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,.,Q., W1I1Ill1WIW W bug Xfi TQ Il O Q W "' 'Q ' y llfiltl t W"m --.1'n':' I 0 f N' U . , H. N QQJMQ , A yuslnggmfmb JU QKLXQKDS gi? 3 fling W ww Q04 I' ' , ,J "': W . A' 11 33' wiv ,E The UNIVERSITY of New Mingqcgco ?V3f,3J3i??'eef9 N , I 4 e J IN if E V, wi Editor, Ruth Carmel Associate Editor, Sara Spoon Business Manager, Mary Ethel Cousland Associate Business Manager, Mary Russell E t,.,.......... Q IDAGE Layout Editor, lim Pinkerton Class Editor, Margaret Ange Faculty Editor, Isabel Cella Art Editor, Ioan Iclinck Organizations Editor, Dorothy Hawkins Copy Editor, Martha Sell Exchange Editor, Sally Richardson Sports Editor, Iim Lamb Photographers, Lonnie Meadows, Bill Rodgers, Dan Nachcl Dick Skrontlahl Staff: Iulie Allen, Muriel Pride, Cleta Honeyman, Ann Henning Mike Prokopiak, Ioel Burr, Sherrell Walters, Shirley Patrick Nancy Ann Fishback K Q X- 4-, ,": Y, s I S F krwlwn Y.f,,,7. ...:T......,j,B.......,n..-..,:,.,.-g,.-,.,.-.... ,TQ I Pn- ,. .v fy- 1.1 zp '- ' -1-Q-LL A411 , 'El V -01 ' 1 ,. . ,,.L'4,'wMn , V TO THE MEN IN THE ARMED FORCES RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS IN RECOG- NITION OF THEIR SPLENDID LOYALTY AND ADMIRABLE WILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT LEADERSHIP IN THE VITAL TASK OF PROTECTING THE LIBERTIES OF OUR COUNTRY, WE DEDICATE THE I I953 MIRAGE T? A P ., X 1 . ., . Dedication .... . . Features .. Homecoming .... . . . . . . . Rush ................. .... Mirage Popularity Ball .... . . . Campus Sing ............. . . Kappa Sigma Spirit Day .... ..... Letterman's Ball ........ King of Hearts . . . Queens .............. Sadie Hawkins' Day .... Memorial Chapel . . . ........... . . . . ..4,s ...7-32 ...s-13 14, 15 16, 17 .....19 20,21 .....23 .....26 .....27 .....29 Miscellaneous ..... .... 1 8, 24, 25, 28, 31, 32 Administration .... Faculty ..... . . Student Body . . . . . Seniors ..... . . Iuniors ..... . . Sophomores . . . . . Freshmen . . . . . Graduates .... . . Law School .... .....34 ..35-42 ..43-92 ..44-58 ..59-66 ..67-76 ..77-89 ..90-91 .....92 3 f Organizations . ....... Student Government Publications Lobo .. Mirage ........ Honoraries, Clubs . . . Social Groups Features ....... Who's Who .... Rodey ...... Band ... Sports .... . Football .... Basketball .... Baseball .... Track .... Tennis . . . Swimming .... Golf ....... Hockey ..... Intramurals . . . Index ...... Advertising . . . .99-115, 118-121, .....93 ..93-98 116,117 122, 123 124-140 141-179 .180-ias ..180-183 ..184-187 ....1ss ..1s9-217 ..190-201 202-208 ....209 ....210 ....21l ....212 ....213 ......214 H215-217 . .218-223 H225-248 ' Am- . ' 112- '52, I J iir' 1 ... . In " ' '--'I."s . . I -1 'v . Ez.. 1 , . VH-:iii ' ' .3 , , I I . 51: 5. I 1135 f'- Q: X .,. . Q .' I , J .. , Z 5 y ,' 5, .'. : , E61 1 - 'I 6 I ' U- f . 5 .f. 15 X I E. 1 : . . . . - 1' " I - . ' . - x 5? ' : 5 ' - TJ ' 5 3 ' - , - I A LQ - . if Q - .i - 5 ' . E . , Q. 5 ' - 1 . I . , . , K I "' , ' ' 1325 1 ii: 1 , . 1 5 : 3 3 44, ' n -1. . 1, . ,- - -1: : 5: , x :is ' 1 I ' " I . 1 1 1, g .- - X 255 '.' g.Lg,x'-' ' 4, 2:ff.':'.':l 14 ,ff "JQ:ZfzQ '. vga ' '.:s,:5-7. ' 144' F- .,,.-,ff r 7, . . If I ' 2: 1 3 -.v . .- : 25 I: S 3: I 4: I If -5. 1 .1 4 - lr I .f 5 I 5 '. A -: S 2 E J I I 1 4-X 21 .1 : 9 FH m if Left: Queen Iune Stratton wears a big smile as she ushers in the Homecoming celebration .il- Below: Attendants Gloria Castillo, Bobbie Allyn, and Betty lean Bourbonia join Iune and Student Body president Al Utton in appearing before the Homecoming crowd in the stadium 1952 HGMECCJMING Left: Phyllis Caponera and the Homecoming bonfire Below: The traditional torches J I '34- HOMECOMING COMMITTEE First row: Bob White, Bill Brohard, Chairmen Second row: Cleta Honeyman, Carole Hcathe, Kay Mosher, Carol Ramsey, Pat Casey, Iacque Eisele, Iim Heathe Third row: Bobbie Allyn, Iay Pettit, Mary Ellen Smith, Bruce Mackclduff, Marg Funkhouser, lack Mulcahy, Ruth Knill, Donna Olewilcr, Majel Fritz, Gary Beals, Larry Malenfant 8 Second place Tri Delts invited alums to "loin Us in a Toastn Pi Phis captured third place with their "Homecookin" theme Alpha Chis put finishing touches on their float which took third place in women's division Alpha Chi Omcga's merry-go-round won first prize for house decorations Kappa Alpha's treed Wildcat Won first place The Pikes got left "holding the bag" with second place Wray 'mf IH tiff' Third place went to Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, who invited alums to "Drop In" A- ti . ag I1"7"' iv 4 'T gt? WW" yv, '. 'xxl , W . I -plug. 535' 'I .. r - , .371 U I .A elif. ,Jr . Q I 7' r . K -, 5 .nl P-. . - s5f"iliz at if S Ms Q T I ': 5 .' -it A-,,q-1 , r . A fb , i ...n j 5,1- r 11 : , U . lr 6 .. .. . . af-at 14- ' 'klgl K qt 1 Q- 4 -1. , ..., .vw .- -4. . .... X.. ..i. ,tl - -... 'gi - AC ,A 4 p' I f e- llll FEI!!! lilllI IHNU 1 . ' L ' " i i 2 'IY1 x 'J'- ,, 3-'.'.4t .:..: ',. if 'h '. I-'Q!':'f'i'jk' '- . L' i' 'il 5' Lai-'ii , Again this year Alpha 'fiif' T-?l.'i2:'1- x -4' 3 . , .V " ' "1 - ':'-'.- 3 i Phi Omegzfs card stunts - '-' - 'T-'L' '- ' ' ' " .Q f'.f .'- -- "' - . ' " ""'. 1. - - ' I I- .dat 1----LQ, .Q Av- .jbglg rt,-'ff-l nw--' - iii. A J ' ' thrilled the crowd. Their :igrfi psi. A' Qglauij 31i'g:'E.t -.' a5l..,C'.,1::.a3 Av I. advice to Hvote' pre- .,.,3'f'ff. - ' 2 sfsf as. 9rf'- ww- i s c e, - s 1 ceded me Pfesidenfial '. .',!..f .ff -V QF'-.z 'L'fpx'3.'. gglglflf- 'L I ffl, fl':'t.fg . L' election f .L-1 5: :.-1 , f 1-L-"ig: .1 .' - ...,.-4,-1 Q' 1 gi .-..',vf'gl5.g., . . 'gf-s,:."'..' ' - ,g'.".' I ' ' - ..'x1: :ffl 'H 'za -' ' P i -'--'- fl- if , "4iw:fr'+ ' .. -2- "T ' ' f T-if-'W-'19 2 91- ' 'T 'f . A. .. . 1 -,-,- die- - 3 ...J ..g1,f-0 ' V I .. i. . , . . , ..'- -.V-, ,l1..,'--F'.,'oi,,g'2mff'-l "li ifhvlf Q'-Q.,-:to ng. -,-uf, o' 4'-h .1 9.2.9--r-, ,. nw... 'v ' - AJ' - -lI K.l .uh flu. rua- ff.. 1--QE!--v lf4F'iil.?!-' -' - - A Ii .-a nn- 1. A .A - -a ly ' . . ui any - Qu:-v-M, .,4- .- 4-7.5.5 I.. : -: - its-1 .., . - Q. -NF, I 2 V L .D - Y,A Wi '. D -' .' big .,' ' 'Lg' " 11, 3 iv., ' N fl : A ff--T iws-enf-, is-:Pixar-A - N. . , .- ' -. ' f . ' "-A "" -' -P '- ni' I 9 u 'K The newly-organized Kiva Club took first place in the women's Hoat division Sigma Chi's "Catastrophe" received first prize in the men's division Unfortunately Arizona's number was not up as predicted by second place Kappa Kappa Gamma The Phi Tau worm "squirmed" to second place UNM dances to the music of A1 Donahue With Bob White looking on, Iune Stratton awards Dale Mackey a trophy for Sigma Chi's winning Hoat Iune Christy gives an old song one of her famous interpreta- tions A 4 , l .Y -P 5,3 H - - r t ., .,, ,- af t 2 l - I fl' .v4,,,,,..:f. xv . : ' Ili Above: Skip Cornell cracks the whip at the Pike house Right: Kappa Sig Bill Schooley at extreme left seems to thinking it over lp xv ,ll U LLL,I.Y7'1'c RLlSllCCS be 1 . 1 Q . Qi Q - it-Lin ,. RUSH 1 2, wt lg Q? .l at Above: Phi Delts as well as rushees like to get together just to talk Top left: The Sig Ep band entertains with a lively number Bottom left: Larry Ross and Wally Deckert, Kappa Alphas, tell a rushee all about it WEEK Opposite: The Kappa house takes on the appearance of the "Big Top" when members present a Circus party Bottom left: Pi Phis take time for a chat during an open house Bottom right: Rushees eagerly await the floorshow at the Alpha Chi Tavern 'lg 4' 'VP , Qi' UWQQTWI K 1 pn al. tihtif ' .r 5' Lu-Q' , . . '13, ...fn 1 I A fx., v -- Abovc: "Oh, those sarongsl" say rushees at the Tri Dell house Left: Thetas flash big smiles at their jungle party lr- it ll l l lt -af 2 1 QUEEN PHYLLIS GODFREY Alpha Chi Omega QUEEN MARY ELLEN SMI Chi Gmega ATTENDANT IOAN SIMS Marron Hall MIRAGE PQPULARITY BAL J i MIRAGE QUEEN CANDIDATES First row: Susie Tapp, Bandclier Hallg lean Whittington, Delta Delta Deltag Ioan Sims, Marron Hall Back row: Marg Funkhouser, Pi Beta Phig Peggie Dismukc, Kappa Kappa Gammag Phyllis Godfrey, Alpha Chi Omegag Mary Ellen Smith, Chi Omcgag Marie York, Kappa Alpha Thetag Bar- bara Weaverg Alpha Delta Pig Not shown: Fritz Matthews, Town Club E1 l C9 IQ' x I loan Sims, attendant, and Phyllis Godfrey and Mary Ellen Smith, co-queens, smile for the photographer just after being crowned Al Utton assists Mirage staff members Isabel 'Cella and Dorothy Hawkins in count- ing the ballots. lR ' 2 The Navy-Air Force queens pose after corona- tiong Anita Reclstrom represents the Navy, and Noelene Kendrick is the Air Force's choice Cheers rise from the student section at Zim- merman Stadium as the Lobos storm down the field Scene: Kappa Kappa Gamma-Kappa Sigma Christmas party for orphans Dialogue: "Come on Santa. Gee whiz, hurry up!!! Kappas and Kappa Sigs look like they're having more fun than the kiddies ha Chi Omega and Sigma Chi, Ectcd by john Large, won first place CAMPUS SING Tom Stevens led Chi Omega and Kappa Sig to a second place victory 41, ' hh V Y N. , 7 X .ku "Yu v 'fa' Cigar ldl Ll Z? 1002 mp TICIPH nom! -5 X- 1 ..- l 'x 71 vt sl J A, dl.. X., l J SPIRIT DAY -M.. Y, ,.. ,Y,.V,,,. qu?--Q' Seven eager sorority pledge classes competed ' ' Y in the Kappa Sig Spirit Day with all proceeds . collected from entrance fees going to the Community Chest Drive Top left: Beauty contest Winners Lucy Krueger, Win Davis, and Mary Pat Edwards help to spark 10024, Community Chest participation on UNM,s campus Bottom left: Rowena Lane, Dianne Latimer, and Patsy Murray, winners of the baby-bottle contest, Wonder if they can keep up with Ieanette Hunter's daughter VEWL45 it 5' 57 1445? Top right: A modern Venus, Dianne Latimer, seems to have "measured up" to Venus' standards Top left: Four contestants await the judges' decision in the leg contest Bottom left: And herels the winner -Millie Marshall and her gorgeous Slgamsfi Right: Iohn Iasper as Anthony lovingly puts his arm around Art Merkle who is disguised as Cleopatra ER HT registration procedure Above: What UNM needs is a good Five-minute T -7, Top right: A pep rally is in full swing Middle right: "Boys, as long as the float holds together Past- the judges' stand it's all right" Bottom right: Hi yourself! lm., sqm. '7 At the annual Lettermen's Dance where a Varsity Girl was chosen, awards were given to the out- standing letterman in each sport First row: Maryarct Faris, Attendantg Tootie Osburn, Varsity Girlg Mary- thelma Bryant, Attendant Back row: Lou Lash, swimmingg Don Papini, foutballg Paul Halter, golfg Dan Darrow, basketball: Iohn Taul, tennisg Bobby Lee, trackg Bill Kaiser, baseball LETTERMEN'S DANCE 23 Roggr Cox, President of thg First row: Margaret Faris, Marron Hallg Tootie Osburn, Hokona Hall: Lettermenis Club, Presents a Marythelma Bryant, Kappa Kappa Gammag Peggy Testman, Alpha Chi . . Omega cup to the 1953 Varsity Gul Back row: Barbara Goss, Kappa Alpha Thetag Mildred Tarpley, Alpha Delta Pig Lola Israel, Pi Beta Phig Ruth Knill, Delta Delta Dcltag Not shown: Ioan Quist, Chi Omega. THIS N' THAT President Eisenhower is presented with a New Mexico slogan during his visit to UNM preceding his November victory Not every skunk is lucky enough to be held by Marythelma Bryant it-hs 5 is Top left: A romantic interlude as the Sigma Chis serenade the Tri Delts Top right: Campus "monsters" weave their spells at the Phi Delt Monster Rally Middle right: Cheerleaders Phyl- lis Caponera and Larry Tretbar show that victory isn't all on the gridiron Middle extreme right: Campus Christmas spirit rises with the greens as Al Utton ofliciates at Mortar Board's annual Hanging of the Greens Bottom right: The University Mixed Chorus, regularly directed by Prof. Kurt Frederick, has two assistant conductors-Iohn Large and Wilma Tapp f- l Y N Dave Matthews, Sigma Alpha Epsilon L h V I ' "U 'A' g Af :Willa l-Lilgii S "S ,v JACK OF HEARTS lack Mulcahy, sigma chi First row: Bill Lee, Pi Kappa Alpha: Art Merkle, Kappa Alphag Ronnie Calkins, Plii Kappa Tau: Bud Cook, Kappa Sigma: Mike Beshaw, Delta Sigma Phi Back row: LaRoy Knott, Lambda Chi Alphag Dave Matthews, Sigma Alpha Epsilong Don George, Sigma Phi Epsilong john Harris, Phi Delta Thctag lack Mulcahy, Sigma Chi QUEENS Q Sigma Chi presents its 1952 Sweetheart-Millie Marshall, Kappa Kappa Gamma, who was crowned at the Sigma Chi Black and White Formal ix 5 Y. ' ps. t , -X x, . -n-541 . f- f , , a K 5. P 8 inns-'f',i1 5' . ,ff 'S ,,, .' Dreamgirl of Pi Kappa Alpha is Bobbie Allyn, center, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. At- tendants are Barbara Io Leferink, left, Tri Delt, and at right, Paula Smythe Wally Deckert, Iulie Allen, Don Carr, and Shirley Patrick play disc jockey at a KA-Chi O open house Who could blame Ray Cowan for wearing such a grin? lane Russell doesn't look too unhappy either Barbara Io Leferink and Buzzy Iohnson expect to rake a dip in the PiKA swimming hole . l Q .ns Corrie and Vicki! Looking for someone? GSK. by 'bm XU ' X 1 ,. l I fx N' Geynell Clark heard that UNM was the place to get her man, so she treed Charlie Mohr. This happened on Sadie I-Iawkin's Day, the one day of the year when coeds feel free to go after their man SADIE HAWKINS DAY Pappy has just told the gals that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And, natu- rally, UNM men prefer a jug -'xi-H In 'N aim, gd. i- mx' ALUMNI WAR MEMORIAL CHAPEL Four years ago, alumni of the University of New Mexico decided to build a chapel on campus in memory of the men who died in World Wars I and II. Bit by bit, through the gifts of thousands of graduates and former students, and the annual help of the student body at Fiesta time, the fund, which must reach S65,000, has built up to almost 340,000 In the meantime, the Korean action has added to the list of those who have sacrificed their lives. Each graduating class will be allowed to select an individual memorial when its class contribution reaches a certain point. Pictured is the float which Building and Grounds depart- ment, in cooperation with the Art Department, built for the 1952 Homecoming parade. It shows the chapel as designed by architect Iohn Gaw Meem. The model has found a permanent home on the portal of the Iournalism building. -5- inset t ll it Above: The exuberant leaders of the rah rah chorus line up for bows. Left to right: Larry Tretbar, Helen Cox, Iune Stratton, Iudy Hubbard, Mnrythelma Bryant, Phyllis Capon- era, and Ron Durckel Right: Pretty soon there'll be hellzapoppin' as the parade gets rolling. Above: Elections, elections, elections. . . Right: Is that a dance or an illustrated lecture on an ostrich egg? Right: Looks as though Dale Crawford and Barbie Nlitchell might when the Sigma Chis serenaded the Chi Os Left: Al Utton and Iune Stratton almost do at the Homecoming coronation Right: But. at the Pike Hi Iinx-"Whew!" says Bob Nic- olai as his date Connie Sotel is congratulated by Eddy Griffith for having the best costume C5 ' S-if X' fig 1 -il FACULTY ADMINISTRATIGN REGENTS - ' wi fl ,Q ji ' .1 .. . ig , -' fy i 5 ,-4 H 'v I .if A jf gf: - was ' .yr '1L.iw'f.' L lack Korber Albuquerque W-1.1415 H ' e i l .27 . Paul Larrazolo Belen Mrs. Franklin Bond Albuquerque TOM L. POPEIOY President, University of New Mexico Iaek Walton Albuquerque Wesley Quinn Clovis 'U 'Y I SL Academic Vice-president Secretary of the University FRANCE V. SCI-IOLES I Q 14, 1 , V -' .M IOI-IN N. DURRIE 4 3, A A I 1 f A HOWARD V. MATHANY Dean of Men M. M. MILFS Assistant to Dean of Men LENA C. CLAUVE Dean of Women CAROL WILLIAMS Assistant to Dean of Women RICHARD E. STRAHLEM Com ptrollcr I. C. MACGREGOR Registrar G. WARD FENLEY Director of Public Information SHERMAN E. SMITH Director of Student Affairs WINIFRED REITER Acting Director Alumni Association IOHN PEROVICH Purchasing Agent ComptrolIer's OfI'icc ARTS AND SCIENCES 72 HAROLD O. RIED Acting Dean, College of Arts and Sciences .4 .ml ft. W. W. HILL - X' Chm., Anthropology Department 'Q I. L. RIEBSOMER Chm., Chemistry Department R. M. DUNCAN Chm., Modern and Classical Languages Department 'ig S and General College Jr. , . uv ' J f tin. - u!l"'9 .:. I - t , .- f,- .tn ' ' ,, si L 1 Q ti p1--- . . , I 1 GEORGE -ARMS Chm., English Department STUART A. NORTHROP Chm., Geology Department HOWARD 1. MQMURRAY Chm., Government Department BENIAMIN SACKS Acting Chin.. History Department KEEN RAFFERTY Chm.. Iournalism Department MORRIS S. HENDRICKSON Acting Chm., Mathematics Department IULIAN S. DUNCAN Chm., Economics Department I-IUBERT G. ALEXANDER Chm.. Philosophy Department VICTOR H. REGENER Chun.. Physics Department . R ,N I 5 :fs Dv. u 4-.1 :px X C' 'V' I I 'Y ,' fxt -sl .1111 t ,Y 'x '. Hr- 112 L .nyxii J' t' dry nf r , 1' v- X .S +4 ste. J. .1 I 1, A t V -.4 fi f .. sg N ls- , , . V 33. . 7 as V- - X 'Jig'-AJ, .L 'Z ,-I .sw - 4 n. .-ff.: '. 55 'A Ju- - . 1 t"1U s WTA. Lui:-: if-..'Q. ' -. 5, , -iz' , 1. 'ii 1 Iffiq, -1-11. -.:'1 .- .-A ff 5? sQx,.Jil7.-71" an -P- I x x GEORGE M. PETERSON Chm., Psychology Department PAUL WALTER Chm., Sociology Department WAYNE C. EUBANK Chm., Speech Department WILFRID D. KELLEY Associate Professor, Geography DAVID OTIS KELLEY Librarian MIGUEL IORRIN Director, School of Inter-American Affairs EDUCATION KATHLEEN MCCANN Acting Chm., Elementary Education GRACE L. ELSER Acting Chm., Home Economics Department ROY W. IOHNSON Chm., Men's Physical Education MERCEDES GUGISBERG Chm., Women's Physical Education BONNER M. CRAWFORD Acting Chm., Secondary Education ALEXANDER MASLEY Chm., Art Education S. P. NANNINGA Dean, College of Education A . ,es f Q ,.1 1 "'T.. ffl 'f E 1 ' I Si: A S--E'-A 5 ENGINEERING l s , 'T WILLIAM C. WAGNER, Chm., Civil Engineering A. D. FORD, Chm. Mechanical Engineering IOHN I. HEIMERICH, Chm., Architectural Engineering M. E. FARRIS Dean, College of Engineering I THOMAS T. CASTONGUAY Chm., Chemical Engineering RALPH W. TAPY Chm., Electrical Engineering ARTHUR P. BAILEY P Associate Professor, Industrial Arts I, D, ROBB HUGH M. MILLER FINE ARTS EDWIN SNAPP LEZ. I. I-IAAS Chm., Music Department Chm., Dramatic Art Chm., Art Department Dean, College of Fine Arts q- BUSINES5 ADMINISTRATION IIIISINF SS THE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ..,i4 VERNON D. SORRELL Q Dean, College of Business Administration A' PHARMACY l 's fi fi .v.x Q ' , M 2 , Q . -2 l , x Mi . . g ' .1 ., ' . if l ,- I , W .... ,., , 3 fl ' A ' , " 'V 'f??f'.""' -. 1 A 4-if.-" , ,. A, A A' f Y-1. fiff: fm V ' , ff - 'g"' , ' 'Q TX5-51? ,f . "' f' . ,- ,N-'WS' .- .141 I k f l-,1 A 'asm '- fl - -- f -, 1 ,1 " A V ., l A, .iz pu va ' Y, Te, , I V . . . W .ffm V I up r I LAW ELMON L. CATALINE Dean, College of Pharmacy Q 'W'--f , - 1 I ,Zi-1 A. L. GAUSEWITZ Dean, College of Law ,I NELSON K. BROWN Colonel, U.S. Marines NROTC GEORGE WHITE Chm., Physical Education Assistant Dean, College of Education RUSSELL K. SIGLER Director, UNM Placement Bureau Q f-1-is I , QQ? 1 ,H e -' if 7 8 . E. F. CASTETTER Dean, Graduate School Chm., Biology Department L... i IOHN L. PARKER Colonel, U.S. Air Force AFROTC A. A. WELLCK Director, Counseling and Testing DR. I. E. I. HARRIS Director, Health Services -xx. - - - W Xl X ,fy FWF? J 5 TLIDEN T QT? BODY W 'gaze Wilma Tap Majel Fritz Dan Darrow . Nancy Box p . . . Vice-president . . . . Treasurer . . President . . . . Secretary 4l' 7' IANE ADAMS . ......... Belen, N. Mex. Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, WSSF-Pres., USCF -V.-pres., Mortar Board-Sec'y. Whu's Who, Mmzgr RICHARD E. ADAMS ..... San Antonio, Texas Arts 84 Sciences, Phi Delta Theta HOLLY ADLER ........ Winnetka, Illinois Arts 8: Sciences, Kappa Alpha Theta-Social Chairman Newman Club, Panhellcnic Council DAVID ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vigilantes, Khatali, AIChE 5 ,cf .fr J- H ig Vl- DUANE L. ALDOUS . . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex Pharmacy Phi Kappa Tau MONTE R. ALLEN ....... Pueblo Colorado Business Ad Sigma Alpha Epsilon ALWYN ALLOTI' ....... Pueblo Colorado Arts 5: Sciences Alpha Phi Omega DIANA AMSDEN . . ..... Santa Fe, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, USCF, Canterbury Club, Anthropology Club, Cosmopolitan Club DORIS ELAINE ANDERSON . . Albuquerque, N. MCX. Education, Kappa Alpha Theta HENRY ANDERSON ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi. Commerce 'Council, Kharali G. LEE ARMSTRONG . Arts Bt Sciences PHILLIP D. BAIAMONTE . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education . Alma, Michigan PATRICIA BAIRD ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Pi Beta Phi, Canterbury Club, Pi Lambda Theta, Spurs AL BARBIERI . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad. MARIAN BARRERAS .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Newman Club, De Anza Club, Phrateres LOUELLA I, BEGAY ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Phi Gamma Nu ,fx i A few vagabonds celebrate Homecoming at the Vaga bond. NIUE Ei tttttr . . A 'ICJ ' ' mi 1.5 I 1 iii .pl U .I , CAE' ' ":: :I Ji: S f 7 r rl . ,Q N- ,gd '-x I x il i I like fa f ,-1 bca-fr.:-' wa. 35:54 ' eg-7 E.. - lt'-'ii' I I 'I il . 14523 - V I , 'Iii fbhggi V. 1 ." 'E: NL .g..v.," C. E-ill-222.23 ' 1 ' IERRY BELLNER ......... Toledo, Ohio Business Ad., Pi Kappa Alpha, Newman Club ARTHUR BERNSTEIN .... Brooklyn, New Business Ad., Alpha Epsilon Pi MIKE BESHAW ....... Cedar Rapids Arts Bt Sciences, Delta Sigma Phi York Iowa BUZZ BIRKELO ....... Rochester, Minnesota Business Ad., Delta Sigma Phi BETTY IO BLOCK ..... Albuquerque, N. Education, Pi Beta Phi, Student Senate WILLIAM I. BOAN ....... Raton, N. Education IOE BOEHNING . ..... Albuquerque, N. Engineering, Newman Club Mex. Mex. Mex. WILLIAM L. BOHANNAN .... Willcox, Arizona Engineering, NROTC Wardroom Society RICHARD BOUNDS . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences BETTY IEAN BOURBONIA .... Hatch, N. Mex . Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Lambda Theta, Home- coming Queen Attendant, Student Senate PHIL BOWHAY ....... Pacific Grove, Education, Phi Delta Theta NANCY BOX ......... . Concord, Fine Arts, Kappa Alpha Theta, AWS, Spurs IOHN S. BOYD ....... Silver City, N. Arts 8: Sciences, Kappa Sigma PHIL BOYD ........ Albuquerque, N. Engineering, Chi Epsilon-Pres., Sigma Tau, ASCE Calif. Calif. Mex. Mex. DICK BRETT ........ Fort Wayne, Indiana Arts Bt Sciences, Phi Delta Theta WILLIAM C.BROI-IARD . . . . Carlsbad, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences, Kappa Sigma NOEL CLIVE BROOME . . . Warwick City, Virginia Engineering, ASME BERNARD F. BROWN .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts Br. Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha BILLY DALE BROWN .... Fort Stanton, N. Mex. Business Ad., Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM A. BROWN . Elizabeth City, North Carolina Pharmacy, Kappa Psi BURDINE BRUSH ....... Fort Worth, Arts St Sciences, Kappa Alpha Theta Texas WICK V. BUTLER ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad. MARY CLAIRE CADWELL . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts 81 Sciences, Newman Club, Home Economics Club H. G. CAMPBELL ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, NSPE, ASCE, AFA LOUIS CANTELOU . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences DONOVAN CARR .... . Muskogee, Oklahoma Engineering, Kappa Alpha CECILIA CASAUS . . Albuquerque, N. Arts at Sciences Mex. PAT CASEY ......... Durango, Colorado Business Ad., Alpha Chi Omega, AWS VICTOR CASTILLO . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Pharmacy KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN . . Chalfont, Pennsylvania Fine Arts NORMA LEE CHAPMAN . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Band Club TOM H. CHAPMAN .... . . Glen Ellyn. Illinois Pharmacy f Q IOHN CLATWORTHY ..... Detroit, Michigan Arts 6: Sciences, Phi Delta Theta BURTON CORBUS ..... Grand Rapids, Michigan Arts B: Sciences, Cosmopolitan Club EDWARD COTFINGHAM . .... Tucson, Arizona Engineering, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Baptist Student Union IEAN COWLES ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Sigma Alpha lota, Baptist Student Union ROGER COX ...... . Cuba, N Education, Lettermen's Club CLIFF CRADER . . , . . Albuquerque, N. Engineering, Kappa Alpha IOE CRAWFORD . . . . Albuquerque, N Pharmacy ALFRED CROW . . Roswell, N Business Ad. SARA IANE CUDABAC . . . Albuquerque. N. Mex. Mex. . Mex. Mex. Mex . Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma--Pres., Pi Lambda Theta, Student Senate RITA CUMMINS ....... Durango, Colorado Education, Alpha Chi Omega-Treas., Phi Gamma Nu- Pres., Commerce Council, Student Senate, Who's Who' BETTY CUNNINGHAM . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spurs, Boots Saddles, Newman Club Gt WILLIAM CURRIE ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Fine Arts, Anthropology Club, Art Student Group gb - 1 ,ms 1. 7" lf Q., ', 1 542' Li A-.4 Q i .f:3E:,,'1f V F , il a iu" .A 'Y' 2:32 I ,, , " -. 11 is Denver, here we come! I S NDBQQQSP To .4 f - 1 - 4 ,- . , ' ' . .1 I . ., ,, Q fa 1 BETTY L. DAILEY . . . Arts at Sciences OLEN D. DANSBY Pharmacy DANNY DARROW Albuquerque, N. Mex. Albuquerque, N. Mex. . . . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lettermen's Club DARRELL DAVIDSON ....... Osage, Iowa Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon ALLYN DAVIS ......... Forrest, Illinois Arts 8: Sciences, Kappa Alpha Theta RUTH ANN DAVIS ...... San Antonio, Texas Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, USCF, Tau Kappa Alpha-Pres., Pi Lambda Theta, Canterbury Club, Mirage-Business Man., Mortar Board, Who's Who EUGENE DEDEA ...... Kingston, New York Business Ad., Tau Kappa Epsilon-Pres. IOSEPH DE LA PUENTE . . . Arts Ac Sciences IAMES I. DEURMYER . Arts 8: Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon DON DEVERE ....... Education TERRANCE L. DOLAN . . . Law GEORGE DOLAN . . Business Ad., Phi Delta Theta . Washington, D. C. . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. . Chicago, Illinois Albuquerque, N. Mex. . Edinburg, Indiana BOB DOWDS ......... Bridgeport, Conn. Business Ad., Sigma Alpha Epsilon IODY DRAKE ........ Mosquero, N. Mex. Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Boots 8: Saddles, AWS, Student Senate, Phi Gamma Nu W. A. DUNAWAY ..... Engineering PAT DUNIGAN . Engineering, Sigma Chi, U.N.M. sailing team BILL ELDER . . Business Ad., Sigma Alpha Epsilon CY ELLIOTT ....... Arts 8: Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi EDWARD P. ERRANTE . Engineering DONALD EVANS . . Arts Az Sciences FRED FALLIS . . . Arts Bc Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha GEORGE FENLEY . Fine Arts BILL FELLERS . Engineering GLADE W. FIFE . . Arts 8: Sciences IANICE T. FISHER . Education, Sigma Alpha Iota IOYCE FITZPATRICK .... Arts at Sciences, Alpha Delta Pi, Ca USCF Albuquerque, N. Mex. . . . Altadena, Calif. Albuquerque, N. Mex. . . . El Paso, Texas . jamaica, New York Farmington, N Mex. Albuquerque, N. Mex. Albuquerque, N. Mex. . Sacramento, Calif. Albuquerque, N. Mex. Albuquerque, N. Mex. . Santa Fe, N. Mex. nterbury Club-Sec'y, SALLY H. FOGG ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Geology Club HERBERT B. FORD ...... Springer, N. Mex. Engineering GLORIA Foruuzsr ....... Carlsbad, N. Mex. Education, Delta Delta Delta, WRC, Majors Bt Minors MAIEL FRITZ . ......, East Moline, Illinois Education, Delta Delta Delta-Social Chairman, Publi- cations Board, Senior Class Treas., Who's Who MARC FUNKHOUSER . ..... Wilmettt. Illinois Fine Arts, Pi Beta Phi-Pres., Boots at Saddles TOM GAMBILL . . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts 6: Sciences, Kappa Alpha ...,-,uf-1 I a I I I o .- ul ,- R. x , . - I J- t " L ' . FRANK GARCIA ....... , . Delano, Calif. Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Tau, Kappa Psi WILFRED GARCIA ...... Bernalillo, N. Mex. Education NANCY GASS ....... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mirage-Editor, Can- terbury Club, Spurs-Pres., Student Senate, Mortar Board, Who's Who CHARLES GAY ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex! Engineering, Kappa Sigma DENA GELFMAN ....... Denver, Colorado Arts 8: Sciences, Anthropology Club DON GEORGE ....... Alhambra, California Education DAVID GLUTH .... . . . . Eaton, Ohio Pharmacy, Kappa Psi DAVID GOLTERMANN . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma-V.-pres., ASME--Sec'y, Treas. RUBEN GOMEZ . Arts Gt Sciences . Santa Rita, N. Mex. FRIEDA GOODNER ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts an Sciences, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma Iota, Baptist Student Union, Spurs IACK GOODNER ..... . Albuquerque,,N. Mex. Arts Bt Sciences, Baptist Student Union MIKE GORMLEY ...... Farmington, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences v.. 5 Rooftop views of Mitchell Hall and the Ad Building decorated with Homecom- ing luminarios. ,ul JJ if -f cl I fa .1 . MT 1:--5 ' ' - . gj:-gil - 'J-34 l xx 1, W, li 1-4 N . t L F al ,-QQ .-'J K xii ,Mini 1 111 I ,r E, i wg? ., . -tw H if . -. ,Q . -3,5 'XIX 4 - J ' 1 I H ' . 1 35. 1 .a f X 1 l s 1 I N. H , 45 9 -o ' -if I Q 3 Q., L... Q l , ' 2 sb - ll ' ,L I .fl ' bl ln, ,V Xl' . ,X , Q.. 'Y' ' 11?-Q' ' 1 if Qs I a. kv! . s o v ii E. L-:HEX-.i' s 45" " 4 , I. nf. mi' y gfnf . W1 K M. H" 1 1 xv T., f --.-ee' . lk ll F K l F J .iff --1 "l, ,Q It H 'W 1 1' ' Jill df' 'ffm X . Us Q I 'U ,U -s new H'-1 - - . .p.fffs'1. E' EL:1'v,.,i ' ' ' ..--n A I .' ., Ng, i , lm rr? F: N X ,, L 1 I -1 . 4 1 l l l il - fi: q,-,-.7 ,Q 1 . i K PM . , . f . 515' . rl. 'Tai . ,K 5 l T! 4 1 -1- ig 'ir' ' W ,. WI.-.N V. Milg- .,, ,391 . -,I x' s I I if id ' "Ji f .. r Q-Q 3?- .AGE MQ Wir- 54. 3- tx fx J HT" ...-1 .Ji 'fa ,, . . . o .Q, ',,.,. , " 1' 'ij , i:":-j"-,..-- ze, H-L-' G ,nga 'I 'l .la-eu - I f- I I jx, I -. I Pj?-V. 1 gli L A' Hz., s .f is , , 5 .- , 1 .W " . A r "" "'l l i . ' L-if M , V fr, if L. ' A , jigs" - . 5.--i., "' 4 , 6' .. 1 BARBARA GOSS ........ Oak Park, Ilfinois Arts 6: Sciences, Kappa Alpha Theta-Pres., Spurs, lun- iur Class V.-pres., Mortar Board, Who's Who LOYCE GOSSAGE ........ Benton, Illinois Education TOM GRADY .......... Roy, N. Mex. Business Ad., NROTC Wardroom Society ROGER GREEN ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences, Kappa Alpha-Pres., Alpha Phi Omega -Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Khatali, Who's Who HELEN GUZELIS ........ Chicago, Illinois Education, Newman Club, Home Economics Club THOMAS HAIL ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Phi Delta Theta-Pres. RAY HALL ........ Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, ASCE, ARBA CHARLES HALLEY . . . Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Fine Arts NICHOLAS HALLICK . . Albuquerque, N. Mex, Education ROBERT HANER . . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts 6: Sciences IAMES E. I-IARE ...... Menominee, Michigan Business Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi-Sec'y LEWIS HARRIS ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, AIEE, IRE, Student Senate DOROTHY HAWKINS ..... Moriarty, N. Mex. Education, Alpha Chi Omega-Sec'y, USCF, Panhellenic Council-Treas., Pi Lambda Theta, Spurs, Mirage IIM HEATH .......... Amarillo, Texas Business Ad., Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Air Force Assn., Rally Com IAMES HEBERLING ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Law, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, Student Bar Association BRUCE HENDERSON ....... Berkeley, Calif. Arts 5: Sciences, Alpha Phi Omega, Anthropology Club RICHARD HIGGINS ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Fine Arts PAT I-IIGHLEYMAN ..... Los Alamos, N. Mex. Arts Sz Sciences, Chi Omega-V.-pres., USCF, AWS, Spurs, Panhellcnic Council, Kappa Omicron Phi ELLEN HILL ......... Texarkana, Texas Arts Bt Sciences, Press Club, Mademoiselle College Board, Theta Sigma Phi-Pres., Cosmopolitan Club, Who's Who THOMAS HILL ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Student Senate, Kappa Mu Epsilon, ASCE, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma-Pres., Sigma Tau-Treas. HUGH HILLEARY ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Sigma Chi-Pres., NROTC Wardroom Society, Canter- bury Club, USCF, IFC-Pres., IRE, Who's Who IOHN C. HINES ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, NROTC Wardroom Society, Chi Epsilon- Sec'y, Treas., ASCE, NMSPE, ARBA, Sigma Tau GEORGE I-IOBBES ...... Cimarron, N. Mex. Business Ad. NORRIS HOUK ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, ASCE, ARBA LOUISE HOLLANDER .... Westfield, New Iersey Arts 8: Sciences, Canterbury Club, Band Club, Geology Club, Square Dance RANDOLPH HOLT ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex., Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, NROTC Wardroom So- ciety, NMSPE, ASCE, ARBA HOBSON E. HOUSTON . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, AIEE ALLEN I-IUBINGER ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Lettermen's Club MARY HUENEFELD ...... Gregory, Arkansas Arts 6: Sciences, Chi Omega-Treas., USCF, Ski Club, Boots at Saddles, Student Senate ANDREW I. HULETTE . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad. DON HUNTER ..... . Espanola, N. Mex. Business Ad., Kappa Sigma MARILYN HUTCHINS .... Silver City, N. Mex. Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Band Club,.WRC, Majors 6: Minors, Boots 6: Saddles. Student Senate, Who's Who FTM .l " gf 'I .34 l. , Ps! , - N. .Ji 1 P -.ffqtjcv ' I V 4 " sf? ,f Fifa' ' ' , , -"' ,+- ' ,y 57 avi.. . ,- Qs., : 4 0 ,-. :Q- " Q . , , - .1 ff "S gr - r A ,gat .F 7 " I - . ff -' r BOB HYLAND ......... El Paso, Texas Arts 6: Sciences, Sigma Chi-V.-pres., NROTC Ward- room Society IOHN ICE ........ Hato Rey, Puerto Rico Engineering, ASCE, ARBA IAMES INTRAVIA .... . Detroit, Michigan Fine Arts CHRIS IAKO . ..... . . Stockholm, Sweden Engineering, Student Senate, Kappa Mu Epsilon, AIEE, Cosmopolitan Club-Pres., ,Sigma Tau ELAINE IANKS ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts Gt Sciences, Theta Sigma Phi, Press Club, Student Senate IOAN IELINEK ........ La Grange, Illinois Fine Arts, Pi Beta Phi, Spurs, Alpha Delta Pi Art Prize, Mirage-Art Ed. KEITH IENSEN ....... Los Alamos, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences IO ANN IOHNSON ....... Artesia, N. Mex. Education, Pi Beta Phi, Panhellenic Council, Home Eco- nomics Club IAY IONES .......... Douglas, Arizona Arts 6: Sciences, NROTC Wardroom Society, MIC MARTIN S. IONES . ....... Raton, N, Mex. Pharmacy, APA, Kappa Psi MARY CAY IONES ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts 6: Sciences, Newman Club, Premed Club-Sec'y- Treas., Cosmopolitan Club, Independents W. MARSHALL IONES .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Air Force Associa- tion, ASCE, ARBA "V 'l 'az " '-'-jx 11.4" 5'-' 1 . l .21 1.1 "z,1,.r, F shi . rg ' ' ,, 1 , ..- A -.1 , -1 LLL V xxx, 11 il , 'l ll l .V . 'E ' "Now hear this . . ." Qmb ' MI M I f Q .1 I 1 ,gf T L ir '1- 1 -f' 1' .JXNXJ , sv. . 1' 1 'l 1- I 3 4 l l, ' Q 44' c'J F . r 1 1 l' asc 4. ,F . " ri ' Q93. U 3- l ., .N lx I' A 1 wi wt I , :av I 'If' .., . , Q. Q' . V" -I. , ' 1. 1'- . -. . we 'Inu ' fs, 'V A A. .F in , , . eau...- Gd s .X A 'x .Q-. Y U., 'T . i ll I W l .I , . P , lu S 0 "" 1 Cv' .lo . 'mf .- ,gs y, .. :LHB A - 'Jiri P my yuh! fv, 1. . A at . sq W .E . , T J l' 'l3v..':-,.' l Q. '17 . 'I .f.l ' 'rf'.-iii , Lia- VV . tp, . , . hh' L .L Lg, .ia JF, 1 N.-.- fran .., nd, xv .J J 'af' A 1 1, . 5 ati 1.. ' ,eg Q... as was ' 'I' l i"'n-P 4 -1.-t .1 A -"1 --1-L--' . ' Q"'.I"1m FF? ' ,. - I A ' ' -.I 46111-". 'I' W , .J qv . I- fi-.:v .SJ 'r f' . . K .f W W A -.,-T ' il s ' K i' Te. ,.-, ff' , y , 1 - 9 ' I M J i 4 lo N i "pi S 0 QL-" I ' . , . . A - f .1 .- S X " . be .ii I il . t ' f ...pi ' vl' I ii - cv :gas --va -' A T5 'E' A lil?-F V 'W I ' 1- lzs ' ear - . ' l J , l is l .'b K, W- - ' -QZQ . - 'A . Fifi. I -:,-Pi' .Q A'2W ig X, . I I FRAN IORDAN ..... . Cleveland Heights, Ohio Education, Pi Beta Phi, USCF, Band Club IACK IORDAN ......... Artesia, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences, Geology WILLIAM KAISER ..... . Peru, Illinois Education, Lettermen's Club IOHN KEEFE . . ....... Chicago, Illinois Fine Arts, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Kappa, Rodey Theater Plays RICHARD M. KELLY ...... Duluth, Minnesota Business Ad., Phi Kappa Tau-+Treas., UNM Aeronautics Association, Newman Club, Delta Sigma Pi-Sec'y CHARLES KENNEDY ..... Santa Fe, N. Mex. Engineering, NMSPE, AIEE, IRE-Pres. IAMES C. KING ...... . . Petaluma, Calif. Pharmacy, Delta Sigma Phi-Treas., IRE, APA, Kappa Psi HELEN KOI-IR .... . . . Chula Vista, Calif. Arts Bt Sciences MILT KLASSEN .... . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM K. KLATI' .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, AIEE, IRE RUDY KLEINSCHMIDT . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi, Com- merce Council DORCAS KNUDSEN ...... Oak Park, Illinois Arts'6i Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, USCF-See'y, Alpha Kappa Delta, Mortar Board-Pres., Who's Who ED LAI-IART ...... . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Air Force Association SADIE LANE ....... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Pi Lambda Theta, Canterbury Club, AAUW Scholarship LEE LANGAN ...... . . . Gallup, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences, Forensic Society, Vigilantes-Treas., Alpha Phi Omega, Newman Club, Anthropology Club, Geology Club, Khatali BROWNYE LANGLEY . . . Education, Sigma Alpha Iota LEONARD LAPKA . . . Engineering, Ski Club, ASME RICHARD LAWRENCE . . Arts 8: Sciences LEONARD LEE . Business Ad. PAT LEE . . .... . Education, Pi Beta Phi--Treas. SAMUEL LEONARD . Education IOSEPH R. LITTEKEN . . Engineering, Newman Club MARY ANN LONG . . Arts 6: Sciences RALPH LOPEZ ..... ' rc . . Tucumeari, N. Mex. Cleveland, Ohio Charleston, W. Virginia . Albuquerque, N. Mex. . . . El Paso, Texas , Boots A: Saddles . Albuquerque, N. Mex. . Robertson, Missouri . Auburn, Alabama . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Comme e Council JQRAYE LOSH .... Education, Pi Beta Phi JESSE LUNSFOIID .... . McAllen, Texas . . . Carlsbad, N. Mex. Engineering, Asca, NMsPE,Ai1nA-Pm. RAOUL MAES ........ Alamosa, Colorado Engineering, Sigma Tau DAVID MANDEVILLE . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts Az, Sciences IEANNE MARCHAND .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Alpha Delta Pi-Pres., Boots at Saddles- Sec'y YVONNE MARKO .... . Oak Park, Illinois Education, Newman Club ROENA MASON . . . Education, Pi Beta Phi . Etna Green, lndiana PHIL MARTINEZ ...... . Cuba, N. Mex. Arts 6: Sciences, De Anza Club MELVIN T. MA'l'I'ISON . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. ' ' W" Engineering, IRE . IOHN G. MAVROMATIS . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, USCF, Student Senate, Kappa Mu Epsilon, ASCE, NMSPE, ARBA--Treas. , gr SHARON MCBRIDE ....... Raton, N. Mex. 7 -: Education, Chi Omega-Sec'y, Spurs-Treas. PAUL MCCAMENT ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. 54 Arts dz Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Band Club, .4 .1 ' USCF, Air Force Association ' ,ll X A X 1' TERRI MCCANNA ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Fine Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Newman Club IOHN MCCONVILLE ...... Des Moines, Iowa Arts 6: Sciences, Anthropology Club HARRY McCRACKEN .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, ASME, NMSPE, AICE, Air Force Associa- tion MARY MCKITTROCK . . . . Brooklyn, New York Fine Arts, Canterbury Club FRANK MCMINN ....... Carlsbad, N. Mex. f' Business Ad., Pi Kappa Alpha-V.-pres., Boots At Saddles, Air Force Association, Khatali IO ANN MCNAY ....... Tucumcari, N. Mex. Business Ad., Pi Beta Phi, AWS-Pres., Phi Gamma Nu, Mirage Popularity Queen, Student Council-Sec'y, Mor- tar Board-Treas., Who's Who GEORGE MEACHAM ...... Gallup, N. Mex. Arts 6: Sciences ' ALTON MEADOR . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering . X 42 Is it really worth giving up your pin? X BEE 'E- Y.. f tb ' A 1 353-. " N.. 'Pail' X xsfmbxi 4 , r f'-1 nifslafrif-2' xml L- -TA Y :f i ' "v-.X -' 'ffi-11 4' 27: " "H " ' is V: :-rf - -gg 1' 73:3 " ,. V F? P - I ' . aug.. Q, lfifi .-- , - 7136 ef- . -5' , 1 'r ' 11: "H- y A. -ft.: 'ic ,N V- A . -' .. -. +5 1+ ' af ' A v T' 1-'.'i ' ,- 1 , ici: 'A .1511 N-fr . .. I 5.2 I "' . tml Ii 4 g . . 43 - , .:,"1-- ' ' . e a 1' gg-' 'a31,,71,5 ' .- '-' 5- . I 'xml ,P , 7 dm, i' sg-' . , nu. ,. ,,.i I 4 1 ' 1. '1' -T V '4 ii?-r 'A W 3' 3', .f.,.. 3, ' MM? H -ev 1? -..e. . . na, . . ,, ::. 'iff .-12' 'H' .,a'w ...nv . '11 a - fy. . ' 1-35:45, 27:15 A - 51' ' V' . g ...OL M 'rf . a-I-fe-.s V sr c Q P R' l . .,, F. A ,. L. . a I , . it . 4 , Q S 'ft Lys. i K l : LT .5 Q is- LAWRENCE MENASCO . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, AIEE, IRE, Sigma Tau WILLIAM MENSAH-DAPAA Kumesi, Gold Coast, Africa Arts Ac Sciences, USCF, Premed Club, Cosmopolitan Club-Pres. HAROLD MERCER ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Delta Sigma Phi COLLEEN MESSICK ....... Raton, N. Mex. Fine Arts, Kappa Alpha Theta, Ski Club MARTIN MEYER . . . Eagle Nest, N. Mex. Arts,8z Sciences ROBERT MEYER ..... Webster Groves, Missouri Business Ad., Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Phi-Pres., Vigilantes, NROTC Wardroom Society BARBARA MICHAELS .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Hillel-Sec'y, Spurs MARGUERITE MIERA . . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Town Club, Newman Club EVANGELINE MILLER . . Education . . Madison, Maine WICK MILLER ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, Air Force Association, Band Club, An- thropology Club CLIFFORD MITCHELL . . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education DARLENE MOORE ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Baptist Student Union, Phi Gamma Nu NADENE MORIARTY . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Fine Arts, Town Club DON MORSE ......... Santa Fe, N. Mex. Business Ad., Air Force Association ED MUREN ...... . .... loliet, Illinois Engineering, Newman Club, AICE, AlChE RAY NETHERS . . . Needham Heights, Massachusetts Engineering, USCF, IRE, Sigma Tau, Hiking Club IOANN NICKS ,..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Town Club-Social Chairman, Majors at Minors BOB NORFLEET ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Sigma, Let- termen's Club, MIC, Premed Club, Iunior Class Presi- dent, Vigilantcs, Khatali, Who's Who WILLIAM O'DONNEl.L . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, ASCE-Pres., ARBA . CHRIS OGAZ ....... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Newman Club, ITA LOUIS OGDEN ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Law, Student Bar Association DAVID ONG ....... Albuquerquet- N. Mex. Engineering, Tennis Club, Lettermerfs Club, Vigi- lantes-Sec'y Treas., Phi Kappa Phi, AICE EDSEL OVERALL ....... Tulsa, Oklahoma Engineering, Band Club, Air Force Association, AIEE- Treas. IIM PARK ........ Puyallup, Washington Engineering, Townsmen, Vigilantes, AIEE, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Khatali, Air Force Association, Sigma Tau MARGARET PARK ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Kappa Omicron Phi Home Economics Club HANK PARKINSON ...... Scott City, Kansas Education, Phi Delta Theta, Forensic Society, Student Senate IIM PARSONS ......... Evanston, Illinois Arts at Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student Senate, Air Force Association MARION PEARCE ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Baptist Student Union, AlChE-Sec'y GENE PEIRCE ....... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad. Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi Com- merce Council Khatali, Student Senate MIC MARY IANE PENDLETON .... Wichita Kansas IAY PETYIT ..... Port Washington, New York Fine Arts Kappa Alpha Theta V.- res., Geolo Club I 7 . I Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma 4 A , ft ' -' P KY Rally Com, Who s Who IIM PINKERTON . . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, USCF 1 h g ... 1 fin ' A 1 2. '-A3 l - Where are you taking us? lfti J OZ i V ' -.m 'et .3 ' .2 ' I x RICHARD POWERS . . . Education, Student Senate MICHAEL PROKOPIAK .... Syracuse, New York Education, Lettermen's Club . Albuquerque, N. Mex. IIM PULTE ......... Omaha, Nebraska Arts et Sciences, Tau Kappa Epsilon-Sec'y, Newman Club, Air Force Association IOAN QUIST .-. . . . Fine Arts, Chi Omega . Albuquerque, N. Mex. R. I. RAINEY ...... , . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Sub Club, ITA MARY ANN RAMOS ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education CHRIS RANDOLPH ..... Fort Wingate, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, Phrateres-Pres., Alpha Kappa Delta DON RATCLIFF ........ Amarillo, Texas Business Ad., Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, NROTC Wardroom Society, UNM Flying Club, UNM Aeronau- tics Association-Pres. RICHARD REED ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, NROTC Wardroom society, Ascn, ARBA DAVID REYNOLDS ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Kappa Alpha-Pres., Vigilantes-Pres., Student Council, IFC, Khatali, ASME, Who's Who MARIE RINDFUSS ...... Montrose, Colorado Fine Arts AUSTIN ROBERTS . . Farmington, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences 4 I l i"x..f" l , , 5 ' w,.' , ' , I pr P FV V .4 --4,1 3 ,- ' - 'ge :iii , it-fl yr, -. kj: t ag . - ,S l 1 -GE , ,sg Q ,T , :!,. , t - Z ' V .if 1 l . X L. .. ' L 5 l 9' z' 1 H l . la 1' ,- I s "' -11512: . 'fsfil ' :Lf L 1:5?E5:g:"' Abi. . . . . . , 1 I . N t i. 4 A A- A+ H fe ,- . . C gg, - " Nil was -: ,' U H . 1 ' . ' ' . :W " I. rfb I V 'i l w . . I .. lr . 1 l I A 5. rife. fix ' ' Yffii :ER .e gif: .51 vi . .Jai iff' , ' - 512. If "Q rf- ?" . F 4, I fs, 1 Lair! 1.3 2 -"3 ' QQF a Si .. i W, ri? 111 ,,. 5 1.5: fd I Enfi- LAURA RODRICK ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Fine Arts, Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota-V.-pres., USCF BOB ROSEEN ......... Chicago, Illinois Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, NROTC Wardroom Society, Air Force Association, MIC, Lettermen's Club CATHERINE ROSS ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Canterbury Club, Stu- dent Senate LEONARD ROSS ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Students for Equality ALAN ROWEN ........ San Diego, Calif. Pharmacy, APA ANNABELLE SANCHEZ . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, Newman Club, De Anza Club, Alpha Kappa Delta-Sec'y IAMES L. SANDS . . Arts 6: Sciences . Albuquerque, N. Mex. IOSEPH SARVIS ........ Prescott, Arizona Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, ASCE, ARBA ROBERT SCANLON ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Newman Club AARON SCHECHTER .... Los Angeles, California Pharmacy IOHN SCHNEDAR ....... Roswell, N. Mex. Business Ad., Kappa Sigma, Newman Club-V.-pres., Air Force Association CHARLES SCOTT ...... Pasadena, California Engineering, Kappa Sigma, IFC, Who's Who WALTER SCOTT ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Delta Sigma Pi PAULINE SEKAVEC ..... Hutchinson, Kansas Education, USCF, Student Senate, Mirage HERBERT SELIGMAN .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, NMSPE, ASME CAROLYN SETZLER .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Pi Beta Phi, Skating Club, WRC, Student Senate, Majors Bt Minors WALT SHURKIN ........ Tijeras, N. Mex. Engineering, Sigma Tau, AMSChE-Treas., NMSPE ELEANOR SILBO ...... Farmington, N. Mex. Education - GWEN SINGER . . Education JOHN SLATE ..... Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Arts 8: Sciences, NROTC Wardroom Society, Anthro- pology Club . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. LOUIS SLEEPER ....... Santa Fe, N. Mex. Engineering, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Chi Epsilon-Sec'y, Sigma Tau, Air Force Association, ASCE, ARBA ED SMITH .......... Chicago, Illinois Education, Pi Kappa Alpha-Pres., Lettermen's Club, Newman Club, Student Senate ARTHUR SORENSON . . . White Plains, New York Arts Sr Sciences, Hiking Club, Independent Council NOEL SORRELL ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, NROTC Ward- room Society, Phi Kappa Phi IOSEPH A. SOULTS ..... Menominec, Michigan Education GRETCHEN SPEAR ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Baptist Student Union SALLE STARK ....... Fort Wayne, Indiana Education, Delta Delta Delta LENNIE STEIN ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Pharmacy, UNM Flying Club, Alpha Phi Omega, UNM Aeronautics Association CLARKE STROUD ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Phi Delta Theta-V.-pres., Air Force Association BOB STUART ......... Artesia, N. Mex. Arts 8: Sciences, Phi Delta Theta-Treas., Pres., Newman Club, Khatali, Air Force Association, Student Court, Who's Who EDGAR SVENNINGSEN . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Fine Arts DANNY SWAIN ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Engineering, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau-V.-pres. ' Qi J' If-gyll p , gg ggi 1 W .1 '1. 3 ' Y fli i lf ' 1 wif i V Q I , 4 f 5 L Y V I V l X Ala . 4, L . .. . Qu, IOHN L. SWENTZEL .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Pharmacy, Kappa Psi-Treas. WILMA TAPP .......... Seguin, Texas Fine Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma-Treas., Mortar Board, Student Senate, Spurs, Sigma Alpha Iota-Pres., USCF. Who's Who IOHN TAUL ....... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Kappa Alpha, I.ettermen's Club, MIC, Rally Com, Baptist Student Union, Vigilantes BETSY THOMAS ....... Spnngfield, Illinois Education, Pi Beta Phi BETTY 'THOMPSON ..... Farmington, N. Mex. Business Ad., Chi Omega-Treas., Phi Gamma Nu MELBA THOMPSON ....... Raton, N. Mex. Education, Pi Beta Phi-V.-pres., WRC-Pres., Majors St Minors GEORGE TI-IUM ..... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Engineering, NROTC Wardroom Society IAMES E. TOMBERLIN ...... Amarillo, Texas Business Ad., Alpha Phi Omega, Student Senate, Skating Club, Boots at Saddles MICKEY TOPPINO ..... New Orleans, Louisiana Arts 6: Sciences, Alpha Phi Omega, Newman Club, Stu- dent Senate President, Lobo MARCH TOWNSEND ....... Aztec, N. Mex. Education, Spurs SALLY TRANGMAR .... Highland Park, Illinois Education, Alpha Chi Omega-Pres., USCF, Boots at Saddles, Spurs, Kappa Omicron Phi HELEN TURNER . . ...... Chicigo, Illinois Arts Gt Sciences, Cosmopolitan Club X rg-fu EJ" , R NV' il? f , I l X 11--.- - - 1 C' E ,No ,X wif' 'PK -,oe - iw:-i :-: 1--mf mf- -1 ,, . v1mA k l' 1 1,9 ' sr' W il I ei' , 1.-4' A, -gg., n -ig, fiat., 1 If "TSP 1 7' ' -Q, ,. " ii I il ,. X . 1 11 1 1 la -. :ll Q . 7 1 if 3-fbi s," rw W1 'S - R, 75:5 '-t., 11 E. 'Noi Cecilia Smith, Sara Curtis, Betsy Peirce, and Alice Woodward graciously pre- side over the Pi Phi's Coun- try Fair activities. pg.-. 2 6 .371-1 Ii il l 1 1' - 1 1 1 gs., l l, Pvf ,. 1 W A FS M, 'W' .. . 7 Fif'MjWax"lZ4l 1 1 .fi 'L - sy .4-fl 1 . 'll 1 .,At'.- ' :Lb L V 5 I 'Si ' ET. - ': -1 l S 11:11, E Q33 1 1 V 'K ':,' 1- I Yi Il 1 r. i :CJ I W JXEEIL ' W "' gifs.. il l YJ a ,I I IN: il' I A 4 I - -L 1 ,. ,, .., .. . ee: 'sz I K I i 'i-,Q Lg, x U " ' if Iii 3 IH ' Q' six . 1 U x , -Y., .,,, . . W! r .-, .,, .,,4 , f' 1 l :E H, - M! ci - . 5 . A ,x ..- l. .Gr I , I 11,3 HI V , ' ,Q U I I 1 3 as fi- .V I s M . fi 'if I C 1. x " yr I: I I 1 Q if l x . .1 . o I. . i 63 ' 2? ul ' I 'F-f l? . ' f 1 .. fx iii.-. .iJ - i AL UTTON . ......... Aztec, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, MIC, Air Force Association, Baptist Stu- dent Union, Khatali, Student Senate-Pres., Student Body President, Student Council, Who's Who BOBBIE VOLK ....... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Newman Club IIM C. WALKER .... . . . . Longview, Texas Pharmacy, NAACP, APA IAMES R. WALKER ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi-Treas.,.Geology Club SINCLAIR WALL ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts At Sciences, Forensic Society . MARILYN WATKINS ..... jacksonville, Florida Education, Chi Omega--V.-pres., Phi Gamma Nu- V.-pres., Baptist Student Union, AWS BARBARA WEAVER .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Fine Arts, Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Newman Club, Majors 6: Minors WARREN WELLS . . . Hale, Missouri Engineering, AIEE CAROL WHENRY . . .. . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Town Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon IACK WHENRY . . . . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education A GEORGIA WHITE ..... Fort Sumner, N. Mex. Business Ad., Phi Gamma Nu-Treas. DON WIGAL .... I .... Las Vegas, N. Meat. Engineering, ASCE-Sec'y, ARBA PAUL WIGI-IAMAN . . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, ITA IOSEPH WILKOLAWSKI . . Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education DORIS WILLIAMS . ..... . Artesia, N. Mex. Education, Phi Gamma Nu, Pi Lambda Theta MARILYN WILLITS ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Town Club-Pres., USCF, Kappa Omicron Phi, Student Senate BERNICE WILSON . .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Fine Arts, Pi Beta Phi-V.-pres., Panhellenic Council, Spurs IAMES WOOD ....... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Pharmacy, Alpha Phi Omega, APA, Air Force Associa- non IIM WOODMAN ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, NROTC Wardroom Society, Forensic Club, Lettermen's Club CARO WOODS ...... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts at Sciences, Pi Beta Phi, Canterbury Club DAN ZALOG ....... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Arts A: Sciences BARBARA ZANDER ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Ad., Alpha Delta Pi, Newman Club WILLIAM CORDELL .... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education , PEGGIE DISMUKE ..... Albuquerque, N. Mex. Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma-Treas., AWS-Ve pres., WRC-Pres., Majors 8: Minors, USCF, Mortar Board, Who's Who losiapi-1 HIMES . . . Pacoima, Calif- Pharmacy ELMER KUHN ..... . . Carteret, New Iersey Education, ASCE, ITA-Sec'y, Student Senate, Inde- pendent Council-N.-pres. WILEY PEEPLES . . . . Albuqucfqllf, N- MGX- Fine Arts 45, Mary Ellen Smith . . . . Vice-president Sam Suplizio . . . ..... President Iulic Carter . . . Secretary-Treasurer v F, l 3 I , , ff, -.1 If 1 ? i FQ Qs- m v ,J 'JJ K "1 'N +I I 4. X ? nl I First row, left to right: PAULA IOAN ALLEN BOBBY ALLYN BARBARA ANTHES REBECCA AYALOS MARGARET AVIS Second row, left to right: PAULINE BACA BOB BAKER DICK BAUM RICHMOND E. BAWUAH PETE BIDDLE Lighting the fireworks for the Homecoming bonf-irc ua l, Q will mv 5 5 ' x C: Ol Q' 1 ,W ,FRN -9. .5 ,v,, 1 VJ ,,,'. .3 , gl- , 'U 0.4 X .,:v,m Third row, left to right: B. I. BIORKMAN ROSS BLACK BARRY BLYTHE ROGER W. BOE GLADYS BOTWINIS Fourth row, left to right: SONIA SUE BRASHEARS FRED BRIAN MILES BRl'I'I'ELLE IOE BROWER MARIETTA BROWN Fifth row, left to right: Bosnia KEITH BURCHA PHYLLIS BURK 1.oU1E BURLESON you BURR TOM BURNS Sixth row, left to right: JUDY CALDWELL DEL CALHOUN MARY lon cALLowAY PAUL CANNON RUTH CARMEL M vp 19 A gf' 4. 'O r- rv ga- 143' 0,9 gy the is Q29 c, r- qv G rv x C' 1- Y' v 63' 4' 63' QQ' +0 09 Q' + EQ' Q- X 6' C9 gg O v. . 'Z -'E E A ' 353 U -. W' ' ,... A .A +41 ., ,QW D L ' 4: 5' A 5' 5 Second row, left to right: 59-f H " , HUGH CHURCH ' gg , - ' 'fl GENE CINELLI , '51 " , l AL if DOROTHY CLEVELAND X -- .mb ,Wf Q I A DON CLEVELAND 5 I A A VH. 3-2 BEVERLY coLL1Ns L- m e-E u A 8 Af ' FL Third row, left to right: 5' l at MOLLY GGNLEY V wee , 1. A. comzow, lx. r 5 M- viw ' , X fr 'B' A . . A I 1 Q, f 1 L 1' -8 QF'- , - ,' . yslbv H Jl i A A A 1 , .EJ J". ', A lx .f . 1. ll. , L E- 1 - Q ,V , J, ' -Y 1555? A -img? Ts. fi' We A 5 Q05 b fx V 4 1 L A W . A r 4' P ... l 5 -Ep..-V 'I '5 I f l , :LQ 2 , nj 'gl 'W If 'J Qs -Z1 ,A 'v I tx ,Q l I I NN gr x 1 J.. 4 V-l"v He 'SID 45 I f " ! 'x A 1 NATALIE COOPER BETTY IANE com MARY ETHEL COUSLAND Fourth row, left to right: HELEN COX TERRY CRAIG LETITIA CREVELING KEITH CURRENT BOB CZIRR Fifth row, left to right: PAT nAv1s IEAN DEFRIES nonon-rf Dunn-:AM EVERETI' DILLMAN AGNES DODGE Sixth row, left to right: LILLY DOMENICI PETE DOMENICI IEAN DOUGLASS IOAN DOWNEY DON DUCOFF Seventh row, left to right: CAROLE R. DYSON ORMONDE EARP ROB EDMONDSON MARY PAT EDWARDS SANDRA EGGERT Fmt row, left to right: SHIRLEY EGGERT IACK EHLEN IACK ENNS ROLF ERIKSON BEN ESPARZA Second row, left to right: SANFORD B. EVANS ROBERT FELTHAM ROBERT FINK IEROME FIRSTY PATRICIA FISHER Third row, left to right: RUTH FLEMING BEN FLORES MARIORIE FURROW BUDD C. GALLAGHER A. H. GARLAND Fourth row, left to right: BUD GATES CARROLL GILBERT MANUEL GONZALEZ IO MARGARETGORE IANENE GRAHAM 2 1 i Fxfth row, left to right: NINA GRAY MIRIAM GRISWOLD BILL GUNDERSON SKIP GUTHRIE DIANE HALLBECK Sxxth row, left to right: DANIEL C. I-IARDIN CURTIS F. HARDISON BILL HARRIS BONNIE HARRIS LEONARD HAUSER -65' ...rf Y' 'v 4949 C950 65' QC' Q-'ca 5' x9 99 0' 44" Pr'-I ' A , l . V . ,,,,.,. 1, . Si 5 ' R Q' 1 ,571 1. My.. A 4' ,-1 K , QNX: 'F' . ff ' rg: Fri' ' I i . . ..-7 fi? ' 9 'lv .lv Y , ' -'V Q' , I I xt ' f M 1 A ,I we I X? EJ' -1 AL: I- fqfh , 5 'LA -If-5 . Y - 'lv' I ,J .4 W. r f, " A . 2 2' ' ' r 4 ' LJ . ' Alb Q X i I 1 1 . Q L - ' 'Vib- ' - "T , if Q . - 1 - YF! , gf' 35 ' 57' I' ' 0 : I 5 ,, X ,M M , F' I-?',' JK X I J , , --1 'fl ' . Ai YE! - I . li' ' V 13 4 r ' ffl? J , 'QC P inf, X A ' I - :iff-if 545.3 E' -- ' ' A -'1" "- A .A : A . E.-MEM ' 3!z,x?,f it lf' 0 , , ' ' ' W lTr:QrQl,.'5,, Q r' ,- '-lg I LC A f. . 1. TE ,Wm -,,.-1? j A K l 'SL '-5515 HIM? . .. 144'- :IZ ,f,'v ,J C9 9 4,319 06' Q99 Q5 006 6,9 N A S' QV Q06 Second row, left to right: PHYLLIS BAILEY HURST IOAN IACOBS IOHN G. IASPER HOWARD IEFFRESS RALPH P. IOHNSON, IR. Third row, left to right: S. P. IOHNSON KAISER MICHAEL, IR. E. KEEHAN IOHN KENNANN IO!-IN KENNEDY Fourth row, left to right: IOHN W. KEPNER CAROL KERN PAUL KERN RUTH KNILL NANCY KOLB Fifth row, left to right: KONI Konsmayax CORINNE KRIEGE FRANK F. KRETEK IANE A. LAKIN IAMES 1. LAMB Sixth row, left to right: MARY LAPAZ IOSEPH I. LAROQUE, IR. BARBARA IO LEFERINK LUCKY LETKEMANN RUTH ANN LEWELLEN Seventh row, left to right: TOM LIEF NANCY LEE LIMBAUGH DONALD LIVINGSTON C. I. MACTAVISH ROSE MARIE MANDAN Kappas in a huddlc at the Kappa Phi Dclt football -fd V-H,-f---E I ,. . N 1 . I 5,7 1' if ji. 1 lv Q i ' v I J A 1 .f - R " gf I P 1 4 ' 1 4 4 I I A 3 iii' pt Lf ' 4 ,Ii . lf , g 1' I . 'I L? 1 1 Ag f WF " ,A A ,.l.ti,g,. W lg .. Itgr 1 if ' l if f Fbtiyx -JINLW. ,,. . 7 g3lTlC N . 95. J.. 'J , EL y' L First row, left to right: WILLIAM F. MARTIN PETER MARTINEZ DAVID MATTHEWS WINNIFRED MATTHEWS IERRY MATKINS V H Second row, left to right: RALPH MATTEUCCI WAYNE MAXWELL FRED MCCRACKEN IIM MCFARLAN BARBARA I. MCLEAN CAMERON MCKENZIE IACQUE MILLER IAMES B. MITCHELL C. G. MONROE MURL MOORE ,. M11 Third row, left to right: . Q Fourth row, left to right: PATSY MORROW TOM MONTOYA, IR. WALTER MORGAN CHARLIE MORRIS KAY MOSHER Fifth row, left to right: JERRY MOZER ANN MULCAHY EUNICE MULLIN HENRY A. MULLIN PATSY MURRAY Sixth row, left to right: PHILIP W. MURRAY HERB NATIONS NANCY NESBITI' GEORGE NILES IANICE NUSBAUM QWQQ ' O6 QY8. 4836, gags. 041' 0 xc? 0- v X9 41+ 0 O v -9 'K Q 4 'ff v- -6- Y' O '3' 6 43' 4 KSA' who Y? G6 Q94 Rf' GY' 3' 00 -L5 xi' 0' 90 Q9 433' I , k-- " A 1 I , RSM Q, I h , I , 1 ' I , ,, if , fi' . I-. 1 -.. , A 1 I, A If L , ii L1 I 52" ., , 1 'l I ii I , V HD! ! til' Q A 'L- F55 "1l1g-- -y maxim I - ,. 1' - I 'mi V iw ,N ' ,I i, 47,3 4, I , L'-L?.7I1 .ui , , alll I 'IT' V- x I, 5 -I 'li im I 'm 2, ff fix I n:n'l Second row, left to right: IOYCE RAKESTRAW CAROL RAMSEY CHARLES RANDALL CHARLES REDMAN BARBARA E. RICHTER Third row, left to right: HARRIET RIEBE JOHN B. ROBERT IASON ROGERS R. H. ROGERS STEWART ROSE Fourth row, left to right: CECILIA ROWE MARY RUSSELL WALTER RUSSELL IOSE E. SANDOVAL SUZANNE SCHMIDT Fifth row, left to right: WILLIAM SCHOOLEY HARRY F. SCHRAM MARIORIE SCOTT ALVIN C. SCRIVNER BILL S. SEESE Sixth row, left to right: GEORGE SHAFFER IOHN SHAVER NORMA SHOCKEY MARY ELLEN SMITH PERRY SNARE Seventh row, left to right: SHIRLEY SNYDER Q CONNIE SOTEL R. I. SPAHR, IR. MARVIN SPALLINA ALAN SPRINGSTEAD Fxrst row, left to right: KAY STANER MARION STEDMAN WILFRED D. STEDMAN RICHARD H. STELLIES BOB STIFF Second row, left to right: GLENN STOLLER CAROL c. STONE SUSAN STRANGE JUNE STRATTON DOROTHY SWAIN Third row, left to right: GLORIA TAEACOHI BILL TAYLOR NORMAN THAYER BILL THOMPSON GARY TIETIEN Fourth row, left to right: ROBERT TRESNER IOHN M. USRY IERRY VERKLER DOROTEO M. VIOIL RUBEN vrcu. Fifth row, left to right: MARGARET WANG DONALD H. WARD BOB WAREHAM DAVE WARREN WILLIAM F.. WEST Snxth row, left to right: BOB WHITE IIM WI-IITTLE MARY CATHERINE WILCOX BARBARA WILLIAMS IOYCE MAE WILLIAMS Seventh row, left to right: ART WILLIS IEAN WILSON LARRY WOLGIN ALICE WOODWARD MARIE. YORK Felix Briones ...... i . . . President Ronnie Calkins . . . . . Vice-president Elaine Bush . . . . Secretary-Treasurer First row, left to right: 4 l It MARGARET ACKERMAN ALLAN ALDOUS RANDELL ALEXANDER IAN ALFIDI IULIE ALLEN Second row, left to right: AL ANDERSON MARGARET ANGE IUANITA ARMIIO HENRY ASH RUSSELL ASHBY Third row, left to right: ARTHUR ASPER, IR. LINCOLN ASTON VIRGINA AVIS FRANK BACHICHA IRENE BARBER Fourth row, left to right: IEAN BARCROFT ERNEST BARELA FRANK BARKING BILL BARRINGER EMMI BAUM 1 1 'L 1. 7 . ,-..- "-ig tj F xg- ' I R ' F5 I - F-.Q W Y "V L v 1 1 L.,-:J - M l Fifth row, left to right: GARY BEALS IOE BEASON IOANNA BEEKEN BETTY BENNETT ROY LEE BERRY Sixth row, left to right: HARRY BIRKELO MARTHA BOWN WILLIAM BRANSON FELIX BRIONES JAMES BRISCOE Seventh row, left to right: ROBERT BROOKS ADELE BROWN BARBARA BROWN BEV BROWN WILLIAM BRUENING Eighth row, left to right: MARYTHELMA BRYANT ERIN BUCHANAN BOB BURNS DAVID BURTON SHIRLEY ANN BURTON Fxrst row, left to right: ELAINE BUSH ELTON BYERLY RONNIE CALKINS ORLANDO CAMPOS Second row, left to right: MARILYN CARSON IERRYE CHADWICK WILLIAM GHAPLIN GLORIA CHAVES Thxrd row, left to right: ROBERT CI-IESHIRE DICK CI-IITTY EDNA CHRISTENSEN JOSEPH CIZMAR Fourth row, left to right: GEYNELL CLARK NORTON COLE Fifth row, left to right: BETTY LOU CORDOVA IACKIE COTTINGHAM f ,.,, C, Sxxth row, left to right: IAY CRAMPTON LAMAR CRAVENS Seventh row, left to right: PHIL CRAVENS LEWIS CRESSWELL BARBARA CUNNINGHAM PATSY CUNNINGHAM Eighth row, left to right: JOHN DANFELSER mc:-MRD ADAVIDSON DONALD DAVIS GERALDINE DAVIS UMIJRES Frrst row, left to right: WALLY DECKERT EDMUNDO DELGADO TOM DICKERSON CHARLES DICKINSON MARY ANN DOMINICI Second row, left to right: TONY DRAPELICK ION PAUL DRAPER JOHN DUFF 'ARTHUR DURAN ESMIEL DURAN Thlrd row, left to right: FRED DYER IOHN EARP VON EDELMON . HENRY EDWARDS MARY ANN EDWARDS Fourth row, left to right: 1osEP1-uNE E1-1RE'r 1AcQUEL1NE E1sE1.E RrrA FACKENTHALL IEANNE FARGO MARGARET FARIS 1 . X. I r 1 f I 'L w ,J arf, L4 r Q 5 1. l 1 ,, l il rf," Fifth row, left fo right: MICKEY EENN HERBERT FERNANDEZ BARBARA FISHER WILLIAM FISHER EDWARD FITZGERALD Sixth row, left to right: c. LEWIS FOLKNER BETTY EoLsoM JIM FORD 4- 3 DAVE FORTNER 3, mi, MYRNA FOSTER :fir , A -1+-2:-Ri .