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I« . ■ ' ■ ■V v ' ma « •.«v ' . t- fp|? ■ The dawn of a new year. w Yearbook University of Nevada " n.eno Vol. 76 ft. M « X i WtWL JB i V V A- r.;:,.f. ,; ■■ ' : ?N X :■ 11 MawnaHi|MnBHMHB| The walls of Frandsen Humanities have been given a new look — a mural created by Maria Jaramillo who came to UNR from Chile in 1972. For some, the mural may represent nothing more than artwork, but for Mrs. Jaramillo, symbolism permeates her creation. Painted predominantly in cool colors, her mural depicts the coldness and uncertainty of the atomic age. On the left, an infant rises from a machine to the nucleus of an atom.The second part of the mural spans a time period of 200 years in the history of North American women. For Mrs. Jaramillo, the group illustrate unrest and sadness. Her brush strokes lead the eye to a bomb shelter where part of a woman ' s hand melts on contact. This phase of the mural represents our current era and a poor tran- sition into the atomic age. Diagonal lines in the third phase focus on a central figure that symbolizes the unity of women of all races. This single body advances toward a future of peace. Mrs. Jaramillo explains her final drawing saying, " I haven ' t wanted to paint anything pleasing to the eye, but it is a call for awareness to young people about the future of atomization. " 13 H m JMlfffl Sfc W ' mmm £1 MB kt fW lata ...let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. -Kahlil Gibran UNR Skydiving Club 16 17 syt, ' hi i rWWR, FEES 23 - 00 PERCr pmmg IH ,, " .■ " ;- n As the cost of a college education continues to escalate, students encounter more difficulties when trying to meet tuition demands. This year UNR students were faced with a substantial tuition hike from $22 per unit to $23, with the additional $1 per unit going to ASUN. Opposition to the increase was expressed by those who felt the decision was unfair. By a vote of 10-5-1, the ASUN Senate approved the fee increase during the summer while six senators were ab- sent. And, few students were aware of the meeting. But, the ASUN budget was in trouble as it faced an operating deficit of $90,000. In an effort to further reduce costs, cuts were made in Activities, Finance and Control, and Publications. According to ASUN President Greg Neuweiler, the increase marks the first raise of ASUN fees since the 1950s. 19 20 ■ ■ 21 CHANGES Ren Rice The changes, they just keep happening. It ' s late Fall now, a pause just before the cold plunge into winter. The building next door is gone, torn down earlier this semester. A gaping hole, like a missing tooth, is left in the quad. The student union was expanded, the football stadium grew to twice its capacity, and Morrill Hall received a new lease on life complete with facelift. The football team made history this year. The song girls became cheerleaders, the medical school has it ' s first four year class enrolled, and another of the " hodge- podge of crumbling old buildings " in the quad will be torn down in the Spring. By the time you read this twice the football team will probably have won another championship. By the fifth reading most of the song girls will be mothers and your doctor may have graduated from the UNR Medical School. If after fifty years you drag this time-worn old book out once more, the quad ' s " hodgepodge " will probably be gone. The changes. They season us, like the changing seasons season the passing days. Weathering each year here, the memory of UNR will be carried within us when we leave. In a half-century, when the time comes to dust off these old memories, let them be good ones. Remember cold days and hot wine. A number one football team and good friends to celebrate it with. And if you ' re very lucky, remember what you loved here, because that won ' t change, ever. 22 ■smn 23 24 ■ ' -r ' ■ ' ' , ' ■ " ' -_1 ■ ■ ■ .11 „ __ .:. ' ;■ ™ I jH , _ _ „ ; : i-i.. im JOT TRAVIS gnm aN T T J WKW 25 TTW.m Although the UNR campus is experiencing several changes this year, at least one thing has been preserved — Morrill Hall. As one of the oldest campus buildings, it received $622,000 for renovation to comply with ear- thquake safety codes. In 1894, Morrill Hall, stood among the first five buildings on campus and was used for virtually everything. The rejuvenated Morrill Hall will be used for offices of various alumni. 26 Morrill Hall was named for Senator Justin S. Morrill of Vermont, author of the Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862, which established the system of land grant colleges. Morrill Hall, 1908. - ■ -;% I . 2: Dr- Joseph Crowley, Interim President Edward L. Pine, Vice-President-Business Richard T. Dankworth, Vice-President-University Services 28 Chancellor Baepler Robert M. Gorrell, Vice-President -Academics 29 30 31 32 Juniper Arlene Achurra, Doulatabad Morteza Akbari, Michael Arn, Kimberly Bailey, Daniel Ballin, David Berg, David Bertroch, Dave Biehl, Bruce Braginton, Mark Breeden, Walter Brown, Alice Broyles, Mark Brusseau, Rhein Buchbinder, Thomas Burton, Edmund Cher, Jeffrey Chiara, Micha Corneil, Bruce C. Cornell, Darnell Davidson, Terrence Day, William Doherty, William Doyle, David Edsall, Jorgen Eiremo, Yvonne Emm, Charles Engstrom, Edward Ezzell, Edward Ferris, June Fleming, Mary Fry, Bruce Garrison, John Gillie, Wayne Hague, Robin Harley, Paul Harris, William Harrison, Mitchell Hasbrouck, Ron Hathhorn, Oscar Heinlein, Michael Hendryx, Mark Henne, Mark Her- wick, Brian Hinsey, Kwok Ming Ho, Michael lannacchione, Gary James, Curtis Jones, Susan Joseph, Diana Katsaros, William Keating, Laura Keckler, Tracy Kepler, Kam-Lun Lee, Bryan W. Lewis, Pui Kai Li, Rou-Shywan Lin, Howland Little, Christopher Long Michael Lowy, Charles Luttrell, Donald Magorian, David Mansfield, Jeffrey Marcinik, Kelli Mayer, Dave Mough, Ray McDonald, Patrick McGuire, Daniel Nezgoda, Eileen O ' Neill, Erin Parks, Clark Patrick, Joseph Pescio, Nick Petrelli, Robert Pierzynski, Robert Pinheiro, Stephen Poole, Gary Ramociotti, Kelly Rau, Rickey Rhodes, Rhonda Robison, Mike Rubio, Richard Sanchez, Henry Scarborough, Periann Scott, Gregory Silva, Randy Simpson, Marti Sites, David Slight, Yolanda Smith, Delora Snapp, Helen Snapp, Marc Steinhilber, David Sweeney, John Sweeney, Jeanette Taylor, Ernest Terry, Paul Theiss, Yui To, Duane Vaden, Rick Vance, Neal Van Citters, Mark Venturacci, David Viars, Marie Vinson, Hans VonGortler, Ian Watts, Barry Weisband, Lars Welander, Candace Whittig, Samuel Williams, Oren Wilson, Martin Wood, Thomas Wysocki, Deng-Wei Yau, Tom Zum- tobel. 34 ■ ' . ' ;. ' :.■..;■ ' Lincoln Hall Michael Allen, Arthur Andrae, Richard Angelini, Todd Babish, Mojtaba Bazargani, Mostafa Beigi, Steven Billington, Kevin Brewer, Kelly Bullis, Greg Busch, Robert Carlson, Brad Clayton, Tom Crowell, Chris Davis, Bradley Ditsworth, Mark Ditsworth, Luis Dominguez, William Duncan, Jesus Eizaguirre, Daniel Empfield, Karl Enge, Stephen Foree, Ronald Geissler, James Goldsworthy, Ronald Graft, Lawrence Green, Jonathan Greer, Kurt Hardung, Warren Harrison, Christopher Hoidal, James Jempsa, Stephen Kaiser, Richard Ken- nedy, Stephen C. Knapp, Yiu-Fai Lee, John Leeming Russell Mix, Jarrell Mobley, Mark Moore, Eddie Moravec, Jay Morgan, Terry Mowbray, Raymond Munsterman, Gary McConnell, Alex Mc- Daniel, Craig Nealis, Edward Nettenstrom, Gary Nettenstrom, Chris Newell, Eric Newell, Parviz Noori, Robert O ' Donnell, Mark Owens, Martin Perone, Martin Perrier, Richard Pettenger, Dana Pinard, Frank Ponticello, Chris Pritsos, Paul Purington, Bernard Ricci, Stacey Richardson, Ricky Shimabuku, Samuel Shoemaker, David Silva, Lynn Smith, Willie Steve, Thomas Van Cantfort, Michael Van Remmortere, Timothy Wadsworth, Steven Wolf. 35 Nye Hall Amy Adams, Phil Adams. David Akin, Meleah Akin, Richard Alba, Cynthia Alber, Teresa Albertazzi, Ali Al Iraqi, Zainab Al Iraqi, Trebor Allen Jeffrey Anderson, Judi Anrig, Kelly Anrig, Dan Armbruster, Deanne Arnold, Gene Ashley, James Ashton, Susie Askew, Robert Baer Jolie Bagne, Cheryl Baker, Timothy Balderson, Jim Banfield, Catherine Banfill, Paul Barcley, Brad Barnum, Michael Barry, Jim Berkshire, Peggy Berney, Donald Biegle, Michelle Bieser, Kenneth Bishop, Darla Boak, Cynthia Bodrogi, Mark Bohach, William Bokelm ' ann, Susan Boner, Donna Booth, Bruce Borgos, Aric Boston, Laurie Boucher, William Bowser, Wendy Boyd, Tom Boyle, Kathy Bracey, Anthony Bradley, Colleen Bradshaw, Anastasia Brennan, Shelly Brewster, Marin Bright, Leslie Brokaw, Richard Bromley, Deb- bie Brown, Douglas Brown, Mark Brown, Pannonica Brown, Susan J. Brown Theresa Bentley, Teresa Brown, Paige Bryant, Dave Buich, Pamela Bundren, Marissa Burgess, Sally Butler, Billie Byrd, Kathryn Byrnes, Loretta Byrnes, Peter Callewaert, Marguerite Camino, Dean Campodonico, Joanne Cangemi, Ricky Cannon, William Cantrell, Cari Carlson, Louis Carpenter, James Cerf, Wade Chalfart, Arthur Chan- dless Steve Chappell, Joyce Cheek, Peter Chovanes, Karen Cipriano, Conrad Clark, Mark Claus, Timothy Clifford, Shaun Carey, William Clifford, Ronnie Collins, Robert Conradt, John Considine, Frederick Cook, Diane Copelan, Joseph Corns, Lisa Couron, Lisa Covich, Kim- berly Creech, Brenda Cristani, Susan Cristani, Gregory Crossman, Carolyn Crouchet, Mehdi Daghighi, Nichael Dallage, Donald Dame, Steven Daniels, Janet Davis, Ken Davis, Christopher Dean, Robert DeBorde, Anthony DeCrona, Denise Dehne, Patti Dellamonica, Donald DelPorto, Connie Denton, Jay Dettre, John Dick, Diane DiMaria, Betty Dittmer, Steve Dobrescu, Curt Dollarhide, Joel Doming ' uez, Kathleen Downs, Kenneth Dozier, Dianna Drew, Jane Driscoll, James Driskell, Nancy Dronet, Bonnie Duke, Donna