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OW moo - Wax M m o G n N N 0... 501 Poised like a golden stallion out upon The brink of space, proud master of the dawn, Our Sun is god-hre to his planets-Earth And 2111 the rest. Yet his must seem small worth Among the myriad million sums and stars Racing infinity beyond unmeasured bars Of time and space. From atom back to spear, 50 must it be with Man: on his small sphere Creati01fs 10rd, creation's boast and prideh Yet but a bubble on the cosmic tide. -S. Omar Barker WIRAGE NIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO LBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO Libbi Poch, editor. . .Fred Miller, business manager Kate Corbin, assistant editor Becky Duke, managing editor Ruth Rivera, assistant business manager Judy Konnerth, administration editor Francis Wyand, class editor Susan McGuire, residence editor Kathryn McCormick, organizations editor Peter Brown, sports editor Pat Cazier, features editor Bill Andrews, art editor Orange mass of Hames introducing night you humble me in silent recognition of all you take away. In bold descendence you leave your usurer a shroud 0f dusk, With Which to mourn your absence. You are king, your sccptre a torch of warmth and life posed in infinite rule In your domain we live; wath1 new sccds absorb your beams of strength and longing to bc nearer you, stretch their arms ever closer and bow their heads in praise as you journey to another -;1gcr friend. 1 your domain we die, e .n m ,m a H U S C W watch the ugly giant wave rake and bear our sweet seed nest zmd strangle Iifc the life You gnvc and then Choose to take. You are king, to be initiated for bcncficcuce not for tyranny 3,39ng 9 Yet we reHect your fiery mass in anger 6ceptors to usurm 12 We who feel your warmth of power are delirious with the never of supremacy which belongs to us as falsely as to x'ou But should your west nder tum east Should the greater cosmic hand from pluck you consistency You are nothing, as we are less. You are king as long as you serve in truth you are slzn'cg-zls much :13 we. 16 Dean Lena C. Clauve this year rounds out thirty-two years as Dean of XVomen. Dean Clauve has been instrumental in the estabe lishment of Chapters of Mortar Board, Spurs, Las Campanas, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Pi Lambda Theta. Four social sororities have COHlC to the campus with her help and guidance. Dean Clauve has been a guiding spirit in the construction and operation of two student unions and a succession of wonieifs resi- dence halls, which she has planned, directed, and managed. She has developed a strong and creative system of self-government for women students. Tireless and dedicated, Dean Clauve has never been known to turn aside a call for help from her students, her colleagues, or her community: Thousands of people, many of them unknowingly, have benefited from her life of service. Lena Ci Clcuve To these two beloved veterans, this 1961 Mirage is aHectionater dedicated. W ith the close of this year, Professor Edward F. Castetter will have completed thirty-thrce years of devoted service to the University of New Mexico. Appointed in the fall of 1928 as Chairman of the Department of Biology, he served in that capacity through 1956, when he became Academic V ice Presia dent. Since 1949 he has also served as Dean of the Graduate School. Dr. Castetterys researches on the Hora of the South- west and on primitive Indian agriculture have given him an enviable national reputation among his col- leagues in Botany. Generations of students will remember him as a thorough, exacting, and serupue lously fair teacher, and a wise, warmly interested adviser. His fellow faculty members and administra- tive oHicers know him as a man of adamant integrity and courage, whose devotion to the University has always transcended every other interest. Few men ever work for an institution so long and so effectively. In the life of a University, inevitably, many men make many contributions, great and small. Dr. Case tettcr, with quiet dignity, has simply offered his life. Edwol rd F. Castetter Administration Class Residence Organization Sports Features J DMINISTRATION The Big Brass Nikifc Freedman LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT One of the marvelous things about a university is the constant renewal of its life and vitality by the generations of students who come seeking educational and personal growth and fulEllment. All of us who have com- mitted ourselves to the higher educational enterprise are aware that this aspect of our work sets it apart from all other human endeavors. The price of this revitalization is, of course, the annual exodus of graduates, whose active friendships and contributions to the life of the campus will be greatly missed. The end of each school year, therefore, is a time of mixed emotions -of rejoicing for achievement, and of sadness for the ending of happy associations. To the graduating seniors, we say that we hope the University has served you well, exceeding your original expectations of it. XV e wish for you every success in the careers upon which you are now entering. We trust that you will continue to maintain your interest in the University and that you will keep in touch with its development. The years immediately ahead present problems and challenges of an order we have not faced before. All of us, faculty, staff, and students yet to come, will do our best, I feel sure, to greet the future with vigor and enthusiasm. XV e shall need your help. To the Editor and Stat? of the Mirage, we say lithank you" and congratu- lations for having written, with warmth and insight, the permanent record of another year in the ongoing life of the University. Tom L. Popejoy President University of New M exico PRESIDENT TOM L POPEJOY EDWARD CASTETTER VicevPresidem ru VJ 24 Dr. Thomas R. Roberts, Bryon G. Johnson, Howard Brotfon; H. Wilkinson, Mrs. Jack Brandenburg. secured, President Dr. Lawrence VQ ,JWWNU. Maya q. ' .99??? avg". --a HM JOHN PEROVICH Comptroller JOHN NICOLL DURRIE Secretary of University STUDENT AFFAIRS DIVISION SHERMAN EVERETT SMITH Director of Student AHoirs WILLIAM ROBERT BIERBAUM Director of New Mexico Student Union A. A. WELLCK Counseling and Testing R. G. LALICKER Placement Bureau H. O RIED Director of Extension, Summer School 8 Community Service GEORGE MEYERS Student Union Program Adviser STUDENT PERSONNEL OFFICE HOWARD VINCENT MATHANY Dean of Men WILLIAM MILTON CHASE Assistant Dean of Men LENA CECIL CLAUVE Dean of Women WILLENE PAXTON Assistant Dean of Women 30 111 addition to providing courses in the general or liberal educational fields for 2111 the undergraduate colleges of the University, the C011ege of Arts and Sciences provides its own specialized offerihgs 111 about se1e11tec11 dif- ferent areas running 2111 the 1112111 from Anthro- pology and Biologyb to Sociology and Speech. The C011ege boasts from 16211 to 16211 an increasing number of its students 11110 are 111 the General Honors p1ogra111 and who 1113011 graduation are 21011101 mg 2111 ards and recogni- tion for 1111C records as undergraduate stu- dents. In the spring of 1961, for instance, seven students won Woodrow Wilson Fele lowships for graduate study-among about 1,200 receiving such awards in the who1e nation 1960- 61 1s proud of the quahty of the staff of this co1lege and takes this opport11111t1r to app13ud them for a 11116 performance. DEAN DUDLEY WYNN COLLEGE OF ARTS 8 SCIENCES 32 The College of Business Administration has shortened its undergraduate curricula to 120 hours but has eliminated all 2-hour courses and broadened many 3-hour oHerings. The graduate program has been enlarged to include a new Master of Industrial Admin- istration degree to accompany the present Master of Business Administration. In addi- tion, the regular series of Management Con- ferences for top executives across the country, held in week-long gatherings at La Posada in Santa Fe, had to be oHered with greater fre quency to meet the demand. DEAN WILLIAM J. PARISH COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ' m "vmwmwu The general purpose of the college of Education is the eHective preparation of teachers, supervisors, counselors and school administrators. The emphasis is on a liberal education for all prospective teachers approximately two fifths of the undergraduate curriculum is de- X'otecl to this. Another two Efths is devoted to thorough coverage of subject matter, and the remaining one Etth Q4 semester hoursl COD- sists of courses in educational theory, practice, and pedagogy. The College of Education will be housed in a new building by autumn of 1962, exacu- ating Hodgin Hall, the oldest building on campus. DEAN C. C. TRAVELSTEAD COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 36 T110 C L111C1111011111 0111CC111C of 111C C011CLIC of L11g111CC1111LI 15 10 111C11111C 115 $111L1C11ts 10 takc 11051110113 011C11L1C1511111111-11 50C1C11 1111ch SC1C11CC C11LI111CC1111g,1111L1111111111111 rC11111011s '1er of 111131C 1111110111111CC. '111C SC1C1111 C11rr1C11111 of 111C C011CgC 01 11111g111CCfillU 111C L1C31g11CL1 to LI11'C 111C 5111L1C111 5111111111C CL111C1111011 11111111L1CS 1111L1 111011111110115 for 111111 10 C111C1 11110 21 suc- CCSSf111L C111CC1 11s 11 pr11C11C111LI C11g111CC1 admin- istrator, rCSC11rC11C1, 01 1C11C11C1 11011 L1 Cr 111C k11011'1CL1LIC 1111L1 111C111111L115C1111111C g11111CL L1 110111 111CSC C11gi11CC1111LI C11111C11111 111C so broad and 11111L111111C111111 115 10 C0113111111C supcrior prep 111- 1111011 101 11111111 0111C1 C111CCIS. r1116 Co11ch 01 L11g111CC1111g 311011LI11I 1101 11C1'Cs 111111 C11LI111CC1111LI 1C11C11Crs 1111151 11C C011111C1C111 C11g111ccrs 111bt11C11" 01111 right, and f11C11111 111011111ch 111C C11C011r11gCL1 10 1111111C1- p 1111C 11C111C11 111 111C1r PIOfCSSiOII.11115 Cchri- C11CC kCCps 111C 111C11111' 111101111CL1 011 110W C1CVC1OPIHC1YES, 111C1C11$CS 111C11' 1111L1C1311111L1111g 01 s1111jCC15 taught, and g11'Cs 111C 5111L1C111 111C 11C11C111 01 111C11 1111L1111gs 1111L1 11C15011'111 Cchri- C11CCS. L11LI111CC1111LI 5111L1C1115 L111111 11111 S 110111 L1crs 111111 C11LI111CC15 11111101111111 rCCOLI1117CL1 111 111C11 11C1Ls1. DEAN RICHARD H. CLOUGH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING L w 38 The College of Fine Arts serves as the prin- cipal cultural agency for the campus in the areas of Architecture, Art, Drama, Music and the Dance. Its function is to project the E116 arts into the lives of University students from both general and professional points of view. Construction will soon begin on the first phase of a new Fine Arts Center to house the Arts. This Center will be one of the finest of such facilities in the nation. DEAN EDWIN STEIN COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS T111 3111001 01 Law 15 11111111111 1111111111512- 11111111111111111111111111111C 1111111111 01 its 111111111g 51111111115 C1111C11111' 111 111111 15 11 program, 1111111111 111 1111111 1111111111011 1111111b1' Cx11p1 11011111 51111111115 1111 511111111 111 111C 1111101111111 1113111111111 11111 111 1011Cg1 101 11 1011111111111 101- 11g1 111111 11111' 5111111 111011111111. 1311111115 111111 3011110111011 111111 11111101 111115 111111111 1111115111 111111111111 1111 11111111 011111 C01111r1 0111115 81 811111115 111111 of 1111 8111001 01 L13111' 111111 11111 111111 501111 11111 5111001 111111 111111 1111111 110111 1111 B A. 01B 8 111111 1111 LL.B.111111115 1311111111 11111 11111 1111 11111' 5111001 15 raising 111C 11111111531011 111 111111111111115 101 1111 011111 1111 1111111, 511111111131 111101 11111111 11115111 011 11 C 111 1111ch 110111 1111 1111111111111b10111g1 01 111111' 11- 5111 01 1011111 11111011 01 111111-101111115 of 1111 110111 11111111111 for 11 1111111C with 111 111151 a C+ 111'1111g1 11111 1111111 111111111111111111111111- 1111111 B1113 51111111115 111111111g 111C 111111111111111 11'111 1101 111 1111111111111 1111101111111111111'. Admis- 51011 11111 b1 511111111 11115111 011 101111 11111111- 011111111111 1110111111111 510115 111 1110 11111111111 11ga1aph1ud111sb 1111211 '11 1911111111; i DEAN VERN COUNTRYMAN COLLEGE OF LAW +1 T11C purpose of t11C C011CgC of Nursing 13 to 1111111 st11L1C11ts 111 t11C 111131Cbk110111cc1gc and sk111s 11111C11 t11C1' 11111 use 115 profcssional 1111rscs 111 t11CC211C of 11111111t'11111111g 110111111 '1111L1 prC1C11t111g C1isC'11sc. 1110110 111111 111C11 11C21C1C1111C rcquirC111C11ts t11C st11L1C11t 111113CS at 111C U1111Crsit17 rCCC11C 11C1L1 cxpC11C11CC 11t C01111t1 111c11'1111 11051311111, 13111111111 110'sp1t'111, N11711rct11 8111111111111111, 11nd BC1112111110 C111111t1 110111111 DClart111C11t. 11111111 graduatC nurscs 111 1111C 11C111it1 111C C1lrrC11t11 111'11tric111'11ti11g 1011111L1t11C 1311C11C1or L1fSC1C11CC dcngC 1111N1115111g 11 111C11 1s grantcd to 1111 111115111U bcr111C111111tC5 111 UNM. DEAN ELEANOR KING COLLEGE OF NURSING 43 The 131111111111 purpose of thc C011egc of Pharmam 13 t0 prO1ide the tra111111g 111d aca- dcmic sk111s requisite to success 111 the 1110fcs- 51011 0111121111121C11he COHCge 21130 st111 CS to 111cu1ce1tc 111 its students thorough under- st2111c1111Cr of ethical practices and 10ya1 qual- ities essential to the profession. 1 his 1 car the College has initiated the 11116 16211 13100121111 which 1111111 graduate its first c1ass 111 1965. DEAN E. L. CATALINE COLLEGE OF PHARMACY University College provides a program of testing, counseling, and guidance for all fresh- men. The College gives each student the maximum opportunity to select a course of study best suited to his interests and apti- tudes. The College works in connection with the degrcc-granting colleges by giving fresh- men the basic requirements in their chosen or speculative Eelds, thus permitting their ad- mission to the specialized colleges upon com- pletion of University College. The incorporation of this administrative division has eliminated many problems pre viously handled by the degreeygranting c01- leges, and has alleviated the registration complications. Since its installation in 1957, University College has an increase in fresh- men enrollment exceeding Efty per cent. DR. WILLIAM HUBER UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 48 The Graduate School C011t11111Cd 111 1960- 1961 a period of CQrCquV C011trol1CC1 6x112111- 31011,110t 0111V 111 C11ro1h11C11t but 111 the scape and V ariCtV Of its ngrCC 131001211115. T11C P11. D was estabhsl 1CC1 111bthC DCparthnt of PSV- Chologv; two new C1CngC5,t the Master of Industrial Administration and the Master of Arts 111 Portuguese were apprmCd for 1961- 1962. The DCparthnts Of Engineering, through VV111Ch the D. SC was extendcd 111 1959 to 111C111C1C 211111121101 11C1C1s. VV ere strengthC C11Cd bV afhhation with the Educational A1C1s 311d TCC1 1111C211 DCV CIOp111C11t Programs of the Sandia Corporation and thC substantial grant for Cq111p111e11t110111 the Atomic 1L11CrgV C0111- 1111551011 Title IV and Language 111st1t11te support from the U. S DCp a1rt111C11t of Healt h Education, and Welfare rCC0g1117ec1 the DC- part111e11ts of IlistorV and h Ioc1er11 Languages 111 helping to estabhsh 21 P11.D.progra111 111 Ibero- American Studics and a new master 5 degree 111 the Teaching of Spanish . The N211 tional Science Foundation continued its support of the tra111111g of SC1C11CC teachers by a renewed grant for 2111 Academic Year Insti- tute for 1961 1962 and VV 1th the Atomic Energy Commissioh 10111t1V sponsored the Department of B101ogV 111 its sixth 011011115; of 21 Radiation B1010gV Institute. DEAN E. F. CASTETTER GRADUATE SCHOOL YEARS AGO Deon Clauve President Popeioy 49 CLASS SECTION THE MASSES SENIORS 52 He-"Kiss me." She "Moke me." -no 5 Who I Judy Gumm gets around wonder she got Who iii F3, 3 n, can ,.L ABASKIN, IRENE Albuquerque Business Administration ABBOTT, JIM Albuquerque Engineering ADAMSON, LEWIS Bloomfield Engineering New Mexico i ALBACH, KAREN Santa Fe Fine Arts New Mexico ALLEN, JOHN Espanola Education New Mexico AMOROUS, ANGELA Albuquerque Arts 8: Science ANDERSON,ROBERT Albuquerque Arts 8: Science ANTIKAJ IAN, SARKIS Amman Pharmacy Jordan ARMSTRONG, W4 Albuquerque Business Administration ASHBY, ANTHONY Grants Engineering New Mexico ASHBY. JOHONNA Albuquerque Education BACA, REUBEN Artesia Education New Mexico BACHECHI, CHARLES Albuquerque Business Administration BARLEY, LEE Albuquerque Engineering BAXTER. JAMES Albuquerque Arts 8: Science BEATTY, PAUL Albuquerque Business Administration BECKER. THOMAS Kalamazoo Arts 8; Science Michigan BECKLEY, JIM New York Arts 8: Science . New York BELL. JOSEPHINE Albuquerque Arts 8; Science BENNETT, WILLIAM Albuquerque Education BIGELOW, NATALIE Glen Ellyn Education Illinois BLACK. WILLIAM Albuquerque Arts 8: Science BLACK, WILLIAM Alameda Engineering New Mexico BLAIR. WILL Albuquerque Arts 8; Science BODOUR, HAIG Fort Worth Business Administration Texas BOLDUC, MIKE Albuquerque Engineering BONIFIELD, JANE Wichita Falls Arts 8: Science Texas BONNELL, JAMES Alamogordo Fine Arts New Mexico BRADFORD, JOHN Santa Fe Engineering New Mexico BRADLEY, ANNE Carlsbad Fine Arts New Mexico BRAMLETT, LORENA Albuquerque Education BRAWLEY, EDWIN Albuquerque Engineering BROWN, DONNA Alameda Fine Arts New Mexico BROWN. JAMES Los Alamos Arts 8; Science New Mexico BRUMMELL, B. Albuquerque Business Administration BRYAN, GILLETTE Albuquerque Arts 8: Science BURKETT, WILLIAM Albuquerque Engineering BURMEISTER, BEE Albuquerque Education BYERS, JOE Roswell Arts 8: Science New Mexico BYRD, JOHN Chicago Education Illinois CAMPBELL, JOCK Albuquerque Arts 8: Science CARPENTER, KEN Santa Fe Engineering New Mexico SENIORS 55 S6 SENIORS CARTER. ORA Iiuhlm Nursing New Mexico CASPER, WILLIAM Gramlu Hills Education California CAVE, KENNETH SL Thomas Arts 8: Science Jamaica CHAN, SIEW POH Ipoh Engineering Malaya CHANT, JUDY Albuquerque Education CHAVEZ, ANTHONY Albuquerque Arts 8L Science COATES, EDWARD Albuquerque Engineering COATS, GERALD Albuquerque Business Administration COLARELLI, THOMAS Albuquerque Business Administration COMPTON. PHIL Albuquerque Engineering CONE, ARTHUR Albuquerque Engineering CONSTAN. LILLY Albuquerque Arts 8; Science CONTRERAS, GABRIEL Albuquerque Arts N9 Science CONZET'I', MARIETTE Tijeras Education New Mexico CORDOVA. ERNEST Albuquerque Engineering CORDOVA, JOHN Albuquerque Arts 8: Science CRAMER. CAROL Albuquerque Education CROW, LEWIS Whitney Arts 8: Science Texas CROW, NANCY Carlsbad Arts 8; Science New Mexico CROWLEY. TRISH Albuquerque Fine Arts CUNDY. RICHARD Albuquerque Arts 8: Science CZEINER, RICHARD Collingswood Arts 3; Science New Jersey DALZELL, FRED Dubuque Education Iowa DANFELSER, P. Albuquerque Arts 8: Science DEAN, GARLAND Albuquerque Arts 8: Science DE BACA, FERDY Albuquerque Arts 8; Science DEMPSEY. PAMELA Albuquerque Arts. 8; Science DIEBOLD. JAMES Los Lunas Engineering New Mexico DILL, DUANE Albuquerque Arts 8: Science DODGE, HENRY Fort Defiance Engineering Arizona DOHERTY, JOHN Elizabeth Arts 8: Science New Jersey DOOLEY. GEORGE Albuquerque Education DOOLITTLE. GEORGE Albuquerque Business Administration DOUGLASS, MARILYN Albuquerque Fine Arts DOYEL. MONTE Albuquerque Arts 8; Science DRAB. EILEEN Solon Education Ohio DU BOIS. DAVID Elmer Arts c? Science New Jersey DUFFY, DENIS Mobile Business Administration Alabama EATON. LA RUE Albuquerque Arts 8: Science ELDER. LAURA Clayton Arts xQ Science New Mexico ELMICR, SUZANNE Romona Arts 8: Science California ERDAL. BRUCE Albuquvmue Arts 8: Science ESTES, LINDA Albuquerque Education EVANS, DAVID Las Vegas Education New Mexico EYTCHESON, BRYAN Albuquerque Arts 8; Science FARRAN, WALTER Poteet Education Texas FIELDS. TERRELL Roswell Arts 8: Science New Mexico FINK. JOHN Albuquerque Education FINN, JAMES Albuquerque Engineering FORRESTER, HAROLD Albuquerque Education FRANK, EDWIN Lake Charles Business Administration Louisiana FRANKS, CAROL Alamogordo Arts 8; Science New Mexico FRANZEN, JEANETTE Albuquerque Arts 8: Science FREDERICH, SHIRLEY Albuquerque Arts 8; Science FRYAR, GARVIN Clovis Engineering New Mexico GABEL, KOLMAN Albuquerque Arts 8: Science GABY, JEAN Albuquerque Arts 8; Science GADLERi JEAN Albuquerque Nursing GARBER, JOHN Albuquerque Business Administration GARCIA, CHRIS Albuquerque A rts 8: Science GARCIA, TOM Albuquerque Arts 8; Science GARNER. JAMES Fordyce Education Arkansas GATES, MARY LOU Albuquerque Education GEMOETS. TED Albuquerque Education GEMOETS, ROBERT Albuquerque Education GERDING, EILEEN Albuquerque Education GERDING, RICHARD Albuquerque Business Administration GHATTAS, ROBERT Albuquerque Pharmacy GIBBS. THOMAS Greenville Pharmacy South Carolina GIBSON, SIMMIE Farmington Arts 8: Science GIENGER. ALTON Albuquerque Pharmacy GILBERT. TONY Albuquerque Business Administration GILMORE, BEVERLY Clinton Arts 8: Science New Jersey GOFFAUX, JOSEPH Albuquerque Arts 8: Science GORANSON. REX Albuquerque Arts 8: Science GRAHAM. JOE Las Vegas Arts 8: Science New Mexico GRAY, TERRY JANE Artesia Education New Mexico GEOFF. RICHARD Albuquerque Engineering GULLICK, FRANK Albuquerque Education GUMM, JUDY Raton Arts 82 Science New Mexico HALE, CHARLES Albuquerque Arts 8x Science HALLBAUER, WARREN Hobbs Engineering New Mexico HAMMOND, ROBERTA Albuquerque Education HARDISON. KENNETH Eunice Engineering New Mexico SENIORS 58 SENIORS HARLACKER. JUDITH La Mesa Education New Mexico HARPER, ROSA Springer Education New Mexico HARRISON. SCOTT Waynesville Arts g; Science North Carolina HATFIELD, CHARLES Albuquerque Business Administration HAUER. GERARD Jr. Albuquerque Engineering HAYES, RICHARD Springer Engineering: New Mexico HAYRE. SANTOSH Albuquerque Education HAYS, ROBERTA Farmington Education New Mexico HEASTON. SANDY Albuquerque Arts 8: Science HENDERSON, JAMES Albuquerque Engineering HERRMANN. JOYCE Albuquerque Arts 8: Science HESS, RICHARD Albuquerque Arts 8; Science HIESLER, JOSEPH Albuquerque Arts 8: Science HIGHFILL, FLOYD Albuquerque Engineering HINES, JEANNIE Albuquerque Education HOLLANDSWORTH, S. Helen Pharmacy New Mexico HORNER, BYRON Albuquerque Engineering HORTON, REISECCA Mount Vernon Education Illinois HOUGEN. HELEN Sheboyuan Arts. 8: Science Wisconsin HUNKEL. JAMES Albuquerque Arts 8; Science JAMES. ROBERT Summit Arts 8: Science New Jersey JELSO, DAMIAN Albuquerque Arts 8; Science JENKINS, PATRICIA Albuquerque Education JESSEE. HOWARD Albuquerque Education JOHNSTON, T. SCOTT Artesia Arts 8: Science New Mexico JONES. GORDON Santa Fe Arts 8: Science New Mexico JULIAN, JOAN Albuquerque Education KAHMOD. CHAUDRY Albuquerque Arts 8; Science KEATING, LOUIS Albuquerque Business Administration KERLEY. WILRUR Jr. Albuquerque Education KERRY, THOMAS La Grange Engineering Illinois KILGORE. CAROL Albuquvmue Arts 8: Science KIRBY, WILLIAM Hobbs Engineering New Mexico KLINGE. DIANE Skokie Fine Arts Illinois KUSEL. MARY Sheridan Arts 8: Science Wyoming KYNE, JOHN MICHAEL Belmont Arts 8; Science California KYNOR, BEVERLY Albuquerque Fine Arts LACKICY, WESLEY Tijeras Arts 8: Science New Mexico LANGLEY. ROBERT Tucumcari Arts KL Science New Mexico LASLEY, REX San Antonio Engineeringr Texas LEE. JOHN Visalia Pharmacy California LEISY, RALPH Albuquerque Arts N Science LENZINI, MARTIN Albuquerque Engineering LEVIN, MIKE Yardley Business Administration Pa. LIND, WILLIAM Albuquerque Engineering LOTZE, EBER Alamogordo Arts 8: Science New Mexico MARTIN, IRL Albuquerque Engineering MARTINEZ, ADRIAN Albuquerque Education MARTINEZ. IZAR Dixon Education New Mexico MATTEUCCI, R. Albuquerque Arts 81 Science MATTHEWS, STEPHEN Grants Engineering New Mexico MCCALL, MARCIA Albuquerque Education MCCRACKEN, KIM Los Alamos Engineering New Mexico MCCURDY, RON Albuquerque Arts 3.: Science McEVOY, MAURY Roswell Engineering New Mexico MCGUIRE, FRANK Albuquerque Arts 8: Science MCWHERTER, E. B. Albuquerque Arts 8: Science MEEKER, MARCIA Albuquerque Education MEIERING, BOB Roswell Business Administration N. Mexico MEISTER, DAVID Albuquerque Engineering MERCER. JOSEPH Albuquerque Arts 8: Science MICHAEL, JON Binghampton Business Administration New York MILFORD, HOMER Los Alamos Arts 8; Science New Mexico MILLER, DAVID Albuquerque Arts 8: Science MILLER, FRED Albuquerque Engineering MILLER, JOANNA Maxwell Education New Mexico MILLER, JOHN CLOYD Silver City Business Administration N. Mexico MIRISE. EMILY Albuquerque Arts 8L Science MOK. JAMES Albuquerque Engineering MOSMAN, JOHN Dover Arts 8: Science Delaware MOYA, EPHRAIM Albuquerque Engineering MULLER, THEA Bakersfield Fine Arts California MUTTER, J. M. Albuquerque Business Administration NEUBER, JOYCE Albuquerque Nursing NORRIS. JACK Henderson Engineering Nevada NOVAT, DAVID Albuquerque Arts 8: Science NYE. RICHARD Dora Arts 8; Science New Mexico OHLER. CHARLES Albuquerque Education OLINGER, BARBARA Albuquerque Arts 8: Science OLSEN, JOHN Albuquerque Business Administration OLSON. ARLEEN Albuquerque Education ORTIZ, GILBERT Carrizozo Arts 8: Science New Mexico PAGE. NANCY Albuquerque Nursing PALMER, DIANE Houston Fine Arts Texas SENIORS 59 60 SENIORS PATTERSON, EDWARD Albuquerque Engineering PAUL, CHARLES Church Engineering Virginia PEARCE, DAVID Albuquerque Education PENA. JOHNNY Gallup Business Administration N. Mexico PERCE, GEORGE Albuquerque Engineering PICK, PEGGY Santa Fe Education New Mexico POLLOCK, BETTY ANN Albuquerque Education PRIETO, ALFONSO Albuquerque Arts Kz Science PUTMAN, WILLIAM Albuquerque Engineering QUARG. WILLIAM Albuquerque Business Administration RADOMILOVICH, DON Albuquerque Engineering RADWANSKI, CARL Albuquerque Engineering RAMMING, JOHN Taos Business Administration N. Mexico RAMSEY, JOHN Puerto Rico Arts 8L Science RANDALL, ANN Albuquerque Education REITZEL, DAVID Albuquerque Engineering RESTOW, JO ANN Albuquerque rts 8; Science RICE. CAROL Carlsbad Arts. 8: Science New Mexico RICHARDS, JAMES Albuquerque Fine Arts RICKICRT. KAY Carlsbad rts 8: Science New Mexico RODE. JUDY Media Arts 8: Science Pennsylvania ROHLA. MIKE Albuquerque Arts 8: Science ROSE, MILTON Dallas Engineering Texas ROSIER, SUANN Albuquerque Education ROWLISON, HERMON Albuquerque Engineering ROY. WILLIAM Albuquerque Business Administration ROYBAL, JOSEPHINE Penusco Fine Arts New Mexico ROYBAL, MARIE Espanola Education New Mexico ROZSA, ALLEN Los Angeles Engineering California RUBENSTEIN, J. Highland Park Arts 8: Science Illinois RULAND. J. H. Albuquerque Business. Administration RUMMAGE. GEORGINE Gallup Arts 8; Science New Mexico RUSSELL, GAIL Albuquerque Education SALAZAR, MARY Espanola Education New Mexico SAMUELSON, SAMUEL Albuquerque Education SARTHORY, JOSEPH Newington Education Connecticut SEIBERT, MARY JO Santa Fe Arts 8: Science New Mexico SHAFER, BARRY Albuquerque Engineering SHANE, KAY Albuquerque Education SHASKI, JOHN Lemont Arts 8; Science Illinois SHAULIS, SUSAN Farmington Education New Mexico SHMAEFF, ROBERT Los Angeles Pharmacy California SHRIVER, GEORGE Albuquerque Engineering SIPE, MARY Raton Education New Mexico SMITH, SHELBY Albuquerque Arts 8: Science i STAPP, JANET Albuquerque Education STEWART, FRED Los Alamos s Arts 8: Science New Mexico 1 STILES, JOHN Sacramento Engineering California TERRELL, TERRY Jal Education New Mexico THOMAS, JAMES Mt. Pleasant