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«fl t4 « Sift r. " ' 5-:., t ' .» ' . 4 ■ i ft M 1P1 - .fc.j» IS H ' ■■: 3SSa«P ■ o. % ' ' LJT W ' ' ' ' ; xfrrj - f s L JL HM MMMM - ■ ■ ' ■ ■-■ " - — - - ' - ----- ■- - ' ■, «Lf. ®£s t mmm ' ?ffl?m Uxdcr. j5Sshafci ' M. w »« r V.« « 4 - V " A air. . . . ' ,- M •ZJHOSLiJ: i J aLai «.i Aia 2 1® •v Manzanita Lake Quietly reflects The dignified surroundings of old and new . . . Morril Hall Stands rooted As it has For Generations And The Heartbeat Of The University Is Man But the heartbeat Cannot be felt Except by those Intimately Involved Restlessly They come and go But The Audience is the same . . . In the shadows The sometimes Inspirational Frequently Awesome Future Watches And Waits . . . ■ 3tiL- • £ _ ' _ £ .%»• .. »i3s. " rjw K The College Experience Is Just the beginning Of a long cold winter Which at one time or another Will freeze an inquiring mind. Some will remain Aimless and Apathetic And never plow out from under The ice and snow . . . And some survive the winter Only to he burdened By the responsibility of knowing And therefore doing . . . The apathetic parasite And the enthusiastic seeker still exist, And The campus remains much the same. A sense of urgency abounds Which Shakes the very foundation Of the Future . . . For The inquiring Man With His impatient questions And Incomplete Answers No longer Complacently Watches The Game of Life . He is plagued By the realization That Ignorance means decay And Idleness Means destruction ra jMBHWa fc. . JWft- _ :.: £fa«W S)Mltia9»WBB MHM So £ i£ College Experience Becomes the Springboard for Tomorrow . . . .;■■■: ,;.. , The Hope of the Future is Imprisoned. Ii Watches and Waits And Perhaps it is Notltid ereM To This New, Generation : For More Tfam Ever Before The Actors WttlDetermine ; Whether {the yFlayWmbef A Comedy Or , " p ' ' ; ATmgedy. STAFF Joyce Freeman Editor Molly Jacobs Assistant Editor Elfrena Sewell Business Manager Shelia Locke Copy Editor Alice Gate Classes Editor Phyllis Goytino Student Government Diane Beattie Activities Editor Mike Swithwick Sports Editor Mary Kaye Gezelin Honors Editor Julie Savage, Linda Audrain Living Groups KayDee Ross Index Editor Carole English Business Staff Photo Credits Photo-Graphics, Dave Staley, Jamie Arjona, Barry Watkins, Dr. Silas Ross, Lorin Wheelwright, Paul Lepori, Bruce Rice, Greg Aired, Roy and Cleo Gaither CONTENTS Dedication 17 Faculty and Administration 19 Student Government 33 Classes 49 Honors 81 Living Groups 106 Organizations 161 Athletics 201 Activities 237 Senior Histories 286 General Index and Index 292 Advertisements 308 ■ " ■• 3W X 1 X AJmI... jV " — »i , .— h — jr S : K " ' . ' ; ' " ' jp J • ' " Xs. ■ •• ' 0 " 1 4b • ■ ' V J ' T !Jlmm$mb]) mw ' = . .:,,;■.:-■•.■:■.■: :;, S ' .v.---:., M MiMM Many Fragments of the spirit Have I scattered Streets . . The Rrophet . J»J»EJ " 4 »» ' - The Goal is the same The vital parties are often in opposition ■MtaaiilMHMta For the Student Like the Child. . . ... It is a time of Discovery Lei eisure i lme . Ti . Empty Hours Given Meaning By Individual Desires 3R£AKF AST IT viw8 3i»r. ■!»» ' Wjflfelft K mKza The vital Periphery For an Academic Community 11 s eMns m. %, Elusive Truths Lurk in thk Shadows ••V ■ ■:■■■:■ ■: ' ■■ ■ ' - ' • ' .■ Yet D reamers And D oers Accelerate Ti ime And. . . 