Duke, Terri Eaton, Hamid Ebrahimisabet, Jay Eck, Thomas Elledge, Ken Elliott, Daniel Ellis, Beth Ellison, Karen Ellison, Charles Estell, Christine Esterreicher, Dion Anne Etchegoyhen, Al Eubank, Grant Evans, Michael Evans, Daniel Everson, Thomas Ewald, Daniel Farano, Richard Fass, Susan Feltner, Robert Ferro, Robert Fjellstrom, Albert Flangas, Gus Flangas, Terrence Flannigan, Jacques Fleming, Kevin Fleming, Johnny Flores, Leevette Fobbs, Kevin Fontes, Cheryl Foreman, Debra Foreman, Mike Foreman, Lucina Forgeng, Susan Forrest, Leslie Fortin, Mike Fortin, Lisa Foster, Audrey Fowler, Karen Fralinger, James Frazier, Mary-Jane Freeman, John Fritz, Donald Fukui, Steve Gamboa, Shane Gardner, Cheri Gates, Diane Gavalier, Melvin Gentry, Elvin Ghan, John Gibson, Lisa G i 1 1 i land, Ross Giovan- noni, Rebecca Glasscock, Harrison Giedhill, Susan Grabowski, Bill Gravert, Irvin Graves, Mary Greeley, Linda Greene, John Greenwood, Mary Griffin, Jim Griffo, Suzanne Gunkel, Kamari Gupta, Linda Gutierrez, Susie Giroland, Thomas Haenggi, Sheri Hagen, Jim Haley, Elizabeth Hanmer, Travis Harper, Jonathan Harris, Velma Harrowa, James Hart, Christina Haskell, Debra Hatch, Susan Hatfield, Cthleen Hattrup, Donna Hattrup, Frank Hawkins, William Haworth, Christopher Heitman, Denise Henry, Linda Henschel, Lisa Herman, Stacey Hertz, Scott Hess, Cathryn Heydon, Luana Hill, Daniel Hillman, Jolee Hills, Theresa Hinen, Tin-Kei Ho, David Hoffman, Nicholas Hogg, Newton, Holaday, Jeff Horton, Shirley Houser, Glen Howard, Zane Howe, Deborah Howell, Paul Hubbard, Bert Hughes, Patricia Hunt, Douglas Hunter, Gavin Hunter, Hugh Hunter, Loni Hut- chison, Sabrina Hyde, Maria Hyne, Lorraine Ingersoll, Laurel Jackson, Sherrada James, Dawn Jenkins, Rita Jernigan, Virgilio Jimenez, Becky Johnson, Thomas Johnston, Yvonne Jones, Lewis Jordan, Robin Joyce, Dale Jung, Aila Juvonen, Lori Kaltenback, Lucy Karczynski, Keith Katzer, Dana Kauffman, Bobby Kearney, Thomas Kelly, Jim Keyes, Siroos Khadvi, Darryl Kill ian, Jane Kilroy :«, Dongmin Kim, Cyndy Kimber, Rhonda Kingsland, Alan Kirby, Judy Kirkwood, Greg Kite, Robert Klieforth, Steve M. Knapp, Niloufar Kolahiaghdam, Christopher Kompst, Shari Koon, Lori Kramer, Kevin Kreisler, Douglas Kriz, Lawrence Krogh, Brigitte Lams, Peter Lang, Bruce Larson, Jolynn Lauten, J. Clay Lawson, Lisa Leachman, Caesar Lee, Deborah Lee, Francis Lee, Lisa Lennier, Brian D. Lewis, Scott Lewis, Barbara Lohner, Susie Longnecker, David Lonnquist, Gary Lopez, John Lostra, Michael Lucas, Shaunna Ludwig, Sara Lundgren, Karyn Lutz, Susan Lyons, Sharon Macdonald, Marisa MacNelly, Gregory Madonna, Lane Maestretti, David Mallery, Carolyn Mallett, Sheryle Margerison, David Marker, Chris Martin, Randy Martin, Mary Martinat, James Mason, Cindy Matschke, Lenny Mayorga, Kathleen Meiners, Michael Meinert, Thomas Melancon, John Mendoza, Daniel Meyer, Jan Milaelsson, Mitchell Miller, Ronald Miller, Robert Mirth, Mary Monahan, Tina Monis, Eula Moore, Vernon Moore, Kyle Morgan, Jacqualyn Morganstern, William Morris, Charles Morse, Nancy Mor- ton, David Mosher, Brian Murphy, Michael Murphy, Robert Murray, Jeffery Myers, Sheila Mcintosh, Eric Nelson, Jean Newfarmer, Ken- neth Nicholson, Michael Niland, Milan Njegomire, Douglas Noble, Joanne Nore, Robert Normington, Jesus Nunez, Christopher O ' Brien, Mary Occhi, Haruhish Okada, Arnt Olson, John Olson, Jeanne Op- penheim, Robin Otteraaen, Laure Ouellett, Mathew Ouellett, Theresa Owens, Wilma Owens, Cynthia Ozman, Dwight Pace, Kevin Paff, Felicia Pagan, Mitchell Palmer, James Parker, Jeffrey Parkhurst, Deborah Parks, Amy Parr, Michael Parslow, Coy Peacock, Kraig Pellegrino, Robert Pellymounter, Sandra Perley, Karl Peterson, Loni Phelps, Darrell Piercy, Anne Pierzchala, Andrea Podell, Jeffrey Poer- tner, Bradley Port, Darla Porterfield, Gordon Powers, Terry Prescott, Donald Price, Kenneth Pringle, Melanie Purves, Harry Quarles, Mike Quint, Cheryl Rademacher, Jack Rader, John Rader, Karen Raven, Amy Reasbeck, Robin Reeve, Steven Reid, Thomas Reid, Kevin Reimer, Randall Reynolds, Juli Richards, Michelle Richards, Dean Riger, Timball Riggs, Patrick Robertson, William Robertson, Eric Robinson, Glen Robinson, Timothy Robinson, John Roller, Storm Root, Darlene Roque, Clare Rosa, John Rosa, David Rosborough, Mike Rosenthal, Kamran Roshannejad, Jeff Rouse, Konstance Rowley, Jeffery Ruby, Curtis Rudd, Steven Runow, carol Rupprecht, Phil Sabol, Kelly Sack, Claudia Sands, Nancy Sanner, Roy Saunders, Jeffery Sceirine, Ron Scheer, Robert Schiffmacher, Suzanne Sch- midbauer, Kirk schueler, Gregory Schumann, Jeri Schwartz, Donna Searles, Jeanne Sebring, Juan Selden, Roberto Selden, Victoria Sewell, Dana Sharp, Michael Shaw, Mary Sholl, Tami Silvestro, Jamie Simmons, Lori Siporen, Andy Siu, Linda Small, Karen Smith, Elizabeth Soberanes, Jose Solorio, Mark Sorensen, Ginny Spencer, Ronald Spollino, Donald Stamper, Von Stauffenberg, Leslie Stein, Michelle Stevenson, Victoria Steward, Duff Stewart, Richard Stewart, Penni Stone, Alison Strauss, Jennifer Stringari, Pamela Stronge, Ross Swezey, Cynthia sykes, Melody Tallard, Scott Tarlow, James Tatro, Clifford Taylor, David Taylor, Dwayne Taylor, Kimberly Taylor, Tom Teipner, Derrick Thomas, Jarrold Thompson, Leslie Thuleen. Joe Tippin, Jackson Tong, Brenda Townsend, Ping-Sheng Tsui, Norance Tucker, Terry Tuell, Eve Tunkelrott, Jonathan Turman, Kelly Van Dyne, Manuel Velasco, Kirk Vitto, James Wagener, Matthew Wagers. Paula Walker, Jon Wardlaw, Kathleen Watson, Loverne Watson. Stephen Welge, Renee Welles, Michael West, Julie Wheat, Kevin Wheeler, Geri White, Donald Wijekoon, Todd Wilcks, David Williams, Kristin Williams, Robin Williams, Dennis Wilson, Linda Wolf. Lap Wong, Denise Wright, Rebecca Wynn, Craig Wyosnick. Brett Wyrick, Mohamad Yousefe-B, William Zander. Lisa Zubull 37 White Pine Hall Jeffrey Adams, Mark Amodei, Kelly Baker Billie Baldini, Dan Baldini, Timothy Barnett, Wendy Barredo, Eldon Baumeister, Chris Beattie, Betty Bernard, John Bokelmann, Scott Brandt, Charles Branstetter, Mark Bruins, Phyllis Bryan, Blane Bujalski, Becky Bunker, Thomas Callinan, Ron Casteel, Andrea Charles, Dan Childers, William Chisel, Tadzeau Cieszko, Richard Coffey, Katherine Conner, Jay Conyers, Daniel Corder, Tammy Costa, Karen Cross, Paula Cuthbertson, Susan Daniels, Jill DeBow, Francine DiMaggio, Lawrence Dodd, William Doherty, Robin Donoho, Mike Dorey, Lynn Duncan, Susan Ellison, Sherry Ely, Lillian Escobar, Gary Estrada, Robert Ferrari, Joseph Franzone, Lyla Fundenberger, Jane Fundis, Constance Gerling, Wendy Gilmore, Miguel Gomez, Carolyn Gorham, Dana Gray, Stephen Greeley, Nancy Green, Margaret Haase, James Hammons, James Hay, Tomi Henderson, Lawrence Hines, Lynne Hirsch, Daniel Itza, Rett Jesse, Barbara Jungwirth, Barry Kashar, Peggy Klaich, Barbara Kolar, Janie Konakis, Patricia Koontz, Edward Kunzi, Theresa Laird Suzanne LaPointe, Sherri Lerg, Anthony Lewis, Beverly Lewis, Tony Lopez, Grant Luetkehans, Marcie Mandelbaum, Kay Marion Elveda Marinez, Sue Martinmaas, Randall Mead, Lisa Medina, Thomas Minor, Elizabeth Mitchell, Susan Moreda, Pamela Mull, Kay Munsterteiger, Julie McClelland, Charles McPartland, Kim Neuhauser, Ruth Nichols, Nader Noorfeshan, Eileen O ' Connor, Eileen O ' Neill, Beverly Owens, Kim Pacini, Teresa Palmore, Clara Pando, Eric Pastorino, Debra Peterson, Michael Pomi, Janice Primm, Cheryl Proctor, Denise Quon, Andrew Rasmussen, Brad Rebout, Karen Reeder, Debra Richards, Aaron Richardson, Linda Richardson, Tamela Romelli, John Roser, Joe Rota, Carol Schaechterle, Scott Schroeder, Edward Scripps, Kimberly Sears, Golandam Sehhati, Margaret Sheeran, Richard Sheehy, Frindia Simpson, Retta Small, Jeanne Sparks, Sabrina Stanfill, Margaret Steadman, Annelle Stone, Terry Sylvester, Mark Syzdek, Bradley Teixeira, Matthew Teixeira, Christine Thomas, Roy Thompson, Mary Ungaro, Craig Van Sickel, Connie Visscher, Deseree Walker, Jeffery Wallace, Steve Walsh, Ling Wang, Laurel Weaver, Tricia Westergard, John Wilhelm, David Willden, Derek Williams, Dorinda Williamson, Christopher Winslow, Brian Yost, Cindy Young, Steve Zuelke )H TVlanzariita Hall Ruth Aberasturi, Leslie Barcellos, Elaine Bell, Laurie Birdsey, Wilma Birdsey, Kimberly Bower, Susan E. Brown, Barbara Buck, Maureen Caffery, Valree Carmona, Cynthia Chapman, Patricia Chase, Christina Cordisco, Mischelle Dalby, Leanora DeGrezia, Darlene DuCharme, Maureen Dunn, Catherine Eckl, Tamara Elges, Margaret Elkey, Kim Erickson, Mary Ferris, Lori Floto, Norma Frost, Karen Gayle, Carol Gericke, Tina Goodin, Patti Gordon, Pam Gordon, Kathleen Graydon, Karen Green, Falena Greer, Genieieve Hannon, Mavis Harrison, Linda Hockersmith, Kristine Howe, Jacqueline Inchauspe, Kristina Jacob- sen, Maria Jacobsen, Tammy Kauffman, Laura Kellers, Cindy Leavitt, Deborah Loop, Diana Maloy, Maria Marcuerquiaga, Carol Marty Coleen Marty, Tracy Mathia, Joan Miller, Karen Miller, Jeanne Mooney, Linda Morgan, Jaymie Morris, Elizabeth Morrow, Judith Novotny, LeAnn Parades, Erin Peterson, Catherine Poage, Mary Raf- tery, Gail Remund, Mary Replogle, Judith Reznor, Regan Ringler, Cheryl Sandoval, Renee Santoro, Joanne Seegelken, Sharon Shaft, Michelle Shields, Laura Silvestri, Hera Siu, Theresa Small, Debbi Smith, Kerry Sullivan, Laura Swirnow, Daisy Tien, Mary Tippin, Vic- toria Tobey, Louise Uhalde, Susan Uhalde, Judith Ungar, Donna Valenti, Jackie VonTobel, Kimberly Wagonseller, Sandra Waight, Elaine Wallace, Pamela Wardrup, Anne Willie, Nicola Wood, Betsy Young. 