University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM)

 - Class of 1956

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University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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w A zz-:rl-:'.:-"---:"::':1-1-21':--:1':'3'-Tf--f:7-f-'------- . -.3-.-. .-V 4 Q 'A - fi,i .. ffl. 'P I . . Y i I I 1 1 3 v J f 1 5 4 1 N l 5 I i 1 A 4 I l 1 V I l 4 In I 1 1 1 5 4 Q Q I 1 R x J , mirage presents faces of : 'Fifty 'five iftgvsix Shirley Irving, Editor Kenneth Drake, Business Manager NNUAL PUBLICATION OF '1'I-IE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVV MEXICO ALBUQUERQUE W.. .-...M-5. ,. . , N . .,--:WM xf,.. ...,,.,...., , ,iw .. 5 Q , .V . , .fy 4 -- 1 f 5 q,-.- www: . . ", ., ' 4Q.,v-vgk , " nv"-:':" f A. , 1'--ww 'w-vi?- 2 .vw HW ' ifWiZf? :mf.:4 xiii'-355,ff?ffawf:g5"i?i23Q1aQQ?N 1- mg. f. ,W .'f'J'q'-. FL ' . , mf' A' - W- Z V .. mf 'f.,l?y' :si-,J',,g2:,3,'f'gQ' Ma gm fgiggf-A . Q a-41:9 if ww .Wm..HYfz1yM,.51v'M.fe1gibfAww. ff xHLm2:11'l'k-'4'-IXAEFN-!'vv," Iqz:?tw'- 1'2wH....Q: - 1. 551-512235, 1 ' 'wwpf-'K 'mm-i?'i'..:xw'P J' . ' rv www mga? ff- ,'-w.5'--- - w, W ff: 535125 ww.-fy xgw gtskf ,EW 1 ww wifffm W-513,541 PW-'M-?gWpQ.ff,.,m . - " 235.4 'ff-., ' 1 f I , Ta' ' :Q W w4'f19?wK 5 25 -' Wvabfkafizi -P:::+'f Wi' 'TV' ' Swain:--W' -:W 5-1 .551 ,lf ' ' -. x . 1 ' 273225 2 ' xiii? Eaiafifig gggg Swffgfg K?H4,.egf??f?-,fffyg-.'i3 ,,g5iit'f':1'.Wdf3'fl3W?-fi.'f'-fiiffiv1 ' f.'.'-14fQ?1LY,.1-5Mf- LH? N 1' A ggi 2?fZi15fQm'M5,,5g3.sif2 -aw My i4fj1 Qv.t5 ' , W fi? ' vii:-WW?-iggii fyfifii 3255 iwmzvgfff.??iw,M1S?f'wan Q .weE'?i5.:w-f3fafMfi35Qg4'ii,,wa-.Hz .,., yiezggfwew-.A my . . 1,8582 ,n:g1mf:?.,Eg3x Qggigffg sf fismiw,?i'w5"ff,,Ff.-if - Agnew HS.-:gf-5,11 fwfh'-1-vw : . 'SQ' 'ksiimfgi ms' fm '- ' mi' "Min if -' -iff? gwmiff "si ..: -QQ - 'pa 1 QW, mi RL N"-In-5 as V ':, ' 'fi lm V v..-' 73 is VMS " :s: 'mfs Wi? 1 '22 ,fa - W . SF - V- Xu F viw' eg,:w'pW ww, M" ". '. - , '- If Fw 'W -, .mi 'ff . .isgzgf n azawf 4g1eWiQ-sf ff f N . W' Y iff? 'M ew'?W'5F3fff551Z' lffK:.'Q'115Hg ,f,, iw5f-1-'Y' .T TW 1 Qin-wf' .,,,,.g. 31.32-.,,? ,M . . f M 5, V, .,,,..f ,,f,?:,,.,.,?f, . W. . ,m3.,,k,,a,?6.S.4,,n,S . B. , ..,, L ., A ,M , .wg .Pq ,W Mm.. .. fig-1,g?j1v:ix',. 3,135 xffjifi ,. A I i 52.5 xpgrfgg' 'frrf 39' r- .11 .?gif"f-ggi," 2 ' f'-,,,j.1' . '12 f - .. W, ga,-M-,ifQ.g5Q1xgew,5 'M'1xv'233Qgf5g,wf. gigwr- fran- ff , r I , gg wifi' ,.-5" 5 . . ,mga QM., 131, -X ,E W Mr ,.,p.w,1M, ,5,,35g??w?fi,,g5wg,g,2.,sqf5vg,,xq..1,-, M ,, ,g Q, 1. fx .Lv Us W, , ss . Q. W yawn., 2535. QQ 3w"f?'La. aw? f'1"'W1 wg ""' .K , wg- If was ,.- H, .,m, ,, J, '-was--,gi LQ-Sz ,-- I , - au - -' ,, 4 1 -K - -Q, -, -' , lm gg , 4 , ' 4- .33 x 5,g.' ' , ,Q .agfi:2::g52i.f 5 H , , 2 . f EE 'I ..zW?Q,g'L. VF we .5-2. an gf "N ,f:,-65.22, Hr, HX v ' "9 '1I "' W, ' fl'-K' A ff-f,-,.Y2'-U. 22 'i--'5t'fa 2' "IH .J ' ' 1" X 21 '.-1151" . .:..1 152, ,gl ,Q E 2. ' 19' ' . -' H f:.ff1,u9-,Z ff I ,,f-N gyw f WLM Aw.. L ,, N . Qjffl ' : 'Q 3.121 ' kipwp Y 2 . xl ff5Vixz.m:Z.,.., Aga?5, iiwwwz wvwisfi i v F Q smith ,I X mv,,Q..p,- an-1 M A L xixgtj 'Kiwi H V H B H 2 , .L fv ixxl Q " -4yXg 75 'fi 'x M as ' ,z S Q1 L .531 , I XY: EM , Y N 5152 ' W A 5. M5 , 51. ,Q ga .EQ ' QE v. 25 5' ...Z A, M ..,, ., , V.. ,X-Q-if Wm.. 5 ,F .,.-F111 Hut, ass '.' . lhavz seen he breathl as conquer pat ways trod rf V1 I f A' 1 L ' , ' - ' r , I -'Ill' ' N' LI Fl K 171411 0 4 '7 , Ig., .,.vE" 'g:,g5I5Ig?r.:'E5., , E-lf! H - -T.. 'ff 1 ' , ' " f ' -- rt ' - 'A 1 V: v 1 iw " s . .. ' . , . ' ' " x ',' 1 , i' 1 A ,' T'r ' " ":Q:iiEI EZEI7'j'y -. . I -. ' 1'-1--.+ " H asa aw, . ' ,. M ' - I - 1 Q.: 5: ' -' ' - .1 . H15 J' ' . f I E :P 'fat -' mms- shit ' , -Q-lag , . I 3 - mfr? gl K' arsiiftf . Lf H332 Wife N. w B :QJFP V as. E E .. 55" 5 I it edges I, :,:.' -:- . I have seen a thousand faces, old and young, More eloquent than words, each speaks to meg Not on their lips, but in their eyes, is sung The sorrow and the song of life's brief melody. I have seen the first faint flush of understanding Invade infant eyes, like a breath that, born unseen, Blooms in visible birth upon a mirror's clear, commanding Face, and fades, and seems to leave no trace of what has been. I have watched a child's bewildered face, so soft and fair, A shape unformed, as changing as a cloud in summer skies. Here each trembling moment is eternal, and yet, unaware, The distant years of manhood have Hickered in these eyes. I have seen the face of wonder, rapt and still, A brief and yielding sculpture, molded by surprise, A captured glance set free without consent of will To rest again, enraptured, on some wondrous compromise. I have seen the face of innocence, touched only By the wisdom of the wind, the blessing of the sun, Guileless, undefended, yet knowing not one lonely Hour, for a world at morning is a lifetime just begun. And I have searched the face of infinite and everlasting Peace, composed and thoughtful of the years that slip away, And yet how rare this face, like a light beam shafting Down from a troubled sky, in benediction on each ending day I have seen the tousled face of laughter, unconfined By sly restraints that bind an elder world to a smile, For aged convention has not shaped this eager, joyous mind, Nor shall ambition's sharp and worried edge intrude awhile. I have seen the breathless face of youth, set free To conquer pathways trod a thousand times before, . And yet for each discoverer embarked, expectancy I-Iold forth the golden promise of a newly opened door. And I have seen the face of middle years look back On a brimming cup, and wish to alter not one drop within. This is a face by richness touched, and whatever lack May be, is shadowed by the triumphs happiness can win. I have seen the face of courage, eyes upraised To meet the future challenge and the present need. Here judgment conquers doubt, and dreams, appraised Of their true metal, find perspective, and succeed. And I have seen the faces of wisdom, calm and stern, Wlrere sadness dwells in quiet company with age. These eyes have known what each mortal Iife must learn, That faith is answered in the turning of the final page. I have seen a thousand faces, all the rest Are lost, like blades of grass that crowd upon a sod, And, of a thousand passed, these I remember best- The quiet faces, brushed by the waiting hands of God. I. P- FOI-AINSBEE Reprinted by permission of Esquire, Inc. fa e of youth ree to thousand times before. f'Q'I'Ij '-.' 5-,--gf-1-I :':f iii '21f.f Q- d ed lcat lo n i i : :5 i: N H H l x X- f d fo r each d iscovem holdswff' the P"0"' is' Today, you are fhe Universify. You are ifs . blood, 'rhe fuel for ifs progress. You fanned fhe flame of fhe prog- ress. Buf when your fransifory sfay is ended, flue flame of fl1e Universify will con- finue fo burn. ll Anofher group sfeps forward, and l dip from flue well of knowledge, experience and you and fhose before you did. Never checking, , resfive fo confinue forward, fhe progress of fhe everyone. if To fl1e progress, unaffecfed by flue and faculfy, confinuing fhrough frials and pains of 56 MIRAGE. The Edifors. , - 5 b':a""' .- .---- ' ' - 'aTxMy,,,..1M New mums DOR!wfE'FOXY UNl'JERSlTYW NEW' MEXICG WKLILIQUERQUE. NEW HEXSCG v.r1.M,1!5une:,,N49 Aggogygvgg 61167 hmm uma rs ' ws an ss mu' H Q5 Q 43 2 m mm mn ms mn a xmas 11.591 ss n may En-as nm mamma 'W sw ms an E wa .Lew EQ 'WH' J- imma Ease mm W Ea H -m me .win uw HERE P Af,-35.2 .E 1 '. L33 gwixl. .nzmaggg be .vm Wagga M na S3585 misss EE HB -nm Hams ss mn mam ms sm? nm. sm ws- wwf nm R-K mm 11115 im Sk ,mn was W mm Q 1 . me a Banana' HER .SSB 15K wma ,xg m'15s.gwp ss '56, 7 .1 W 5' ,bm f an Wm' .4 m'Q"':f1-15 gm ffr'-" ' f aww nmgnmama mpgass .sigma 'nm E mm? HH:-gm gQ3EmM -, ms B ms mmzw-gsmggww E 1 mn mgg M. gs . E W am saga 1 mm ms ms mmm X a 1f,v1-1.1 1111 1 ,. .111-Uxfixlzi. V U, 11, :1f r 1 ' .. rx".- 11 . fm H H Am E H Q .ufswwxgwm M E wa' W5 a .I . - wt ' -- , ' '1 1 ' mm mx: ' S, mm- In . 1 . .HEMI ' , .E ,gs lugs EBSQ - , , ws"ssamE.sff' sas ' .W Rigs 1 . W. ma :M g1wm. x-zqm,m1.,, -1 E ms km, nmsE, .Wxm- E M11 ss ,ga -- - W 5, N HBP?-. E 1 M H ' my 111 - - ,111 Bi. MMM., pawns - ..,. WHL... 1 , H Egg-KAYMEE' 1.1 1 .114 mf' s :Simms wysfla 1 M A. 'gs- ,.f.HgEw?mg 1, I . Hf W ' W1-3.1-B' 1.1 .- -. mf-11 - ,Lfii U.. 4 nxt-. ' .SS . Qin? - .f' A . .-3: wa "lv ss L: as Mews H12 1. 1. -,. 1, , 1,v. -Q 1 -1.141 41 1 f 1' L- QA, E111 W1 1 1 ,mw1"' fvxds 11 -11 ..,, . may agugiim. . H 11. 1 . 'Mm 1. MQNMS1- T EB B885 5 HZ H H fy.. SYM 11 B H N nl ,E H 5 H H sins-' ms 'H .E mn E mfs awww-EE :gm My mmm'M' , 1. 11. WA, wing ' , 21. w'-Q' 1,1 gm Q., ,S M 11 .M 53? mm?-wgw awww .H111 was .Q L Q .M1 1 ii .23 ww 2 jg' 1111-B H' I , Sdn " " ,-wg l . 5, ,nf ,.. w:f.f .-.fNv'- is . . 2.1 11 .1 Y 14 ss 'pw any 1m H i a 5. nm ,.,Ns,m'1m'n. .,, Aw ,. , 1 Bw!! E 1 ff: .1 Hifi? , H . ,, H 1.11. -pf 1 -f Q4 f . 'V 5 W 2 ww M A E H Bg5ES5gsw1mw gf HK! -an 1 :A 123 asv' 1,y mn sr' sf-xf'. S . ss am' WF .... Mm'm .. ....... L ......, .. Y: .un 191 'Quran swings 11 14 , Q11 N: ,gl . nmfxsmlil mf 1 " "1,1'. ' "1.-pmj11B?k'5 1, Am, . . 1 1 ,N , M' 1 ' ga Q- ,W S111.,1' '.,:1', a, 11 1 1 : -f.1a..,1. .X . T A . W, -- 411q1.L1 UvA -1- ,f..f , 15,1 , 111' 11 W-4 ll ms E 4 J' , F 1: X, 'H1 :am 1 L., '1 1- m .11 , ESS Sui' E magfiwg Ewa E.. mn E :mn -151. ,311 111 111 'E , 1 E' .. 1 .. 'pi ': .E 9-1 ,was 11581 111 .mg - 15,5131 V 'JH K m, !'W'm H, rs, .Fm um 1 ,KH a mrs B am - ms Sing . B fi E ,1 11.21 H 55.1 1. ' '- .ay . ' 1 fi Ei? wx? ..,, '55 , I 5 as -in :nr gan:- mv sf. lt's not easy to lool: baelcwarcls. VV e are muglit to lool: foiwaicl. Tomofiow is ioclay zmcl the clay after, if only lleeiiiig secoiicls ziwziy. VV e liuiry iowziicl the end with little time to savor lilie niezzus. Caught in Elie wliirl of iomoriows we seldom have time to linger over flue magic of ioclay. Ulloo sooii we breast tlie tape :mtl foo late i'e21.lize ilie fun lay iii 'Elie Illl'll7lHg.77 lilere is 21 gmpliio Ieeoicl ol lfll2lf mmiiiig . . . l?l'CSl'lH1CiI facing 3 new life of ioutiiies, biiicliiig selieclizles and ilie ziwesoine taslc of 'zleiiriiiiigf' Seniors, staicl wilili flue lciiowleclge Elieyfve glezziiecl from Ll.N.IEill., face Elie future with assurecliiess and Coumge - and may be in later years, sepamtecl fiom the joys of college life by time, can retuiii for a few lingering monienis through these pages. Leizing bacl: l'.l21'OUgl1 21 life of college is not sis pleasant as living iliroiigli tlizaf life, buf still if lzelps. Wfe pause, ilip amoiliei page of time, iimybe sliecl 3 bear, laugli H.llfflC2lHCllJGSfOl:Zlll1'CH7C1l1lDCi' .... here we are." I ss I'd better start er here . . ." oo broad and sweeping to catch with a camera, U.N.M. 1955-56 has just swept past in a blurry Hash. The minutes now are only phantom memories -they sped by too quickly. Too often it's only the hours that are remem- bered. The events of challenge, triumph, or despair overshadow the infinite number of minutes spent building toward those hours of significance. or many, U.N.lVl. 1955-56 started with the monumental task ol turning a bleak dormitory room, stacked with the belong- ings ot a lifetime, into a home . . . a home for four years. And though at times seemed that the time would never end, t too long until the job was finished. "lust a few more bags and r it'1l be unpacked." s ss is mr ,.. ,N 1 .V is is we mwssrm, , 5. - i is an 1 ,saws ass sums me H 'g. "Home was this V is M me - an .. me . . N mn. -sr , 97" , 4,5 is -fi --- .. if .. ,----v-Ya .., , --R :iii W, i X QQ ii .:. is 55 .Q km X 1... .-.y'- 'WB su Y fig- , t' .:. Ili T? . X in "Maybe a shower and cleanup will wake me up." Ylie clamoring of an alarm cloclc is an effective Weapon. But i a clamoring conscience is more effective. At times dorm life was one alarm to another and then it was often a cold trndge through the snow to class-big cleal! "Brr, All I can say is wc'cl better have exam." "Too, too early. Couldn't study anyway." "But I just gotta get up!" 4: :-2 f ,. ' Q :X I Ill -..,. 4, 'W' 5 5 2, ' l l i ig .Vp " ' X ' Q? " . 7 f "Who said study in the morning was the best way? "And, gosh X S S! fl PM uq sa if 'il I". in M 'll' ici- 1 A if -1' ,i ess , it's time to eat or I'1l be late to class -'nu i EW EE ' , Hg: 1' fx amy. ,. me N-xwzx - 1-H Calm, collected, "cool it, man" was the watchword. m-. ea mln U - ua -ss- 5 1 ss as na ss "Don't fight itg throw it over!" E , y "What's it say?" "It can't be possibleg we couldn't have covered that!" ne thing about the hours of study-they always led to exams. At times it seemed that all the study was only to be used to pass the exams and not for practical education. But when the end of the four years rolls around, the exams are orgotten in the blaze of graduation. "Blood, sweat, tears land some mental exercisesj work wonders" "There's a full hour-give it another try at least." M , , lg .r -rs ' . All "" .' E ' , -, wk. if fly' Q - w 1 ,ig - lrkkgwk Q X , '. F -Q, 3 X 8 .:. I. A r . 4' v E' v,-- L . y E f. 1 , l' -. A N l by.. l J , - - 3,2 , , s Got your tests back today." "I told you it was going to be a rough one!" "You'1l be happy to know . I t seemed that professors were personally trying to J lr burgeoning college careers with their "clear, concise s" that tool: three class periods to run through. But u 1t all they were usually pretty won- derful people to ge . You all got F's." "So, back to the matter at hand." "We'1l start all over again You went to nearly a hundred dances during the four years here. But there will always be that "big one" . . . Will you ever forget? ge e.. And . . . that is . . . I mean "I'll take the biggest and prettiest one you've got." "Hin, tickets will be 4.50 and . . . tonight?" then there's dinner." "Good old Aunt Martha. She "Dum, da, dee, justawhistle while you work." "Ouch, settle down boy-you always could pick a pretty tie." don't have to hurry that much." y T "Gee, reckon I look . all right?" 1 O F. as fl H .55 7 . fag' BLL 1 f 1, - !' nun, , w 142,11 gg ,du f' :Q 54 S ,M ,, F f f i ,, lqemmg, ,M Q M55 Misa-wx ma' " ggiszm V M7 nm F .mn ,,. ew fm. Q -afivkwf 4-' igm-pnwf 'a ,,. rwfg. ,full .mp .1 'J-N ' 493313 A, JI.. ,. gk , -, 232.3 Q -5555155 Q v -:- --" :ga:s:f:m4.,a,a:5.5 ' ,af 2 Z xv t x 1 ew W 253.13 ws" gn sk ,W ii Ei wx "3 use E my A viii: .3414 Sk PHE ' W E M :K i A was wx W ,W :sm lil! H W jgwm. 1 1 -7 gf gg, 4 QQ me M 58 K? is ff? '1' "I believe everything is in order." "May I see your activity card?" "Oh, there's the boxes." leetions will be another part of UN .M . 1955-56 that are often forgotten. Wonder if ice Cream m,11f5eS a But the elections took lots of blood, sweat, tears and pencil sharpening for ballot?" a lot of people. And even though it only took a few minutes for you to rnalce your selection with an X you were helping to run the campus-your "Properly marked, folded and Way' dropped into the box f it says here.j" oa xl , , -'-anssnsud.. ...WW ,Manning-mn "Appreciate your vote, appreciate your support, thank you, thank you." -f a- W. -s A Q , :gh . I i V , W- C. ..g.1+. I 4 It clicln't take much time to suit up for that last game. No longer than for any of the other ones. But there was something a hit special about it. Naturally jerseys Wouldn't slip over pads, and shoelaces broke, but soon enough the game-the last one-started. And once more it was 60 hard minutes ot Eghting for the University. Calm down, calm down . . . it's just "Darn it-my socks would Wear another game." out on this last one." P 1.1 l . JI A A M I 4 K I ' 9 S lx Ir Nut S! 9 elim? "And it's over for another year." "There was someone in the end zone-and we'd won!" tffflhll in all it was a pretty eventful year-this U.N.lVI. rbgg-56. VVith effigy hangings the rage C there were fivej and burglaries C a small f crirne Wave for a few Weelcsj kept us Wondering what would be next. The last semester was late in getting started-a blizzard lcept some of us home, and kept others of us stranded at school, but finally the l l E F F EY TD year got rolling along toward graduation. K H EN D ALL L i Eiiifeit war F1 H 51555, -91 ' ..4 Santa was one of five we hung l Many of us were questioned about the l robberies. ' 1 l l G Or receive notice at honors day. r Quite a few of us wasted time in the SUB. But some of us went to class. And then there were some of us that marched up thc aisle for graduation . . . i But we still found tnnc to learn to charleston at Fiesta. V has of wisdom The face of the faculty . . . Stern and forbidding . . . but tempered with patience as they lead us to the wells of knowledge . . . Lf 2HGL'+vfVl 3 8Of7+fH k UQ H lzbzyzl P guglu 9 uopmu Fresidclfzf nf the llairfersif ' ,.rg.Yj,gg, """ --mr nj ss vga, rs WQMQE- as xbjx. U , 4 558529422 , Z ,fig U - KKJIQMI Lafr rt5t'5l'rr i gt-if X tx ,.'1,r' af W . nav- sims H" i - 5 avi We W gg a,a?t,1, lg V as Umtwga ,E H . .1 . r -fa X-fa -. xrmlitm N t' 'H fr, Star-'i..-aka rf . is wi-ga MW ai,-M an-R Mau:-xa ,i . Q -i- rr: we lr- ' 1 Y 'Vin wpgl1 FB mwnafstint N B mm"'HQ?f??iiE'te" ,fy .Q , ' sa ,, '- -a- wg- mmm Ms fa.aa..,a .:.'r,f j .,,.k-ill a 'rr' Hwggggss 4 saswggfgggmg :Y 'xr . . E' x ' . . fa' -larva l M-fa wiiwfm. President Torn L. Popejoy The progress of the University is recorded in many ways. It can be read in enrollment reports, in records of the accomplishments of students and faculty in classroom and laboratory, and in the cold statistics of the budget. None of these catch the vibrant spirit of the campus, or reflect the fullness of the life we lead here. For this reason the publication of the MIRAGE is eagerly awaited each spring. Bet- ter than any other source, it reveals the color and variety of the pageant which begins with the freshman assembly in the fall and ends with Commencement. This year, it seems to me, has been marked chielly by planning and preparation for the future. In the recommendations of student government, in the work of student and faculty committees, and in the thinlcing of all levels of administration, there is an urgency to prepare for a larger scale of opera- tion than the University has ever contemplated before. Plans are well advanced for a new student union, already much needed. The new Holcona Hall, to be ready next year, and the gymnasium, now under construction, will add immeasurably to the well-being of the student body. Of even greater consequence, perhaps, are plans for strengthening the instructional and research programs and im- proving the counseling ot students. In every phase of our organization there seems to be a spirit of self- exarnination which promises great things for the years ahead. To those of you who are completing your work with us this year, may I offer best wishes in your new undertakings, and most sincere thanks for your many contributions to the life and work of the University. TOM L. POPEIOY 652245 'Q .KE ., , SEP is Z1 J Wwvaw - in-' rmif- f' .4gf1:,1.,,. , ,I - .aff A E .'v H in' I' , . I li--Li,-il' U I France V. Schol es 9 Academic Vice-president My , maazaxm r .e. ,sz Q., Q www A an . , I Sherman Smith Director of Student Affairs Iohn Perovich Comptroller fnnknf Personnf! Ofhcvs HoWardV M1tI1any Lena C Clauve Dem of Men Dean of Women 72 ? 'ff ' Carol WIIIIHHIS EZ. f 'fn Ass1stant Dean of Women Iames S Brucnmg Assistant Dean of Men ...ia ii .Sift gmiu erm ,P asa is .:ff""e - Iolm Durrie Iohn Dolzaclelli G. Ward F enley Myron F. F ifield Secretary of the University Business Manager of Athletics Director of Public Information Assistant Comptroller in Charge of Physical Plant Y 'Ii Q-1'6w.lJN V. Tl I. E. Iackson Harris, M.D. David O. Kelley Warren Lee C. MacGregor Director of the University I-Iealth Librarian Director of General Placement Director of Admissions Service Bureau and Registrar Q-gfwgsg ig ta E. B. Mann Winifred Stamm Reiter Evelyn P. Sturges, M .D. A. A. Wellck Director of University Press Alumni Association Director University Physician Director of Counseling and Testing Z0 ,Arademir Adminisfratiau I. .'.. '.,:-,,rl,r1?. -.Fl 1. . '- ' . 4fR:'f'K7ffi r - 1 ., -1 N1 5,-. ,Q .f. A ,. . .ffl ,Q , 'um " .X - X ,a.' , - ' -. J' A-'Q ' ' A -' ' i.. '..l"f,,l "1 - ,N-' lf." .nr '1 .- 9- '- - - , ' .Y T5.,.5Q:..'-m,f.:.. 'Nigga Q 'I .4 9-75'-" in . . ' t r 5.11, - ' A t h Q- ' 'f - - "3 . , . ff. A 'el I . Ink, ' " I f if li ,i 1 H 4 , 4: it 'Q-ne, Q .- ' -. ' ., 1-1. 'N X- , ' 'N , 'N . .1 " il- 'AQ V-014'- V , VAR-I, ' Hr ' .,. .siix . 1 f V Lg - V' X- 'vis' , ' a . UA LCNUN ,J E I 4 NN, is .1 ' l. ' -ks ' ' X, X It ' . 'fl V N 1, ,r ,, . . 4 . Q, Q, ,Vai sf fy , M 71, V' -z N vw, . '- L , Edward Franklin Castetter Dean of the Graduate School Chairman of the Biology Department Until this year New Mexico students who have wished a degree in the healing arts have had to go elsewhere to com- plete their study. This year a great stride was made in the advancement of the University of New Mexicog for the first time U.N .M . Otters in its curriculum a course of study lead- ing to the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Combined in this four-year study will be both a liberal arts education and professional nursing in all major tields. Completion of the study at U.N .M . will qualify graduates to talce the New Nlexico state board examinations tor Registered Nurses. The Dean of the College of Nursing is Miss Eleanor Kingg she received her Master oi Public Health degree from Iohns Hopkins University and was previously Associate Pro- tessor of'Public I-Iealth Nursing at Yale. We welcome this addition to the University's curriculum! Harold O. Ried Director ot Extension, Summer Session and Community Services Eleanor M. King Dean of Nursing Eollegc' of Arts and Science isp era-ss' M Dudley Wynn Dean of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and General College '12, . . ,W i Landon E. Bowers Iolln G. Breiland Robert R. Brown Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Biology of Physics of Physics Frederick M. Chreist Ruben Cobos Mervyn Crobaugh Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Speech of Modern of Economics Languages 22 William P. Albrecht Hubert G. Alexander George Arms Professor of English Chairman of the Chairman of the Department of Department of English Philosophy Harry W. Basehart Ernest W. Baughman David T. Benedetti Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Anthropology of English of Psychology Edith Buchanan Carleton E. Buell Robert Bunker Assistant Professor Associate Professor Instructor of English of English of Mathematics sfllnf- 'Tl' Norton B. Crowell William M. Dabney Guido H. Daub Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor of English of History of Chemistry Arts and Sc kate ss .N s . Z. . ' A . 4 V is s rs Wfilliam F. Dejongli Iloward Dittrner Robert M. Duncan Professor of Modern Professor of Biology Chairman of the Languages De artment of Alodern P and Classical Languages - is Z ' ' V,Ar A pl , ,ifi -gk Florence H. Ellis Helen H. Ellis Wayne C. Eubank A x .QQ " , Professor of Assistant Professor Chairman of the f - " L Anthropology of Sociology Department of 4 A I S V , IRQ Speech 3 1 Q is 55,7 iff I I L A l 6 M ' LA i , Q use .J r 'P' . iM JT Willri.irn Evcrsolc Iznnes S. Finrllcy PaulFitzsi1nmons Professor of Biology Assistant Professor Assistant Professor W of Biology of Geology Martin W. Fleck Ethel A. Fleming Morris Freedman ' Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Biology of English of English Ezra VV. Geddes Frank C. Gentry M. A. Goldberg Assistant Professor Associate Professor Instructor of English of Sociology of lvlathematics B. Leroy Gordon Francoise C. Gourier Iohn R. Green Assistant Professor Instructor of Modern Associate Professor of Geography Languages of Physics i. iikkv jj. 5 fgfemfir V David B. I-Iarnilton Ioyce A. I-lankins Paul W. Healy Assistant Professor Instructor of ' Assistant Professor of Economics Mathematics of Mathematics 6 I Morris S. Hendrickson Willard W. Hill Milton H. Hoehn Chairman of the Chairman of the Instructor of Department of Department of Mathematics Mathematics Anthropology s C. Clayton Hoff Wfilly Ann Holmgren Frederick C. Irion Associate Professor Instructor of Speech Associate Professor of Biology of Government, Director of the f -f Division of Raymond C. Iackson Willis D. Iacobs Leonard L. Iermain Government Instructor of Associate Professor Assistant Professor Research Biology of English of Iournalism 23 Arts and Science Peter W. M. Iohn Miguel Iorrm Charles B. Iudah Assistant Professor Professor of Professor of of Mathematics Government, Director Government of the School of Inter-American Affairs Milton Kahn Iulia M. Keleher Associate Professor Associate Professor of Chemistry of English V ineent C. Kelley Professor of Geology 'A img., . , . .N , il X 4 akin is 43? SSM K 4 M s Francis M. Morton Keston Anne Kingsbury Professor of Modern Associate Professor Assistant Professor Languages of Psychology of Modern and -..MM Classical Languages V iii ., lane Kluckhohn Willianr Koster Assistant Professor Professor of Biology of English J Y S. Kytle LaPaz Vernon Lewis A D V Instructor of Professor of Associate Professor f :': ' English Mathematics of Mathematics W and Astronomy, ' I -::- 2 Director of the Q in Division of Astioiiomv john Longhurst Albert R. Lopes Associate Professor Professor of Modern and of the Institute' i of Mcteoiitics of History Languages Raymond R. MacCurdy Abram V. Martin Ernest Martin Donald A. McKenzie Howard McMurray Professor of Modern Associate Professor Associate Professor Professor of Modern Chairman of the Languages of Mathematics of Chemistry Languages Department of Government joseph M. Kuntz Assistant Professor of English Edward G. Lueders Assistant Professor of English Marshall R. Nason Assistant Professor of Modern Languages QW-r 9"'! Stanley S. Newman Ralph D. Norman Stuart A. Northrop Cullen B. Owens Thomas M. Pearce Professor of Associate Professor Professor of Associate Professor Professor of English Anthropology of Psychology Geology of Speech 24 George M. Peterson Chairman of the ' Department of Psychology Keen Rafferty Victor H. Regener Allan R. Richards Chairman of thc Chairman of the Assistant Professor Department of Department of of Government Iournalism Physics ,lr 1 r Iosiah C. Russell Benjamin Sacks Keith R. St. Ongc Professor of Ilistory Chairman of the Assistant Professor Department of of Speech History '33 Arts and Science H I- ...Q - .'-. ' " 1 su 55252-:if 1: :Q . gg , 3 J T... M - .4 A H H Ei. 1.1 ,..,... H j - 5552: ggi A w ' 5 15 -- . f 2 5.54 .g. ,gt :i- "Q H i z. E A girlie Q ,. ' , , ' Iesse L. Riebsomer Abraham Rosenzweig Gerald L. Rowland Chairman of the Assistant Professor Instructor of Department of of Geology Mathematics Chemistry Ramon I. Sender Katherine G. Simons Dane F. Smith Professor of Modern Associate Professor of Professor of English Languages English, Administrative Assistant in the Graduate School Ellis L. Scott Victor V. Searcy Florence H. Sender Assistant Professor Instructor of Assistant Professor of Sociology Chemistry of Modern Languages Ernest W. Tedloclc, Ir. Roy Thomas A Sabine R. Uliharri Associate Professor Professor of Physics Instructor of Modern of English Languages George XV. Smith Arthur Steger Iohn F. Suttle Associate Professor Instructor of Associate Professor of History Mathematics of Chemistry Sherman A. Wfcngercl Cecil V. Wficlcer Thurlow R. Wfilson Associate Professor Professor of English Assistant Professor of Geology of Psychology Paul A. Wfalter, Ir. Roger I. Wfeldon Rosemarie Welsh Chairman of the Assistant Professor Instructor of Modern Department of of Psychology Languages Sociology Nathaniel Wollman Dorothy Wfoodward Professor of Economics Professor of History 25 Hallcyc of Sducaiirfu iw ajax, mimi asf. as ----gas at ll sr Bm an .m. E, x N K. 1 - .,.. fl Y? P I itil lx in K am K li, 135, , .Q K ., ' . , f - 'gf tits- V it , , is r iz.. . .. 'fs L fl " e - ll ' A iw :-1-f'i si:"' E ' '-1 H 5 . f' 1 . '. ....... " V. ,. F H ,E X5 gi-2 ..a .. hi . xx -. 3 XX N, . , . Q , - . it W- X xx - f .25 f . iii . .5 . M 1: is -. ' 2-aw , '... '-: z zwawji-Z lwcwyffqg ..Li.z.g, .,..,. Ag a. ftqfg X fist-fE xi :amid , ,ass-Exa ms E ar X-wr-1, jg, bbiegig U' f ,SV e ammsw' '.f'. . s . 1 I . .A I, ,., . . M. I iw ge .saggy as ,s:m5?E,. W .K all aaa mga? gg msg I'- a -S' aa a 1.' a E . .. . as as as ., . aaa gl ig in my ws me s as yen ms-mamma ri Exits. gas I as a W H .R B W K E .. cs. Lew -H. saw-' Charles R. Spain Dean ofthe College of Education Y H f .f:i'i:i .. Z - '--4 A ESQ -QQ:-:E:"EiE" b:a tf"'- A" if N - W it f U: is - annum-is 3 in S - 5 5522.1 1. .Q L. 1 ... REE: ii :QI V 1 a s --I V was-all .QI " B . B we E W, . fgmwx aa. . - was . m Q sigma! as lg t JS L Louis C. Cullen Grace L. Elser Everett H. Fixley Assistant Professor of Chairman of the Professor of School Physical Education Department of Home Administration Economics in-H or H QUE siifwji Frances McGill Richard McGuire Imogean McMurray Assistant Professor of Instructor of Physical Instructor of Home Physical Education Education Economics 26 Frank Angel, Ir. Vlfillis L. Barnes Lloyd R. Burley Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of of Education Physical Education Physical Education 15. 4 I' Lucille Caton Vlfoodrow W. Clements Bonner M. Crawford Instructor of Physical Assistant Professor of Chairman of the Education Physical Education Department of Secondary Education L up.. IN. '. Mercedes Cugisberg Wilson H. Ivins Roy W. Iohnson Chairman of the Associate Professor Chairman of the Department of Physical of Education Department of Physical Education for Women Education for Men hiv l 517x497 ij , 'rr 4 4.3 Q - 3 it i t. an Elk 'eil ,vs S Alexander S. Masley Gladys Milliken Simon P. Nanninga Chairman of the Assistant Professor of Chairman of the Department of Art Physical Education Department of School Education Administration Sdumf tw '31-lr G' agrar- Gcorgc T. Pctrol Edward I. Pillings Iesse T. Reid Harold O. Riecl Vlfilliam B. Runge Florence Schroeder Assistant Profcssor of Instructor of Physical Professor of Education Professor of Education Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Physical Education Education Education Home Economics v i rv..-I, I' Ax i 5 " 1 Ormajcnc Stcller Bill Stockton Loyd S. Tireman hlitchell L. Voydat Elizabeth Waters George W. White Instructor of Home Assistant Professor of Chairman of the Assistant Professor Instructor of Physical Head of the Division of Economics Physical Education Department of of Education Education Health and Physical Elementary Education Education Hzfllege rff law Arie W. Poldervaart Magnus E. Robinson Verle R. Seed Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor of Law of Law of Law 'IK ' Alfred Leroy Gallsewitz Dayid H. Vernon Ierrold L. Walden Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dean of the College of Law of Law of Law 27 Zvllcge af tfrzgirzeerirzg v Q- - A Marslrall E. Farris Dean of the College of Engineering Arthur P. Bailey Roy E. Blanklcy Chester R. Brown Associate Professor of Instructor of Associate Professor of Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts ,M A LJVQ. -'I H Richard C. Dove Iames L. Ellis Richard L. Ferm Associate Professor of Professor of Electrical Assistant Professor of g Industrial Arts Engineering Chemical Engineering Y - , l 0 Albert D. Ford Raymond Foss Willianr R. Cafforcl Charles T. Grace Iohn Hcirrrcriclr Richard G. Huzarski Professor of Mechanical Professor of Civil Assistant Professor of Chairman of the Chairman of the Associate Professor of Engineering Engineering Architectural Department of Department of Architectural Engineering Mechanical Architectural Engineering Engineering Engineering 259g -rr ,ggv Iolm A. Iacobson Baltazar E. Martinez lose E. Martinez Marvin C. May Richard K. Moore Frank F , Norris Assistant Professor of Instructor of Mechanical Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Lecturer in Mechanical Instructor of Electrical Engineering Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Engineering Architectural Engineering Z8 1 R, Sngineefiug .., Edward C. Rightley Don P. Schlegel Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Mechanical Architectural Engineering Engineering Victor I. Slcogluncl Charles E. Stoneking Ralph W. Tapy Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Chairman of the Mechanical Civil Engineering Department of Electrical Engmeerzng Engineering mv Iolrn M. Usry, lr. Wfilliam C. Wfagner Charles S. Williams Philip K. York Eugene M. Zwoycr Instructor of Electrical Chairman of the Instructor of Electrical Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Engineering Kollcge of Pharmac George L. Baker Raymond N. Castle Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Pharmacy of Pharmaceutical Chemistry I-Iugh Carson Ferguson Vifilliam C. Fiedler Assistant Professor of Pharmacology of Pharmacy Q , gmsm, as lggawaams ima? 'W 'W im-xanax B gmgrfm-a E -mggmarr rr :wa-mms a was as a rr sw. :na a a a .a swear saws? wsemiw www rr H52 Wagga gan ggs a'-r-as E a WMQ ma an mswgi rff-125311 Elmon L. Cataline Assistant Pmfesso, Dean ofthe College of Pharmacy Eollcgc' of 1671 Ines ,Mrizilrisfrrlf 2714 as-vm ax V. L. Auld Karl Christman Eileen R. Dedea Instructor of Business Assistant Professor of Instructor of Business Administration Business Administration Administration Vernon L. Sorrell Dean of the College of Business Administration Ralph L. Edgel Robert K. Evans Howard V. Finston Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Bus. Adm. Bus. Adm. Bus. Adm. l S 1-N33 I 13 Eva I. Glaese Rudyard B. Goode Willianz H. Huber Perry T. Mori William I. Parish Virginia Reva Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Professor of Business Assistant Professor of Bus. Adm. Bus. Adm. Bus. Adm. Bus. Adm. Administration Bus. Adm Alfred C. Wfelch Assistant Professor of Business Administration 30 President Tom Popejoy discusses the U.N.M. athletic policy with the new coach, Dick Clausen. Hrfllcgc af H146 Arts john Donald Robb Dean of the College of Fine Arts 5 s 1 s ,,:. . . F . 'E 'J' v-lah f.. '. 2:32 ,, -V r it P - ' ' ""' - -:, ' rr:-5--11 ga- , ' .. -I 'gi 3 ' if .Q as . 2 . 5 i' 'L lk Xi af , si! ' Diff.. as 3' 5 I :Jian ' - ., ' feftifrfsr , ' A 11 .fair Qf .. :a: '5:fa,T:" ss -V -.-, :i s ..,. Q ' ll ' .,.. ':' -::..-555' ' J ':" " Q f A .,A EK:,, ., Kenneth M. Adams Nina M. Ancona Nadene S. Blackburn Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of M usic Dramatic Art Professor of Art . Y :MQ tj . .je 2 f Y A gyms td .- 1. ., , 'a:5.5." 'a A E . Q -et. L :rl gr ,.::'l.:3,,j3gfl-..,:,.g,.,,.,, .. ti W .. .. ' .:.,:.,.. 3257 'Z ee- I.. siaisw-is: 1:2 . V ::- ' : at , :E::..:.:.. .5 as We .:!,.,..5:- 5, ,. -5, W,-,zu ,... K Xb .,.. 7 ' " , sz my 1952225 . , in-,. ...W . . .x f . ' .' M - I K A, .W -.XID . . .. . .. L or , ha Z Q ,, H 'A W , 45 gr . .s.., s.,... . . rf 91 in S V11 i fr' 1 . ' 1' W X ' -U M . ,, ssh ., 'if ,. . :.:.-.:.. J 1, 4, - -.,..f -.. .-r :- . - -'. . 'Y -v ..f.:'-raziwf-rl-.,I :i,2!.:.'E352-'ssc if '1'ig:!g5::f'. :fir-'ltxvgficlt ' ws' V. :vs Randall Davey Professor of Art Ralph XV. Douglass Bainbridge Bunting Professor of Art Assistant Professor of Art Kurt Frederick Lez L. Haas Alice H. Kagawa Professor of Music Chairman of the Instructor of Art Department of Art If jg N I . X Akin XValter B. Keller Robert NV. Mallary Alexander S. Masley john W. Poore William E. Rhoads George Robert Associate Professor Assistant Professor Chairman of the Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Music of Art Department of Art of Art of Music of Music Education r 4 Morton G. Schoenfeld Robert E. Snapp lane Snow Iaclc R. Stephenson Iohn Tatschl Ioseph E. Yell Assistant Professor Chairman of the Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Associate Professor Associate Professor of of Music Department of of Music Music Education of Art Dramatic Art Dramatic Art 31 N' .- ,.....,. z cs ul nv in 1, if e A we-:.-z: af-1 . er , . ga 1 Q, Q s A Z if . J, J Reserve OHM' Gaining 60 ,U William M. Massengale, lr. Colonel USAF Professor Air Science and Tactics Comnrancling Officer AF ROTC is f if its H fl XVilliam H. Bowen Robert M. Costello I-I. Crawford Ioscph M. Cullinan Chief Cunner's Mate M!Sgt. USMC LCDR USN Assistant Professor of Assistant Instructor of Instructor of Naval Assistant Professor of Naval Science Naval Science Science Naval Science Bradford E. Dalton Charles F. Gieswein Leslie L. Gillespie Hugh I. McLaren Major USAF Captain USAF QMI USN SKC USN Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Instructor of Naval Instructor of Naval Air Science and Air Science and Science Science Tactics Tactics Daniel Murphy Iohn O'I-Ierron George Postich Michael Rimm Lieutenant USN M!Sgt. USAF Lieutenant UGQ USN rst Lieutenant USAF Assistant Professor of Instructor of Air Science Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Naval Science Air Science and Tactics William C. Rivers Clifford L. Roeder Charles E. Snell Samuel L. Swysgood CDR USN M!Sgt. USAF T!Sgt. USAF FCC USN Associate Professor of Instructor of Air Sciencelnstructor of Air Science Instructor of Naval Naval Science and Tactics and Tactics Science Executive Oflicer NROTC 32 Philip H. Thom Lieutenant USN Assistant Professor Naval Science I-larry Wfilliams Captain USAF Assistant Professor of ' Air Science and Tactics .. , . I I Delbert F. Willianrson, Captain USN Professor of Naval Science Commanding Officer NROTC l The first flush of understanding . . . the tired look of repetition . . . and always the quick smile or sudden laughter . . . these are the lines of the student face . . . 'wi -W 1' Wm - Q-A A , MA' M, Ab .ERP , 1, A ,, ,NN NNA,,U, . ZA 'im X 5 A-M KM Q Am A A, W ' 'ffgm A X, 1 ., AM - A ff AA A Hr? Wgbwfmgf Fwd! -as 1 6 , A , A, fl, f gg, My ,, . U T ,, A ,, .A ., . , ,A ff A W: Mm. A A Aim. MA W' W Aix am, Af, ,,., I 'xi 5 R ' A f . ge .A ,W Q52 , N I M V4 ,, , A, :AH 'Y' E' i Aw 'W ,X AK ,A F Z A A K A -. x' '1 af, I ,. Aix. A H A, H g NSA NV, ,A W V, .A I Aww A .,.A A A-A M Sm' A A " Af. , "X akrf::bw ':2A:Nfmf,4 ,, '. -f :A MA , , A .H ,, AA, SW A Y , L , :muh A mm WM s 'f . A N f A, Q v Y . -, 1, WA A WM -Ev'-MA wan M WE 1 f. A , -X ' vxk nf P i V a ff wr . A A R wg, AA iam .A M gpm 1 Fw, 1-. Ex W nm. ' my QM M1 igfiff 11 ,ffngwg . ,, ff. M A ' .,: , , 4 X , A A54 AVN 7 V K A ' ings X ' lgfff' AR.. , A. A A , ,. 51: L A N 22441 M5 A A , A :xml W ' A AA, . xii? Q35 -1 Aw y HK rf, AA, .1 wg A X5 mi? .5555 im LAQA N ' ff' H if' Y waz .- A' gm.-f,:,zAAmwn :z'gg.Aff,1,. ,f . -'AA W-air! mm w X A ' --Af 2 2 22 2 22 2 2 2 22 222 I 2 sm n ss Nm 2 ima mfs 22 2 2 E, ww mm - WE 22 '22 255227 22? 33222 2m 2 2 mmm 2 E2 2 2 2 2222 mm - 2 B, 2-1 WE 22 TU. ' 2-2222 -N ' AB rx ' 2 222 222222222 222225222 55 2225 552 22 5f5g52Q2252f2E52525 mam nam na an WMWQQSEBNIXHQ Wm :lm mmm nl -x -mYH- WMW E-15' m nl sms sm WMWQ 2- mwmw-wh 2 2222 22 22 55 5 2 2 EEEE 52522 222222 5525.222 ESS ESRB HEBREW 2'-2 E'-IWKUH -22-:QW 'TI-LEE 22 2222 - 22-2 222 22-2-2-52 2 22 222 22222 222 22Ws2 -22222222 SSH 528528 K-S5515 -221 285285 BHK BEER my--Aw HHEPIH 222 25? 222 2 22m222G22225Q 2 222 222 522252225 55 2 SS SSESSBHQEE sms S8528 V' M ESRB 222555255 SEEKS L 'SS mam HELEN ms 555 22 55 22222 22 2.2 22 55555 25 22 222 2 22 i2f25Q223222222f M22 22 2 2 2-232 my 22 2-22-22722 gz-22 I 552 22222 222 55552 2222525255 2 2222.253 2222 BHBE 25252525225 22.2222255.5 SEEKS' Sixiix- 28-SSXX Tiwwww WEEE- ' 555 22552 2252252522 22m.255,g 5555 22 2 2-22257575 222222555 22 5255222322 5252522222 H55 EESSBBENE BHK ' 555 252 A ESS-SSE 2.22552 22 2 SS was SEEKS 222 s,. L19 nuapn Pal 'S Student Betty President . mRg?.j1.y- ,317 3' W ' may an ss egg . r JIU-1-Q" '?.,14:g,3,gaL'1fl'4 . S sms :gs is V ' :flu -gsjl-Iyfh-3 - vt" EEN is E massage , -. -4.1, I f.-.',,s- ' : as . it smwmwzm mfr? "- fdflfgff 5' sm sw ssswsssi H xii' Pi . I r',z1"-,fi is T im ma-Q sm ' .-.L'Z'Q'i1ff5.'v-i'!i 4322" is E mass sm nf,-Q ., f -.QA-,tn 1 "1 . is ws it amz is TJ xr rliigjgt-.' '- ' N W is mmm asses -1, f,vg,j,,, ,. is , is aww i':':.-.j,..-ywir' is ei is 'Qg:r:w.,,", a -ss sf' s - ,,i,!,lf: 1: OPEN MESSAGE TO THE STUDENT BODY: This final year has been the most gratifying of my college career. You, the mem- bers of the student body, have given me the opportunity to serve as your president, and through this privilege I have grown to know you, my fellow students, better. During our short stay we have all made great strides forward in our attempt to acquire the completeness of the mature, self-actualizing individual, and toward this goal our efforts have been ably assisted by the professors and staff ot the University. Congratulations to the graduating class of 1956 and best wishes to you for future success. May you, the members of the Associated Students, under God, live up to the re- sponsibilities that will be yours as thinking members of our free, democratic, Ameri- can society . . . Snecntinc l6'rnncn indent Zrfnncil f-safes B we i . fp. SEATED: Sally Stringerg Sharon Yenneyg Bob Matteuccig Vince Gonnleyg Nancy Reap Carolyn Phillipsg Tommy Iacksong Buuty Nixon. STANn1Nc: Syl Chumleyg Dwayne Longenbaughg Sato Leeg Iohn Anderson. The executive branch of Associated Students' government with the power and duty of enforcement ot student legislation and the function of student administration includes the Student Body President and the thirteen Student Council members. Members of Student Council are elected at large each spring. As the top executive unit, the Council carries the weight of the worlc and responsibility of the governmental func- tions in any given year. The Council is responsible tor preparing the budget of activity fees, distributing the Council allotment for projects and activities, determining election dates, coordinating the student activities of the campus, regulating the social calendar, and directing Associated Student events such as Fiesta, Homecoming, and student body dances. 34 cgi latin: l6'm14cl1 Student Senate As the legislative branch of student government, Student Senate .- - is potentially the most powerful governing unit. l Senate menibership is composed of class oilicers and representatives I . from all campus organizations. The student body vice-president, a ----T 5 " 'lrr-sw N9 QM . 1 I student council member, serves as senate president. 7 .A 'iff l . A bill passed by the senate becomes law upon signature by the presi- TZTZT. 1,1 I I ,,. .Q i t it Ti., dent of the student body or a tivo-thirds vote by the senate upon the I " g ,.gV president's failure to sign. In addition to the activity ot new legislation, 7" A " A ' ' some of the eouncil's Worlc is submitted to the senate for approval. W Major appointments made by the student body president must be ap- proved bythe senate. The budget as set up by the council must also be reviewed by and have approval of the senate before it is voted on by I l the student body in the spring elections. 1 Some of the bills and resolutions introduced and passed this year . included one to clarify election procedure and a resolution to amend -T 1 the student body constitution. The senate committee held a successful N' ' if f leadership conference in Santa Fe in November. Bob Matteueci, Student Senate President S' Miifff-if , K' ll , .--- ,JL r"",' im 9 . Row noun: Phil Taiillieg Iimmy Majorsg Bill Diekinsong Phil Sawdeyg Frank Searsg Shell Denisong Bob Matteuccig Iaelc Donelsong Fred Perkinsg Dick Goctzmang Bill Sanfordg Eric McCrosseng Howard Browng Iimmie Lennie. Row THREE: Bill Mapesg Robert Hannag lack Littleg Ken Drakeg Edward Coxg Bob Ruebeckg Mart Servisg David O'Done1lg Bobbie Iobesg Marcia Keeler. Row Two: Diana Mitchellg Nancy Centryg Teresa Starkeyg Esther Gibsong Gloria Herrcrag Betsy Peirceg Leilani Hullg Betty Bzmksg Karen VVilliamsg Patty Cilliardg Marlene Corng Barbara Duenkelg Dotty Diekinsong Kay Clauve. ROW ONE: Edith Brattong Gail Wolcottg Shirley NVallg Fran Bonnymangjean Collg Ann Keeferg Berwyn McKinneyg Vivian Omang Sue Robinsong Beverly Orrg Mona Howcg Susan Smithg Ican Reardong Shirley Tcetcrg janet Sue Gray. 35 judicial l6'm14cl1 STUDENT COURT i Iim Fergusong Tona Dabbsg Dick Norvaria, Chief Iusticcg Carolyn Nielseng Al Yard MM STUDENT STANDARDS CO I TTEE C. D. Bryang Dick Camacho, Chairmang joe Martinez. 36 . i Sfudvm' lin bn l6'v rd P , NR Q o Row ONE: Alice Smith Minorg Mrs. Esther Thompsong Ted Tristram, Chairmang Dean Lena Clauvcg Io Ann Clauvc. Row Two: Ron Calkiusg Al Zaveldg Prof. A. D. Fordg Dean Howard Mathanyg Mike Laine. Student Z9uMa1fi1f14s Heard mi . Prof. VVilliam Huber, Cliairmzmg Prof. Keen Raffertyg Dr. Fred Iriong Rosemarie Packardg Herb Tempieg Ioyce Simmonsg Ioe Don Cookg Patty Stewartg Mike Kelchcrg Prof. Leonard Icrmaiu. 