Engineering Iowa THOMAS. JUDY Albuquerque Education THOMAS, TOM Albuquerque Engineering THOMPSON, JACK Albuquerque Engineering TILLOTSON, JOE BOB Alamogordo Fine Arts New Mexico TINNIN, BOB Los Alamos Arts 8; Science New Mexico TORRES, JAMES Santa Cruz Business Administration N. Mexico TOWNSEND, NEAL Albuquerque Fine Arts TUCKER, ELIZABETH Albuquerque Education TUCKER, RONALD Farmington Engineering New Mexico TURNER. WILLIAM Albuquerque Engineering TURPEN, ARMOND Albuquerque Arts 8: Science VAN ETTEN, SALLY Kissimmee, Education Florida VARGAS, ELISA Albuquerque Education VERSCHUUR, LARRY Tilden Arts K; Science Nebraska VIDAL, JEANNETTE Gallup Education New Mexico VIGIL. CARLOS Cundiyo Education New Mexico VINCIL. NOEL Albuquerque Business Administration WAGNER, LAWRENCE Albuquerque Arts K: Science WALL, NANCY Albuquerque Business Administration WEICHMAN, CAROLE Albuquerque Education WELDON, SANDFORD Whittier Arts 8n Science California WENK. BOB Albuquerque Education f WHITE.CHARLES Albuquerque w Arts 8; Science , WHITE. KAREN Berkley w Arts 8; Science Michigan WILLIAMS, HARRY Reno Engineering Nevada s WILLIAMS, OWEN Albuquerque 1 Engineering . WILSON, CARROL Gallup x Education New Mexico WILSON. VIRGINA Evanston Arts 4:; Science Illinois WINTRICH, JIM Albuquerque Arts 8; Science WISE, SANFORD Albuquerque Arts 8: Science WISHARD, MARY Albuquerque Arts 8; Science w WONN, GLENN Albuquerque 1 Engineering w w WOODWARD, MARY Artesia w Arts 8: Science New Mexico ZANOTTI, JUDY Albuquerque Education SENIORS 61 JUNIORS "Soy Buddy, you better not let the coach see this." ABBOTT, JUDY ADAMS, MARY ANN ALCOTT, PAT ALEXANDER, PATTI ALFORD, JOHN ALLEN, DAVID AMOROUS. WILLIAM ANDERBERY, RONALD ANDERSON, KAY ANDREWS, NIKKI ANDREWS, WILLIAM APPLEGATE, KENNETH ARAGON, MARY EDNA ARMIJO, HENRY ARMSTRONG, LOUISE ARNOLD, LOIS ARNOT, JAMES BACA, RAYMOND BANDEKA, MARGARET BEERS, DIANE BENDER, CARL BETENBOUGH, RONALD BISHOP, SAM BLACK, DELTON BLAIR, DIANE BLAKE, DAVID BLOYS, SANDI BOHLKE, HOLLACE BOMMELAERE, GARY BONIFIELD, CAROLYN BONNELL, MARGARET BOOKER, JOHN BOOTH, LEE BOWDISH, JOHN BREEDLOVE, MARILYN BRESENHAM, NANCY BROCKMANN, VIC BROOKS, GRETCHEN BRUMMELL, DENNY BRUSKOS, THOMAS BRUSUELAS, RICHARD BRYCE, BETTY JEAN BUNN, CLINTON BURKE, PATTY BUSHY, BARRETT BUTLER, SAM CAMILLO, ROGER CAMPANELLA, JIMMIE CAMPOS, CHARLIE CANADY, MARILYN CANOYER, MADGE CARABAJAL, RITA CARDER, RONALD CARLSON, GAIL CARLSON, RODGER CARSEY, ALAN CARUSO, RITA CASADOS, JAMES CASH, DAN CATON, JERRY CATON, JIMMY CHADIL, CAROL CHAPLIN, ROBERT CHARLES. GERALD CHAVEZ, BARBARA CHAVES, FIL CHREIST, FRED COBB, DONALD CORDOVA, JOSEPHINE COX. SALELLA CRANE, STEPHEN CREECY, CARSON CRITTENDEN, GALE CROTTY, MARY CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT DAHLEN, SYDNEY DAVIS, ANSELM DAVIS, KATHRYNE DEMPSICY, MICHAEL DERR, BARBARA DEVENDORF. ANNE DIBBLE, BOB DIETERMAN, TEX DiLALLO, ROMEO DINEEN, KATHLEEN DOVE, JULIE DULZ, GERALD DUNCAN, JACQUI DUNCAN, TOM DUNLAP, ROBERT DUNN, CHARLICNE DUNN. TOM DZHCLAK. ALFRED EAGLEMAN, JAN ECKERT, JOHN EDICLMON. JAN ELDER, JOHN ELDER, ROSS FANNING, BILL YARD, MARION FINDLAY, JEAN FIORETTI. MARY KAY FOULDS, CARL FRANKS. PHILIP FROST. BOBBIE JEAN FUNK. ROBERT FURSE. LARRY GARY, PHYLLIS GAMBOA, ROBERT GARY, PATTY GASKINS, JOHN GATES. HARVEY GEORG 1G, HAROLD GILBERT, BARTLETT GLASS. BARRY GOLDENBERG, HENRY GOLDSVVORTHY, PAT GOMEZ. LEO GONZALES. MANUEL GOTHBERG, OLIVIA GRASSE, BILL GREENWOOD, CHARLES GRENKO, MARIANNE GRIBBLIC, KAREN GRIGGS. BEN GROSSMAN, JANE 11$ GRUBBS, JUDIE GRULE, FRED GUTIERREZ. FRED HALSELL. BILL HALTBERG, STAN HARRYMAN, RALPH HARTIN, PAUL HATCHELL, JON MICHAEL HATFIELD, SUE JANIS HAYES, BARBARA HAYES, STANLEY HAYES, WILLIAM HEIDT, THOMAS, JR. HERRERA, ELEANOR HERTER, MARGARET HIRSCH, SUSAN HOFMANN, DON HOLECHECK. LEON HOLMQUIST, MARY LOUISE HOOPER. JERRY HOOPER. LINDA HOPPER, SHARON HORNE, FRITZ! HOWARD, JILL HU'FCHINS, RICHARD JACKSON, CONRAD JAECER, JULIUS JOHNSTON, KEITH JONES, CAROL KEARNEY. LARRY KELLER. ZOA KELLY, PEG KENYON, RICHARD KERSTINC, ADA KNIGHTICN. LINDEN KNUNOPKA. ANTHONY KRAUSE, RICHARD KUIHTZ, ANNE LALLY, EVE LASICY, ELAINE LAYTON. PAT LEDHETTER, IGLISSA LEWIS, PAT LEWIS, PATTY LEWIS, PEGGY LIVINGSTON. ELIZABETH LYNCH. ROBERT MAESTAS, OLIVIA MARALICS. JOE MARSH, KENNETH MARSHALL, DAVID MARTIN, PATSY MASON. ROSALIND MASTERSON, RICHARD MASTIN, RICHARD MATHIS. AUDREY MATTINGLY, CHARLES MAYLAND, NANCY MCACHRAN, WAYNE MCCAFFRICY, CHARLOTTE MCCORMICK, KATHRYN MCCRACKIGN, LINDA MCDANIEL, MADELINIC MCDOWELL. JAN MCGUIRE, PHYLLIS MCKENZIE, LEONARD McMILLEN, JERRY MEADORS, MERL MEARES, JAMES MELTON. JAMES MICTZGAR, ALLEN MICHELSON, DOUGLAS MICSKO, JOHN MILLER, JAMES MILLER, JUDY MIMS, NELDA MOCHARNUK, LAURA MONTOYA, PRISCILLA MORA, JUAN MORGAN, ROBERT MOUNTJOY, JOHN MOUNTRAY, DONA MOYERS, NANCY MULHALL, JOSEPH MULLINS, MARTHA NAHMAD, AL NEEB, BOB NICELY, JERRY NELSON, ALICE NELSON. JUDI OCHESKEY. FRED O'DOWD. GARY OLSEN, DON OLSON, DOROTHY OPPENHEIM, LEE ORNDORFF, NANCY OWENS, ELAINE PARKER. LYLE PARKIN. JOHN PARSONS, CAROL PARSONS, WILLIAM PATINO, DAN PATTERSON. EDWARD PAULSON, JOE PEARSON, NEAL PICERY, NEWMAN PERKINS, SHERILL PETERSON, W. A. PIEPER, LLOYD PIERSON, GARY PIES, RON PRATT. ORVILLE RABY, BARBARA RANSOM, JIM READY. DENNIS REEVES, PAT RETZ, BILL REYES, JOE REYNOLDS, JERRI RILEY, KATHLEEN RINI, NANCY ROBERTS, ANNA ROBERTS, MARJORIE RODGERS, BARBARA RODGERS, PATSY RODRIGUEZ. GERALD ROSE, IVAN ROSEN, LYNN ROST, PAUL ROWLAND, MIKE RUBI, ISIDRO SAMPSEL, MIKE SANCHEZ, ROSS SANDOVAL, MARCELLA SCHMIDT, BILL SEAMAN, LARRY SERVADEI, ANNE SHAW, TONY SILVERMAN, JACKIE SIMMS. BILL SMITH, JOHN SMITH, KAREN SMITH, LARRY SMITH, SANDY SNEED, SHIRLEY SNYDER. SHARON SPARKS, LARRY SPARKS. THOMAS SPEER, GWEN SPENGEMAN, RALPH SPERRY, JOHN STALLBAUM, MARY ST. CLAIRE, ROBERT STEEN, ALISON STEPHENSON, ROBERT STEVENS, MARGARET STOKES, MARY BETH STOUT, CAROL STOUT, JOEL STREET, JERRY SUAREZ, CARMEN TAULBI'IE, SANDRA TEAGUE, MARY TERWILLIGICR, MARTHA THOMAS, FRANK THOMPSON, JIM TILLERY, MARVIN TOMLIN. JOE TORNAISENE, NORMA TORRES, CARLOS TORRES. DOROTHY TORRES, SYLVIA TRAINER, JIM TRUJILLO, RALPH TSIOSDIA. MARTHA TVEY, FLOYD VALENCIA, EPHRAIM VALENZUELA, ISHMAEL VANDETTI, SHERON VORWERK, RICHARD WADE, DOROTHY WARREN, LEW WATERS, R. P. WAYNE, JOHNNIE WEIR, BOB WESTFALL, ALAN WHEELER, BOB WHELAN, JEAN WHITE, JEROME HITMAN, CAROL IEBELL, LYNNE ILDE, HELEN K FHITEHEAD, CEARLES ILLIAMS, BILLIE JEAN ILLIAMS, DONNA ILSON, SYLVIA INDOM, JUDY OOD, MONA OOD, RICHARD OODUL, JACK YOUNG, JIM r YOUNG, WILLIAM YUEN. ALEX x Dennis Schmucker also gets around. I 69 SOPHOMORES If is oniy The man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual impulses That could give the .nome Hfoir sex" ?0 the? un- dersized, norrow-shoul- dered, brood hipped, short-Iegged race Well! Kathy fold Sydney and U. D. Toid her so - you know - can you imagine of all the nerve, reeoHy The once innocent fresh- man. xx! IxJ ABRAHAM, SANDRA ADAMS, LYNDA ADLER, LES ALME, WINFIELD ANDERSON. MONICA ARCHULETTA, BETTY ARMIJO, RICHARD ARMIJO, TONY ARTHUN, RICHARD ATHERTON, ED. ATKINSON, CHARLES AYERS, BETTY BABCOCK, KATHLEEN BAILEY, EUNICE BAKER, GREGORY BAKER, SARA BALLENGER, NANCY BALLEY, PATRICIA BANCROFT. BARBARA BARNES, CELESTIA BARNETT, SALI BARRETT, LARRY BARROWS, JON BEBBER, NINA BELKA, LYNNE BENHAM, ROBERT BERNSTEIN, LEWIS BERRY, DONNA BEST, DONALD BETTS, PRESLEY BIVINS, NANCY BLAIR, JEAN GREGG BLAIR, LANA BLAYLOCK, JOANN BLOOMFIELD, JOHANNA BOGGIO, KARLEEN BOOSE, JOANNA BOTTS, BOB BOTTS, JIM BOWARD, BARBARA BOYD, CHARLES BRANCH, VIRGINIA BRANNEN. NEDRA BRIXNER. ANNETTE BROWN, KEN BROWN, PETER BROWN. RENEE BROWN, SCOTT BRYAN, O. E. BUCIAK, BOB BUERGI. STEPHEN BURDEN. JO-AN BURLESON. LINDA BURMEISTICR. RITA BURNFIN, JAMES BURT, RICHARD BURTON. RICHARD BUSEY. DIXIE CADIiIxIIqIEA-XD SHARON CAMP, PATTI CAMPBELL. DAVID CARLIN. DOLARES CARPENTER, BILL CARRELL. LEE CARTER, BENNY CARTMELL, ANN CASTILLO, VIRGINIA CAVENDER. J. B CHARLES, JO CHAVEZ. ERNEST CHAVEZ, MAX CHAVEZ. ROBERT CHAVEZ. VIOLA CHEETHAM. FRANCIS CHILDERS. MARY CH1LDS.SARAH CLAUS, FONNIE CLINE. JUDY COCHRAN. MARTHA COLE, JIM COLE, VIKKI COLLINS, BOBBY COLQUITT. WALTER CONNOR, KATHY COPELAND, MARY CORDOVA, VERA COTTINGHAM, LON COURSEY, BILL CRAMP, PRUDENCE CRAVEN, BRUCE CRAWFORD, BOB CRIM, STEPHEN CUNNINGHAM, CHERYL CUNNINGHAM, GRETCHEN DALE, SHARON DAVENPORT, EUGENE DAVID, DAVID DAVIDSON, CARL DAVIS, DON DEAKIN, ROBERT DENISON, STEPHEN DIETMEIER, MIKE DI LORENZO, JIM DIRSA, THOMAS DOCTER, ANN DODD, CLARK DONALDSON, JAMES DORRIS, KAREN DREW, LAUREL DUMLER, MARTIN DUNSON, LINDA DUSTMAN, DUSTY EAGAN, DENNIS EATON, RONALD EDWARDS, DENNIS ELLIS, ROSE ANGELA ELSBROCK. RUTH EMANUEL, JOE EVANS. TOM EYESTONE, DAVID EYMAN, CHARLES FARRAR, TOM FARRINGTON, JANET FERNANDEZ. BOBBY FIICDLER, BRUCE FINLEY, GARY FISHER. JOHN FLORENCE, ALFRED FRANKLIN, ALLYN FRANTZ, SARA FREDERICK, JERRY FRIES, DIANE FRY, JOE FULTON, ROBERT GARCIA, YVONNE GASSMAN, ROBERT GAUSSOIN, JERRY GEORGIUS. DAVID GERLACK, CHARLES GERRIE, JAMES JR. GILBERT, VAN GILLESPIE, FRAN GLAZNER, LARRY GLAZNER, ANN GLENN, GARY GOFF, RUSSELL GORDON, ANNA GRAHAM, CYNTHIA GRAHAM, RAY GRAY, CAMERON GREEN, JANICE GREER, VERNA GRENKO, RONALD GRIEGO, ALEX GRIGGS, ALLISON GRIGSBY, JEAN GROEBNER, JEROME GROFF, DARLA GROSS, CHARLES GUTIERREZ, JAMES HAAS, LAURIE HAINES. JULIE HALLBAUER, KENNETH HANNA, BARBARA HARDISON. CLAUDE HARRIS, LARRY HARRIS, RICHARD HARROUN, STUART HASTY, RONALD HAVEN, DIANA HAWKE, WILLIAM HAYES, JUDY HAYWOOD, GEORGIA HELTON, CLINTON HENSLEY. DON HERNDON, SHERIANN HERREN, JOY HIESTAND, EMILIE HIGGINS, ELLIOTT HIGGINS, LOUIS HILL, JACQUELINE HILLEMEYER, DAVID HILLER. RUSSELL HIRNI, ROBERT HODGES, DONNA HORSTMAN, STEVE HORSTMANN, BEVERLY HOWARD. KATHY HOWE, MARSHALL HUBBARD, DWIGHT HUBBY, K'AUN HUDGENS, GAYLE HUFFMAN, EARL HUNGSTE. RON HUNT, KATE HUNTER, MARILYN HUSE. ARTHUR HUTCHISON, LINDA IMBT. NORMA ISGAR, TOM JARAMILLO, PRUDENCE JARVI, TED JETER. ROSE MARIE JOHN, BOBBY JOHNCOX, MAHLYN JOHNSON. CHRIS JOHNSON. LORRAYNE JOHNSON, RICHARD JOHNSON, TOM JOHNSON, WOODROW JONES, BARBARA JONES, MARJORIE KADERLI, KAY KAUFMAN, POLLY KEITH, DONA KELEHER, THOMAS KELLER. DON KELLERAN, TOM KELLY, PATRICK KENNEY, DELMORE JR. KENNEY. KEVIN KILGORE, GLENNA KIMBER, EMILIE KING. JOHN KING, KAREN KINGSLEY, LARRY KIRKPATRICK, JAMES KLEIN, DICK KLINIKOWSKI. GAYLE KOOGLER, MARGARET KROMMINGA, GRACE KUNTZ, DINA LaDUE, JANICE LANGELL, KAREN LAWTON, JEAN LEACH, DON LEACH. LESLIE LEASE, NORMA LEE, BONITA LENT, RAY LEONARD, MARSHA LEWIS. JEFFREY LINDSLEY, JAMES LINEBERGER, CHLOE LIPTAK, ROBERT LITTLEJOHN, CLAUDIA LODD, GERALD LONG, ELAINE LOPEZ, ARTHUR. JR. LUGENBEEL, VICKIE LUXFORD, WILLIAM LYNCH, ED MABRY, JOHN MADER, JOHN MAGEE, NANCY MAKES, CORINE MARQUEZ, ELMER MARTIN, EILEEN MARTINEZ, LAVERN MARTINEZ, MICHAEL MAXSON, MARY McALLISTER, JAMES MCCAIN, FLOYD MCCLURE, JANICE MCCLURE, JULIE MCCORKLE, BOB McCUTCHEON, GAIL McELYEA, ULYSSES MCEWEN, PAUL McMILLEN, J. T. McMURRAY, MARTHA McNERNEY, PATRICIA MEASDAY, JOHN MEES. NANCY MEIER, CARL MERRITT, DEAN METCALF, MELCALF METCALFE, MARY MEYER. MELINDA MICHELSON, DOUGLAS MITCHELL, DAVID MITCHELL, PATRICK MIZIKER, RON MOCK, HOWARD MOCK, RICHARD MONDRAGON, FRED MONTOYA, VINCENT MORA. BENERANDA MORGAN, GALE MORGAN, RAYMOND MORRIS, SYDNEY MORRISON. CAROL MURCHISON, HARRY MYERS. SUSAN NAUGHTON, PENNY NEEDHAM, SHIRLEY NETE, JUNE NEWMAN, BARBARA NEVVSOME, BILL NOHL, NANCY NORMAN, VERNON NUNN, ROBERT O'NEILL. ROBERTA ORTEGA, REUBEN ORTIZ, ROMERO OTTINGER. GARY PALMER, ROBIN PARKER. JANICE PARKER. ROSEMARY PARTEE, POLLY PATE,DEL1EERT PERKINS. DAVID PERRY, PAT PETTY. DON PHILLIPS, FRANK PINEDA, RAYMOND PINO, JIM POCH, LIBBI POETZL. SUSAN PORTER, SANDRA POWELL, JOHN FREE, CAROLYN PRITT, ALFRED PUTELLI, ANNE RAGLIN, CAROLYN RAMSEY, SCOTT RANDALL, CAROLYN RANDEL, LLOYD RANDOLPH, COLIN RANSOM, DALE REECE, GARY REMILLARD, DONALD REUTTER, SUSAN RIARDAN, WILLIAM RICE, TRUMAN RIEDER, GARY RILA, MARY ANN ROBERTS, SANDRA ROBISON, MARCI ROBNETT; JUNE RODGERS, DONALD RONDEAU, RAY ROSE. JOHN RUNGE, JUDY RYAN, DON RYAN. MADGE SADILEK, JULIE SALLEE, LARRY SANTAGE, SPENCER SAYRE. DOUGLAS SCANLON, RICHARD SCHOLL, MICHAEL SCISM, BERT SCHROM, PAM SCHUMPERT, STEPHEN SCOTT, EDDIE SCOTT, LINDSAY SCOTTEN, ELEANOR SEALE, CAROLYN SEDILLO, HELEN SERNA, ANNADELLE SHEETS, MARY SHEREN, VALERIE SHOEMAKER. PEGGY SHOON, SANDRA SHORT, PHILLIS SIMMONS, BARBARA SIMPSON, ERNIE SINCLAIR, WILLIAM SMITH, BRENDA SMITH, DAN SMITH, DAN SMITH, PRISCILLA SMITH. SYLVIA SPEER. DARLEEN STAFFORD, ANABEL STATES, SUSAN STEINBERGER, VERA STEWART, JAMES STOES. PHILLIS STORM. GAIL STRATTON PEGGY STRINGER, GRACE STRONG, KAY SUCHARDA, SHARON SWEENEY, KATHLEEN TAFOYA, GLORIA TARBELL, PEGGY TAYLOR, EDDIE THACKER. LARRY THOMASON. GARY THOMPSON. BETTY THOMPSON, BEVERLY THORNE, WILLIAM THORNTON, BECKY TOULOUSE. PATRICIA TRICKEY, BEVERLY TRUCKEY, BILL TRUSSELL. LEE TSO, LORRAINE TUREK, PHIL TURNER, LEO TURNER, SAM TURNEY, HERBERT TYLER, DONNA VERGARA, GEORGE VESCOVI, JULIE VIDAL. CHRISTINE VIGIL, ERNEST VOLPATO. CAROLYN WALKER, CARLTON WALTON. BRENDA WEBER. CELIA WEBER, MICHAEL WEIBERT, JERRY WEIDMAN, MARTHA WELCH. JOEY WELLBORN, CHARLES WESTFALL, HART WESTFALL. JEANIE WHAM, MATALIE WHITE, JANET WHITESIDE. ALMIRA WIENECKE, LYNNIE WILEY, DARLA WILKINSON, KENNETH WILLIAMS. ED WILLIAMS. GALE WILLIAMS, JOYE WILLIAMSON, JOHN WILSHIN, DAVE WILSON, CAROLYN WILSON, JAMES WINTER. NINA WISE, DEAN WOOD, EDWARD WOODALL, HARVEY WOODIN, NANCY WOODMANSEE, BOB WOODS, JOHN WRIGHT, MIKE All Marty Dummler made was Pi Phi's WRIGHT THOMAS YATES JAONDARE YOUNGBERG RALPH ZAMORA ROBERT ZANOTTI BONNIE ZUMWALT RAYMOND ZUNIGA ORALIA 79 FRESHMEN ABBOTT, DONNA AIKICRNATHY, MARY ABRAMS. JOHN ACIIEN, JIM ACOSTA, IRICN IO ACREE, JIMMY ADCOCK, LARRY ADKINS, WILLIAM ALLMAN, STICPHENIE AMIDON, ROBERTA ANDERSON, MARILYN ARAGON, LILLIAN ARNOLD, NANCY ARNOLD, SANDIE ARNOLD, STEVE ATKINSON. RICHARD AWSUMB, CARL BACA. VAL BACALSKI, PAT BACHECHI, PAT BADIK. RICHARD BAILEY, JOHN BAIN, KAY BAKER, JIM HALDVVIN, BEVERLY HALL. JEANNE HALL, MARILYN liAL'I'ZLIdY, LINDA HARBEE, GERALDINE HARBOUR, DONNA BARELA. SOPHIE MARKER, JOHNNIE BAR'FEK, LINDA BATIK, DON HAXTICR, PHIL REALL. DIANA BELL, RONALD BELL, SUNNY IHCNNETT, PETER BENSON. DICK BENSON, MOLLY IHCRG, JOHN IEICRGET, CAROL BERKSHIRE, TERRY HERMAN, CAROL HERO, TED JllCRRY, JACK RERTHQLF, CAROLYN HIUHU, JOSE'I'TA ISIIiUKOFF. KAY HLACK,LA1RD BLASHKIC, LINDY BLAZIK, CAROLE IKIAEUHA,JOSIGP1I BLOCK, EMIL HLOYS. J IGRI'ILYN IwLIN, JIM ImNHAN. mmuoN 1400mm, SHARON HURICN, SAM nounucus, .Hucs nmnuwmn, BILL BURTLE, SUNDRA BOTT, VIRGINIA BOWEN. JERILYN BOWER. ADELE BOWER, JUNE BOWER, ROBERT BOYLES, EDWIN BRADFORD, ELIZABETH BREGNARD, ADRIAN BROOKS, SUSAN BROULLIRE, PETER BRYANT, BETH BUCHLEITER, ORIN BUCKNER, JANE BURKE. CAROLE BURKE, JAMES BURRESS, JEANNE BURROWS, DON BURT, RICHARD BYRD, GEORGE BYRD, LINDA CAIXOT. MARTHA CALDWELL. GRANT CALHOUN, JERRY CAMPBELL, JUDITH CANARD, ROBERT CANDELARIA, MONICO CANON, ROBERT CANTREL, LARRY CAPELYN, MARGARET CARMINE, FRECIA CARPENTER, LARRY CARPENTER, MICHAEL CARTER, RICHARD CATON, BOBBY CAWTHON, STEVE CAZIER, PAT CHAVEZ, BOBBY CHITRANUKRON, VANPHEN CHRISTENSEN, CAREN CHUVISAVAPHONG, SUCI CILLESSEN, JOHN CLARK, MARY ANN CLARK, 001E CLARK, STEVE CLAUSER, DONNA CLAY, SHIRLEY CLAY, WAYNE CLINE, LESLIE CLOUD, JAMES CLOWARD, RICHARD COCKROFT, KAY COFFMAN, LeANNE COLWES, CAROL COMPTON, MARY COMSTOCK, LONA CONLIN, MIKE COOPER, FOSTER COOPER, GALE COOPER, JIM COPE, CHARLES COPPOLA, SUSAN CORBIN, KATE CORKRAN, NAN CORNER. DOROTHY CORNISH, JOAN COSPER, GARY COSTALES, KETTA COTA, SANDRA COWPER, MAIA COX. CAROLYN CRADDOCK, LEXEY CRAIG, DENNIS CRAIG, MARGARET CRAMER, JOHN CRAMP, PATIENCE GRAVY. THOMAS CROSS, TOMMY CROUSE, STEVEN CROW, STEPHANY CROWE, JERRY CROWLEY, CAROLYN CUNICO, JULIETTE CUTLER, VICTOR DALREY, DONNA D'ALVAREZ, PATRICIA DAMRON, LARRY DANIELS, JUDY D'ARCY, CHUCK DARR, CAROLE DAVIDSON, JOAN DAVIDSON NANCY DAVIS. JAMES A. DAVIS, KAREN SUE DEAL, KATHY DEESE, BARBARA DEETZ, DAVID DeFLON, JAMES De LUCA, JOHN DENNARD, JUDITH DENSLOW. JOHN DEUTCHMAN, BEVERLY De VALK, JUDY DORAND, CYNTHIA DOSS, DICK DREXEL, PAUL DUBOIS, CHARLES DUCKWORTH, PAULA DUNKIN, ALICE CAROL DUNLAP, MARILYN DUNN. GAIL DUNN, HAROLD DUNNAM, JANETTE DUPREE, CAROLINE Du SHANE, VIRGINIA EADES, JACK EAGAN, SHERMAN EARNEST, CARRIE EDNIE. SANDRA EGAN. CATHY EITZEN, DONALD EITZEN. RICHARD ELDRIDGE, SUE ELLIOTT, WEN ENDRES, FAY ENGELMAN, CAROLYN EVANS. BARBARA FANT, GLENN FANTOZZI, GLORIA FARNELL, GEORGE FELTON, JANET FERRAN, GLADIOLA FIETSCH, SUSAN FLANNAGAN, LYNDA FLETCHER, REXENE FLORENCE, JULIA ANNA FLYNN, MAUREEN FOLEY. JAMES FORE, ARTHUR FORGAN, PHYLLIS ANN FRENTZEL, DONNA FUNK, ROBERT ARTHUR GADSBY, LESLEY GALLINGER, CARLEEN GALLOWAY, JUDY GALLOWAY, SANDY GARCIA, JUANITA GARRISON, LAURA ANN GASTALDO, JOAN GAY, DOUG GILLESPIE. DOROTHY GILLESPIE, GLENDY GILLETT, MARGY GNAPE, CONNIE SUE GODING, LLOYD GONZALES, ROSEMARY GRAU. JUDY GRAY, CAROLE GRAY. WILLIAM D. GRIEGO, GEORGE HADDOCK. BONNIE HALL. JANICE HALTOM, TUCK HAMILTON, PAT HAMILTON, SANDRA HAMMERSLY, KAREN HANLEY, PAULINE HANNA. VICKI HANS, HAROLD HARDEN, BARBARA HARKNESS, SHARON HARKNESS, SUSAN HARRIS, MICHAEL HARRISON, LINDA HARRISON, RUSSELL HARSHE, JAY HART. INA HAWLEY, EILEEN HEARD. SHARON HEDGES, CAROLE HEFLIN, SARA HELMICK, LINDA HENINGTON. SCOTT HERMAN, SHARON HICKS, BILLIE HILL, VIVIAN HINDE, CATHY HINES, HILLARD HOLLIS, BYRON HOMAN, CAROL ANN HOOKER, CHARLES HOOPER, LINDA HOPKINS, SHEILA HORST, ROMONA HOWE, LETRICE HOYT, SEGRIED HUFF, JEAN HUGHES, ANNE HUSIONAVICH, JOHN HYATT, NEALE HYMAN, GLORIA INLOW, MIKE INMAN, JOHN JAMES, SHIRLEY MAY JELSO. CAROL JOE, JENNIE ROSE JOHNSON, DEAN JOHNSON, PAM JOHNSON, RANDY JOHNSON, ROBERTA JONES, ARNOLD JONES, BARBARA E. JONES. CHARLES JONES, CYNTHIA JONES, HARLENE JONES, HENRY JORDAN, DAVID JUMPER, GEORGE KAEHR, MICKEY KEELING, TERRY KELSO, P. K. KENDALL, JAMES KENNEDY, JENANN KENNEDY, KAREL KERSHNER, ANNETTE KERSTING, JAMES KESSLER. CARL KILLGORE, KATHY KIMBROUGH. AVERY F. KIMBROUGH, DOYLE KIMMONS, JIM KING, JAMES KING, LINDA KINZER, LARRY KIRK, KAREN KIRKPATRICK, JOHN KLEIN, CARY KLEIN, VIVIAN KLOEPFER, LYNN KNIGHTEN, LINDA KOBAYASHI, CHARLOTTE KOERING, SUSAN KOHLHAAS, CHUCK KRAFT, JEAN KREBS, MARY ANN KUBITZ. JULIE KUHNLE, KALE KYLE, SUZANNE LAAGE, CHRIS LACKEY, DANIEL LAMPTON, JOHN LANE, LEROY LANGLEY, JANELL LARSEN. ROBERT LAUGHLIN, TOM LAUXMAN. PATRICIA LAWSON, PHYLLIS LEAGUE, DAVID LEGERE, FRED LEVY, JILL LEWIS, CHUCK LEWIS, JIMMY LEWIS, MARY LYNN LEWIS, SHARON LEWIS, STEWART LEYVA, DOROTHY LILL, DAN LI'l'KA, WALTER LITTLE. KAY LITTLE, ROBERT LOGAN, JAMES LOTZE, CHRIS LOVE, MORRIS LOVEJOY, RELL LOVETT, BRUCE P. LOWE, JOANNE LUCAS, DAVID S. LUCERO, HELEN LUCERO. SADIE LUTHER, RAY MACALUSO, NINA MucNICHOLL, MARY MAHAN, SHARON MALLOY, MARILYNN MALLOY, SHARON MANGELS, MERRILIE MANHART. MIKE MANN, JUDI MARQUEZ, JIMMY MARTIN, MARY MARTINEZ,ALB1NO MASTERS, JOE MASTERS, SALLY MATTHEWS, DENE MATTHEWS, GENE MATTlNGLY, BILL MATTINGLY, JACK MAXON, WILLIAM J. MAYER, SHARELLE MAZZIOTTI. VINCE MCCAREY, TOM McCASLIN. ANNE MuCAUSLAND, EDWARD MCCORMICK, JACK McCULLOUGH, MASON ML-CUMISER, MARQUERITE McCURDY, JAMES McCUTCHEON, MURIEL MCDAVID, BILL McFARLAND, PEGGY McKAY, MARILYNNE McNUTT, NANCY McQUIRK, JOSEPH McNATT, LEE MEAD, MARY MEASDAY, SUE 88 MERRILL, YVONNE METZGER, MARION MILES, WICKIE MILLER, DENNIS MILLER, SHERRY MILTENBERGER, FRED MITCHELL, BERNADINE MIZE, ELIZABETH MOELLER, SHIRLEY MOONEY, JANET MORF, CHARLES MORGAN, JILL MORGAN, LINDA MORGAN, MICKI MORK, PETER MORRIS, GAYLE MORRIS. ROBERT MOSELEY. MERRYL MOSS, MARGARET MUNNS, RON MURPHY, EILEEN MURPHY, FRANCES MURRAY, JIM MURPHY, LANA NATION, JERRI NAYLOR, PAT NECHERO, WILLIAM NELSON, COZETTE NESS, GARY NEUBER, ANITA NEUBER, NANCY NEUN, MARY NIALS, COLLENE NICKELSON. SANDRA NIGH, KAREN NOGG, CAROLE NOTAH, MARY LOU NORRIS, CRAIG O'BRIEN. JOAN OLINGER, CHARLIE OLSON, WILLIAM ORMSBEE, JEAN ORTEGA, ALBERT ORTIZ, ARTHUR ORWAT, TED OSBOURN, CARA OWEN, DON OWNBEY, JOHNNIE PADILLA, STEVE PARK, MARY PARKER, JERRY PASLEY, AL PATERSON, KAY PAUL, SUE PEARCE, RICHARD PEARL, CARLTON PEARL, YVETTE PECH, JANICE PEREZ, GARY PERLSTEIN, ALEXANDER PESCHKE, JERRY PETERSON, CARLA PETERSON, FRANK PHELAN, PATRICK PICA, NICHOLAS PIKARD, GLENN PITILLO, MARGARET PITKIN, MIKE FLETCHER, SUE POLANSKY, ERNEST POLLARD, JAMES POPE. WILLIAM PORTER, MARILYN POSTLETHWAITE, MARTHA POWELL, KIRK POWERS, BILL PRATT, RUTH PRUIT, ANNETTE PRYOR, CLINTON PUTELLI, JAMES QUADE, HEIDI QUEZADA, DELIA RADCLIFFE. IRENE RAMSEY, JAMES RAMSEY, MARGARET RAYFIELD, JUNE REED, MIKE REEVES. JANE RENOUARD, KENNETH REYNOLDS, ANN RHODES, DAVID RICE, DONNA RICHARDS, BEVERLY RICHARDS, CAMILLE RICHARDS, MARION RICHARDSON, REBECCA RICHEY, KARL RITTERBROWN, CELEST RITTGERS, ALLAN RIVERA, RUTH RIVERS, PATRICIA ROASTINGEAR, BARBARA ROBERT, MARION ROBERTS, PATRICIA ROBLES, JUNE ROGERS, ISABEL ROMAINE, WINIFRED ROSE, SHARON ROSENBERG, STEVEN ROSS, JUNE ROWLEY, CHARLES ROYBAL, CLARA RUMMELT, HERMAN SABICH, MARY SABINO, ROBERT SACKMAN, ROBERT SALAZAR, ADELA SALAZAR, ANDRES SALLEE, ELIZABETH SALYER, ROBERT SANDOVAL, JOE SANDOVAL, SYLVIA SAUERMAN, MARSHA SAUNDERS, DOTTIE SAXE, RICHARD SCANDRETT, ERIC 90 SCHARN, INGRID SCHAUB, RITA SCHAUB, WAYNE SCHEUTZEL, CAROL SCHILLEN. JUDY SCHMEDT, JOLUND SCHMIDT, MARY LOU SCHOENHUT, WILLIAM SCHOOLEY, KATHY SCHOUMAN, JOHN SCHROEDER, DAVID SCHUBERT, MARILYN SCHULTE, RUTH SCHUR, JOHN Jr. SCHWALL, STEVE SCOTT, GAIL SCOTT, VICKI SEAY, SUSANNE SEEDS, NICK SEIK, HOPE SELLS, LUCKY SHAFER, BRUCE SHAFFER, MARTINA SHANNON. SHARON SHAW, PATRICIA SHOCKEY. GENELLE SHOEMAKER, NANNETTE SIEBERT. BECKY SIEGENTHALER, KAY SIEGLITZ, JANIE SIFUENTES, MADELINE SIMMONS, DIANE SINGER, ROBERT SIPES, JOHN SKINNER, ALYCE SLEASE, MIKE SLIWOSKI, RAYMOND SMITH. ARTHUR SMITH, CAROL SMITH. CHARLES SMITH, MARJORIE SMITH, RONALD SOTO, ALBERT SOUZA, PAUL SPAIN, CATHERINE SPERZEL. KATHY STALCUP, WILLIAM STAPLETON, JEAN STAFF, CAROL STEED, SUE STEEN, CHARLIE STEPHENS. MARGARET STEVENS, LINDA STEWART, NANCY STOKES, EDDIE STRAWN, KAY STRECKEWALD. JOHN STRUBEL, BUD STUMPH, WILLIAM SUBER, BETTY SWINFORD, DAVID SWISHER. PAMELA TABET, LORENA TAYLOR, JAMES THATCHER, SHARON THELIN, CAROLE THOMAS, CAROL THOMAS, CORDELIA THOMAS, STANLEY THOMAS. SUSAN THOMASON, TOMMY THOMPSON, GARY THOMPSON, JOHN THOMPSON, MARJORIE TIPTON, BRENT TODD, GINI TODESCO, MARY KAY TRUSSELL. LARRY TSOSIE, ERNEST TULL, BARBARA TURPEN, CAROL TWING, MARY ANN TWOMEY, DICK ULLMAN, JEAN ULRICH, PATTI VALDEZ, SHEILA VALENZUELA, ISABEL VANCE, IRL VAN PELT, HOWARD VIGIL, NEDDY VILLERS, GARNET VINSON, GARY VITT, JONATHAN VIZCAINO, MARIE VOLLMER, VIRGINIA VON SAAL, JUDY VON WOLFF, MARTHA VYGRALE, CAROLE WADER, ALICE WAGNER, TIM WALKER, TRECA WARE, DON WASHINGTON. MARITA WATERNAM, CHARITY WEAVER, DICK WEBER, PAT WEBBER, BARBARA WEDER, MARY KAY WELDON, RICHARD WELTON, LINDA WENSLAY, SANDRA WEST, KATHLEEN WESTDAHL, PAMELA WHALEY, THOMAS WHARRY, BEVERLY WHELR, DOLORES WHITE, JAMES WHITFORD, CHANDLER WHITING, SUE WILFONG, JOHN WILLIAMS, KERNEY WILLIAMS, SIDNEY WILLIAMS. TRUMAN WILSON, BARBARA WILSON, ROGER ANN WILSON, TOM 92 Judy Schillen got what she wanted a husband, WINGROVE. KAREN WINKE, ROBERT WOHLBERG, ROSALIND WOODARD, JERRY WORTMANN, RUTH WRIGHT, WILLIAM WYSS, CAROL YOAST, JUDY YOUNG, SUSAN ZIEGLER. FRED ZIMMERMAN, PATRICIA ASHLEY BOB BLAIR WILLIAM CALMES JANIS CHAMBICRLIN DOUGLAS CUTLER RETTA GALLEGOS BENNY GUERRA MARCIAL HORTSM AN JUSTUS LU x FORD J ANE MELVIN NORMAN MOORE STEVE PRESSON EDWARD SELIGMAN , Lm: STRINGICR l ALAN TRUJILLO TABOR PAT t AMADO GRADUATE STUDENTS The matured studenfs. 93 I attended 0 dreamed ike party in my MAIDEN P irdle FORM 9 HoHy please stop popping my bro. Really Karen Can't you keep your big mouth shut. Your iokes are embarrassing, look a? Kinch. Notice the chaperon's turned heads. 97 Adolph Plummer, Ken Cave, Eddie Hoorsrh, Woody Johnson, Jack Clarke. BOARD OF GOVERNORS CORONADO 102 Pcmy Gary, Elaine Owens, Ann Kubitz, Peggy McFarland, Marsha Johnston, Carol Darr, Marilyn Ball, Jean Ann Kennedy, An- nette PruiH, Brando Walion, Mary Savage, Rosie Mason, Linda Dunson, Marty Siostia, Hollace Bohlke, Jane Stilley. HOKONA The Ilokona Iinper-Ten Award was estab- lished in 1960 by Miss Mary Roddy. Resi- dents sclectcd wcr6 those carrying a mini- mum program of 15 semester hours with no grade of D or F. The selection is based on a grade ax'cragc which falls into the upper ten per cent of thc residmits as a group. In 1961 each Hokona student qualifying for the award was given a copper pin engraved with a but- terfly as a gift from the Director. Dean Lena C. Clauve, retiring Dean of XVomcn, was made an honorary member. Row 1. Janice Heard, Lynn Roser, Putty Gary. Row 2. Pru Jaramillo, Carol Berman, Bev Gilmore, Miss Demon, Mary Sibiea, Judy Tuihile. MESA VISTA BOARD OF GOXZERNORS Gary Ness, Dick Hufhins, Lyn McKinsey, Toby Michel, Robert Nun Richard Twomey, Joe Vivian Pall Rost, John Byrd, Del Kinney, Dominic Capecl, Toby Michel. ST! RDIXRDS 107 g: . 5$7 WW $ng w$g$ miiga: 13W? :26: $ $$- TOGETHERNESS 108 01 0 1 PARTY 4. 4- mmmmmww PRANKS 110 SORORITY Olson Livingston Barnett Randell Sheets Shane Burmeister Burmeister Smith VVimlum Crow Jones Jones Klimze Franzen Zanntti Wood Zanotti 112 Gaby , Coffman "Frutzle Mop 9005an me" Bcnischok Eldridge Hloys Burke Green Greer Hanley Harkncss Hindu Human Klein Steed Stephens Stevens. Thatcher Todesr-o 113 Lnlly Lewis Muller Mullins Bramlett Rohi nson Constau Goldsworthy Grenko Hirsch Shorcr Stratum Elmer VViIliums Graham 114 IiOWCI' Bryant Carlin 36W; Funninghum Hedges Kirk Ownhvy Pech Mastcm Smith Tholin 115 Steinbemer Comett Shaulis Adams V Vescovie Gcrding Canoyer Bebber Weichman Hubby Smith Chant Bivips I Whelan Kilgore Lewis Mims Partce Rode Rosier Runge Speer Cheetham Wienecke McCall Claus Parker Kuntz Williams Cline McDowell Parsons Layton Williams 116 Reeves Barbour Bowen Dcutchmun Barbee Schmidt Campbell Felton Arnold Shockey Strawn Daniels Fries Siegenthaler Waterman Gillespie Spain Richards Jones Reeves V V H 117 Dempsey Brixner Carlson Elsbrock Frost Grigsby Sadilek Westfall Wilson Haincs Hopper La Due Lawton Mame Miller Needham mlvrson Berry Childers Christensnn Cochran Cl'ndtloCli Craig: De Valk Porter Reynolds Schooley Saucrman Saunders Fletcher Walker Simmons Winter ' 119 Hammond Horstmann Howard Childs Cole Doolittle Ede1man Gillespie Grubbs Haas Howard Julian Mayland Randall a Terwilli Anderson Anderson McDaniel McGuire Barnes v 1 Wood wa .1 Canady Swisher Osbourn Ball Gillespie Leonard G ray Lewis Vynrale Haywood Moss. Paterson ? Crotty l Westdahl Johnson Murphy Pratt Dankin Kenney McMurray Quude Darr And God created woman Reutter Egan Kyle 121 Connor .: Williams Boos:- Cramer Harlackor Lumrvll Morris Smith Alcott Danfelser Cartmell Bancroft .Durris Horton Chadil Hudaens Thompson VVhiteside 122 Kaderli McCormick Ballenger Cazier Cunningham Lewis Scheutzel Shannon Dennard Laage McCaslin Morgan . Stocs Subcr Thompson Morrison 22 123 The Kappus always show their dates a good Time. Garcia Abaskin Gibson Hays Hines Hmmcn Burleson Crowley Dale Farrington Franks Kelly Memlnl's Blair Brooks Naughton Olimrvr Palmer Poetzl Stapp Tnlbe Thomas Volpato Wiebell 124 Schrom Branch Clauser Fietsch Hamilton Dalby Gudsby Huwley HutT Kilgore Mees Metzger Mooney Naylor Rayfield 5!? HI '- McClure McGuire Perry Poch Schillan Shaw Pearl Richards Weber Weidman Dennis why donW you Hex your muscles. 