39 DORM LIFE Behind the Scenes You know that thing that sits on top of Lincoln Hall and looks like a weather vane? It ' s not. Actually, it ' s a listening device set up in the late 60s and early 70s to monitor student activists at UNR. Every once in a while, it listens to our private conver- sations, even though it ' s rusty and somewhat inac- tivated. These are excerpts from a tape made last semester at White Pine Hall: 40 f m m " Up for a little cosmic encounter anyone? " " I hear there ' s a kegger in Evans Park tomorrow. " Mark, would you get your goddamn socks off my bed!!. ..Hey, wanna beer? " " No, really you guys, I ' ve got to study... " " Carolyn, would you please tell those jerks in 305 to " ...thanks for coming. Floor reps don ' t forget the pan- turn down their stereo — don ' t they ever study? " cake breakfast. ..What time?. ..8:30! Shit... " Condensed and Witnessed by " Big Dick " Sheehy pr 41 42 | I MW ff« W :.:.-- „■ IBipha Chi ' ©mega I.Mary McVicker (Pres.) 2. Mary Ellen Morgan 3.Laure Hesse 4. Shan- non Boni 5. Lynn Wosser (Vice Pres.) 6. Gail Burgener 7. Tracy Molder 8.Ginny Butram 9.Brenda Juchtezer 10. Jan Gori 11. Lillian Coonley 12. Mary Pat Eymann 13.Lori Latham 14. Elena Panelli 15. Laura Foote 16. Bobbie Wadsworth 17. Claudia Sands 18. Mary Ann Crooks 19. Anne Bolstad 20. Beth Morro 21. Jennifer Yturbide 22.Lori Bulkley 23.Karmel Bailey 24. Cheryl Baker 25.Verna Davig 26. Laura Allen 27.Denise LeCare 28. Janet McBride 29.Val Heieck 30. Kelly Scott 31.Tami Knorpp 32. Lisa Talamo 33.Debby Loop 34.Kary Lutz 35.Stacey Case 36. Julie Ferguson 37. Julie Drendel 38. Debbie Ham- bleton 39. Vicky Sauer 40.Lori Cassinelli 41.Denise Lockard 42. Chris Tauebell 43. Barbara Jungwirth 43 Belta ©clra ©elta I.Lisa Peel 2.Tracy Ellenberger 3. Margie Rosso 4. Ann Pintar 5. Carol Matthews 6. Candy Crabtree 7. Laura Murray 8. Debbie Prina 9. Melissa Sharp 10. Jennifer Lunt 11. Sandy Barrow 12. Lisa McBride 13. Paula Gurries 14. Debbie Gardner 15.Corinne Freemonth 16. Nancy McKay 17. Ann Humphrey 18. Diane James 19. Theresa Ponton 20. Janet Hill 21 .Nancy Long 22. Mary Ann Dalbey 23. Lisa Brown 24. Maureen Doyle 25. Michelle Dennis 26.Reevi Sullivan 27.Trisha Horner 28. Donna Weertz 29.Jeri Schwartz 30. Leslie Brokaw 31. Robin Eppard 32. Kathleen McKenzie 33.Lolene Schwartz 34. Liz Slaughter 35.Toni Olmstead 36. Kim Lepori 37. Mary Jo Rowan 38. Lisa Gilliland 39. Diane Sekiguchi 40.Mimi Brown 41. Cheryl Lane 42.Vicki Senini 43.Kathi Carpenter 44.Sherine Shaprow 45.Vicki Meek (Pres.) 46.Marcelle Prina 47.Lori Combe (Vice Pres.) 48. Sandy Madura a H Q m Rq -% 44 (Sam ma Vhi l6cra LShannah Mcaleer 2.Heidi Hand 3.Valerie Brown (Pres.) 4.Missy Razim 5. Cheryl Thompson 6. Jane Driscoll 7. Elaine Guenaga 8.Toni Witt 9.Kathy Porter 10. Ann Willie 11. Jeanne Lane 12. Karen Deal 13. Kim Meneley U.Ronda Silva 15. Diane Payne 16. Karen Rizzo 17.Tami Morgan 18.Tammy Durbin 19.Tammy Abernathy 20. Barbara Tankersley 21.Lori Osgood 22. Karen Kolberg 23. Mary-Jane Freeman 24 Leah Bengochea 25. Lynnette Martinelli (Vice Pres.) 26. Shawn Davis 27 Julie Smith 28.Tricia Fries 29. Sue Ball 30.Karen Traynor 31 Holly Mosser 32. Laura Beal 33.Kim Taylor 34.Kim Durbin 35 Rhonda Ogilivie 36. Kris Short 37. Laurie Chapman 38. Lynn Semen- za 39.Tina Vannucci 40.Janice Williams 41. Pinkie Gildone 42.Kathy Mowberg 43. Shawn Morgan 44. Sandy Slocum 45. Sue Hall 46.Gina Sereno 45 Xheta I.Cathy Arden 2. Susie Gray 3. Cynthia Martin 4.Cheri Goble 5. Nancy Edmunds (Vice Pres.) 6. Kitty Mantaburry 7.Jeri Davis 8.Kellie Wegren 9. Chris Thomas 10. Sue Early 11. Debbie Petersen 12. Melissa Meredith 13. Connie Johnson 14. Linda Bisset 15. Debbie Lopez 16.Suzie Rucker 17. Lisa Barbash 18. Kris McCulloch 19. Julie Larraguetta 20. Chris Bryars 21.Loni Harriet 22.Dori Clifton 23. Jane Fundis 24.Penni Stone 25. Cyn- thia Bodrogi 26.Toni Reconzone 27. Carrie Orcutt 28. Lynn Campbell 29. Sally Butler 30. Kim Legarza 31. Becky Berge (Pres.) 32.Loretta Johnson 33. Karen Reeder 34. Jeanne Sparks 35. Jennifer Gray 36. Debbie Callahan 37. Jenny Glenn 38.Trisha Westergard 46 ' .■ I .;•»)■ ' . TH eta TPhi Uudy Kocka (Pres.) 2.Charlene Clark 3. Sue Johnson 4. Mrs. Pruitt (House- mother) 5.Vicki Crook 6. Robin Rose 7.Rochelle Rose 8. Shelly Forbes 9. Julie Hueftle lO.Renee Welles 11. Kathleen Meiners 12. Barb Chimitz 13. Chris Collier 14. Jamie Newpher 15. Laurie Robertson 16. Liz Watson 17. Jill Bressler 18. Chris Shulze 19.Ginny DeRosa 20.Katy Pastrell 21.Brenda Becker 22. Sally Peterschmidt 23. Susan Uhalde 24. Debbie Dibitonto 25. Lisa James 26. Jane Lazovich 27. Liz Hamner 28.Jaymie Morris 29. Michelle LaBadie 30. Janet Getto 31. Barb Liang 32. Lisa Gianoli 33. Karen Gilbert 34. Tammy Tovey 35Charissa Berkshire 36.Candi Jackson 37.Pam Stronge 38.Jeanni Vicari 39. Nancy Sanner 40. Marie Ramsey 41. Kim Berkshire 42.Meleah Akin 43.Kristi Walters 44. Tammy Argeres 47 AH SS ' HiiiEfcSSai Ifillpha Eau ©mega I.Craig Marshall 2. Jeff Marshall 3. Paul Mendike 4. Mark Henderson 5. Steve Pecorilla 6. Bob Parsons 7. Scott Baker 8. Tom Clark 9. Doug Lanning 10. Mike Martino (Pres.) 11.Tim Betterly 12. Dave Billings 13. Mark Lathrop 14. Bob Brown 15. Dave Kennedy 16. Mitch Wagner 17. Kevin Johnson 18. Brett Ferrari 19. Paul Quinlan 20. Vic Stranberg 21. Mike Kidwell 22. Jim Croushore (Vice Pres.) 23. Chris McAvainey 24. Joe Drakulich 25. Al Strusser 26. Vic Alegria 27. Phil Pacheco 28. Sean Dawe 29. Kevin Krick 30. Tom Elledge 31. Brent Skidmore 32. Todd Bankofier 33.Tim Davis 34. Bill Swinole 35. Mitch Bailey 49 lambda Chi Hlpha I.Mike Ebright 2. Kirk Mortimore 3. Mike Hutchings 4. Curt is Van Gildei 5. Gary Lunda 6. Greg Damm 7. Mike Mann 8. Greg Valceschini 9. Steve Trounday 10. Louis Loftin 11. Ron Rose 12 Rich Yamamoto 13. Leo Myers 14. Rich Moore 15. Fernando Serrano 16. Scott Mohler 17 Ryan Tors 18. Ken Crowley 19. John Von Nolde 20. Kim Adamson 21 David Landolt 22. Bill Nolte 23. Grant Coonley 24. Butch Anderson 25. Mike Harrigan 26. Bill Hedges 27. Ken Pitman 28. Pete Jackson 29Mark Yenter(Pres) 30. Robin Glantz 31. Mark Evasovic (Vice Pres.) ' ,0 TPhi 3igma l appa I.Mark Cox 2. Karl Jurgens 3. Jim Pace 4. Steve Howard (Vice Pres.) 5. Randy Johnson 6. Pete Rissler 7. Ray McDonald 8. Matt Richards 9. Jim Johnson (Pres.) 10. Dave McReynolds 11. Chuck Mann 12.Wes Ballard 13. Scott Hutchison 14. Marty Crew 15. Pete Gregory. Not Pic- tured: Tim Calvert, Kerry Deal, Walt Fisk, Phil Midey, Corey Newcome. 51 IPhi Belta Xheta In its seventh year, Nevada ' s Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta planned several projects. Phi Delts restored their old house on Univer- sity Terrace and raised funds for the new one located across the street. The group also planned to help restore one of Virginia City ' s oldest churches. OFFICERS 1 Louie Jordan 2. Pat McQuillan 3. John Warwicke 4. Steven Summers 5 Justin Watson 6. John Olson 7. Richard Harmon 8. Dave Nishikita (Pres.) 9.Jim Jempsa 10 Brad Schulze 11. Mike McAullife 12. Tod Melcher 13. Gordon Simmons 14. Sam White 15. Tim Burke (Vice Pres.) 16 MikeSchuIz 17. John Peck f 52 fill J A Sigma Tflu 1 Brian Rolling 2. Rich Harrington 3. Bob Klosterman 4. Kevin Berry 5. Doug Harper 6. Ron Basta 7. Stan Marks 8. Bob Kimberland 9. Sam Mitchell 10-Kirk Shumacher 11. Joe Heying 12.AI Babb 13.Rich Poor 14. Steve Stewart 15. Craig Verschagen 16. Ron Deal 17.Tim Dickens 18. Dave Newcomer 19. Mark Coleman r=v t J1 20.Nick Firchner 21.Craig Ankele 22.Warren Graff 23. Pat Fritchell 24. Carry Schefcik 25. Bill LaBaron 26. Dan Caruso 27. Mike Cirac (Pres.) 28.Rick Hallam 29.Mike Hays 30.Reese Bostwick 31. Ryan Haus 32. Dave Briney 33. Dave Melroy 34. Charlie Arcienega 35. Rocky Mastelloto 36. Kevin Oxborrow 37. Ron Steele PLEDGES 53 Oigma Iftlpha JHpsilon I.Kim Rowe (Vice Pres.) 2. Bill Keating 3. Brett Cordova 4. Clay Apalategui 5. Dave Gray 6. Tony Shanks 7. Tom Bodensteiner 8. Alan Gray 9. Dean Upton 10. Andy Assuras 11. Dave Longfield 12. Dave Clif- ton 13. Steve Hybil 14. Paul Bailey 15. Rob Skinner 16. Greg Sexton 17. Jeff Wolf 18. Scott Horton 19. Nick Macy (Pres.) 20. Brian Flemming 21. Paul Anderson 22. Steve Kuchler 23. Bob Wines 24. Bruce Voorhees 25.Darrell Armuth 26. Vic Viccari 27. Paul Diflo 28. Dave Becktold 29. Rett Hummel 30. Bart Redmond 31. Mike Klaich 32. Don Wilkerson 33. Dean Kraft 34. Steve Hudson 35. Gary Turner 36. Ken Delia 37. Steve Hill 38. Sid Staunton 39. Steve Korcheck 40.Squiggy 54 mega Xi I.Tyler Regan (Vice Pres.) 2. Scott Koepf (Pres.) 3.Jack Lyons 4.Jim Williams 5. Jon Turman 6.Clark Patrick 7. Carlton Lamb 8.Jeff Rouse 9.Chris O ' Brien 10. Bart Fisher 11. Roger Lancaster 12. Bob Guild 13.Sam Doan 14Joe McGinley 15. Dave Williams 16. Guy Gansert 17. Mark Dobson 18.Glen Robinson 19.Rick Havenstrite 20.Chuck Niggemeyer 21. Ron Spoilino 22.Doug Hauck 23.Rick Boerke 24. Mike Pacini 25.Dirk Bleazard 26.Glen Howard. Not Pictured: Erich Breuner, Kurt Graf, John Hedge, Bob Higgins, Bill Holmes, Andy McNie, Ron Miller, Mit- ch Palmer. (mA i More than a year ago, rumors circulated that an independent fraternity was forming on the UNR campus. Most people ignored the rumors, and nearly all who believed them said it would be impossible to form a new local fraternity. Yet, at the beginning of this year, the public noticed a group of men wearing strange, new letters on their shirts. A local fraternity had been established with only 15 men. Omega Xi is the only campus fraternity without national affiliation, and within one year its membership has grown to more than forty. In the short time they have existed, the members have built a strong organization. The men of Omega Xi take great pride in what they have accomplished, and they are here to stay. 55 UPERSTAR M, COMPETITION Oct. 22, 1978 was a day for fun, activity, and fatigue for the 17 couples who chose to enter the housing-sponsored endurance event. Between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., the couples were required to compete in the following events: 1. The 50 meter swim or the 400 yard dash. 2. Six games of ping pong or six games of rac- quetball. 