37 Athletic Hamm 2756 -ef. 55 .5 ,, if l X in la r""' 'T I-I fvgq S "f. -xii ' ,gall 1' , MV,--nd-',,, Presidcnt Torn Popejoyg "Sato" Lccg Fran Bonnyxnang Paul Rheag Iohn Cox. Kuliuml dfmmzffee QO- fm , Row ONE: Vivian Vacquicrg Dr. Sherman E. Smithg Dorothy Harroun. Row Two: Shirley Shchang Edith Cope Lockardg Dr. Morton Kcstong Prof. lane Snowg Patricia Blairg Robert Gatti. Row TIIREE: Charles Browerg Ernest Brussg Lin Cordellg Cary Nossg Sue XVeitzelg Dr. Paul Hcalyg Iudith Arnoldg Prof. Gene Yell. 38 Student ,Affairs Gommiffec 4 Ianni? he 1' 'Y ,114 59 5 Row ONE: Ianc Ann Stinncttg Mary Bottsg Dr. Sherman Smithg Miss lane Klnckhohn. Row Two: Mr. Eddie Snappg Craig Heffelman Hampus lmpravemcuf Kvmmifffc f-GX 1 Ken Dmkcg V crnon Lewisg Howard Dittmerg Dick Kendrichg Captain Oweng George Petrolg Leonard Iermaing Iolm Barnes. Noi' 111c'1'u1xEn: M. F. Fincldg Marvin Mayg Gayle Westg Frank Norrisg Gladys Milliken. ssnciafed W0 an Students Row oms: Gaye Mangold, secretaryg Alice Minor, presidentg Muriel Pride, vice-presidentg lean Reardon, treasurer. Row Two: Claudette Chicadog Valerie Skuseg lean Collg Ellen Toyntong Verda Darnellg Katherine Hinesg Helen Kimbellg Simmie Romerog Millie Albertg Olinda Luna. Row Timers: Io Ann Stevensg Ianet Maylandg Dottie Dickensong Margaret Pekeg Iayne Merchantg Io Ann Clauveg Margaret Smithg Marilyn johnson, Nancy Laliclcerg Margaret Iacksong Miss Carol Williams, sponsorg Nancy Meister. OWCCTS Every girl enrolling at the university automatically becomes a President . . . . . . Aucia Mmm member of the Associated VVomen Students, founded at UNM Vice-president . . . MURIEL PRIDE in 1Q3O. A.VV.S. has a three-fold purpose: to secure uniform and SCCFCUHY - - - GAY-E MANGOLD individual representation in student activities, to promote broad Treasurer ' ' IEAN REARDON social interests among university women, and to foster a living school spirit. The AVV S council is composed of representatives of each women's organization on campus, including dorms, sororities, and activity groups. The council functions in establishing and maintain- ing women's standards on the campus. Saludas Amigas, women's student handbook, is published by the council and sent out each summer to all incoming women to ac- quaint them with the university practices, rules, and activities. In September of this year the council sponsored a "Squaw's Pow VVow," an activity to introduce new women students to the many phases of campus life. The 'iNovember Hop" and the "King of Hearts" dances high- lighted the UNM social events. 40 1: fi 1 l Qreshmen Elass aff 59 OFFICERS President . . . . . Don Frederic Vice-president . . . . Warreii Dietrich Secretary-Treasurer . . . Iudy Little 2 , Weslzmm Ruben Melinda Berna Lee Ronald Abevta Adams Akin Akin Ion Robert rl"ll0ITlLlS V aros Ambrose Anderson An drako Andrew Moises Merrylin Robert Paul Arellano Armstrong Armstrong Arnold ,..qn Ernesto Iames Deanna E. M. Ateneio Atkinson Austin Avara - A wr- - 1 v . ry' Patricia Carol john Sara lane Alderman Alexander Allen Allen Paul lack Gilbert VVilliam Anstett Anthony Apodaca Archibeck Dirvianskis Allan Alvin VVanda Arunas Asgnith Askren Atchley Pauline Robert Marcia Elizabeth Baca Baca Bailey Baker Richard Robert lack Stanley Beauchamp Beck Beckett Beckner Sliigco Iohn Clarence james Ban Barrett Bass Baxter Sharon C-us Marc Icanne Beeson Benakis Benjamin Bennett Kraig Carl lack Norma lean Benson Berg Bermudez Betts 43 Icrry Francine Iames Marsha Billings Bingham Bisbce Blair Michael Barbara Fred Patricia Bowerman Bowser Bowser Braekeen Gerald Edmund Robert Gloria Brimhall Bristol Brito Brose grvshmen Sally Iames Kay Robert Blatnica Boardman Boatwright Boatwright a Q K it ni X , x. , 'XVilliam Robert Doris lack Bragg Brandt Breitenfeld Bresenham . n 1 1 .rr 1 'i Vlfallace Ed Roger Martha Brown Buck Buller Bullock Keith Bert Dale Icrry Brothers Brown Brown Brown David Thomas Iohn Marie Burnstein Burt Burwinlcle Bush Iohn Iaclcie David Lynell Bundrant Burch Burke Burns Daniel Doris Marcia Charles Madelon Victor Iock Ray Byrd Calderon Campbell Campbell 44 Bustamante Butler Butler Byers lack Michael XVilliam Ianillc Cannon Cannon Capels Carlbcrg x v i 1 611155 of 5 5.9 Philip Ioann Lewis Richard Castillo Castle Caton Cerza Owen W'illiam Douglas Iames Carleton Carlson Carmichael Casaclos George Kay Benny Edward C. Chant Chase Chavez Chavez Kay Ccorge Robert VVilliam Clauve Comfort Connor Conwell Edward R. Claudette Iohn Dorothy Chavez Chicado Chimoskey Christensen if Kenneth Mary David Ernest Cooper Cooper Cordoba Cordova Robert Marilyn Sara Bobbette Cowdrey Cox Cox Crawford Iolm Ioscph Paul Marian Cordova Cordova Corley Cousins V erda Louise Pat Ioanie Darnell Davis Davis Decker Curtis Margaret Max Bill Crawford Crawford Crook Currie Marshall Leila Richard Eleanor Decter Denton Dicks Dickson jim Lawrence Paul Patricia Dill Dominguez Dorris Doty 45 Iohn Gary David Ioe Douthitt Dreger Driggers Dryer Linda DuAnn Aaron Ianies Dunning Duphorne Duran Dyer Thomas Heinz Howard Fred Edwards Ehrsam Elam Ellingson Iudy Almon Karen Iim Everett Fackrell Farber Farrar Diana Robert Anna Isaac Fisher Fleming Flores Flores grcslzmcu Lloyd Terence Donald Katie Dudding Duffy Dugger Dunn 2 Milton Robert Ann Charlie Dyer Eanes Easley Eden Keith Indy Hugh Carolyn Elms Ervin Endrcs Evans jim Elmo Iamcs Larry Fewell Fields F in ch cr Fin uf Ierry Terry Edward Ieffrey Freeman French Frost Frost Tom Peter Douglas David Flowers Ford Forrester Fortner Mary VVilliam Frances James Frost Fry Fuchs Furr Hlzzss of 5' rl' 1, - W. is 2 Erlindo George Lcopolcle Maria Garcia Garcia Garcia Garcia Ann Dale Magdalena Teri Gaines Gallaher Gallegos Gallegos Robert Cynthia Dick Gail Garrod Gaunt Gentry Gere Mclba Richard V Robert Gcraldyne Garcia Garcia Garcia Garrett nifs Charles Ioe Luis Beth Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Goodier VVilliarn Darryl Raymond Patti Gerety Gibson Gibson Gilliard Mary VVilliam Ieannette Paul Gough Graham Grandiean Grandlund R I xl A I Y YQ' 1 Myrl Tom Wayne Indy Goodwin Gordon Gosnell Goucher ,r 'il Rita Ioyce Leah Sam Grasshain Graves Gray Gray XX ,- 5 A ' s a , , Thomas Rosina Henry Eleanor I . Gray Griego Griego Griffin Iust a minute boys, fingerprints this way. 47 Kenneth Selso XVilliam Dennis Gutierrez Gutierrez Haas Haekard George Gloria Edwin Robert Hanosh Hanawald Hancock Hanna Iirn Fred Beverly George Harrigan Harrington Harris Harris Ianles Gay Betty Sharon Heasley Hemphill Henderson Henshaw gm hmm Marilyn Herbert Iohn Michael Hackney Hahn Hahn Hamilton Diane Iolm Sylvia Keith Hansen Hardin Harlow Harmes Harlan Sue Howard Sara Harris Hartman Hayden Haynes Wilfred Yvonne Mike John Herrera Herring Herrmann Higgins Mike Gaye Leon Robert Hogan Holdridge Holeeheck Holloway Gene Iohn Ioe Albert Henson Henson Hernandez Herren Bill David Phyllis Ianice Holman Holm es Hooker Hopper 60155 tif is' Par Robert Norman XVallace llorne llowarcl llumplirics I Iunsley Richard Royal lean Benjamin jackson jackson jameson Iaralnillo Margie Philip l"rccl Linda Sue Iolinson Iolmson jones Ioncs George Sandra Owen Licf H unter I-I utchin son H ull Isaacson :risk 4, a Donald Barbara Susan Larry Iclso lobes Iohns Iohnson Marjory Pat Ronald Ieannc jones lones lones Iordan Cristos Richard Charles Iune Kaplanides Kauzlaric Keeling Keithley Iolm Sam 'Barbara lack Iosepli lunglilllth Insticc Kaemper Franz Carolyn George Gary Kilgore Killgore Kimball Kimble james Billy 'l 'homas Katherine Kellerman Kcltncr Kcolian Keros Kathy Billy Carla Harriet Knott Knox Koellmann Kofalk Iolm Victor Bernard VVilliam Krakar Kransberger Kran tz Krum git? hmm y . R 15 Ann Louise Carol Archie Krurnmes Kun tz Kutnewsky La ckcy Shirley David Nancy Ioseph Lafrenz Lake Lalicker Landavazo XVilliam Kenneth Shirley E, V oil Lang Langley Larsen Lattin 'l"om Patty Sylvia Richard Lawson Leblo Lee Lepp Donald Robert Ted XVillard Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewis --fr sql?- gs! Landis Frank Iudy lack Lindell Lisle Little Locke J' Allen Mary Denise Arthur Lockhart Lockridge Loper Lopez Clyde Iorge Ronald Bernice Lopez Lopez Lopez Love Oscar Bobby Norman Robert XV. . Love Lovell Lucas Lucas A , Loretta Gerald Lee Roy Doyle And I'1l lluff and I'll puff . . . fFaVO1'1fC WOlf lmel. Lucero Luetkehans Lunsford Lyddon Y l 611155 nf 5 Barbara Robert Dan Eli MaeNcill h lc-Bride McCluer McCullough Iohn Presley Ioseph Norman McKinley McNeal Magruder Maisel Ieromc Orezm Elaine Robert A. I Markus Marrs Marten Martin Nelson Sigfreclo Ray Ianice Martinez Martinez Mathias Matkins if 129 Nancy Iames lean Bill Meister Merritt Metcalf Michael VVilliam Mary Ioan Iohn Miller Mills Milner Miner Iolm Ann Billy Betty McDonald M cEvoy 1 Mclntyre MeKelvey lohn Eugene XVilliam lerry Malovieh Mangauaro Mann Manzagol Robert D. Robert E. Felix Lino Martin Martin Martinez Martinez Dan Iuclith Theodore Norma lean Matsumoto Matthew Maxiielcl Mecliua Vernon Roberto Neil Robert Miklebost Milian Miller Miller lean Cary Aileene Edwardo Mitchell Montague Mon tano Monteverde 51 wall I larry Lee Robert Alice Montgomery Moore Moraga M oreland Raymond Robert Ann Ianet Nelson Nelson N evin Nieto David Iohn Andres Patricia O'Donnell Olund Ondelaey O'Rourke Chris George Iac ' Osnion Ostcrniann Overmier Padilla Weshmv Miriam Kathy Robert Iohn Morgan Morgans Morris Muir Iudith Nancy llolly Dorothy Nixon Norlicct Norwood Odcndalil Ilarrison Evangeline Manuel Gilbert Orr Ortega Ortega Ortiz Clara Henry Ronald Yvonne Parsons Pascual Paynter Pearl Raymond XVilliam Iohn Matth ew Page Pappas Parker Parker 'I' ony Patty Kyle Ginny Pesavento Phelan Phillips Pinkerton 52 Sondra jerry Andy llarrietta Peirce Penclley Peralta Perry Everett Raymond Sheilah Richard Polanco Porter Purcell Quigley 611155 nf 16' Noma ' Patricia George Ross Quillen Quinn Radcliffe Ramsey Collis Doris l"aye XVilliain Redmond Reid Ren fro Ren fro Gary Partieia Donna Ioe Rickman Ringer Rinn Roberts Iohn Beverly Ann Mike Randall Randel Rasor Ratcliff A H Nw wa' 4 f I 1' gg 5 H H fig, E fi ,,. Q Z I . ?,g:.? in : ll ,E-A 21517 V- - X ., 3 H if a :K X Carl Charles Helen Edward Rentfro Restow Reynolds Rice Thomas Ioe Ioel XVilliam Robertson Robinson Rodgers Rodgers Louella Mason Stephen Robert Romero Rose Roskos Roubik 'I 'om Lea Aseueion Frances Rolf Rohr Romero Romero Ioan Samuel Dorothv Gilbert Ioe Mohammad Ioseph Edward Salazar Saleem Salinas Samberson Russell Russell Sabino' Salazar Albert Iesus Mary Sue Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanders Iohn Nancy Bill Fred Sandoval Sargent Savage Seaggari Elizabeth Robert Ieanie Faye Schnorr Schn urr Schomp Schouman Qreslzmm ' . i ' ll Donald Donald xwvllliillll Leslie Schubert Schultz Schwab Shaw ""x 'tr' Tom Iames Herbert Ken Sheldon Sherritt Shillingbnrg Shook Roy Marian I-Iazel Iohn Short Shrader Shriner Shull S :S . lv 3' V H15 Fount Rozella Howard NVilliam Shults Siler Simpson Skillern Dixie Lee Don S. Garth Ianice Smith Smith Smith Smith Richard Ronald Valerie Sam Skillman Skinner Skuse Smelser Kay Alice Nelson Andrew Southern Speed Sprague Stark Donald Louis Alexander Linda Stewart Stewart Storrie Stroman Ion M nrray Iam es XV illiam Smith Smith Snead Snead Sandra limmy Linda Ierry Strong Snmida Sumrall Sumrowl 611155 of 5 Earl Dona Nancy Arthur i Sury Swain Swinburn Swain Earl john Shirley Laura Tiley 'l'illotson Tinsley Tippin Frank Linda Mike Ierry Torres Tracy Trujillo Trujillo Richard XVinnie Gerald Cordelia 'I 'urrictta Tyler V ahle Valdez David l'oAnn Iohn Kenneth Sydow Tate Taylor Thom James Nancy lack Ernestine Todd Toennies Tolson Torres Marilyn Libby Mary Troy Trussler Tucker Tucker Turner 'l 1 mn iw G7 ll - - '. r is - W Tim., s ix -as ri- 4 p is Myrle Philip Estevan Mike Van Atta Van Patten Vasquez Vela I' l ' ' N X 'f hu I I X ' X Donald liermin Paul Richard Vidal V igil V igil Vigil If Maitland lane Richard Iohnny Villiard Vinson Volk Volpato sg' .Q 9. . wh ' V 1,2-,, 4- ?'7'fg,q--Af 7:1 el-3-r Kappa Sig pledge on a Walkout. Phillip Virgil Mary Ianics V outcrin XVadley Vlfagner Wfalker M ary VVallace Mabel Eugene VV atkins XVatson Vfeaver YVclch Richard Bob Don Iames VVcthcrill VVI1 celdou XVhite XVilkinson Frances XVilson Richard XV. I. VVillingham XVillits YVilson VVilson Paul Kay Carolyn Claude VVor1n eli XVortliington XVyant VV'ylic Theodore Sidney Zachman Zaklin 56 git? hmm XValtcr Nancy Philip Sandra XValkcr XV al ter VV ard XV ard Ronald Iames lfloyt Vicki XVelch XVclls XVcst XVcst Lorraine Linnettc Stanley Vlfilliam XVilldcn XVilliams NVilliams Wfilligrod ,..q. 470 Charles lim Frances Marilyn Vlfolfe VVolfcnbargcr KV ood XV ood Donald George Richard Deyoe XVym cr Yamamoto Ycck Young mm gsm ms 7. 4, ss an mx sms E . s as a ss a sm mx m 'na ss vsikzsxm me-ma Tu xiE7KYS'Zsi"" a Q mam s mm mm aww mm m sz -:Q 1 if ffm-w . , ss ' Q -E? Siiiwf' H S E , :E ax: wa-sm as na Q me ms as FE? H H ws ms sm ss mm ws my mn I 1, 2 W m a s ss nm mn a ss my A Z W A Q WH W 2 ,ms Ewa-nf mi? 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' LeRoy Roger Iohn VVayne Barncastle Barncastle Barnes Bartlett Robert Robert Norman Iohn Baird Baker Ball Barefoot Katherine Oren Barbara N orban Bennett Benton Berg Biffle Robert Ierry Martha Alfred Batlio V Bcekes Benge Bennett Rolfe Peggy Barbara Carrol Don Thomas Brown Bryan Bryan Bryan Black N -ll 1 Iames Bryce Iohn Howard Bill Brassiield Bmwn Bricker Io Ellen David Kathleen Bryson Burheson Burke Bob Marilyn Alan Sally Bursey Butler Campbell Carpenter Soplzo arcs Mel Sonny VVallace David Castillo Chamas Chastain Chavez Thomas Thomas Thomas Dana Clark Clegg Cochran Cochrane A , 5 1 , r , A iff. 11 fn -V ii " 'iv .. .E:g.4,j., 6 ,jim ,E HEL, I ,eq 5 5 ' 'V - V -.:.':':.:." H Selig . H asa? VLNIQ: 153. " ijggsw' ' rf Hcng Yue fPaulj XVinston Indy Mary Ann Cheong Christian Christopher Clark C fi' Iean Ierry Elizabeth Adalberto Collins Copeland Corrough Costales Pete Iames Philip Anthony Cunningham Curd Cyr D'Arcy Kenneth Ben David Carole Nancy Cochrane Cohen Cole Cole Margaret Raymond Coury C OWGII af. fn-x 1 Bill Cone Crane Crook VVilliam Edward lack Cayle Dickinson Dobson Donelson Doyle T om V alcntino Shell Nancy Ann De Gregori Delao Denison Dew Iohn Dave Marjorie Io Ellen Elder Emmert Endres Engle 60 Kyle Esmiel Don Harold Duflie Duran Dye Eitzcn Torksey Patricia Ezra Leroy Estevan Ensminger Espinoza Estes Estrada Klass af 3' Carolyn llarolcl Patricia Ianies Fabian Faire Fanning Faris -S3 'Ii- lack Larry ' Baric Carroll Foster Fries Fritz Futrell Man nel Bernice Ierry Icrenc Fernandez Fiske Fitzgibbons Fleck Richard Arlene Don Maria Gaffney Garcia Garcia Garcia Nancy V irgic Bill Clarilou Gentry Gentry George Gerding Pete Rudy Sonny Louise Garcia Garcia Gaskill Gehringer Neil Esther Paul Xxfllllillll Gholson Gibson Godfrey Gore Barbara Leonard Ann Louis F. Gossett Graves Gray Griego Arlene Alex Genevieve XVilliam Hanosh Hansen Hansen Harding Embrcc . Ioseph Laurens Dan icl Ianies Hale Ilall Ilanimack Hampton Ianct Ada lane Gail Ioe Harrison I lasliiinoto I-latchell Henry Myron Iames Iames Dee B. Herrick Hester Higgins Hill Hubert Rod Bill Dianc Hill Hollister Holloway Holmes Io Donald Iohn Jeannette H upp Isbell Ivie Iackson Dorothy Marcia Iohn Daniel Iulian Keeler Keleher Kelley Edward Marion YV alter Iohn Kilmurray Kimbell Kincaid Kinsolving Sophomorcs Us lack Bradley Leilani Iim House H uckahee I-I ull H nn ton 12 Reldon Chester Marilyn Preston Iackson johnson Iohnson jones Barbara Iohn Leah Ann Kemp Kempenaar Kcnotc Kiefer Cessie Carolyn Louise Pat Knight Knutson Korn Kross Wilhelmina Richard Nancy Iames Kitscli Klein Knapp Knauer Jerry Kay lack Chuck Lewallen Liesse Little Lockhart Bruce Nancy Michael Richard Kubik Kyle Laine Lake av .. .. .J ' ' -0-0 , k' .. Gerald Val Sonja Iohnnie Rhea Longenbaugh Loose Lovald Lylcs 611155 af if VVayne Bill M ichacl Eric McAchran McCall McCormick M cCrossen Berwyn Matthew Sue Chuck McKinney McNam cc McPherson Mach emehl Marion Margaret Adoria Ann Rosetta Marks Markus Martin Martinez Charles Pat Mary Frances Nancy McCulloch McDowell M cln teer McKay Edward lames Philip Paul Maher Major Mansur Mares V clrna Virginia Dixie Lee lanet Martinez Martinez May Mayland Bobbie Don Ioyce Kenneth Middleton Miller Miller Miller Marv Iaync llolly Martha Meek Merchant Mcrki M crsrnan Diana Don Bill Rcnia Sandra Harry lean Ierome Morris Moskos M uckey Mueller Mitchell h 'Ioore Moreland Morris Richard Marilyn Paul Marilyn Munn M utz Myers Neuber -. - .1 u -1 1 1 George Roy Iames lack Newton Nials Nicks Norris Gail Vivian Ioan Beverly Olson Oman Orlcbekc Orr -All Lamar Martin Dorothy Betty Lou Parrish Paskind Paulson Payne Sue Lawson Robert NVinston Pfeiffer Pliyfe Pick Pickering Barbara Richard Carol Cordell Popp Pribble Priesnitz Puckett Eleanor Lyle Bobbie Lorna Rae Raker Reed Richardson Sinnnie Virginia Iam es Kajean Romero Romero Rucker Rum felt L 3 Svphamores Mary Ann XV ill iam Lynn lrlarry Otte Otte Parker Parkes fi Margaret David Harvey lean Richard Poke Peterson Peterson Peterson 1- 1 Don Barbara Dave Jetty Io Pine Pino Pirtle Potter KW it Mary Lee Buster Mary Roberta Otto George Quirk Qnist Quintana Raabe -I1 . 8 , Mx David Carol Mary Sue Rivera Robbins Roberts Robinson 2 M 6 George Benny Dolores Iose Ruotf Saiz Salazar Salazar Hass of 58 Audrey Adclino - Bill Iames Sallce Sanchez Sandlin Schornick Raymond Floyd Park Adelaida Sice Siegel Sims Sisneros Suzanne Margaret VVilma Shirley Smith Smyth Snare Sneckncr Ioan Frank Elizabeth Iohn Schwartz Sears Shuldt Shute Betty Barbara Bartley Paul Sally Slayter Smith Smith Smith ,, ,X ia- W:- 2, it 1 wa R'-. rr A B 5 H x Tom Mark Sam Harold Soare Southard Sperry Stacy Arden Theodore Charlotte Ioarme Steiniker Stensland Stevens Stevens Paul lim Sostenes Paul Studebaker Sturdevant Suazo Sweitzer Mary Lou VVilliam 1. DQ lack Stogdcn Strickfadcn Strode Strom Nada Raymond Phillip Emily Tangway T arvcr Taulbee Taulman l ,,, nn YWYW , Y ,YY W , Ann Rebecca Dorane Don Taylor Taylor Teague Thomas Marilyn Charles Iamcs Ierry Thomas Thompson Thompson T orr Mary Richard Frank Donald I Van Atta Vaughn Vaughn VVeintraub Sffijgwjfs Fred Lynn Iames White WVhitc VVilkins . .Jw "Our own little atom bomb," the little girls giggled as they clapped their hands and watched Albuquerque go up in a cloud of dust. 66 Svphamore , . ii S ,Q-ssh, no Carol Calaya Barbara Martin Townsend Trujillo Valdez Valdez ' "im as if Louis Marguerite Nancy Larry NVcller Wletherbe Vkfcycrsberg W'heelcr Barbara E. Barbara L. David james C. Williams VVilliams XVilliams VViIliams Sue Delores Sain VValter VVilliams Wfindsor XfVood XVoocls VVendel Iudith Iohn Marcia XVoods VVoody NV right XV ri ght Marylyn lean Aire Ann Iarnes Danny Yoder Young Young Zeff .fx fe sm: ma ss Wgwi , mags. ' H ms mn- wa my 3 Was adams -5 gms sismxs WQ 'sm am mia gigs me mm Bm, www ms BIKES ,FSB ww - gs Q wx ss 'm E B' E . mm gs nw r gm B H gm H K H VM Xian, 'jg MESH SSB Sv-K -HB I wi-wa gin:-fa x :H Mx may gs-K Mx .1 gs ur nw, ,ww .fgmma i mm' War of Manhood Have 91 Zkcml in these eyes . am K, juniors Glass of 37 OFFICERS President . . . . Marvin Loper Vice-president . . . . . Patsy Blair Secretary-treasurer . . Dottie Harroun 68 Hass af 16' Connie I loward N. Ierry VVillia1n Abbott Adams Adkisson Adler Icrry Iuclith Patricia C. Marie Apodaea Arnold Arthur Asheraft Carol Ann Ann Betty Hildreth Banibrook Bam ford Banks Barker Iohn Marilyn james Georgia Bauer Bebber Beers Benakis S .167 Connie Robert Nancy Donald B. Ainsworth Alexander Allnot Anderson at i an W' 'K f . or I H it E L if? ' bf Wfilliam Kenneth Duane Iay Hubert Atkinson Avery Baetz Ball Barbara Martin E. Roger Indy Barnard Barnett Barnhart Barnbisel Pat XV alter Robert Stephani Bennett Benny Benvenuti Berardinelli Arland lane Patricia Eugene Bishop' Blair Blair Bliekenstaff Mary Robert Ernest Osgood Cook Botts Boyle Brewer Bridger Iohn L. Brian Charles Fran Bobroft Boggs Bohannon Bonnynian Mary Ann Arthur E. Barbara Dick Broekman Bromwich Brown Brown 69 Iames C. Ernie Maralyn Minta Sue Brown Bruss Budkc Bunn Lu Eloy Harvey Consuelo Campbell Campos Caudle Chavez lean Donald Arlin Iohn Coll Coontield Cooper Cooper Cary Lloyd Robert Sally Crawford Crawford Crist Crook Ianc Albert Dorothy Robert Day Dennis Dickinson Dierman Robert Sue Enid Richard Dineen Domeier Douglas Drake juuivrs aff' xy, It Ioe Vaughn Barbara Iohn 'l'. Burwinkle Bush Calkins Calkins Robert Robert john Io Ann Chavez Cheshire Chisholm Clauve XV alter Lin Ronald Iames Corbett Cordell Cotten Cramer Lou Ann Leonard Charlotte Clark Culley Dague Davis Davis V s ,Il.llN,l rl TE th lg rn " 45 . fl F 'JM emi m - Attention Roger Price - here are some of UNM's droodle specials. Hlass af 5 Barbara Iain cs Iamcs Charlene Duenkel Durant Durrctt Ealcer Z Tim Beverly Ian Robert Elsbrock Escnwcin Evatt Fellabauin Rosetta Lawrence Nancy Walter Flippin l"oor Fore Fox Roger Kay Tom Iulian Fryer lful lcr Fulton Garcia Vffhipping up some minced spiclcr meat for a home ec department special. Elizabeth Cornelia fVIagee Sherrill Iiin Earickson Easter ing Eckhouse Economidcs Ioe Leonard Roger Betty Ferguson Ferguson F iggc Fisher Gene Harold Morris Barbara Franchini Francis Franks Frederich Dick Sa1n Robert Iames Gee Gee Ghattas Gibbons Ken Sue Pat Richard Gibson Glen Gloss Gomez Ramon Leonard Alice Gail Gonzales Goodell Gore Grady 71 juniors una 1- new :ia Ianet Sue Iere Marcella Iames Gray Green Gutierrez Hand Muriel Sonja Edward Bill Hansen Hanson Hardin Harper XVilliam Dottie Io Anne Ioan Harrison Harroun Haynes Heaton Lottie Beth Betty Robert Donald Heclgcoxe I Ieggie lleinze Helgren Edwin Gay Grace Gloria Herbert H erkenhoff Hernandez Herrera Robert Raymond Katharine David Hill Hinds Hines Holt George Bruce Linda Mona Honeyeutt Hood Horton Howe Elizabeth Henry Martha Sam C. H oworth Hurst Iwaski lack Bruce Betty Nancy lack Jagger lennings Iolmston Iones H . H Bobby Gary Ieanette Martin 0011, HIC plCfUr6! Iordan Indd Inrie Kaye Klass of 5 Alfred Helen Elsie Noble Kilpatrick Kimbell Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick Mike ' Curtis Nancy Vernon Keelian Keeler Kern Kerr Richard Ierry Ioe Marvin Lucero Lott Lovato Loper VVcsley Bert Lowell Renee Lackey Ledbetter Lewis Lewis Barbara Iohn Iohn Martha McConnell McCormack McCrory McCulloch Lorna Ralph Olinda Ioan Lugcnbeel Luna Luna M eCabe Robert A Bruce Bill Patty McPherson Mackelduif Madden Maker I ' 'UE Q W ' ' , XWW? ' Leonard XVilliani Norman Monte Mclntosll MeKi1n McLoughlin McMichael XA 1. lean Myra Don Charlene Manclell Manton Martin Mason l -:,,,' Ji.- . "i iid: 'I il' ' e . I Li l " Bob Michael Orlando Ierry "Yes sir, With the,1itt1e all purpose potato peeler and baby Matteucci Meyer Micra Miller sitter youll make somebody a good wife." 73 juniors lune Nancy Leith Gordon Mills Minces Mitchell Modrall Ernestine Iohn Merle Io Anne Montoya Moore Moore M oorer David Iames Bill jim Morgan Morris Muller Mullins Peggy Lou I-larry Bill Bob Murphy Myriek Noland Olson Donald joseph Curtis Glen Ortiz Otero Pancoast Phillips Iohn Barbara Roland Fred Phillips Phillips Pickens Pompeo A61 Iohn Richard Iacquie Carol Ann Poorlaaugh Price Pride Rainey Richard Frederic Minnie Lou Gary Ramirez Ramseier Randall Raper 9? ' In! -4. ,- .. .Q I K f A. M. Max lean Teddy Rashid Read Reardon Rhodes is is is is , ms H., N is J l The keeping of pets in dormitory rooms is strictly forbidden. fOld Wives' tale in UNM catalogj William lem, 0 Rice Riddle Rigler Rivera 74 Hass af 5 Arthur Arthur Nazarita Toby Rosenbaum Roubik Roybal Roybal Lyndon Arlene Norman Gregory Robinson Rollie Root Rosales Conn cc loc XV ard Manuel Sanders Sandoval Sanford Saucedo lim ni ie Gene Bob Estcvan Rutherford Samherson Sanchez Sanchez Rachel Betty Lou Sheldon Court Sena Serna Raizes Shepard Phil Russell Russell Richard Sawcleyl Schn orm eicr Schwers Sei Betty Fran cine Larkin Gilbert Smith Smith Smith St. Clair Don 'Vim lose Om Nath Shockev Silence Silva Singha Charles Alice Glenn lose Stephens Stcrritt Stollcr Suazo George Pattie Shirley Herbert Swain 'VMC 'lleeter Temple "We're just using the money to keep track of the matches. juniv 5 Vita Charles Norma Pat Teraucls Thayer Thompson Thompson Glenn Pat Raymond Ellen Thornton Thornton ' I 'oriclc 'l 'oyn ton VV alter Robert Richard Arth ur Trimble Tucker Turner Valdez Bill Eugene Ioann XVilliam XVagner Xlfalker XVallaee XV ard David Alvin Charles Ken Vlfarnock XVarren XVcaver XVells .1 Ann lm B. Myrna Franklin XVhipplc XVl1ite lViddiEeld XVilkinS ,, 0 J-Q" N ,I lack Karen Marion lerry XVillia1ns lVilliams VVilson XVingct L ld - A Nancv , Wgmggk xrisggmfnllee Woodfuff No home should be without one. 76 Richard Gayle Morris IOlll1 XVespiser XVest XVcst Xkfheeler r pf . , M 5 - - 'H-52,2252 N X-1' ,??5'l? 555 H E: I' "" 2 - 1 PX Q v I- . M Y fi - X 5 ' i , -NWQEMM U. -' M M , Q: -1 M be W, , Q WH 2 - .4Q.1f"-' ' 'mg.,i'f- 2 U V Y if F W, I . sf- X, tiff? vf-asf fwxv' - Wu, -' ,sw-ff 'X - S-1' ' X " 'fi W pa 213 X I3 ul 'fu-fc ,. H gym 4 l K ' W if gg i- 5 Ea?" 21 Quia' Q , .,.,.:,:. E .E ,,.,., 5.5 ..... VH, H ,H H he wg 'MW 'M 5 fu'-Q22 -f :s: ::5:. ..... sa: m -:- .... gff 'H ZW W E? Ewa-ffs a+.. :'- ass , 1 My Q 5 Q 55214 J. . .. i w 1. ,'354li,?lfi2iA aww? 1 -Q-A Q 12.1 1 -14.1 11- ,- ff. 4'w:'vQji7 ' 1" f 7 ,. L 11 , A M Kg :xv Yi ' ,, M , M, My .H . ,, xv., :W L' "f 'QM A W: X' fmgw '--' W- Mwixw va 'ww V , , "":z---. :H A ,, E ., ., f , X ..,, ,, ,. .MMA Smivrs Elnlss zff 15' 6 Y i 78 OFFICERS President . . . . Mike MeNevin Vice-president . . . Shirley Irving Secretary-Treasurer . . Shirley VVall -v 6711155 of 5' Ieaninc Adams-AS Ieroine B. 'l'atiana Alesehin-FA Santa Ee, N. M. Adams-AS Albuquerque Kappa Kappa Gamma Albuquerque Young Demos--See'y. AVLll'Cll'O0lll Society Govt, llonorary Sigma Chi Arthur Anstine-EN Ioseph Aragon-AS Lucille Aragon-ED Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Sigma Alpha Epsilon Air ll'or'ec Assn. Phrateres Al7RO"l'C Newman Club Newman Club ASCE Cosmo Club ARBA Dorm D-V. P. Douglas Richard O. Ball-BA Arthur Barrett-FA Balcomb-EN Columbus, Ohio Albuquerque Albuquerque Sigma Chi Opera VVorkshop Sigma Chi-Pres. A'V1lI'Clf00ITl Society Kappa Mu Epsilon IRE-Pres. ?'Q Anne Bateman-AS Charles Batsel--BA Peter Bawuah-EN Ilobbs, N. M. Albuquerque Kumasi, Gold Coast Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi Omega'.- Arnold Air Society AIEE Membership Cosmo Club-Pres. Young Republicans Student Senate Elouise Alexander-ED Brooks Ambos-AS Kenneth Albuquerque Palatine, Ill. Anderson-ED Alpha Chi Omega 'Ilan Kappa Epsilon Albuquerque Home Ee. Club Alpha Phi Omega Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Omieron Phi VVardroom Society Kappa Mu Epsilon Pi Lambda Theta Fiesta Co-Chairman Kappa Kappa Psi Cornelius Arnett-BA Shimeles Asfaw--EN Michael A. Baca-AS Albuquerque Abeba, Ethiopia Albuquerque ASCE Cosmo Club l Robert Barrett-AS Rosemary Bonnie Barton--FA Albuquerque Barrett-EN Barrington, Ill. Albuquerque Alpha Chi Omega AICE-Sec'y. Rocley Theatre Donald Bedale-Ph Stephanie Harry Berquist--AS Oaklawn, Ill. Berardinelli-BA Moorhead, Miss. Kappa Psi Santa Fe Geology Club Am. Pharm. Assoc. Chi Omega Phi Gamma Nu 79 Ervin Betts-AS Harry Birkelo-BA Iael: XV. Bishop-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque Danville, Ill. Sigma Chi Delta Sigma Phi BSU Air Force Assn. Samuel E. Bowe-ED Ronald Bowra-BA Donald Albuquerque Las Cruces Bozeman-AS Alpha Phi Omega Kappa Alpha Albuquerque NAACP Beta Alpha Phi Delta Theta AFROT 'C Phi Kappa Phi Student Senate U. Chorus fu QQ 255: if if? Iames Briscoe-EN Charles Brower-AS Marshall Brown-EN Artesia, N. M. Amboy, N. Albuquerque Lette1'man's Club Cultural Committee IRE Varsity Football AIEE Nancy A. Burke-AS Robert Burns-BA Evelyn Cain-AS Albuquerque Brooklyn, N. Y. Albuquerque Alpha Delta Pi-V. P. Kappa Sigma BSU USCF Letterman's Club Varsity Football RallyCom3 Newman 80 Smivrs mn Shifarrow Bizuneh-ENBob Bogau-AS Barbara Addis, Ethiopia Brunswick, N. Bonham-ED Cosmo Club-V. P. Kappa Sigma-V. P. Albuquerque BSU Enlistment V. P. Kappa Omieron Phi XVardroom Society Ray Mary Bratschi-FA Edith Bratton-AS Brandenburg-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque lVllllAGE--Aff Ed. Mortar Board Kappa Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Sigma-V. P. SUB Directorate Pre Med. Club-Pres. XVilliam Paul Brunct-BA Richard Bryan-AS Bruening-EN Montello, NVis. Albuquerque Albuquerque Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Chi IV FC NROTC VVardroom Vigilantes-Scc'y. AES USCF Council ,. , "1 i X ' I :af if X l I a 1 Richard Charles Carlson-ED lack Carnahan-AS Camacho-EN Casper, VVyoming Hobbs, N. M. Honolulu Phi Delta Theta Sigma Chi, IFC Lambda Chi Alpha Student Senate Varsity Football Khatalig V igilantes Kappa Mu Epsilon 611155 aff 5 Peggy Carter-AS Paul Charles XV. Cates-AS Albuquerque Catacosinos-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque Sigma Chig Khatali Sigma Gamma Epsilon Phi Sigma lota Geology Club Phi Alpha Theta Air Force Assn. Sylvester Chumlcy-AS Laura Coburn--AS Richard C. Cole-ED NROTC XVarclroom Truth or Albuquerque V igilantes-Pres. Consequences Varsity Golf Letter Khatali-Y. P. Phi Sigma-Scc'y. P. E. Major's Club Phi Delta Theta- Pre Med. Club- Treas. Sec'y. L L xl Doria D. Cook-FA Ioe Dean Cook-AS Albuquerque Roswell Pi Kappa Alpha Air Force Assn. lI"C-V. P. Varsity Football Publications Board Buddy Cook-ED Topeka, Kansas Kappa Sigma P. E. Majors Air Force Assn. Donna Crook-FA Iames P. Crow-AS Constance Aim Arbor, Mich. Los Alamos Cummings-ED Pi Beta Phi-Hist. Kappa Sigma La Veta, Colo. Fresh. Counselor Sigma Delta Chi Phi Gamma Nu Cosmo Club Byron Caton-AS Robert Chatteu-AS Mona Alamogordo Roswell Christensen-ED Khatali XVho's VV ho Albuquerque Student Council Mnmcng LOBO Editor Town Club Varsity Basketball Sigma Delta USCF Marching Band Chi-See'y. XV US XN'ardroom Society Fred Cone-EN St. Ioseph, Mo. Sigma Tau Chi Epsilon XVho's VVho Nancy Cone-ED Kerry Constan-EN Albuquerque Albuquerque Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Delta T hcta XV a terloos Vigilan tes USCFg Mortar Board Pi Delta Theta VVilliam Cooper-AS Albuquerque Tau Kappa Epsilon RallyCom Alpha Phi Omega Air Force Assn. Iohn F. Cox-AS Roswell Letterman's Club Football 4 Philosophy Club Dale Crawford-EN Raton Sigma Chi AFROTC AIA Charter Member U.N.M. Band 4 years Teresa Cummins-ED Durango, Colo. Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board-Pres. Pi Lambda Theta Phi Gamma Nu Sara Curtis--AS Artesia, N. M. Pi Beta Phi Ski Clubg BSU RallyCorng Spurs Home Economics Club Philip Curtiss-EN Bay City, Mich. 81 'FSH' 'l'ona Lee Dabbs-EN Buzzv Dardenne-BA llarrv Davidson-EN Albuquerque Albuquerque Chi Omega-V. P. Sigma Chi Mortar Boardg Spurs Pi Lambda Theta Phi Gamma Nu- Pres. XVallace Deekert-EN Lake Forest, Ill. KAg Sigma Taug ASME AFROTCg Air Ass't Kappa Mu Epsilon ' Pi Tau Sigma Iames De Bolt-AS Chicago, Ill. Sigma Chi--V. P. Boots and Saddles Newman Club AFROTC Clovis, N. M. KAQ ASME-See'y. 'l'reas. Canterbury Club U. Band Bd. Dir. XVrdrm. Soc. Shirley Decora-AS Albuquerque Kiva Club Newman Clubg Spurs 'llown Club Band Manuel Del Llano-AS Margaret Kenneth W. Doherty-BA Drake-EN Albuquerque Las Cruces Alpha Delta Pi Khatalig Sigma Tau Phi Gamma Nu Student Senate 3, 4 Newman Club MIRAGE-Bus. Mgr. 4 Iohn A. Duff-EN Hobart Durham-AS Arlington, Texas Manhasset, N. Y. Kappa Sigma Air Force Assn. ASCE Anthro. Club USCF 82 Albuquerque Newman Air Force Assn. VValter Ducoli-ED Albuquerque Serziars Donald Davis-AS XV in Davis-ED Carlsbad, N. M. Albuquerque Pre-Med. Club Delta Delta Delta VVardroom Society Newmang RallyCom XVatcrloos Ski Club Emmett Dawson-AS Albuquerque 'l'au Kappa Epsilon Air Force Assn. Donald DeVargas-AS Espanola Sigma Alpha Epsilon Newman Club loseph Dobrusky-ED Albuquerque Ind. Arts Assn. gmt? K fi rir --f .i - N y ' Iohn D. Eagen--EN -A" Smrxxk Silver City, N. M. V g 5 DSX, 5212123 8 "Well, if I dropped physics and picked up 'Verbal Lyric Poetry' Phi Tau Sigma we'd both have IO o'clock off' at the SUB." Hlass af 5 Frank English-AS Carl Esenwein-AS Barbara Fee-AS Tueurneari, N. M. Albuquerque Albuquerque Sigma Chi Forensic Club Alpha Delta Pi Rush Debate Team Chairman Canterburv Club Panhellenie Couneil Kenneth R. Bill Eiehert-EN Margaret Ellis-ED Earp-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque ARBA 'l'own Club Band Club ASCE Christian Sei.-Pres. Pre-Med. Club Letterrnarfs Club 'l'raek 'I'eam Irum lranlx FN arnes A lrecse BA Clarence Los Xngeles Calif Albuquerque lrresen EN Band lau Kappa Epsilon Albuquerque Ilrllel Neuman Club Chr Epsilon V P Sigma lau Sigma lau Seey ASCE oseph Ferrari-EN Rhoda I'rank H. Flint-AS Albuquerque Fitzgerald-FD Albuquerque Sigma Chi Albuquerque Phi Delta Theta Kappa Mu Epsilon Cosmo Club Ass't Mgr. SUB Sigma 'l'aug Khatali LC Chi Epsilon Pi Lambda 'l'heta Charles Froek-ED Colvin Futrell-ED Eugene Gallegos-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque 'f'ueun1eari, N. M. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Newman Club Air Force Assn. Dorm Council Ruth Galloway-AS David Garcia-ED Frank Garcia-Ph. Albuquerque Albuquerque Delano, Calif. BSU IAA Phi Kappa Tau- Iilonre Economies Chap Club Kappa Psi . , , Newman Club VVme, women and song . . . phooey, we don t sing so much. A-Xnj' pha,m..V- pa 83 Mary Gilbert-ED Harold Gillit-EN Connie Giomi-ED Albuquerque Ial, N. M. Albuquerque Kappa Alpha T het USCF Phi Gamma Nu Phi Lambda Theta ASME a BSU-Pres. Sigma Tau Pi Tau Sigma-See'y. Alpha Chi Omega Paper Doll Attendant Newman Clubg VVRC Cheerleader 3 Vincent Dorothy Gorry-ED Hugh Graham-AS Gormley-BA Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Newman Club Old Student Party Kappa Alpha 'l'own Club IFC Student Body Pres. Intramural Council Student Senate 1, 3 Sigma Chi Ir. Class V. P. Raymond V ietor Guzzo-AS Indy Haley-FA Guerette-ED Rahway, N. New York, N. Y. Hartford, Conn. Kappa Mu Epsilon- Cosmo Sigma Chig Newman Vice-president XV RC Letterman's Club Varsity Football Ch. Province Com. Ada Hanen-ED Charles Hansen-FA Iames C. Harper-EN Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Chi Omega Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Delta Theta Stud. Stand. Com. Air Force Assn. AIEE IRE 84 Scnio 5 Robert Don Gonzales-EN Larry Gonzales-FA Glaseoek-EN Albuquerque Albuquerque Gallup, N. M. Newman Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon Band Chm. AIEE Chorus IRE Orchestra Sigma 'I'au-'l"reas. Robert Gray-AS Iohu C. Grifliuk-ED Billie Grizzell-BA Albuquerque Pittsburgh, Pa. Roswell, N. M. Sigma Gamma Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon RallyCom Modern day anthro major comes closer to home for studies Elf: 5 of 3 XVeanelle Hedgeoxe-ED Roswell, N. M. RallyCon1 Phi Gamma Nu Delta Delta Delta Mary Sue Hext-ED Charles M. High-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque USCF-Pres. Phi Delta Theta Pi Sigma Iota Student Senate Cosmo Club Herbert Glenn R. I-laste-AS Don D. I-Ieath-AS I Ia rtman-Ph Albuq uerque Albuquerque E. Covina, Calif. Phi Delta 'l'heta Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Mu Epsilon Ierboans Alpha Phi Omega -Cb- XVayne O. llisey-AS Otis Iloclges-ED Albuquerque Roswell, N. M. V Kap Ja Alpha BSU Student Altairs Phi Sigma Pi Sigma,Alpha Donald l lolgerson-AS XVoodeliff Lake, N Geology Club Air Force-V. Sigricl Holien-AS Don L, Hollis-Ph Santa Fc Newman Club Theta Sigma Phi AVVS Freshman Adviser Sxvimming Team Newman Club Kappa Alpha Cleta Honeyman-AS Albuquerque Kappa Kappa Gamma Popularity Queen '55 Cheerleader '54-'55 Letterman Attend't. Phi Alpha Theta Comm. Martha Eleanor Herbert Hughes-ED Albuquerque Letterman's Club Varsity Football Hotchkiss-FA Huffman-ED Albuquerque Albuquerque Morris Hooper-Ph Peggy Hooper-ED Don Hosner-BA. KHPPH A119112 Theta Rolling Iflills, Calif. Clovis, N. M. Durango, Colo. Kappa Psi Alpha Delta Pi Phi Delta Theta Am. Pharm. Assn, RallvCom Newman Club AFROTC SUB Com. 'X W-W NJ Shirley Irving-ED Mountainair, N. M. Alpha Delta Pi Mortar Board-V. P. Arthur Humble-EN VVilliam Hurley-EN llenry E. Hurst-EN gf1ffAG1glEd1gfgf'PSAI Albuquerque l"t. XVingate - Albuquerque Pirlll? 3551 .' ' Lettermarfs Club ASME Sigma Alpha Epsilon H appa H XVrestling Kappa Alpha BSU Sigma 'l"aug AIEE Kappa Mu Epsilon Air Force Assn. IRE Carl T. Iaekson-AS Coral Iohnson-FA Deming, N. Nl. Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Phi Omega V igilantesg USCF Albuquerque Alpha Chi Omega- V. P. Sigma Alpha Iota Mortar Board XVho's VVho 85 Iohn B. Iolmson-AS Clarence Nancy lordan-BA Clovis, N. M. lohnston-BA Albuquerque Kappa Sigma Albuquerque RallyCom Phi Gamma Nu Young Republicans Chi Omega Young Republicans Sigma Delta Chi Ieanne Vivian Michael Kclelier-AS Kaerichcr-BA Kassenofl-ED Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque N ROTC Sigma Chi-Pres. Khatali Newman Club joseph Kennedy-EN Vernon R. King-BA Leroy Knott-EN Roswell, N. M. Albuquerque Albuquerque Newman Club Pi Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha ASME Air Force Assn. Forensic Society ASME Oliver Lee-AS Robert Linclh--ED Oscar Linman-AS Alamogordo, N. M. Albuquerque Roswell, N. M. Basketballg Track Air Force Assn. Pi Kappa Alpha Letterman's Club Student Senate RallyCom Student Council Ski Club Kappa Mu Epsilon AFROTC 86 Smiars 2, . Q -s- 1 Z' 1 xi f ss i "OHhancl I would say it is a Basicliomyeetes Hyclropterclales Monocotylecloneeac T rypanosomaf' Robert Koontz-Ph Paul D. Charles Leach-AS Elk Rapids, Mich. Lznnbert-ED Albuquerque Sigma Chi Albuquerque BSU NROTC- XVarclroom Societi' XVarclroom Society ' Sandra Lockhart-AS Alfredo Lopez-AS Orlando Lopez-EN La Grange, Ill. Santa Fe, N. M. Albuquerque Pi Beta Phi Newman Club AIEE RallyCom Geology Club Home Economies Club 611155 aff ' Mary Lueero-ED Peter Lujan-EN VViIlis M. Albuquerque Albuquerque Lumry-EN 'I'own Club ASME Albuquerque XVRC-See'y., Pres. Cosmo Club ASCE-Pres. Newman Club Scott McCarty-AS Guy A. llenry N. Aztec, N. M. McDowell-FIN McGill-BA Kappa Alplm Albuquerque Albuquerque IRE XV2ll'Cll'0U1ll Society .,'f 3 'vi .- .. -: . in ' Among other things, college will fill out your life by teaching you how to take a rat's pulse. lane Luxforcl-ED Dolores MeCaig-AS Frances Albuquerque Albuquerque McCarthy-ED Pi Lambda Theta Town Club Gallup, N. M. Theta Sigma Phi Chi Omega Lloyd McGuire-ED Mary Io Michael Tulsa, Okla. McGuire-AS MeNevin-AS USCF Albuquerque Canal Zone NVesley Found. Pres. XVesley Foundation Khatali-See'y., Pres. Senior Class Pres. Canterbury Club NROTC XVardroom Marilvn McRae-AS Dale F. Mackey-AS Flora Maestas-ED Albuquerque Albuquerque ' Espanola, N. M. Delta Delta Delta Sigma Chi Spurs-Mortar Board RallyCom USCF Phrateres-Pres. VVUSQ Newman Club Pi Lambda Theta Gaye Mangold-AS Charlene Mann- XVilliam Mapes-EN Northfield, Ill. Albuquerque Albuquerque Kappa Alpha Theta Boots-Saddles Club ASCE Ncwmang AVV S U.N.M. Rodeo Spurs Mortar Board 87 Henry Martinez-AS Robert lolly Mayberry-AS Taos, N. M . Matthews-EN Elkhart, Kansas Newman Club Albuquerque Marron Hall Pres. AIChE SUB Social Chin. Sigma Tau Young Republicans Saul V. Miano-EN Donald Miller-EN Sheila Mills-ED Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Newman Club AlChE-Pres. Alpha Chi Omega IRE Sigma 'l'au-Sec'y. USCF' Kappa Mu Epsilon Air Force Assn. Robert 'lihomas M. Alice Morgan-ED Montoya-ED Moran-BA Artesia, N. M. Albuquerque Broomall, Pa. Pi B:-ta Phi-Pres. SUB Club Band Phi C-amma Nu Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Omicron Phi Peggy Murphy-ED Ronald Nelson-BA David Newman-AS Albuquerque Chicago, Ill. Albuquerque Newman Club Phi Delta Theta- Alpha Phi Omega Pi Lambda Theta Soc. Chm. Ieiterson Club 88 Seniars Martha Meadows-Ph Iames E. Meek-BA joseph Mengoni-Ph Albuquerque Alb uq uerq uc Albuq uerque Chi Omega Kappa Sigma Am. Pharm. Assn.- Newman Club See'y. Alice Smith Leroy E. Miner-BA Iamcs C. Mittlcr-AS Miner-BA Albuquerque Albuquerque Eunice, N. M. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pre-Med. Club Chi Omega Alpha Phi Omega Air Force Assn. Spursg Mortar Board Delta Sigma Pi Phi Gamma Nu Fred M. Bill Moulds-EN Prank R. Mossman-BA Albuquerque Nlurillo-BA Albuquerque Sigma Alpha Epsilon Albuquerque Phi Delta Theta- Kappa Mu Epsilon Beta Alpha Pres. ASMEg Pi 'l'au Sigma Newman Club Student Senate Indy Nielcell-AS VVillia1n Niclcell-EN Carolyn Nielsen-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Theta Sigma Phi- AIEE Kappa Kappa Gamma Sec'y. Delta Sigma Phi- Mnmcrc-Asst. Ed. Phi Sigma Iota Pres. Young Republicans Loao Staff Student Senate 611155 nf 19 Abbey Nixon-ED Cary L. Noss-AS Richard Novaria-ED Raton, N. M. Eunice, N. M. Albuquerque Chi Omega-Pres. Sigma Chi-See'y. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Student Council llhi Alpha 'l'lreta Sigma 'l'au RallyComg Chorus Cultural Comm. Pi 'llau Sigma ANVS-See'y. Inter-lfrat. Council ASMEQ Klratali XVilliam Oliver-EN Ambrosio Ortega-AS Nancy Overfelt-ED Albuquerque Chimayo, N. M. Kappa Mu Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi Chi Epsilon ASCE Sigma 'l'au Santa Fe, N. M. Chi Omega Newman-See'y., Soc. Clnn. llome EC. Club Chorus X M455 dv! I Buildings and Grounds, attention-the walks do get usecl. Charles O'Bannon-EN Albuquerque Kappa Alpha Daniel OYBH1111lJll1EN Albuquerque AS M E Karen O'Beirnc AS Albuquerque Kappa Kappa Camma XVaterloos David E. Palmer-ED Albuquerque IAA Harlan Pannell-AS Earl Parker-ED Albuquerque Estancia, N. M Phi Sigma Frosh Basketball Kappa Alpha NVarclroom Soeretx m E - vi Ronald Parslow-EN Ernestiue Sylvia Patino-AS Albuquerque Patino-ED Albuquerque ASME Albuquerque Phil. Soe. lames Patton-AS El Paso, Tex. NROTC VVardroom Society Batl. Commander Betsy Peirce-ED Albuquerque Pi Beta Phi Student Senate SUB Comm. Freshman Adviser Don Petersen-TD Santa Fe Pi Kappa Alpha Norman Petersen-EN 'l'omas XV. Pettit-AS Sallv Pfeiffer-ED Deerfield, Ill. Montrose, Calif. Corona, N. M. XVardroom Society Phi Delta Theta Alpha Delta Pi Lambda Chi Pres. XVardroom Society AXV S Sigma Tau Harry Pomeroy-AS Diane Pool-ED Carole Potter-FA Haydenville, Mass. Albuquerque Roswell, N. M. Kappa Alpha Xvesley Foundation Dorm D Pres. Alpha Phi Omega Kappa Alpha Theta USCF Corres. See'y., 'I'reas. Rush Clnn., Panhel. Barry E. Pullen-AS Ioe Quintana-EN Iohn Radosevieh-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Phi Sigma IREg Sigma 'l'au Pre-Med. Club Kappa Mu Epsilon Newman Club Donald Paul C. Rea-AS Raymond Rede-Ph Radovieh-FA Albuquerque Las Cruces, N. M, Albuquerque Sigma Chi Alpha Phi Omega Pi Kappa Alpha Athletic Adv. Comm. Kappa Psi Newman Club 90 Scniors Carolyn Phillips-ED 'l'ed D. Phillips-BA lfranlc Plaeeli-AS Santa Fe, N. M. Albuquerque Brookheld, Ill. Alpha Chi Omega Lonog Opera RallyCom-See'y XVorksliop Student Council Concert Chorus USCFg XVl1o's XVlio Canterbury Club Commerce Council Mareelino Prelo-BA Muriel Pride-l"A Ronald Propper-EN Mesealero, N. M. Albuquerque Inspiration, Ariz. Newman Club AXVS-V. P. Sigma Chi Delta Delta Delta NRO'l'C XVardroom Mortar Board Student Senate XVarclroom Society 9' vu: EH E susurzn na 'X "I told Ioe not to try to kiss me goodnight. Oh, well . . ." 611155 af ' f' ! i ' H A i R Z TI . . . x. NS il. - . Richard Rciuert-EN Robert Donald Coin, Iowa Riekelton-AS Roberson-Ph Kappa Psi llarmingtou, N. M. Albuquerque Newman Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Psi Omega USCI' Kappa Psi Am. Pharm. Assn. Berua Romero-AS Paul Rose-AS Everitt A. Ross-EN Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Phi Sigma Phi Delta 'l'lieta ASCE Phi Sigma lota XVarclroom Society Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Phi Lydia Sanchez-ED VVilliam Sanford-AS Iohn Schamaun-EN Belen, N. M. Taos, N. M. Albuquerque Newman Club Kappa Alpha-Pres. ASCE Cosmo Club Chi Epsilon Harriet Shalit-FA Albuquerque Opera VVorkshop I-lillel-See'y. Madrigal Singers Chorus XValter M. Servis-ED Santa Fe, N. M. Sigma Chi King of Hearts Lettermaifs Club Russell VV. Scott-AS Fanwood, N. Cosmo Club Phillip Rogers-EN VVarren Rogers-EN Bernie Romero-FN Santa Fe, N. M. Albuquerque Santa Fe, N. M. Sigma Chi Kappa Mu Epsilon AEROTC ASCE Sigma Tau Newman Club Phi Kappa Phi AIA AFA Benigo Roybal-ED Santa Fe, N. M. IAA Ann Rubincam-AS Taeko Sakami-B X Albuquerque Kappa Kappa Gamma Spurs-Pres. Canterbury Club Rally-'Com Tokyo, Iapan Christian Schroeder-AS Albuquerque Hevward XV . Scott-BA Albuquerque Delta Sigma Pi Ioyee Scott-BA jackson, Mich. Chi Omega Ellanora Shaw-ED Leonard Shirley Shehan-AS Albuquerque Sheliield-BA Los Alamos, N. M Town Club Albuquerque Kappa Kappa Gamma Canterbury Club Delta Sigma Pi RallyComg USCF Cultural Com.g Spurs Freshman Adviser Seuizf 5 Nancy Shell-FA loyce Simmons-AS Kenneth Siner-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Sigma Alpha Iota Alpha Delta Pi Sigma Delta Chi Philosophy Club Student Pub. Board Loiso-Managing Ed. Freshman Adviser SUB Program Dir. Philosophy Club V X V I' I' NH 1 . ' ,- MIRAGE Editor' 5, loc Singleterry-EN Louis Small-ED Ernest Smalling-AS Clovis, N. M. Grants, N. M. Albuquerque AlChE lAA Pi Sigma Alpha Vlfardroom Society Celia Smith Donald Smith-EN Harrison Smith-ED Pi Beta Phi Albuquerque Albuquerque K Ilsiulnfffclub ?f,?E'a Ch' Chl james D. smith-BA Robert smifh-EN Rick sneddfm-EN Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Kappa Sigma Ski Club Sigma Chi Delta Sigma Pi AIA-Treas. NROTC Air Force Assn. ASPE XVardroom Society USCF AIA Tina Southern-FA Allan Sprengeler-BA lack Stahl-ED Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Neuman Club Kappa Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon Band Club XVardroom Society USCF ue! Theresa Starkey-ED Ierry Stevens-EN james Stevens-AS Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Newman Club Letterman's Club Student Senate Varsity Swimming u I XVrestlingg Track Seems like everyone cleaned up on Lobos this last fall. MIRAGE Sports Ed. 92 611155 af ' Norma Stewart-ED Patricia Stewart-BA lane Stinnett-BA Albuquerque I-latch, N. M. Portales, N. M. llome Economies Student Council Alpha Chi Omega- Club Outstand. Ir. NVomau Vieefpres. llomeeoming, Crystal Phi Gamma Nu- Ball Attendant See'y. Commerce Club Sally Stringer-ED Peggy Sullivan-AS Polly Sullivan-BA Las Vegas, Nev. Albuquerque Albuquerque Pi Beta Phi BSU-Treas., Editor Pi Beta Phi- See'y.