126 FRATERNITY Glazar Why doesn't fhof cute boy look at me? i g Laub X A L P l. Chernoff 128 Levitt ! Bishop Adamson Burton ACTIVES Booker a Campenclla C de Baca Eagleman Huse Keating Pena Maxon Ruland Olson PLEDGES 129 Wheeler Eckbert Lindslcy Perkins Verschuur Betenbouah Swinford Vinson Crouse ,mqu, :3 My , Borough Caldwell Kessler Cooper 1 31 Arthun C raven Hillemvyer Fiwl ler Fields Henderson ane'l. Mader Meister Williams Zumvalt Prieto Thompson Alford w , L . Umlin w Cutler VVnodaH Wuudmunsuc 133 Cuttingham Davidson Dilallo Fulton Hardison. Martinez Mattingly McWherter Riardan Sinclair Turney Wenk 134 Hunmxtc Jones Scun 12m Smith Boyd Bradford Brummel Buenri Butler Campbell Caton Czeiner ii Dalzell Dempsey Dumler Franks Gcmouts Gemocts Gerrio Grassc Furse Gaskins Hatfield Hayes Howe J ohn Kellerun Krause 1 36 Kyne Liptak McCurdy McEvoy Mitchell Moore Ottimrer Ramsey Retz Rowland Tomlin Trainer Wagner Warren Westfall Woodul 1 37 Berg Clark Lill McCain Merritt Liltenberger Munns Perez Pollard The pledges do all the work? Schwall Seeds Strechewald 138 Armijo ? Blake Brown. J. Hiller Brown. K. Eytchvson Fink Gilbert Griuu's Gross Hartin Hofmzum Bunn Hmvdish ? Brown, S. Cash Eamm P311131 139 Elder RodLrers Woh'h Shaski Ramsey Smith Legere McNatt Bolin Putelli Farnell Hooker ' 7 Salyer Schroeder Stokes Kohlhass Whaiev 1-H Wilfon: Parsons Davenport Eaton Farran Georgius Luslcy Konapka Picper Masterson Lenzini Armijo Mulhall McElyou Atkinson' Tillotson Vright Chavez ZE Manhart VVeIdon Pratt Metzger ' Shriver Sparks Stout Tillery Thompson 145 Gilbert Fran k Amorous Bolduc Bommelear Botts Brummell Brusuclas Byers Charles Bender Black Harmun 146 Horner X McCracken Paulsun Pierson Ransom Ready Rondou 1 "Wine and Women" Trussell Hollis Johnson Keeling Kimbrough Kirkpatrick : Y ' Mazziotti McCorkle Carpenter Phelan Carter Benson Find the queer 11319.11 Thompson White Whitford Wilson Woodard Borthwick Harris Jim Caton Tom Keleher Ron Mizikcr Jerry Neely Lyle Parker Frank Phillips Raymond Pineda Bob Crawford Mike Levin Dick Cundy homas Bruskas Bill Fanning Raymond Matteucm Bobby Gamboa 149 John Rose Bob Tinnin Carlos Torres George Vergara , ORGANIZATIONS Blue Key and Mortar Board HONORARY d... w. "You can't was r mode s 5 b n U r e T a e w s r e f o. Le a She:"VVdH" you've team." BLUE KEY The Khatah Chapter of the Blue Key, national honor fraternity, was organized on the University campus in 1923. Khatah is the Navajo word meaning Medicine Man. h Iembers in the senior honorary are selected by the leaving members on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and participation in campus activities. The purpose of the Blue Key is to assist the Student Council and the administration of the University and to encourage and enforce traditions and customs of the University among fellow men students. Row 1. Dean Mathcny, Garvin Fryar, Kim McCracken, Bob Tinnin, John Mosman, Jack Thompson, Gillette Bryan, Bruce Erdal, Robert Langley. Row 2. Owen Williams, Stephen Matthews, Mike Boluc, Gerald Kelso, Tom Thomas, James Keeling, William Putmun, Jim Brown, Gerald Hauer. 156 MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board is a national senior women's honorary. The local Chapter, Maia, was founded at the University in 1921 and afhhatcd with the national organization of Mortar Board in 1936. Mortar Board is one of the most actch organizations on campus. It sponsors the freshman orientation pro- gram for women students; The Hanging of the Greens; Stunt Night, to misc money for a scholarship fund; a tea hOnoring junior women, and a breakfast for gradtr ating senior women. Row 1. Lorena Bromleff, Gail Russell, Carol Rice, Judy Chant, Pam Dempsey. Row 2. Joyce Neuber, Judy Turano, Arleen Olson, Nancy Wall, Georgina Rummage, Trish Crowley, not pictured Mary Wishard. CHAKAA Chakaa, the junior honorary for men was founded on the campus in the fall of 1956. Members are Chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, and an active interest and participation in campus activities. Chakaais activities 011 campus include assisting with freshman orientation and registration, the building of NProfessor Snarf" for Fiesta, selling football programs, assisting with Campus Chest, and helping with the Junior-Senior Prom. Row 1. Bob St. Claire, Alan Westfall, Arthur Peterson, Dick Kenyon, Gary Bommelaere, Dennis Ready, J. T. Michelson, Wayne Hamilton. Row 2. Ed Lewis, Ralph Truiillo, Joel Stout, David Christiansen, G. Don Olsen, Gerald P. Rodriguez, Richard L. Masterson. 158 CAMPANAS Las Campanas, the local junior honorary for women, is the most recent addition to the unixersityys honorary organizations. It was founded in 1958 by Mortar Board in order to recognize outstanding scholarship and proven service to the campus among junior women. Campanas members are active in planning Fiesta coronation, selling Community Concert tickets, organm ing freshman orientation, and handling a drive for books to send to Korea. Row 1. Carolyn Bonifield, Jean Findlay, Phyilis Gaby, Marti Mullins, Pat Goldsworthy Bramleft, Anna Dell Roberfs, Madge Canoyer, Diane Blair, Frifzi Horne. Row 2. Judy Miller, Sandra Taulbee, Eve Lolly, Martha Terwilliger, Elissa Ledbetfer, Kafhy McCormick, Pat Lewis, Sandy Bloys, Puffy Gary, Peg Kelly. VIGI LANTE S Vigilantes is an honorary organization of 50phomorc men selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership and participation in campus activities. The purposc of Vigi- lantes is to promote a more democratic spirit among the students on campus by encouraging them to partici- pate in extracurricular activities. Vigilantes help with freshman orientation and regis- tration, usher at football and baskctball games, and act as guides at the State Teachers Convention and High School Day. J 1 v Row 1. Sieve Buergi, Robert Crawford, Edward Wood, John Solenberger, John Beuuchump, Michael Brown, William Hawke, Tom Farrar. Row 2. Ulysses McEIyea, James Wiese, Reed Cundiff, David Campbell, Patrick Kelly, Ray Rondeuu, Patrick Mitchell, Charles Atkinson, Gary Thomason. 160 1 SPURS Spurs IS the national 11011012111 socict1 101 5011110111010 11 omen It was organized 011 campus 111 1939. T110 pur- pose of the 11011012111 15 to promote $011001 spirit, and to support 2111 21011111103 211110110 the 11 0111011 011110 U111V ersitv. T1113 1 car 111C RC01011211 Spurs C0111 01111011 1V 2181IC1C1 011 the U111V crsitV 021111131131110 act1V111cs of Spms 111C111L1C $011111U 111001911115 at 100t1111110g21111cs rcadinv to b 1111L1 stu- L1011tsbsc111110 11SPUIS11C1 bars to 121iSL 111011011 for a C1V1C project, and23 11351511110 111111 the Campus Chest C1r1VC. Row 1. Delores Carlin, Carolyn Raglin, Julie Sadilek, Anabel StaHord, Nina Winter, Shirley Needham, Julie Hoines, Diane Fries, Prue Cramp. Row 2. Marfi Mullins, Suli Barnett, Cheryl Cunningham, Jeanne Williams, Jean Grigsby, Nancy Palmer, Rita Burmeisfer, Gale Williams, Cynthia Graham, Pamela Schrom, Rosey Jeter, Eva Tucker, Billie Jean Williams, 161 i Engineering isn't all work and no play 163 164 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Awareness of recent achievements in the field of Chelm ical engineering and promotion of interest of students in Chemistry arc the primary interests of the organiza- tion. The student member has the opportunity to deve10p professionally and socially among his fellow engineering students. It was designed to create 311 atmos- phere of professional consciousness and fellowship and to present a proper perspective of engineering Vocations. UNM7S Chapter of this professional organization was Chartemd on campus in 19+8. Membership is open to 2111 upper Class students regularly enrolled in Chemical cn- ginecring classes. Row 1. Dr. Castonguay, Ray Baca, Wayne Hill, Steve Christensen, Ken Carpenter, James Mok, Donald Ziegler, Wymon Guthrie, P. A. Turek, Henry Sue, Prof. Earl Oliverl Row 2. lb Rickhof, Mike Wright, Alfred Jenkins, James Diebold, Ronald Tucker, Bob Turley, Charles Eyman, J. T. Michelson, Patrick Phelun, Kim McCracken, R. K. Trueger. Row 3. William Black, Jim Sfewarf, Mike Bolduc, John Halvorsen, John Sperry, Edward Wood, Chuck Prin, Garvin Fryer, Richard Wood, Warren Hcllbauer. l AIEE-IRE The Joint Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers-Institutc of Radio Engineers was foundcd in 19-5. The aims of the Student Branch include the ach'anccmcnt 0f the theory and practice of Electrical and allied branches of Engineering and of the related arts and sciences. Each year the branch, in co operation with the national socicties, sponsors a student paper competition, The winner of each contest is given an cxpcnsc paid trip to Regional Convention of the 21p propriatc society where he presents his paper for Rch gional honors and the chance to compete nationally. Activities include lccturcs, Edd trips, pancl discussions and occasional social meetings. Row 1. Owen Williams, Barry Southard, William Derr, David Reifzel, John Cleveland, Robert Foster, Lorry Warren, Edward Patterson. Row 2. Richard Goodrich, Clark Smith, Frank Evans, Roger Carlson, Henry T Doerfler, James Gosse, William Gieri, Glenn Wonn, Harold Nelson. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS The American Society of Civil Engineers is a student chapter of the national professional organization of civil engineers. Its purpose is to encourage interest in engi- neering topics, and to promote the best interests of the university. It was designed to promote 2111 atmosphere of professional consciousness and fellowship and to pro sent a proper perspective of engineering vocations. Membership is open to all students enrolled in the civil engineering department. Activities include monthly meetings which feature guest speakers, movies, presenta- tion of student papers. Several social functions are spon- sored during the school year. Row 1. Raymond Gibson, Donald Stewart, Don Olsen, Robert Lynch, Harry Williams, John Bradford, Byron Horner, Chuudhry Ahmad, Vernon Borden. Row 2. Prof. Roy Foss, Jack Norris, Lee Queen, Tom Thomas, Irl Martin, William Koenig, Kenneth Hardison, Kennett Moss, Bob Dunlap. Row 3. James Lockhurf, Ron James, Jim Nalley, Arfhur Peterson, Phil Compton, James Finn, Tom Isoacson, Bill Hulsell, Fred Goodall, Chuck Wilson, Albert Elliott. Row 4. George Perce, James Thomas, Mike Pittman, Michael Tanner, Conrad Jackson, Carl Bender, Richard Hayes, Edgar DeWiIde, William Burketf, Richard Hanooku, Milton Rose. 166 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF i MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The Student Section of the American Society of F.1igiliccrs, a 11m tional organization, providcs mechanical eliginccring students with an Opportunity to advance, circulate, and practice their engineering knowledge. Membership is open to all students cnrollcd in the College of lingi- licoring. Actix'itics inchidc regular monthly meetings with guest speak- ers, movies, presentations of research papers, and technical discussions. Sacral Edd trips to places of engineering interest are conducted each semester. The UNM Student Scction participates in thc rcgional i conferences 0f ASME. HMcchanical Iiinginccringf the national 5w 1 Cictfs monthly journal, keeps the mcmhcrs abreast of current tcchnh i cal developments. Row 1. Wiley Wells, Robert McCormick, Carl Radwunski, Richard Niehaus, Jerry Street, Jerry Weiberf, Barry Shafer, Richard Hufchins, David Christiansen. Row 2. Kenneth Seaver, Richard Groff, William Putman, Jack Thompson, William Miller, Tony Ashby, Hermon Rowlison, Jack Karcher, Michael Sampsel, Gregory Baker. Row 3. Robert Benham, C. D. Lucas, Kenneth Simmons, J. E. Griggs, Jim Woods, Lester Cover, William Kirby, Jerry Yowell, Gary Finley. 167 168 P. E. MAJORS AND MINORS P. E. Majors and Minors is an organization to provide an opportunity for the men and women physical educa- tion majors and minors to pursue their professional inter- ests as a group, to encourage incrcascd interest in physical education, health and recreation 011 campus, and to promote social functions among its members. Membership is limited to girls and boys 111ajoring or minoring in health, physical education, or recreation. Row 1. Donna Dalbey, Lynn Kloepfer, Anne Barnes. Row 2. Mrs. Piper, sponsor; Jean Lawton, Polly Parfee, Sylvia Wilson, Gay Stringer, Sandy Walker, Mr. Popcsy. Row 3. Butch Beck, Rosa Harper, Lou McKinnon, Margie Southworfh, Jean Posilemwaite, Marsha Johnson, Sondra Shoon, Peggy Herter, Elaine Owens, Merrylee Mangels. Row 4. Nancy Wilson, YveHe Pearl, Carole Thomas, Curleen Gallinger, Carol Pineau, linda Esfes, Dorothy Trafion, Penny Dowse, Dorothy Olson Porter, Judy Thomas, Donna Tyler, Jerri Kay Reynolds. Row 5. Charles DeWiH, Joy McNiH, Ron Beoird, Jim Blair, Bob Wenk, Chuck Clausen, Bob Losier, John Bofter, Dave Wilshin, Buddy Robertson, Jim Campanellu, Bill Blair. 1NDUSTRIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION The Industrial Arts Association is an organization of students in education who are preparing to teach Induse trial Arts in public schools. The club at the University is composed of twenty-seven members, and is a social, edu- cational, and service organization. For this yeafs community serViec projects, the Club has participated in the March of Dimes, the Toys for Tots campaign, and toy repairs for the New Mexico Re- habilitation Center. t Row 1. Reuben Baca, Pete Hamilfon, Byron Bowers, Bud Kerley, Mel H. Ashcroft, Sam Samuelson, Carlos Vigil, Chuck Ohler. Row 2. Bob Gemoets, Terry Terrell, AI Mihic, Stan Hayes, Patricia Zimmerman, Alfred S. Dzielak, David Kachelmeier, Robert A. Blosi, Ted Gemoets. Row 3. Dana Wray, Russell W. Brown, John Appel, Ed Tangman, James D. Vorenberg, Robert F. Coady, Delbert L. 80995, Beniamin Denny, Jr., Dick Warner. 169 31.. 19 1mm Row 1. Lucy Newman, Lucy Dobkins, Evelyn Smith, Frances ShuH, Helen Harriger, Nancy Jones, Jane Luxford, Velma Scott, Genevieve Dcmgcurd, Elenor Gilmore, Reta Douglass, Maurine Gammer, Hilda Spies, Grace L. Elser, Edith Monfredi. Row 2. Pauline C. McGronsI-Iun, Dorothy Moddison, Winnifred Lohann, Barbara Warren, Frances Honzel, Lorena BramleH, Mildred Crawford, Nurosonio Spatz, Dorothy Grange, Frances Parker, Frances Kirk, Jacque Hooton, Nine Ruggles, Grace Richardson, Jeanette French. Pi 1111111111111 111111111 18 11 1111111111111 111111111111111 11111111111011 1111- PI LAMBDA THETA 1111111111 1111 1111111111 Its 111111111811 15 111 11111111 111111111111 111111111111 01 1111111 51111111115111 51111111111115 1111111 11111 1111111181111 111 11111 1111111 01 111 111111111111. X11111111111sl1111 15 5111111111 11111111 111111111g111111111t11 511111111113 1111111 71 31111151111 11111113, Q 01 1111111111 111111 111 1111111111- 111111, 1111111 11 uP1" 1111111113111. The 111111111111 8111111111 11115 11111111117111 11151111111111111 1111 11111111- . 151 111 11111 5111111 111 11111111111111111111115111111111511111 111111 PRE1MED SOCIETY 11111111111111 11111111111111. M1111111C1511111 13 11111111 111 1111 11111111311111 1111111111C11, 111111-1111111111,1111011111511111, 111111 111111111111 511111111115. It kccps 11111 51111111111511111111111111 1111 11111111111 sc1111111 111111111111111111ts 111111 1111C0111111gcs 11111-1111111111111 11111101111011 111 general. Row 1.A.K.Field,MurieI McCutcheon, Claudia Litfleiohn, Pom Naeve, Marilynne McKay, Bill Coyer. Row 2. Richard Meyerhein, George Vergora, Bob Cunningham,Ger01d Rodriguez, Damien Jelso,Kenne1h Smith. Row 3 Jim Cole, Dr. Riedesel, James Baxter, Rick Johnson, Mike Dempsey, Roberf Romero. 170 Row 1. Ulysses McElyeu, Jr., James L. BurnFIn, Mrs. Shirley A. Armstrong, Kenneth Hallbuuer, Sophann lm, James R. A1kinson. Row 2. Brian Misanko, Larry Sparks, Alton Gienger, John Tomasi, Robert Shmaeff, John Lee, George Downs. Row 3. Julius Sanchez, Phil SuHon, Robert Barkman, Edward Ford, Kenneth Bindel, Jack Pawol, Phil Porkhursf, Lonnie Roz Nunley, Edward Alloway. rl'hc purpose 0f the University of New Mexico Pharma- ceutical Association is to encourage 111 a broad and liberal manner the adx'anccmcnt of Pharmacy as a science and profession and especially in fostering Cducation in all mat- tcrs involving Pharmacy and in 2111 its branches, its applica- tions and in aiding in promoting public health and welfare. CHI EPSILON w 11 1 PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Chi Epsilon is a national honorary CiVil engineering fra- ternity. Its purpose is to cncourags greater achievements in thc CiVil engineering profession with the broad principles of scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability as guides. It also serves to foster a spirit of cooperation and fellowship. Row 1. Byron Horne, Khurshid Choudhry, Richard Hayes, Carl Bender, Robert Dunlap, John Mounfioy, Richard Hanacka, Tommy Thomas. Row 2. Laddie Mills, James Finn, Albert Elliott, Warren Peterson, Roberf St. Claire, Milton Rose, William BurkeH, Thomas Isaacson. HOME ECONOMICS Pick, Clara Roybcl, . Glenda Graves, Natalie Bigelow, Laura Mochurnuk, Kay Bain, Darlyn Dossey, Martha Tsiosdia. Row 2. Juanita Garcia, Martha Sue Cochran, Rexene Glefcher, AnfoineHe Pappas, Madge Ryan, Barbara Ruby, Sydney Dahlen, Eleanor Novureffe. Row 3. Miss McMurruy, Ann Blue, Peggy Dorothy Montano, Lois Butler, Pam Johnson, Janie Reeves, Annetfe Brixner, Betty Klossen, CharloHe McCaffrey, Sheik: Hopkins. 1110111C 1? C01101111C5 111111 1111C1011thC11V 11C 111C profcssion 01C11Cr1 1101111111 111C C11111 11113 OTU'dHiZCd t0 c1C11 C101 'Jlld promote standards 01 110111C 111Cbtl1z1t 111111 bcst 1111111C11 C1C1 C10pI11C11t of soc1a1 111 C1131C. 111C111bcrs111p 1s opcn to 11111 st11C1C11t 111 111C U 1111C151111' 11111013 C111011C1att11CprC5C11tt1111C01 1111511CC11pl1C11o11s111 C111011CC1 111 110111C CC01101111CS Courscs. P1 Tau Sigma 13 a 11at1011a111011orar1 HICC1121111C211 C11g11 11CC1111g fratC111it1 whose purpose 15 to foster 111011 1C1ca15 of t11C C11g111CCri11g profcssion c111d to stimulatc 111tcrcst 111 coordinate C1Cp'dfthnta1 21C1111t1CS and to promotC t11C 111ut11a1 professional 1110111116 of its 111C111bcrs. The P1 Sigma Chapter 111215 C5131D115116C1 at the University 111 1918. Membership sclection is made from junior and SC11101 undergraduate students Of 111C DCparthnt of B1CC11211111 C211 EnginCCring. Row 1. Jerry Street, David Christiansen, Allen C. Rozsa, Melvin lngalls, James H. Keeling, Gail F. $1eele.Row 2. Kenneth R. Johnson, Robert McCormick, Arthur Cone,Jc1ck Thompson, William E. Putman, Siew Poh Chan, Frederick D. Ju, Ray Luiz, Dick Niehaus, W. E. Baker. P1 TAU SIGMA KAPPA OMICRON P1 1a: 1 11M Row 1. Betty Klassen, Mrs. Ruth Harris, Charlotte McCaHrey. Row 2. Laura Mochornuk, Koren Johnson, Judy Runge. Kappa O1111L11011 P111 15 11 1111110111111 p1'01L1ssi011111 110111L1 ccw 110111109 1111101111111. B 1L111111L11$111p 15 1111'111111011111 1111L1 SL11L1L11L1L1 110111 111C upper 1111011111 per cent 01 111L1 110111L1 CCOHOIHiCS students, 111111013 01 111111015. 11110 11111'L1 11111 111'L11'11gL1 scl10111st1c rating 111 1111 subjects. Nine 1101115 111 110111L1 L1L101101111L1s must 1x1 L10111p1L11L1 L1 111 01L1L11 101x11 1L1L1gL1L1 1111L1 1911011131L111L1111111111L1L1. 1111 11s L1L151U11L1L1 10 p1'011101L st1111L1111'L1s01110111L1111L11111t111111111'111L1 L1L1L110pl11L111t of 50L11111 111L11f111L1. 811111111 Dc1t11 C111 18 11 p101css1011111 10111011115111 11'111L1111111 whose purpose is 1011L11'1111L1L1 t11L1 $111111L1111L1s 01111L1prcss and to associate 1011111111138 01 1111L111t. 11111111111L1 L111L11g1 11110 11 11101L1 11111111111L11 organized 111111 01 U00L1 1L1110111s111p 111L1 fr111L11'111t1 11113 111512111LL1 at the 111111019111 111 171,L1111111111 19511. X1L111111crs111'p is 0pL111 t0 111C11 students 11110 1110 111 U00L1 standing and 11110 11111'L1 1111011L1 111L111gL1 scholastic ratings. E -11-. Row 1. Armond Turpen, Lorry McGinnis, Fritz Thompson, Prof. Jermain. Row 2. Morfin Paskin, Ernie Sanchez, Jamie Rubensfein, Benny MoHetL SIGMA DELTA CHI 1 x1 JJ 174 STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Student Nurses Association is to aid in the development of the student nurse as a demo cratic Citizen by broadening thc members horizons as an individual and as a member of the group. Row l. Prudence Cramp, Anne Kubitz, Sally Cofa, Eunice Bailey, Nina Macaluso, Michael Miller, Becky Seaman, Julie Kubifz, Mary Helen Baxter, Rene'ae Broron, Jan Donignac. Row 2. Ora Carter, Martha Terwilliger, Gale Morgan, Patricia Lauxman, Charlotte Hodges, Sandra Porter, Ann Doctor, Dorothy Hallenberger, Dottie Suun- dars, Micki Morgan, Mrs. Ethel Fleischer, adviser. Row 3. Karen Pond, Julie Sadilek, Roberta Johnson, Virginia Castillo, Linda Burleson, Barbara Clark, Arthur Susuin, Cecilia Garcia, Joan Bowen, Nancy Magee, Carla Peterson. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Student Education Association is a professional organization for university students preparing to teach. SEA was chartered on the UNM campus by the national and state organizations in 1956. Row 1. Jeannie Hines, Nancy Davidson, Juanita Cafa, Dr. Helen Walters, Mary Salazar, Patricia Jenkins, Eileen Drab, Dorothy Torres, Arleen Olson, Jeanne Williams, Sandra Sofa Wensluy. Row 2. Clark Derdeyn, Lorena Bromleif, Carol Cramer, Annudelle Serna, Kaihleen Easton, Margaret Snell, Anne Devendorf, Ada Kersting, Marcia McCall, Noveline Clayton, Nancy Ruggles, Dr. Robert Doxfafor, co-sponsor. Row 3. Richard Van Dongen, Ken Gibson, Harold Forrester, Ann Randall, Bobbie Hammond, Marilyn Canudy, Judy Miller, Gail Carlson, Donna Rodeman, Eleanor Herrera, Sylvia Torres. 175 ACTIVES ' l Row 1. Phil Woodward, John Wheeler, Tom Colurelli, Jim Taylor, Gerry Coats, Don Jenson. Row 2. Bill Rodgers, Don Bryson, Paul Beatty, Wendell Armstrong, Emery Postenreider, Bill Quarg. DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advance- ment by research and practice; to promote closer afhhation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a high standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the Civic and commercial welfare of the community. Row 1. Truman Menefee, Ed Manning, Ben Burger, Jim Mutter, Ron Bullew, Steven Steinhofter. Row 2. Bob Akin, Max Villa, Sabina Olives, Jim Roberts, Al Harrell. PLEDGES SIGMA TAU Row '1. Richard Hunacka, Robert McCormick, Richard Niehaus, Jack Thompson, William Turner, William Pufman, Lee Seligman, Maury McEvoy, Glenn Wonn. Row 2. Richard Vaughan, Garvin Fryar, Ray Luiz, Melvin Ingalls, James Keeling, Siew Poh Chan, Donald Ziegler, Kim McCracken. Row 3. Albert 5111011, Arthur Cone, William Schwalm, Edward Patterson, Geru1d Hauer, David Reifzel, Owen Williams, William Whisler. Sigma Tan 1S 1116 national C11g111CC11111g 11011012111 fra- tC1111t1. C111 C11 mpter 11213 foundCd at the U1111C151t11 111 1928. F01 admission t11C candidate 1111151 11 12111 C a 5C1101e1s- 11C 1CC01C1 111 t11C 11ppC1 011C-t1111d of 111C 11111101 and SC11101 Classes combined. F116 1311111311 31111 is to C1C1C10p those qualities act111- tics and 1C1atiol1s111ps 111 1111011 11121116 21 succcssfu1 C110111CC1. T1115 1Ca1 Sigma Tau sent C1C1CgatCs to Fort C011111s C0101ac10 for the biennial 1121t1011a1 COHC121VC Tau Kappa A1p1la 15 a 112111011211 11011012111 101C1131C 11a- tCrnity. It was establishcd at 111C Univcrsity of New Mexico 111 1940. T11C purposc of Tau Kappa 111111121 is to give recogni- tion for CXCC11611CC 111 11111111C spcaking, to C1CVC1OP and encourage 111tC1Cst 111 forensics among 1110 gC11C1211 public and most cspCC1a1111 among the studcnts of C011Cgcs 311d universitics. 111C111bC15111p is bascd 011 SC1101'JTS111P, 11b111t1' 311d 111tcrcst 511011111 111 101C11s1cs. Row 1. Robert Owens, Robert Hanna, David Burke, Ralph Douglass, T. M. Pearce, Joe Mercer. Row 2. Fred Chreisf, Richard Miller, Peter McAfee, Wayne Eubunk, Charles Long. TAU KAPPA ALPHA 177 Sunday The Day AfTer The Night Before The Beer Busti Sunday Morning RELIGIOUS MMMWW W , ,NWW.W CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION The Canterbury Association is a national religious, social, and service organization sponsored by the American Episc0pal Church. Worship, instruction, service, and fellowship comprise the club,s fourfold purpose. The primary concern of the group is the correlation of collegiate learning with the basic syntax of Christianity. The Canterbury House was founded on campus in 19W and is located at 454 Ash Street NE. Services are held 011 Sun- day and during the week; group meetings are 011 Sunday at 6:00 p.111. Bill Steinmetz, Vestryman; Lee Bossert, Senior Warden; Bob Walters, Junior Warden; Rev. Lawrence Cuntrel, Chaplain; Shelby Smith, Program Chairman; Prue Cramp, Treasurer; Gerald Kelso, Vestryman. 180 AQUINAS NEWMAN CENTER ' I w The Newman Center, Catholic student organization, is the largest religious group on campus. The Aquinas Newman Ccntcr facilitates the fulfillment of the three fold program of the group: religious, educational, and social. The Center, complete with auditorium, Class rooms, lounge, library, and game room, provides opportunity for an extensive program of Classes, lectures, recreation, meetings, and social events. Mass is offered twice daily and four times 011 Sunday at the St. Thomas Aquinas University Church. The Center is directed by Domim? C311 Fathers. Mike Brown, vice-presidenf; BeHy Galligan, vice-presidenf; Marcella Sandoval, treasurer; Mary Edna Aragon, recording secretary; Kathy Neyans, corresponding secretary,- and Newman Peery, president. 181 182 Row 1. Barbara Newman, Ginny Wilson, Karen Nigh, Sue Summers, Mike Hunz, Richard Pieuce. Row 2. Mrs. Edna Hubbert director, Richard Miller, Elaine Long, Sara Hoffmeyer, Carol Stout, Dean Wise, Rev. Titus Sholl. Student Christian Fellowship, interdenomiuav tional and Open to any student, is sponsored by the following denominations: Christian tDisciplcsy , Evangelical United Brethren, United Church of Christ tCongregationaleChristian 21nd Evangelical and ReformCCD, and United Lutheran Church in America. It is a fellowship established on full mutual cooperation, respect for the heritage of each group, and the honest search for truth in all areas. STUDENT CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP PRESBYTERIAN UNIVERSITY FELLOWSHIP The Geneva House, maintained by the Presby- terian University Fellowship, offers facilities for wor- ship, recreation, and study. The fellowship is sponsored by the United Presbyterian Church but is open to any student in quest of truth and lites deepest meanings. Much of the program is co-ordinatcd with the Student Christian Fellowship, 2m interdenomina- tional group for Protestant students. Row 1. Denny Mosfin, David Mitchell, Jean Julien, Becky Duke, Robert Hirni. Row 2. Linda Nelson, Edith Slossom, Virginia Wilson, Suci Chuvisavuphong, Fay Endres, Jodee Willis. Row 3. Karen Smith, Sara Hoffmeyer, John Wetherholt, Jim Watson, Chris Stockley, Harry Johnson, Dale Matulonis, Rev. Joseph Willis. APOLOGIAN CLUB Row 2. Pa? Lewis, Ron Hasty, Carl Phegan, Bob Jobe, John Leonard, Aubrey Brooks, Gerald Honeycuif. One member of the Apologian Club explained the tit1C of this group as 2111 01g2111izat1011 Which defends 01 Cxp1c1111s thC Christian rC1ig1011 The C1ub sponsored bv the Albuquerque Churches of Christ was 101111C1CC1 111 1958 and 18 110W situated at 209 U111VCrsit3 1Bv c1. NE. The purpose of 111C organizat1011 is to provide social activ 1- 1165 and religious fC110wship 111 accordance with the principles ex- pressed 111 the New Testament. Meetings and de 0110112113 are slath for Tuesday 6XC11111gS at 7:00 13.111. and VVCdnCsdaV 110011; Sunday 1C110wship is conducted from 4:45 to 6: 00 p.111. 