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Sft a ■ Bk« ' ■SweHL SK » m ! m i 1969 ARTEMISIA UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA RENO J ■mmki Where the Truckee snow fed waters drop from mountains ' crest And the meadows meet the sagebrush by the sun caressed Cradled by the silver mountains ' neath the Western blue Stands our noble Alma Mater, our Nevada U. As the miner on the desert prospects every place, So Nevada seeks the future with an upturned face. Everywhere she gathers knowledge, all that ' s good and true Gives she to her sons and daughters of Nevada U. We will ever live to serve her, live to give our best, Live to make our Alma Mater pride of all the West. Let her praises wake the echoes, while we ' pledge anew Hearts and minds and hands and voices to Nevada U. I ' " ■ v -s " , »3C5ff!S , X ■ A V. " i s ! , . f J 1 BH k j [ 1 £ 2 j 4fL 1 a j P fe 8 IV Tf ' y - . . ■ . • ■ - k 7 ! m ± -. ' n tfi-m m y Qkf J9m 1 f : ft % Fm ' vt I ■ ■ i ■ ' ;■ ; -W. - ,- t- 4i -« W •v J L r r Wjt« I? » ' - r ' ! -- ' . X ; " da. .; ■■ } m % «7 ftBOH £ $» r ' » i PS! . K-ft .% r _ 4 pi r. « 1 i • All « 1 : i X . •• ' . 17 The University of Nevada campus is pictur- esque. There are old ivy-covered buildings and shaded brick walks along the quad. There are new buildings like the Sudent Union with its dining commons that projects over Man- zanita Lake. It is a setting that has been used for on location shooting of motion pictures. However, a beautiful setting doesn ' t consti- tute a university. The true university is made of its people. At the University of Nevada, these people are the greeks and independ- ents who worked together to draft a new con- stitution. They are the faculty and the admin- istration who listen to and act upon student demands. They are the individuals who carry the Nev- ada pennant to the top of Mount McKinley. They are the university ' s benefactors, such as the descendants of John W. Mackay, who 18 represent an atmosphere of giving which is essential to a true university. And they are those that have gone before, like Mackay whose statue is reproduced on the cover of this book. He built a life that continues to benefit others. Because a true university is its people, it changes more rapidly than its setting. The 1969 Artemisia attempts to capture the people of the University of Nevada and their actions during this acadmic year. Within these pages is the real University of Nevada 1968-69. Look closely—it will never be the same again. Chris Smith Editor r ' •■; " MftttU ' ' ■■«.V a«as« « m m ■v : i ' ; - " ' -: ' » aca H. «viii;i: mMSSan nw 23 Student Government Pages 26-43 24 Organizations Pages 100-137 in Honors and Scholarship Pages 44-63 Vr Sports Pages 198- 233 Living Groups Pages 138-197 Activities Pages 64-85 CPftf- l g n J y 2R n n tu I n in i y n 4£ m ty Student Life Pages 234-257 Administration Pages 86-99 25 Classes Pages 258-295 Student Government p ng_S TjJ(D£NT JB MLDjNg; ASUN President Joe Bell Joe Bell, the first Independent ASUN Presi- dent elected since 1950, won on a " better communications ticket by a mere 24 votes of a record 1,812 votes cast. Bell worked closely with campus administration and student government. Student-faculty communication grew, starting with joint sessions of student and faculty senates. Student— administration communication began in earnest. President N. Edd Miller met with students. Dean of Stu- dents Sam Basta and student leaders were in continuous contact on all issues, meetings which had previously been closed were opened to the public. Bell ' s casual manner typified the Nevada stu- dent of 1969. With campuses in turmoil across the nation, the U.N. campus seemed too con- servative. We didn ' t need riots. Students like Joe Bell were making the changes but with less publicity. 28 Senate President Dick Harris, ASUN President Joe Bell, ASUN First Vice President Ted Dixon, ASUN Second Vice President Kathy Goodrich. . First Vice President Ted Dixon Second Vice President Kathy Goodrich 29 President ' s Cabinet ROW 1: President J. bell, L. Egan, D. Moore, M. Samon, D. Martinez, G. Redican, L. Smits. ROW 2: M. Prosser, F. McGowan, J. Nadeau, K. Schweer, D. Guild, W. Eber. During the first semester of the school year student leaders were plagued by an un- expected ASUN Senate problem—the diff- iculty of mustering a quorum at the Wednes- day night meetings. As a result Senate Pres- ident Dick Harris called for a " streamling " of the senate to remove " dead wood. " Harris along with two other senators drafted a new ASUN Constitution. The new constitution proposed three major changes: the merger of the ASUN with the Student Union Board, the reapportionment of the senate to provide a better " balance of power, " and the creation of a Referral Board to replace the Office of Student Affairs in screening students up for disciplinary action. 30 ASUN Senate President Dick Harris ASUN SENATE 31 Class Committees Senior: President W. Eber, M. Koizumi, P. Turner, M. Samon, C. Polish, ). Reynolds, J. Rhodes. Junior: President D. Guild, J. Baker, J. Bertalino, K. Vacchinna. ROW 2: J. Hardesty, C. Birch, B. Cademartori, M. Milovich 33 Sophomore: L. Frank, D. Albright, President Rhodes. ROW 2: T. Karagosian, S. Kelly, J. Miller, C. Basta. ROW 3: B. Fitzpatrick, J. Myles, K. Kennedy, N. Mehlum. Freshman: President M. Hoganson. ROW 2: Bob Fry, C. Paille, B. Christensen, M. Williams, J. Trigero. AWS Council 34 AWS Judicial Board ROW 1: K. Ross, S. Mathes, C. Bergstrom, T. Tedford ROW 2: Dean St. John, C. Birch, M. Bellman, S. Elliot, J. Quigley, C. Yee Associated Women Students President Kay Dee Ross 35 Vice-President Cheryl Yee Finance Control Board J. Bell, K. Klaich, J. Hardesty, C. Winters, T. Dixon, ASUN Secretary J. Borda, B. Shriver, Advisor C. Seufferle, Advisor J. Davis 36 Publications Board T. Countis, B. Shriver, J. Bell, J. Hardesty, G. Trigueiro, S. Moltz, K. Klaich, S. Caudle, T. Dixon, S. Bruckart, ASUN Secretary]. Borda. Interfraternity Council ROW 7: D. Damon, W. Eber, R. Diedrichsen, M. Laine, R. Ryser. ROW 2: B. Whitemore, B. Shriver, G. Schmid, G. Manes, M. Jeffries, M. Starrett. Panhellenic Council 37 ROW 1: S. Swanson, C Yparriguire, S. Edwar ds, D. Moore. ROW 2: L. Flannigan, I. Broten, N. Tyler, C. Calkins, S. Siri. Student Union Board ROW 1: J. Hampton, R. Thomas, L. Breen, C. Todt, President T. Russell, G. Corn, L. Frank, P. Lynch. ROW 2: Director Dean M. Laine, Dr. D. Het- tich, B. Fitzpatrick Student Judicial Council T. Sawyer, J. Riley, M. Koizumi, Chief Justice T. Russell, D. Damon, D. Moore Program Council TnTF 1 39 K. Daniels, P. Perriera, L. Frank, T. Russell, G. Corn, D. Connely, R. Powers, J. Sawyer, L. Ginsburg Rally Committee ROW 1: C. Basta, L. Mood, E. Marion, B. Shaw, S. Stevens, J. Fishburne. ROW 2: R. Biale, T. West, J. Evans, L. Olson, C . Yeargin, S. Loveless, S. Seach, J. Spooner. ROW 3: J. Hardesty, C. Lento, N. Mehlum, R. Perkins, B. Cobb, E. Atwell, B. North, D. McNeely, D. Crotta, C. Geil, S. Kern- merle. NOT PICTURED: K. Smith, J. Fettic, S. Herringer, M. Brown, C. Smith, E. Bohn, K. McMahon, M. Banwart, J. Zerfoss, C. Wagner, M. Dem- ing, B. Tedford, J. Claybrook, J. Clary, K. Compston. Men ' s Upper Class Committee ROW 7; J. Hicks, J. Sellers, Chairman W. Eber, M. Koizumi, S. Katzmann, J. Rhodes. ROW 2: J. Hadesty, M. Starrett, J. Reynolds, M. Mat- orian, L. VanLydergraf, D. McCill, B. Shriver, T. Russell, D. Damon, D. Blakely, R. Diedrichsen, M. Perry Election Board 41 J. Rhodes, D. McGill, C. Yparaguire, L. Tiller, D. Blakely. Not Pictured: D. Whitney, L. Cinsburg, L. Salyer Homecoming Committee 42 " ' . ... ' ' ■ ' " " . ' " - ■■ Chairman D. Whitney, S. Morse, D. Barcellos, ). Jeppson, B. Olian, J. Nadeau J. Mancuso, L Ginsburg, R. Diedrchsen, C. Yparraguirre, G. Cohen, Not Pictured: D. Edwards, L. Williams, D. Blakely, P. klinkj. Baker, K. Sewell Winter Carnival Committee ROW 7: Chariman R. Plymell, M. Rhodes, L. Test, G. Weller, P. Mijanovich. ROW 2: S. Brown, J. Hardesty, D. Edelstein, P. Teal, R. Gregory, F. Howe. ROW 3: P. Fagan, C. Goodwin, P. Porter, B. Robertson, B. Ashworth, K. Klaich. Not Pictured: T. Miller, M. Morrisey, S. Loveless. Mackay Day Committee 43 ROW 1: J. Roush, F. DelPappa, N. Krushane, A. Bass, K. Hultgren, K. Barrett. ROW 2: Chairman C. Hansen, C. Golleher, P. Basta, M. Matorian, J. Reynolds, S. Howe, F. Oats, ). Germain. Not Pictured: J. Davis, C. Fer- rari, C. Falkenroth, J. Rhodes, M. Milovich. c Honors And Scholarship Phi Kappa Phi 46 Graduate Students Richard Belaustegui Howard Cassity Robert Clark Patricia Hoffman ames Kelleher William Kelly David Loberg Lillian Mayberry Edwina Miller Undergraduate Students Richard Baker Jerry Blair Jane Beloso Arthur Brown Samuel Bryson Julie Ann Cassinelli Linda Capurro Rodney Colton Amy Jane Dansie Barbara Davies Robert Ewald Jill Gibson Jeanne Gulley Susan Hansen Mary Jane Heard William Hickman Katherine Hoover Sherryl Hossack Bonnie Hutchings Lynne Inama Ruthena Johnston Sherry Lang Annelise Lenz Andrea Laxaugue Stephanie Lorigan Joseph Mangan, Jr. Barbara Nelson Jacquelyn Newmarker Fred Oa ts Muriel Paille Richard Purcell Elizabeth Reil Toni Robustellini Sharron Rogers Nancy Ross Mary Elizabeth Samon Robert Shepherd Harold Swafford Margaret Swapp Rachel Testolin Gary Trigueiro Nikki Tyler Margaret Viksten Timothy Webster Joan Westover Louise White Lucinda Winters Richard Wright Cap And Scroll 47 ROW 7. T. Robustellini, D. Moore, J. Urritia, I. Broten. ROW 2: C. Winters, Sherrly Hossack, Kay Dee Ross Homecoming Queen Candidates Karen Freeman — Juniper Hall Jeanne Trigiro — Kappa Alpha Theta Diana Titlow — Gamma Phi Beta 48 Earlene Marion — Independent Diann Jenson— Delta Delta Delta Carol Brennon — Manzanita Hall Pam Webber— Pi Beta Phi 49 ■•a ' .J Queen Karen Esslinger White Pine Hall 50 Military Ball Queen Candidates Not Pictured Laurie Roberts — Kappa Alpha Theta Bobetta Robertson — Gamma Phi Beta -i. r ' Anita Franklin — Manzanita Hal Sansa Morse — Juniper Hall • Aithea Pappas — Delta Delta Delta Frankie Sue Del Papa — White Pine Hal Kathy Daniels— Pi Beta Phi 51 Queen Sheri Stevens Off-Campus Independent 52 Winter Carnival Queen Candidates Lorinda Harp Delta Delta Delta Marcia Crittendon Pi Beta Phi Marica Moffatt Kappa Alpha Theta Michele Canak Juniper Hall Claudia Dennis Independent Sharon Morgan Gamma Phi Beta Marilyn Maroon Manzanita Hall 53 Queen Jennifer Reed White Pine Hall Junior Prom Queen Candidates 54 Diane Dieter Juniper Hall Chris Maris Gamma Phi Beta Patt Lynch Off Campus Independent Gail Anderson Delta Delta Delta June Eliades White Pine Hall Myrtle Brendle Manzanita Hall Joyce Borda Pi Beta Phi 55 Queen Alana Donahue Kappa Alpha Theta 56 1969 Mackay Day Queen Candidates Not Pictured Mary Ann Lambert White Pine Hall fV. ' .J Renee Brinson Gamma Phi Beta . w . . • • • • • ' • « • • • ( ' ' • . m 1 • • » • | ■ • 8 « Linda Vargas Pi Beta Phi Sheila Barrett Manzanita Hal Kay Dee Ross Kappa AlphaTheta Barbara Nelson Off-Campus Independent SL m Iff J ii : :wKk ' M KilffiHB Nancy Winston Juniper Hall 57 Kay Barrett Delta Delta Delta Comic Rodeo Queen 58 Carol Smith Gamma Phi Beta I Sundowner Queen 59 Jeanne Allasia Kappa Alpha Theta Who ' s Who Cars Courtesy of Harrah ' s Automobile Collection Kay Dee Ross 1903 Franklin Light Roadster Joe Bell 1906 Franklin Roadster Model G Bob Shriver 1957 Jaguar XK " SS " Roadster ;:: Myrtle Hawkins 1930 Packard Runabout Model 734 Jean Urrutia 1913 Mercer Raceabout Type 35 Series J Jim Riley, Kathy Daniels 1929 Mercedes-Benz Model SSK Drop-Head Coupe Will Eber, Sue Botsford 1933 Duesenberg Model SJ Speedster Lou Breen 1950 Morgan Model F-4- Lori Egan 1955 Ferrari Type 375 MM Roadster John Hicks 1932 Bugatti Type 50T Coupe Ted Dixon, Jackie Ennis 1949 Jaguar XK Roadster Comic Rodeo 68 I 69 ' 5 ■ S II S 1 1 4s 1 £. fe 11 Jfc V -■«( « fc $ V r nS f « • " ■ " I 5 " «|K I Ji : ' = • The Beginning Of A Delicate Balance 74 75 . T . M Wv, [ v f • Winter Carnival 1969 i ■». — t.