- A, ' ja il Seventh row, left to right: 'I ' H KENNETH FOWLER 4 A VAL FRATr I R 5 1 'iilgf EVANGELINE. HAWK l A A GRETA GALLAGHER ROBERT L. GALLEGOS Eighth row, left to right: MARY HELEN GARCIA WILLIAM GARDNER IIM GARRETSON IUANITA GEER ALFRED I. GIBSON First Iowg left to right: JERRY GILLEIT IIM GOBER I. NADINE GOEHRING THERESA GRIFFIN Second row, left to right: R. DOUGLAS GRANT GILDER GRAY PATSY GRIECO JACK GRIFFIN Third row, left to right: MARTIN GRIFFIN LOUISE CRIMES IOAN GRINSLADE CONNIE GRISI-IAM Fourth row, left to right: 'E, D, GRISSOM ALLAN GRUER Fifth row, left to right: WILLIAM HALE Jon HALL Sixth row, left to right: KENNETH HANSEN JOHN HARRIS Seventh row, left to right: CAROLE HEATH LOTTIE I-IENSON LOUIS HILDERBRAND ABDUL HINDI Eighth row, left to right: CLARON HININGER KENT HOFFMAN LARRY I-IOGREFE DON HOLLIS :JF '11 in ii J.. Flrst row, left to right: GAYLE HOPKINS MURIEL HUNT ROBERT HURD IUDY HUBBARD MARYWILL HUNTER Second row, left to right: HANK HURST 1.o1.A ISRAEL DAVID IACKSON RONNY IAEGER DORIS 16HANsoN Thlrd row, left to right: ALBERT E. IOHNSON BRUCE D. IOHNSON MARY E. IOHNSON ROBERTA PAUL IORDAN CHUCK KALBACH Fourth row, left to right: NANCY KELLER WILLIAM B. KELEHER PATI KLEINHEIN BURDELL KIETZMANN CHARLES KINSOLVING Fifth row, left to right: TED KITTEL MAXINE R. KLEINDIENST CAROLYN KLOSS ROBERT KOONTZ GRETCHEN KRAFT Sixth row, left to right: LAROY KNOTT MARY KUYKENDALL TOM LAIRD ROGER LANDON BOB LANGELL Seventh row, left to right: RICHARD LANGLEY wu.1.1AM LAnsoN 1oY LEACHE BILL LEE IAMES 1.E1'r Eighth row, left to right: Donomv uswrs ANDREW Lopez IAN LOVELAND BENIAMIN LUcAs pot-:N LucAs First row, left to right: PETER LUIAN DAVE MACLEAN BRUCE MACKELDUFF ROBERT MADDOX Second row, left to right: MILDRED MARSHALL VICKY MASON CARTER C.'MATHIES IACK MCCLELLAND Third row, left to right: DEE MCCLOUD ANN MCCOLLUM IACK MCCONNELL ROBBY McKEE Fourth row, left to right: ART MERKLE MARIE yo Mmm Fifth row, left to right: IOYCE ANN MILHOLLAND DAVID F. MILLER Sxxth row, left to right: NORENE MILLER WICKIE MILLER Seventh row, left to tight: BARBARA MITCHELL DITI MITCHELL CHARLES R. MOHR SOLOMON MONTOYA Eighth row, left to right: nm Moon soNNY MONTOYA SAMUEL Mooma 1oHN MORRISON First row, left to right: PRISCILLA MULLINS THE-LMA NELSON WILLIAM NICKS RICHARD NOVARIA ROBERT E. 0'BRIAN Second row, left to right: BEVERLY OCHTERBECK RICHARD OGILVIE BILL OLIVER IOI-IN BERK ORR MARGOT PALESE Third row, left to right: SHIRLEY PATRICK RALPH K. PARK ROLAND I. PAYNE SHIRLEY PLATI' BERNICE PLUMMER Fourth row, left to right: IANICE PLUMMER ANDREW Po1'rER MARLIN POUND - Lois PURINTON DAVID QUINLAN ip' KA Fifth row, left to right: BEN RAMSEY CAROLYN RAMSEY WALTER RANDLE PHILIP H. RANSOM IANE REYNOLDS Sixth row, left to right: A CORENCE RICHARDSON CAROLYN RITCHIE OLETA LOU ROBERTS IOHN ROBERTSON WAYMAN ROBERTSON Seventh row, left to right: CHARLES ROHDU LARRY ROSS CARMEN ROTI-I THOMAS ROUSE . MARILYN RUNDLE Eighth row, left to right: EDITH RUTHERFORD CARLTON RUTHLING MARGARET RUTZ SI-IIRLIE SALVAGE ALFONSO G. SANCHEZ First row, lcft'to right: MARY SANDERS KEN SANDOVAL CLARK SCHAFFNER FRED SCHIAVO Second row, left to right: HEYWARD SCOTT CELIA SERRANO NANCY SHELL GLORIA SILVA Third row, left to right: KENNETH R. SLATEN mcxc SNEDDON GORDON soum SARA SPOON Fourth row, left to right: ALLAN SPRENGELER DARLEEN SPRINGER Fifth row, left to right: SALLY STEPHENS PHIL STERLING Sixth row, left to right: HOWARD STOCKTON MARIORIE STOOPS Seventh row, left to right: DAVID STORM ANN LEE STRANATHAN PAULA STROMBERG JEANNETTE SWILLUM Eighth row, left to right: CILAUDETFE TEEL IOHN TEETE11 REBERT TEFFTY A. L. TERPENING I l S ml' l'x1sr row, left to right: PEGGY TESTMAN ' DOROTHY THORNTON ROBERT TINGLE DOUG TINGLEY RUTH TONDRE Second row, left to right: LARRY TRETBAR WAYNE TUCKER KENNETH TYSON HELEN I. ULIVARRI CORALIE VAN DOREN Third row, left to right: VERLA PHu.uPs DoN wsnrnxns sx-mu.eY ANN vlcu. MATTIE IO WALL WALLY SKIBICKI Fourth row, left to right: VIRGINIA WEHMHONER DONNIE WELCH FAYE WELLER BOB WERNER BOB WERTHEIM ,lb QQ'-It Y ,,. Fifth row, left to right: LARRY WHITE IEAN WHITTINGTON BETTY I. WILDMAN HARRY L. WILLIAMS SHERMAN WILLIAMS Sixth row, left to right: IIM WILLIAMS BEVERLY WILLIAMSON GWEN WILSON JIMMY WILSON IOAN WINGET Seventh row, left to right: BYRN WITI' BELINDA WOLFE GERALD WOOD HELEN WOODWARD BEVERLY WOOLFALL Eighth row, left to right: IOAN WOOTTON PATRICIA WRIGHT RYOKO YAFUSO GEORGE BELLER Isqsxw Y W, 7 Dave Metzler . . . . Vice-president Ianet Barnes . . Secretary-Treasurer Don Wright . .... Presidfnt l!'i',: I 1 viii iff A , I-.-iT' ..,. 1 , 1 First row, left to right: IACK ADAMS IANET ADAMS IEROME ADAMS MAC ADAMS NANCY AKERS Second row, left to right: IERILYN ALLIS BROOKS AMBOS LUCILLE ARAGON MICHAEL ARCHIBEQUE MARY-HUGH ARNOLD Third row, left to right: SHIRLEY ARVISO RAYMOND AUGE PAT BAGLEY GENE BAKER DOUG BALCOMB Fourth row, left to right: RICHARD BALL CHARLES BARBOA LEE IAMES BARLEY ARTHUR BARRETF, IR. BONNIE BARTON Fifth row, left to right: PETER W. BAWUAH DON BAY IOHN BEALMER AUDRIE BERG ERVIN LEE BETTS Sixth row, left to right: MARGARETE BEVERAGE ROBERT BOGAN RONALD BOWRA Seventh row, left to right: DONALD BOZEMAN ma BRATCHER MARY BRATSCI-Il Eighth row, left to right: DON BREECH GLEN A. BROOKS ZUDIE BROWN First row, left to right: SHIRLYNEL BRUNELL PAUL C. BRUNET RICHARD BRYAN BOB BRYANT MARY BRUCH Second row, left to right: NANCY BURKE w11.uAM R. BURKE PAT BURNETTE MARY ANN BURNs JOYCE BURWELL Third row, left to right: GEORGE BUTTERFIELD THOMAS CADWALLADER EVELYN CAIN JOHN A. CALDWELL IESSIE CAPPS Fourth row, left to rght NORMA CARNAHAN THERESA CASTILLO CHARLES CATES ANN CHAFFEE GEORGE E. CHAIRES Fifth row, left to right: BLAKE cHAMB1.1ss IULIA IANE CHANT Boa CHATTEN MONA cl-xR1sTENsEN PERRY CLARK Sixth row, left to right: LAURA COBURN WILBUR COCKRELL NANCYE COFFEE Seventh row, left to right: SHIRLEY COLE WILLIAM S. COLE DON COLLIS Eighth row, left to right: FRED CONE NANCY CONE CAROL CONNERS First row, left to right: KERRY 1. CONSTAN IOAN cooK NANCY coox 'rom COOPER Ric!-IARD coRDEs l Second row, left to right: KAY CRAIG ALICE KAY CRANE CONSTANCE CUMMINGS TERESA CUMMINS ALVA CURRY Third row, left to right: RONALD M. CURTIS SARA CURTIS TONA DABBS IEAN DAILEY IEAN DANNELS Fourth row, left to right: HARRY M. DAVIDSON IOAN DAVIDSON CLARK DAVIS THOMAS E. DAVIS WINIFRED DAVIS Fifth row, lcft to right: EMMETT B. DAWSON IAMES DEBOLT KATHLEEN DECKER CHUCK DELCAMP MANUEL DEL LLANO 'A ., Sixth row, left to right: ' I 'Q v, PETE mx 5' A 1oE DEBRUSKY ., H MARGARET DOHERTY . , Su li- , 5 HI'-'J ' th. h . J' ' .j . ll A . Seventh row, left to right: ALTON DOHNOR ' A A .E EEE. V .e ENID DOUGLAS F H T, HOBART DURHAM, JR. I Y!!! Y4,, 2' Eighth row, left to right: GRETCHEN DURST DETTA ECKART BILL EICHERT First row, left to right: MARGARET ELLIS FRANK C. ENGLISH CARL ESENWEIN MARY EUBANK BILLY BOB EVANS Second row, left to right: ANN EVERMON SUE EVERMON ROBERT L. FARLEY PAUL D. FAW BETTY FAWCETI' Third row, lcft to right: CAROL FEGHOLG BARBARA FELLOWS IIM F. FERGUSON GERRY LEE FETTAS NANCY ANN FISHBACK Fourth row, left to right: RHODA FITZGERALD ELSA FLEMING PENNI FLESNER CHARLENE FRANCIS CLARENCE W. FRIESEN Fifth row, left to right: DON FULTON ALFRED GALAZ MARY RUTH GALLOWAY MARIORIE GEISENHENER BARBARA A. GILBERT Sixth row, left to right: GARY GILES BRECK GLASCOCK DONALD GLASCOCK Seventh row, left to right: HORACE GOMEZ HILARIO GONZALEZ LOIS ANN GOODMAN Ag Eight row, left to right: NANCY GORDON MARY ANN GRAY LUCINDA GRIEGO LJ , Qu ,. Lvl 'Cl 1 I v' l Q' L f f f 'J' F hz l L-:Lg First row, left to right: ED GRIFFITI-I PHILIP K. GRIGSBY BILLIE IUNE GRIZZELL BARBARA GROESBECK IACK GRUSCHUS Second row, left to right: IANET GUARD MARIETTA GURLEY SHARON GUTH THOMAS GUTIERREZ WILLIAM L. I-IALLER Third row, left to right: SHIRLEY I-IANSEN IIM HARPER IO HARPER IIM HASKEW WILLIAM I-IAYNES Fourth row, left to right: WEANELLE HEDGDOXE STEVE HENDERSON BILL HENRY MARY SUE HEXT ODELL HICKMAN Fifth row, left to right: ROBERT HILLMEYER PAULA HINES BEN HODGES IOANNE HOLDEN, MARY HOLECHECK Sixth row, left to right: SIGRID HOLIEN CAROLE I. HOLMES MARY HOLMSTEAD Seventh row, left to right: STANLEY HOLT CLETA HONEYMAN PEGGY HOOPER Eighth row, left to right: DOUGLAS HUGHES CONSTANCE L. HYBARGER CARL T. IACKSON First row, left to right: HAROLD IAMES CORAL IOHNSON ELSA IOHNSON NANCY RUTH IOHNSTON SHIRLEY IOLLY Second row, left to right: CHARLOTTE 1oNEs IIM JORDAN vxclu lumu EVA KAY CURTIS KEELER Third row, left to right: PAT KEELY LAURA KELLY NOELENE KENDRICK MARNA KENOTE FRANCINA KERCHEVILLE Fourth row, left to right: IOYCE KILLION DON L. KILLOUGH ROBERT A. KING IUDY KLASSEN BETTY KLOPOLSKY Fifth row, left to right: MIRIAM KNAPP IAMES KOURY HERMAN KRAVEL, IR. LUCY KRUEGER BEVERLY KULCZY Sixth row, left to right: IOYE LAIR BARBARA LAMAR PAUL DEAN LAMBERT Seventh row, left to fight: DON LANE ROWENA LANE CARL E. LARSON Eighth row, left to right: DIANNE M. LATIMER PAULA LAWSON IEAN LEDERER .ATX ll . , , 4 1 ,gl E Q5 1 14.9 .1 1 ,, as ,. 1, 1 X xl. I J Ai V gk .fwur . -1.1 l 1 A i f Q 4 , .sl 6: Q - . V" 4 ,iv Il 5 A l 1 1 50.1 if 'MEJQ "Wt 'ru Q F: ll I l ie: A gl 1.1 le 1 , ll 122111 2' WTJI7- 4 f 1 . W ' sf l . ef?-., ' AIN, - 11.1 .K1 ...l -:, -L. ' ., ,, ig f:g'flllj. 3135, t gi 1-,Q g..,:,- 4 1 ,-Lai' '-,Pl-Q21 lifl , "il 1' J.: Q . 1 QM- W 1 If -.A 1 ' -lf gy W' Ls : L 1 , , "1 2,512,11 5 -Y P5-' -..-'1----' "H gg '1' if -2- ' , 3 X .1 V. ' 1 1 1 ' 1 i .11 N A 2,5 'N L- - Q J ' x- - .Ak L, I I 4 . lil: U If V I , . D i q- , A J I fa '44 I I f x 3 lpfil' 1- ' ' ' ' fm-..-- JIQW.. .-- A 3:1 I I I lrf I I F wg , L ...ff iii- 1 1 fi H. l hd FII 3 by . ll I ' -' .V ir' , , w . , , . P, K 'L - 'Im lr IF I Fx A J l Il I 1 ' . ' . 4+ I -A' 1 2 'I C2539 . - -, M, we ' . 1 8 I If I I1 ' 5 I 1 gif, QI ' Wfsl FI' 2 ""- 1 , tgivfgflt ,I-1.5 nuff. was-4 I . ' .I J F9 l f I wx' '- J Im? I ' I First row, left to right: ELEANOR LEFLER EDITH LEI-IMAN MARILYN LEURIG ROBERT LINDH ROGER LOFTFIELD Second row, left to right: 101-IN LONGLEY PHYLLIS LONGWILL AL BILL LOPEZ-ADAMS LAURA LOU LOVETT PRESCILLA LUCERO Third row, left to right DALE FREDERICK MACKEY FLORA MAESTAS IACK MAIN GAYE MANGOLD ELOUISE MANSON Fourth row, left to right: MARY CATHERINE MARCHETTI ELINOR MARKUS GRACE MARTIN MONICA MARTINEZ RAUL MARTINEZ Fifth row, left to right: ROBERT MATTHEWS PAUL MATTOON MELI NDA MAXWELL PRESTON MCCROSSEN BETTY MCDONALD Sixth row, lcfr to right: MICHAEL MCNEVIN IAMES E. MEEK DAVE METZLER Seventh row. left to right: DONALD MILLER HELEN L. MILLER ROBBIE L. MILLER Eighth row, lcft to right: STANLEY MILLER VIRGINIA MINOR DAVID MIRABEL Flrst row, left to right: MALCOLM L. MITCHELL IAMES MITTLER FANNY MONTOYA LYNN MOODY BOBBY MORGAN Second row, left to right: ANITA MORRIS PAT MURRAY LOUIS F. MUSIL WALTER MYERS IAMES B. NEFF Third row, left to right: BOBBY NELSON WILLIAM B. NELSON DAVID S. NEWMAN BEVERLY NEWPORT IOANN NICCOLI Fourth row, left to right: STANLEY NICHOLS BILL NICKELL IUDY NICKELL ABBEY NIXON GARY NOSS Fxfth row, left to right: CHARLES 0'BANNON LESTER E. OLMSTED ALBERT ORTEGA NORMAN PALMER ERNESTINE PATINO Snxth row, left to right: SYLVIA PATINO PAT PATTON ELIZABETH PEIFFER Seventh row, left to right: JAMES E. PERRY SALLY PFEIFFER CAROLYN PHILIPS Exghth row, left to right: 10 ANNE PIERSON DON PINE PEGGY A. PINKERTON ,F A an JI tw . rlj i X ' , . , . , I , fi t 7 Y 5 I I We 't'.if"1,'v': 1 ,- J I A It . el 4 ,Q R 'tg . 3' l A at I . 'f,5'f R uni-' S 1+ , R fllgr x K TA 1. 1- '-:LE--2 v.'-J' -fm 5' f gl T f . If .1151 ' p l- Q JW R J J if 115 I .-mg-,. ,5.a.5te.'g vi I Pd gl Al 1' ' v ':. n , , ' ,- ,-'rl ' -I , .Ina . .5 I :, " 'ft - I, - . -. A J ighll 1 71" '. . Q 1- ' Q. ,It ' J I . l - ii Q S ' '45 'sits N ,' 'L j'- ! L I 5' ,ffxf I X. WA .- ' R rf' S V '-J' .lie wr . 'IE , ,. . at 1 ll Q. FA A u sl 3 W I N I I I-P ,. .7 X rx: -."+l1 IJ , V... .A V-up - ll :Q nr N l ,bfi I U A VJ I 5-Em, .' I NJ ,I l 4m4- u I L .1 3.. I x J. H I ... .1-2 . Is:-' ' VE: t . ,' 4 4, fav +A- Af. if-1 Fourth row, left ro right: FR, ' K ' W if 'll 1 v , . ,- 1 4 I First row, left to right: THOMAS PODLESKI HARRY F. POMEROY DIANE POOL BENIAMIN N. PORTER EARLE POWELL Second row, left to right: TED PRICE MURIEL mums RONALD M. PROPPER BARRY PULLEN Jos QUINTANA Third row, left to right: ANNE RADER CARL RAMSEY NANCY RAMSEY LOU ELLEN RAWSON IO REDMON ANITA REDSTROM FRITZ A. REEDER HARRIETTE 'REYNOLDS SALLY RICHARDSON TED RICHELTON Fifth row, left to right: BILL RICHMOND MALAGUIAS RODRIGUE HELEN ROGERS PETE ROSE ANN RUBINCAM CELESTE RUDDY CHARLES RUSSELL FORDY RUTHLING I Sixth row, left to right: Seventh row, left to right: LEE RUTLEDGE ' MILDRED A. RUYBALI PAUL I. SALAZAR Eight row, left to right: F. E. SALLADE IUANITA SANCHEZ LYDIA ROSE SANCHEZ S First row, left to right: CAROL SANDERS CONNEE SANDERS PETE SANDOVAL SEC SANDOVAL ION SCHLEMER Second row, left to right: ROY SCHOCK IOYCE SCOTT STUART R. SCOTT MARTHA SELL LAWRENCE SELLS Third row, left to right: ANTHONY SENA WILLIAM I. SHARP SHIRLEY SHEHAN DWAYNE SHEPPARD LOY SUE SIEGENTHALER Fourth row, left to right: IOYCE SIMMONS IOE SINGLETERRY SI-IEILA MAE SKINNER ALICE SMITH BEVERLEY IEANNE SMITH Fifth row, left to right: DON SMITH LUCILLE SMITH VICTORINE SMITH THERESA STARKEY IUDY STERMER Sixth row, left to right: IIMMIE STEVENS MILAN E. STEWART NORMA STEWART Seventh row, left to right: PATRICIA STEWART IANE ANNE STINNETT DAVID E. STOOPS Eighth row, left to right: IIM STURDEVANT, IR. EDWARD SULLIVAN POLLY ANN SULLIVAN 1 if ii 'Z f . ,Q K ' fhf q I IU I, g ,, f f , if I ' "V W um.. . W ll." ' 1 J kt 12: fi ry, .7 . 'X l A in ? ' J' fi gsf ll , , 0 -..r .,.,. I V it 1 I, J I I 43292 ix v"'nl.' .F , , ?-fa?" lsrm H1-t ' 11 gf K x J. x N.f , , i N6 ,yf-5 It , A 1, vii -.If ,gg 4 ,S I K I ' A in T l ' a the .L 'X 'Q V ,QT B ' W ll I I L I A T , ,It Q: , v"" A L' ' . - I .l , Q Ii' n , 2- 1 'Liz 5' Vt I 95'-fs lg 5' 4,-I1 fi O jil ' ai' -:Yi ,I , ,V :I , ikwwfz F T ,-1, E' - iff f 'S L ., . li. I 'lt if, " " V' 'xg' J i J, L 1 If Fil U Y IJ I K First row, left to right: DELANNE SVENDBY KARL D. SVENSSON VERNA TABET IVY LYNN TAPP HELEN TARPLEY , I Second row, left to right: NANCY TATE BOBBY TAYLOR DON TBBOARDBN .1 N1OHOLAs THEODORE "IM MARYLN THOMAS hi!! bi I if V l A i Third row, left to right: gg A MORRIS THOMAS, IR. 1 I 3 - TOMMY THOMAS - I 4:1 V ! IANET THOMPSON evil' Tr A O' WILLIAM THORNB f lfw ELAINE T1MMs 1' Li" U W, ,L f ill . T Mg! 'M iq., .-. Q f N ff , I 3 T 'T K if Fourth row, left to right: TOM TITCOMB WALTER TRIMBLE EDWARD F. TRISTRAM AUDREY L. TURNER IAMES I-I. TURNER Fifth row, left to right: ROBERT TURNER RODOLFO ULIBARRI VIRGINIA VALDEZ HARRY VANCE NANCY LEE VANN Sixth row, left to right: WALTER VAN WEART MARGRETT VIGIL PRISCILLA E. VIGIL Seventh row, left to right: SHIRLEY WALL SHERRELL WALTERS IIM WEBER Eighth row, left to right: SUSAN WEITZEL TED WENGERD BARBARA WESS First row, left to right: BONNIE WHITE IAMES M. WILLIAMS DOROTHY WILSON HERBERT WIMBERLY JAMES M. WINDSOR Second row, left to right: CAROL WITZ ROBERT WOLD IOE DON WOMACK BRUCE WOOD D'ANNE WOODMAN Thxrd row, left to right: ROBERT WORTMAN DON WRIGHT IEANNINE WRIGHT IOS. WM. WROBLEWSKI WALTER WYCHE Fourth row, left to right: IANET BARNES BARBARA MURRAY SHARON YENNEY CARL S. YRENE 5+ L: wi' , P1 dl 'F W 2, ..:.,f ll A1 L M .,,,:-,L , V124 , is ' ...Li , .L .L I rl 'l r ,' , K, 'riff I 5 I I fl , gl .E GRADUATE sc:HooI -. . 'nl f ,, 44" I 3 'J all This year's graduate school is being attended by sixty Air Force men who have been sent to UNM for a year's study of meteorology under a special 43393 :ontract made between the Air Force and the University. Di- rected by Dr. Victor H. Rege- ner, chairman of the Physics Department, the course offers graduate credit to the service men, all of whom are college graduates. 4 il ,Q ..-, First row, Icft to right: LOUIS G. ARCHULETA RAFAEL BARRERA BILLY F. BOWLES RICHARD BRUMI-YIELD WILLIAM A. BRUNER Second row, left to right: ROBERT M. CI-IAMBERLAIN HARROLD L. CI-IAMPLIN AYE CHO RONALD P. COMBEST WILLIAM M. CURRIE Third row, left to right: IOHNNY DANIELS IAMES C. DEVINE MARSHALL FLOYD RICHARD D. GEORGE EDWARD M. GNALL Fourth row. left to right: VERNON C. GOLDIZEN CHARLES I-IARRINGTON Fifth row, left to right: I-IERMAN S. I-IEATON I-IIROYOSI-II I-IIGA Sixth row, left to right: BEVERLY I-IOESE DAVID VV. HYATT Fxrst row, left to right: HERBERT C. IOHNSTON DONALD KAMPWERTH RAYMOND KAY IAMES L. KEATING EARL R. LENOIS nrl row, lrft to right: BILL LOVEIOY CLIFFORD LOY EDITH MARLIN VIRGIL MCKNIGHT IAMES MELLON Tlnrcl row, left to right: HUMBERTO A. MENDEZ ULESTER MARION MIMS IOHN I. MORAN KARL V. MORIN RONALD NORMAN Fourth row, left to right: SIDNEY G. PIKE RICHARD PRITT PAUL F. PULSE, ll LAWRENCE C. RANIERE GILBERT STEPHENS SANCHEZ Fifth row, left to right: ROY E. SANDLIN. IR. IUDGE E. SANDUSKY GLADYS SMITH IEANNINE STAFFORD IAMES E. STONE Sxxth row, left to right: TOGAWA OSAMU IAMES W. TAYLOR DAN TORGERSON HOWARD P. TUMLINSON NEII. WILSON ' Qi Lf? . 5" si! . 1 1, 1 .s 17 -Inf? cg if 3 -9 1.4: . ,, .1 I A v l ' ' I ' M 5- -'ij ff' ' I l - 'K .A fff-.154 ff - t f l lf r . r Q is nf First row: Edmund R. Alcksey, Herbert L. Ashby, Bill I. Baggett, Robert F. Blunt, Fred Hannahs, Glen L.'Houston Srrond row: Florenceruth lones, Don Moore, Bill Nufer, George F. Stevens, Fred Trechel LAW Freshmen engineers get set to do a job on the U 5- :YI P, 4-3Svl?'1 - 1 12' Afgtq-fi'-S 5 N2 XX H ORGX mnow Q- , Fx V I f . 2-. 11- 1 ffl f4?T'.f"2F:i "f5i:f5ff? 1 ' Q, 'z' - .- N fagw -+31 -' it .,.f Rlx W M . gw3,' M J --Q..f f -"'.1gl',f 31111 - ' I ' V , Taxi' fig Q 2 5 IU - N ftwm-fe:11 f l 'W f Ju Q 5 ' , A X ' -my A 5 . ,Lt ' I Y lax,fu,,Z -4 ' V . x!.,,,VI-3,1 X b h e b , A z , n V ' I . '. ,J W 5.-.yur ..- QYVZ1- gm? 5 , wi ' , ' -3 .ew K A Q gg , xg . , g . F5 ' :lfw ' ' 19 'QQ57 5 .2 ggi! LQ ' 3 g1gj ,3-gl 1 N 'iii 1- x , E' 1 W9 E21 f N V -' q K W L':I:AJ-,jlf xl. if V , . ,Z 1... H. V -,f,:?.,-1 L-fi M' W f ' f ' - l . . 'fr ff: ,Q ' , " if T. :I ,. 4 12 , jr 1 M . 'R ig' . , 5,613 ' f' ' ' 1 ALPHA PHI OMEGA First row: Bruce Henderson, Clinton Parker, Ken Chamberlain, Corence Richardson, Iim Fcrgcrson, Bill Chavez Stroud row: Clark Davis, Wick Miller, Roger Landon, Roger Boe, Bill Short, Bill Fcllers Third row: Tyson Ashlock, Iamcs Iaramillo, Brooks Ambos, Ted Tristram, Roger Green, Rupcrto Tafoya Buck row: lack Whcnry, Joe Soults ATHLETIC COMMITTEE -41 " 1- Left to right: Betty Jane Corn, Tom Grady, Al Utton, President Tom L. Popcjoy, George Ambabo, Bob Roseen ill' for CULTURALJ COMMITTEE -7 H- WH . . Y i, . ' ' 'ffflf , ' II,-A' JJ. Ll ii -gil-T , . rg? . qu. - - '- - I . - 2 1 L ' x' l .1 ' .' 15' " ' ' 1' '.-'F ' Raw one: Ioc Brower, Pat Davis, Frances Blair, Douglas Grant, Lee Langan, Kurt Frederick, Wilma Tapp Row two: Ellen Hill, Dr. Edward Lueders, Dr. Sherman Smith Abfcnt: Dr. Paul Healy, Dr. Morton Keston, Herb Nations, Bruce johnson 1 , STUDENT PUBLICATION BOARD to right: Dr. E. W. Tedlock, Ir., William Huber, Wilson W. Cliff, Keen Rafferty, Iohn N. Durrie, Chairman: Tom Ormsby, Mary Ethel Cousland, Maiel Ruth Carmel, lohn Morrison, Ruger Green, Iohn Keefc, Rob Edmondson, Mary Iohnson, Secretary STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE ...f Firxt row: Iulia Keleher, Dorothy Cline, Mary Ellen Smith, Iohn Iasper, Bill Thompson, Iohn Poorc, Dr. Sherman Smith, Chairman Buck row: Chris Iako Nor shown: Edwin Snapp, Frances McGill, Iune Stratton STUDENT COURT SWT i VVinnifrc:ml Matthcwb. Richard Greenleaf, Chief lustice. Not shown: Mary LaPaz, Kaiser Michael, Iohn Holroyd STUDENT SENATE First raw, rerona' from left: Alan Springstcad, Vice-presidcntg Mickey Toppino, Presidentg Mary Io Calloway, Secretary ,"'f"'... SUB COMMITTEE First row: Rita Cummins, Mrs. Second row: Al Zavelle, A. D 1 IJ T Lucas, Dean Clauve, Al Utton Ford, Ted Kittell, Ierry Brasher, Dean Howard Mathany WW W First row: Chuck Koskovich, Ioann McNay, Al Utton, Barbara Io Lcfcrink Second row: Darrell Davidson, Ierry Matkins, Io McMinn, Don Livingston, Glenn Campbell AFRCDTC Commanding Officer IOHN L. PARKER Colonel USAF f - 5.115 ff -' - 5 +5g:2', 4 61, :MY 5 15.6- A "4 . 11 ' Cadet Commanding OfHcer 7 'J' ""'- 2 DONALD D. EVANS ' ' of V .1 5 .1 . COMMISSIONED IN FEBRUARY Ioscph R. Littckcn, Iohn F. Ticrman, Edward L. Tixier, Irving M. Davig? Augustus K. Armstrong Absent: Robert H. Stuart, Donald N. Moore Ai Tieman, Tixicr, Armstrong, Stuart are now attending Hying school grade Military Affairs Council El Conquistador Staff Air Scoop Staff Air Force Association . fe A , 92, . , ., , A " iv ' QQ : . - ht' -F' Left fo right: - Noeline Kendrick, Air Force Queen The Homecoming Hoa: The Air Force Drill Team on parade Air Force participates in Intramurals TO BE CCMMISSICDNED IN JUNE Row one: Iames C. King, Iohn W. Taul, David D. Evans, Alwyn L. Allott, Glenn N. Campbell, Ralph Birkelo, Ruben C. Gomez Row two: Iohn A. Schnedar, Ralph I. Rainey, Ir., William M. Currie, Michael Prokopiak, Ioseph F. Boehning, Iames F. Wood, Edward P. Errante Row three: Charles W. Gay, Alfred M. Crow, Danny R. Swain, I. P. Boyd, Hugo D. Rockett, Wycliffe V. Butler, Gerald A. Austin Row four: Iohn S. Boyd, Daniel E. Connolly, Charles R. Kennedy, Donald E. Rady, Iames A. Parsons, Robert C. NorHeet III Absent: Kenneth G. Boflin, Eugene C. Steinberg, Walter M. Vernon, Thomas H. Williams, Ir., Noel C. Broome, Douglas W. Lowell TO BE COMMISSIONED AFTER SUMMER CAMP 'nm 2 J 'Y' lil Row one: Edward I. Lahart, Robert E. Rosecn, Ioseph R. Lettken, Charles C. White, David K. Ong, Howard A. Boyd Raw Hua: Glenn N. Campbell, Eugene Peirce, Ir., Albert E. Utton, Kenneth E. Horn, Richard A. Neff Absent: Dan Darrow, Iim Hester, Milton W. Klasser, Iohn B. Kidd V i 1 First row: Ioaquin DeVargasg S. P. Iohnson, III, Ralph R. Lopez, Robert Meyer, Bob Walker Second row: Iimmy Whittle, George Beller, Ioseph Cizmar, Iim Heath Third row: Charles Rohde, Charlie Morris, Don Ratcliff, Doug Arundale, lack Reynolds, Iames Hare, R. A. Rist The Beta Tau chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi . -: sf ,, e ,.-. .51 was installed at UNM in 1947. It is a mem- ' . ' , -5. , 'f ,M ber of the national organization, the first and f- - oldest business fraternity, which was founded in 1904 at New York University. The chapter t t i has one professional meeting each month at ' - J -X ,N S which time a businessman lectures to the , 1 i 15, ,. -' 3 members. Alpha Kappa Psi holds one social lf' ' ' function each semester, consisting of a dance, banquet, and initiation. Nick Dininni . . . . Vice-president Ray Carroll . . . . . President Gary Beals . . . . .H . . Secretary Howard Rogovin . . . -Master of Rituals ALPHA KAPPA PSI ls li 5 Walter Shurkin . Glen Campbell . Dr. Ferm . . Dave Agnew . Marion Pearce . . I ' u -Q, -Q 39, ' 1 Q Y A 5. l .- ' "-' 1 . AICE The student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was established at UNM in 1947. It was oflicially recognized and granted a charter on Iune 10, 1949. The organization aims to stimulate the interests of students in chemical engineering and promote their welfare as prospective members of the profession. Monthly meetings are held, with speakers on technical chemical engineering topics, motion pictures, and illustrations. I lv P r E' , ' l t, -,UPN xv . nua- ' 'vw ix. Firrf row: Donald Davis, Kim Ong, Dean Goddard, Tom Bringas, Bruce Wilson Second row: jake Romero, john Dimond, Donnie Silbo, Charles Bruce Third row: Marion Pearce, Philip Ciofalo. William Nitrerhousc, Glenn Campbell, Walter Shurkin, Milton Cohen Fourili raw: Dr. T. T. Castonguay, Bill Fellers, Skip Cornell, Herbert Ford, Mack Ingle, Al Grohe, Dave Agnew, Ed Muren, Dr. Richard L. Ferm I A- -hr 1 1-sf 1 5,3 E155 s-" l ll aff' ' yy . ,st First row: Norman Gluth, M. Mattison, Iames Park, Howard Williams, Iames Tucker, Charles Kennedy, Phyllis Bailey, Chris Iako, Ierry Mozer Second row: L. C. Menasco, Pete Hernandez, Edsel Overall, Prof. Iohn F. Davis, Charles Seth, Prof. T. L. Martin, Prof. R. W. Tapy, W. D. Wells, Iohn Usry, Leo Brower, W. M. Klatt Third row: L. Harris, W. A. Dunaway, I. L. Ellis, Iames Griscom, Hugh W. Hilleary, R. Hessemer The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers are two large national organizations which have student chapters on most campuses. The AIEE-IRE student branch serves to promote the interest of the students in the profession of electri- cal engineering and in the activities of the two national societies. Activities of the student branch include monthly meetings, a yearly social get-together, and participation in Engineers' Day. Besides these functions the AIEE- IRE sponsors yearly a competition of technical research papers among the students of electrical engineering. AIEE - -IRE I I I 1 f fl 4 -F - :I N ' i l ,feglj-V: W ' JI f '44 lg, 3+ p 3, Charles Kennedy . . President of IRE Howard Williams . . Secretary of IRE Phyllis Bailey . . . Secretary of AIEE Chris Iako . . . . President of AIEE ASME 'W 9 W CWNICAL A' guoxwiill 2 First row: Bob Spahr, Herbert L. Seligman, Iohn Chambard, Iack Ehlen, Wilcy C. Wells Second row: Esta Grissom, Tom Hill, Harry Iamcs McCracken, Wallace W. Dillard, Iohn A. Farris Third row: Iohn E. Tope, Vincent I. Taylor, Morris Thomas, Ir., William A. Seth, Oliver Wiley, Bill Taylor, Iohn Davis PI TAU SIGMA M Ng, ff msg nl lo-r I 'x' f' Jmlamasqi Firrr row: A. D. Ford, Victor I. Skoglund, Advisor, Charles T. Grace, Richard A. Dutton Second row: Iohn A. Farris, Iohn Chambard, David H. Goltermann, Vice-presidentg Tom K. Hill, President: James R. Hightower, Secretary-Treasurer ASCE The University of New Mexico Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers had the largest membership this year since the inception of the Chapter in 1927. The Society maintained its purpose in promoting a working fellowship with the State Professional Society, as well as enhancing the possibilities of the professional future of its members. Practicing professional men as principal speakers contributed markedly to this aim by Havoring the semi-monthly meetings with an atmosphere designed to advance the many sciences of the engineering profession. The 1952-53 Chapter took the 3rd prize cup for the best Homecoming float as well as enjoyed a dynamic role in the intramural program. An inspection trip throughout the western United States and Mexico for graduating seniors closed a most stimulating year's activities. -' 1? , Q . .-. ,- -- A ' , ' .. L. il 3 ' Y, ., .,..-- .: i ,ll 2. 1' l- if 9. is -5. 4 :,5, ,i.!.fH,,5 i 5 1 .iii 1 11 A 1 ,igirfy ll. 'i' -lg '-r,.523g,' '-1 1 --- ' e' 1 3 -S H.-qffwf' g L, K 'R :A , ' f. fl: 7 S' " ' ' .eg ..:,1jr 1- Q P V. V -,gp -- ,L L V Ii X .Yagi . x, .- I f j i. ,E L 5 , . -h i. :, li-nxt -5 V-rl ' 4 1 fs., F' tl l I ' a i, - A AA A. 'r'.- - "' - ' . i. .' .- '-,, . ' , : 4' :1 .V g ,. . . ' 5 .Qui ' LEE1: - H' ,E - li'-Ax -ta-Q .-',- ,Q J' As? ' v-. ' X' egg " ' , -1 V V 1 1 I Aff. I, -1 ' vs., -fa, fig f . 'f -C. i 1, ,gjiign ...LIL J ' '. a 4 1' -V F .5-'51'?'eff- i i . ' 'j Qi " lt ' ."' ' , .1 gl. . . , Q 4. 33 -1 AIYA A , 1 - I' 1. K . ' -'il.'i.'e. '. N-5 3 ,lv . D. O'Donnell . . . President D. E. Connolly . Vice-president V. Wigal . . . Secretary P. Boyd . . Treasurer ff ff 1 -2 flu rv .V , il. li: First raw: Herb Campbell, H. Letkemann, lack Winkler, H. O. Davis. Second row: Randy Holt, R. Whitson, Iesse Lunsford, Louis Sleeper, Norris Houk, Ormonde Earp, Iohn B. Roberts, Max Feld Third row: Frank Barking, john C. Hines, Dean Miller, Norman Lein, Louis Hilderbrand, lohn C. lcc, Don Ducoff, Rolf Erikson, lohn Mavromatis Fourth row: Ran Fuss, A. A. Mosher, David B. Burton, Hal V. Patton, Wm. K. Officer, Robert L. Feather, R. G. Hall, lerry Bohannon, Ralph P. johnson Fifllz row: Ed Cottingham, Louis McKee, james Duff, Del Calhoun, Peter Ramatowski, lose E. Suazo, Frank Martin AWS The Associated Women Students was organized at UNM in 1930, and every woman student becomes a member upon enroll- ment at the University. The AWS Council consists of one repre- sentative from each campus women's organization. The purpose of AWS is three-fold: to secure uniform and individual repre- sentation in student activities, to promote social interests among University women, and to create a bond among various women's organizations. This year the group sponsored the First annual Women's Day --a day in honor of all women students, the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, the student handbook, Saludas Amigas, and :-.f,,. V , the King of Hearts Dance. 1 Letitia Crcveling . . . . Treasurer Patsy Morrow . . Secretary Joann McNay . . . President Peggie Dismukc . . Vice-president Firrl row: Elton Byerly, Mary Jeanette Swillum, Mary Kay Eubanks, Paula Hines, Patsy' Morrow, Peggie Dismukc, IoAnn McNay, Letitia Creveling, Miss Carol Williams, sponsor, Norma Shockey, Sally Masury Second row: Betty lane Corn, Ioan Lewis, Virginia Wehmhoner, Isabel Cella, Marilyn Watkins, Margaret Rutz, Margaret Avis, Darlene Springer, Mary Io Cal- loway, Pat Casey Seated: Pete Scott, Bill Lee, Connie Grisham, Dana Kusianovich, Ieanne Marchand, Bill Kichline Standing: lim Iordan, Wade Cox, Telbert Watts, Buddy Hayes, Lou Keating, Perry Larson, Kent Elsworthy Boots and Saddles, a club devoted to keeping alive the traditions of Western horscmanship and customs, was organized at UNM nine years ago. Its activities for the year include participation in various state rodeos and the National Intercollegiate Rodeos. Boots and Saddles played host to the NIRA convention held in Albuquerque in December. Regular meetings are held bimonthly. leanne Marchand . . . . Secretary Connie Grisham . . Social Chairman jim jordan . . . Vice-president BOOTS AND SADD ES . . . Pete Scott . . Treasurer 473235 -v-- -'f' """' 'E ,J ai- 3.6 V, 1 ,, , , Members of the Rodeo Club spon- sored by Boots and Saddles exhibit their skill in bareback bronc riding Ll BETA ALPHA 6.3 f 1 4- fir-- . .arp-.5 14" 4 ' Ire' .7 12 M 4' ' '1"D , 4? Seated: Prof. Iohn Dunbar, Robert Scanlon, Walter Scott, Prof. D. M. Smith, Kenneth McKown Slanding: Prof. Richard Strahlem, George Grewe, Iohn Holroyd, William Alfano, Ronald Rist, lack Reynolds, W. B. Norwood, Gilbert Sanchez, Ioseph Yoaltum DELTA SIGMA PI l l Z 'F' 3 ' fr Seated: Erle Paxton, Richard Kelly, Ed Hatchett, Gene Peirce, George Grewe, Rudy Kleinschmidt, Robert Wareham, Al Barbieri, Bill Pierce Standing: Charles Dickenson, Ed Marcus, lohn Teeter, David MacClean, Harry Williams, Bill Cole, Hayward Scott, Stan Taylor, Walter Scott COMMERCE CGUNCIL Seated: Rita Cummins, George Shaffer, Gene: Peirce, Richard Neff, Virginia Perinox, Norma Shockey Standing: Dean Vernon G. Sorrell, Dewey Scott, Harry Williams, Petty T. Moore, Marlin Pound, Robert Scanlin, Ralph Lopez, Henry Anderson, Wendle Nelson PHI GAMMA NU , Pl Pill J , 'xl 'Xf qfl ill an . "'?'?' 1 ly: a '-ix' ,-qgf 1 g 5 ' 1 ,Il 7 , I QIA ls,-,N ., jg ,Q J ta TTI - J1g',. 1 .A.jg,k:,,,'t-g ,751 U AAN .- Q -...- D .. t 1' - e ' '--se 29 Seated: Doris Williams, Dorothy Swain, Treasurer, IoAnn Drake, Presidentg Norma Shockey, Secretary Standing: Louella Bcgay, Ianice Plummer, lcannette Swillcm, Mary Io Calloway, Rita Cummins Not Pirlnred: Marilyn Watkins, Belly Thompson, Georgia White, Ioan McNay, Shirley Iolly, Rose Marie Mandan, IoAnn Iohnson, Mrs. Virginia Reva, Spon ,l I C sor 1 4 First row: Al Dogin, Howard Rogovin, Millie Seligman, Herb Seligman, lewel Bernstein, Art Bernstein, Carolyn Liif Second row: Iudy Specter, Carolyn Rothman, Paddy Tananbaum, Arlene Kaufman, Helen Mendlesberg, Fernie Bernstein, Elinor Markus Third row: Al Gold, Shirley Edlestcin, jerry Firsty, Roberta Swirl, Harvey Gross, Iay Rosenwasscr, Barbara Seligman, jerry Gerber Fourzlr row: Murray Kaplan, Dave Segal, Fred Goodman, Wally Harish, Martin Shapiro, Ben Imershein Fifth row: Milton Cohen, Robert Eddeson Hillel Counselorship, one of the chapters of the National B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations, was organ- ized at UNM in 1941. Since that time it has grown into the chief organization fostering the religious, social, and cultural outlet for Iewish students on campus. - Rabbi David Shor, counselor, has guided Hillel through varied activities: religious discussions, a series of radio programs, services, and meetings. Parties, picnics, and dances were also held during the year. Al Dogin . . - - Elinor Markus . - Howard Rogovin ............ H I L L E L Not shown: Art Blumenfeld, Vice-presidcn I y ' . Q , ., sw n 'i Y! ,1 M'- A A President Secretary Treasurer I AQ s --C4 Q , u 'L .J D L-Axe. a - ., 7'Y 1 ' ...L ' .- ' "5 - 1 1-j'-I 1 3- I 5 ' , YI- 4 5 , v--,gliin .-r J I-'Quan'-Gr" . . . -' -f " - -1 1 -V A. I A Ylav- .J'l0" - Firn row: lim Fricke, Robert Wickham, Don Dunick, lim Morris e , lat' we ' J ' E" , - qs --1-if e -- Second row: C. R. Brown, A. P. Bailey, R. E. Blauckey, Sam Samuelson, Walter Morgan, Max Small, Claude Himman, Elmer Kuhn, Chris Ogaz, Cipriano Archuleta, Bob Harris Third row: lose E. Sandoval, R. I. Rainey, Perry Share, Iohn Mhoon, Bob Czirr, Curtis Hardison, Budd C. Gallagher, Conrad Chambers, Harold A. Conroe, lack C. Stacy, Roy C. Clarke Fourth row: Robert Stokes, Harold Adkins, Robert Reed, Dan Kloss, Thomas Davis, L. C. Love. L. M. Bartolucci, V. E. Wolcott, A. L. Terpening, C. E. Randall, G. Iamcs Machaccll, George Sandoval, Allen Hubinger I I I lim Fricke . . . . . . . President Robert Wickham . ...... Vice-president Don Dunick . . . Student Senate Representative lim Morris . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer The purpose of this organization is to afford an opportunity for the members of the Industrial Techni- cal Association to create a greater interest in the Industrial Arts field, to acquaint them with topics of interest through the medium of address and discussion competent speakers, to foster the development of a professional spirit, and secure uniform and indi- vidual representation in student activities. INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL ASSCDCIATION KAPPA PSI Kappa Psi is a professional pharmacy fraternity. Its purpose is to promote better inter-professional relationships among pharma- cists during and after graduation from college: Kappa Psi's main social function during the year is the annual spring banquet and dance in honor of the graduating seniors. All alumni of the College of Pharmacy are invited to attend. Duane Aldous . . Dave Gluth . . . Ioseph McMahon . Iohn Swentzel . . Charles Pray . . . Secretary . . President . Vice-president . . Treasurer . Historian Bill Brown, Iim King, Martin jones, Dean Catalinc, Bill Seese, Henry Mach, Ioe McMahon, Ol-ia Dansby, Duane Aldous, I. P. Miller, lack White, Tom Chapmang Center back: Dave Gluth: Center Ironr: Lonnie Meadows .2.L', Ierry Matkins . . Treasurer Io McMinn . . . . President Robert Norlleet . . . Secretary ' Ali. ,, 5-rid 5 KHATALI The name Khatali is taken from Navajo meaning medicine man. The new members are chosen by those active in Khatali at the time. Its purpose is to recognize college leadership and customs of the University. Membership is extended to those junior and senior men who have distinguished themselves in some phases of campus activities while maintaining a high scholastic average. 'ewlgif A K Al Utton. Norman Thayer, Gene Peirce, Lee Langen, Don Evans, Roger Green, Henry Anderson, David Agnew, Richard Ransom N MEXICO OBO Student Newspaper University of New Mexico L l 'Hal N-:hr-xl Lionel Linder, Editor Tom Ormsby, Business Manager New MEXICO LoBo Published Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fri- days, during the college year. except during holidays and examination periods, by the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office. Albuquerque, Aug. 1, 1913, un- der the act of Mar. 3, 1879. Printed by the UNM Printing Plant. Subscription rate: 54.50 for the school year. i Editorial Staff Lionel Linder, editorg Fred Jor- dan, managing editorg Rob Edmond- son, John Mesner and Sonja Bra- shears, night editors. Business Staff Tom Ormsby, business managerg Lou Lash, assistant business man- ager: Kenny Hansen, circulation manager. "Very few facts are able to tell their own story, without comments to bring out their meaning."-John Stuart Mill. Offices in the Journalism Building Phone 7-8861, Ext. 314. pr-2-ee "'-'5'lV Ed Lahart, Political Reporter: Fred Iordan, Managing Editor: Alice Woodward, Society Editor: and Charles Halley, Art Editor, concentrate on the next edition Members of the reporting staff wait for Max's ,telephone conversation to end. They are clockwise: Pat Davis, reporterg Iohn Schuelke, Sonja Brashears, copy reader, Ken Chamberlain, cartoonistg Lou Lash, columnist, Max Odendahl, night editor Dick Skrondahl explains one of his photos to night editor Iohn Mesner. Looking on are Dan Nachel, pho- tographer, and reporters Harry Ramsdell and Mary Russell iyii It must have been a funny one, judging from the expressions of Cclockwisej Nancy Gass, Mickey Toppino, Dave Miller, Danna Ku- sianovich, Carolyn Ramsey, report- ers, and Rob Edmondson, night editor First row: Dave Leonard, Glenn Campbell, Bill Currie, Weldon Hunter, Iohn Taul, Marvin McSmith, Roger Cox Second row: Bob -Roseen, Ed Smith, Gilbert Carroll, Dick Panzica, Bobby Lee. Pete Nolasco, Mike Prokopiak Third row: Bobby Arnett, Ronald Hollander, Lou Lash, Marlin Pound, Russ Nysted, Dave Matthews, Vern Smith, Bill Kaiser Fourth raw: Danny Darrow, Chuck Koskovich, Wayne Tucker, Ronnie Iaeger, Marvin Spallina, Don Papini Fifth row: Rollie Morris, Larry White, lim Bruening, Paul Halter, Sam Suplizio Not rlrown: Ralph Matteucci, lay Crampton, Dick Ransom All athletes with varsity letters are eligible for membership in . the Lettermen's Club. At the annual Lettermen's Ball in the spring awards are presented to the outstanding man in each sport, and a Varsity Girl is chosen. This year the Lettermen participated in varied activities. They were hosts at the state high school track meet and to visiting high school football teams at the Utah State game. Also included - in their schedule were selling programs at athletic cventsg washing the Lobo in front of the stadium, and assisting local welfare organizations. For the first time the Lettermen or- ganized the freshman class to repaint thc U on the mountains. Roger Cox , . . . President Glenn Campbell . . . Vice-president Dave Matthews . . Secretary-Treasurer LETTERMEINVS CLUB First raw: Phyllis Caponera, Bettye O'Brien, Dorothy Lewis, lune Stratton, Marilyh Leurig, Connie Giomi, Gloria Forrest, Lucy Krueger, Nancy Cone, Mary Ann Gray, Peggie Dismuke, Sandy Eggert, Shirley Cole, Carolyn Setzler Second row: Tommie Thompson, Io Redmon, Margaret Rutz, Dorothy Oshunn, Verna Taber, Betty Lou Cordova, Nancy Reynolds, Mary Bruch, Sharon Yenney, Ioann Nicks, B. I. Corn, Gladys Milliken l Markie Rutz . . . Vice-president Sandy Eggert . .... President B. I. Corn . . Secretary-Treasurer The purpose of Majors and Minors is to further understanding between women in Physical Education. The organization was established on UNM in 1946. Monthly meetings combine business and social activities. The group also sponsors the campus Sports Day and Play Day. MAJORS AND MINORS MESA VISTA DORM F3 ' 'K Y ,. First raw: Fred Giere, Head Proctor, Mrs. Reeves Baysinger, Housemotherg G. Lee Armstrong, Dorm Presidentg john Pleus, Secretary CWing 3-lj Second row: Ed Hatchett, Vice-president CWing 3-225 Ed Condra, fWing l-253 Lee Murphy, CDorm T-2455 Bill Martin, fWing l-ljg Bob Wenrick, Social Chm. fWing 2-lj: George Chaires, Homecoming Co-chairmang Roger Landon, Publicity Head, QWing 2-259 LeRoy Hendrix, Ir., CWing 1-3,5 Peter Nolasco, QWing 2-SJ! Harry Pomeroy, Parliamentarian and Homecoming Co-chairman The Executive Council of Mesa Vista Dormitory is the governing body of the residence hall, composed of wing presidents from each of the nine electoral sections in the dorm, one from dorm T-24, and the dormitory president. These men are elected at the beginning of each semester to govern the business of resident student affairs, plan and enact recreation and entertainment, and represent Mesa Vista in the Student Senate. The purpose of the council is to guide student activities of. the dormitory residents through control of funds allocated for that purpose. i 120 .4 M Y' .Lju- x i 2 Above: TV fans have an oppor- tunity to follow their favorite is Programs in the dorm lobby ' ..'., "x 1 ual Opparitc: Mesa Vista's Homg. coming float said, "Scalp 'Em Lobos!" -:Z N ' " 'P Y 1 Xl' ' l i Lin, -- W.,-inf, if 4 U- ii' PI' . 4 1 7 , . . ,'x 'J . 15 54, It Above: Three times daily hundreds of boys X J lif ggfj w A V, Above: Lee Armstrong and jerry file through the cafeteria line 1' ' Fxrsty give instructions during 'l , one of Mesa Vista's elections -.Q ,za l fi E milf - . 1. ll :-lg' " 'Q i , " :l?ff?'r- i V A 315 f. , 4 ' I :if . . . . , ' I 123 'V -, Rxglzi: Recreational activities are always - to , . available to Mesa Vista residents if rl. ie . 1 B if A V , 1 J -rf' .N H'-.1 5 ri J f" '- . 'U " 13 -A at i Y.1-Ls'f:-i::'L1fi-- 'R il M' . ,-..u w ,,,,,. ,.,,,.A . , iieaiigeisip 121 A 433 aww anager A Business M T 1 X Ed1,Z0 COBSXQO Cairns 1 gijvex Mais I ,J - ' I r MIRAGE , 1 Li! 'C'- Iulie Allen, Margaret Ange CClas5 Edizorj, Ioan Iclinek I Art Editor g,...- and Muriel Pride looking over the class section ,l Iim Lamb, Sports Editor, and Sara Spoon, Associate Editor, COITIPZIC sport PiClZl1l'CS of un-gl Shirley Patrick types copy for organizations while Martha Sell, Copy Editor, and Ann Henning compose cutlines Right: Completion of the faculty pages pleases Sara Spoon, Associate Editor, and Isabel Cclla, Faculty Editor Editor Ruth Carmel and lim Pinkerton Layout Editor, discuss layouts for the feature section W 3- -'-'--.. K KJ.- 'L E These are the two teams of photographers whose diligent work produced the pictorial results of the 1953 Mirage Lonnie Meadows and Bill Rodgers Dick Skrondahl and Dan Nachel MARRON HALL i sh? if? First row: I. Gonzales, S. Kilgore, B. Fawcett, D. Latimer, I. Lair, L. Henson, L. Gross, B. Collins Serona' row: A. Henning, T. Gonzales. L. Griego, L. Aragon, C. Lifl, F. Lindenmeir, S. Hulbert, V. Avis, B. Dickey Third row: D. Kusianovich, K. Korsmeyer, M. Hunt, P. Fullerton, L. Glynn, V. Garland, P. Longwill, D. Durham, D. Deuss, M. Avis, C. Faulstich. li. Fee F0lIl'lll row: C. Hybarger. B. Hoese, I. Foster, G. Forest, L. Bell, I. M. Gore, B. Gilbert, G. Chaves, H. Kohr, P. Fisher Firft row: E. Romero, V. Valdez, B. Sells, V. Tabet, E. Moots. P. Ward, B. Newport, P. Vigil Second row: B. Williams, L. Moody, R. A. Davis, I. Marsh, I. A. Matlock, C. Roth, H. Turner, P. Sandoval, S. Plieffcr, G. Smith, L. Sanchez Third row: D. Mitchell, S. Stark, C. Sanders, D. Woodman, S. Weitzel, E.. Plummer, E. Rutherford, I. Schmics, I. Williams, D. Williams, P. Sekavec, E. Prochazka Fourth row: I. Wilson, L. Vigil, M. McDowell, T. Miller, I. Plummer, I. Sanchez, M. Faris, I. A. Recs, C. Van Doren EWG? , ., 1 5 V iilfii --QV'-LFE' f new 1 i is 2 fri- Vi s 7 f a s ui i 'frail " M Q. ' ,, 'X First row: Peggic Dismuke, Luz Wong, Wilma Tapp, Dorcas Knudsen, lane Adams, Nancy Cass Sez'our1'r'ow: Ioann McNay, Georgina Radosevich, Ruth Ann Davis, Barbara Goss, Sally Masury Mortar Board is the honorary for senior women and stands for scholarship, leadership, and service on the university campus. Pi Sigma Alpha, the local chapter of Mortar Board, was installed at UNM on May 30, 1921. Mortar Board membership is one of the highest honors a uni- versity can confer upon its women students, and it is the group which preserves the traditions of the university. Typical services of Mortar Board include: directing the Homecoming Queen election, sponsoring the annual Hanging of the Greens and Stunt Night, selling Community Concert series tickets, and assisting with orientation. Georgina Ratlosevich . . Vice-president Dorcas Knudsen . . President lane Adams . . . Secretary I-ann McNay . . T feas um- M O R B R D NEWMAN CLUB First row: Nancy Neeb, Lilly Domenici, Sue Southern, Linda Stowers, Zula Brown, Margaret DeFeo, Ioann Holden, loAnn Niccoli, Gloria Tartaglia, Rita Fackenthall, Iohn Schnedar Second row: Ioyce Killion, Shirley Eggert, Phyllis Eggert, Mary Helen Garcia, Shirley Vigil, Nancy Overfelt, Helen Binkert, Ernestine Miera, Emma Del Frate, Margie Baca, Minerva Baca, Martha Lamerson, Durella Chavez, Tom Davis Third row: Mr. Brown, Marietta Brown, Ernest Suazo, Molly Conley, Florence Lindenmier, Gus Pinetla, Patsy Griego, Betty Cordova, Virginia Valdez, Rudy Trujillo, Ioan Wootton, Bill Atkins ' Fourth row: Bill Gribbon, Toby Roybal, Ed Delgado, Iohn Iaramillo, Anthony Sena, Hilario Gonzales, Ierry Newfield, Bill Purdy, Manuel Cortez, Marcelino Prelo, E. B. Romero, Dan Vigil, Ioe Roblaski, Pete Chavez, Fidel Tabet, Ray Guerette, Ed Smith Bark row: Bill Schnetlar, Bill West, Kaiser Michael, Ioe Villa, Pete Domenici, Leon Palmisano, Bob Gonzales, Pete Duran, Al Ortega, Iim Iaramillo, Danny Van Doren, I. I. Castillo, lim Sturdivant, Ierry Kelley, Bob Burns First row: Marge Miera, Marie Io Miera, Sigrid Holien, Celeste Ruddy, Ian Alfidi, Mildred Ruybali, Al Barela, Koni Korsmeyer, Marywill Hunter, Pat Duni- gan, Richard Camacho Second row: Sam Montoya, George Sandoval, Eilene Moots, Theresa Cummins, Rita Cummins, Mary Io Gutierrez, Ioy Chapell, Nalclinc Giomi, Lucille Aragon, Linda Sanchez, Gloria Castillo Third row: Dick Chandler, Margaret Doherty, Ioyce Brown, Patricia Mares, Mattie Io Wall, Mary Domcnici, lane Lakin, Bob Cheshire, Priscilla Vigil, Pauline Baca, Barbara Gilbert, Bill Keleher, jim Koury Back raw: Bernie Brown, Raphael Barrera, Ben Flores, Frank McCulloch, Chad Rea, Dan Chavez, Iim Nevans, Marilyn Thomas, Don Hollis, Gloria Chaves The Newman Club of the University of New Mexico is one of the many chapters of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. It was organized on campus in 1939 with the purpose of fostering the religious, intellectual, and social. aspects of Catholic campus life. Members of the Dominican Order serve as chaplains and conduct the functions of the club. At right is the Newman Club chapel where Mass is held every morning and rosary and benediction each evening. 5.3-r Nile' .bg The Cardinal Ball, which highlighted the Newman Club social calendar, was held at the Knights of Columbus hall in November Ed Delgado Shirley Vigil Bob Cheshire Io Miera . . Ioan Wootton X, .wif . . . Treasurer . . Vice-president . . . . . President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary 53 an .J , "fe ,f r .'.l l . ,, L +-.' -v ' '1- wx T H. .. ' . is t ' .Vi First row: Herb Campbell, Ormonde Earp, Ierry R. Bohannon, Iesse V. Lunsford, Randolph Holt, Daniel Connolly Second row: Ed Cottingham, Prof. Ray Foss, Zane Goodwin, Iohn Mavromatis, Louis G. Sleeper, Ray L. Hall, Iohn G. Hines. Not shown: Durl Burkham, Glenn Campbell, Wyman Guthrie, Leonard Lee, I. B. Romero, Donnie Silbo The UNM chapter of the New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers was organized in 1947 to unite the different engineer- ing colleges and improve the professional future of its members. The Society has speakers from the state and national organiza- tions which are dedicated to the non-technical professional as- pects of engineering. The program of the society consists of three parts. They are: First, raising the standards of the engineering profession through adequate registration practices, second, eleva- tion of the profession to the level commanded by others-law and medicine, and third, the improvement of the individual's lot by adjustment of wage scales. NMSPE jerry R. Bohannon . . Treasurer Herb G. Campbell . . . President Randolph Holt . . Vice-president Ormonde Earp . . . Secretary I. H- fx.. First row: S. P. Nanninga, E.. H. Fixley, Gilbert Miranda, Everett Miller, Hal L. Dobkins, Michael White, Alfred G. Cordova, Frank Luna Second row: Henry V. Berg, Ice Slominski, Alfred D. Chavez, Raymond llubb, Dan Mulvihill, Donald Reel, William Nabors, Americo Andrzido, William Hemsing, Glen O. Ream, Frank Lister, V. I. Cortney, V. L. Beggs, A. K. Warren Back row: F. L. Hernandez, Frederick M. Myers, Max Shirley, Leonard I. DeLayo, O. L. Pembroke, Edward Lighton 1 i , . 5 Phi Delta Kappa, an honorary professional N I,-. , ' 1 'X ff , i' organization for men in the held of education, is dedicated to the principles of research, serv- if ice, and leadership. Beta Rho chapter was if, . f W installed at the University in 1949. ,. f, I lg- ' li A speakers' bureau has been set up to 'B 1 ' furnish speakers on various topics to any ' X . A-5 ei- ' group of persons desiring such service. jeg f if 13 ' 'g'f.'.1 P , ' 57283. I 'stef iz., "',"f1A " . A , Q ti: qs. - ssl, rf, Gilbert Miranda . . Vice-president Everett Miller . . . . President William Hemsing . . . Historian Hal Dobkins . . . . . Secretary Dr. Lloyd Burley . . Faculty Advisor Bob Smolich . . . . Treasurer RALLY CGM Rally Com, student spirit organization, was reorganized this W: K' year and under the leadership of Kay Mosher contributed in many ways to the successful Lobo sports year. The spirit group was divided into two parts, senior and junior Rally Com. The group started the year with a football rally and send-oft' before the Lobos left for the Brigham Young game at Provo, 1' , -- U A Utah. For the rest of the pigskin season Rally Com sponsored 31 1 a variety of pep rallies for each game. ' 1572. , Highlights of the football season were a train trip to the ff' Denver game, which was co-sponsored with the Student Senate, and a last-game rally in the SUB which was broadcast over a local radio station. Kay Mosher ........ ..... P resident Helen Woodward . . . Secretary lim Heath . . . . Vice-president Carole Heath . . . Treasurer I T? 2 7 First row: Phyllis Caponera, Iudy Hubbard, Carole Heath, Mary LaPaz, Kay Mosher, Marythelma Bryant Second row: Shirlic Salvage, Ann Lee Stranathan, Ianice Nusbaum, Ierry Firsty Third row: Mary Russell, Barbara Mitchell, Sara Spoon, Lois Purinton, Helen Woodward Fourth row: .Alan Springstcad, Iim Heath, Iohn Taul, Larry Tretbar Fir!! row: Nancy Cone, Ierry Allis, Shirley Patrick, Ann McCollum, Geynell Clark Second row: Eloise Manson, Nancy Vann, Win Davis, Carol Ramsey, Betty Folsom, Ann Henning Third row: lack Mulcahy, Ann Gray, Mary Bruch, Connie Giomi, Peggy Testman, Beverly Ochterbeck Fourth row: Ann Rubincam, Charles High, Sharon Yenney, Vicki Judah Bark row: Carol Witz, Audrie Berg, Peggy Hooper, Nancy Burke Midnight Rally, one of the many rallies that were sponsored during the year by Rally Com. "Come on, let's Live it Up" PI LAMBDA THETA Pi Lambda Theta is an honorary sorority for women in the College of Education. Women must maintain a B average and have faculty recommendation in order to be considered for membership. Alpha Mu chapter, which is a combined college and alumni chapter, plans to be hostesses to the National Biennial Council in August, 1953. ,f.i,.-VIA Blendina Maynard . ....... Treasurer Dorothy Maddison . . . Corresponding Secretary Ruth Roberts . . ..... President Kathleen McCann . . . . Sponsor Edith Manfrcdi .... . . Vice-president Not rhown: Peggy Piper . . Recording Secretary I-'irn row: Georgene Barte, Roberta Swire, Betty lean Bourbonia, Pat Baird, Doris Williams, Ruth Ann Davis, Grace E. Elser, Louise Lee Second row: Iosephine Steen, Lillith Scholes, Sarah Louise Cook, Iosephinc Williams, lrma Bobo, Esther Sell, Mary Moore, Frances Shutt Third row: Eva M. Glaese, Laura l. Collins, Elizabeth Somerville, Gertrude Pittard, Mable L. Riebe SIGMA ALPHA IGTA Sigma Alpha Iota, founded at UNM in 1935, is an honorary music fraternity for music majors in the col- leges of Fine Arts and Education. Every spring the organization has a contemporary P musicale in which members participate. Besides provid- ing general service to the music department, Sigma Alpha Iota ushers and sells punch during intermission at Community and Civic Symphony concerts. Isabel Cella . . . Secretary Wilma Tapp . . . . President Laura Rodrick . . . Vice-president lean Fisher . . . Treasurer fill Iiii' Y , ,. pw-.J S. Firsl row: Adele Brown, Gildcr Gray, Marietta Brown, Harriet Riebe, Wilma Tapp. In Margaret Gore. Nancy Nfisbilif Second row: Vera Rozdestvcnsky, Ioy Potcet, Nancy Shell, Isabel Cella, lean Wilson, Barbara McLean, Barbara Weaver, Laura Rodrick First row: Walter Shurkin, Cipriano Archuleta, Pete Hernandez, Richard Clark, Raoul L. Maes, Edward P. Errante Second row: Iim Park, Louis Sleeper, Iohn Hines, Lawrence Menasco, Phil Boyd, Danny Swain, Christopher Iako Surg F ii Third row: Prof. Iolin A. Iacobson, Advisory Prof. Ray Foss, Herbert Ford, Prof. Iohn I. Heimerich, Prof. Richard G, Huzarski, Tom Hill, Cliff Crader, Ed Cottingham The Chi chapter of Sigma Tau celebratedyits 25th anniversary in December. Iunior and senior engineers who are in the top third of their class are eligible for membership in this engineering honorary, which has 28 chapters throughout the country. This year the president and vice-president journeyed to Laramie, Wyoming, to attend the National Conclave held biannually. Purposes of Sigma Tau are the promotion of soci- ability, practicality, and scholarship. SIGMA TAU Pete Hernandez . lim Park . . . Raoul L. Maes . . . Prof. Iohn A. Iacobson Danny R. Swain . . Tom Hill .... Edward Cottingham . . . Recording Secretary . . . . . President . Historian . . . Advisor . . Vice-president . . . . . . Treasurer . Corresponding Secretary ,EI 'P N . , J G , I Q Pi ' " 5 G J at ,f 'ti ' I 4 51. 'sir- ' i 3 91, bi l 1-Ia .I "' . Y ' X '-f I X I ' - -, r til, 1 SF .-.W W QS -a t. g f l - Y .Q . I 0 lv' y, iv' ,,,, 'iii 'A y,',f,Q :A ' , , V' 1- ' Qa,TT' First row: Edna Christensen, Margaret Ange, Mary Kuykendall, Virginia Wchmhoner, Lola Israel, Helen Woodward, Carolyn Ritchie, Mary Ieanctte Swillum Sara Spoon Second row: Marythelma Bryant, Ann McCollum, Iackie Cottingham, Irene Barber, Barbara Cunningham, Dorothy Lewis, Marie Io Miera, Maxine Kleindlenst Third row: Shirley Vigil, Virginia Avis, Ioanna Beeken, Winnifred Matthews, Aleta Lou Roberts, Norene Miller, Adele Brown, jackie Eiselc, Carole Heath, Coralle Van Dorcn, Vicky Mason, Ann Lee Stranathan ff J I A l 5 . X f . in . I its it , W V . i vt V . ii Barbara Cunningham . . Secretary Carole Heath . . . . President Norene Miller . . . Editor Mary Kuykendall . . Historian Carolyn Ritchie . . Vice-president Margaret Ange . . Treasurer Spurs is a national women's service honorary with the pur- pose of promoting school spirit and furthering the traditions of the University. Membership is extended to those sophomore women who display an interest and participation in college ac- tivities, a sense of honor, dependability, unselfishness, democracy, and above average scholarship. Living up to their motto "At Your Service," Spurs this year have ushered at commencement activities, sold programs at games, conducted guided tours of the campus, and formed the Honor Guard for theVHomecoming Queen and her court at the cononation. In addition the UNM Spurs played host to both the national and regional conventions. Two national oflicers are UNM Spurs -Betty Hall, president, and Ruth Carmel, editor. ' SPURS 8 i . V 1 V ., TAU KAP PA ALPHA Tau Kappa Alpha, National Forensic Fraternity, was established at UNM in 1940. Membership in this honorary organization is limited to those who have two years of varsity forensics, a suitable grade average, and have been approved by the active members of the local chapter. Activities of the group include sponsorship of the high school forensic festival, intramural debate t0ur- naments, and participation in intercollegiate forensic activities as representatives of UNM. Dr. Wayne C. Eubank, Chairman of the Speech Department, is the National President. Ruth Ann Davis . Glen Houston . . Florenceruth Iones . Dr. Wayne C. Eubank . . President . . . Vice-president . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . Sponsor 1-fi: L, ,Jn aw. ,R U f. 1. 4 nm 3 A I f 1 A few- in M.-'., 4 '15 -1 ,.-li?-i-Q ai -,Qs , x p, . ,. , an K ,E X . X f ' X . .' ,p 1 el Al ,X fi 4. I 2 l First row: Dr. Cullen Owens, Ruth Ann Davis, Glen Houston, Florenceruth Iones, Iohn Morrison, Ralph Douglass Back raw: Dr. C. V. Wicker, Dr. Wayne C. Eubank, Dr. S. P. Nanninga, Dr. Harold O. Ried, Dr. Robert E. Barton Allen, Felix Briones W as V 19 'gi ' - T 241112 4. 1 ,,, -- ,V , V , I 'U 'Q - u 1 -1 . 'L vig' 1 TY . 1 -i -I 11 in-,w I . l 0' I ..F. L5 ' ,H Jw, X , riff... , X rv 1' x I t 3 ' Carolyn Hunsley Elaine Ianks . . Nancy Gass . n. if T X , Secretary -Treasu rer . . . President . Vice-president THETA SIGMA PHI Theta Sigma Phi, National Honorary fraternity for women in journalism, was established at UNM May 10, 1952, as the Beta Theta chapter. There were ten charter members of women journalism majors and minors. High grade point averages are required for entrance into the fraternity, plus journalistic interest and ability. Beta Theta chapter held meetings during the year with outstanding women journalists as speakers, co- sponsored the Newsprint Ball in April, and provided Thanksgiving baskets to the county Iuvenile Detention Home. Ioint meetings were also helcl with the Wom- en's Press Club of Albuquerque. 4 f in Seated: Carolyn Ramsey, Nancy Gass, Elaine Ianks, Canna Kusianovich Stunding: Mary Russell, Sonia Brashears, Carolyn Hunsley, Ruth Ann Davis, Ruth Carmel The Reverend Iames G. Brawn speaks before the Supper Forum on "The Meaning of Thanksgiving." Firrt row: Dorcas Knudsen, Carol Hutton, Floyd Emmanuel. Second row: Marilyn Willits, Mary Lou Sanders, Edna Christensen, Greta Moody, Diana Amsden, Harriet Riebe Third row: Perry Snare, Newton Mitchell, Alan Springstead, Iim Duff, Arthur Aspen, Iohn Farris, Roger Green, Herb Nations, Rev. Wilson, Paul McCament Not shown: Iane Adams, Ruth Ann Davis, Vicky Mason The purpose of the United Student Christian Fellowship is to help students develop, maintain and express Christian ideals in both personal and social living on the campus, in the local community, and in the national and international Fields. It works on a non-sectarian basis with all interested students of the University. Established here in 1945, USCF is sponsored by several Albuquerque churches and I-ive National Student Work Foundations. It is also afliliated with the National Student YMCA-YWCA. Activities of USCF include church cooperation, religious study-discussion groups, informal worship, supper forums, coke sessions, community service, faculty-at-homes, intercollegiate conferences, and friendly counsel. Membership is open to any student in accord with USCF's purpose. USCF S0 I . N-5 I 1 ,., N 9 X '. N - r ,Y Firri row: Henry Edwards, Iohn Morrison, Doug Grant, Herb Brunell Second row: Alan Aldous, Wm. Gardner, Bruce Luedke, Carter Mathies, Marlin Pound, lack Carnahan Douglas Grant . . . President Wally Deckert . . Vice-president Iohn Morrison . . . Secretary Herb Brunell . . Treasurer Vigilantes is an honorary organization of sophomore men selected by Khatali, senior men's honorary, on a basis of scholarship and extra-curricular activities. The duty of the group is to assist Khatali in aiding freshmen men to become acquainted with the traditions, rules, and customs of the university, and to encourage extra- curricular participation. Vigilantes are often called on to perform service in the interior of the school, freshman orientation being a primary example. VIGILANTES WRC One of the main events that WRC has sponsored this year was the entrance in Intercollegiate Tele- graphic Bowling tournament. WRC sponsors wom- en's intramurals and several other co-recreational events each semester. Sportsdays at other colleges provide opportunity for participation in many different sports. 1 Founded at UNM in 1946, WRC's purpose is to provide sports and dancing activities which will interest ' all women students. V, .' Bettye O'Brien . ..... Treasurer Peggie Dismuke . . President, Semester II Ann Mulcahy . ..... Secretary Ioan Lewis . . President, Semester I First raw: Peggie Dismuke, Ioan Lewis, Bettye O'Brien, Ann Mulcahy Second row: Markie Rutz, june Stratton, Betty lane Corn, Carolyn Setzler, Ann Gray Third row: Io Redmon, Mary Ethel Cousland, Gloria Forrest, Sandy Eggert, Tommie Thompson, Miss Frances McGill, Sponsor, Phyllis Caponera PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Dean Clauve .............. Advisor Dorothy Peters, Alpha Chi Omega . . Secretary Betty Hall, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . President Mary Russell, Alpha Delta Pi . . . . . Treasurer Mary Ethel Cousland, Chi Omega . . Social Chairman ...a- ,. . KT 1 , TJ 1 . A i Promoting harmony among sororities on campus is the purpose of the Pan Hellenic Council. Composed of two delegates from each sorority, the Council's ofhcers are chosen by rotation according to each soror- ity's founding on the UNM campus. Besides regulating rush procedures among the seven sororities, each spring Pan Hellenic sponsors a work- shop at which time awards are given to the sorority maintaining the highest scholastic average for the year. It also joins IFC in sponsoring the annual spring dance and Greek Day. Carolyn Ritchie, Chi Omega: Elaine Bush, Kappa Kappa Gamma: Phyllis Burk, Alpha Chi Omega: Adele Brown, Suzanne Schmidt, Pi Beta Phi Holly Adler Nancy llox, Kappa Alpha Theta: Marky Rutz, Alpha Delta Pi: Ann Lee Stranathan. Helen Cox, Delta Delta Delta ALPHA CHI OMEGA Top to bottom: Irene Barber Ioanna Becken Betty lean Bourbonia Phyllis Burk Pat Casey Rita Cummins Iu Ann Drake ill? Homecoming, 1952, was a great event for Alpha Chi Omegas whose hard work won first prize on house decorations and second prize in the float division. Two of their most successful social events were the Winter Dance held at the Fez Club in November and the Spring Dance. The girls are especially proud of Dorcas Knudsen, Mortar Board Presi- dentg Phyllis Burk, second semester Panhellenic President, Phyllis God- frey, Mirage Popularity Queen, Betty lean Bourbonia, Attendant to Homecoming Queeng Iody Drake, Phi Gamma Nu President, Rita Cum- mins and Dorcas Knudsen, Who's Who, Spurs Vicki Mason, Irene Barber, and Ioanna Beeken. Betty Bourbonia, Warden: Dorothy Hawkins, Corresponding Secretaryg Dorcas Knud- sen, Vice-president: Sally Trangmar, President: Rita Cummins, Second Vice-president: Dorothy Peters, Treasurer: loan Drake, Recording Secretary. Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Second row, top to bottom leanne Fargo Dorothy Hawkins Shirley Iolly Dorcas Knudsen Ian Loveland Vicky Mason Beverly Ochterbeck Dorothy Peters Barbara Richter loyce Rakestraw Peggy Testman Dorothy Thornton Sally Trangmar Donnie Welsh Top to bottom: Diana Amsden Gloria Castillo Isabel Cella Cy Elliott Ioyce Fitzpatrick Sally Fogg Marilyn Hutchins ALPHA DELTA Pl Over ADPi way, the yearly social calendar was crowded with fraternity exchanges and open houses along with the fall house dance, Wild West Party, and the annual Blue Diamond Ball. The Alpha Delta Pis hold an annual Easter egg hunt for St. Anthony's orphanage and have as their national philanthropic project the National Crippled Children's Fund. The civic minded Adelphians worked on the Community Chest cam- paign and donated blood to the Red Cross. Prominent ADPis include: Diana Amsden, Phi Kappa Phig Gloria Castillo, Homecoming Queen Attcndantg Isabel Cella, Art Guild Presi- dentg Mary Russell, Who's Who, Panhellenic Council Treasurer, Mirage Associate Business Managerg Peggy Hooper, Secretary-Treasurer of Ban- delierg Beverly Williamson, Band Secretary. n?3r'::Pf5.Y Y -. .5 Norma Shockey, Treasurerg Icannc Marchand, Presidcntg Marilyn Hutchins, Vice-prcsidentg Dorothy Swain, Secretary. Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Ieanne Marchand Laura Rodrick Mary Russell Margaret Rutz Mary Louise Sanders Norma Shockey Connie Sotcl Second row, top to bottom Kay Staner Carol Stone Dorothy Swain Gloria Tabacchi Barbara Wcavcr Beverly Williamson Barbara Zandcrs CHI OMEGA ,Vg -'l . aiu f - Q , H Ja- -ZF' , 'il-5" 059. ' Via., , 3 'ri' 'aft-ii A .1',- J '7 ', , i P ffl fl First A new addition to the house sparked Chi Omega spirit for Club Chi O in December. Song fest was memorable as the first place Chi O's won for the third straight year. The girls sponsored an Italian war orphan and shared a Christmas party for St. Anthony orphans with Sigma Phi Epsilon. The annual Christmas Caravan given by alums was a great success. Spring was hailed by the Eleusinian Banquet and the White Formal. Chi O's who made their mark on campus this year are: Mary Ellen Smith, Mirage Popularity Queen and Vice-president of the junior class, Ruth Carmel, Mirage Editor and national Spurs Editor, Mary Ethel Cous- land, Mirage Business Manager, Shirley Platt, President of Home Eco- nomics Club, Carolyn Ritchie, Beverly Brown, and Virginia Wehmhoner, all Spurs. Virginia Wehmhoner also served as a princess at the Sun Bowl. "T. , 1 V' Q I. Q J D: L' iv. '. row, top to bottom: Second row, top to bottom: Ruth Carmel Sharon McBride Mary Ethel Cousland Iacque Miller Terry Craig Barbara Mitchell Mickey Fenn Patsy Morrow Pat Highleyman Mary Huenefeltl Roberta Iordan , J, - .-, 1 l ,A 2 ". . I WA f" al- 6' A V Ll ' .1---' 4, n. ','.zQ.LJ 1 4 , fr Patsy Morrow, Pledge Trainerg Sharon McBride, Secretaryg Terry Craig, President, Marilyn Watkins, Vice-prcsidentg Betty Thompson, Treasurer. Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Priscilla Mullins Shirley Platt Ioan Quist Carolyn Ritchie Second row, top to bottom: Marilyn Rundle Mary Ellen Smith Marjorie Stoops Betty Thompson Beverly Brown Marilyn Watkins Virginia Wehmhoner XM-A "ii, l 'J .T T 'fi Y .. 