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RNNQ Gannon V'KtSHMR N MJC? - M90 Tihealof the University of ngeW mexico ; The'Sealwas designed by Dr. Edward Dundas MacQueen Gray Sometime between ,1'909-and 191 2 when he sewed as president of the University of New Mexico. The motto beneath the shield, Lux ' Hominum. Vita, was proposed by' Dr. Lynn B, Mitch'eH at; the re quest of UNM President David R, Boyd and was added t0 the $6211 about 1 g 14'. The metto in translation is "Light is the Life of Man." The Great Seal Of'the State of New Mexico is superimpeSed upon a shield, The upper left and lower right quarterings :show the UnfiteCI States tshi'eild. The upper right quartering shews symbols from the I coatof aims of Spainrepresenting the provinces, of Spain as fellows: top right, Castile; top left, Leon; hlewe: right, Aragon; blowerr left, Navarre; rose in extreme lower left, Granada. The three heur de list in the coat of arms :repreSent France, uadded by Philip V as an ' escuteh'eon 0f pretense? , The IOWCI left'quartering has in the chief an Aztec sun in gold on .a blue held. In the base of the quartering are three Aztec bUZZEtde ml gold and black on a White held. The Shield is flanked by a Spanish conquistader sinister. and an American frontiersman dexter. The shield is surmoumed by a "r911 , Of. red and White bunting, an. Open book, and a blazing torch. MlRAGg 7960 Lorena Bramlett, editor Neil Frumkin. business manager university of New M61460 ,4llmquc'rqu6, New Maia! A valued member of the University faculty since 1927, Dr. Loyd Spencer Tireman, Professor of Education, Chairman of the Department of Elementary Education, died on October 25, 1959, after an illness of several weeks. Dr. Tireman was a great teacheraa dedicated and untiring llprofessor" of what he believed to be right. Those who knew him best feel sure he would like to be remembered most as a teacher-for just the same reason, perhaps, as Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, wanted to be re membered first of all as the founder of the University of Virginia. Dr. Tiremans inHuence was known not only in Iowa, where he received his PhD. degree from the University of Iowa, and in New Mexico, but also in several foreign countries where he was sent on educational missions by the government. W ith his extended travel, service, and study-in XVales, Belgium, Switz- erland, and Luxembourg as early as 1932; later in Bolivia, Brazil, Thailand, and Jordan; and in Hawaii as late as 1958-416 was indeed a Citizen of the world, with a sympathy and understand- ing of the problems of education in many lands. Much of Dr. Tiremaifs work in New Mexico dealt with the teaching of English to the Spanish-speaking child, and he wrote several books and many articles on the subject. Also among his publications was the Mesaland Seriesaeight excellent books for children about animals of the desert. ..9 Dr. Loyd Spencer Tireman Students and teachers all over this land were inHu- enced by Dr. Tireman-either directly as students in his Classes, or indirectly as readers of his books and articles. He always had time to offer a word of help and encouragement to the beginning teacher or discouraged student. To the bewildered freshman he oHcred a per- sonal interest, mucheneeded to one unused to the llbusyness" and impersonality of a large university. The aHection and respect in which he was held by his colleagues cannot be adequately described in words, but these colleagues will carry in their hearts the pleas- ant memories they have of him. His keen insight, his , scintillating humor, and his power to rise to the occa- sion when necessary will not soon be forgotten. To a man of great integrity and strength of character, a faculty member of whom the University of New Mex- ico can be justly proud, and a man who devoted his life to education, Loyd S. Tireman, we DEDICATE the 1960 MIRAGE. HODCIN HALL, oldest building on UNM campus houses the College of Education, vi , -. ??$ . ilk "'"$"; 2? E T0 sec 21 world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild Bower, Hold inEnity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour. W ILLIAM BLAKE 7k University $75 eople A UNIVERSITY consists partly of buildings, and it is molded to a great extent by its location. But most of all, a university is its pCOPIChits employees and benefactors; the people of the city who support it with their loyal Spirit; and its students, faculty, administrati011, and alumni. Here arc the faces of some of those people. And on the following pages is a more detailed account of our own uni- versity's administration, faculty, and students. These arc the people who determine the growth and direction of the University of New Mexico, who make it a complete and living institution. aAle of Contents University ................. 7 0401ministration . . . . .......... 15 government ................ 33 Student 13on . . . . .......... 45 Crgcznizations ............... 97 Jammy . . . . .......... 99 ?Qelzgzous ............... 707 Social ................ 727 7m rts. . . . .......... 777 Military ............... 797 pm essional . . . .......... 207 miscellaneous. . . .......... 27 7 a4tHetics ................. 229 giveatures ................. 249 CIQoCyalty .................. 285 memoriam . . . . .......... 304 wolvertising anal ynalexes .......... 306 qusearcA: 18' Business at 11ng RESEARCH: BIG BUSINESS AT UNM Research has become big business at the Univer- sity of New Mexico, with a total of $1,46;,608 in contracts and proposals for additional research amounting to $866,930 under consideration. This research work is generally of a basic and funda- mental nature rather than of a more immediately practical nature. Faculty members select their own research projects and are assisted in finding spon- sors by Mr. 11. L. lValker, Administrative Director of Research. At the present time, some .; organizations are sponsoring this work; exp. the National Institute of Health, several Indian tribes, the National Sei- enee Foundation, the Atomic Energy Commis- sion, Army Ordnance, the U. S. XVeather Bureau, Ofliee of Naval Research, Los Alamos, Sandia Corp., the Air Force OHice of Scientific Research, and the Air Force Research and Development Command. There are 32 projects currently being worked on; including studies on high altitude physics and the root systems of desert plants. RADIATION BIOLOGY Two courses in radiation biology are now being offered at the University working in eo-operation with the Atomic Energy Commission. One course will include instruction in handling radioactive particles and in detecting and protecting against radiation. The other course will deal with the effects of radiation in living tissues in plants and animals. Dr. Martin Fleck, who will teach the courses, spent two months at the Oak Ridge Insti- tute of Nuclear Studies. Duke and Harvard Uni- versities are also offering the courses under the backing of the AEC and the Los Alamos Scien- tific Laboratory. Dr. Martin XV. Fleck, UNM biologist Dl'l'l'XIER AXVARDED GRANT Dr. ll. I. Dittmer, professor of biology at the University, has re- 1 eeived a $9500 grant from the National Science Fouridaiton for the third year in a row. He is engaged in a study of the root systems of desert plants. Dr. Dittmerys new book, wllhe Story of the Plant King- dom," is now in its second printing. ;" ' This big timber wolf was killed south of Lordshurg, N. M. lle stretches about 6 feet from nose tip to tail tip and weighed probably 100 lbs. XIAXNAL MUSEUM Dr. James Findley, U. N. XI. biology professor, is the curator of the department's mamnml mu- seum. The museum, with 10,000 specimens, is the largest in the Southwest. 'l'he fast-growing col- lection is housed in the basement of the Biology building. Through the efforts of Dr Findley and his stue dents, the collection has grown from 600 speci- mens four years ago to the present io,eoo Figure. Some Of the specimens were obtained through exchanges with collectors in Europe, Asia, Russia, Japan, Australia, and from other parts of the United States. Most of the regional specimens are gathered by Dr. Findley and his students on field trips during holidays, weekends and iii the summer, MAMMAL MUSEUM. Dr. James Findley holds a hognose skunk, Seventeen research papers have been written in found mostly in Mexico, and a striped skunk, found everywhere. They the past four years with the aid of the museum come in all sizes and grow beautiful fur. Thousands of mounted skins collection. It has proved to be an invaluable aid are in the UNM mammal collection. in both research and teaching. 8 COMPLEX MOLECULES ADJUSTMENT PROBLEMS The Department of Education received in 1957 Fundamental research in the field of complex molecules is being done by graduate students in a threefear grant of 563,54; to do research on the department of Chemistry at UNM. tVith the aid of the department's newly acquired speetro- . . 1 1 . d , .' . . , , . . H the problems of zidlustment of Indian and non- gmp 1, tie stu cuts are getting valuable experlenee 1n instrumentation and data recording. lhe speev Indian in the public elementary sehoots Of New trograph program enables students to study the effects of metal ions on strengths and types of Mexico. chemical bonds that form with various metals. Molecules are analyzed while under stimulation Participating in H10 TCSCRTCll program, WhiCh is from high energy iiltraex'iolet light, or from photographs of the Visible light which they emit when SPOUSOer by the U' S' Department Of Health, excited. The spectrograph was imported from Germany about a year ago at a cost of $10,000. It was pur- chased by UNM, with the aid of a research grant. Dr. Glen A. Crosby is the graduate student adviser for the spectrograph pI'OgI'JHL CANCER CURE SOUGHT The Chemistry Department of U. N. M. is cur- rently engaged in seeking cancer inhibiting com- pounds. The project is headed by Dr. Raymond N. Castle. Working under him on the study are Dr. Kikuo Adaehi, Duane Aldous, and Aim Ger- hardt. This research is being sponsored by the National Cancer Institute of the National Insti- tute of Health. The work done at U. N. M. is exclusively syn- thesizing 0r isolating compounds from plant and animal sources of potential physiological activity. Screening and testing the effectiveness of the com- pounds is done elsewhere, mainly at the 1 Tational Cancer Institute. Research work is also being done on anti- spasmodies and tranquilizers, under the direction of Dr. Raymond Castle, Dr. Mzisziyuki Onda and Miss XVinifred Matthews are working 011 the pro- duction of compounds. They are being soponsored by Smith, Kline and French Laboratories of Philadelphia. Iustin Hammer is doing research on the isola- tion of natural products from Cuban plants. All of this work is being done in the new $45,000 medical Chemistry laboratory in the base ment of the Chemistry building. The laboratory is devoted exclusively to health-direeted research. ,u-u- CANCER CURE SOUCII'I'. tVorking iii the UNM medical cheme istry lab on a project to find a compound that could combat cancer are Dr. Kikuo Adachi and XVinifred Matthews. Dr. Raymond N. Castle, UNXI Professor of Chemistry Education, ziiid XVelfare, are seven public schools in New Mexico: Iemez, Dulce. Cuba, Seboyeta, Thoreau, Santo Domingo, and Bent-Mesealero, most of which have predominantly Indian enroll- ment. The project has four field studies now in prog- ress under the direction of Dri Miles V. Ziutz 0f the Department of Education. The four studies include the teaching of oral English in kinder garten, under the direction of LeRoy Candie; the teaching of third grade arithmetic, under the direction of Hitoshi Ikeda; elementary seie'lee C011- eepts and Cultural differences, under the direction of Carol Charles; and the teaching of reading in the fifth grade under the direction of Miles V. Zintz. Activities in the study include periodic testing of pupils to determine the success of suggested teaching methods, and observation of classes. A Elm library of 100 tihiistrips is provided by the study and each hhiistrip has circulated through the participating schools. 'l'he library is made up of both educational films for the upper grades and more elementary films, such as fairy tales, which Can be understood and discussed by ehildren of limited English vocabulary in the lower grades. Monthly workshops for collaborating teachers and field study directors were initiated in Septem- ber of 1959 at the University at which teaching methods and common problems were discussed. The speaker at the March workshop was Dr. Florence Schroeder of the University Home Eee- nomies department, who recently completed her doctoral dissertation on HPre-Sehool Child Rearing Practices in 3 Rio Grande Pueblo." Tentative test results have shown iiiiprm'ement in 811 areas being studied. Also working on the cancer research project is Duane Aldous. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT KEPT BUSY The various departments of the College of Engi- neering at U. N. M. are engaged in research projects totaling $630,739. A study of the return of radar waves from various types of terrain is being conducted by Dr. R. K. Moore of the Electrical Engineering depart- ment under the sponsorship of the U. S. Navy. Dr. Moore is also directing work on an electronic computer for high school use. In addition, Dri Moore is heading work on transistors and on two classified projects. Dr. Donald C. Thorn is directing a research project tworth $107,833l on the refraction of radar waves. This project is sponsored by the U. 5. Army Signal Missile Support Agency at thite Sands, New Mexico. Experiments with new materials for use in tran- sistors and reetihers are being made under the cli- reetion of Dr. XV. W. Granneinann. This work should produce valuable information about the electrical properties of crystals in comparison to currently used vacuum tubes. Dr. Cranneinann is also clireeting research on the Hall effect in semiconductor materials. The Mechanical Engineering department is en gaged in several different types of research work. They are studying objects subject to severe ine- ehanieal shocks; another important area of research concerns the thermal stresses developed in pipes of various thicknesses when subjected to rapid changes of temperature in the interior. This prob- lem is directly related to the design of nuclear power plants. Also under investigation is the pres. sure, recovery and shoek-wai'e interaction of super- sonie air flow. The department of Chemical Engineering is busy classifying New Mexico etude Oil, reducing oolitie iron ores with hydrogen, and determining the thermal properties and impregnation of porous materials with metals. The University has received a grant of 9647; from the Atomic Energy Commission for the procurement of nuclear equipment. This grant was one of the largest made by the ABC. 2 . . W . V V i l MANIAC I. Research associate Dale Sparks gathers data from MANIAC l at the University of New Mexico. Maniac I, now used in UNM research work, was the original computer used at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. It will handle 600,000 addition or snbtraetions in one minute. In the same time it will make 87,000 multiplications or 63,000 divisions. Maniac I also can solve +0 simul- taneous equations with 40 unknowns in three and one half minutes. MANIAC: RESEARCH AID MANIAC, one of the original electronic eom- puters, was given to the University under the Ex- eess Equipment Program of the Department of Health, Education and TVelfare. MANIAC was designed and built at Los Alanios, New Mexico. It is now obsolete even though it operates at 10,000 mathematical operations a second. The computer was shipped to Albuquerque and labori- ously rebnilt by Dale Sparks and XVilliain TVhisler. ARGENTINE LITERATURE Dr. Marshall Nason, professor of Modern Lan- guages at U. N. bL, is presently studying Argen- tine literature in Buenos Aires. He is working under a six-nmnth grant from the Organization of American States. He will study the literature of the gaueho, the Argentine cowboy, in partiens lar. Dr. Nason will return to the Universiti' in time for the opening of the fall semester. - HEARTS KEPT ALIVE A glass blowerls delight, known as the Crai'er instrument, is keeping hearts alive outside the body for as long as eight hours. The instrument is used by Dr. Marvin H. Malone of the College of Pharmacy to test the effects of various drugs on the heart. Dr. Malone is working with the Univer- sity of XVashington in testing certain moulds and fungi. The hearts of such animals as rats, rabbits and guinea pigs are placed in a sealed Chamber in the instrument. A chemical compound, resembling blood, is then fed into the heart. The heart pumps the blood through an elaborate heating, sterilizing and oxygenating system. Drugs are gradually added and their eHeet on the heart rate, the "power" of the heart beat, and the amount of blood pumped CLASS BLOTVER'S DELIGHT. Dr. Marvin Malone, a pharmacologist at UNM'S are "Oth' college of pharmacy. is shown by the Crater instrninentewhieh can keep a heart alive for eight hours after the body is dead. It is a tlglass blower's delight," Dr. Malone commented. 10 The instrument is the only one of its kind in the Rocky Mountain States. Most large ding pro- ducers use the machine to test their prodnets. A;- LEF'I'AIIANDED RATS STUDIED. Inspecting curves obtained from a dcnsitometcr are U. to rj Dri George M. Peterson, clmm. 0f UNM psychology department, and Donald Gucka, a graduutc assistant. Thc machine is used in studying differences in the brain of right and lcft-hzmdcd rats. SOUTH PgUV RATS S'I'UDIED Tilc Air Force Office of Scientific Research has grantcd thc UNM Psychology department funds to study the differences in brains of right and lcft-handcd rats. The study is being conducted by Dr. George Peterson and Donald ClleCr. Dr. Henry Ellis is engaged in a study of human ability to learn through a process of stimulus gcneralization. By using an oscillograph, Dr. Ellis can study the reactions of persons to similar and dissimilar stimulus in the learning process. A Change in stimulus. wiicthcr simi- 1:1: or dissimilar, may cause confusion in learning. INTERNA'I'IONAL CLUB iForcign Stlidcntsii. Row 1 seated U. to IQ: Chaudhry Khurshid Ahmad, iV. Pakistan, treasurer; Sylvia Bussaba Examining oscillograph data on the reactions of persons to similar and dissimilar stimulus is Dr, Henry Ellis. assistant professor of psychol- ogy at UNXI. GOAL OF UNDERS'I'AXDING wl'hc world i5 not small. it is too big," Dr. Iorrin says. Every coun- try infiucnces thc world today, the small as well as the big. There are 8; foreign students from 38 different countries at the University, who are hero to gain a better understanding of the world. That understand- ing C0111CS through research; scientiEc research gives us knowledge of the physical world, thilosophical" research gives us knowledge of human relationships. Wic nccd both to make this a better world. Shivapliong, 'lihailand; Melinda Meyer, United States, secretary; Muhammad Akbar, iV. Pakistan, program chairman; Annette Ewing, United States, assistant MIRROR editor; Robert Bicdcr, United States, entertainment chum, Rok 2: I Das. India, Speaker; Mating, Olin 'l'hwin, Burma; 'I'omonobu Kinoshita, Japan, MIRROR editor; Biswa Pradhan, Nepal; Kcam Dik, Cambodia; Yogendra Singh, Nepal; Sh. Ashgar Ali Schgal, XV. Pakistan, Student Senate alternate; Muhamnmd Salecm, iV. Pakistan; Sophami Im, Cambodia. Sponsors for the group were Prof. Richard Iquarski and Dr. Hugh Graham. 11 41 Poster display features Arlen Asher's Quintet performs on HConcert in Stereo." - 3 The University of New Mexico and the Ale buquerque Public Schools joint educational television station first went onethe-air May 1, 1958, uin service to further malfs right to knowledge. Since that date, many advancements have been made to increase the statiOIfS power to reach almost all parts of the state. New studio cameras, a redesigned control room, a Video Credit course in ttllumanitics" is conducted by Dr. H. G. Alexander. George Fishbcck explains "Operation Gyroscope," science series. 12 u," the Learning Bug. :Aannel 5 tape recorder, and a second uncrowmve link serve to improve both the quality and the po0 tentials of KNME productions. Channel 5 programming includes features of educational and of entertainment Value. As evidence of its increasing acceptance almost 10,000 letters and telephone calls of apprecizv fion were received by KNME during a six m 011th period. HHablcmos Espanol" says Senor Alfredo Chavez to the cameras. George 0V0rley, 0f the Pack Foundation, discusses Supcrintcndcnt Charles Spain and panel present a public school report. MC . .. , .. onscrx dtlon. 13 Jlumni memorial CAapel The long-planned Alumni Memorial Chapel is being built on the campus during the Spring of 1960 and should be ready for dedication in the Fall, possibly at Homecoming. The project was originally planned as a memorial to the dead of two world wars and the Korean eonHiet. Gifts in memory of numerous other former students, faculty, and friends of the University have expanded the meaning of the edifice, however, and it will now be dedicated to llthe war dead and other former students and friends of the University? The names of individuals memorialized will be carved on huge wooden retablos which will be the only decoration on the massive interior walls. All the war dead will be included, whether or not special gifts have been made in their names. Plans for the Chapel were designed by John Gaw Meem in 1948 and a revision of his original conception is being erected. The style is Franciscan, following the old mission at Aeoma. Much carved and painted woodwork will be used on the interior, including great Vigas, traditional corbels, and railings in the traditional mission style. Both architect and builder conceive the chapel to be a master-work and it should be one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. Seating about 125, it will be open at all times for prayer and meditation, and will be available for special ceremonies of all faiths, including weddings. baptisms, memorial services, and sacred concerts. "Wm 11 l4 Arehiteetls drawing of Memorial Chapel interiori Memorial retablo is seen at left. mhuwt .. ADMIN ISTKATION :sident Tom L. Popejoy. President and Mrs. Tom L. Popeioy are shown in their home. LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Congratulations to the Editor and Staff on the publication of the MIRAGE for 1960. Once again, here is the record of a year in the life of the University from the student Viewpoint. Only part of the record is here, of course. Other summaries, academic, stae tistieal, and financial, round out the story. But the MIRAGE, of all these documents, best catches the warmth and the excitement, the diversity of interests, and the wealth of opportunity which distinguish a university from all other human enterprises. It has been a year of substantial progress and some dramatic highlights. Enrollment reached an alletime high in the face of raised academic standards. The Erst seniors graduated from the honors program. The Lobos took the measure of the Falcons. The New Mexico Union opened with a broad range of new facilities and services. Coro- nado Hall doubled the University's capacity to house single men. Student govern- ment built a radio station. These and many other developments attest the Universityls Vitality and strength. To all those students who have contributed to its life and growth, the University otters its thanks. To those of y0u who will complete your enrollment this year we ex- tend our sincere good wishes. XVe hope that you will keep in touch, and that the for- tunes of the University down through the years will be your constant concern. Tom L. Popejoy President University of New h Iexieo l7 ersonnel Gfllicers Of all the administrative officers of the University, the Personnel Deans and their staffs are probably best known by the students. Dean Clauve, in addition to her duties as Dean of W omen, sponsors Campanas and Mortar Board, junior and senior w0me1fs honoraries, and acts as adviser to the Panhellenic Council. Dean Mathany is the sponsor of Blue Key and Chakaa, senior and junior ments honoraries, and IFC sponsor, as well as Dean of Men. Miss Paxton, Assistant Dean of W omen, sponsors Spurs, sophomore womelfs honor- ary, and advises the Associated Women Students Council and Judicial Board. Miss Elder, Assistant Per- sonnel Officer, handles sorority and fraternity Rush details, as well as sponsoring Town Club. She was chosen Little Sister of Minerva last year by the SAE7s, Teke Sweetheart, and honorary Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Mr. Chase, the new Associate Dean of Men, handles scholarships, advises foreign students, and spon- sors V igilantes, sophomore mews honorary, and JIFC. Mr. Hubbart, Assistant Dean of Men, is the head resi- dent for the melfs dorms, and sponsors Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity. It is to these ofEeers that students most often take their troubles: financial, academic, or personal. The Deans are in touch with every resource the University LEN A C. CLAUVE has for helping a-student, whatever the problem; but Dean Ofwomen often, the best thlng they d0 18 lust llsten. z WILLENE PAXTON ELIZABETH F. ELDER Assistant Dean of Women Assistant Personnel OHiccr HOWARD V . MATHANY WILLIAM M. CHASE GERALD W. HUBBART Dean of Men Associate Dean of Men Assistant Dean of Men 18 ddmimistrative Cfllgcers CASTETTER, E. F. Academic Vicc-President Dean of Graduate School Comptroller The gentlemen on this page are responsible for three principal areas of administration. The Aca- demic V ice President guides the Universitye total instructional program-thc various colleges, and the Graduate School, the Extension Division, the Li- brary, ROTC, the Research Division, and Publica- tions. The Comptroller has Charge of hnaueial matters, the physical plant, the various auxiliary en- terprises, and a number of miscellaneous services. The Director of Student AEairs coordinates the work of 2111 the other administrative offices which serve students directly. Besides the Personnel Of- fice, these include the Office of Admissions and Records, Counseling and T esting, Health Services, the Placement Bureau, and the New Mexico Union. Together, they have a large part in ensuring the eHective day by day operation of the University. SMITH, SHERMAN E. Director of Student AHEairs 040,144 in istrative icers BIERBAUM, XV. R. DICKEY, ROLAND DOLZADELLI, I P. DURRIE, IOIIN N. EDCEL, RALPH L. New Mexico Unic-m University Press Athletics Secretary of the Burcau of Business University Research FENLEY, G. WARD FIFIEL13,M.F. HARRIS, I. E. I. HARTFIEL, H. IIEMPEN, F. C. Public Information Physical Plant Health Service University Physician Station KNME-'I'V KELLEY, DAVID O. LALICKER, R. G. MACCREGOR, I. C. MCDAVID, PETE POLDERVAART, A. University Librarian Placement Bureau Director of Admissions Athletics, Fund Law Librarian and Registrar Development REITER, XVINIFRED RIED, H. O. STURGES, EVELYN WALKER, 11. L. XVELLCK, A. A. Alumni Assn, Director of Extension, University Physician Research Counseling 8: Testing Summer Session 8: Community Services CAVI'ALINE, E. L. COUNTRYMAX, VERN FARRIS, M. E. Pharmacy Law Engineering W HUBER, XVILLIAM H. KING, ELEA PARISH, WM. I Director, Univcrsity College Nursing Business Administration S'I'EIN, EDWIN TRAVELS'I'EAD, C. C XVYNN, DUDLEY Fine Arts Education Arts 81 Sciences 21 ALEXANDER, H. G. CASTONCUAY, T. T. CLOUCH, RICHARD H. DUNCAN, I. S. DUNCAN, R. M. Philosophy Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Economics Modern Languages f2? ,ts ELSER, GRACE L. EUBANK, WAYNE C. GERSCHEFSKI, EDWIN GORDON, B. LCROY GRACE, C. T. Home Economics Speech Music Geography Mechanical Engineering GUGISBERC, MERCEDES HAAS, LEZ L. HEIMERICH, JOHN J. HENDRICKSON, M. S. IIILL, XV. XV. P. E. for women Art Architecture Mathematics Anthropology IVINS, W. H. JORRI'N, MIGUEL IUDAH, CHARLES E. Secondary Education Dir. of Foreign Studies Government Fading Kiss mc-you foolll 2 2 .3 V LEAVIT'F, C P. LIEU1VEN, EDXVIN MASLEY, ALEXANDER 81 MOORE, R. K. NEWMAN, STANLEY PhySICS 1act111g1 History Art Education Electrical Engineering Anthropology acting 56111. D ,1 NORTIIROP, STUART A. PETERSON, GEORGE M. PETTY, PAUL V. POTTER, LOREN RAFFERTY, KEEN Geology Psychology Educational and Biology Journalism Administrative Services , RIEBSOMER, I L. SASAKI, TOM T. SEIDLER, ARMOND Chemistry Sociology 1:1cting1 P E for 111011 , K SNAPP, R. EDWIN TROVVBRIDGE, HOYT ZIN'I'Z, MILES V. Dramatic Art English Elementary Education I calft understand why he doesn't want a Mohawk . . . 1acting1 23 L. to R.: Mr Howard C. Bratton tRoswelU 19;9; Dr. Ralph R. Lopez, Vice President tSanta Fet 195;; Mr. Finlay MaeGilhx'ray, President tAlhuquerun 1935; UNM President Tom L Popejoy; Dr. Dorothy hVOOdWard tAlbuquerun 1957; Dr. Lawrence 11. XVilkinson, Seeretur'x'vTreasurer tAlbuquerun 1939. 2+ The zlEairs 0f the University of New Mexico are under the general control of the Board Of Regents. Their primary objective is the strengthening of the University in every possible way. Physical expansion at the University has been rapid in recent years. Two major buildings were in use for the first time this year-the New Mexico Union and Coronado Hall, a residence for men. The Alumni Memorial Chapel and a new football stadium are under construction; and several other buildings, including a Fine Arts Center, a Library addition, and new quarters for the College of Education are now being planned. Also under consideration is the institution of a Medical School at the University of New Mexico within the next few years. Adams. Kenneth Ancona, Mrs. E. P. Anderson. Roger Y. Anderson, Sharel Angel, Frank Jr. Bahm. Archie Baker, George Art Music Geology Physical Education Education Philosophy Pharmacy Ba'rnes, Willis. Basehart, Harry Batcheller, John Baughman, Ernest W. Benedetti. David Breiland, John G. Brown, Chester Physmal Education Anthropology Music English Psychology Physics Education B Buchanan, Edith Bunting, Bainbridge Burley, Lloyd Callahan, Joseph P. Carr, Patrick Castle, Raymond Caton, Lucille English Art 8: Architecture Education Civil Engineering Mathematics Chemistry Physical Education Chelf. Don Chreist, Fred Clark, Robert E. Clements, W. W. Cline, Dorothy Cobos, Ruben Crawford. Bonner M. Physical Education Speech Law Physical Education Government Modern Languages Education y Crowell, Norton B. Cullen, Louis C. Dabney, William Daub, Guido H. Dean, Virginia DeJongh, William Diehm, Lorain English Physical Education History Chemistry Nursing Modern Languages Physical Education 25 Dittmer, H. J. Douglass, Ralph Dove, Richard Dubois, Donald Ellis. Florence Ellis, Helen Ellis. Henry Biology Art Mechanical Engineering Mathematics Anthropology Sociology Psychology Evans, Arthur R. Jr. Fiedler, William Findley, James S. Finley, Roland Finston, Howard Fitzsimmons, Paul Fleck, M. W. Modern Languages Pharmacy Biology Civil Engineering Business Administration Geology Biology x, Floyd, Troy S. Ford, A. D. Foss, Ray Frederick, Kurt Freedman, Morris GafYord. William Glaese, Eva History Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Music English Civil Engineering Business Administration Goldberg, Edward M. Goode, Rudyard Graham. Hugh F. Grannemann, Wayne W. Green, John R. Haley, Margaret L. Hamilton, David Government Business Administration Modern Languages Electrical Engineering Physics English Economics A Hammel, Eugene Hibben, Frank Hoff. Clayton Huzarski, Richard Jacobs, Willis Jensen, Faith Jermain, Leonard Anthropology Anthropology Biology Civil Engineering English Nursing Journalism ' Wk, Kahn, Milton Keller, Walter Keppers, George Kercheville, F. M. Kluckhohn, Jane Knight, Robert E. Kolodner, Ignace Chemlstry MUSIC Education Modern Languages English Economics Mathematics Kostey, William Kuntz, J. M. Lacour, Dorothy Levy, Marvin D; Lewis, Ralph W. Lewis, Vernon Longhurst, John E. Iixology English Nursing Physical Education Art Mathematics History Lopes, Albert. R. Loren, Parke B. Lutz, Raymond P. MacCurdy, R, R. Jr. Mallary, Robert Martin, A, V. Martin, Ernest L. Modern Languages Education Mechanical Engineering Modern Languages Art 8: Architecture Mathematics Chemistry 11m Martin, William C. Martinez, Jose E. May, Marvin C. McClary. Duane R. McGill, Frances McKenzie. Donald A. McMurray, Imogean Biology Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Education Physical Education Modern Languages Home Economics McRae, Donald Melloh, Arthur W. Milliken, Gladys E4 Mitchell, Merle Monroe, Keith Morgan, Robert M. . Mori, Pexjrs-y T. . Music Electrical Engineering Physical Education Mathematics Art Psychology Busmess Admlmstratxon 27 Nason, Marshall R. Neumann, John Nolan. Edward Norman, Ralph Paak, Carl E. . Park, qups . Pearce. .T' M. Modern Languages Physical Education Psychology Psychology Art Busmess Admmlstratlon Enghsh 2h; I, V. V ' , k ab Petrol, George Piper, Charlotte Reeve. Frank Regener, Victor Reva, Virginia Rhoads, William Robert, George Physical Education Physical Education History Physics Business Administration Music Music Robertson. Robert A. Rosenzweig, Abraham Rumph, C. P. Runge, William Russell, Josiah Rypka, Eugene Sacks, Benjamin Economics Geology Mathematics Education History Biology History Sacks, Norman St. Onge, Keith Scheer, Richard Schlegel, Don Schoenfeld, Morton Scholes. France Schroeder. Florence Modern Languaga Speech Mathematics Architecture Music History Home Economics Searcy, .Victor Seed, VerIe Sender, Ramon Simons, Katherine Smith, Dan Smith, Dane Smith. George W. Chemlstry Law Modern Languages English Accounting English History 28 Smith. Sam Snow, Jane Sorrell. Vernon Steger. Arthur Stephenson, Jack Stoughton, George Sweeney. Robert Art Music Business Administration Mathematics Music Dramatic Art Physical Education XE; k Tapy, Ralph Taylor, Jack Taylor, Robert Tedlock, E. W'. Jr. Thomas, Roy Thornton, James Tobias, Henry J. Electrical Engineering Art Education Sociology English Physics Music History Traeger, Richard Ulibarri, Sabine Vernon, David Wagner, W. C. Walter, Paul Jr. Wat .5, Elizabeth Weeks, William Chemical Engineering Modern Languages Law Civil Engineering Sociology Physical Education Physical Education Weihofcn, Henry Welch, A. C. Welsh, Rosemarie Wengerd. Sherman Whitlow, James Law Business Administration Modern Languages Geology Music Wicker, C.V. Wykes, Barbara Yell, Eugene Zwoyer, Eugene English English Dramatic Art Civil Engineering 29 ir orce acu icy Lt. Col. Herbert M. Campbell T. Sgt. Iames C. Blake Captain Arnold XV. Brown Commanding Ofliccr Student Administration Air Science T. Sgt. Herbert G. I. DcCraw Captain Charles C. Gilbert 'l'. Sgt. Iamcs R. IIcth Military Training Air Scicncc Supply Sergeant Captain Maxwell I Ihrig M. Sgt. Iames V. McQuade Major Leroy R. XVatcrman Air Science Administration Air Science 30 YNC IL R. Britton QMC R. F. Gilmore Captain Paul L. chos Naval Science Naval Science Commanding OHiccr MSGT M. D. Harrelson FTC E. D. Rcvicr Lt. Col. I. R. Rhoadcs Naval Science Naval Science Naval Science CDR K T. Sanders SKI I. T. Sullivan G IC S. H. Thompson Naval Science Naval Science Naval Scicncc xaLona gjausemotAers Mrs. Rebeeea Beekmeyer Hefty freshman houseniother, and Miss Mary Roddy, director of Hokona Hall, sneak a few minutes from a busy day to relax, read. and chat. Mrs. Thelma Mahone, executive housemother 3t Hokmia Hall, is pictured holding one of her favorite souvenirs, a white China Madonna sent her by her son from a town near Wiesbaden, Germany. Scholarship on a dOIIHitOIYvWidC basis was recoge nized 011 March 17 at IIokoua Hall when approxie mately ten per cent of the residents were feted with a dinner in their honor at which Dean Lena C. Clauve was a special guest. Students qualifying for the uHokona Hyper 'il'enst, had carried a minimum program of Efteen hours for the first half of the 19594960 school year at the University with a grade point of 2.3 or above and 110 grades of D or F in any subject counting toward the grade point average. Each received as a gift of achievement from the Director Of Ilokoua Hall a medallion marked with the Hokona butterfly insignia and the inscription, HHokona Hyper-rljens,y 19594960. It is hoped that the recognition of honor students at Hokona Hall mew become a vearlv tradition. . . v' . Dina Kuntz Uer and Carolyn Mottley teentert discuss the newly-formed honor society for dormitory girls, IIokona IIyper-Tens, with Miss Mary Roddy. 32 MESSAGE TO THE STUDENT BODY It gives me great pleasure to thank those members of the student body who have served their college community, and I thank those members of our student body who have given me the honor and privilege to serve them. This year has truly been 21 memorable one; one which I feel has seen a great many changes and one in which many contributions have been made to make New Mexico the llforward lookingll University we desire her to be. It is my sincere hope that the students will continue to do their part in advancing our educational environment. I extend a Challenge to all of the students here at our universityea Challenge for improve ment; :1 challenge that can only be met by students. The answer to the future is yours. May I wish all of the members of the Class of 1960 the best of success and good fortune for the future. Student Body President 34 Stuolent Council Seated: Turner Branch, Judy Zanotti, Nancy XVall, Steve Moore, Janice Teed, Orcilia Zuniga, Michel Nahmad, Dick Howell. Standing: Billie Jean XVilhams, recording secretary; Charles Caton, Dawn Fritz, Marty Lcnzini, Joann XVildcr, Bob XVerdig. OFFICERS President ............................. Turner Branch V ice President ........................... Dick Howell h Secretary .................................. Nancy W all 1 Treasurer H......e....t.................MartinLenzini The Student Council is the executive branch of the Associated Students, government. It consists of 12 elected members, including Student Body V ice President Dick Howell, and is headed by Student Body President Turner Branch. The Council acts as a coordinator among the student body, the administra- tion, and other members of the University community. It is responsible for budgeting income from student activity fees, distributing allotments for proj- ects and activities, and designating dates for and controlling elections and campus activities such as student body dances, H0111ecoming, 21nd Fiesta. 35 Stuclent Senate Row 1, left to right: once Mlms, Delph Anderson, Iudy Dodd, Abbie Nash, Iudith Runge, Pat Layton, Pam Schrom, Donna Drake, Carol Chadil. Row 2, 1. to r.: Mary Bess Spurlock, Sherrill Perkins, Isidro Rubi, Haig Bodour, Bee Burmeister, John Wayne, Joel Stout, I. T. Miehaelson, Mike Row- land, Iames Torres, Ishmael Valenzuela, Dick Howell. Row 3: B. I. XVillimns, , Annette Brixner, Gloria Griffin, Patty Pick, Emily Mirisc, Peter Masley, Elliot Higgins, Jamie Rubenstcin, Ilomer Milford, Dave Dawson, Iim Ruland. Row 4: Edward Presson, Eileen Drab, Arlcen Olson, Carolyn Raglin, Ianct Sutton, Karen Dorris, Eileen IIutChison, Conrad Jackson, George Shoup, Bob St. Clair. Row ;: John Parkiu, Carson Crcecy, Allen Cooper, Gwen Spccr, Donna tVilliams, , Ioe hVilson, Cruz Aldcrctte. Row 6: , Jim Coggins, Bill May, Mike Kyne, Neil Frulnpkin, John Ramming, Mike Rohln, Mark Acuft, Jim Irwin, Ed 'I'ucker, Fritz Thompson, Mike Cole, Dave Rogoff. The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the student government. hlembcrship is composed of the Class ofhcers and elected representatives from all campus organizations. The student body viCC-president, Dick Howell, heads the Senate. The Senate has four important standing committees. They are the steering, credentials and rules, student budget, and leadership training committees. Besides making new legislation, the Senate must approve major appoint- ments made by the student body president. It must review and approve the hseal budget, as set up by the Student Council with the advice of the student budget committee, before it is voted 011 by the student body in the Spring election. 36 L. to R.: Alice Blue, Fred Dalzcll-Chief Clerk; Hunk Johnson, Iohn IIays-Chicf Justice; Irving Hart, Bill Krieger. The Student Court is the judicial body of the Associated Students. Cases may be brought before the Court by any branch of the Student Government or by any agency of the University. W5 judicial Board L. to R.: Ianct Showley, Miss XViHenc Paxton-Assistant Dean of XV'omen, Nancy 'l'crwiniger, Patty Pick. Trish Crowley. Not pictured: Kate Jacobson. AXVS Judicial Board is an educational body to interpret and clarify the rules and standards set by AXVS. It is a board of appeal and referral in all matters involving infractions 0f AXVS Standards. 37 38 Associateol Women Stuolents Ruth Ballenger, president OFFICERS President .............. Ruth Ballenger Vice President ........ Diana Darnall Secretary .............. Barbara Clinger Treasurer ......... Aileen Olson Sponsor .......... h liss XVillenC Paxton m The Association of W omen Students, of which each woman student is a member, was founded at UNM in 1930. It is affiliated with the Inter- collegiate Association of XV 0111011 Students, and therefore receives the bcuehts of representation 011 a national level as well as the exchange of ideas with college women from all parts of the United States. The AW S council. which is the AXV S governing body, is composed of representatives from each wonieifs organization, social group, and living unit. It makes rules and sets standards for women students, and promotes social interest and school Spirit among all students. Activities sponsored by AXV S included the Squawk Pow-XVow, the King of Hearts dance, a Senior Day for the beneht of high school senior girls, a Cosmopolitan Party for foreign students, and a yeareend picnic for the AXV S council. This year the UNM Chapter hosted the 1960 Regional Intercollegiate Associated XVomen Students convention. Mar- cia McElderry and Ruth Ballenger were co-Chairmen for the event. The AXV S Judicial board publishes Saludos, Amigas, a handbook for new women students each year. Top Row, L. to R.: Donna Moutray, Mary R. Salazar, Martha L. Isiosdia, Vicki Lugenbecl, Penny Naughton, Ianet Haney, Nina Winter, Alice Hoxt Ian E. Knight Mat Wham, Patti Alexander Fritzi Horne Elissa Ledbetter, Mary Ann Adams. Row 2 L. to R; Gale XVilliams, Pat Lexiis, Carmen M. Hands, Judy Spaniol, Joy Lou XVilli-ams Pam Schrom, XVendy Muchmore Peggy Pick, Carol Rice GailRussel,I11dy Miller Marianne Grenko, Anabel Stafford Merl Meadors ROW 3 L. to R.: Linda Burleson Prudence Cramp, Laurie Haas, Barbie Olinger, Arlcen Olson Ruth Ballenger Diana Darnall XVillene Paxton Nanci Moiers lane Stilley, Diane liries. Front Row L. to R; Sandy Sanders Gwen Speer Katy Babcock Ianct Showley, Virginia lVilson, Eve Lally, Betty Ayers, Pat Reeves, LaRuc Eaton, Mary A1111 Rila, Patty Burke, Trish Crowley. 9 . 0 Womens ieecreaflon Comma! Every woman student on campus is a member of the XVRA. The W omc1fs Recreation Council, Which is made up of delegates from each women's organization and is the governing body of the Association, was founded at UNM in 1946. The purpose of XVRA is to sponsor a wclLrounded program of sports, dance and recreational activities, and intramurals for all women students. Its program includes Sports Days Within the state and in Arizona and Colorado, and tournaments are Sally Bridges, prcsidcnt held during the year in the following activities: held OIIICLRS hockey, basketball, tennis, golf, skiing, and softball. President .............. Sally Bridges Vice Presidcnt V . . . V .Janicc Knight Vollevball, badminton, and table tennis arc oHered as Secretary . . . ...... . V V , Carol Rico ' 'l'rcasurcr . . V . V . i , . Madge Lanphear coeducational activities. Sportsday Chairman Rose Harpcr Sponsor . . V . , , . Prof. Franccs McGill L4 to R. Row 1: Judy Stone, Sharon Smith, Lucia hVilcox, Charlotte Jones, Judy Pratt. Row 2: Diane Blair, Carol Rice, Ian Knight, Sally Bridges, Rosa Hayes, Madge Lanphear, Miss MCCill. Row 3: Nina Ramsey, IOAimc Bankston, Nancy Rini, Elaine Owens, Vickie Goodwin, Linda Dunson, Dorothy Eilers, Carol Chadil, Indy Thomas, Nina Bebber, Eunice James. Row 4: Cale Crittendcn, Jean Lawton, Carolyn Volpato, Jerri Reynolds. 39 c74tA letic ddvisory gear L. to R.: Bill Rctz, Tom Popejoy, Fred Bentley, Neil Frumkin, Gig Brummell. The Student Athletic Advisory Committee aids the president of the university in formulating athletic policy and coordinating intercollegiate athletics for men. ampus ymprovement Committee Seated, L. to R.: Almira VVhitesidc, Dr. H. I. Dittmer-Chmlm, Miss Imogean McMurray, Mrs. Ruth Harris, Dr. Ruben Cobos, Mr. John Pcrovich. Standing, L. to R.: DL Vernon Lewis, Capt. A. F. Ryder, Mr. William Bakcr, Mr. John Jacobson, Ray Cannon. The Campus 1111provemcut Committee is a joint student and faculty committee that has as its purpose im- provement 0f the landscaping 0n the University Campus. 40 Standing: Dr. Florence Ellis, Kay Kysar, Dr. Marvin H. Malone, Karen Mork, Prof. Alexander Maslcy, Mr. John Corker. Miss lane Snow, Steve Dinklc, Sammie Nunnally. Seated: Annette Benninghm'cn, Mike Rohla, Dr. Sherman Smith, Simmie Gibson. 