«U y T 4 ' o % f j| IP 1 78 1 , Capital For A Day " The " Capital for a Day " program brought Governor Paul Laxalt and part of his cabinet to campus Febru- ary 18. Topics discussed in the open session were: civil rights, discrimination in housing and employment, lack of communication between students and faculty, and marijuana. A petition signed by about 300 students was presented to the governor calling for a lessening of penalties in cases in- volving marijuana. The governor said he favored this but he would veto any bill calling for light sentences for " pushers. " The University budget also came under attack, but Laxalt said education accounted for 65 per cent of the state ' s general fund spending; and the Uni- versity of Nevada system was getting 18 per cent of the general fund. m - T Jim Hardesty Wins ASUN Presidency Speakers: Drew Pearson, Charlie Brown, John Carlos 82 83 Mackay Day 1968 - ' , tp u ; HES V. w«FK : , • -5t- % ,,, i. w: X, r- ' t. Kx , • ' ' ' - Administration — n -— U n 87 Board Of Regents Dr. Fred M. Anderson Thomas G. Bell James Bilbray A.C. Grant Procter Hug Jr. Harold Jacobsen Molly Knudtsen Dr. Louis Lombardi R.J. Ronzone A lbert Seeliger Juanita White 83 Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey 89 University President N. Edd Miller made a concentrated effort this year to maintain the " open door " policy with students and faculty that he instituted when he assumed the posi- tion of president. Miller met with students at several forums to discuss policies and problems including campus drinking, student-administration, and in-loco-parentis rules. During February, Miller put into effect a new policy on search- es in dormitory rooms after receiving a peti- tion signed by 900 students and faculty. At this time, he also stated " I do wish, . . ., to reaffirm my complete confidence in the reality of student government. I particularly believe in the right of students to discipline themselves. " Academic Deans 90 " We are tired of being hypocrites, " said Dean of Student Affairs Sam Basta when he an- nouced a proposed major policy change con- cerning student drinking. Basta ' s proposal was a result of student demands that the double standard of enforcement of campus liquor policies be eliminated. Basta said the current policy couldn ' t be strictly carried out because fraternity houses are on private property while dormitories are on state property. Basta proposed " certain designated areas on university owned and controlled property shall be authorized permitting the storage, possession and use of alcholic beverages. During the year other deans helped students implement more concrete policies. Dean of Women Roberta Barnes and Assistant Dean of Women Cecelia St. John worked closely with representatives of women ' s living groups to bring about open hours. Dean Of Student Affairs Sam Basta Acting Dean of Men Michael Laine Dean of Women Roberta Barnes Graduate Manager James McNabney 91 Assistant Dean of Women Cecelia St. John 92 Dean, Orivs School of Nursing Marjorie Elmore Controller Henry Hattori Dean, Mackay School of Mines John Butler Foreign Student Advisor Jack Selbig Director of Information EdOlsen Dean, College of Education Edmund Cain 93 Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Harold Kirkpatrick Director of Development Robert Reams 94 Director, Physical Plant Ed Pine Director of Admissions and Registrar Jack Shirley Administrative Vice President Ralph Irwin Dean, College of Business Administration Robert Weems Tjfl .fix . jx B 1 .. i Director, Audio Visual Communications Donald Potter Director of Libraries Harold Morehouse 95 Dean, College of Engineering James Anderson Director of Athletics Jake Lawlor Department Heads E. Maurice Beesley Mathematics Marilyn Horn Home Economics Cyrus Cuss Chemistry Ted Conover Journalism George Barnes Physics Paul Secord Psychology Charles Ross Art mm George Broten Physical Education « I r i John Morrison English Donald Cooney Biology Warren d ' Azevedo Sociology and Anthropology Charles Wells Foreign Languages v ». Ml ' ' Don Driggs Political Science Organizations Nevada Free University Under a plan devised by two University of Nevada Junior Students, NFU started its first quarter in the fall of 1968. About 200 students registered for the 23 courses that wereoffered. Courses ranged from mountaineering to Guerrilla Movements in the Modern World. Free University promoteer Bill Metzker says the free university concept is designed to " supplement the curriculum and try and pro- mote changes in the community at large. " MBMM Sundowners ROW 7; J. Bush, M. Smith, President S. Katzmann, M. Jordan. ROW 2: J. Scierani, C. Leonard, D. Johnson, T. Crawforth. ROW 3: G. Martini, P. Nanninni, D. Flynn, M. Zuppan, T. Heskett, R. Kriezenbeck, B. Petersen, D. Carpenter, J. Sellers, L. BigLieri. ROW 4: L. Golassi, C. Ballard, L. Chattel, S. Brown, P. Teal. Sagers f VW ROW 7. President F. Howe, K. Lightfoot, G. Damm, T. Ireland, K. Scheetz, B. Christiansen. ROW 2: Ron Metzger, Bob Almo Pat Mat- ter T R Sson " " ' C ° Can ° Ur R ° W 3 B ' MaC6 ' K ' PaU ' Sen ' R ' LikeS ' ROW 4: L Test ' J ' Felix ' D - Albright, B. Adams, M. Wojcik, j. Sprimg- Spurs T ROW 7. J. Quigley, L. Compston, S. Stefans, President D. Titlow. ROW 2: B. Ralf, C. Morse, S. Kelley, A. Quartararo, J. Land. ROW 3: J. Roush, M. Jerrell, P. Escobar, K. Freeman, C. Pallesen. ROW 4: V. Harnish, J. Rettic, V. Renucci, T. Karagosian. ROW 5: ). Bergevin, M. Bartlett. Not Pictured: R. Gibson, D. Emerson, B. Hart, N. Mellum, T. Truscott. Blue Key ROW 7: E. Horgan, G. Triguiero, M. Newmarker, J. Bell. ROW 2: D. Whitney, D. Edwards, M. Koizumi, A. Means, J. Cercek, H. Gallagher, L. Van- Lydegraf. ROW 3: B. Dunf ield, F. Oats, B. Shriver, T. Russell, J. Rhodes, D. Blakely, D. Damon. ROW 4: G. Corn, C. Hansen, J. Hicks, D. Guild, W. Eber, T. Dixon, President J. Riley Sagens ROW 1: President B. Nelson, L. Pochop, D. Moore, A. Millard, L. Flannigan, S. Post ROW 2: C. Geil, P. Lynch, R. Martinez, K. Smith, J. Savage, L. Egan. ROW 3: C. Yee, H. Burr, V. Millington, N. Lee, B. Shane, R. Testolin, J. Gibson. ROW 4: L. Moschetti, P. Coli, K. Barrett, D.Johnson, S. Har- mer, P. Polichio. ROW 5: I. Broten, L. Breen, J. Ennis, D. Martinez, S. Morse, J. Urrutia. Not Pictured: S. Botsford, S. Bruckart, L. Douthit, S. Hossack, C. Mann, C. Olson, G. Redican, K. Ross, S. Reynolds, M. Ammons, K. Vacchina, J. Westover, C. Winters, S. Wosser Parachute Club President Bob Howell Rick Purcell Don Grey Jhon Barnet Charlie Robinson Gus Nunez Gorge Tarleton Dave Volpi Bob Heady Steve Demeritt Bob Fontana Herb Morghen Bill Lamon in Pems 112 ■■ ROW 7: President J. Porter, V. Cael, K. Florey, B. Giannini ROW 2: L. Breen, O. Plummer, B. Slossen ROW 3: L.Wilson, S. Herr- mann, A. Williams ROW 4: B. Simons, J. Secoy, C. Allum, D. Piirto. Block N D. Reich, J. MacSween, L. Brewer, L. Gwyn, H. Dangerfield T. Gilmartin, H. Gallagher, S. Clark, P. Giambra. •. A. Risby, P. Sinnott, P. Bateman, J. Pedrojetti, J. Berro, M. Matorian. B. Maher, E. Gonzales, T. Reed, J. Hicks, M. Reynolds, A. Terkild- sen, P. Hayden. University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club v " " ' ■:-■■ . ' a. ■ • ' ' - ROW 1: G. Schmid, C. Hylin, B. Price, L. McNabney, N. Medina, D. Sherwood, B. Lloyd, B. Booth. ROW 2: M. Gorman, T. Willis, P. Flemming, E. Soderbolm, J. Lenz, J. Ryan, S. Boland, J. Smith, R. Lawton. ROW 3: J. Forman, J. Rajander, R. Hill, M. Artkene, R.Rose, J. Hammerel, L. Hastings, D. Watson, R. Stephenson ROW 1: R. Cademartori, F. Pedrojetti, M. Campana, J. Folsom, R. Norton, D. Holmgren, K. Scruggs, M. Guild, R. Shanz. ROW 2: D. Capurro, R. Bowling, P. Dimaggio, J. Cappurro, R. Goone, D. Grauvogel, S. Mollath, P. Ferrari, T. Slower ROW 7; J. Blink, K. Cloudas, B. Mackay, R. Ashby, T. Sthymmel, J. Mesce, D. Guild, M. Milovich, F. Bowen. ROW 2: R. Gomes, ). Doherty, R. Jenson, E. Corda, C Thomas, G. Atkenson, E. Hattori, J. Warren, G. Nixon, J. Gonzales. ROW 3: R. Ditmarsh, D. Ihara, D. Baker, D. Edwards, J. Yound, J. Eleano, L. Eankovich, G. McClelland, R. Digesti, J. Todd. ROW 4: D. Norris, R. Johnson, W. Manson, B. Colburn, D. Scheeler, D. Nico- University Of Nevada Cadet Officer Club 116 Edward Aymar Clyde Batavia President Chris Hansen Olin Beall John Fred Stewart Gordon William Bell Carpenter Crane Depaoli Dunfield Mathew Hugh John Edward Ronald Evans Gallagher Gilbert Gladding Going Collins William Stephen Richard Steve Griffith Harrison Howe Jones Katzmann Samuel Mike Carl Jerry Dennis Knipmeyer Koizumi Kolbert Maldonado Martin Stephen Moltz John Rhodes Fred Oats James Rajander Kenneth Reil Jeff Rockholm Todd Russell Jim Ryon Rodney Reynolds Gary Speegle 117 Jeff Stepro John Sutton Pete Test John Watson Glendon Whorton 118 ROW 7. UNCOC Advisor H. Gallagher, President S. Wosser. ROW 2: A. Ackles, J. Spooner, D. Landa, A. Quartararo, S. Herrmann, S. Stevens. ROW 3: A. Franklin, S. Morse, A. Papas, N. Miller, K. Daniels. ROW 4: Faculty Advisor Major Crocker, S. Richert, K. Borum, Schulz, F. DelPappa, A. Millard, C. Walker. NOT PICTURED: S. Barrett, P. Boicelli, L. Breen, S. Bruckart, K. Bryan, C. Goodwin, D. McNeely, L. Mood, P. Nelson, M. Paille, L. Roberts, S. Smith, C. Todt, L. Williams, C. Winters. Colonel ' s Coeds 119 Color Guard 120 S. Barquist, M. Brady, R. Byrne, J. Brown, B. Rassler Sierra Guardsmen 121 ROW 1: D. Lochridge, D. Laherty, W. Farmer, C. Mumm, L. Garlick, R. Jenkins, C. Sweeny. ROW 2: B. Jensen, R. Scoles, F. McGowan, R. Perrier, G. Lee, R. Stokes, R. Bruno, W. Tamantini, R. Vesely, D. Hilleary. ROW 3: Advisor Major R. DeRocher, Commanding Officer O. Beall, J. Blink, S. Brenneke. ROW 4: G. Gregory, S. Acevede, J. Mailery, G. Fleming, R. McGowan, J. Fuller, J. Ganyon, B. Woodgate, R. Pickett. Rifle Team 122 ROW 7: D. Norton, O. Beal, D. Shink, C. Island, S. Deveries. ROW 2: Major DeRocher, J. Berryman, D. Holgrom, M. Cassady, A. Friery, D. Bickford, ). Redman, M. Kossemko, D. Otton. ROW 1: A. Terkildsen, S. Crockett, J. Chun, T. King. ROW 2: C. Christensen, B. Johnston, A. Brown, P. Cartwright, L. Kinkor, R. Going, ). V oodward, D. Calabrese, J. Ceurin. ROW 3: Chairman D. Potts, Advisor P. Rymers, Advisor ]. Carlson, Advisor VV. Van Tassel. Chemistry Club 123 F. Bowers, Dr. Burkhart, R. Athancio Rodeo Club 124 ROW 7: President M. Compston, L. Glazer, L. Glass, M. lacometti, P. Rand, C. Smith, C. Hollingsworth. ROW 2: S. Myatt, D. Brough, J. Laxaque, B. Premo, B. Tallman, M. Griswald, ). Laxaque, K. Wilson, E. Murphy. Alpha Zeta ROW 7: S. Evermann, S. Brown, J. Laxague, C. Gottschalk, L. Glaser. ROW 2: V. Hunter, Advisor, Dr. J. Maxfield, Dr. E. Jensen, A. Lesoerance. ROW 3: J. Douglas, P. Test, J. Laxague, ROW 4: S. Parrish, J. Capurro, D. Layhee, B. Premo. ROW 5: ). Evermann, P. DiMaggio, D. Piirto, S. Timko. 125 Aggie Club ROW 1: J. Laxague, L. Glaser, L. Glass, P. Rand. ROW 2: President T. Wines, B. Premo, V. Hunter, J. Laxague, T. Bendure, S. Parish ASCE 126 ROW 1: Advisor L. Shifely, R. Bails, M. Davis, J. Smith, K. Loackard, W. Manker, J. Rosenbrock, J. Markl. ROW 2: J. Byrom, T. Parker, R. Shea, M. Koizumi, S. Dmytriw, D. Banta, R. Cobun, A. Means. ROW 3: President R. Ewald, R. Pillers, M. Forga, J. Hampton, T. Webster, R. Johnson, C. Shah AIME ROW 1: C. Boune. S. McHugh, S. Bruff, R. Palmer. A. Kingsley, D. Buonanona, ROW 2: M. McLean, GB. Strickland. R. Schram, J. Kapler, D. Nicholarsen, R. Grauvogel, F. Harding, D. Banker. IEEE ROW 7: E. Kosso, H. Shah, C. Johnson, H. Bunsow, V. Danner, A. Moore, R. Colton, T. Flower, J. Nelson. ROW 2: E. Richter, M. Mclnnis, E. Hodge, C. Carhardt, D. Wehr, A. Halacsy, R. Manhart, K. Christner, B. Bonham, R. Tate. 127 Sigma Tau ROW 1: President W. Jones, S. Dmytriw, B. Cobun, D. Nesbitt, J. Blink, D. Keller, D. Heinen, L. Rosa, K. Lockard. ROW 2: D. Baker, J. Markl, B. Nelson, C. Christenson, G. Kazonich, B. Shea, J. Rosenbrock, J. Calloway. ROW 3. C. Elges, C. Garhardt, K. Meyer, G. Canning, D. Asikainen, B. Ewald, T. Parker, Paul Sadler, R. Colton, R. Tate, T. Webster. Alpha Epsilon Delta Editor G. Kellogg, Vice-president M. Natalino, Secretary A. Natalino, Treas- urer E. Lanigar, Historian T. Ricciardi, President J. Cercek. 