1 l s. , 1 'Q L . as in nhlll 5 1 :Jiri 2 . 3' ,. A Ek, .rip 4 W , a ff: .1 , Qi QL ,, - I mf, l. I , 1? , f L .I P' 4. .A ' A ft, , - . 1 5 4 W :Qs , ' ,PP " i .13 HRW., ,' M. .f L DELTA DELTA DELTA W 5 iz , W., fa 'gt , Delta Delta Delta climaxed the fall semester with their highly successful annual winter formal, the Pine Prance. The Tri Delts' house decorations took second place when they invited alums to "loin Us in A Toast" to the Lobos. In the spring, the Tri Delts held the Pansy Ring Tea and style show. The girls adopted a war orphan and held a Christmas party and Easter egg hunt for the underprivileged. Outstanding members were: Helen Cox, cheerleaderg Pat Davis, Phi Sigma Iota secretaryg Betty Iane Corn, Secretary of Athletic Council and Majors and Minors, Barbara Io Leferink, Attendant to Pike Dreamgirl' 3 Majel Fritz, Who's Who, Publications Board, Senior Class Treasurer, Dorothy Lewis, Majoretteg Peggy Forsman, Iunior Rally Com Vice-presi- dent, Ann Mulcahy, W.R.C. Secretaryg Donna Olewiler, Art Guild Vice- nresidentg Earle Powell and Coralie Van Doren, Sun Bowl Princesses. First row, top to bottom: Iudy Caldwell Betty lane Corn Iackic Cottingham Second row, top to bottom Marywill Hunter Nancy Keller Ruth Knill Hclgn Cox Barbara Io Leferink ,XX , Pat Davis Dorothy Lewis h ' 'L Maiel Fritz Nancy Limbaug L' Lucille Haynes Barbara McLean Iackie Cottingham, Treasurerg B. I. Lefcrink, Vice-prcsidentg Carol Ramsey, Presidentg Pat Davis, Secretary. Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Ann Mulcahy Nancy Nesbitt Donna Olewiler Carol Ramsey Carolyn Ramsey Harriet Riebc Salle Stark Second row, top to bottom Ann Lee Stranathan Claudette Teel Coralic Van Doren lean Whittington Barbara Williams Gwen Wilson Patricia Wright KAPPA ALPHA THETA x The Thetas have had an especially good year. A pledge class of fourteen enthusiastic new girls started the year oFf with a bang when they joined Kappas and Pi Phis for the Baby Triad. This was followed by the Theta Fall Formal held at the Hilton Hotel in November. Other events on the social calendar included fraternity open houses, football games fplus bruisesj, and the Spring Triad. Important Thetas on campus are Iay Pettitt, Who's Whog Barbara Goss, Who's Who and Mortar Boardg Nancy Box, Secretary of the Senior Classg Lynn Davis, Waterlous presidentg Iacqueline Eisele, Spurs. Top to bottom: Holly Adler Doris Anderson Betty Bennett Martha Bown Nancy Box Barbara Brown Burdinc Brush YZ ,, Lf Ei lean Douglass, Corresponding Secretaryg Iay Pettitt, Vice-presidentg Barbara Goss, President: Holly Adler, Social Chairmang Nancy Box, House President. 'Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Norma Carnahan Allyn Davis lean Douglass Iacque Eiscle Barbara Goss Louise 'Grimes Martha Hill Second row, top to bottom Gayle Hopkins Pati Kleinhein Colleen Messick Iay Pettitt Lois Purinton Sally Stephens Marie York KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA f 1'.liMFi,W.J. . N 11, Ur- Included in the Kappas' social year were the Baby Triad, the Kappa Winter Formal in November, a housewarming for the Chi Omegas, and the annual Kappa-Phi Delt football game. Civic projects included taking care of children on election day, the annual Kappa Sig-Kappa Christmas party for the underprivileged children, participation in the community chest drive, and donating blood. Outstanding members on campus include Bobby Allyn, Pike Dream- girl and Homecoming Queen Attendantg jane Adams, Nancy Gass, Wilma Tapp, Peggy Dismuke, and Ruth Ann Davis, Mortar Board, Spurs Elton Byerly, Margaret Ange, Ann McCollum, Carole Heath, Mary Thelma Bryant, Nancy Cass, lane Adams, Ruth Ann Davis, Who's Whog Betty Hall, national president of Spurs and president of Pan- hellenicg Gladys Cline, Phi Sigma Iota, Wilma Tapp, Sigma Alpha lotag Ruth Ann Davis, Phi Kappa Phi and Tau Kappa Alpha president. First row, top to bottom Ian: Adams Bobby Allyn Margaret Ange Marythelma Bryant Elaine Bush Elton Byerly Linda Chess Second row, top to bottom: Sara Ia-nc Cudabac Betty Cunningham Patsy Cunningham Ruth Ann Davis Peggie Dismuke Nancy Gass Ianenc Graham -at ' 1 QQ' - . .1 WA uv I First row: Betty Cunningham, Rush Chairmang Sara lane Cudabac, Presidentg Kay Mosher, Scholarshipg Peggie Dismuke, Treasurer. Second row: Wilma Tapp, Pledge Captaing Alice Welch, Secretaryg lane Adams, House Presidcntg Bobbie Allyn, Vice-president. . Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Miriam Griswold Van Hawk Carole Heathe Iudy Hubbard Terri McCanna Ann McCollum Ianice Nusbaum Second row, top to bottom: Mary lane Pendleton Margie Scott Paula Stromberg Ieannctte Swillum Wilma Tapp Barbara Volk Ioan Winget 3 -dv 4-D-' -I -'55 .- M. ' l T W4 J ? X 'Z' Q. I I , I N. ...,: v L, 1 I,- Pl BETA PHI 'x . Y Nancy. ., ug, 1 Q e ,, x 1 3 On the Pi Phi social calendar for the year was the Baby Triad with the Kappas and Thetas, the Winter Formal and the Country Fair put on by the pledges. During Homecoming the Pi Phis won second place in house decorations. Outstanding Pi Phis include Ioann McNay, president of A.W.S., Who's Who, and Mortar Board treasurer, Letitia Creveling, treasurer of A.W.S. and Phi Sigma, Tommy Thompson, president of W.R.C., Mary Io Callo- way, chief clerk of Student Council and Phi Gamma Nu, Alice Wood- ward, Lobo society editor, Helen Woodward, secretary of Rally Com, Sara Spoon, associate editor of the Mirage and Kappa Omicron Phi, Ioann Iohnson, Phi Gamma Nu and Kappa Omicron Phi, Suzanne Schmidt, Kappa Omicron Phi, Pat Baird and Fran Iordan, Pi Lambda Theta, Lola Israel, Phi Sigma Iota, Ioan Ielinek and Nancy Kolb, Art Guild, B. I. Bjorkman, Phi Beta. Tapped for Spurs were Barbara Cun- ningham, Helen Woodward, Sara Spoon, Adele Brown, and Lola Israel. First row, top to bottom: Patricia Baird B. I. Bjorkman Betty Io Block Gladys Botwinis Adele Brown Louie Burleson Mary Io Callaway ,, nl l in ll n Second row, top to bottom: Letitia Creveling Barbara Cunningham Ioan Downey Marge Funkhouser Connie Grisham Diane Hallbeck Lola Israel Third row. top to bottom Ioan Ielinek Io Ann lohnston Fran Iordan Carol Kern J Gretchen Spear Recording Secretary: Marge Funlthouser, President: Ioan Ielinelt, Vice president Sueanne Schmidt, Corresponding Secretary: Pat Lee, Treasurer. K x Fall pledge class First row top to bottom Second row, top to bottom: Iopnn McNay Shirlie Salvage Suzanne Schmidt Carolyn Setzler Gretchen Spear Sara Spoon Betsy Thomas Third row, top to bottom: Melba Thompson Margaret Wang Bernice Wilson Caro Woods Alice Woodward Helen Woodward Bev Woolfall 33-If , M , 'I Bi 5 ,S , E57 W1 r Q H . Q S f V gig ,, e .It ii 1 - 5? -' iw QI? X x.: Q TDWN CLUB it ' P' Ji- ,H 'Yl- 2 xj Town Club members danced at their annual Snow Ball Winter Formal when Winnifred Matthews reigned as Snow Ball queen and at the Spring Formal. Once each year the girls held an open house for all men at UNM. Mona Christensen and Iudy Stermer were recognized as the outstanding pledges. The pledge with the best scholarship was Iosephine Ehret. Outstanding members of Town Club are: Spurs Edna Christensen and Winnifred Matthewsg Carol Hutton, president of USCFg Iosephine Ehret, recipient of the Town Club Alums' scholarship awarded to the most de- serving sophomoreg Winnifred Matthews who won the Tri Delta scholar- ship awarded to an outstanding independent woman. First row, top to bottom: Shirley Arviso Marietta Brown Pat Burnette Edna Christensen Mona Christensen Nancy Cook lean Cook n Town Club members enjoying a gab session Second row, top to bottom: Kay Craig Geraldine Davis Detta Eckert Iosephine Ehret Doris Iohanson Nancy Iohnston Winnifred Matthews 1 l First row: Winnifrcd Matthews, Vice-presidcntg Marilyn Willits, President. af Second row: Edna Christensen, Sccrctaryg Marietta Brown, Treasurer. Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Marguerite Miera Virginia Minor Nadine Moriarty Ioann Nicks Erncstine Patina Sylvia Patino Gloria Silva Second row, top to bottom: Beverly Smith Vicky Smith Shirley Snyder Darlene Springer Audrey Turner Carol Whenrv Marilyn Willits PHRATERES XJ is-T - F., M fl i , ,U .., 1 1' ri 41 X is G WL A, , 6. lx L' ' i iw' T xv First row, top to bottom: Barbara Anthes Iuanita Armijo Emmi Baum Mary Kuykendall Iay Leache Norene Miller Chris Randolph Second row: Faye Weller Chris Randolph . . . President Mildred Roybali . . . Treasurer Emmi Baum . . . . . Secretary Mary Kuykendall. . . Vice-president This year Phrateres were in charge of decorating the gym for the Homecoming Dance. They also helped sponsor an Independ- ent Open House under the direc- tion of the United Independent Council. Also on the social calen- dar were several open houses with Townsmen, a record dance, and the Club Night Owl Dance held in the spring. Phrateres celebrated Founder's Day with a banquet at La Hacienda. Civic minded Phrateres aided in the Community Chest Drive and the W.S.S.F. drive. Outstanding members included Noreen Miller and Mary Kuy- kendall, Spurs. 'FI' . L'-6 .- , ,.. V Ee.: '3 N.-f,. - A I 'li 'Q --wig, , eiiirfff A fm H. 1- cr . j X ' 57 Tr' 9, '4 ai, ? F - nv. T+L INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL ., T. 1 T lf . The Inter-Fraternity Council acts as the sounding X Q l board for fraternity problems and formulates the rules - by which all member fraternities abide. The purposes l ' of the council are to advance the interests of UNM, to promote the general interests and welfare of these fraternities as a body, and to insure co-operation be- tween them in their relations with the faculty, student body, and the public in general. The twelve fraternities at the University, all mem- bers of IFC, co-operate in drawing up rules for rush week and each year sponsor a joint IFC-Pan Hellenic dance in conjunction with Greek Day. Iohn Shaver, Kappa Alpha . . . . Vice-president Bill Gentry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Secretary Ed Fitzgerald, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . President Craig Heffelman, Kappa Sigma . . Treasurer -. fm 'Y i 'iz - f f 'ti' ' 3 ,if i ' ' 4' l R . x . ,ig , . "- ,. V ti c X i' 1 - .X ..- ffaf " , .E -, N 4.13.41 f - ""- T 1 fx First row: Alan Springstead, Delta Sigma Phig Wayne Maxwell, Tau Kappa Epsilong Zane Goodwin, Sigma Chi Back row: Art Blumenfeld, Alpha Epsilon Pig LaRoy Knott, Lambda Chi Alpha: David Ward, Phi Delta Thetag,Roger Green, Kappa Alpha: Not shown: Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Phi Epsilon delegates DELTA SIGMA PHI Mike Beshaw, Sergeant at Armsg Ioe Sarvis, Vice-presidentg Don Livingston, Secretary: Alan Springstead, Editorg Ted Rafi, Treasurerg Buzz Birkelo, President. The Carnation Ball First row, top to bottom: Mike Beshaw Buzz Birkelo Iames King Don Livingston Harold Mercer Ben Sarvis Gordon South Second row: Alan Springstead The Delta Sigs enjoyed their annual Carnation Ball in De- cember when Noelene Ken- drick became the Dream Girl. At this affair two awards were presented, one to Gordon South for being the pledge with the highest average and another to lim King who showed the most scholastic improvement. Members who hold campus positions are: Buzz Birkelo, who was elected to Who's Who and is squadron com- mander of the Air Forceg Gor- don South, president of the SUB Committee and a mem- ber of Vigilantesg Don Living- ston, Student Councilg Alan Springstead, Student Senate veep. '33 Top to bottom: Henry Ash Glen Brooks Cliff Crader Wally Deckert Henry Edwards Robert Fink Tom Gambill KAPPA ALPHA 3, The KA's did a lot of work this year. They cemented in the patio for open houses and dances and again won first prize for Homecoming house decorations with a "Treed Wildcats Theme." Their winter formal at the Hilton in November was the outstanding social event of the season. Dur- ing the spring semester the campus witnessed the KA's now famous Dixie Ball celebration. The KA's had as their opponents in football the Thetas and lost 8-6. They remain undefeated in intramural basketball. KA personalities are: Roger Green, Khatali, Fiesta Chairman, Alpha Phi Omega president, Who's Whog Wally Deckert and Hank Edwards, Vigilantesg Iohn Taul, tennis letterman who received the Lettermen's award as the outstanding player in his sportg Bill Seese, Kappa Alpha Scholarship winnerg lim Haskew and Dave Crocker, varsity wrestlingg Wally Deckert was 1952's outstanding freshman engineer at UNM. ,Wt it T 4 ,rs . -tn.: . - .1 J, 4,3-, -4-':L,5 5.7 73 -'- ., Ji-V 'J-fl if-' ' fx' gil Z ,-1 5.1- ' J, - jvwg ' . -1i,j,.j 1 - - . , -1,51-,.:1 N vN 1. -In 11- A -V, E ' "" .u J ,,,,.1-I , , --w .....a... Bob StiE, Vice-presidentg Iohn Iasper, Prcsidentg Charles Randall, Secretary. .N Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Ierry Gillert Roger Green Iohn Iasper lack Kennedy Bob Maddox Art Merkle Charles Randall Second row, top to bottom: David Reynolds Larry Ross Bill Seese Iohn Shaver Bob Stiff Howard Stockton Iolm Taul Q1 fi' E' Q64 ,Arie 1 1, . KAPPA SIGMA '.'..:k,g , J my 5 C A 4 With Kappa Sigma the accent was on service. They started the year 0E with a "Spirit Day" for the Community Chest with the help of sorority pledges. When the Red Cross asked for blood donors, the Kappa Sigs gave en masse to maintain their city-wide lead in donations. They gave a Christmas party with Kappa Kappa Gamma for underprivileged chil- dren. Their major social functions were the Winter Formal, the Poverty Ball, thi Casa Lopez, and the Stardust Ball. Prominent members are: Chuck Scott, who along with Khatali member Don Anderson, made Who' Whog,Sam Suplizio, junior class presidentg Alan Aldous, Carter Mathias, Engle Southard, Vigilantesg Chuck Kosko- vich, Student Councilg Bill Thompson, Student Affairs Committee, Bruce Iohnson, Cultural Committee, Bill Brohard, Homecoming co-chairman and Student Party chairman, Bob Meyer, Alpha Kappa Psi presidentg Lucky Letkemann and Charles Gay, Chi Epsilon. Fourteen members of the fraternity were lettermen. I , ,, We r First row, top to bottom: Second row, top to bottom: Alan Aldous Don Hunter Iohn Boyd Ronny Jaeger Bill Brohard Bruce johnson Don Ducoif Charles Gay Fred Hannahs Craig Heifelman as J L B Petty Vice president Lucky Letkcmann Scribeg Bill Thompson, Treasurcrg Bill' Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Frank Kretek Lucky Letkemann Second row, top to bottom: Don Morse Bill Nufer Roger Loftfield Ralph Rainey Bruce Mackclduff William Schoolcy Bob Meyer Charles Scott Murl Moore Bill Thompson Walter Morgan Bob Werner me :L 1,2 :ix 1 '- l 'DH .V e 33 fl e ' Hg Q 'ty 1 ,Q - fmwwgl, EEYTW' S .. 13 l ij, ,V U 5 in 3 , V.: 5. Q l, i i N ' o 51-ff n ,Y ' in V" Q' l IF o ., A 3 W: f l l ww it A 73 i P5 " 5 2 Q-1,75-A 1, D o, , .. ' ' L: he lei? El LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 'ff 91 n p . l' -q, V Y E- will f - . ,i Y W f 9 , 2 f X Geesta Williams, Social Chairman: Wallace Dillard, Secretaryg LaRoy Knott, Presidentg Bob Spahr, Tteasurerg Ralph Ionhson, Vice-president Lambda Chis spent this year reor- ganizing their chapter. Although a small group, they participated in numerous campus activities includ- ing entering a float in the Home- coming parade. Weekly dances were on the Lambda Chi's social calendar. Next season the fraternity hopes to expand even more. First row, top to bottom: Ralph johnson, lr. Lalloy Knott I t . P.. 1. spanning PHI DELTA THETA .M i. ,J gn 1-.1 3. is -0, - 2.5 ' ' , ji x1J' is l l 'N First row: David Ward, Warden: Iohn Keefe, Reporterg Tom Hail, Presidentg George Dolen, Secretary. Second mw: Clark Stroud, Treasurerg Iohn Harris, Librariang Richard Adams, House Managerg Pete Schram, Social Chairman: Felix Briones, Chorister. The Phi Delts again came out with a highly original social season for the school year of 1952-53. Besides the Blue and White formal in December, members enjoyed the Half For- mal in the spring. Rounding out the social season was the Monster Rally and the Suppressed Desire Dance. Again this year, the Phi Delts came out on top in intramural basketball and handball. ' Outstanding Phi Delts include: Felix Briones, president-of the sophomore classg Iohn Holroyd, Student Courtg Bob Stuart, Student Court Associate Iusticeg Ierry Matkins, Stu- dent Councilg Dick Brett, Lettermen's Club and Battalion Commander, NROTCQ Ron Durckel and Larry Tretbar, cheerleaders. Tapped for Khatali were Iohn Clatworthy, Pat Carroll, Bob Stuart, Ierry Matkins, Gene Peirce, and Dick Brett. Vigilantes include Doug Grant, Felix Briones, Herb Brunell, and Bill Gardner. Dick Adams won the National University of Mexico scholarship. First row top to bottom: Second row, top to bottom: Third row, top to bottom: Richard Adams Lincoln Aston Tom Burns Herb Ashby Bob Baker Gilbert Carroll Russell Ashby Pete Biddle Ben Case Phil Bowhay Iohn Clatworthy Dick Brett Iohn Danfelser Fred Brian George Dolen Felix Briones lack Enns f ZS. 45 Z 'z 2 -srl 4' i 11 I I pf f Y- 1- 5:31 A " s i i P5 1 I sal X :ff A "gy .5-P Fall Pledge Class ,.J f , fr: --l f am U 1 N u, ,,, 4, I. . ,. , . I "'N'4"T'- . .53 V ,--gg.-rl M, 'jg E . N ' -- ' L 6 .1 Q I 1""'RX sa- f, v-f lj First row, :op to bottom: Dave Fonner Bill Gardner Iim Garrctson Doug Grant Tom Hail Iohn Harris Iohn'Kocfc Second row, top to bottom: Dean Kem Rudy Klcinschmidt Dave MacLean Icrry Matkins lack McConnell Cameron McKenzie Hank Parkinson 4 Q04 4-fx-f. .- -3.-so P' . 'f.,.1'-'A-'-"" ' " 11,:..,,'-f' . 1, .. - v- ' '- .- , Q i - Q fi' ".:nJ-"EH-G 3. - V- . . 4 , JT ge, ,,.,,, ,- - 5,i-L4ff-- rw ,elf .. 5 - .A . .W-1 -.-V .., ' 1. ,,., v ,..,. - ,, . -A-4. 4, A . ."'W.'.t -..JRkn13.-f,- .f1z'4-"'3Q'- ,,t -535135 The Phi Delt-Kappa football game. The Phi Delts victory-7 to 0. .STM The Phi Delta Theta Monster Rally. Easy on that grip. First row, top to bottom Gene Peirce Wayman Robertson Stewart Rose Carlton Ruthling Fordy Ruthling Harry Sehram Wally Skivicki Q44 wh k J N Second row, top to bottom: Phil Sterling Clark Stroud Bob Stuart lohn Teeter Larry Trctbar Don Ward Iim Woodman ,x .T il W V A i L A , Af t at ,YQ ,.. .na ' Q Wig: -5152 Q A ,U i ffi mg rw- "' .X -mx TY, Q l 'Z C Top to bottom: Duane Aldous Ioel Burr Del Calhoun Ronnie Calkins Frank Garcia Daniel Hardin Richard Kelly PHI KAPPA TAU Winning seeond place in the men's Boat division at Homecoming in- augurated the Phi Tau's season. Their main social events were the Red Carnation ball in November and the Dream Girl formal held in May. Phi Tau leads all other fraternities in scholarship. BMOC's are: Ronnie Calkins, vice-president of the sophomore classg Howard Martin, varsity baseballg Duane Aldous and Norman Thayer, Khatali. The Red Carnation Ball F fri 2 i, - , ' .JAf'T' if" - -'5LFl,'1:Sf.:2?""'--. ' ,- :' , ..2-,..1W 1llLL..1'1 . i . -.:,, , v ,--L.--qx .. ,gf-1'.,'f1g55-2.-5, ,- , F if'-'PL if gif V l V e33-X':.f,,iTf.-'-- - First row. Glenn Stoller, Treasurer: Gilbert Fitzgerald, Secretary qs- ie- ,Q , ., - f 15 N W Xl' 1 3 f 7 ull H if 'Tv 5. l if u Second row: Norman Thayer, Presidentp loel Burr, Social Chairmang Ronnie Calkins, Pledge Masterg Ernest Pogue, Vice-president. ,, Fall pledge class Top to bottom: William Martin Preston McCrossen Clinton Parker Richard Stellies Glenn Stoller Norman Thayer Ioseph Wroblewski PI KAPPA ALPHA -hr, . i X., The big social event of the season for the Pikes was the Dreamgirl Formal held at the Fez Club in November. Bobby Allyn, Kappa, was crowned Dreamgirl. She was attended by Barbara Io Leferink, Tri Delt, and Paula Smythe. The Hi-Iinx, a beachcomber party, was given by the pledges in January. A first for the PiKA's was in intramural track. They also won second prize for house decorations during Homecoming. BMOC's include: Ioe McMinn, Khatali president and Student Councilg Ed Fitzgerald, I.F.C. presidentg Dave- Metzler, vice-president of the Freshman classy Bill Lee, president of Boots and Saddlesg and Bub Henry, President of the Intramural Council. First row, top to bottom: Ierry Bellner Robert Brooks Ioe Brower Bemie Brown Billy Dale Brown Dick Chitty Gene Cinelli Second row, top to bottom Bill Currie Fred Fallis Ed Fitzgerald lim Gober Randy Holt 5- P 7 Ed Smith, Presidentg Bill Brown, Trcasurcrg Doug Tinglcy, Vice-prcsidentg Bobby 1' Forbes, Secretary. Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Curtis Hardison S. P. Iohnson Milt Klasscn Bill Lee Clifford Loy Frank McMinn C. S. Monroe Second row, top to bottom R. H. Rogers Ed Smith Doug Tinglcy Iames Tomberlin Don Vcrtrccs Iim Williams Larry Wolgin K ,, 'Q 5 . ai uf ' F, 4' 'O SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON J, I if ' ' .t T- ': ef 1, ,I xi? V R-"jr SAE started off the year with hopes of upholding their last year's record oflirst place in intramurals. A spirited pledge class of 19 members chal- lenged and defeated Sigma Chi pledges in the first annual chariot race. The SAE social calendar included an active-alumni stag party, a semi-formal dinner dance, Founders' Day banquet, and the popular Calypso dance. Numerous house dances and open houses completed their program. Important members include: Dan Darrow, senior class president, who along with Bob Norfleet was elected to Who's Who, Lee Langan, Dave Matthews, Dick Ransom, Dave Agnew, and Bob Norfleet, Khatalig Marlin Pound and Bruce Luedke, Vigilantesg Dave Matthews, Ralph Matteucci, Dan Darrow, Bob Norfleet, Marlin Pound, Bob Hinton, Fred McCracken, Bob Roseen, Dick Ransom, Lettermen's Club. otahf First row, top to bottom: David Agnew Monte Allen Miles Brittellc Paul Cannon Dan Darrow Bob Dowds Esmiel Duran Second row, top to bottom: Bill Elder Hank Hurst Marshall Ioncs Chuck Kalbach Tom Laird Lee Langan, Ir. Herb Nations gn . mfg, .370 "V , . X ,lf . l var .3 l 4 .- l-, . , -gg ' N I wt: J X L r 'fa l 1 t nl 1 4 x L 1 4 r l . - ,,' .. ,I .f First row: Paul Cannon, Vice-presidentg Bob Dowds, President. Second row: Monte Allen, Treasurerg Bruce Leudke, Secretary: Bob Wareham, Pledge Master. House Managcrg Dick Ransom, ' ji? Q r, ,in . ,tw 1 :Langf I r . -v w,.f, il 13212 ' I. 1 F' W. Q, " ' Fftlusli 1 ,. A .. ' I l . 1. 2 . vw 1 5 l .f jf' I, l ,P Fall pledge class First row, top to bottom: Second row, top to bottom: Dave Matthews Paul McCament Iim Mitchell Bob O'Brien Kim Ong Roland Payne Marlin Pound Robert Norfleet Ronald Nonnan Ralph Matteucci Third row, top to bottom: l Richard Powers Dick Reed Bob Rosecn George Shaffer Noel Sorrell Bob Wareham Dave Warren 1 . ,. l. up e - lvx lm w. ni' .-I ll . m I ri lm! ali? my .1 A li H li , V gl 5 fx l ,, 'X Gil t K 23,4 u 3 Q iw l iw, Q5 al 4' r I , l , 51 1 SIGMA CHI The Sigs took some notable firsts. The winners in song fest were the Sigma Chi Choraliers who also joined with the Alpha Chi Omega group to win the Fraternity-Sorority sing. The Black and White Formal in December when Millie Marshall became Sweetheart, was held at the Chapter House, and the pledges gave th'e Klondike Dance in the Spring. A novel manner of working in civic duties with the social whirl was the Frankie Carle Dance in November, all proceeds going to the Com- munity Chest. Outstanding members: Iack Carnahan, Vigilantes, Campus Party Presi- dentg Iohn Large, UNM drum majorg Bob White, Homecoming Chair- man, Don Ratcliff, University flying club President, Art Willis, University flying club Executive Director and Editor of Navy ROTC Sunlincf Zane Goodwin, Vice-president of Chi Epsilon, ASCE Senator, Iohn Morrison, Vigilantes, University debate teamg Max Odendahl, Lobo Sports Editor. 4, 1 , -W H 5 m'H fl "' ' First row, top to bottom: Second row, top to bottom: Randell Alexander lim Ford Bill Barringer Bud Gates Gary Beals Skip Guthrie Barry Blythe Iim Heathe Rollie Burcham Hugh Hilleary Hugh Church Larry Hogrefe Pat Dunigan E E!! lla .ML f fab-.I , ' K... First row: Gus Evans, Assistant Pledge Trainerg Gary Beals, Historiang Keith Burcham Pledge Trainerg Iohn Morrison, Secretary. 1 Second row: Max Odendahl, Editorg Hugh Hilleary, Presidentg Bob Hyler, Vice- presidentg Art Willis, Treasurer. .t , . H f 'U J, si 5 1 . yn in, f , 4 of I Url' X ' :lvl KF , -W1 . ' N Gi ' XM 3. K Fall pledge class F I 15,7 r l f n' '. Y . I . ml f n l Y r ,r,,'L Q 1'-uf - V L. L , i N I ' i -it First row, top to bottom: Second row, tcp to bottom: V , l v D 4 Q .- B05 Hyland lohn Robertson , Y I N ai : Bill Keleher Iason Rogers ' " " ' Bob Koontz Clark Schaifner - 5? lohn Lucas Rick Sneddon Charles Mohr Bob white e f Iohn Morrison Art Willis ' .5 . Don Ratclilf Iimmy Wilson 1 l Q x 5 jj . D , 'fin A , '- gwtizt I 'fu .II 91- ' ll 'I' ' it I f l I -Q xv SIGMA PHI EPSILON A"'fm, an-f' F55 fe "wg..f YH" Lg. V u Q' if ,cs , I Fall pledge class Sigma Phi Epsilon Officers, not pictured. Don George, President: Iim Parsons, Vice-presidentg lack McClelland, Secretaryg Everett Dillman, Comptroller. Starting off the year the Sig Eps who began plans for redecoration and a new wing for the house, took third place for Homecoming house decorations. They found time, however, to have a successful social and civic season. At Christmas, they joined with the Chi Omegas in giving a party for boys from St. Anthony's orphanage. Spring started a gala social season with the Queen of Hearts Ball and a French Apache Dance. Prominent Sig Eps include Darrell Davidson, Ward- room Society president and Student Councilg Rob Ed- mondson, Lobo night editor and Press Club presidentg Ed Lahart and Lou Lash, Lobo columnistsg Tom Grady, Student Athletic Councilg "Corny" Richardson, vice- 6 I J , president of Alpha Phi Omega. First row, top to bottom: Al Anderson Bill Baggett Dick Baum Darrell Davidson Everett Dillman Rob Edmondson Don M. George, lr. Second row, top to bottom: Iim Houghten David Iackson Ed Lahart Iames Lamb Ioseph LaRoque lack McClelland Iim McFarland Third row, top to bottom Wick Miller Wilkie Miller lim Parsons TAU KAPPA EPSILON The Tekes held their annual Carnation Ball in Ianuary at which time Betty McDonald was presented with the sweet- heart cup. In the spring the Tekes, who are spending a second year ini their new house, hold the Sailor's Ball with the Delta Sigs and the Phi Taus. Outstanding member of the fraternity is Dick Greenleaf, Chief Iustice of Student Court. Q 1 t , gg, ,. J ' W., Wayne Maxwell, Vice-presidentg Gene DeDe:x, Presidcntg Bob Trcsner, Treasurer Top to bottom: Bob Czirr Eugene DeDea Tom Lief Wayne Maxwell Iamcs Pulte Bob Trcsncr Gerald Wood f -X14-'T 1. - 'fi .'. iq 3 -. Q A ' T. IANE ADAMS Belen, New Mexico Major: Elementary Education. Boots and Saddles '50-513 World Student Service Fund Chairman, '525 United Students Christian Fellowship Cabi- net, Vice-president '51-53: Mortar Board Secretary '52-533 Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor '52-533 Mirage Staff '52-53: Homecoming Committee '523 Kap- pa Kappa Gamma. RICHARD BRETT Ft. Wayne, Indiana Major: Mathematics, Minor: History and Naval Science. Phi Alpha Theta '53g Kappa Mu Epsilon '51g Letter- man '5l-53g Lettermen's Club '51- 53g Khatali '52g NROTCQ Phi Delta Theta '50-53. MQ-X H - RT.: - I-In DONALD ANDERSON El Paso, Texas Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology ,and Air Science. Letter- man's Club '51-52: President of Sophomore Class '50-51: Student Senate '50-51: Football '49-51: Track '51-533 Vigilantes '50-51: Khatali '52-535 Kappa Sigma '49-53. GLENN CAMPBELL Farmington, New Mexico Major: Chemical Engineering. Let- termen's Club Vice-president '52- 53: Football Team '50-523 Khatali '50-535 Vigilantcs '49g Student Council '52-539 Sigma Tau '533 Sigma Alpha Epsilon '49-52. 4. G..-451g - BUZZ BIRKELO Rochester, Minnesota Major: industrial Administration. Student Council '51-52: Delta Sig- ma Pi '52-53: National Student As- sociation Representative '52-533 Rep- resentativc from UNM to Model U.N. at USC '52g Air Force Associ- ation President '52-53: Air Force Student Colonel: Delta Sigma Phi '51-53. RITA CUMMINS Durango, Colorado Major: Business Education. SUB Committee Secretary '51-53: Phi Gamma Nu Treasurer '51, Presi- dent 'S1-S2g Student Senate '52-S39 Newman Club '49-533 Commerce Council Membership Chairman '51- 52, Director of Publicity '52-53, Secretary '52g Ski Club '49g Young Democrats '52g Alpha Chi Omega. E M., . 7 ails?"-, ' . , rf' 2' , ini' - ,ff-V A 'il'-, . Q' ei, 1 N Q 43 V ,Ji ' , k. mf, M., .V K! , e : DAN DARROW Albuquerque, New Mexico Major: Business Administration. Let- termen's Club Vice-president '51- 523 Senior Class President '52-53: Student Senate '52-535 Basketball and Baseball Letterman 3 yearsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon '49-53. S DONALD EVANS Farmington, New Mexico Major: Chemistry, Minor: Air Sci- ence. Vice-president of Mesa Vista Dorm '52g President Pro Tem. of Student Senate '52g Vigilantes 'Sly Khatali '53g Cadet Colonel of Air Force ROTC '53, DARRELL DAVIDSON Osage, Iowa Major: Civil Engineering. NROTC Company B commanderg President of Wardroom Society '533 Sigma Tau '50-535 Student Council '52-53: Sigma Phi Epsilon '50-53, President '51-52. MAIEL FRITZ East Moline, Illinois Major: Art Education, Minor: Art. Student Party '52-533 Student Sen- ate '52-535 Senior Class Treasurer '52-533 Rally Com '52-533 Publica- tions Board '52-535 Young Repub- licans Club '493 Mirage Staff '49g Homecoming Committee '52g Delta Delta Delta. 35- RUTH ANN DAVIS San Antonio, Texas Major: History and Speech, Minor: Library Science. Mortar Board '52- 53, Quarterly Editor '53g Phi Kappa Phi '52-535 Business Manager of Mirage '51-523 Student Senate '51- 52g Phi Lambda Theta '52-53: Theta Sigma Phi Pledge Master '52-539 Varsity Debate Squad '52- 53: Tau Kappa Alpha '52-53, President '52g Chairman of Speech Festival '51-53, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. NANCY GASS Albuquerque, New Mexico Major: English, journalism. Student Senate '50-535 Spurs President '50- 5lg Mirage Editor '51-52, Associate Editor '50-51: Lobo StaE '49-535 Mortar Board '52-533 Theta Sigma Phi '51-533 Press Club '49-513 Pan- hellenic scholarship award '50g Spurs scholarship '50 3 Kappa Kappa Gamma '49-53. :im 1 PEGGIE DISMUKE Albuquerque, New Mexico Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Women's Recreational Council President '53g AWS Vice- president '52-53g USCF '51-52: Mortar Board '52-535 Pi Lambda Theta '53g Majors and Minors '51- 533 Kappa Kappa Gamma. BARBARA GOSS Oak Park, Illinois Major: Inter-American Affairs. Spurs '50g Student Senate '51, Rules Com- mittee '52-53g Alpha Kappa Deltag Phi Sigma Iota: Mortar Board '52- 53g Vice-president of Iunior Class '51-52: Kappa Alpha Theta. I, P15477 ,, facgig-,,, h ROGER C. GREEN Albuquerque, New Mexico Major: Geology, Anthropolgy, Mi- nor: Biology, Air Science. Alpha Phi Omega '50-53, Vice-president '51, President '52, Treasurer '53g Student Senate '51-523 Phi Kappa Phi '52-53, Fiesta Chairman '53g USCF Cabinet Member '52-53g Ge- ology Club 'S1-52g Anthropology Club '51-523 Rally Com '52-533 IFC '53g Khatali '52-53g Military AFfairs Council '52-535 ROTCQ Kappa Alpha. DORCAS KNUDSEN Oak Park, Illinois Major: SociologY: Minor: Psychol- ogy. Mortar Board President '52-533 USCF Secretary '52g Alpha Kappa Delta '52g Bandelier Hall Counselor '52, Tri-Hi-Y group leader at the Indian Schoolg Alpha Chi Omega. ELLEN HILL Texarkana, Texas Major: journalism, Minor: English and Speech. UNM Press Club, Sec- retary '50-51, Vice-president '51-525 Lobo '50-535 Editorial Associate, Thunderbird '52g UNM Mademoi- selle College Board Representative '51-52g Founding President of Beta Theta chapter of Theta Sigma Phi: Cultural Committee '51-53g Student Senateg Cosmopolitan Clubg Home- coming Publicity Chairmang Schol- arship for women in journalism '51-53. IOHN LARGE Albuquerque, New Mexico Major: Music Concentration: Voice. Drum Major '50-53g Student Sen- ator '50-52g Cultural Activities Com- mittee '5l-52g Student Director of UNM Chorus '53g Major roles in "Marriage of Figaro," "Cosi fan tutte," and "Down in the Valley"g Member of University Touring Groups for High School Assemblies '52-535 Sigma Chi. HUGH HILLEARY Albuquerque, New Mexico Major: Electrical Engineering, Mi- nor: Naval Science. Wardroom So- ciety, President '51-52, Treasurer '51-52g Interfraternity Council, Pres- ident '52-53, Treasurer '51-52, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Canterbury Club, Treas- urer '49-50, President '50-525 Stu- dent Senateg UNM Glee Club '49- 50g Director of NROTC Glee Club '51-535 USCF '52g Sigma Chi '47-53. IO MCMINN Carlsbad, New Mexico Major: Biology fPre-Medj. Rodeo Club '50-533 Student Council '50- 53g SUB Committee '51-525 Student Senate '50, Campus Party President '50-52: Khanna '53, Air Force ROTCg IFC Representative '51g Pi Kappa Alpha. elk, MARILYN HUTCHINS Silver City, New Mexico Major: Physical Educati Recreational Leadership. Women's Recreation Co licity Manager '52, Spo '52-533 Majors and Min T on, Minor Band '51 uncil, Pub rt Manager ors '51-5 e Boots and Saddles '52-53g Stud Senate '52g Baptist Student Univ 3 P '52-535 Tennis Club '5 I Cam Party delegate '51-535 Alpha De Pi IOANN MCNAY Tucumcari, New Mexico Major: Business Administrati Freshman Class Secretary '49- Student Senate '49-503 '50-52g Mirage Popularity fav Cheerle 3 O '51, Phi Gamma Nug President Associated Women Students '52 Mortar Board Treasurer Boots and Saddles '51, Pi Beta W:-'I - -:ii XTC 1 -. ,. A .,1c"fgf" 7- SALLY ANNE MASURY Redondo Beach, California Major: Pharmacy. Mortar Board '52- 53g American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation, Secretary '50-51, President '51-52: Homecoming Queen '52g Mirage Beauty Attendant '49g USP '51-52g Pill Tillers '49-533 Dorm Council '50-52. EI-IUCK SCOTT 'asadena, California ajor: Architectural Engineering. heer Leader 'Sly Rally Com '5l5 tudent Senate '5lg AIA Vice-prcsi- entg King of Hearts '51g Engineer- g Student Advisory Committee I9 Intramural Under Water Swim- ming Record '5lg Kappa Sigma. -, BOB NORFLEET Albuquerque, New Mexico Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology, Pre-Med student. Phi Sigma Vice- presidentg Pre-Med Club Vice-presi- dent '52g Lettermen's Clubg Student Senate '503 Iunior Class President '51-525 Vigilante '50g Khatali Secre- tary '51-53: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT STUART Artesia, New Mexico Major: Government. Khatali '52-535 Student Court Associate justice '51- '53g IFC Treasurer '52g Alfred Grun- feld Memorial Scholarship Winnerg Air Force Association '50-523 Edi- tor, Air Force ROTC Yearbook, 'Sl-52g Phi Delta Theta. IAY PETTITT Port Washington, New York Major: Fine Arts. Student Senate '50-529 Student Art Group '51-52, Geology '51-52g Student Spirit Com- mittee '5lg Rally Com publicity di- rector '52-53g Homecoming Com- mittee '52g .Kappa Alpha Theta '48-53. WILMA TAPP Seguin, Texas Majorg Piano and Music Certifica- tion. Spurs Editor '50-515 USCF '49-535 Ski Club '49-505 Bandelier House Council '49-503 UNM Mixed Chorus '49-53, Accompanist and Ass't Directorg Sigma Alpha Iota President '51-53g Mortar Board '52- 53g Rally Com '51-52: UNM Cul- tural Committee '52-53g Student Senate Steering Committee '52-533 Senior Class Vice-president '52-533 Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Scholastic Award '50g Co-Chairman UNM Stunt Night '53g Kappa Kappa Gamma. 