13 Time Will Brina Li ht to Whatever is Hidden. Lorace ,;.;■. ' . : ' i ' ; : ' , ' ; ' •. ' iv : ' .: : ,. ;. ■-•:.■•. a iy xsi ,.: ... - - ... ' ..-.I . ' ,■■•.. • •!•;•■■. -■:■ ' -•(?: ■ i .! v. ' ,. ' ■ . ' ■u i at «.s»ra 1 ;;- j MICHAEL J. INGERSOIX The University of Nevada is expanding at an unprece- dented rate, Such expansion, however, is complete only with an equal growth in the quest for attainment of social and aca- demic excellence. It remains the task of those who have faith in this University as a living institution to successfully channel such expansion in this direction. Change is not progress until one gives direction to change and thought to progress. Thus, we must be knowledgeable about the past arid exploit the fu- ture with a vigor that comes from an intractable belief in our- selves and those around us. fOOt ' Editor ' s note: This vvas Mike ' s address to the student body, which he gave to me three days before he died. .■ ■ ' y sa - He Believed ... He Created . He Achieved . . . He Understood , - .,,. iv ' - ' » " ' l 5::::, S V He touched so many lives. ' Foot ' ' .• Lives on ... For . . . Xi e fe no£ measured by the passing of years, But by what one does, What one feels, What one achieves. Nehru m JSB W_ m m mm V ' ill " I I 18 ADMINISTRATION 19 .■ ¥ ra VfUgHMW-inmiMiiiiM ,-JHMJi.r WVI-1S- ■ «.¥ ■ This year ' s theme for the Artemisia, " The heart- beat of the University is Man, " is well chosen, for it is you young men and women who provide the impetus for University of Nevada excellence and growth, as you look forward in your determination to acquire a sound education. In your quest for higher education, you have demon- strated your belief that you must be prepared for the tremendous tasks which lie ahead and in so doing, you have shown continued devotion to our state and to our country. I have been very proud of you this year, for you have shown maturity of thought and character in many ways. You have accepted the " growing pains " your University is experiencing — and you have done so in good will. You have welcomed many students from other lands with the open arm of friendship. And you have carried on the fine traditions of your University. The statement that " the Struggle in which we are now engaged will be won or lost in the classrooms of America, " is as true now as when our late President John F. Kennedy uttered it. Only now, the struggle of the free world has become greater. I am confident that you students of the University of Nevada will not tire in your search for knowledge and that you will, during your lifetimes, demonstrate your understanding of man ' s problems. And, while you are preparing for your life ' s work, I have faith that you will keep the heartbeat of our University strong. Grant Sawyer GOVERNOR OF NEVADA Grant Sawyer Governor of Nevada 20 Charles J. Armstrong The past two academic years have brought many changes to the campuses of American col- leges and universities. There has been turmoil and upheaval. Old ideas are being discarded; new ones carefully examined. Students have become activists. They have sought and supported im- portant causes outside of the University and they have made their thoughts and their ideas felt widely throughout our country. Students are no longer the silent generation. They have pro- claimed their belief in the value of active partici- pation in the pressing concerns