University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM)

 - Class of 1950

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University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 336 of the 1950 volume:

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I rs Student Body - Page 7 The Student Government Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Law School Graduates Faculty - Page Sl The president's inauguration Deans and department heads University publications Organizations - Page 97 Honoraries Publications Clubs Social groups Athletics - Page l93 Spring sports of '49 Winter sports of 49 and Features Page 225 Big days Big people The year ln review Editor Fran Jones Acting Editor Bob Cox Associate Editor Bob Colgan Social Editor Nancy Fraser Business Manager Jay Rosenbaum Art work by Irene Betzer Cartoons by Fred Wong Color photography by Bertram Waller Art photography on pages 80 and 2Sl by Robert Smolich Scenic shots of New Mexico by courtesy of the State Tourist Bureau Printed at the University of New Mexico Printing Plant , l . ' 4, - . E Q. Student Kzfdy ' Q A 1 f 9 i f f ii, i Q t -W -fif' -.4-1 , 45-if ,, x A -fi l Y i, -ff-.fl ,- -" -if- f -S gil - -f-1 if YA" Q il Y L 1iYigf', -Q-Q'-:if ln? f -gi a 1 l if , I f A"- , 'll Q , l i a a -' A f' ' ' film ,if e.-.n C' ' zz' l ' .seep M35 - J, A f if , 3531: 'H ,,.jL.?Q3g3sQ..1g-32. so """' j .gf5: 3 ',gW'157.ff-li., i s " f . :': 2 vf 'fa f"2""f"5 's: -: .. .gt .:-,' ' S Eis v a Wm-' ' :ff- ' .1if'5 4 . fel : U15 fudent Zvuncil The Student Council is the administrative branch of student government, and also acts as an execu- tive body. Four members are Seniors, three Iuniors, and two Sophomores. All members are chosen in the annual student elections. In addition, the President of the Student Senate, President of AWS, President of the Iudiciary Committee, and the Editor of the Lobo are non-voting members of the Council. Left: Student Body President Bill Fields. Beloufj left to right: Bob Cox, Bruce Pieters, Iolin Kinzer, George Byrnes, Bob Granick, Bill Fields, Mary A. Elkin, Gypsy Io Bennett, Ron Hammerslioy, Larry Spears, Rosemary Stockton, and Ed Glaser. is .I l i J,, -if H' EL 2 ' 1' 9? Q '35 I 1 5 P ' V .Q "" h is 5 4 ig Tiff, . 5 f s 6 .4 Wk 4 ' W N.. . 9 , ,. A 9 Vi 7' fr? f 3. Q 1. 'Y V - if 5' F N5 'N .-sf Q ---Q. Xia A.,. 1 in Q X fi' 5 , F .M Q W N 25 . f- ' , . 'f f 11? 3 " ' 3 ar- Q t Iiiiiir ,. ' , K - W 4 if 'f'Q 54 , ,. ,I M, ,Af H Q Q ,I . S '7' Rv M .2 , Y - . ,, it, .gg X 1 -. L., j. 1 ' 3 ' 4 . W ' 4 J 1 if r ,.,:,: L .,VV.w 5 . 1 Q., if.. 1 vf , gh A 2 J Y' 2 F W a' ' Y , N X if ii M , ff y f f Z R 4 x ,Eli 0? a Egfr msg, W . 9 ' MPM M x ' n The Student Senate consists of the President of the Associated Students, the Student Body Treas- urer, the three regularly elected officers of each class, one representative from each college, one representative from each social and campus organization having an approved constitution, and one representative from each Associated Publica- tion. The Senate composes the legislative branch of student government. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bon Cox VICE-PRESIDENT GENE LANGSETH SECRETARY BETTY BENTLEY 4 i in 1 U15 judiciary Kammiffee Lell I0 righl: Dave Kimball, Floyd Sabin, Bob Granick, Peggy Emmcl, Dean Matliany, Dean Clauve. The Iudiciary Committee consists of seven members: tvvo personnel deans and one faculty member appointed by the University President, four students of Senior standing, one each elected by, but not necessarily a member of Mortar Board, Khatali, Student Council, Student Senate, one non-voting member representing the Loboj one non-voting student advisory member chosen by the Dean of the Law School, from the Law School. The Committee rules on legislation passed by the Student Council and the Student Senate. s 15 i , 5 1.2 - I 1 . ' ,,g, f 4 ,f Kjmvi 1,5 ' .f 4 . X, X. k V , 5 w. . M , ' 5: T , - ' , f . ., . ,... V 'Hz nm vi ,, 'X K V 1 gf F Wsfi hp 'WN , ' 'hit . i I W ,X X 1 Q--, J V , . V -.-. 1 1 "Uff".' Kira is x r '- M w I :si ci fi., ' ' .K 3, I gb, Ax . laf P1 .. 193, .- Q ri? 4' x + L 'W h, m Xa ' nf w m a ms B, : I s .mu v .4', 1: ss wx" ,su H 1 "wb E u-Q. evans- -'su-n-Q-saggy, mlm 9 H vw ,, 5355 "sw .L .W if mm E W ' . Wm . Wg. . x , W as ,v . ff' : fe is i W , ,, .L,Lz-wh. 1-, M : 5 5' x . - ,f K - i fr 551552 A , , h A Q . !:.:.:.:.:.,. i ' -In . t , .1 . . gps Q f-A: X ,iii ,.:.:.: aff: A 11 'a X 7 , L W , ml V ' X, 1 1 I M 0 5 X . Q ' - 1 . . N' f A ' ,.,.,, E Q ,ff 7, mimi? . ' P '-N M. , ,, - m i ,.,.,.,,, . R !T:f'lfEE"f t. in f - ww ai - ,,,.,. 2 V . --- "" K' f f,.- , f - "ff,ef1u-,mx W-" 'iii' 'QW' L MM www., ,F ,gm,?gf5ffffzszsfglsafss l,WffW!,2lfi:lgl.!QFZiR-W 'igilikliialiflsiifb 351 E. I ----- : v.Xv ,5JI, .. up gi. i13J31',.,gL .,'. ifii' ' NM j W .g-",:'I",:v .5 .... i.igk fm "- ,::i, N WP EFA? ff- ' W Y Hwgaaf'-'iw iff2f-fWf1ff- Q Q W W , my mai-4-m em f W F M 5 will v x .Zi Standing: M. Davis, I. Weldon, Dr. Wagner, Dr. Tireman, Dr. Kelly, D. Tracy, P. Marcin. Sealed: Dr. Fleck. Athletic Gvuucil Kulfuml Eammiffw A Fir!! row: F. Ioncs, L. Roberts, B. Griffin, G. Boyd, I. Buslmer. Sc'f0l11l1'0w: Mr. Cobos, Dr. Miller. Dr. Incobs, Dr. S. Smith, D. Brosier R. Brurschc, T. Slceth. . if l f-:Q ff"'g"'f 8.36, fv 'MWF r 1 s iq Q 4. NF' s :I ' .ff ll I5 lm, 2 ,I . il -2 4' x, Ea' f?.fz5'rrf, 'mt 4 Eli?" W2 Richard Becker, Educ. B. Martin Beeler, A6rS Gene L. Benjamin, AGS Ioseph R. Abeyta, Pharmacy Maria C. Abeyta, A6fS Salomon Abeyta, Educ. Scott Adler, A6'S Ted Ahr, Pharmacy Douglas P. Aichler, AGS Emanuel Alalouf, AGS Bette Lou Albert, A35 Robert D. Albright, A65 Ana lean Alers, Bus. Ad. Diane Lee Allen, Fine Ari: Earl Allen, Bur. Ad. Dixie Lou Anderson, A655 Dorothy Anderson, AGS Floy Anderson, E due. Sherburne Anderson, Bus. A lack Andrews, Bus. Ad. Sam Angell, Bus. Ad. Charles B. Archuleta, Engr. Charles Attmore, A6-'S Betty lane Ayres, AGS Eric Baca, Bus. Ad. Urban Baca, AGS Paul H. Baez, AGS Richard Baginski, Engr. Douglas Ballard, Engr. Frederick W. Balsam, Ir., Bus Ad Ioseph Bartholow, ASS Iohn Bartlo, Engr. Martin Baum, Educ. Iames Benner, Educ. Vernicc Bennett, I-'lmrnzncy Betty Bentley, fl-Sai Irene Betzer, FA Nancy Biddle, Bus. Ad. W. Scott Biddle, Bm. Ad. Donald H, Blair, AGS Bill Blanc, AGS Mary Blanchard, Educ. Donald Blascy, Hu.f.A1l. Robert T. Blizek, Bus. Ad. Robert I. Blount, Bur. Ad. Albert F. Boeglin, Engr. Harry Bokow, E llgf. Lloyd B. Bolzmcler, Bus. Ari. lra V. Boldt, Ir., AGS Harriette Bollinger, A65 Dale Bolton, Bur. Ad. leanne Bernstein, AES Robert L. Borton, f16fS William F. Botwinis, Engr. Albert Bovc, .465 Eugene L. Box, Bus. Ad. Gene Boyd, A695 Ieanne Ann Boyd, Erluc. G. Reed Brainerd, Engr. Charles Branham, AGS Billye Brantley, Educ. Adele Brecch, Educ. Randle Browder, fldirb' lfllffl' , a M ik ' . 12:5 5 S.. al vs..-4 I 1: . M , LeRoy Brown, E ngr, Malcolm Brown, FA William Brown, Eng: Walter F. Bruner, Educ. Seldon Burks, Educ. Roy P. Burns, Engr. Mary H. Burton, FA Kay Bussey, ASS George F. Byrnes, A678 Iennne Caldarelli, Educ. Mary Callaway, AGS. Harlem I. Campbell, Engr. Vince Cappelli, Educ. Edward I. Capper, Pharmacy Eugene R. Caprio, A65 Ernest Carmichael, Ir., Bus. Ad Iohn E. Carrothers, Pharmacy Roy Carson, Bus. Ad. Paul I. Casahonne, Engr. Isidore M. Casaus, A65 Eugene I. Casella, A55 Francis E. Cassidy, AGS Eugene A. Castiglia, AGS Byrne Cates. Pharm. Dorvell H. Chandler, Bus. Ad. Michael A. Charles. A65 Beninmin Chavez, Educ. Ioseph D. Chavez, Educ. Manuel Chavez, Educ. Paul H. Childers. Bus. Ad. Thomas I. Clear, Educ. Bill Colby. Engr. Arthur B. Cole, Engr. Bolfom Row: Fred A. Collatz, A65 Rnberx L. Conner. Engr. Betty Ruth Cox, Educ. Dale Cooper, Educ. Melvin Cordova, Educ. Iames W. Corson, AGS Cecil Counts, Engr. Clyde W. Cowan, AGS Bernece Cox, Educ. H. C. Cox, ,ras Marianne Crandall, Educ. R. Alice Creecy, Educ. Stewart Crooks, Eng. Iames Culver, Eugr. Ioan Reilly Culver, A88 Pauline Curry, Educ. Harry K. Dalton, Engr. Robert Damiano, AGS Dorris Dannevik, Educ. Pat Darden, AGS Mark Davids, Bur. Ad. Iohn K. Davis, Educ. Robert W. Davis, Bur. Ad. Margaret Davison, FA Iill Dawson, AGS Benjamin Dcdmon, Bur. A Robert DeLa Rue, E ngr. Leonard De Leon, FA Alfonso Delgado, Engr. Lewis E. Denson, Bur. Ad. Spence Dcvitt, Educ. Arthur Diez, AGS d. Ioseph A. DiRosa, Bus. Ad. Y Q I f .E 315 W .wg , . .1 l l I 4 . . H 'lv .s . A fa gs le ch1t chat during a Candle- Robert G-Divmefy 511211 George H. Dlxon, A65 ance Russell M. Doetzel, E ngr. 5 Edward Domme, Bus. Ad. Armen M. Donian, Engr. Donald Dorn, AGS Iulius Dorsey, Plmrm. Robert E. Douce, A615 Dorothy Dowcllc, Educ. Robert W. Downie, Engr. Lee A. Drake, Engr. Inc Dutldleston, Pharm. Herb Duniven, Bur. Ad. Chester Dupree, A68 Dorothy A. Durick, A88 Walter Dzugan, ASS Van T. Edsall, Bus. Ad. Thomas W. Eglinton, Eng: Puul M. Elizontlo, A65 Victor Elizonclo, Engr. Harry C. Ellingston, Ir., Engl Ona Elliott, Bus. Ad. Arthur C. Ellis, Ir., Engr. William H. Ellis, Bus. Ad. Peggy Emmel, AGS Norbert C. Engst, Engr. Robert R, Esparza, Educ. Ioseph Farber, Bm. Ad. Marshall Farris, Ir., Educ. Elizabeth Fay, Educ. Yvonne Fay, Educ. Stanley Felclhan, Elzgr. Arthur Ferguson, 1165 Bottom row: Bonifacio D. Fernandez, 11615 Bill Fields, Engr. Earl Fields, Engr. Santiago Ficrro, Educ. Eclxvard F innegan, Engr. Ioe Fischlc, Ezine. Davirl A. Fisher, Educ. Iames Fisher, Bus. Ad. Oscar M. Fligncr, Efzgr. Betty Floyd, Educ. R. E. Fort, Engr. Edith Foster, Bus. flfl. Paul W. Franku, Engr. Arva Frazier. A855 Henry F. Frazier, Bus. Ad. Iim Frerwell, Engr. Art Friedman, Educ. Chester H. Froclich, Iingr. james Fruhlich, Engr. Allen Fuhs, Engr. William I-I. Fulricclc, Bur. Ad. Bill Furry, Engr. Frank I. Gahel, Erluc. Carmen M. Gabriel, Eugr. Arthur A. Gallegos, Bus. Ad. loc Gallegos. AES Manuel A. Gallegos, Bus. Ad. Nick Gallegos, Blu. Aff. Paul Gamerlsfclzlcr, Engl: loscph N. Garcia, Edna. Davicl H. Carver, Bus. Ad. Tino Garza, 1165 Iohn Gnvnhan, Adi-S an l . W ... l ---1. 4 I UNM Ski Club enjoying a day David G1'Y1E'1K"- Holtl Gav Fug: Madera . . . and not a broken lnck 5ii,s,5,Q,2g,1,,, in sight! We 2 J ., i : aw. F I o"'i 1 , Liar . Will lfliff. X 'fu 1 I . 4 ...., ,,. ,.,.,.. .,.. Q ,. ,., , Wig I 4 ' if as. - 2.-f , . is! , fl ag m ay ug: . , Iohn I. Gill, AGS David B. Givens, AGS Ed Glaser, AGS Lila Glass, AGS Iack E. Goldstein, ASS Harry P. Gonzales, Bus. Ad. Edward A. Gorrey, Bus. Ad. Ted R. Gourd, A6-S Floyd B. Graham, ASS Iames W. Graham, Engr. Bob Granick, AGS . Pat Grannis, ASS Ernest D. Graves, Engr. Howard I. Gregory, Engr. Pete I. Grenko, A6'S Bettie Lou Grogan, Educ. George C. Groskrit, FA Henry Grossman, Bur. Ad. Frank H. Grubbs, Bus. Ad. Charles I. Grummer, Engr. Ray M. Gunderson, Bus. Ad. Paul Hackmann, Engr. Peter Haen, Educ. Hugh I. Haferkamp, AGS Iohn N. Hagen, Engr. Iohn Hagensick, Bus. Ad. David N. Hagues, A615 Martin H. Hall, ASS Donald M. Halsey, Bus. Ad. Leroy E. Halsey, Engr. Ballon: Row: Peggy Haner, AGS Iames Hanosh, Bus. Ad. Lyle M. Hansen, A65 ak a ,f:'J ,, ia ' H--W 5 5 . a V . ...,.,.,.... , Norman W. Hanson, Eugr. Ierry Harbour, f!6rS Barbara I. Harper, Educ. Elbert E. Harrison, Ir., Engr. an Ray L. Harrison, Engr. Carl F. Hart, Bus. Ad. Iohn M. Hart, Educ. Kenny Hart, Educ. Fred R. Harvey, AGS Stanley F. Harvey, Bus. Ad. Daniel Harwood, Engr. William A. Harwood, Engr. Roy A. Hays, Eng-r. Icrry A. Heade, Educ. Rupert Heinscli, AGS Eugene L. Henrioulle, A6'S Ioan Henry, Educ. Arthur F. Hewitt, Ir., A68 Alvin L. Hibbs, Engr. Rodney B. Higgins, Engr. Carolyn Hill, Educ. Duane Hillard, Bus. Ad. Ioann Hillard, AGS Stanley Hirsch, Engr. Iames I. Hodapp, Eugr. Elwcll Hodges, Engr. Ruth Hoesly, Educ. Iris Hoff, Educ. Woodrow Holfman, Engr. Ronald Hollander, Educ. or ldent Popeloy beams as MIRAGE Willard A. Holliday, Educ. Elwood Hope Educ es r 011 Iohn Hawk, 15115. . Irwin Horwitz, AGS William G. Hudgins, 115.9 R:u116n Hucrtu, A65 William H. Hughes, Bur. Ad. Marion Hurley, Ezllzc. Peggy Ann Hutchinson, .fI6'S Io I-Iuttcn, FA Geneva Hyde, Efluf. Ieanne Illman, A6f.S Richard NV. Inglis, A88 Iona Inman, Educ. Robert M. Inman, A635 Mildred Irby, Educ. William Irvine, A66 Marilyn lzzard, ASS Henry Iacohs, Educ. Norman D. Iucobs, Bur. Ari. Charles M. Icnson, Eng:-. I nabelle Icssup, Edzm. Peggy Iillsnn, A6-S Ioycc A. Iohnson, FA Richard I.. Iohnson, Bus. Ad. Flurcnceruth Iones, ASS Grace Iones, Bus. Ad. Sadie C. Iuzirez, Educ. Betty Kearns, Bus. Aff. Iohn H. Kelly, Bus. Ad. Don M. Kendrick, AGS Marianne Kcohane, FA Charles Kerkeslnger, Educ. Bolram Row: Norman Kernodle, Engr. Dave Kimball, Engr. Lcon Kimball, Elzgr. Leroy Kimbrough, Eugr. Dalton Kinclicloc, .f16rS john Kinzer, f1d+?.S' lvan I. Klatt, Brix. Ad. Donald C. Klcin, Engr. Donald Knorr, Eduf. Mary Adler Knorr. Educ. Russell Knudson, Educ. Carolyn Koch, Educ. Oscar H. Kosk, Eugr. Gig Krakow, Educ. Marvin W. Krcigcr, Ir., Bus. Eleanor Kupcr, .fI6rS George Lagomarsini, Engr. Rolscrt Lalickcr, Ednf. Lionel G. Lancaster, Engr. Robert Lane, Educ. Eugene Lzlngsctli, AGS Emily Ann Large, Educ. Douglas Lawrence, .4695 Glenn H. Lawrence, Engr. Victor Layton. Engr. Carol Ioan Lee, .-1635 Leonard Lee, Hur, Ad. Reginald G. Lcc, Engr. Walter G. Lcrillcr, Eugr. Seymour C. Lcfton, AGS Albert R. Lermusiaux, Engr. Valcri Kccrs Lcuvf, AGS I. W. Li, Engr. Ad. ow fam1l1ar scene . . . "drug Edwaffl PiS'U0fif Aff? 1 . f f 1 Ianc Lrllrbrrdgc, 1167.5 rs re axlng 111 font 0 t IC Nancy Lipsett, EIIIIU. macy budding. ml mm Charles A. Littler, FA lose Llamas, Engr. Iames S. Logan, Pharm. Earl R. London, Educ. Clifford M. Long, Engr. George Long, ASS William S. Lord, Bur. Ad. Iohnny Love, AGS Ieanne Loveall, Edna. Vera Lublnetzky, AGS David B. Lucas, Bus. Ad. Carl E. Ludlow, Engr. Robert Lyons, Bm. Ad. Alexander Macurak, Engr. Stanley Magill, Engr. Arnold Mailman, Bus. Ad. Shirlee Markell, Ednr. Leo Martin, Bur. Ad. Ruric D. Mason, Pharm. Alphonse Matocha, Plmrm. Harold Matthews, Bus. Ad. Iames R. Matthews, A65 Charles Maxwell, ASS Donald McKee, AGS Betty McKinley, Educ. Ioseph W. McKinley, Educ Ieanne Mellott, FA Ioseph G. Merkel, Educ. Consuclo Meyer, AGS Marilyn Miller, AGS Bottom Row: Richard C. Miller, Engr. Robert I. Miller, Educ. Donald E. Mitcham, Engr. Don W. Mitchell, AGS Lindalie Mock, Educ. Elizabeth Mohlhenrica, AGS 5 Edward W. Molzan, Engr. Tom Montgomery, Bur. 1-Id. Betty Blake Moon, A615 Ethel M. Moorc, Educ. Iames R. Moran, Engr. Sue Moreland, FA lVilliam E. Morris, Educ. William Morrison, Educ. Bill Morton, Ezzgf. Robert G. Morton, Engr. Margaret Moutray, Erlrfr. Mildred Moutray, AGS I-larry Mozian, Bus. Ad. Dan Mueller, Bus. Ad. Robert Murray, Educ. Robert L. Nance, Pharm. Phyllis Narmore, A65 Don Narquis, AGS Mary-Louise Nason, FA C. E. Neat, Engr. Iames V. Neely, E ngr. Virginia Nelson, Bur. Ad. Homer P. Nichols, Ir., Bus. Ad David D. Nolting, AGS Alan Odcndahl, AGS Marjorie Odlc, A65 Vinccntc R. Oiinaga, Bus. Ad. I-I1k1n Club vis' s h " " '11 Clafence Okfm Eng' g . It t C U 1 OwenN OLea1y Engr and1a foothills. Leroy A Olson ,155 Q Q , 'eg55:g5- we , AJ df ' W.: .af 26 Iames C. O'Ncz1l, Eng:-. Ingrid Oppenheimer, Educ Dean OSlI1UHllSCD, Bm. Ad George Ottman, A68 Guy H. Owcnsby, AGS George I. Paddock, Ezzgr. Myrna Palmer, Educ. Nicholas Pappas, Bus. Ad. Bcrna Deen Parks, FA Linda Parrish. fI6fS Harry Parsons, Bur. Ad. Iamcs D. Patterson, Engr. laner Patton, AGS Put Paulumis, Educ. Nick T. Pavletich, Bns. fill. Joe E. Pearce, Engr. Fred R. Peck, f1d'i'S Adrian Pelzner, A65 Iohn I. Pensieru, Phnrnz. lValtcr S. Perkowski, Ellgll Donna Peterson, Educ. Lucille Petranovirch, Educ. Carl L. Pharis, Engr. Ioseph Picaro, Bus. Ad. Martin Pierce, Bus. Ad. Richard Pino, Bus. Ari. Peggy Piper, Educ. Donald S. Pitts, Engr. Fred Pivacek, A65 Steven Politis, Engr. Bottom Row: Ed. Powell, AES june Powell, A655 Leonard A. Prelin, X155 . . QT Fred Prevost, Educ. Iohn R. Provost, Engr. Iamcs Protzcr, Bus. flzl. Lewis T. Putman. Engr. Norbcrto Quintana, 11693 Keen Rafferty, Ir., AGS David U. Rakestraw, Ir., Engr Iose Ramirez, A195 Elizabeth Ramsey, FA Theodore H. Reed, E ngr. Izinc Reese, AGS Robert Reyes, A655 Billie Icnn Reynolds, AHS Dusty Rhoades, Bus. flzi. Eloise Richards, fI6'S William H. Richardson, AGS Marjorie Richcrson, Educ. Inck H. Riddle, Engr. Macbeth Ridings, FA Norman W. Ricbc. AGS Iamcs I. Rippberger, FA Donald T. Rippcy, Educ. Ioseph F. Robek, Educ. Von Roberts, E lzgr. Vlfilliam I. Roberts, AGS Edward P. Robinson, Bus. flfl. Izick Robinson, Ir., Engr. Rosemary Robinson, FA Ioseph N. Robles, Engr. Fucunmlo R. Rodriqucz, Educ. nd F d'n' ' David F. Romero, Engr. IC 1 Ing Paul I. Romisher, Bus. Ad. I Glen L. Ross, 11:95 sgfw . .V ,,.. In lnil A : .,.,..,AA W5 .5": -:-:sears .jvc U. 2 7 Thomas D. Roybal, AGS Floyd Sabin, Engr. David A. Salazar, Edna Gilbert Sanchez, AGS Iohn I. Sanchez. Educ. Rudolph Sanchez, Eflnu. Harry E. Sandoval, Educ. Donald Sasser, Bus. Ad. Pat Sauer, Educ. Iohn D. Sauters, Bus. Ad. Robert Savage, AGS Iohn Scanlin, Engr. Edward Schlifskc, A65 Lou Schlotterbeck, FA lean Schmcchel, Educ. lack D. Schneider, Engr. Iustus K. Schomp, Bus. Ari' Wesley T. Selby, FA Lewis B. Seward, Engr. Duane Sewell, AGS Raymond Shapiro, AGS Fayne L. Shead, Bm. Ad. Edward Shepherd, AGS William Shepherd, AGS Tom Shilton, Pharm. Iohn Max Shirley, Educ. Ralph Shubert, Engr. Seledonio, Sifuentes, Engr Mary Silverman, AGS I. H. Simpson, Engr. Bottom Row: Betty Singer, Educ. Elias Iohri Sinkew, Engr. Daniel A. Skillin, AGS Floyd Slasor, Bus. Ad. Tom Sleeth, AGS Alvin E. Sloan, Educ. Iohn H. Smelser, Engr. Everett Smith, Engr. Robert Smolich, Educ. Charlotte Sneddon, Educ. Iolm H. Snelling, Engr. F. William Sohle, AGS Knut Sorbye, Engr. Lois Sorrell, FA Edward I. Sowek, Educ. Wayne L. Sowell, Pharm. Ioseph Spence, Bur. Ad. Donald Sprengeler, Engr. Iohn Sprengeler, Erzgr. William I. Stafford, Bur. Ad Wesley Stebbins, AGS Ioe Stell, Educ. Donald Stephens, Engr. Iohn H. Stewart, AGS Robert Stief, Engr. Wilbur K. Stilwell, Bus. Ad. Glenn H. Stinnett, Bus. Ad. Richard Stockton, Educ. Rosemary Stockton, Educ. james A. Storrcr, Bus. Ad. S. L. Storseth, Engr. Dale O. Stout, Educ. Harry E. Stowcrs, Ir., AGS to, you're out of step!" Ralph L. Strother Erzgr. ' ' Walterl. Stuart Pharm. V '.b'V,, ...- f ' Robert Stubbs A58 Jai.. . - 1-: .Q Tony Suazo, AGS Arthur Sugcrman, A695 Icannc Suran, ASS Robert Swanson, But. flrl. Robert F. Sylvanus, Engr. Paul Syroid, lfngr. lirncst Szabo, fI5r.S Clement F. Taft, AHS Lyle H. Talbot. Blu. flzl. Frank Tcgard, I'lmrm. Manuel Tcllcz, Bus. Ad. Faye lean Thomas, AHS Iamcs E. Tlioriipson, 116:35 Iohn Thomson, Eugr. Eve Thon, Educ. lanics I. Thorton, Iidnr. Tim Timzindcr, Bus. Ari. Charles Tomljanovicli, Ifllgl Tony Torres, Educ. Dorothy Mac Tracy, Educ. Arthur Troum, ljngr. Iolm li. Trowlmriclgc, lfrluc. Domenico Tussio, Bur. flzl. Ioscph Ullman, Hui. fill. john Urbanc, Pharm. Rudolf Valdez, Hur. flzl. joseph Valle, Ir., Engr. K O ,M . r.. A 2 it XI! K William T. Van Court, lfrluz Ronald Van Ordcn, Bur. flrl. Donald D. Van Skivur, Iingr Hoflom Row: Dclfino Varcla, Educ. Adolfo Vclasqucz, Educ. Frcd Vcnablc, Bur. flzl, David Villers, Engr. Rose Vocale, AGS Robert K. Vokcs, Bus. Ad. Otto M. Vrooman, AGS Max Wagner, A65 Rex Wagner, A65 Patricia Walker, A65 L. B. Wallerstein, AGS Donald O. Walters, Plmrm Iuanita Walters, Bus. Ad. Charles I. Wartl, Ill, A85 Thomas C. Ward, Engr. Clarence L. Watson, Educ. Evelyn Watson, FA Martha L. Weeks, Educ. Harold Wefalcl, A65 Iames E. Weir, AGS Irwin West, Engr. Riehnrcl E. West, Eugr. Daniel Wcstrcieh, AGS Charles Wetterlius, ljuqr. Iohn F. Weyer, AGS lohn L. Wheeler, Bus. flrl. Curl D. White, Ir., Educ. lane White, Educ. Hurry A. White, FA Robert ll. White, AGS NVilliam C. NVhite. Elzgr. james L. Whiteman, Engr. Richartl l... Wickcns, Bus. A11 rand Old rnen,, of New Mexico LlVVI'Ll'lk,L L Wlllctlt B115 Alf . w ll W Il 1 E l1sm attend the Iournahsm De HQQUR vti,1i'.ll5,ii1ln 5,15 ents open house. Iamcs H. Wilson, Educ. Martha Rose Wilson, Educ. H. I. Wirth, Engr. 6' Bus. Ad. Iohn B. Wise, Pharm. George I. Wladika, Engr. Donald Walking, Engr. Thomas P. Wootton, Engr. Barbara Wykes, AGS Vicente T. Ximenes, Educ. Harold Yeagley, Engr. Dean K. Yearout, Engr. Lunctta Yelonek, FA George Yourick, Ir., A493 Gregory Zaccaria, Bus. Ad. Michael A. Zatto, Engr. Ioseph E. Zichwic, Engr. Donald L. Zieglar, AGS Rozann Zurick, AGS Hodgin greets another spring, another summer. Charles Abramson, Bur. Ad. Virginia Adair, Educ. Iulcs Adelfang, AGS Pat Ainsworth, AGS Priscilla Alaricl, Educ. Iohnny Allen, Engr. William A. Altrniller, Plmrm. Iolm A. Anderson, FA Marian Ange, Educ. Ioseph Aragon, Educ. Ioseph O. Armijo, Educ. Charles R. Armour, Bus. Ad. Lee Arnett, AGS Robert K. Aruntlale, Bus. Ad. Richard Atwater, Educ. Patricia Avant, Educ. Willis YV. Babb, AGS Patty Bailes, Educ. Nancie Bailey, Educ. Myron W. Barnes, Bus. Ad. Iczm M. Barnett, FA Kimbrew Barnett, Efzgr. Norman C. Barnett,E1zgr. Norman C. Barnlmrt, E ngr. Philip Barnhart, AGS Bert Barns, Bus. Ad. Ioan Barrign, Educ. Robert T. Bear, Bus. Ad. Paul E. Beavers, Engr. Frank R. Beck, ASS mm 5 Mary Etta Bell, Educ Donald Bcnge, ASS Ieromc Biddle, AGS My I.. y c N M Q Barbara Bigbee, A6'S Wesley A. Bigney, Bus. Ad. Cecil E. Bingham, Engr. Richard Bittman, Ad'rS Gwyn Bowron, Educ. Emily Bradbury, AGS Ray F. Brandenborg, A65 Priscilla Brannon, Educ. Iames Breese, E ngr. Margie Brockman, Bur. Ad. William C. Broharcl, A65 Iunie Broome, AGS Beverly Brown, A6513 Burton Brown, A65 David M. Brugge, AGS Baron F. Brumley, ASS Ralph L. Brutsche, AGS Mary Bryan, FA George D. Buffet, Bus. Ad. Katy Bunnel, Bur. Ad. Beverly Io Burke, FA Inseph H. Busch, Engr. Virginia Bygel, Educ. Ieanette Cain, Educ. Ernest Candelaria, Educ. Richard Canfield, AGS Howard L. Carroll, Educ. Iames Carter, Bus. Ad. Robert Castillo, A66 Iesse G. Cervantes, Pharm. Bottom Rauf: Thomas W. Chamblin, AGS B. I. Chancellor, Engr. George T. Chapman, AGS Alexander A. Chcllo, AGS Iulia Clark, A698 Frank P. Clements, Educ. lack Cobbett, E ngr. Frances Cochran, Educ. Betty Io Cofer, A695 Dorothy Cohen, Bus. Ad. Nancy D. Coleman, Educ. Robert C. Colgan, Ir., Educ. ,. Charles Collins, Bus. Ad. W. A. Coonfield, A65 Robert Cooper, Educ. Roland L. Cooper, Engr. Elnda A. Costalcs, Educ. Daphne Cowpcr, f16'S Robert Cox, AGS Brinton Coxc, Engr. William Crawford, E ugr. Irene Cuzncr, Bus. Ad. Pat Daley, Bus. Ad. William Dame, A619 Doris Damiano, Bur. Ad. Lou B. Damron, Engr. Henry C. Daniel, Bur. Ad. Dale Danielson, ASS Iohn Davis, Educ. Thomas G. Davis, Educ. Sidney Dawe, AGS Ellen Dayer, AGS Dwight L. Dedmon, AGS ,i r. 2 fb,-"A , .rn W F .,.,.,, W ? , . i :I . l - ' v if 1. . aff' .5 uulu Fi i . .... . - ..... .,....,., , ,X l it does look like Professor . . " VelmHDC111110H,PhH"'f1 Zoltan cle Cserna, AGS Annell DeGrassi, Educ. 1 ---- A W. w -I ' i Q 5 . 5 Q F :fn if , ' 1 Q ' J 1: ri E 'ie' isi... .l::ii : sisisi... V" .i -if ' - .,,, ..,.,.,, ' , Q Z Y 5 f l Wx . . A .. X -qw .1 .-rc?- 1. 'Q l " Q U Q I f 'M ,r l ,W-:ll llfij M . :,: :F.:,:..,:,:,:,,:.:,:,:,:,:,: yang, ,mi gk - ,. .,.,. ,, T -. ...:r2s:s:n':2-5:55355 W? l 1 ,Fr A MJ 118. Ioseph DeL:iPuente, AGS Richard Demcnt, Educ. Leroy E. DeSoto, ASS Roland S. Dial, Bus. Ari. Patricia Dickson, Ffl Lizabeth Diloisio, AGS Frederick Disque, Bus. Ad. Louis C. Downs, Engr. Carter Doyle, AGS Winnie Duncan, Bns.Ar1. Robert Dwyer, f16'S Mary Io Earhart, Educ. Lcc D. Ehrlich, FA Mary Alice Elkin, AGS Ruth Ellis, Educ. George Ely, Engr. Leland C. Endsley, AGS Iamcs L. Evans, ASS Edward M. Fallen, ASS Ruth Faust, A675 Ienabcl Faw, AGS Barbara Ferguson, Educ. Ioscph I. Ferro, Engr. Robert A. Figge, Educ. jerry Finch, AGS lohn Fisher, Bur. Ad. Bud Fleisch, Educ. Donald Fogg, Bur. Ad. Richard Fowler, Bus. Ad. Lcnore Fox, ASS Barium Row: Glen Francis, .-105 Nancy Fraser, Ezine. Pat Freeman, AGS Iamcs Frost, Bur. Ad. William Furcht, ACES Iohn Futtcrknccht, Educ. Kurt Gzlbel, Ir., Fill Inrncs Garctson, FA Donald Garland, Ellgll Charles Gussaway, Engr. Barbara Gere, Educ. Donald Giddcn, A65 Robert N. Gifford, Ellgf. William C. Giltncr, Engr. Phillip Godfricd, AGS Clay B. Goldston, Educ. joseph B. Gomez, Bur. Ad. William R. Gondrum, Bus. 1 Hugh B. Gordon, Engr. Arthur A. Gorrcll, Engr. Iackic Gossard. A66 Richard Graham, AGS Robert Grant, fI65'S Fred C. Green, Engr. Bcvcrlce Grcnko, Educ. Put Griffin, Educ. Murylce Grillcth, .4r1i"S Thomas W. Grilfcth, Engr. Harlan Grosshans, Bus. All. Sue Ann Gruschus, Educ. Wilfred I-I. Gulowscn, Bus. flrl. VVnrren Gunderson, Bus. Ad. William Guthrcy, Pharm. r1 Delts go clutch" at Charles de B. Hagerman Educ Nan Hairston, Educ Adrian D. Hall, AGS Ronald Hammcrshoy Educ M1ltonR Handley AGS Nancy Harrison Educ George Hart AGS HaroldN Hartwell Phm 112 Richard R. Hartwick, FA Iames Hay, Engr. Iohn A. Heard, Engr. Iackie Henrie, AGS Shirley Herlin, Pharm. Herbert Ford, Engr. Fred Hicks, A615 William High, Bm. Ad. Beatrice Hight, A155 Monira Hindi, Educ. Howard I. Hisey, AGS Weston Hodgkins, Bus. Ad. La Quitai Holloman, Pharm Iohn Holroyd, Bus, Ad. Ann Holt, AGS Harry Honig, Engr. Anita Howe, AGS Reginald Howe, Bus. Ad. Nettie Mae Hubbard, Educ. Phil Hungerford, AGS Sandy Huntington, FA Harry E. Hunton, Pharm. Iohn M. Hutchins, Engr. Walter L. Hyde, Engr. Lloyd Irish, Bus. Ad. Balto nz Row: Ann Iackson, Educ. Elaine jackson, AGS Ioseph R. Iackson, Bus. Ad. Martha Iackson, Educ. Bernard Izimes, FA Alexander Ianicek, Bus. Ad. Gordon I. Ianicek, Bur. Ad. Edward Ianlcoski, E ngr. Emila Iaramillo. A698 Ioey Ienkins, Educ. Alf Iolinson, Engr. Ferris L. Iohnson, AGS George D. Iohnson, Eugr. lean Iohnson, Educ. Richard N. Iolinson, Engr. Rosemary Iones, Educ. William G. Iordan, AGS David Iudd, AGS Wesley H. Kappelcr, E ngr. Bernard R. Kaufman, Bus. Robert Kayne, Engr. Betty Ann Kearns, Educ. Key Kearns, Educ. Melvin H. Keiffer, Engr. Mary Kelly, Educ. Richard M. Kelly, AGS Troy Kemper, Adi-'S Ka tlilecn Kepner, Educ. Walter E. King, Engr. Willizim K. Klatt, Engr. Florence Kleinman, Educ. William L. Klenck, Bus. Ad. Herb Knecht, Ir., E ngr. ustl At last! Ted Knight, AGS Charles B. Koehler, Educ. Marshall I. Korn, Eugr. Roland Kurth, EIZZIC. Edward I. Lambert, AGS L. M. Lanforcl, B11s.Ad. Duane L. Lang, Bus. All. Nancy Lang, Educ. Robert Langford, ASS Harriet F. Lee, AGS Harry F. Lee, Bus. Ad. Iohn I. Leonard, Educ. Gerald N. Levine, Bur. Ad. Linda Linstromberg, A65 Norman Loftus, Engr. Iames R. Lotz, Bus. Ad. Gerald Lovett, Bur. Ad. Ernie Lowrey, Bur. Ad. Eugene L. Lujan, A68 Barbara I. MaeCaulley, A65 Frank R. Malleaux, Educ. Georgia R. Manley, Educ. Iack Manley, Plzarm. Carlo Mariani, Ir., Engr. Ida Marra, AGS Burdette H. Martin, FA Irl R. Martin, Engr. Pauline Martin, Educ. Warren Martin, AGS Baltazar Martinez, Engr. Hazel Martinez, AGS Tony A. Martinez, AGS Iack Masterson, A65'S Bottom Row: Iackie Matteson, FA Harmon D. Maxson, AGS Ianet McCanna, Educ. Phillip G. McCracken, E11g1 Mary McCulloh, A55 Gene L. McDaniel, FA Robert Mcllllient-y, Bus. Ad. Carol McGlothl in, AGS James T. McGuire, Bus. Ad. Anne McGurk, 11578 Anna MCI-Iugh, FA William McLaughlin, Educ. Polly lN'ICMLll'K.lO, Educ. Edward Mcrrilcs, Bus. Ad. Kenneth R. Milam, Engr. Robert Miller, Educ. Murray Miller, Bus. Ari. Thomas Mills, Bur. Ad. Robert Miners, Eugr. Hugh L. Mitchell, Bus. Ad. Eunice Mobley, Educ. Grant Montgomery, Engr. M. Leo Moon, Bus. Ad. Val Moore, Bur. flrl. Emilo Mora, AGS Ed Morrell, Educ. Donald Mufson, AGS Molly Mullune, Educ. Iohn H. Murphy, Educ. Wade A. Myers, Erzgf. Marie Nelson, AGS William Nesbitt, Eugr. Robert Niebur, Engr. what happened when Andy l1SZ2Z'IQI1gEfjj'i?nZTj1f"g"- t got before the mike. Ray Noble, Educ. ....-S, My A. I. Nordstrom, A85 lack O'Hara, A6'S Walter L. Olson, Educ. David Ong, Engr. Elevinio A. Ortega, A6'S Zachary Ortz, Educ. lane Padilla, Educ. Margaret Paine, AGS Ioe M. Palmer, Bus. Ari. Dorothy Pannell, AGS Iames Patton, AGS Iulianne Penix, FA I. W. Perkins, AGS Pat Perkins, Educ. Melba Perry, Bus. Ad. Pat Perry, A675 Iohn F. Phelan, Pharm. Ralph Phillippi, E ngr. Anne Phillips, AGS Helen Pipkin, Educ. Gene Polk, AGS Donald Pomeroy, Bus. Ad Louise Pulley, AGS Margaret Raabe, Educ. Robert Raabe, Educ. Beverly Ream, Educ. Margaret A. Rebal, Educ Nan Redman, Educ. Lois Reed, FA Mitzi Reed, FA Botlom Row: Donald Reid, Bus. Ad. Iohn I. Reid, Engr. Duane Remy, Bus. Ari. ffgmwwemeale fffffffffii Charles G. Renwick, Engr. Fred Reynolds, Educ. Ierry P. Rhodes, ASS Adrian Richards, AGS Annabel Richards, Educ. H. Scott Richards, Engr. Anne Richardson, Educ. Charles Richardson, AGS W. B. Richardson, III, Engr. Paul E. Richey, Engr. Mary Lou Ries, Bm. Ad, Arthur S. Riffenburgh, AGS Betty Rivers, A65 Bobbie I. Roberts, A05 Dave Robertson, Educ. Margaret Robinson, Educ. Oscar L. Robles, Engr. Robert Rodrigues, AGS Calvin B. Rogers, AGS Herman I. Romero, Educ. Leo Romero, Educ. Peggy Rose, Educ. Ernest Rosenbaum, A55 Tessie Rubidoux, AGS Austin Ryer, Engr. Henry S. Saatkin, Bur. Ad. Bernard Salazar, Engr. Marrion Salomon, Bur. Ad. Alfonso Sandoval, Ir., ASS Henry A. Sandoval, A65 ' ' ' Thomas Savage Bur Ad illiams, riding high as Liz Scanlan EAC Coming Queen. Edward schneichm ,ws Harold F. Schmidt, Bm. Ari. William Schmuck, Bur. Ad. Ioan Schulze, AGS IoAnn Severns, Educ. Paul Shodal, Educ. Doyle K. Simpson, Engr, Arnold Iay Singer, Engr. Don M. Sisk, Engr. Sandra Skelton, AGS Forrest S. Smith, A495 Iames A. Smith, AGS Edwin Sobol, Pharm. Don South, AGS Rosalie Spafforcl, Bur. Ad. Laurence Spears, Bus. Ad. William Speer, AGS Herbert Springer, Bus. rid. Ianice Sroka, Ednr. Ieannie Stafford, AGS Victor Starnes, Bus. fld. Thomas Stedman, Engr. Ioyce Stephens, FA Barbara Stone, Bus. Ad. Ielf H. Stone, Engr. Iunc Stovall, Hur. Ad. Penny Strelzoff, AGS Iames I. Sullivan, Engr. Marilyn Sundstrom, Bus. Ad Dolores Sundt, AGS Keith Svendby, Bus. Ad. Bozzom Row: Roger Sylvanus, AHS Iohn I. Tagliarino, Engr. Danny C. Terry, Educ. 44 Fred Terry, Bus. Ad. V. Don Terry, A68 f Ann Thatcher, AGS Iames T. Thompson, AGS Betty Thorne, Educ. Iamcs B. Thorsen, Bus. Ad. Ellison Timmons, Bur. Ad. Richard Tisehhauser, AGS lack Tomlins, A68 Ioanne Tottenhoff, AGS Felix Trujillo, Engr. Glenn E. Turner, Educ. Vincent Ulatowski, Educ. Emily Ulmer, Educ. Wright Van Deusen, AGS Brad Van Ness, E ngr. Iohn I. Vaughn, AGS Adargelia Velez, Bm. Ad. Terry Vigil, Educ. George Vincent, Engr. Anne Vocalc, Bur. Ad. Iames B. Wade, Engr. Iohn H. Walker, Bur. Ad. Bertram Waller, Engr. Robert Wal pole, ASS Alvin I. Warren, A65 Charles Weber, Bus. Ad. Ioseph L. Wechsler, Bus. A William Weger, Engr. Ann Wcggel, AGS ager can you get? Betty M. Weir, Educ. Alan M. Weisberger, Bus. Ad Iack Weldon, Bus. Ad. Edward M. Wells, Pharm. Frank E. Wells, Engr. Robert L. Wells, A65 Glenn Wershing, A88 Kathleen White, Educ. Noel White, Pharm. Lewis Whiting, Educ. Iohn Wichclns, AGS Roberta Wigely, Educ. Thomas R. Wiley, Bur. Ad Annette Williams, Bus.f1d Carrollyn Williams, A615 Sue Williams, Educ. Io Anna Wills, AGS Neil E. Wilson, F.-I Percy M. Wilson, Engr. Dale Wipson, Engr. Fred Wong, FA lim Woods, Engr. Helen Wyatt, Educ. Yvonne Ynrcho, FA Willard V. York, Engr. Iohn R. Zutavern, 11495 The library, surrounded by our "very usual weather l" Url. 1 Eleanor Abney, AES Ina Abramson, AGS William Acklin, Ir., Engr. Duane Aldous, AGS William A. Alfano, AGS Richard Allinger, Bus. Ad. lean Anderson, Educ. Louis Archuleta, Engr. Claude Arnold, Engr. Roger Artley, Engr. Roger A. Bailey, Ir., Bus. A William F. Baker, Gen. Harry Baldwin, AGS Iane Baldwin, FA Hubert T. Ball, Engr. Barry P. Barnes, Educ. Lou Keren Barnes, Educ. Marian Barreras, Educ. Hallie Barton, Educ. Margie Barton, Engr. Leon Baumgartner, Eugr. Margaret H. Bender, Educ. d. Frances Ann Bennett, Educ. Gypsy Io Bennett, A65 Mary Io Blanc, Educ. Robert Bogle, Bur. Ad. William L. Bohannan, AGS Robert D. Bohks, Educ. lack L. Bolandcr, AGS Amy Bond, A6-'S Q l, , ' -' --:Law -'ru Charles W. Bowen, Ir., Engr Barbara Boyd, Educ. Michael Brady, Educ. 48 h ' . 