1 bt pictured are Angcla X'Icyendorff, Mr. James Thornton. K The Cultural Committee sponsors the Program Series of the Associated Students. E Wational Stualent 4x4550ciation Committee Seated: Kathryn McCormick, Gayle Hudgens, Carolyn Raglin, International Affairs Chairman. Standing: Gloria Deiterman, Regional Sec.; Karen Crownover, Educational Affairs Chairman; Fred Walden, Regional President; Homer h'hlford, Campus Coordinator; Carol Carter, 'lr'ravel Director; Ann Blue, committee member. Not Pictured: Toby Michael, Student Affairs Chairman. The purpose of NSA is to aid the University in the areas of International Affairs, Educational AEairs, Student Affairs and Student Government. 41 gMW exico nion carol Standing: Turner Branch, Doug Glover, XII. XVilliam Bierbaum, Director, New Mexico Union. S 11th: Frank Andrews, Dean H. V. h'Iathany, Prof. J, L. Riehsomer, Dr. Sherman Smith, Gail Carlson, Ruth Ballenger. The New Mexico Union Board helps guide the general operation of the Union. Waoltb carol "WWW m e s Bill Retz, Dr. E. XV. Bundy, Steve Moore, Dr. Donald Thorn, Mark Thompson hkneelingh . The purpose of the Radio Board is to supervise and act as the coordinating link between the Radio Station, KNMD. and the Student Council. WW M :bb'ectorate L. to R.: Muiricl Hitc, Sue Scligman. Judy CL1111111, Iolm Bcauchamp, Mr. 101111 Corker, Barbe Rodgers, Margarct Stevens. The New Mexico Union Program Directorate plans and presents the program of activities for the Union. Student gffairs Committee L. to R.: Al Nalunad, Prof. Henry Ellis, Miss Faith Jensen, Dr. Sherman Smith, Frank McGuire, Charlie Bob Smith, 'l'ara Cain, Prof. Sabine Ulibarri. The Student Affairs Committee serves as an advisory council to the Director of Student Affairs on matters relating to the welfare of students. 1 I i 43 1 tu ent tpuAlications carol . t t x L. to R.: Mike Kyne, Diane Thompson, Nancy Ruggles, secretary; Dr. Frank Reeve, Dr. W. H. Huber, Chairman; Dr. Morris Freedman, Anna Iane Sitton, Mr. Dick French, Pete Masley, student chairman; Sandy Wise. 1 t t The Publications Board controls the policies of the student publications-Lobo, Mirage, and Thunderbird. Student Stan olarols carol iQV , 1- mm L. to R.: Prof. Willis Jacobs, Iackie King, Miss Virginia Dean, Michel Nahmad, Prof. Norton Crowell, Mary XVishard, 1011 Michael, Ierry 1 XVcrtheim. t The Student Standards Committee is a judicial committee for the purpose of hearing and deciding cases in- t volving individual infraction of regulations of the student community. Cases decided by the Standards Com- t mittee cannot be appealed to the Student Court. 44 STUDgNT n h M Q V W 46 GLORIA GRIFFIN Vicc-Presidcnt enior Class Gfllkcers PA'I"I"Y PICK JIM COCCINS Sccrctary-Treamrcr President AHLSKOG, John J. ASCE-Sec. Chi Epsilon-V. Pres. AMIN, Joan Hokona Wing Secretary Newman Club UNM Chorus WRA Representative SEA ANDERSON, Ella Sue Alpha Chi Omega Concert Chorus Fanfare Chums RallyCom Student Senate SEA ANDREWS, Frank Kappa Alpha, Schl. Chmn. Ski Club, Pres, Senior Class ASHLEY, Bob ATKINS, Robin Phi Delta Theta BACA, Joseph BAKER, Maurice J. yIRC Sigma Phi Epsilon, V. P. Newman Club ASME wSEA Dearfs List Student Senate D BARRETT, Arthur D. BARTON, Bobby Ray BAKER, William L. AIEF-IRE ARS ASME Sigma Tau Kappa Mu Epsilon BAXTER, Billy B. BALLENGER, Ruth Kappa Kappa Gamma AWS, Pres. Campanas, Treas. Mortar Board Sophomore Class V. P. Spurs Pres., Nat. V. P. BAZAN, David H. University Orchestra BARBEE, Jane Kappa Alpha Theta KAT Rush Chmn. Home Economics Club Kappa Omicron Phi Pres. Student Senate BEBOUT, Dora Foster State Student Nurses UNM Student Nurses BARLOW, Ann Town Club Home Economics Club Student Senate RA BECKNER, Stanley Arnold Air Society Air Force Association Vigilantes BENNINGHOVEN, A. Delta Delta Delta Tri-Delt Rec. Sec. Cultural Committee Mirage, Greek Editor Pi Lambda Theta SEA BEESON, Sharon Theta Sigma Phi BENTLEY. Fred AIEE-IRE V. Pres. Blue Key, Sec. Sigma Tau BERUBE, R. E. Jr. Delta Sigma Phi Fiesta, C0.-chmn. Letterman's Club NROTC Sunline, Sports Ed. Track 57. 58, 59, GO BILLEAUDEAUX, L. C. Delta Sigma Phi, Pres. Arnold Air Society BLACK, Stanley D. Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec. Commerce Council, Treas. Wesley Weds, Pres. 47 Senior Class BLACK, William R. BLUE. Alice BOHLANDER, Kenneth BOHM, James BOWLAND, Talya BRANCH. Turner Sigma Alpha Epsilon KKG, Pres. Delta Sigma Pi, Sec. Sigma Chi Baptist Student Union Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. AIChE Leadership Train. Cnf. Delta Sigma Pi, Pres. PE Majors 8L Minors Chauka ASCE Mirage Organiz. Ed. USCF WRA, State and Local Fiesta Chmn. Leadership Train. Cunfl Spurs Pi Sigma Alpha Student Senate Student Council Student Body Pres. Wesley Club Student Court Who's Who BRANCH, Vicki Brooks BRASHEARS, Harold E. BRETAG, Gerald G. BRIDGES, Sally BROWN, Barbara BUNDRANT, John P. Pi Beta Phi Captain USAF PE Majors 8L Minors Kappa Kappa Gamma AIEE-IRE Campanas UNM Band KKG Cor. Sec. Mortar Board Waterlous, Prop. Chmn. Mirage Staff Pi Lambda Theta WRA, Pres. RallyCom Spurs W. Swim. Team, Pres. Wesley Foundation Var. Head Cheerleader BURGESS, James H. BURK, Michael BURT, Barbara CAIN, Tara CANDELARIA, J. I. Jr. CAPELS, William ASME, Treas. Club do las Americas Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma AIA Alpha Kappa Psi Phi Sigma Iota Canterbury Club Campus Improv. Com. University Debate Squad UNM del. SCONA Conv. SEA Canterbury Club Student AEairs Com. Student Senate UNM Student Nurses CARLSON, Jack CARMICHAEL, Doug CARPENTER, Ken CASPER, William CATA, Juanita CATON, Charles Sigma Chl PKA House Mgr. Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Phrateres Blue Key Alpha Phi Omega AIChE Fiesta Committee Kiva. Club Chakaa Fanfare Chorus Blue Key Newman Club Phi Sigma IFC Judiciary Council Chaaka Student Council SEA, pres. Uocah Sigma Tau SecJ Vigilantes, Treas. SEA State Parl. Vigilantes CHAVEZ, Vincent IRE CORDERO, Mary FL Kiva Club UNM Student Nurses l2 COUGHLAN. James Sigma Chi ls CHEN, Tyen Ching Sigma Tau Sigma Chi. Soc. Chmn. Alpha Kappa Psi, V. P. Phi Delta Theta AIChE Treas. Blue Key, Pres. Chakaa Kappa Mu Epsilon Vigilantes, Pres. CHRISTENSEN, Jay L. COUGHLAN, Thomzh D. Senior Class CHURCH. Stella T. State Student Nurses UNM Stud. Nurses, Treas. COUPLAND, Lyn Chi Omega AWS Fanfare Chorus Sigma Alpha Iota. Pres. Student Senate Spurs CLEMONS, Russell E. Geology Club Ski Club Sigma Gamma Epsilon COX, James B. Kappa Sigma AIEE-IRE Chakaa Leadership Award Leadership Train Conf. Student Senate COGGINS, Jim Kappa Alpha, Sec. Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. AFROTC, Dep. Com. Arnold Air Society Blue Key, Chakaa Vigilantes CRANDALL, Bob Sigma Chi Football, Varsity Lettermen's Club CULLEY. John Sigma Alpha Epsilon CUMMINS, Helen AChiO Soc. Chmn. CURRY, Isabel! CUTLER. Retta CROSSMAN, Steve Town Club CROUCH, Katie Kappa Kappa Gamma AWS AWS Council Pi Lambda Theta RullyCom Newman Club SEA Ski Club Student Senate Wuterlous WRA Council Young Republicans DE SUTTER. Charles E. Geology Club Newman Club DORAK. Robert DOTY, Bill G. Indus. Arts Assoc. AFROTC Iota Lambda Sigma A Capella Chorus Student Senate Concert Chorus Univ. of Berlin, Germ. Presbyterian Fellowship UNM Band DARNALL, Diana B. Chi Omega, Pres. AWS, V Pres. Campanas Mortar Board Phi Alpha Theta Stu. Senate Chief Clk. DELLES, Carl Michael Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec. Wardroom Society DALTON, John F. Sigma Phi Epsilon Air Force Assoc. Arnold Air Society UNM Band UNM Wind Ensemble 49 Senior Class Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. Canterbury Association BSU. Publicity ChmnA Town Club, 2d V. Pres. Kappa Kappa Gamma Campus Chest NM Union Board Chmn. Spurs Hokona Cultural Com. Campanas Newman Club Phi Alpha Theta, Sec. Mortar Board Student Affairs Phi Kappa Phi Student Senate S. Senate Steering Com. Phi Sigma Tau Who's Who Student Senate Theta Sigma Phi DUFFY, J. Terence DUFFY, John P. DUNCAN, Georgia DUNCAN, Joyce DURAN, Marlys EARNEST, Frankye ,r AIEEJRE IRE-AIRE Iota Lambda Sigma Alpha Phi Omega AChiO Rush Chmn. Chi Omega, Soc. Chmn. Alb. Technical Writers L000 Staff 1AA, V. Pres. BSU, Pres., 58, '59 Jr. Panhellenic Fanfare Chorus Kappa Mu Epsilon Inter-Religious Council Phi Gamma Nu Jr. Panhellenic Student Senate Spurs Pi Lambda Theta USCF SEA Waterlous ECKERMAN, Richard J. EDGEMON, Charles F. EDWARDS, Ted Lloy EDWARDS, Tommy ELDER, Jane ELKINS, Carole ELSBROCK. Mary Ellen EPLEY, Dan FENELL, Klas K. FERRAN, Amy FERRIN, Kay N. 1 FINDLEY, Carolyn Delta Delta Delta Apologian Club, Pres. Sigma Chi Alum UNM Student Nurses Deseret Club Pi Beta Phi Tri Delt Sponsor's Chmn. Blue Key Captain USAF Mirage Staff Fanfare Chorus Campanas Cardinal Ball, Attendant IRC. V. Pres. UNM Band Mortar Board Newman Club, Treas. UNM Band UNM Wind Ensemble Spurs RallyCom UNM Wind Ensemble Phi Alpha Theta SEA Phi Sigma FISKE, Bernice FLOCK, Robert E. FONSECA, Max FORDHAM, Virgil C. FOSSLER, Sandra FRENCH, Jeanette SEA ASCE IRE Sigma Tau Town Club, See. Fanfare Chorus Pi Lambda Theta Sigma Tau Pi Lambda Theta Lobo, Bus. Mgr. SEA Pi Lambda Theta Spurs SEA, Pres. Hocah VVRA SEA State V. P. Spurs FRICK, Norma E. Newman Club FRITZ, Dawn Delta Delta Delta, Pres. Campus Chest Chmn. Homecoming Pgm. Chmn. Panhellenic Pres. Student Council SUB Art Chairman FRUMKIN, Neil D. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. AP Party Chmn. Varsity Football Homecoming Co-Chmn. Mirage Bus. Mgr. Athletic Ad. Board Chmn. GEISLER, Robert W. GERDING, Bob Industrial Arts Assoc. ' Sigma Chi IFC, Pres. GIBSON, Patricia Sue Town Club, Pres. AWS Council Phi Alpha Theta Pi Lambda Theta RalIyCom, Pres. Spurs GILBERT, Kathie Pi Beta Phi, V. P. WS SAE Sisters of Minerva SAE Sweetheart Ski Club Student Art Guild, Treas. GRAHAM, Kirk Sigma Chi Pre-Med Club GOUCHER, Judy GERDING, Dick Sigma Chi, V. P IFC GILBERT, Keith Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golf Team Kappa Mu Epsilon LettermeWs Club Newman Club Phi Kappa Phi Award GRAHAM, William B. Alpha Phi Omega, Sec. Dorm Scholar. Chmn. NROTC Drill Team NROTC Regular Student Senate Wardroom Society FRY, William C. Pharmaceutical Assoc. GERDING, Harriet L. Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Gamma Nu CLOVER, Douglas Pi Kappa Alpha Leadership Train. Conf. Chmn. Pgm. Dir. Stu. Senate, Pres. Protem NROTC Wardmom Soc. GRAVES, Joyce Senior Class .fk GARCIA, Joseph B. AIChE Intramurals Newman Club GAISY, Jean Alpha Chi Omega, Treas. AChiO House Mgr. Fiesta Committee Homecoming Committee WRA Alternate GERETY, Patricia Ann GERMER, Henry A. Town Club Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Lambda Theta IFC SEA NROTC i GLOVER, Johnny E. GOEHRING, Robert L. ASME Sigma Alpha Epsilun Blue Key Delta Sigma Pi Pi Tau Sigma IFC Sigma Tau GRAY, Huletta GRAY, Terry Jane UNM Chorus Kappa Kappa Gamma Fan fare Chorus KKG, Treas. UNM Orchestra AWS Phi Gamma Nu RallyCom 51 GRAY, Thomas H. GRIEGO, William L. GRIFFIN, Gloria E. GURULE, Genie HAGAMAN, Carolyn HALL, Joseph E. IRE Alpha Delta Pi, Pres. Kappa Omicron Phi Panhellenic, Sec. Rodey Theatre Senior Class V. P. Spurs, Adviser HALL, Kathleen HANDS, Carmen M. HARRIGAN, James HARRIS, Joanne HART, IrvinLy H. HAYS, John B. Kappa Kappa Gamma UNM Student Nurses Presbyterian Fellowship Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta, Pres. Cultural Committee State Stu. Nurses Assoc. SEA Blue Key Chaaka SEA Newman Club Chuaka, V. P. Khatali, Treas. UNM Marching Band Student Court NROTC Wardmom Soc. Vigilantes Stu, Court. Chief Justice Who's Who HAYS, L. Crandall HEATH, Alison HERNANDEZ, Maximo HERRMANN, Joyce HETHCOAT, Jerry HILL. H. Hershel Phi Delta Theta, Pres. Chi Omega Newman Club, Sec. ASChE Kappa Alpha. Pros. ASME Newman Club, Soc. Chmn. Chi Epsilon, Historian Alpha Phi Omega Blue Key Sigma Tau Baptist Student Union Chaaka, Pres. IFC Pi Tau Sigma Student Senate HILLMAN, Jacquelyn HOLBROOK, Millard HOOTON, Jacque HORSCH, Arthur R. HOSKINS, Jimmie HOWELL, Dick Phi Delta Theta Baptist Student Union AAUW Delta Sigma Phi. Sec. U Flying Club, Pres. SEA AWS Letterman's Club. V. P. Baptist Student Union N M Union Board Future Teachers of Amer. Student Body V. P. Student Senate, Pres. Varsity Baseball Senior Class HOYT, Alice HOYT, Janet HUGHES, Trudy HUGHES, William HUMPHRIES, Norman HURSH, Sally AWS Delta Delta Delta Chi Omega. Alpha Phi Omega, Treas. Cosmopolitan Club UNM Band Campanas UNM Band Dorm Wing President UNM Orchestra Commerce Council, Sec. BSU Publicity Chmn. Tau Beta Sigma Mortar Board, Treas. Phi Gamma Nu, Treas. Spurs IRVIN, James C. ISAACSON, Lief JACKSON. Arlene JACKSON, Robert JACOBSON, Kate JARAMILLO. Gabriel Sigma Chi. Pres. SCF ASME Kappa Kappa Gamma Industrial Arts Assoc. Homecoming Cbm. UNM Stu. Nurses V. P. NROTC AWS Judicial Board Pre-Med Club. Pres. State Student Nurses Pi Tau Sigma Campanas Outstd. 3rd Cl. Mids'n, '59 Mirage, Organiz. Ed. Mortar Board Newman Club A JENKINS, Janet Lee JETT, James P. KEEGAN, Marcia KELLY, William A. KENNANN, Junnie Jo KENNEDY, John L. Pi Beta Phi, Pres. Kappa Mu Epsilon Lobo Staff AWS SAE, V.P. Campanas Newman Club Ski Club BSU. Sect. Lextermen's Club, Sec. Mortar Board Student Senate Pre-Med Club Panhellenic Council Tennis Team, All Amer. Student Art Guild, Pres. Tennis Team Spurs, V. P. Vigilantes KIELCHESKI, Shirley KINOSHITA, Tomonobu KLEIN, Richard KNAUER, James D. KOENIG, William E. KRIEGER, Bill TransfeH Cosmopolitan Club Beta Alpha ASCE Alpha Phi Omega, Sec. Hillel Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres. Phi Sigma Iota Chaaka Hillel, Pres. IRC, Pres. Student Court Senior Class LANG, William LEE, Li LEVICK, Nancy LINFORD. Tunis LIGOURI, Ralph A. LOPEZ, Arthur M. Rodey Theatre Pharmaceutical Assoc. Hillel Desert Club Pi Kappa Alpha AIChE Kappa Psi UNM Chorus Chess Club Honorary Math Soc. WRA Representative Newman Club Honorary Freshman Soc. Kappa Mu Epsilon Newman Club Swimming l LUCERO, J, C. LUNDY, Floyd E. LUTIN, Sallie MCBRIDE, Betty MCCORD, Blanche MCCURDY. Eugene AIEE-IRE ASME Alpha Chi Omega Campanas Pi Beta Phi, V. P. Phi Delta Theta Pi Tau Sigma, V. P. AUhiO, Corres. Sec. Phi Gamma Nu, Sec. Pi Phi, Schl. Chmn. Pres. Fellowship, Treas. Sigma. Tau Jr. Panhel. Assoc. Adv, Pi Lambda Theta Campanas, Historian Student Senate Newman Club Spurs Panhellenic, V. P. Waterlous Rodey Theatre MCCURDY, Ron MCDONALD, Jim MCELDERRY. Marcia MCGINNIS, Larry MCGRANE, Robert MCKESSON. James L. Phi Delta Theta Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. Lobo Staff Sigma Chi Air Force Assoc. Co-Chr. Reg. AWS Con. NROTC Sunline Arnold Air Society Campanas, Pres. Sigma Delta Chi Chakaa Mortar Board NROTC Wardroom Socl Vigilantes Spurs, Hist. Wardroom Bd. of Dimes. Student Council MADRID II, Arthur MAESTAS, Adelita MAESTAS, Eleanor MAJESKI, Robert J. MANDELL, William C. MANZAGOL, Jerry Phi Sigma State Student Nurses AWS Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. Phi Delta Theta Presby. Fe1., Pres. UNM Stu. Nurses, Treas. Newman Club Canterbury Club Phrateres Pi Lambda Theta Leadership Train. Conf. Stu. Educ. Assoc. Student Senate L MARTINEZ, Vivian T. Delta Sigma Pi Intramurals Newman Club, Treas. Nat. N'Wm'n Conf. treas. MASLEY, Peter Tau Kappa Epsilon IFC Treas. Lobo Night Editor Sigma Delta Chi. Treas. Stu. Publications Board Student Senate MATTHEWS, Stephen A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Senior Class MAY. Bill Kappa Alpha, Treas. Blue Key, V. Presl Chakaa, Sec. Phi Sigma Student Senate Vigilantes MAYO. Guy A. MAYO, Richard F. AIEE-IRE AWS, Rep. Sigma Tau Hokona Hall, Pres. I Standards Committee MERLO, Pat WRA, Rep. MILES. Jim Phi Delta Theta, V. P. Chakaa, Pres. Homecoming Chmn. 1959 Mirage Bus. Mgr. NSA Regional V. Pres. Who's Who MILLER. Martha MONTAGUE, Gary Ted SCF MONTES. Diana Newman Club MORELLI, Nicholas Club de las Americas Cosmopolitan Club Newman Club Ski Club SUB Directorate MOORE, Steve Phi Delta Theta Chakaa Fiesta Committee Chmn. Jr. Class Presl Student Council Vigilantes kg NEAL, David H. NELSON, Wendy B. AIChE BSU Club de las Americas Sigma Tau, Pres. Student Senate Spurs UNM Chorus Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec. Jefferson Club, V. Pres. N. M. Union Directorate MULLER, Thea Alpha Delta Pi MUFF, Ethel 1. State Student Nurses UNM Student Nurses NORTON, Judith E. NICKLE, Patricia J. Canterbury Association KAT, Social Chmn. UNM Band Freshman Adviser Kappa Phi RallyCom WRA MURPHY, Connie Kappa Alpha Theta, V. P. Campanas Mortar Bdl, Pub. Chmn. Panhellenic Council Phi Alpha Theta Theta Sigma Phi, Pres. NOVAK, Sarah Pi Beta Phi, Rec. Sec. Bridge Club SAE Sweetheart Attend; SAE Sister of Minerva Mademoiselle College Bd. Student Art Guild, V. P. NAHMAD, Michel Pi Kappa Alpha Chakaa Cosmopolitan Club Exchange Student Intramural Chmn. Student Council I: O'ROURKE, Ferrill T. 55 Senior Class 0 ROURKE. Patricia ORTIZ, Gilbert ORTIZ, Margaret E. PARKER, Frances E. PENN, John W. PHILLIPS, Georgia Newman Club Sigma Phi Epsilon SEA Pi Lambda Theta Chi Omega, Sec. SEA Air Force Assoc. UNM Chorus Arnold Air Society Christ. Science, Pres. Newman Club Club de las Americas IRC, V. P. Panhellenic, Treas. 4 e A Chi Omega, Sec. ASCE Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres. AIEE-IRE, Sec. Sigma Chi, Pres. A. P. Delegate Lettermcn's Club Varsity Cheerleader Blue Key Fiesta King HS5EH AWS Judicial Board Varsity Baseball Intramural Council Sigma Tau Khatuli Campanas, V. Pres. Lettermefs Club Lettcrmenk Club. Sec. H'coming Queen Attend. Swimming Spurs erestling PICK. Patty POLANCO, Everett PORTER, Raymond PRESSON, Edward PROHASKA. Jerry PULLEN, J .F. QUELLE. Karen K. QUIST. Buster RAKER, Lyle D. RAMSEY, Vaughn RANDALL, John Alden RATCLIFF, Max 1 AChiO, Schol. Chmn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Phi Omega AWS Judicial Board 1AA Delta Sigma Phi ; Honors Program Football 8; Track Alpha Phi Alpha, Pres. Campanas Wesley Foundation Letterman's Club 1 Lenna Todd Story Winner Honors Chakaa IRC. Social Chmn. 1 Mortar Board, Sec. Lettermen's Club Kappa Psi, Sec. Mortar Board Paul Hurgan Story, lst. Phi Epsilon Phi Student Senate Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres. Phi Sigma Iota Vigilantes Vigilantes UNM Fanfare Chorus REINECKE, Russell H. RENFRO, Bill REVIA, Dolores ROARK, Anna Lee ROBINSON, Arlen ROEDER, David W. Sigma Alpha Ep., Chap. UNM Student Nurses Geology Club Kappa Mu Epsilon Chakaa USCF, V. Pres. Blue Key Sigma Gamma Epsilon Vigilantes Wesley Foundation, Pres. Senior Class ROSE, William George SALAZAR, Jose Ramon SALAZAR, Mary Reyes SANCHEZ, Ambrosio . AWS ROMERO, Marie P. Newman Club Sigma Chx Canterbury Club Newman Club Blue Key Cyclops Home Economics Club Phi Sigma Intramurals Kappa Omicron Phi Pre-Med Club IRC Newman Club Vigilantes Ski Club, V. Pres. Phratcres Spurs m SANDOVAL, Alfonso 1i. SAYNER. Jana SCHAMAUN, Roger SCHLECHT, Richard SCHUYLER, Philip T AIEE-IRE Kappa Alpha Theta ASME Kappa Mu Epsilon Anthropology Club EJC Spurs Pi Tau Sigma, Treas. Sub Directorate Sigma T2111 SELIGMAN, Susan KKG, Sec. Campanas, Sec. SAE Sister of Minerva SAE Sweetheart Attend. SUB Direct. Art Chme Varsity Queen Attend. SHANE, Kay SIMONS, James H. Alpha Chi Omega AIChE Student Art Guild Newman Club SIPES, Michael BSU Geology Club SISNEROS, Theodore SANCHEZ, Ernest E. Lobe Editor SDX, Pres. Young Democrats Club SICLIGMAN, Lee Sigma Alpha Epsilon AIEE-IRE Esquire Club. Pres. Blue Key, Chakaa Sigma Tau, Hist. Univ. FlyinLr Club, Sec. SITTON, Anna Jane Kappa Kappa Gamma KKG, Activities Chmn. AF Queen Attend. Lobo Stu. Publications Board Student Senate SKILLERN, Jigger Sigma Alpha Ep., Treas. Chakaa, Vice Pres. Commerce Council, V. P. Delta Sigma Pi, Hist. IFC, Sec. Lettermenk Club SMITH, Gaylord E. Phi Sigma Iota Presbyterian Fellowship F SMITH, Jesse G. SMITH, Roy E., Jr. Pharmaceutical Assoc. USAF Kappa Psi SPATZ, Narosonia Kappa Omicron Phi, V. P. SEA SPILLAR. Stuart UNM Band Senior Class STANDISH. Miles E. STEWART, Fred L. STRINGER, Alan SUTTON, Janet TATE, JoAnn TAYLOR, Mary Lou ASCE AIEE-IRE Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Delta Pi M. V. Dorm Counselor AWS UNM Band Fiesta Comm.. Sec. Mirage, Faculty Ed. Homecoming Comm., Sec. Junior Class Sec. Panhellenic, Pres. TEED, Janice TERWILLIGER, Nancy THOMPSON, Florence THOMPSON, Fred THORNTON. Carl A. TILLOTSON, John E. Chi Omega. Pledge Tr. Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres. Leadership Tr. Conf. Kappa Sigma Alpha Kappa Psi. Pres. Campanas, Spurs Campanas, Spurs Lobo Managing Editor Canterbury Club Commerce Council Fiesta Comm., Co-Chmn, Rodey Theatre Leadership Conf. Mortar Board, Pres. AWS Judicial Board Sigma Delta Chi UNM Band Phi Gamma. Nu, Pres. Mortar Board, Hist. Student Senate United Stu. Party. Treas. Student Council, Sec. Phi Sigma, Sec. 2, TITTMAN. Lynn TREMBLY, Bill 0. TRUJILLO, Amado VOM STEEG. Walter WALDIE, Patricia Anne WEAVER. Harry Delta Delta Delta AIEE, Pres IRE, Pres. ASME Sigma Chi AIEE-IRE RalIyCom Engineering Joint Coun. Pi Tau Sigma Football Team Mgr. SUB Directorate Esquire Club Sigma Tau Student Senate WEAVER, Tom WEBB, Max WEHMHONER. M. C. WELD, Charles E. WERDIG, Robert M. WERTHEIM, Jerry Phi Delta Theta Sigma Chi Transfer from NMMI ASCE AP Group Leader Sigma Chi AIChE AIChE. President Sigma Alpha Epsilon ASTM Fiesta Chairman Blue Key NROTC Engineering Joint Coun. AFROTC Rifle Team Blue Key Honors Program Campus Chest Sigma Tau Adviser to Jr. IFC Chi Epsilon Student Council Homecoming Comm. Track Lgadership Tr. Conf. Sigma Tau Student Senate SCONA delegate. 1058 Vigilantes, Chakaa IF C Wesley "We'ls" Young Democrats Student Se"ate WESTBROOK, John F. Sigma Phi Epsilon NROTC NROTC Wardroom Soc. Wesley Foundation Alpha Chi Omega, Sec. AChiO social chmn. WORD, Bethe WESTMAN, John Sigma Chi ASCE Chakaa, Vigilantes Christ. Science, Pres. IFC Jud. Coun., Chmn. NROTC WYLOGE, Roberta Alpha Chi Omega Fiesta Comm. WHOOLERY, Anola Chi Omega, V. Pres. Phi Sigma Iota Student Senate Waterlous. Sec. Panhellenic Homecoming Comm. RallyCom S EA Chcez it tl1e copsll WILDER. Joann Pi Beta Phl YOAKUM, Helen R. Pi Lambda Theta Rodey Theater Senior Class WINOVICH, Robert WOOD, Walter Kappa Alpha, V. Pres. Philosophy Club, Pres. ASME SCF, Pres. MV Std. Coun.. Chf. Jus. Football Letterman MV Dorm Governor Student Senate ZIEGLER, Donald L. ZUNIGA, Orcilia AIChE Campanas, Editor; Spurs Hokona House Coun. Sec Mortar Board, V. Pres. State Student Nurses UNM Stu. Nurses, Sec. Newman Club Mmmmnnn ----- unior Class icers ARLEEN OLSON DICK CUNDY CHARLES MA'I'TINCLY Secretary-Trcasurcr President VicoPrcsidcnt 60 junior Class Abaskin, Irene Acosta, Eddie Adamson, Lynn Ahmad, Chaudhry K. Akbar, Muhammad AIKlerettc, Cruz C. Alford, Ann Lynn Allingx, Jane Amorous, Angela Annett, David Ashby, H. Anthony Baca. Reuben Bachechi, Chuck Barreras, Raymond J. , 1L , , . l Beckley, James F. Bigelow, Natalie Black, William Blackmail, Paige Bodour, Haig Bohlander, Nancy Bolduc, Michael J. Bonnell, James E. Bonner, Ralph Bowdish, John F. Boyce, Elizabeth Bradford, John S. Brogan, Carl, Jr Brown, Jim Brummell, Bernard Bradley, Anne M. Bratcher, Diana D. Brawley, Edwin L. Ilresenham, Nancy 61 Brusuelas, Richard Bryan. Gillette Bryce, Betty Jean Bureau. Linda Burke, Geraldine Burmeister, Bee Butterfield, George E. Calvert, Gloria Carlson, Rodger Carmichael, C. J. Curstens, Allan Caton, Jimmy Cave, Kenneth L. at Charles, Gerald Cheers, Elizabeth Cleff, Harold L. Clement, Gene Clifford, Jim Coats, Gerald D. Cohen, Phillip 1 t " z 1 383an Gone, Arthur Conley, Mary Ann Constan, Lilly Conzett, Mariette Corbin, Charles Cordova, Josephine Cramer, Carol Crow, Nancy Crowley. Trish Cundy, Richard Czoiner, Richard Dnilcy. J13. Paul Dalzell, Fred Danfelser, Priscilla Davis. William R. Dean, Garland de Baca. Joe C. Demeter, W. T. Dempsey. Pamela DeWitt, Charles B. Dossey, Darlyn Dove, F. Harvey Doyle, Bruce Duffy, Denis C. Dunn, Marilyn Earp, John G. Eaton, La Rue Eaves, John M. 62 junior Class a? Elder, Laura Elson, Clifford Erdal, Bruce R. Eytcheson, Bryan Faire, Harold W., Jr. Farran, Walt Fortney, Jack Frank, Edwin Franzen, Jeanette Frederich, Shirley French, Courtney Fryar, Garvin Fuente, Walter Fussell. Jane Gallegos, Benny Garcia, F. Chris Geer, Otto Gemoets, Bub Gemoets, Ted George, Harold W. Gibson, Simmie Giersbach, Susan Gilbert, Tony Gilfillnn, Nancy Gledhill, Eleanor Goldenberg, Henry 0 Gray, Samuel F. Jr. Groff, Richard Gumm, Judy Haile, Manya Hallbaucr, Warren Halsell, Bill Halvorsen, John Hammock, Doug Hammond, Bobbie Hanna, Thomas G. Hardison, Kenneth Harlacker, Judy Harper, Rosa Harrison, Scott Harrison, Susan Harryman. Ralph 63 Hartin, Paul Hauer, Gerard Hays, Roberta Hays, William Hennington, JoAnn Hester, Jack Hite, Muriel Hoeke, Barbara Hofmann, Don Hollandsworth, Shirley Holman, Janet Homer, Byron R. Horton, Rebecca Hougen, Helen $ s Jontz, Jeannie Julian, Joan K0150. Gerald Kincheloe, T. R. King, Jackie King, Richard Kline, Vic Hutchison, Eileen Hutton, Darrell Iacoletti, Diane James, W. Robert Jenkins, Patricia Johnson, Lee Jones, Gordon R. Kysar, Kathryn Lanphcar, Margaret Ann Larsen. Shirley Ralph Lenzini, Martin Lipp, Marilyn Lonning, Tonnetta Lotze, Eber Love, Julie MCAchran, Wayne McCall, Marcia 64 junior Class McCormick, Peggy McCracken, Kim McEvoy, Maury McGuire. Herschall McKinnon, Dan McKinnon. Lou E a O o H E n' F E n 3" m E McNeaI, Presley B. McWherter, Eric B. Marsh, Kenneth R. Martin, Nelson F. Mastin, Richard Matteucci, Alex Mattingly, Charles H. Meeker, Marcia Meister, David Mercer, Joseph H. Michael. Jon Milford, Homer E. Miller, Jay Miller, Jo Anna ? Mills, Laddie Lynn Mobley, Donna Mok, James L. Mordus, L. A. Morris, William F. Mosman, John Mudd, Rosemary Naeve, Michael Nelson, Margo Neuber, Joyce Nixon, C. C. Nordin, Helen Norris, Jack Nottrott, Judith A. Olson, Arleen Page. Nancy Palmer, Diane Pearce, David Peckinpaugh, Tom W. Pick, Peggy Prieto, Alfonso G. 65 Radomilovich, Don Rammimz. J. W. Ramsey. John W. Randall. Ann Reid, Bill Reitzel, David K. Reynolds, Tony Rice, Carol Richards. James Richardson, Lorna Robberson, Alice Lee Robinson. Nancy Carol Rode. Judith Rogof'f, David J. Rosier, Suann Roybal, Marie H. Ruff, Joan Rungles, Nancy Edgerly Ruland, James H. Ruminer, William L. Rummage, Georgine Salyer, Don Seaver Jr., Kenneth W. Sells. Linda Shaulis, Susan Shmaeff, Bob Shriver, George Sims, Bill Sine, Mary Nell Skevington, Tom Smith, Jon Wilson Smith, Shelby Sparks, Thomas Overton Spengeman. Ralph R. Spivey, Judy Marie Sprague, Stephen Stinson, Mary Kay Street, Jerry Stuart, James Cameron Stelling, Mylon Stephenson, Bob Thomas, James 66 X w Thomas, Judy Thompson, Jack Thompson, Mark Thwin, Maung Ohn Tillotson, Joe Bob Tinnin, Robert Tonkinson, Dave Torres, James Tracey, Tony Trainer, James R. Trapani, Cesare Tucker, Edwin Tucker. Elizabeth Tucker, Ronald Van Dongen, Richard Van Ettcn, Sally w Vencil, Noel Vershuur, Lawrence Vidal, Jeannette Uegawachi, Doris Wall, Nancy W'ashburn, Del VVeichman, Carole VVeId. Jean Weldon, Sandy W'enk, Robert VVenzcl. Oliver White, Karen VViant. Nancy VViebell, Lynne Williams, Ivor VViIliams, Judy w I Williams, Linda Williams, Owen Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Nancy W'inters, Lanny Wintrich, James Wishard, Mary Woods, Jim Woodward, M. E. A. Worley, Lanita Yoder, Bernie Young, H. B. Zanotti, Judy Zimmerman, Ione 67 SOPAOMOYQ Class Cfllkcers xxxxxxu'Mw xxxxxxxxmw 3m 3.. a IUDY DODD DAVE DAWSON GERRY RASOR Secretary-'l'rcasurcr President V icc-President SOPAOMOVG Class Acuff, Mark Adams, Mary Ann Alexander, Patricia Alexandre, Jerome Ambos, Sally Ambrose, Bonnie Ambruster, Margaret Abbott, Judy Amos, Charles Anderson, Karen Jo Anderbery, Ronald Anderson, Theodore B. Andres. Margie Aragon, Mary Edna Armijo. Henry M4 Arnold, Lois Arnot, James Atkinson, Paul Ball, Jerrie Bankston, JoAnne Barton, Gerard Bates. Alberta Bauer, Webb S. Beasley, Jim 0. Bender, Carl Betcnbough, Ronald Bell, Charles 0. Best, Bill Bishop, Susan Blake, David Bloys, Sandra Bohlke, Hollace Bommelacre. Gary L. Bone, Robert C. Bonifield, Carolyn Bonnell, Margaret A. Booker, John Michael Booth, Lee Bowerman, I. D. Boyd, Betty J0 Bradley, Esau Bragg, Patsy Brewer, Paul Broell, Fred Brooks, Gretchen Brown, Richard B. Buchanan, Sarabeth Burke, Patty 69 Butterbaugh, James Byrd, Diane M. Burton, Betty Caine, Steve Camille, Roger G. Canady, Marilyn Canoyer. Madge Cantor, Susan Carder, Ronald Carlson, Gail Caton, Jerry Chadil, Carol Chavez, Max Chreist, Fred Christianson, Judith Clark, Ann Clubb, Lenore Cobb, Donald R. Coll, Janis Cordova, Eddie Cox, Selella Crittenden, Gale Crisp, Carleen Cummings, Cherill Dahlen, Sydney Dale. Julia Daniels, Janna Davis, Harold B. Davis, James A. Davis, Kathryne L. Davis, Ralph L. Dempsey, Mike Devendorf, Anne Dibble, Bob DiLallo, Romeo C. Dodd, Judy Dortignac, Jan Dove, Julie Dowell, Claude Drake, Betty SopAomore Class Dulz, Gerald Dunlap, Robert Dunn, Charlene Dunn, Thomas Eckert, John Edelmon, Jan Elder, John Elder, Ross OPAOMOVG Class i de'anls, Gene Ellis, John Eagleman, Jan Espafm, Ernie H. Espinosa, Eddie Ferreri. Jackie Findlay. Jean Fink, John Formhals, Arlene Franks. Phil Fraser, Roy Frentzel, Elizabeth Frost, Bobbie Jean Gaby, Phyllis Gannon, Ray Garcia, Joe Gary. Patty Gaskins, John C. Gates, Harvey M. Gates, Mary Lou Gilbert, Van Gilleran, Elaine Gilpin, Judith Glass, Barry Gobex', Richard Goldsworthy, Pat Gomez, Leo S. Gonzales, Joseph Good. Jay F. Graham, Kay . Grasse, Bill Greenwood, Charles Grenko, Marianne Gribble, Karen Groesbeck, John H. Grubbs. Judie Gurin, Dennis Guggino, Laurence P. Gurule, Fred 0. Gutierrez, Fred Haney, Janet Hanna, Barbara Hannah, William N. Hardin, Susan Hardison, Bruce L. Hayes, Barbara Heaton, John A. Henry, Maureen 71 SOPAOMOVQ Class Herndon, John M. Herren, William W. Herrera, Eleanor Herrick, Caitilin Herter, Margaret Hill, Howard Wayne Hines, Marys Hinson, Carmen Hirsch, Susan Holder. Denny Holecheck, Leon Hooper, Jerry E. Horne, Fritzi Howard, Jill Howe, Marshall M. Hutchins, Richard H. Ireland, Kathleen Ishmael, Judy Ivey Jr.. Floyd Jackson, Conrad Jaggers, Mary Jane Jameson, Gloria Jennette, Evelyn Johnson, Karen Sue ; ' V' ii, - g Johnson, Sue Johnston, Keith H. Johnston, Kenneth Jones, Hazel Patricia Johnxon, Don Kaiser, Fred Katrick, John Kearney. Carol Keeling, James H. Kelly, Margaret Ann Kelly, Peg Kennedy, Rick Kenyon, Richard B. Kerry, Bill Kersting, Ada Kint, Burton Klassen, Betty Konopka, Anthony F. Krause, Richard Kruger, John Kuhitz, Anne Ladd, Kenneth La Faver. Sally Lally, Eve 72 SOPAOMOVQ Class Lane, Sydney Layton, Patricia Leamon, Richard Ledbetter, Elissa Lewis, Bert Lewis, Pat L. Lewis, Peggy Lincoln, William Lindberg. Howard Liptak, Robert Livingston, Beth Losey, Elaine Look. Kon Yat Lyday. Jim McCaffrey, Charlotte McCormick, Kathryn McCutcheon, Loye McDaniel, Madeline McDonnell, John McDowell, Jan McGuire, Phyllis McKenzie, Leonard Mackay, Donald MacNab, Anne Maestas, Olivia Maky, JoAnn Mandell, John Mangum, Doy Martin, Patsy Martinez, Dennis Matteucci, Margaret May, Mary Carole l l Mayherry, Jeanne Mayland, Nancy Meadors, Merl Messimer, James Michelson, J. T Micsko. John Miller, Arthur Miller, James Miller, Judy Miller, Nelda Miller, Sheila Mims, Nelda Sue Miranda, Audie Mirise, Emily Mocharnuk, Laura Montoya, Priscilla 73 SOPAOMOYG Class Mora, Juan Pablo Mork, Karen Mountjoy, John Moutray, Dona Gayle Meyers, Nancy Kaye Muchmore, Wendy Mullins, Martha Murray. Karen Nahmad. A1 Nail. Nick W'. Nash, Eleanor Abigail Neeb, Karl Nelson, Judi Nunnally, Sammie O'Cheskey, Fred Olsen, G. Don 136 Olson, Dorothy Oppenheim, Lee Orndorff, Nancy Orona. Bettie Owens, Elaine Pace, Pat Pajunen, Victor Purdue, Les Parker, Lyle Parkhurst, Phil Parkin, John Parsons, Carol Sue Parsons, William Patino, Dan Paulson, Joe Pearson, Neal Peck, John C. Peck, Rita Peer, Sunny Lu Pendleton, Bill Perkins, Sherrill Peterson, Arthur Pettine, Marvin Phillips, Royal Pieper, Lloyd B. Pierson, Gary Pies. Ronald E. Pollock, Betty Ann Pruner, Donald Raby, Barbara Ramsey, Ben Ransom. Jim 74 SOPAOMOVQ Class ' Rasor, Gerry Rayburn, John Redd, Robert Reddinz. Audrey Reeves, Pat Retz, VVilIiam Reyes, Joe Reynolds, Jerri Reynolds, Judy Rickman, Ardene Riley, Mike Rini, Nancy Lee Rivera, Feliciano Roberts, Anna Dell Robertson. Frank Rodgers, Barbara Rose. Betty Roser, Lynnette Rowe, William Rowland, Mike Russell, Tom Russo, C. J. Rutledge, Ann Sacra, Sue 5? Sanchez, Albert Sanchez, Margaret Sanchez. Polly Sanchez, Stephen Sanderson, Jim Sandoval, Marcella J. Schirm, Kristi Schulze, Diane Schlueter, Richard Schwingel, James Sears. John Servudei, Anne Shaw, Tony Silverman, Jackie Sims, Bill Skidmore, Beth Sloan, Beth Sloane, James Smith, Charley Smith, Dan Smith, James Smith, Judi Kay 75 SOPAOMOI'Q Class Smith, Karen B. Smith, Larry Smith, Sandra Snider, Nancy Jo Snyder, Sharon Speer, Darleen Speer. Gwen Sperry, John Sperry, Roger Lee Spurlock, Mary 8655 Srote, Linda St. Claire, Robert Stallbaum, Mary Stapp, Janet Steen. Alison Steury, Bill Stevens, Margaret Stewart, Richard Stith, Waldene Stockton, Arthur Stokes, Mary Beth Stout, Joel Sturges, Barbara Suarez. Carmen Swayze. William, Jr. Tafoya. Jesse Taft, Russell Taulbee, Sandra Taylor, Max Teague, Mary Terwilliger, Martha Thomas, Frank Thompson, Diane Thompson, James Tillery, Marvin Tomlin, Joe Torres, Dorothy Torres, Sylvia Trujillo, Ralph Tsiosdia, Martha Valencia, Ephraim Vandetti, Sheron Vigil, Jake Waldie, Ronnie Waldrop, Linda Walker, Carlton SopAomore Class Walker, Sandra Warren, Lewis Watson, Mary Lou Watts. James Wayland, Suzanne Wayne, Johnny Weir, Robert Welch, Dee McCloud Welch, Joseph Weldon. Mary Lee Wells. Dave Westfall, Alan Whelan, Jean White, Jerome Whitehead. Charles Whitlow, Peggy Whitworth, James Wilde, Helen Williams, Billie Jean Williams, Charles Williams. Donna Wilson, Sylvia Winston, Karen Wintheiser, Arthur Wood, Mona Wood, Richard Woodul, Jack Zuniga, Oralia 77 resAman Class Cffkcers LON COTTINCHAM ANN BLUE JOHN ROSE Vice President Secretary Treasurer President 1 Abraham, Sandra Adams, Lynda Alcott, Patricia Alexander, Helen Alme, Winfield Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Monica Andrews. William Appel, John Apple, David Archuletta, Betty Arellanes, Hendra Arthurs, J'nita Arviso, Linda Ashley, George Atkinson, Charles Atkinson, Jerrell Attebery, Ralph Atwood, James Ayers, Betty Babcock, Kathleen Buca, Eloy Baker, Gregory Bancroft, Barbara Barnes, Celestia Barnes. Ned Barnes, Richard Barnett, Sali Barrett, Bill Barrett, Larry Bays, Gail Beaty, Alice Bebber, Nina Becker. Robb Belka, Lynne Bell. Phyllis Benham. Robert Benson, Linda Berg, Sandra Bernstein, Lewis Beverly, Edwin Bishop, Ted Bivins, Nancy Blair, Jean Blasi, Bob Blaylock, Joann Bloedel, Donald resAmen Blue, Ann Blue, Barbara Bogert, Pati Bongio. Karleen Bohm, Edward Boose, Joanna Botts, Jim Botts, Robert Boyd, Charles Bradley, Mary Ellen Brannon, Tom Brian, Linda Brixner, Annette Brock, Ted Brown, Kenneth Brown, Michael L. Brown, Page Brown, Scott Brown, Tom R. Bruce, Bill Bryant, Jimmie Buergi, Stephen Bunuel, Rafael Burden, Jo-An Burke, Kathryn Burleson, Linda Burmeister, Rita Bushey, Robert Bussey, Gordon Butterfield, Kathie Carey, Ralph Calkins, Joanne , Camp, Patty Campbell, David Cannon, Malcom Carlin, Dolores Carmignani, George Carpenter. Scott Charles, J0 Chavez. Bennie Lee Chavez, Patsy Chavez, Viola Cheetham. Francis Chenoweth. Ruth Childers, Mary Childress. Kenneth Childs, Sarah Ching, Willard 80 resAmen Christie, William Chuvisavaphong, S. Clark, Donna Clark, Irmalee Claus, Connie Clements, Joe Cline, Judy Cochran, Martha Cole, Helen Victoria Cole, Jim Colvard, Vic Connor, Kathleen Cook, Charles Cooley, Mary Lou Copeland, Mary Ann Copeland, Victor Corazza, Kenneth Cordova, Cynthia Cotdova, Vera Corsmeier, Marilyn Cottingham, Lon Cattle, Carole Cramp, Prudence Crawford, Bob Creecy, Carson Croft, Mike Crosse, Murray Crowley, Mike Cullen, Philip Cummins, Jim Cundiff, Reed Cunningham, Cheryl Q. L l ' ' D'Agostino, James Dailey, Joseph Dale, Sharon Darnell, Charles Dartt, Gary Dasburg, Diana Davenport, Marvin Davis, Allen Davis, Don Davis, Linda Dawson, R. K. Deakin, Robert deKok. Yvonne del Castillo, Modesto Dellert, Charles Denison, Stephen 81 resAmen W42??? Denny, John Denzler, David Devlin, Mary Ellen Dietmeier, Jon Di Lorenzo, Jim Dinkle, Stephen Doherty, Sheila Doman, Mary Gay Domico, Annette Dorris, Karen Dorsey, Bob Dougherty, Dennis Drake, Donna Drew, Laurel Dumler, Martin Dunaway, Glenda Durham, Barry Dustman, Dorothy Dutton, Robert Dykstra, Connie Eagan, Dennis Eaves, William Edmondson, James Edmondson, Tom Edwards, Dennis Edwards. John Eilers, Dorothy Elsbrock, Ruth Emenhiser, Nolan Eyman, Charles Farley, VVilIiam Farrar, Tom Farrington, Janet Fawver, Barbara Fernandez, Bobby Finch, Leland Florence, Alfred Ford, Carolyn Foster, Gerald Franzmeier, Lawrence Frederick, Jerry Fries, Diane Froman, Eva May Fronabarger, Jerry Fry, Joe Fulton, Robert Gabaldon, Robert Galbreth, Jarrett 82 resAmen . 1 Gallegos, Herman Garcia, Ernest Garcia, Yvonne Garrett, Jane Ellen Garrett, Mary Ann Gussman, Robert Gatlin, Wanda Gaussoin, Jerry Gcorgius, David Gerlach, Charles Gerrie, M. James Gianero, Georgene Gifford, Harold GiFford, Verna Gillespie, Frances Glass, Michael Glazar, Jerry Glazner, Arm Goff, Russell Gomez, Frances Gonzales, Manuel Goodwin, Vickie Gordon. Anna Gothard, Nancy Gourley, Nita Graham. Cynthia Grainger. James Gray, Cameron Greathouse, Cleanna Greer, Leslie Greer, Verna Griego, Alex Grier, Michael Grimzs, Allison Grirgsby, Jean Groff, Darla Grohe, Katy Gutierrez, Timothy Haas. Laurie Haines, Julie Hall, Leslie Hallbauer, Kenneth Hardison, Claude Hartz, Clyde Hasty, Ronald Hayes, Judy Hayes, Lynn Hays, Bill 83 resAmen Hayner, Kimerick Heard, Janice Hedges, Don Hen, James Hensley, Don Herren, Joy Hess, Jerome Hicks, Trueitt Hiestand, Emilie Higgins, Louis Higgins. Tom Hill, Jacqueline Hill, Nancy Hillemeyer. David Hiller, Russel Hinchman, Patricia Hirni, Robert Hodges, Donna Hoehndorf, Erika Holman, Charles Hombach, John Horstmann, Beverly Houston, Sylvia Howard, Kathi Howe, Dorothy Hubbard, Dwight Hubby, K'Aun Huckabay. Bill Hudgens, Gayle Huffman Earl Hume, Bill Hunt, Karen Hunter, Robert Huston, Sally Im, Sophann Imbt, Norma Isaacs, Flora Jeanjaquet, Samuel Jelso, Carol Jenkins, Judith T . $, Jenkins, Susan Jeter, Rose Marie Johns, John Johns, Wayne Johnson, Carl Johnson, Carol Johnson, Chris Johnson, David resAmen Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Lorrayne Johnson, Richard Johnson, Tom Jones, Barbara Jones, Charlotte Jones, Duncan Jones, Marjorie $2, gil- Kaderli, Kay Karstens, Kristina Kaufman, Polly Kazmier, Ernie Keith, Dona Kuleher, Tom Keller, Don Kelleran, Thomas Kemp, Richard Ketcham, Joan Keylon, Vernon Kilgore, Glenna Kimbrell, Frances Kimber, Emilie Kindler, George King, Orrin Kingsley. Larry Kint, Aileen Kirkpatrick, James Kite, Weldon Klinikowski, Gayle Knight, Janice Koogler, Margaret Kuntz, Dina Kuperus, Marilyn Krummes, William Lackey. Judy La Due, Jan Laird. Dorothy Lane, Jimmie La Near, David Langell, Karen Lanmon, Bill Lasater, Jim Lasley, Sue Laumbach, Andrew Lawton, Jean Leach, Don Leach, Leslie Lease, Norma 85 resAmen Lehby, Nick Lee, Bonita Lee, Pat Leonard, John Lewis, Gary Lewis, Jean Lewis, Jeffrey Lidstone, Thomas Lindsley. James Lineberger, Chloe Lisenbee, Alvis Little, Jimmie Littlejohn, Claudia Lockhart, Charles Loesch, Kathie Long, Karl Lopez, Rudy Paul Lovato, Chris Lovett, Norm Lucero, Joseph Lugenbeel, Vicki Lyons, Linda McAllister, James McAnally, Beth McCallon, James McClain, Harris McCharen, Joe McClure, Janice McClure, Julie McCorkle, Bob McCormick, Anna K. McCutcheon, Gail McDonald. Danny McEIyea, Ulysses McKay, Joe McMillin, Linda McNex-ney, Patricia McQuaid, Sally McWatters, Wynona Mahry, John Mader, John Magee, Nancy Magill, Karalyn Malone, Susan Mares, Carine Marks. Jack Martin, Eileen 86 resAmen Martines, Bill Martinez, Lavern Martinez. Michael Massey, Judy Mutsubara, Nancy Maxson, Mary Mcasduy, John Measday. Lawrence Medford, Claude Mees, Nancy Meierinp', Ruth Mary Mercer, Richard Merritt, Dean Metca'lf, Melvin Metcalfe. Mary Helen Meyer, Melinda 5 Miller, Dale Miller, Marilyn Milligzm, Laurence MiItererger. Barbara Miner, Carol Mitchell, Andrew Mitchell, David Mitchell, Patrick Mock, John Howard Mock, Richard MofTut, Tom Mondragon, Fred Mora, Beneranda Merrill, John Morris, Sydney Muller, Doug Myers, Susan Nahmad, Mike Naughton, Penny Needham. Shirley Nevans, Kathleen Newlander, David Newsom, Bill Nicholson, Joanne Nielsen, Lene Noble, Tom Nohl, Nancy Norman, Vernon Nunn, Robert Nunns, William OVLeary, John Olson, Gregory 87 resAmen Ortega, Reuben Ortiz, Gloria Ortiz, Manuel Ortiz, Romeo Owens, Carol Oxnard, Caroline Paiz, Jo Ann Parker, Janice Parker, Rosemary Pate, Delbert Pearcy, William Peck, Tom Perry, Pat Pharo. Diane Phillips, Richard Pickering, Glenda Pineda, Raymond Pino, Jimmy Poch, Libbi Porter, Sandra Powell, Jerry Powers, Penny Pratt, Judy Pritt, Alfred Raglin, Carolyn Ramos, Margarita Ramos. Roger Ramsey. Edna Ramsey. Nina Randel. Lloyd Randolph. Colin Ransom, Dale i, Reaser, Mary Redfern, Rosalind Reece, Gary Reel, Richard Remillard, Donald Renstrom, Sandra Reutter, Susan Rice, Hazel Richards, Kent Richert, Maria Rieder, Gary Rila, Carter Rila, Mary Ann Rinaldi, Rolando Riordan, Robert Riordan, William 88 resAmen Roark, Richard Roberts. Donald Robison, Marcella Robnett, June Rodgers, Donald Rogers, Dick Romero, Cecilia Rose, John Ross, J. Richard Roth, Teddy Rothman, Ethelle Roush, Paula Ruuzles, Millie Ruiz, Robert M. Ruiz, Robert S. Runge, Judith Ryan, Julia Ryan, Madge Sadilek, Julie Same, Jack Sage, Beth Sahling, Carole Saiz, Benjamin Sallee, Elizabeth Sallee, Larry Sanchez, Amador Sanchez, Elaisa Sanchez, Lorraine Sannella, Maria Sasaki. Gwen Sayre, Douglas ! Schoor, Mike Schmucker, Stephen Schrom. Pamela Schula, Joe Schumpert, Stephen Scism, Bert Scott. Eddie Scott, Lindsay Scovel, Richard Seale, Carolyn Serna, Annadelle Serna, Priscilla Shaffer, Alan Sheets, Mary Sherer, Valerie Shoemaker, Peggy 89 Short, Phyllis Shoup, George Silva, Paul Simpson, Ernie Singleton, Allan Smith, Patsy Smith, Paula Smith, Priscilla Smith, Richard Smith, Samuel Smith, Sylvia Sneed, Mary Lou Solcnbcrger, John Spang, Richard Sparks, Janet Spence, Nancy StaRm-d, Anabel Stafford, Terry Stanhope, William Starz, Louis States, Susan Steinbemer, Vera Stephenson, Judy Stevenson, Ruth Stewart, James Storm. Gail Stratton, Peggy Sucharda, Sharon Summers, Martha Summers, Sue Sumner, Jimmy Sydow, William Tafoya, Gloria Tarbell. Margaret Tavener, Veronica Taylor, Allan Taylor, Christyna Teed, Donille Teeple, Robert Thacker, L. W. Thieman, Alice Thomason. Gary Thompson, Beverly Thorne, William Thornton, Becky Tipton, Joseph Tonkin, Carolyn Toulouse, Patricia 90 resAmen . 4951!. Trickey, Beverly Trolingcr, Charlotte TI'USSQH, Lee Tso, Lorraine Tubb, Richard Turner, Samuel Turney, Herbert Tuthill, Judith Valdez, Florence Vancil, James Vescovi, Julia Vidal, Christine Vigil, Ernest Vigil, Rudolph Villarreal, Abelardo Volpato, Carolyn m; VVaIden. Fred Waldorf. Karen Walsey, Robert Walter. Charles Ward, M. S. Ward, Patricia Warren, C. James Watkins, Gary Weber, Michael Wells, John Welsh, Gretchen Werner, Rhonda VVestfalI, Jean Wham. Matalie White. James Whiteside. Almira VViese, James Wiley, Darla Wilger, Thomas Williams, Gale Williams, Jeanne Williams, Joye Williamson, John Willins, Mickey Wilson, Joe Winter, Diane Wof'ford, Jim Womble, Barry Wood, Edward Woodin, Nancy VVoodmansee, Robert Woudworth, Tommy 91 resAmen Woody, Carole Work, Ina Maria Worrell, Charles Wright, Thomas Wright, Walter Yates, Joan Dare Zanotti, Bonnie Zumwalt. Raymond Unclassi ieol Bramlett, Bill Drab, Eileen Gill, George Graham, Joe Grimm. Ben McKenzie, Sara Sehgal, Asghar Ali Wiley, Richard raaluate Stuolents Alexander, Richard Alvis, James Bell, Thomas Bratcher, James Calmes, Janis Dearholt, Donald 1 Douglass, Don Lisle, Frank Meadowx, Robert M'Gonizrle. John Ward, Phyllis chW Stuolents Diaz. Joe Greer, Ronald Harris, Billy E. L. McMillen. J. T. Ruf, John F. First Year Graduate First Year First Year First Year 9 7 A door that leads to many and varied activities . . . ynsiole lde union w w M 2s, ?4 f: m There is rarely an empty table in the 11ch cafctcria. Mesa Lounge, with its huge stone iireplace, is suited to social functions as well as to meetings and lounging. 93 , y . , 4 The dircctors of the New Mexico Union are: L. to R.: A. 0. Jackson, Mgr. Assoc. Students Bookstore; Glen Mayer, Food Serv- icc Mgr.; John Corker, Program Adviser; Perry Satzsingcr, Accountant; Bill Bicrbnum, Director; Bill Dean, Night Mgr.; Mary Ellen Smith, Scheduling Mgr.; Dick Carnes, Bldg. Engineer; George Beck, Games Mgrh The billiard tables have provcn Very popular With the boys; competition is keen, and :1 p001 tournament has been organized. The Union is a place for 311 interests, CX'CII a concentrated game L of these. . h . Checkmate! Thc bowling lancs arc cmnparativcly dcscrted now, but not for long! 94 'I'hc Union kitchen is new and shiny. This must be the 10 oblock COHec rush! Barber shop duet . . . not too close now! There's always something of interest on exhibit in our new Union, One of the several fireplaces in the HSUB"; this coppcr-hooded one is in whcthcr it be the work of professionals or students on campus. the main lobby. 