128 ■ ' " ■■■ r " ■ ROW!: A. Davies, ]. Mulvihill, A. Natalino, M. Natalino, P. Landis. ROW 2: S. Wosser, T. Robustellini, ]. Beloso, I. Turchyn. ROW 3: J. MacSween, T. Myatt, G. Johnson, T. Ricciardi, E. Lanigar, J. Rockholm. ROW 4: D. Humphreys, L. Gilman, J. Hutchinson, D. Watson, Dr. F. D. Tibbitts (Fac. Advisor) ROW 5: D. Minister, B. Sheperd, B. Hall, Dr. J. Knoll. ROW 6: B. Traverso, J. Calloway, D. Granata, J. Cercek, G. Kellogg, Dr. L. Jones, Dr. F. Ryser. Delta Sigma Pi 129 ROW 7: S. Brenneke, Advisor Dr. Duffy, T. Matkin, ROW 2: S. Harrison, J. Baireuther, D. Carpenter, ROW 3: J. Mullen, J. Isaia, J. McLennon, ROW 4: G. Nelson, D. Brenner, D. Butler, A. Lenon, R. Willison, J. Hardesty, J. Smith, B. Jilbert, D. McNeill, H. Swafford, R. Mason, M. Uader, Dr. Cotter, Not Pictured: J. Ahern, T. Batey, D. Blodgett, R. Capener, S. Hess, M. McClure, S. MacRitchie, B. Moell, J. Palumbo, A. Salmon, R. Wright p College Club Of Home Economics ROW 1: Advisor P. Kimsey, President P. Stiegler, K. Borum, P. Fraser, D. Holcher, K. Talcott. ROW 2: K. Littlef ield, J. Stephens, E.Beyer, J. Lukas. Pi Sigm a Alpha ROW 7: M.Samon, L. Egan, J.Ralf ROW 2: S. Peek, W. Eber, B. Gillham, P. Reams, D. Jones. Pi Mu Epsilon 131 ROW 7.5. Timko, Dr. Wishart, R. Sharp, J. Blink, V. Usnick, R. Richter, D. Keller ROW 2: R. Heinan, Mr. Pfaff, Dr. Beas- ley, J. Blair, D. Colbert, D. Reich, G. Kayonich. Women ' s Press Club ROW 1: S. Kemmerle, T. Karagosian, President N. Krushane, K. Rooks, S. Reynolds, A. Chresst, B. Gardner, S. Bruckart, H. Woo. 132 Renewable Natural Resources ROW 7: Advisor Dr. C. M. Skau, F. Jones, President P. Test, ROW 2: M. Gish, D. Piirto, T. Alpers, D. Goicochea, C. An- derson, B. Sutton, Advisor D. Jager, ROW 3: K. Cloudas, M. Dondero, R. Jones, P. Walden, P. Dimaggio, S. Evermann. Daugther ' s Of The Crossed Swords Jackie Ennis Merry Hyde Lou Breen Karen Rambosek Concert Jazz Band 133 ROW 1: R. Aymar, R. Falter, C. Gaston, M. Boyd, D. Good, ). Reilly, M. Hechman, P. Kardos. ROW 2: K. Lillo, J. Kenneth, T. Porray, G. Juhl, B. Mackay, M. Montgomery, T. Bridges, D. Carter, T. Smith, M. Cuno, Director G. Isaeff. ROW 3: J. Rishel, A. Metzger. Sagebrush 134 Editor Tim Countis Assistant Editor Mike Cuno Sports Editor George Manes Business Manager Gary Trigueiro 135 Political Reporter Tom Wixon . h® F iJMBl ' ' Head Photographer John Smith Photographer Dave Kladney Reporter Jeff Doran 136 Reporter Dennis Bitsche Reporter Mike Graham Forum 37 Editor Shelia Caudle Living Groups i Juniper Hall Built in 1963, Juniper Hall is the newest women ' s dormitory on the University of Nevada campus. Juniper houses one hundred sixty women making it the largest women ' s living group. Susan Botsford Carole Cattanach Sandra Cernusak Kathryn Compston Bonnie Currie Christine Cuthbertson Verlene Danner Vicki D ' Atri Dianne Dieter Tonja Dressier 141 Connie Driskin Karin Freeman Donna Dulla Mary Fulstone Pilar Escobar Melani Fields Diana Goff Frances Goodale Peggy Foster Ann Haglund Lynne Hall Margaret Hartman Linda Hatfield Nicole Heaton Mary Heher 142 Delynn Higley Teddi Koplos Jacqueline Mast Honey Hind Susan Larson Mary Melle Danell Hocher JacqueC. Holloway Patricia Mahone Valletla Millington Sue Malley Janet Moore Barbara Kane Noelle Mande Charlotte Morse Sansa Morse Alice Norris Nancy Nurre Nancy Oswald Karen Oulie Arline Paine Penny Peterson Olena Plummer Penelope Powell Katharine Reil Robin Rio Beverly Ritchie Drucilla Rossi Lenaire Schofield Jeannie Simas Bonnie Slosson Carolyn Stonefelt Brenda Tedford Sue Thoma Pam Turner 143 Katie Urlaub Margaret Vogel Vicki Voorhees Judith Wagner Marcia Williams Nancy Winston Kathleen Yim Manzanita Hall Originally built in 1919, Manzanita Hall overlooks Manzanita Lake and the city of Reno. In 1955 the hall was rebuilt and modernized to give all the mod- ern conveniences to the women it ac- commodates. President Georgianna Redican Sandra Michele Lavonne Christina i va Ansotegui Arregui Barnes Batjer Beyer Karen Carole Melinda Kathleen Myrna Bohannan Brennan Brown Carter Cornelius Mary Deming Cecchi Guiliana Karen Eck Leslie Glass Linda Felt Josette Frenzel Marilyn Heges Julie Horn Cyndia Gallagher Deborah Johnson Kim Juliann Rosalie Gayla Renee Kehiaian Lutes Martinez Mitchell Nickson 145 147 White Pine Hall Built in 1962, White Pine Hall was originally a men ' s dormitory. It now houses one hundred-sixty women in twenty separate suites. President Dede Boone Constance Carlson Leona Defenbaugh Erleen Elmore Charlene Graham Denise Chernof Lorayne Christensen Alta Colahan Marta de la Fuente FrankieSue DelPapa Freida Del Papa Goldee Ferer Joanne Findley Kathy Gherra Waynette Conrad Sharon Edmonds Pat Goelz Debbie G u n n Gale Hansen Susan Hase Cecilia Heckel 149 150 Lorraine Honyumptewa Janet Ridgely Carol Webb Valerie Kimball Chris Schriefer Theodocia Martin Delia Martinez Carol Sciarani Terry Steele Pam Webber Hermalene Wick Joy McCorkil Marion Vavra Delta Delta Delta In 1913 the Theta Theta chapter of Delta Delta Delta was established at the University of Nevada. Thus, it be- came the first national women ' s fra- ternity chartered on the University of Nevada campus. Edie Atwell Kathleen Beechinor Carol Carr Andrea Dieringer Judy Baker Kay Barrett Margaret Bergmann Carla Boano Kathleen Carter Petrea Christensen Carolyn Basta Annette Burr Bonnie Connolly Diane Durham Susan Elliott Judi Evans Melanie Fields Patricia Fleming Francine Freedman Barbara Gardner Christina Batjer Caroline Capitain ( arol Cooke Patricia Fagan Donna Gerwin 153 154 Kathe Sherryl Dorothy Vicky Catharine Harris Hossack Hunter Huxtable Jones )ane Land Margaret Lappin Margaret Lauck Shelley Loveless Sherry McNair Kathy Andrea Martha Cathie Althea Meiser Millard Munson Oppio Pappas Constance Doris Andrea Sally Kathleen Pappas Piirto Quartararo Reed Reese Patrice Semenza Nancy Smith - Shari Stefan Kathy Storke Cindy Tedford 155 Stephanie Tieber Nikki Tyler Noel Tyler Meg Verberkmoes Carol Vercoe Cynthia Walker Carole Wiley Mary Woolverton Gamma Phi Beta In 1921 the Alpha Gamma chapter of Gamma Phi Beta was established at the University of Nevada. Gamma Phi Beta has the newest Greek lodging com- pleted in 1965. ■■n Deborah Barth Karen Borum Elen Bedell ■Ck - m s i ■ Helen Bennett Toni Bockelman Renee Brinson Andrea Bosco Pamela Bowden Susan Bruckart Dawn Cassinelli Lou Breen Julie Cassinelli Pat Boicelli Diane Brignand UP v 1 jSf flgf ■ - V» :I W k Susan Chretien 157 Dianne DuFour Linda Ginsburg Debbie Easton Jackie Ennis Dyanna Fenton Kristen Goodrich Becky Graham Merry Hyde Leath Flannigan Deborah Johnson 158 H m 4- • v jBh BM jjB Bm : i M ' M. 7 Toni Karagosian Chris Maris Susan Kemmerle Christy Marsh Francine King Nancy Krushane Marianne Maytan KJ5 V Janice McAuliffe Jane Lawler Madge McLeskey i ' tf J A [ 11 Sharon Mary Marilyn Sharron Karen Morgan Mulcaky Newell Ott Peterson Karen Rafael Diane Richardson Bobetta Robertson Kathy Rooks Chris Schima Barbara Sherman Stephanie Siri Carol Smith Candance Suggett Clair Sumner Cathleen Diana Renell Jericho Joan Taylor Titlow Trosi Walton Westover Valerie Witzel 159 Kappa Alpha Theta In 1922 the Beta Mu chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was established at the University of Nevada. Kappa Alpha Theta, the first women ' s nationa Greek fraternity, was founded in 1870. Nancy Albisu Jeanne Bergevin Patricia Coli Gail Doyle Michele Allard Julie Bertolino Mona Concha Sally Edwards Jeanne Allasia Jill Baker Nancy Boudwin Susan Canak Mary DeLaMare Connie Diskin — 4 Lory Egan Michele Elcano Jane Beloso Michele Caserta Alana Donahoe Elaine Elder 161 Charlotte Ferrari Jody Fettic Patty Gallagher Denise Gallues Jan Games 162 Kathy Goodrich Janet Hopkins Margaret Johnston 4i . .; Peggy Mann Pamela Quilici Carol Goodwin Gottschalk Nancy Heckman Susan Heringer Karen Isold Susan Jacobsen Lizanne Johnson Roberta Johnson Susan Kelly Candy Kimerer rf Lise Lenz Bw w Susan Nelson Debbie Patterson Jan Peckardt Patty Poe Laurie Roberts Barbara Rooney Kay Dee Ross Julie Savage Julie Schulz Tina West Bonnie Shaw Cheri Smith Kathleen Smith Julie Whitney Nancy Wosser Sue Wosser Janet Spooner Dana Brenda Trudy Jeanne Valerie Stovall Tedford Tedford Trigero Wells 163 Carol Yparraguirre Pi Beta Phi In 1915 the Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi was established at the University of Ne- vada. Since its founding in 1867, Pi Beta Phi has grown to include 112 chapters. Georgia Burris Sandee Carleton Kathryn Compston Linda Compston MaryAnne Garamendi Rhonda Gibson Allison Trov Barbara Delores Shelia Ackles Anderson Ashworth Barcellos Barrett Carla Jill Melinda Kathleen Patricia Birch Brouner Brown Bryan Burns Joan Clary Cathie Clinch Lynn Conner Marcia Crittenden Barbara Gottschalk Pamela Graffam Cheryl Cline Kathleen Daniels Jann Guild 165 166 Judy Halvorson Kristie Kennedy Christy McGehee Barbara Harrison Sue Hawkins Cheryl Heckethorn Kathy Klaich Dorinda Landa Claudia K Lehto Nancy Mehlum Tina Miller Linda Mood Susan Herrmann Stephanie Lorigan Marilyn Morrell Molly Robyn Linda Carol Sheri Morrissey Munn Olson Pallesen Peardall Carolyn Carole Jackie Salle Karen Polish Pozzi Roush Schmitz Shewmaker Debby Sprenger Sue Stiff Debbie Sullivan Suzette Swanson Cinday Todt Linda Cheryl Pam Diane Elizabeth Urriola Walker Webber Williams Williams Cindy Winters Cheryl Yee 167 p Lincoln Hall Built in 1896, Lincoln Hall is one of the oldest buildings on the University of Nevada campus. When first construct- ed it stood alone on the edge of Man- zanita Lake. Now it is in the center of student activity between the library and the student union. President Collins Griffith Luis Bolanos K Steven Harcourt Wilson Hughes AL. James Shewan Bob Smith Joe Butterman Fred McCowan Jim Douglas Rodney Miller Harvey Eastman Dennis Minister 169 Nye Ha Built in 1967, Nye Hall is the newest and largest dormitory on the Uni- versity of Nevada campus. Its eight floors house five hundred sixty men. President Kurt Schweer 7 Kevin Anderson Olin Beall James Boernge Tim Brown Roger Campbell Anthony Edge Larry Etchemendy Gerry Ferrell Brandon Foster Richard Gavica Kenter Haberle Mark Heckman Dan Henningsen Chris Jensen Terry Johnson Gene Lee £M Ad John Bruzzonejr. Glenn Fleming 171 Jerry Huston Richard Leigon Steven Hardman John Hyatt Glen Martin II Rob Mastroianni James Nadeau Bill Otani Dennis Patterson Roger Paxton Jamie Pillers Earl Parker 172 Ted Porray Anthony Risby Michael Prosser William Stark Marlin Prupas i 1 Jerry Vesely Michael Pullen Kerry Watkins Dan Reich Robert York, Jr. eshoe . _ K l I HAM N EGGS 8 A i - - ■ 7 L u i, j , 9 S {$£ lilliJJL _. L- m n ' R mi v , - - rL rr M lu $ l i iLX . ::™ p -fe w i : ,. " Bar " ir p Alpha Tau Omega In 1921 the Delta lota chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was established at the Uni- versity of Nevada. Alpha Tau Omega has led intramural competition at the University of Nevada for the past eight years. John Beeghly Joe Burns Stanley Cooper Richard Bennett Jim Berro Stan Brown Danny Canak Harry Cattanach John Cercek James Copenhauer Edward Corda David Cowan Gerald Dempsey Eric Dickenson Greg Doyle Lou Doyle Fred Borton Robert Colburn IfJ ' Douglas Damon km Mike Echevarria 175 tfciife Richard Edwards Patrick Fagan Patrick Farrell Paul Ferguson Steven Galantuomini John Gilbert Ed Gonzalez Glenn Goza Pat Griffin Marvin Grulli ® V " " A. Clark Guild Jeff Guild Steve Hamilton Gary Hammersmith Chris Hansen L tiM l.fc Don Herrin Tim Heskett Hank Isbell David Kalousek Craig Karrasch Mike Koizumi John Kravchonok Rocky Latta Chuck Leonard Bob Loux Michael Luce Jim Mackedon John Marshall Steve Mathews Dick Matthews Brian McCormick Alan Means Roger Means Craig Meckley Mike Melarkey Fred Miller John Myles Eric Nelson Daniel Nickovich John Nunn Mike O ' Brien Jon Pace George Parmenter 177 Gregory Nixon Paul Partagas Joe Sceirine Robert Scott Gary Shatz William Shaw fc kiAfrJyi l Terry Sthymmel Steve Swecker Bruce Thomas Rick Thomas 178 iMaM Chan Stenovich Gary Trigueiro Mark Ward Rick Waters Greg Wenner Joe Williams Mark Winans Harry Wright John Zertoss p Lambda Chi Alpha In 1929 the Epsilon lota Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was established at the University of Nevada. Lambda Chi Alpha occupies the newest men ' s Greek lodging completed in 1955. President Michael Starrett h t H «41i Mfred Abrahamsen Robert Adams Tim Alpers Glenn Barnes Larry Bernard Chris Cammack George Cattenach Larry Bill Champagne Christensen Larry Cocanour Robert Cocanour Dwight Connely Ted Angle Howard Arcularius Carlson Fred Carpenter 181 Douglas Clary Steve Cloyd Greg Corn Bill Cothrun Terry Crawford Gregg Damm Terry Dye Don Edelstein Harry English I 182 iddMi Mathew Evans Bob Fay William Ferguson Barry Fink Terry Flower Larry Frank Philip Frank Robert Fry Gary Granata Lee Hall J M iM Steve Hall Gary Handelin Joseph Handy James Hardesty David Harmer 4 iiJ iM Richard Harrison Steve Hess Fred Howe Stephen Howe Charles Hunnewell 4t JnlfiilJ Tim Ireland Randy Johnson Don Kanfer Alan Kightlinger John Landa Michael Leek Paul Malone John Miller Scott Olin Karl Scheetz Ken Lightfoot Keith Lockard Douglas Long Lance Van Lydergraf Jim Mancuso Bob Meinen Bruce Meyers Mike Midgley MM i J Lance Modispacher Stephen Moltz Jerry Nelson Brad Norton Stephen Pereira Reese Perkings Gary Petersen Steve Rabenstine Kirk Shaffer Dale Seman John Smith Jeff Stepro 183 lift Craig Sullivan Steve Watson Edmund Wojcik Michael Wojcik 184 Crescents ROW 7: J. Clarey, T. Ward, L. Ginsburg, D. Landa, J. Bruner, J. Casinelli, K. Smith, L. Howe, S. Harmer, ). Triolo