of our society and of our world. Despite the fact that not all of the results of this new spirit of student activism have been con- structive or beneficial to the universities con- cerned or to the society which they serve, we in the University of Nevada can take pride and gratification in the fact that on both campuses of our University such student activities have been constructive and motivated by a sincere desire to promote the best interests of the University as an agent for the propagation of knowledge and the advancement of good learning for the benefit of society and of our way of life. For those of you who graduate this year, we in the University have tried to insure that your quality of maturity is fully functioning before you encounter the new challenges which lie ahead of you. In turn, we hope that you have accepted your obligation to understand the challenge of life in the University; to appreciate the vitality, depth, and breadth of your University experience. This entire experience is meaningless unless you have fully participated in it and I believe that you have done so. Your future is bright with promise and the challenge of a constantly changing world. We trust that you will continue to be activists in this world and to participate fully in it. Only in this way can you bring to reality the full potential of what you have learned here. You carry with you our best wishes and our highest hopes. THE PRESIDENT OF UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA 21 gSS§B8_ ■WWIFS? y _ - .WVMtt. Left to Right: Hon. R. Ronzone, Las Vegas; Hon. A. Grant, Las Vegas; Hon. G. Davis Pallon; Hon M Magee, Austin; Hon. P. Hug, Jr., Reno; Hon. F. Anderson, Reno; President C. J- Arm- strong, Reno; Hon. J. White, Boulder City; Hon. H. Jacobsen, Carson City; Hon. L. Lombardi, Reno. BOARD OF REGENTS Members of the Board are elected every four years. The control of the University of Nevada is vested by law in an elected Board of Regents in which final authority is lodged. The Board is a corporate body and thus becomes legally respon- sible for the final control of the University. It formulates policies which are followed by the administration of the University. The administra- tion is vested by the Board in the President in accordance with policy developed and approved by the Regents. 22 CHANCELLOR Sam Basta Dean of Student Affairs James Hathorn Dean of Men N. Edd Miller Chancellor I am happy to be given the opportunity of offering my congratulations to the graduating class and of joining your friends and families in wishing you continued success. More than an organization or an institution, a Univer- sity is a gathering together of individual human beings. The strength of a faculty of a University is the accumulation of the strengths of the individual faculty members. A student body is this, not in the sense of a mass of students, but only in the sense of a body whose cells are individual human beings, each with his own goals, aspirations, attitudes. The years spent on a University campus are valuable years insofar as they quicken the intelligence, broaden the know- ledge, define the goals, develop the values, increase the wisdom of the individual. The impact of the University of Nevada on you, as a student, should be great and enduring. The impact of the University of Nevada on the state, the nation, on society in general, will be an impact exercised through you as an individual. You are only the " heart beat of the University " but you are what the University is all about. Dr. N. Edd Miller Elaine Mobley Dean of Women 23 mm- mm- ■ ..