1 Row 1. Martha Phegon, Joyce Neuber, Joan Kefchem, Nancy Page, Doyce Wood, Karen Waldorf, Connie Huff. 183 DESERET CLUB The purpose of the Dcscrct Club is to foster iutcllcc- tual stimulation, wholesome fellowship and a religious way of life for the university student. The group is spon- sored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Lattethay Saints. The organization endeavors to provide spiritual and intellectual bencEts through its weekly luncheon mccb ings and monthly social events held in the New Mexico Union. Regular services are held in the local Albuquer- que Chapels. Row 1. Cheryl Cunningham, Francis Garcia, Margaret Tucker, Sheila Miller, Grefchen Brooks. Row 2. Billy Harris, Wallace Hamilton, Duane Aldous, Dr. Raymond Castle, Jerry Curfis, John Tye, Ted Warner. 184 HILLEL COUNSELLORSHIP A Chapter of the National B'nai B'rith IIiHcl Founda- tion, the Hillel Counsellorship, strives to provide a wcllr rounded program of religious, cultural, and social activi ties for the Jewish student. The UNM Hillel chapter was installed in 1W6. Regu- lar meetings are held 011 the first and third Vcdncsday of each month, 7: 30 p.111, at 'l'cmplc Albert. Guest speakers and monthly social cvcnts are integral parts of the program. ? Row 1. Allyn Franklin, Bob Shmoeff, Larry Sparks, Larry Diamond. Row 2. Rabbi David Sher, Flora Isoucs, Roy Albert, Carole Nogg, June Ross. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union provides inspirational infor- mation and fellowship which create a spiritual Climate for Christian growth in the college student. Its purpose is to converse and help train students for CHcctix'e Christian disciplehip while serving as a connecting hnk between the college student and the local church. The BSU Center, +09 University Blvd, is equipped with library, kitchen, chapel, Classroom, and recreational facili- ties. It maintains 2111 active social life, sponsors a mission pro- gram, and offers four quy-accrcditcd Bible classes. Row 1. Neddy Vigil, Beverly Wharry, Norma Gulley, Jackie Silverman, Lynda Flannagan, Annu Dell Robens, Anne Hansen, George Smith, Wesley Lackeyi Row 2. Marjorie Thompson, Mary Muxson, Diana Beall, Barbara Hayes, Nancy McNun, Kay Cockroff, Linda Hutchison, June Wilhelm. Row 3. William J. Dean, Norman L Humphries, Ernest F. Vigil, Eugene F. Nesbm, Gordon Bonham, David Pearce, Garry Oliver, Bill Siumph, Sandra Shoon. Row 4. Wesley Finch, Jim Findley, Woodie Johnson, Ronald Anderberry, Jim Cooper, Fred Wills, Tom Jernigun. WESLEY FOUNDATION The VVesIey Foundation is the Methodist Student h'Iovement 011 the campus. It has as its purpose the deepening of spiritual and intellectual life of student, together with the stressing 0f the value of fellowship one with another. VVesleyys program includes worship services, 110011 discussions, speakers and social activities. The Foundw t1011 Bible Chair offered for credit a three-hour course 111 the TTIntroduction t0 the Literature of the New Testament." Wesley published a newsletter called The Churchhwuse. Row 1. Patti Alexander, Mary Ann Copeland, Barbara Blue, Nelda Mims, Cathy Spain, Lynda Adams, June Reeves, Barbara Deese, Teresa Lee Williams. Row 2. Alice McIntosh, Kate Corbin, Linda Byrd, Lora Comstock, Sandy Sanders, Donna Frentzel, Carol Ann Human, Mary Margaret Mead, Jean Stapleton, Judi Mann, Merryl Moseley, DuLaney Barrett. Row 3. Dean Smith, Merl Meadors, Kathy Kilgore, Susan Myers, Mary Ann Peterson, Judy Daniels, Barbara Harden, Margaret Snell, Gail Parmelee, Agnes Cralley, Bob Langley. Row 4. Cordell Smith, AI Dietrich, Duane Dill, Kerney Williams, Orin Buchleiter, Joy Miller, Gary Clayton, Bill Black, Jim Smothermon, Ed White, Lyle Parker. Row 5. Ray Morgan, Marilynne McKay, Pam Noeve, Nancy Bresenham, Tom Duncan, Jean Weld, Karen Lewis, Linda Lee Stevens, Bill Bennett. 187 MISCELLANEOUS 189 WOMENIS RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Council was founded at UNM in 1946. Its purpose is to sponsor a program of sports, dance, and recreational activities for all women students. Tournaments are held during the year in 501d hockey, basketball, tennis, golf, skiing, and softball. Volleyball, badminton, and table tennis are offered as co-Cducational activities. Intercollegiate competition is oHered through National Telegraphic Meets in bowling, swimming, and archery. Row 'I. Miss McGiIl, Jerri Reynolds, Peggy Herter, Donna Dulbey, Polly Partee, Butch Beck, Zoa Keller, Letrice Howe. Row 2. Karol Lutkus, Jeanne Smith, Gay Stringer, Rosa Harper, Roger Ann Wilson, Mary Lou Schmid'l, Maya Fernandez, Lena Buck. 190 LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA t11C purposc of 11C1pil1g t11C 11101111ch of t11581g11121 Alp 11 121 Epsilon fraternity. The Litth Sisters assist at tcas SC11S111rtS with the pro- CCCds 001110 for 11CCdCC1 110113C 111113101 C111C11ts 11211'C 21 SC11'111g Day When 111C1' sew buttons 011 membcrs shirts sponsor 21 Litth Brot11Cr Project for 116W S XL p1CC1gCS help the Housc Mothcr 111 21111' 11211 T11C Litt1C $151ch of Minerva 1s 21 MW 01021111221t1011 formed with 1 they C311, and 1312111 2111 21111111211 Eastcr ngg 111111t. Row '1. Angela Amorous, Judy Chant 1presiden11, Mariette Conzetf, Judy Christianson. Row 2. Betty Bryce, Sandy Smith, Susan Shaulis, Trod Elsbrock, Julie Dove,Jack1e King. 191 ESQUIRE CLUB The Esquire Club serves a twofold purpose: first, they pro- vide social activities for male veteran students and secondly, they conduct service products. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at 7 11m. in the Lobo room in the SUB. The Esquire Girl of the year is selected at Fiesta from the monthly Esquire Girls honored. Row 1. Jim Gosse, Dorsey Cullen, Patrick Kelly, Graham Van Note, Gerald Campbell, Clifford Porter. Row 2. Bill Gieri, AI Wicklund, John Cleveland, Ken Seaver, Wiley Wells, Frank Martinez. 192 RADIO CLUB The Radio Station KNME was established last year by student Bill Retz. The station, planned, built, and wired by students is the only station in tho Unitcd Statcs completely managed by students. Now functioning on campus it is planned in the near future to bc City-wi lc. Row 1. Fred Dolzell, Henry Miller, Walt Baumgardner, Mike Langner, John Luwler, Linda Flanagan, Steve Aucker, Jeff Epstein. Row 2. Andy Loomis, Larry Pocock, Dick Leonard, Roy Hubert, Dick Krause, Jim Vorem berg, Dan Lill, Bill Taylor, Jim Porter. INTERNATIONAL CLUB The International Chth is composed of foreign students attending the UniVCtsity of New Mexico and all other inter- ested students. It seers to promote an understanding of the many nations of the world rcprcscntcd in its 111cmhcrship, 21nd providcs discussion of mutual problems. It was designed as 21 tic for distant nations and thc achicwmcnt of a hcttcr understanding of their cultures. Row 1. Anne Marie Remley, Emilie Kimber, Mrs. Chase, Ingrid Schurn, Germany; Mrs. Durrani, Mrs. Samtosh H. Horbhaian, Pakistan; Melinda Meyer, Mrs. Heifor Martins, Brazil; Lucy Ann Warner, Sucie Chuvisavapong, Thailand. Row 2. Khurshid Ahmad Chaudhry, Pakistan; Dean William Chase, Asdhar Ali Sehbul, Soiian Singh Hayne, India,- Georges Elgrably, French Morocco; Don Locascio, Beniamin Ishaku, Nigeria; Harbhoion Hayne, India; Heitor Martins, Brazil,- Mohammed Saleem, Pakistan; Mr. Durunni, Pakistan; Fernando Cruz, Guatemala. Row 3. Enrique Cortes, Mexico; Carl Jorgensen, Denmark,- Joseph Amode, Nigeria; Paulo Amorim, Brazil; Durga Naih, Nepal; Sophunn Im, Cambodia; Maung Ohn Thwin, Burma. ANGEL FLIGHT Angel Flight, tho womafs auxiliary t0 the Arnold Air So- cicty 0f the AFRO'J'C program, was founded on the Univcrv sity of New X chico campus last spring. Its threefold purpose is to aid the Arnold Air Society in any way possible, to promote intcrcst in tho :Xir Force, and to obtain informw tion about the Unitcd States Air Force. Membership is open to any woman student that has a 1.6 grade zlx'cragc. Row 1. Porn Schrom, Virginia Branch, Gale Williams, Judy Windom, Gail Russell, Rita Caruso, Becky Duke, Sondra Abraham, Almira Whiteside. Row 2. Sandra Toulbee, Kathy Connor, Barbe Rodgers, Helen Hougen, Nancy Bivins, Shirley Needham, Peg Kelly, Sali Barnett, Phyllis Gaby. Row 3. Penny Naughfon, Sydney Dahlen, Dione Blair, Gayle Hudgens, Joan Julien, Karen Dorris, Nina Winier, Kevin Kenney, Mary Teague, Elaine Owens. CLUB DE LAS AMERICAS Tho Club de 1215 Americas is an organization of Unb versity of New Mexico students who 2er interested in i Intcr-American affairs. It was founded in 195+ as an institution of fricndship and comprehension among 2111 Americans without any exception and without any IimL tation. It serves as a tic among Americans of the distinct republics of all America for a better understanding in this cultural and social mission. 3 A Row 1. Fernando Cruz, Polly Hanley, Diana Nunn, Elaine Frankhauser, Byron Crego, Orlando Recino, Tom Becker, Manuel Dominguez, Ralph Vigil. Row 2. Francine Zephier, Melissa Houston, Chris Tellez, Gloria Lee, Roslyn Walburg, Pam Dempsey, Dr. Miguel Jorrin, Roberto Forero, Row 3. Eduardo Bayona, Wayne Hamilton, Treese Feihon, Irene Acosta, Gaylord Smith, Sammie Alderefe, unidentified, Norman Marin, Mrs. Jorrin, Guillero MacDonald. 196 NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION United States National Student Association is made up of +00 colleges and universities rcprcscntcd by their student govcrnmcnts. UNM is a member of this organi- zation, and with the other schools, it strives to discover and to represent the interest, problems and aspirations of the student. Each August, delegates from the 11mm bcr schools meet at the National Student Congress to establish national NSA policy and t0 clcct national oHiccrs. Row 1. Sandra Abraham, Georgine Rummage, Ginny Wilson, Dorothy Winter, Betty Galligan, Evelyn Levy. Row 2. George Shoup, Richard Miller, Mike Brown, Paul Bloom, David Bloom. 197 ACTIVES Row 1. Bill Sfancup, John W. Mundell, Michael Weber, Melvin Mefcalf, John Allen, Dennis Edwards. , Alpha Phi Omega is the only group forced on the ALPHA PHI OMEGA UNM campus for the purpose of service only. This Club aims to assemble men in fellowship for the pur- pose of rendering service to the campus, to the com- munity, and t0 the nation. PLEDGES Row 1. Larry Kinzer, Bert Scism, John Curtis, Pete Seitz, Gary Rieder, Jay LaGree, Tex Haase. t Row 1. Carol Beniamin, Valerie Haydon, Nina Macaluso. Row 2. Johnny Curtis, Pete Seitz, Walt Phaler. The Ski Club is a recreational organization whose purpose is to encourage winter sports activities among students and SKI CLUB members of the faculty. Membership is open to all students and members of the faculty who are interested. tribute many of the pictures used by the MIRAGE and LOBO, and are in Charge of the new dark room in the base- ment of the Student Union. The Photooraphy Club is made up of UNM students who are intergstecl in the held of photography. They com PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB i Left to right. Marty Eckmann, John Appel, Jim Vorenberg, Sherian Herndon. 199 KIVA CLUB The purpose of Kiva Club is to promote an interest in the culture and traditions of the American Indian and to encourage and help individuals of Indian descent to seek higher learning. Each April, the Club sponsors the Nizhoni Indian Dances here on the campus in order to raise money for scholarship purposes. Row 1. Mike Harver, Ben Denny, William Pino, Richard Mason, Anselm Davis, Bill Damon, Claude Medford, Alfonso Ortiz. Row 2. Frank Olguin, Chandler GoeMing, Frank Mariamito, Howard Leonard, Leon Shirley, Thomas Tsosie, William Gerrifson. Row 3. Maggie Turner, Nancy Lee, Martha Tsiosidia, Rosemary Goriz, Clemintine Chewini, Margaret Bandku, Merceses Abetc, Marina Ouintuna, Mariam Joiola, Erma Nilchee, Bella Rodgers. 200 FORENSICS 1116 purposc of forensics is to give recognition for cxce1- 1C11CC 111 p11b11C spcakino and to C1131 Clop and C11C011ragc 111tCrCst 111 forcnsics among 111 1C gcncral pub11c and 11103111- dC11ts of collcgcs 2111C111111C151t1cs It fosters a rcspcct for and 2111 apprCC121t1011 of, 116C 10111 of spCCC C11 as a 11ml C1C111e11t of democracy. 1'1 Row 1. Prof. C. B. Owens, Barbara Hayes, Joan Gasmldo, Michael Brown. Row 2. Richard Miller, Bob Dick, John Woods, Charles Burmeisfer. 202 RALLYCOM RallyCom, a student spirit organization, promotes campus activities by developing UNM enthusiasm in both students and faculty members. This Club also par- ticipates in service projects and contributes to Campus Chest each year. Mom and Dads Weekend, planned for parents of U niversity students and held during the football season, is the special project of RallyCom. It is also in Charge of all cheerleading tryouts. Row 1. Barbara Jones, Pam Wesfdahl, Kevin Kenney, Madge Canoyer, Carolyn Bonifleld, Julie Dove, Marcella Sandoval, Patsy Martin, Angela Amorous. Row 2. Beverly Richards, Pam Swisher, Francie Cheefhum, Glenda Gillespie, Donna Rice, Nina Bebber, K'Aun Hubby, Julia Vescovi, Judy Cline, Gail McCutcheon, Linda Dunson, Annudelle Serna, Prudence Jaramillo, Polly Hunley, Pot Cazier. Row 3. Beverly Duefchman, Kathy Deal, Marilyn Schubert, Janie Ross, Nan Corkrun, Vera Cordova, Rexene Fletcher, Betty Ayers, Gayle Morris, Linda St. Clair, Jenann Kennedy, Nancy McNuH. Row 4. Heidi Quade, Pat Hays, Jill Howard, LeAnne CoFfman, Jeanne Bulb Barbara Clark, Dina Kuntz, Gale Williams, Daphne McPeters, Sherian Herndon, Vicki Lugenbeel, Jerilyn Bowen, Kay Strawn, Polly Parfee, Katy Babcock, Laura Ann Garrison. Row 5. Vicki Scott, Judy Daniels, Lynn Blair, Mary Lou Schmidt, Karen Dorris, Junie Reeves, Marilyn Ball, Muriel McCufcheon, Tesia Rivers, Collene Neals, Sharon Malloy, Terri Walker, Kay B. Siegenfhaler, Valerie Haydon, Suzanne Seay, Sandie Arnold. Row 6. Carole Gray, Kay Paterson, Kathi Howard, Georgia Haywood, Bobbie Johnson, Verna Greer, Carolyn Seale, Bonnie ZanoHi, Carole Darr, Cora Jean Osbourn, Laurie Haas, Margaret Moss, Carole Vygralc, Cheryl Lee Cunningham, Johnnie Ray Ownbey, Beverly Ann Bigley, Charity Sue Waterman, Connie Claus. WATERLOUS VVaterlous was organized for UNM women students interested in improving their swimming ability. Its pur- pose is to 6ncourage interest in synchronized swimming. Membership is based on general alLaround swimming ability. Once a year, the group sponsors a water show during Fiesta weekend. In addition to this, individual members time various swimming meets held on the campus. Row 1. Lynda Adams, Lynn Kloepfer, Donna Dalbey, Vera Cordovu, Robin Palmer, Lou Ann Frolic, Nikki Lynne Andrews, Lynnu Belku, Carole Durr, Roger Ann Wilson, Emilie Hiesinnd, Martha Sue Cochran, Diane Fries, Pam Schrom. Row 2. Helen Alexander, Kathy Kilgore, Pat Naylor, Segried Hoyt, Patti Camp, Marsha Sauer- man, Margaret Craig, Judi Konnerth, June Robnetf, Heidi Quude, Elaine Owens, Sandra Ednie, Dedie Thomas, Jan Dortignac, Mary Ann Rilu, Erika Hoehndorf. Row 3. Vunphen Chifrunuhroh, Murny Metzger, Ann Born- sfein, Lorraine Distefano, Kay Bain, Phyllis Bain, Elizabeth Woodson, Grace Louise Colvin, Dorothy Olson, Lee Booth, Susan Harkness, Sandra Taulbee. Row 4. Miss Sharel Anderson, Ellie Bradley, Mary Childers, Monica Anderson, Merrilee Mangels, Syd Dahlen, Jann Showley, Carol Thomas, Donna Tyler, Mardi Weidman. 204 TOWN CLUB Row 1. Pa? Study, Anne Dell Roberts, Peggy Tarbell, Janice Parker, Sylvia Wilson wresidenG, Jeanne Smith, Kem: Costales, Janet Holman, Becky Duke, Rita Caruso, Sharon Sucharda. Row 2. Puffy Gibson, Rita Carabuial, Rem: Cutler, Fay Endres, Dorothy Corner, Sylvia Sandoval, Cathy Callahan, Peggy Herter, Tesiu Rivers, Paf Luuxman, Sharon Booher, Winia Romaine, Kathy Davis. Row 3. Sue Paul, Sandy Sanders, Joyce Neuber, Jean Gadler, Barbara Wilson, Pa? Whifed, Jean Siaplefon, Sally Van Effen, BeHy Pollock, Mary Wishard, Ginny BoH, Karen Waldorf, Mary Lou Park. Town Club was founded as a social organization for UNM girls living in Albuquerque. Its purpose is to create a more democratic spirit among women students and to encourage participation in educational, social, and student activities by Town Club members. Traditional Town Club activities include the Kidnap Breakfast, Mothers, Club Christmas Party, Winter Formal, and Spring Founded Banquet and Dance. Town Club community service projects are the Albuquerque Association for Retarded Children fund drive and decorating a Christmas tree for the chalillo County-Indian Hospital. PUBLICATIONS ?.um BMCFW , 3 AMA AILLO ' , mm mm w W MW OBO KATE CORBIN Assistant Editor MIRAGE PAT CAZIER Features Editor KATH RYN MCCORMIC K Organionons Edhor POCH Editor Merge Solenberger Doc Fenley John Grimm Srephany Crow NEWS BUREAU Carolyn chlin THUNDERBIRD 3a.. Janusz Kosikowski 213 Lobo smears Council- L "Ohl Look there's a photographer. The active, lively committee. FRANK MC GUIRE STUDENT Y PRESIDENT the door for the unending enthusiasm of stu- dents that only needed the impetus provided by the years 1960-1961. The challenge present today has never been greater. If student government at the University can approach its full potential and if it is accompanied by the students it repre sents, the first obstacle will have been re- moved to achieving our goals as individuals, The New F rontiers 0f the day have opened i students and as citizens of the United States. FRANK MCGUIRE ISHMAEL VALENZUELA Student Body Vice President 217 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the executive branch of the A550- ciated Students government. It consists of twelve elected members and is headed by Student Body President, Frank McGuire. The Council acts as a coordinator among the student body, the administration, and other members of the Uni- versity community. It is responsible for budgeting income from student activity fees, distributing allotments for . projects and activities, and designating dates for campus elections and campus activities such as student body dances. Row 1. Jo Ann Titman, AI Nuhmad, Gretchen Cliff, Ferdy C. DeBaca, Nancy Wall, Mark Thompson, Gail Russell. Row 2. Frank McGuire, lsh Valenzuela, B. J. Thompson, Ed Lewis, Mike Bolduc, Jackie King, Alex Yuen, Patty Burke. 218 STUDENT SENATE . The Student Senate is the legislatixe body of the Associ- ated Students. Its membership is made up of elected repree sentatives from each student organization that meets the requirements for representation as outlined in the Constitw tion and also the three elected ofheers of each Class. F There are four standing committees appointed by the ' president of the Student Senate; The Budget Committee which sits with the Student Council in the preparation of the new budget, the Steering Committee, the Credentials Committee, and the Rules Committee. r t Row 1. Fred Mondragon, Lindy Blaschke, Bob Crawford, Don Batie, Carl Konrad, Carson Creecy, Yoaquim Paulo Amorim, Byron G. Crego, James Torres, Earl Husler, Roger Banks. Row 2. Frecia Carmine, Kay McCash, Norma Gulley, K'Aun Hubby, Judy Cline, Eber C. Lotze, Mordi Weidman, Eric Laub, Dick Arthur, Ray Zum- walf, Terry Fields, Sandi Bloys, Mary Sheets, Jim DiLorenzo, Bonnie Ambrose. Row 3. Kevin Kenney, Carolyn Raglin, Julie Sudilek, Judy Daniels, Marilyn Anderson, Put Layton, Julie Vescovi, Patsy Lovato, Lyn O'Connor, Priscilla Montoya, Sully Van EHen, Chloe Lineberger, Jerry Peschke, Sara Frantz, Rita A. Caruso, Pat Reeves, Gwen Speer, Patti Alexander, Phyllis Gaby. Row 4. Lynn Roser, Shirley Ballew, Ruth Wortmann, Anabel Stafford, Jean Grigsby, Valerie Sherer, Mary Abernathy, Cheryl Lee Cunningham, Sandra Abraham, Diane Fries, Sharelle Mayer, Bill Stulcup, Tom Farrar, Neal Pearson, Linda Nelson, Kathi Connor, Mary Ann Adams, Maia Cowper, Jean Gaby. Row 5. Patrick J. Kelly, Kenneth L. Cave, Adolph C. Plummer, Michael McLeskey, Donald Ditmore, A. C. Donell, Jr., William F. Quarg, Dave Christiansen, Bill Maxon, Dennis Duffy, Lynn Adumson, Reuben Baca, Ed Lynch, Richard Wood, John King, Bill Schoenhut, Thomas J. Dirso, Jon Barrows, Richard Miller, Mark AcuH, Paul Bloom, Stephen Schumpet, David Swinford. 219 AWS JUDICIAL BOARD The Associated Women Students Judicial Board is an educational body to interpret and Clarify the rules and stand- ards set by AXVS. It is a board of appeal and referral in all matters involving infractions of ARV S Standards. The Judicial Board publishes each year Saludos Amigas, a handbook to give helpful hints to new women students. K M Left to right: Jan Showley, Prue Cramp, Carol Rice, Pat Reeves, Nina Winfer. STUDENT COURT Students. Cases can be brought before the Court by any branch of the Student Government or by any agent of the University. The Student Court is composed of six students and has t a Chief Clerk and a Chief Justice. t The Student Court is the judicial body of the Associated t I Left to right: Mike Kyne, Georgine Rummage, Joe Mercer, Carol Rice, Jim Judge 221 Row 1. Glenn Wonn, Don Lucas, Jerry Street, Kim McCracken, Owen P. Williams. Row 2. William G. Miller, Arthur M. Hill, Torn W. Thomas, George Perce, Stephen A. Matthews. ENGINEERS JOINT COUNCIL The Campus Improvement Committee is a joint student and faculty committee that has as its purpose the improvement of the scheme of the landscaping for the University of New Mexico campus. The Engineers, Joint Council is the governing body of the electrical, mechanical, and Civil engineer ing students. It also serves to foster a spirit of co- operation and fellowship among the different groups. The honor society is to encourage qualities which make a successful engineer. CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT 222 Row 1. John MacGregor, Prof. Mercedes Gugisberg, Professor Howard DiHmer, Polly Pariee, Capt. A. F. Ryder. Row 2. J. V. Lewis, R. L. Strong, Prof. Marvin C. May, John Perovich, Myron Fifield. Row 1. Jane Snow, Susan McGuire, Simmie Gibson, Gail Carlson, Dina Kuntz, Kay B. Siegenfhaler. Row 2. Jack Norris, Barry Cole, Sherman E. Smith, Dan McKinnon, Edward G. Nolan, John M. Batcheller, George Meyers, Alexander Mosley. The Cultural Committee sponsors the Program series of the Associated Students. It provides such things for the CULTURAL COMMITTEE students, enjoyment as lectures, concerts, and various other cultural events of interest to the student body. Events Spom sored by the Committee are scheduled on the weekly pro- gram which is distributed every Friday. The Junior Inter-Fratemity Council, the coordinating JUNIOR V body of the fraternity pledge classes. Its purpose is to pro mote the welfare and general interests of the fraternity e INTEReFRATERNITY pledge Classes by establishing closer relationships between ? pledge groups and encouraging eo-operation with the faculty COUNCIL and student body. Row 1. Nick Seeds, PDT; Bill Schoenhut, SAE; Steve Bernstein, AEP; Dick Stondefer, KA; Larry Tecker, KS; h Skip Jones, PDT. Row 2. Truman Rice, PKA; Bob Salyer, PKA; Fred Legere, PKA; Craig Norris, SX; Burt t Welburn, TKE; Herm Rummelf, LXA. Not pictured: Mike Monhart, SPE; John Apple, DSP. 223 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternity Council is the governing board of the eleven fraternities on campus and as such, sets the rules and standards of each fraternity. Each fraternity Clccts two representatives to the council. Primarily it serves to promote a spirit of cooperation between the fraternities. Row 1. Allyn Franklin, AEP; Chuck Williams, KS; U. D. Black, SX; Denny Brummell, PDT; E. Frank, SAE; Ron Befelbough, LXA. Row 2. Gary Thompson, KA; Larry Verschuur, LXA; Jun Eagleman, DSP; Alan Metzgur, TKE; Scott Brown, PKA; Jim Ransom, SAE; .Gene Davenport, SPE. 224 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL the eight sororities on campus and promotcs a spirit of co- The Panhellenic Council serves as the governing body Of Operation among the different groups. The council sponsors such activitics as tcas, style shows, and assists the Interfrw temity Council in making plans for thC annual Greek XVCCk. Row 1. Dean Clauve; Marti Mullins, ADP; Kathi Riley, AXO; Nancy Crow, AXO WresidenD; Anne Bradley, KAT; Pam Dempsey, DDD; Margaret Stevens, DDD. Row 2. Rita Burmeister, AXO; Betty Bryce, AXO; Karen Dorris, KKG; Gwen Speer, XO; Barbe Rodgers, DDD; Penny Naughton, PEP. NEW MEXICO UNION BOARD. The New "Mexico Union Board is a joint student and faculty committee that has as its purpose the guidance of the general operation of the Student Union Building. It supervises the activities sponsored by the union and its various committees, most especially the Union Program Directorate. Row 1. Margaret Stevens, Ellie Goldstein, Jim Beckley, Frank McGuire, Ishmael Valenzuela. Row 2. Mr. William Bierbaum, Dr. GoHord, Barbe Rodgers, Arleen Olson, Dean Clouve, Mr. Sherman Smith. INTER RELIGIOUS COUNCIL standing among the various religious groups. Activities The purpose is to promote harmony and better under- include a religious discussion day, the Student Body Thanks- E giving Dinner, and the Brotherhood Progressive Dinner. The Council sends infoxnlation to new students on religious organizations and provides the organizations with religious preference cards. Row 1. Sheila Miller Weseren, Kay Collins hCanferburyL Beth Hughes hChrisfiun ScienceL Doyce Wood hChurch of Christ-Apologiam, Donna Frenfzel hWesleyL Michelle Rosenbaum WilleD, Jane Ross hHilleD, Ginny Wil- son hSCFL Elaine Long hSCFL Row 2. Mr. Russ Patrick, adviser WSW, Jim Moore WUFL Bill Hawke hChristian ScienceL J. B. Cuvendar MpologianL Alice McIntosh hWesleyL Bruce Williamson hPUFL Anna Dell Roberts 1 hBSU-presidenO, Ernesf Vigil hBSUL Chris Lofze hGammu DelfaL John Denny hGammo Delfco, Linda Hutchin- h . son hBSUL Mr. Albert Sweef, adviser Mpologianl 227 228 Va; Row 1. Judy Miller, Barbe Rodgers, Margaret Stevens, Jean Grigsby. Row 2. Martha Sue Cochran, Fred Stewart, Nancy Nohl, George Meyers. NEW MEXICO UNION The New Mexico Directorate plans the program of activities for the New Mexico DIRECTORATE Union and. xygrks with other grgups using the Unlon fac1htles to help acquamt them Wlth the services and physical aids available. The Student Affairs Committee serves as STUDENT AFFAIRS an advisory council to the Director of Student Affairs, particularly on matters relating to the welfare of students and relationships between COMMITTEE students and members of the faculty. Row 1. Miss Millikan, Peggy Pick, Dr. Sherman Smith, Bonnie Ambrose, Kathy McCormick. Row 2. Dr. Davis, Richard Wood, Win Alme, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Doxtator. Row 1. Jon Michaels, Peg Kelly, Miss McMurray, Miss Dean. Row 2. Dr. Jacobs, Bob Tinnin, Dr. Crowell, William F. Quarg. The Student Standards Committee is a STUDENT STANDARDS joint student and faculty committee which handles matters of student discipline. Cases decided bv the Standards Committee cannot COMMITTEE bc appealhd t0 the Student Court. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS The Student Publications Board controls the student publications-The Lobo, The Mirage, and The Thunderbird. It selects the T BOARD editors and business managers of these pub- hcations. Row 1. Dr. Frank Reeve; William H. Huber; Barbara Sanchez; Nancy Ruggles; William McMahon. Row 2. Richard French; Michael Rohla; Linden Knighfen; Dr. Morris Freedman; Professor Keith 51'. Onge. 229 "Angie honey be gracious youlre the queen." The Left Handed Brigade MILITARY They build men 231 SEMESTER I Cameron-Stuart Edwards A .. chq. I com. ckq. II com. Thomas Mechenbier -A Doherty Johnson Thomas AFROTC CADET OFFICERS Cadet Colonel Cadet Colonel IIICIMICRICH MICCIUCNHIER Deputy Commander Deputy Commander ORTIZ BOND qu. III com. chq. I com. Bond Heimerich Cameron-Stuart SEMESTER II qu. III com. Doherty CCHXDR.CKLARI SQUADRONI ; Z33 SQUADRON 11 SQUADRON 1H 234 Battalion Staff and OfTIcers-Row 1. Jim Beckley, Platoon Commander; Gordon Jones, Executive Officer; John Halvorsen, Platoon Commander; Edwin Frank, Platoon Commander; J. C. Clark, Company Commander; Thomas Kincheloe, Battalion Adiutam; Martin Lenzini, Battalion Operations Officer. Row 2. Robert Langley, Company Commander; Dennis DUHy, Drill Team Commander; Melvin lngalls, Public Information; Rex Lesley, Platoon Commander; John Bradford, Battalion Commander; Fredric Dalzell, Executive Officer. Ward Room Socieiy-Row 1. John Halvorsen, Gary Casper, Richard Czeiner, Bill Grasse, Pat Mitchell. Row 2. Martin Eckmann, David Bradley, Dave Dawson, Dick Kenyon, Tony Koncpka. Irresistible Hooty has his eyes open 237 sourpuss THE WILDER PARTIES 238 Freshman cleanup Z39 TICS 1 C: -LJ ATHL NW: .00., mal- NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MEXICO UNIVERSITY OF XVYOMING TEXAS W ESTERN COLLEGE NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA UNIVERSITY OF DENVER BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY MONTANA UNIVERSITY 77- 6 3-13 FOOTBALL 244 MEXICO Highlighting the opening of the 1960 football season was the formal dedication of UNME new 30,000 seat stadium. The dedi- cation ceremonies were held during the halftime of the football game. Dignitaries taking part in the dedication included Antonio Carrillo Flores, ambassador from IVIexico; the U. S. consul to Mexico, Robert E. Cartwright; Governor John Burroughs; UNM President Tom L. Popejoy; and Finlay McGilhvray, president of the Board of Regents. Frank McGuire, UNM student body presi- dent, was master of ceremonies. New h'Iexicds Lobos opened a new season, a new stadium, and a new coaching career for Bill Weeks in grand fashion with a smashing conquest of the Pumas before a record Lobo crowd of 24,085. So oneesided was the contest that Coach W eeks was able to unleash any unit and still score at will. ,, a 919 , 1.1 , Bob Petuwn gag R ,se Smith Jim Bradley The victory of the Agg1es made the Lobos winless 111 their past three 011t111gs.bNMS gained 21 1121t1011211 reputar tion 215 tth romped over 2111 their opponents Three Aggies were among the 1C21C1Crs 111 the C01111tr3 111 total 01161156, and rated Erst 111 5C01111g, third 111 total OHCIISC, and high 111 both rushing and passing. UNM left at 21 disadx antage with the absence of B1113 B1011 11 the P21CL depended on sophomore Bobbv Santiago to p101 1c1e the sp21rL 111 its offense Another g100n1y110te was the loss of quarterbaCL left half Jay MCNitt, who sustained 21 broLen left leg 111 the t 11rd period. Dick Bright Mike Bright NEW MEXICO STATE 245 n 2 x .' Billy Brown Jack Butler John Byrd Chuck Uluusen Chuvl' Cumm' kg h UTAH STATE Utah States Aggies unleashed an awesome rush- ing attack and trounced the Lobos 1'11 21 rain-soakcd, - 1 windswept contest before 3,2+O shivering spectators at the University Stadium. Although only a small crowd appeared more school spirit was achieved. The spectators cheered in the rain, hail, snow and below zero weather even after the cheerleaders went home. Again it was the story, as far as the Lobos were con- cerned, of failing to contain a mighty oEense coupled with the inability to moxe against a rockewall defense. A like situation occurred against New A lcxico State. szn'y Glass 2+6 Bunnie ldnea Bill Hayes Frank GuIIiL-k George Heard Clint Helton ARIZONA ' . Bob Jensen George Kennedy John Kosor A crowd of 14,000 witnessed the XVildcats recap- ture the Kit Carson rifle after a threeeyear stay as a Lobo trophy. Costly errors told the storvr as far as the Lobos were concerned throughout the contest. Otherwise, the Lobos played a superb ball game. Supporting this was AU Coach Jim Larues post game statement that UNM was as good a team as a t 0,, , Arizona had played all year. Jim Cromartic turned 1301, LOW , , in the most gratifying performance, taking over for ' injured senior George Friberg. Jay McNitt Bob Morgan COLORADO STATE UNhTs Victory-hungry Lobos capitalized on fourth- period fumbles and pass interceptions to walk away with their third consecutive victory and spill Colorado State in University stadium. The victory, furthermore, set the stage for Homecoming season finale between the W olf- pack and Montana. Ed Beaclfs educated toe split the uprights for the point-afteretouchdown, the 50th since the senior end transferred to UNM last year. t Bill Pendleton Eddie Scott TE 'Hal Ried Mike Schmidt Gene Scott Tucker Ta Bobby Starr Jim Youn MONTANA Art VVintheiser Jimmy Ohman Jim W'hitf'ield , , Jim Cromartie rushed for 91 yards, passed for one touchdown, scored another TD, and made two key interceptions to pace UNMis Lobos to the seasonvending Victory over Montana. The triumph, staged before a Home- coming crowd of H566, was the fourth straight for the Lobos, who eon- Juewoicuu eluded their 1960 campaign with a 5-5 shite. By Vil'tt e of the Victory, Bill XVeeks7 XVOprele found itself in fourth place in the E11211 Skyline confer- ence standings. The Enished place is respectable for any squad plagued by injuries and in the midst of a rebuilding year. This becomes more evident when it is considered that this same squad was at 011C time in the grasp of a tive-game losing streak and appeared to be headed for a liiiscrable season. - 2+9 BASKETBALL 250 UN M 73 66 63 1.276 $75 $61 $62 $53 $63 $69 $64 $78 $65 Bob Sweeney SEASON RECORD Opp. 85 53 7+ 82 81 81 Air Force Academy I'Iamhne Colorado University New Mexico State Texas XVestem Kansas State Colorado State College Arizona VanderbiIt XVyoming Utah Montana Colorado State University Brigham Young Utah State Colorado State Univer81ty XVyoming Montana Utah Denver Denver Utah State Brigham Young Skyline Conference Came li v1 li Gig Brummell, Put Baggoff, Lanny Winters, Mike Die'mier, Francis Grant, Joe McKay, Larry Smith, Tom King, Bill Reid, Ben Brooks, Francis CofTee, Dole Hawk. Lobo basketball, although the eventual won-lost reeor didn7t show it, was much improved as Coach Bob Sweeney hustling squad fought its way through one of the mo ambitious schedules ever attempted by a UNM quinte The Lobos won six games, lost 17, but among that 1 there were a number of games which were lost by a fe inches. Inches is the word because it was obvious throug out the season that the Lobost chief shortcoming was th lack of 21 good 11big" man. Tom King, the fantastic, 63 rebounder, Francis Gran 6-2 forward, and centers Dale Hawk, 6-6, and Francis CoHe consistently batt1ed the tall leaders of such squads a Kansas State, New Mexico State, Colorado and Utah t a standstill for rebounds, but eoulchft keep the likes of Bi MeGill, an eventual Utah AILAIHCH'CEIH, W ilkie Cihnor and George Knightou from scoring. At the Close of the season, Grant, a junior from 10116 som'ille, 1nd. led Lobo scorers with a total of 392 point and a 17.1 per game average. In recognition of the stylisl jump shootefs ability, he was named to the All-Skylin second team and given recognition as potentiaHy one o the Skylines finest in the next campaign. King. who had set 21 New Mexico school rebounding rec ord as a junior, reset it as 11 senior as he reclaimed his Sky line rebounding championship by taking down 375 over th year. Three regulars from the 1960-61 season were seniors. Th Lobos 1ose guards Lanny XVinters. and Gig Brummell an King, but with Grant and guard Ioe McKay, who Closec the year with 21 13.2 per game scoring average, returning plus help coming up from a tall freshman squad, the Ion grind toward rebuilding University of New Mexico basket ball could begin to pay 0E soon. Francis Grant, a graceful, 6-1 forward from letter- sonville, 1nd, was the oHensive heart of University of New Mexico basketball in the 196061 season. Grant, deadly with a 1ong, arching jump shot, scored 392 points to lead the Lobo attack, and that output, coupled with the 481 he scored as a sopho- more, puts him in a position to become New Mexe ico,s most prolific scorer in history. A junior this past season, Grant was honored with a second unit position on the All-Skyhne team and made a number of 11A11eOpponent" teams selected by other Skyline schools. Francis Grant in action against Utah State. Tom King goes all out against Vanderbilt. Throughout the entire 1960-61 Lobo basket- ball season one New Mexico athlete gained continual praise, and admiration, from oppon- ents, opposing coaches and fans alike as his all-out performances amazed everyone who watched him. Torn King, 6-3 senior from East Orange, N.I., went out to battle taller opponents in every game in what has become one of the most im- portant aspects of the game, capturing the re- bound. King won the Skyline Conference rebounde ing title for the second straight year on his way to setting, also for the second straight year, a new school record. He took down 375 rebounds in 23 games to erase a record which he had set the season before. At seasons end, Coach Bob Sweeney, recoge nizing Kings tremendous contribution, pro- claimed him 11the iinest rebounder in the nation. He could have made any college basket ball team in the COLintry." Lobo Mike Dietmier rebounds, Francis Coffee aftempting a long hook shot. Sophomore Joe McKay lays one up in the Vanderbilt game. Row 1. Tom Springer, Don Wusson, John Wilfong, John Dom. Row 2. Pat Tabor, asst. coach, Tim Wagner, Mike Lucero, John Grannis, Bud Strubel, Jim Bolin, Terry Dyer, Ed Harfer, head coach. n 1 1 t 1 1 r? i, 1 1 $21 . 1 4 Coach Hugh HockeH Two y021r5 ago, Coach Hugh Haekett took over 215 head 0021011 of University of New Mexico track 21nd field and 110 0211110 with the reputation 215 0110 of the best high 8011001 002101105 111 the nation. 111 his 50001111 year 21t UNM, 215 his ree built Lobos swept to 21 11111111101 of 111111105- sive dual meet Victories, Irlzlekett began to add to his reputation 215 0110 of the finest truck and Edd t021011ers 111 the business. 111 two years under 11210kctt's tute1agc, New Mexico 11215 risen from :1 50.30 reputa- tion 111 trziek to become recognized 215 0110 of the 1121ti01115 growing powers in the sport. A 19-16 graduate of the University, Cozieh Hackett began his coaching 0211001 21t A111uquerqueys Highland high school, where his teams won seven consecutive st21te eh21111pionships 2111d had :1 streak of +1 consecutive Victories going when 110 left to begin his collegiate coaching 0211001 at his 21111121 11121t0r. Row 1. Pat Enright, Randy Johnson, Charles Walter, Jesse Castaneda, Dean Johnson, Lee Trussell, Stan Hayes, Mike Wright, Jim Perry. Row 2. Jim Nelson, Floyd Highml, Tom Abbott, Jim Wh11f181d, Jon Epperson, Barrett Price, Lon Cottinghum, Tony Shaw, Jerry Sutherlen, David Lehmann. Row 3. Jim Stewart, Del Blanks, Efren Rocha, Tom Edmundson, John Ramsey, Torn Barnes, Barry Durham, Lindy Lanier. Row 4. Tom Keleher, Pete Brown, Adolph Plummer, Wayne Vondenburg, David Eyestone, Jim Blair, Andy Sinclair, George Heard, R. P. Waters. The 1961 University of New Mexico track and held te21111 ranks without doubt 215 the best 117011132101; ever 21550111b1ed. 1110 1.01305, '21 wring t021111 11121t10 up for the most part Of 111111015, 50111101110105 211101 110511111011, scored e21r1y, arid surpris- ing, Victories over 511011 te211115 215 Arizona State University and Brigham Y01111g iii c111211 meet competition. The Victory 0101 Brigham Y01111U, 21 thorough, 8348, tri- 111111111, 111211'k0c1 the Erst time 21 811111110 Conference 5011001 had beaten BYU, the defending Conference 01121111111011, 111 21 c111211 meet in eight 102115. XVe11-11211211100c1 and with good depth throughout, the 101mg 1101105, in addition to their c111211 meet triumphs over BYU 2111t1 ASU, upended Texas Tech, New Mexico State, New Mexico XVestei-ii 21nd were strong favorites to add triumphs 0x'erD011110r and the University01C01or21t10 111 the 121tt0r part 01 the 50215011. A150, Coach Hugh 11210kett2111c1 his squad made 121101211110 11111110551005 at 311011 prestige-rieh meets 21s the Texas Relays, Kansas 11012115, the Compton-I111'1t21t1011211 and the Meet 01 C1121111pi0115 at Houston. 11711110 premier sprinter 1-Xc101ph 1311111111101, broad jumper 1301 1312111115 and discus thrower R. P. VV21ters turned in the 11105t 51100010111211 111c1i1'it111211 performances of the 50215011, other 21t111etes 811C11 215 1211'0111115t 1011 McMahon, hurc110r5 George Heard and 11111 B12111. 111ir1c110 distance runners St2111 11211105 11nd Pete Brown and distance 111011 1302111 1011115011 21nd 1011 1111110125011 2111 made top contributions to the 50215011. 11C01110 throughw per10r1112111ees tr0111 sprinter 11111 VVhit- Edd, sprinter-bmad 1111111101 Bobby Santiago and XV21t0rs were 051100121111 iiiiport2111t 215 the trio 0211110 1111 with per501ia1 hests time after time. 11111c110r 101111 Ramsey, high jumper 1121111 1121rti11 21nd 111ic1t1104115t2111ee runner T0111 Abbott were the 01111 50111013 011 the 1961 squad, indication that the UNXI rise to track and E01c1 prominence w0111c1 0011tii1110. UNM Event 100-111. dash 2201111. dash 4-10-1111 dash 880L111. dash mile 11111 Z-11111e r1111 high hurdles 1011' hurdles 40011111111 hurdles 140-111. re1ay 880-111. relay 111110 re1z1y pole Vault broad jump high 11111111 hop, step 81 jump shot put discus javelin Record 9.6 20.8 46.9 :48.1 O-ht-t JAxnrxh-II-L; HOFJ-JAONCIJ 42 1.111410 gnu 3:099 141w 2131;" 6,3,, 44'4" 32 27511 161111 2+4 9" Adolph Plummer shown winning the 440 against Texas Tech. TRACK AND FIELD RECORDS Individual Richard Howard Ado1ph P111111111er Adolph P111111111cr 11111 Dupree 11111 anree Ion Iippcrson Richard Howard Richard IImVard Richard Howard Fred Sims '1'0111 Ahhot't 11111 11"11111101d Richard Howard George Heard 11111 1V111111e1d Bobby Santiago Ado1ph Plummet 11111 Stewart 11111 Dupree Ado1ph Plummet Richard Howard Monte Doyle Del B1311Ls 'l'ohy Royhzll Fred Sims Stan 1121211111 R. 11. 1Vaters Buster Quist Year 1959 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1959 1959 1961 1960 1959 1961 1951 1959 1959 1961 1959 The 1961 University of New Mexico track and field team was led 13V a pair of 111c11V1d11a13 who achieved national ranking 111 their specialties earlv 111 the season and became known as two of the finest track and held men 111 the United States. Adolph Plummet a sophomore solidihed his claim for rating as a top quahtv runner 111 theZ 20 yd and 44011111. dashes. H01 der of the SLV1111e Confer enee record of 247.4 111 the 440111d. dash and the Ieagues defending 01121111131011 111 the 220, P111111111er also anchored the Lobo 11111e relay team to some great victories and nationally rated t1111es B1;111Ls,a freshman made his bid e21er 111 the sea- son when he set the New Mexico 5011001 record of 29334" 111 the broad jump , a mark that was the best 111 the nation through the 621er part of the Vear. Blanks also added V ersatihtV to his contribution 111 becoming a very promising 1111rd1er, specializing 111 the highs. Del Blanks shown getting off a great jump of 25334". Senior hurdler John Ramsey clears fhe 7th barrier against NM WesternA Freshman Dean Johnson shown leading school record holder Jon Epperson in an early season two mile. George Heard faking if easy. Torn Barnes leads Mike Wright m the fape in a close 440 duel. Sophomore Pete Brown shown leading teammates Tony Shaw and Tom Abbott to a sweep in the 880. Distance men Stan Hayes, Dean Johnson and Floyd Highfill shown negotiating the steeple chase wafer barrier. Shot putter Andy Sinclair lets go of one against Arizona R. P. Waters warms up. Pole vculter easily clears 13' against Arizona. Cross country team. 259 SWIMMIN G Row 1. Donna Tyler, Jean Lawton, Cris Laage, Ma Southworth, Lynn Frolic, Claudia Lyles. Row 24 Bain, Carol Thomas, Debbie Williamson, Merrilee M- gels, Mrs. Piper, Harlene Jones, DeDe Thomas, Je Reynolds. The 200-yd. medley relay took Firs? place. Competing were Chris Laage, Debbie Williamson, Merrilee Mungels and Donna Tyler. John Solenberger, Mike Watkins, John Mc Mahon, and AI Rhudy capture the iunio national AAU 200-yard freestyle relay. v 1. Tom Cravy, Joe Gutierrez, Russ Tunaka, David David, Frank erson, Bill Sells, Bruce Redd. Row 2. Clinton Pryor, Charles Hatfield, rm Watkins, Jim Clifford, John McMahon, Bill Best, Ed White, Bill kins. Row 3. John Powell, Mike Watkins, John Solenberger, Bon 1e, All Rhudy, George Linn, Bob Tesch, Sammie Harris, Colin Ran- ph, Coach John Williams. The 1960-61 University of New Mexico swimming team won three dual matches, lost Eve, hnished third in the Skyline Conference Eastern Division and fifth in the E11211 Conference Championships. And things look good for the future with such standouts as sprinter A1 Rhudy, allearound performer John Solenberger and diver Lyle Parker all returning for next season. Rhudy, a freshman, set a New Mexico school and Eastern Divie sion record in the loo-yd. freestyle, Solenberger, a sophomore, set a school and division record in the goeyd. freestyle, while Parker, a junior and two-time Skyline champion, was upset to finish a close second in the league diving championships. Row 1. Warren Gandall, Charles CundiH, Vern Martinez, Lloyd Von Wolf, Bill Borihwick, Eric Laub, Joe Vivian, Harold Alderman. Row 2. Coach Willis Barnes, Chuck Clausen, Bernard Jackson, Dick Huggins, Tom Izgar, Carlos Torres, Mike Enrigh, Phil Cul1en, George Ashcruff, mgr. WRESTLING After t110 wars of concentrated 111111 ding of 111C Lobo 11'rest1111g team Coach XV 11115 Barnes, 11110 1C1 tired at the Close of 111C 5011501152111 his Cfforts begin to 13211 off 111 the 1960 61 sca5011. The Lobos posth a 51x 1'1ctor1', four dCfC'at dual match record for the 16211- -best C1C1 111 the sport at UNM-with a tcam composed 111050t11' of 50131101 mores and 111111015. At 56215011 5 C11C1,130-po1111c1 Da1'C 111315112111 11110 had gone tl1r011gh t11C rcg111ar scason 11 1th 01111 011C 1055 E111511Cd 111 third plaCC 111 1115 012155 at t11C SL1'1111C C11a1111310115111p5, as did 110311'11'C1g11t Chuck C121115611, a 501311011101011111101 L101C1 Vonb 117011 1 23 pounds, won a fourth place mCC1a1. 1.1.731: Q 5'11 11317.43: 1.131 311 Row 1. Ron Beisel, Fred Chreisf, Buddy Robertson, Bernard Brummell, Salvador Rubi, Floyd Crondoll. Row 2. Bob McCorkle, Rich Felter, Tom Bruskus, Linny Winters, George Gumm, Jim Kirkpatrick, Don Keith. Row 3. Doug Sayer, Herb Craig, Bill Reid, Ralph Youngberg, Walt Baumgardener, Buddy Moder, Charlie White, Steve Stienhofter tos- sistcmt coacM. BASEBALL New Mexico helded one of its strongest entries ever in Skyline Conference baseball in 1961 with the Lobos getting off to a good head start in a drive for the leagues Eastern Division title. Coach George Petrol, in the 1+th season at the Lobo helm, received good hitting from seniors Joe Sarthory, Lanny XVinters and Ron Beiscl, and junior Fred Chreist and sophomore Jim Kirkpatrick. The Lohos also boasted what was the best one-two pitch- ing punch in the division in a pair of t0ugh seniors, right hauder Gib Brummcll and left hander Tommy Bruskas. GOLF As the 1961 spring sports scason camc to a C1OSC 111ch was 11tth doubt that t11C U111Vcrs1tV of NCVV 11cxico 0011tC21111 101111 t1111Cs C1121111p1011 of t11C SLV1111C Confer- C11CC,VVast11ctC21111tobC21t011CC 21g21111 21s 1211 as othcr SLV1111C teams VV ch C011CC111CC1. C021C11D1CL 11CC1111C s C121SSV 2100ng21- t1011 11C21C1CC1 bV tC21111 C21pt21111 171C DK1111C 2111C1 SLV1111C C1121111131011 JCFIY Truax Cx- tC11C1CC11ts C1011111121t1011 01t11C1C21011C111 C111211 11121tC112111C1 C111211 11121tC11 . 111C Lobos 1121VC not bCC11 dCfcath by 21 SLV'1111C tC21m 111 111C past EVC VC21rs. Besides K1111C and 1 r1121x t11C squad VVas composcd of 1cttcr1112111 Paul Rost, JaCL 111111C1 11111 Abbott 21nd 11CVVC0111C1 DC1 K11111CV. SV111b011C of 111C strC11crt11 of thc Lobo go1fsit11at1011,CoaC111ICG111rCVVas abIC to 1161 C1 21 frCsl1111a11 tC21111 VV 111C11 13121V CC1 its OVV11 SCparatC SC11CC1111C CVC11 t11011g11frC511111C11 arc C1101b1C for SLV 1111C V arsitV C0111pct111011 T11C frosh tC21111 VV21s composcd of 101111 Elizondo JaCL Pruitt Sam ZimmerlCV and Rod Ferguson. S L A R U M A R T m Madge Canoyer Marcella Sandoval Angela Amorous 266 Julie Dove Patsy Martin Phyllis Shorf Raz-ma-Iaz 267 Why . . . honey you know I'll fake core of you. . . . Z68 :S 1 ATUR -r1 F -LJ PROFESSOR FIESTA ENTERTAINMENT 276 " '" ww vi awm 277 MIDWAY k WATERLOUS HOMECOMING - alga?! . -. . .4 . i.... - uu.. . , mo, 9 ... . n . ' I i ha. '- u 0 i ii ;ti';s i A i x 5 m' ' '. . ,3; w k " i . d ' :V'. . -n.t .l.i Ht , ' ; Vmi m an ' WW M'VB ii i ' by It .A , WWIMa 5253' g; 9 CM K xQW $53.; t x y DECORATIONS POW wow SPIRIT DAY 286 288 CAMPUS CHEST 290 No propositioning the referee. 291 DICK STEWART UGLY MAN ROYA LTY Kathy Howard Tex Dietermon TRODELS BROCK Q PAPER DOLL QUEEN 294 BARBIE OLINGER FIESTA QUEEN Anna Jone Sinon jOHN RAMMING FIESTA KING Jack Kennedy Susan McGuire Mororiie Smith SHARON LEWIS MISS SPIRIT DAY 7'? ELAINE OWENS HOMECOMING QUEEN G mm mm mm OT HM PAT LEWIS , DIANE BLAIR HOMECOMING ATTENDANT June Ruyfueld Nancy Ballenger LE ANNE COFFMAN INTER-FRATERNITY QUEEN 306 Judy Abbott KATHY CONNOR POPULARITY Jean Blair John Shaski DENNY BRUMMELL S T R A E H F O G W K 311 Segried Hoyt Donna CIouser PATTY LARY CRYSTAL BALL QUEEN 312 313 Judy Schillen Sandy Abraham DIANE FRIES FIESTA QUEEN Dione Blair Gale Williams ANGELA AMOROUS AIR FORCE QUEEN 316 UDY HAYES ENGINEERS QUEEN 319 FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS KATHY RILEY Kappa Alpha Rose JUDY WINDOM Lambda Chi Alpha Crescenf Girl NANCY JANECEK Sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta DIANE WINTER Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon NANCY MOYERS Sweetheart of Delta Sigma Phi ANN CLARK Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl ANN DOCTOR Queen of fhe Golden Heart Sigma Phi Epsilon NANCY WALL Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon BARBIE OLINGER Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Janice Hull Miss April Marilyn Hunter Miss November Pa'r Lee February Judy-Schillen Miss May Sondra Redd Miss January Linda Barfek Miss October Judy Hayes Miss March ESQUIRE Dixie Busey Miss December 321 DICK CUNDY Freshman Basketball Junior Class President Chakaa PraMed Society Phi Sigma KEN CARPENTER Sigma Chi Vigilantes Chakaa ' Blue Key Sigma Tau AICE Arnold Air Society Air Force ROTC. Kappa Alpha ANGELA AMOROUS Delta Delta Delta 1961 Air Force Queen Cheerleader SAE Sister of Minerva Angel Flight Panhellenic Council Student Senate Spurs N.M. Union Directorate PAM DEMPSEY Delta Delta Delta Mortar Board Outst. Greek Woman Modern Dance Workshop Spurs Phi Sigma Iota Panhellenic Council Club de las Americas Student Senate Campus Chest FERDY C. DE BACA Student Council Student Senate Delta Sigma Phi Honor Roll Collegiate for U. N. Amer. Assoc. for U. N. JIM BECKLEY Ski Club AIEE-IRE Engineefs Joint Council Chakaa Kappa Alpha N.M. Union Board N.R.O.T.C. DENIS DUFFY Sigma Alpha Epsilon Inter-fraternity Council N.ILO.T.C. Convair Air Award Student Senate JUDY CHANT Newman Club Chi Omega Spurs Campanas Mortar Board Pi Lambda Theta Waterlous RalIyCom AWS MIKE BOLDUC SAE Sister of Minerva Sigma Alpha Epsilon This Week We Honor" Freshman Basketball AICE Chakaa Blue Key Chi Epsilon Sigma Tau JUDY GUMM Waterlous AWS Lobo Mirage Spurs Cumpanas U. N. Union Directorate Kappa Kappa Gamma Senior Class Secretary NANCY CROW Panhellenic Council Senior Class V. P. Alpha Chi Omega Spurs Honors Program LORENA BRAMLETT Spurs ' Campanas Mortar Board Student Education Assoc. Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Theta Alpha Delta Pi Honor Roll Mirage-Editor MIKE KYNE Outstanding Soph. Woman Student Court Student Pub. Board Budget Advisory Comm. Council Finance Comm. Student Senate Newman Center TRISH CROWLEY Pi Beta Phi A WS N.R.O.'l.C. Student Art Guild Shl $612811 heta Student Senate milglkafl 8: Spurs a ad Campanas Mortar Board ' Outst. Junior Woman GIG BRUMMELL Newman Center Sigma Alpha Epsilon Varsity Baseball Varsity Basketball Athletic Advisory Comm. 1958 King of Hearts Student Senate Soph. Class President Lettermefs Club "This Week We Honor" 322 EBER LOTZE Pre-med Society Honors Program Chakaa Phi Sigma Blue Key Gamma Delta Coronado Board of Gov. Senior Class President Student Senate FRANK MCGUIRE Students Affairs Comm. Lettermen'glub Wrestling Team Student Body President HThis Week We Honor" JON MICHAEL Swimming Team Letterman's Club Vigilantes Chakaa Student Standards Comm. Athletic Advisory Board Inter-fraternity Council Student Senate Pi Kappa Alpha JOYCE NEUBER Mortar Board Town Club Student Nurses Assoc. Apologian Club Camp anas ARLEEN OLSON Mortar Board Alpha Chi Omega N. M. Union Board Junior Class Secretary Campanas Student Senate Pi Lambda Theta Spurs Kappa Phi "This Week We Honor" MARTY LENZINI Sigma Phi Epsilon Student Council Student Senate Radio Board Recreation Board Wardroom Society Vigilantes Chakaa ASME JAMES TORRES Pi Kappa Alpha Student Budget Adv. Student Senate Student Council N.R.O.T.C. Newman Club CAROL RICE Student Court Alpha Delta Pi Honors Program Mortar Board Campanas Spurs AWS JUDY TURANO UNM Chorus Orchestra Band Wind ensemble Fanfare Chorus Sigma Alpha Iota Opera Workshop Mortar Board GEORGINE RUMMAGE Hokona Hall treas. Spurs HSpur of the Moment" Campanas Mirage NSA Inter-Dorm Council Mortar Board AW Student Court NANCY WALL Kappa Kappa Gamma Spurs Campanas Mortar Board Student Council Honors Program Phi Gamma Nu SAE Sister of Minerva Sweetheart of SAE GAIL RUSSELL Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board Campanas Waterlous Modern Dance Workshop Student Council Pi Lambda Theta Student Senate UNM Chorus MARY WISHARD Mortar Board Campanas Spurs Soph. Class Secretary Town Club Student Senate Lobo Honors Program Student Council JACK THOMPSON Blue Key Pi Tau Sigma Sigma Tau Kappa Mu Epsilon Vigilantes Tau Kappa Epsilon ASME JUDY ZANOTTI Student Council Alpha Chi Omega. Freshman Class Sec. Newman Club Phi Gamma Nu Spurs Campanas Homecoming Queen Att. MARK THOMPSON Student Council Sigma Chi Radio Board Freshman Seminar Adv. Young Democrats 323 324 Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, Director of the Institute of Meteoritics, examines pressure markings on the surface of the main mass of the Norton County fall. THE INSTITUTE OF METEORITICS In June 1944, the hrst institute in the Western world devoted exclusively to me- teoritical research was founded at the Uni- versity of New Mexico. This new research organization, known as the Institute of Me teoritics, has been under the directorship of Dr. Lincoln LaPaz since its inception. Perhaps the most noteworthy held survey carried out by the Institute was that resulting in the recovery of hundreds of specimens from the Norton-Furnas achondritic shower of February'HS, 1948 in Kansas and Ne braska. The famous one-ton Furnas County, stone, the largest stone of witnessed fall ever recovered, is now a prized specimen in the collection of the Institute, the University of Nebraska having generously relinquished its Claim to an equity in the mass they aided the Institute to remove from the crater. The Lake Murray, Oklahoma, granular hexa hedrite was another outstanding recovery made by the Institute. Field work alone has not been depended on to keep the Institute in meteorites. The Institute has added to its collection specia mens of such important falls as Ussuri and Elenkova, U.S.S.R.; Bruderheim, Canada; N,G0ureyma, French West Africa; and Marjalahti, Finland. W ithin the past twelve years, meteorites have come to the fore as test objects that can furnish not only valuable scientific informa- tion regarding the origin and the age of the Solar System, but also extremely practical data of use to rocketeers, satellite engineers, and ballisticians. Unfortunately, most deal- ers and collectors have held meteorites at such an artiEciaIly high value that it has been difEcult for scientists to secure meteoritic test materials in necessary quantities. The Institute has furnished meteorite specimens by loan, donation, or exchange to such im- portant scientific agencies as the Organisa- tion Europeenne pour la Recherche Nu- cleaire tCERNy, the Institute for Nuclear Studies tnow the Enrico Fermi Institutey, the Los Alamos ScientiEc Laboratory, and the Research Laboratory of the General Eleca tric Company. In the province of theoretical research, Dr. LaPaz has made notable contributions in several areas, particularly in the application of mathematical principles and techniques. He is the author of several books and more than a hundred scientific papers in mathe- matics, astronomy, and meteoritics appear- ing in both U. S. and foreign journals. Professor Richard G. Huzarski, 0f the De- partment of Civil Engineering, not only de- velopcd and published a new method for graphical determination of a Ereball trajec- tory, but he has been instrumental in pro- viding the Institute staft with English translations of numerous Russian and Polish publications in meteoritics. Dr. Morris S. Irlcndrickson, H 121d of the Department of Mathematics and Astronomy, has served as Matheinatician of the group and has fre- quently made valuable computational facili- ties a Iailable to Institute personnel. Students enrolled in the astronomy courses at the University of New Mexico receive a sound introduction to the basic principles of meteoritics, for many years a largely ne- glected branch of its older sister science. Members of Dr. LaPaz's Classes have partici- pated not only in Eeld searches for meteorites, but also in such astronomical Eeld parties as those that acquired the comet 21nd meteor photographs appearing in this article. Finally, an important research adjunct 0f the Institute is a 19inch Cassegrainian ree fleeting telescope mounted in the University of New Mexico Observatory. This instrue ment, while employed primarily in research work, has been used when practicable for in- structional purposes in connection with the UNM astronomy Classes. A photograph taken by the astronomy class early one morning. Meteorite saws section even the hardest meteorites so their internal "anatomy" can be studied. RADIO STATION KNMD The radio station was built and is completely managed by students. 326 3 g : Q g E TELEVISION STATION William V. Howard's 20x24 abstract mural in Mitchell Hall. DANCE FINE ARTS 329 Orchestra Dr. Frederick 331 w a x i 'k-a nxaxxa 335 aw! igl; , l I NEW ALUMNI MEMORIAL CHAPEL NEW UNIVERSITY STADIUM FOOTBALL 954901 OPENS X 00! I ALWAYQ woman 6 THE L920 WAS A umg ANIMAL ,1 . 000T ' I WAS ow mv N "GUESS WHO HAD No. 7250? GUEQS WHICH WAS THE ONLY come AVAILABLE? ULTPA- SMDEQ ADWM'CED fALLWLUS'f! WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN so BADmEXCEPT I EVEN FLUNKED PRELIMINARV SUBTRACTiON w HIGH QCHOOL! pmmgm-I-nmm , . ! I I NJ, I'Awumeumou SIGNED THE DOTTED LINEu-REMEMBEB ?.?y 1R2 7H l TPAFFM PPOEL EMS WAV T0 CALIFORNIA IN l95l-"MADE THE MISTAKE 0F GETTINI ON THIS HERE VALE - AWHRIGHTN-ON WITCHERI WORKx-u FRESHMAN! oo vou GET THE IMPRESSION THAT PERHAPS THAT FELLOW m 1149 BACK ROW wou'r BE smmnenc TO OUR COMMITTEE .9; CAMPIK COMMITTEE MVESWG'ATE? DEEQMIMMWON 1 comougpgy 0m WEARING 0F FORIHGN Mmmve 5mm; 157mg 5ng meg av cAMMg HE'S PROBABLY SUBVERSIVE . GREAT SCOTT! How AM I GOING TO PAY FOR THIS? PRO PROPOQAL T0 LIMIT SWPENT SENATE SPENDMlG N 191576? TEALL 5EAQON OPENS PARDON ME, 9m ? ARE You AN ALuM? .. V. a +3 11: X IWagv :3: z; webs x I RECOGNISE WE DON'T GET THE SALARV OF A FINANCIER BUT IT SEEMS QWHZPLEV IS A BIT THEATRICAL! a LEAVE IT TO 11405:; SNEAKV LOBOS-"THEV GET THE SMALLEST, Nor TALLEST, Guy m SCHOOL- MA omwAL 51166533 srzxpENrs ARE INTELLECTUAL COWAPDSwAFRAlP 72? QUESTION STATUS Gwal WHO SAVS IM AFRAID To QUESTION THE STATUS QUO -. I COMPLAlN ABOUT THE WEATHER EVERV my 1 TYPICAL" STUDENT 07' ? EFFECT OF DIETARV LAXIETY AT CAMPUS GROWTH PMPOSAL T0 ACCOMMODATE Farm: 1 meg VAM770N THIS TIME m: VEAR j 25 000 STIXPEIVB' AH-"I SEE THE BELIEF IN PROGRESS IS NOT DEAD! fa$$ :ngm mi NEW 0mm PARTY Ksrupew POWER PARTJQ N ORGAMZED DO YOU GET THE IMPRESSION THAT PERHAPS omz PLATFORM ts Too LIBERAL ? , , . N "4?? SQVI , i BETTER UNDERSTANDING THROUGH PERSONAL comma..- wor ,1 HEARSAY oe OPINION! GEORGA U INTEGRAWON 5'77IIVD OPPOSED EV UNI" SWDENT CUUNCVL. XZSOO SENT TO HELP llV EFFcJRT T0 REMASTATE PP. PUSS'ELL IIWMS' RETIREMENT 5.le NEGRO STUDENTS. :9 x ' S HOUSE 'WgAMEPICAMUCTIWTIES MMIIWEE CONTROVEPSSl"MOWE-PETITIOIV w Am TIMES 7v ABOUSH WAC wimp 3y real mcmry MEMBERS. ??SEE Nov. g f FINALS I WELL, I'M HAPPY TO SEE so MANY r ALERT, INTELLIGENT FACES READY FOR THE EXAM. iVERwaE IS "SUBVERSIVE" sruoems IF WE SAY THEY ARE! WHD"DARE' TO quesnoM m2 oPPoSE rue srATus mppcammm MM 356'le ALCOHOLISM pesaecyuro MIVVESTIGATE pxewKwa mrrems w DIFFFRENT mew xmmv cwrupes. wmcu om; IS DOING 1 me INVESTIGATING ? v WITH APOLOGIES A . To BILL E GERRITSEN x. INVESTIGATION OF 'SUWERSIou" AT UNM OoPPsss! 5 SEEMS I STEPPED 0N SOMETHING THOUGHT r CONTROL . MEASURES r 554ng I I 4 y ' seal. RIG SE S r INK yowkglrs'lk :1 M052 vgveezfoy'r MFR WPe aFE TWIN M'COMPANY K, AS THIS IS READV FOR PRESSw ITIS LEARNED THE FINANCE COMMITTEE VOTED DOWN FUNDS FOR THIS "WITCHHUNT." IT IS GRATIFWNG THAT "com. HEADS" STILL HAVE CONTROL oven STATE GOVERNMENT! EDITOR LIBBI PocH SAVS THIS MUST BE DONE BV MARCH lin- : so IT'LL BE 1 un' MAIN EVENTS FDR REMAINDER OF SEMESTER; CI HOPE THEY g TAKE PLACE"- g MV CRVSTAL 5 BALL ts BROKEAD gran, come OFF IT, BENW 4 YOU MAKE SUCH A M 3m THING our OF EACH HOLIDAV. 0H." WHATA WONDERFUL DANCE M EVENING THIS HAS BEEN m REMINDS ME OF A Boy I ONCE KNEW-"M 6955K WEEK IZXYZ AAOY FIESTA IT WAS LIKE THIS YOUR HONOR-" FIESTA TIME IS THE CAUSE OF IT ALL M ,0 . 4 MM You ASK wny WE use RADAR WHY": THAT$ 50 WE CAN FIND THE JUST KIDDINGHJAZZ JV FANS"? UNDERSTAND 9 AND EN 09 IT Too. OH, vou BEAUTIFUL CREATUREVOU y. 342 STUDENT INDEX Abaskin, Irene 54, 121 Abbott, Donna 81 Abbott, Jim 54 Abbott, Judy 63, 112, 308 Abbott, Torn 255, 258 Abernathy, Mary Calhoun 81, 115, 219 Abeta, Mercedes 200 Abraham, Sandra 71, 121,195,197, 219,314 Abrahm, John Arthur 81 Achen, Iames Richard 81 Acosta,1rene 81, 196 Acree, Jimmy Perry 87, 143 AcuE, Mark Douglas 219 Adams, Kenneth George 203 Adams, Lynda Gayle 71, 116, 187 Adams, Mary Ann 63, 219 Adamson, Lewis Lynn 54, 128, 219 Adcock, Larry Dale 81 Adkins, William Lee 81, 131, 261 Adler, Les Kirby 71 Ahmad, Chavchry 166 Akin, Robert 176 Albach, Karen 54 Alcott, Patricia 6 3, 121 Alderete, Sam Albert 196 Alexander, Helen 187, 203 Alexander, Patricia 63, 106, 219 Alderman, Harold 262 Aldous, Duane Leo 184 Alford, Ann 120 Alford, Iohn 63, 131 Allen, David Leon 63 Allen, John William 64, 198 Allman, Stephenie Anne 81 Alloway, Edward 170 Alme, Winfield 71,228 Ambrose, Bonnie 219, 228 Amidon, Roberta Kate 81 Amode, Joseph Olorunfemi 194 Amorim, G. Paulo Almeida 194, 219 Amorous, Angela 54,191, 199, 202, 266, 316, 323 Amorous, William 63, 145 Anderbery, Ronald LaVem 63, 186 Anderson, Kay Baxter 63, 120 Anderson, Marilvn Cole 81, 219 Anderson, Monica 71, 120, 203 Anderson, Robert Paul 54 Anderson, Sharel 203 Andrews, Nikki Lynne 63, 203 Andrews, William Grant 63 Antikajian, Sarkis Serop 54 Appel, Iohn Alfred 169, 199 Appelgate, Kenneth 63 Aragon, Mary Edna 63, 181 Aragon, Mary Lillian 81 Archuletta, Betty Ann 81 Arias, James Edmund 245 Armiio, Henry Manuel 63 Armiio, Richard Luz 71, 139 Armijo, Tony 71, 142 Armstrong, Louise 63 Armstrong, Shirley Anne 170 Armstrong, Wendell Wesley 54, 176 Arnold, Lois 63 Arnold, Nancy Ann 81, 117 Arnold, Sandie 81, 117, 202 Arnold, Steve Homer 81 Arnot, Iames 63 Arthur, Richard 71, 132, 219 Ashby, Barbara Iohonna 54 Ashby, H. Anthony 54, 145, 167 Ashcraft, Mel 169 Ashley, Robert Clinton 92 Athcrton, Ed Winston 71 Atkinson, Charles 71, 142, 160 Atkinson, Forch Richard 81 Atkinson, Iames Robert 170 Awsumb, Carl David 81, 148 Ayers, Betty Jean 71, 202 Babcock, Mary Kathleen 71, 202 Baca, Raymond Joseph 63, 164 Baca, Reuben, P. 54, 169, 219 Baca, Valentin 81 Bacalski, Robert Rudolf 81 Bachechi, Charles G. 54 Bachechi, Patrick Oreste 81, 148 Badik, Richard Andrew 81 Baggott, Pat 25 2 Bailey, Eunice 71, 174 Bailey, Iohn Lee 81 Bain, Kay 81,172, 203 Rain, Phyllis Marie 203 Baker, Iames Richard 81 Baker, John Gregory 71, 167 Baker, Sara Elizabeth 71 Baker, William E. 172 Baldwin, Beverly Ann 81 Ball, Jeanne Armon 81, 202 Ball, Marilyn Bertha 81, 119, 202 Ballenger, Nancy Lou 71, 123, 306 Ballew, I. Ronald 176 Balley, Patricia Ann 71 Ballew, Shirley Annette 219 Baltzley, Linda Dell 81 Bancroft, Barbara Ann 71, 122 Bandeka, Margaret Agnes 63, 200 Banks, Roger Ware 219 Barbee, Geraldine 81, 117 Barbour, Donna Kae 81, 117 Barela, Sophie Ann 81 Barger, Lewis Benson 176 Barker, Iohnnie E. 81 Barkman, Robert Norton 170 BaIIey, Lee I. 54, 144 Barnes, Celestia Anne 71, 120, 168 Barnes, Tom 255, 2 58 Barnett, Sali71,112,161,195 Barrett, Larry Frank 71 Barrows, Ion A. 71, 219 Bartek, Linda Faye 81, 320 Batie, Don Wayne 81, 148, 219 Baxter, James R. 54 Baxter, Mary Helen 174 Baxter, Phil R. 81 Bayona, Eduardo 196 Beach, Edgar I. 242, 245 Beaird, Ron Lee 168 Bcall, Diana Sue 81, 185 Beatty, Paul Edmund 54, 176 Beauchamp, 101111 F. 160 Bebber, Nina Mary 71, 116, 202 ADVERTISING INDEX ART SUPPLIES College Inn Book Store 1910 Central SE CH 3-5346 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS BANKS BAKERS BEDDING BOOKSTORES BOWLING ALLEYS BUILDING MATERIALS CLEANERS 8z LAUNDRIES CLOTHIERS LADIES WEAR 350-351-352-35; 343 MEN1S CLOTHING 350-352-353 344 1. KORBER 8; COMPANY 364 JANITOR SUPPLIES 356 345-346 JEWELERS 356-357 344 l MOVERS 3 57 347 PHOTOGRAPHY 358 3433348 PRINTING 359 350 RESTAURANTS 3 58-3 59 347-349 SHOES 360-361 350-351 UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO 362-363 COLLEGE INN 110011 8101111 28TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR MRS. WALTER FISHER, OWNER AND REPRODUCTIONS-CUSTOM FRAMING ART SUPPLIES AND ART BOOKS, PAINTINGS-FINE OLD PRINTS 1910 CENTRAL EAST Beck. Butch 168, 190 Bcckcr, '1'1101112151'1. 3-1, H9, 196 Bccklcy, 12111105 17121111; 5-1, 131, 226, 233, 322 Bccrs, P. Dizmc 62 Bclka, L1'1111c E11c11 71, 118, 203 B611, Ioscnhinc R. 5-1 B211, Ronald 11011111 81, 137 Bell, Sunnv 81 Bender, Cnr163, 146, 166, 171 Bc11113111, Robert A1311 71, 167 13011121111111, Carol 199 Bcnischck, Rita Louisc 112 B01111ctt,13111 5-1, 187 Bcnnctt, Pctcr Cage 81 Benson, MO111'81 Benson, Richard A1311 81, 1-16 Berg, 101111 XValtcr 81, 136 Bcrgct, Carol Marie 81 Bcrkshirc, Terrv Lee 81 Barman, Carol Lynn 81 Bernstein, Lewis A1311 71 chstcin, Stcphcn Richard 128 Bcro, 'I'Cd Miclmcl 81 Berry, Donna Elizabeth 71 Berry, lack 1V:1y11c,11. 81 Bcrtholf, Carolyn Ann 81 Best, B111, 261 Best, D011a1d Lcon 71 Bctenbough, Ronald 63, 130, 224 Betts, Presley Robert 71 Bigclow, 11313110 5-1, 12-1, 172 Biglcy, 13010111 A1111 202 Bindcl, Kenneth E. 170 Birukoff, Kay A1111 87 Bishop, Samuel 63, 128 Bivins,Na11cyIcan 71, 116, 195 Black, Laird A1311 81 B1ac1i,Vy1css1X-1t011 63, 1-19, 22-1 Black, 11111111111 George 51, 139 Black,117111111111Randolph 5-1, H6, 16-1, 187 B121ir,Di;111c 63, 121,139, 193, 301, 316 B15111, 1311105 Arnold 168, 255 Blair, 10311 Gregg 71, 120, 308 Blair,L;111z1 C2111 71 Blair, Lynn Suzanne 202 B1air, XViH Norville 51 Blair, 111111121111 13111210116192 131ake, David Bernard 63, 139 B1a11ks, Dc1255, 2 36, 2 S7 Blaschkc, Lcstcr Linden 81, 146, 219 Blasi, Robert 169 Blaylock, 10111111 Bcvcr1v 71 13111211, Caro1c Marie 81 Blecha, 10501111 P3111 81, 131 Block, E11111 Morris 81, 1-18 13100111, David Michael 197 B100111,P:1ul 197, 219 BloomEckl, 1011311113 71 Bloys, Ierclyn 81, 113 Bloys, SandiK.63,112,159,219 B1116, A1111 172 Blue, Barbara 8111113 187 Bodour,11:lig S4, 132 Boggio, A1111 Knrlccn 71 Boggs, Delbert Laurence 169 B0111kc, Ilollacc Ann 63 343 344 80101110, 31101130110501311 54, 146, 155, 164, 218 322 1301111,1n11105 131:111' 87, 141, 254 B0111111013010, Cary L0u1s 63, 146, 158 Bo11d,130111011 232 B0110,13011 261 B01111z1111, C0rdo11 Scott 81, 186 130111110101, 130101111 121110 54 B011if10101,Cz11011'n Sue 63, 116, 159, 202, 266 B01111011, 12111105 Evcrctt 54 B01111011, Margaret 63 B001101, 511111011 81, 204 B00101, 101111 311011210163, 128 B0050,10;11111:11311e 71, 121 B00111,11L00 63, 116,203 Bordcn, V0111011 D. 166 1301011. 511111100 81, 133 Bornstciu, Ann 203 Boroughs, 11103 XVi11st011 81, 131 B01111w10k, XVilliam St211110y 81, 148, 262 B01t10, 5011er Sue 81 Bossart, L00 Mark 180 Bott, Virginia 82, 204 Botts, 15111105 8110100 71 , 148 Botts, Robert 11711113111 71, 149 Boward, Barbara Sue 71 1301101511, 101111 F. 63. 139 Bowen, 10111111 82, 117, 202 13011011, 10311 1103121110 174 B01101, 111110 Margucritc 82 Bower, Margucr1te Ad010 82, 115 Bowcr, Rt1110rt Curtis 82 Bowers, 13111011 13. 169 Boyd, C11ar105 0111110 71, 136 B01105, Edwin 51311011135 82 Bradford, Edna 3130 Shaw 82 Bradford, 101111 Stcrling 54, 136, 166, 235 Bradlcv, Am10 Marie 54, 118, 225 Brad10v. David 235 13130101; 12111105 Ceorpc 245 Bradlcx', Marv E11011 203 13131111011, Lorena L. 54, 114, 156, 172, 175, 321 Brancl1,Virg111ia Leslie 71, 125, 195 Branncn, chra V. 71 Braw10y, Edw1n Les110 54 Brecdlox'c, Marilyn 63 Brcgnard, Adrian Lancy 82 Brcscnham, Nancy 51152111 63, 187 Bright, Michael 1121111 245 Brig11t,RiCl1ard 242, 245 Brixncr, Vivian Anncttc 71, 118, 172 Brock111r11111, Victor Dowling 63 Brookc, 81152111 1311110 82 Brooks, Aubrey 182 Brooks, 13011 252 Brooks, Gretchen 63, 121, 184 Broron, Renee 174 13101111110, P0101 10501111 82 Brown, B1111 Gene 242, 245 Brown, Dana 168 Brown, Donna Dudley 54 Brown, 11111103 Albcrt 128 Brown, 12111103 Calcb 54, 139, 155 Brown, Kenneth Gcorgc 71, 139 Brown, Michael Lloyd 159, 181, 197, 201 13101111, 170t0r 71, 139, 255, 258 Brown, 1101100 Alice 71 Brown, 1111556311 1172111101 169 Brown, Scott 71, 139, 224 B111111111011, Bernard 54, 146, 252, 322 Br11111111011, Dennis 63, 136, 224, 310 Bruskas, Thomas Roger 63, 149 Brusuchs, Richard Ramond 63, 146 Bryan, Oscar Eugene 71 Bryan, R. Gillette 54, 149, 155 Brvnnd, 130111 82 Bryant, Mattie Elizabcth 115 Brvcc, 130111'10311 63, 112, 191, 225 Bryson, Donald Nelson 176 B11011101101, 01111 Lewis 82, 187 B1101n14, Robert Louis 71 Buck, L011a Pearl 190 Buckncr, Martha 1021110410 82 Bucrgi, Stephen 11015011 71, 136, 160 B111111, C1inton 63, 139 Burden, 10-An 71 Burke, Carole C01111110 82, 113 B10140, David Ronald 176, 177 B11rk0,121111cs Ednar 87 B11rk0, Patricia 63, 122, 218 Burkctt, 137111121111 McIntyre 5-1, 166, 171 B11r1050n,L111d21 Kay 71, 124, 17-1 Burmcistcr, Barbara A1111 54, 112 B111111cist01', Charles Harvcv 201 B111111015tcr,R1t2110:11171, 112, 161, 225 B111111111, 12111105 Llox'd 71, 170 Burrcss, B. 10311110 82 Burrows, XValter D011 82, 148 Burt, Richard Michacl 82, 148 Burt, Richard WHImont 71 Burton, Richard 71, 128 Busscy, Dixie E1iznbct11 71, 320 131151101; Barrett 63 Butler, Donald 130k 242, 245 13111101, L015 Griffith 172 Butlcr, Sam 100 63, 136 Byers, 100 C. 54, 146 Evrd, George Richard 82 Bx'rd, 101111 C. 54, 139, 242, 246 Byrd,L111d2 Ann 82, 187 C d0 B303, Ferdy Edward 218, 323 Cabot, Martha A1111 82 Cadcnhcad, 811211011 K510 71 C31d11'011, Grant C1lt11110 82, 131 C2111101111, 1crry L00 82 Callahan, Cathv 204 Calmcs, 121015 E11011 92 Ca1111110, Roger C0110 63, 128 Camcron, Stuart 232 Camp, Patricia Low 71, 112, 203 C3111pz11101121, 1111111110 63, 128, 168 Cm11p11011, David R1155011 71, 137, 160 Campbc11, Gerald Ray 192 Camnbcll, 100k 54 Campbell, 111011111 Lynn 82, 117 Campos, Charlie Arthur 63 Canady, Marilyn PCer 63, 120, 175 Canard, Robert L00 82 Cand01aria, Monico Robert 82 Canon, Milton Robert 82 Canoycr, Madge H010110 63, 116, 159, 202, 266 CADILLAC MOTOR A NAME OF TRUST SINCE 1908 OLDSMOBILE "OLDEST IN NEW MEXICO - MOST MODERN IN AMERICA1 1601 EAST CENTRAL CH 7-0201 "Thaf's Whaf Ah Said!" 11111111118 FINE 1111111111 Potato Chips-Frozen Rolls-Biscuits All At Your Food Dealers ALBUQUERQUE MTIONAL BANK 4401 Central Avenue NE Simms Building - Fourth and Gold Albuquerquek oldest and largest 1610 Fourth Street NW Drive-In, WaIk-Up - Second and Copper Pictured above: Carol Morrison, Sophomore from Roswell, opens a checking account at the convenient-to- campus East Central omce of Albuquerque National Bank, while John W. Romming, Senior from Taos, waits to do the some. Carol, a pledge in Kappa Kappa Gamma, is a transfer from Hollins College in Vir- ginia. John, maioring in accounting, was the 1960 Fiesta King. He is Treasurer of Kappa Alpha Fraternity and President of the Associated Party. John graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute where he was Cadet Colonel. Oscar M. Love, Jr., in charge of Special Services at the East Central omce, is a former University of New Mexico student. Why U. of N.M. Men and Women Prefer to Bank at Albuquerque National THEY FIND BANKING AT ALBUQUERQUE NATIONAL IS SAFE . . . TlME-SAVING. A checking account gives ready cash for food, books, fees, entertainment. Frequent trips to the bank are unnecessary. An Albuquerque National checking account also means there is no worry about carrying sizeable amounts of cash. And it supplies a t'built-in" record of college expenses. BANKING AT ALBUQUERQUE NATIONAL IS CONVENIENT. WaIk-Up and Drive-ln Windows are open four days a week until 5 p.m., Friday until 6:00. Bank-By-Mail Envelopes and Forms, furnished free-of-charge, make it pos- sible to bank 24 hours a day . . . seven days a week from the corner mailbox. Why dontt you handle your college money matters the easy way? Open your check- ing account at Albuquerque National Bank. 7 OFFICES TO SERVE YOU Main Omce - Second and Central 5400 Menaul Blvd. NE Winrock Center Member FDIC VJ V1 llllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIEE Sorority attends to the proper endorsement of a deposit to her checking account at the First National Bank at East Central and San Mateo while Miss Peg Kelly, Pi Phi president looks on. Jackie, a senior from Inglewood, California, is the first UNM student to serve on the Bernalillo County Red Cross Executive Committee and has been chosen for Who's Who. Peg, a junior from Emmetsburg, Iowa, is also a member of Student Standards and Campanas. Your own checking account at First National is sure to be a real time saving convenience. We invite you to make First National your bank. Central at Third Downtown Auto Bank Third at topper North Fourth at Cundelariu North Fourth ......... Auto Bank Hoffmuntown Shopping Center F l RST NATIONAL BANK East Central at San Mateo East Central .......... Auto Bank IN Alnugugngug 828 Bridge Boulevard SW Bridge Boulevard4.Auto Bunk Winrock Shopping Center El - - .- - - - - - - - : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . a o g u I o a : M1ss Jackle Klng, Pledge tralner and former Vlce-presment of P1 Beta Ph1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION - - - - - - - - - - - - ?illIIlllllIlIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIllllllllllllllIlllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll: 346 Cantrcl, Larrv 82 Cambaial, Rita 63, 204 Carder, Ronald Lawrence 63 Carlin, Dolorcs Connie 71, 115, 161 Carlson, Charles Hjahncr 165 Carlson, Gail Anita 63, 118, 175, 223 Carlson, Rodger Dale 63 Carmignani, George 246 Carmillo, Rover 63 Carmine, Gwendolvn Frccia 219 Carpenter, Kenneth 54, 132, 164, 322 Carpenter, Larry Forrest 82, 148 Carpenter, Michael Lee 82 Carpenter, XVilliam Luther 71 Carrell, Hammel Lee 72 Carscv, W eldon Alan 63 Carter, Benny Leon 72 Cartecr, Ora Beatrice 55, 174 Carter, Richard Earle 82, 148 Cartmell, Margaret Ann 72, 122 Caruso, Rita 63, 195, 204,219 Casados, Iamees Edwin 63 Cash, Dan 63, 139 Casper, XVilliam 54, 139 Castaneda. Tesse 255 Castillo, Virginia Aragon 72, 174 Cata, Juanita Opal 175 Catou, Bobby L666 82 Caton, Jerry Clay 63, 136 Caton, Jimmie Iu1ian 63, 149 Cavee, Kenneth 55, 219 Cavender, I. B. 72, 227 Cawthon, Stephen Randall 82 Cazier, Patricia 82, 123, 202, 208 Chadil, Carol 63, 122 Chamberh'n, Douglas VVoodford 92 Chan, Sicw P011 55, 143, 172, 177 Chant, Judy Williams 55, 116, 156, 191, 322 Chaplin, Robert Michael 63 Charles, Gerald 64, 146 Charles, Io Frances 72 Chaudhrv, Khurshid Ahmad 171, 194 Chavez, Anthony 55 Chavez, Barbara 64 MANUFACTURER OF THE FAMOUS DREAMASTER LINE PHONE CH 3-l77l 7;; , factory at showrooms WISH CENTRAL AVE., NE. Chavez, Bobby Anthony 82 Chavez, Ernest 72 Chavez, Fil 64 Chavcz, Max 72, 142 Chavez, Robert 101m 72 Chavez, Viola 72 Chcctham, Francic 72, 116, 202 ChernoH, Albcrt Richard 128 Chewini, Clementine 200 Childcrs, Mary 72, 203 Childs, Sarah 72, 120 Chitranukroh, Vanphen 82, 203 Chrcist, Fred Martin 64, 146, 176, 177 Christensen, Stcvan Ross 164 Christensen, Caren Ann 82 Christiansen, David Royce 158, 166, 167, 172, 219 Christiansen, Indy 191 Chuvisavaphong, Suci Bughar 82, 182, 194 Cillcsscn, John Stanley 82 Clark, Barbara Ann 174, 202 Clark, lack 235 Clark, Mary Ann Jane 82 Clark, Ocie 82, 138 Clark, Stephen Bevins 82, 145 Claus, Connie Louise 72, 116, 202 C1ausen, Charles 168, 246, 262 Clauser, Donna 82, 125, 312 Clay, B. Wayne 82, 143 Clay, Shirley Garlinc 82 Clayton, Noveline 175 Clayton, Garv 187 Cleveland, 101m XValter 165, 192 Cliff, Gretchen 218 Chfford, Iim 261 Cline, Judith Marv 72, 116, 202, 219 Cline, Leslie 82 Cloud, James Ernest 82, 143 Cloward, Richard Stuart 82 Coadv, Robert Francis 169 Coatcs, Edward Nathaniel 55 Coats, Gera1d Douglas 55, 176 Cobb, Donald Russell 64, 144 Cochran, Martha Sue 72, 172, 203, 228 Cockroft, Kittv Clav 82, 186 Coffee, Francis 252, 254 Coffman, LeAnnc 82, 113, 202, 307 ColarcHi, Tom Lee 55, 176 Cole, Barry 223 Colc, 1101011 Victoria 72, 120 Cole, James Randolph 72 Colin, Randolph 261 Collins, Robbv Ray 72 Collins, Kav 221 Colquitt, XValtcr Nicho115 72 Colvin, Grace Louise 203 Colwes, Carol Lee 82 Compton, Mary Iuanita 82 Compton, Phil 55, 166 Comstock, Lorna Elaine 82, 187 Cone, Arthur 55, 144, 172, 177 Conlin, Michac1 82, 133 Connor, Kathleen 72, 122, 195,219, 308 Constan, Lilly 55, 114 Contreras, Gabriel Mena 55 Conzett, Mariette 55, 116, 191 Cooper, A. Foster 82, 131 Cooper, Gale 82 Cooper,11111my Buren 82, 186 Cope, Charles Michael 82 Copeland, Marv Ann 72, 187 Connola, Susan Marion 82 Corbin, Kate 82, 18-7, 208 Cordova, Ernest 55 Cordova, 101m Ioseph 55 Cordova, Josephine Esther 64 Cordova, Vera Ann 72, 202, 203 Corkran, Nam 82, 202 Corner, Dorothy 83, 204 Cornish, Joan Leslie 83 Cortes, Enrique 194 Cosper, Gary Wayne 83 Costales, Ketta 83, 204 Cota, Sally 83, 174 Cottingham, Lon 72, 134, 255 Courscy, B111 Raymond 72 Cover, Lester 167 Cowper, Daphne Maia 83, 219 E .,., 31- UEi-IER COMPANY m7a3420z333l Albuquerque's Most Modern and Complete Building Headquarters A credit plan for every home owner All Building Maferials SpeciaHy Lumber Pain+s FHA Home Remodeling Loans Up to 60 Months to Pay Albuquerque's Do-lt-Yourself Headquarters Open 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Monday through Saturday Phone AL 6-353I 502I LOMAS BLVD.. N.E. 347 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS BOOKSTORE OPERATED FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE STUDENT CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF THE NEW MEXICO UNION BUILDING CH 7-039l. EXT. 602 348 Building Ma+erial - Hardware - Lumber - Garden Supplies EJBUQUERQUE , company From Firs+ +0 Second on MarqueHe Cox, Caro1y11 Kay 83 Dahlcn, Sydney Jean 64, 172, 195, 203 Dcvcndorf, Charlotte 64, 175 Cox,831c113 Sue 64 Dalbcy, Donna 83, 125, 168, 190, 203 DdVi 0, Edgar 166 Craddock, chcy Jane 83 Dale, Sharon Kay 72, 124 DMVit , Charles 168 Craig, Dennis Edwin 83 D'Alvarez, Patricia Murray 83 Diamond, Lawrence Edward 185 Craig, Margaret Beth 83, 203 Dalzcll, Fredric Samuel 55, 136 Dibble, Robert 64, 132 Crallcy, Agnes Diane 187 Damon, B111, 200 Dick, Christopher 201 Cramcr, John Oliver 83 Damron, Larry D011 83 Dicbold, Inmcs Philip 55, 164 Cramcr, Lois Car01 55, 122, 175 Danfelser,13riscilla Lee 55, 122 Dictcrman, Gloria H'l'cx" 64, 294 Cramp, Patience 83, 113, 174, 220 DanieIs, Iudy Lou 83, 117, 187, 202 Dictmcicr, Ion Michac172, 140, 252, 254 Cramp, Prudence 72, 112, 161, 174, 180 D1Arcy, Lloyd Charles 83 Dietrich, Albert Edward 187 Crane, Stephen 64 Dart, Carole Ann 83, 119, 202, 203 Dilallo, Romeo Charles 64, 134 Craven, Bruce 72, 132 Davenport, Gone 72, 142, 224 Dill, Richard Duane 55, 187 Cravy, 'l'homas Virnil 83, 261 David, David Ford 72, 262 DiLorcnzo, Iamcs Edmond 72, 134, 219 Crawford, Mildred 172 Davidson, Carl Boyd 72, 134 Dinccn, Kathleen 64 Crawford, Robert Bonner 72, 149, 160, 219 Davidson, loan 83 Dirsa, 'l'homas Ioscph 72, 219 Crcccy, Carson 64, 219 Davidson, Nancy Mocding 83, 175 Ditmorc, Donald Rav 219 Crego, Byron 196, 219 Davis, Anselm George 64, 200 Distcfano, Lorraine Marie 203 Crim, Stephen 72 Davis, Don Tcrrv 72, 232 Doctcr, Ann Evaro 72, 174, 321 Crittenden, Ga1c 64 Davis,Ia1ncs 83 Dodd, Clark Smith 72, 128 Cromartie, Joe Iirn 246 Davis, Karen Sue 83 Dodge, Ilcnry Anthony 55 Cross, Tommy Bethel 82 Davis, Kathryne 64, 204 Docrficr, Ilcnry Ambrose 165 Crotty, Mary Elizabeth 64, 120 Dawson, Dave 235 Dollcrty, John Angus 55, 232 Crousc, Stevan Keith 83, 131 Deakin, Robert Durland 72 Dominguez, Manuel 196 Crow, Lewis Nelson 55, 128 Deal, Brenda Kathleen 83, 113, 202 Dona1dson, Iamcs Charles 72 Crow, Nancy A1111 55, 112, 225, 322 Dean, Garland Lee 55 Donc11,Alvcrn 219 Crow, Stephany Sue 82, 113 Dean, XVilliam 185 Dooky, George Patrick 55 Crows, Jerry Dean 83 Dc Baca, Ferdy 55 Doo1itt1c, George 55 Crowley, Carolyn 10y 83 Deese, Barbara 83, 187 Dorzmd. Cmthia Olix'c 83 Cr0w1ey, Patricia 