University of New Mexico - Mirage Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM)

 - Class of 1942

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-..n Liz ...I..:,.. 'Q gl, - ,,L,ll.1 r.,.'l",,,,-afar, 1 :X iQe. '.15:--L5Q7'f-w- 'fm A - W"- - V, 1. mfr: 1 Q, -jiri 1 4 :wtf af- 1' '.'L, . I " Il 'r il f 1 Q ,AA-I , 1 1 . P . rf- fa , .1 1 5 :-I f U' - ff 4 v w J A. 1 A 1 .'-5 1 I! V . 1 ...g .L ,,. 7 U. ,I rv 1 fun V , .1 JW X. F- 'v CH 11-5 !:1I .Il P1 .:. 5. M 9: In. E, I' v I I w -1 -1 J ? f ! I ,hz EV 9 4 'T E LE 9 5 r 4 fl9 IR J' A i i , I 4 X gras iv 1+ f ' Lvyourrecozfl , .ft V v ' ' .2-ln 'H ..' -V N - . J, ?,y,'?,,, J., N -QL .. - 'a. ,ffl-Q '. L .:fafs1Yf'f?"-,. A , ' I J V ' 'fm "W 1, L Q is ,Ln f'- fy. 4, YS5 Rfk' XY In v CAN' L. I xi .J4:U:.. 13,4 ls Qi-v x'm"- , Q ., wit if ii fa 1 ' ' x 'S' K wrt .No 4 Y x . I V5 . 1 F ' .- if H WZ? 1' . ' ','.. xx L ' ' ,, ' ,- ' ur - 1 W R N' I I 'A ' , ' 'i 'Eff' '- ' ' - 4 .I L 9 l .1 A -. 2. 'Q f 'X -A, n my N AU' '-L Y , N V -,:.. 1, , Z.. N 1 pg. L M 43:2 1. . K 4 ':' flxfllv' I "': ,- I 4 av i X- .4 : - :. V fp Q , J A I . , J af: vw 'Ah -, 1? I ' ' 74' ' L 5 I 'UN' if i 15 r ' , V R,-7"5?:' ' -V . YJ K " N-n . nl ,gl ,-...1 4 X h f' - .ff f If . -, , -- N " uf' . .' - 1, 24 4 n r ' . -, C'-mg-," xxfg' 141: If 4 55 J 'Y g 5' ' 4. sf liV'N " QXM' X iff" J , - 5 2- 4 51'-v y ,YR 0 I H ry .A .xr ,,-. . .x.,-aw - .t IS DEDI., aitii f ous. amfyouz' re Because your future rests in your own hands. International events can force you to alter your immediate plans, but the basic outline of your future is yours to mould into success. 'x K3 0 if arwtfzez' year 'bn the hill 0 The kaleidoscopic events of the past year have changed the very patterns of our lives. Former classmates now are engaged in building weapons of defense in over-rushed factories or in using these weapons in valiant stands on far-flung battlefields. May the l942 MlR7-XGE bring to you by word and pic- ture memories of the humor and pathos and spirit bf col- lege life when you too have joined in the great struggllgyto preserve our heritage of liberty and education. Copyrighted at the University of New Mexico in Albu- ,ef ' querquefNew Mexico, May, I942, by Jean Mullins, Editor, 5. ,, .V andgloer Harley, Business Manager. MIR Q 3 I 1 ri 6 , 5 H ai 11 u I I I 9 sf .115 A-1 ' -gig if 6 I P . v . ' . 1 . 'ki MWA Qu nm K. I- ,tl . I A v, A A Q :fix .I . 'AW 'IGI :5.,A.,vs, .D A V , M qv, r" ff' 2651- 2 'T'-.:.vf',". '-". fr" 2 0' I ' A V . . V ,iff -, L my -1 . ra: - - - f -1 ' '. f l' ' , .,, --v fp ', ,-- , Ii . 1 u .f. ,Hg .egfif X. -+V? !JE ' A 'IA D I. qu nw JA, ry- .af KVM! .. 4 , 4- f ', m - -' - .- - r ' -1?-15 I , x Vt if-:AHF .. 5.. 5 ,HA - ' .Qf-gl ff. '74, . F- ' ' gb I: -'. .L 1 45'-HQ , , ge ' -- u. , 1 Q- Q - '5-.-i"'7"7' V. 1 'YL If ,Q , .lf 1 4.1 .Q iv " 5.1 J ', w?ff-- ' 4J . iv' J lg if f, 453 N , . ,, 1.ij'U -N 2-"Lii .'lf'f ' ww 251, fi W '- vffwf ' P-is-Q-3 7-4 1 f'-Z1"Twra: " - ' f.-3' fy. " ' -L1 -1 - A, ,. ,-E45 ls.-S vlliiggfx t tl va n, I I I 94. ' J. A '7 u 'ff " ' fi 1 1' --1 J. V 'Z L. f V xv it ff. . 1 -L' l ' f WJ' 1,,7f Y' i I. ,hu ,..'f " Ax A ,V W ,K I A- lv -' ' M235 qw I, .V . , , 1 A'kIggrg1:'T . + fi .. , -: WV 1- ...ff ' ' NSQ' Mug. , I I 'fs - -5 'sr L' ' I QF, '11, .AL IG: 1 9. gb 1 .' f ' 1. 1- . - -" - 4 '- " f- A . H xfl-it K -I 2 I fb' -1- ,.' 'ff 1 .-T 4' H+ 1, f 4 at -, ' Y' 'Li' yi' Q", "' Q 1 is ' A 5 -S-zlaxzisilni' fff 'f1rLQvV I 1' .-eff A 'AF A run' 1 I - .ff P l I ' - . A ,K Q. I , ' -. 1.54: ' ' '-. Q -.1 -N1 Q ,-M1 'pu M' '21 PJ' HHN., '3:- 414,- '2 .Jn 'ag V 4'A , H 11 V , f ' E, :j I.: ' . ,- -ij, " j' 1 lf.'i"E-9 .r ' .IE I . ., n-,-- W., gr ' - n gr Y. A ,', 4,- 2 .1-.ww-A f we 1 . -. V , 1 , - J Y ..4,h.,,f., .snug , ',. --,' I V l 233' -, P' Y- . 'gn ' 4 g, i e I , i, ,I I '-14 1-,J Q 'M qv , ,, . , M. N7 DN "4 If r 5 Z D 4: N.. I G n -Q' B 4 ' J - 1 ' -. . -3 ' 4,1 Ve . 1 Va P S g ,, iam , H.. -.,-. - . .4.. ,........ O Book One: Book Two: Book Three: Book Four: Book Five: Book Six: Book Seven: Book Eight: Book Nine: Book Ten: Book Eleven: Book Twelve: Book Thirteen: Book Fourteen: The Powers That Be Curricula for Culture Emphasis on Education St. Pat's Prodigies Models and Melodies To a Lesser Degree E Dictators of our Destin Tapped for Honors Organized for Action The Campus Choice For Whom the Crowds Pledged for a Purpose Days of our Lives Final Salute ies Cheer f-Q ,r-w . A ?51LnH', A A l. 4. l "- : V., ' .3 ' -If ' - '2 .f. - 'A hug ' i' f ' ff air, I V ' WV. ., ..'., 8 . -1' fm. 11-,GC LH.. iff' - idx? U.,--:ll ' g- , ,- b - . - 1. . ' 71? A f , ::"i'l'f" 75 ff. A wsli' i53'f3?'3? I V1 wb :lib Y fa. V . J 1-1'-My 5 1 ' ff 'ff'5.?iQiW,.' r 5 sg X N-.1 '--,q,.-VJ. ., 1,3 -1'-.1 5 J" ,VJ-y' V- L . W' ., I .4 V, . .Q . 'ge . f gf' M 6 '.'.' , 'v . ' id v . f 1 K ' , lv 4' l 5 'Q Vf.. -ff .Jak , N ,V..g' QQ '1 3. 111' 1 ,KN 1' ,VA -12 A 5 VQ, ga,J-fn,"-. Hn - 6 A- -A g-if-.,-'wi f v " 3:21 'if ' V .3." I-5, by Q , X ' tg'--'F ,-?.',' Fi -"' ' - .'fJ"f'7J". 7 . . . 1, P x ,LYVVZJL QQ, ,. '1 -- gm. f' h ..s- , - . Q- 1 v. I - .'s'w.'!,QS E ,V 14 '-, 4... ,.. 14 irfl-fi.-Q-ff' L' , :-- ' . 5 V 1 A "-aiwg, I--1"-'Af 'T -' f" ,f 5- 'fa - I gm' f J.' . .Q T- -1 'N .T ,V ,f " '-.,-, vii.-4. -55-5V'1'-A ,3- gag '- Ax 47739. VIE. 'VV rf.. Q. J .-"!'1i.,f"'.-.Lf ' ,w ! VR, q-we j.,--' 93... ff 1, 41- LL'-1 55- .- V,-, ,Nail -"'11f'-12, -1' -.1 x1f,. ' P, .hw--.""w '45 --aw -1' 'f V,V-4 , ,V .V CI.,..: T l '+52:"'- if ,-.lgx U V- 177 , f ' !'.'9-J, -' t"!3Y'-i "U , V -J-. , , V AV -rn fc .V -N -. ag, :Q fl g " !:'i2"- '-I'..-' . ff5s8A'g'f E1 'L 'fm X 1 m 4 IL 1 . . so - 1 ... A I 4 V .-' -. , T-wfr. Y 4L H4 , 5. 2 -. . 1' iii" 97 'e 'U " L VV 3 VV., Q V V 4 "x as " . 'L , V - .-, n,- W LL.. -ev ... - - - -IL JL ,, -A 1 I .-. . K., rx 1 1 B E fefiifw lm 'L' 1- Iiillllll ll 5 --QM , 'fa I 'R mr, ., cf':'f': sitnfxr-g-.:'.' 5' is' Wt- - tai' il? ':"-' ' 1 ' , gn f W wr, 'fm ii A 'fi ,-qi! 2. " n H at r lv - at .-1 i-1ql.". -txt. ' iQ4l"2'f.l"',"f-1 -' fi . - .ll -'.f-173: i5jlPlP'.".gl1ll"l'l : Q? VT: ,-, --- v..:,5. fr ,,, :,:-41 , .- .N I 'f'fQ:'E?,,-f'.' "1 lV'l,l1'xl,l 7 1 .fl l..-'A-f"I'RK ..., .1 In --.f-. .5 ., '-,r-,ll - wg sf-yi.:-31.1 S4 l il -Q-V nun I, 1,111 M ,.,',. Qi-Nw' Il ,. ' :,.,' .A '. - -" .- .-H911 4 A' 1, i- tr , M t - i :wg ,. e I I I I . , - 5' K5 , A ,Q :hk' al'l,:f,21 l ' 4 4 ' " Il - -3 I .5 x,.' u,l'qx 71 G l ' , I L,-.Ai L uf Ixmll 'b.'. 1 I H Y' Q gg- N . lflvl ll-Mr'-15 . . I I -1: L 4 I . ,. ,.'.- f ' .1 if ' " " sw ,, ,. ' vsiwzr-. . The University, because it is young, neces- ,,.-1 sarily has the aims and objectives of youth-- expansion and progress. Like youth, it is today confronting forces .whose purpose is to limit and suppress it. Despite these obstacles, the Uni- versity today carries on an extensive program of instruction in fields especially related to the state and to national goals, so that within its portals men and women from all parts of the nation may be trained to take their places in the struggle to maintain democracy and to make this state a cornerstone of future achievement. Book 2 Y lp U fm 'Fr - . Above left: Prcsicleul Zimmermann. Above right: Au old church in N0l'l,l1Cl'l1 New Nlexicu illlililll reminder of the p1lSl. Below: The Aclmiuislrzuicm Builcling. cenLer of University Clmnplmller Tom Popejoy. and other "powers lhau l1e.' activity, which houses the ofliees uf Presizlenl Zimmerman. ,yi-. A ln- Left to right: Dr. Zimmerman, Regents Mr. jack Korber, Mrs. Floyd Lee, judge Sam Bratton, President. Mrs. john Milne, :md Mr. Tom Popc- joy, Comptroller. GOVER OR Much of the success of the University is due to the close contact between the Governor, Board of Regents, Comptroller, Registrar, and the deans of the hve colleges. Governor Miles' interest in the University is clearly recognized and appreciated, as is evidenced by the fact that he was made an honorary member of Khatali in 1939. As well as serving on the governing board, Tom L. Popejoy has done much to Further the progress ol? the University, in his oflicial capacity as Comptroller. His chief duties are those con- nected with the hnancial dealings of the students and organizations. The students admire him for his sincere cooperation and willingness to advise them about individual and personal problems. Since the absence ol' Pat Miller, Mr. Popejoy has assumed the duties of Registrar. Under the commendable direction of the Governor, the Board of Regents, and school executives, the policy and operation of the University have been guided to the best interests of the State of New Mexico. BC? The Board of Regents is provided by New Mexico law as the legal body responsible for all the affairs of the University. The members of the Board are appointed by the Governor of the State. john E. Miles, Governor, and Mrs. Grace QI. Corrigan, State Superin- tendent oli Public Instruction, are ex-oflicio members of the Board. The operating board is Judge Sam G. Bratton, Presidentg Mr. jack Korber, Vice-Presidentg Mrs. john Milne, Secretary and Treasurerg Mr. Adolfo C. Gonzalesg and Mrs. Floyd Lee. The Honorable John E. Miles, Governor. ll I N I sg . EHFSEDE Z MMERMAN Our president, Dr. James F. Ziinmerman, has written the following message to the students of the University. YVe present it as received, believing it a splendid reflection of the personality which connnands the admira- tion of the students, the faculty, and citizens of the State. "This message, written February 16, 1942, cannot escape altogether the influence of the present despondency caused hy the announce- ment yesterday ol: the fall of Singapore. Cne laces doubt as to the outcome of the war and great uncertainty as to the peace. s "Personally, I hope for a postwar world which will insure to mankind political, social, and economic justice. , 'S K' - Z W , ' . it s if ' sw 5 1: H f sua f We 1. g, Elm sm Miss Louise Bemis, Secretary to the President. 'T Dr. Iatnes Fulton Zinnncrnntn. University l'1'esitlent. "In this brief a11d inadequate statement, may each student who reads the 1942 Mirage hll in the gaps 1111til a more complete outline ol' the kind of world he or she desires is formed. Then let each one strive to prepare mind and heart for service in those tasks which will con- tribute to the creation of such a future world order. "Our young men IIIIISI now light and die on numerous world battle-fronts. Unless we learn how to construct world fronts of peace and order. young men of the lfuture will continue to meet a similar fate. "It seems most important to me that we should all seek to establish a future world where national sellisliness does not govern. but where international law and order insures justice to men a11d women of all nations artd races. i'XVith this thought. I extend greetings to the flII'l'Ilg'67 Staff of 1942 and to all students of the University." ll. F. Zttxttxttcmtaw Niiw MEXICO TIUIIBT HFMIATIUI 'l'hc SCYCIIUF :md cnlm of "l:lml ol' lllilnilllilu :irc xc Ileclcd in this scene ul Saul: Pc Lake nl lhc 5iIlIl1l In Nzxlionui Furcsl, Gif:-5, '45 ' -4tif?r1'f4 Y 'ff' 4. -1 'L ' LZ .- . ,. , Q, +1 A-513 2 -'wifi -- A 3443, , . ' if - 'Tia I 0, '-asia '-'-V+? ' Wifi' Y , ,,.. w -1 '-' HR. la J?,5:N f' L, ifliiv iv 1. W .W ,.. -7, we mrW5?Q'aix'Z3 , f 4 , -. 9' , N ' hgwq - Y A 4 V 4 vygck, .W,.k.q. 1., .-f' MLM Lula: ,'4 -'-'.Pf6':fFffA-Exfigmgglyfaw55,472J,1- ,. P.-Jw. Z. . .,.,, , ,bf - 1, 1.,.,fH....,. , - -V .- 1'3',.yl,1,,g.'.. Y, ,ff 4: .. -- .v 1TJ'ff:lf:fff:-1- A . . ' X J,,g553j,,p-15:14,-M,-5..CW H h 1 1. 0,.,,f,V:AA,J . ..-A, 1 ,-:fl , 1'-f..:?"5' :-WW-' 1 ' -- -- ..f ..".1' H",'.I'. An-.VFP -':t??'J- "'e' 'A 6' 'I I'.':, ' '"?:"'5g"dY:L1gfm'?ff:if'f.-'.1Vifflf-,',j.lf "1,QZI::'u.h-1 -4Qgi1.' J- .-.'..i'5''1S'gi'ffZ"'77'- - ' 1 -N .V--f,'.,1"::,'4,,.if,1,.,g, 'I-j.,-ff f- ,ji1.::..-Q55 ,.l'A'.':" ' ' ' 1 - ,,,:5f'K . Q ' ' 's ,'un-3.?:f:..ff.f.g'fy 5 , A J , gg, . - ff . -N- ' ' , 1.1 1. . " A 'U' " 4 1 , .--r:f+'x1' . "' .X . , ' .v.f-'f"f'l??:T?t'V'! -. p ,' . ' 5' A le 1 154.443, I. H - ,N I, -I , . 37 A A ,. - J: ,,w 4, ,,- cl ,L ,Q I Y Q I 5, - ' 4 w ' N V . V 1 u" .1 ' "'f:L,J2A ggi". ' an , 1 ' A , . 1 1"Tff 'Lf1'rT?1Q"'2-:'4'- ' 'ff' " ' "j"l'f42'f'i"l:357fIA-Ff?-ig-P?b , x"j,'.- :ff ,, "ff,"r-4,..f3v4f,wQ-iff'f""""' ' -'fmQM?,:..zv,,-xiii.,-73441: -.Q ,..,.1. . .:'. ':'.,' .'.---,- " ' ., .. L'-ff:-'Q 'Q'-E-513557i",''2"'iQ "'j'j?.'f1-?4G1',1-ff' 33' ' ' 4. Q-Til :Mfrs-,U-ffzffff :ff ' - 'W ..L, ., , -' f wk. .. x :..'-,x:'1:,,gLs.:'i:.. . udf .- g.,3,:.+s --f1'.1Z':" LL frggg,-,-.:'f -. -A5....q1wW:.3-P.. ,WJ ,,,. " il iff 1-Q321-ul-1'f:Qj?3ff:Qg?3'-.wr , 1 b vfs vsp D 'u i444 Y la ..- -'Vf:'S"Q:7-oi ...x N A 417 955 mr' ...f ifW"w, .qWw,qHMbM W . . . . . X ' j,1,x'Es,15,.::,, V H- H 134551, .Xlmovcz fnll1ll'tllIlllS ui thc: plums Ulllllll'V, Nvu ' '1' l Nlcxiccfs Imlizms gzuhcr in lhc glam' of slum! up-4-gg' n pf--1, v ,'-', -1' , A -gr 'T'f" , la ,- fmdaawfwingfx Jabr- ,A"P's. K, .. liclmv: Fur lrcmfallll lllc' "skies of 2lllIl'L'u :mf lllu V - 4 ug:--old IIIOIIIIHICIHS um cclclxrzllczl Lzlrlslma f1:n'c1'ns. ,.4?Nm,,Jwwf:- V , I ,I :Q,1,:,Q,.l- Q-,I 5 " '. ltr: V 'il' ' I' l I N 'v':iA': Z..l-fix .754 . " 'K 1 " - -+ " l ""- 7"Z'.--:,"',. 1 -- g 5' . 111' - " .-:p..f:fA1:'c, M -41 A r-'1trV1,l.-Srllzhi, 1 "5?.":'1' L' ' "'f"f.:i'1"f3"'1i'ii?5i..l1" , 'Y vfzi- ' ' -"v.v:2"'v"f'1." - ff' - :-qfzf'',f'.'55'S2'fiE1f'QEi:E"f, 1 N - T3 ' -N733-:,.g3-,-'ff"1'. v, , ' ' ' ' '- ,3.5Wf'g, . .. he V 1 ' Q 1 -7-1-15,1 I. nw- , P, me ,A ---A - . "'-3'-,iw , 4' 4 ' , " " ,,, ,, . -3 IMMIQ- J-L5l...f.... .. ,A l , , ' '3"u,,,-U H .. :., I- ,' .Lu-. L". L U -v-,H 'fl 'I Inf! 'Lx J J' x,!N ," A' PCA fx f? 43' Lei' ,, fri' W, J fl. XVI ' 1 fa 4 r-' 1425 ,ng F 3 ' .-V " X .. Ill" N- Z? ,g""-vi' -N P- 12-- ,.j'3 -Na PERANZA A plane arrives :ll Albuquerque. crossroad of the uinvays, commercial center, silc of Nzilionzii Emergency action, and home of the Stale University. A ,az f .f,, , . T 'e ' I ,,g,':f'. ,. .1-,nf 1, . t -I"'m.' ' 5..-f L" In ,Lg--' -4 . l 1 - IN 1 .' '-.' -w n D, N ' L- 'i11'j,,'5jQ-1 cj r Y 1- -if' , Q' ,ug X 5 - 4 .mgggciflg- ." 4f 'X Q ay 5,3 , 4155: v -.nh . ' " K wr! fi ni' DM P' 'f ' Tilt ,- ' c W- Y ie.-f if-i."l'f 1- , 1 kg' M, 1. - - ' , jzgfi I , .' -V "" 1 if ' ,'N:h'!.5'.f' ":Q,,,a51- .,. ' - ff' - ,-app . ., ,fy , D' qv, -f 1- - I ,, ' if , ,rf , 5 sr, H-'-123f.:i mera!-4 if " " t .'1 ,v' ' - " i Q W J , A llllll X M ,, X L n-'F .IPS f 'ff' 'ij 5 fn 0 W l it 'K lu ' 1. FOR C' '2 ll ' l l Ns 'l Fl . ll - l Jr l ul The College of Arts and Sciences gives students the background of knowledge for which they came to college. Not only do the courses S aid students in developing intelligent and clear I thought, but also the technical fields offered furnish a sound basis for later professional train- ing. lt provides a haven for those of us who 1. would resist streamlined specialization. The College of Arts and Sciences is the modern in-l carnation of the classical method of schooling, I y with understanding and vision as its keynote. l' ll BOOK TWO 1 2 Above left: Dr. AI. C. Knode, Donn of llxc College of Arts and Sciences and Head of I-listory Department. Above right: Meteorology Lab, under the instruction of Mr. john Brcilzmd. Below: FlfCSl111121Il jack Mussou pursues lhc sciences. eighlcen 7 1 I f I' IJl'PllIAllllI'7ll of .4IIlllI'rI1Julf,Igy IUIINALII D. BRANII, PILD.. Hen FII,-INK C. PIIBBICN. I'II.D. UVILLARII W. HILL. PILD. l.I-sI.IIc SI-Ink. l'II.D. Dl'lJlll'1lllI'llI of lfiulvgy XVILLIS 1-l. BIZLI.. I'II.D. Nummx H. llama. l'II.lJ. 'l"IIorxI.xs C.I..xI'ImIzrI. MA. Iiuw-IIIII F. C.xs'I'I4'I'I'I4LIz, l'I'I.lJ.. xYIl,I.L-XXI ml. KOSIIVR, l'II.D. Dl'llII1'fllII'I11 nl Clll'IlIfSfl'y VIOHN D. CiI.,xIII4, PILU.. Hczul C. LIfRm' GIIISIIN. MS, VLON C. KIIicII, I'II.D. Df'fJll!'fIIlPIIf of EL'fHlUlllfl'N IIIIII IiI1.IiIIc'ss .-1rl1lII'r1islI'aIim1 DIf1I.II.I-II K. IJIXON, NI..-X. CI-:cIL H. FI5wIcI.L. M.B.A. RUIIERT R. Lomx. PIfI.D, C U. Q1 d H eu Il Ynuxox G. SOIIIIIQLI.. PILD.. Hcud DIfpfIr1nII:IIf nf English XYILIJS D. .l.U.f0llS, MA. jIII.I.x AI. KliLlil-Ilik, M.,-X. FRI-QIM I..oIs LAW, MA. TIImI.xs M. PIQARIJL. I'II.D., I-lead K,x'IIIIiIu:vI-' G. SIAIIIM. MA. IMM. F. SAIIIII. l'II.D. .XI..xx Sw.xI.I.ow, MA. IILIIILEY Wvxx, P1-LD. Dl'fl!Il'IlllI'llf of Clfwlogy YIxc:IfxI' C. KIILLIQY, PILD. S'I'I',xIx'I' A. NOK'I'HROI', PIALID.. Head IJI'jInz'InII'I1t nj' GU1l6'7'IllIll'7IL and Cilizcrzsllip RICIIXIXRID F. BIQI-IRIQNIIT. PILIJ. Tuonms C. DONNLLLY, PILD., Head finzmr11n1z'nl and Citiufnslfip: Vlcrrou lil. Kuivxcm, l!.l.IT'x'. Da-fuzrlrmwzt UfCf1?!'kIIll!! I.nIiu: LYNN B. A1I'l'CHl5LL, PILD. DL'1lIlffllll'7If nl hlismry: Lfxxslxcz B. l5l.oom. MA., FRANK IJ. Rm-:vi-1, l'u.lJ., I.h'tNJ,xMrN Smzxsl, l'u.D., Dokorllv Yvonn- wmzlm, l'lI.D. Ilvpurtnmnl of Almlwrrz l,11ng:1ngz'.v: .'XRl'IlllR L, CAXFKIPA, M..-X.. Rom-ilu' M. ljvxc.-xx, I'u.l7., lfk.-xxczls M. KERCIIEVILLLZ, I'u.D., Hcucl, C1I.lx'rox I-l. S. Koala. MA., .'Xl.BliR'l' R. Lows, P1-l.D., .lOAQUiN OR'l'lcc:,x, Ll'l"l'.D. CZHARLIQS SfZlU'!"l4O. BA. Dz'pm'tuzr'11l nl I'l1ilasopI1y.' I-Iumikw' G. .XLx-zxlxxvuu. l'n,D. DrfpzrrlnmntofPsycl1oIogy:1'H1L1l' H. DuBois, I'u.D.. Ill-mil.-xmlx I". H,xL'c:ul', l'H.D., I-lend, GEORGE M. l'xi'l'15x:sox, I'u.D. Dlf1lll'i'lI7ll?lIl ufSOCir1l0gy: PAUL A. F. xVAl.'I'LlR, Jn.. l'u.D., Head. FAC LTY RT.. IN SCIENC S nineteen RTS A D9 'NL sl' li 1 E E wi 4 x 'ix gi E Lwcn t y fi 1,1 "N ' mf ARCIILI-.ETA, ANTHONY Albuquerque. BAIN. JAMES Rhinlunder. Wisconsin-Transfer Uni- versity of Wisconsin, Kappa Sigma President, Golf Team. BERRY, JAY Denver, Cloloraulo. BOSVVELL, BILL Iislznieia-'l'rnck. BRADS1-LAW, LAURA La NICSZX-Plll'Zll.Cl'GS. BUGGELN, THEODORA New Orleans, LOIIlfllilllil-"Iql'2IllSfCl' Tn- lnne University. BYNON, NIARY SUE Albuquerque-Alphil Delta Pi. CARRICK, BEVERLY Albuquerque-Phi Kappa Phi, Spurs Tl'C2lSlll'C1', Student Senate, I'l1rale1'es. CLARK, BRUCE Derry Village, New Hampshire-Kappa Sigma, Khatuli, Kappa Mu Epsilon, A. S. M. E., Engineering Society. NVho's Who in American Colleges, lnterfrn- Lernity Council, Student Senzne Presi- dent. DEI-IUFF, FRANCES Santa Fe-Kappa Kappa Gilllllllll, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Phi Della. Drarnulie Club. Lobo Slzillf, Mirage Stull. EARICKSON, SHIRLEY Albuquerque-Phi Alpha Theta Seele- tary. ELROD, IIIMMIE LEE Clovis. SCIENC S IS1z1"rv I5l,.LuN I11c.uzN Albuquerque NIELVIN CLARENCE Ham Albuquerque NIARY ALICE HENLY Albuquerque HELENIE H IGGINS Chicago. Illinois Cl-ucs'r1in HILL Albuquerque Tm: Hll,'l'ON Curlslmcl VVILLIAM R. HUFF Cleveland, Ohio WILLIS H umzrznvoun Albuquerque C.-Y1'l-IERINE JACKSQN Albuquerque Aumugv ANN JACKSON Chicago, Illinois GEORGE JOHNSON, ju. Spencer. West Virginia S'rzFF1aN JOHNSON Allnuqucrque I'lARRlP1'l' KICMPICR Albuquerque IIEANNI-I KFIRSXVILI. Albuquerque Cx'N'rnl,x Kwlfslvrl' Curlslmd l1oN Kxuma Allmuqucrquc jo ANN KUNKEL Fort Stanton BE'l'i'YNIiI.LI-I LANNINQ Artesia lJAvm Litre Terre Haute, lncliann ELLEN ANN Limmin Albuquerque iWARVIN Llawis Albuquerque jlzsus LLAMAS Santa Rita VIRGINIA Loun Roslindulc, iVi3lSS2lCi1llSCllS IJoRo1'I-ix' Mm' LOWE Albuquerque thirty-five 2 r ,-...o.A2.iLf mia IXUY 11. lVl1X1 ll'LlLVVJ Albuquerque Gly:-I NlAYER Allwfguerque PIQTIIR lXlCCANNA Albuquerque MARY jo M' I" '..rr:,xL Butler. l'enI- -lvlllllll IRIII.-' NIILL lX!m'ERs Hillsboro JANE Monnow Raton Howmm S. ll'lULl.l'R Allen, Nebraska lWARTHA lX'lUllRAY Hobbs JOHN A. MUSSON Albuquerque 'IQHHRIQSA NAcI:AIux'Io Albuquerque Gizoluzrg Nnwcomn Ln jam, Colorado OLIVI I OLGIIIN Albuquerque ADIIIJNII: lX'lARI2LlliRl'I'Ii OLSON Sun Francisco, California Rim-man S. Pmuutrz Raton HIILIQN l'AU1.AN1'Is Albuquerque M,xk'I'IN PAVLIITICII Raton CALLY PEAK Brooklyn, New York BEN Pu'rNAlu Santa Fe CHARLIQS RAYMONII I-linsclnle, Illinois PILISCILLA Roms Albuquerque .IEANNE Rtllii-IRSCUN Alnulosn, Colorado OlllflI.Ll+1 ROBIZRil'S Albuquerque GORDON ROSEN luOlllllllll1Zlll' jIf:AN Ross Albuquerque XVELLS RLl'l'I'llilllflIllIl Albuquerque lNlliDORA SANFORD St. Paul, lVlll1IlCS0l2l DANTIL: SCHIFANI Albuquerque VIRGINIA ScHMI'I-I' Los Angeles, C:llil'orni:I PIENRY Sl-lliRRIT'l' Albuquerque SYLIILA ANN SIIIPLIIY Santa Fe ANN SIMMS Albuquerque CIIARLBS SIs'l'v Albuquerque W ILLI5 Smrru Gallup ELAINE Slmuizncz Albuquerque CHARLES SPIZTNACEII Xvrishington, Ohio JANEE SI'Iv.EcI-IER Albuquerque LoIzE'I'l'A STIENI-IOUSE Albuquerque CRAIG Sum Mens Evanston, Illinois Tom' TAGLIAFERRO Albuquerque Right: Study lable in a west wing of the Library Ends Dorothy Routledge, john Pearce, Alma Crouch preparing daily assignnlents. FAIRLESS, CYRUS Trenton, Tennessee-Kappa Sigma, Khutali, Sophomore Vigilante, Phi Alpha Theta, Wl1o's Who in American Colleges. lnterfraternity Coun- cil, Assembly Committee, Student Council, Slu- dent Manager, Student llnion Committee. FLYNN, JAMES Crestline. Ohio-Pi Kappa Alpha, Band, Ski Club. CQILLESPIE. YVILNA Albuquerque-Kappa Omicron Phi, Mortar- board, Who's Who in American Colleges, Wom- en's Club Scholarship, Spurs, Student Senate, Plirateres, A. W. S. Council, Christian Organiza- tion, Homecoming Queen, junior Class Secre- tary-treasurer. GILMURE, HARoLn Santa Fe-Sigma Chi. GOGGIN, ROBERT Chicago, Illinois-Sigma Phi Epsilon. Gtiiwoiin, E1.1a:ANoR Minneapolis, Minnesota-Transfer Hamline Uni- versity, Alpha Kappa Delta, Phrateres. I-I ALE, DOROTHY Alhuqnerqne-Spurs Viccrpresiclent, Town Club. I-IANNA, PATRICIA Santa Rosa-Transfer Eastern New Mexico Col- lege, Phi Sigma Alpha. T AD .7 X.. 1?l'Cl1ly4lZl'0 Fi HARMON, LEE Amarillo. Texas-Pi Kappa Alpha, President Ski Cluh. I-IEMENWAY, GEORGE Allxuquerqilc-Kzippzi Sigma Vice-Presi- dent, Sluilcnl Senule. ll1lCl'fl'1llCl'Illly Council. A, I. M. M. Ii. President.. l"1ERlNG, C-WEN PERRY W inslow. Arizon:i-Transfer Wesleyan University. Alpha Psi Omega, Urn- mailic Club. Loho Stall. HITT. CHARLES Glen Ellyn, Illinois-Sigma Chi Presi- itlcjilpif Khnlzlli. Sophomore Vigilante. Student Scnaue. Tennis. Baskclhzill. lnierfraueruily Council, WhO's Who in American Colleges. PIORN, JUNE Brooklyn. New York-Kuppu Mu Ep- siluu. AIAY. LEE Albuquerque - Trzuisfcr Wisconsin Mining School. LICI-IT, ANN Silver Clly-ll'l0l'Ull'lD02ll'Cl, Phi Kappa Phi, A. W. Council. Siuclem Senate. Siucleni Council. LOPEZ, M IGUEL Topeka. Kziuszxs. NIAY, NIARTI-IA Lenoir City. Tennessee-Town Cluh. NICCOLLUR-I, LAURA BELLE Alhuqucrquc-Sigma Alpha l0l2l. Spurs. A. W. S. Council. Pliruleres, Drum and Bugle Corps. M CFADDEN, CHARLES Huclclam. Connecticut. NIEYER, BETTY MAE Alhuquerque-Town Club. Right: Dick DeWitt :Ipplies the blowpipe in Geology Luborzi tory. lWORRlS, lVlARTHA Sun Antonio, Texas-Mu Alpha NII,Sl'nII's,Tiwz1, New Mexico'Antllropologisl Association. Student Senate. Sluclenl Council. M ORROXV, M ARILYN Rruon-Chi Omega, lVl0l'lIll'lJ0lll'Cl, Whu's Who in .'lllICl'lCllIl Colleges, Spurs. A. W, S. Council, Stu- Ilvul Counci', Suulenl Senate. MOYERS, MONTIILLE AlhuqIIerque-Alplizl Della l'i, Kappa Onlicron Phi. W. A. A. MIILLINS, JEAN Sunla FC-'Tl'2ll'lSfCl' Stephens College. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Them Alpha l"hi.,Who's Who in A1llCl'lC2lll Colleges, A. W. S. Council, Assistant Edilor Sl.llflCIll lJiI'ecI,ory, Ilrumrllic Club, Pub- Iiczuions Bozml, Lobo Smfl, Eclilor 19.12 Mirage. NoI,AN, .IUANITA Alhuqnerque-Town Club, Kappa Omicron Phi. lN'l0l'lZlI'lJO1ll'll, Spurs, WlIo's Vl'ho in American Colleges. A. W-'. S. Council. VV. A. A.. Lobo Slall, Mirage Stall, SIuf'lenL Body Secretary. OLIN, BILL AllIuqucI'qI,Ie-llzlskcthzill, Band. OIZTBIAN, ELAINE YOllllgSl0Wl'l. fJlllO-NCll'l112lll Club. Publications Bonrrl. 