5 B' .an ' ,.'1 Donald Brandenburg, Bus. Bucky Brandenburg, Educ. Frank Brandrcth, Gen. Elizabeth Braunc, AGS lidith Bray, Educ. Tom Brccce, Bur. Ad. Warren R. Brcsctt, AGS A rl Albert E. Brcwstcr, Ir., Hur. An' Harold Brock, Educ. Charles D. Brown, Engr. Kay Brown, Educ. Lois Brown, Bus. Ad. Burdcll Buergcr, Bus. Ad. Phyllis Buggs, Educ. Iane Burk, Gen. David Burt, AGS Francis C. Burton, Engr. Robert Butler, Bur. Ad. Paul L. Butt, 1165 Maureen Butterfield, A695 Betty Ianc Bycrly, Bur. .wld Raul R. Calanchc, Bus. All Biddy Callan, Gnu. Peggy Calvin, AGS . Nancy Campbell, Gen. Santiago E. Campos, :IHS Margie Candelaria, Edur. Fred W. Cannon, Bus, .'ll1'. Wendy Cantor, AGS Doris Caraglio, Erlur. Bolfam Rauf: Herbert Carlmark, A495 Pat Carroll, FA Iacquclinc Caslcr, A618 Victor I. Castillo, Pharm. William H. Chadwick, Bus. Ad Robert M. Chaplin, AGS Tom H. Chapman, A6'S Buddy Chappell, Engr. Iohn Chausteur, Bus. Ad. Charles Chavez, AGS Florencio L. Chavez, Bus. Ad. Priscilla Chavez, FA Ioyce Cheetham, Educ. Viola Chess, AGS Cynthia Choyce, A6rS Richard Christy, Engr. Robert Ciesiel, A55 Danfold M. Clark, Gen. Diane Clark, FA Harold R. Clark, Engr. Richard S. Clark, Engr. Woods T. Clark, Bus. Ad. Glenn E. Clelland, Pharm. Robert Clemmensen, AGS Mary Ruth Clift, FA William Collins, AGS Robert Combs, FA Jack Coogan, Engr. Ronald Corelli, Bus. Ad. Linnie Belle Cox, Educ. Frances Craig, FA lack Cram pton, Gen. Iames Culberson, FA ravest men on campus . . ake and take their own. Frances Curns, Educ. E. Brooks Currey, Ir. Engr. William Currie, Bus. Ad. 49 Q Ierry Curtis, f16rS Charles W. Cushing, Bus. Ari. Charles T. Cysewski, Engr. George D'Alonzo, Bus. Ari. Carolyn Darden,Ed1rc. Dan Davidson, Gen. William R. Dawc, Bus. 1111. Lois Lee Deighton, Educ. Iamcs R. Dcily, AGS George Dc-Mos, Educ. George Dcrnbach, AGS Iackie DcRuslm, Educ. Ioscph A. DusGcorgcs, Ir., Bus. Ioscph DcVoss, Bur. All. Eugene Dimitruk, Eugr. Io Ann Dinsmoor, ASS William D. Dismuke, Bur. Ad George W. Dolcn, Engr. Gloria I. Dorris, AGS Eloise I. Doty, Educ. Conrad I. Downing, Eugr. Eddie Driscoll, Bur. Ad. Cherie Dunn, Educ. Barbara Easter, AGS Carolyn Easter, AGS Al Eisenberg, Bur. Ad. Ion Ek, .'16'S Leonard Elbcrgcr, Gen. Mahlon Elliott, AGS Arthur R. Engquist, Engr. Bollonz Row: Norman Enos, Bur. Ad. Iohn T. Erniatingcr, AGS Iamcs I. Errantc, E Mgr. Wood Erskine, Bus. Ad. Ray Esquibel, Educ. Dewey B. Farmer, Educ. Nancy A. Farrell, Bus. Ad. Rowland W. Faust, FA Iohn D. Folsom, Gen. Ioyce Fitzpatrick, AGS Rudy Fimbrcs, Pharm. Aileen Field, Gen. Shirley Fay, A65 Creighton B. Foraker, Bus. Ad. Nancy Ford, Educ. Gloria A. Forrest, Educ. Frances Fruehauf, Educ. Robert L. Fulton, AGS Iolm L. GaHorcl, Engr. Salvatore Galioto, Educ. Maryanne Gallagher, Educ. Andrew L. Garcia, Educ. Pat Garehime, FA Edward Garvanian, Educ. lean Gatclicll, f16'S Thomas A. Gatford, Engr. Eleanor Gaynor, FA Richard D. George, Engr. Icromc Giles, Engr. Iaek Gill, AGS Mary Gillespie, Educ. lack Glasgow, Bus. Ad. Ierry Glenn, Engr. the blast, the calm . . . and a building for the engineers. William Glover, Bus. Ad Barbara Godfrey, Educ. Rodolfo Goicoches, Engr. Iulius Golden, A65 Vernon C. Goldizen, .f16'S Elios G. Gonzales, Bur. Ad. Margaret Gonzales, AGS Milton V. Gonzales, A6-'S Pat Goodman, Ezlur. Ioan Gorman, AHS Robert H. Graham, Engr. Dave Grant, ACES Carolyn Gray, FA Louise Gray,'F.4 Carl Green, Ir., Engr. Connie Green, Bus. Ad. Georganna Green, Erlnr. Richard Greenleaf, Educ. Robert Greincr, Gen. Frances Grosvenor, Gen. Pat Gryzler, Gen. Iiloy Gutierrez, AGS Helen Guzelis, Ezine. Mariorie Hait, Educ. Collie Hall, AGS Iames C. Hall, A-!?fS Ray L. Hall, Engr. A. Kelly Hallman, Gen. I. Edgar Hallman, Edur. Norman Ii. Hammond, Gen William P. Harley, Gen. Lewis Harris, Eugr. Iohn Havens, FA Boiron: Row: Everett G. Hayes, Engr. Ieanne Hein, AHS Marjorie Helper, Gen. 4-. William A. Henry, Engr. Carol Hensley, FA Henryette Herman, Gen. Peter C. I-Iernanclcz, Engl' Donald R. Hershbergcr, B Cindy Hickey, A195 Ierry Higdon, Gen. Richard Higgins, FA Eugene Hill, A495 Thomas Hill, Engr. Audrey Hilsdorf, Gm. IIA' Elmer L. Hinton, Ir., Bus. Aa' Lloyd Hodge, Educ. Thelma Hoit, Educ. lack I-Inleman, Bus. Ad. Al Holt, FA Randy Holt, Engr. George Horton, Gen. Glen L. Houston, A6-S Ioan Howerton, AGS Iohn Hubbs, A695 Donald Hudson, AGS Eleanor Huston, F11 Donald Hutchinson, Engr. Shirley Hutchinson, Rus. Ad. jackie Hutton, AGS Barney Hynd, A615 Benjamin lmershein, Eugr. Sonia Isaacson, A495 Norma Iula, Gen. ' r Reeve peruses his favorite EH"'H1f1'1f1'11jgSf4ff'5 - - . arc: C fl canon, The New Mexico H1s- A,,h,,,HQ1,i,ek ,165 Il Review. Shelby Iersig, Bus. Ad. Iucly Iohnson, FA Jay Iones, Bus. Ad. Leek A. Iones, FA Ioe Iue, Pharm. Valerie Kamm, Educ. Iames Keller, AGS Al Kempenich, Bur. Ad. lean Kern, A615 Carol Ketchum, AGS Marlene Keystone, FA I. B. Kidd, Engl: Dolores Kimbrell, Gen. Ierry King, Engsr. Roland B. Kool, Bus. Ad. Lewis F. Kostelecky, Ezzgr. Charles N. Koulias, Educ. Chester I. Krutcik, Gen. Iohn G. Kuhn, A6'S Michael Kuliasha, Engr. Donald S. Kullerstrancl, Ezzgr Betty Kuykendall, A65 Robert LaGrange, Educ. Richard Laidley, Erzgr. Inmes R. Lamb, Ir., AGS Dever Langholf, Educ. Marilyn R. Larsen, A68 Barbara Lebeck, Educ. Gerald Levine, ASS Sandy Levitt, FA Bottom Row: Donald Lewis, Bus. Ad. Iames T. Lewis, Engr. Alice Lind, A6'S Elaine Linthicum, Educ. Donald Litchfield, Bus. Ad. Rita Llwyd, ASS Iohn Lookingbill, AGS Rosclyn Luna, AZFS Donna MacDonald, AGS Ianct Madden, Educ. Barbara Maple, Educ. Andrew S. Marchesc, Bus. Ad. William Marcum, Educ. Gloria Marquez, Educ. lane Ann Marshall, AGS Charles Martin, Educ. Collen Martin, Educ. Lynn A. Martin, AGS Norman A. Martin, AGS Ierry Martinez, Educ. Leonard Mayer, Bus. Ad. Betty Mayhall, Educ. Herbert L. McCullough, A55 Frances V. McKcnncy, Gen. Betty Ann McKune, Gen. Edward McLaughlin, AGS Marilyn Means, FA Kenneth H. Meyer, Bur. Ad. Donald Michael, FA Gilbert B. Millar, Engr. Alfred H. Miller, f1cf5'S Dolores Miller, Educ. Marion E. Miller, .fl6'S gists take time out forgsun. A u q '. ..: -':' E ':5:'!Es Kr if .. 4 .,...,..... , .... ,........... , .. if I -f 1 . a W , james Milling, Bus. Ad. Sara Dawn Mitcham, Educ. Mary Ann Mitchell, FA lx. W . .,,,, L . .WN , .Qby a , 6 . . ..A. 1 f 6 'iv 525. - i f ., ELE, A.:, ' -v ' 5 .tiLi....,.-.. .,.. . -.... 4-I wiv' We F1 43 G , x . gal wa. 56 Allan Marc Mogull, Bur. Ad. Iacquelin Moore, A65 Robert I. Mora, 1168 Mary Margaret Morris, Educ. Elliott Mozee, Bur. Ad. Nita Mulcahy, Educ. Ann K. Mulroney, Gen. Martha S. Napoleon, Educ. Nadyne Naive, A85 Robert Nccl, E ngr. Iolianne Ness, Gen. L. Ray Newton, Engr. Kenneth Nicholson, Educ. Marjorie Noble, Educ. Ronald V. Norman, AGS Ian Oakes, AES George O'Belmito, Elzgr. Nancy O'Brien,E1Iuc. Allan O'Connor, FA Albert W. Oldham, Bus. Ad. Marquis H. Oracion, Bus. Ad Al Packard, A65 Donald A. Paine, Bus. Ad. Ioseph R. Passaretti, Educ. Suzanne PZISSVQIDI, AGS John C. Pearson, AGS Wiley E. Peeples, FA William Pcgue, Bus. Ad. Icrry Perry, AGS Dan Peterson, AGS Bottom Row: Robert Petrillo, Bur. Ad. Iohn W. Peterson, Gen. Iohn B. Peterson, Engr. Rod Phibbs, F1-1 Robert Pielemeier, E ngr. Bruce A. Pietcrs, Bus. Ad. Scldon Porter, FA Priscilla Post, Educ. Thelma Prince, Bus. Ad. Nancy Pringle, AGS Iohn M. Puckett, Engl: William Radoslovich, Engr Alex A. Rael, Pharm. Nancy Ray, A6-'S Ruth Ann Redman, AGS William Reel, Bus. Ad. Iulicttc Reese, Gen. Herbert Renwick, Engr. Louis Rcvelant, 1155 lack W. Reynolds, Bur. Ad Iustin B. Rinalds, AGS Mcrlenc Roady, Educ. Paul Robarts, A498 Bcvcrlce Roberts, Gen. Lois Roberts, F11 Earl C. Robbins, Efzgr. William Roche, Gm. John S. Rockett, Bus. Ad. Laura Ann Rodrick, F11 lack Rosenberg, Plmrm. Ron Rublc, Gen, Patty Rutherford, FA Cluirline Rutter, A65 ' ' I'll"llC9 Safely Ling As had a Wlnnlng welcome Loumgxgc AMS lIUI'111I'lg Hll.1IIlS. W Raymond Sanderson Bus Ad Paul Sanzenbach, ASS Pat Scanlan, AGS Evelyn Schoolcruft, Educ. Harry Schrarn, Erzgr. Phyllis Schumacher, Gen. Charles Scott, Engr. Wallace Sellers, AGS Stella Shaffer, Educ. Ieanne Shatsby, Educ. Muriel L. Shelton, Bus. Ad Faith Sherping, AGS Sally Shockley, AGS B. D. Simpkins, AGS Tomas Sisneros, Engr. Iohn R. Sleeman, Bus. Ad. Waldo E. Slusher, Engr. Edward Smith, Educ. lack R. Smith, Gen. Iulio Lee Smith, AGS Ross M. Smith, Gen. VVilliam E. Smith, Engr. David R. Snow, Engr. Pat Snyder, Educ. Vera Snyder, AGS William Sommer, Bur. Ad. Ieannc South, Engr. Carol Jean Spencer, .468 Ioseph Starkey, Bus. Ad. Linda Lee Stebbins, Gen. Sue Stephens, FA Boltom Row: Frances Stewart, AGS YVilliam Stotts, Engr. Richard Streets, Bus. Ad. Robert Strclow, Gen. Ioan Stromberg, FA Robert A. Sturrevant, Bus. Ad. Ernest Suazo, f16'.S' lack Sutton, AGS Ioan Tafoya, Educ. Adelle Taylor, A66 George R. Taylor, AGS Mil-:e Taylor, Bus. Ad. Therald Tennyson, Ir., Plmrm Iohn Terrell, Bur. Ad. Robert N. Terrell, Gm. Alyce Theodore, FA Ioyce Thieleman, Educ. Carlos Thornton, Gen. Iohn K. Thorsen, Gen. Ted Thorson, FA Estanislado Torres, Engr. Fred Trechel, Bur. Ad. Maurice Trumble, Gen. Amos T. Tyson, Ir., Bus. All. Richard Ullrich, Hur. Ad. Maxine Ver Hoef, FA Roger Vernon, AGS Theresa Wagner, Bur. Ad. Io Ann Walter, Educ. Barbara Watkins, Educ. Richard M. Watkins, AGS Earl Weaver, Pharm. Virginia Weinel, AHS Hood never had it so good! Dolores Whisner, AGS Ianet White, Gen. Robert E. Wickham, Engr. Carol Wilkins, Educ. Barbara Williams, Educ. Doris L. Williams, Gen. Martha Williams, AES Thomas Williams, Engr. Wanda Williams, Educ. Denny Willis, Bus. Ad. Ethel Lee Winn, FA I. William Wistor, AGS Iames A. Wolfkill, Bus. Ad Alice Wood, FA Eloise Wood, AGS Nancy Woodworth, ASS Barbara Woody, ASS Cleo Wright, AGS Frances Yelonek, Ezlzlv. Iames Zartman, Educ. Milan I. Zegarac, II, Engr. Richard Ziedman, AGS Burton I. Zisk, Gen. Thomas Zudick, AGS The Pres1dent's home, a momentary winter wonderland. Eugenie Abaskin, FA Part Abbott, Educ. William Adkin, Engr. David Agnew, Engr. Phil Allen, Ir., Engr. Denny P. Allman, A6-'S Beverly I. Andrews, AGS Martha Angc, FA Antonia Archulcta, Ir., FA Victor V. Arnold, Gen. Tyson Ashlock, A498 Iackic Aycuck, AGS Ioseph A. Baca, Ir., Gen. Frank Baker, AGS Robert Baker, Gen. George Ballou, AHS Karla Iune Bama, FA Lloyd Barnes, Engr. Patricia Barnes, Iizlmz Lyn Bcdnar, Educ. Iran C. Bemis, FA Donald G. Bennerr, AGS Evanglm Bennett, Educ. Frank Paul Henson, Gen. Arthur L. Bernstein, Bus. Ad Edward L. Bitman, Engr. Barbara Bittel, AGS Ralph C. Black, Pharm. Iohn D. Blascn, FA Pat Bloom. AGS Kenneth Bofiin, Bus. Ad. Sue Bohannan, AGS Barbara Bolton, Educ. Alfred I. Bonner, Engr. Betty Iean Bourbonia, Educ. Gilbert Bowlin, Engr. William Bragg, Gen. William Branson, Bus. Ad. Eugene Brasher, E ngr. Norman Bray, Bur. Ad. Patricia Breece, A65 Richard Brett, Efzgr. Patsy Briggs, AGS Ann E. Brooks, Pharm. William D. Brown, Bus. Ad Ernest Bryant, Engr. Fern Buckner, Gen. Moira Burk, AGS Phyllis Burk, A6-'S Mary E. Burke, AGS Patsy Burke, Educ. Ivan C. Burkert, Educ. Susie Burnham, A495 Peter Buther, A693 Iacquelyn Byron, A05 Iane Callaway, A55 IoRene Cameron, Gen. Io Candelaria, Gen. Bernard E. Carbajal, FA Helen Casabonne, Bm. Ad. Bottom Raw: Ioseph I. Chavez, Gen. Iennie Lee Cherry, AGS Richard Chitty, Gen. Helen Cleve, Educ. Icromc Coleman, Engr. Floyd Collier, Gen. Lawrence S. Colwcll, Erzgr. Edward Conboy, Pfmrnz. Vivian Contreras, .fl6LfS Betty Cook, Educ. Sally Cook, FA Robert Cooke, Educ. Robert G. Corcorn n, A615 Thomas Corcoran, AGS Catherine Cornell, Educ. Edward Cottingham, Engr. Iacquclinc Cox, .fIc'ifS Lois Cox, FA Roger Cox, Erlur. Betty Craig, Bur. Ad. LeRoy Cravcns, Bur. Ari. Carl Crawford, Gen. Donald Crcccy, AUS Romajcan Crcccy, Bm. Ari. Mary Elizabeth Croghan, AGS Sara Ianc Cudabnc, Educ. Rita Cummins, Gm. Sorctta Cummins, Gen. Betty Wilma Cunningham, Ezlnr. lack C. Cunningham, Bus. Ad. Olcn D. Danshy, 1V11u'm. Daniel Darrow, Bus. All, Erwin Davis, Bur. Ad. mean that little thing?" Philip Davy, Efzgr. Bonnie Dean, Edur Ronald Dean, ABS fer- g, Robert DeBolt, Efzgr. Reina DeCastro, Bus. Ad. Donald M. DcPriest, A83 George Dickens, Bus. Ad. R. T. Dimond, Engr. Stanley Donaldson, Bus. Ad IoAnn Drake, Bus. Ad. Nadine Drezas, AGS Garrett Drummond, A655 Linda Duckworth, f1f!'a'S Iohn C. Dunn, Gen. Mary Cy Elliott, AGS Floyd W. Emanuel, A65-S Murph Eoger, AGS Edward P. Errante, Ellgf. Bainard Evans, Educ. Donald Evans, Pharm. Lillian Vcrlee Evans, A515 Dean Ewing, Educ. Fred Fallis, AGS William Fellers, Eng. Bennie loc Flores, Pharm. Dorothy Follansbec, FA Kenneth W. Frankel, A85 Iames B. Frost, Educ. Marjorie Funkhauser, FA Pat Galbfeath, ABS Iohn A. Gallant, AGS Betty Garcia, Educ. Nancy Gass, Educ. Bottom Raw: Patrick Gates, Engr. Charles Gay, Engl: Edward Gaylord, Gen. William Gentry, Bm. All. Hal Giblin, Engr. Doris Glaese, Gm. Richard Goheen, AGS Ruben Gomez, AHS Alfred A. Gonzales, A68 Antonio Gonzales, AGS Robert Goodkin, Ac?-IS Louis lack Goodman, Gen Ronald Goodrich, Bus. Arl. Mike Gormley, Gen. Barbara Goss, Adm? lack Graham, Bur. Ad. Pat Graham, Eduf. Iohn Gray, AGS Betty Nell Green, A6fS Roger C. Green, A6-S Barbara Grimtli, Educ. Ioan Grisham, FA Peggy Grove, Bus. Ari. Ioan L. Gruner, Educ. Alfred Hadley, FA Hazel Hall, Gen. William Hamman, Bus. Ad Kenneth Hansen, Engr. Adam L. I-Iarbison, Bur. All Beverly Harbison. Gen. Arthur H. Harris, AGS Paul Harris, Bur. Ari. Alice Hatcher, FA ' P Donald Hawl ms Gen Ody, and then. donkey C ' D Dorothy Hawkins FA d at Fiesta- If.l11ne Haus AUS Pat Heard, Bus. Ad. Bette Heath, Educ. LaVerne Henderson, FA Phyllis Hendrix, Bus. Ad. Iames L. Henry, AGS Betty Hetland, A65 Pat Highleyman, A63 Hugh Hilleary, Engvz Virginia Hoffman, AGS William A. Holnibcrg, Engr. Larry Hooper, Gen. Barbara Hopkins, Gen. Carolyn Howard, FA I.aMoyne Howard, Engr Carmen Hoy, Gen. Wilton Hoy, Gen. Mary Huenfreld, ASS Evelyn Huls, FA Donald Hunter, Bus. Ad. Ann Huss, FA Richard Hyder, Bus. Ad. Robert Hyland, AGS Mack Ingle, Engr. lean Isaacs, Gen. Daniel Isaacson, A615 Ioan Ielinek, FA Ilse G. Ienkins, AGS Harold Iohnson, Ga-11. Nancy Iohnson, Educ. Marshal Iones, Engr. Bottom Row: Martin Iones, Pharm. Mary Cay Iones, Educ. Robert D. Jordan, Bus. Ad. .n 11. M, -za ' X f -nlii l:,.a, 'ir ...caflwyr ' ,J il fs' . f il .x X. 4 Loretta Katz, AGS Iolm F. Keele, FA james Keenan, Educ. Sue Kenworthy, Educ. Marccline Kimbrell, .1105 Willis Kisselburg, Bus. Ad. Virginia Kittcll, Gen. Iosie Klnssen, AGS Margaret Klassen, .f1d'kS Rudy Klcinschmidt, Bur. Ad Becky Klopp, Educ. Donald B. Kloss, Engr. Charles A. Krueger, Engr, Neita Kutnewsky, AGS Donna Kyle, Ac'FrS Charles Lake, Engr. Bryce Lane, AGS Lee Langan, Ir., A65 Addison W. Langill,I1'., Eng: Vana Lanham, Bur. Ad. Iohn VV. Lansing, f16rS Ioseph Lee, Bus. All. Lucille Lee, AGS Fatt Lee, Gm. Mary Lou Leggette, FA Lou Ann Leonard, Educ. Louis Leupold, Bus. Ad. Lee Roy Leppke, Engr. Claude Lewis, AGS Lionel Linder, A65 , loc, 1t,S nice, but what is it?" Mmm I-mn Eduf Loretta Love, Educ. Yvonne Lovelady, A63 Charles E. Lovett, Engr. Greta Lucas, Educ. Shirley Lyons, Gen. Francis S. MacDonald, Elzgr. Frankie MacLauchlan, FA Perry Magill, FA Eva Mann, FA Ieannie Marchand, A-55 Beverly Marsh, FA Barbara Matkins, FA Iamie Belle May, Bm: Ad. Sharon McBride, FA Lily McDonald, ASS Ray E. McKay, Gen. Thomas E. McKeg, Pharm. Charles McKenzie, Engr. Iennifer McKenzie, A65 Frank McMinn, A65 Ioann McNay, Bus. Ad. Marvin McSmith, Educ. George Meacham, A55 Bernard I. Mechcnbier, E ngv Herman Meyer, E ngr. Robert W. Meyer, Engr. Anita Michaels, Educ. Barbara Michaels, Educ. Ioan Milborne, FA DeWayne Miller, Ga-11. Bonom Row: Iohn L. Miller, A695 Mary Margaret Mitchell, Educ Lenita Mobley, E11'11c. N Charles G. Monroe, AGS Rocco A. Montani, AGS Darlene Moore, Bus. Ad. Robert Moore, Bus. Ad. Loyd E. Morris, Engr. Harvey H. Morse, Educ. Iohn R. Nance, Bur. Ad. Richard A. Neff, Bus. Ad. Donald Nendell, Engr. Robert Nilsen, Bus. Ad. Robert Norflcet, AGS Nancy Norris, A-SS Donna Olevviler, FA Carol Olson, ASS Paul B. O'Neill, Engr. M:1rgaretOrella, Gen. Inck O'Shaughncssy, Pharm. Frank Otero, A05 Clinton D. Parker, Erzgr. Henry Parkinson, AGS Iames Parnall, AGS Nora Parrish, Edur. Donald Pattison, Bus. Ad. Faye Patton, Educ. Marion F. Pearce, Ir., Engr. Manuel Perea, Educ. Arthur D. Peterson, Educ. Ioseph Phelan, A6'S Donald K Phillips, Bus. Ad. Iames Pinkerton. ASS cMurray . . . a man and his Tim0tC0PiH0'B"f-Ad ',....4kln1.g.. lh Sally Plant, Edur. Ernest L. Pogue, Engr. Iames C. Pulte, Engr. Ioan Purdy, AGS Georgina Radosevicli, A695 Ralph I. Rainey, Gen. B. Ioyce Rakestraw, Educ. Donald Ratcliff, AGS Donald E. Redfearn, Engr. Richard Reed, AGS Theresa Reilly, Bus. Ad. Russell Rcinecke, FA Barbara Rcisig, FA Charles Reynolds, AGS David L. Reynolds, Engr. Iane Reynolds, Educ. Nancy Rhodes, FA Iohn W. Rich, Bus. Ad. Donald Richncr, Engr. Robert L. Riddle, Educ. Louis Rockett, Engr. lamcs Rodgers, Pharm. Richard H. Rogers, Gen. Bettyc Ross, FA Everitt Ross, Engr. lane Rowan, Gen. Norma Safely, Bus. Ad. Iohn Salas, Engr. Annabelle Sanchez, AGS Viola Sanchez, A83 Doni Saunders, Educ. Mary Mae Scott, Gen. Bottom Row: Ira Sefton, Educ. Herbert L. Seligman, Engr. Fred Seward, Gen. 3 0 ,l Raoul Sierra, Gen. Phillip Simmons, Engr. Louis G. Sleeper, Engr. Frances Snelson, AGS Raymond Snyder, Bur Ad. Ioycc Soderberg, FA Arthur P. Sorensen, Ir., A65 Gretchen Spear, AGS Lionel Specter, AGS Betty Ann Stantlefer, FA Sally Stark, ASS Saranne Stcritz, Educ. Alpha Stidham, Bur. Ad. Helen M. Stockton, ASS Robert Stuart, AGS Mary Louise Stubbs, Educ. Edward I. Sullivan, Gen. Susan Sutton, AGS Alan Styskel, Bur. Ad. Danny Swain, Engr. Richard Swain, Engr. Ann Swoboda, AGS Michael Tanny, AGS Wilma Tapp, FA john Taul, AGS Fred Tharp, Ir., AGS Mary K. Thieraus, Pharm. Putt Thomas, Bur. Ad. Melba Thompson, Educ. Sue Thorwall, FA Frances Trdwell Pharm y Coleman . . . one of the rare Katherine To 3, A55 . . . Y le who can smile while making a Sally Trangmar Educ 1sh recording. lean Troxcl, AGS lamcs R. Tubbs, Engr. Virginia F. Ufert, Bus. Ad. Ida Urbach, A65 Albert Utton, A695 Frank A. Valdez, Plmrm. Ioyce Van Avery, AGS Mac Vernon, Educ. Philip Vickcry, Gen.. Ralph I. Villclla, Pharm. Gerald D. Waddell, Bus. Ad. Marilyn Wagner, AGS Tamara Lynne Wahl, FA William Walk, Engr. Elizabeth Walker, Educ. Raymond L. Warren, Gen. Gerry Washburn, A6'fS Marilynn Watkins, Bm. Arl. Barbara Lee Weaver, FA Richard Weishaupt, Bus. Ad. Richarcl West, AGS Georgia White, Bus. Ad. Thede White, Gen. Charles Win-gel, Gen. Richard Wiescli, Educ. james Wilks, AtfrS Doris Williams, AGS Suzanne Williams, AGS Marilyn Willits, Educ Bernice Wilson, FA HOIIOYII Raw: Donald Wilson, Bus. Ad. Maralyn Wilson, AGS Vernon Wolcott, E ngr. 7,74 Margaret Wolfe, FA Iamcs F. Wood, Pharm. Iamcs Woodard, Bur. Ad. lumes Woodman, A615 Iohn Worlow, Engr. Charlene Wright, Educ. Lois Wright, Edllr. Mary Io Wright, Educ. Iarncs York, AGS Mary Evelyn Yrisarri, .fl6'S The campus in sun and shadow: tall timber in front of the Art building, and the Ad building on a drowsy afternoon. Lester E. Adams, Law Kneeland E. Benham, Law Adolph D. Bitzmny, Law Iamcs L. Brown, Law Clay Buchanan, Law Alan D. Carey, Bur. Ad. Iohn Catron, Law Matt Chacon, Law Richard Civerolo, Law Ioseph P. Click, Law Iohn Coan, Law Iohn R. Connolly, Law Charles L. Cushing, Law Daniel A. Davis, Law Herbert R. DeSelms, Law David E. Douglas, Law Iames L. Dyche, Law Iohn I. Fletcher, Law Douglas E. Florancc, Law Charles N. Ford, Ir., Law Donald R. Fowler, Law William S. Fulton, Law Avelino V. Gutierrez, Law George T. Harris, Ir., Law Silas G. Henry, Law I. Norman Hodges, Law Ben Horton, Lau: George Iaramillo, Law William O. Jordan, Law Derwoocl Knight, Law l ,pi ' ' Bozzom Row: Clem Koogler, Law Albert O Lebeck, Ir., Lau: Emmanuel I. Lobato, Law George Long, Law Ramon Lopes, Law William C. Marchiondo, Law Richard P. McGlamery, Law Robert B. McKechan, Law Irving E. Moore, Law George M. Murphy, Law Richard A. Parsons, Law Inmes C. Ritchie, Law Ruben Rodriguez, Law Haskell Rosebrough, Law Iay Rosenbaum, Law Monte Howden, Law Alexander Sceresse, Lmu Iohn L. Sheldon, Law Paul Shwartz, Law Loring B. Smith, Law Howell R. Spear, Law ' Morris E. Spector, Law Fred C. Tharp, Law Iolm W. Thompson, Law Benjamin Traub, Law Albert Ussery, Law Al Vandegriff, Law Carl Vidal, Law George W. Walker, Law Harry L Walker, Law Gerald M. Washburn, Law Frank O. Westerfield, Ir., Law Timothy Woolston, Law he Kollcge rfflfauf George Zimmerman, Ir., Law Ioseph B. Zucht, Law Iorgc Barriga, Grad. Francis Foss, Grad. Iesse R. Hagy, Grad. Iames H. Irwin, Grad. Iohn F. Kcefe, Grad. Ionathan Phillips, Grad. Ethel Preston, Grad. Sigfred Sandberg, Grad Paul L. Sanford, Grad. Mary Severns, Grad. Playford Thorson, Grad. Shuh-Tuh Tsai, Grad. Daniel B. Voorhees, Grad. U16 Graduate School ..,.,.,,, . 4 Familiar scenes . . . . . . familiar ,ample . . . Top right: Gypsy Lee Lohoff graciously receives a box of candy from Ierry Washburn as her prize for being a sweater girl at the now familiar Candlelight Dances. Center: Lifeguard Nancy Sears, Georgie Clare Ugrinic, daughter of geol- ogy student, George Ugrinic, and Ed Suess enjoy the fabulous sun as Al Bove and Louise Howard frequent the familiar pool. Lower right: "Famil- iar" Granick and Gypsy Io Bennett obligingly pose for a posed photo. Below: The Mirage photographer shooting familiar faces of familiar people. XA ,RJ !,,.fnn-H' . l l A,.. Q Class Officers SENIOR PRESIDENT LeRoy Brown VICE-PRESIDENT Peggy Piper SECRETARY Bert Harrison IUNIOR PRESIDENT Rudy Sullivan VICE-PRESIDENT Sue Williams SECRETARY Iackic Henric SOPHOMORE PRESIDENT loc Passcrctti VICE-PRESIDENT Barry Barnes SECRETARY Cynthia Choyce FRESHMAN PRESIDENT Lois Cox VICE-PRESIDEN'f Ioyce Rakcstraw SECRETARY Ioann Mc Nay li Qi K, Qi Qi, in Mm Q. W . ., .. 4' g5aQ.:,... , ' , MX f QM Mi X, W4 i 4- I . , ,' x' , A' 1, .ff , 2 1 V , . f Gy? f,.AQYfxxf W ffff E551-f ' 5 ' y Q A A fi V5 E ff,.,.,fg'v H Qs + Q, Vg' ff .- . " , NQQ jx ' MQJQ' ., Q2-i A 'fag I, A Q mf Aff, E3'?Y.1k'-fw, f ' . wi x , -W V My ' '9 N by W? ,4 M. vu ,A T52 K ,, ,ii'5?' QQQSQ fs if 2 fx ,-WP he?" 1 4 'Jw if -.Ji i , ,QQ V - f? A, Z J", x r ,J .ff A 4 4- 'X ,.n..- 1 H 1 I ll" 'lv' ll 4g"' 4, l A 4 gfzculry 'Y gif 1--vw 'W' I 'N 'Y A ,-Q, ' Q 4? ,Q ,rj-z 4 gg-1: L15 V'-N '- --A: N 395 ' 921' ' :Q-F34 5 , -.f WY ' J ? .- "Ni '--'S j v 3 x vs, gg. .df-K' v 'Qu 1 24, 1 y. .- '- fi 473 e new nys, . J Y- ffla' . V, iq ,. President and Mrs. Popejoy received 1500 guests before the flower banked fireplace in the SUB ballroom. The receiving line in- cluded: Mr. Roy Hickman, who was presi- dent of the Senior Class of UNM when Mr. Popejoy graduatedg Iudge and Mrs. Sam Bratton, Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Milne, Mr. and Mrs. George Savage, Mr. and Mrs. Tibo Chavez, and Mr. and Mrs. lack Korber. The inaugural speech was given before a crowd which included delegates and alumni of the 1924, 1925 classes, and the representa- tives of 145 colleges. Jlfl. Fresideufl The President . . . Tom L. Popejoy became the ninth president of the Univer- sity of New Mexico on Iune 5, 1949. U. S. Circuit Court Iudge Sam G. Bratton, regents' presi- dent, performed the installation ceremony. lt was the high point of twenty- three years of close association with the University by Mr. Popejoy. Tom Popejoy was born in Raton, N. M., in 1903. He married Bess LaRue Kimball of Springer in 1921. They attended the University to- gether. From 1925 to 1933, Mr. Popejoy was a faculty member at the University where he was instruc- tor in economics, graduate manager of athletics, director of student employment, and alumni secretary. He played golf as a sport and hobby, and on Armistice Day, 1924, he made the winning score in the Arizona-New Mexico football game. ln 1933 he was made associate professor of economics and in 1936 assumed the added duties of executive assistant to the president. From 1938 until his inauguration he served as University comptroller. Mr. Popejoy did graduate work at the University of Illinois in 1925- 26, and received his masters degree from U.N.M. in 1929. 'He also did graduate work at the University of California in 1934-35. In 1932, Mr. Popejoy served as research director of the New Mexico Tax- payer's Association, and in 1935 he was named director of the National Youth Administration for the state. He has served in diverse public olhces, and is a member of various educational honoraries. Mr. Popejoy is also the author of several governmental papers. rzuguraf 2714 , Delegates from many universities were present at the inauguration, among them Iames B. McCormick, president of the University of Arizona, Dr. Robert L. Stearns, president of the University of Colorado, Dr. Iack Work- man, New Mexico School of Mines, Dr. Hugh Milton, New Mexico Military Institute, Dr. Rupert N. Richardson, Hardin-Simmons University, Dr. Edward Eyring and Robert Wilhan, Catholic Teachers College. The educators formed a two block line as they marched to the ceremony. His Speech . . . . a l510,000,000building program is envisioned for the University of New Mexico . . . to fulfill the need for perma- nent buildings to accommodate the vast increase in the number of students . . . ascience build- ing, a large classroom, special laboratories, and facilities for the professional colleges, including law, engineering, and line arts . . . a new gymnasium and addi- tional dormitories." ". . . the policy to select faculty members and encourage their work will stress teaching ability and research interests . . . effectiveness of the faculty depends upon the environment in which the members work . . . fundamental conditions are: freedom of teaching and research, security of tenure, ade- quate salaries, reasonable instruction loads, primary responsibility for formulation of policy relating to the instructional program. "The constitutional right of every American to choose his own philosophy cannot be denied to uni- versity professors as a class. There is, however, no place on a university faculty for a teacher who, under the cloak of academic freedom, works actively to promote a form of government which would destroy the very privileges he enjoys. "The loyal men and women, fin tribute to older faculty membersl often rewarded more by an awareness of the value of their work than by tangible considerations, have nevertheless, invested their lives in this Universityf' Y Y A., . . W ' 1 2' R X A fi I L: .I .55 -4' 6 Q ., '.- uv, .M hc: QWSQSQQ x ,ff -3 NEVXVV X 'Y Y Q x 1 5 SHERMAN C. SMITH Director of Student Affairs FRANCE V. SCHOLES Academic Vice-President HOWARD V. MATHANY Dean of Men LENA C. CLAUVE Dean of WOmC11 KATHERINE SIMONS Administrative Assistant, Graduate School DR. EDWARD F. CASTETTER Dean, Graduate School THOMAS C. DONNELLY Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, General College l College of Arts and Sciences HAROLD O. RIED Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, General College PROFESSOR W. W. HILL Head, Anthropology Department DR. EDWARD F. CASTETTER Head, Biology Department DR. I. L. RIEBSOMER Head, Chemistry Department DR. IULIAN S. DUNCAN Head, Economics Department DR. T. M. PEARCE Head, English Department DR. STUART A. NORTHROP Head, Geology Department DR. HOWARD I. MCMURRAY Chairman, Government Department DR. I. C. RUSSELL Head, History Department DR. MIGUEL IORRIN Director, School of Inter-American Affairs PROFESSOR KEEN RAFFERTY Head, Iournalism Depa rtment PROFESSOR WILIXIA SI-IELTON Library Science DR. LINCOLN LAPAZ Head, Mathematics and Astronomy Department Director, Institute of Meteoritics, DR. F. M. KERCI-IEVILLE Head, Modern Languages Department PROFESSOR HUBERT ALEXANDER Head, Philosophy Department PROFESSOR VICTOR REGENER Head, Physics Department DR. GEORGE PETERSON Head, Psychology Department DR. PAUL WALTER Head, Sociology Department DR. WAYNE EUBANK Head, Speech Department ...I VERNON G. SORRELL Dean, College of Business Administration Q' it Q . WNW - x ' 0 , . ' 5 QW, ' .W S '- ' 41 Ss:-i , 5 'fl ' S N DR. A. L. GAUSEWITZ Dean, College of Law 'x f T' 'Nw fvg ,. A l We Zia I1 i K V e AI' . 0 lik! ku 'i WWW' SIMON P. NANNINGA Dean, College of Education Q48 6 1 In ,wi f Qgn. ., 'ffv ' .J .WR c 115.4 11 ffm ww 2 I' ' I , 1 s , wild w w r ' X f Wei I " '-vw. 'M' . f' 1 1 jsfirff vfnii If fnqi':E72:Lz. I iff, gmc, f College of Ed t' DR. YV. DIEFENDORF PROFESSOR M. GUGISBERG Secondary Education Womczfs Physical Education PROFESSOR ROY IOHNSON PROFESSOR ALEXANDER MASLEY Mcn's Physical Education Art Education PROFESSOR ELIZABETH SIMPSON DR. L. S. TIREMAN Home Economics Secondary Education PROFESSOR GEORGE WHITE I-Icad, Physical Education I .' fffflfi i'l'fi3'?,'i"' MARSHALL E. FARRIS Dean, College of Engineering lcvbblc 0 I o alflfljla f I we Hi fs , 'fi' ' lfil Q df xg ro .. E K 441 l g fm n , i I0 g, io , l 9 tb Q ' l fe 49 College of Engineering PROFESSOR ARTHUR BAILEY PROFESSOR IOI-IN HEIMERICI-I Industrial Arts Architectural Engineering DR. THOMAS T. CASTONGUAY DR. RALPH TAPY Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering DR. A. D. FORD DR. WILLIAM VVAGNER Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering College of Fine Arts IOI-IN D. ROBB Dean, College of Fine Arts .-win V IUA, . "'-':. 0 C iii V, ,z-A f l K f l ll'l ' .LII ' ' Y ll 'f . ., M ., 'P PROFESSOR B. BUNTING Art Department DR. HUGH M. MILLER Head, Music Department DR. EDVVIN SNAPP Head, Drama Department ROY A. BOWERS Dean, College of Pharmacy Q 1.5 WUYW1 , x gf sw "I ALF RED M.. GRANUM Captain, U. S. Navy, NROTC ' ,ff A U5 wdslifivbf o U. . Publications Editor, The N ew IWc'xz'c0 Quarterly Review The N.M.Q.R. has undergone a complete transformation under the direction of Dr. Ortega. The intermingling of regional and national material, plus a new format, and the introduction of many unusual features have given the publication new prestige in the field of literary quarterlies. . CO o..,vE ,,.'l:.. - .1 ""'-:Z 'T' un .1 ,C .ih- .. ...Q -,... -- 4- .......,.w- --- ' I an , MUG DR. JOAQUIN ORTEGA N'3ffP,v,1eiff tat, I IACK. E. HOLMES Director, Division of Government Research The Government Department's Division of Research was created by the University in Iuly, 1945. Its purpose is the study of Federal, state, and local problems of government in New Mexico. The Division selects for study contemporary subjects of importance to the people of the State, publishes the completed studies, and makes them available to New Mexico citizens and oliicials. RALPH L. EDGEL Editor, N ew MEXIDCO Business Director, Bureau of Business Research The Bureau of Business Research was established in Iuly, 1945. Its purpose is to promote the economic welfare of the state through investigation and study of economic and business problems and the dissemination of information. The Bureau collects, analyzes, and interprets economic data of New Mexico. This information is released through Bureau publications, the press, and radio. DR. LINCOLN LAPAZ Director, Institute of Meteoritics The Institute of Metcoritics is apparently the first institute in the world devoted primarily to meteoritical research. The In- stitute conducts research in meteoritics, cooperates with various military organizations, scientific agencies. The Institute pub- lishes a series of monographs, the Unizfer.r1'ty of New Mexico Publicnl1'011.v in jl'1C'f6'0I'l.IliC.Y and a mimeographed circular of current meteoritical interest. Suvlfl uunslhi lla rw' W' siaiis New "H'Cffii.:"' .fe-:,5..Z5g' D l 'I' 1 -' .ca-1' I ,,,.M--"' B, 41,11 ' I "I ,, .,.- :FL-'T' I " -"L , X A' -gag-. i i ...1j.,--' . ...J '-35' . X , lf", ...,,-I , --KV. , .. ,,, ,,.. ,I of ,L .J A 6,4 X I I ix -jf-',, 1 ? ' ,,,-,,- i N ..-:,- . . fy Q,.-' 'J--'le , ,, 2 f ww... N ,.,..,. .i cw if si P1-"""" 1.-.01--rf A D':'l"s-n w1"'K',, t-A r-I"',,u. 4-1 .nf N ' 9 i' 3 1 Y ' 'Lia Vi ff' 'inf' 'fs- ' .vv -1 ig? 'i-147 - ' ff Y'- -lv v-.Y Q A , -luiip-5 i, f " -5 Orgalfzzkafiozfzs Ifirrl row: D. Sasser, B. Blanc, R. Tischauser, R. Langford, I. Rosenbaum, D. Wolking. D. Kimball. Slllildillgf R. Cox, R. Grnnick, W. Fields, L. Brown, D. Lawrence, E. Glaser, Dr. Fleck, P. Cgisabonne. Khatali is a men's honorary with the purpose of furthering the traditions and customs of the university. Membership is extended to those junior and senior men who have distin- guished themselves in some phase of campus activity while maintaining a high scholastic average. Khatali ushered at football games, the Homecoming Queen's presentation, aids in orientation of freshmen, and offers a 15300 scholarship based on need, scholastic standing and per- sonality to a sophomore, junior, or senior man. OFFICERS Piiusiimivr Paul Casabonne Vrcia-Pruasiniam' Sherb Anderson Sisciuirmiv Dick Tischhauser Khatali 97 f Y" . 