3. Golf or frisbee (testing accuracy). 4. The 3-legged race or the wheelbarrow race. 5. The obstacle course (pictured). The outstanding couple captured the grand prize: a $25 dinner at Mi Casa ' s. Individual winners were awarded T-shirts. 57 THE TOGA PARTY i I i Ofi[ ( to 8 a ) CL« to cover: see thatch) 1. in Ancient Rome, a loose one piece garment worn in public by citizens. 2. a robe of office; characteristic gown of a profession. 3. sheet worn by university students to wild and crazy toga parties. SH BH H It all started as promotion for National Lampoon ' s " Animal House, " a movie spoof focusing on the bizarre an- tics of a roudy college fraternity. But, that ' s not where it stopped. Inspired by the idea of donning a toga and throwing a wild party, college students across the nation transformed Lampoon ' s party into a campus fad. Even UNR joined in, as these independents well demon- strate. 59 THE RACE f,n ' . - A Nevada Tradition ..■ . . .. ' i r ■■ i % ■H 61 ,:• n Si 63 .■fcSX- v. -.•V.x. ' ■.? 64 ■■ ' ■■■•.. 65 Our Deans. Roberta Barnes, Dean of Students. David A. Hansen, Assistant Dean of Students. Dean Hansen is fairly new to UNR, joining up in Sep- tember, 1978. He is responsible for the coordination of student services publications, non-traditional program- ming and the new student orientation program. He is the advisor to the Panhellenic Council and the lnterfrater- nity Council and to the Associated Women Students. Dean Hansen is also responsible for exit interviews and general student counseling. Dean Barnes has been with UNR since 1959. She has held the positions of Women ' s Counselor and Instruc- tor, Assistant Dean of Women, Dean of Women and Ac- ting Dean of Students. In 1971, Dean Barnes was promoted to her current position, Dean of Students. In this capacity she is responsible for the ad- ministration and coordination of the Student Services Program, which includes the Student Health Service, Counseling and Testing, foreign student advisement, Student Union, student activities and organizations, orientation, Special Programs for the Disadvantaged, financial aid, career planning and placement, veterans ' services, alcohol education program and University residence halls and married student housing. (And we think we ' re busy!) (,(, Robert G. Kinney, Associate Dean of Students. Dean Kinney came to UNR in 1970. He is responsible for student discipline, student information files, exit in- terviews, National Student Exchange Program, Student Sponsors, and Who ' s Who Among Students. He also ad- vises the UNR Rally Squad and Alpha Phi Omega and directs two assistant deans. Dean Kinney is particularly adept at cutting red tape. Pete Perriera, Assistant Dean of Students. Dean Perriera came to UNR in 1968. He directs Jot Travis Union and its services — meeting rooms, scheduling, check cashing, ticket sales, foreign travel, games, guest rooms and other Union services. The ' new look ' in the Student Union can be attributed to a lot of effort on the part of Dean Perriera. Dean Perriera also advises Asun activities, and assists in programming student activities. 67 Executive Council Kevin Melcher, ASUN Senate President; Mark Elston, Vice President Finance and Publications; Gregory Neuweiler, ASUN President; Dave Ritch, Vice President of Activities. 68 im Student Senate Back row (I to r): Frank Ponticello, Arts Science; Elizabeth Contri, Arts Science; Kirk Schumacher, Business; Nick Furchner, Medical Science; Stan Marks, Business; Pat Fritchel, Engineering; Scott Koepf, Business; Rich Poore, Arts Science; Mike Pacini, Business. Front row (I to r): Dave Ritch, Vice President of Activities; Liz Morrow, Home Economics; Reese Bostwick, Arts Science; Denise Miller, Agriculture; Cory Williams, Arts Science; Al Babb, Education; Naomi Smith, Mines; Kevin Melcher, Education; Kathy Butler (Sec), Gregory Neuweiler (Pres.); Kurt Brown, Medical Sciences; Lisa Mc- Bride, Nursing; Mark Elston (Vice Pres. Finance Publications). Not pictured: Mark Mocie, Agriculture; Matt Huntley, Arts Science. 69 Finance Control Back row (I to r): Denise Miller, Mark Elston, Lisa McBride, Cory Williams, Scott Koepf. Front row (I to r): Al Babb, Kathy Butler, Liz Morrow, Mike Pacini. 70 Program Budget (front to back): Lisa McBride, Gregory Neuweiler, Kirk Schumacher, Scott Koepf, Reese Bostwick, Elizabeth Contri, Mark Elston, Kathy Butler (Sec), DaveRitch. Activities Board (I to r): Curt Brown, Stan Marks, Nick Furchner, Elizabeth Contri, Dave Rit- ch, Kathy Butler (Sec), Pat Fritchel, Kevin Melcher. r f r 71 I Publications Board (top to bottom): Frank Ponticello, Steve Martarano (Sagebrush editor), Kirk Schumacher, Rich Poore, Reese Bostwick, Mark Elston, Naomi Smith. Not pictured: Dan Loranger, Brushfire editor; Sherri Humphreys, Artemisia editor; Debbie Bryson, advertisement manager; Ron McDowell, business manager. I? • ■ - 4 ■ a F ,f 4s 1 1 • $4. . 73 I 74 IK Thompson Student Services 75 (, 1 orts 77 Pack Ends Season 11-0 WOLFPACK IS NO. 1 At the start of the 1978 season, Head Coach Chris Ault speculated that solid performances from the defense and a strong field goal kicker would enable the Pack to enter the playoffs for the new NCAA Division 1-AA champion- ship. UNR opened in September with Stephen F. Austin on an overcast Saturday afternoon, and things seemed to fall into place quickly. The defense " won it for us today and they ' ll do it all season " said Ault. Led by defensive lineman James Curry, the defense shutout the Lumberjacks 32-0. After the game, Ault commented on the kicking performance saying, " Something has to be done about our placekicking. It ' s driving me up a wall. Two different kickers couldn ' t... " and the " Little General " was ready to use Sagebrush classifieds to find a new kicker. Arch-rival Las Vegas was next on the Pack ' s list and again, Ault called on the defense to do the job. Led by quarterback Larry Worman, the Pack jumped to an early two touchdown lead. The defense kept the pressure on, and UNR coasted to what looked like an easy win un- til lightening struck. Two UNR turnovers set up the Rebels for two quick touchdowns, and suddenly, a 20-0 lead was cut to a mere six poin- ts. Again the placekicker was the scapegoat, since Fernando Serrano missed a first half extra point. The Pack offense took over and demon- strated to a crowd of 21,000 (the largest ever to attend a Nevada football game), the correct usage of their new ball-control offense. Reno drove over 50 yards to the Rebel 10 when the drive stalled on fourth down. Ault called on Serrano to try a 37- yard field goal despite pleas of op- position from top assistant Bill Daniel. Somehow the kick went through, and all the ingredients were now in the Nevada stew for a successful season. Final score: UNR 23,UNLV 14. " The addition of Serrano ' s kicking game made us into a con- tending team. It was an amazing turnabout. " said Ault. The third game of the season held the spirit of revenge as the Pack faced 1977s nemesis, UC Davis. The previous year, the Aggies handed an embarrassing 37-21 loss to an overconfident Wolf Pack. When the Pack took the field that day, it was apparent they were ready. No overconfidence this time. Fernando Serrano continued the streak he had started the previous week and again was th e hero with two field goals in a 12-7 victory. Serrano went on to lead the nation in kick scoring. During the first three games of the season, UNR fans noticed that the defense they had looked for during the first two years of Ault ' s reign had finally arrived, and the offense that passed at every oppor- tunity was gone. The Pack had gone to the ball- control offense because they had the equipment to do it. Sophomore fullback Frank Hawkins ran well behind a tough offensive line led by tackle David Hahn. The " Hawk " was on his way to setting a single season rushing record with 1,445 yards on 259 carries, nearly six yar- ds a carry. He also led the team in scoring with 17TDs. The Wolves ' record climbed to 4- when Hawkins had the greatest day any UNR runner has ever had in a 37-14 romp over San Francisco State. Hawkins ' 293 yards established him as a definite All- American candidate, a record he achieved as the only sophomore named. The Pack romped through the rest of their schedule and became the number one team in their division after a 39-15 victory over Sacramento State. The first UNR football team to ever rank Number One was trying to become the first to ever go undefeated. by Chris Healy A 37-0 victory over Idaho State in the final regular season game gave the Pack their undefeated wish. That victory proved extremely costly, as Larry Worman hurt his knee in the third quarter of the game. The first UNR football appearan- ce in post-season competition since 1948 was scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 9, at Mackay Stadium. The big question for UNR. ..Will Worman play? The Pack faced the University of Massachusetts Minutemen, a team that had an 8-3 record compared to UNR ' sll-0. But, it was obvious that the Minutemen had played a tougher schedule than Reno. The two teams exchanged touch- downs in the first quarter for a 7-7 tie. Larry Worman was at quarter- back and things seemed to be going well. But, that rumor was quickly disspelled. Massachusetts scatbat Denny Dent returned the Nevada kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown, and the romp was on. The UNR partisans, at first glad to see Worman at quarterback, soon turned on him yelling for freshman Kevin Wheeler. That didn ' t work either, as Massachuset- ts rolled to a 44-7 lead in the fourth quarter. A small comeback made the score easier to swallow, but the Wolves and their coach realized they had been mauled by U of Mass. 44-21. Ault thinks his team still has a positive attitude despite the loss. " We did something that no one else before us at UNR had done. We went undefeated and got the com- munity involved with our program. It was an extremely successful season. " The year was a good one for Ault. He was offered the head coaching job at Wichita State, and was wooed by San Jose State, but turned both of them down. UNR will have Ault for at least one more year, and he looks forward to the challenge of playing in the tough Big Sky Conference in 1979. With the Wolves losing only 12 of their Pack to graduation, 1979 could be as good a year as ' 78. 