-'l"reas., Ir. Cl. Band Soc. Chairman Mortar Board Phi Gamma Nu Phi Alpha Theta l-lome Economies " Club Maryln Thomas-ED Aleta Thomson-FA VVilliam F. Albuquerque Scotch Plains, N. "l"horn-EN Kappa Alpha 'Fheta Alpha Chi Omega Albuquerque Homecoming Atteucl't Sigma Alpha Iota AIChE XVardroom Society 'l'au Kappa Epsilon Barbara Gilbert 'Torres-AS Edward Tristram-AS Tiemann-ED 'l'aos, N. M. Albuquerque Albuquerque AIEE Soph. Class Pres. Kappa Mu Epsilon Alpha Phi Omega Newman Club Tau Kappa Alpha Student Union Board 55. Hi? Frank Stone-BA Linda Stowers-ED Susan Strange-AS Hobbs, N. M. Albuquerque Albuquerque Sigma Chi Newman Club Pi Beta Phi Cosmo Club Fiesta Committee Homecoming Com. Ian Summers-ED Fidel G. Tabet-Ph Donovan Lubbock, Tex. Belen, N. M. Teegarden-EN Alpha Chi Omega Newman Club Albuquerque RallyCom Air Force Assn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fiesta Queen Sigma Tau-Pres. ASME-Pres. Pi Tau Sigma How are you Exed for blades? 93 Arthur Trujillo-AS Maurice Clenn E. Cordova, N. M. Trumble-EN Turner-ED Albuquerque Albuquerque ASCE Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Student Bar Assn. Vivian Vacquier-ED Alfred Valdez-AS Albuquerque Student Senate Cultural Committee Newman Club Alpha Chi Omega Ski Club-Pres. XVilliam V ance-EN Albuquerque Albuquerque Alpha Phi Omega Si ma Tau 8 Kappa Mu Epsilon ASCE BSU Kappa Alpha Air Force Assn. Priscilla V igil-AS Chama, N. M. Phi Alpha Theta Newman Club Pub. Relations Com. l Leonard V oelker-FA Shirley NVall-ED Albuquerque Kappa Alpha Theta Navy Queen Popularity Atter1d't See'y.-Trcas. Sr. Class Albuquerque Kappa Kappa Psi Cosmo Club Band Helen XVard-Ph Silver City, N. M. Alpha Delta Pi Spurs Am. Pharm. Assn. Pill-Tilers Club 94 Ioan L. XVard-ED Robert Albuquerque YVareham-BA Phi Kappa Phi Albuquerque Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Sigma Pi Commerce Council Newman Club Seuivrs james H. 'l'urner-BA Rodolfo Meredith Ussery-BA Portales, N. M. Ulibarri-ED Albuquerque Sigma Chi Albuquerque Delta Sigma Pi-Pres. Vigilantes Band-Drum Major Commerce Council Chorus Kappa Sigma-Music Director Nancy V ann-AS Edwin Lita V igil-ED Albuquerque Vcrgloegh-ED Santa Fc, N. M. Kappa Kappa Camma Albuquerque XVRC Student Senate ,MENC Newman Club Student Council- Band Student Senate See'y. College Dance Band Assoc. Party Sec'y.-T. mam :mn in n was mn use mam -mamma ms X .ia is gm gf mmm Q il gi is Q gd as Q is gi is 25 an ya -1, "Excuse me-do you have 'The Bobbsy Twins on a Houseboat? " 611155 af 5 james F. VVehcr-BA Susan XVcitzcl-AS Detroit, Mich. Chicago, Ill. Vigilantcsg Khatali Cultural Corn. Homecoming Chinn. Spurs Kappa Sigma Student Senate Phi Kappa Phi Donn D-Pres. 5359+ Noel C. XVhitc-Ph james XVilliams-EN Long Beach, Calif. lluron, S. Dakota Kappa Psi Vigilantcsg AlChE Am. Pharm. Assn. XVardroom Society Kappa Sigma l,.ono Bus. Manager Donnie VVelch-FA Albuquerque Alpha Chi Omega Newman Club Rodcy Theatre XVatcrloos Iamcs XVindsor-EN Albuquerque ASCE 'Down two more points, professor, and yon're right on the girls' dorm." Frank VVestfall-BA Charles james A. Wfhitc-EN Carlsbad, N. M. VVheeler-EN Santa Fe, N. M. Rodeo Club-Pres. Albuquerque Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Student Senate ASCE Chi Epsilong ASCE Fencing Club Kappa M u Epsilon Sigma 'l"au Ioe Don Bruce R. Wfood-AS D'Armc XVomack-ED El Cerriot, Calif. hh70Odl1l2Il-ED Roswell, N. M. V igilautcsg Khatali Ontario, Calif. Pre-Med. Club Kappa Mu Epsilon Alpha Delta Pi BSU XVardroom Society Paper Doll Queen Varsity Track Lobo Chr. Fellow. Phi Gamma Nu- Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pres. Iaines A. Robert Carl S. Yrene-EN VVoods-EN Wfortman-EN Albuquerque Phi Delta Theta Dexter, N. M. ASME-Treas. AIA Kappa Alpha Best Ir. Arch. Stu- Intramural Council dent of the Year ASCE Sharon Yenney-FA Albuquerque Kappa Alpha Theta Spursg Mortar Board Student Council Rodcy Theatre 95 Graduate School Hiroyuki Ronald Roland Arita Calkins Cooper L Ross Alberta Easterling Flores Gustavo Donoso Ray Carroll a it Curtis Hall Birnie Craig Iulian Hammock Hefllehnan Hoffman Frankie Lewis Mary E. Ernestine XVilliam Poonnan Prinkey Seese Digg? Qi? s H K-X SS K-I K E l Sa if Q f W is-is Q if a . , Qu SFS a W . is is nm- Norbert Tlachac 23 liz: W :ir E- an ms ag. H E: is 5 :mfg-gg: N22 it Hz: if HB HERB I W zmginxm H get 1 Q. We --Maw aw is -E rims -. ummm msd- M . is-is law Schvzfl XVillia1n Buhler Kenneth Torn Class Lord George Fettinger Philip Iam es Austin Manly Milling Roberts Kendall David l"'red Richard Sehlenker Sutherlund 'l'rechel XVilliains Zlnclasswed fudelfzfs Cordon Robert Ioseph Lina Blankenship Cecil lfinney Ruiz Mar Mar arct Gene Iunior helps Dad concentrate on studying for his law exam. ylxyang Sum 96 Witlzozit organizations to help break the monotony of studies, school would soon become a dull, listless four years of plain hard work. For everyone on campus there was an organization to help ease him through the worst moments by giving that needed "break" from the dull routines. 'X an .ex W s E :M su M z x , ,,yzm,m fg2.Wp swf w mms aww an me .. ,, ., W, ,,, sa, wg 5 uw -- : nm: Swv, Qgaf .. .. E 'mex- aim nav wi, x . X: 4 VN, In X' M3-nf in , KEN 1 xx? is :ggi 51394 muy .1 K- U was N 1 -E -Xp. x -xt wr Q: ,P -Y .msg EBM. U S ' 'ww www SW-Rr :,-ffl Q A X. ,M uf.: smug wwwmr F Emi v0.51 QWQQ-. mx W w ns, Z Q HA 1-xxv f.gM 1 wig --,m, .,Ef amiga 2 3 Q! - F. ,X :ww Da, ,4 Y H :QS Q . XD HAWK H. M Q4 X N M 1 -M wx yi, ss ' a usage px'- qs an sw Z , an Q: xssssn yan am ws nu QQQX lueBJo ogw9, 3 0 W . wr'- I lf , Kiifisfiz. 2535 :ifvv ., Y P gg An' 'gkqlnifli . A. unix. ff 550' was ,L-iilqu, ,. Vg r. ffvnmzry lfluzfali Row ONE: Syl Chumleyg Mike McNeving Mike Keleherg Iim Weber. Row Two: VVally Deckertg Dick Novariag Charles Catesg Bob Matteucci. Row TIIRI-312: Bruce XVoodg Arlin Cooperg Ken Drakeg Byron Catong lack Carnahan. Officers The name Khatali -a Navajo word meaning medicine man -is President i i ..'. MIKE MCNEVIN applied to those outstanding senior men on U.N.M. campus who are Vice-president . Q SYL CHUMLEY on hand -with plenty of activities! scholarship, and character to keep Secretary , . 1 MIKE KELEHER U.N .M . in healthy spirits.. Organized in iozg, Ifhatalfs purpose is. to Treasurer I IIM XVEBER assist the Student Council and the Administration of the University, and to promote and to enforce the traditions and customs of the Uni- versity among male students. Activities of the group include ushering at football games, giving freshman orientation and registration aid, assisting with the Coronation of the Homecoming Queen, and visiting high schools during the spring to interest state students in obtaining a college education. New mem- bers are chosen each year in the spring by the membership of the past year. 98 Mo far 150 rd SEATnn: 'I'ona Dnhbsg Flora Mncstusg Teresa Cummins, Shirley Irving, Muriel Pride. STANDING: Sally Stringer, Alice Minor, Sharon Yenneyg Coral lohnson, Gaye Mangold, Edith Brattong Nancy Cone. The senior women who wear the blaclc and gold Mortar Board uniform have been selected for membership in this national senior women's honorary on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and serv- ice to the University. Maia, the local chapter of Mortar Board, was installed at the University on May 30, 1921. Each year, Mortar Board acknowledges scholarship by a tea for junior women with above-average grades and by awarding a scholar- ship to a foreign Woman graduate student. Mortar Board serves U.N .M . by assisting with elections, sponsor- ing the freshman orientation program for women students, direct- ing the election and Coronation of the Homecoming Queen, and assisting with Honors Assembly. Other activities include selling Homecoming mums and Community Concert series tickets, spon- soring the Hanging of the Greens, Stunt Night, and the senior breakfast for women prior to graduation, and awarding the Com- munity Action Award. President . Vice-president Secretary . . Treasurer . Officers TERESA CUMMINS SHIRLEY IRVING FLORA MAESTAS . . TONA DABBS 99 ,vur . V' 1 ' T Y- Y . it v 19 5 1? 1' ' 1? I V lt C32 ' 1. :'.'-,'!'1"s -. .,.-, . .. ' k ,K ,v... D , ,,':,...,ETf.7. t.,,,l-3 'v,:.,tg,1g7,N,, .5-N W-.,:! 2 ,LL ' - ' - '. "fv'Y'-2" -" '. 'd -,.. 11' ""'f "'5f1Tf1---,l'rl'm-, N 1 rf-7' f ."'. , nr K anal. N f' 1 V H g'.:5.fA f. .-,Q , A P,---: 3, :V yn- 1--, . ,H t ,Z A- V . . L.. Lam ,J if .. 1 Y N , .'i,c:.,,A-i.-i . ., ,1, NA Z., .,L.gvaypQ.,gilx1: 3 fi grime,',-,f'f:lQj'-r!3,,'u',,Q .yr-Q-..,,.'fr3:rgy-1,131.0.-- -' 3--v 5 , 11,1-,P51 ymZ"U.',g'.' 41.1 If i J: ulpfg, ,,"':f img, 1 ,- .1 .-..:-gp 41, 1 wc ' ,V 11' :,. .J ,I 5,5 -- Hr' 1. - V- ,' ,.f. , ty 1' -1 at Q-1-,-,affA1ifF"W":i.: arf. 3:1 'pub-',f?f?f4 1' 1 .ffm-11+1." 513..f ,,:-1, , 3-ua,-V:f?,,,,, ,, f,., M.,-,1.,..., - h J- .A Row ONE: Margaret Sinythg Martha Bengeg Nancy Gentryg janet Maylandg Berwyn McKinneyg Ada jane llasliiinotog Betsy XVhittingha1ng Marjie Endrusg Mary Louise Stogden. Row Two: Sue Robinsong Nancy Cartlidgeg Carolyn Stcwartg Marilyn Iohnsong Beth Sliuldtg Ian Recvcsg IoAnne Lockridgeg l-larvcy Iean Petersong Carol Kluverg Betty Slayterg Kay Liesseg Ester C-ibsong Leilani Hullg Toni Cellag Adoria Marting lean Collinsg Sinnnie Romero. UHTCCYS The sophomore women of U.N .M . who Wear the red and white President . . . . . BERWYN NICKINNEY s ur are united in the ur Jose to roinote school s Jirit and su J Jort y . 1 1 1 1 V1Ce'PfC51deU'f - - ADA IANE HASHIMOTO all activities in which the student body participates, to foster anion g Secfefafy f - - BARBARA XVILLIAMS the Women of the University a spirit of loyalty and helpfulness, and Treasurer . . . IANET BTAYLAND to uphold all the traditions of the University. This national sophomore lVO11lC1l,S honorary was organized on the U.N.M. campus in 1939. Membership is offered to girls at the completion of their freshman year on the basis of college activi- ties, dependability, unselhshness, democracy, and above average scholarship. Their services to UN .M . this year included soliciting for needy organizations, selling programs at-football games, and helping with Homecoming. 1 100 Vigilante Interest, activities, and scholarship are the code words of the Vigilantes. This sophomore 1ncn's honorary was organized to create a more democratic spirit on the campus and to encourage participa- tion in student and social activities by freshmen men. llflcmhers arc selected at the end of their freshman year by Khatali, senior IllCIl,S honorary. A Always vigilant when there's worlc to he done, activities of the group include helping during Orientation Wfeelc both semesters, participating in Homecoming festivities, ushering at football games, and the continuation of a scholarship fund presented yearly to a worthy recipient. ii , A V , Q I l JH -ll, Q xl t 3' l I., President . . V ice-president Secretary . . Treasurer . . Social Chairman Ofhcers . NIIKE LAINE DAN PIAA-IPTON XVILLARD LEVVIS . DANN1' ZEFF LARRY I'IAlNIlXiIACK ,s v Row ONE: Iohn Andersong Don Lee Gorslincg Danny Zeltg Dan Hamptong Mike Laineg VVillard Lewis. Row Two: Bill Diekinsong Ben Cleggg Lynn Parkerg lack Littlcg Dave Emmertg Lyle Rakerg Phil Mansur. Row THREE: Io in KelehergCharles Vidalg Phil Taulbeeg Iohn Elderg Iirn Majorg Iohn Doughtyg Larry Hammackg Ernest Melcuclcz. 101 L' 0517 Bob Chatten, Editor, and Ken Siner, Managing Editor, discussing engravings for the next issue of the Loiao. Hectic but satisfying. How else can you de- lish four times a Week?" instead of "Can we?" scribe it. As the sign on the bulletin board says, Editor Bob Chatten became the first three-year "anyone who can remain calm in all this confu- LOBO staff member in many years, and Ken sion simply doesn't understand the situation." Siner, Danny Zeff, and Eric McCrossen were With a larger and better-trained staff than any in the two-year ranks. in recent years, the LoBo was able to come out in six or eight pages at least every two weeks. The question became "How soon can we pub- ! -XZ' Ken Siner explains Loiso picture policy to Pat Tolmie, Night and Feature Editor. Discussing a new lead on a story are Harry Moskos, reporter, Eric McCrossen, Night Editor, and columnist, and Martin Paslcind, re- porter . . . or are they discussing the colorful calendar they insisted having their picture shot by. 102 Jw A A A. is Q-ai W N iqifia mica mggw Ex arrivals Trai. VV- L www Bk wk, gsfljlgxs, E KX Isl Ei I Carolyn Nielsen, society columnist, and Bob Chatten must have just discovered some spicy bit of society news for Carolyn's weekly column. - lim Lamb, columnist, best known for his Lamb Stewg Barbara Pino, reporter, and Bob Beck, Night Editor and columnist, grinding out copy for an issue. , f . I- 1 .M.'n,'m B is V 9: Q -Z ' H B, '57 ,jqtv-'z - H E N K Q. "xy-,' H H . exp' I V ' E I -.,, X is, .i 1 ,i Y s il w ., N ' e ,I N I "' . f. wx., M -ww, M if f X AX if? Danny Zeit continues as Sports Editor for his second year while it is their first LoBo experience for Nancy Walter and Laura Tippin who are both reporters. 103 Mirage p 'L iff V s f. zz- Shirley Irving, Editor-in-chief, looks happy after identifying ten of the misiclentitied individual class pictures which were such a headache. Esther Saeherson holds a rough of the cover of which we are so justifiably proud as she and Mary Bratschi, Art Editor-in-chief, and Les Olmsted take a break from the art which makes the book distinctive. 104 An invitation to reminisce comes from your Mirage staff who-with the burning of the mid- night oil and precious energy -have tried to capture for you the smiles of kings and queens . . . the winning touchdowns . . . the grind ot classes . . . the exuberation which comes from putting class work aside . . . in short, the minutes and hours that have made this a year to remember with the hope that you will look back upon it with enjoyment and nostalgia. Charlotte d'Almaine, Sally Carpenter, Diana Fisher look grim with determination as they tackle the typing of the many pages of copy you are now reading. Nancy Welcli replaced Ianct Cray Price as Class Editor and is seen here being given advice on cutlines for her section by Nancy Gentry, Features Editor, and lim Lamb, our all-around creative thinker. Filing is a fine art which is especially important when dealing with thou- sands ot pictures and facts. llere Sue llartrnzrn, Carol Kutnewsky and Ann McEvoy are carefully tucking away pictures which are probably now lost forever. lim Stevens, sports editor, had the chore of recording for you a most ditii- cult sports year. Eleanor Gritlin, faculty editor, and Dave Faxv, assistant business manager, are out of their departments when dealing with sports, but are specialists in their fields. .aft f .im M' .3 1:'Nf1iA5i'. Hill L L1 - - EM No, it's not rogues' gallery, but the photographers who made this pictorial record of U.N.M. 1955-56 possible. Moody Naumer, lim Crow, Lou Arrnijo, Bob Chatten, Ken Siner, Ralph Luna, Iocl Barrett. Ken Drake, business manager, looks very executive as he plans his all-out campaign for advertisements. I "E, loAnn Clauve, organizations editor, is discussing layout for organizations with Esther Gibson, layout editor, as Ioan Heaton, Greek editor, is calling a frat president about a tardy membership list. 105 ,wha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega stands for s-e-r-v-i-c-e on the U.N.M. campus. This national service fraternity established Delta Tau chapter at U.N.M. in 1946. A Phi O performs a wide scope of services for campus, community, and country. On the campus A Phi O members aid with registration and freshman orientation and coun- seling, direct card stunts and usher at football games, make daily visits to the inhrmary and checlc campus bulletin boards, serve as parade marshals of the homecoming parade, decorate the campus buildings with luminarios for homecoming and fiesta, and sponsor high school senior day. Other services include those to the youth and community. They sponsor the annual Christmas Toy Dance through which toys are obtained to give to underprivileged chil- dren, the Ugly Man Contest from which proceeds go to the March of Dimes, an Easter Egg Hunt for underprivileged children, and a Scouting Exposition for the Boy Scouts of Albuquerque. 44, A :W "",,73 . . ' s A 91' 5 A group of A Phi O'ers working on luminarios looks like a big job! .al if vp 'wr V.. J ' Service, above all! Brooks Peter Samuel Howard Douglas Arnbos Bawuah Bowe Brawn Carmichael William l'llllJ6l't Charles VVayne lim Cooper I-lill Keeler McAchran Mullins ' Y , " i 1 , ,J ' ' s :S , David Winston Norman Arthur Ioe Newman Pickering Root Rosenbaum Sandoval john Sliute Officers President . . . . . Vice-president . Pledge Trainer .... Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary . . Treasurer ..... Adviser . Charles Thayer . TED TRISTRAM . IIM MULLINS HOWARD BRAWN BRUCE BLOCHNITZ . . Bon HANNA . CURTIS KEELER . WARREN LEE Patty Stewart sorts the toys given as admission price for the A Phi O Toy Dance. 107 l3ally60m sz r:3.'?sZ?ii'ii' Q- - v ,. ' 5AgF1Eiw5'? X ' Sggkgal, mm A 3 - - . r-riiigafifx H I 1 ' .SYTSQ SEQ!! X ir I 2 , . A - - ,. , .mm w E - Q- H .- .R . .nm x its H X, .. . n . A I3 "' .. 5 H a 'H , '.',r13f-imgisg. -Exim Eg I as T sg rpm A - I L :gi as-Q a f- ic: M 4 r Rim H IE! H E-'88 wx may 4 5 .s - l J .3 C7 1 .17 wig ugh .yr .EAL , ,. . E . e ., , . ,i,,a..uw 1 W,-maya,.:.'r,,,.,1.,:. Q , . 1 , 1 , '- Row ONE! Norma lean Bettsg Dottie Harroung Pat Fanningg Donna Shortg Marjorie Endresg Carol Robbinsg Indy Littleg Barbara XVilliams. Row TXVOZ Kay Boatrightg Cail Hatchellg Ann MeEvoyg Yvonne Pearlg Ianey Vincentg Marcia Blairg Shiela Farleyg V irgie Centryg Martha Bengeg Wendel WVoods. Row THREE! Linda Sumrallg Berna Lee Aking Ieanne Iordang Donna Rinng Denise Loperg Ann Easleyg Alice Speedg Pat Cilliardg Nancy XValtersg Kay Clauvcg Mary lfgoopegg Bernice Love. Row FOUR: Kay VVorthintong Bobbett Crawfordg Ann Krummesg Clara Parsonsg Don Feclericg Nancy Centryg Beverly Harrisg XVarren ietric 1. . RallyCom is a student spirit organization whose e e purpose is to promote student activities through T attempts to develop spirit and enthusiasm in both the students and faculty of the University. Iunior RallyCo1n, newly organized this year, is composed of students who are new to the spirit organization. Those who have proved to be inter- ested in the organization by doing good work may become members of the senior group after one year of membership in the junior group. RallyCorn purchased a new set of clreerleadefs uniforms for the Varsity Cheerleaders and sold freshman beanies at the beginning of the school year. I-Iomecorning found RallyCom in charge of decorating the stadium and organizing a huge bonfire. The annual Spirit Sing was again spon- sored by the spirit group as were several school rallies. Oflicers of Senior RallyCom President ........ CORKY MORIKIS Secretary . . BERVVYN NICKINNEY Treasurer ....... CAROL ROBBINS Officers of Iunior RalIyCom President ......... IUDY LITTLE Vice-president . . BARBARA HUNT First pep rally of the year . . . Secretary . . . SALLY CARPENTER 108 91? hm lfl Lfhwrlaader Row ONE: Lyncll Burusg Bernice Lovcg Pat Gilliard. Row Two: Iezmnie Bennettg Mary Cooperg Yvonne Pearl. Varsity Wzccrlmdcrs ' ,., 4 N Em. A R 2 7--I I 5 .53 'W y ,l , 5 WT- Nancy Gcntryg Pat Mclbowcllg Carol Robbinsg Murtlla Bcngcg Connie Abbottg YVendel XVoods. Varsitmi'6'l1eerlmdcrs milf! a -.,-rs PM Ng Connie Abbott Martha Bcnge Nancy Gentry Pat McDowell Carol Robbins Your varsity cheerleaders, not only have the duties of leading the student body section in yells and yelling with as much volume as possible them- selves, but they are also diplomats, ambassadors, in short, are representa- tives ot the school who impart substantially to the impression of what out- siders thinlc of U.N .M . and her students. Wcizdcl VVoods 1 10 - is effermm is' glllb The major project of the Lettermeifs Club, which includes men who have lettered in at least one of the major sports, is an annual dance. The Varsity Cirl is crowned at this clance and also the club names the Uletterman of the year" in each sport. Nr. ills. 'aff 'xi fx XJ H7 vi? J, 'Wr- xr Row ONE: Donnie Brooks, Prcsidcntg Luis Gonzales, Trcasurerg lim Iuarcz, Secretary. Row Two: Bob Cristg jim Stevensg lim Cramcrg joe Don Womack Row 'rlmmiz lorry Apodacng Lynn Parkcrg Ilcrb I-lughesg Mart Scrvis. Row FOUR: Dave Leonardg Billy VVaguerg Corky Morrisg jim Econimides. Row FIVE Dick Colcg Bill Eickcrtg Roland Arrigonig Dick Brown. Row six: Bob Sanchezg Phil Harrisg Chuck Vidal. Row SEVEN: lack Stobieg Burl Humbleg lim Briscoeg Orlcn Coupland. 111 ki 61116 Row ONE: Barbara Billings: Barbara Scott: Indy Minces: Carol Sartain: Eleanor Rae: YVynn Davis, Secretary-Treasurer: Anna DelVento: Vivian Vacquier. Row TYVOZ Ginny Pinkerton: Nancy Sargent: Sharon I-Ienshaw: Karen Davis: Katy Dunn: Charlott d'Almaine: Ann Richardson: Carol Cooper. Row Trrnma: Suzanne Perry: Peggy Hooper: Barbara Bu'Zard: Ann Krummes: Nancy Laliker: Carole Cole: Sally Pfeiffer. Row Form: Martha Iwaski: Harry Davidson: Pat Iones. Row FIVE: Bob Lindh: Bob Anderson: Eddy Boice: Robin Young: Hap Crawford, Vice-president, Row SIX! Fred Smith: Alton Dohner: Charles Stewart: Roger Fryer: Iohn Lynn: Skip Salazar: Iohn Kinsolving, President. Wzzisrlzfos 5,5 it .yay 1 H :fa-:Mg 5:53 Q:. gm, 1 .W Y. , W VBEGEBK a 'wx ' , . 4- W Row ONE: Iudy Erwin: Indy Minces: Denise Loper: Gail Olson: Carolyn Cooper: Charlott Stevens: Rachel Nelson. Row Two: Claudette Chicado: Marlene Corn: Dorothy Paulson: Ann Krunnnes: Beth Shuldt: Ginny Pinkerton: jean Reardon, Secretary: Bernice Love: Patt Quinn: Nancy Sargent: Donna Crook. Row 'rrrR1zE: CharlottePiper, sponsor: Sonja Hansen: Iune Mills, Carol '1'ownsend, 'l're:1surer: Sally Blatniea: Nancy Cone: Fran Bonnyrnan, President: Karen O'Biernc. 112 . JM. Kadro Association Row ONE! Pat Gonghg Donnie WVareg Io Engleg Wanda Atchleyg Sara Cox. Row TWO! Norma Lue Earlg Nancy Sargentg Kay Kerosg Ginny Pinkertong Katie Pheistcrg Marilyn Coxg Nancy Fore. Row 'rnruzrzz Curly Mooreg Bob Flemiugg Dick Woottong Bob Campbellg Don Marting Frank VVestfa1l. The U.N .M . Rodeo Association was organized last year for the OFHCCIS purpose of preserving western traditions on campus and to sponsor President . . . . . . Don lVIARTIN an intercollegiate rodeo team. The club is a member of the Na- Vice-president . . Boa CAMPBELL tional Intercollegiate Rodeo Association which determines the rules Secretary . . . Nancy SARGENT and regulations ot college rodeo and awards its championships. Marry activities are sponsored by the club, including western dances and deer-burger fries. Willis Barnes ot the men's PE Depart- ment is the faculty sponsor ot the organization. 113 Am rimu Jusfiiufv of Kham tal Eng hear ' ' . . l':'3K',"h1 , W5 Row ONE! Robert Olsong Bruce Iaggerg Don Millerg Phil Cyrg Robert Matthews. Row TYVOZ Rosemary Barrettg Charles Thompsong Dr. R. I. Fermg Mike Keehang Iay Baetzg Iere Greeng Bill Butterbaughg Walter Corbettg Ioel Sims. Row THREE: George Yeagcrg Park Simsg Phil Gensemerg Ervin Armbrustcrg Louis Leapoldg Luciano Sedillog Arthur Abelsong President Popejoyg loe Singlcterryg Bill Thorng Harry Vanceg Ioe Banksg Mike Mainzg Tom McCaffrey. Row FOUR: Lynn Parkerg David I-Ioltg Bob Fellabaumg Al Crowg Bob Darmitzelg Iesse Armstrongg Engle Southarclg NV. Kempenaarg Hubert Bally Arther Horng Bill Maddeng Prof. P. K. Yorkg lim Williams. President . . Vice-president . Secretary . . Sergeant at Arms 114 Oflicers . . DON MILLER ROBERT MATTIIEWS ROSEMCARY BARRETT . . . PHIL CYR Inspired by the purpose of encouraging and pursuing interests in chemical en ineerin , U.N.M.'s student cha ter of the national P professional organization was chartered on campus. Membership is opened to all upper-class students regularly en- rolled in chemical engineering courses. Through speakers, projects, and associations, AICE strives to prepare its members for the future professional world. 4244755-47765 After his freshman year, any student at the University enrolled Oilicers - A I E E in a four year course leading to the Bachelor's degree in electrical President ..... Bruscrc Grascocrc engineering or physics is eligible for membership in AIEE-IRE. SCCICYHYY - - - GILBERT TORREZ During the first semester, the professional IRE group sponsored OHIOOIS ' I R E a student competitive paper. Prizes were given and many students PICSidCHf ------ DOUG BALCOMB entered papers in the contest. SOOIOIOIY - CAROL COOPER Ioint Treasurer . . IRWIN FRANK The professional AIEE group sponsored its regular student paper contest during the second semester. This nation-wide contest is di- vided into regional contests and the regional winners compete for the national title. Q H Y-Q55-1353? si .i Row ONE! john Iaramillog Gregory Rosalesg Ioe Quintanag Orlando Lopez: Alfonso Marquez: Vic Mianog Arlin Cooper. Row Two: Richard Roweg Phil Curtissg Raymond Tarverg Philip Celtg Paul Dagueg Hank Hurstg Charles VVilliams. Row THREE: Ralph Tapyg Donnelly Iohnsong Guy McDowellg Michael Ripleyg George Swaing R. K. Moore: Robert Glascockg Irwin Frank. Row Form: Gilbert Torrezg E. C. Riehemang W. A. Badsgardg Iames Harperg Ken Drake. Row Fxvn: Howard Chandong Paul Ellis: Don Collis: Burt Humble. Row six: john Usryg Carl Longerotg Richard Fleck: jim Durant: Robert Blatehfordg Raymond Cainskig Douglas Baleomb: Harold Porterlield. 115 ,llrnerienn Seeiefy ef 6 ei! Engineer 5m.m.g,. .Dm .. -f .,,.M. ffl' .,, . ' e-any .Q 2 I - L. me ae. he ee- E' - ,E Row ONE! William Oliver, Ray Foss, Faculty Adviser, Carol Cooperg Don Gonzales, Willis Lumry, Iames Windsor, Shimeles Asfawg A. M. Rashid. Row Two: Pablo Chavezg Iohn Duffg Edward Coxg Iohn Cheeky William Mapesg Charles Wheelerg Ioseph Ferrerig Arthur Anstineg Frank Parker, Harold Ruggg Costas Logothetis. Row THREE: Shifarraw Bizunehg Iames McBrideg Clifford Gilbertg Robert Crist, Clarence Frieseng G. William Floydg Gerald Staubling Vemon Kerr, Albert Dennisg john Scharnaung Charles O'Bannong Ronald Propper, jose Martinezg Iames Cramer. OFECCIS Professional recognition is the goal which every engineer hopes President . . ..... WILLIS LUMRY to attain. The aim of the Student Chapter of ASCE is to stimulate ViCC-prCSidCHf - - MAURICE TRUMBLE the interest of the student civil engineer in the development of his SCCICUTY - - - - lAMES WINDSOR profession. Through association with the organization, the student Treasurer . . DON GONZALES gains technical knowledge, experience, slcill, a sense of moral obliga- tion to mankind, and an appreciation of the impact of technology on society. The first Student Chapters of the American Society of Civil En- gineers Were formed in 1920, the U.N.M. chapter was organized in IQZ7. The society maintains a close working fellowship with the State Professional Society and participates in programs provided by them, as well as semi-monthly meetings on the campus. Guided tours were made through Wliite Sands Proving Grounds, Los Alamos, and Kirtland Air Force Base. Technical papers are Written and given by members of the UN .M . Student Chapter. Our representative won first place at the state meeting at New Mexico ASIM College and second place at the regional meeting in San Diego. 116 American Srfciefy afrflflalzrzn ml Sizgizrecr The student branch of the American Society of Mechani- OECCTS cal Engineers provides student mechanical engineers with Chairman . . . Don TEEGARDEN an opportunity to advance, circulate, and practice their ViCC-C11Hif1H2I11 - - NORMAN IORDAN mechanical engineering lcnowledge. I t was designed to pro- Secfetafl' - - - HARRY DAVIDSON Treasurer ......... CARL YRENE Student Senate Representative . DrcK NOVARIA Honorary Chairman . . PROFESSOR A. D. Form mote an atmosphere of professional consciousness and fel- lowship and to present a proper perspective ot engineering vocations. Activities include guest speakers, student discussions and presentation of papers, movies, field trips, and participation in the regional convention of A.S.M.E. student branches. Membership is open to all sophomore, junior, and senior mechanical engineers. A-XX Row ONE! Vasscl Roberts, Peter Lujan, Richard Novaria, Ioe Kennedy, Eloy Martinez, Harry Davidson, Fred Salladay, Arlin Cooper, Sostenes Suazo, Iames May. Row Two: Charles O'Brannon, Cary Judd, Norman Root, XV. Foley, George Honeycutt, Edward Merewether, Carl Yrene, Donald Hutchinson, WVally Dcckert, Howard Thurmond, Prof. Grace, VVilliam McKin, Iames Briscoe. Row THREE: Bill Moulds, Don Teegarden, Wayne Tucker, Horace Lowe, Norman Iordan, Gene Myers, Harold Gillit, Iames Neuton, Bill Hurley, Robert Gault, Robert Tucker, LeRoy Knott, Charles Bankston, Don Alberts, Don Anderson, Dale Burnworth. 117 Zhi Spsilm Row ONE: Fred Cone, Ray Fossg Cene XVllCClSIQ Clarence Frieseng Ron Ferrerig Iohn Shumang Edward Coxg XVilliam Oliverg Iolin Bauer. Row Two Francis Burton, Dan Hughesg H. VV. Nunez, Burton Dwyerg Bill Eickertg YVillis Lumryg Ron Propperg E. B. Bail, Bill Cheekg Sheldon Raizesg Robert Denene Prof Stoneking. President . V ice-president Secretary . . Treasurer . Historian . 118 Officers . ..... IOSEPH FERRERI . CLARENCE FRIESEN . . . . EDWARD Cox . . CHARLES vVHEELER . IOHN SCHAIXIAUN Members of Chi Epsilon, national civil engineer- ing honorary fraternity, are pledged to encourage greater achievements in the civil engineering profes- sion, using scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability as guides. Services of the fraternity include publishing a di- rectory of the present addresses and job positions of the U.N.M. civil engineering graduates. By thus uniting the graduates, progress is made towards the goal of the advancement of the Civil Engineering profession. Chi chapter of thc University of New Mexico was Szyma 271111 All branches of engineering are fused into Sigma Tau, national honorary fraternity for exceptional stu- dents in the College of Engineering. Membership requirements are based upon principles of scholar- ship, practicality, and sociability. Ofiicers President . . ..... DON TEEGARDEN Vice-president .... . . DICK NOVARIA Corresponding Secretary . . CLARENCE FRIESEN Recording Secretary . . . Treasurer .... . Historian . . . Adviser . . PROF. . DoN MILLER BRECK GLASCOCK DOUG BALCOIVIB EUGENE ZWOYER founded in 1928. The activities of the fraternity in- clude serving as freshman advisers and participating in combined engineering functions. . - - - . ,,,A.,,, 'Q , ..:.- " ?' Y l , l 'fl Y - e i 1 .t - X Q Row ONE: Phil Geltg Brcck Glascockg Dave Holtg Bob Matthewsg Al Dennisg Charles Bankstong Ron Ferrerig joe Quintanag Bill McKin. Row Two: Iere Greeng Clarence Frieseng Don Millerg Arlin Cooperg Irwin Franlcg Gene Wheelerg lose Suazog Harold Gillitg Ken Drake. Row THREE: Don Teegardeng Arthur Austing Mike Maizg james Mayg Bob Deneneg Brian Boggsg Harry Vanceg Bill Oliverg R. N. Grayg Phil Rogersg Dick Novariag Carl Longerotg Fred Coney Paul Dagueg Doug Balcombg Eugene Zwoyer, sponsor. 119 glffflfl ics I ,FN fa Gene Franchinig Norbert Tlachacg David Burke, David Mall, Bill Sncadg David Fortnerg Ray Cramer, Steven Rileyg Dr. Cullen Owcnsg Mike Nigro. Special interests or abilities on debate teams, in oratory, extemporaneous speaking, oral interpretation, or discus- sion groups has Won U.N .M . forensic students fame in the oral world. Outstanding achievement of University students in forensics over the past several years has netted many tens of trophies and certificates of recognition in all parts of the country. This year U.N.M. was especially proud of its upper division and freshman debate teams as they partici- pated competitively in contests across the west. David Fortnerg David Mallg Mike Nigrog Gene Franchinig David Burkeg Bill Sneadg Norbert Tlachacg Steven Rileyg Ray Cramerg Dr. Cullen Owens. 120 Hommercc Cfzfuucil Row ONE: Prof. VVilliam I-Iubcr, Adviscrg Dorothy Dickinson, V ice-presidentg Meredith Ussery, Presidentg Dick Goctzman, Treasurerg Harriette Reynolds, Secretaryg Dcan Sorrell, Aclviscr. Row Two: lane Ann Stinncttg Helen Kimballg Pattic Stcwartg Tona Dabbsg Mona Howeg Sue Robinsong Cal Boothg Shirley Tectcr. Row Tlnuzlar Dave Morgang Fred Stcvcnsg Ronald Bowrag Bob XVarcham. Delta Szyma Pi A " g asm i W- I mans-.,' fiw k f , , ,K 1 D i il ,lilly L If li 1 V E Y r i u 1' fl Row ONE: loc Collins, Iunior Vice-presidentg Meredith Ussery, Presidentg Dick Goetzman, Senior Vice-presidentg Dick Pierce. Row Two: Carl Christmang Dave Peesakg Heywood Scottg Dave Morgang F red Stevcnsg Orlando Mierag Dave Ncumanng Pete d'Albertisg Mr. Auld. 121 Kappa Omicrrfn Phi Row oNE: Danna Cooper, Recording Secretaryg Elouise Alexander, First Vice-presidentg Barbara Bonham, Presidentg Marcella Gutierrez, Second Vice-presi- dentg Ellen Toynton, Treasurerg Renee Econirnides, Corresponding Secretary. Row TYVO2 Margaret Swinclzurng Pat Espinozag Martha Bengcg Vivian Ornang Grace Elser. Row THREE: Torksey Ensmingerg Mary lo McGuireg Francine Raperg Imogean MeMurrayg lean Stellcrg loc Ann Clauveg Irma Shrakeg Alice Morgan. Hams Emmfmics glllb I Row ONE: Mary Millsg Wanda Atchleyg Betty McKelveyg Betsy Hollifieldg Marcella Gutierrezg Ellen Toynton, Treasurer. Row Two: Sandra Hutchinsong Eleanor Crifling Nancy Meisterg Mary Ellen Billingsg Barbara Iusticeg Lu Campbellg Nancy Overfeltg Renee Econimicles, Presidentg Pat Gough. Row THREE! lean Stellerg Vickie YVestg Sue Hartmang Betty Hendersong Mary Ann Clarkg Esther Kingg Torksey Ensmingerg Vice-presidentg Ann Easleyg Imogean McMurray. 122 kappa Mu 8,11 ilzfzfz Row ONE: Dr. Frank Gcntryg Iohn Usryg Wally Deckertg Ed Coxg lose Suazog Diane Poolg Harry Vanceg Burl I-Iumble. Row Two: Ron Ferrcrig George Hudsong Iolm Freemang Ken Drakeg Richard Georgeg Don Millerg George Swaing Charles Bankstong Arlin Cooper. Membership is limited to faculty members and those regularly enrolled students who have completed at least one semester of calculus and have a general scholastic and matheinatic average of 2.0 grade points or better. New pledges are initiated both semesters. Kappa M u Epsilon, national honorary mathe- matics fraternity, was founded in 1931. I ts aim is to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics and to further the interest of mathematics for undegraduate students. ,mn 5 E an war-rm M en ,ima r an President . . V ice-president . Treasurer . . Secretary . Sponsor . New Pledges being quizzecl by Dr. Gentry at the initiation ceremony. Q N' R. gi :B gms,-rm ss., E amiga 'W 'W Exim Hamm an is mm time mia an EEE New Pledges becoming active members of Kappa Mu Epsilon. Ofhcers . . . KEN DRAKE . MARIE SMITH . IERRY ROWLAND . . . DIANE POOL . DR. FRANK CENTRE' 123 i.:r.::...-...--,.....-. Y, Q. - ,v . . . Kappa P I SEnTED: Lyle Rakerg Charles Robertsg Donald Robersong Noel White, Ioseplr Mengonig B. Nickcllg lack Bcasleyg Robert Standridge, Dick Gceg O. C. Bridger. STANDING: Sam Ceeg Frank Carciag Don Bedaleg Morris Hooper, Dennis Penag Dean Catalineg Tim Elsbrockg Ioe Otcrog Ramon Redeg Al Fitz. Oiiicers President . . . . . . Vice-president Secretary . . Treasurer . Historian . 124 . B. NICKELL FRANK GARCIA . Ion MENGONI . NOEL WIIITE MORRIS Hoopizrz The chief objective of Kappa Psi, professional pharma- ceutical fraternity, is the advancement of pharmacy, educa- tionally, fraternally, and socially, and to foster scholarship and research. At the present time this fraternity has about 20,000 national members. Gamma Rho chapter at the University received its char- ter in 1948. lVIembership is open to any regularly enrolled student in an accredited college of pharmacy who is accept- able to members of the active chapters. The purpose of Kappa Psi is to promote better inter-professional rela- tionships among pharmacists during and after college attendance. 617 mo,wl7zz14 Klub ,. 'SJ Row ONE: Roberto Millan, Vice-prcsidcntg .lVlOl1211l'lITlZlL'.l Saleemg Sonja Lovald, Trcasurerg Tom Liefg Federico Kauflfmann-Doig. Row Two: Alberta Floresg Ianis Stacllcrg Nancy VVilkinsong Oh Nath Singha, Corresponding Secretaryg Taelco Sakanri. Row TIIREEZ Lucille Aragong Maria Garciag Mary Sue Hcxt, Record- ing Sccrctaryg joAnne Lockriclgcg Louise Davisg Mary Mills. Row FOUR: Shillarraw Bizuneh, Presiclentg Valentine DeLaOg Shimeles Asfawg Christos Kaplanidesg Melba Garciag Shico Ban. Row Frvn: Hiroyuki Aritag Robert Chattasg Gustavo Donosog Liz Vigilg Social Chairmang Ali Rashidg Saiyed Qairn Alig Peter Bawuahg Ilcinz XValtcr Ehrszun. Mm Klub Y'1 E Row ONE! Beryl Spruce, Vice-Frcsidentg Herb Blatchford, Presidentg Shirlee Arviso, Secretaryg Henry Whipple, Treasurer. Row Two: Florence Sandovalg Mrs. Iames Atcittyg Mrs. Kay Mcsca g Nancy Iohnstong Iuanita Quintanag Carmelita Allapowa. Row THREE: Andrew Varosg Kenneth Patrickg Edmund Caddy Iames Atcittyg Richard Gaffncyg Robert Blatchfordg Ccllestino Papuyog Wilfred Herrerag Dr. W. VV. Hill. 125 Cdl! Kapp ,Maha - Spevclz 1 Row ONE! Dr. Cullen Owensg Dr. C. V. Wickerg David Mall, Dr. T. M. Pearceg Ralph Douglassg Fred Chreistg Dean Causewitz. Row Two: Norhert Tlaehaeg Iaek Ferguson, Dr. WVayne Eubankg Dr. Harold Riedg Dean Nanningag George McKing Peter McAtceg Feliz Briones. Zyhi Gamma Nu - Kusiuess fldminisfrafian Row ONE: Olinda Luna, lean Coll, Shirley Teeter, Vice-president, Teresa Cummins Moulds, Secretary, Tona Dabbs, President, Margaret Doherty, Scribe, Patsy Pies, Vita Terando. Row Two: Mrs. Glaeseg Dorothy Dickinson, Harriett Reynolds, Mona Howeg Polly Sullivan, Io Haynesg d'Anne Woodman, Connie Cummingsg Sylvia Kilgore, Ian Evettg Sally Pfeiffer, Cindy Fabiang Helen Kimble, Nancy Fore, Adoria Martin. 126 Pi lambda Zflzcfrz Pi Lambda Theta was founded at UN .M . in 1939 to foster pro- Of5CCfS fessional spirit, maintain high standards of scholarship and profes- President . . . . . EIDITH Mawrnnnr sional preparation, further the cause of democratic education, ViCC-PfCSidCHf - - - FRANCES SHUI-'1' co-operate in the solution of problems which inter-penetrate various iields of knowledge, encourage intercultural understandings, en- courage graduate Worlc, and stimulate research in accordance with other purposes. Worrierr students of junior status or above in education with 2.oo aggregate average and two faculty recommendations or a 1.8 and four faculty recommendations are qualified for membership. Pi Lambda Theta has monthly meetings with programs pertain- ing to the interests and purposes of the organization. This year they supplied the Albuquerque Boys Club with books and subscriptions to appropriate magazines, sponsored a seventy-five dollar scholar- ship for a woman in education, and held a combined meeting with other Education I-lonoraries. Corresponding Secretary Secretary ..... Treasurer . BERTHA WILLETT HELEN HARRIGER . ELLEN Scrnvrz Row cruz: Edith Manfrcdig Lois Dittmerg Eleanor Gilmoreg Sara Louise Cookg Hilda Spiesg Ruby Shehan, Mary Menaulg Katharine McFallg Ruth Roberts. Row Two: Margaret Sehmidtg Rebecca Aualosg Emma Lou Costalesg Mary Ethel Moore, Evelyn Smith, Frances Shuttg Helen I-larrigerg Bertha Willettg Ellen Schatz, Laura Collins, Caroline Schmidtg Audrey Tapyg Pauline MeGranahang Mina Ruggles. Row Trrnrrrz: Martha Barr, Theodora Cooperg Louise Hensleyg Monte Lee Davisg Leoan W mang lane Partchg Gertrude Pittardg Mary Tackittg Margaret Cook, Dorothy Maddisong Eleanor Suggs, Ieannette Reed. Row Form: Georgia Seeryg Diane Iloolg lane Luxfordg Rhoda F itzgeraldg Mary Ethel Couslandg Alma McGouern. 127 Zglli Szym - 15' Zflzfgy I I 1 - l I 1 V7 Row ONE: Edith Bratton, Vicelpresidentg Barrie Pullen, Treasnrerg Iolin Da Vanzo, Presidentg Emma Romero, Recording Secretary. Row TXVOZ Laura lane Coburn, Corresponding Secrctaryg Iulia Clarkeg Dr. Castetterg Dr. VVilliam VVideng Elizabeth Rohrbockg Dr. Fleckg Peggy Ackerman. Row THREE: Dwaine Parrackg Iames Sandsg H, C. Parnellg Dr. Hoffg Dr. Dittmerg Dr. Costcr. Z9i C1111 Slyma - 51f1gi14ec'ri14g nQ"i'i.i.l E7 1 W . e A il XX 1 -J'Xj?n" - X . X Prof. B. Martinezg Prof. Victor Skoglundg Prof. Edward Rightleyg Don Teegardeng Don Albertsg Iolm Eageng Harold Cilletg Prof. Charles Graceg Prof. Albert F ordg Wally Deckert, Secretaryg Dick Novaria, President. 128 Szymzl D lm Hifi - ,70z1rm1H ru V 1 L - . ' '-51x-Nr: , 'X1sx,txf,g5,g - , M U. .. .. m.isnl4 ,M .. . w.., V W . -vw :I ..9"1q,. , , -r I sa h. -W 1 1, , 5 ,. K' V I 5 L ,Z Q13 'Q E53 x Q 1:2 A- MENU fi a.-iv' Lou Armijo, Sccrctaryg john Iohnsoug Iack Sadosulcg Bob Chatten, Vicc-president, Trcasurerg Ken Siner, Prcsidcntg Professor Iermain. Umm Sigma Ph ' - fa rmzli lflfl 415 'vi' Thu Shirley Irvingg Carolyn Niclsong Patsy Espinozag Velma Martinezg Iudy Nickell, Secretary-treasure-:rg Sigi Holien, Presidentg Ioyce Simmonsg Dolores McCaig. 129 Worm' 3' Recreational Eoumfil The VVomen's Recreational Council, composed of ''atliletically-minded" representatives from every women's group on campus, has the promotion of recreational activities for all women students as its goal. During the year, the council sponsored camping trips, ice skating, softball, square dancing, basketball, volleyball and badminton tournaments. Co-recrea- tional sports, such as golf, badminton, and bowling also provided a lot of fun and a release of "college blues." 15"fHfhflR "OH the Campus" activities included sports days held " within the state and Arizona. 'PGNWD f ,, 15 ,m fy . 1.1: G 4 - TENPE ' sam' cers VmQg,,.t,, President . ..... FRANCES PATON slcnl ve IN gy Secretary . . , BETTY BANKS Treasurer ........ IEAN REARDON Publicity . . SHARON Ro'rHg GRACE IAIERNANDEZ HHS in-., Row ONE! Frances McGill, Nancy Burke, Grace Hemandez. Row Two: Betty Banksg Frances Patong Sharon Rothg Iean Reardon. 1 30 M 'L 4 xr. A 3 , v xr' hfgg .11 i as R, . tv V V, H , .asm 1 13 Ld., 1 .f,mp,." 515 QQ, ,Y ,V 1. T ,a A KX 1 . V w as A , , 1 6, 1 2: :. rn :X ,. vu . 5 r ' ,VL , REA f-wg F Q , ,v,,,, f if -. ' V fe 'Yr ffl ' L wwf 5 ' ,,f:q,,,, w,b.. 1,1- N-2. . psi, -1' ' HX ,' Tffll 1 A 41 f:,"f f -M V. JUN Q ,ww V , f MM -1:1-wgzgf V :fp-1.-,Q Q' 'Q M ,iv-ve -ww, 'ngfwz-Q" Iv, -aww. ,.,, 1119? -' M . , , , R 6 ' 7551 fm f 1 . V, yy? ., , y " my fm xg NB QS 4 9 Q -v we J, 'ff as . . .1 .Mn -fn .Q .. M.. , , S-' fa, w 1 4 160 C6 l6'affzzl2114 0Mcers Row ONE: F. Coneg B. Catong Pattong M. McNevi11g D. Camacho, Row Two: H. Davidsong N. Percrsong T. Cuticrrczg B. Eichcrtg Brunctg R. Proppcrg M. Sloang M. Kcleherg WVebcrg R. Carrollg DuEg D. Brcccllg S. Chumleyg Turncrg D. Mctzlcr. SMH OWCKFS ' gsm Row ONE: Lt. Comclr. Crawfordg Capt. VVilliamsong Comdr. Riversg Major Cullinan. Row Two: Mauldin GMA Swysgood CCMg Bowen C!CMg McLaren C!SKg Lt. UC-j Postichg Lt. Murphyg Lt. Thomg NVilliams PNA Gillespie QM!g Sgt. Costello. 132 SEMESTER I BZltt.COl'1lClI'. . . . Batt. Exec. Iuspcctor . Supply Off. MPO . . Aclj. . . Gpcr. Off. . Co. A . Co.B .. Co.C .. SEMESTER II Batt.Comclr. . Batt. Exec. Inspector . Supply Off. Adj .... Oper. Off. . MPO.. Drum Corp. Comdr. . . Drill Team Comdr . . Co. A . . Co. B . Co. C . . PATTON M. NICNEVIN S. B. CATON S. CIHUINILEY VV. ROURKE D. BREECH N. PETERSON D. CAMACIIO . F. CONE . TQURNER . F. CONE . M. SLOAN . PATTON . . BARNES D. CAMACI-IO . L. PARKER . TURNER I-I. DAVIDSON . T. MOORE . P. BRUNET . D. BREECH . B. AMBOS lVIidshipmcn and dates cnioving the Shipwreck Ball. NROTC Queen Ioan Declcert smiles graciously while reigning at A ' the annual lvlilitary Ball. l5'mrd af Direcfars far-Wrzrdroam Saficfy The Naval ROTC was 0.gmd to train men for duty as oilicers in the Navy and Marine Corps. The organization is run by midshipmen officers under the su- pervision of regular naval oilicers. The midshiprnen staff is changed each semes- ter in order to give more men the oppor- maab.- tunity to exercise the responsibility and authority which will be laid upon them after commissioning. use gs, Www- The Wardroom Society was formed to I promote the social and professional inter- ests of the midshipmen. Through the Board of Directors, the nucleus of the so- ciety, the year's program is carried out. Their social activities include toboggan- ing, skating, and bingo parties. The Ship- wreck Ball, held in the fall, is in costume. The Military Ball, at which they crown their Navy Queen is held in Ianuary. The Ring Dance, in honor of the juniors who have received their navy rings, is the cli- max of the NROTC social season. At the end of the year the Wardroonr awards a miniature sword to the midshipman con- tributing the most to the Wardroom So- Bill Robbinsg Robert Alcxanderg Lynn Parker fVice-presidcntj, jerry Dahlquist tljresidentjg lim . , Turner tSecretary-Trcasurerjg Fred Coneg Lawson Pflifc. STANDING: Tom Andrakog Herbert Hahn. C16i'y Clurlng the year. 133 Q4 5760276 Sing W. Deckert, Cadet Lt. Colonel I. D. Newton, Cadet Group Executive Oflicer Group Commander I. Harper, Cadet Major M. A. Del Llano, Cadet Major Group Adjutant Group Information Service Otlicer Cadet 2d Lt. M. R. Cameron, Cadet Major I-I. M. Y Group Athletic Otlicer j - Group Personnel Oflicer 134 T J' lg C. Cates, Cadet Lt. Colonel Group Operations Officer H. Ball, Cadet Major Group Supply Oilieer j ' ' r' 47 , "Z"'g':4 J, tp Il 1 vl 'I G. St. Clair, Cadet MfSgt. Group Sgt. Major Wiater I9 6 Qraaaate 6 r l L l l llcnry G. Birkclog Vernon R. King: loc D. Cookg Arthur H. Anstineg Iohn E. Coon, Spriaa I9 6 Graaaatee ' rv-.rr gg .. A .AM 'f ' ' ' g .,,..'