- a t: ' . w a Charles Russell Assistant to the President Ralph Irwin Executive Vice President William Rasmussen Director of Financial Aids, Grad. Placement J. Patrick Kelly Dean of General Extension Bob Kersey Director of Student Services James McNabney Graduate Manager Trim Irquiaga Graduate Manager ' s Secretary Neil Humphrey Business Manager Robert Whittemore Director of Counseling Edward Pine University Engineer David Heron Director of Libraries Jack Shirley Director of Admissions and Registrar ADMINISTRATORS 24 Bonnie Smotony President ' s Secretary Cris Cufflin Assistant Bookstore Manager V DEANS Thomas O ' Brien Dean of Graduate School Edmund Cain Dean of Education Mmmi Dale Bohmont Dean of Agriculture Robert Weems Dean of Business Administration Marjorie Elmore Dean of Nursing James Anderson Dean of Engineering Ralph Irwin Dean of Arts and Science Roberta Barnes Women ' s Counselor ■• •.■•i.l,iW - I SU 1 a Vernon Scheid Dean of Mackay School of Mines Harold Kirkpatrick Assistant Dean of Arts and Science 25 mmimmmMmfm j imhPmmMA i 1 m .- jsilml W-jStKB JTHP FACULTY Education - Left to Right: P. Ward, M. Murphy, H. Brown, J. Phelps, G. Gifford, D. Davis, T. Tucker, J. Davis, Dean E. Cain, V. Willey, J. Bailey, E. Highee, J. Dunn, M. Butorac, J. Peltier. Mathematics — Left to Right, Seated: E. M. Beesley, C. Galloway, R. Macauley, D. Pfaff, T. McGinn. Standing: J. Whitlock, E. Nummela, C. Pinkerton, R. Collison, E. Wagner. Nursing — Left to Right, Seated: L. Dougherty, B. Cossingham, A. Ezell, A. Dickinson, M. Olsen, Dean M. Elmore, M. Williams. Standing: M. Atkinson, G. Clissold, G. Smith, M. Kaufmann, J. Snyder. 26 Biology - Left to Right, Row One: D. C. Prusso, H. N. Mozingo, D. G. Cooney, L. L. Jones, W. L. Haskell. Row Two: R. L. Church, R. N. Evans, F. A. Ryser, K. R. Price, j. Knoll, F. D. Tibbitts. «. Psychology - Left to Right, Seated: R. C. McClintic, P. F. Secord, W. F. Day, R. G. Whittemore. Standing: J. B. Nichels, J. P. Ginsburg, R. McQueen, R. A. Gardner. Agriculture - Left to Right, Row One: L. Kirk, B. Sonneman, T. Lesperence, P. Tueller, K. Bailey, E. Sandmeyer, L. Herndon, H. Arnett, Dean D. Bohmont. Row Two: C. Christensen, R. Holbo, R. Morris, D. Fletcher, C. Speth, L. Stitt, C Bourns, C. Heisler, H. Cords, J. Whorton. Row Three: J. Reynolds, I. Sack, J. Caldwell, C. Young, V. Bohman, T. Butler, J. Malone, G. Myles, D. Co- cheba, L. Rogers, J. Wyckoff, W. Adams, R. Dunn. Psychological Services — Left to Right: J. B. Nickels, J. Turner, R. C. McClintic. 27 w.,aas ,¥i Philosophy — Left to Right, Standing: A. Armstrong, E. Skor- pen. Seated: R. Roelofs, W. Halberstadt. Journalism — Left to Right, Seated: A. Higginbotham, L. Gilleland. Standing: K. Janulis, T. Conover. FACULTY Speech and Drama — Left to Right, Top Row: L. Hines, A. Harcar, P. Ware, Second Row: R. Erickson, R. Griffin, B. Anderson. Political Science — Left to Right, Standing: H. E. Allen, P. Boeyink, R. Siegel, A. S. Hill, D. W. Driggs. Seated: H. Plaas, E. Bushnell, S. Pearl, V. Shinavar, E. Rusco. 