11 ff, I ia ,- I 5 4- Sfil T . we Q 12' af, " ' DAVID L. REYNOLDS Albuquerque, New Mexico Major: Mechanical Engineering. Vigilantes president '50-513 Student Council '50-515 Khatali '51-535 American Society of Mechanical Engineers '52-53: Kappa Alpha. AL UTTON Aztec, New Mexico Major: Geology, Minor: Biology. Geology Club '51-533 Anti-Discrim- ination Committee '51-525 Student Senate President '51-525 Homecom- ing Committee '51g Khatali '52-535 Student Body President '52-535 Al- pha Phi Omega '52-53g Athletic Committee '52-53: Phi Kappa Phi '52-535 SUB Committee '52-53: Young Democrats '51-535 Air Force Associationg Rhodes Scholarship '53. u-sm, . --Q-.1 -.-van-and r-?5iB N .EE "The Medium," a tragedy in two acts, was presented by Rodey Theatre in collaboration with the Opera Workshop of the Department of Music. Playing leading roles in Gian Carlo Menotti's drama were Patricia Dickson, Ioe Paull, Darlene Evers, Neil Wilson, Mary Schoenfeld, and Charlotte Warren. The orchestra was conducted by Kurt Frederick, while Iane Snow directed the members of the Opera Workshop. Dorothy Davies Miller and Edwin Snapp staged the production. RGDEY Shakespeare's comedy, "The Taming of the Shrew," featured many Well-known Rodeyites including Roland Schweinberger, Don Hall, Sarah Huber, Mary Ellen Smith, Marion Sanders, and lack Vogel. This amusing tale shows Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona, through a series of adventures converting Katharina, the shrew, into a sweet, docile individual. 184 at S Opening the 1952-53 season was "The Innocents" by William Archibald, a fascinating stage adaptation of Henry Iames' story, "The Turn of the Screw." Featuring only four characters, "The Innocents" is the story of two English children, their governess, and housekeeper, who live in a house haunted by a former servant. Merry Crampton, Ioanna Beelien, and Iennifer and Peter Masley made up the play's east. THEATRE "The Show-Off," a clever farce about a self-centered egotist, opened in December. Director Gene Yell as Aubrey Piper, the show-off, por- 4 trayed a young man who marries Amy Fisher fBarbara Allynj and then proceeds to tal-ce over the Fisher household. Excellent performances by Sarah Huber, D. G. Buckles, Roland R. Schweinberger, and Mary Ellen Smith made "The Show-Off" an enjoyable, realistic comedy. X uppfesse ONE-ACTS d Desfrexy "Down in the Valley" ts Agia Da C295 ' CHILDREN'S THEATRE The Children's Theatre, conducted by the University Drama Department, presents each year, a series of Saturday matinees featuring plays especially written and staged for children. These productions provide students with the highly challeng- ing and wholly heartwarming experience of playing to the most wildly responsive and enthusiastic audience the theatre affords. Pictured are scenes from "Little Red Riding Hood" starring Barbara Allyn in the title role. Gwen Wilson and Roland R. Schweinberger portrayed the wolves, and Sarah Huber appeared as the mother. COS! FAN TUTTE "Cosi Fan Tutte," the third Mozart opera presented by the UNM Opera Workshop, was staged in Ianuary under the direction of Iane Snow. The opera, whose title means All Women Behave Like That, was doubly-cast so that different performers appeared on alternate nights. Playing Firodiligi were Suzanne Cohenour and Mary Schoenfeld. Darlene Evers and Lois Mallory appeared as Dorabella. Cast as Despina were Nan Leflingwell and Norma Miles. Guglielmo was played by Neil Wilson and Iohn Large. Dr. William E. Cohenour was Ferrando, and Leo Romero was Don Alfonso. Again Professor Kurt Frederick conducted the University orchestra. BAN D The 75-piece marching band played for five home football games in addition to journeying to Denver and El Paso to provide entertain- ment in those cities. Directed by Professor Robert E. Dahnert, the concert band consisting of 45 musicians presented concerts in February, April, and May. Also on the schedule for April was a concert tour Right: John Large, UNM's ' M,glw.y.,.,..,,x spectacular drum major Extreme right: Drum ma- jorettes Carol Fegholg and Dorothy Lewis joined Iohn in snappy baton twirling exhibitions cgi. ,P ', 7 'Sr 188 in A A I 4 F? :X- 'iv SPOR TS X fflxf-Q5 Q 1. ,.,. FR f Q Z If "' if X X fxw ' Q, f '5 5 1 ws Ji SKYLINE CONFERENCE l 52 COACH DUDLEY S DEGROOT SKYLINE CONFERENCE COACH OF THE YEAR 1952 THE 1952 Lonos: First row, left to right: Brett, Prokopiak, Arnett, Cox, Morris, Witkowski, Hunter, Campbell, Barger, Papini, Logan, Kaiser, Rettko, McSmitl'1, Hale. Second row: Tucker, Lee, Nolasco, Matthews, Cutter, Grossman, Cresswell, Morgan, Iaeger, Suplizio, Goddard, Matteucci, Riggs, Morse, Burcher, Lauderdale, Malenfam, Warrington, Panzica. Third row: lack Davis, managerg Dudley DeGroot, head coach, Coon, Cook, Terpening, Guerette, Southard, Chaplin, Crampton, Briscoe, Pound, Koskovich, Bruening, White, Lynch, Bums, Krul, Hyder, George Petrol, line coach, Willis Barnes, backfield coach. V .7 V L A . . .Kg J? 7? F . r 5 If - - 'HH ,' X ' ,44'i'.." i mit? , l QNMT' - 'W' Spring practice finds Koskovich, Matthews, Coon, Prokopiak, Campbell and Coach DeGroot talking things over Despite the ominous mutterings and dire predictions for the season that followed the Uni- versity of New Mexico's announcement of its determination to operate a sane and sensible athletic program, prospects for the Lobos' 1952 football season still looked pretty good. Fitted out with a good schedule and a host of returning lettermen, New Mexico Coach Dud DeGroot hoped to continue with a attern set b l ' L b with every week's game. p y ast years o os-improvement P R O V O U T A H SATURDAY sept. 27, 1952 BYU held a determined second half rally to hand the Lobos a heartbreaking 14-10 defeat. Mike Prokopiak gave UNM the lead midway in the first quarter with a brilliant 30-degree angle Held goal. Early in the second half, Glenn Campbell led a 45 yard drive for a TD and a 10-0 lead. New Mexico won the opening toss and immediately started the drive that Finally led to their opening scores. The send off before the BYU game 1-51455 ' 1351, . A pass interception late in the fourth quarter set the stage for the deciding score. BYU carried to the Lobo nine. They then crossed up the Lobo defense by passing into the end zone to break the visitors' backs. Balif of BYU again converted. Despite the loss, Dud DeGroot's eleven outgained and outpassed Brigham Young. They amassed 171 yards on the ground to BYU's 165 and added 67 more in the air to the Cougar's 61 to show a 238-226 ad- vantage. In First downs, New Mexico wound up with 16 to 14 for the Cougars. Though absorbing their initial loss, the University displayed a determined and smooth working split-T attack which will prove troublesome for future Sky- line opponents. It was a great win for BYU and a heart-breaker for the aggressive Lobos. Bill Kaiser and Don Papini board the plane for the trip to Provo F11 T L kind ,fl lb Bobby Arnett gets stopped as Burger and Cox provide extra blocking fired up Lobo eleven struck back with a vengeance n the second half to trounce New Mexico ARM Z3-0. After being held scoreless during the first half by heir down state cousins, New Mexico rammed hrough two quick TD's in the third period in less han four minutes. They added a safety via a blocked unt and an end run with only 15 seconds remaining n the last period to end the scoring. Prokopiak con- erted on all three attempts. was the first win in the 1952 season for the Lobos, had suffered a 14-10 setback at the hands of BYU. long state series now stands at Z2 wins for UNM I6 for ASLM in a rivalry dating back to 1905. Roger Cox was perhaps the outstanding man on for the New Mexico line which didn't Find its until after the half. Barger was in for his usual minute game. Terpening got 05 10 punts for an of 40.9 yards to keep the visitors deep in their NEW MEXICO SATURDAY Oct. 4, 1952 Larry White and Bill Kaiser break up an Aggie pass play own territory. Koskovich ran the split-T with the same precision that won him the starting quarterback job. Both the Lobo mentor and Aggie coach Ioe Cole- man praised the UNM line for their second half play- ing. The aggressive line play on both offense and de- fense was the deciding margin, both coaches agreed. A L B U Q U E R Q U E L A R A M I E W Y O M I N G SATURDAY oct. 18, 1952 The Lobos pulled another trick out of their hat by defeating and surprising the Wyoming Cowboys. Bobby Arnett displayed a fine master-mind control of the Lobo split-T and completely astonished 5592 Wyoming fans. The triumph was sweet revenge for UNM who h lost to the Cowboys in 1950 by Z1 44-0 score and th 1 in 1951 by 41-7. After a scoreless three quarters, New Mexico hit tl hallowed soil, i11 the last quarter, via an intercept: pass. A roughing penalty on the Cowboys moved tl ball to the Z3 where Arnett moved the ball to the l The crowd could feel the upset in the air, the ups they had all dreaded. Arnett finally streaked arour l ,the right Hank to give the Lobos the only score of t game. Prokopiak converted for the extra point. In the hnal standing, it was Terpening's fine pur ing and Arnett's uncanny quarterbacking that spella the difference. But through it all, the mighty forwax wall plastered the highly regarded 'Pokes and nev once let them End a weak spot in the dike. A good pep rally was the team s send off the day before the Miner misses his block and provides an opening for a Lobo tacklcr ave Matthew's desperation pass to Horace Morris, gether with the golden toe of Mike Prokopiak, pro- ided the edge for UNM's 14-13 win over Texas estern. The triumph ended a long series of battles between e two schools, dating back to 1919. Both teams have on a total of ten games with three of the contests ding in ties. The Lobo split-T worked for 54 yards before the am tallied their winning TD. Quarterback Chuck Koskovich passed to Morris for first down on the Miner's 34, and big Roger Cox n the ball to the 22. After a pass to the 16, Koskovich anded off to Matthews, who in turn threw a despera- on pass to Morris while being surrounded with Fancy faking in the Miner backhcld Miners. Morris caught the pass on the one. That was the backbreaking play for the Miners. Terpening then powered across for the final TD and Prokopiak made it 14-13 with but Five minutes to play. The win over the Miners provided the Lobos with their third win as against one defeat. TEXAS W E S T E R N SATURDAY Oct. 25, 1952 E L P A S O A L B U Q U E R Q U E The Arizona Wildcats ground out a tough 13-7 win over a Fighting and never-say-die New Mexico eleven during UNM's homecoming game. The defeat broke the Lobos' three game winning streak and dampened the spirits of alums, grads, and Two Wildcats stop Dick Brett after he snagged a long pass A R I Z O N A SATURDAY Nov. 1, 1952 K- . ...aff ,-:L 5, '.v - . 5l':'.l.'q,'vf:.. ' ' r' - - 'nw .Q L PM 4 i tat Q -r . Lfeffe'-K , Q ,F , 6 V 9'-s - 'x Q -' 'I h - Y ia . ..- gi, gl J f I' . . fans who had crowded Zimmerman held to see if tll Cinderella team had one more upset in their system. The Lobos' last chance came in the fourth quart Arnett threw to Lee and Brett for 14 and 29 yart but the Wildcat defense kept batting down furth aerials and the Final pass was intercepted in the er zone just as the gun sounded. In the statistics, UNM held a slight advantage ov the Wildcats from Arizona. The Lobos had a total 4 17 first downs to Arizona's 12 and they outgained th 'Cats 346 yards to 307. It was a hard game to lose but the throng of neaid 12,000 stood up enmasse at the end of the game an cheered the fighting Lobo team as loud and as lor as if they had triumphed over the excellent Arizox team. lim Bruening, hot after an Arizona man i -- 1 .af ., - i 5 I la e- -ea - V . Y' n ,I " ' xgffrfa- Ls " ' Rh-v ,- Y I- v 1 P Q r fr. ,i"" Bruening comes up fast to insure Bill Kaiser's pending tackle 'The New Mexico Lobos used every possible type of scoring in their 15-0 win over the Denver University Pioneers. A pass interception, a safety, and two Held goals plus an extra point conversion provided the 15 points the Lobos used in their fourth win of the season. It was UNM's second conference win to one defeat. The game kept the Lobos in the running for the Sky- line conference title. Near freezing weather turned the contest into a defensive battle. Once again the mighty Lobo forward wall held to turn back all threats from the opposing . team. This was the fourth shutout for the "Mighty -Rocksn and provided the team with its fourth win of 'the season. . Y 3 fhffsv. D E N V E R SATURDAY TJov.8,1952 ,we-Ti?.1i.,, E The UNM band performed at half time for a cold and huddled audience The Pioneers were able to accumulate only a net of 73 yards and a total of 9 First downs. The Lobos pushed through the Denver forward wall for a total 179 yards and went through the air for another 26 for a sum total of 205 yards. 1-first downs added to 10 for the Cinderella team. ID QE Ti W7 QE R. A L B U Q U E R Q U E A proud and happy Lobo squad fought one of its most impressive games of the season in defeating the Colorado Aggies 3-0. A tense well-fought Field goal game over the Aggies gave the Lobo fans something-to really shout about. The win paved the way to a place high in the Skyline conference for the Cinderella boys of the 1952 New Mexico squad. Bud Coon receives an assist from the rear as he gets set to stop Coloradds Burl COLORADO SATURDAY T4ov.15,1952 Only once in the entire game did the Lobos pene- trate farther than the ARM 25 yard line. That was in the second period when Mike Prokopiak booted a 30 yard field goal. It was his fourth fiel'd goal in six attempts, missing one at Wyoming and one at DU. The Lobo forward wall, responsible for wins over NM Aggies, Wyoming, Texas Western, and Denver, was at its best in its triumph over the favored Colo- rado team. Pressure by the eager Lobo line closed in on the Aggies, star passer Don Burroughs, as the ace pass artist was smothered on several attempts. The hard- driving line caught the Aggie backs behind the line of scrimmage for a total of 46 yards in nine plays and held them to no gain on six other attempts. Even though the statistics showed the Aggies slightly to the good, the Lobo team disregarded these paper facts and kept their three points for the win. Bobby Arnett gets trapped, but drives forward with three Aggies hanging on Ray Guerctte was hot on the heels of a Montana back in an attempt to stop a long run Two first-half touchdowns provided the margin for the Lobos third straight win and their fourth win in the tough Skyline Conference. The Lobos, in chalking up their fourth conference win against the seventh-placed Grizzlies, managed to hold to the second place in the league. They also as- sured themselves of at least a third spot in the race. The Lobos, who usually win their games in the sec- ond half, struck for two touchdowns in the first half and then went on to fend off a determined Grizzly squad for the victory. Center Larry White and fullback Roger Cox scored the Lobo TD's. More than 10,000 saw the defensive struggle which featured 30 punts Q17 by the Lobos' Terpening and 13 by Montanais Andersonj and a dogged battle be- M O N T A N A SATURDAY Nov. 22, 1952 - ....v- env- K .tv Chuck Koskovich, Marv McSmith, and Don Hyder get a lift oH the field after the Lobos 12 6 win over Montana tween the two forward walls. Statistically, the Lobos held the upper hand, but Montana definitely was the main threat in the last half. Only a TD in the last quarter by the Grizzlies kept the Lobo team from posting their Fifth shutout during the season. A L B U Q U E R Q U E A L B U Q U E R Q U E New Mexico's defense, displaying its usual offensive prowess, roared to a bruising 28-0 decision over the Utags to post their fifth shutout of the 1952 season. The win enabled the Lobo defense to set a national mark as the least scored upon team in the nation. The The Utah State forward wall stops a Lobo line plunge U T AS HT A T E SATURDAY DCC. 6, 1952 H1 'UH A Lobos have given up only 46 points to opponents in nine games. The game brought to a close UNM's most successful season since 1939. The record this year was 7 wins to 2 defeats. In neither defeat was the margin of loss over six points. Tempers flared over the rugged play by both teams. d Arnett was ejected from the game in the second perio when he was roughed while passing and took a swing at a Utag player. Ralph Matteucci was thumbed out in the third stanza when he and an Aggie player dis- agreed at the mid-Held stripe. Statistically, the Lobos held a definite edge. UNM piled up six First downs to four for the Utags. How- w ever, Utah picked up 107 yards rushing to T02 for Ne Mexico. But UNM completed 7 passes for 119 yards, while the Aggies hit on only 6 for a total of 61 yards Tom OMally and an unidentified Aggie stop Dick Brett during the New Mexico-Utah State game, which the Lobos won 28-0 :"i7rl:4!"?9 t -., ' 7 NEXT YEA R'S VARSITY Freshman Football team, left to right, first row: M. Cameron, F. Blackmun, I. Cox, I. Main, Coach A. Thrclkcld, I. Iuarez, A. Martinez, L. Arnold W Runcorn pinclli Second row: I. Bradberry, C. liurkctt, M. Mogford, D. Hawkins, B. Hogan, I. Adams, M. Mitchell, D. Honca. Third row: D. Brecch, N. Theodore B Nelson urkc M Salas, I. Wearin, F. Hiller, A. Chavez, S. Gormley. Back row: H. Martinez, R. H. Baysinger, and E. Garvanian, coaches. The Utah State game brought to a close the'most successful football season for the University of New Mexico since 1939. The Lobos Finished the season with seven wins and only two defeats to finish second in the Skyline con- ference. New Mexico has only been in this conference for two years. As a result of their fine performance, Coach Dud DeGroot was chosen Skyline Conference Coach of the Year for 1952. These were not the only honors bestowed on the fighting Lobo team. The defensive team set a national mark as the least scored upon team in the nation. The L'Mighty Rocks" gave up only 46 points in nine games to opposing teams. It was a fine, hard fighting team that gave the New Mexico fans a group that they could really boast and brag about. Out of this team only 13 men will be lost via the graduation route. Those that leave the school in Iune will be: Mike Prokopiak, Dick Brett, Bill Rettko, Horace Morris, Glenn Campbell, Bill Kaiser, Bobby Arnett, Tony Witkowski, Don Papini, Grant Logan, Roger Cox, Weldon Hunter, and Marvin Mc- Smith. All of these men will be greatly missed when next year's football season rolls around. BASKETBALL '52--'53 Left to right: Sonny Montoya, Marv Spallina, Kenny Hansen, Lewis Richardson, Gene Golden, Russ Nystedt, lim Mitchell, Bruce Wilson, Toby Roybal, Danny Darrow, I Mulcahy, Norm Nuckolls, Leon Palmisano. Back row: Coach Woody Clements. Missing: Ross Black. The start of the 1952-53 basketball season saw the New Mexico Lobos confidently picked as the most lowly of cellar dwellers by most observers of the Skyline conference. Chief reason for the prediction was New Mexico's dismal record for the 1951-52 cam- paign, when the Lobos were able to take only one victory in 14 tries against league opponents. There seemed to be no great new talent coming up to give the New Mexico quintet any added strength, so, the prediction of eighth place was not challenged-even by the most optimistic Lobo backer. But the seers and prognosticators hacln't counted on one mighty important intangible- and one they should have been familiar with after the 1952 football season. That intangible was a little thing called spirit. 202 Squeeze play The spell is cast Will it go in? Made it The maze Oomph! The big drive EAW ET-1 43 'Q 5 .4 1 1 Fascination 7 Y That determined look Up, up and away Wyoming ..... Brigham Young Utah State ..... Montana ..... . NEW MEXICO Colorado ARM . Utah .......... Denver .... . . . SKYLINE CONFERENCE CONFERENCE GAMES ALL GAMES W. L. Pts. Opp. Pct. Pct. 12 2 890 790 857 714 11 3 946 747 786 759 7 7 1005 997 500 567 6 8 987 1033 .429 560 5 9 969 1007 .357 .400 5 9 921 990 .357 .462 5 9 856 891 .357 .417 5 9 817 936 .357 .360 INDIVIDUAL SCORING G fg ft pf Darrow ........ 25 83 141 71 Spallina . .... 25 84 98 84 Black .... .... 2 5 89 73 91 Nystedt ........ 23 76 65 72 Golden ........ 25 63 63 71 Roybal ........ 14 59 59 49 Wilson ........ 20 39 26 66 Richardson ..... 20 40 23 37 Mitchell ....... 17 21 21 42 Palmisano ...... 17 10 17 21 Mulcahy ....... 10 3 1 3 Others . . . . . . . 2 7 6 TP 307 266 251 217 189 177 104 103 63 37 7 11 Totals .... 25 572 593 618 1 737 Opponents ..... 25 559 614 557 1732 FT missed: Opponents 316. NM Lobos 254--Darrow 53, Black 50, Spallina 42, Wilson 31, Roybal 28, Richardson 26, Ny- stedt 22, Golden 19, Mitchell 12, Palmisano 6, Mulcahy 1, Others 5. Season record 10- 15, conferencc 5-9. i m if l BASEBALL . F Dave Quinlan, Ierry Verkler, Sam Suplizio and Coach F George "Stormy" Petrol I Left to right: Henry Warrington, Maj. R. H. QHapJ Spuhler, assistant coachg Bill Kaiser and Ierry Verkler Baseball Fever-an annual springtime disease with many Americans-began to make itself felt on the University campus around March l this year as the UNM baseball squad started its first practices. Coach George Petrol had a total of 27 candidates for varsity berths. He also welcomed ll lettermen among this group. Those lettermen consisted of Danny Darrow, Leon Palmisano, Bill Kaiser, Theron Smith, Pete Nolasco, Dick Panzica, Bob Norfleet, Sam Suplizio, Bob Hinton, Bill Schooley, and lake Romero. The Lobos olhcially opened their campaign against Wyoming, April 3, on the UNM diamond. In all, they had 12 games with opponents from the Eastern division of the Skyline conference before the season's end. Last season, Lobo baseballers won five and lost seven in the division with prac- tically the same club that returned this season. 209 , wp vga" - TRACK Coach Roy Iohnson's track and field squad started their 1953 season with a dual meet at Tucson, Arizona on March 14 with Arizona's Wildcats. Following the AU battle, Iohnson entered a team in the Colorado Indoor Invitational at Boulder on March 21, and then came home for UNM's only hometrack meet of the season. The lone home meet was against CU Buffaloes in Zimmerman Field on March 28. Out-of-town meets against Denver and Wyoming closed the pre-championship Work, and the Lobo track- sters laid off until the conference meet in Provo, Utah. Bobby Lee, Sammy Suplizio, Dave Linder, Wayne Tucker, and Roger Cox carried the biggest part of the load for the 1953 track and field squad. Last season's squad won one of three dual meets, a 70-61 triumph over Denver. ny 4 L . ff . fl 45 '7-' ' VL f-r 356. . 1, it A U. I-at . 1 210 x Ili' f'r'.':ii.' inns! Coach Roy Johnson, Ross Black, Don Anderson and Bobby Lee Elll! me R .5 lure H UE r, 22 HCI- m xjjl, llF"" 'U 'D A six F v 94 'I 1 -1 if wilt' rf A I runnin. X sf' Eiiiih WW ' Ein llll -5.5 l!l fe 2 W 5' IF If in nl sf ., W r Pipe l Skiing: n d sggitll -F 'ilu .ui at gm?-ggiih.. .-as QC Gallegos Paul Butt Fred McCracken and Sonny Montoya TENNIS Coach George Blanco Whxte s was the first sprmg sport aggregauon to carry the Cherry and Srlver 1nto battle Veterans Paul Butt, Iohn Taul, Norm Thayer and Fred McCracken made up the Lobo entry rn the Arlzona meet Thayer reached the seml Hnals of conso1at1on play before ra1n brought an end to the tourney play The team began 1ts conference campargn on Apnl 3, on the UNM courts when rt was host to Wyom1ng's Cowboys The 1952 Lobo tenms squad Won none, lost three and Hnrshed fifth rn the league play offs hill llll llil " Il .lv Ili Ill IIB iss: Sass illi 211 rg L 1- .N 6-. Q X ' v . . . 1 y I A-' ,I 5 - ' al xf'f,77" x . " e-J Ji ' VI . N' '51 . 1 'lvl . ' 'fl' X' '?f3Flf'fi:-. 5515. . . "-"-i 5 - - f 'ff-1Qff1ai.1.',-:Qas 4. . 4- 1-,W A' ' 3 ' ' Lzffiffgf ,: l , ff" ' ' I ' ' ' in-. ll s,"',.. , 1' ' ' A .. . or 'fs ' V -L-,A ' Y I low f- f ,T 4 I lui' 4 fy V W -I J IIA ill . -. ' h N ny, p Y Q.,-.1 A f 5, 1- 5 , 1 H . ' z- e ess .. -- L -3 1 .4 ' ,f R.. .,. Um N . M V, 'xc M r. I it ' "F 1 ,af-" f r J' 'af '1..s... - 1 , g, ' 4 ' . 'I I . y K h , I is A ik, - C W . x f . ' ,F , C t .1 A ' ' 1 - .nf N ' A 'X - ,-5-,'rj,L,.-q.'1-'- , - r'-ge, ' - .,-Q.-.. -'1 ,-,-51 '1 A 'B s - , 4 L' 263.3631 2 -- ' Lv.-L 197 'gn -32 "13' X .- ' I 5 . 'Q 4' 1 , 1 L 1 T-' ' I bw .4--r ee 4? ' ' of x li - A. 1. U, , . ,. . - , 1 1 A 5 . 3 5:53 . . -rf, In .A -2 fr: .. ., 3 Q ,fr fr f .H f - . - - 1' 1 . gg' 1 1 F fi -. -' Jtfi' ' 41 . ' ' ' - 1 I ' "9" ' 1 2 3'3kyf L Eff' , . ' W, .. , Q A1--N '- f A , ' ' A -54:31 f V - ' v . F - If 'Q .. 1- . . .A ,N I ' , , ., I! , , H N fl? 'if u n .H ,. I. :jak r A lk.: 4. In .L f - I Hg avg, 11- ,UQ , 1 I 1 AV ,A s lx , ,Q 1 , . .. sy N Hn'-Q I Y .. . V l N V , ' X f ' ' - . x ' ,, Y "'- , - i- - ' . ' ' ,. ' .av 'Q " -' '75 ----- ' . J , A . - .:-v F .. Y , : -" mn , - -'-"- 3 Tennis Squad: Back row, left to rightg Don Tcegarden, Dave Leonard, Bruce Wilson, Iohn Taul, Walter Greene, and Coach "Blanco" White. Front row: Gene , , , KK ,Y ' 3 ' ' SWIMMING Because of a small team, Coach Lloyd Burley was only able to take his squad into one meet during the 1953 season. The four man squad traveled to Colorado ARM at Fort Collins, Colorado for the Skyline conference meet. Because of limited facilities for training purposes, they only managed to pick up one point. Coach Burley is hoping for a larger turn out next year so that the Lobo swimming team can enter more meets and make a better showing in the 1954 conference meet. ,FX lx FX ' -.'-.ij s , if ' . , 1 I N- V X l ca l S 1 J if ig O l li i . Q w Rod Garretson, Ronnie Calkins, Dr, Lloyd Burley, coachg Jimmy Stevens, and A. L. Terpening 'Q'- Lobo Golfmen left to right: lim Ortega, Herb Wimberly, Peter Scott, Bob Turner, Bob Fossett, and Wendell Nelson GULF The University golf team opened its 1953 season with a pair of matches against the Wyoming Cowboys and the Colorado Buffaloes. Coach Iohn Dear had three returning lettermen and two squadmen from the brilliant 1952 team. Last season the New Mexico team lost only one match in 11 inter-collegiate battles and went into the Skyline conference play-offs undefeated in league play. They Finished third, however, bowing to smooth clubs from Denver and Utah. f - .-,,..Y. W. , ...-. .. . Y . -AM 1.-.-..-L-5. Back row, left to right: Dick Rogers, player-coachg Vern King, Paul Hines, Iohn Sullivan, Elmer Marlin, and Bob Long. Front row: Phil Curtis, manager, Bill Davidson, Kenny Thompson, Art Snyder, Iohn McCrory, and Al Kilbey. Missing: Parry Larsen, Don Bales, Al Iohnson, and Howard Peterson The Lobo Hockey team, defending '52 champions, lost two games this season to finish in second place. Sandia Bombers, heavily bolstered for the campaign, took the title for '53. The Lobos placed Don Bales on the Tribune first team and David- son, McCrory and Thompson on the second team. Rogers, King, Larsen, Sullivan and Long received honorable mention. Thompson's best effort was 66 saves in one game, which broke the old Arena record wide open. The loss of Parry Larsen and Don Bales midway in the season and Iohn Sullivan later, definitely slowed up the Lobos. Lar- sen went into service, Bales injured his ribs and Sullivan received a fractured ankle. Kenny Thompson sprawls on the ice as Al Iohnson tries to drive the puck home HCCKEY I 5 1 I INTRA-MU RALS ' 4? 15 INTRAMURAL COUNCIL OFFICERS Left to right: Bob Roscen . . Vice-president Don Ducoff . . . . President Larry Hogrefe . - SCCFCUUY ,Q-61 ui- , 1- x . l ' l Men's Intramural Council 1952-'53, Back row, left to right: I. Jones, Ed Smith, Bob Rosecn, Iohn Dolzadelli, Head of Intramurals. Middle row, Ioe Boehning lim Nevans, Al Grohe, Larry Hogrefc. Front row: Cliff Crader, Boyd Whitson, Clinton Parker, Gene Pierce QAGJ .,,,. I - w '-,- . Tennis-Sigma Alpha Epsxlon Basketball-Phi Delta Theta r,. 1 E Y li 11 W-X9 me D9 'x . . .. .f- ., H -4::'.".,':-.4'2"i-'- ' , . f' .r '. '..:mwf,.:. '- .4 , .lf ii .. ,g5y,,, ,, ',g.,1, ,t ,f-,fm 1... ., .. -MPL. W.. J- ri- lf- .4 -gn-fx'.f',: .. .fn W - 15. '3 I-gf. -.51 'I lt if The Air Force R.O.T.C. and the Kappa Sigs battle it out in Flag Football IN T RAMU RAL 1952 Orgonizorion Point Record Point standing toward the All-University Championship, to date, March 24th, 1953. QFollowing includes all sports except Volleyball, 16 Man Relay and Softbal1.j Air Force R.O.T.C. . . . . Phi Delta Theta ....... Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... Navy R.O.T.C. ....... . Kappa Alpha ....... Newman Club .... Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Civil En ineers g .... Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Chi .......... Paradise Five . . ..... . . . Baptist Student Union Tau Kappa Epsilon .... Phi Kappa Tau ...... Smoked Irish ...... Law College ........ Lambda Chi Alpha .... Geology Club ....... University Ski Club .... Points 518 463 425 405 329 314 289 265 221 184 161 .. 136 128 .. 78 .. 58 .. 52 .. 48 .. 34 .. 30 .. 10 FIRST PLACE WINNERS QTeam Sportsj Swimming-N.R.O.T.C. Tennis-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Flag Football-Newman Club Fall Track Meet-Pi Kappa Alpha Basketball-Phi Delta Theta Bowling-Sigma Alpha Epsilon FIRST PLACE WINNERS flndividual Sportsj Handball Csinglesj-Ierry Maier CParadise Fivej Handball Cdoublesl-Ken Hansen and I. Holroyd fPhi Delta Thetal Golf-Walter Schmider fA.F.R.O.T.C.D Cross Country-Iohn Patten QA.F.R.O.T.C.l Wrestling-130 lb. class-W. E. Myers fA.F.R.O.T.C.lg 137 lb.