ROW 2: R. Sharp, C. Goodwin, A. Millard, M. Billman, B. Ashworth, K. Russo, K. Freeman, J. Roush. Phi Sigma Kappa In 1917 the Eta Deuteron chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa was established at the University of Nevada. Phi Sigma Kappa first started as a local fraternity at the University of Nevada in 1898. President George Manes Gary Allan Gary Atkinson William Atkinson Scott Brenneke Jeffrey Collins Michael Donnelly Jim Germain Mike Hawkins Charles Manes James Murch 187 Jerry Phillips Douglas Piirto Roderic Procter Jonathan Riebli Timothy Ward Sigma Alpha Epsilon In 1917 the Nevada Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was established at the University of Nevada. With 161 chapters, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the nation ' s largest fraternity. President Bob Shriver Richard Mien Roger Ashbv Richard Barozzi William Bennett Ken Benson VaA Robert Boustead jim Callaway John Capurro Bob Colon Daniel Connelly 189 John Crowe Loring DeMartini Thomas Dietrich John Etcheto Charles Falcke ftfct Leonard Fitzgerald Greg Goodin Craig Hartman George Hatjakes Gonzalo Hernandez Alex Hossack George Maldonado Patrick Mathews Robert Milne Mark Milovich James Moore Richard Morris Andre Murat Dave Nicolarsen MM Robert Pike Fred Polish Dennis Powers Wally Rich 190 Braden Rippetoe Ron Rock David Root Todd Russell Robert North Tom Richardson Jerry Sawyer Tom Sawyer Robert Segota Andrew Stamps Randy Stewart Dave Stiegler Philip Teal Paul Tholl Monte Watson Mark Whitney Little Sisters Of Minerva 191 President M. Paille. ROW 1: P. Boicelli, C. Polish, S. Stefan, L. Mood. ROW 2: M. Garamendi, C. Yparraguirrie, G. Stobie, J. Waldo, J. Baker, K. Klaich. ROW 3. K. Taylor, P. Semenza, F. King, A. Dieringer, A. Noble, K. Ross, J. Bergevin, C. - Ingersoll. NOT PICTURED: K. Daniels, S. Herrmann, K. Opoules, J. Eiley, B. Rooney, K. Esslinger, D. Titlow. Sigma Nu In 1914 the Delta Xi chapter of Sigma Nu was established at the University of Nevada. Thus, it became the first na- tional men ' s Greek fraternity chartered on the University of Nevada campus. Deane Albright Robert Almo Eric Anderson Dave Arriola Jim Baireuther dJfcl Myron Banwart Jack Beach Richard Beach Dave Blakely Theodore Brown 193 Kenneth Burke Kenneth Byrne Dennis Castaneda William Cobb Gary Colon Al Cunningham Ronald Digesti Steve Duke Philip Etchells Jack Felix (Mk iM Mike Flaherty Robert France Jim Genasci Ron Goone Michael Greenan 194 Stephan Hall Tom Kerestesi Rick Leathers Michael Miller Craig Hamilton George Hastings Steve Herz Robert Hussey Bruce Kinneberg Philip Klink Vonn Krause Thomas Lambert iM Ik 1 J Thomas Lewis William Lloyd John Melarkey Ron Metzger iJU Bruce Palmer Kim Paulsen Marc Pieratt Greg Pownint Jeff Rahbeck Rodney Reynolds John Rhodes Mark Rhodes Larry Ricciardi Tony Ricciardi Danny- Ross Robin Ryser Cordon Seaman Ernest Siller ItiJfci Charles Sonderegger Hal Spatz Mark Speetzen Bert Steele Mike Stoker 195 Louis Test Pete Test David Thomas Ross Thomsen Larry Tiller Dennis Tupper Thomas Turrentine Phil Williamson Tom Yaussy Larry Yori Gene Yup Theta Chi Sn 1942 the Beta Phi chapter of Theta Chi was established at the University of Nevada. It is the newest national men ' s Greek fraternity chartered on the University of Nevada campus. 196 President Michael Aitken Dennis Buonanoma Chuck Falkenroth Michael Hansen Gary Lehman Dennis Lipscomb Samuel Potter Thomas Robertson Tom Selleck Gene Whittey Sports Football %. Season Record Nev. Opp. 202 U. of Williamette U. of C. -Santa Barbara U. of San Francisco Chico State College Cal State-Hayward Sacramento State Humboldt State U. of C. -Davis San Francisco State U. of Hawaii 13 40 17 14 48 13 15 20 7 7 14 17 17 20 24 25 21 7 21 Head Coach, Dick Trachok 203 Wolf Pack ROW 1: Coach Stookey, T. Manion, M. Guild, B. Marioni, C. Congdon, O. Young, ). Barnes, G. Aitken, 1_. Dearing, G. Eat- inger, L. Getz, J. Sellers. ROW 2: Coach Scattini, G. Hardaway, B. Maher, S. Sousa, R. Bueno, M. Vincent, M. Reid, M. Oreno, D. Perryman, R. Patterson, J. Beaver, R. Reed, J. Capdeville, L. G ieta. ROW 3: Coach Loper, Coach Walker, J. Smith, J. Nady, E. Parrott, M. Donnelly, E. Markovich, R. Sherwood, L. Long, K. Byrne, S. Mayatt, B. O ' Brien, D. Tegano, B. Segota. ROW 4: Coach Trachok, T. Reed, P. Teal, M. Leek, M. Mil- ovich, R. Isley, M. Hermeling, T. Hermeling, T. Donnelly, J. Sattwhite, D. Capozzo, E. Gonzales, C. Casuso. ■,,! ' ■: First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing First Downs Penaltys Total First Downs Number Attempts Rushing Yards Lost Rushing Yards Gained Rushing Net Yards Rushing Number Passes Attempted Number Passes Completed Had Intercepted Net Passing Total plays Passing and Rushing Total Offensive Yards Net Intercepted Returns Number Times Punted Blocked Punts Punt Average Yards Number Punts Returned Number Times Penalized Yards Penalized Number Times Fumbled Lost Fumbles : Of N. Opponents 65 59 68 53 14 9 147 121 492 490 361 540 1647 1622 1266 1072 294 257 115 114 17 17 1571 1337 787 747 2837 2409 89 81 83 81 3 3 34.3 35.9 33 47 74 89 738 809 29 31 15 19 f £ 4 " ■ -. « . - 5 205 F to X mv h- %, 206 tfF W TAL ui 1 Basketba 208 ROW 1: C. Williams, L. Williams, H. Gallagher, S. Adams, R. Fisher, R. Hess ROW 2: Coach J. Spencer, Mgr.G. Van Dusen, F. Jackson, J. Scott, R. Waters, L. Baker, A. Boyd, R. Newton, B. Penaluna, R. Pennington, Assit, Coach C. Walker. Season Record Nev. Opp. U. of Santa Clara 64 101 Weber State 57 75 Idaho State 71 77 San Jose State 70 96 Whitter College 76 94 Western Illinois 107 90 Drake University 76 90 Yale University 87 84 U of C Riverside 86 71 Sonoma State College 91 60 Humboldt State 87 63 Sacramento State 84 92 San Francisco State 60 79 Cal State Hayward 87 80 U of N Las Vegas 95 96 San Jose State 85 109 Chico State College 51 58 U of C Davis 71 73 Sacramento State 86 70 Cicco State 72 71 U of C Davis 57 70 San Francisco State 81 84 U of C Hayward 87 81 U of N Las Vegas 84 95 Humboldt State 69 83 Sonoma State 90 71 212 213 Skiin 214 ROW 1: B. Cotchy, R. Zoesch, ]. Brown, Coach Magney, L. Tuteur. ROW 2: C. Hardesty, D. Murray, E. Reinertsen. M. Rowe. Not Pictured D. Jesmer, J. MacSween, B. Latimer, H. Goodrich, E. Nelson. i « 215 Boxing Coach Jimmy Olivas 216 ROW 7. ). Berro, J. Carlstrom, B. Jurrano, L. Doyle. ROW 2: Coach Olivas, ). Rockholm, M. Matorian, J. Silver, J. Pedrojetti, M. Mentaberry, J. Nady. 217 p Wrestling 218 ROW 1: L McGee, Arem, D. Zehrung, D. Jones, J. Warren ROW 2: Coach Loper, R. Moore, L Gwyn, G. Ochs, B. Walter 219 Tennis 220 ROW 7. F.Jackson, K. Parsons, R. Moog, C. Reeves ROW 2: D. Baker, B.Scott, D.Collins, G. Oropez, G. Grisillo, Coach W. Morrison Gymnastics 221 ROW 7; P. Hayden, A. Terkildsen, M. Reynolds, M. Trapanese ROW 2: Coach Dr. A. Broten, L Freeman, C. Chisholm, S. Schlosser, T. Beecher, Asst. Coach J. Rooney Track ROW 7. M. Ray, H. Johnson, R. Allen, P. Duffy, C. Mollett. ROW 2: P. Ennis, R. Blount, T. Miller, R. Shaw, B. Serrano. ROW 3: Ass ' t. Coach Valle, D. Cameron, R. Brown, S. Ogunloye, J. Berryman, H. Kirk, Ass ' t. Coach Simpson. ROW 7: G. Murray, Coach J. Cook, A. Resby, ). Compston, E. Wojcik, C. Cammock, D. Koutsoulis. ROW 2: Ass ' t Coach L. Walker, T. Thomas, L. Marshall, P. Sinnott, M. Wojcik, S. Hall, E. Deckenson, P. Sateman. ROW 3: S. Sehlosser, G. Haerdaway, R. Hayes, J. Clayes, L. Cordain, T. Vagelatos, T. Zamora. Cross Country 224 4 jm J - • . • - ,„ - R. Brown, L. Marshall, H. Kirk, P. Sennott, A. Risby, P. Duffy, P. Bateman Not Pictured: P. Ennis, M. Benn, T. Foley, ). Pirtle, O. Gutierrey NCAA Team Championship Far Western Conference Team Championship First Place Sacramento State Invitational Third Place Chico State Invitational Dual Meet Scores 11 wins losses I CHICO— U-CWVis- HUMBOLDI NEVAPA- i ' 225 Baseba! ROW 1; P. Uhalde, J. Small, G. Parmenterx, S. Small, S. Cryer, D. Feinburg, R. Stephenson, R. Booth, C. Congdon. Row 2: P. Ciambra, R. Scar- selli, R. Roskoski, ). Ellington, D. Weir, L. Galassi, R. Metzger, B. Steele, D. Lemus. ROW 3: Assistant Coach T. Miller, Assistant Coach G. Scat- tini, Coach J. Jensen, C. Woods, L. Getz, M. Winon, M. Zuppon, D. Pursel, G. Vroman, G. Maldonado, J. Deach, J. Satterlee, B. Uhalde. 227 Intramural Sports 228 229 Songleaders 230 Earlene Marion, Linda Mood, Sue Heringer, Cary Basta Cheerleaders 231 Sherry Stevens, Bonnie Shaw, John Fishburn Student Life ■ »-£- ¥ y II; W A III 1 1% in. « 1 11 ... • UW TJ, - J S ' y ? 2T, • ' . " : ' Zk I w n % tefa " " •iSSvj ■ P ; ■■■ - ' — " %, W - f r ' _ sr .-».- « t VT- W« V ' " ' " Lfg : " " «— - . ■ - 243 y 244 245 246 247 248 t ■ Associate Professor of Journalism Bill Ward Professor of Art ). Craig Sheppard Instructor of Sociology Charles McGehee II ] 1 si - Assistant Professor of History Michael Brodhead Professor of Political Science Eleanore Bushnell Writer in Residence Walter Van Tilberg Clark 258 Classes 260 F r e s h m a F r e s h m a n F r s h F President Marty Hoganson Beverly Angell Edie Atwelt Christina Batjer X James Boernge Pamela Bowden Randy Aiazzi John Arditto Bob Aymer ; -■ Karyl Block Pat Bonner Glen Boyer Laurie Albright Michele Arregui Linda Ballentine Carla Boano Robert Bostic Deborah Breese Judith Anderson , Dave Arriola Richard Barozzi Toni Bockelman Nancy Boudwin Tina Brewster Brouner Theodore Patricia Barbara Rodney Roger Brown Burns Caffaratti Callahan Campbe Sandee Constance Kathleen Michele Dawn Carole Carleton Carlson Carter Caserta Cassinelli Cattanach Marijo Christensen Williet Cockett Paula Cody Alta Colahan Kathryn Compston Mona Concha 261 Carol Cooke Peggy Debrick . Marcia Crittenden Marta de la Fuente Christine Cuthbertson Gregg Damm George DelCarlo Freida Del Papa Vicki D ' Atri Michele DeMarco John Dayton Mary Deming ioette Gail Dianne Donna Donita Debbie Dingey Doyle DuFour Dula Dunbar Easton 262 Anthony Edge Kathy Evanoff Paul Ferguson Bruce Fredrickson Elaine Elder Eileen Erickson Judi Evans Charles Falcke Elaine Ferrari Gerry Ferrell Diane Ernest I V I Patrick Farrell Melanie Fields Charlotte Ernst Linda Felt Joanne Findley Patty Gallagher Denise Gallues Kathleen Genkinger Cheryl Geurin Larry Etchemendy Patricia Fenkell Glenn Fleming Thomas Kathleen Brandon Laurie Peggy Debra Foley Fortier Foster Foster Foster Francovich Kathy Gherra Nadine Pat Kathleen Pamela Barbara Jann Glandville Goelz Goff Graffam Gruenewald Guild Kenter Lynne Judy Clark Gale Lorinda Haberle Hall Halvorson Hancock Hansen Harp Karen Kathe Margaret Susan Margaret Mark Harper Harris Hartman Hase Hastings Heckman 263 Nancy Marilyn Dan Steve Delynn Honey Heckman Hedges Henningsen Herz Highley Hind Danell Holcher Mark Hussman Karen Isola Jacque Holloway Jerry Huston Susan Jacobsen ' Steven Hopkins Vicki Huxtable Jerie Jensen Debra Hughes John Hyatt nr- " ? 