95 ?Qaalio Station JJMMQD KNMD, the largest student owned and operated radio station in the country goes on the air April 30, 1960. This will be the culmination of many long months of hard work. First conceived several years ago, the station really got under way in September, 1959, when $13,000 was allocated, and a consulting engineer and a station manager were selected and a Engineers U. to Q, Bob Katzive, Lew XVarrcn, and Bill Simms examine a new piece of KNMD equipment. Radio Board created by Student Council. Since then KNMD has received a license from F.C.C., set up its equipment, and gathered a staff of about 75 students. Studios and offices, located in the basement of the New Mexico Union, were designed and built by stu- dent volunteers. W ithin a few years, this completely commercial station, operating at present 011 a carrier current system at 880 011 the dial, will change over to eity-wide AM-FM coverage. EXECUTIVE BOARD. Bill Retz, Station Manager tseatedi; Heft t0 righti: Bill Simms, Technical Director; Fred Kaiser, Business Manager; Dick Krause, Program Director. KNMD stat? members take a break from setting up the new equipment which went into operation this year. W ORGANIZATIONS ; Left to right: Alice Lcc Robberson, Judi 'l'nrano, Linda XValdmp, Ican Millcr, Karen Albach, Nancy VViant, Sunny Lu Pccr, Vaughn Ramsey, Beverly Kynor. Not shown: Sharon Scates, Camille Cattmico. nga dlpAa jota Sigma Alpha Iota is an honorary and professional music fraternity for women. The Alpha Sigma chapter was established at UNM in 1935 by Grace Thompson. Its purposes are to promote high standards of performance among its members, and to bring about a closer relationship among women planning to pursue some phase of music as a profession. Membership is reserved for those music students whose talents and achievements are outstanding. Sigma Alpha Iotays projects include a Christmas V esper Service, a Spring musical of contemporary Ameri- can music. ushering at the Civic Symphony and Community Concerts, and helping with music department productions. This year the group is contributing to the support of the American-Korean Foundation also. 98 9 a moment 6 suspended for ric To be Symbols of honor and sen calls. 'hcn duh 4 worn agam xx H C . FREN ARD P RICH 100 Tucker Coughlen, president The white ttK" of the UNM Khatali Chapter of Blue Key, national honor fraternity, has been worn by the Uni- versityts outstanding senior men since its founding in 1923. The name Khatali is taken from the Navajo word 1116111ng medicine man. In 1957 Khatah aHiliated with the nationwide Blue Key Organization. The membership of Blue Key is composed of outstand- ing senior men who have distinguished themselves in varie ous campus activities as well as scholastically. New mem- glue J93 KHATALI CHAPTER OFFICERS President ............................. Tucker Coughlen Vice President .............................. Bill May Secretary ................................. Fred Bentley Treasurer ................................ John B. Hays hers are chosen each year in the spring by the membership of the past year. Blue Key is both a fraternal and a service organization whose purpose is the furthering 0f the tradition and cus- toms of the University. The groups activities include helping with freshman orientation and registration, ush- ering at football games, participating in the Homecom- ing coronation and sponsoring the annual Honors Day assembly. Khatali is sponsored by H. V. Mathany, Dean of Men. Row 1: Edward Presson, Charles Caton, Lee Seligman, Kenneth Carpenter; Row 2: Fred Bentley, Bill May, Tucker Coughlen, Iohn Hays, Bob Ashley; Row 3: Dan Epley, Richard Bechtel, Bill Renfro, Gerald Prohaska, James Coggins, George Rose, Charles W eld, Iim Bohm, Jerry VVertheim. mortar carol h IAIA CHAPTER OFFICERS President ....... V ice President ............... Secretary VVVVV Treasurer Mortar Board is a national honorary for senior women. Maia, the local chapter, was installed at the University on May 30, 1921 21nd attiliated with the national organization of Mortar Board in 1936. The senior women who wear the black and gold Mor- tar Board uniform have been selected for membership on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service to the Uni versity. The graduating members Choose members for the following year. Mortar Board begins the year by sponsoring the fresh man orientation program. They assist during Homecom- ing by directing the election and coronation of the Homecoming queen, and selling mums for the game. The Janice Teed .......... Oreilia Zunigzi Karen Quelle . . , Trudy Hughes Janice 'l'eed, president Hanging 0f the Greens. sponsored by Mortar Board, oHi- eially welcomes the Christmas season to the campus. Other activities include the sponsoring of Stunt Night in the spring during Greek XVeek, assisting with the Honors Day assembly, and giving a breakfast for graduating senior women. Each year, Mortar Board acknowledges scholarship by a tea for junior women with above-average grades and by awarding a scholarship to a foreign woman graduate student. The Mortar Board advisers are Miss Lena C. Clauve, Dean of XVomen; Mrs. Allan Rosner, Mrs. Martin Fleck, and Miss Barbara Wykes. First row: Vicki Branch, Vaughn Ramsey, Marlys Duran, Trudy Hughes, Janice Teed, Oreilia Zuniga, Nancy Terwilliger, Connie Murphy, Pat Find- ley. Second row: Diana Damall, Marcia MeElderry, Karen Queue, Kate Jacobson. 101 Secretary Richard Cundy, president Chakaa, 2111 honorary organization for junior men. was composed this year of twenty-four members who were Chosen 011 the basis of scholarship, Character, and an ac- tive interest and participation in campus activities. Since its establishment on the campus in the fall of 1956, Chakaa has endeavored to promote active interest in student activities and student government. Among its Vice President ................... Treasurer ........................ OFFICERS President .............................. Richard Cundy . . . i Charles Corbin ................................ M ike Bolduc Bob 'li'innin projects are the building of Professor Snarf for the Fiesta week-end, selling football programs, working on the Jun ior-Scnior prom and assisting with freshman orientation. Chakaa is the most recently organized honorary 0n the UNM campus. The group, identified by their gray sports jackets with the white and gold emblems, is sponsored by Dean H. V. Mathany. L. to R. tstandingi : Bruce Erdal, Iames Beckley, Ion Michael, Iames Torrrcs, 100 Bob Tillotson, James C. Brown, Paul Dailey, Gerald Kelso, Garvin Friar. L. to R. iseatedi : Mike Kylie, Bob Langley, Jimmy Caton, Ehcr Lotzc, 101m Mosman, Gillette Bryan. cCGS Campanas OFFICERS President ............... Georgine Rummage V ice President ................. Joyce Ncuber Secretary ....... Trish Crowley Treasurer ................... Lucia Wilcox Editor ..................... Lorena Brainlett Historian ...................... Gail Russell Campanas is the local junior womeifs honorary. It was founded on our campus in 1958 in order to recognize out- standing scholarship and proven service to the campus among junior women. The Choosing of junior women who will wear the gold and brown Campana uniform is based upon four semesters of college work and a minimum gradepoint of 1.8. Each spring new members are tapped at the Honors Day assembly. L. to R. tseatedi: Lorena Bramlett, Trish Crowley, Ccorginc Rummage, Lucia XVilcox. Gail Russell. tStandingi: Judy Chant, Mary Wishard, Judy L. to R; Mrs. Edward P. Anemia, adviser; Lucia hVilcox, treasurer; 'l'rish Crowley, secretary; Georgine Rummage, president. Members of Campanas serve the UNM campus by planning Fiesta coronation, selling Community Concert tickets and boutonnieres, organizing freshman orienta- tion, and handling a drive for books to send to Korea. The Las Campanas advisers are: Miss Lena C. Clauve, Dean of hVomen; Mrs. Edward P. Aneona, and Miss Mar- garet hileaders. The junior adviser is Patty Pick. I'Iarlacker, Nancy Bohlander, Helen Capcls, Aileen Olson, Judy Rode, Judy Cumin, Nancy hVaH, Indy Zanotti, Carol Rice. 103 Secretary Bill Retz, president Vigilantcs is the sophomore menis honorary. The sophi omorc men who wear the blue trimmed tth 011 a white sweater are chosen 011 the basis of leadership, scholarship, and participation in campus activities during their fresh- 1mm year. The main purpose of Vigilantes is to promote a more Vice President . , V , Treasurer Madam tes OFFICERS President ................................ XVilliam Retz ....................... Dennis Ready , . .G. Don Olsen ............ Gary Bommelacrc democratic spirit among UNM students by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities. Vigilantes help with freshman orientation and rcgistrzii tion, usher at football and basketball games, and act as guides at the State Teachers Convention and High School Dav. Row 1: Linden Knighten, Bob St. Claire, Bill Rctz, G. Don Olsen, Gary Bommclacre. Row 2 : Mike Rowland, Richard Krausc, Alan VVcstfall, Ish- mael Valenzuela, Joel Stout. Row 3: XVilliam Steury, Mr. hVilliam Chase, tadviseri, Dick hriastcrson, Wayne Hamilton, lack Bolcncywitz. 104 Spurs OFFICERS President .......................... Billie Jean Williams Vice President ........................ Suzanne Wayland Secretary ................................. Judy Miller Treasurer ......................... Diane Thompson Historian ............................ Sally La Faver Reporter .............................. Sandra Taulbce Spurs is the national sophomore womenls honorary. The sophomore women who wear the red and gray Spur emblem are selected on the basis of above-average scholar- ship, dependability, democracy, college activities and Citi- zenship. This honorary was established on the UNM campus in 1939. The motto of Spurs is hat your service? Its purpose is to promote school spirit and to support all activities in which the student body participates. This year Spurs helped with freshman orientation and Billie Iean XVilliams, president registration and sold football programs, Freshman beanies, and Homecoming tickets. They sold KlSpurshey Bars" to raise money for a charity project, assisted with the VVest- em Region IntereCollegiate A.VV.S. convention and per- formed many other services on the UNM campus and for the community as a whole. Spurs also ushered at com- mencement and baccalaureate services. Spurs Faculty adviser is Miss Willenc Paxton, assistant Dean of Women. Junior advisers are lone Zimmerman and Pam Dempsey. Row 1: Judy Dodd, Judy Ishmael, Laura Mocharnuk, Martha Mullins, Pat Lewis. Row 2: Karen Gribble, Sally La Faver, Judy Miller, Suzanne Way- land, Billie Jean Williams, Diane Thompson, Sandra Taillbee, Kathryne Davis. Row 3: lone Zimmerman and Pam Dempsey, Ir. Advisers; Nancy Mayland, Chris Ramsey, Eve Lally, IoAnne Bankston, Pat Reeves, Fritzi Horne, Madge Canoyer, Nancy Dill, Carol Stout, Anna Dell Roberts, Miss VVillcne Paxton, E. I. Pcaker, Sydney Dahlen. 105 Prof. John E. Longhurst In the first year of the formal program, two groups of about hfteen students each met once a week for two hours. These classes were called ttColloquiums" to emphasize the fact that they were discussion periods. Each colloquium was conducted by two instructors. One was presided over by Professor Longa burst and Dean Dudley Wynn, of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the other by Professor A. V . Martin, of the Mathematics Department, and Professor Morris Freedman, of the English Department. The UNM Honors Program starts in the students fresha man year. In their freshman year the students are required to take a colloquium, two hours long, once a week. They dis- cuss a different book each week on the great works of man in all subjects. Each honors student takes a special section in English during his Erst semester in the program. At present there are approximately fifty-live freshmen in the program. In the sophomore year, the honors students take two semi- GENERAL HONORS Applegate, Kenneth Roy Beauchamp, John Francis Blank, Gilbert Casey Bloom, David Michael Bright, Michael T rain Burnieister, Rita Joan Calkins, Joanne Chalarnidas, Stewart Louis Childcrs, Mary Lorraine $Connclly, Anne J. Cundiff, Charles Reed, Ir. Cunningham, Cheryl Lee Darnall, Diana Dill, Nancy Elizabeth Dunlap, Albert Dan $English, Lois Marguerite Farrar, Thomas Roy Fleck, Martin KM, Iri Fronran, Eva May Carnett, Richard Edwin Gassrnan, Robert Lee Ghattas, Monika Gillette, Jeanette Louise Goodlive, Lawrence Edward, Ir. Griffith, Dudley Moran Griffith, John Walker Griffith, Mary Lee Grohe, Katherine L, Hamilton, Wayne Ray Hill, Jacqueline H. izHoglund, David Lee Horne, W inifred Martha Houghen, Helen Claredona Ieter, Rose Marie Johnson, Douglas Paul Kaderli, Katherine E. Keller, Don Elroy, III Kovash, Richard Lally, Eve Diane Lasley, Edna Sue Levy, Ann Evelyn Pyott Lindberg, Perry CliHord Luck, Susan Rebecca McAdams, James Martin McCarthy, M. Aileen McCormaCk, Charles Kenneth $ New second semester 106 KJ'l-onors The University experimental honors program, which has just been established by the rogram faculty as a theneral Studies Programil for outstanding students, is now completing its third full year. It was instituted four years ago as an informal discussion group, by Profes- sor John Longhurst, of the History Department, who invited several of his superior stu- dents to meet regularly with him to discuss various intellectual books. The students had themselves expressed an interest in such sessions. In June, 1960, four of the original stu- dents, Diana Darnall, Karen Quelle, Ann Evelyn Levy, and Constance Murphy, will graduate with appropriate honors. nars, one each semester, in a field other than the one in which they are majoring. These seminars consist of ten students each, with one instructor. There are thirty-four sophomores in the program. The junior year is now in its second semester with about twenty students enrolled. These students are studying the major traditions of W estern culture with live professors from the departments of History, English, Political Science, Phys- ics, and Fine Arts, all of whom are present at every meeting of the class. Each professor covers his area for five weeks, leaving a period for discussion. Work for the senior year has not yet been established, but it will probably combine individual research with a colloquium. Honors courses have been given by professors of Art, Biol- ogy, Business Administration, Economics, English, Fine Arts, Geography, Geology, Government, History, Journalism, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Physics. STUDENTS, 1959-60 Miller, James Houston Miller, Margaret Michael Miller, Marilyn Lea Miller, Richard Kurtz TNIOCk, Richard Pearson itMoore, Iames Collins Morgan, Raymond Hurst Murphy, Constance J. Myers, Rosalia s'iPunsalan, Basil M. Quelle, Karen Kristine Quolle, Reinhardt A., II Ransom, James Clarence Rauber, Richard Lawrence Reascr, Mary Elizabeth Rice, Carol Ruth Renstrorn, Sandra Geraldine Roberts, Anna Dell Rose, Elizabeth Rummage, Ceorgine Ruth Ruterniller, Gretchen Sasaki, Gwendolyn H. Solenberger, John Carl Spurlock, Orner F. Srote, Linda Sue Stewart, john Stout, Ioel Burr Stowe, Linda Ian Swigger, Ronald Thomas $'l"a,ggard, Joseph F. Teague, Mary Catherine Tedlock, Dennis E. Thompson, Sylvia Diane Thompson, Carolyn C. Trujillo, Ralph Euscbio Wall, Nancy Katherine W ard, Frederick Roger Warren, Cyrus James, Jr. Weber, Celia Nona VViese, Iarnes Cranford Williams, Billie Jean $VVilliarns, Gale Ann ' thVVilliams,Hubertein Wills, Charles Frederic Wood, Lockett E. $Woolf, Kristin 5 u .w .md l 2 . . w Wm Iazwtama. The GUIDING LIGHT. ie, ynter- ?Qeligious Council Seated, 1. to r.: Nita McClellan, adviser, Baptist Student Union; Cheryl Lee Cunningham, Deseret Club; Georgia Phillips, Religious Chairman, Christian Sci- ence Organization; Anna Dell Roberts, Secretary, Baptist Student Union; Bill Krieger, President, Hillel Counselorship; Carol Stout, Treasurer, Student Chrise tian Fellowship; Mary Gay Doman, Deseret Club; Elaine Long, Student Christian Fellowship; Sammie Nunnally, Baptist Student Union. Standing 1. to r.: Ioe XVillis, adviser, Presbyterian University F ellowship; Joe Baca, Publicity Chainnan, Newman Club; Larry Eichwald, Presbyterian University Fellowship; Marvin Knudsen, Deseret Club; Barry Cole, Hillel Counselorship; Darrel Hicks, Apologian Club; John Paul Leonard, Apologian Club; John Bruce hVilliam- son, Presbyterian University Fellowship; Charles Murphy, Newman Club; Garland Dean, Baptist Student Union; Cordon Jones, Canterbury Association. Not shown: Dan Epley, vice-prcsident, Apologian Club; Liz Frentzel, VVCSley Foundation; Katy Grohe, Presbyterian University Fellowship; Bill Renfro, Wesley Foundation; Paula Roush, Hillel Counselorship. The IntereReligious Council is composed of two represelr tatives from each religious organization on campus. The ptm pose of IRC is to promote harmony and better understanding among the various religious groups on campus. IRC makes religious preference cards available to each rc- ligious group, sponsors the Student Body Thanksgiving Dim ner, and the Brotherhood Progressive Dinner. It also serves as a central meeting place to discuss religious problems which might arise on campus. 5 People from every religious group on campus may enjoy the annual Thanksgiving Dinner sponsored by IRC. This year, Lt. Gov. Ed V . Mead was guest speaker. 108 pologian CIMA OFFICERS President .................................. Dan Eplcy Vice President Secretary! 1 'rcasurer Publicity Editor ............... Social Chairman This is the second year Of campus activity for the Apologian Club, which was formed in the fall of 1958. The purpose of the organization is to provide social activities and religious development to supplement the academic lives of students at the University of New Mexico. Membership is extended to students of the University who are members of the Church of Christ, and those who are in Hackney, Darrell Hicks, Bob Bolton, Corky Kindsvater, loan Kctcham. Apologians meet to plan the XVintcr Banquet. ...... John Leonard ........ Joyce Neubcr ..... Corky Kindsvatcr Karen Waldorf Roy 1, 1. to r.: Dora Fisher, Joan Nicks, Jo Ann Henningtnn, Joyce Neuhcr, Dan Epley, Iohn Leonard, Jean Ann Bolton, Joy Rotten, Karen XVaidorf. Row 2: Nancy Page, Ron Hasty, Louis Starz, John Olson, IIal Dan Eplcy, president terested in working toward the aims and purposes of the organization. Meetings are held in the Union 011 Tuesday evenings at 6: 30 13.111. and devotionals are conducted XVedncsday at 12:05 p.111.i11thc Union. Apologian Club members, singing Christmas carols, entertain at their annual XVintcr Ban- quet held at XVcstcm Skies. Apologians attend the XVinter Banquet. Speaker tstandingt is Mr. Jack Lawrence, Amarillo, Texas. 109 Baptist Stualent Mnio n OFFICERS President ................................... Fred W ills V ice President .......................... Barbara Hayes Secretary ............................... Delores Barnes Pastor Adviser ....................... Rev. B. I. Carpenter Director .............................. Nita McClellan The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the college student and the local church. It seeks to promote spiritual development of students through Christian friende ships, Bible study, prayer, and Church membership. The BSU makes college life Christian; spirituality preeminent; student friendships happy; and student Christianity maximum. It provides the students with a local Church home, main- tains an active social life, sponsors a mission program and works at the New Mexico Boys' Ranch. Four Bible classes, fully accredited, are offered each semester at the BSU Celt ter, located at 409 University Blvd, NE. gxective Executive Council L.-R., Row 1: Delores Barnes, Linda Brian, Norma Culley, Susie Schulz, Barbara Hayes, Fred Wills. Row 2: Nita McClellan, Director; Lyn Highlights of this year were the State Fall Convention, when we were hosts to BSU,ers from 2111 the colleges in New Mexico, and our State Spring Retreat at Glorieta. XVe also participated in Homecoming and held the annual Internw tional Students, Banquet. Fred XVills has ably served as president of our executive council. He and 1; council members planned and carried out the years activities. Miss Nita McClellan, BSU Director, and Rev. Russell Patrick, Bible teacher, are available full-time for counseling and guidance. Council McKenzie, Paul Atkinson, Paul Carlson, Anna Dell Roberts, Mary Maxson, IaneBoniheld, Rev. Russell Patrick. 110 'l'rohngcr, Nita h Clcllan, Mary Vlaxson. Row Fred 1Vi11s, Patricia Jones, Anna Paul Carlson, Ruth Rucker, Marilyn Hunter, Nancy Orindorff, Darlyn Dossey Frank Robinson, Russell Patrick. Row ;: Iim Fiudl Susi Row 1: Linda Ilutchison, 1 T:mCy Steinkraus, Iacklc Sih'erman, Charlotte Dell Roberts, Barbara Hayes, Ruth Chcnoweth, Delores Baruc'. Row 3: Sarahcth Buchanan. Row 4: Bob Smith, Benn; Curfman, Norman L. IIumphri 3, Ronald Andcrher P3111 Atkinson, Tom Icrnigan, Ernest Vigil, Ixen Dans Lynn McKenzie. Row 6: Lee Finch, Tommy Dowel, Leslie White, Linda Brian, Leroy R Schu1z. Row , Norma Culley Shlrley Hollandsworth, lane Bonihcld, Carolyn Boniheld. The BSU "Cax leade 0f Sportf predicted a 28-8 win by the Lobos in the Homecoming game. The clang 0f horseshoes is heard behind the BSU throughout the warm spring days. 111 Can terAury dssociation OFFICERS President .................................. Ken Seaver Vice President ........................... Diana Darnall Treasurer .......................... Billie Jean W illiams Secretary ................................ Shelby Smith The Canterbury Association, Episcopal Community on the UNM Campus, is composed of all Episcopal members of the academic society, faculty and students, married and single. The purpose of the Canterbury Association is fourfold: worship, instruction, serv- ice, and fellowship. The doors of Canterbury House are open to all members of the UNM Campus . regardless of denominational affiliation. Worship, instruction, and service are of- Ken Seaver,pre51dent feted throughout the week and are of interest to all. The ----- musicmakers? Row 1: Shelby Smith, Roger Iohnstone, Gordon 101165, David Dubois, I. T. McMillen, Chuck Ruhl, Prudence Cramp. Row 2: Karen Smith, Eva F roman, Georgia Duncan, Abbie Nash, Carol Chadil, Kathy McCormick. Row 3: Karen Mork, Isabel Miller, Mary Wishard, Marilyn Kuperus, La Rue Eaton, Caitilin Herrick. Row 4: Ken Seaver, Lee M. Bossart, John W. Mandell, W illiam Gem'tsen, Sven Granlund, The Reverend Lawrence Cantrel, Gerald Kay Kelso. $eseret CIMA i President .............. Vice President ............. i 'ljreasurer . . Secretary The Dcseret Club is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The purpose of the Deseret Club i is to foster good fellowship, intellectual stimulation and a religious way of life. A luncheon meeting is held each Monday at noon in the ............... Sheila h Iiller OFFICERS Duane L. Aldous ............... Lewis Barton Steve Edgel New Mexico Union. The major part of this meeting is de- voted to a religious course of study. Approximately six social events are scheduled during the academic year. Regular church participation in one of the four Albuquer- que XVards is encouraged. , 3? First Row: 1. Mary Gay Doman, IRC Representative. 2. Lewis Barton. 3. Duane L. Aldous. 4. Steve Edgcl. 3. Sheila Miller. Second Row: 1. Robert L. Kendall. 2. Melvin I. Done. 3. Richard Wood. 4. Chester 1011113011. 5. Kay Fcrrin. Third Row: 1. Ted I. Warner. 2. Lyman Smart. 3. hVesley XV. Craig, Ir. 4. Kent Jones. 5. Raymond N. Castle, Sponsor. 6. John B. Mahoncy. 7. Dennis Stong. 8. I. D. Bowerman. 9. Marvin L. Knudsen, IRC Representative. 113 L. to R.: Tania Chernoft, Bob Shmacff, Susan Cantor, Sandy hVisc. Sitting, Bill Kriegcr. Not shown, Nancy chick. The purpose of Hillel is to serve the cultural, religious, and social needs of the Jewish students 011 campus. In keeping with the Hillel counsellorshipk policy, the organization is open to out-of-town servicemen also. Under the guidance of Rabbi David Shor, Hillel carries on an active program. Guest speakers address the students at L. to R. Row 1: Louis Danoff, Bob ShmaeE, Norm LaZar, Larry Sparks. Row J-Gllel OFFICERS President .......................... Bill Kriegcr First Vice President ................. Bob Shmaeft Second Vice President ............. Tania Chemoff Recording Secretary ...... . . ...... Susan Cantor Corresponding Secretary ttttt . t . Nancy chick Treasurer ............. . . . V . ..... Sandy XVisc the regular meetings, and socials are held once a month. Out- ofetown students and servicemen stay in private homes for religious festivals. On campus, Hillel takes an active part in the IntereReh- gious Council functions. 2: Sandy Wise, Lorraine XVisc, Sharon Shalit, Shelly Kramer. Row 3: Jerry Clazcr, Howard Berman, , Roberta Haynes. Row 4: Hedy Berger, Sandy Berg, Marilyn Cohen, Bill Krieger. Row 5: David Levine7 Harriet Sapire, Sue Cantor, Tania Chcmoff. Row 6: Phil XVayne, Rabbi Shor, Jamie Rubenstein7 Sue Roscn. 114 OFFICERS President ..... Vice President ............. Secretary Treasurer . , The Aquinas Newman center is the Catholic student een- ter at UNM. Three buildings provide facilities for its three fold program-religious, educational, and social, under the direction of Dominican priests. The Newman club and the Newman Alumni association conduct a program that is primarily religious. There are two Masses daily and four on Sundays. One of these four is a community dialogue Mass, led by one of the students. There are also monthly corporate communions and annual retreats. An educational feature is an essential part of every Newman club meeting. This year there were several prominent speak- ers in the popular Newman lecture series. The love of God, expressed in daily conduct, is dependent upon the knowledge Jim XVoods V . Ishmael Valenzuela . . V Judy Zanotti Vivian h Iartiiiez s. Jim XVoods, president of God. Regular classes in theology, philosophy, ethics, eate- eheties and marriage are held in the auditorium and classrooms 0f the center. Early in the fall the UNM Newman Club was host to the first National Newman Club Convention held in the South west. Over a thousand delegates attended. There are regular social activities in the lounge and snack bar, weekly socials, communion breakfasts, and special events, such as the Cardinal ball, Annual Awards Banquet, March Gras Ball, and the St. Patriekts Day dinner. Newman Club elected new oHieers at a XVednesday night meeting. 115 va vm, vid Recs and John Cantwcll were enrolled in the John chry Cardinal Newman Honor Ocicty and received the awards from His E Cllcucy. Archbishop Byrnc, at the annual ivcd for outstanding work performed in the 1 Tcwman quot. This award is rcc during 21 student's college years. Bob Hope perform for em ox'crHowing crowd of 'leuqucr- qucans at the Cine Xuditorium. The proceeds went to thc Nemnan Aquinas chxmau Center Building Fund. 6,; tgmym 0f Newman Club. Father Butler is shown giving an educational feature at :1 regular XVednesday night meetil Making E1131 preparations for thc 19;Q Newman Club Federation Convention are left to right: Indy Zanotti, Secretary; John Cantwell, Chairman; and Father Richard Butler, Host Chaplain. The convention, held at UNM, was attendcd by over 1000 Ncwmanitcs from unix'crsitics throughout the United States. resAyterian University gellowsAip OFFICERS Moderator ............................ Arthur Madrid V iee Moderator ......................... Joseph Mercer Secretary ................................ Marty Swain Treasurer ............................. Eugene MeCurdy Arthur Madrid, president The Presbyterian University Fellowship, formerly united with the United Student Christian Fellowship, was organized on campus this fall with the obtainment of iiGeneva House" located at 1820 Las Lomas Road NE. The center offers Elle facilities for worship, personal encounter, recreation, study, discussions of various kinds and other programming. The house is shared with the Student Christian Fellowship, an inter-denominational Protestant student fellowship. Activities throughout the year included a Thanksgiving dinner, a earoling party with the Aquinas Newman Center, homecoming decorations, a party with the Student Christian Fellowship, weekly Sunday evening programs, and participa- tion at the 18th Quadrennial Conference 011 the Mission of the Church held in Athens, Ohio, during the Christmas holidays. Rev. Joseph S. XVillis is the sponsor, counselor, and friend of each member. tzThe center is dedicated to the proposition that all truth is Godts truth, and that all truth must be subject to God, the Lord of Truth. Its purpose is tto keep religion faithful to truth; to keep truth always in service to Godf to this we are called through our committment to Christ, the living truth." L. to r.: Robert Himi, Martha Swain. Becky Duke, Betty Pollack, Christina Telles, Lorraine Sanchez, Michael Hanz, Ion R. Prieer, Chuck Pritt, Russ Shi- mizu, Dorothy Laird, Gaylord Smith, Richard Beauchamp, Martha Beauchamp, Fritz XVard, David Roeder, XViIliam Ncwsom, Carole Martin, Rev. Joseph S.VVillis. 118 KWQSIGJ OFFICERS President ............ V ice President ....... Secretary-Trcasurcr ....... Music Chairman Recreation Chairman ........ Retreat Chairman ..... Director ............... XVcsley Foundation exists to give Methodist students C011- tinuing and deepening spiritual ties and social contacts within their religious afhliation. Our new center at 1801 Las Lomas Boulevard has daily ace tivitics, including Eve short noonday religious services. Tough questions and frank discussions spark our twice-a-weck night forums when the students learn to think out their own beliefs ounalation ............ Robert Langley ...... Steve XVright ............. Jean XVcld ................ Iuh'e Dove Duane Dill ................ Bill Bennett ............ Pearl II. h'IcClellan OHicers, Semester II: Judith Christianson, secretary; Burton Kint, Vice president; Bill Bennett, president. by Challenging speakers and each other. Annual spring and fall retreats are held in the Sandia and Pecos Mountains. The new center 03ers a quiet study room and a recreation room, where the bimonthly social activities are held. The stw dents enjoy barn dances and square dances at these social af- fairs, as well as games and songs. The Christmas banquet is the high social event of each year. Row 1: Bill Bennett, Conrad Iacksom Richard Lcamon, lean Weld, Steve Wright, Robert Langley, Mrs. Mac, Director; Elizabeth Frcntzel, Duane Dill. Row :2 Julie Haines, Pat Reeves, Patty Gibson, Alice Lee Robberson, Glenna Kilgore, Marcy Robison, Linda Benson, Barbara Blue, Gladys Turner, Iuhc Dove, Merl Meadors, Suann Rosier, Nancy Bivins, Jean Grigsby. Row 3: John Randall, Orean Marrs, PattiAlcxandcr, Cordell Puckett, George Hoyle, Dal Jensen, Bert Kint, Dick Hutchius; Vaughn Kilgore, Iohn McDonald, Don Dearholt, Ron Peters, Sandy Sanders. 119 ?Qeli ious 27 Stualent Centers Baptist Student Union 3W M, Geneva H01150 PrCsln'terian and Student Christian Fcllmvships Aquinas Ncwman Center Catholic Canterbury Club EpisC0p;11 XVcsley Foundation Mcthodist The social, friendly, honest man. XVhafcr he be. Tis he fulElls great Nature's plan And none but he. ROBERT BURNS Social COVOVHXJO $01044 W Coronado Mens Dormitory. the newest addition to the University's Crop of new buildings. Coronado Hall, the second and newest 111011,S dorm on the vided into four Houses, each of which elects its own governor UNM campus, welcomed its first regular group of residents and sends a representative to the 1121le standing committee. this September, and the residents welcomed its bright, Coronado residents eat in the Hokona Hall cafeteria and friendly, and yet quiet atmosphere. The Hall has been di- wish to thank all the girls in Hokona for this privilege. n t Residents Standards Council: Frank Spnrloek, Jack Clarke, Hugh Hand, Jim Kimbrough. Board of Governors: Eher Lotzc, Larry Class, Ed Acosta, Bill Hawke. w h N a Superb workmanship! Concentration is the How well do they screen the new occupants? Tide, the washday miracle, in the new orange and blue box. Gets clothes Cleaner than any secret of success. soap. ,K Hokona Hall in the wintertime. Hokona Hall is the only womeifs dormitory on the UNM campus. and is now in its third year of operation. There are two wings, Zia for the freshmen, and Zuni for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. The dormitory is equipped to serve 640 girls. The Standards Committee consists of selected members of the dormitory, acting as a judicial board. Administrative pep sonnel include Miss Mary Roddy, Director; Mrs. Beekmeyer, freshmen housemother; Mrs. Mahone, executive house- mother; and student counselors. The House Council is the legislative body, consisting of the general house ofheers and wing presidents. It functions in the coordination of 2111 dormitory activities. This year Hokona Hall worked with the new menTs dorm, Coronado, and with h Iesa V ista on Homecoming house deco- rations, a Homecoming float, Stunt N ight, and several dances. The dorms also sponsored delegates to the regional con- ference of independent dormitories at Brigham Young University. Hokona community service projects included dressing zoo dolls for the Salvation Army at Christmas, sponsoring a door decoration contest, and doing volunteer work for the Heart Association. Social activities included a Spring Formal and 21 Fiesta Tea and fashion show. BOARD OF GOVERNORS, Row 1 tsittingi: Ann Devendorf, Ccorginc Rummage. Row 2: Bobbie tenHope, Gayle Klinikowski, Dorothy Howe, Gail Storm. Row 3: Judy Johnston, Rose Angela Ellis, Patty Gregory, Iercna Keycs. STANDARDS COMMITTEE, 1. to r. tsittingy Mary Lou Snecd, Angela Meyendorf, Eileen Drab, Peggy Stratum, Kenna Vec Ricd. tStandingi: Phyllis Schwartz, Rachel Shaver, Ccorgine Rummage, dorm president. 123 age 3L r: you M: Really, boys, there are two phone booths! A Thc dormsy contribution to thc IIomccomin. . thcse CAN'T be the T-bones they promised us." Ah, the power of concentration! ness ttavxmg n: was? 5;, W hat ever happened to that 3-minute phone limit? ics was based on a ttQucen for a Day" theme, Homecoming Queen lone Zimmerman presents Eber Lotz with the 2nd Place trophy won by the dorms for house decorations. Togetherness' in the music room of Hokona. Mesa stta $orm NW N ' t 2;: W5 mm H Mesa Vista Dormitory is Kthome away from home? for over Under the leadership of the president, Conrad Jackson, the four hundred men from 2111 parts of the world. dormitory is governed by elected house governors and the Mesa V ista is divided into seven houseseYaqui, Kearny, dormitorystandards council. Carson, Aztec, Mendoza, Escalante, and Mossman. Each Mesa Vista7s annual Crystal Ball is the highlight on the house otters participation in student government, social ac- socialcalendar of the dormitory. tivities, intramurals, and scholastic competition. Standards Board. Seated, left to right: Lee Land, Conrad Jackson, recorder; A1 Ortiz. Standing: Gerry Hubbart, George Friberg. Not pictured: Bob Meiering, Chief justice; Paul Rust, John Wall. Board of Governors. Seated, left to right: Torn Stockard, Charles Carrara, Brian Rainer, secretary; Conrad Jackson, president; Cordon Bloom, Glen Stillion, adviser. Standing: Lee Land, Toby Michael, John Hombach, Gerry Hubbart7 assistant Dean of Men. ' But the last timc I looked he was right here! This is what we came to college for relaxation! Did you say that taking letters is illegal? Be in formcd. Read the LOBO. Prime rib of beef today. 127 .SCICW a N Kw; ,1.Ia!.Ii..yy. x A, ynter- raternity Council The Inter-Fraternity Council is the coordinating body for all eleven fraternities on campus. Its purpose is to promote a more responsible and cooperative fraternity system at UNM. The objectives of the council are to promote scholarship, cement fraternity relations, encourage the establishment of new fraternities, and to help develop the potentials in the existing Chapters. This year IFC sponsored a dance and planned another successful Greek W eek. Bob Cerding, President Sigma Chi Doug Carmichael Henry Germer Haig Bodour Mike Naeve Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon Kappa Alpha Tau Kappa Epsilon Peter Masley, Treasurer Charles Mattingly, Secretary Jay Miller, Vice-President Ralph Spengcman Tau Kappa Epsilon Kappa Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bill Steury Max Taylor Jack Westman Lambda Chi Alpha Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi Not pictured: Howie Berman, Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dave Dawson, Phi Delta Theta. 9 reeA WeeA er SMCCQSSfMl . . . Fianna! anofA ?QMSA ta 1' ratem anal anotAer 131. junior aguiler- raternity Council OFFICERS President ...................... John Rose Vice President ............ Lon Cottingham Secretary .................... Lee Trussell Treasurer . . . ............... George Shoup Gary Thomason ....... Publicity Chairman Jim Sumner ........... COeSOCial Chairman Lee Barley ........... COeSOCial Chairman Junior IFC Officers. L. to r., seated: Lee Trussell, Iohn Rose, Lon Cottingham. Standing: Iim Sumner, Cary Thomason, George Shoup. Lee Barley. The Junior Intcr-Fratemity Council, the coordinating body of the fraternity pledge classes, is composed of one voting member and one alternate from each of the eleven fraternities and four 11011-v0t1'ng officers. Its purpose is to promote the welfare and general interests of the fraternity pledge Classes by establishing closer relationships between pledge groups and encouraging cooperation with the faculty and student body. 132 The Junior IFC challenged IFC to a hag football game in November. Spectators noted that certain rules were broken, and strangely the IFC won. In January the Junior IFC spone sored a semi-formal dance for all pledges and actives. WV e considered it a most successful year," remarked President John Rose. .az 4 .,1 Lmior IFC Members. L. to r., seated: Karl Necb, Lambda Chi Alpha; Tom Stoekard, Sigma Chi; Gary Thomason, Kappa Alpha; George Shoup, Kappa Alpha; Lon Cottingham, Kappa Sigma; 101m Rose, Sigma Chi; Lee Trussell, Sigma Alpha Epsi1011;1im Ransom, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Jimmy Sumner, Kappa Sigma; Lce Barley, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Standing: Lynn Adamson, Delta Sigma Phi; Bob XVOOdmansce, Kappa Alpha; Karl Long, Pi Kappa Alpha; Jerry Hess, Phi Delta Theta. w Upsilon Deuteron Chapter OFFICERS President Vice President ......... Treasurer . . . . . . ,, Sentinel Social Chairman 044vAa gpsilon 301' Founded: November "r, 1913, New York University Bill Kricgcr Sandy XVise Allan Strahl Phil Stoinbcrg Steve Monaloy Bill Krieger, prcsidcnt SPONSORS BIGGEST JAZZ SHOW' EVER HELD AT UNM w Alpha Epsilon Pi was reactivated as a colony this fall. One of its first projects was to sponsor the biggest jazz show ever brought to New Mexico, with such names as Dave Brubeck, Chico Hamilton, and Cris Connor. Outstanding AEPis include: Bill Krieger, VVhds Who, Hillel President and Area Chairman, InterwReligious Council L. to R.: Bob wValscy, Icrry Clazar, Bill Kricger, Sandy wVise, Steve Monaloy, Allyn Franklin. Not picturcd: Howard Barman, Mike Klein, Albert Chernoff, Phil Steinbcrg Allan Strahl. President, Young Democrats President, Student Court Ius- tiCC, Alpha Phi Omega Treasurer and Sectional Chairman, New Mexico Union Program Directorate Chairman, New Mexico Union Board; Phil Steinberg, Varsity Football; Sandy XVise, Hillel Treasurer, Student Publications Board. The Annual AEPi Founder's Day Banquet was hcld at the Desert Sands. 133 AZCD Founded: December 10, 1 899, City College Of New York Alpha Xi Chapter OFFICERS President ...... . . V , . ........ Lionel Billeaudeaux Vice President i ......................... Bob Thomas Secretary ....... . ....... V ...... . . i . Bill Conger Treasurer ................................. Iiui Ruland Social Chairman . . . . ................ Keith Elms Lionel C. Billeaudcaux, president :52th nga 70k PLEDGES IN THEIR PFS BEAT ACTIVES IN BOXVLING BOUT A11 actives and pledges remember the bowling tournament The school year Of 195960 was one of growth, achieve- between the fallpledge Class tLynn Adamson, Roger Camillo, ment, and improvement for the Delta Sigs. Bob Thomas Ian Eagleman and Lou Keatingi and the aetivesi team of Bob made everyone proud with his outstanding plays in the Lobo Thomas, Bill Conger, Iim Ruland, Lionel Billeaudeaux, and backfield. Jim Ruland made the Demfs list for Semester 1, Dick Howell. Although the pledges had to wear their pajamas and Dick Howell, Vice President of the Student Body, helped in doing so, they managed to beat their opponents by over one keep the spotlight focused on student government with his hundred points. activities in the Student Senate. The Delta Sigs liiaintained their standard ofhaving the best Thirteen men pledged the fraternity to replace the live social life on the UNM campus with such outstanding social graduating seniors, Bob Thomas, LiOIiel Billeaudeaux, Bill events as the venison roast in the Sandias last November and Conger, Keith Elms, and Dick Howell. Although these men the Carnation Ball in Deeember.T he jam sessions, with Keith are graduating, they will always remain Delta Sigs in the Elms and Bob Ponto providing the bass and guitar back- bonds of the Sphinx. ground, are remembered by everyone. ; . Roger Camille Lynn Hayes James H. Ruland William Thorne $ Roger Camillo and Lou Keating call Actives, Roger Camillo tfar lefti and Lynn Adamson tfar righU Lionel Billeaudeaux and Nancv attention to the Delta Sig emblem. show the Delta Sig scrapbook t0 pledges Toby Michaels and Jimmy Levick are prepared for shipwreck zit Campenello. the annual Delta Sig Shipwreck Ball. 134 3 Founded: November 2, 1909, Boston University Zeta h In Chapter OFFICERS President .................. Lawrence Guy Versehuur V iee President .................... XVilhaIn Joseph Steury Secretary ........................ Carl Michael Delles Treasurer , , . ................ Ronald TOOIHy Betenbough t Pledge Trainer .............. eCamAala CAI AlpAa CELEBRATES FIF'I'IETH ANNIVERSARY 1 Their fiftieth anniversary year found the UNM Lambda ' Chi's purchasing a new chapter house. t Social events enjoyed by the ttjoy boys of Lambda Chf, E were their annual White Rose Formal, Pledge Christmas Party, and ttMadrit 7 The Alumni were present at the annual Homecoming and Founder's Day Dinners. The chapter won the IFC Scholarship Improvement trophy for the second year. Delles, Carl Michael Eekert, John Cordova. Eddie Beten bouzh. Ronald t Mrs. Charles Erbaeher, housemother, is shown beside the stone Ereplaee in the new Lambda Chi Chapter house. . . , V . , John Edward Elder Elder. John Larry C. Versehuur, President Outstanding members include: Steve Sanchez, Tennis and Lettermen's Club; William Steury, Vigilantes and Honors Program. In the spring of 1959, the Chapter was host to the Border Conclave, which consists of six chapters in Arizona, New Mexico, and west Texas; and during the summer of 1959, many of the members attended the National Lambda Chi Alpha Seminar at De Pauw University. Wayne, Johnny Sanchez, Stephen pledges Espinosa. Eddie Lindsley, Neeb, Schumpert. James B. John Karl Stephen 9 am; ma The new Lambda Chi Alpha chapter house. 135 Founded: December 2 1, 1 865, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia Beta Phi Chapter OFFICERS : President ................................ Haig Bodour Vice President ........................ Robert XVinoviCh Secretary ................................ James Coggins Treasurer ................................ XVilliam May Haig Bodour, president Jappa 44340! Pledge Trainer ........... James Beckley CELEBRATES 'IVHIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR The traditional Dixie Day, with its Firing of the Cannon, Lawn Party, and Dixie Ball, Climaxed Beta Phi Chaptefs thirtieth anniversary celebration this year. Dixie Day in early May, is a time when Kappa Alpha, the fraternity of Southern Gentlemen, relives the past glory of the Confederacy. Social events of this pearl anniversary included the XVinter Formal, house dances, patio parties, and the unforgettable Dixie Ball. For the sixth consecutive time, Kappa Alpha took Erst place in the UNM Spirit Sing. Outstanding K. A35 in 1960 were Frank Andrews, New Mexico Union Board Chmn., Ski Club Pres., Student Senate; Iim Beckley, Chakaa; Haig Bodour, Student Senate Leader Mrs. Pauline Bolton, housemothcr, wearing a HSouthern Belle" costume, is shown mak ing an arrangement to he used as decoration for Dixie Day. 136 ship Comm. Chmn. and Finance Comm., XVardroom Society 'l'rcas.; Alpha Kappa Psi, Rodey Theatre; Ken Carpenter, Blue Key, Cadet C01. AFROTC, Prof. of Air Science Award, Arnold Air Society, Student Senate; Robert W. Dibble, A. P. Party Vice Pres.; Bill May, XVhO's Who, Blue Key, Student Senate Steering Comm.; David Meistcr, Chakaa; Iohn Ram, ming, Student Senate Sgt. at Arms, Fiesta Co-ChinlL, A. P. Party Chmn., Student Senate Rules and Credentials Comm.; George Shoup, Ir. IFC Twas, Student Senate; Gary Thony ason, Mesa Vista Dorm Governor, Ir. IFC Chmn.; James Thompson, Vigilantes; Robert XVinovich, Lettermenys Club. Firing the cannon for Dixie Day. dctives Amos, Charles Andrews, Frank Beckley, James Carpenter, Ken Cogrgins, Jim Davis, Ralph DeWitt, Charles Dibble, Bob ' Fraser, Ray Geer, Otto Hill, H. Hershel Holecheck, Leon Keeling, James Lyday, Jim May, Bill Meister. David Prieto, Alfonso Rayburn, John Sims, Bill Swayze, William B. Thompson, James Wells. Dave Winovich, Robert pledges Appel, John Bishop, Ted Copeland, Victor Corazza, Kenneth Lee Cummins, Jim Goldenbertz. Henry C. Hall, Leslie Hayes, Bill Hubbard, Dwight Hunter, Robert Kemp, Richard Kennedy, Rick Lanmon, Bill Mader, John H. w Nail, Nick Ramming, J. W. Shoup, George Thomason, Gary Woodmansee, Robert Woodworth, Tommy Zumwult, Raymond 137 101m Ilalvorscn, president. Jappa 431. ma SPONSORS ANNUAL SPIRIT DAY Kappa Sigma started the year OH with its annual Spirit Day. All sorority and Town Club pledges participated to help bring in funds for the United Fund. The Chapter had 2111 active social year. with several tradi tional partiCS-thc Stardust Ball, Casa Lopez. the Pledge Pov- erty Party and the Spring Formal. Mrs. Grace fWanU Brewer is celebrating her tenth anni- versary as Kappa Sig houscmothcr. 