. -H l l Row ONE: Ioe Aragong VVallacc Dcckcrtg Manuel del Llanog Ernest Iaramillog Don Gonzalesg Frank WVestfallg Bernable Romerog Donald Smith. Row TYVOZ Charles Highg Irvin Longcnbaughg Charles Catesg Vincent Cormleyg Iames I-larperg Robert Linclhg Frank Parkerg Ronald Bowrag William Nickellg james DeBolt. Row THREE! Rudolph Brenng Don Tecgardcn, Ir.g Mark Caxnerong Donald Millerg Robert Lindseyg Charles Batselg Iames Newtong james Smithg Richard Reincrtg F rank Englishg Dale Crawford. 135 Squadron Commander, Cadet Lt. Colonel V. E. Gormleyg Cuidon- bearer, R. S. Silva. Row ONE: D. R. Huertag D. O. Zeffg F. P. Bowserg D. D. Bernsteing R. S. Briteg R. R. C-arciag G. Cliavezg H. E. Browng Moore. Row Two: Cadet Capt. V. R. Kingg L. C. Hammockg VV. Browng C. C. Crawfordg E. G. Bristolg A. S. Asquitllg R. C. Andersong M. Aragong Cadet Lt. F. C. English. Row THREE! Cadet Capt. I. D. Cookg L. M. Contrerasg E. G. Chavezg R. C. Armstrongg R. P. Cerzag D. S. Burrowg I. A. Beasleyg Cadet Lt. H. G. Birkelo. Row Form: M. Schliclcg P. A. Sweitzerg B. F. Basliamg D. C. Bradsliawg D. C. Barndekg R. WV. Atlcinsg D. W. Suttieg Cadet Lt. R. A. Brenng Cadet Major, R. E. Bowra. Squadro . Squadron 2 Squadron Commander, Cadet Lt. Colonel I. D. Longenbaugli Guidon-bearer, R. D. Humble. Row ONE: A. Stromg R. M. Laiueg C. M. Helimanng D. M. Fedric B. G. Hatlieldg L. Holeelieckg XV. E. Dietrielig I. P. Gonzales Cadet Major D. Miller. Row TXVOZ Cadet Capt. A. H. Anstineg R Muellerg A. L. Durang P. Dorrisg XV. F. Hunslcyg T. Duffyg L Arcliundeg M. XValler. Row TIIREE: Cadet Lt. R. Linclhg I Donelsong S. H. Flemingg VV. N. Lueckeg D. Gibsong F. Ellingson O. V. De La Og P. Fasone. Row Form: R. Sanchezg M. L. Dyer R. K. Hooksg D. W. Hoolcsg D. R. Hoilmang Bill Elwellg D. H Forresterg F. A. Rinaldi. Squadrm 3 Squadron Commander, Cadct Lt. Colonel C. B. Batselg Guidon- bearer, E. "l'hompson. Row ONE: V. A. Lccscg L. L. Fricsg R. C. Ioncsg E. V. Latting R. D. w'111so113 O. Iohnsong E. B. Dobsong Cadet Lt. E. Iaramillog C. A. eavcr. Row Two: Cadet Capt. F. NV. Parkcrg G. I. Longenbaughg W. G. Manng A. Lockcg L. L. Lindcllg P. Madridg 'I'. C. Kimblcg I. L. Cramcrg Cadct Major F. F. XVcstfall. Row Tlmma: Cadet Cap- tain R. I-I. XVCITIIIHIIQ B. D. Coheng '1'. E. Maxficldg R. L. Leppg F. II. Iolmsong R. B. Iacksong P. H. Iohnsong D. M. Shaffer. Row FOUR: E. P. Simsg R. II. Browng D. Matsmnotog P. D. Kinslowg D. A. Lceg A. M. Lopczg R. La Fontg R. McBride. 1 I . -A 1 wi . 1' . J 1- H. 1' ' tm rp Squadron Commander, Cadet Lt. D. L. Teegardeng Guidon-bearer, N. A. Hanson. Row ONE: D. R. VVallaceg E. Mclendezg F. A. Harringerg E. D. Mooreg M. G. Montaneg E. R. Cordovag A. M. Trujillog W. Unterburgg Cadet Lt. B. Romero. Row Two: Cadet Capt. D. W. Smithg I. I. Colozzig C. D. Stewartg B. T. Starkeyg B. S. Yamamotog I. Kaemperg H. Hindsg D. Reeseg Cadet Capt. D. Smith. Row THREE: Cadet Lt. C. M. Highg H. G. Sloang D. Unterburgg T. Thomg T. D. Reffg M. R. Parkcrg VV. E. VVilligradg B. H. Radcliffeg Cadet Lt. M. R. Cameron. Row FOUR: D. T. Smithg L. Cawlfieldg R. I-I. Schnurrg P. Sumrog C. R. NVo1feg R. W. Skillmang D. R. O'Donnelg VV. D. Robertsong R. P. Benvenuti. Squadfvn 4 Band Commander, Cadet Capt. D. L. Crawfordg Band Executive and Drum Major, Cadet Lt. VV. C. Nickell. Row ONE! L. D. McMickaelg E. Hollisg B. L. Georgeg C. W. Robertsg K. W. Van Winkleg R. L. Paynturg R. L. Ramsey. Row TWO! E. W. Dixeng K. I. Langleyg A. Sterrieg R. E. Hillg R. S. Lockridgeg R. A. Lakeg L. Hernandez. Row THREE: D. L. Pirtleg C. L. Rickmang R. H. Burseyg F. R. Sherrittg E. Vasquezg A. Herreng I. E. I-Iusler. Row FOUR: W. M. Kincaidg D. L. Cateng R. P. Calderoneg R. G. Coldeng F. L. Shultsg D. I. Lading P. E. Maresg P. Iohnson. ,Air grfrcfz Ka d Air gzfrce Z7 il! Gam P. C. Aquilar I. Sandoval S. O. Sautillanes S. F. Suazo M. L. Benjamin I. G. Iararnillo P. L. Stewart M. L. Castillo P. S. VanPatten K. R. Shook R. YV. Lucas L. A. Moore T. C. Cockran I. Heck D. L. Rivera F. V. Kilgore B. L. Jones L. Dudding P. D. Henricks OH 1 WWW. 2 . 1 . , wi A .. ,i "2 ,rs 2: . ' sr ' 5 ?fQ?g,i4w'E ' ,g A gsgvcg -egs1fsgg'1sa4 ' H ,reg - fr 3 '2Qs. .s'gtffg .rf Q " , osgmzfis Z-wg.-Y .1 1 B -2' - M rr fe 512 ss jr X1 we I ss A "' f If :' " f .MH J- liz' 7. . 1 Q" ..-- 1 A tl., - M Masq ,'. ,,,, in X .mv sm The Air Force and Navy Queens being escortecl to a posi- tion of honor in preparation for the crowning. 7 7 Cadet Colonel zunes Newton crowns Air Force Queen, M11 tary Hal! f Dreamy looks and happy smiles, as seen here, characterize the expression of these couples attending the Military Ball 139 ,flir 30 as ,llsszfcirzfizffz '-- ' Ag ..- L' AL!! Row ONE: R. P. Benvenuti, Secrctaryg C. K. St. Clair, Presiclentg I. R. Doughty, Vice-president. Row Two: S. F. Suazo, Treasurerg M. C. Castillo, P.I.O.g H. M. Yoclium II, Student Senatorg I. Colozzi, Social Chairmang D. L. Rivera, Sergeant-at-amis. 140 The Air F orcc Association is a na- tional independent airpower organi- zation foundecl in 1946. The A.F.A. has three major purposes: frj "To as- sist in obtaining and maintaining adequate airpower for national secur- ity and world peacef' fzj "To lceep A.F.A. members abreast of develop- ments in the field ot aviationf' fgj "To preserve and foster the spirit of tellowslii p among former and present members of the United States Air Force, Air Reserve, and Air National Guard." Mr. Gill Robb Vtfilson is the National President and Mr. Clements McMullen is Vice-presi- dent from the Southwest Region. The local A.F.A. is one of the few Cadet Squadrons in the nation. It serves as the social and service or- ganization of the Air Force R.O.T.C. 4 3 R, 1 X is E . is 5 5 as , e , .:.,.: , I ' was Agri ' ACTIVE Mmrlxlzlzsz Jim Newtong Dwayne Longcnbaughg XVallaee Deckert. The Arnold Air Society is an honorary society for advanced AF ROTC students, organized nationally to encourage college men interested in the Air Force and to promote good will be- tween the military and the civilian population. Founded at U.N.M. in 1954, the squadron was named in honor of Ioseph McConnell, a Korean jet ace. There were six , , charter members, and the group has now grown to twelve ae- V4 M A S f tive members. PLEDGES: james Ilarperg Gilbert St. Clairg Robert Sanchczg Don TeegardengCharles Batselg Mark Camerong V inee Gormleyg Charles Cates. 141 ---un-'mu 4 Y. A meeting of the Nlilitary Affairs Council, the governing Air Force football team in action. body of the cadets. Coffee Bar. Air Force Association social hour after meeting Cadets relax in the Day Room. Air Force fO0flJHl1 fCHI11. . ms 2 Distinguished Military Students being awarded the dis- Flag raising ceremony at lohn Marshall Elementary School tinguished military medal by Col. Massengale. , . yn V 'I ' r- -M ar . 'M -Q Q vs --rw . A . 1 4 ,.. I -5 . .ab-X , .K fl?-QTL, " 'rr 'A . 1- 'law S Arnold Air Society presenting Major Willianis his gold leaf. Squad Drill. Ioint Air Force-Navy fall review in honor of the football Eyes right. players. Drill and Heremrmics A pass review. The primary mission of the Air Force RCTC is to train future olhcers for the United States Air Force and, through drill and ceremonies, the cadets learn leadership and discipline. On their graduation the University of New Mexico Air Force cadets are qualihed for any mission the United States Air Force has to offer. o l Air Force color guard. af??22S":.A S : Y l Qi mf r--ff .. Mifiliigi' ' H 96 . .. .fan .' 2f:t+121',2'f6iQ1z?3f7 - hw.. ' wa 'rw 4.1, qv 1,510 "sl 0 'f '55 'ffrz-apt... 3 x 'Uv -J -siren. 134:-X aww.. . Q V, I .fa-c.-A 3 .A,!. T H. .,,,,.j,. 'S v x sfiv' . 45325. V- F z w 1, ,4g,vsA1xGN mwmpww ,, 1..1a..umw' QA .www-fm ' E 3 ymplzrwic Wind Sfzsemblc The Department of Bands includes the Marching Band which played for the home football games, the Concert Band which gives campus concerts and goes on tours, the Symphonic Wind Ensemble which also gives concerts, and the ROTC Band which plays for all military reviews and has played for the change of command at Sandia Base. Kvncfrf Hand Not only have the U.N.M. bands given us much local enjoyment through their half-time perform- ances at games and through such concerts as "F an- fare 1Q56n, but they havehrought to U.N.M. Wide recognition in the realm of music, The U.N .M . Con- cert Band has been selected as one of four top college hands in the nation to appear on the program of the music educators national conference in St. Louis, Mo., April 17. To quote the Dean of Fine Arts, "Not only has Mr. Rhoads given the university the Enest football hand in its history, but he has given it a superb musical organization capable of the highest excellence." Drum Major, Rudy Ulibarri, performs at the '56 Home- coming half-time. . ' 1 ., Y' ' A ' ana ' - :sr E 'H remix is ir- is fa Naseem I f 4 ' sw:-,mn W S as il y f it N am-me a , it Q me-.2 M -mm-rw-We , - fm M .M - -ew-aa W MMM Weisman amine- is-mgmm The marching band forms the letters U.N .M . in script which was used for the Erst time this year. 147 Kappa Kappa Zfsi Row ONE: Roger Thorpcg Iames 'XVoodg David Saudovalg Charles Sclvag Larry XVheclerg Fred Perdinsg XVilliam llardiugg Ray lflubcr. Row Two: Tom Athertoug Pat Pccvyg Leonard V oelkerg Mike Bacag Iames Farrisg Dave Rundlcg Monte McMichaelg Dave Hawlcyg Robert Dicrruaug Bill Butterbaugh. Row THREE! Ken Andersong Norman Rootg XViuston Christian., Nlale urembers ot the university baud arc elected Officers to Kappa Kappa Psi on the basis ot scholarship, uru- President D U ' ' D 1 BOB DIERMAN sical accomplishment, interest, and votes of the ac- Vicepresident l u I NORMAN ROOT tive members. This new campus organization assists gccretarv I . U XVINSTON CHRISTIAN the baud director and helps with baud publicity and Treasurer . . . DAVID PIAXVLEY Orgallizafioll. 148 Sigma ,fllohrz firm OECCTS Alpha Sigma chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, national honorary and President . . . .... Comr IouNsoN professional fraternity for women in music, was started at U.N .M . ViCC-PfCSiClC11f - - BARBARA DUENKEL in 1935 by Crace Thompson, then head of the Music Department. SCCFCUUY - - ' - - BETH SHUI-D'1' Scholarship, musicianship, American music interests, Alma Mater Treasurer . . ALETA 'l'IIOhiSON allegiance, and high standards of performance are included in the objectives ot the organization. Wfomen music majors and minors with an aggregate grade point average ot 1.6 and z.oo in music courses after at least one semester ot college xvorlc and who show outstanding musicianship are invited to join. Activities ot the group include Candlelight Vesper Service dur- ing the Christmas season, Spring Nlusicale ot Contemporary Amer- ican music, Working with M usic Department productions, and ushering and selling punch for Civic Symphony and Community Concerts. Row ONE: Sylvia Ruizg Olinda Lunag Adoria Marting Carole Holmesg Bernice Fiske, Myra Nlantong Ieri Fazending Beverly O'Neilg Marian Henryg Toni Cella. Row Two: jo Ellen Bryson, Betty Van Dirkg Martha lNIcCullocl1g Barbara Duenkelg Marilyn Iohnsong Coral Iolmsong Alera Thomson, Beth Shuldtg Shirley Irving, Ioan Orleheke. 149 :M Orclze fm Yi? L54 The University Orchestra playing with the distinguished duo-pianists, Vitya Vronsky and Victor Babin. ll WI Klwrus Row ONE: Diane VVillia1ns: Hester Fulton: Francine Bingham: Fay Renfro: Marcia mfflglltg Pat Dickinson: Claudette Chicado: Sylvia Ruiz, Sue Miller. Row Two: Elizabeth Schnorr: Diana Holterman: Louise Korn: Katherine Polcy: Lorraine VVillden: Denise Lopcr: Berua Akin: Alice Speed: Virgil XVadley: Gloria Branrlett. Row THREE: Loretta Lucero: Betty Smith: Marsla Parga: Sybil Gordanier: Sara Cox: Cynthia Gaunt: Madelon Byrd: lane Day: Pat Thorn' ton. Row FOUR: Io Ellen Bryson: Marilyn Bebber: Iudy Arnold: Mary "l'ucker:Louise Davis: Virginia Burns: Sandra Maloeh: Mary Poorman. Row FIVE: E. M. Avera: Bill Fry: Gerald Vahle: Ioe Cordova: Iames Thompson: Presley McNeal: lim Schornick: David XVilliams: Iohn Orr. Row six: Richard Price: Dave VVarnock: Herbert Blatchford: Richard Krueger: Robert Hanna: Alan Vermillin: Arden Steiniker: Terence Fairchild: llelmuth Naumer: Morris YVcst. Row SEVEN: Iohn Gorsuch: Nathan Whiting: Bob Geisler: Ioseph Macs: Ierry Trujillo: David Burleson: Don Dye: VViuston Christian. Row EIGIITZ Ed Chavez: Frank Sears: Larry Wheeler: Richard Chapple: Fletcher Hill: Fred Perkins. 150 JV! Orclze ffl L f m!'!1o u ,QT wyx, aa' 1 1 .V 4 mi. . ye .lf P435 F . 51 - fr .3 a, V ,af ., Jig: .M ay, rg-5 . li.. ' Q.-w, y ,Q The University of New Mexico Orchestra playing under the direction of Kurt Frederick at the State Teacher's Convention for an audience of 4,ooo. Jlfl Zrflfzwrf Glzrffus Row ONE! Emily lllilllllllilllg Minnie Lou Randallg Carla KOCllUl2ll1Q Myra Mantong Adoria Marting Olinda Lunag Nora lean Bettsg Diana Fisherg Dorothy Paul- sonp Marilyn Ncubcr. Row Two: Bunny Finkg Beverly O'Ncillg Martha McCullochg Dorothy Hoffinang Marilyn Thomasg Barbara Phillipsg Coral Iohnsong Marilyn Iolmsong Barbara Ducnkclg Peggy Sullivan. Row '1'rmEE: Martha Bullockg Lu Campbellg Darla Bristerg Robert Connorg Iim Mullinsg Bruce VVoodg Robert Cliavezg Robert Ilolliwayg Felix Briones. Row Form: lon O'Nellg Earl Parkerg Larry Gonzalesg Erwin Bettsg Dale Burnsworthg Richard Garretsong Arthur Barrettg Donald Van Liewp VVilliam Nolandg Ray Lutz. Row FIVE: Ken Shookg Bill Purdyg Gerald Rowlandg Arthur Kompassg Theodore Phillipsg Ray Browng loc Untcrbcrgg Phil Crummctt. 151 Mu 2' .Educators ' Nafizf al Korzfcrcnce E . s Z' H-1" ' 4n,v-P' Row ONE: Marilyn 'l1l'lO1'1l21SQ Diana lloltermang Marcia Vlfriglitg Marilyn Ncuberg Marilyn Iolinsong Beth Sliulcltg Dorothy llollniang Olinda Lunag Patricia Klasseng Harriet Shalitg Betty McDonaldg Io Ellen Bryson, Row Two: Caroll Futrcllg Robert Ilollowayg Marshall Dectcrg XVilliam Krumg Donald Van Licwg Kcn Andcrsong Andres Ondclacyg Charles Selvag jack Fosterg H. C. Gonzalczg David Sandovalg Norman Humphriesg Leonard Voelkerg XVinston Christiang E. M. Avarag lack R. Stephenson. String Wnrkshop Patricia Klassen, one of the many U.N.M. music students, getting experience in directing the string workshop composed of bcgirming string students. 152 'I I , ? 55 K A-L B , 3: ::.,E::' T 4 E, , fv ,K 4, ' X 1: Lf V .QA Ts?" ? . ' 'ww egg Rs? Wwgf Rf' . W- aff? Y' . Z 515 Q, . fu fs? my -Xb -3: ge :. 'Qs 'B Q- 'EZ ef if 5' R A X A H ,lag .ml k Wh if 325 gf:-W my - 1,119 M. Q54 4, , :elgjfya rife - 'KQHLQL ' f3'A?f6f K X k we 3 ff ,HF A . sei 'EE - 16 55 Hi' .22 ,gf .ww N? rj Y' Q A N W ffl ,K xx-, ' Www KT , .xx E . X' mg wfX'.Qs.'s" Q ' fel' 5 sz 'L QA -xx' 'fy wp , ' ,Q ',fF3'Z:': ,fx ,aw , , vfea-fi? ,, ' wifi-5' "X , Q +12 13 W V' k we win 3 "villai- , Ehvfztfk 'WL , ' X filing A 1 . M ' 4 . , 'F' JW. A W' ww Egg!! W5 ill: S 7 W Q95 as Fw xy 1 A by X Q SMWU5 1 9!E EQH7MHWW2W0 F ldap!! I Student 2114 2714 The Baptist Student Union is the organiza- tion for all Baptist students enrolled at the University of New Mexico. Membership is based on membership in a local Baptist church. The BSU encourages students to ati'-Iliate with a local church and participate fully, during their college days. In addition, the Baptist Student Union maintains a full program of social, religious, and missionary activities on campus, designed to help U.N.M. Baptist students grow spirit- ually at the same time they are being trained academically. A Baptist Student Center, located at 409 University, NE, provides recreational facilities, lounge, kitchen, chapel, a Bible classroom, and library, for the convenience of students. Three Bible classes are offered each semester: these are fully accredited, giving three hours credit. Rev. Bill Ienlcins is instructor. Highlights of the past year included Saturday night parties and Open House at the Center, weekly mission trips to Boys' Ranch and services at Veterans' Hospital, participation in Homecoming festivities, retreats at Inlow and C-lorieta encampments, convention trips to Silver City, Fort Wortli, Texas, and Ridgecrest, North Carolina, the International Students' banquet, Fresh- man Wfeek when the frosh toolc over, the Favorite Profs' Luncheon, and our Summer Missions campaign when we raised one thousand dollars to support New g ss r , N a BSU honored our foreign students with a "Hi Neighbor!" banquet at Tlranksgivirig. Col. Wfilfred McCormick, noted author, was guest speaker. ' 5-BZTFQYT. f ,,- 1 - . , , ' 'W-2E'1.,, W ,24afa,- . , " ...Ar .. , r- rn,-n Part of the forty-three BS Uers who attended the New Mex- : 322m H5222 222 ico BSU Convention at Silver City. be 2 52 252. '-X1 M '-we .2as. 222222. 154 Mexico student missionaries for a three-month sum- mer's term of service. BSU won Hrst prize last year in the annual Com- munity Action contest, awarded by Mortar Board to the campus group investing the most hours in worthy service projects. A Lobo plants the Denver Pioneers six feet deep in Home- coming house clecorations at the BSU Center. l Q 19 B l Donald Daxis Iohn Cooper Row 'rwo' Alice Sivells' Donna Lee Row ONE: Gary Rapcrg loc Don VVonaekg llarold Gillitg Evelyn Caiug Barbara on ramg xg - . . ., Cooperg Ruth Gallowayg Miss MeMurrayg Peggy Sullivang Francine Raperg Adoria Martin. Row THREE: Barbara Keinpg Linda Dunningg Yvonne Herringg Sally Crookg Bill XV:1guerg Cynthia Cauut. Row Form: Sarah Smitlxg Iaek Doyleg Len Fergusong Bill Morelandg Iirn Ficlienerg Omar Ronsiekg Court Sheppard. Sallv Crook and other U.N.M. students lead singspiration durinv mission service at Boys Ranch. Guests from other lands get acquainted at the Baptist Student Center. 155 oftzlrferbury Klub Canterbury Club, organization of Episcopal stu- dents, has approximately thirty-Eve active members and a number of other students who are active par- ticipants in the church. The Club meets every Sun- day in the Canterbury Club rooms, holding a Wor- ship service, supper, and program. The executive committee of Canterbury Club meets Weekly to establish a workable program for the month ahead. Programs are varied with guest speakers, discussions, business meetings, joint meetings with other Protes- tant groups, and entertainments. On the first Sunday in each month a Corporate Communion is held and followed by a brealc- fast at one of the students' homes. Officers President . ..... ALLEN IENKS Secretary . . GRETCHEN QUELLE Treasurer . . LARRY XKIILLIABIS fu. G I K . QI' X f ' 1 ll ABS!! V Q. g5.,a,'. Row oNE: Rev. Rohaneg Richard wvvlleyg Mrs. Rohaneg Roger Donelsong Iohn Tilletson. Row Two: Richard Caffneyg Alan Icnksg lack Douelsong Gretchen Quellcg Dan Kinzie. Row THREE: Dr. Chreistg Martha McCullockg Martin Paskindg Dot Iuliang Shigco Bang jean Mandcll. 156 Ofhcers Hillel I n keeping with the Hillel Councilorship's policy, the club President . . ...... MIKE SUTIN is open to out-of-town servicemen and advanced high school Vice-president - SHERRILL E-CKHOUSE students along with the university students. 5fCfCt3fY - - ' ROBERT 1' RIEDMAN Under the guidance of councilor Rabbi David Shor, lfeaslfrer ' ' DONALD WEINTRAUB Hillel carried on an active program: They had guest speakers Historian . . IERRY KLEINFELD . . . . e for regular meetings and held socials twice monthly. On the Adviser . . . . Raimi Snoiz campus, the group participated in the Campus Chest Drive and was host for the annual joint Brotherhood Vlfeelc meet- ing of Hillel, U.S.C.F., and Newman Club. Members aid in placing out of town students and servicemen at private homes for jewish religious festivals. Row ONE: Sandra Lcvyg Sherrill Eckliouseg Ruth Ostrowerg Mike Suting Fran Friedmang Barbara Schonbergg Marlene Mendelsberg. Row Two: Arthur Ablcsong Rabbi Sliorg Robert Fricdiiiaiig Irwin Frankg Neil Crantg Ioe Levyg Floyd Siegelg Bernard Krantzg Robert Pickg Donald VVeintraubg jerry Kleinfeldg Martin Pctrovag Icrry Markus. 157 Newman 61116 Officers President ......... Ion KENNEDY Corresponding Secretary . MARX' ALICE DURAN Recording Secretary . . . CINDY FABIAN Treasurer .... . . IOI-IN WHALAN Vice-president . . . . PATTIE TATE 158 :W ' fig Newman Club is a student organization under the direction of a Catholic Chaplain and student oflicers, established for the reli- gious, cultural, and social development of its members. The Aquinas Newman Club at the University belongs to the Santa F e Province of the National Newman Club Federation, and is so char- tered in its affiliation with 6oo clubs on as many campuses in the United States. The Aquinas Newman Center, adjoining the campus, is spon- sored by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and directed by Dominican Fathers who serve as resident chaplains. Program facilities are pro- vided in St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, new student church which was dedicated by Cardinal Spellman on September 6, 1954, and Aquinas Hall which includes a lounge for meetings and socials, a classroom, a kitchen, game-room, and residence rooms for 16 men students. The religious program of Newman Club offers many services: four Sunday Masses, two daily Masses, frequent opportunity for confession, evening devotions, special sermons, counseling, and an annual retreat. The cultural program consists of regular theology classes and philosophy lectures, frequent guest lecturers, library fa- cilities, seminars, discussions, and a major cultural event for the University sponsored annually by the group. The social program provides recreational features after each weekly meeting, picnics, a monthly Communion Brealcfast, an annual Cardinal Ball. lla Tad Student 67111 firm gcllzfwshgv The purpose ot the United Student Christian Fellowship OECCIS is to help students develop, maintain, and express Christian President ........ GARNETT Brnucs ideals in both personal and social living on the campus, in Vice-president - - - NIINTA SUE BUNN the local community, and in the national and international Secfefafy - ' - ' - PATSY BLAIR Helds. U.S.C.F. is sponsored by several Albuquerque Treasurer ' ' ' ' RELDON lACKSON churches and tive National Student Wforlc Foundations. It is also atliliated with the National Student Y.M.C,A.- Y.W.C.A. and xvorlcs on a non-sectarian basis with all inter- ested students ot the University. I Row ONE: Vivian Omang Sheila Millsg Ann Batemang Rev. Ioe NVillisg Garnett Burksg Reldon Iaeksong Gilbert St. Glairg Betty Slayterg Wfilma Snareg Ianie Venson. Row 'rwoz Nancy Meisterg Bobbie BnZnrdg Barbara Scottg Nancy Laliekerg Barbara MeNeilg Donna Rinng Marjorie Endrusg Betty McKelvey. Row 'I'IIREI:II Carol Grahamg Mary Cooperg Shirley 'llenalntg Carol Raineyg Carol Kutnewskyg Ann Krumrnesg Federico Kauffmanng Rolf Hanseng George Swaing Iorge Atiliog Embrcc Ilaleg Dr. Bainbridge Bnntingg Kajean Rumfcltg Esther Gibsong Donna Shortg Mary Wagonerg Diana Mitehellg Marilyn Haekneyg Margaret Smythg Barbara Hunt. 159 Wesley Zauudafizflfz The purpose of Wfesley Foundation, Methodist student group, is to give students "A Church Home Away From Home" as well as to deepen their spiritual and intellec- tual life and to stress the valuc ot fellowship with each other. The Wesleyf Foundation program includes both Sunday and weekday activities. Other events tor the organization are the statewide Methodist Student Movement convention and spring and tall "Spiritual Lite Retreats." l r SEATED: Indy Barnhiscl, Trcasurerg Blenna Lou Black, Secretaryg Connie Alexander, Presidentg Betty Lou Payne, Vice-president. STANDING! Embree Ilalc, Membership Chairmang Rev. Robert Naylor, Pastor of The Central Methodist Churchg Io llupp, Social Chairmang Lew Apodaca, XfVorsl1ip Chairmang Louise Russell, Minister of Youth of the Central Methodist Churchg Ierry johnson, Adult Counselorg Bruce Mount, Deputations Chairmang lim Peck, Publicity Chairman. 160 rf, .' Si r uv e if-X f- , , " 14.25-22:3 A-5, v , '?'15T'f' ' ' , Rin.-. 'f w M, if . -,N.fg'3E?'f' .M-Wlvf , N4 -f2w?5?.?ffE f A .M-fn ' fe N-.'.v " 5111. 325 K ' Q 3,14-.--',,9g,,.L is, N, Y' , 'L wwf- 9 ,5 Y , ..,,.. 1 J, -mga . "0 , . ...:-- rf. 12 ' -1. -sm Y M. A 1: 1 , r f 1, -X a- : 4 V, f-A K nv , 1.35 , sf 51 M3 if " s 1-. 1 'ff' Q Y X I G 4 f, . Q" J 4- 4' 4,44 5: , ag 1 ,QA . I fg ,f , ,al 4. 4: up t Y ,YQ L xr? is '4 4 fx ', f X ' Q J f' ' 3 1 061111 infer- 9mfc'r14 Yy 60 neil xi n-imma .Wu FX K H n 1, ,.,, , , Row TWVOS Tom Bryan, Kappa Alphag C. D. Bryan, Phi Delta Theta? Larkin Smith, Tau Kappa Epsilong lim Meadows, Sigma Chip Bob Fellabaum, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bob Batho, Lambda Chi Alpha. Row ONE: jerry Adkisson, Kappa Sigmag Gary Noss, Sigma Chig Io Don Cook, Pi Kappa Alphag Dave Metz- ler, Kappa Alpha. OHiCCfS The Inter-Fraternity Cou11cil's objective President . . . . . . . GARY Noss is to advance the interests of U.N.M., to ViCC-PrCSidC11f LARKIN SMITH promote Greek interests in all phases of Uni- SCCYCUUY - - TOM BRYAN versity activity, to co-orclinate fraternity ae- Treasurer . IERRY ADKISSON 162 tivities, and to eo-operate in clrawing up rules for rush week. Pauhallmiv Hzfulflril Panhellenic Council, composed of two delegates OECCYS from each sorority, strives for a harmonious spirit President . . . Loy SUE Sracrrnrrrar-an among the sororities on campus. The Council SCCTCWYY - - - - SUE DOMEIER Treasurer . . SHARON YENNEY ollicers are chosen by rotation according to each sorority's founding on the U.N.M. campus. Besides regulating rush procedure among the seven sororities, the Council holds a workshop where awards are given to the sorority maintaining the highest scholastic average of the year. Row ONE: Carolyn Phillips, Alpha Chi Omcgag Sue Domeier, Pi Beta Phi, Loy Sue Siegenthaler, Chi Omegag Sharon Yenney, Kappa Alpha Thetag Dean Lena Clauve. Row Two: Marion Kimball, Chi Omega, Sue Robinson, Chi Omega, Anita Morris, Kappa Alpha Theta, Shirley Teeter, Alpha Delta Pig Iackie Pride, Delta Delta Delta, Barbara Phillips, Alpha Chi Omegag Mary Botts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Patsy Blair, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Connie Ainsworth, Pi Beta Phi, Kathleen Burk, Kappa Alpha Theta. 163 Ofiicers President . . . . BETSY XN'HIT'I'INGHANI l Vice-president . . . . MARILYN BEBBER Recording Secretary . . . CHARLENE MASON Corresponding Secretary . . MARGARET PEKE House Manager . . . . . . KAY LIESSE Historian . . . MARILYN BUTLER Lyre Editor . . . . BARBARA WILLIALIS Alpha Chi Omega placed Hirst in the Home coming float competition this year. They, also, won L first place in Song Fest, and second place in Spirit Sing. Their social life included their winter and spring formals. Outstanding Alpha Chi Omega's are: Teresa Cummins-VVho's Vffho, Mortar Board fpresidentjg Coral Iohnson-VVho's VV ho, Mortar Board, Sigma Alpha Iota fpresidentjg Carolyn Phillips-VVho's VV ho, Student Councilg Leilani Hull, Ioyce Kemper, Kay Liesse, Betty Wliittiirgliam fhistorianj, Barbara Williaiirs fsecretaryj-Spursg Wendell Woods, Carol Robbins, Lynell Burns-cheerleadersg Betty Banks-VVRC secretaryg lane Ann Stinnett-Phi Gamma Nu secretaryg Aleta Thomson- Sigma Alpha Iota treasurerg Leilani Hull-Waterloos vice-presidentg Vivian Vacquier-Cultural Committeeg Connie Giomi-Homecoming attendant. Q7 Pledges. BACK Row: Ian Matkinsg ,Marilyn Trusslerg Elaine Matting Betsy Whittinghamg Leilani I-Iullg Nada Tangwayg Clarilu Gerd- ingg Mary Ann Watkinsg Mary Mills. MIDDLE ROYVZ Gail Mortensong Patty Phelang Ann Gaincsg Duannc Duplrorneg Sarah Haines. FRONT Row: Linda Ionesg Nancy Sargent. Elouise Alexander Betty Banks Bonnie Barton Marilyn Bebber lane Blair Marilyn Butler Connie Cioini Alice Gore Billie Iune Crizzell IO Hupp Coral johnson Elsie Kirkpatrick Carolyn Knutson Kay Liesse Charlene Mason Sheila Mills Margaret Pcke Barbara Phillips Carolyn Phillips Minnie Randall 'Carol Robbins Kajean Rumfelt lane Ann Stinnett Ian Summers Aleta Thomson Vivian Vaequier Donnie VVclcli Barbara VVilli:m1s Wendell VVoods Mrs. Allyne Moffet, Houscmother 1717 Roma Avenue, NE Teresa Cummins, President QT is Oilicers President ........ PEGGY l'IOOPER Vice-president . . . . NANCY BURKE Recording Secretary . . JANET SUE GRAY Treasurer .... . . SHIRLEY TEETER Rush Chairrnan . . . BARBARA F EE Social Chairman . . . SHIRLEY IRVING Scholarship Chairman . . . SUZANNE PERRY The traditional Blue Diamond Spring Formal was the social highlight of tlIe Alpha Delta Pi's year. They were also hostesses for an open house for fraternity and sorority pledges and sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for St. Anthony's Orphanage. Alpha Delta Pi won second place in tlIe Home- coming parade for their float and third place in the Kappa Sigma Spirit Day contest. Alpha Delta Pi's active on campus include: Shirley Irving-Who's Wlro, lVlortar Board fvice-presidentj, Vice-president of Senior Class, Editor of Mirage, Patty Tate-Newman vice-president, Marilyn Iohnson-Spurs, Shirley Teeter-Phi Gamma Nu vice-president, Sub Directorate secretary, lean Reardon-AWS treasurer, WRC treas- urer, Waterloos secretary, Io Ann Clauve-Sub Directorate president, Class editor of Mirage, Student Union Board, Cindy Fabian-Newman secretary, Ianet Sue Grey-Class editor of Mirage, Ioyce Simmons-Publications Board. y I i I I l I Pledges. BACK Row: Kay Worthington, Ann Whipple, Kay Clauve, Iudy Nixon, Marcia Butler, Louise Kuntz, Deyoe Young, Caro- line Sartain, Marian Marks, Carol Kutnewsky. MIDDLE Row: Ann Taylor, Kay Fuller, Dianne Fisher, Linda Summeral, Mary Wag- ner, Barbara lobes, Marilyn Thomas. FRONT Row: Joanne Tate, Deanna Rae O'Neal, Patt Quinn, Pat Alderman, Ioyce Simmons. Nancy Burke Lu Campbell Io Ann Clnuve Carole Cole Margaret Doherty Carolyn Fabian Barbara Foe janet Sue Cray Arlene Ilanosh Shirley Irving Marilyn lolmson Myra Manton Martha Mcrslnan Rcnia Morris Sally Pfeiffer l lean Reardon Mary lean Rose Lorna Richardson loan Schwartz Putty Tate Shirley 'Iiccter Anna Viviani loann NVallace Helen Ward cl'Annc Woodman Ioan Ann NVoodmanscc Mrs. C. A. VVillia1ns Ilousemotlrcr Peggy Hopper, President '2 423 University Boulevard NE fiigf Officers President . . ..... ABBEY NIXON Vice-president . . . . GAX'LE WVEST Pledge Trainer . . . . . 'TONA DABBS Secretary . . . DOROTHY DICKINSON ' Treasurer . . . BOBBIE GATTI Chi Omega's traditions included their White Formal, house dance, Orphan's Christmas Party, Spring and Fall Elysinian Banquets. Sweepstakes in the Homecoming parade, second place in house decorations, first place in the Campus Chest Drive and second .place in the Kappa Sigma Spirit Day were some of Chi Omega's honors this year. Prominent Chi Omegas on campus include: Tona Dabbs-VVho's Who, Mortar Board treasurer, Phi Gamma Nu president, Alice Smith Minor-Wl1o's Who, AWS president, Abbey Nixon- Who's Who, Student Council, Berwyn McKinney fpresidentj, Sue Robinson, Marilyn Shotola- Spurs, Berwyn McKinney-Sophomore class secretary-treasurer, Popularity Queen, Cayle West- Campus Improvement Committee, Barbara Sniitli-Majorette, Bobbie Catti-Cultural Commit- tee, Ada I-Ianen-Student Standards Committee secretary, Ellen Toynton-I-Iome Economics Club treasurer, Kappa Omicron Phi treasurer, Student Senate Sergeant at Arms, AVVS treasurer, Dor- othy Diclcinson-Student Senate Chief Clerk, Phi Camma Nu treasurer, Commerce Council vice- president, Barbara Hunt-Iunior RallyCom vice-president, Nancy Meister-UN .M . delegate SVM Conference, Frances McCarthy-S UB Fashion Board. Pledges. BACK Row: Bobbie Crawford, Io Ellen Graham, Sue Sander sg Beverly Harris, Ieannie Bcrkonholz, Dorothy Christensen, Barbara Hunt. MIDDLE now: Elizabeth Schnorr, Donna Swaine, Marlene Corn, Vickie West, Virginia Pinkerton, Billy Kitch, Denise Loper. FRONT Row: Shirley Sneckner, Ellen Toynton, Marilyn Keith, Eve Tomlinson, Donna Short, Margie johnson. Stephanie Berardinclli Margaret Corry 'l'ona Dabbs Dorothy Dickinson Ian Evatt Patricia Fanning Ada Hancn Ianct I-Iarrigon Katherine Hines Helen Kimbell Marion Kimbell Iolmnic Rhea Lylcs Frances McCarthy Berwyn McKinney Martha Meadows Alice Minor Nancy Overfclt Snc Pfcifer Bobbie Reed Sue Robinson Ioycc Scott Gayle West Nancy Weycrsburg Mrs. Gertrude Barker Housemother 1805 Roma Avenue, NE Abbey Nixon, President Oflicers President ....... MINTA SUE BUNN Vice-president ..... MYRNA WIDDIFIELD Recording Secretary .... Lou ANN CULLEY Treasurer ..... LOTTIE BETH HEDGCOXE Social Chairman . .... JOAN MCCABE Rush Chairman . . . NzXNCY BURK The Tri Delt's won the third place trophy for their Homecoming float. To add to this honor they won Hrst place in the annual Heart Fund Drive. Other traditional events of the year included the Pine Prance in December, Founder's Day, and their Pansy Ring Tea in April. Active Tri Delts on Campus are: Muriel Pride-VVho's Wlio, Mortar Board, Carol Kluver, Marcia Keeler, Martha Benge-Spurs, Martha Benge fvarsityj, Pat Gilliard, Bernice Love ffresh- manj-Cheerleaders, Io Haynes-Phi Gamma N ug Martha Benge-Kappa Omicron Pig Win Davis -Ski Club, Nancy Welcli-Mirage, Minta Sue Bunn-Student Council Activities Chairman, U.S.C.F. vice-president, Carol Kluver-Outstanding Freshman Woinari. Pledges. BACK Row: Deanna Rewaltg Gay Herkenlioffg Indy Barnheiselg Bobbie Thompson, Bernice Love, Ann McEvoy, Lea Greyg Carol Claussen. FRONT Row: Pat Ringerg Bonnie Evans, Gail Hatcliellg Patti Gilliardg Mary Ottleg Hazel Scliringerg Cay Holdridgeg Nancy XfVelcl1. Martha Bcngc Barbara Bryan Ioan Collins Lou Ann Cnllcy NVinifrccl Davis Nancy Ann Dew Ann Gray Muriel llanscn Io Anne I-Iayncs Lottie Bctli I-Icdgcoxc XVcanellc Hcclgcoxc Betty I-Ieggic Marcia Kcclcr Q 3 41 'Q' of N "5" , wa 5 M Q55 Hg ,X W fi Q' , - 1 Minta Sue Bunn, President fi Ioan McCabe Marilyn McRae Iacquic Pride Muriel Pride Io Ann Stcvcns Rebecca Taylor lane Vfhorlcy 216 A1 ,-rx Myrna NViddiiicld Nancy Woodruff Marcia Wriglit Mrs. Ella 'il'llO111IlS, I lonscmotlicr 182 5 Sigma Chi Road, NE X5 WH l am- 5 awmgmm-in ami nijigffgwxiii-imE'f?aif'2'3iml2gg' me B mi mms msmdgwigmss ummm agzwmmgsnm Quia - W , ii wammmw. iwmmsizwmna missin -61. 'Qt gggiwgsms N E ,H H H jgggggyimt -E-MSQQEE WM-Ea waaaimmaaaamggmia '-mamma amass min n mamma EE lx mlmwx-5 ms B was aamsami aim amwmm mm im ami REWBWH mmm M a. H am N M naman E an HWQEHMH' your-amps sggwii mpmhmif niws mmf: agww B- ami: 171 Ollicers President . . .... MARALYN BUDKE Vice-president . . . VIRGINIA RAY Social Chairman . . CAYE MANGOLD Rush Chairman . . . . IANET MAYLAND Kappa Alpha Theta's traditional parties began with the Baby Triad. This was followed by a Wiriter Formal, their Christmas party, and a barbecue in the spring. They won first place for Home- coming house decorations. Outstanding members of Theta are: Sharon Yenney-VVho's Vffho, Mortar Board, Student Coun- cilg Gaye Mangold-VVho's Wlio, Mortar Board, AXVS secretary, Iudy Christopher, Dot julian, Ianet Mayland, Nlary Meek, Harvey lean Peterson-Spurs, Shirley Wall-Seiiior class secretaryg Thalia Armstrong-majorette, Marlyn Broolcs-Homecoming Queen attendant, Maralyn Budlce- Publications Board. xx fn Pledges. BACK Row: Claudette Chicadog Sara Alleng lane Thom song Madelon Byrdg Emily Taulmang Norma lean Thompsong Sheilah Purcell. FRONT Row: Ianille Carlberg Ann Neving Mary lgiy Breeceg Arm Kieferg Valerie Skuseg Shirley Wood. Tlmlia Armstrong Ann Bamforcl Georgia Bcuakis Katherine Bcnnctt Maryln Brooks Kathlccn Burke Rositta lflippin Indy Christopher Maralyu Budkc Mary lean Gillhcrt Linda llorton Dot Iulian Frauciua Kcrchcvillc Louise Korn Nancy Kyle Sonja Lovald Lorna Lugcnhccl Gaye Mangold Margaret Markus Ianct Maylaucl Mary Mack Ilolly Mcrki Sandy Morris Harvey Ioan Pctcrson Diane Pool Mary Lee Quirk Gayle 'l'icrucy Shirley XVall Sharon Ycnncy Mrs. Alice Shilling, I Iouscinothcr ,Q 1801 Roma Avenue, NE 06' -G' 174 Officers Vice president BARBARA BARNARD Recording Secretary ..... NANCY VANN Scholarship Chairman .... JOAN I-IEATON House President .... CAROL ANN RAINEY Pledge Trainer ...... CAROL GRAHAIXI President . . . .... IEANINE ADANIS Treasurer . . CLAUDE'I"1'E DUPLENTIS The social calendar for Kappa Kappa Gamma this year included the traditional Moonlight F or- mal in December, the Baby Triad in the tall and the Triad in the spring, the animal Kappa-Pi Phi pic- nic, and the Christmas Orphan Party with the Kappa Sigmas. The Kappa's won third place in the Homecoming house decorations, first in Spirit Sing with the Kappa Alpha's, and second in Song Fest. Outstanding members of Kappa are: Nancy Cone-Wlio's Wlio, Mortar Board, Nancy Vann- Student Council, Ioan Heaton-Creek editor of MIRAGE, Carolyn Nielsen-Student Court, Assist- ant editor of the BARRAGE, Society editor of the LOBO, Pat McDowell-cheerleader, Shirley Shehan -Cultural Committee, Patsy Blair-Iunior class secretary-treasurerg Mona Howe-Commercial Council, Cessie Knight-Campus Chest special events chairman, Ann Bateman-USCF member- ship chairman, Young Republicans vice-president, Ian Reeves, Binlcy Corrough, Mary Van Atta, Beth Shuldt-Spurs. Pledges. BACK Row: Claire Parsonsg Sharon Henshawg Cessie Knightg Sally Blatnicag Sue Gleng Arlene Rollieg Ianic Vinson. lVlIDDLE Row: Marsha Blairg Carol Alexanderg Barbara McConnellg Nene Ackerman. FRONT Row: Karen Davis, Ioan Deckerg lean Metcalfg Myrle Van Atta, Katie Dunn. Barbara Barnard Anne Bateman Pat Blair Mary Botts Mary Ann Clark Nancy Cone Elizabeth Corrough Charlotte D ivis Cornelia Easterling Nancy Fore Ioan Heaton Barbara Iflill Diane Holmes Cleta Honcynmn Mona I-Iowe Elizabeth Howorth Pat McDowell Iaync Merchant Inne Mills Peggy Mnrp iv Carolyn Nielsen Gail Olsen Beverly Orr Carol Ann Rainey Ann Rubincam Shirley Shehan Suzanne Smith Pat Thompson Mary Van Atta Nancy Vann Mrs. Adeline Steele Houscrnothcr 221 University Boulevfzrd NE Oflicers President . . . . . ALICE MORGAN Vice-president .... . BI3'I'sY PEIRCE Corresponding Secretary . . BARBARA BROWN Recording Secretary .... SANDRA LOCKHART Pledge T raincr . . . POLLY SULLIVAN Treasurer . . . . NANCY ALLNUTT The honor of making the Queen's float for the Homecoming parade was given to Pi Beta Phi this year. Their social calendar included the Christmas formal, the Baby Triad in the fall and the Triad in the spring. They participated in the Heart Fund Drive. ' Outstanding Pi Phi's are: Sally Stringer-VVho's NV ho, Mortar Board, Student Council, Dottie Harroun-Iunior class vice-president, CulturalCo1nmittee, Nancy Cartlidge, Esther Gibson, Toni Cella-Spurs, Indy Little-Freshman class secretary-treasurer, Il1HlOfl13ll5'COIll president, Mary Cooper, Ieanne Bennett, Yvonne Pearl-cheerleaders, Pat jones-Miss Spirit Day, Sally Smith- MIRAGE Popularity Queen attendant, lVIartha lxvaski-Pre-Medical Club president, Sally Carpenter -Iunior RallyCom secretary, Frances Bonnyman-VVaterloos president, Associated Party secretary, Iudy Arnold-Cultural Committee. QNTA 'I A l' Pledges. BACK Row: Yvonne Pearl, Patty Dickensen, Ann Krunnnes, Sandra Burgie, Iudy Little, Indy Arnold, Leonora Durrett, Caroline Evans, Sharon Roth, Indy Ervin, Iudy Minces. MIDDLE Row: Gloria Hanawald, Caroline Killgore, Pat Iones, ludy Everett, Caroline Callahan, Sylvia Lee, Mary Cooper, lean Bennett. FRONT Row: Marilyn Hackney, Esther Gibson, Sally Carpenter, Lea Rohr, Faye Schuman. Connie Ainsworth Nancy Allnutt Fran Bonnyman Barbara Brown Ican Coll Donna Crook Sara Curtis Suc Dolncicr Icrcne Fleck Sonja Hanson Dottic Harroun Martha lwaski Nancy Knapp Sandra Lockhart Patty Maker Nancy Minccs Betsy Peirce Celia Smith Sally Smith Sally Stringer Polly Sullivan Houscmothcr Mrs. Margaret Kctchmcr, 1701 Mesa Vista Road, NE Alice Morgan, President Sig Eps watching ' the Yanks win the second game . . . "The moonlight beams on the girl of my dreams . . . She's the Sweetheart of Gay nineties . . . Gay blades . . . Gay SAE's Kappa Sigs invite the ADPis to their annual snow ball fight . . l 178 chi Omegas meet the rushees in style . . . here in style of the 192o's. A few Kappa Alphas exhibiting some of Emily Post's teachings . . . 1 The Kappa Kappa Gannnas pose for an endorsement acl. I Freeman Lacy entertains girls from all seven sororities at a Sig open house. Alpha Chi Omegas kicking old Budc1ha's gong fouchlj 557532- For a while the Phrateres' showers weren't working. 179 "Tl1ere's so many, and so little time. Vifish I could make them 111 " c . "It1s IT IS' Here she is' The frenzied minutes of rush were packed too closely together to remember them all. Most of all you remem- bered you were nervous and a little bit scared-afraid you'd trip or spill your tea and most of all afraid you'd embarrass yourself by failing to greet someone properly. But after rush was through and you had your pledge pin, you knew you would not be stopped on the way to becoming an active. 180 Oflicers President . Vice-president . . . AINIFS XVILRINS f Q Secretary . . . XV xLB1:R'1' RUNCORN 7 ' S A Treasurer . . LAXVRENCE VV1'n:Er.1:R ' . . . . . RICHARD REINERT f d' -wx --'- ffl Delta Sigma Phi won second place in Spirit Sing with Alpha Chi Omega and won first place per capita in the I-Ieart Fund Drive. Their two traditional dances are the Carnation Ball and Sailors Ball. Outstanding Delta Sigs are: Vlfilbert Runcorn, All Conference foothallg Lawrence Wlreeler, Kappa Kappa Psig Frank Sears, SUB Club Presidentg Pete Colden, Newman Center Parliamentarian. Harry Birkelo Alan Campbell Paul Mares Carl Renfro Frank Sears Larry VVlrceler james XVillcins lr VV illiam Niekcll lgfrlght President first semester Pledges: Glenn Hancockg Coldeng Bruce Millerg Ian Cirninog Sam Iungbluthg Ierry McKer1zieg Ronnie Lopez. Oflicers President ...... VVALLACE DECKERT V ice-president ...... l'lUGH FULTON Corresponding Secretary . . RICHARD GAFFNEY Recording Secretary .... I'lARRY DAVIDSON Treasurer .... . IDONALD lSBELL The KA's again ilrudely awakened" the campus with their dawn announcement that the annual Dixie Day had begrm. Dixie Day, along with their Roman Holiday and VV inter Formal, is one of KA's favorite traditions. Their Homecoming float tool: first place. The Kappa Alphas also collaho- rated with the Kappa Kappa Cammas to take first place in Spirit Sing. Outstanding members include: Wally Declcert-Khatali, Wlio's Wliog Harry Davidson-ASME secretaryg Richard Gaffney-Kiva Club vice-presidentg Vince Gormley-Student Body president, Student Council, VVho's Vlfho, Arnold Air Societyg Richard Vlfilson, Iames Major-Vigilaritesg Wfayne Hisey-Stuflent Affairs Committeeg james F erguson-Khatali, Student Court. Pledges. BACK Row: Iimmy Ketchumg Bill Berchg Dean Parishg Bob Schnurrg Ken 'l'homg Cenc Smith. lX"lIDDI.E now: Bill Doyleg Charles Cillardg Ierry Marting Don V idalg Leon Holchcckg Don Cata, Sunny Caskill. F1roN'r Row: Rod Stovcrg Bob Rucbeckg Danny Kinslowg Roy Shortg lay Heclc. Tom Ball Charles Batsel Ronald Bowra 'l'll0lH2lS Bryan Lin Cordell I-Iarry Davidson James Durant lim Ferguson Hugh Fulton Richard Gatfney Dan Godfrey V ineent Gormley VVayne I-Iisey Don Ilollis Bill llurley Donald Isbell Preston jones Bruce Kubik Carl Longerot Bill Madden lames Major Scott McCarty Leonard Melntosh David Morgan Earl Parker Harry Pomeroy Arthur Roubik Bill Sanford rlwllll Silence jim Sturdvcnt Richard XVilson Robert Workman Mrs. Helen M. Rose I--Iousemother XVally Deekert, President A --.f'i": , g K-if gil! :- I ' ' , .'ff" ,Y .f . ,r ,N ,, , ,A , , W?- 1635 Roma Avenue, NE Oflicers First Semester President ........ I'IERB TENIPLE Vice-president . R . . Bon BOGAN g Social Chairman . . RUDY ULIBARRI Secretary ........ CARNETT BURKS Officers Second Semester President ......... IIM WEBER Vice-president . . MACK WALLER Social Chairman . . RUDY ULIBARRI Secretary . . . . . Max CRooK Kappa Sigma social events include the annual Stardust Formal, the Poverty Ball, and the Casa Lopez. Other traditional events are Spirit Day and the Kappa Sigma-Kappa Orphan Party. This year the Kalipa Sigs won third place with their Homecoming house decorations and honor- able mention at Stunt Night. Outstanding members include: lim Weber-Kliatali, Student Courtg Marvin Loper-Iunior class presidentg lim Crow-Loiao stallg lim Williariis-LOBO Business Managerg Hap Crawford-King of Heartsg Herb Temple-Publications Boardg Walt Schuman-baslzetballg jamie Koch, lim Harris, Barie F ritz-football. l Pledges. BACK Row: Walter Schumang Iames Walkerg Ioe Robinsong john Colcg Sam Sperryg George Stuckerg Ducky Priceg Al Dennisg Dan McCluerg Iim Boddy. MIDDLE Row: George Hanoshg Iohn Iohnsong Iim VVells3 Tom Roffg Collis Redmonclg Don Tliomasg Lee Callesg Don Mooreg Iames Koch. FRONT Row: ChuckMachemehlg Charles Thompsong Lawson Plryfeg Terry Frenchg Phil Van Patteng Frank Haleg Andrew Starkg Iarnes Dyerg Iim Hunton, Iames Crow. Ierry Atkisson Bob Bogan Robert Burns Vaughn Bush Tom Cochran Max Crook Iohn Duff Barie Fritz Dan Heath Marvin Loper Bruce Mackeldnlf Norman McLaughlin lack Riddle Iaines Smith Allan Sprengclcr Ruclolfo Ulibarri Charles Weaver james VVcbcr Dick VVes Jiser lim XVlill8lTlS Mrs. Grace Brewer, I-louscmotlicr 505 University Boulevard, NE Herbert Temple President F3 l Ofhcers First Semester President . .,..... FRED lVlOSSLIAN Reporter . . . ERNIE BRUSS Warden . . SYL CHUBILEY Treasurer .......... Ion IENIKE Ofhcers Second Semester President ......... RON NELSON Reporter . . . JOHN POORBAUGH Warden . . CHUCK DOUGHDRILL Treasurer . . CHARLES HIGH The Phi Delta Theta's social calendar this year was highlighted hy the Blue and Wliite Formal. Their less serious parties include the Half Formal, the Monster Rally, and the Suppressed Desire Party. The Phi Detlts tool: second place in Song Fest. Prominent Phi Delts are: Syl Chumley-VVho's Wlio, Khatali, Student Councilg Dave Eznrnert- Vigilantesg Ernie Bruss-Cultural Committeeg C. D. Bryan-Student Standards Connuitteeg Don F edric-Freshman class presidentg VVarren Deitrich-Freshman class vice-presidentg john Barnes- Campus Improvement Cornmitteeg Charles High-Student Senateg ferry Apodaca, Diclc Drake -football. Pledges. BACK now: l3ill Knoxg Dave Spikerg Don Fedricg Mark Beniaming XVarner Littleg Larry Rozicrg jim Poorbauglig Bill Robertsoug Ed Shillingburgg Von Kilgore. FRONT Row: Ernie Brewery Sid Zakling Ted Lewisg lim Kransbergcrg Iim Sherittg Herb Hahn: Wlarren Deitrichg left Hill. Ierry Apodaea john Barnes Don Bozeman Ernie Brnss C. D. Bryan Charles Carlsen Syl Chuniley Kerry Constan Dick Drake Dave Ennnert Harlan Flint David Fortner Iames Harper Clcnn llaste Charles lligh Bruce lloocl Don llosner Bert Leclbetter Bill McCall Ierry Miller Iohn Moore Ron Nelson Tom Pettit Iohn Poorhaugli Paul Rose Russell Sehwcrs I. D. Strode Mrs. Blanche Deaton, I'I0llSCll10tllCI' Fred lVlOSSlll2ll1 President '? f-CN' 1705 Mesa Vista Road, NE Officers President . . . . V ice-president . Treasurer . . . . Recording Secretary . . Corresponding Secretary . IULIAN GARCIA . Bon IORDAN PAUL ARNOLD NIICHAEL MEYER . DANN1' ZEFF A Hi-Iinx Costume Ball each semester, and a Dream Girl Formal in the fall highlighted the PKA's social calendar. During Homecriming they captured first place in I-louse Decorations. They also received the I . F. C. Scholarship AW rd for having the highest grade average. Outstanding Pilce's include: Iohn Anderson-Vigilantes, Student Councilg Danny Zell-Vigi- lantes treasurer, Lprso sports editorg Bob Hill-Publications Boardg Michael Meyer-Collegiate Council Regional Directorg lim Livingston-lootballg lim Brooks, Don Brooks, Chester Morris- traclc. r Pledges. BACK now: Flriyd VVilliamsg Bill Breggg Lamar Parislrg Ernie Espanag Herbert Sliillingberg. MIDDLE now: Iim Shephardg Sam Greyg Roy Moundayg Bill Michaelg Gene Mortenseng Robert Lucas. F noNT now: Kenny O'Dellg Dale Gallagherg Gene Franchinig Danny Zeff. N w Iohn Anderson Paul Arnold Gus Benakis Brian Boggs joe Don Cook Raymond Cowan Harold Eitzen julian Garcia Leonard Goodcll W. R. Gore Herbert Hartman Robert Hill Bobby Iorclan Vernon King Oscar joe Linman Chuck Lockhart Norman Maisel Don Martin john McCrory Michael Meyer Leith Mitchell Richard Munn Don Radovich Ioe Roberts George Ruoff Richard Sei Glenn Turner Frank XfVestfall Iohn Wheeler F red NVhitc . X 606 University Boulevard, NE James White President Hrst semester l Oflicers Semester I President ......... ED BRANNON Vice-president . . BorsXVA1u3r1A1xr Secretary . . . Nous I-IQFFMAN Treasurer ....... DICK GOE'1'ZBIiXN Ofliccrs Semester II President ......... IACK STAHL Vice-president . . . DAVE HOLT Secretary . . . . IACK BoBRoFF Treasurer . . DICK CEOETZRIAN Three big social events highlighted the year for Sigma Alpha Epsilon: a Wfinter Formal, the Calypso Costume Ball, and their Centennial F ounders' Day Celebration. Their Hoat took third place in Homecoming competition. The outstanding members of the SAE chapter are: Don Teegarden-VVho's Vifho, Sigma Tau president, ASME president, Dick Novaria-Wlio's VVho, Khatali, Sigma Tau vice-president, ASME vice-president, Chief Iustice of Student Court, Arlin Cooper-Khatali, Intramural Council, Ben Clegg, Bill Dickinson, Phil Taulbee, lean Ster, Chuck Vidal-Vigilantes, Dwayne Longenbaugh- Student Council, l3reek Clascoek-Sigma Tau treasurer, AIEE president, Dick Coetzman-Delta Sigma Phi president, Commerce Council treasurer, lim Newton-Air Force ROTC Commander, Iames Morris-RallyCom president, Dick Brown, lames Economides, Iames Morris-baseball, foe Don Vifoniack, Bill Vlfagner-track, Mark Southard-basketball, Ioe Ferguson, Bob Sanchez, Cene Gallegos, Chuck Vidal-tennis, Iames Cramer-wrestling. ' Hilti!!! 'w Pledges. BACK Row: lim Dill, Bill Renfrog Dale Brown, Jerry Brirnhall, Bob Wolfe, Bob Gochring, Ray Iolmson. l.NlIDDLE now: Don De Vargas, Iigger Skillerng Elmer Volzer, Ioe Suazo, Bill Haas. FRONT now: Paul Anderson, lack Kemper, Val Loose, George Chant. Wfilliam Acller Ken Anderson Arthur Anstine Roger Barnhnrt Albert Black Iohn Bobroff Ionn Brasslielcl Diek Brown james Br ee Ben Clegg Arlin Cooper james Crannner Xblllllillll Dickinson Esmiel Duran lim Economides Tim Elsbrock joe Ferguson, Ir. Robert Fellabaum Eugene Gallegos Robert Glaseoek Ioe I-Ieury Dave Holt Noble Kirkpatrick Gerald Longepbaugli Leroy E. Miner james P. Morris Bill Moulds Dick Novaria XVilliam Otto Iohn R. Phillips Ted Riekelton Bob Sanchez lack Stahl Phil Taulbec Don Tcegardcn xvllllillll XVagner Bob VVareham Louis XV eller Iaek Williams loc Don VVomaek A ' , -,I " .. ,fr , V . , . I A . , V P. ,V V if 3a u , l I: x54 ,W A i -my V' f. i I' vi 1 V' . M Ed Brannon President first semester FEE ---,A,:- I .lll l wp f 11 Oliicers Semesterl 1 :,. ' V K, in ,1--: I President ........ MIKE KELEHER I V ice-president . . . IIIVI DEBOLT Q, ' -223 i f ' Secretary . . . . . GIKRY Noss l Pledge Trainer ..... Iisrnw DAIILQUIST ' iz' H Otlicers Semester ll President ........ IACK CARNAI-IAN ji V ice-president . . MART Siznvrs - --':' Secretary . . . . XVALLY Brsrnzn Q A"" 5 Pledge Trainer . . IACK C1-IISHOLM Traditional Sigina Chi parties given this year were the Black and White Sweetheart Formal and the Klondike Party in the spring. Honors received included second place in Homecoming House Decorations, and third place in the float competition. They took third place in Spirit Sing. Outstanding members include: Bob Matteucci-Khatali, Student Council vice-president, Student Senate president, Mike Kelelier-Who's Wlio, Kliatali secretary, Publications Board, Mike McNevin YVho's Wlio, Khatali president, Senior Class president, Student Court-Past Chief Iustice, Mart Servis-VVho'sVVho,CaryNoss-VVho'sVVl1o,l.F.C. president, Cultural Committee, Charles Cates -Phi Kappa Phil Khatali, Bill Cox-Iunior l.F.C. president, lack Carnahan-Khatali, Douglas Balcomb-VVho's Viflio, Phi Kappa Phi, Khatali, Dan Hampton-Vigilantes vice-president, Iohn Kelelier, Lynn Parker-Vigilantes, Ron Ferreri-Khatali, Chi Epsilon president, Mart Servis, jim Vlfillianis-basketball, Yuinpy Barker, Ray Cuerette-football, Erwin Thompson, Lynn Parker, Harrison Smith-track, Bob Crist-baseball. Pledges. BACK Row: Paul Matteucci, Lief Isaacson, Ron Whiteman, Ed Samberson, lim Bisbee, Iim Sliipp, Mike McCormick, Warren YVoods. NIIDDLE Row: YVally Chastain, Ierry Winget, Bill Holman, Bob Gregor, Ray Cramer, Mike Hogan, Bill Cox, Charlie Watkins. FRONT now: Pat Curley, jim Stevenson, Iolin Cliimosky, Sonny Cliamas. Ierome Adams Robert Alexander Ron Anderson William Andrews Douglas Balcomb Rick Ball Hildrcth Barker Iolni Baur Erwin Betts Duane Blickenstaff R. V. Boyle Bill Bricker Richard Bryan lack Carnahan Charles Cates lack Chisholm Dale Crawford Robert Crist Pete Cunningham James Curd Iarnes DeBolt Edward Dobson Iames Dnrrett Frank English Joseph Ferreri Larry Fries Roger F rycr james Furr Raymond Cuerette Daniel Hampton Rod Hollister Sam jack john Kelehcr I. VV. Kempcnaar George Kimball Robert Koontz Dale Mackey Bob Mattcucci Michael Keleher, President -uv ,iq we if 1? john McCormack Michael McNevin Gordon Modrall lack Norris Gary Noss Lynn Parker David Peterson Ronald Propper Paul Rea Teddy Rhodes Phil Rogers Gene Samberson Billy Sandlin Mart Servis Don Smith Harrison Smith Paul Smith Rick Sneddon Frank Stone Iames Thomas Iames Turner Richard Turner Frank Vaughn Franklin Wilkins Iames Williams Sam Wood Mrs. Mamie Evans Housemother 91:1 Yale Boulevard, NE Oflicers President . . . . . . NORINIAN PrsTrs1zs12N Vice-president . . . . DrXVID CHAVEZ Secretary . . . ROBERT BATHO Treasurer . . PAUL BRUNET Traditional events on the Lambda Chi Alpha calendar include their Founders' Day Banquet March 22, a picnic in the mountains and the Wliite Rose Formal. This year the Lambda Chi's won sec- ond place in the annual Spirit Sing in conjunction with the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. In campus activities is Dick Camacho who was chairman of the Student Standards Committee. Norman Pctcrscu, President Robcrth Batho Paul Brunct Richard Camacho David Chavez Iohn Miner BACK now: George Ostcrmanng Richard Casanovag Ileinz Ehrsamg LeRoy Gomezg XVillia1n Cartson. FRONT Row: David Neving Iohn Minerg Theodore Martinczg Prcslcy McNeal. Officers President ........ Bon DIER1N'IAN Vice-president . . LARRY FooR Secretary . . . BERNIE HIGGINS Treasurer . . Bois PIUIVIBLE Historian . . . BOB NORTON A line tradition of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is the annual orphan Christmas party which they give with Chi Omega sorority. Also the fraternity's social functions for the year include a Christmas F ormal, Sweetheart Formal, and Swim Party. The Sig E ps placed second in Spirit Sing this year. Outstanding members of the fraternity this year are: Bob Dierman-Student Council representa- tive, and presideiit Kappa Kappa Psi. Dave O'Donnell-Treasurer Iunior I .F .C. Pat Bennett 'Lawrence Foor Bill George Iames Higgins l Robert Dicrman President A o Qijwjljf i A i Y l W . time 72-aww Z.. I .,.N.,h Pledges: Robert Howellg David O'Donnellg Don Shubertg Ward Harrisg Al Grady. 196 J Tau Kappa Epsilon placed second in Spirit Sing this year. Among the animal ailairs of the fraternity are the Carnation Ball, Tekewacade, Poverty Ball, and a party for all new sorority pledges. Outstanding Tekes of this year include: Larry Hammock-Social Chairman of Vigilantes, IFC repre- sentativeg Mike Laine-King of I-Iearts, President of Vigilantes, Sophomore member of the Student Union Board, Vice-president of Program Directorateg Duke Perkins-Kappa Kappa Psi and U.N.M. bandg Bruce Iagger-U.N.M. wrestlingg Brooks Ambos-Fiesta Chairinang Ray Lutz-Fiesta V.P.g Ted Tristram- President of Student Union Board, President of Alpha Phi Omegag Larkin Smith-IF C Vice-presidentg Phil Sawdey-Program Directorate. President . Vice-president Secretary . Treasurer . Pledge Trainer 4 I , it 5--Uni ,- f F? 7 .4 , 'ea' Oilicers . . MIKE LAINE CHARLES STEPHENS . BRUCE IAGGER MANUEL SAUCEDO . . . PHIL CYR I l . Martin Philip Emmett B. Iames Laurens Earl George Barnett Cyr Dawson Freese Hammock Hester Honeycutt Bruce Richard Manuel Phil Larkin Charlie Ted Iagger Lake Saucedo Sawdey Smith Stpehens Tristram Michael Laine President Pledges: Neil Gholsong William Thorng Robert Hollowayg Iohn McCandliss. 1 . l Oflicers , U i A 4.i..'iQ.J. President . . ..... BETTY SNIITH 1:32 . ' J V ice-president . . . . FRANCINE RAPER 4. - 'fig x I A y ! Treasurer .... . . lo ANN Locxiuncis i , ' Recording Secretary . . . . XVILMA SNARE w ' ,Q ' Corresponding Secretary . . ADORIA NIARTIN ,I H . ' l The Town Club lield its annual VV inter and Spring tormals and had an open house each semester for all men on campus. Outstanding meznbers on the campus include: lane Day, Hoznecoining Queeng Betty Smith, March of Dimes 'fGuard Angelng Katherine Poley, Telce attendantg Adoria Martin, vice-president of Phi Gamma N u, Spursg Pat Tolmie, Night Editor of LOBO and Student Union Publicity Committeeg Nancy Iohnston, Student Union Program Directorateg Io Ann Loclcridge, Student Union Music Committeeg Betty Slayter, Spursg Margie Endres, Spurs. l Pledges. BACK now: Alice Lantzg Katliey Poleyg lean Muckeyg Dolores McCaigg Nancy Lalickerg Barbara Iustice. FRONT Row: Betty McKelveyg Dorothy Sribinog Mary Ellen Billingsg Pat Tolmieg Ellen Greene. Mona Christensen Nancy Cole Iane Day Margaret Ellis Marjorie Endres Barbara Frederick Pat Gloss Dorothy Corry Nancy Iohnston Barbara Kemp Pat Kross Mary Lucero Adoria Martin Ellanora Shan XViIma Snare ". . . And in this corner, Albuqucrquds finest Officers President FLORA lVlALSTAS i 'ff-! A qfifj, -. Enya!-lvti v ' I' . r. ,f 1 , , M4 Q Vice-president . SIMMIE Rorvnzao 3, ,gp H . . . Secretary OLINDA LUNA Treasurer . VELMA MARTINLZ The Phrateres participated on campus this year by selling programs at football games. They also participated in the Heart F undldrive and worked at the Veterans Hospital. Social events given included the annual Club Night Owl in the spring, two open houses for U.N.M. men, and a picnic. Outstanding members are: Mary Louise Stogden, Phi Kap- pa Phi and Freshman Honor Rollg Flora Maestas, Wl1o's Whog Simmie Romero, AWS Secretaryg Olinda Luna, Phi Gamma N u Secretary. President Flora Maestas Lucille Aragon Sherrill Eckhouse Magdalena Gallegos Rosina Griego Olinda Luna Velma Martinez Mary Mclnteer Sirnmie Romero Adelaida Sisncros Mary Lou Stogden 'XM Y , r BACK now: Louella Romerog Rosina Griegog Louise C-reyg Flora Maestasg Betty Lou Scrnag Mary Lou Stogdeng Simmie Romero. FRONT Row: Miss Carol Williamsg Lucille Aragong Norma lean Meclinag Marian Causing Velma Martmezg Lida Sisnerosg Olinda Lunag Mary Frances Mclnteer. ffrfko nz flu!! r f' 91. K-fliig 1' I flwji 'X x ,kim Row ONE! Sydney Norman, Karen Farber, Miriam Morgang Carolyn Killgorcg Francine Bingham, Bcvcrly Spinelli, Louclla Romero, Lindo Tracy, lean Iamesong Ieanne Bennettg Valeria Skuse. Row Two: Carol Pornpeog Pat Ringer, Rosina Griegog Sharyn Madera, Betty Io Baker, Carolyn Cookg Barbara Williams, Lea Rohr, Iudy Mincesg Pat Dickensong Iane Butt, Louise Grey. Row THREE: Bonnie Evansg Virginia Burns, Madelon Byrdg Rozclla Siler, Robbie Sue Reddy, Sheilah Purcellg Charlene Eakerg Mary George Tuckcrg Nancy Seibert, Pat Horneg Harriet Kolfalkg Ann NVatsong Sandra Ward, Sara Zargesg Sara Cotg Kathryn Campg Mary Ann Stites. N' r? "ll .I ,Ar H 'T an ir Z -,rm-L K eww. rr.. 4:91. W MEM, r ,.., I ,W r ,gg Row ONE! Carolyn Killgore, V ice-presidentg Francine Bingham, President, Beverly Spinelli, Secre- tary. Row Two: Valerie Skuse, A.VV.S. rcp.g Kathryn Camp, VV.R.C. 1'CP.Q Madelon Byrd, Student Senateg Mary Ann Stites, corridor rep.g Lea Rohr, foods rep., Carol Pompeo, corridor rep. 202 Murray Hall I Row ONE! Rosetta Martinezg Carmen Trujillog Olinda Lunag Mary Frances Mclnteerg Sandy Burgrinkg Sylvia Ruizg Elizabeth Earecksong Enid Douglasg Margaret Smythg Laura jean Colburn. Row Two: Ianice Stadlerg Bobbi Quintanag Lida Sisnerosg Ernestine Torresg Diana Mitchellg Gail Wolcottg Dorothy Paulsoug Sara I-layncsg Nancy Centryg Bobbi Pinog Betty Slayterg Katy Tondreg Glenda Hapesg Norma jean Medina. Row THREE: Bertha Curtisg Simmie Romerog Velma Martinezg Gloria Herrerag Patsy Espinozag Ann Dotyg Carol Ann Taylorg V irgie Gentryg Barbara YVilliamsg Dixie Mayg Barbara Poppy Maura Ricog Dolores Gallegosg Eleanor Raeg Nancy Wilkinsong Vivian Omang Lynn Goldfarbg Io Ellen Engleg Cordelia Valdezg Betty Lou Sernag Mary Lou Stogdeng Marilyn Mutz. Row noun: Peggy Browng Ioyee Millerg Sandy Malochg Ernestine Montoyag Lucia Saleidog Colene Atchelyg Theodora Pendletong Doris Breitcnfieldg Sue Fairclothg Dorothy I-Iollandg Barbara Cossetteg Sally Blatnieag Carol Priesnitzg Ianiee Croyg Io Ann Cookg Jeanette Iacksong Karen XVilliamsg Barbara Bergg Jetty Io Potter. lllarron Hall is an upper classman clorm which partiei- OHHCCIS patecl in Song Fest, sponsored a pep rally before the San President ....... SANDY Buueiunrc lose football game, and joined with three other dorms to 505211 Cllaifnlflll ------- SYLVIA RUIZ give 3 formal dance- Secretary-treasurer . MARY FRANCES BXICINTEER Qu,-F. .U 1. F. z,,e.,mfs, za-25,5 wra- ,55 ,A ' ' ij.,-Sv a 114' .. 4. 25,3-Fil ,re L! L. Come, girls, is this the way we study for finals. They found time to relax with refreshments, blue jeans, and good jazz. 203 r J Drfrmifzfry D ' -:-:- i - .:.:E "5 . fy. 7 r mis, Marie Aslicraft, Corridor Representative for T-13g Constance Cummings, Secretary-treasurer: Lucille Aragon, Vice-presi- dentg Barbara Dueukel, Social Chairman. 5:7 HT! Row ONE: Miriam Meekerg Iudy Haley: Sue McPherson: Marjorie Sucliomelg Marian Wilson: Sherrill Eclclrouseg Iudy Stcrmcr: Rose Benally. Row Two: Marie Aslrcraftg Margarite Guarag Alice Eaton: Mildred Albert: Lucille Aragon: Sue Weitzelg Mary Ann Brockmang Barbara Duenkclg Ruth McKinley: Alma Eakerg Betsy Huff: Lita Vigil. Row THREE: Patty Stewartg Cecilia Tenoriog Ioyce Hemsingg Ann Robertson: Diana Holtermaug lean Mandellg Raejeanne Robinsong Connie Cummings: Carole Potterg Frances Patong Iudy VVoodyg Barbara Van Attag Arm Richardson: Betty F isherg Ann Del Ventog Liz Vigil: Flora Maestas. 204 l Mesa Vi fa Dvrmifory if fe SEATED: Ricllard Lnccrog Glenn Tliorntong Morris XVest, Sccretaryg Bob Tucker, Presidentg Don Dcarholt, V icc-prcsidcntg Mrs. Clifford. STANDING: Robert Roubickg Don Helgreng Iiinrny Linneyg Howard Brawn. The residents of Mesa Vista adopted a new constitution at the be- ginning of the second semester. This new constitution was the first step toward self government. The govern- ing body consists of a council com- posed ot wing presidents, who ap- point the other judicial bodies. These judicial bodies each have their own functions and are made up of mem- bers ot Mesa Vista Donn who are in good academic standing. J One ofthe many "personalized" concerts presented by the U.N.M. Band to Mesa Vista. 205 ,.,j1?5:fa Eagan . .M is fs. 4 NN V 1 .fi K, 'X 2 r r x 1 Mesa Vista's entrees the annual Christmas song fest capture much praise for their efforts. ..4. Rm! Practicing your chug-a-lug technique? One of the informal dances which highlighted this year's Mesa Vista social life. ,Me ll Vi fa Dzfrmifo y any 5 x ' 1 Dorm Council: Bill Sncuclg lim Browng Doug Carmicliaelg Howard Brawn, Presidentg Gene VValker, Secretaryg Glenn Thornto Robert Garcia. Not present for picture: jimmy Linney, Vice-presidentg Iiggcr Skillern. if I ng Don Rye r"fli,JI, I Dorm Standards Committee: Otto Raalzcg lim Brueniugg Arthur Kompassg lim Blaekg Howard Brawn. is , E 41 'JI -. , -. :AE-at Chosen to reign over the first Mesa Vista Crystal Ball were Francine Bingham, Queen, Marilyn Hackney and Patty Stewart, Attendants. 16 27' HlD2'l1'11Sf21UlPIH2lCl1lI'lC . . . empty again!" "Peslcy ball . . ." , -MSS-hr A coke will do me more good than that last five minutes "My roommate makes a habit out of locking me out of my of study before the calculus exam." room." ' 208 l Calm in battle, weary in defeat, proud in victory, the sweat stained face ofthe athlete turns to receive the cheers and then . . . fights a little harder. s - MM M M -.M -MM M -. . MM - M- M- - M - - M-,.- ,M Y , ..M-. -.M-351.5-Eyggg ESSMMLSE' .E 'wwe 5554555 :sf mg?? M xmas Wgqmsz M :Egg msfgsm Hmm?-awk misss H E nu m'nfQS 'avi ganna N Q ' 'Mum M wQsm H mswvm N A' E an , jf-- if -E-Efwm E -was ' B' as M E M im, A M H --x ss E . um si MW Us X I imma- 1 M if ss ,.:-2--' W Sm- mm SW E .XXBEHQ-X-A 5 ss Haw E sf -M V -Mgm H MMM -M gm MMM- n sg- E sax- M :gg--Mwvss M in M-ww E 1- nm A--M -M U s --M M-amz: H,-m M ss mgxawnma ww., na my -W,-Mmm -W 21- -- V wg as E M M- MM H , mm 521-M sm rv -.n -mama ww-himmmq me--W-. mamma -H -ml-Q givin :MTX N an WM AUM WRST My ' ' M.-W .-N V' H -- H mf M mf ass Ming V M was M gangs fu-fy N M. 532, ff 77 if U K. Exgim wif ' -15MB-'xx xx-we-lxxr www!! Him ws: gi-, 1-as ---MMM-,M , , : M, ,Y-W 5 my fs Q2-55- - -U-MW L4 ,xtgxw w-,-A-was UNM- w W -sg -K xiiixwima 'Mining 'EMT uv ' f M :S M. H: HM. 'Y " Q E M is -1 H !-- M is ., W wa A will ,Tumi H 'Tw' W-W Ywsh, .H N M 5-gli, ,pm H ' .- M, .MMT-va Lgsrssm MMXMQAHH mama -58:91 1 SSM, ,nn asm H mf Zmxh mugs mu any ss S- Mimi QSM-, . ss QE mu ix-as af ss W 1 E 5. Zan X E K S9?.' -E' M295 -5 ww ss Me B Wim-M as-lm'-an Kas-:EEF ming suminum S as s :mmm E mn-Q 5 E mziysw MSEM ag.,M-W A Aixam, .M-M32 . M K Q-MW, Mgzz-M fr WMM MBE ss: : 1 mmf,-fx Q -M M: a ,se sim 'im .. I WE MMM " MMM -9- 'H M-Q QEQI 91 -N Ni E ms M, nm Swan ss--E ,MM wa. H mr Mfg? Mm- ,gfa - M 155515 'M mmm Hum my E H A 5:58 swf M ms H MMM MMM .M fm M-m M mmm? 5541 :EFS my ms 1' :H E42 M M I M QHM K 'Zigi ff-M WTSW KH sig? 1- 1 H f Z B Wx ,wp uxxgm gm X- M A , it wma ami vMm-B, Q- H .- M. H - :MYR 1355? .-NE-:sw T Us 'A 'MNH H -2 E 2- H N w M :E .M snags - --is 5--W U M.. M- HM- E in E ww M ' 1 - -Q - m Q- 1 M E M, H M . . . as E W gn Q Q 5 E m E E H fr- : M M - M Q ' N . M. AJQQWEK If Q--H auf -M 5: whim un H R I H- ui-xsim Hs wM-we M-e,5g5MgH-.Egg-. K-j--Mg -M M-ff'--M M--ju M 5 E gg' aww xrxgiim -uf ... as N uma :X N wav 2 BM a 'f M we H E W M ms A W.-A my i' 5 '--H H H fa ms an ms fs E M ack pu vm MM H 5551 na E mg? Mg-'ana 1 Q! H nm Q' M :Y M as ,gin M535 -- MM--.R ---Q1 was , H W X M' SU:--M wi wwf fx X K M,-E M-1' ms mul .un -as MMK mu mx E --, . ms ma M-M Wm an -K-MM-M -fm as H Maw M Q -x Q ,X m - bm SH ms K ma ,ME ms E E .M mi U nm M- W M XE, ummm ZQM Q mm in , M - W mf- 151 'vw-LEM H.-3-Y M T -M M Z --gk MMM : 'aa-55 ' 2 --M W H M-1 - M M--M gy-gsm wail Qaaaffsu -mmf?-ss -:sf K' :BM QW sms mv ' Wm A wk' uw' mv' M- H E H H -'mv X 1 my s ss ks E. if - :QM H in K -M m - K- 1 M - ' E -fm s M- . WB.. . 55' Q . if H . 5525 HMM TSMMMEW- --wh. -H 'i.MS-- Ha X W-1 NH in QM 1:1 mf--MM.: K M fr E -Us wi MM EMEH ml- H m,,M L ,I H in K ms- V-, HQ. B be ss-Q Hams -1-K 2 3 gf -.EW E - M - H ms E Q M M ya in M ss -Mn :gags pu gf: E 5 M H E M- 1 H K sw- --M Mm- - M M LEEH E33 if-1 -gs' :nm K E ,S E E .Twig ggigm i'5:HV"ifi5 -2155?-E' ax-'Zin-xx mg vfxm nf Q' E -va k'g ,M -mn ss BM M- M -nM M -fx K- M gs M- 'X se U HQ. -.W -W 'A . - H M-H :Kgs KH ss is H" f M . f my-X M mx- 2- M H 1 5 Y M :M H fig- ' ,W m'Qki'i.M ffm B-2?-M--2 H A52 "Km w B E ' as 359' iii? B. -.N-2".' gi". 5 55- . M.ig,, .BBW WWE my Mmm gigs- 1 Milgqgw Hu-Mau ihx -W: Us an H EMBM M Q- QYM- un' 20' .M Us M' 2 1-4 wM M- . wE Us in sf rw-1 wa .M - - . K -M am sf . i -.. sas as--. M Q H ss H - M E .-. Q s wp K : ss M M mfs HE:-vm H- if-53-5 -W M . -1 ss 5 W- :,m 55 :E -saV3Q5-ss'w:-MM- Nvifhg use in-:I :Unix 'sm m E m - mm S gy kmk-Q5Mw- yi Km 15188 ma mv- D Ima- Q any salsa Q is mu-ai :mms Mm!! M nw EM-Siam- wx-W-K magma -nga W B was :isis -Mg H x E E as - mama E: M H n 'W w 52:1 mmmwxrxgi y -fm f E H' fggiw wmgfinw'-1 -1-"Kim - BME' - E H - H Emi gig: mS3g'gMqvwm -AKFMY.-,M M H. us-AEMSS H ,ima E Kamusi Q mms :ng -M M Q - W ---' mann Z '-is .Sm R mgssa H X QM- 6 'WM-Q' -SN M H E Q Eng wx w MEM E sf H 5 .M M1 - M K M .4 - n wx E - K- m Q w E E wx -if HMM'-M MW iw PM M gms x'na H --, 1 Ssggmwvggfgg in wash: fx-WM u was ss - E gg me-. . mwwssm MQ-sa --M4 in aw 1- Q n E Q gwgimnfmwignsm Mmijgmw Uwwmxm 9 wfijfsw mx-ss Q Q - H misss H :Sf 2 QE Us -mt xEm -mm-M H vm: gms may E H was 5:55 'sf-Eiga' is Nags K MH sw- ss sf M - - H gm my w. , was K- m- ss .K -- ws ifxsswws 55? - En: H n mn Bw H E Nw B E H -TW Q Wg- Wafiywm --UWM H' 'H M H Egwd um--Men faux -Km Mmm nm- ss-M me -: M M- mn H- ,g ,a Mswsfwi ss in-SMEQX MMn:,-- HZXMV- MM-M --A Mmm ma E wi .K MM -M X--Q M W H ww--M 'HW H ffm SM UQ- HM H H ms MQMMQH m M- ms H .M 'ss ,BW w :djs fxfw-NW Q M8228 :H E ss' an - - af - M H E M , ees..--.,,wa,5Sss, wa :M 1 S 5 5 z 0 lm nu ss as 2 1 Q a ss mn mn ms B ms sms an wiiiigmw EMM .E N a .EH 5 . 1 msn a a an an ms an n Xa mn mm wa mn a M W MW ss sm Sf,-A A ss an ss Emu , 'KWH' wax!! W Q E mn misss V. M was 2 M E, WC Qual -- SL.. an w fm E23 wail' N as .H . B fn 5 b a 5 as Q Q an w mn ss . Ein 92522 mwxgm axE,mA,v QE' nz A""?T Q a ss ss na ss nf an w a E an E. an .Ei H Hs H 1 E .4 EE EQ WR E53 V ii an M ms Qnpalqw This year's Sports section is dedicated to two of the most outstanding senior athletes to compete at U.N .M . during the past four years. Both boys come from Alamogordo, New Mexico, where they excelled in their high school days. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize their accomplishments and contributions to the U.N .M . student body, as well as many an athletic admirer. SATO LEE was graduated from Alamogordo High School Where he was an All-State performer in Football, Basketball, and Track. Since coming to U.N.M. in 1952, he has had to abandon his gridiron fortunes due to a shoulder injury, but has more than compensated for this by not only demonstrating his excellence as a Basketball and Track performer f on which his atl1letic fame is particularly basedj, but in his scholastic and campus activity achievements. Sato and his brother Bobby fwho holds two state high school sprint recordsj have accounted for many Lobo Track victories, and have left fans with many pleasant memories of their per- formances. Sato achieved particular prominence as a Hurdler when, last season, as a junior, he won the Skyline Conference Championship in the zzo yd. Low Hurdles, and placed second in the High Hurdles. His outstanding achievements received national recognition when he was nominated as the Rocky Mountain AAU candidate for the "National Amateur Athlete of the Year" award! A dim view was cast upon his athletic future when a knee injury forced him out of the basketball scene for the season, and likewise dampened his Track future, but, a champion cannot be kept out of his place. Besides looking forward to another Conference Championship, we join Coach Roy johnson in his hopes that Sato will be a representative of the United States Olympic Track Team! Sato Lee Sparta In PAUL TAPIA the entire student body as well as many sports fans have seen the desire, courage, conditioning, and physical ability required in a champion, and for Paul, it has been a particular achievement. Paul has been mainly respon- sible for the institution of the sport he loves and lives by, and that we feel is here to stay at U.N.M. with a great future in Wrestlirig. A sport requiring perhaps more physical condition- ing and strict training due to its rigorous demands on the body, Paul has been an example of its very existence. Paul began his VVrestling career due to an unfortunate child- hood accident, and has since turned that fate into the utmost in achievement. I-le started wrestling as a hfth grader, and was soon afterward handing defeats to his high school competitors. This became a habit with Paul, and he continued his winning ways for ten consecutive years undefeated in competition, and receiving National high school recognition. In his first year of inter-collegiate competition, Paul won the Conference Consolation Championship after nearly pinning the defending titlist i11 his weight. Primed for victory the fol- lowing year, his career was seemingly ended when he received a serious groin injury at the outset of tl1e season. Fighting back with courage greater than any we have probably ever known, Paul has again established himself as an undefeated champion by winning all of his matches during the regular season by pins, and going on to capture the Skyline Conference Consolation Championship at 137 pounds. Paul Tapia 209 Bob Titchenal One of the most disastrous football seasons in U.N.M. history was culminated with the firing of head coach Bob Titchenal, after three years at the Lobo helm. His ousting was early foreseen by many stu- dents who, eagerly seeking an outlet to the situation, symbolically fore- cast his fate by hanging him in efligy-a demonstration which became nationally common before the end of the gridiron season. Also fired in the shakeup was line coach Marty Feldman, who had only this year come to U.N.lVI. from Stanford University. Titchenal's release set off the biggest sports controversy at U.N.M. since the firing of his predecessor, Dr. Dudley DeCroot, in 1952, and was the climax to another outcry against administrative policy and the restriction of athletic freedom. The amiable "Titch" came to U.N.lVI. i11 195 3 after having served as an assistant both here and at Denver University. In his first year at U.N .M . he was named "Skyline Coach of the Year" by fellow coaches and sportswriters after compiling a 5-3-1 record, and upsetting the top teams in the conference. In 1954 the record was 5-5, and the climax was reached with this year's 2-8 showing. As a result of Titchenal's firing, a new era in intercollegiate athletics was exposed to the public with the announcement of future plans con- cerning the present athletic policy. This became evident in President Popejoy's statement concerning Titchenal's release, in which he said, "It has been decided that future plans for intercollegiate athletics at the University indicate that a change in the head football coaching position is needed at this time." It was a long season for players, coaches, and fans alike, but with a new policy in effect, we look forward to the 1956 season. Coach Dick Clausen comes to U.N from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As head coach at little Coe College in Iowa, he received the George Cipp award as the "Outstanding Small College Coach of the Year" throughout the nation. A stern advocate of the split-T, he emphasizes desire, conditioning, speed, and ability as requisites for his style of play. His impressive, systematic, and business-like attitude very ably account for his success. A winning coach, his Coe team was ,one of the twenty undefeated clubs in tl1e country last season. Clausen also has many seemingly good ideas as to how the entire athletic program here is going to grow. He advocates bowl games, close relations between coach, players and students, and closer interest by coaches in all phases of the athletic department. y The new coach is 42 years old, and possesses a B.S. and M.S. from the University of Iowa and Northwestern University respectively. Given full authority over his football program, the new mentor has already recruited three of his Coe assistants, and retained former Lobo Backfield Coach Lou Cullen as F reshmizn mentor. With Spring Football now under way, the future looks very encour- aging indeed. We are very happy to have obtained the talents of a coach of such caliber, and the entire student body looks forward to many successful and enjoyable football games . . . and the return of those post-weekend vacations. I I I 210 1, it M. fs s. gms., fag, A me he Q'eEtfkaif 31:1-anti it re T, magna , 1, ' .if T. Xi,-'5 . il-V: '. -x "JU l -lain -5 Hifi iff V '- 1 Q gilt?-. ' we .c"'5f'QrS Marty Feldman, head line coach, carrie here only this year after a four year term in the same position at Stanford Univer- sity. He was fired in the football shakeup along with head coach Bob Titchenal. Old Ed Pillings, Trainer, George Petrol, Lou Cullen, Backtield Coach, Willis ' ' ' Freshman Coach. Barnes, End Coach. Ed Pillings joins the new staff in his fourth season as the Lobo's athletic trainer. Talented George Petrol will continue his post as baseball coach and P.E. instructor, though retiring from the toot- ball scene. Lou Cullen, bacldield coach for the past two seasons, joins the new staff as Freshman coach and head scout. Amiable VVillis Barnes, one of the Lobos few winning head coaches, is nearing completion of his 24th year on the UN .M . athletic staff. amz' the New Iohn Neumann, the Lobos new line coach, starred as both a football and baseball player at Springfield College, Mass. from 1947-1952, and for the past two years has been an assistant on Coach Clausen's staff at Coe College. Bill Vifeelcs, who will serve as baclcfield coach, has been coach at Grinnell, Iowa high school, and Freshman coach at Iowa State for the past two seasons. ' Marv Levy was both a football and traclc star at Chicago and Coe College, before his assignment at U.N.M. A scholar as well as athlete, Levy was named to Phi Beta Kappa at Harvard University. john Neumann, Line Coach Bill Weeks, Backfield Coach Marv Levy, Assistant Coach Lou Cullen, Freshman Coach I I I I P N 211 IL Our 7955 60-Kapfaia ggi: mwM mamma:-'U B y E m an a V streams was mamma Wx 'ms Wim an me n wma mms-E wmssgg-is mwswg -r -i in V was , sais as asm mx agen resin :mass .M nm as H 29 2 emi-ww i sms:--ami wa- IIMMY JUAREZ, senior guard and mainstay of the Lobo forward wall. fimmy came to U.N.M. in 1952 after having been an "All-State" high school guard, and has lettered at that position every year since. His accomplishments rate a triple A rating among football fans .... Aggressiveness, Agility, and Abil- ity. An inspiration to others, and an untiring performer on the gridiron, his presence will be greatly missed in future years. VVe wish you the best of success in your coaching career lim. . . . and IOE MURPHY, the Glendale Hash who has given fans many thrilling memories with his superb ball carrying maneuvers. Ioe, senior left-half, came to U.N .M . two seasons ago from Glendale fCalif.Q C. with a reputation as an outstand- ing baelc, and has greatly added tp that tradition here. Unlimited in his sports abilities, Ioe is a top tennis player, and was U.N .M fs star pole vaulter on the traclc team, going up to 13h 6". Another physical education major, We wish you the coaching success you enjoyed as a player. y K' f l L . . . and our All-American Nominee . . . IERRY NESBI TT only a Sophomore, has proved himself a seasoned gridiron performer, by being U.N .M .'s only candidate from the Rocky Mountain area as an All- American nominee. ferry proved himself an untiring worlcer by playing sixty minutes of aggressive football throughout the season. Perhaps Ierry's main forte is his desire to excel, and physical condition. Also a golf letterman as a Freshman, we feel U.N.M. can be proud of the accomplishments and the football future for such an outstanding athlete. X L1 1 1 ro 1110111 111111115 Juarez, Guard, Head Coach Bob Titchenal, joe Murpl1y, Halfback, Marty Feldman Line Coach Perhaps the most pleasant scene on the Lobo gridiron this season was presented in the above pictures when post season bowl selections were an- nounced. U.N.M. managed to salvage part of its dismal season when co-captains Ioe Murphy and jimmy Iuarez joined halfbaclc Vlfilbert Runcorn and guard lim Briscoe on tl1e Salad Bowl team. Coach Bob Titchenal was also honored by being selected as head coach for the Skyline squad. h7Vlll7Cl'lf Runcorn II'1lfbacL 1m Briscoe Guard Phil Ilarns End Richard Drake, End Iohn Barefoot, End rm Livingston En 0-0""' LE F ullback Gary Sloan lifts a Texas Wfestern ball carrier onto his shoulder, as teammates Iohn Barefoot f82j and jerry Nesbitt rush in to assure the tackle. Brad Huckabee Herbie Hughes Quarterback Quarterback End Iohn Barefoot starts to block a San lose State back, unaware that halfback Lynn White f28j is being tripped up by a Spartan lineman. Behind him are Lobo backs Gary Sloan f 341 and ferry Lott frgj, While linemen Wayrr-e Gares f77J and Phil Imy Lott Gmc Mazza Harris f85j are moving ur from across Held. Quarterback Qugrteflmck K fl 5 :Nig- 'nm , F 51 MEMS H E if :Eliza E Q? BE! 39,1 W gs f 1 xi I Q y gywqsf , I in A d oe M rnh Porky Leyva Clark Manwarren Iergalfblsclgca l I Halflgahky Fullback Fullback 214 Gary Sloan Ynmpy Barker Gus Hampton Dick Pribble Fnllbuck ' Halfback Halfback Halfback Lynn XfVhite I llalfback A host of Lobo players, headed by halfbaclc Ierry Apodaca f24J, converge on a Denver back while Safety man foe Nlurphy C252 moves up to insure the stop. Lobos in the play in- clude Charley Thompson f67j, Glen Hakes fyrj, Andy Morales fggj, Ierry Nesbitt f6zj, and Walfcf W hire Richard Drake f87j. I-Ialfback - 1' ' -'. ' 31 .QE fs W aids S Dwaine Avery Ron Glovetski End End F ullbaclc Harold Riley fgoj is finally caught in the Pioneer's campfire as he attempts to score after a 56 yard scamper. 215 George Balleau 'Dick Fisher Harold Riley Mike Sehlick Center Center Center-Fullbaclc Center A BYU Cougar is buried beneath the onslaught of Lobo tacklers Herbie Hughes f 1 rj, jimmy Iuarez, Porky Leyva, and foe Nlurplry as he attempts to dig his way out of Cherry and Silver territory. They are given a watchful eye by Mike Schlick and Dick Drake f87l. SEASONS RECORD Opponent T heir Score Lobo Score NEVV lN'lEXlCO ASLNI ..,, .,.. 7 14 CULORADO A8rM ..,, . , 25 o TEXAS VVESTERN . . . . . 34 O UTAH STATE ...... , . 18 O SAN IOSE STATE .... .. 14 O IVIONTANA ,........ . . 1.9 14 DENVER ......... . . 33 6 VVYOMING ...... . . zo o ARIZONA ..,....... . . 27 6 BRIGI-IAM YOUNG . . . . . 17 21 2 " N 1, He, wry . Y, A L. A I l ' I A Halfback Dick Pribble heads back upiield amidst a swarm of Lobo blockers and Wyoming taclders after intercepting a pass deep in Lobo territory. U.N.M. blockers include Harold Riley fgoj, lim Briscoe f75, on groundj, Herbie Hughes ful, lerry Nesbitt f62l and Wilbert Runcorn f44l. Gary Iudd Charley Thompson Bill Basham Don Myers Guard Guard End End na mam an is nga nm xg rm an P-imma swim m-is rx ngsm W' nm Dan Sawvers Irrnmy Iuarez , Guard Guard jimmy Iuarez and End Phil Harris join forces to bring down a B.Y.U. rrier, as backs Lynn Xvllltfi f28j and Willnert Runcorn C441 rush in from the front. Also in the action is Quarterback Herbie Hughes ful. F red Bell VVayne Garcs Tackle 'I'acklc Bob Clouthier Ted Foster Tackle Tackle .l iss gr an mmgw an We w i ragga sq-img mama m aims rr-mam msg www. ,. A B.Y.U. back struggles vainly for paydirt after being halted by an unidenti- fied Lobo tackler. Moving up fast are Ends Dick Drake f87j, and Iohn Barefoot f82j, and Guard jimmy Iuarez f61Q. 217 m m l ir ' Qreshm 11 Cram as X i mc. 55 gi .age ,na aaa Wa. Haart? :EK I new-. :BEZEL l 5 Q 2 is an i - K. life-I l W. . 1 , ga 1 lg. Q 1 . 12: i- I l . . 1 l ' L 4 . 4 55, 174 4 35 5 A , 2, l fi ian :J ..' . .... 1 :lah .,.. I- l ,: :E-in 1 " W , L, . .. -' 1 f I 53 .. K! w QL ins f . J. V FRONT Row: Frank Martinezg Cary Rickmzing Bill Savageg Iohn Bresenhamg Sam Smeltzerg Mike Madridg Iack Harding V el Corleyg Anthony Grayg Demman. SECOND Row: Earl Suryg XVayne Cosnellg VVaync VVolfg Dick Howell, Dick Gcntryg V oil Latting Ron NVhitcinang Mason Roscg john Moore Chamberlain, Hugh Endres.T1nRD Row: Ioe Carleton, Fred Iohnsong Ron Paynterg Spencer Sumrowg Tunny WVilsong Eddie Leybag Mike Nigro, Armstrong, Ierry Billingsg Fred Iohnsong Curtis Crawfordg Iohn Stagnerg john Hagerg Leo Barkcrg Milt Barron. brought back memories of the Lobo's great defensive team of 1952. Displaying a dazzling array of backfield talent a a rock-rib line, the Vifolfpups began the season by dumping the Denver University Yearlings 25-13 and followed process by romping over Pueblo fColoradoj I.C. 32-14, and Ft. Lewis A and M 33-6. The final game of the year agar the highly touted Air Force Academy resulted in a mighty defensive struggle in which the "Falcons" nipped the A'Pup 7-6. The backiield was paced throughout the season by speedster and leading scorer Anthony Cray, FB Milt Barr and QB Iohnny Demman, while the line featured Flankmen Vel Corley and Cary Rickman, and "Middle Men" M. Madrid, Bill Savage, and lack Hardin. Other top performers on the team included backs Wayne Cosnell and Fran. Martinez and lineman Mason Rose. These boys, along with varsity veterans and top I.C. transfers, should lit very al into next year's lineup and produce some exciting, first class f ootball. Coach George Petrol's frosh crew provided U.N.M. football fans with their brightest moments of the season a l '1 c ' A s in End Gary Rickman drives goalward after catching a pass against Star Quarterback Iohnny Dernman fizj is hauled down near Ft. Lewis A8zM, while F ullback Milt Barron f34j tries vainly to midfield stripe after a long gain against Pueblo I.C. Wolfpups maneuver for a lateral. the play include Cary Rickman f87j, lack Bresenham f65j, Hardin fygj, Mike Madrid 1632, and Bill Savage f76j. Elzerry-Silzfcz' Silver Quarterback Brad I-Iuckabee gets set to dump his Cherry adversary, Anthony Gray, as End Fred johnson starts to clamp him down from the rear. Other Lobos in action are Lynn Wllite frunning, leftj, Andy Morales fggj, Gary Iudd f68Q, Wayne Gosnell f45J, Ron Glovetski f74j, lack Hardin f75p, Mike Madrid f63Q, Ron Wlliteman f34j and Gus Hampton fzgj. I I Andy Morales, Center Silver I-Ialfback, Bob Bursey, puts the hoax on the ball as he is about to be tagged by Cherry linemen lack Hardin 6753, and Andy Morales fggj. Cherry End Dick Drake leaves the ground as he leaps to make a desperation catch against Silver defender, Bob Bursey. 219 Coach Bill Stockton i l U16 emi . . . Freshman Cage Coach, Bill Stockton, gathered an unusually tall crew of sophomores, added them to his few upper classmen, and began a basketball rampage reminiscent of Spring dust storms, and when the nets had cleared off, the scoreboard disappointed many an optimistic foe. Coach Stockton, a 1937 graduate of U.N.M., began his first season in the collegiate ranks after 17 highly successful years with New Mexico high schools, and immediately faced one of the toughest rebuilding assigrnnents in the Skyline Conference. A highly expert basketball teacher, he is noted for getting a maximum from his material. Though many fans were skeptical at the outset of the season, the crafty cage mentor well proved himself as a strategist before the final basket sailed through the hoop. Coach Stockton lacked the necessary depth and team support required in a shooting, rebounding, passing Conference such as the Skyline, but still got the most out of his sophomore laden crew. Many early season losses were a result of intensive fouling on the Lobo's part, but this was alleviated im- mensely by the addition of the zone defense. This, coupled with a high-low tandem offense, proved to be the most effective weapon of attack, and con- tinually posed the Wolfpack as a threat to all competition. Stockton is a strict fundamentalist and a strong believer in conditioning as a prime requisite in any sport. Evidence of these eleznents were inherent in his team his year. In his own words, Coach Stockton has H. . . lived, learned, enjoyed . . ." the season, and out of this we look forward to basket- ball coming on a higher plane to U.N,lW., and on that plane, a Skyline Con- ' 15,11 kefball .p 1 . and the Finger Toby Roybal established himself as U.N .M .'s all-time Basketball great by breaking every record available in the Cherry and Silver seorebook during his playing career. Toby, who hails from Santa F e, New Mexico, made his last year his most glorious one and brought many a fan and scout to watch his cage antics. y Two seasons ago he was named to the and team All-Slqfline selections, but then laid out a year to participate in AAU Basketball. Upon his return to collegiate play this year, he suddenly served notice of his capabilities on the entire Rocky Mouritaiii area by breaking the Skyline Conference scoring rec- ord against Montana with 45 points. He became the Lobo's floor leader and Captain, and combined his amazing talents with those of his teammates to form many invincible combinations against competitors. As a whole, his per- formance was usually indicative of the team's, though it was teamwork, ability, conditioning, and desire which scored for everyone. He continued his one man rampage up and down the Rockies despite heavy guarding by the opposition, and still managed to close the season as the znd highest scorer in the Conference. Roybal's outstanding floor play, teamwork, individual performance, lead- ership, and sportsmanship was emblematic of his play, and resulted in his selection as an All-Skyline Conference Guard, and an Honorable lVlention All-America nomination. l 220 ference Championship, and a Coach of the Year award. I Nl 5 Toby Roybal, Guard l6'zl kcfb ll Q fi ! . ' ,xg ME ME!! -. 2:2-::i:. GK my ME! Q-ME it X 't wimlr 35+ ,f f 1-11 FRONT Row flincelingjz Monty Hamiltong Dick Rinaldi, VValt Kincaid, Sato Leeg Byron Catong Dave Symeg Mart Servis. BACK ROXVL lack VValdrong Keith Brunsg Jim XVilliains, john Tcelg Don Boulwareg VVnlt Schuman, Floyd Siegel, Mark Southardg Toby Roybal. The 1955-1956 basketball era was marked by a freshman coach and a sophomore laden squad, but both performed like seniors before the season ended. In his first season as a college basketball coach, and in a conference where victories come high, Coach Stockton did a tremendous job in improving his squad to meet the demands of opponents. The team was dealt an early season blow when starting guard and playmaker, Sato Lee, was forced out of action for the season with a knee injury. Little did anyone suspect at that time that this was only an indication of what was to come by season's end. The Lobos started off the season against inter-sectional competition, which gave them an opportunity to adjust their offensive and defensive style before conference play began. Due to excessive fouling, the Lobo defense was switched from a man-to-man to a zone. The next move was to employ a tandem high-low offense, mainly employing Toby Roybal, VV alt Schuman, and Iohn Teel, and many things were to happen to bring smiles and encouragement during the season. The Lobo rampage began at the end of intersectional competition, continued through Montana, Vifyoming, and Denver, and the inevitable end came from a single state across the Rockies-BYU, Utah, and Utah State. Nationally conference, were given ample reason to worry even when they ranked Utah and BYU, as well as other top teams in the managed a victory over the New Mexico quintet. The mid-season slump that followed was not an end for the weary, in- jury ridden Lobos, but a means for rejuvenation of forces. The real ending came against Utah State-as triumphant a vic- tory as the Hrst one against VVyoming. Though the team will greatly miss its ace scorer and floor leader Toby Roybal, we feel a replacement could amply come from the talented Freshman crew, which Coach Stockton should warmly welcome to his varsity. Basketball is being placed on a higher plane at U.N.M., and players and fairs alike are noticing the difference. The nucleus and the potential are beginning to multiply now, and with the new gymnasium-watch for the explosion! 