4 Deborah Johnson i David Hunt Gary Island Randy Johnson Valerie Huntington Rocky Isley Roberta Johnson I Catharine Kristi Suzanne Deborah Barbara Sunny Jones Jones Jorgensen Joslin Kane Kelly Jolene Valerie Teddi Margaret Susan Richard Kielb Kimball Koplos Lappin Larson Leigon David Lochridge Christy Marsh Mary Melle A Susan Moy Anita Ng Dale Lovvery Sam Macaluso Bruce Mace Patrica Mahone Theodocia Martin Jacqueline Mast Richard McGowan Madge McLeskey - r F)t 1 v • Cathy Melner James Moore Janet Moore Michael Morcom Johanna Muller Wendy Mulvihill Christopher Mumm Robert Nesler Renee Eric Nickson Nielsen Nancy Nurre Gary O ' Brien Gayle Osborn Nancy Oswald Susan Mansfield 4- a John Melarkey Janet Morishita Gray Neuweiler Linda Olson 265 Constance Ken Jerome Dennis Kerry Beverly Pappas Parsons Pasto Patterson Patterson Paul • Kim Paulsen •i X ! Perry Mardelle Petersen Karen Peterson . i Michael Pullen Helen Rasmussen Judith Redding Les Peterson V Doris Olena Ted Mary Lou Larry Piirto Plummer Porray Powers Prato Nancy Quinn Deanne Rawlins Sally Reed Julie Piccinini Robert Pressman Patti Rand Lynn Rawlins Terri Reiley Janet Ridgley Carol Rossmann Chris Schriefer Robin Rio Anthony Risbv Beverly Ritchie Judy Rugg Cindy Samcoff Rickee Sampson Carol Sciarani Vicki Scrivner Deborah Scruggs Chris Roberts Lenaire Schofield Dorothy Sewell Barbara Sherman Jeannie Simas Bonnie Slosson Bob Smith Cheri Smith Caroline Stark Terry Steele Mary Stevenson Norrie Stocking Karen Stowell Andrea Rosaschi » f ,- John Schoppmann Joann Shea John Springmeyer Carolyn Strickland 267 Debbie Claire Karen Christine Douglas Richard Sullivan Sumner Surber Sweatt Tanner Taylor 268 Katie Urlaub Larry Yori Linda Urriola Meg Verberkmoes Jerry Vesely Roger Vesely Gene Yup Brenda Margaret Sue Stephanie Sylvia )anet fedford Terry Thoma Tieber Trehal Uithoven Wenette Von Fluee Vicki Judith Cheryl Jericho Julie Hermalene Voorhees Wagner Walker Walton Whitney Wick ■»i% Sandie Alana Verginia Carole Nancy Carl Wightman Williams Williams Wiley Wosser Yank 269 270 s p h o m o r e P h m o r e h m j President Mark Rhodes Jeanne Allasia Lynn Anderson Karen Bohannan 1 J 1 f l ▼ liMl mm _« 25 1 Wm 1 ' ' ! Bt ■ ' " i 1 1 1 1 Linda Affleck Deane Albright Michele Allard Carol Allum Robert Almo Troy Anderson Mary Aranquena Karen Borum Michelle Bradley Kevin Anderson Thomas Atkinson Carole Brennan Tina Brewster Amy Campbell Kathleen B i win Susan Canak Leah Burr Kent Burrow Denise Chernof April Chresst Robert Burrows Lorayne Christensen Bev Caldwel Petrea Christensen Joan Clark Bob Colon James Clausen Linda Compston Bob Claybrook I V 4. Bonnie Connolly Cathie Clinch Cheryl Cline William Cobb 271 Bar by Cullom Linda Dallimore Jay Davis John Dayton Leona Defenbaugh Mary DeLaMare ; . Frankie Andrea Mona Alana Patricia Tonja DelPapa Dieringer Dillard Donahoe Dow Dressier 272 Sharon Erleen Sharon Pilar John Patricia Edmonds Elmore Empey Escobar Etcheto Fagan Goldee William Patricia Karin Josette Carol Ferer Fitzpatrick Fleming Freeman Frenzel Frye ' ' ■ " " " " ■■■■$ Donna George Rhonda Leslie Diana Jill Gerwin Giannopulos Gibson Glass Goff Gottschalk Charlene Ross Ann Virginia Nancy Valerie Graham Gregory Haglund Hall Harmon Harnish Barbara Harrison Harriet Hiester Cecilia Heckel Ronald Heinen Michael Hellman Susan Heringer Lorraine Honyumptewa Julie Horn Fred Howe Linnell Hubbard D Martha Hurley Chris Jensen Richard Jensen Terry Johnson Toni Karagosian Kim Kehiaian Susan Kelly Susan Kemmerle Terry Herman David Hurley David Jones Kristie Kennedy Mary Kathy Philip Mike Jane Kerr Key Klink Kozimko Land 273 1; 274 Margaret Gary Claudia Jackie Sue Michael Lauck Lehman Lehto Leonard Leslie Lindell Cheryl Meredith Robert Chris Shelly Lynn Tina James indstrom Loehrer Loveless Lovell Luke Mancuso Patricia Robin Janice Terry Joy Linda Manker Mazzone McAuliffe McCall McCorkill McCreary Mary Karen Sherry Nancy Kathy Curtis McDearmid McGwinn McNair Mehlum Meiser Melton Georgene Metscher Linda Mood Charlotte Morse Kathy Mulligan •jpa «fBik » % Martha Munson James Eric Jerry Marilyn Craig Alice Nadeau Nelson Nelson Newell Nichols Norris Terry Oliver Cathie Oppio Sharron Ott Arline Paine Carol Pallesen Althea Pappas Reese Perkins Adelaide Philipp Bob Pickett Lynke Pierce r w_ ? Marilyn Plummer .-J ■- f V ■I W$ % Samuel Potter enelope Greg Malin Andrea Jennifer Sally Powell Powning Prupas Quartararo Quigley Reed 275 i v. Susan Rosalyne Diane Gary Charles Braden Rebbott Reynolds Richardson Richert Richesin Rippetoe 276 Judy Marsha Kathy Barbara Thea Drucilla Roberts Roberts Rooks Rooney Rosevear Rossi Jackie Roush Sandra Sebbas Tom Sawyer Sallie Schmitz Judy Secoy Naomi Sharpe Julie Schulz James Shewan William Scott i ' Karen Shewmaker Paul Seaman Rose Shipton Karen Carol Nancy Patricia Hal Janet Shumate Smith Smith Soule Spatz Spooner Deborah Richard William Shari Frank Carolyn Sprenger Stark Stark Stefan Stipech Stonefelt Dana Stovall Louis Test Diana Titlow Jeanne Trigero David Vieyra Cynthia Walker Kerry Watkins Carol Webb Pam Webber Valerie Wells Margaret Vogel Robert Whittemore 277 Diane Marcia Vicki Valerie Mary Christina Kathleen Williams Williams Williams Witzel Woolverton Yamasaki Yim 278 7 U n I o r J u n • i o r J u n • i o r J u n i o r J u n President Danny Guild Sandra Ansotegui yx Lavonne Barnes Julie Belcher James Blink Annette Burr Allison Ackles Gary Atkinson Alice Bass Helen Bennett Pat Boicelli Tim Alpers Jill Baker Olin Beali Julie Bertolino Jennifer Bruner Diana Anderson Joe Butterman Edward Byrge Robert Baker Linda Begbie Eva Beyer John Bruzzone John Caffaratti John Capurro Lynn Conner Ronald Emery Martin Carraher Dennis Castaneda Susan Chretien Myrna Cornelius Carleen Ernest Al Cunningham Bonnie Currie Dyanna Fenton Gary Ferris Carl Christenson Kathleen Daniels Janice Filippini Daniel Connelly Cathy Davis Michael Harriet Anne Dianne Ronald Dot Dean Denney Denson Dieter Digesti Donnelly Jim Carolyn Harvey Karen Sally Jane Douglas Dyer Eastman Eck Edwards Eliades John Fishburne 279 Michelle Paul James James Francine Charlie Flannigan Flemming Flickner Forman Freedman Frey 280 Jan Games MaryAnne Garamendi Sharon Garhardt Sue Garn Richard Gavica Jim Genasci Paul Giambra Greta Gilbert James Gilleard Anita Giossi fin Carol Goodwin Richard Goone John Gorman Peggy l I33S6 James Hardesty David Harmer Edwin Harriman Linda Hatfield Despina Hatjopoulos Sue Hawkins ij d Susan Geister Kristen Goodrich Steven Hardman Nicole Heaton Cheryl Samuel Fred Karen John Mary Heckethorn Henton Howard Hultgren Hutchinson Hutchinson Merry Joe Frank Jane Gregory Lizanne Hyde Isaia Jackson Jeppson Johnson Johnson Margaret Johnston Claudia Lommori Noelle Mande Holly Kellogg Pan Lynch Kathy Klaich Idora Kronick Kenneth Lake Charlene Lyons Edward Madsen Sue Malley Lewie Ma nor Wayne Manson Chris Maris John Markl Susan Levy Molly Malone Glen Martin 281 Delia Sherrel Fred Edwin Richard Andrea Martinez McChanahan McGowan Meyer Middleton Millard Nancy Miller Valletla Millington Mark Milovich Dennis Minister Gayla Mitchell Sansa Morse Peter Moss Mary Mulcaky June Mulvihill Dave Netherby Patricia Nowak Jane O ' Sullivan 282 Micheal Douglas Marilyn Janis Roderic James Peterson Piirto Plummer Price Procter Rajander Georgianna Redican Robin Ryser Chris Simons Cherlyn Talcott Laurie Roberts : Stephen Schweer Stephanie Siri Cathleen Taylor Lovell Rohlfs Richard Roskoski Stefanie Seach Colleen Sharkey Jonette Southard Richard Squires Eva Taylor Philip Teal Jose Rueda Roberta Sharp Sally Stodieck Dan Teglia Bonnie Shaw Jill Suverkrup Jon Todd Kathleen Turner Sue Walters John Uithoven Charles Usnick Kathy Vacchina Carol Vercoe " Ann Wharton Hester Williams Danny Wilson Debbie Winningham Elizabeth Wallace Nancy Winston 283 284 e n ■ i o r s S e n i o r s S e n • s o r s n 8 1 o r s President, Will Eber Barbara Ashworth Alice Baldwin Sheila Barrett Sharon Bays Nancy Albisu Mary Ammons Edward Aymar Barbara Baccala Joan Balonis Donald Banta Joel Basta Clyde Batavia Mary Beale Ellen Bedell William Anderson Jim Baireuther Kay Barrett Tom Batey Kathleen Beechinor n Joe Bell John Bell Jane Beloso Ted Bendure ■ ileen Berry Jerry Blair Dennis Bohall Luis Bolanos William Bonham Susan Botsford Lou Breen Regina Brush Esther Calkins Daniel Carpenter Diane Brignand Sam Bryson Callaway Fred Carpenter Renee Brinson Ingrid Broten Dennis Buonanoma Kenneth Burke Patricia Cameron George Campbell Sharon Cason Julie Cassinelli Sandra Brown Gerald Bush John Capdeville John Cercek Susan Bruckart Dennis Butler Susan Carey Margaret Chambers 285 Cici Christian Robert Cobun Robert Cocanour Patrick Colletti Rodney Colton Dennis Colling ■ Dwight Connely John Conway Greg Corn Gary Cornwal Louanne Cote Steve Coulter Daniel Linda Terry John Brad Douglas Court Crawford Crawforth Crowe Cutler Damon M J Ann Davies Wanda Debrick yg| j£ Lawrence E. Deighton Gordon Depaoli Harold Depoali Theodore Dixon Stephen Dmytriw Alan Dreher jodv Dube Carl Elges William Dunfield Susan Elliott Peter Eckland Margaret Edmundson Lory Egan Janet Emmons Jacki Ennis Brent Evans Michele Elcano George Evermann Karyn Fallon Susan Folks Charlotte Ferrari Russel Ford Suzanne Ferris Leonard Fitzgerald Ann Gaechter Nancy Gamble Leath Flannigan Charles Garhardt Terry Flower Thomas Gates 287 Marlene Gentry Jim Germain Jill Gibson Thomas Gilbert Linda Ginsburg Giuliana Cecchi Jerry Goodfellow Kathy Goodrich Jay Gore La Vaughn Costing Barbara Gottschalk Margaret Goyer Dennis Collins Libby Karen Belinda Alan Granata Griffith Griffith Guisti Gunn Hale Craig Hamilton Karen Harlow Carolyn Hammond Chris Hansen Michael Hansen Sue Hansen Richard Harris Craig Hartman J ■■: :■,-■ ■-. i Myrt Hawkins Richard Heaney Frances Harding Richard Heinen X v. „ • ' P ' . r»_ , -,.-;-i KEEP OFF GRASS •- . Wallace Henrv Ed Horgan Wilson Hughes Carla Johnson Richard Jones Don Herrin Susan Herrmann Steve Hess William Hickman Michael Hornick Alex Hossack Sherryl Hossack Frank House Karen Itza Joanne Jacques Cheri Janes Kathryn Jenkins f g || Darlene Johnson Gaylene Johnson Lind a Johnston Barbara Jones Vivian Kahn Eleanor Kerr Lester Kerr Laverl Kimpton Earl Hodge Stephan Howe Bill Jilbert Frank Jones Francine King 289 Larry Carl Vonn Nancy Eugene Barbara Kinkor Kolbert Krause Krushane Ladin Laiolo Thomas Lambert Nancy Lee Dorinda Landa Frank Lemus Philip Landis Sherry Lang Lise Lenz Mike Leonard John Laxague John Lewis Charles Lee Loretta Limon 290 Linda Lindstrom Keith Lockard Julie Lock hart Martha Lompa Stepanie Lorigan Gary Maddalena Luanne George Joseph Grant James Rosalie andeville Manes Mangan Markham Martin Martinez Terry Tom Joseph Patricia Michael Barbara Matzkin McFarling McGinness McMullin Menesini Miller Cecilia Miller John Miller Norman Mincer Billie Mitchell Lynn Mochetti Steve Moltz Debbie Moore Frances Moore John Mullen Bill Murry Ada Natalino Michael Natalino E922 Ann Nearpass James Nelson Dale Nesbitt Jacquelyn Newmarker Mike Newmarker Fred Oats Charla Oleson Bill Oleson Cornelio Padilla Muriel Paille Mark Paloolian Richard Panelli 291 Susan Patten Mary Jo Patterson Roger Paxton Deanna Pearce Jan Peckardt Michael Perry Penny Peterson Thomas Pico Linda Pietropaolo Patty Poe Carolyn Polish Joan Porter Pat Porter Shirley Post Michael Prosser Pamela Quilici Robert Quilici Robert Raqar p Jeff Sally Lauren William Marcia Elizabeth Rahbeck Ratnbun Ratkoviak Rawlins Reardon Reil Kenneth Reil Jim Reynolds John Rhodes Donna Richards Sarah Richert Charlene Roberts Toni Sharron John Michael Candace Kay Dee Robustellini Rogers Rosenbrock Rosenfeld Ross Ross 292 .. . - ■ .;..- ' ■ ' • " " " -■:-.;■ ■ m i - ■ ' " mgt .-■ -. ' $ W " ■ ■ I ■ ■ m I g jjlll Carla Rost Jerry Sawyer Patrice Semenza Jim Roulias Louis Scalise Brenda Shane Todd Russell Mary Samon Mike Schellin Bonnie Schwarz Robert Shea Jack Sheen Mary Sarman Kurt Schweer Carole Scoggin Rick Shelby Kevin Sherlock Bob Shriver Mahendra Solanki Robert Sidford Peggy Souchereau John Silver Barbara Simms John Sourk Rebecca Spence Chris Smith Rosemary Spencer Elisabeth Smits Lynn Staben Michael Stano Virginia Starr Arleen Stockton Colleen Struve John Sutton Cynthia Strang Patti Stupar Suzette Swanson Ian Stephens Patricia Stiegler Sue Stiff Virginia Stobie ■v - l n • m r " - " ' T Ji ft " ' -4JR 1 , ■• % .t : . " IP 4 ■ : Wl|| :: ■ |PiSfcr :j MM: rfL4Mi " Had, ' A_ 5i N. ■■■ ? % ' J " " " ? «. % - i Roland Tate Cindy Tedtord Trudy Tedford Allen Terkildsen Pete Test Rachel Testolin Judy Thomsen Renell Trosi Pam Turner Nikki Tyler Jean Urrutia Virginia Usnick luh Utt Janice Van Dyke Lance Van Lydegraf Robert Vicks Mary Volpa Caroline Van Sant 295 Claire Wagner Rulan Waite Lloyd Walker William Waller Merilee Webster Timothy Webster Don Wehr Joan Westover Ann White Cindy Winters David Wolf Lynne Zimmerman Harvey Lambert Artemisia Editorial Staff: Artist Sue Garn, Editor Chris Smith, Head Photographer Paul Miller, Photo Editor ZoeAnn Gillham, Assistant Editor Nancy Gamble. 297 Artemisia Business Staff: Secretary Margaret Downy, Business Manager Steve Moltz, Assistant Paul Mijanovich, Assistant Mike Greenan. 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Elliott, Susan 34,153,287 Elmore, Erlene 149,272 Emery, Ronald 279 Emmons, Janet 287 Empey, Sharon 272 English, Harry 181 Ennis, Jackie 63,109,157,287 Ennis, Philip 222 Erickson, Eillen 262 Ernest, Carleen 279 Ernst, Charlotte 262 Escobar, Pilar 107,141,272 Etchells, Philip 193 Etchemendy, Larry 171,262 Etcheto, John 189,272 Evanoff, Kathy 262 Evans, Brent 115,287 Evans, Judi 153,262 Evans, Mathew 116,182 Evermann, George 125,287 Evermann, James 125 Ewald, Robert 127 -F- Fagan, Patricia 153,272 Fagan, Patrick 176 FaFcke, Charles 189,262 Falkenroth, Chuck 196 Fallon, Karyn 287 Falter, Ron 133 Farmer, William 120 Farrell, Patrick 176,262 Fay, Bob 182 Feinburg, David . 226 Feilix, Jack 106,193 Felt, Linda 145,262 Fenkell, Patricia 262 Fenton, Dyanna 157,279 Fere, Goldee 149,272 Ferguson, Paul 176,262 ■1 Ferguson, William 182 Ferrari, Charlotte . 161,287 Ferrari, Elaine 262 Ferrari, Paul 155 Ferrell, Gerry 171,262 Ferris. Carv 279 Ferris. Suzanne 287 Fettic, Jodv 40,161 ; e j- Melani 141,153,262 Filipini, Janice 279 Findlev, Joanne 149.262 Fink, Barry .182 Fishburne, John .40,231.279 Fitzgerald. Leonard . 