'Debate Club, Lobo Stall. Ol'l-'IiN. 101-IN Raton-InclepenclenI Men, A. I. M, M. E., A. S. T. M., Geology Clllh. RTSA SCIF, Q Lg, L, twen ty-ffm l' wma PEN1x, M ARY KATHERINE Corona-Town Cluh, Kappa Mn Ep- silon, Phi Kappa Phi, Stnclenl Scnzlle. PIERSON, LLOYD Spring Valley, llllll0lS-'I'l'1ll'1SlvCI' L.P.O. Iunior College. POSNPIR, STANLEY Albuquerque-Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Sig- ma Alpha Presiclcnt. PROTHRO, GEORGE Clovis-Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, RAnv1oND, PizOvinL:Nc:1i Madison. lVlSCUIlSlll-Pl-I'1'lIlSfCl' Univen sity of lvisconsin. IQAYMOND, PHYLLIS Los Angeles, California-Kzlppzi Kuppzl Crnnmzi, Boots :incl Sziclcllc Clnh, Ski Club. RIQECE. ROBERT Socorro-'l'1'11nsfcr New Mexico School of Mines, Kappa Sigma. Lobo Sports Editor. Ro1a1Lu'1'soN. DONALD Elizabeth. New jersey. SMITI-1, M ARIAN Albuquerque-Plii Mn, Pnnhellenic Council. A. W. S. Council. Pep Squad. SPRECI-ilill, NANCY Alhuqixcrqilc-Kappa Kappa: Gzunmzi. Pnnhellenic Council. SPRINGFHQLD, YVAYNE Albuquerque-Plii Sigma. STEVENS, DAVID Allnlqucrquc-Plii Kappa Phi. Phi Sigma, Theta Chi Delta. Frcshmzin Honor Roll, Build, Student Senzilc. Right: Gilbert Buvcns slcclclies while Stan Center super- vises in the Antlxropology Museum. I STEVENSON, JAMES Alniuogordo-Pi Kappa Alpha. Til-IOMAN, RAY Sl.. Lrwuis, Missouri-Phi Kappa Phi. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Thelu Chi Della, A. I. M. lf.. THOMPSON, IVIAUIUCE Alhuqilerquc-Maile Quzlrtelte. Phi Sigma. VINYARD, ADA I-lighlzuul Purk, Illinois. WHARTON, CATHERINE MAIIIE Albuquerque, WORTHEN, MAIIN' Wellsburg. West Virginia-Spurs, 'Phi Alpha Them, Mu Alpha Nu, Tiwa. WVORTHINGTON, I-IENRY Albuquerque. COLLEGE OF ART. NIARY NELL :XDAMS Bmwnlielcl. Texas Lois BUSTW ICR Alhuq uerquc H FRBERT BRIGGS Allmqucrquc .Im BRISCQE Tucunnzu ri AIANE CARLSON Piedmont, Clulifomizi NIARGARET CARMICIIAFI Trinidzul. Cnlmzido AI ULIA DELI. CHAPM AN Santa Fe PRISCILLA Ci-IEER Cohasset. Mzisszicliusclls C. L. Cook Albuquerque PIOWARD GRASS Milwnlikcc, Vi iacmisin BILL DANLE1' Albuquerque RONALD DURN Albuquerque CARRIE ANN F,1.KlN Allmqlicrqllc XVALTER ETTLENIAN Albuquerque GEORGE FRANKLIN Kzinszls City. Missouri .IAMES FREY Arfliholcl, Ohio A. F. GONZALES Albuquerque CHARLOTTE QZRAVFS Sun lfrzuicisco. Caiiifurnizl LA 'il' NC S IOE B. HARLEY Albuquerque MAM-' MARGARIQT Tucumcu ri FRANK HASH Haskell, Oklahoma IAMES R. HUGHES Cluylou Bon JACKSON Albuquerque KARLEEN KEENAN Albuquerque lion KORBER Albuquerque CHARLES LANIER Aztec PIARRISON CORA AI EAN LINDEBEM: Sioux City. Iowa ARNOLD LOKEN Allmquerquv: i l l'ill!'7lf'l'-.'iC'IlCf77 T, ' 45,1 3' I 'r JE " ' -7 09: Wffsz M" 2131 4 l W' l .e ' ' 4 l l nffitml ' COLLEGE OF 'V JOHN MARSHAI,L Albuquerque LEWIS MAR'I'lN Columbus, Oh io W ILLIANI MCCONNELI, A1IJlltlllCI'qllC ORION MCMAIN Dexter SARA M ORFHEAD Memphis, 'I'ennessee CATHERINE MORGAN Santa Fe LUCILLE MORGAN Al 1lllqlICl'ClllC SAM NEFF Clovis JOHN PIERCE Szmm Fc MARSHALL PIERCEFIELD Columbus, Il'1di1'l1l21 SCOTT RATTER Chicago. Illinois NOEL ROGERS Portales EMILY Ross Ann Arbor. M ich igan WARREN RUST Anaheim MARTIN SALAS Albllqllerqurz BARBARA SCHABER Deming HELEN SCHOOLEY Albuquerque GEORGE SHANNON 'Elephant ,Bu Lie nil S F.LIZAB'liTI'I SHEEDY Pularazo, Bolivia BOB SHIRLEY Albuquerque IVIARIBETH STONE Albuquerque GEORGE UTERMOHLE Al buquerque MONDO VALENTINI Raton TONY VASILAKIS Albuquerque EARLENE XVARD Albuquerque WILLIAM WEBSTER Al bu querqu c: PHILLUI WIEGEL Ellwood City. Pcnnsylvuuizi FRED YEAGER Albuquerque tzuuuiy-nine -.... ?.. 1 'U ., r Zh irty Ia , ,, 'lu ,c VY RHODES ARNQLD Gag ll p Rfmberts. -3illlf0l'l1l2l EVELYN JANE. BERKSHIRI Albuque rque BETTY BLATTMAN 1,115 Vegas XIVILLIAMQ BRIGGS Albuquerque AIAURINE BRINEGAR NOITIILII, Illinois CORA COLLINS TllClIll1Cill'l ALICE C0014 Redlands. California LETA C0014 AllJllqllCl'qllC FRANK COPLEN AlhIIqueI'que GENE DES GEORGICS Gallup NANCY DESI-ION Rochester, New York EDWARD DITTERT Albuquerque NEDRA DIVER Raton FLORENCE D1x0N Albuquerque SADIE DRESHER Carlsbad WALTER ELLERMEYFR Belen ARNOLD FEIL Bel en EDWIN C-01f1f Raton GEORGE GRANDE Albuquerque BILL HALL Albuquerque PEARL HALL Las Vegas HERBERT HAMMOND Santa Fc VIRGINIA BETIi HITCPICOCK Roswell ROBERT HOLMES Albuquerque RAx MOND JACKSON Albuquerque PIELEN IIANEWAY Clovis NIARY ANN IQEAN Gallup 'IANICE KIECH Jonesboro, Arkzuaszls KATHRYN K.lMBI..E Albuquerque BEVERLY K IRCH Arn gon FLORENCE KUNZ Albuquerque JOHN LANTOW Albuquerque SIDNEY LIE1sERs'1'E1N Albuquerque RTS A SCIENC S CHARLES LEVEQUE 4XllJlll,lllCl'IlllC ISAI LUCERC Taos NOR NIA .I EAN lj vsR Czwlslwaul BETH NIANSON Clovis FRANK AIARBIERRY fUhllllllCHlllC FRANCES MARTIN Roswell ILILNE lVICCLA'l"Cl-IISY Slllllil Fc FRANK MCMA: NS Alauncdn SoN1A NIINDLIN Los Angeles, California V3 T. 4. HJ' 23- . - H73 thirty-one tlz iffy- two I 'E ROBERTA MITCHELL Dawson ' ELIZABETH MORROW Raton JAMES MORROW Raton JAMES NOBLE Las Vegas MARX? ANN OLIN Albuquerque MARION PEARSALL Ithaca, New York .IOANNA PENEIELD Lincoln GEllALDl'NE PLUMMIER W ubash, Indiana MARY .IO ROWE Socorro EMINIETT ROYER Albuquerque MAXINE RUNYAN Santa Fe BOB SALAZAR Albuquerque NIARY ISABEL SANCIIFI7 Santa Fe MARY ELLEN SEARS Silver City GI,ENN SIINIPSON Albuquerque H OPE SISK Albuquerque CHARLIE SMITH Vernon, Texas MILLARD SIVIITH Raton PATTY SIJITZER Albuquerque SAM SUTHERLAND Albuquerque LYLE T EUTSCI-I Santa Fe EUGENE ALBERT THORNE Albuquerque WILFRED E. TORRES Albuquerque CAROL V ARLEY Demcr, Colorado BLAINE WAHA A1IJuquf:1'quc NIARCIA WARD Clmrlcston, South Carolina STEPHEN YVATKINS Chickasha, Oklahoma BILL VVATSON Al Inuquerquc LOUISE 'NEISHAUPT L2ll'l',x" ,f,61', Ohio I ALICE MARY WHITE ,-Xl bu q u erq u e FRANCIS M. YVILLIS Redlands, California NIARION S. YVILSON Albuquucrque M ARY KAY YVOODS Artesia RTS A SCIENC S Right: .3.l'l,S :md Sfifzmcs professors advise sluclcnts All l'cgisLr:1LiOn. 1 A W , sy . w, A 5' -4 1' A W , l thirty-three A N nw es xi ' ' if X ' 14' b- ., +-ful" ,,,,1!-1, 1, .' rival li. wuw Jul:-cy Soma: o ANC:-1ANno Santa 'cz Ibwi. Rruun Mor -flinair Lifsuii llfxxuz .-Xlluugucrquc W lI,.l,I A l'hALDX'Vl x Allmqunrquc' Wmllfvl-'rl BA. --v Allniqm .uc Blili lifuc' !x:KLo .v Alburlucrquc BARlsAR.x B,m'l'll Allmquerquc Airruulz BLACK Raton juries Bolu.,xNlJ Albuquerque CAROLINE llluivwfuu Gallup lil-1uN,-xuu Buowmi llozcnovia. New York Cin.mfR'r Rmfriws Lorzlsburg 'Iona M. C.'UNll'lll'1l.l, Oak Park. Illinois E.lll'l'llA COCIIRAN Bessemer. gxlllllillllll CllARl..lf5 Coon-ifu .M buqucrquc IQICIIARD Cox Wellsburg, West Virginia W.fxNo,x flROI,lClI Mlmquerque FRANK llavmsox ,Xllulqucrqllc lima-:NA lluis Gallup Rlfillfllill llr'W1'l"l' liliva. New York Euz.-xmf'rli lioxiaw Hobbs IIOIIN EARL Lima. Ohio M ARCARKT ICM lam' Warrcn, Ohio jxrzia Illwmra .xlllllflUCl'IlllC Wll.i.lMI FAlRClllI.IJ .Xlhuquerquc Xlxrrmiw FfXI,l5EVAC Cup Falls. Ohio ll:,A'rluc:l-: ITRANIQLIN Silllliil Maria, California Anm,A CAI.I..liGUS Helen l'i.Af:wo Gxuacm Sanla Fc BILL Gickmcx Albuquerque Cuu. GlI.1.i:s1'1E Albuquerque b1ARY jam? GREENE I-Iomclnke, Colorado jon. E. GREENE Sl. 'loscpln Missouri Fnfwrzras I-Ifxmmown Albuquerque I5v1'1'n Hmmioxxm Albuquerque KENNETH Hfxmus Dundee. Kansas EARL HARRISON Texico ADIHLINE RUTH Hlxvmas A' huqnerque l As Q a i JACK TIIAXTON Albuquerque M IIIIILI. Tl-IELIN Al bu q uerque DOIIQTIII' T IRIQII-IAN Albuquerque JOHN TULLX' New York, New Yor FRIQD TIIN NIIRII AHJIICILICICILIE W ILLIAM STIEIVIIRT TURNLFY Albuquerque JACK VALENTINE Dallas, Texas Bon VAN NATTA Lakewood, Ohio S'I'IavIa VIIJAL AI'JllClllCl'ClllC YVILL ANN VVALKER Santa Fe EvEIuz'r'r XVATT AHIIIQIICTQLIC M fxIu,o YVEBB FzII'IIIiIIgloII BILL YVIIITE Alhuq ucrquc CIIIIII W ILHY Clovis CAIIIII. WII,LIAMs Cllpllllll l'1A'l'lKLEliN WILLIAIIIS Carlsbad PI-IvI.LIs VVOODI-IEAD Albuquerque !llClIARD YVOOFTIER Allmllquerque KICN N Ii'I'H W Iucr-rr Allmny, New York .-XNI'I'A ZIPIIIIODT AlzuIIosa, Colorado ENCS A? k .4 fkllfli l 'I tlzirty-seven Li. iq 'I 's T- -', ..- f. . v. , 'MI ,yung ' 'irq' maj' I ,Q ..X...,1 .1 1-,IL Y L fp, ff hl, It X X f l if "" 99 l Y f Q 'f " . , av ll lll' ' ' Znpfmf I persons capable of guid- The is to select and ing future UNM students along the paths of formal education. Graduates in education must a little of everything, practical and theo- retical. ln addition they must be specialists in some particular field of either elementary or secondary schooling. The prospective teacher thus acquires a rich cultural background as well as a thorough professional knowledge of his selected field. BOOK THREE EDUCM -A' Above lefl.: Dr. S. P. Nzmningu, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Ahovc right: -Io Vurcla :md Priscilla Cheek inspect 21 map of thc Fm' East. Below: Dr. Tireman, Educator. THE COLLE :Ll OF Deflmrlzlufrzls of Eclzcculimr jonx W. DIIEFENDURIV, l'u.D. Ev!-:1cn'1'r I-I. Flxuiv, ED.D. Ronmzr A. NIOYERS, MA. LLox'n S. Tim-zxmx, 1'u.IJ. Dl3!Jll7'iIlLC'I1f of Iflonw Emvzomirs Sus.'xx Mosmc, XLS. FI.ORliNCH NI. Scnizoi-zulau. MA. Ilvpurlmmzlx of .4ciruinisM'aliui1 Mx'R'rL1s GxE1ax1f1ui,.n. Supervisor, Snalc Health Lulu join: H. lfrrru. MA., Dircclor of Pub- lic Relations Gifoiama W. XVI-IITIG. BA.. Asst. Dean of X College of Education Dcjmrlrucnt of Plzysiml Erlurnlion C. KIil'l'I-I BARNES. M.D.. University Physicizm Wlu,,1s L, Bixumis ROIlIfR'l' DUBELL 0 rty - .F A- 1... +- . if 41 .4 'da Departmvvzi uf Physical EfI1l1'1lfi0II.' jouw DOI.Z.'XlllELLl, 15.5. in IKE., LEO I.. GLmv1cs, B.S.. Head of Wommfs Dept.. Rox' NV. jol-INSON. BA.. Ileacl of Men's Dept., ZOILA Smaclluzu, B.S. in IKE. 'Hin C. SIIIPKEY. BA., Buzuu-1 Bm.-xx XVICST. l3.S. in P.lE.: IIlf1J!1fI'l7l1L'I7l of Li1J7'f1'l'j' Sr'i1'm'1'.- KA'r1-ll.l':xiA BL.uu':x', B.I..S.. NIARY E. BRlNDI.liX', 13.5. in I,.S. ES'l'llliR j. l'mu:v, l3.S. in L.S., Rum Russ1c1.1,, Wn.M,x Lov SHICIJION, B.L.S., I-lend, ELSA 'TuoMvsoN, 11.5. in I..S. FACULTY 'Sis' ' forty-one EDU TIG forty-two . V 1 . 5, ALNIES, GEORGE Albuquerque-Pi Kappa Alpha, Dra- matic Club, Theta Alpha Phi, Fencing Team. ALSUP, ERNESTINE Albuquerque -- Town Club, Ka ppu Omicron Phi, Pi Lambda Theta A. W. S. Council, W. A, A. AMERINE, BEAUFORD Haviland, Kansas-Independent. BALLARD, EILEEN Gary, Indiana-Plirnteres, Mortarboard, Who's VVho in American Colleges, Spurs, Student Senate, Senior Class Secretary-Treasu-rer, A. W. S. Council, Homecoming Committee. BARRY, BILL Albuquerque-Dramatic Club, Theta Alpha Phi. BATCHELOR, ANN Fort Bliss, Texas-Chi Omega Presi- dent, Kappa Omicron Phi, W. A. A. BEACH, V IVIAN KRONIG Belen-Alpha Chi Omega. Kappa Omi- cron Phi President, A. W. S. Council, Christian Science Organization. BEBBER, RUTH Al buquerque-Al pha Chi Omega Presi- dent, Mortarboarrl Treasurer, Theta Alpha Phi, Phi Alpha Theta. Pi Lambda T heta, TVho's VVho in Ameri- can Colleges, Spurs, A. YV. S. Vice- Presidcnt, W. A. A. Vice-President. Girls' Drum Corps President. BINGHAM, LONA LEE Wickett, Texas. BRUNELLI, VINCENT Albuquerque-Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, New- man Club, Dramatic Club. CABEEN, ANN Albuquertpie-Alphzt Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Spurs. CALDWELL, DOROTHEA Albuquerque-Sigma Alpha Iota, Girls' Quartet. 'x CARLOCK, HARRIET Tucuincari-Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi, Pi Lambda Theta. CIIEHL, WILLIAM Carlinville, Illinois. CIAENSHAW, OPAL Carrizozo. DAVIS, GEORGIANNA AlIJuquerque-T1'ansfeI' University of Oregon, Phrateres, Sigma Alpha Iota. DENNIS, BETH' Clovis-Transfer from Stephens Col- lege. Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha iota. DESGEOIIGES, lX'lARY Albuquerque-Alpha Delta Pi. Pan- hellenic Council. Student Senate, A. W. S. Council, Drum and Bugle Corps. DOWNER, TRLIDELLE Albuquerque-Kappa Kappa Gamma. Phi Sigma President, Student Body President, Mortarboard, Who's Who in American Colleges. Student Council, Student Senate, Editor of Co-ed Code, Spurs, Senior Counsellor. DYCHE, JAMES Alhuquerque-Kappa Sigma. FoI1'rsoN, HAZEL jacksonville, Florida - Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Oniicron Phi, Pan- hellenic Council, A. W. S. Council. Gosiz, lVlARY Hurley-'I'I'ansfeI' from New Mexico Stale College, Sigma Alpha Iota, W. A. A. GREEN, lVlARY BETH Lovington-Phraleres, Dramatic Club. GROTON, MARTHA Hot Springs-Alpha Chi Omega. Kappa Omicron Phi. Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. farlw llmf u. I Q- W " I EDUCATIO l forty-four 1. az' 4' "V 0 EN 1 , OLE All luerque-Alpha Chi OIUCQQH, Sig- tl Alpha Iota, Student Senate, A. W. S. Council. KATZ, NIELBA Alhuquerque-Phi Alpha Theta, l'i Lrtmbda Theta. l'i Sigma Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi. Knzct-1, KATHLEEN .l0l1CSllOl'O. Arkansas - Alpha Chi Omega, I-Iomecotning Queen. Ltmstct-t, JOHN Alhuqttcrque-Kappa Alpha. NIANNING, JANE Santa Fc-Kappa Kappa Gamma. MASON, I5E'1'rx' H2lgCl'l'll1lll--II-l'illlSfC1' from Eastern New Mexico College. Alpha Kappa Delta SCCl'CL:lI'y'. Dramatic Cltth, XV. A. A. Nlzwcomma, lWA'l'TlE MAE Medina, Texas-'l't'ausfer from l'nivcr- sity of Texas. PtL1c1ft,.Es, NIARGARIET Alhnqttcrqtte-Pi Lamhcln Theta. Ptzumo. .lots AlImttqttctwpte-l"l1i Kappa Phi. Student Senate. Pt'1'T, :XUDREY Citmvtipoittt-l'hi Alpha Thctzt, Student Senate, Senior Counsellor. P taENm:vtL1.E, Bots Parsons, Kansas-Sigma Chi I"t'csiclent, liltatali. Theta Alpha Phi Presitlcnt, Who's Who in American Colleges, In- tcrfratcrnity Council, Student Senate, Dt'amatic' Clluh Presitlcnt. REMPE1., MAIQGERY AlImqttcrqtte-llltmtercs, W. A. A. Spm'thc:ul. RUnoI.Fo, LEONORII Albuqucrque-Leis DzIII1ilz1s Presicient. lJI':uII:Ilic Club, Independent Council. Student Senate, Senior Counsellor, XV. A. A. SHIRLEY, VIRGINIA AlbuqIlerque-Kuppzi Kappa Gamma, Thcln Alpha Phi, Dralmailic Club Presi- ilenl. Slllflfflll Senate. Pep Sqluui. SIMPSON, DOROTHY Allmquerqiie-Kalppa Kappa Gzuninzi l'rcsiIlcnt. Spurs. l'nnhcllcnic Council, Niiraigc, Student Senate, Pep Squad, Publications Board, Senior Counselor. SIMPSON, ELAINE Hutchinson. Kniisus-Pi Lzmihilai T hem. SNOW, MARY EVRLYN AIbuqucrque-Alpha Della l'i, Phi Alpha Thom, Pi 1.nInhd:I 'l'llCl2l. MOI'- lzxrhozircl, Spurs, Sophoinore Honor Roll. THOMAS, REVIS MAR Farmington - Kappa Omicroii Phi. Pi1flllCl'CS. VVALKER, JAMES Jllnm, Nelmruskzx - Inclepcnrlenl Men. C. A. A.. Meifs Chorus. X-VAMPLER, JANET Dilylilll, vifgllllil-'Tl'?lI1SfCI' NIZIIICIICS- lcr, Il'lKliill'lll, Sigma Alphn Iota, Senior Counsellor. YVEIQKS. NIARGARET Albliqucrquc-Kzippri OlIllL'l'Klll Ph i. Pi Lzunbcln Theta, Sludcnl Senate. 132111105 Club. VVILLIA RI s, VIIQGINIA R Im-I CzirlslIzul-Transfcl' frmn New Mexico Suite College. NVORTR-IAN, NOR MA ll EAN Dexter-Alplm Delln l'i Prcsirlcnt, Sig- ma Alpha low. iXdoI'Iz1I'lIoIII'cl, .intrau- murul Debzuc, Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges, Punlicllcnic Presiclenl. YUTT, V IVIAN Alhuqucrquc-Sigma Alpha loin Presi- clcnl, A. W. S. Cjonixfil. Senior Counsel- lOI'.,AA1Jl'llll1 Major, Orclxcslrzi, String Quairlel, Slnclem Senate, Town Club. forty-fi1Je bi..1.i.e EDUCATIO AGAJANIAN, BEN Sun Pedro, California BECK, ELEANOR Albuquerque BLACK, REKA Lois Czxrlsbucl CASON, NIAGGIE Portales CATON, AIOHN Forrest CLARK, FRANCES El Paso, Texas CURRIER, PIELEN Albuquerque DODSON, A1,.'rA Fence Lake DONLEY, VIRGINIA Hobbs FIFE, DOROTHY Albuquerque FIFE, lX'fARjORl.E Albuquerque FORD, RUTH Albuquerque GARCIA, GASPER Albuquerque GRIFEITH, HELEN lov Albuquerque HAGLAND, Lois Albuquerque HELLING, ROSEMARY Eldorado, Kansas I-IELTMAN, ROLLIE V. Cimarron HOLLAND, CAROL LOUISE Roswell LEUPOLD, EDWIN Belen LUNA, EMIVIA Velarde LUNA, VIOLA Velarcle lX1ARQUEZ, LEON Albuquerque MCGIIEE, MARJORIE Steins IYIORRISON. JULIA Albuquerque 'T' PADILLA. MARCAIQILT lv Albuqllerqre ROUSSEAU, JOAN Albll q uerq ue SCOTT, NIARY jo Albuquerque Sl-IINN, .IEANNE Albuquerque SIMPERS, ADA NIAE Albuquerque STEIDLEY, NIARY JEAN Alhuq uerque THOMSON, EUGENE I.. Albuquerque TRU.IlI.I.O, M. H. Casa Blznuca TRUNIBI,E, LOIS Wagon Mound VIDAL, FRANCES Albuquerque VIGII., PRISCILLA E. Cunclijo VINCENT, LOUISE Albuquerque XVAGGONER, NIARY E. Belen YVATTS, NIARCARET Albuquerque XVHITENER, GEORGE Albuquerque W1LI,IAMs, EUGFINIA Gallup WILLIAMS, LUCILLE Albuquerque WILSON, LUCILE T. Roswell NVOODS, PI-IYLLIS Estancia YEACER, RUTI-I Albuquerque IACE forty -seven ,,, ,I forty-eight .tg 14 ARG ALL, KATH JILLN 1 EIT .,. ..f, TVIARY NELLE Albuquerque BAKER, FRANCES Albuquerque BAKER, HAZIZL Albuquerque BASS, CELESTE Roswell BLOUNT, LAURA JUNE Albuquerque BONNELL, FRANCES High Rolls BRITIAN, AN'Nl1i Albuquerque CAIN, ROSEMARY Albuquerque DURAN, -IUANITA Rzlinsville ESTES, STELLA B. Albuquerque FELICETTI, LAWRENCE Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania GARCIA, STELLA Albuquerque GILLEl", KATHERINE Albuquerque GIXONIAN, Bon Albuquerque GUILLIAMS, TED Weed I-IANNETT, JANE Albuquerque HERNANDEZ, CARMEN Albuquerque I-IERNANDEZ, VIVIENNE. Albuquerque HILL, ALTA IVIAE Albuquerque HOR'I'ON, MARY Indianapolis, Indiana fum rn es HUBBARD, LUCILLE Dawson IACRSON, MAE BELLE Allmquexque KLULY, GERTRUDE Hobbs LANTON, I-IARRIET Albuquerque NIACE, DoRo'r:1Y Lodi, Ohio JACNEELY, ROBERT Chicago, Illinois NICDOUCAI., CLOISE Clovis IWCNAMARA, A. A. Albuquerque MESTAS, ROSE Mannssa, Colorado MILLEll, MIGKEX' Albuquerque MURPHY, FALBA Albuquerque NICHOLS, EDYTI-1 Hurley PEARCE, NELL Albuquerque RADOSEVICH, ANN Gamerco REESE, ANNETTE Roswell ROlJ'FLEDGE, DoRo'1'1-IY jemez Springs EDUC TIO RUTZ, REBA Albuquerque SALAS, JAUDREY Albuquerque SANCHEZ, CELESTINA Los Luuus SCOTT, BARBARA Albuquerque SIMMS, NIAY Albuquerque STARRETT, .LXDDALIZN li Albuquerque VORENBERC, BARBARA VVag0u Mound W1-UTE, KATHLEEN Albuquerque ZAMORA, SOPHIE Albuquerque A 6 .- v-. u ,1Su.esl: A 4' Eff? BMI., KM:-lAn1NE Albuquerque BROWN, KA'mRx'N Albuquerque Cox, lNLu1.x' I'IELEN All uquerque CURRIER, NIARION Albuquerque Cul-ms, CuAxLun-mun Albuquerque GAISRIIZLE, MARY ELLHN Albuquerque Hnumx, M ARGARET Youngstown, Ohio HAKH, BAR'l'Il0l.U Albuquerque HALL, j1iAN12'rr1a: Albuquerque I-lmuus, EVELYN Hobbs HESSELDILN, Plvrlucna Albuquerque I'IlCKMAN, Bon Dallas, Texas Huxnmuu, ELo1s1a Albuquerque KENNEDY, FRANCES A. W ilnlinglon, Delaware KIMMLL, ALICE A lbuquerqu e KING, Bnvrv JEAN Albuquerque LENIIMN, KATIAILEEN Albuquerque LESLIE, M. VIRGINIA Albuquerque Moose, GERALDINE E. Albuquerque NANN1Nc,x, AILEEN Albuquerque OLSON, ELSAMARIH Albuquerque v l 4 ED' 'Il IO If PALUMIAO, Ezx1u.Y Dawson Puuz, Cl uis'r15:lz I'itl.sburgl1, PCllllSy1V?.ll1i21 REY, EDWINA Albuquerque SANDOVAL, LILLMN Albuquerque rI'AYLO la, N A N I5'l'1fE Hurley Wxcsr, A. W. A l lm querque Right: Phyllis lV0ocls and Anne Brilizm llliltiilil' Lhc nrt of cooking in Home Ek: lzlburatoly. fifty-one l F. .. , l , , I . , wr, -gif H f Y r-L ' "I-6'4" . ,, ' ,V S .aiffiiswfvi ' ' fe 4 w f Q Q Q A . g , , 1 g. -. ,- ,yt :Z rvur,-tri. f f ' qw- l 'Q-33 :1 y f Y Y f ., fl ,' 9 Q' I 561, :ph A I I ' X Ilifdfkz ,fax ' 5 473 ' hr ,, ,- 1 C, s my : ' lm i 'Q' . l - k 7 i T X' f. . V 7414 M, ,jf -:1.-'5i1T.r- -xg, 2.5 If """i""' 1 'N -, 7'-ii" . i x, 2 at . 'H fy' ,V- Q All , Q , Q 1:-1-1 VI ' '- QA: . Z if ij i St. Pat's prodigies are the boys who supply the technical skill and knowledge to keep De- alive during wartime, and to help civi- road back after the war. The ins them for their wide in applying the law of nature for benefit of mankind, and in adapting their scientific knowledge to help solve the social and economic problems of the day. UNM engineers may study Mechanical, Civil, Electri- cal, or Aeronautical Engineering in their courses designed to teach them how to use the lore of St. Pat to keep Uncle Sam on his feet. rBOOK FOUR .-4' 33 Above Ich: Mr. M. E. Farris, Dcnn of the College of Engineering. Above right: Mr. Ford inslrucls 21 group of senior engineer- ing studenls. Below: Albert Ford, jim Leach. and Claude Lyon, engi- neers of l0m01'1'0w. fifty-fvuf THE COLLEGE ,DL'iIlll'll!l6HL of Civil Engirzeering jolm Dcmnou, B.E. in I-lead Wl1.1..mM HUBlE,II,Pl-1.13. Dz'j1rz1'm1cnt of Elrrtricnl E11girmw'ing Wu,.L1.AxM C. Wfxuxntu. MS. in I-LE. HliRl5ER'l' L. JONES, I'll.D. RALPH XV. TAPY, M.S. in E.E,, Head Dejaarlrrzent of Merclmnical Enginemwvg .M.lsrtR'l' D. FORD, NLS. in M. Hand Rufus A. Kon1mNr:,. B.S. in M.E. 1Jl'1I11'7'fIIlE'17l of Mnlhenmlics CuARuf,s B. Bfxkluzu, MA. u RI Dr'jJa1'tme11t of Mallzemalics CHARLIES A. BARN!-ma'1', MA. I-Lxkom D. Lfmsux, PILD. CARROLL V. Nnwsom, PH. D.. Hczul Dejun'tn1ev1t of Physics Romxu' E. IJOLZIER, l'u.l'D. GENE T. l'rsLsoR, M.S. EvE1u.Y J. WORKMAN, Pn.D., I-lend F CLILTY nfl,--five GI EERI Ufly-six BILLYYIEYER, ALLE'N Albuquerque-Siginn Tau, Kappa Mu Epsilon, A. S. M. E.. Track. EASLEY, ELLIS Albuquerqne-Independent Men, Kap- pa Mu Epsilon, Khntzili, Sigma Tau. A. 1. E. E., Student Senate, Band, Engi- neering Society. EGOERT, LEROY Albuquerque-Sigma Tau. Kappa Mu Epsilon, I. M. E., A. S. M. E., Ski Club Presiclen t. FORD, ALBERT Albllqllefklllc-SigTl'lI1 Tau Secretary, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Phi Kappa Phi, A. S. M. E. President, Sigma Tun Award. GIKEENWELL, ROBERT All1l1CILlE1'ClLlC-Kflppil Mu Epsilon, Kl'l2il1lll, A. I. E. E.. Engineering So- ciety, Cheerleader, Senior President, Sophomore President, Sigma Tau Presi- dent. GRISSONI, RICI1ARD Santa Fe-A. S. C. E., A. R. B. A., A. S. T. M., Engineering Society. GROVE, PAUL Albuquerque-A. S. M. E., Engineering Society. HENllY', SILAS Albuquerque-Kappzi Mn Epsilon, A. S. C. E., A. R. B. A., Engineering Society Secretary-Trezlsurer. HUNT, GLENN Albuquerque-A. R. B. A., A. S. C. E., Engineering Society. ISLES, YVILLIAINI Albuqnerque-'I'ransfer University of Arizona, A. R. B. A., A. S. CT. E., Stu- dent Senute, Golf Tcaun. JONES, ROBERT T. Catskill, New York-Sigma Tau, New Mexico ,Engineer Editor, A. R. B. A., A. S. C. E. KUTNEWSKY, DRACE Alliuqnerqne-Sigma Tatu, Theta Chi Delta, Kappa Mn Epsilon, Engineering Society, Student Senate. 'Phi Kappa l'hi. LEACH, .IAMES Lawrenceville, Illinois-Kappa Alpha. A. S. M. E., New Mexicc. Engineering Society, Engineering Soda-ly, Inter- fraternity Council, Stnden. Sennle. LINN, LEE ROY Beaumont. Texas-Trzinsfcr Lamar junior College. LYON, CLAUDE Albuquerque-A. S. M. Engineering Society. MAY, MARVIN Albuquerque-Sigma: Tau. N IOHOLAS, JACK Albuquerque-Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sig- mz1'I':1u, Kappa Mu Epsilon, A. l. IE. E., I. R. Newman Club, Band. Rrcsnv, GEORGE Czllron. SMITH, DONOVAN Frzmkforl, Imlizinzi - A. R. B. A.. A. S. C. A. S. T. M.. Engineering Society. STAM M, ROBERT Albuquerque-Pi Kappa Alpha. Wl1O's Who in American Colleges. A. S. C. E., A. S. T. M., Engineering Society, Slu- ilenl Senate, Vigilnntes, Ski Clnh. THOMPSON, JIM K. Albuquerque-A. S. M. E., Engineering Society. u U RQU HART, KENNETH Albuquerque-A. I. E. Engineering Sociely. QQ... ' 3,4 . . . , if-2' .J . 'l'1'f "i5l+EfSfi2a,:ff1.f.. ,, ,. Hifi ' .ggi-QiW'ii'F.lg!ilRfj,gfg' ' i , QW..-', i ... ,, f-.-4Aflfifsi-ima V- 1 1 . .. li ' - A ' :'A:.4y5.ns.,i' Hi. ' i ' , lil ly -sezrwz COLLEGE OF E GI fifty-eight BENNETT, GORDON Albuquerque CLOUGH, RICHARD Albuquerque FISCI-IER. GERALD Belen I-I ARLRY, EDWARD Albuquerque HARTDOIIN, LAURENCE Forest Hills, New York HOUSE, JAMES Albuquerque NIANDA, FRANK Gallup METZLEIQ, FRANK Albuquerque PETRANOVICH, 1311.14 Gallup QUESENBERRX", 'lolz Las Cruces RI-IOADS, B. UI.. JR. Albuquerque RIGHTLEY, EDWARD Shiprock ROBLES, ARMANDO Albuquerque SIMIPERS, ROBERT Albuquerque SMITH, MORGAN Catskill, New York SPUHLER, RALPH Tucumcari UTSINGER, KEITH Avon, Illinois WRIGHT, PAUL Washington, D. C. J .,a,.' 1-QL , ,H-.,,3'.EffL .f.g'. IIT A ' J- 'v ' 13,153 4Al.xw,.,- ls 1 lm-will-A' mi-ff. l fifty-nine l Hi'r'.'1f"f9-Fill, , 1 wergf- 15 sixty T50 IEARNIQIAIQT, CI-IARLIQS Santa Rosa BOGREN, VINCE Greensburg, PenusylvuI1i:I BROWN, BILL Albuquerque BROWNIS, COCI-IRANE Piedmont. California COLTON, HERBERT Los Angeles, California CONVERSE, GEORGE K Albuquerque COONEV, EDWARD Albuquerque DAVIS, jo OLIVEII Albuquerque DIAL, BOB Albuquerque EASTWOOD, JOHN Tolar GREEK, THEO Albuquerque GUNDEIKSON, CHARLES Grants H UTCHINSON, ROBERT Albuquerque -IOURDAN, WILLIANT Albuquerque LOGAN, JOHN Albuquerque Losu, TOM Albuquerque NIAGUIRE, NORMAN SllIl'lf0I'd. Connecticut MI'FCHTlLL, ARN OT Albuquerque MOREI-IEAD, JANE Dawson MORROW, ARTHUR Gran LS M OIINT, KENNETH Albuquerque .l'A'l"lf1SU'N, KDUER Clovis R Lim, -IACI1 Szmfa Fe Ru HTER, MALCOLM Albuquerque SHIQLTON, j hN Gallup SNIITH, Rohm- F Albuquerque SPINK, TANNE11 Albuquerque STERN, ROBERT Albuquerque STROIVIE, THOMAS Albuquerque SWAIN, ROBERT Asheville, N. C. TERRY, W1LL1AM Albuquerque WHITCOMB, E. NIERTON Round Top, New York W HITLEY, R. N. Clovis GI EERI Arthur Morrow und Chuck Gunderson survey Lhc landscape. ff -1- -, v..? ':4t'L':'.'m 'F x.5'14u.w.. -, . gl -i ii5?ail1j1ilqfaf1fv, X , szxty-one -5.