margaret Kappa Kappa Gamma Tanner, Michael NESEP Torres, Joe M. semons Stevens, Jack Anthro Club Taylor, Eddie Phi Delta Theta n Turnb1111,John Sigma Gamma Epsilon Geology Club Senate Resident Standards Board Storm, Gale Thomason, Gary Kappa Alpha-V Pres Sigma Delta Chi-Pres New Mexico Union Board- Chairman Junior Class-Pres Blue Key ml Valenzuela, Ishmael Phi Sigma Kappa Newman Center-V Pres Vigilantes Who's Who Student Body V Pres Vcrgara, George Villarreal, Abelardo Walker, Rose Marie Warren, Jim XVatkins, Mike Sigma Chi IRC Pub Chmn Theta Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma-V Pres Prc-Med Society-V Pres BSU Spurs Varsity Swimming-Co-Capt Newman Center Modern Dance Group IFC Chakaa Cosmopolitan Club Weber, Celia Weber, Michael Wellborn, Charles Wicklund, Albin General Studies Alpha Phi Omega Student Council Sigma Gamma Epsilon AVVS Judicial Board Geneva House Pi Kappa Alpha-V Pres Esquires International Club Chakaa-Pres Geology Club Student Standards Newman Center Williamson, John Bruce M7ise, Dean Witkover, Carole Woodmansee, Bob Zumwalt, Ray Blue Key Chemistry Club Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha-Sec Chakaa Student Christian Fellow- Senate Kappa Mu Epsilon-sec ship-V Pres IFC Geneva House Geneva House Newman Center IRC-V Pres AFROTC 51 college of enqmeenmq Dean Richard H. Clough,s contributions to the College of Engineering have been many since 1946. Although he has not been in con- tinuous attendance at the University of New Mexico for these seventeen years, he became Dean of the College of Enginering on July 1, 1960. He was granted a BA. degree in Civil Engi- neering from the University of New Mexico, an MA. in Civil Engineering from the Univer- sity of Colorado, and the Massachusetts Insti- tute of Technology conferred a PhD. upon him. He is a native of New Mexico. Dean Clough enjoys exploring into Soil Me- chanics and Soil Dynamics in his spare time. In 1906, the second college of the Univer- sity, the College of Engineering, was formed from the College of Sciences and Engineers. From that time until 1910, Hadley Hall served as the only engineering building. In 1910, the building burned to the ground, but since then the college has grown into eight buildings and there is hope for a new engineering lab in the future. The college offers five major divisions of study: chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. Within these cate- gories are specializations in aero-space engi- neering, electronic computers, fuel processing, structural engineering, and theoretic and ap- plied mechanics. Graduate study is offered in all the major divisions although there is no bachelors degree offered in the nuclear engi- neering held. M. F. Angell was the Hrst dean of this col lege; he also was the complete staff at that time. In 1916 there were six staff members. Richard H. Clough became Dean of the College of Engineering on july 1, 1960. Presently the staff includes 25 to 30 research people, 44 full- time faculty members, and 15 part-time faculty members. All are encouraged to keep informed of new developments in their fields by actively participating in professional practice and research. Barton, James Cottrell, Marion Gafford, William Huzarski, Richard Chairman of Civil Engineering Martinez, Jose May, Marvin Thompson, Lewis w Vaughan, Richard Yao, James Young, George Younkin, Larry chemical nuclean electmcal 54 Oliver, Earl Traeger, Richard XVhan, Charles Grannemann, Wayne Jordan, Edward elecmlcal enqmeepmq Karni, Shlomo Koschmann, Arnold H. Chairman of Electrical Engineering Lambert, Joseph S. Tapy, Ralph XV. Thorn, Donald C. mechanical enqmeenmq Baker, XVilliam E. Calvert, Floyd 0. Frederick, D. J. Houghton, Arthur V. Ju, Fred VViIdin, Maurice W. 55 enqmeenmq semons Akbar, Muhammad Amode, Joseph Armstrong, Wayne Arnold, Ned Benham, Bob International Club International Club IRE Eta Kappa Nu Senate Islamic Society-V Pres ASME Kappa Alpha IRE ASMErPres Club de Ias Americas Pi Tau Sigma EJC Sigma Tau Blue Key 4 Burstci11,Joel Bybec, Roger W Campbell, David R. Chacon, Leroy Christensen, Steven Sigma Tau AIEE Phi Delta Theta ASME AICHE-Prcs Chi Epsilon Vigilantes EJC Sigma Tau ASCE Blue Key Blue Key Immmurals LSA-V Pres Cutler, Victor Dawson, Bob Denison, Stephen Derr, William Daugherty, Dennis Kappa Alpha Student Cnuncil-Trcas Sigma Chi Tau Kappa Epsilon Newman Center Vigilantes IFC IRE-Sec AIEE Blue Key Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Tau NROTC IRE-Trcas Chi Epsilon 56 Dowell, Claude T. Gillis, Jim ASME Newman Center Fraser. Douglas ASCE Sigma Tau Newman CIub-Treas EJ C-Treas Glenn, Gary AIEE IRE Wesley Fulton, Robert Kappa Sigma-Pres Blue Key ASCE Sigma Tau Chi Epsilon Gonzalez, Don D. ASCE Gaunce, James C. Sigma Phi Epsilon-Pres ASME Senate IFC Gutierrez, Benny A. IREE Newman Center Football UNM Skydiving Team- Capt Gibson, Raymond Chi Epsilon Sigma Tau ASCE Gutierrez, James ASME Senate Wardroom Society NROTC Batallion Staff Newman Center Hawke, William W. NROTC Operations Officer Christian Science Sigma Tau Blue Key ASME Hogue, Leeland H. Eta Kappa Nu-Sec Sigma Tau Hossack, Ian Radio Board, Chm IRE Photo Club House, George ASCE John, Robert Gene Phi Delta Theta ASCE 57 enqmeenmq SGHIORS King, Archer IRE Metcalf, Melvin Alpha Phi Omegzh-Pres AIEE Lewing. Van C. Mitchell, David Coronado Hall-Pres Blue Key Chakaa Kappa Mu Epsilon IRE Norman, Vernon Pak, Sang 50 Chi Epsilon Eta Kappa Nu Sigma Tau ASCE Kokaly, Floyd AIEE-IRE Newman Center Kiva Club Mock, Howard Sigma Alpha Epsilon ASCE-V Pres Chi Epsilon-Pres Sigma Alpha Epsilon EJC Parker, Lyle Pearcy, Robert Sigma Chi IRE L0uie the Lobe" Sigma Tau Chi Epsilon Skyline Diving Champ Vigilantes Lynch, Edward ASCE-Pres Student Standards Senate Sigma Alpha Epsilon Montoya, Vincent McElderry, Robert E. IRE Kappa Mu Epsilon l; Morgan, john H. IRE Peck, John Pritt, Chuck IRE-AIEEE Arnold Air Society Blue Key Sigma Tau Geneva House Rctz,Wi11iam A. Phi Delta Tl1cta Prcs NROTC-Battalion Cmdr Vigilantes-Pres KNMD-Managcr ASME Rowe, William L. Senate Wnrdroom Society ASME EJC Shadcl,Darry1 H. Shriver, Richard ASME Newman Center Smith, Fidel T. ASCE Chi Epsilon EJC Sperry, John 5. Phi Delta Theta Senate UNM Band AIChE Canterbury Sterling, Don ASCE Tanaka, Arthur 5. IEEE Eta Kappa Nu Sigma Tau EJC Thacker, Larry WK Phi Delta Theta NROTC IRE Thornton, Robert ASME Turek, Philip Chakaa Sigma Tau AIChE Vigil, Ernest F. BSU-Treas IRC-V Pres IRE Vigi1,Jakc A. Newman Center ASCE Weibert, Jerry Pi Tau Sigma-Pres ASME Sigma Tau EJC Williams, Ed Esquire Club AIEE-IRE XVood, Edward Pi Kappa Alpha Vigilantes Chakaa EJC-Sec AIChE Wright, Mike Track Team AIChE Sigma Tau-V Pres EJC-V Pres Young, Richard J. IEEE Sigma Tau Eta Kappa Nu EJC 59 college 0E ebucatlon Dean Chester C. Travelstead serves as the dean of the College of Education, and has been doing so since january of 1956. Before becom- ing dean, he came to Albuquerque from South Carolina. Dean Travelsteadys degrees include a Bache- lor of Arts from Western Kentucky State Col- lege, Master of Music from Northwestern Uni- versity, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree granted from the University of Kentucky. The field of adult education holds a great deal of interest for Dean Travelstead. March 12, 1928 was the date of establish- ment for the University of New Mexicds Col- lege of Education. This college never had a building of its own, but was always located in various buildings on campus, centering around Hodgin Hall. Last year construction began on the new College of Education com- plex, and this spring the first section was com- pleted. The college grew from the School of Educa- tion, 1906-1917, and the Department of the College of Philosophy and Arts, 1917-1928. Serving as dean from 1928-1954 was Simon Peter Nanninga from Spain. In January of 1956, Chester C. Travelstead became dean of the College of Education. The staff has grown from nine to the present number of fifty. Research is presently being done concern- ing the problems of integrating Indian chil- dren into primary and secondary grades. Pro- grams are being set up to teach the Spanish and Indian children English, a foreign lan- i guage to them. 1 Special courses were recently added to the 'curriculum concerning the teaching of men- itally retarded children, guidance and coun- seling, administration and programming of .higher education and counseling school surveys. The college has a learning material center ;which contains books, intelligence and apti- tude tests, and other materials which the teachers must become familiar with before they begin teaching. This year, the College of Education has completed working arrangements with several other colleges and departments enabling edu- cation majors to obtain a broader educational background in non-education courses than was before possible. Cooper, James Doxtator, Robert Petty, Paul Chairman, Education and Administration Services elementany ebucatlon Keppers, George Ryan, D. A. Reuwsaat, Emily Zintz, Miles home economics 62 Harris, Ruth McMurray, Imogean Schroeder, Florence Elser, Grace IOII O seconbany ebucatlon Brown, Chester Prouse, Peter Ivins, Wilson Chairman, Secondary Education Runge, William Warner, Richard ant eCucatlon Meyers, Judith Masley, Alexander womerfs physncal ebucatlon -.. t M Gugisberg, Mercedes Camden, Elenor Milliken, Gladys Piper, Charlotte 63 Chairman, Womenk P. E. Clements, W. W. Seidler, Armond H. Barney, Robert Bynum, William A. Diehm, L. Frederick Flynn, Jack Geba, Bruno Gilmore, George B. Weeks, Bill 64 Miranda, 53m C- Papcsy, Frank Petrol, George M. ebucatlon semons Abraham, Sandy Aguilar, Pete Apple, David Archuleta, Betty Arnot, James Pi Beta Phi SEA UCCF-V Prcs SEA Orchestra Senate Angel Flight AWS x K M V lBallew, Jeri Blagg, Robert W. Bloomfield, Johanna Bone, Robert Bradley, James G. Esquire Club Varsity Swimming Varsity Football Rodey Theatre Intramural Council Board of Governors- P E Majors Club Coronado Cultural Comm Letterman's Club Brown, Pete Brown, Russell XV. Buchanan, Sarabelh Cash, Dan Chavez, Viola 'Varsity Track 1AA BSU Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Lambda Them Intramural Council SEA Newman Center Union Directorate SEA Mirage Sports Editor 65 ebucatlon semons Claus, Connie Louise Clement, Gene Chi Omega'Treas Newman Ccntcr-Prcs Phi Gamma Nu-Pres SEA Homecoming Comm David, David Denny, Benjamin Swimming Team Esquire Club-Sec Gymnastics Team Kiva Club-V Pres Intramurals IAA-Sec Kappa Alpha Ficek, Dan Findley, Donald L. Basketball Baseball Coady, Robert F. Dietmeier, Mike Varsity Basketball Letterman's Club Pi Kappa Alpha Fries, Diane Chi Omega Clippers Spurs Waterlous NROTC Queen Connor, Kathleen Dale, Robert J. Spurs 1AA Angel Flight Canterbury Kappa Kappa Gamma- Treas Eagan, Dennis Farrington, Janet Student Senate AWS SPRA Chm Panhellenic Fiesta Chm Dance Workshop Greek Week Chm SEA Campus Improvement Comm Georgius, David Goodman, Martha Concert Band Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha NROTC Wardroom Society ; Kappa Alpha Theta Greer, Verna Pi Lambda Theta Phi Gamma Nu Panhellenic Haywood, Georgia Chorus AWS Horstmann, Beverly Phi Gamma Nu Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Chi Omega-V Pres Sigma Alpha Iota-Treas Griggs, Allison Pi Lambda Theta Dorm Wing-Pres AWS WRA SEA Heaton, Julia V. Chi Omega AWS Senate SEA Rally Comm Hubby, K'aun Chi Omega Rally Comm Phi Gamma Nu-V Pres SEA Chorus Grigsby, Jean Delta Delta Delta Mortar Board Pi Sigma Alpha Orchestra Campanas Herndon, Sherian L. Delta Gamma Rally Comm Photography Club-Sec Student Council Hunter, Marilyn Pi Beta Phi-Scc Clippers Esquire Girl BSU Grimes, Linda Gross, Charles Pi Kappa Alpha Holt, Laurens Homboch, John Town Club AWS John, Jean Westfall Jones, Barbara Pi Lambda Theta Alpha Chi Omega AWS 67 ebucatlon semons Jones, Marge Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Omicron Phi Kynor, James Fiesta Comm McIntosh, Alice Alpha Chi Omega Pi Lambda Theta German Club IRC - Treas LOBO Jungbluth, Shirley Phi Gamma Nu Lennert, Edward Newman Club SEA Young Democrats Mangusso, David J. Head Counselor- Mesa Vista Band - Drum Major Phi Mu Alpha - Sinfonia Kimber,Emi1ie Kirk. Ira Koogler, Margaret International Club Kappa Alpha Theta Newman Center Clippers Phi Lambda Theta Lugenbeel, Vicki McAneIly, Rosalynde R. McClure, Julie Pi Lambda Theta LSA Pi Beta Phi Kappa Alpha Theta - Sec Mirage UNM Mixed Chorus Martinez, Lavem Massey, judy Manson, Sulo Wrestling SEA Fiesta King Attendant Varsity Basketball Lettermans Club Fiesta Comm HOmecoming Comm Ski Club Maxson, Mary Melton, Jim Montoya, Alex Morris, Sydney Nunn, Robert BSU A Capella Choir Homecoming Comm Mesa Vista-Prgs A Capella Choir Chorus Fiesta Comm Dorm Counselor Fine Arts Club Rally Comm Union Directorate Ortega, Frank Ottman, Jim Sigma Chi Football Jack of Hearts Education can be an exciting experience. 69 ebucatlon semons Owens, Elaine Homecoming Queen Crystal Ball Queen Angel Flight Hokona HalLaV Pres Waterlous Raby, Barbara Kappa Omicron Phi Home Economicstrcs Senate AWS Salazar, Betty SEA Pi Lambda Theta Parlee, Polly Chi Omega WRA-Pres P. E, Majors Club Tennis Club Union Directorate Raglin, Carolyn Delta Delta Delta Theta Sigma Phi Pi Lambda Theta Campanas Spurs Seale, Carolyn Chi Omega Little Sisters of Minerva AWS SEA Rally Comm Peck, Rita Phi Gamma Nu Dames Randel, Lloyd, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Baseball Team Letterman's Club SEA P. E. Majors Club Short, Phyllis Chi Omega-Pres Pi Lambda Theta Panhellenic Cheerleader SEA Perkins, Mary Rockwell, Sandra E. P. E. Majors Club-Treas Sinclair, William Track Team Lettermen's Club Pieper, Johnnie Pi Lambda Theta SEA Runge, Judy Chi Omega Kappa Omicron Phi-Pres Pi Lambda Theta Rally Comm-Prcs Mortar Board Smith, Kenneth R. University Choir Tangman, Edward P, Jr. Taylor, Larry Tesch, Robert Trickey, Beverly Vidal, Christine IAA Pres Swimming-Varsity Alpha Chi Omega P. E. Major's Club SEA Letterman's Club Canterbury Vigil, Vera Volpato, Carolyn XVagner, Sherrill Webb, Judy Weidman, Martha Standards Comm Newman Center Alpha Delta Pi Hospitality Comm Senate Hokona Wing-Pres Pi Beta Phi SEA International Club Pi Beta Phi Scc Young Republicans-V Pres Jefferson Club Waterlous Newman Center Student Pub. Board Latin American Desk Canterbury M7i11iams, Gale Williams, Joye Williamson, Deborah Young, Kathy Zaborowski, Liz Chi Omega-Sec Kappa Kappa Gamnm-V P Home Ec. Cluvareas Zeta Tau Alpha Lobo Mortar Board-Pres AWS Womenk Swim Team-Sec- Kappa Dames SEA Campanas-V Pres Homecoming Comm Treas AWS-Treas Union Dance Comm Band Pi Lambda Theta 71 college 0E Eme ants Dean Clinton Adams was appointed to his present position in 1961. Before becoming Dean of the College of Fine Arts at the Uni- versity of New Mexico, he worked on a special project at the University of Florida for the Ford Foundation. He earned his MA. degree , at UCLA. His spare time is usually spent painting. In 1936, the Fine Arts division became a separate college with 14 staff members repre- senting the departments of art, drama and music. In 1960, the department of architecture was added to the college and in 1962 several courses in dance were tranferred from the Col- lege of Education to the College of Fine Arts. George St. Clair served as the first dean of the college. In 1961, Clinton Adams, the pres- ent dean, came from Los Angeles, California to assume the position. The staff has grown from the original 14 members to 35 members, including both men and women of national acclaim as architects, painters, sculptors, crafts- men, composers, performers, and scholars. Fine arts students have supported a fund this year which is to purchase a rug woven by the late Salli jean Moran, UNM art instructor and highly respected weaver. The rug is to be placed in the new Fine Arts Center in memory of Miss Moran. The University maintains the Harwood Foundation in Taos, New Mexico, arenowned art colony. Occasionally summer field schools for the study of advanced painting are offered by the College of Fine Arts in Taos. At the present, the Classes of this college are 1 held in buildings scattered throughout the cam- pus, the art building, the crafts annex, the architecture building, the drama buildings, Rodey and Comedia theaters, and the music building. The music division of the new Fine Arts Center, south of the Student Union Build- ing, has been in construction for over a year. It is anticipated that the first Clases will be scheduled in the building in 1963. When com- pleted, the Fine Arts Center will have facilities equal to the best in the nation. ARChlt6CtUR6 Heimerich, John J. Benson, Harold R., Jr. Bunting, Bainbridge Coke, Van Deren Chairman of Architecture ; ,N ; ART. Haas, LCZ L. Gathman, Walter Kuhlman, Walter E. Chairman of Art Thomson, William Paak, Carl E. Schlegel, Don P. Smith, Sam McMulIan, Bruce Yell, Gene Batcheller, John M. m u SI C Keller, Walter Leonard, Joseph McRae, Donald C. Robert, George Seymour, William M. SHOW, Jane Stephenson, jack Thornton, James VVhitlow, James L. 7 5 Fme ants semons TM n: Atkinson, Charles Ballenger, Nancy Barnett, Sali Brame, Donald R. Bronitsky, Hedwig Brummell, Denny Sigma Phi Epsilon Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Chi Omega Phi Delta Theta-Scc Blue Key AWS Mortar Board-Historian Who's Who 1962 Phi Mu Alpha Mortar Board Campanas-Historian King of Hearts 1961 Music Educators Nat Campanas Angel Flight-V Pres Homecoming Chm-1961 Fine Arts Club SPRA 1961 Homecoming Queen Greek Week Pub Chm Burwinkle, Joe Camilla, Roger Craig, Mary Ann Eich, John A. Farrar, Tom Kappa Kappa Gamma- Blue Key Pledge Trainer Chakaa Fiesta Queen Vigilantes Angel Flight-Flight Newman Center Commander Honors Program AFROTC Queen An Gilbert, Van Hill, Kathy Houston, Fay Kingsley. Larry Lewis, Patricia Diane Luxfprd, Bill Pi Kappa Alpha Folk Music Club Sigma Alpha EpsilOn-Sec Spurs Phi Mu Alpha IFC Rush Chm International Club Varsity Track Angel Flight Band Homecoming Comm Rodcy Theatre Church of Christ Student Wind Ensemble Fiesta Comm Tennis Letterman UNM Orchestra Mirage-Org Ed KNMD UNM Band Geneva House-Prcs Alpha Delta Pi UNM Band Mortar Board Sigma Alpha Iota-V Pres Spurs ' Newsome, William G. Norman, Cynthia O'Connor, John I I UNM Orchestra Reutter, Susan Kappa Alpha Theta-Pres Rodey Theatre Senate UNM Bowling Team Hokona Hall Wing Offlccr Rosenbaum, Dora H. Scott, Lindsay Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Delta Theta Hillel Senior Class-V Pres Albu. Civic Symphony NM Music Teachers Assn Sheafc, Jan Sheets, Larry Show. Tammy Alpha Chi Omega University Bowling League A Cappella Choir Opera Workshqp Stout, Joel Wiley, Darla Jean Tau Kappa Epsilon-Pres Sandia Grotto-Pres Blue Key Chakaa Vigilantes Kurt Frederick, music professor, directs the chamber ensemble in its performance of Igor Sfravinsky's "L'hisiorie du soldcf" and Arnold Schoenberg's "Pierrof Lunaire," which toured throughout the siafe. 77 YVaiiii 'm' ttvthWW college 0E phanmacy Dean Elmon L. Cataline became head of the . College of Pharmacy in 1951. His years of study were spent at the University of Michigan where he obtained B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. Dean Cataline came to Albuquerque and the University of New Mexico from the state of Michigan. He enjoys studying the history of pharmacy in New 'Mexico. In 1948 the College of Pharmacy was for- mally founded though pharmacy classes had been held in the Crafts Annex and the Science Lecture Hall since 1945. Today the college has its own building with both a chemical and a dispensing laboratory. Plans for the future in- clude a building expansion. In 1960 the College of Pharmacy introduced ' a five-year curriculum which enables a student ' to receive a thorough grounding in the basic sciences and the professional disciplines as well as a broad education in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. In September, 1961 a two year dental hy- giene program was established through a $113,000 grant from the W. K. Kellogg founda- tion. Dr. Monica Novitski directs this program as well as the one-year dental assistants' pro- gram which was established in the fall of 1962 by the UNM extension division. The program of study consists of technical training plus lib- eral arts study. The first dean of the College of Pharmacy was Dr. Roy A. Bowers. Elmon L. Cataline, the present dean, assumed this position in 1951. He heads a staff which has now grown to five members. college 0; phanmacy Duke, Victor H. Fiedler, William C. Stahl, Kenneth H. , phanmacy semons Armstrong, Shirley Barkman, Robert Bohm, Ed Bouchier, Jack D. Burnfm, James L. Delta Gamma Kappa Psi-Pres Kappa Psi APhA APhA APhA Butts, Ron Cates, Don C1aunch,Joe Ed Corazza, Kenneth Lee Cunningham, Gretchen APhA APhA-Pres Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Alpha Theta Kappa Psi-V Pres Newman Center BSU Newman Center I phanmacy semons Dillon, Dorothy APhA Hclfgou, Marvin King. Karen Homecoming Comm Elgrably, Therese APhA Im, Sophann Kappa Psi International Club APhA McElyea, Ulysses, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Kappa Psi Fanfare Coronado Standards- Chief Justice Ellis, Spencer Kappi Psi-Trcas Senior Class-Scc APhA-V Pres Ingram, Joe Kappa Psi Delta Sigma Phi APhA Muir, Lewis Tau Kappa Epsilon APhA Elsbrock, Ruth Ann Guggino, Laurence Delta Delta Delta Sigma Chi Little Sister of Minerva APhA Newman Center Kappa Psi Paper Doll Queen Senate obe, Philli ue, ames P APhA APhA O'Nei11,TimothyM. Wcllborn, Donald Kappa Psi APhA APhA Wong, William 81 college of Busmess AOmlnlStRAtl c Dean Howard V. Finston has been at the University of New Mexico since 1953. Last year he was acting dean; he is now dean of the College of Business Administration. Before moving to Albuquerque, his home was Los Angeles, California. In the Santa Clara Valley of California, at Stanford University, he received his AB. and MA. in Economics and his Ph.D. degree. Dean Finston finds the study of Organization Structure and Human Relations most interesting. ; In 1947, the College of Business Administra- ; tion was founded and located in Yatoka Hall. The college has been designed to give students 1 broad experience in the liberal arts and applied sciences as preparation for productive living I and executive responsibilities. Plans for the expansion of the academic pro- gram of the college include studies of quanta- tive analysis in computor application and , mathematical approaches to problems plus a 1 study of labor and human law. The college also ; plans to introduce a Ph.D. program. Research is being done by the Bureau of Busi- ness Research which studies the problems of ,small business staifs in New Mexico. Four or ', five times each year the researchers of the 1 Bureau of Business Research meet for confer- ences in Santa Fe to discuss the Southwest management development program. Vernon G. Sorrell was the first dean of this college. Howard V. Finston, the present dean, followed him as acting dean of the college dur- ing 1961- 62. He then received his appointment as dean of the Business Administration college in 1962. Busmess acmmlsmatlon Eaculty Christman, Karl Edgel, Ralph L. Glaese, Eva Goode, R. B. Huber, William H. Mori, Perry T. Park, James W. Reva, Virginia Sorrell, Vernon Smith, Dan 84 Busmess aOmmIsmatlon semons Blankenship, Gordon. Brewer, Paul pclta Sigma Pi Phi Delta Theta Senate Varsity XVrestling NROTC Herhold, Allen Sigma Chi Alpha Kappa Psi Baseball Homecoming Comm Fiesta Comm Ski Club 1 b ' Garner, Stan 'upp, William Inman, Chris Delta Sigma Pi Phi Delta Theta Newman Center Carpenter, William Hugh Sigma Chi Young Democrats Johnson, Lee Delta Sigma Phi Ski Club Heronemus, Ronald Kelleran, Tom Phi Delta Theta Cassell, James xVilliam Corondoni, Chris Delta Sigma Phi Hultberg, Stan, Jr. Asst. Greek Week-Chm Asst. Fiesta-Chm Homecoming Chm Pi Kappa Alpha Newman Center Kenyon, Richard Sigma Phi Epsilon Delta Sigma Pi Wardroom Society Chakaa Blue Key 85 Busmess abmmusmatlon semons Kinoshita, Tomonobu Kirkpatrick, James Loeckle, Arnold McCorkle, Bob MacKay. Donald International Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon-m Delta Sigma Pi-Pres Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma PI Treas Baseball Senate Wesley Foundation Baseball Letterman's Club Chakaa Blue Key Manning, Edward Mitchell, Mickey Neely, Jerry Otto, Richard Navy Battalion Exec. Officer Delta Sigma Pi Basketball Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma Pi-Pres Tau Kappa Tau Baseball Student Court Justice Freshman Class Sec Sigma Chi Senate Homecoming Dance Comm Wardroom Society Sebastian, David Smith, Dan, III Trussell, Lee Watkins, Storm Youngberg, Ralph Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Pres Kappa Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi Track Varsity Swimming Varsity Baseball Senate Mirage King of Hearts Gymnastics medical school A recent addition to the University campus is the Medical School, made possible by a grant from the Kellogg Foundation in 1960. The school will not be in full operation until the fall of 1964, but at that time it will provide a two-year training program for students inter- ested in the medical field. Candidates for the Doctor of Medicine degree will then transfer to a four-year school to complete their studies. At present, Medical School research is being done by Dr. Papper; he is studying diseases of the kidney and the liver. The office of the Medical School is now lo- cated in the Administration building on cam- pus. However, the land adjacent to the Berna- lillo County-Indian Hospital has been pur- chased by the University as the site of the medical-science building. The dean, Reginald H. Fitz, first came to the University of New Mexico on September 1, 1961. Before coming to Albuquerque he served at the University of Colorado as assist- ant dean and assistant professor of medical studies. Dean Fitz studied at Harvard College and the Harvard Medical College. He enjoys the study of internal medicine. school 0E law Dean V em COuntrymen has been the dean of the School of Law for the past three years. He came to the University of New Mexico from XVashington, D.C. While in Washington, he received his BA. and LLB. and then completed his graduate work at Yale. Fields of interest for Dean Coun- trymen are corporations and creditors. The year 1947 marked the establishment of the School of Law at UNM. It graduated its first Class in 1950, and since then has graduated 13 other classes. This constitutes a 31 per cent increase of enrollment. Today one third of the New Mexico lawyers have graduated from this school. The original staff included eight members; today's stan has added an additional staff mem- ber to make nine. This constitutes a ratio of less than 15 students for each instructor. The staff is headed by Dean Vern Countryman who assumed the position in 1959. The school, which now has its own building on Roma, N.E., has its own law library within the building. The library began through dona- tions of private collections and has grown to over 55,000 accessioned volumes which are in- creased by 250 volumes each month. In addi tion, there are numerous unbound pamphlets, appeal papers, and Inicro-reproductions in the library. The law students become familiar with state and municipal courts and United States Dis. trict Courts through visits and through their work with the Legal Aid Society. Member of the bench and bar, both local and state, often deliver speeches and lectures before the law students giving the students the oppor- tunity to learn first hand, from men and women experienced in their field, which concepts and precepts have proven to be basic to the demo- cratic form of government. school 0E law Clark, Robert E. Poldervaart, Arie W. Seed, Verle R. Law Librarian Utton, Albert E. Vernon, David H. Weihofen, Henry P. 13th0 yean law stubents Baron, Melvyn D. Browne, Graham Buell, Sumner Burciaga, Juan G. Student Bar Association President 90 tthO yean law stubents McCarty, Scott Monroe, J. j, Parrish, Lamar Sutin, Jonathon law students Chesney, Gary K. DePuy, Richard McBride, Robert Martinez, Anthony A. Romero, Renato Runyan, Norman Saab. Fred 91 college 0E nunsmq Dean Virginia P. Crenshaw joined the Uni- versity of New Mexico faculty in September, 1961, when she became Dean of the College of Nursing. Prior to coming to Albuquerque, she made her home in Los Angeles. She received her B.S. degree in Nursing from Vanderbilt in Tennessee, her Master of Public Health from the University of North Carolina, and her Doctor of Education from George Peabody College for Teachers. Dean Crenshawk field of special interest is Interpersonal Relations in Nursing. The College of Nursing was established in 1954 and opened for students in the fall of 1955. Since that time, the staff has grown from one, the first dean, Elenor King, to the present staff of nine of which Virginia P. Crenshaw is the clean. The college building is Marron Hall but 1 the college has its offices in the local hospitals i where the nursing students receive their prac- i tical training. i Students not only receive the basic knowl- i edge and skill required in professional nursing but they also receive a liberal arts background in humanities and social sciences. They have the advantage of training with mixed culturese the Indian, Spanish, and Indo-Europeans which gives them a basis for coping with un- usual situations which they may encounter later, The nursing students train in Bernalillo County Indian Hospital, Bataan Memorial Hospital, and in various health and rehabilita- tion centers. There is an increasing demand, especially in New Mexico, for people to fill staff positions in hospitals, out-patient departments, health de- partments, industries, schools, and military ser- vices, which this college helps to till. A mastefs degree is offered as preparation for supervisory, administrative, and teaching positions or for specialization in the field of nursing which is of the most interest to the nursing student. nunsmq Eaculty Dean, Virginia Jackson, Virginia S. Jensen, Faith Johnson, Elizabeth Moloney, Agnes Noble, Genevieve Simmons, Mary nunsmq senlons Ayers, Betty AWS Rally Comm-V Pres SNA-Sec Cramp, Prudence Alpha Chi Omega Spurs Campanas-Sec Mortar Board Junior Class-V Pres i Isaacs, Flora HilleL-V Pres Clippers SNA IRC Smith, Karen Student Nurses-V. P. U.C.C.F.-V. P. Mirage Folk Music Club State Student Nurses Barnes, Anne Kappa Alpha Theta WRA AWS Clippers SNA Erickson, Merlyn SNA Jue, Anne SNA State Student Nurses Student Assistant Hokona Hokona Hall House Council Spence, Nancy Student Nurses-treas. State Student Nurses Hokona Scholarship Chm. Belka, Lynne Campbell, Linda Kappa Alpha Theta Pi Beta Phi AWS Waterlous Panhellenic SNA Gage, Janet Holst, Shirley Alpha Chi Omega SNA-Pres Canterbury State Student Nurses SNA Morgan, Joan Sadilek, Julie Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta Spurs Angel Flight SNA Freshman Cheerleader Stevenson, Janet Swain, Arthur Student Nurses Student Nurses State Student Nurses-pres. 95 qmabuau: schoo In 1919 the University of New Mexico addec the Graduate School to its program. Thi school was organized to encourage advance work and independent investigation in th particular fields in which New Mexico offer exceptional opportunities. Today, masters de' grees are offered in 38 departments and doc toris degrees, in fourteen departments. Th school is aided by various grants from federa agencies and private foundations. The Na tional Science Foundation grant directed to ward science-teacher educational programs 0 the graduate level of study, and the Ford Foun dation grant promoting an accelerated master program are but two such examples. Benjamin I-Iought served as the first directo 0f the Graduate School in 1919. E. F. Castelle succeeded him and served as the director unti his retirement in August of 1961. Dr. Stuar Northrop then served as acting dean until th summer of 1962 when Dean Parish assume: the position. Dean William J. Parish came to the Unive sity of New Mexico in 1943 from Clevelan- Ohio where he was in business. He served . dean of the College of Business Administr. tion, then on July 1, 1962, as dean of the Gran uate School. He received his Ph.D. at Brow University and MBA. and DOS. from Hat vard. Business History is Dean Parish1s field'o interest. qmabuate stubents Black, Bruce A. Brummell, Gerald Chewiwie, Frank Fleck, Martin Forsythe, James L. Garcia, Chris F. Garza, Orlando Hatton, Ned Hamlett, Dale Hann, Bruce Harm, Sharon Hatfield, Charles Hauer, Gerard quabuate stubents Hyoun, Sookim Joseph, Walter Kang, Young Hoon Kitzinger, David Kohl, Jim Miller, Fred Putman, William Ryberg, George Summers, Mary Adams Syed, Anwar Rasul Swarup, Chaitanya Warren, Tony Williamson, Anna Dell 98 imastens pnoqnam is the Masters Program, started in 1961. The purpose of this program is to encourage tal- ented undergraduates who intend to teach on the college or university level by offering them an accelerated program of study which enables them to receive a masters degree within three years after they enter the program. The student enters the program in his junior year and serves apprenticeship under top-graded teach- ers through his first year of graduate study. Seven departments participate in this program: 1 anthropolog , biology, chemistry, English, his- t tory, mathematics, and Spanish. The Master's program was started with a grant from the Ford Foundation and today has a participating wfaculty of 75. The office is located in the Ad- ministration building. Originating the Masters Program and serv- ling as the first acting director was Morris Freedman, presently with the University Eng- 11ish Department. In the summer of 1961, WVilliam M. Dabney, the present director, be- came head of the program. 