189,287 Fitzpatrick, William 33.38.2-2 Flaherty. Mike 193 Flannigan. Leath 37,109,157,287 Flannigan, Mchelle 279 Fleming, Glenn 120,171,262 Fleming, Patricia 153,272 Flemming, Paul 114,279 Flickner, James 279 Flower, Terry 115,127,182,287 Flynn, Dennis 124 Foley, Thomas 262 Folks. Susan 287 Folsom, James 115 Fontant, Bob 111 Ford, Russell 287 Forman, James 114,279 Fortier, Kathleen 262 Foster, Brandon 171,262 Foster, Laurie 262 Foster, Peggy 141,262 France. Robert 193 Francoyich, Debra 262 Frank. Larry 33,38,39,182 Frank, Philip 181 Franklin, Anita 118 Fredrickson, Bruce Freedman, Fancine Freeman. Kann Freeman, Lyle 262 153,279 107,141,185,272 221 Frenzel, Josette 145,272 Frey, Charlie 279 Fry, Robert 33,182 Frye, Carol 272 Fuller, John 120 Fulstone, Mary 141 1 08 165 280 -C- Gaechter, Ann Gaeta, Leonard Galantuomini, Steyen Glassi, Lorin Gallagher, Cyndia Gallagher, Hugh Gallagher, Patty Galloway, James Gallues, Dnise Gamble, Nancy Games, Jan Ganyon, James Garamendi, Mary Ann Gardner, Barbara Garhardt, Charles Garhardt, Sharon Garlick, Lewis Garn, Sue Gaston, Cheryl Gates, Thomas Gavica, Richard Geil, Cynthia Geister, Susan Genasci, Jim Genkinger, Kathleen Gentry, Marlene Germain, Jim Gerwin, Donna Getz, Larry Geurin, Cneryl Geurin, John Gherra, Kathy Giambra, Paul Giannopulus, George Gibson, Jill Gibson, Rhonda Gilbert, Greta Gilbert, John Gilbert, Thomas Gilleard, James Gillham, Robert Gillham.Zoe Ann Gilman, Larry Ginsburg, Linda 39,42,185 Giossi, Anita Gladding, Edward Glandville, Nadine Glaser, Linda Glass, Leslie Goelz, Pat Goff, Diana Goff, Kathleen Going, Ronald Gomes, Ronald Gonzales, Ed Good, Don Goodale, Frances Goodfellow, Jerry Goodin, Greg Goodrich, Hank Goodrich, Kathy 28,29 Goodrich, Kristen Goodwin, Carol 162 Goone, Richard Goo ne, Ron Gore, Jay Gorman, John . 125 287 203 176 . ' -■5 145 116,118 161,262 127 161,262 287,2% 161,280 120 191,280 132,153 127,280 127,280 120 2%, 297 133 2S7 171,280 40,109 280 193,280 262 287 187,287 153,272 203,226 262 123 149,262 ..-, S-J 272 109,287 165,272 154,280 116,176 287 180 131 296,297 128 157,287 280 116 154,262 125 145,272 149,262 141,262 262 123,116 115 176,203 133 141 287 189 214 ,162,287 157,280 ,180,182 280 115,193 287 280 Gorman, Michael 114 Gosting. LaVaughen 287 Gotchy, Biff 214 Gottschalk, Barbara 165,287 Gottschalk. Carolyn 125 Gottschalk, Jill 162,272 Goyer. Margaret 287 Goza, Glenn 176 Graffam, Pamela . 165,287 Graham, Becky 157 Graham, Charlene 149,273 Granata, Dennis 128,288 Grauvogel. Dean 115,126 Gray, Don 111 Greenan, Michael . . 193,298 Gregory, Gary 120 Gregory, Ross 273 Griffin, Pat 176 Griffith, Collins . 117,168,288 Griffith. Libby 288 Grisillo, Glenn 220 Gruenwald, Barbara 154,262 Grulli, Maryin 176 Guild, Clark 176 Guild, Dan 29,33,108,115,278 Guild, Jann 165.262 Guild, Jeff 176 Guild, Marlin 115,203 Guilianna, Cecchi 145 Guisti, Karen 288 Gunn.Belenda 288 Gunn, Debbie 149 Gwyn. Lonnie 218 -H- Haase, Peggy 280 Haberle, Kenter 171,263 Hagland, Ann 141,273 Hale, Alan 288 Hall, Buudy 128 Hall, Lee 182 Hall, Lynne 142,263 Hall, Stephan 194,222 Hall, Steve 182 Hall, Virginia 273 Halvorson, Judy 166,263 Hamilton, Craig 194,288 Hamilton, Steve 176 Hammerel, Jerome 114 Hammersmith, Gary 176 Hammond, Carolyn 288 Hancock, Clark 263 Handelin, Gary 182 Handy, Joseph 182 Hansen, Chris 108,116,288,176 Hansen, Gale 149,263 Hansen, Mchael 196,288 Hansen, Sue 154,288 Harcourt, Steven 169 Hardaway, George 203 Hardesty, Chuck 214 Hardesty, James 33,36,40,41,81,129 182,280 Harding, Frances 126,288 Hardman, Steven 171,280 Harlow. Karen 288 Harmer, David 182,280 Harmer, Suzanne 109,185 Harmon, Nancy 273 Harnish, Valerie 107,273 Harp, Lorinda 154,263 Harper, Karen 263 Hamman, Edwin 280 Harris, Dick 28,31 Harris, Kathe 154,263 Harris, Richard 288 Harrison, Barbara 166,273 Harrison, Richard 116,129,182 Hartman, Craig 189,288 Hartman, Margaret 142,263 Hase, Susan . 149,263 Hastings, George 194 Hastings, Larry 114 Hastings, Margaret 263 Hatfield, Linda 142,280 Hatjakes, George 189 Hatjopoulos, Despina 280 Hattori, Eugeene 115 Hawkins, Mike 187 Hawkins, Myrtle 62,288 Hawkins, Sue 166,280 Hayden, Perry 221 Hayes, Ray 222 Heady, Robb 111 Heaney, Richard 288 Heaton, Nicole 142,273 Heckel, Cecilia 149,273 Heckethorn, Cheryl 166,280 Heckman, Mark 133,171,263 Heckman, Nancy 162.264 Hedges, Marilyn 264,145 Heher, Mary 142 Heinen, Richard 127,288 Heinen, Ronald 273 Hellman, Michael 273 Henningsen, Dan 171,264 Henry, Wallace 288 Henton, Samuel 280 Hennger, Susan 162,230,273 Herman, Terry 273 Hernandez, Gonzalo 189 Hermeling, Michael 203 Herrin, Don 176,289 Herrman, Susan 118,166,289 Herz, Steve 194,264 Heskett, Tim 124,176 Hess, Steve 129,182,289 Hickman, William . . 289 Hicks, John 41,63,108 Hiester, Harriet . 273 Higlev, Delynn 142,264 Hilleary, Donald . .120 Hind, Honey 142,264 Hocher, Danell . 142 Hodge, Earl 127,289 Hoganson, Marty 33,260 Hotelier, Danell 364 Holloway, lacque 142,264 Holmgren, David 115 Honyumptewa, Lorraine 150,273 Hopkins, Janet 162 Hopkins, Steven 264 Horgan, Ed 108,289 Horn, Julie 145,273 Hornick, Michael 289 Hossack, Alex 189,289 Hossack, Sherryl 46,154,289 House, Frank 289 Howard, Fred 280 Howe, Fred 106,182,289 Howe, Steve 117,182,289 Howell, Robert 111 Hubbard, Linnell 273 Hughes, Debra 264 Hughes, Wilson 169,289 Hultgren, Karen 280 Humphreys, Denis 128 Hunnewell, Charles 182 Hunt, David 264 Hunter, Dorothy 154 Hunter, Virginia 125 Huntington, Valerie 264 Hurley, David 273 Hurley, Martha 273 Hussey, Robert 194 Hussman 264 Huston, Jerry 171,264 Hutchinson, John 128,280 Hutchinson, Mary 280 Huxtable, Vicki 154,264 Hyatt, John 171,264 Hyde, Merry 157,280 Hylin, Carl 114 -I- Ihara, Dennis 115 Ingersoll, Cindy 191 Ireland, Tim 106,182 Isaia, Joe 280,129 Isbell, Hank 176 Island, Gary 122,264 Isley, Rocky 203,264 Isola, Karen 162,264 Itza, Karen 289 I Jackson, Frank 220,280 Jacobsen, Susan 162,264 Jacques, Joanne 289 Janes, Cheri 289 Jeffries, Michael 37 Jenkins, Randy 120 Jensen, Brett 120 Jensen, Chris . 171,273 Jensen, Jerie 264 Jensen, Richard 115,273 Jeppson, Jane 42,280 Jesmer, Denni 214 Jilbert, Bill 129,289 Johnson, Carla 127,289 Johnson, Darlene 289 lohnson, Deborah 145,157,264 Johnson, Gaylene 289 lohnson, Gregory 280 Johnson, Harold 222 Johnson, Lizanne 162,280 Johnson, Margaret 162 Johnson, Randy 115,264 Johnson, Roberta 162,264 Johnson, Terry 171,273 Johnston, Linda 289 Johnston, Margaret 281 Jones, Barbara 289 Jones, Catherine 154,264 Jones, David 281,273 Jones, Donald 131 Jones, Frank 289 Jones, Kristi 264 Jones, Richard . 117,289 Jones, Wilferd 127 Jordan, Mitchell 124 Jorgensen, Suzanne 264 joslin, Deborah 264 Juhl, Gary 133 -K- Kahn, Vivian 289 Kalousek, David 176 Kane, Barbara 142,264 Kane, Deborah 264 Kanfer, Don 182 Kapler, Joseph 126 Karagosian, Tom 33,107,132,158,273 Kardos, Paul 133 Karrasch, Craig 176 Katzmann, Steve 41,117,124 Kazonich, George 127 Kehiaian, Kim 145,273 Kellogg, Gary 128 Kellogg, Holly . 281 Kelly, Sunny 264 Kelly, Susan 162,273 Kemmerle, Susan 40,132,158,273 Kennedy, Kristi 33,166 Kenneth, Jerry 133 Kerestesi, Tom 194 Kerr, Eleanor 289 Kerr, Lester 289 Kerr, Mary 273 Key, Kathy 273 Kielb, lolene 264 Kightlinger, Alan 182 Kimball, Valerie 150,264 Kimerer, Candy 162 Kimpton, Laverl 289 King, Francine 158,191,289 Kinkor, Larry 123,289 Kinneberg, Bruce 194 Kirk, Henry 222 Klaich, Kathy 36,166,191,281 Klink, Philip 194,273 Knipmeyer, Samuel 117 Koizumi, Mike 32,39,41,108,117,176 Kolbert, Carl 117,289 Koplos, Teddi 142,264 Kosso, Lenore 127 Kozimko, Mike 273 Krause, Vonn 194,289 Kravchonok, lohn 176 kreizenbeck, Roy 124 Kronick, Idora 281 Krushane, Nancy 132,158,289 L- Ladin, Eugene 289 Laherty, Dennis 120 Laiolo, Barbara 289 Lake, Kenneth 281 Lambert, Harvey , 295 Lambert, Thomas 194,290 Lamon, Bill 111 Land, Jane 107,154,273 Landa, Dorinda 118,166,185 ,290 Landa, lohn , 182 Landis, Philip 128,290 Lang, Sherry 290 Lanigar, Ed 128 Lappin, Margaret 154,264 Larson, Susan 142,264 Latimer, Bill 214 Latta, Rocky . 176 Lauck, Margaret 154,274 Lawler, Jane 158 Lawton, Rick 114 Laxaque, Jody 125,287 Laxaque, John 125,290 Layhee, David 125 Leathers, Rick 194 Leek, Michael 183,203 Lee, Charles 290 Lee, Gene 120,171 Lee, Nancy 109,161,290 Lehman, Gary 196,274 Lehto, Claudia 166,274 Leigon, Richard 171,264 Lemus, David 226 Lemus, Frank 290 Lenon, Arthur . . 129 Lenz, John 114 Lenz, Lise 162,290 Leonard, Chuck 124,176 Leonard, Jackie 274 Leonard, Mike 290 Leslie, Sue 274 Lesperance, Anne 125 Levy, Susan 281 Lewis, John 290 Lewis, Thomas 194 Lightfoot, Ken 106,183 Likes, Ronnie 106 Lillo, Ken 133 Limon, Loretta 290 Lindell, Michaeil 274 Lindstrom, Linda 290 Lindstrom, Robert 274 Lipscomb, Dennis 196 Lloyd, William 114,194 Lochridge, David . . 265 Lockard, Keith 127,183,290 Lockhart, Julie 290 Loehrer, Chris 274 Lommori, Claudia 281 Lompa, Martha 290 Long, Douglas 183 Long, Larry 203 Lorigan, Stephanie . 166,290 Loux, Bob 176 Loveless, Shelley 40,154,274 Lovell, Lynn 274 Lowery, Dale 265 Luce, Michael 177 Luke, Tina 274 Lutes, luliann 145 Lynch, Pat 38,109,281 Lyons, Charlene 281 -M- Macaluso, Sam 265 Mace, Bruce 108,133,265 Mackay, Bob 115 Mackedon, Jim 177 MacRitchie, Steven 129 MacSween, John 128,214 Maddalena, Gary 290 Madsen, Edward 281 Maher, Bob 203 Mahone, Patricia 142,265 Maldonado, George 189,226 Mallery, lames 120 Malley, Sue . 142,281 Malone, Molly . 281 Malone, Paul 183 Mancuso, Jim 183,274 Mande, Noelle 142,281 Mandeville, Luanne 290 Manes, Charles 187 Manes, George 37,186,290 Mangan, Joseph 290 Manion, Tim 203 Manker, Patricia 274 Mann, Peggy 162 Manor, Lewie 281 Mansfield, Susan 265 Manson, Wayne 115,281 Marion, Elaine 40,230 Maris, Chris 158,281 Marion i William 203 Markham, Grant 290 Markl, (ohn 127,281 Markovick, Edward 203 Marsh, Christy 158,265 Marshall, John 177 Martin, Dennis 117 Martin, Glen 171,281 Martin, James 290 Martin, Theodocia 150,265 Martinez, Delia 29,109,150,281 Martinez, Rosalie 109,145,290 Martini, Gino 124 Mason, Richard 129 Mast, Jacqueline 142,265 Mastroianni, Rob 171 Mathes, Sue 34 Mathews, Patrick 106,189 Mathews, Steve 177 Matorian, Merv 41,216 Matthews, Dick 177 Matzkin, Terry 290 Mayton, Marianne 158 Mazzone, Robin 274 McAuliffe, lanice 158,274 McCall, Terry . . 274 McChanahan, Sherrel 281 McClelland, Gene 115 McCorkill, Joy 150,274 McCormick, Brian 177 McCreary, Linda 274 McDearmid, Mary 274 McFarling, Tom 290 McGee, Lawrence 218 McGehee, Christy 166 McGill, David 41 McGinness, Joseph 290 McCowan, Fred 29,120,169,281 McGowan, Richard 120,265 McGwinn, Karen 274 McHugh, Stuart 126 Mclnnis, Merv 127 McLennon, James 129 McLeskey, Madge 150,158,265 McMahon, Kathleen 40 McMullin, Patricia 290 McNabney, Laurence 114 McNair, Sherry 154,274 McNeeiy, Diane 40 McNeill, Dennis 129 Means, Alan 108,177 Means, Roger 177 Meckley, Craig 177 Medina, Neil 114 Mehlum, Nancy 33,40,166,274 Meinen, Bob 183 Meiser, Kathy 154,274 Melarky, John 194,265 Melarkey, Mike 177 Melle, Mary 142,265 Melner, Catny 265 Melton, Curtis 274 Menesini, Michael 290 Mentaberry, Mike 216 Meredith, Cheryl 274 Mesce, loseph 115 Metscher, Georgene 274 Metzger, Allen 133 Metzger, Ron 106,194,226 Meyer, Edwin 281 Meyer, Kenneth 127 Meyers, Bruce 183 Middleton, Richard . . 281 Midgley, Mike 183 Mijanovich, Paul 298 Millard, Andrea 109,118,154,185,281 Miller, Barbara 290 Miller, Cecilia 290 Miller, Fred 177 Miller, |ohn 33,183,290 Miller, Michael 194 Miller, Nancy 118,281 Miller, Paul 296,299 Miller, Rodney . . 169 Miller, Tina 166 Miller, Todd 222 Millington, Valletta 109,142,281 Milne, Robert 189 Milovich, Mark 33,115,189,203,281 Mincer, Norman 290 Minister, Dennis 128,169,281 Mitchell, Billie 290 Mitchell, Gayla 145,281 Mochetti, Lynn 290 Modispacher, Lance 183 Moell, Bill 129 Mollath, Stephen 115 Mollett, Charles . 222 Moltz, Harvey 36,117,183,290,298 Montgomery, Maurice 133 Mood; Linda . 40,166,191,230,274 Moog, Robert 220 Moore, Arthur 127 Moore, Debbie 29,37,46,109,164,290 Moore, Frances 290 Moore, James . . 190,265 Moore, Janet 142,265 Moore, Robert . 218 Morcom, Michael 265 Morgan, Sharon 158 Morghen, Herb 111 Morishita, Janet 265 Morrell, Marilyn 166 Morris, Richard 190 Morrissey, Molly 166 Morse, Charlotte 107,142 Morse, Sansa 106,109,118,142,218 Moschetti, Lynn 109 Moss, Peter 281 Moy, Susan . 265 Mulcaky, Mary 158,281 Mullen, John 129,290 Muller, lohanna 265 Mulligan, Kathy 274 Mulvihill, June 281 Mulvihill, Wendy 128,150,265 Mumm, Christopher 120,265 Munn, Robyn 166 Munson, Martha 154 Murat, Andre 190 Murch, lames 187 Murry, Bill 290 Murray, Don 214 Murray, Gary 222 Myatt, Tom 128 Myles, John 33,203,177 -N- Nadeau, James 29,42,171,274 Nady, Jay 203,216 Nanninni, Paul 124 Natalino, Ada . 