2 LJQ ll is 1533 it fi f mg 5 il .5 it C 3 A 5 . W fl - li Q, 9 I' 4 r I F l 1? K Firsz row: I. Oppenheimer, R. Calkins, M. Agcoili. Az the piano: E. Large, B. Wykes. SCCOTHI' row: C. I-Iill, D. Anderson, I. Reese, P. Emmel, M. Knorr. OFFICERS PRESIDRN1' Emily Large Vicia-Piuisiiinm' Bibby Wykes Snciamvuu' lane Reese 'fnnixstiizuit Rosellcn Calkins Mortar Boa rd Mortar Board, national senior Womeifs honorary society, is composed of members chosen on a basis of scholarship and participation in campus activities. During the past year, Mortar Board had charge of the election of the Homecoming Queen, sponsored the mum sales at the Homecoming game, renewed the marriage course, promoted Stunt Night, gave a tea for junior women, and performed the "Hanging of the Greensl' at Christmas. Jw i Spurs Spurs, the national honorary society for sophomore Women, OFFICERS has been one of the busiest groups on campus. They have ushered at football games and social functions, helped regis- PRESIDENT Elaine Linthicum ter and guide students at the beginning of semesters, and x7ICE-PRESIDENT Sonia Isaacson ushered at the Homecoming Queen's presentation. They SECRETARY DO1lyMi1ler also attended the U.S.C.F. dinner. U , TREASUREIL Iulxa Smith Delores Miller represented Spurs at their National Con- vention. Firrl raw: H. Wnnnly. R. Schnnlcrnfl, IJ. Miller, S. Stevens, F. Craig, S.'Isz1acson, K. Brown. Second raw: B. Kuykendall, I. Kern, I. Dinsmoor, N. Farrell. S. Shafler. M. Means, P. Briggs, S. Gruschus, C. Ketchum. Third row: I. Cheetham, M. Miller, F. Baldwin, I. Smith, C. Hall, I.. Rtll3CI!'lS, N. Wnmlworlh, IZ. Downie, C. Dcighton. Vigilantes OFFICERS P1cEs1DIsN'r Bruce Pieters VICE-PRESIDENT Pete Kunkel SECRETARY Al Eisenberg TREASURER Edward Driscoll Vigilante members are selected from the freshman class by Khatali, senior men's honorary. They are chosen on the basis of scholarship and extra-curricular activities, and form the sophomore honorary society for men. It is the duty of Vigilante members to work with Khatali, aid incoming freshmen men to become acquainted with the traditions, rules and customs of the University, and to encourage extra- curricular participation. This year, Vigilante also ushered at football games and the University Program Series. First row: C. Bowen, B. Currie, D. Rudy, I. Gafforrl, 'G. Campbell, B. Pieters, A. Eisenberg, E. Driscoll, D. Ziedman, T. Ball. Second raw: A. Tyson, R. Davee, C. Brown, R. Greenleaf, A. Weiner, I. Peterson, R. Sanderson, I. Des Georges, P. Kunl-'l. Third row: I. Errante, E. Gutierrez, N. Enos, R. Sturtevant, R. Christy, I. Keller, T. Williams, H. Hughes, R. Zemke, B. Barnes, A. Warren. OO First row: P. Canfield, I. Goldstein, P. Allcn, D. Ramsey. Second row: G. Langseth, F. Fallis, I. Wood, H. Seligman, NV. Glover, R. Fort, A. Gonzales, O. Nichols, I. Ramirez, T. McKeg, T. Ashlock, VV. Atkins, S. Atkins. Third rom: Mr. Olson, Mr. Harmeyer, D. Logan, D. Romero, G. Udell, I. Ullman, G. Castiglia, NV. Hoffman, B, Sturtevant, I. Thompson, D. Hutchinson, C. Candelaria, R. Sylvanus, D. Terry. Fonrfh row: L. Pcarsall, I. Zutavern, E. Gignac. The Delta Tau chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was organized UFFICERS on the UNM campus in 1947, as a service organization. A few I of Alpha Phi Omega services to the university community IRESIDENT Gene Langsfth are: starting a record library, obtaining the U.S.S. New Sigcxznrmw Robert A. Sturtevam Mexico bell, restoring the cabin at Paako State Monument, TREASURER Duane Logen aiding at registration, obtaining the Christmas trees for the librar and the Student Union Buildin , romotin the Cam- V . . . . 3 P . . g . us Chest drive uttin u luminarios and assistm with the P :P g P a g card stunts at football games. Alpha Phi Omega 02 First row: K. Pharr, D. Becker, I. Hutchins, B. Lalickcr, K. Hart, W. Knapp, I. Lookingbill, D. Ong, G. Polk, F. Reynolds. Second row: P. Daly, B. Speer, C. Watson, A. Wright, B. High, B. Blizek, I. Frost, I. Leonard, G. Capoun. Third row: R. Thompson, M. Korte, D. Cooper, E. Zylstra, T. Springer, H. Walker, R. Downie, D. McKee, N. McNew. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Wilson Knapp Vrcli-PILILSIDENT Kenny Hart S1acru5TArw-TREASUneu Iohn Lookingbill Lettermen's Club The Lettermenis Club is an organization of all men students who have been outstanding while representing the university on the athletic Held, and works in accordance with rules laid down by the Athletic Council. The yearis activities included: the annual Lettermen's Dance, Lettermen's Day, with awards and initiation of new merri- bersg participation in Honor Day with tapping of new rnern- bers, and the traditional Lettermen's Picnic in the spring. Alpha Kappa Delta, national honorary Sociology society, was organized on the UNM campus in 1940 with eight char- ter members. Meetings are held once a month, and are usually open to the student body when special guest speakers are on the program. The society sponsors the Social Forum Group, which meets twice monthly to discuss current social problems. An initiation banquet was held last November, and fourteen new members were admitted. Alpha Kappa Delta OFFICERS Piuasrnrmr Iohn Woocl VICli-PIQESIDIZNT' Mary Silverman Siickliram' Iane Cotter 'l'iu5Asu1tun Ieanne Bornstein Firrz row: H. Blzitter. Inrnmillo. Mrs. H. Ellis, M. Silverman, I. Hornstein, Mrs. M. Finley, I. Cohen. Second row: B. Reynolds, Mrs. M. Brown, Dr. P. Walter, Ir., F. Angel, S. Finley, Mr. l.. Saunders. Third row: I. Curtis, L. Wallerstcin, W. Brunct. ' - .' ...4. ii ,gala 14 . .... 1 0 Kappa Mu Epsilon OFFICERS Piussiniam' Allen Fuhs VICE-PIRESIDENT' Thomas Wootton Snciuamuy George Vincent TREASIJRER Mr. Harold Rogers Kappa Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics frater- nity, was founded in 1931. Its aim is to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics and to further the interest of mathematics for undergraduate students. During the year, Kappa Mu Epsilon initiated ten new mem- bers, and Dean Bowers spoke at the banquet. A second ban- quet and initiation is planned sometime in late spring. Fac- ulty members and visiting speakers appear for lectures and discussions at monthly meetings. First row: B. Barnhnrt, A. Troum, T. VVootton, W. Hoffman, I. Sprengeler. H. YV, Lee. Second row: G. Vincent, R. Stielf, Dr. Hendrick- son, K. Sorbve. G. Krause, D. NVolkinn!. F. Snhin. O4 Y, X fi , W . , i ,A , I M, ' - f i , M 'rn . v M ,. 4 4' A . , fi, ,' 5 .s,f-.ywq-5, , , Q , , . I-'mul rom, left ru riglzr: I. Mant, L. Sanchez, P. Samford, G. Benjamin, F. Snyder. Scrum! row: R. Kenyon, R. Iisparza, A. Clark, K. Nutt, M, Knorr, V. Waltz, A. Loveridge. Third row: Dr. Russell, Dr. Woodward, Dr. Dargan, Dr. Reeve. Sigma chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honorary history fraternity, was installed at UNM in 1936. The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to promote tl1e highest standards of scholarship among students of history, to foster a permanent interest in history, to foster a spirit of fellowship among its members, and to provide a medium for the presentation and publication of historical research. Activities for the past year include: round-table discussions, reading of research papers at meetings, and the annual banquet and initiation proceed- ings. OFFICERS Pmzsm1zNT Floyd W. Snyder SECIQETAM'-TREASLJRLR Gene L. Benjamin Anvison Dr. Iosiah C. Russell Phi Ipha Theta O ff'-nl IOG .la Ifronl row, left to right: M. Trujillo, M. Andrade, H. Dobkins, H. Sheevers, A. Schneider, M. Tate. Second row: T. Wiley, W. Smart, I. Miller, E. Miller, Dr. Wellck, Dean Nanninga, K. Hafen. Third row: Mr. Runge, T. Ballinger, W. Hcmsing, Dr. Crawford, I. Miley, Dr. Kcston, S. Gaeto, R. Shore, M. McMichael. Fourth row, .t.'a11ding: S. Levine, L. DeLayo, I. Vernon, Dr. Ivins, D. Rippey, D. Voorhees, E. Zylstra, M. Farris, S. Dcvitt, R. Groman, R. Esparza, R. Ieffries, I. McKinley, G. Miranda, O. Hurst. Fiflh row: F. Walker, R. Harrison, I. Trowbridge, D. Stout, C. Ross, W. Morris, D. Walker, A. Romero. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Owen R. Hurst VICE-PRESIDENT Leonard De Layo SECRETARY Everett Miller Tluaasuiuart Kay Hafen HISTORIAN Bill Victor Anvrson Dr. B. M. Crawford Phi Delta Kappa Beta Rho Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa was installed at UNM in 1949. Fifty-nine charter members were initiated and twelve members transferred from other chapters. Monthly meetings have been held since installation. Twenty- six new members were added at the March initiations. Out- standing speakers have addressed the group at the monthly meetings. Future plans include a banquet for all Phi Delts in the state, which will be held in Albuquerque. Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi, national honorary scholastic fraternity, was OFFICERS established at UNM in 1916. It is similar to Phi Beta Kappa, but dillers in that it awards membership to seniors, graduates PREHDENT Miss Wilma Shelton V and faculty members in all colleges of the universities. VICE-PRESIDENT Dean Clauve Phi Kappa Phi has sponsored a series of lecturers speaking on TREASURER Dr. Dimmer scientific, literary, and artistic subjects. First row: Miss Mitchell, Mrs. Reva, Dean Clauve, Dr. Mitchell, Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Ellis. Second raw: Dr. Bowers, Dr, S. Smith, Dr. Albrecht, Dr. G. Smith, Mr, Poldevaarr, Miss Carrnignani, Dr. D. Smith, Dr. Wicker, Dr. Wollman, Mr. McRae, Dr. Lopes, Dr. Fleck. 5 x. 3 N:-.' ' ' f X M i X I .. ilzgwlpikfl - '. . I '- , ' 4' ' 71 K M ., W X Vi , - IO7 fi E E i Phi Sigma OFFICERS PRESIDENT H. C. Cox Vice-Piuzsinnwr Robert VVheat SECRETARY Margaret Emmel 'TREASURER Frank Visquesney Anvison Dr. E. F. Castetter Alpha Nu chapter of the national honorary biological society, Phi Sigma, was installed April 21, 1935. The fraternity is open to persons interested in biological research, both students and faculty. Besides being an honorary society, it is a working guild of scientists, and gives an opportunity for better Work in biology. In addition to regularly scheduled meetings the society invites a series of lecturers, and has several social events including banquets in Ianuary and May. First rom: Dr. Fleck, Dr. Castetter, W. H. Iones-Burdick, Dr. Koster, H. C. Cox, Dr. Hoff, P. White, NV. White. Sa-0111! row: R. Wheat, H. Lewis, S. Adler, M. Icove, P. Emmel, F. Viquesney, R. Throckmorton, R. Stubbs, C. Kirkslager. 08 lfilxfl rom: F. Kleinman, D. Sundt, G. Boyd, I. Calvin. Srronrl' row: Mr. Nason, M. Nelson, I. Iiushner, Y. Fay, P. Grannis, Dr. Dejongh. Tliiwl row: R. Kenyon, Miss Adams, Mrs. Nason, P. Lunardini, Miss Stout, B. McKinley, I. Bramlage, I-. I-Iarper, G. Henning, B. Moskey, Mr. Cobos, Mr. Biondi. l'.0Ill'Ih row: Father Mazza, R. I-Iuerta, I. Tomlins, L. Prehn, A. Sugerman, R. Blount. Fiflh row: F. Foss, li. Fernandez, R. Esparza, F. Baker, Mr. Ulibarri, B. Zeve, G. Caselln. Phi Mu Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota was installed in April, 1948, at UNM. The society encourages high scholarship, individual research, and the furthering of friendship and understanding between this country and those speaking Romance languages. Faculty members, graduate students, and honorary members are eligible to belong to the group. A series of Spanish films shown at Rodey, the reading of scholarly papers and discussion at monthly meetings, and a "taco and tamalel' stand in the IAA patio at Fiesta Were included in the 1950 activities. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Raymond Biondi VICE-IJIKESIDENT Thelma Campbell Nason SECRETARY Gene Boyd TREASURER Robert Blount Phi Sigma Iota O9 ,fy W . ? - ',5e.y., it ie: . VK, in A c 4 r 1"i1':1 row: L. Carpenter, I. Barrick, A. Hodges, M. Ruggles, B. Cox. Scrond row: M. Conger, T. Cooper, A. Creecy, L. Wright, I. Iessup, D. Tracy, E. Woodford, M. McGuire, E. Sell, R. Roberts, Dr. Cook, D. Madtlison, E. Beck, E. Israel. Third row: A. Tapy, I. S. Partah, P. Miller, G. Elser, B. Trotter, M. Angell, M. Davis, A. Breech, I. Bobo, I. Jacobi, G. Hyde. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Eleanor Beck VICE-PRESIDIENT Ruthie Roberts SECRETARY Dr. Sarah L. Cook TIREASURIER Ester Sell Pi Lambda Theta Alpha Mu chapter of Pi Lambda Theta, honorary organiza- tion for women in education, received its charter in 1939. The purposes of the organization are to develop fellowship among women in education and to stimulate scholarship. Activities for the year included a breakfast during the State Teachers meeting, a banquet celebrating Founder's Day, sending candy to English school children, and establishing a fund for Bernalillo County's mountain schools. .Q s rr' U -,s var' K .. J' Fl ry. - - 1 S Firrl rom: Mr. Crumb, N. Simon, R. Albright, R. Simmons, M. Simon, B. Blanc. Second raw: Dr. Irion, R. Ramsey, I. Hagy, Mr. M. Rcxrond, I-I. Blotter, D. Fowler, I. Buslincr, O. Payne, I-I. W'alker, C. Hill, Dr, Iorrin, Dean Donnelly, Dr. Judah. Chi Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha was established at UNM in 1934. Pi Sigma Alpha has had an interesting year with a combina- tion of social and educational activities. Dr. McMurray, head of the Government Department, and ex-governors Dillon, Hannett, and Dempsey spoke at the Hrst two dinner-lectures. Two more dinners are scheduled for late spring. The group also entertained William Shirer news-commentator after 9 3 his appearance on the University Program Series. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Inez Bushner Vreiz-PRESIDEN1' Lyle Hansen SECRETARY-TREASURER Oliver Payne Pi Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Iota OFFICERS Pa-Yat-Ya-Mo chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota was established at UNM in 1935. Membership is limited to those who have PRESIDENT Floy Anderson a ,major or minor in music. VICIE-PIlliSIDENT Macbeth Ridings SECRETARY Evadeau Civerolo Their season incIuded: a recital of contemporary composers, t 1 a "Gay Nineties' ice cream social, a project to collect and TRIIASURER Ingnd Oppsnhslmsf give musical instruments to the Veterans Hospital, and the sending of music and instruments to occupied countries. Margaret Spaberg represented the chapter at, the national convention. Firsl row: B. Reynolds, I. Baldwin, L. Rodrick, M. Means, B. Maple, M. Agcoili, M. Newman. Second row: F. Craig, K. Wilson, A. Wood, Dean Clauvc, F. Anderson, Mrs. Tapy, L. Roberts, P. Dickson, I. Oppenheimer, A. Sandoval, A. Davenport, G. Smith. Third row: ll. Watkins, M. Spaberg, E. NVinn, Losack, I. Iohnson, C. Darden, I. Nordeen, M. Ridings, B. Burke, Watson, B. Parks, S. Hernandez, I. Rosenbaum, E. Civeroln, M. Recd, R. Stockton. yrsfgwf-eva-1-sal-vis .ft - i-- ,X .. -. .....,. Firxt row: D. McKee, L. Olson, G. Ross, E. Glaser, N. Addington, B. Richardson. Second raw: T. Kemper, I. Malm, Mr. Conger, Mr. Rafferty, Mr. Gillespie, D. Terry, A. Buchanan. The University of New Mexico Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, OFFICERS professional journalism fraternity, was installed in February, 1950, by Palmer Hoyt, editor and publisher of the Denver Post. The purpose of the fraternity is the advancement of journalistic standards throughout its territory. Social activities consist of co-sponsoring of the Newsprint Ball with the parent organization, the UNM Press Club. Weekly meetings, with speakers prominent in the newspaper and writing fields, followed by discussion and coffee, are a permanent feature of the fraternity. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Sigma Bill Richardson Don McKee lack Malm Dan Terry Delta Chi 4 Members: G. Williams, E. White, G. Vincent, A. Troum, I. Snelling, I. Scanlin, F. Sabin, D. Romero, I. Prcvost, D. Pitman, I. O'NeaI, C. Okon, G. Montgomery, P. McCracken, R. LaBarge, W. King, D. Kimball, P. Iessen, C. Iensen, I. Hollinrakc, I. Hladio, L. Halsey, P. Franko, W. Fields, B. Farris, W. Donnelly, C. Brown, D. Ballard, D. Wolking, G. Wladika, D. Villers, W. Stefanck, F. Sinnott, ll. Schmidt, H. Sargeant, M. Roskcy, C. Pharis, I. Nakayama, G. Lagomarini, O Koski, W. I-loffman, T. Hoban, R. Hays, N. Hanson, A. Fuhs, O. Fligncr, S. Feldhan, A. Durand, P. Casabonne, H. Campbell, G. Brainerd, A. Boeglin, P. Syroifl, R, Stief, I. Spronsc, K. Sorbyc, C. Ludlow, G. Lawrence, N. Kernotlle, Hodges, Harrison, N. Engst. OFFICERS Chi chapter of Sigma Tau was afliliated with the national engineering honorary, Sigma Tau, in 1928. Its purpose is to J 4. - , . . . . IRWDMT Paul Cnsnbome recognize scholarship and professional attainment. Viola-P1t12stD1aN1' Carl Ludlow SECIMMY Tom Wootton Membership is selected from .those men who rank 111 scholar- ' ship among the upper one-third of the Iuniors and Seniors in 'TILILASUILILR Al Boeglin the College of Engineering. Membership is also granted to members of the faculty and to prominent practicing engineers. Sigma Tau Tau Kappa Alpha, national forensic fraternity, was estab- lished at UNM in 1940 to encourage the University Debate team, to provide speech activity for interested students, and to take part in programs sponsored by the national organiza- tion. Activities of the group usually include sponsorship of high school debate tournaments, intramural debate tournaments, encouragement of the model legislature, and participation in inter-collegiate debate activities as representatives of the University of New Mexico. Tau Kappa Alpha OFFICERS PRESIDENT Walter Brunet VICE-PRESIDENT Bob Granick First row: B. Granick, B. Lyons, W. Bruner, Dr. Chriest, M, Elkins, P. Hutchinson, D. Tracy, I. Rosenbaum, I. Trowbridge. Second row: Dr. Allen, Miss Hoffman, Prof. Douglass, Dean Donnelly, Dr. Eubank, Dr. Reid. sg V was 5 sn . ,, ,fs The editors get together for an animated conference over the Mirage ndummyf' Kilt' Mira 5 FRAN IONES BOB COX IAY ROSENBAUM Editor Acting Editor Business Manager Associate Editor Bob Colgan, Cartoonist Fred Wong, and Teddy Theodore read copy on Mirage cartoons. THE UNM Mirage is the yearbook of, by, and for the student body. The 1950 Mirage has attempted to portray students and faculty at work and play. Emphasis has been placed on the cultural aspects of University life, such as Rodey Theater, the Ionson Gallery, the University Program Series, and minor cultural activities. Every eilort has been made to make the 1950 Mirage truly representative of the university, from the inaugurations of Bill Fields and Mr. Popejoy to the Warm weather study habits of students. This is your book, and we, the staff, have tried to make it a book in which you will be proud to have had a part. Photographer Bob Harper points out a fine bit of photog- raphy to Nancy Gass. ED GLASER HANK IACOBS Editor Business Manager U16 A7060 -vim Society Editor Elaine Iackson relates a hilarious newsstory to Hank Iacobs. Nothing, how- ever, could cheer up L. B. Wal- lerstein, the poor man's Gabriel Heatter. Managing Editors Betty Bentley and Bill Richardson agree with Editor Glaser that "iris a darn good engraving!" The University of New Mexico Lobo is the college paper for the campus community. It is first of all a college newspaper, and secondly, a training ground for journalism students, and students interested in practical journalism. The Lobo has three Firsts to its credit in 1950: it is the first college paper in New Mexico, Arizona, or west Texas to go daily fits first issue came off the presses February 85, it printed 12 pages at Homecom- ing, filled with campus news and features, the largest issue in the history of the paper, and it published the Hrst extra, an issue concerned with the revision of the UNM Athletic Department. 'WH sw ,ml ga Sports Editors Don McKee and c W tk Brooks Currey making like as sports writers as they turn out "Daily Lobo Sports." Zflb' Uzulfzdarb M TOM SLEETH BOB GRANICK Editor Business Manager Editor Tom Sleeth debates Whether to use this cut or that cut, with editorial assistant Fran Iones. Business Manager Bob Granick talks over the T-Bird finances with his assistant, Bob Lyon. October 28, 1950, marked the T Bud 5 fifth year of publication Although the younvest of the three UNM publications, The Thunder bud has during its brief existence gained a high place among national campus literary magazines. It was honored by being featured in a Mademozsellc article on campus magazines in the fall of 1949. The T-Bird has continued to expand and to work for the betterment of creative writing among UNM students. 1950 issues have promulgated a program for encouraging outstanding freshmen writers The March issue marked a real stride forward when the magazine increased from 34 to 50 pages Spring plans for the final issue include the second annual Fiesta Thmzdcrbzrd This is a historical moment! Everyone Working CPD hard on that big 48-page edition. Sally Trangmar cutting paper, Mar- tha Weeks typing, Tom giving orders, Bob and Fran talking money, and Bob Lyon looking doubtful about the whole thing. 2 Left fo righl: B. Fields, W. Sullivan, N. Simons, I: Surkis, V. Lubinctsky, T. Montgomery, L. Wallerstein. OFFICERS The Young Democrats were organized on campus in P V S k, 1949. Purely a local organization, the Young Demo- RMDIEM -IOC ur is crats furnish participants for the KOB round table SECRETARY-TREASURER Alma MCCOY discussions on topics of local interest. They also take ROUND TABLE CIHAIRINIAN Tom Montgomery part in the UNM Model Legislature. Young Democrats The Gamma Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was installed in May, 1949. The chapter has thirty active members and fourteen pledges, and at last report was in fourteenth place in the Chapter Efficiency Contest. The chapter takes part in many activities: conducts a pro- gram of speakers from various business fields and takes tours through local plants and factoriesg participates in cam- pus politics 5 and plans a full social program for members. Social activities include a barn dance, several banquets, and a formal dance in April when the Rose of Delta Sig will be chosen. Delta Sigma Pi OFFICERS HEAD MASTER Iohn Kinzer SECRETARY lim Chandler TREASURER Eric Baca First row: E. Baca, I. Hanosh, E. Frye, I. Kinzer, D. Gustafson, H. Matthews, C. Tucker. Second row: B. Barns, E. Domme, E. Gorey, N. Enos, W. Storey. Third row: I. Pace, E. Driscoll, W. Gulowsen, R. Valdez, I. Chandler. Hillel OFFICERS Hillel Counselorship, one of the chapters of the National B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations, was organized at UNM in PRESIDENT Sam Schwartz 1941. It has since grown into the chief organization fostering VIC13-Piu2s1DENT Julian Golden the religious, social, and cultural outlet for Iewish students SECRETARY Ida Urbach on Campus' Truafxsuiuan Ben Imershien Rabbi David Shor, counselor, has guided Hillel through varied activities: religious discussions, services, and meetings. Parties, picnics, and dances were also held during the year. Front row: G. Steinberg, R. Hollander, A. Traum, A. Hammer. S!'t'071flI'0lUI A. Singer, E. Rosenbaum, I. Golden, S. Schwartz, I. Urbach, S. Berg, C. Pave. Third row: Dr. O'Mearc, A. Hollander, M. Miller, D. Davis, L. Katz, A. 'vVeisburger, B. Caine, I. Willis, A. Michaels, Mrs. Holzweig, D. Ziedman, Rabbi Shor. Fourth row: I. Goldstein, A. Mailman, I. Wechsler, H. Springer, F. Forman, P. Axelrod, A. Kaplan, B. Michaels, R. Carmel. 24 First row: C. Meyers, W. Nelson, T. Panicello, I. Iohnson, E. Montoya, R. Chavez, Y. Fay, L. DiLisio. Seeond row: R. Dillello, I. Ferro, C. Altunzi, F. Rmlrigucz, M. Carmignani, Father Malloy, F. Valdez, T. Roybal. The Newman Club of the University of New Mexico, one of many chapters of the National Federation of Newman Clubs, was organized in 1939. Since then it has grown into the chief organization fostering the religious, social, and educational aspects of Catholic life on the campus. OFFICERS PRESIDENT F. Roclriquez VICE-PRESIDENT Colleen Chisholm SECRETARY Thresa Vigil T1u5AsURErt Cecilia Altuna Newman Club 1 i -7?-A , si . 7 ,Ll is F ,I X , , 1- .E 5 lt lm l 26 K First row: M. Sommerville, S. Chun, H. Onyamelukwe. Serond raw: R. Riviera, E. Deutsch, E. Solari, Z. de Czerna, S. Tsai. Above: The U.S.C.F. was sponsor of a foreign student Homecoming Dinner at Reverend Henry Hayden's home. Students from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America gathered around buffet tables to discuss their reaction to UNM campus life. Twenty-eight attended last fall. The United Student Christian Fellowship is a Protestant Co-operative student organization organized three years ago to further and strengthen religious life of Protestant students on the campus. Originally endorsed and supported by nine churches, the number has grown to sixteen, with four National Stu- dent Foundations interested in the support. The Reverend Henry H. Hayden was called in Ianuary, 1947, as the first full time minister and director of the program. . S. C. F. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is a religious, social, and service OFFICERS organization of Episcopal students on campus. SENIOR WARDEN Edward Merrilees It co-operates closely with area churches, and participates in JUNIOR WARDEN Hugh Hilleary the national Canterbury organization. Sunday evening sup- per meetings, with faculty or clerical guests attending, are a weekly affair. A Christmas party for the San Iuan Indians at Farmington, N. M., was one of the local service projects. Impromptu parties and dances complete the group's social activities. SECRETARY-TREASURER Kathy French Front row: E. Ulmer, H. Hillary, D. Blake, P. Robarts, T. Phillips, A. Stidham. Second raw: A. Lopez, A. Ussery, C. Lewis, C. Cornell, A. Lindhart, S. Bohannon, N. Hagan. Third row: Reverend LaBarre, I. Anderson, K. Meyer, K. French, W. Wade, N. Gass, E.. Merrilecs, I. Smith, E. Ross, D. Olewilcr. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has as its purpose the fostering of better relations between people of all creeds and racial backgrounds. The 1950 school year has seen the group active in: a program of down- town business and professional student speakers at meetingsg an investi- gation of the barring of Negro football players from playing in the Border Conferenceg participation in the boycotting of a nation-wide drugstore chain on the charge of discriminationg urging the passing of an anti-discrimination ordinance in the city of Albuquerqueg and the organizing of groups to study integration of all creeds and races in hospitals, and the writing of letters, and personal visits paid to patients in hospitals. The group's social activities included picnics and informal dances. N. A. A. C. P. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Herb Wright VICE-PRIESIDENT Ralph Stevenson Suciuamav Sue Williams Firxr row: B. Cox, H. Wright, B. Declmon, H. Hayden, G. Diggs, D. Varclo. Second row: D. Hermin, A. Rawlins, R. Stephenson, S. Levitt, K. Kepner, P. Sanzcnbach, Tapin, Conner, M. Sloane. Third row: W. Marcek, I. Keller, I. Coleman, R. W. Cantor, S. Williams, M. Napoleon, A. Wcggcl. .- 5.- 4 ,.."'---pw-r-f 7a,Y.f-'A 5 6 ,cn -1- -Q 11-, -we --V,,,., -'w,'..,-B ..-- V,-f ..-,Q , . .. . :fm fr-."'-pw .'i"Z:.i. . ., . f A . ...fs F. .W .-,-'M-:eff . I28 . l . ' 5 -,,- . -1:-r ' 4 " 1-f-.-u .. - 'rw 1 ,gr fx A 5 we K Ks JN Memlzerr: A. Bocglin, R. Buergin, P. Casabonne, W. Drumhiller, C. Ellis, N. Engst, R. Fort, I. Hailer, L. Halsey, I. I-Icmsing, A. Hibbs, R. Hinterleitncr, H. Honig, I. Iohn, L. Kimball, B. Kuykendall, I. McClelland, I. McKeown, D. Nolting, D. Ong, I. Patterson, I. Patton, R. Sanfter, A. Singer, G. Stewart, R. Stief, I. Tinoco, A. Toncre, A. Troum, G. Vincent, C. Miller. The American Chemical Society is a student affiliate OFFICERS of the national organization and was established at h UNM in 1949. PRESIDENT George Vincent VICE-PRESIDENT Richard Hinterleitner Its purpose is to further the interest of students in the field of chemical engineering, and in future professional association. SECRETARY-TREASURER Richard Fort Monthly meetings are held at which faculty speakers lecture on pertinent subjects of interest to members. A group picnic will be held in the spring. American Chemical Society I29 gy. 3 W' . KX ,gi af' .,x,.f --gk N -4 ,AE X b sfffm- .1 1...:9.h L i 'Q , ax V .. O Firrt row: R. Buergin, D. Ong, A. Troum, R. Steif, A. Boeglin, C. Ellis, L. Halsey, D. Klein, R. Arthy, G. Stewart. Seronzl row: Dr. Castonguay, H. Honig, H. Hoover, Dr. Ferm, I. Patterson, W. Perkowski, D. Pittman, S. Nuccio, L. Kimball, I. Riddle, P. McCracken, R. Baginski, P. Casabonne, W. Fields, R. George, W. Willingham, V. Roberts, T. Ball, B. Miller, N. Engst. OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREAsURER o o o o George Stewart Albert Boeglin Carlo Mariani Earl Fields The student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was established at UNM in 1947. It was officially recognized and granted a charter on Iune 10, 1949. The organization aims to stimulate the interests of students in chemical engineering and promote their welfare as pros- pective members of the profession. Monthly meetings are held, with speakers on technical chemical engineering topics, motion pictures, and illustrations. The student affiliate of the American Society of Civil Engi- neers aims to advance the sciences of engineering and archi- tecture in their several branches, improve the professional future of its members, and to aid the exchange of information between men of practical science and the establishment of a central point of reference and union for its members. Activities for the year have included monthly meetings with lecturers, raffles, inspection trips about the state, and for this year, the annual inspection trip by seniors to other states and to the National Convention which is to be held in Los Angeles in April. A. S. C. . OFFICERS P11ns1D1zN'r Iack Snyder VICE-PRESIDENT Carl Ludlow SECRETARY-Tizizasunlzn Ray Harrison First row: D. Woodford, C. Pharis, XV. Hoffman, H. Bokow, C. White, T. Wootton, D. Simpson, A. Larmusiaux, L. Brown, H. Hyde, D. Romero, I. Barriga, H. Campbell, W. Lefller. Second row: I. Hawley, D. Mitchum, W. Chancellor, A. Nuancz, A. Delgado, L. Putnam, C. Counts, W. Botwinis, I. Schneider, R. Downey, A. Wilson, Prof. Foss, T. Eglinton, I. Thomson, C. Ludlow, P. Burns, H. Russell, Prof. Zwoyer, R. Shuhert, D. Young. A. S. M. E. OFFICERS The student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was organized at UNM in 1935. PRESIDENT Norman Hanson VICE-PRESIDENT George Wladika Monthly meetings are highlighted by student, faculty, or SECRETARY-TREASURER Iames UNCH visiting lecturers, movies, discussion, and refreshments. The purpose of the meetings is to acquaint students With the practical aspects of engineering and to develop the initiative and ability to speak in public. The objectives apply also to the annual convention which will be held at New Mexico A8zM. Prizes are given in contests for technical papers. A spring picnic will be held in the Sandias. First row: G. Wladika, A. Fuhs, I. Stone, W. Dalby, S. Crooks, C. Ienscn, C. Sandoval, A. Donian, H. Gregory, I. Llamas, I. Hodapp. Second row: I. C. O'Neal, N. Hanson, C. I. Harris, R. Neel, S. Feldhan, D. Ballercl, I. Hagen, E. Molzah, W. Harwood, D. Harwood, I. Nakagama, C. Fenton, P. Syroid. Third row: V. Layton, B. Young, H. Dalton, H. Gay, I. Breese, S. Sifuentes, I. Scanlin, C. Paddock, D. Roberts, Professor C. Grace, Mr. E. Rightley. Fourth row: R. Conner, I. Miller, W. Dauphine, C. Snyder, I. Bartlo, C. White, M. Zatto, C. Olgon, R. Sylvanus, Prof. R. N. McDonald. Fifth row: C. Hurlbut, T. Reed, I. Weil, R. Miller, H. Kebusch, R. Higgins, D. Rakestraw, I. Zic wie. ii. , 5 Fillfl row: I. Nakayama, A. Fuhs, G. Wladika, A. Donian, I. Ralls, Prof. Rightley, I. Scnnlin, S. Feldhan, Prof. Grace. Secozm' row: R. Schmidt, M. Zatto, C. Jensen, I. O'Neal, Dean Ford, T. Reed, N, Hanson. Third row: W. Davenport, E. Molzan, I. Lewis, R. Miller, C. Froclich, N. Barnhart, R. Ienness, D. Williams, Dean Farris, Prof McDonald, R. Conner. A. Cole. Pi Tau Sigma, national honorary Mechanical Engineering OFFICERS fraternity, has as its object the fostering of high ideals of the engineering profession. PRESIDENT Arthur B. Cole VICE-PRESIDENT Paul Syroid Pi Sigma chapter was established' at UNM- in 1948. 