1 Director Dabney came to Albuquerque from ,Savannah, Georgia. He taught in Scotland for 1a year and has served as assistant chairman of 1 the history department. He completed his un- idergraduate study at 1Vi11iam and Mary and 11seceived his Ph.D. from the University of iVirginia. The field of research most interesting to him is the American Revolution. One of the newest developments at UNM 1 unwensnty college A new. idea was brought to the University of New Mexico in 1957uthe establishment of a University College. This college is designed to help the entering underclassman by offering him the maximum opportunity to select the course of study best suited to him through test- ing, guidance, and a broad curriculum. The University College keeps a record of every student, his grade average, his choice of degree-granting colleges, his date of gradua- tion, and his test scores. It also compiles sta- tistics from these records which establish the university policies. The college oHice is in the stadium building. The personnel of this college has grown to three full-time employees and 125 faculty ad- visors for students. XVilliam H. Huber has served as director of the University college since its founding. He studied at Ohio State University where he re- ceived is BA. and LLB. degrees. His home was Pennsylvania, and his principle interests are business and political law. honons pnoqnam The Honors program was initiated in 1957 as an extra-reading program for University stu- dents and has been subsidized by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation. Today the program serves a four-fold purpose: 01 it supplies addi- tional breadth to the students general educa- tion, t21 it places the able student in direct competition with other able students further developing each student to his capacities, $0 it presents a greater opportunity for expression by the student, Oh it offers an environment of improved intellectual opportunity and greater challenge. Students are admitted into the Honors Pro- gram on the basis of academic achievement and ability as demonstrated on entrance examina- tions either during their freshman or at the be- ginning of their sophomore year. Honors stu- i dents then follow the General Studies curricu- lum in addition to their normal program and i receive full credit on their honors courses toward graduation. Freshmen enroll in two different colloquia, one each semester, in which a book a week is read and discussed. They also enroll in English courses restricted to honors students. In their sophomore year, students take one seminar each semester on a subject outside their field of specialization. The junior year is devoted to studies of various aspects outside Western Civi- lization. Seniors work individually in the de- partments of their specialization. The program is headed by Dudley Wynn, who served as the dean of the College of Arts and Science from 1953 until 1961. Prior to this he taught English at the University of New Mexico from 1934-47, then from 1947-1953 he taught at the University of Colorado. Dr. Wynn was born in Cooper, Texas and received his Ph.D. from the University of New York. Abernathy, Mary Abrams, John Acree, Jimmy Aiken, Marsha Ajayi, Rowland Allen. M. E. Amidon, Roberta Anderson, Marilyn Anna, Terry Apodaca, A. Hookw Assimakis, Patricia Atkinson, Jerry Bain, Phyllis Ball, Jeanne Ball, Marilyn Barbee, Geraldine Batie, Don Baxter, Mary Helen Beall, Diana Bell, Jacqueline Bell, Ronald Bell, Sidney N Benischek, Rita Bennet, Becky Bennett, Tim Berkshire, Terry Best, Charles Bilbao-La-Vieja, Roberto Bisbee, Beverly Blackmar, Pam Blaschke, Lindy Bliss, Joan Bonham, Gordon Booher, Sharon Bomtein, Fred 102 Bohm, Sam Borthwick, Bill Bower, Adele Bower, June Bower, Robert Boyd, Chuck Braden, Bobbie Bregnard, Adrian L. Brennand, Dan Brimberry, Lorraine A. Broullire, Peter J Brown, Ken Bryant, Barry Bryant, William Buchleiter, Orin Burke, Carole Burnell, Kenneth Burns, Carol Burrows, Don Butterfleld, Dan Byrd, George Byrd, Marvin Cabot, Martha Calhoon, Jerry L. Campbell, Judy Canada, Sharon Canard, Robert Canon, M. Robert Carnes, Cindi Carpenter, Larry Case, Paulette Caudill, Larry Chaplin, Robert Chavez, Eflie Chesney, Dennis Christ, Harold Ciani, John 104 Crosby, Ben Crouse, Steve Darr, Carole Davidson, Nancy Davis, Julie Ann Deal, Kathy Dean, Merry Lee de Cola, Carolyn Dc Grodt, Alrita dc La Fuente, Emiliaro del Castillo, Modesto Depke, Irene Aimee Derr, Marion Dcutchman, Beverly De Valk, Judy Devlin, Ellen Diamond, Larry Dinkel, Judith Clark, Ocie Clauser, Donna Cloward, Richard Cockrofl, Kitty CoEman, Leanne Cohen, Phil Colvin, Grace Louise Comer, john Conlin, Mike Cope, Charles Corbin, Kate Corey, Lynette Corner, Dorothy Cooper, Gale Craig, Dennis Craig, Margaret Cramer, John Cravy, Thomas Dominguez, Manuel Doss, Dick Dozois, Anne Marie Drcxcl, Paul Du Fume, Steve Duke, Rebecca Duran, Kathleen Eckard, Glenn Edwards, Dennis Egan, Polly Elliott, Wen Ellis, Norman L. Epstein, Jeff Evans, Jack Ewing, Ronnie Eyman, Charles Fairchild, Diana Fanning, Bill Fantozzi, Gloria Marie Farrar, William E. Jr. Fernandez, Arthur Fishback, C. F. Flakes, Donald Fleck, Annchnrn Forgan, Phyllis Fry, Joe Galloway, Sandra Garcia, Paula Garrison, Laura Gastaldo, Joan George, James GiHord, Barbara Gillespie, Dottie Glenn, Merry Alice Gonzales, Charles Gonzales, Erlinda 106 Haydon, Valerie Heard, janice Heflin, Sara Hendricks, Louis Hicks, Bill Hill, Ralph Hillcmcycr, David Holcchcck, Lcon Hollis, Byron Homan, Carol Ann Horncy, Pete Hubbard, Howard Huff, Jean Huffman, Earl Inlow, Mikc lnman, john W'. Jackson, Jeff Jacobs, Jerry Gray, Cameron Griego, George Griffin, jerry Groebner, Jerry Hallbauer, Kenneth Hultom, Tuck Hamilton, Pat Hanley, Pauline Harkness, Susan Harlow, James Harper, Nancy Harris, Larry Harris, Mary Ann Harris, Michael Harris, Richard D. Harrison, judy Hawk, Paul W. Hawley, Eileen Jacobus, Guy A Jauckcx15,J111io Jensen, Shawna Jernigan, Tom Johnson, Carole Johnson, Randy Jones, Clifford Jones, Cynthia jones, Harlcne Jones, H. Barton Johnson, Roberta Jordan, David Jumper, George Kaehr, Mitchael Kay, Judith Keeling, Terry Keith, Don Keleher, Tom Kelly, Patrick J. Kendall, Vic Kennedy, Jenann Kerry, Marilyn Kimbrough, Maurcc King, Harold Kinzer, Larry Kirk, Karen Klein, Phil chnzing, Henry Knott, Richard Kohlcs, David Kohlhaas, Chuck Krebs, Mary Anne Kuhnlc, Kale Lane, Leroy Larsen, Robert Laughlin, Tom 107 Lawrence, Ellen Leach, Don Leach, Helen Lease, Norma Leezer, William Lewis, Chuck Leyva, Dorothy Limbert, George Lincoln, William, Jr. Link, Robert Lites, Arthur Lopez, Al Lopez, Rita Lopez, Thomas R. Lovato, Pal Lovett, Bruce Lutkus, Carol Lynch, Sydni UHIORS McBride, Phil McCain, Floyd McCausland, Edward McCroskey, Pat McDavid, Bill McFarland, Peggy McKay, Marilynnc McNealy, Walter McNult, Nancy Macstas, Eli Mall, Phillip Maloney, Norma Marquez, jimmic Martinez, Felix Martinez, Martha Mason, Molly Mazziotti, Vince 108 Mclnick, Kathy q-..w w-w AW Messersmith, Lanny Melzgcr, Marion Meyerhcin, Richard Miles, jay Miller, Dennis Mitchell, Bernadine Mize, Elizabeth Mueller, Linda Mooney, Janet Morales, Arthur Moran, Frank E. Mork, Peter Morris, Robert Moseley, Merryl Muller, Douglas Munns, Ronald Murphy, Eileen Murphy, Fran Naeve, Pam Nagle, Adrian Nahmad, Mike Nanninga, Margaret Nelson, Toni Neubcr, Anita Neuber, Nancy Newton, Joy O'Brien, Joan Clinger, Charles Ortiz, Romeo Ortiz y Pino, Jerry Osberg, jim Ozero, Martin A. Parodi, Richard Paterson, Kay Payne, Dianna Paynton, Earle 110 Ribble. Gennie Richardson, Rebecca Riordan. 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Summers, Beverly Summers, Dixie Sunderlend, Ginny Sutton, John Uranga, Ignacio Urschel, Mary Ann Valdez, Carmen Valdez, Pete Valdez, Stanley Van Cleave, Barbara Van Gemert, Richard Vescovi, Nanette Vicenti, Kathryn Vickers, Lon Vickery, Lucretia Vigil, Bertha Voda, Lynne Volpato, Kenneth Vorenburg, Marilyn w Wack, Bill Wagner, Mary Sue Walker, Terry Walton, Mary Lee i Ward, Joel Warner, Lee XVarner, Margi Weeks, Robert XVeiIer, Margaret Ann Weldon, Louise Wells, Betsy Wells, Ed Wells, Jack Wenzel, Walter Werner, David Westcott, Mary Linda Whidden, Jack White, Millie Wiater, Paul Wiegman, Carol Wiggerman, Charlotte Wihry, Thornton Wilkes, Jeff Wilking, Judith F. Williams, Margaret Wilson, Marilyn Winn, Harriet Winn, Vicky Woken, Joan Wolf, Le Roy Wooley, Randall Wright, Bob Wright, Fred Wyatt, Stan Wyman, Becky York, David Zuni, Mary Lou 143 spemal events Above the main entrance t the old Art Building is situate this sculpture in cement. It wa created in 1952 by a studen Paul hHarris, as a special ar problem. The department ha continued its tradition of co tributing works of art to th University with the installatim of a 20 by 80 foot stained gla window in the new Educatio Complex. The window was d signed by John Tatschl, chai man of the art department. Th window forms the west wall .- the central core section of th building. More than a year planning preceeded the actu. construction which took thre months. It is composed of Oh inch thick stained glass c from ten thousand poun I of material imported fro France. highlights or the yean am Km 8W 5W WW 33mm m JW 5 anew KW 74W 6 74m 4764x209 Q576 2W W $WW KW 74W 7W WWW $ mmw W KW' 157 homecoming attenbants 158 i XW $Wmmx4 i KW 74W papen boll attenbants RM RM pi Eda pk; 159 76am agWM M KW 74W acks 0; he 54419 RM aamacfa 041011 160 MW QMZWW 744m BMZZa p; populamty Attenbants M M pm Ma 2W Mg 161 $mm $aMey pi Eda pk; cnystal Ball attenbants Mamet 5km Jiahm: a41all esqume qmls Kyla Taylor Carleen Cook Margaret Sharp Ardith Homan 163 Fnatenmty Faustine Branson Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Cathie Milligan Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Trudy Stough Lambda Chi Alpha Cresent Gir Judy Crockett Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Elaine Reithel Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl sweetheants Carolyn Hibbard Queen of the Golden Heart Sigma Phi Epsilon Kathy Orlando Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon Mary Hall Sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta Martha Donner Kappa Alpha Rose Louise Warbois Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl 1 165 shelBy smith national mam 0E cotton specnal events actwntles mqht COUEGE BOWl Kivu Club's winning booth at Activiiies Night. UNM's College Bowl team, left to right, are Dr. Henry Ellis, coach, Steve Crouse, Paul Metzger, cap1ain, Ruth Chenoweth, and Carter Rila. Bobby Santiago is honored a? an assembly that also honored the 1962 WAC champions. hanqmq 0F the queens Hanging of the greens is sponsored each Christmas by Mortar Board, Senior Women's Honorary. x song Fest Chi Omega, 2nd place, women. 169 homecoming 30-d94307300 Coronation of Siegrid Hoyt, 1962 Homecoming Queen. Bonnne Queen Siegrid lights the bonfire. 170 Eestwltles Oance Les Brown's "Band of Renown" entertains uf 1he dance. Mortar Board, Senior Women's Honorary, sells mums for fhe football game. 171 homecoming Ceconatlons Kappa Sigma, 2nd Men's. Baptist Student Union. Klva Club, 1:! Independem's. Chi Omega, 2nd Women's. Phi Sigma Kappa. stunt mqht Et tu Brutus populamty Ball Jackie Honeywell, popularity queen. 173 Fiesta Queen Mary Ann Craig ,..--.....u..,. Fiesta Fashions Everyone needs a sombrero. spnmq During bathing beauties at the Gay Nineties Party. Terri Walker kisses the blarney stone in fronf of Electrical Engineering Building on St. Patrick's Day-also Engineer's Day. What beHer way 10 study for finals? ' SW m n! J3 y... -x 4i! $9rv$ q mix Graduation-upward, onward, and all that. 175 rrlH-i . Ille' W . W. 3... ,7 .,;V+t1le4r,.1.rl+47 4A1 w WEIMEHIH J gttww. i t , i'mr-Wu-ny-.Li'ii..,.s'Wii.r'- 9 iii- The $2,500,000 Music Building, first phase of the massive pueblo Fine Arts Center, was completed this year. The present building will house the depart- ment of music, a new art gallery, and an expanding library of the fme arts. Because expenses exceeded archi- tects estimates on the music building, the Regents decided to exclude the concert hall from the hrst phase 0' construction. Because of this exclu sion, productions such as the Operett HHansel and Gretel," shown on th right, have to be held in the Unio ballroom or old Rodey Theatre. How ever, because several prominent Albu querque citizens offered to help rais part of the cost of the concert hall, an m the UNM department of developmen reports that plans are progressing f0 acquiring the necessary funds, UN . should have its concert hall in the nea future. The Fine Arts section of the 1963 MIRA GE is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Salli Moran 177 .3. r. 3.5, tinny .' r,u ,; Ah. x.1.ty I . yrs ? .2... 5.3.3 .. Ax. . MED! ..h". I" I-Iif II-IIIIIHNII Illlaunia-Ill IIIIIlI-!III : I..- IIa-I' - m'I-03 'M- VIIIIIIII IIIIlI " ' - Richard Waggoner, and John Heimerich. Harold Benson, Dennis Reilly, and Anthony Black. B. J. Donham, C. A. Zwoyer, and Jim Burton. Winners of the Allied Arts Division Illumi- nating Engineering Society competition are, from left to right, Jess Holmes, 2nd place, Phil Franks, 3rd place, and Manual Fernan- dez, 151 place. 179 Elizabeth XVaters, noted Southwest ern dancer, presented her Modern Dance Workshop this spring in per- formances during the latter part of April. The workshop, sponsored by the UNM College of Fine Arts, is an invi- tational group of dedicated dancers, both male and female. They supplement their regular Class work with many night practices and weekends devoted to working with Miss XVaters as she creates new inter- pretive dances. Frequently the group appears in other New Mexico commu- nities. ' K WWII ' N. 'K' "MM.'..IMJ W,m,,v no 6X17 In this play one man and two women are locked up for eternity in one hideous room in hell. The windows are bricked up, there are no mirrors, the electric lights can never be turned off, and there is No Exit. the chalk qanben The title of this play refers to the stunted and unfertile garden of an elderly dowage who can make neither her garden nor her teenage granddaughter flourish as they should. Imaq nany thAllO This play involves a hypochondria who must battle not only his imaginary illness and his doctors, but also a stubborn daughter and a shrewish wife plotting to acquire his sizable estate. hansel ano qnetel This famous Children5s story by Engelbert Hum-- perdinck nHansel 8c Gretel," rich With echoes of German folklore, was this yeafs Opera Workshop production. In the title roles were Tammie Show and Jean Miller. ; n . x. H N 5V:; 3.. g -x 55 Fit. :mw "4.x 5, 186 unm onchesma under the direction of Kurt Frederick The members of the UNM Orchestra are, Violin: Margaret Bowling Qrincipab, Mary Lewise Butler, David Cole, Yoko Hayashi Concertmaste0, Masaoki Inoue, Kathie Jarrett, Con- nie Martin, Roy Martin, Doris Phelps, Suzy Rutherford, Ami- ram Sheffet, Ronald Swigger, Carol .Turpen, Nima Ward, Beverly XMharry. Viola: Sharon Anderson, Mary Wynn Bishop, Pam Hinchcliffe, John Randall, john Ward QrincipaD. Cello: Richard Brewer, Ann Colvin, Dina Davidson, Patty Koehnke, Richard Mock, Cynthia Norman Qrincipab, Anne Wilkinson. Double Bass: Wilfred Aragon, Charles F. Bader, Edward Lcdcrer, Marion Pollock Qrincipaly Harp: Barbara Levine. Flute Qiccoloy Joy Byrnes, Donna Clauser, Patsy Orth. Oboe GanIish Horm: Roger Jannotta, Patricia Sullivan, Carolyn Randall. Clarinet: Charles Atkinson, Lavina Smith. Bassoon: Patricia Lewis King, Charles Davis. French Horn: Paul Tafoya, Linda Moeller, Richard Oehring, Rollins Turner. Trumpet: Paul McEwen, Scott Ramsey, Jame Stapleton. Trombone: Paul Gensemer, Ken Adkins, Mac Kenley. Tuba: Alan Hueber. Kettledrums: Keith Purdue. Percussion Instruments: Betty Ann Garcia, Ken Whiton. Members of the Chamber ensemble are Jean Mellekas, Yoko Hayashi, Joy Byrnes, Charles Atkinson, Cynthia Graham, and the nur- rafor, Jane Snow. Members of the Woodwind Quintet are Barbara Smbbs, Joseph Blankenship, James Thornton, Wayne Sharp, and Wil- liam E. Rhoads. Members of the Tour Group are, seafed, Yoko Hayashi, Charles Atkinson, Carolyn Randall, Paul McEwen, Thomas Kelly. Standing are Marion Pollock and Keith Purdue. 187 a capella chom Members of the A Capella Choir are Troy Brazell, John Dawson, Edwina SmiIh, Arthur Wakemun, Sue Robinson, Phillip Keen, Ann Bulgin, Stephan Van Delinder, James Barber, Meale Hyatt, Rebecca 5. Higginbofham, Mark Hahn, Linda Welton, Mariorie Moore, Richard Gardener, Florence Stein, Merritt Sfrohl, John Wright, John Buchanan, Kenneth Smith, William Edwards, Edith Higgins, Patricia Parmley, Judith Ray, Art Eberhardt, Sheldon Kalberg, Kathleen Otis, Karen Roberts, Juanita Hagood, Rose Angela Ellis, Jo Anne Donald, John Mraz, George Hewlett, Steve BroWn, Alex Montoya, Carlos Duran, Carol Yandell, and Carlos Romo. theloso Eoun The "Lobo Four," a campus quartet, is composed of Dave Wilson, Stephen Van Delindar, Herb Denish, and Troy Brazoll unwensuty chopus Members of the University Chorus are Judith Ann Wilson, Sharon Rose, Sharon Foster, John Stewart, Robert Klee, K'Ann Hubby, Verna Greer, Lawrence O'Delley, Mary Ann Toepper, Carol Ann Homan, G. Gretchen Koehnke, Beverly Ervine, Diana Newcomb, Karen Schroeder, Andrea Ayer, Kathleen Cumin, Beverly Summers, Elinor Bratton, Sandra Landis, Anabel Benonti, Elanor Arnold, Linda David, H. V. Leach, Morrell O. Slack Mildred Ferwerda, Gay Kennedy, Joan Atkinson, Leslie Nelson, Cafhy Egan, and Barbara Masuk. Accompanists for the University Chorus are Eleanor Arnold and Carol Yandell. 189 a i A .m m . u Drum Maior Dave Mangusso Judy Dyhrmann and Eva Hubbard UNM's fwirlers, manchmq Bane 0 9 1 unn1 Alto Clarinets Margaret Swain Jack Evans Sandra Shore B Flat Clarinets Charles Atkinson Patricia Sullivan Lavinia Smith Mark Born Gwen Sasaki Molly McGinnis Ed Amsden Betty Sheets COHCGQI BanO William E. Rhoads Conductor Special Soloist with the concert band this year was MacDowell Kinley. He played Milton Bushhs ttBallade for Trombone" in all three of the sea- sonts concerts. Dorothy Musgrove Larry Trout Carolyn Hibbard Mary Kruse Mary R. Kimmons Al Jarrett Bass Clarinets Rose Gutierrez Charles Mitchell Lance Karney Marilyn Vorenberg Baritones Thomas Kelly Alan Rex Paul Gensemer Basses Alan Heuber Dan Dane Wilburn Pogue John T. Duncan Bassoons Carolyn Randall Charles Davis Aris Chavez English Horn Carolyn Randall Flutes Georgia Byrnes Donna Trott Adelia Sasaki Patsy Orth Marta Jo Ballmer Virginia Bentley Ray St. John Jane Fullerton Mary Lou Schmidt Margaret McSpadden French Horns Richard Oehring David Georgius Janice Jack Leland Miller Linda Mueller Oboe Roger Jannotta Saxophones Larry Sheets Mike Roeder Ulysses McElyea Priscilla Darress James Raschel Trombones Macdowell Kenley William Paynter Kenneth Adkins Ray Barker Raymond Sweet John Spacer Trumpets Paul McEwen Scott Ramsey Peter Syverson Richard Stapleton Richard Atkinson Billy Wach Joseph Arvizu Robert Capes Merritt Strohl Percussion William Luxford Alan Lockridge Ken Whiton. Keith Purdue Leslie Leach Betty Taylor 191 ORGAHIZAEIOHS Kwataka dormitory, con structed in 1906, was the firs- UNM dorm as well as the firm building on campus to be con structed in the modified puebl - style. The design on the wal near .the entrance to the do is found on Hopi pottery an represents the ttMan-Eagle," .t mythical bird worshiped by th -. Indians for its strength. Kwataka dorm held onl twenty-four men. Coronado UNMts newest dormitory wa build on the eastern edge 0 the campus and opened in th fall of 195g. Coronado house 450 men. v mm W In the front row are Art Mosher, Raymond Gibson, treasurer, Prof. M. C. May, Robert Dunlap, John Ciani, Jim Baker, John Thomas, Joel Burstein, secretary, Frank Bosilievac. In the second row are Dr. James T. P. Yao, faculty adviser, Prof. Ray Foss, Arf Peterson, Fidel Smith, Vernon Norman, vice president, Conrad Jackson, Rober'! Dawson, George House, Howard Mock, president. Chi Epsilon, founded on the UNM campus in 1951, is a national honorary civil engineering fraternity. Its purpose is to encourage greater achievements in the civil engineering profession with the broad pIinciples of scholarship, practicality and sociability as guides; Dhl lamBOa theta Seated are Dr. Genevieve Damgaard, president, Lorraine Painter, vice president, Jane Luxford, treasurer, Priscilla Montoya, Mary Louise Holmquist, Judith Runge, Verna Greer, Alice McIntosh, Patricia Lewis, Charlotte Yesselmun. Standing are Dorothy Grange, Jewel Clements, Edith Manfredi, Mary Rowe, Peg Elliot, Pat Rodgers, Louise Hensley, Norma Tornabene, Pauline McGranahun, Helen Harriger, Irma Bobo, Ruby Syms, Barbara Cannon, Donna Duhou, Hilda Spies, Shirley Barkmun, Lucy Dobkins, recording secretary. Pi Lambda Theta, a national honor and professional association for women in education, was founded in 1939 on the University campus. Its purpose is to maintain the highest standards of scholarship and professional preparatlon and to foster professional spirit and fellowship. The local membership which IS composed of both college and graduate students and alumnae helps with the annual NEA Con- vention held on the UNM campus in the fall. 193 pl tau Sigma In the front row are Gregory Baker, Don Eitzen, Joseph Amode, Tom Wittman, Clyde Montoya and Bruce Bauer. In Ihe segond row are Larry Seamons, Jerry Freedman, Jerry Weibert, Dr. R. C. Dove, Mike Sampsel, and Dave Christiansen. The third row includes Ken Simmons, Barry Shafer, C. H. Treat, Siew Poh Chan, and Arthur Cone. Pi Tau Sigma, established in 1948, is a national honorary for mechanical engineers. Its purpose is to foster high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest and coordinate depart- mental activities, and to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members. SIGmA tau Sigma Tau is the national engineering honorary. Members are chosen from all fields of engi- neering, and must have a scholastic record in the upper one-third of the junior or senior class. In the front row are William W. Hawke, Douglas W. Fraser, Robert A. Benham, Philip Turek, Jerry Weibert, leelcmd H. Hague, Arihur S. Tanaka, and Richard J. Young. In the second row are Robert C. Dunlap, Michael M. SumpseI, Chuck Fri", Frederick D. Ju, Joel Burstein, Victor Cutler, Mike Wright, and Greg Baker. 194 kappa omlcnon Dhl ront row: Juaniia Garcia, Secretary; Marge Jones, Vice Presideni; Judy Runge, President; Janice Reece, Treasurer; Barbara Roby, Publicity. Second Row: Ann Huckabee; Clarene Roberts; Mary Ann Mahon; Lynette Corey. Kappa Omicron Phi is the national home economics honorary, founded at UNM in 1936. This group's purpose is to recognize outstanding women in the field of home economics on campus. phi gamma nu The Mu chapter of Phi Gamma Nu, a national professional sorority in commerce, was formed at UNM in 1949. The sorority promotes high scholar- ship among women majoring in business, along with professional competency and achievement in the field of business. ! I r r i on? row: Bev Horstmann, Treasurer; Connie Claus Morgan, President; KiAun Hubby, Vice President, Bea Denison, Secretary; Eva Glaese, Faculty Adviser. Second row: Anne i Scott, Kay Rhodes, Ellen Devlin, Pam Blackmar, Verna Greer, Kathleen West. 195 Sigma alpha Iota In the front row are Vin Smith, Donna Tron, Cynthia Norman, Vice President, Pat Shunklin, President, Pat Judkins, Joke Hyushi. In the second row are Cufhy Cornelius, Claire Jessy, Cathy West, Treasurer, Joy Hicks, Beverly Genserner, Secretary, Linda Moeller, Cheryl Cunningham. Alpha Sigma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, national honorary music fraternity for women, was founded at UNM May 25, 1935. S.A.I. presents a Spring Musical of Contemporary Music and opens the Christmas season on campus with the annual Christmas Vespers Service, performed jointly with Phi Mu Alpha. phl mu alpha smEoma In the front row are Chris Anderson, Sheldon Kalberg, Ken Adkins, Charles Atkinson, President, Ken Whiion, Ray Martin, Troy Bruzell, Secretary, Mr. Charles Davis, Sponsor. In the second row are Dr. Joseph Blankenship, Province Governor, Mason McCullough, John Thompson, Ulysses McElyea, Jr., Ray Barker, Allan Lockridge, Alex Montoya, Tommy Shoon, Charles Bader, Treasurer. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a professional music fraternity dedicated to the advancement of music and the pro- motion of brotherhood among men engaged in music activities. The Iota Phi Chapter was founded at UNM in january, 1961. Activities of this group include the annual Christmas Vespers, help in the Hanging 0f the Greens, and musical programs. Theta Sigma Phi, the journalism honorary for junior and senior women, was founded on the University omote and inform young women in journalism of the opportunities and rewards in the field of journalism. T theta Sigma e annual Paper Doll Dance and a City-wide Publicity clinic. i i Phi Kappa Phi is an honorary composed of professors, graduates and undergraduate students elec rpose is to emphasize scholarship in thoughts of college students and stimulate mental achievement phl kappa phi ippa Phi members invited to joint at the Spring Honors Assembly of 1962. Patricia Absher Betty F. Ancona Amelia Andrews Arthur Arenholz Betty Jane Benson john D. Born Warren Bruce 111 i Ruth T. Caplan John Cheetham Bobbie O'Chesky Donald E. Chipman i Robert A. Cooper i Gerald Curtis l Paul B. Dailey, Jr. i Hobart Dixon Kathryn Evans William A. Evans John Fairbanks Martin Fleck jerry M. Freedman Bruce Gattis Phyllis Gaby Simmie Gibson Jeanette Gillette Natalie Gooch Andrea Marilyn Green John Griffith Fred Gutierrez Harold H. Haines Dorothy Mae Hallenberger Jacqueline Hill Barbara Howard Margaret Hoyt jack Hyatt Sonja Hyduke James 0. Johnson Jack B. Joyce Phillip Karrh Martin Kellogg Raymond D. Kreig Eve Lally Jamesj. Lang Larry joe Langston Howard P. Lindberg Perry Lindberg Sherrill 5. Lloyd Richard D. Lunt Crawford J. MacCallum Norman Marin Tereshinha A. P. Martins Kathryn McCormick Helen W. Metzgar Angela Meyendorf Anne Mian James L. Mitchell Doyle K. Morgan jacob V. Morgan Ruth F. Nutt Nancy Babb Nunez Ann Marie Remley Nelda W. Rosa Frank J. Schneider David C. Schultz Robert L. Schumacker Mary A. J. Segroves Frances V. Sheppard jane B. Smith Ralph C. Smith Samuel D. Stearns Seated are Rose Marie Walker, treasurer, Fran Gillespie, president. Standing are Lynn O'Connor, Peg Pifillo, Keen Raf- ferty, Journalism Chairman, Susan Ellis, Florence Conway, secretary. campus in 1952. Its purpose is to his group's major activities include ted from every college of the University. Its by membership. Following is the list of Phi William W. Steger Joseph M. Stuart Ronald Swigger Burney P. Talley John F. Taylor Marian Anne Thomas Billy Jean Thompson Lida Frances Thompson Gerald L. Traut Ricard T. Tregellas Ralph Trujillo Bobbie Carlene Walker William W. Waisler Hubertien H. Williams Anna Dell Williamson Lockett E. Wood Michael M. Wood 197 198 SDURS 'Spurs, national sophomore womerfs service honorary, was founded at UNM in April of 1939. Spurs strive toward their purpose of promoting school spirit, supporting campus activities, and fostering a spirit of loyalty, helpfulness, and academic pursuit among college women. UNM Spurs are this year enthusiastically engaging in several interesting projects in an effort to carry out their motto: AT YOUR SERVICE. They began by ushering for commencement, continued by working for registration, selling programs at football games, and holding their annual iiSpurshey Bar" sale to earn money for their Scholarship Fund. Jane Green Anne Scott President Vice President i i Margaret Koch Sharon Brimhall Secretary Treasurer 1 ' i Jan Baker Dorothy Bass Lynda Boose Joy Byrnes Sharon Carmichael Cathy Cornelius Joline Daffer Pat Devine Ann Dolmage Carolyn Hibbard Jackie Honeywell Gwyneth Ann Jones Marsha Jones Gayle Mortensen Billie Nichols Marianne Regensberg Missy Sanderson Ginger Stauffer Gail Thomas Natalie White Kathe Worthing VlGllAhtGS Vigilantes, Sophomore honorary for men, is an or- ganization of men oriented toward scholarship, public service and improvement of life on campus. They serve at Freshmen Registration and Orienta- tion Program, usher at Lobo football games, work at the N.M.E.A. Conventions, and help with other proj- ects around the University. The biggest achievement of this years Vigilantes is the awarding of a $50.00 Tuition Scholarship to a stu- dent from the state of New Mexico. This is the first scholarship to be awarded by a Vigilantes group in its 36 year history at the University of New Mexico. ac us 1n 0 en oen er er k R h' g R b S l b g President Vice President : Phillip Keen Eugene Zechmeister Treasurer Secretary Ken Adkins Ted Bishop Hillard Howard Jon Jonz Carl Raglin Jim Roach John Salazar Don Fralick Joe Cant David Niese Kirk Thompson John Whitcomb 199 las campanas Las Campanas was founded in 1958, for the purpose of honoring those junior women who have shown loyalty to the University and who continue to give their service and leadership to the advancement of its scholastic achievement, Annehara Fleck Polly Hanley President its interests, welfare, and unity. Vicemresidem Las Campanas conducts homecoming elections, the bou- tonniere sale, and Fiesta elections and coronation. The group elects and gives recognition to an outstanding professor each month. Anne Marie Dowis Joan Gastaldo Treasurer Secretary Si Diana Beall Rita Benischek Kate Corbin Dorothy Comer Marion Derr Kale Kuhnle Peggy McFarland Marilynne McKay janice Peck Reece Vicki Scott Lynn Snoddy Sue Steed Sharon White 200 chakaa The Junior menhs honorary, Chakaa, was founded at the University of New Mexico in 1956 in order to promote and provide recognition for scholarship, leadership, and partici- pation in extra-curricular activities. Devised primarily as a service organization dedicated to helping the University community, Chakaa has actively en- gaged in such projects as freshmen orientation, sale of pro- grams at home football games, campus chest, and the building of "Professor Snarf" for Fiesta. A typical Chakaa group will contain leaders in student government, religious organiza- tions, intercollegiate athletics, and other representative college activities. Peter 1. Broullire III President Richard P. Quintana Treasurer Dennis Roberts Vice President Robert W. Weig Secretary Tim Bennett Gordon Scott Bonham John B. Ciana Dave England Mike Inlow George Jumper Bruce P. Lovctt Lee Stafford Mairs Frank E. Moran Richard S. Parodi Patrick F. Phelan Robert Charles Morris William Schoenhut Lauren Seiler Robert William Slaglc John R. Thompson John C. Williams 201 montan BOARD Gale Williams Roberta O'Neill Ann Marie Remlcy President Vice president Secretary Founded in 1918, Mortar Board, a national senior womerfs honorary, was formed on the UNM campus in 1936. The purpose of Mortar Board is to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a fmer type of college woman. The women of this honorary sponsor the Hanging 0f the Greens, Stunt Night, mum sales at Homecoming, a senior breakfast, scholarships amounting to $600, and the junior tea honoring the outstanding junior woman. 