138 Founded: 1869, University of Virginia Delta Zeta Chapter OFFICERS President .............................. John Halvorscn V ice President .................... Charles Smith Secretary ..................... Charles B'Iattingly Treasurer ................................ Kcn Ilardison Homecoming decorations won the Kappa Sigmas third place honors. Outstanding Kappa Sigmas arc: Charles Corbin, Chakaa vice pres, Varsity XVrestling Team Mgr.; L011 Cottingham, Freshman Class vicc prcs., Jr. IFC vice pres.; Jack Herndon, hriilitary Affairs Council; Gerald Kelso, Chakaa; Charles Mat- tingly, Ir. Class x'icckpres, IFC Scc., Kappa Sig pres. 80111. H; 7 John Parkin, Vigilantes; Jim Sumner, IL, IFC social 01111111.- Max Taylor, IFC Judiciary Council, Greek XVcck chmn. Kappa Sigs and dates set out for the Spring Formal held in Santa Fe. 1 gctives X Beasley. Jim 0. Broell, Fred Corbin, Charles Cox. James B. Dilallo. Romeo Hardison, Kenneth Herndon, John Kelso, Gerald .a - L : 4: $2 Kerry, Bill Mattinuly. Charles McWherter, Eric O'Cheskey, Fred Parkin, John Russell. Tom Smith, Charley Stuart, Richard Taylon Max D. Thornton, Carl A. VVenk, Robert Williams, Charles ?leolges Barnes, Richard Brown, Page Brown, Tom Bunucl, Rafael Bushey, Robert D. Cottingham, Lon Dellert, Charles DiLorenzo. Jim Fulton, Robert Glass. Michael Good. Jay Martines, Bill Nobles. Tom Pate, Delbert M. Riordan. Robert Riordan, William Ruiz. Robert Schoor, Mike Sumner. Jimmy Teeple, Robert Turney, Herbert Waldie, Ronnie 139 Founded: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. 1848 Alpha Chapter OFFICERS President ................................. Bob Souza Reporter .............................. John Hays XVardcn .............................. Courtney French Recording Secretary ........................... Bill Hays Q! Treasurer .............................. John Bradford Bob $011221, president ?Ai :belta gAeta XVINS MANY HONORS THIS YEAR This year the Phi Delts won the A11 University Intramural Football Championship, second place in Homecoming House Decorations, Float Sweepstakes in the Homecoming Parade, second place in Spirit Sing, and second place in Song Fest. The traditional social events of Phi Delta Theta are the Blue and White Formal, an October Fest, the annual foot- ball game with the Kappas. and the HalfeFormal. Outstanding Phi Delts are: Tucker Coughlen, Blue Key Pres.; Charley Hattield, Varsity Swimming Team; Crandall DeEes descriptionll 140 Hays, Blue Key; John Hays, President, Semester 2, Chief Jus- tice Student Court, Blue Key; Dick Krause, Vigilantes; Mike Kyne, Pub Board, Chakaa; Mory h lcEvoy, Chakaa; Jim B liles, Homecoming Chairman; Steve Moore, Student Council, NROTC Commander, Campus Radio Board; Bill Retz, Campus Radio station manager; Larry Smith, V arsity Basket- ball; Alan XVestf-all, Vigilantes; Jack XVoodul, Vigilantes; and Rick Czeiner, Editor of the NROTC HSunh'ne." Mrs. Edna Lawrence, houscmother, admires her Sterco-vision a4ctives Atkins, Robin Bradford, John Brewer, Paul Clement, Gene Coughlen. Thomas Czeiner, Richard Dalzell, Fred Dempsey, Mike I Franks. Phil French, Courtney Fryar, Garvin Gemoets. Bob Gemoets, Ted Grasse, Bill Hays, C 'zmdall Hays, John Hays, William Holbrook, Millard Hooper, Jerry Howe, Marshall Kaiser, Fred Krause, Richard Kyne, Mike Liptak, Robert Manzayzol, Jerry Mastin, Richard McCurdy, Eugene McCurdy. Ron McEvoy, Maury Miles, Jim Moore, Stephen Pearson, Neal Pendleton, Bill Retz. William Sims, Bill Smith, Larry Sperry. John Thomas, Frank Tomlin, Joe Trainer, James Tucker, Ronald Walker, Carlton Weaver, Tom Westfall, Alan Woodul, Jack 141 Boyd, Charles Buergi, Stephen Campbell, David Dawson. R. K. Dumler. Martin Edwards. John Gaskins, John Gerrie, James Hess, Jerome Kelleran, James Lewis, Jeff McClain, Harris Rowland, Mike Schwinyzel, James Scott, Lindsay Thacker, L. W. Warrem Lewis Womble, Barry Phi Delts and dates during intermission at the annual Phi Delta Thetas breakfast in the mountains. Blue and White Formal. 142 TIKA Founded: 1 868, University of Virginia Beta Delta Chapter OFFICERS President ................................ John DuEy V iee President ....................... T0111 Kineheloe Secretary ..................... . . .Jim Brown Treasurer ............................ John Kruger Pledge Trainer ............................. Jim Mueller John Dufty, president 1OLDEST SOCIAL FRATERNI'I'Y ON U.N.M. CAMPUS i ?Oi Jappa wipAa i i In 1892, the ttYuin-Yum Boys" formed the Erst social Club 011 the U.N.M. campus. This Club became the local fraternity, Alpha Alpha Alpha, in 1896; and they affiliated with Pi Kappa Alpha national fraternity in 1915. Their ttEstufa," 2111 adobe structure patterned after the In diam kiva, is the most unique fraternity meeting place in the :world. It was built in 1905 on the site where the HYUIH-YUITI rBoys" ate their lunch under a leafy tree. I The top social events of the year included the ttDream Girl" dance, Garnet 8t Gold formal, Founders Day Banquet, a Fall tand Spring Hi-Iinx costume ball, and many parties at the ittrustic mountain lodge." i Pikes active in campus activities are: Roger Atteberry, A.S.hriI.E.; John Bowdish, XVrestling, LCtt6IlnCllyS Club; Tub ner Branch, Student Body President, XVIIds XVho; Jim Brown, Chakaa; John Byrd, Varsity Football, Mesa Vista Standards Comm; Steve Caine, Mirage Sports Ed; Doug Carmichael, S.E.A. Pres, and State Parliamentarian, I.F.C.; Phil Compton, A.S.C.E.; Paul Dailey, Chakaa, Phi Kappa r Phi, I.R.E., Outstanding N.R.O.'l'.C. Soph., XVardroom So- ciety; Ross Elder, Rodey Theatre; Bruce Erdal, Chakaa, UNM Concert Band; Terry Eyteheson, Varsity Swimming; Neil Frumkin, Mirage Business Manager, Homecoming Chmii., Athletic Ad. Board Chnm., PiKA pres, Sem. 11; Ray Gannon, Campus hnproveineut Comm. Chimi, hrrlirage Business Staff; Doug Glover, Union Program Directorate Chmn., NROTC Battalion Commander; XVayue Hamilton, Honors Program, Vigilantes; Buddy Hart, Blue Key, XVhos XVho, Student Court; Paul I'Iartin, Track, Lettermeifs Club, A.S.N.E.; Darrell Hutton, A.S.M.E.; Ion h'liehael, Fiesta C1111111., Chakaa, Student Standards Comm. Sect; A1 Nah- niad, Vigilantes, Student AHairs Comm.; Michel Nahmad, Student Council; Chief Nixon, A.S.M.E.; John Ramsey, Track; Bill Roy, Wrestling; Tony Shaw, Track, Intramural Council Pres; Bob St. Claire, Vigilantes, Navy Drill Team Commander; Jim Torres, Chakaa, Stu. Senate Steering Comm. Chmn.; Tom Volle, Navy Sword 'l'eam. An event ....................... ........... at our t'rustic mountain lodge." 143 a4ctives Black, William Blake, David Bowdish. John F. Branch, Turner W. Brown, Jim Caine, Steve Carmichael, Doug .L Casper, William Dailey, Paul B. Doyle, Bruce Duffy, J. Terence Elder, Ross Erdal, Bruce EspaEa, Ernie Eytcheson, Bryan Fink, John Frumkin, Neil Gannon, Ray Glover, Douglas Gray, Samuel F. Hart, Irving H. III Hartin, Paul Hofmann, Don Hutton. Darrell Kincheloe, T. R. Kruger. John Lewis. Bert Michael. Jon Nahmad, Al Nahmad, Michel Nixon, C. C Peckinpaugh, Tom Ramsey, John W. St. Claire, Robert Salyer, Don Shaw, Tony Smith, Dan Stephenson, Bob F. Jim Torres Tracy, Tony Weir, Robert Welch, Joseph 144 Brannon, Tom Long, Karl Kilby Lovato, Chris Lucero, Joseph Mabry, John Brown, Kenneth Durham, Barry Eagan, Dennis Pardue. Les Peterson, Arthur Rodgers, Donald E. .A V 3Vz$g$$i r, Gail Russell is crowned PiKA Drcam Girl." Schmucher, Stephen Gulln'eth. Jarrett Hiller, Russel Lasatcr. Jim Martinez, Lavern Nahmad, Mike OVLeary, John fg Brown, Scott Willins, Mickey wp- Pupdog, Mike sleeps as his mistress, Mrs. Bess Davis, PiKA housemothcr, makes last minute arrangements for this afternoon's tezL President Secretary Jay Miller, president nga 0443Aa apsilon XVINS FIRST IN SONG FEST The hLittle Drummer Boy" and ttI Saw Three Ships" won first place in Song Fest for the SAES. Also among the honors received during the past year was second place in Intramural Football. The SAE social calendar included Eve big events: the XVhr ter Formal, the Hobo Party, Foundefs Day Banquet, the Calypso Costume Ball, and the Funeral Party. Outstanding Sig Alphs on campus included Jack Kennedy, XVhots XVho, All American 1'11 Tennis, SAE pres., Sem. H; Lee Sehgman, XVhoE XVho, Blue Key, Esquire Club tPresj; Honored as SAE Little Sisters of Minerva during the last two years were, left to right: Margaret Mary Matteueei, Judy Nelson, Kathy Gilbert, Susan Seligman, Vice President tl'reasurer . . Social Chairman , , . Founded: h larch g, 1856, University of Alabama rl 'z1u Chapter OFFICERS Jay Miller ....... Jack Kennedy Gig Brummell Don Douglass ................ Alex A latteueei Jay Miller, IFC Vice President; Dennis Duffy, AP. Party President; Buster Quist, All American Track; Gig Brummell, Athletic Advisory Committee, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, King of Heartselggg; Dave VVestfall, Track, Football; Ron Pies, Track; Mike Boldue, Chakaa; I. T. Michelson, Vigie lantes; Dennis Ready, Vigilantes; Chuck Clausen, XVrestling, Football. The all-time outstanding Sig Alph was M13113? :1 150 1b. lion cub. The all-time outstanding Sig Alph, Tina, takes her daily sunbath. Sarah Novak, Angela Amorous, Betty Bryce. Not shown is Miss Elizabeth Elder, personnel officer, also a Little Sister. 146 574ctives $ . Anderson, Bachechi Black, Bolduc, Bommelaere, Brogan, Brown, Brummel, Brusuelas, Charles, I heodore B. Chuck William Michael Gary L. Carl Richard Bernard Richard J Gerald Cleff, G-oehring, Horner, Kennedy, Harold . Edwin Robert Richard Byron Martin, Matthews, Matteucci, McCracken, Michelson, Mills, Mosman, Oppenheim, Paulson, Pierson, Nelson F. Stephen A. Alex Kim J, T. Laddie John Lee Joe Gary Richards, Seligman, Smith, Spengeman, Tonkinson, Weldon, Wintheiser, Ronald B' I James Lee James F. Ralph E. Dave Sandy Arthur rplczalgres A Ashby, Bender, Bond, Carey, Colvard, Crowley, Deakin, . Anthony Carl Benton Ralph Vic H. Mike Robert A Dunn, Franzmeier, Frederick, Gerlach, Goff, Kingsley, Lovett, Mitchell, Thomas B 13 Lawrence Jerry Charles Russell Larry Norm Andrew Olson, Richards, Trussell, ' Wood, Gregory Kent Lee Richard This can't be the Klu Klux Klan!! No, it's only the annual Dale Brown mommy glim ses o tAe Sgas Funeral Party. Ed Frank, Gig Brummell, Alan McNamce, Joe Byers, This was taken at the SAE cocktail H. L. Cleff, and R. P. XVaters were camera shy at the party preceding the Founder's Day Calypso Party. Banquet and formal last year. A memorable quote from Jack W ilger at the Hobo Party: ttEvcryone else brought a dog to the Hobo Party, why Shouldn't 1?" Nancy XVall receives her membership in the Little That cap on the right . . . what service is HE in? Sisters of Minerva from Don Douglass at the Founders This was snapped at the dinner party preceding last Day Banquet this year. year's Tri-Ad. 148 Beta Xi Chapter OFFICERS President ............................. Lief Isaaeson Vice President . . . . ................... Dick Gerding Secretary .............. lay Christensen 'I'reasurer .............................. Ralph Bonner 1 Corresponding Secretary .................. Jim Sanderson t Anga CAI CROXVNS SXVEErItHEART AT ANNUAL BALL The outstanding Sigma Chi social event this year was the annual Black and XVhite Ball, at which Linda Bureau was crowned ttSweetheart of Sigma Chi." Other social events in- cluded the pledge costume dance, Klondike, the Spring For mal and numerous house dances. Water skiing parties, and informal getatogethers in the mountains helped to fill out the social calendar. Outstanding Sigma Chi campus leaders were Duck Cundy, Chakaa pres. and Junior Class pres; John Rose, Freshman Class pres; Bob Gerding, Interfraternity Council pres; Jerry XVertheim, Student Standards Com. ehmn.; and Jack XVestv man, head of IFC Judiciary Committee. George Rose and Jim Bohm were members of Blue Key. Johnny Volpato was president of the pharmacy honorary, and Max XVebb was pres- ident 0f the Society of Chemical Engineers. Tom Becker, Flying Club pres; Mark Thompson was Chairman of the Freshman Seminar, and Cruz Alderette was the National jChairman of the Newman Club convention. Gillette Bryan was a member of Chakaa, Dick Cerding was IFC Rush Chaire man and second semester pres. of the fraternity. XValt Vom t Homecoming Hodgepodge. Founded: June 4, 1 85 5, University of Miami Lief Isaaeson. president. Steeg was Chum. 0f the Student Section of the Governors Conference on Youth Fitness. Besides being number one in Fraternity Intramurals, sev- eral Sigs were outstanding V arsity' athletes. Jerry Prohaska and Bob Crandall signed professional football contracts. Phil Cul- len and Joe Taggard played freshman ball, and junior tackle John XVall also lettered. Lyle Parker was the outstanding diver on the swimming team, and Carlos Torres was one of the four best wrestlers. Other Sigma Chi athletes were Bob Miering, outstanding in golf; Larry Neely, Varsity Baseball; Tom Bruskas, Skyline Batting Champion; Jerry Neely, Var- sity Baseball; Dick Coughlan, Varsity Football. Jerry Prohaska was named Fiesta King, and the Sigma Chfs took Erst place in the merfs division of the Homecoming Parade. Third place in the Song Fest went to the Sigs, and the All Greek Open House was held in the Sigma Chi house, with Dave Brubeck playing 111 a jazz session there. 1X Iembers of Sigma Chi were also active in community serv- ice, including an orphan's party, work 011 the TB drive, and 011 the Arthritis. Rheumatism Foundation and Heart Fund drives. Sigma Chi Nursery was scene of Pledge Dance. 149 l. Ix! AcuH, Mark Alderette, Cruz Bohm, James Bonner, Ralph Botts, Robert Bryan. Gillette Caton, Jimmy J. i Carlson, Jack Christensen, Jay Coughlan, James Crandall, Bob Cundy, Richard Demeter, W. T. Ellis. John 04ctives , , ah Gerding, Bob Gerding, Dick Graham. Kirk Guggino, Larry Hammock, Doug Heaton, John Hines, Morys Marsh, Kenneth R. McCormick, Michael McKesson, James McKinnon, Dan Morris, Jack Parker, Lyle Riley. Mike Rose, William Sanderson, Jim Sears, John Sprague, Stephen Stelling, Mylon Thompson, Mark Tinnin, Robert I Vom Steeg, Walt Webb, Max Westman, Jack Wintrich, James 150 Alexandre, Jerome Atkinson, Jerrell A. Bernstein, Lewis Croft, Mike Cullen, Phillip Denison, Stephen Dougherty, Dennis Garcia, Ernest Grainger, James Keleher. Tom Rose, John W. Watkins. Gary Mrs. Blanche Deaton,110uscmother, is shown caring for the Sigma Chi Hjungle!" 151 ZCDE Founded: 1901, University of Richmond, Va. Alpha Chapter OFFICERS President ........................... Martin I. Lenzini Vice President ......................... Maurice I Baker Comptroller ........................... Roger L. Sperry Secretary ........................... XVilham D. Parsons Martin Lenzini, president Pledge 'IIrainer ...................... Richard B. Kenyon nga rpAi gpsilon EXPECTS HOUSING ADDITION IN NEAR FUTURE Throughout this year the Sig Eps have been working on a vigorous program to strengthen the fraternity both in menr hership and housing improvements. The major goal of this program is the long awaited housing addition which the boys expect to become a reality in the near future. The social activities of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity were highlighted by the Golden Ball, winter formal, and the Queen of the Golden Heart, spring formal. Other annual events 11L eluded a Roaring "leenties Party, a Snow Bound Party, I don't care if you do want to go dancing . . . were going to the beach! How not. to win at Russian Roulettee. 152 FounderIs Day Picnic, and a unique Sewer Party. Outstanding members are: Iohn Dalton, Arnold Air So- ciety; Martin Lenzini, Student Body Treasurer, A.S.M.E., Denver Train Trip CO-ehairman, Comptroller 1959 Fiesta; Don Olsen, Student Senate, V igilantes Secretary; Ioseph Til- lotson, Chakaa, Vice President MENC, University Band, Orchestra, and Chorus, Master of Ceremonies, UPerspectives of Music" television show. Sign built by slave labor. Baker, Maurice J. Chavez, Max Dalton, John F. Farren, Walt Germer, Henry Gomez, Leo Hannah, William Kenyon, Richard B. Konopka. Anthony F. Lasley, Rex W. Olsen, Don Ortiz, Gilbert Parsons, William Piper, Lloyd Sperry, Roger Taft. Russell Tillotson, Joe Bob Westbrook, John F. ?Oleclges Ashley. George F. Atwood, James Davenport, Marvin E. Emenhiser, Nolan Georuius, David Hensley, Don u Huckabay, Bill Marks, Jack Mercer, Richard Ramos, Roger Rogers, Dick Wright, Thomas 153 President Vice President C716 Founded: January, 1899, XVeslcyzm University Gamma Xi Chapter OFFICERS ................................. Gerry Hauer . Jack Thompson Secretary ................................. VArt Cone Treasurer ........................ Frank Lisle Gem, 11mm, president Pledge Trainer .................... h Iarvin Tillcry 7am Jappa apsilon XVINS SCHOLARSHIP TROPHY FOR FIFTH STRAIGHT SEMESTER The Tckes won the Sigma Chi Scholarship Trophy for the Efth straight semester. Men with a 2.0 plus ending Semester 1, 195960, are: Gerard Haucr, Jack Thompson, Mike Nacve, Art C0110, Joel Stout, Frank Lisle, D011 Cobb. The Tekes had 21 full social calendar this year, starting off with a September Bar-B-Que. A fall house dance, a Novcnr ber hayride, and 21 Spaghetti Dinner followed. T heir annual Christmas Party rounded out the 01d year. Their big Found- ersT Day weekend in January included a skating party and the Carnation Ball. A skiing party was held 111 February, and the year was ended with their Spring Formal. The Tau Kappa Epsilon Hoat placed third in the Home- coming Parade this year. Their float entitled uRackem Up, A Bar-B-Quc heads the year's social calendar. Lobosf' depicted a Denver football player stretched on a medieval rack. Outstanding Tekcs are: Harvey Dove, Fanfare Dance Band; Gerry Hauer, Fanfare; Peter Maslcy, Student Chair- 1112111, Publications Board, Lobo Stait; Ray Porter, Varsity Cheerleader, Swim T021111 Captain, President of Gymnastics Club, Teke Pres. Sem. H; Gordon Purslow, Fanfare; Frank Robertson, New Mexico Union Board; Jamie Rubenstcin, Lobo Staff; Joel Stout, Vigilantes; Jack Thompson, Out- standing Engineering Student of the Year 1959; Ed Tucker, Fanfare; Dave XVilshin, V arsity Cheerleader, Swim Team, Gymnastics Club Vice Pres. The 'I'ekes remodel their house. Mctives Carmichael, C. J. Cone, Arthur Dove, Harvey Groesbeck, John H. Ruminer, William L. Schriver, George Porter, Ray i Johnston, Kenneth L. Masley, Peter A. Mercer, Joseph H. Naeve, Michael Stout. Joel Thompson, Jack Tillery, Marvin Tucker, Edwin ledges Acosta, Eddie Cobb, Donald Kint, Burton Wells, John by day the tension mounts. And then, suddenly- 'ou belong to 1 UR SORORIT One new pledge deliverc Shekhcrd! And now the congratulatio s . ranAellenic Council Panhellenic Council is the coordinating body for all seven sororities on cam- pus. It is composed of two delegates from each sorority, and its purpose is to create and promote a harmonious spirit among the Greek organizations on campus. The council regulates Rush procedures, holds 21 workshop each Spring, and gives an award to the sorority with the highest scholastic average for the year. It also cooperates with the InteteFraternit-V Council in planning and sponsoring ltGreck W eek." Janet Sutton, president Kappa Kappa Gamma Gretchen Brooks Mariette Conzett Nancy Crow Pamela Dempsey Pi Beta Phi Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Pat Goldsworthy Gloria E. Griffin, secretary Elisa Ledbetter Sallie Lutin, vice-president Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Kappa Gamma L Alpha Chi Omega Mearl Meadors Connie Murphy Judi Nelson Georgia Phillips, treasurer Pi Beta Phi Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta Chi Omega 157 Founded: De Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, 1 885. Chapter: Alpha Gamma OFFICERS President ............................ Marcia McElderry Vice President ........................... Muiriel Hite Secretary .................................. Bethe Word Treasurer . . . . ........................... Arleen Olson Marcia McElderry, president Pledge Trainer ............................. Marty Mills a44aAa CAI Omega IS ACTIVE IN PHILANTHROPIC PROJECTS Among Alpha Chi Omegais philanthropic projects this year are: Cerebral Palsy Day, working at the Bernalillo County In- dian Hospital, and reading to the blind. The social season started off with their annual Spring and Winter Formal, and continued with the Mother-Daughter Banquet, Father-Daughter Banquet, and Senior Brunch. This year they placed second in the woments division of Song Fest. During Homecoming they placed third in House Decorations and their tioat took second. Judy Zanotti was Homecoming Queen Attendant. This yearis outstanding members are: Judy Christianson, Mrs. Margaret Hassenplug, housemother, of Alpha Chi Omega, is shown in her sitting room. Displayed at right is her prized cup and saucer collection. 158 W esley Foundation Sect; Nancy Crow, Panhellenic Council; Julie Dove, V arsity Cheerleader; Gayla Glascock, Phi Kappa Phi; Karen Gribble, School of Pharmacy Secretary; Muiriel Hite, VVaterlous Pres., New Mexico Union Publicity Chair man; Fritzi Horne, Spurs; Judy Ismael, Spurs; Sally La Faver, Spurs; Sallie Lutin, Panhellenic Council Vice pres.; Marcia McElderry, Mortar Board, Co-Chairman 0f I.A.W.S. Con- vention, Whok Who; Arleen Olson, AVVS President, Cam- panas; Karen Quelle, VVhds Who, Mortar Board, author of the novel, Who Overflows H eaveii ; Priscilla Smith, RallyCom Sect; Judy Zanotti, Campanas. Alpha Chis and their dates wait for the music to begin at their Annual Winter Formal held at the Four Hills Country Club. a4ctives Abbott, Alling, Anderson, Bryce, Burmeister, Christianson, Crow, Cummins, Dove, Judy Jane Ella Sue Betty Jean Bee Judy Nancy Helen Julie Elder, Franzen, Gaby, Gaby, Gribble, Haile, Hite Horne, Ishmael, Jane Jeanette Phyllis Jean Karen Manya Muriel Fritzi Judy La Faver, Lane, Livingstone, Lutin, Olson, Quelle, Robinson, Rutledge, Shane, Sally Sydney Beth Sallie Arleen Karen Nancy Carol nn Kay Stith, Vidal, Wood, Word, Wyloge, Zanotti, Waldene Jeanette Mona Bethe Roberta Judy Barnett, Bloys, Burmeister, Camp, Cramp, Drake, Imbt, Jones, Joqes, Sali Sandra Rita Patty Prudence Donna Norma Barbara MarJorie Kuperus, Nicholson, Sheets, Smith, Summers, Vidal, Werner, Zanotyi, Marilyn Joanne Mary Priscilla Martha Christine Rhonda Bonme 159 Gloria Grifhn, President 444;!Aa :Delta 701' Wns Spirit $ng Alpha Delta Pi, singing the UNM Alma Mater and Fight Song with Kappa Alpha, won first place in Spirit Sing. This year Alpha Delta Pits social life included exchanges, a dance given by the pledge class for all sorority and fraternity pledges, the annual Christmas Dance, and the Blue Diamond Ball. Alpha Delta Pi philanthropic projects in which they par- ticipated were the crippled Childrelfs fund drive, a national Alpha Delta Pi project; and their local Christmas project, Toys for Tots. Outstanding ADPi's on campus include: Paige Blackman, Paper Doll Attendantelggg; Lorena Bramlett, MIRAGE Editor, Campanas, editor, Outstanding Sophomore Woman e19 59, I.A.VV.S. Arrangements Chairman; Lilly Constan, Mrs. C. A. VViIIiams, housernother, arranges Howers for the dining table. 160 Founded: W esleyan College, Macon, Georgia, May, 1851 Alpha Nu Chapter OFFICERS President .............................. Gloria E. Grifhn Vice President .............................. Carol Rice Secretary .............................. Donna W illiams Treasurer ................................. Susan Hirsch Head Majorette; Arlene Formhals, Majorette; Pat Golds- worthy, MIRAGE Class Editor, Ir. Delegate t0 Panhellenic; Cynthia Graham, Honors Program; Gloria Grifhn, ths W ho, Senior Class Vice-President, Rodey, Fiesta Co-Chair- man, Panhellenie Council Secretary; Eve Lally, Membership Selection Chairman-Spurs, Honors Program; Karen Mork, Spurs, Cultural Committee; Marti Mullins, Spurs, MIRAGE staff; Carol Rice, Campanas, Honors Program, Homecomin CO-Chairman, Fiesta Variety Show Chairman, W .R.A. Sec- retary; Anabel Stafford, University Band and Orchestra, Pub lieity Chairman-Young Democrats, MIRAGE staff; Pegg Strattou, Hokoua Hall Standards Committee Secretary; Jo- Ann Tate, MIRAGE Faculty Editor; Mary Lee W eldon, MIRAGE Index Editor. Children of Alpha Delta Pi alums enjoy the annual Christmas party given b the Chapter, Actives Blackman, Paige Constan, Lilly Dunn, Charlene Dunn, Marilyn Formhals, Arlene Goldsworthy, Pat Grenko, Marianne -. . . , 7 . . , wmwm m Hirsch, Susan Lally, Eve Maky, Jo Ann Mork, Karen Muller, Thea Mullins, Marti Nash, Abbie Rice, Carol Tate, Jo Ann Weldon, Mary Lee Williams, Donna Yoder, Bernie ?leolges Burton, Betty Butterfield, Kathie Conley, Mary Ann Graham, Cynthia Herrick, Caitilin Johnson, Chris Kaufman, Polly Robison, Marcella Ruggles, Millie Ryan, Julia Sallee, Elizabeth Sherer, Valerie Smith, Karen Statford, Anabel Stratton, Peggy Winter, Diane 161 Founded: 1 89 5, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Pi Gamma Chapter OFFICERS President ................................ Diana Darnall Vice President ......................... Anola W hoolery Secretary .............................. Georgia Phillips Treasurer ............................. Eileen Hutchison Pledge Trainer ................................ Lil W aid Diana Darnall president CAI' Gmega WINS SWEEPSTAKES IN SONG FEST Pi Gamma 0f Chi Omega had a busy year in 1959. Sorority honors included: second place in Stunt Night, third place in the Fiesta booth contest, third place in Kappa Sigma Spirit Day, second place in Spirit Sing, second place in Homecom- ing House Decorations and Sweepstakes in Song Fest. Traditions continued With the annual White Formal din- ner and dance, the Senior Breakfast, and the Pledge Dance. Civic projects included gifts for St. Anthonyts Orphanage and working with the New Mexico Rehabilitation Center. Outstanding members are: Io Ellen Briscoe, Rodey The- atre; Nfadge Canoyer, Spurs; Lyn Coupland, Sigma Alpha Iota; Janna Daniels, Varsity Cheerleader, NROTC Color Girl; Diana Darnall, NIortar Board, Phi Alpha Theta, AW S vice presAVhds W ho; Carole Elkins, Homecoming Queen attendant, Pi Lambda Theta; Eileen Hutchison, Phi Gamma Mrs. Lucille Walton, housemother, writes out her plan of action for the day. 162 Nu; Pat Layton, Spurs; Pat Lewis, Spurs; Patsy Martin, Rallye Com pres.; Mary Carole M ay, Head Varsity Cheerleader; Mare Cia McCall, Newman Center sect; Georgia Phillips, Panhel- lenic Council treas.; Royal Phillips, Mirage Art Editor; Peggy Pick, Kappa Omicron Phi, Student Affairs Committee; Patty Pick, Pi Lambda Theta, W 110,3 Who, Senior Class secretary; Pat Reeves, Spurs, Phi Gamma Nu; Judy Rode, Campanas; Sandy Smith, Phi Gamma Nu; Gwen Spear, Student Senate Credentials Committee; Marilyn Teas, Student Bar Associa- tion; Janice Teed, Phi Gamma Nu, Mortar Board president, W 110,3 W ho, Student Council, Commerce Council; Lil VVaid, VV.R.A. State pres., Pi Lambda Theta; Billie Jean Williams, Spurs pres, Recording Secretary for Student Coun- cil, honors program. Hallelujah chorus took second in Stunt Night. a4ctives Bonifield, Bresenham, Burt, Canoyer, Conzett, Coupland, Elkins, Gilleran, Heath, Hutchison, Carolyn Nancy Barbara Madge Mariette Lyn Carole Elaine Alison Eileen Layton, Lewis, Martin, May, McCall, McDowell, Nordin, Parsons Perkins, Phillips, Patricia Pat Patsy Mary Carole Marcia Jan Helen Carol Sue Sherrill Georgia Phillips, Pick, Pick, Reeves, Rickman, Rode, Rosier, Ruggles, Smith, Speer, Royal Patty Peggy Pat Ardene Judith Suann Nancy Judi Kay Gwen Steen, Teed, Weichman, Whelen, Whoolery, Williams, Williams, Alison Janice Carole Jean Anola Bille Jean Judy 70164395 L Adams, Bebber, Bivins, Booth, Cheetham, Claus, Cline, Daniels, Hubby, Lynda Nina Nancy Lee Francie Connie Judy Janna K Ann Karatens, Kilgore, Kuntz, Mims, Parker, Runge, Seale, Shaulis, Short, Kristina Glenna Dina Nelda Sue Rosemary Judith Carolyn Susan Phyllis Sloan, Smith, Steinburger, Stephenson, Vescovi, Williams, Elizabeth Anne Sandra Vera Judy Julia Gale 163 Founded: Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, Boston University Phi Delta Chapter OFFICERS President .................................. Dawn Fritz V ice President .............................. Patty Beaty Secretary ........................ Annette Benninghoven Treasurer . ............................. Sharon Hopper Corresponding Secretary ................... Barbe Rodgers Dawn Fritz, president :belta 13elta $elta TAKES SWEEPSTAKES IN HOMECOMING HOUSE DECORATIONS The Tri Deltas won the Sweepstakes award for 1959 Home coming house decorations with their 10-foot package of Kent Cigarettes entitled 8VVe Kent do without you alums? Decoe rations this year were based on television programs and commercials. In the Spring of 1959 the Phi Delta Chapter also won the Campus Chest Trophy for the third consecutive year. On Delta Delta Deltais party list this year were the Pine France, the Pansy Ring Breakfast for Graduating Seniors, and the Founder's Day Banquet, which was not only in observance of Founders Day, but also celebrated the tenth anniversary of Phi Delta Chapter being 011 UNM campus. Outstanding Tri Deltas are: Dawn Fritz, VVhoE XVho, StUe dent Council, 1959 Campus Chest Chairman; Patty Beaty, SEA vice pres; Annette Bcnninghoven, A'Iiragc Greek Editor, Cultural Committee, Pi Lambda Theta; Janet Hoyt, Tau Beta Mrs. Mabel Findell, housemother, is shown checking the family vault. 164 Sigma, pres; Angela Amorous, Cardinal Ball Queen Attend- ant, Varsity Cheeleader, RallyCOm Vice pres; Pamela Demp- sey, Student Senate Chief Clerk; hilargaret Ambruster, Spurs, VVaterlous; Gail Carlson, N. M. Union Board; Sydney Dahlen, Spurs, Waterlous; Nancy Dill, Spurs, UNM Chorus see; Judy Miller, Spurs sec.; E. J. Peaker, Spurs, Crystal Ball Queen 19 59, Varsity Cheerleader, Popularity Ball Attendant 1960; Gerry Rasor, Spurs, Sophomore Class vice pres, 1960 Fiesta Committee Chairman, Freshman Seminar Co-leader, 1959 A.F.R.O.T.C. Queen; Margaret Stevens, Spurs; Janet Haney, Phi Gamma Nu; Diane T 1101113011, Spurs, treas, Pub- lications Board; Mary Lou W atson, Home EC. Club, treas.; Barbara Rodgers, 1960 Fiesta see; Annette Brixncr, dorm wing pres; Dorthy Dustman, Swimming Team, VVaterlous; Jean Lotton, Swimming Team, capt; Julie Sadlek, Frosh Cheerleader. Sure-Ere way to bring a dust storm. Ambruster, Amorous, Benninghoven, Crittenden , Dahlen, Dempsey, Margaret Angela Annette G l Gale Sydney Pamela Elsbrock, Frost, Giersbach, Haney, Hoyt, Losey, Miller, Moutray, Mary Ellen Bobbie Jean Susan Janet Janet Elaine Judy Dona Rasor, Rodgers, Stevens, Thompson, Tittman, Watson , Gerry Barbara Margaret Diane Lynn Mary Lou pledges Brixner, Dustman, EIsbrock, Ford, Grigsby, Haines, LaDue, Annette Dorothy Ruth Ann Carolyn Jean Julie Jan Lawton, Lanning, Magee, McQuaid, Needham, Pace, Raglin, Jean Tonette Nancy Sally Shirley Pat Carolyn Redfern, Sadilek, Sannella, Westfall, Yates, Rosalind Julie Maria Jean Joan Dare 165 Founded: January, 1870, Dc Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana Gamma Omicron Chapter OFFICERS President ............................. Nancy Terwilliger V ice President ............................ Lori Dwinell Recording Secretary ................... Mary XVOOdward Corresponding Secretary ..................... Jana Sayner NancyTerwilliger,president Treasurer ................................. Jane Barbee Jappa 04IPAQ gAeta TAKES HIGH HONORS IN SPIRIT DAY First place honors in Spirit Day went to the Thetas this year with Ann Barnes winning the Miss Legs and Ankles contest and Karolyn Magill was crowned Miss Spirit Day. On Kappa Alpha Theta's party list this year were the Baby Triad, a winter formal, the Spring Triad, the Father and Daughter Dinner, 21 Founderst Day Banquet, and a Senior Breakfast. Philanthropy projects included reading to handicapped members, making favors for hospital trays, and collecting food for a Christmas basket for a needy family. Outstanding Thetas on campus include: Ann Barnes, Miss Legs and Ankles; Jane Barbee, Kappa Omicron Phi pres.; Lette French, Spurs; Joan Julian, Kappa Alpha Rose Attend- ant; Karolyn Magill, Miss Spirit Day; Nancy Mayland, Spurs, Student Senate; Madeline McDaniel, Hokona Treasurer; Connie Murphy, Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi pres., Phi Alpha Theta; Iudi Nelson, SAE Little Sister of Minerva; Pat Nickle, Kappa Phi pres.; Gail Russell, Campanas, Homecom- ing committee Chairman, Fiesta committee Chairman, PKA Dream Girl; Beth Skidmore, Esquire Club Girl of the Month; Martha Terwilliger, Spurs, Student Nursing Club vice pres.; Nancy Terwilliger, Whots Who, Mortar Board Historian, Phi Sigma sect, A.VV.S. Judicial Board Chairman; Karen W inston, Ski Club vice pres., Student Senate; Mary W 00d- ward, Theta Sigma Phi, Young Democrats Club treas. Peck-A-BOO! Mrs. Nell Manning, houselnother, examines one of the trees in the 'l'hetais exotic Japanese Garden. 166 South of the border. wctives Alford, Barbee, Bishop, Bradley, Canady, Edelmon, Fussell, Grubbs, Hammond, Ann Jane Susan Anne Marilyn Jan Jane Judie Bonnie Henry, Julian, Mayland, McGuire, Murphy, Nelson, Nelson, Nickle, Randall, Maureen Joan Nancy Phyllis Lonme J udi Wendy B. Patricia J. Ann Jana Kristi Diane Beth Martha Karen Mary Elizabeth Ann leclges Sayner, Schirm, Schulze, Skidmore, Terwilliger, Winston, Woodward, I Anderson, Barnes, Belka, Blair, Bradley, Childs, Cole, Gillespie, Monica Celestia Ann Lynne Jean Gregg Mary Ellen Sarah Lynn Helen Victoria Frances g3? fh Haas, Horstmann, Howard, Knight, Koogler, Lugenbeel, Magill, McCormick, Laurie Beverly Kathi Janice Margaret Vicki Karolyn Anna McDaniel, McMillin, Oxnard, Powers, Woodin, Madeline Linda Caroline Penny Nancy 167 KKF Founded: Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, 1870 Gamma Beta Chapter OFFICERS President ................................... Alice Blue V ice President .......................... Harriet Gerding Secretary ............................... Susan Seligman Treasurer .............................. Terry Jane Gray Pledge Trainer ............................... Tara Cain Alice Blue, president Jappa Jappa gamma REIGNS SUPREME IN ROYALTY THIS YEAR Among the Kappa royalty are Linda Bureau, Sigma Chi Sweetheart; Judy Dodd, Popularity Queen Attendant; Frankye Ernest, SAE Sweetheart; Patty Howard, 1959 Fiesta Queen; Nancy Wall, SAE Sweetheart Attendant; and Ione Zimmerman, who was crowned 1959 Homecoming Queen. Kappa Kappa Gamma's social season was highlighted by the Christmas Formal, the Baby Triad, the Spring Triad, the Kappa-Pi Phi picnic, the KappaeChi Omega slumber party, and the Kappa-Kappa Sig orphanage party at Christmas. Outstanding members of Kappa Kappa Gamma are: Ruth Ballenger, XVhds Who, AWS pres., Mortar Board, Phi Gamma Nu; Jo Anne Turner Bankston, Spurs; Alice Blue, Mrs. Evelyn Reed, housemother, is shown ready for the first pil- low fight in the living mom of the newly decorated Kappa House. 168 Who's Who, Student Court; Ann Blue, Freshman Class sec.- treas., NSA; Patty Burke, Spurs; Carol Carter, Sub Direce torate; Judy Dodd, Spurs, Sophomore Class treas.; Harriet Loken Gerding, Phi Gamma Nu; Judy Gumm, Campanas, Sub Directorate Vice Chmn.; Judy Harlacker, Campanas; Gayle Hudgens, Honors Program, NSA; Kate Jacobson, VVhds Who, Mortar Board; Kay Kaderli, Honors Program; Millie Salyer, Spurs; Susan Seligman, Sub Art Director, Who's W ho; Anna Jane Sitton, Publications Board; Janet Sutton, Panhel- lenic pres.; Barbara Sturges, Union Board Games Chairman; Nancy Wall, Student Council, see, Honors Program, Cam- panas, Beta Alpha; Suzanne W ayland, Spurs Vice pres. Look whds in the zoo . . . Kappa pledges have last laugh. a4ctives Ballenger, Bankston, Brown, Bureau, Burke, Cain, Chadil, Cramer, Crouch, Ruth Jo Anne Barbara Linda Patty Tara Carol Carol Katie Dodd, Earnest, Gerding, Gray, Gumm, Hall, Harlacker, Hoeke, Horton, Judy Frankye Harriet Terry Jane Judy Kathleen Judy Barbara Rebecca Jacobson, Ledbetter, McCormick, Meiering, Salyer, Seligman, Sitton Smith, Snider, Kate Elissa Peggy Ruth Millie Susan Anna Jane Shelby Nancy Jo Sturges, Sutton, Wall, Wayland, Zimmerman, Barbara Janet Nancy Suzanne Ione Bancroft, Blue, Boose, Connor, Danfelser, Dorris, Hayes, Barbara Ann Ann Joanna Kathleen Priscilla Karen Judy Hudgens, Jenkins, Kaderli, Klinikowski, Langell, McCormick, Morris, Gayle Susan Kay Gayle Karen Kathryn Sydney Nancy Thompson, Whiteside, Williams, Beverly Almira Joye Louise 169 Founded: Monmouth College, Monmouth, 111., 1870 Alpha Chapter OFFICERS President ................................ Janet Jenkins Vice President ........................... Kathie Gilbert Recording Secretary ........................ Sarah Novak Treasurer ................................ Irene Abaskin Corresponding Secretary ................... Trish Crowley Janet Jenkins, president Pledge Trainer ........................... Honey Wilder 70; Em ?A- MOTHERfS CLUB HONORS PLEDGES AND GIVES The Motherfs Club honored the pledges with a tea and gave a Christmas party for the chapter. The Pi Phifs social calendar also featured a fall picnic with Kappa Kappa Gamma, the annual Christmas Formal, and the Baby Triad and Spring Triad with Kappa Alpha Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma. They also had a pledge banquet and a Founder's Day Banquet. Honors taken by the Pi Phifs this year include first place in Homecoming House Decorations, first place in Song Fest, second place in Spirit Day and third place in Spirit Sing. Last spring they placed second in the Campus Chest Drive. The Pi Phi community service projects include reading to Mrs. Velva Rhymes, housemother, displays a screen made by Patsy Bragg and Carol Cottle in art education. It is made of natural leaves pressed between waxed paper. 1 7O CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR CHAPTER a handicapped student and giving a Christmas party for St. Anthonyfs Orphanage. Outstanding Pi Phifs are: Irene Abaskin-Phi Gamma Nu; Sandra Abraham-VVest Junior College All-Star Queen; Vicki Branchehflortar Board, W ho's W ho, Phi Alpha Theta; Gretchen BrookseVarsity cheerleader; Trish Crowley-Cam- panas; Pat Dalbey-Mortar Board, Phi Alpha Theta; Simmie Gibson, Cultural Committee, Stu. Chrmn.; Janet Jenkinsw Mortar Board, W lids Who; Jackie King-Student Standards; Kay KysareCultural Committee; Mary McCord-President CCUN; Ian Stowe-Spurs; Sandra Taulbee-Spurs; Honey XVilder-Whok W ho, Student Council. These Pi Phifs 100k pleased at finishing the HMaverick Theme" which won them first place in Home- coming house decorations. 04ctives Abaskin, Irene Bigelow, Natalie Branch, Vicki Brooks Brooks, Gretchen Coll, Janis Crowley, Trish Gibson, Simmie Gilbert, Kathie Harrison, Susan Hays, Roberta Hougen, Helen Jontz, Jeannie King, Jackie Kysar, Katherine McCord, Blanche Meadors, Merl Nottrott, Judith A. Novak, Sarah Palmer, Diane Rose. Betty Sacra, Sue Stapp, Jan Stowe, Jan Taulbee, Sandra Wiebell, Lynne Wilder, Joann 7044925 Abraham, Sandra Arthurs. J'nita Bragg, Patsy Burleson, Linda Corsmeier, Marilyn Cottle, Carole Cummings, Cherill Dale, Sharon Farrington, Janet Garcia, Yvonne Kelly, Margaret Ann Lackey, Judy Naughton, Penny Schrom, Pamela S. Thomas, Judy Volpato. Carolyn Worley, Lanita m e m w ? leS pusA part 173 EZW CM Founded: h lay 4, 1938 OFFICERS President ................................. Patty Gibson First V ice President ....................... Joyce Neuber Second V ice President .................... Mary XVishard Recording Secretary ...................... Sandra Fosslcr Corresponding Secretary ..................... Kay Davis PattyCibson,prcsidcnt Treasurer .................................. Jean XVeld Town Club was founded as a social organization for U.N.M. girls living in Albuquerque. Its purpose is to create a more democratic spirit among women students and to encourage participation in educational, social, and student activities by Town Club members. Town Clubts colors are orchid and gold, and its flower is the Iris. Rush parties are held at the beginning of each semester, and membership is invitational. Traditional Town Club activities include the Kidnap Breakfast, Mothers Club Christmas Party, Winter Formal, and Spring Founders Day Banquet and dance. Other social activities this year were a MothereDaughtcr Banquet and :1 Homecoming open-house. Town Club 00111munity service projects are the Albuquere que Association for Retarded Children fund drive, decorating a Christmas tree for the Bcrnahllo County Indian Hospital, Patty Gibson crowns Susan Johnson, Queen of the Town Club Winter Formal. Looking 011 are attend- ants, Jean Weld 0er and Sylvia Wilson. 174 and reading to a blind boy on campus. Campus activities in which Town Club participates are Spirit Day, Homecoming parade, Song Fest, and Stunt Night. Town Clubbers active on campus are: Sally Bridges, XV.R.A. Pres; Dee Cargo, Pi Lambda Theta; Retta Cutler, Pi Lambda Theta; Kathrync Davis, Spurs; Becky Duke, Ni- rage Royalty Editor; Marlys Duran, Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Whos Who; Sandra Fosslcr, Pi Lambda 'l'heta; Pat Gerety, Pi Lambda Theta; Patty Gibson, Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Alpha Theta, VVhds Who; Carmen Hinsou, Mirage staH; Joyce Neuber, Campanas; Anna Roberts, Spurs, I.R.C. Sect; Nancy Bohlander, Campanas, 'l'heta Sigma Phi; Mary W ishard, Campanas, Student Standards Committee. Town Club is sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Elder. Town Clubbers seem to think napkinvstufhng is great fun! dctives Ball, Jerrie Bohlander, Nancy Cutler, Retta Davis, Kathryne Duran, Marlys Eaton, La Rue Fossler, Sandra Frederich, Shirley Gerety, Patricia Ann Gilmlan, Nancy Graham, Kay Hinchman, Patricia Hinson, Carmen Holman, Janet Jennette, Evelyn Johnson, Susan Klossen, Betty Neuber, Joyce Pollock, Betty Ann Roberts, Anna Dell Vandetti, Sharon Van Etten, Sally Weld, Jean Wilson, Sylvia Wishard, Mary ?leolges Boyd, Betty J0 Hunt, Karen Miller, Sheila Parker, Janice Rice, Hazel Sucharda, Sharon Smith, Sylvia Tarbell, Margaret Waldorf, Karen 175 Summer Ijleatre ,59 The purpose of Summer Theatre is to fulfill the need for productions when the University Theatre has completed its run, and to offer energetic and willing students an opportunity for intensive, practical theatre training. During the eight weeks season four shows were produced: ttClaudiaX, hOn Borrowed Time," ttKind Ladf and ttUnder the Gaslight." Summer Theatre was directed by Mr. George Stoughton, who was assisted by Mr. Richard Thompson. ttCLAUDIA" Members of the cast were: Adele Gallegos, Leon Hawn, Jeanne Iayroe, Diane Klingc, Steve Marlowe, William Pappas, Judi Smith and Judith Burke. tAON BORROVVED TIME" Members of the cast were: Reggie Storment, William Pappas, Judi Smith, Jimmy Ning, Nancy Cottburg, Mary Ellen Smith, K. Scott McCoy and Johnnie Saiz. ttKIND LADY" Members of the Cast were: Judith Burke, Diane Klinge, Jane Bode, Rebecea Valdez, Dan XVeaver, Leon Hawn7 Martha MC- Culloch and Caroline Oxnard. 176 ttUNDER THE GAS LIGHT? Members of the cast were: Leon Hawn, K. Scott McCoy, Steve Marlowe, Kathy Riley, Nancy Cottburg, Jane Bode, Rebecea Valdez, Gloria GrifEn and Richard Kovash. ? .,. Hui Mmsg...,.n,$.4wn 1... ,4... m 10.5.1, .. mu mm awkaww Beauty as we feel it is something indescribable: what it is or what it means can never be said. SANTAYAN x A sure Sign of Spring . . . . is the appearance of the Drawing Class, complete with sketch pad and chalk, under every tree on the Fine Arts lawn. Raymond Jonson, professor emeritus in art at UNM, is shown with a pen and ink sketch self-portrait done in 1949. Mr. Jonson was one of the 13 local artists exhibiting under the title ttAlbuquerqueN in the Great Jones Gallery in New York this year. The importance of Jonson and his work was described in a folder put out by the Great Iones Gallery and printed in Art News, national art publication, which speaks of the University as the Cultural focus of the City, and attributes Jonson with being the factor most responsible for encouraging the intense productivity and high level of professionalism found here by ottering young Albuquerque artists one-man shows in his gallery, which is located near the UN M campus. 