55, 124, 156, 322 Dcctz, David 83, 145 Dom, 101m 254 Cruz-Sandoval, Luis Fernando 194, 196 De F1011, James Jeffrey 83 Dorris, Karen 72, 122, 195, 202, 225 Cullen, Dorsey Hurd 192 DeLuca, 101111 Arrcll 83 Dortignac, 1311 Marion 174, 203 Cullen, Phil 262 Dcmory, B111 246 Doss, Richard XVilliam 83 Cummings, Charles Patrick 246 Dempsey, C. Michael 64, 136 Dosscy, Darlyn 172 Cundiff, Charles Reed 160, 262 Dempsey, Pamela Mary 55, 118, 156, 196, 225, Douglass, Marilyn 55 Cundy, Richard 55, 149, 322 322 Douglass, Ralph 176, 177 Cunico, Tuliette Marie 83 Denison, Stephen Carr 72 Dow, Iu1ic 64, 112, 191, 202, 266 Cunningham, Cheryl Lee 72, 115, 161, 184, Dc11113rd,1ud1t11 Adel 83, 123, 200 Downs, George Edward 170 202, 219 Denny, Benjamin 169, 200 Dowsc, Penny Dec 168 Cunningham, Gretchen 72, 123 Denny, 101m 227 Doycl, Monte Dean 55 Cunningham, Robert Maurice 64 Denslow, Jonathan Lee 83 Drab, Eileen 55, 175 Curtis, Gerald Leon 184 Dcrdeyn, Clark Hector 175 4 Drew, Laurel Elaine 72 Curtis, Johnny 198, 199 Dcrr, Barbara 64 Drcxcl, Paul Louis 83 Cllt1er, Retta 92, 204 Derr, XVilliam Maurice 165 DuBois, David 55 Cutler, Victor Hawes 83, 133 Deutclnnan, Beverly Ann 83, 117, 202 DuBois, Charles 83 Czeiner, Richard 55, 136 De Valk, Judy Lorraine 83 Duckworth, 1331113 Joyce 83 w 5 6 El 5552-2955" EV?"E'E-" --;-"" HEAVY EOUIPMENI mum wmhw wag - M - 500 PHOENIX AVE, NW - STATION B, BOX 6007 ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO 349 350 GI v12 YO u R cu 7-2234 'THE Fl NEST FIRST IN '1 COSTS PERSONAL NO MORE SERV I c E FOR OVER 50 YEARS AlNPlAIIr-FIPETIROMA AVE. MW FIVE IN- 522 SEQOND STREFTINW pplvsm- FIVE PDMII'S' smww mime waxy: IN- 4520 LDMAS' 32m. M1: SANDIA 2.495 - mgr fXEflAIME 3; pa. Downtown 41h 81 Copper CHapel 7-1782 edway Your Headquarters For- g E? a talented go -togethers for day-time, date-time, play-time! Fashion's best styles appear in Bobbie Brooks separates! Culotfes and crop-tops . . . blazers and belted funics . . . plus your favorite ,shirts, pleated and slim skirts1and all length pants. AII perfectly color-cued in easy-care cotfon. Sizes 5 to 15 Duffy, Dc11is55, 147, 219, 235, 322 Duke, Paul Lonnie 246 D11kc,Bcck1'182,195, 204, 208 D1112, Gerald David 64 Dumlcr, Martin George 72, 136, 78 Duncan, 1acqu1' 64 Duncan, 101111 Thomas 187 Dunkin, A1icc Carol 83, 119 Dunlap, Man'k'n A1111 183 Dunlap, Robert Charles 64, 166, 171 DL11111, C11e1r1c1lc Sue 64, 114 Dunn, Gail Diane 83 Dunn, Harold Frederick 83 Dunn, Thomas 1ack 64, 146 1911111121111, L013 1311ctte 83 D1111so11,L111c1a Suc 72, 202 Duprcc, Caroline '1'110r11c 83 Durham, 1321er' 2 55 Durrani, Sajaad Haidcr 194 15115113110, Virginia S1IC11CV 83 Dustman, Dorothy Anne 72 Dyer, 1crry, 2 54 Dzic1ak, Alfrcd St21111cy 64, 169 Eadcs, 1ack 83 Eagau, Dennis Mabry 72, 140 Eagan, Sherman 83, 148 Eagkman, 1311 1110111218 128, 224 Earnest, Carrie 83 Easton, Dorothv Kathleen 175 Eaton, Mary LaRuc 55 Eaton, Ronald Earl 72, 142 Eckert, 101111 64, 130 Eckmanu, Martin 199, 235 Edchnon, 1:111 64, 120 Edmundson, 10111 2 55 Ednic, Sandra 83, 203 Edwards, Dennis Dean 72, 198 Edwards, 101111 232 Egan, Cathy Marie 83, 119 Eitzen, Donald Gene 83 Eitzen, Richard 12111105 83 Elder, Edward Ross 64, 139 Elder, 101111 64 Elder, Laura 13116 55 Eldridge, Sue 83, 113 E1grab1y, Georges 194 E11iott, A111crt1V11'1101143, 166, 171, 177 Elliott, XValtcr Wendell 83 Ellis, D. Rose Angela 72 Elmer, Suzanne 10311 54, 114 Elsbrock, '1'r0d 72, 118, 191, 294 Emanucl, 1oscpl1 Troy 72 Endrcs, Fay 83, 182, 204 Euca, Benny 246 Engelman, Carolyn 11.1110 83 Enright, 1V1i1x'c 262 Enright, Fat 255 Eppcrson, 1011 2 5 5, 2 57 Erdal, Bruce Robert 55, 139, 155 ' 32 BRUNSWICK AUTOMATIC PINSETTERS ' HOLIDAYBOWL 7515 LOMAS BOULEVARD, N.E. ' ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO ' AMherst 8-3308 Estcban, Edward Thomas 246 Estes, Linda 56, 168 Eubank, XVayne 177 Evans, Barbara Ann 83 Evans, David 36 Evans, Franklin 165 Evans, 1110111215 Lester 72 Eycstonc, David Lee 72, 255 Eyman, Charles Jay 72, 164 Eytchcson, Bryan 36, 139 Fanning, Harry 1317111151111 64, 149 F3111, G1c1111 Ernest Jr. 84 Fantozzi, Gloria Marie 84 Fard, Marion 64 111211111311, George 84, 140 Farran, XValter W. 56, 142 Farrar, Thomas Roy 160, 219 Farrington, Janet C. 72, 125 Felton, Ianct 84, 116 Fernandez, Bobby 72 Fernandez, Maria Magdalena 190 Ferran, Gladiola Eleanor 84 Fcthon, Treese 196 Fiedler, Bruce Baldwin 72, 131 Fields, Terrell Frederick 56, 131, 219 Fietsch, Susan Christine 84, 126 Finch, Wesley Dean 185 Findlay, 113311 Stcwart 64, 159 Findley, Iamcs W. 185 Fink, 101111 W. 56, 139 Finley, Gary Leslie 72, 167 Firm, Iames Robert 56, 166, 171 Fioretti, Marv Katherine 64 Fisher, 101111 Pcrrv 73 Flannigan, Lynda Ross 84, 186 Fletcher, Rexene 84, 202 Florence, Alfred William 73 Florence, Julia Anna 84 Flynn, Maureen Mary 84 Foley, James Huston 84, 145 Ford, Edward Leon 170 Fore, Arthur Walker 84 Forero, Roberto 196 Forgzm, Phyllis A1111 84 Forrester, Harold 56, 174 Foster, Robert G. 165 Foulds, Carl C. 64, 145 Fralic, Lou A1111 203 Frank, Edwin 56, 145, 224, 235 Frankhouser, Frances Elaine 196 Franklin, Allyn Richard 73, 128, 185, 224 Franks, Carol Marie 56, 125 Franks, P1111113 E. 64, 136 Fratz, Sara Patricia 73, 219 Franzen, Jeanette Margaret 56, 112 Frederich, Shirley Ann 56 Frcdcrick, Jerry 1Valtcr 73, 146 French, Icancttc 172 Frcntzcl, Donna Gail 84, 187, 227 Fribcrg, George Joseph 224, 246, 322 Fries, Diane Shirley 73, 117, 161, 203, 219 Frost, Bobbie Jean 64, 118 Fry, Joe Arnold 73 Fryar,Carv1111.56,136,155, 164,177 F 1111011, Robert G11t11e1' 73, 134 Fu11k,R0bcrt Arthur 84,131 Funk, Robert Levi 64 Fursc, Larry W. 64 Cabel, K011112111 August 56 Ga11v,le:111 56, 112, 219 Gaby, th1115 64,112, 159, 195,219 Gadler, Jean 56, 204 Cadsby, Leslie Anne, 84, 126 Calligan, Elizabeth AI111 181, 197 Galliugcr, Carlccn Louise 84, 168 Galloway, Judith Kay 84 Galloway, Sandra Dorinc 84 Camboa, Robert 64, 149 Gaudall, Warren 262 Garber, 101111 56 Garcia, Cecelia Louise 174 Garcia, F. Chris 56 Garcia, Frances Louise 154 Garcia, 1113111121 01111121 84, 173 Garcia, T0111 56 Garcia, Yvonne 10116 73, 125 Garner, Iames W. 56 Garrison, Laura Ann 84, 202 Gary, Patricia Ann 64, 156, 312 Gaskins, 101111 C. 64, 136 Cassman, Robert Lee 73 Castaldo, loan Joyce 84, 201 Gates, Harvcy M. 64 Gates, Mary Lou 56 0311550111, Icrry E. 73 Gay, Bcn Doughs 84 Gcmocts, B011 56, 136, 169 Ccmocts, 'l'cd 56, 136, 169 George, Harold XVayue 64 Ccorgius, David Russell 73, 142 Ccrding, Eileen 11111121115011 56, 117 Gcrlach, Charles 73, 146 Gerrie, 1811165 73, 136 Ccrritscn, 1117111121111 200 Chattas, Robert N. 56 Gibbs, Thomas 1 T. 56 Gibson, Kc1111ctl1 175 G1115011,Patric121 204 G1b5011,Ray111011d Roy 166 C1135011,Sl1111111c 56,124,223 G1c11gcr,A1to11 56, 170 Gicri, 112111121111 16 5, 192 Gilbert, Bartlett 64, 146 Cilbcrt, Tony Julian 56 Gilbert, Van Henry 73, 139 G111cspic, Dorothv Ncll c 84,119 Cillcspic, Frances Sharon 73,118 Gillespie, Clcna C1101111 84,11 3, 202 G111ctt,Margy Anne 84 Gilmore, Beverly 121110 56 Glass, Barry Preston 64 Glass, Larry Martin 246 01321211, Larrv 73, 128 Glazncr, A1111 73 Glenn, Gacy 73 Clctchcr, chcnc 172 Gnapc, Mod 84 Coding, Lloyd Allen 84 Coctting, Chandler 200 C011, Harold Russell 73, 147 for +he ROYAL TOUCH COMPLETE LADIES 81 MISSES READY TO WEAR AND ACCESSORIES AT Of IMPERIAL DIAL EH 311711 SEEMS 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS ' THIRD 81 SILVER SW ' 5007 LOMAS NE ' 5416 KATHRYN SE ' 5003 MENAUL NE CASH AND CARRY Serving Albuquerque BeHer For 60 Years 311111111111 11111111111111. THE NEWEST WOMEN'S THE HOUSE of L'AIGLON DRESSES 3010 CENTRAL AVE. SE AM 8-3384 FASHIONS 351 Illlllllllllllllllllll MAN ABOUT CAMPUS fine Men's Wear lllllllillllllllllll FOR BRANDS YOU'LL BE PROUD TO WEAR Clothing, Furnishings and Accessories fashioned the way you like them. ' Selection ' Styles ' Sizes ' Colors 0 . Price Service Sophisticated frocks for 'round the clock WWIIWf-WI'W CHARGE ACCOUNTS Service Found Anywhere! AVAILABLE at the triangle W 119 CENTRAL WEST DOWNTOWN CoHaux, Toscph F. 56 Graves, Glenda Carol 172 Crossman, Ester Jean 64 Goldenbcrg, Henry Charles 64 Gray, Cameron Rathbone 73 Grubbs, Judith Ann 65, 118 Goldstein, Elinor Ruth 226 Gray, Carole Jean 84, 119, 202 Grule, Fred 65 Go1dsworthv, Patricia Ruth 64, 114, 159 Gray, Terry Jane 56, 122 Culley, Norma 185, 219 Gomez, Lco Stephen 64, 142 Gray, William Daniel 84 Gullick, Frank M. 56, 134, 242, 246 Gonzales, Manuel 64 Green, Grace V. 73 Gumm, Judith Gail 53, 66, 122, 322 Gonzales, Rosemary 84 Green, Ianicc 73, 112 Guthrie, Wyman Wilsom 164 Goodcll, Fred Dewitt 166 Greenwood, Charles Michael 64 Gutierrez, Fred Daniel 65 Goodrich, Richard M. 165 Greer, Verna Jeanne, 113, 202 Gutierrez, James Emanuel 73 Common, Rex XV. 56 Crenko, Marianne Cynthis 64, 114 Gutierrez, Ioe 261 Gordon, Anna Louise 73 Gribble, Karen Ann 64, 112 Goriz, Roscmarv 200 Griego, Alex R. Haas, Laurie Elizabeth 73, 120, 202 Cosse, James Andrew 16;, 192 Griego, George Phillip 84 Haase, Tex 198 Gothberg, Olivia Caroh'n 64 Gripes, Alison Lee 73 Haddock, Bonnie Ellen 84 Graham, Cynthia Diane 33, 114, 161 Criggs, Ben Carmen 64, 139 Haines, Julie Ann 73, 119, 161 Graham, Ioe Eliseo S6 Griggs, I. Edwin 167 Hale, Charles Nathan 56 Graham, Ray Finis 73 Grigsbv, Jean 73, 118, 161, 219, 228 Hall, Ianice Ruth 84, 320 Grannis, 101m 2 54 Grocbner, lemme Alfred 73 Hallbauer, Kenneth Ray 76, 170 Grant, Francis, 232 GroE, Darla Kay 73 Hallbauer, Warren 56, 164 Crasse, VViHiam Dean 64, 136 Groff, Richard Ke1sey 56, 146, 167 I-Iallenberger, Dorothy Mae 174 Gram, Judith Ilelcn 84, 116 Cross, Char1es A. 73, 139 Halscll, Billy D. 65, 166 Since 1907 . . . THE COMPLETE STORE for the COLLEGE PERSON Also featuring a large selection of Ladies Reody-to-Weur manalellgl $recyfuss 300 CENTRAL AVENUE SW PHONE CH 3-4392 352 1 WINROCK CENTER -NOB HILL CENTER YOUNG MEN'S SELECTIONS, DOWNTOWN, CENTRAL AT THIRD 4mm 81612002 7222 :22 62211639 Mm 1121110111, 17011011101101 8-1 1121111101g, 512111 63 112111015011, 101111 110101 16-1. 233 1121111111011, 1211110121 AI1110 81, 12-1 113111111011, 11010 169 1121111111011, 8211101121 81 1121111111011, 1121112100 Fox 1121111111011, 117211110 110x 138, 196 11311111101511, Karcn L00 81 11211110101111, 130101051101101121 36, 120, 173 1121112101121,111'01121101Kc1111 1-13, 166, 171, 177 11311101, 13211111110 C1111111 8-1, 113, 196, 202 1121111121, 13211113121 10311 73 112111113,1101101'1C. 173 112111113,V'101;1 81 1121115, 112110111 1111111115011 81 113115011, 1111110 8111121 183 1121112, 131110 8110112101 182 113117.01, 1512111005 172 1121101011, 132111121121 L1'1111 81, 187 11310115011, C12111d0'11110111215 73 112110115011, K011110111 100 36, 13-1, 166 11211101055, 511211011 L00 73 112111111055, 81152111 121110 8-1, 113, 203 11311210101, 11111101111111 36, 122 112111101, 110521 11101121111 36, 168, 190 11311011, 11111011 1.00 176 11211115,131111'E. L, 18-1 11211115, L21111' D. 73 11211115, 111101121011111111011181, 1-13 11211115, 11101121121 13211101 113 11211115, 82111111110 261 11211115011, C. S0011 37 1151115011, L1110121 1731' 8-1 11211115011, 111155011 K211'8-1 11211101111, 81112111 73, 1-16 11211111112111, 112111111'1'110111215 63 112115110. 1211' 81111011 81 112111, 11121 1912111005 81 112111111, 1121111 10501111 63, 116 11211101, 1111100 200 1121511, 1101121111137211'110 73, 183 11211011011, 1011 11110112101 63 11211110101,C1121110511. 37,136,261 Hatfield, 5110 1211115 63 11211101, Ccr211d XV. 37, 1-1-1, 133,177 11211110132110 232 11211110, 111111121111 73, 160, 227 11311101, 17.110011 81, 12-1 1121111011,1'21101'10121110 202, 199 1121105, 132111121121 1.1101110 63, 183, 201 1121105, 1110111 73, 122, 318, 320 1121105,1110112110111012100 36, 171, 166 1121105,812111101'131111111 63, 169, 233, 238 11a1'05, 111111121111 Edward 133, 216 1121110, 1121111112112111 511111 191 1121110, 821112111 $111g11 1131'10,S;11110511K. 37, 191 11315, 1121151 1111111 202 112115, 1101101121 111111 37, 12-1 11211110001, G001g121 Mary 73, 120, 202 11021101, C001g0 L1111101 8-1, 233, 237 1102151011, 11101211101121 C1211'1011 36 110c1g05,C211010102111110 81, 111 11011111, 521121 13011011 81 1101111011011, 1301115 232 1101011,'1'110111215 1310110110 63 110111110111, 111111121 L011150 8-1 11011011,C1111101112111105 73, 2-16 1101101015011, 12111105 '11211101 37, 132 11011111g1011, S0011C11211105 81 110115101, 312111211'1301121111 72 11011112111, 51101311 L00 81 11011101011,811011211173, 199, 202 11011011,101' 1111111 73 110110121.131021110111211110163, 173 11011111211111, 10100 11121110 37 1101101. 110gg1' 63, 168, 190, 201 11055. 11101121101 E2111 37 1110110115011,111111'E5121181 11105101, 10501111 37 111051211111, 1".1111110 73, 203 1119,971115,1311101111101'1173, 1-1-1 1112121115, 101115 1110111115 73 1110111311, 11310111 37, 233, 233 11111, 111111111 M. 222 11111, 1101121111 111211110 161 , 11111, 12101111011110 73 11111, 11112111 X1210 8-1 1111101110101, 13211'101Ed11'111 73, 132 1111101,1111550173, 139 11111110, C2111101'1110 8-1, 112 1111105, C, 1021111110 37, 12-1, 173 1111105, 1111121121 3110112101 8-1 1111111, 11011011 C1001g0 73, 182 11115011,8115z11111111063,11-1 11011305,C11211101101112110 17-1 11011:;05, 110111121 1401173 1100111101011, 11111;:1 111511121 203 1101311110101, 521121 1311011 182 1101111211111. 5011113011 63, 139 110100110014, L0011 63 11011211101511'01111, 81111101'1111111 37 1101115, 1311011 112112 8-1, 1-17 11011112111,1211101 201 11011110111151, 81211112011150 63 1101112111, C21101AI111 81,113, 187 110110101111, C01211d 183 Hooker.C112111051'011051 83, 110 11001301, 10111 151100110 63 1-1011k1115.81101i21 102111 83, 172 Hopper, 81131011 112110111 63, 118 11011123, 111117163, 112, 139 11011101, 1311011 11. 37, 1-16, 166, 171 110151,112111101121 83 1101511111111. 11151115 A, XV, 73 11015111121011, 1301'0111' Ann 73, 120 11011011,1101100021 37, 122 110113011, 1101011 37,121, 193 1101151011, 1110115521 196 11011121111111163, 120,202 1101121111, K21111173, 129, 202, 291 110110,N11112111'0111011100 83, 190 1101120,X12105112111X1011'111 73. 1-16 1101'1,S0111'1011 X13110 83, 203, 312 1111111121101, 111113111 13111115011 71 1111111111K'A111171,202,219 11110120115, :1. 021110 7-1, 122, 193 111111, C0111110 182 Huff, Jean 85, 124 Huffman, Earl George 74 Huggins, Dick 262 Hughes, Anne Lorraine Hughes, Elizabeth B. 227 Humphries, Norman Lindsay 185 Hungste, Ron Kent 74, 133 Hunkel, James 57 Hunt, Kate Reynolds 74 Hunter, Marilyn Diane 74, 320 Huse, Arthur W. 74, 128 Husionavich, John 85 Husler, Joseph Earl 219 Hutchins, Richard Harris 65, 167 Hutchison, Linda 74, 185, 227 Hyatt, Neal Stephen 85 Hyman, Gloria Jean 1m, Sophann 170, 194 Ingalls, Melvin Nathaniel 143, 17 3, 177, 2 35 Inlow, Michael Douglas 85 Inman, John William 85, 132 Issacs, Flora Joann 185 Isaacson, Thomas Otto 185 Isgar, Thomas Arthur 74, 262 Ishaku, Benjamin Garba 194 Jackson, Alvy Conrad 65, 166 Jackson, Bernard 262 Iaeger, Iulius P. 65 James, Ron Lee 166 James, Shirley May 85 James, XV. Robert 57 Ianacek, Nancy 321 Iaramillo, Prudence 74, 202 Iarvi, Ted 74 Jasper, George Larry 246 Jeager, Julius 129 16150, Carol Ann 85 16150, Damian John 57 Ienkins,A1fred Cameron 164 Jenkins, Patricia Ann 57, 175 Jensen, Robert Lee 246 Ienson, Donald Edward 176 Iernigan, Albert Thomas 185 Iessee, Howard Waldon 57 Ieter, Rose Marie 74, 161 Iobe, Bob 183 Joe, Jennie Rose 85 Iohn, Bobby 74, 135 Iohncox, Mahlvn 74 Iohnson, Chris W. 74 Johnson, Dean Wilson 8 5, 255, 2 57, 258 Iohnson, Henry 183 Johnson, James Randall 85, 147 Johnson, Karen Lee 173 Iohnson, Keith 232 Johnson, Kenneth 172 Iohnson, Lorrayne 74 Johnson, Pamela Io 85, 172 Johnson, Richard Anthony 74, Z 55 Johnson, Roberta Ann 85, 121, 174, 202 Johnson, Virgil Woodrow 74, 185 Johnston, Keith H. 65 Johnston, Marsha Deane 168 Johnston, Theron Scott 57 joiola, Miriam 200 Jones, Arnold Leon 85 Jones, Barbara Edith 116, 202 Ioncs, Carol Constance 65 Iones, Charles Lee 85, 134 Jones, Cvnthia Ann 85 Iones, Gordon Roberts 57 Iones, M. Harlene 85, 116 Jones, Marjorie lane 113 Jones, Mary Barbara 74, 113 Iordan, David Lee 85 In, Frederich D. 172 Iudge, William Iames 221 Iulian, loan Margaret 57, 120, 195 Iulien, Vcan 182 Jumper, George Yount 85 Kach-elmeier, David 169 Kaderli, Kay 74, 122 Kaehr, Mitchael Raymon 85, 147 Kahmod, Chaudhry 57 Katcher, lack N. 169 Kaufman, Margaret Vincent 74 Kearney, Larry I. 65 Keating, Louis A. 57, 128 Keeling, Iames Howard 143, 155, 172, 177 Keeling, Terry Marcellus 82, 147 Keith, Donna Lee 74 Keleher, Thomas Franklin 74, 149, 2 55 Keller, Don Elroy 74 Keller Zoa Mason 65, 120, 190 Kelleran, Thomas Earle 74, 136 Kelly, Margaret Ann 65, 123, 159, 195, 229 Kelly, Patrick Joseph 74, 169, 192, 219 Kelso, Gerald Kay 155, 180 Kelso, Phillip Kent 85, 134 Kendall, James David 85 Kennedy, George A. 246 Kennedy, Ieann Ruth 85, 202 Kennedy, Karel Ioanne 85 Kenney, Mary Kevin 74, 129, 195, 202, 219 Kenney, Delmore 94 Kenyon, Richard Bertram 65, 142, 158 Kerley, W. W. 57, 169 Kerry, Thomas 57 Kershner, Margaret Annette 80 Kersting, Ada Mary 65, 175 Kessler, Carl Ray 85, 131 Ketcham, Ioan 183 Kilgore, Carol Carter 54 Kilgore, Glenna 74, 116 Killgore, Kathleen 85, 124, 187, 203 203 Kimber, Emilie Nita 74, 194 Kimbrough, Avery Forrest 85, 147 147 Kimbrough, Dale Howard 85 Kimmons, James Bowen 85 Kincheloe, Tom 2 35 King, Iackie 191, 218, 322 King, James Louis 85 King, Iohn Paul 74, 219 King, Karen Kay 74 King, Tom 25 2 Kings1ey, Larry Don 74 Kinzer, Larry Graham 85, 198 Kirby, William E. 57, 167 Kirk, Karen 85, 114 Kirkpatrick, James S. 74, 147 Kirkpatrick, Iohn Roy 85 Klasscn, Betty McKclvey 172, 173 Klein, Cary 85 Klein, Richard Lynn 74, 147 Klein, Vivian Carolyn 85, 112 Klinge, Diane C. 57, 112 Klinikowski, Gayle 74 Klocpfer, Lynn Shirley 45, 168, 203 Knighten, Linda Gayle 85 Knighten, Linden Maurice 65, 229 K110110pka, Anthony, 65, 142, 235 Kobayashi, Charlotte 85 Koenig, William Ernest 166 Koering, Susan Mary 85 K011111235, Charles Albert 85, 140 Konnerth, Regina Julianna 203 Konrad, Carl Harrv 219 Koogler, Margaret Grace 74, 118 Kosor, Iohn Anthony 246 Kraft, lean Pauline 85 Krause, Richard Milton 65, 136 Krebs, Mary Anne 85 Kromming, Grace Virginia 74 Kubitz, Anne Caroline 65, 174 Kubitz, Iulie Lvnn 85, 174 Kuhnle, Kale 85 Kuntz, Dina L. 74, 115, 202,223 Kusel, Mary L. 57 Kyle, Suzanne 85,119, 221 Kyne, Iohn Michael 57, 136, 221, 322 Kynor, Beverly 57 Laage, Christine Annette 85, 122 Lackey, Paul Daniel 85 Lackey, Wesley David 5 7, 186 LaDue, Tanice Kay 74, 118 LaCree, lay 198 Lally, Eve Diane 65, 114, 159 Lampton, John Anthony 85 Lane, Edward Leroy 85 Langell, Karen Ann 74, 122 Langley, Marla Tanell 85 Langley, Robert Morris 155, 187, 235 Lanier, Lindy 25 5 Las1ey, Elaine 65 Lesley, Rex W. 58,142, 235 Laub, Eric William 128, 219, 262 Laughlin, Thomas Larner 86 Lauxman, Patricia Marie 86, 174, 204 Lawson, Phyllis Ann 86 Lawton, Joan S. 74, 118, 168 Laxley, Rex 57 Layton, Patricia Ann 65, 116, 219 Leach, Donald Henry 74 League, David P. 86 Lease, Norma Kay 74 Ledbetter, Elissa 65, 122, 159 Lee, Bonita Anne 74 Lee, Gloria 196 Lee, John 57, 170 Lee, Nancy 200 Lee, Patricia 320 Legcre, Frederick 101111 86, 140 Lehmann, David 2 55 Leisy, Ralph Herbert 57, 146 Lent, Ray 74, 144 Lenzini, Martin Joseph 58, 142 235, 322 Leonard, Howard 200 Leonard, John Paul 183 Leonard, Marsha Anne 74, 119 Levin, Michael David 58, 149 Levitt, Elliott George 128 Levy, Ann Evelyn 197 Levy, Ii11 86 Lewis, Charles William 86, 147 Lewis, Edward 158, 218 Lewis, James Douglas 86 Lewis, Jeffrey Lee 74 Lewis, Karen Etta 187 Lewis, Maty Lynn 86, 119 Lewis, Patricia Diane 65, 183 Lewis, Patricia Louise 65, 116, 159, 305 Lewis, Peggy Ann 114 Lewis, Sharon Frances 86, 122, 301 Lewis, Stewart Ashby 86 Levya, Dorothy Victoria Lill, Daniel Coit 86, 137 Lind, William Leroy 58 Lindsley, James Bruce 75, 135 Lineberger, Chloe 74, 219 Linn, George 261 Liptak, Robert Thomas 74, 136 Litka, Walter Arthur 86, 131 Little, Kathryn 86 Little, Robert Lloyd 86 Littlejohn, Claudia Florence 74 Livingston, Elizabeth Anne 65, 112 Locasio, Donald Ioscph 194 Lockhart, Iames Richard 166 Lodd, Gerald 74 Logan, James 86 Long, Charles 177 Long, Elaine Rae 74, 182, 227 Lopez, Arthur 74, 132 Lotze, Christian Dieter 86, 227 Lotze, Eber C. 58,219, 323 Lovato, Patricia Ann 219 Love, Andrew Morris 86, 134 ; Lovejoy, Lowell Rell 86 Lovett, Bruce Paul 86 Lowe, Joanne Evelyn 86 Lozier, Robert Dean 242, 246 Lucas, Chester Donald 164, 222 Lucas, David S. 86 Lucero, Helen Rosalyn 86 Luceto, Mike 254 Lugenbeel, Vicki Raye 74, 120, 202 Luther, Raymond Bentley 86 Lutkus, Carol Kay 190 Lutz, Raymond Price 143, 172, 177 Luzford, lane Trow 92, 172 Luxford, William Royce 74 Lynch, Edward 74, 146, 219, 310 Lynch, Robert Emil 65, 166 Mabry, John Harry 75, 147 Macaluso, Nina Io 86, 174, 199 Maestas, Olivia 65 MacDonald, Guillermo 196 MacGregor, John Charles 222 MacNiCholl, Mary Lee 86 Mader, Iohn Hardy 75, 132 Magee, Nancy Lee 75, 118, 174 Malloy, Marilynn Kav 86 Malloy, Sharon Beverly 86, 202 Mandell, John W. 198 Mangels, Merilee 86, 168, 203 Manhart, Michael Herbert 86, 143 Mann, Judi 186 Marales, Joe 65 Mares, Corine Marie 75 Mariamito, Frank 200 Marin, Norman E. 196 Marquez, Jimmie Iacob 86 Marsh, Kenneth 65, 149 Marshall, David Ronald 65 Martin, Eileen Mary 75 Martin, Irl Richard 58 Martin, Mary Eileen 86 Martin, Patricia Louise 65, 202, 266 Martin, Richard E. 132 Martinez, Adrian Joe 58 Martinez, Albino Joseph 86 Martinez, Frank Robert 192 Martinez, Izafr Antonio 58 Martinez, Lavem Edward 75, 134 Martinez, Michael Don 75 Martinez, Vern 262 Mason, Richard 200 Mason, Rosalind Iune 65 Masters, Ioe Coleman 134 Masters, Sally Evelyn 86, 114 Masterson, Richard Lee 65, 142, 1.58 Mastin, Richard Dennis 65, 136, 182 Mathis, Audrey Lee 65 Matteucci, Raymond Charles 58, 149 Matthews, Billy Gene 86 Matthews, Dene 86 Matthews, Stenhen Allen 155 Matthews, Stephen Anson 58, 146, 222 Mattingly, Charles H. 65, 134 Mattingly, Jack Edward 86 Mattinglv, William Alan 86 Matulonis, Dale 182 Maxon, William Iohn 86, 128, 219 Maxson, Mary Elizabeth 75, 185 Mayer, Sharelle Rosanne 86, 219 Mayland, Nancv 65, 120 Mazziotti, Vincent Iames 86, 147 McAchran, James Wayne 65 McAllister, Iames Patrick 75 McAtee, Peter 177 McCafTreV, Charlotte Anne 65, 172, 173 McCain, Floyd Ellsworth Ir. 75, 135 McCall, Marcia Ann 58, 116, 175 355 ALBUQUERQUE THIRD AND CENTRAL ANN BLUE PAT McCOLLUM DIANE BLAIR HELEN HOUGEN FEATURING CLOTHES FROM KlSTLER-COLLISTER 356 110C11101', '1'0111 17.101011 56 110C1151111,1101011111111110 56, 133 11001115111001, 1'10111'11101 L, 56 110C11110, 111110111111 73, 13-1 110C0r1;10,1101173,1-15 110C011111010,111010 56 110C0r111101;. 1111111111163, 133, 139, 3115, 335 11063011111010, 110111011X. 1-13. 167, 173, 177 110Cr11010011, K1111 1311 38, 1-13, 1111,133,111-1,177,333 110C11101;011,1,111011111'1111111115 63 110C1111011g11, 1111501166 110 C111111101, 1111rg1101110 S6 110C11r011', 11111105 :111011 86, 1-18 1101C11r011',11011111011311. 35, 136 110 C11t0110011, G1111 73, 3113 110C1110110011,5110 66, 3113 110111111101, 111101011110 103013111110: 63, 130 11011111101, 1111113111 E. 86 11011011011, 1111101 .11111 66, 116 1101311011, U11'55051r.73, 1-13, 160, 170 1101301, 111111111 35, 136, 1-13, 177 1101311011, 111111 1311105173, 1-1-1 11011111111101, 1100011 56 110131111115,Lnrr1'C. 173 110C11110, 15111111; 38, 318, 336, 333 ,110'C111'10. 111111115 E11011 66, 130 110C11110,5115111176, 13-1, 133, 33 3, 300 11011110511,;11100156, 337 110K111: 100 333, 33-1 110K111, 111111111111 B1101 56, 187 11011011710, 1001111101 1111111100 11. 66 11011711111011. D1111 1111077115 111 333 1101111111011, 1101111 L0111150 165 11013051001, 1110111101 P011011 319 1101151111111, 1111113111 11. 339 110111111011,101111361 11011111011, 10111 L. 66 11011111011,101111'1'1101111151r.73 110111111111,11111111111011115t01173, 130 11011111, 11111111 130056, 135 1101011101,111111101111111110 73 1101111, 101111 165, 3-16 110111111,X111101'5111110110 56, 153, :11: ' 1101301011, 11111111110111011111 3113 110011111, 10501111 1110111101 86 1101171101101,13110111111110 38, 13-1 110301. 111111'1111rg11r0156, 116, 157 11011010111101166, 13-1, 157 11011105,11111105 66, 1-16 111011501111,101111'1'110111115 73, 139 1103501111, 5110 E11011 56 110C110111110r,11111111101101333 11001f0r01, C11111c10 31111 11001401, 111110131. 58 11005, N111101' 73, 13-1 110101,C11r173 1101111101, B011 38 11015101, 101111 13111101 35, 133 11101t0111, 11111105 66 11011111, N011111111 111111110 93 110110100, 1101111111 1101121101 176 1101001, 11111101 176 1101001, 10501111 38, 177, 331 11011111,11011110111187 11011111, 1101111111115101'73, 137 110101111,11011'111131141011173, 195 1101011110, 1111111101011 73 1101255111, 1111011 L0011111'01 66, 1-11, 33-1 110tzg0r, 111111011 57, 131, 303' 110101,1101111011113011173, 191 1110113011,1011 38, 139, 339, 333 111011015011, 1101113111510101110 66, 116 111011015011,11101; 1.73, 1-16, 138, 1611 11110510, 101111 F. 66 11111110, z11110rt G001g0 169 111105, 11'10-k10 C01101'10110 87 1111101101,1101110r 35 1111101, 111111101 G001g0 35 1111101. 110111115101111 157 111110r, 111001 9110111111 38, 3115 1111101, 11111105110115101166 1111101,,1011111111 35 1111101',101111 C101'0111 38,1-16. 117, 333 1111101, 111011111 11111110 66, 115, 139, 173, 335 1111101, 11111'g1110t 1110111101 1711 1111101, 1110'1111101K11rtx 177, 176. 163,197, 3111, 319 1111101, 51101111 1101010 18-1, 337 1111101,5110111'L01187 1111101, 111111111111z1. 167,333 111115.1311010110 L1'1111 171 111110111101001. 191001 87, 137 1111115,1V010111511066. 113 1111150, 1111111111011 35 1111011011,13011111011110 11157 1111011011, 11310101 1.1010173, 163 1111011011, 11111101; 01111111 73, 136, 1611, 333 1117.0, 1".11711110111 1.011150 37 111711101, 1101111101 110111115 73,1-19 11001111011110,L111111166, 173, 173 111001;, 10111111011'111'0173 110010, 1110111110111. 73 11001101, 51111101 111111110 57 11011011,1101111101,1 173 1101011111105 38,16-1 11011011'11g011, 13100173, 319 11011111110,11110111110311 173 1101110111, 17115011111 11111011101 66, 319 11011101'11,1'11100111 1711111 73 111001101, 111110157, 13-1 110010.11111C0111115 337 110010, 5101111011 11. 93, 136 1110111, 11011101311013 110101111 73 1110111, 1111111 11111110 66 11011, C1111r105 1111101187 M011g311,C1110111110t73, 174 110rg1111,111111111187, 133 1110101111, L1110111 57 1101g1111,1111011010 1111110 157, 171 1101g1111,11111'111011011111r5t73, 187 Morgan, 11011011 11011111101 66, 3-16 11011;, 110101 N100105 57 1101115,C111101111Ca1'10 87, 3113 1101115, 11011011C11111105 537 11101115, 5101110173 11101115011, C111011'11 1111110 73, 133 11050101, X0111111 11101111 87, 187 11051111111,1011110111101101 35, 1-16, 1 33 11055, K011110111 E11g0110 166 M0155, 11111g2110t 0111101101111 87, 1 19, 303 110111111101',101111 L01g11 66, 171 111011111111, D0011 C1111'10 66 1110111, 1311111111111 1". 