1 Nancy Ballenger Sali Barnett Patricia Bolton Prudence Cramp t Karen Dorris Fran Gillespie Jean Grigsby Cynthia Norman Margarita Ramos Stephanie Redd Judith Runge Tina Sanderson 202 Blue key Donald Keith james Botts Jim Cole Ernie Simpson President Vice President Treasurer Secretary The Khatali chapter of Blue Key National, senior men's honor fraternity, was established at UNM on March 23, 1957. This years T membership of 35 senior men and two honorary faculty members was selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and character found on campus. The honorary faculty members are Mr. Ernest Book, professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Mr. Don Schlegel, pro- fessor of Architecture. This year Blue Key established a new program to give campuswwide recognition to senior men having achieved outstanding scholastic heights in various departments. In addition, the group provides a tutoring service and sponsors the annual Honors Assembly held in the sprmg. T Les Adler Charles M. Atkinson Robert Benham David Campbell Steven Christensen David Christiansen Aaron Cox Charles Reed Cundiff Victor Cutler Joe Emanuel Tom Farrar Robert Fulton William Hawkc Richard Kenyon :35 John Mabry Joe W. McCharcn Robert McCorkle David L. Mitchell Chuck Pritt Russ T. Shimizu John C. Solenberger Richard Spang Joel Stout Gary Thomason John B. Williamson 203 CHARLES ATKINSON Major-Music Education Vigilantes Chakaa Blue Key Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Pres University Band Orchestra Wind Ensemble NANCY BALLINGER Major-Fine Arts Mortar Board Las Campanas AWS, Pres Little Sister of Minerva Kappa Kappa Gamma Union Board Union Directorate Chairman Union Art Committee Senior class Sec-Treas SPRA executive council SALI BARNETT Major-Fine Arts Mortar Board Las Campanas Spurs Pi Lambda Theta Angel Flight Alpha Chi Omega SEA AFROTC Queen attendant AFTOTC Color Girl 1961 Homecoming Queen Union Art Directorate Civil Defense Committee JIM BOTTS Major-Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon Student Standards PATRICIA BOLTON Student Senate Major-Latin American Studies Vigilantes Delta Gamma, Pres Blue Key Mortar Board Latin American Desk Ski club 204 WhO'S CHARLES CLAUSEN Major-Psychology and PE Football team Wrestling team Student Counil Letterman's club Sigma Alpha Epsilon JIM COLE Major-Biology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Sigma Blue Key Chakaa Pre Med Club Inter Fraternity Council MARY ANN CRAIG Major-Drama Kappa Kappa Gamma Angel Flight Rodey Theater Fiesta Queen PRUDENCE CRAMP Major-Nursing Rally Comm AWS Alpha Chi Omega Student Nurses Association Spurs Las Campanas Mortar Board Homecoming Committee Chairman '62 Canterbury Association Outstanding Sophomore Woman junior class Vice Pres CHERYL CUNNINGHAM Major-Education Spurs Las Campanas Sigma Alpha Iota Angel Flight Fiesta, Chairman Campus Chest Band A Capella Choir Panhellenic Council AWS Council SEA Union Directorate Student Senate Alpha Delta Pi Homecoming Court KAREN DORRIS Major-Sociology Mortar Board Student Council Las Campanas Spurs Senate Little Sisters of Minerva Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres Panhellenic Council ALLYN R. FRANKLIN Major-Psychology Student Body Vice Pres Student Senate, Pres Inter Fraternity Council Student Council Board of Governors Hillel NROTC Vigilantes STAN HULTBERG, JR. Major-General Business Homecoming Chairman Assistant Fiesta Chairman Assistant Greek Week Chairman Chairman of Midway Pi Kappa Alpha Newman club FRAN GILLESPIE Major-journalism and English Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board Theta Sigma Phi, Pres Las Campanas Young Republicans Mirage staff Lobo staff Editor Little Lobo DINA KUNTZ Majox;Fine Arts Chi Omega AWS Panhellenic Council Student Council Student Senate Cultural Committee Union Directorate Junior Class Sec-Treas Mirage Las Campanas Mortar Board RITA BURMEISTER GRIFFITH Major-English Alpha Chi Omega, Pres Spurs Panhellenic Council Student Senate Student Court Mortar Board JOHN H. MABRY Major-Biology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Blue Key Senior Class Pres Student Senate JFC Sholarship Committee DAVID L. MITCHELL Major-Electrical Engineering Chakaa Blue Key Student Senate Kappa Mu Epsilon IRE Coronado Hall, Pres 205 FRED MONDRAGON Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres Newman Center, Pres Chakaa Mirage staff Inter-Fratemity Council STEPHANIE REDD Major English and History Freshman Advisor Fiesta Committee Latin American Week Sec-Treas Las Campanas ROBERTA ONEILL Major-English Hokona Hall, Pres Inler-Dorm Council . . Pi Beta Phi izggitrfggzgt Umon Little Sisters of Minerva. Pres P Angel Flight Mortar Board M-S Program Mortar Board ANN MARIE REMLEY Mortar Board Las Campanas Spurs International Club Latin American Desk Phi Kappa Phi Phi Sigma Iota Phi Sigma Newman club M-3 Program GARY B. OTTINGER Major-History Phi Delta Theta Student Council NROTC SPRA AGA DENNIS E. READY Major-Biology Student Body Pres Vigilantes Chakaa Pre Med Society Inter-Fralernity Council Sigma Alpha Epsilon JUDY RUNGE Major-Home Economics Education and Dietetics Chi Omega Kappa Omicron Phi, Pres Pi Lambda Theta Little Sisters of Minerva Student Senate AWS Las Campanas Mortar Board Rally Comm, Pres TINA SANDERSON Major-Spanish Student Council Chi Omega m Latin American Desk Spurs Las Campanas, Pres Mortar Board Outstanding Junior Woman Young Republicans AWS 5 BOBBY SANTIAGO Football Invitational Southwest Challenge Bowl team AP All-American third team AILWAC first team Jersey No. 42 retired to UNM Hall of Fame Track team Letterman's Club, Pres Mesa Vista Board of Standards jOHN C. SOLENBERGER Major-Chemistry Vigilantes Chakaa Blue Key Kappa Mu Epsilon Student Council Lenerman's club Swimming team who's who PENNY TAGGARD Major-Russian Studies Spurs Las Campanas Fiesta Committee Homecoming Committee Angel Flight Panhellenic Council Pi Beta Phi, Pres GARY FREDRICK THOMASON Major-Joumalism Chairman of Union Board Kappa Alpha Sigma Delta Chi, Pres Governor of Mesa Vista Dorm Student Senate Christian Science Organization, Pres Blue Key Chakaa Vigilantes Co-Managing Editor of Lobo GRAYSON LEE TRUSSELL Major-Accounting and Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres Track Letterman's Club King of Hearts CHUCK WELLBORN Major-Economics Student Council Student Standards Committee Pi Kappa Alpha Student Senate Chakaa, Pres Fiesta ' Homecoming committee Economic Club ALMIRA WHITESIDE Major-Joumalism and English Kappa Kappa Gamma Angel Flight Theta Sigma Phi Student Council Popularity Ball Queen attendant Air Force Queen attendant Panhellenic Council Union Directorate GALE WILLIAMS Major-Elememary Education Chi Omega Mortar Board, Pres Las Campanas Spurs AWS Judicial Board Pi Lambda Theta Student Senate SEA Angel Flight GEORGE VERGARA Major-Chemistry Newman Center Ski Club Pred Med Society Chakaa Sigma Chi RAYMOND V. ZUMWALT Major-Latin American Affairs AFROTC Kappa Alpha Newman Club Aquinas Choir and Organist Junior Class Song Fest Coordinator 207 stubent qovennment The Associated Students of the University 'of New Mexico is an institution established for the students through which they may voice their opinions as a group or as individuals-concerning their schools admin- istration and the incidents of their community. It is the training ground for the leaders of tomorrow. The students participating in university govern- ment are confronted with important decisions concerning the campus community. These decisions in turn may play an important role in the future of their state and nation. Oenms neaby, ppesment Dennis Ready is majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry and English. He was a member of Vigilantes, Chakaa, and a member of the Pre-Med Society. Dennis' name has appeared in WHOiS WHO for two years. His home is Albuquerque, New Mexico. allyn Enanklm, Vice pnesment Allyn Franklin, whose name also appears 1 WHOB W H0, is majoring in Psychology and mino ing in Naval Science and Mathematics. Allyn w Governor of Escalante House, Mesa Vista Hall, an Secretary of the Inter-fraternity Council. Allyn,s horn is Pico Rivera, California. 208 pnesment VICE pnesubent neao manklm 209 stubem: councul Members of Student Council are from left to right, Allyn Franklin, Donna Clauser, Robert Dawson, Dina Kuniz, Almira Whiteside, Tim Bennett, Chuck Wellborn, Mary Rowan and in the back row, Dennis Ready, John Solenberger, Chuck Clausen, John Salazar, Nick Seeds, Gary Ottinger. Student Council is a thirteen member Executive body elected each spring. All members are students who represent the freshman through the senior classes. Power and duty of enforcement of student legislation is invested in the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, and Student Council. stqunt senate Left to right are Allyn Franklin, Presidenf of fhe Senate; Ruth Worfhmann, Chairman of Credentials Committee; Jim Janssen, LOBO reporter; George Thomas, President pro- 'em; Dave Panke, KNMD; and Kathy Riley, Chief Clerk. The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the student government. Membership is composed of the class ofiicers and elected representatives from all campus organizations. 211 SENIOR ClASS Omcens The Senior class omcers are planning to sponsor a fiag as this year's class project. Class officers are, from left to right, Nancy Ballenger, secretary, John Mabry, president, and Lindsey Scott, vice president. class omcens Junlon class emcens The Junior class presented the traditional Junior-Senior prom in conjunction with Fiesta week in MayHPlans are being made to present a gift from the '62-'63 Junior class to the University. The Junior class also assisted in campus chest. Officers are, from left to right, Galye Hudgens, secre- tary, Frank Struble, president, and Ed Stokes, vice president. This year, tentative plans are being made to set up a class council. This council would tconsist of the officers of all four classes. It is intended to be a place where ideas can be pooled and quickly put into action. meshman class omcens The Freshman class ofhcers sponsor the painting of the "U" each year; they also rep- resent the views of the Freshman class in Stu- dent Senate. Class officers, from left to right, Jan MacPherson, vice president, Steve Moore, vice president, and Karen Schroeder, secretary. sophomone class olllllcens The Sophomore class ofhcers work on the fiesta committee and sponsor the campus Chest drive each year. Representing the Sophomore class in student senate is another of their im- portant functions. Officers are, from left to right, Arthur Melenders, president, Missy San- derson, secretary, and Jack Rushing, vice president. 213 SIUOGHI CO URI: The Student Court. is the judicial body of Student Government and, accordingly, has the exclusive power of interpretation of the Associated Studenths Constitution. Specific duties include deciding on all suits between branches of student government as well as acting as an election board. The Court consists of four associate justices and a chief justice appointed by the Student Body President with the approval of coun- cil and senate. Members of the court are, from left to right, Peter Broullire, Rita Burmeister, Mike Rowland, Chief Justice, Marilyn McKay, and Ed LVIanning. mm ano lectune committee A Wm , The Film and Lecture Committees major projects are the Sunday ttFilm Fare," and fmal week cartoons Campus and local lectures are made available to students, featuring many outstanding persons from the local scene. Members of the committee are, left to right, Kay Brown, Chairman, Ann McCallon, Judy Graves, Judy Reimel, Jo Ann Mansul, and Sue Steed. 214 assocnateo women stubents l In the front row, left to right, are Marti Posilethwaife, Pa! Prought, Sherlunn Herndon, Gail Thomas, Nancy Bullenger, Sue Steed, Gale Williams, Sfanlee Livingston, Marilyn Cary, Linda Martin, Cheryl Cunningham, and Becky Valencia. In the second row, left to right, are Nancy Thompson, Billie Nichols, Vicki Scott, Jean Hill, Jan Baker, Sharon lWhife, Janet Johnson, Dufly Foley, Jan McPherson, Oraliu Zuniga, Louisa Sanchez, Joan Bliss, Glendi Mooney, Pam Heston, Dee Constansfine, Kathe Worihing, Ann Scott, Sharon lCarmichael, and Carole Johnson. The purposes of AWS are: to promote self government among the women students by representation and cooperation with the advisers and administration in establishing, interpreting, and enforcing rules and regulations governing all under- graduate women students, to coordinate the organizational activities of the women students of the University of New Mex- ico, to develop leadership, to promote high ideals of conduct, and to encourage a successful balance of scholastic, social and cultural pursuits among the women students of the University. Every woman student enrolled in the University who pays an activity fee becomes a member of the AWS. All women tudents are invited to meetings and can voice their opinions, but only representatives of AWS can vote. aws JuoICIal BOARD r Members of the AWS Judicial Board are, from left to right, D. D. Thomas, Janice Heard, Celia Weber, Kale Kuhnle, and Sue Steed. 215 the umon Omectonate The Union Directorate is the co- ordinating body for the Union committees. It helps sponsor the activities iri the Union which helps students and faculty become ac- quainted with the wealth of social, cultural, and recreational facilities available for a well rounded campus life. Nancy Nohl is chairman of the committee. Members of the com- mittee are, in the front row, from left to right, Kay Brown, Nancy Nohl, and Kay Paterson. In the sec- ond row are George Myers, acti- vities director, Nancy Goff, Anne Marie Dozois, Lindy Blaschke, Cheryl Cunningham, Pat Hamilton, and Judy Webb. The Art Committee obtains and exhibits art shows of general interest to the student and coordinates re- ceptions connected with the exhibits. They also contribute artistic decora- tions for the Gay Nineties Party and the Christmas season, and decorate for other Union sponsored events. Chairman of the committee is Pat Hamilton. In the front row, from left to right, are Pat Hamilton and Joanna Shamas. The second row in- cludes Jenann Kennedy, Sandy Maisel, Darleen McCausland, and Robin Read. In the back row are Bob French, Layne Vickers, and Douglas Corwin. enqmeents Jomt councnl Left to righf in the front row are Ed White, Douglas Fraser, Jerry Weiberf, Mohammad Akbar, William Derr. In the second row are Fidel Smith, President, George Jumper, Prof. Richard Traeger, Richard Young, Arthur Tanaku. The Engineers Joint Council is the governing body which co-ordinates the activities of the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering groups. It is composed of student repre- sentatives of each of the engineering groups and a faculty adviser. The Engineers Open House is one of the functions of the Engineers Joint Council. 217 218 cuttunat committee The Cultural Committee sponsors the Program Series of the Associated Students. It provides such things for the student's enjoyment us let'turers. mnt'erts, and various other teultural events of interest. Members of the committee are. in the front row, left to right, Martha Swindle, Kate Corbin, Michele Mitchell, Arthur Steger. In the back row are George Meyers. Robert Solenberger, john Batcheller, Sherman Smith, Edwin Snapp, and Reuben Cobos. tatm amemcan Desk Founded in January, 1961, the Latin American Desk seeks to further understanding among American nations. In line with this basic aim, the organization has carried out numerous projects. This year the Desk provided scholarships for six Latin American students to come to UNM, published Intercambio; a Spanish- lan- guage magazine devoted to student opinion throughout the Americas, and sponsored Latin American IVeek at UNM. In addition, the Desk held weekly meetings, highlighted by guest speakers and informative discussions on Latin America. Members of the committee are, from left to right in the front row, Linda Tuoni, Susana Calatate, Gayle Hudgens, Bernit'e Kaplzm. Mrs. Margaretta LcRoy, and JoAnn Titman In the second row are Dr. Troy Floyd, Carlos Cortes, Abelardo Villarreal, Robert Turner. Bill Harrison, Jose Ferrer, Robert Elam. John MaCGregor, Gerald Curtis, Peter White, Evaldo Cabarrouy, and Jon Tolman. mmamunal counCIl t Intramural Council provides an outlet through sports for those students who do not participate in intercollegiate sports. i Intramural sports are a source of physical activity for groups representing campus Clubs, fraternities, and dorm houses. The I teams compete for trophies in football, basketball, volley ball, and mushball. Members of the Council are. in the front row, left to right, Don Frallick, Norman Noffsinger, Blas Urquipez, Jr., Presi- dent, Bruce Eichner. In the back row are Brian VVebber, John Theisen, Harold J. King, Jr., Earle Paynton, Dick Doss, and Richard Boyd Dunphy. : semen bay committee Open House for graduating seniors for introduction to college sessions is planned by the Senior Day Committee. Directing activities for this group is Becky Valencia, right, assisted by Mary Grimes, center, and Glenda Atkinson, left. 219 r stubent atfams The Student Affairs Committee serves as an advisory council to the Director of Student Affairs. This committee i particularly concerned with matters relating to the welfare of students. An equal concern of theirs is the relationshiph tween students and members of the faculty. Members of the committee are, standing, left to right, Richard Traeger, Ric ard Williams, John T. Zepper, and David Benedetti. Seated are Russ Shimizu, Cheryl Cunningham, Dr. Sherman Smit Robert Blagg, and Jim Branch. stubent DUBUCAUOHS BOARO Policy-making control over the student newspaper, the yearbook, and the literary magazine is ex- ercised by the Student Publications Board under charter granted by the Associated Students of UNM. The board is composed of five student and three faculty members with the chairman voting only in case of a tie. Editors of the various publications are ex officio members of the board. Members of the board, seated from left to right, are James Roach, Jamesllannson, Martha Weidman, Robert Doxtator, William Huber, Martin Fleck, Keen Rafferty, John MacGregor IV, and George Howlett. Standing are Diana Beall, Ron Swigger, and R. P. French. union Boano of students, faculty, and alumni members, and is chaired by Gary Thompson. Members of the board are, from left to right, in the front row, Kathy Riley, Nancy Ballenger, Judy Campbell, Dean Helen Whiteside, and Dean Cataline. In the second row are, The Union Board formulates the general policies of operation and use of the New Mexico Union. The board is composed Gary Thompson, Bill Hayes, Dennis Ready, Prof. William Gafford, and William Bierbaum. stubent stanbanbs i The Student Standards committee is composed of four students appointed by the student body president in concurrence with i the Student Council. The four faculty members are apointed by the Policy Committee of the University. The committee handles all cases involving misconduct of students. This year the committee is Chaired by Charles Wellbom. Members are, in the front row from left to right, Kenneth Coors, Imogean McMurray, Katherine Simons, and Norton Crowell. In the back row are George Thomas 111, Ed Lynch, Charles Wellborn, and Jim Botts. 221 mUSlC committee Members of the Music Committee are, from left to right, Ben Crosby, Carol Turner, Cheryl Cunningham, Kathy Hill, and Sharron Foster. games committee K.I Members of the Games Committee are, seated from left to right, Fran Murphy, Kay Paterson, and Nancy Hurley. In the second row are Bub Henry, Kelly Wilson, Gerry Davis, Dave Pearson, and Walter Dorne. OAHCG committee ,3; a a H '1'? a f a 4; : Members of the dance committee are, from left to right in the front row, Janey Johnson, Millie White, Le Anne Coffman, Marilyn Stith, and Jun Baker. In second row are Jim Strichland, Kathy Sands, Nancy Robbins, Bob Weig, Judy Paiunen, Kyla Sue Taylor, and Lindy Blaschke. hospitality committee Members of the Hospitality Committee are, seated from leff to right, Valenda Virgin, Slanlee Livingston, Hill, Michele Mitchell, and Terri Sperry. In the back row are Paula Bronson, Barbara McKim, Dupree and Arlene Kieger. spemal events Marilyn Kerry, Judy Webb, chairman, Trish Pollard, Jean Susan Boney, Connie Campbell, Alice Cutler, Linda Tuoni, Carole Members of the Special Evenfs commifme are, semed from left 10 righf, Eleanor Navarene, M. M. Putney, Anne Marie Dozois, chairman, Gloria Stallbuum, Sharon Mattingly, and Janie Vaught. In the second row are Loren Kuehne, Bertha Armiio, Judy Cline, Lynne Palmer, Joyce Frye, Susan Everett and Martin Bond. ; union puBlICIty committee Members of the Union Publicity committee are seated from left to right, Kathy Bakoss, Dede Collins, Diana lloyd, Carol Merovka, Nancy 605, and Catherine Ingenhuit. In the second row are Sharon Arnold, Janet Dorsey, Kathe Worthing, Joyce Gross, Sharon Goddard, Cafhie Milligan, and April Young. 223 nesmence halls mten-Oonm COUhCIl The members are, in the front row, left to right, Lucy Frisbie, recording secretary from Hokona, Jim Roach, secretary-ireasurer from Mesa Vista, Roberfa O'Neill, chairman from Hokona, Charles Pharris, Vice Chairman from Mesa Visiu, Ruthie Rivera, Hokonu, Roger Silver, Coronado. In the se'cond row are Chuck Carter, Ad- visor, Everitf Zierk, Coronado, Jim Marquez, Mesa Vista, John Williams, Coronado, Charles Deason, Mesa Vista, and David Mitchell, Coronado. Now in its third year, the Inter-Dorm Council continues to coordinate inter-dorm activities and assure their success. It has helped to give the resi- dence halls a stronger voice in campus affairs and to make residents aware of campus activities. Besides the Homecoming House Display of which pictures are shown below, the council sponsored Inter-dorm day, Orientation, and their Harvest Moon Dance. That's quite a pupering iobl Shocked, Roberta? The homecoming display at Mesa Vista. hokona hall ounselors and Personnel Co-ordinufors for Hokona Hall are, left to right, Barbara Tardo, Katherine Hile, Marilyn Alter, Nancy Frazer, Sunny Lu Barker, Karen Glaser. The cond row includes Sharon Pollard, Chloe Lineberger, Nancy Rini, Katherine Johns, Maria Fernandez, and Sue Mefzger. The Hokona Hall House Council which is the Cenfrcl Governing body made up of three dorm emcers, twelve house presidents, h and plans for activities. Its members are, in the front row, Mary Simms, Kathy Byrne, Marsha Jones, Mary Childers, Ruthie Rivera, and Marta Jo Bollmer. In 3 the second row are Delores Risk, Kathe Worthing, Kathy Duran, Pat Devine, Penny Bilbao, Sally Huston, Kathy Eyler. and sfaFf, act on money matters, 225 Represenlafives from Hokona to Student Senate are Janet Dorsey, Carol Burns, Rebecca Kern, Tarley Green, and Becky Valencia. The Hokona Dorm Executive Council consists of, in Ihe front row, Sully Huston, Vice Presi- denf, and Ruth Rivera, President In the sec- ond row are Martha Jo Ballmer, Secretary, and Kathy Eyler, Treasurer. The S1andards Committee is the judicial committee for Hokona Hall. The mem- bers are Paulette Case, Ramona Cheafwood, Carol Burns, Cynthia Rosen- bloom, Rebecca Kern, and Sandra Marshall. The Hokona Choir participated in Song Fest and won Sweepsiakes. Members of the Choir are, in fhe first row, Janet Wichtrich, Barbara Stark, Mime Johnson, Pat Devine, Cathy Eagan, Linda Rus- sell, Ginny Massara, Linda lepard. The second row includes Marilyn Rowland, Pasfy Henry, Linda Martin, Martha Martinez, Nancy Miller, Barbara Tardo, Carmen Mares. In the third row are Ann Bulgin, Barbara Harrelson, Elke Johns, Becky Higginbotham, Janet Robertson, Sunny Lu Barker, Sharon Polla Virginia Silber, and Penny Bilbao, Director. One of the doors entered in Hokona's Door Decorating Confesf. Honkonu's candidaie, Sigreid Hoyt, was Homecoming Queen. 227 The Resident Standard Council is a group of students who sit as a court to iudge and advise or help dorm residents who are charged with the violation of dorm regulations set by the administration or Board of Gov- ernors. The members of this council are, seated, Ronnie Singleton, Peter Romaniello, James WynhoH, and, stand- ing, Robert Nunn, Phillip D'Arms, and John Turnbull. The members of the Board of Governors are, seated, Ted Ellis, Governor of Esca Iante House, Ronnie Singleton, Vice-President of Mesa Vista, Jim Roach, Presiden Bob Cosgrove, Governor of Carson. In the second row are Bob Neeb, Counselo- Charles Pharris, Governor of Mossmun, Bob Knight, Governor of Aztec, Jay Kir- Governor of Kearny, Fred Julunder, Governor of Mendosu. The Board of Gove nors sponsor and co-ordinute such activities as the Crystal Ball, at tutoring pr- gram, open houses, intramurals, and various informal house parties. The Counselors of Mesa Vista are, in the first row, Jim Marquez, Eldon Mar Robert Nunn. In the second row are Joe Nessing, David Mangusso, Head Cou selor, Bob Neeb, and Don Keith. Watching the Bunny Girls on Playboy's Penthouse? "Watching all the girls go by" The secretary at Mesa Vista Dorm. 229 cononabo hall The Coronado Hall Counselors are, in the front row, Frank Copp- Ier, Charles Carder, Ed Lewis, and Stan Kresicke. In ?he back row are Joe Cappiello, Jerry Hess, Head Counselor, and Gerald Brummell. The Resideni's Standard Council members are David Mitchell, Rob- ert Morris Ulysses McEIyea, Ger. ald Davis, and Allen Metzger. Coronado's Board of Governors are, left 'lo right, Rick Haywood, Governor of Chimayo House, Jerry Reed, Governor of Pueblo, Loren Simmonds, Governor of Tewa. The second row includes Evan Drummond, Governor of Navaio, David Mitchell, President of Coronado and Rob Schurfz, Governor of Or'lafe. The dorm publishes a weekly paper hSenore de Coronado," and sponsors a tutoring pro gram in which three graduate students spent two hours a night, four nights a week tutorin residents. One of Coronadohs projects this yea was the establishment of a weight-lifting mo in the basement. Included in Coronadds socia activities were informal dances, individua house parties, a Spring Formal, "Playboy Par ty," Luau, and a hayride. Holding hands with the post mistress? A few of Coronado's illusfrious inhabitants. I Coronado boys enioym their meals at Hokona. 231 mten-nehqnous counCIl The Inter-Religious Council, founded on this campus in 1957, has the following purpose: To promote understanding and cooperation among religious groups on campus and to serve as a center for discussing campus religious problems. The group sponsors annual Thanksgiving and Brotherhood Dinners, and a Religious Colloquium. The members of the Inter Religious Council: fron? row Rosalie Ames, Carol Corozza, Abelardo Villarreal, Patricia Hogan tPresidenm Judith Dinkel Ureasured, Cheryen Sanders tSecretaryL Ernest Vigil Wice-Presidenm Barbara Stark, and Robbie Koch; second row Jefi Baron, Iris Danenberg, Sunny Lu Barker, Carolyn BerthoIf, Doyce Wood Joan Pollack, Michael Scott, Cheryl Sue Brown, and Bob Rightmyer. One of the major campus events sponsored by the Inter Religious Council was a Colloquium with the theme of hThe Images of Man in Modern Literature? A dinner was held in honor of Brother Antoninus, the featured guest speaker at the Colloquium. Among those attending the dinner were, left to right: Mrs. Joseph Willis, Reverend Joseph Willis, and Brother Antoninus. Among the panel discussions in the Inter-Religious Council Colloquium was one on the topic of Modern Drama. The play HNO Exit" by Jean Paul Sartre was discussed by, left to right: Dr. Willis Jacobs, Dr. James Morley tCollege of St. Josepht Dr. Keith St. Onge, Dr. Hubert Alexander, and Dr. Edwin Snapp. wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Church on college and university campuses. One basic motivation of the Methodist Stu- dent Movement is that the nature of the Christian gospel compels the Church to wit- ness in the university to the truth that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto him- self, creating, transforming, and redeeming. Thus, the Wesley Foundation has as its pur- pose the deepening of spiritual and intellec- tual life of students, together with the stress- ing of the value of fellowship one with another. The Wesley Foundation is a local unit of the Methodist Student MovementeAnnual Con- ference. Regional and National; thus, it is re- lated to the National Student Christian Fede eration and to the XVorld Student Christian Federation. Through the local XVesley Foun- dation students have opportunities to partici- pate in many great national and inter-national programs and events. The Reverend Richard E. Bright is the director. Its program includes both Sunday and week- day activities. Worship services, discussions, speakers, visual aids, and other types of stimu- lating programs form the basis of its activities. There are annual uSpiritual Life Retreats." 238 umteb campus CthStlAh Eellowshlp In the front row, the members of the United Christian Fellowship Executive Council are from left to right: Barbara Stark, Bill Newsome tpresidenn, Bob Hirni and Sunny Lu Barker. Those in the second row are: Sue Topp, Sharon Price, Karen Smith, Sharon Carmichael, Ann Hensley and Dottie Bass. Standing is Reverend Joseph Willis. The United Campus Christian Fellowship is interdenomina tional, open to any member of the University community. Th group is sponsored by the Evangelical United Brethren, Inter- national Convention of Christian Churches tDisciplest, United Church of Christ, and the United Presbyterian Church in th- U.S.A. The campus headquarters for U.C.C.F. are located in Geneva House, 1820 Las Lamas NE. The program at Genev. House includes worship, study and social events, such as parti cipation in the InterwReligious Council Colloquium. Member also donated blood to raise money for the National UCC;'o'o'o'n 0t . .. tt MW . : ihixtk'tf;:z":z, t, ' o 09.......t.t,t.t' Emergency Rellef Fund. '16ft'if-g-hfest9tqif. .::.:.:.',3o" t ""Wox. This group was instrumental in the passing of the UN .- ti H ' l t . . CM?th,',',tc.:t:e:eg. ' Segregated Housmg B111, during the first semester. L t A .tLaAofhg ,t, . . . . . Sponsors of the group are Reverend Joseph Willis and Mrs Charles Stockley. Worship services are held regularly three times a week in the chapel at Geneva House, and are led by the students. luthenan stubent assocmtlon The members of the lufheran Student Association are, in the front row; left to right, Sylvia Wilson, Mary Louise Holmquist, lindu Campbell, Pastor John Chandler, Clara Mae Peterson, Patti Harris, and Annette Petenger. In the second row are Dick Pearce, Mike Moore, Jean Hi", Mary Ruth Mainar, Marsha Stevenson, Dave Campbell, Ralph Hill, and Jack Hulse. HThe Purpose of this Association shall be to afford a means whereby Lutheran students in America may consider and act upon their common problems in conformity with the common faith of the Lutheran Church in America." The Association gives the Lutheran students opportunity to share their religious views, and participate in social activities as well. Islamic socnety Members of the Islamic Society include, left to right in the front row: Abdulkadir Mumin, Melinda Meyer, Secretary, Abdi Hassan Mohamed, and Muhammad Akbar. In the second row are Hossun Omar Olow, Anwur Syed, Farook Chandiwali, Nasib Nuseibek, President, Ali Sehgal, and Ismail Ail, Treasurer. The primary objective of the Islamic Society is to study the principles of the Islamic religion through seminars and discussion groups. The group also aims to familiarize the American people with the philosophy of the Islamic tra- 235 dition and the role of Islam in modern day society. hlllel The members of the Hillel Association in the front row are, left to right, Marilyn A. Appelbaum, corresponding secretary, Mimi Kaufman, recording secretary, Thomas E. A. Lachs, treasurer, Arline Krieger, president, JeHrey L. Baron, second viceepresident, Joan Pollock, first vice-president. In the second row, members are, Mark Hahn, Elliott G. Levitt, James Gross, Judy Rosenthal, Gary Spitzberg, N. CA Slak, Joel Smith and Rabbi David D. Shor, Counselor. The Bhnai Btrith Hillel Counselorship at the University of New Mexico, aHiliated with the National Benai Berith Hillel Foundations, serves the Jewish students on campus. Hillel is the representative of the jewish students to the University and t0 the community at large. A well-rounded program of religious, cultural, and social activities is carried on throughout the academic year. Regular meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month. Rabbi D. Shor, Temple Albert. 