494d The UNM Art Department is well-known through- out the country. Courses are offered in drawing, paint- ing, sculpture, two and three dimensional design, and crafts and commercial art-jewelry, lettering, textiles, and ceramics. A course dealing with the techniques and methods of etching, lithography, and woodcut is also available; and several Honors seminars are taught by the department. The Art Department faculty was featured in several shows this year. Some were exhibited in the New B lex- ieo Union Gallery, while Lez L. Haas, chairman of the department, appeared in a one man show at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Dr. Haas and Ralph Lewis were represented in the Great Iones Gallery show in New York, also. Recently the department sponsored a national in- V'itational crafts exhibit in Botts Memorial Hall. at which craftsmen were selected for excellence in their held. Raymond Jonson, professor emeritus in art. ?Qoolecy Ijleatre 0460W to fAe Gne- $4ct5 PAS'l'ORAL" Directed by Patricia Denzlcr Emma ............... . . V . Rosetta Flippin Ivan . V . . ., ...... Dick Houston THE 3 IISFIT" Directed by Judith Burke Cast George Cochran. V , . V ....... Preston Jones Angel 1 .................... Priscilla Smith Angel 2 . , . . V . . , , . , . . . , . , Randolph Picrcc : Devil ......... . . . ........ K. Von G611: mI'HE BALD SOPRANCT Directed by Marty McGuirc :ast Mrs. Smith . . V V .......... Priscilla Smith Mr. Smith ,. ............... XValfcr Stcpp Mrs. Martin .................. Jeanne Iayroe Mr. Martin ..................... Cris Curran SIMPLE SIMOB ', Directed by Gene Yell Cast Simplc Simon ................. Johnny Saiz Queen ...................... Priscilla Smith Princess ...................... Jeanne Jayme King ......................... Robert Baca Royal washcr-woman ............ Annc Bradley Dress ....................... Lorelei Capitol Nightshirt .................. Marty McGuire Long Underwear ................. Jim Taylor Ea: , kja'storie alu Solalat ,, anal qule Jpollo ofBellac" uIJHISTOIRE DU SOLDAT" Directed by Edwin Snapp Cast Rcadcr .................... Marty McGuire 'I'hc Soldier ................ lay Kozikowski The Devil . . . . . . ............. Jim 'l'aylor The Princess . . , E . . . . . . . . . E, I Pcakcr Couvcrsing about the play are left to right: Kurt Frederick, Orchestra Conductor; Edwin Snapp, Director; and E I. Peaker WFHE APOLLO OF BELLAC" Directed by Edwin Snapp Cast Agnes ...................... JoEllen Briscoc 'l'hcrcse .................... Nancy Gottburg The Clerk .................... Edwin Coffcc 'l'hc Frenchman ............... XVilliam Lang The President ................... Leon Haxm The Vice President ............. Preston Jones The Chairman of the Board . . . .K. Scott McCoy SEPARATE TABLES" i Directed by Gene Yell :ast Lady Xlzlthcson .............. IoEllcn Briscoe Mrs. Railt011 Bcll . , . . . . . V . . . V Priscilla Smith Miss Vcncham . . ..... Ioscphinc Roybal Doreen ...................... Peggy Lewis Mr. Fowler ....... . . , . . . . . ,Robcrt Baca . Mrs. Shankland . . . , . V V V Vargc Fowler Miss Cooper . . . . . , . . , , . . . . . . . Anne Snow Mr. Malcolm . V V . . ....... , Cris Curran Major Pullock . . V . . Vi11inm Lang Miss RailtonBcH . . . . . . V . Icamlc Jayme 181 MJVJVI Bands at the University Of New Mexico consist of the Marching Band, the Concert Band, and the XV 111d Ensembles. The Marching Band performs at all home foot- ball games and makes one Outeof- town trip with the football team, T this year to Tucson for the A11- zonanNM game. 111 past years the band has performed 111 Don- ver, El Paso, Laramie, and other cities 111 the Skyline Conference. Ninetyesix members make up the UNM Marching Band. Twirlers are Lily Constan and Arlene F01111hals. Ross Ramsey is the drum major. The UNM Concert Band is one of the outstanding bands 111 the Southwest. The group gives three major campus concerts each sea- son and makes biennial tours of the state playing in major high schools. This group performs the Everyone looks different before a band trip. game! Elicst of wind instrument literature; and 111 19562111136316d21tthc 1V 111sic EduC Gators National Conference 111 St. Louis. The band is composed largely of New Mexico students but 11215 students from 14 other statcs. A11 adjunct 0f the Concert Band is the 11211112110 Dance Band, one of the best collegiate stage bands 111 the C011111 11'. Fanfare gives 2111 21111111211 jazz show featuring 011C of thc natiouys outstand- ing jazz artists. This year's guest is B11dd1' Collette, jazz woodwind artist. A 1011011 raised by this concert is used for 1 scholarships for 5 outstanding fresh- 111011 music 111211015 111 the areas of strings, piano, VOiCC, woodwinds, and brass. E21611 year, outstanding women band 1 111611111613 2116 invited to 10111 Tau Beta I Sigma, 110110121117 112111d fraternity for 3 WOIHCH. This 17621115 1116111bcrs WCIC: 1 Martha Beauchamp, 811111 Bridges, 1 121116t E11115, 12111et Hoyt, BC1'C111' K1'1101, 1V 111111 10 Seibert, Nancy W 121111. UNVI Majorcttes. LL'ft to right: L111 Constan, t11111L-r; Ross RHIHSC-X'. d111111 11121101; 1 Arlene F0111111als, 11111161. F111tcs: Richard Van Dongcn N2111L'1 VVi2111t, C21111111a VV711CL1C1,1cai111c VV7111121111s,12111ct E11115, 121116t1101t E13 F101112111,N611V1111$6, 51112111811111211, Patt1 G311, DC11012111 Williamson. 0111163: Robert O' B011C, A11211L1$t31101d,AnnettC B11x1161.E11glish H0111: 13616111 K11101.Basst1011s: Patti LC111$,C:1101111 Randall Steve Gatcwood,D111d1Mang11ss0,10 C1131'1CS.B Hat C11111icts: B1111 111110tso11,A11s C111vcz, BruCCErL111, C11111C5Atk1115011, E11110 Kaz111161,Ed Acr1st1,1.111165131131111, Rose Guticrrcz, Gwen Sasaki, 106 Bcatty. 101111 Dalton, 10 A1111 Tate, 101111 Otero, 1111121 LCC Clark, Cheryl Cunningham, 103611111116 Cordova, Norma Marr, Martha Beauchmnp. Alto Clarinets: Mac 101165, V'Iargaret 111112111, Martha Swain. Bass C1arinct: Benjamin 121131111110, Robert Roudon, Robert Gracie, Becky Thornton. Contra Bass Clarinet: Linda GOCkC. Alto Saxophones: 112111611 D01'6,L21111 S11ects,Da1'id K1L11eh11C1L1 Da1id 1V1001'C.TC1101' Sax0p11011cs:K21y Fcrrin, Ulysses McElyCa. Baritone Saxophone: D2111 Ep1e1r. '1'111111pets: Duke P161, 12ick 11yatt,C01d011 P11151011',Rich211d B631161121111p, 1101 11C211d,A1'2111 VVCSt- f111,EdwiI1 rl'uckcr, Scott Ramsey, 1121111 MCEwcn, Bonnie Rhodes, RiLhard 121131111110,G601gc V11111$ 106 Keit11,C2111 Brog2111,Dona1d VVasl1111gt011,Bryan R0111cr, C2111 1011Cs. French 1101115 Wayne Sh11p, D011 D1vc11p01t, H. l. Payne, $21111 Bridges,E1110tthIigg111s,D11'1d Georgins, Ronald BLtL1111011g11, 1V1L11111 VICtL'alf,Png1'A111111ust61.110111bo11csz10h11 Chcctham,Larr1'Case,1211116s R1C11211L1S,Richard Skaggs, 1111121 N11C11CL',111011135 K61161, B111G11tic1162,G01d011 B10111C,1211116$ Vorcnberg 132111101165: V1311'10 SLi11C1t, 101111 1111s1e1,Kcn11cth K111g.Basses:Al:111 1111611C1, A112111 Da11s, 101111 Serr1, Bi11 Pog11c,Ra1ph Vlarsh, Itrcd Hirsch, Mistcc Thompson. String Bass: Pctcr Schocnfcld. Percussion: Sally LaFmer,R1yBarrCras,G61ard H2111L1, Leslie Leach, Gail MLCutchcon, Ross Ramsey 121111L's 1,1110111to11 VVood11111dInstruLtor.1311163 VVl11t10w, B12133 Instructor. 183 'l'he UNM Oratorio Choir and the UNM Orchestra combined for the Christmas performance of 'I'UE CHILDHOOD OF CHRIST by Hector Berlioz. Companions of music The Choral program at the University Of New Mexico, under the direction of Charles W . Davis, was organized into three major ensembles: the Oratorio Chorus, the A Cap- pella Choir of approximately 60 select voices, and the Madrigal Singers-a group of twelve highly selected voices. At Christmas time, these ensembles combined with the UNM Orchestra for the performance of THE CHILDHOOD OF CHRIST by Hee- tor Berlioz. Each of the choral groups has presented many concerts for University and civic ore ganizations. Among them was the program presented by the A Cappclla Choir for the All-State group 011 January 30, 1960. Their first Annual Tour is planned by the chair for late in the spring. Mk Fanfare Chorus: Row 1 t1, to rj: Bonnie Rhodes, Ann Rutledge, Lynn Copeland, Matalie Wham, Marilyn Temple, Sunny Lu Peer. Row 2: Lee Seligman, Alex Montoya, Jeanette French, Jean Lewis, Linda Dunson, Vera Cordova, Stan Thomas, Michael Ning. Row 3: Ioe Keith, lack Morris, Doug Carmichael, John Denny, Ioe Fry, Bob Langley, John Bailey, H. T. Payne, Iim Arnot. 184 Madrigal Singers: First row U. to IA: Irma 190peano, Linda Dunson, Joy Rotton, Matalic Wham, Vaughn Ramsey, Marilyn Temple Second row: Dr. Charles Davis, Loren Carrctson, Clinton Vayhcw, Kimcrick IIayncr, Robert Langley, XVilliam Renfm. 35g? Row 1 U. to rj: Isabel Miller, lean Lewis, Celia XVcber, Nancy Dill, Marjorie Ramos, Judy 'l'urano, Kristen XVoolf, Nancy Robinson, Joy Rotten, Liz Ann Sallee, Nancy VViant, Joan Dare Yates, Jeanne XVilliams, Helen Wilde, Kate Hunt, Linda VValdmp, Margaret Bandcka. Row 2: Mary Ann Copeland, Linda Dunson, Tina Karstens, Lynda Adams, Grace Stringer, Ann Marie Remlcy, Julie Ilaincs, Sylvia Houston, Elaine Loscy, Matalie Wham, Vaughn Ramsey, Karen Hingley, Janie C011, Marilyn Temple, Karen Albach, Beverly Kynor. Row 3: Ann Bornstcin, Lcc Seligman, Floyd Haber, Alex Montoya, Iohn Donny, Dcc Woolf, Duke Pier, Harold Bram, Iohn Bailey, Allen Cooper, Juan Coonsis, Margaret Davisson, Barbara Chavez, Patricia Alexander. Row 4: Richard Arthun, Joe Bob Tillotson, Reynaldo Chavez, Loren Garretson, XVilliam Dory, Alan VestfaH, Kimcrick Hayner, Robert Langley, Bill chfm, Stan Thomas, Michael Ning, Sunny Lu Pccr, Rose Angela Ellis. The Modern Dance W'orkshop is sponsored by the Depart ment of Health and Physical Education for XVomen. rFhe stue dents supplement their Class work with night dance Classes. Accompanied by select members of the XVorkshop, Elizzt beth W aters presided as master of the dance at 3 Symposium at Poly-technical Institute in Rudley, Louisiana, on April 6. They returned to resume rehearsal for the spring concert which was given on May 1. 186 Contemporary :Dance MWW Summer CrcAestra ; q Sponsorcd by tho Associated Students, thc UNM 81111111101 Orchestra prescntcd several S11111111cr Fare Concerts 1111111161 the stars" 111 front of the Ac11111'111'stmt1'0n Building. 11ng CrcAfzstra Violins: 10yce 1011115011, Donald C1auscr, Kathie Locsch, 3121111511 Miller, 11111 1301111611, 811111011 Cadenhcad, C3101 '1'11rpc11, Alice Robberson, Sandra chstrom, Ron S11'iggcr, Patricia Mchrncy, 1011 1111311015, FlOFCIICC Conway, Carolyn Scale, 1011 Dc B21021, 101d311 Richman, Kathryn Davis, 1111116 Sicglitz. C0111: Cynthia Graham, 111dy Turano, Richard Brewer, 511211011 Sucharda, 82111111116 N111111311y, Kay Shaffer, P3111 McEwen, 101111 RandaH. 17101215: Patricia K1assen, Emily Sanchez, Micheal 1121112, 12111103 Amot. Basses: D011 Donadio, Steve Edgel, Elizabeth Cheers, 1c2111 Grigsby, Karl 101165. Flutes: Richard Van Dongcn, Camilla Xthclcr. Obocsz Robert O'Boyle, Mac 101165. Clarinets: 106 Bob '1'1110t5011, Charles Atkinson. Bassoon: Carolyn Randall, Martha Bcauchamp. French Horns: 11. T. Payne, 1Vaync Sharp, Elliot Higgins, Charles Davenport. 'I'rumpets: Cordon Purs10w, Troy Heard, Scott Ramsey. '1'r0111bo11cs: '1'0111 Kelley, 101111 C11cct113111, 12111165 Richards. 11111113111: Raymond Barreras. Organ: 1aI11cs Galloway. Conductor: Kurt Frederick. Outstanding performances by the UNM Orchestra included a performance of Gustav 131211110115 Fourth Symphony 111 0016- bration ofhishundredthbirt11day;anda perfonnance 0f Mozarfs 1113011 Giovanni" in collaboration with the UNM Opera XVorkshop. 187 rogram The UNIVERSI'I'Y PROGRAM SERIES each year brings world famous artists to UNh I. Featured this year were the following: Hall 1101- brook, The 13311113101121 Choir, Shai K. Ophir, JOYCE CRENFELL, featured in iiGcncvieve" 21nd H'l'he Belles of St 'l'rinians," is actress, mimic. and comedicnnc. XVincheH says: WIth host England has sent us since Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence and Beatrice Lillie." I 131 Holbrook IIAL HOLBROOK, featured in LIFE magazine last year, brings hack America's greatest humorist in his presentation of iiMark Twain 'l'onight," a dramatic re- creation of a Mark Twain lecture appearance. Mr. IIolbrook's opening at the Mt St. Theater in New York brought rave reviews from the critiesgiiSPELL- BINDING EVENING OF Eer'ER'IiAINhIEN'I'."eN. Y. Mirror; HUN- CANNY. A DAZZLING DISPLAY OF VIRTUOSITY."-'the New Yorker; iiOne 0f the biggest surprises in the New York 'I'hcater this season."-vas- week. H'I'IIE CRI'I'ICS XVENT XVILDI'eAssociatcd Press. SAL SALVADOR received the PLAYBOY MAGAZINE First Place Award in both the solo guitar and small combo categories. 188 Series Edw; XVceks, Sal Salvador and his jazz quarv tot, IO 0 Grcnfell, and the New York Brass Quintet. The series of lectures and concerts is sponsored by the Cultural Committee. uef m SHAI K. OPIIIR, actor, mime, and comedian, has become 311 inter national sensatio . 'l'his Israeli artist, in 193;, newly arrived in New York, was bookcd for hve appearances 0n the Steve Allen show. EDWARD XVEEKS, the brilliant editor of THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. He keeps abreast of trends in current literature by reading over 30 million words 21 year. "CW The PAMPLONA CHOIR from Spain, now 011 its second American The NEW YORK BRASS QUINTET. 'l'hc repertoire for this delightful tour, performs an unusual repertoire with astonishing style, mastery combination of instruments is seldom heard. The lightness and delicacy of of rhythmic patterns, and range of vocal color. At left is Luis Morondo, hrasscs played by truc Virtuo 5 amazing. chrector. 18 Summer ;iare Summer Fare is the University of New Mexico summer program series which offers a variety of entertainment for both those associated with the University and the general public. It is held in front of the Administration Building and is free of charge. Summer Fare features this past year included the Lecture Under the Stars series with John Furbay, tiLetis Join the Human Race? Ema Fergusson, ttThrec Women of New Mexico? Charles Iclavich, ttSomc Impressions of USSR;" George Shcppersou, ttNationalism in Africa;" Winfield T. Scott, poet; and Dr. Charles Shilling, "Educational Sigu- posts;" :1 Folk Song Concert, the Phoenix Y.M.C.A. Choir, and the Now hilcxichords, 21 barbershop quartet. A weekly movie and several dances were also part Of the summer fare. Summer Fare ended its season 011 August 14, with the UNM Summer Orchestra Concert. Guy Carawan, folk singer. The New Mexichords, an Albuqucrque barbershop quartet. Left to right: 100 Morgan, Charles Vertrccs, Charles Jackson, Bob Harley. Vmeield '1'. Scott, poet, from Santa Fe, N. M. The Phoenix Yihr .C.A. Choir, directed by Miss Mary Ann Enloc, was one of four choruses selected for the ttFinc Arts Festival" in Chicago. Charles XV. Schilling speaks on ttEducational Signposts." 77' i 5 Miss Mary Ann Enloe 190 To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace. GEORGE W ASHINGTON military .44.; gm W6 76 The Air Force Reserve Othcers, T raining Corps unit was organized at the University of New Mexico in 1949 with sev- enty men. This department of the University is administered by ofEcers 0f the United States Air Force under rules promul- gated by the Department of the Air Force and the University of New Mexico. Cadet James B. House 192 Besides the serious business of military training, the cadets are encouraged to participate in campus activities and intra- mural sports. Each yearis activities are climaxed with the Military Ball, an outstanding social event, held in conjunction with the Naval ROTC. :Dealication The pages devoted to the Air Force Reserve thcersi 'l'raining Corp are dedicated by his fellow cadets t0 Cadet James B. House, a senior at UNM, who was killed while participating in the Air Force ROTC Hight training program this year. Squadron Gne Squadron One commanded by Cadet Capt. V. L. Gosnell. Flight Connnandcrs. Cadets II. B. Bond, and V. L. Cosncll. MQJI'O" 3 WO F. Maya. Commander: Cadet Colonel K. M. Carpenter; Deputy Connnandcr: Cadet Lt Colonel 1.5. Coggins; Administration OHiCCr: Cadet Major N. F. Carey; Operations Officer: Cadet Major W. C. Ilughcs; Personnel OHiccr: Cadet Major R. S. Baty; Athletic Officcr: Cadet Captain I. IQ Patton; 1.50.: Cadet Captain R. E. MCCurdy; Group Sergeant Major: Cadet MSgt. B. D. Barberoussc. ibrill Ij'eam if!!! , .- Mu .zanw Drill Team connnandcd by Cadet Captain L. C, Billcaudcaux; Executive Officer: Cadct lst 'Lt. F. C, Ortiz. Caalet Banal 194 rnolol c24h' Society I The Arnold Air Society is a national honorary society 001w posed of outstanding cadets selected from the Advanced Air Science level. The local Iames B. House Squadron, like other squadrons, is aimiatcd with the Air Force Association in Washington. D. A. IIcimeriCh, M. C. XVchmhoncr, L. L Flores, I. Doherty. . vefe am Back Row, L. to R.: L. C. Billcaudeaux, I. S. Coggins, B. Barbamussc, I. F. Dalton, F. C. Ortiz, IV. E. Kirkpatrick. Front Row, L. to R.: I Back Row7 L. to R.: Dalc Ransom, Benny Carter, Ronnie Singleton, Sgt. Herbert DcGraw. Front Row: Iames Dale, William Kirkpatrick, A1 MacLean, Iohu Meadows. s 195; K. M. James S. Donald L. Herman S. John F. Carpenter Coggins Kenney Thomas Dalton l a mums! Lionel C. Nelson F. Richard 5. William C. Martin C. Billeaudeaux Carey Baty Hughes Wehmhoner Jr; Ronald E. Leo Wayne L. Jack L. Robert R. McCurdy Jr. Flores Jr. Gosnell Dailey Kovash 196 Nancy Bivins and 8311' Barnett have inst received a bouquet of Iong-stcmmcd red roses. Queen 1 Tancy is escorted by Cadet Jim Thomas. military 13a Air Force ROTC Queen, Nancy Bivins, receiYCS 1161' crown from President Popejoy. 1 Guests arc reccivcd at the Military Ball. Queen Nancy and her two attendants, Dona Gayle Houtray. and Sali Barnett. After the Grand March, couples line up to begin dancing. JVW 996 7C The mission of the NROTC is to provide a source from The XVardroom Society was established to promote the social which qualified officers may be obtained for the Navy and and professional interests of the iiiidshipmen. The social cal- Marine Corps. NROTC is run by midshipmen officers, under endar includes the Shipwreck Ball, the h Iilitary Ball, and the the supervision of regular naval oHieers. The unit at UNM is Ring dance, honoring juniors who have received their Navy one of 52 across the United States. It was established in 1941. rings. NROTC XVzirdroom TFEeers thaek row, L. to RT: XVilliam Reta Douglas Glover, Haig Bodmir, Robert Dawson, XVilh'aiii D. Cmsse; tfront row, L. to RT: Paul Dailey, L. C. Hays, and Brian Romer. Battalion OfEeers are thaek row, M Thomas R. XVeaver, Larry R. Ogle, Milton Creek, L. C. Hays, Carl Delles, Robert T. Jackson; tfront row, L. to ' . John Hays. Arthur Ilorseh, Douglas Clover, Roy Anglada. and Stephen Moore. 198 Capt. Cumming looks through 21 rifle barrel at an inspection of 111idshipA 'l'he NROTC Drill Tcam, commanded last fall ng, by Midn. 1fc men in the second platoon of Alpha Company. Douglas Glm'cr is shown performing the marching manual of arms. 'I'hc NRO'I'C Ring Dance. 3t" .uZaV z . Ensign II. C. Hays and the 1st Platoon of Alpha Company is shown Midn. Ensign 'l'om XVcaver leads the 2nd Platoon of Bravo Company in executing a snappy column right. a Hankmg movement. 199 Esquire CIMA OFFICERS President ................................. Lee Seligman Vice President ........................... Ken Seaver Ir. Secretary ................................ Ben Denny Jr. Treasurer ................................... Earl Gruer Lee Seligman, president asquire C1144 Sergeant at Arms Historian . i i V Senator ..... ......................... Jim Grossc ............. Dave Sproul ....................... Dave Rogoff ACTS AS VOICE FOR VETERANS ON UNIVERSITY CAMPUS The Esquire Club is a social organization composed of the men and women on campus who have served on active duty with the armed forces. The local chapter of this national society was founded at UNM in htiarch, 1958, and has since been not only the veterans voice on campus but a source of entertainment as well. The Club is a service group also, and is always ready to undertake tasks of campus or Civic interest. Socially the Esquires are responsible for selecting the Esquire Girls of the M onth, from whom the ESquire Girl of the Year is elected at Fiesta. The group also sponsors two campus dances each year, one of which is the now well- known Operation Skylark semi-formal. First Row: Iim Cossc, Ken Scaver, Lce Seliglnan, EarlCruer, Bcn Denny. Second Row: Frank Chewiwie, Ron Lec Scligman, Esquire president, Crenko, Dave Rogoff, Ed Norris, Dave Rictzel, Leo Turner, Dean Vickrey, Graham Van Note, Bill Gicr. 200 crowns Judy Dodd, Esquire girl for the month of November. Every man's work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself. SARIUEL BUTLER F rofessional dIPAi Jappa 5i OFFICERS President 1 , V . . , , ..... V 1 . . 1 ..... Vernon Lattin Vice President . . . . V . . ................ John Tillotson Secretary . . 1 , . . . . , , . . . . ...... Franco Barbero FacultyAdviscr ......... . . . . V Professor Carl Christman Councilor .......... . . . , V . . ..... . Henry Anderson Vernon Lattin, president Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional ncation 111 the hclds of commerce, accounting 2111dE11a11ce. business fraternity. One of its Chief aims has been to co- Beta Tau chapter was founded at UNM in 1948. Activi- operate and assist 111 the development of its professional ties include tours of industrial and business establish- school to as great 21 degree as possible. Through the years, ments, obtaining speakers from the various business fields, it has contributed much to the progress of professional cd- and helping in freshman orientation and registration. Row 1 tscatcdt. L. to R.: Roy Hunter, 11111 Coggins, Stan Black, John Tillotson, Vernon Lattin. Franco Barbero, Bill Tharp, Ioc Nordcr, Guest Speaker. Row 2 tstandingt, L. to R.: Al Castillo, Larry Kearney, Bill Capers, XVarrcn Hardin, I011 Sakamoto. Not Shown: Professor Carl Christman, Faculty adviser; Henry Anderson, Councilor; Ralph Neel, 'l'om XVclch, Joe Chavez, Dave Recs, Haig Bodour, John Pena, lay Christensen. 202 OFFICERS President ................................. Max XVebb Vice President ........................ W arrcn Hallbauer Secretary . . . ........... . , . . . . Stephen A. Matthews 'ljreasurcr .............................. Garvin Fryar 1 Inspired by the purpose of encouraging and 13111511il1g Max Webb president professional organization was Chartered on campus in 1948. Through speakers, projects, and associations, the Membership is open to all upper class students regu- AIChE strives to prepare its members for the future pro- mtcrcsts 111 Chcmlcal engmecrmg, UNiVVS Chapter of tlns larly enrolled 111 Chemical engineering classes. fessional lives. 1 Row 1 kneeling, L. to R.: Ray Baca, E. C. Bosicr, Steve Christensen. Richard 1Vood, Kim McCrackcn, David Neal, Ken Carpenter, Arthur Lopez Row 2: Jim Diebold, Garvin Fryar, Dr. '1'. '1'. Castonguay, I. D. Valenzuela, James Mok, I T. Michelson, Robcrt Maxwell, Dr. Philip Boc- quct, Tomas Bringas, 1Varrcn Hallbaucr, Donald Ziegler. Row 3: Howard Hill, Mike Bolduc, Max VVchb, Bill Black, 'l'uckcr Coughlcn, Jim Simons. Stephen Matthews. 203 1 wmerican jnstitute of alectrical engineers OFFICERS President ............................ Bill D. Trembly Vice President ......................... Fred R. Bentley AIEE See. ........................... Edward Presson IRE Sec. ........................... Thomas H. Gray 'l'reasurer . . . V . t . V V . ............. Dallas H. Jensen The American Institute of Electrical Engineers-Institute of Radio Engineers Joint Student Branch was organized in 1945. The purpose of the organization is to further the professional development of the electrical engineering student and to promote interests in the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering and allied fields. Each year the branch, in cooperation with the national societies, spom sors a student paper competition. The winner of each contest is given an all expense paid trip to the Regional Convention of the appropriate society. Activities available to members include guest speakers, scientiHc Elms, Held trips, student paper presentations. and an opportunity to meet and converse with men of the engineering profession. v Bill rl'rembh', president Row 1: Earl Huslcr, Bill Trembly, Pete McCloy, Sam Bishop, Lee Johnson, Norman L. Ransom, Edward Presson, Fred Stewart, Fred Bentley, Bob Ashley, Richard Eckerman, Dennis Barton, Charlie Campos, Virgil C. Fordham, Dean R. Stanfield. Row 2: Dr. R. K. Moore, R. L. Kasparek, L. N. Bennett, Lee Sehgman, S. 11. Durrani, Gerald Perry, Vincent Chavez, 1. Carlos Lueem, Doyle R. Lvddon, Lee Sandoval, Prof. R. hV. Tapv, Kenneth Patrick. Row 3: Dal Jensen, Bob Lewis, George Block, Tom Cray, Iim MaeKay, XVilliam Baker; Owen P. XVilh'ams, John M. MacCreach', James E. Zachery, IIerry A. Cermcr, Iohn A. TOUCH, Roy Frasert I 204 O4merican Society of Civil Engineers OFFICERS President ............................ . 1 , BC11 Snow V icc President V V . . ............... . . 1 Floyd XV 1111111115 1 Secretary . V ......................... . .Iohn Ahlskog Treasurer . V V ....... . . V 1 ............ XVarrcn Flaherty FacultyAdViscr . . . ...................... Prof. Ray Foss The American Society of Civil Engineers is a student to promote the best interests of the University. Member- Chapter 0fthc11ationa1 professional organization of civil ship is open to all regularly enrolled students of the 111g topics, to further interests of engineers in general, and engineers. Its purpose is to encourage interest 111 engineer- departmcnt of civil engineering. 1 I 1 SMQKlNG a ANYTLME 1 1 , 11c: i ? L. to R., Row 3: Ricardo Sanchez, XVarrcn Fluhcrty, Byron Homer, 1Villiam Clarke, '1'0111 Lawson, Jim Harrigan, 1Villiam Koenig, Robert Flock, Cedric Sheppard, Hans Couchcron-Aamot, Edgar DdVildc. L. to R., Row 2: 101111 Neville, Mohammad Saleem, Joseph Hanncr, George Bosiljcvac, Karel Pckarek, 101111 Henson, Charles Reisingcr, XVilliam Burkctt, Albert Elliott. L. to R. Omeelingy Row 1: Harold Fisher, Ben Snow, Ali Sh-Asghar, Ahmad Chaudhry, Kenneth Moss, Harry 1Villiams, Floyd XVilliams, John Ahlskog, Miles Standish, Bill Jumper. 205 206 President Treasurer John E. Clover, president The student branch of the American Society of Me- chanical Engineers, 21 national organization, provides mechanical engineering students with an opportunity to advance, circulate, and practice their mechanical engii ncering knowledge. It was designed to promate an atmosi pherc of profcssioual consciousness and fellowship and to present a proper perspective of engineering vocations. Membership is open to 2111 students enrolled in the College of Engineering. V ice President ........ Secretary . Program Committee Chairman OFFICERS ............................. John Glover ................ Bob McCormick .............................. Martha M iller ........................... Howard Burgess .............. Bill Putnizm Coffee Shop Foreman ...................... Elmer Eilcrs Activities include regular monthly meetings with guest speakers, movies, presentations of research papers, and technical discussion. Several held trips to place of engi- neering interest are conducted each semester. The UNM student branch participates in the regional convention of ASME student branches. iiMcchanical Engineering," the national societyys monthly journal, keeps members abreast of current tech- nical developments. W N; am! W$ m U L. to R., Row 1 iscatcdi : Howard Burgess, William I. Miller, XViley C. XVcHs, Glen Driskill. Row 2: Art Cone, Jerry Street, Ken Seavcr, Fred Mc- Cracken, A. D. Fordhfaculty adviscr, Bob XVinovich, Bob Jackson, John Clover. Carl Radwanski. Row 3: Bob McCormick, Jack Thompson, Chuck StcEcn, Floyd Lundy, R. XV. Martin, Jim Keeling, C. D. Lucas, C. R. Brownlee, Richard Groff, Gail Stccle. CAI 5,351,014 CIVIL ENGINEERING Row 1: John NeviHc, Ahmad Chaudhry, Kenneth Moss, Ben Snow, president; Ray Foss, facu1ty adx'lser; John Ahlskog, Vice president; Byron Homer, VVilh'am Burkctt. Row 2, 1. to r.: Harold Fisher, XViHiam Clarkc, secretary; George Bosilicvac, '1'0m Lawson, Floyd XVilliams, Robert Flock, Hans CouchcronAmnot, treasurcr; Alhcrt Elliott. Chi Epsilon is a national honorary civil engineering fraternity. Its purpose is to encourage greater achievements in the civil engineering profession with the broad principles of scholarship, character, practicality and sociability as guides. ; l 3 am lama MECHANICAL ENGINEERING nmi 3 mm .v j; '53 WW 1 a z gig Row 1, 1. to r.. Bob Jackson, rec. sect; , Rlchard Nichaus, Siew Pow Chan, Prof. Frederick Iu, Prof. Kenneth Johnson, Art Trujillo 1 corrcs. sect; Fred McCrackcn, president, Mr, William Baker, John Glover. Row 2, 1. to r.: Bub h'lcCormack, Roger Schamaun, treasurer; Boh i Braser, Jack Thompson, Floyd Lundy, vice president; Elmer Eilers, Prof. A. D1 Ford, 'l'om McKinley, Prof. Richard Dove, XVcndel Steiner. The purpose of Pi Sigma Chapter of Pi T au Sigma, national honor society for mechanical engineers, is to encourage those qualities and activities which make a successful mechanical engineer. r 1 nga 0:114 OFFICERS President ......... , .................... David H. Neal V ice President ............................ John Glover Recording Secretary .................... Ken Carpenter Corresponding Secretary ................... Fred Bentley Treasurer .............. . . . .............. Bill Clarke Historian . . . V ........................... Lee Seligman David Neal, president Sigma Tau is the national engineering honorary frater- The primary aim of Sigma Tau is to develop those nity. Chi chapter was founded at the University of New qualities, activities, and relationships which make a suc- Mexico in 1928. cessful engineer. Tobe considered for admission to Sigma Tau the candi- This year Chi chapter had its Erst annual Christmas date must have a scholastic record which places him in banquet, formed a scholarship fund for deserving engi- the upper onc-third 0f the junior and senior classes neering students, and gave a prize to the freshman engi- Combined. student with the highest grade-point average. Row 1: Roger Schamaun, Robert Martin, XVilliarn B. Clarke, treasurer; I P. Hethcoat, Elmer Eilcrs, Richard Patrick, Douglas Dunbar, Richard S. Baty, William L. Baker. Row 2: Richard C. Vaughan, faculty adviser; Johnny E. Clover, vice president; Floyd E. Lundy, IL, Lee Sehgman, historian; Jay V. Percival, David II. Neal, president; Jim T. Mason, John A. Tondl, Hans H. Coucheron-Aamot, Charles E. Weld. Row 3: Don Fisher, Tucker Coughlen, tVendell Steiner, Tyen Ching Chen, Amado A, 'Iirujillo, Sicw Poh Chan, Ken Carpenter, recording secretary; Fred Bentley, corresponding secretary, Bob Flock, Virgil C. Fordham. 208 $elta igma i OFFICERS President .................. Kenneth Bohlandcr Senior Vice President , . . . ........ Hank Johnson Junior Vice President ................ Kyle Dufhc Secretary V V . i ................ . . V Ray Pcttit t Treasurer ........................... Paul Bcatty Historian ................... XVendell Armstrong L. to R.: Ray Pettit, Paul Bcatty, Kenneth Bohlzmdcr, Kyle Duffie, Hank Johnson. i L Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity. Its aims conducts business and industrial tours, and brings speakers are to encourage the study of commerce and business admin- from the business world to the university. istration in universities, and to promote a closer afEliation bee Each year the chapter awards the Delta Sigma Pi scholar- t i tween the commercial world and students of commerce ship key to the graduate with the highest grade average in the through research and practice. College of Business Administration. The Gamma Iota Chapter at UNM helps with registration, L. to K, Front row: Iohn Ci Vthcler, Bruce Butler, Ray Pettit, Hank Johnson, Kenneth Bohlander, Kyle Dufhe, Paul Beatty, Johnny Taylor. Row 2: Irvin Potter, Carl Thornton, Allan VanFleet, Jack Dailey, Billy Basham, Delbert XVashburn, George Doolittle, Kenneth Bccchy, Hugh Goodall, James Taylor, Edmund W. Boicc. Not pictured: Mike Alarid, hVendell Armstrong, Ray Bcrube, Gerald Coatcs, Bob Cochring, Mickey Mast, Jerry McKenzie, Emmery Postenriedcr, Jim Radosevich, Jim Taylor. 209 I 'it ya ., x eisingcr, Roger Schamaun. Top row, 1. to r.: Karel Pekarek, Tucker Coughlen, Bill Trembly, Martha Miller, James Diebold, Paul Martin, Chuck R Bottom row, 1. to r.: John Meissncr, Sam Sperry, Chuck Steffen. The Engineerts Joint Council is the governing board of the hilechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering branches of Engineering. ome gconomics CIMA First row, 1. to r.: Nancy Gothard, Peggy Pick, Madge Ryan, Carrol Ann XVilson, Mary Lou Watson, treasu Beth Sage. Second row, 1. to r. tstandingi : Mrs. Ruth Harris, Miss Imogene McMurrav, adviser; Marilvn Li 4 1 pp, Judy Runge, Diana Bratcher, secretary; Darlyn Dosscy, president; Laura Mocharnuk, vice president; Patsy Bragg, Charlotte MCCaHrey, Ami Blue, Ian LaDue. rer; Antoinette Pappas, Alice Thieman, This year the Home Economics Club gave a tea for the contestants 0f the District Makc-it-Yourself with XVool Contest, made tray favors for the childrenis ward at the County Indian Hospital, and held its annual cocky sale. Membership is open to any student in the University who is presently enrolled in or has been previously enrolled in home economic courses. 210 HOB IE ECONOX IICS Row 1 tscatedt: Mrs. Ruth Harris, Jane Barbee, president; Narasonia Spatz, x'icc prcsident; Miss Ican McMurray, sponsor. Row 2 tstandingt: Gloria Calvert, treasurer; Lyn Hagaman, Ann Barlow, Mary R. Salazar, secretary; Mrs. Gracc Elscr, sponsor. Not present: Miss Florence Schroeder, sponsor. Kappa Omicron Phi is the honorary professional fraternity for women in the field of home economics. Its purpose is to further the interest in this field. music galucation Wational Conference-Stuclent CAaPter . mm: Row 1, 1. to r.: Kathie Locsch, Karen Albach, Dora Rosenbaum, Bcvcrly Kynor, Marilyn Miller, Carolyn Randall, Alice Lee Robberson, Cynthia Graham, Sharon Cardcnhcad. Row 2, 1. to r.: 106 Bob 'l'illotsou, Judi 'l'urano, Robert O' Boyle, Carl Brogan, Benjamin Iammillo, Elliot Higgins, John Otero, Allen XVestfall, James Bonncll. Row 3, 1 to r.: Dr. Jack R. Stephenson, sponsor; Bob Gracie, Kay Ferrin, James Richards. This is the student chapter of the Music Education National Convention Chapter at the University of New A chico. 211 ; Al. amma QM BUSINESSADMINISTRATION L. to R.: Marie Roybal, Judy Zanotti, Trudy Hughes Lstanding trcasurcr; Janet Haney, Janice 'l'ccd, president; Eileen Ilutchison, Mary Lou Gates Qtand- ingy. Harriet Gerding, scribe; Betty McBride, secretary. The purpose of Phi Gamma Nu, business administration fraternity for women, is to further interest in Civic and professional enterprises. rt. eCamAala jAeta EDUCATION g Row 1: Hilda Spies, Monte Lce Davis, Edith Manfredi, Evelyn Smith, Genevieve Damgaard, Frances Shutt, Margaret Pcke, Grace L. Elscr, Katharine S. McFall, Ruth Roberts, Mary Mcnaul Rowe, Row 2: Icancttc French, Ethcl MaryMoorc, Louise Hensley, Lorraine Painter, Esther Larson, l'Ielcn Harriger, Ritta Cutler. Row 3: Dona Gail Carlini, Laura Atkinson, Margaret Cook, Audrey A. 'l'apy, Carol Alalouf, Patricia Gcrcty, Sandra Fosslcr, Peggy Piper. Pi Lambda Theta is a national honorary education fraternity for women. Its purpose is to bring together women of high scholastic standards who are interested in the Eeld of education. 212 nga $elta CAI JOURNALISM m $ L. to R.: Ernest Sanchez, LOBO editorhprcsidcnt; Armand 'I'urpenhsecretary, Jamie Rubcnstc 1, Adan Herrera. Larry Hc-Ginnis, Prof. Leonard L. Jermain, Fritz rlwhompson, Peter Mnslcyhvicc president. Sigma Delta Chi is a professional journalism fraternity whosc purpose is to advance the standards of thc press and to associate journalists of talent, truth, and energy in a more intimately organized unit of good fellowship. Membership is open to men students who are in good standing and who have above average scholastic ratings. nga gamma gpsilon GEOLOGY First Row: Greg Pino, John Lucas, Russ Clcmonshprcsideut; Bill BartlettHVicc president. Row 2: Biswa Pradhan, John MYConigIe, Yogcndra Singh, Richard Ortiz, Robert Bullock, Dr. A. Rosenzweig, Norm Brown, Dr. V. C. Kelley faculty adviser, Don MCLcroy, Art Merklc, Larry Mating, Larry hVagner, Hans Engcl. The purpose of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, a national honorary earth science fraternity, is to stimulate an interest in the earth science Eeldshgeology, mining, metallurgy, ceramics, petroleum engineering, and allied helds-and to cm- Courage high scholastic standards among its members. 213 Student galucation dssociation OFFlCERS President . . ............ . . . . Doug Cannichael Vice President , ..................... Patty Beaty Secretary-Treasurer . , , . . . . , . . , Jeanette French Historian ....................... Glenna Kilgore Parlimnentarian ........................ C1111 E13011 The Student Education Association is a professional organization for university students preparing to teach. Los Educadores SEA was Chartered on the UNM campus by the 112111011211 and state organizations 111 1956. The University Chapter acts as host for the fall state convention held annually in conjunction with the New President Doug Carmichael, Rose 312111 Iaramillo and Sand1 B101's 1116X1CO Education ASSOClatlon convention A11 FIA Day are ready to 1631c for thc s1r111 SEA Educational Conference hc1d 111 . . , I 110rt31csils held each sprmg for Future 1 eachers of Albuquerque junior and senior high schools. The FTA members at- tend classes, tour the campus, and see educational movies. R011 1 1k11ec1111g1: Jeanette French, Doug Carmichael, Patty Bcaty, Cliff Elson, G1e1111a Kilgore. Row 2 1seated1: Dr. 1101611 Walters, Ad1iser Eliza- beth L1nL,1113111ta Cata, Van Salazar, Dolores Sa11do1'a1,Nanc1'Umberger,.Row; 1sta11d111g1: Anita Henderson Margaret Gonzales, C3101Cramer,D1311CB1rc1,ljonnaRhodemzm,1011c 2111111161111311, D3111'11 Dossc1, 1121114011 XVatson 111116 11311163, 511811111 Perk111s,Carol Elkins, Barbara Burt Ma111a I1aile,LaR11e Eaton Pat1c11k1ns,1ca11 Grigsb1'Ro1v4: I11tosl11 Ikeda, Adviser; Mary E11611 ElshrocL, Edna Meintzer,Sa11d1 B1015, Mar1 1111115. 15:11 1L1 C11rr1', Nc1da Sue X11111s,Sa111'La 1'a1er,Arlee11Olso11,A11ce 1101',t Eldon C11011'11111g, Mr. LLRoy Condic Adxiscr. 214 7M ap 13a IMIPa FORENSICS 9w . .. . . . v .V, V ,. . 9., . my gimmi 3km. . .v , 4-. v , . 3 i ' L. to R.: Dave Burk, Cal Hylton, Vernon Lattm, Mr. Claude IIcmpen, George MCKim, I06 Mercer, Mr. I. O. Ricd, Dr. Wayne Eubank, Dr. Fred Chrcist, Robert Hanna, Dr. Cullen B. Owens. The purpose of Tau Kappa Alpha, national honorary forensic fraternity is to give recognition for CXCCL lence in public speaking, and to develop and encourage interest in forensics among the students of colleges and universities. Stiualen Wurses dssociation Row 1. 1. to r.: Carmen Hands, Michael Miller, corrs. sec; Adelita Macstes, treas.; Corina Baca, Virginia Castillo, Arlcnc Jackson, second Vice pres. Row 2, 1. to r.: Anne Minn, Anne Kubitz, Susan Malone, Betty Ayers, Sharon Smith, . Row 3, 1. to r.: Mary Williams, Anna Roark, Amy Fcrran, Dorothy Uallcnbcrgcr, V'cm Steinbergcr, . Row 4, 1. to r.: Cecilia Garcia, first Vice prcs.; Janet Stcvenson, Martha 'l'Crwilliger, Prudence Cramp, Margo Nelson, recording sec. Row 5, l. to r.: Mary Craig, Gwendolyn Hastings, Ora Carter, pres.; Janet Holman, Ethel MutT, Mrs. Dorothy Lacour, adviser. x u .. v u;- Thc purpose of the organization is to aid in the development of the student nurse as a democratic Citizen by broad- ening the member's horizons as an individual and as a member of a group. 215 , O 0 Women S vammlng 3 eam Wwwk 3 . i x a First row, 1. to r.: Elaine Urbanski, Debbie XViHiamson, Polly Kaufnmn. Fluff dCKok, Audrey Redding, Elaine Martin Row 2: Mm Charlotte Piper. sponsor, Dorothy Boyd, Eileen Moore, Dorothy Olson, Sally Bridges, Iczm Lawton Ueam captaim. Rmv ;: Dorothy Dustmzm, Janice Parker, Mary Stallbaum. Hubic XVilliams. Not shown: "l'hca Muller, Ilka VOchl, Ierric Reynolds, Libby IIoItz, T116 Vome11ys Swimming Team gives women students the opportunity to compete in swimming. ng. majors anal minors Row 1, 1. to r.: Mary Baca, Alberta Bates, Madge Lanphcar, Vice prcsident; Peggy IIcrter, treasurer; Rosa Harper, president; Icrri Reynolds, secretary; Miss Francis McCill, sponsor; Peggy Shoemaker, Janice Wright. Row 2: Rosalie Pcrca, Elaine Bahm, Butch Beck, Lina McLain, Nancy Wilson, Indy Thomas , 1"rankic Pierce, Ican Lawton, Hubie XVilliams, Talya Bowland, Lil Vaid, Libby Holtz, Barbara Sturgcs, Sally Bridges, K. C. Crownm'er, Ann Barnes, Sandy XValkcr. Physical Education Majors and Minors was organized to further interest among women physical education majors. 216 WWW XVC have learn 1 to bc Citizens of the world, 111C1111 CI'S 0f t1 L human C0111 munity. FRANKLIN D. Roosmm iscellaneous 0440Aa ?Ai Cmega OFFICERS President ................................ Bill Mandell Vice President .......................... John Mountjoy V icc President ............................... Bob James Vice President .............................. Kcn Seavcr Secretary ................................ James Kynor Treasurer ................................ John Mandell Bill Mandell, president A Phi O is a national fraternity whose purpose is to as- nation as full participating citizens. It is the only organiza- semblc men in fellowship for the purpose of rendering tion of the New Mexico campus that is formed for the service to the campus, to the community, and t0 the purpose of service only. Row 2 tstaudingi : Gary Irwin, pledge; Gerry Hubhart, adviser; Homer Milford, John Allen, John Mandell, Curt Keeler, Wayne MC- Achran, Iim Goldstein, scouting adviser. Row 1 tseatcdt: Bob James, Bill Mandell, John h'Iountjoy. 218 CIMA ole as a4mericas Row 1, 1. m r.: Eduardo Montcvcrde, Diana Reholledo, Franco Barhcro, Pctc Frecman. Row 2: Arturo lasso, Joseph Graham, Alfonso B. Sandoval, hrleh'uda Meyer, Fulvia Escobar. Row 3: Norman Marin, John McGregor, Pamela Dempsey, John Forsyth, Coralia Fernandez, Donald Locasio. Row 4: Nancy Rini, Mary Gibson, Vinccnte Martinez, Javier Torres. The Club de Las Americas is 2111 organization of students attending the University who are interested in Inter- American Affairs. orensics Row 1, kncchng: Carroll IIylton, debate assistant; Iohn Morrill, Ioc Mcrcer, Vernon Lnttin, Richard Miller. Row 2: Irene Abaskin, Anthony Mares, Dr. C. B. Owens, Mikc Brown, Kurt Lohhcck, Mary McCord. The purpose of Forensics is to give recognition for excellence in public speaking and to develop and encomage interest in forensics among the general public and the students of colleges and universities. 219 JGm CM OFFICERS President .................................... A1 Ortiz Vice President ............................ Anselm Davis Treasurer ................................ XVilh'am Pine Secretary ............................... Nellie Benally Student Senate ............. . . . , . . . . , . . .Mary Cordero Alternate Student Senate ................. Martha 'l'sioscha Tony Purley and hVilfred Eriacho are shown in costume 0f the Plains Indian XVar Dance, a favorite of the annual Nizhoni Indian Daneea The Kiva Club is an organization made up of Indian stu- Each April, the Kiva Club sponsors the Nizhoni Indian dents and other interested students attending the University. Dances 0n the UNM campus to raise money for scholarship Its purpose is to foster good fellowship among the members purposes. The Kiva Club also sponsors the Indian Youth of the club, to promote an interest in the culture and tradi- Conference held each year in Santa Fe, and participates in tions of the American Indian, and to encourage and help the larger and wider Regional Indian Youth Conference, individuals of Indian descent to seek higher learning. which will be held this year at UNM. a , 1:3 First Row: Dr. Tom Sasaki, Juanita Cata, Anselm C. Davis, Martha Tsiosdia, Alfonso Ortiz, Nellie Benally, William Pino, Dr. Harry Basehart. Row 2: Emma Nilchee, Cordelia Leeds, Eunice James, Loraine T30, Bertha Curtis, Judith Tuthill, Paula Roush, Veon W'aconda. Row 3: Bill Ondelaey, 'l'om Lief, Jacqueline Kane, Meg Davisson, Linda Arviso, Herman Cata, Marvin Martza, Claude Medford, Benjamin Denny, Cecil Patrick, Mark Cheresposy. Row 4: Kenneth Benally, Len O'yenque, Allen R. Martinez, XVilfred Eriacho, Kenneth Patrick, Juan Coonsis. 220 ?QaIQCom 1 OFFICERS Patsy Martin Angela Amorous Priscilla Smith Judy Rungc ........... Gerri Rasor ,,,,, RallyCom is a student spirit organization whose pur- pose is to promote student activities through attempts to develop spirit and enthusiasm in both the students 21nd faculty members of the University. During the football season, RallyCom Sponsors Mom and Dad7s VVCCkend, a weekend of events planned espe- cially for parents of UNM students. RallyCom is in President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rally Chairman Patsy Martin, president charge of varsity and freshman Cheerleader tryouts; 21nd telegrams arc sent by R2111yC0111 to thC LOBO teams 011 out-of-town games. 