28 Engineering - Left to Right, Row One: A. DeAngelis, Dean J. T. Anderson, P. Allen, E. Kosso, G. Sutton, W. Van Tassel. Row Two: A. Halacsy, W. Miller, R. Bareiss, D. Dickinson, E. Harris, R. McKee, L. Manning. Row Three: J. Bonnell, B. Douglas, R. Manhart, C. Breese, C. Fell, R. Orcutt. Music - Left to Right, Row One: A. R. Wera, R. M. Booth, H. Goddard, R. R. Williams. Row Two: J. L. Carrico, D. L. Graf, W. K. Macy, E. Haimowitz. Business - Left to Right, Row One: A. B. White, S. B. Prasad, E. A. Zane, W. L. Batten, R. C. Weems, Jr., A. J. Plumley, G. A. Kirby. Row Two: B. M. Wofford, E. M. Vietti, L. Laudadio, R. K. Coe, B. L. Smith, J. S. Grant, R. V. Cotter, J. M. Hoyt, F. Flores, W. S. Palmer, A. W. Stoess, A. J. Dahl, R. E. Wilson. Chemistry - Left to Right, Seated: C. O. Guss, L. R. Williams, M. W. Deming. Standing: D. J. MacDonald, J. B. Rogan, R. J. Morris, K. C. Kemp, R. D. Burkhart, H. K. Shin. 6 illlllllll . ' " • FACULTY English - Left to Right, Row One: G. Smith, D. Ginsberg, J. Manuel, C. Owen. Row Two: P. Eldridge, R. Gorrell, A. Belkind, R. Bentley. Row Three: E. Hancock, D. Ducker, R. Harvey, G. Herman. Row Four: M. Westbrook, H. Starks, R. Guerin. Row Five: D. Hettich, A. Howard, R. Connor, H. Diamante. Standing: J. Glendenning, D. Dellinger, C. Laird, M. Lutz, J. Morrison. Mackey Mines — Left to Right, Row One: C. Hammond, A. Ryall, G. Maxey, Dean V. E. Scheid, E. Larson, C. Price. Row Two: M. Hibbard, A. Payne, D. Slemmons, F. Bowdish, W. Vaskuil, J. Butler. Row Three: H. Vincent, E. Kersten, J. Erwin, H. Nelson. Home Economics - Left to Right: J. Margerum, B. Sansom, A. Gaston V. Twitty, L. Laughlin, M. Coleman, D. Bohmont, P. Richardson, M. Horn, P. Tripple, K. Bell, D. Terry, H. Hardy. Physics — Left to Right, Row One: T. Frazier, J. Kliwer. Row Two: P. Butler, N. Moore, R. Sill. Row Three: P. Altick, G. Barnes, W. Scott, D. Marsh. History - Left to Right, Seated: J. Edwards, J. Forbes, P. Smith J. Tigner, R. Elliot. Standing: J. Hulse, E. Kadar. 30 Sociology-Anthropology — Left to Right, Standing: P. Etzilorn, A. Simirenko, E. Palola C. Backman, W. Salisbury II, K. Fowler, W. Davis, W. Suttles, W. d ' Azevedo, D. H van der Elst. Seated: D. Fowler. Art — Left to Right, Seated: E. Yates, J. Sheppard, D. Kerr. Standing: R. McCormick, C. Ross, W. Howard. Physical Education — Left to Right, Row One: B. Ireland, G. Twar- dokens, B. Daniels, B. Donlan. Row Two: D. Trachock, A. Broten, D. Dankworth, J. Spencer, Z. Mower, F. Edsall, L. McGirk. Row Three: W. Wycoff, J. Weiblen, J. Laughter, G. Sherman, L. Newell, R. Russell, J. Lawlor. Foreign Language — Left to Right, Seated: E. Enrico, U. Bertalot, J. Acosta, K. MacMur- raush, J. Passler. Standing: C. Melz, P. Tisserand Fricke, L. Kline, O. Sadovszky, H. Schroeder, P. Macura, C. Wells. ' mm;: ]A: :i JUH£r t Wjaas rt ill MS V:.k: , ' KvX- ' : ' ' ■ £§§11 @ iR j -S; ' ; S5 S mm,, l iii§i HiiiisssiiiiiK stay I KL. 32 " " STUDENT GOVERNMENT 33 tC. Lit ..HrjJtfKMc ■ sp A. S.U.N. President Mike Ingersoll, AS UN President For the first time in history, an A.S.U.N. President died in office. Our beloved Mike Ingersoll, fatally injured in a parachuting accident, was never able to finish his term of office. Yet, in the face of tragedy, university life must go on. Bill Chaffin, the first vice-president, took over the reins of the presidency of the student body for the remaining semester. A. S. U. N. OFFICERS Jill Chaffin, AS UN First Vice-President Michon Maupin, ASUN Second