-lim Stevens fA.F.R.O.T.C.J: 147 lb.-Burl Humble CInd.Jg 157 lb.-Paul Tapia fInd.Dg 177 lb.-Steven Henderson flndjg Un- limited-Paul Lambert fN.R.O.T.C.D. Skiing-Slalom Race-Leonard Lapka QU. Ski Clubjg Down Hill Race-David Se- gal fN.R.O.T.C.J .1 Ackerman, Margaret, 68 Adams, lack, 78, 180, 201 Adams, Iane, 45, 125, 152, 153 Adams, Ianet, 78 Adams, Ierome, 78 Adams, Mac, 78 Adams, Richard E., 45, 167 Adkins, Harold, 113 Adler, Holly, 45, 141, 150, 151 Agnew, David, 45, 103, 115, 174 Akers, Nancy, 78 Aldous, Allan, 68, 164 Aldous, Duane, 45, 114, 139, 170 Aleksey, Edmund R., 92 Alexander, Randell, 68, 176 Alfanso, William, 110 Allidi, lan, 68, 126 Allen, Iulie, 68, 122 Allen, Monte R., 45, 174, 175 Allen, Paula Ioan, 60 Allis, Ierilyn, 78, 131 Allott, Alwyn, 45, 101 Allyn, Bobby, 8, 9, 27, 60, 152, 153 Ambabo, George, 94 Ambos, Brooks, 78, 94 Amsden, Diana, 45, 138, 144 Anderson, Al, 68, 178 Anderson, Donald, 180, 210 Anderson, Doris Elaine, 45, 150 Anderson, Henry, 45, 111, 115 Andrade, Americo, 129 Ange, Margaret, 68, 122, 135, 152 Anthes, Barbara, 60, 158 Aragon, Lucille, 78, 124, 126 Archibeque, Michael, 78 Archuleta, Cipriano, 113, 134 Archuleta, Louis G., 90 Armiio, Iuanita, 68, 158 Armstrong, Augustus, 99 Armstrong, G. Lee, 45, 120, 121 Arnett, Bobby, 118, 190, 193, 198 Arnold, Leo, 201 Arnold, Mary-Hugh, 78 Arundale, Doug, 102 Arviso, Shirley, 78, 156, 178 Ash, Henry, 68, 162 Ashby, Herbert L., 92, 167 Ashby, Russell, 68, 167 Ashlock, Tyson, 94 Asper, Arthur, Ir., 68, 138 Aston, Lincoln, 68, 167 Atkins, Bill, 126 Auge, Raymond, 78 Austin, Gerald, 101 Avalos, Rebecca, 60 Avis, Margaret, 60, 107, 124 Avis, Virginia, 68, 124, 135 Baca, Pauline, 60, 126 Bachicha, Frank, 68 Baggett, Bill I., 92, 178 Bagley, Pat, 78 Baiamonte, Phillip D., 45 Bailey, A. P., 113 Bailey, Phyllis, 104 Baird, Patricia, 45, 132, 154 Baker, Bob, 60, 167 Baker, Gene, 78 Balcomb, Doug, 78 Ball, Richard, 78 Barber, lrene, 68, 135, 142 INDEX Barbieri, Al, 45, 110 Barboa, Charles, 78 Barcroft, lean, 68 Barela, Al, 126 Barela, Ernest, 68 Barger, lack, 190, 193 Barish, Wally, 112 Barley, Lec Iames, 78 Barking, Frank, 68, 106 Barnes, Ianet, 77, 89 Barrera, Rafael, 90, 126 Barreras, Marian, 45 Barrett, Arthur, Ir., 78 Barringer, Bill, 68, 176 Bartolucci, L. M., 113 Barton, Bonnie, 78 Baum, Dick, 60, 178 Baum, Emmi, 68, 158 Bawuah, Peter W., 78 Bawuah, Richmond E., 60 Bay, Don, 78 Bealmer, Iohn, 78 Beals, Gary, 9, 68, 102, 176, 177 Beason, Ioe, 68 Beeken, Ioanna, 68, 135, 142 Begay, Louella I., 45, 111 Beggs, V. L., 129 Bell, Lora, 124 Beller, George, 76, 102 Bellner, Ierry, 46, 172 Bennett, Betty, 68, 150 Berg, Audrie, 78, 131 Berg, Henry, 129 Bernstein, Arthur, 46, 112 Bernstein, Fernie, 112 Bernstein, Iewel, 112 Berry, Roy Lee, 68 Beshaw, Mike, 46, 161 Betts, Ervin Lee, 78 Beverage, Margarete, 78 Biddle, Pete, 60, 167 Birkelo, Buzz, 46, 101, 161, 180 Birkelo, Harry, 68 Bjorkman, B. I., 60, 154 Black, Ross, 60, 210 Blackmun, Fred, 201 Blauckey, R. E., 113 Block, Betty Io, 46, 154 Blumenfeld, Art, 160 Blunt, Robert F., 92 Blythe, Barry, 60, 176 Boan, William I., 46 Bobo, lrma, 132 Boe, Roger W., 60, 94 Boehning, Ioe, 46, 101, 215 Boflin, Kenneth, 101 Bogan, Robert, 78, 201 Bohannon, lerry, 106, 128 Bohannan, William L., 57 Botwinis, Gladys, 60, 154 Bounds, Richard, 46 Bourbonia, Betty Iean, 8, 46, 142, 143 Bowhay, Phil, 46, 167 Bowles, Billy F., 90 Bown, Martha, 68, 150 Bowra, Ronald, 78 Box, Nancy, 44, 46, 141, 150, Boyd, Howard, 101 Boyd, 10111. s., 46, 101, 164 Boyd, Phil, 46, 101, 106, 134 132, 151 Bozeman, Donald, 78 Bradbcrry, Iames, 201 Branson, William, 68 Brasher, Ierry, 97 Brashears, Sonja, 117, 137 Bratcher, Iim, 78 Bratschi, Mary, 78 Breech, Don, 78, 201 Brett, Dick, 46, 167, 180, 190, 196, 200 Brian, Fred, 60, 167 Bringas, Tom, 103 Briones, Felix, 67, 68, 136, 167 Briscoe, Iames, 68, 190 Brittelle, Miles, 60, 174 Brohard, William C., 9, 46, Brooks, Glen A., 78, 162 Brooks, Robert, 68, 172 Broome, Noel Clive, 46, 101 Brower, Ioe, 60, 95, 172 Brower, Leo, 104 164 Brown Adele, 68, 133, 135, 141, 154 Brown, Barbara, 68, 150 Brown, Bernard F., 46, 126, 172 Brown, Beverly, 68, 147 Brown, Bill, 114 Brown, Billy Dale, 46, 172, 173 Brown, C. P., 113 Brown Marietta, 60, 126, 133, 156, 157 Brown, William A., 46 Brown, Zudie, 78, 126 Bruce, Charles, 103 Bruch, Mary, 79, 119, 131 Bruening, William, 68, 118, 190, 196, 197 Brumfield, Richard, 90 Brunell, Herb, 139 Brunell, Shirlynel, 79 Bruner, William A., 90 Bruner, Paul C., 79 Brush, Burdine, 46, 150 Bryan, Richard, 79 Bryant, Bob, 79 Bryant, Marythelma, 23, 24, 31, 68, 130, 135, 152 Bubb, Raymond, 129 Buchanan, Erin, 68 Burcham, Bobbie Keith, 60, Burcher, George, 190 Burke, Nancy, 79, 131 Burk, Phyllis, 60, 141, 142 Burke, Victor, 201 Burke, William R., 79 Burkett, Charles, 201 Burkham, Durl, 128 Burleson, Louie, 60, 154 Burnette, Pat, 79, 156 Burns, Bob, 68, 126, 190 Burns, Mary Ann, 79 Burns, Tommy, 60, 167 Burr, Joel, 60, 170, 171 Burton, David, 68, 106 Burton, Shirley Ann, 68 Burwell, Ioyce, 79 Bush, Elaine, 67, 69, 141, 152 Butler, Wick V., 46, 101 Butt, Paul, 211 Butterfield, George, 79 Byerly, Elton, 69, 107, 152 176, 177 Cadwallader, Thomas, 79 Cadwell, Mary Claire, 46 Cain, Evelyn, 79 Caldwell, Iudy, 60, 148 Calhoun, Del, 60, 106, 170 Calkins, Ronnie, 26, 67, 69, 170, 171,212 Calloway, Mary Ioe, 60, 97, 107, 111, 154 Camacho, Richard, 126 Cameron, Mark, 201 Campbell, Glenn, 101, 103, 118, 128, 180, 190, 191 Campbell, H. G., 46, 98, 106, 124 Campos, Orlando, 69 Cannon, Paul, 60, 174, 175 Cantelou, Louis, 46 Caponera, Phyllis, 9, 25, 31, 119, 130, 140 Capps, Iessie, 79 Carmel, Ruth, 60, 95, 122, 123, 137, 146 Carnahan, lack, 139 Carnahan, Norma, 79, 151 Carr, Donovan, 46, 128 Carroll, Gilbert, 62, 118, 167 Carroll, Ray L., 61, 102 Carson, Marilyn, 69 Carter, Iulie, 59, 61 Casaus, Cecilia, 46 Case, Ben, 61, 167 Casey, Pat, 9, 46, 107, 142 Castillo, Gloria, 8, 61, 126, 144 Castillo, I. I., 126 Castillo, Theresa, 79 Castillo, Victor, 47 Cates, Charles, 79 Cella, Isabel, 17, 61, 107, 123, 133 144 Chadwick, Ierrye, 69 Chaffee, Ann, 79 Chaires, George E., 79, 120 Chambard, Iohn, 61, 105 Chamberlain, Kenneth, 47, 94, 117 Chamberlain, Robert M., 90 Chambers, Conrad, 113 Chambliss, Blake, 79 Champlin, Harrold L., 90 Chandler, Richard, 126 Chant, Iulia lane, 79 Chapell, Ioy, 126 Chaplin, William, 69, 190 Chapman, Norma Lee, 47 Chapman, Tom H., 47, 114 Chatten, Bob, 79 Chaves, Gloria, 69, 124, 126 Chavez, Alfred, 129 Chavez, Arthur, 201 Chavez, Bill, 94 Chavez, Dan, 126 Chavez, Pete, 126 Cheshire, Robert, 69, 126, 127 Chess, Linda, 61, 152 Chisholm, L. D., 61 Chitty, Dick, 69, 172 Cho, Ayo, 90 Christensen, Edna, 69, 135, 138, 156, 157 Christensen, Mona, 79, 156 Church, Hugh, 61, 176 Cinelli, Gene, 61, 172 Ciofa Cizm lo, Philip, 103 ar, Ioseph, 69, 102 Clark, Geynell, 29, 69, 131 Clark, Perry, 79 Clark, Richard, 134 Clark, Roy, 113 Cunningham, Barbara, 69, 135, 154 Cunningham, Betty, 47, 152, 153 Cunningham, Patsy, 69, 152 Current, Keith, 61 Currie, William, 47, 118 Currie, William M., 90, 101, 172 Clatworthy, Iohn, 47, 167 Cleveland, Don, 61 Cleveland, Dorothy, 61 Coburn, Laura, 79 Cockrell, Wilbur, 79 Curry, Alva, 80 Curtis, Phil, 2714 Curtis, Ronald M., 80 Curtis, Sara, 57, 80 Cutter, Bill, 190 Davidson, Darrell, 48, 98, 178, 181 Colfe c, Nancye, 79 Cohen, Milton, 112 Cole, Cole, Bill, 110 Norton, 69 Cole, Shirley, 79, 119 Cole, William S., 79 Collins, Beverly, 61, 124 Collins, Laura, 130 Collis, Don, 79 Combest, Ronald P., 90 Cone, Fred, 79 Cone. Nancy, 79, 119, 131 Conley, Molly, 61, 126 Conroe, Harold, 113 Czirr, Bob, 61, 113, 179 Dabbs, Tona, 80 Dailey, Betty L., 48 Dailey, Iean, 80 Danfelser, Iohn, 69, 167 Daniels. Iohnny, 90 Dannels, Iean, 80 Dansby, Olen D., 48 Dansby, Olia, 114 Darrow, Danny, 23, 44, 48, 118, 174, 181, 202 Davidson, Bill, 214 Conners, Carol, 79 Connolly, Daniel, 101 Conrow, I. A., Ir., 61 Constan, Kerry I., 80 Cook, Bud, 26 Cook, Ioan, 80, 156 Cook, Lewis, 190 Cook, Nancy, 80, 156 Cook, Sarah, 132 Coon, Iack, 190, 191, 198 Cooper, Natalie, 61 Cooper, Tom, 80 Corbus, Burton, 47 Cordell, William, 58 Cordes, Richard, 80 Cordova, Alfred, 129 Cordova, Betty Lou, 69, 119, Corn, Betty Ianc, 61, 94, 107, 140, 148 Cornell, Skip, 103 Cortez, Manuel, 126 Cortncy, V. I., 129 Cottingham, Edward, 47, 106, 134 Cottingham, Iackie, 69, 135, 149 Cousland, Mary Ethel, 61, 95, 140, 141, 146 Davidson, Harry M., 80 Davidson, Ioan, 80 Davidson, Richard, 69 Davis, Allyn, 48, 151 Davis, Clark, 80, 94 Davis, Donald, 69 Davis, Geraldine, 69, 156 Davis, 1t'1.,O., 106 Davis, Irving, 99 Davis, Iack, 190 Davis, Iohn, 105 Davis, Pat, 61, 95, 117, 148, 149 Davis, Ruth Ann, 48, 124, 132, 136, 152 81 137, , 1 Davis, Thomas E., 80, 113, 126 Davis, Winifred, 20, 80, 131 Dawson, Emmett B., 80 DeBolt, Iames, 80 Debrusky, Ioe, 80 Decker, Kathleen, 80 Deckert, Wally, 14, 28, 70, 162 DeDea, Eugene, 48, 179 DeFeo, Margaret, 126 DeFrics, Iean, 61 De La Puente, Ioseph, 48 Delcamp, Chuck, 80 Del Frate, Emma, 126 Cowl Cox, Cox, es, Iean, 47 Helen, 61,141,148 Iohn, 201 Cox, Roger, 23, 47, 118, 190, Cox, Wade, 108 Crader, Clilf, 47, 134, 162, 215 Craig, Kay, 80, 156 Craig, Terry, 61, 146, 147 Crampton, lay, 69, 190 Crane, Alice Kay, 80 Cravens, Lamar, 69 Cravens, Phil, 69 Crawford, Dale, 32 Crawford, Ioe, 47 Cresswell, Lewis, 69, 190 Creveling, Letitia, 61, 107, 154 Crow, Alfred, 57, 101 Cudabac, Sara Iane, 47, 152, 153 Cummings, Constance, 80 Cummins, Rita, 47, 97, 111, 126, 142, 143, 180 Cummins, Teresa, 80, 126 Delgado, Edmundo, 70, 126, 127 Del Llano, Manuel, 80 Deurmyer, Iames I., 48 Deuss, Dorothy, 124 DcVargas, Ioaquin, 102 Devere, Don, 48 Devine, Iames C., 90 Dickerson, Tom, 70 Dickey, Beth, 124 Dickinson, Charles, 70, 110 Dillard, Wallace, 105, 166 Dillman, Everett, 61, 178 Dimond, Iohn, 103 Dininni, Nick, 102 Dismuke, Peggie, 58, 119, 125, 1 152, 153, 181 Dix, Pete, 80 Dobkins, Hal L., 129 Dodge, Agnes, 61 Dogin, Al, 112 Doherty, Margaret, 80, 126 Dohnor, Alton, 80 Dolan, Terrence L., 48 40 Dolen, George, 48, 167 Domenici, Lilly, 61, 126 Domenici, Mary Ann, 70, 126 Domenici, Pete, 61, 126 Douglas, Enid, 80. Douglass, Iean, 61, 151 Douglass, Ralph, 136 Dowds, Bob, 48, 174, 175 Downey, Ioan, 61, 154 Drake, Iody, 48, 142, 143 Drapelick, Tony, 70 Draper, Ion Paul, 70 Ducoff, Don, 61, 106, 164, 215 Duff, Iames, 106 Duff, Iohn, 70, 138 Dunaway, W. A., 48, 104 Dunick, Don, 113 Dunigan, Pat, 48, 126, 176 Duran, Arthur, 70 Duran, Esmiel, 70, 174 Duran, Pete, 126 Durckel, Ron, 31 Durham, Dorothy, 61, 124 Durham, Hobart, Ir., 80 Durst, Gretchen, 80 Dutton, Richard A., 105 Dyer, Fred, 70 Dyson, Carole R., 61 Earp, Iohn, 70 Earp, Ormonde, 61, 106, 128 Eckart, Detta, 80, 156 Eddeson, Robert, 112 Eclelmon, Von, 70 Edlestein, Shirley, 112 Edmondson, Rob, 61, 95, 117, 178 Edwards, Henry, 70, 139, 162 Edwards, Mary Ann, 70 Edwards, Mary Pat, 20, 61 Eggert, Phyllis, 126 Eggert, Sandra, 61, 119, 140 Eggert, Shirley, 62, 126 Ehlen, Iack, 62, 105 Ehret, Iosephine, 9, 70, 156 Eichert, Bill, 80 Eisele, Iacqueline, 70, 135, 151 Elder, Bill, 48, 174 Elliott, Cy, 48, 144 Ellis, I. L., 104 Ellis, Margaret, 81 Elsworth, Kent, 108 Emmanuel, Floyd, 138 English, Frank C., 81 Enns, Iack, 62, 167 Erikson, Rolf, 62, 106 Errante, Edward P., 48, 101, 13 Esenwcin, Carl, 81 Esparza, Ben, 62 Eubank, Mary, 81, 107 Evans, Billy Bob, 81 4 Evans, Donald, 48, 99, 101, 115, 181 Evans, Gus, 177 Evans, Sanford B., 62 Evermon, Ann, 81 Evermon, Sue, 81 Fackenthall, Rita, 70, 126 Fallis, Fred, 48, 172 Fargo, Ieanne, 70, 143 Faris, Margaret, 23, 70 Farley, Robert L., 81 Farris, Iohn, 138, 150 Faulstieh, Claire, 124 Faw, Paul D., 81 Fawcett, Betty, 81, 124 Fee, Barbara, 124 Fegholg, Carol, 81, 188 Feld, Max, 106 Fellers, Bill, 48, 94, 103 Fellows, Barbara, 81 Feltham, Robert, 62 Fenlcy, George, 48 Fenn, Micky, 70, 146 Ferguson, Iim F., 81, 94 Fernandez, Herbert, 70 Fettas, Gerry Lee, 81 Fife, Glade W., 48 Fink, Robert, 62, 162 Firsty, Ierome, 62, 112, 121, 130 Fishback, Nancy Ann, 81 Fisher, Barbara, 70 Fisher, Ianice T., 48 Fisher, Iean, 133 Fisher, Patricia, 62, 124 Fisher, William, 70 Fitzgerald, Edward, 70, 160, 172 Fitzgerald, Gilbert, 171 Fitzgerald, Rhoda, 81 Fitzpatrick, Ioyce, 48, 144 Fixley, E. H., 129 Fleming, Elsa, 81 Fleming, Ruth, 62 Flesner, Penni, 81 Flores, Ben, 62, 126 Floyd. Marshall, 90 Fogg, Sally H., 48, 144 Folkner, C. Lewis, 70 Folsom, Betty, 70, 131 Forbes, Bob, 173 Ford, Herbert B., 48, 103, 134 Ford, Iim, 70, 176 Ford, O. D., 105 Forrest, Gloria, 49, 119, 124, 140 Former, Dave, 70, 168 Fossett, Bob, 213 Foster, Myrna, 70 Fowler, Kenneth, 70 Francis, Charlene, 81 Fratt, Val, 70 Fricke, Iim, 113 Friesen, Clarence W., 81 Fritz, Majel, 9, 44, 49, 95, 148, 181 Fullerton, Pat, 124 Fulton, Don, 81 Funkhouser, Marg, 9, 17, 49, 154, 155 Furrow, Marjorie, 62 Galaz, Alfred, 81 Gallagher, Budd C., 62, 113 Gallegos, Gene, 211 Gallagher, Greta, 70 Gallegos, Robert L., 70 Galloway, Mary Ruth, 81 Gambill, Tom, 49, 162 Garcia, Frank, 49, 170 Garcia, Mary Helen, 70, 126 Garcia, Wilfred, 49 Gardner, William, 70, 139, 168 Garland, A. H., 62 Garland, Virginia, 124 Garretson, Iim, 70, 168, 212 Gass, Nancy, 49, 117, 125, 138, 152, 181 Gates, Bud, 62, 176 Gay, Charles, 49, 101, 164 Geer, Iuanita, 70 Geisenhener, Marjorie, 81 Gelfman, Dena, 49 Gentry, Bill, 160 George, Don, 26, 49, 178 George, Richard D., 90 Gerber, Ierry, 112 Gibson, Alfred I., 70 Giere, Fred, 120 Gilbert, Barbara A., 81, 124, 126 Giles, Gary, 81 Gillett, Ierry, 71, 163 Giomi, Connie, 119, 131 Glaese, Eva, 132 Glascock, Breck, 81 Glascock, Donald, 81 Gluth, David, 49, 104, 114 Glynn, Loretta, 124 Gnall, Edward M., 90 Gober, Iim, 71, 172 Goddard, Dean, 103, 190 Godfrey, Phyllis, 16, 17 Goehring, I. Nadine, 71 Gold, Al, 112 Golden, Gene, 202 Goldizen, Vernon C., 90 Goltermann, David, 49, 105 -Gomez, Horace, 81 Gomez, Ruben, 49, 101 Gonzales, Ioyce, 124 Gonzales, Robert, 126 Gonzales, Teresa, 124 Gonzalez, Hilario, 81, 126 Gonzalez, Manuel, 62 Goodman, Fred, 112 Goodman, Lois Ann, 81 Goodner, Frieda, 49 Goodner, Iack, 49 Goodwin, Zane, 128, 160 Gordan, Nancy, 81 Gore, Io Margaret, 62, 124, 133 Gormley, Mike, 49 Gormley, Simon, 201 Goss, Barbara, 23, 50, 125, 151, 181 Gossage, Loyce, 50 Grace, Charles I., 105 Grady, Tom, 50, 97 Graham, Ianene, 62, 152 Grant, R. Douglas, 71, 95, 139, 168 Gray, Ann, 119, 131, 140 Gray, Gilder, 71, 133 Gray, Mary Ann, 81 Gray, Nina, 62 Green, Roger, 50, 94, 95, 115, 138, 160, 163 Greenleaf, Richard, 96 Grewe, George, 110 Gribbon, Bill, 126 Griego, Lucinda, 81, 124 Griego, Patsy, 71, 126 Grillin, Iack, 71 Grithn, Martin, 71 Griflin, Theresa, 71 Griflith, Ed, 82 Grigsby, Philip K., 82 Grimes, Louise, 71, 151 Grinslade, Ioan, 71 Griscom, Iames, 104 Grisham, Connie, 71, 108, 154 Grissom, E. D., 71, 105 Griswold, Miriam, 62, 153 Grizzell, Billie Iune, 82 Groene, Walter, 211 Groesbeck, Barbara, 82 Gross, Lois, 124 Grossman, Herb, 190 Grohe, Al, 103, 215 Gruer, Allan, 71 Gruschus, Iack, 82 Guard, Ianet, 82 Guerette, Ray, 126, 190, 199 Gunderson, Bill, 62 Gurley, Marietta, 82 Guth, Sharon, 82 Guthrie, Skip, 62, 128, 176 Gutierrez, Mary Io, 126 Gutierrez, Thomas, 82 Guzelis, Helen, 50 Hail, Thomas, 50, 167, 168 Hale, Broadus, 190 Hale, William, 71 Hall, Betty, 141 Hall, Ioe, 71 Hall, Ray, 50, 106, 128 Hallbeck, Diane, 62, 154' Haller, William L., 82 Halley, Charles, 50, 116 Hallick, Nicholas, 50 Halter, Paul, 23, 118 Haner, Robert, 50 Hannahs, Fred, 92, 164 Hansen, Kenneth, 71, 202 Hansen, Shirley, 82 Hardin, Daniel C., 62, 170 Hardison, Curtis F., 62, 113, 173 Hare, Iames E., 50, 102 Harper, Iim, 82 Harper, Io, 82 Harrington, Charles, 90 Harris, Bill, 62 Harris, Bob, 113 Harris, Bonnie, 62 Harris, Iohn, 26, 71, 167, 168 Harris, Lewis, 50, 104 Haskew, Iim, 82 Haskew, Lewis, 50, 104 Hatchett, Ed, 110, 120 Hauser, Leonard, 62 Hawk, Evangeline, 70, 153 Hawkins, Dorothy, 17, 50, 143 Hawkins, Walter Dean, 201 Hayes, Ralph, 108 Hayes, Robert, 63 Haynes, Lucile, 63, 148 Haynes, William, 82 Heath, Carole, 9, 71, 130, 135, 153 Heath, Iim, 9, 50, 102, 130, 176 Heaton, Herman S., 90 Heberling, Iames, 50 Hedgcoxe, Weanelle, 82 Heffelman, Craig, 63, 160, 164 Hemsing, William, 129 Henderson, Bruce, 50, 94 Henderson, Steve, 82 Hendrix, LeRoy, Ir., 120 Henning, Ann, 123, 124, 131 Henry, Bill, 82 Henson, Lottie, 71, 124 Hernandez, F. L., 129 Hernandez, Pete, 104, 134 Hessesmer, R., 104 Hext, Mary Sue, 82 Hickman, Odell, 82 Higa, Hiroyoshi, 90 Higgins, Richard, 50 High, Charles, 131 Highleyman, Pat, 50, 146 Hightower, Iames, 105 Hilderbrand, Louis, 71, 106 Hill, Ellen, 50, 95, 182 Hill, Martha, 63, 151 Hill, Thomas, 50, 105, 134 Hilleary, Hugh, 50, 104, 176, 177, 182 Hiller, F., 201 Hillmeyer, Robert, 82 Hindi, Abdul, 71 Hines, Iohn C., 50, 106, 128, 134 Hines, Paul, 214 Hines, Paula, 82, 107 Hininger, Claron, 71 Hinman, Claude, 63, 113 Hobbes, George, 50 Hodges, Ben, 82 Hoese, Beverly, 90, 124 Hoffman, Kent, 71 Hogrefe, Larry, 71, 176, 215 Holden, Ioanne, 82, 126 Holecheck, Mary, 82 Holien, Sigrid, 82, 126 Hollander, Louise E., 50, 118 Hollis, Don, 71, 126 Holmes, Carole, I., 82 Holmstead, Mary, 82 Holroyd, Iohn, 110 Holt, Randolph, 50, 128, 172 Holt, Stanley, 82 Honea, D., 201 Honeyman, Cleta, 82 Hooper, Peggy, 82, 131 Hopkins, Gayle, 72, 151 Horn, Kenneth, 101 Houghten, Iixn W., 63, 178 Houk, Norris, 50, 106 Houston, Glen L., 92, 136 Houston, Hobson, E., 50 Hubbard, Iudy, 31, 72, 130, 153 Hubinger, Allen, 50, 113 Huenefeld, Mary, 51, 146 Hughes, Douglas, 82 Hulbert, Sally, 124 Hulette, Andrew I., 51 Hunsley, Carolyn, 137 Hunter, Weldon, 118 Hunt, Edgar Lee, 63 Hunt, Muriel, 72, 124 Hunter, Don, 51, 164, 190 Hunter, Marywill, 72, 126, 148 Hurd, Robert, 72 Hurst, Hank, 72, 174 Hurst, Phyllis Bailey, 63 Hutchins, Marilyn, 51, 144, 145, 182 Hutton, Carol, 138 Hyatt, David W., 90 Hybarger, Constance L., 82, 124 Hyder, Don, 190, 199 Hyland, Bob, 51, 177 Ice, Iohn, 51, 106 Ingle, Mack, 103 Intravia, Iames, 51 Israel, Lola, 23, 72, 135, 154 Iackson, Carl T., 82 Iackson, David, 72, 178 Iacobs, Ioan, 63 Iaeger, Ronny, 72, 118, 164, 190 Iako, Chris, 51, 96, 104, 134 Iames, Harold, 83 Ianks, Elaine, 51, 137 Iaramillo, Iim, 94, 126 Iaramillo, Iohn, 126 Iasper, Iohn G., 22, 63, 96, 163 Ieffress, Howard, 63 Ielinek, Ioan, 51, 122, 154, 155 Iensen, Keith, 51 Iohanson, Doris, 72, 156 Iohnson, Albert E., 72, 214 Iohnson, Bruce D., 72, 164 Iohnson, Coral, 83 Iohnson, Elsa, 83 Iohnson, Io Ann, 51, 154 Iohnson, Mary E., 72, 95 Iohnson, Ralph P., Ir., 63, 106, 166 Iohnson, S. P., 28, 63,.102, 173 Iohnston, Herbert C., 91 Iohnston, Nancy Ruth, 83, 156 Iolly, Shirley, 83, 143 Iones, Charlotte, 83 Iones, Florenceruth, 92, 136 Iones, Iay, 51, 215 Iones, Martin S., 51, 114 Iones, Mary Cay, 51 Iones, W. Marshall, 51, 174 Iordan, Fran, 52, 154 Iordan, Fred, 116 Iordan, Iack, 52 Iordan, Iim, 83, 108 Iordan, Roberta Paul, 72, 146 Iuarez, Iimmy, 201 Iudah, Vicki, 83, 131 Kaiser, William, 23, 52, 118, 190, 192, 193, 197 Kalbach, Chuck, 72, 174 Kampwerth, Donald, 91 Kapka, Leonard, 52 Kay, Eva, 83 Kay, Raymond, 91 Keating, Iames L., 91 Keating, Lou, 108 Keefe, Iohn, 52, 95, 167, 168 Keehan, Edmund, 63 Keeler, Curtis, 83 Keely, Pat, 83 Keleher, William B., 72, 126, 177 Keller, Nancy, 72, 148 Kelly, Ierry, 126 Kelly, Laura, 83 Kelly, Richard M., 52, 110, 170 Kendrick, Noelene, 18, 83, 100 Kennann, Iohn, 63 Kennedy, Charles, 52, 101, 104 Kennedy, Iohn, 63, 163 Kenote, Mama, 83 Kepner, Iohn W., 63 Kercheville, Francina, 83 Kern, Paul, 63, 168 Kern, Carol, 63, 154 Kichlire, Bill, 108 Kietzmann, Burdell, 72 King, Iames, 52, 101, 161 King, Robert A., 83 King, Vernon, 214 Kinsolving, Charles, 72 Kilgore, Sylvia, 124 Killion, Ioyce, 83, 126 Killough, Don L., 83 Kittell, Ted, 72, 97 Klassen, Iudy, 83 Klassen, Milt, 52, 173 Klatt, William K., 52, 104 Kleindienst, Maxine R., 72, 135 Kleinhein, Pati, 72, 151 Kleinschmidt, Rudy, 52, 110, 168 Klopolsky, Betty, 83 Kloss, Carolyn, 72 Kloss, Dan, 113 Rollie, 118 Knapp, Miriam, 83 Knill, Ruth, 9, 23, 63, 148 Knott, LaRoy, 26, 72, 160, 166 Knudsen, Dorcas, 52, 125, 138, 182 Kohr, Helen, 52, 124 Kolb, Nancy, 63, 155 Koontz, Robert, 72, 177 Koury, James, 83, 126 Korsmeyer, Koni, 63, 124, 126 143, Koskovich, Chuck, 98, 118, 190, 191, 199 Kraft, Gretchen, 72 Kravel, Herman, Ir., 83 Kretek, Frank F., 63, 165 Kriege, Corinne, 63 Krueger, Lucy, 20, 83, 119 Krul, William, 190 Kuhn, Elmer, 58, 113 Kulczy, Beverly, 83 Kusianovich, Dana, 108, 117, 124, 137 Kuykendall, Mary, 72, 135, 158 Lahart, Ed, 52, 101, 116, 178 Lair, Ioye, 83, 124 Laird, Tom, 72, 174 Lakin, Iane A., 63, 126 Lamar, Barbara, 83 Lamb, Iames I., 63, 122, 178 Lambert, Paul Dean, 83 Landon, Roger, 72, 94, 120 Lane, Don, 83 Lane, Rowena, 20, 83 Lane, Sadie, 52 Langan, Lee, 52, 95, 115, 174 Langell, Bob, 72 Langley, Brownye, 52 Langley, Richard, 72 LaPaz, Mary, 63 Large, Iohn, 19, 25, 182, 188 LaRoque, Ioseph I., Ir., 63, 178 Larson, Carl E., 83 Larson, Perry, 108 Larson, William, 72 Lash, Lou, 23, 117, 118 Latimer, Dianne M., 20, 21, 83, 124 Lauderdale, Dick, 190 Lawrence, Richard, 52 Lawson, Paula, 83 Leache, loy, 72, 158 Lederer, lean, 83 Lee Lee , Bill, 26, 72, 108, 173 Bobby, 23, 118, 190, 210 Lee, , Leonard, 52, 128 Lee, Louise, 132 Lee, Pat, 52, 155 Leferink, Barbara Io, 27, 28, 63, 148, 149 Lefler, Eleanor, 84 Lehman, Edith, 84 Lein, Norman, 106 Leonois, Earl R., 91 Leonard, Dave, 118, 211 Leonard, Samuel, 52 Letkemann, Lucky, 63, 106, 165 Lett, Iames, 62 Lettken, Ioseph R., 101 Leurig, Marilyn, 84, 119 Lewellen, Ruth Ann, 63 98 Lewis, Dorothy, 72, 107, 119, 135, 148, 188 Lewis, Ioan, 140 Lief, Tom, 63, 179 Litf, Carolyn, 112, 124 Lighton, Ed, 129 Limbaugh, Nancy Lee, 63, 148 Lindenmier, Florence, 124, 126 Linder, Lionel, 116 Lindh, Robert, 64 Lister, Frank, 129 Litteken, Ioseph R., 52, 99 Livingston, Donald, 63, 98, 161 Loftfield, Roger, 84, 165 Logan, Grant, 190 Long, Bob, 214 Long, Mary Ann, 52 Longley, Iohn, 84 Longwill, Phyllis, 84, 124 Lopez, Andrew, 72 Lopez, Ralph, 52, 102, 111 Lopez-Adams, Al Bill, 84 Losh, Ioraye, 52, 155 Love, L. C., 113 Lovejoy, Bill, 91 Loveland, lan, 72, 143 Lovett, Laura Lou, 84 Lowell, Douglas, 101 Loy, Clifford, 91, 173 Lucas, Benjamin, 72 Lucas, Iohn, 72, 177 Lucero, Prescilla, 84 Luedke, Bruce, 139, 175 Lujan, Peter, 73 Luna, Frank, 129 Lunsford, Iesse, 52, 128 Lynch, Ioe, 190 Mach, Henry, 114 Machaccll, Iames, 113 Mackelduff, Bruce, 73, 165 Mackey, Dale Frederick, 13, 84 Maclean, Dave, 73, 110, 168 Mactavish, C. I., 63 Maddison, Dorothy, 132 Maddox, Robert, 73, 163 Maes, Raoul, 52, 134 Maestas, Flora, 84 Main, Iack, 84, 201 Malenfant, Larry, 9, 190 Mandan, Rose Marie, 63 Mandeville, David, 52 Manfredi, Edith, 132 Mangold, Gaye, 84 Manson, Elouise, 84, 131 Marchand, Ieanne, 53, 108, 145 Marchetti, Mary Catherine, 84 Marcus, Ed, 110 Mares, Patricia, 126 Marko, Yvonne, 53 Markus, Elinor, 84, 112 Marlin, Edith, 91 Marlin, Elmer, 214 Marsh, I., 124 Marshall, Mildred, 21, 27, 73 Martin, Frank, 106 Martin, Grace, 84 Martin, William F., 64, 120, 17 Martinez, Andres, 201 Martinez, Herman, 201 Martinez, Monica, 84 Martinez, Peter, 53, 64 Martinez, Phil, 53 Martinez, Raul, 84 Mason, Roena, 53, 155 Mason, Vicky, 73, 135, 143 Masury, Sally, 107, 125, 183 Mathies, Carter C., 73, 139 Matkins, Icrry, 64, 98, 115, 168 Matlock, I. A., 124 Matteucci, Ralph, 64, 175, 190 Matthews, David, 26, 64, 118, 175, 190, 191 Matthews, Robert, 84 Matthews, Winnifred, 17, 64, 96, 135, 156, 157 Mattison, Melvin, T., 53, 104 Mattoon, Paul, 84 Mavromatis, Iohn G., 53, 106, 128 Maxwell, Melinda, 84 Maxwell, Wayne, 64, 160, 179 Maynard, Blendina, 132 McBride, Sharon, 53, 146, 147 McCament, Paul, 53, 138, 175 McCanna, Terri, 53, 153 McClelland, Iack, 73, 178 McCloud, Dee, 73 McCollum, Ann, 73, 131, 135, 153 McConnell, lack, 73, 168 McConville, Iohn, 53 Miller, Stanley, 84 Miller, T., 124 Miller, Wick, 54, 94, 178 Miller, Wilkie, 73, 178 Mims, Ulester, 91 Minor, Virginia, 84, 157 Mirabel, David, 84 Miranda, Gilbert, 129 Mittler, Iames, 85 Mitchell, Barbara, 32, 73, 130, 146 Mitchell, CliHord, 54 Mitchell, Diti, 73, 124 Mitchell, Iames, 64, 175, 202 Mitchell, Malcolm, 85, 201 Mitchell, Newton, 138 Mogford, Nolan, 201 Mohr, Charles, 29, 73, 177 Monroe, C. G., 64, 173 Montoya, Fanny, 85 Montoya, Sam, 126 Montoya, Solomon, 73 Montoya, Sonny, 73, 202, 211 McCracken, Fred, 64, 211 McCracken, Harry, 53, 105 McCrossen, Preston, 84, 171 McCulloch, Frank, 126 McDonald, Betty, 84 McDowell, M., 124 McFarland, Iim, 64, 178 McKee, Louis, 106 McKee, Robby, 73 McKenzie, Cameron, 64, 168 McKittrick, Mary, 53 McKnight, Virgil, 91 McKown, Kenneth, 110 McLean, Barbara I., 64, 133, 148 McMahon, Ioe, 114 McMinn, Frank, 53, 173 McMinn, Io, 98, 114, 182 McNay, Io Ann, 53, 98, 107, 125, 155, 182 McNevin, Michael, 84 McSmith, Marvin, 118, 190, 199 Meacham, George, 53 Meador, Alton, 53 Meadows, Lonnie, 114, 123 Meek, Iames E., 84 Mellon, Iames, 91 Menasco, Lawrence, 54, 104, 134 Mendez, Humberto A., 91 Mensah-Dapaa, William, 54 Mercer, Harold, 54, 161 Merkle, Art, 22, 26, 73, 163 Mesner, Iohn, 117 Messick, Colleen, 54, 151 Metzler, Dave, 77, 84 Meyer, Martin, 54 Montoya, Tom, Ir., 64 Moody, Greta, 138 Moody, Lynn, 85, 124 Moore, Darlene, 54 Moore, Don, 92, 99 Moore, lim, 73 Moore, Mary, 132 Moore, Murl, 64, 165 Moore, Petty, 111 Moore, Samuel, 73 Moots, Eileen, 124, 126 Moran, Iohn, 91 Morgan, Bobby, ss, 190 Morgan, Walter, 64, 113, 165 Moriarty, Nadene, 54, 157 Morin, Karl, 91 Morris, Anita, 85 Morris, Charlie, 64, 102 Morris, Horace, 190 Morris, Iim, 113 Morris, Meyer, Robert, 54, 102, 165 Mhoon, Iohn, 113 Michael, Kaiser, Ir., 63, 126 Michaels, Barbara, 54 Miera, Ernestine, 126 Miera, Marguerite, 54, 126, 135, 157 Miera, Marie Io, 73, 126, 127 Milholland, Ioyce, 73 Miller, David, 73, 117 Miller, Dean, 106 Miller, Donald, 84 Miller, Evangeline, 54 Miller, Everett, 129 Miller, Helen, 84 Miller, Iacque, 64, 114, 146 Miller, Norene, 73, 135, 158 Miller, Robbie, 84 Morrison, Iohn, 73, 95, 136, 139 177 Morrow, Patsy, 64, 146, 147 Morse, Don, 54, 165, 190 Mosher, A. A., 106 Mosher, Kay, 64, 130, 153 Mozer, Ierry, 64, 104 Mulcahy, Ann, 64, 140, 149, 202 Mulcahy, lack, 9, 26, 131 Mullin, Eunice, 64 Mullin, Henry, 64 Mullins, Priscilla, 74, 147 Mulvihill, Dan, 129 Muren, Ed, 54, 103 Murphy, Lee, 120 Murray, Barbara, 89 Murray, Pat, 85 Murray, Patsy, 20, 64 Murray, Philip, 64 Musil, Louis, 85 Myers, Fredrick, 129 Myers, Walter, 85 Nabors, William, 129 Nachel, Dan, 117, 123 Nations, Herb, 64, 138, 174 Neeb, Nancy, 126 Neff, Iames, 85 Neff, Richard, 101, 111 Nelson, Bobby, 85, 201 Nelson, Thelma, 74 Schuelke, Iohn, 117 Sekavec, Russell, Walter, 65, 141 Short, Bill, 94 Nelson, Wendle, 111, 213 Nelson, William, 85 Nesbitt, Nancy, 64, 133, 149 Nethers, Ray, 54 Nevans, Iim, 126, 215 Newfield, lerry, 126 Newman, David, 85 Newport, Beverly, 85, 124 Nicolai, Bob, 32 Nicolai, JoAnn, 85, 126 Nichols, Stanley, 85 Nickell, Bill, 85 Nickell, Indy, 85 Nicks, Ioann, 54, 119, 157 Nicks, William, 74 Niles, George, 64 Nitterhouse, Williams, 103 Nixon, Abbey, 85 Nolasco, Pete, 118, 120, 190 Norfleet, Bob, 54, 101, 115, 175, Norman, Ronald, 91, 175 Norwood, W. B., 110 Noss, Gary, 85 Novaria, Richard, 74 Nuckolls, Norman, 202 Nufer, Bill, 92, 165 Nusbaum, Ianice, 64, 130, 153 Nystedt, Russ, 118, 202 O'Bannon, Charles, 85 O'Brian, Robert, 74, 175 O'Brien, Bettye, 65, 119, 140 Ochterbeck, Beverly, 74, 131, 14 Odendahl, Max, 117, 177 O'Donnell, William, 55, 106 Oliicer, William, 106 Ogaz, Chris, 54 Ogden, Louis, 54 Ogilvie, Richard, 74 Olewiler, Donna, 9, 65, 149 Oliver, Bill, 74 Olmsted, Lester, 85 Ong, David, 54, 101, 103 Ong, Kim, 65, 175 Ormsby, Tom, 95, 116 Orr, Iohn, 74 Ortega, Albert, 85, 126 Ortega, lim, 213 Osborne, Mary Alice, 65 Osburn, Dorothy, 23 Oshunn, Dorothy, 119 Overall, Edsel, 54, 104 Overfelt, Nancy, 126 Palese, Margot, 74 Palmisano, Leon, 126, 202 Palmer, Norman, 85 Panizica, Dick, 118, 190 Papini, Don, 23, 118, 190, 192 Park, Iim, 54, 104, 134 Park, Margaret, 54 Park, Ralph, 74 Parker, Clinton, 65, 94, 171, 215 Parkinson, Hank, 54, 168 Parsons, Iim, 4, 101, 178 Patino, Ernestine, 85, 157 Patino, Sylvia, 85, 157 Patrick, Shirley, 28, 74, 123, 131 Patton, Hal, 106 Patton, Pat, 85 Paxton, Erle, 110 Payne, Roland, 74, 175 Pearce, Marion, 54, 103 Peeples, Wiley, 58 Peiffer, Elizabeth, 85 183 3 Peirce, Betsy, 57 Peirce, Bill, 110 Peirce, Gene, 55, 101, 110 115, 169, 215 Pendleton, Mary Iane, 55, 153 Perinox, Virginia, 111 Perry, Iames, 85 Peters, Dorothy, 65, 141, 143 Pettitt, lay, 9, SS, 151, 183 Petty, L. B., 165 Pfeiffer, S., 124 Phillips, Carolyn, 85 Phillips, Verla, 76 Pierson, Io Anne, 85 Pike, Sidney, 91 Pine, Don, 85 Pineda, Gus, 126 , 111, Ratcliif, Don, 55, 102, 177 Rawson, Lou Ellen, 86 Rea, Chad, 126 Redman, Charles, 65 Redmon, Io, 86, 119, 140 Redstrom, Anita, 18, 86 Reed, Richard, 55, 175 Reed, Robert, 113 Reeder, Fritz A., 86 Rettko, William, 190 Reynolds, David, 55, 163, 183 Reynolds, Harriette, 86 Reynolds, Iack, 102, 110 Reynolds, lane, 74 Reynolds, Nancy, 119 Richardson, Corence, 74, 94 Richardson, Lewis, 202 Salvage, Shirlie, 30, 74, 155 Samuelson, Sam, 113 Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Alfonso G., 74 Annabelle, 56 Gilbert Stephens, 91 Iuanita, 86, 124 Lydia Rose, 86, 124 Sanders, Carol, 87, 124 Sanders, Sanders, Connee, 87 Mary, 75, 138, 145 Sandlin, Roy E., Ir., 91 Sandoval Sandoval Sandoval Sandoval , George, 113, 126 , Iose E., 65 , Ken, 75 , Pete, 87 Sandoval, Pita, 124 Sandoval, Sec, 87 Pinkerton, lim, 55, 123 Pinkerton, Peggy, 85 Pittard, Gertrude, 132 Platt, Shirley, 74, 147 Pleus, Iohn, 120 Plummer, Bernice, 74 Plummer, Ianice, 74, 111, 124 Podleski, Thomas, 86 Pogue, Ernest, 171 Pomeroy, Harry, 86, 120 Pool, Diane, 86 Porter, Benjamin, 86 Poteet, Ioy, 133 Potter, Andrew, 74 Pound, Marlin, 74, 111, 118, 139, 175, 190 Powell, Earle, 86 Powers, Richard, 55, 175 Pray, Charles, 114 Prelo, Marcelino, 126 Price, Ted, 86 Pride, Muriel, 86, 122 Pritt, Richard, 91 Prochazka, E., 124 Prokopiak, Michael, 55, 101, 190, 191 Propper, Ronald, 86 Protz, Margaret, 65 Pullen, Barry, 86 Pulse, Paul II, 91 Pulte, Iim, 55, 179 Purdy, Bill, 126 Purinton, Lois, 74, 130, 151 Quinlan, David, 74 Quintana, Ioe, 86 Quist, Ioan, 55, 147 Rader, Anne, 86 Radosevich, Georgina, 125 Rady, Donald, 101 Rafi, Ted, 161 Rainey, R. J., 55, 101,113,165 Rakestraw, Ioyce, 65, 143 Ramatowski, Peter, 106 Ramos, Mary Ann, 55 Ramsdell, Harry, 117 Ramsey, Ben, 74 Ramsey, Carl, 86 Ramsey, Carol, 9, 65, 131, 149 Ramsey, Carolyn, 74, 117, 137, 149 Ramsey, Nancy, 86 Randall, Charles, 65, 113, 163 Randle, Walter, 74 Randolph, Chris, 55, 158 Raniere, Lawrence C., 91 Ransom, Dick, 115, 175 Ransom, Philip H., 74 Richardson, Sally, 86 Richelton, Ted, 86 Richmond, Bill, 86 Richter, Barbara E., 65, 143 Riggs, Iames, 190 Riebe, Harriet, 65, 133, 138, 149 Rindfuss, Marie, 55 Rist, R. A., 102, 110 Ritchie, Carolyn, 74, 135, 141, 147 Robert, Iohn B., 65, 106 Roberts, Austin, 55 Roberts, Oleta Lou, 74, 135 Roberts, Ruth, 132 Robertson, Iohn, 74, 177 Robertson, Wayman, 74, 169 Rockett, Hugo, 101 Rodgers, Bill, 123 Rodrick, Laura, 56, 133, 145 Rodriguez, Malaguras, Ir., 86 Rogers, Helen, 86 Rogers, Iason, 65, 177 Rogers, R. H., 65, 173, 214 Rogovin, Howard, 102, 112 Rohde, Charles, 74, 102 Romero, E. B., 124, 126 Romero, I. E., 103, 128 Rose, Pete, 86 Rose, Stewart, 65, 169 Roseen, Bob, 56, 94, 101, 118, 175, 215 Ross, Catherine, 56 Ross, Larry, 14, 74, 163 Ross, Leonard, 56 Roth, Carmen, 74, 124 Rouse, Thomas, 74 Rowe, Cecilia, 65 Rowen, Alan, 56 Roybal, Toby, 126, 202 Rozdestvensky, Vera, 133 Rubincam, Ann, 86, 131 Ruddy, Celeste, 86, 126 Runcorn, Wilbert, 201 Rundle, Marilyn, 74, 147 Russell, Charles, 86 Russell, Mary, 65, 117, 130, 137, 145 Rutherford, Edith, 74, 124 Ruthling, Carlton, 74, 169 Ruthling, Fordy, 86, 169 Rutledge, Lee, 86 Rutz, Margaret, 74, 107, 119, 140, 141, 145 Ruybali, Mildred A., 86, 126, 158 Salas, Max, 201 Salazar, Paul I., 86 Sallade, F. E., 86 Sands, Iames L., 56 Sandusky, Iudge E., 91 Sarvis, Ioseph, 56, 161 Scanlon, Robert, 56, 110, 111 Schalfner, Clark, 177 Schechter, Aaron, 56 Schiavo, Fred, 75 Schimes, I., 124 Schlemer, Ion, 87 Schmidt, Suzanne, 65, 141, 155 Schnedar, Iohn, 56, 101, 126 Schnedar, William, '126 Schock, Roy, 87 Scholes, Lillith, 132 Schooley, William, 65, 165 Schram, Harry F., 14, 65, 167, 169 Scott, Ch Scott, De arles, 56, 165, 183 wey, 111 Scott, Hayward, 75, 110 