78 Back row (I to r): Bill Cantrell (80), Dale Jablonsky (63), David Hann (66), Jim Haley (99), Lee Fobbs (42), Rick Pettenger (68), Phil Adams (60), Charles Edwards (88), Howard Dodge (65), Jim Mason (90), Tracy Hieber(62). Row Six (I to r): Don Smerek ( 77), Mike McGowan (64), Art Chandless (73), Tim McCarthy (78), Steve Knapp (52), Todd Wilcks (61), Conrad Clark (28), Ron Atkinson (47), Ron Collins (72), James Curry (74). Row five (I to r): Bubba Melcher (84), Fernando Serrano (1), Ross Giovanni (71), Dave Buich (32), Carl Selden (87), Mike West (33), Mike Niland (53), Chris Heitman (30), Kevin Wheeler (10), Juan Selden (19), Larry Worman (12), Bill Gravert (86). Row four (I to r): George Gaynor (Graduate Assistant Coach), Dick Reynolds (Manager), John Pettas (Assistant Coach), Steve Kenyon (70), Curtis Rudd (56), Roberto Selden (51), Tom Crowell (57), Tom Jones (50), Nick Pavich (83), Tom Foster (23), John Smith (Assistant Coach), Jeff Tisdell (Graduate Assistant Coach), Al Ennes (Manager). Row three (I to r): Chris Ault (Head Coach), Craig Bray (Assistant Coach), Ken Elliot (79), Stan McCoy (67), Stan Wilson (20), Jeff Wright (79), Steve Worman (81), Wayne Ferguson (40), Steve Dankworth (24), Bob Bingham (26), Marty McGuffey (Assistant Coach), Charissa Ber- shire(Assistant Trainer), Bill Daniel (Assistant Coach). Row two (I to r): Don Robertson (Equipment Manager), Ron Bailey (Head Athletic Trainer), Travis Harper (55), Manny Rodriguez (22), Mike Glenn (45), Bill Byrde (85), Roy Hamilton (46), Derrick Thomas (43), Allen Gray (14), Bob Milligan (Graduate Assistant Coach). Row one (I to r): Frank Hawkins (27), David Craig (44), Anthony Bradley (15), Tim Maloy (18), Mark Henderson (5), John Vicari (21), Mike Quilici (48), Alex Willis (13). , ' ■• " ' NCAA Division 1-AA Playoff UNR 21 Massachusetts 44 UNR 32 Stephen F. Austin UNR 23 Nevada-Las Vegas 14 UNR 12 Cal-Davis 7 UNR 37 San Francisco State 14 UNR 66 Western Washington UNR 37 Cal Fullerton 14 UNR 36 Santa Clara 6 UNR 39 Sacramento State 15 UNR 20 Hayward State UNR 50 South Dakota 7 UNR 37 Idaho State 79 The Fremont Cannon The cannon is an exact replica of the 12-pound moun- tain howitzer used by Captain John C. Fremont on his 1844 expedition across Nevada. The original cannon was one of only 13 made by the C. Alger Company, South Boston Iron Works at the request of the U.S. Department of War. The cannon was constructed by the Kennecott Cop- per Corporation, Nevada Mines Division in 1969. The trophy cannon is claimed by the winner of the Nevada- Reno vs. Nevada-Las Vegas football game and is valued at over $10,000 — making it one of the most expensive of college football ' s rivalry symbols in the nation. The University of Nevada-Reno Wolf Pack football team won the cannon in 1978 with a 23-14 triumph over the Rebels from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. 80 wit a 81 L i 82 JiiW Coach Chris Ault 83 84 S5 % St Hfi 87 88 89 HOMECOMING ' 7 Queen Chris Collier, Pi Beta Phi Mr. Ugly Scott Schroeder, White Pine mo Paint the " N " 91 92 . ,;;. 93 Kappa Alpha Theta and Sigma Nu win float contest ± r- TJ 97 98 Basketball Team Alvin Alexander, Thaxter Arterberry, Raul Contreras, Aaron Cusic, Mike Gray, Johnny High, Steve Hunter, Edgar Jones, Richard Keel, Mike Longero, Michael Stallings, Dale Wilson. Coach: Jim Carey ♦ fs§ 102 tU 103 UNR ' s Winning Swim Team Under the superb supervision of Head Coach Jerry Ballew, the UNR Women ' s Swimming and Diving Team have " come a long way, baby. " Last year the team rose from obscurity to national prominence with a 9-1 regular season mark and a 20th place finish in the 1978 A.I.A.W. Small College Cham- pionships in Gainesville, GA. The 1978 season was their best showing ever. At this writing, the team holds an 11-0 record and may well go undefeated. The Wolf Pack Swimmers will host the 1979 A.I.A.W. Small College Championships at the UNR Lombardi Aquatic Complex on March 7-10. Not pictured: Shari Buonomici (Freestyle Fly), Karron Cozens (Freestyle Fly), Karen Petter- son (Back Freestyle), Jennifer Stringari (Breaststroke). Ann Belikow Breast IM Barbara Buck Fly IM Paige Bryant Freestyle Fly 106 Connie Gerling Freestyle Diving Pam Gordon Freestyle Back Patti Gordon Freestyle 1M Janette Jackson 107 Mary Mirch Breast IM Gale Reeder Breast Freestyle Teresa Roth IM Freestyle Cathy Trachok Diving 108 UNR Soccer Club Front row (I to r): Marty Wood, Ahmad Zakaria, Mike Bernasek, Amichia Emmanuel, Marcello Manca, Roy Saunders. Back row (I to r): Dave Slight, Tano Eguno, Russ Mix, Derek Williams, Bob Pyzel, Tom Zumtobal, Jim Newmark (Coach). 109 Women ' s Tennis Team Standing (I to r): Elaine Deller (Coach), Tandy Lavin, Niki Wood, Becky Lancaster, Cynthia Williams. Kneeling (I to r): Alice Moy, Lucy Kar- czynski, Lisa Leachman, Kristi Wal. 110 Men ' s Tennis Team Standing (I to r): Grant Evans, Richard Herman, Dave Williams, Trebor Allen, Scott Stevenson, Chris Long, Barry Joannides, Ken Saarem, Brian McQuown. Kneeling (I to r): Mark Humes, John Hedge, Brian Carolo, Ken Prinqle, Bob Buck. 111 Alpine Ski Team 112 Nordic Ski Team (I to r): Dean Campodonico, Trish Lavin, Jim Ashton, Tandy Lavin, Jorgen Eiremo. Not pictured: Borre Fosslii (Captain), Jay Shelley, Dan Empfreid. 4 , - ' ■ 1 113 Women ' s Softball Team Front row (I to r): Kathy Lehman, Kelly Collier, Iris Sission, Corby Collier, Debbie Flateau. Middle row (I to r): Janie Driscoll, Barbara Rodriguez, Jan Mecham, Sue Williams, Carlinda Poe, Alexandra Watkins. Back row (I to r): Pat Hixson, Steve Bauman, Olena Plummer (Head Coach). Not pictured: Angie Rodriguez, Joanne Culverhouse, Paula Walker, Ellen Townsend, Marie Dendary, Diana Dixon, Lisa Covich. 114 Men ' s Baseball Team John Anderson, Don Biehle, Mike Ceccarelli, Pat Chaney, Fred Cook, Bill Enos, Dan Farano, Johnny Flores, Gary Ghan, Jim Gray, Wayne Hague, Bill Harrison, Al Kirby, Stan Lyons, Bobby Martin, Scott Moore, Jerry Rawson, Tony Shanks, Ernest Jerry, Bill Wallace, Mike Wallace, Greg Young, Rob Young. Coach: Barry McKinnon. 115 Track Team Back row (I to r): Lynn Mentzer, Lane Maestretti, Jorgen Eiremo, L Welander, Robert Feemster, Dan Empfield, Craig Van Sickel, Tim Balderson. Middle row (I to r): Noah Livingston, Henri Serveanck, Gene Ashley, Robert Conradt, Ken Roberts, Jose Tibaduiza, Jim Hammonds, Chris Santor. Front row (I to r): James Mivac, Pat McGuire, Edgar Leano, Tim Minor, Tony Melody, Jeff Mariciniki, Jose Solario. Not pictured: Dave Corthell, Proctor Hug, John Leeming, Mark Leh- man, Kay Ostovany, Chris Santor, Henri Serveanck, Don Giorgi, Joaquin Leano, Jan Mikaelsson, Larry Moss. This year UNR ' s Cross Country team won the WCAC Conference Championship, marking the sixth year of participation. Rudy Munoz captured the individual WCAC Championship title. Jouquin Leano qualified for the NCAA Cross Country Championship in Wisconsin, in which he came in 35th out of 350 of the best in the U.S. The team came in second in the Las Vegas In- vitational against nine, second in the Fresno State In- vitational against ten, fourth in the U.S. Track and F ield Federation Nationals, first in the Southern Oregon In- vitational and were undefeated in all dual meets. Munoz and Leano came in 10th and 1 lth respectively in the ' All-American ' Competition. 116 Cross Country Team Front row (I to r): Tim Minor, Pat McGuire, Jeff Marciniki, Edgar Leano. Back row (I to r): Robert Conradt, Jorgen Eiremo, Craig Van Sickel, Jim Hammonds. Not pictured: Rudy Munoz (Captain), Boyd Tarin, Robert Mirth, Jacque Fleming. 117 ■• " ,» v LJ Golf Team Back row (I to r): Dave Beihl, Dan Armbruster, Mike Rubio. Front row (I to r): Gwin Richards, Dee Conton, Steve Sands, John Legarza (Coach). Two-time West Coast Athletic Conference Champions 118 Boxing Team Victor Alegria, Robert M. Brown, Don Del Porto, Tim Iveson, Kevin Johnson, Steve Korcheck, Nick Macy, Mike Martino, Neal McClellan, Mitch Miller, Mike Morrison, Gino Osborne, Brian Rothe, Terry Tuell. Coach: Jimmie Olivas. 119 UNR Volleyball Team v. — 4 m m jg , r ,. I. Phiiiin i »! «■■■ " v ■■■ % • :J 120 Back row (I to r): Shawna Haney, Connie Visscher, Lynn Ralston, Shirley Houser, Joanne Culverhouse, Cindy Rock. Front row (I to r): ?, Lynn Barkley, Andrea Adamson, Tomi Sue Henderson, Carol Jensen. Not pictured: Kaprice Bray (Head Coach). The women ' s volleyball team ended their regular season with an 18-16 score and finished 5th in the regionals. 121 Women ' s Basketball Team Back row (I to r): Cindy Metzger (Coach), Paula Walker, Lisa Alley, Carla Bennett, Marie Dendary, Ellen Townsend, Regina Ratigan. Front row (I to r): Sabrina Hyde, Maureen Dunn, Darlene Roque, Theresa Owens, Cindy Rock, Pam King. 122 Women ' s Track Club 125 126 •3W 9 B. 127 128 129 130 Dance Dance Dance 131 ' : " " , . 