'Ilhe SECRETARY Norman Hanson chapter sponsors a study hall w1th l1braryfac1l1t1es, maintains I an honor roll for the two leading sophomores of each class, TREASURER Chester Ffoehch recognizes the most outstanding freshman yearly, and in general strives to promote the Welfare of the Mechanical Engineering students. Pi Tau Sigma 34 Firsl row: H. Brock, I. Curtis, P. Hutchinson, R. Brutsche. Second row: D. Adkins, B. Iones, XV. Brunet, M. Casner, F. Iones, S. Dunn, C. Deigliton, I. Tafoya, S. Stark, A. Sanchez, R. Bittman. Third row: L. Langlend, P. Butt, I. Wills, I. Love, E. Hart, G. Niles, Dr. Eubank. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Ralph Brutsche VICE-PIXESDENT Ierry Curtis Siscuisrimy Mary Alice Elkin Forensic Society The UNM Forensic Society, formerly the Speakers Club, provides the opportunity for interested students to participate in speech activities. The members took part in the following speech fields during the past season: debate, oratory, radio, after-dinner and extemporaneous speaking, and interpretation. The Society held its annual dinner in Ianuary, 1950. The UNM Press Club was established in April, 1948, through the medium of "post-mortem" coffee sessions to discuss lay- out and writing in the Lobo. The purpose of the club, to promote interest in journalism through professional and social activities, was partially real- ized this year when a chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, profes- sional journalism fraternity, was installed at the campus in February, 1950. The club's second aim is to establish Theta Sigma Phi, journalism vvomen's honorary. Press Club OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bill Richardson VICE-P1uasrDEN'r Don McKee SECIKETARY-TREASURER lack Malm Anvrsons Mr. Rafferty Mr. Gillespie Mr. Conger First raw: E. Glaser, A. Buchanan, E. Iackson, T. Vigil, N. Addington, F. Iones, T. Kemper, D. Terry, B. Bentley, G. Ross, L. Olson. Second row: Mr. Conger, Mr. Rafferty, I. Malm, B. Richardson, D. McKee, Mr. Gillespie. Majors and Minors OFFICERS Pxrizsinimr Pauline Martin Vice-PRESIDENT Pat Sauer SEciu21'Anx'-TREASURER Ann Iackson Majors and Minors is composed of all regularly enrolled students in the Women's Physical Education Department. The purpose of this group is to secure better relationships among students in physical education. The group was estab- lished at UNM in 1946. Meetings are held once a month, combining business and social activities, plus a picnic in the Sandias. To provide better equipment for girls' intramural activities is the group's project for 1950. First row: H. Wyatt, H. Bender, I. Henrie, I. Henry, R. Iones, P. Sauer, S. Huntington, P. Martin. Second row: N. O'Brien, V. Sanchez, E. Schoolcraft, N. Mulcahy, S. Krakow, N. Hubbard, F. Cochran, P. Post, D. Peterson, S. Kenworthy, Miss Milliken, T. Thompson. Third row: M. Iones, M. Raabe, M. Scverns, H. Barton, A. Iackson, D. Daniels, I. Severns, N. Lipsett, I. Lewis, B. Mayhall. First row: I. Donnell, B. Daniels, B. Bigbee, R. Thompson, N. McNew, N. Mulcahy, I. Oaks, I. Cargill, I. Willis, E. Gaynor, B. Chappell. Second row: D. Hawkins, I. Daniels, C. Salisbury, D. Wang, A. Fiels, D. Rutherford, S. Bacs, B. Hucnlield, R. Lollensby, N. Sears, I. McKinzie, C. Hensley, M. Korn, T. Wilson, D. Rencher, C. Cass, M. Gormley, P. Gryder, I. Cooper. Third row: B. Williams, B. Rivers, D. Cowper, I. Drake, N. Funkhouser, W. Dismuke, S. Kenworthy, G. White, G. Dickens, I. Ek, R. Wilbourn, I. Chamberlin, W. Harley, I. Bolandcr, B. I-Iynd. Boots and Saddles, a club devoted to keeping alive the OFFICERS traditions of Western horsemanship and customs, was Organized Six years ago. PRESIDENT Iohn Donnell SECRETARY Barbara Bigbee Activities for the year usually include participation in various TREASURER Richard Thompson state and inter-state rodeos, and attendance at the National Championship College Rodeo. Regular meetings, consisting of steak fries and rides, and barn dances, are held throughout the year. Boots and Saddles Jflenzbcrs: Firsz row: M. McCollough, P. McMurdo, C. Damron, I. Moore, C. Hickey, L. Lapka, W. Baird, I. Quinn, L. Colandur, R. lden, R. Hartwick. Scvaurl row: W. Tapp, S. lcnkins, M. Korn, H. Bolinger, P. Narmore, T. Wahl, I. Rowan, D. Fallansbec, R. Cummins, M. Pettengcr, M. I-lvenfeid. Third row: K. Porter, R. Nuttal, P. Robart, G. Lucas, D. Ratclill, S. Sutton, B. Rivers, S. Passavant, N. Hinds, A. Wiseliergcr. Fourth rom: D. Seigal, XV. Iohnson, A. Sorenson, A. Gordon, R. Rowan, B. Lucero, R. Lang. lfilrh row: l.. Lancaster, N. lncobs, W. Swenson, I. McCauslancl, I. Penercl, M. Hollander, M. Brown. OFFICERS The Ski Club provides an opportunity for UNM students to participate in this typical New Mexico sport. A member of PREMDENT Leonard Lapka the Rocky Mountain Ski Association, the Club promotes Vieu-Pnusinrnr Lou Damron skiing through instruction, movies, talks on equipment and SECRETARY Cindy Hickey technique, and informal competition among members. TREASURER Iackie Moore Each year the group sponsors a Ski Ball. A Winter Carnival is usually held at La Madera in February, attended by teams from several Western schools, in addition to regular outings at the ski area. Ski Club it b Q The Wardroom Society is the social organization of the Naval ROTC unit at UNM. It is organized for Midshipmen, and sponsors a program of social activities during the year. Monthly meetings, discus- sions of Naval topics, the Midshipmen Winter Formal, the Spring Ring Dance, hayrides, skating parties, picnics, and informal dances compose the group's social affairs. In inter-company competition, drill teams are organized for gun loading, anti-submarine warfare, and infantry drill. The NROTC drills at Homecoming and Fiesta, and sponsors a Naval ROTC Rifle and Pistol Team which participates in intercollegiate competition. Wa rdroom Society OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bob Lalicker VICE-PRESIDENT Bill Bohannan SECRETARY Willis Babb TREASURER Al Weiner sychology Club OFFICERS PRESIDENT Iay Cohen Vice-Piuasrnimr Vera Lubinetsky SECRETARY Shirley Driggs The Psychology Club was founded in the spring of 1948. The purposes of the organization are to further an interest in psychology and to meet in an informal atmosphere conducive to an understanding of the field of psychology not available in the class- room situation. The club provides an opportunity for students to develop and discuss their own ideas with others having similar interests. The semi-monthly program includes speakers in psychology and related Helds. This year several members of the club became student affiliates in the American Psychological Association. These afhliates receive psychology publications and are invited to attend the national conference to be held in September. Ifirsf raw: I. McCann, I. Bernstein, Dr. Peterson, V. Lubinctsky, D. Durick, Dr. Utter, M. Kelly. Second row: M. Silverman, I. Cohen, D. Skillin, C. Toft. Third row: E. Rollins, W. Van Court, Daehring, E. Liguori, I. Agos, C. Peterson. 40 First row: B. Huclgins, E. Baltz, D. Shanahan, M. Beeler, I. Casaus, D. Givens, I. Irwin, C. Branham, VV. Anderson, P. West, G. Dixon, C. Maxwell, R. Borton. Second row: P. Hayes, P. Soister, D. Sears, I. Harbour, B Meclary, C. Bebber, D. Benge, I. Weir, L. Riley, D. Larson, H. Bushnell, R. Grisell, D. Kincheloc. Third row: D.Pinkney, I. Imrie, B. Cashion, B. Christopher, I. Thompson, B.'Green, B. Tur- ner, I. Fillingham, I. Gallant, C. Peters. Fourth row: Z. de Czerna, R. Stevenson, G. Ugrinic, L. Goldsmith, E. Szabo, G. Armstrong, I. Smith, F. Schrcmpl, K. Meador, I. Murphy, D. Mitchell,R. Grannth, C. Hagerman, I. Hall, I. Karshner, D. Elliot, D. Gidden, B. Charboneau, E. Capric, W. Brohard, D. Miller. Fifth row: Dr. S. Wcngerd, Dr. S. Northrop, Dr. C. Beck, Dr. V. Kelley, Dr. I. Fitzsim- mons, R. Odell, O. Vrooman, D. Zieglar, F. Graham, I-I.Iohnston, I. Stewart. I. Weyer. The Geology Club was formed in 1941, as an educational OFFICERS society, and in 1942 it became a Student Associate Society of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engi- PREMDENT Chafles Maxwell DCCIS. VICE-PRESIDENT George Dixon The year's program of the Geology Club includes: seasonal SECRETARY-TREASURER Robert Borton picnics, eight field trips, twenty regular lectures and movies, special technical lectures on various phases of geology by nationally and internationally known geologists, and joint meetings with the Geological Society of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Miners and Prospectors Association. Geology Club 4 42 First row: M. Kelly, B. Kearns, I. Cheetham, I. White. Second row: E. Gaynor, K. Plaut, C. Hill, A. Dinsmoor, Y. Fay, C. Lee, G. Boyd, E. Lowrey, L. Arnett. Third row: R. Iones, C. Martin, C. Wright, R. Spaiford, I. Henry, M. Reed, B. Hight, E. Large, I. Paw, N. Coleman. I. Oakes, A. McGurk. I OFFICERS The Association of Women Students was organized at UNM in 1930. The purpose of the group is to secure uniform and individual repre- PRESIDENT Roselnary Stockton sentation in student activities, to promote social interests among University women, and to create a bond among various womenls VICE-PRESIDENT Nancy Coleman organizations' SECRETARY Liz Scanlin The AWS was active in many Helds this year: provided hostesses for TREASURER lenabel Paw the Career Conference, promoted the Sadie Hawkins Dance, published the "Co-ed Code" for Freshmen women, met with housemothers to work on rules and regulations, sponsored the King of Hearts dance, and redecorated the Leisure Lounge in Hokona Hall. Associated Women Students Women's Recreation Council The Women's Recreation Council organizes and sponsors games, OFFICERS intramurals and other recreational events for women students. CHAIRMAN Bea Hight Thirty-five girls made a trip to Phoenix in December. A faculty sponsor and three delegates attended the Arizona Athletic Convention SECRETARY IO Arm Sevems of College Women in Flagstaff, and two basketball teams and four TREASURER Rosemary limes sponsors attended the Silver City, N. M., Sportsday event. A co-recreational volleyball tournament and a joint badminton and table tennis tournament were held, also swimming, tennis, basketball, bowling, field hockey, and skiing tournaments. First ram: B. Brammer, I. Severns, B. Hight, I. Hcnrie, A. Jackson, R. Iones, D. Daniels, M. Robbe. Second row: H. Bendir, H. Wyatt, I. McCan, F. Curns, P. Inmon, S. Krakow. 4 E 3 I ' 3 Independent Council OFFICERS The Independent Council is the co-ordinating body for all U n groups and organizations not afliliated with social sororities PRESIDENT lack Flumgham or fraternities on campus. VICE-PRESIDENT Pete Zogone SECRETARY, TREASURER Io Hunan The Council had many activities during 1950: at Homecom- ing there was an open house in T-205 a free ice-skating party for the student body, and an April formal. First row: L. Duckworth, I. Hutten, I. Urbach, I. Fillingham, L. Clement, R. Taylor, K. Frankel, P. Zagone. Second row: I. O'Shaugh- nessy, I. Love, R, Ruble, R. I-Iershberger, R. VVasson, K. Anderson. t , .2 2 ti 9 . 2 I li I 44 First row: I. Zitivyar, E. Kunz, F. Chidichimo, I. Love, G. Durnbach, I. Hublns. Second row: M. Wiener, F. Kelly, G. I-Icnrioulle, A. Gordon, D. Fino, A. Segal. Third row: B. Richards, H. Nasel, I. Fillingham, I. Hopkins, I. Sullivan, F. Larivee, E. Haven. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Iohn Love VICE-PRESIDENT Frank Chidichimo SECRETARYQTREASURER George Durnbach Jerboans 4 W.. 46 First row: N. M. Hubbard, M. Rebal, E. Dayer, B. Williams, B. Callen, S. Plout. I. Callaway, I. Milbourn. Second row: I. Soderbcrg, B. MacCaullcy, I. Finch, G. Stafford, A. Creecy, P. Emmcl, S. Hcrlin, N. Iula, B. Dean, R. DeCastro, M. Kimball. Third row: K. Kcpner, R. Spaflord, A. Richards, E. Ulmer, L. DiLiso, D. Kimbrell, P. Bines, B. Braune, E. Houston, P. Gordon, N. Iohnson, F. McKcnny, Mrs. Pricr, C. Verbeck. OFFICERS Marron Hall is a women's residential dorm located on campus. PRESIDIENT Gene Boyd VICE-PRESIDENT I Terry Vigil During the past year, Marron Hall women have held a Fall SECRETARY-TREASURER Colleen Miller Formal, a Halloween party and a Chrlstmas party. They have been active in women's intramurals, and future plans for late spring of 1950 include an informal dance, and dinner for graduating seniors. Marron Hall l 5. Marron Hall fggzw l TNI CKYRUVERI' First raw: M. Keystone, ll. Rcisig, W. Duncan, B. Byerly, M. Iackson, W. Cantor. Second row: M. Saloman, S. Burnham, B. Ridgeway, C. Linclsrromlmcrg, H. Herman, Schoolcraft, T. Gallegos, A. Mcnchcr. Third row: R. Pctranovich, G. Boyd, E. Gallegos, S. A. Stcritz, L. Wright, L. Fay, C. Miller, I. Thomas, G. Raclcsavich, I. Hoffman. P. Galhrcath, S. Sutton. Fourth row: F. Selby, G. Forrest, S. Levitt, I. Dt-:Rush:i, Fi. Rivers, M. Mitchell. 1. ,. . A-., . dk ,,., K Lila.. i, Q Q, A -Q ' Aw.-t-.. I47 48 Ifirrf rom: M. Barreras, B. Brandy, M. Bryan, M. Candelaria, R. Creecy, S. Dowe, Y. Fay. Second row: P. Griffin, A. Mcl-Iugh, E. 'l':u'a4 melle, S. Iuarcz, I. Lillihridgc, G. Marquez, I. Padilla. Third row: P. Post, M. Shelton, C. Spencer, D. Tracy, C. Wright. OFFICERS PRliSIDliN'I' Cleo XVright Vicig-PRESIDENT Dorothy Tracy Si1r:uE'rAiu' Gloria Marquez Tumsuituu Priscilla Post Phrateres Installed on the UNM campus in 1931, Phrateres, Women's social and service organization, celebrated Founders Day, December 9, with a new tradition. It was the Blue and Gold Ball, the Epsilon Chapter of Phrateres salute to Phrateres International. Phrateres is continually broadening the scope of its activities to include campus and community service projects. Phrateres turned into a group of hope- ful "Indians,' to celebrate Homecoming and add to the color of the Homecom- ing parade. W wx mm w u , ,,.,.,.,.,.,., Nh' A MM., uv- - ' ' x I v.,:,:,:::::g:,-egg? ::e:a:s:a:a::,.ff:g.1::- ,... n - nam mum At Fiesta, the Phrateres booth guaranteed every man fregardless of age, :1 Eve o'c1ock shave no shaving cream could hope to conquer. N" W"""""' ' 'fi ' "W 7 "W " ' 50 First row: I. Barnett, I. Betzer, P. Briggs, F. Cochran, D. Cohen, B. Cox, M. Elkin. Second row: B. Grogan, G. Hyde, F. Ioncs, M. Larsen. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Q Mary Alice Elkin Vlcn-PRESIDENT Rose Ellen Calkins Slsclusrrmx' Irene Betzer TREASURER lean Barnett Town Club Town Club, founded in 1948, is an independent social or- ganization for girls living off campus. 1950 activities included rush parties in Sara Raynolds Hall, and the Winter Formal with Townsmen in Ianuary. Town Club achieved representa- tion in honors and offices this year: Rose Ellen Calkins be- came a member of Mortar Board, Mary Alice Elkin repre- sented the Iunior Class in the Student Council, and became a member of Tau Kappa Alpha. First row: B. Mayhall, M. Miller, M. Nelson, B. Reynolds, S. Shaffer, I. Stovall, I. Walters. Second row: M. Weeks, C. Wilkins, D. Williams. Town Club Getting into the spirit of Homecoming, Town Club entered their art gallery float with the slogan, "Paint 'Em, Lobos!" 2 . K gg , X "' su " ,,,.. M , ., WL' 1? li -is Q2 TMI IALl5lDWi wn-1 .ff f ,-v-" ff Aff' Flon: ron If 1 to uqht C Ixoeh N Biddle A Richardson, B. Grenko, N. Fraser, D. Peterson, L. Henderson, I.. Arnett. Scroml row: R. Redman B Iabnck R Spallord B Cihr L Scanlon I Pcnix, N. Coleman. Pan Hell is an organization created to promote a harmonious spirit among the sororities on campus. During 1949-50, Pan Hell contributed money to the Chapel Fund, adopted a war orphan through the foster parent pro- gram and supported the child for one yearg gave a Spring dance, and contributed recreational facilities to the Veteran's Hospital. HZTQN First row: B. Bailes, I. Baldwin, B. Bigbee, I. Cain, N. Farrell, E. Gaynor, B. Gere. Second row: C. Green, B. Godfrey, C. Hill, I. Hilliard, B. A. Kearns, B. Kearns, K. Kearns. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Carolyn Hill VICE-PIRESIDENT Peggy Piper SECRETARY Pat Perkins TREASURER Barbara Stone The Alpha Gamma chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was installed at UNM in 1918. The group celebrated its thirty-First year with varied social events, including the traditional "Moonbeam', dance. Honors and awards are given at this dance to the chapterls outstanding pledge, and the highest pledge class scholar. Alpha Chi Omega Won Hrst prize in the Womenls division of the 1949 Mortar Board Stunt Night. Peggy Piper was the national president of Associated Women Students, and presided over the convention held here during Easter holidays, 1949. The group also won First prize in the Women's division for Home- coming house decorations. Alpha Chi Omega , .Z Y- . Firxr row: M. Knorr, B. Lcbcck, C. McGiothlin, S. Markcc, D. Miller, S. Mitcham, I. Mock. Second rom: M. Ocllc, P. Pcrk, P. Piper M Richzirdson, P. Rose, S. Skelton, B. Stone. Third row: M. NVilIi:1ms, I. VVills, E. Wood, F. Ycionck, L. Yclonck. Alpha Chi Omega Plz'n'gc Class, l.umcr l.rl1: P. Brigligs, H. Cnsalaunnc, C. Cass, I.. McDonald, M. Erby, S. 'I4I'2l1lgIl1fll', S. Bohzmnzin, B. Hcuth. 56501111 rom: I. Rakestrnw, I. Marshall, R. Blacklcy, D. Foilcnsby, B. Bolton, M. Stubbs, P. Boems, D. Smith. Third ww: B. Bourbonin, D. Hawkins, E. Huls, P. Burk, P. Good main, C. Snliabury. .giq A Sl' fl! 57 Stun? NlOllT,,,,,,,i i I-'irsr row: D. Anderson, H. Bollinger, G. Bowron, V. Bygel, M. Callaway, D. Clark, L. Deighton. SECUIIIZ' row: I. Fitzpatrick, N. Fraser, M. Gallager, B. Grenko, S. Gruschus, M. Hait, N. Harrison. Third row: I. Henrie, I. Hoff, I. Inman, I. Iessup. The Alpha Nu chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was installed at UNM in 1920. The annual Blue Diamond Ball was held on March 25, and members wore blue and White formals representing the sorority's colors. Cuff- links were presented as favors to guests. The Moutray twins were first attendants to the Homecoming Queen, first prize was given to the organization for their Homecoming Hoatg the sorority was presented with the highest scholarship award. Alpha Delta Pi's in campus activities are: Emily Large, Mortar Board president, organizer and president of Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phig Nancy Fraser, Mirage social editor, Commerce Club president, Student Standards committee, Elaine Downey, Spur president, Pokey Inmon, Majors and Minors president, Popularity Queen, Iackie Henrie, Iunior Class secretary-treasurer, Majorette, Sportsday chair- man of W.R.C. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Rosemary Iones VICE-PRESIDENT Nancy Fraser SECRETARY Emily Large TREASURER lnabelle Iessup Alpha Delta Pi lpha Delta Pi First raw: R. Iones, M. Kelly, C. Ketchum, F. Kleinman, E. Large, E. Linthicum, D. MacDonald. Second row: M. Means, M. Moutray, M. Moutray. M. Paine, M. Palmer, P. Paulantis, I. Powell. Third row: P. Sauer, F. Sherping, P. Snyder, M. Wilson. ADP's hatched a flock of cute little chicks for the Homecoming Parade. Their unique float took first Alums, actives, and most of all the pledges enjoyed the place out of more than thirty entries. sumptuous annual Pledge Dinner. l N! f 'IW . Firxl row: D. Anderson, F. Anderson, I. Anderson, I-I. Bender, M. Blanc, I. Broome, L. Brown. Serond row: M. Butterfield, I. Cheetham, P. Dickson, D. Dowdle, I. Faw, I. I-Iowerton, M. Irby. The Pi Gamma chapter of Chi Omega was installed at UNM in 1925. The traditional White Formal dinner dance was held in February. Decorations of white carnations, table centerpieces in cardinal and straw, carried out the chapter's colors. The Chi Omega crest ornamented the place cards, and favors were presented to each guest. Members of the sorority receiving honors this year were: Sue Williains, Homecoming Queen, Vice-President of the Iunior Class, Dorothy Anderson and Ingrid Oppenheimer, Mortar Board and "Who's Who in American Universities and Collegesf' OFFICERS PRESIDENT Carol Lee VICE-PRESIDENT Ingrid Oppenheimer Sizcruzrmzv Ieanne Loveall Tnmsrrnlzrz Rose Vocale Chi Cmega 1 8 Firsf row: I. Icnkins, I. Iohnson, C. Lcc, I. Lovcall, P. Narmore, I. Oppenhci Sevcrns, C. Sncdclon, A. Vocals, R. Vocals, S. YVilliams. Third row: Y. Yarcho. Chi Omega KW 'T XX 'I n I I iq: -nf-1 TNS QUEEN mcr, D. Peterson. Semnd raw: L. Recd, I. Severns, M. 14 5 V w Y Iffrsi row: F. Bennett, N. Biddle, C. Choycc, R. Faust, M. Hurley, V. Kamm. Scc0ud1'ow: I.M:1ttcson, A. McGurk, I. South, I. Tottcnholff, E. Ulmer, M. Vcr Hocf. Third raw: I. White. E OFFICERS KJ "5 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT , xv SECRETARY E"'9 0 V--g1at TIREASUREIQ E Ge, I qtxfel 1'ln.o9v,,,,,, Delta Delt Maxine Verhoff Cynthia Choyce lean South Marion Lord a Delta 59 Delta Delta Delta held its Hrst Pine Prance in 1950, and it will become a traditional winter formal. Decorations centered on a huge floor to ceiling Christmas tree and tables decorated in gold metallic cloth and pine. Silver and gold snowflakes carried out the winter theme. Members of the sorority receiving honors, awards, and offices this year were: Cynthia Choyce, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Sophomore Classg Valerie Kamm, Mirage Beauty Ball attendantg Rosalie Spaflord, Student Affairs Committeeg Helen Wyatt, Dorm D Council Secretary. Scholarship awards were given to three women on campus, and are sponsored annually by the Albu- querque Alliance of Delta Delta Delta. Construc- tion on a new chapter house was completed by the second semester and all eligible members moved into their new house. kg 41 ye- 5 'K -4' ,L . . i Firrr row: L. Arnett, G. Bennett, P. Brannon, M. Calvin, M. Clift, I. Dinsmoor, N. Ford. Second row: D. Haner, S. Huntington, M. Izzarcl, D. Kimhrell, C. Koch, R. Llwyd, M. Miller. The Gamma Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was installed at UNM in 1948. The Fall Formal was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall, and favors of small gold pocket knives with a Theta crest were given to each date. The Mother's Club donated a radio- phonograph to the sorority lodge, and a banquet was held for Mrs. Buchanan, district president. Members of the sorority who received oflices, awards and honors were: Gypsy Io Bennett, Student Council and Student Publications Board, Andy Dinsmoor, Sue Stephens, Gypsy Io Bennett, Spurs, Barbara Wykes, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phig Lois Cox, president of the Freshman Class. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Sue Stephens VICE-PIIESIDENT Barbara Francis SECRETARY Priscilla Brannon TREASURER Beverly Andrews Kappa Alpha Theta First row: S. Moreland, M. Noble, I. Patton, T. Prince, N. Pringle, E. Ramsey, M. Reed. Second row: N. Ray, B. Singer, S. Stephens, A Theodore, V. WV:-incl, B. Wykes. Kappa Alpha Theta Carolyn Koch, Herb Dunivcn, Betty Singer, and Bill "Posterior" Iorclan, at Il fb '- X , .. .. - 5 - tea Parry in Taos. iv -,E -- N- 11. X 1L f 9 4 c-pup 0 ,, J El:aonA1e.,.,.1 'B' QI? .. Firrl row: B. Albert, M. Ange, N. Bailey, M. Barton, M. Bell, B. Bentley, M. Blanchard. Second row: V. Chess, N. Coleman, I. Gorman, F. Grosvenor, C, Hall, M. Kcohanc, I. Kern. The Gamma Beta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was installed at UNM in 1917. The Kappa's annual winter formal, the Snow Ball, was held November 5. The ballroom was decorated with a large snow- man in the center of the Hoor. Blue streamers hung from the ceiling, and the band stand was surrounded by a snow hedge covered with icicles. Leather jewelry boxes were given as favors. Members who received offices, awards, and honors were: Marian Ange, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Betty Bentley, Managing Editor, Lobog Phylis Krell, Outstanding Senior Woman, Camille Grantham, Iane Reese, Mortar Board, Ernestine Lowery, Yonene Milyard, Nancy Coleman, Patt Pederson, Githa Sefton, Phi Gamma Nu, Annette Williams, second attendant to the Homecoming Queen. Kappa Kappa Gamma OFFICERS PRESIDENT Marian Ange PERSONNEL lane Reese TREASURER Yonene Milyard i l E s . Firxt row: E. Lowery, I. McGanna, M. McCulloh, A. Mulroncy, L. Parrish, B. Ream, I. Reese. Second row: A. Richardson, I. Smith, L Sorrell, I. Strombcrg, B. Thorne, R. Wiglcy, A. Williams. Kappa Kappa Gamma W' ll, M X51 wou- LAYI IIIMYMT Everyone, including the snow man, had a wonderful time at the Kappafs Snow Ball Formal. HRW is. al Pi Beta Phi First row: B. Ayres, A. Bond, I. Boyd, I. Casler, F. Curn, M. Griflith, I. Hein. Sammi row: C. I-lickcy, T. I-loit, I. Illman, E. Iackson, G. Ioncs, S. Krakow, H. Lee. The Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi was installed at UNM in 1946. OFFICERS Social activities for the year included the annual Winter Formal, a IJRESIDENT Grace jones tea in the new sorority lodge honoring Mrs. Alice Davidson, house- r mother for the Pi Phi's, and open houses at the lodge after football V1CE'PR'551DENT Elamc Jackson games. The sorority loaned the lodge to various fraternities without SECRETARY Liz Gatlin houses for their rush parties. TREASURER Iean Illman Members who received honors were: Liz Scanlan, President of Pan- Hellenic Council, Elaine Iackson, Society Editor, Lobog Rosemary Stockton, Sigma Alpha Iota, President, AWS, "Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities", Io Ann Walter, attendant to the Lettermen's Queen, Thelma Hoit, attendant to Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha. .ml W!-,aka-M--W,-.1f.m. i.:.MmQ...,. .g , . W. .M fs sit .. . vm.. ,,ff .., . .. . .fwmiw-f .fa I Firxf row: I. Madden, P. Martin, P. McMurrlo, I. Oakes, A. Phillips, R. Robinson, C. Rutter. Second raw: L. Sage, L. Scanlan, P. Scanlon, L. Schlotterbeck, I. Schueze, R. Stockton, M. Sundstrom, E. Thou, I. Walter, I. White, K. White, R. Zurick. Pi Beta Phi The Pi Phi's Stunt Night skit. ' W 1 Fi F i al 4 I It fl K---1 I fouumuua Firrl row: I. Witchand, F. Grubbs, D. Kimball, S. Adler, D. Wolking, D. Mueller. Srvonrl row: E. Rosenbaum, M. Keifcr, R. Ham- mcrshoy, T. Montgomery, R. Miller, L. Brown, I. Kamb, W. Sellers. The purpose of the Inter-Fraternity Council is to co-ordinate OFFICERS fraternity activities, and to further relations With the Univer- sity and the public. PRESIDENT Scott Adler VICE-PIKESIDENT Ray Gunderson The IFC has been occupied this year with the writing of a new constitution, sponsoring the annual Sport Dance, print- ing the IFC handbook, and beginning plans for sponsoring a foreign student for one year of study at the University. S12c1ua'1'AnY-Trznnsumak Ron Hammershoy Inter-Fraternity Council Alpha Epsilon Pi I First row: S. Fcldhan, E. Glaser, I. Golden, I-I. Grossman, B. Imershein, D. Iudd, A. Mailman. Second row: M. Miller, R. Miners Pelzner, E. Rosenbaum, R. Shapira. Third row: H. Springer, I. Wechsler, R. Ziedman. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Ernest Rosenbaum Vrcrz-PRESIDENT Hank Grossman SECRETARY Arnie Mailman TREASURER Murray Miller The Upsilon Deuteron chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi was installed at UNM in 1947. This year the first of a series of Spring Formals was inaugurated as a part of the social calendar. The goal of building a fraternity house is within sight, and the house should be completed by the fall of 1950. f x X f 4 5 -,1 MM I X xbil gb n.. X scnvsuasn Nun-rum, O First row: K. Barnett, P. Beavers, R. Ciesiel, W. Dame, R. Damiano, L. E. DeSoto. Second row: L. Endsley, H. Frazier, W. Klart, W. Martin, R. Niebur. Third row: H. Romero, S. Sandberg, G. Wershing. OFFICERS The Alpha Xi chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was installed at UNM in 1947. - PRESIDENT Bob Damiano Vrcra-Prrnsrmanr Warren Martin The fraternity's main social event was the annual Carnation TREASURER Paul Beavers Ball, at which Alice Woodard was elected Queen. Delta Sigma Phi leased a house in 1950, and after a great deal of Work by all members, it became the chapter's fraternity house. 0 Q45 7 x W Delta Sigma Phl P Intel-FDAIIRIIITY - sro:-rsfenoas couunvj rw., 'If row: W. Babb, I-I. Ball, D. Ballard, C. Branham, T. Breece, A. Brewster, C. Buchanan. Second row: P. Butt, I. Chausteur, I. Culberson, S. Devitt, G. Ely, Farris, R. Figgs. Third row: D. Fogg, I. Folsom, I. Fretwell, R. Fulton, I. Garitson, R. Gifford, B. Grant. The Beta Phi chapter of Kappa Alpha was installed at UNM in 1929. The KA's clirnaxed a gala social season with the renowned Dixie Ball, and its customary revival of traditions and cos- tumes. The secession ceremonies are re-enacted to re-awaken the Old South. Informal house dances and other social functions occurred throughout the year. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Don Wolking VICE-PIiESID1iNT Iames Irwin SECRETARY Bob Grant TREASURER Marshall Farris Kappa Alpha I7I A P Tit.. ' YH' ,AN we ,- 'Cn -wa :sa-"f K if Q yy, ..... I wif. 33' lv , s 5 14, at aj? M ix . W? F f. . , 5524 , s 'f W , , 1 , , I Q Q ' 'WMM 4 xg, Wil' ,,i,QQ1 ,wi ' 'WeH'2'i'I 'L AA ii, my . 'af fm? 'X 1-www , E:z::s::.w,:.f:f:...:-: L Q Q ES 'M ,g giwz A wi ,,.,fvr?4 X " A ffm 72 X ng S? X K., , 025543 1-w',sitm,4: as fm 'Www x,.....,.,.. ..., ' Ah. fi .bW,., 1 K Jef ZW, X V W Megs I 1 1 Wt er Ffrsz row: R. Baginski, G. Byrnes, P. Child, W. Colby, I. Culver, D. Dedmon, E. Fallen. Second row: G. Francis, E. Finnegan, I. I-Iarbonr, R. Iolmson, N. Loftus, I. Lotz, B. Martin. Third row: E. McLaughlin, I. Rippberger, I. Urbane, W. Van York, I. Zutavcrn. ' A colony of Lambda Chi Alpha was started at UNM OFFICERS in December, 1947. PRESIDENT Glen Francis ln March, 1949. this colony became Zeta Mu of v N Lambda Chi Alpha with thirty-five members. Mr. l'ICE'PlU35IDENT George BYUV35 'Fozier Brown, installationbfbcer from Denver, pre- SECRETARY Ed Gaylord sided at the official installation, which concluded with :1 luncheon and banquet. Tizmsultnlt Burdette Martin Lambda Chi Ipha Lambda Chi Alpha charter members and alumni who attended the charter presentation of the fratc Lambda Chi Alpha 1-if 7 2? 1 W- an W3-' an z ' 2,gf if-dw!" 9 M N G9 iv F "" TWQWWQ 5-Q' 5 mv .4,e . "Plame" 6 21 il 1 .1 E 'ix Q. 7 ' 895 - 55555 -7 E K l i ,. Q 1 ' ,. ,,', , I . I r, ' f ! F' i lfirxl rom: NV. lllnnc. P. Carroll, F. Clements, I. Davis, T. Davis, B. Fleisch, K. Gabcl, Ir. Second row: D. Halsey, R. Hammcrslwy, P. Hungcrfunl, VV. Irvine, D. Knorr, D. Lawrence, I. Matthews. Third rom: R. Miller, E. Morrell, H. Nichols, Ir., R. Pielcmeier, F. Smith, NV. Smmncr, T. Timzxndcr. Bolfom rom: A. I. Tyson, Ir., F. NVclls, L. VVl1iting, I. 'Woods. Phi Delta Theta I77 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bob Miller VICE-PRESIDENT Kurt Gabel SECRETARY Doug Lawrence TREASURER Edward Morrell The Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta was installed at UNM in 1946. Social activities for the year consisted of the Anniversary Ball, hayrides, picnics, and the beginning of a new tradition, the Half-Formal, a costume dance, informal dances, and open houses. The Inter-mural basketball championship was won by the blue and white quintet, and mem- bers of the organization achieved campus political offices, and memberships in honorary and social organizations. Phi Delta Theta FOIIML First row: D. Aldous, VV. Alfano, I. Anderson, C. Bowen, D. Brugge, I. Busch, G. Caprio. Second row: R. Colgan, I. Coogan, I. DiRosa, ' E. Driscoll, S. Galioto, D. Givens, W. Gulowscn. The Beta Eta chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was installed at OFFICERS UNM in 1948. PnEs1DEN'r Dan Mueller The Red Carnation Ball is a big social function of the school VICE-PRESIDENT Will Gulowsen year, and was held in November in the SUB ballroom. Deco- , , , , SECRETARY Dave Givens rations were giant red carnations, and a trellis at the ball g room entrance covered with carnations. Favors were red TREASURER D1CkKC11Y carnation corsages and boutonnieres. Other social activities consisted of Sandia "tea parties" and mixed dances with various sororities. Phi Kappa Tau l79 Phi Kappa Tau 1 an -wg I First row: H. Hartwell, W. Henry, B. Iames, R. Kelly, T. Knight, R. LaGrange, S. Magill. Second rom: D. Mueller, R. Noble, I. Sprengclcr, R. Sturtcvant, R. Vernon, F. Wong. T f QV J r Y N rp ff J lf' "l Q- M7111 'I PUNNINQU wann- Part of the Phi Tau cheering section at an intra- Phi Tau's and clatcs surround the fire on one of the mural basketball game. many "tea parties" in the mountains. ,, ,U ,. V ,WM A J .J ..-.. Hin... .. -.,. ,... . . .,.. ..-.-- E.: -.