1006 Lead Avenue 3.13., is Hillel Counselor. CAHIGRBURV ASSOCIAUOH Those belonging to the Canterbury Association in the front row are, left to right: Bonnie McGIothlin, Judith Baum, Jane Green, Robbie Koch and Karen Arch. In the second row are: Joe Gant, Dr. Fred Chreist, Dr. William Dabney, The Reverend John Whitsell and the Reverend Lawrence Cantrel. Those in the third row are: Jim Whalen, Christie Blake, Sharon Rose, John Sperry, Bob Blackburn, David Wallace, Prue Cramp, Kay Collins, Carolyn Hibbard, Charlie Steen, Carole Burke and David Mitchell. The Canterbury Episcopal Center is located at 450 Ash, N.E. The Association is based on a four-fold plan of worship, study, service and social life. One of its primary purposes is to correlate the various subjects of higher education with the basic concepts of Christianity. As in any community of believers, there are to be found the fundamental activities of worship and study, evangelism, service to others, and companionship. The resident chaplain is the Reverend Lawrence Cantrel, Director of college work in the Diocese. 237 AQUIHAS newman CENTER Yuur Husl - AQUINAS NIEVNAN CENTER, UNM. International s'uden's take a closer look at some of the travel posters used for decorations of the pre-Thunksgiving Inlernutionul Students' supper. 238 Father Bartholomew Ryan, O.P. The Catholic Student Center is composed of three buildings adjoining the campus, offering complete facilities and programs for the inte- gration of sound philosophy, theology and social life into the secular, academic and social life of the University. Mass is offered three times daily and five time on Sunday at St. Thomas Aquinas University Church. Sac- ramental, devotional, and retreat opportun- ities are frequent. Six credit hours in Theology and Philosophy can be counted as elective hours towards a degree, with the permission of ones dean. A large auditorium and class rooms provide space for classes, lectures, meet- ings, and major social events. A lounge, lib- rary, snack-bar, game room, and recreational patio are open daily for student use. The center is sponsored by the Archbishop of Santa Fe and is directed by Dominican Fathers who serve as resident chaplains. Gene Clemenf welcomes the spring 1963 president: Jerry Ortiz y Pino. 239 Baptist stubent union Members of the Baptist Student Union group are: front row, left to nghf, Gordon Bonham, Sandy Richards, Jim Mills, Charlie Phurris, Carol Yonde" and Jim Roach. In the second row are Mario Flores, Ernie Vigil, Bill Whitwor'h, Bruce Kendrick, Mary Maxson, and John Bailey. In the third row are Jimmie Bryant, Jan Thomas, Karen McFarling, Kay Tharp, Jane! Kotroia and K. R. Rao. In the fourth row are Ron Brown, June Fulmer, Bill Hale, Sarabeth Buchanan, Paula Cole and Duane Riegel. In the Fifth row are Roberta O'Neill, Joshua Fazinsigbe, Kay McCush, Dinah Baker, Hume Austin and Dave Geddes. The sixth row includes Young Hoon Kong, Clarene Roberts, Rosalie Ames, and Frank Robinson. In the seventh row are David Rogers, Diana Beall, Maureen Cooper, Marianne Regensberg, Jim Cooper, Bob Rightmeyer, Lucy Belle Stokes; B.S.U. Director, Ann Huckabee, Loretta Rogers and Mike Gladden. The Baptist Student Union has served UNM students this year with a program of activities on campus and in the local Baptist churches. Regularly scheduled activities at the Center include daily devotional periods, socials, Mis- sions-off-campus, program for married stu- dents, participation in a give and take" ex change with overseas students, Young W omen's Auxiliary and B. S. U. choir. Other activities extend to areas of cooperation on the campus, such as the Student Senate and Inter-Religious Council. Special events of the B. S. U. include an annual re- treat at Glorieta, a banquet honoring international students, and a semi-forrnal banquet in the spring. Dur. ing the summer, the B. S. U. conducts Vacation Bible Schools and other missionary activities. In 1962 Miss Nancy McNutt was UNM's B. S. U. summer mis- sionary to Korea. Dr. Russell Patrick is the Bible teacher at the Cen- ter and teaches fully accredited Bible courses to all UNM students who care to enroll. Miss Lucy Belle Stokes serves as B. S. U. director and counselor for the Baptist students. Miss Wanda McCallon is currently serving the students as president of the Baptist Student Union. The Center is located adjacent to campus, at 409 University Blvd., NE. 66561261: clus The Deseret Club at the University of New Mexico is sponsored by the Church of jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Deseret Club has as its purpose the promotion of good fellowship and wholesome associa- tion among college men and women. It endeavors to provide intellectual stimulation, cultural adaptations for studentsT talents, and to foster the religious life at the University. The activities of the Deseret Club include a weekly meeting during the lunch hour and a monthly social event. The weekly meeting consists of a lesson and discussion. Occasionally outside speakers are invited to speak. In the part, social events have included dances, dinners, picnics, steak-fries, bowling parties and tobog- gan parties. Professor James R. Barton, is faculty advisor. In the front row the members of the Deseref Club are, left to right: Cathy Paschal, Transportation; Frances Garcia, Transportation; Cheryl Lee Cunning- ham, Vice-Presidenf; Wilbur Bigelow, President; and Beverly McCarthy, secretary. Those in the second row are: Dr. James R. Burton, adviser; Gerald R. Hall, Director; Larry Younkin, Marii Tucker, Pat Dembrowski, Gerald Curtis, Jon M. Tolman and Charles Darnell. Auction days at Newman Centerl In the lounge at B.S.U. 241 Editor John MacGregor IV accepts a bronze plaque from the Overseas Press Club and a $150 cash prize from The Reader's Digest on hahalf of the Lobo for its outstanding coverage of international affairs. The three day conference at which the Lobo received its reward, was sponsored by the Overseas Press Club, the U. 5. National Students Association and the Reader's- Digest Foundation. John C. 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Cover Artist Contributors V. Barrett Price R. Peterson Chris D. Morrison Linda Hall Dennis Williams Rafen Moon Jenkinson Michael Jenkinson John H. Paul Fritzi Franks Leslie Hall William Dodd NEWS BUREAU Peg Pitillo Marge Solenberger Stephany Wilson Director of the News Bureau .1 Claudia Cole Carolyn Raglin u 247 Capt. R. V. B. Bassett, Jr. Prof. of Naval Science , kcmdr; KT saunas ,, Execiutyivei: Offlifrx ' V, l-I . met m-l igml-IW W V Maj. W C.'Naylor Prof. of Air Science Cadets Maior David Eyestone, Maior Richard Phillips, and Col. Alfred Priff, Semester ll's Group Executive, Opera tions, and Commanding Officers, respectively, follow the good example of Semester l's Executive Officer, Mai. Davi- Loss, the Special Assistant to fhe Commander, Lt. Col Donald Mounkes, and Group Commander Col. Virgil Johnson Squadron I Squadron ll Professor of Air Science, Mai. Naylor, receives the Air Force "THE MIGHTY MEN" Commendation Medal from the area commandant, Col. William G. Downey. Detachment 5103 regular staff: Mai. Arnold W. Brown, Ttht. Will iam H. Stegemeier, Mai. William C. Naylor, Stht. Donald E. Ross, Capt. Kenneth 0. Johnson, and Ttht. James C. Blake. Detachments Five-Ten's Drill Teqms, during the invitational "Sunshine City" drill competition in Tucson, February 8-10, 1963' ?00k third place women's division and fifth lace men's division. The Angels were under the command of Stanloo Livingston and the cadets under the command of CtCupt. John M. LaTronico. 251 annolo am SOCIety ano angel HIGht The Arnold Air Society is an honorary service or- ganization within the advanced corps, Air Force ROTC. The Angel Flight is the womerfs auxiliary to Arnold Air; it also is honorary in nature and service oriented. Cadets Woody Johnson, Gary Finley, Ken Hullbuver, Gene Bryan and J. J. Pino conduct the Arnold Air Society initiation while members of Angel Flighi wait for their half of the joint initiaiione The Angels entertain the corps with one of several coffees. OPERATION CHRISTMAS TUESDAY, 18 DECEMBER, 1962 The combined forces of Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight reached the destination, St. Anthonyhs Boys Home at 1830 hours. The en- suing party for the young orphans was a com- plete success. 252 mllltARy Ball Sitting Pretty. The Royalty of the corps. Capt. Basset crowns Judy Dodd NROTC queen, while Maior Naylor waits to crown AFROTC queen Judy Dyhrmann. Miss Dodd's attendants are Ellen Underhill and Michelle Mitchell; Miss Dyhrmann's attendants are Mary Hall and B. J. Hawkins. 253 USHROEC LU . 4 Ma.....r Semester I's emcers were, on the left, Midshipmen Lt Cmdr, William W. Huwke, Cmdr. Edward F. Manning and Capt. Jerry Ress. Officers for Semester II were, on the right, Cmdr. David A. Georgius Lt. Cmdr. John Eckert, and Capt. Edward F. Manning look over drill plans. w uncanny w ---u- ' Company A Company B Drill Team "We like drill, bu! .. .. .. NROTC Battalion Stat? Looking to the future? The little publicized Shipwreck Ball. Designed? No! It must have iust happened. Midshipman C. K. Ables meets the engine room. "Now Gentlemenm. ..and Miss Mitchell ......" Miss Ilene Mitchell sets a record, the First woman in a UNM Naval Science class. 255 wanbnoom socmty ano chppens The wardroom directors are, in he from row, R. Stuart Cloward, secretary, Anne Barnes, Clipper Represeanve, Marvin Davenport, President, Lyle Por- ker, Vice President and George Thomas, Treasurer. In the second row are J. A. Fernandez, W. A. Tobias, Lt. Gm C. A. Carter, faculty adviser, Glenn Fant, Lew Neeb, Jr., and Vernon Newman. Midshipmen Sabina and Mclain find Clipper Anne Barne's smile and coffee very welcome. This year's Clippers are, in the front row, Social officer Anne Barnes, Commanding omcer Terry Berkshire, Lt. Commander Patti Wilson, and Administrative Officer Janice Heard. In the second row are Carol Burns, Mary Helen Baca, Roberta Harkey, informa- tion officer Carol Burke, Sylvia Taylor and Carol Glenn. In the back row are treasurer Mary Ann Dains, Joline DaFfer and Karin Sanders. alpha kappa phi Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest business fraternity on campus. A major goal of the organization is to assist in the development of its professional school. It seeks to inspire the public to demand higher standards of education and research in the fields of commerce, accounting and finance. Members of Alpha Kappa Psi are seated left 90 right; from row; Henry Armiio, Edward Baca, Allen Herbold; second row; Bernie Sanchez, Barf Chimemi, Archie Garcia, Allen Me'zgar, Allen Stevens, Henry Anderson. amemcan phanmaeeutlcal assocnauon The American Pharmaceutical Association was founded in 1852 for the purpose of promoting pharmacy as a profession. This society has pioneered in the field of drug standardization and purity as well as in educa- tion and professional regulation. The UNM student chapter was established on campus January 5, 1950, and is composed of students wishing to broaden their undergraduate pharmaceutical education. The organi- zation seeks to orient the student in his chosen profession. This year the chapter designed as an exhibit the showcase in the Student Union during National Pharmacy W eek in October. Member: of the American Pharmaceutical Association are seated left to right, in the front row; Betty Boucher, Rita Benischek, Grace Colvin, Dorothy Dillon, Catherine Carter, Shirley Armstrong; Second row; Sophann Im, Bob Burkman, Jack Bouchier, Larry Guggino, Tom Gee, Robert Henry, James Ewing, Ar'hur Fernandez, Dr. Stahl, Kenne'h Corazza; third row; Don Wellborn, Tim O'Neill, Roger Rinella, AI Dogin, Don Cafes, Lewis Muir, Joe Claunch, Jerry Webb; four row,- Manuel Archuletu, Keith Brown, Jim Jue, Jim Burnfin, Joel Ingram, William Caldwell, Dale Kemper, Marvin Helfgo", Ronald Long. 257 alpha phi omega John Zinier, Bill Stalcup, and Gary Jenson bring lost and found articles to the ticket booth in the Union. Alpha Phi Omega handles this service as one of their civic proieds. .C' 3a Bruce Elliot, Gary Rieder, Mike Weber, and Larry O'Kelly labor industriously at 'rheir traditional luminario display during Home- coming. The Administration Building giows an impressive "thank you" for the diligent efforts of UNM's only na- tional service club; Alpha Phi Omega. national service organization, offers to its members :1 sense of fellowship projected through a regard for service. The organization works in close association with the Boy Scouts of America. At present they aid the Peacc Corps in whatever way possible. The year began for the Alpha Phi's with full membership rush. The ticket booth at the New Mexico Union is managed by the members. Lumi- nzlrios are displayed by the group at both Home- coming zmd Christmas. The group sponsors the Toy Dance. an event which requires toys as admission. The toys are then donated to the Los Lunas Hospi- tal. Ushcring at games is another of the many useful projects which keep the Alpha Pi's busy. "IN full; tx'mlum um mt uuscm o u m m or: Carolyn Eurlywine receives a ticket from John Scheer, Carter e Rila, Barry Glass, and Phil Hor- ton. Ideally located and handy t for the student the ticket booth t is situation on the main floor of e the New Mexico Union. erving as Alpha Phi Omega officers were Rick Spang, eusurer; Melvin Metcalf, president; and Steve Scales, vice-president. Dennis Edwards and Judy Camp- bell look over the children's toys which were donated by studen's in the form of admission to the annual Toy Dance held before Christmas. Toys 90 to the retard- ed children at the hospital in Los Lunas. 259 Active members of Delta Sigma Pi are in the front row, left to right, Gordon Blankenship, Bob Larson, Arnold Loeckle, Norban Bittle, Jim Mutter. In the back row are Mickey Mitchell, Barry Hammond, Bob Bailey, Carl Thornton, Bill Bryant, Don Mchuy, Ed Manning, Chris Inman, Dan Smith. Delta Slqma pl Gamma Iota Chapter was established in 1949 at the University. Today it has an active chapter membership which represents over 1570 of the male enrollment of the College of Business Administration. The Delta Sigs rate high in scholastic standing with 3070 of the College Honor Roll being members of the fraternity. Among the many activities of the organization this year were aid to the College of Business Administration during registration, fund-raising drives for local Chari- ties, and assisting in the establishment of a speed- reading course in the Community College. This year's professional meetings were marked by many speakers from local industry. Also, the Chapter maintained an active social calendar, including the , Rose of Delta Sig Formal, the Annual Officer's Party, Officers are Dan Smith, iunior vice president, Arnold Loeckle, treasurer, Donald Founderk Day, and infomal social gatherings. MucKay, president, Bill Bryant, senior vice president, Bob Bailey, chancellor, and Through a spirit of cooperation and participation, C0" Thom'onr historic". the Gamma Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is an associa' tion of students which promotes a closer affiliation be- tween students of commerce and the commercial world. Pledges of Delta Sigma Pi are in the front row, left to right, Pete Broullire, Steven Brown, Storm Watkins, Len Beck. In the back row are Bob Lindberg, Earl Bowers, Jim Boyle, Lee Johnson, Leslie ROWE, Jim C0559", Charles Ables, and Dan Smith, pledge trainer. mamas socuzw or in the first row, left to right are Don Garcia, Jim Baker, Fred Gurule, Robert Dawson, Douglas Fraser, Nasib Nuseibeh, Muhammand Akbar, Joel Bursiein, Billy Hesse", Bill Mc- 1ecm, Gerald Reed, and Conrad Jackson. In the second row are Dr. James Yao, Edward Lynch, Art Mosher, Carl Raglin, Robert Lynch, Earl RuHman, Sari Faruki, John Thomas, iichard Phillips, Herb Craig, Professor Ray F055, and Robert Dunlap. In the third row are Don Sterling, Professor M. C. May, Art Peterson, Howard Mock, A. H. Murchison, 5nwar Syed, Felix Martinez, Frank Bosilievac, Forook Chandiwulo, John Ciuni, Vernon Norman, Fidel Smith, and George House. hmenlcan somew 0E CIVIl enqmeens ; Over a century old, this society was organized on the UNM campus as a student chapter to assist the engineering student in preparing himself for his profession. Monthly meetings feature guest speakers and related programs. As a help to the student, the writing of technical papers is encouraged. During the time of membership in the college chapter, the student is brought into contact with men who are already in the profession. Active t on campus, the organization participates in Engineer's Joint Council, Engineer's Day, the Engineer's Ball and Engineer's Open House' Phil McBride, Gerald Reed, and Carl Raglin, student civil engi- neers, help in redecorating the patio around their buildings. 261 Richard Hutchins, Michael Sumpsel, David Christianson, William Refz, Bob Benham, Jerry Weibert, Milton Grissom, Clyde Mon Kelvin Smeikal, Robert Thornton, Thomas Wiitman, Jim Oaks, and Robert Merson. In fh In the first row, left ?0 right are Greg Baker, ioyu, Jim Gillis, and Bruce Bauer. In the second row are Gary Finley, Richard Rhorer, 'hird row are Dwight Nunn, Bill Sedlock, Don Eiizen, Joe Abbin, Leroy Chacon, Dick Shrivar, James Gulierrez, Larry Seamons, Joseph Amode, and C. H. Treat. amemcan socuety 0i mechanical enqmeens Any student enrolled in the C of Engineering is eligible for me ship in the ASME. The club is. , dent branch of the national profe ?:?:JSHIL"; saizaxxgizzz afofizmvsz?$$$$$de a1 wmch aims to pr? dwing Engineer's Open House. a leellng 0f professwnal fellowshl proper perspective of engineering tions. Members attend monthly ings and activities include guest 5 ers, movies, technical discussion presentation of research papers, trips and participation in the regional convention. tymond Hurrigan and Saul Alkaitis check the functioning of their Engineer's :y display, an airborne scintillator which is used in connection with aircraft. Ed White, a iunior in chemical engineering, Hnishes up his project for Engineers Day with the painting of connecting pipes. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers was chartered 0n the UNM campus in 19118. Open to all upperclassmen with that major. the group seeks to further awareness of achievements in the field and to promote the interest of the students in that profession. Broadening of the interest comes through projects, social events and guest speakers. Chemical Engineers cooperate with the other engineering groups on campus. amemcan somety 0F chemical enqmeens Raymond Hurrigan serves Dona Hill at the annual spaghetti dinner held by the engineering group. Pru Cramp and John Giesler look on as Richard Traeger, chemical engineer- ing professor, prepares pizza for the chemical engineers and their guests. In the front row, left to right, are Doris Phelps, Put Poldervaart, Janet Overbury, Marilyn Hebron, and Carol Bryant. In the second row are Shirley Berthalf, Mary Ann Mahon, Dottie Buss, Mary Abernathy, treasurer, Judy Bell, secretary, Julie Sheehan, vice-president, and Ann Huckabee, president. In the third row are Miss lmogean McMurray, adviser, Viola Leonard, Dora Rosenbaum, Annette Gutierrez, Virginia Hutzel, Judi Mann, Clarene Roberts, and Bernita Engle. This club came into existence on the UNM campus in 1920, although the home econom I CS name of "Home Economics Club" was not adopted until 1936. Affiliations of the group are with the New Mexico and American Home Economics Associations. To join, a student need only to enroll in a home economics course. Aims ClUB include professional development, association with recognized members of the profession and other interested students and faculty members. The members participate in educational and social programs as well as community and campus prolects. Industrial Arts Association is composed of students who have chosen Inoustnl Al ants Industrial Arts for their major. Each year they render service by joining the Marine Corps in helping to repair toys in their HToys for Tots" Cam- ASSOCIa-tl On paign; Monthly meetings are held with programs ranging from guest speakers to field trips. Being also a social organization, the club holds several parties and a dinner dance each year. In the front row, left to right are Sumner, Blasi, Zimmerman, Denny, Wray, Sandoval, and Dale, and in the second row are Brown, Pollard, Hope, Ko-nrath, Kimball, Coady, Forrest, Tangman, Eissele, Canfield, Buchleiter, and Morin. Members ofhthe Student Branch of lRE-AIEE are in the front row, left to right Arthur Tanaku, C. Peck, Jim Wynhoff, Paul Tufts,- in the second row are Victor H. Cutler, Terry Anna, land, John H. Morgan. In the third row are Stanley B. Roeske, John D. Schroder, Leeland Hogue, Gary L. West, Roger W. Bybee, Gerald L. Perry, John Richard Young, Melvin Metcalf, Frank Evans, Anders Hokanson, James Strick- William M. Derr, William M. Robson, William J. Scott, Ned D. Arnold, Robert E. Pearcy, Ruben D. Kelly. Officers William Derr, record secretary, Victor Cutler, treasurer, Gary West corresponding secretary; Arthur Tonka, vice-presidenf, and Richard Young look over plans for the group's activities. I In january of 1963 due to action of the professional or- ganizations The Instiute of Radio Engineers and the Institute of Electrical Engineers merged to from the Institute of Electri- cal and Electronic Engineers. The student branches of these organizations have been working together for the past few years so the merger affected only the name. Activities besides regular meetings include a Christmas Party, participation in Engineerhs Open House and Engineers Day, and an annual picnic. As a highlight of one of the monthly meetings, the professional organization sponsored a contest for the writing of technical papers by the student group. Ieee John Fleck looks over a radar screen display of the Engineer's Open House. 265 Members of1he Universi'y Dames are, in the front row, left 10 right, Judy Kigg, Joyce Emrick, Nancy Cranford, Jean Anthony; in the second row, Margaret Por1er, Wanda unlveRSIty Dames Speakman, Caihi Gonzales, Jacquie Morgan, Ida Wicklund, Susan Hughen; in the third row, Barbara Rensvold, Wanda Stevens, Cynthia Thursby, Dorothy Creecy, Elsie , . , Clark, Kaye Miller, Edith Aiken. A club composed of marrled women, Umversny Dames, emerged at UNM early in the school year of 1936. The theme of friendship, symbolized in the offl- cial pin, is carried through as a main purpose of the Kappa Chapter. The members participate in educa- tional and social programs as well as community and campus projects. Alpha chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, a national honorary mathematics fraternity, was founded at UNM in 1935. The kappa mu epSllon original chapter was founded in 1931 at Oklahoma State ' College. Membership is open to students who have completed or are in the process of completing sophomore calculus. Slu- dents must have a 3.4 math average and a 3.0 overall average for membership. Accepted as pledges second semester were Stephen Vorenderg, Thomas Will, Mary Yates, Anne York, Robert Ferret, Roberta Sklower, Joseph Abbin, James Baker. Leland Bowen, Dick Biesenham, Marvin Byrd, M. Eileen . . . , . In the first row, left to right are Merle Mitchell, sponsor, Caroline Dupree, Jackie Hill, ChllCS, Pamela Cowan, Davxd Coyer, John Cranford, Julnus Cranston JL. Clifford Danielson, Howard Fullerton. Roberta Beneranda Mora, presudent, Johr: Bruce Williamson, secretary, Be't y Prince, VICe preSI . . dent, Elwood Moore, and Bob Welg. In the second row are Paul Smnh, Dr. Frank Gentry, Harkey, John Harryman, R1chard Holley, Hlllard Howard. , , . Phillip Keen, Jacob Krommenhock. Joe Emanuel, Wayne HGMIHOH, Richard Pearce, Patrick Phelun, George Jumper, Roy Morgan, and Martin Kellog. 266 leA CLUB Indian students and those who are interested in Indian culture and tra- dition make up the Kiva Club. The club serves to promote and develop social welfare and higher education among Indian descendants. One of the major projects of the group is the An- nual Youth Conference. Indian high t school students from the southwestern states attend the conference to discuss ; problems facing them in an effort to ' acquire a higher standard of education. r During these conferences the Indian 1 students are introduced to the acade- mic and social aspects of UNM in an l effort to encourage their enrollment in the University. Also occurring an- nually are the Nizhoni Dances held for the purpose of maintaining the Kiva Club scholarship fund. Members of all pueblos in the state send performers to present their traditional Indian dances. t Paula Washington, Shirley Sells, Frank Olguin and Ida luiun pose in their costumes worn for the Nizhoni Indian Dances held on the UNM campus each spring. Kiva Club officers for the 1962-1963 year are Beniamin Denny, vice-president; Ida luiun, treasurer; and Vincent Montoya, president. Kiva Club members work on their prize winning homecoming dis- play. An Indian set, the display took first prize in the independent Hivision. 267 268 N Students Rick Hess, Dorothy Wood, Kathy Bakoss, Bil Taylor, Lloyd Barnes, and Dave Punkey gather in the KNMD broadcasting room. Each of the students becomes familiar with The equipment so that he or she may be an operator of some time. Composed of about twenty-flve members, KNMD is the stue dent owned and operated radio station with broadcasting facili- ties located in the New Mexico Union and transmitters in the three dormitories. Program hours run from two to twelve p.m. and music presented ranges from classical to folk hexcluding rock and r010. In order to integrate campus activities, student an- nouncements are broadcast as a service. The radio station is regu- lated by the Radio Board composed of two faculty sponsors and three students. Promotions and positions are usually made on the basis of experience. KNMD is useful both to its listeners and its staff because it is the only organization of its kind in New Mexico in Which students may train in radio work. knmo Officers who coordinate KNMD activities are Will Robson, technical director; Dorothy Wood, business manager; and Bil Taylor, manager. No? pictured are Les Johnston, program director; and Ken Frink, chief on- nouncer. In the front row, left to right are Sieve Hill, Kathy Bakoss, Dorothy Wood, Leslie Orcutf, and Richard Hess. In the second row are Bil Taylor, Scott Garrison, Pat Villellu, Justin Joseph, Lloyd Barnes, Will Robson, and Duke Punkey. Over eighty years old as a pharmaceutical fraternity, Kappa Psi is a group of pharmacy students whose aims are to further research and advance and develop a pride in the profession which they study. Members are, kneeling, Ulysses MCEIyen and Timothy OyNeill. In the second row, are Ronald Eaton, Sophann Im, Jack Bouchier, Kenneth Corazza, and Donald VVellborn. In the third row, are Robert VVeick, James Burnfm, Manuel Archuleta, Joel Ingram. and Spencer Ellis. An unique club, the Little isters of Minerva is a branch brganization of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, social fraternity. The :lub is composed of girls who iave a 2.4 grade point average ,nd have attended UNM at east two semesters. The girls re chosen by the active chapv er and the "little sisters," and my serve as an aid to SAE by hpporting the fraternity proj- pts and helping with pledge Kass projects. The girls spon- ,r a Sunday morning break- ast each month and are in- ited to chapter dinners. UNM as the largest Little Sisters of ,Iinerva Club of any SAE hapter in the United States. little SISIIGRS 0E mmenva Hi In the First row, left to right are Marilyn Anderson, Carolyn Tidwell, Mary Green, Anne Marie Dozois, Janet Mooney, and Carole Seale. In the second row are Sandy Muisel, Suki Reid, Jean Huff, Eileen Hawley, KiAnn Hubby, Nina Bebber, and Judy Campbell. In the third row are Robin Read, Stephanie Redd, Phyllis Stoes, Nancy Goff, Carol Vygrala, Jane Brookover, and Lynne Snoddy. 269 In the First row, left to right are Dave Byron, treasurer, Charles Culberson, vice-president, Ray Ballew, president, Charles Best, senator, Al C. de Bcca, secretary. In the second row are Ron Armstrong, AI Wicklund, Tracy Hull, AS a prerequisite for being a member of Esquire Club, a male studen L M ',' ' P. 'th, P H , F B , 'F t! , . . any. art's Frimc's Sm: GUI Wk 'del aw cm" To 0" Bab must have served actlvely thh some branch of the armed forces. Th Hoskms, Bull Billmgsly, Hunk Kelly, and Bob Fay. Second semester emcers , . . . , , were Charles Best, president, Fidel Buca, vice-president, Paul Duray, secre- Club 15 prlmarlly SOClalt phovldltlg a program 0f event? throughout thl' ?ury, and Bill Billingsly, treasurer. year. Each month an Esqulre Glrl IS honored and a Glrl 0f the Year 1- chosen from the group of coeds honored each month. esqume CluB photognaphy CLUB Created and operating in order to promote interest and fur- ther skills in the multi-phased area of photography, this club is open to any student who wishes to participate. The club's . . . activities include demonstrations, contests, field trips, models, In the First row, left to right are Margaret Jo Kincaid, secretary- . . . . . . guest lecturers, and mamtams a darkroom for students to de- treasurer, Richard Meyerheln, co-caplam, Bob Barley, BIII Robson, . , . . velop thelr own plctures. A falrly new club on the UNM campus, and Mike Sokol. In the second row are Bob Hamillon, John . . Miloglav, Laurel Drew, Lowell Johnson, president, and Bob Bilbao. It was founded 1n the fall Of 1959- pRe-meo somety Members of the Pre-Med Society in the front row left to right are George Vergara, Marlee Meissner, Mary Kimmons, Bill Coyer, Martha Martinez, Barbie Anstine, Modesto del Castille. In the second row, left to right are Richard Meyerheim, Phillip Keen, Tom Weaver, Clark Carr, Joe Fry, Ray Sweet. The University of New Mexico Pre-Med Society was organized to promote pre-medical studies and to serve as a method for exchange of information, advisement, and encouragement. The members of the Club represent the helds 0f pre-medicine, pre-dental, pre-veterinary and medical technology. Films and speakers keep the group in- formed in the latest medical advances and introduce them to the various specialties. The organization has sponsored several field trips to various local hospitals and clinics, and the members have engaged in debates on current medical issues. Dr. M. W. Fleck is faculty adviser. Bill Coyer, president; George Vergara, vice- presidenf, and Joe Fry, secretary-treasurer discuss the broadening prospects of the medi- cal field. 271 Members of the UNM Ski Club Mary Hynes, Julie Verness, Jim Hynes, Jay Parker, Nina Macaluso, Bob Pave, Walter Phuler, Ward Koeberle, Sandy Dwight, and Bill Young gather at the La Madeira Ski Range. Skl CLUB Relaxing offer a chilling day in the snow are Julie Verness, Walter Phaler, Jan McPherson, Bob Pave, Mary Hynes, Nina Maculuso, Jim Hynes, Bill Young, and Margie Gannon. The UNM Ski Club was re- vived this year as one of the largest groups on campus With a membership of about 140. Under the sponsorship of Bruno Geba, ex-Olympic ski coach and ex-professional rac- ing coach, the group has under- taken to establish skiing as a varsity sport with a PE. credit and initiate inter-university competition. Discounts are of- fered to members in skiing, renting equipment, and trans- portation. Events such as fash- ion shows, the Miss Stretch Pants Contest, a yearly ski trip, and innumerable parties keep the members busy While off the slopes. Skiing involves accidents as members of the Ski Clu can testify. Helpful Ski Palrolers aid them in regainin their upright positions. mm am rmmc m us: at . Q acumen rm NM' am Q cum Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalistic society, is dedica- ted to the high journalistic ideals of preserving talent, truth and energy as the instru- ments of the press. Membership is open to male students who are majoring in journalism. Members of Sigma Delta Chi are, standing, left to right, Mike Simone, Major L. H. Geisinger, Norman Van Tubergen, seated Dick Geha, Gary Thomason, Professor L. L. Jermain. stubent ebucauon assocnatlon The National Education Association was fou nded in 1857. Its purpose is to helevate the charac- ter and advance the interests of the profession of teaching and to promote the cause of education in the United States." The Student Education Association is a branch of the NEA. The local Chapter was Chartered November 15, 1957 and seeks to promote interest in education among students pre- paring to teach. Seated cf the table are the officers of the SEA. They are Viola Chavez, secretary-freasurer; Dr. L. Helen Walters, sponsor; Nancy Matsubaru, president; Linda Wel- ton, vice president; Carol Ann Homan, corresponding secretary; Margaret Snell, historian. Other members include Paulette Case, Judy Massey, Carolyn Snearly, Allison Griggs, June Bower, Sharon Booher, Roxie Morrow, Christine Vidal, Barbara Jones, Joyce Buell, Rebecca McBride, Linda Russell, Kathy Melnick, Collene Niels, Barbcuu Bryan, Joan Ketchum, Phyllis Short, Julia V. Heuion, Gale Williams, Eileen Martin, Jeann Kennedy, Carol Wyss, Emilie Kimber, Beverly Summers, Marilyn Sears, Beverly Irvine, Kim Reed, Ed Lennert, Joyce Williams, Abdulradir Mumin. 