132 133 r 0£ A 134 4 I tiOHE OF [HE IBOVE FOR hm 135 136 137 138 ■ $ " ' ■-. , 139 140 riHn i 142 •♦• m, •». • J ' " - " ■- $ J " JF SS«fc— 143 144 145 Downtown Reno 1930s looking south Downtown Reno 1978 looking north 146 147 148 The Decline of Reno by Paul Strickland Reno once had a sense of pride as a distinctively Nor- ther n city — one of beauty, unity, solidity, and tradi- tion. It wanted to set itself apart from the zany, hastily improvised, and seemingly counterfeit cities of the Southern desert, cities which looked like circuses or caravans that never moved on. The architecture of Reno ' s buildings and houses bespoke a certain per- manence and seriousness so necessary to a sense of community pride and identity. In fact, Reno as a singularly beautiful small city was the inspiration for Walter Van Tilburg Clark ' s The City of Trembling Leaves. In that novel, Clark could see Reno as a center for a possible artistic renaissance, one that might eventually compare favorably with Paris. Reno ' s geographical location contributed to its unique beauty. Centered in one of the largest valleys that cover the transition zone between the Sierra Alpine region and the interior desert, it offered almost infinite variety for sightseer and resident alike. Unspoiled lakes and verdant valleys of ranches and pastures were its im- mediate surroundings, which made it doubly attractive, almost ideal. In sum, it was once a place where the value of the local scenery outweighed or at least was equal to the economic value of gambling institutions and an ar- tificial, commercialized tourism. Here it seemed that tangible and intangible values were in balance. However, overpowering greed, which was always latent in Reno ' s midst, grew suddenly into a malignant cancer that became more deadly as the city approached the present decadent age. Greed combined itself with a policy of desperate attempts to provide any kind of work to any sort of person under any kind of terms, even at the cost of the destruction of the scenic values and the liveability of the area, which presumably had been its chief drawing card in the first place. The idea of work at any price hampered efforts to address environmental issues and to arrest the decline of quality of life. At the same time it bedeviled students who were trying to finish their education aimed toward a practical goal as quickly as possible, and who in the course of their studies were finding that life was becoming somehow very dull and even painful. Las Vegas — false, ugly Las Vegas — was coming to Reno, whether Reno liked it or not. As one student put it in a letter to Sagebrush, the area was fast becoming unhealthy for plants, children, and other living things. Students were annoyed by air pollution, and they were imperiled by serious crime which reached even into the university campus. The campus itself was losing some of its traditional charm as time-honored, ivy-covered buildings around the quad were scheduled for demolition. Students wondered whether it might soon become just another sterile, overly bureaucratic multiversity. What was happening to Reno proved that Man was out of touch with himself and his surroundings — his environment. Man deeply needs to see a reflection of his own vitality in the vitality of Nature and wildlife. From time to time he needs to leave his civilization in order to reflect on it and on his place in it as well as to consider his place in Nature. He should be able to leave a city quickly and reach the margins of the countryside without an undue expenditure of time. But the most im- portant people in the community did not recognize this fact. Increasingly Reno residents came to fear the even- tual horror of a city so extensive that it is impossible to walk out of it one day. In the meantime, deer herds in the mountains were retreating and thinning out. The Truckee River grew to be less than pleasant, even resembling a sewer canal as it left the Truckee Meadows. Los Angeles-style smog •. • •• x y. nTo C ! r IT « ■ " » ' ! ' ,, I " t: sc in % • ' ' ait » ■ " • ■ i 10 shrouded the valley more and more frequently. Pic- turesque ranches, pasturelands, and simple open spaces began to disappear one by one like the last of a student ' s aged relatives. Reno ' s situation, then, would seem to be rather hopeless, although students can still do a great deal to ameliorate ugliness or other intolerable conditions in specific neighborhoods. And if the city itself is doomed, much can still be done to save some outlying areas from encroaching urban sprawl. Finally, students who have come here from other cities can, when they return home, work to prevent the same cancerous growth from occurring in their areas. If students become involved in civic affairs and take action where necessary, the still liveable portions of the American West can be preser- ved for future generations. 149 150 151 id.fef w .. " i».} Vh jyji 153 -jwtj w-KTOOT r IM _ • -•f ' The Marshall Tucker Band 157 r " iSfes • Hi , ' ' " ,.: ' ' ■ " -?■ ' ' V- ' Hy if " SSS«« 1 | Hall and Oates . ' 8f3 :V , v ' -v ' l - : ' -A ■ ,,.- ; 1 S " ' r Br ' - ' : € ' :■■.. ' Jethro Tull ■ Dr. Wilson Bryan Key, noted expert on subliminal persuasion, showed how sex and death are used by ad- vertisers to sell products in his lecture " Subliminal Se- duction. " Key spoke December 7 at the UNR gym. Key is a former advertising man, has taught journal- ism at several universities and heads Mediaprobe, a pub- lic interest research company. He is the author of " Sub liminal Seduction " and " Media Sexploitation. " 162 Edward T. Hall Noted anthropologist Edward T. Hall, appeared at the Medical School Auditorium in the Manville Build- ing on September 25. Hall discussed interviewing and the communication process in the health setting. Hall also addressed an audience at Jot Travis Student Union on September 28 when he spoke on culture and communication. Hall is the author of The Silent Lan- guage, The Hidden Dimension and Beyond Culture. 163 Frederic Storaska Frederic Storaska, founder and president of the Na- tional Organization for the Prevention of Rape Assault (NOPRA), lectured January 24 at Jot Travis Student Un- ion on " Rape! How To Say No and Survive. " Storaska has presented his rape prevention program to almost one million students at over 600 colleges throughout the country within the past twelve years. More than 275 ca- ses have been reported in which his program has preven- ted serious assault and saved lives. 164 ii GENERAL MORDECHAI r ISRAEL CHIEF OF STAFF General Mordechai Gur General Mordechai Gur, Israeli Chief of Staff, lec- tured on " The Conflict in the Middle East " on Novem- ber 28 in the UNR gym. His presentation focused on the Suez Canal, the Six Day War, the Sinai Peninsula and the raid on Entebbe. 165 GUERILLA TACTICS IN THE JOB MARKET How to get the job you want With Tom Jackson, national authority on jobs job finding 166 IS . . 1 LARRY WILSON Comic Magician ' • dm «. • T ' , 1 K H i i J M| r p F 5 - j | " r;.. ■■rmhp 7 M- : s| M ' k S: H i J r i BlK|jK ' wl ■ 1 J ' i |p. - PL V ' ■ - i r 1 J SSy. r i i I ! - w. ' ■ ' ' SbSBr Jl E - m October 20, 21, 27, 28 November 3,4 CAST Chief Bromden Thad Evans Aide Warren : Mike Kelley Aide Williams J. Clay Lawson Nurse Ratehed Mary Van Kirk Nurse Flinn yyyy yy YYYYYYY v pennonica A. Brown Dale Harding Nea i Metal Billy Bibbit Bruee Goff Seanlon ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ Rick Adams Cheswick ¥ ¥¥¥¥¥ ¥ ¥ Joe Zuber Martini ¥¥ ¥¥ ¥¥¥¥¥¥ John Roy Galvin Ruckley ¥ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ Jim Robinette Randle P. McMurphy Jerry S. Reinhardt Dr. Spivey ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ James Cashell AideTurkle Noranee Tucker Candy Starr yy yy yy y ¥¥¥ Mary Oviatt Technician . . .. . John Von Nolde Sandra ¥ Louise Ann Council 168 i 169 MAME Mame is the story of a well-to-do New York woman who somehow manages to see that everything has a hap- py ending. The story unfolds at the height of the 1920s when Mame acquires a 10-year-old orphan nephew, Patrick, and is forced to change her lifestyle. During the Depression, Mame loses all of her money and has difficulty keeping jobs. But, she miraculously meets and marries a wealthy Southerner. When Maine ' s husband dies suddenly in the 1930s, she returns to her old apartment. Patrick is now in college and wants to marry a " dumb blonde. " Mame rescues Patrick and con- tinues to do so as she foils the Establishment and defies all generation gaps. CAST Patrick Dennis, age 10 Scott Beers Patrick Dennis, age 10 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Kitsann Means Agnes Gooch £ ve Loomis Vera Charles • ••• •••• ••• Cami Thompson Mame Dennis ••••• ••• • • Jerry Reinhardt M. Lindsay Woolsey Dave Anderson Ito •• ••• ••• •••• ••••••• James Cashell Dwight Babcock •••• • Robert Holman Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside Keely Eastley Madame Branislowski • • •••••••••• Daniel Gerome Gregor Tom McQueen Uncle Jeff Mary Elizabeth Sholl Cousin Fan Susan Stowell Sally Ca to Eileen Beck Mother Burnside Timothy Anderson Patrick Dennis, age 19-29 • • • • Myron Freedman Junior Babcock Cathy Grundner Mrs. Upson Linda Henschel Pegeen Ryan Laura Reinhardt Peter Dennis Bruce Soli m§mmmmm®m§]mm i 170 CAST Zenon David Douglass MC Rick Adams Girl 1 Dana Norbeck Nurt 1 Dawn Langf itt Miharca Lora B. Fowler Woman 2 Barbara Goff Nun 2 Cathy Grundner Teloc Ken Pilieri Woman 3 Linda Lehman Woman 4 Susan Demeron Producer Neal Metal Policeman John Roy Galvin V? v v vlw iwv »«Wv wyaww»Wyarf »! 171 Oregon Mime Theater Blue Mailbox entertainers " ' .