- Q., ...L sixty-two ALLEN, GEARY, JR. Al lmuqucrque AN DFRSON, DUANE Alamogordo BAISLEY, JOIIN New Lagunzl BALCORIII, EDWARD Albuquerque BAR'I'oN, XVILLARD Albuquerque BASS, VVTLBUR Albuquerque Bkoocxs, BEN McAllen, 'Texas BURNS, WALLACE Albuquerque CAROTI-IERS, JACK Albuquerque CASE, GEORGE Albuquerque CHANCE, DONALD Gallup CLANIJEY, CHARLES Albuquerque ICUNNINIQI-IAM, Jol-IN C Canton. Ohio DANNICLL, ROlSZR'l' P. Albuquerque DAVIS, STANLEY Gallup Dumas, -'Ol-IN, JR. Al buquerque FULLER, EARL Bl,ll'lll'lgIllllC, C2lllfOl'llli.l GARRI-:'I"r, JAMES Philadelpliia, PCI1llSylVdl1ll GILBERT, CECIL Santa Fe HARLEY, PAUL Albuquerque HASLAM, JAMES Albuquerque HAWLEY, TED Las Vegas HoIILI'rzEL, RlCliARD Gallup KERR, BILL Dexter KIECII, NIAURICE Jonesboro, Arkansas LINEBERRY, JACK Maywood, Illinois LI VINGSTON, LESLLE Cedarvule LowE, JOHNNY Shiprock MARTIN, WILLIAIII H. Albuquerque MCI-IENRY, PAUL Chicago, Illinois MERKLE, RENER Phoenix, Arizona MILLS, XVESTON Sturges, Michigan 1 1 GI EE M umm Y, M ELVIN Al huquerque MU'rz, PHILIP Engle Nest NEUFPER, BRUCE Albuquerque OGLESIW, BARTON Albuquerque P15NDLm'0N, RALN-I Roy PERKOWSKI, WAL'r13k Carlsbad Foss, A1.v1N Antigo, Wisconsin ROWLAN D, M ,uzvm Mou 11 Ulillllil' SEXVARD, LEWIS Albuquerque SNOW, Evwmzn Albuquerque S'l'AEH.LIN, AL Albuquerque STEPHENS, Culxuuzs Albuquerque THAYER, JIM Albuquerque TSCI'lAI'l'LliR, SAM Carlsbad UTSINGER, MARION Portales VINCENT, Blu. Albuquerque Vmvfuum, Bon Highland Pzxrk, Illiu VIVIAN, C21-mlmas G, Clovis VVHEELER, LESLIE Albuquerque WH1T'1'MoIus, HARRY Albuquerque ois , . f .- , ,, ,.--,,,,f, .fussy -,.. M is Y"""v lfg Ml a sixty-three , Q,3Flf'.gmv2gA Qil-0+,.l,'j I 71 iVf-W-' -:?J'i?'il '!1 1,3 N . -1 - , 1 '- , 'A - .f V - ,tl 1,115 ,- ' W, I- , A ' il Am- : 'l p g.1Pft:5, I ,N -1.1, 15935, 1,7 E ,M - 'V l Q- - ' 1 fr- 'ff - 1 'sf-' ff, - . , . ' ' V, il! 1, 1 4' If s l f HJ., . . , 1 r',' . mi ' v- , ,p rv . ..A, .4 r""f' .v , ,.,-,.i-.- . 1 gm! 1 ., ,ww W rM,Mi yi i . , all .,,.,3,.5t:?..!: . f If ,N mia' 1- -I jk. 7- in V ,,'-:' 1'....,- , -7 I wg I ' "' - , . ' C' -ff' 'AJ' , 'l 1 " if I M N214 ff? J W' 1 5 ' 1 s 4: w ' ....fJ'fT-:,- ..-1 In , ,, ' ' Cl lift at , ', .,.,.,-ashrfff' , ' -if Q n . fi - 'N V 1-"' C911 '..:.Uf:,fg:,l-- ., I .. A, - 1 w' V. '--. G: . ' 'g . A J ii 'W ' D' N f'ij,i'i-i ik 4 A I Q - V ' ' ' .fsgif l, - 1 A5 1 ' ,. K . -:wi-' 3 I 'lf' - ,.s r fr 1 f f, lf? . in " 4 gl ' F'l7'x"',. 3. "7 1 ff' " LQ .', 'l l' '. il. ""'-.'5?,l.?flH 'fl 7 F' ' -. .is "l ' 'X - u . . ,.'. sq -y,"-,,-- F' X- if L X, '- ,' 413' 2,11'm::3,.. 'V H -Lf " ' m-'E s 'f " l 9 IAN vigil-4 4' 'in PW ' L 'l.:r". ' D .N , 1 ,XX-,si l, s - .1,' e k k I rf' D: l E 1- 0 vi stool va. V+-an-,g,, Mwwwww H ?7fI'?"f1..15 , f ' i sz' ' exif - gf ' "' l I 5. N i,S'3ei,l. 5 41 J lfafim' H' H! ' f tif 5 fy s - . V ai Qs:-. f2:.'2"'ff:1i'i-T' MmwQ?mTAfm, Mwwmgwmb s I f er s Af ' ,QA .x ':.f.:,vffz6'-'f',' ' , , ' A if ' n7'x'3'fl?r5?43?nb,1,,,4,iw, .fill ,fvwl - 4 .EuX', if., pvgi-.:.2.M.-Am .1 ar'-F.1,g,a.4,,3il:.L:j ' 'V ,9fl5'.f5i3.afIl 5l l3'e'3llg'rP ff'f . ' I I 4' ' l gZ .59' QQ -" li l "5x5:"'?.'7-Z'j, 2 'i1E "5-5.Qf""'ff' llflE2 fw- j4f4i.Za,3,7 "gl:4a,f 51515: ,Nisil-.'li.' 'QE-5E'.l.ifY.--,. 'Yfwf' M "'r' 'ffl' 'elif-ws .srl aff -f1f'.f'l:-wtf - .w l' ll? g Q L I ' , l I t' 'fa E The College of Fine Arts is the baby among ,, if- . , X the colle es on the cam us, but alread It has wipgil " SL,-fl A fi? s learned to stand on its own two feet in trainin Llgr . , -J-.v. 1, .. 1 U: mix-I 1 F .im .r ef- -A I 1 future Rembrandts, Bernhardts, or Beethovens, f,i'lq:fQL'1' . .1 -gift' , D , U ' . iii and In stimulating greater Interest In and co- igg rl lf' .fiff O . G f 225' ordination among all the arts. 1 1 S Q' Q, In the words of Dean Dunbar, now a Naval fy K . . f architect: "0n our campus every student has " ,QIIQ-f V t R f 'i f' " C leave to study a little or as much of the arts as he likes, all may spiritually -enrich themselves I g mmf : l A and gain practical skills. This is possible in America today, the future America will be bet- ter for it. To learn is to serve America." BOOK FIVE wwf v' 1 ll mm lf, , 'llklsfif' Above lcfl: Mr. William M. Dlmlanr, Dean nf the College of Fmc Arts. Riglu: Willie lvllftllll' puts on the Hnishing touches in sculpturing class. Below: K1ll.l1lCCl'l Kicch, ,Student Arlisl. THE Dlfpllf'IlIl'lI,S of Art E. BURR, ju., B.F.A Head of Architecture Dept. KlfNNli'IAl1 M. CHAMIAN Iuwn W. lJo1'c:L,xss, BA. CDLLEGE QF Head of Painting und Design Dcpl. RAVMUNI: -IONSDN INIIQLA SEn11.l.o, MA. I'1Mu.uf Vow Auw DF17ll!'t!IlFI1l nf Dranmfirr Art Dum S.uu'1s, M.F.A. Enwxx Smvv, MA., Head Dr'pm'm1z'ni of Music Nmfx M. ANCUNA, MA. XVALTER B. KELLER, MA. XVILLIAM M. KUNKEL AI. IJ. Roan, BA. Acting Dean of Fine Arts sixty-six College Above: Aclzi Vinyziril supplies llic Imrusli. wliilc Arlene Gziult provides moral support. Right: Evelyn Bauer, member ol' Mr. Rolvlfs conducting Class, lends the University Orclieslm :il Il fall Concert. LTY sixty-seven six ty-ciglzt CO CLIFTON, AVA Silver City GREENUP, LA RUE Albuquerque PRITCHALKD, BIARY' Albuquerque STEWART, GROVER E1 Paso, Texas BACA, LEO Albuquerque LINS, MARY unta Fe HARRIS, BIARIE L. Al buqu crque MCGEE, MARVA Las Vegas MCKAY, DONALD Carlsbad ROBERTS, ELIZABE Lincoln, Nebraska WALK ER, FRANK Raton YVARDER, XV1LL1E Raton LEGE OF TH ANN EF RTS Buss, I-IELEN Albuquerque CONWILLL, jorm Chicago, Illinois DHCKMAN, Tran Albuquerque GREENE, BILL Ra lon Guulamznz, Humax Bernalillo H was. j,xcQuELlNE Albuquerque KIMBALL, RUTH Albuquerque KNOX, SUE Raton MCCANNA, lV1AllGARlC'l' Albuquerque R1EANS,, LILLIAN DELL Santa Fe l'ARKn1ms'r, CAROLINE Santa Fe Rm, NIARY Albuquerque Ruuzmzk, Josmfl-1 Den'oiL, Michigan W ARD, ELAIN nz Albuquerque fl? fr ' 'gi 4"' I F, Z . N 41.,. eff W ,, ar rl E 1 W answer to types "rugged wish e set re- course: ducation, onal of vo- course provides opportunities for those ambitious both broad and individualistic within a short period of time, and for those students trying to "find themselves" be- fore entering into intensified study. BOQK SIX Albuquelque U Br:NNm'r, Berrv Santa Fe Bo1.uN, REX Gallup Bovfw. M AR'I'l'lA JFANNE Mem phis, Tennessee Bnzmzcn, KENNETII Albuquerque Blum-1'1', BETIAE Buckhorn BURCIIFIICLD, DARRELL Albuquerque CARMICHAEL, AGNES Trinidad, Colorado L11 YL! 'TIL form' Carlsbad CHAPIN, MARY Silver City Counova. RIJ'l'lI.l.lO La Joya Comzwzv, CLEO Alan1ogordo ff? Cuocczo. VlC'1'oR l'illsln11'gh. I'em1sylvania DAVIS. llfuumua Allnnlucrquc Ill-1.-xx. l,Alll.. Albuquerque Dmua. lN'lARY ANN Hon Springs hlsvlwos,-x, jon Maxwell Iiuz.-xN, ELIZAIKI-l'l'll Fort Stanton Ifrzfxma, Wu,1.1,xM Rochester, New York G.-u,1,u1', Cnmuu-is Espa uola GALLUP, S'r,xNLxav Raton l V tx 1 w 'M JAR. illARY AllJucl.1c1'quc GREGORY. lin Ordway. Culoraulo Haiuus. Naomi Las Vegas Howann, Lois Artesia Hnnw,-rm, Rum' .'llllllKlllEI'fIlIC HUIIIIARD. jim Allmqucrqnc joxiis, IYONALU Allnxquerquc Kina:-nkick. Cmk.-x Albuquerque KLEIN. En Pillslmrgli. l'cnnsylx'ania Kmss, El,,uNia Allmqucrquc KOULAS. K.u'm:rux11: Allnlquerquc laxwnnxcle. Manu' El Paso. Texas Lui. NIARTIIA -I xxia Espanola NIARTIN. Enwma Albuquerque MCCAN N, Wi 1-1.1 .-x M Pittsl'mrgl1. Pennsylvania MCCANNA. MAIu'rA Albuquerque Mooiue. Hoivaizn Alamogordo Mmuaow, l'ATRlca,x Raton NELSON. M,-mu.-xklir Allmqucrquc Ncmms, Cmuuaas Misliawaka, Indiana OWENSBY, Flu-in Las Vegas PRITCIIARIY. :XLICIQ Albuquerque 'RADOSl.0l'lIIII, joiw Clayton RENFRO, lions Albuquerque RODGERS. DIERRII1. Santa FC Rovsri. Vaivczim Albuquerque Samrnraz. jusia Santa Rosa Suomi, jo Aw Capilan SlMi'soN, Bl-:'l"n' jam: Albuquerque SMITH, NTAIULIZRY Albuquerque S0llIll'1I,S, llliUl.:lII Albuquerque Tnomvsox. BILI. Hobbs TURNER. jrcm Silver City XVACRERBARTII. I-li-1i.:'x AlI1l.lqliei'ql1c VVIIITIC. illARl'5ARl'l'l' AllDlIlllICl'qllC VVIIITENIER. Lnuislf Alhuqucrquc XVIIITLUW. .lm Allauqucrquc Wrrn, Rixwn Santa Fc 55.1-1 X 1 s I 11119-A 45 "'-X1 1 knf1NEw'- 1. W 1 .T 1.1113-,Q 1" ' 2-1-1 . -1:11:11 M 1 K 1 A 1 1 N F X N r Q 11 "loaf fb.. -11 ,W M J A-C V ,ma - 1.1 - .N.. ,1.1 1 1, T, Q E2 152 g,,,11M11 11 1 1' ri, 5 I - . We ns.. ' "n..-lit:-.2 "VH:-I 1 N .X I. 1 'Yi 11 "jf bi 1 1111 25 "1 AEE' 1 11,11 11 du!! 111 1 . S 41, Si f" YT' 4 . 322558 H1 WMP., 1' - .- i fl." l M A . . '111' ' V 5 1 is ? .1-as u : - s Q - 3 Q1 N 1 1,-, N 'mfr ' 1151111 1 11 1 111 '1 1 1 1311" ,W Pt, .avi 1 111 1 11 1 F1 F G 51311011 Ly- two Dmz, JESSIIZ Albuquerque FRIQHMAN, Pn'rru':1,x Albuquerque CvRlFFI'l'l-l, KJZAN Magdalena Hmuugrow. JACK Fort Sumner HAMMoNn, Gnonma Clovis l'-TANNA, Cimnlc Albuquerque HA'rrmw,w, DON Albuquerque juumsrow, WAYNE Albuquerque jomas, .KLLAN I-liusclnle, Illinois LACY, ILKYMOND Albuquerque LAMIEIERT, LOUISE Cnpitzm MCGLAMJIRY, NMA Albuquerque M1-Lum, V nfzrzpmw Albuquerque Pouwn, MARY ALLIN Albuquerque Sums. .Iuuv Albuquerque Sl-1'1'z1fJz. PHYLLIS Albuquerque 'l"1m1., Iflmux Detroit. Michigan XVATKINS, Dm' Albuquerque YOUNG. DEAN San Be1'nru'clino, Clllfomm ZINN, BETTY Albuquerque COLLE Below: Audrey Richards :md jo Ann Shook are assisted in gathering reference material by Arietides Clulvez, Beverly Carrick. and Henry Williams. JM, H M 8611671 ty hw Gig A 07 t Sf' .IES :qi ' N. -Lp' I7 " . . - A93 'gl gl., ,gt Q 'QW '? ' ' at A' 1 - . 5 Z -: ff',,'ki2' 212:-f,,. , . A oggfi. A , QQ, ga ' "" li A Tr.-.i ew - -Jun g ? . tsn 'E i ietatvffiw D S . w- J ' ..a ,. ' .,t...,L1 ' 5 c ,.., H , ,, , . ,. ,H kljggi f 2341-Q . if-. ' -, ., - fg.,Q1.f'T'ff-Q-' J- "',-fff-'ffffff4.."jf'Q"ii?l2:'Q'ig-'.?:giif2 ,' ia- 1 -'1.'.g,l-.qi - w Q.,--ea-as Eff-n-32.251 rv -.:'.- ,1s5:,jr"'-f' A'--.: --fa....L-..-"--"'-K"-1?14.'Zf",-3..4f"'?,-1-ff7i".' 153' fffrm- ' .-e.-' ' A.- -5.49,-'.-'. , '-V---, . Y , ,.'. -'-'-' -1 --'...A,g ' . -V-'-5 -' r'- ,cs -' A Ifflif,-gf:--sit.-:13f:,.Jq'E'.'i'-'41.:rf-4ffi?:f:E5Li1'gfiA-ff-12-.s??Tz?5tf'2'.Qe1'64 iggfajf-f' 1 ,, -gg,-sr. - ' A' , .. rx 1: , af- ".-?',.E.?Q"1',?'--'e'- -Sf" 1 '. ' - .: 5 ff:.-'fiwlwfgvet-L-l1s,f1-'aaJfvsnzei -.-an 'E A '1-Avi? ei. , 3,-.r . 5, ,fh fag-, I.,-,-.,.qC7,.. . . .,.. .-1..--1-. ' ,.,,:f ,--.-7i.- ,. 1 . ,.y,:3.-gpm, .- 1 -4- fh,-N -.J--...J -54 1.--'-. --.-,N ,J ,, -1-. -, :fn-,:"+ J - 1: f' --.---1 - .-.-.1..,,,.-,fe--rf..:'1-,s-1f,.f,------- :,-f.-..-m-sf-fd....-...M an ..,--. -mr-a?,,w :-,- -,.:n-'.:,-fa-. - .1- . -e:.:fma:::+Lfwffr--f-rffvirf.I-fflafwrg4s1a:s:.:.1:4args:-. ew fa-1: r..1'1-fra:-r'i-'.2 .2219 .,,-.v -a. .......-. , N, s .. - .- .J . 55.11-.A .1 5 -'--if?---' -V - 'ww -"Q - 'f-, ,.,,,f."4--1-.fwfr ya- ISLAM:--.i':-3 "fw- - .' 'L -,-. .. ML... , ,fum ,. ,- H, , , ,, ,,, -,,., , ,.-.- ,,,.r.4, .452-' .QA-. - .,-3'414s:ij,'-guy 'mf "-g.- -s ::'5gw-ezfggyfifrl f:L'?- :asv5-s:f'z':'11fw.-w:f'e:1-1:f1e-bw,19fFrh-.'V4-fit'-:Ii-51'm1g41,.1: i -N?21'a'a-',f. 4' 'ff f -"4 """iii'f'i?f""'f':I'-"ff ffa' 'iff--':"'i-'2'f"' flff t , 2 .i'::eQ' 'fm fi":i"'L"" m"i'!' Q: -X ,rf . . - 1 .- V- ' ' - -- f-551: ' ' , 235 ,A '5:1.-'J-25i""g Q-1: Er- A v-'-:,-f'f""?11.f . .. - ' " 1' . ' If movemen N J-em leved throu -- 1 4 nt electlo :J--A A- af- .44---.---x.:--JZ55-s' , -, . af .- J '.' to the Stu -H uncll and Sen Election -,,1....,,4 , - -gf- 3,"' A . ,-f... . I- ',.f1'f:'..-,.:T' "-arf-" A.-'l - J gf. N A f Y- ' wflsfff , his year - ggi the usual oom -MQ charge I of dirty -- ltlgg 'elayed untll af .. --.Q otln A g ,ga x . " as had taken place. Other governing groups o smaller scope are the Student Union Committee the Council of Associated Women Students, and 9 the Athletic Council. Aside from actual gov- ernment, students may express their opinions, political or otherwise, through the Lobo and the Mirage, whose columns often prove to be an ex- cellent index of student opinion. BOOK SEVE r Aww uit ' 'Q 4. 1 w y , I N X , X 4, 4. .I .S:E'E'f 5 I - "2-.1fFa - 7 1, .1 A 1 . fi.-C' " ' ivan - u . ' ' mfyft. ' V V A I v,,,'4v'5., s I -x Ar 4 w w w www , w J,,.v-J' seventy-eight Right: Dean ol' Men J. L. Boslwick: Miss Eliza' beth Elder, Assistznit in Personnel Olhce. Opposite page: Dean of Women Lena C. Claurc. DEAN GF Wise and practical Dean L. Bostwick does a little of everything from conferring with freshmen and issuing student loans to giving advice and blessings in marriage prob- lems and business ventures. He is, briefly, our public relations man, and the dynamo which helps keep our machinery in working order. Away from his official duties, he may be found working away in his garden, or Charting a trip. Going by the name of "Genial joe," his fairness and ability have made him a campus favorite. bg... i K "' if Dean Lena ffl Clauve holds the dual position of advisor ol the women students of the campus, and l-lead ol: the Depart- ll1Cl1t of Music Education. Music being her avocation as well as her vocation. she is active in Community Concert work and despite her pressing duties as Dean, teaches a Class simply because she thinks "it's fun." Capable handling olf the com- bined roles of Dean, musician, and hostess have gained her the achniration of the entire campus. She hasn't time for pets or hobbies, but likes everything musical lfroin Leopold Sto- kowski to 'lute Box jives. seventy-uma ezgh tx STUDE COUNCIL Left to Right: Sara Morehead, Cy Fairless, Louise Vincent, Bill Hull, Bruce Clark. Trudelle Downer. Dave Simms, Jllilllllfl Nolan. Eddie Aporlaca, Marilyn Morrow. The Student Council is a union of all the campus politicos under the competent direc- tion of Trudelle Downer. It consists of repre- sentatives from each class. chosen in spring elections, Student Manager, Lobo Editor, and Presidents of the Student Senate and A. YV. S. Council. Theirs is the difficult job ol' keeping peace :unong the various strong- minded factions on t.he campus, distributing the funds, and entertaining the student body or out-of-town visitors. Oflicers are: Trudelle Downer, Presidentg Cy Fairless, Student Man- ager, and Sara Morehead, Secretary. Below: Trudelle Downer, Cy Fuirless i ff TUDE NATE First row. left to right: jane Manning, Reba Rutz, Audrey Salas, Mary Jo Scott, Jeanne Bovay, l-'rzlnces Marlin, Laura -june Blount, Vivian Yolt. Second row: Bruce Clark, Theo Crevenna, john Logan, Katherine Brown, Harriet Lantow, Carol Louise Holland, Riclizml Clough, jim Leach, David Stevens. Below: Bruce Clark, Bob Simpers, Mary jo Scott. To guide us further and to provide wider student representation is the Student Senate. Mernbers are appointed from every organiza- tion, class, and college on the hill. The Senate took the lead in organizing such Home- coming activities as the parade, dance, and securing luminarios for the campusg instigated the Armistice Day Assemblyg and organized committees for defense work. Among the defense projects planned was a campus wide blackout scheduled for April. Oflicers of the Senate are: Bruce Clark, Presidentg Bob Simpers, Vice-Presidentg and Mary jo Scott, Secretary. eig'lLty-one eighty-tzuo I, -,, A SS gn V - Roh Grecnwcll. Eileen Bzillaircl. Albert Ford, -Ir. Mary jo Scott. Virginia DOIIICY, GCl'11l4l FiSClWl'- IORSMO JU IORSH. According to tradition, the seniors after their usual two weeks of rabid electioneering fell into a lethargy. The meeting to decide on the senior play revived them temporarily- long enough to vote it down! Oflicers were: Bob Greenwell. President: Albert Ford, Vice-President: and Eileen Ballard, Secretary. The Juniors restored our faith in class team work when they came through with the best junior-Senior Prom ever - solit lights. Claude Thoruhill's band, and bouttonieres at the door. A good portion of the credit goes to oflicers for the year who were the follow- ing: Gerald Fischer, Presidentg Mary .Io Scott, Vice-President.: and Virginia Donley, Sec- retary. OF .1 57 .4 ' A it 4 1,"f pr' L. if " I X 1 di -1"f!Z! ,imitrex L' iq Ygi 'Hy it-5, f 'qi JL him' 325313, . - ' its 1 . i Q I I I C vig :rim-, john Logan, Laura june Blount, Cloise McDougal. FRESHME A smaller Freshman class registered at the their responsi- Universitiy this year. As a class, bilities are mainly to cooperate with Khatali in upholding campus traditions. This YCZIIJS class officers were: Orville Roberts, Presiclentg Donald Knode, Vice-Presidentg and Jean Bovay, Secretary. SOPHOMORE .. tween class, the Sophomores, found no duties to unify them as a group. re: President, john Logang Vice- M Dou0'al' and Secretary. The in'be Oflicers we President, Cloise c D , Blount. Laura june Orville Roberts, Jeanine Bovay, D unuld Knode. eighly-three S Seated, left to right: Mary Evelyn Snow, Ruth Beliber, Wilna Gillespie, Laura Belle McCollum, Marilyn Morrow, Elizalietli Sheetly, Juanita Nolan, Eileen Ballard, jean Mullins. Standing: Carol Louise Holland, Reba Rutz, Carole Hendricks, Betty Lou Whiltmore, Vivienne Hernandez Sadie Dresher, Virginia Donley, Marcia Linn, Phyllis Woods. 1 . . . COUNCIL All innovations, complaints, or brain storms Con- ceived by the associated women students are taken up by the A. W. S. Council. This Council is organized to include two representatives from each women's organi- zation on the hill. Representatives serve t.wo years, and since each group elects a new representative every year, there is continuity in the Council and few greenhorns. Besides the headaches acquired from legislation, the council's main objective is to achieve cooperation and lriendliness among women students. Officers: Marilyn Morrow, Presiclentg Laura Belle McCollum, Vice-Presi- dentg Elizabeth Sheedy, Secretary-Treasurer: Marcia Linn, Social Chairman. aiglz ty-four 'ff "WMV, ' V -.ffl-T '5.'.l.. " it Sgr-fr. l M PUBLDICATIO The supervision of publication policies is the function of the Publications Board, which meets monthly. Its lnernbers consist off Dr. Thomas C. Donnelly, Chairmang Editor of the Lobo, Eddie Apodacag Editor of the M imge, jean Mullinsg Business Manager of the Lobo, Bob Conwayg Business Man- ager of the Mirage, Joe I-Iarleyg Faculty Representatives, Dr. Paul Walter and Mr. Ralph Douglassg Lobo Representa- tive, Elaine Ortman: Mirage representative, Dorothy Sixnp- song Student Manager, Cy Fairlessg and Associated Student Secretary, Freda Chainpion. The staff heads for the follow- ing year are chosen by the Board in April. Late in the spring the Board has a banquet at which awards are given to hard working members of die staffs, by way of recognizing their ability and effort. fda -:Hilti - l' 1 X .1: ,l'J.,- X -J -vu , I I A L 3 I fl" 'T-L S- V Z n 7' - ' I - 1 mir?- H-L in-F t ,,, ' W sing? -l E l-ullilld L aiming, 1 , l T l .L l 1 Q, -t I ,I 1 l ' "i ' ll all BOARD ,- Abuve, left to right: Cy Fairless, Jenn Mullins, B I 'I'. C. Donnelly, Mr. Ralph D 1' 1' 1 v on Conway, Dorothy Simpso ouglns, joe Harley, Freda Ch: ' 4 ,P n. Dr. unpion. eighty-17we Editor Jean Mullins. Business Manager joe Harley. , ' 1 I l l l X l l N EDITORIAL STAFF Copy Editor - - Peggy lfVatts ljdll0lf-ln-Clllef - - lean Nfllllills Feature Editors - - Knox Converse Assistant Editor - Ed Harley Davifl Bffnefletll Aflvlsol-V Editor - Steve Koch Editorial Assistants: Elaine Ortman, Tom McCord, Photographers ---- Keith Utsinger Helen .l0Y Gflmlh, Domflll' Mace Walter Ellermeyer, .lanee Sprecher BUSINESS STAFF Art lfditor ---- Frances Del-luff Business lylallagel. ,-,, -'log P131-ley CIHSS Edirol' ' ' Louise Lalllbefl Advertising Salesmen: Clark Hanna, Tom Cor- Sports Editors - Frank Hash nish, Edward Balconib, Russell Guild eigl: ly -six Bob Reece Typist ----- Mary Chapin t joe Harley with business staff members Mary Chapin :mtl Clark Hanna. The 1942 MIRAGE represents the attempt of the staff to recapture the spirit of this college year for your enjoyment in future years. Despite our concern as to expense and smallness of staff, we have tried to make this issue of your yearbook rep- resentative of all students and faculty and of all phases of college life. Our subordinated theme is appropriately yet informally militaristic. The conscientious effort of staff members is largely responsible lor any praise accorded this edition of your MIRAGE. To an advertising section supported mainly by local business establishments, the business staff of the ,42 MIRAGE devoted their time and effort. Their object was to put out the book on a secure linancial status, and that aim, under the capable supervision ol? joe Harley, was well accomplished. Top: Etlitorial stall' members Dorothy Simpson, George Newcomb, Ed Harley. Keith Ulsingcr, Darul Benedetti. Peggy Watts and Louise Lambert at desk. Bottom: Time off in the patio for Dorothy Mace and Harriet Kemper, seatedg Waller Ellermeyer :mtl Steve Koch, standing. '4 ll . QPQG A -R 1-as-, eighty-scvmz Editor Eddie Apotlzuczu. Business Manager Bob Conway. THE I94I-42 LOBO Editor-in-cl rief - Eddie Apodaca Copy and Proolf Editor - Edwin Leupold Copy Editor - - Elaine Ortrnan Assistant Editors Phyllis YVoods Toni McCord Fred Yeager Bob Reece Bob Lanier Sports Editors - Society Editors - Jeanne Shinn Judy Chapman Editorial Assistants: Gordon Bennett, Bill Greene. Knox Converse, Frances Gomes, Mary jo Mc- Dougal, Catherine Morgan, George johnson, Patricia Morrow. .Io Ann Shook, Peggy Mc- Cannu, Raymond Orr, Eleanor Beck ciglr lr-figlll - Poll Editor - - Gwen Perry Feature Editor - David Benedetti Freshman Editors - - Melvin Morris Gloria Lee Kingsbury Proofreaders - - Aileen Nanninga Jeanne Kerswill Stall? Artist - - Phil Hardin Staff Secretaries - Libby Donley Evelyn Harris Barbara Davis Business Manager ---- Bob Conway Business Staff: Edwin Leupold, Beverly Kirch, Peggy McCanna, Roger Pattison, Ted Schifani Circulation Manager - - - Edwin Leupold Circulation Staff: Rex Bollin, Richard Parker, Buster Merkle, Van Norris, Bill Gergen, Earl Fuller. Melvin Morris, Craig Summers v. 1 JJ. I Y 4 ug, , ' 'zfhf I -Q tv' 4'-tween-of Ig ., ' 1, 2 i L ra 1' H N 'Fl W , . .. . .,H.,..,..,....,.1nm...uw... ru-' tr .-. .,,.,.... 1 tif t..gsQ5p'gj5.j2 azlff ' ' img no rr ' Bob Conway with business stall' nreinbers Roger Pzlttisou :ind Edwin Leupold. The NEW' MEXICO LOBO this year under the tutelage olf Editor Eddie Apodaca experienced at most successful year editorially. An active advoeation of things Pan-American was culminated at the end of the year when the IIOBU sponsored student participation in the zmnuzil Fine Arts Festival, April I5-18. A different makeup for each issue was in order and something never done before. the switch- ing ol: the editorial page to page 4, reflected the initiative and liberal thought of the editor. In addition to an aggressive editorial policy. "Letteripf' in which students aired their opin- ions, was made one of the most live parts of the paper. I-Iilarity was the theme as the I.OBO's two candidates for the MIRAGI2 beauty queen, Veronica Snake and Cainelia Klutz, made their entrance at the MIRAGE ball. ' ' .vw nun' H eden 'L' 2531 I M ' Phe business staif, headed by Bob Conway ima Weje.r.i.I'Ii2i mztcleit possible For the LOBO to have an unusual number of Cuts this year. Top: Editor .-Xpotlzica at desk. with editorial slull' members Edwin Leupold, Phyllis Woods. Gwen Perry, Bob Reeve, jeamne Shitm. jtulr Cllmpnizur. Gordon Bennett. Bottom: Iiditorizil stall' members Gloria Kingslnlry. .leri l'llIl'IllIlCl', Datvid lliflliflliflll, Melvin Morris. Patty Spitzer, f,Z:uherinc Morgan. ' '-ilagepifim ..,,.....,Hmm it .ii .'...iiitgi5g W. iia.wEgli.ttif5 ll19..i"ii j"'rri1-i aQ " ii nm . - I f . - it ' ra H55 it 2 Y Y 3. m2gHrr.,,.w! wg? H r E " it w.g u ' H H W 4 ' kg ,W W f 'if -f Kill WL .. mm.. wi Saga E 1wQsl'11w.H..eg2ge'- ' ' .."gt4.. egg i' r..w .. -.E - xixihix it it ee H ttieme , K it 2 W? 5 k IQ im , ri umm! 1 rum , , i Qu rigllfy-rmzr 1 ll , ret? wap U I I ' ae 4 U "Nu :YT ' y EV' - as-sf' X ' i' I ' ' if , a Q N5 f- 4 xx ' ' W -W e , 4 I ns j ' .. - 1 up , , Q - ,lf XX! "' f hzfyg- f K ' 14' R S PL W f Qc' T f 236' 'faffg . l 1 5 ,iq '32 4 ,EZ ' if.,-Y ,z ii is viii.. 5 'H K ii fl.: in 'l 2' hike' -- af .. .il 5 8 ' - .l sive whe Ja- A s exist in almost fi'-' A 'I' V ,iw - at ' Universit , from Ho - 'f " H , ,i, - i- a y - Q -Q eermg. Thesefraternmes, A -1,-F M , 2 f I is-215,35 AA' same manner as regular -1: ie fi, Ql1tr'- te six Wxlfasflic ,551 A . . A Y bf a great deal to the stimulatl im 5' tio ' he fir ' campus, both socially and c We ie. wi rs 5 4, 'W . . 1 N"""?' ,, C5 ,jf-14" N e honoranes are chose ' if - I jfs r . :fi .,. . . . . a - . - achievement in their special e - o ca- demic endeavor. The honoraries not only help to build future good Americans, they also educate their members in the duties of passing on the "good American" policy. B O O K E I G H T I 1. lf . if . 