Scott, Ioyce, 87 Scott, Marjorie, 65, 153 Scott, Pete, 108, 213 Scott, Stuart R., 87 Scott, Walter, 56, 110 Scrivner, Alvin C., 64 Scese, Bill S., 65, 114, 163 Segal, Dave, 112 Pauline, 56, 124 Seligman, Herbert, 56, 105, 112 Sell, Martha, 87, 123 Sells, B., 124 Sells, Lawrence, 87 Sena, Anthony, 87, 126 Serrano, Celia, 75 Seth, Charles, 104 Seth, William, 105 Setzler, Carolyn, 56, 119, 140, 155 Shalfer, George, 65, 111, 175 Sharp, William I., 87 Shaver, Iohn, 65, 160, 163 Shehan, Shirley, 87 Shell, Nancy, 75, 133 Sheppard, Dwayne, 87 Shirley, Max, 129 Shockey, Norma, 65, 107, 111, 145 Shurkin, Walter, 56, 103, 134 Shutt, Frances, 132 Siegenthaler, Loy Sue, 87 Silbo, Donnie, 103, 128 Silbo, Eleanor, 56 Silva, Gloria, 75, 157 Simmons, Ioyce, 87 Sims, Ioan, 16, 17 Singer, Gwen, 56 Singleterry, Ioe, 87 Skibicki, Wallie, 76, 169 Skinner, Sheila Mae, 87 Skrondahl, Dick, 117, 123 Slate, Iohn, 56 Slaten, Kenneth R., 75 Stroud, Clarke, 57, 167, 169 Tretbar, Larry, 25, 31, 76, 1 30, 169 Sleeper, Louis, 56, 106, 128, 134 Smith, Vern, 118 160, 161 Walker, Bob, 102 Small, Max, 113 Smith, Alice, 87 Smith, Beverley Ieanne, 87, 157 Smith, Celia, 57 Smith, Don, 87 Smith, Ed, 56, 118, 126, 173, 215 Smith, Gladys, 91, 124 Smith, Lucille, 87 Smith, Mary Ellen, 9, 16, 17, 59, 65, 96, 147 Smith, Victorine, 87, 157 Snare, Perry, 65, 113, 138 Sneddon, Rick, 75, 177 Snyder, Shirley, 65, 157 Somerville, Elizabeth, 132 Sorenson, Arthur, 56 Sorrell, Noel, 56, 175 Sotel, Connie, 32, 65, 145 Soults, Ioseph A., 56, 94 South, Gordon, 75, 161 Southard, E. D., 190 Southern, Sue, 126 Spahr, R. I., Ir., 65, 166 Spalding, R. I., 166 Spallina, Marvin, 65, 118, 202 Spear, Gretchen, 56, 155 Spinelli, Bobby, 201 Spoon,,Sara, 75, 122, 123, 130, 135, 155 Sprengeler, Alian, 75 Springer, Darlene, 75, 107, 157 Springstead, Alan, 65, 97, 130, 138, Stacy, Iack C., 113 Stafford, Ieannine, 91 Staner, Kay, 66, 145 Stark, Salle, 56, 124, 149 Starkey, Theresa, 87 Stedman, Marion, 66 Stein, Lennie, 56 Steinberg, Eugene, 101 Stellies, Richard, 66, 171 Stephens, Sally, 75, 151 Sterling, Phil, 75, 169 Stermer, Iudy, 87 Stevens, George, 92 Stuart, Bob, 57, 99, 169, 183 Sturdevant, Iim, Ir., 87, 126 Suazo, Ernest, 126 Suazo, Iose, 166 Sullivan, Polly Ann, 87 Suplizio, Sm, 59, 118, 190 Svendby, Delanne, 88 Svenningsen, Edgar, 57 Svenson, Karl D., 88 Swain, Danny, 57, 101, 134 Swain, Dorothy, 66, 111, 145 Swentzel, Iohn L., 57, 114 Swillum, Ieannette, 75, 107, 111, 135, 153 Swire, Roberta, 112, 132 Tabacchi, Gloria, 66, 145 Taber, Fidel, 126 Tabet, Verna, 88, 119, 124 Tafoya, Ruperto, 94 Trimble, Walter, 88 Tristram, Edward F., 88, 94 Tnijillo, Rudy, 126 White, Bonnie, 89 White, White, Charles, 101 Georgia, 58 White, Iack, 114 Tucker, Iames, 104 Tucker, Wayne, 76, 118, 190 Tumlinson, Howard P., 91 Turner, Audrey L., 88, 157 Turner, Helen, 57, 124 Turner, Iames H., 88 Turner, Robert, 88, 213 Tyson, Kenneth, 76 Tapp, Ivy Lynne, 17, 88 Tapp, Wilma, 25, 44, 57, 133, 153, 183 Tarpley, Helen, 88 Tarpley, Mildred, 23 Tartaglia, Gloria, 126 Tate, Nancy, 88 Taul, Iohn, 23, 57, 101, 95, 118, 130, Ulibarri, Rodolfo, 88 Ulivarri, Helen I., 76 Usry, Iohn M., 66, 104 Utton, Al, 8, 17, 25, 32, 58, 94, 97, 98, 101, 115, 163 Valdez, Virginia, 88, 124, 126 Vance, Harry, 88 Van Doren, Coralie, 76, 124, 135, 149 Vann, Nancy Lee, 88, 131 Van Weart, Walter, 88 Verkler, Ierry, 66 Vernon, Walter M., 101 Vertress, Don, 76, 173 Vigil, Dan, 126 White, Larry, 76, 118, 190, 193 White, Michael, 124 Whitson, Boyd R., 106, 215 Whittington, Iean, 17, 76, 149 Whittle, Iim, 66, 102 Wickham, Robert, 113 Wigal, Don, 58 Wighaman, Paul, 58 Wilcox, Mary Catherine, 66 Wildman, Betty I., 76 Wiley, Oliver, 105 Will-tolawski, Ioseph, 58 Williams, Barbara, 66, 124, 149 Williams, Doris, 58, 111, 124, 132 Williams, Geesta, 101, 166 Williams, Harry, 76, 110, 111 Williams, Howard, 104 Williams, Iames M., 89 Williams, Iim, 76, 173 Williams, Iosephine, 132 Williams, Ioyce Mae, 66, 124 Williams, Sherman, 76 Williamson, Beverly, 76, 145 Willis, Art, 66, 177 Willits, Marilyn, 58, ,138, 157 163, 211 Taylor, Bill, 66, 105 Taylor, Bobby, 88 Taylor, Iames W., 91 Taylor, Stan, 110 Taylor, Vincent, 105 Vigil , Doroteo M., 66 Vigil L., 124 Vigil Priscilla, 124, 126 Vigil Ruben, 66 Vigil Shirley Ann, 76, 126, 127, 135 Teal, Claudette, 75, 149 Teegarden, Don, 88, 211 Teeter, Iohn, 75, 110, 169 Tefft, Robert, 75 Terpening, A. L., 75, 113, 190, 212 Testman, Peggy, 23, 76, 131, 143 Villa, Ioe, 126 Volk, Barbara, 58, 153 Wilson , Bernice, 58, 155 Wilson, Bruce, 103, 202, 211 Wilson, Dorothy, 89 Wilson, Gwen, 76, 149 Wilson Wilson Wilson , Iean, 66, 124, 133 , Iimmy, 76, 177 , Neil, 91 Wimberly, Herbert, 89, 213 Windsor, Iames M., 89 Winger, Ioan, 76, 153 Walker, Iim C., 58 Wall, Mattie Io, 76, 126 Stevens, Iimmie, 87, 212 Stevens, Tom, 19 Stewart, Milan E., 87 Stewart, Norma, 87 Thayer, Norman, 66, 115, 171 Theodore, Nicholas, 88, 201 Thomas, Betsy, 57, 155 Thomas, Maryln, 88, 126 Thomas, Morris, Ir., 88, 105 Thomas, Tommy, 88 Thompson Betty, 57, 147 Thompson, Bill, 66, 96, 165 Thompson, Ianet, 88 Thompson, Kenny, 214 Thompson, Melba, 57, 140, 155 Thompson Tommie, 119 Thorne, William, 88 Thornton, Dorothy, 76, 143 Threlkeld, Alvin, 201 Wall, Shirley, 88 Wall, Sinclair, 58 Walters, Sherrell, 88 Wang, Margaret, 66, 155 Ward, Dave, 160, 167 Ward, Donald H., 66, 169 Ward, P., 124 Wareham, Bob, 66, 110, 175 Warren, A. K., 129 Warren, Dave, 66, 175 Warrington, Henry, 190 Watkins, Marilyn, 58, 107, 147 Watts, Telbert, 108 Wearin, Iames, 201 Weaver, Barbara, 58, 133, 145 Stewart, Patricia, 87 Stilf, Bob, 66, 163 Stinnctt, Iane Anne, 87 Stockton, Howard, 75, 163 Stokes, Robert, 113 Stoller, Glenn, 66, 171 Stone, Carol, C., 66, 145 Stone, Iames E., 91 Stoops, David E., 87 Stoops, Marjorie, 75, 147 Storm, David, 75 Stowers, Linda, 126 Stranathan, Ann Lee, 75, 130, 135, 141, 149 Strange, Susan, 66 Stratton, Iune, 8, 13, 31, 32, 66, 96, 119, 140 I Strombcrg, Paula, 75, 153 Thum, George, 57 Tiernan, Iohn F., 99 Tietjen, Gary, 66 Timms, Elaine, 88 Tingle, Robert, 76 Tingley, Doug, 76, 173 Titcomb, Tom, 88 Tixier, Edward, 99 Togawa, Osamu, 91 Tomberlin, Iames E., 57, 173 Tondre, Ruth, 76 Tope, Iohn, 105 Toppino, Mickey, 57, 97, 117 Torgerson, Dan, 91 Townsend, March, 57 Trangmar, Sally, 57, 143 Trechel, Fred, 92 Tresner, Robert, 66, 179 Weber, Iim, 88 Wehmhoner, Virginia, 76, 107, 135, 147 Weitzel, Susan, 88, 124 Welch, Alice, 153 Welch, Donnie, 76, 143 Weller, Faye, 76, 158 Wells, Warren, 58, 104 Wells, Wiley, 105 Wengerd, Ted, 88 Wenrick, Bob, 120 Werner, Bob, 76, 165 Wertheim, Bob, 76 Wess, Barbara, 88 West, William E., 66, 126 Whenry, Carol, 58, 157 Whenry, Iack, 58, 94 White, Bob, 9, 13, 66, 177 Winkler, Iack, 106 Witkowski, Anthony, 190 Witt, Byrn, 76 Witz, Carol, 89, 131 Wolcott, V. E., 113 Wold, Robert, 89 Wolfe, Belinda, 76 Wolgin, Larry, 66, 173 Womack, Ioe Don, 89 Wong, Luz, 125 Wood, Bruce, 89 Wood, Gerald, 76, 179 Wood, Iames, 58, 101 Woodman, d'Anne, 89, 124 Woodman, Iim, 58, 169 Woodward, Alice, 57, 66, 116, 155 Woodward, Helen, 76, 130, 135 155 Woods, Caro, 58, 155 Woolfall, Beverly, 76, 155 Wootton,' Ioan, 76, 126, 127 Wortman, Robert, 89 Wright, Don, 77, 89 Wright, Patricia, 76, 149 Wroblewski, Ioseph Wm., 89, 171 Wyche, Walter, 89 Yafuso, Ryoko, 76 Yenney, Sharon, 89, 119, 131 Yoakum, Ioseph, 110 York, Marie, 17, 66, 151 Yrene, Carl S., 89 Zalog, Dan, 58 Zander, Barbara, 58, 145 Air Force Association, 99, 100, 101 Alpha Chi Omega, 142, 143 Alpha Delta Pi, 144, 145 Alpha Kappa Psi, 102 Alpha Phi Omega, 94 American Institute of Chemical En- gineers, 103 American Institute of Electrical En- gineers, 104 American Society of Civil Engi- neers, 106 American Society of Mechanical En- gineers, 105 Associated Women Students, 107 Athletic Committee, 94 Band, 188 Beta Alpha, 110 Boots and Saddles, 108, 109 Chi Omega, 146, 147 Commerce Council, 111 Cultural Committee, 95 ADMIN Alexander, Hubert G., 37 Allen, Robert, 136 Arms, George, 36 Bailey, Arthur P., 39 Barte, Georgene, 132 Baysinger, R. H., 201 Blair, Frances, 95 Bond, Mrs. Franklin, 34 Brown, Nelson, 42 Burley, Lloyd, 129, 212 Castetter, E., 42 Castonguay, Thomas, 39, 103 Cataline, Elmon, 41, 114 Clauve, Lena, 35, 97, 141 Clements, Woodrow, 202 Clif-1, Wilson, 95 Cline, Dorothy, 96 Crawford, Bonner, 38 Davis, Iohn, 104 DeGroot, Dudley, 190, 191 Dolzadelli, Iohn, 215 Dunbar, Iohn, 110 Duncan, Iulian, 37 Duncan, R. M., 36 Durrie, john, 35, 95 ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Delta Delta Delta, 148, 149 Delta Sigma Phi, 161 Delta Sigma Pi, 110 Hillel, 1 12 Industrial. Technical Association, 1 13 Institute of Radio Engineers, 104 Interfraternity Council, 160 Kappa Alpha, 162, 163 Kappa Alpha Theta, 150, 151 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 152, 153 Kappa Psi, 114 Kappa Sigma, 164, 165 Khatali, 115 Lambda Chi Alpha, 166 Lettermen's Club, 118 Lobo, 116, 117 Majors and Minors, 119 Marron Hall, 124 Mesa Vista Dormitory, 120, 121 Mirage, 122, 123 Mortar Board, 125 Newman Club, 126, 127 New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers, 128 Panhellenic Council, 141 Phi Delta Kappa, 129 Phi Delta Theta, 167, 168, 169 Phi Gamma Nu, 111 Phi Kappa Tau, 170, 171 Phrateres, 158 Pi Beta Phi, 154, 155 Pi Kappa Alpha, 172, 173 Pi Lambda Theta, 132 Pi Tau Sigma, 105 Rally Com, 130, 131 Rodey Theatre, 184, 185, 186, 187 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 174, 175 Sigma Alpha Iota, 133 ISTRATION AND FACULTY IN Elser, Grace, 38, 132 Eubank, Wayne, 37, 136 Farris, M. E., 39 Fenley, Ward, 35 Ford, A. D., 39, 197 Foss, Ray, 106, 128, 134 Frederick, Kurt, 25, 95 Gausewitz, A. L., 41 Gugisberg, Mercedes, 38 Haas, Lez, 40 Harris, I. E., 42 Heimerich, Iohn, 39, 134 Hendrickson, Morris, 37 Hill, W. W., 36 Huber, William, 95 I-Iuzarski, Richard, 134 Iacobson, Iohn, 134 johnson, Roy, 38, 210 Iorrin, Miguel, 37 Keleher, Iulia, 96 Kelley, David, 37 Kelley, Wilfred, 37 Korber, lack, 34 Larrazolo, Paul, 34 Lueder, Edward, 95 MacGregor, I. C., 35 Martin, T. L., 104 Masley, Alexander, 38 Mathany, Howard, 35, 97 McCann, Kathleen, 38, 132 McGill, Frances, 96, 140 McMurray, Howard, 36 Milfs, Merle, 35 Milliken, Gladys, 119 Nanninga, S. P., 38, 129, 136 Northrop, Stuart, 36 Owens, Cullen, 136 Parker, Iohn, 42, 99 Perovich, Iohn, 35 Peterson, George, 37 Petrol, George, 209 Poore, lohn, 96 Popeioy, Tom, 34, 94 Quinn, Wesby, 34 Rafferty, Keen, 37, 95 Sigma Chi, 176, 177 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 178 Sigma Tau, 134 Spurs, 135 Student Affairs Committee, 96 Student Council, 98 Student Court, 96 Student Publications Board, 95 Student Senate, 97 SUB Committee, 97 Tau Kappa Alpha, 136 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 179 Theta Sigma Phi, 137 Town Club, 156, 157 United Student Christian Fellow ship, 138 Vigilantes, 139 Who's Who, 180, 181, 182, 183 Women's Recreation Council, 140 DEX Regener, Victor, 37 Reibsomer, I. L., 36 Reiter, Winifred, 35 Ried, Harold, 36, 136 Robb, I. D., 30 Sacks, Benjamin, 37 Scholes, France, 35 Sigler, Russell, 42 Skoglund, Victor, 105 Smith, D. M., 110 Smith, Sherman, 35, 95, 96 Snapp, Edwin, 40, 96 Sorrell, Vernon, 40, 111 Spuler, R. H., 209 Strahlem, Richard, 35, 110 Tapy, Ralph, 39, 104 Tedlock, E. W., 95 Wagner, William, 39 Walter, Paul, 37 Walton, lack, 34 Wellck, A. A., 42 White, George, 42, 211 Wicker, C. V., 136 Williams, Carol. 35 Wilson, Rev., 138 As the last pages of the 1953 Mirage go to press, the Mirage staff is full of both gratitude and explanations. Hardly could we believe at the beginning of the year that all the hours, weeks, and months of work would finally result in the finished product. For the first time at UNM, the Mirage was printed by the offset method instead of letter press. Therefore, everyone, especially the staff, awaited the results of the new "experiment," anxiously wondering whether it would be a success. CWe hope that it is.J Special thanks must go to Mr. W. Wilson Cliff, Faculty Advisor of Student Publications, who came to us in September. No sooner had he sat down at his desk for the first time, he was bombarded with endless questions and problems, which continued ceaselessly throughout the year. His advice and encouragement were invaluable. It was Mr. Glenn Bloom and the University Printing Plant Cprinters of the Miragej who endured daily visits from various members of the staff, all of whom arrived complete with complaints, technical problems, and, invariably, pastepots. More than once, a section editor would run downstairs and scream, "Hold the press-I forgot something!" To the understanding members of the printing department goes our utmost appreciation. Above all, to the many individuals and groups, too numerous to mention, who contributed in any way to make the 1953 Mirage a reality, we gratefully say, "Thanks." THE EDITOR 7 drew, ,wif UNM's College Board Member asfsafzcf Jwadamoiasffa 7953 Ve, 1 f ' vs a I f f Y f , f I L Lia, news . . . LfLf5. faafZLo12 . . . aff: year-round headquarters for fashion seen in MAIIEMUISELLE The Quality Magazine For Smart Young Women NCB HILL Lauri ereffe NOB HILL SHOPPING CENTER Bachelor Shir? Dry Bundles Service Cleaning Dyeing IVZ hrs. 24 hrs. 24 hrs. 24 hrs. 107 Carlisle Blvd. SE Pick Up and Delivery Dial 5-2691 . . . look for everyfhing fhaf's new cmd 0 beaufiful in shoes I of bofh O gf. ' K,-e"p O g Q ' 36' Ax ap 3 of IS . P ,Q A ' KJ' XE .so E Q99 . -r s 41 X Rx N fps S f' i X .. lp 9' 1 . or 1. miller i, X de liso debs paradise joyce 0 penaljo johansen 0 sandler british walker 0 florsheim 0 winthrop YOUR MIRAGE PHOTOGRAPHER We 14 ' Yfoulz A smvics is our ALLES MOTOR Fi'H'h and Copper-Phone 3-5686 7faM,MfmQ Mudge., Wwngwiniaaefmnn Uudmgafwpm All your needs complelely and efficien+ly filled by a S+uden'l Slaff familiar wi+l1 your problems! Your ASSOCIATED STUDENTS BOOKSTORE COMPLETE LADIES Sz MISSES READY TO WEAR AND ACCESSORIES AT M5100 Always the newest womenfs fashions TOWNE HOUSE 30l0-I2 East Central Phone 5-335I The Home of Nafional Brands woMEN's Q l Naturalizer ' Haymakers British Brevitts X - N Palizzio X ' X Troylings X 'f T MENS Eid: Foot Pals S Times Squares ' French Shriners gud. 1 304 Central SW 3025 Central NE QUALITY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING "Albuquerque's Finesl Since 1900" Ilmperial aunrlrg 0 THIRD 8: SILVER SW 0 5416 KATHRYN AVE. SE 0 5201 LOMAS BLVD. NE Used by the University DEL MONTE CUFF EE .11-if '1-1 E' in. u ' I D ile te 'K' llllb QUALITY VA C U U pq PACK ED COF FEE Charles llfeld Company Distributors I - , Sherrell Walters WGBFS 8 JAUNTY JUNIOR SHORT COAT and A SLIM SKIRT by SACONY SMART COLLECTIONS SECOND FLOOR O Rod Garretson SPORT COAT of IMPORTED TWEED by CRICKETEER SLACKS by CAL-AN ITA Arrow Stvles the Shirt MEN'S SHOP MAIN FLOOR . .12 ' . .':'. bln' . .3 . .:5 ., ' 'D K: ,k.-. 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I ,Q 5 E 9i'ffIII' Iv I' v-Ifx :fm gp .,.' 4 . he Ifzj- 5- , V I :.:I,.ii 'HI I, QQ Ixgi f 3 HB A ' QEIIIIQQ, ' 37 4- E? , if Ir l C t l at San Mateo Fourth at Candelaria A SERVICE INSTITUTION Firsi' Nafional was fhe 'Firs+ Io esfablish branch banking in Albuquerque. As Ihe ci+y con'I'inu-ed +o grow, we have con- 'Iinued 'ro ex+end our complefe banking faciliiies Io meei' Ihe communi'Iy's needs. We are always happy 'Io co-operafe in any way we can wiI'h Universiiy folks. f"h"QIQ . I ,-r7,'I5-I3 ft ? Q H First N fbnal Bank Resources Over S50 Million-Member F.D.I.C. Does your printing SET THE PACE For things to come , Our years of experience of quality printi'ng in New Mexico is your guar- antee of satisfaction. SOCIAL PRINTING ENGRAVING 0 Weddings 0 Open House for Soror- ities and Fraternities 0 Teas and Coffees vii L A N T PRINTING COMPANY Stationers Albuquerque Complete selections 11'- Uohinxd 90' N' W' . Q of famous name furniture in all price ranges at New Mexico's old- est and most relia- ble furniture dealer E tE ....r. ,,.,.4 I .J '91, ii ' 'fi:'t -"- LQ E,Et Q ..,. .-,.,:: --i w I .-1. I f:: :V 25EEi22:s:a:-:- ff f'1: I :::. -.... Q :fi rf: if ZIZ iiz E Wil '-124'- . , l "I -' -'- - - "4.. .11: Q Open 'til 9 P.M. TuesdaysQ3-7723 SASSER DRUG Authorized Distributor for Famous Cosmetics FINE PERFUMES-BOX CHOCOLATES QUALITY PHOTO FREE WE sOLICIT YOUR WORK WITH PRESCRIPTION AND ONE DAY SERVICE DELIVERY SICK ROOM NEEDS WE HAVE YOUR EVERY DAY NEED Come To See Us -We Appreciate Your Business ACROSS 2120 FROM UNIVERSITY Phone East Central ON CENTRAL 3-4446 We ,re Here to Serve You UNIVER l'l'Y BINIK TIIRE QFormerly in Student Union Buildingj Archie Wesffall, '32 A2251 ,ee ,N ef A Complete Stock of Books and School Supplies 2128 Central East Phone 7-9183 bl I I V E3 HQ Q FOR THE BEST PRESCRIPTIONS 3159 :V dw FOUNTAIN COSMETICS X1 R f 5 ' SUNDRIES NOB HILL DRUC-5 3500 Eas+ Cen+raI RESTAURANT DELICATESSEN o f ZII W. Cenfral New and Used TexI' Books School Supplies Founfain Pens Sfafionery COLLEGE INN BOOK STORE MRS. WALTER FISHER, Owner ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT GREETING CARDS ART SUPPLIES GIFT ITEMS Z 0 X Zim: f Z W f 55 Z f W V' 6 a 4 X Z - W ffaf fff 1 , 1 , is a family affair Q, , XXXX X ' l f Q 5' 9 f. ,. 2 I ' Q2 f S9 Yes, outside and inside, Reddy Kilowatt, the Servant Q.. I of the Century, brings the best living in the world to Americans - the A11-Electric Home. In 10 Y th ' 'emit Reddy's low wages and good service are FREE EN- ind fry h s DOUBLED TERPRISE IN ACTION! Your Electric Company has liljeourilxz MTR gglgvfg made that service better and better . . . and even brighter WAGESJ, hile every- I for the future. thing else has gon up. Public Service Compan of New Mexico DARROW'S .- y I W K X A X S X if ,Wo . -l g""'I f 1' Y ! if 90--Ax f 1 sr N-.,'N 8 'f X 'lov A f x I- 121 QA X NX X-ixT:SQ3 " ' ,YB WW NX I H O G A N 5 ' EE FIFTH AND COPPER PHONE 3-0471 EX, Wedding Cakes, Birfhday Cakes -if g77f'7i'b1::::qn.... Parfy Pasfries, Cafering ' . 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HAY RIDES CHUCK WAGON DINNERS Available on Request Phone 6-2217 NVILEY S. JOHNSON, Mgr. i gay 1901! EEUYIZFD M I L K ONE HALF GALLON GRADEAPASTEURIZED HOMOGENIZED MILK oo Ai.nuQu:llgvS1l'5l ES K .C .. . 'C E H ln- - ,. .,. A t 5. .Z 'Efl'F'g . . C53 DEV? i 'i 2' y , 1 -sw .. Y 'F K fe' , ' : 5f'1i:JJ f 'WS gfgg-f 1,6',r,3:, , 1- - 1if,u'g,g4f.j'i' . ',' M13 9312:-'Qf'ai1', N. 1 THE CAMPUS TO DAY Growth of the University on all fronts -cultural, technological, philosophical and physical-is symbolized by the ex- pansion of its unique campus. This final section of The Mirage is de- voted to those new facilities completed since the 1952 Mirage first appeared. The following pages were made pos- sible by the general contractors who erected the newest of our halls of learn- ing and by the several sub-contractors and supply houses. The fruits of their cooperative efforts make UNM students proud that New Mexico institutions provided all the materials, skills, tech- nology and labor. Most of the photographs on the next five pages appear through courtesy of Mr. Frank Farley of the New Mexico Engraving Co. s. r """.. , M 1-. . .J--v 4. 1 1 47: .. . 'H-'T'-u Y- -9 -.ffffa .1 :Q f. -"Jil: - K - D '37 ...Hr,,1!i--' iw '?ril3fi'3?v.g'r'1 , -I 1 I .jq'i'1':f-'mg 6.2-:,g ,HJ mm, 9-ea..-ry' a ,, - - --Q. h as ,t't-F51 ar?-ff:.f,1f-1. 1 ""1W""'+""l" 21.5 , '--az: 7"'q:t'Tg!'.,. 1-vw , ""'e'A QTL -al?" ...... -f 'Mi 1415 'w"'Uw' -Hgfiisd-W" ' We issm.-.... ICE? -1' f.. .,,, , . ,,.,::4 :S-JL' .f . ...xg-.453-..g:,,', .-. .I -1-2, V-4'f-,M , . ' . +--- ' fr ..-0357 "Lf '+ - 1 -UP.-J' F.,-ff' 'f-if u 121 , I 1 .,,..: Z.: In -gtk I, 4' I 'lg 4l.:.J, .. iv Q 'S L,-sa... P , sm s., , "fgj-no 11.-99' i , -11.495 .M If ,wrd-Mv34f"af"""" - ,rf .. - -x f Q, -. 4. , ,,., 9, -gg .f-if - . .. , . -. f---'+q"x,..p " si.: ' it , ,pf-'f . . f -" .. - ., Q' .,-. Q . - cl bf- ,1,,,e' ' I W sv 1- , -::.,.., . , . ', L hi- U 1 'iv :i"Q,qfnf.- "C ,, . ' - S-'If' .--"x ' " ' gl -bu - 4' . fl' p ' Q-if"f'-. 1,1 -Wai. 'WF'-SM-" W I '.".ll!NllN .ir mx lulltu ' WF' 1 Q- Wir npr ui fJ!:lull!'UfI.l'll r . . ff 4-I We ' W j s . . Si II Nfl 'ull 1 I 1691111.11 ADM DLVLLOPMLNI THE CAMPUS TCDAY The University of New Mexico's Pueblo style of archi- tecture, unique for universities of the nation, has long been admired by New Mexicans and visitors to the state. According to Dr. Lynn B. Mitchell, UNM professor emeritus, the present campus is a monument to Dr. Wil- liam G. Tight, president of the University from 1901 to 1909. Dr. Tight inaugurated the revolutionary building program when the campus consisted of a single building surrounded by mesa. The Grst project in the building program was the drilling of a water well on campus after which trees were brought in from the Sandia Mountains and placed near Hodgin Hall, the largest building on campus. Be- cause UNM did not have the funds to build "ivy covered" brick edifices, walls of adobe and stucco seemed to be the answer. Therefore, while Hodgin Hall underwent a face lifting, three new buildings, Rodey, Hokona, and Yatoka Halls were erected. At this time the idea of Pueblo architecture for the state university did not meet with unanimous approval, it was new, radical. Easterners, who made up a good percentage of New Mexico's population, were building homes like those they had left behind. Even after the acceptance of Dr. Tight's idea of Pueblo architecture, there were for many years two "eyesores" on campus. One was a frame dining hall west of the present Music Hall, and the other was the Music Hall itself, which in 1912 housed the science and engineering departments. Fire was the cause of construction of the present Music Hall which was erected from insurance money from the Science Hall fire. Because the University president at that time had no sympathy for Pueblo architecture, he insisted the building be built along conventional lines. Completion of several more large buildings after 1915 arose from the need for accreditation. When the faculty was increased, and the regents, persuaded by Dr. David Rose Boyd, president of UNM from 1912-1919, purchased 300 acres of additional land, UNM was accredited by the North Central Association in 1922. Since that time it has risen to national prominence in many fields. Tom L. Popejoy, current president of UNM, has ex- plained the reason for the extensive campus expansion policy that has been carried on for the past two years. "Since the early 1940's University enrollment has in- creased more than 100 per cent." From 1940-1950 the na- tional population went up 14 per cent. During the same period New Mexico's population jumped 28 per cent, and Albuquerque's increase was twice that of the state. En- rollment figures for the past three years indicate that the University of New Mexico is taking care of 47.9 per cent of all students registered in state institutions of higher learning. It is no surprise then that President Popejoy expects more than 8,000 students to be enrolled within a decade. On the following pages appear pictures of five of the new buildings. Among the buildings planned for the next five years are a field house, women's dormitory, Fine arts building, a home for the Business Administration College, social science structure, and a building to complete the College of Engineering quadrangle. LAW AND BIOLOGY BUILDINGS A single contractor, O. G, Bradbury of Albuquerque, erected both the Law and Biology Buildings. The same sub-contractors and supply houses contributed to both structures. The College of Law Building, with 31,000 volumes in its library and accommodation for 75,000 volumes, was completed in Iuly, 1952, at a cost of 1S272,070. Iustice Hugo Black of the United States Supreme Court de- livered the dedicatory address October 4, 1952. The Biology Building, situated north of the Iournalism Building on Yale, was completed near the end of the school year at a cost of 15483,000. Among its features are a greenhouse and an air-conditioned section for care of animals. With 38,299 square feet of Hoor space in its classrooms, laboratories and olices, the Biology Building was designed as a companion unit to the Chemistry Building. The lat- ter was completed under a separate contract. .L , ..f.,..,.4 ... I V , ' , ., ' ll f lllliggi tml. An -t L4A,,:LLliMu.ZL:Z:r:7'rr: sv i I an Iii IT 1 I ! I1 IIE y ' . l I 5 I Q If I ,P y fl. 1,41 -2 I .5 - A FQ, .lf T I-ig, , .,I-' . I Z I .23 ' Wil 2 12" nfl! Nj, v II- ' iii, Q New homes of the College of Law QTopj and Department of Biology General Contractor: O. G. Bradbury Edgar D. Otto 8: Son E-Z Tight, Inc., Wcatherstripping sub-contractors and supply Houses: Rupert Plumbing Br Heating Co. Asbestos Roofing Co. Maurice W' Bauer, Painting Contractor Lydick Roofing Co., Ventilating Rio Grande Steel Products Co. h Yearout Electric Co. Albuquerque Blind an Linoleum Co. Gaskill Painting an Decorating Co. . l Denver Fire Clay Co., Laboratory I. C. Baldndge Lumber Co., Glass and Albuquerque Gravel Products Co. Equipment Kalistron LARGEST CLASSRGGM BUILDING The new Geology building, completed at a total cost of l588l,000, stands directly south of Carlisle Gymnasium on Yale Avenue. It covers an area formerly occupied by the University tennis courts. By its design and location it is merged into a harmo- nious unity of function and architecture with the new Chemistry and Biology Buildings. The dominating cen- ter mass of the Geology Building was designed to face a court formed by the north wing of the Biology Building and the east wing of the Chemistry building. Its south end terminates abruptly to allow for future expansion after removal of adjacent temporary buildings. Although its second and third floors were reserved for laboratories and offices of two federal agencies, the entire building was planned to conform to classroom and labora- tory standards in the event that growth of the student body and the Geology Department should make conver- sion necessary. The finished portion of the basement and all the first floor accommodate classrooms, laboratories and offices of the Department of Geology. Unfinished areas in the base- ment also allow for further departmental expansion. The entire second floor is occupied by the Natural Resources and Geologic Division of the Geological Survey, U.S. Department of Interior. The entire third floor is occupied by the Cartographic Division of the Soil Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. The two federal agencies have ten-year options on their respective floors. Their rental payments are expected to contribute substantially to the repayment of bonds for the building's construction in addition to offsetting mainten- ance costs for the two leased Hoors. Only Mesa Vista Dormitory, among the several campus buildings, exceeds the Geology Building in size, and its 55,550 square feet of floor space is exceeded by none of the other classroom buildings. r I . IIN 5.,1. I ,ps-H-5 1 , i.. ' -,-nn' - -a-.,....i , - - --.,.---1 . l-,,,, , : ' .Q-. 4 V- ,ml X . I . , I I ' -' F -' t -1 1 ..-...-wr...-.-mg.. ,, , aiiffefzfm,-14. , ---rr " ' -- t' ' . 1-.,,... ,,i. ' W.. I I Y M ' -A 4,4-MM D A , ,' I 1---AH' ' ' ' '- T, : ,iff-3521" 553 1571? - ' , ' A -' , .fF"U'-gif?-F"r"J "' " e -e w it . I- Q o. .3 t. - -."TTfQf..::fQ-ll i figtts. " ...' h T' This ll800,000 Geology Building will also house offices of two federal agencies General Contractor: Lembke-Clough Bt American Sheet Metal Co. C. L. Wasmer, Plastering and Stucco K' , I . , , mg nc Lydick Roohng Co., Roofing E-Z Tight, Weatherstrippmg Sub-contractors and Supply Houses: Kinsella Glass Co. Albuquerque Marble 8: Tile Co., Inc. Bonded Plumbing 8: Heating Co. Phillips Co., Painting Britt Bc Boone Electric Co. PHYSICS AND METEORITICS BUILDING 1 I YJ Facing south on Lomas Boulevard is the new home of the Institute of Meteoritics and the Department of Physics General Contractor: Iohn T. Testman E-Z Tight, Weatherstripping Rupert Plumbing 6: Heating Co. Iohn D. Elam Electric Co. 5UID'C0DU'2Ci0fS1 Albuquerque Gravel Products Co., , I d h, W k Concrete Denver Fire Clay Co., Laboratory A buquerque Foun ry 6: Mac me or s Equipment Dunbar-Metcalf Painting Co. Edgar D. Otto 8: Sons, Concrete Blocks Lydick Roofing Co., Ventilating The new Physics-Meteoritics building, located on .the corner of Lomas and Yale Boulevards and west of the UNM golf course, was started August 1, 1951, and com- pleted Iuly 1, 1952, by Iohn T. Testman, general contrac- tor. The building, covering over 13,000 square feet, cost approximately 15200,000. The meteoritics side of the building was dedicated Sep- tember 2-4 when the Meteoritical Society held its fifteenth annual meeting here. The physics section was to be dedi- cated at a later date. The site for this building was selected for two reasons. First, both physics and meteoritics require access by heavy trucks, a feature that could not be easily provided in the science or technical areas of campus. Second, it was felt that, since the majority of the work in this building is to be research, there would be little undergraduate traffic and that Lomas Boulevard did not, therefore, constitute a hazard. The building is used primarily for research although some classes are held there. Half the building is for me- teoritics and half for physics with joint use of the observa- tion tower. A telescope has been installed in the tower for use of the Institute of Meteoritics. The tower is also used by the Physics Department to observe weather conditions. On the meteoritics side of the building are oliices, a lecture hall, and a musum where several valuable speci- mens of meteoritics are exhibited. One of the famed ob- jects is the Furmal County, Nebraska, meteorite which was recovered in 1948. Another is the Ardmore, Okla- homa, meteorite, the largest of its kind to be recovered. It was unearthed late in 1952 and brought to UNM by Dr. Lincoln LaPaz. The physics part of the building has four small indi- vidual laboratories, two group laboratories, a glass blow- ing shop, a chemistry laboratory, and two classrooms. The oiices of the Physics Department will be located there also. NEW CHEMISTRY BUILDING The new Chemistry Building, to be named in honor of Dr. Iohn D. Clark, professor at UNM for 38 years, was completed before the close of the school year. The two story structure is located with its back to the swimming pool and Carlisle gym and sits 54 feet back from the curb on Quivira Avenue. The building, erected by the K. L. House Construction Company, rep- resents a total cost of 15489341.55 and a gross area of 36,216 square feet. Many facilities are offered in the new building. On the first floor we Find a large lecture room, two offices and laboratories, a seminar room, two research rooms, a supply room, two balance rooms, two quantitative analysis laboratories, two general or- ganic chemistry laboratories, a chem- ical analysis room, a spectograph room, a dark room, a distillation room, and an instrumental analysis laboratory. On the second floor there are three ollices, two classrooms, a freshman laboratory, two radiology laboratories, a physio-chemistry lab- oratory, an advanced inorganic lab- oratory plus small laboratories and equipment rooms. The heating unit and exhaust fan keep the building comfortable by supplying heated and filtered air at sullicient temperature to offset room heat loss. The temperature of the building is maintained at 70-72 de- grees. The ventilation system is de- signed for seven and a half changes of air per hour, with one hundred per cent fresh air supply. The inten- sity of the lighting in general is 30 foot candles at the three-foot level, provided by fluorescent fixtures. Corridors and minor areas have incandescent lighting at reduced intensities. r EFX: , 5 . ' X S in Y . s .I I A corner view of the new half-million-dollar Chemistry Building General Contractor: K. L. House Construc- Albuquerque Gravel Products Co., tion Co. Concrete Sub-contractors: Denver Fire Clay Co., Laboratory Lavalitc Concrete Products Eqmpmcm Broome Furniture Co., Shadcs and Albuquerque Foundry 8: Machine Works Blinds Lydick Roofing Co., Roofing and Rupert Plumbing 6: Heating Co. Ventilating Yearout Electric Co. C. L. Wasmcr, Plastering -1 :L - ' ,- FF' ,.3 'W -4 A I -.-QQ! . '--1 ll rggw M,P..., I ,L Av. ,L Fm, 1 A . i .f I , A

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