-■: ' The Musician Lithographs by 174 ■ ■ . Jean-Louis Mulot Raising Force 175 176 . , s ff Si ■ ' ' {felt ; ' -. ' 0t0 T M 177 . . 178 s5s sL i v • : - -J-- ■ r - , -s..- v ' •: " I— ' n ' " ' . 3 179 gam tions 181 Wildlife Club Back row (I to r): Dave McMindes, Larry Neel, Steve Siegel, Elizabeth Weight, Trish Lavin, Carol Hewitt (Pres.). Front row (I to r): Joanne Mulholland, Susan Koniak, MiKe Lawerence, Donna Selleck. IEEE Front row (I to r): Bill Whitworth, John Ward, Dan Michaud, Steve Smith. Middle row (I to r): Richard Minetto, Rick Garretson, Thomas Addy, Keith Hamilton, Rene Garretson, Wendy Wilson, Scotty Olegard, Tracy Powell, Mike Smart (Pres), Harold Waltz, San Mac- donald. Back row (I to r): Sohail Mallick, Dave Akin, Bob Bassett, Rod Hines, Tom Wilson. m; Forestry Club Front row (I to r): Teresa Telecky, Becky Kramer, Carol Marty, Patti George, Jennifer Martin, Jerry Budy (Advisor). Back row (I to r): Skip Ritter (Pres.), Rochelle Rose, John Haugh, Donna Pittelkow, Michell Swanson, Diane Micone, Jennifer Crane. Not pictured: Bill Sexton, Lou Christensen, Sue Myers, Chris Taylor, Steve Segal, Molly McCar- ville. 183 Forensics Back row (I to r): Dennis Belcourt, Jack Crippen, dave Hoffman, Mark Broadhead (Pres.), Mark Archer, John Barriage. Front row: Mark Nolin and Jim Pace. 184 Range Club Back row: Jay Davison. Middle row (I to r): Mary Ann Moore (Pres.), Donna Selleck, Cary Smith, Carla Capehart, Carren Clifford. Front row: Joanne Mulholland and Trish Lavin. 185 »jytilMnWB MBHMfli Associated Women Students Back row (I to r): Lynne Tlachac, Laurie Robertson, Nancy Seufferle, Laurel Jackson, Denise Guirres, Ann Humphrey, Ginny DeRosa, Suzie Hatfield, Jolaine Anderson. Front row (I to r): Dean Hansen (Advisor), Toni Olnstead, Carrie Karzas, Barbara Carlsen (Pres.), Theresa Pon- ton, Karen Rizzo. Not pictured: Cheryl Moffet, Lolene Schwartz, Deb- bie Murdock, Cheryl Tiggs, Diane Baker, Jonie Steele. 18G Spanish Club Back row (I to r): Rafael Aviles, Edgar Leano, Mike Williamson, Paul Strickland, Jan Small (Pres.), Brian Murphy, Phil Kaiser. Front row (I to r): Maxine Blackburn, Kay Marion, Elaine Deming, Emma Nolan, Dr. Curry (Advisor), Lovie Hooper, Cheryl Blair, Diane Di Marie, Clare Rosa. Not pictured: Kathy Richards, Jean Wells, Sherri Humphreys, Jim Lovekin, Sheryl Moffett. 187 ii » I ! I 1 £.- • ' ■Mi V 9m = ■« M • • ♦ • J?f ' F §fr $m ■ t i|i . Swat ,$M ' . ' ■-: jk • J K ' fl t,Mk ' y M £. J 5CK BL. " Am y !3C " r -J ■ " Sagens Sitting (I to r): Carrie Karzas (Pres.), Barbara Carlsen, Nancy Seutferle, Laura Beal, Denise Guirres, Marianne Dalbey, Jill Bressler, Teresa Palmore, Susan Ball, Bobbie Wiley, Brenda Cotton, Cheryl Moffet, Liz Contri, Carol Heston, Lauri Kalanges. Standing (I to r): Ginny DeRosa, Karen Rizzo, Dean St. John (Advisor), Diane DiMaria, Lillian Coonley, Alice Moy. 188 Spurs Back row (I to r): Leslie Barcellos, Mary Tremble, Suzie Uhalde, Vicki Senini, Debbie Prina, Sharon Glenn. Middle row (I to r): Carolyn Rowley, Tammy Durbin (Pres.), Nancy Hull, Anella Pennola, Kim Stoll, Tami Romelli, Sherri Stone, Mandy Meeker, Kitty Mentaberry, Kathy Porter, Rochelle Rose, Director St. John (Advisor). Front row (I to r): Dawn Carter, Mary Jacques, Peggy Klaich, Bobbie Wadsworth, Theresa Ponton, Cheryl Yamamoto, Kris Short. 189 Wmm Sierra Club (I to r): Bruce Chapman, Kazuya Ando, Bob Grumet (Pres.), Teri Brown, Laurie Reed. Not pictured: Kerry Sullivan, Sherri Humphreys, Kathy Marston, Nan- cy Mcllroy, Maggie Edwards, Bruce Chapman, Ter Peterson, Stacy Brennan, Susan Morris, John Degenhardt. 190 Search and Rescue Our apologies for not listing the Search and Rescue Club members names, but we were unable to contact anyone who could identify them. 191 Cap Scroll Back row (I to r): Jodi Gruber, Dr. Dana Davis (Advisor), Lisa Barbash, Barbara Carlsen. Front row (I to r): Nancy Seufferle and Carrie Karzas. 192 Circle K Seated (I to r): Larry Dumond, Lee M. Pisiewski (Pres.), Francis W. Nash, Mike Ogden, Julie Laxalt. Standing (I to r): Tom Farrer, Jeff Chiara, Dan Germain, Dennis Wilson, Jim Rodgers. 193 Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship Back row (I to r): Kevin Brewer, Paul Theiss, David England, Rick Pen- nington, Jeff Morin, Carl Bailey, Cathy Poage, Ken Hudson, Joe Christian, Dan Emphield, John Euhler. Middle row (I to r): Tim Robin- son, Robin Joyce, Dana Pinard, David Pugh, John Leeming, Kelly Bullis, Steve Billington, Lisa Morin, Steve Knapp, Janee England, Jeanette Tylor. Front row (I to r): Jeff Parkhurst, Pat Bailey, Denisa Henry, Holly Miller, Becky Brewer, Laura Swirnow, Debbie Caswell, Yvette Billington, Mary Ferrell. 194 Biology Club Our apologies for not listing the Biology Club members names, but we were unable to contact anyone who could identify them. 195 Social Services and Corrections Student Society Our apologies for not listing the Social Services members names, but we were unable to contact anyone who could identify them. 196 No. Nevada Student Personnel Society Sitting (I to r): Don Dixon (Advisor), Francis Nash, Lee M. Pisiewski (Pres.), Nancy Hewitt, Carole Berry. Standing (I to r): Carolyn Kellogg, Valerie Beach, Pat Rodgers, Chris Colvin. 197 American Society of Civil Engineers Back row (I to r): Howard Pierce, Ray Osoby, Kenneth Hedson, Jerry Walsh, Sean Crom, Mark Demartini, John Dirickson, Robert Hayes, Patricia Schoener. Middle row (I to r): James Gray, Phillip J. Logan, Carl Bolgrien, Jr., Kathy Marschall, Pat Fritchel, ?, Debbie Parks, Glen Bleak, Mike Glock. Front row (I to r): R. Martin Refvem, James M. Bengochea, Ruedy Edgington, Clara Pando, Dean Weitzel. Not pictured: Mark Rotter (Pres.), Martin Smith, Diana Diehl, Lisa An- ne Peel, Joel A. Faller, John A. Harris, John Lostra, Manny Gomez, Ric Adler, Felipe Anguita, Michael Murphy, Ron Deal, Greg Crossman, Tim Clifford, Jon Muller, Robert K. Schratz II, John Fair- man, Mark Foree. 198 American Indian Organization Back row (I to r): Victor O ' Neil, John Wasson, Mona Buckheart (Ad- visor), Gwynne Wilson, Joanne Collett. Middle row (I to r): Elroy Mike, Debbie Foreman, Eileen O ' Neil, Cheryl Foreman, Rhonda Mills, Beatrice Aleck, Marlyne Gentry. Front row (I to r): Vernon Thompson, Dan Mosley, GinaZuniga(Pres.), Cheryl Pete. Not pictured: Tony Lopez, Luana Hill, Carla Adams, Walter Fisk, Michael J. Costa. AIO annual Halloween Ball 199 Who ' s Who Among Students Left row (top to bottom): Greg Neuweiler, Mike Pacini, Erin Klink, Stan Marks, Pat Fritchel, Steve Martarano, Keith Kolby, Debbie Gar- dner, Steve Ewer, Vicki Meek. Riqht row (top to bottom): Chris Sanders, Scott Koepf, Warren Graff, Mike Cirac, Barbara Carlsen, Victor Inrequez, Carrie Karzas, Valerie Brown, Katie Weber, Cheryl Lane. 200 Rally Squad Front row (I to r): Stacy Case and Diane Sekiguchi. Second row (I to r): Dan Reed, John Bird, Pat O ' Bryan, Jim Smith. On top (I to r): Julie Pugh, Kandee Kerr (Capt.), Brenda Cotton, Carol Mathews. 201 Aggie Club (I to r): Rhonda Hicks (Pres.), Denise York, Kurt Harding, Susan Moreda, Carren Clifford, Linda Glaser (Advisor). 202 Omege Xi Little Sisters Back row (I to r): Gail Burgener, Carla Herrera, Cathy Arden, Jaime Simmons. Third row (I to r): Sherri Fries (Pres.), Marianne Dalbey, Laurie Cassinelli. Second row (I to r): Lisa James and Rhonda Reed. Front row (I to r): Lisa Lennier and Lisa Covich. Not pictured: Cindy Bodrogi, Sally Butler, Gigi Laims, Erich Breuner. 203 Delta Sigma Pi Top row (I to r): Joe Vellutato, Charles Green, John Hannaman, Ron McDowell, Berry Heppner, Mike Langton. Bottom row (I to r): Ethel Bennett, Nancy Wong, Ester Isaac, Wes Lynne Heppner, Kathy Mon- tieth. 204 Hong Kong and Chinese International Students ' Association (I to r): Roger To, Aloy Lee, Walter Cooke, Edmund Cheu, Jack Dea, Sam Kwong, Francis (Yiu-Fai) Lee (Pres.), Christina Eng, Caesar Lee, Tommy Li, Thomas Ho, Tom Vancantford. 205 Horseshow Club 206 Blue Key Back row (I to r): Warren Graff, Paul Anderson, Dave Ritch, Rich Poore, Mark Rotter, Dave Newcomer, Pat Fritchel, Kim Rowe. Front row (I to r): Stan Marks, Bill Lebaron, Greg Neuweiler, Mark Coleman, Scott Koepf, Jeff Marshall. 207 I ; nn 210 211 7.- 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 222 223 224 225 227 QArnwnrrMn CA DW TtT 7A7T SNOW BLIND 228 229 Winter Carnival 230 IF T ,.y i «|iC y • • || I ' • - ■? ■ ».-«„. - " ,r » ) ». r ■•■:..... ' ™HR(fi§BNjlSsSfe ' ? ' " ' % ' S.„ TmmSSa ■ t s u 9 j fift Hfc Ss Lm t ,4 I 8 H lfip H Hft!J!l . l a ' ' : 7. v% •« l» J£- » »,» - % ■ ! ; j . y ] ! . V «F v 232 . ■-•■.. •.■■ ..■v: . j I 234 ■ ■ 235 t •-. ' i qgi, 236 237 238 - 239 We would like to express appreciation to our contributors from the Reno -Sparks community and ask that you please patronize the following advertisers: iiimiiiimiiiiinMranimiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiM ® t ICE3E I It CARLCECCARELLI 5a es i _eas z INTERNATIONAL MOTORS 2620 Kietzke Lane (702)825-1633 Reno Nevada 89502 The Famous Old Little Walaorr baloon A Tradition Since 1022 Lewi Chatelle Reno, Nevada - Phone 323-36S2 555 West Fifth Street OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS Auto - Jiomr - Hifr - Comntrrcial - ?k x a 3Finanmm 3ii6urntut ' Annuo Jnnurr s Jneuraurc (Sroup 220 California Am 3Rriiu. Kcu. 89509 Vue. 329-2201 3R f6 786-8143 (702) 826-2210 Parnelli Jones ?ire$font 2515 S. Virginia St. Reno, Nevada 89502 ROY McCRACKEN, Owner-Manager 240 Exciting shows. Elegant dining. Friendly service. It ' s all waiting for you at Harrah ' s. You ' ll love it! Harrah ' s The Great Entertainer Harrah ' s Hotels and Casinos • Reno and Lake Tahoe » urn s 241 Follow the eagle to Nevada ' s first place. i FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS OF NEVADA «14allinan ;m CHEVROLET 800 KlETZKE LANE RENO, NEVADA 89502 PHONE " 786-31 1 1 CHEVROLET apes HOTEL CASINO " YOU ARE OUR FUTURE! Nevadans like you have enjoyed Mapes Hotel services for the past 30 years. We look forward to serving you during the next 30 years.. ; ».l A rftl SERVICES ' COACH ROOM DINING BAR ...24 HOUR COFFEE SHOP SKY ROOM BANQUET AND CONVENTION FACILITIES TOP LOUNGE ATTRACTIONS DOWNTOWN RENO " Who banks my savings? FNB andme. ' bu and FNB. Partners in Nevada. 