-. : -:fmfm- If mf -za, . I ' l l I S I 1 I ? , f 'F -. .2 Firxt row: R. Bear, W. Botwinis, E. Box, F. NV. Cannon, P. Casabonne, R. Castillo, B. Currie. Second row: I. DeVoss, H. Duniven, I. Fischle, R. Faust, F. Gruhbs, R. Gunderson, W. Harley, Ir. Third row: I. Hart, R. Holt, I. Kelly, I. Kinzcr, H. Knecht, Ir. The Beta Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was installed in 1915 and is the oldest fraternity at UNM. Norma Safely was chosen as Dream Girl, and Ann Richardson, Thelma Hoit, and Marilyn Watkins as her attendants, at the annual Dream Girl formal. Members of the fraternity receiving honors, awards, and oflices Were: Iohn Kinzer and Paul Casabonne, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities"g lim Leakou, Iunior Class president, Paul Casa- bonne, Khatali president, Bill Speer, Khatalig Bill Speer, Gene Polk, Chuck Hill, Clem Charlton, M. Methney, Billy McLaughlin, Iohn Lookingbill, Gerald Lovett, Don Grow, Bill Geter, Ed Smith, Bill Roche, varsity footballg Bill Currie, basketball. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Frank Grubbs VICE-PR1iSIDEN1' Iohn Kinzer SECRETARY T. I. Williams T1u2AsUR1aR Dick Davee Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha 6-1 A First row: H. Lee, R. G. Lee, I. Lookingbill, L. Mayer, A. Oldham, I. Patterson, W. Perkowski. Serond row: G. Polk, K. Rafferty, Ir I. Safely, D. Sewell, D. Sisk, E. Smith, B. Speer. Third row:I. Storrcr, G. Turner, G. Vincent, L. Willcut, T. Williams. 9. ea V W . f S lf 1 - a F T 77 A j 4 Y Ne I ' me Q ig, E4 mera: task .4 BQWQ' ' l First row: S. Adler, W. Bresset, C. Browder, B. Buerger, G. Chapman, R. Clemmenson, I. Cobbctt. Second row: R. Corelli, H. C. Cox, R. Downie, I. Fisher, L. Hansen, R. Harrison, K. Hart. The Tau chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon celebrated its OFFICERS fourth year on campus, as it was installed at UNM in 1946. PRESIDENT Floyd Slasor Social events included the traditional Winter Formal and the Vice-PRESIDENT Ralph Phillippi annual Calypso Dance' SECRETARY Donald McKee i TREASURER Scott Adler Benefit shows and alumni dinners were given to raise money for the building of a chapter house. Scott Adler was elected president of the Inter-Fraternity Council and Bruce Pieters was elected president of Vigilantes. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4 First row: R. Hartwick, R. Higgins, L. Irish, H. Iacobs, G. Iohnson, C. Kooglet, C. Krutcik. Second row: R. Kurth, R. Lalicker, R. Mc Elhcny, D. McKee, R. Murray, R. Norman, R. Petrillo. Third row: R. Phillippi, B. Pieters, F. Slasor, W. Sohle, R. Stockton, K. Svendby X.- M. . 1 Z 5 XXJLNX iTUDY nouns 'wvrv' Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi V VMI' E sp-' , in-:-H - W U.: 1, .Lg . 5 sg 5 . ,F . , 1 .' 5 I rs i J .sm s .. 1 ' . ' all , Firsl row: S. Anderson, W. Baker, N. Barnhart, M. Baum, I. Brcece, B. Cates, I. Catton. Second row: C. Collins, C. Cushing, L. Damron, I. DesGeorgcs, L. Drake, I. Frost, 1. Futterknecht. Third row: F. Green, I. I-Iall, R. Heinsch, F. Herlocker, B. Horton, N. Jacobs, D. Kimball. OFFICERS CONSUL Dave Kimball Pao-CONSUL Iim Ritchie ANNOTATOR lim Pussey QUAESTOR Larry Spears MEl7IS'FHli Iim Frost The Beta Xi chapter of Sigma Chi was installed at UNM in 1916. The social season was highlighted by the traditional Black and White Formal, and the announcing of Nadine Nave as the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Other events were a costume dance, the pledge-sponsored Klondike dance, the Spring Formal, and open houses. Members of the fraternity receiving ofiices, awards, and honors were: Dave Kimball, Butterfield, and Dick Tischauser, Khatalig Deaton, DesGeorges, Cushing, Sander- son, Vigilantesg Dave Kimball, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universitiesng Larry Spears, Student Council g Dave Kimball, Iudiciary Committee. I 4, rrp e S i X X1 , ! we Y Al X X ,X x qf X F 50 l . . RUSH' Sigma Chi First row: L. Kimbrough, L. Lancaster, D. Long, D. Lucas, H. Mitchell, H. Parsons, D. Pomery. Second row: I. Ritchie, P. Roberts, W. Sanders, R. Savage, B. Simpkins, E. Smith, I. Stell. Third row: L. Spears, I. Stone, F. Terry, I. Tomlins, D. Tischlxauser, W. Van Deusen, R. Walpole. The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Nadine Nrive, occupies Lee QKing of Heartsj Drake Finds "put your little the spotlight at the Black and White Formal. foot" much more fun with two girls instead of one. 4'-XM X125 , ,, ..,. -- ....... LLM. ...-.L.i-.--.. Sigma Phi Epsilon First row: R. Albright, I. Ermatinger, C. Gassaway, R. Graham, R. Granick, H. Haferkamp, I. Hagensick. Second row: N. Hammond, F. Iohnson, D. Kendrick, K. Meyer, T. Montgomery, I. McGuire, F. Peck. Third row: R. Phipps, G. Ross, I. Wichelns, A. Vantlegriff. OFFICERS Pnnsinimr Hugh Haferkamp VICE-PRESIDENT Iohn Wichelns SECRETAIW Don Kendrick Tnmsunliu Tom Montgomery The Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was installed at UNM in 1929. The fraternity's social activities included a Westerii Dance, a semi-formal dance at the chapter house, the Wiiiter Formal, and a spring Apache Dance. During the football season, all Sig Eps hunted cigarette wrappers. The result of this industry was a television set, first prize in a contest sponsored by a cigarette company. 07 it ' x. 7 v QL ' . F . ,ll PRE-INITIATWN WEEK imma Sigma Phi Epsilon The Sig Eps are happy anywhere . . . with their dates at their Winter Formal . . . in the air . . or pouring forth their artistic souls and oil paint While soaking up sun and sun oil. First row: I. Gallant, R. Greenleaf, D. Hershberger, B. Kaufman, W. Radoslovich, R. Wells. The Townsmen were organized at UNM in 1948. Members are Independent men living off campus, and the purpose of the organization is to provide social activities and group fellowship for Independent men. Social activities consisted of informal dances, the Town Club Winter Formal in Ianuary, and card parties. The Townsmen hope to go national by late 1950. R. Ruble, T. Sisneros. Second row: E. Torres, F. Valdez, OFFICERS PRESIDENT Ron Ruble VICE-PRESIDENT Bob Wells SECRETARY Iohn Gallant TREASUIIER Bob Czirr Townsmen 9 fwf NMA ll' NH ,Sh max. A. tr.. ,., U16 Hand Left to right: Rosellen Calkins Sue Grusehus Iackie I-Ienric Ieanctte Cain Below: The University of New Mexico Band. "Far above the Rio Grande . . with her silver hue , . if r is ,, Wi ' "' The Zheerlcader uuuuu . 'nnnnn . lm mm mm 'Uuu . f' FNnn . ." lMmm . ." NM!!" Left to rigl1t.' Nancy O'Brian Ann Richardson Buzz Hopf Ann Iackson LeRoy Brown Below: Nancy O'Brian Buzz Hopf Ann Iackson LeRoy Brown Ann Richardson ' rf ' ,rsaisfg fl BV 4 N 1 i 1 cc., z Lf, frsffwflwwif' W f 5-fwrfww 'L , wi ' af Wwe n - Mr A f , Q cw' Ani' ,nnfr so or . H ,pmt Age. :edgy we wvw-QQFQEQM iji fggjwifgiif fm X1 ' fy in f ff4'F1'ii--zzfixzmf' 4 , 4 ??f?llcrr25Qm 1'Wiifif 'W 'xr f ,Wk5fiLW55kg2t,y,iQ it 221 f 4 2 3ff1off1'2" ' X WH if i5'i'ffff-S29 will X9lU9K ?3E. 'Ndsls Luminario loop. Pharmacy Hligree. Luminescence on the balcony I.. 1 Athletics gg ' ' N :dj S P R I N G .. ,, , M 6. EW rx :PF xx ug mining F A 3 5 M !'YiEs21X,Q: mmxlv-m ws,y:m3fjL,,j1q fm fm M mmxgmfw, me wx m mlmysgzjw XY-WE Jw Nwmfwmk ' W E ,Ms 4 ,he 5 Wh xxisgjnh 533,51 mxgfxia Wig MT? 'Wa-N 'H' .Q .V 1 ,W 1 M' A :Ml V "'vd4 ,L W. . V37 5 5 a ' Q- Q, wap, ' ""' 'Y' A WGA , . WwW4!Q'k,5 wx-v .s3' v V W' if vs Sim rw 1 E1 1 H N ., A re- ,-r A, 'x COACH IOHNNY DEAR . E 1 l r s 1 fp-s-v09'B"' G M 1'-1 .4 ,W 1 Eugene Springer KIM 36, New Mexico AGM 0 Richard Whitehead NIM 35, New Mexico A8cM 1 'NIM 30, Texas Tech , 0 'SIM 12, Texas Tech 0 NIM 27, Texas Tech 3 :se scores add up to Coach Iohnny Dear's smile and a successful season the Lobo linksmen. Arizona handed the Lobos their one defeat 27M 4M, but revenge came in the Border Conference. UNM crowded out Wildcats with whom they had shared top BC honors in '48, and secured top spot in the Conference. Eugene Zylster A1 Swimmin ,--,L N7 V - team since 1947, and the boys who made it conclu an active season by losing to Arizonrfs Wildcats in Border Conference swimming meet. Iim Leakou the field in the dive to cop first place honors but Final score tallied Arizona 52, UNM 20. Co'1ch Dick Milton headman of the UNM swimi The '49 edition of the water Lobos Back flef Bove, Iim Leakou, lim Thorsen, Leo Kelmenson. A l., l- -4, ' Thirty-live men tried out for the first UNM swimm C . , 11 emerges from the pool. . I riglztj: Rod Phillips, Phil Godfried, Bill Blathe, Ir Oakes, Ed Smith, Iohn Santersg Front: Bob Kohn, Ad Y MJ ,213-9-1-1 A i ghz: lim Leakou performs :1 perfect half gainer he cops diving honors against Arizona. Leakou is the top diver in the Border Conference. 'ow: Leo Kelmenson, left, shoots off in the 100 d free style race against a pair of Arizona men the B. C. Meet. His efforts netted him a second ce against 11 1:001 winning time. as za 1 ri is .a -H E 'W We, 9 Tennis Palaia's netmen. Back flefzf to righzj: Bob Kayne, Bill Daly, Iohnny Allen, Coach Ioe Palaiag Front: Dick Tischhauser, David Ong, Carl Webb. The future looked good to UNM tennis fans and Coach Ioe Palaia, himself a former Lobo netman, after an initial 5 to 2 victory over the New Mexico Aggies. Defeat came from the Texas Miners, also 5 to 2, and the racket- wielclers gained low scores and plenty of ex- perience from Arizona U, Arizona State, the Miners, and New Mexico A8zM. Ioe's boys looked good at the Southwest Tennis Tourney, the Arizona Intercollegiate Invitational, and in frequent matches with the big names play- ing the Southwest circuit. Freshmen netmen promised future Border Conference tennis squads plenty of competition by defeating Phoenix College in nine out of ten matches. Carl Webb plays the net as Iohnny Allen races to cover the back court. The form displayed in these two practice shots shows the stuff the Lobos used in varsity competi- tion. They could always be counted on for a fighting match. Wiry David Ong awaits the over- hand shot of Iohnny Allen on the UNM courts. i At the beginning of the season Coach Roy Iohnsonls tracl met the stiff competition of the University of Colorado by ' ing home live seconds and eleven thirds out of fifteen e UNM lost to Border Conference champion, Arizona at Tempe, but came out with Firsts in the mile run, shot javelin, and discus. Competing with the top athletes o entire Missouri Valley in the Colorado indoor meet, Fletcher Thompson ranked second in the medley shot pu' fourth in the 16 pound shot event. After defeating the Mexico Aggies 97 to 35 at Zimmerman Field, the thin-clad to Texas Tech and Arizona U. Clarence Watson Won Uf only First in the Border Conference meet. Left: Mort Tenenbaum. New Mexico's thin-clad Wolfpack. Front fleft to rightj Hart, Harry Hart, Roland Kool, Clarence Watson, N: Abeyta, Spence Devitt, Don Reid, lim McMulling Second Iess Hagy, D. Morton, W. Disrnuke, Bob Downie, Steffen son, Bill High, Bill Morrow, Back row: George Agogino, 1 uate Assistant, Ioe Silvers, Sid Kiwitt, Morton Tenenbaum, Freeman, Fletcher Thompson, Bob Miller, Coach Roy Ioh 3... Above: Iess Hagy and Iim McMu11ing Lower left: Fletcher Thornpsong Lower right: Bob Downie and lim McMullin. 5 mm 3-, mama W 'km 20 202 Ps Sn Abozfe: Spence Devitt U pper left: Bob Miller Lower left: Clarence Watson Below: For UNM, Ed Keswick S- Rx myi , Q 'Q 5 , 3 'W i 5,4- x his as xox ' 5511 ,. Q11 'if' wb-t I, f e'?f'41M"fYf?li1, 1, e 4 ' - , yfwgx 41,90 W, . ,rfflg-r X - ., ' 'W - 'fm' - , if HTH V1 Qi A f' 5 7"w .:1?L-fa 'V N W "ifji3"Kik'f3" ' ' 592 5- .. " I, fjfw? J. ,W if Above: NHYCISO Abeyta 5692 1 V 12: . ,fx-., ' .- 5 3 gg, U pper rzght: Steffen Iohnson -H-A5 .N -Ng , 1 E532 Lower rzght: S1d K1W1tt -995,5 K f 13,5 , Ergo X . , A 1 ,, , ,E Below: Don Re1d " 'lS2"!1 ----- j ggi, A "QF" E119 " ml -1 'T' gel. A +1 W4 L33 7 Lgmfx ' ox 55. ,A , ' - fir: Jiiygmfwygflifi ii Q , 'fx 1 K fe ,. 4. 1 1 "!EX' .Q' .1 4 XE Q ' M W K f -,iss f " ,gmt A ki. 4 .fo ex 203 E9 , is ,s , is- va Baseball . . 2 E m E, Aga ' its if ff na M -is wean , Asa. P , W. M .U . Bans ay Maw, an is , gsm: as .V is was si ae.-wi: -rm ti-1, k.. :L :ra 1, is. EQ' QE 1 if , I grams-rss-.H . afM mam wa. , , ,, Mx r M awww - , , - mixer K, 1 . . ,iv VA, W . V, I ,, M it f" . ww 'W x, 4Klln .4..A,..:. l 204 Petrol's pride. Front flcft to right Chuck Tomljanovich, Merle Korte, Henry Iacobs, Bob Lalicker, Vince Cappelli, Bill Stafford, Victor Starns, Lew Archart, Ken Cradle, Howie Marting Back: George Pepalka, Iim Protzer, Bobby Blizlk, Al Stovall, Art Friedman, Iohn Sanchez, Dick Hanrashaw, Roland Kurth, Al Wright, Coach Petrol. Sporting new uniforms, the Petrolmen started and finished the year with big scores. The Lobo nine topped St. Michael's College 10 to 5 'in the season opener and repeated in the last contest of the year, also against St. Mike's with a 13 to 5 tally. New Mexico Mines also doubled their share of defeat at the hands of the Hilltoppers with scores of 13 to 7 and 15 to 4. Arizona? Tempe? Hardin-Simmons? Those games the boys would rather forget. cgi HI: fc- Lfffinsg Bob Lalicker, Vince Cappelli, lim Nus- baum, and Ernest Suazo flqneelingj rest a moment during a pre-season warm-up. Coach George Petrol in the process of plac- ing one to the outfield hopefuls. 205 Boxin 206 The Lobo boxers, under the direction of Coach Willis Barnes, punched out a spectacular year of revenge and defeat. Members of the team above are: fleft lo rightj Ioe Armijo, Ioe Gomez, Nar- ciso Abeyta, Manuel Morales, George Stevens, and Coach Barnes. Back row fleft to rightj: Ray Estrabel, Frank Kramer, Wilson Knapp, and Ronald Corelli. Below: The thundering 212 pounds of Vince Fiorino hit the canvas, but the big Lobo bounced up and had scored a technical knockout while the echoes of his fall were still resounding through Carlisle Gym. P I P N In either instance the object is to hit the ball, supporting the theory there is a sport for everyone at UNM. Present participants: Above fleft to rightj: Marty Ruben- stein, Hallie Bender, Don Harwood, and Gig Krakow. Below: One of Coach I'ILII,fl11IlI'1,S boys indulges in a bit of pre-season training. DONKEY BASEBALL 207 - B -' ms I. umm 1 ss -mf H, H- sa Q amz sw -B J mm mga 4 mn is um. 1- 1' H: ws: gm, an- mf as .wg ,aw . ss am: smell. - ,. mg'-" -2 - v E 1 Wg. ,VW 51 sm mn mm EH HHH' mama - KKHNHA ma -as 1 IQ w F" my 4 L .. I N T E R S P R T ' gn, , lv ,N 9 X L A K ai X Ni is 4 'H Y, , --mv 5.-f7.:.:.:,:,. V ,, N .:.:..V . A. N Q K 4 5 x vs " 5 Q Q S 3 I i x QA fe EA fd x . x ak ,X A Q If .,,..,:k . P ,, , 7 . 0 .:,:, f W9 5 9 A X ,'-,, .,,,, 5 N 'x gf AE f 96 32 S' 2l2 Lobo threat was in the last moments ol the game when Hutchins threw a 3C yard pass to Speer which brought thc UNM team to the Rice 20. Then on an interference penalty they reached thc T one yard stripeg however, they failed in three attempts to cross the line. r Facing Hardin-Simmons at Odessa added no brightness to the Lobo record Although the Hilltoppers topped thq Cowboys in yards rushing C214-207D and played some brilliant ball, their playing was erratic and their mistakes gross. Three of the H-S tallies were scored on Lobo fumbles and an intercepted pass. Fullback Bob Cooke plunged over from the two to score the lone Lobo tally. Final score H-S 34-NuMex 7. Hughes picks up yardage against Tempe Playing their fourth straight away game the NuMex team faced Texas Western at El Paso on the followin Saturday. The Held and the men were one as the players wallowed through a farce of a game in a heav downpour with the Cherry and Silver drowning in a 7-0 loss. It was a more dismal affair for the mucker. Weldon fNo. 14D and Burnett QNQ. 495 rush to smear a Tempe opponent bf Texas Western, for the Lobos fought the weather and the Miners to hold them to this low score and almost win the game. Wilson Knapp fondled the passes of Hutchins and waded through the swamplike field to spark the vigor- ous but fruitless Lobo attack. inally at home once more, the Wolf- ack played one of their best games of :he season against Arizona State, but lost 28-19. Geared for the rompings of L 'Whizzern White, the Lobos were aught off guard by the brilliant Work f Mr. Aja as he averaged 5.5 yards in Zl attempts. Chuck Hill scored early in the first period as did Speer and . cKown in the second and fourth quarters, but Tempe's air attack proved too powerful for the home squad. Hill CNQ. 223 sets to stop a Buff end The troup of traveling Lobos forgot their football fundamentals in the fracas at Tucson the following week, propping the game to the University of Arizona 46-14. Cooke, through sheer will-power and brute force, facked up the New Mexico tallies, but it was just an off-day for the squad. Bill Speer scores 6 points against the Buffs on a pass from Hughes 2l3 fi hir Price QNU. 17D and Pharr QNO. 255 racing to down a Tech back The most spectacular game of the year was played on the succeeding Saturday at Zim- merman Field, as the Huffmanites upset Colorado 17-15. The Buffs scored 15 points in the Hrst half, but this couldn't meet the 17 point standard of second half scoring of the home team. The aerial attack of the Lobos materialized as the ends Knapp and Speer scored the two touchdowns from the fine arm of Herbie Hughesg McKown split the uprights with the two valuable conversions and then toed a 25 yard Held goal to put the game on ice in the third period. The Homecoming game, on November 19, revealed a fighting Cherry and Silver squad tiring under the strain of an overpowering team from Texas Tech. The pass defense of backs G. Brock and Morales and the punting of McKown helped hold the Red Raiders Gene Brock CNQ. 12? starting ti long kick-oi? return against Tech 2 H. 54- ? 151 5-1"'fe -vw-M M ,ug f,T 2 W5wmwwmQ r . , , g NNY. ,. f w. . ff 'H " , M , 1 . .if , , V. ,Q -J' W" ' I, 1 'X :ink 'M xg 5 W x X , ' -' x f i H, mwf.,.M.'f v'vM"' 'N MQ , .4 ,X fy , - 5 , , x .,,.,.f4 K K M. biwll ' m,gf:,.,.a.-ww. ' HH V' 222-ig, T 4 5' I VL ,Q I 'S 'S it ffffnkf' 1 sk,-tk VY' JMB 553.699 :Swfi W! fx - M- '41 . f--A ' , ' I 41 3 8 il! nm, 'A sw- if f A, 2 v Mr 'W P a 35 qi.. .. , - .. . W ry LUBD6 M mi if 3 i 'X 4' , fx it-qw, QB ., V. f l it Z .-L 5 . , , I li? . .Ia i ex ..., . ' -- I , ., ,, . . an- - -H - . v . 5 fav 1 ..,, -+R , I ., . A,,, . ., . . ,,,. .,, .1-.. . . i . . . . , , , xi i' Y.f'.1Qg s .v ft -:FL . 151-12. if . V!-H an J gg, f--1 " " - r -af . -' 1 X 1, .Wy 'L 1, ,W h - a I V - A do . yagkzfgfgug .,,. lf? V NN,-, S-,HYBIAE ' mi' 1 ,if 4 . vii l '? ' I , ,r?"f,:',-.fagllsagegsag . ,.w3"""s'tQ, ' , ' K as ii. JL i',fe-f-'W--ff' Zja- 5 ' +5Afg,.:1'f3Al?iJgV My 1 1 , ' as. 2 ftggmgff- .6 5, 1, fy f , .- g... A , t E 4 , ' ,Y sy. fy, .. .w t .. - Q38 ' 'wi , , ' - ' ao. t- M ' -.-. V - mf. 3 " "' t""""'1"' 'F f"'h9'6"""' ,'T,"" A , 'M t .A ' ww-swse'-wwvwffwweeefei-5'' ' Fran! raw: Coach Berl Hurlman, I. Brock, I. Weldon, K. Pharr, K. Kostenlaader, M. Morales, H. Hall, G, Lovett, C. Swan, Coach Walker Nichols. Second row: C. Krutcik, B. Geter, I. Watson, C. Charleton, E. Mulkey, D. McKee, G. Brock, M. Price, B. McLaughlin, R. Raabe, Coach George Petrol. Third rom: R. Kurth, R. Moffat, V. Eclsall, B. Speer, I. Martinez, I. Hutchins, M. Mathany, I. Lookingball, C. Hill, L. Burnett. lfonrfli row: I. Glasgow, D. Litchfield, I. Thornton, G. Polk, D. Crow, K. Hart, I. Stell, W. Knapp, R. Neal, F. Reynolcls, A. Bcrnitsky. Fifth row: I. McMullen, R. Martinez, D. Peterson, I. Willis, B. Brandenburg, B. Boglc, I. McKown, H. Hughes, C. Armhruster, B. Cooke, E. Hallam. . Varsity Squad The Undefeated Wolfpu ps Score board UNM Opponent 38 Flagstaff 25 34 Sandia Base 0 58 NM Aggies 13 14 West Texas 7 33 Texas West. 13 Freshman Squad First row: Coach D. Milton, P. Luke, W. High, R. Cox, D. Anderson, I. Barger, N. Bray, O. Nichols, G. Logan, Coach W. Barnes. Second ww: W. Wegcl, G. Hernandez, R. Elcler, L. Willis, A. Witkowski, B. Guiney, B. Sal- azar, G. Evans. Third row: G. Stout, C. McIntyre, I. Keenan, RCharlton, R. Snyder, L. Morris, D. Barcena, M. Orosco. Fourth row: I. Watson, I. Agos, W. Hunter, A. Peterson, D. Brett, R. Taplon, M. McSmith, M. Mellonfont. Score Boa rd NM Opponent iEastern NM 32 Duquesne 55 West Virginia 56 Kent State 63 Seton Hall 62 Iona College 61 i"Hardin-Sim. 52 tiexas Tech 48 West Texas 37 Hardin-Sim. 69 W. M. A8iM 61 Nl. M. A8iM 54 'exas Western 69 TJ. ot Arizona 57 Texas Western 55 TWest Texas 70 J. ot Arizona Tl 'empe 96 Flagstatl 58 tTempe Tl ttlagstalt 56 OITIC g21l11CS Frank Kremer takes a one-handed push shot Basketball Close-up This year witnessed a youthful team win only four games in 16 conference starts-which netted them just one slot above the cellar in the B-C race. How- ever, the records do not reveal the real truths about this year's Clements' crew, for the basketball fans watched a green squad in December shape themselves into a winning team of fine ball players in their last two games of the season. With a troupe of 1 senior, 2 juniors, and the rest sophomores, Coach Clements was faced with inexperience, but by constantly switching the line-up he Bill Swenson gets fouled as he pivots for a pass f f X Q Y X VZ X , Q .e.. A A if N4 fr' N e. 'A " ws , , vs 1, fi + ::.' w Y 1121 5 X Y A ,, N f. s 6 Q a s O 3, X- .1-' 4 1- Ira. Q ' x ..,. . . I I 7, 35 . Q :I 2 XX ' . , Ii b . ,. A , I 5 Q V if :away 4 ! N q 'wird f ' ' XY ' g YV ff -rg, ,,.,. D W .V L SX 7. 1 . ,ff , v i gt , . . 1 1 f V I . -N . 1 -f ,, . , . ff- J ' Wm. , Mfg. ' z fy , J , V A? J EEE- fi 4 ff ivy y 4 . Q 7 ' I- A 4 5 I I V 1 xx gg, N 5: ' X, , 5 .. ' MI: rr asf' ,vw 255 'Yr' ,I 114552 95 I 0 Y ,Q in ,V .ug ' ..,. 'f 1 M Ufrff "Tiff ,Q -,W V A lf , f A+: - "3- a: :. , ' x- ' 65 Ark' ' A 1, ' f -' " , "va wr- - H ' "" ..,.,, , 1. AM.. , -Z. ' ' 5 f Q W , ww 4' H by - , . I .f ff. in 4 -' :Q . - Y u - .' iw-g J gl :-,, 15 k. 1 JU- I r' A , 4 I '55 1 " 3 N. Q 1-,fx ,. xx ' '--f "r'j 7, 1-mf - 2,154 ' -2 ' j I 77Q'if, fL X J If , V y " . f .-:-21 ' 2. . f ""' ' vga g ,, 1 , - ww, V' ' W :gms up , .gg .11, ::::::: 1 '14-f' 1' 5",:"X.9l'iff'f 'B L'-. iieifiicf-. 1?,,gf """ 3-I" ' -gi V55 S - vvv p f- ' W1 W' 1261 Mp," , ' . 1, ,. ' , ,, ::' ' Qrfksf, 'if m ix 'fi 'V f x 1 4 H ,t v'vA"I ,,.,. . , ' -"' J? .,., " - . . 'W f 4 I W , 1' ' W ,: '5 J., 4 .Q -. M "Q A , l ' .... . ,.:.., , . X .1-if gig 5 L Y f Q 2. ,J Q s:s:a:a:5:::a:af55- "' ' 6 ' L 4 x K .wx 1 ' if 4 L, El, ,Llc I 'Lg 4 ui .K , Q 1 Xi E ,X .. . Q, v -E- .vw 'fx if ,.., L, ,'11-2f: "'-X-V-iiik kfi f. 2 I -A fl' f J! :. 4 S fe' 1 L ,lbllr I' ,M ---: ..,, 1 x x i aiu 5 xx Q 4,95 1 8 VI l 7 A3 5 W A5 3 4 ill 5 45 7 , R ' J, 4 1 i , W' Y ' F 1- X5 yi , 'Fa 58,1 r 5'- -'-1255521 7- L 5 K 5 , s y 2 . ' A Sm T v 2 'Q ' 3 ' 1 X, 'J , K K 'j',.'f"" , M 1- ' Lf H ,L ... 44, .:.::::::::-:::-5:5-:EfEffZ,IIfz: """' -:-:-: : -25511 . ,::::::5: ,WH -, ,. ' "" "f"-::1a,...s5:::,.Q,2iTf'f"::::::E5 55:4 L, 'f-Xfi.!'Knf,w :F - ,S :A Y wi, , 1:53 L: ',x,,.xjw Q: , A 3 42 , s A S l 1 1 X 11 Q. :.:. I+: :2 K Y Q y f 3: L f .,. T wa.-.522 .xx '.. 1 f wr . 1 X 1 ' x , s Q f Q ' 4 L .T q3,.kL 3 S N 1 wr Wfhig lb X 7 1 215' f ' P X QW I , .... , , K QQQQ 33 ' -L Z ' w "1 f rifwk m 'Tl' L K ' ., f K E ' am W3 fit' Aw rl ,SX md Ewsu 'i ' b ,.,,., i A . l N, A :,.,: fs was M Ive if x . V ,L Q asf ,wi Bmw X. Intramurals 222 The 220 low hurdles-won by the Rockets This year through the Work of Iohn Dolzadelli and the intramural council -the intramural sports program has become well organized and keenly com- petitive. All active sports are partici- pated in by the fraternity and inde- pendent entries. Thus far this year the swimming crown has been won by the Pikesg tennis by the Civil Engineersg basketball-the Phi Deltsg baseball- Sigma Chi 5 golf-Kappa Sigma 5 hand- ball--the Ierboans and Independentsg cross country-the Pikesg football- Sigma Chig bowling-Civil Engineersg and track-the Pikes. The Kappa Sigs take a jump-off against the Phi Dclt champs Skiing . , Ulf. .V ,M ,Q .,,. - ,,: ,V.. i iwiiwsi it f 'Wi - - L A 'fa A wwf. , ii-N , if iiii 1 i , Af Q : ,aw-2. Q25 , , V. ix W 1.4 A , 5 '- ww' if? ' K, J 'ge 4 Q, . " 4 , ,ig-1 W " 15159, wrtfgi 'M fi '- ' " W ' 1. FL A349 an , WW. y"A y,,, ggi., . Y ,, iwgfi 1 33? fx ' "K dy was N 5 Miiiwqmwd' , 1 Nffjvgfyw ,V mmnwmmwfwvg 'Www f' sf 0+ A K ..M-it f- ' New J! A ,A Q " .V M19 LH. . M, ,-,.. , .t MY --:-: A M , F ,V .i"iMf.:.f-2-5 W5 WW I VT wWav,waa,.3, -S w.w,,,,, ' gvlm. " -V-Mwmisnrf Mwwmwaag' -, 954-v ' T U' 4: ff' aw 4'+" Wm QQMMWS i--QP M... -- wg 7 W- - 'i if W ,gf W5 N if ,WM lil "" feww, 'V ' A' gig gm, ...WQPQ , 4. -.1 4 M in' c U ,H A , A I mm r3g3v"W ., W A K A g --vwwwfr-wig. :' , - 5 if ii mmf ,MW W - iq if . fi-wr x ja U KA I . I - W k ii, ' ' "" is -' W .im--nw "'i!l :Emi Wm sz .. A,,e+:,.i -,H , WW , , .,..,,,.,., WW 'aww .- ' W A A I J X x A i A V is , , , .. ,ziunl ,., : f. ,U , 'k -' 1 N ..-, ., QVHHIHH: :E :ZE in ,. ., A , ,.... L. , ,.,, ,. A, 95 4- M ii iii ii ,i i , i , i uw A . - i ii ' 3 i if 1+ In . f ....,.,. 5 :asp-2-' . ,iv M3-5011, " ' M A UNM ski enthusiast being trained in the use of the "snow-plow" 223 YH ggi, fc" P J. I! 4' gczzfums' 1 ff .iff -i 44' ' ,f' T-nv 'rig- f' , - 4' - -'if ' 4'--.i"il- - - ,,g 'lm li? 6 JN We fa. . l:l.E3.m'. UNM's latest tradition . . . a fabulous fun-fest based on the triumphant re-entry of de Vargas into Santa Fe in 1692 . . . the metamorphosis of faculty and students into such diverse per- sonages as kings and queens, senoritas and peons, conquistadores and degenerate burros .. . the twilight procession past sorority and fraternity houses culminating in the joyous burning of Old Man Gloom . . . the shower of fireworks above the luminarios . . . horse drawn floats . . . festive crowds . . . western dances. . . "La Grand Baile de la Fiesta" . . . chili and tacos . . . colorful costumes and Pi- nata prizes . . . music at midnight . . . sleepy couples . . . dreams of future fiestas . . . ...l949 225 226 ...,. - ., -A-.w aa-1 King Iorrin and Queen Adams trip to a bit of Spanish fantasia in the IAA patio. 2 Blue-jeaned cowhands, the scarlet sashes of Spanish vaqueros, and the White blouses of senoritas highlight the Spanish dances. Vim Matador Iack Curtis teasing the Irion-ic bull composed of Bill Dame, and Dr. Frederick Irion. Below: Ezferyofzc has their picture taken While enjoying IAA hospital- ity, Southwestern style. la Qissfa Milton Price, Ciddie Cain, lean Mel- lort, and Bob Wirnple busily engaged in "Put your little foot." Below: People having fun throwing their money away at the Alpha Epsi- lon Pi concession. These twenty-five Zuni girls, usually disguised as Chi Omegas, walked off with First prize in the Fiesta parade. Grand enough for any Mexican Hat Dance is the "beeg sombreron on the Pi Kappa Alpha float, enhanced by Buddy Chapel, Bob Davee, Charleen Rutter, and Russ Duke. is 227 J IH: Lindalie Mock, Patty Bailes, and Pat Perkins participate in putting out the candle at the Pan Hellenic concession. 'fore and aft 000 and brother, what a concession! ' M 'iwgfyf' ' 1. W H . H Wsjiigll 2 my V an -www.-1 , 'fn M Q ra - Qmfi '55 2, K- . ,1- 41.-1' p- 'Y ,P 'Ky -- ' 'rf ,C N, .. ---. .L The Ierboans Hy high on Coronado Avenue. The Kappa Sigs with their own brand of fiesta spirit. , ,f , ,f, ,lf tract dance Those pioneering Delta Sigma Pi's! "Xoch0lmico!" puff the Theta's, but it's really a little boat of flowers. A Ml ' 4 230 Mir SE XX , ' J Sngzmfer LABORATORY EXPERIMENT DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING Iignre I TiTLiv1: I Evaluation ofEI:1stic Limit DATE OF EXPERIMENT: St. Pz1t1'ick's Duy NO. OF EXPERIMENTS: Unlimited PERFORMEID BY: Color-Iilintl Engineers and canny colleens. Figure REFERENCES: Freshmen Engineers. OBIECT: To determine their ability to buss blurney stone while in process of rotation. RESULTS: As the freshmen ennIuretI the severe tests without loss of any matter they were pronouneetl sound elements in the Corp of Engineers. .P U I it ' Y' R Ag v f fi ay-1949 Figure 3 OBJECT: To test and try the underwater endurance of A8zS resistive bodies. APPARATUS: Positive Engineers, negative A5zS men, and one large sump. RESULTS: This acid test revealed the resistive bodies as possessing varying degrees of good humor, sportsmanship, and . saturation. i H fig W ? Figure 4 NATURE OF EXPERIMENT: The flexure test applied to a wooden ladder, and the perma- nency of the A8zS flag. PERF ORMED BY: Defiant H2132 Engineers scattering particles of the A8zS nucleus. RESULTS: The evaporation of one A8zS Hag, diffusion of A8zS students, and the overwhelming Hux and infiltration of Engineers about the campus. 3-1 Figure 3 2 .4 lmzugurafinn of 1 232 Bill Fields became Student Body President in a short, but impressive inauguration in the SUB, October 1, 1949. Dave Kimball, chairman of the judiciary committee, administered the oath to the new president. Mr. Fields key-noted his first speech to the student body with the state- ment that in the future "people will not say Albuquerque is the location of the University of New Mexico, but rather, that the University of New Mexico is located at Albuquerque." Speeches by Bob Granick and Dave Kimball followed and the official delegates were pre- sented to President Fields. Tom Sleeth and Barbara Wykes registered the official delegates to the inauguration. - i REGISTER' HERE w Y: . .' . l lf, ,ii .r E N A--f-VX ,KW R N ,.-, K, warm nu' -v ubgg- fswwsg, wh, glam A 5, j. 5 ui X 'M - 2 Qff.mf4. , .,Lg ,. ,A Q .g Mffhw 3 sz, x ,S ,V 3 Zu Y Q W IW gf: JE 2 ..-. Nw A az Emfzfzzi K x x J SM , in X ' ' k ,Q I v , .MX M it A 5 i A X 'i HV: k 1541. s - ' fm Vf A ',f'f5g, . mwffffaf' .f K., if BW pl t , . 'K 'Wi .. L' 2 - ,Q -:::-.:s:- 5? 1ri,V?,f? " W ' 'ggi W ,, K., . M ,.,.. ,.,.,.,.. af mfg: -my EFL i if :.,.,, E I . Qi mmm ' iriwtiwix 4, Uni, f R, Wzxui 4 E ss 1 -.f if L.: ? sr . ,ily ,vw X Lf? .f a Sadie Qsobj Hawkins Day, an event set in motion by Hekzebiah Hawkins, Mayor of Dogpatch, and recorded for posterity by that illustrious historian, Al Capp, is celebrated in the traditional manner by Daisy Mae Ueanj Troxel, Li'l Abner CConniej Down- ing and Hairless Ioe CRayj McKay. Hairless Ioe took to the trees, Li'l Abner tried to slide down the sprinkler system, but Sadie, like all the Uhowlin' mess of unwed gals" just kept "a-screechin' and a-clawinm until she got her men. The annual Sadie Hawkins dance, sponsored by the Associated Women Students, was highlighted by decorations of dirty laundry hanging from the orchestra stand, an old cabin draped on the chandeliers, and sil- houettes of popular Dogpatch characters. Marryin, Sam was on hand for the nmarryin' up" ceremonies, and prizes were given for the best costumes. Sadie Hawkins Day OME BUS BBN 411, V N .y N it 3 1 .lixfi 1 Iii' 1 .. ..,....... -5:1294 -3 :mv mmm sm 1 ss a ss ww :nm x K:-swam a wi 1 -Km Q2 K, ,X A W1 Qw '-i: 5 K , k . .5,. is illiam X3 W LEX n Q Q z ueen ss fx- awxrnm xx 'v Q4 nm nw ms ,. - - ,A A -.. N 4-'Vg nl H 1 H 1 E EBSQ!!! H . . Q.,- Em fsawmfissn V35 ':, isigfifil QWM, ,l sm qggggiggw L AWEWEW- E gs a :hw ww U f' .Q ,B was --awww Y in My f ts .g,.Mg B mamma an as an EE n an mx-ug ,M QQQM S3 ham .5 E xv -VY A as QE E ,umm W . 55 " N , as , I -:if gf Wm My .. E - A EE , , M ME 3 'W 35 l.m1W,1Jv' was Ffa mm? .. ' 1 "R-A M53515::f:!2f:I:.:.EEi?'5:ii': KWH WV H R- WWW: L ,. www H-E M - - , wfmwww- mari w Q W Y A mg? W 1 SW SQ ., M W M H ig N nw., fx-W.. f xx .gym M ' H Q A L, H ,ia m.,lgL N X ,I I T A E K 1 5.33 ,v Hwiwea 'Wg SS L X , N Sm . :Wg N , M M255 f M W EEHQE' u Q: L , Mmwffly X ---W W M2 ' MNH 2-35: -TQ f . X. . - 'Q L M .ssamw H-Wfigyal, wk.. Q, , ,X E SH E 2 H A 1 fu N MANM K, , -gwi X 'wgggg ms ,Q N115 .- Q-3 .fn sdxss -L W--1 agg- jf . .A M . mx. 1,4 xx E Q E , S ,. .M,X,,, 'X f g R ,V 7, Tx. . nw ni an , J H ,V M A, W 5 I 'A S811 ' Zahn ,E . . A E H Q gb Q" A A H A ' Q Q . ,ms ,mn ,gym , an 'H fm Q E mmmngm v 1 Ban msgs ,awww ms-saw an mm may ,ms.wwwsiu. swam sw naman Q wf mafm Mira 6 Beauty Hall! Beauty Queen, Sue Thorvvell, Chi Omega, strikes a charming pose, just after her crowning at the Mirage ball. Lower left, Beauty Queen attendant, Valerie Karnm, Delta Delta Delta. Lower right, Beauty Queen attendant, Sally Masury, Hokona- Marron. a wma 5.55 my Q- 'nlm , w. -'wk , , - ww A QE nina E em ss X A-rms - aww 'k w . As 'mimi .353-"WL X ii wk 5: Xgfwzh ig-ll? , . .. J, 3? Q 5, 'H , 45? if " 2, ' f 5' by 1 I fu , 'H lg? R sash shi?" ,V Wm 4 wiv 1 Wk: fe 1 f Tim! .al--XJQQW A if " . .zu X' , gr - .M 1 Yi, an f ,ff I in In v x 14 ' 4 S5 , 4 Q22 MA LW ,513 X , h K- .l ,W 75 Q 1 X . 