4' l X , ah. r. lb. 1. sr . , 31 .rj . VIGILANTES Freshmen prominent in scholarship and leadership are elected each year to Vigilantes, Sophomore Honorary for men. Members act as general llunkies for the Khatali at football games, freshman meetings, and various other activi- ties. Officers for the past year were: President, Charles Barn- hartg Vice-President, Charles Gundersong Secretary-Treas urer, john Sheltong and Senator, Claude lfVeimer. Active members were: Charles B:u'nharl', Bill Briggs, Carl Cramer, Charles Dickey, George Dickinson, Arnold Fell. l,a.rry Felieetti, Ed Gladden, Charles Gunderson, Bill l-lull. Bill jourdzm, Pat Kilburn, john Lanlow, john Logan, joe Maldonzido, Arch McNamara, jim Noble. W. Cl. Scrivner, john Shelton, Millard Smith, jim Snider, Bill Terry, Lyle Tculsch, and Claude Wcimer. l john Shelton, Charles Gunderson, Charles Bi1l'l1ll11I'lL. Standing, Left to Right: Curl Cramer, W. C. Scrivner. Bill 'TCl'1'y, Pal Kilburn, Bill Hall, joe Maldonado, Lyle Teutseh. Sealed: Charles Barnhart, Charles Gunderson, john Shelton, Claud Weimer. ninety-five Sigma Alpha lolz: Clllrislnuis Cumllc Liglll Cznol Service. ' rlincly-.six Slzmfling: ll0l'0lllCil Caldwell. Czlml Hcunlricks. NUTIUII jenn Worlmnn. -lillllll Wzxmpler, Dorullly Fife. Sczllcilz llelly Dennis. lxmis 'l'l'lll1ll7lC.VlYlZll1 Ylllll, Lois Boslwicfk. l.uur:x Bcllc McCollum Standing: Carrol Louise l'lOll2lllI.l, jouu Rousseau Ucnrginnn Dnvis. Lois l-luglzmcl, Mary jenn Sleicl Icy. Scaled: Luurn june Blounl, Bclh Corey Eflylll Nichols, l3:1rlJ:u'u Scott, Tllomzxs. l 1 First row, left In right: Norm.: jean: Wortmzm. Truclelle Down- er. jnzmilzi Nolan. Second row: Marilyn Morrow. Wilnn Gilles- pie. Third row: Rulh Bebbcr, Eileen l3z'1llzn'cl, Ann Light. Left L0 right: Ellis Easley, Rola- erl Prenrleville. Dean J. L. Bostr wick. Bob Grcenwcll, Cy Fair- less, Charles Hitt, Bruce Clark. :firmly-ll11'r:e A '1'K,.. - SPURS 9 , 'I .ss sg K. :wry First row, left to right: Atldalene Starrett. Frances Martin, Letn Cook. Willa D. Bell, Barhzirzr S. Thomas. Audrey Salzts. Nlztrru McGee. Sadie Dreslier. Second row: Pauline Cheuvront, Lucille Huhhrird. Rehn Ruw. Miss Grace Ciztmphell. Sponsor. Laura june Blount, Phyllis Xvootls, junior Advisor. Carmen I-lernandez. Rose Mestzts. Third row: Celeste Bass, Vivienne Hernandez, Dorothy Mace, jane Moorelieatl. Marion Wilson, Nancy Deshun. joanntt Penlield, Marion Pearsall, Nell Pearce. Harriet Luntoir, Hazel Baker, Frances Bunnell, Marry jo Lunkl't,n'tl. ninety-four The Spurs, national honorary for Sophomore women, are the ladies in white-particularly noticeable each YVednesday throughout the year when they sport their nifty white outfits. The thirty-one new members this year carried on t.he usual functions of helping freshman girls to get acquainted, promoting school spirit, loyalty, and hElPlLLlll'1CSS on the campus. Under the supervision of Dean Clauve, the Spurs have been particularly active in the Campus Red Cross Drive. Among other things they conduct a Charm School, open to all women students, and present it style show which is one of the notable spring events. l Ollicers: Rehn Rutz. Nell Peurce, Dorothy Mace, President Lllllfil june lllnunt, Frances Bonnell, Mary jo Lankford, Sadie Dresher, ss, ws , M XMW fl: ,sm , sn Qs e . NNW W ie W rs Q: IG PH fl 31 E, IOT Sigma Alpha lota is a national honorary for women displaying' unusual musical talent. Its ideal is to correlate the "act of living" with the "art of music," and to share the pleasures in doing so. Ofhcers for 'he past year were: President: Vivian Yottg Vice President, Lois Bostwick: Secretary, Lois Trumbleg Treasurer, Laura Belle McCollum: Chaplain, Betty Dennis, Editor, Mary lean Steidleyg Puhlicity Chairman, Edith Miller, Social Chair- man, Dorothea Caldwell. Sigma Alpha lota's activities for the year included an alumnae picnic, hobo picnic, Founders .Day Banquet, Christmas V esper Service, MacDOWell Silver Tea, and Lenton Service. Right: Sigma Alpha Iota olliccrs, left to right: Vivian Yolt, Lois Truinhle, Laura Belle McCol- lum, Lois Bostwick, Betty Dennis. Vivian Yoll. Presicleut. nilwty-sevmz jcl fl SIGMA TAU The pyramid and rail-section symbol of Sigma Tau, national honorary engineering fraternity, standing for stabil- ity and progress, may be seen across the walk from the entrance to Hadley Hall. Membership is based upon scholar- ship, practicality, and sociability. Chi chapter takes part in the activities of the engineering college, endeavoring to lfurther engineering education by sponsoring educational lilms and speakers for public attendance. A Sigma Tau medal is awarded each year to the freshman in the engineering college with the highest grade point average. Second semester ofhcers of Sigma Tau are: Morgan Smith, President: Gerald Fischer. Vice-Presiclcntg Rictliard Clough, Secretaryg Robert Simpers. Treasurer: Frank Metzler. Corresponding Secrctaryg joe Quescnberry, His- torian: Prof. Ralph XV. Tapy, Chapter Advisor. Right: First semester President, Bob Greenwcll and Secretary-'l'i'cas11rer, Albert Ford, jr. . H, 5- I Standing: Bob jones. Morgan Smith. Gerald Fischer. JOCC?-llCSCl1lJCl'l'y. Albert Mhilson lick Nicholas Lllis 1 islcy Drace Kutnewsky, Frank Metzler, Cedric Senter. LeroyEggcrt, Bob Simpeis Richntl Clough Sealed: Ur. H. L. jones. Bob Greenwell. Dcan M. F2lI'l'lS,llI'0fCSSUl' Ralph NN Ftpx Professor Rufus X Kocitnif Professor Albert D. Ford. Albert Ford. jr. 111ncl'y-ciglit ' - -' l '1 gf. 1, t g V29 W. , wr, N W- A- , ,.f,,W -,' x Fx! 55' lf- Y . ,wx Q f ' ' xx Q rf' ,' .: :, mcbwii A In-vgf,g.Q.f Q mix, -, J il Q1 , 53,415 gg. X ,aw X . ,I X lf ,ff ' 'Mg f. W mi Kg ,, My 6 F t-f.. , fwlgirgf gi H mmm Mgw ifxuww Q um ,v wWwwN ky .12 ,' JI' r I ' 4 ff 'M ii .1 4 f , fic , E' . -- 7' '- iff 'Nw-w1,.i4f1 ' .fr 'l i Bandinaster Kunkel. Drum Major Brown. :md Clieerleztder Greenwell. nm' lllznrlrrvl lim if BAN Despite the shortage of student musicians, the University Band, under the direction of Band- master William M. Kunkel, experienced quite a successful year. Taking part in many activities, the Lobo band played for all football games, for Mortarboard Campus Capers, marched in the Girl Scout, Armi- stice and State Fair Day parades, played for the Boots and Saddles Club Rodeo, and furnished music at each assembly. Two big events for the band were the football trip to Las Cruces to play for the Lobo-Aggie game and the presentation of a spring concert in Carlisle gymnasium. Members of the band were Olin, Stevens, Xllhitlow, Lanier. Harms, Valentine, Clancy, Allen, Balling. trumpets: Tliomson. Pendleton, horns: Lineberry, Salazar, Reigner. Brown. l'Vebst'er, Cliance, Stern, Johnstone. Reece, Des Georges, Davis. Cocliran, rlarinets: Flynn. bass clarinet: Second Semester President Helt- mzm, oboe: Davis, I-Iogg, First Semester President Whitener, Marlin, Perino, Harms, Bcbber, trombones: l,ClI'llllOViCh. Col- loudon. lJ1ll'll,l'lCSC Clreanier, I-lixrks. Rowland, Spulller. Autrolus. drums: Orcull. Hash. Leupold, Burgess, Norris, Daimler, raxos phonesg Feil, Miller. Baisley. Gulford, basses: I-light, Miller, Kennedy, French horns. Bernard Brown succeeded -luck Hamilton, drafted. as drum major. He was assisted by Alaniec Kalkn, -Izmice Kiecli. and Mary Ann Olin, nnxjorettes. h gi?.,, 2.16 .. 'v I N l p r. N if , gi 7 'ul 3 ' i . W - . fini-E.-.r -L: , afxgti-.s-.. A-g Q 5, , . ia .- -n ki-V gff-- H - -r- -' -mir 'xiliigffx '- wr T in lf Mi I r - l 4 lf . rg: 1 lv , . , 'W' 'H' 12- " ' ' sk " l 4, K " -f 'll T - 21 'Q ' ' uw " yfssfftlf . au f : 'nil flwllxiis ll- 1LwU"'sf , f' ,. , . fs, SREMEW w2!iiss?35lfrzff"-f ' l 1 r ' ll , V, g MES , f W 5,1 Y . ,Q , r U 1 i 3 mf gy , i if The Boots and Saddle Club, under the sponsor- ship of Birdie Bryan XVest, riding instructor for the University equitation classes, is an organization for the promotion of interest in horses and horse- manship. In its second year on campus, the organization has shown a great increase in popu- larity and interest. The factor IHOSL responsible for this trend was the transferring of the horses and stables to the University grounds. The major activities of the club consist of a frontier dance, given the lirst semester, and the combined Rodeo and Horseshow, held the second semester. 'Within a few years the club hopes to Mrs. Birdie Bryan West, Dorothy Liesc. lslll Briggs. john Conwcll. Marla make the latter event an intercollegiate affair. Among other activities. the club sponsors several pack trips a year and moonlight rides. A11 innovation this year was the dinner- dance held immediately after the Rodeo and Horseshow. The officers ol? the club are: Bill Briggs, Presidentg Marta Hulick, Secretaryg john Con, well. Treasurer: Dorothy Liese, Social Chairmang Elaine Ortman, Publicity Chairman. BOOTS AND SADDLE First row, left to right: Naomi Harris, Maxine Lind. Irma Yar- nrougli. juztnita Burgess. Second row: Rex. l'. C, Mc'Gahey, W. C. Scrix-ner, Frank Low, BIll'lil0id Hake, Fred Burgess. PTI TU The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link on the campus between the Baptist students and their church, its purpose being to bring the two closer together. The Union is wide spread in the South, having organizations on almost every campus in eighteen states. Among its activities are a Retreat each spring, when the ofiicters retire to the mountains to formulate policies, and a state wide convention which is held annually. Oflicers for the past year were: President, YV. C. Scrivnerg Enlistment Vice-President, Catherine Batselg Social Vice-President, Maxine Lindg Devotional Vice-President, Juanita Burgessg Publicity Director, Barthold I-liakeg Secretary, Irma Yarbroughg Treasurer, Frank Lowg Sunday School Rep- resentative, Fred Burgessg and Training Union Representative, Naomi Harris. 14.- DE TU IO our Ilunrlnrl H1111 COLLEGI7-Y Under the orchestral direction of Toni Hogg and fronted by Chet Akins, the Collegians this year played to capacity dance throngs on and oil? the Campus. Playing for numerous out ol? town spots-including Gallup, Santa Rosa and Santa Fe-the versatile Collegians featured "a band within a band" in tire Dixieland sextet composed of Dan llunkett, trumpetg Tom Hogg, tromboneg Lowell Riggs, Clarinetg Keith YVeel4s, piano: Bud Mabry, drumsg and Mickey Fabrizio, bass. Composed of twelve players, the Collegians this summer have changed temporarily their engagements due to other scheduled plans of one Uncle Sam. Taken for armed service duty are Lowell Riggs-Lieutenant in U. Sv Naval Air Corps: Billy Olin. George Mfhitener, Mac McCaro and Keith NVeeks-airforce band at the Albuquerque airbase. The regular band membership consists of Bill Olin-ist trumpetg Mac McCaro-3nd trumpetg Danny Junkett-3rd trumpetg George Whitener-lst tromboneg Tom Hogg-2nd tromhoneg Lowell Riggs-ist saxg Bud BTOWHC-211Cl tenor saxg YVally Allen-ggrd saxg Howard Buvens-4th saxg Keith VVeeks- piano: Bud lvlalmry-drunisg and Mickey Fabrizio-bass. one liimcli ell five 4 ,XX .. l l , l f-- f- 4 Left ln Right. Otliccrs: Le Roy Linn. Don Green, Sponsor Dt. -jones. .lim Leach. mic llllllllfffi six it in rf ' 't This organization is composed of all engineers irregarclless of their particular branch. Its many functions include the annual painting of the engineers' U on the Sandias, a Fall Monte Carlo party to which the entire student body is invited, "All Skonks Day" late in the spring, the regular engineers' picnic in the mountains, and the St. Patricl4's Day program which is highlighted by the Engineers' Ball. In addition to the social aspects, the society conducts its regular meetings once each month at which time business matters are taken care of along with interesting talks by guest speakers. Oflicers of the Engineering Society this year are: .lim Leach, President: LeRoy Linn, Vice-Presiclentg and Don Green, Secretary-Treasurer. SKI CLUB The ski season got off to a quick start with a picnic and shelter party at the L21 Madera Ski Area in September. A Halloween dance gave a further boost to club niembetship and interest. The winter season was highlighted by a snow carnival consisting of a meet Above: Ajimniy House presents Snow Queen uwzml to Marion Wilson. sanctioned by the Rocky Mountain Ski Asso- ciation, in which the Lobo team was victori- ous over the Colorado State College team but loser to the Albuquerque Ski Club. and 21 shelter party in the evening at which Marion YVilson was chosen Snow Queen. The club also sent YVillard Barton to a meet at Gunison. Colorado, but had to turn clown other good invitzuions because ol: lack ol: funds. The club has been served by three pres- idents this year: Lee Harmon, Leroy Eggert. and 'lim House, and vice-president, Joe B. I-lurley. Top: Ski Club members Hurley. Ewing. :uul Mzirslmll. Bottom: Ski Club shelter. frm' lr11mIrc'fl vw 11 l Top: Pauline Williznns as Mrs, Ashton, effer- vesces . . . Center: Dick Cox, as Millie. concludes :I picture sale with Dare Lee. wealthy Ashton scion. . . . Bottom: David Benedetli as Bill I'low:n'd in 11 comic clash with Bill Greene as Benny, the playful houseboy. one lmndred eight Beginning i'Five Nights in the Theatre" with the comedy-drama "Excursion" under the direction of experienced Edwin Snapp, department head, the Dramatic Club set a high standard for Following productions. Dave Sarvis, assistant drama maestrof de- signed the efricient two-in-one set. As Captain Obadiah Rich, Bob Prendeville added another shining success to his long list. The Captains somewhat rustic brother 'Iona- than was ably rendered by Bob Sadler. Gwen Perry and john Conwell supplied an expertly executed romantic element, while Sally Peake, Lloyd Pierson and Peggy Stenhouse were outstanding among the remaining characters in the well-balanced cast. RODEYITES From the gifted pen of Pauline Wfilliams, wife of Director Snapp, came the second of the Five Nights. "Personal Is- land," a serious-veined comedy. was premiered in historic Rodey theatre with a three-night record-breaking stand. The witty, philosophical dialogue by the young play- wright, the magic wand ol: her director-husband, and the set designed by her sister Mary Lou Williams combined to make the newborn play an audience pleaser of the Hrst rank. "Personal Island" co-starred inexperienced but adroit Vivienne Hernandez and seasoned David Benedetti. Both held the audience spellbound with sparkling repartee and were brilliantly supported by such stellar performers as Dick Cox, Bill Vorenberg, Pauline WVilliams, Gwen Perry, David Lee, and Bill Greene. In the cabin of the ill-fated excursion boat, ancient mariners Prendeville and Sadler plot their course with crew members. William Shakespeare and David Sarvis collaborated in the writing of "Julius Caesarn as presented by the Dramatic Club. Sarvis directed the anachronistic version with a unique touch, Eddie Snapp contrived the intensely effective stylized lighting, Dick Cox, Miki Sarvis and jack Kulp devised sound effects. Brilliant performances were registered by Bill Vorenberg, Don Knode, Howard Kirk. Nancy Deshon, Eugenia Mitchell and Bill Barry. Everyone in the lengthy clramatis personae acquitted them- selves Well, making "Master"' Sarvis' version of "Julius Caesarn the best Shakespeare-fare in recent campus history. Upper right: Backstage drama in sound depart- ment with Bill Greene :md Jane Hartnett. Lower: Ten minutes before curtain time. Pearl Hall and jerry Smith in the make-up room. Q 0 0 .Img in ll me im 5 V ii Q lid' 'li glitz fllizunpzigne lor Virgiiiizl Shirley :incl llolw Pxendexillc is serrezl In Ilowzurll Kirk while . . . Sicxedorc .lon .XIIISNIZIC :xml ill'lIl-Ulu-lllC-lilll' I-lerh C :lion seek solace in hecr. Them Alpha Phi, clraniatic lfrateinity. presented llfillinm S:iroyan's "The Time olf Your Life" in a highly successful three-niglit run. Directed by Bill Barry and featuring original music by Johnny Lewis, the play was a tribute to everyone collected with it, and ai treat to the three packed houses. Emerging with honors were Bob Prencleville, George Almes, Virginia Shirley, Lloyd Pierson, Dick Cox. I-lerh Colton. Bill Vorenberg. .Ion Amzlstzne. :ind l-lowzircl Kirk. An incendiary production ol' "The Male Animal" climaxed the hilltop theatre season. Directed by Edwin Snzipp, it starred John Conwell, Gwen 'Perry and jack Valentine-garnering lor them moral Academy Awards. Louclly acclaimed in Cllilliilfllitil' roles were Bill Vorenberg and Bill Barry. Ringing the bell in sliorter roles were Norma .lean Lusk, Evelyn Xlfehb, Dick Cox, Eugenia Mitchell, Marie Harris and I-lzirold Sultemeier. 1 1 i On ll somber impressionistic set. Bill Vorenhcrg as .lulius Caesar is heilccl for the lusl time hcfore his assassination. Cfruwdcfl on lmcncliz luck Vzilcnlinc. Dick Swccllzlml. :mil The mule animal in lolm Cunwcli rcurx its head :ls he Qwcn Perry. in A"I'hc Mule Animal." :nukes ll point clean' lo .luck Vuicnlinc. i i our: lllllldl'l'fI vlmfrrz ' 2 VWV W .a fa if v1.-A 5, K R ILA! u'55"So1C d ll Aff ll SJ., e hi love- lies were Homecoming, Mirage Beauty Ball, Engineers' Ball, and the Independent Formal. Also included in this section are women ac- corded other campus honors. Late in the spring there blossomed a Rodeo Queen and typical example of North and South Fmerican date-bit. BOOKTEN I Above Iefl: I'IOlllCC0lIlllIg' Cloronzilirm, :it which Queen Kathleen Kiecli and nllcmlaiits were chosen. I-lomecouling queens of paisl years were also feted. Above right: Aloe B. Hurley, Mirage Business lXl2ll1ZlgCl', searches for corsagc for Queen Frances Martin. Below: Mirage Queens, Beaulv und Popularity, on their lhroues ut llie Mirage Beauty Ball. Marcin Linn and Beth Stone at 741312 -1., ,. LET' RECO HOMECOMING . . Cl'OXV11CCl Queen at the annual l'lO1llCCOlT1ll'lg cele- bration xlfas Kathleen Kiech. The Alpha Chi Omega lass was elected to the Queeuship by popular vote. Attendants were Beth Stone, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Marttia Linn, Town Club. Halftime at the Homecoming game saw the trio ride past the stadium in rx blaze of beauty. , , F nf' r T ' ENGINEERS . I..au1'a june Blount was christened Queen ol' the Engineers at their annual Ball, at which she dubbed the Senior Engineers Knights of St. Patrick. Attend- ants were Virginia Minter and Betty Fagan, Inde- pcndents. r"'.,f4'f!-.?1,iI',. ii,- vt --'I . n-1' ' 'vm' WWHKQ WWQE tggit it it K iftszszz sm' ' it " I is 1- H ' "' , 1 'iran' s I ' A, -YE 1 Y 'Eb ug -L Liam Wlaunfjd 0 BEFXUTY . Five soldiers from the local air base chose Alpha Chi Oniegzrs Leuorzn Gincomelli Beauty Queen for the Mirage Beauty Ball. She was attended by Norma jean Lusk, Chi Omega, and Beverly Kirch, Hokonzi. xi we xi Q' Y 'A 1 wil ' my 5 R fm Beverly Kiifch :ind Norma jenn Lusk x ue POPULFRITY . Those attending Martin, vivacious Queen. She reign Mirage Bea uty Ball BEAUTY . . 1-cnm'u Gi2lI,'Ul!lClIi. Hclcn xv1lf'lxCl'4 hawlh. Nanlry Sprecher. Beverly liirch. Nmwnzn jenn Lusk. Maury .xllll Kcnn, :mul C,Llm'i:1 Kiugshurx. mtg QUEE CANDID TE P K XX OPULARITY. ullnlccn Williams. Marv Eunice 'znggzmlzcag Beth Mzmscm. DOYOIIIY Mzwc. l"1'a111cCs Murlin. .lame Agnexx. O O O H+ ' ' ' --V' V 'fy ' ' . Q, tl.: 5. K . -' U? 'J1 - - 1. . ' , .4iQ.74,2:?15 Wifi?-2--P-, 5.11, . 5 .Mil V: -,'-zfgx V- . '-251 "..- .. " w, - v M I Z 6 Y M, INDEPENDENT . D LI.. . .X .-j ifpfii 'LF f ,5.A, 4 X - 5.29 J:5.2u:'-, I . u 'A ami , P1 .QW w-4 1.3-nil. Q . V' ' ur ' ' ' z. 1 -" 1 UU Q, .H -.1 . ..... I ' I ffgifwfif l, . At the Independent Ball Beverly wG,"'3 3.4 wwE'M Kircth was manned Independent Queen L by those attending. Miss Kircth rep- resented Hokona and was attended by Dczrotlly Mace, Phmteres, and Adda- lene Starrett, Town Club. 1 Mvelfllf as ...x 4 Q K , r g.. is 'H 41 . --Q-J 1 . Q 'i":?74 .VJ lv 'Kin Dorothy XNIIIFC W AQNIZIICIIC Slnrrell In the traditional vein, this year Martha Groton, Alpha Chi Omega. gradtuatecl from the role of dream girl of Louis Martin to "Dream Girl" of the entire Pike chapter. Innovation on the campus was the selec- tion of a Sigma Chi Sweetheart. First to receive this honor was Kappa's Mary Helen C'Peaches"j Cox. Marion XVilson, Kappa Kappa Gamma. copped Ski Club honors when she became queen of the great white way. "Snow Queen" was the title conferred. The Lobo staff, not to be outdone, insti- gated the selection by staff members of a K'Gir1 of the Month" for each month of the second semester, the purpose being to cele- brate a lfew of the many undersung Campus heroines. First choice was I-Iokona's Martha Morris. HOICE-WHO' WHO Twenty University students, ten boys and ten girls, were chosen to Wlzo's Who in A1r1.e1'icar1. Colleges and Universities. Pictured here are the girls listed in the national college register. The boys who ex- celled in their college careers appear on page 189. Trudelle Downer jean Mullins I f' . 1 1 -- .'v- ' lcgg. Marilyn liflorrow Ruth Behher juzmilu Nolan Wilnu Gillespie , A ' is Him lull Mil if F' K 7 iii " 'll "gli ill' ii ii ii -ll il l ii W. W " H ww' ii it W i. ' L Mi' . Hij1!l.H..QQ ii , M ,.-.mi it- ll, ,Sit H iw.. mm .W11 pf .' .X 'i Q ' 'ff i H i h, : in ,V ' " , . .'-:L .' , lui- L A Q A I . . ' 4 Norma jenn sVOl'Illl2lIl Sara Mooreheacl " l' . vi- . N. . i 1,4 ii 'T ii 1 J i .". A - . i 'is ,i i 5 Ann Light Eileen Bzlllzircl :1 i ii 'E i i il H ' , , fin T ' ' is my E QL 15-Q94 fig '-,, ., 4- if' fi 58 f fx 1, T Q. T NH x L- J j ,Q L'-r :'J- , . 'ly 51,4 . ,fly 1, ' . 5,,,,f I' I ,.fi3,3.5 2 1? J f h . 7 jf 3' . :far A :jiri 4A .,:f 'f:-:L A if? iii: - ' . Eb Hi? -1 in -z O .xiii ...E xi, ir-5536.1 , - n pr I K . S-2:5234 itself perfectl '- IC -' New ' T- , versity. The Lobo A'121 -W tthle with a ' of opponents in ' orts. F , asketball, Tennis, Track. Swim- ming, Golf, and Skiing are among the major ' ' ref ertoire. Herewlth are p sports in the Lobo rep sented the stalwarts who do or die for UNM. They are---for whom the crowds cheer . . . BOCK ELEV N 7 w ww, y 1 . 3 Z. , ,X 1 'Milf .Trai vb jj- N 'x, 'ai' --it-M 'r ' , X 5 u v Q ff' 'H ,, u r' -,f 'F 5 3. . ' , ,..v '4 - .vr , 4 in ,., e A,- T ' 'THQ , L. , rf. A . ' . A Y .-' ' N gb 5 -: , ,ij-w..' , H, -., - 4 1-. .L . 'El L. , ,W I, , Cal. A? J'-'X . , fi w :fs L K 4 M x w GN xg .ffx QQ., ' , X Q E 'MTL H M? ,. ,. Z3 , X, jg , H H imi,,5xw.u Q! N H nn 9 Coach Ted Shipkey gives Clyde Hill lasl. minute lllSll'llCl'l0llS before sending him into Wyo1'ni11g fracas. OTB LL LOBOS VS. FLAGSTAFF Coach Tecl Sl1ipkey's Howling Lobos opened their lfpll grid season with a win over an under-1'ated Luniberjack eleven from Flagstaff. Final score of the game was 12 to 6. A crowd of over five thousand saw Sl1i.pkey's new ac:corclicm shift and T l'Ol'Hl?iIl,OI'l in action. New Mexico Lobos I2 Flagsmff Lu1'rzlm7'j11c'ks 6 LOBOS VS. TEXAS MINERS Avenging last years 9-7 defeat, an improvecl Lobo eleven czollqliered Texas Mines by the too-close score ol? 16 to 14. A special train came from El Paso for the game. The team was acc:o11'1pa11iecl by several llllllfllfffl Texas Fans and the Miner Band and Pep Squad. New Mexico Lobos 16 Texas M iners 14 , Q - .l . 1 31115 . --I, iw, eew .e...Y- , , ,,.1,.!!il -- Aglljllllillll Attel Behl Bogrcn Om' l111m'l1'1'rl I11'f'11I1x'Afo'flr' C-H1110 Fairfield W1 Ai llLMML9lj,l! H H U uh ww ,Wm ' lm HHH 'v . W , . 5 a H X X , I .Q H , - f sam, M 2 11 ., if , mlm , A iX'Z 5 1 N5 . l. ,. -. ,X Top: Nevada secondary smears Clmrlie Smith after long gain, Bottom: Leon Server lends inlc1'fex'e11cc us Charlie Smillx skirts left end against Nevada. Fclicclti Froggc GllSl0Vll'h l-lzmkins .40 fl rr . " W, ' RH " H one llunclrrcl lzucmly-five ." Y- .L.