273 In the first row, left to right are Marge Andres, Patsy Orth, June Smith, Revel DeBoer, Marlyn Erickson, Coy Little, Put Parmley, Prue Cramp, Nancy Spence, Kathleen Osborn, and Jennie Joe. In the second row are Carol Leuhmann, Nancy Charles, Sharon Canada, Betty Ayers, Shirley Holst, Becky Valencia, Sandra Richards, Cheryl Ostlund, Janet Wichtrich, June Hosea, Frances Padilla, and Karen Smith. In the third row are Arthur Swain, Carla Peterson, Lee Bulgin, Judy Dever, Patsy Ruebusk, Glenda Atkinson, Mary Lou Grimes, Sandra McGovern, Janet Gage, Anne Jue, Frances Russell, Joan Johnson, Dean Crenshaw, Mrs. Jackson, Frances Kagan, and Janet Stevenson. Members of W. R. A. are, in the front row left to right, Ardith Homan, Sue Reutter, Bonnie Kilgore, Billie Nichols, Judy Oliver. In the second row are Miss Mills, Brenda Freeman, Eileen Martin, Van Robertson, Bev Ray, Merrilie Maugles, Polly Holbrook, Genie Winterbothem, Marinne Hale, Janet McBrien, and Marsha Stevenson. stubent nunses assocnatlo' The National Student Nurses Association was formally established in 1953 ' Cleveland, Ohio. The local chapter was established soon after the founding of t college of nursing at UNM. The purpose of the organization is to encourage t student nurse to promote and maintain high educational and professional stan ards and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and the acquiring . knowl'edge through practical experience. woments Recneatlon assomatlo The Woments Recreation Association is affiliated with The American Recre. tion Federal of College Women. UNM's local chapter sponsors and directs intr mural and sportsday programs for women which include both team and individu sports. Activities emphasized include held hockey, basketball, tennis, golf, skiin. softball, bowling, swimming, and archery. Every activity is open to Universin women. WAIIERIOUS The girlis synchronized swimming club on the UNM campus is fittingly dubbed Waterlous. Meeting for many practices throughout the year, the girls are coached this year by a new sponsor, Mrs. Barbara Pares. To demonstrate the fruits of their practice the Waterlous each spring hold a watershow to which students are invited. To aid others in synchronized swimming, the group conducts a swimming sym- posium for both beginning and advanced groups in order to foster synchronized swimming within New Mexico. Many Waterlous further their work by teach- ing synchronized swimming or by serving as Water Safety instructors during the summer. Waterlous "get into the swim" with vertical, tpright dives into Johnson Gym pool. Sec- hnds later the girls praciice their complicated ormations which will make up their spring how. In the first row, left to right are Jun Dartignue, Kileen Vundam, Kathe Wcrthing, Andrea ; Bretug, and Susan Ackerman. In the second row are Mimi Eytcheson, Grace Colvin, Joyce live bodies with feet touching at a center point form Voge, and Nanci Smith. In the third row are Pam Schupp, Marianne Hale, Carole Burke, I "star" with heads serving as points. The basic floating Lou Ann Fralic, and Lana Moeller. iction requirlng the swimmer to remain in one place is i difficult foot to master. Mary Helen Baca Carolyn Barker Patsy Allen Sandra J2me Allen Roberta Daby Rebeccu Duke Elizabeth Dickens Dena Davidson Town Club celebrated its twenty-flfth anni- versary this spring. Founded on May 4, 1938, Town Club is a social organization for UNM girls living in Albuquerque. Its purpose is to create a more democratic spirit among women students and to encourage participation in educational, social and student activities by Town Club members. Miss Elizabeth Elder has been sponsor of the group since 1943. Traditional Town Club activities include the Kidnap Breakfast, Motheris Club Christ- mas Party, Winter Formal, and Spring Found- eris Banquet and other formal dances. More informal affairs include hayrides, casual dances, and open houses. The club also partici- pates in community services projects such as the annual Halloween UNICEF drive and Christmas caroling for hospitals and rest homes. Junie Sieglifz, Ardiih Holeman, and Maureen Kasnic, presiding royalty at the Winter Formal, held early in January, pose wiih Iong-sfemmed red roses. Ardifh reigned as queen while Janie and Maureen complemented the court. The girls were voied on by both the pledges and actives for the honor of a royal title. Terry Berkshire Sharon Booher Dorothy Lee Burrow Connie Campbell Rosalynde M. Ferrar Cecilia Gonzales Mary Ann Granados town ClUB Roberta Harkey Judy Hines Laurens Hall Ann Huckabee janet Johnson Maureen Kasnic Carole Lewis Molly Ann McGinnis Darlene Mitchell Eileen Murphy Cheryl Ostlund Sandra Pavioni Frances Pearce Pat Prought Beverly Rathbun Sandra Richards i Winifred Romaine Cindy Sachs Diana Sauerhoff Janie Sieglitz jean Stapleton Annadell Williamson ?oberfu Harkey, assistant pledge trainer,- Connie Campbell, pledge president; Mry Ann Granados, pledge vice president; Cindy Sachs, pledge treasurer, and Carolyn Barker and Fran Monioyu prepare toothpick trees as decorations , Terry Berkshire, pledge trainer, display the Town Club emblem. for Ihe Winter Formal. w; anhellemc counCIl Loraine Hammock, Harlene Jones, Karen Johnson, Cheryl Cunningham, Beverly Bisbee; in the back row; Diana Fairchild, Nun In the front row are; Mary Ann Krebbs, Lane, Mary Hall, Carole Vygrala, Terry Walker, Joyce Seiko, Robin Read, Verna Greer. Panhellenic Council is composed of representatives of all the sororities on campus and promotes cooperation and understanding among these groups. Among its many projects, Panhellenic sponsors Greek Week. Terry Walker, Treasurer; Carol Vygralu, Secreiary; Beverly Bisbee, Rush Chairman; Robin Read, Vice President; Harlene Jones, President. 278 Inten-Enatenmty councnl In the front row are; Mike Waikins, Stan Thomas, Skip Jones, Mike Walker, Jim Gaunce, Raymond Zumwali, David Tod, Richard Wisecarrer, AI Seery; in the back row; Buddy McCausland, Sam Turner, David Carroll, Marshall Wilder, Jim Cole, Lynn Adams, Harold Christ, Earle Paynton, Mike lnlow, Fred Mondragon, Tom R. lopez, Jr. interfraternity council. The members improve the relations and activities of h Campus functions among the various fraternities are discussed within the h the Greek men as a whole. 1 h a Garry Vinson, Vice President; Dennis Freshman, President; Bill Schoenhuf, Treasurer; Dean Mathany, Adviser; Charlie Steen, Secre'ury. 279 Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of the Greek alphabet, represent the beginning and the end of four years of sisterhood, study, and fun for the university women of Alpha Chi Omega. In 1885 Alpha Chi Omega was nationally estab- lished at De Pauw University, and 1963 marks the 45th year of achievement for the Alpha Chi Chapter at New Mexico. Established here in 1918, the Alpha Gamma chapter of the national sorority became the second existing women's fraternal group on campus. Traditions established by the New Mexico Alpha Chits include a Carnation Girl award, a Hero Day, winter and spring formals, and the favorite guy and gal presentation. The Alpha Chi's are very proud to have the Panhellenic Scholarship trophy in their trophy case this year. Faustine Branson Barbara Brewer Prudence Cramp Kathy Deal Kathy de Montmollin Ann Domacker Yvonne Brimhall Pauline Hanley Susan Harkncss Jean Hill Carol Homan Jackie Honeywell Le Anne Jercinovic Betsy Johannesen Carolyn Johnson Margo Allen Sali Barnett Rita Benischek Sandra Bess Jane Black Joan Bliss Carole Burke Russeen Carrell Leanne Coffman Verna Greer janet Gage Janice Green Barbara Jones Marge Jones Sharon Kenning Nan Lane Judi Lawrence Jan Macpherson Francis Manning Sandra Marshall Alice McIntosh Peggy Meigs Barbara Owen Trish Pollard Carol Ramsey Gcnnic Ribble Nancy Robbins Kathy Sands Mary Sheets Tammy Show Mary Simms Sue Steed Linda Stevens Judy Swortwood Gail Thomas Betty Todesco Mary Kay Todesco Christine Vidal Kathleen West Natalie White Stephany Wilson 281 Mary Abernathy Julie Anderson Cheryl Bitterlich Niles Jean Breakiron Rosemary Cannon Nancy Chamness Gale Cooper Candy Cowan Cheryl Cunningham Deanna Ellis Virginia Farran Jeanne Fish Janet Grissom Joyce Gross Lorraine Hammock Mary Ann Hardman Janice Heard Pamela Herb Linda Hillary Carole Johnson Alpha Delta Pi Sorority was founded as the Adelphian Society. Alpha Nu Chapter of the sorority was one of the earliest women's groups to colonize at UNM. Alpha Delta Pi philanthropic projects include the crippled Childrenh fund drive, which is a national project for the sorority, and their local Christmas proj- ect, Toys for Tots. The Pledge Presentation Ball opens the fall semes- ter for the ADPYS socially. Other social events center around the Christmas Dance and the Blue Diamond At XVesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, in 1851, I Ball held in May. Karen Kirk Barbara Knott Diane Komen Helen Leach Virginia Milner Cynthia Norman Diane Novak Kathy Orlando Carolyn Phillips Marti Postlethwaite Janice Pech Reece Louella Reynolds Valerie Sharer Pat Sharer Teddy Sloniger J1me Smith Majorie Smith Deborah Williamson Toni Wright Becky Wyman Carol Yandell 283 Geraldine Barbee Beth Birge Susan Boney Patty Bowers Paula Bronson Judy Campbell Sharon Carmichael Connie Louise Claus Marilyn Claus Judy Cline Merry Lee Dean Anne Marie Dozois Margaret Elliott Susan Everett Diana Fairchild Diane Fries Joyce Frye Sharie Goddard Mary Hall B. j. Hawkins Merle Hays Julia V. Heaton Carolyn Hibbard K'Aun Hubby Harlem: Jones For the second year in a row, the Chi Omega pledges walked off with the Spirit Day Trophy. Other htraditions" include the Pledge Dance, the Christmas Semi-formal, the Eleusinian Banquet, and the Chi Omega White Formal dinner and dance. Pi Gamma chapter of hChi O" participates in civic projects such as gifts to Los Lunas school, and work with the Albu- querque Veterans Administration. The Chi Omega alumnae participate in the Christmas Caravan and other civic projects. Chi Omega began as a National organization i Marilyn Kerry below the Mason-Dixon Line at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville,.Arkansas in 1895. The New Mexico Chi Omega Chapter was chartered in 1926. Bonie Kilgore Sharon Kingston Stanlee Livingston Patricia Lynch Karen McBee Barbara McKim Michele Mitchell Polly Partee Sandra Platt Donna Rice ' Susan Rundles Judy Runge Tina Sanderson Karen Schroeder Anne Scott Carolyn Scale Glenelle Shockey Phyllis Short Terry Sperry Jeanette Starr Judy Sullivan Gretchen Thomas Susan Thomasma Nanette Vescovi Phyllis Vitalc Gale Williams 285 Margaret Craig Gale Crittenden Judy Curtis Judy DeValk Deborah Dittbemer Sharon Eddy Ruth Ann Elsbrock Glorin Mule Fmtoul Phyllis Forgan Mary Alice Glenn Jean Grigsby Thelma Hay Linda Heideman Patricia Hubbs Cheryl Lynn jackson Jean Westfall John Thann Kinslow Mary Kruse Kylenc Lovejoy Marilynne McKay 286 Annually, the New Mexico Tri Delts join With their sorority sisters across the nation to celebrate the date of Thanksgiving Eve, 1888 as the date of the founding Delta Delta Delta. The national sorority, organized at Boston University, colonized its Phi Delta chapter on Susan Minnick Lee-Ann Neuer the NEW RICXiCO campus in 1949 The Tri Delts traditionally celebrate the Crescent Formal and the annual Pansy Ring Breakfast which honors graduating seniors and outstanding sorority members. They also join in community service by holding an Easter Party co-sponsored with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the St. Anthonys Boys Home. This year the annual pledge party was given by the city-wide alumni association of Tri- Delta at the Red Bull Saloon in Little Beaver Town. Billie Nichols Jan Nohrn Alice Orr Patricia Parker Sue Plctcher M. M. Putney Carolyn Raglin Ann Reynolds Dottie Saunders Kathy Saunders Marsha Saucrman Carol Smith Joyce Sojka Nancy Thompson Margaret Walden Terri Walker Carol Wyss 287 Joline Daffer Mary Helen Baxter Patricia Bolton Mary Jane Bowen Deborah Brown Cindi Carnes Kate Corbin Lynne Dreyer Carol Fulton Kathy Gorman Tarley Green Sharon Hargrave Marti Harrison Valerie Haydon Mary Hedges Darby Jones Mary Ann Krebs Kale Kuhnle Ellen Lawrence Claire Marek Sherian Herndon Shawna Jensen Bernadine Mitchell Joan Morgan Gayle Mortensen Charlotte Moyer Darlene Muzzy Kae Nelson Joan O Brien Joan Parks Kay Quillin Marylynn Ridosko Beverly Ried Ann Robertson Cynthia Schwab Sharon Smart Martha Swindle Delta Gamma fraternityhs special national philan- thropy is the Delta Gamma Foundation for Sight Con- servation and Aid to the Blind. The local sorority chapter assists in projecting its national foundation by reading to the blind students on campus. The "DGhsh represent the newest sorority on campus, being established in May of 1961. Nationally, the year 1873 marks the founding of Delta Gamma; it was estab- lished at Lewis Institute in Oxford, Mississippi. Local Delta Gamma traditions are only two years old, but already include the Spring Formal, fall dance, and Help Week during Christmas Season. Elizabeth Taylor Marcia Thomas Lindsay Tipton Mary Ann Urschel Judith Wilking Vicky Winn Joan Woken 289 Karla Albrecht Pat Alfred Marilyn Ball Anne Barnes Lynne Belka Jacqueline Bell Jean Belli Judy Benson Fran Billings Bobbie Braden Jane Brookover Sue Campbell De De Collins Cynthia Corbett Darla Groff Barbara Craig Cari Crosby Carole Dan Maria Downing Judy Dyhrmann Dottie Gillespie Fran Gillespie Kappa Alpha Theta, the first Greek sorority for women, was established in 1870 at DePauw University. The national organization has instituted a special philanthropic project located at the Institute of Logopedics at Wichita, Kansas, which the New Mexico Thetas support each year. The Theta chapter at UNM was established as Gamma Omicron chapter in 1948. This year, the Thetas welcomed their new house-mother, Mrs. Waite Leonard, at a tea held in her honor. Theta showed its quality of membership by receiving the honors for Out- standing Greek Woman, Outstanding Freshman Woman, Greek Week Par- ticipation Award, Co-Recreational trophy which they shared with Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, and first place womenys house decorations for Homecoming. Traditionally, the Thetas celebrate the Baby Triad and Formal Triad with the Kappas and Pi Phis, the Christmas Formal, Date Dinner, Senior Break- fast, and Scholarship Award Banquet. Beverly Horstmann Georgie Haywood Nancy Hurley Janie Johnston Karen Johnson Margaret Koogler Sandra Leon Diana Lloyd Vicki Lugenbeel Peggy McFarland Carol Merovka Fran Murphy Pam Naeve Terry Ordoney Kay Paterson Susan Reutter Ellen Salb Lynne Snoddy Ilsa Stromberg Pam Swisher Almut Tantzen Carole Vygrala ', 291 Jan Baker Nancy Ballenger Beverly Bisbee Pam Blackmar Lynda Boose Kathleen Connor Cathy Cornelius Mary Ann Craig Gretchen Cunningham Judy Dodd Ann Dolmage Karen Dorris Debbie Dickinson Linda Edmonds Polly Egan Kathie Fishback Martha Goodman Judy Harrison Gatha Hesselden Gayle Hudgens Elaine Johnson Mauree Kimbrough Jackie Leach Kathy Lewis Norma Maloney Sharon Maloney Molly Mason l , Kappa Kappa Gamma was one of the earliest fraternities 1 for women and was established at Monmouth College in Mon- l mouth, Illinois in 1870. There are now eightysnine Kappa Chapters nationally and New Mexicols Gamma Beta chapter was the first national organization to colonize at UNM in 1918. The Kappa chapter house was built in 1932, and plans for its Jextension will be activated in 1963. The Kappas are proud to have Mrs. Evelyn Reed back as House Director for her sixth year. Kappals most important goal is scholarship, but the chapter has initiated a new program this year which will give more Sharon Mattingly G.G.McCuistion Shelly McCuistion temphasis to cultural events. The Kappas participate in tradi- 'tional events including Baby Triad, Formal Triad, Christmas lFormal, Founders Day Banquet, and Kappa SigmasKappa Christmas Party. The Kappas began this year with two achieve- ments-they won Sweepstakes award in Homecoming house decorations and they also beat the Phi Delts in the annual Phi lDelta Theta-Kappa football game. Again this year, the KKGls won first place in the Christmas song fest. Sydney Morris Judy Pajunen Carla Peterson Ann Robinson Margaret Spiegel Marilyn Stith P. K. Strong Kyla Taylor Cordelia Thomas Betty Thompson l Lucretia Vickery Louise VVarbois Lee Warner Millie White Sharon White Carolyn Williams Joye Williams Ruth Worlmann 293 Sandy Abraham Carole Bowman Marilyn Bookwalter Judy Bowen Gretchen Brown Linda Campbell Yvonne Chacon Donna Clauser Janice Cobb Julie Davis Janet Farrington Mary Gray Judy Graves Pat Hamilton Nancy Harper Eileen Hawley Pam Heaton Jean Huff Jane Hume Marilyn Hunter Laurie Kaufman Jeann Kennedy Sue Kepler Rebecca Kern Darleen McCauslan Continuing to rank high in campus honors, the Pi Phis won first place in Stunt Night, hrst place in Gay Nineties Can Can, Miss Gay Nineties, first place in the Fiesta booth award and tied for first place in the Spirit Day talent contest. Pi Beta Phi began in April of 1867 at Monmouth College under the name of I. C. Sorosis. The sorority was established on the University of New Mexico in 1946. Pi Beta ths na- tional philanthropic project is a settlement school in Gatlin- burg, Tennessee where the sorority has become a national leader in preserving native American craftsmanship. At UNM the Pi Phis annually hold a winter formal, a settle- ment school tea, a Christmas party for needy children, and jointly sponsors the fall baby Triad and the spring formal Triad With Kappa Kappa Gamma and Kappa Alpha Theta. Julie McClure Pat McCroskey Sara McIIhenny Sandy Maisel Jo Ann Mansur Marion Metzger ; vr Sandra Moffitt Mary Montoya Glendi Mooney Janet Mooney Dianna Payne Robin Read x ' x , ; Stephanie Redd Judy Reimer Kathy Riley Judi Rohrer Nancy Roland Pam Roush Joanna Shamas Connie Smith Penny Taggard Carolyn Volpato Bonnie Walston Martha Weidman Margaret Ann Weiler Claire Wilson Genie Winterbotham Valerie Wintrich t 295 m mmukh. mummif- nunmm . ; 4 o 4 i 23364; v ?o'o:95:6 nuss Spnut kanen schnoebep Chl omega Attendants Nancy Robbins and Susan Thomusma congratulate Karen Schroeder, Miss Spirit Day "Miss legs and Ankles." Kappa Kappa Gamma Cheryl Coniff is sitting preffy as Sam Boren Mark Born Robert Bower Adrian Bregmrd Peter Broullire Jerry Calhoon Mike Conlin John Cramer Ted Crosby Larry Caudill Robert Claar Lawrence Coll Victor Cutler David David Dwight Drager David Dolloff Mike Fleming 11 L Gerald Hein David Hillemeyer John Inman Jeff Jackson Grant MacCurdy James George 298 C. Hudson Manning Fred Miller Richard C. Otto Jim Page Mike Rouse Norton Ritter Dixie Day, celebrated with the Hring of the cannon, Lawn Party, and Dixie Ball, again this year climaxed Kappa Alphats thirty-third year on the UNM campus. Kappa Alpha, founded in 1865 at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, was originally founded by boys who had fought for the Confederate Army. Today, the Dixie Day celebration relives the glory of the South for Beta Phi chapter. Other social events include a winter formal, a Cham- pagne bust, Convivium, and the ttWetbaCk Jamboree." Frank Sayner Lauren Seiler Harley Swink Gary Thomason Richard Tice Tommy K. Weaver Robert Weig John Whitcomb E. Marshall Wilder Bob Woodmansee Ray Zumwalt 299 Robert Bone Kenneth Burnell Dave Carroll Daniel Cooper Lon Cottingham Jerry Groebner Van Flisher Tom Foster Robert Fulton Pete Horney David Irvin Richard Knott Al Lopez Lavem Martinez Bob McClury jim McRae John W. Moor 300 l Steve Moore Daniel O'Donnell John Rice William Riordan Jerry Rossi Edward Sargent Roger Schockley George Seiverd Kappa Sigma Fraternity has a rather unusual history that can be traced back as the second oldest fraternal order in existence. The fraternity originated at the University of Bologna, Italy, in 1400, was established at the University of Virginia in 1869, and colonized at The University of New Mexico in 1924. The Delta Zeta chapter of Kappa Sigma works to uphold the national ideal of the fellowship of individ- uals. This ideal helps to mature and heighten a sense of responsibility in each participating individual. The Kappa Sigs won second place in the menTs divi- Wayne Sigleo sion of house decorations for Homecoming, and the William Sinclair brothers participated this year in such traditional events as the Kappa Kappa Gamma-Kappa Sigma Christmas orphan party. During the nationally pub" licized ttSpirit Day," the Kappa Sigs mixed pleasure With service in a day that contributed its monetary profits to the United Fund. Carl Sole Carl Spieckerman Carl A. Thornton Fred Walden Mike Watkins Storm Watkins David Werner Thornton Wibry 301 302 Renneth Bradshaw john Eckert Ronald R. Armijo Michael Byrnes Roy Good Harry Bourland Eric Christensen Richard Hindley Zeta Mu chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha emphasizes four goals: Scholastic achievement, Brotherhood, Social Understanding, and Participation in campus activities. The motto uVir Quisque Vir," which means hEvery man a man" and is the statement of one of Lambda Chi Alpha,s basic goals, appears on the frater- nity coat of arms. The New Mexico Lambda Chis boast one of the most unusual chapter houses on campus. The frater- nity, which was established on the New Mexico campus in 1949, has founded several traditional events. Among these are the Pledge-Active scholarship contest, the White Rose Formal, celebration of the Lambda Chi Alpha Founders Day date of Nov. 9, 1909, and the award for the most outstanding man in Lambda Chi Fraternity. Steve Crouse Bob Dawson Guy Jacobus Jim Jansson Henry Klenzing Richard Kobes Thomas Lopez Robert Lowexy Robert Masi Bruce Mu'm John Patterson Earle Paynton Dave Perkins Larry A. Peterson Richard Saunders William Sedlock Bob Seeber Tomy Shoon J. C. Snyder John Phillip Sosa David Swinford Peter Tras Gary Vinson Bill Warren Jack Whidden 303 Charles Ables Erik Ackroyd Chris Anderson Charles Bacchus Ronald Bell Chuck Boyd Jim Brandenburg Paul Brewer Denny Brummell John Buchanan David Campbell Ocie Clark Gene Clement Dennis Craig Randy Davis The coveted Intramural Football crown this year was won by the Phi Delts, who always have been strong contenders for the title. New Mexicds Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity celebrates traditional social events such as the Christmas Blue and White Formal, the annual foot- ball game with the Kappas, and the unique half-and-half formal. An emphasis is also strongly placed on scholastic achievement in Phi Delta Theta. The National fraternity was Hrst established during the Christmas season in 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The local chapter of Phi Delta Theta was colonized in December of 1946 at the University of New Mexico. William Hill Hillard Howard Bill Edmundson Wen Elliott Joe Emanuel Dick Follingstad Bill Grasse Tuck Haltom Bill Hicks Chris Inman Don Ivers Robert Gene John Clifford Jones Jon Jonz Tom Kelleran Bob Knight Clay Lehman Robert Link 304 1y CS nan Gordon Lormor Ronald Munns Mike Rowland John Sperry Mike McBee Jim Osberg Ted Rupert Steve Spiegler Burt Melton Richard Parodi Robert Staat Dick Taylor Jim Melton David Pearson Ronnie Stafford Eddie Taylor Dean Merritt Neal Pearson Eric Schmalz Larry Thacker J. R. Philp William Retz Lindsay Scott Nick Seeds Clinton T helander George Thomas Darryl Richards Larry Smith Seth Thomas 305 Ken Adkins Bob Affholter Rick Callaghan John Dem Jack Evans Larry Hood Mike Inlow Sheldon Kolberg Chuck Lanier Lanny Messersmith Fred Mondragon Dennis Roberts In April, of 1961, Phi Sigma Kappa, one of the oldest national fraternities became the newest addition to the fraternity system at UNM. The men of Phi Sigma Kappa are proud of the growth of their chapter from the original thirteen members; the growth of the Phi Sigs is based on the cardinal principles of their national charter: Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character. As of February of this year, the New Mexico Phi Sigma Kappa colony chapter was inducted by the national organization as a fully recognized member chapter. The fraternity was originally founded in 1873 at the University of Massachusetts. The young New Mexico chapter has already established its own traditions which include the Shantytown ShufHe, the Snow Party, the Pledge Preferential, the Moonlight Ball and the Red Carnation Ball. Phi Sigma Kappa also has established an award given annually in the field of dramatic play writing; the Phi Sig national philanthropy is aid to Cerebral Palsy victims. 1 L Marion Pollock David Phillips Richard Quintana Pat Reagen Fred Sisson Joe Treat Ishmael Valenzuela William P. Yearout 307 Lynn Adams Hudson Boue Jim Branch Ken Brown Stuart Campbell Dan Cash Michael Chiordi Harold Christ The first social club on the UNM campus was organized by a group of men calling themq selves the hYum-Yum Boysn. This group or ganized their social club in 1892 while sitting on the hill where the Pike estufa now rests. They formed the local fraternity Alpha Alph Alpha in 1896, and in 1915 the fraternity af hliated with Pi Kappa Alpha national frater mty The Pikes rank high every year in campu athletics; in activity leadership, members of P Kappa Alpha have organized the major campu events such as Homecoming, Fiesta, and Gree Week. In Homecoming this year, the Pike took the Erst place Ments House Decoration award with their Lobo hHorn of Plenty". Som- of the traditions of Beta Delta Chapter are th' Dream Girl Formal, Hi-Jinx costume party and picnics to the Pike mountain cabin. l John Comer Mike Dietmeier Ron Diodosio Steve DuFrane Dennis Eagan Bob Epistein Joe Gallegos Ken Gattas Van Gilbert Charles Gross Stan Hultberg Torn Higgins Ralph Hill Douglas Johnson Rick Johnson Gary Jones Franklin Kardonski Bill Karins Chuck Kohlhaas Bob Kopp Michael Milligan Mike Nahmad Carl Raglin Bob Schwartz Dan Smith Eddie Stokes Frank Strubel Charles Welborn Bud Whaley Edward Wood 309 Edgar Amsden Jim Baxter Jim Bertagnolli Richard Bianchi Emil Black Lindy Blaschke Sam Bommelaere Terry Boning Bill Borthwick Jim Borthwick Arthur Brakel Robert Brooks Don Burrows Mike Butler James Cole Richard Cole Walter N. Colquitt Doug Corwin Norman Corzine Dave Coventry Murray Crosse Robert Deakin Bob Dyer Randy Eakin Lorenzo Espinoso David Eyestone Paul Fackler Richard Gardner Charles Gerlach Allan Goldberg Bob Goodman Richard Harris Byron Hollis Earl Huffman Randy Johnson Barton Jones Fred Julander Mitchael Kaehr James Kakos 310 Sigma Alpha Epsilon has ranked as a top fraternity and above the all-menk average in scholarship for the past three years. A new library has been added this year to the SAE house to help maintain the scholastic rating. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was founded in 1856 at the University of Alabama, and since its founding has become the largest social fraternity in the nation. New Mexico Tau of SAE was established at the University of New Mexico in 1946, and following in the NationalTs footsteps, has grown to become the largest social fraternity on campus. The TtSig Alphst, had a full social calendar which included: Preferential Banquet, W inter Formal, F oundefs Day, and Calypso. The Little Sisters of Minerva, a women,s service auxiliary selected by the SAE's sponsored a Christmas Party and a pledge son program for the Sig Alphs. The fraternity selected Miss Judy Crockett as the Sweetheart of SAE for 1962. Terry Keeling Tom Kerley Larry Kingsley James Kirkpatrick Richard Klein George Lanning Edward Lewis Chuck Lewis Elmer Lincoln Martin Lyman Chester Mauchline Charles Mazziotti Vince Mazziotti Bill McCormick James Meares Dennis Miller Howard Mock Jerry Moore Frank Moran Skip Perkinson Bob Pettis Patrick Phelan Mike Phillips John Powell William Powers Lloyd Randel Jay Roehl Doug Roessell Jack Rushing Larry Sallee Ernie Simpson Robert Snyder Steven Sziy Gene Thomas Stan Thomas Robert Thompson John Timerman Lee Trussell Robert Tyler Ronald Watson Bob Wright Ralph Youngberg 311 At the annual hBlack and White" formal this year, Faustine Branson was chosen as the sweet- heart of Sigma Chi. The Sigs are characterized by numerous social activities during the year such as the pledge cos- Terry Anna Jerry Atkinson Rodger Baker Eric Bell Tim Bennett tume dance Wthh this year followed the theme of ttWest Side Storyh, the Spring Formal, the all-Greek open house, and of course the locally renowned Sigma Chi Klondike. At half-time of Homecoming this year, the Sig pledges beat the SAE pledges in the traditional chariot race. The Sigma Chi House welcomed a new house- mother this fall, Mrs. Alice Wagner, known to the Sigs as ttMomX, Established nationally in 1855 at the University of Miami, Beta Xi chapter of Sigma Chi, founded at UNM in 1916, was one of the hrst Greek organ-x izations on the campus. Growing so rapidly that they have since occupied three houses on campus, the Sigma Chi brothers have tentative plans to ex- pand again into another house within the near future. On campus, the Sigs ranked second in soft- ball intramurals, second in football intramurals, and brought home the ttOutstanding Greek Man on Campus" award last year. Ernie Blythe Bob Botts Mike Bowen Nick Brainard Draper Brantley Barry Bryant Ronnie Bum Don Butterfleld George Byrd William Carpenter Frank Claus Phil Cohen James Collins Kenneth Coors Charles Cope George Cromes Stephen Denison Michael Dennis Dick Doss Richard Dow Paul Drexel Glenn Eckard Bill Edwards Charles Edwards Bill Fanning Dennis Freshman Stan Garner Orlando Garza Ronald Grcnko George Gricgo Lawrence Guggins James Harrington Bill Harris Tres Hendrix Ron Hill Jeff Hubner Wayne Ingersoll 312 Tom Jernigan Michael Jett Richard Johnson Tom Keleher john Lampton George Limbert Gerald Lindsay Bruce Lovett M. MacGregor Sulo Manson Larry McCarty Ed McCausland Ron McKesson Douglas McLeod Arthur Melendres Mike Minces Charles Mitchell Robert Miziker Mike Moffett Jerry Neeley Peter O'Boyle Charles Clinger Martin Otero Craig Othmcr Jim Ottman Lyle Parker Raymond Pineda Tom Popejoy Mike Ragsdale john Rose John Salazar Ray Sanchez Spencer Samage W. Siegenthaler Robert Slagle Dennis Tidwell Samuel Turner David Tuttle George Vergara Kenneth Volpato Walter Wenzel Frank Witt 313 Jimmy Acree Charles Atkinson Ronnie Ewing Chris Garcia James C. Gaunce David Georguis Michael Harris 314 Frank Kalas John M ason Sigma Phi Epsilon was established in 1901 at Richmond College and in 1929, the New Mex- ico Alpha chapter was charatered for this campus. Sigma Phi Epsilon in its progress through the years has always tried to promote scholarship. In its efforts to do so, the fraternity has made several awards each year to its members who have excelled in scholarship. Awards for the most improve- ment in scholarship and also for the individual who has the highest grade average are used to encourage the members of Sigma Phi Epsilon to place scholarship first. Sigma Phi. Epsilon, while considering scholarship most important, feels that the fraternity man should have a well rounded social life as well. With numerous social events, such as as traditional Golden Heart Ball, the Snow Bound Party, the Roaring Twenties Party and many other functions throughout the year, the Sig Eps also promote the social aspect of fraternity life. The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon have also been very active in service for the campus and the community. Sig Eps have gone out on several drives such as the Mental Health Drives and the Cancer Drive. Sig Eps have also sere- naded at several hospitals during the Christmas holidays. Richard Kenyon Larry Kinzer Ulysses McElyea Charlie Steen Paul Tufts Thomas Wright 315 Gordon Bonham Robert H. Chaplin William Derr Richard Hi'mebrook Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, founded in 1899 at Wesleyan University, is one of the larg- est and fastest growing national fraternities. The Teke fraternity expanded to join the Greek system at the New Mexico University in 1950. The fraternity places a strong emphasis on scholarship, evidenced by the fact that the Tekes have led the fraternities on campus in scholastic achievement for several semesters. The foundation of membership is based on the ideal that members are selected for their per- sonal worth which is best developed by a mem- befs dedication to receiving the education for Which he came to college. In balance with the ideal of scholarship, Tau Kappa Epsilon places emphasis on the fact that ttman is a social being." In accord with this, the Tekes participate in campus ac- tivities and have established their own tradi- tions such as a Halloween Party, Ice ream So- cial, Founders Day Banquet, Poverty Ball, Christmas Party, and Winter Formal. Chuck McAbee Lewis Muir Richard Norwood 316 Thomas Paynor Gary Pratt Dick Squires Joel Stout David Lawrence Tod Rollins Turner Tony Warren Richard Wisecarver 317 The old Stadium Building, dedi cated at the UNM-Aggie football gam in 1932, once managed to let 17,50! people crowd into its confines, and thi was with auxiliary seating. The HEX stadium, however, has a planned ca pacity of 30,000, and room for exten- sive expansion into endezone areas i' the need arises. The original stadium was built f0 $18,000 and doubled as a Classroo building for many years. Today i serves as headquarters for the NROTI unit and the University College. The new stadium, located on th south campus, was dedicated in Sep tember, 1960, at the UNM-Mexic: University game. Built at a cost 0 $600,000, it is expected to liquidate i own debt through the receipts fro the sports events held there. 