1 "V A., Q lfli zggiig- . ,,,, 4 Z ZIRETI L mu .aa .. s -. Student Bar Association OFFICERS PRESIDENT h7lCE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Sizcunmnv TIKEASURER Richard Civerola George Murphy Tim Woolstoii Phil Click Fred Calkins The Student Bar Association is an organization for the students in the College of Law. It was formed on the campus of UNM in the fall of 1947, and has the duofold purpose of being a governing body and a social organization. Among the most popular of its activities is a luncheon every two weeks at which a prominent lawyer or citizen is asked to speak. Also on its list of social activities have been smokers, picnics, and dances. Among the contemplated projects for the future is the publication of a Law Review. The establishing of legal aid for indigent persons of Albuquerque has been supported and encouraged. This project would also have for its purpose the providing of practical experience for senior law students. First row: G. LeDane, Pierson, C. Groh, B. Marchiondo, Fulton, Escalante, D. Civerolo, G. Murphy, 'l'. Woolston, H. Cushing, W. Thomp- son. SC!'0l1l1l'0lUf I-I. Rosebrough, F. Calkins, H. Traub, M. McGlamery, I. Woods, Chacon, Lopez, Anderson, DeSclms, Laboto, P. Schwartz. Third row: R. Calvin, I. Kohler, Zirke, H. Walker, I. Zucht, Batoni, Buchanan, Sanchez, Knight, D. Davis, M. Daily. Fonrlh row: I. Connelly, Fletcher, Zimmerman, Dannery, Mrs. Daily, P. Robinson, P. Click, G. Long, L. Burnham, Halzell, VVilliams, Doughlas, T. Wershing, D. Fowler, Conn, B. Horton, D. Soza, T. Roberts, I. Sheldon, F. Tharpe, A. Sceresse, A. Lebeck. 244 The New Grid Coach Pictured on the right is Dr. Dudley S. DeGroot who was named head football coach for UNM on Ianuary 27, 1950. DeGroot was an All-American center in 1922 While playing for Stanford under "Pop,' VVarner. From 1932-39 he coached the San Iose State College team-Winning four conference championships, and from 1937-39 his team Won 36 games, lost 2, and tied 2-also being the nation's highest scoring football team. He was head coach at Rochester University from 1940-43, Winning 24 games while losing 6. Next he gave his services to professional football as coach of the Wasliiiigtori Redskins 1944-45, and then as coach of the Los Angeles Dons 1946-47. His Redskin squad won the Eastern Division title in '45. DeGroot moved next to West Virginia, and directed his "Mountaineers" into the Sun Bowl at El Paso and a victory over Texas Mines in 1949. Shown below on the left is Dr. DeGroot being greeted at the airport by Director of Athletics, Berl Huffman, and on the right Coach DeGroot signs the contract as Presi- dent Popejoy, seated, Dr. Fleck, and Mr. Huffman look on. as . a 1 fudy-time Suu-time Cram, cram, cram . . . Hally Barton is just plain bored with it all, and Ann Iackson doesn't seem to give a perplexed, pardon the expression, dang about the Whole thing. "Advertising," it says in the book, "is a medium . . ." who cares? Ioyce Stevens and Polly Nason will settle for a sun bath, a cold drink, and a less than medium amount of studying. if 2: W 1, ff.: 7' l"'22l:l4.'Q ' :T 0 , .S 5 :iff 'ull' ix f Q NISIJ asa q y 1' 'N Y 'I '56- ui ' 1 'Q ti i' 'FW' 1 Advlsers, bless the1r heart, are always eager to load one up W1th snap courses Dr C W Beck, above, cheerfully advxses M1ke Beeler on the snap summer courses 111 the Geology Department But fh1S character on the r1gl1t has the happy solunon and 1t 1sn t Geology courses Iust find a patch of shade, a llttle sun, a book W1th b1g pr1nt and no 11lfOI'II12lUOI1, and the Sym phony on a qu1et Sunday afternoon w1at more could my hard WOI'lC1IlU student desxre, or adv1sor expect? iw. 3 ' - fy We Q C C cr 5 as ' . . . . , l 0 I C O I . . L - 2 D ' Betty Bentley, a Iournalism major from Albuquerque, has worked on the Lobo as a reporter '46-'47, as an Associate Editor '49, as the Editor for the Summer Session, '49, and as Managing Editor '49-'50. She is also a Kappa, a member of the Press Club, and a member of the Student Senate '48-'50 and Secretary of that body for '49-'50. In 1948 she was a Mirage Beauty Queen attendant. Zluzwfal Fred Wong, a Fine Arts student from Buffalo, New York, is perhaps best known for his work as a Lobo and Mirage cartoonist. He was also a member of Vigilantes in 1948-49. As a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity he has served in the offices of Vice-President, Pledgemaster, Secretary, I.F.C. Representative, and was a charter member of the organization. Anne Kelsey, a Fine Arts major living in the city, has often been seen on the stage of Rodey Theater in such plays as Admirable Crichton, Outward Bound, Firemanir Flame, Tufelfllz Night, Peer Gym, and S uppressed Desires. 'She has also worked in the production of the Rodey plays in the following capacities: costume crew, lighting crew, scene designer, painting crew, box office worker. Fenton Kelly, who hails from Winnetka, Illinois, is the Student Body Entertainment Chairman, and has Hlled this post for one and a half years. He is also the social chairman of Barracks 209, Kirtland Field, and the Independent Council. He is President of Independent Men, and an active member of U.S.P., Student Senate, and Ierboans, and was a member of the U.N.M. Gun Club, Planning Committee, and the Fiesta Committee. Mary Alice Elkin, who makes her home in Albuquerque and is in Arts 8: Sciences, is a member of Town Club for whom she has been President and Treasurer. She is also a member of the Student Senate, and Secretary ofthe Student Council. For two years she has debated for the Forensic Society and is their Secretary. She was a member of Spurs, and now belongs to the Independent Council and Tau Kappa Alpha. Notables Bill Richardson is a town-boy majoring in English and Iournalism. He is President of the UNM Press 'Club, and of Sigma Delta 'Chi. In 1946-7 he was president of the UNM Band. He has played with the Civic Symphony for two years, and with Marty Baum's band for Hve years. In the Summer of '49 he was Lobo Business and Circulation Manager, and Associate Editor in 1949-50. V Helen Holt, who hails from Illinois, is often to be seen handling the tickets at the showing of the Foreign Film Series. Helen is also a mem- ber of Alpha Kappa Delta, and in '48-'49 she was the Treasurer and Proctor of Dorm D. She has worked during most of her college career, and is currently employed at the Library, and in '48 she Worked during Registration. Her major is Sociology and Government. Pat Grannis, a student in the Inter-American Affairs department, from Ohio, has held and still holds memberships in such organizations as the Spurs, University Glee Club, University Mixer Chorus, Phi Sigma Iota, Tennis Club, Hiking Club, and the position of Secretary for the U.S.P. Pat also is on the Publications Board and the Student Standards Com- mittee. She attends the University on an IAA scholarship. Qaculfy in Activa Albozfct' Mr. R. Grenchik, left, and Mr. Wm. Clayton engage in a game of chess While Bill Nobles kibitzes. Upper left: Dr. Pearce, English Department, glances through one of the many books lining his oH:1ce wall. Right cefzlczx' Kurt Frederick conducts the Albuquerque Symphony in a practice session. Below: Dr. Robert Allen, Mrs. Gene Adams, and Dean Ried discuss the debate team. Above: Professor George Robert relaxes in one of the Music Department music rooms. U pper riglzzi Mr. Everton Conger tries out the new photo lab in the journal- isni building. Rz'g!zt.' Mrs. O'Grady stops saying, "The SUB is closed,', long enough to catch up on the day's news. Below: Dean Gausewitz and Eunice Hoyland present Raquel Marquez with a law school award. Workmen on the scene of the new Civil Engi- neering Building. . . M. .Sifpands Dorm D. residents no longer, need to put hot water bottles on the radiators. The new heat- ing plant puts the heat away out there! The Iournalism Department started with a small class of students interested in news- paper work, which met in one room, acquired one-half of a temporary barracks, and in 1950, graduated into a full fledged department with its own building. Che llzeieersiiy Pregrizm Series The University Program Series is a project of the Associated Students of the University of New Mex- ico. Its purpose is to bring to students entertainment of a high character, and to give them an oppor tunity to see and hear outstanding personalities, and to introduce them to new forms of platform art. Nine different features were presented this year, each one a foremost example of its kind. The enthusi- astic response of the students to the 1950 Series assures its continuing success. Above, Dr. Sherman Smith, Director of Student Affairs, listens appreciatively to the 20th Century troubador, Richard Dyer-Bennet. First in the Series, Dyer-Bennet is a minstrel who has learned from old masters the secrets of singing folk songs whether they be lusty Elizabethan ballads, melodic Six- teenth Century arias, or mountain lyrics. 253 254 1' J , :Hill 'I 59 A' s "i-cgtflfgsti. H was " dw was kKf" T. . M 111 me was . .4 -X?f'G1:,'jg, Qc-Y ' Airgas y fb 'W' Kenneth Spencfr Mr. Spencer has come to be knownlas the great American basso. He has thrilled audiences throughout the United States and Canada in recital and as soloist with the New York Philharmonic-Symphony, Los Angeles Philhar- monic, Detroit, Austin, Houston, Rochester, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Denver Symphonies. On Broadway, he sang the role of joe QOl' Man Riverj in the hit revival of "Show Boatf' He has appeared in the MGM motion pictures, "Cabin in the Skyn and "Bataanf' , si i X i, is 5 fi ' fl' ' -lx llllign, limi! Augua fufers Miss Enters has achieved fame in four artistic Fields: in the theater, as a painter and sculptor, as an author, and as a motion picture scenarist. As a creative genius, Miss Enters is the greatest feminine mime of our day. She creates characters, images and dramatic events on the stage, has given more than fifty American and European one-woman shows of her painting and sculptures, her self-illustrated book, of personal remembrance, "Silly Girl," was a Book-of-the-Month-Club selec- tion g and she was scenarist for the MGM Films, "Lost Angel," and "Tenth Avenue Angel." W is mm Cflb' ,llustriuu Studcuts Cuur Thirty-one Austrian students on tour of the United States appeared at the University in a wonderful per- formance of folk songs and dances, and recitations of poetry. Three gay and colorful presentations in native Austrian costumes were given to Albuquerque audiences. The purpose of the tour was to enable the Austrian students to learn the American Way of life, study Amer- ican educational methods, and on the other hand to acquaint America with Austrian culture and folk lore and to Win for their country the sympathy and under- standing of the American people. Ogdcu Nash Mr. Nash did just a little bit of everything before he began his career as a writer of light verse. This pleasant vocation started while he was in the advertising depart- ment of Doubleday Page. Except for a brief tenure as managing editor of The New Yorker, Mr. Nash has concentrated for some twenty years on "writing bad verse deliberately." I-Ie Wrote the lyrics and was co- author of "One Touch of Venus." He is shown here chatting with Ed Glaser and Betty Bentley. Kzfdey Cheafer 256 Above: lim Morley and Alice Hayes in Aria de Capo. Below: lim Morley and lane Eubanks in Pay- ment Deferred, a summer production of the New Mexico Players, Guild. Among the hardest-working students on campus are those who devote their time, energy, and talent to Rodey Theater. This year the Drama Department carried forward its grow- ing tradition of the best in dramatic entertainment with four outstanding productions, all of which were marked by con- scientiousness and careful workmanship. The Rodeyites wasted no time in getting started on the season's work, and in October their first production, Iohn Patrick's play of wartime confiict, The Hasty Hearl, opened for a ten-night run. The second play, Twelfth Night, was presented in Decemberg with lines by Shakespeare, intel- ligent acting, and magnificent costuming by Leonard DeLeon, the play proved again the admirable versatility of Rodey players. The second semester brought the production of two more plays of widely contrasting moods. The first was Rose Franken's modern drama of domestic discord, Another Language, and the final production was Hendrik Ibsenis Peer Gym, with impressive staging, and participation by the Art and Music Departments. There's more to presenting Ll play than going before the foot- lights, as Bill Greene demon- strates here. He is carefully painting a backdrop for The Ff7'6I72flIl,.9' Flame, one of last season's outstanding successes. The technical side of drama- settings, lighting, costumes- means many hours of work for drama majors. The fabulous Firebelles of The FiI'C772lZ7l!5 Flame - Barbara Griffin, Barbara Eager, Anne Kelsey, Shirley Ramsey, and Sandy Levitt-go into their act for the pleasure of the bald- headed row. 257 IEW, N - - wg I f'5f 5f , L" QMS ' mimi Wie xv ffzfegi mx ? Q, lqzfjm ii Q ' "4" Q i ...,: a H'K?5?5255FW f mg W, ings '- i gw ,fzfmi Y 1 3, ,M Q, ,visa 2 Q -1+-:xx 'kk 'vm an fm, ww mf., .4 Q , , if 1 ,s ,A 'Y i -, 'a , , ' 1 ST, E N gf'-, S Q' iii , H -J " V A , 'fig , ' ' Qpgfi' .:...:.: ,:..,,.1 ' G 'v , . 1 -.-Hs., , Q :A x X mm . 5 fx . sism. lf! , H! ug? I ,,w,.:x , TA ,M , Jw ii f -X 6 ,H yy lm.: U E gg K K" '. , -TENS., H--Q . sw ,, fwf , 55 I, : 2. ,yy-- I, 3 P in W - ' L' 2 -:.:sas5.I f H ,iz EK' 1 s ,A .. ,x N , "slap ef , ff A! I f af 4 -5 M475 ... flax, iigjf- , W ft? A - lfif' 3 W f f H 5 f ' A Q wsx 19.317-E 915, f W ,ge 36 X bk ,,,,,,,, , , W l L kfmmq ixflih-1Ssq,15'-qw:rf-ami . f1,:,,k,..i. L1 fl , . me X A -iam ' qi wifff .... .ff :, ivsssQ sfQ ff efs.1, XM' We-1 M' mm- 'Q 'AMW W YT, Y""' ' 'f"'Qk -1 W' aff f'f"fW"'?Fii,.' Enya' Wggggszzxvwr' " V .L VLH f--, ,ns.X , -Mm,W -KL- f f is , fg .,s1,,, mag , 52 -L A I Y W QLYN aw- P59 K - K L In ., 2.1--fax X fff ' f N 'fxiisi-, ,fl gflfgiiv if C W f -.H -A -lf . yf ff I f P x K Q , Q' HQ ' Q! LH,- I b Y 4 3' w Q' ' 'f X I V fu r "1 ,.:g1?f51.'s.:am .i... ., ,- , 1 "" " ' -""-- a- -- T:-'frr'w.v:Ti"f' -g.,,,,-.f 113:-rf: ' H , '- I 'K , N, xx ,Q " 'x wx . xy, 'f ,gs Jr, I . N, ' ' -'-'.-1a55:5:g5g- I Q3 f ,Nmwf . -55: """ : 5: fxxxg 'H . i gg :.x.:fk,',-,ZX M-.ENN ' -VT' i 1, 354214 5 'Q A. QUT M -ivE,,sf ji ' ,1 ., 331 gg. u ,355 V. Qggg, . 452-. "fi iff? I if if ,.,jQ'f wg if . ii ff sf,- M,,.. L.., . wx , A3 4 Q 4 ' . 35" , Msg, -A L' ' V5 ,.i'1'?Q"'f f xr X ,ly v' ' "N gagif Q ff? A l ff i fp fi +152 'Q In '.-'gk Sz' in V J , Aj ' g f 733' Q A f wie , 1 if v Y ,' A . ., '. A 4 fl , I6 ' '?gg:.' Gif., - V , 4- , .4 I xg. 5 . M' "ff s. 3 fav! 15 1 " ,X "WW, ,,g X . : 1 . . ff' .,m f"w X.. . . A U .. 1 We , few ' K 4 -vqigfu f 71, x :Sy - f f fx L N, , P5 .,.. L 52 Q . ' - " V fy ' .,,.. 1 M ' - K3 ig' 52 Rx- '15, x- 5- . w Q - 5 C lib. ,,.:.. -. ,y 'V A5 K -.44 N . x J . "' :W ' ' ,. . f . 2 5, ' - V' ,A mx I R .15 , f' ,A ---,, ,.2, - ' ' , J .. ' ,ff x ' W - Y- if 4 1 1 'tg X. ' ' , . ,.., . , ' Q wif" . j' 532 . ' Q , 'AE :I P 4 5' ' MQ., ...... 5 .' 'QA A I-:-. . .Lk '1 M 4. ssl V 4 S, ' fa .. f'fI5 if . 535 Ak . if ' i 3?I ,W W :- '1 asm-'-1 V :a 1, .....,. . " 52 f -, ' ,f Jr .Q Q-fliw 1 'w 4. , K' 3 1 ,ff ,vm ,Ji ig, -, f' , f-vfifw fewfrziw- l 1 -H 2' , 1 N - A' I 5 , K Ai ,af 2 ,M .W K . l , , f- f. 1 V A ,, , I-L. .,.. g .fs -A 3 .5 A A 5: """ I '--1 -L r .,:, ,- ' .. , ,xii 211 ' f x x 'I-2, L 41 vi H ' f , . f .. A :HF EBI' . . ' 2 ff J. H -- E A. , E x ' '- .... ff 1- .-.-- ' If ..... ---- I Q " X E .,.. 'V k'l.'.255f5fi3?3"-'.'1 -' ""' 2155251 'If' 1 ' . ' -'-'- 1 "'- , ,g 4- "" , . ,. ,,,,, - g,M,, ? -'-v ""' ., ,.,. -a w.. . I " 1 1 4, .2 V K 1 lv,-sm - . . H V f f. TV " -if .' i .1 N Mi cellmfzcrfu Cfulfurc' 'E ' 'li ' 'www-TLQQ: ..... 2 .2. .,.,.: Ii? in - ::::::-'-bf" :ia .. -ai. M .2 - V i 4:55252 Q W li 5 ff. i it a t ,? sf Q ,, as if ' 4 W 'Za iii' ' 335353 , ? 1 K " 4 2 gigs 7 4 I :,. ' 1 fi - lf f f'il'A 'P '-4 . 33 ja H193 si' ,211 , -Ml? . 13 ..... fl rr 7 ,Y N 1 Leonard DeLeon views one of the many art displays exhibited fg by the Art Department in their building. Iames Wliitlow gives a recital, ac- companied by Mrs. G. Dawson, in one of the many recitals sponsored by the Music Department. Seated about the table, left to right, are Ted Phillips, Helen Holt, Bill Dame, Dr. Barnard, and Anita Baca, who are responsible for the Foreign Film Series. em. my inllp' il' fx W, Ni, W 2, My :Qgsgv e f .K Miagiw. '55, ,, ki .mm ,... X s xy - X ag:-i.h." J. Wwffrif if g- M Fr W if Mc ,, ns , , .. 41 , - - H - NL Mfr- s,M.f!,, K L! 5 g Jin, 5 . 5 . , ,x .. , r s I W , f-x "W Xia Www ,',,' , Mag U15 jansvn Galle y "Double View of Raymond Ionson," by Henry Clark Raymond Ionson, professor of art, is the lifetime manager of the Ionson Gallery, the University of New Mexico's first permanent art laboratory. The Gallery was made possible through the gifts of Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Rand, Ir., Miss Amelia E. White, and Professor and Mrs. Ionson, who sold their home and donated its proceeds to the project. The Gallery provides a convenient spot for painters to meet in roundtable discussion, aids in the projecting of certain definite concepts of painting, and pro- vides exhibition space for the work of various artists. Ionsonis work has ranged from the realistic to the absolute in many styles and methods. I-Ie is repre- sented in many museums, public institutions and private collections, and has held one man shows in various states.. 6 262 "City Perspectives," an oil by Raymond Ionson "Fantasy,', a pencil drawing, by Raymond Ionson Tv., M Hluterlocked Forms-Motion," a watercolor by Raymond Ionson Professor and Mrs. Ionson holding the artist's painting, "Study-Bottle" -X M- ' Y'-Q 1, , M 'iw 1 H . fffg 2 a A 'K x 1 .f3SEF,i.x5f,-W WM m m Quik lim " 5?g"gfEi757fu"Jfl"'i 3 'W V off? -UK M TX I K LB ?!f,' XD' 'W ' vw 77? 4" 'Q- MV ,W r . W W +22 mg dt' rm Mgkqir F , xr 'QW try. 'rs .f E .4 392,91 f gk iw m wr' Q w PEE .1 sqm H Sk "Synthesis Seven," an oil by Raymond Ionson The Ionson Gallery, 1909 Las Lomas, prior to the Ianuary openhouse Fields, Farmington, Major: Civil En- President of the Student Body '49-'50, '49-'50, A.S.C.E. '47-'50, N.S.P.E. '48- lR.B.A. '48-'49, Sigma Tau '49-'50, Senate '47-'50, Student Council, Secre- '50, V.A. '46-'48, Independent Men '46- Eepcndent Council '47-'48, Intramural 6-'49, U.S.P. Chairman '49-'50. Robert Granick, Iamaica, N. Y., Major: Government and English, Minor: Psychology. Student Body Treas- urer '49-'50, Iudiciary Committee '49-'50, Alpha Phi Cmega, '49-'50, Pi Sigma Alpha '49-'50, Tau Kappa Alpha, V. President '48-'50, Khatali '49-'50, V. President of Iunior Class '48-'49, Editor of Student Directory '49-'50, Business Manager of Thunderbird '49-'50, Mirage, Assoc. Editor '48-'49, Lobo, Intra- mural Editor '47-'48, Varsity Debate '48-'50, Clifford Scott Scholarship Key '49-'50, Student Council '48- '50, Student Senate '48-'50, Book Exchange Chair- man '48-'50, U.S.P. '48-'50, Sigma Phi Epsilon '48- '50, Ski Club '48. Wim' Who at ll. . Senior Students Who Appeared in "Whos Wim .714 th Bentley, Albuquerque, Major: Iour- inor: I-Iistory. Kappa Kappa Gamma NM Press Club '48-'50, Student Sen- 0, Secretary, Student Senate '49-'50, orter '46-47, Associate Editor '49, Ed- mer Session '49, Managing Editor '49- ge Beauty Queen Attendant '48. I. Rosenbaum, Albuquerque, Major: Law. Student Senate, President '49, Tau Kappa Alpha, Khatali '49- '50, Student Bar Ass'n '48-'50, Hillel Councillorship, President '48, Chairman of Student Senate Rules, Constitution, and Publicity Committees, I. F. C., V. President '49, Business Manager on Mirage '49-50, Student Council '49, Student Senate '47-'50, Cham- pionship Intramural Debate '49, Freshmen Counselor '48, U.S.P. '48-'50. Edwin Glaser, New York, Major: Iournalism. Minor: History. Lobo Assoc. Editor '47-'48, Managing Editor '48-49, Editor '49-50, Sigma Delta Chi '49-'50, Khatali '49-'50, Iunior Khatali '48-'49, Vigilantes '47-'48, SUB Com- mittee '49, Ioint Planning Committee '49-'50, Student Council '49-'50, Student Senate '48-'49, Publication Board '49-'50, Press Club, President '47-'48, Baseball '47, Letterman's Club, Alpha Epsilon Pi, President '49, O American 6allege.s"' Barbara Wykes, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Major: English, Minor: French. Phi Sigma Iota '48, Fiesta Committee, Secretary '49, Phi Kappa Phi '49, Mortar Board, V. President '49-'50, Aca- pella Chorus '46-'48, Woman's Chorus '48, Opera Program '49, Newman Club '46-'50, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pledge President '48, Scholarship Chairman '48-'49, Treasurer '49- '50, Catholic Action Committee, Chairman '47, Editor '47, Secretary '48-'49, President '49, U.S.P. '48. W' - 'S "swan-H - so, Q fe attain .. 1 un Rosemary Stockton, Albuquerque, Major: Music, Minor: English. Sigma Alpha Iota '47-'50, V. President '48-'49, Chaplain '47-'48, A.W.S. '47- '50, President, '49-'50, SUB Committee '49-'50, Lobo '47-'49, joint Planning Committee, Chair- man '49-'5Og Rodey Theatre '47-'5Og Pi Beta Phi '47-'50, University Glee Club '47-'48, Craig Summers' Glee Club '49-'50g Student Senate '48-'50g Student Council '49-'50g U.S.C.F. '47- '50g Lariettes '47-'49. Ingrid Oppenheimerg Albuquerque, Major: Psychol- ogy, Minor: German. Sigma Alpha Iota '48-'50, Treasurer '49-'50g Pi Lambda Theta '48-'50g Lobo '46-'47g Mortar Board '49-'50, Spurs '47-'48g Pan- Hellenic Council '48-'50, Chi Omega '46-'50, V. Pres- ident '49-'50g Student Senate '46-'47, '49-'50g Hillel Councillorship '46-'50, V. President '47-'483 Psychol- ogy Club '47-'48, Whois' Wim at ll. . LeRoy Brown, Albuquerque, Major: Civil Engi- neering. Senior Class President '49-503 Khatali '48-'50, Sigma Tau '49-'50g A.S.C.E. '48-'503 Student Senate '47-'50g Kappa Sigma, President '49, N.S.P.E. '48-'5Ug I.F.C. '48-'50, Sec.-Treas. '-48-'49, Cheerleader '48-503 Homecoming Chairman '47-'49g Fiesta Chairman '48-'50, Glee Club '47. Dorothy Andersong Albuquerque, Major: Psychologyg Minor: French. President, Spurs '46-'47, Mortar Board '49-'50, Panhellenic Council, Secretary '47-'48, President '48-'49, Lobo '45-'463 Mirage '45-'46, Student Senate '46-'47g Chi Omega '45-50, Rush Chairman, Secretary, A.W.S. '48-'5Og Tennis Club '45-'47: Craig Summers' Glee Club '48-'50. Peggy Pipcrg Albuquerque, Major: Minor: English, Pi Lambda Theta '49-'5' Committee, Secretary '48-'49g A.W.S. President '48-'49g Student Standards Cor Secretary '48-'49: Senior Class Secretar' urer '49-'50g Alpha Chi Omega, V. P '49-'SOQ Pan-I-Iellenic Council '48-'50g Senate '48-'50. 0 Paul Casabonncg I-Iagerman, N. M., Chemical Engineering. Sigma Tau, '49-'50g Phi Kappa Phi '49-'50g Khatali '49-'50g Iunior Khatali '48-'49, Vigilai 48, Student Senate '48-'50, V. President A.S.M.E. '46-'47, '48-'49, A.T.Ch.E. Student Standards Committee '49-'SUQ Alpha: Phi Kappa Phi Freshman I-Io '46-'47. L Lawrenceg Kansas, Arts 8: Sciences. ta Theta '47-'5Og Kliatali '49-'50g Student '49-'50g Intramural Basketball '-17-'50, ons '49-'50g Opera Program, Stunt night int. Peggy Emmelg Mount Vernon, N. Y., Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology. Phi Sigma '48-'50, Secretary '49- '5O3 Mortar Board '49-'50g judiciary Committee '49- '50g Mirage '46-47g Publications Board i48-'49, Spurs '47-'4Sg Student-Faculty Relations Committee '48-'49, Entertainment Committee Chairman '48g Student Council, Secretary '48g U.S.C.F. '47-'50, Secretary '48g Independent Council '48g Marron, V. President '495 Bowling Club '46. L Whois Who at ll. . I Roclriquezg Santa Fc, Major: Political Minor: Spanish, V.A., President '48-'50g :r '46-'47, Stuclent Senate '46-'48g Faculty Relations Committee '48-'49, Donald Sasser, Pelham Manor, N. Y., Major: General Business. Phi Kappa Phi '49-'50, Alpha Kappa Psi, President '49-'50g Khatali '49-'50g Pi Kappa Phi '46-'47, Stray Greek Club '43-'50, A Capella Chorus, '47-'50, Commerce Club, V. President '48-,493 Ice Skating Club, President '48-'49g Kirtland Dorm. Ex- ecutive Board, President, '48-'49. Elbert Harrisong Raton, Major: Electrical Engi- neering. Kappa Mu Epsilon '48-'50g Senior Class, V. President '49-'50g N.S.P.E. '46-'50g I.R.E. ,47-'50, Secretary '49-'50g Sigma Tau '48-'50g A.I.E.E. '47-'505 Student Senate '49-'50g De- Molay Club, Secretary '46-'47. 6 RoseEllen Calkinsg Albuquerque, Major: Eco- nomics, Minor: English. Mortar Board, Secretary '49-'5Og A.W.S. '48-'49g Student Affairs Com- mittee '48-49, Sigma Alpha Iota '47-503 U.S.C.F. '48-'50g Student Senate '48-'50g Secretary of junior Class '48-'-193 Town Club, V. President '49-'50g Economics Club '48-'50g U.N.M. Quar- tette '47-'503 Blackstonettesg Ski Club '47-'49, Band Majorette '46-'50. Scott Adlerg Albuquerque, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry 6: Psy- chology. Khatali 49-'50, Interfra- ternity Council, President '49-'50, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President '43-'49, U.N.M. Tennis Club, President '46-'47, Student Coun- cil '48-'49g Phi Sigma '47-'50, Summer Sports Editor Lobo '49. Emily Large: Gallup, Major: Commercial Education, Minor: Business Administration. Phi Kappa Phi '49-'50g Phi Gamma Nu, '49-'50, President '49g Pi Lambda Theta '49-'50g Mortar Board, President '49-'50, Spurs '47-'48g A.W.S. '48-'50, Treas- urer '48-49g Alpha Delta Pi '46- '50, Treasurer '48-'S0g Student Senate '48-'49, Commerce Club '48-'50, Treasurer '50, President of Bandelier Hall '46. grew -is Thomas Montgomery, Clovis, N. M., Major: Oflice Management. Sigma Phi Epsilon '46-'50, President '47, Secretary '49-'50, Mirage Photogra- pher '46-'48g Lobo Photographer '47- '48g I.F.C., President '48-'49, mem- ber '48-'50, Student Senate '48, Iohn Kinzerg Albuquerque, Major: Economics, Minor: Business Adminis- tration. Alpha Phi Omega 46-'50, Pres- ident '48-'49g Delta Sigma Pi '48-50, Charter Member, V. President '48-'49, President '49-'50, Pi Kappa Alpha '46- '50, Secretary '48, V. President '49, Student Senate '46-'50g Student Coun- cil '48-'50g Student-Faculty Relations Committee '48-'50, Commerce Club '47-'48, Boots and Saddles '47-'48, Whois' Wlmnfll. . . Carolyn Hill, Arkansas City, Kansas, Major: Social Studies, Minor: Gov- ernment. Phi Kappa Phi '49-'50, Pi Sigma Alpha '49-'50, Mortar Board '49-'50, Alpha Chi Omega, President '49-'50, A.W.S. '49-'5Og Student Sen- ate '48-'49g Student Council, Secretary '-49. jane Reese, Carlsbad, Major: Psychol- ogy, Minor: Sociology. A.W.S. '48-'49g Mortar Board, Secretary '49-'5Ug Spurs '48-'49, Psychology Club '47-'50, Stu- dent Senate '49-'50g Kappa Kappa Gamma, V. President, Treasurer: U.S.C.F. '47-'48, Boots and Saddles '47- '48g Campus Party Secretary, Ski Club '48-'49. Donald Wolkingg Albuqueri jor: Electrical Engineering. P Phi '49-'50, Sigma Tau Kappa Mu Epsilon '48-'50, '48-'50, I.R.E. '48-'50, V. '48-V195 N.S.P.E. '47-'SOQ Kl' '50g Vigilantcs '47-'48, Kap '46-'50, President '49-'50, I. '50, Student Senate '48-'50, David Kimballg Albuquerq Electrical Engineering. A.I N.S.P.E. '-483503 Sigma Ta Kappa Mu Epsilon '48-'SO' Body President '49, Iudici mittee, President '49-'50g Kl '50, Iunior Khatali '48-'49, '47-'48, Sigma Chi, V. Pres President '49, I.F.C. '47 Student Council, Secretary dent Senate, V. President ' paw.- A Calendar of Events at the university of ew Jlfleifiw for the Scholastic Year, l950-5l R 9 13 SEPTEMBER Classes began with an enrollment of 4,337 and expectations of hitting the 4,500 mark . . . A8zS led all colleges in the number of students . . . The girls were happy as the three-to-one ratio continued . . . 300 Vets sighed thankfully as President Popejoy cut Washington red tape with long dis- tance phone calls which secured their right to register . . . The Veterans Administration announced that 18,000 New Mexico veterans had used the G. I. Bill. . . The University Program Series presented its first artist, Richard Dyer-Bennett, ballad-singer . . . Rodey announced tryouts for "The Hasty Heart" . . . The Freshman Counseling Committee started its program to aid first-semester Freshmen . . . 50 new instructors were added to the faculty list . . . Dr. McMurray, new Government Depart- ment head, said "It's the most active group between Chicago and Berkeley" . . . The Law School received a welcome gift of legal books and docu- ments from Edwin C. Crampton, Raton . . . The Student Chapel Drive opened . . . The Freshman Council said, with true Western hospitality, "Get friendly or else!" . . . And the weather was forecast as generally fair with some afternoon cloudiness . . . An optimistic pep rally was held in the Gym before the Lobo-Wyoming game . . . The Eastern Lansing High School Band thrilled spectators . . .Wyoming took home a score of 41 points, the Lobos, 14 . . . The University spent 330,000 to meet ex- pansion needs . . . The Physics Department chipped in 100 per cent for the Chapel Fund . . . La Paz said the Russians couldn't hide an atom blast . . . Concert tickets went on sale to students at reduced rates . . . the Student Body President was voted a S550 per month salary by the Stu- dent Council . . Mirage photos were taken in the SUB. 269 270 OCTOBER The Placement Bureau began a series of vocational Elms . . . UNM had the largest marching band in the history of the university . . . Bill Fields was the first Student Body President to be officially inaugurated . . . 44 Sandia Base service men attended the university on "secret assignments" . . . After a long thirst the Iournalisrn building received a water fountain . . . Bob Cox, President of the Student Senate, cast a vote which placed Bob Granick of the United Student Party on the Iudiciary Committee as Senate representative . . . SAE led all fraternities with 32 pledges . . . 200 men were pledged by the 11 fraternities on campus . . . Mel Morris and Hank Trewhitt, ex-Lobo editors, visited their alma mater . . . The Lobos eked out a one point win over the New Mexico Aggies . . . Roman Totenberg appeared with the Albuquerque Civic Symphony which pre- sented the American premier of Darius Milhaud's "Violin Concerto No. 2' . . . USP made a clean sweep in the Senate officer elections . . . Tentative Homecoming Plans were announced . . . Plans for a new i5750,000 Stu- dent Union Building were outlined and students were asked to cooperate in planning it . . . Bob Cox resigned the Mirage editorship for the presi- dency of the Student Senate . . . The KA housemother announced she was "intrigued" with her job . . . Iohn from 'Wisconsin was suspected of switching off the library lights . . . Mortar Board outlined its plans for the year, including everything from "mums" to a marriage course . . . The Counseling and Testing Service said it was anxious to aid students in win- ning grades and influencing professors . . . 72-year-old Captain Charles Vical, fencing master, directed the Fencing Club, and kissed the hands of UNM mademoiselles . . . The Campus Party donated 3177.53 to the Chapel Fund . . . Rodey scheduled "Twelfth Night," "Another Lan- guage," and "The Beggar's Opera" . . . "ls Something Wrong With Lobo Football ?,' asked the Lobo . . . Undefeated Frosh whip Sandia 34-0. NOVEMBER A Consumer's Club was set up to attain student discounts . . . the 700 pound statue, Strength, was reported battered but unbowed . . . Sadie Hawkin's Day dance and festivities were scheduled . . . The General Educational Development test was thrown out, from now on it takes high school to get into college. . . Bob Cox was voted acting-editor of the Mirage . . . The Arizona Wildcats defeated the Lobos, 46-14 . . . 155,000 was set as the Campus Chest goal . . . Thomas "The Man Who Bought The Waldorfl' Dabney was visiting lecturer in the Iournalism Department . . . The Lobos upset Colorado, 17-15 . . . Homecoming plans were com- pleted . . . The Lobo put out a 12 page edition, the largest paper in 51 years of publication, in honor of Homecoming . . . More than 90 stars received letters at the first annual Letterman's Award assembly . . . Sue Williams was Homecoming Queen, the Moutray twins and Annette Williams were her attendants. DECEMBER Ogden Nash appeared in the SUB for two talks under the auspices of the University Program Series .. . Basketball season began . . . Sue Thor- well was chosen Mirage Beauty Queen of 1950 . . . William L. Shirer, author and radio commentator, lectured in the SUB . Line Coach Nichols resigned to go into private business . . . The Iudiciary board voted the Walgreen boycott . . . "Defeat the proposed Bus Franchise!" crusaded the Lobo . . . The Experimental Film Group filmed its first production . . . 