128,291 Natalino, Michael 128,291 Nearpass, Ann 291 Nelson, Barbara 61,109,127 Nelson, Eric 177,214,274 Nelson, Gregory 129 Nelson, James . . .291 Nelson, Jerry . 127,183,274 Nelson, Susan 162 Nesbitt, Dale 127,291 Nesler, Robert 265 Netherby, Dave 281 Neuweiler, Gray 265 Newell, Marilyn 158,274 Newmarker, Jacuelyn 291 Newmarker, Mike 108,291 Ng, Anita .265 Nichols, Craig 274 Nickovich, Daniel 177 Nickson, Renee 145,265 Nicolarsen, Dave 115,126,190 Nielsen, Eric 265 Nixon, Gregory 115,177 Noble, Allison 191,283 Norris, Alice 142,274 Norris, Douglas 115 North, Robert 40,190 Norton, Brad 183 Nunez, Gus 111 Nunn, lohn 177 Nurre, Nancy 142,265 -O- Oats, Fred 108,117,291 O ' Brien, Gary 265 O ' Brien, Mike 177 O ' Brien, Robert 203 Ochs, George 218 Ogunloye, Samson 222 Oleson, Bill 291 Oleson, Charles 291 Ohn, Scott 183 Oliver, Terry 275 Olson, Linda 40,166,265 Oppio, Cathie 154,275 Oreno, Michael 203 Oropez, Guillermo 220 Orr, Sandy 265 Osborn, Gayle 265 O ' SullivanJane 181 Oswald, Nancy 142,265 Otani, Bill 172,265 Ott, Sharon 158,275 Oulie, Karen 142,265 Overholser, Farrel 282 Pace, |on 177 Padilla, Cornelio 291 Pagni, Eddie 282 Paille, Carole .265 Paille, Muriel 33,191,291 Paine, Arline 143,275 Pallesen, Carol 107,166,275 Palmer, Bruce . . 194 Palmer, Ronald .126 Paloolian, Mark ...291 Palumbo, lack .129 Panelli, Richard 291 Pappas, Althea 118,154,275 Pappas, Constance 154,166 Parker, Earl 282,172 Parker, Thomas 127 Parmenter, George 177,226 Parrott, Ernie 203 Parsons, Ken 220,226 Parsons, Neal 282 Partagas, Paul 177 Pasto, Jerome 266 Patten, Susan 291 Patterson, Debbie 162,282 Patterson, Dennis 172,266 Patterson, Kerry 266 Patterson, Mary Jo 291 Patterson, Richard .. .203 Paul, Beverly . .266 Paulsen, Kim 106,194,266 Paxton, Roger , 172,291 Peardall, Sheri 166 Pearce, Deanna 291 Pearl, Kathy 282 Peckardt, Jan 162,291 Pederson, Dennis 177 Pedrojetti, Joseph 115,177,216 Peek, Steve 131 Pereira, Stephen 183 Perkings, Reese 183 Perkins, Reese 40,275 Perrier, Robert 120 Perry, Michael 41,291 Perry, Peggy ... 150,266 Perryman, Donnell 203 Petersen, Bill 124 Petersen, Gary 183 Peterson, Karen 158,266 Peterson, Les 266 Peterson, Mardelle 266 Peterson, Michael 282 Peterson, Penny 142,291 Phillips, Jerry 187 Philipp, Adelaide ...275 Piccinini, Julie 266 Pickett, Bob 275 Pickett, Ron 120,177 Pieratt, Marc 194 Pietropaolo, Linda 291 Piirto, Doris 154,266 Piirto, Douglas 125,187,282 Pike, Robert . .190 Pillers, lamie 172 Pirtle, James 224 Plummer, Marilyn 282 Plummer, Olena 143,266 Pochop, Lyn 109 Poe, Patty 162,291 Polichio, Patricia 109 Polish, Carolyn 32,166,199,291 Polish, Fred 190 Porray, Ted 133,172,266 Porter, Jerry 177 Porter, Joan 291 Porter, Pat 291 Post, Shirley 109,291 Potter, Samuel 156,275 Potts, Dennis 123 Powell, Penelope 143,275 Powers, Dennis 190 Powers, Mary 266 Powers, Robyn 39 Powning, Greg 194,275 Possi, Carole 166 Prato, Larry 266 Premo, Bill ...125 Pressman, Robert 266 Price, lanis 150,282 Procter, Roderic 187,282 Prosser, Michael 29,291 Posser, Mike 172 Prupas, Malin 172,275 Pullen, Michaeil 172,266 Purcell, Rick . Ill -Q- Quartararo, Andrea 107,118,154,275 Quigley, lennifer 34,107,275 Quihci, Pam 162,291 Quilici, Paul 177 Quilici, Robert ...291 Quinn, Nancy 266 -R- Rabenstine, Steve 183 Rafael, Karen 158 Ragar, Robert 291 Rahbeck.Jeff ....... 194,292 Rajander, James 114,117,282 Ralf, Barbara 107 Ralf, Judith 131 Rand, Patti 125,146,266 Rasmussen, Helen 150,266 Rassler, Ben 121 Ranbun, Sally 292 Ratkoviak, Lauren 292 Rawlins, Deanne 266 Rawlins, Lynn 266 Rawlins, William .292 Ray, Michael 222 Reams, Peter 131 Reardon, Marcia 292 Rebbott, Susan 276 Redding, Judith . ... 266 Redican, Georgianna 29,144,282 Reed, Richard 203 Reed, Sally 154,266 Reese, Kathleen 154 Reeves, Greg 220 Reich, Dan 172 Reid, Michael 203 Reil, Elizabeth ...292 Reil, Katharine 143 Reil, Kenneth 117,292 Reiley,Terri 155,266 Reilly, lohn 133 Reinerstein, Eric 214 Renucci, Valdine 107 Reynolds, James 41 Reynolds, Michael 221 Reynolds, Rodney 117,194,292 Reynolds, Rosalyne 276 Reynolds, Sue 132 Rhodes, John 32,41,61,108,117,194,292 Rhodes, Mark 33,194,270 Ricciardi, Larry 128,194 Ricciardi, Tony 195 Rich, Wally 190 Richards, Donna 292 Richardson, Diane 146,158,276 Richardson, Tom 105,190 Richert, Gary 276 Richert, Sarah 118,292 Richesin, Charles 276 Ridgely, Janet 150,155,267 Riebli, Jonathan 187 Riley, Jim 39,62,108 Rio, Robin 143,267 Rippetoe, Braden 190,276 Risby, Anthony 172,267 Rishel, Jim 133 Ritchie, Beverly 143,267 Ritter, Pat 146 Roberts, Charlene 292 Roberts, Chris 267 Roberts, Judy 276 Roberts, Laurie 162,282 Roberts, Marsha 276 Robertson, Bobetta 118,158 Robertson, Thomas 196 Robinson, Charles 111 Robustellini.Toni 46,128,160,292 Rock, Ron 190 Rockholm, Jeff 117,128,216 Rogers, Sharron 292 Rohlfs, Lovell 282 Rooks, Kathy 132,148,276 Rooney, Barbara 162,276 Root, David 190 Rosa, Larry 127 Rosaschi, Andrea 155,267 Rosenbrock, John 127,292 Rosenfield, Michael 292 Rosevear, Thea 276 Roskoski, Richard 226,282 Roso, Candace 292 Ross, Danny 195 Ross, Kay Dee 34,35,46,62,162,191,292 Rossi, Drucilla 143,276 Rossmann, Carol 267 Rost, Carla 292 Roulias, Jim 292 Roush, Jackie 107,166,185,276 Rowe, Michael 214 Rueda, Jose 282 Rugg, Judy 155,267 Russo, Kathleen 185 Russell, Todd 38,39,41,61,108,117,190, 292 Ryan, Jim 114,117,282 Ryser, Robin 37,195,282 -S- Sadler, Paul 127 Salman, Albert 129 Samcoff, Cindy 267 Samon, Mary 29,61,118,133,155,292 Sampson, Rickee 267 Sankovich, Larry 155 Sarmon, Mary -_... ' ... 292 Satterlee, Jeffery 226 Sattwhite, Jessie 203 Savage, Julie .... 109,162,292 Sawyer, Jerry 39,190,292 Sawyer, Tom . . 39,190,275 Scalise, Louis 292 Scarselli Roland 226 Sceirine, Joe 178 Scheeler, Daniel 115 Scheetz, Karl 106,183 Schellin, Mike 292 Schima, Chris 158 Scholsser, Stephen 221 Schmid, Greg 37,114,174 Schmitz, Sallie 166,276 Schofield, Lenaire 143,267 Schoppmann, John 267 Schram, Rich 126 Schriefer, Chris 150,267 Schulz, Julie 118,163,276 Schwarz, Bonnie 292 Schweer, Kurt 29,282,292 Sciarani, Carol 150,267 Scoggin, Carole 292 Scotes, Ronald 120 Scott, Robert 178 Scott, William 276 Scrivener, Vicki 267 Scruggs, Deborah 115,267 Seach, Stefanie 40,282 Seaman, Gordon 195 Seaman, Paul 276 Sebbas, Sandra 276 Secoy, Judy 276 Seegle, Gary 117 Segota, Robert 190,203 Seher, John 123 Selleck, Tom 196 Sellers, Joe 41,124,203 Seman, Dale 183 Semanza, Patricia - 155,191,292 Serrano, Bert 222 Sewell, Dorothv 267 Shatter. Kirk. ' 183 Shane, Brenda 109 Sharker Colleen 282 Sharp. Roberta 185.282 Sharpe. Naomi 276 Shatz. Farv 178 Shaw .Bonnie 40. 163,231 .282 Shaw. Richard 222 Shaw William 178 Shea, Bob -127 Shea, Joann 267 Shea, Robert 292 Sheen, jack 123,292 Shelby, Rick 292 Shepherd, Robert 128 Sherlock, Kevin . . .. 292 Sherman, Barbara 158 Sherwood, Richard 114,203 Shewan, lames 169,276 Shewmaker, Karen 166,276 Shipton, Rose 276 Shriver, Bob 36,37,41,62,108,188,292 Shulz, Julie 161 Shumate. Karen 276 Sidford, Robert 292 Siller, Ernest 195 Silver, John 33,216,292 Simas, Jeannie 143,267 Simms, Barbara 292 Simons, Chris 282 Sinnott, Peter 222 Siri, Stephanie 153,282 Skipper, Molly 118 Slosson, Bonnie 143,267 Small, Steve 226 SmiSmith, Bob 169 Smith, Bob 267 Smith, Carol 158,276 Smith, Cheri 146,163,267 Smith, Chris 292,296,297 Smith, John 129,183 Smith, Kathleen 109,163 Smith. Sane. 146,155,276 Smith, Terry 133 Smits, Elizabeth 29,140,292 Soderbolm, Eric 114 Solanki, Mahendra 293 Sonderegger, Charles 195 Souchereau, Peggy 293 Soule, Patricia 276 Sourk, John 293 Sousa, Steven 203 Southard, Jonette 282 Spatz, Hal 195,276 Speetzen, Mark 195 Spencer, Rebecca 293 Spencer, Rosemary 293 Spooner, Janet 40,118,163,276 Sprenger, Debby 167,276 Springmeyer, John 106,267 Squires, Richard 282 Stamps, Andrew 190 Stano, Michael 293 Stark, Caroline 267 Stark, Richard 276 Stark, William 172,276 Starr, Virginia 293 Starrett, Michael 37,41,180 Steele, Bert 195,226 Steele, Terry 150,267 Stefan, Sheri 155,191,276 Stenovich, Chan 178 Stephens, Jan 293 Stephens, Lyn 118 Stephenson, Richard 114,226 Steprojeff 117,183 Stevens, Sherly 40,118,231 Stevenson, Mary 267 Stewart, Randy 190 Sthymmel, Terry 115,178 Stiegler, Dave 190 Stiegler, Patricia 293 Stiff, Sue TC7.293 Sripech, Frank 276 Stobie, Virginia 293 Stocking, Norrie 267 Stockton, Arleen 293 Stodieck, Sally 282 Stoker, Mike 195 Stonefelt, Carolyn 143,276 Storke, Kathy 155 Stovall, Dana 163,277 Stowell, Karen 267 Strong, Cynthia 293 Strickland, Carolyn 267 Strickland, William 126 Struve, Colleen 293 Stupar, Patti 293 Suggett, Candance 158 Sullivan, Craig 184 Sullivan, Debbie 167.267 Sumner, Claire 158,267 Sutton, John 117,293 Surber, Karen 267 Sutton, John 128 Suverkrup, Jill 282 Swafford, Harold 129 Swanson, Suzette 37,167,293 Sweatt, Christine 267 Sweeker, Steve 178 Sweeney, Craig 120 Tamantini, William 120 Tanner, Douglas 267 Tarleton. George 111 Tate. Roland 127 Taylor, Cathleen 159,282 Taylor, Eva 282 Tate, Roland 295 Tavlor, Kay 191 Taylor, Richard 267 Teal, Philip 124,190,203,282 Tedtord. Brenda 143,163,268 Tedtord, Cindy 34,155,295 Tedford, Trudy 163,295 Tegano, Dominic 203 Tegalia, Dan 282 Terkildsen, Allen 123,221,295 Terry, Margaret 268 Test, ' Louis 106,195,277 Test, Pete 117,125,195,295 Testolin, Rachel 109.295 Tholl, Paul 190 Thoma, Sue 143,268 Thomas, Bruce 178 Thomas, Charles 115 Thomas, David 195 Thomas, Rick 38,178 Thomsen, Judy 295 Thomsen, Ross 195 Tieber, Stephanie 155,268 Tiller, Larry 41,195 Timko, Steve 125 Titlow, Diana .107,159,277 Todd, Jon 115,282 Todt, Cinday 38,167 Trapanese, Mark 221 Traverse Sill 128 Trehal, Sylvia 268 Trigero, Jeanne 33,163,277 Trigueiro 36,108,178 Triolo, Genevieve 185 Trosi, Renell 159,295 Tupper, Dnnis 195 Turcheyn, Irene 128 Turner, Kathleen 146,283 Turner, Pam 32,143,295 Turrentine, Thomas 195 Tuteur, Larri 214 Tyler, Nikki 37,155,295 Tyler, Noel 155 -U- Uhalde, Robert 226 Uhalde, Paul 226 Uithoven, lanet 146,268 Uithoven, John 283 Urlaub, Katie 143,268 Urriola, Linda 146,167,268 Urrutia, Jean 46,62,295,109 Usnick, Charles 283 Usnick, Virginia 295 Utt, Julie 295 Vacchina, Kathy 33,283 Vagelatos, Tony 222 Van Dyke, Julie 295 VanLydegraf, Vance 41,108,295,183 VanSant, Caroline 295 Vavra, Marion 150 Verberkmoes, Meg 155,268 Vercoe, Carol 155,283 Vesely, Jerry 172,268 Vesely, Roger 120,268 Vicks, Robert 123,295 Vieyra, David 277 Vincent, Manuel 203 Vogel, Margaret 143,277 Volpa, Mary 295 Volpi, Dave 111 VonFluee, Wenette 268 Voorhees, Vicki 143,268 Vroman, Greg 226 ■ W - Talcott, Cherlyn -T- 282 Wagn er, Claire Wagner, Judith Waite, Rulan Waldo, Judy Walker, Cheryl Walker, Cynthia Walker, Llyod Wallace, Elizabeth Waller, William Walter, Burke Walters, Sue Walton, Jericho Ward, Mark Ward, Theresa Ward, Timothy Warren, James Waters, Rick Watkins, Kerry Watson, David Watson, John Watson, Monte Watson, Steve Webb, Carol Webber, Pam Webster, Merilee Webster, Timothy Wehr, Don Weir, Donald Wells, Valerie Wenner, Greg West, Tina Westover, Joan 118, 295 143,268 295 191 167,268 155,277 295 283 295 218 283 159,268 178 185 187 115,218 178 172,277 114,128 117 190 184 150,277 167,277 295 127,295 127 226 163,277 178 40,163 159,295 Wharton, Ann 283 White, Ann 295 Whitney, David 42,108 Whitney, Julie it. i. ' i.h Whittemore, Robert 37,277 Whittey, Gene 196 Whitney, Mark 190 Whorton, Glenn 117 Wick, Hermalene 150,268 Wightman.Sandie .268 Wiley, Carole 155,268 Williams, Alana 268 Williams, Diane 167,277 Williams, Elizabeth 167 Williams, Hester 283 Williams, Joe .178 Williams, Marcia 33,143,277 Williams, Vicki 277 Williamson, Phil 195 Wellis, Thomas 114 Wilson, Danny 283 Winans, Mark 178 Wines, Thomas 125 Winningham, Debbie 283 Winston, Nancy 143,283 Winters, Cindy 36,46,167,295 Witzel, Valerie . 159,277 Wojcik, Edmund 184,222 Woicik, Michael 106,184,222 Wolf, David 295 Woo, Hwa-di . 