221 BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD U.N.lXI. Opp. S2 67 Texas XVestcrn 53 66 New Mexico A8rM S3 77 Occidental CLAQ 69 73 Kentucky XVesleyan So 88 W7 est Texas State SQ 7o Ilamlinc Q3 86 Texas XVcstcrn 52 67 Colorado AGM So 71 XVyoming Q2 79 Montana 73 5o Montana 73 87 Utah 51 58 New Mexico ASM 69 61 Denver 53 87 Brighanr Young 62 75 Utah State 6 1 8 1 Denver 74 1 o 1 Utah 67 75 Colorado A8zlXfl 36 60 VVyon1ing 69 75 Brigharn Young 74 63 Utah State VVOII 6, lost 16 Skyline: Worr 5, lost 9 Fifth Place 7 l PP- Siegcl fazj plays patty cake with a downstate Aggie, while a11 player snags a rebound. VValt Kincaid f31Q is coming up fast to get in on tl1e play. Toby Roybal spreads his arms wide as he leaps into the air to block a would be Aggie basket, While Floyd Siegel C4.2J looks on anxiously. Wfhatever hardships are suftered by the NM Aggies against Lobo grid teams, seem to always be reversed come the basketball season. This seemed like tl1e Lobos year, but the Aggies dumped U.N .M . twice by 66-53 and 58-51 scores, and then went on to astound Border Conference foes by tying for first place. In this game at Carlisle gymnasium, ASZM beat the Lobos with their own defense, and formed an "iron ring" around the basket, which U.N.M. failed to penetrate successfully. The play was rough all the way, but it was Center Keith Bruns who kept the Lobos in the game with his hook shots as high scor- ing Toby Roybal was limited to 13 markers. Tl1is brought U.N.lVI.'s pre-season record to 4-9 while the Aggies boasted a ro-3 mark. But the Conference was yet to start, many surprises yet to come, and many teams to shake oft the sting of a Lobo victory. 223 1 54, Q O -0 i at 1 5 Qing gi, 1, 4 'ani B eff? Qi, 2 S Y fi.. i, Z. K . J , :.: 1 X QQ' v glqw P if il ' 5. asm f, wf KS Tiff Egg EZQ, ' ,gg 14. In r '74 I ff, ' fV' 3. , zz ' -- Q XMTAIJ fl 1 mf. V ff"'?" ff' 91 ,nf "' '31 Q""'.5' 1 , 4ZYf',.'j fi X ' 59-1 x ffgf I . ' 1' M757 1.,f"' i 3 If' n A. 44 we Aim, sf Cf: V: - sa - ::: Yr. . ' . 3 X .qi-MM! 2 ' fe wx " 31-. I , ,, 14, Q, -51 4: , asking. A,Qxy1gQ.a5,g5?' Mfg, 1 i , 22535 X, 25,3 S3 au cg: ' ' any fgfi A ' QL 'wi N ff 55 555 1:-:, Q . f ' Lv? 2135333511 '- - 4 ia ff 15,3 ' '-Y .A eil. X , L' ,. ,ni H b f- ,wr Q gy Miki- 11 : W i wwliiw Q- tag ,. if V? f kk 2 in I :-: , r X 5 EL 341- ' f x X, "S - 05554 if r A ,. +I' F 2' M. . if N L-J' 1 Mark Soutluucl C41j turns the corner towargl the basket while 21 Utag clefencler tries to steal the ball. In the background is U. N. M .'s Dave Syme fggj. Toby Roybal C442 gets set to kick away any Ute that gets in his scoring path as he tussles for the ball under the basket. Iohn Teel f51Q goes high into the air to bat this cowboy out of his stirrups while a teammate attempts to regain possession. y D The Lobo Hoopsters became the surprise of the Skyline Conference when they upset Vifyoming in Cowboy land early in the season, after having been conceded a cellar finish. U.N.M. continued to ter- rorize the opposition by beating Texas Westerii in an inter-sectional contest, before sending Montana's Grizzlies home to hibernate with two consecutive defeats. It was, however, the same VVyoining team that had started the Lobos on their basketball glory that handed them their most lethargic defeat near sea- son's end by a 6o-36 score. After playing 2nd place BYU down to the wire before being dumped 75-69, the Lobos salvaged a fifth place tie with Wyoiiiing by upsetting the 3rd place Utah Aggies 74-63. 226 MQ? 'Qs Iohn Teel K 511 and two Wyomirig men reach up to grab hold of the rim and talk things over while they wait for the ball to come down. Walt Schuman waits in the rear for a possible rebound. VValt Kincaid fgij does a one arm push up as he is Watched cautiously by a BYU Cougar, While Floyd Siegel f42j and Toby Roybal f44J start up the court. Coach Stockton hasn't actually developed a Basketball Octopus-the boys have been stopping oil in the Wrestling room before practice. john Teel is trying for a half-nelson as Walt Kincaid secures a wrist lock under the watchful eye of Toby Roybal. The Cougar in the middle seems to be hopeful the ball will fall into his free hand! 227 greshm lfl 1541 kefball J FRONT Row: Bob Matting Don Smithg Eli McCulloughg VVinston l iekeringg Merle Coodwiug Bill Rogersg Roger Smith. B.-ser: now: loc Don VVornacl4, Managerg Lindy Lanierg lim Shippg loc Unterbergg Dale Catong joe NfVilmoreg Dalton Hill. Former U.N .M . basketball star, Geiie Golden, began his coaching career by directing the Freshman hoopsters to a success- ful cage season. Golden, working with one of the tallest teams in Wolfpup history, primed his eagers for starting berths on next year's varsity while netting a 6-4 season record. The Pups' only losses came at the hands of top Military and A.A.U. teams, but these Were amply vindicated by their performance against col- legiate foes. The Frosh twice made amends for the 7-6 loss to the Air Force Academy during the gridiron season, by dumping the Freshman star joe VVilmore f73j receives a lioost from team- mate Joe Unterberg as they jump between the Falcon roost to score against the Air Force Academy. 228 highly touted Falcons 70-63, and 83-81. I 11 averaging better than 70 points per game, the Vifolfpups were led by its usual starting five: Rusty Goodwin, Lindy Lanier, Bob Martin, foe Vlfilmore, and Dale Caton, who proved to be the most consistent all-around player. U.N.lVI. students, fans, and players alike will miss the amiable coach, fwllo has received his call to active duty as an Air Force Ollieerj but We can feel proud of the job Gene has done and the material he has developed for future basketball seasons. In a local game against Simon's Dept. Store, composed mainly of former Lobo stars, Center Merle "Rusty" Goodwin tggj leaps high to tip in a "bucket" as Lindy Lanier C447 and Dale Caton f63j Crouch in anticipation. Wrestling FuoN'r now: Art Ableson, 123 lbs.g jim Stevens, 130 lbs.g Paul Tapia, 137 lbs. BACK Row: Bruce Iagger, 167 lbs., james Cramer, 157 lbs.g Ron Courtney, 147 lbs. Willis Barnes, Coach. Paul Tapia, Captain. Lobo Wrestlers l1ad dim hopes of a winning season when, at the outset of the season, it was announced that former coach and collegiate champion Freddy Grant was not returning. The grapplers chances were further dampened when Freshmen were declared ineligible to compete, even in non-conference competition. The team was composed of four returning lettermen, including Captain Paul Tapia who missed the previous season due to an injury, two returning squadmen, and two football players. Coach Willis Barnes took this combination and produced a 4-1 season record-the first winning record for a Lobo team this year. We hope that this will be an indication of the entire spring sports program at U.N.M. The mat men opened the season by dividing a triangular match with Colorado Mines and Adams State when Heavyweight Phil Harris decisioned State's 270 pound Rex Chilson 8-2. Spring football drills took Harris and 177 pounder Gary Iudd, leaving the grapplers with a six man team and a 1-1 record. The Lobos, led by Paul Tapia, jim Cramer, Iim Stevens, and Ron Courtney spotted the opposition ten points per match and defeated Adams State 18-16, Ft. Lewis ASZM 20-18, and Ft. Bliss 16-13. Coach Barnes then announced a Eve man team to compete in the Skyline Conference Championships which included Art Ableson, lim Stevens, Paul Tapia, Ron Courtney, and james Cramer. Cramer, last year's Consolation Champion, was dethroned by nationally ranked Ron Day of Colorado A8zM, but lim Stevens in the 130 pound class, and Paul Tapia in the 137 pound class captured Consolation Championships after being defeated by the eventual champions i11 their weight class. They will represent New Mexico in the NCAA Wrestling Championships on the Oklahoma ASZM campus on March 231'Cl and 24th. 229 i A S i 1 V . r I 1 4 i Referee Iim Neely braces himself to slap the mat as Iamcs Cramer slips into his inevitable and dreaded Cuillotine against Adams State ' grappler Colbert Pepper. if ff Art Ableson Wraps a Figure-4 around teammate lim Stevens and grimaces as he begins to cut oi? his oxygen supply. jim Stevens slips a Cradle hold on an opponent while prepping for the Conference Championships. Ron Courtney shows the form that brought him four pins during the season by applying the Cuillotine! Ride 'ein cowboy! Adams State's Greg Bahr starts Paul Tapia applies a reverse half nelson and bar arm against Adams the rodeo as U.N.M.'s Bruce Iagger staffs to buck. State's Candelaria to cop his fifth consecutive fall. 230 gymnastics U.N.M. basketball fans received a double treat this season by being witness to some awesome gymnastics exhibi- tions by Lobo students. The team which was headed by Gordy Modrall, Border Conference Diving and Gymnastics Champion, consists entirely of underclassmen who hope the sport will become a regular competitive event in the near future. Others in the troupe included Tony D'Arcy, in Free Exercise and Parallel Barsg Ray Porter in Tumbling, High Bar, and Flying Ringsg and lim Stevens in Tumbling, Parallel Bars, and Trampoline. Modrall was the All- around Gymnast, competing in every event. . Gordy Modrall coming out of a Double Front Somersault into a Flying Swan while competing on the Trampoline. Gordy comes off the Trampoline and onto the Pedestals to do a one arm Planch. lim Stevens docs a hanclstzmd while performing on thc Parallel Bars. 'Tumbler Ray Porter is caught in mid-air while turning a back Free Exercise competitor Tony D'Arcy does a two arm Planch on somcrsault oft the Short Horse. the floor while performing his routine. 231 , Wimmiug Swim team members crouch for a takeoff during conditioning sprmts Tanksters are lim Stevens, Carlos Baca, Ronnie Calkins, Gordy Modrall, Larry F inuf, and Craig Hetlelman. NOT PICTURED: George Udell, Bob Barney, Dave Barney, Nlike Schlick. Due to lack of eligible competitors, Coach Lloyd Burley was unable to send his Tanksters into collegi- ate competition this season. The Fin Men, paced by Letterman ot the Year, Ronnie Calkins, and Border Conference Diving Champ Cordy Modrall, are composed of the same swimmers who won the South- western AAU and dominate state aqua activities each year. The Splashers plan to compete throughout the Southwest this summer in AAU meets before entering the collegiate races next fall. ll Sprinters Ronnie Calkins and Craig Hellelman rm Stevens on the way to a new pool rec- ord in his specialty-the Butterfly. other first place. The sprint ended in a dead heat with Carlos Baca gasping for oxygen tank, and turning heads trying to determine 1 victor slice through the water in synchronized strokes Border Comfereoee and Soutllwest Af A during 3 100 Yd' Freestyle face- Diving Champ, Gordy Modrall execut a perfect Layout Half Cainer to cop -', +1 gy- V.-. ik iw .IVY ,', Kenai -141-'Q Ia is W E mggix ,ar F 1, p rv all 7 i fit kt , tv-Q ' an ,vw :'- it :.: ' ,ray : . , F1zoN'r now: Gene Gallegosg Iigger Skillerng Coach George "Blanco" Whiteg Ierry Copeland. BACK now: C. A. "Chuck" Vidalg Ioe Fergusong Eli McCulloughg Bob Darmitzalg Paul Myers. Nor Prcrurusnz Bob Sanchezg Norman Ball. r l . ax 44 14? l l gs L I ff.: ill z ,, I -l '.r-, g Ioe Ferguson, the Lobo's top singles player, in action against Arizona. Coach Blanco White's net men look forward to another success- ful tennis season in defense of their two year reign as unoH-lcial Slcy- line Team Champions. The Lobos hope to duplicate the 30-2 rec- ord they have compiled during the past two seasons, but will greatly miss the racquet of former captain and Southwestern Champ, Paul Butt. This year's team is paced by lettermen foe Ferguson and Bob Sanchez, and will be bolstered by a strong crop of Freshman hopefuls. 4 L . as a. .Ma a v , fr. ,. - - - M r , . r I I ' WW fm H ' . . L - rr rr 71' H H B aaa a as gfgw :lm M H faxama H H H Hara r xr E M HBE E gunman ana ., . amalgam H We S H saws were N H M EQX mls Kim!! Bi EN Hmm an E E ana am E an mafia mssmmaa rr FE E Xanax -:- gamma E an an QE H 5 an was an 5 sa ' mm E-ww mr 3 I CJ., .. we ' 'J Za a a , aa ana we sr gm ENE E X Q 22 ' 15:55: 52 B a Sir mmm Iss ana X E an me nf an F --"sm ' ' ag- sf vw ,V Li. BW B EM E 22:55 .,.,.. 1 V . ::..j.I ' . H EE aw '--'il .j. M 2.2 if ii E , fiiiiii iii' N -::... ,a ft A ., 5 .:.:.:. rr a a .K :E Ziivi' H - ., Mia 3 we Q foe Ferguson returns a volley as doubles mate Bob Sanchez rushes up to cover. 233 Coach Dick McGuire, Herb Wimberleyg Harold F erguson, Bill Swope, Cliff Gilbert, Dick Cole. - 'B' mi i-im Q E mass M if B mn mn Cliff Gilbert tees oft The Lobo Golf Team, under the direction of Coach Dick McGuire, is once again posing itself as a Conference title threat. Though the Linksmen lost their number one swinger, Vifendell Nelson, they early unveiled their potential when a four man team, headed by Herb Winrberly, Won the VVillie Tucker Memorial Colt Tournament against collegiate competition. VV ith a long schedule ahead, the Vifoltpack Putters face their biggest test of the season at Houston, Texas, when they compete against the top college teams in the nation in the Southwest Invitational. a 2' Dick Cole lines up the putt . . . and Herb Wimberly sinks it! Crack ,AAxjl'lQl?5f?y l..!v l'lL,'.ll If 1coNT Row: Clcn 'l'urnerg Chet Norrisg Ioe Don XVomackg Lynn Parker, Bill Eicliert. SECOND Row: Irwin Thomson, Roger Smitlig lim Shippg lack Harding lim Brooks. BACK now: Coach Roy Iolinsong lim Bisbeeg Bob Selinurrg Stan Bazantg Bob Burscy. Nor Pxc'1'U1irfD: Kinnner VVl1iteg XVayne Tucker, Bob Tuckerg Sato Lee, Anthony Gray, Paul Taping Bill Renfrog jim Stevens. Coach Roy Iohnson not only lost his ace sprinter, Bobby Lee, but also distance runners Harrison Smith and Luis Gonzales. Smith, one of the top distance runners in the Rocky Mountain area, and an able sprinter, was lost when he snapped his vital Achilles tendon. Coach johnson, however, still feels optimis- tic clue to the tremendous improvement shown by his squadmen, and the depth provided by top Fresh- man performers. ' The Lobo Spilcemen had one of its best teams in years last season when they won the Eastern Division Conference and Rocky Mountain AAU titles, and placed third in the Skyline Championships. The Vlfolfpaclc 'l'raclcmcn, paced by Sato Lee, Stan Bazant, and Orlen Coupland, appear to be even stronger this year f particularly in incliviclual performancesj and have the potential to outpoint the perennially powerful Arizona Vlfilclcats. Irwin Thomson and Bob Schnurr appear to be in near symmetrical form as they coast over the High Hurdles. Roger Smith-440, 880 Iim Brooks-880, Mile W ' 1 B ss as 'tr ii. i 3 gf. I Q, A X. ff.. ' 'lx .1 J D, 1. l f - ' X ' A - .QL ' f. QLAME Pole Vaulter Chet Norris easily clears the 12 foot barrier as he Freshman Anthony Gray dcrnonstrates the form that releases his pole. brought him the state prep record of 22 feet, gh inches. Conference Champion Sato Lee seen per- forming his specialty-the Low Hurdles. Weiglrt man Stan Bazant heaves the Shot past the 50 foot niarlc. 236 fr, A . . .. e,,w-JX.w K . . Fgljj rvlwmsew , Q. pgs . , . . WM., .hm Q, , um an . - x .-. w - .--..I'j.i Zfid .3- ' .. U.N.M.'s three top sprinters coming out of their blocks in 21 practice race. The speedsters are Lynn Parker, Bob Bursey, and joe Don Woniack. 1 Colo. U. transfer, Buster Quist, had one of the best throws in the nation. . Q. ew Q fi F4 5. B ll A I -. Sophomore Orlen Coupland heaves the Discus just over the 1 go foot line. Kasehall ,xx W, V FRONT now: Manley Allcng loc Pattersong George Unterbergg Pete Fasoneg lim Pierceg Ralph Lopez. SECOND Row: Ron Glovetslcig George Balleaug Clark Manwarrcng Keith Brunsg Roland Arrigonig Don Franchinig Wayne Garesg Iaclc Stobie. THIRD now: Dave Barneyg Bill Gorey Bob Barneyg Bob Cristg Bob Finkg Sheldon Raizesg Dave Neuinang Hal Finclig Herbie Hughesg lim Gasawayp Iohn Keleherg Iim Economidesg Coach George "Stormy" Petrolg Dick Brown. Coach George "Stor1ny,' Petrol's Diamond crew stands to be U.N.M.'s brightest Spring sports performer. Bolstered by a strong field of sophomores and returning letter- men, the team's strength is based on its pitching-the very element which was lacking last season. Although the squad loses ace Catcher Carter Nlathies, Conference Batting Champion lim Economicles leads a heavy array of sluggers. Vlfith only three seniors on the roster, Roland Arrigoni, Keith Bruns, and Herbie Hughes, the bat men pose a very stable future. Coach Petrol's optimism leads us to believe that he has a Skyline Conference Baseball Charnpionship on the Held! 237 - lack Stobie follows through during batting practice. Dick Brown shows his form. Z9 T ll Don Franehini winds up during practice. Skyline Conference Batting Champion, Keith Bruns stretches for an infield throw as a batter tries to beat out a hit. Iim Economides, Coach George "Stormy" Petrol views with a critical eye as Catcher Roland Arrigoni shows perfect form at plate defense in stopping George Unterberg's slide .SX X , N., bt. x Q W ft :Eff ' hr r W 1 ri, 'gn' Jail . Intramural ,pau im W Wea na Intrfunural Council. SEATED: Arlin Cooper, SAE, Secretary, Bill WVagner, SAEg lim Stevens, Los Federalcs, V ice-president, Fred Cone, NROTCg lim Brooks, PKA, president. STANDING: Roger Figge, Cyclops, Incl: Crahmn, Sigma Chi. "Put Your Little Foot Right Down" is the theme song as the Intramural 100 yd. dash gets under way. Sprinters include Bob Beck, NROTCg Cary Rickman, AFRO'l"Cg Steve Davis, Independents, Lynn Wliite, Los Federalesg and Castillo of the Newman Club. The race was won by Lynn VVhite of the Los Feds in 10.7 seconds. Wrestler Paul Tapia takes advantage of his superior physical condition to cop the mile run for the Los F ederales, and bring their point total to 4SM2 to second place Sigma Chi's 3416. Seen coming around the curve are Tapiag Carlmark, Cyclops, Garcia, Independentsg Valdez, Newman Club, Tom Clark, Independents, and Bob VVareham, SAE. Hidden behind the pack are Glenn Turner, FKA, and Iim Stevens, Los Feds. Wnmvu is' Intramural l Four of U.N.lVI.'s top fem swimmers vie for the lead as the 50 yd. Backstroke gets underway. The Aquaettes include Ann Krumus, Gail VVolcott, Louise Corn, and Charlotte Stevens. Sharon Roth returns the serve as Doubles mate Sharon Roth demonstrates the offensive form, and Indy Ervin the Iudy Ervin charges to the net to cover during defensive that made the Pi Pl1i's one of the top teams in the league initial Spring game. during the winter Basketball season. A The University kept on growing as more and more Students jiocleed to "Fount of Learning in the Land of Enchantment" but for everyone there was a place, a new honor to achieve . V- V 1' -mf - '- T71- , 1 . , 1 V , f ',filP5',3.- ' , N ' U lf N W ww: W ' . N X X W 1 1 ,. , ' xi 1 - Y lug- V w w V'-,fl 'riff 1 ill, I 4 4 Q , 2 w ' Y- , f ,' V , . ' - yl 1 1 I W 1 W w ' 1 , M X 1 1 I , ,, , l ' Q' , 1 " JI- . ' X N W , e ', Y, 'INF I i ,., - .1.iY----Y--Y-V VW-- Y 4 N W V n N 1 1 '? n nnezg 93 uJlli1E.lL','T, T G 2 M D 17 2 D' O' -I gp W lt: , ,, 1 rffa f! .. ...XA W ,F-i4g, Nfl f x .1t1,tI. Q W , B . "lla- 1 x ,Y5 4 me R WLQSYFQT w V 5 1 .ns N 5 ,l 35 3 ,Q 311 o c 3 I ' liiii iiii i .. - 1 u v- 1 4 D- "5 32 5 22 " w ' fy 1 ' 4 n 54 n - Q gg :flu-v , ,gg ' J X95 - .,qf s x s A 1 W 1 ..,..Q-V 1 y . . x 'xn- ..yl . .apn- ,Ayiwg-A-s t Q A Q - ,. 15-1- A ex 3, -,VLA-rm "W " 4. 3 W September days may come and go Registration days are days of woe . L . October brings ffor those who staylj The "oohs" and "ahs'f of Spirit Day . I. . November days are ushered through By autumn leaves and Homecoming, too . . . Campus life with Christmas scenes Recalls the traditional Hanging of the Greens . . . The campus attircd in its wintry ,best Finds few of the students cramrning for tests . . . The aftermath of exams made the SUB The center of U.N.M. student "hub-buh" i. 242 l 'Er ig "Y "T :IT 4. E- X -- X XWXXXX - XX X H iwfieigvnifxx .X .. X. .. .Y , IQE5 IIrln.:IIXX . -' ' ""'Y ' " ' W-XXX: IXIX:X-X-XIX- wg XX X XX XX X X X K II gX.X- Egwg-XXX'1 XXX3 XF it tm Il' gg: XX X XX X X XX X ssi' " Em E E zgmmggg XX X XXX -gy-tggirggwiig .X X as I . X X XX X XX X -X-.XXXXXX XX . X rp X X X lip- I I .X I M -X XXX X X XX X -XX XXXX XX I I UXIQI I. In X' qw tl -- X ,, . X XX X ' X -X I .yl X41 .sh -1- -mg: -ln, i T- vis E"t"ri'Q'f5 if :X M X ff Q 201: hllrzl' ' fi' 7 I X X X mg - N nm.. . -..uw - ,. X XX X XX -, X -X , ,, - is gsIfm,XIXX-zX- 22- 5 I .X lv 3' - Bi 'L Y 5 ' XX 5 XXX X. H H H as A XE-X X ,XX XX X- X -. EE I Em 5 X l .n XX 3 ,X IX XII-I I. ,X I ' X if -ru I I, X I, - X X X . XX X XX X ' 'L X- XX X m .- AI, X I 1 X11 . .- 335 2.1: J - 1 - X -c- -. XF W XX ' X XX XX X-X--H E 5 Q XX X -X XX 'I M ' . 7 S8 - .I H X If gX X - Qu .H .I - X . ferr :X 'X :Z T W' ' .f ' ' H- Q Y' ' ', ll is v za rv ':' :2: E: ::sX. X.X XX E-'tw QQQXQ X-'E Bl ,591 :hX 1-Xfmi ,f XEWXX .XWN .. XXX H X 'f X W ,XI- .gI:'XX.- X T H Esiaff- " - -H H.-X - Sf L X X . Xa IX 'Q X XX-X -'H X XXX A 'H 3 - . ' is XEQXQQ X-Xe! M X 'Z XF XX 1-I .Xf X.: . sf ' -- 5 'Wi X X . 1- -, -I .. .X - - .X X ., - ,., XX I. X .X -- X . - I, ,IXXXX , XX W . ,., X ,, I . X 'E'iFfi'XIXI" 2 Q .W X X ' X--- 515:-X X rf II. -Egigtg-,, fr WSW- X XX ' X 2 S8 R S8 Y? ' ,F W .I -Xi W X: ' I .A-XX - - E S8 . ' 'XX XX X , -X, - XX -XX-. I 0 X X I , ,I XXX X , X I, -Iam I ., XXXX- If: . - X .. Xi ' X X XX X XX Z Xljvii Yuma' XXX BEEPBX :SXSB yi Wm "HX In -21 -' X- 'X XXX?-XX 'w'X en' - res.-. I rf 1 ' 'zr ' ', 5, 'pf -I -,X-if-XX..-is .ri is . fk - . -Xi-. ': W' W ' .XII 3'1,1:I'j:XfXXg3g'prX U WX,-I -g-X-XI, Ilflnm ' - "f Y! " W' EX W gn II XX E X , I . . WXN-M W- Q '- me - -- X1 XXX XE X . :H H . .. -- IIX H X vga H X I I X? XI ,X-H XII X . Ig . IXf I III FXXXXX IEXXXX. III II. 1II I I, I K :X NXX . .3 .I '. . .X ga: ' X XX XX XX B H X H X X XX - . Q IUXXXX II E . I - . X . , , I H XX .XX X X lr - .spite -'HIXLI y X XI X XX . I ,XI 'X93-gpg N IX II X H X 9 X" ' X I-sag X1 X X I X I H:..,:.XX Xt, . . .aQr'.XXZ5.X T?-. 3 . X1 Xe ggi. XXII., ,I I. WX - Q XXX :I-X X X H X ' I . -IfI.XXIxI'X EIIX3, 5.-XYEQ-X . .X - XE I X. ' 'XXLX-I X II IX5 - I . ' -X. -X . XX, - -.X X X' . - XX X m,sX.mgX III - -- 'I-I5 .IQIXXX E-X. . I -I A X I . X XX, ,XXX 5115, w .X X .HXI -f-.W I ' .-JT. H WRX. P3 1'1- WQQQQB 1 fggipff EQ'xxgk35??LgJt'I . ' .234 IXFB 'X f - X - ' X -XM 'XX' --Xt g, .A ' X ' X - '- m 'f 'mr ffsb X1 I X I-,X - '-V' Q I '-'M' :'5XrX-:fri-"' I X , .DFIFQI Ivnrgfia 5, QIIIIIIIIIIIIMTBXIXWJ ' 'Qgg2WgX'7g.. If T-tXXXXa ,fu,,, :X. 2.3. ' ' 'Xt J'-'-"-' ' 1 "1 1-' -XXX-fi, XXX? Ma. -. XXX!-9 . ,. .X -. IIIIRITESIIIIII I,,mIIXIIIgIII.jI,III6I,. .,Iig XIEfII- :X-XIILEV E:-. IXI1., I -'X-XQH-X-X - ,w -NEG --1-Xf'f'i'1 an .."'as Wit IIIIIIXI . ,I XIX IgmIgX.X.Q I.X.,II XXX Xgfjff f--.S-iffy:-5 ,I :-3'-3.X,,X' 2. -leg Tix gi -5- :r-In e ,g'gXi':,-,2.1'ifQ1 " - 1, XXX. MI I XM .X-X '- . IL- ,X -IIIft,.I,,IIgIII q-p,,f'IE:IIII . X -X mtg -- XXX X . XXX .' XX--XI ,X1 p -. X.I - ' .- X- XHVXXI ,II XXXHX XX .III I XXX.. XHIIX, ,, I.XI ,X IIII, W 'ze f' XMXXE ff' Z Y A is-'ff W3 Xi' :XXX X : in ' X ,E XXX 'Inj . X.XjQ:P-5-' 3 M X XIX I X ' 1535- QI ,XXXg:. '- '-,am fx' .I , -'.',.I .L -I5-.I,l - '- X-EXW X-'X '--X - --'- : - -X'?'rg?-gf : he f - XX ' X" ' ' Ik':,,XI, , .' -X.. . I I I .I .-XI.I..-ie.1,. .. 4"I . ,I EQQEIII 2223? II- 2 lf? X I lg- ,I 2451 X -ff, XQHXJI 'fl' ,X.f'XXg,,Nm- : -H-SLQIIQ wi Us .' ,XQ 1 .Il ' . Q " B Xi Yi . X Y . , X I . I X . , I X - . . . ,, Y C3 V X n X ' , ,. I E I . . ., XX X . . -. I XXXI XXX ,- X -MXXX je'5i.XIX.w'5Xl-XX- HX X EE XX N 'HX -We -"X W X H IsasfzXXXgX15IlI34gma15'XXXXX - X-X-X - Xu X X qi :X New ,gm X' .XlI.j.G- 'I XX H , ' I 4 "f?fji'- IX'-I : I- f r7"Ili'l3-ll'- -- l'l,11- - XX-.wr W" -'fy X- I. II 2' -- X--We is "' X' 5-f '. -I W- X I 2 X I Z V M 1. K H M IX! I XX X .lu I I I X I IH XX X I. , - Us -X f-.LU J.. MIIIXXX :QI Xu! I. ZX. II .1 5'v " V5 X 1 R XXLXXX' vain WQXXX .Lai .W XX.XXX. if 41' AX - I . I .I I . " ' .-. -. ' ,, .1 -I. - A X' 'grit -LX" IF' .-II: I' 'X VX w "'IAXfX was-:EI ,3 ?Ig:135'mg' . -:L'.'.QaVgaI.u, IIIII .Xr ' l'X X, .' :,: HX' IU Ili git 211 :BSB , a nm I is 1 1' , 1. 216 .HD J .iv 43191. Il nr -N , lo ' -.r"" V- B l t started in the panic of registration, hurried through rush week, always moving, never giving enough time. Before the year was two months old despair of defeat clouded the campus. Autumn quickly wiped out the last reminder of summer. Exams carrie and went. Parties, classes, a rush to the library slipped away I... Only in the holidays did U.N.lVI. pause, and then not completely. Always the same impatient command, "Move faster, faster." Nloving it did it swept all with it. Christmas and New Year's holidays were like years to those left behind. mv.,-4.. ss nm reams Mama. Q 'U xllfllrf ' Pmgi, Fu -ah.: semi . Hush Q lifagpf E is E -,ai as: fa -D .M jg, ' "" 'O " ' ' ,lllllv - lfl.-xfl .4.. Ewa. .ei., Ag.. 4, in I8 lv, er. n -rw we-Q mlm - -f S , H . awww 1qm.,.5gg,: Riagg? -.sigma :saga na. W- wmamg ' - BEER nlw.mrH H 53.1,-. asv!-sf Q as. Sw' nm' awww is wg ng 'aa was as New an -EEE tm E aaa. W 5 aaa as ZZ ii 35' a as mam as my w..a.,a was 5 Maxam-W5 Q Hai-as asf if me Swmumzg nam llia sf,-' E ax, nz J m ,,g...:a as an 4-asgggsg--'mainly A33 H .age .a ,sam-'ss sm sf r .Q ss was new um n Wfindy March was quite routine Zitlgglaalsgiila. mil. 1 '11 E ' ' K C d .E ,,.,.fm.a .W t1 tie ngmeers angaroo ourt convene . . lx . Iii vi Sgt, I is -H April, the month for a boy and his girl Revives our campus to its social whirl . . up sa - .2319 rf. .5 K .a is sw It's party time because it's May And the campus resounds, "Fiesta, Ole!" Q I. W U. T56 -if 'X u Y 1 i . ,tn 'A 1.2 22 , W Commencement days . . . summer is near :I - , ,J 1 , . ' . , . .' . And for the seniors the "Big Day' is here! Old friends waited eagerly to welcome their companions. And then it stopped while semesters changed . . . But off and running again. The pace didn't slaclcen-it moved faster. A few tried to grasp at the minutes, but usually failed. Even a couple who sat under the trees and watched the sunset on the Sandias eouldn't malce it stop. The all night scholar tried to cheek the passage but failed. Fiesta swept past, leaving only memories. And then it was over. Panting, weary it rushed to a halt at graduation. The minutes are gone, filed away in a mem- ory, cliflicult to recall. lt's almost all gone . . . but not quite . . . 243 Program Series Robert lVleFerrin, Metropolitan Opera con- sidered to be one of the finest singers of our times. x "The Funniest VVoman in the VVorld," Anna Russell, who gives satirical renditions of classical, semi-classical, and popular musical selections. 244 l Y wi l General Carlos P. Romulo, Philippine ambassador to the United States, spoke on The Asia America Docs Not Know." The U.N.lW. Program Series is designed to present students with a high caliber of entertainment and educational programs and lectures otherwise unavailable to the students. The series made available to the students as a part of their activity fee, brings a varied and highly Worth- while group of programs to the campus during the year. Others on this year's series included Paul Draper, one of the world's greatest tap dancers, who opened the 1955 season, Theodore Ullman, concert pianist, and Buclcminster Fuller, designer of the "House of the F uture" for the Chicago World's Fair, who lectured on "Comprehen- sive Designing." Fiesta Nlexicana presented a two-hour stage show featuring music and dances from the heart ot Mexico. ol gd 553 'A IR V xx ' " f. - M L , gg K V ' g, 1, - .1 wdfsu z f :': , " ,ff X195 55 ' A 2 -fmz5fWr',111:'1A ggivwiff 4 A -M - V,,agg, new , f 3: gk it ' ' . ,L , 'X I ' - my K rfivfag . , :Q QA' .ez ,,.,.. f S"'+ :gr 45.3 ' .f.fg51E155-iEf1- id L Q1 x 'M fi -f llql Q vw 53.5 gg J,, , " 5 3 . "" Nf 9 Ls ' 55' N - M, , af-5 Q N Q A i ink 5 5' 'wi f ,UN Y 1, 1, if ' f ff ' is XM ...fx ...N.,,,- 111 , hx 52, .,,4-,-,Fr M! by H .Wy , ,- :V 2 ' f .. . kjjzywf " ,g 1 " -3 B f X sk W I: E, if V Sf? k , , - JK pig, if 3514 ,, x A A, ,e 1 ? -,.-:-2.s::.5:::f , : . 5, eg, , - V N. f . af, , - f . ff' . , 1 gg - "awk Qg . K , - , '2 K ' -'G 11. - , div 1. 'x 4' SU' " gi N We 2 . " N f Q W W X ' 4 . 21:--:5:' HG ' " R f - A 5 -ef ww, . Q W , v 3, Q "M" A Fi xx' 5 ' ' X I1 :W - 2, If .,.,. , , V ,..Z ig F af f M 'WW ' Q . -"i3'i"1 . 31,5 X, i if 1' 58? 'H ' W" X . an Li wt! f , if Q39 34, we , 4, f x ,n. x r i " 4, x . W. K :QX 451, g '-4 Qi. 9 D ' X Q 8 -Q 1 - v 4'M',QwnQ- fxffx - -,ss Z my K -9 Y, .1 . asm? X Xp M-GPN.. 2, - ' 1' .,, 1 if -"l:T'1'H-4 '1 -V H - ' b , K': -, , .5-ff' , ' V- rl- ar' . I , i' .. - 4 3 g,1,. " .agxw ,jf 1 5 1 - x 1' g 1 L Mi- v- "V 1 v '01 3 MX . xx. NF xH .I NA A Q v , x N - g,..j.:: ... Y 61' Q 'Xx 4 , A V J. A , , . el '- 3 J .3513 fe ,ig -1- , cF . A A, , 1 , , 16' , x . I 41... , 1 .f A,-www 5 A f Spirit Z7 y Every year the Kappa Sigma Fraternity herd the pledges from nine women's organiza- tions out for a day of fun, beauty, and skill as a project to raise funds for the Community Chest. Begun four years ago in memory of Ellis I-lall, pliilanthropist and former Kappa Sigma, Spirit Day has become a campus institution. Scores of girls enter the contests . . . all hope to be chosen "Miss Spirit Day," "Miss Venus," or "Miss Prettiest Legs and Ankles." Soon their numbers are narrowed down to a dozen or so, by the oflicial judges . . . . . . and the unoflicial . . . Standards are severe but finally queens and attendants are chosen. l Wiiiners of the Miss Venus Contest are Pat Ioneswas chosen "Miss Spirit Day"g lan Matkins, "Miss Venus" and Iudeth Sally Carpenter and Nancy Sargent are Arnold and Ioan Decker runners-up. her attendants. 246 5 . , W '- , R1 N Shirley Beisel Won the title Beautiful Legs and Ankles" wh Deyoe Young and Leonora D rett were the judges second a third choice. 1 I s f -nw- 5 SS gl B gl as px "' n SS - v - is :E H3 In 1 Us ww s la gsm .+ 53838 f ss 1 lm xg All lf la ,llffzvzfzcs nf the D y QL' 5 .gt ,an 1 L. me W , xx :team Rugs! Q mm an ss ww mn if ,, . H gm , , M! H H ss ss 1:2414 .Q If E MEF' Emma msg sa x-n mr ma mn sm B me or use a little pull . kgsw1.n"m -WB W me wlmwih wmsPir mi: kg: gs mg " mimi! 1. nnl mm 'j Exim ..,. WS' W1 , I gm ms um .5 WM :.: .... il--H W-M1 W ss .,.s K .4 fl E . E Q EE .. -E Ai, H 'U my Q I ma Q :Q 3' B as r wr I :lj 2 Bm ,L Zim s l S 'S E an . B , A 1 E N V, E mv: ml Q-is ,V Eg?-EH Q A K H: 1 Q ee ie 1 an ss mags E in X QE ws H fl H Ev- H K Q ws we mix -we M' it-.i'?:":'fEf5 FSE. ,mg msn or determmatxon A moment of refreshment But it all looks hlce fun' ss H0 ecamiug 5' , On the eve of Homecoming festivities our Queen, lane Day, and her attend- ants, Connie Giomi and Marilyn Thomas, were crowned during a cere- mony at Zimmerman Stadium. Fol- lowing the coronation there was the traditional pep rally and bonfire south of Mesa Vista Dorm. 513254 1- - cram iris lrlomeeoming is a thrill for the aluins who are able to return to U.N.M., refreshing old nieniories and finding a few new ones. To remember the campus as it was in the "good old days" and to see the great strides being niade in building and growth are espe- cially pleasing to an alum, This year's floats and house decorations were speeialg the floats were lini- ited solely to New hflexiean themes and the houses had to be decorated following a quotation from a book, song, or famous saying. The old themes of "Beat 'em, Lobos," and "XVeleonie, Alums" were dressed up in new garb-1955 style. The Band forms a salute to our opponents, the Denver University Pioneers. P1 Ixippa Alpha wins first place in the men's division with their "The Little Lobo 'l'h:1t Could." ,,,-egshgv, -A .. . -s Sh ilce Rattle and Roll on in Alums" wins for Sigma Chi second place. Kappa Sigma won third place with "No Place Like Home." SEE H0 framing ffm 6 Dewrafioas 1 Kappa Alpha Theta won first place in the XVOl1lC11,S division with their house decorations based on a Piglet and Pooh theme. .. N was E-EVM!! 1 -Q- 5 Q is. r.,i or H W rains' "Baby It's Cold Outside Come On In" won Chi Omega second place. The spirit ot competition got a little too warm or spirits got a little too highg The Tri Delt "VVhale of a Tale" f third place house decorationsj went up in sniolce the eve of Homecoming. YV e present no ashes or charred frameworlc in a picture, only an apol- ogy for the actions of some of our fellow students. ffrfmewm hy Mais Chi Omega is the sweepstakes winner with their "The Goddess F oresces V ictoryf' Alpha Delta Pi captured second place with their "Run 'Em Down Lobos." -f 1 K, M,-M..t..,. L P: jr: 5 ' W W rs "Stage An Upset" won for Alpha Chi Omega first place in the women's division. Kappa Kappa Gamma won third place with their Drive Em Batty Lobos." V, L - ..-4. - 4i. V5 V -A-A-ul., . ., gf' Kcilrigfzxvlir, -Q. .pl-ala' N. -I -L.. Q A, il tbl' f- "f ' .'-N-' ..-fri , ' '. . "7" M" if ' -." i. 1-'L 'in L-1-1. A " 5, , -Wlgnly' "f ' ' . 555' it-kT1f"'f'Nf'sf'i:7"Ff:u"",11'5r,'ii, veivggggfjr- ' rl 1 i V ' ' - '-T ,l :t"l.L-r'f-1. .. u'.-"1 - A 1-.. ' W -E J' - - i 30 ' F ' xl f LFE. W fl Q., ' 5'-ljfgne .9-Y. JA. .rv .-- ng-E' :, J-fn framing Qlmfs 1-:F-' -5 Pi Beta Phi sorority, last year's sweepstakes winner, declined to enter the float competition but at- tempted to establish the tradition of last year's sweepstakes winner building a float for the ln the merfs division, Kappa Alpha took first Homecoming Queen and the Queeifs Court. il. P a 'tW8gO1l,S-3-Dldggllly.N lace with Sigma Alpha Epsilon won second place with its Gay Nineties theme. Sigma Chi placed third in the mer1's division. 251 Spirit Sing 1,4 , .V .. L1 was 'is , .1 H 1-B ff : . y' ., I ii 3 Directors of the winning groups are Dave Metzler fKappa Alphaj and Cornelia Mzzgee Easterling fKappa Kappa Cammaj-first placeg Aleta Thomson fAlpha Chi Omegaj and Bob Norton frepresenting Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Delta Sigma Phij-second place. Coy Dance The Christmas season, filled with good will activities and jolly yuletide fun, was announced by the Alpha Phi Omega toy table in the SUB foyer where students could purchase toys for admission to the dance. Alpha Chi Omega, undcr the direction of Coral Iohnson, sing their way to victory. 014 Sa at 6' Sigma Chi, for the fourth year in a row, and Alpha Chi Omega sang their way to first place standings in the Song Fest held in December annually sponsored by the Iunior Class. Consolation trophies went to Kappa Kappa Gamma and Phi Delta Theta. Sigma Chi with Mart Servis directing Wins again Hanging nf ine Greens 'Cod rest ye merry gentlemen . . ." To usher in the holiday season and herald the Christmas spirit, just before everyone leaves on vacation, Mortar Board decorates the campus with holly and Christmas greens. Three candle-light processions start at different points on campus Hnally congregating at the President's home and then going directly to the SUB for more carols and some coffee and donuts. l 2 And then there's always the work beforehand . . . 1-,,, J Wt f't . , ,J ' ' 1 i 11 A fi' lt. ' ' " .V -H . '11 Q 4 X 1 Indy Ervin, Varsity Cirlg Iimmy Inarezg Sato Leeg Ron Calkins. Varsity Girl, Indy Ervin: Charlotte Stevens, attendant: Barbara Murphy, attendant. "Letterman of tlie year" in all divi- sions of major college sports were named at the dance. Ianies Cramer was naniecl tlie ont- stancling wrestler, Ron Callcins ont- stanfling swimmer, and Wfenclell Nielsen outstanding golfer. Baseball honors went to Carter lWatl1ies. Iiinmy luarez was named outstand- ing football player, and Sato Lee tool: honors for traclc. Bruce Vffilson was nainecl ont- stancling basketball player and Paul Butt outstanding tennis nian. Tlie awards were made for the most recent complete season in eacli sports area. w af 2 U 7:35. -wx U16 Kaiumakcr 1..x,.: It ncvcr mms but it pours. N 'N-ng X 1 :ED " fan Water . . . I recommend it! Tllat-a-way, Parducr. Plain Lizzie and Papa a ss a .1 wiv ,V ,,. 1 1 L 9 I make money . . . in my basement. ahuruum Qrzufe 'W . But OHiccr, I Cklllyf afford a ss wus, . ..... ..,.m.. w., ,f ts. H. ...ww ...,w. . .w-mf,........ ,M ...,m.... wg. The man and woman who came to dinner. ' 1' 5 hx Q A . ' iii si U x WM- Y .. ww " .1 . , f L. J.', .5 V :- , ,L W :ff j . ff . sr' A ,,x G: ri: ' W fl: gU.Q ,. - 15.7 .--hr-.-L. f.,11.- rvf - .., Tgazwr. , .. - fifxT . , 4,- nkmawaf. r Y TR N. af ',:f,-.:,, ,' - ! .,. Q 1 2 . U. 1 A! . 1 , . sp, E' a' ,V-,.. - xg, 1 A .,..-.0-.. ..-.-.4 K v -vw: "1lll! .PL X. . '3 ' E , JL -Qflsi ,vw X kbs 1-2?-51 . f.. 'iff' 'Y -F f, 5'9" X SE gasp. .3 g 1 lk: km Az: ,Mp E, 1 13 L D Yan, fi if V x-my 5,4 gmc E Q wg -ml, wM,M 1 , ,gm .w. wmmswx A--meemwa 1 W QESQA h? ML an Q uggwwk 2- E ak 2 Q fm :K an Q Q .mmm .ws z "I 'W 1 Q1 .mi sam ki Elfm- Q ifsampra 1 Q 7 I pm swag Simi' , .W ,,-, 1 M .ffm 5-M wwf .ga .VM ,Visit way ,ax ,wg X B ma - X - 5,1--F iw iii' ui 5 fa 1 Slw s ki .gan K Q iiwhgggiqw ::: W , ,., iHf'5 if F - ::: 5 'Ei : ' J i 332. Zi: L ?LEEgL ??EE. zxwwi gsm mi wiwiwi am gn img? Wwwy WE RIKEN. www sagw EWEIX fegie As we may ,Q.g ,., FAA" Sn, ns um mn cs,-A as yi? mM M: msn m a -mx mm mn ibm max asm ww. rw ,y m ar a ss f Lo, s an f fin hi " was mf ' Az an E mgwp N! Vgfxmifl 4- Y H . ,., Q, .1 sf -my Q mf Qui gm mms 1 mp! X W, tll'I6' Ll 4795 crawling Queen 3 Wx ..- N Q! I 'lulwl' 'Qu 1-J I 3 ar V A 5. - , r WWW I H mn ' a ,Tp n , . OT 'w . 1 . .v 4 A . '-'-:P matt . . 1.57, , C1 , .4 Comme G1om1 ,Jud- J-tamewmzllg M 'IIIYH Thom 'fs Attendants 162' ufyu Wlckinney Foy larzfy .Quan ' ' 5 nw W 5 Z5 W H fin? A 1' -M E HW, -N snag - s W- - - - - - .,.:.:. :.: ' -gn ---2'-::::.:.:.:.:.:55 J www EmEsa'm' s'yi '- :'- B E W M H kg Q ,J ' 1 1 3 H wr sie 2:2 . . .... m H sv- ::: :.:.. 5: !:s-:-:- ...f44f- .gain E B E B . .,.,.,., E H .,.,.,. :H V A ,M H ga .. Hg E H was H M gpg B. H B a a a B a I n w :E ,' ' E E E M , .- H 223. H as H E Eggs?-' ff-552588 N mms, -E av? wig. E B ' :Bs I H mm am, B: a "na ss E E M QE H H SL i . E . E, , , gui! gg H Kim: - H ms Q pmgiggmms -qw I E E J , . H5515 gm E H B S as E E H H Emi? WE m m 1 HE an W my . K. In . z E ms ws an ., I S N E E ,I :Q . W H H 21-' Q Ewa ,mv-,l fm H.-.--M M .. ,ig 555 wg E. B -A HQ , N! E25 ' KE BH B BE: .. N H H K Z 'H - , -E BEE E - W ss ha ss E - , W 9 E E Q H H W Eggs E.-.w 5 E31 . ,gg kms B H 3 BW an mm U I sms mmm an as Wg asm figgmmn me E B w ass. BEER ms gs as -H HQEEW WE ummm wma ,AE B 'QE 'y HE ' -,am . .B-mn E as nam r wax 9 nz mn' L W ' B Q Q - Q Q ' ss H M M Q H QE H Q W M M Q M M- M , mmm Q Q- E H S8588 Q Q .N Mm H mga W gsm- H - H Kiki! E Bm M M - W M Q K H . H . H , EW 'Emi H vw M M .55 ' n I ma . M 3 ,M nm www . ' -:- SS 1"-Mm'- 4 :.: in H H H -sas -I-I QE . ' is 1 , lg .: my ,.,.,. HE :.: M :wan v .-ss www -sei-fa-I Xggmia M 52. WWW E. :-: 1:. 'I W Vix. .3-, . K ,:-4 Q SS +1 11 ll. fil ff' as , rm- imgzw 1 gm F nm 5 mm 5 in 1 W iam s ,B H M ,Kgs ww ,Q La nga Timm? as B B .W Bm sw M kms H dam Q In Lawaa..- .5 , www . ,.. .naw Y rw I'-U' .S-,AF ss a mms B ss NE ms a Vasa mn a ss w as A nm MEF ' a aww HW a ' mn 1 E. ff-I 5.1,-mf 'g Wm 0, 4: ' :gi ' Fw as . a SS 1451 :Jw ."-1 Q ' xii ? 'fl ga 5-' TY 5' , Q fy .-ww, Nancy Gentry Sally Smith '15 n' i . A , :FTS lfvpularity .Quecn Attendants 4 , Kathy 16140 I Air 311125 Queen ' 4-. K9 A 'W T" Q1 W . '.' 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I U55 X-Q U W M , LM I E ' R4 ' VX nl Bu! ' '4 H H T H J' Ai 2 E wx Q. W m E by 5 ss E . na m M ss na .... . N Bu ss Q K-X , . X . H H E , . Q - 1 X .N ,xx E Q A Z I Q . x . E 2: X . , Q H H is K K H L I .5 .. . N Wsgm-X.. pig mg ss m a X" ui I 5 a E 1 Q . ss - w , 5- ss H X I E E v as ss , . . ,. ,H - B . N E 3: . X ' 5, is FNX Q , K H mm , H . QA Y 1' .lem .L Em - ,. fl lwm fi - U -5. is . .sam . . , s sf. I-I .,,,.aia5i: V ' ' . H H .' 1 - 53. H A : 1 1.5.5 4 H 5 I...I 25:1 H Efj.Q,.. I-2.5-I-'-'f.f... X 5 SS E ww,T.i. T ss - - Q S ir- X W w as . .siwisi , K - S5 w 5 M . H L........- -1 ,, v E E B B " I ZH H . E E H E H E E - . . E B . , l EEE? Hap Crawford ferry Dahlquist gg L i ri is a Q E Mike Laine Three lcings were chosen at the annual AWS King of Hearts Dance given in February. In previous years a king and a jack ot hearts were honored. Could the choosing of three kings be a testimonial on the proverbial Hcldeness ot women . . . 514gii1fcr D y 1' Q Engineers propagate the traclitionzrl feud between the Loiao and the College of Y we V Engineering. Something is missing . . . Could it be that the Blarney stone is Z1 substi- tute for the original that has never been recovered from the Lolao staff? Engineers and dates eagerly awaiting the crowning of their queen. Hopefuls for the title of royalty. Earl Powell being honored as the 1956 Engineers' Queen. 269 Stuffit Night A Senior's Dream," Pi Beta Phi's entry, captures second place. Alpha Chi Omega presents "Louisiana I-layridef' Chi Omega taught us how to beat the heat in their skit entitled "Heat Wave." as-an Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority charms the judges and audi- ence with its "Seven Lively Daughters of Seven Deadly Sins" to win first place in the won1en's division. ,ff fr Y 1 A iv 1 L .hw The Tri Delts present a skit appropriately named "Delta Stunt Night The colorful Sigma Chi skit, 'The Reincarnation of Yuma Saki," once ' . if again wins first place for the fraternity. The Kappa Alpha's claim they "owe their soul to the Dean of Men" in their skit entitled "Early Morning in the SUB" which won them second place. I Kappa Sigma's "Bums and Babes" wins for them an honorable mention. Tau Kappa Epsilon shows nota- ble character sketches in their "A Spanish Street Scene." 1 l JANET NICKELL Delta Sigma Phi wwf as fx ss :EW H - B E x uma ss E . grafcru 7 5' ccfhmrfs N Bm mum We ss amz ss va Y an -, HHH X ss K .Nm gg - ss mils M X 'fu 3 I 1 Kms an H Haw wma H . H E Em Q Q Q .En mmm Q -ss Lan S9-ss SNA xx B'Av am-ex usa-s A, xx , ss K B-1 ' , .mn K. B : K Hman ar H ,ss qw ss as mam- ss nigga m'7 BQ ss a . ss EEE? H A H mfs E H E E xv., X Hu aim BARBARA FE T ,gm ss ss P1 may , 'na H I nl H 5, ,si .wi Bm ss mf ANN RUBINCAM Kappa Sigma Qraferuify Sufeaflzcarfs KATHY MCFARLAND BETSY PIERCE Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon ':-: A H595 VM 'Har' 's Q- ,iJ-ual, N ,, ,..l...- BARBARA BARNARD 1 SON IA LOVALD Sigma Chi Tau Kappa Epsilon l Wim is' Whzf DOUGLAS BALCOMB Albuquerque EDITH BRATTON Sigma Chi ' 52-' 56 Treas. Albuquerque BYRON CNI-ON Vlgllantes' 'I NSS' SPUYS 'S3"S4 Alamogordo, New Mexico Kappa Mu Epsdfm' Preis' Morfaf Board, 55356 Student Council ' -"6 Institute of Radro'Eng1neers, Pres. Pre-med Club '52,-S6 Vanity BqqkCtbau5i -3,56 ?9l5i1l2aTa3,l5li?tOrmn Fred' 541155, Freshman BasketlJallS52-'55 Studenlglgemte, -, PIU Slgmfl 53' 56 , , , XVardroom Society '52-'56 O , 53 55 , v Sec y. 54- 555 Vlce-pres. 55- 56 Kappa Kappa psi -55 utstanding Freshman Engineering Award Student Standards '54355 Univerqit Mmchm Band , 2-, 6 AH Force Assoclatlon Xvomelfys Recreational Council ,53'Y5-l Univeraitz Concert amid '55-'5g SUB Dlfectofafe 514' 55 Symphonic XVincl Ensemble '54-'56 , lcllefsoll Club 54' 56 I Khatali '55-'56 Outstanding S9PhQm0fC V Oman Athletic Advisory Committee 3 'fm' Freshman Advlscf 54' 56 Student Body 'l'reas. '55-'56 l 1 BOB CHATTEN Roswell Lorso Editor '55-'56 Lorao Managing Editor '54-' 5 5 Lorao Night Editor '54 Mnmcn Sports Editor '53-'54 Rodey Cllildrerfs Theater QRed Riding Hoodl '52 Campus Improvement Committee '54-'55 NROTC VVardroom Society '52-'53 Sigma Delta Chi '54-'56 Treas. '55-'56g Sec'y. '54-'55. 274 SYL CHUMLEY Albuquerque Phi Delta Theta '52-'56 Treas. '54-'55 Vigilantes, Pres. '53-'54 Ir. Khatali '54-'55 Khatali, Vice-pres. '55-'56 XVardroom Society '52356 Bd. of Directors '54 Student Council '55-'56 NROTC Battalion Supply Officer Fiesta Committee '54-' 55 FRED CONE St. joseph, Missouri Chi Epsilon Sigma Tau Student Standards Committee '55-'56 NROTC VVardroo1n Society Bd. of Directors '55-'56 American Society of Civil Engineers Intramural Council '54-' 56 Who is Wim A . NANCY CONE Albuquerque Kappa Kappa Gamma XVatcrloos '52-'56g Sec.-Trcas. '53-'54g Pres. '54- 'ss N. M. Assn. of llcalth, P.E. Rcereationg See. '54- 'ss Spurs '53-'54g Mortar Board '55-'56 NVomen's Recreational Council '53-'54 United Student Christian liellowsliip, Cabinet ,53',5S I P.E. Mayors and Minors Pi Lambda 'l'heta '54-'56 Fw X .1 rr ,J VVALLY DECKERT Lake Forest, Illinois Kappa Alpha Order, President Pi 'l"au Sigma, Treasurer Sigma Tau, Reporter Kappa Mn Epsilong ASME Khatalig Arnold Air Society, V ice-pres. Air Force Assn.g Military Affairs Council, Chair- man Intcrfratcrnity Council Phi Kappa Phi gli? "RMP I ll TONA DABBS IOHN COX Albuquerque Roswell Philosophy Club '52-'56g Pres. '53-'54 Humanist Society '54-'56 Lctterman's Club '53-'56 Football '51-'56 Athletic Committee '55-'56 Cabinet '53-'54 trainer '55-'56 '5sfs6 Spurs '53-'54g Mortar Board treasurer Student Court '54-'56 Associated VVomen's Students '54-'55 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Roll '51-'53 Chorus '53-'55 United Student Christian Fellowship '52-'ggg Chi Omega '52-'56g Vice-pres. '54-'ggg pledge Phi Gamma Nu '52,-'56g Vice-pres. '54-'ggg Pres. rg" WAS W sf K as X ' ' f it A ' l VINCE GORMLEY KEN DRIXKE Albuquerque Lug Cruces Student Body President fl K 11-. - T Vice-pres, of Innior Class 4355 Secretary of.Kappa Alpha Qrder , Student Senate '54-'56, Steering Committee kltelgiiggrgglty 321111511 Vlcvlgesldent Chairman C5356 X ir I na. n omman er Newman Chili Executive Committee '53-'55 Arnold Alf Society Mmacn Business Manager '55-'56 Student Union Board Campus Improvement Committee '55-'56 Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pres. '55-'56 5 gi ll 2775 Who is' Who CORAL IOHNSON , Albuquerque SHIRLEY IRVINC Alpha Chi OmCg21,'524'56 5 l Mountainair, New Mexico MICHAEL KELEIYIER S- Sorlgixlfelldelr, XX arden, Second V ice-pres. Alpha Delta pi 154356 Albuquerque lgma, Pm, O53 , , , , , Social Chairman, Executive Board lrreslmmn Basketball M865 YB 535545 YEGPICS' 54' 559 Pres' 55- 56 Sigma MPM Iota '55'Y56 Vice-pres. Sophomore Class S or ,flat 55' 5 Pj Lalllbda Tllfff? ,55j'56 Student Senate '55-'55 Puts 59 54 , , rl heta Srgma Phi '55- 56 NROTC Colfccft Chofus 54155 . NVorld University Service Chairman '54-'55 Ncwmqn Club United Student Cl1I'1St12lll Fellowship LOB0 Columnist fsdlgss Sigma bm PIU ,S r . f-,J . , , H . ' ll atuloos J- 53 lNIIRAGE edrtor 55- 56 Y v Klmlall Scclyl '55 7 Mortar Board, V1Ce'Pfe5- 55' 56 Student Publications Board '54-'56 Mademoiselle College Board ' 54-' 55 Vice-pres,, Senior Class X m 1. a . 