-'. , ' LUBUS VS. TEMPE, Coach Dixie Howell and his Tempe Bull- dogs maintained their jinx over the Lobos for another year as they held the liavored New Mexico team to a scoreless tie. Out- playing their Arizona rivals t.ln'oughout the game. the visiting Lobos were unable to push across 21 counter. The XiVolfpac:k missed E1 safely hy one yard in the lirst half and missed 21 touchdown in the second half after losing the lmll on a fumble. New Mexico Lobos o 'l'cmj1rf Bulldogs 0 lil s Q' Hill Jtjllfllllll R. Hill Klein puck line :stops Loyola Lions cold. A Loyola Lion lacing tznneul in Lllc New Mexifo seconclziry. Vic Crocco "away for in gain" :ls Wolf- fi" -':.f"'s ' ' " VARSITY FOOTBALL .l'i- LOBOS VS. ARIZONA A classy grid team 'froni the University ol' Arizona sweet revenge this year when they visited the Lobo Laire and trampled the Wblfpack by the score of 31-6. New Mexico has some consolation in knowing' that this was the iirst time in the past lout' years that the Wildcats have been able to whip the Lobos. The game was the one dark spot in the University Horne- COIl1ll1g celebration. New Mexico Lobos 6 Atizorza Wildcats 31 Jill ' we 1 : , , , y it i Lokcn lllnxrlie Smith shnwcs oll' :1 Loyolzi Incl-:ler on long left cnsl sweep. Mcllougul Mclntyrc Millet' Oglesliy l. one llmulrml l,zvi'riI'y-.yr'm'rz 4 mm lzilrlclifrl Iwvnly l'l'S'0l' Roberts Server LOBOS VS. TEXAS TECH An injury-ridden NVollfpack traveled to Lubbock, Texas to take the worst beating a New Mexico team has take11 i11 a number of years. Playing ill "knee- cleep" mud, the Lobos could not match the offense and defense of the Texans. The final score was 36 for Texas Tech, 0 for the Lobos. The Tech team put 011 one of the smoothest running and passing attacks ever encountered by the Lobos and avenged the IQ-14 licking dished out by the Hfolfpack last year. New Mexico Lobos o Texas Tesla 36 LOBOS VS. NEVADA A Nevada wolf pack llew I'rom Reno to olier the next competition for the Lobos. New Mexico, re- covering from their licking by Texas Tech. flattened the high flying Nevada team by a score of 22 to 7. Higl'1ligl1t of this day lor local fans was the 32 yard touchdown dash by Charlie Smith. who played his best game of the year. New Mexico Lobos 231 Nevada IVolm'.S 7 Top: Camera freezes action as Red Smith tears through Wyoming line. Bottom: XVf'0l'llillg line stops Leon Server as hole fails to open. LOBOS VS. NEXV MEXICO AGGIES New Mexico students declared November 8 a holiday as they jour- neyed south to Las Cruces for the grid game with an underdog Aggie eleven. The Lobos spoiled the State Homecoming celebration by heating the downstaters 28 to 0. Vic Croceds Go yard touchdown trek will be remembered as one of the highlights of the season. New lllexico Lobos 26' New Mexico Aggies 0 - - is it - A-,f' 'T , - .. Q, ,f it W ,H X fm AV ,uezdissii fililfiigiiil' fem kg-M Marquette's Bob McCahil1 eludes Lobo back as he crosses goal for anolhel score as Golden Avalanche crushes Wolfpack. THE FOOTB LL EA LOBOS VS. MARQUETTE O The Lobos went slightly out of their class for their next game. A smooth passing offense led by immy Richardson snowed under the Mfolfpack as Marquette University's Golden Avalanche won 34 to o. New Mexico Lobos 0 Marquette Avalanche 54 S. Smith Thompson .MV A y : .1 v"'f 1 . - i. Q, C. Smith N. Smith M. Q! "li "LE X B 5 mlb '-L H ,haf t. one hundred twenty nzne RS TY FOOTB LL ,i 4. . ,--. in .-l ii M untiining his high kicking average, Agajzmizm splits the uprights for Il Mad scranible for a fumble during Arizona night point fngainst Nevuclzr. game. Valentine Wicgul Watkins I-luinnioml, Mgr. LOBOS VS, LOYOLA New Mexico surprised the sports forecasters as they held zi highly favored Loyola teznn on even terms before losing 7 to 3. Ben Agajan- iznfs field goal gave the Lobos an early lead that was lost only after the Lions drove 49 yards for the only touchdown of the game. Highlight of the afternoon was the halftime concert by the Loyola band. New Mexico Lobos 3 Loyola Lions 7 LO BOS VS, NVYO MIN G The Lobos avenged last 'year's upset loss to the lVyo1ning Cowboys by whipping the Northerners 28 to 0. Four Lobos-Charlie Smith, George Gustovieh, Ben Agajanian. and Vince Bogren-closed their grid careers in this game. This last win gave the Vlfolf- pack zi better than even season with five Wins, four losses, and one tie. New ilfexico Lobos 28 I'If'yomi11.g Cowboys 0 one himdrctl thirty Belou Fiush drive ne FRESHMA FOOTB LL Much of the success of the Varsit 0 'd . y Sri season can be credited to tl which served as practice dunimies for Lobo St?t1'S. Consequently, the FI'CSl'llTl"lll te , . am ended u ' " ' tfit, battling games in midheld. The me Frosh sq uad, p as a sti rctly defenslve ou out most of their Frosh opened tl ser Flagstaff, 12 to 6. This was 'leir season with a win of followed by a scoreless tie with Texas Mines. The last two encounters were dropped with scores of 6-56 to Arizona and 6-18 to the Aggies. ar FlagstaIl"s goal. 3 , ills-QV"!u' ' D Fr cshman coatzlies Biff Bill Du C1 l U 'y ' ant Woody NeSmith,, former Lobo stars, who guided this years Frosh squad. one hundred th irty-one Righlz ing N. licluw: guard. West Texas Stale skyscraper out- reziches Cozzcns to start Buffalo- Lobo game. m ' 1 Mickey Miller drives in for 11 counter cun- M. Mines game. Cozzcns snags ball from New Mexico Mines one Izundrecl thirty-two Action under the basket as largest crowd of year sees West Texas State drub Lobos. ASO An account of the 1941 edition of New Mexic0's basket- ball team reads like the age-old Biblical story of the Return of the Prodigal Son. Kicked around from pillar to post by coaches and students alike and even shunned by potential players for the past decade, the great Cage game finally settled down on the l-lilltop this year and began to climb back up the ladder of athletic prestige. Assistant Football Coach XVillis Barnes took over the reins ol' the cage squad and the Cherry and Silver opened the season by winning their first two Border Conference games-the lirst l'rcnn the champion Texas Mines quintet, 42-38g the second from the ancient rivals at New Mexico A 8: M, 20-25. The Wolfpack went on to win nine out of their 22 games, which, although not exactly an undefeated season, was the best they had enjoyed since their three-year reign as Border Clonferenee cage champs from 1933-35. Tucked under the New Mexico victory belt were two decisive Wins over their Top to Bottom: Caton, Cozzcns, Frogge, Groman, Mc- Cauna, McCarthy. 'il' one hundred thirty-three IT ASKETBAL 1 Linton stores against I-lardin-Simmons. most-hated out-of-state foe, Arizona University 50-4.1 and 53-43: and two well-earned victory scalps taken from the cagey New Mexico Miners, 41-32 and 44-36. The latter two wins together with a crushing defeat handed the Eastern New Mexico College quint gave the Lobos their lirst claim to the mythical state basketball championship in many years. After walloping Eastern New Mexico College in the season opener, the Cherry and Silver participated in the Oklahoma City Invitational Tournament between semesters and emerged with one win out of three games. The New Mex- icans defeated Colorado Mines and lost to the Pittsburgh teachers and the Warrensburg Teachers. Beginning conference play by downing the champ Texas Mines quintet and the New Mexico Aggies, the Y rejuvenated I-lilltoppers met their first circuit L defeats at the hands of three Texas schools play- ing their hrst year of Border Conference athletics. lVest Texas State, the "tallest team in the world," Hardin-Simmons U, and Texas Tech all added New Mexico to their column in three close, hard- liought tilts. The lfvolfpack returned to league play after upsetting the tricky Miners from Socorro in two tilts by handing Arizona's lfVildcats a thumping set-back. Flagstaff came to Carlisle gym two nights later and surprised everyone including themselves with a 38-28 wir1 over the Lobos. The Cherry and Silver were not to be discouraged, however, as they came back the next night to take the Tempe Bulldogs 37-27. On their return engagement thru Arizona, Coach Barnes' proteges salvaged only one win out ol three encounters. They repeated over Arizona 53-43 but lost to Tempe and Flag- staff 4.0-44 and 42-53. The downstate Aggies rose up en masse to turn the tide on the Lobos of Pottawatomie in their second tussle 38-34, and Groman shoots a tricky orerhand pass to Cozzens. Texas Mines followed suit the next night by defeat- ing the Duke Citians. West Texas State came to New Mexico's lair the latter part ol February and kept their undefeated conference record intact and also clinched the con- ference championship by dumping the Lobos 75-45 before a capacity crowd olf 2500 thrill-crazy fans. Texas Tech followed with the second triumph over the llfolfpack and I-Iardin-Simmoiis ended New Mexicois season by eking our a 49-4.6 win. The brightest star on Coach Barnes' squad was L. C. QLighthousej Cozzeus, sophomore pivot man. Sparking the hardwood attack for New Mexico were a group ol' .juniors who are destined to make Luuging for a rebound. next year's casaba edition one ol' the best in the conference. Included in the galaxy ol' junior stars who are pointing' toward next year's team are Bob G-roman, veteran varsity forward who averaged almost ten points per game: johnny QScatl Caton. one ol! the fast Forwards in the conference: Stan Frogge, high- scoring guard: and Mickey Miller. the Lobos' best defensive guard. Dougal. Miller. Reauuci Ruth, Shirley, Wc-bstel Top to bottom. Mc- Baseball, long neglected at UNM, is rapidly coming into its own with an improved Lobo nine and better student backing. Diamond fans are now looking forward to next year when the new grass inheld will be ready for use. Relaxing of eligibility rules is working toward a better rounded squad with new stu- dents having twelve hours eligible for varsity competition. joe Behl slams a waist-high ball into the outfield. H sw, -W, ------- . ., L ""-'-' Je. K. .s gm ya, gl' Q . I I- lg? as A X it as Y ,,, v W fm li' . mm mms I Shortstop Charles Spetnagle poised for a bound- ing grounder. Ralph Pendleton hurls a sizzler across the plate one lmnrlred lhirly-six Catcher jack Caruthers and Mickey Miller. A psychological momen setting. ASEB LL This year's Lobo nine was bolstered b a battery composed of two three-year Y veterans, Punchv Joe Behl on the pitch- er's mound and George Gustovich be- hind the late. This star battery was P backed by two dependable relief pitchers, Stan Frogge and Jimmy Matsu. The Lobos won the first game of the season by beating the Mi 11-1. Next week the School of Mines retaliated by taking the local nine 6-5. The Lobos continued their losing streak when they lost to Arizona at Tucson 5-18 and 0-5. Back at home the Lobos took two out of three from the Dukes, local pro team, 12-7, o-22, 10-4. One more win from the New Mexico Mines brought the season's total to four wins and four ners at Socorro losses. l t in a Southwestern Members of the team: Joe B ehl. 1'JllCl1Cl'Q Stan Frogge, pitcherg George Gustovicli, catcher: jim Matsu, short- stop: Mickey Miller, first baseg Bob Shirley, lielderg Jes Harris, second: Charles Spetnagle, tliirdg Ralph Pendle- ton, iielclerg Bill Agnew, fielder: Jack Cznothers, catcherg Wieger, catcher and utility: Lee Garcia. shortstop: Miranda, liclcler: Bill Fairfield, pitcher. Base runner beware! one hundred th irty-seven GCLF The golf team. coasting along on last YCHIJS well-earned laurels when they claimed a Border Conference champion in Louis Martin and took third place in the stiff Border Confere ence tourney, had only one scheduled match this year. The shortening of the spring semester made further matches impossible. Nevertheless, a bright ray ol' hope shines from the new municipal golf course now being completed adjacent to the campus. The infant grass on the greens this year will by next year have blossomed into an enviable resort for campus golfers. l'1lll.lS0ll and Putter Below: Flying the hammer for U. N. Nl. on the Links were: Bill lslcs. john Shelton. Roger Pattison, and Millard Smith. nm- Imnrlrfrl tlfirl.t"r'igl1I The 194.2 Lobo tennis squad, under the inspiring tutelage of Coach Gus Zielasko, undertook the most ambitious schedule ever attempted by a New Mexico net team. Ace net- sters Hitt, Stamm. Leiberstein, and T Top: Warren Cox drives one over us No. 1 man Hitt backs him up. Bottom: Top Flight Stzunm stoops for a low one. L-TQ? i ir jilllllri?'Q55agrL5j?,g.w:i .. "rv -Ml wi ,fi-i ii i"llQ?5y1 jf -fr 3145! mg, . . ,iiiii . .stir iii' rid me ' 'ef- ,,,,,.. , ,,,. ii.. c fit I I' r'ig"'i ' QV!! sm... . H' , Qiiifflfliam is.. N s, First Row: Lobo racket wieldcrs. Sid Lcberstein. Bob SUIIUII1, and jimmy Dyche. Second Row: Charlie Ruth. Steve Vidal, Chuck Hill, and Conch Gus Zielasko. Vidal journeyed to California early in the season to challenge racketeers at Southern California and Redlands University. Though defeated by both California aggregations the Lobos re- turned to their own stomping grounds in a blaze of glory by successively wax- ing Tempe. Texas Mines, Colorado University, and the N. M. Aggies. Matches with Texas Tech and Ari- zona University concluded the regular season, after which a post-season match was played off with Oklahoma. nuff lmnrirwl Ilmly mm The nearuess and accessibility of La Madera ski area has made it pos- sible and convenient for students to participate in the popular winter sport on week days after classes as well as on weekends. The commodious lodge constructed hy the Forest Service facilitates evenings of the related sport known as "Shel ter skiing." Added attractions include the new 3300 foot ski tow recently installed by the Albuquerque Ski Club. Excellent snow conditions insure long hours of exhilarating exercise and mental re- laxation. Winterset . . . . SKII one lzundred fnrly i. +i':'1a. p Top: The pnuse that refreshes. Bottom: Ski patrol rescuing casually Jojo Eggert Tracksters warm up in the chill curly spring. Coach Roy johnson groomed this year's Lobo track squad from one of the largest turnouts of material in the history of the school. The 1942 edition of speed merchants includes: 100 yd. dash-Smith, Behlg 220 yd. dash-Behl, Smith, Remerg Low Hurdles-Behl, Browng 4.40-Musson, Boswell, Browng 880-Boswell, 'Wheelerg Mile-Valdez, Cordova, Billrneyerg High Hurdles-Brown. The Discus Thrower-Steve Johnson. TRKCK lfefrini' .5'fJ7?lc.' Cimrleqr Bird Bmn-77. Carrying the banner for UNM in the Field Events: High jump-YVheeler. Young, Vfebbg Pole Vault-Loken, Browug Shot-Johnson, MC- Carthy, Tafoyag Broad .lump -Macliweng Javelin-johnson, Brown. one lzimdfed forty-one Intrrnnural sports, under the guiding hands of Coaches Gus Zielasko and john Dolza- delli. took o11 a new lustre this year with the entrance of two new groups in the year-long race-N.R.O.T.C. and the Townies. The goal of the Xtliletic Department was to introduce more Contact sports and to increase student parti- TR MUR Sigma Chi got off to an early start by eopping llrst place in the swimming meet. The Kappa Sigs, however, soon jumped into the lead by win- ning the softball tournament and tying for Hrst in the tennis doubles with the Pikes. The Faculty power house displzzyecl its indisputable prowess by sailing undefeated through me llilllflllllll doubles, one hundred fo,-gjhtwo A tense momei Xqnutic aces on the brink of the .filk xt ill ll1C Il'lll1'Hl11lll'1ll SH 111113111121 XHCCI LS The Kappa Sigs Il'lZ1il1Uflll'1CCl their lead by winning 21 lirst in tennis singles and by taking second in volleyball, losing' only to the Faculty team, in- vulnerable volleyball Cham- pions. At the close ol: the semester the tiasaba tossers ol' Pi K A captured the basketball tfllltll'l1JlUllSlllp, the Bzfrhs run. nine' a close second. D Second semester saw the entry of the Townies and the dropping of the six man foot- ball tournament because of the large number of injuries sustained. The Kappa Sigs proved themselves the top bowlers, K A and the Inde- pendents ClHC1mg'i1'Ig' as second- place keglers. The Faculty again defended their volleyball title successfully. The Independents hit their full stride taking' a lirst in the sixteen-man relay lrom the second-running Sigma Chis to garner themselves a second in the year's race. The year's highly competitive intramur- als saw the Kappa Sigs be- stowed with the highest honors. I Above: Study in shadows. Center: Roycr pounds homo to score for the Sigs. Below: Lai Conga on the courts with Dean Young and Steve Vidal, Pi li A. one Iumrlrezl forty-tilrree TR All U RAI Ii 0 up ui the Sigma Chi-Independent volley ball game. Faculty champs lrounce Kappa Sigs, runners-up. Swimming Tennis Doubles Softball Handball Tennis Singles Basketball Bowling Volleyball Relay Track one lnmdred forty-four First Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigmas Kappa Sigma Facility Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Faculty Independents Independents SCORES Second Kappa Sigma Sigana Phi Epsilon Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Independents Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Independents Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi Sigma Chi A score in the Kappa Sig., Sigma Chi lnskclbill t Third Independents Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi Independents Sigma Chi Independents Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma IDEL ! HOT 0 1 Przurticc making PCPECCL. Conch Ted SllilJkCf' dispznlclling jerry Spitzer in Lo lllc fray. Seconds licking nwzny under supervision. The younger Shipkcy takes ovel Steve Koch, stzn' Mirage lensmuu, gets the low- Valiant UlliVGl'SilY bum! pcrfumls xt hzliluxne down. I .41 iiiiiftz ' . ,rg Jlziflgifll 1 7, gi if Q7 . 2 lf, bk' 34, qv?-1 mm ll'lLIlCl?'CIl forty-hm: Exemplifving the spirit of the women's gvtn Classes. Beverly Kirch strikes a statnesque pose before the well perfo- rated target. Responsible for the larg- est portion of woineifs athletic partici- pation. gym ruurses have proved very popular with UNM Coeds. our' I1 umlrvrl forty-xix ' SPORTS The co-recreational sports of today involve individual participa' tion rather than group practice and competition. Hence more participants derive benelit and pleasure from athletic activities which have a definite carry-over value into later life. Golf, tennis, horseback riding, arcliery, and folk dancing are the most. popular pursuits at present, having virtually replaced basket- ball and soccer. In keeping with a nation-wide sweep, folk dancing has been emphasized by the organization of clubs for that purpose. 1 J 'll l .1 .-1 Ll- NVith intramural competition close ' to girls for this scholastic year, gym classes afforded the' best opportunity for girls' part'-.ipation in athletics. However, a few other events were open for entrance of girl athletes. These included the Second Annual Rodeo, sponsored by the Boots and Saddles Club, in which several University women placedg Southwestern Tennis Tournamentg the Tum- ble1"s Club tuider the direction of Miss Zoila Sanchez of the YVO111Cll'S P. E. departmentg and the University WOIIICITS basketball team which played in the city league. The Tun1bler's Club performed at Uni- versity inter-collegiate basketball games and gave several exhibitions in the Albuquerque schools. Highlight ol' the season was the trip to Mexico which was made by both the Tum- bler's Club and the basketball team. Penny Lord. stntlent in Mrs. liirtlie Bryan Wcsl's riding class. ,--- it 3 jnmor Division. Southwestern Tourney. Above: Modern Dance class. gig H.. r. .L ...H GMI: S I ii 1 L .- NL ? h, .YJ 7.-y Top: Frances Vidal takes a back hand. Bottom: Helen Wackerbarth. runner-up in one lzrmclmcl forty-.s'c:r1c'n i al y 'r f 5 aff ,li fag' E ji" 33:2 1: R ? gl Y l V Ng. ka I 'NA .-1' ,J I -' ,. V. AQTA. 1. J. gi. m . f 3, ,, 5, . . , -4 W , , -fr.. g K -4:5 .7- ' 'b . We - "N l If 'lf " '5f.u5" U :C 1 - 5' ' ijfi 4r:g'Qii' aj- 5 rt? , '4f.5?i'f1' +1 t:- ' ' v e! - " " 1 5. , - f5x: ',Qi.f" " L , 2. 4 'aff 17 leclg ,ot Despite the fact that the social organiza- tions are selective, they constitute only a small life. They exist mainly to bring together in their social life and aims of the University. ' ' 'des and four SOYOYIIIBS, besl smothering the students and faculty with a de- luge of sandwiches and punch this year, took active part in national defense, sponsored nu- ' ' d attempted to promote charities, an us relation- merous grea nity and camp ter inter-frater ships. E L V E BOOK TW Wm 411 ni' f 4 -. 1 gl , 'v n 1 Above Ich: Fraternity hrulhcrs cooperate to huilrl Kappa Sig house decm':1lion. Above right: Virginia Donley, Pzmhellcnic President, Dczm of Women Lena C. Clauve, :md Mrs. Tom Lelton 1llIlkC ill'l'1lIlgC1TlEl1lS for Pxulhellenic Week in February. Below: Sabotage! r1- ah XA. K ' Wo . ?i x xi' ,af .wg Y v U n 1 W1 'L I' 1 -. N, , 'Z' ji' Q 'ilfl Q3 U-EEMIN xx 'Q ,Q .4- . ju- ,1 , 2,2 J, wx., 3 ufQ:,fff ' f M ivl , 1 ' . 9 7 1 , 3 ., , yn " ' ' I '. , w 'me lzumlrecl fifty N C COUNCIL Panhellenic is the power behind the Greek women, so to speak. Composed of delegates and alumnae advisors from each sorority, the council supervises rushing, draws up the rules, and attempts to promote better inter-sorority relation- ships generally. A new wrinkle instigated by the council Sealed: -lzinc Carlson. Virginia Donlay, Mary Des Georges, Nancy Sprecher. Standing: Louise Vincent, Monielle Moyers, Lois Trumliale. Beth Stone. this past year was the Panliellenic WVeek, during which pledges of all the Greeks were feted and initiated at the same time. Officers for the past year were: President, Virginia Donleyg Secretary, Beth Stoney Treasurer, -lane Carlsong and Social Chairman. Mary Des Georges. 1 I I I TER-FRATER ITY COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternity Council serves as a sort of public relations order for the Greek men, acting on matters affecting all of its groups. The group finds entertainlnent in holding smokers, dances, picnics, and squabbles about policy. There -' if - " ' 'i, . I , Standing: Dean Young, Herb Colton, Bob Stnmm, Chuck Hitt, j. R. Hughes, Cyrus Fairless, Keith lltsinger. Sealed: -lin: Leach. Wes Mills, Bob Coggin. jack Valentine, Bruce Clark, Clark Hanna. are two councils, one each semester, composed of two mem- bers froni every fraternity. Second-Semester President of the Council was jack Valentineg Vice-President, jim Leach 5 Secreta1"y-Treasurer, Bob Stamm. mm lnmrIrf'rl fifllv-mu PH CHI OM Boach Bebbcr Cn rison Col l:i ns Davis Forlson Gizxcomclli G rolun Harris Hendricks Henley H essehien Higgins Hill janewny Kicch , AI. Kiech, K. Lenilrm Munson Mzxslcison McDougall Morgan li M cyers Si1CCl'iY Simpefs Spitzer, Patty Spitzer, Phyllis Vincent Zinn l r Founded: DePauw University, A' 5 .,i rv '1 + . ,rv Alpha Gamma'lliistalvlleicl-Vltjjlii ' I Colors: Scarlet and -V is f. . ,M ' . 4 Flower: Red Carnation ' - 'P' I ' Publication: Lyra OFFICERS ' Q P H President, Ruth ijebberg V ice-President, jane Carlson: Secretary, 'Ianice Kalkag Treasurer, Ada Mae Simpersg Social Chairman, Martha Groton. ACTIVES ' Ruth Bebber, lane Carlson, Mary Collins, Ethyln Crum, Lenora Ciacomelli, Martha Groton, Marie Louise Harris, Carole Hendricks, Helen Janeway, .Janice Kalka, Janice Kiech, Kathleen Kiech, Mary Lawrence, Kathleen Lenihan, Beth Manson, Mary -Io Mc- Dougall, Lucille Morgan, Mary Lee Perry, Mary Rea, Norma 'lean Rumniell, Elizabeth Sheedy, Ada Mae Sinipers, Patty Spitzer, Louise Vincent, Betty Zinn. PLEDGES Pauline Crosseu, Barbara Davis, Mary Alice Henley, Helen Hensley, Pat Hesselden, Helen Higgins, Alta Mae Hill, Ruth Knauber, 'lean Masterson, Nelle Meyers, Mary -Ioyce Nara- more, Anne Reed, Phyllis Spitzer, Phyrn West. 'nErf'+,. " l A ,Q ' ,afffQa".'Q,-J.' f 1 ' L :Aiwa JV -I 2 , ,zET7Q'l"- 'r - .. , . ,, l .,,, U . 4 Mgr-vin:-' 3-' HAD Adams Baldwin Bass Boslwick Bovuy Brincgzu' Bynon Culmeen Czlrlock Chapmzm Clark Des Cc-m'g'cs Emery l:l'CClllLl :1 Hollzmsl H ow in ral Keanu Kemper Kirkpulrick Kloss lXlm'chcncl Moyers l'illll1lIlllS Pllll1ll'llCI' Roberson Rousseau Scolt Snow Spulxcrg Vnrley Wzlggoner Williams, C. Williams, E Wornlhead Wortmzm Founded: Wesleyan Female College. 