26 students made the "Who's Who in American Col- leges" list . . . The UNM Rodeo team took Hfth place in the intercollegi- ate rodeo at Texas A8cM . . . The Debate team captured 8 out of 12 prizes. IANUARY Ex-student William Cunningham reported on life behind Czechoslovakia's iron curtain . . . The Ionson Art Gallery held open house . . . Construction started on UNM,s 380,000 golf course . . . The Spanish Education Council met at UNM . . . The Graff Ballet was presented in the Gym . . . Ianu- ary 16 saw the first G.I. Insurance checks hit the road . . . Student body budget showed a surplus of 151,526 . . . and everybody wanting a cut . . . Closed week . . . pre-registration . . . The 425 man dorm was among the statels largest construction jobs. FEBRUARY Dr. Dud DeGroot was named new head grid coach . . . UNM students ranked above the national college mental level . . . Bob Titchenal was appointed DeGroot's assistant . . . The Lobo hinted it might just possibly go daily . . . The Student Book Exchange was rated a success . . . The Pharmacy College got top national rating and was fully accredited . . . L. B. Wallerstein's "provocative column is now appearing twice a week in the Lobo" . . . Editor Palmer Hoyt came down from Denver to install Sigma Delta Chi, national journalism honorary . . . 31 Austrian students presented a program of folk songs and dancing at the Gym . . . ex-Gov- ernors Dempsey, Hannett, and Dillon spoke to a dinner meeting of Pi Sigma Alpha, government honorary, about the problems of the state executive . . . The faculty agreed to a permanent spring holiday, and Fiesta became a tradition . . . R. H. Baysinger, ex-Syracuse University head coach, was appointed DeGroot's assistant . . . Kenneth Spencer rocked the beams in Carlisle Gym . . . Dorothy Cline "considered', the city commission . . . After two months of protest boycott the Walgreen discrimination probe was considered a success . . . President Popejoy gave serious thought to the dining hall problem . . . Earl Bowdich, superintendent of building and grounds, decided the good earth fand the studentsj had had enough of what it takes to make the grass grow . . . Career Day was promoted by girls in bathing suits . . . The Engineers got door knobs for their new Civil Engineering building . . . a reading clinic was established to help students study. . . Arizona nipped the 272 Lobo basketball team, 72-62 . . . The Frosh sponsored an all-student hop . . . Chem. Engineers got a new pressure lab . . . Friday, February 24, was the last semi-weekly edition of the Lobo . . . Daily production began Tuesday, February 8 . . . Bob Cox resigned as Editor of the Mirage. MARCH The Infirmary reported 90 cold cases a week . . . Fran Iones and Bob Colgan went in as editor and assistant editor of the Mirage .. . The T-Bird's Adee got busy and put out a 48 page magazine . . . The English Faculty Creative Writing Contest ofiered twelve prizes totaling 15270 to aspiring poets and authors . . . The Lobos won their final basketball game, beating Flagstaff, Arizona, Lumberjacks, 68-56 . . . Faculty for the summer will number 130 . . . Students Cmalej started moving into the new dorm . . . Pokey Inman was crowned Popularity Queen at the Mirage Ball . . . The graduate record exam loomed on the horizons of graduating seniors . . . University revenue dipped as enrollment figures went down . . . Lois Reed got the lead in "Another Language" . .. Khatali ofiered a 55300 scholarship . . . The battle got underway for Student Body President . . . The Alumni mag featured Thomas Bell, class of '05, UNM's first graduate. . .A modified meal ticket was approved . .. Miss Wilma Shelton, librarian emeritus, retired after 30 years service . . . A meteorite was named for Albuquerque . . . Fiesta Day plans shaped up . .. "Miss Albuquerque" contest opened . . . DeGroot worked out the dummies . . . and the team . . . Dorothy Cline quit the race for a place on the city commission . . . 9 shows were slated for Stunt Night . . . Ernest Krenek's "Symphony No. 5" had its world premier in Carlisle Gym .. . The Engineers took on the "new look" . . . Engineer's Day featured open house and a dance . . . Angna Enters appeared in the SUB . . . Student elections were set for May 1 . . . Students voted down serving beer in the new SUB. APRIL Ex-Kirtland Fielders were enthusiastic about the new dorm . . .the Senate discussed the new student constitution . . . Enrollment numbers for 1951 will be sent out by mail . . . Varsity Village probe uncovered fire hazards . . . The daughter of a former Lobo staffer was pictured in the "library" catching up on "Lil Abner" . . . New publication heads were elected . . . Wright Van Deusen to edit the Daily Lobo, Bob Colgan, the Mirage, and Ed Abbey, the Tlzurzdcrbird . . . The Lobo swimming team beat NMMI . . . An "Ingram Pickett for Governor Club" originated on campus . . . Varsity Villagers complained of inefficient trafiic control . . . Easter vacation . . . The 1950 Mirage went to press. MAY Scheduled activities: May 3, Honor's Day assembly, May 13-14, Fiesta, May 20, Iunior-Senior Prom. April 15,1950 The Student Body University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico Dear Students: The 1950 Mirage, like all the Mirage: before it, has tried to be a bigger, better, and all-sufficient yearbook. In some ways it has succeeded, in some it has failed. On the credit side, the 1950 Mirage attempted to give you better student photographs, to cover more campus activities and organizations, to use accurate, informative and interesting copy, and to identify students and groups of students. On the debit side are the changes in editorial staff, the impossibility of always contacting organization officers for needed information, the time limit imposed by mechanical printing operations, budget worries, and the double responsibility on the student editors of meeting deadlines and attending classes. An apology is extended to the Sophomore Class which begins on page 47, and to the Freshman Class beginning on page 61. The headlines denoting the beginning of these two sections were overlooked in proofing. To those students whose names are misspelled we want to say that if we could not read their names on their Mirage 'information card, their brown photo- graph envelope, or find them in the Student Directory, we had to trust to luck. None of these sources is infallible, but at least we tried. A big "thank-you" goes to all of the students who worked on the 1950 Mirage. The various editors give a vote of public recognition to Iane Powell, Faith Sherping, Mary Kelly, Beverly Brown, Beverly Andrews, Iim Bardin, Pete Clement, and Nancy Gass. A Hnal word of thanks is due Mr. Dan Minnick and the staff of the University Printing Plant for their wonderful cooperation and interest in the book, to Mr. George Iackson, engraver, and his crew 5 to Dr. G. Ward Fenley of the News Bureau for his assistance in securing needed information, to Orlando Stevens and Dale Britton for rush photography work, to the Franciscan Studios for their close cooperation with the staff, and to the University faculty for the time they spent having new portraits taken. Also, a sincere good wish for the best of luck in producing the 1951 Mirage goes to Bob Colgan, the unexpendable man on the 1950 staff. Sincerely, THE EDITORS Benge, Donald L., 33, 173 A Abaskin, Eugene, 61 Abbott, Part, 61 Abeyta, I., 14 Abeyta, Marie, 14 Abeyta, Narcisso, 200, 203, 206 Abeyta, Soloman, 14 Abney, Eleanor, 47 Abramson, Charles, 33 Abramson, Ina, 47 Acklin, William, 47 Adair, Virginia, 33 Adams, Lester, 74 , Addington, Neil, 113, 135 Adelfang, Iules, 33 Adkins, D., 134 Adkins, William, 61, Adler, Scott, 14, 108, 167, 183, 268 Agcoili, Matilda, 98, 112 Agnew, David, 61 Agogino, George, 200 Agos, Ioseph, 140, 216 Aichler, Douglas, 14 Ainsworth, Pat, 33 Alalouf, E., 14 Alarid, Priscilla, 33 Albert, Bette Lou, 14, 163 Albright, Ray, 187 Albright, Robert, 14, 111 Aldous, Duane, 47, 179 Alers, Ana Iean, 14 Alfano, William, 47, 179 Allen, Diane, 14 Allen, Earl, 14, 173 Allen, Iohn B. Ir., 33, 173, 198, 199 Allen, Phil, 61, 101 Allinger, Richard, 47 Allman, Denny, 61 Armbruster, Chester, 216 Armijo, Ioseph, 33, 206 Armour, Charles, 33 Armstrong, Gus, 141 Arnett, Lee, 33, 142, 152, 161 Arnold, Claude, 47 Arnold, Victor, 61 Artley, I. Roger, 47, 130 Arundale, Robert, 33, 173 Ashlock, VV. Tyson, 61, 101 Atkins, Dale, 101 Atkins, William, 101 Attmore, Charles, 14 Atwater, Richard, 33 Avant, Patricia, 33 Aycock, Iackie, 61 Ayres, Betty jane, 14, 165 B Babb, Willis, 33, 171 Baca, Anita, 260 Baca, Eric, 14, 123 Baca, Iraguio E., 123 Baca, Ioseph, 61 Baca, Urban, 14 Bacs, S., 137 Baez, Paul, 14 Baginski, Richard I., 14, 175 g Baird, W., 138 Altmillcr, William, 33 Altunca, Cecilia, 125 Anderson, Dixie, 14 Anderson, D., 220, 276 Bailes, Patty, 33, 153 Bailey, Bailey, Nancie, 33, 163 Ro er A., 47 Anderson, Dorothy, 14, 97, 155, 157,B3ker, Robert, 61 266 Anderson, Floy, 14, 112, 157 Anderson, Iames, 177 Anderson, Iean, 47, 157 Anderson, Iohn, 33, 127, 177 Anderson, Klaus, 144 Anderson, Sherburne, 12, 14, 185 Anderson, XVilliam R., 141 Andrade, M., 106 Andrews, Beverly I., 61 Andrews, Iohn, 14 Ange, Marian, 33, 163 Angc, Martha, 61 Angel, Frank, 103 Angell, Sam, 14 Aragone, I., 33 Archart, Ioseph L., 204 Archuleta, Antonio, Ir., 61 Archuleta Charles B. 14 Baker, Frank, 61 Baker, Mary F., 109 Baker, William, 47,185 Baldwin Harr 47 1 Yi Baldwin, Iane, 47, 99, 112, 153 Ball, Hubert T., 47, 100,130, 171 Ballard, Douglas, 14, 114, 132, 171 Ballinger, Thomas O., 106 Ballou, George, 61 Balsam, Frederick, 14 Baltz, Elmer, 141 Banta, Karla Iune, 61 Barcena, Richard, 216 Barger, F., 216, 220 Barnes, Barry P., 47, 79, 100, 173 Barnes, Lloyd, 61 Barnes, Lou Karen, 47 Barnes, Myron, 33 Barnes, Patricia, 61 A Comprehensive Index of Students whose Pictures Appear in the 1950 Mirage , Barnett, Kirnbrew, 33, 170 Barnett, Norman, 33 Barnhart, Norman, 33, 133, 1 Barnhart, Philip, 33, 109 Barns, Bert, 33, 123 Barreras, Marian, 47, 148 Barrick, Ioy, 110 Barriga, Ioan, 33 Barriga, Iorge, 76, 131 Bartholow, Ioseph, 14 Bartlo, Iohn, 14, 132 Barton, Hallie, 47, 136, 246 Barton, Margie, 47, 163 Baum, Marty, 14, 185 Baumgartner, Leon, 47 Bear, Robert, 33, 181 Beavers, Paul, 33, 170 Bebber, Chester, 141 Beck, Frank, 33 Becker, D., 102 Becker, Richard, 14, 173 Bednar, Lyn, 61 Beeler, B.,14, 141, 247 Bell, Mary Etta, 33, 163 Bemis, Iean, 61 Bender, Hallie, 207 Bender, Margaret, 47, 136, 143, 157 Benham, Kneeland, 74 Benjamin, Gene, 14, 105 Benner, Iames, 15 Bennett, Donald, 61 Bennett, Evanghan, 61 Bennett, Frances, 47, 159 Black, Ralph, 61 Blackley, R., 154 Blair, Donald, 15 Blanc, Bill, 15, 111, 177 . Blanc, Mary, 47, 97, 157 Blanchard, Mary F., 15, 163 Blasen, Iohn D., 61 Blasey, Donald, 15 Blathe, Bill, 196 Bloom, Pat, 61 Blotter, Helen, 102, 111 Blizek, Robert, 15, 102, 204 Blount, Robert, 15, 109 Boau, William I., 61 Boeglin, Albert, 15, 114, 129, 130 Boehms, Pan, 61, 154 Boehning, Ioseph, 61 Bogle, Robert, 47, 216 Bohannan, Sue, 62, 127, 154 Bohannan, William, 47 Boliin, Kenneth, 62 Bohks, Robert, 47 Bokow, Harry, 15, 131 Bolander, Iack, 47, 137 Bolander, Lloyd, 15 Boldt, Ira, 15 Bollinger, H., 15,130, 155 Bolton, Barbara, 62, 154 Bolton, Dale, 15, 173 Bond, Amy, 47, 165 Bonner, Alfred, 62 Bornstein, Ieanne, 15, 103, 140 Borton, Robert, 15, 141 Botwinis, William, 15, 131, 181 BCDHCU, Gypsy 10, 7, ll, 47, 77, 161 Bourbonia, Betty Iean, 62, 154 Bennett, Vernice, 15 Benson, Frank Paul, 61 Bentle ', Be ', 9, 15, 119, 135,163, 5 YU 248, 255, 265 Berg, Stephen, 124 Bernitsky, Anthony, 216 Bernstein, Arthur, 61 Betzer,1rene, 15, 150 Biddle, Ierome, 33 Biddle, Nancy, 15, 152, 159 Biddel, XV. Scott, 15, 173 Bigbee, Barbara, 34, 137, 153 Bigney, 1Vesley A., 34 Bingham, Cecil, 34 Bitanny, Adolph, 74 Bitman, Edward, 61 Bittel, Bafbara, 61 Bove, Albert, 15, 77, 146 Bowen, Charles, 47, 100, 177 Bowlin, Gilbert, 62 Bowron, Gwyn K., 34, 155 Box, Eugene, 15, 121 Boyd, Barbara, 47 Boyd, G., 13, 15, 109, 142, 147 Boyd, Ieanne, 15, 165 Bradbury, Emily, 34 Brady, Michael, 47 Bragg, William, 62 Brainerd, Reed, 15, 114 Brammer, Oenita, 143 Brandenburg, Bucky, 47, 173, 215, 216, 220 Brandenburg, Donald, 48, 173 Brandenburg, Ray,34, 173 Branham, Charles E., 15, 141, 171 Brannon, Priscilla, 34, 161 Branson, William, 62 Brantley, Billye, 15, 14.8 Brasher, Eugene, 62 Braune, Elizabeth, 48, 146 Bray, Edith, 48 Bary, Norman, 62, 216 Brece, Patricia, 62 Breece, Thomas E., 48, 171 Breech, Adele, 15, 110 Breese, Iames, 34, 132, 185 Brennon, D., 220 Bresett, Warren, 48, 183 Brett, Richard, 62, 216, 220 Brewster, Albert E., 48, 171 Briggs, Patsy, 62, 154 Briggs, Phyllis, 99, 150 Brock, Harold, 48, 134 Brock, Iack, 216, 211, 214 Brockman, Margie, 34 Brohard, William, 34, 141, 173 Brooks, Ann, 62 Broome, Iunie, 34, 157 Brosier, Dan, 13 Browder, Charles, 15, 183 Brown, Beverley, 34 Brown, Burton, 34 Brown, Cecil, 114 Brown, Charles D., 48, 100 Brown, Iames, 74 Brown, Kay, 48 Brown, Lois, 48, 157 Brown, M. Kathryn, 99 Brown, Malcolm, 15, 138 Brown, Martha, 102 Brown LeRoy 15, 78, 97, 131, 167, 173, 191, 266 Brown, W. W., 15 Brown, YVilliam D., 62 Brugge, David, 34, 179 Brumley, Baron, 34 Brunet, 1Va1ter, 16, 103, 115, 134 Brunett, L., 212, 216 Brutsche, Ralph, 13, 34, 134 Bryan, Mary, 34, 147 Bryant, Ernest, 62 Buchanan, Allen, 113, 135 Buchanan, Clay, 74, 171, 244 Buckner, Fern, 62 Buerger, Burdell, 48, 183 Buergin, Raymond, 129, 130 Buggs, Phyllis, 48 Bunnel, Katy, 34 Burk, Iane, 48 Burk, Moira, 62 Burk, Phyllis, 62, 154 Burke, Beverly, 34, 112 Burke, Mary, 62 Burke, Patsy, 62 Burkert, Ivan, 62 Burks, Seldon, 16 Burnham, LaVor, 244 Burnham, Susie, 62, 147 Burns, Roy, 16, 131 Burt, David, 48 Burton, Francis, 48 Burton, Mary, 16 Busch, Ioseph, 34, 177 Bushnell, 141 Bushner, Inez, 12, 13, 109, 111 Bussey, Kay, 16 Buther, Peter, 62 Butler, Robert, 48 Butt, Paul, 48, 134,171 Butterfield, Maureen, 118, 157 Byerly, Betty, 48, 147 Bygel, Virginia, 34, 154 Byrnes, George, 7, 16, 175 Byron, Iacquelyn, 62 C Cain, Ieanette, 34, 153, 190 Calanche, Raul, 48 Caldarelli, Ieannc, 16 Calkins, Fred, 244 Calkins, Rosellen, 190 Callan, Biddy, 48 Callaway, Iane, 62, 146 Callaway, Mary, 16, 155 Calvin, Iane, 108 Calvin, Peggy, 48, 161 Calvin, Rodney, 244 Cameron, IoRene, 62 Campbell, Glenn, 100 Campbell, H.,16,114,131 Campbell, Nancy, 48 Campos, Santiago, 48 Candelaria, Carlos, 101 Candelaria, Ernest, 34 Candelaria, Io, 62 Candelaria, Margie, 48, 147 Canfield, Richard, 34, 101 Cannon, Fred, 48, 181 Cantor, Wendy, 48, 128, 147 Capelli, Vincent, 16, 204, 205 Capoun, George, 102, 194 Capper, Edward, 16 Caprio, Eugene, 16, 141, 177 Caraglio, Doris, 48 Carbaial, Bernard, 62 Carey, Alan D., 74 Cargill, Iack, 137 Carlmark, Herbert, 48 Carroll, Howard, 34 Carroll, Pat, 48, 177 Carson, Roy, 16 Carter, Iames, 34 Casabonne, Helen, 62, 154 Casabonne, Paul, 12, 16, 97, 129,130,181, 266 Casaus, Isidore, 16, 141 Casella, Eugene, 16, 109 Cashion, Robert, 141 Cashner, M., 134 Casler, Iacqueline, 48, 165 Cass, Catherine, 137, 154 Castiglia, Eugene, 16, 101 Castillo, Richard, 181 Castillo, Robert, 34 Castillo, Victor, 49 Cates, M. Byrne, 16, 185 Catton, Iohn, 74, 185 Cervantes, Iesse, 34 Chacon, 74, 244 Chamberlain, I., 137 Chamblin, Thomas, 34 Chancellor, B. I., 34 Chancellor, George, 131 Chandler, Corvell, 16, 123 Chaplin, Robert, 49 Chapman, George, 34, 183 Chapman, Tom Hadley, 49 Chappell, Buddy, 49, 137 Charboneau, Robert, 141 Charles, Michael,'16 Charlton, Clemens, 216 Charlton, Robert, 216 Chausteur, Iohn, 49, 171 - Chavez, Benjamin, 16 Chavez, Charlie, 49 Chavez, Florencio, 49 Chavez, Ioseph D., 16 Chavez, Ioseph, 62 Chavez, Manuel, 16 Chavez, Mary Rose, 125 Chavez, Priscilla, 49 1 Cheetham, Ioyce, 49, 99, 142, 157 Chello, Alexandcflj 35 Cherry, Iennie Lee, 62 Chess, Viola, 49, 163 Chilcott, Don, 258 Chidichimo, Frank, 145 Child, P., 175 Childers, Paul H., 16 Chitty, Richard, 62 Choyce, Cynthia, 49, 78, 159 Christopher, W. M., 141 Christy, Richard, 49, 100 Ciesiel, Robert, 49, 170 Civerolo, Evadean, 112 Civerolo, Richard, 74, 244 Clark, Allen, 105 Clark, Danford, 49 Clark, Diane, 49, 155 Clark, Harold, 49 1 s - Clark, Richard, 49 Clark, Woods, 49, 173 Clear, Thomas, 16 Clelland, Glenn, 49 Clements, Frank, 35 ,l44, 177 Clemmensen, Robert, 49, 183 Cleve, Helen, 63 Click, Ioseph, 74, 244 Clift, Mary Ruth, 49, 161 Coan, Iohn, 74, 344 Cobbett, Iack, 35, 183 Cochran, Frances, 35, 136, 150 Cofer, Betty I., 35 Cohen, Dorothy, 35, 150 Cohen, Ierome, 103, 140 Cohen, Leonard, 243 Colander, L., 138 Colby, William, 16, 175 Cole, Arthur, 16, 133 Coleman, Ierome, 63, 128 Coleman, Nancy D., 35, 142, 152, 163 Colgan, Robert, 35, 116, 117, 243, 179 Collatz, Fred, 16 Collier, Floyd, 63 Collins, Charles, 35, 185 Collins, William, 49 Colwell, Lawrence, 63 Combs, Robert, 49, 259 Conboy, Edward, 62 Conner, Robert, 16, 132, 133 Connolley, Iohn, 74, 244 Contreras, Vivian, 63 Coogan, Iack, 49, 179 Cook, Betty, 63 Cook, Sally, 63 Cooke, Robert, 63, 216 Coonfield, W. A., 35 Cooper, D. D., 17, 102 Cooper, I., 137 Cooper, Robert, 35 Cooper, Roland, 11 Cooper, Theodora, 110 Ccfcoran, Rolizrt, 63 Corcoran, Thomas, 63 Cordova, Melvin, 17 Corelli, Ronald, 49, 183, 206 Cornell, Catherine, 63, 127 Corson, Iames, 17 Costales, Elfida, 35 Cottingham, Edward, 63 Counts, Cecil, 17, 131 Cowan, Clyde, 17 Cowper, Daphne, 137 Cox, Bernece, 17 Cox, Betty, 16, 110, 150 Cox, H. C.,17,106,108,183 Cox, Iacqueline, 63 Cox, Linnie Belle, 49 Cox, Lois, 63, 79 128, 239 Cox, Roger, 63, 216 Coxe, Brinton, 35 Cradle, Ken, 204 Craig, Betty, 63 Craig, Frances, 49, 99, 112 Crampton, lack, 49 Crandal, Iean, 17 Cravcns, LeRoy, 63 Crawford, Carl, 63 Crawford, W., 35, 173 Creecy, Donald, 63 ' Creec R. Alice 17 110 146 148 Y, s , 1 n Creecy, Romaiean, 63 Croghan, Elizabeth, 63 Crooks, Stewart, 17, 132 Crow, Donald, 216 cle Csarno, Zoltan, 35, 126, 141 Cudabac, Sara Iean, 63 Culberson, Iames, 49, 171 Culver, Iames, 17, 175 Culver, Ioan, 17 Cummins, Soretta, 63 Cummins, Rita, 63, 138 Cunningham, Betty Wilma, 63 Cunningham, Iack, 63 Curns, Frances, 49, 143, 165 Currey, E., 49, 119 Currie William, 49, 100, 181, 220 Curry, Pauline, 17 Curtis, Iack, 134 Curtis, Ierry, 50, 103 Cushing, Charles, 50, 75, 185 Cushing, Herbert, 244 Cuzner, Irene, 35 Cysewski, Charles T., 50 D Dailey, Margaret, 244 Dalby, Walter, 132 Daley, Pat, 35 D'Alonzo, George, 50 Dalton, Harry, 17, 132 Daly, Bill, 198 Daly, Philip, 102, 7 Dame, William, 35, 170, 260 Damiano, Doris, 35 Damiano, Robert, 17, 170 Damron, Lou, 35, 138, 185 Danen, Clarence, 244 Daniel, Henry, 35 Daniel, Iohn, 137 Daniels, Donna, 136, 143 Daniels, Robert, 137 Danielson, Dale, 35 Dannevik, Dorris, 17 Dansby, Oden, 63 Darazzo, D., 220 Darden, Carolyn, 50, 112 Darrow, Daniel, 63 Dauphine, Walter, 132 Davee, Robert, 100 Davids, Mark, 17, 173 Davidson, Dan, 50 Davis, Daniels, 74, 124, 241 Davis, Erwin, 63 Davis, Iohn, 17, 35, 177 Davis, Monte, 13 Davis, Robert, 17 Davis, Thomas, 35, 177 Davison, Margaret, 17 Davy, Philip, 63 Dawe, Sidney, 35 Dawe, William, 50 Dawson, Iill, 17 Dayer, Ellen, 35, 146 Dean, Bonnie, 63, 146 Dean, Ronald, 63 DeBolt, Robert, 64, Reina, 64, 146 Dedmon, Benjamin, 17, 128 Dedmon, Dwight, 35, 175 Dedmon, Velma, 35 De Grassi, Annell, 35 Deighton, C., 131 Deighton, Lois, 50, 99, 155 Deily, Iames, 50 De La Rue, Robert, 17 De La Puente, Ioseph, 36 De Leon, Leonard, 17, 260 Delgado, Alfonso, 17, 131 Dement, Dick, 26 Demos, George, 50 Denson, Lewis, 17 DePriest, Donald, 64 Dernbach, George, 50 DeRusha, Iackie, 5 0, 147 DeSelms, Herbert, 74, 244 Des Georges, Ioseph, 50, 100, 185 DeSoto, E., 36, 170 Deutsch, Ericka, 126 Devitt, Spence, 17, 106, 171, 200, 202 DeVoss, Ioseph, 5 0, 181 Dial, Roland, 36 Dickens, George, 64, 137 Dicksti, Patricia, 36, 112, 157 Diez, Arthur, 17 Diggs, George, 128 DiLiso, Lizabeth, 36, 125, 146 Dimitruck, Eugene, 50 Dimond, R. T., 64 Dinsmoor, Io Ann, 50, 99, 142, 161 DiRosa, Ioseph, 17, 179 Dismuke, William, 50, 137, 200 Disque, Frederick, 36 Dittmer, Robert, 17 Dixon, George, 17, 141, 173 Dobkins, Hal, 106 Doetzel, Russell, 17 Dolen, George, 50 Domme, Edward C., 18, 123 Donaldson, Stanley, 64 Donian, Armen, 18, 132, 133 OHHEHQ IOHII IJ., IDI Donnelly, William, 114 Dorn, Donald, 18 Dorris, Gloria, 50 Dorsey, Iulius, 18 Doty, Eloise, 50 Douce, R., 18 Douglas, David, 74, 244 Dowdle, Dorothy, 18, 157 Downie, E.,18,102,131,l83, 200, 201 Downing, Conrad, 50 Downs, Louis, 36 Doyle, Carter, 36 Drake, Io Ann, 64, 137 Drake, Lee A., 18, 185, 186 Drezas, Nadine, 64 Driscoll, Eddy, 50, 100, 123, 179 Drum, Leonard, 258, 259 Drumhiller, Wallace, 129 Drummon, Garrett, 64 Duckworth, Linda, 64, 144 Duddleston, Ioe, 18 Duncan, Winnie, 36, 147 Duniven, Herbert, 18, 162, 181 Dunn, Cherie, 50, 134 Dunn, Iohn, 64 Dupree, Chester, 18, 173 Durick, Dorothy, 18, 140 Dwyer, Robert, 36 Dyche, Iames, 74 Dzugan, Walter, 18 E Eager, Barbara, 257 Earhart, Mary Io, 36 Easter, Barbara, 50 Easter, Carolyn, 50 Edsall, Van, 18, 173, 216 Eglinton, Thomas, 18, 131 Ehrlich, Lee, 36 Eisenberg, 50, 100 Ek, Ion, 50, 137 Elberger, Leonard, 50 Elder, Robert, 216 Elizondo, Patilf18 7' Elizondo, Victor, 18 Elkin, Mary Alice, 7, 36, 11 249 Ellingston, Harry, 18 Elliott, Dean, 141 Elliott, Mahlon, 50 Elliott, Mary, 64 Elliott, Ona, 18 Ellis, Arthur, 18 Ellis, Charles, 129, 130 Ellis, Ruth, 36 Ellis, William, 18 Ely, George, 36, 171 Emanuel, Floyd, 64 Emmel, Margaret, 10, 18, 108, 97, 146, 267 Endsley, Leland, 36, 170 ILl1gqU1SlI, IXIUIUK, JU Engst, Norbert, 18, 114, 129, 130 Enos, Norman, 50, 100, 123 Eoger, Murph, 64 Erbe, Mary Ann, 154 ' Ermatinger, Iohn, 50, 187 Errante, Edward, 64 Errante, Iames, 50, 100 Erskine, Wood, 51 Esparza, Robert, 18, 105, 106, 109, 244 Esquibel, Ray, 51, 208, 219 Evans, Bainard, 64 Evans, Donald, 64 Evans, Iames, 36 Evans, Verlee, 64 Ewing, Dean, 64 F Fallen, Edward, 36, 175 Fallis, Fred, 64, 101 Farber, Ioseph, 18 Farmer, Dewey, 51 Farrell, Nancy, 51, 99, 153 Farris, Bill, 114 Farris, M. E., 18, 106, 171 Faust, Rowland, 51, 181 Faust, Ruth, 36, 159 Faw, Ienabel, 36, 142, 157 Fay, Elizabeth, 18, 147 Fay, Shirley, 51 Fay, Yvonne, 18, 109, 124, 142, 148 Feldhan, Stanley, 18, 114, 132, 133, 168 Fellers, William, 64 Fenton, Charles, 132 Ferguson, Arthur, 18 - Ferguson, Barbara, 36 Fernandez, Bonifacio, 18, 109 Ferro, Ioseph, 36 Fiels, A., 137 Field, Aileen, 157 Fields, Bill, 7, 11, 18, 97, 114, 122, 130, 239, 265 Fields, Earl, 18 Fierro, Santiago, 19, 125 Figge, Robert, 36, 171 Fillingham, Iack, 141, 144, 145 Fimbres, Rudy, 51 Finch, Ierry, 36, 146 Finley, Mary, 103 Finley, Stanley, 103 Finnegan, Edward, 19, 175 Fischle, Ioe, 19, 181 Fisher, David, 19 Fisher, Iames, 19 Fisher, Iohn, 36, 183 Fitzpatrick, Ioyce, 51, 155 Fleisch, Bud, 36, 177 Fletcher, Iohn, 74, 244 Fligner, Oscar, 19, 114 Florance, Douglas, 74 Flores, Bennie Ioe, 64 Floyd, Betty, 11, 19 Fogge, Donald, 36, 171 Follansbee, Dorothy, 64, 138, 154 Folsom, Iohn, 51, 171 Foraker, Creighton, 51 Ford, Charles, 74 Ford, Herbert, 38 Ford, Nancy, 51, 161 Forman, Fred, 124 Forrest, Gloria, 51, 147 Fort, R. E., 19,101, 129 Foss, Francis, 76, 109 Foster, Edith, 19 Fowler, Donald, 74 Fowler, Donald R., 111, 244 Fowler, Richard, 36 Fox, Lenore, 36 Francis, Glen, 36, 175 Frankel, Kenneth, 64, 144 Franko, Paul, 19, 114 Fraser, Nancy, 12, 36, 152, 155 Frazier, Henry, 19, 170 Freeman, Pat, 36 Freeman, Scott, 200 French, Katherine, 127 Fretwell, Iim, 19, 171 Friedman, Arthur, 19, 204 Frieseke, Ronald, 220 Froelieh, Chester, 19, 133 Frohlich, Iames, 19 Frost, Iames, 64, 194 Frost, Iames, 37, 102, 185, 194 Fruehauf, Frances, 51 Frye, Earl, 123 Fuhs, Allen, 19, 114, 132, 133 Fullriede, William, 19 Fulton, Robert, 51, 171, 244 Fulton, William, 74 Funkhouser, Marjorie, 64, 137 Furcht, William, 37 Furry, Bill, 19 Futterknecht, Iohn, 37, 185 G Gabel, F., 19 Gabel, Kurt, 37, 177 , Gabriel, Carmen, 19 Gaeto, Sam, 106 Galford, Iohn, 51, 100 Galbreath, Pat, 64, 147 Galioto, Salvatore, 51, 179 Gallagher, Maryanne, 57, 155 Gallant, Iohn, 64, 141, 189 Gallegos, Arthur, 19 Gallegos, Ioe, 19 Gallegos, Manuel, 19 Gallegos, Nick, 19 Gamertsfelder, Paul, 19, 173 Garber, David H., 19 Garcia, Andrew, 51 Garcia, Betty, 64 Garcia, lose, 19 Garetson, Iames, 37, 171 Garland, Don, 37 Garvanian, Edward, 51 Garza, Florentine, 19 . Gass, Nancy, 64, 117, 127 Gassaway, Charles, 37, 187 Gatchell, Iean, 51 Gates, Patrick, 64 Gatford, Thomas, 51 Gavahan, Iohn, 19 Gay, Charles, 64 Gay, David, 19, 173 Gay, Holt, 19, 132, 153 Gaynor, Eleanor, 51, 137, 142 Gaylord, Edward, 64 Gehr, Eunice, 152 Gentry, William, 65 George, Richard, 51, 130 Gere, Barbara, 37, 153 Geter, Bill, 216 Giblin, Hal, 65 Gibson, Iack, 19, 173 Gidden, Don, 37, 141 Gilford, Robert, 37, 171 Gignac, Edwin, 101 Giles, Ierome, 51 Gill, lack, 51 Gill, Iohn, 20 Gillespie, Mary, 51 Giltner, William, 37 Givens, David, 20, 141, 179 Glaese, Doris, 65 Glaser, Edwin, 7, 11, 20, 97, 113, 118, 119, iss", 167,255 Glasgow, lack, 51, 173, 216 Glass, Lila, 20 Glenn, Jerry, 51 Glover, William, 51, 101 Godfrey, Barbara, 51, 153 Godfricd, Phillip, 37, 196 Goheen, Richard, 65 Goicoches, Rodolfo, 51 Golden, Iulius, 52, 124, 168 Goldizen, Vernon, 52 Goldsmith, Louis, 141 Goldstein, lack, 20 Goldstein, Iames, 101, 124 Goldston, Clay, 37 Gomez, Ioseph B., 37, 206 Gomez, Ruben, 65 Gonzales, Alfred, 65, 101 Gonzales, Antonio, 65 Gonzales, Elias, 52 Gonzales, Harry, 20 Gonzales, Margaret, 52 Gonzales, Milton, 52 Goodkin, Robert, 65 Goodman, Louis lack, 65 Goodman, Pat, 52, 154 Goodrich, C. Ronald, 65 Goodrum, William, 37 Gordon, Arthur, 138, 145 Gordon, Patricia Ann, 146 Gorman, Ioan, 52, 163' Gormley, Mike, 65, 137 Gorrell, Arthur R., 37 Gorrey, Edward, 20, 123 Goss, Barbara, 65 Gossard, Iackie, 37 Gourd, Theodore, 20 Graham, Floyd, 20, 141 Graham, lack, 65 Graham, Iames, 20 Graham, Pat, 65 Graham, Richard, 37, 187 Graham, Robert, 37, 52 Granath, Richard, 141 Granick, Robert, 7, 10, 11, 20, 77, 97,115,120,121,187, 265 Grannis, Pat, 11, 12, 20, 109, 249 Grant, Bob, 171 Grant, Dave, 52 Graves, Ernest, 20 Gray, Carolyn, 52 Gray, A. Louise, 52 Green, Betty Nell, 65, 141 Green, Carl, 52 Green, Connie, 52, 153 Green, Fred, 37, 185 Green, Georganna, 52 Green, Roger, 65 Greene, William, 257 Greenleaf, Edward, 52 Greenleaf, Richard, 100, 189 Gregory, Howard, 20, 132 Greiner, Robert, 52 Grenko, Beverlee, 37, 152, 155 Grenko, Pete, 20 Griflin, Barbara, 13, 65, 257 Gritlin, Pat, 37, 148 Grilhth, Marylee, 37, 165 Griiiith, Thomas W., 37 Griggs, Peter, 194 Grisham, Ioan, 65 Grogan, Bettie Lou, 20, 150 Groman, Robert C., 106 Groskritz, George, 20, 258 Grosshans, Harlan, 37 Grossman, Henry, 20, 168 Grosvenor, Frances, 52, 163 Grove, Peggy, 65 Grubbs, Frank, 20, 167, 181 Grummer, Charles, 20 Gnmer, Ioan, 65 Gruschus, SueAnn, 37, 99, 155, 190 Gryder, Pat, 52, 137 Guiney, William, 216 Gulowsen, Wilfred, 37, 123, 179 Gunderson, Ray, 20 Gunderson, Warren, 37, 181 Gustafson, Dale, 123 Guthrey, William, 27, 173 Guitierrez, Avelino, 74 Guitierrez, Eloy, 52, 100 H Hackmann, Paul, 20 Hadden, Nancy, 258 Hadley, Alfred, 65 Haen, Peter, 20 Hafen, K., 106 Haferkamp, Hugh, 20, 187 Hagan, Iohn, 20, 127, 132 Hagansick, Iohn, 20, 187 Hagerman, Charles de, 37, 141 Hagues, David, 20 Hagy, Iesse, 76, 111, 200, 201 Hailer acki 129 1 1 Mafpoiie, sz, 155 Hair, Hall, Adrian, 37 Hall, Collie, 52, 99, 163 Hall, Harold, 216 Hall, Hazel, 65 Hall, Iames, 52, 141, 185 Hall, Martin, 20 Hall Ra 52 1 ya Hallman, A. Kelley, 52, 173 Hallman, Edgar, 52 Halsey, Donald, 20, 177 Halsey, LeRoy, 114, 129, 130 Hamman, William, 65 Hammer, Iames, 124 Hammershoy, Ronald, 7, 38, 167, 177 Hammond, Norman, 52, 187 Handley, Milton, 38, 173 Haner, Peggy, 20, 161 Hanosh, Iames, 20, 123 Hanrashaw, Dick, 204 Hansen, Kenneth, 65 Hansen, Lyle, 20, 183 Hanson, Norman, 21, 114, 132, Harbison, Adam, 65 Harbison, Beverly, 65 Harbour, Ierry, 21, 141, 175 Harley, William, 52, 137, 181 Harper, Barbara, 21 Harpger, Robert, 117 . Harris, Arthur, 65 Harris, Charles, 132 Harris, George, 74 Harris, Lewis, 52 Harris, Paul, 65 Harrison, Elbert, 21, 78, 114, 267 Harrison, Nancy, 38, 155 Harrison, Ray, 21, 183 Harrison, Ray V., 106 Hart, Carl, 21 , Ed, 200 Hart, Hart Ha rt Hart Hart Emmett, 134 , George, 38, 174 , Harry, 200 , Iohn, 21,181 Hart, Kenneth, 21, 102, 183, 216 Hartwell, Harold, 38, 180 Hartwick, Richard, 38, 138, 184 v ra-A-'71 Harvey, Stanley, 21 Harwood, Don, 207 Harwood, Irving, 21, 132 Harwood, William, 21, 132 Hatcher, Alice, 65 Haven, Edward, '145 Havens, Iohn, 52 Hawkins, Donald, 65 Hawkins, Dorothy, 65, 137, 154 Hawk, john, 21 Hawley, Iames, 131 Hay, Iames, 38 Hayes, Alice, 256 Hayes, David, 259 Hayes, Elaine, 65 Hayes, Everett, 52 Hayes, Philip, 141 Hays, Roy, 21, 114 Heade, Ierry, 21 Heard, Iohn, 38, 172 Heard, Pat, 66 Heath, Bette I., 66, 154 Hein, Jeanne, 52, 165 Heinsch, Rupert, 21, 185 Helper, Marjorie, 52 Hemsing, Ioan, 129 Henderson, LaVerne, 66, 152 Hendrix Ph llis 66 v Y s Henrie, Iackie, 38, 78, 136, 143, 155, 190 Henrioulle, Eugene, 21, 145 Henry, Iames, 66, 136 Henry, Ioan, 21, 142 Henry, Silas, 74 Henry, William, 53, 179 Hensley, Carol, 53, 137 Herlin, Shirley, 38, 146 Herlocker, Fred, 185 Herman, Henryettc, 53, 147 Herman, 128 Hernandez, 216 Hernandez, Pete, 53 Hernandez, Suzanne, 112 Hershberger, Donald, 53, 144, 1 Hetland, Betty, 66 Hewitt, Arthur, 21 Hibbs, Alvin, 21, 129 Hickey, Cindy, 53, 138, 165 Hicks, Fred, 38 Higdon, Ierry, 53 Higgins, Richard, 53, 184 Higgins, Rodney, 21, 132 High, William, 38, 102, 200 Hight, Beatrice, 38, 142, 143 Hill, Carolyn, 21, 98, 111, 142, 153, 268 Hill, Charles, 218, 215, 216 Hill, Eugene, 53 Hill, Tom, 53 Hillard, Duane, 21 1-1illard,Ioann, 21, 153 Llillami-.f LI...-'L CK Hilsdorf, Audrey, 53 Hindi, Monira, 38 Hinds, S., 138 Hinterleitner, Richard, 129 Hinton, Elmer, 58 Hirsch, Stanley, 21 Hisey, Howard, 38 Hladio, Ioseph, 114 Hoban, Thomas, 114 Hodapp, Iames, 21, 132 Hodge, Lloyd, 53 Hodges, Elwell, 21, 114 Hodges, Norman, 74 Hodgkins, Weston, 38 Hoesly, Ruth, 21 Hoff, Iris, 21, 155 Hoffman, Virginia, 66, 147 Hoffman, Woodrow, 21, 101, 104 114, 131 Hoit, Thelma, 53, 165 Holeman, Iack, 53 Hollander, Alfred, 124 Hollander, Milton, 138 Hollander, Ronald, 21, 124 Holliday, W., 21 Hollinrake, Ioseph, 114 Holloman, La Quita, 38 Holmberg, William, 66 Holroyd, Iohn, 38 Holt, Al, 53 Holt, Ann, 38 Holt, Helen, 249, 260 Holt, Randy, 53, 181 Honig, Harry, 38, 129, 130 Hooper, Larry, 66 Hopf, Buzz, 21, 174, 191 Hopkins, Barbara, 66 Hopkins, Lawrence, 145 Horton, Ben, 74, 244, 185 Horton, Ben, 74, 144, 185 Horton, George, 53 Horwitz, Irvin, 22 Houser, Erline, 146 Houston, Glen, 53 Howard, Carolyn, 66 Howard, La Moyne, 66 Howe, Anita, 38 Howe, Reginald, 38 Howerton, Ioan, 53, 157 Hoy, Carmen, 66 Hoy, Wilton, 66 Hubbard, Nettie, 38, 136, 146 Hubbs, Iohn, 53, 195 Hudgins, William, 22, 141 Hudson, Donald, 53, 174 Huenfield, Mary, 66, 137, 138 Huerta, Ramon, 21, 109 Hughes, Herbie, 100, 212, 213 216 Hughes, William, 21 Huls, Evelyn, 66, 154 Hungerford, Iohn, 177 U..