111 the spring 0011108 tho 21111111211 HDOg Patch Dazdy dance and 21 picnic for thc Lettcrmcnk Club sponsorcd by RallyCom. As a service organization, as well as 21 spirit organiza- tion, RallyCom contributes to Campus Chest. Row 1: Judy Runge, Kathi Connor, Donna Drake, Priscilla Smith, K1A1111 Hubby, Indy Cline, Ilelcn Alexal1der.lRow 2: C310 FVilliams, Joann Blay- lock, Lynne Belka, Bonnie Zanotti, Marge Jones, Charlotte Jones, cha Gifford, Bethe Sloan. Row 3: Patsy Martm, B'Iargaret Stevens, Carolyn B0111- iicld, Chervl Lec Cunningham, Valerie Shercr, Dottie Howe, Maria Richcrt. Row 4: Angela Amorous, Barbc Rodgers, Verna Crccr, Karen Dorms, ' Marsha Leonard, Judith Tuthill, Hart 1Vcstfall. 221 George Alclofjf, Rodeo Club coach, riding at Calgary. The UNM Rodeo Club was organized in the fall of 1958 by two lthauds'i who wished to promote interest in rodeo. The Clubs major accomplishment was the First Annual Fiesta Rodeo, which had cowboy contestants from three eolleges-NM State, Colorado. and UNM, and featured singing star, Marty Robbins. W ith last year as a successful foundation, the club plans to expand its activities. A new idea for improving Row ?Qooleo CM OFFICERS President ..................... Bucky Baker Vice President . . . . ................ Al Hart Secretary ................. Danielle Campbell Treasurer ..................... Lois Arnold Program Director ............... 'l'om Nahers Brone Director ............. Berry Stamhaugh Roping and Dogging Director ........ Bill Hill Bull Riding Director ........... IOC Clements the IHCIHbCIS, contest skills is regular practice sessions at which riding and roping movies are taken. The members can develop their strong points and correct their faults by analyzing these pictures. Other activities included dances and a barbecue, and this year the Rodeo Club produced the Second Annual Fiesta Rodeo. 1: Berry Stambaugh, Albuquerque; Ernest Chavez, Albuquerque; Mary Helen Metealfe, Austin, Tex.; Marguerite Cal- lagher, Phoenix, Ariz.; Danielle Campbell, Albuquerque; Bucky Baker, Rochester, Mimi; Al Hart, Waban, Mass; Lois Arnold, Albuquerque; Bernie Ely, Albuquerque. Row 2: Les Stambaugh, Albuquerque; D011 Mitchell, Albuquerque; Don Lav Roe, Hobbs, N. M.; Dave Tonkinson, Warren Louis, David Radley, Herb Langhtt, Jim Blair, Bill Hill, Tom Nabers, Pat Hinehman, all of Albuquerque. Not pictured: Joe Clements, Kay Graham, Dick Ray, all from Albuquerque; Penny Powers Linda MeiVIillin, both from Las Cruces, N. M.; Charles Bates, Moriarity, N. M.; Don Hensley, Harlingen, Tex. Willis Barnes, Sponsor 222 y OFFICERS President ......................... Honey Wilder Vice President ...................... Muiriel Hitc Secretary ....................... Gretchen Brooks Treasurer ....................... . Judy Chant Membership Chairman V ........ Anola XVhoolery W aterlous was organized for the purpose of interesting the women students at UNM in synchronized and stunt swimming. The group sponsors a watershow during the Fiesta weekend. L," '4 Row 1: Ann Rutledge, Sally Huston, Pam Schrom, Sandra Taulbec, Lynne Belka, Martha Sue Cochran, Gretchen Brooks, Joann W ildcr, Anola thccrs, Semester II, It to r.: Gretchen Brooks, secretary; Judy Chant, treasurer; Anola VVhoolery, Vice president; Joann XVildcr, president; Gail Russell, 1110111hership chairman. Membership is based on general all ,round swimming ability. University men interested in the activities of the Club are welcomed as honorary members. W M $9 m VVhoolery, Judy Chant, Sandy Smith, Row 2: Dorothy Olson, Sammie Nunnally, Mary Stallbaum, Lee Booth, Royal Phillips, Mary Ann Rila, Caro- lyn Boniheld, Dusty Dustman, Sharel Anderson, adviser; Kay Shane, Patti Lou Camp. Row 3: Mary Childers, Monica Anderson, Eileen Martin, Patsy Martin, Lynda Adams, Ian Dortignac, Kate I'Iunt, Lynne VVicbell, Judy Thomas, Penny i Taughton, Janice Parker, Sydney Dahlen. 223 N EW MEXICO LOBO Published Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the regular university year except during holidays and examination periods by the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico. Entered as second class matter at the post office, Albuquerque. August 1, 1913, under the act of March 3. 1879. Printed by the University Printing: Plant. Subscription rate, $4.50 for the school year, payable in advance. Editorial and Business Office in Journalism Building. Tcl. CH 3-1428 Editor . V . i ....... . . . . .................. Ernest Sanchez Managing Editor . ..... V . . . V . . V . V ..... . Fritz Thompson Monday Night Editor . V V V V VVVVV . . . V . . V . . . V . V . V John Marlow thducsduy Night Editor ..... V V V . ............. . Peter Xiaslcy 'I'hursday Night Editor . . ..... . V V . . . . . . . , Jam's Rubcustciu Sports Editor ...... . . . V . . V . V . . ........ . V . . Lindcu Knightcu Business Manager , . V . V . V . V . . . V . V . V . . . V . V . Jeanettc French Business Adviser V . ................... . . . . . ..... V Dick French Eruic Sanchcz, editor of 1939-60 LOBO. Armoud 'l'urpcu, LOBO photographer, consults with Ernie concerning one of his notorious BCampus Cutie" shots. Working at night is just one of the phases of putting out a newspaper. Left to right are: Ernie; Fritz Thompson, Managing Editor; Iamie Rubcnstciu, Night Editor; Peter Maslcy, Night Editor; TCSS Murray, columnist; and John Marlow, Night Editor. 'l'aking a break in the journalism reading room are columnists Peter Masley, Tcx Deiterman, Linden Knightcn. Larry McGinnis. and Mike Stryker. ; Pctcr Maslcy, who took ovcr thc LOBO editorship for the last month of schooL Proofing copy are Bobbic Sunchcz, Indy Sprungcr, 'I'ess Murray and Chloe Linebcrgcr. The business department of the LOBO: Ann Vcrklcr, Assistant Business Managcr; Jeanette French, Business Manager; and Dick French, Business Supervisor. lust part Of a working day . . . Wktlas" Sanchez and Fritz T110111pson print LOBO ads while John Marlow and Dick French look on. irage Many hours of labor have gone into the pro- duction of the 1960 Mirage with the idea of pleasing youhthe students, the administration, the alumni, and loyal UNM boosters. Wc sini cercly hope you like it!! Lorcna Brmnlctt, Editor Nina Whiter, Managing Editor, looks over a picture with Anabel Stafford, copy writer. Business Manager: Neil Frumkin, discusses ad layout with Dick Barbe Rodgers and Margaret Stevens pause in their work on the Greek sec- Frcnch, Busmess Superwsor for the student publications. tion. Not shown is Annette Benninghovcn, Grcck Editor. 226 x x tam. Wm x;zx Jackie Silverman, class staff member. Mary Lee XVeldon, Index Editor asV Becky Duke, Royalty Editor. ix Loye MCCutcheon, organizations staff member, and Lib- ' 3 . ' ' ' ' w ; x v ' ' . . . . ble loch, Organlzatlons Fflitor, dud plctures for thelr Anabel Stafford, copy wrlter; IoAnn Tate, Faculty Edltor; Mam Mulhns, faculty staff; and Pat SCCUOIL Coldsworthy, Assistant Editor U. to r. , were caught working during semester vacation. Laura N'Iocharnuk, Features Editor, and Karen XVhite, copy writer, discuss a new assignment. The new addition to the Journalism Building, completed this Spring, houses the othees of the student publicationseLOBO, MIRAGE, and THUNDERBIRD; and the oHice of the student publicationst Business Supervisor. munJeVAiral The THUNDERBIRD, the campus literary magazine which is pub- lished twice a year, is put out by a student editor and staff, and contains the original work of UN M students. ATHLHICS 230 luvm. Jfall 0; 7m Don Perkins This past year has been a great one for many things. One of the most signifi- cant accomplishments was the establishment of the UNM Hall Of Fame. No New Mexico football player will ever again wear jersey number 43. The jersey worn by star halfback Don Perkins during his three years of play at the Univer- sity of New Mexico was retired this past year as the start of our Hall of Fame. Don was the star of the UNM-Air Force Academy game, the winning of which brought great prestige to the University of New Mexico. In 1959, Don was Co-Captain of the W olfpack, All American candidate, A11 Skyline halfback, and holder of the Skyline rushing record. It is with great pleasure and pride that we dedicate this years sports section to Don Perkins, a truly outstanding athlete and personality. 550405 1 Lobos 1959-6o: Pictured above is the 1959 University of New Mexico varsity football squad. They are, left to right: Front row: Frank Cullick, Bob VVino- vich, Don Burleson, Ron James, John Wall, Dick Bright, Ron Beaird, Don Black, Bob XVcnk, Bob Lozicr. Second row: Linc coach John Ncumann, Bob Crandall, Don Perkins, John Payton, Billy Brown, John Shaski, John Byrd, Iakc Ramirez, Jack Butler, Lew Crow, Jim Thomas, head coach Marv Levy. Third row: Assistant freshman coach Ken Tillman, Ed Beach, I00 VolC0tt, Chuck Cummings, Bill Hayes, Willis Fjerstad, Frank Malasky, George Kennedy, Roger Kranz, Bob Anthony, Chuck Roberts, Gene Scott, backfield coach Bill Weeks. Fourth row: End coach and Chief scout Lou Cullen, Jay McNitt, Durward Stell, Hal Ried, Pat Blaney, Ralph Flemming, Phil Steinberg, Jim Hughes, Dave VVestphall, Iim Bradley, trainer Tow Dichm, freshman coach Don Chelf, equipment manager Carl Erickson. Fifth row: Joe Cleveland, Boyde Long, Dick Coughlan, Jarvis Ivy, John Carbcr, Jerry Prohaska, George Gill, George Fribcrg, B0 Bankston, Ed Lewis, student trainer Johnny Baxter. u 21!.ng 7;otAall Coac es UNM Football Coaches. L. to R.: Don Chclf, freshman coach; Lou Cullen, cud coach and chief scout; Marv Levy, hcad coach; Bill XVccks, backEcld coach: and John Ncumann, line coach. Scott trips AF. up on kickoiiC return in 3rd quarter. :De eats New Mexico's Lobos, holding steady on the brink of dis- aster, upset the powerful Air Force Academy, 28-27, in a classic football thriller, avenging the 45-7 loss to the AF last year. The Lobos roared back from a 21-7 halftime deficit with three touchdowns in the second half and then stopped the Falcons' desperation bid in the dying minutes of the game. The contest wasnit billed in honor of Don Perkins, but the courageous Lobo halfback and his Ered-up teammates won the hearts of the fans as they turned in their biggest victory of the year. Perkins scored three touchdowns, one on a 64 yard screen pass from quarterback Chuck Roberts, and the others on 5 and 8 yard runs. Bob Crnndall added another touchdown on a one-yard run for the Lobos, and Ed Beach kicked four extra points as Lobos piled up the biggest score against the Air Academy this year. 232 High points of the game-Mayo hit end Bob Briekey with a 21 yard pass play to the Lobo one and then snuek over for the touchdown with just a little over two minutes gone in the game. This came after the Falcons had scooped up a Lobo fumble. Then the Air Force scooped up the ball dropped by Pep kins 0n the Air Force six-yard line. his stopped the LobosT first big drive. Gloom continued to hang over New Mexico hopes when the Falcons drove 94 yards to score after this recovery. George Pupieh kicked the second of his three conversions and the second quarter was only 31 seconds old when the Fal- cons held 21 140 lead. Perkins quickly opened the gates for the New Mexico comeback. Taking the kickoFf in the end zone, he carried to the Air Force 42. New Mexico downed by Air Force, two plays later Perkins scores 4th touchdown of the game. 04:? Crandall, who suffered a bad bruise early in the game, ale ternated with Perkins to move the ball across the goal. Per- kins carried for the last hve yards over center. The lightning-quiek Falcon attack quickly matched this touchdown, however. Mayo hit Briekey with a 14 yard pass and later tossed a 28 yard scoring strike to end Sam Hardage. New Mexico staged a serious threat before the half ended. New Mexieok rally started early in the third quarter. Cran- dall carried the ball for New Mexico to the one yard line. In the next play, he went over for the TD. The extra point brought the score to 21-14, favor of the Falcons. Then Lobo lightning struck. Roberts swept to the right, and lobbed a short screen pass to Perkins who romped 64 yards down the right side of the held for UNTVIiS third touchdown. The Lobos, faced with an alternative of going for two OVCQ 28-2 7 points or one, elected to kick. Beaclfs aim justitied the faith placed in him. His kick tied the score at 21-21 with slightly over a minute left in the third period. As the fourth quarter opened, the Lobosi inspired uThin Red Line" again forced the Falcons to punt. Perkins returned this from the 29 to the 47 and ignited the Lobos7 last scoring chive. Later Perkins scootcd through the Falcon defenders un- touched to score on the next play. Beach kicked the extra point and New Mexico led 28-21, with 10 minutes left in the game. The Air Force came back with a TD which left the score at 28-27, LobosT favor. New Mexico got the ball and killed the clock and sealed the victory. Ni Standing ovation for one of the greatest Lobo teams of 2111 time by the student body of UNM. 234 gjxfew KEMQ or fAe Lvosy E Nww of Regents; Pete McDavid, Athletic Director; Tom L. Popejoy, UNM President; XV. C. Krueger, Ground breaking ceremonies for the new stadium. L. to R.: Finlay MacGillivray, Chairman, Board e architect. The new 30,000 seat football stadium will be on University land in the Southeast Heights near Milne Sta- dium. Fans can see the new stadium by turning west off Yale Blvd. onto Southern, SE. ? Artist's sketch of new stadium. 235 7959 60 7-00t5all 494ction Brown in '3' vigya $211,; Lgmrwa TD coming up by Don Perkins against BYU. . against Arizona. Ceorgc Friberg in action against Montana. D011 Pcrkn gets through with 'xcellcnt blocking from teammate Bob Crandall. Sorry fellas, I mis cdH Q? Perkins in at 011 against Texas Vcstem Pass complete to Cleveland in the Cherry Silver h M. A.8zM. VS. U.N.M. game. CAQQVIQQCJQVS VARSITY CIIEERLEADERS: Front row L. to RJ: Angela Amorous, Gretchen Brooks, Ianna Daniels, and Julie Dove. Second row: Ray Porter, head chccrlcader-i Jary Carolc May, Louie thc Lobo, E. I. Peaker, and Steve XVright. any FRESIIMAN CIIEERLEADERS: L. to R.: Dinny Dasburg, Patty Camp, Linda Nelson, LcRoy Martinez, Iudv Pratt, Julie Sadilck. ' 238 Mary Carole May, Head Cheerleader dlllfor tAe 550505 Starla, MP anal xHoller. Angela Amorous Gretchen Brooks Janna Daniels 131W? 151113131111; From left to right back 10112Assist2111tCOachHarm Miller T0111 King, Dale Hawk, I11111111 Caton, 11111 Hall Francis C0ffcc,Mart1' 1118111 I'ranms Cr ant and Head Coach Bob chc11c1.Fro11tro11': Ronmc 1361561 11111111 Harr1',1112111 Larr1'Sn1it11,B111Reid,Lan111 1thcrs Gig Brummell Sc21tcd,fro11t: StudentVanagcrDachiLkerson Q 1121:11 60 66 7O 66 67 50 62 64 80 83 72 69 T110 Points for N.M. 240 OPP. 107 78 95 86 6+ 31 7Q 91 106 10; 75 SCORES Texas Tech Colorado Texas W estern New Mexico State California Western Xavier Detroit Valparaiso XVyoming Colorado Statc Univ. Utah Montana Colorado State Univ. Air Force Acndmny Denver New Mexico Statc Brigham Young Utah State Arizona XVyom 111g M ontana Utah Denver Utah State Brigham Young , do you?" Time running out for NCW Mexico against Montana. It's mind! Action agamst Dcm' Come to Papa. Tom King sinks one for NM agal lst XVyoming. Tom King shooting right-handcd in Montana Gig Brummell for NM. game. Front row, 1. to r.: Stan Hayes, Floyd Highfleld, Crcg Styles, Charles Cummings, John Shaski, Vick Kline, Ralph Liguori. Second row, 1. to r.: Lanny Winters, Ralph Harryman, Jim Caton, Ron James, T0111 Abbot, Gig Brummcl. oCettermen ,5 C1145 'l'he Lettermalfs Club was organized at UNM to strengthen interest among those who are interested in athletics and to further the welfare of its members. Membership is open to those men awarded the N M. Under the present ruling of the Athletic Council, a man must maintain a 1.0 grade average to be eligible for the Nb I. Front row: L. to R: Alfred Florence, Lloyd Von XVOIH, Iohn Bowdish; row 2: lack Ochil, Chris Lomto, Ioe Ilcaston; row 3: Chuck Corbin, Mgr., Carlos Torres, Tom Smylic, Ted Brooks, Coach XVillis Barnes. 'l'hc Lobo XVrcstling team won 2, lost 8. W'ou'rc hurting my arm." 'l'om Smylic gets that HOld Feeling." Smylic retuliates. Uhhll 243 Swimming F101111011 1 '10 R.:1101111 Miller Bob B0110 $101111 11' atLins, XValt Bau111g211d11cr C11ar1ic HatEcld D2110 117113111110 R211 PortcrLtcam cap121111,L1le Parker 11111 C111101d, B111 Best 10111 Sparks Back 1011: Coach 101111111 111111131115 and his 3011 101111 11., B011 111111161 101111 5010111 1c1gcr, Charlie P011611 X11110 C10111cv Bob Ed11ards D2111d Da11d, 101111 MCMalm 10111 Chase Roger 111115011. Missing 13 tc1111 manager Ralph Ligouri. , ; Ray Porter, U M Swim Team Captain, took 2nd place Practicing 111C butterHy stroke 111 UNM 11001. in Skyline Diving 1111311631. 244 Lobo Golf 'I'cam: L. to R.: Jim Abbott, Paul Rost, Bob Meicring tcam captain and former Skyline Modal Champ, Icrry Truax, Vic Kline, former New Mexico State Amatcur Champion. Dick McGuire, UNM Golf Coach The Lobo golfers won the Skyline title in '3; 38, and ,59. Lobo Tennis Team: L. to R., Row 1: Benny Carter, Stcvc Sanchez, John Mnmma, Chuck Boyd. Row 2: Charlie Rlltx Ir. Letterman, Jack Kcnncdy AH American, Laddic Mills, Larry Kingsley. Paul Butt, UNM Tennis Coach The Lobo Tennis Team x "as ' 59 Skyline runnepup. Z45 i i :M 4: w hm; 3' 6 via" 3 2 t g V 1959-60 Lobo Track 'I'cam: Front row: Jerry Sutherlcn, Floyd IIithll, Stan Hayes, Lcc 'l'russcll, Jim Ransom, Barrett Price.'l'0111 Abbott, Ron Pies, Ronnie Singlcton. Row 2: Jim Duprce, Terry Stafford, Jim Stewart, Paul Ilartin. Jim Eppsrson, Dick Howard, Monte Doyle, John Ramscy, Tony Shaw. Row 3: Harvey Pccl, Tom Kclchcr, Ralph Carey, Charles Lockhart, Adolph Plummcr, Andy Sinclair, R. P. XVatcrs, L011 Cottingham, Mike XVright. Hugh Hackctt UNM 'I'rack Coach R. P. XVaters A . . . . . throwing shot forNcchxico. How did I let myself gct talked into thisl!" 246 Dick Howard helped put the Lobos 011 the map in track during his first season at New Mexico. Dick is shown above beating former world champion Glen Davis in the finals of the national AAU +10 meter hurdles last spring. Howard also won the NCAA championship and placed second in the Russian Games in Philadelphia, in the Pan American Games in Chicago, and in several races in Europe. In addition, he beat Josh Culhrcuth in the first Albuquerque Invitational AAU meet this summer. Excellent form . . . . . . displayed by NcwMexico in 400 meter hurdles. Front row, L. to R.: 'I'ommy Dunn, Fred Chrcist. Tommy Bruskas, Shorty Bennett, Amador Duran, Buddy Robertson, Ron Bciscl, Don Keith. Back row: Coach George Petrol, Don Ashcraft, Everett Polanco, Don Pagctt, Buddy Madcr, Jerry Neely, Charles XVhite, Herb Craig, Steve Stcinhoffcr, Pete VVck-h. H H Tom Bruskns 011 UNM Diamond. Look out! 248 George Petrol, UNM Baseball Coach 250 Lionel Hampton comes to UNM. Swinginy! The master himself! Mine is the second one from the left 0n the third shelf down 0n the right hand sidc These slaves await the auction block. The second annual University of New Mexico Greek XVeek was a gathering of more than goo UNM Greeks sponsored by the Inter-Fraternity Council and Pan- hellenic Council. ttGreeks Together" was the theme for this event which was held April 19-25, 1959. Highlights of the week included the slave auction and the big Greek dance. The Slave Auction netted $325. The money was given to Saint Anthonys Orphanage. The auc- tion was held in front of the Administration Building, with Bill Prevetti 0f KLOS acting as the auctioneer. The highest price paid for slaves was $69 paid by the Pikes for two Pi Phi beauties. HI have $40 do I hear $4; for this lovely little wine bearer?" WVho cares!!!" about legs and ankles and relay races says this canine observer. Pi Beta Phi took Erst in thc Sorority division With Ummgaxmh le Natives arc Restless Tonight." Phi Delta Theta received first in the Fraternity division with WHlC Educational Drag." Chi Omega came in for second place with HNcw Orleans Street Scene." 252 - Tamm Www w a I n - I III- - Kappa Alpha Theta usL ml'hc Habit" to win third place. Finally . . . an 2111 sorority chorus Closed the show. X "I , . x W" W A Lg 437 2 5mm. FCQ 15105405,,59 "WE 6HOLJLL7, E THANKFLIL THE emoaNre; Haze AT ULNM. VON THINK weze TH' 'WGF 5NAPF' TYPE. ' ODrawn special for the Lobo by the creator of nLittle Man 011 Campus.U M Wzva E. I. Pcaker performs in the Variety Show honor- ing El Rey y La Reina dc 13 Fiesta, Jerry Prohaska and Patty Howard. 'I'hc newlycrowncd King and Queen pose with dancc band leader Johnny Norton, and Randy Talbot, W110 presented the Queen with a bouquet of red roses. 254 On the Midway, repressed frustrations were released for 25c. Popular Vcstcm singer, Johnny Horton, played and sang at the Tennis 0 Court Dance. cCa les ta . . . And . . . the dzmcc was a great success!! Anyone not wearing western togs was rounded up by the posse MA ' ; , , ,- - , , x1: The Manny Duran Quartet played for the Bar-B Quc a good time was had by all." Neil Frumpkin, winner of thc beard-growing contest, fortunately participated in the beard-shaviug contest, 3150. "Hem enly Bodies" was the theme of thc Vater 1003 show. . Fiesta ended with a dance starring Marty Rob ms held at tho Fairgrounds. Wegistration Mirage pictures will be taken in the Activities Center of the Union. xii Freshmen are amazed, ths this the way it always is?" Squaws in charge of details Concerning thc Pow-wa arc caught in con- ference. Left to right: Arlene Olson, Barbara Olingcr, Carol Rice, Trish Crowley, Judy Abbott, h Iartha rlricrwilligcr. m iiMar-v Coed" gives freshman 110111611 3 prcvicw of their First few 11'eeks at UNXI. pow Wow This year AXVS gave a ttSouthwcstem XVclcome7, to the freshman women at their 21111111211 AXVS Sq1121ws7 Pow1 Wow. Campus fashions were shown by AXVS Council members, and uMary Coed" 11121ch her 21111111211 appear- ance. Displays introduced the freshman women to the organizations on campus and encouraged them to become a part of their activities. Refreshments concluded a full evening. Beautifully tailored slacks and a warm, fuzzy swcatcr are modelled by Jeannie Jontz. Every group 011 campus was well represented at the Pow-XVow. 259 pirit :Day K: LEGS 8 A NKLE S 51165 the strongest of them all. Now to get out of this trap! Gossip! Bottoms Mymmm just about the right sizcll The winnerll She's the thirsticst 0f thcm all. y; : Mag '1 7: A were $mecomimg The Homecoming queen makes an appearance at the Alumni Dance. Homecoming queen Ione Zimmerman and her attendants, Carol Elkins and Judy Zauotti make a very pretty picture. x t x All of these beauties make up the royal court. L. to R.: Lili Constan, Carol Elkins, Jean Weld, Dawn Fritz, Indy Zanotti, Honey XVilder, Joan Julian, Ione Zimmerman, Iacque Hillman. 262 Queen Ione is crowned by Ralph Trigg, president of the class of ,34. UNMB 42nd Homecoming, Oct. 30 and 31, opened Friday night with the judging of the House Decorations, followed by the crowning 0f the Queen and a huge bonhre. The parade down Central Ave. took place Saturday morning. Luncheons and open houses honoring our alums were held throughout the day. UNM played Denver U. in the afternoon. A dance featuring Lee Castle and the late Jimmy Dorsey's orchestra cli- maxed the 1959 Homecoming. Our Alums dance it up at the Alumni Dance. It's blowing down again. $ecorating in tAe Wain F116 blgs Chmb lllgh. Anyone for soggy IIapkln Jfouse $ecorations Pi Kappa Alpha took Erst honors with uIlamms BCCr of Sky Blue Vatch." Pi Beta Phi received first with a Mavcrick" thcmc. Phi Dclta Theta used Lawrence Vclk's bubblcs to win ; place. Chi Omega welcomed the alums in HLix'ing Color" and gained -X ma Chi Omega took third with 511ir1cy 'I1cmple's Storybook." second place. 26+ Cmcsomc "XVC'H Get Em in the End" won Erst for Sigma Chi. HSkunk Em Lobos" brought Phi Delta 'l'heta the Sweepstakes trophy. Our mascots on parade lead cheerleaders David XVilshin and Ray Porter. Leading the parade was Our lovcly queen. Third place was takcn by Tau Kappa Epsilon with uRack Fm Up Lobos." Jayne Ames and Lee Castle entertain with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra at the IImnccoming Dance. UNM Band salutes our TV station KNME-at halftime. Queen lone is honored at halftime. i f L i i xEmecoming igAligAts UGO team!" is the advice of our pretty Cheerleaders. Sweepstakes trophies arc prcscnted to the Tri Dcits for Homecoming attendants, Carol E1- housc decorations and t0 the Phi Dclts for the Parade kins and Judy Zanotti, arc honorcd by Queen lone, at half time. iWVhat a game!" Coach Marv Levy seems to be saying. The 'l'hcta's whale looks plcascd about something. Could it he the rain? Er Ass PAiNi Whey and this decoration " ' ' " The wind blew In keeping with the weather, . . . we'llfrcczefmout. couldn't take it. wanging of tAe reens The proccssion is led by Mortar Boards. President Popcjoy delivers his annual Christmas message. Since primitive time man had worshipped the sun as the source of life and light. The emergence of the sun after the shortest day of the year was cause for rejoicing. Among the Romans this yearly milestone prompted a period of feasting called the Saturnaha. In the barbaric northlands a similar winter festival, the Yule, took place. Great logs were set ablaze in the honor of the gods, Odin and Thor, and people Clustered around drinking from horns and listening to the bards sing their ancient lays. In Persia fires were kindled t0 Mithra, god of light, while in England the Druids gathered the sacred mistletoe and made live sacrifices to their deities. h'Iany of those ancient Customs were adapted to Christmas ritual and by the 13th Century the Church itself had added the drama of the crib tor ereehei that was popularized by St. Francis. Three huir dred years later, another religious leader, Martin Luther, brought an evergreen into his home and decorated it with candles to simulate the starry sky which glittered above the stable where Christ was born. But Whatever the custom, from the lighting of candles, the giving of gifts, the singing of carols, and the hanging of the greenseeaeh has become today an expression of the gladness and good will which Christmas always brings. A packed house. WVhite Christmas" is traditionally sung by Sherman Smith. Everyone rises as the last carol is sung. CA risl'mas Wespers Singing in the Christmas Vespers are, left to right: Charles W. Davis, director; Sharon Scatcs, Nancy Lutz, Helene Fisher, Jean Miller, Iudi Turano, Martha Wainwright, Marcia XVhitten, Marilyn Thomas, Alice Lee Robberson, Beverly Kynor, Karen Albach, Linda VValdrop, Sunny L11 Peer, Nancy VVizmt, Vaughn Ramsey, Martha Beauchamp. 7-031 :Dance Dottie Howe won the door prizeothis lovable, fuzzy-wuzzy dog! The music of the UNM Fanfare Dance Band put everyone in a holiday mood! Each year before the Christmas holidays, Alpha Phi Omega sponsors the Toy Dance. Admission is one toy per couple, and these are given to Children who otherwise would have no Christmas. 270 Sivnm Alpha Epsilon won First Placc 1'11 Hm Melfs Di Alpha Chi Omega took second place for the women and Phi Delta T heta took second for the men. VMAQCA anal Company Come wt The famous Brubeck Quartet, featuring Paul Desmond 011 the alto sax. Dave Brubeck. master of the piano and musical ambassador. f-w . 1g . jazz, jazz, jazsz j I Some of the best sounds in modern and progressive jazz were heard at the ttAEPi Jazz Fiesta by the Rio Grandcf On stage were some of the most outstanding jazz groups in the world: the Dave Brubeck Quartet; Chris Connor, who has proved that thcrcts always a new way to sing an old song; the Chico Hamilton Quintet; thc Maynard Fcrw gusou Band, which was ranked fourth in the nation last year by Down Beat; and the Lambert-Hendricks and Ross vocal group. Master of ceremonies for the jazz Eesta was Leonard Feather, columnist for Down Beat and widely known music critic. Thc Chico Hamilton Quintet, outstanding for its improvisations 011 old songs and new; the group that comes closest to blending classical music with jazz. Dave Lambert, Annie Ross and Ion Ilcndricks, said by the Chris Connor critics to be the "Hottest Vocal Group in Jazz." Maynard Ferguson Lt. Governor Ed Mead, crowns Popular- ity B311 Queen Mary Carole May, as at- tendants Indy Dodd and E. I. Peakcr 100k Queen Mary Carole May poses with H, to rJ Neil Frumkin, MIRAGE Business Manager, E. I. Pcaker, Judy Dodd. and Lt Gov. Ed Mead. b at the Ball to the mmic of Freddie XVilliams. As she watched votes being tallied, Elaine Owens didn't suspect that she was soon to be Queen of the Crystal Ball. Up goes the Crystal Ball! Crystal gall music for the dance. Crystal Ball Queen, Elaine Owens, and her attendants U. to rj Nina XVintcr, Liz Cheers, and Dottie Howe. $ance Ma: The moment of suspense has arrived. Our 1960 King of Hearts is . . . Dennis Duffy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1960 King of Hearts and date, Suzanne Vay1and Qentcr Toupleb attendants and dates, Bob XVenk and Diane Blair Uer; Dick Gcrding and Eilccn I'Iutchison. Intermission time . . . Members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and their dates join in song . . . Phi Alpha! 275 276 Dick Howell, Student Body Vice Prcsident, has his turn. Student Council members volunteer for this!! Campus CAesl' 7960 w. 2:; 5mm XVinners of trophies and awards presented at the Billy May Dance are Wneelingk Gerald K6180 WMagooW, Ugly Man on Cam- pus; Dave Dawson, Campus Chest Chmn. Back row: john Ram ming, Campus Chest Drive Chairman; Tina Karsten, Wing E, Hokona; and Donna Moutray, representing Delta Delta Delta in accepting the Traveling Trophy for per capita donations. 611 HA M A mm E. Entertainment by Billy May, with Frankie Lester, provides a fitting climax to Campus Chest. 494warols $ay XVhen tapping begins, eyes point straight ahead and there is com- plete silence unti1 that Erst delighted squeal!!! Congratulationsll Oh, Gosh! Is it really happening to me? 2:? Yeh, you,re the one! Oh! No, I couldn't have made it! 277 kj'fow $0 you Study? The Mirage staff was curious as to how people studied to pass their finals. These pictures are the result of our photographefs tour of the dorms during Final W eek. He found peoplee Studying . . . .7 ? The light of knowledge is beginning to shine. A long night with the hooks ended like this. i'Oh, . . . Where to begin!" . By the way, are you busy Saturday night?" W WWW And so, finals Sitting at a desk is studious . . . but it's more comfortable this way. The Baccalaureate service was held in Johnson Gym. raoluation june, 7959 L f Elsie A. Demas with the help of her dog, Ike, received Carol Kutnewk ', last yeafs MIRAGE Norris E. Bradbury addresses the 1959 her diploma. editor, rec ives hcr diploma. graduating Class. 280 W402 WAG The University of New Mexico is one of 67; schools which contribute to the annual publication, WVhO's Who in American Colleges and Universities? The students 011 the following pages, selected by the student body, were chosen for scholastic achievement; participa- tion and leadership in extraeCurricular activities; Citizenship and service to the school; and promise of future usefulness. Each of these honored students receives a certificate of merit from the WVhots XVho't publication at a tea given by Mortar Board. Also at this time, these students are presented to Albuquerque Citizens. Congratulations to these seniors, who will appear in the 1960 edition of the annual publication. Albuquerque, New Mexico AWS 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Treas. 3; Pros. 4 Campanas, Treas. 1 Homecoming Queen IAWS, Regional Convention t co-chmn. i , t RUTH BALLENGER Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Kappa Kappa Gamma, Efficiency Chmn. 2 Mortar Board New Mexico Union Board 3, 4 Phi Gamma Nu 2, 3, 4 Senate Budget Advisory Comm. Chmn. Sophomore Class V. Pres. Spurs, Pres. ; National V. P. 3, 4 ALICE BLUE Albuquerque, New Mexico Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres. Leadership Conference 2. 3, 4 MIRAGE Organizations Editor 1 Spurs Student Council, 3 Student Court, 4 TURNER W. BRANCH Albuquerque, New Mexico Chakaa Fiesta Chmn. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha. Pledge Tr. Pi Sigma Alpha, Govyt. Honorary Student Body President VICKI BROOKS BRANCH Albuquerque, New Mexico Campanas Blue Key Freshman Sec.-Treas. Chgkqa Mortar Board Phi Sigma Pi Lambda Theta Spurs Varsity Head Cheerleader CHARLES CATON Albuquerque, New Mexico Student Council Vigilantes, Treasurer JAMES COGGINS Albuquerque, New Mexico AFROTC, Deputy Commander Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. Arnold Air Society Blue Key Chakaa Commerce Council, Pres. Kappa Alpha, Sec. Vigilantes Senior Class President THOMAS D. COUGHLEN Fort Worth, Texas AIChE, Treasurer Blue Key, Pres. Chakaa Engineer's Joint Council Kappa Mu Epsilon Leadership Conference NROTC Wardroom Phi Delta Theta Sigma Tau Vigilantes, Pres. 281 DIANA B. DARNALL Albuquerque, New Mexico AWS, Vice Pres. Campanas Canterbury Club Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. Cultural Committee Mortar Board Panhellenic Phi Alpha Theta PATRICIA GIBSON Alamogordo. New Mexico Town Club, Social Chmn., Pres. Spurs AWS Phi Alpha Theta Phi Lambda Theta Leadership Conference Wesley Foundation MARLYS B. DURAN Albuquerque, New Mexico Campanas Dean 5 List Honors Program Leadership Conference 1, 2, 3 Mortar Board. Editor Senate. Rules Committee Chmn. Tri Delta Alumni Scholarship Theta Sigma Phi, VP, Treas. Town Club: Senate Rep, 2 Pledge Trainer 3 Vice Pres. 4 GLORIA GRIFFIN Albuquerque, New Mexico Alpha Delta Pi, President Associated Party Delegate Fiesta. Co-chairman IAWS Regional Convention Comm. Leadership Conference MIRAGE, copy editor 1 Panhellenic Convention Co-chmn. Panhellenic Council, sec'y. Rodey Theatre Senior Class Vice President Spurs, adviser 3 DAN E. EPLEY Farmington, New Mexico A Capella Choir Apologian Club, President Blue Key Mirage L R. C. Vice President Phi Sigma UNM Band UNM Wind Ensemble l IRVING 4BUDDY4 HART Albuquerque, New Mexico Blue Key Chakaa, Vice President NROTC Pi Kappa Alpha Student Court Vigilantes DAWN FRITZ East Moline, Illinois AP Delegate 2, 3, 4 Campus Uhest Chmn. 3 Crystal Ball Attendant 1 Cultural Committee 2 Delta Delta Delta. Pres. 4 Fiesta Publ. Chmn. 3 Homecoming Chmn. 3 IAWS Regional Conv. Registrar 4 Leadership Conference 1. 2, 3 Panhellenic Council 2: Pres. 3 Student Council 4 Student Senate 2 JOHN B. HAYS Monrovia, California Blue Key, Treasurer Chakaa NROTC Wardroom Society Wardroom Board of Directors Phi Delta Theta, President Student Court, Chief Justice Student Senate Steering Comm. UNM Orchestra 2 BOB GERDING Albuquerque, New Mexico Homecoming Co-Chmn., 2 IFC Rush Chmn. 2; VP 3; Pres. 4 Sigma Chi DICK HOWELL Clovis, New Mexico Baseball Team '57. '58, '59 Dean4s List, 2 Delta Sigma Phi, Sect. Freshman Football Jr. I.F.C. Rep; Lettermerfs Club 2, 3; V.P. 2 Mesa Vista Dorm. Head Counselor Student Body V.P. Student Council 2 years Student Senate Pres. Student Union Board Young Republicans KATE JACOBSON Clovis. New Mexico AWS 1 Campanas Kappa Kappa Gamma, Soc. Chmnl Leadership Conference 3 MIRAGE Organizations Editor 2, 3 Mortar Board Newman Club : 4 yrs. PE Maj. and Min, 4 yrs. Pres. 2 RallyCom 1, 2 Spurs Student Senate WRC 1, 2, 3 282 JANET LEE JENKINS Santa Fe, New Mexico Student Senate Leadership Conference, Panhellenic Council Mortar Board Student Art Guild, Pres. Pi Beta Phi JOHN L. KENNEDY Albuquerque, New Mexico Fiesta Kim: Candidate Lettermen's Club, Social Chmn. PreeMed Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. Tennis Team 1. 2. 3, ; Tennis Team, All American Vigilantes BILL KRIEGER Albuquerque, New Mexico Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres. Alpha Phi Omega: Sect, Treas., Sectional Planning Chmn. Hillel, Pres., Sectional Chmn. Inter-Religious Council, Pres. New Mexico Union Board Union Program Directorate Student Court United Student Party, Treas. BILL MAY Tucumcari, New Mexico Blue Key. Vice President Chakaa Intramurals Kappa Alpha, Treasurer Phi Sigma Pre-Med Club Student Senate Vigilantes MARCIA McELDERRY Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alpha Chi Omega, 2nd VP; Pres. AWS, Regional Co-Chairman Campanas, Pres. IAWS Convention Co-Chmn. Mortar Board Spurs, Historian Student Council Student Senate Waterlous WRA, VP; Pub. Chmn. JERRY PROHASKA Albuquerque, New Mexico Blue Key Fiesta King 1959 Football. 3 Yr. Letterman Lettermen1s Club, Sec. Sigma Chi, Pres. NANCY TERWILLIGER Albuquerque, New Mexico AWS, Judicial Board, Chmn. Campanas Fiesta Committee Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas., Pres. Leadership Conference Mortar Board, Hist. Phi Sigma, Sec. Spurs JIM MILES Roswell, New Mexico Chakaa, Pres. Homecoming Chmn., 1959 MIRAGE Bus. Mgr., 2 yrs. NSA Regional VP Phi Delta Theta, VP KAREN QUELLE Albuquerque, New Mexico Alpha Chi Omega, Lyra Editor Freshman Adviser Honors Program Light Opera Workshop Todd Short Story Winner, 2 yrs. Modern Dance Workshop Mortar Board, Secretary Horgan lst Prize, Short Story Phi Sigma Iota Review Staff Rodey Theatre THUNDERBIRD ROBERT M. WERDIG, JR. Albuquerque, New Mexico AP Group Leader Fiesta Chmn. Honors Program Student Council Student Senate Young Democrats STEPHEN MOORE Honolulu, Hawaii Athletic Advisory Board Chakaa Fiesta Committee Chmn., 3 Junior Class President Navy Wardroom Society 1, 2, 3, 4 NROTC Battalion Commander Phi Delta Theta, VP Radio Board Student Council Student Senate 1, 2, 3 Vigilantes LEE SELIGMAN Albuquerque, New Mexico E Chakaa Esquire Club, President Fanfare IRE Khatali, Blue Key Sigma Tau, Historian Ski Club Student Senate Univ. Flying Club, sect.-treas. JERRY WERTHEIM Ft. Sumner, New Mexico Blue Key Campus Chest Chairman 1959 Delegate to SCONA 1958 Homecoming Committee 1958 1959 Leadership Confer. Chmn. Sigma Chi Student Senator 1957-59 MICHEL NAHMAD Panama, Republic of Panama Baseball 1956 Chakaa Cosmopolitan Club Exchange Student Fiesta Committee Homecoming Committee Intramural Chairman T-Dorms Pi Kappa Alpha Student Council SUSAN SELIGMAN Albuquerque, New Mexico Campanas, Secretary Fiesta. Dance Decorations Chmn. Freshman Adviser Homecoming Committees Kanpa Kappa Gamma, Sec. 4 yrs. Leadership Conference 3 RallyCom 1 SAE nLittle Sister of Minerva" SAE Sweetheart Attendant Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Union Directorate Varsity Queen Attendant 3 JOANN WILDER Carlsbad, New Mexico Fiesta Chmn. 1, 3 Greek Week Chmn. IAWS IRC, Newman Club Junior Class Vice President Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Supervisor RallyCom Student Council 3, 4 Student Senate 1, 2, 3 Spurs This Week We Honor Waterlous, Pres. 4 PATTY PICK Santa Fe, New Mexico AWS, Judicial Board AP Delegate Campanas, Vice Pres. Chi Omega, Sec. Homecoming Queen Attendant SEA Spurs Student Senate USCF JANICE TEED Hobbs, New Mexico IAWS Campanaz Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer Chi Omega, Personnel Chmn. Commerce Council Mortar Board, Pres. Phi Gamma Nu, Sea, Pres. Student Council Sec. ORCILIA ZUNIGA Carlsbad, New Mexico Campanas, Editor Hokona Hall, Secretary Hokona Hall, House Council Leadership Conference Mortar Board, Vice President Newman Club Spurs State Student Nurses Student Council Student Nurses, Secretary WRA, Treasurer WWW?! 4 a w W ,1 w L Wm $ 9: ' wig :?3EE:3; ,, a . w aw gh mm x mm Ky a mm? , y gag? : Hg? m4 $3 3 2st m N mggw WEW ,3? :f Wig? 5 Q i; ' amigg $5?ng kg m 3k m m??? :45 6s Q8 Ione Zimmerman xEmecoming Queen A fairer maiden there was never . . . never, that is, until the spot- light flashed upon lone Zimmerman. W ho could ever forget the thrill- ing scene up on the coronation balcony? Amid wild Cheering, lone was crowned Homecoming Queen! A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and an elementary education major, lones many honors in clude being Queen of the NROTC Military Ball, Navy Color Girl, and Dream Girl attendant of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Her campus activities include serving as junior adviser to Spurs, and membership in SEA. When not working behind the Circulation desk at the UNM lie brary, Ione can usually be found indulging in one of her many hobbies -tennis, bowling, ice skating, piano-playing, or dancing. l xHomecoming a4tfenalanfs Carole aILins An attractive elementary education major from Belen, New Mexico. Carole Elkins is living proof that titcachers were definitely not made similarly ten years agofl Active in Chi Omega sorority, the Stu- dent Education Association, the Fanfare Chorus, and Pi Lambda Theta tcducation honoraryl. Carole loves to read and listen to music . . . when and if she has time! Homecoming attendants are really among the itcrcam of the Crop." juoly Zanotti Alpha Chi Omegays pledge trainer, Indy Zanotti, sets an excellent example of student leadership for their pledges. Her many contributions to UNM ine elude being secretziryetreasurer 0f the freshman Class, chairman of the Freshman Seminar Program, Stue dent COunCil member, member of Phi Gammu Nu, honorary business fraternity for women, secretary of the National Newman Club Convention. 3 Spur, and a Campuna. This business major junior from Albuquerque lists student government and listening to music as her favorite activities. All in all, with girls like Judy working for UNh l, the entire student body will proht. Patty Howard 7959 72esta Queen Queen, Sweetheart, and Beauty . . . all describe our 1959 Fiesta Queen, Patty Howard. A vivacious brunette in Kappa Kappa Gamma, Patty obtained an enviable suntan first semester while studying at the University Of Hawaii. Hcr titles and awards include chctheart of Sigma Chi, Varsity Queen, and winner of the Junior Chamber of Com- merccys award for outstanding service. An English Education major, this golf and skiing enthusiast hopes to eventually teach in California or New York. Icrry Proliaska 7959 iesta $143 Outstanding in many phases of university life is Jerry Prohaska, our 1959 Fiesta King. A biology graduate student with plans of being a dentist, Jerry as an undergraduate was captain of the football team, president of the Lottermen's Club, and a member of Sigma Chi fra- ternity, Vigilantes, Chakaa, and Blue Key. A transfer from Colorado State. Jerry will play professional football with the Houston Oilcrs next year. For relaxation, Icrry ha native of Albuquerquei can be found working 011 any available cur. Mary Carole May opularily Queen Chi Omegis allarouud ttsistcrf Mary Carole May, COIL tributes daily to the improvement of many phases of University of New Mexico life by participating in: school spirit, as head varsity cheerleader and as chairman of RallyConfs Dogpatch Daze Dance; government, as senator in the Student Senate and member of the IAXVS 1960 Regional Convention committee tsponsored in the Spring by the Associated Women Studentsk acadmnically, as a sophomore majoring in elementary educw tion. In her rare ttspare timeh Mary Carole indulges in her favorite activities-swimm111g, bowling, and dancing. A11 in all, UNM can be and is proud of the queen who reigned over the annual Mirage dance. opulariiy 04tten Jan ts jmly :13ng Graduating from Highland High VSW in Albu- querque, Iudy Dodd entered UNM and pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma. A sophomore majoring in speech therapy, Judy was a Spur, Esquire Girl of the Esquire Club hveteransh club on campusL and a member of Canterbury Club. Outside Of class, she can be found swimming, listening to music, or danc- ing. A capable lass with a winning personality, Judy is bound to have a successful future. 6. j ?OeaAer Now studying drama at the University of Austria is E. I Peaker, an adorable Delta Delta Delta. At UNM, E. I. starred in dramatic productions CThe LarkU, swam in VVaterlous, cheered as a varsity i cheerleader, worshipped at the Newman Center, and was honored as a Spur and Crystal Ball Queen. 1 Without a doubt, drama and dancing are the favor- i ite activities of this native of Pueblo, Colorado. s UNM and the Tri Delt house couldlft be prouder h of E. J. Peaker, allearound exchange student. Denis Duffy ijng of xmarfs Denis Dutty, a native of Mobile, Alabama, plans a career in naval aviation. Denis was active in the Naval ROTC at UNM and was the commander of the NROTC Drill Team and the NROTC Sword TeanL A Junior in business administration, Denis, as chairman of the Associated Party, was active in student government, and he also was a member of the Newman Club. ttDuff" twhieh he hates to be callch is an outstanding member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and has served the Chapter in various ways: as social Chairman, pledge trainer, house man- ager, leadership school group leader, and as Rush Chairman for the Intcr-Fraternity Council. jam; 0,! earts $icA geroling : Dick Gerding. the president of Sigma Chi fraternity i and rush Chairman of the Inter-Fraternity Council, would hunt and fish anytime, anywhere, and any way if given half the chance. A graduate of Highland High Cgm in Albuquerque, Dick is a junior majoring in business administration with high hopes of becoming an attorney . . . he certainly would never lack Clients! 