Vice-President Shd I fv The challenge of education is there for those who have the strength to meet it. We have taken the initial step in meet- ing this challenge. It is necessary that we continue to learn in order to promote a so- ciety with promise. Robbin Schoff AWS President Sheila Davis, AWS Vice-President Michele Sala, Assistant Robbin Schoff, AWS President AWS. OFFICERS Marilyn Jones, AS UN Secretary 35 WeMHtSo- SENATE The A.S.U.N. Senate had a very successful year under the leadership of its president, Nick Moschetti. They showed much activity which included an evaluation of professors, elimination of A.S.U.N. support of Banquets, the blood drive, and the Inger- soll Memorial lectures foundation. Senate officers — Nick Moschetti, Marilyn Jones, Michon Maupin, Bill Chaffin. Nick Moschetti, President of Senate Left to Right, Row One: Michele Maupin, Nick Moschetti, Marilyn Jones, Michon Maupin, Bill Chaffin, Shelia Dw yer, Linda Smalley, Lynn Armbruster. Row Two: Lance Sparks, Jan Webb, Kay Maxwell, Sarah Anderson, Ronda Wilson-Reid, Barbara Cooper, Jo Landa, Sherry Locke, Marian Stead, Carl Fuetsch, Bill Maupin. Row Three: Riley Beckett, Robin Schoff, Charles Murphy, Tony Behm, Jane Wil- liams, Patsy Murray, Charles Manes, John Echeverria, John Utter, Larry Eck. Row Four: Ernie Spaulding, Gary Silverman, Craig How- ard, Ernie Maupin, Bob Basta. 36 Craig Russell Karen Kess Frank Bilbao Margie Uhalde Keith Stephens Chief Justice The judicial branch of the ASUN Student Government handed down many important rulings this year, among them was the vital issue concerning the succession to the office of student body president. Their other duties concern investiga- tion, adjudication, and recommendation in cases involving the University Conduct Code. STUDENT JUDICIAL COUNCIL Left to Right: Charles Murphy, Craig Russel, Kieth Stephens, Bruce Wallace, Karen Kess, Dean Hawthorn, Frank Bilbao and Margie Uhalde. 37 J. ' l3i?lL ajL , - : — ■ !L» .WJfiBF9 nFm STUDENT UNION BOARD Tony Oxborrow President Tony Oxborrow and the Student Union Board members have done much to promote entertainment in many forms for students this year. Along with top notch entertainers for each of the major functions the intellectual emphasis was also prevalent in the lecture series. With the newly approved fee raise the program should raise to an all time high. Keith Stephens Vice President Left to Right, Row One: Jeff Lewis, Tony DeSalvo, Tony Oxborrow, Ellie Robers, Carollee Williams, Bob Kersey. Row Two: Marvin Murphy, Keith Stephens, Ginny Heck, Norman Beesley, Michon Maupin, Craig Howard, Peggy Crumley, Dr. Craig Sheppard. Left to Right: Dr. Seufferle, Mike Ingersoll, Michele Maupin, Bob Basta, Bill Chaffin — Chairman, Marilyn Jones, Sherry Locke, Chuck Murphy. FINANCE CONTROL BOARD The Finance Control Board is one of the most powerful boards in student government. It takes the fee of $17.50 from each student and decides how it is to be spent; but along with this it holds final authority over all ASUN funds, which amount to about a half a million dollars. It oversees the bookstore, and all ASUN operations. Bill Chaffin, Chairman 39 Left to Right, Row One: Sherry Locke, Junior Women ' s Senator; Sig Rogich, SAGEBRUSH Editor- Marilyn Jones, ASUN Secretary; Chuck Murphy, Chairman of the Board; Bob Basta, Junior ' Men ' s Senator- Michele Maupin, Senior Women ' s Senator; Jack Cooney, Business Man- ager of FORUM- Row Two: Bill Chaffin, ASUN President; Maurice Beesley, BRUSHFIRE Editor- Mary White, FORUM Editor; Carl Fuetsch, Senior Men ' s Senator; Elfrena Sewell, ARTEMISIA Business Manager; Joyce Freeman, ARTEMISIA Editor; Marc Ratner, SAGE- BRUSH Business Manager; Dr. Morrison, Advisor; and Jim McNabney, Graduate Manager. Dr. Morrison Faculty Advisor PUBLICATIONS BOARD Once again the board was the center of con- troversy as it dealt with anything from a pos- sible removal of the SAGEBRUSH editor and elimination of voting rights for the editors and business managers of the SAGEBRUSH and ARTEMISIA, to appropriating funds for the proposed HUMBUG humor magazine. Through it all both Bill Chaffin and Chuck Murphy played the vital role of peacemaker and parli- amentarian to promote a job well done. 40 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE In their vital capacity of co-ordinating and executing factors of importance to students the Executive Committee was kept quite busy this year, so busy in fact that they failed to get their pictures taken. Missing are: Robin Schoff, Mi- chon Maupin and Chuck Murphy. Elfrena Sewell ASUN Historian As ASUN President Chaffin is always saying " Nobody pushes me around! " ASUN HISTORIAN Serving in the capacity of ASUN Historian, Elfrena Sewell established a new record for efficiency in caring for and completing the school ' s scrapbook. Through her efforts she ob- tained the all important information published in the newspapers throughout the year. 41 w £tsa- t wz « A.WS. JUDICIAL BOARD A.WS. COUNCIL Left to Right: Sharry Springmeyer, Terry Haller, Phyllis Teipner, Candy Giles, Mary Ann Meyer, Sheila Davis, Robbin Schofr, Dana Stafford, Ginny Heck, Dean Barnes. Left to Right, Seated: Dana Stafford, Lynn Allen, Clyde Hooper, Ann Davis, Yvette Hash, Maryellen Drake, Roffin Schoff, President; Mina Pendo, Merry Ann Ritterby, Marsha Hendrickson, Mary Solaro. Row Two: Ruth Fenstermaker, Sherry Locke, Dawna Daniels, Risa McKay, Leslie Downs, Nan Johnston, Kathy Arenson, Marvis Cooper. Row Three: Mary Meyer, Sheila Davis, Dean Barnes, Sharry Springmeyer, Kathy Smith, Mindy Dallas, Phyllis TeiDner, Kay Dee Ross, Cynthia Strang, Michele Maupin, Kay Barrett, Phyllis Goytino, Ginny Heck. 42 Left to Right, Row One: Alice Cate, Pat Precissi, Ginny Teck, Mary Solari. Row Two: Joel Tew, Bill Sinnott, Jim Korrison. RALLY COMMITTEE Ed Parsons Assistant Public Relations Chairman Mike Smithwick, Public Relations Chairman PUBLIC RELATIONS 43 jwsppffiH V SMkCii- w2! aizik jr M Left to Right: Leroy Getchell, Kristen Cooper, Dave Gardiner, Bennie Ferrari, President; Michele Sala, Steve Brown. SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE Left to Right, Row One: Danny Anderson, Gerry Roberts, President; Dave Russell. Row Two: Craig Russell, Alice Cate, Marsha Marvel, Daryl Drake, Marjorie Uhalde. 44 Left to Right: Jeff Reeves, Delores Munson, Dave Diedrichsen, Kathie Goodish. SOPHOMORE CLASS COMMITTEE FRESHMAN CLASS COMMITTEE Left to Right: Tom Myers, Bart Earcellos, Cris Hansen, Kay Barrett, Ed Rugg, Alice Urritia and Reed Mosley. 