1851 i . ir., Alpha Nu installed 1,920 - 1 relyi- ' 'J-I I Colors: Blue and Y'Vl11'LQf7E.",'-,f 5ffgqf'ei+ Flower: Double Violetiu- 'H 'lnd' Publication: Acleljflziain OFFICERS f " ' ' F F ' President, Norma .lean Worrmang Vice-President, Sara Morehead: Secremry, Mary Evelyn Snowg Treasureri Carol Louise Holland: SoeialCl1airn'1an, Mary lo Scott.. ACTIVES Mary Nelle Adams. Celeste Bass. Lois Bosl.wic1k,.lean Bovay, Maurine Ilrinegar. Mary Sue Bynon, Ann Cabeen. Harriet Carloela. Qlurly Clianlnzzn, Franres Clark, Mary Des Georges, Patricia Freeman, Carol Louise Holland, Lois Howard, Mary Ann Kean, Harriet Kemper, Sara Morehead, Montelle Moyers, Geraldine Pliznnner, joan Rousseau, Mary lo Scott, Mary Evelyn Snow, Elaine Spaberg. Carol Varley, Mary Eunice W'aggouer, Carol Hfilliaius, Eugenia YVilliams,u Phyllis Vifooclliead. Norma .lean Worrrnan. PLEDGES YVinifreCl Baldwin, Margaret Emery. Clara Kirkpatrick, Elaine Kloss. Helen Paulantis, -lean Roberson. Buss, W. Cullen Crocco Davidson Fclicclli Crccnc Harms .jones Klein Lucy Leach Luksicli Mcflun n lX'lCDOIlg2ll Mcliuy Mills Newcomb Pike Rogers Rouse Sisty Swain lltsinger, K. U tsingcr, M W hilley Yeager Founded: vV2lS11lIl'gf1IQZ.llfZll'lCl Lee l111i1'e1'::i1y. 1865 -1 Beta Phi Installed 1929 Colors: Cl'lll1SOl1 and Gold Flowers: lwdgllfbllil and Red Rose Pll1lllC2ilQlOllf Ii'nj1j111 Alplm jo111r1111l OFFICERS Presiclent, Don McKay, .lim Leach: Vice-P1'eside1'1t, l"1'ec1 Yeager, R. N. X-Vhitleyi SCL'l'Cl1ll'y, Keith Utsinger. ACTIVFS Kenneth Antoine, john Cutlett, Victor Croeco, Michael Fabrizio, L:n'1'y Felieelzli. KC'llllCl.11 Gunn, joel Greene, Kenneth Hzn'n1s, Allan jones, Ed Klein, Ray Lacy. jzunes l,e:1c11, .lohn Luksich, Cloise McDo11ga1, Donald McKay, VVeston Mills, Noel Rogers, Clmrles Sisly, Robert Swain, Keith Utsinger, Marion Utsinger, R. N. Mlliitley, Fred Yeager. PLEDGES I .Iames Bass, Williznn Bass, c11'lZll'lCS Cooper, lX'I2llll'.lCC Covington, Robert, Dzirnell, lrlilllli Davidson, Bzirthold Hake, Robert Lanier, Glenn Mayer, Xvlllllllll McCann. George New- comb, Chestei' Pike, Vaughn Rouse, Stuzirt Savage, Howard Shockey, Xvlllllllll T11o1npso11, John Troop. 1 'T' 2 1 r 1 ' 5 PPA K PA GAMMA Argall Bllilllllilll Bliss Blount Brenturi Cook Cox Currier. H Currier. N-I Dc Hull' Downer Graves Green Grillilli Haglziml H2lIlllCll Harrison Helling Horton Lcmlikc l.inclcI,ncrg Manning Mu rl i n AICCRIIIIIZI. lX1cCnnn:r, Mcillulcliy Mullins Nlurpliy NI u rruy Nznrningu P1ll'l'illlll'Sl Rziymoml Rolilx Rowe Runyun Scott Shirley Shook Simms Simpson. Sim pson. Sisk Stone 'lllffflllllll Vidal Walls W I1 ilc Wilson Woods Nlznrgzucl Muril B, D. Sprecher, QI. Sprecher, N. 5 m wa. ' Fou11ded: Ivlonmouth College, 1870 Gamma Beta Installed 1913 Colors: Light and Dark Blue Flower: Fleur de Lis Publication: Key OFFICERS ' President, Dorothy Simpson: Vice-President, Virginia Shirley, Pledge Captain. Trudelle Downerg Treasurer, Frances Martin, Recording Secretary, Peggy Watts. 1 ACTIVES Kathleen Argall, Betty Blattman, Laura une Blount, 'Florence Braclbury, Frances Brad- bury, Caroline Brentari, Alice Cook. Mary Helen Cox, Helen Currier, Marion Currier, Frances De Huff, Trudelle Downer, Charlotte Graves, Helen joy Grifhth, Lois l-Iagland, .lane I-Iannett, Mary Margaret Harrison, Rosemary Helling, Mary Horton, Peggy jones, Mary Ann Keleher, Mary Lucille Lackey, Mary Rowe Lanklord, Dorothy Liese, Ellen Ann Lemblce, .lane Manning, Frances Martin, Peggy McCanna, Rene McClatchy. jean Mullins, Falba Murphy, Eileen Nanninga, Caroline Parkhurst, Phyllis Raymond, Priscilla Robb, Maxine Runyan, Virginia Shirley, ,Io Ann Shook, Ann Simms. Betty 'lane Simpson, Dorothy Simpson, Hope Sisk, Janes Sprecher, Beth Stone, Barbara Scott Thomas, Dorothy Tireman, Frances Vidal. Margaret Xflfatts, Alice Mary White, Betty Lou N'VllltU11Ol'6, Marion X'Vilso11, Mary Kay YfVoods. PLEDGFS Helen Bliss, Barbara Bruce, Mary jane Greene, Marita McCanna, Martha Murray, Barbara Schaber. , l W j x ., 1, I . , .M W L V' , . 4 Al , SIG Ba i n Black Bogren Breece Briscoe Carothcrs Clark Crass Dyche Fai rless Fischer Frey, J. Gallup. C. Gallup, S. Garrett Hemcnwzay Holmes jones jourclan Kerr Lewis Mzuula Murhcrry Morrow Nell Oglesby Owenslmy Parker Pattison Pavlelich Reece Rodgers Smilh, C. Smi th, M. Snow Spuhler Stewart Teal Valenlini Hlebster Whitener Whittmore Wi 111 Founded: University ol: Virginia, 1869 Delta Zeta Installed 1925 Colors: Scarlet, Wliite, and Greer: Flower: Lily of the Valley Publication: Carluceus OFFICERS President, jim Bain, Bruce Clark, Vice-President, James Morrow, Howard Crass: Secre- tary, john Elliot: Social Chairnian, George Helnenway, Millard Smith. ACTIV ES Vincent Bogren, james Briscoe, Bruce Clark. Howard Crass, James Dyche, john Elliot, Cyrus Fairless, Gerald Fisher, James Frey, James Garrett, George Hemenway, Robert Holmes, Bill Kerr, Frank Marberry, james Morrow, Sam Nelf, Bruce Neufler, Barton Ogles- by, Roger Pattison, Martin Pavletich, Bob Reese, Millard Smith, Edward Snow, Frank Teal, Bill Webster, john West. PLEDGES Arthur Black, .lack Carothers, Frank Doyle, David Easton, Spencer I-lankins, Vtfilliam -Iourdan, Marvin Lewis, Bert Malcolm, Fred Owensby, Richard Parker, Marvin Row- land, Grover Stewart, Edward Thomas, Mondo Valentini, Ralph Witlr. ul I 1 E' ' "'.'G"T ' ' ' l 'I I. 5 ia, .Vg ,V . . A ' "2-as 1' . ., , vp I 4.,:l.l.. ,I '- tl-'. 5. mms "Af, LP Al nies Anderson Briggs Brown Bruuelli Burch Hel cl Conwell Cook Cooney Coplen Dean Dial Diekmzm Flynn Frank Gillespie Hall Hzuumoncl I-In nna HZll'l'11Ol'l Hash Hill I-I il ton I-Io bli tzcl Hoff Loken Mz1cNeely Maguire Marsliall Martin McCann an Miller Moore Noble Roberts Sch ifan i Sherri tt Sh irlcy Spink Stamm Stevenson Thayer Vidal Vincent Vivian Walla Young Founded: University of Virginia. 1868 Beta Delta Installed 1915 Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley Publication: Shield and Diamond OFFICERS President, Bob Stannng Vice-President, Pete McCannag Secretary. Frank Hashg Treasurer. Bud VVaha5 Pledge Captain, Clark Hanna. ACTIVES George Alrnes, Wilfred Brennan, Bill Briggs, joe Brozo, Vincent Brunelli, john Conwell, Ed Cooney, Frank Coplen, Bob Dial, Bill Dwyer, jim Flynn, Bill Frank, Carl Gillespie, Bill Hall, George Hammond, Clark Hanna, Frank Hash, Tom Hilton, Arnold Loken, Bud Mabry, Bob MacNeely, Pete McCanna, Norman Maguire, .Iohn Marshall, Mickey Miller, Howard Moore, .lim Noble, Bob Shirley, Dick Sweettland. Steve Vidal. Bud Vvlaha. Dean Young. PLEDGES Duane Anderson, Bill Babcock, VValter Beard, Paul Dean, Leonard De Layo, Nick Fiorentino, -lim Fitzgerald, Luther Hall, Dick I-Ioblitzel, Leo Katz, Maurice Kieeh, Gene La Shelle, Ross McClintock, Walter Perkowski, Orville Roberts. Dante Scthilfani, Leon Server, Genn Simpson, Norvell Smith, jim Thayer, Bob Van Atta, Bill Vincent. J SIGMA CHI Balcom h Boll in Borland B ri ggi Brooks Brown Browne Case Carton Con verse Cox Des Georges De Wiu Ewing Fnirtiehl Fuller Gergen Gilmore Golf Grimlh Croinnn Hzunmoncl Han Icy. E. Hurley, bl. Hathaway l-lickuuul House Hughes Knoile Korber Lee Logan Losh Mcl-lenry Merkle M i lchell Mount Norris Penclleton Prencleville l'lllll2llll Rutter Roy er RlllllCl'f0l'll Sm i 1 h Spel nngle SI rome Summers Sulherlzuul Terry Teutsch Thaxton Tulley Valentine XV ll lson Wheeler W h ite V. 1 ,gal Founded: Miami University, 1855 Beta Xi Installed 1916 Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flower: lVhite Rose Publication: Magazine of Sigma Chi OFFICERS President, Chuck Hitt, Bob Korberg Vice-President, Joe Harley, Horace McKayg Secretary, jack Valentine, Herbert Hammond. ACTIVES Bob Beeler, -loe Behl, Bob Boule, Earle Boule, Bud Brown, Cochrane Browne, john Caton, Al Colbert, Knox Converse, Bob Conway, Dick DeWitt, George Dickinson, Earl Fuller, Harold Gilmore, Eddie Gladden, Keen Griffith, Bob Groman, Herbert Hammond, Edward Harley, joe Harley, Don Hathaway, james House, james Hughes, Sam Johnson, Bob johns- tOl1, Bill Joyce, Bob Korber, Donald Knode, John Logan, Tom Losh, Horace McKay, Ar- l1Ot Mitchell, Kenneth Mount, Van Norris, Bob Prendeville, Scott Ratter, Emmett Royer, Bob Sadler, Charles Spetnagle, Tom Strome, Sam Sutherland, Paul Tally, Bill Terry, Lyle Teutsch, .lack Tully, -lack Valentine, Bill Watson, Phil Mliegel. PLEDGES Edward Balcornb, Rex Bollin, .lim Borland, Armand Ceraini, Charles Davidson, Gene Des Georges, lack Ewing, Bill Fairlield, Al Foster, Preston Gunter, Bill Gurgen, Bob Hickman, David Lee, Paul McHenry, Frank McMains, Buster Merkle. Ralph Pendleton, Sonny Rutherford, YVillis Smith, YVhitney Sullivan, Craig Summers, -lack Thaxton, Leslie YVheeler, Bill YVbite. 'fill rs Y, 1 A . 7: -5 ,Aft V ,fi il.. .. , s ,. 4 l RTE Ballard Black Bonnell Bright Brilian Curl is Davis. E. Davis, G. Ford Franklin Gillespie Green C u ilfo rd Haynes Hearn H ubbard Kelly Ken ned y KCTS W l I I Kim ble Lanlow Mace Marlin M cColl um N'lCGlillllC'll Olin Olson Ortman Pearce Rempel Rey Ruiz Sim ms Simpson White Woods Anchomlo Gallegos Gutierrez I-Iernandez Luna, E. Luna. V. Meslas Rodul fo Salas Sanchez. C. Sandoval I l Baisley Chance Colton Goggin Greer Henry Hunt Martin Mn tz Nicholas Raymond Reigner Rhoads Seward Turnley U term ohle Webb West IGM PHIEP ILO OFFICERS President, Rupert MCI-Iarney, Cedric Senterg Vice-President, jack Nicholas: Secretary, B. Rhoades, Robert Euler: CQmpt1'0lle1', HCHJCTK Colton: Pledge lx-'IE1StCl', ROlJC1't .lOllllS. ACTIVES Mfarren Cavenaugh, Herbert Colton, Robert FlllCl'. Robert Coggin, Silas Henry, Rob- ert Johns, Rupert McHarney. -lack Nicholas, B. ul. Rhoades, lilfinston Sage, Cedric Senter, james Snider, George Utermohle. PLEDGFS Glenn I-Iunt, Elbert Martin, Xlfilliam Martin, Phil Mutz, Charles Raymond, Stewart Turnley, L. A. Vic, lvlarlo XfVebb, Pete W'est. Founded: University of Virginia, 1901 Alpha Installed lQ2Q Colors: Purple and Red Flower: American Beauty Rose and Violet Publication: Sigma Phi Epsilon journal TOWN CLUB Agnew Alsu p Avery Bul-:er B:11'1'ick low Barth Berkshire Brow n Elkin Fife Gilley Hernmulez Huhhzlrd jackson, C. jackson, M. Kimball, A. Kimlmll, R. King Koulus Lowe May Meyer Nolan Paul illzl l'cn ix Ross Sykes Starrett Walckcrhamlx While Xv,'i'l'llCl' V ' ' ,ms YQ, I-af' . ,gl 4 r . ' i 1, , , . lb. - - . 1' 'Vufv 'l'-l ' ,Y 'if-'H - i " ,i5llrlrl'll' ' K.-Willa a fflltwf , ll! ,gain ,, Founded: University of New Mexico, 1938 Colors: Orchid and Yellow Flower: Orchid and Yellow Iris OFFICERS President, Marcia Linn: Vice-President, jean Rossg Secretary, reas- urer, Kathleen White: Social Chairman, Elsie Vivienne Hernandez. ACTIVES Mary Nell Avery, jane Agnew, Ernestine Alsup, Barbara Barth, La Verne Barton, Muriel Barton, Bea Barricklow, Nadine Bushman, Kathryn Brown, Evelyn -lane Berkshire, Mary Frances Baker. Virginia Rylance Burleson, Carrie Ann Elkins, Marjorie Fife Hines, Kaye Gilley, Beth Graves, Vivienne Hernandez, jean Holcomb, Eloise Hubbard, Cath- erine llackson, Maybelle jackson, Alice Kimball, Ruth Kimball, Betty jean King, Kather- ine Koulas, Dorothy Lowe, Marcia Linn, Sue McIntosh, Betty Mae Meyer, Bertie Beth Neal, Juanita Nolan, lvlargaret Padilla, Mary Catherine Penix, jean Ross, Judy Sikes, Addalene Starrett, Helen NVackerbartIt1, Alice Lou Wells, Kathleen Wliite, Louise Whit- ener, Lucille Williaiiis, Vivian Yott. vw, s. . xii 'SN 3, fs A i in ll .gy l if li Se ::4 Ml "" ,W',,i?E'. 1, 1 ,rf 1 " :!'3di4w1,,v?,L'. 1 , I pf' . E .. gg A A , ,, il u , 3 F fi 1 " ' . J . , l ,lu K ww , , Alt' -A - an J' f J V594 - -, L+ VJ 1 ' .35 Xl 4 fsza Q 4' is Af ? J , A ll 3 , f is Ky ii1:.?l. Y:w ,law ff- f l 1 I If f'2 B ,, 'gf ii l r -T2 -t '4 1 f1lV5li9 .zf 'ff' . - l 1 - l m t . VI , 5' 'few V -, f -1, 1' 4 4 1 X r Y 'Q ' ig!! ,.:s.gglW -1 f I fp up ' - . ' 4 fl .l X' ' If "' . -' . l .F -iw N W " . 2 1 fll , .'v'glg-:xtfygc - ,f-5-W -A 'qc f - K , . 4:i'i?2l'f, 'L -rglggf g r- M l ' 1 S ,.. Z -ilk-N t ,Wi-' .. ,.A . ,, . 1 :P f,V l, 1 I1 I , X - -. ,. ,H .nth b . A 4 .".li' jl I 'R ff ' 2 ' Fu. f -F' ff ' w'. P" iz N F ' , ' , I .. Z 34,1 2 J 3 sy. 35:21 A , 1 X' 5, , ff 1?hgJ.,fG29, ' icy fl Q, Er Lg, 5 .3 , K, , .ME Qfgx 1 K R5 Tl' f OUR YEA I ---ff. 3 2 , y ,ff r f .Q.g::f H r.r.,., ..,. W 5l .'EQlfi'l"A 1 fl" J' s,f'8Qf' fflf' ' 'N . .f , w'.' 1.3 'flqz 11.2.-5:25 7'352ff716,-.'fflf,'.31'"'f,'.".irf.4w':'1'jfffl'." ' if ' -1554? Q fl? AH.-lj , I., .1 ,Z f 4' Fl:if.-'T1f:1"'Af,,l:Q':'.'--5" ,f'.l',ty,,',fg', -'lf 3" .l,J"q'f'i-:,.-." ,- '. 3" 'Q-1 H , f' Q-A A - EG?25f515Q'.-mal-51:22:15:-ifEf+':if'3-if?1iY?45:'fff 1 '.g-14ff'll'l-' -4 ' :ff , .,.,y 1 4 rn .... ., V. ,., ,.....,-.1,.- .,... .,., . ,.ii.,gl' , . , . .. . . "" i lil? 1 fiflr:ff-:TiFifi?tf.if?iE7'2i5ii?:.?i?47W'l"T.. 1:+f"2'iff"if, W ill' ,- I 1 fat' .- '- Q ' X F ,AM 1.5:-f"f""'sf. 'ff',i i1'f"'- ' Q 4 4 '-' .+ :J Uytglu, xi, A: , .',,, W , - 184.7 .rj It , 075524, , if fi' fl ? w fl 'Till f?5"',.,-W' -'M ffl? 5 if Y i ll' 15 :-'f 5a?2fL:t.e , -f'21315112951:imager253211--1'fm-fzftfgazzmsiigmff-?in-.q 1 - ' -ws 'af ff ' 's:1f',f'-rwwas X ' - , il- 6 114.1 ,M 'stfll i . :ff "T l?f'5?C9F!U?fill?!hWlEffii- - .,g,:f1fQf"5f ' t E. if . 'A rfsfi ' G .5'-:A,7'e'f3l3'3il'1'-39,495A 1f"-- ' ' 'll -4 5 55 Jw-.f l th Ls Grande if .1 . - t . . Mr' fl-fill' o In alll?-" a two-wa stretch. This is fgH' " dv, - v fl ,mhz ,. ly-ra, ,, A I jx , 512 1" Liv . of college life that students tell their L',,' n-11 O I ' ' Q. ' ' - "lt can't happen here"-as they write for 1.5. ..4. . . .... ' , f f' ' M . 's allowance. Also we try to Include, " 58.4 f -"M 5 l .E-1a3s'i" jf -1 es which are worthy of mention l ' this review of the lighter side of our days at State U. These are the things that many of us shall remember after we have lost the pawn BOOK THIRTEE , , x A' IA F? sp Ni 5 1 1 . f. . f- iw, 'E 1 I N 1 g x A if V? 4151- , -a' .MX fi. 5 V 1 .fy v is Q Y '1 A -V A -s A ,Q 1, ,, ,' . Q , eu- v1 ff Ahoxe: hcw friends arc mzule ill first znsscmhly. The new male greeuies spent their first week olf College listening to words of wisdom, visited the sororities and fratemities, got dates with com- pletely strange although intriguirig people, and dis- carded their bow ties for saddle shoes and windsor knots. mu: lrunrlred .wzvmflv-jnzlr Left: joe Greene breaks in on lluh Lzmier zu Fmsh mixer. Below: Doc Clark speaks on lrzntlilimis in Grccnic usscmhly. :Xb0x'c: Prendy oricnls new frosh. The freslnuan girls put in their initial week going to teas and rush parties and trying not to date too many new collegiate jerks with "out-ol'-state" lines. liclmvi Rcccpliull Iinc :ll .X.W,S. tczl. - 1: i ,, ,f 4 t ff I ,x' Q L. , ', I !.u'v I :vt . . rT my if A 2 L' 1 ii, -'fm , ' tggfgi u , wr gif ,g2?'rfg, ig - if Q uf Af x V ,. ,K !-i' " Y , ff? Wx , K z Top: Girl lnccts boy: Schmitt and Lec. Center: EIIICI' Dean CIZHIVC. Bottfnn: Frosh gals try new pots. i 4 . f nm' lzvmdwcl .wfuurzly-1711s s - , 15, , A t l 1 1 I l if OPE Left. uhmfe: mlunewzny und Munson clrzxg out their new clothes and settle clown in their old room in the Alpha Chi l-louse. l.el't: Smith and Stenhouse play with tetltly bean' at AD Pi rush party. Left below: Rue, Gincomelli, Crouch. Hull, Shook, :md Keich nt Alpha Chi pledge fest. Below left: Weigel and Smith look perplexed at regis- tration while Lopez looks helpful. Below right: Frnsh pile up at census card desk. om' I1 llllIll'l'lI w1tz'11Ij,'-six -tb 4..,fj-N, Q hd- eeee et l my guy, QQ: l O' --fa-J l .4 iii- ' P X X gg V, , il,I.,,.,, l, I 'I ri it WN' OF SCHOOL The opening ol' school at the beginning of the fall semester is always a happy zi nd carefree time ol' any students life. It is too early to start worrying about lessons, the nights are Iilled with dancin' and ronizmeinf new friends are made, and old fellowships revived after a summer of separation. For the new frosh, it is a period eompziralfmle to the emergence of the butterfly from the cocoon Qain't that l'OITlZi1llliCPl. No one makes them go to class Qoh, noPj and they can flop in the Sub to their heart's content. On these two pages, we have tried to capture the spirit ol registration and rush week. Top: Manila: and Kunz, Fairlcss and Wzickcrbzlrtli ut Kappa Sig rush tluncc. Bottom: Pike rushees shoot pool in hnscment "Eight lmll in the corner pocket." Left: "Lover" MeNecley oll' to classes. Fm' left: Kzippus perform for rnshees. Pczirre, Stone, Wilson, und Martin in skit. one htmflrcfl xezfeilly-srfmfii I 4 .-Kliove: Kiech, Olin. :incl Kulka Sll'lllllll'l'. The fall season is replete with outdoor classes, foot,- ball games. night rallies, and the start of the formal season. It is scenes like the above camera-full of pul- chritude that make life at State U. what it is today. If all is synonymous with colored leaves, giant mums, picnics at Juan Tabo, Eve weeks' tests fhow did that get in he1'e?j and those autumn nights. When you get through looking :Il the drum lll1ljOl'CllCS up there, you might notice Rupert lXIeH1n'ney and Bob Rehm waleliiug Betty Ann Roberts paint. This page presents four completely diffetpnt. events that OCClll'l'f-1 during the fall season on the lilltop. In one, the engineers paint the U. with beer and lirte on the fateful Friday. Another depicts the lalfl erec- tions, rest their soul. ,rtill another shorts what Bain . . , s 5 and Pattison learned in "college.' The hnal shot pictures 'gayvdoggizlgu down to the fine points at the first formal of the season. W'ell it only goes to show that we get zt liberal edtrleation at school. Above: Bain and Pattison shoot craps Above: Bogren and Batcllelor :tt Patn- with money they borrowed for the Hell formztl with Stewart and Clifton picture while waiting for the special in background. SPOTLIGHT Top: Engineers lug whitewnsh up Sztndins to plaster the U. Bottom: Tense moment at Independ- ent booth during fall elections. f Q f. elm da n I- 'UMA q 'P ,isp li-'f Top: Winning Kappa Sig decorations. llenleri Chi O winner depicled "Mn- lnogordo Choo-Choo on Tmck 2U." Bottom: Crowning of Queen Kathleen liierh in Gvni. one 111111111011 wgllty Ah. llOlIlL'COlUlI'Ig. This is the happy week-end ol' the loot- ball season when the oldies return to renew zutqnaintaintes at the Le Grande and see il' the present crop ol' Joes and .lanes carry on the well-worn traditions started back in the good old days. Arizona took the Lobos into camp, but everyone had ai Il1Rl'l'l'1'VCl0llS time fund don't think it ain't been Cl12l1'I1llD'l . The parade through town caused several lovely trallic jams and unraveled the nerves of the local gendarnmery beyond repair. The house and campus decorations drew tremendous crowds as did the dance and game. Although luxninarios were scarce as a result ol the paper shortage. the Campus was resplendent with light and merriment. i. U .il Above: Prize-winning lloul hy Phra- teres. Right: K A's winner in llozlt COIILCSL. HOMECOMI Below: The 1.0110-il-Iiraga lloal is here inclntlecl for no other reason than the fact that il was the 1.01111-1l'Ifl'f1g'6' Iloal. LUBQY5 l i EA at w ii3.DCM5 'rms 15 N0 'NMGE HIGHLIGHT Directly below are two pictures of the goings on at the game. The Kit Carson Rille has long been the trophy of the annual grid battle between the Lobos and the Wildcats from over Arizona way. An old relic, it is highly and justly prized by the victorious eleven for a year following each encounter. Below right, we see big V. Bogren presenting the olcl mnslaet to the Cat captain. l.l'l'l above: "Econmnical" lircworkra rcplaruil "expensixc" bon- live , . one lz unrlrefl f'fg'llfY-fllll 1 Below: Bclly Blzlllmzm wuils impal- - lienlly for drum-major Brown on plat- " ' form at Las Cruces. 4 . may .1 "fl pri 13. 4. E i ' . .i , iv ' ' V . . I I JV-,Y. . A ' Mx.: Q., Top above: Clieerleaders Logan, Mace, and Cam. lead Parucle down main skein of cow-college town before empty sidewalks. Top below: Uuiclentiiiable cndaver belonging to member of our band stretched om, on greensward at Aggies after that. barbecue. Right: Winsome Bev Kirch holds clown the corner of the Bur at the Kappa Sig Bowery Dance. Dig that hat on the Briscoe with his buck toward us-snooty. one lzwlrlred ciglriuv-tivo WI TER THE HILL VVinter on our campus is the bringer ol: many glad tidings. Each organization on the hill dresses in its l'OOY1lIllElIC,S best and outdoes itself with 21 lformzil, basketball season rolls around, skiers come out of hibernation. and finals begin to loom large over the Sandias. Right lop: First snow. in front of Sub. Right center: Girls' quartet :nukes lirst IIIJPCZIITIIICC. Right bottom: Hitting thc books bc- forc Iinzils. Beth Corey n':n'bles :il tlhi O lormzil. 4 lxiits it Ivippi House l "-1 .V , Ghuinmv group at GDI formzil. Helen Hensley gives it x I L -:::, V , - I , Y . .- ., . . . . .. , ,N ,. POS AC lbw' The period irnrnediately Christ- mas vacation was rather tense since certain slant-eyed characters had decided to play jni jitsu with Uncle Sain. At left we see the start of the Red Cross knitting project now in full swing. In the lower left we see Eddie Appie Dackie accosting Lansing l-Iatlield in the locker room for an interview. QNews hound., And directly below we see Doc Hibbenls totem pole getting a lzicinl from George Newcomb. one llzivirlrwi eiglzty-fmrr If It E. I It -'MPM ll -,s A 1 fm-n nf xx Me" ' ,.: . Q l Elk ,flu fm-n nz my-nu KH H n 1 H1 ,UQ W K u x fum nz Elm-n Q mx K -n ll Els inn,-xg N A M 'Q WQQSLQ mllllu ll EL l ll anim gxihisk 4" xmfzm xlw ll lu ll lm lags ,X Sccncs lTppc1 ' 1 ' T UWA lilies 'iw ,sffzllla ff. : 5' -l ul. lxsxgmjffllxlx lll llllll lx ,ll X lla M!'LllggWjZf5f5lQl gg ll ill A 223, ,Qff W lm figllilf J M3 5 H1 - alll? mx v X vt 1 :mn . xx ww X ll -f-f- ,nn , g, ww xx :mg "' sm w NW W ux, ww ww w , uf. xx lv lu gg- ii A lm xl! lm mmm Ll l l :X X A. l ww ,-'12fs,12.:e-aw 2 H ww -N ' M ,lx ,Y x . B,-E-an K , ll' -. l' ' :M , .-A 9?-., we-bn 4 - .-up--J:-. Q- ' . - - ,Ar u. -l-- ol our wsu Nzxvul ROTC unil here ul UNM. ' lcft: lXl0clic'ul lmzlrcl puts on lllc pressure. Upper right: 'l'I1u colors in l'I'0lll of Naval section. CCIIICI' lefl: Gun Crew lays on Corner nf Czlrlislf: Gym. Centex right: The company on rcvicw in the stadium. I.cfl: Ll. H:n'sl1mzm and Lt. Commnndcx' Brown look ill. orders of lI'1c clay ovcx' lhc slmulclcr of Cznplnin W'ill, C.O. O Ro Oo I 0 Co one lzunrlred ezfglzty-ffm: Xb Xu . ., ll .W H 7 uw H xxx -4:11. --, one I1lll7l'1TI'fI vigflly-.six MIR GE B LL .lR.- R. PROM The Mifmge Beauty Ball is un zin- nual ziffnir at which the feminine :nt- ti'at'tion on our fair campus vies for recognition. A queen. Lenora Gia- cfonielli, was chosen by Z1 group of aah'-lmse uflicers and 21 popularity queen, Frsinnie Martin, was Chosen hy ballot by those attending the bull. Al lcfl: Business hlilllllgfil' I-'lalrlei presents the Queen with :ln orchizl. Bt-lmi: Fzxcillly 1'cpi'cscululix'cfs ill. the Beauty Ilzlll. 1 r r i 4. 1 This yearns prom was :1 credit t.o the junior class and the U. as n whole. The music as put out by the Thornhill group was as line as any in the country. and how we loved it! For four hours the sev- en teen-piece aggregation held the ni erryurzrkers in a stupor with their line EIITEITIQCIIICIIIZS and genial manners. Unlike many name outfits. the Thornhillers made lir ll encancze :rt the affair. iencls with everyone in tt l Right: Fischer :incl lJcsGcorgcs meet thc l1!2lCSll'0 zuul are suuppccl hy illiragrf photo hound on the steric. Below: julia :Kun Odor "comes hclwecn" Dave Bcucflcui, of Mirage slull fxunc, and luilflllil Wayne, while Lillinu Lune Lee-laces with I' X ' ' .oinruit bluliug :incl jun I-Aluhlmzlrtl. ol Fur right: Knllicrinc Morgan moi IZCS two lll'lTIy IJOYS. k .l High 1 l':morzu1m of crowrl und 'Flu hill huurl in thc llllll'l Jl' cl'n'i In loirllighl ullo man, l'lCl OI ze I1 unclretl ciglzlybsevcn Jli-4. LIFE A . ni Almvc right: Rush l1u111' ul lllC Sllxll fibllllill These two pages present an ?ISS0l'lllI1CIll of scenes :md Miner ,md Knpp puxc for :he picxlmv. N 1 lu be l'CI11ClHl'JCl'Cdi ol' the past year. om' l11u1drc'11' viglzly-vigil! 111111521 se . '," Almve: Alpha Chi's sultry l'CllCliliUl1 of "Bl11eQ 111 the Night." wllich wmm the Sllllll night for them. Lcfl: The c1'1gi11cc1'-Sig' Gghl lxCI1i11cl thc Kappa lmlgc, llll 1 I Z 48,1 ll Klberl Fowl, jr., Dux-'icl Simms Bruce Clark, Cy Fziirless Bob Slzunm, Clizlrles Hitt Eddie Apociziczi. Boll Grecnwell The above groups form the male contingent from UNM listed in the 1942 "lVho's Who Ainoug Students in American Universities and Colleges." Two other boys receivecil this honor: Gerald Fischer and Bob Prencleville, now working lfor Uncle Sam. Rozuning 'roinul the eeunpus- in Mzircli, Photogrziphei' UKSlI'lgCl' lincls Helen joy Grillith, JW!