1962 101305 westenn Athletic conienence champions t 9119 front row are the coaches; Ken Blue, Bab Peterson, Bi" Weeks, Reese Smith, Chuck Cummings, Rod Rust. In the second row are; 5:01? Heningfon, Ed Meadows, Joe Vivian, ary Ness, Bobby Saniiago, Chuck Clause", Jim Cromarfie, Eddie Stokes, Jim Ottmann, Dick Finsimmons, Bob Jensen, Clint Helion, John Kosor, George Heard, Dennis Lively, unuger, George Carmignuni. In the third row are; Ken Cole, Bobby Chavez, Bill Siegenvhaler, Bucky Slallings, Walter Ebiu, Bruce Love", Howard Hancock, Glen Gares, esse Castaneda, John Kenworthy, Dale Warner, Jim Bush, Dick Klein, Dave Turner, larry Picke". 1n the four row are; Bill Pendleton, Vern Ashbrook, Sieve Byrd, Ron Mershon, ake Ramirez, Phil Pouncel, Wayne Tvrdik, Sieve Avery, Joe Gum, Glen TroubleHeld, O. J. Hurt, Jack Abendschan, Del Helton, Chuck Kelly, Bob Pierson, Sieve Molnar. In the ffh row are; Duane Erickson, Milt Wafers, Claude Ward, Ken Gaites, Jerry Kearns, Jim Ohm, Dennis Tidwell, Orvey Hampton, Joe Harris. Va rsify Freshmen ew Mexico Stoke .............. 17 UNM 28 Arizona State ................. 16 UNM 12 yoming ..................... 21 UNM 25 NMMI ....................... 4O UNM O rizon'a ...................... 25 UNM 35 FT. Lewis ...................... 12 UNM 33 exos Western ................. 16 UNM 14 Arizona ...................... 35 UNM 25 foh State .................... 13 UNM 14 fch ......................... 7 UNM 7 cm Jose ..................... 13 UNM 25 righcm Young ................ 27 UNM O olorodo State ................ 8 UNM 21 onfono ..................... t ' t' , Bucky Stallings, Jr.-Fullback i All W. A. C. First Team 1 Big Joe Harris wheels around an Aggie for good yardage. UNM 7 New Mexico S+a+e 0 000 ON -N Nm The University of New Mexico Lobos opened the 1962 season with a stunning Vic- tory over New Mexico State. The Lobos grabbed the lead early in the first period and never relinquished it. The victory was just a sweet sample of what was yet to come. Bobby Santiago, Sr.-Halfback All W. A. C. First Team Larry Jasper, SneEnd Third Team A. P. All American A11VV.A.C. First Team l George Heard, Sr.-End A pack of Lobos led by Jack Abendschan pounce upon an Aggie ball carrier. All W. A. C. Second Team Jim Cromartie, SL-Quarterback All W. A. C. Second Team UNM 7 6 l2 0 25 Wyoming 0 l4 0 7 2I Seeking revenge from last yeafs 33-7 loss, the Lobos fought their way to a 25-21 upset in the Erst Western Athletic Conference game ever played. Eddie Stokes, Jr.-Cemer All W. A. C. First Team Dick Fitzsimmons, Sr.-Quartcrback ussing a bit of strategy are head coach Bill Weeks; Bob Peterson, and coach; Chuck Cummings, assistani line coach; Reese john Kosor,Sr.-Tack1e Smith, freshman coach; Ken Blue, backfield coach; and Rod Rust, interior line coach. A11 W. A- C. First Team 323 U1 UNM 6 I 7 Arizona $N $m 90 Nov Howard Hancock, JL-Halfback Cromarlie is pulled down from behind in UNM's 35-25 victory. J3023?;"iscgaggfgggggfk UNM came on strong in all four quarters to take ' ' ' a hard earned win over the Wildcats and retrieve the Kit Carson Rifle. With this victory, the Lobos gave notice to the W. A. C. that we would be the team to beat. jim Ottmann, Sr.-Halfback Hancock cuts around left end for good yardage. Clint Helton. Sr.-Guard UNM Texas Wes+ern a 2,3 4 Wayne Tvrdik, Soph.-Tack1e Santiago picks up a few yards. Joe Vivian, Sr.-Guard Mistakes cost the Lobos a 16-14 loss to TWC, our old jinx. A UNM drive stalled on the Miner's one yard line and gave the game to Texas Western. Glen Troublefield, Soph.-Guard Chuck Clausen, Sr.-Cemer Big John Anders plows through for good yardage in a freshman game against Arizona Skne. 325 UNM U+ah S+a+e Joe Harris, Soph.-Ha1fback Scott Henington, Jr.-Tack1e Ed Meadows, Sr.-End Where did he go? , . B b ,s .-H lfba k UNM s 1962 Homecommg was one of the most ex- 0 Jensen r a C citing games of the season. Down 13-0 at halftime the Lobos came back with an excellent showing to score in the third and fourth periods and left the field With a 14-13 win over Utah State. ,,; mmwx 32': 5w $ny Wyn :37 Jim Cromuriie heads ?oward the sideline on anoiher green roll oui. CO NN CO 00 NN Chuck Kelly, Soph.-Fullback UNM and Utah fought to a 7-7 draw in a hard hit- ting battle. Each was able to score only in the second period. The Lobos and Utes threatened each other late Vem Ashbmk' SophrTackle in the game, but the defenses managed to hold and scared UNM's conference record with a tie. Ken Cole, jr.-End Steve M alnar, Soph.-Quarterback UNM 0 0 0 0 0 Brigham Young 3 0 7 7 Bobby Chavez, Jr.-Quarterback Orvey Hampton, Soph.-Quarterback Claude Ward sweeps around The Wolf Pack invaded Cougarland and needing only a tie to clinch the conference crown, but under- dog BYU led by All-American Fortie ran all over UN M and almost handed the crown to Wyoming. Claude Ward, Soph.-Halfback Walter Ebia, Sr..-End UNM 7 20 8 6 4l Mon+ana 0 0 I2 0 I2 Dave Turner. Jr.-Fullback .A Bruce Lovetl. JL-Center firs! and ten against Montana. Orvey Hampton nails Montana's big gun, Terry Dillon. The Lobos, remembering last yeares upset, made the Grizzlies wish they were back in Montana. UNM scored easily in each quarter making xhe final score 41-12. O. J. Hart, Soph.-Halfback Jerry Kearns. Soph.-End San Jose Dick Fitzsimmons, one of the nation's leading pumers, boots another 50 yarder. Steve Avery, Soph .-Tackle Duane Erickson, Soph.-End UNM John Kenworthy, Jr.-Tackle San Joseb homecoming was spoiled by the alert play- ing of the Lobos. UNM capitalized on San Jose,s many mistakes and easily controlled the entire game for a 25 to 13 win. Jim Bush, Jr.-Tackle The "Bad Guys" portray the opponent: offense in scrimmage. UNM 60 00 Gary Ness, jn-Fullback Cromartie fries fa evade a Colorado State tackler. Bob Pierson 80 h -Tackle The Lobos, slowed down only by the cold, defeated ' p ' CSU 21-8. Bobby Santiago had a great day and set two U NM records while Cromartie's passing set another. Steve Byrd, Soph.-Guard Joe Harris plows his way through the CSU line. Dennis Tidwell, Soph.-Ccnter 331 332 the new look In unm spmn: THE CHAPARRALS-In the front row are,- Jackie Honeywell, Nan Lane, Phyllis Viiale, B. J. Hawkins, Mary Hall, Sandra Marshall, Diane Fairchild. In the back row are; Erlinda Gonzales, Barbara Harrelson, Beth Berge, Marsha Jones, and Jackie Leach. THE YELL KlNGS-Dave Wilshin, Ed Russell, Lyle Parker tlouie The Loboi, Fred Bornstein, and Dooper Hicks. There has been a tremendous growth in spirit due mainly to the new cheerleaders and, of course, to winning teams. The UNM Yell Kings took first place at the National Cheer- leading Conference this past summer and proved themselves competent for the job of building spirit. Their enthusiasm and ability to pass this enthusiasm on to the fans. has given the Lobo teams a definite advantage in each home game. Another bright new feature of the yell leading crew is the Chaparrals, a group of girls in tricky Mexican-type costumes who do pom-pom routines. UNM 66 63 90 71 44 44 71 56 88 64 58 101305 post wmnmq season Opp. 55 52 66 51 67 60 51 46 50 64 37 63 FORT HAYS STATE DENVER TEXAS TECH NEW MEXICO STATE TEXAS WESTERN LONG BEACH STATE LOS ANGELES STATE COLORADO STATE U. SW MISSOURI STATE ABILENE CHRISTIAN HAMLINE WEST TEXAS STATE NEW MEXICO STATE WYOMING DENVER ARIZONA STATE ARIZONA SW OKLAHOMA STATE BRIGHAM YOUNG UTAH WYOMING ARIZONA ARIZONA STATE UTAH BRIGHAM YOUNG 333 U.N.M. Basketball provided abundant thrills with record crowds, as coach Bob King led his wolfpack to a 16-9 season and fourth place in the Western Athletic Conference. The Lobos, being one of the top defensive teams in the nation, played deliberate ball and forced their opponents into making mistakes. However, in several conference games, it was the Lobos who made the costly mistakes and ended up on the wrong side of the scoring column. Big Ira Harge became the first U.N.M. player to exceed 500 points in a single season. The only member of the first 5 that is graduat- ing is Joe McKay, so Lobo fans can look for- ward to another great season in 1963-64. Joe Caligure, Sam Miranda, Bob King, Head Coach; and Jack Flynn talk over pre-season sfrafegy. VARSITY BASKETBALL, 1962-63 PLAYER G FGA FG PCT. FTA FT PCT. REB PF TP AVG. Ira Harge 25 362 196 54.2 214 135 63.1 331 72 527 21.1 Claude Williams 25 245 126 51.4 85 43 50.6 244 74 295 11.8 Joe McKay 25 257 105 40.9 72 48 66.7 71 51 258 10.3 Mike Lucero 25 178 75 42.1 66 54 81.8 125 69 204 8.1 Skip Kruzich 25 136 67 49.3 56 43 76.8 61 64 177 7.1 Don Wasson 21 51 20 39.2 26 17 65.4 46 30 57 2.7 Mike Dietmeier 21 60 22 36.7 18 11 61.1 17 23 55 2.6 Phil Jordan 18 35 12 34.3 13 7 53.8 17 21 31 1.7 John Grannis 12 27 8 29.6 8 5 62.5 17 14 21 1.8 Ed Edson 15 7 4 57.1 2 2 100.0 7 3 10 0.7 Terry Dyer 3 1 1 100.0 1 0 00.0 1 1 2 0.5 Dan Ficek 15 6 1 16.7 5 0 00.0 12 2 2 0.1 Team Rebounds 137 TOTALS 25 1365 637 46.7 566 365 64.5 1086 425 1639 65.6 Opps. 25 1354 547 40.4 533 353 66.2 830 410 1444 57.7 334 Joe McKay Sr. 6-2 Mike Lucero Jr. 6-5 Ira Hargc Jr. 6-8 McKay passes to Kruzich. Claude Williams Jr. 6-6 Mike Lucero iumps high as he pulls down another rebound in UNM's win over Colora- Williams clears OE another rebound. Skip Kruzich Phil Jordan Soph. 6-0 Sr. 6-3 John Grunnis Jr. 68 1 ASU's fast break is demonstrated by Joe Caldwell. The Lobo basketball team has come a long way under the leadership of Bob King. The Lobds future seems to be very bright as four of the starters will be returning. The fine play- ; ing of Joe McKay will be missed, as he gradu- ates this spring. Terry Dyer Dan Ficek Nervous tension??? Jr. 6-4 Jr. 0-5 337 Ed Edson Jr. 6-4 Looking for something? The Lobos got off to a good start by winning all their home games until they met the powerful Sun Devils from Arizona State. UNM fought desperately, but Arizonak lead in the sec 0nd half was too great. Don VVasson Mike Dietmeier Jr. 6-4 Sr. 6-1 Williams Fights for a rebound, as Harge looks on. UNM Frosh, in action. Neither Hurge nor Lucero goes high enough as Arizona takes the rebound. McKay and Wasson scramble for the ball. JACOBSOh wms conEenence title E012 unm With a squad composed of freshmen, junior college transfers, and three returning lettermen, Coach Bill Bynum led his team to a 3-5 record and fifth place in the WAC. UNMS bright spot was former Olympian, Ron Jacobsen, who captured the conference championship in the 117-pound Class. This was the flrst individual championship ever won by a Lobo wrest- ler. Other outstanding performers were Dennis Blitz and Max Wilcoxen, who took third place in the 157-pound and 165-pound weight classes. UNM, . t .12 Western State ....... 14 UNM. . . .19 Lamar Jr. College . t .. 7 UNM, , , .23 Colorado Mines ...... 9 UNM, . . 45 Texas Western ttttttt 0 UNM. t t .13 Wyoming ........... 24 UNM. . . .16 Arizona State ........ 'I9 UNM. . , . 8 Adams State ........ 19 UNM. . , .12 Arizona ............. 22 Wrestling Coach-Bill Bynum 1963 Lobo Wresflers-In the first row are Bill McCormick, Vern Martinez, Ron Jacobsen, Bill Moore, Marty Lyman, Bill Borthwick, and Coach Bill Bynum. In the second ro are Jef? Hubner, Bob Gulliford, Mike Forman, Mike Shaski, Joe Modica, Bill McDavid, and John Timerman. In the last row are Tom Tunney, Dave Kirby, Dave Ambri Lou Neeb, Dennis Beitz, Max Wilcoxen, Mike Moore and Fred Howland. UNM's Marty Lyman applies the pressure to an opponent. It isn't always ihe player who is thrown u? of a game. Bill McCormick makes his man dance. It's iust a maffer of time until Ron Jucobsen gets his pin. Hey, that hurts! Mg." . WWW," 3.. unmts newest spout Gymnastics took its place as an intercollegi- ate sport at the University of New Mexico for the first time with Coach George Gilmore and a band of eleven enthusiasts tackling a six-meet schedule and playing host to the Western Ath- letic Conference championships. Last year UNM was the site of the NCAA gymnastics Championships. George Gilmore m In the front row are John Rose and Dave Wilshin. In the back row are Bob Rivera, Duke Thornton, Leo Burnett, and J. D. Baca. Kt h L WERE; NEWMEXIU SWIMMINB 1963 LOBO SWIMMERS-ln the front row are Dave Burnham, Torn Holmes, Charley Moran, Jim Rhudy, and Al Rhudy. In N18 second row are Ed Rhudy, Dave 0190, Bob Tesch, Ron Blankley, and Tom Mellars. In the back row are Coach Bob Barney, Jim Kane, Dick Holley, and Diving Coach Jim Stevens. tankmen take thmo m was RECORD C h B b B 1d h' . . t t ccessful 73 UNM .......... 57 Colorado ........................... 35 oac o arne e 15 swxmmmg earn 0 a su - , . t season. Outstanding gerformers were Bob Tesch and Al Rhudy who 33x """"""" :3 go:orajo Mines ' """""""""" 16 . . . .......... corn 0 State ...................... 55 placed thlrd 1n the 650 yard freestyle and fourth m the 100 yard UNM 73 N M MT 21 freestyle. The relay team of Al Rhudy, Ed Rhudy, and Charley """""" '. t Ivtary """"""""""""" Moran placed third in the 400 yard freestyle relay. This year's squad UNM ---------- 63 Arizona ---------------------------- 32 is composed of one senior, two juniors, five sophomores, and four UNM ---------- 82 Arizona State ---------------------- 12 freshmen, which would indicate that UNM can look forward to UNM .......... 59 N. M. Military ...................... 37 another winning season in 1964. UNM .......... 49 Eastern New Mex. .................... 46 UNM .......... 40 Wyoming ........................... 55 UNM .......... 36 Denver ............................. 59 .0w1 y-Inau-g II-un-gQ-ggn-o-p ;..1...., 10v; 990' .93. $999 . w TheyGe 01? and swimming Jim Kane completes a beautiful halfgoiner Charley Moran and Coach Bob Barney welcomes NMMI biefore defeating Ihem 73-21. A MM- '. WW; mwww .M In the First row are Carol Thomas, Billie Nichols, Mrs. Piper, Marianne Hale, and Bobbie Braden. In the second row are Ruth Reymore, Claudia Cole, Sue Ackermun, Jean Woods, Bobby Putnam, Lou Ann Frolic, Debbie Williamson, and Ginger Fulton. ln Ohe third row are Jean Brown, Mary Ann Schober, Becky Higginbmham, Flo Stein, Joyce CliHord, Marilee Mangels, and Barbara Scopelitus. menmanbs wm top honons The Women's Competitive Swim Team, coached by Mrs. Charlotte Piper had a highly successful season and became one of the top teams in the Southwest. Victories this season in- cluded a runaway over all competition in the UNM Sportsday and the UNM Invitational, first place in the Phoenix College Sportsday, and duel wins over Colorado University and Arizona State University. young squao Faces tough schedule Sam Zimmerly shows perfect form in blasting out of u trap on the UNM course. In the eight years he has been on the job, Coach Dick McGuirehs Lobos have won six consecutive Skyline Confer- ence championships, won 128 dual matches, lost only 56 and tied six, won the Tucker Inter- collegiate in 1955, and the C01- orado College Invitational in 1957 and again in 1961. When the Skyline Confer- ence went out of business last spring, New Mexico held every golf record extant in the league. McGuire's charges also won six of the final seven Sky- line individual titles. Guy Wimberly The VVolfpack, scourge of the now-defunct Skyline Cone ference over the past 10 years, had a problem in that McGuire had to rebuild the squad that Sam ZimmedY won the final Skyline crown in Joe MCDe'mc'" t 1962. Sam Zimmerly was the only returnee from the live- man title winning team. Jack Manison Bob Jerhof? h Bill Gardner 347 unm hosts ncaa mack ano Dem championships 1963 LOBO TRACK TEAM-ln the front row are Castaneda, Huh, Trussell, Ba'ie, 6305, Feel, Carnes, Singleton, Konrafh, Mulluny, Barnes, and Lloyd. In the second row are Samuelson, Neville, Randunzel, Thompson, Baker, Ward, Gardner, Kingsley, Robinson, Tielemans, Kenworlhy, McMahon, Rocha, Stewart, Broadus, R. Garcia, Medley, Wrighf, and Coach Hockett. In the last row are Little, Vandenburg, Plummer, Kennedy, Brown, Car?er,J.Garcia, and Knight. The 1963 Lobo track team consisted of 19 veterans and many high calibre newcomers which made the Wolfpack one of the best in UNM history. Records began falling early with John Baker running a 4:17.7 mile, Larry Knight running a 37.8 in the SSO-yd. hurdles, Ken Medley posting a 47-534 in the triple jump, the 440yd. relay team running a 41,1, and the mile relay team running a 3108.8. Scores ranged high as the Lobos de- feated Arizona 106-39, Texas Tech 1051A-18, and Arizona State 85-60. UNM has made rise into the world of track and held as shown by the selection to host the NCAA Championships. Peel, Brown, Plummer, and Vundenburg model the new feam blazers. Record sefiing 440 yd. relay team of Carter, Ward, Plummer, Gardner, and Lloyd. 348 101305 sneak RECOROS But place SECOhO Lloyd fake pass wifh 5 yard lead over Freeman Plummer begins last leg with slight lead over Williams am Pops gives Stewart and Lloyd some encouragement Half Miler-Pete Brown Singleton, Tielemans, and Brown leave the blocks in an 880. Broad JUmpar-Ken Medley Quarter Miler-Tim Barnes 350 Lobo Weight Man-Larry Kennedy Miler-John Baker High Jumper-Lurry Kingsley Don Batie gets set to clear 14 feet Two Miler-Lloyd Goff new tennis menton ReBUIlOS 1030 net squao In the back row are Bill Miller, Bob Carroll, Bill Taylor, Dave Patino, and Coach Joe Ferguson. UNM Netfers-ln the front row are Joe Cant, Tres Hendricks, and Johnny Montgomery. The Lobo Tennis Team was hit hard by scholastic ineligibility which made the going tough. This season's schedule began with the Arizona Invitational, followed by matches with Colorado State, Brigham Young, Fort Lewis, Arizona, Arizona State, New Mexico State. and the Western Athletic Conference Tournament. Johnny Montgomery -- No. 2 Mon Bill Taylor - No. 1 Man Joe Gont - No. 3 Mon lOBOS tace tough yean In the Furs? row are; Dick Felfer, Bob McCorkle, Lloyd Randel, Ted Larson, Lin Patterson, Jim Stockton, Art Ortiz, Bill Sharp, and Dave Brummell. In the second row are; Dwayne Erickson, Gary Ness, Dave Hunt, Gary Zuhm, Dick Tesitore, John Patton, Isidro Rubi, Billie Forrest, Leroy Lane, and Joy Higgins. In the third row are; John M. McManus, asst. coach, Russell Goff, Ken lkleman, Albert Alalouf, Phil Klein, Mike Shushke, Bill Jackson, and George Petrol, head coach. This year marks the 16th season that George Petrol has served as head baseball coach at The University of New Mexico. During New Mexico's tenure as a mem- ber of the now-defunct Skyline Conference, Petrol's XVOlfpaCk won three Eastern Division titles, and closed its membership in the Skyline by winning the overall title in 1962. Victories were tougher to come by this year, as the Lobos faced two of the natimfs perennial college baseball powers, Arizona, and Arizona State. Randal Fields the ball as McCorkle sprints to back up Furs! base. GEORGE PETROL Head Coach Randal iukes the ball for a ride into left-center. Lloyd Randell Sr.-P m. Gary Ness takes a healthy cut in a game against CSC. Isidro Rubi jay Higgins Dwayne Erickson Sr.-SS, 2B SOPIL-P, SS Soph.-3B Gary Ness Jr.-P, lB Rubi watches it all the way in. Dick Tesitore Lin Patterson Sr.-OF SophnOF Bob McCorkle Sr.-C 856 Another 300 game? A participant ups 200 lbs. in 'lhe weigh? lifting contest. mmamunal spouts ane BIG a1: unm Basketball is a major intramural sport. Medals for the winners. ; Intramural sports at UNM offer to every student a Chance to participate in team or individual sports. Among the sports offered are football, basketball, volley ball, swimming, baser Lball, track, and weight lifting. Steve Byrd ups about 235 lbs. He ought to be good for 65 feet. yWWV? , uI -. .Wt nut Q 358 meex 0F AOVEREISGRS Name Page Albuquerque Lumber ................ 372 Albuquerque National Bank ....... .. . . . 375 Associated Students Bookstore .......... 369 Blueher Lumber ..................... 373 Butterfield jewelers 3 .................. 365 College Inn Bookstore ................. 367 Excelsior Laundry .................... 374 Fedway ............................. 373 First National Bank ................... 36 1 Galles Motor Company ................ 363 Given Bros. Shoes .................... 366 Henry,s ............................ 383 Imperial Laundry .................... 364 Kistler-Collister ...................... 376 J. Korber Company ................... 371 La Hacienda ........................ 368 Mead6s Bakery ....................... 374 Miller 8c Smith Mfg. Co. ............... 377 National Bedding .................... 366 New Mexico LOBO .................. 380 Paris Shoe Stores ..................... 362 Strombergs ......................... 3 8 1 Towne House ....................... 370 UNM Alumni Association ............. 381 The University of New Mexico ...... 378-379 The Valliant Company ................ 363 Woodruff julian ..................... 383 C fl" on NGRATULATIONS! May your future encompass all the good things of life... happiness, health, andeof course e-MONEY. The First National Bank of Albuquerque wishes l63 graduates successful, prosperous careers. In the future, banking will become more and more a part of your everyday life. Checking accounts, savings accounts, many kinds of loanse-all these are just a few of the First Nationalls multitude of services concerning money. Whatever your future banking needs, Visit the First National Bank in Albuquerque. Youlll always be among friends! OCentral at Third Downtown 0East Central at San Mateo ONorth Fourth at Candelaria 0828 Bridge Boulevard SW OHoffmantown Shopping Center OWinrock Shopping Center Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Plenty of free parking at all banks. Drive-up, walk-up windows at all branches 361 unbex A Abbin, Joseph 262, 266, 271 Abendschun, Jack 321, 324 Abernathy, Mary 102, 264 Ables, Charles King 113, 256, 260, 304, 310 Abraham, Sandra 65, 294 Abroms,John 102 Achen, Elspeth 128 Ackermon, Susan 275, 345 Ackroyd, Erik 128, 304, 310 Acree,Jimmy102, 314 Adams, Lynn 113, 279, 308 Adcock, Larry 1 13 Adkins, Ken 113, 186, 191, 196, 199, 306 Adler, Leslie 44 Aftholter, Bob 128, 306 Aguilar, Pete 65 Ahlson, For 128 Aiken, Marsha 102 Ainsworth, Arleen 128 Aioyi, Rowland 102 Akbar, Muhammad 56, 217, 261 Akin, Beverly J. 128 Alalouf, Albert 113, 353 Albrecht, Karla 128, 290 Alfred, Patricia 44, 290 Alkaitis, Suu1263 Allen, Margo E. 102, 280 Allen, Patsy 113, 276 Allen, Sondra June 128, 276 Alongi, Carl 113 Alpha Chi Omega 280-281 Alpha Delta Pi 282-283 Alpha Kappa Psi 257 Alpha Phi Omega 258-259 Alter, Marilyn 225 Ambriz, David 340 American Institute of Chemical En- gineers 263 American Pharmacutical Association 257 American Society of Civil Engineers 261 American Society of Mechanical En- gineers 262 Ames, Rosalie 113, 232, 240 Amidon, Roberta 102 Amode, Joseph 56, 194, 262, 271 Amsden, Edgar A.113,191, 310 Anderson, Carol 128 Anderson, Chris 113, 196, 304, 310 Anderson, Julie 113 Anderson, Marilyn 102, 269, 286 Anderson, Sharon 186 Andres, M. Marge 274 Anna, Terry 102, 265 Anstine, Barbara 112, 271 Apodoco, A. 102 Appelboum, Marilyn 236 Apple, David 65 Aragon, Margar61128 Arogon, Wilfred 186 Arch, Koren 237 Archuleta, Betty 65 Archulefa, Manue1257, 269 Ariun, Mahadevo 113 Arken, Mike 128 Arken, Theodore 113 Armijo, Bertha 223 Armiio, R. Ronald 113,303 Armiio, Sfellc1128 Armstrong, Ron 263 Armstrong, Shirley 80, 257 Armstrong, Wayne 56 Arnold, Eleanor 189 Arnold, Ned 56, 265 Arnold, Sharon L. 113, 223 Arnot, James 65 Arrington, Tom 128 Arvizu, Joseph 191 Ashbrook, Vern R. 321, 327 Assimokis, Patricia 102 Associated Women Students 215 Athletic Advisory Board 216 Atkinson, Char1es 76, 186, 187, 191, 196, 204, 314 Atkinson, Glenda 128, 219, 274 Atkinson, Jerrell A. 102 Atkinson, Joan 189 Atkinson, Richard 191 Austin, Harriet R. 113, 245 Avery, Steve 321, 330 Ayer, Andrea 128, 189 Ayers, Betty 95, 274 Baco, Fidel 243 Bcco, L. D. 342 Boca, Lucille 128 Buco, Mary Helen 128, 256, 276 Bacchus, Charles 113, 310 Bcchond, Richard 112 Buder, Charles186, 196 Bailey, Bob 260 80in, Phyllis 102 Baker, Dinah 128 Baker, Dottie 128 Baker, Gregory 194, 262, 271 Baker, James R. 193, 261, 266 Baker,Jc1n 15.113, 215, 222, 292 Baker, John 128, 348, 351 Baker, Mary Anne 128 Baker, Mike 128 Baker, Roger 128 Baker, Sara Elizabeth 44 Bakoss, Kathy 128, 223, 268 Ball, Fronk113 Bull,Jecmne102 Ball, Marilyn 290 Ballenger, Nancy 76, 202, 204, 212, 215, 221, 303 Bcllew, Jeri Lee 65, 263 Bollew, Roymon 263 Bollmer, Marta .10 113, 191, 225, 226 Bundle, Rita 128 Baptist Student Union 240 Baroias, Philip 128 Barbee, Geraldine 102, 284 Barber, Jim 188 Barker, Carolyn 128, 276 Barker, Roy113, 191,196 Barker, Sunny LU 48, 225, 232, 234 Barkman, Robert 80, 257 Barley, Robert 128, 263, 270 Barnes, Anne 95, 256, 290 Barnes, Lloyd Everett 113, 268 Barnes, Tim 348, 350 Barnett, Sali 76, 202, 204, 280 Barnhill, Barney 128 Baron, Jeffrey L. 128, 232, 236 Borror, Dorothy 113 Bass, Dorothy 1 13, 234, 264 Batcheller, John 218 Botie, Donald 102, 348, 351 Bauer, Bruce 194, 262, 271 Baum, Judith 237 Baum, Sharon 113 Boxfer,Jim128, 310 Baxter, Mary Helen 102, 288 Beall, Diana 102, 200, 211, 220, 240, 244 Bebber, Nina 269 Becenti, Una 128, 189 Beck, Len 260 Becker, Richard 113 Beene, Vance 128 Beitz, Dennis 340 Begoy, Bruce 128 Belka, Lynne 95, 290 Bell, Eric113 Bell, Jacqueline D. 102, 290 Bell,Judy113, 264 Bell, Ronald H.102, 310 Bell, Sidney N. 102 Belli, Jean 8.113, 290 Beltran, Michael 128 Benham, Robert 56, 194, 262, 271 Benischek, Rita 102, 257, 280 Benjamin, Lynn C. 128 Bennet, Becky 102, 294 Bennett, Tim 102, 201, 210 Benson, Judy 128, 290 Evans 0 LMIIIer O Po1izzio O DeLiso Debs Lady Florsheim O Dickerson O RedCross Glamour Debs O CaliforniaCobblers 0 Joyce 0 AND FORMEN:Winthrop O Pedwin . DOWNTOWN . WINROCK . UPTOWN Florsheim 362 THREE STORES: 0 Paradise 0 DeAngelo O Sandler O LifeStride O Trompeze O Smortuire places. They 9rd; positively Parisian! . . . It's a feeling fronf inside-out. You love the comfort that is a "sine qua non" of the wonderful craftsmanship of famous shoemak- ers. You love the fashion that brings you flattering compliments-casually on campus, or elegantIy-in all Albuquerque's better Admiring the Parisian look: Heft to right1 right1 Donna Frentzel, Barbara Patterson and Robert Patton. exclusively PARIS $1318 $1309 '4- Benson, Pam 128 Benfley, Virginia 128, 191 Berg, Holly 113 Bergstrom, Elaine 128 Berkshire, Terry Lee 102, 256, 276 Bernard, Michael 128 Bernstein, Lewis 44 Bertagnolli, James 113, 310 Beriholf, Carolyn 232 Bertholf, Shirley 264 Bess, Sandra 113, 280 Best, Charles 263, 102 Bianchi, Carmelo 128 Bionchi, Richard 129, 310 Bidwell, John Laurence 113 Bigelow, Wilbur 241 Bilbao, Penny 225, 227 Bilbao-Lcu-Vieia, RoberTo A. 102, 263 Billings, Fran 129, 290 Billings, Kenneth 5., Jr. Billingsly, 8111263 Birge, Beth 114, 284 Bisbee, Beverly 102, 292, 278 Bishop, Mary 186 Bishop, Ted 199 Bitterlich, Cheryl 129 Bmle, Norban 260 Bizousky, Carole 114 Black, Bruce 97 Block, June 129, 280 Black, Jo Ann 129 Black, Lois 129 Black, Marlene 114, 294 Blackburn, Bob 237, 310 Blackmar, Pam 102, 195, 292 Blackwell, Bill 129 Blogg, Robert W. 65, 220 Blake, Christie 129, 237 Blakeley, Terry114 Blankenship, Gordon E., 85, 260 Blankley, Roy Lee 129, 243 Blaschke, Lindy102, 216, 222, 310 Blasi, Robert 264 Blaylock, Earlene 114 81155, Joan 102, 215, 280 Block, Em11114 Bloomfield, Janice 129 Bloomf1eld, Johnna 65 Blue Key 203 Blythe, Ernest A. 114 Bodenweiser, Laurie 129 Bohler, Mordon 129 Bohm, Ed 80 Bolton, Patricio 44, 202, 204, 288 Bommeluere, Sam 114, 310 Bond, Martin 223 Bone, Robert C. 65 Boney, Susan 129, 223, 284 Bonham, Gordon 102, 201, 240, 303 Boning, Terry 129, 310 Booher, Sharon 102, 273, 276 Bookwalter, Marilyn 114, 294 80059, Lynda 114, 244, 290 Boren, Sam. .1. 102 Born, Mark 191 Bernstein, Fred B. 102, 332 Borfhwick, James 114, 150, 310 Borfhwick, William 1Bill1 103, 310, 340 Bosilievoc, Frank 193, 261 80115, Bob 44 80115, James 204, 221 Boucher, Betty 257 Bouchier, Jack D. 80, 257, 264 Boue, Hudson G., Jr. 114, 308 Born, Mark 129 Bourland, Hurry 129, 303 Boword, Bernard 129 Bowden, Carole 129 Bowen, Judy 114, 294 Bowen, Leland 114, 266 Bowen, Mary June 114, 288 Bowen, Mike 129 Bower, 1Morguerite1 Adele 103 Bower, June 1Mcrgueri1e1 103, 273 Bower, Robert C. 103 Bowers, Earl H. 260 Bowers, Patty 129, 284 Bowling, Margaret 129, 186 Bowman, Carole 114, 294 Boyd, Chuck103, 310 Boyle, Jim 260 Bronck, Bob 129 Braoien, Don 129 Braden, Bobbie 103, 290, 345 Bradford, Elizabeth 114 Bradley, James G. 65 Bradley, SoHy M. 114 Bradshaw, Kenneth 303 Broinard, Nick114 Brokel, Arthur,Jr.114, 310 Brume, Donald R. 76 Branch, Jim Jr. 114, 220, 308 Brandenburg, Jim 129, 304 Bronson, Faustine Rae 114, 164, 280 Brantley, Droper114 Bretton, Elinor 189 Broun,llse114 Brozell, Troy 188, 196 Breakiron, Niles Jean 129 Bregnard, Adrian 103 Brennund, Dan 103 Brennand, Paul 129 Bresenham, Dick 114 Bretug, Andrea 275 Brewer, Barbara 114, 280 Brewer, Paul E. 85, 304 Brewer, Richard 186 Brimberry, Lorraine A. 103 Brimholl, Sharon 114 Brimhall, Yvonne 129, 280 Brink, Gwen Dee 129 Brink, Sandi 129 Brito, Agneda 129 Brocdus, Don 348, 350 Broncugh, Bob 129 Bronitsky, Hedwig 76 Bronson, Paula 129, 223, 284 Brookover, Paula June 114, 269, 290 Brooks, Clark 129 Brooks, Robert K. 114, 310 Broullire, Peter103, 201, 206, 214 Brown, Cheryl 129, 232 Brown, Deborah 114, 288 Brown, Debrof 129 Brown, Emily114 Brown, Gretchen Key 114, 214, 216, 294 Brown, Jean 345 Brown, Keith 257 Brown, Ken 103, 308 Brown, Pefe 65, 348, 350 Brown, Ronald 129 Brown, Russe1165, 264 Brown, Steve 188, 260 Brummell, Denny 76 Brummell, Gerald 97, 230 Bryan, Barbara 129, 273 Bryon, Oscar Eugene 252 Bryant, Barry 103 Bryant, Carol 264 Bryant, Virginia 129 Bryant, William 103, 260 Bubeck, William 129 Buchanan, John 129, 188 Buchanan, Sarabeth 65 Buchleifer, Orin 103, 264 Buckendroth, Dick 129 Buell, Joyce 273 BUIgin, Ann Lee 114, 188, 227, 274 Bunt, Ronnie130 Bunten, Bruce 114 Burge, Glenn 115 Burhcm, Dave 343 Burke, Carole 103, 237, 256, 280 Burmeister, R110 205, 214 BurneH, Kenneth 103 Burnett, Leon 342 Burnfin, James 80, 257, 269 Burns, Carol 103, 226, 256 Burnstein,Joe156, 193, 194, 261 Burrow, Dorothy Lee, 103, 276 Burrows, Donald 103, 310 Burton, Judy 130 Burnrom, Faye 130 Burwinkle, Joe 76 Bush, James 321, 330 Butler, Mary 186 Butler, Mike 130, 310 Butler, Sally 115 Bun, Phyllis 130 Butterf1e1d, Don 103 Buffs, Ron 80 Bybee, Roger W. 265 Byrd, Esfella M. 115 Byrd, George 103 Byrd, Marvin 103, 266 Byrd, Stephen 321, 331 Byrne, Kathy 130, 225 Byrnes, Georgia 191 Byrnes, Joy 115, 186, 187 Byrnes, Michael 115, 303 Byron, David J. 263 C C de Baco, A1 263 C de 80cc, Gloria 130 I l I SINCE 1908 CA DILLAC . . 