3 ,M I H -., .J E V mf .. 5'A . 5-, . .- 11' 1.'f A ' :.-. .J Q, OLIVER "SA'TO" LEE Alamogordo, New Mexico St d tc ll FLORA MAESTAS u en ouncr E L l,N, lyli' 7 Kappa Mu Epsilon ' 55-' 56 FEET? a CW umm GAV1 E MANQOLD Basketball ,SZ-156 S3 Q iscl ,M ,H t S 7 ,M Y . P Northfield, Ilhnors Track '52-'56 ,STE6 mm' 7" 73' ec y' 57' 54' rcs' Bandelier House Council '53 Atll t'e Ad "so Co rttee ' A K, ,, , Senate '53, '55 Oulsiahdingifrgck Aillleie '54 glh312arEl?l??5?5 ll' 7 5' 56 Newman Club '52-'56 Lettermarfs Club '52-'56 Pill gamma Nfl? 5+ illlljg 3-'54, , 6 . ,1 f , - ,FF-,, , eey. 52-5 Sixnsfatixiirf3Cia5b??ii??'Em DD D6 HU?,Slma" SS"S6 . ' Z , , or ar oar l gisiilegi-i3?Ee,q?il1lC1l 5 2' 53 Kappa. Alpha Theta . 57 5,4 Social Chmn., House Manager Ford Scholarship '5z- 56 276 l ,. lk!! Rasa yawn no B if ss 5 1 Who is' Why W, , ALICE SMITH MINOR 1x,IIKE NICNEVIN Eunice, NCXV Mexico Canal Zone President of AXV S '55 Senior Class President '56 glortar Bofffd Sigma Chi 'gn-'56 PMS . Klmtali 159,56-lures. 156 Campus Improvement Committee Vigilantc -S3 Student Unron Board NROTC Battalion Executive Officer '56 Phi Gamma Nu . IFC-Secretary ,SS AAIJVV Scholarship NRo'1'c Summa C0-grim 'gg glLQ?1j5?ifFCS' gf Pjedgc Class Student Affairs Committee '53 ' 'L ' Qarc Img 911 Ilomecommg Committee TERESA CUMMINS MOULDS Durango, Colorado Alpha Chi Omega-Treas., Pres. Phi Gamma Nu-Sec'y.-Treas. VVomen's Recreational Council-Treas., Sec'y. Spurs Newman Club Pi Lambda Theta Student Senate Mortar Board-President DICK NOVARIA l W7 GARY NOSS Albuquerque ABBEY NIXQN Eunice, New Mexico Khatali . 7 Y Raton, New Mexico Phi Alpha Theta 15935213 rgdgrgxllgigrqzs 5 56 Chi 0mCga-prcS., llush Clmirmzm Ilomeeoming Committee Chairman 1 39 I HT 7 ' ' , . Student Council ,SS-,56 Cultural Coqmnttcc - 3n1Elf:r1e?rESoeEegl oi Mephameal, Egngmeers Mortar Board Adviser Inter-Fraternity Counerl-See'y., Pres. ,U en our 216 IHS 106 59' 5, , AVVS-Sccy '54 Associated Party Chairman A Sigma A1Pha Elmlon-V1CC'PreS' 54' 55 Phi Delta 'l"heta Dream Girl '53 AFROVC-Ed1f0f of E1 Collclmsfadof '53'y54 Chorus U.N.M. Chorus RallyCom Sigma Chi-Corres. Sce'y., Rec. Sec'y. Young Republicans' Club "Mikado" '53 277 CAROLYN PHILLIPS Santa Fe, New Mexico Alpha Chi Omega-Sec'y., Rush Chm,, Panhellcnic Council ' 52-' 5 5 Student Council '55-'56 Student Senate '52-'53 U.S.C.F. Cabinet Member 'SBJS4 RallyCom-Corres. Sec'y. Associated Party '54-'56 Mortar Board Adviser Homecoming Committee '55 ENGLE SOUT HARD Clovis, New Mexico Football, Basketball ' 5 1-' 55 Letterman's Club Kappa Sigma American Institute of Chemical Engineers Vigilantes '52 Iunior Class President Assistant Freshman Football Coach '55 278 , .1 , i 'gl : me MURIEL PRIDE Albuquerque Rodey Theatre Delta Delta Delta-Cortes. Sec'y. TRIDENT Editor, Scholar. Chm. Spurs 1955 Fiesta Queen Attendant Homecoming Co-Chairman '55 Mortar Board AWS-Vice-president '55-'56 Student Senate '55-'56 Delta Delta Delta Scholarship '54 PATTY STEXVART Hatch, New Mexico Spurs-Vice-pres. Dorm D-Pres. ' 54-'5 5 Rose of Delta Sig '54-'5 5 Outstanding Ir. Women '54-'55 Student Council-Sec'y. '54-'55 Student Union Directorate '55 Phi Gamma Nu '55 Commerce Council '55-'56 Student Publications Board '55-'56 U.S.C.F. Homecoming Attendant '54-'55 Whzf ' Who MART SERVIS Santa Rosa, New Mexico Sigma Chi-Rush, music, Social Chm., Vice-pres. U.N.M. Marching Band, U.N.M. Chorus Inter-Fraternity Council Intramural Council Varsity Basketball Lettcrman's Club King of Hearts Fiesta Co-Chairman Homecoming Parade Co-Chairman P.E, Majors and Minors Club .45 l X SALLY STRINGER Las Vegas, Nevada Pi Beta Phi-Vice-pres., Social and Rush Chm. Cosmopolitan Club-Social Chm. Student Senate RallyCom-Corrcs. Sec'y. Student Standards Committee Iunior Class Sec'y.-Trcas Student Council Mortar Board Phi Alpha 'l"l1eta Pi Lambda Theta Award '55 Wim is' Wim , lit DON TEEGARDEN Albuquerque Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Tau Pi Tan Sigma Student Branch of the Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Mu Epsilon Arnold Air Society ASME l SHARON YENNEY Albuquerque Student Council '54-'56 Panhellenie Council '53-'56 Associated Women's Council '55- Mortar Board '55-'56 Spurs 'ssf54 Outstanding Freshman NVoman Rodcy Theatre '52-'56 Modern Dance NVorkshop '54-'56 Scc'y.-Treas. Sophomore Class Student Senate '52-'54 Kappa Alpha Theta lay Van Soe Award Kappa Alpha Theta '52-'56 Rush Chairman '5g356 ,S 6 len Scholarship l WAYNE TUC KER Texico, New Mexico Varsity football '52-'56 Varsity track '51-'56 Vieepres. Lettermarfs Club '55-'56 ASME NROTC Coral johnson and Bob Chattcn exchange pleasantries with Attorney Will Keleher and Board of Regents member Finlay MacGillivray at a tea sponsored by the Alumni Association in honor of newly elected Wl1o's VVl1o members 714 Jlflifmoriam ROBERT K. EVANS Associate Professor of Business Administration XVILLIAM HUGHES Graduate Assistant in History KATHLEEN McCANN Associate Professor of Education 'II have seen a thousand fiices, all the rest are lost, like blades of grass that crowd upon a sodg And, ofa thousand passed, these I remember best-The quiet faces, brushed hy the waiting hands of God." IOAQUIN ORTEC-A Professor Emeritus of Modern Languages 7? 52l'5 UNIVERSITY OE NEW MEXICO ALBUQUERQUE, NEW Mnxreo MEMBER North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, National University Ex- tension Association, Association of American Universities, American Association of Uni- versity VVomen, American Association of University Professors, Engineering Council for Professional Development, American Council on Pharmaceutical Education Class Aj, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, American Bar Association, Associa- tion of American Law Schools, American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. 1956-57 UNIVERSITY CALENDAR Summer Ter111 , . . ...,., ..,. I une 16, 1956 First Semester ,... , . .Sept 14, 1956 Second Semyester .,.. . . . , . r . . . . .Feb 1, 1957 Excellent instructional facilities, a beautiful and spacious campus with 55 permanent buildings in the unique modified Pueblo style architecture, a new gymnasium, and sev- eral of the largest buildings in the state of New Mexico are located on the campus. THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVV MEXICO offers thorough training for elementary and secondary teachers and in music education, a11d outstanding opportunities in the fields of art, biological sciences, business administration, dramatic art, English, health and physical education, home economies, industrial arts, journalism, library science, lan- guages, meteoritics, astronomy, music, physical and social sciences, speech, Pre-medicine, Pre-dentistry, Pre-veterinary medicine, nursing, law, engineering, pharmacy, mathematics, geology, physics, anthropology, government, history, and Inter-American Affairs. COLLEGES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEXV MEXICO College of Fine Arts College of Nursing College of Arts and Sciences College of Education College of Engineering College of Law College of Business Administration Graduate School College of Plrarmaey General College Veterans are urged to take advantage of regular and special offerings made available through our resources a11d facilities, including evening classes. For further information, address TOM L. POPEIOY, President University of New Mexico Albuquerque A Abbott, Co1111ie, 69, 109, 1 IO Abclson, Arthur, 1 14, 157, 229, 230 Abell, Duane, SQ Abeyta, Ruben, 43 Ackcr111a11, Ackerman , Neue 1 -, 74, 201 Peggy, 128 Adams, Howard N., 69 Adams, Ieanine, 79, 174., 175 onlc B., 79, 192 Adams, Melinda, 45 Ada111s, Scott, SQ Adkins, Axllllllllll, SQ Adams, Ier Adkisson, Ierry, 69, 162 Adler, Vvillllllll, 69, IQI Aguilar, Pete, SQ Ainsworth, Co1111ie, 69, 163, 177 Aki11,Bcr11a Lee, 43, IOS, 151 Aki11, Ronald, 43 Albert, Mildred, 40, 204 Alberts, Do11, 1 1 7, 1 28 Alder111a11, Patricia, 43, 166 Aleschin, Tatiana, 79 Alexander, Carol, 43, 174, 201 Alexander, Co1111ie, 160 Alexander, Elonise, 79, 1 22, 165 Alexa11der, Robert, 69, 1 33, 193 Ali, Saiyed , Qairn, 1 25 Allapowa, Carrnelita, 1 25 Allen, Iohn, 43 Allen, Ma11ley, 237 Alle11, Sara lane, 43, 172 All11ot, Nancy, 69, 176, 177 A111bos, Brooks, 79, 107, 132, 197 A11dcrson, Anderson, Donald B., 69 Ambrose, Ion, 43 Robert C., 136 , 1 17 Anderson, Jerome, SQ Anderson, john, 34, 59, 101, 188, 189 Anderson, Kenneth, 79, 148, 152 191 Anderson, Paul, 190 A11derso11, Robert C., 43 Anderson Bob 112 Andcrsoni Ron, 59, IQQ 4, , Andrako honias 1 1 'v 43' 33 Andrew, Varos, 43 Andrews, XVilliam, 59, 193 Anglada, Aniscto, SQ Anstctt, Paul, 43 Anstine, Arthur H., 79, 1 16, 135 1 36, 1 9 1 Anthony, lack, 43 Apodaca, Gilbert, 43 fudmf fader Apodaca, Icrry, 69, 111, 186, 187, 214, 215 Aquilar, Pete C., 138 Aragon, joseph M., 79, 135, 1 36 Aragon, Lucille, 79, 1 25, 204 Archibcek, XV illia111, 43 Arehnnde, L., 136 Arellano, Delfino, SQ Arellano, Moises, 43 Arita, Hiroyuki, 96, 125 Armbruster, Ervin, 1 14 Arniiio, Lou, 105, 129 Armstrong, Icssc, 1 14 Armstrong, Mcrrylin, 43 Armstrong Robert, 43, 136 Armstrong, 'l'halia, 59, 172, 173 Arnett, Cornelius, 79 Ar11old, Indith, 69, 151, 176, 2 6 Arndld, Paul, 43, 188, 189 Arrigoni, Roland, 1 1 1, 209, 237, 238 Arthur, Patricia C., 69 Arunas, Dirvianskis, 43 Arviso, Shirlee, 1 2 5 Asfaw, Sl1i111eles, 79, 1 16, 1 25 Asheraft, Marie, 69, 204 Askren, Alvi11, 43 Asguith, Allan, 43, 1 36 Atchely, COlCl1C, 203 Atehley, VVanda, 43, 1 1 3, 122 Atei tty, Iaines, 1 25 Atcitty, Mrs. Iames, 1 25 Atencio, Er11esto, 43 Atherton, 'Tl'l0Il'l3S, 59, 148 Atilio, jorge, 1 SQ Atki11s, R. W., 136 Atkinson, Iamcs, 43 Atkir1so11, VVillian1, 69 Atkisso11, Icrry, 185 Aualos, Rebecca, 1 27 Auld, Lorene, 1 2 1 Austin, Arthur, 1 1 9 Austin, DCHIIIIH, 43 Avara, E. M., 43, 151, 1 S2 Avery, Kenneth Duane, 69, 21 5 Aylesworth, David, SQ B Baca, Carlos, 232 Baca, Max, SQ Baca, Michael A., 79, 148 Baca, Pauline, 43, 201 Baca, Robert, 43 Baca, Robert P., SQ Badsgrad, XVayne A., 1 15 Bact, Iay, 69, 1 14 Bail, E. B., 1 18 Bailey, Marcia, 43 Baird, Robert, EQ Baker, Elizabeth, 43, 202 Baker, Robert, SQ Balco111b, Douglas, 79, 115, 119, 1921 1931 274 Ball, Hubert, 69, 1 14, 134, 183 Ball, Norman, 59, 233 Ball, Richard O., 79, 193 Balleau, George, 2 1 6, 237 Bambrook, Carol Ann, 69 Bamford, A1111a, 69, 173 Ban, Shigeo, 43, 1 24, 156 Banks, Betty, 35, 69, 130, 164, 165 Banks, Ioe, 1 14 Bankston, Charles, 117, 1 19, 123 Barefoot, Iohn, 59, 209, 213, 214 Barker, CMrs.l Gertrude, 169 Barker, Hildretl1 QYu111pyj, 69, 19 193, 215 Barnard, Barbara, 69, 174, 175, 273 Barncastle, LeRoy, 59 Barncastle, Roger, SQ Barndek, D. C., 136 Barnes, Iohn, 39, 59, 186, 187 Barney, Bob, 237 Barney, Dave, 2.37 Barnett, Martin E., 69, 197 Barnhart, Roger, 69, 191 Barnhisel, Indy, 69, 160, 170 Barr, Martha, 127 Barrett, Artl1ur, 79, 151 Barrett, Joel, 105 Barrett, Iohn, 43 Barrett, Robert R., 79 Barrett, Rosemary, 79, 1 14 Barron, Milt, 218 Bartlett, VVayne, SQ Barton, Bon11ie, 79, 165 Basham, Bill, 136, 216 Bass Clarence 1 '43 Bateman, Martha Anne, 79, 159, 175 Batl1o, Robert, 59, 162, 195 Batsel, Charles B., 79, 135, 137, 141, 1 83 Bauer, Iohn, 69, 1 18, 193 Bawuah, Peter, 79, 107, 125 Baxter, james, 43 Bazant, Stan, 235, 236 Beasley, lack, 1 24, 1 36 Beauchamp, Richard, 45 Bcbber, Marilyn, 69, 151, 165 niversity Cleaners 1'. Emergency Service Pick-up 81 Delivery 1 I800 Central SE Phone 3-6553 Beck, Robert, 43, 103, 239 Beckes, Ierry, SQ Beckett, lack, 43 Beckner, Stanley, 45 Bedale, Donald, 79, 1 Z4 Beers, Iames, 69 Beeson, Sharon, 43 Beiscl, Shirley, 246 Bell, Fred, 209 Benakis, Georgia, 69, 173 Benakis, Gus, 43, 189 Benally, Rose, 204 Benge, Martl1a, 59, 100, 108, 110, 122, 170, 171 Benjamin, Marc, 43, 138, 186 Be1111ett, Alfred, SQ Bennett, Ieanne, 43, 109, 176, 202 Bennett, Katherine, 59, 173 Be11nett, Pat, 69, 196 Benny, Walter, 69 Benso11, Kraig, 43 Bento11, Oren, S9 Benvenuti, Robert, 69, 1 37, 140 Berardinelli, Stephani, 69, 79, 169 Berch, Bill, 182 Berg, Barbara, 59, 203 Berg, Carl, 43 Bergie, Sandra, 176 Bergquist, Harry C., 79 Bermudez, lack, 43 Ber11stein, D. D., 136 Betts, Ervin, 80, 151, 193 Betts, Norma lean, 43, 108, 1 SI Biffle, Norban, S9 Billings, Barbara, 1 1 2 Billings, jerry, 44 Billings, Mary Ellen, 1 22, 198 Bingham, Francine, 44, 151, 202, 208 Birkelo, Harry, 80, 135, 136, 181 Birko11l1olz, Ieannie, 168 Bisbee, Iamcs, 44, 192, 235 Bisbee, XV ally, 192 Bishop, Arland, 69 Bishop, lack NV., 80 Bizunel1, Shefarrow, 80, 1 1 6, 1 25 Black, Albert, 19 1 Black, lim, 207 Black, Rolfe, SQ Blackburn, Nadene, 2 56 Blair, lane, 69, 165 Blair, Marsha, 44, 108, 174 Blair, Patricia, 38, 68, 69, 159, 163, 174f 175 Blankenship, Gordon, 96 Blatel1ford, Herbert, 1 2 5, 1 S1 109, 1 2 8 3 K ip rl '.'.' , T T .... D Q Q 3,4 N Q .. ogg! 2z2E222izi222i252.12222131555:izQ22222222223222522Qzgaggzg:g:5:g:g:5:g:2 '---1 y, fgzgf gsg:5s5sg e E' T' 'yseses gems sms Gwwjmwwmm 555595 I ' 5555535555552 E It J f , .,V, Lg ima: trtrtt a aaoacso - J Ex X 1.3.3,iss.gzgl:l11i5:2i:i3Q:Q:Q:i:vul '-'..'- l fl. Tomorrow's Success is Made Today . . Never before in the history of the world has it been so necessary for men who want to succeed to equip themselves with the best possible education. The frontiers of human knowledge are being pushed back so fast that only the well-educated man can hope to keep up with the demands of science, business or the professions. The classes you attend each day are the bricks with which you build the structure of your future. Each one should be strong and firmly placed. LBUSiERQUE MTTONAL BANK Albuquerrjue's oldest and largest HEAD OFFICE - SECONDAND CENTRAL EAST CENTRAL OFFICE - 4021 CENTRAL AVE. NE NORTH FOURTH OFFICE - 1610 FOURTH ST. NW DRIVE-IN - SECOND 81 COPPER SIMMS BLDG. OFFICE - FOURTH Bm GOLD MEMBER FDIC Blatchford, Robert, 1 1 5, 1 25 Blat11iea, Sally, 44, 112, 174. 203 Blickenstall, Eugene, 69, 193 Boardrnan, james, 44 Boatwright, Kay, 44, IOS, 101 Boatwright, Robert, 44 Bobroff, john L., 69, 190, 191 Boddy, lim, 1 84 Bogan, Robert, 80, 184, 185 Boggs, Bria11, 69, 119, 189 Boliannon, CllHl'lCS, 69 Eddy Boice. 112 Bllllllillll, Barbara, 80. 122, 135 Bonnyrnan, l"ran, 35, 38, 69, 1 1 2, 1 76, 1 77 Booth, Cal, 121 Borgrink, Sandy, 203 Botts, Mary, 39, 69, 163, 175 Boulware, Don, 221 Bowe, Samuel E., 80, 107 Bowen, Gerald, 1 32 Bowenuan, Michael, 44 Bowra, Ro11ald, 80, 1 21, 135, 1 36, 183 Bowser, Barbara, 44 Bowser, Fred, 44, 136 Boyle, Bill, 182 Boyle, Robert, 69, 193 Bozeman, Donald NV., 80, 187 Brackeen, Patricia, 44, 201 Bradshaw, David, 136 Bragg, bvllllillll, 44 Bramlett, Gloria, 1 Q1 Brandenburg, Ray lf., 80 Brandt, Robert, 44 Bra11no11, Ed, 190, 191 Brasslield, Iohn, 59, IQI Bratsehi, Mary, 80, 104 Bratton, Edith, 35, 80, 99, 128, 174 Brawn, Howard, 59, 107, 205, 207 Breeee, Mary Kay, 172 Breech, D., 1 32 Breitenfeld, Doris, 44, 203 Bregg, Bill, 188 Bre1111, R11dolpl1, 135, 136 Bresc11l1a111, lack, 44, 218 Brewer, Ernest, 69, 186 Brewer, Mrs. Grace, 1 85 Brew11, R. H., 137 Bricker, Bill, 59, 193 Bridger, Osgood Cook, 69, 1 24 Bri111hall, Gerald, 44, 190 Brioncs, Feliz, 126, 1 S1 Briscoe, Iarnes Il., 80, 1 1 1, 1 17 216 Brister, Darla, 151 Bristol, Edmund, 44, 136 Brito, Robert, 44, 1 36 Brockinan, Mary Ann, 69, 204 BYOll1XYlCl1, Arthur E., 69 Brooks, Do11, 1 1 1, 1 88 Brooks, li111, 188, 235, 239 Brooks, Maryln, 173 Brose, Gloria, 44 Brothers, Keith, 44 Brower, Charles, ll., 38, 80 Brown, Barbara, 69, 176, 177 Brow11, Bert, 44 Brown, Dale, 44, 190 Brow11, Dick, 69, 111, 191, 237, '138 BIOWII, lloward, 35 Brow11, ll. E., 136 BYOXVII, Iaincs G., 70 Brow11, lcrry, 44, 1 36 BYOXVII, lim, 207 Brown, Peggy, 59, 203 BTOXVII, Marshall XV., 80 Brow11,R.ll., 137 Brown, Ray, 1 S1 Brown, XVallaec, 44 Bruening, VVillian1 R., 80 Brunet, I., 132 Bruner, Paul, 80, 1 32, 195 Bru11s, Keith, 221, 237, 238 Bruss, Ernest, 38, 70, 186, 187 Brya11, Barbara, 59, 171 Bryan, Carrol Don, 36, 59, 162, 186, 1 87 Bryan, Richard YV., 80, 193 Bryan, 'l'l1on1as, 59, 162, 183 Bryce, IHIHCS, 59, IQI Bryso11, Io Ellen, 59, 149, 151, 152 Buck, Ed, 44 Budke, Maralyn, 70, 172, 173 Buhler, XV illia111, 96 Buller, Roger, 44 Bullock, Martha, 44, 151 Bundrant, lohn, 44 Bllllll, NliI1t?l Sue, 70, 159, 170, 171 Bunting, Bainbridge, 1 SQ Burch, lackie, 44 Burheson, David, SQ Burke, David, 44, 1 IO Burke, Kathlee11, 59, 163, 173 Burke, Nancy A., 80, 130, 167, 170 Burks, Garnett, 159, 184 Burleson, David, 151 Burns, Bob, 185 Burns, Lynell, 44, 109, 164, 201 Burns, Robert I., 80 Burns, Virginia, 151, 202 Burnstein, David, 44 Burnsworth, Dale, 1 1 7, 1 S1 Burrow, D. S., 136 Bursey, Bob, 59, 138, 219, 235, 236 Burt, 'l"llO1l12lS, 44 Burton, Frances, 1 1 8 Burwinkle, loc, 70 Bnrwinkle, Iohn, 44 Bush, Marie, 44 BllSl1, Vaughn, 70, 185 Bustamante, Daniel, 44 Butler, Doris, 44 Butler, Marcia, 44, 166 Butler, Marilyn, 59, 165 Butt, lane, 202 Butt, Paul, 255 Butterbangh, Bill, 114, 148 Buzard, Barbara, 1 12, 159, 2.01 Byers, Charles, 44 Byrd, Madelon, 44, 151, 172, 2 C Cadd, Ed111u11d, 1 25 Cai11, Evelyn, 80, 155 Cai11ski, Raymond, 1 15 Caldero11, V ietor, 44 Calderone, R. P., 138 Calkins, Barbara, 70 Calkins, Iohn T., 70 Calkins, Ron, 37, 96, 232, 255 Callahan, Carolyn, 176, 201 Camaeho, Dick, 36, 80, 195 Cameron, Mark, 13.4, 135, 137 Camp, Kathryn, 202 Ca111pbell, Alan, 59, 181 Campbell, Robert, 1 1 3 Ca111pbell, lock, 44 O2 , 141 Campbell, Lu, 70, 1 22, 151, 167 Can1pbell, Ray, 44 Campos, Eloy, 70 Cannon, lack, 44 Canno11, Micl1acl, 44 Capels, Willian1, 44 Carlberg, Ianille, 44, 172. Carleton, Owen, 4 5 Carlso11, Charles P., 80, 187 Carlson, XVillian1, 45 ' ll Illlllt ITY Book tore I A Complete Stock of Books and School Supplies ARCHIE WESTPHALL, CLASS OF '32 I 2122-26 CENTRAL EAST Phone 285 Carn1icl1ael, Douglas, 45, 107, 207 Carnahan, lack V., 80, 98, 192, 193 Carpenter, Sally, 59, 104, 108, 176, 246 Carroll, Ray, 96, 1 32 Carter, Peggy, 81 Cartlidge, Nancy, 100, 176 Casados, Iaines, 45 Castillo, Mel, 60, 138, 1.40 Castillo, Philip, 45 Castle, loann, 45 Cata, Do11, 182. Cataeosinos, Paul A., 81 Caten, D. L., 1 38 Cates, Charles YV., 81, 1 34, 135 141, 192, 193 Caton, Byron, 81, 98, 221, 274 Caton, Dale, 228 Caton, Lewis, 45 Cato11, S. B., 132 Caudle, Harvey, 70 Cawlfield, L., 137 Cecil, Robert, 96 Cella, To11i, 100, 149, 176 Cerza, Ricl1ard, 45, 136 Cha111as, Sonny, 60, 192 Cl1a11don, Howard, 1 15 Chant, George, 45, 190 Chapple, Ricl1ard, 1 S1 Cl1ase, Kay, 45 Chastain, VVallace, 60, 192 Chatten, Robert L., 81, 102, 103 1051 129f 274' 379 Chavez, Ben11y, 45 Chavez, Consuelo, 70 Chavez, David, 60, 195 Chavez, Edward G., 45, 136 Chavez, Edward R., 45, 1 S1 Chavez, G., 136 Cl1avez, Pablo, 1 16 Chavez, Robert, 70, 1 S1 Cheek, Bill, 118 Cl1eek, Iohn, 1 1 6 Cheong, Heng Yue fPaull, 60 Cheshire, Robert, 70 Chicado, Claudette, 40, 4 5, 1 1 2 1 51, 172, 201 Cl1in1oskey, lohn, 45, 192 Chishohn, lohn, 70, 192, 193 Chreist, Fred, 126, 156 Christ, Bob, 192 Christensen, Dorothy, 4 5, 168 Christenson, Mona May, 81, 199 Christian, VVinston, 60, 148, 151 1 2 Christopher, ludy, 60, 172, 173 Christinan, Dick, 1 2 1 Chun1ley, Sylvester G., 34, 81, 98 132, 186, 187, 274 Cimino, Ian, 1 8 1 Clark, Mary Ann, 60, 1 22, 175 7 7 1 1 Clarke, Iulia, 1 28 Claussen, Carol, 170 Clauve, Io Ann, 37, 40, 70, 105, 122, 166, 1 67 Clauve, Kay, 35, 45, IOS, 166, 201 Clegg, Ben, 101, 190, 191 Clegg, Thomas, 60 Clouthier, Bo, 209 Coburn, Laura, 81, 1 28 Cochran, Thon1as, 60, 1 8 5 Cochrane, Dana, 60 Cochrane, Kenneth, 60 Cohen, Ben David, 60, 137 Cockran, T. C., 138 Colburn, Laura lean, 203 Colc,lCarole, 60, 1 1 2, 167 Colc,iIohn, 184 Cole,,Nancy, 60, 199 Colc,lRichard C., 81, 1 1 1 Coll, Jean, 35, 40, 70, 126, 177 Collins, lean, 60, 100, 171 Collins, loc, 1 2 1 Collins, Laura, 127 Collis, Don, 1 15 Colozzi, I., 137, 140 Co111acl1o, D., 132 Comfort, George, 45 COI163 Fred I., 81, 118, 119, 132 1 3 81 2 391 3'-74 Cone, Nancy, 81, 99, 112, 174,, 175 Coniiu, Robert, 45, 151 Constan, Kerry, 81, 187 Contreras, L. M., 136 Conwell, William, 45 Cook, Buddy, 81 Cook, Carolyn, 202 Cook, Doria D., 81 Cool-2, Joe Don, 37, 81, 135, 136 162, 189 Cook, Io Ann, 203 Cook, Margaret, 1 27 Cook, Sara Louise, 1 27 COOll,IOl'll1 E., 135 Coonfield, Donald, 70 Cooper, Arlin, 70, 98, 1 15, 1 17, 1 IQ 123, IQO, 191, 239 Cooper, Carol, 1 12, 1 16 Cooper, Donna Lee, 1 22, 155 Cooper, lerry Lee, 201 Cooper, Iohn, 70, 155 Cooper, Kenneth, 45 Cooper, Mary, 45, 108, 109, 159 1 76 Cooper, Roland, 96 Cooper, Theodora, 127 Cooper, XVillian1 T., 81, 107 Coorg, Margaret, 1 69 Copeland, Ierry, 60, 233 Corbett, XV alter, 70, 114 Cordell, Liu, 38, 70, 183 Cordova, Ernest, 45, 1 37 Cordova, Ioseph, 45, 151 Cordova, Iohn, 45 Corley, Paul, 45 Corley, Vel, 218 Corn, Louise, 240 Corn, Marlene, 35, 1 1 2 Corrougl1, Elizabeth, 60, 174, 175 Costales, Adalberto, 60 Costales, Euuna Lou, 127 Cot, Sara, 202 Cotten, Ronald, 70 Conpland, Orlen, 1 1 1, 235, 236 Courtney, Ro11, 229, 230 Coury, Margaret, 60 Cousins, Marian, 45, 201 Cousland, Mary Ethel, 1 27 Cowan, Raymond, 60, 189 Cowdrey, Robert, 45 Cox, Bill, IQZ Cox, Edward, 35, 1 16, 1 18, 1 Z3 Cox, Iohn F., 38, 81, 209, 275 Cox, Marilyn, 45, 1 13, 201 Cox, Sara, 45,113, 151 Cramer, Ianies, 70, 111, 116, 191, 229, 230, 255 Cramer, Ray, 120, 192 Crane, Bill, 60 1'-S! Crawford, Bobbette, 45, 108, 168, 201 Crawford, Curtis, 45, 136 Crawford, Dale L., 81, 135, 138, 1 Crawford, Gary, 70 Crawford, Hap, 1 1 2, 184, 268 Crawford, Lloyd, 70 Crawford, Margaret, 45 Crist, Robert, 70, 111, 116, 193 Crook, Donna, 81, 1 12, 177 Crook, Gene, 60 Crook, Max, 45, 184, 185 Crook, Sally, 70, 1 55 Crow, Al, 1 14 Crow, Iames P., 81, 105, 184 Croy, Ianice, 203 Crum mett, Pl1il, 1 S1 Cullcy, 70, 170, 171 f 237 Cununings, Co11nie, 81, 1 26, 204 Cun1n1ins, Teresa, 81, 99, 126, Cuniiiinghani, Pete, 60, 193 Curd, Iames, 60, 193 Currie, Bill, 45 Curtis, Bertha, 203 Curtis, Sara, 81, 177 Curtiss, Philip F., 81, 1 15 Cyr, Philip, 60, 1 14, 197 D Dabbs, Tona, 36, 82, 99, 121, 16 12 93 Dague, Leonard, 70, 1 15, 1 IQ Dahlquist, Ierry, 133, 192, 268 d'Albertis, Pete, 121 1D'Al1ll2IlIlC, Charlotte, 104, 1 12, ZO1 D'Arcy, Anthony, 60, 231 Dardenne, Buzzy G., 82 Darinitzel, Bob, 114, 233 Darnell, Verda, 40, 45, 201 Da Vanzo, Iohn, 128 Davidson, llarry M., 82, 112, 117, 132, 182, 183 Davis, Charlotte, 70, 175 Davis, Clark, 70 Davis, Donald L., 82, 155 Davis, Karen, 1 12, 174 Davis, Louise, 45, 1 25, 151 Davis, Monte Lee, 1 27 Davis, Pat, 45 Davis, Steve, 239 Davis, VVinifred, 82, 112, 170, 171 Dawson, E1ll1llCtt B., 82, 197 Day, lane, 70, 151, 199, 248 Dearholt, Don, 205 Dcaton, Mrs. Blanche, 187 DeBolt,Ia1nes, 82, 135, 192, 193 Decker, Ioanie, 45, 133, 174, 246 Dcckert, Vlfallace ll., 82, 98, 117, -v-v -1 -1. -1- -, -7 1-3, 1-8, 134, 133, 141, 18-, 183, DeC?c?ra, Shirley, 82 Dccter, Marshall, 45, 1 S2 De Gregori, 'l'01n, 60 Dclao, Valcnti11o, 60, 125, 136 Del Llano, Manuel A., 82, 134, 135 Del Vento, Ann, 1 1 2, 204 Dcuunan, johnny, 2 1 8 Denison, Shell, 35, 60 Dennis, Albert, 70, 1 16, 1 19, 184 Dencne, Robert, 1 18, 1 IQ Denton, Leila, 45 Detchmer, Mrs. Margaret, 177 DeVargas, Do11ald P., 82, 190 Dew, Nancy Ann, 60, 171 Dickinson, Dorothy, 35, 40, 70, 121 1 26, 1 68, 1 69 Dickinson, Pat, 151, 176, 202 Dickinson, Xvilliillll, 35, 60, 101, IQO, 191 Dicks, Richard, 45 Dickson, Eleanor, 45 Dierman, Robert, 70, 148, 196 Dietrich, WVarren, 42, 108, 136, 186 Dill, lim, 45, 190 Dineen, Robert, 70 Ditt111er, Lois, 127 Dixcn, E. NV., 138 Dobrusky, joseph T., 82 Dobson, Edward, 60, 137, 193 Doherty, Margaret, 82, 126, 167 Dohner, Alton, 1 1 2 Doineier, Sue, 70, 163, 177 Clark, Thomas, 60, 239 Cordoba, David, 45 168, 169, 275 Dominguez, Lawrence, 45 1 l t . Meet Your Friends - 4 , at the ' I llllllllllt l'l'Y CAFE I ZIO6 Central East Phone 2-0768 mis. Luuntrg F, 286 "fm Me mf f4cceZfence" C 'r lAve. Easi' PI"IOn9 287 Donelson, lack, 60, 136, 156 Donelson, Roger, 15,6 Do11oso, Gustavo, 96, 125 Dorris, Paul, 45, 136 Doty, Patricia, 45, 205 Doughdrill, Chuck, 186 Doughty, R., 101, 140 Douglas, Enid, 70, 205 Douglass, Ralph, 1 26 Douthitt, Iohn, 46 Doyle Doyle, Drake, Gayle, 60 lack, 155 Kenneth YV., 55, 59, 82, 98 105, 115, 119, 125, 275 Drake, 2 13 Drake, Richard, 70,1 186, 187, 209 , 215, 216, 219 'l 'crry, 1 95 Drcger, Gary, 46 Driggers, David, 46 Dryer, Ioe, 46 Dueoft, VValter, 82 Dudding, Lloyd, 46, 138 Duenkel, Barbara, 55, 71, 149, 151 204 Duff, Iohn A., 82, 1 16, 132, 185 Duflie, Kyle, 60 Duffy, 'l'erenee, 46, 1 56 Duforn, Duanne, 164 Dagger, Donald, 46 Dunn, Katie, 46, 1 1 2, 174, 201 Dtlllnillg, Li11da, 46, 155 Duphorne, DuAnn, 46 Duple11tis, Claudette, 174 Duran, Aaron, 46, 136 Dura11, Esmiel, 60, 1Q1 Duran, Mary Alice, 158 Durant, laines, 71, 1 15, 185 Durham, Hobart N., 82 Durrett, Iames, 7 1, 195 Durrett, Leo110ra, 176, 246 Dwyer, Burton, 1 1 8 Dye, Don, 60, 151 Dyer, Iarnes, 46, 1 84 Dyer, Milton, 46, 136 E Eagen, Iohn D., 82, 128 E21liCI',i.'Xll1l2'l, 204 Eaker, Charlene, 71, 202 Eanes, Robert, 46 Eariekson, Elizabeth, 71, 205 Earl, Norma Luc, 1 1 5 Earp, Kenneth R., 85 Easley, Anna, 46, 108, 122, 201 Easterling, Cornelia Magee, 71, 175, 2 5 2 Easterling, Ross, 96 Eaton, Aliee, 204 Eckhouse, Sl1errill, 71, 157, 204 EC0llO11liClCS,IlIT1, 71, 111, 191, 257, 2584 Eeonoinides, Renee, 1 22 Eden, Charlie, 46 Edwards, Tliornas, 46 El1rsa111, Hei11z, 46, 1 25 Eiehert, Bill Scott, 85, 1 11, 1 18, 1 52, Eitzm, Harold, 60, 189 Elarn, Howard, 46 Elder, Iohn, 60, 101 Ellingson, Fred, 46, 156 Ellis, Margaret E., 85, 199 Ellis, Paul, 1 15 Elms, Keith, 46 Elsbroek, Tim, 71, 124, 191 Elser, Grace, 1 22 Elwell, Bill, 136 Ennnert, Dave, 60, 101, 186, 187 Endres, Hugh, 46 Endres, Marjorie, 60, 100, 108, 159 198, 199 Engle, Io Ellen, 60, 1 15, 205 English, Frank C., 85, 135, 1 56, 195 Ensininger, Torksey, 60, 1 22 Ervin, Indy, 46, 1 12, 176, 240, 255 Esenwcin, Beverly, 71 Esenwein, Carl Larsen, 85 Espana, Ernie, 188 Espinoza, Patricia, 60, 1 22, 129, :05 Estes, Ezra Leroy, 60 Estrada, Estevan, 60 Enbank, XVayne, 1 26 Evans, Bo1111ie, 170, 202 Evans, Carolyn, 46, 176 Evans, Mrs. Marnie, 194 Evatt, Ian, 71, 126, 169 Everett, Indy, 46, 176, 201 F Fabian, Carolyn, 61, 126, 158, 166, 167 Fackrell, Ahnon, 46 Fairchild, Terence, 1 51 Faireloth, Sue, 205 Faire, Harold, 61 Fanning, Patrieia, 61, 108, 169 Farber, Karen, 46, 202 Faris, Iarnes, 61 Farley, Sl1iela, IOS Farrar, lim, 46 Farris, Iames, 148 Fasone, Pete, 156, 257 Faw, David, 105 Fazendin, Ieri, 149 Fedric, Don, 108, 156, 186 Fee, Barbara, 85, 167, 272 Feldman, Marty, 21 1, 215 Fellabaurn, Robert, 71, 1 14, 162 191 Ferguson, lack, 126 Ferguson, Ianies, 56, 1 82, 185 Ferguson, Ioe, 71 , 190, 191, 255 Ferguson, Leonard, 71, 155 Fernandez, Manuel, 61 Ferreri, Ioseph R., 85, 1 16, 1 18, 1 IQ 1 25, 192, 195 Fettinger, George, 96 Fewell, Inn, 46 Fiehener, lim, 155 Fields, Ehno, 46 Figge, Roger, 71, Z3Q Finel1,Ilal, 257 Fincher, Iaznes, 46 Fi11k, Bunny, 1 S1 Fink, Bob, 257 Finney, Ioseph, 96 Finuf, Larry, 46, 252 Fisher, Betty, 71, 104 Fisher, Diana, 46, 104, 151, 201 Fisher, Dick, 216 Fiske, Bernice, 61, 149 Fitzgerald, Rhoda, 85, 127 Fitzgibbons, Ierry, 61 Fleck, Ierene, 61, 177 Fleming, Robert, 46, 1 13 Flenling, S. II., 136 Flint, Frank Il., 85, 187 Flippin, Rosetta, 71, 175 Flores, Alberta, 96, 1 lg Flores, Anna, 46 Flores, Isaae, 46 Flowers, 'l'on1, 46 Floyd, G. Willia111, 1 16 Foley, Xxflllltllll, 1 17 F oor, Lawrence, 71, 196 Ford, Albert, 1 28 FOR MEN Stetson Foot Pals l Times Square Stone-Tarlow Elevators Taylor Made FOR VVOMEN Herbert Levine PalizEio Naturalizer Troyling Ferneraft Town 81 Country DeLuce and many others F011 01-HLDREN l Stride-Rite Iu111pi11g9Iaeks Vara-Craft 288 GET A '56 Qyom' FOR LESS AT JONES Moron eo. Because of our: if Big-volume operation if Low prolit margins 'f High trade-in allowances irnnnt W -E' EQ' You Get A Better Deal Every 'Pune At f MOTOR COMPANY 5226 Central Ave. SE S2 15 Lo111as Blvd. NE 5101 Gibson Blvd. SE Open evenings and Sundays I'SNOWY" . THE SANITARY ' . PANDA SEZ... " tor the BEST, n QUICKEST and Most EcoNoM1cAL NDRY AND DRY- CLEANING SERVICE QE I GIIIIMB LAU Q0 IT'S . . . s n,n"lTn..Rv K ------------ 997Z,,f7x WI 8 67644 af '56 FEATURING- Charcoal Broiled Steaks BAXTEPQS STEAK HUUSE and IIUIIKIAIL LOUNGE I92I Central West ewy New Mexico's Finest.. Most Complete Department Store G T Enjoy These Features: SERVIN HE - Z4 HoUR DELIX ERY FAMILY AND THE HOME AIR CONDITIOINIING ROOF TOP PARKING ' ESCALY1 OR In the Heart of Downtown Albuquerque I D f 0 nmv:-IN g : XI -, 200 Wyoming,5E.: I - gldt iw : FK .,.,..., " I W... ft . - ,,,.,. 5 In : t - 4. I ' MAIN PLAN 1777? V' 1- ' 700 Broadway Q, ------..---.. Main Plz .. . .ZA-.-..-Q - v. "" 1 94 1--.Q . -.- lim Cramer Barbara Hill featuring Clothes from Kisller-Collisler 5 I 4' in Q 3 '-.- A -31 1 1l'v's A4- ,asf-A -11 A -AA .Q-'RA fx.. THIRD AND CENTRAL ALBUQUERQUE 'if lifx f Ag' Y 'f g-:-I-3-A-A-,-:,1--...:--.--.3 .:.-1.---Z---: ,,'.-':-7---,,.,-..--7---...-.. --- - ....-.----..i:----.-.1 --1--,,,---NN ...- -,-----,.:---.:- 71995-53.v.---,---,- - -1-::--.----fa ::,-----,-, -:N,x--,,-- --- ,,, ..,.-----...- ----:--:-, --- .-.-.- - -'---'r....: A-s55.':g:sh-ng': Q . - Garcia 191 Ford, Peter, 46 Fore, Na11cy, 71, 1 13, 126, 175 Forrester, Douglas, 46, 1 36 Fortner, David, 46, 1 20, 1 87 Foss, Ray, 1 16, 1 18 Foster, Iack, 61, 152 Foster, T ed, 209 Fox, VV alter, 71 Franchini, Don, 237, 238 Franchini, Gene, 71, 120, 188 Francis, Harold, 71 Frank, Irwin, 83, 1 19, 1 S7 Franks, Morris, 71 Frant, Neil, 157 Frcderich, Barbara, 71, 198, 199 Frederic, Don, 42, 186 Freeman, Iol111, 1 23 Freeman, Ierry, 46 F reese, Iamcs A., 83 French, Terry, 46, 184 Friedman, Fra11, 1 S7 Friedman, Robert, 157 Fries, Larry, 61, 1 37, 193 Friesen, Clarence NV., 83, 116, 118, 1 19 Fritz, Barie, 61, 184, 185 Fritz, Al, 1 24 Frock, Charles E., 83 Frost, Edward, f 6 Frost, Ieffrey, 46 Frost, Mary, 46 Fry, VVilliam, 46, 151 Fryer, Roger, 71, 1 12, 193 Fuchs, Frances, 46 Fuller, Kay, 71, 166 F11lto11, Hester, 151, 201 Fulton, Hugh, 182, 183 Fulton. 'l 'o111, 71 Furr, Ia111es, 46, 193 Futrell, Carroll, 61, 152 Futrell, Colvin R., 83 G Gaituey, Richard, 61, 125, 156, 182, 183 Gaines, Ann, 47, 164, 201 Gallaher, Dale, 47, 188 Galle os Dolores 202 g 1 1 Gallegos, Eugene I.,J83, 190, 191, 282 Gallegos, Magclaleila, 47, 201 Gallegos, 'l'eri, 47 Galles, Lee, 1 84 Galloway Ruth 83 15' Garcia Garcia I11lian, 71, 188, 189 1 Leopolde, 47 Garcia, Maria, 61, 125 Garcia, Maria, 47 Garcia, Melba, 47, 1 25 Garcia, Pete, 61 Garcia Ricl1ard,47, 136 Garcia, , Rudy, 61 Robert, 47, 207 Gares, Wayne, 209, 214, 237 Garretso11, Richard, 1 Sl Garrett, Gcraldyne, 47 Garrod, Robert, 47 Gasaway, Iim, 237 Gaskill, Sonny, 61, 182 Gates, Charles, 98 Gatti, Roberta, 38, 168 Gault, Robert, 1 17 Gaunt, Cyntl1ia, 47, 151, 1 55 Gausowitz, 1 26 Gee, Dick, 71, 124 Gee, Sam, 71, 124 Gel1ri11ger, Louise, 61 Geisler, Bob, 151 Gelt, Pl1il, 1 15, 1 19 Gensemer, Pl1il, 1 14 Gentry, Dick, 47 Gentry, Frank, 1 23 Gentry, Nancy, 35, 58, 61, 10 108, 109, 110, 203 Gentry, Virgie, 61, 108, 203 George, Bill, 61, 138, 196 George, Richard, 123 Gerding, Clarilo11, 61, 164 Gere, Gail, 47 Gerety, NVilliam, 47 Ghattas, Robert, 71, 125 Gholson, Neil, 61, 197 Gibbons, Iames, 71 Gibson, Darryl, 47, 1 36 104, Goehring, Bob, 190 Goetzman, Dick, 35, 121, 190 Golden, Pete, 181 Golden, G. R., 1 38 Goldfarb, Lynn, 203 Gomez, Richard, 71 Gonzales, Charles, 47 Gonzales, Don Torres, 84, 1 16, 1 35 Gonzales, H. C., 152 Gonzales, Ioe, 47, 136 Gonzales, Larry, 84, 1 S1 Gonzales, Luis, 47, 1 1 1 Gonzales, Ramon, 71 Goodell, Leonard, 71, 189 Goodier, Beth, 47, 201 Goodwin, Myrl, 47, 228 Gordanicr, Sibyl, 151 Gordon, Tom, 47 Gore, Alice, 71, 165 Gore William 61 189 7 1 r 1 v 23 Gormley, Vincent, 33, 34, 84, 135, 136, 141, 182, 183, 275 Gorry, Dorothy, 84, 199 Gorsline, Don Lee, 101 Gorsuch, Iolm, 151 Gosnell, Wayne, 47, 218, 219 Gossett, Barbara, 61, 203 Goucher, Iudy, 47 Gougl1, Mary, 47 Gough, Pat, 1 1 3, 1 Z2 Grace, Cl1arles, 128 Grady, Gail, 71 Gustavo, 1 2 5 Gutierrez, Kenneth, 48 Gutierrez, Marcella, 72, 1 22 Gutierrez, Selso, 48 Gutierrez, Thomas, 1 32 Guzzo, V ietor, 84 H Gibson, Esther, 35, 61, 100, 105 .1SQ, 176 Gll7SOll, Ken, 71 Gibson, Raymond, 47 Gilbert, Clifford, 1 16 Gilbert, Mary Iean, 84, 173 Gillespie, Indy, 132 Gilliard, Charles, 182 Gilliard, Patti, 35, 47, 108, 109, 170 Gillit, Harold Ge11e, 84, 117, 119 1 28, 155 Gilmore, Eleanor, 127 Giorni, Co1111ic, 84, 164, 165, 248 Glacse, 1 26 Glascoek, Robert, 84, 1 15, 119, 190, Graham Graha111 Graham Gfahalll Grandje , Carol, 159, 174 ,Hugl1I., 84, 239 , Io Ellen, 168, 201 , VVilliarr1, 47 an, Ieannette, 47 Grandlund, Paul, 47 Grassl1an1, Rita, 47 Graves, Ioyee, 47 Graves, Leonard, 61 Gray, A1111a, 61, 171 Gray, A11tho11y, 218, 2 19, 2 36 Grav, Ianet Sue, 35, Gray, Leah, 47, 170, 201 Gray, Robert F., 84 Gray, Roger N., 1 19 Gray, Salll, 47, 188 Gray, Thomas, 47 Gree ere 77 114, 119 Hr 7 -1 Greene, Ellen, 198 Grev, Louise, 202 Gregor, Bob, 19 2 Griego, Henry, 47 Griego, Louis F., 61 Griego, Rosina, 47, 202 72, 166, 167 Haas, VVilliam, 48, 190 Hackard, Den11is, 48 Hackney, Marilyn, 48, 159, 201, 208 Hal1n, Herbert, 48, 1 33, 186 Hallll, Iohn, 48 Haines, Sarah, 164 Hakes, Glen, 215 Hale, Einbree, 61, 159, 160 Hale, Frank, 184 Haley, Iudy, 84, 204 Hall, Curtis, 96 Hall, Ioseph, 61 Hamilton, Michael, 48, 221, 224 176 Hammack, Laurens, 61, 101, 136 197 Ha111n1ock, Birnie, 96 Han1pton, Daniel Iames, 6 192, 193 Hampton, Gus, 2 15, 2 IQ Hanawald, Gloria, 48, 176 Hancock, Edwin, 48, 181 Hand, Iaines, 72 Haney, Vincent, 108 Hanen, Ada, 84, 168, 169 Hanna, Robert, 35, 48, 1 S1 Hanosh, Arlene, 61, 167 Hanosh, George, 48, 184 ' Hansen, Alex, 61 Hansen, Cl1arles, 84 Hansen, Diane, 48 Ha11se11, Genevieve, 61 Hansen, Muriel, 72, 171 Hansen, Rolf, 159 Hanson, N. A., 137 Hanson, Sonia, 72, 112, 177 Hapes, Glenda, 203 Hardin, Edward, 72 Hardin, Iohn, 48, 2 1 8, 2 1Q Harding, Xvllllam, 61, 148 Hariield, B. G., 136 Harlow, Sylvia, 48 Harmes, Keith, 48 101 Harper, Iames C., 84, 1 15, 1 34, 1 35 141, 187 Harper, Bill, 72 Harrigan, Iin1, 48 Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Arlene, 61 I J David G., 83 Don, 61 Frank B., 83, 124 Glass, Kenneth, 96 Glen, Suc, 71, 174 Gloss, Pat, 71, 199 Glovctski, Ron, 215, 219, 237 Garcia, Erlindo, 47 Garcia, George, 47 Godfrey, Dan, 1 83 Godfrey, Paul, 61 Griilin, Eleanor, 47, 105, 122, 201 Griffin, Iol111 C., 84 Grizzell, Billie Iune, 84, 165 Guara, Margarite, 20.4 Guerette, Raymond F., 84, IQ Gurlcy, Pat, 192 Harringer, F. A., 137 Harriger, Hele11, 1 Z7 Harringto11, Fred, 48 Harris, Beverly, 48, 108, 168 Harris, George, 48 Fine Mexican 81 American Food Served in the Quiet, Pleasant Atmosphere ot Old Mexico l I. Hacienda Old Town Plaza NW, in old Albuquerque 9 For Reservations Phone 2-4866 291 Harris, Harla11, 48 Harris, lim, 184 Harris, Phil, 1 1 1, 209, 213, 214 Harrison, janet, 61, 169 Harrison, XVilliam, 72 Harroun Dottie 28 68 '2 108, 7 1 3 1 1 fr 176,177 Hartman, Herbert E., 85, 189 Hartn1a11, Sue, 48, 105, 122, 201 Hashimoto, Ada lane, 61, 100 Haste, Gltillll R., 85, 187 Hatehell, Gail, 61, IO8, 170 Hatiield, Billy G., 136 Hawley, David, 148 Hayden, Howard, 48 Haynes, lo Anne, 72, 126, 170, 171 Haynes, Sara, 48, 203 Healy, Paul, 38 Ileasley, james, 48 Heath, Don D., 85, 185 Heaton, Ioan, 72, 105',1 74,175 Heck, lay, 1 38, 182 Hedgeoxe, Lottie Beth, 72, 1 70, 171 Hedgeeoxc, XVeanelle, 85, 171 Heifelinan, Craig, 39, 96, 232 Heggie, Betty, 72, 171 Hel1111ann, C. M., 136 Heinze, Robert, 72 Helgrcn, Donald, 72, 205 Hemphill, Gay, 48 Hemsing, Ioyee, 204 Henderson, Betty, 48, 1 22 Hendrickson, Peter, 138, 195 Henry, Ioe, 61, 191 Henryi Marian, 149 llenshaw, Sharon, 48, 1 1 2, 174, 201 Hensley, Louise, 1 27 Henson, Gene, 48 Henson, Iohn, 48 Ilerbert, Edwi11, 72 Herkenlioif, Gay, 72, 170 Hernandez, Graee, 72, 130 Hernandez, Ioe L., 48, 138 Herren, Albert, 48, 138 Herrera, Gloria, 35, 72, 203 I lerrera, XVilfrcd, 48, 1 25 Herring, Yvonne, 48, 155 Herrick, Myron, 61 Herrmann, Mike, 48 Hester, Earl, 197 Hester, james, 61 Hext, Mary Sue, 85, 1 25 Higgins, Iames, 61, IIQ6 Higgins, John, 48 High, Charles M., 85, 135, 137, 186 187 Hill, Barbara, 48, 175 Hill, Benjamin, 48 Dee B. 61 Hill, , Hill, Fletcher, 1 51, 228 Hill Hill , Hubert, 62, 107 , left, 186 Hill, Ralph, 48 Hill, Robert, 72, 138, 188, 189 Hill, Roy, 48 Hill, XV. VV., 1 25 Hinds, Raymond, 72 Hines, Iames H., 137 lliues, Katharine, 40, 72, 169 Hisey, XVayne O., 39, 85, 182, 183 Hodges, Otis Be11, 85 Iloffman, Dorothy, 151, 152 A Thousand Ways To Meet l ifigigz i fisi inyi Your Printing Needs. .. , Imli, 1 1... m 3 ' BUSINESS CARDS ' STATIONERY ' CALLING4 CARDS ' INVITATIONS ' ANNOUNCEMENTS ' LETTERHEADS FOR 2 :., THE ARISTOCRAT OF SLEEP fry Dial 315.. Dreamy fer P l il The . M crffress ll 3 1511 iwllll Custom Made E. Fill, COMPANY C Printers 5 . 5 Lithograpliers . T Stationers I ' I IX I L 61 1-615' Gold Ave. SXV, Albuquerque, N. M. B E D DIN G C0, PHONE 3-1771 l Vi 0n'lMake STRACKYUZL' .1 'hiv s'-6 -x,.g.y -fvfsly, .g.:Q'75g'f' iff" ,.,.-sf, ,.45:?2.Q:E:' '-sag' ' ii:jgj',. ntl' "fEi7f'1 '3'-!Vli'W5i.'I' xr . . "-W ni, --.h..4-f.a,..w 1 I, -1 .','1f, nnl'---i."-,,,2 Q 5 ' '1 an af -,u1T.v:y5.,LT -... x ,Z , y , R J 1 "H "F ' A -A gi- ps ca if ' ,..l I .3 . 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Hollis, Don L., 85, 183 Hollis, jimmy E., 138 Hollister, Rod, 62, 193 Holloway, Bill, 62 Holloway, Robert, 48, 151, 152, 197 Hol111a11, Bill, 48, 192 Holmes, Carole, 149 Hol111es, David, 48 Holmes, Dia11e, 62, 175 Holt, David, 72, 114, 1 19, 190, 191 Holterman, Diana, 151, 152, 204 Honeycutt, George, 72, 1 17, 197 Honeyman, Cleta, 85, 17 5 Hood, Bruce, 72, 187 Hooker, Phyllis, 48 Hooks, David W., 136 Hurst,iHenry, 72, 85, 1 15 Husler, joseph E., 1 38 Hutchinson, Donald, 1 17 Hutchinson, Sandra, 49, 122 I Isbell, Donald, 62, 182, 183 Irving,l Shirley, 78, 85, 99, 104, 12 149, 166, 167, 276 Isaacson, Lief, 49, 192 Ivie, john, 62 Iwaski, Martha, 72, 1 1 2, 176, 177 I I jack, Sam G., 72, 193 jackson, Carl T., 85 jackson, jeannette, 62, 203 jacksob, Margaret, 40 jackson, Reldon, 62, 1 S9 jackson, Richard, 49 jacksoin, Royal, 49 jackson, Tommy, 34 jagger, Bruce, 72, 114, 197, 229, 230 9, Hooks, Robert K., 136 Hooper, Morris A., 85, 124 Hooper, Peggy, 85, 112, 167 Hopper, janice, 48, 201 Horn, Arthur, 1 14 Horne, Pat, 49, 202 Horton, Linda, 72, 173 Hosner, Donald, 8 5, 187 Hotcl1kiss, Martl1a, 85 House, jack, 62 Howard, Robert, 49 Howe, Mona, 35, 72, 121, 126, 174, 175 Howortl1, Elizabeth, 72, 175 Huber, Ray, 148 I-Iuckabee, Bradley, 62, 214, 219 Hudson, George, 123 Huff, Betsy, 204 Huffman, Eleanor, 85 Hughes, Dan, 1 1 8 jameson, jean, 49, 202 jaramillo, Benjamin, 4Q jaramillo, Ernest, 1 3 5, 137 jaramillo, john G., 1 15, 1 38 jelso, Donald, 49 jenks, Alan, 156 jenike, joe, 186 jennings, Betty, 72 jobes, Barbara, 35, 49, 166, 201 johns, Susan, 49, 201 jones, Barton L., 138 ones, Fred, 49 jones, jack, 72 jones! Linda Sue, 49, 164 jones, Marjory, 49, 201 jones, Pat, 49, 1 1 2, 176, 246 jonesj Preston, 62, 183 jones, Ronald, 49, 1 37 jolmson, Chester, 62 Hughes, Herbert H., 85, 1 1 1, 214, 216, 237 Huerta, David R., 136 Hull, Leilani, 35, 62, 100, 164 I-lull, Owen, 49 Humble, Arthur Burl, 85, 111, 12 Humiinle, Robert D., 136 Humphries, N0m1an, 49, 1 S2 Hunslcy, Wallace, 49, 1 36 Hunt, Barbara, 108, 159, 168 Hunter, George, 49 Hunton, Frank, 184 I-Iunton, jim, 62 Hupp, jo, 62, 160, 165 Hurley, VVilliam, 85, 1 17, 183 209, 11 johnson, Coral, 85, 99, 149, 151, 164, 165, 253, 276, 279 jolmson, Donnelly, 1 1 5 johnson, Fred H., 1 37, 219 johnson, jerry, 160 johnson, john B., 86, 129, 184 johnson, Larry, 49 jolmson, Margie, 49, 201 johnson, Marilyn, 40, 62, 100, 149, 151,1 52, 166, 167 johnson, O., 137 johnson, Philip, 49, 137, 1 38 johnson, Raymond D., 137, 190 johnston, Clarence L., 86 johnston, Nancy, 72, 125, 198, 199 jordan, Bobby, 72, 188, 189 jordan, jeanne, 49, 108 jordan, Norman, 1 1 7 jordan, Nancy Davidso11, 86 joseph, john, 4Q juarcz, jimmy, 1 1 1, 209, 212, 21 2 1 6, 2 55 judd, Gary, 72, 117, 216, 219 julian, Dorothy, 62, 156, 173 jungbluth, Sam, 49, 181 juric, jeanette, 72 justice, Barbara, 49, 122, 198 K Kaemper, jack, 49, 1 37 Kaericher, jeanne, 86 Kaplanides, Cristos, 49, 1 25 Kassenoff, Vivian E., 86 Kaulfman, Federico, 125, 159 Kauzlaric, Richard, 49 Keefer, Ann, 35 Keehan, Mike, 73, 1 14 Keeler, Charles, 107 Keeler, Curtis, 73 Keeler, Marcia, 35, 62, 170, 171 Keefer, Ann, 172 Keeli11g, Charles, 49 Keith, Marilyn, 201 Keithley, ju11c, 49 Keleher, john, 62, 101, 193, 237 Keleher, Michael L., 37, 86, 98, 132, 192, 193, 276 Kellerman, ja111es, 49 Kelley, Daniel, 62 Keltner, Billy, 49 Kemp, Barbara, 62, 155, 199 Kempenaar, jol111, 62, 114, 193 Kemper, jack, IQO Kemper, joyce, 164 Kendrich, Dick, SQ Kennedy, joseph E., 86, 1 17, 158 Kenote, Leah, 62 Keohan, Thomas, 49 Kercheville, Francina, 173 Kem, Nancy, 73 Keros, Katherine, 49, 1 1 3, 201 Kerr, Vernon, 73, 116 Ketchum, jimmy, 1 82 Kiefer, Ann, 62 Kilgore, Franz Von, 49, 1 38, 186 Kilgore, Sylvia, 126 Killgore, Carolyn, 49, 176, 202 Kilmurray, Edward, 62 Kilpatrick, Alfred, 73 Kimball, George, 49, 193 Kimbcll, Helen, 40, 73, 12.1, 126, 169 Kimbell, Marion, 62, 163, 169 Klll1lJlC, Gary, 49, 1 37 Kincaid, VValter, 62, 138, 221, 222, 223, 227 King, Esther, 122 King, Vernon R., 86, 135, 1 36, 189 Kinslow, Danny, 137, 182 Kinsolving, jolm, 62, 1 1 2 Kinzie, Dan, 156 Kirkpatrick, Elsie, 73, 165 Kirkpatrick, Noble, 73, 1Q1 Kitsch, XVilhelmina, 62 Kittridge, Roberta, ZO1 Klassen, Patricia, 152 Klein, Richard, 62 Kleinfeld, jerry, 157 Kluvcr, Carol, 100, 170 Knapp, Nancy, 62, 177 Knauer, james, 62 Knight, Cessie, 62, 174 Knott, Kathy, 49, 139, 201 Knott, LeRoy, 86, 1 17 Knox, Billy, 49, 186 Knutson, Carolyn, 62, 165 Kocl1, jamie, 184 Koellmann, Carla, 49, 1 S1 Kofalk, Harriet, 49, 202 Kompass, Artl1ur, 151, 207 Koch, jan1es, 184 Koontz, Robert F., 86, 193 Korn, Louise, 62, 151, 173 Krakar, john, 49 Kransberger, jim, 186 Kransberger, Victor, 4Q Krantz, Bernard, 49, 157 Kross, Pat, 62, 199 Kronwall, Kathy, 201 Kubik, Bruce, 62 Krueger, Richard, 151 Krum, William, 49, 1 S2 Krunnnes, Ann, 50, 108, 176, 201, 240 Kubid, Bruce, 183 Kuntz, Louise, 50, 166 Kutnewsky, Carol, 50, 105, Kyle, Nancy, 62, 173 L 1 12, 159, 159, 166 Lackey, Archie, 50 Lackey, Wesley, 73 Ladin, D. j., 138 La Font, Roland, 137 Lafrenz, Shirley, 50 Laine, Michael, 37, 62, 197, 268 Lake, David, 0 Lake, Ricl1ard362, 138, 197 Lalicker, Nancy, 40, 50, 1 1 2, 1 S9 Lamb, jin1, 103, 104 Lambert, Paul D., 86 Landavazo, joseph, 50 Lang, NVilliam, 50 Langley, Kenneth, 50, 138 Lanier, Lindy, 228 101, 136, Hogan Bakery - Bowman Traveling Agency Fifth and Copper, - 1 14 Fifth Street E... Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes YVorld-wide Traveling Service Party Pastries, Catering No Service Charge Breakfast, Lu11ch and Dinner Call 7-0293 for Information Mr. a11d Mrs. V. VV. Bowman, Owners I F 294 . . . 