38 11101015, N111101' K1110 66, 331 11111111111, 10501111 11110101; 66, 1-13 11111101, 111011 35,113 1111111115,11111'11111C11r011'1166, 161 11111111115, 11111111113,139,333 1111111115,1101111101Cr1111157, 137 1111101115011, :110111110101 1111111173 1111111111',1:1110011 67 1111111111, 1311111005 :11111 87, 119 11111111111, 11111115110 87 111111111", 11111 :11;111 87 11111101, 11111105 11011111 38, 176 111015, 51151111 10111173, 187 N1101'0, 13111110111 111110 187 N11111111101, .11 66, 139, 31 S N111101', 1111110-5111111051 166 N1111011, 1011111111 K111 57 11111110111011,1101111173, 133, 193, 333 1111111110110,1310111101 5010111 173 N111'10r, 1'11101'1011111110111 S7, 131, 3113 N00110r0,11"111111111S7, 138 ANOTHER HAPPY COUPLE CHOOSING THEIR DIAMOND IN THE PRIVACY OF 11115111151211 DIAMOND ROOM NEW BUILDING MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES 1 5409311 ACOMA RD., S.E. . PHONE ALPINE 5-5513 EXICO ,ANITUR SUPPLY 1311., INC. LOCAL or LONG DISTANCE ' PACKING ' CRATING ' STORAGE ' TRANSlT-MIX CONCRETE ' HEAVY HAULING ' STEEL ERECTION No Job Too Large or Too Small GII 3-6651 x! I 5'" ETRANSFER CO. ?mmmuve SINCE 1902 gllllllllllllllllllIIHIIhS 121 TIJERAS AVENUE, NE Neeb, Bob F'. 66 Needham, Shirley May 75, 118, 161, 195 Neely, Jerry 66, 149 Nelson, Alice Faye 66 Nelson, Cozette Ann 87 Nelson, Harold W. 165 Nelson, Jim 255 Nelson, Iudi Ann 66, 120 Nelson, Linda 182, 219 Nesbitt, Eugene Patrick 185 Ness, Robert Cary 87 Nete, Tune 75 Neuber, Anita 87 Neubcr, Joyce 58, 156, 183, 204, 323 Neuber, Nancy 87 Ncun, Mary Edith 87 Nevans, Kathy 180, 181 Newman, Barbara 75, 182 Newsomc, William 75 Nia1s, E1116 Collcne 87, 202 Nickelson, Sandra Kay 87 Niehaus, Richard Charles 143, 167, 172, 177 Nigh, Karen 87, 182 Nilchec, Irma 200 Nogg, Carole Shane 101, 185 Nohl, Nancv 75,121, 228 Norman, Vernon William 75 Norris, Bessie Lcc 87 Norris, lack P. 58, 166,223 Notah, Marv Lou 87 Novat, David 58 Nunley, Lonnie RaV 170 Nunn, Robert Earl 75 Nunn, Tev Diana 196 Nve, Richard Darrell 58 O'Brien, loan Elaine 87 Ochcskcv, Fred 66, 133 O'Connor, Marv Ellen 219 O'Dowol, Cary 66 Ohler, Charles 58, 169 Ohman, Iim 248 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll , SHIIIIIIIIIIA: AGENTS ALLIED VAN LINES Olguin, Frank 200 Olinger, Barbara 58, 123, 296, 321 Clinger, Charles 87 Olivas, Sabino 176 Oliver, Garry 185 Olsen, Donald 66, 142, 158, 166 Olsen, john 58 Olson, Arleen 58,111,156,175, 226, 323 Olson, Dorothy 66, 168, 203 Olson, William 87, 128 O'Neill, Roberta Lee 75 Oppenheim, Lee 66 Ormsbee, Iean Ellen 87 Orndorff, Nancy 66 Ortega, Albert Clancey 87 Ortega, Reuben 75 Ortiz, A1fonso 200 Ortiz, Arthur 87 Ortiz, Francis 232 Ortiz, Gilbert 58, 142 Ortiz, Romeo Anthony 75 Orwat, Thaddeus Bernard 87 Osbourn, Cora Jean 87, 119, 202 Ottinger, Cary Bcckwith 75, 136 Owen, Donald 87 Owens, Elaine 66, 168, 195, 203, 302 Owens, Robert 177 Ownbcy, Johnnie Ray 87, 114, 202 Padilla, Steve Arthur 87 Page, Nancy L621 58, 183 Palmer, Diane 58, 123 Palmer, Nancy Joan 161 Palmer, Robin Lorraine 75, 203 Pappas, Antoinette Nick 172 Park, Mary Lou 87, 204 Parker, Ianicc 75, 204 Parker, Jerry Dean 87 Parker, Lyle 66, 149, 187 Parker, Rosemary 75, 115 Parkhurst, Phil Andrew 170 iWATCHES ' Hamilton ' Omega ' Bulova ' Longines ' Mido ' Elgin ' Wittnauer i'SlLVER ' Gorham ' Towle ' Reed 8 Barton ' Wallace ' International ' Lunf ' Heirloom Crystal Selections. Charge or Divided Payment Accounts Invited CH 32243 Serving +he People of New Mexico Wi+h Fine Jewelry for 42 Years 8 Arf-Carved Engagement 8 Wedding Rings ' Stieff ' 1847-Rogers ' Community i'CHINA ' Lenox ' Wedgwood ' Spode ' Rosenthal ' Royal Doulton ' Flintridge i CRYSTAL ' Fostoria ' Hawkes ' Baccarat ' Leerdom ' OreHors ALL BRIDES TO BE are invited to use our Bridal Registry Service. Your family and friends will want to know your Silver, China and 10' Fine Engraved Wedding Invitations 8 Announcements Parkin, Iohn Blain 66, 133 Parmelee, Gail 187 Parsons, Carol Sue 66, 115 Parsons, Landis Laurelle 142 Partee, Carroll Frances 75, 115 Partee, Polly 168, 190,202, 222 Paskind, Martin 173 Pasley, VVenzel Albert 87, 147 Pate, Delbert Merlin 75, 133 Paterson, Katherine Mabel 87, 119, 202 Patino, Dan Moeller 66, 146 Patterson, Edward 59, 66, 143, 165, 177 Paul, Charles 59, 136 Paul, Sue 87, 204 Paulson, 106 66, 146 Powol, lack Carrington 170 Pearce, David George 59, 186 Pearce, Richard John 87 Pearl, Carlton Iamcs 87 Pearl, Yvette Treva 87, 124, 168 Pearson, Neal Alan 66, 136, 219 Pech,JanicCLyn11e 87, 114 Pcery, Newman Smith 66, 181 Pc11a,1011nny 59, 128 Pcndleton, William George 248 Pcrce, George 59, 166, 222 Perez, Cary 87 Perez, Samuel Garrett 137 Perkins, David 75, 135 Perkins, Sherrill 66, 115 Pcrlstein, Alexander 87 Perry, Iim 255 Perry, Patricia Edna 75, 124 Peschke, Jerome Mattewson 87, 219 Petersen, Mary Ann 187 Peterson, Carla Lee 87, 174 Pctcrson, Frank Robert 87, 262 Peterson, 1Varren Arthur 66, 139, 158, 166, 171 Petty, Don Edward 75 Phaler, XValter 1Villiam 199 Phegan, Carl 183 Phegan, Martha 183 Phclan, Patrick Francis 88, 146, 164 Phillips, Frank Budd 75, 149 Pica, Nicholas Ralph 88,1132 Pick, Peggy 59, 115, 172, 228 Pieper, Lloyd 66, 142 Pierce, Richard 182 Pierson, Garv Lee 66, 146 Pierson, John Howard 248 Pics, Ronald 66, 146 Pikard, Glenn 88 Pineau, Carolec 168 Pineda, Raymond 76, 149 Pino, Timmy 76 Pino, XVilliarn 200 Pitillo, Margaret 88 Pitkin, Michael Thomas 88 Pittman, Turner 166 Fletcher, Sue Ellen 88 Plummet, Adolph 219, 2 5 5, 2 56 Foch, Libbi 76, 124, 208 Poetzl, Susan 76, 123 Polansky, Ernest Albert 88 Po1lard, Iames Robert 88, 137 Pollock, Betty 59, 204 Pond, Karen Hazel 174 Pope, Wi11i3m 88 Porter, Clifford 192 Porter, Marilyn Gaines 88 Porter, Sandra Gayle 76, 174 Postenrieder, Emery August 176 Postlcthwait, Margaret Ican 168 Postlcthwaite, Martha Kathleen 88 Powell, Iohn 76, 261 Powell, Kirk 88, 140 Powers, William H2111 88, 147 Pratt, Orville 66, 144 Pratt, Ruth Elizabeth 88, 119 Free, Carolyn Louise 76 Presson, Paul Edward 92 Price, Barrett 2 55 357 338 alvis reenlee Stuolios 1820 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST Phone CH 2-3563 Pricto,A1f0nso 39, 131 Pritt, Chuck 76, 164 Fruit, Connie Annette 88 Pryor, Clinton Enfield 88, 131, 261 Putclli, Anne 76 Putelli, James Joseph 88, 160 Putman, 187111121111 Ellsworth 39, 143,133,167,172,177 Quadc,1101di 88, 202, 203 Quade, Martha Ann 119 Quarg, 0711113111 39, 176, 219, 229 Queen, Bryan Lee 166 Quezada, Delia 88 Quintana, Marina 200 Rabv, Barbara 66, 172 Radclifjfc, Irene 88 Radomilm'ich, Don 39 Radwanski,Car1 39, 167 Raglin, Carok'n 76, 118, 161, 219 Rammign, 101111 39, 131, 298 Ramsey, James 88, 131 Ramsey, 101m 39, 139, 233, 237 Ramscv, Margaret Pearl 88 Ramsey, Scott Allan 76, 136 Randall, Ann 39, 120, 173 Randall, Carolm 10311 76 Randcl, L1OVC1 Byron 76 Randolph, Colin Ferguson 76 Ransom, Dale XVayne 76 Ransom, James 66, 146, 224 Rayficld, Sandra Jane 88, 126, 306 Ready, Dennis 66, 146, 138 Recinos, Orlando Mauricio 196 - Rcdd, Bruce 261 Redd, Sandra 328 Reece, Cary Stanton 76 Reed, Michael 106 88 Rccvcs,Im1ie Lcc 88, 116, 172, 202 Reeves, Patricia Kay 66, 113, 187, 219, 220 Rcid,B111232 Rcid, 1131248 Rcitzcl, David Kenneth 39, 143, 163, 177 R0111illard, Donald 5211111161 76 Rcmlcy, A1111 Marie 194 chouard, Kenneth Blair 88 Restow, 10 A1111 39 Rctz, 8171311121111 66, 136 Rcuttcr, Susan Jane 76, 119 Reyes, Joe 66 Reynolds, Ann 88 Reynolds, 10111 66, 168, 190 Rhodes, David Thornton 88, 143 Rhudy, A1 261 Riardan, XVilliam 76, 133 Ricc, C310139,113,136, 220, 221, 323 Rice, Chesscr Truman 76, 140 Rice, 130111131311 88, 116,202 Ric11ards,Bcvcr1VIcan 88, 116, 202 Richards, Camille Louise 88 Richards, James 39, 146 Richards, Marian 88, 124 Richardson, Grace 172 Richardson, Rebecca Sue 88 Richcy, Karl 88 Rickctr, Mary Kathlccn 39 RickhoE, 1b 164 Ricdcr, Cary 76, 198 Rila, Mary Ann 76, 203 Riley, Kat11y66, 111, 223, 321 R1111, Nancy Lee 66 Rittcrbrown, Celest 88 Rittgcrs, Allan Boyd 88 Rivcra, Eva Ruth 88 Rivers, T6515! 88, 202, 204 Roastingear, Barbara Io 88 Robcrts, Ann Lamon 66 Robert, Marion Eugene 88 Roberts, Anna D011 139, 186, 204, 227 Roberts, Iamcs 1 Tcwton 176 Robcrts, Marjorie A1111 66 Roberts, Patricia E11cn 88 Roberts, Sandra Kams 76 Robertson, Buddy 168 Robison, Marcella Ruth 76, 113 11013105, Diana 111110 88 Robnctt, Iunc Priscilla 76, 203 Rocha, Efrcn 2 33 Rodc,Jud1t11 Susan 39, 113 Rodemau, Donna Lee 173 Rodgers, Barbara 66, 118, 193, 223, 226, 228 Rodgers, Bclla 200 Rodgers, Donald Eugene 76, 139 Rodgers, Patsy Burke 66 Rodgers, 817111121111 176 Rodriguez, Ccra1d 66, 138 Rohla, Michacl Rav 39, 229 11011131110, 1171111 88, 204 Rondcau, Raymond Hubert 76, 146, 160 Rose, Ivan Joseph 67 Rose, 101111 8Vcslcy 76, 149 Rose, Milton Richard 39, 166, 171 Rose, Sharon Candace 88 Rosen, Lynn 67 Roscnbaum, Michelle E1ysc 227 Rosenberg, Hcmmn Irwin 88 Roser, Margaret Lynnctte 219 Rosier, Suann 39, 113 Ross,1:111c Terry 88, 183,202,227 Rost, Robcrt P3111 67 Rowland, Michael Lloyd 67, 136 Rowlcy, Charles 1Vcsley 88 Rowlison, IICIIUOII 39, 167 Roy, 817111121111 McDuHic 39, 139 Roybal, C1313 Mac 88, 172 Roybal, Ioscphinc Imeldc 39 Royhal, Marie 39 Rozza, Allen C1z1irc 39, 172 Rubenstcin, Iamic 39, 144, 173 Rubi, Isidro Charles 67 RugglchTancx'Suc173, 229 11111a11d,I.11. 39, 128 Rummage, Georginc 39, 136, 197, 221, 32 3 Rummclt, Herman 88, 131 Ru11gc,Iudit11 76, 113, 173 Russell, C811 Ilclcn 39, 136, 193, 218, 323 Ryan, Ronald Kemp 76 Ryan, Madge Jeannette 76, 172 Sabich, Mary Frances 88 Sabino, Robert Edward 88 Sackman, Robcrt XVaync 88 Sadilck,1u11'c 117, 161, 219 Sadilck,1u1ius Benjamin 76, 174 St. Clair, Linda Sue 202 St.C1a11,R0bcrt67, 137, 138, 171 Sa 32:11, Adela Carmen 88 53 37m, Andres Clarcncc 88 83 mar, Mary Agnes 39, 173 53 com, Mohummed 194 521 lcc, Elizabeth Anne 88 521 Ice, Larry Max 76 Salycr, Dona1d Chester 88 Salycr, Robert Louis 40 Sampsd, Michad Martin 67, 167 "Samuelson, Samuel Dca 39, 169 Sanchez, Barbara lean 229 Sanchez, Ernest Eloy 173 Sanchez, Julius Edward 170 Sanchez, Ross 67 Sa11dcrs,Sandra 187, 204 Sanc1m'a1, Ioscph Frank 88 Sandoval, Marcella 67, 181, 202, 266 Sandoval, Sx'lx'ia 88, 204 Santagc, Spencer Maurice 76 Santiago, Robert 248 Sarthory, Ioscph Allmrt 39 Saucrnmn, Marsha Ann 88, 203 Saunders, Dorothy Charlotte 88, 174 Saxc, Richard 88 Sayre, Douglas Martin 76, 133 Fine Mexican 8 American F6001 Served in +he Quiet Pleasan+ A+mosphere of Old Mexico La Hacienda 2ls+ Year For Reservations Phone CH 24866 Old Town Plaza NWl in old Albuquerque Congratu lations COMPL1MENTS 0F NM 10118 I720 Cen'l'ral SE Bob 8 Jane Daugher+y. Prop. Scandrctt, Eric Miles 88, 131 Scanlun, Richard 76, 134 Scharn, Ingrid 89, 194 Schaub, Rita Marie 89 Schaub, 8Vaync Emmett 89, 137 Schcutzcl, Carol Ann 89, 122 Sc11i11011,1udit11Ann 89, 91, 124, 314 Schmcdt, Iolund 1Valtcr 89 Schmidt, Mary Lou 89, 116, 190, 202 Schmidt, Michael Paul 248 Schmidt, William Reginald 67, 128 Schmuckcr, Dennis Baird 68 Schocnhut, William Frederick 89, 219 Scholl, Michael Ioscph 76 Schoolcy, Kathleen Ann 89 Schouman, John William 89 Schroeder, David Hodges 89, 140 Schrom, Pamela 76, 123, 161, 195, 203 Schubert, Marilyn Antoinette 89, 202 Schulcn, Iudy 320 Schultc, Ruth loan 89 Schumpcrt, Stephen Page 76, 130, 219 Schur, Iohn 89 Schwan, Stephen Papc, 89, 137 Schwalm, William 143, 177 Scism, Bert Lee 76, 198 Scott,Cai1Annc 89, 114 Scott, Gene 248 Scott, Haskcn Eddie 248 Scott, Lindsav Bothwcll 76, 136 Scott, Vicki 89, 202 Scott, Walter Edward 76 Scottcn, Eleanor 76 Seale, Carolyn 76, 115, 202 Seaman, Rebecca Ann 174 Seamons, Larry Oliver 67 Seavcr, Kenneth William 167, 192 Seav, Suzanne 89, 202 Sedillo, Helen 76 Secs, Nicholas Warren 89, 137 Seibert, Mary Io 59 Seitz, Iolm Francis 199 Seitz, Pete 198 Selimnan, LCC 92,143, 155,177 Sells, Lucky 89, 261 Serna, Annadcllc Stella 76, 175, 202 Servadei, Anne 67 Shafcr, Barry Pierce 59, 167 Shafcr, Iohn Bruce 89 Shaffer, Martina Anne 89 Shane, Kathryn Winifred 59, 111 Shannon, Sharon Kaye 89, 122 Shaski,101m 59, 242, 248, 310 Shaulis, Susan 59, 115, 191 Shaw, Patricia Katherine 89, 124 Shaw, Tony 67, 139,255,258 Sheets, Mary Margaret 76, 111, 219 Shcrcry, Valcrie Lee 76, 113, 219 Shirley, Lcon, 200 Shmacff, Robcrt 59, 170, 185 Shockey, Ccnclle Yvonne 89, 116 Shocmakcr, Nanncttc Rozlind 89 Shoemaker, Peggy Lane 76 5110011, Sandra Lee 76, 168, 186 Short, Phyllis Ann 76, 115, 266 Shoup, Gcorgc Michael 197 Showlcy, Ian 203, 220 Shriver, George 60, 145 Sicbcrt, Sharon Rcbccca 89 Sicgcnthalcr, Kay Both 89, 116, 202, 223 Sicglitz, Jane 89 Sifucntcs, Madeline 102m 89 Silvcmlan, Iackie 67, 186 Simmons, Barbara Ann 76 Simmons, Diane Marie 89 Simmons, Kenneth 167 Simms, Bill 67 Simpson, John Ernest 76 Sims, William Riley 136 Sinclair, William Andrew 76, 1 33, 2 55 Singer, Robert Neil 89 Sipc, Marv N011 66 Sipcs, Iohn Ronald 89, 147 Skinner, Alyce Mario 89 8102156, Michael George 89, 147 Sliwoski, Raymond William 89 51055011, Edith 182 Smith, Arthur Cortland 89, 143 Smith, Brenda Walker 76 Smith, Carol Lee 89 Smith, Charles Gregory 89, 147 Smith, Clark Bridgland 165 Smith, Cordell 187 Smith, Dan M. 76, 139 Smith, Dan P. 76, 131 Smith, Dean 187 Smith, Gaylord 196 Smith, George Howell 185 Smith, Iolm Arthur 67 Smith, 101m Kenneth 232 Smith, Karon Helen 67, 182 Smith, Larrv Nelson 67, 136, 252 Smith, Mariorie 89, 114, 300 Smith, Priscilla 76, 111 Smith, Ronald Dean 89, 134 Smith, Sandra 67,115,191 Smith,She1bv 60, 120, 189 Smith, Jeanne 76, 190, 204 Smothermon, jimmy lack 187 Snced, Shirlev Ieanne 67 Snell, Margaret 17 5, 187 Snvder, Sharon 67 Solenberger, 101m 60, 261 Soto, A1bort Char1cs 89, 143 Srmthard, Barrv 165 Southworth, Margerv May 168 5011721, P3111 Edwin 89 Spain, Catherine 89, 116. 187 Sparks, Lnrrv 67, 170, 185 Sparks, Thomas Overton 67, 145 Speer, Darleen Kay 76 Speer, Gwen 67, 115, 219, 225 Spcngcman, Ralph 67, 146 Sperry, John Spencer 67, 134, 164 Steinmetz, XVilliam Ianncy 180 Stcll, Raymond Durward 248 Stephens, Margaret Louise 89, Spcrzcl, Kathryn Ellen 89 112 Springer, Tom 254 Stephenson, Robert Edward 67, Study, Patricia 204 139 Stafford, Anabel 76, 113, 161, Stevens, Linda Lee 89, 112, 187 219 Stevens, Margaret 67, 225, 226, Stalcup, William Harold 89, 219, 228 198 Stewart, Donald Eugene 166 Stallbaum, Mary 67 Stewart, Fred Lee 60, 228 Stapleton, Jean 89, 187, 204 Stcwart, James Andrew 77, 164, Stapp,Car0189, 124 255 Stapp, Ianct 60, 123 Stewart, Nancy Lynette 89 Starr, Robert Hilton 248 Stewart, Richard 292 Steed, Sarah Suc 89, 112 Stiles, John Robert 60 Steele, Gail Frederick 172 Stocs, Mary thllis 77, 122 Stecn,A1ison Anne 67, 115 Stokes, Edward Earl 89, 140 Stecn, Charlie 89, 143 Stokes, Mary Beth 67 Stcinberger, Vera Katherine 76, Storm, Gail Marie 77 115 Stout, Car0167, 182 Steinhoffer, Stephen John 176 Stout, 1061 67, 145, 158 ' PRINTING ' OFFICE EQUIPMENT ' OFFICE SUPPLIES Phone CHapel 7-4175 615 GOLD AVE., SW ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO 360 FAMOUS SHOE LABELS Evins l. Miller DeLiso Debs Paradise Rhythm Step Red Cross Lady Florsheim Dickerson Joyce PenaHo Life Stride Cobbies California Cobblers Glamour Debs for MEN Florsheim Winthrop Pedwin Jarman +he Soufhwesf' 5 Leading Shoe S+ores QM F918 SW UPTOWN 3701 CENTRAL EAST Stratton, Margaret Ann 77, 113 Strawn, Kay Carson 89, 116, 202 Strcckewald, John Michael 89, 135 Street, Jerry Richard 67, 167, 172, 222 Stringer, Alan 92 Stringer, Grace Jean 77, 168, 190 Strong, Kay 77 Strubel, Frank Joseph 89, 254 Strumph, William Roy 89, 186 Suarez, Carmen Lydia 67 Suber, Betty Ann 89, 123 Sucharda, Sharon 77, 204 Sue, Henry 164 Summers, Sue 182 Susain, Arthur 174 Sweenv, Kathleen Patricia 77 Swinford, David Franklin 89, 131, 219 ' Swisher, Pamela Joyce 89,117, 202 Tabet, Lorena 89 Tabor, Pat 92 Tafoya, Gloria Anne 77 Taoaard, Tucker 248 Tanaka, Russ 261 Tangman, Edward 169 Tanner, Michael 166 Tarbell, Peggv 77, 204 Tau1bee, Sandra 67, 123, 159, 19 5, 203 Tavlor, Eddie Allen 77, 136 Taylor, Iamcs Edward 90 Taylor, James Lee 176 Teague, Mary 67, 195 Telles, Christina 196 Terrc11, Terrv C2146 60, 169 TerwiHiger, Martha 67, 159, 174, 180 Tesch, Bob 261 Thacker, Larry 77, 136 Thatcher, Sharon Jane 90, 112 o WINROCK CENTER Thelin, Carole Leone 90, 114 Thomas, Carol A1111 90, 168, 203 Thomas, Cordelia Davis 90, 203 Thomas, Frank 67, 136 '1'11o1nas,Iamcs 60, 166, 232 Thomas, Iudith Lee 123, 168 Thomas, Stanley Charles 90, 147 Thomas, Susan 90 Thomas, Tommy 8Vard 60, 155, 166, 171, 222 Thomason, Gary F rederick 77, 1 31, 160 Thomason, Tommy Lou 90 Thompson, Betty Kathleen 77, 121 Thompson, Beverly Jean 77, 121, 218 '1'110111133011, Fred 173 Thompson, Cary 90, 147 Thompson, Jack 60, 145, 155, 167, 172, 177, 323 Thompson, Iamcs Joseph 131 Thompson, Jim 67 Thompson, John Richard 90 Thompson, Marjorie Mae 90, 185 Thompson, Mark 218, 323 Theme, XVilliam 77, 128 Thornton, Becky Sue 77 Tlnvin, Maung 01111 194 Tillerv, Marvin Ishmael 67, 145 Tillotson, 106 Bob 60, 142 Tinnin, Robert 60, 149, 155, 229, 323 Tipton, Talton Brent 90 T1tman, Io Ann Mahoney 218 Todd, Virginia Louise 90 Fodesco, Mary Kay90,112 Tomasi, John Henry 170 Tomlin, Ioseph 67, 136 Tornabcnc, Norma Rogers 67 Torres, Carlos Alvarez 67, 149, 262 Torres, Consuelo 67 Torres, Dorothy Mary 67, 175 Torres,Ia111cs 60, 139, 219, 323 Torres, Sylvia 67, 175 Toulouse, Patricia Margaret 77 Townsend, Alvin Neal 60 Traegcr, Richard 164 Trafton, Dorothy Eilccn 168 Trainer, James Raymond 67, 136 Trickcy, Bcvcrly Bess 77 Truckcy, XVilliam Charles 77 Trujillo, Jose Amado 92 Truiillo, Ralph Euscbio 67, 158 Trusscll, Lee 77, 146, 255 Trusscll, Larry Reed 90, 146 Tsiosdia, Martha 67, 142, 200 Tso, Lorraine Marie 77 Tsosic, Ernest Karl 90 Tsosie, Thomas 200 Tucker, Elizabeth 60 Tucker, Eva Froman 161 Tucker, Margaret Elizabeth 184 Tucker, Ronald Omer 66, 136, 164 Turano, Iudith 156, 323 Turck, Philip 77, 164 Turlcy, Bob Charles 164 Turner, Leo 77, 128 Tumor, Maggie 200 Turner, Samuel 77 Turner, William 60, 143, 177 Tumcy, Herbert Floyd 77, 133 Turpcn, Armond 60, 173 Turpen, Carol Wynne 90 Tuey, Floyd 67 Twing, Mary Ann 90 Twomcy, Richard Francis 90, 143 Tye, Iohn De1bert 184 Tyler, Donna 168, 203 Ullman, Iean 90 Ulrich, Patricia Ann 90 Valdez, Sheila Dora 90 Valencia, Ephraim 67 Valenzuela, Isabel Iuanita 90 DOWNTOWN 307 CENTRAL WEST Valenzuela, Ishmael 67, 218, 226 Vance, 111 Mac 90 Vandenburg, Wayne 2 55 Vandetti, Sheron 67 Van Dongcn, Richard Dingcman 175 Van Ettcn, Sally 60, 204, 219 Van Note, Graham 192 Van Pelt, Howard 90 Vargas, Elisa Claire 66 Vaughan, Richard 143, 177 Vcrgara, George 77, 149 Vcrschuur, Lawrence 60, 135, 224 Vescovi, Julia Teresa 77, 115, 202, 219 Vidal, Jeannette Rose 60, 111 Vidal, Christine 77, 111 Vigil, Carlos 66, 169 Vigil, Ernest Fulgencio 77, 186, 227 Vigil, Neddy 90, 186 Vigil, Ralph Harold 196 Villa, Maxmilian Diaz 176 Villers, Garnet Merle 90 Vincil, Noel 60 Vinson, Gary Lewis 131 Vitt, Ionathan O,Dell 90 Vivian, 106 248, 262 Vizcaino, Marie Elena 90 Vollmer, Virginia 90 Volpato, Carolvn 77, 123 Von Saal, Iudith Ann 90 V011 Wolf, Lloyd 262 Von Wolff, Martha Irene 90 Vorenberg, James Daniel 168, 199 Vorwerk, Richard Alton 67 Vygrala, Carole Ann 90, 119, 202 Wade, Dorothy 67, 113 VVader, Alice 90 Wagner, Lawrence 60. 136 Wagner, Timothy William 90, 254 11"a1dorf. Karen 1133, 201 1V;111;cr,C:1r1to11 N11177, 136 117a1ker,S:111dr3 E11 168 1an1;cr, 'l'rcca 1110113 90. 202 11121111931111K1111111r1111- 60. 121, 1 56, 218, 321 11211111, C11nr1cs 2 33 111:11t1-rs. Robert 77, 180 1111111011, Brenda L011 77 1112111; 13011 C1co 90 1111111111, Dick, 169 11'21r11cr. 1211111311111 191 1Vnrncr,'1'cd 181 11111111111, 13:1r11z1r11 172 11111111111. Larry 111111311 163 1111111111, 1111' 67, 136 11111511111gt011, 1111111111 90 112155011, Don 23-1 11911111111111. C1111rit1' 5111190, 202 11211111111367, 116, 233 11'211k111s.1111;c 261 111111111115, Storm 261 1111113011. 11111105 182 111:11'111',1011111111-11'11111111167, 133 1111111111, 1111113111 Gene 90 1111111111, Barbara 117111111 90 111111111, C1113 Nona 77 111111111, 1111111111177, 198 11'111111r,11;1tri11111 K111111111111190, 121 11711111, Mary K111'90 111111111111, 11'rr1' 77. 167 11111111111311, C;111wlc110. 113 11101111112111, 11:1r11111 191111111118 77, 12-1, 203, 219 11111, Robert K111111167, 139 11'1-11111, 10511311 Cc0rg1' 77, 139 111111011. 1311112111190, 113 1111111011, 821111111 60 1111111110111.C11z1r11's 77, 139 111113, 111111 167, 192 111111011. 1,1111111 S110 90 1111111, 11011111 60. 138. 1653, 2-12. 2-19 11'01151z1y, Sandra $010 90, 173 117cst. K311111111 90 11711511111111, 1311111013 Anne 90. 119, 292 111115112111, 1111111 67, 136, 138 1VCStfll11,11311133110177 1Vcstf1111, 11311 Irvine 77, 117 11101111111011. 101111 1132 11711211111, r17110111115 111111131115 90, 1-10 11'1111111,Q111111-1c 1111111111 77, 12-1 1V11nrr1', 131'1'1'111' K111 90, 1536 11711111. 130101111 90 1111111111. 101111 C1111 176 1171111111, 1111111111111111'c1167, 12S 111111111111.11';111 111:1r11' 67, 113 1111111111. 1111111101 113, 177 11111111; C11211cs 1111151111 60 111111111, David 13111111111 60, 1537, 261 111111112111111115 Cnrbcr 90, 1-17 117111111,111111-1110711177. 1231 11711111, 11101111 13111111 67 111111111 Kz1r11111111111112160 11111111'11,12;11r111;1 21H 11111111111111. C11;1r111s 13111111 63 11111111151111.:111111r1177. 121, 193 11111111711111, 11111 :111111 2-19, 233 111111110111,C11z11111111190,1-17 117111111151. 51151111 131111190 11711111111111,C111'011'111116S 11711111111111.11111111 1211111 192 11111111111. L1'11111' 68. 123 11111-111111, 1111111111 77 11'1csc, 111111118 160 11'11111'.111'11111 63 11111111, 13111111 1111111 77 111111011151, 101111 110111111190, 1-10. 2 3-1 1111111111111.1111111E117n111'111 1S6 11'11k1115011, K111111111 13211111 77 1171111211115.131111C111z11169.113, 161 11'111121111x. C112U1CK Barrier 22-1 117111131115, 19011118 Elaine 68, 113 11'111111111s,17,dgar 11011100 77 11111131113.191111111111; 1111111511190 1171111111118, C311: 111111 77, 161, 193, 202, 316 1111111211115, 11111111 11111113 60, 166 1111111211115. 111111115 K111111911, 187 111111211113,11'311111'1'7111111 161. 173 1V11113111s, 10111 11011181: 77, 121 1111111211113. 011111 lucrry 60. 131, 1-13, 133. 163, 177, 222 1111111111115, S1d11cy 11121111110 90 1171111111115, '1'1'112111 1,11 187 11111131115011,101111 1311111 77. 227 1111115.C1121r11'511'r1'1111r111 186 11'11511111,Dz11'11177. 113, 163 111119011, 1311111311190. 20-1 111115011. C111011'11 1111c 77, 117 111111011,Cz1rr0111111160, 113 11"118011,C1111ck 166 11115011. 1:1111cs 101111 77 11"113011.N1111Cy 16S 111118011, 12101411111111 90, 190, 203 11'115011,S1'1111:16$. 163, 20-1 11'11s011,'l'11011121s171111111190. 1-17 111111011.1'1rg11111160. 132,197.227 11'111110111,111111'6S,111. 193, 321 111111qr111'c,K21rc11 10 91 11111110,11011111101111 91 11'11111'1..V11121 77. 161, 193. 220 1V111t11r, 13111111111 321 1111111113. 170101111 121110111 197 1111111115, L1111111'232 11111111111911.Arthur111-111$ 2-19 11'111tr1111. 111111111 :1rt1111r 60 111180, D1111177, 182 11'111',S:11110r11 60. 128 11'1111111'11,111;11160, 203. 323 1110111011, 10111321r1 2-19 111011111111;11013111111 91 11101111, 0101111 60, 143, 165,177, 777 1110011, Edward Engelscn 77, 134, 160. 164 1110011. Doycc 183. 227 1110011, 1110113 68, 111 111001. Richard Car1and 68, 1-16, 219, 228 11'00111111. 11111111 Edward 77, 132 11'001121111, 1crr1'111011r00 91, 1-17 11700111111, 1211111113 176 1170011111, 1 T:1111-1'77, 120 1110011111211151'1', Robert George 77, 1 32 11700111. 1311115 Edward 167 11700115, 101111 Francis 77, 201 11700115011, 11111mb11111 Ca11cn 203 1110011111. 12111 111111115 68, 136 11"001111'11rd. Mary 1311731311111 60, 120 11101111131111,131101.111ch 91,219 11'm1', Dana 169 117112111. 111111113111 117111ard 77, 16-1. 2 3 3. 2 38 1111114111, 1110111215 C111 142 111r1g11t, 11111113111 91 1Vyss, C3101 Kathryn 91 Yoast,111d1'113rg11rct91, 121 Young, 11111115 Douglas 6S, 219 Young, 51152111 111111 91 Young, 11711113111 111111111X 68. 134 Yowcll, 1crry 167 1111311, A1cx111111cr 68, 218 211110111,B01111ic 111,20 23110111, 11111160, 111, 3 2cp11icr, Francine 196 210g1cr, D01111111 L1'r0y 113, 16-1, 177 210g11-r, Fred 1111511111191 21111111cr1112111, 1130111111 Kay 91, 169 211111111111, 1321111101111 131, 219 2 23 Come see us! in room 242-A New Mexico Union We're 1n+eres+ed in where you are, what you're doing Keep in Jtouch wi+h UNM Alumni Association Mail Address-Box 90, University Station QUALITY CDl'TIOIm UPTOWN FOR MEN' Stetson ' Elevators ' Maine Aires ' DOWNTOWN 304 CENTRAL AVE, SW-PHONE CHopel 3.4225 Foot Pals ' Crosby Square French Shriner FOR WOMEN Herbert Levine ' Polizzio ' Naturalizer DeSaHe ' Ferncroft ' Deluca and many others FOR CHILDREN Stride-Rite 3025 CENTRAL AVE., NE-PHONE ALpine 5-7516 UNIVERSITY OF NEW6MEXICO ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO MEMBER North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, National University Exten- sion Association, Association of American Universities, American Association of University Women, American Association of University Professors, American Council on Education for Journalism, Engineering Council for Professional Development, American Council on Phar- maceutical Education 1CIass A1, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, American Bar Association, Association of American Law Schools, American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. 1961-62 UNIVERSITY CALENDAR Summer Term .................................... June 21, 1961 First Semester ................................. Sept. 21-23, 1961 Second Semester ................................ Feb. 9-10, 1962 Excellent instructional facilities, a beautiful and spacious campus with 60 permanent build- ings in the unique modified Pueblo style architecture, a new gymnasium, a new women's dorm which provides housing for 600 girls, several of the largest buildings in the state of New Mexico are located on the Campus. THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO otters thorough training for elementary and secondary teachers and in music education, and outstanding opportunities in the fields of art, biological sciences, business administration, dramatic art, English, health and physical education, home economics, industrial arts, iournalism, library science, languages, meteoritics, astronomy, music, physical and social sciences, speech, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary medicine, nursing, law, engineering, pharmacy, mathematics, geology, physics, anthropol- ogy, government, history, and lnter-American Affairs. COLLEGES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO College of Fine Arts College of Nursing College of Arts and Sciences College of Education College of Engineering School of Law College of Business Administration Graduate School College of Pharmacy University College Veterans are urged to take advantage of regular and special offerings made available through our resources and facilities, including evening classes. For further information, address TOM L. POPEJOY. President University of New Mexico Albuquerque Architect's sketch of the Fine Arts Center for which the corner stone is due to be laid before the end of the current school year. It will cost about $4,500,000 and will be built south of the new Union Building. It will house music, drama and art and will provide museums, galleries, and an auditorium. Architect's sketch of one unit of the 100 married students' apartments which will be con- structed on the South Campus of 150 acres near the new UNM Stadium. This page is sponsored by J KOR B E CO. even +0 +he very end. . . . n tr 'l have never seen +hese people before in my life.'

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