1304 WM A PE major and biology minor from Albuquerque, Bob W enk Uike his fellow-jackt , would rather hsh and hunt than anything. Thank heavens, however, he had the time to play varsity football, be a delegate to the Associated Party in student government, and devilishly be 011 the Fiesta Posse . . . who wamft caught without western Clothes on? Last but certainly not least, Bob is a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity. 293 Nancy Bivins 40 ?vorce 9967C: Queen Air Force tradition and glory are bestowed upon a queen each year at the AFROTC hllilitary Ball . . . Nancy Bivins was the 1960 cadet Choice! Charm plus beauty plus personality add up to an outstanding person to know, which is Nancy. A freshman majoring in business, Nancy belongs to Chi Omega social sorority, RallyCom, and W esley Foundation. Her favorite hobbies include bowling, swimming, tennis, music listening, and dancing. 294 a4ir 70mm 9967C :74ttenalan ts Sali garneff A freshman majoring in Fine Arts, Sali Barnett practices her major by being active on the Campus Chest and Homecoming publicity committees, and on the New Mexico Union Art Directorate. This artist. 21 member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, loves to do an assortment of activities: paint, work with ceramics, read, horseback ride, ice skate. and bowl. :Dona Woutracy A sophomore from Carlsbad, New Mexico, Dona Moutmy is majoring in elementary education. The social Chairman of Delta Delta Delta social sorority, Dona was active on campus as a member of the New Mexico Union Hospitality committee, the Campus Chest committee chairman for Tri Delt, RQHyCOm, and the Chairman of speakers for the IAW7S Con- vention. Regardless of being busy with her many activities, Dona always Ends time to waterski and bowl . . . anytime and anywhere. 295 296 Nancy Snider mvy w Queen If music is truly the voice of angels. UNM can Claim one . . . Nancy Snider, a musicallyiinchncd history major, who was Chosen by this yearis iiiidshipmen to reign as their queen at the annual Military Ball. A Kappa Kappa Gamma from Tucumcari, New Mexico, Nancy serves the cultural aspect of UN M by singing with the Fanfare Chorus. the Larry Macs, and the itCompanions iii Sougf" and working 0n the New Mexico Union art committee. XVith singing as her Erst choice, Nancy also loves to horseback ride. play tennis. bowl. and work with ceramics. avy ?QC 7C gttenolan ts JVorma JVIW A freshman majoring in secretarial training, Norma Mart is from Hobbs, New h'Iexicot At Hobbs High School, she was active in Phi Gamma Gamma social sorority. At UNM, Norma, an attendant to the Navy ROTC Queen, was on Hokona Hale team in the XVomenE Bowling League at the New Mexico Union and marched during our glorious football season in the UNM Marching Band. Bowling and dancing most attract Norma in the way of favorite activities. JatAcy Wiley A native of Albuquerque, Kathy Riley is majoring in drama . . . and can usually be found working on the various dramatic productions. The assistant rush chairman for Alpha Chi Omega social sorority. Kathy devotes hours and hours of sincere planning to Rush parties, Rodey Theatre, the Dance Workshop, and the Panhcllenic Council. Kathy73 favorite ttspare timdy activities include drama and dancing. Elaine Owens Crystal Ball Queen The queen of Mesa Vista and Coronado Dorms, Crystal B2111, Elaine Owens, hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico. A transfer from Colorado XVonlens College hvhere she was active in the dorm council, Student Christian Association, and the Dolphins Swimming Cluby Elaine is undecided concerning her future career. At UNM, Elaine is in Rally- Com, XVomenk Recreation Council, VVaterlous, and Vice-president of her dorm wing. Swimming, bowling, horseback riding, skiing, and dancing are high on her list of outsof-class events. Carol Chadil 1959 ?Dapey 1M! Vim, Vigor, and Vitality mixed with an array of beauty and Charm, Carol Chadil is living proof that ttGentlemen prefer blondes" especially from Hermosa Beach. California. A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and an anthropology major, Carol devotes her extra time to skiing tor rather, breaking her foot going down the great white wand, tennis, horseback riding, listening to music, the Ski Club, XVRA, and Student Senate. To the envy of all, the Queen of the Journalism Ball attended the VIII Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley! ratem ity Sweet earts Linda Bureau Frankyc Earnest Chris Johnson Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Cirl Kay Latter Pat Layton Helen Longucira Signm Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart Linda Lyons Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha 300 Gail Russell Barbara Sturgcs Kappa Alpha Rose 5 wire irls . s: , Kiwi Nag, Fi Judy Dodd Susan Seligmzm Beth Skidmore Mary Ellen Smith 301 The University of New Mexico has, not one, but three mascots: Teko, Kobuk, and Ceba- Sue. Ceba-Sue is the Freshman mascot, and Kobuk took over as Varsity mascot when Teko was ill. Among them, they attend all Univer- sity athletic events. Kobuk and Teko are shown below with their sledge at the Homecoming game. In the picture at the left are Teko ttopt , Kobuk tcentert, and cha-Sue tbottonw as they pose for the photographer in front of the Journalism building. These three Malemutes show 2111 of the pat- terns of the breed: Kobuk, tricolor; Teko, silver tip; and CebaeSue, common or W 01f pup. K0- buk is originally from our second newest state, Alaska. He is listed with the American Kennel i masco ts Club tAKCi and is Tekois sire. Ceba-Sue is i from h Iichigan and is registered with the AKC. ; CebaSue comes from a line of fourteen Cham- l pious, including Grand Champion, Brum of t Huskey Pak. Maleniutes are named after the peaceful ; Alaskan tribe of the same name, who brought the dogs over with them from Siberia. The AKC has traced the ancestry of this beautiful breed back 2000 years. They are very peaceful dogs and they love children. Besides being ex cellent watchdogs, they hold the world,s rece i F i OIdS in the amount of weight they can pull and in the distance they can go. The UNM mascots are owned by Mr. James Cope, of Albuquerque. Kobuk with Duke Perkins and Teko with Mr. Jim Cope, their trainer. 304 Sonnet X Death, be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so; For those whom thou thinkyst thou dost overthrow Die110t, poor Death, 110r yet canst thou kill me. From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be, Much pleasure,the11 from thee much 1110re111ustH0w, And soonest our best111e11 with thee do go, Rest of their bones and souls, delivery. Thou art slave to tate7Chai1ce, kings, and desperate men, And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell, And poppy, or charms can make us sleep as well, And better than they stroke; why swell7st thou then? One short sleep past, we wake eternally, And Death shall be 110 111010; Death, thou shalt die. JOHN DONNE xgn memoriam Dan Morris Hopkins, UNM Sophomore James B. House, UNM Senior Dr. John Poorc, Assoc. Prof. of Art Robert Reid, UNM Freshman Robert Howard Teeplc. NCOIC, Student Administration, AF ROTC Dr. Loyd S. Tircman, Chmn., Dept. of Elem. Educ. 47401v2rtisers ynolex Advertiser Pag. Albuquerque Lumber Co. ................... 32 Albuquerque National Bank . A111111111Associat1011 . . ...................... Associated Students Bookstore ............... Bank of New Mexico ........................ 32 . Blueher Lumber Co. ....................... 33 Buttcriield Jewelers ......................... 31 3 Chisholnfs ................................ 31 1 College Inn Bookstore ...................... 33, Excelsior Laundry .......................... 32 Fedway's .................................. 32 3 First National Bank ........................ 33 FotoKrome Studios ........................ 31 Given Brothers Shoes ....................... 32 3 Grecnlee Studios .......................... 31 - La Hacienda Restaurant .................... 32- Henry,s ................................... 31 Holiday Bowl .............................. 31 Imperial Laundry ......................... 33 Jeanettds Originals ......................... 33. Jones Motor Co. ......................... 33- KistlepCollistcr ............................ 31 o Korbcrk .................................. 32 Wayne Lovelady Motor Co. ................. 31c Mandcl-Dreyfuss ........................... 31 1 Meach Bakery ............................. 33 Meyer 81 Meyer ............................ 2 Miller 81 Smith ............................. 2 Frank Mindlin Jewelers ..................... 2 . National Car Rentals ....................... 31 National Bedding C0. . . . . . , . .............. 31 N. M. Janitor Supply ........................ 31 1 Public Service Co. .......................... 32 Paris Shoes ....................... 1 1 . . , . 313 Rainbo Bakery ............................. 33o Robbins 11111 .............................. 313 SChaefer-Shepherd ......................... 30 Springer Transfer ........................... 33 ,. Nlikel Stevens ........................... 31 Strombergs .............................. Townc House ........................... University of New Mexico ................. 32, - Valliant C0. Academic Deans, 21 ADMINISTRATION, 13 Ad111inistrati1'e 0816615, 19-20 Advertising, 306-333 AIEE-IRE, 204 Air FOl'CC ROTC, 192-196 Queen, 294 Queen's Attendants. :93 Alpha C11101116ga, 138-139 Alpha Dc1ta Pi, 160-161 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 133 Alpha Kappa P51, 202 Alpha P111 01116133, 218 Alumni 111611100211 Chapel, 14 1111161162111 Institutc of C116111i631 Engineers, 202 1 1811161162111 $061611 of C1111 Engmcers, 203 American 8061611 of Mechanical Engineers, 206 Apologian C11111, 109 Art 1 8 Associated 1170111611 Stud611ts,2 3 7, 38 Athletic Advisory Board, 40 A'I'I'ILE'I'ICS, 22 Awards Day, 277 Bands Concert, 1 83 Fanfare, 182 Marching, 1 82 Baptist Student Union, 110-1 1 1 Baseball, 248 Basketball, 240-241 B1116 K61, 100 Board of 116g611ts,24 Brubeck 311d C0111p1n1 C01116 to UNM HI Campus Chest 1960, 276 Campus 1111p101'6111611t Committee, 40 Canterbury Association, 1 1 2 Chakaa, 102 Cheerleaders, 2 38-2 39 C111 Omega, 162-163 C111 Epsilon, 207 Choirs, 1 84, 1 83 Christmas Vespers, 270 Club C1C 1:15 Americas, 2 19 Contemporary Dance, 1 86 Coronado Dorm, 1 2 2 Crystal B2111, 274 Queen, 298 Cultural Committee, 41 Dedication, 1 Delta D6113 Dc1ta. 164-163 D6113 Sigma P111, 1 34 Delta Sigma Pi, 209 Dcpartmcnt Chairmen, 2 2-23 DL-sL'ret Club, 1 13 Engineers' Joint Council, 2 10 Esquire Club, 200 Esquire Girls, 301 Faculty, 23-31 FEATURES, 249 Ficsta, 2 34-2 37 King, 289 Q116611, 288 Football, 231-- -2 3 Forensics, 219 Fraternity S11'6Ltl1Larts 300 FICShIanl Class 79- 92 Officers, 78 Orientation, 238 SMAjeCf jnalex Golf, :34 GOVERNMENT, 33 GraduatL StudLnts, 92 Graduation 1939, 280 Grcck XVcek, 231 112111 of Fame, 230 Hanging of 1116 GICCHS, 268-269 1111161, 1 14 110110113 112111, 12 3 1101101121 1101136 Mothers,2 32 110111660111i11g, 262- 267 Queen, 286 Quecn's Attcndants, 287 1101116 Economics Club, 2 10 11011013 Program, 106 How Do You St11d1'7, 278-279 Indcx Advertising, 306 193611111; 308-309 Studcnt, 310-336 111 Mcnmriam, 304-303 Inside t116 Union, 93-93 lntcr-Fratcrnity Council, 130-131 I11tcr-Rcligio1ls Council, 108 Jacks of Hearts, 293 Junior Class, 61-67 01116ch, 60 11111101 111161-11'rat6111it1' Council, 132 Kappa 1111111121, 136-1 37 Kappa Alpha Theta, 1 66-167 Kappa Kappa 02111111111, 168-169 Kappa 0111161011 P111, 21 1 Kappa Sigma, 138-139 King of Hearts Dance, 273 King of Hearts, 292 lacks 0f 11C211't5, 29 3 K1111 Club, 220 KNMD, 96 KNME-TV, 1- La111bda C11i Alpha, 133 Las Campanas, 103 La11'St11d6nts, 92 Lettermcn, 242 Lctt61 from the Prcsidcnt, 17 Lionel Hampton, 230 Lobo, 2 24-2 23 Majorettcs, 1 83 MENC-Studcnt Chapter, 2 1 1 Mesa Vista Dorm, 1 26-1 :7 Military B311, 197 Mirage, 226-22 Mortar Board. 101 National Student Association, 41 N'znal ROTC 198-199 Qu6L11, 296 Queen 5 AttL'11d2111t,297 Ncwman C11111, 1 1' 3 1 17 N611 316-1160 U11i011 Board, 42 New Mexico Union Directorate, 43 Orchestra, 1 87 ORGANIZA'I'IONS, 97 Pa1111611611i6 C01111Li1, 13 Paper Doll Queen 1939, 299 P 131111015 21nd Minors 2 16 P61501111610f11661$ 18 Phi Delta Theta, 140-142 P111 Gamma N11, 21 2 1311361211110, 1 70-171 Pi Kappa Alpha, 143-143 Pi Lambda T116151, 21 2 Pi 13115ig111a,2 Popularity Ball,2 273 Q116611, 290 Queeifs Attendants, 291 P1111'XVL111,239 Program Series, 188-189 Prstvtcrian U11i1 crsit1'F611011'511ip, 118 Prcsident of thc U11i1 Lrsit1',16 Radio Board, 42 RallyCom, 22 1 chistration, 2 38 Rcligious Student Centers, 1 20 Remember t116 Rush Partics?, 1 72-173 Rcscarch: Big Busincss at UNM, 8-1 1 Rodeo Club, 222 Rodey 11163116, 1 79- 1 8 1 ROYALTY, 283 Senior C1235, 47-39 01116615, 46 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 146-148 Sigma Alpha Iota, 98 Sigma C111, 149-131 Sigma Delta Chi, 213 Sigma 02111111121 Epsilon, 2 1 3 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 132-133 Sigma Tau, 208 Song Fest, 271 51111110111016 Class, 69-77 01116615, 68 Sorority Rush, 136 Spirit D211, 260-261 Spurs, 103 Stadium, 2 33 Student Affairs CommittL'L', 43 STUDENT BODY, 97 Student Body President, 34 Student Council, 33 Student Court, 37 Student Education Association, 2 14 Student Nurses' Association, 2 1 3 Student Publications Board, 44 Student Senate, 36 Student Standards Board, 44 Stunt Night, 232-233 Summer FEIC, 190 51111111161'1'11611116, 176 S11'1111111111g, 244 12111 Kappa A1pha, 2 1 3 I 111 Kappa Epsilon 134-13 161111is, 243 1116 University Is P60p16,4-3 1111111d61bird, 228 'l ogethcmcss, 1 24- 123 101111 C11111,1 74- 173 101' Dance, 270 Track :111L1Fi61d, 246-247 U1161assi116d Students, 92 UNM Mascots, 302-303 UNIVERSI'I'Y, 7 Vigilantcs, 104 XX 'atcr10us, 2 23 XVcsley Foundation, 1 19 XVho's 1Vh0, 281-283 81701116115" Swimming T621111, 21 6 11701116113' Recreation C011116i1, 39 XVIestling, 243 307 308 Adachi, K1Luo, 9 Adams K611116t11 AI. ,23 A16x2111d61,II. C., 12,22 A110L'011a, Mrs E. P., A11d615011,IIcnr1', 20 Anderson, R0g61Y., A11C1C1'SOI1,S113IC1,23, A11g61,F12111L,1r.,2' 132111111, A1611161., 23 B3L61,G601g6 L., 23 BaL61,AA7111.,.10, 207 B311165,AA71115, -3, 222 ,2 3 B356112,111 11.1111 AA7. ,23, 220 BatC11C11Cr, 101111 1AI.,232 , Baughmau. EI'HCSt AA. Bch, C601g6,91 Benedetti, David '1'., 23 13161112111111, AA7111121111 R., 20, .12, 9.1 BlaLc, '1'. Sgt. 1311165 C., 30 Bocquct, 171111111, 2c3 1316112111d,101111 C., 23 Britton, 11. R., 31 13101111, Captain A11101d AA7., 30 13101111, Chester 11., 23 13116112111311, Edith, 23 Bund1',E.AA7., .12 Bunting, Bainbridgc, 23 B111161', Lloyd R., :3 Butt, 1721111, 2.13 Callahan, 10$Cp11 11., 23 Campbell, Lt. C01. HCIbCrt A1., 30 C21111L'5, D16L, 9.1 Carr, Patrick C., 23 Castcttcr, Dcan E. F., 19 Castle, Ra1'111011d, 9, 23 Casto11gua1','1'. 'l'., 22, 203 Cata11116, Dean E11110n L., 2 1 Caton, Lucille, 23 Chase, AA7111121111 M., 18, 10.1 C1161f,D0n211c1, 23, 231 C1116151, Fred M., 23, 213 Christman, K2111, 202 Clark, Robert Emmet, 23 Clauvc, D6311 Lena C.. 18, 101 C16111611t5, AA7. AA7 , 23 C1111c, D010111v I., 23 C1011g11,R1611ard 11. ,22 C01105, Ruben, 23, .10 C01L61, 101111, .11, .13 C011d1L', Leroy, 21.1 C0u11tr1',111a11 Dean A 6111, Cr'111forc1B0111161 AI, C1011'611,N0110n B. ., 23 C1111611,L01115 C., 3, 2 I: ,.. -S 2 -H 31 1121111161, AA711113111 AI., 1131111,.Cvu1d0 H. ., 23 Da1'1s,C11ar165 AA711CC1CI, 183. :70 Dean, B111, 9.1 Dean, Virginia, 23, .11 116G136, T Sgt. 116111611, 30 193 Dc1011g11, AA7111121111 F. 1 , 23 ch 05, Capt. Pau1L. USN 31 Dich1',R01:1nd F. ., 20 D16h111,L013111 F. 6' 23,2 31 Ditt11161,11. 1.2 .10 Dolzadclli, 101111,6 20 Douglass, Ralph, 26 Dove, Richard C., 26, 207 D1111015, D011z11d, 26 Duncan, R. M. ., 22 13111116,101111N., 19 ng61, 112111311 L., 20 7aculty jnalex 1'1d61,E1122111eth 1". ,18 E1115, 1'10161166 Ha117716y, 26, .11 E1115,1V115.116161111.I., 26 E1115 11611111 C., 26 .13, 1.13 F1561, Grace L., 22, 211 E116L5011,C:111, 231 EubanL, AA7211'116 C., 2 E13115, A1t11111 R, 11., 26213 Farris, Dean M. E., 21 Fenlcy, G. AA7211d, 2o Ficdler, AA7111121111 C2111, 26 Fiiield, M. F., 20 Findley, 12111165 8., 8, 26 131111611, R. L., 26 14'111st011, Howard A7., 26 17112511111110115, 1. P3111, 26 1'166L, M. AA7., 8, 26 1101d 1'101' S, 26 11 01d A. D., 26, 206, 207 1",055 Ray, 26,203, 207 Frederick, Kurt, 26, 1.17, 187 11'166d1112111, Morris, 26, 4.1 French, R1611211dP., 4.1, 223, 226 Gafford, AA711113111 R., 26 C6156116f5L1, Edwin, 22 Gilbert, Capt. Charles C., USAF, 30, 193 G11111016, QIAVIC R. F., 31 Claesc, Eva M., 26 Coodc, Rudyard, 26 Goldberg, Edward M., 26 Gordon, B. LcRoy, 22 C1366, C11ar165 T., 22 0121113111, Hugh F., 26 Cranmemann, AA72111'116 AA7., 26 Green, 101111 R., 26 Guchr, Don, 1 1 Gugisbcrg, Merccdcs, 22 1111215, ch L., 22 1121161, Margamt L., 26 Hamilton, David B., 26 1121111111611, Eugene, 26 112111615011, MSCFI' M. D., 31 11211115, Dr. 1. E. 1., 20 11211115, Mrs. Ruth B., .10, 21 1 IIartEeld, Dr. Herbert A, 20 1161111611611,10h11 1., 22 11CIHPC11, F. Claude, 20 11611dricL5011, M01115 5., 22 116th, '1' Sgt. 1811168 R., 30 111bb611, F13111: C., 26 11111, AA7. AA7. ., 11011, C. Clavtzon, 26 111111bart,G61211d AA7. ., 18, 126 11111161, AV1111'211n 11., 21, .11 Iquar5Li, Richard C., 26 111111;, Capt. Mach11, US AF, 30 ILcda,111t05111, 21.1 111115, AA7115011 11. ., 22 136L5011, A. D., 94 1260b5, AA711115 D., 26, .11 1acob5011, 101111, 40 16115611, Faith E. ., 26, .13 161111a111,L6011ard L. ., 26,2 - 13 1011115011, K611116111 R. ,207 10115011, Raymond, 178 1011111, Miguc1, 22 111, F16d6riCL, 207 111dal1, Charles B. ., 22 Kal111,1V111t011, 27 K61161, AA7a1tcr B. ., 27 K6116y, David Otis, 20 K61161, A71n6611tC., 2 1 3 chp615, George L. ., 277 K6161161'1116, F. M., K111g,Dcan E162111012 M., 21 K1116L1101111, 121116,: -7 K111g11t,Ro1161t 13., 27 K010d1161, Ignace 1., 2 Koster, AV. 1., 27 Kruegcr, AA7. C., 233 K1111tz,1. M., 2 Lacour,Dorotl1y B. ., 2 , 213 L21116L61, R. C., Lcax'itt,C11ristop1161 P. ., 23 LL1y,Mz11Vin, 27, 231 L611'15, 1. Vernon, 27, .10 Lewis, Ralph AA7., 27 L1611111611, Edwin, 23 Longhurst, 101111 E., 27 Lopes, Albert R., 27 L01611, ParLc B., 2" Lutz, Raymond P., 2" MacCurdy, Raymond B., 27 AIaLC16g01,1.C., 20 Mallary, Robert, 27 IAIa10116, M. 11., 10, .11 Martin, A. A7., 27 Martin, Ernest L., 27 Martin, AA7111121111 C., 27 A121t11162,1056 E., 27 AIasley, Alexander S., 23, .11 Mathany, Dean Howard A7., 18, .12, 100, 102 Matthews, AA7111111frcd, 9 May, Marvin C., 27 AIa1'61,Cle11,9.1 IAIL'Clarv, D11a116, 27 AIcDa1'1d, Paul 20,233 1A1CG111,1'I3HLLSZ7, 39, 216 McGuire, Richard, 2.13 McKenzie, D. A., 2 1A161A27Iurrz1y, Imogene, 27, .10, 210, 21 1 McQuadC, M Sgt. 12111165 A7., 30 McRae, Donald, 2 1A1611011,A1t11111 AA7., Mi116r,112111v, 2.10 AIi111L611, Glad15, 27 AIitCl1611, N1611L, 27 1A101110L K61111,2 Moore, Richard K., 23, 20.1 Morgan, RobL'rt M., 27 A1011, 17611171., 27 N215011, AIarsl1311R., 28 N61111121111, 101111, 28, 231 Newman, 3121111615., 23, 28 Nolan, Edward C., 28 Nor111a11,R21p11 D., 28 Northrop, Stuart A , 23 OAVCDS, Cu11c11 B., 213, 226 PaaL, C211 E., 28 Park, 12111165, 28 P311511, AA71111z1111 1., 21 Paxt011,A55t. D6311 AA71116116, 18, 37, 38, 103 P621166, '1'. M., 28 PCIOVICh, 101111, 19, .10 PCtCl'SOIl, George M., 1 1, 23 Petrol, George, 28, 2.18 Petty, P21111A7., 23 P11161,C11a110tt6 L., 28, 216 Poldervaart, A116 AA7., 20 Popcjoy, 10111 L., 16, 17, 24, 40, 197, 23;, 268 Potter, Loren 13., 23 Rafferty, chn, 2 Reevc, Frank D., 28, 4-1 Regcncr, Victor H ., 28 Reitcr, Mrs. XVinifrcd, 20 Reva, Virginia, 28 RCV'icr,F'1'C E. D., 31 Rhoadcs, Lt. C01. I. R., 31 Rhoads, XVilliam 13., 28 Ricbsmncr, I. L., 23, 42 Ried,113101d0., 20, 21; Robert, George, 28 Robertson, Robert A., 28 Rosenzweig, 111113113111, :8. 213 Rumph, C. 11., 28 Rungc, 117111121111 B., 28 Russell, Iosiah C., 28 Ryder, Capt. I01111 1A1? I, 40 Rypka, Eugene 117., 28 Sacks, Benjamin, :8 Sacks, Norman, 28 St.011gc, Keith R., 2 Sa11dcrs,CDR K. '11., Sasaki,'1'o111'l'., 23, 2 Schccr, Richard K, 2 Schlcgcl, D011 11., 28 Schocnfeld, Morton, 28 Scholcs, France V., 28 Schrocdcr, Florence, :8 Scarcy, Victor Vic, :8 Seed, Ver1e R., 28 Scidlcr, Armand, 23 Scndcr, Ramon, 28 511110115, Katherine, :8 Smith, Dan017., 28 Smith,Da111'clM.,Ir., 28 Smith, George 117., 29 Smith, Mary E11611, 94, 301 Smith, Sam, 29 Smith, Sherman 13., 19, 4,1, 42, .13, :69 311211111, Edwin, 2 511011',I311C, 29, 41 SorrcH, Dczm Vernon C., 29 Sparks, D2110, 10 Stcgcr, Arthur, :9 Stein, Edwin E., 21 Stephenson, Iack R., 29, 21 1 Stoughton, George L., 29 Sturgcs, Dr. Eve1yn P., 20 Sullivan, SKL I. '1'., 31 Sweeney, Robert M., 29, 240 Tapy, Ralph 117., 29, 204 'l'aylor, Iack I., 29 rl'aylor, Robert, 2 '1'cdlock, 11117., Ir., 29 111011133, Roy, 29 1110111113011, GMCS S. 11., 31 '1'110r11e, DL Donald, .1: '1'110111t011, Iamcs 1., 29, 183 1011135, Henry I. 29 '1'racgcr, Richard, 29 'I'111111311, Kenneth, 231 '1'1'rc111a11, Dr. Loyd Spcnccr, 2 'I'ravclstead, Dean Chester C., 21 'l'rmvbridgc, Hoyt, 23 Ulibarri, 5.111111ch 29, 43 Vaughan, Richard, 208 Vernon, David 121., 29 XVugucr, XV. C., 29 XValkcr, Harold L., 20 XValter, P3111, Ir., 29 XValters, 1161611, 2 14 XVatcrman, Maj. LeRoy, USAF, 3o XVaters, Elizabeth, 29 1Vceks, 117111121111, 29, 231 XVeihofcn, 1161111113., 29 11761011, A. C., 29 XVC11C1Q,A.A., 20 XVclsh, Rosemarie, 29 1Vc11gcrd, Sherman A1, :9 1X'11it1011',I21111cs L., 29, 183 XVicker, C. V., 29 1111111211115, I01111, 2.14 11701161; George, 13 , 1Vykcs, Barbara 13., 29, 101 11711111, Dean Dudley, 21 Yell, Ioscpl1E.,Ir., 29 Ziutz, Miles V., 23 Zwoycr, Eugene M., 29 xflouse motAers Bcckmcycr, Mrs. Rebecca, 32 Bolton, Mrs. Pauline, 136 Brewer, Mrs. Grace, 1 38 11ax'is,Mrs.Bcss, 14; Dcaton, Mrs. Blanche, 151 Erbachcr, Mrs. Charles, 135 Findell, Mrs. Mabel, 164 11:13561111111g, Mrs. Margaret, 158 Lawrence, Mrs. Edna, 1.10 Mahonc, Miss 1116111121, 32 Manning, Mrs. N611, 166 Reed, Mrs. Evelyn, 168 Rhymes, Mrs. Ve1va, 1 7o Roddy, Miss Mary, 32 XValton. Mrs. Lucille, 162 XViHimns, Mrs. C. A., 160 Again. .. we are proud to have been selected to produce the photoengravings for THE MIRAGE SCHAEFER-SHEPHERD PHOTOENGRAVERS - ELECTROTYPERS ' TYPOGRAPHERS 66$ INC. ARTISTS 0 MAT MAKERS 232 EAST FOURTH STREET - LOS ANGELES 13, CALIFORNIA Abaskin. Irc11c11111311a, 63, 171, 2 19 Abbott, 12111105 E., 2.13 Abbott, 111dy Lee, 69, 139, 2 39 Abbott, Tom Harold, 2.12, 2.16 Abraham, Sandra Katherine, 79, 171 Acosta,Eddic1.,61,122,133,183 Acuff, Mark Douglas, 36, 69, 130 Adams, Lynda Gayle, 61, 79, 163, 18;, 223 Adams, Mary Ann, 69 Adamson, Lewis Lynn, 1 32, 13.1 Al11sk0g, 101111 10501111, .17, 203, 207 Akbar, Muhammad, 1 1, 61 Alalou, Carol, 21 2 Alarid, Michael, 209 Albach,Karcn1., 98, 183, 21 1, 270 Alcott, Patricia Lynn, 79, 168 Aldcrctte, Cruz C., 36, 61, 130 Aldous, Duane L00, 9, 1 13 Alexander, 11cle11 Louise, 69, 1 19, 183 Alexander, Richard 13., 92 Alexandre, 10101110 1crry, 69, 131 Alford, A1111 Lynn, 61, 167 Allen, 101111 XV, 1r., 28 Alling, 1311c XV., 61, 139 AImc, 1Vi111161d M., 79 Alvis, 1311105 Earl, 92 Ambos, Sal1y A1111, 69 Ambrose, 130111116 1c2111, 69 Ambruster, Margaret U., 69, 163, 1 S3 Amin, 10am 13., .17 Amorous, Angela, 61, 1.16, 163, 221. - a Amos, Charles Clinton, 69, 137 Andcrbcry, R0na1d, 69, 1 1 1 Anderson, Ella Sue, .17, 139 Anderson, Karen 10, 69 Anderson, Margaret B., 79 Anderson, Monica, 79, 167, 223 Anderson, Theodore B., 69, 1.17 Anderson, V. Dclph, 36, 168 Andros, M . Marge, 69 Andrews, Frank, 11., 2, .17, 1 37 Andrews, 11111113111 Grant, 79 Anglada, 1050 B. R., 198 Annett, David M., 61 Anthony, Robert Leroy, 231 Appcl, 101111 Alfred, 79, 1 37 Apple, David Charles, 79 Aragon, Mary Edna, 69 Archuletta, Betty Ann, 79 ArcIlanes, Ilendra Lucille, 79 Armijo, Henry ManueI, 69 Armstrong, XVendcll, 209 Arnold, Lois 81., 69, 222 Arl1ot,13111cs L., 69, 18.1, 187 Arthun, Richard 13., 283 11 14.1 03 Student ynolex Arthurs, 1'Nita Elizabeth, 79, 171 Arviso, Linda Anna, 79, 220 Ashby, IIarve Anthony, 61, 1.17 Ashcraft, Donald Lee, 2.18 Ashley, George Forrest, 79, 133 Ashley, Robert C., .17, 100, 20.1 Atkins, Robin, .17, 1.11 Atkinson, Charles, 79, 183, 187 Atkinson, Laura, 2 1 2 Atkinson, Terrell A. 79, 131 Attebcrry, Ralph Tucker, 79 Atwood, 12111103 13., 79, 133 Ayers, Betty 162111, 79, 213. 221 Babcock, Mary K311110011, 79, 22 1 leca, Corina Olivia, 213 Baca, Eloy 10501111, 79 Baca, 10561311 Francis, .17, 108 Baca, Raymond 10561311, 203 Baca, Reuben Pz1d1'11a, 61 Baca, Robert, 1 81 Bachcchi, Charlcs C., 61, 117 Bailey, 101111 Lee, 132, 18.1, 183 Baker, George 5., 222 Baker, 101111 Gregory, 79 Baker, Maurice 12111105, .17, 133 Baker, William Lyle, .17, 20.1, 207, 208 B2111, 1erric Linda, 69, 173 Ballengcr, Ruth Eileen, 28, .12, .17, 168, 281 Bancroft, Barbara Ann, 79, 168 Bandera, Margaret Agnes, 183 Bankston, XVilliam Dwain, 231 Bankston, 10 Anne, 39, 69, 103 Bar11ee,AliCC1al1e, .17, 167, :1 1 Barbero, Franco E., 202, 219 Barberoussc, Bob, 19.1, 193 Barlett, 111111121111 1., 213 Barlow, Ann Elaine, .17, 21 1 Barnes, Cclestia Anne, 79, 167 Barnes, Dolores, 1 1o, 1 1 1 Barnes, ch T., 79 Barnes, Richard Lee, 79, 139 BarI1ctt,Sa11, 79, 139, 197, 293 Barreras, Raymond, 61, 183, 187 Barrett, Arthur Dean, .17 Barrett, Larry Frank, 79 Barrett, Saxton Williams, 11., 79 Barton, Bobby Ray, .17 Barton, Dennis King, 20.1 Barton, Gerard, 69, 131 Barton, Lewis Icrome, 1 1 3 Basham, Billy 17., 209 Bates, Alberta Chee, 69 Baty, Richard 3., 19.1, 208 Bauer, 1Vcbb S., 69 Baumgardner, 1Valter Lee, 2.11 Baxter,B111Bates, .17 Baxter, 101111 A., 231 Bays, Gail Karen, 79 13212311, David 11., .17 Bcach, Edgz1r1., 231 Bcaird, R011 Lee, 231 Beas1cy, 1311105 O'Connor, 69, 139 Beatty, P3111 Edmund, 209 Beaty, Alice, 79 Boaty, 1osepl1, 1 83 Beaty, Patricia, 21.1 B6811C113111p, 101111 1"., .13 Beauchamp, Martha, 1 18, 1 83, 187, 270 Beauchamp, Richard, 1 18, 183 Bebbcr, Nina, 39,79, 163, 221 Bebout, Dom Foster, .17 Becker, Robb Allan, 7 Becklcy, 1311105, 61, 102, 1 37 Beckncr, Stanley, .17 Bcechy, Kenneth, 209 BCCSOII, Sharon, .17 Beisel,Ro11111d, 2.10, 2.18 Belka, Lynne, 79, 167. 223 Bell, Charles, 69 Bell, Phyllis, 79 Bcll,'1'110111as C., 92 Benally, Kenneth, 220 Bcnally, Nc1lic D., 220 Bender, C311, 69, 1.17 136111111111, Robert, 79 Bennett, B111 Ryan, 1 19 Bennett, Lawrence N., 201 Bonninghovcn, Annette, .11, .17, 2:6 Benson, Linda, 79, 1 19, 161 Bentley, Fred, .10, .17, 100, 20.1, 208 Berg, Sandra, 79, 1 1.1 Berger, Hedy, 1 1.1 BCI111811,I'10W8K1, 1 1.1, 1 30, 133 Bernstein, Lewis, 79, 131 Bcrubc, Raymond E., 11., .17, 209 Best, XVilliam, 69, 2.1.1 Betcnbough, Ronald, 69, 133, 183 Beverly, Edwin P., 79 Bieder, Robert, 1 1 Bigelow, Nata1ic T., 61, 171 Billcaudcaux, L1011c1C., .17, 13.1, 19.1, 193 Bisl1op,Susm1, 69, 167 Bishop, Samuel, 20.1 Bishop, Ted, 79, 137 Bivins, Nancy, 79, 1 19, 163, 197. 29.1 B1ack, Donald, 231 Black, Stanley, .17, 202 Black, 117111111111 George, 1.1.1 Black, 117111121111 Randolph, .18, 61, 1.17. 203 Blackman, L. Paige, 61, 161 Blair, Diane, 39 113511-117 7 116111me11 . DODGE CARS WAYNE L01ELAI11 110111111, 1110. 444 SAN MATEO SE Telephone AM 8-2491 Dealers of SIMCA ' DODGE TRUCKS 310 Since 1907. . . 1 THE COMPLETE STORE for +he COLLEGE MAN 1 manglell S: 132 fuss 300 CENTRAL AVENUE SW PHONE CH 3-4392 Blair, James, 222 Blair, Jean C., 79, 167 Blair, Lynn, 221 Blake, David, 69, 144 B11111ey, Patrick, 231 B12151, Robert, 79 Blaylock, 10211111, 79 Block, George, 204 Blocdcl, Donald R., 79 Blame, Gordon, 1 26, 183 Bloomficld, 1011111121, 79 Bloys, Sandra Kay, 69, 159, 214 Blue, Alice, 37, 48, 168, 281 B1116, Ann, 41, 78, 80, 168, 210 Blue, Barbara, 80, 1 19 Bod011r,11:11g, 36, 61, 130, 136, 198, 202 Bogert, Patricia, 80 Boggio, A1111 KZI1CC11, 80 Bolllander, Kenneth, 48, 209 B0111311dcr, 1 T:111cy, 61, 173 Bohlkc, Hollace, 69 B011111, Edward, 80 B011111,Iz1111cs, 48, 100, 130 1301ce, Edmund XV111., 209 B01d11c, Michael, 61, 147, 203 Bolencywitz, Jack, 104 Bolton, lean A1111, 109 Bolton, Robcrt, 109 130111111claerc, Cary, 69, 104, 147 Bond,11arvcyBent011, 61, 147, 193 Bone, Robert C., 69, 244 BoniEcld, Bcvcr1y 121110, 61, 1 10, 1 1 1 B0111'11cld, Carolyn, 69, 1 1 1, 163, 223 Bm1ncll,Ian1cs E., 61, 187,21 1 Bounell, Margaret, 69 1301111cr,R31ph C., 61, 130 Booker, John Michael, 69 Boosc, Joanna, 80, 168 Boot11,Iean Lee, 69, 163, 223 Bornstcin, A1111, 183 6 Bosier, E. C., 203 Bosiljcvac, George, 20;, 207 Bossart, Lec Mark, 1 1 2 Botts, 11111 3., 80, 147, 130 Botts, Robert, 80 Bowdish, 101111 F., 61, 144, 243 Bowcrman, Ira D., 69, 1 13 Bowland, Talya D., 48 Boyce, Elizabeth, 61 Boyd, Betty 10, 68, 173 Boyd, Charles 0., 80, 142 Boyd, Dorothy M., 216 Bradford, John S, 61, 141 Bradley,A1111c,61, 167 Bradley, Esau, 69 Bradley, Iamcs, 231 Bradley, Mary Ellen, 80, 167 Bradley, Norris, 280 Bragg, Patsy, 69, 171, 210 Bram, Harold, 18; Bramlctt, Lorena L., 226 Bramlctt, William, 92 Branch, '1'11r11cr XV., 34, 3;, 42, 48, 144. 281 Branch, Vicki Brooks, 48, 101, 171, 281 Bra1111011,Tom, 14; Brashears, Harold E., 48 Brasier, Robert, 207 Bratchcr, Diana, 61, 210 Bratcher, James, 92 Brawley, Edwin, 61 Brcse111121111,1 Y2111cy, 61, 163 Brctag, Gerald, 48 Brcwer, 18311113., 11., 69, 141 Brian, Linda, 86, 1 10, 1 1 1 Bridges, Sally, 39, 48,183, :16 Bright, Richard, 231 Bri11gas,'l'0111as, 203 Briscoc, IO E11011, 180, 181 Brixner, Annctte, 36, 86, 163, 183 Brock, 'l'cd, 80, 243 Broc11,Frcd C., 69, 139 Brogan, Carl, 61, 147, 183, 21 Brooks, Gretchen, 69, 171, 22 Brown, Barbara, 48, 168 Brown, Billy, 231, 236 Brown, Dale, 148 Brown, Kenneth, 86, 145 Brown, Page, 80, 1 39 Brown, Richard Byron, 69, 147 Brown, Scott, 80, 14; Brown, Thomas, 86, 139 Brown1cc, C11ar1es, 206 Bruce, 11811121111, 80 Brummcll, Bernard, 40, 61, 147, 148, 240, 2 1, 1, 2 Bruskas, Thomas, 248 Brusuclas, Richard, 61, 147 Bryan, R.G111ctte, 61, 102, 130 Bryant, James, 183 Bryant, 1111111116, 86 Bryce, Betty loan, 61, 146, 139 Buchanan, Sambeth, 69, 1 1 1 Bucrgi, Stephcn, 80, 141 Bullock, Robert, 213 Bundrant, 101111, 48 1311111161, Rafael, 80, 139 Burden, Io-An, 80 Bureau, Linda, 61, 168, 300 Burgess, James Howard, 48, 206 Burke, David, 21; Burke, Cera1dine, 61 Burke, Kathryn Dorothy, 80 Burke, Michael U., 48 Burke, Patricia, 69, 168 Burkett, 111711113111, 20;, 207 Burleson, Donald, 231 Burleson, Linda, 80, 171 Burmeistcr, Barbara, 36,61, 139 Burmeistcr, Rita loan, 80, 159 Burt, Barbara, 48, 163, :14 Burton, Betty, 70, 161 Bushey, Robert, 80, 1 39 Bussey, Gordon, 80 l -v-n 7"8 38'229 Butler, Bruce, 209 B11t1cr, D. lack, 231 Buttcrbaugh, James, 70 ButtcrEeld, George, 61 ButtcrEeld, Kathleen, 80, 161 Byers, Ioc C.,62, 147, 148 Byrd, Diane, 70, 214 Byrd, 101111, 2 3 1 C. De Baca, 10c, 62, 1 87 Cardcnhcad, Sharon Kae, 187, 21 1 Cain, Tara, 43, 48, 168 Cains, Stephen M., 70, 144, 220, 227 Calkins, Joanne, 80 01111165, Janis E11011, 92 Calvert, Gloria Cartcr, 62, 21 1 Camillo, Roger Genc, 70, 1 34 Camp, Patricia L011, 80, 139, 223, :38 Ca111panc110, Jimmy A., 134 Campbe11, Danielle, 2 2 2 Campbell, David Russell, 80, 144 Campos, Charlie Arthur, 204 Canady, Marilyn Pearl, 70, 167 Candelaria, 10c Ines, 48 Cannon, MalC0111 Leonard, 80 Canoycr, Madge 1'1c1c11e, 70, 10;, 163 Cantor, Susan Ann, 70, 1 14 Cantwell, 101111, 1 15, 1 17 Capcls, 1Villiam, 48, 202 Carder, Ronald Lawrence, 70 Carey, Nelson Floyd, 104 Carey, Ralph Hugh, 80, 147, 246 Carlin, Dolores Connie, 80 Carlini, Dona Gail, 2 1 2 Carlson, Gail Anita, 42, 130, 16; Carlso11,1011n 13., 48 Carlson,Pa1111'1., 1 10, 1 1 1 Carlson, Rodgcr Dalc, 62 Carmichael, Carlton James, 1;; Carmichael, Doughs, 48, 1 30, 144, 184, 2 1 Carmignaui, Gcorgc, 80 Carpenter, Kenneth 151., 48, 100, 132, 194, 202, 208 Carpentcr, Scott Hcrbert, 80 Carrara, Charles, 1 26 Carstens, Allan M., 62 Carstons, Christine, 18; Carter, Benny Leon, 19;, 24; Carter, 013 B1, 21; Case, Larry, 183 Casper, William Bird, 144 Cata, Herman, 220 Cata,111z111itaO., 214, 220 Caton,Cl1arlesAlIe11, 3;, 48, 100, 281 Caton, Jerry Clay, 7o Caton, Jimmy Julian, 62, 102, 130, 240, 2 2 Cattan460, Camille Agnes, 98 Cave, Kenneth L., 62 Chadil, Carol Anne, 36, 1 1 2, 168, 299 Chan, Sicw P011, 207, 208 311 Tomorrow's Success is Made Today . . . Never before in the history of the world has it been so necessary for men who want to succeed to equip themselves with the best possible education. The frontiers of human knowledge are being pushed back so fast that only the weIl-educated man can hope to keep up with the demands of science, business or the professions. The classes you attend each day are the bricks with which you build the structure of your future. Each one should be strong and firmly placed. ALBUQUERQUE NATIONAL BANK Albuquerqueis oldest and largest HEAD OFFICE - SECOND AND CENTRAL EAST CENTRAL OFFICE - 4021 CENTRAL AVE. NE NORTH FOURTH OFFICE - 1610 FOURTH ST. NW DRIVE-IN - SECOND 8x COPPER SIMMS BLDG. OFFICE - FOURTH 8: GOLD MEMBER FDIC VJ ,-. ix! FAMOUS LABEL FOOTWEAR Evins 1. Miller DeLiso Debs Paradise Rhythm Step Red Cross Lady Florsheim Dickerson Joyce PenoHo Cobbies Life Stride California Cobblers Glamour Debs the Southwest's Leading Store Paris ShOQ Stares uptown 3701 CENTRAL EAST C11ant,1udy, 2 23 C11ar1cs, Gerald, 62, 147 Charles, 10 Frances, 80, 183 Chase, 'l'erry Edwin, 244 Chaudhry, K1111rsl1id Ahmad, 203, 207 Chavez, Aristides 13., 11., 183 Chavez, Barbara R., 1 83 Chavez, Bennie Lee, 80 Chavez, Ernest Louis, 222 Chavez, Joe A., 202 Chavez, Max Frank, 33, 7o Chavez, Patricia 102111, 80 Chavez, Reynaldo A., 1 83 Chavez, Vincent R., 49, 204 Chavez, Viola Evangeline, 8o Cheers, Elizabeth Anne, 62, 187, 274 Chcctham, Francis, 80, 163 C11cct11am,1011n, 1 8 3, 1 87 C11e11,'l1yen Ching, 49, 208 Chcnoweth, Ruth Anne, 80, 1 1 1 Chcrcsposy, Mark1., 220 C11ernoff,'1'ania Fay, 1 14 Cllildcrs, Mary Lorraine, 80, 22 Childress, Kenneth Floyd, 80 C1111ds, Sarah 18311319 Lynn, 80, 167 Ching, XVillard K0011Hi11g, 80 Chowning, Eldon Merrell, 214 Chrcist, Fred Martin, 147, 248 Christensen, 13y L., 49, 130 Christensen, Stex'an Ross, :03 Christiansm1,1udit11 Lee, 70, 1 19, 139 Christie, William Patrick, 81 Church, Stella 1110111115011, 49 Chuvisavaphong, Sy1via Busaba, 81 Clark, A1111, 163 Clark, Donna Dcnine, 81 Clark, 1111121106, 81 , 1 83 Clarke, 101111 C., 1 22 C1arkc, 8Vi111'au1 Bc11111011t, 203, 207, 208 Claus, Connie, 81, 163 Clauscr, Donald R., 187 C1011,11a101d, 62, 147, 148 C1c1'11, Michael A11cn, 62, 141 C1c111e11ts,MajorJoe, 81, 222 Clemons, Russell E., 49, 2 13 Clcvcland, 100, 237 Clifford, 11. 1311105, 62, 244 C1111c,1udit11 Mary, 81, 163, 221 Clubb, Lenore B., 70 Coats, Gerald D0ug1as, 62, 209 Cobb, Donald Russell, 70, 133 Cochran, Martha Sue, 81, 223 Coffee, Edwin Russc11, 180 Coffee, Francis W., 240 C0ggins,1mnes 8., 36, 46, 49, 100, 20:, :81 Cohen, Phillip C., 62 Cohn, Marilyn, 1 14 C01c, Barry G., 108 C01c, Helen Victoria, 81 , 167 Colc,1amcs K., 81 Cole, 1VIic11ac1Picrce, 36 C011, Janis Anne, 1 71 Calvard, Victor 11., 8 1 , 147 Cone, Samuel Arthur, 62, 133, 206 Conley, Mary Ann, 161 Connor, Kathleen Patricia, 81, 168 Constan, L111y A., 62, 161, 183, 262 Conway, Florence Lorraine, 1 87 Conzett, Mariette D., 62, 163 Cook, Charles Austin, 81 Cook, A'Iargaret, 21 2 Cooley, Mary Louise, 81 C0011sis,1uz1n, 183, 220 Cooper, Allen Fairfax, 36, 183 Copekmd, Mary Ann, 81, 183 Copeland, Victor Arlen, 81, 137 Corazza, Kenneth Lee, 81, 137 Corbin, Charles B., 62, 139, 243 Cordcro, Mary E., 49 Cordova, Cynthia Anne, 81 Cordova, Eddie Raymond, 70, 133 Cordova, Josephine, 62, 183 downtown 307 CENTRAL WEST Cordm'a, Vera Ann, 81, 184 Corsmcicr, Marilyn Marguerite, 81, 171 Cottingham, L011, 78, 81, 132, 139, 246 Cottle, Carole, 81, 171 Couchcron-Aamot,11311511., 203, 207, 208 Coughlan, James, 49, 130 C0ug111c11, Tucker, 49, 100, 141, 203, 208, 2 10, 281 C0up12111d, Lyn, 49, 163, 184 C0x,1:1111cs B., 49, 139 Cox, 8316113, 70 Craig, Herbert, 248 Craig, Mary Ann, 2 1 3 Craig, 887651613, 1 13 Cramcr, Carol, 62, 168, 214 Cramp, Prudence, 81, 1 12, 139, 213, 221 Crand2111,Bob, 49, 130,231,237 Crawford, Robert, 81 Crcecy. Carson, 36, 81 Crisp, Carlecn, 70 Crittcndcn, C316, 70, 163 Croft, Mic11ac1, 81, 131 Crossc, Murray, 81 Crossman, Steve, 49 Crouch, Kay, 49, 168 Crow, Lewis, 231 Crow, Nancy, 62, 139 Crowley, Mike, 81, 244 Crowley, Patricia Jane, 37, 62, 171, 239 Crownover, Karen, 41 Cullen, Philip, 81, 131 Culley, John, 49, 147 Cummings, Charles, 231, 242 Cummings, Cherill, 70, 81, 171 C11111111111s,11c1c11, 49, 139 C11111111ins,11m 13., 81, 137 CundiH, C11ar1cs Recd, 81 Cundy, Richard, 60, 62, 102, 130 Cunningham, Chery1 Lee, 108, 183 Cureman, Benny, 11 1 Curran, Chris, 1 81 313 Sophisticated frocks for 'round the clock Wmdmff-juliah at the triangle MANUFACTURER OF THE FAMOUS DREAMASTER UNE PHONE CH 3-I77I We have moved! Our new oFFlces are in room 242-A New Mexico Union If YOU have moved Please let us know yournewaddress . . . Remember the CHAPEL FUND Alumni Association Mail Address-Box 90, University Station C his hgl rh's Serving the students for 13 years Ice Cream and Fine Foods Drug Sundries Cards Gifts 2400 Central SE-Across from Johnson Gym 314 ' 32 BRUNSWICK AUTOMATIC PINSETTERS ' HOLIDAYBOWL 7515 LOMAS BOULEVARD, N.E. ' ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO ' AMherst 8-3308 Curry, Isabcll, 219, 21.1 Curtis, Bertha, 220 C11t1cr,Rctta, .19, 17;, 212 Czcincr, Richard, 111 D'Agostino, James, 81 Dahlcn, Sydney, 70, 10;, 16;, 22; Dailcy, Jack, :09 Dailcy,Ioscpl1 L., 81, 19; Dailcy, Paul, 62, 102, 1.1.1, 198 Dale, 111113, 70 Dale, Sharon, 81, 1 71 Dalt011,101111, 49, 1 ;3, 18;, 19; Dalzcll, Fred, 37, 62, 1.11 Damgaard, Genevieve, 21 2 Danfclscr, Priscilla, 62, 168 Dm11015,Ia111121, 70, 16;, 2;8, 229 Danoff, Louis, 1 1.1 Damall, Diana, 38, .19, 101, 162, 282 Darnell, Charlcs, 81 Dartt, Cary, 81 Das, 1,1 1 Dasburg, Diana, 81, 238 Davenport, Charlcs, 187 Davenport, Don, 18; Davenport, Marvin, 81, 1 David, David F., 2.1 Davis, Allen, 81, 18; Davis, Anselm, 220 Davis, D011 Terry, 81 Davis, Harold B., 70 Davis, James, 70 Davis, Kathrync, 70, 10;, 17;, 187 Davis, Linda A1111, 81 Davis, Ralph, 70, 1 ;7 Davis, Monte Lee, 21 2 Davis, 8Villiam Richard, 62 Davisson, Margaret, 18;, 220 Dawson, Robert, 81, 112, 198 Dawson, Dave, 36, 68, 1 ;0, 276 Deakin, Robert, 81, 1.17 Ul JJ Dcan, Garland, 62, 108 Dorsey, Robert, 82, 1.17 Dcarholt, Donald, 92, 1 19 Dortignac, 1:111, 70, 22; Dcitcrman, Gloria, .11, 22; Dosscy, Daryl11,62, 1 1 1, 210, 21.1 dc Kok, Yvonne, 81, 216 Doty, Bill, .19, 18; Dcllert, Charles, 81, 1 ;9 Doughty, Dennis, 82, 1 ; 1 Dclles, Carl, 19, 1 ;;, 198 Douglass, Donald, 118 Del Castillo, Modcrsto, 81 Dove, Harvey, 62, 1 ; ;, 18; Dcmas, Elsie, 280 Dove, Julie, 70, 1 19, 1 ;9, 221, 238, 239 Demeter, 88811111111, 62, 1 ;0 Dowel, Sammy, 1 1 1 Dempsey, Mike, 70, 1.11 Dowell, Claudc, 70 Dempsey, Pamela, 62, 10;, 16;, 219 Doycl, Monte, 2.16 Dcnison, Stephen, 81, 1 ;1 Doyle, Bruce, 62, 1.11 Dcnnv, B011, 220 Drab, Eileen, 26, 92, 1 23 Dc11ny,Iohn F., 82, 18; Drakc,D01111z1, ;6, 82, 139 Dcnzlcr, David, 82 Drake, Elizabeth, 70, 1 17 Dc Suttcr, Charlcs, .19 Drew, Laurel, 82 Dcx'endorf, Anne, 70 Driskill, Glen, 206 Devlin, Mary Ellen, 82 DuBois, David, 1 1 2 DcXVildc, Edgar, 2o; DuHic, Kyle, 209 DcXVitt, Charles, 62, 1;7 Duffy, Denis, 62, 27;. 2 2 Dibble, Robert, 70, 1 ;7 Duffy, Terence, 50, 11.1 Dickerson, David, 2.10 Duffy, 101111, ;0, 1.1; Dicbold, James, 20;, 210 Duke, Rebecca, 1 1 2, 227 Dictmeicr, Ion, 82 D1112, Gerald, 70, 1.17 Dik, Keam, 1 1 Dumlcr, Martin, 82, 1.12 DiLallo, Charles, 70, 1 ;9 Dunaway, Clcnda, 82 Dill, Nancy, 10;, 18; Dunbar, Douglas, 208 Dill, Duane, 1 19 Duncan, oncc, ;0 Di Lorcwzo, James, 82, 139 Duncan, Georgia, ;0, 1 12 Dinkle, Stephen, 11, 82 Duncan, Robert, 70 Dodd, Indy, ;6, 68-70, 10;, 168, 2c0, 27;. Dunn, Charlene, 70, 161 291, ;01 D111111,1Vlarilyl1, 62, 161 Doherty, John, 19; D111111,'l'h0111as, '0, 1.17, 282 Doherty, Sheila, 82 Dunson, Linda, 18.1, 18; Doman, Mary, 82, 108. 1 1; Duprcc, Iamcs, 2.16 Domico, Annette, 82 Duran, Amador, 2.18 Donadio, Donald, 187 Duran, Marlys, ;0, 101, 17;, 282 Done, Mclvin, 1 1; Durham. Barry, 82, 1.1; Doolittle, George, 209 Durrani, Sajjad Haidar, 204f Dorak, Robert, .19 Dustman, Dorothy, 82, 16;, 216, 22; Dorris, Karen, ;6, 82, 168, 221 Dutton, Robert, 82 STORY BOOK WEDDING ALBUMS COMPLETE WITH 12 x 10 SILKURE PHOTOGRAPHS From $3295 glvis reenlee Stualios Phone CH 2-3563 1820 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST Dayor Night 315 SALLY AMBOS JOHN BYRD FEATURING CLOTHES FROM KISTLER-COLLISTER ALBUQUERQUE THIRD AND CENTRAL r0 1 3 Congratu lations EUMPLIMENTS 0F ROBBINS INN George Robbins. Prop. I720 Cenfral SE Dykstra, Connie, 82 Eagan, Dennis, 82, 1.15 Eagleman, 12111, 70, 13.1 Earnest, Frankyc, 50, 168, 300 Earp, 101111, 62 17.211011, LaRue, 62, 1 1 2, 175, 21.1 Eaves, 101111, 62, 1.17 Eaves, 11711113111, 82 Eckernmn, Richard, 50, 20.1 Eckert, 101111, 70, 135 Edelmon, 1:111, 70, 167 EdgeL Stephen, 1 13, 1 87 Edgemon, Charles, 50 Eduwndson, 1311105, 82 Edmondson, T0111, 82 Edwards, Bob, 2.1.1 Edwards, Dennis, S: Edwards, Gene, 71 Edwards, 101111, 82, 1.12 Edwards,'1'ed, 50 Edwards, 1110111215, 50 13101111121111, Larry, 108 Eilcrs, Dorothy, 82 E11015, Elmer, 206, 207, 208 E1der,101111, 70, 1 35 E1der,Ia11c, 50, 159 Elder, Laura, 63 Elder, Ross, 70, 1.1.1 E1kins,Carole, 50, 163, 21.1, :87 E1110tt,Albcrt, 205, 207, :62, :63 Ellis,101111, 70, 151 E1115, Rose Angela, 1 1 7, 1 23, 1 85 E1sbrock, Mary Ellen, 50, 175, :11 Elsbrock,Rut11, 82, 165 Elser, Grace, 2 1 2 1115011, Clifford, 63, 21.1 Ely, Bernie, 222 1311161111iscr, Nolan, 82, 1 53 Engel, 1121115, 2 1 3 E1111s,12111ct, 183 13111101; D2111, 50, 100, 108, 109, 183, 282 Epperson, 11111, 2.16 Erda1, Bruce, 63, 102, 1.1.1, 183 Eriacho, 1Vilfrcd, 220 Escobar, 19111113, 219 Espana, Ernest, "1, 1.11 Espinosa, Eddie. 71, 135 Ewing, Annette, 1 1 131111311, C11z1r1es, 82 Eytcheson, Bryan, 63, 1.11 1121110, 11aro1d, 63 Farley, 11711113111, 82 192111311, XValtcr, 63, 153 1"z1rrar, Thomas, 82 1'1z1rri11gt011, Janet. 82, 171 VHWVCY, Barbara, 82 19c1111c11, K133, 50 Fernandez, Bobby, 82 Fernandez, Coralia, 2 19 Ferran, Amy, 50, 2 15 1"crreri, Jackie, 71 Fcrrin, Kay, 50, 1 13, 183,211 1"111C11, Lee, 1 1 1 1"111C11, Leland, 82, 111 Findlay, Jean, 1 11 Findley, Caro1yn, 50, 101 Findley, James, 1 1 1 1911119101111, 71, 1.1.1 Fisher, Dora, 109 Fisher, Harold Donald, 205, 207, 208 Fisher, Helene, 27o Fiskc, Bernice, 5o 13'jcrstad, 11711113, 231 Flaherty, 1Varren, 205 Flemming, Ralph, 231 Flock, Robert, 50, 205, 207, :08 Florence, Alfred, 82, 2.13 Flores, Lcolmld, 195 160115608. Max, 50 14011621110, 111113, 185 Ford, Carolyn, 82, 165 Fordham, Virgil, 50, 20.1, :08 1110111111313, Arlene, 71, 161, 183 Forsyth, 101111, 219 Fortncy, Jack, 63 Fosslcr, Sandra, 50, 175, 21 Foster, Gerald, 82 Fowler, Margaret, 1 8 1 Frnin, Martin, 2.10 Frank, Edwin, 63, 1.17, 1.18 Franklin, Allyn, 133 Franks, P1111113, 71, 1.11 Franzen, Icancttc, 63, 159 19121117111Cicr, Lawrence, 82, 1.17 Frz1scr,R0y,71, 137, 20.1 Frcdcrich, Shirley, 63, 175 Frederick, Icrry, 82, 1.17 Frccman, Peter, 219 French, Courtney, 63, 1.11 Frc11011,Icanctte, 50, 18.1, 21 2, 21.1, 225 Frcntzel, Elizabeth, 71, 108, 1 19 Friberg, George, 126, 231, 236 171101;, Norma, 51 11165. Diana, 82 Fritz, Dawn, 35, 51, 16.1, 262, 282 Freman, Eva May, 82, 1 1 2, 183 Fronabargcr, Jerry, 82 Frost, Bobbie, 71, 165 1911111111111, Neil, 36, .10, 50, 1.1.1, 226, 257, I1 Fry, 1023? 82 Fry, VVillimn, 51 Fryar, Garvin, 63, 102, 1.11, 203 Fuente, Walter, 63 Fulton, Robert, 82, 139 Fusscll, 13110, 63, 167 Cabaldon, Robert, 82 Caby,Ieal1, 51, 159 Gaby, P1131113, 71, 159 Cnlbreth, Jarrett, 82, 1.15 DIAMONDS AND WEDDING RINGS A SPECIALTY Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairs Since 1928 uttentichQ 2312 Central, SE 317 FOR BRANDS YOU'LL BE PROUD TO WEAR 119 CENTRAL N.W. FINE MEN'S WEAR GALLES RENTAL-LEASING COMPANY L eeeeeee for AM 77,021VA l C A R R E N TA L 3 MUNICIPAL AIRPORT PH. CH 2-7631 1524 CENTRAL AVE., SE PH. CH 3-5517 ' OLDSMOBILES ' CHEVROLETS ' CADILLACS ' ' FORDS ' VOLKSWAGONS ' ' 4 WHEEL DRIVE UNITS ' 4 DOOR HARDTOPS 5 ' STATION WAGONS ' COMMERCIAL UNITS ' FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE CREDIT CARDS HONORED LEASE A NEW CAR FROM RenfaI-Leasing Company ' CADILLACS ' OLDSMOBILES ' CHEVROLETS ' ' OTHER MAKES PHone CHapel 3-5517 4l4V2 Cen+ra1, SE CH 2-2603 FUTU-KRUME STUDIOS JOEL V. BARRETT PORTRAITS WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIAL AERIALS Black-White 81 Color CONGRATULATIONS-SENIORS NEW MEXICO JANITUR SUPPLY COMPANY 5409 ACOMA ROAD SE HOME OF JASCO PRODUCTS PHONE AL 5-5518 318 MEN'S FASHION COUNSELLORS iMi'k'el gnu...