242 THE ONLY DEALS WE DON ' T MAKE! Slfrd ARE THE ONES WE DON ' T SEE! ' The Friendliest Place Around Serving all your transportation needs LET ' S MAKE A DEAL! Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1979 36 OO Kietzkeln 329-8800 " the friendliest place around " la Z !t 243 GOOD LUCK! - UVE OUR LEGEND! Hotel -Casino 786-5700 Downtown 4TH Virginia DOWNTOWN Wt »l vorflv The Fun Place To Shop 101 NO VIRGINIA STREET RENO. NEVADA 89501 Front Drive and 4- Wheel Drive Subaru Hovas Motors Loosing 1500 S VIRGINIA ST • RENO. NEVADA • 786-2555 PA VI HAVAS Class of 1961 Good Luck Seniors! ' en ' NEVADA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 30 EAST PLUMB LANE RENO NEVADA 8 5 2 702 826 1100 Nevada Rubber Stamp Company, Incorporated, Reno, Nevada Town Country Center, 1597 Vassar Street Reno, Nevada 89502 (702) 322-1863 BOOK IDENTIFICATION STAMPS - Produced from Your Original Artwork or our Photoset type. ADDRESS STAMPS - In Pocket Cases or Desk Sets. DESIGNS. LOGOS or SIGNATURES reproduced with our photo equipment. Congratulations WJlSevada National Bank Ml MBI H I II 244 ASUN Bookstore " Serving the students ' needs yy 245 ; safety satety nt bvnot« n r S2S5 H t iftl iiiSflS „, power poles. Sis. " ' IT s 4 K . -; ? ,Ai , W Deliver Sparks £ac z Wednesday The Sparks TTI bu ne P.O. 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WELLS AVENUE RENO, NEVADA 89502 (702) 786-5570 Paints Decorator Shades Wallcoverings Picture Frames Minuteman PRINTING 1567 VASSAR STREET RENO, NEVADA 89502 (702) 323-7248 247 { «■■■- lagebrash Bottom: Bob Davis. First row (I to r): Mary Tippin, Chris Healy, Deb- bie Bryson. Second row (I to r): Susan Ekstrom, Paul Strickland, Les- lie Stein, Robin Williams, Ruth Mills, Ron McDowell, Gifford, Randy Ebner, Maxine Blackburn, Paul Cirac. Back row (standing around sta- tue): Steve Martarano (Editor), Don Morrissey, Jim Glace. Not pictured: Sam Mitchell, Judy Anrig, Denise Siri, Doug Roberts, Michael Looney, Pat Hill, Phil Howard, Rick Oxoby, Dan Caruso. 248 249 Artemisia Standing: Bill Webb and Sherri Humphreys (Edi- tor). Sitting (I to r): Virginia Folchi and Maxine Blackburn. I ' m sitting up here in my office in the old Mechanical Arts Building on this 1 1th day of February — thinking. ...thinking about last April when I naively filed for this job, and how surprised I was to learn that out of approx- imately 6,000 undergrads I was the only one interested — me, with virtually no skills, no journalistic or art background — just a lot of energy, optimism and ideas (attributes which dissipated a bit as the year wore on). ...thinking about the pressures and responsibilities, and all the mistakes I made as I was learning what it took to put out a yearbook. ...thinking about the limited budget I had to work with, and the frustration of being able to put only one color picture per page due to the additional cost of $55 per ex- tra color transparency. ...thinking about all the great people who work here in publications, the way we all get along so fine, and the good times we have had this year. ...thinking about how this great old building won ' t even be here next year. It ' s strange the way our society seems to have no respect or concern for that which is old and timeworn — showing marked preference for that which is fresh and new. ...thinking about how the last part of this book is sup- posed to be sent out by tomorrow in order M meet that important final deadline, and how the typesetting ma- chine is broken and won ' t even be fixed until tomorrow. Oh well. Everything will work out somehow. The book will be finished and I ' ll have my Saturday and Sunday af- ternoons free again. Now, most important, I would like to express my grat- itude to everyone who helped in any way with the pro- duction of this book. And, to those who worked closest with me, without whom this book would not have been, Thank You. Thank you for your time, your energy, your ideas, your respective expertise, your patience and your faith. Sherri Humphreys. 250 CREDIT! Editor: Assistants to the editor: Copy: Advertising Manager and ad layout: Business Manager: Artemisia photographers: Artemisia artist: Calligraphy: Poetry: Writers: Sherri Humphreys. Virginia Folchi, Maxine Blackburn Maxine Blackburn. Debbie Bryson. Ron McDowell. Bob Davis, Dan Caruso, Bill Webb, Ruth Mills, Don Morrissey, Walt Hanks, Sherri Humphreys. Tandy Lavin. Annie Opitz (Cover and division pages), Nancy Marty (Sororities, Fraternities, Dorms). Dave Hoffman, Sandy Hutchinson. Paul Strickland, Chris Healy, Ren Rice Caruso: 34, 39, 43, 44, 46, 47, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 65, 91, 129, 130, 131, 143,195,210,226,227. Davis: 4, 5, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 30, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38, 45, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 90, 92, 97, 112, 119, 133, 139, 140, 158, 163, 164, 169, 186, 189, 190, 192, 196, 198, 200, 204, 226, 228, 248, 249, 252, 255, 264. Felts: 84. Folchi: 76. Fukui: 8,85,89. Glesner: 79,120,121. Gregg: 183. Hanks: 15, 62, 100, 101, 102, 103, 135, 142, 144, 150, 187, 191, 193, 194, 1 97, 208, 211,219, 220, 224, 265, 269, 272. Humphreys: 6, 14, 21, 30, 31, 64, 65, 74, 75, 93, 110, 111, 116, 117, 126, 127, 128, 178, 179, 182, 188, 206, 214, 215, 218, 223, 229, 231, 234, 235, 236, 238, 249, 256, 260. Inrequez: 41, 184. Jackson: 40, 58, 59. Katzer: 7,145,209,221, Lee: 9,10,205,216,261. Massey: 147. McKewen: 81,88,96,126,268. Millard: 104, 105. Mills: 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, 63, 67, 73, 91, 94, 95, 100, 101, 102, 103, 105, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 137, 141, 162, 185, 211, 222, 225, 237. Morrissey: 2, 3, 21, 31, 60, 61, 83, 86, 87, 90, 109, 138, 151, 152, 156, 157,160,161,173,266,267. Newman: 18,229. Riddle: 132. Siri: 82, 83, 86, 87, 134, 210, 228, 232, 233, 262, 263. Sotero: 109,257. Webb: 1,11,97,99,101,106,107,108,113,114,125,126,127,128 134 136, 137, 138, 139, 146, 147, 148, 149, 176, 177, 178, 179, 201, 202, 204 ' 21 7, 230, 231 , 234, 235, 236, 238, 248, 249, 250. Lavin: 42,48,98, 115, 153, 154, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181,254,258,259. Mulot: 174,175. Opitz: 33,77,155,181. ATO: 49. Omega Xi: 55. Athletic Department: 18,80 AV: 146. IEEE: 182. AIO: 199. Donated Omega Xi Little Sisters: 203. Blue Key: 207. Rec Department: 212,213. UNR News Bureau: 270,271. ASUN: 167. Reno Newspapers: 172,253. BrasMire Editor: Dan Loranger. Copy: Maxine Blackburn. Staff: Carol Schaechterle. 251 t, ' ■ ma ' . ; P • - . .. . If you would indeed behold the spirit of - S2f ' j f jdeath, open your heart wide unto the body •; fa ' % For life and death are one, even as the ' » i, ' river and the sea are one. .0.4 • KAHLILG1BRAN Edward Richard Larson (1920-1979) Dr. E.R. Larson, a UNR geological professor, col- lapsed in his office at the Mackay School of Mines on February 1, 1979. Larson, a native of New York City, joined the UNR faculty in September 1949 as an assistant professor of geology. He became a full professor in 1959. During his career, Larson conducted extensive re- search, including field research in the French Alps and Himalayas. Samuel Goudsmit (1902-1978) Dr. Sam Goudsmit, renowned physicist and co-dis- coverer of electron spin, collapsed near his car in a UNR parking lot on December 4, 1978. Goudsmit taught an elementary physics course for university students who never studied the subject in high school. He also worked with a graduate stu- dent. Last year, Goudsmit was honored by the govern- ment of Holland on the 50th anniversary of his doctorate degree with the Netherlands ' award of Commander in the Order of Orange Nassau. His most important national assignment came dur- ing World War II when the U.S. War Department named him chief of scientific intelligence. In November 1977, Goudsmit won the National Medal of Science, the nation ' s highest award for outstanding achievement in science and engineer- ing. Other distinguished awards include: the U.S. Medal of Freedom, the German Physics Society ' s Karl Compton Award for Distinguished Statesman- ship, and the Order of the British Empire. 253 254 ■HT m m h " - » . " ' 255 p . k JM % ' $0? J%3 100 slte.1 257 Child of Sea Fisher of dreams In quiet surrender You cannot forsee The joy and sorrow The waves will free. Sandra Hutchinson ■ ; ' ,} , 259 :-(,() 261 • s ' A ■9 mm :■»,: MACKAY DAZE Us •., 197 263 " " 3 r. ■ ' •• ■ " 1 1 « K% ' J L x rjA4 til 265 " Sharing " sunny days warm grass friendship 267 DUATION 1978 ;-(,; , How sp Lendid is the rose, delicate and beautiful it commemorates life ♦ 1 m V Jfl Br Jmr msmm H S I Hf g v H HUP ' f ' :«| ' " Kft ' HhI Jh 1 269 ! 270 What was I put here to do? My life is short — I can live and die and not do a thing. But life would be useless then. I could do great things! But for who — me or others? And if I do, will they be remembered or forgotten in the ages of time? Dave S. Hoffman 271 r,-. n». a« ap« ,,v;... , ' ■:■■ ' •■ ' ■ Wf mm x And so ends •■■ ' ■. • m another year " ■msm

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