-.,--fL-J l'SLfl 'DD Huntington, Sandy, 136, 161 Hunton, Harry, 38 Hurlbut, Clarence, 132 Hurley, Marion, 22, 159 Huss, Ann, 66 Huston, Eleanor, 53 Hutchins, John, 38, 102, 174, 210, 216 Hutchinson, Donald, 53, 101 Hutchinson, Patsyjane, 115 Hutchinson, Peggyann, 22, 134 Hutchinson, Shirley, 53 Hutten, Jo, 22, 144 Hutton, Jackie, 53 Hyde, Geneva, 21, 110, 150 Hyde, Herbert, 131 Hyde, Walter, 38 Hyder, Richard, 66 Hyland, Robert, 66 Hynd, Barney, 53, 137 I Icover, Marjorie, 108 Iden, Robert, 138 Illman, Jeanne, 22, 165 Imershein, Benjamin, 53 ,168 Imrie, John, 141 Inkle, Mack, 66 Inglis, Richard, 22 Inmon, Iona, 22, 142, 155, 242, 243 Inmon, Robert,,21 Irby, Mildred, 22, 157 Irish, Lloyd, 38, 183 Irvine, William, 21, 177 Irwin, James, 76, 141, 172 Isaacs, Jean, 66 Isaacson, Daniel, 66 Isaacson, Sonia, 53, 99 Iula, Norma, 53, 146 Izzard, Marilyn, 22, 161 I . Ienhcss, RaymondT133 Jensen, Charles, 22, 114, 132, 133 Jernigan, Jeannine, 53 Jersig, Shelby, 54 Jcssen, Phillip, 114 Jessup, Inabelle, 22, 110, 155 Jillson, Margaret, 22 John, Joseph, 129 Johnson, Alf, 39 Johnson, Ferris, 39, 187 Johnson, George D., 39, 183 Johnson, Harold, 66, 172 Johnson, Jean, 39 Johnson, Joyce, 22, 112 Johnson, Judy, 54, 158 Johnson, Nancy, 66, 146 Johnson, Richard, 22, 39, 174 ohnson Richard N 175 1 , -, Johnson Steffen, 200, 203 Johnson, Willard, 138 Johnston, Herbert C. Jr., 141 Jones, Florenceruth, 13, 22, 134, 150 Jones, Frances Reno, 22, 116, 120, 121, 135 Jones, Grace, 165 Jones, Jay, 54 Jones, Leek, 54 Jones, Martin, 66 Jones, Marvelyn, 136 Jones, Mary Cay, 66 Jones, Marshall, 66 Jones, Rosemary, 39, 136, 142, 156 Jordan, Robert D., 66, 134 Jordan, William, 74 Jordan, William G., 39, 162 Juarez, Sadie, 22, 148 Judd, David, 39, 168 Jue, Joe, 54 K 1 Kamm, Valerie, 54, 159, 241 Kaplan, Albert, 124 Jackson, Ann, 38, 136, 142, 246, 191 Kappeler, Wesley Hq 39 Jackson, Elaine, 38,,118,,,13S,f165 Jackson, Joseph, 38 Jackson, Martha, 39, 147 Jacobs, Henry, 11, 22, 118, 183, 2043220 ' Jacobs, Norman, 222, 138, 185 James, Bernard, 39, 180 Janicek, Alexander, 39 Janicek, Gordon, 39 Jankoskie, Edward, 39, Jaraiinillo, Emila, '39, 103 Jaraniiilo, George, 74' 1 Jelinek,'Arthur, 53 Jelinek, Joan, 664 Jenkins, Garet, 53 Jenkins, Isle, 66' Jenkins, Joann, 158 Jenkins, Joey, 39 Jenkins, Starr, 138 Karshner,'John'P,7141 Katz, Loretta, 67, 1241, Kaufman, Bernard, 39, 189 Kayne, Robert, 39, 198 Kearns, Betty Ann, 22, 39, 142, 153 Kearns, Kay, 39, 153 Kaerns, Mary Elizabeth, 153 Kebusch, H., 132 Keefe, John, 76 Keele, John F., 67, 173 Keenan, James, 67, 220, 216 Keiifer, Melvin H., 39, 167 Keller, James, 54, 100, 128 Kelley, Fenton, 145, 248 Kelly, John H., 22, 181 Kelly, Mary, 39, 140, 142, 156 Kelly, Richard, 39, 179 Kelmenson, Leo, 196, 197 K?lscy, Anne, 24-87257 Kempenich, Al, 54 Kemper, Troy, 39, 113, 135 Kendrick, Don M., 22, 187 Kenworthy, Sue, 67, 136, 137 Kenyon, R. Gordon, 105, 109 Keohane, Marianne, 22, 163 Kepner, Kathleen, 39, 128, 146 Kern, Jean, 54, 99, 163 Kernodle, Norman, 22, 114 Keswick, Ed, 202 Ketchum, Carol, 54, 99, 156 Keystone, Marlene, 54, 147 Kidd, J. B., 54 Kimball, David, 10, 22, 97, 114, 167, 185, 268 Kimball, Leon, 22, 129, 130 Kimbrall, Marceline, 67 Kimbrell, Dolores, 54, 146, 161 Kimbrough, Leroy, 23, 186 Kinchloe, Lalton, 23, 141 King, Jerry, 54 King, Walter, 39, 114 Kinzer, John, 7, 12, 23, 123, 181, 268 Kisselburg, Willis, 67 Kittell, Virginia, 67 Kiwitt, Sid, 200, 203 Klassen, Josie, 67 Klassen, Margaret, 67 Klatt, Ivan, 23 Klatt, William, 39, 170 Klein, Donald, 23, 130 Kleinman, Florence, 39, 108, 156 Kleinschmidt, Rudy, 67 Klench, William, 39 Klopp, Becky, 67 Kloss, Donald, 67 Knapp, Wilson, 102, 206, 216 Kecht, Herb, 39, 181 Knight, Derwood, 74, 244 Knight, Ted, 39, 180 Knorr, Donald, 23, 177 Knorr, Mary, 23, 98, 105, 154 .Knudson, Russell, 23 Koch, Carolyn, 23, 152, 161 Koehler, B. James, 244 Koehler, Charles, 39 Kohn, Bob, 1-96 Koogler, Clem, 74, 183 Kool, Roland, 54, 200 Korn, Marshall, 39, 137, 138 Korte, Merle, 102, 204, 218 Kosk, Oscar, 23, 114 Kostelecky, Lewis, 54 Kostenbader, Ken, 215 Koulias, Charles N., 54 Kiihn, John, 54 Kuliasha, Michael, 54 Kullerstrand, Donald, 54 Kunkel, Peter, 100 Kunz, Ernest, 145 Kuper, Eleanor, 23 Kurth, Roland, 40, 184, 204, 216 Kutnewsky, Nieta, 67 Kuykendall, Betty, 54, 99, 129 Kyle, Donna, 67 L La Barge, Robert, 114 Lagomarsini, George, 23, 114 La Grange, Robert, 54, 180 Laidley, Richard, 54 Lake, Charles, 67 Lalicker, Robert, 23, 102, 184, 204, 205 Lamb, James, 54 Lamb, James R., 167 Lambert, Edward, 40 Lancaster, Lionel, 23, 138, 186 Lane, Bryce, 67 Lane, Robert, 23 Lanford, L. M., 39 Lang, Duane, 40 Lang, Nancy, 40 Lang, R., 138 Langan, Lee, 67 Langford, Robert, 11, 40, 97, 172 Langholf, Dever, 54 Langill, Addison, 67 Langlend, L., 134 Langseth, Eugene, 9, 12 ,23, 101 Lanham, Vana, 67 Lansing, John, 67 Lapka, Leonard, 138 Large, Emily, 23, 98, 142, 156, 268 Larivee, F., 145 Larsen, Marilyn, 54, 150 Larson, Gordon, 141 Lawrence, Douglas, 23, 177, 267 Lawrence, Glen, 23, 114 Leue, Vzil-5i,23W Y Leupold, Louis, 67 Levine, Gerald, 40, 54 Levine, Shepard, 106 Levitt, Sandy, 54, 128, 147, 257 Lewis, Claude, 67, 127 Lewis, Donald, 54 Lewis, Hilliard, 108 Lewis, J. T., 133 Lewis, James, 54 Lewis, Joan, 136 Li, I. W., 23 Liguori, Ed, 23, 140 Lillibridge, Jane, 23, 148 Lind, Alice, 54 Linder, Lionel, 67 Lindhardt, Ann, 127 Linn, Maxine, 67 Linstromberg, Linda, 40, 147 Linthicum, Elaine, 55, 15 6 Lipsett, Nancy, 23, 136 Litchfield, Donald, 55, 216 Littler, Charles, 24 Llamas, Jose, 24, 132 Llwyd, Rita, 55, 161 Lobato, Emmanuel, 74 Loftus, Norman, 40, 175 Logan, Duane, 101 Logan, Grant, 216 Logan, James, 24 Lohoff, Gypsy Lee, 77 Lollensby, R., 137 London, Earl, 24 Long, Clifford, 24 Long, D., 186 Long, George, 24, 75, 244, 258 Long, Pat, 67 Lookingbill, John, 55, 102, 182, Lopez, Andrew, 127 Lopez, Ramon, 75, 244 Lord, William, 24, 174 Loser, Carolee, 67 Lotz, ames 40 175 1 1 , Love, John, 134, 144, 145 Layton, Yictor,,23,, 132 Leakou, James, 196, 197 Lebeck, Albert, 74, 244 Lebeck, Barbara, 54, 152, 154 Lee, Carol J., 23, 142, 158 Lee, Harriet, 40, 165 Lee, Harry F., 40, 182 Lee, Joseph, 67 Lee, Leonard, 23, 174 Lee, Lucille, 67 Lee, Patt, 67 Lee, Reginald, 23, 182 Leffler, W., 23, 131 Krakow, Gig, 23, 136, 193, 165, 207 Lefton, Seymour, 23 Krause, Gustave, 104 Kreiger, Marvin, 23 Kremer, Frank, 206, 218, 219 Krueger, Charles, 67 Krutcik, Chester, 54, 184, 216 Leggette, Mary -Lou, 67 Leonard, John, 40, 102, 218 Leonard, Louann, 67 Leppke, Lee Roy, 67 Lermusiaux, Albert, 23, 131 Love, Johnny, 24, 134 , K Love, Loretta, 68 Loveall, Jeanne, 24, 158 Lovelady, Yvonne, 68 Lovett, Charles, 68 Lovett, Gerald, 40, 216 Lowrey, Ernie, 40, 142, 164 Lubinetsky, Vera, 24, 122, 140 Lucas, David, 24, 186 Lucas, Greta, 68, 138 Lucero, B., 138 ' Ludlow, Carl, 24, 114, 131 Lujan, Eugene, 40 Luke, Paul, 216 Luna, Roselyn, 55 Lunardini, Peter, 109 Lyons, Robert, 24, 115, 121 Lyons, Shirley, 68 216 M , MacCaul1ey, Barbara, 40, 146 MacDonald, Donna, 55, 152 MacDonald, Francis, 68 MacLauchlan, Frankie, 68 Macurak, Alexander, 24 Madden, Janet, 55 Mafit, John, 105 Magill, Perry, 68 Magill, Stanley, 24, 180 . Mailman, Arnold, 24, 124, 168 Main, Jack, 258 4 Malleaux, Frank, 40 Malm, Jack, 113, 135 Manley, Georgia, 40 Manley, Jack, 40 Mann, Eva, 68 Maple, Barbara, 55, 112 Marcek, Walter, 128 Marchand, Jeanne, 68 Marchese, Andrew, 55 Marchiondo, William, 75 , 244 Marcum, William, 55 Mariani, Carlo, 40 Markee, S., 154 Markell, Shirlee, 24 Marquez, Gloria, 55, 148 Marquez, Raquel, 251 Marra, Ida, 40 Marsh, Beverly, 68 Marshall, Jane Ann, 55 Martin, Albert, 194 Martin, Burdette, 40, 175 Martin, Carolyn, 142 Martin, Charles, 55 Martin, Colleen, 55 Martin, Howard, 204 Martin, Irl, 40 Martin, Leo, 24 Martin, Lynn, 55 Martin, Norman, 55 Martin, Pauline, 13, 40, 136, 16 Martin Rose Ellen, 12, 98 Martin, Walter, 170 Marrin,.Warreu,.40, 170 Martinez, Baltazar, 40 Martinez, Jerry, 55 Martinez, Hazel, 40 2 Martinez, Ramon, 216 Martinez, Tony, 40 Mason, Rune, 24 Masterson, Jack, 40 Masury, Sally, 241 Matheny, Marvin, 216 Matkins, Barbara, 68 Matocha, Alphonse, 24 Matteson, Jackie, 40, 159 Matthews, Harold, 24, 123 Matthews, James, 24 Maxson, Harmon, 40 Maxwell, Charles, 24, 14 I May, Jamie, 68 Mayer, Leonard, 55, 182 Patricia, 110 Mayhall, Betty, 55, 136, 151 Mazza, Fr. Rosarid, 109 McBridge, Sharon, 68 McCann, F.Iean, 140, 143 McCanna, Ianet, 40 McClausland, Iohn, 138 McClelland, Iean, 129 MCcfaCken,Phi1ip,41, 114, 130 McCulloh, Mary, .41, 138, 164 McCullough, Herbert, 55 McDaniel, Gene, 41 Miller, Albert, 55 Miller, Colleen, 147 Miller, Dewayne, 68 Miller, Miller, Dolores, 55, 99, 154 Everett, 106 Miller, Iohn, 68 Miller, 1. I., 132 Miller, Marilyn, 24, 161 Miller, Marion, 55, 99, 151 Miller, Murray, 41, 124, 168 Miller, McKeown McDonald, Lily, 41, 68, 154 McElheny, Robert, 184 McGlamery, Richard, 75, 244 McGlothlin, Carol, 41, 154 McGuire, Iames, 40, 187 McGurk, Anne, 41, 142, 159 McHugh, Anna, 41, 148 McIntyre, Ioseph, 216 McKanna, I., 164 McKay, Ray, 68 McKecl1an, Robert, 75 McKee, Donald, 24, 102, 113, 119, 135, 184, 216 McKeg, Thomas, 68, 101 McKenney, Frances, 55, 146 McKenzie, Charles, 68 McKenzie, Iennifer, 68 , Mary Iane, 129 McKinley, Betty, 24, 109 McKinley, Ioseph, 24, 106 McKinzie, I., 137 McKown, Ierry, 216 McKune, Betty, 55 McLaughlin, Bill, 216 McLaughlin, Edward, 55 , 175 McLaughlin, William, 41 McMinn, Frank, 68 McMullan, Iames, 200, 201, 216 McMurdo, Polly, 41, 138, 166 McNay, Ioann, 68, 79 McNew, Norman, 102, 137 McSmith, Marvin, 68, 216 Meacham, George, 68 Meador, Keith, 141 Means, Marilyn, 55, 99, 112, 156 Mechenbier, Bernard, 68 Medary, William, 141 Mellott, Ieane, 24 Mencher, Ann, 147 Merkel, Ioseph, 24 Merriles, Edward, 41, 127 Meyer, Consuelo, 24, 125 Meyer, Herman, 68 Meyer, Kenneth, 55, 127, 187 Meyer, Robert, 68 Michael, Donald, 55 Michaels, Anita, 68, 124 Michaels, Barbara, 68, 124 Milam, Kenneth, 41 Milbourne, Ioan, 68, 146 Mi1ey,Iames, 106 Miller, Robert A., 130, 132, 200, 202 Miner, Robert J., 24, 41, 167, 177, 200 , 202 Miller, Richard, 24, 133 Milling, Iames, 55 W Mills, Thomas, 41, 174 Miners, Robert, 41, 168 Miranda, Gilbert, 106 Mitcham, Donald, 24, 131 Mitcham, Sara Dawn, 55, 154 Mitchell, Don, 25, 141 Mitchell, Hugh, 41, 186 Mitchell, Mary Ann, 55 Mitchell, Mary Margaret, 68, 147 Mobley, Eunice, 41 Mobley, Lenita, 68 Mock, Lindalie, 25, 154 Moffa, Remo, 216 Mogull, Allan, S6 Mohlenrich, Elizabeth, 25 Molzan, Edward, 25, 132, 133 Monroe, Charles, 69 Montani, Rocco, 69 Montgomery, Grant, 41, 114 Montgomery, Thomas, 25, 122, 167, 187, 268 Moon, Betty, 25 Moon, M. L., 41 Moore, Moore, Moore Moore Moore Darlene, 69 Ethel, 25 , Irving, 75 , Iacquelin, 56, 138 , Robert, 69 Moor, Val, 41 Mora, Emilio, 41 Mora, Robert, 56 Morales, Manuel, 206, 216 Moran, Iames, 25 Moreland, Sue, 25, 162 Morrell, Ed, 41, 177 Morris, Loyd, 69, 216 Morris, Mary Margaret, 56 Morris, William, 25, 106 Morrison, William, 25 Morrow, Bill, 200 Morse, Harvey, 69 Morton, Bill, 25 Morton, D., 200 Morton, Robert, 25 Mautray, Margaret, 25, 156, 239 Mozee, Elliott, 56 Mozian, Harry, 25 Mueller, Daniel, 25, 167, 180 Mufson, Donald, 41 Mulcahy, Nita, 56, 136, 137 Mulkey, Donald, 216 Mullane, Molly, 41 Mulroney, Ann, 56, 164 Murphy, George, 75, 244 Murphy, Iohn, 41, 141 Murray, Robert, 25, 184 Myers, Wade, 41 N Nakayama, Iohn, 114, 132, 133 Nance, Iohn, 69 Nance, Robert, 25 Napoleon, Martha, 56, 128 Narmore, Phyllis, 25, 138, 158 Narquis, Donald, 25 Nason, Mary Louise, 25, 246 Nave, Nadyne, 56, 186 Neat, C. E., 25 Neff, Richard, 69 Neibur, R., 41. 170 Nelson, Marie, 41, 109, 151 Nelson, Virginia, 25 Nelson, Walter, 125 - Nendell, Donald, 69 Nesbitt, William, 41 Ness, Iulianne, 56 Newman, Mary, 112 Newton, L. Ray, 56 Nichols, Homer, 25, 177 Nichols, Orlo, 101, 216 Nicholson, Kenneth, 56 Niemann, Robert, 41 Niles, George, 134 Nilsen, Robert, 69 Noble, Dave, 41, 172 Noble, Marjorie, 56, 162 Noble, Ray, 41, 180 Nobles, William, 250 Nolting, David, 25, 129, 172 Nordeen, Iune, 112 Nordstrom, A. I., 42, 259 Norlleet, Robert, 69 Norman, Ronald, 56, 184 Norris, Nancy, 69 Nuanez, A. I., 131 Nuccio, Samuel, 130 Nushaum, Iames, 205 Nutt, Katherine, 105 Nuttall, Ralph, 138 O Oakes, Ian, 56, 137, 142, 166, 196 O'Belmito, George, 56 O'13rien, Nancy, 56, 136, 191 O'Conner, Allan, 56, 258 Odell, Robert, 141 Odendahl, Alan, 25 O'Hara, Iack, 42 Ojinaga, Vicente, 25 Okon, Clarence, 25, 114, 132 Oldham, Albert, 56, 182 O'Leary, Owen, 25 Olewiler, Donna, 69, 127 Olson, Carol, 69 Olson, LeRoy, 25, 113, 135,194 Olson, Walter, 42 O'Neal, Iames, 25, 114, 132, 133 O'Neill, Paul, 69 Oppenheimer, Ingrid, 26, 98, 112, 158, 266 Oracion, Marquis, 56 Orella, Margaret, 69 Orosco, Manuel, 216 Ortega, Elevinio, 42 Ortz, Zachery, 42 O'Shaughnessy, Iack, 69, 144 Osmundsen, Dean, 26, 172 Otero, Frank, 69 Ottman, George, 26 Owensb Gu 26 Y, Y, Ong, David, 42, 102, 129, 130, 198, 199 P Pace, Iames, 123 Packard, Al, 56, 172 Paddock, Charles, 26, 132 Padilla, Iane, 42, 148 Paine, Donald, 56 Paine, Margaret, 42, 156 Palmer, Ioe, 42, 172 Palmer, Myrna, 26, 156 Panicello, Thomas, 125 Pannell, Dorothy, 42 Pappas, Nicholas, 26 Parker, Clinton, 69 Parkinson, Henry, 69 Parks, Berna D., 26, 112 Parnall, Iames, 69 Parrish, Linda, 26, 164 Parrish, Nora, 69 Parsons, Harry, 26, 186 Parsons, Richard, 75 Passarette, Ioseph, 56, 79 Passvant, Suzanne, 56, 138 Patterson, I. D., 26, 129, 130, 182 Pattison, Donald, 69 Patton, Iames, 42 Patton, Ianet, 26, 129, 162 Paulantis, Pat, 26, 150 Pavletich, Nick, 26, 174 Payne, Oliver, 111 Pearce, Ioe, 26 Pearce, M., 69 Pearsall, Lewis, 101 Pearson, Iohn C., 56 Peck, Fred, 26, 187 Peeples, Wiley, 56 Pegue, William T., 56 Penerd, I., 138 Penix, Iulianne, 42, 152 Pensiero, Iohn, 26 Pepa, George, 204 Perea, Manuel, 69 Perk, P., 154 Perkins, I. W., 42 Perkins, Pat, 42 Perkowski, Walter S., 26, 130, 182 Perry, Ierry, 56 Perry, Melba, 42 Perry, Pat, 42 Peters, Charles, 141 Peterson, Arthur L. Ir., 69 Peterson, Arthur, 216 Peterson, Dan A., 56 Peterson, David, 216 Peterson, Donna, 136, 152, 158 Peterson, Iohn B., 56, 100, 218, 219 Peterson, Iohn W., 56, 218, 219 Petranovich, Lucille, 26, 184 Pettinger, Mary-elizabeth, 138 Pharis, Carl, 26, 114, 131 Pharr, Kenneth, 102, 214, 216 Phelan, Ioseph, 69 Phelan, Iohn F., 42 Phibbs, Rod, 57 Phillippi, Ralph, 42, 184 Phillips, Anne B., 42, 166 Phillips, Donald K., 69 Phillips, Ionathan, 76, 196 Phillips, Ted, 260 Picaro, Ioseph, 26 Pielemeier, Robert, 57, 177 Pierce, Martin, 26, 172 Pieters, Bruce, 7, 57, 100, 184 Pinkerton, Iames, 69 Pino, Richard, 26 Pino, Timoteo, 69 Piper, Peggy, 26, 78, 154, 266 Pipkin, Helen, 42 Pitman, D., 114, 130 Pitts, Donald L., 26 Pivacek, Fred, 26 Plaut, Karyl M., 142 Plaut, Sally, 69, 146 Pogue, Ernest, 69 Pilitis, Steven, 26 Polk, Gene, 42, 102, 182, 216 Pomeroy, David, 186 Pomeroy, Donald, 42, 186 Porter, Kenneth, 138 Porter, Seldon, 57, 172 Post, Priscilla, 57, 136, 148 Powell, Ed, 26, 174 Powell, Iane, 26, 156, Prehn, Leonard, 26, 109 Preston, Ethel, 76 Prevost, Fred Ir., 26, 1 14 Prcvost, Iohn, 27 Price, Milton, 214, 216 Prince, Thelma, 57, 162 ' nancv. 57 Protzer, Iames, 27, 204 Puckett, Iohn, 57 Pulley, Louise, 42 Pulte, Iames, 70 ' Purdy, Ioan, 70 Putnam, Lewis T., 21, 131 Q Quinn, Iacque, 138 Quintana, Norberto, 27 R Raabe, Margaret, 42, 136 Raabe, Robert, 42, 216 Radosevich, Georgina, 70, 147 Radoslovich, William, 57, 189 Rady, Donald, 100 . Rael, Alex, 57 Rafferty, Keen, 27, 182 Rainey, Ralph, 70 Rakestraw, David, 27, 132 Rakestraw, Ioyce, 70, 79 Ra1ls,I., 133 Ramirez, Iose, 27, 101 Ramsey, Dwight, 101 Ramsey, Elizabeth, 27, 162, 257 Ratcliff, Donald, 70, 138 Ray, Nancy, 57, 162 Ream, Beverly, 42, 164 Rebal, Margaret, 42, 146 Redrearn, Don, 70 Redman, Nan, 42 Redman, Ruth Ann, 57, 152 Reed, Lois, 42, 158, 259 Reed, Mitzi, 42, 112,142, 162 Reed, Richard, 70 Reed, Theodore, 27, 132, 133 Reel, William, 57 Reese, Ann, 98 , Reese, Iane, 27, 164, 268 Reese, Iuliette, 57 Reid, Donald, 42, 200, 203 Reid, Donald, 200, 203 Reid, Iohn I., 42 Reilly, Theresa, 70 Reinecke, Russell, 70 Reisig, Barbara, 70, 147 Remy, Duane, 42 Rencher, S., 137 Renwick, Charles, 43 Renwick, Herbert, 57 Revelant, Louis, 57 Reyes, Robert, 27 Reynolds, Billie Iean, 29, 103, 112 15 1 Reynolds, Charles, 70 Reynolds, David, 70 Reynolds, Fred, 43, 102, 216 Reynolds, Iack, 57 Reynolds, Iane, 70 Rhoads, Dusty, 27 Rhodes, Ierry, 43 Rhodes. Nancv. 70 REE'I5hn, 1 U Richards, Adrian, 43 Roscoe, 1V11j"Z2'U Rose, Peggy, 43, 154 Richards, Annabel, 43, 146 R0sebr0ugh,H21SkCl1, 75, 244 Richards, Eloise, 27 Rosenbaum, Ernest, 43, 124, 167, 168 Richards, H. Scott, 43 Richardson, Anne, 43, 152, 164, 243,Rosenbaum, Isadore, 112 191 Richardson, Bill, 27, 249 Richardson, Charles, 43 Richardson, Lewis, 220 Rosenbaum, I., 11, 75, 97, 115,116, 243, 244, 265 Rosenberg, Iack, 57 Ross, Bettye, 70 Richardson, W. B., 43, 113, 119, 135 Ross, Charles, 113 Richerson, Marjorie, 27, 154 Richey, Paul, 43 Richner, Donald, 70 Riddle, Iack, 27, 130 Riddle, Robert, 70 Ridgway, Barbara, 147 Ridings, Macbeth, 27, 112 Riebe, Norman, 27, 177 Ries, Mary Lou, 43 Riffenburgh, Arthur, 43 Riley, Mary, 141 Rinalds, Iustin, 57 Rippbergcr, Iames, 27, 175 Rippey, Donald, 27, 106 Ritchie, Iames, 75, 186 Rivers, Betty, 43, 137, 138, 147 Roady, Merlene, 57 Robart, P., 138 Robb, Nancy, 143 Robbins, Earl, 57 Robek, Ioseph, 27 Robles, I., 27 Robles, Oscar, 43 Robinson, Edward, 27 Robinson, Iack, 27 Robinson, Ioan, 27, 244 Robinson, Margaret, 43 Robinson, Rosemary, 166 Roberts, Beverlee, 57 Roberts, Bobbie, 43 Roberts, Donald, 132 Roberts, Lois, 57, 99, 112 Roberts, Paul, 57, 186 Roberts, Ted, 244 Roberts, Von, 27, 130 Roberts, William, 27 Robertson, Dave, 43 Roche, William, 57 Rockett, Iohn, 57 Rockett, Louis, 70 Rodgers, Iames, 70 Rodrick, Laura Ann, 57, 112 Rodriques, R., 174 Rodriquez, Facundo, 27, 124, 267 Rodriquez, Ruben, 43, 75 Rogers, Calvin, 43 Rogers, Richard, 70 Romero, David, 27, 101, 114, 118, 131 Romero, Herman, 43, 170 Romero, Leo, 43 Romisher, Paul, 27 Ross, Everitt, 70, 127 Ross, Glen, 27, 106, 136, 187 Rowan, Iane, 70, 138 Rowan, R., 138 Roybal, Thomas, 28, 125 Rubidoux, Tessie, 43 Ruble, Ron, 57, 144, 189 Russell, Harold, 131 Rubenstein, Marty, 207 Rutherford, Patty, 57, 137 Rutter, Charline, 57, 166 Ryer, Austin, 43 S Saatkin, Henry S., 43 Sabin, Floyd, 10, 28, 104, 11 Safely, Iames, 57, 182 Safely, Norma, 70 Sage, Louise, 57, 166 Salas, Iohn, 70 Salazar, Bernard, 43, 216 Salazar, David, 28 Salisbury, Carroll, 137, 154 Salomon, Marrion, 43 Sanchez, Alfonso, 43, 134 Sanchez, Annabelle, 70 Sanchez, Gilbert, 28 Sanchez, Inez, 244 Sanchez, Iohn, 28, 204 Sanchez, Lorenzo, 105 Sanchez, Rudolph, 28 Sanchez, Vicky, 136 Sanchez, Viola, 70, 136 Sandberg, Sigred, 76, 170 Sanderson, W. Raymond, 57, 100, 186 Sandoval, Anita, 112 Sandoval, Charles, 132 Sandoval, Harry, 28 Sandoval, Harry A., 43 Sanford, Paul, 76, 105 Sanftner, Roger, 124 Santers, Iohn, 196 Sanzenbaeh, Paul, 58, 128 Sargeant, Homer, 114 Sasser, Don, 28, 97, 267 Sauer, Pat, 28, 136, 156 Saunders, Don, 70 Sauters, Iohn, 28, 174 Savage, Robert, 28, 186 Savage, Thomas, 43 Scanlan, Liz, 43, 152, 166 Sc:inian,'Pat, 56T1'5b Scanlin, Iohn, 114, 132, 133 Sceresse, Alexander, 75, 244 Schlcichert, Edward, 43 Schlifske, Edward, 28, 172 Schlotterbeck, Lou, 28, 166 Schmechel, Iean, 28 Schmidt, Harold, 44 Schmidt, Ross, 114, 133 Schmuck, William, 44 Schneider, lack, 28, 131, 174 Schneider, William, 106 Schom ustus 28 Pi 1 , Schoolcraft, Evelyn, 58, 99, 136, 147 Schram, Harry, 58 Schrandt, Robert, 141 Schulze, Ioan, 43, 166 Schumacher, Phyllis, 58 Schwartz, Simon, 124 Scott, Charles, 58 Scott, Mary Mae, 70 Sears, Nancy, 77, 137, 141 Sefton, Ira, 70 Seigal, D., 138 Selby, Frances, 147 Selby, Wesley, 28 Seligman, Herbert, 70, 101 Sellers, Wallace, 58 1 Severns, Io Ann, 44, 136, 143, Severns, Mary, 76, 136, 158 Seward, Fred, 70 Seward, Lewis, 28 Sewell, Duane, 28, 182 Shaffer, Stella, 58, 99, 151 Shanahan, Donald, 141 Shapira, Raymond, 28, 165 Shatsby, Ieanne, 58 Shead, Fayne, 28 Sheevers, Harry, 106 Sheldon, Iohn, 75, 244 Shelton, Muriel, 28, 58, 148 Shepherd, William, 28, 172 Sherping, Faith, 58, 158 Shilton, Tom, 28 Shirley, Iohn M., 28 Shockley, Sally, 58 Shodal, Paul, 44 Shore, Robert, 106 Shubert, Ralph, 28, 131 V Shwartz, Paul, 75 Sierra, Raoul, 71 Sifuentes, Seledonio, 28, 132 Silverman, Mary, 28, 103, 140 Silvers, Ioe, 200 Simon, Morris, 111 Simmons, Phillip, 71 Simmons, Robert, 111 Simon, Nicholas, 111, 122 Simpkins, B. D., 58, 186 Simpson, Doyle, 44 Simpson, Iames, 131 Simpson, I. H., 28 Singer, Arnold, 44, 124, 129, 1 162 Singer, Betty, 28 Sinkew, Elias, 28 Sinnott, Fred, 114 Sisk, Don, 44, 182 Sisneros, Tomas, 58, 189 Skelton, Sandra, 44, 154 Skillen, Dan, 11, 28, 140 Slasor, Floyd, 29, 184 Sleeman, Iohn, 58 Sleeper, Louis, 71 Sleeth, Tom, 11, 13, 29, 120, 121 Sloan, Alvin, 29 Slusher, Waldo, 58 Smart, Warren, 106 Smelser, Iohn, 29 Smith, Dolores, 154 Smith, D., 220 Smith, Edward, 58, 182, 196 Smith, Everett, 29, 186 Smith, Forrest, 44, 177 Smith, Gracia, 112 Smith, Iack, 58 Smith, Iames, 44, 141 Smith, Iulie Lee, 58, 99, 127, Smith, Loring, 75 Smith, Ross, 58 Smith, NVilliam, 58 Smolich, Robert, 29 Sneddon, Charlotte, 29, 158 Snelson, Frances, 71 Snelling, Iohn, 29, 114 Snow, David, 58, 172 Snyder, Charles, 132 Snyder, Floyd, 105 Snyder, Pat, 58, 156 Snyder, Raymond, 71, 216 Snyder, Vera, 58 Sobol, Edwin, 44, 174 Soderberg, Ioyce, 71, 146 Sohle, F., 29, 184 Soister, Paul, 141 Sommer, William, 58, 177 Sommerville, M. Marie, 126 Sorensen, Arthur, 71, 138 Sorrell, Lois, 29, 169 Sosa, Daniel, 244 South, Don, 44 South, Ieanne, 58, 159 Sowek, Edward, 29 Sowell, Wayne, 29 Spaberg, Maraget, 112 164 Spafford, Rosalie, 12, 44, 146, 152 Spear, Gretchen, 71 Spear, Howell, 75 Spears, Laurence, 7, 44, 186 Specter, Lionel, 71 Spector, Morris, 75 Speer, William, 44, 102, 182, 216 Spence, Ioseph, 29, 192 Spencer, Carol Iean, 58, 148 Sprengeler, Don, 29 213, Sprengeler, I5hn, 29, 1114, 180 T Springer, Eugene, 195 Springer, Herbert, 44, 124, 168 Springer, T., 102 Sprouse, Iames, 114 Sroka, Ianice, 44 Stafford, Ieannie, 44, 146 Stafford, William, 29, 204 Standefer, Betty Ann, 71 Stark, Sally, 71, 134 Starkey, Ioseph, 58 Starnes, Victor, 44, 204 Stebbins, Linda Lee, 58 Stebbins, Wesley, 29 Stedman, Thomas, 44 Steinberg, Eugene, 124 Ste11,Ioe, 29, 186, 210, 216 Stephens, Donald, 29 Stephens, Ioyce, 44, 246 Stephens, Sue, 58, 99, 162 Stephenson, Richard, 128 Steritz, Saranne, 71, 147 Stevens, George, 206 Stevenson, Ralph, 141 Stewart, Frances, 58 Stewart, George, 129, 130 Stewart, Iohn, 29, 141 Sticlham, Alpha, 71 , 127 Stief, Robert, 29, 104, 114, 129, 130 Stilwell, 1Vilbur, 29, 172 4 Stinnett, Glenn, 29 A Stockton, Helen, 11 Stockton, Richard, 29, 184 Stockton, Rosemary, 7, 29, 112, 266 Stone, Barbara, 44, 154, 243 Stone, Ieff, 44, 132, 186 Storey, William, 123 Storrer, Iames, 29, 182 Storseth, S., 29, 174 Stotts, William, 58 Stout, Dale, 29, 106 Stout, Gordon, 216 Stovall, Al, 204 Stovall, Iune, 44, 151 Stowers, Harry, 174 Streets, Richard, 58 Strelow, Robert, 59, 172 Strelzoff, Penny, 44 Stromberg, Ioan, 59, 164 Strother, Ralph, 29 Stowers, Harry E., 29 Stuart, Robert, 29, 71 Stuart, Walter, 29 Stubbs, Mary Louise, 71, 154 Stubbs, Robert, 29, 108 Sturtevant, Robert, 59, 100, 101, 180 Suazo, Ernest, 59, 205 Suazo, Tony, 30 Sugerman, Arthur, 30, 109 Sullivan, Edward, 71 Sullivan, Iames, 44, 145 'Shllivan,Ru21olph, 78 Sundstrom, Marilyn, 44, 166 Sundt, Dolores, 44, 109 Suran, Ieanne, 30 Surkis, Ioseph, 122 Sutton, Iack, 59 Sutton, Susan, 71, 138, 147 Svendby, Keith, 44, 184 Swain, Danny, 71 Swain, Richard, 71 Swan, Carl, 211, 216 Swanson, Donald, 30 Swenson, 1Vil1iam, 138, 217, Swobocla, Ann, 71 Sylvanus, Robert, 30, 132 Sylvanus, Roger, 44, 101 Syroid, Paul, 30,114,132 Szabo, Ernest, 30, 141 T Tafoya, Ioan, 59, 134 Taft, Clement F., 30 Tagliarino, Iohn, 44 Talbot, Lyle, 30, 174 Tanny, Michael, 71 Taplin, Lloyd, 128, 216 Tapp, VVilma, 71, 138 Taramell, G., 148 Tau1,Iohn, 71 Taylor, Adelle, 59 Taylor, George, 59 Taylor, Mike, 59 V Tegard, Frank, 30 Tellez, Manuel, 30 Tenenbaum, M., 200 Terrell, Iohn, 59 Terrell, Robert, 59, 174 218 Terry, Danny, 44, 101, 113, 135 Terry, Fred, 45, 186 Terry, V. Don, 45 Tharp, Fred, 244 Tharp, Fred, Ir., 71, 75 Thatcher, Ann, 45 Theodore, Alyce, 59, 117, 162 Thieleman, Ioyce, 59 Thieraus, Mary, 71 Thomas, Faye Iean, 30 Thomas, Patt, 71 Thompson, Fletcher, 200, 201 Thompson, Irene, 141 Thompson, Iames, 30 Thompson, Iames T., 45, 101 Thompson, Iohn, 75, 244 Thompson, Melba, 71, 136 Thompson, Robert, 102, 137 Thomson, Iohn, 30, 131 Thon, Eva, 30, 166 Thorne, Betty, 45, 164 Thornton, Carlos, 59, 174 Thornton, Iames, 30, 216 Thorsen, Iames, 45, 196 Thorsen, Iohn K., 59 Thorsen, Playford, 76 Toft, Clement, 140 Thorson, Ted, 59 Thorwall, Sue, 71, 240, 241 Throekmorton, Robert, 108 Tidewell, Frances, 71 Timander, Tim, 30, 177 Timmons, Ellison, 45 Tinoco, Ignacio, 129 Tischhauser, Richard, 45, 98, 186, 198 Tomlins, Iack, 45, 109, 186 Tomljanovic, Charles, 30, 204 Toncre, A., 129 Torres, Estanislado, 59, 189 Torres, Tony, 30 Tottenhofi, Ioanne, 45, 159 Toya, Katherine, 71 Tracy, Dorothy, 13, 30, 110, 115, 148 Trangmar, Sally, 71, 121, 154 Traub, Benjamin, 75, 244 Trechel, Fred, 59 Troum, Arthur, 30, 104, 114, 124, 129, 130 Trowbridge, Iohn, 30, 106, 115 Troxel, Iean, 72 Trujillo, Felix, 45, Trujillo, Miguel, 106 Trumble, Maurice, 59 Tsai, Shuh-Tuh, 76, 126 Tubbs, Iames, 72 Tucker, Carlin, 123 Turner, Glenn, 45, 182 Tussio, Domenico, 30 Tuttle, Lawrence, 218, 219 Tyson, Amos, 59, 100, 177 U Udell, George, 101 Ufert, Virginia, 72 Ugrinic, George, 77, 141 Ulatowski, Vincent, 45 Ullman, Ioseph, 30, 101 Ullrich, Richard, 59 Ulmer, Emily, 45, 127, 146, 159 Urbach, Ida, 72, 124, 144 Urbane, Iohn, 30, 175 Ussery, Albert, 75, 127 Utton, Albert, 72 V Valdez, Frank, 72, 125, 189 Valdez, Rudolph, 30, 123 Valle, Ioscph, 30 Valez, Adar Celia, 45 Van Avery, Ioyce, 72 Van Court, William, 30, 140 Vandegriff, Al, 75, 187 Van Deusen, Wright, 45, 186 Van Ness, Brad, 45 Van Crden, Ronald, 30 Van Skiver, Donald, 30 Van York, W., 175 Varela, Delfino, 30, 128 . Vaughn, Iohn, 45 Velasquez, Adolfo, 30 Venable, Fred, 30 Verbeck, Charlene, 146 Ver Hoef, Maxine, 59, 159 Vernon, Iames, 106 Vernon, Mac, 72 Vernon, Roger, 59, 180 Vickery, Philip, 72 Vidal, Carl, 75, 174 Vigil, Terry, 45, 135 Villella, Ralph, 72 Villers, David, 31, 114 Vingent, George, 45, 104, 114, 129, 1 2 Viquesney, Frank, 108 Vocale, Anne, 45, 158 Vocalc, Rose, 31, 158 Vokes, Robert, 31 Voorhees, Daniel, 76, 106 Vrooman, Otto, 31, 141 W Waddell, Gerald, 72 Wade, Bill, 127 Wade, Iamcs, 45 Wagner, Marilyn, 72 Wagner, Max, 31 Wagner, Rex, 31 Wagner, Theresa, 59 Wahl, Tamara, 72, 138 Walk, William, 72 Walker, David, 106 Walker, Elizabeth, 72 Walker, Frank, 106 Walker, George, 75 Walker, Harry, 75, 101, 111, 244 Walker, john, 5 Walker, Patricia, 31 Waller, Bertram, 45 Wallerstein, L. B., 31, 103, 118, 122 Walpole, Robert, 45, 186 Walter, Ioann, 59, 166 Walters, Donald, 31 Walters, Iuanita, 31, 151 Waltz, Vina, 105 Wang, Dorothy, 137 Ward, Charles, 31 Warren, Alvin, 45, 100 Warren, Raymond, 72 Washburn, Gerry, 72 Washburn, Gerald, 75, 77 Watkins, Barbara, 59, 112 Watkins, Marilyn, 72 Watkins, Richard, 59 Watson, Clarence, 102, 200, 202 Watson, Clarence Lee, 200 Watson, Evelyn, 31, 112 Watson, Iim, 216 Watson, Iohn, 216 Weaver, Barbara, 72 Weaver, Earl, 59, 174 Webb, Carl, 198 Weber, Charles, 45, 174 Wechsler, Ioseph, 45, 124, 168 Weeks, Martha, 31,121,151 Wefald, Harold, 31 Weger, William, 45,219 Weggel, Ann, 45, 128 Weil, Iohn, 132 Weinel, Virginia, 59, 162 Weiner, Albert, 59, 100 Weingarden, Marshall, 59 Weir, Betty, 45 Weir, Iames, 31, 141 Weisberger, Alan, 45, 124 Weishaupt, Richard, 72 Weldon, yack, 13, 45, 174, 212, 216, 220 Wells, Edward, 46, 174 Wells, Frank, 46, 177 Wells, Robert, 46, 189 Wershing, Glenn, 46, 170, 244 West, Irving, 30 Y West, Perry, 141 West, Richard, 31, 72 Westerlield, Frank, 75 - Westreich, Daniel, 31 Westreich, Gerald, 59 Wetterhus, Charles, 31 Weyer, Iohn, 31, 141 Wheat, Robert, 102 Wheeler, E. I., 174 Wheeler, Iohn, 31 Whisner, Dolores, 60 White, Carl, 31 White, Chester, 131, 132 White, Elmer, 114 White, Georgia, 72, 137 White, Harry, 31 White, E. Iane, 31, 166 White, Ianet, 60, 142, 159 White, Kathleen, 46, 166 White, Noel, 46 White, Paul, 108 White, Robert, 31 White, Thede, 72 White, William, 31, 108 Whitehead, Richard, 195 W'hiteman, Iames, 31 Whiting, Lewis, 46, 177 Whitlow, Iames, 260 Wicheling, Iohn, 46, 167, 1 Wickens, Richard, 31 Wickham, Robert, 60 Wiegel, Charles, 72 Wiener, U., 145 Wiesch, Richard, 72 Wigely, Roberta, 46, 164 Wilbourn, R., 137 Wiley, Thomas, 46, 106 Wilkins, Carol, 60, 151 Wilks, Iames, 72 Willeut, Lawrence, 31, 185 Williams, Shirley, 128 Williams, Sue, 46, 78, 158, 239 Williams, Suzan, 72 Williams, Thomas, 60, 100, 182 Williams, Wanda, 60 Willingham, William, 31, 130 Willis, Ioan, 124 Willis, Iohn, 137, 216 Willis, Lloyd, 216 Willits, Marilyn, 72 Wills, Iames, 134 Wills, Io Anna, 46, 154 Wilson, Asa, 131 Wilson, Bernice, 72 Wilson, Donald, 72 Wilson, Harry, 31 Wilson, Iames, 32 Wilson, Iames H., 172 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson , Maralyn, 72 , Martha Rose, 32, 156 , Neil, 46 , Percy, 46 , Thomas, 137 Winn, Ethel Lee, 60, 112 Wipson, Dale, 46, 172 Wirth, H. I., 32 Wise, Iohn, 32 Wiseberger, A., 138 Wistor, I. William, 60 Witchand, I., 167 Witkowski, Anthony, 216 Wladika, George, 30, 114, 132, 133 Wolcott, Vernon, 72 Wolfe, Margaret, 73 Wolfkill, Iames, 60 Wolking, Donald, 30, 97, 104, 167, 172, 267 Wong, Fred, 46, 117, 248, 180 Wood, Alice, 60, 112 Woolston, Timothy, 75, 244 Wooton, Thomas, 30, 104, 131 Worlow, Iohn, 73 Wright Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, , Albert, 102, 204 Charline, 73 Cleo, 60, 148 Herbert, 128 Lois, 73, 147 Mary Io, 73 Otis, 110 Williams Williams Williams, Williams, , George, 114 Williams, Williams, Williams Annette, 46, 164, 239 Barbara, 60, 137, 146 Williams, Williams, , Carrollyn, 46 ,Don, 133 Doris, 72, 151 Doris L., 60 Leslie, 244 Martha, 60, 154 Wood, Eloise, 60, 154 Wood, Iames, 73, 101 Wood, Iim, 46 Woodard, Iames, 73 VVoodford, Dan, 131 Woodman, James, 73 Woods, Iames, 177, 244 Woodworth, Nancy, 60, 99 Woody, Barbara, 60, 99 Wyatt, Helen, 46, 136, 143 Wykes, Barbara, 32, 98, 162, 265 X Ximenes, Vincente, 32 Y Yarcho, Yvonne, 46, 158 Yeagley, Harold, 32 Yearout, Donald, 32 Yelonek, Frances, 60, 154 Yelonek, Lunetta, 32, 154 York, Iames, 73 York, Willard, 46 Young, Donald, 131 Young, Robert, 132 Yourick, George, 32, 172 Yrisarri, Mary Evelyn, 73 Z Zagone, Peter, 144 Zartman, Iames, 60 Zatto, Michael, 32, 132, 133 Zegarac, Milan, 60 Zernke, Richard, 100 Zeve, Bernard, 109 Zichwic, Ioseph, 32, 132 Ziedman, Richard, 60, 100, 124 Zieglar, Donald, 30, 141 Zierte, Charles, 244 Zimmerman, George, 75, 244 Zisk, Burton, 60 Zitivyar, Iohn, 145 Zucht, Ioseph, 75, 244 Zudick, Thomas, 60 Zurick, Rozann, 32, 166 Zutavern, Iohn, 46, 101, 175 Zylstra, Eugene, 102, 106, 195 'mu wh M v 2 12 12, Q em w 2 N 'Vg fx, 3 4- I, s 1 Q 3 Nh J-lui QUALITY cn EIGD alcli CREAM QUALITY CHEKD ICE CREAM ASSOCIATION is a nation-wide group of progressive ice cream makers each famous for production of quality ice cream. 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I , ' is draperles, and other Ladies and Misses Ready to Wear 'e'sRtY ' h h Id f h g 'VOODRU FF - JULIAN 2904 E. Central BAXTER'S STEAK HOUSE AND CGCKTAIL LOUNGE Gfzaacaal Banded Sieaki 1921 West Central Phone 2-5634 YOU ARE GETTING AMERICA'S FINEST WHEN YOU SELECT .... SOCIETY BRAND ROBERT SURREY HOLLYWOOD TIMELY Hloflzcs for Mm fred MACKEY'S in Albuquerque 209 West Cent 1 295 296 THE MOST COMPLETE BOOK STORE ATA FE in the soumwfsr A'l'l0 AL IAA ll Modem Library Fiction Our University is the only place where Tcchnical Nonfiction young men and women of our State Arts Szcmfts Poetry can go for final guidance and help in Southwcstcm Biography Fitting them for the overall scheme of Rcmal Library Dictionaries life-they must be maintained. Q Santa Fe Bank Sz Stationery Uo. BOX 167 INC. Phone 57 Santa Fe, N. M. 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Here Ed Glaser Sits at a New Desk and Bill Geter Flashes a New Football Uniform I I I mp glial aundfg D065 Zfaur frinfing Set the pace FOR THINGS TO COME ? Congrafulofes fhe Class of '50 For prompt, efficient , Good printing, especially designed, Laundry 8: Dry Cleaning Service, call IMPERIAL is an important detail which incli- cates the pace of your organization. X Good business dictates Good Print- FOR CASH Sz FOR PICKUP 'Si ing. Our 33 years experience of Qual- CARRY, DRIVE DELIVERY, DIAL ity printing in New Mexico is your IN T0 D, I I guarantee of satisfaction. a Ill Xe ,. rl isat tetyy u - V A L L ' A N T 'E' ' ' E PRINTING COMPANY - ALBLIQUERQUE THIRD AND SILVER 30 302 Lubrication area photo showing the customer's lounge in baekground M R CQ. New Flnfacigtogis gggzzsomplete Automotimiliijtgaial-ggsglgment New and Used Text Books School Supplies Fountain Pens Stationery your ?rief1dly l6'00k Store A CCLLEGE INN BOGK STORE OPPOSITE FINE ARTS BUILDING MR. and MRS. 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Our spring clothes have been selected with one thought in casual smartness, sports and evening. Your uersonalit can be ex vressed erfectl I Y l P Y by selecting the correct clothes. l95O The greafesf year of sfudenf publicafions TH E MIRAGE Largest edition in 52 years of publication TH E LOBO now daily THE THUNDERBIRD Hve issues of line literature Buy Your Books at +l1e STUDENT BUUK EXEHANEE Q-X 1 fam All kmds of used +ex'r books and equip- fb fini Qi mem' bought and sold on a non-profi+ X171 gr X! I 1 1' ie, s... . - 31 s f- Arr' ' ! ' " ':r'-cl V , fm'-ll., sq . ' . Jeff ul-xl X . gr'.2,KNi'- " X' l j3"" 1-Q. V srl 'f"'YT '- .ygff ,Q ,X I. -1 -- a - f , :fr - 59, ' -1-Qi . , basis. I 'itll' -.W WW - -' - mi 1 4, l l ' Vysy-ek 'NN f nr -1-QSQ K Q ..

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