5 ,.-f OLDEST IN NEW MEXICO MOST MODERN IN AMERICA 1601 CENTRAL N.E. 247-0201 ' PRINTING 9 OFFICE SUPPLIES ' OFFICE FURNITURE Promp+ Delivery MAIN PLANT 611-615 GOLD AVE., S.W. HEIGHTS BRANCH 4314 LOMAS BLVD., N.E. OFFICE FURNITURE 604 CENTRAL AVE., S.W. PHONE 247-4175 ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO 363 Cabcrrouy, Evaldo 130, 218 Cabot, Martha 103 Cogle, Carrol 130 Coin, Douglas 130 Cclcfote, Susana 130, 218 Caldwell, Bonnie130 Caldwell, William 257 Calhoon, Jerry Lee 103 Cclkin, Murilynn 130 Callaghan, Rick 130, 306 Calvert, Carl 115 Camille, Roger 76 Cumin, Kathleen 189 Cumponos 200 Campbell, Connie 130, 223, 276, 277 Campbell, David R. 56, 235 Campbell, Donna Jo 130 Campbell, Judy 103, 158, 200, 221, 259, 269, 284 Campbell,L1ndo 95, 235, 294 Campbell, Stuart R. 115, 308 Campbell, Sue 130, 290 Campus Improvements Committee 216 Canada, Sharon 103, 274 Canard, Robert 103 Condelorio, Katie 130 ConFIeId, Charles 264 Cannon, Barbara 193 Cannon, Rosemary 130 Cannon, Thomas M. 115 Canon, M. Robert 103 Canterbury Associclfion 237 Capes, Margaret 130 Cappiello, Joe 230 Carder, Charles 230 Carder, Cheryl 130 Cores, Robert 191 Carmichael, Sharon L. 115, 215, 234, 245, 284 Comes, Cindi 103, 288 Comes, Samuel 348 Carpenter, Larry 103 Carpenter, William Hugh 85 Correll, Russeen 130, 280 Carroll, David L. 115, 279 Carroll, Robert M. 352 Carson, Cloyborne 130 Carter, Art 348, 349 Carter, Benny 115 Carter, Catherine 257 Cary, Ann 130 Case, Paulette 103, 226, 273 Cash, Dan 65, 308 Cosios, 8111M. 115 Cossell, James William 85, 260 Cassidy, Patrick 130 Castaneda, Jesus 348 Costellono, Joe 130 Cotes, Don 80, 257 CaudilI,Lorry103 Cerno, Betty 130 Chocon, Leroy 56, 262, 271 Chocon, Yvonne 130, 294 Chokaa 201 Chamness, Joann 130 Chomness, Nancy 115 Chan, Siew Poh 194 Chandiwala, Forook 261 Chaplin, N.Rober1103, 303 Charles, Nancy 130, 274 Chavez, Aris 191 Chavez, Eme 103 Chavez, Robert John 321, 328 Chavez, Viola E. 65, 264 Chavez, Viola N.115 Cheatwood, Ramona 226 Cherino, Bernice 130 Chesney, Gary K. 91 Chewiwie, Frank 97 Chi Epsilon 193 Chi Omega 284285 Childers, Mary 44, 225 Chiles, Eileen, 266 Chiordi, Michael 115, 308 Choc, Chuck 130 Chowning, P01 115 Christ, Harold 103, 279, 308 Christensen, Eric 130, 303 Christensen, Steve 56 Christiansen, David R. 194, 262, 271 Cioni,John 103,193, 201, 261 Cillessen, Sharon 130 Cimino, Rick 130 FOR THE ROYAL TOUCH IN DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY IT'S IMPERJAL Dial CH 3-67.. for O THIRD 8 SILVER, SW 0 5003 MENAUL, NE 4 convenient locations LAUNDRY Pick-up O 5007 LOMAS, NE 0 5416 KATHRYN, SE 364 SERVING ALBUQUERQUE WITH QUALITY WORK FOR OVER 63 YEARS! -3mp trial 'Eaundtg- Claor, Robert C. 115 Clark,Judy115 Clark, Marjorie 130 Clark, Ocie 104 Clarkson, Robert 130 Class Officers 212-213 Clounch, Fred115 Clounch, Joe 80, 257 Claus, Connie 66, 195, 284 Claus, Frank 130 Claus, Marylin 130, 284 C10usen,Charles 210, 321, 325 Clauser, Donna 104, 186, 210, 294 Clegg, John 130 Clement, Gene 66 Clifford, Joyce 345 Clifton,MikeF.115 Cline, Judith 44, 223, 284 Cline, Mike 130 Cloword, Richard 104, 256, 306 Coady, Robert F. 66, 264 Cobb, Janice 131, 294 Cobb, Marcia 131 Cochrell, P01 131 Cockroff, Kmy Clay 104 Cogmcn, Le Anne 104, 222, 280 Cohen, P1111104 Cohn, Roger115 Colberg,Anne131 Cole, Claudia 247 Cole, David 186 Cole, James R. 44, 204, 279, 310 Cole, John 131 Cole, Ken 321, 327 Cole, P0U10131 Cole, Richard 115, 310 Cell, Lawrence 8.115 Collins,Dede131, 223, 290 Collins,Jo1mes 8.131 Collins, Kay 237 Colquitf, Walter 44, 310 Colvin, Ann 131,186 Colvin, Grace Louise 104, 257, 271 Comer, John 104, 308 Compton, Rim 115 Conon1,Maxine115 Cone, Art 194 Conley, Roberf 131 Conlin,Mike104 Conniff, Chery1297 Connolly, Suson131 Connor, Kathy 66, 292 Constantine, Dee 215 Conway, Florence 197 Cook, Carleen 164 Cooper, Chorloffe 115 Cooper, Daniel 115 Cooper, Gale 104 Cooper, Wain 131 Coors, Kenneth115, 221 Cope, Charles 104 Copeland, Shelby 115 Coppler, Frank 230 Corozzo, Carol Louise 115, 232, 238 Corazza, Kenneth 80, 257, 269 Corbet, Cynthia 131, 290 Corbin, Kate 104, 218, 288 Cordovo, Anna Gordon 44 Corey, Lynetfe 104, 195 Corlew, Mike 131 Cornelius, Cathleen 115, 292 Corner, Dorothy 104 Corondoni, Chris 85 Cortes, Carlos 218 Corwin, Doug 115, 216, 310 Corzine, Norman 115, 310 Cotner, Michele 131 Cojtinghom, Lon 44 C6venfry, Dave 116, 310 Cowon, Ccndy131 Cowcn, Patricia 266 Cowley, L. W. 116 Cox, Aaron 44 Cox, Glynn 116 Coyer, David D. 116, 266 Coyer, William 44, 271 Craig, Barbara 131, 290 Craig, Denn15104 Craig, Herb 261 Craig, Margaret 104, 286 Craig, Mary Ann 76, 146, 174, 204 292 Cromer,John104 Cramp, Prudence 95, 202, 205, 237, 263, 274, 280 Cronford, John 266 Cranston, Julius 266 Cravy, Thomas 104 Crawford, Myron 131 Criffenden, Gale 44, 286 Crockett, Judy 164 Cromorfie, Jim 321, 323 Cromes, George F. 43 Crosby, Ben 104, 222 Crosby, Cari 116, 290 Crosby, Eugene 131, 303 Crosby, Ted 131 Crosse, Murray 43, 310 Crouse, Steven 104, 303 Crouse, Torn 131 Culberson, Charles 263 Cultural Committee 218 Cundiff, Reed 43 Cunningham, Charles131 Cunningham, Cheryl 43, 196, 205, 215, 216, 220, 222, 237, 278 Cunningham, Gretchen 80, 292 Curtis, Gerald 197, 218, 241 Curtis, Judy 116, 286 Cutler, Alice 131, 223 Cutler, Victor Jr. 56, 194, 265 D Doby, Roberto 131, 276 1' Doffer, Joline Meri 116, 256, 288 Doins, Mary Ann 256 Dulbey, Donna 104, 162, 294 Dale, Robert J. 66, 264 Dune, Dan 131 Donenberg, Iris Susan 116, 232 Donie1,Albertc 116 Dcnielson, Clifford A. 116, 266 Dorling,John 131 DlArms, Philip 228 Darnell, Charles 241 Darnell, Linda 131 Darr, Carole 104, 290 Dorress, Priscilla 131,191 Dorfignue, Jan 275 Davenport, Eugene 245, 256 Davenport, Marvin 256 David, David 66 David, Lynda 116, 189 Davidson, Dina 116, 186, 276 Davidson, Nancy 104 Davis, Betty 131 Davis, Charles 131, 186,191 Davis, Gerald E. 222 Davis, Julie A. 104, 288 Davis,JU11e D. 116, 294 Davis, Oliver131 Davis, 1W. 12.1 Randy 116 Dawson, John 131, 188 Dawson, Robert 56, 193, 210, 216, 303 Day, Paul C. 116 Deokin, Robert 43, 310 Deal, Brenda Kathleen 280 Deon, Merry Lee 104, 284 Deason, Charles 224 De Berry, Linda 131 DeBoer, Revel 274 De Cola, Carolyn 104 Deen, Barbara 131 Degneor, Kathryn 131 DeGrodf, Alrifa 104 De La Fuente, Emiligro 104 Del Castillo, David 43 Del Castillo Modesto 104 Delgado, Mary Louise 131 Delta Delfc Delta 286-287 Delfu Gamma 288-289 Delta Sigma Pi 260 De Marco, Thomas 131 De Martini, John 131 Dembowski, Pa? 241 De Montmollin, Kathy 131, 280 Denhom, Jay 131 Denish, Herbert 116 Denison, Bea 195 Denison, Stephen 56 Dennis, Michael 116 Denny, Beniamin 66, 264 Dent, John 131, 306 Depke, Irene Aimee 104 DePuy, Richard 91 Derr, Marion 104 Derr, William 56, 217, 265, 303 Deseref Club 241 Deutchmon, Beverly 104 De Valk, Judy 104, 286 Dever, Judy 132, 274 Devine, P01 116, 225, 227 Devlin, Mary Ellen 104, 195 Diamond, Lawrence 104 Dickens, Elizabeth Key 116, 276 Dickinson, Debbie 132 p "NIl'ullllOHllll butterneum ESTABLISHED IN 1928 QUALITY DIAMONDS FRATERNITY AND SORORITY JEWELRY 2312 CENTRAL S.E. CH 3-2446 OPPOSITE THE UNM CAMPUS campus .452 L? . p t - no 1.; n. cu. in 36:3 Mia Qualify Shoes For The Entire Family Serving Albuquerque For 50 Years Downtown 304 Central SW CH 7-4251 Uptown 3025 Central NE AL 5-7616 MANUFACTURER OF THE FAMOUS DREAMASTER UNE PHONE CH 3-l77l 49-21351: CENTRAL AVE.. NE. 2166 Dietmeier, Mike 66, 308, 334, 337 Di1lon, Dorothy 81, 257 Dillon, Suson116 Dinke1,.1udy 104, 232 Diodosio, Ron 116, 308 Dihberner, Deborah Alicia 116,286 Dixon, Hobart 197 Dobkins,1.ucy 193 Doctor, Ann 43 Dodd, Judy 43, 153,158, 253, 292 Dodd, William 246 Dodson, Carol 116 Dogin, Alvin C. 257 Doherty, Sheila 43 Dol1ohon, Norm0n132 DolloH, David 132 Do1moge, Ann 116, 292 Dominguez, Manuel 103 Donald, Jo Anne 132, 188 Donhom, B.J.179 Donner, Martha 165 Donovan, Paul 132 Doran, Kit132 Dorms 224-231 Domocker, Ann 116, 280 Dorne, Walter 222 Dorris, Karen 43, 202, 205, 292 Dorsey, Janet 1 16, 223, 226 Doss, Dick 105, 219 Daugherty, Dennis 56 Daugherty, Richard L. 116 Dourhett,Jock116 Dow, Richard 132 Dowell, Claude 56 Downing, Maria 116, 290 Dozier, Robin 132 Dozois, Anne Marie 105, 200, 216, 223, 269, 284 Droger,Dwigh1 132 Drew, Loure143, 263, 270 Drexel, POU1103 Dreyer, Lynne 132, 288 Drummond, Evan 230 Dry, Bennie132 Drysdale, Pa? 132 Du Frone, Steve 105, 308 Duke, Rebecca 105, 276 Dukinson, Debbie 292 Duncan, John 191 Duncan, Thomas 43 Dunhom,FerreII116 Dunlap, Robert193,194, 261 Dunphy, Richard Boyd 219 Dupree, Caroline 223, 266 Duran, Carlos 188 Duron,Chor1es132 Dorcn, Kathleen 105, 225 Duran, Pouline116 Dway, Pau1263 Duriez,Judy132 Dyer, 8013116, 310 Dyer, Terry 334, 338 Dyhrmonn, Judy Lynn 116, 152, 159, 190, 253, 290 E Eugen, Dennis 66, 308 Eokin, Rondy132, 310 Eaton, Ronald 29 EbenPefro116 Eberhardt, Art 188 Ebio, W011321, 328 Eckord, P, Glenn 105 Ecker1,John 43, 303, 254 Eddy, Sondra 132, 286 Eden,.10hn 132 Edmonds, Linda 116,292 Edmundson, 8111132 Edson, Ed 334 Edwards, Bi11 132, 188 Edwards, Charles 132 Edwards, Dennis 105,259 Edwards,Jox1ne 132 Egon, Cothy189 Egon, P011y105, 292 Eich,Jo1m A. 76 Eichner, Bruce 219 Eissele, Pefer 264 Eifzen, Don 194, 262, 271 Elam, Rober? V. 218 Elgrobly, Therese 81 Elizondo, John 346 Elliott, Laurence Bruce 258 Elliott, Margaret 132, 284 Elliott, Wen 105 Ellis, Deanna Jean 117 Ellis, .1. Spencer 81, 269 Ellis, Norman L. 105 Ellis, Rose Angelo 188 Ellis, Susan 197 E1sbrock, Ruth Ann 81, 286 Emonue1,Joe 43, 266 Emmons, Helen 132 Encinios,Fronk132 Engelke, Mory132, 280 Engineers' Joint Council 217 England, Dave 201 Engle, Berni'ro 264 Epstein, 8013117, 308 Epstein, Jeff 103 Erickson, Duane 321, 330, 353, 354 Erickson, Merlyn 95, 274 Esqure Club 263 Espinosc, Lorenzo 132, 310 Estobrook, Marcia 117 Evans, Frank 265 Evans, Jock, Jr. 105, 306, 191 Evans, Mary 132 Evans, Thomas L. 43 Evoft,Jim 117 Everett, Susan 132 Everett, Susan 223,284 Ewing, James 257 Ewing, Ronnie105, 314 Eyestone, David 45, 250, 310 Eyler, Kathy 225, 226 Eymon, Charles105 Eyfcheson, Mimi 275 F Fcckler, Pau1 132, 310 Fairbanks, John W. 197 Fcirchild, Diana 105, 278, 284, 332 Foiusigbe, Joshua 132 Falls, Delbert G. 45 Fanning, Bi11105, 312 Font, Glenn 256 Fontozzi, Gloria Marie 105, 286 Fonfozzi, Victor 117 Forrczn, Virginic1117 Fcrrar, Thomas 76 Forror, William 15., Jr. 105 Forrington, Jane? 66, 294 Foruki, Sari 261 Fay, Robert 45, 263 Feil, Merleen 132, 284 Felter, Dick 353 Felton, Don 117 Fernandez, Arthur 105, 256, 257 Fernandez, Manuel 179 Fernandez, Maria 225 Ferrer Joseph 218 Ferwerdo, Mildred 189 Ficek, Dan 66, 334 Findley, Donald L. 66 Finley, Gory 252, 262, 271 Fish,Jeannie117 Fishback, C. F. 105 Fishback, Katherine 117, 292 Fiske, Mory117 Fitzsimmons, Dick 321 , 323 Flakes, Donold105 F1011, Ronnie 132 Fleck, Annehoro 105, 200 Fleck, John 265 Fleck, Martin 97, 197 F1eisher, Lynda 117 Fleisher, Von 132 Fleming, John 132 Fleming, Mike132 Flores, John 132 Flormon, Stephen 132 Floyd, Marsha 132 Foley, Mary Myra 215 Folllngstad, Richard 117 Ford, Doris Jean 117 Forgan, Phyllis 105,286 Formon, Mike 240 Forsythe, James 1.. 97 Forrest, Billie 253, 264 Foster, Glenn 132 Foster, Sharon 189 Foster, Sharron 132, 222 Foster, Tom 132 Fox, Eric 133 Frolick, Don E. 117, 199, 219 Frolick, Robert 133 Fralie, Lou 271, 345 Frank, Fritzi 246 Franklin, Allyn 45, 205, 208, 209, 210 Franks, P1111179 Fraser, Douglas 57, 194, 217,261 Frazer, Nancy 225 Frazier, Dusty 133 Freedman,Jerry 194,197 Freeman, Brenda 117, 274 French, Bob 133, 216 Freshman, Dennis 45, 279, 213 Fries, Dione 66, 284 Frisbie, Lucille 133, 224 Fritz, Steven 133 Fry, Joe 105, 271 Fry, Linda 117 Frye, Joyce 133, 223, 284 Frye, Patricia 45 Fullerton, Howard Earle 266 Fullerton, June 191 Fulton, Carol 133,288, 345 Fulton, Robert 57 Furman, Charis 133 G Gage, Harold 117, 259 Gage, Janet 95, 274, 280 Gallegos, Brenda 133 Gallegos, Joe 117, 308 Galloway, Beverly 133 Gomino, Robert 133 Gum 111,Joseph 117, 199, 237, 352 Garcia, Amodor 348 Garcia, Betty Ann 186 Garcia, Chris F. 97, 314 Garcia, Donald E. 261 Garcia, Frances 241 Garcia, Gloria 134 Garcia, Jo Anne 117 Garcia, Joe 348, 349 Garcia, Juanita 195 Garcia, Paula 105 Gardner, B111346, 347 Gardner, George 348 Gardner, Richard 134, 188 Goreau, Jim 117 Gores, Glen 321 German, Ronald 117 Garner, Stan 85, 312 Garrison, Laura 105 Garrison, Scott 133, 268 Garza, Orlando 97, 312 Gastaldo, Joan 105, 200 Games, Ken 1 17, 308 Gounce, James C. 57, 279, 314 Gee, Torn 257 Gear, Dick117 Geho, Dick 273 Geisinger, Maior L. H. 273 Gensemer, Poul186,191 George, James 105 Georgius, David R. 66, 191, 254 Gerlcch, Charles 45, 310 Gibbs, Charles 134 Gibson, Raymond 57, 193 Gibson, Simmie 197 Gifford, Barbara 105 Gilbert, Von 76, 308 Gilchrist, Phyllis 117 Gillespie, Dorothy 105, 290 LLEGE 1111111 B0011 8101111 30111 ANNIVERSARY YEAR MRS. WALTER FISHER, OWNER Gillespie, Frances 45, 197, 202, 205, 290 611115, Jim 57, 262, 271 Gladden, Mike 134 Glaser, Karen 225 Glass, Barbara 117 Glass, Barry 45, 259 Glenn, Carol 134, 256 Glenn, Gory 57 Glenn, Lee 134 Glenn, Merry Alice 105, 286 Goddard, Sharia 134, 223, 284 G011, Lloyd 348, 351 G011, Nancy 117, 216, 223, 269 Goff, Russell 353 Goldberg, Allen 133, 310 Gonzales, Cecilia 134, 276 Gonzales, Charles 105 Gonzales, Don D. 57 Gonzales, Erlinda 105, 332 Good, Roy 117, 303 Goodman, Bob 134, 310 Goodman, Martha 66, 292 Gordon, Berry 134 Gormcn, Kathy 117, 288 Gosseff, Patricio 134 Gofhberg, Olivia 45 Graham, Cynthia 187 Granados, Mary Ann 117, 276 Grannis, John 334, 337 Granone, Jess 133 Grasse, Bill 45 Groves, Judy 134, 214, 294 Gray, Cameron 106 Gray, Mary 134, 294 Greeks 278-319 Green, June 237 Green, Janice 45, 280 Gren, Mary J. 269 Green, Mary M. 134 Green, Torley 134, 226, 288 Greene, Linda Kay 117 Greer, Verna Jeanne 67, 189, 193, 195, 278, 280 Grenko, Ronald 45, 312 Griego, Alfred 117 Griego, George Jr. 106, 312 Grimn, Betty 106 Grimn, KoIIeHe 117 Griggs, Allison 67, 273 Grigsby, Jean 67, 202, 286 Grimes, Linda 67 Grimes, Marilyn 134 Grimes, Mary 134, 219, 274 Grissom, June? 117 Grissom, Milton 262, 271 Groebner, Jerome Alfred 106 Groff, Darla 45, 290 Grof?,June117 Gross, Charles 67, 308 Gross, James 236 Gross, Joyce 134, 223 Guggins, Laurence 81, 257, 312 Gulliford, Robert 340 ART SUPPLIES AND ART BOOKS, PAINTINGS-FINE OLD PRINTS AND REPRODUCTIONS-CUSTOM FRAMING 1910 CENTRAL EAST 367 Gurule, Anita 134 Gurule, Fred 261 Gutierrez, Annette 134, 264 Gutierrez, Benny A. 57 Gutierrez, Fred 197 Gutierrez, James 57, 262, 271 Gutierrez, Modesto 245 Gutierrez, Rose 191 H Hues, Laurie 93, 280 Hagood, Ann 188 Hahn, Mark 188, 236 Hale, Marianne 274, 345 Hall, Gerald 241 H011, Leslie 246 Hall, Linda 246 Hall, Mary 118, 165, 253, 278, 284, 332 Hall, Tracy 263 Hallbauer, Kenneth 106, 252 Halton, Tuck 106 Hamilton, Bob 263, 270 Hamilton, Patricia 106, 216, 294 Hamilton, Wayne 266 Homlett, Dale 97 Hammock, Lorraine 118, 278 Hammond, Barry 260 Hammonds, James 133 Hampton, Orvey 321, 328 Hancock, Howard 321, 324 Hanks, Irvin 118 Henley, Pauline 106, 200, 280 Hanley, Robert J. 134 Hann, Bruce 97 Hann, Sharon 97 Hardman, Mary Ann 134 Hordwick, Dean 134 Horge, Ira 334 Horgrave, Sharon 134,288 Horkey, Roberta 118, 245, 256, 266, 277 Horkness, James 134 Horkness, Susan 106, 280 Harlow, James 106 Harp, Carol 134 Harper, Nancy 106, 294 Horrelson, Barbara 118, 227, 332 Harrington, James 45, 312 Harris, 8111134, 312 Harris, Joe 321, 326 Harris, Larry 106 Harris, Mary Ann 106 Harris, Mary Elizabeth 134 Harris, Michael 106, 314 Harris, Patricia 134, 235 Harris, Richard David 106, 310 Harrison, Judy 106, 292 Harrison, Martha 118, 288 Harrison, William 218 Hcrrymcn, John 266 Hart, 0. J. 321, 329 Hatfield, Charles 97 Hutton, Ned 97 Hover, Gerard 97 Hawk, Paul W. 106, 263 Hawke, William W. 57, 194, 254 Hawkins, Barbara 118, 155, 253 284, 332 Hawkins, Kelly 134 Howley, Eileen 106, 269, 294 Hoy,Gerc11dine 118 Hey, June 134 Hay, Thelma 118,286 Hoyashi, Yoko 186, 187 Haydon, Valerie 106, 288 Hayes, Donald 134 Hayes, Susan 118 Haynes, Roberto 118 Hayes, 8111221 Hayes, Merle1Ann1 118, 284 Haywood, Georgia 67, 291 Heard, George L. 321, 322 Heard, Janice 106, 215, 256 Heoton,Ju1ic1 V, 67, 273, 284 Heoton, Pom 118, 294 Hebron, Marilyn 134, 264 Hedges, Mary 134, 288 Hef1in, Sara 106 Heideman, Linda 134,286 Helfgon, Marvin 81, 257 Helton, C1in1321, 324 Helfon, De1321 Henderson, Gail 134 Henderson, Key 195 Hendren, David 118 Hendricks, Louis 106 Hendrix,Tres 134,312,352 Hennington, 56011321, 326 Henry, Patsy 118, 227 Henry, Roberi 257 Hensley, Anne 118,234 Henson, Barbara 134 Hernandes, Mary Frances 134 Herb, Pamela 118 Herhold, Allen 85 Herndon, Sherion 67, 215, 288 Heronemus, Ronald 85 Herren,Coro1e 118 Herrify, Mary SUe134 Hess, Jerry 230, 254 Hess, Richard 118,268 Hesse1den, Gctho 118,292 Hibbard, 1Morgoret1 Carolyn 118, 165,191, 237, 284 Hicks, William 106,332 Higginbotham, Becky 134, 188, 227 345 Higgins, Dorothy 134 Higgins, Edith 188 Higgins, Ronald Jay 353, 354 Higgins, Tom 160, 308 Hile, Katherine 225 H111, Jockie197, 266 H111, Jean 134, 215, 223, 235, 280 Hill, Kathy 76,222 Hill, Max 134 Hill, Ralph Dale 118,235 Hill, Ralph Donovan 106, 308 H111, Ron134, 312 H111,Steve 118, 268 H111, William R.134 Hillary, Linda118 Hillel 236 Hillemeyer, David 106 Himebrook, Richard F. 118, 307 HinchcliHe, Porn 186 Hindley, Richard 118, 303 Hines, Judy 118,277 Hirni, Robert 46, 234, 244 Hodges, Donna 46 Homeeyer, Sara 46 Hogan, Morilynn 134 Hogan, Pafricic: 232 Hague, Leelond 57, 194, 265 Hokanson, Anders 46, 265 Holbrook, Jerry 118 Holcomb, Philip 46 Holecheck, Leon 106 Hollis, Byron 106, 310 Holly, Richard 266, 343 Holmes, Jess 179 Holmes, Thomas G. 134 Holmes, Thomas M. 343 Holmquist, Mary Louise 193, 234 H0151, Shirley 95, 274 Holt, Howard 134 Holt, Laurene 348 H011, Lawrence, Jr. 67 Homan, Ardifh 164, 274 Homun, Carol Ann 106, 189, 233, 273, 280 Homboch, John 67 Home Economics Club 264 Honeywe11,J6ckie 118, 151 , 280, 332 Hood, Lorry 134, 306 Hooker, Martha 134 Hope, William 264 Horney, Pete 106 Horsfmunn, Beverly 67, 195, 291 Horton, Phillip 259 Horton, William 118 Hosea, June 274 Hoskins, 8013 263 Hossack, Ian 57 House, George 57, 193, 261 Houston, Fay 76 Howard, HiHord 118, 199,266 Howard, Jim 134 Howe, Dennis 134 Howland, Fred 340 Howletf, George 188, 220 Hoyt, Segried 148, 227 Hubbard, Dwight 46 Hubbard, Eva Murie118, 190 Hubbard, Howard 106 Hubbs, Patricia 134, 286 HUby, K'oun 67, 189, 195, 269, 284 Hubner,Jef1 134, 312, 340 Huckabee, Ann 118, 195, 264, 277 Hudgens, Gayle 46, 218, 292 Hudson, Larry118 Hudson, W.C.R.118 Hueber, Alan 186, 191 Huff, Jean 106, 269, 294 Huffman, Earl 106, 261, 310 Humean, Stan 134 Hughes, David 134 Hughes,E11een 134 Huling, Bill 134 Hulse,Jc1ck 235 Hulfberg, Jr3 Stan 85, 205, 308 Hume,Jane134, 294 Hunnicuft, Mike 134 Hunfer,Mc1r11yn 67,294 Huntley, Nancy 134 Hunton,Lindo134 Hupp, William 85 Hur1ey, Nancy134, 291, 222 Huston, Sally 46,225,226 Hutchins, RiChord 262, 271 HufzeH, Virginia 134,264 Hycm, Neale 188 Hyduke, Sonic 197 Hyoun, Sookim 98 1m, Sophonn 81, 257, 269 Industrial Arts Association 264 Ingenhun, Catherine 119, 223 lngersoll, Wayne 312 Ingram, Cynthia 134 1ngram,Joel 81, 257, 269 Inlow, Mike 106, 201, 279, 306 lnmun, Chris 85, 94, 260 Inman, Kaye 134 Inoue, Mosaoki 186 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 265 Inter-Froternity Council 279 1ntramurolCouncil219 Inter-Religious Council 232 1rvin, David 119 Irvin, Richard 119 Irvine, Beverly 135, 189, 273 Iscacs, Flora 95 lsengord, Dotti 119 Islamic Society 235 lson,Jerry119 Ivers, Don 46 J Jock, Janice 135, 191 Jackson, Bill 353 Jackson, Cheryl Lynn 135, 286 Jackson, Conrad 193, 261 Jackson, Emmel 135 Jackson, JeFF 106 Jackson, Sarah 119 Jacob, Donna 119 Jacobs, Jerry 106 Jucobsen, Ron 340, 341 Jacobus, Guy A. 107, 303 Jameson, Norma 135 Jannofto, Roger 186, 191 Jonsson, Jim 135, 220, 302 Jormillo, Dominic135 Jarrett, A1 191 Jarrett, Kathie 186 Jasper, George Larry 321, 322 Jouckens, Julio 107 Jay, Susan Joynes, 1121101 Dione 119 JeHries, Addeon 135 Jelso, Joe 46 Jenkinson, Michael 246 Jenkinson, Rofen Moon 246 Jensen, Bob 321, 326 Jensen, Gary 258 Jensen, Shawna Lee 107, 288 Jercinovic, LeAnne 119, 280 Jerhof1, Bob 346, 347 Jernigan, Tom 107, 313 Jeff, Michael 119, 313 Jewett, Barbara 135 Jobe, Phillip 81 Joe, Jennie Rose 274 Johonnesen, Betsy 119, 280 John, Jean Westfoll 67, 286 John, Robert Gene 57 Johns, Katherine 225 Johnson, Carole 215 Johnson, Carolyn 135, 280 Johnson, Douglas 46, 308 Johnson, Elaine 119,292 Johnson, Hannah 119 23rd Year Fine Mexican 8 American Food Served in Hue Quiet Pleasan+ A+mosphere of 0101 Mexico La Hacienda PhoneEH2-4866 Old Town Plaza NWl in old Albuquerque For Reservations 368 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS BOOKSTORE OPERATED FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF THE STUDENT Hmm . . . comb, lipstick, huirnef . . . CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF THE NEW MEXICO UNION BUILDING CH 3-861 1 Ext 602 370 COMPLETE LADIES 8x MISSES READY TO WEAR AND ACCESSORIES AT ALWAYS THE NEWEST WOMEN'S FASHIONS THE HOUSE of L'AIGLON DRESSES 3010 CENTRAL AVE. SE AM 8-3384 Johnson,Jane1119, 215 Johnson, Janey 222, 277 Johnson, Jerri 135 Johnson,.loan119, 274 Johnson, Karen E. 119, 244, 278, 291 Johnson, Lee 85, 260 Johnson, Lowell 263, 270 Johnson,1Maris Louise1 Mimi 227 Johnson, Randy 107, 310 Johnson, Richard A. 46, 313 Johnson, Rick 119, 308 Johnson, Roberta 107 Johnson, Velvo-Jo 56 Johnson, Virgil Woodrow 250, 252 Johns1on, Janie 291 Jones, Barbara 67, 273, 281 Jones, C118 107, 279 Jones, Cynthia 107 Jones, Darby 135, 288 Jones, Gary 135, 308 Jones, Gwen 119 Jones, H. Barton 107, 310 Jones, Horlene 107, 278, 284 Jones, Lewis 119 Jones, Marge 68, 195, 281 Jones, Marsha 119, 225, 332 Jones, Op61119 Jones, Robert 135 Jonz,Jon 119,199 Jordon, David 107 Jordan, Phillip 334, 336 Joseph, Audrey M.119 Joseph, Justin 135, 268 Joseph, Walter 98 Jue, Anne C. 95, 274 Jue, Jim 81, 257 Julander,Fred119, 310 Julien, Herbert 135 Jumper, George Jr. 107, 201, 217, 266 Jungbluth, Shirley 68 K KNMD 268 Kaehr, Michael 107, 310 Kagun, Francis 274 Kakos,James119, 310 Kalas,FronkJr.119, 315 Kalberg, Sheldon 119, 188, 196 Konoi, Groce135 Kane, Lorry Him 343, 344 Kong, Lt. Gen. Young Hoon 98 Koplon, Bernice 218 Kappa Alpha 298, 299 Kappa Alpha Theta 290, 291 Kappa Kappa Gamma 292, 293 Kappa Mu Epsilon 266 Kappa Omicron P111195 Kappa Psi 269 Kappa Sigma 300, 301 Kurdonski, Franklin 119, 309 Kcrney, Lance 191 Karins, 8111 135, 309 Karrh, Phillip197 Kcsnic, Maureen 1 19, 276, 277 Koufmcn,Lourie135, 294 Kaufman, Mim1236 Kay, Judhh 107 Keorns, Jerry 321, 329 Keegun,Judy119 Keeling, Terrance 107, 310 Keen, Philip 188, 199, 266, 271 Keith, Donald 228, Keith,J111 135 Keleher, Thomas 107, 313 Kelleran, Tom 85 Kelley, Carol 135 Kellog, Martin 46, 197, 266 Kelly, Chuck 321, 327 Kelly, Honk 263 Kelly, Patrick J. 107 KeHy, Ruben D. 265 Kelly, Thomas 187, 191 Kemm, Robert 46 Kemper, Dole 257 KendoH, Vic107 Ken1ey, Macdowell 186, 191 Kennedy, Cecil 135 Kennedy, Guy 189 Kennedy, Jenonn 107, 216, 273, 294 Kennedy,J1m135 Kennedy, Lorry 348, 351 Kenning, Sharon 135, 281 Kenworthy, John 321 , 330, 348 Kenyon, Richard 85, 315 Kepler, Sue 119, 294 Kerley, Tom119, 310 Kern, Rebecca 135, 226, 294 Kerry, Marilyn 107, 223, 285 KersteNer, Darlene 46 Ketchom, Joan 273 Kilgore, Bonnie Beth 135, 274, 285 Kimball, James 264 Kimber, Emilie 68, 273 Kimble, Key 232 Kimble, Nancy 135 Kimbrough, Mcuree Anne 107, 292 Kimmons, Mary Ruth 135, 191, 271 Kincaid, Margaret Jo 263, 270 King, Archer 58 King, Harold 107, 219 King, Karen 81 King, Patricio 186 Kingsley, Lorry 76, 310, 348, 351 Kingston, Sharon 119, 149, 285 Kinoshitc, Tomonobu 86 Kinslow, Thonn 119, 286 Kinzer, Larry Grohum107, 315 Kirby, Dave 340 Kirk, 1rd 68 Kirk, Koren 107, 283 Kirkland, Carol 135 Kirtpo'rrick, James 86 Ki'rzinger, David 98 Kivc Club 267 Klee, Bob 135, 189 Klein, P1111107 Klein, Richard 47, 310 Klenzing, Henry107, 303 Knight, Fred 348, 351 Knight, Robert 119 Knipfing, Richard 120 Kno'r'r, Barbara 135, 244, 283 KnoH, Richard 107 Kobes, Richard 120, 303 Koch, Robbie 232, 237 Koehler, Bill 135 Koehnke, G. Gretchen 189 Koehnke, Patty 186 Koh1,Jim 98 Kohles, David 107 Kohlhclss, Charles 107, 309 Kokoly, Floyd 58 Kolberg, Sheldon 306 Komen, Diane 120, 283 Konrofh, Edwin 264, 348 Koogler, Margaret 68, 291 Koporg,Joanne135 Kopp, Bob 120, 309 Korholz, Mary Lou 135 Kosor, John Anthony 321, 323 Krebs, Don 135 Krebs, Mary Ann 107, 278, 288 Kresicke, Stan 230 Krieger, Arline 120, 223, 236 Krommenhock, Jacob 266 Kruse, Mary 135, 191, 286 Kruzich, Joe L. 334, 336 Kuehne, Loren 223 Kuhnle, Kale 107, 200, 215, 288 Kuntz, Dina 205, 210 Kusianovich, John 120 Kynor, James 68 Kynor, Margaret 135 L Laben, Phillip135 Luchs, Thomas E. A. 236 Lolly, Eve 197 Lambda Chi Alpha 302, 303 Lampton, John 120, 313 Landis, Sandy 135, 185, 244 Lone, Leroy 107, 353 Lone, Non 120, 278, 281, 332 Lange, Paul 135 Langford, Jo Ann 135 Lcnier, Chuck 120, 306 Lanigon, Richard L. Jr. 120 Lanning, George 120, 310 Lcnning, Virginia 136 Larsen,Ear1 120 Larsen, Robert 107, 260 Larsen, Ted 353 Lasley, Ronald 120 Lofimer, Erwin D.12O Lafimer, Lee 47 Latin American Desk 218 Lcughlin, Tom 107 Lauloinen, Bob136 Louser, Kenna 136 Lawrence, Ellen 108, 288 Lawrence, Judi 136, 281 Leach, Don 108 Leach, Helen 108, 189, 283 Leach, Jackie 120, 292, 332 Leach, Lanny 136 Leach, Leslie 191 Lease, Norma 108 Lederer, Edward 186 Lee, Jim 136 Lee, Lynda 120 Leese, James 136 Leezer, William 108 Legere, Linda 136 Lehman, H.Cloy136 Lennert, Edward 68, 273 Leon, Sondra 136, 291 Leonard, Alfred 120 Leonard, Viola 264 Lepord, Linda 120, 227 Leroy, Margretta Lee 218 Leslie, Lee Ann 136 Leuhmonn, Cor01274 Levine, Barbara 186 Levin, Elliott G. 47, 236 Lewing, Von 58 Lewis, Carole 136, 277 Lewis, Charles 108, 310 Lewis, Edward 136, 230, 310 Lewis, Jack 120 Lewis, Kathy 136, 292 Lewis, Patricia 76, 193 Leyvc, Dorothy 108 Limbert, George108, 313 Liming, Joyce 120 Lincoln, Elmer J. Jr. 120, 310 Lincoln, Williaer.108 Lindberg, Bob 260 Lindberg, Howard P.197 Lindley, Suzanna 124 Lindsay, Gerald H. 120, 313 Lineberger, Chloe 47, 225 Link, Robert108, 305 Linn,.10hn 124 Lites, Arthur 108 Little, Bob 348, 351 Litfle, Coy 274 Little Sisters of Minerva 269 Livingston, Stonlee Ann 120, 215 223, 285 Lloyd, Diana 136, 223, 291 Lloyd, Ed 348, 349, 350 Lobo 242, 243 Lockridge, Alon 191 Loddy, George J. 120, 305 Loeckle, Arnold 86, 260 3 Logan, Jan 120 Long, Ronnie 257 Lopez, AI 108 Lopez, R110 108 Lopez, Thomas R. 108, 279, 303 Lorrnor, Gordon 136, 305 Losey, Janet Elaine 47 Loss, David M. 250 Loughridge, Carolyn 47 Lovafo, P61 108 Loveioy, Kylene 120, 286 Lovesee, G. 136 Lovet'r, Bruce 201, 313, 321, 329 Lowery, Robert 136, 303 Lucas, Lynn 136 Lucero, Dora 120 Lucero, Michael 334, 335 Lugenbeel, Vicki 68, 291 Luion, Ida 267 Lutheran Student Association 235 Lutkus, Carol 108 Luxford, June 193 Luxford, William 76, 191, 244 Lyman, Martin 136, 310, 340, 341 Lynch, C. E. 250, 251 Lynch, Edward 58, 221, 261 Lynch, P01 120, 285 Lynch, Robert 261 Lynch, Sydni 108 Lyon, Katy 120 M McAbee, Chuck 136, 303 McAnelIy, Mark 136 McAnelly, Roselynde 68 McBee, Koren 136, 285 McBee Mike 136, 305 McBreen, Rober? 136 McBride, Phil 108, 261 McBride, Rebecca 273 McBride, Robert 91 McBrien, Janet K. 120,274 McCain, Floyd Jr. 108 This page is sponsored by J. KOR BER 5 CO. College life leaves its pleasant memories efhe infen'r inquiry into the mysteries of scientific research, the close and lasting friendships, the buoyant moments of 'fween-class' gatherings, and the enjoy- ment of many achievemenfs shared. vv x1 McCoHon, Ann 214 McCarthy, Beverly 241 McCarty, Larry 136, 313 McCarty, Scott 91 McCash, Kay 136 McCauslond, Dorleen 120, 216, 295 McCouslond, Edward 108, 279, 313 McCleery, Bob 136 McClure, Jim 136 McClure, Julie 68, 295 McCoIloum, Barbara 136 McCorkle, George Rober'r 86, 353, 355 McCormick, Bill 136, 310, 340, 341 McCroskey, P01 108, 295 McCuisHon, G. G. 136, 293 McCuistion, Shelly 136, 293 McCullough, G. Mason 120, 196 McDavid, Bil 108, 340 McDermon, Joe 346, 347 McElderry, Robert E. 58 McElyea, Ulysses 81, 191, 196, 269, 315 McEwen, Paul 186, 187, 191 McFerrin, David 136 McFarland, Margaret 108, 200, 291 McFarland, Robert 120 McGarrify, Michael 221 McGinnis, Molly 120, 191, 277 McGlothlin, Bonnie 237 McGovern, Sandro 120, 274 McGregor, Robert 136 Mcllhenny, Sara 136, 295 Mc1mosh, Alice 68, 193, 281 McIntyre, William 47 McKay, Joe 334, 335 McKay, Marilynne Byrd 108, 214, 286 McKesson, Ron 136, 313 McKim, Barbara 136, 223, 285 McKinney, Calvin 136 McLean, 8111261 McLeod, Douglas Robert 136, 313 McMahon, John 348 McMurray, Martha 47 McNeaIy4Mosca, Walter 108 McNerney, Rosemary 137 McNLm, Nancy 108 McPherson, Jan 215, 272 McRae, Jim 137 McSpadden, Margaret 191 McWefhy, Kenneth 121 McWilIiams, Janet Page 137 Mabry, John 205, 212 Mac Collum, Crawford .1. 197 Mac Curdy, Grant 137 Mac Donald, Enid 137 Mac DougoH, Ann 137 Mac Gregor, John 218, 220, 242 Mac Gregor, Malcolm 137, 313 MacKoy, Donald 86, 260 Mackey, Mary 137 Macpherson, Jan 137, 213, 281 Madrid, Eileen 137 Muestos,E1i 108, 271 Mohon, Mary Ann 195, 264 Mohon, William 137 Mainar, Mary Ruth 235 Moirs, Stafford 201 Moisel, Sandy 121, 216, 269, 295 Malkin, Michael 137 Moll, Phillip108 Molnar, Steve 321, 327 Malone, P01 137 Moloney, Norma Lou 108, 293 Maloney, Sharon 137, 293 Mongels, Merilie 345 Mcngusso, David 68, 190, 228 Mann, Judi 264 Manning, C. Hudson 121, 299 Manning, Edward 86, 214, 254, 260 Manning, Frunces137, 281 Mannon, Phy1lis 137 Monsur, Jo Ann 137, 214, 295 Morek, CIoire121, 288 Mares, Carmen L. 137, 227 Morin, Norman 197 Marks, Sarah 137 Marquez, Jim 108, 224, 228 Marr, Eldon 228 Mars, Carol 137 Marshall, Carolyn 137 Marshall, Sandra121, 226, 281, 332 Martin, Connie 186 Martin, Eileen 273, 274 Martin, Kerry 137 Martin,Linda121, 215, 227 Martin, Roy 186 Martinez, Anthony 91 Martinez, Felix 108, 261 Martinez, Lovern 68 Martinez, Luis C. 137 Martinez, Martha 108, 227, 271 Martinez, Michael Ann 137 Martinez, Richard 137 Martinez, Vern 157, 340 Martins, Teresinha A. P. 197 Masak, Barbara 121,189 Masi, Robert 137, 303 Mason, John 47, 315 Mason, Molly 108, 293 Mason, Stan 137 Massaro, Virginia Kay 227 Massey, Judy 63, 273 Mata1on1, JoAnn 121 Mathias, Richard 137 Motsubara, Nancy 273 Mohingly, Sharon 121, 223, 293 Morrison, Jock 346, 347 McHson, Sulo 68, 313 Mouchline, Chester 137, 210 Mouzy, Ann 1Lisman1 121 MazzioHi, Charles 137, 310 Mozziom, Vince 108, 310 Meador, Sully 121 Meadows, Edwin F. 321 , 326 Meores, Chrisy 137 Meores, James 47, 310 Medley, Ken 35, 348 Meigs,1Mcrgaref1 Peggy121, 281 Melendres, Arthur121, 213, 313 Mellors, Tom 343 Mellekcs, Jean 187 Mellekas, Jean 187 Melnick, Kathy 108, 273 Melton, Burt 137, 305 Me1fon,Jim 305 Merchant, Howard 121 Merovko, Carol 137, 223, 291 Merritt, Dean 121, 305 Mershon, Ron 321 Merson, Rober1 262,1-271 Messersmith, Lonny 109,307 Metcolf, Melvin 58, 259, 265 Metzger, Marion 109, 295 Metzger, Sue 225 Meyendorff, Angela 47, 197 Meyer, Melinda 47 Meyerhein, Richard 109, 263, 270, 271 Mickelson, Ann 47 Miero, Anfonid 121 Milam, Koy137 M11es,Jay 109, 305 Military 248-255 Miller, Dennis109, 310 Miller, Fred 98, 299 Miller,Jim137 Miller, Leland 137 Miller, Marilyn 121 Miller, Noncy137, 227 Miller, Robert G. 137 Miller,W11110m 137, 352 Milligon, Mary Catherine 164, 223 Milligan,Michae1 121, 309 Milner, Virginia 137, 283 Miloglcv, John 137, 263, 270 Minces, Mike 137, 313 Minnick, Susan 138, 287 Mirage 244-245 Mitchell, Bernadine 109, 288 Mitchell, Charles 138, 191, 313 Mifchell, David 58, 205, 224, 230, 237 Mitchell, Gladys Darlene 121, 277 Mitchell, Ilene 138, 255 Mitchell, Judith 138 Mitchell, Michele 138, 218, 223, 253, 285 Mitchell, Mickey 86, 260 Mitropolis, Connie 138 Mixer, Anthony S. 121 Mize, Elizabeth 109 Miziker, Ronald 47, 313 Mob1ey, Donna 47 Mock, Howard 48,193, 261, 310 Mock, Noncy138 Mock, Richard 48, 186 Modica, Joe 340 Moeller, Lana 121, 271 Moeller, Linda 109, 186, 196 Moerer, Carol 121 MoHeH, Mike 138, 313 Moffetf, Sandra 138, 295 Mondrogon, Fred 48, 206, 279, 307 Monroe, J. J. 91 Montano, lsobel 138 Monteverde, Eduardo 48 Monfgomery, Johnny L. 121, 352 Montgomery, Michael 138 Montoya, Alex 188, 196 Montoya, Angie 138 Monfovo, r1vr19 194,262,271 Montoya, Ercilia 193 Montoya, Mary Irene 121, 295 Montoya, Pete R. 121 Montoyo,V1ncen158 Moody, Ray 138 Moone, Elwood 266 Mooney,G1endi 121, 215,295 Mooney, Janet 109,269, 295 Moor, John W.Jr.121 Moorc,Jerry121, 310 Moore, Marjorie 188 Moore, Mike 235, 340 Moore, Steve 138, 213 Moore, WiHicxm 5.121, 340 More, Beneranda 266 Morales, Arthur 109 Moran, Charley 121, 343, 344 Moron, Fronk109, 201, 310 Morgan, Joan 95, 288 Morgan, John H, 58, 265 Morgan, Raymond H. 48, 266 Morin, Pcu1264 Mork, Peter 109 Morris, John T. 48 Morris, Larry 263 Morris, Robert 109, 201 Morris, Sydney 293 Morrison, Chris 246 Morrison, Pa? 138 Morrison, Shirley Ann 121 Morrow, Margie 121 Morrow, Mildred 121 Morrow, Roxie 121, 233, 273 Morse, Karen 121 Mortar Board 202 Mortensen, Gayle 122, 288 Moseley, Merryl 109 Mounkes, Cordell 250 Moyer, Charlotte 138, 288 Mraz, John 122, 188, 244 Muhr, Bruce G. 138, 303 Muir, Lew 81, 257, 303 Mullany, Mike 348 Muller, Douglas 109 Muller, Peter 138 Mumin, Abdulkodir 273 Munns, Ronald 109, 305 Murchison, A. H. 261 Murphy, Eileen 109, 277 Murphy, Francis 109, 222, 291 Murray, Barbara 122 1 Murray, Doug 138 Murray,John 122 Musgrove, Dorothy 138, 191 Muzzy, Darlene 48, 288 Myers, George 216 N Naeve, Pamela 109, 291 Nogle, Adrian 109 Nahmod, Mike 109, 309 Nanningc, Morgaret109 chcrette, Eleanor 223 Neeb, Bob 228 Neeb, Lewis 256, 340 Neely, Jerry 86, 313 Neil,John138 Nelson, Kce 138, 288 Nelson, Leslie 138, 189 Nelson, Toni 109 Ness, Gory 321, 331, 353, 355 Nessing, Joe 228 Neuber, Anita 109 Neuber, June? 138 Neuber, Nancy 109 Neuer, Lee-Ann 138, 287 Neville, Don 348 Newcomb, Dicno 189 Newman Center 238-239 Newman, Vernon 138, 256 News Bureau 247 Newsome, William Gene 234 Newton, Joy 109 Niels, Collene 122, 273 DOWNTOWN PLANNING SUPPLYING CH 3-1761 "COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICE" HEIGHTS BUILDING FINANCING AL 5-5569 Nichols, Billie 122, 215, 274, 287, 345 Nieri, Robert 122 Niese, David Max 199 NoHsinger, Norman 138, 219 Nohl, Nancy 216 Nohrn, Jan 122 No1an, Mike 138 Noonun, Norman 138 Norman, Cynthia 186, 196, 202, 283 Norman, Vernon 58, 193, 261 Norton, Mike 122 Norwood, Richard 122, 303 Novak, Diane 138, 283 Nunn, Douglas 138 Nunn, Dwighf, 271 Nunn, Robert E. 228, 262 Nuseibeh, Nosib 261 Nylund, Barbara 122 O Oaks, Jim 262, 271 Oehring, Richard 186 OlBoyle, Pete 122, 313 OlBrien, Joan 109, 288 O'Brien, Marily 138 O'Connor, Lynn 197 O'Donnell, Daniel 122 O'KeHey, Lorry 122, 189, 258 Olinger, Charles109, 313 Oliver, Judy 122, 274 . OlNeiH, Roberto 48, 202, 206, 224. 