132 Woodgate, Bruce 120 Woods, Gary 226 Woodward, James 123 Woolverton, Mary 155,277 Wosser, Nancy 163,268 Wosser, Sue 118,128,163,283 Wright, Harry 178 -Y- Yamasaki, Christina 277 Yank, Carl 268 Yaussy,Tom 195 Yeargin, Carol 40 Yee, Cheryl 34,35,61,109,167,277,283 Yim, Kathleen 143,277 Yori, Larry 195,268 York. Robert 172,283 Yparraguirre, Carol 37,41,42,163 191,283 Yup, Gene 195,268 -Z- Zehrung, David 218 Zerfoss, John 178 Zimmerman, Lynne . .295 Zive, Phil 268 Zoesch, Randy 214 Zuppan, Michael 124,226 304 PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS The Nevada firms listed in these pages have acknowledged 100% support of the University of Nevada activities. The pre- ceding Reno firms and the following out of town firms help to make our University a success. BUSINESS STAFF STEPHEN MOLTZ- BUSINESS MANAGER Paul Mijanovich - Asst. Business Manager Michael Greenan - Advertising Manager Margaret Downey - Secretary Irene Bell ATTORNEYS CL+v u C - JLQjuJtca i s liJiSLcC Ufc l a- te f " 2g CU JU sr J J l j z jlo s4_ 9 tec4U t ' . i jUt . tG stez ARMANKO OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Books - Gifts - Social Stationery Portable Typewriters 152 N. Virginia St.. Phone FA 2-3424 RENO. NEVADA 89505 BEST WISHES LORD ' S FOOTWEAR 33 West 2nd Street Reno, Nevada Compliments Of COMMERCIAL HARDWARE Congratulations To The Class Of 69 Complete Bridal Registry headquarters for north- ern Nevada specializing in name brand mer- chandise that young marrieds can depend on. Hum anil Sparks m lSi dm In riiiKln nils far Ih, limn, sin,; Ill-Ill RENO STORE Sierra at Island Ave. 329-3151 SPARKS STORE 211 " B " St. 358-7511 You Will Enjoy The Friendly Atmosphere DOWNTOWN RENO CASINO COCKTAILS RESTAURANT BREAKFAST 24-HOURS • LUNCHEON • DINNERS The Food Is Good, The Price Is Right Opening July 1st Cal Neva Lodge, New Hotel Casino North Shore LakeTahoe PATERSQN ' S Mens Boys Wear Styles of Tomorrow Today " RENO ' S NEWEST CLUB AT RENO ' S BRIGHTEST CORNER Complements Of iRLINGTON NURSERY UNIVERSITY MARKET ' The Biggest Little Market in The Biggest Little City inThe World " Owners — James E. Mary G. Warden GROCERIES— LIQUORS— MEATS FREE DELIVERY USDACHOICE MEATS Cut Wrapped for Home Freezers KEG BEER— PICNIC PUMPS FURNISHED Open Mon. thru Sat. 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. Sundays 9A.M. to 4 P.M. MONEYORDERSERVICE WE CASH STUDENT ' S CHECKS FREE DELIVERY— USDA CHOICE MEATS Trimming And Styling Free Delivery On Prescriptions 1575 South Virginia Open Daily 9 A.M. — 10P.M. UNIVERSITY BARBERSHOP Razor Cuts Hair Styling 60 E. 9th St. Phone 786-9599 Jack Ernie Compliments of TOM JOYCE FLOORS, INC. 322-7067 285 South Virginia Street Reno Vinyls Carpet Linoleum Plastic Tiles Windowshades-Dra penes serving the hobbyist HOBBY TOWNE Shoppers Square Phone 786-6615 Cor. E. Plum S. Virginia Reno, Nevada 89505 Ml Cocktail Lounge PIZZA OVEN 13 W. 4th Reno. Nevada 329-0300 We Deliver Chicken-Pizza Sandwiches Compliments Of The Original Pay-Less Drug Stores SKAGGS DRUG CENTERS Headquarters for Pendleton Woolens. Stetson Hats. Levis— Lees Hyer and Justin Boots Downtown Reno 200 North Center Street Reno, Nevada For Distinctive Fashions In Junior And Misses Size LANZ 246 East Plumb Lane Parklane Centre Reno Nevada 89502 Record s-Accessories-Sheet Music Car-Tapes MIKE MIRABELLI ' S MUSIC CITY Park Lane Centre Reno, Nevada 786-2210 NEW TYPE FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT- SNACKS-DRINKS .KEYSTONE CUE AND CUSHION CAROM-POCKET BILLIARDS-SNOOKER PHONE 329-5718 935 WEST FIFTH STREET RENO, NEVADA m 0X0X0X0X0X0X0 Dllllllllffllllffli OXOXOXOXOXOXl WHEN STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA THINK OF A PLACE IN RENO FOR SO- CIAL FUNCTIONS THEIR THOUGHTS MOST OFTEN SWING TO THE MAPES HOTEL. THE MAPES HAS BEEN CATERING TO PARTIES, DANCES, RECEPTIONS, LUNCHEONS. FASHION SHOWS AND NUMEROUS OTHER STUDENT AND ALUMNi FUNCTIONS FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA FOR THE PAST TWENTY YEARS. IF YOUR SOCIAL PLANS CALL FOR A HIGHLY TRAINED STAFF, COURTEOUS SERVICE, A VARIETY OF ROOMS OF EVERY SIZE, AND A LOCATION IN DOWNTOWN RENO. . PLEASE " CALL UPON US AT THE MAPES HOTEL. CANADA DRY» THE NATION ' S L EADING MIXER NEVADA ' S GOING DRY-CANADA DRY Marcia Crittenden ' 72, Carol Goodwin ' 70, Karen Esslinger ' 71, Marcia Reardon ' 69, Trinette Hudson ' 71 mix with Canada Dry on the steps of Morrill Hall. ATTORNEYS V0UU yL c c u+»J j£j£0P Cj ru L ?sO ■- ?■ JL p Our heartiest congratulations to the University of Nevada ' s ever-growing student body . . in the great year, ' 69 OUR 65TH YEAR . . .GRAY REID ' S NEVADANS GO TOGETHER! N. VIRGINIA AT FIFTH, RENO 329-3131 CARSON CITY MALL 882-2551 BARRETT ( kT) 35 EAST FOURTH ST.. RENO 247 CALIFORNIA AVE INC. Largest Stock of Imported Wines in Nevada Prompt and Courteous Service FREE DELIVERY FA 3-4116 THE WESTERNER TROPHY CENTRE Troph es-Gifts-Engraving Sh opper ' s Square Westerner Gift Shop 323-3330 E. Plumb and So. Virginia Cable-Nelson Everett Pianos — Hammond Organs Conn, LeBlanc and Holton Band Instruments Gibson — Fender Guitars EMPORIUM OF MUSIC C , CD 645 Booth Dick Woodward Telephone 329-2595 Reno, Nevada RENO PRINTING COMPANY Printers-Lithographers Binding-Engraving 124 N. Center Street 322-2133 BEST WISHES!! FIRST NATIONAL BANK Of Nevada Statewide Resources $537,000,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System ALLIED AUTOMOTIVE INC. Parts Supplies Equipment Paint Main Store Sparks 490 N. Virginia Reno 1118 " B " Street 323-2751 358-7660 Truckee Paint Dept W. Mam St. 95 W. 4th St. Reno 587-3582 323-2756 LLOYD GOTCHY SHOES . DAVID EVINS . PALIZZIO . LADYFLORSHEIM . DELISO DEBS Lakeside Plaza NINA. CAPEZZIO. MARK ANGELO. BERNARDO. 44 West First Street Reno. Nevada Reno The Outdoors MARTIN IRONWORKS, INC. 530 Ea st Fourth Street Reno Nevada 89505 . Structural . Fabrication . Miscellaneous . Erection . Ornamental . Mobile Cranes Locksmiths Lawn Tools DUNSEATH KEY COMPANY 75 West Arroyo Street Reno. Nevada S9501 323-4372 Hardware Service chas. Mcdonald gordon dunseath We ' ll Reach For Any Deal! Phone 786-31 11 RB HALLMAN " Service Dept. Open CHEVROLET, Inc. Weekdays til 1 a.m. Sales Dept. Open Evenings till 9 p.m. 800 Kietzke Lane Reno, Nevada DURKEE TRAVEL BUREAU 2 Locations Suite D Park Lane Centre 120 Mill St. 282 E. Plum Lane 329-0801 786-5030 Reno Specialists In Student Travel PONCE ' S BEAUTY COLLEGE 102 E. Second Phone 329-2536 id VALLEY BANKof NEVADA Member of F.D.I. C. and Federal Reserve System 201 S. Virginia Reno Incline Villaee Sparks C. B. CONCRETE COMPANY quality controlled concrete £mT concrete yj-Jgi TRANSIT-MIX Plant at 2160 E. 2nd RENO 323-3151 Office at 234 Gardner RENO 329-8841 PIONEER CITIZENS BANK Member FDIC CENTER STATE STS and VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER CARNATION CHISM ICE CREAM 2555 Dickerson Road Reno, Nevada ALPINE GLASS CO. Nevada Pioneer Glass House 40 Years Glass Service to Nevada Glass For Every Purpose Reno — Tahoe Valley, Calif. COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS Office Furniture Office Supplies Office Machines and Service Educational Furniture and Equipment MORRILL AND MACHABEE 130 South Center St. Reno, Nevada 329-3145 feu e ujC x Special Terms for U.N. Students Flawless gems set in our own original creations. The most unusual selection of the finest diamond engagement rings, from one hundred to four thousands dollars, awaits your view- ing pleasure. Won ' t you visit us real soon? Downtown: 119 N. Virginia and Shopper ' s Square: S. Virginia and Plumb Lane The " Mini -Brutes " Are Here Opel Rallye SCOTT MOTOR COMPANY 2401 So. Virginia-Reno p t cunfu NATIONAL BANK OF N EVADA] MEMBER fO I C « — BMJ 1 RENO • FALLON • CARSON CITY • HAWTHORNE • DOUGLAS COUNTY • SPARKS Mt ROSE SPORTING GOODS 2 RENO LOCATIONS: • PARK LANE CENTRE . PLUMB LANE 134 WEST SECOND • DOWNTOWN RENO Wepa a big 5% oil all savings. Union FEDERAL SAUinGS D L O A N Tnodel Vauuf For unsurpassed dairy products, delivered to your door, phone 329-2551 DOCTORS DENTISTS £ JiP OuM J j tf .p u y? £ZtftJVr o£ - CU«jj z aw.Rcoiv, w . if A m O 9 .A - zyf. ;) GL (r vj JLyfJl) 7% ' A, lf £L, . )fe 4rf U A s Overhead Door Company of Reno 20SS DICKERSON ROAD RENO, NEVADA FRED M. THOMPSON PHONE: FA 2-6697 Best Wishes from KEYSTONE ORANGE JULIUS The only place in town where you can get that " devilish good drink " 143 Keystone Ave. Reno, Nev. JIM STONER Gen ' l. Mgr. SPORTS, Inc. 881 Glendole Ave. - Sparks, Nevado - Phone 358-9073 127 N. Virginia 323-6104 _ !_ " Serving The lTAC0Sf 1 OMEVADt-INC ig Finest In Mexican Food 895 SO. VIRGINIA ST. feSSUtt RENO, NEVADA m PHONE 786-0696 r Leon Melieres Sales Administrator CHEMICAL CORPORATION 1175GLENDALEROAD SPARKS, NEVADA PHONE 358-6060 AREA CODE 702 THE STRAW HAT PIZZA PARLOR 231 E. Plumb Lane Reno, Nevada Tel. 322-4028 Congratulations, Seniors You can always buy with confidence at LUCAS FURNITURE Phone 358-7194 846 " B " Street-l 1 2 blocks East of Nugget Sparks-Nevada ATTORNEYS f ZS -6 7 sf p . v? i J ' £ azzL jL $t- 3$4nC {l a 6t PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS KYNE Constantly Expanding Increasingly Popular Present the Sound of " CONSTANT MUSIC " IT GETS TOUGHER FROM HERE ON . . . In our free enterprise system you ' re going to face some keen competition. But that ' s what has made America so great. You are free to go as far as your energies and abilities will take you. So, aim high . . . we hope you get there. YOUR PROGRESSIVE PACIFIC POWER COMPANY Why Do So Many Peo- ple From Nevada Stay M The Fielding Hotel In San Francisco? Because the Fielding has been completely redecorated from top to bottom. Located downtown — only 1 block from Union Square and l x -i blocks to Air Terminal. Complete hotel service day and night. A " Top-flight " hotel at moderate rates. HOME OF nS % RESTAURANTS JOE E. SNELSON, Pres. Fielding DOWNTOWN • GEARY at MASON " No hills to climb! JACK EDWARDS, Mgr est wishes To The Students f The U niversity Of Nevada and Alice Al ' pers ALPERS ' OWENS RIVER RAlMtH " Mono Countv. California jg 5 ar 5r ,, ry The staff and management of yiarueu ' s resort hotel congratulate the class of ' 69 UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA 5i kJ? ?iavek V ' 5i Ti:TVrVT ' Sm S - X ■ - X -Y i ii v i » fc DOCTORS DENTISTS s 2 c£e tt feLc »+js.J»i r 3, -6- xjejL Xx £jgju m h A C u J ia o 3i 4fy). dLL rsr »J a c ; n r £j A UMi H. ScV»« U— , " D OS. • y )- ?Zc 9- - . £1 ' JONES BOYS MOTORS Authorized factory dealer for Chrysler . Dodge Trucks Plymouth . Rambler Dodge . Toyota 189 W.Williams Ave. Fallon. Nevada Congratulations Graduates of 1969 E.H. HURSH, INC. Since 1919 Fallon, Nevada FRAZZINI FURNITURE CO. Fallon, Nevada Central Nevada Home Furnishers Since 1912 ANDERSON FORD- MERCURY Fallon Good Luck Graduates Or 1969 FALLON VETERINARY CENTER Fallon, Nevada THE SPUDNUTSHOP One mile south on the truck route HELEN - BILL 423-2640 Fallon. Nevada £ff . H CENT COMPANY CO«NE« MAINE AND CENTH STIEETS • FAllON. CHURCHPU COUNTY, NEVADA 89406 MORRIS and LORING DRUG COMPANY Prescription Druggists We would appreciate your patronage Phone 423-2030 105 So Maine St. Fallon, Nevada FALLON SPORTING GOODS AND MEN ' S WEAR 141 South Maine Street FALLON, NEVADA -89406 PAT ' S 95 South Maine, St. Fallon, Nevada 89406 NEVADA CATTLE FEEDING COMPANY Custom Cattle Feeders Rt2Box 105 Phone 423-2757 Fallon, Nevada ATTORNEYS jAn$£ 0. ML r M e. A C - U- I9 iWHUa NEVADA ' S -. ' ' • ; ;» " ' . ' . ' •.! ' .. .;- .-■..,•• ' ■ " .... ' .- " I-:. £ ' -. " " ; T ' . CAREERS FOR YOU IN COPPER! MINING AND GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING ACCOUNTING AND SECRETARIAL METALLURGICAL AND OTHER TECHNICAL CHEMICAL AND INDUSTRIAL E NGINEERING HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATION MATERIALS HANDLING And many more . . . Kennecott Copper Corporation Nmvmdm Mines Division ELY RUTH AND McGILL, NEVADA LYON COUNTY Extends Best Wishes To University of Nevada Students PROMINENT NEVADANS LJ? QE2t- s 7gjL putl s $ K jL fctJ - CU, Z, , m tfiucfczj uty - ?+»+ ' ( - pGK . u 4. CAJajvuu • Yk vua _ Congratulations. . . and Best Wishes To The Graduating Class Of 1969 THE ANACONDA COMPANY H. R. Burch, General Manager Weed Heights, Nevada EUREKA COUNTY Extends Best Wishes To University of Nevada Students m DOCTORS DENTISTS j f ™t$ t 4 s -4 £? W, b sP frfx- QLl L Vfe Ar f y pfllr Sy r - , ?. . JljJbJ c ( M J ar — jZtfaZjgj, 4 y U. J ,-A c ttrM . D. IIIIIDIIlllllJlllinilllllllllllDllllllllllllOlllllllllllinilllllllllllOIIIIIIIMIIIQIIIIMIIIIIIDM EMERSON TITLOW GENERAL INSURANCE AND ACCOUNTING Phone 482-6868 $ s S BOX 551 TONOPAH NiNiiiiniiiimiiiiiaiiiiiiiiminiiiiiiiHiiiDimmiiiiiamimiiiiiniiiiiimmamiiiiiiiii BEST WISHES MINERAL COUNTY, NEVADA Congratulations To The GraduatingClassOf 1969 STOREY COUNTY Active For All Your Glass Needs REED HOWE AND SONS Bus. 329-2140 608 East Fourth Street Res. 358-8568 Reno, Nevada ATTORNEYS - JL iavH - 2 - dU Ou _. vUlo S x u £ - + £ fyltoKb j i 4S LANDER COUNTY THE HEART OF NEVADA Rich in Mining and Ranching Offers Activities in All Winter Sports A Mecca for the Angler and the Hunter Historic and Progressive RALDA COUNTY and S COLDFIEL! Extend Best Wishes to the University of Nevada DOCTORS DENTISTS IUjci H. IMaIAaAJ lQ l fcju+jc (. ?f«K.f - V ' MX.. (A , ft (4 ' - ' ' £rt«+ ljk. , l us7 l k.ArB x e l U-, 338 339 340 p — aw «— ■■■mwwwbiimiiiiiii ■ pimp 11 ■ ™ " nm a umif— ■ M m Sl BB Kl jHCMffltfimn iBWBBI

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