- onto... 1 FEATURING AUTHENTIC CLOTHING AND FURNiSHINGS ESPECIALLY KEYED 10 THE TASTE OF THE COLLEGE MAN Free Delivery in the Surrey from 403 Copper Gallagher, Marguerite, 222 Gallegos, Benny, 63 Gallegos, Herman, 83 Galloway, 13111125, 187 Cannon, Ray, 40, 71, 144 Carbcr, 101111, 231 Garcia, Cecilia, 215 Garcia, Ernest, 83, 151 Garcia, Chris, 63 Garcia, 100, 71 Garcia, 1oscph, 51 Garcia, Yvonne, 83, 171 Garrett, 121116 Ellen, 83 Garrett, Mary A1111, 83 Carrctson,Lorc11, 185 Gary, Patricia, 71, 183 Cask111s,101111, 71, 142 Gassman, Robert, 83 Gates, Harvey, 71 Gates, Mary Lou, 71, 21 2 Catcwood, Steve, 1 83 Catlin, W'anda, 83 Caussoin, Ierry, 83 Gecr, Otto, 63, 137 0615161, Robert, 51 Cenmcts, Robert, 63, 141 Cemocts, Ted, 63, 141 1 George, Harold, 63 Georgius, David, 83, 153, 1 83 Gerdig, Harriet, 51, 168, 21 2 Cerdi11g,Ricl1ard, 51, 150, 275, 293 Gerd111g,R0bcrt, 51, 130, 150, 282 Gercty, Patricia, 51, 175, 212 Cerlach, Charles, 83, 147 Cer111er,llenry, 51, 130, 153, 204 Corrie, Marshall 1a111es, 83, 142 Gerritsen, XVilliam, 1 1 2 Giancro, Georgene, 83 Gibson, Mary, 219 Gibson, Patricia, 51, 119, 174, 282 Gibson, Sin11111c, 41, 63, 171 Stevens VARSITY SHOP of Fourth NW CHapel 3-6896 A Thousand Ways 'I'o Mee+ Your PRINTING NEEDS . . . ' STATEONERY . CALLING CARDS ' ANNOUNCEMENTS ' LETTERHEADS 611-615 Gold Ave. SW, Albuquerque, N. M. ' BUSINESS FORMS ' INVITATIONS Dial CH 3-451 I PRINTERS OFFICE SUPPLIES 81 EQUIPMENT Gicri, 1117111121111, 200 Gicrsbach, Susan, 63, 165 G11101d, Harold, 83 Gifford, Verna, 83 Gi1bert, Anthony, 63 Gilbcrt, Kathie, 51, 146, 171 Gi1bcrt, Keith, 51, 147 Gilbert, Van, 71 G11611311,Na11cy, 63, 175 C111, George, 92, 231 Gi11cral1, Elaine, 71, 163 Gillespie, Frances Sharon, 83, 167 Cilpin, 111dit11, 71 Glass, Larry, 71, 122 Class, Michacl, 83, 139 G1azar, 1crry, 83, 1 14, 133 Glazner, Alice A1111, 83 Clcdhill, Eleanor, 63 G101'er, Douglas, 42, 51, 144, 198, 199 Clover,10hnuy, 21, 206, 207, 208 Gober, Richard, 71 Gochring, Robert, 51, 147, 209 Gockc, Linda, 183 C011, Russell, 83, 147 Goldenberg, Henry, 63, 137 Coldsworthy, Patricia, 71, 161, 226, 227 Gomez, Frances, 83 Gomez, Leo, 71, 153 Gonzales, Margaret, :14 Gonzales, 10$Cph, 71 Gonzales, Manuel, 83 Good,1ayF.,71, 139 Goodal1, Hugh, 209 Goodwin, Vickie, 83 Gordon, Anna L., 83 Gosnell, XVayne, 193, 196 Cosse, 12111185, 200 Gotl1ard,Nancy, 83, 210 Cottburg, Therese, 180 Gaucher, 111dy, 51 Courlcy, Nita, 83 Gracie, Robert, 183, 21 1 Graham, Cynthia, 83, 161, 21 1 6131121111, 100, 92, 2 19 Graham, Kay, 71, 175, 22.. Graham, Kirk, 51, 150 Cral1a111, Bruce, 51 Craingcr,13111es, 83, 151 Cranlund, 102m, 1 1 2 Grant, Francis, 24o Crassc, 11711113111, 71, 141, 198 Graves, 10ycc, 51 Gray, Cameron, 83 Gray, Unletta, 51 Gray, San1uch.,1r., 63, 144 Gray, 'l'crry 121116, 51, 168 Gray, 1110111215 Henry, 52, 204 Crcathousc, Cleanna, 83 Greek, Milton, 198, 199 Greenwood, Charles, 71 Greer, Leslie, 83 Crccr, Raymond, 92 Greer, Verna 16311116, 83 Gregory, Patricia, 1 23 Grcnko, Marianne, 71, 161 Crenko, R011, 200 Gribble, Karen, 71, 105, 159 Gricgo, Alex, 83 Griego, 117111121111, 52 Crier, Michael, 83 Grii1111,Cloria, 36, 46, 52, 160, 282 Criggs, A1lison, 83 Griggs, Bc11,92 Crigsby, 1311, 1 19, 187 Grigsby, Avcc 102111, 83, 165, 214 Croesbcck, 101111 11., 71, 155 Groff, Darla Kay, 83 Croff, Richard Kelsey, 83, 147, 206 Grohe, Mary Louise, 83, 108 Grubbs, 111dic, 71, 167 Gruer, Earl, :00 Cuggino, Laurence Paul, 71, 150 319 Better engineers start here How are you fixed for blades? Everyone shops at the Bookstore OPERATED FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE STUDENT "You're next!" USSUCiUth CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF THE students NEW MEXICO UNION BUILDING bookstore CH 7-0391 EXT. 502 C1111110, Fred, 71 Gurulc, Genie, 52 Gutierrez, 1717111121111, 1 83 Gutierrez, R0510, 0111101102, 11111101111 12111108. 83 112135, Laurie 1311121110111, 83, 167 1181101, Floyd, 18 11210101011131, 109 Haganmn, Carolyn, 52, 211 113110, Manya, 62 Haincs, 111110 AI1110, 83, 1 19, 165, 185, 21.1 112111, 11111, 240 Hall, 10301311, 32 112111, K311110011 Susan, 52, 169 H2111,L03110, 83, 137 113111131101, K011110111, 83 1131111211101, 1172111011, 63, 203 Hallcnbcrger, Dorothy, 215 1131011, Billy, 63 112111015011, 101111, 1121111111011, Wayne, 10.1 11211111110011, Doughs, 62 Hammond, 30111110, 63, 167 11311111111311, 1 2 2 Hands, Carmcn, 11211101, 131101, 71, Hanna, Barbara, 71 113111121, Robert, 215 Hanna, Thomas, 11311112111, 11711118111, 71, 153 113111101, 10501311, 205 H3112, Michael, 1 18, 187 Hardin, Susan, 71 Hardin, Warren, 112111113011, B11100 Lynn, 71, 83 Hardison, K611110111, 63, 139 113112101101, 111d1111, 63, 103, 169 112111101, Rosa, 39, 63 Harrigan, 1311103, Harrigcr, He1011, 21 2 Harris, B111y E. L., 1131113, 10311110, 52 1131113011, Scott, 63 1131115011, Susan, 63, 171 113111111311, Ralph, 63, 2.10, 242 Hart, A., 2 22 112111,11V111g11., 37, 52, 1.14, 28: 11311111, Paul, 64, 1121117,, Clyde, 83 Hastings, 01110111101111, 2 1 5 Hasty, Ronald, 83, 109 HatHcld, Charles, 24.1 Ha1101,G0131d,64, 13.1, 183 Hawk, Dale, 2.10 11211ch, 117111121111 Hawn, Leon, 1 8o Hayes, Barbara, 71, 1 10, 1 11 1121105, 111d1'C2111, 83. 168 1121145, B111, 83, 1.10, 141,231 1131's,101111Bruce, 37, 52, 100, 198. :8: 1131's, L.C1;111d2111, 52, 1.11, 198, 199 183 1121's, Roberta, 6.1, 171 1131's, XVilliam, 6.1 Ilcard, 1311100, 8.1 11031111013 183, 187 5 110381011, 10501111, 2.13 1103111,A115011, 52, 163 11031011,101111, 71, 150 Hedges, Don, 8.1 1101111011011, Denis, 193, 19; Henderson, Anita, 21.1 11011111ng1011, 10 A1111, 6.1, 109 11011117, Maureen, 71, 167 1101131017, Donald, 84, 222 1101131017, Louise, 21 2 110113011,101111 XV., 205 Hernandez, Maximo, 3: 11011101011, 101111, 72, 1 39 63, 138 11011011,10y, 84 11011011, 117111121111, 72 150 11011013, Adan, 213 11011013, 1310211101, 72 1101110k, Caitilin, 72, 1 1 2, 161 52, 215 11011111311n, 10y00, 52 165, 21: 1101101,1V1211garct,72, 216 11055, 10101110 L00, 8.1, 1 32, 1.12 1105101, 1301:, 6.1 63 110111coat, 1011y, 52, 208 1110145, D311011, 108, 109 Iliestand, E1111110, 84 Higgins, Elliott, 36, 183, 187, 211 Higgins, Louis Thomas 111, 8.1 202 Higgins, '1'0111 V., 84 111g111111, Floyd, 242, 246 11111, B111, 222 11111, Howard, 72, 203 11111,110131101, 52, 1 37 52, 205 11111,1:10c111011110, 8.1 11111, Nancy, 84 11111011101701, David, 8.1 1111101, Russel, 8.1, 145 111111112111,1a0q1101y11, 2, 26 111110hman, Patricia, 84, 17 1111105, Marys, 72, 150 111115011, Carmen, 22, 175 1111111, Robert, 84, 1 18 11115011, F10d, 183 1111311,Susa11, 72, 161 11110, 811111101, 43, 64, 159,223 Hodges, Donna, 84 11001111dorf, Erika, 84 110010, Barbara, 64, 168 110111181111, 13011, 64, 144 11011110011, Millard, 52, 1.11 11011101, D01111y, 72 Holccheck, Leon, 72, 137 110113nds11'0rt11, 811111014, 6.1. 1 11 ,1591211 ;7 ., - w-v-w 3, --- 1.1.1, 210, 2.16 1V., 1:: ALBUQUERQUE'S 1 your SMARTEST 911211318; headquarters . ' ' for fine LADIES THE MAN'S STORE men,s wear SHOP ' BOTANY SUITS ' HAGGAR SLACKS o o FEATURING . . . ARROW SHIRTS PHOENIX SOX ' CATALINA SWEATERS 81 SWIMWEAR CALIFORNIA STYLED CASUALS 1 3110 Central Ave. SE 3112 Central Ave. SE r 1 G111101', 1 T0111111 1., 1 10, 1 1 1 1121105, Lynn 11., 83, 13.1 11011111111, Charles, 84 G111110k, Frank M., 231 Hayes, Stanley, 242, 2.16 11011112111, 1:111et, 6.1, 175 011111111, 111d1'111, .13, 63, 103, 169 11311101, K11110110k, 8.1, 185 1101tz, Libby, 216 C111111,D01111is 131., 71 11311103, Robcrta, 1 1.1 1101111121011, 101111, 8.1, 126 11001101, 101111, 72, 1.11 11001011, 130q110, 52 1101110,1"11120, 72, 105, 159 11011101,B1'1011 R., 6.1, .17, 20;, 207 11015011,Art11111, 52, 198 11015t111211111, B01'0111', 8.1, 167 11011011, Rebecca, 64, 169 110510115, 1111111110, 52 11011g011,1101011, 6.1, 171 11011301, 1.111103, 19: Houston, Sylvia, 8.1, 18.1 Howard, 1111, 72 1101111111, K311101100, 8.1, 167 H011'211d,Patt1, 25.1, 288 110110, Dorothy 1311221110t11, 8.1, 1 23. :70. 11011'0f1811211511311, 72, 141 11011011, Dick, 35, 36, 52, 246, 2.17, 276, 282 110110, Ccorgc, 1 19 Hoyt, Alice C., 53, 21.1 110111, 131101, 53, 165, 183 Hubbard, Dwight, 84, 137 Hubby, K'Aun, 8.1, 163, 221 Huckabay, B111, 84, 153 Hudgens, Gayle, 41, 8.1, 169 111101101, Alan, 183 1111111112111, Earl, 8.1, 1.17 Hughes, 11111, 231 11ug11cs,'111udy, 53, 101, 212 Hughes, 11711113111, 53, 194 11111110, 11711113111, 84, 147 11110113111105, 1 '01111311, 53, 1 11 111111t, Karen, 84, 175 H1111t,Katc, 185, 22 IIuntcr, Marilyn, 1 1 1 Hunter, Robert, 84, 1 37, 2.14 111111101, Roy, 202 11111511, Sa11y, 53 Husler, 101111, 183 11113101, E211, 204 Huston, $311.11, 84, 223 Hutchius, Richard, 72, 1 19 1111101113011, Eileen, 36, 64, 163, 21 2 1111101115011, Linda, 1 1 1 Hutton, 132111011, 6.1. 144 Hyatt. Iack, 183 130010111, Diana, 64 1m, 50111121111, 1 1, 84 Imbt, Norma, 8.1, 159 110131111, Kathleen, 72 111111, 12111105, 53 11111111, Gary, 218 1111111, 11111, 36 Isaacs, Flora, 84 1521305011, Lief, 53, 1.19 1511111301,111d1t11, 72, 105, 159 1101', Floyd, 72 321 Take it From Reddy KiIoon . . . Electricity is your Biggest Borgoin! What else provides such universal comfort, convenience, and entertainment as electricity . . . and at the price of mere pennies a day! Each time you switch on a light . . . chill your food . . . press your clothes . . . remember you're employing the almost boundless benefits electricity has brought the modern world. Public Service Company 0! New Mexico Your Business-Manoged, Toxpaying Electric Ufilify ALBUQUERQUE . BELEN . DEMING . LAS VEGAS ' SANTA FE THRIFTl-CHECKS Are Sfyled for Universify S+uden+s i' Available exclusively at Bank of New Mexico e Your name imprinted free e They eliminate service charges GET THEM AT NEW MEXICO'S FRIENDLIEST BANK BANK 0F NEW MEXICO CLOSEST TO THE CAMPUS 3022 Cenrral SE 322 lx'y, Jarvis, 231 Johnson, Lorraync, 85 Kclehcr, Tom, 85, 151, 246 Johnson, Richard A., 85 Keller, Don Elroy III, 85 Jackson, Arlene, 53, :15 Johnson, Susan, 72, 174, 175 Kclleran, James, 142 Jackson, Conrad, 36, 72, 1 19, 1 26 I01111son,'l'0111, 85 KCllCI811,'l'hOlllZlS, 85 Jackson, Robert, 53, 198, 206, 208 Johnston, Indy, 123 Kelley, 'l'om, 183 Jacobson, Kate, 53, 101, 169, 282 Johnston, Keith, 72 Kelly, Margaret Ann, 72, 171 Iaggcrs, Mary Jane, 72 Johnston, Kenneth, 72, 1 '5, 207 Kelly, 'l'om Jerome, 187 James, Ron, 231, 242 Johnston, Roger, 1 1 2 Kelley, 887111121111 A., 11., 53 James, Robert, 64, 218 Jones, Barbara, 85, 159 Kclso, Gerald Kay, 64, 102, 1 1 2, 139, :76 Jameson, Gloria, 72 Jones, Carl, 183 Kemp, Richard, 857 1 37 Iaramillo, B011, 21 1 Jones, Charlotte Y'vonnc, 85 Kendall, Robert, 1 13 Iaramillo, Cabrial, 53 Jones, Duncan, 85 Kcnnann, Ionnie I0, 53 Iaramillo, Richard, 1 83 Jones, Gordon, 64, 108, 1 1 2 Kennedy, George Arlic, 231 Iaramillo, Rose Mary, 214 Jones, H. Patricia, 7: Kennedy, John L., 53, 147, 282 lasso, Arturo, 219 Jones, Karl, 187 Kennedy, Rick Lee, 72, 1 37 Iaymc, Jeanne, 181 Ioncs, Kent, 1 13 Kenyon, Richard, 72, 153 Icanjaquet, Samuel, 84 Jones, Mac, 183, 1 87 Kerry, 8Villiam, 72, 139 Iclso, Carol Ann, 84 Jones, Marjorie, 85, 159 Kersting, Ada Mary, 72 Jenkins, Janet, 53, 170, :82 Ioncs, Pat, 1 1 1 Ketcham, loan, 85, 109 Icnkins, Judith, 84 Jones, Preston, 180 Kcylon, Vernon, 85 Jenkins, Pat, 64, 214 Iontz, C. Icannic, 64, 171, 259 Kcys,lcre113, 123 Jenkins, Susan, 84, 168 Julian,108n, 64, 167, 262 Kiegan, Marcia, 53 Icnnctte, Evelyn, 72, 175 Julian, Margaret, 183 Kielchcski, Shirley, 53 Icnnings, Leon, 1 17 Jumper, Bill, 205 Kilgorc, V011, 1 19 Iensen, D31, 1 19, 204 Kilgorc, Glenna, 85, 1 19, 163, 214 Iernigan, T0111, 1 1 1 Kacllelmeicr, David, 183 Kimbell, LaRuc, 85 Icter, Rose Marie, 84 Kaderli, Kay, 85, 168 Kimbcr, Emilio, 85 Jett, James, 53 Kaiser, Frcd Paul, 72, 96, 141 Kimbrough, Iim, 1 22 Johns, 101111 E., 84 Karstens, Kristina, 85, 163, 2:1, 276 Kinchcloe, 'l'homas, 64, 144 Johns, Wayne 13., 84 Kasparek, Robert Lee, 204 Kindler, George, 85 1011115011, Carl, IL, 84 Katrick, John Lewis, 72 Kindsvater, Corky, 109 Iohnson, Carol Dec, 84 Katzivc, Bob, 96 King, Jackie, 2, 44, 64, 171 Johnson, Chester Rankin, 1 13 Kaufman, Margaret, 85, 161, 216 King, Kenneth, 183 Johnson, Chris, 84, 161, 300 Kazmier, Ernest, 85, 183 King, Orrin, 85 Iohnson, David, 84 Kearney, Carol Lcc, 72 King, Richard, 64 Johnson, Don, 72 Kearney, Larry, 202 King, T0111, :40, 241 Johnson, Douglas, 85 Kcating, Louis A., 134 Kingsley, Larry, 85, 147, 245 Johnson, Hank, 37, 209 Keeling, Iames Howard. 72, 137, 206 Kinoshlta, 'l'omonobu, 1 1, 53 Johnson, Joyce, 187 Keith, Dona Lee, 85 Kim, Aileen IoAnn, 85 Johnson, Karen Sue, 72 Keith, Donald Howard, 248 Kint, Burton, 72, 1 19, 155 Johnson, Lee, 64, 204 Keith, 100, 183, 184 Kirkpatrick, Ianws, 85 Serving +he People of New Mexico Wi+h Fine Jewelry for 4l Years 1'lArl-Carved Engagemen18 Wedding Rings 8' WATCHES .. - SlieH - Hamilton - l847-Rogers l - Omega 'Communify - Bulova , l I 8 ' lm' I Va l - Longines 8CHlNA iii; 1 Li - Mido - Lenox - Elgin - Wedgwood FIRST IN PERSONAL SERVICE 'Wmnaue' :EPOdih I FOR OVER 50 YEARS - Rm: m1 8' SILVER - Flintridge l - Gorhom 3i Excelsior has a fleet of 22 trucks j :3: Bum T8211? to provide fast pick-up and delivery , - Wallace - Baccarat . . . . - International - Leerdom serVIce In all sections of the Clly every day . Lum . 0,940,, - Heirloom - Fostorio Visit our beautiful gift deportmenl, where you will Fund unusual gifts from all corners of the world. You will always find the unusual as usual in our Gift Department MAINPLANT-FIRS'T$ROMA Ayf. lW 8' Fine Engraved Wedding lnvitations 8 Announcements 12121145 IN- 522 seeoup .S'TRH'TMIW P ,A" ,- BMW: Ml- FMS POINT! sxmrmla emrm '02,, f: DRIVE IIV" 4520 LOMAg BLKD. NE Telephone 8, Mail SANDIA EASE -P05'7' fXZIlAIwE EL 06. Orders SID WES! CENTRAL AW 323 In a simultaneous operation and with the benefit of a loan from the Home and Housing Finance Agency, the New Mexico Union, a $3V2 million structure, and Coro- nado Hall for men, a building valued atalmost $2 million, were finished and occupied at the beginning of the 1959-60 school year. The Union was built for approximately 10,000 students and Coronado Hall was constructed for about 450 men. The Union is on the east side of Zimmerman Stadium and Coronado Hall is east of Mesa Vista Hall fronting on Girard. The Union facilities include an auditorium, bookstore, bowling alleys, crafts divi- sion, photo laboratory, hobby rooms, music rooms, meeting rooms, offices for student government, cafeteria, dining rooms, coftee bar, library, guest accommodations, and quarters for employees. Proposed buildings which are due for construction in the near future include a Fine Arts Center, quarters for the College of Education, a Social Science Center, and an addition to the UNM library. More than 20 of the 60 permanent structures on the 550 acre campus have been built since President Tom L. Popeioy was inaugurated as the ninth chief omcer ot the institution. The new Stadium ishown abovei is due to be finished in time for the football season for the fall of 1960. As the Mirage goes to press all the details of cost have not been worked out. It is estimated to cost about $V2 million. The Stadium is built west of Yale on land recently acquired from the Albuquerque Public Schools. UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO MEMBER 1 1 1 1 1 1 North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, National University Exten- sion Association, Association of American Universities, American Association of University 1 Women, American Association of University Professors, American Council on Education for 1 Journalism, Engineering Council for Professional Development, American Council on Phar- 1 moceutical Education tCIass A1,. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, American 1 Bar Association, Association of American Law Schoo1s, American Association of Colleges of 1 Teacher Education. 1 1960-61 UNIVERSITY CALENDAR Summer Term ................................ 1 . . .June 18, 1960 First Semester ................................. Sept. 16-17, 1960 Second Semester ................................. Feb. 3-4, 1961 Excellent instructional facilities, a beautiful and spacious campus with 60 permanent build- ings in the unique modified Pueblo style architecture, a new gymnasium, a new women's dorm which provides housing for 600 girls, several of the largest buildings in the state of New Mexico are located on the Campus. 1 THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO otters thorough training for elementary and secondary teachers and in music education, and outstanding opportunities in the fields of art, biological sciences, business administration, dramatic art, English, health and physical education, home economics, industrial arts, iournalism, library science, languages, meteoritics, astronomy, music, physical and social sciences, speech, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary medicine, nursing, law, engineering, pharmacy, mathematics, geology, physics, anthropol- ogy, government, history, and lnter-Americon Affairs. COLLEGES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO College of Fine Arts College of Nursing College of Arts and Sciences College of Education College of Engineering School of Law College of Business Administration Graduate School College of Pharmacy University College 1 Veterans are urged to take advantage of regular and special offerings made available 1 through our resources and facilities, including evening classes. For further information, address TOM L. POPEJOY, President University of New Mexico Albuquerque 325 Building Ma+erial E" 0 Hardware - Lumber .BUQUERQUE , company 0 Garden Supplies From Firs+ +0 Second on MarqueHe Kirkpatrick, 8Villial11 Earl, 19; Kitc, Weldon, 8;, 147 Klein, Mike, 133 Klein, Richard, ;3 Kline, Vic, 64, 242, 24; Klosscn, Betty, 72, 17;, 187 Knaucr, James Donald, ;3 Knight, Janice Elizabeth, 39, 8;. 167 Knighten, Linden, 104, 22; Knudsen, Marvin, 108, 1 1 3 Kocnig, William, ;3, 20; Konopka, Anthony, 72, 1 ;3 Kooglcr, Margaret, 8;, 167 Kovasll, Robert, 19;, 196 Kozikowski, Jay, 180, 228 Kramer, Sheldon, 1 14 Kranz, Roger, 231 Krausc, Richard, 2, 96, 104, 141 Kriegcr, 887111121111, 37, ;3, 108, 114, 13 . w 5 Kruger, John, 72, 144 Krummes, VViIIiam, 8; Kubitz, Anne, 72, 2 1; Kuntz, Dina, 32, 85,163 Kupcrus, Marilyn, 8;, 1 1 2, 1;9 Kutncwsky, Carol, 280 Kyne, John Michael, 26, 44, 64, 102, 141 Kynor, Beverly, 98, 183, 18;, 21 2, 270 Kysar, Kathryn Laurene, 41, , 2, 64, 171 Lackey. Judy, 8;, 1 7 1 Ladd, Kenneth, 72 LaD11c,IaniCC, 8;, 16;, 210 LaFavcr, Sally, 72, 10;, 1 ;9, 183, 214 Laird, Dorothy, 8;, 1 1 8 Lally,Eve,72,10;, 161 Land, Lec, 1 26 Lane, Jimmie Doris, 8; Lane, Sidney, 73, 1 ;9 LaNcar, David, 8; Langell, Karen, 8;, 168 Langiitt, Herbert, 222 Langley Robert, 64, 102, 1 19, 184, 18; Lan111011,II.XV., 8;, 1 37 Lanphear, Margaret, 39, 64 LaRoc, D011, 2 2 2 Larsen, Shirley, 64 Larson, Esther, 21 2 Lasatcr,Ji111, 8;, 14; Lashley, $110, 8; Lasley, Rex, 64, 1 ;3 Latter, Kay, 300 Lattin, Vernon, 202, 21;, 219 Laumbach, Andrew, 8; Lawson, Tom, 20;, 207 Lawt011,Ican, 8;, 16;, 216 Layton, Pat, 36,73, 163, 300 LaZar, Norm, 1 14 Leach, Donald, 8 5 Leach, Leslie, 8;, 183 Lcamon, Richard, 73, 1 19 Lease, Norma Kay, 8; Lebby, Nick, 86 Lcdbctter, Elissa, 38, 73, 1 ;7, 169 Lee, Bonita, 86 Lee, Li, ;4 Lec, Patricia, 86 Leeds, Cordelia, 220 Lcisy, Ralph, 64, 147 Lcnt, Ray, 86 Leuzini, Martin, 3;, 64, 1 ;2 Leonard, John Paul, 86, 108, 109 chick, Nancy, ;4, 1 14, 134 Levine, David, 1 14 Lewis, Bcrt, 73, 144 Lewis, Edward, 231 Lewis, Cary, 86 Lewis, Jean, 86, 184, 18; Lewis, Jeffrey, 86, 142 Lewis, Patricia Diane, 183 Lewis, Patricia Louise, 73, 10;, 163 Lewis, Peggy Ann, 73, 181 Lewis, Robert 19., 204 Lidstouc, 'I'110111as, 86 Lief, 'I'l10mas, 22o Ligouri, Ralph A., ;4, 86, 242 Lincol11,XVilliam R., 73 Lindberg, Howard, 73 Lindslcy, James, 86, 1 3; Linebargcr, Chloe, 86, 22; Linford, Tanis, ;4 Link, Elizabeth, 2 1 4 Lipp, Marilyn, 64, 210 Liptak, Robert, 73, 141 Liscnbcc, Alvis, 86 Lisle, Frank, 92 Little, Jimmie, 86 Littlejohn, Claudia, 86 Livingston, Elizabeth, 73, 1 ;9 Locascio, Donald, 2 19 Lockhart, Ottis, 86, 246 Loesch, Kathie, 86, 187, 21 1 Lohbcck, Kurt, 219 Long, Boyde, 2 31 Long, Elaine, 108 L011g,Kar1,86, 132, 14; Longuciro, IIclcn, 300 Lonning, Tonnetta, 64 Look, Kon Yat, 73 Lopez, Arthur M., ;4, 203 Lopez, Rudy, 86 Losey,Ja11et,73,102,16;,18; Lotze, Eber, 64, 102, 1 22, 1 24, 1 2; Louis, Warren, 222 Lovato, Chris, 86, 14;, 243 Love, Julie, 64 Lovett, Norman, 86, 147 Lozicr, Robert, 2 3 1 Lucas, Chester, 206 Lucero, Joseph, 86, 14; L11cer0,luan Carlos, ;4, 204 Lucas, John, 21 3 Lugcnbccl, Vicki, 86, 167 Fine Mexican 81 American Food Served in +he Quiet Pleasan+ A+mosphere of Old Mexico La Hacienda 20+h Year For Reservations Phone EH 24866 Old Town Plaza NWI in old Albuquerque 326 DATE DRESSES Newest silhouettes in satin, silk, silk organza, lace, crepe, chiffon and brocades . . . de- designed for daytime and evening social roles. Sizes 5-15 and 8-18. .22. 95 Wfl QUALITY E g FOR WOMEN S FOR CHILDREN DOWNTOWN 304 CENTRAL AVE., SW-PHONE CHapel 3.4225 UPTOWN 3025 CENTRAL AVE, NE-PHONE Alpine 5-7616 FOR MEN 5 Stetson ' Foot Pals ' Elevators ' FrenchShriner Herbert Levine ' Palizzio ' Naturalizer DeSaHe ' Ferncraf'r ' Deluca Maine Aires ' and many others Stride-Rite E. T. Wright Lundy, Floyd, 54, 206, 207, 208 L11t111, Sallie, 54, 159 Lutz, Nancy, :70 Lyday, 11111, 73, 1 37 Lyddon, Doyle, 204 Lyons, Linda Lee, 86, 500 Mabry, 101111, 86, 145 MacCready, John M., 204 MacKay, Donald, 1; MacKay, James, 204 MacLean, Alexander, 195 Macnab, Anne, 7; Madcr, Buddy, 248 Madcr, 101111 H., 86, 1 5'7 IVIadrid,Artl1urII, 54, 1 18 Macstas, Adclita, 54, 215 Macstas, Eleanor, 54 Maestas, Olivia, 73 hrlaggart, Harley B., 86, 165 Magill, Karolyn, 86, 167 Mahony, John, 1 13 Majcski, Robert, 54 Maky, I0A1111, 7;, 161 Malasky, Frank, 231 Malone, Susan, 86, 215 Mandell, John, 75', 1 1 2, 218 Mandell, 8Villiam, 54, :18 Manfrcdi, Edith, 21 2 Mangum, Day, 7; Mangusso, David, 183 Manzagol, jerry, 54, 141 Mares, Corine, 86 Mares, Ernest, 219 Marin, Norman, 2 19 Maring, Larry, 21 5 Marks, Jackson, 86, 15; Marlow, 101111 'l'., 22 , 2 Marr, Norma, 18;, 297 Marrs, Oman, 1 19 Marsh, Colleen, 55 4 S Marsh, Ken, 65, 150 Marsh, Ralph, 183 Martin, Carol, 1 1 8 Martin, Eileen, 86, 216, 2 Martin, Nelson, 65, 147 Martin, Patricia, 7;, 165, Martin, Robert A., 208 Martin, R. 8V, 206 Martincs, Bill, 87, 139 Martinez, Allen, 220 Martinez, Dennis, 73 Martinez, Lavern, 87, 145 Martinez, Leroy, 2 38 Martinez, Michael, 87 Martinez, Vicente, 2 19 Martinez, Vivian, 55 Masley, Peter, 56, 44, '5, 150, 155, 21 5. 224, 225 Mason,11111, 208 Massey,I11ditI1, 87 Must, Mickey, 209 Vastcrson, Richard, 104 Xlastin, Richard, 65, 141 Matsubnm, Nancy, 87 XIatteucci,A1cx,65, 147 Hatteucci, Margaret, 73, 146 Matthews, Stephen, 55, 147, 20; Mattingly, Charles, 60,65, 1 5o, 1 59 Maxson, Mary, 87, 110, 1 1 1 Maxwell, Robert, 205 May,MaryCz1rolc, 7;, 165, 221, 258, 259, 2 , 290 May, XVilliam, 56, 55, 100,157, 28: Mayberry, Icannc, 73 Mayhcw, Clinton, 1 85 Maylaud, Nancy, 73, 105, 167 Mayo, Guy, 55 Mayo, Richard, 55 XICAChran, 8Vayne, 64, 21 8 IVchllistcr, 12111105 Patrick, 86 HCAnally, Beth, 86 u VJ IJ 11 1,22 McBride, M. Elizabcth, 54, 21 2 McCaFfrey, Charlotte, 7;, 210 McCall, Marcia, 64, 163 McCallon, 12111105, 86 McCharcn, Joe, 86 McClain, Harris Rock, 86, 142 McCloy, Pete, 204 McClurc, Janice, 86 McClure, Julia, 86 McCord, Mary, 219 McCorkle, Robert, 206, 207 McCormick, Anna Kathleen, 86, 167 McCormick, Kathryn, 41, 7;, 1 1 2, 168 McCormick, Margaret, 65. 168 McCormick, Michael, 65, 150 McCoy, Scott, 180 McCracke11,Fred, 206, 207 MCCmcken, K1111, 65, 147, :05 McCurdy, Eugene, 54, 141 McCurdy, Ronald E., 54, 141, 194, 196 McCutchcon, Gail, 86, 185 McCutcheon, Loyc, 7;, 227 McDaniel, Madeleine, 73, 1 67 McDonald, Danny, 86 McDonald, 101111 C., 54, 119 McDonnell, 101111, 7; McDowell, Janet, 73, 16; McElderry, Marcia Sue, 54, 101, 158, 285 McElyca, Ulysses, IL, 86, 186 McEmy, Maurice, 65, 141 MCEwcn, Paul, 183, 187 McFall, Katherinc, 21 2 McCinnis, Larry, 54, 213, 225 McCrane, Robert, 54 McGuire, Hcrschall, 43, 65 McGuire, Marty, 180 McGuire, Phyllis, 7;, 167 McKay, Joseph. 86 McKenzie, Icrry E., 209 McKenzie, Leonard, 7'5 McKenzie, Sara, 9: THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY j' Kuwait cam! Ga. 200 SECOND STREET NW. Phone CHapeI 3-77ll 328 E BATCHING PLANTS - STRUCTURAL STEELE-gggj-szagg-EE: E" HEAVY muwmm mum M" --.. 1-:,:-----;W----u-'-: E 500 PHOENIX AVE., NW -- STATION 3, BOX 6007 - ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO McKesson, I. L., ;4. 1 ;0 Miltcnbcrgcr, Barbara, 87 Nail, Nick 8Villiam, 74, 137 McKim, GcorgE, 21; Mims, Joyce Anita, 36 Nartza, Marvin, 220 McKinley, Tom, 207 Mims, Nelda, 73, 163, 214 Nash, Eleanor Abigail, 26, 74, 1 12, 161 McKinnon, Dan, 1 ;0 Miner, Carol, 87 N:111g11t011,Jcal1 Prentice, 87, 171, 22 McKinnon, Louise, 6; Miranda, Audie, 73 Neal, David, ;;, 203, 208 McLain, Lina, 216 Mirisc, Noll, 36, 73, 183 Neeb, Karl, 74, 132, 1 3; MCLcroy, Donald, :13 Mitchell, Andrew George, 87 Needham, Shirley, 87, 16;, 221 McMann, 101111, 244 Mitchell, David, 87 Neel, Ralph, 202 McMillan, John, 92, 1 1 2 Mitchell, Don A., 222 Neely, Jerry, 248 McMillin, Linda Jane, 86, 167, 22: Mitchell, Patrick, 87 Nelson, Margo, 6;, 21; McNalnce, Alan, 148 Mnbley, Donna C., 6; Nelson, Judi, 74, 146, 1 ;7, 167 MCNcmey, Patricia, 86, 187 Mocharnuk, Laura, 73, 10;, 210, 227 Nelson, Linda, 238 McNitt, Iolm, 231 Mock, John Howard, 87 Nelson, 8Vendy B., ;;, 167 MCQuaid, Sally Jayne, 86, 16; Mock, Richard, 87 Number, oncc C., 6;, 109, 17; McVVatters, XVynona, 86 MofTat,'l'l1on1as, 87, 147 Nevans, Kathleen, 87 McVVherter, Eric Blaine, 6;, 139 Mok, James L., 6;, 203 Neville, Iohn 8V, 20;, 207 Meadors, Mcrl, 73, 1 19, 1 71 IVIonaloy, Stephen, 133 Newlandcr, David, 87 Meadows, John F., 19; Mondragon, Frcd, 87 chsom, 67111121111, 87, 1 18 Meadows, Robert, 92 Montague, Gary Ted, ;; Nichols, Jeri, 187 Measday, John, 87 Montes, Diana 13., ;; Nicholson,1031111e, 87, 1 ;9 Measday, Lawrence, 87 Monteverde, Edvardo, 219 Nickle, Patricia, ;;, 167 Medford, Claude, 87, 220 Montoya, Alex, 184, 18; Nicks, 1031111, 109 Meeker, Marcia, 6; Montoya, Priscilla, 73 Niehaus, Richard C., 207 Mecs, Nancy, 87 Moore, David, 183 Nielsen, Lenc, 87 Meicring, Ruth Mary, 87, 168 Moore, Eileen, 216 Nilchcc, Erma, 183, 220 Meicring, Robert 11,, 126, 24; Moore, Ethel Mary, 21 2 King, Michael, 184, 18; Mcintzcr, Edna 8M, 214 Moore, Stephen A., 3;, 42, ;;, 141, 198, Nixon, Cl1iefC., 6;, 144 Meissncr, 101111, 210 28 Noble, Tom, 87, 139 Mcister, David, 6;, 137 Mora, Bcncranda, 87 Kohl, Nancy, 87, 169 Mercer, Joseph H., 6;, 21 ;, 219 Mora,I1lan Pablo, 74 Nordin, Helen, 6;, 163 Mercer, Richard, 87, 1 ;3 Mordus, Lynn Adele, 6; Norman, Vernon, 87 Mcrkle, Arthur, 213 Morelli, Nicholas, ;; Norris, Edward, 200 Merlo, Patricia T., ;; Morill, John, 87, 13; Norris, Jack R, 6;, 1 50 Merritt, Dean Pursley, 89 Mark, Karen, 41, 74, 1 1 2, 161 Norton, Judith Emily, ;; Messimer, James A., 73 Morrill, John W., 87, 219 Nottrott, Judith Ann, 6;, 171 Mctcalf, Mclvin, 87, 183 Morris, Jack, 1 ;0, 184 Novak, Sarah, ;;, 146, 177 Metcalfe, Mary Helen, 87, 222 Morris, Sydney, 87, 168 Nunn, Robert, 87 MeycudorE, Angela, 1 23 Morris, 8Vm. 17., 6; Nunnally, Sammie, 41, 74, 108, 187, 223 Meyer, Melinda, 1 1, 87, 219 Mosman, John, 6;, 102, 147 Nunns, William A., 87 M'Gonigle, John, 92, 213 Moss, Kennett Eugene, 20;, 207 Minn, Anne, 21 ; Mottley, Carolyn, 98 O'Boylc, Robert, 1 82, 187, 21 1 Michael, I011, 44, 6;, 102, 144 Mountjoy, Iarin, 74 OChcskey, Fred, 74, 139 Michael, 'l'obias, 1 26, 134 Mountioy, John, 218 Ogle, Larry Ray, 198 Mic11c13011,Iack, 36, 73, 147, 203 Moutray, Dona, 74, 16;, 197, 276, 29; 01021135101111, 87, 14; Micsko, 101111 F., 73 Maya, Ephraim, 193 Olingcr, Barbara, 38, 2;9 Miles, James, ;;, 141, 283 Moyers, Nancy, 38, 74 Olsen, G. Don, 74, 104,1;3 Milford,Hou1er, 36, 41, 6;, 218 Muchmore, Wendy M., 74 015011, Arlecn, 36, 38, 6o, 6;, 103, 1 ;9, Miller, Arthur XVarren, 73 Mudd, Rosemary, 6; 214, 2;9 Miller, Dale, 87 Muff, Ethel Irene, ;;, 21; 015011, Dorothy, 74, 216, 223 Miller, Henry, 244 Muller, Douglas Grant, 87 Olson, George, 199 Miller, Isabel, 1 1 2, 18; Muller 'l'hea, ;;, 161, 216 Olson, Gregory, 87, 147 Miller, James, 73 Mullins, Martha, 74, 10;, 161, 22 015011, 101111, 109 Miller, Jean Marie, 98, 270 Mumma, John, 24; Ondclacy, XVilliam, 220 Miller, Io Anna, 6; M11113, George, 183 ONeil, Jack R., 243 Miller, 101111 Cloyd II, 6;, 130, 146 Murphy, Charles, 108 Opponhcim, Lee, 74, 147 Miller, Judith Marie, 73, 10;, 16; Murphy, Constance, ;;, 101, 1 67 OmdorH, Nancy, 74, 1 1 1 Miller, Marilyn Lca, 87, 187, 21 1 Murray, Karen Lynette, 74 Drona, Bettie, 74 Miller, Martha R., ;;, 206, 210 Murray,'l'l1ercsa, 224, 22; O'Rourke, Ferrell, ;; Miller, Richard, 73 Myers, Susan, 87 O6R0urke, Patricia, ;6 Miller, Richard K., 219 Ortega, Rcubcn, 88 Miller, Sheila Delore, 73, 1 13, 17; Nabers, 'l'om, 222 Ortiz,A1fonso, 1 26, 220 Miller,XVillia111 A., 206 Nacve, Michael, 6;, 1 30, 1;; Ortiz, Gilbert, ;6, 1 ;3, 194, 19; Milligan, Laurence Dewey, 87 Nahmad, Al H., 43, 74, 87, 144 Ortiz, Gloria, 88 Mills, Laddie Lynn, 6;, 147, 24; Nahmad, Michel Henry, 3;, 44, 144, 283 Ortiz, Manuel, 88 Mills, Mary Charlotte, 214 Nahmad, Mike, ;;, 14; Ortiz, Margaret, ;6 329 Ortiz, Richard, 2 13 Ortiz, Romeo, 88 Otero,10h11, 183,21 1 Owe11s,E1a1'11e, 74,-74, 298 Owc11s,Carol, 88 Oxnard, Car011nc, 88, 167 Oyenque, Leonard, 220 Face, Patricia, 74 165 Page, Nancy, 65, 109 Pagett, D011, 248 Painter, Lorraine, 21 2 P312, 10 Ann, 88 Pajuncn, Victor, 74 Palmer, Diane, 65, 171 Pappas, Antoinette, 210 Parduc, Les, 74, 145 Parker, Frances, 56 Parker,1anicc,88, 175, 216, 223 Parker, Lyle, 74, 1 50, 244 Parker, Rosemary, 88,163 Parkhurst, P1111, 74 Parkin, 101111, 36, 74, 139 Parsons, Carol Sue, 74, 163 Parsons, 117111121111 D., 74, 153 Pate, Delbert M., 88, 1 39 Patino, Den, 74, 147 Patrick, Cecil, 220 Patrick, Kenneth, 204, 220 Patrick, Richard, 208 Patt011,1. F., 194 P31113011,10c A., 74, 147 Payne, 1'1. '1'., 183, 184, 187 Payton, 101111, 231 Peakcr, E1, 180, 238, 254, 273 Pearce, David, 65 Pearcy, 81711113111, 88 Pearson, Neal, 79, 144, 199 P eCL', 101111, 74 Peck, Rita, 74 Peck, fl '0111, 88 Pcckinpaug11,'l'0111, 65, 144 PCC1,Harvey, 246 Pecr,Sun11vLu, 74, 98,184, 1 85, -70 PeLareL, Karel, 205, 210 Poke, Margaret, 21 2 PC1121, 101111113; 202 Pcndleton, VV1'1113111, 74, 141 PCHH, 101111 VVHL, 56 Percival, 1ay, 208 Perkins, Donald A., 230, 231, 234, 236, 237 Perkins, Duke, 303 Perkins, 311611111, 36, 74, 163, 214 Perry, Gerald, 204 Pcrry, Patricia, 88 Pctcrs, Ron, 1 19 Peterson, Arthur, 74, 145 Pcttine, Marvin, 7 Pcttit, Raymond, 209 P112110, Dia11nc10311, 88 P11illips,Georgia, 56, 108, 163 Phillips, Richard, 88 P111111ps,Roya11NI.,74, 163, 223, 227 Pick, Peggy, 65,163, 210 Pick,P3tr1cia, 36, 37,46, 56, 163,283 Pickering, Glenda, 88 Picper, Lloyd B., 74 Pier, DuL'c, 183, 185 P1crsor1,Garv,74, 147 Pics,R011:11d, 74, 147, 246 P111cda,Rav1,11011d 88 P1110, Crcg, 213 P1110, 1111111131100, 88 P1110, 8111111121111, 220 Piper, Lloyd, 1 53 Piper, Peggy, 2 13 P111111111Cr, Adolph C., 246 P0011, Libbie, 88, 227 Pogue, XVilburn, 183 P01311c0, Everett, 56, 248 Pollock, Betty A1111, 74, 1 18, 175 Portor,R:1ym011d, 56, 155, 238, 244, 261 11111061167301th zulmteve'ryou do . look your best in Clothes that are exactly right 107' every occasion A 1116116113 leading 71211116711, an d personalized1073011 by our unexcelled Wtingservice. Porter, Sandra, 88 Postenrieder, Emery August, 209 Potter, Irvin, 20 Powell, Charles, 244 Powell, 1erry, 88 Powers, Penny, 88, 167, 222 Pradhan, Biswa Man, 1 1, 2 13 Pratt, 111d1't11, 88, 238 Prest011,Edward, 36, 56, 100, 204 Price, Barrett, 296 Pricer, 1011 R., 118 Prieto, A1f011so,65, 1 57 Pr1tt,A1fred 1,,88 118 ProhasL'a, Ccra1d Frank, 50, 100, 231, 254, 283, 289 Pruner, Donald, 74 Puckett, Cordell, 1 19 Pullcn, 1ames F., 56 Purley, Tony, 220 P11151011, Cordon, 183, 187 Putman, VV1'111'a111, 206 Quellc, Karen, 56, 101, 159,283 Quist, Buster L., 56 Raby, Barbara, 74 Radley, David, 222 Radmnilovich, D011, 66 Radosevich, 1311103 C., 209 Radwanski, Carl, 206 Raglin, Carolyn 10, 36, 41, 88, 165 Raker, Lyle D., 11., 36 Ramirez, 1ac0bo, 231 Ramming, 101111, 36, 66, 137, 276 Ramos, Margarita, 88, 185 Ramos, Roger, 88, 153 Ramsey, Ben, 74 Ramsey, Christine, 105 Ramsey, Edna A11C6, 88 Ramsey, 101111, 66, 144, 246 Ramsey, Nina, 88 JEANETTE'S ORIGINALS EXQUISITE SOUTHWESTERN FASHIONS FOR THE DISCRIMINATING WOMAN Squaw and Fiesta Dresses for Mother and Daughter The Dress 1110! can be worn with Dignity 10 Any Occasion, All Year Round-Never Goes Out of Sine-Men Like Ill SW- Good Clothes for Every Man l'prmrn-Nob Hill Center 0 Downtown, Cyniml 11! Third JEANETTE'S ORIGINALS 302 Central SW - Two Locations - 4815 Cenfral NE P. O. Box 943 - Phone ALpine 5-8961 - Albuquerque, N. M. II RATE A INAPPEARANCE USE IMPERIAL SERVICE! 8' TOP QUALITY DRY CLEANING 8 4 BUDGET LAUNDRY SERVICES Albuquerque's Most Modern and Complete Building Headquarters A credit plan for every home owner SpeciaHy Lumber : CH 3-6711 1 ? Painfs 1 FREE PICK- UP 81 DELIVERY 4 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FHA Home Remodeling Loans Up to 60 Months to Pay 4 CONVENIENT lOCATIONS Albuquerque's Do-It-Yourself Headquarters 0 5416 KATHRYN SE ' THIRD 81 SILVER SW 0 5007 LOMAS NE . 5003 MENAUL NE mwl320zan31 Open 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Monday through Saturday Phone AL 13-3531 rutj' , x3 Wiinipetialw 111111111119, 502I LOMAS BLVD.. N.E. Ramsc1, 1105514., 1121111501, Scott, 181363 Ramsey Vaughn 13. ., 56,98 101,185, -70 Ra11d2111 Ann, 66, 167 Randall, Caroly11,183,187 7 -1 1 R311d2111,101111 P. ., 56,119, 187 Randcl, Lloyd, 88 Randolph, Colin, 88 Ransom, 112110, 88, 195 Ransom1,1a1nes C., 74, 132, 147, 246 Ransom, Norman, 20+ Rasor, Rose Geraldinc, 68, 75, 165 Ratliff, Max G., 56 Rayburn, 101111, 75, 1 5, Reascr, Mary, 88 Rebolledo, Diana, 219 Redd, Robcrt King, 74 Redding, Audrey IO, 74, 216 Rcdfcm, Rosalind, 88, 165 RCCCC, Cary, 88 Reel, Richard, 88 Recs,Da1'id Y., 1 16, 202 Reeves, Patricia K211, 7.1, 105, 1 19, 163 Reid, B111, 66, 240 Reid, Kenna Vcc, 1 23 Reincckc, 111155011 11., 56 Reisinger, Charlcs N., 205, 210 Reitzcl, David K., 66, 200 Remillard, D011a1d S., 88 R61111L111,A11n Mane, 185 Renfro, 88711113111, 56,100 108 135,1 185 Re11st10111,82111c1121,88,187 Retz, XVilliam, 40, .12, 75, 96, 10.1, 141, 198 Reuttcr, 81152111, 88 Revia, Dolores, 56 Rex, Leroy, 111 Rcvcs,106 Jr., 75 Rc1nold51crri,75, 2116 Rc111olds,111d1t11, 75 Rc1'1101ds,10111 11., 66 Rhodeman, Donna, 21+ Rhodes, Bonnic, 183, 18.1 Rice, C3101 R., 39, 66, 103, 161, 259 Rice, Hazel Mac, 88, 17 5 Richards, James 13., 66, 1.17, Richards, Kent, 88, 1.17 Richardson, Lorna 1., 66 Richcrt, Maria, 88 Richman, Jordan, 187 Rickman, Ardenc, 75, 163 Ricd, H31, 231 Ricdcr, Cary, 88 1111a, Cartcr, 88 Rila, Mary A1111, 88, 22 Rilc1',Mike,75, 150 111101,K21t1llecn, 297 Ri11211di, Rolando, 88 Ri111,N2111L'1'LCL1, 75, 219 Riordan, Robert, 88 Riordan, XVilliam F., 88, 1 39 Rivera, Fc11ciano, 75 Roark, Anna Lee, 56, 215 Roark, Richard Latham, 89 183, 187,211 1101111615011, Alice LCC, 66, 98, 119, 187. 211,2 0 Roberts,A1111a Dell, 75, 105, 108, 110. 1 11. 1 73 Roberts, Ruth, :1 2 Roberts, C11ar1cs, 231 Roberts, Donald, 89 Robertson, Buddy, 2.18 Robertson, Frankie B., 75 Robinson, Arlen Dcrrcll, Robinson, Francis, 1 1 1 Robinson, Nancy Carol, 66, 159, 185 Robison, 1V131cc1121, 89, 1 19, 161 Rohnett, 111110 89 Rode,111d1, 66, 103,163 Rodgers, Barbara, 433,7 75, 165, 226 Rodgers, Donald 13., 89, 1.15 Rocder, David, 56, 89, 1 18 Rogers. Richard, 153 Rogoff, D211'1d1., 36, 66, 200 $3 1 56 11011121, Michael, 36, .11 Romer, B11311, 126, 183, 198 Romero, Cecilia, 89 Romero, Marie P., 57 Rondcau, Raymond, 89, 117 Rose, Elizabcth, 75, 171 Rosc,101111 88705161, 78, 89, 1 32, 151 Rose,XVill1'21111 George, 57, 100, 150 Rosen, Susan, 1 14 Rosenbaum, Dora 11., 21 1 Roser, Lynnette, 75 Rosier, 31131111, 65, 1 19, 163 Ross, I.Ric11ard, 89 Rest, Paul, 126, 245 Roth, Teddy, 89 Rothman, Ethelle, 89 Rotten, Joy, 109, 185 Roudon, Bob, 183 Roush, Paula Veronica, 89, 108, 220 Rowe, Mary, 2 1 2 Rowe, XV 111121111 L., 75 Rowland, Mike, 36, 75, 10+, 1.12 Roybal, Josephine, 1 81 Roybal, Mario, 66, 21 2 Rubenstein,1a111es, 76, 1 1.1, 215, 22.1 Rubi, Isidro C., 36 Ruckcr, Margaret Ruth, 1 1 1 Ruf,101111, 92 Ruff, 102111, 66 Rugglcs, Millicent, 89, 161 Rugglcs, Nancy, +11 66, 163 1111111, Charles, 1 1 2 Ruiz, Robert, 89, 139 Ruland, Iamcs Howard, 36, 66, 13+ R11111incr,XVillian1 Lcc,66,155 R1111nnagc,Ccorginc R11t11,66,1o3, 123 Rungc, 111d1t11 Arlene, 36,89, 163, 210, 221 Russc11,Ga1'1Helen,103,145, 310 Russell, Thomas LLe,7 , 5,1 39 Russo,C211111111e 101111, 75 R11tledgc,A1111, 75, 159, 18.1, 223 Rutz, Charles Edward, 2.15 331 332 MONEY has a. way of..... STACKING UP when you make regular deposits to your personal savings account at the main 7W 95M 7W W Central at Third Downtown North Fourth at Candelaria East Central at San Mateo Hoffmantown Shopping Center Auto Bank Third at Copper COLLEGE INN BO0K WIRE 27TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR Mrs. Walter Fisher, Owner TEXTBOOKS-ENGINEERING, ART, AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES-FINE OLD PRINTS AND REPRODUCTIONS-CUSTOM FRAMING 1910 Central East Ryan, Julia, 89, 161 Ryan, Madge 1., 89, 210 Sacra, Sue, 73, 1 7 1 Sadilek, Julie A1111, 89, 163, :38 Same, Jack, 89 SafHe, 101111, 199 Sage, Beth, 89, 210 Sahling, Carole, 36, 89, 104 St. Claire, Robert, 76, 10+, 1+1 Saiz, Benjamin, 89 Sakamoto, Ion, 202 Salazar, Jose Ramon, 37 Salazar, Mary Reyes, 37, 21 1, :14 Saleem, Mohammad, 1 1, 203 Sallee, Elizabeth Anne, 89, 1 6 1, 1 83 531106, Larry, 89, 147 Salyer, Donald Chester, 66, 73, 1H Salycr, Mildred B., 73, 1 69 Sanchez, Albert, 73 Sanchez, Ambrosio, 37, 89 Sanchez, Elaisa Duran, 89 Sanchez, Emily S., 187 Sanchez, Ernest, 37, :1 3, 22 Sanchez, Lorraine, 89. 1 1 8 Sanchez, Margaret, 73 Sanchez, Pauline, 73 Sanchez, Ricardo, 203 Sanchez, Stephen, 73, 1 3 3, :43 Sanders, Sandra, 1 19 Sanderson, james, 73, 130 Sandoval, Alfonso, 37, 2 19 Sandoval, Dolores, 2 14 Sandoval, Lee, 204 Sandoval, Marcella 1., 73 Sannella, Maria, 89, 163 Sapire, Harriet, 174 Sasaki, Gwendolyn, 89, 1 83 Say11cr,IaI1e P., 37, 167 Sayre, Douglas, 89 Scatcs, Ruth Sharon, 98, 270 Schamaun, Roger G., 37, 207, 208, :10 Schirm, Kristi, 73, 167 Schlecht, Richard, 37 Schlueter, Richard Lewis, 73 Schmucker, I. Stephen, 89, 143 Schoor, Mike, 89, 139 Schrom, Pamela Susan, 36, 89, 171, :2; Schulz, Joseph, 89 Schulz, Susanne, 1 10, 1 1 1 Schulzc, Diane, 73, 1 67 Schumpert, Stephen, 89, 133 Schuyler, Philip Terry, 57 Schwartz, Phyllis, 1 23 Schwingel, James, 73, 1+: Scism, Bert, 89 Scott, Eddie, 89 Scott, Gene, 231 Scott, Lindsay, 89, 14: Scovcl, Richard, 89 333 Seale, Carolyn, 89, 163, 187, 221 Sears, John Nelson, 75, 150 Seaver, Kenneth, 66, 1 1 2, 200, 206 Sehgal, Asghar Ali, 1 1, 92 Seibert, Mary IO, 1 83 Seligman, Lee, 57, 100, 147, 184, 185, 200, 204, 208, 283 Seligman, Susan, 43, 57, 146, 169, 200, 2 3, 301 Sells, Linda, 66 361113, Annadelle, 89 561113, Priscilla, 89 Servadei, Anne, 75 Shaffer, Alan, 89 Shaffer, Kay Cill, 187 Shalit, Sharon, 1 14 Shane, Kathryn, 57, 159, 223 Sharp, Wayne, 183, 187 Shaski, John, 231 Shaulis, Susan, 66, 163 Shaver, Rachel, 1 23 Shaw, Tony, 75, 144, 246 Sheets, Larry, 183 Sheets, Mary Margaret, 89, 159 Sheppard, Cedric, 20 5 Shcrer, Valerie, 89, 161 Shimizu, Russ, 1 1 8 Shivaphong, Sylvia, 1 1 Shmaeff, Robert, 66, 1 13 Shoemaker, Peggy, 89 Shoenfeld, Peter B., 183 Short, Phyllis, 90, 163 Shoup, George, 36, 96, 132, 137 Showley, Ianet, 37, 38 Shriver, George, 66, 155 Shutt, Frances, 2 1 2 Silva, Paul, 90 Silverman, Jacqueline Jane, 75, 1 1 1, 227 Simms, Bill, 9, 75 Simons, James, 57, 203 Simpson, John Ernie, 9o Sims, Wm. Riley, 66, 96, 141 511115, XVillialn Robert, 137 Sinclair, W 1111:1111 Andrew, :46 Singh, Yogendra L31, 1 1, 213 Singleton, Allan Louise, 90 Singleton, Ronnie Kenneth, 195, 246 Sipe, Mary Nell, 66 Sipes, Michael Peter, 57 Sisneros, Theodore, 57 Sitton, Anna Jane, 44, 57, 169 Skaggs, Richard, 1 83 Skevington, Thomas, 66 Skidmore, Beth, 75, 167, 301 Skillern, Jigger, 57 Sloan, Elizabeth Anna, 75, 163 Sloane, James Edward, 75 Smart, Lyman, 1 13 Smith, Charley Robert, 43, 75, 139 Smith, Dan, 75, 144 Smith, Evelyn, 2 1 2 Smith, Gaylord, 57, 1 18 Smith, James F., 75, 147 Smith, Jesse George, 57 Smith, 1011 Wilson, 66 Smith, Judith Kay, 75, 163 Smith, Karen, 76, 1 12, 161 Smith, Larry, 76, 141, 240 Smith, Patsy, 90 Smith, Paula, 90 Smith, Priscilla, 90, 159, 181 Smith, Richard, 90 Smith, Robert, 1 1 1 Smith, Roy Edward, 11., 57 Smith, Samuel E., 90 Smith, Sandra, 76, 163, 223 Smith, Sharon, 2 15 Smith, Shelby, 66, 1 1 2, 169 Smith, Sylvia, 90, 1 75 Smyh'e, Thomas, 243 Sneed, Mary L011, 90, 1 23 Snider, Nancy I0, 75, 169, 296 Snow, Benjamin, 205, 207 Snyder, Sharon, 76 COMPLETE LADIES 8: MISSES Solcnberger, Iohn Carl, 90, 244 5011221, Robert Anthony, 14o Spang, Richard, 90 Sparks, Janet Elaine, 90 Sparks, Larry VV., 1 1 4 Sparks, Thomas Overton III, 66, 244 Spatz, Narosonia, 57, 2 1 1 Speer, Darleen, 96 Speer, Gwen, 36, 38, 76, 163 Spence, Nancy, 90 Spengeman, Ralph, 66, 130, 147 Sperry,I011n, 75, 183, 191 Sperry, Roger Lee, 76, 153 Sperry, Sam, :10 Spies, Hilda, 2 1 2 Spillar, Stuart, 57, 183 Spivey, Judith Marie, 66, 1 17 Sprague, Stephen, 66, 150 Sprunger, Judy, 225 Spurlock, Mary Bess, 36, 76 Spurlock, Franklin, 1 2 2 Srote, Linda, 76 Stafford,Anabel, 38,90, 161, 183, 226, 227 Stafford, Terry, 90, 246 Stallbaum, Mary E., 76, 216, 223 Stambaugh, Berry, 222 Stambaugh, Les, 222 Standish, Miles, 58, 205 Stanfield, Dean, 204 Stanhope, William, 90 Stapp, Janet, 76, 1 7 1 Starz, Louis, 90, 109 States, Susan, 90 Steele, Gail E, 206 Stecn, Alison, 76, 163 Steffen, Charles W,, 206, 210 Steinberg, Phil, 133, 231 Steinberger, Vera Katherine, 40, 163, 215 Steiner, Wendell, 207, 208 Stcinhoffer, Stephen, 248 Steinkraus, Nancy, 1 1 1 Stell, Durward, 231 LOCAL or LONG DISTANCE ' PACKING ' CRATING ' STORAGE ' TRANSlT-MIX CONCRETE ' HEAVY HAULING ' STEEL ERECTION READY TO WEAR AND ACCESSORIES AT 73 g No Job Too Large 3 or Too Small 0H $5651 : TRANSFER CO. .. ?auunnvz SINCE 1902 guumuul.xg gllllllllllllllllllIllllth ALWAYS THE NEWEST WOMEN'S FASHIONS TOWNE HOUSE 3010-12 East Central Phone AM 8-3384 V I Illllllllllll" 121 TIJERAS AVENUE, NE AGENTS ALLIED VAN LINES 334 Get a 660 gory! for less at jams Motor Co. 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James, IL, 91 XVarren, Lewis, 77, 96, 1.12 XVashburn, Delbert, 67, 209 8Vashingt0n, Donald, 183 XVatcrs, Robert Paul, 1.18, 2.16 XVatkins, Cary F., .11, 151 8Vatkins, Storm, 2.1.1 Watson, Mary L011, 77, 165, 210, 21.1 XVatts, James, 77, 1.17 8Vayland, Suzanne, 77, 10;. 168, 275 XVayne, Johnnie, 36, 77, 135 XVayne, Phil, 1 1.1 8Vcaver, Harry, 58 8Vcaver, 'l'homas, 58, 141, 198, 199 XVCbb, Max E., 58, 150, 203 1Vcbcr,Cclia, 185 XVcbcr, Michael F., 91 8Vch11111011cr, M. C., In, 58, 93, 195 XVcichman, Carolc Lee, 67, 163 XVcir, Robert, 77, 1.1.1 XVclch, Dcc McCloud, 77 1Vclcl1, Pctc, 2.18 8Vclcl1, Joseph, 77, 1.1.1 8Vclch, Thomas XV, 202 XVcld,Cl1arlcs, 58, 100, 208 8Vcld, Jean, 67, 119, 17.1,175, 262 XVcldon, Mz1ryLec,77, 161, 22 XVcldon, Sandy C., 67, 1.17 1Vclls, David, 77, 137 8Vclls,J011n, 91, 155 XVclls, 8Vilcy C., 206 8Vclsh, Gretchen, 9 1 XVc11k,Robcrt,67, 139, 231, 275, :93 1Vc11zcl, Oliver, 67 XVcrdig, Robert Martin, 11., 35, 58, 283 8Vcrner, Rhonda, 91, 159 XVcrthehn, Jerry, .1.1, 58, 100, 283 XVcstbrook, 101111, 59, 153 Wrestfall, A1211, 77, 10.1, 1.11. 183, 185, 211 8Vcstfall, Ican, 91, 165 XVcstman, John A., 59, 130, 150 8Vcstphall, David, 231 8Vham, Natalie, 91, 18.1, 185 Xthcler, Camilla, 1 83, 187 8theler, John, 209 XVI1C1311,IC:111, 7 , 163 8Vhite, Charles, 2.18 8Vhitc, Iamcs, 91, 1.17 W'hitc, Jerome B., 77 8Vl11tc, Karen J., 67. 227 8Vl1ite, Leslie, 1 1 1 XVhitehead, Charles, 77 XVhitcsidc, Almira, .10, 91, 169 XVhitlow, Peggy, 77 8Vllitten, Marcia, 270 8Vhitworth, James, 77 XVhoolery, Anola, 59, 16", 223 8Via11t, Nancy, 61, 98, 183, 185.270 XVicbcll, Lynne, 171, 22 8Vicsc, James, 91 XVilcox, Lucia, 103 1Vildc, Hclcn, 77, 185 XVilder, 1031111, 35, 59, 171, 223, 262, 283 XViIcy, Darla, 91 XVilcy, Richard, 92 8Vilgcr,'l8110111asl., 91, 147, 1.18 8Villiams, Billie Jean, 35, 36, 77, 105, 163 XVilliams, Charles, 77, 139 8Villiams, Donna, 36, 77, 161 1Villia111s, Floyd, 205, 207 XVilliams, C216, 91, 163, 221 XVilliams, Harry, 205 XVilliams, I'Iuberticn, 21 6 XVilliams, Ivor, 67 XViHialns, Jeanne, 91, 183, 185 XVilliams, Joye Louise, 91, 169 XVilliams, Judy Lynne, 67, 163, 223 XVilliams, Linda, 67 XViHiams, Mary, 2 15 Williams, Owen P., 67, 20.1 XVilliamson, Deborah, 183, 216 XVillimnson, John Bruce, 91, 108 XVillins, Michael, 91 , 1.15 XVills, Frederic, 1 1o, 1 1 1 XVilsl11'11,Davc, 261, 2.1.1 8Vilson, Carrol A1111, 21o 8V1'15011J00, 67, 91 XVilson, Nancy, 67 XVilson, Roger XV, 216, 2.1.1 8Vilso11, Sylvia, 77, 17.1, 175 8Vi11ovich, Robert, 59, 1 37, 206, 231 XVinston, Karen, 77, 167 Winter, Diane, 91, 161 XVinter, Nina, 225, 226, 27.1 XVintcrs, Lanny, 67, 2.10, 2 2 XVintheiser, Arthur, 77, 1.17 VVintriCh, Iamcs, 67, 150 XVisc, Lorraine, 1 1.1 WHSC, Sandy, .1.1, 1 1.1, 133 XVishard, Mary, .14, 67, 103, 1 1 2, 175 XVochl, Ilka, 216 XVoff, Dec, 1 85 8VofTord, Jim, 91 XVolcott, Joe, 23 1 XVolf, Christin, 1 85 XVomble, Barry, 91 , 1.12 Wood, Edward E., 91 XVood, Mona, 77, 159, 221 XVood, Richard, 77, 1 1 3, 1.17, :03 Xde, 8V21ltcr R., 59 VVoodin, Nancy, 91, 167 XVoodmanscc, Robert, 91, 132, 137 8Voods,lm11cs, 67, 1 15 XVoodul, Jack, 77, 1.11 8Voodward, Mary Elizabeth A1111, 67. 167 XVoodworth, 'l'ommy, 91, 137 W'oody, Carole Rose, 92 XVord, Bethe, 59, 159 XmG, 1113 Marie, 92 8Vorlcy, Lanita, 6', 171 XVorrell, Charles Lee, 92 XVright, Michael, 2.16 XVright, Stephen, 1 19, 2 3S XVright, Thomas, 92, 153 8Vrig11t, XValtCr, 92 8Vyloge, Roberta, 59, 159 Yates, Ioan Dare, 92, 165, 185 Yoakum, Helen, 59 Yodcr, Bernie, 6", 161 Young, H. B., IL, 67 Zachery, James E, 20.1 Zanotti, Bonnie, 92, 159, 22 1 Zalmtti,I11ditl1An11, 35, 67, 103, 117, 159, 212, 262, 287 Ziegler,D011ald, 59, 203 Zinnncrman, E. 1011c, 67, 105. 125, 168, 21.1, 262 Zumwalt, Ray111011d, 92, 137 Zuniga, Orcilia, 35, 59, 77, 101, 283 1, 6000' for 929. foo! RAINBO BAKING COMPANY III Monfano Road NE 336 L1 w . W t 'i .x W, 1.:llK'NWW 'u . s 2' a W k W n $3.573? , ?;3 RR; N33? W W . . V w i"! a 'fxg'uk Jt'a . X' :W- - W Elna '3. xyngrgst w u, . . 3.1-. H. v VBrV-i Ix3o'v' 2' xul-...,.n-.. '13; E?" .meva -, . 3; o- A . .W W- 113.. "'"4 ; Wxx W - m'. Juiim u' .3 . in: m;.. min? .1." ate? V 71.4; ,Q; f4 M , x - V K va:r',: , W i , W W J, .11' WLV w W . W' ' . W3$WWWEE5W$NVKV$W .. ! wwuwm

Suggestions in the University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) collection:

University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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