1 sqm: Sporting Goods :ffl Headquarters Two Blocks East of the Triangle F iture 8z Piano Moving 0 The best Warehouse ' Alb q q M Z t Store yourF t C ldSt f F SPORTING Goons age S dS d8zG l R d M dC t Compare H YH I g Our Quality Agents for Allied VanLines Our Brands Ou' Sem SPRlNEER TRANSFER Our Price COMPANY 3020 MONTE VISTA NE PH. 6-0689 121 TiQi0rHS N-E- Phone 3-6651 Louie the Lobo Says . . Come to Your Bookstore on C l5tudent Union Buildingl All your needs completely and efficiently 'Filled by a Student Staff familiar with your problems! Associated Students BUUk5tUl'B l The Important tbmg Ls g yi jg p y J , 9 SMILE Q REDDY, OF COURSE, IS ONLY A SYMBOL. Bu+ any English prof can land will a+ 'lhe drop of a haI'I ex- plain I'he impor+ance of symbols in our daily lives. WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO IS THIS: we've chosen Reddy - a smiling Reddy - Io sI'and for us and our relalions wi'rh our cus'romers. We 'rhink of him as meaning willingness and dependabilily. ANDlYOU ARE ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS. No maH'er wheI'her you pay Ihe bill or noI', you use elec- +riciI'y . . . and you'II go on using more and more of i'r. Tha+'s why we wan+ you +o know we'II go on furnishing H' willingly and dependably. ublic Service Compan OF NEW MEXICO Lantz, Alice, 198 Larsen, Shirley, 50 Lattin, E. Voil, 50, 137 Lawson, Tom, 50 Leach, Charles Seth, 86 Leesc, V. A., 137 Leapold, Louis, 1 14 Lcblo, Patty, 50 Ledbettcr, Bert, 73, 187 Lee, Don A., 137 Lee, Oliver "Sato," 34, 38, 86, 221, 255, 276 Lee, Sylvia, 50, 176, 201 Lcese, V. A., 137 Lepp, Richard, 50, 137 Leonard, Dave, 1 1 1 Levy, Ioe, 157 Levy, Marv, 21 1 Levy, Sandra, 157 Lewallen, Icrry, 62 Lewis, Donald, 50 Lewis, Frankie, 96 Lewis, Vernon, 39 Lewis, Lowell, 73 Lewis, Renee, 73 Lewis, Robert, 50 Lewis, Ted, 50, 186 Lewis, VVillard, 50, 101 Leyva, Porky, 214, 216 Lief, Tom, 1 2 5 Liesse, Kay, 62, 100, 164, 165 Lindell, Landis, 50, 137 Lindh, Robert I., 86, 112, 135 Lindsey, Robert, 135 Liuman, Oscar Ioe, 86, 189 Linncy, Jimmie, 35, 205 Lisle, Fra11k, 50 Little, lack, 35, 58, 62, 101 Little, Indy, 42, 50, 108, 176 Little, Warner, 186 Livingston, lim, 188, 21 3 Locke, lack, 50, 137 H Loekard, Edith Cope, 38 Lockhart, Allen, 50 ' Lockhart, Chuck, 62, 189 Lockhart, Sandra, 86, 176, 177 Lockridgc, IoAnne, 100, 125, 198 Loekridge, Mary, 50 Lockridge, Robert S., 138 Logothetis, Costas, 1 1 6 Longenbaugh, Gerald, 62, 1 37, 191 Longerot, Carl, 1 15, 1 19, 183 Loose, Val, 62, 190 Lopcr, Denise, 50, 108, 1 12, 151, 201 Loper, Marvin, 68, 73, 184, 185 Lopez, Alfredo F., 86 Lopez, Arthur, 50, 1 37 Lopez, Clyde, 50 Lopez, Iorge, 50 Lopez, Orlando, 86, 1 lg Lopez, Ralph, 237 Lopez, Ronald, 50, 181 Lord, Tom, 96 Lott, Ierry, 73, 214 Lovald, Sonja, 62, 125, 173, 273 Lovato, loc, 73 Love, 170 Bernice, 50, 108, 109, 112, Love, Oscar, 50 Lovell, Bobby, 50, 201 Lowe, Ilorace, 1 17 Lucas, Norman, 50 Lucas, Robert NV., 50, 138, 188 Lucero, Loretta, 50, 151 Lucero, Mary, 87, 199 Lucero, Richard, 73, 205 Luecke, VValter H., 136 Luetkehans, Gerald, 50 Lugenbeel, Lorna, 73, 173 Luian, Peter, 87, 1 17 Luinry, XVillis M., 87, 1 16, 1 18 Luna, Olinda, 40, 73, 126, 14Q,i1S1, 15' Luna, Ralph, 73, 105 Lunsford, Lee Roy, 50 Lutz, Ray, 151, 197 Luxford, lane T., 87, 1 27 Lyddon, Doyle, 50 Lyles, Iohnnie Rhea, 62, 169 Lynn, john, 1 1 2 Mc MaeNeill, Barbara, 51, 159 MeAchran, VVayne, 63, 107 McAtee, Peter, 1 26 McBride, Iames, 1 16 McBride, Robert, 51, 1 37 McCabe, Ioan, 73, 170, 171 McCaffrey, Tom, 1 14 McCaig, Dolores, 87, 129, 198 McCall, Bill, 63, 187 McCandliss, Iohn, 197 McCarthy, Frances, 87, 168, 169 McCarty, Scott, 87, 183 MeCluer, Dan, 51, 184 McConnell, Barbara, 73, 174 McCormack, Iohn, 73, 194 McCormick, Michael, 63, 192 McCrory, Iohn, 73, 189 McCrossen, Erie, 35, 63, 102 McCulloch, Charles, 63 McCulloch, Martha, 73, 149, 156 McCullough, Eli, 51, 228, 233 McDonald, john, 51, 1 S2 McDowell, Guy A., 87, 1 15 McDowell, Pat, 63, 109, 110, 1-H Mclfgoy, Ann, 51, 105, 108, 201 MeFall, Katharine, 1 27 McFarland, Katl1y, 273 McGill, Henry N., 87 McGouern, Alma, 1 27 McGranahan, Pauline, 127 McGuire, Lloyd H., 87 McGuire, Mary Io, 87, 1 22 151, 1741 1 70, Mclnteer, Mary Frances, 63, 203 McIntosh, Leonard, 73, 183 McIntyre, Billy, 51 McKay, Nancy, 63 McKelvey, Betty, 51, 122, 159, McKenzie, Ierry, 181 McKin1, XVilliarn, 73, 1 17, 1 19 McKin, George, 126 McKinley, Iohn, 51 McKinley, Rutl1, 204 McKinney, Berwyn, 35, 58, 63, 108, 168, 169 McLaren, 132 A McLoughlin, Norman, 73, 185 McMichael, Monte, 73, 148 McMickael, L. D., 138 McMurray, Imogean, 122 McNa1nee, Matthew, 63 McNeal, Presley, 51, 151 McNevin, Michael T., 78, 87, 132,1Q2, 194, 277 McPherson, Robert, 73 198 100, 98, LEMBKE, CLOUGH S KI G, In . 297 Q,- w -. .X .fw- Q ,. 6 'Q ' 45 qs ,ii I 1' .- . f . s "Nfl Q 'rfx ' u Qvfik 1, f -gl 2. ,-5.1.-. V, 1 4-y lf,5f'.,-' .' 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Q 1- l E-H , . -rs 5'1" F' 00 'T' :Q-,sf FF - gr 3? Ov 9' page ef! ,Z WWGWITE Fri i 1, :EI gf L Sw, Glassff . -, Fr-fx f 3457. Your University Pharmacy Sassers Rexall rugs Prescriptions - Complete Fountain Service - Cosmetics 2l28 East Central Phone 3-4446 299 RUBERT E. MCKEE General Contractor - --N N. I -A ff' l f 5,, - f 1-'J-1-, il 1 ,J i - - f 2 ,,.,:-"--"1 I JL.- - M f'l.,4.,-f"N f LQQQSVXMQQ eafWMWWWWMQM?- Vfv fl ' ef ' .f-- -A .-2 will "" ' V V- ' W 1 - e . A- . ,f -"' ffl--ffw 7 -A ' ""'W?'., l lfZ'2ZZ W77lu7i??J5h 'Z2lll'lf'w5in l ' !'L' A' -'?l1f-E-f'5' -f ul ' , --4' , L me: e'W'1 -2 - 22rl!v'!:, ifiIum2?Blf:l':l,l:w' N1.' L ,"' l. Z, f 1 Z . , 51.11. , 'FE,d,:: W, W-, 'lil 1 X Mfg ml.,I.i41lii,. -1,15 1.4! ,,-. ,en .- ,, 'E 5, 5 Q ,. ' ,Q 3 1 ' 3 5 .,,,, ., :, e 1 n- L " ' 575, -wg, .' ' K A f ,Wg -n,,L,,,.. U .E1f,:1fffE5.:, '., , ,1 .W I - if '6 1 . ' if ' . 'ii-F ... -.L .- ff' fill 3 ' 1 ffl 'xl fk l 5 will 'E 3 Z A E5a'l'f'55,iil5,: fjx .,,k. MV ffgz H11 . 5 5 , femur illl e is :galllllll lim 2 EV- 'fine Q, . ieezelllf' " A f .. 1 1" A gf'llllllllllll5l'l iflflfl' 5 :53 ' " i. .L:,, ' A 'W-,, ',,,l,,' Wxl. Je Q -W '- - NEW WGMENS DQRMHJTORY Mwlqa - A f- -UNIVERSIITYOF NEW Miixico- . Iliff Va: f NVQ f X- if 'ALBvUQUERQUE,NEW Mexico- 4 X1 I, 1 X W' """ l ,.. ,.,. Xf'1Qfx QF 13 - MEEM.zEHNER,Ho1.ieN, Arm ASSOCIATE5- ",.,ll 'lM xx! X N N XR. ARCHITECTS ' ' "---.. ,X l 'XRNKXX QANTA FE I, r' s. ,, .e . . - N 5 . f, X . xy XVGX 1 Hokona Hlall, +l1e new women's residence hall a+ 'l'he Universily of New Mexico, now being buill by Roberl' E. McKee General Conlraclor, Inc. Holcona Hall will be complelecl 'For +l1e Fall +erm, l95l:. l lALBUQUEBQUE 485 WYOMING SE l PHONE 5-863I SANTA FE DALLAS EL PASO LOS ANGELES 300 Meeker, Miriam, 204 Meister, Na11ey, 40, 51, 122, 168 Melendcz, Ernest, 101, 137 Mcnaul, Mary, 127 Mandelsbcrg, Marlene, 1 S7 MCllgKll1l, Ioscpli, 88, 1 24 Merchant, Iaync, 40, 63, 175 Mcrewcther, Edward, 1 17 Merki, Holly, 63, 173 Merritt, Iarnes, S1 Mcrsman, Martha, 63, 167 Metcalf, lean, 51, 174, 201 Metzler, Dave, 1 3 2, 1 62, 2 5 2 Meyer, Michael, 73, 188 Miano, Saul V., 88, 115 Michael, Bill, 51, 188 1 Middleton, Bobbie, 63 Micra, Orlando, 73, 1 21 Miklebost, V cmon, S1 Milian, Roberto, 51, 12.5 Miller, Bruce, 181 Miller, Don, 63, 119, 12 Miller, Donald G.. 88 Miller, Ierry, 73, 187 Miller, Ioyce, 63, 203 Miller, Kenneth, 63 Miller, Neil, 51 Miller, Robert, 51 Miller, Sue, 151, 201 Miller, XVillia111, S1 Milling, Iames, 96 Mills, Innc, 74, 1 12, 175 3113511 Mills, Mary, 51, 122, 125 164 Mills, Sheila, 88, 159, 165 Milner, Ioan, 51, 201 Minces, Indy, 1 1 2, 176, 202 Minces, Nancy, 74, 177 Miner, Alice Smith, 37, 40, 88, 99, 168, 169, 277 Miner, Iohn, 51, 195 Mi11er, Leroy E., 88, 191 Mitchell, Diana, 35, 63, 159, 203 Mitchell, lean, S1 Mitchell, Leith, 74, 189 Mittler, Iames C., 88 Modrall, Gordon, 74, 194, 231 Moffet, Allyne C., 165 Montague, Gary, S1 Montanc, M. G., 137 Montano, Aileene, Sl Montant, M. G., 137 Monteverde, Eduardo, 51 Montgomery, Harry, S2 Montoya, Ernestine, 74, 203 Montoya, Robert H., 88 Moore, Don, 63, 113, 184 Moore, Ezra D., 137 MOOIC,IOl1U, 74, 136, 187 Moore, Lee, 52, 1 38 Moore, Mary Ethel, 1 27 Moore, Merle, 74 Moore, R. K., 1 15 Moore, Theodore, 132 Moorer, Io Anne, 74 Moraga, Robert, 52 Morales, Andy, 215, 219 Moran, Thomas M., 88 The best Fried Chicken and Shrimp anywhere Premium Steaks-Rocky Mountain Trout Our Prices?? Lowest in the city Our Accommodai'ions?? 5 to 200 V2 block Free Parking 90l-9II Central East Phone 2-6280 aris Shag Stgrgs . . Saulfawaifi .Ee ' .Shoe Siawi Moreland, Alice, S2 Moreland, Bill, 63, 155 Morgan, Alice, 88, 122, 176, 177 Morgan, David, 74, 121, 183 Morgan, Miriam, 52, 202 Morgans, Katl1y, 52 Morris, Anita, 163 Morris, Chester, 188 Morris, Iames, 74 Morris, Iames, 108, 111, 190, 1Q1 Morris, Renia, 63, 167 Morris, Robert, S2 Morris, Sandra, 63, 173 Mortenson, Gail, 164 Mortensen, Gene, 188 Moskos, Harry, 63, 102 Mossman, Fred M., 88, 186, 187 Moulds, Bill I., 88, 117, 191 Moulds, Teresa Cummins, 165 Mounday, Roy, 188 Mount, Bruce, 160 Muckey, lean, 63, 198 Mueller, Ierome, 63, 1 36 Muller, Bill, 74 Mullins, Iim, 74, 107, 151 Muir, Iohn, 52 Mu11n, Richard, 63, 189 Murillo, Frank R., 88 Murphy, Barbara, 255 Murphy, Ioe, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216 Murphy, Peggy Lou, 74, 88, 175 Mutz, Marilyn, 63, 203 Myer, Michael, 189 Myers, Don, 216 Myers, Gene, 1 17 Myers, Paul, 63, 233 Myrick, Harry, 74 N Naumer, Helmuth, 105, 1 S1 Nelsorl, Rachael, 1 1 2 Nelso11, Raymond, S2 Nelson, Robert, S2 Nelson, Ronald E., 88, 186, 187 Nelson, Wendell, 2 55 Nesbitt, Ierry, 212, 214, 215, 216 Neuber, Marilyn, 63, 151, 1 S2 Neuman, David, 107, 121 Nevin, Anna, 52, 177, 201 Newman, David S., 88, 237 Newton, George, 63 Newton, Iames D., 117, 134, 135, 139, 141, 190 Nials, lRoy, 63 Nickell, Ianet, 272 Nickell, Iudy, 88, 129 Nickell ames B 1 2 ' ' .J ., 4 Nickell, William C., 88, 135, 138, 181 5, Nicks, james, 63 Nielsen, Carolyn, 36, 88, 103, 129, 174' 175 Nieto, janet, S2 Nigro, Mike, 1 20 Nixon, Abbey, 34, 89, 168, 169, 277 Nixon, Iudith, 52, 166 Noland, Bill, 74, 151 Norlildet, Nancy, 52, 201 Norman, Sydney, 202 Norris, Chester, 2 35, 2 36 Norris, lack, 63, 194 Norton, Bob, 252 Noss, Gary L., 38, 89, 162, 277 Norwood, Holly, S2 'x 192, 194, 0 1377-lib 's- "Ns, C' 'tux .-Sefiqmanfi 2309 WEST CENTPJAL AVE. l The Home of Hand-made Indian Iewelry-Where the visitor can see Navaho Silversmiths create the most artistic, unusual and beautiful in Indian craftsmanship. Navaho and Chimayo blankets, Indian Pottery, and novelties add to the atmos- phere and charm of this shop. A complete stock of Endings and supplies for the amateur l silversmith. Novaria, Richard A., 36, 89, 98, 119, 128, 190, 191, 277 Nunez, H. VV., 1 18 O 117, O'Bannon, Charles E., 89, 1 16, 1 17 O'Bannon, Daniel E., 89 O'Beirne, Karen, 89, 1 1 2 O'Dell, Kenny, 188 Odendahl, D0rotl1y, 52, 201 O'Donnell, David, 35, 52, 1371 Otero, joseph, 74, 124 Otte, Mary Ann, 64, 170 Otte, William, 64, 191 Ovcrfclt, Nancy, 89, 1 22, 169 Overmier, lack, 52 P Packard, Rosemarie, 37 Padilla, Ioe, S2 Page, Raymond, S2 Palmer, David E., 89 Oliver, William H., 89, 116, 118, Pancoast, Curtis, 74 1 19 Pannell, Harla11 C., 89 Olmsted, Les, 104 Pappas, William, S2 Olson, Bob, 74, 1 14 Papuyo, Cellcstino, 125 Olson, Gail, 64, 1 1 2, 175 Parga, Marsla, 1 S1 Olund, Iohn, S2 Parker, Carl, 183 Oman, Vivian, 35, 64, 122, 159, 203 Pilflief, Earl, 89, 151 Om Nath, Singha, 75, 1 25 Parker, Frank, 1 16, 135, 137 Ondelacy, Andres, 52, 1 S2 Parker, Iohn, 52 O'Neal, Deanna Rae, 166 Parker, Lynn, 64, 101, 1 1 1, 1 O'Nell,Ion, 151 132, 133, 192, 194, 235, 236 O'Niel, Beverly, 149, 151 Parker, Matthew, 52, 1 37 Orlebeke,Ioan, 64, 149 Parkes, Harry, 64 O'Rourke, Patricia, 52 Parnell, l'l- C-, 128 Orr, Beverly, 35, 64, 175 Parrack, Dwaine, 128 Orr, Harrison, 52 Parrish, Lamar, 64, 188 Orr, Iohn, 1 S1 Parslow, Ronald B., 89 Ortega, Ambrosio I., 89 Parsons, Clara, 52, 108, 174, 201 Ortega, Evangeline, 52, 201 P21rtCl1, 12110, 1 27 Ortega, Manuel, S2 Pascual, Henry, 52 Ortiz, Donald, 74 Paskincl, Martin, 64, 102, 156 Ortiz, Gilbert, S2 Patino, Ernestine M., 89 Osn1on, Chris, S2 Patino, Sylvia, 89 Ostcrmann, George, 52 Paton, Frances, 1 30, 204 Ostrower, Ruth, 157 Patterson, loc, 237 x 1. XOXO' J M -, 1' 'lf ,, X in rw A 2 TRY IMPERIAL'S QUALITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Phone 3-67Il or use these convenient drive-ln locations 0 Third ond Silver SW ' 5416 Kathryn Ave. SE 0 5201 Lomas Blvd. NE ' 5003 Menoul Blvd. NE mllmpetinl aundrg "Albuquerque' finesf since 1900" 302 Patrick, Kenneth, 125 Peterson, llarvey lean, 64, 100, 172, Patton, Iames, 89, 132 173 Paulson, Dorothy, 64, 1 1 2, 151, 203 Peterson, Richard, 64 Payne, Betty Lou, 64, 160 Petrova, Martin, 1 S7 Paynter, Ronald, 52, 138 Pettit, Thomas VV., 90, 187 Pearl, Yvonne, 52, IOS, 109, 176 Pfeilier, Sally, 90, 112, 126, 167 Peck, lim, 160 Pcesak, Dave, 12.1 Pfeiffer, Sue, 64, 169 Pheistcr, Katie, 1 1 3 Pccvy, Pat, 148 Phelan, Patty, 52, 164 Peirce, Betsy, 35, 89, 176, 177, 273 Phillips, Barbara, 74, 151, 163, 165 Peirce, Sondra, 52 Phillips, Carolyn, 34, 90, 163, 164, Peke, Margaret, 40, 64, 165 165, 278 Pena, Dennis, 1 24 Phillips, Glen, 74 Pendleton, Theodora, 203 Phillips, Iohn, 74, 191 Peudlcy, Ierry, S2 Peralta, Andy, 52 Perdine, Fred, 148 Perkins, Fred, 35, 151, Perry, Harrietta, 52 Perry, Sumnne, 1 1 2 Pesavento, "Pony, 52 Phillips, Kyle, S2 Phillips, Ted D., 90, 151 Phyfe, Lawson, 64, 1 33, 1 84 197 Pick, Robert, 63, 1 S7 Pickens, Rolau , 74 Pickering, VVinston, 64, 107, 228 Pierce, Dick, 121 Petersen, Norman W., 89, 132, 195 Pierce, jim, 237 Peterson, Dau A., Q0 Pies, Patsy, 1 26 Peterson, David, 64, 194 Piker, Dave, 186 Pillings, Ed, 21 1 Pine, Don, 64 Pinkerton, Ginny, 52, 1 1 2, 1 1 3 Pino, Barbara, 64, 102, 103 Piper, Charlotte, 1 1 2 Pirtle, Dave, 64, 1 38 Pittard, Gertrude, 1 Z7 Placek, Frank I., Q0 Polanco, Everett, S2 Poley, Katl1erine, 151, 198 Pomeroy, Harry F., 90, 1 83 Pompeo, Carol, 202 Pompeo, Fred, 74 Pond, Ioan, 201 Pool, Diane, 90, 1 23, 1 27, 173 Poorbaugh, Iim, 1 86 Poorbaugh, Iohn, 74, 186, 187 Poorman, Mary E., 96, 151 Poop, Barbara, 64, 203 Porter, Raymond, 52, 231 Porteriield, Harold, 1 15 Postieh, 1 3 2 Potter, Carole, 90, 204 Potter, Ietty Io, 64, 203 Powell, Earl, 269 Prelo, Marcelino, Q0 Pribble, Richard, 64, 215, 216 Price, Ducky, 184 Price, Richard, 74, 151 Pride, Iacquie, 74, 163, 1 71 Pride, Muriel, 40, 90, 99, 170, 278 Priesnitz, Carol, 64, 203 Prinkey, Ernestine, 96 Propper, Ronald M., 90, 116, 1 32, 194 Puckett, Cordell, 64 Pullen, Barry E., 90, 1 28 Purcell, Sheilah, 52, 172, 202 Purdy, Bill, 151 Q Quelle, Gretchen, 1 56 Quigley, Richard, 52 Quillen, Noma, S3 171 118 Quinn, Patricia, 53, 1 1 2, 166, 201 Textbooks-Engineering, Art, and School Supplies Fine Old Prints and Reproductions-Custom Framing Mr. Walter Fisher, Owner 1910 Central East 303 I I I I I P""" CHINA 81 GIFTS SPORTING GOODS HOUSEWARES GLASS - PAINTS FURNITURE I ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES I DODGE 81 PLYMOUTH-SALES 81 SERVICE I X I LZ-ffL92006l0CAOZ0'L1ffL Quintana, Bobbi, 203 Quintana, Ioe Vidal, 90, 1 15, 1 Quintana, Iuauita, 125 Quirk, Mary Lee, 64, 173 Quist, Buster, 64, 236 R Raabe, Otto Ceorge, 64, 207 Radcliffe, George, 53, 137 Radford, Becky, 201 Radosevich, Iohu, 90 Radovieh, Donald, 90, 189 Rae, Eleanor, 64, 1 1 2, 203 Rainey, Carol Ann, 74, 159, 175 Raizes, Sheldon, 75, 1 18, 237 Raker, Lyle, 64, 101, 124 Ramirez, Richard, 74 Ramscicr, Frederic, 74 Ramsey, Ross, 53, 138 Randall, Iohn, 53 1 9 1 74' Randall, Minnie Lou, 74, 151, 165 Randel, Beverly, 53 Raper, Francine, 1 22, 1 55, 198 Raper, Cary, 74, 155 Rashid, A. M., 74, 116, 1 25 Rasor, Ann, S3 Ratclilt, Mike, 53 Ray, V irgiuia, 172 Rea, Paul C., 90, 194 Rea, Nancy, 34 Read, Max, 74 Reardon, Iean, 35, 40, 74, 112, 1 66, 1 67 Reddy, Robbie Sue, 202 Rede, Raymond, 90, 1 24 1 30, Redmond, Collis, 53, 184 Reed, Bobbie, 64, 169 Reed, Ieannette, 1 Z7 Reese, Iames D., 137 Reeves, Ian, 100, 174 Reft, D., 1 37 Reid, Doris, 53, 201 Reinert, Richard D., 91, 1 35, 181 Renfro, Faye, 53, 151, 201 Renfro, VVilliam, 53, 190 Rentfro, Carl, 53, 181 Restow, Charles, 53 Rewoldt, Deanna, 170 Reynolds, Harriette, 1 21, 1 26 Reynolds, Helen, S3 Rhodes, Teddy, 74, 194 Rice, Edward, S3 Rice, VVilliam, 74 Richardson, Anna, 1 1 2, 204 Richardson, Lorna, 64, 167 Riekclton, Ted, 91, 191 Rickman, Cary, 53, 138, 218, 239 Rico, Maura, 59, 203 Riddle, lack, 74, 185 Ricci, Harold, 1 26 Rickman, Elmer C., 1 1 5 Rightly, Edward, 128 Rigler, Ierry, 74 Riley, I-Iarold, 215, 216 Riley, Steven, 1 20 Rilletson, Iohn, 156 Rinaldi, Dick, 136, 221 Ringer, Patricia, 53, 170, 202 Rinn, Donna, 53, 108, 159 Ripley, Michael, 1 15 Rivera, David, 64, 1 38, 140 Rivera, Gilberto, 74 Robbins, Bill, 1 33 Robbins, Carol, 64, 108, 109, 110, 1 64, 1 6 5 Roberson, Donald W,, 91, 124 Roberts, Austin, 96 Roberts, Charles WV., 1 24, 138 Roberts, Ioe, 53, 189 Roberts, Mary, 64 Roberts, Ruth, 127 Roberts, V assel, 1 1 7 Robertson, Ann, 204 Robertson, Bill, 1 37, 186 Robertson, Thomas, 53 Robi11son, Ioe, 5 3, 1 84 Robinson, Lyndon, 75 Robinson, Raejeanne, 204 Robinson, Sue, 35, 64, 100, 121, 163, 1 68, 1 69 Rodgers, Ioel, 53 Rodgers, XVillian1, 53 Rolf, Tom, 53, 184 Rogers, Phillip, 91, 1 19, 194 Rogers, XVarren K., Q1 Rohr, Lea, 53, 176, 202 Rohrboek, Elizabeth, 1 28 Rollie, Arlene, 75, 174 Romero, Aseneion, 53 Romero, Bernie, 91, 135, 137 Romero, Berna Emma, 91, 1 28 Romero, Frances, S3 Romero, Ivy, 201 Romero, Louella, 53, 202 Romero, Simmie, 40, 64, IOO, 200, 20 Romgro, Virginia, 64 Ronsick, Omar, 155 Root, Norn1an, 75, 107, 117, 148 Rosales, Gregory, 75, 1 15 Rose, Mary lean, 167 Rose, Mason, 53, 218 Rose, Paul Zimmerman, 91, 187 Rose11baun1, Arthur, 7 5, 107 Roskos, Stephen, 53 Ross, Everitt A., Q1 Rotl1, Sharon, 1 30, 176, 240 Roubik, Arthur, 35, 75, 182, 183 Roubik, Robert, 53, 205 Rourke, VV., 1 32 Rowe, Riel1ard, 1 15 Rowland, Ierry, 1 23, 1 S1 Roybal, Benigno, 91 Roybal, Nazarita, 75 Roybal, Toby, 75, 220, 221, 2 223, 224, 225, 227 Rozrer, Larry, 186 Rubincam, Ann, 91, 175, 272 Rucker, Iames, 64 Rugg, Harold, 1 16 Ruggles, Mina, 1 27 Ruiz, Lina, 96 Ruiz, Sylvia, 149, 151, 2.03 Rumfelt, Kaiean, 64, 159, 165 Runcorn, Wfilbert, 181, 209, 216 Rundle, Dave, 148 Ruoff, George, 64, 189 Russell, Ioan, S3 Russell, Louise, 160 Russell, Samuel, S3 Rutherford, Iimmie, 75 Ryan, Mary Margaret, 96 Rye, Don, 207 S Sabino, Dorothy, 53, 198 Sacherson, Esther, 104 BROWN 81 OLDS, INC. M501-IAN CAL CONTRACTORS Installing plumbing, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning in the new women's residence hall - HOKONA HALL - Steam and chilled water dis- tribution system on campus OFFICES Sophisticated frocks I for 'round the clock Albuquerque El Paso ff' Ky ' Dallas Colorado Springs at the triangle Sadosuk, lack, 1 29 Saiz, Ben11y, 64 Sakami, Tacko, 9 1 , 1 25 Salazar, Dolores, 64, 201 Salazar, Cilbcrt, 53 Salazar, Ioe, 53, 64 Salazar, Skip, 1 1 2 Salcido, Lucia, 203 Saleem, Mol1a1nmad, 53, 1 .. 5 Salicker, NHIICY, 19S Salinas, Ioseph, 53 Salladay, Fred, 1 17 Sallee, Audrey, 65 Samberson, Edward, 53, 192 Samberson, Gene, 75, 194 Sanchez, Adelino, 65 Sanchez, Albert, 53 Sanchez, Bob, 75, 1 1 1 191, 233 Sanchez, Estevan, 75 Sanchez, Icsus, 53 Sanchez, R., 136 Sanchez, Lydia, Q1 Sanchez, Mary, S3 Sanchez, Robert, 141 Sandefs, Connee, 7 5 Sanders, Sue, 53, 168 Sandlin, Bill, 65, 194 Sa11doval, David, 148. 15 Sa11doval, Florence, 1 25 Sandoval, I., 138 Sandoval, IOC, 75, 107 Sa11doval, Iohn, S3 Sanford, XV ard, 75 141, 190 Sanford, XVilliam E., 35, 91, 183 Schnorr, Elizabeth, 54, 151 Sa11tillanes, Simon O., 1 38 Sehnurr, Robert, 54, 137, 18 3 Sargent, Nancy, 53, 112, 113, 164, Scho1np,Iea11ie, 54, 201 201, 246 Sartain, Caroline, 1 1 2, 1 66 Saucedo, Manuel, 75, 197 Savage, Bill, 53, 218 Saxvdey, Phil, 35, 75, 197 Sawyers, Da11, 209 Sayre, Barbara, 201 Scaggari, Fred, S3 Schamaun, Iohn 'lY'l1Ol1l2lS, Q1 , 1 1 6 Schatz, Ellen, 1 Z7 Schlenkcr, Kendall, 96 Schlick, Mike, 1 36, 216 Schn1idt, Margaret, 1 27 Scl1norn1eicr, Russell, 75 SCllOI'llDCfg, Barbara, 157 Scl1ornick,Ia1ncs, 65, 1 S1 Schouman, Faye, 54 Schrincr, Hazel, 170 Schroeder, Christian F., Q1 Schubert, Donald, 54 Schnldt, Beth, 149 Schultz, Donald, S4 Scliuinan, Faye, 176 Schuman, Walt, 184, 221, 2 226 Schwab, VVilliam, S4 Schxvartz, Ioan, 65, 167 Sclnvcrs, Russell, 75, 187 Mfgo COO' Info SOO PHOENIX AVE., NW. STATION I, IOX 6007 0 PHONE 4-2331 AIIUOUERQUEI NEW MEXICO uwzqlffaing fm ifze alfzlele ancf 4 Two stores 'For your convenience M x. w sPoRrlNe eooos co. "Where the Best in Sports Begins" 4l4 Copper Ave. NW i 48I7 Central Ave. NE Jlarrows 501 Arno S+. SE uali held ce ream Phone 3-6634 306 Scott, Barbara, 1 1 2, 1 SQ Scott, Ileyward NV., 91, 1 21 Scott, Ioyee Helen, 91, 1 69 Scott, Russell NV., 9 1 Sears, Frank, 35, 65,151,181 Scdillo, Luciano, 1 14 Seese, hlhlillltllll, 96 Sci, Richard, 75, 189 Scibert, Nancy, 202 Selva, Charles, 148, 151 Sena, Rachel, 75 Scrna, Betty Lon, 75, 203 Scrvis, XVaIter IXI., 35, 91, Ill, 192, 194, 221, 2513, 278 Shaffer, Danola M., 157 SIiaIit,IIz1rriet, 91, 152. Shaw, Ellanora, 91, 199 Shaw, Leslie, S4 Shcitarrow, Bizunch, 1 25 Shetlield, Leonard, Q1 Shchan, Ruby, 1 27 SIICIIIIII, Shirley, 38, 91, 174, 175 Sheldon, 'l'OlTl, 54 Shell, Na11cy, Q2 Shepard, Court, 75, 1 55 Shephard, lim, 188 Sherritt, R., 138 Shcrritt, Iames, 54, 186 Shigeo, Ban, 156 Shilling, Mrs. Alice, 173 Shillingburg, Ed, 186 Shillingburg, Ilerbert, 54, 188 Shipp, lim, 192, 228 Shockey, Don, 75 Shook, Ken, 54, 138, 151 Shor, Rabbi, 157 Short, Do1n1a, 108, 1 SQ Short, Roy, 54, 182 Shotola, Mari y11, 168 Shrader, Marian, S4 Shrake, Ir111a, 122 Shriner, Hazel, 54, 170, 201 Shuldt, Elizabeth, 65, 100, 112, 152 174 Shnll, Iohn, S4 Shnlt, Frances, 127, 138 SI111lts, Fount, 54, 138 Shuman, Iolm, 1 1 8 Shute, Iolm, 65, 107 Slmtt, Frances, 1 27 Sice, Raymond, 65 Siegel, Floyd, 65, 157, 221, 3, 224, 227 Sigenthaler, Loy Sue, 163 Sile11ce, Tim, 75, 183 Siler, Rozella, 54, 202 Silva, lose, 75 Silva, Robert S., 1 36 Smith, Do11ald XV., 92, 135, 137 Smith, Don S , '1 54 Smith, Do11, 194, 228 S111itl1, Evely11, 127 Smith, Fra11cine, 75 Smith, Fred, 1 1 2 Smith, Gartl1, S4 Smith, Gene, 182. Smith, Ilarrison E., 92, 192 Smith, james D., 92, 135, 137, 185 Smith, Ianice, 54 Smith, lon, 54 Smith, Larkin, 75, 162, 197 S111itl1, Margaret, 40 Smith, Marie, 123 Slllltll, Murray, 54 Smith, Robert N., 92 Smith, Roger, 228, 235 S111itl1, Sally, 65, 176, 177 Smith, Sarah, 155 S111itl1, Suzanne, 35, 65, 175 Smyth, Margaret, 65, 100, 159, 203 Snare, XVihna, 65, 159, 198, 199 Snapp, Ed, 256 Snead, VViIIiam, 54, 120, 207 Snead, Iames, S4 Sneeker, Shirley, 6 5 Sneddon, Rick, 92, 194 . Soare, Tom, 65 Soutl1ard, Engle, 114, 278 Southard, Mark, 65, 190, 221, 2.25 SOl1LllCH'l, Kay, S4 Southern, 'l'i11a Sue, Q2 Speed, Alice, 54, IOS, 151 Sperry, Sam, 65, 184 Spies, Hilda, 127 Spinelli, Beverly, 202 Sprague, Nelson, 54 Sprengeler, Allan, 92, 1 85 Spruce, Beryl, 1 2 5 Stacy, Harold, 65 StadIer,Ia11iee, 65, 1 25, 203 Stal1l, lack, 92, IQO, 191 Standridgc, Robert, 65, 124 Stark, Andrew, 54, 184 Starkey, Benjamin, 54, 137 Starkey, Lenox, 65 Starkey, Theresa, 35, Q2 Stillllblill, Gerald, 1 1 6 St. Clair, Gilbert, 75, 134, 140, 141, 159 Stebbins, Robert, 65 Steed, Gerald, S4 Steele, Mrs., 175 Steinikcr, Arden, 65, 151 Ste11sland, Theodore, 65 Stephens, Charles, 75, 197 Stephens, lerry, Q2 Sill1I11OlIS,IOyCC, 37, 92, 129, 166 Simpson, Howard, 5-I Sims, Ernest P., 137 Si111s, Park, 65, 114 Sims, Ioel, 1 14 Si11cr, Kenneth, 92, 102, IOS, 129 Singleterry, loc N., 92, 1 14 Sisneros, Adelaida, 65, 203 Sivells, Alice, 155 Skillern, William, 54, 190, 233 Sliilllllflll, Richard, 54, 137 PHONE 6-22I7 Skinner, Ronald, 54 Skusc, Valerie, 40, 54, 172, 202 Slaytcr, Betty, 65, 100, 159, 198, 20'- Sloan? Gary, 137, 214, 215 Sloa11, 'l'homas, 1 3 2 S111all, Louis, Q2 Smalling, Ernest E., Q2 Sn1cIser, San1, S4 Smith, Barbara, 65, 168 Smith, Bartley Paul, 65 Smith, Betty, 75, 151, 198, 199 Smith, Celia, 92, 1 77 Smith, Dixie Lee, 54 Smith, David T., 137 Stellcr,Iea11, 1 22 Stern, Iean, 190 Stcrrie, A., 138 Stcrritt, Alice, YE Stevens, Char otte, 65, 1 12, 240 , 255 2. Stevens, l'recl, 121 Steve11s, Iames D., 92, 105, 111 229, 230, 231, 232, 239 Stevens, Ioanne, 40, 65, 171 Stevenson, lim, 54, 192 Stewart, Carolyn, 100 Stewart , Charles, 54, 1 12 Stewart, C. D., 137 Stewart, Donald, 54 Stewart, Louis, S4 Stewart, Nor111a, 93 Stewart, Patrick L., 1 38 Stewart, Patricia, 37, 93, 121, 204 208, 278 Stinnett, Iane Ann, 39, 93, 121 164, 165 Stites, Mary Ann, 202 Stobie, Iack, 111, 237, 238 Stogdcn, Mary Lou, 65, 100, 200, 203 Lusterway does more than just clean . . . it actually adds new life a11d luster to every garment. Luster- way is safe, dependable, eco- nomieal. -Excelsior- LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING ' Nlain Plant - First :Sz Roma, N W ' Drive-In - 52.2. Second Street, NW ' Drive-In - Five Points Shopping Center FOUR HILLS RANCH WVe instruct riding for the University gym classes - credit courses HORSEBACK RIDING RIDING LESSONS CHUCK WAGON DINNERS Wiley Johnson Manager FOUR HILLS RANCH RD. SE COMPLETE LADIES 81 MISSES Serving the People of New Mexico READY TO WEAR AND With Fine Jewelry for 37 Years ACCESSORIES AT if Art-Carved Engagement 8r Wedding Rings , 'A' WATCHES 0 Lunt I 0 Hamilton 0 Ilcirloom 0 Patek-Phillippe ' Stieff ' Omega 0 1847-Rogers ' Bulova ' Community 0 Longiucs 0 Girard-Perragaux if CHINA 0 Gruen 0 Lenox ' Mido 0 Vlfcdgcwood 0 Elgin 0 Spode 0 Wittnaucr ' Castleton ' Flintridge -k SILVER 0 Gorham ik' CRYSTAL 0 Towle ' Hawkes 0 Reed8zBarton 0 Cambridge 0 Wallace 0 Tiffin 0 International 0 Oreffors Always the newest wom en's Visit our beautiful gift department, wlicre you will find fashions unusual gifts from all corners of the world. You will always End the unusual as usual in our Gift Department. I 'A' Fine Engraved WVedding Invitations 81 Announcements E H O U S E Prompt Attention Given to ' go 1 O-1 2 East Central Telephone sl Mail Phone 5- 3 3 51 Orders 'wake I su cmrul Avi. sw Auiuousuoue, N. M. I I I MEXICAN FOOD Serving the most complete line of Mexican foods at reasonable prices. XVC have - Dining Room Service Take Home Service B a C a , ALWAYS BUY it's almost in NEW MEXICO MEXICAN KITCHEN 0 R E Stoller, Glenn, 75 Stone, Frank, 93, 194 Stonclzing, Charles, 1 1 S Storment, Roscoe, 207 Storrie, Alexander, S4 Stover, Rod, 182 Stowers, Linda, 93 Strange, Susan, Q3 Strickfaden, William, 65 Stringer, Sally, 34, 93, 9 2 8 Strode, I. D., 65, 187 Strom, Iaelc, 6 , 136 Stroman, Lllldil, S4 Strong, Sandra, S4 Stueker, George, 184 Studebaker, Paul, 65 Sturdevant, lim, 65, 183 Suazo, lose, 75, 119, 123, 190 Suazo, Sostenes, 65, 117, 138, 140 Suehornel, Marjorie, 204 Suhl, Gene, 96 Sullivan, Pe gy, 93, 151, 155 Sullivan, Poiy, 93, 1 26, 176, 177 Sumida, jimmy, 54 Summers, Ian, 93, 165 Sumrall, Linda, 54, 108, 166 Sumrow, Ierry, 54, 137 Sury, Earl, 55 Sutherland, David, 96 Sutin, Mike, 157 Suttic, D. VV., 1 36 9, 176' 177, Swain, Arthur, 5 5 Swain, Dona, 55, 272 Sweitzer, Paul, 6 5, 1 36 Swinburn, Margaret, 1 22 Swinburn, Nancy, 5 5 Swysgood, 1 3 2 Sydow, David, 5 5 Syme, Dave, 221, 2.24, 2.25 T Tabet, Fidel G., 93 Tangway, Nada, 6 5, 164 Tapia, Paul, 229, 2.30, 239 Swain, George, 75, 115, 123, 159 Tapy, Ralph, 115 Tarver, Raymond, 65, 1 1 5 Tate, IoAnn, 55, 166 Tate, Pattie, 75, 158, 166, 167 Taulbee, Phillip, 35, 65, 101, 190 191 Taulman, Emily, 65, 151, 172 Taylor, Ann, 65, 166 Taylor, Carol Ann, 203 Taylor, Iohn, 55 Taylor, Rebecca, 65, 171 Teague, Dorane, 65 Teegarden, Donovan L., 93, 117 119, 128, 135, 137, 141, 190, 191 2.79 Tee ,Iol1n, 221, 222, 226, 227 Sewing YOU Now and in YUUH Future in SEVEN CITIES of the GREAT and GROWING SOUTHWEST H IIIIIIIIII HI IIEI1 in ALBUQUIEIRQUE Downtown and Hiland in Santa Fe - Roswell - Clovis in Abilene and Midland in Texas I I I 4126 Phone A Central, SE 5,5986 , . MATTRESS FAcronY ' ' lflalheued new Alakana alfa! Complete line of Hollywood beds Twin Size - Full Size - King Size 309 Tecter, Shirley, , , 163, 166, 16735 75 Temple, Herbert, 37, 75, Tenault, Sl1irley, 1 SQ Tenorio, Cecilia, 204 Terauds, Vita, 76, 1 26 Thayer, Charles, 76, 107 'I'hon1, T., 132, 137 Thom, Kenneth, 5 5, 182 Thomas, Don, 65, 184 Thomas, Iames, 194 121, 126, 184, 185 Thomas, Maryln, 93, 172 Tl1on1as, Marily11, 66, 15 248 Tl1on1pso11, Bobbie, 170 Thompson, Charles, 1 14 Thompso11, Charles, 66 Charley 2 1 5 Thompson, , Tl1o111pson, Charley, 2 1 6 1, 152, 166, Tinsley, Shirley, 55 Tippin, Laura, 55, 103 Tlachac, tNorbert, 96, 120, Todd, lames, 55 Toenni-es, Nancy, 55 Toln1ie, Pat, 102, 198 Tolson, lack, 5 5 Tondre, Katy, 203 Torick, Raymond, 76 Torr, Ierry, 66 Torres, Ernestine, 55, 203 Torres, Frank, 5 5 Torres, Gilbert, 93, 1 15 Townsend, Carol, 66, 1 12 Toynton, Ellen, 40, 76, 1 2 T rechel,lFred, 96 Tracy, Linda, 55, 202 Trimble, YValter, 76 2, 168 U 1 26 Ulibarri, Rodolfo, 94, 147, 184, 185 Unterberg, Toe, 137, 151, 228, 238 Unterberg, George, 237 USry,I0l1n, 1 15, 1 23 Ussery, Meredith S., 94, 1 21 V Vacquier, Vivian, 38, 94, 112, 164, 165 Vahle, Gerald, 5 5, 151 Valdez, Alfred A., Q4 Valdez, Arthur, 76 Valdez, Barbara, 66 Valdez, Cordelia, 55, 203 Valdez, Martin, 66 Vidal, Donald, 5 5, 1 8 2 Vigil, Fermin, 55 Vigil, Lita, 94, 125, 204 Vigil, Paul, 55 Vigil, Priscilla, 94 Vigil, Richard, 55 Villiarcl, Maitland, 55 Vinson, lane, 55, 159, 174 Viviani, Anna, 167 Voelker, Leonard I., 94, 148, 1 S2 Volk, Richard, 55 Volpato, Iohnny, 55 V olzer, Elmer, 190 V outerin, Philip, 56 VV Thomson Irwi11 Thompson , Erwin, 19 2 Tristram, Edward F., 37, 93, 197 Tru'illo Abel M. 1 VanAtta Mar 66 1 1 1 A NVadley, Virgil, 56, 151 YVagner, Bill, 76, 1 11, 155, IQO Thompson, Iamcs, 66, 1 S1 Thompson, E., 137 Thompson, lane, 172 Thompson, Norma, 76, 172 Tholnpson, Pat, 76, 175 Thomson, Aletta, 93, 149, 164, 165, '1"1 -9- l 1 1 Trujillo, Arthur, 9437 Trujill0,lCalaya, 66 Trujillo, Carmen, 203 Trujillo, Ierry, 55, 151 T rujillol Mike, 55 Trumble, Maurice, Q4 Trussler, Marilyn, 55, Tucker, lLibby, 55 164 1 Y, 1 74' 75 Van Atta, Myrle, 55, 174 Vance, NVillia1n H., 94, 1 14, 1 23 Van Dirk, Betty, 149 Van Liew, Donald, 151, 1 S2 Vann, Nancy, 94, 174, 175 Van Natta, Barbara, 204 Van Patten, Philip, 55, 138, 184 119, 191, 239 YVagncr, Mary, 56, 159, 166, 201 XValdron, lack, 221 XValker, Eugene, 76, 207 XValkcr, james I., 56, 184 XValker, Walter, 56 XVall, Shirley, 35, 78, 94, 172, 173 XVallace, Daniel R., 1 37 Tl1or11, XA7llll21lT1 FES3, 1 14, 197 Thornton, Glenn, 76, 205, 207 Thornton, Pat, 76, 151 Thorpe, Roger, 148 'l'l1urmond, Howard, 1 17 'l'iemann, Barbara, 93 Tierney, Gayle, 173 Tilev Earl ,. J ,SS 'I1llotson,Iohr1, 55 Tucker, fMary, 55, 151, 202 Tucker, Robert, 76, 1 17, 205 Tucker,,Vayne, 1 17, 279 Turner, Glenn E., 94, 189, 235, 239 Turner Iames H. 94 132, 133 Turner, Richard, 76, 194 Tur11er, Troy, 5 5 Turrietta, Richard, 55 Tyler, VVinnie, 55 Xfilll VVinkle, Kenneth NV., 138 V aros, Andrew, 1 2 5 Vasquez, Estevan, 55, 138 Vaughn, Frank, 66, 1914. Vaughn, Richard, 66 Vela, Mike, 55 V ergloegh, Edwin G., Q4 Vermillin, Alan, 151 Vidal, Charles, 101, 111, 190, 233 XVallacc, Ioann, 76, 167 XVallcr, Mack, 136, 184 NValtcr, Nancy, 56, 103, NVard, Helen, 94, 167 XVard, Ioan L., Q4 XVard, Philip, 56 Wzlrd NVard , Sandra, 56, 202 , XVilliam, 76 Ware, Donnie, 1 I3 IOS BUTTERFIELD 2312 Central SE QUALITY THAT CCUNTS f Fine Watch 8z Jewelry Repair Since 1928 THRIFTY-CHECKS Are Styled tor University Students 1' Available exclusively at Baiik of New Mexico i' Your name imprinted free , 'A' '1 'hey eliminate service charges Get Them at New Mexico's Friendliest Bank Bank of New exico Head Oflice: 3022. E. Central 310 0 l A FAVORITE HANGOUT FOR FINE FOODS AND HOMEMADE ICE CREAM IIUNERAIULAIIUNS ELASS UF '56 from MUSSMAN-ELADDEN BUILDING AND DEVELOPING BUILDERS OF FINE HOMES 4805 Menaul Blvd. NE Albuquerque, N.M. X X. f4 I, rf Q illfs iikeify Delicious Pastries Albuquerque - El Paso Firsi' in New Mexico ,.,, . ., . .... ,. ., .. , ., -., V- -K: ,M :.- 2, ,-,VV -,,,,',,,:1 ,-,- ,:,.,-:l,::,,,...,,.,..,- ,.,.,. .l.,. I . we ' ' -' v I' .6 gg:-'5:g:::3:-: I- ---... ..,.. ........,., ,,,,. . , . , ,. .. .. ,,E.:.,a. V ,J-. . Q, .,.. . ,..... . , . ,.,,,....., f """ :ri -'-"" +- --.- ,. -+:. 4:1-:-., .fl:-5.111512111:11:15:11:f:f:::1:::::,:1:315f, , 1 f 9 15? rr M 4 I r I '5' 9 ' 'S My x M I Z .1 S A ev W ,, , 4 Ms 4 , Q, 'E 6 4--X m' A Q5 3 v MN is WM-3554 'hd 2 ' P I 1 Qualify - Puri+y- Flavor Alb q q S t F L Al F gt G ll I G t B l Socorro Truth orC 1 ccs ' 1 ' I I I DAIRY STORES, INC. 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FIT-STYLE-Q UALITY , euAfgANrEfD...alwqyS X N f I K1 I 'C lk 9 X A . -nfQ' 9 ff' lg! 'Eisiluugili nl i . -i any V I Dunbar-Keith ' Timely Hart Schaffner 81 Marx Hickey Freeman Arrow ' Hathaway Hickok ' Swank Interwoven ' Esquire Coopers ' Weldon Knox ' Lee ' Stetson FAMoUs BRANDS You 4 KNOW Vlfilliams, Iames M., 9 5 XVilliams, Karen, 35, 76, 203 NVilliams, Linnette, 56 Williams, Richard, 96 VVilliams, Stanley, 56 Williams, Sue, 66 Willigrod, William, 56, 1 37 VVillingham, Frances, 56 VVillis, Ioe Willits, Wilso11, 56 VVilmore, Ioe, 2:8 Wilson, Bruce, 2 55 Wilson, Marion, 76, 204 VVils0n, Richard, 56, 1 82, 183 XVilson, W. 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S., 137 Yamamoto, George, 56 Yard, Al, 36 Yeager, George, 1 14 Yearsley, Sue, 201 Ycek, Richard, 56 Yell, Gene, 38, 256 Yenney, Sharon, 34, 95, 99, 163 172: 1731 279 Yoehum, Henry M., 13.1, 140 Yoder, Marylyn lean, 66 Young, Aire Ann, 66 Young, Deyoc, 56, 201, 246 Young, Iames, 66 Young, Robin, 1 1 2 Yrene, Carl S., 95, 1 17 Zaehman, Tlieoclore, 56 Zaklin, Sidney, 56, 186 Zarges, Sara, 202 Zeff, Danny, 66, 101, 103, 136, 188 Zowyer, Eugene, 1 1 9 YOU NEVER FOR 4 .lil 1 6 1 + OUTGROW YOUR NEED ILK ,wg A 019 -H+ 4 A -J. T L 1: S4 D ' l PAQ. Wo oca ions downtown CENTRAL AT THIRD I N G D uptown NOR HILL CENTER 312 l 7 'N fr . 1 "O-'35 l 5 ' ai, its aft amide' ,.o As a lawyer, a businessman and now a public official, it has been my rare privilege to watch my native state evolve from an undeveloped frontier to a thriving, busy and prosperous area of opportunity. VV e have come a long way. New Mexico has been building on a sound fiscal policy established by law many years ago. A remarkable system of checks and bal- ances has guaranteed throughout the years financial stability and responsibility. But our industries, our natural resources and our agricultural programs actually are in their infancy in terms of values and as judged by standards prevailing in the older states. To every graduate, as well as undergraduate ofthe University of New Mexico, I commend N cw Mexico as a state with a future - a state in which you can invest wisely both your educational background and your physical ability. nfwfl- GOVERNOR ENTERED THE UNIVERSITY OF NENV MEXICO, SEPTEMBER 11, 1933 GRADUATED B.A. DEGREE, JUNE 7, 1937 313 Adams, Kenneth M., 31 Albrecht, YVilliam P., 22 Alexander, Hubert G., 22 Ancona, Nina M., 31 Angel, Frank Ir., 26 Arms, George, 22 Arnold, Iudith, 38 Auld, V. L., 30 Bailey, Arthur P., 28 Baker, George L., 29 Bar11es, VVillis L., 26, 21 1, 229 Baschart, Harry W., 22 Baughman, Ernest W., 22 Benedetti, David T., 22 Blackburn, Nadene S., 31 Blankley, Roy E., 28 Bowen, VViIliam H., 32 Bowra, R. E. Bowers, Landon E., 22 Bruening, Iames S., 19, 207 Breiland, Iohn G., 22 Brown, Chester R., 28 Brown, Robert R., 22. Buchanan, Editl1, 22 Buell, Carleton E., 22 Bunker, Robert, 22 Bunting, Bainbridge, 31 Burley, Lloyd R., 26 Carlmark, 239 Castetter, Edward Franklin, Castle, Raymond N., ZQ Cataline, Elmon L., 29, 124 Caton, Lucille, 26 Chreist, Frederick M., 22 Christman, Karl, 30 Clausen, Dick, 210 Clauve, Lena C., 19, 37, 163 Clements, Woodrow W., 26 Cobos, Ruben, 22 Costello, Robert, 32 Crawford, Lt. Comdr., 1 32 Crobaugh, Mervyn, 22 Crowell, Norton B., 22 Crawford, Bonner M., 26 Crawford, I. H., 32 Cullen, Louis C., 26, Z1 1 Cullen, Lou, 2 1 1 Cullinan, Ioseph M., 32 Dab11ey, XVilliam M., 22 D3lfOl1, Bradford E., 32 Daub, Guido H., 22 Davey, Randall, 31 Dedea, Eileen R., 30 DeI0ngh, William F. I., Z3 Dittmer, Howard I., 23, 39 Dolzadelli, Iohn, 20 Douglass, Ralph W., 31 Dove, Richard C., 28 Duncan, Robert M., 23 Durrie, Iohn, 20 Edgel, Ralph L., 30 Elder, Elizabeth, 19 Ellis, Florence H., 23 Ellis, Helen H., 23 Ellis, Iames L., 28 Elser, Grace L., 26 Eubank, Wayne C., 23 Evans, Robert K., 30 Eversole, Wilburn I., 23 Farris, Marshall E., 28 Fenley, G. Ward, 20 314 2 Zzculfy Jude! Ferguson, Hugh Carson, 29 Ferm, Richard L., 28, 1 14 Fiedler, William C., 29 Filield, Myron F., 20 Findley, Iames S., 23 Finston, Howard V., 30 Fitzsirnmons, Paul, 23 Fixley, Everett H., 26 Fleck, Martin VV., 23, 1 28 Fleck, Richard, 1 1 5 F leming, Ethel A., 23 Ford, 1AIbert D., 28 Foss, Raymond I., 28 Frederick, Kurt, 31 Freedgnan, Morris, 23 Gafford, VVilliam R., 28 Gausewitz, Alfred Leroy, 27 Geddes, Ezra VV., 23 Gentry, Frank C., 23 Gieswein, Charles F., 32 Gillespie, Leslie L., 32 Glacse, Eva I., 30 Goldberg, M. A., 23 Gordon, B. Leroy, 23 Goode, Rudyard B., 30 Gourier, Francoise C., 23 Grace, Charles T., 28, 1 17 Green, Iohn R., 23 Gugisberg, Mercedes, 26 Haas, Lez L., 31 Hamilton, David B., 23 Hankins, Ioyee A., 23 Harris, E. Iackson, 20 Healy, Paul XV., 23 Hein1erich,IohnI., 28 Hendrickson, Morris S., 23 Hill, R. E., 1 38 Hill, NVillard W., 23 rroeiln, Milton H., 23 Hoff, C. Clayto11, 23, 128 Holmgren, VVilly A11n, 23 Huber, WVilliam H., 30, 37, Huzarski, Richard G., 28 Irion, Frederich C., 23, 37 Frank, Irwi11, 1 15 Ivins, YVilson H., 26 Iackson, Raymond C., 23 Iaeobs, Willis D., 23 Iacobson, Iohn A., 28 Iem1ain, Leonard L., 23, 37 Ioh11, Peter YV. M., Z4 Iolnison, Roy YV., 26, 235 Iorri11, Miguel, 24 Iudah, Charles B., 24 Kagawa, Alice H., 31 Kahn, Milton, 24 Keleher, Iulia M., 24 Kelley, David O., 20 Kelley, Vincent C., 24 Keller, Walter B., 3 1 Kereheville, Francis M., 24 Keston, Morton I., 24, 38 King, Eleanor M., 21 Kingsbury, Anne, 24 Kluekhohn, Iane, 24, 39 Koster, William, 24 Kuritz, Ioseph M., 24 Kytle, Iuanita S., 24 l . LaPaz, Lincoln, 24 Lee, Warren, 20 121 ,39,1 Lewis, Vernon I., 14 Longhurst, Iohn E., 24 Lopes, Albert R., 24 Lueders, Edward G., 24, 37 McGill, Frances, 26, 130 McGuire, Richard, 26 McLaren, Hugh I., 32 McKenzie, Donald A., Z4 McMurray, Howard I., 24 McMurray, Imogean, 26 MacCurdy, Raymond R., 24 MacGregor, I. C., 20 Mallary, Robert WV., 31 Milliken, Gladys, 26 Mann, E. B., 20 Martin, Abram V., 24 Martin, Ernest, 24 Martinez, Baltazar E., 28 Martinez, Iose E., 28 Masley, Alexander S., 26, 31 Massengale, William M., Ir., Mathany, Howard V., 19, 37 May, Marvin C., 28 Mori, Perry T., 30 Moore, Richard K., 28 Murphy, Daniel I., 32 Nanninga, S. P., 26, 126 Nason, Marshall R., 24 Newman, Stanley S., 24 Norman, Ralph D., Z4 Norris, Frank F., 28 Northrop, Stuart A., 24 O'Herron, Iohn I., 32 Owen, Captain, 39 Owens, Cullen B., 24, 1 20 Parish, YVilliam I., 30, 182 Pearce, Thomas M., Z4 Peterson, George M., 24 Petrol, George, 27, 39, 21 1 Pcrovich, IOll11, 1 8 Pillings, Edward I., 27 Poldervaart, Arie W., 27 Poore, Iohn VV., 31 Popejoy, Tom L., 17, 38 Postich, George, 32 Rafferty, Keen, 25, 37 Regener, Victor H., 25 Reid, T., 27 Reiter, Winifred Stamm, 20 Reva, Virginia, 30 Rhoads, William E., 31, 147 Richards, Allan R., 2 5 Riebsomer, Iesse L., 25 Ried, Harold O., 21, 27 Rightley, Edward C., 29 Rimm, Michael, 32 Rivers, Willian1 C., 32, 132 Robb, Iohn Donald, 31, 147 Robert, George, 31 Robinson, Magnus E., 27 Roeder, Clifford L., 32 Rohane, Rev., 156 Rose, Mrs. Helen M., 183 Rosenzweig, Abral1a111, 25 Rowland, Gerald L., 25 Runge, William B., 27 Russell, Iosiah C., 25 Sacks, Benjamin, 2 5 Sands, Iames, 1 28 32 Selnnidt, Caroline, 1 27 Schlegel, Don P., ZQ Schocnfeld, Morton G., 31 Scholes, France V ., 1 8 Schroeder, Florence, 27 Scott, Ellis L., 25 Searcy, Victor V., 2 5 Seed, Verle R., 27 Scery, Georgia, 1 27 Sender, Florence H., 25 Sender, Ramon I., 25 Simons, Katherine G., 25 Skoglnnd, Victor I., 29, 1 28 S1nitl1, Dane F., 25 Smith, George W., 25 Smith, Sherman, 18, 38, 39 Snapp, Robert E., 31, 39 Snell, Cl1arles E., 32 Snow, Iane, 31, 38 Sorrell, Ver11on G., 30 Sorrell, Dean, 1 2 1 Spain, Charles R., 26 Steger, Arthur, 2 5 Stellcr, Ormajene, Z7 Stephenson, Iack R., 31, 152 Stockton, Bill, 27, 221 St. Onge, Keith R., 25 Stoneking, Charles E., 29 Sturges, Evelyn P., 20 Suggs, Eleanor, 127 Suttle, Iohn F., 25 Swysgood, Samuel L., 32 Tackitt, Mary, 1 27 Tapy, Audrey, 1 27 Tapy, Ralph YV., 29 Tatsehl, Iohn, 31 Tedlock, Ernest YV., Ir., 25 Thom, Philip H., 31 Thomas, fMrs.I Ella, 171 Thomas, Roy, 25 'l'hompson, Mrs. Esther, 37 Tireman, L. S., 27 Titclienal, Bob, 210, 213 Usry, Iohn M., Ir., 29 Ulibarri, Sabine R., 25 Valdez, Ioe, 239 Vernon, David H., 27 V oydat, Mitchell L., 27 Wagner, NVillia1n C., ZQ XValden, Ierrold L., 27 Walter, Paul A., Ir., 25 Waters, Elizabeth, 27 Welch, Alfred C., 30 Weldon, Roger I., 25 Wellck, A. A., 20 Welsh, Rosemarie, 25 Wengerd, Sherman A., 25 White, George XV., 27, 233 Wicker, Cecil V., 25 Williams, Carol, 19, 40 Williams, Charles S., ZQ VVilliamson, Delbert F., 32, Williams, Harry I., 32 Wilson, Thnrlow R., 2 5 Wollman, Natl1a11iel, 25 Woodward, Dorothy, 2 5 Wynn, Dudley, 22 Yell, Ioseph E., 31 York, Philip K., 29, 1 14 Zwoyer, Eugene M., 29 Advertisers Albuquerque National Bank , . . Alumni Association ..........., Associated Students Book Store .... BaCa's Mexican Kitchen ,.,..,. Baxter's Steak House .... Bank of New Mexico . . Bradley Studio ......,i Brown 81 Olds Plumbing . , , Butterfield Iewelers ,..... Chisholms ........,,..,... Chuck Hill Sporting Goods , . . College Inn Book Store ..,.. Creamland Dairy ....... Darrow Ice Cream Co. . . Excelsior Laundry .,i., Fedway ..,......,.., Foremost Dairies Inc. . , Four Hills Ranch ,.... . . First National Bank .......,. ...,....... Given Brothers Shoe Stores ............,..,. llogan's Bakery-Bowman Traveling Agency . . . Hostess Cafe ............,...,.......... I'lulJl1ard-I-Iinkel .. Imperial Laundry A . A Iills Bakery ..,... Iones Motor Co. . . Kistler-Collister . . , . . , Korber's ...........,...,.. La Hacienda Dining Rooms ..,. Lemlakc, Clough 8 King Inc. ...........,... . McKee General Contractor Inc. ...i........,.. . Mossman-Cladden Building and Development Co. . . M and VV Sportings Goods ...............,... Miller 81 Smith Construction .... . . . Mindlin jewelry Co. ....l,.., . National Bedding Co. ,.... . New Mexico Engraving Co. . . . . . Paris Shoe Stores ..,,.....,..,,,, Public Service Co. of New Mexico ,.., Sanitary Laundry ........,......, Sasser Drug . . , ,,..,.... . . . . Seligmans .......,.....,., Sleep-Aire Mattress Factory .... Springer Transfer Co. ...... . Stromlaergs ,.,......,.., Towne House ....... University Book Store . A . University Cafe ....... University Cleaners .,..... University of New Mexico . , , Valley Gold Dairies Inc. , . . Valliant Printing Co. , . . VVoodruff-Julian , . 284 292 295 308 289 310 287 395 310 311 295 393 311 306 397 289 308 397 293 288 294 301 399 302 311 288 290 394 291 297 300 311 306 306 308 292 298 301 296 289 299 302 399 295 312 308 285 286 283 282 312 292 395 O i in Appreciation "Too soon we breast the tape and too late we tind the fun lay in the running." Too soon and yet not soo soon l'm sitting here looking at boxes full of discarded pictures, the proportionality dial with its face worn from ovcrwork, a few scattered class pictures, some torn-up index cards, outdated lists of "things to do" which at one time never seemed would get done, traces of midnight refreshments which kept us working for an additional few hours. The office in its present chaotic state is full of remembrances and it is with a tinge of sadness that I begin to clear the files of 1955-56 matters, take my name off the door, and prepare for a new editor and an even better yearbook. Yes, the fun lay in the running-the fun lay in the lmonths of planning, the nights of burning the midnight oil, tl1c moments of despair, ex- asperation, and the moments of projects completed . . . and accomplishment. . . . Yes, this year's Mirage jias afforded me with hundreds of memories and requires almost as many thank-you's to those who had a part in making it possible. To those of my staff who have proved that people are still conscientious and willing to work-THANK YOU. Ken Drake-business manager for the competent manner in which he handled the financial aspects of the book. joAnn Clauve-organizations editor who through her conscientious work this year insures that she will be an excellent editor of next yearys, book. Nancy VVelch-whose eflieiency and real concern over the book never failed to amaze me. Eleanor Griffin-faculty editor who is the one student on campus who, l'm sure, could speak with recognition to every faculty member. Nancy Gentry-features editor-an editor with imagination and carry-through. . jimmie Stevens-sportd editor who made your sports section an exciting panorama. jim Lamb-for his work on the introductory portion of the book and his never ending "new ideas." Ioan Heaton-Greek editor-for the originality of her social section. Esther Gibson-layout editor for the time spent drawing myriads of little squares. Photography is always a major part in a presentation of college life and I especially want to thank Mr. joel Barrett for his photography which makes up the major portion of the pictures in this year's book. Many thanks go to our stu- dent photographers who spent untold hours hiding behind their cameras pouncing upon an unexpected shot as well as two particular students who shot the Greek section pins at least seven times. Mr. jack Bradley, photographer of class portraits, is to be commended for the artistry with which he dealt with the photographing of your 19 55-56 queens. I The 1953 Utonian-the University of Utah annual-is to be thanked for their theme HA Thousand Faces" which is embodied in this year's Mirage and which we have enjoyed portraying in an original manner for you. Special thanks are due to Dr. Douglass of the art department for his invaluable advice and aid in making the art of this book possible. I am particularly indebted to Mary Bratsehi for doing all of the art work in the book except for the dedication pages and the lasi two end sheets which were very ably done by Les Olmsted. Esther Sacherson is to be com- mended for her very distinctive cover. Mr. A'Pappy" Bloom of the Printing Plant and his staff, under the supervision of Mr. Shepard Raymond, are the craftsmen who have made the book tops in printing quality. I especially appreciate the patience and genuine interest that Mr. Bloom showed in the book and its progress. I Mr. Iermain, Business ,Supervisor of Student Publications has been most wonderful-giving that additional bit of moral support when things got rough and always being ready to help when help was needed. I wish to express my appreciation for an hour here and an hour there given by many of you. XVithout the moral support of my fellow workers, my friends, and especially my fiance, Bill, I'm sure thc book would never have reached your hands. ' "I have seen a thousand faces . . ." and I have gained a thousand memories. . . Thank you! SHIRLEY IRVING l Editor Color photography: Administration-Mr. Pierre VVoodman Class section-Lou Armijo Organizations-Mr. joel Barrett Features--Floyd Crawford f I ISIIIQHWIUSIIHUICHIISAXMIIXUII ilWYIWTHIIREIIISIXYHYKQllll i ...P-E-"J-' Zfllllllllllnl ezmlm-Iulunran ll 21 lHlU flllHlSf' ' X , X , ,k ,,,71 - -. ,gene-' ,

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