-rage staff assistant, on her way to that eight o'cloek1 Edwin Leupold fingerprinting Janice Kiech lor Alpha Phi Omega: Tom McCord and Dick Cox comprning notes on the beneli by Fine Arts building. one lzumlrcd ciglzly-niflff Top: llie ilOllSCl110llllSl'S gather for an len all the Kappa house. Lefl lo right: Miss Shelton. Miss Elder. Ries Downer. Miss Campbell. Mrs. Willizrnns. Mrs. Lune 'lrs. Dzivitlson, Mrs. Ollicer, Mrs. -Izirvis. hostess. Mrs. Fzirr"l Miss Htnnilion, Mrs. Dlllll2lVy. :intl Mrs. Allen. Center: UNH snnlenls who ure working llleir way through college :it the Snh ure: sented. left to right. Beth l-litflicoek. Gloria Kingshnry. Mzirie Bulling. Connie Clzilon. :ind Elena Davis. siznnling. Ed Henderson. Emily Ross. Marvin Rowlznnl. lieth Corey. Mrs. Esther Tholnpson. supervisor. :ind Bob Miller. Below: Annnzil Spin' Style Show in the Snh ballroom. ' "" lf 4 Above: Our lihr:-n'v from President. Zimmermznfs house PRI - These scenes ol: spring remind ns that our stay here for the year is rapidly drawing to 21 close. For many of ns it is the last semester of school 'Tor the clurzitionf' and for the seniors it is their Iinal stanza on the hill. This spring was markecl by 21 decided effort to have fun before leaving to work or join the armed forces. Both work and play took an added significance and the days of our lives spent at State U. are not soon to be forgotten. Hilching downtown for 11 quirk movie. Holm Grcenwell llllil Monlelle Moyers suige Sulillmouncl. za Romeo uucl juliel over Lhe Sub wall. AN GR DU Graduation is the ultimate goal ol' our foul'-year stay on the campus. Although the good times are more easily remembeied. our degree is nizlterial evidence of a worthwhile education. ,N INV' ATION! Commencement Exercises in C2llTllJllSgl'OYC. ffYvf .. .-:Af ,153 .1 W Q if I l wi ' , 1.- x iii-F my MW M uxx.w.u-,E ' s gg Z, ST1ve's. '? 1, 5 l aw- E . It ' A iii? ,mt R ea s, ' xx y,f.:j,ff" , 5' 'H um .7 ,arrows ls. Without the support of ers, this edition of the been possible. Their int patronage. We also of Mr. Ferenz Fedor, Miss Milner, Mr. Vince Mr. louis Schifani, the University Press, Mr. Cy Tourist Bureau, and Agency. Among Pty-iu T E our Miss New are random of humor compiled obKNOXiously. which we hope will be taken in the spirit intended. BOOK FOURTEE 'A --i-1" " -- Above lefl: R. N. Wliillcy zlnxl Bob Swain clon'l believe in signs. Above riglilz City policeman has lielcl day on Llic hill. Below: U0l'0lily Licsc. lYl'lll'lllZl Aflll'!'ill'. and Marilyn Pczirrc :irc ull' for an zlflcrnoon of shopping. F ---------v-vv-v 2 ----i ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::n::::::::-':::::: '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 GENERAL INDEX '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 if Ad1ni11ist1':1tio11. Division S, 9 FI'2llEl'l1lllES, Division 148, 1.111 President Zimmerinrm ll 'P . . 11 A111191-1i5in111 Dix-igion 11,21 193 l:l'CSlHHCll PlllJllCilll0l1S Boznrd R5 -1 Arts X Sciences . . , r, 6, L' , -,-,- :1 1111171111 C111 Omega 152' 153 Education 50 3.1 3 51 Queens, Dmston 112. 115 1 . . . ' " Allahu Delta Pi 15.1, 155 hflgmeemlg 62' 63 Seniors :f ' 'X lime fxns 691 W Arts R Sciences 20. 21, 22, 1, A, W. S. Council 8,1 Geueml 73' 14' ID 23, 24, 25 '1 ,, 1 Education 42, 43, 114, 41' 1, B111111 102 Cfnln Qu.11tet 185 Engineering 56, 57 .1 1 , , - 1, Baptist Student Union IOS GLM '38 511111111 1111191111 10111 115' 117 1, 111156111111 11151 1117 C.0ve1no1 Mum IU Sigma C111 166, '67 '1 , 11 '-18,8 1, B.1sltc.tb.1ll. 132, 133. 131. 131, Omecommlv I O ' ' S1gm11 11111 EPSHO11 151, 1, 110111.11 0fRCgen1s 10 Hoinccomtng Queen 11.1 Sigma Tau 98 1 1' 1. I . '.'. '- . 11 110015 and Saddms ml Ho11o11111cs, Dmston 90, gl Ski Club '07 1' . I-louse Mothers lqo ,T Czunpus Cl1o1ce 12o ' 511111111 1111 1, 1 , Indepe11de1'1t Queen llg A 1, Clll Onicgzt 156, 157 q0P110m01.e1 '1 l t '. ' ' 1 ' 1' M l . 11 Class Ofncers Sz, S3 H crfmtemlty Council IJ' Arts k Sctences 30, 31, 32.33 11 1 . , lllll'Zlll1lll'IllS 1.12, L13, 1114 Efll'Ci1f10T'l 481 49 '1 Clubs, Division 100, lOl En11inee1-ing 60, 61 il Colle eo Di1"Qio1 Juniors Fine Arts 68 :1 g A' 1 If I Arts K Sciences 26, 27, 28, 211 GCHCYIII 72 11 li.SC1CllgCS IG- I7 Education 116, 117 g 011 D,v,s,O Inn '03 1 1'UCi1'0'1 3 1 39 En ineerin r8, r "P 'V' I "1 U 7" " +1 Enafinwillsf 52- as Fifi Am 2113 19 1 - 1, 111111: 111,11 111' GQ Sports, S1cle Line Shots 1115 - - -- :1 if GCllCl'2ll 70, 71 Kappa Alpha 158, 159 51,111.5 94 1 11' Collegiztiis IO5 Kappa Kappa Cznnma IGO, IGI 5111dC111 1301111611 1,10 1 . 1 . , - , 1: Lonteiitf, I1 Kappa Sigma 162, 163 5111118111 Government, if Dean of Men 78 Khzttnli 92, Q3 Division 76' 77 '1 . . . . ,P 11 Dcnn of Women 711 Lobo 88, 139 5111110111 Llf01D'Vlb'0n '72- '13 ' Pl1otoff1':1phic :I Dedication .1 Mujorettes 178 51111mfQ11-Y 1711-191 'l . 11 D1':unz1tic: l'1'oduclio11s 108, IUQ, Mirage 85, 37 Student Union Xvorkers IQO '1 HO' In Mirage Bounty Queen 117 1-0111115 131, 1, EllglllCCl'lllg Society H36 N 1 1' 1, I 1 H 1, . 1n.1ge I opu .nity Queen 1 17 Town C11111 170, 171 1 E ' .,.1. .1 1. 1 1 11 nglmu 5 Quan H" Mirage Queen Camlidzxtes 118 -1-1.111111 1110 1, Faculty 11 1 1 B 1d ' 1 fl Arts R Sciences 18, IQ E or m Om 92' 93 V'g1lf""CS 95 1, Education 110, .11 N, R, O, T, C, 185 W. A- A- 99 '1 E11f"i11ec1'ing r.1, rg 1, 10 ,J J. ,114 1.1 S11 1 U I 1 1, Fmff A115 50 Cl' e3"1"0'Ce1'e5 I-1131 14115 Wl10's Who ID Amencan Col- l , 1, Iromlmll Pan-Hellenic Council 150 Bowlciggi 1: Fl'CSl1lIl2ll1 Ifjl p111.111e1-es 155 611115 121 11 Varsity 124. 125, 126, 127 1: 128, 129, l30 Pi Kappa Alpha 16111, 165 Womcn's Sports 11.6, 1117 1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 '1 4,.::v-.-:::::::::::,-.A::::,:::.-: - - - -::::::::::::::: :::,-::::::.-:::: ::::::::::::::- one lzzmflrcd riiimty-foizr 1 1 1 1 1 "" ::::' T' I C 11 1 G EIYS . . . nCOI'IgI'2lUlI21f.IOlIS on Lhis Hue issue of the Mirage" TEXT BOOKS K EQ E ENGINEERING SUPPLIES GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLIES SPORTING COODS 1 l 'P 'n 4 SI-IEAFFER PEN EQ PENCIL SETS 1 1 . 4, CLASS ROOM NEEDS EQ SCHOOL SUPPLIES 4 1 I 1 1 1 I I ER ITY BOO T RE 1 Archie Vlfesiffzll, '32 1 4 - 1 Student Union Blllldlllg 1 1 1 J one lzwzflrecl ninety-HUG 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 The Sw-rc Buill for you on lim Camjms 1 TRUDELLE DONVNER Trudelle Downer is the inaugurator of petti- coat government at Pottawatomie. Swept into ofhce on a wave of old draft cards, she made her regime comparable only to the period of scull- duggery as hatched by Lusk and Bratton Q-rest their soulsj . Trudy was a Mortar Board as well as chief torturer in the Kappa pledge line. The prexy. who once dated Pikes in majority, is now quite the popular young thing and does not spend many evenings around the home hearth "Knittiu' for Britain" or "Cl1appi11' for japan." BEVERLY KIRCH Beverly i'Streak', Kircll was finally elected as a campus queen. The independent men were so overcome when she arrived at their formal wear- ing a suntan with contrasting dress that they waited in line to cast their vote for her. She has long been the queen of Hokona, but has dated more different men than Draft Board No. 1 called. T:::::::::::::::-'-'v :::::: ::::': :rr - v ::f::v': :::::::::7 1, lr I, 'P Ig 1: I: It 5 9 if it f el IHHIIQICCEIWWHQS l 5, rl: l'l Fl U' 55 Ii SMI-IRT CLOTHES FOR MEN ll Il ff 209 NVest. Central I FE :E I 1, fl The Home of Genuine il r 'r ll ll EQ Hottywooo CLOTHES 15 4, lg 1: For both the College Man and Co-ed If 32 :Q D U N LAP HATS 4, 1, if MANHATTAN SHIRTS ti 1, HoL.13PRooF I-IOSIERY 1, EE :E 4, lr L,:::--- -A-::::.-------V ---- :::: AAAA -----A A---A-- urlrf fI1lll!II'I'I1 llim'li'-SIX v---- v--, ---- ------ --:::::-::::,, P ::::::::::::: : :: ::: :::::::::: ::::: : ::Y When you build i l iorldueiuture. CLARK HANNA Clark "Chins" Hanna was pledge master at the Pike house at the beginning of the second semester. Then the fellows started their mass :E pledging program, and Clark found himself l :E Come to the b lilderg across the pledge line with Red Smith. Ross Mc- I, L K y . 1: 1 I Chntock, Leon Server, and the rest of the Lobo ll COIH1tTZlCllOI'S, HUC IOIHC 1 1, 1 f grid team with nothing but Bob MacNeely and ll OVVH CYS 1 C"lC'l L1Zilf'IC1'S Ol' . . . 1: C q Alnnmy Flynn between hnn and the two tons ol' lr ' ' - f ' 1 ll bulldlng mdtemals' pledges. However, with true never-say-die spirit, 'n I: old Clark did his best and kept right on cutting ll I: T1 history class until Doc Mitchell handed him his 1, ie lp ,' . . ' , 3 . . , walking papers. Hanna hails from a ranch at 1 C BA DRPDCE il I LUMBFRIEOMP ,YY T San Marcel. New Mexico where he herds dogies lp 1 ,4 'Y I l Y IZ .. between semesters when he herds Kappas around 1, .'10I'23 South Itirsl Phone 45,16 ll in his big Glds. l 4, ::,,,- :: ,.-::::::,:,,,::::v - ::: .,.-: l, I ll 1, l l l ll 1, Q: 1: l l ll The pliolograplric work started by Ferenz Fedor' lor the llIfTll,Qf' was lun. 'l '1 l, l , . . , . l ll XVe all hope his career in the Arrny will prove as successlul and rewarding I, ll 1, l . . . l 1, as his pholograplntt work in Albuquerque has been. j, ll 1, l I: Il 1 ll 1: 'I 1, II I' l n l BRETT ROORBACI-I l 1, ,, l ji at Tflli Fmnorz Srumos QE , l jl 418 E. Central Ave. fl l l fl Il 1, ,, 1, ,, ll l, :u 1, .L - A::.-:- -::.A, A::::::: - - - - A -::,, -,:,,,.-::,,,::---J.-:: - A A,::::--:::::::::::,-A one lrmzrlrell vliflely-.wzfrll EDDIE APODACA Ed is editor of the Lobo. Chairman of the hue arts festival, and promoter Oi:C211TllDllS bands when Chet Akins, his greatest nemesis, isn't around. Eddie did a line job until the scandal about the letter to Browder was dragged into the light by john Elliot Qsee elsewhere in this sectionj. Alter this was settled, Appiedackie turned out some good sheets. although they were a trifle tainted with Pan-Americanisnt and too-long t 5,::::::::-:::::::::::::::::-v - ::::-':::f'5 11 11 1, ,1 1' 1 I: The most "VVall-tml-Almitti' 11 1 1 ,I shoes on the campus 1, 1 1 it 1, :1 1 -: 1: il '1 11 11 1' 1 1' 11 1: 11 g 1 1 fl 1, 11 1, ,: if '1 1 W Ig 1 1, It 1 P 1 PA R I S 1 1 ri 1 1 sHoE STORE 1 1, ,, El 309 XV. Central Ave. 1: 1, :P 1 Q g Q 1 6 1, , 1, P 4,:: :::: ::::::::::::: ::.-:::::::::::::::J one lumflr1'd ninety-ffiglzl tdjectives. Ed's band played most of the jobs on the hill until Chet, and Mickey Fabrizio tried to corner the market after they returned second semester. This "journalists lllgllUHEl1'CN was the "Simon Legreen type of editor. Many a night, alter the rag had been put to bed, the scribes could be seen emerging from his inner sancttum with the marks of the rubber hose still on their innocent backs fthe meanyj . 1 Q-.-::::::::::::::::::v-::::::::::.-::::::,, :1 11 1: 1: 11 11 1 1 1 1 ii N 1 ii 1 ewesjt ty es 1 1, 1, I' I' 1 - - 1 1, Provide Thrills for Shotnpersl 1 1, 'A 1: 5 5 '1 11 1, 1, :1 Youthful and exciting are the National Advcr- :1 ' . .... l :1 txsed Frocks which are decidedly Atnertcan, but tt 11 P 1 :1 takes at French word to describe them adequately 11 1 1 :1 and that word is "pimpante" which means not only :I 1 ' 1 1: youthful but exciting and that is exactly as ther :P ' ' 1 1: are. Nationally advertised Princess and Swans- 1: down Coats and Suits, Nelly Don, Martha Manning 1' I I: and Gay Gibson Dresses, Hollywood Sports Toggs, 1: Dobbs Milliuery. Munsingwear Lingerie. Cats' Pa- 1: jarnas. No Mend Silk and Nylon Hose. and a large if assortment ol' chic accessories that are sold excul- N - 5 1, su-'ely lu, , 1, 1: I H 1, 1, 1, J a Q 1 Kzstler, Collzster 61 Co. 1, 1 ,: Hll7IIL'I'l? Allulrjzlefrqize Shops with ConHfIe11cc" 1 1 1 1, 1, 1, 1, p:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::g KORBERIS S jaorzfing Goods Hfw'd1um'r' CHINA ' GIFTS WALL PAPER AND PAINTS LINOLEUM AND SHADES RANCI-ISUPPLIES Phone 7711 KORIIER BUILDING - - - 200-22,4 N.S1iCOND SI ALIIUQUEROI I' VIEW MEXICO DODGE and PLYMOUTH AUTOMOBILES DODGE BROS. TRUCKS Sales and Sewiczf K O R.B E R ' S Phone 7718 KORBER ISLIILDING ---- S ul :mal Copper XI IIIIOIIERQUF NIQNV NIFXICO I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I rx,-:::::: - -::::::::::: -::::: - - A-AA-A - 'I 'I tl I 'I 'I I 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I Where Your Clothes . Are Cleaned in a More I EXPENSIVE 'I I I CLEANING I 'I I: SOLVENT 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I I. hone.567l fWSA ITARY -7IIII N. Broadway IE ses Us 'I 'I I :I I 'I 'I I I I, 0 'I I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I, C 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I II 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I L, lzro Il2l7lLl7'C'll FOR : Authentic Styles at the Right Prices with the True Quality for Any Cccasion 1 QUALITY MEN'S WEAR 309 Ulcst Cflllflll CHUCK I-IITT Charles "F.agle-beak" Hitt is a past consul ol the local Sig chapter and "high ruddy-ruddy" of the order of plow noses. The good Charles, a Khatali, strained many a gusset smacking tennis balls for old UNM during his twelve-year stay on the campus. Chuck hails from Glenn Ellyn, Illinois, garden spot of the universe, and shows up at the Sig house every fall with several pledges. Jacobs, Headland, O'Connor, etc., who were run out of Chicago for smuggling dope or something equally horrible. He is a government major, on "coking" terms with Doctor Sacks, Kleven, and Sorrell. Chollie devoted most of his time to .lean Begley until said queen became air hostess number one for Continental. Since then he has specialized in taking the brothers' girls out while they fthe boysj are sick or would like to be-good old Chuck. VINCE BOGREN That 250 lbs. of Kappa Sig that runs the con- cessions with "Stilts" Groman is, behind the line and massive "Chest", big V. Bogren, ex-manager of the beaver lodge and football player par excellence. Big V., Dean Bostwiclis favorite partner at Croquet, is a wolf with a capital llX'Vllfll and a hold-over lrom the old regime at State U. However, he pays his rent on his booth at Le Grande every time the Michaels threaten him for it, and he usually manages to keep the feminine situation pretty well in hand. Vince was trapped, though, when the well-oiled Bogren line got tangled in the waist-long tresses of blues-singing H. Hensley. Wliein last seen, they were devoting their lives to a treatise entitled "How to Avoid Meddling Kliatalin or "Sabotage in the SUB". ----- -A-A ---- ----,,--- --AA------A:::: A.-.-:::::::::: :::::.-::::::::: We have enjoyed doing the photography on the I942 M iwzge and sincerely believe that the book this vem' will be one of the greatest: ever. We hope you like it. Y Omcial P11010g'2"lLf7flU7".S'- 19112 JlLHI'fIgf' IL ER Szfuclzfo of PlIoIfogmf2!Iy 2021K-fl YVest Cleiimil 4 'I 'I 1 I 4 V 'I I P I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'U 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'P :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I l 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 4I P 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'P 'I 'I :I V I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :Q-4 two IIIIIIIIVPII one -IIM LEACH -lim Leach, Dixie prexy and Irish as Pat's pig, is as rough as Coach johnson and president of the Engineering Society to boot. Leach was right in the big middle of the Engineer-Sig eye poke in hack ofthe Kappa House and stuck up for the slip-stickers when the dean intervened. At the Dixie Ball. jim came disguised as a poached egg in a ruflled muffler. He left poached, period. .Iames could be a major flash on the gridiron, but he prefers to get that old sheepskin instead of pigskin. e::: ---- - - A::::::::: - --A- :::4 II 11 I: Ig 1 1, :E Dependable :g 1 5: 11 y l I I I ll Furniture and Piano Moving 11 'I 41 fl Cold Storage I ll l 1: Fur Storage if '1 '1 I1 Transit Mix Concrete Il ly 1, Sand and Gravel Fl El G 11 ly :1 :E :E 1, :y ll il lr ' l 1 Sprmger Transfer Co. 1 1, 1 11 121 Tijeras Ave. IE 1 1 :E Phone 6651 if 1: 11 it il 1,::::,:,, - -::::, - -: -::::::::::::::.i lim liumlred Iwo IDIOT ELLIGT john "Idiot" Elliot parks his plus fourteens under the best hay .oft in Belen. In case you don't know him: that ignorant looking jerk with national defense eyes Cone watching each coastj that Maxine Blitz chases over our mesas and arroyos is it. You can hnd him and his "doubly- ugly" dog flopped in the S.U.B. eighteen hours a day, except when his profs send him engraved invitations to a particularly meaty quiz which they are sure the "Idjit" will fumble as badly as two pledges looking for matches. Idiot serves as scapegoat in a large majority of the campus romantic intrigue. His pin has adorned so many lassies that the pearls have to go back to the oyster beds every six months to get freshened up. f':::::::::::: .:::::::::::::::::::::,q' 41 1 EE :E if v1s1T oUR MoDERN :E 1 1 ig Hardware Store 55 COMPLETE sTocKs or EE New ATTRACTIVE If 1E MERCHANDISE :E Raabe Sz Mauger Co. 35 jf 112-11.1 West Copper, in Albuquerque 5: Since 1906 ii::: ' ' ':::::::::::: ':::: A-AA ::::ii 7 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I U 'I 'I h 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I T0 Q7l4677'LI967'S Qf the Graduating Class I: 'I 'I 'I 'I Members ol: the 1942 gracluzuing class are to become a responsible part 1, of a new America . . . a lighting America. The training you have received jf must make you realize more than others not so fortunate. the necessity ole QI protecting our democratic way ol' living . . . the necessity of defeating all forms ol' 'w'0'ression so that free man fan live secure in a free world. can 1 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I It is a new kind ol: world, il changing world. in which you are about to l 'I 'I . . . . . . . l Lake your active place, and it will be the kind ol world that you, and millions 1: 'I of other Ainericans, clelermine to make it. But however we plan to shape II 'I our desliny, ler's make ciertain that we preserve our liberty. 1: ll , . I Congratulations and good luck. il l - - . - v -1 ' Coldially yours, -IO!-IN E. Minis I1 'I GO1.l!?f'IlO'f' :I I :I II 'I 'I II :::::::::::::::f:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J Iwo I1 lUIl1I'!'Il f1H'l'I' 'I 4 I I I 'I 0 v---v v- ----- v--- - vv- -v::--:::::::::,Y 4I 4 'I 'I 4, 4, r 1 :I KA THLEEN KIEQH I II 'I I 'I , . . :I 'I I-Iomeconnng Queen, Kathleen Klech, IS the I 'I 'I If Q J If brown and red headed bunch of lJlllCl1T1UlClC and 'I ., 'I . S I , . . ll Q 5 :I stuff that Frank Teal spends lns every wakmg I 4 . I 'I 5177? 'I . . . . 1: f .5 1: hour wlth. She IS the Alpha C.h1 that revxved I. I -' mu 4, ll I XJ f I the auburn streak and brought it its new present 4, I 'I ' 'I ' . ." 1 ll , . . I .-Q" 'I lame when she aneared at homeconnnv' wlth I or 4413" I ' 'I D If ll a shiny new one. This "Sharecropper" hails 4 'I l ' ii il 1' :I lrom Arkansas Qprouounced Arkansawwww I I I 'I 'I . :I 1: and takes her meals and showers at the Alpha Chl 4, 4, 'I 'I , , . ', I - 4 ' 1: Ll-I2-Lua East Central Ave. 1: Omega shanty. A hun advocate ol. sun batlung, 4 4 I . . . 'I she has become so brown that Teal often loses I Opposue Pubhc Lahrary :I I I her completely on dark I1Igl1lS fol XVl11Cl.l there lI ll I ' I ' 1 .1 A :I Complefc kodak .Service flli IUHUYI- I , 4 ll 'I L-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::,- :::::::::-J l-,::: .- - :: :::,-:: : : -:: :: ::::.-::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 You always have az good time I aftbeHlLTO 'I 'I 'I II 'I I I, ' La is headquarters for hm ll 'I 'I I 1 . . I and 6llK6l'l211lllI'lC11t. Dancmg each weekday alter- :I ' I noon and evening. lf . ll 'I I 'I 0 Dmmg Room and Coffee Room I I I the place to go when you want a good meal m 1 4 4 4 I I 4 Albuquerque. 4: I I I 'I 'I 'I II ----A--------------------A--------A------:::,x two lzrmclrezl four We'll give you this space for fellow students' signatures! Albuquerque Gas and Electric Company ARTHUR PRAGER, P're5idf?ni and Grzrrmml JW I lrmzrlrvri Q V 'I 'I 'I II 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I II, 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 4 I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I College Inn mm' Book Store Slzjujuorfizzg llze Uniwfrsily for Over 16 I'ear.x.' C-D66 ' FOUNTAIN SERVICE ' MEALS ' NEIIV AND USED TEXTBOOKS ' ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' ART SUPPLIES ' CRESTED STATIONERY ' FOUNTAIN PENS ' REMINGTON TYPEXIVRITERS CLQQ On Cerilral across from Fine Arts Bmlflizzg Mr. and Mrs. I'Valter Fisher Phone 5346 L. -::::- :::.-:v :::::::::::::::::::::: :- :: tt un I1 undrefl six "THE FUTURE OF AN ILLUSIO. Before coming to the University I pictured it ar a foreboding cloister of iz. losing structures within whose sanctunis strode importantly be- spectacled individuals loaded down with volumes and treatises, their persons being further ac- coutered with such equipment as slide-rules. magnifying glasses, and boxes of aspirin. Oc- casionally a ponderous. white-haired professor would lumber thru, complete with brief case. curved pipe, walking stick, pince-nez and heavy jowls. Silence pervaded the scene. the only colors were two shades of gray, and intellectual atmos- phere was so thick you could put a binder around it and call it an encyclopedia. Then I actually came to a University, and my ominous castles in the air crumbled like un- organized civilians before a Panzer division. Imposing structures I Found, yes, but contrary to my expectations they were not tattle-tale gray nor were they clad in Poison Ivy. Instead I found friendly buildings which didn't look as if they'd roar if I dared to enter. The type of architecture was nonchalant, and around the buildings was lawn, where there might have been-more build- ings. On the cloormat I read "IfVelco1ne" instead of "Danger-Men at YVork." IVhen I encountered people who weren't hunch-backed from carrying books, and profes- sors who weren't shaking cockle-burrs from their beards you could have knocked me over with a bulletin board. I learned that students don't really eat and sleep in the library, and then I learned that students donlt really eat or sleep. The midnight oil you hear so much about doesn't keep the students' lamps lit while they study, but is used as a Chaser when the students get lit. Wlieiievei' I ask anyone about the intellectual atmosphere you'd expect to Hnd at a University they just laugh and say "Ive don't talk about that." It's gotten so that even I don't talk about it .... Oh well-whatls cookin' tonight? David Benedetti, '43 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 I 1 1 1 1 1 f:::::::::::- :::::::::::::::::::::::::'I 1, '1 NORMA JEAN WORTMAN 1 1 11 Participate With Those You Love 1 This pohti, ' big-wig from the ADPi house I: in the Happiness That Flowers Bring 11 1, 1 1, 41 is a sort of female Lusk and Bratton combined. If 1 . . . . Ig Not only IS the administration run by women, 1 1 ' 1 l 1 11 1 the power behin' is wearing skirts Qand slacksj 1 D i X i e ji 1 1 1 '1 too. Norma -lean was a Mortar Board during her I :E 1 1 1 Fl A last session at UNM and was a student without 1' O 1 af 11 1 11 , 1 11 equal. Although she dldllst Oo much for the 1 1' D 1 C o H1 p a I1 13 1 brightlights, she made her niche in the hall ol? 1: ' 1 1 1 . c s n 1 fame where it will do the most good, with the 1 If 1 Phone 2345 1. 1 1 faculty instead of the manager of the Red Ball 1: 1 1, 11 1 1 Cafe. The school. could use more like her-but 11 219 N. Mulberry Ave. 1, :P 1 1 not too, too many. 1 lg L:xx,,,:,,::::::,,,-.-::,,:::::::.- A:::.1 Kf:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::'?, 1, '1 1 1 1: 11 1: 1 1, '1 1 1 , 1 1, '1 1, I 1 1 1' '1 1, "Albzzgzze1fgzze'5 Most Popular Bari' 1 ig 1 1, I 1, '1 1, 11 1, 11 1, :1 1, 1 1 CECIL 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 FRANK 1 1 1 1 1 1 DICK 1 :E 1 1, 11 1, '1 1, 11 1, '1 1 1 11 Phone 6243 - Q23 South Second Street 1: 1, 11 1, 1 1 1 L.,:::::,:::::::::::::::.