240 O'Neill, Timothy M. 81, 257, 269 Opeil, Terry 138 OrcuH, Leslie 268 Ordonez, Terry 122,291 Orem, Eunice 122 Orlando, Kathleen M. 122, 165, 243, 283 Orosco, Elias 138 Orr, Alice 138, 287 Ortega, Arthur D. 138 Ortega, Ernest E. 122 Oriega, Ronald 122 Ortega, Ruben 48 Orth, Patsy 138, 186, 191, 274 Ortiz, Art 353 Ortiz, Lorraine 138 Ortiz, Romeo 109 Ortiz y P1no,Jerry 109, 239, 242 Ortiz y Pino, Louise 122 Osberg, Jim 109, 305 Osborn, Kathleen L. 274 Ostlund, Cheryl 138, 274, 277 Otero, Martin A. 109, 313 Othmer, Craig 138, 313 Otis, Kathleen 188 Often, Patricia 122 Oninger, Gary B. 206, 210 O11mon,Jim W. 313, 321, 324 0110, David M. 343 0110, Richard C. 86, 299 Overbury, June? 264 Owen, Barbara 138, 281 Owens, Elaine 70 p PE. Moiors and Minors 270 Podi110,Frcnces138, 274 Pod1110,Joe Manual 139 Padilla, Joe Me1 139 Page, Jim 139, 299 Pajunen, Judy 122, 222, 293 Pak, Song So 58 Palmer, Lynne 223 Palmer, Suzann139 PanhellenicCounc1127B Parker, Cathy 139 Parker, Glenn 139 Parker, Lyle 58, 256, 313, 332 Parker, Patricia 139, 287 Parker, William 122 Parks, Joan 139, 289 Parmley, P61 122, 188, 274 Porodi, Richard 109, 201, 305 Parrish, Lamar 91 Parsons, Ned 139 Parsons, Tom 139 Partee, PoHy 274, 285 Paschal, Cathy 241 Paterson, Katherine 109, 200, 216, 222, 291 Patfno, Dave 352 Patterson, John 139, 303 Patton, John 122, 353 valovsky, Ann 122 POU1,JO11F1 H. 246 Puvioni, Sondra 122 Pauly, Mary 139 Payne, Dianna 109, 295 Payne, Patsy 139 Poynor, Thomas 317 Poynfer, William 191 Paynton, Earle, Jr. 109, 219, 279, 303 Pearce, Frances 139, 277 Pearce, Richard 110, 235, 266 Pearcy, Robert 58, 265 Pearson, David 122, 199, 222, 305 Pearson, Neal 48, 305 Peckinpough, Denny 139 Peck, John 58, 265 Peck, R110 70 Peel, Harvey 348 Peer, Sunny LU 227 Pelouze, Richard 139 Pendleton, 8111321 Peroha, Corinne 139 Perkins, David 48, 303 Perkins, Mary 70 Parkinson, Sk1p122, 310 Ferret, Robert 266 Perry, Gerald 265 Perry, Marsha 139 Pefenger, Annette 235 Peterson, Art 193, 261 Peterson, Carlo 1 10, 274, 293 Peterson, Clara Mae 235 Peterson, Larry A. 139, 303 Peterson, Pamela 139 Peterson, R, 246 P61115, Bob 139, 310 Phorris, Charles A. 244 Phelun, Patrick 110, 201, 266, 310 Phelps, Doris 139, 186, 264 Phi Delta Theta 304, 305 Phi Gamma Nu 195 Phi Kappa Phi 197 Phi Lambda Them 193 Phi MU Alpha 196 Phi Sigma Kappa 306, 307 Phillips, Carolyn Key 122, 283 Phillips, David 134, 307 Phillips,Lucy139 Phillips, Marcia 122 Phillips, Mike122, 310 Phillips, Richard 250, 261 Philp,J.R.139, 305 Photo Club 270 P1 Beta Ph1 294, 295 Pi Kappa Alpha 308, 309 P1 Tau Sigma 194 Pieper,Johnn1e 7O Pierson, Rober1321, 331 Pinedo, Raymond 110, 313 Pine, Jim Joe 252 Pinto, John 110 P111110, Margaret 197, 247 P1011, Sandro 139, 285 Plotfsmier, Don 122 Pletcher, Sue 110, 287 Plummer, Adolph C. 348, 349 Podrizk1,Serge 122 Pogue, Wilburn 191 Polansky, Ernest 110 Poldervoort, P01 123, 264 Pollard, James 264 Pollard, Kathleen 123 PoHard, Patricia 123, 223, 281 Pollard, Sharon 225, 227 Pollark, Joan 232, 236 Pollock, Marion 110, 186, 187, 307 Pompo, Robert 139 Pope, John 139 Popeioy, Tom 139, 313 Porter, Margaret 266 Porter, Robert 139 Posflefhwo1f,Jeonne 110 Postlefhwczife, Mcrfho 110,161, 215, 283 Potter, Claudio 123 Potts, John 123 Pouncil, Phi1321 Powe11,John 8.48, 310 Powers, W111iom 110, 310 Poynor, Thomas B. 139 Prom, Gary 1 10,303 Praughf, Pat123, 215, 277 Pre Med Society 241 Price, Sharon 139, 234 Price, V. Borre11246 Prince, Betty 266 Prm, A. T. 58, 194, 250 Publications Board 220 Purdue, Kieth 186, 187, 191 .edway O DOWNTOWN 91M 0 WINROCK 247-1782 YOUR BMW FASHION CENTER Heqdquorfers for Bobbie separates . . . Capri Pcmfs, Jamai- cas . . . and slim, pleated or gored skirts . . . p1us c1 color-mofched col- lection of blouses, sweaters, sleeve- less nylon slip-ons and easy care coffon-knif tops. Sizes 5-15. STORE HOURS DOWNTOWN-Monduy and Friday- 9:30 AM to 9 PM Tues., Wed., Thur., Sat, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM WINROCK - Mom, Wed, Fri., 10:00 AM to 9 PM Tues., Thur., Sat, 10:0 AM To 6 PM Brooks H Downtown and Winrock-Sportswear Up to 60 mml2SUzJ9I Open 7:30 Albuquerque's Most Modern and Complete Building Headquarters A credit plan for every home owner All Building Maferials Specialfy Lumber Pain+s FHA Home Remodeling Loans Months to Pay Albuquerque's Do-H-Yourself Headquarters A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Monday through Saturday Phone 256-3531 5021 LOMAS BLVD.. N.E. Expert . Dkaaing m LAUNDRY 85 CLEANERS Fabric Care Services HAINRMI-IIMTIPOHI IV! I! NIVI IN- 522 SEQOND SIRIETWI' MW! IX- fly! POW" SIMIPMIG 051755 WIYI IN- 4520 LOMIS' HVD IVE WDM 3115 'RJIT IXEIIIWE BLDG W. pkk up and dnlivor .IIlllIIIIllllIIIlllIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII "THAT'S WHAT AH SAID!" MEWS FINE BREAD LOOK FOR THE BIG M ON EVERY LOAF POTATO CHIPS - BISCUITS - FROZEN ROLLS All AT Your Food Dealers molan I;ashlons NM MW The Albuquerque National Bank is proud of the University of New Mexico . . . an institution which contributes immeasurably to the cultural, educational and economic life of our city, making it an ideal place to live. Since the Bank was formed in 1924, a close relationship has existed between the Bank and the University. Many of the Bank's official staff and personnel have been UNM students. The Albuquerque National Bank is proud that so many Uni- versity people have chosen it as their bank. We invite you to make Albuquerque National your bank. HEAD OFFICE - SECOND AND CENTRAL EAST CENTRAL OFFICE - 4401 CENTRAL AVE. NE ALBUQUERQUE . NORTH FOURTH OFFICE . i610 FOURTH ST. NW EAST MENAUL OFFICE - 5400 MENAUL BLVD. NE MIONAL BANK SIMMS BLDG. OFFICE - FOURTH AND GOLD WINROCK omce . 115 wmaocx omcs 3 Albuquerque S oldest aild largest' EAST LOMAS OFFICE - 5600 LOMAS BLVD. NE DRIVE-IN - SECOND AND COPPER MEMBER - FDIC 375 376 FAUSHION SQUARE San Mateo 8: Lomas 5 Minutes from Campus 'ro. .. THE SUN SHOP Fashion center for WOMEN'S SPORTSWEAR Specializing in perfect fitting high styles for Juniors, Junior pefifes, and Misses. Famous name brands, many exclusive with Kis'rler Collisfer. THE MEN'S SHOP Where the young man of traditional good Taste can always f1nd what he wonTs. . . plefe selection of fine clothing and furnishings, in famous brands he has learned To re1y on for quality. may choose from a com- Phone 265-6931 MOVING ON to a new life with a challenge that puts your acquired skill to the test! We have the skill required to physically and reliably move your possessions to your new home . . . a few blocks away or to a distant state. Dial 243-6651 NIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIlllllll1lll1llllllllllllIIlllllW VIIIIIIIIIIIIIIV E nu? TRANSFER CO. anuwg SINCE 1902 'nlllllllllllllllllIIIlllh; 121 TIJERAS AVENUE, NE whether it be S1lllllllllll.- S AGENTS ALLIED VAN LINES Pufman, William 98 Putnam, Bobbie 139, 345 Putney, M. M. 123,161, 223, 287 Q Quads, Heidi 164 Quillin, Koy 123, 289 Quinn, Steve 123 Quintana, Richard 110, 201, 307 R Roby, Barbara 70, 195 Real, Marcella 123 Roglin,Cor1 123, 199,261,309 Roglin, Ccro1yn 70, 247, 261, 287 chsdale, Mike 123,313 Ramos, Margarita Anita 202 Romponi, Jo Anne 139 Ramsey, Carol 139, 281 Ramsey, Scott 186, 191 Randall, Carolyn 186, 187, 191 Randall, John 186 Randal, Lloyd, Jr. 70, 310, 353, 354 Randunzel, 8111348 Rosche1,Jomes 191 Rathbun, Beverly 139 Rawlins, Robert 110 Ray, Beverly 274 Ray, Judi 123, 188 Raymond, Nelda 139 Read, Robin 159, 216, 269, 278, 295 Ready, Dennis 206, 208, 209, 210, 221, 232 Reagan, Pa? 123, 307 Receconi, Jon 139 Redd, Stephanie 48, 202, 206, 269, 295 Reece, Janice Peck 110, 195, 200, 283 Reed, Gerald 261 Reed, Jerry 123, 230, 261 Reed, Kim 123, 273 Regensberg, Marianne 123 Reich, Michael 110 Reid, Charles 139 Reid, Susan Kathleen 269 Reider, Gory 258 Reimer, Judy 139, 214, 295 Reinicke, William 139 Reithel, Mary 110, 164 Reithel, Theresa 139 Remley, Ann Marie 197, 202, 206 Rendell, Mitchell 123 Refz, William A. 59, 262, 271, 305 Reufter, Susan 274, 291 Rex, Alon 123 Reymore, Ruth 140, 345 Reynolds, Ann 110, 287 Reynolds, Beverly 140 Reynolds, Janice 140 Reynolds, Louello 140, 245, 283 Rhodes, Richard 140 Rhorer, Richard 262, 271 Rhudy, A1343, 344 Rhudy, Ed 343 Rhudy, Jim 343 Ribble, Genevieve 110, 281 Rice, Donna 123, 285 Rice, John 140 Richards, Darryl 123, 305 Richards, Sandro 140, 240, 274, 277 Richardson, Rebecca 110 Richardson, Ronald 123 Richardson, Sandro 140 Ridosko, Marylynn 140, 289 Ried, Beverly 140, 289 Riegel, Duane 140 Rightmyer, Robert 123, 232 R110, Carter 259 Rila, Mary Ann 48 Riley, Kathleen 123, 221, 295 Riley, William Patrick 140 Rinella, Roger 257 Riner, Ann 123 Ringsfeod, Sidney 140 Rini, Nancy 225 Rinn, Peter 140 Riordan, Jim 123 Rlorocn, WiHiom 110 Risk, Delores 225 Ritfer, Norton 140, 299 Rivera, Robert 140, 342 Rivera, Ruth 110, 224, 225, 226 Roach, James 123, 199, 220, 224 Roastingear, Barbara 110 Robbins, Ann 110 Robbins, Nancy 140, 222, 281, 297 Roberts, Clarene 123, 195, 264 Roberts, Dennis 110, 201, 307 Robertson, Ann 123, 289 Robertson, Janette 140, 227 Robertson, Lois 48 Robinson, Ann 123, 293 Robinson, Clarence 348 Robinson, Sue 188 Robinson, William 140 Robison, Steve 123 Robson, William 123, 263, 265, 268, 270 Rocha, Efren 348 Rockwell, Sandro E. 70 Roeder, Mike 140, 191 Roeh1,Joy123, 310 Roeske, Stanley 123, 265 Roessell, Doug 123, 310 Rogers, David E. 124, 240, 244 Rogers, David M. 140 Rohrer, Judy 124, 295 Rohrer, Robert 140 Romaine, Winnie 277 Roman, Edwin 124, 305 Romoniello, Peter 228 Romero, Bernadette 140 Romero, Renato 91 Romero, Vlolo 140 Rome, Carlos, 188 Rose, Barbara 140 Rose, Caroline 140 Rose, Cheryl 140 Rose, John 49, 313, 342 Rose, Sharon 110, 189, 237 Rosenbaum, Dora H. 264 Rosenbloom, Cynthia 226 Rosenburg, Laura 140 Rosenthol, Judy 236 Ross, Jeanette 140 Rossi, Jerry 124 Rotherhom, Larry 110 Rouse, Mike 140, 299 Roush, Pam 140, 295 Rowan, Mary 210 Rowe, Leslie 260 Rowe, William L. 59, 245 Rowen, Carol 124 Rowland, Marilyn Ann 227 Rowland, Mike 49, 214, 305 Rowland, Nancy 124, 295 Royal, Emily 140 Ruben, George 49 Rubi, Isidro 353, 354, 355 Rubio, Robert 110 Ruebush, Patsy 140, 274 Ruiz, Lupe 140 Rund1es, Susan 124, 285 Runge, Judith A. 70, 193, 195, 202 206, 285 Runyon, Norman 91 Rupert, Ronald 110, 305 Rupert, Ted 124 Rushing,Jock124,199, 213, 310 Russell, Eddie 124, 160, 332 Russell, Frances 124, 274 Russell, Linda 110, 227, 273 Ruth, Roger 140 Ru'rherford, Suzy 140, 186 Ryan, Allen 124 Ryan, Rebecca 124 Ryberg, George 98 5 Saab, Fred 91 Sabine, Robert 110 Sachs, Cindy 140, 277 Scdilek, Julie 95, 287 Sois, Victor 124 Salazar, Adela 110 Salazar, Andres 110 Salazar, Betty 70 Salazar, Connie 140 Solozar,John124,199, 210, 313 Solb, Ellen 140, 281 Sollee, Lorry 110, 310 Somora, A. A. 140 Sompsel, Michael M. 194, 262, 271 Sqmpson,Jan 140 Samuelson, Gordan 348 Sanchez, Delores 1 10 Sanchez, Helen 124 Sanchez, Leo 140 Sanchez, Louisa 215 Sanchez, Mabel 124 Sanchez, Raymond 110, 313 Sanchez, Susan 111 Sanders, Cheryene 124, 232 Sanders, Karin 141, 256 Sanderson, Missy 213 Sanderson, Tina 49, 202, 204, 285 Sando, Susan 141 Sandoval, Jose 264 Sandoval, Richard 111 Sands, Kathy 141, 222, 281 Sands, Ronny 141 Sonfcge, Spencer 111, 313 Somiogo, Bobby 147, 206, 321, 322 Sargent, Edward 141 Sascki, Adelia 191 Sanizahn, Edward 141 Sauerhoff, Diane 124, 277 Sauerman, Marsha 111, 287 Saunders, Dottie 111, 287 Saunders, Katherine, 124, 287 Sounders, Richard 124, 303 Sayner, Frank 124, 299 Scales, Steve 259 Scanlan, Robert 124 Schoefer, Shirley 141 Scheer, John W. 111, 244, 259 Schettler, Christine 124 Scheufler, Paul 124 Schifani, Pennie 124 Schimala, Bruce 141 Schluter, Anne 141 Schmalz, Eric141, 305 Schmidf, Buckley 49 Schneider, Kym 243 Schober, Mary Ann 345 Schodorf, Ed. Jr. 111 Schoenhuf, William111, 201, 279 Schoggen, Bruce 141 Schroeder, Karen 141, 189, 213, 285, 297 Schroer, John 265 Schulz, George 124 Schurtz, Rob 230 Schwab, Cynthia 141, 289 Schwartz, Robert 124, 309 Schwartzmcn, Gory 141 Sciortino, Sam 124 Scopelifis, Barbara 345 Scott, Anne 124, 195, 215, 285 Scott, Lindsay 212, 305 Scott, Merle 141 Scott, Michael 124, 232 Scott, Shirley 124 Scott, Vicki 111, 215, 287 Scott, William 265 Secle, Carolyn 70, 269, 285 Seamons, Larry 194, 262, 271 Sears, Marilyn 141, 273 Sebastian, David 86 Sebastian, Joann 141 Sedlock, William 111, 262, 271, 303 Seeber, Bob 141, 303 Seeds, Nick 111, 210, 305 Seery, AI 49, 279 Seiler,Lc1uren 124, 201, 299 Sells, Shirley 111 Sena, Barbara 111 Serna, Catherine 141 Shomas, Joanna 124, 216, 295 Shonklin, P01111,196 Shannon, Dave 141 Sharp, Morgaret141, 164 Sharp, Mury125 Shaski, Michae1340, 353 Show, James 141 Sheehan, Julianne 264 Sheets, Lorry 191 Sheets, Mary111, 281 Sheffef, Amiram 186 Shepherd, Jessie 125 Sharer, Pat141, 283 Sherer, Valerie L. 49, 283 Sherman, Carroll 141 Shimizu, Russ T. 49, 220 Shipman,Jockie141 Shippy, Ellen 141 Shoaf, Ed 125 Shockey, Glenelle 111, 285 Shockley, Roger 141 Shomcker, John Wayne 49 Shoon, Tomy 111, 196, 303 Shore, Sandra 141,191 Short, Phyllis 70, 273, 285 Show, Thelma 281 Shriver, Richard 59, 262, 271 Shurbef, Lou Ann141 Siegenthaler, 8111111, 313, 321 Sieglitz, Janie 125, 276, 277 Sievers, Rodney Sigleo, Wayne 141 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 310-11 Sigma Alpha 1010 196 Sigma Chi 312-3 Sigma Delta Chi 273 Sigma Phi Epsilon 314-5 Sigma Tau 194 Sifuentes, Madeline 125 Silber, Virginia 125, 227 Silva, Gerald 125 Silver, Roger J. 224 Silverman, Jackie 49 Simmonds, Loren 230 Simmons, Kenneth B. 194 Simms, Mory125, 225, 281 Simms, Richard 246 Simone, Mike 273 Simpson, Ernie 49 Simpson, Jesse Dole 310 Sinclair, William 70 Singleton, Ronnie 228, 348, 350 Sisson, Fred 141, 307 Skaggs, Sharon 125 Ski Club, 272 Sklower, Roberta 266 Slack, N. O. 189, 236 Slagle, Robert 111, 201, 313 Sloan, Ted111 Sloniger, Teddy141, 283 Smart, Sharon 111, 289 Smouley, Carlo 141 Smeikal, Kelvin 262, 271 Smith, Brian141 Smith, Carol 111, 287 Smith, Connie141, 295 Smith, Don M. Il186, 260 Smith, Don P. 309 Smith, Doug 125 Smith, Edwina 141,188 Smith, Fidel Tennis 59,193, 217, 261 Smith, Frances P. 263 Smith,Joe1236 Smifh,June141, 274, 283 Smith, Karen 95, 234, 245, 274 Smith, Kenneth R. 70, 188 Smith, Larry 99, 305 Smith, Lavinia 186, 191, 196 Smith, Maiorie 49 Smith, Maiorie Nadine 125, 283 Smith, Mark W. 141 Smith, Noncy141, 271 Smith, Paul H. 125, 266 Smith, Shelby 166 Smith, Winifred 141 $myer, Paul 125, 305 Snecrly, Caroly 273 Snell, Charles 141 Snell, Morguref111, 233, 273 Snoddy, Lynne 111, 200, 269, 291 Snyder, J. C. 142, 303 Snyder, Robert 125, 310 Seiko, Joyce 125, 287 Sokol, Mike 263, 270 Sole, CorI 125 Solenberger, John 49, 206, 210 Solenberger, Robert 125, 199, 218 Sorensen, Beverly 125, 245 8050, John Phillip 125, 303 Squires, Dick 142, 303 Spacer, John 191 Spang, Rick 50, 259 Spavin, Brian 125 Speakman, Wanda 266 Sperry, John S. 59, 237, 305 Sperry, Patricia Terrance 223, 284 Sperry, Sam H. 50 Sperry, Terri 142 Spickncll, Thomas 111 Spieckerman, Carl 142 Spence, Nancy 95, 274 Spiegel, Margaret 50, 293 Spiegler, Stephen 125, 305 Spirit Day 296-297 Spitzberg, Gary 236 Sponholfz, Keith 142 Spurs 198 Stout, Robert 111, 305 Stafford, Ronnie 111, 305 Sfolcup, William111, 258 Sfcllboum, Gloria 223 Sfollings, Clifford 321, 322 Sfamer, Sarah 125 Stanley, Stanley J. 142 Stapleton, Jean 111, 277 Sfaplefon, Richard 186, 191 Stapp, Janet 255 Stark, Barbara 227, 232, 234 Starr, Jeanette 142, 285 Stauffer, Robert 142 Steed, Sue111, 214, 215, 281 Sfeen, Charles 111, 237, 279, 315 Stein, Florene 142, 188, 345 Steinsiek, Clydene 142, 245 Sterling, Don 59, 261 Stevens, Jack 50 Stevens, Linda 111, 281 Stevenson, Janet 95, 274 Stevenson, Marsha 142, 235, 274 Stewart, Jim 248, 350 Stewarf,John 189 Stewart, Owen 142 Stinneff, Arba Henry 125 Sfith, Marilyn 125, 222, 293 Stockton, Jim 353 $1085, Mary Phillis 269 Stokes, Eddie 111, 212, 309, 321, 323 Stone, Charla 125 Stone, Pansy 142 Storm, Gale 50 Stough, Trudy 50, 164 Stou1,JoeI Bob 142, 303 Stovoll, Donny 125 Sfrauch, Gaye 125 Street, Ernest 142 Strickland, James 222, 265 Stringer, Joyce 142 Strohl, Merritt B. 188, 191 Stromberg, Ilsa 125, 291 Strong, P. K. 142, 293 Sfrubel, Fronk111, 212, 309 Stubbs, Barbara 187 Student Affairs Committee 220 Student Council 210 Student Court 214 Student Education Association 273 Student Nurses Association 274 Student Senate 211 Student Standards 221 Stutsman, Jean 125 Sullivan, Judith 125, 285 Sullivan, Patty186,191 Summers, Beverly 142, 189, 273 Summers, Mcry-AI Adams 98 Summers, Sue111 Sumner, Jim 264 Sunderlend, Ginny 142 Sutin, Jonathon 91 Sutton, John 142 chim, Kenneth 125 Swain, Arthur 95, 274 Swain, Margaret 162, 191 Sworup, Chaitanya 98 Sweenhart, Gary 142 Sweet, Ray 142, 191, 271 Swigger, Ron 186, 197, 220, 246 Swindle, Martha 111, 218, 289 Swinford, Dave 111, 303 Swink, Harley111, 299 Swisher, Porn 112, 291 Sworfwood, Judy 125, 281 Syed, Anwar 98, 261 Sziy, Steven 142, 310 T Tafoya, Paul 186 Toggard, Penny Naugton 50, 207, 294 Tallmodge, Louise 125 Tanckcu, Arthur S. 59, 194, 217, 265 Tongman, Edward P., Jr. 71, 264 Tanner, Michael 50 Tuntzen, Almuf 112, 291 Tordo, Barbara 225, 227 Tau Kappa Epsilon 316-317 Taylor, Adelle 142 Taylor, Betty 191 Taylor, 811352 Taylor, Dick 142, 305 Taylor, Eddie 50, 305 Taylor, Elizabeth 112, 289 Taylor, John F. 197 Taylor, Kyla 142, 154, 164, 222, 293 Taylor, Lorry 71 Taylor, Syliva 142, 256 Tenney, Gregg 125 Terrel, Nancy 142 Tesch, Robert 71 , 343 Tessitore, Richard 112, 353, 355 Thacker, Larry 59, 305 Theisen, John William 219 Thelonder, Clinf 125, 305 Theta Sigma P111197 Thomas, Carol 345 Thomas, Cordelia 112, 215, 293 Thomas, Gail 126, 215, 281 1 BATCHING PLANIS EWUM srm REAVY EQUIPMENT mums -----vw- .-.--.-:- -'-'"-2-L- -""' 6-..- ---".: - II: - m.:----::--.-- I ---1 t-nv-I .l- --Iv--n: I a. n- u.- 6::- - --Il - II. -..---a n-- II. --III c- In. --'-Iu-. : -- - nuAA.-- 500 PHOENIX AVE, NW - STATION 8, BOX 6007 ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO 377 378 The University of New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO MEMBER North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, National University Exten- sion Association, Association of American Universities, American Association of University Women, American Association of University Professors, American Council on Education for Journalism, Engineering Council for Professional Development, American Council on Phar- maceutical Education Class A1, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, American Bar Association, Association of American Law Schools, American Association of Colieges of Teacher Education. 1963-64 UNIVERSITY CALENDAR Summer Term ..................................... June 22, 1963 First Semester .................................. Sept. 12-14, 1963 Second Semester .................................. Feb. 3-4, 1964 Excellent instructional facilities, a beautiful and spacious campus with 66 permanent build- ings in the unique modified Pueblo style architecture, a large gymnasium-several of the largest buildings in the state of New Mexico are located on Campus. Now under construction are: the Fine Arts Center, and extensions to Zimmerman Library and to Journalism Building. THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO offers thorough training for elementary and secondary teachers and in music education, and outstanding opportunities in the fields of art, biological sciences, business administration, dramatic art, English, health and physical education, home economics, industrial arts, journalism, library science, languages, meteoritics, astronomy, music, physical and social sciences, speech, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary medicine, nursing, law, engineering, pharmacy, mathematics, geology, physics, anthropol- ogy, government, history, and Division of Foreign Studies. COLLEGES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO College of Fine Arts College of Nursing College of Arts and Sciences College of Education College of Engineering School of Law College of Business Administration Graduate School College of Pharmacy University College School of Medicine Veterans are urged to take advantage of regular and specia1 offerings made available through our resources and facilities, including evening classes. For further information, address TOM L. POPEJOY, President THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Albuquerque READY FOR FALL DEDICATION l l The new College of EducoTion complex of eighT buildings, compleTed 0T 0 cosT of more i Than $2 million, will be dedicoTed soon oTTer The beginning of The 1963-64 school yeor-pos- l sibly in OcTober. The buildings include c: Teaching moTerials cenTer, workshops and sTudios Tor indusTriol arTs and an educaTion, child care sTudy cenTer, home economics deparimenT, c1 llKivolll assembly hall, and quorTers Tor elemenTcry and secondary educoTion. . eit'l' A '... "Cl! Ii-"n-u. READY FOR FALL OCCUPANCY Two new dormiTories, one for men The oTher for women, are nearing compleTion and will be ready for occupancy This fall. The women's residence, shown here as The orchiTecT's skeTch, will be eosT of Hokono Hall and The menls holl will be iusT norTh of Coronado Hall. ALUMNI You. can keep in touch with all the events and future expansion plans of your Alma Mater by subscribing to the always interesting student newspaper N EWMEXICOLOBO OUR SIXTY-FIFTH YEAR OF EDITORIAL FREEDOM Now Published on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays Expanding to Four Issues Weekly Starting This Fall Subscription Rates: SEND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ORDER T05 1 Year $4.50 Circulation Department 1 Semester $2.25 New Mexico Lobo Box 192, University Station Albuquerque, New Mexico 380 Thomas, Gene 126 Thomas, George 112, 221, 256, 305 Thomas, Gretchen 126, 285 Thomas, Jun 126 Thomas, John P. 193, 261 Thomas, Marcia 126, 286 Thomas, Marian Anne M. 197 Thomas, Seth 126, 305 Thomas, Stun 112, 279, 310 Thomosma, Susan 142, 285, 297 Thomason, Gary F. 50, 207, 221, 273, 299 Thompson, Betty 50 Thompson, Billy 348 Thompson, Freddie 142 Thompson, John 196, 201, 310 Thompson, Kirk 199 Thompson, Mary 142 Thompson, Mary Ann 126 Thompson, Nancy 112, 215, 287 Thompson, Roberf L. 142 Thornton, Robert 59, 262, 271, 342 Thorp, Key 142 Thorton, Carl 260 Thunderbird 246 Thurston, Benjamin 126 Tiano, Donald 142 Tice, Richard 112, 299 Tichenor, Tina 142 Tidwell, Carolyn 269 TidweH, Dennis126, 313, 321, 331 Tielemans, M011348, 350 Timerman, John 142, 310, 340 Tipton, H. L, Jr. 142 Tipton, Lindsay 142, 289 Titman, Jo Ann 218 Tobias, W. A. 256 Tod, David Lawrence 50, 279, 303 Todesco, Betty 126, 281 Todesco, Mary 1 12, 281 Toepper, Mary 142, 189 Tolmun, Jon M. 218, 241 Topp, Sue 142, 234 Torres, M. Joe 50 Totmn, Craig 263 Toulouse, Ccrmie 142 Town Club 276-277 Traeger, Richard K. 220 Tras, Peter 142, 303 Trask, Carol 142 Trout, Gerald L. 197 TraveIsfead, Jim 126 Treaf, C. H. 194, 271 Treat, Joe 142, 307 Tregellos, Richard Thomas 197 Trickey, Beverly 71 Trickey, Sondra 142 Tron, Donna 112,191,196 Troublefield, Glen 126, 321, 325 Trout, Lorry 191 Truiillo, R.An1hony 142, 197 Trujillo, Ted 142 Truiillo, Viones 126 Trussell, Lee 86, 207, 310, 348 Tucker, Margaret 241 Tuffs, Paul H. 126, 265, 315 Tunney, Tom 340 Tuoni, Linda 218, 223 Turek, Philip H.59, 194 Turnbull, John 50, 228 Turner, Carol 142, 222 Turner, David 321, 329 Turner, R. L. 126, 218, 303 Turner, R. Rollins 186 Turner, SumueIS.112, 279, 313 Turpen, Carol 186, 233 Tuft1e, David 126, 313 Tvrdik, Wayne 321, 325 Tyler, Robert 126, 310 U Ulicna, Regina 238 UnderhiH, Ellen 253 Union Board 221 Union Directorate 222-223 United Campus Christian Fellowship 234 University Dames 266 Urcngc, Ignacio 149 Urquidez, Blas Jr. 126, 219 Urschel, Mary Ann 149, 289 Utter, Susan 126 V Va1dez, Carmen 149 Valdez, Euvaldo 112 Valdez, Pete 149 Valdez, Stanley 149 Looking for the address of an old friend? Call or write to UNM Alumni Association, Box 90, UNM, ext. 608 SW COLLEGE H I NOB HILL College Stylings Also Available DOWNTOWN WINROCK 67W 4W 6W gm 5k 8W Mm 919? 381 382 Valencia, Becky 126, 215, 219, 226, 274 Valenzuela,lshmoe150, 307 VonCIeove, Barbara 149 Vundcm, Kileen 275 Van Delinder, Steve 188 Vandenburg, W. 348 Van Gemert, Richard 149 Van Tubergan G. Norman 273 Van Vleef, Loy 126 Vaught, Janie 223 Vergora, George L 51, 207, 271, 313 Verness, Juliana 272 Vescovi, Nanette 149, 285 Vicenti, Kathryn 149 Vickers, Layne 216 Vickers, Lon 149 Vickery, Lucretia 149, 293 Vidal, Christine 71, 273, 281 Vigil, Bertha 149 Vigil, Ernest F. 59, 232 Vigil, Jake N. 59 Vigil, Vera M. 71 Vigilantes 199 Villarreal, Abelardo 51, 218, 232 Villella, Fat 268 Vinson, Gory 112, 279, 303 Virgin, Valenda 126, 223 Vitole, Phyllis 126, 285, 332 Vivian, Joe 321, 325 Vivier, Don 126 Voda, Lynne 149 Volpato, Carolyn 71 Volpoto, Kenneth 149, 313 Von Fresin, Claudio 112 Vorenberg, Marilyn 149, 191 Vorenberg, Stephen 266 Vygrala, Carole 112, 164, 269, 278, 291 W Wack, Bill 149,191 Waggoner, Richard 179 Wagner, Mary Sue 149 Wagner, Sherrill Lee 71 Wakeman, Arthur 188 Walden, Fred 112 Walden, Margaret 126, 287 Walker, Rose Marie 51,197 Walker, Stephen Michael 279 Walker, Terry 149, 278, 287 Walker, Treca 112, 175 Wallace, David 237 Waller, Patricio 112 Wolston, Bonnie 126, 295 Walter, Dennis 126 Walton, Mary Lee 149 EDUCAUOH complex Wank, George R. 112 Warbois, Louise 126, 165, 293 Ward, Claude 321, 328, 348 Ward, Joe 149 Ward, John 186 Word, Nimo 186 Ware, Don 112 Warner, Lee 149, 293 Warner, Mcrgi 149 Warren, Bill 126, 303 Warren, Jim 51 Warren, Tony 98, 303 Wesson, Don 112, 334 Watanakunokorn, Preecha 126 Waterlous 275 Watkins, Mike 51 , 279 Watkins, Storm M. 86, 260 Watson, Fred 126 Watson, Ronald 126, 310 Weaver, Tommy K. 126, 271, 299 Webb, Jerry 126, 257 ' Webb, Judy 71, 216, 223 Webber, Brian 219 Weber, Celia N. 51, 215 Weber, Jody 126 Weber, Mike 51, 258 Webster, Ralph 127 Weeks, Robert 149 Weiber'r, Jerry Carl 59, 194, 217, 262, 271 Weidmcn, Martha 71, 220, 295 Weig, Dave 127 Weig, Robert 112, 201, 222, 266, 299 Weihe, Mary 127 Weiler, Margaret Ann 149, 295 WeIdon, Louise 149 Wellborn, Charles I. 51, 207, 210, 221, 309 , Wellborn, Donald 81, 257, 269 Wells, Betsy 149 Wells, Ed 149 Wells, Jack 149 Wehon, Linda 112, 188, 273 Wenzel, Wolfer149, 313 Werner, David 149 Wesley Foundation 233 West, Gary 265 West, Kafhleen 112, 195, 196, 281 West, Ronald 127 Westcoff, Mary Linda 149 Whalen, Jim 237 Wholey, Bud 127, 309 Wherry, Beverly 186 Wheeler, Nancy Guy 112 Wheling, P012433 Whidden, Jack 149, 245, 303 Whitcomb,John 127, 199, 299 White, Ed112, 217 White, John 127 White, Millie 149, 222, 293 White, Natalie 127, 281 White, Peter 127, 218 White, Sharon 112, 200, 215, 293 White, Susan 127 Whifeside, Almira 207, 210 Whiton, Ken 191 Who's Who 204-207 Winter, Paul 149 Wicklund, Albin 51, 263 Wichtrich, Janet 227, 274 Wiegmcn, Carol 149 Wiggermun, Charlotte 149 Wihry, Thornton 149 Wilcoxen, Max 340 Wilder, E. Marshall 112, 279, 299 Wilhife, Robert 127 Wilkes, Jeff 149 Wilking, Judith F. 149, 289 Wilkinson, Ann 186 Wilkinson, Mildred 127 Williams, Carolyn June 127, 293 Williams, Claude Edward 334, 336 Williams, Dennis 246 Williams, Ed 59 Williams, Gale 71, 202, 207, 215, 273, 285 Williams, John A. 127 Williams, John C. 201, 224 Williams, Joye 71, 273, 293 Williams, Kerney 127 Williams, Luella 127 Williams, Margaret 149 Williams, Teresa 112 Williamson, Anna Dell 98, 197, 277 Williamson, Deborah 71, 283, 345 Williamson, John Bruce 51 , 266 Willman, Carol 127 Wilshin, David 342, 343 Wilson, Betfy Ruth 127 Wilson, Claire 127, 295 Wilson, Judifh Ann 189 Wilson, Kelly 222 Wilson, Marilyn C. 149 Wilson, Pam 127, 256 Wilson, Stephcny 112, 247, 281 Wilson, Sylvia 235 Wimberly, Guy 346, 347 Winkler, Bill 112 Winn, Hcrrief149 Winn, Vicky 149, 289 Winterbotham, Genie 112, 274, 295 Wintrich, Valerie 112, 295 Wise, Dean 51 Wiseccrver, Richard 127, 279, 303 Witkover, Carole 51 Win, Frank 112, 313 Wittmann, Thomas 194, 262, 271 Woken, Joan 149, 289 Wolf, Le Roy 149 Women's Recreation Association 274 Wong, William 81 Wood, Dorothy 268 Wood, Doyce 232 Wood, Edward E. 59, 309 Wood, Locket? 197 Woodmansee, Robert G. 51, 299 Woods, Jean 127, 345 Wooley, Randall 149 Worthing, Kathe 127, 215, 223, 225, 275 Wortmunn, Ruth 112, 293 Wray, Dona 264 Wright, Bob 149, 310 Wright, Fred 149 Wright, John 188 Wright, Michael 59, 194 Wright, Thomas 112, 315 Wright, Toni Ann 127, 283 Wyant, Dee 127 Wyatt, Stan 149 Wyman, Becky 149, 283 Wynhoff, James Jr. 228, 265 Wyss, Carol 112, 273, 287 Y Yackie, Barbara 127 Yandell, Carol 188, 189, 245, 283 Yano, Donald 271 Yarbrough, Danellc: 127 Yearouf, William 127, 307 Yesselman, Charlotte 193 York, Anne 238, 266 York, David 149 Young, April 127, 223 Young, Kathy 71 Young, Nancy 246 Young, Richard 59, 199, 217, 265, 272 Youngberg, Ralph 86, 310 Younkin, Larry 241 Z Zaborowski, Elizabeth 71 Zahm, Gary 353 Zechmeister, Gene 199, 243 Zierk, Everett 224 Zimmerly, Sam 346, 347 Zimmerman, Fat 264 Zinter, John 258 Zscheile, Ann 112 Zumwalf, Raymond V. 51, 207, 279, 299 Zuni, MaryLou149 Zunigc, Lola 215 j chemlsmy ! neseanch Zio-l-CL-I 1111ch00$ Miss Georgia Rutherford models one of Woodruff-Julion's many Sophisticated frocks for 'round the clock at the triangle W m cnmm WEST oownmwu FOR THE MAN ABOUT CAMPUS OR ABOUT TOWN! BRANDS YOU'LL BE PROUD TO WEAR Clothing, Furnishings and Accessories fashioned the way you like them. Men of Experience to serve you . . . COMPLETE STOCK . COMPLETE SERVICE UNDER ONE ROOF . IIHIIHHHHIIHHH 4.. " . PLUS . . . tho Finest fine Men's Wear WWW Hllllllllllllllllllll found anywhere! CHARGE ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE 383 i'l'l r? ' f L lbnli 1 t x ,r H; II w FIFIIIHub ll hr, II? E'Eri Fl :1 .i'.' i '. f- 1 $ I - Al I +441." 3;? sh; Em -A ': aw 3k 5. . 5. . . .51? 1k, "49, j Y N. VRVVMm fix 3?. . nmwxxw. V v. V .Nmm V"? VLNNM V mm, L WAC . 4V7 . ; 354F3-

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