-:- ::::::::::::::::::::::::- :::::::::::::- ::::::::::::::,g two 1Hl77d7'lTfI sen CII rs 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I h 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I h 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I h 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ' I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I "I l In Y ,---------------- --------v--vv---::::::::::::::::.0::t,::::::::,,:::::::::::::wv::::::::::f':::: WHAT This big one-the one were all in. I mean the one that were fighting right here in New Mexico through the long sunny days and the crisp nights- spring and summer and fall and winter. All of 11s. The University, too, don't think for a for a moment it isn't. Listen: Since 1939 when the progrzmi started. the University has trained 265 men 1111der the Civil Aeronautics Board pilot, training program. Many of' them are now pilots or instructors in the Army and Navy Air Corps. Since long before Pearl Harbor, the Physics and Chemistry people have been working hand in glove with U. S. Gov- ernmental agencies o11 programs of in- tense and practical research. YVe'd like to tell you more about this, it's signifi- cant. But-well, there's a war on, and we can't. Since the start of the special Defense Training Courses. the Mathematics and Engi- neering people have been do- ing overtime work, several nights each week. teaching defense training They're still at it. C011 TSCS. Since the fall of 19.11, the U. S. Navy has had a unit of tl1e Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps at U.N.M. Five commissioned ofiicers and four petty officers are busy turning out men to serve as ensigns in the Naval AR. Reserve when they graduate from the University. Meanwhile, they remain exempt from provisions of the Selective Service Acts. There are two other classes, V-1 and V-5, of naval ofhcers training offered at the University. Through the cooperation with the ANVVS and the American Red Cross, and through filling technical positions formerly held by men who have been called to the armed forces, tl1e women of the University are in it too. Ready for service this fall, is the XVar Training Course program of the Uni- versity. Under a director. the whole problem of preparing men and women students alike, n10St profitably and most successfiilly to take their place in the war program. is being brought into sharp focus. No new curricula as such are now contemplated. N.R.o.'1'.c. offtf.-W 7? In lf 1111511111 eight 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I -Q ---- A -----------, ----------------------A---------- .... --.V,::::::::::::::::::: Thr' N.R.lJ,T.C. 4" Nrliwl " ' The new program will use existing courses and existing facilities to give our students tr a i n ing which experience and the word ol' the armed forces indicate as best designed to prepare oui men to Ht smoothly and successfully into Army or Navy lilfe. Stress will he laid on physical fitness, on mathenlatics. and on the physical sciences. YVe believe this plan will help our students more than any other course we could lead them into, For the women the new prograin offers planned curricula leading' to- ward technical work in laboratories, hos- pitals, and industry. There are also spe- cial offerings in Home Economics, First Aid, Physical Education and Mathematics. O lil Iilt' N.Y.A. Dr'fr'u.w' 'fraiiziiig Shoji Iwo llrmflrccl mm FRATERNITIES The various "eating clubs" around the hill top are noted for the big parties, big purses and big promises during rush week. Speaking of rush week, this is the only campus in the country where the university ofiicials make no rules barring any holds during the process of putting the button on the boys. Rumor has it that the Pikes chained one innocent lrosh from high school in the basement to keep the Sigs from getting him and then forgot him until the middle of the winter when one of the brothers was looking for a dime he dropped clown the register. Pi Knjzfm A lplm The Pikes just got out of the fraternal dog house because of a few political stinkers this year. They did very well the second semester ol" this year when they pledged entire Lobo football squad. Now there are two Pike chapters. the Pikes and the football players that bunk in the house. This is the only Pike chapter in the country that has two houses and an estufa. Signm Chi The mesa men have the largest chapter on the hill crowded into their castle on the mesa across from Doc Kieclfs house. The Sigma Chis used to live outside the city limits so that the brothers could bring their overnight bags on a visit, but now they are surrounded by the curses of civilization. tivo lrundrwl im: 9 : ::::::: : ::: :::- :J :::: :.- ::: ::::::: After Graduation . . . ANOTHER GREAT ADVENTURE . . . MAKING A HOME For many years we have been allowed to assist New Mexico Young Home Makers create beautiful and comfortable homes. Broome Furniture Company .Santa Fe - Taos - f1lI111.q'z.wrq1,te f-:::--:::::::: +A-- :::::::::::--::::: li EQ IPME T FOR ALL PORT f' 1.4. I X X X L., ----L. SPORT SHOP New Mexico School Supply Co. 205 West Copper Phone 2-0184 " "" ' ""-- - '-v--'---'-'- -----'-41 On the Busiest Corner in Albuquerque Fourth Sc Central the 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I l S DRUG l Stop in for O Candies 0 Tobacco O Drugs Wlzere the Student Feels Right at Ilome 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I -v--vvvv--v---------v---------v---J Sigma Phi Elbsilon Highlights of the social season at the Sig lip house was their "black-out party." just as the light went out, sixteen taxis drove up in front. The drivers said that a jerk named Yeager had sent them up in case any of the fellows' dates were alraid of the dark and wanted to walk home. Timm Nu. Epsilon Kajillm A ljilm The Dixie boys hang out in the grey house opposite the maintenance shops, home of Bow- ditch's brown shirts. Their big event was the Dixie Ball where the brothers put on costumes and try to EICK like southern gentlemen. Mint julep was the main course and dessert, and a moment of silence was observed in memory of that dean among scribes Fred Yeager, who was tossed back and forth between the marines and Dean Bostwick for a whole semester. z2?Z'B?aK IEE 5, 15 fx- :fe f is N --Qs.-'sg-1., a,: , '.:I,e:as i. iEQQfbwf3m'sXf'QIk.Xs2:gS2ggi'ii'Sfief.5Iga ff-- ' 1- 2335 -53, -- ::::::::::::::.-::::::::: ::::::::::.-:,-:: .... .......v... v - - - -- - - 'I 'I 1 . .. , ............ , ...... ..... .... .... . ...... - . ., .................................. H.. l . . 1 I -. - ' ' "-' - pw 'I 'I .I ,ag I- - vf v wf J w - sw . I, - I, I I 0 -'-' I :X .I I- :es s - - ' " ' 1 ii- ' - i :I -, I :fini 9 - ' 'I 'I P1-O C141 f Pre ,lred -rg-S . -'--'I 2. -3 I: ' I-EYE',:..:'ss??f::.?:..e.1-Ti:'i:- ., ..-':.:.'-. X ' - -'-mfr:-EQ-'3:15'is22:21-2PS:i:2:s-.Ir:':i:f2:::-f"-.-J' fb : ' e P l P' f , - . -E -' 'I Superbly Served Music Dancinv' D Luncheon and Dinner -I.:.-fe-...W:LI-1-:.:..-.sassy:sims..s-:xii-.::sa.s-'-QXQ:a'.rsf:12:5:::.I ' " ' 'sa' :djs-is Q-15'-me-.rv .mx si, -1,:.X:E.:..m: 1-:f::.,..,I::. .-,.. 14.-Q., 'I . I . I 3' '.I,. . ,. -. - .. ms 7 '- ' I, s. .1 :.: -' . 1 . .' NI'-: I -.:-g-I-.-Ia...-Ifs ---.I -1X..-I.-..,:t.if:: . ....., .:...-zz 2- . :A . ......,, .x f -5 s.. FIX .1 I -.-. Q. -'--.-. Q-I-s-.I,-.--::I,i,,. ,,,. :,.I,,s. .. .. I --" Q -I-I:--Ms i , II V I- if..-.-2 -122:In:I1.f-'::r:2:fes1wI'-.:.21:-I::2s::gf:?sIgg::' I:.2,::z:f:,:,I: II ""2 .I --.--.- """' ' ---M . :-- V, ..::s: gg: H ,E 'I .... ., . , .,.,.. , 'i Y it i VI H 'P' ' A V ' ' il . ,. 1' '--'I .1-', I , --- ' ,. -I - -- .I 'I ' t 'I s::5s:fE-sEI:sE:ivsE.' .' ai 311-1 . 'ff"'- - - ' ,I ' I : .1: iii- ' 'I ' i, - - ,S - I 1' 15- szasszifafi i 12-.22-..-ff ' 'f I2 : :I-1:-S2 -A I? 5155.2 ' ' I ..,, . ,, I I 'I I'.I ' , , ,. N 3:31, j ,K .. -I -:mg II - es-1 '-2 .:. 251' 'I I. -.-.-. . -. . Q .,.. i f-.t .W -- - ..: I, 'ZIEEQZ' EI..-IEE !" is 525525525 255: ,EEL QEE LI I- 5555225 I:5.I'5e,5g,:, 'gigs' . . .... . .. ,I I S liii' . sa ff, is X E , z , ' 'R s X sis 'I fe 2 5 film 4 I. IX I 3 rf' zz x S- fi 1 ii ' , -' , Il A 'T M ' Z5 41 . I ,Xt X ?f 'Xt PN Q s ez ' 2 55 g . WI ai' T V xg Q ass K P x , , QE iygj C, Qi f I X' 5-I2 X 5 Q X ag Xxx i f f ik -a 2 . X X, me ' "' ,X Q gs s s N lg it w as X ,bi at-A Magi 9 I X O I ' ' s ,II vii' A gl 2 X I xx S X X B X ' ! si ga H - X I X Y i 2 s ' 3 X Q XS ll 'K I 1 X , X, ,mr , ,, . s ., .X Vx... .:-1 ,K . wx - "I 5' KZ? N 5 , A W' 'Q 'Y Q i 1 I is e 'ttIs,'I , is I I SI M I s W 'W ' 9 1- - aw I, Ig was I . I ' f 3 I f VIMXI W X I ,M Ms -..::::9- -11, .5 -s Is?-1. -- " , :Ea 5- :if 2:15 -cg: " '- :1-EEE"-E 3553- -3- ' -1 -- I M-:X-1 ss.-. - 2:.""1'!. I-' I " . I r I I I'rPf:E"-"'s N079-- 1: 13?T:ff!'Zi3E3"fT"":"'li'Z'.'l':"'."'i" I -.f4"ISvv -"4 'l'i'f'QgIi , ' - II - - I, " 1:-f If 1. - .1 1-1' . 'is-I2 x fs-..'I:I " . 1 I -' 'I -:-s . ' ... :. wr-' -I .j' .2 .- zjft: "1 ':jErE5e2 .. , I '2E3i- '-4353, Is., 'fri .X -- S -Q-,'Ez:sf IE,sI,i3-I'-:Ig 12 -' :I " . ' 1-' I 5 . Q' Ref- - - -: I 1.JJEf.'1:1-I:.?x-."I""ES'2Ei2+'EEE'E2'1f'.2z- -- .ep-:--f zffs . ' . -Liz. 4- . . - I Q " ' ' ' ci!"-', I I- " ' "'- f . I - -:Q2PY2221fi's-2122253 -"-.-?21"f l.-' 9- ?i'!-'R' N'-4i-K:'E"f1'1:2:2.214:2-:f:':':z:'f5?f:zfrv- :IEP-:'?ff:::'1:sS':'.tS'--1':-I::1:'-11'11:1-2:2:1'rzrs:-I-t,"19 f1a:I':2'-'2:1:1:':21:21-1r1:21:1:2:2::I2:1-:2:2:2.:I-'-15.-f:2'XI'-1::-fa'. tim'-1:1-:c2'-'-' 'X QA' ls' 'I II . 'I aX - +. 'I l I - ---- A - ----- - - - ------- - - - - - .,:::::,,:,:::::::.-.A::.-::.-::::::::::::::::::::.:::q two ltuzlflrcd eleven f-0:: :::::- :.-::: - : .-:::: ::- -::: 4, ? 'l lv 5 1, "BUILD TI-Ili BREECIE XVAYH ,, I, 1, 3: Jfflflflll Sigma ln ll 1' it E, B1-eece I-Alma --,er More commonly known as the Bearer Boys, the I 'p l l' 142113311 Si0's have a majoritlv of athletes in the I1 and 42 I O ' ' 4, ln If A, 6, ll lodge. Nevertheless, Lhey 14na11ag'c- to turn out . , . l Wu 9 l Lam 111 f " . . I: lv 1 P Y PC 5 I1 such gay dogs as -lun Bam, V. Bogren, and Frank 4, lp ' 4, ln ll ll Teal. Their Bowery Dzlmre is their Zlllllllill walk- 4, in 4, p ll ,I ing clrunla zu whirh the sober one is veddy, x-'eddy l E :E 4 , 4 . . 41 , hnrfl to lmcl. H1 he Iellows were 1l1lI'21I11lll'Ill lungs 1, l 4, 'I if ll lor this last year and are expected to pull ll retreat P tl lr l Pliflhlb-S8155-862411 lor the next stanza. sl if l l 1' l L::::: A - -:::::::::::: , :::::,:::::.::,,X3 ,HJ Mx: M:N'N:: ':::H::A me U ::::H::::uAu:AA:':::::' A'A::"H:::::', l l l l tl zz . . n ' f Get Your Midnight Snack at the l 1' I l ll l l P l l it 'I - Y ln li V Xl YK 1: 5 lr X ,l :u 1: rf l lp l -4 li 1: Q LUNLHES Ig l I' l D 4 . 4 4 U 1 ' 4 0 D lNNElxb J: l, 1, ll lr 4, 4, Ig 0 FOUNTAIN SERVICE Ig 41 I: I 4 1 O , G Ig 1, pall Q-4306 1, l F012 FREE h12l-1v121eY I ,I ,I 24-1-101112 SERVICE LESS 1. JOHNSON, Pm, Glrarcl and Celdfal ,L 42 4: I, 4, Z,,,,,., ,,,..,,....,,-:,.., -A-:,,,-- -,,,,:, ---::,::,..: ---,:,,..::x,x3' Iwo fll1Illll'l'tl lzvrlzfr' WHAT OF THE Cluflly our World is torn with strife in the greatest conflict of all time. Civilization is be- ing rocked to its foundations. gllf Cvmarrvw. . . and there most certainly shall be a tomorrow, will be a day of deeper understanding, and dawn with man's ideals a greater monument to world advancement than at any time in history! V011 . . . the youth of our great country, will see beyond the horizons and build to these ideals. Mil 5 ll z A . KW NlETROP0l.lTAN LT f ' WTP if Gid- . un, CA: -, ., . Chester Frenc 1 Iorlzuary The Clmpffl in the Garfleiz TI-IIRTY-FIVE Y E A R S CONTINUOUS SERVICE AMBULANCE PHONE 4404 9 IO East Grand 55 'GWALVARADO - W, to Dine, to Dance, to Enjoy Good Times and Excellent Food Vis!! T11 4? A lwuftflo C959 See the New Spanish Cocktail Lounge Phone 6671 rx lltlrzrlrwl fn111'I1'r11 MAR I LYN MOR R ONV "Gunner" Morrow is the Chi O Mortar Board that totes a black violin case between classes. Reminiscent of the Old Chicago days, she has been called 'tGll1l11C1"' throughout her whole stay on our campus because student guesses as to the contents of the fiddle box have ranged from a sub-machine gun to pajamas or her lunch. Per- haps the most outstanding ligure Qnot bad eitherj in the Chi 0 shanty, she is a line student as well as a "good joe." Then there was the innocent who came to college. I-Iis story runs something like this: p:: A----- ---. ....... - - - ---- ---- - - .,., ,- , , , , , ...,. -:::::1 4, 4, I' I' li 4: I, II I I' I1 I IZ :I I I ff C O VE RS 4 ii it It it 1' 1' I . ' I 1, For the 1 Q42 Mirage 1, 'I II 1' 1' 4I 4 II 'I 4, 4, :I :I 4: by 4: 4, 4, I I :I :I I 'I 'I 1' 1' I I :I KINGSCRAFT IDIVISION :I I I In II 4 N, 4 4, KINGSPORT PRESS gf I1 t It ,4 Kingsport, Tenn. , , :I :I 42 41 'I 'I 'I ll 'I ll 4,,:::::- - - -:::::::::,- - - - - -::: -::::::::4 :ii 'I 'I I 'I 'I I lb I ' ' ' - , vhe,.e,s B -, vvv- IH? - , 1 : A . I . -' -'J :::::: GAA X106 SM SMXMI had sus. ::::: Already? :f:,:: 4- - :::::, wl1el4eyg ::: Cmnp Hush f SWQXIM, 'Y exmessee f Ijfq,-zya L Blllp Dew: 'Exoesxz D LookfY m In Dude Sami 5 Pm-mg Amo MX Y xxx sorry 'mmm is than X Mod K. Xen Wm know sooner, so gon eooXo pox kt Ko the IXLUNXNUS 'emo Yo mmqbe be qw geximg Xeuevs WI new 'vom some oi uw ok' oak 016 ax U N QNX. 'Y J J fa Mom Ks ROYNNIRYCYXKXQQ mg PA,UN'NUS xo me and so Km X hav emi x missed ax eopq. Xloxive dokxxg, Yxoe so keep up xekkwg, us wheie exIe1XIbocKKI is and whom meg' ie dokixg, Wham wkmh ev evqbodq Xxnupkug, mound Xike ix N'e1L.'0emx on n Xxox ohm X ood L see how qou keep up wkmh mem as weXX as gon 60. wh C1-6,5 Wkkch vemkuds mefX w as W Qokxug, dow xx Comomw " ' P D sweet uhev mess Nast, xxkegxx and someone 1eXXs "Req , HUX1f:' SofX sfmgs "Nd'Axe says "?Xe?.se'fso we go Xvswe zx Xneerfon uxe. Pmo who do sou xkknk K1 wus? NN eXX, sw, KL was YAXX. Y es, sk, YAXY s Xxevefsmue C:zmxpAmn in CIomomw Ufwhkch Isxfx as good as X It my uomonwg wkkch Ks C.omp'mvI Ya. x , f 'I I S ' - ' . . . migxew WN' X W Qxxfxhms abom. MX me news xkexe 1s Xoi now. I 'X ' x" X Nusx keep up gout good w oik on Axe IXXD'NXNUSfX sme g,ex, ax kkck out oN keeping, ku much wkdx me IAA fgfaug. YXX w Axe you ngnkn Mom 'fokkg-If X Yrs! 'Yomxwj T. 'Ao X E 5 -I I-I ..: O al 'YJ f' : fb This is a YOUd161QCLClg1y to I UM14' 'H I A S SOCIATION 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 1 v- ::: , 'J lz Im lrilmlrp I f W flffl, 071 SORORITIES ' XVl1en told that I was to write a story on soror- ities, I answered with a "I-IMMIN-I", accoinpariied by a slight twitching' which my doctor tells me is war hysteria. For purposes of simplification. we can classify sorority girls under hve main headings, namely: 1. Girls who Cltlllvl neck 2. Blondes 3. llrtinetites 4. Red heads 5. And how to cheat stlccessliully at ice hockey. Now proceeding to heading nnxnber one-there aren't any girls like that in college sororities, so we had better disregard that section of the out- line, in fact, we might as well throw into the SUB pond tl1e whole darn thing and get down to cases. Kajzjm Kappa Gmmrzfl The Kappas hang out and wash their extra socks over at 221 University. well within range ol' the engineers at Hadley Hall. Possessors of the biggest house on the hill, the gals have been a little inclined to sit around and await develop- ments. Nevertheless, the sisters manage to snare their quota ol' Sig pins every year by Fair means or foul. LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING FUR STORAGE Drive In and Save at Qnrl and Roma HQ lil. 3'Q5 iL For Convenient Delivery Service Phone 5545 the EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY f., ,,-- ,,,. , .... ..... - - - -vvv v-- -v-v---- -v-v v ..--.. V Y ----.-.v... ,--.+:---A-A-- i 1 EE CREAMLAND 41 ln up D A I R I E S . , . 1, Paslienrizecl Milk 1 bf' , W gp Dial 7746 Bum ' Cream 4, 1 . li for Service Ice Cream I li 321 North Second Street Butternulk 11 GRADE A .,xL1s11Q1nsRQ11E, New MEXICO Cottage Cheese li We Maintain Our Own Lrzlmmtmgt, You Are Welcome to Inspect It 'r L,,::::::,-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::r:::1f::::::::-:::::-:::::::::::::::::::::: Inv: lrllfzrlrwl .rixlffffu S Iigfils' I Ia. Q Il CO 'L 77 P40 L A R PCO ENT EX C M WIC rl I W A 411 NEOCRF1-TE 1 M M E D OM E C T A ST F6 ta I1 Sa . 1 11 1.5 fre 11 LV ld ,lc el H Z 'P IP 'P 'P 'P IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P IP IP 'P 'P 'P 'P IP 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P II IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P I P 'P 'P IP ll 'P 'P 'P 'P IP IP IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P IP 'P IP IP IP IP IP 'P 'P 'P IP IP IP IP 'P IP 'I 'P IP 'P IP II 'P 'P 'P IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P IP 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'I 'P 'P IP IP 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P IP ' 3 .P' ,f If 1 z",' Sc' I f .r dl 7 'J 11' P0 rf' I I 'I rv f ----- v W - -- ---- - v - ::::::::::::::::::1 I . 1: C711 Omega 1 I IC 111 louse 15 tra' 2ll'0'C an roomy " I 't 'll C1' o 1 ' 1 1 1 d " Ol' I EVEN GW U " . . I v - 1: shanty behind the Ad building, within sleep- 'I fl I 0 ,Y A . i :I IS aff' of wzillung clistzunce of most ot the classrooms on the I s I If cannons. Noted For then' serenades and picnics. 11 Q: the gals at the C1'OW'S nest did all right for them- ll is a Lin1ev's description of I-larry Dade. selves lllltll the airbnse moved in. The local hill- 1, ' if of Kew'S111'1'Qy, England, after H CLCYIHHII top joes were rather Cl12lgT1llCCl and so. many of I I, blnnb denjolishgd his l1fjllSC. lllle sisters llZlVC lJCCl1 left lilllttlll' li0T Bfllllill Hlllell I ll the nnny llew away. If :I :I Mr. D2lClC'S letters to his 8-year-old Ajplm jjegm pg I li l'Cl5llg'CC son in Santa Fe are p11lJlished in F I :I 1' hese gals own the house across Ash lroni the I jf KS lodge. The gate on that jernt makes "Inner I :E SIIIlCUllT1'SHClOOl' sound like Mickey Mouse. This ' 0 . . " It l1OllSC has the hiwhest scholastic flveraffe on the 1, I ev ra I O S . . . . 1: h1ll-in spite ol the gleesoine threesome that come " if . . 'I in the back door more often than the lront. 1, e ugee on 'I :::::::::::::::::::::::::: -::: :::::::'T it I 1' 'I 'I 1: ' 4 I, II 'I If I: For jf 'I U I I 'I 1 lf Hl177'lll7'01lL9 '1'l1rIZl1ng Ellllglllfffllllg lf 7 I Ig ig uquerque S 51 'I 'I , 'I 'I , ,I 11 Ig Finest 1, 1, A 'I 'I 1' I Qoo Jzxves-Clotlr Bound l' D I ' 'I 2: ' D -I ry C eanlng 1 :I :I 1: -I I I 'I 'I S 2 5 O " I 'I ' :I 'I I 4 I I I ,I ,I PHONE 1 I I I: ig 6 I I Z1 ll 7 I I :I 'I 'I ,I I' 12 I I , , 1, 'I lg The Unlverslty of I th It -I - I e IMPERIAL I 1: New MEXICO Press I . . . . , il -Xlbuqnerque N M LAUNDRY COMPANY 'I 11 ll Cleaners - H11ttefI's- D'veI'5 I 1 I ' I :I ji Third lk Silver ll I 1 II 11 I ev-:v - - -::.-:: - A --::::::::::::::::::: g:: AAAA A - -- --:::::,-.-:.A::::: - A:::::,3 Izvn lI1lr1dred eiglzlf-en To the Students and the Boys in the Service: Carry Our Best Wishes Wl1.e1'ever You May Col -- r--vv 'Y 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'iflnicbue Sandwich .Sheba "Where Old Ffierzds Meet" 1s11.L 15N'1rsM1NG1f1R ..U,, 21311 East ffCllll'2ii .'XC1'oss from thc Sf107'fS77Hlll'S H eadquarlers I-I. Cook Sporting Goods Co. O Cor. Sixth :Ind Central Alhilqilerquc, New Mexico 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I --------------------- ----------v---- -::::: -::::-:::::::::::- ---A-A-Q SAFEWAY Yom" N eigl1.b0I'lI ood G I'rIceI'3III'1,mz Nine Stores in Albuquerque For Your Convenience Quality - Price - Swzfiziff The Guarcl.wnaII For the Smartest in Style for the Spring Season Visit THE BARTLEY SHOP 303 West Central 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I EUR ITURE Marked with A111cricz1's greatest 1l1lLIlLli'2lClllI'Cl'S' niuues .... Furniurrc that is trzuliliomrlly high in quality ..... Flll'lliI,l,Il'C than makes your hmnc '1 'real home. Sold on Exim Easy Te'I'II1.I AMERICAN 210-212 FURNITURE CO. Phone W. Central 7853 'I ---v .......v. - .,,, --JI, ' VALLIANT Printing Co. Printers - Bivfzclers 613 NV. GOLD Albuquerque, N. Mex. I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 I 'I 'I 'I I Southwestern Sash Sc Door Co. .1 14416 N. First .-Xlbuquerque, New Mexico I-IALE'S BROWNBILT SHOE STORE Wlmre They Fil the Fed 109 SOUTH FIFTH Quality Footwear I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I J Iwo lfzrzlzlrrrl 7lf7IC'f!.' 611 I Vr::::::::: ::::- ::::::::::::::::::: I II A 11,1111 Chi Omega II I II I't M ' I 'Tlre Alpha Chi's have had thc "Sweetheart ol' I ua I y aterla s . , ., . , . II P1 lx A rn then' shanty lor the lust decade-no I :I r u r F u t u wonder, that vacant lot separating the two houses I I . . . . :I H O cloesn't go tar toward l11I1dC1'1l1g' happy soczml I . 4 n - ' ME :I l'Cl2lll0l1S. Hozneconnng Queen Klech came lronl I . . :I IIIGIY shanty and the stunt nrght cup went to them , s I :I , on El sultry fvery sultryj renduion of "Blues in I, . 'Y :I the N1ght. :I I I: Sorority girls are a clan in themselves and have II I: several strange traditions. When one of the sisters I :E A. R. I O. gets a fraternity pin, she is required to lope II , . zrround the table to the cheers and jeers ol the :I 912-92,1 North Flrst Street ' , . . I non-rect ments. However. when she Hnall hook' :I Albuquerque. N. M. l Y 5 I' , . . . the fellow into lnarriz-10'e. she must walk the :I lL1.IEI'yf,llI?g for Home Bullflefrs D ' :I length of the table on her hands until she upsets I I . . IIuu:::::::::::::::- :::::::::::::J the mztyonnzuse 1l1t0 the lap of the housemother. ?::: -:::::::.-:::::.-.-::::::::::4-::::::: S:::::::::::: -.-:::::::::::::::::::::::QT I, II II I, II II I, II II I, :I :I 1: .1 f 1' at n k .g I I 5: For More Than ,g ,I I I N D l I I I I, II II " T D ol ' ' , wo eca es , CO, , I1 +I I 4, :I :I I, I I :I I I U Q IL IIEWELERS I 11 Unlversrty ol New Mexteo ,L I I, :I :I I students have favored :I ,:, :I +I , . 'I 'I :I us .... VVe are now SCTVIHQ 1: 1: 'I . I' II 11 fl second generzmon I :I :I I, ' :I :I I :E I I ig :I I, I I 4, O 'I II I, II 'I I1 I :I "Wlml We Say Is ls-It Is" :I If I I ' e I ' I, I If 314 YV. Central Albuquerque :I I1 I I I II 'I L::::,-:::- :.-:::::- ::::::::::::,::::,-:- u,,:,,:,., .-:::::::::::.-:::,::::::- .-:::,I lfvo l1umII'1'1l ln'1'11fv .. ........ A ..... - ........ - - A - - .... :::,:::,::::::::, :.- ,-::::::::::::::::::::::::7 - fi Greellngs Atom anta. e Complimenix qf az Friend LA TA BERNA Ckvckrail IJOlH1gC an ust Across the Bridge on College" Santa Fe, New Mexico Dining Da-Izcmg 'I 'I 'I 1 Q 'I 1I l 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I l 'I 'I 'IL CI 111: I 'L wn a, Q jl I F -It I 1' ' I jf 1 lftcu 5. 1368 I 'df 1 ' A hotel dincrent in many 4' 5 ways . . . Old world charm 1: " lulenclerl with modern con- 1, Q! venicnccs into a unique 1, ' f ' pattern . . . Delightful 1, ' , lxeadquarters for "Indian 1, 'L Detoursu . . . for hunting. 1, fishing, horse-hack riding 1, and skiing . . . Informal 1, entertairnments, dinner 'I dancing to the tunes of the 'I ' XJ famous Mexican Orclmeslra. 'I 1326? '- " T1 'I 'I Ja ' 'I SHHTHFE NEW MEXIEU I .,., 1 M, 4' . s ,A . ----13432 ,3 13 l SIT! ..Mghf'fg'f"5 ' ki? ,E 14. 'I ffl" ll .......,., 11's iilaluiurd lg fine-l'lef,g "'- 15 3 ' ll 1 'I A I HOTEL 'I 'I 'I 'I -JJ: ,-,-:,:: :::::::,::::,,::::, .- .-J .-::::::: 1 l it s 1 I Ulf Cllllb. ,, 'I 'I . , . . 'I xVl1Cl'1 Ill Santa Pe VISIK jr ll 1 l 'I THE 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I MAYFLO ER 1 l 'I 'I AFE 'I 'I ft 4 Q Santa F65 Finest Il 1 P 4 on the Plaza 11 l l two lmndrcd tizfcllfy-0110 Phone 5647 Aliouquerque um er ompany 423 and 501 North First Street Albuquerque, N. M. Disfrib ufovxt of Benj. Moore lk Co. Paint Products johns-Manville Products Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co., Plumb- ing Products American Radiator Co.. Heat' ing products GIVE BRO. SHOE STORE A lln1q1mrque's Nerves! ruztl Fines! Shoe Store 304 W. Central Phone 4225 Cirfwlox Mfuuw , Mgr. fi. u 2: - ,- +:::::::::::.-:::::::::::::: 1 In Time of War O II? you have enough life insurance protection to keep your lznnily on its feet linaneially in event ol' your death. we do not urge you to buy more. but reeonnnend that you put the money you would normally invest i11 additional in- surance into Defense Bonds. I IF your fznnily is not so protected, it is your duty to your nation as well as to your dependents to do your best to insure against their becoming a burden on others already carrying their lull share of war's burden. G0!0 .4 "ie Q umm un man mon ll I I l Ill! runs aan Pm- ouis Schifani NEWV YORK LIFE Phones: Ofhce, 7711: Res., 2-5560 5oS First Nall. Bunk Bldg. Allnlqilcrqile. N. M. I ORY SOAP My been OLD FAITHFUI. 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