45 3 " .,«fc.S!k.L " — r Left to Right: Bob Basta, Michele Maupin, Tony Oxborrow, Dawna Daniels, Charles Murphy, Robin Schoff, Bill Chaffin, Mike Ingersoll, Kieth Stephens, Sig Rogich, Art Bonnel, Nick Moschetti, and Sherry Locke. PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL Chosen by President Mike Ingersoll, these student leaders aid the president in adminstra- tion and improvement of student government. Mike Ingersoll AS UN President 46 mmmmgus,- 3$H9HHMI ELECTIONS BOARD The elections board supervises all election activity and enforces rules regarding elections. It is because of the efforts of these hard work- ing people the elections maintain some sem- blance of order. Ernie Maupin Chairman Left to Right, Row One: Mardie Rowe, Linda Pietropaolo, Maryellen Drake. Row Two: Bruce Wallace, Ernie Maupin, Jerry Strain, Ron Chain, Dennis Compston. 47 mm mimmBasBL k:i£s . ..v. _ , , -WZMSFk mm 48 ■ CLASSE Diane Beattie Anthony Behm Larry Bennett Richard Bennett Patricia Bernard Carol Blankenburg Cindy Borda ohn Boswell Regina G. Botkin Betty Branche Gwen Brown Steve Brown Judy Burke Tom Cahill SENIORS Cleve Canepa Sharon Casazza Pat Ceccarelli Bill Chaffin Jenneatte Chiappero Sheridan D. Chirwa Pricilla Choy Gary Christiansen Jerry Cinani Bonnie Cody Tammy Conklin Jack Cooney Barbara J. Cooper Kristen Cooper Roger Cornwall Wilda Cox Joyce Crook Sandra Curutchet John Clinton Dalton Dawna Daniels Barry Davis Shelia Davis John Depaoli Kenneth Dickens 51 .vjiaanLJ Jim Gibbons Mary Godwin Peggy Gott Michael Gottschalk Phyllis Goytino Tacev Hackstaff Robert Stanley Hadfield Carolyn Hall Harold Hall Terry Haller Don Hartman George Hawkins 52 OBI jmaagnf SENIORS Shirley Ann Heinen Philip Hill Henrikson Carolyn Hicks Harry Hill Lorey Hodge Mark Holcombe Kathryn Yoas Howell Mike Ingersoll Karen Isbell Molly Jacobs Glenda Jefforey Jeannette Jehl Peter Gray Jensvold Deanna Johnson Margery Johnson Nancy Mae Johnson Romie Johnson Sherri Johnson Barbara A. Jones Marilyn M. Jones Gretchen Keiser Jim Keith Karen Kess Kirk Kinne 53 wzmSaMm m SENIORS Sylvia Maslack Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Judy McCarroll Dale McKenzie Akil R. Mehdi Evelyn Miller Harry Miltenberger Alma Mith Lane Monroe Margaret Moran Charles Murphy Tony Mynsted Suzi Natucci Diane Nelson Gary Nelson Gary Newman Donald Nichols Jr. 54 William Nicholson Suzanne Nolan Fred Olson Marcia Oppio Michael O ' Shaughnessy Lenore Owen Tony Oxborrow Larry Pearce Marie Pearle Mario Peraldo David Pitcher Dale Placey Diana Poehlman Maxine Polzin Robert Lee Porterfield Gary Rand Marc Ratner Rebecca Reed Carolyn Reese Irving Richards ohnny Riel Stella Riesbeck Monti Riordan Carolyn Robens Marilyn Robens y Rodriques Sigfus Arneson Rogich Philo Romine Thomas Ryan Kathleen Sadler Michele Sala David Salvadorini William Sampson Cherie Sawyer Shy Schaff Robbin Schorr Llfrena Sewell David C. Sheets Marilyn Kay Sherk Hosanna Shetler Dan idl May Shone Richard Short 55 t USBf : mv sscm. A " ■.,_, » • £ ' %, Dale Shute William Sinnott Sally Small Alma Smith Donald Smith Bruce J. Stephenson David L. Stevens Larry Stiff Donald Stockwell John Sullivan SENIORS Mary Swallow Ken Swift Jack Tedford Joel Tew Sarah Tilford Ray Tilman Claudia Jean Treharne Dennis Trousdale Michael Urga Ed Vacchina James T. Warren Jr. Wayne Cobb Sandy Weise Mary White Jeanette Wilde Arthur Williams Fred Williams Shirley Ann Williams Richard Wilson Ronda Wilson Reid Lee B. Winne Lorre Wolf Larry Worchester Ted Zaehringer 56 JUNIORS Daniel Lee Anderson Shirley Anderson Kathleen Arneson Carl Aufdermaur Tana Aurouze I Sally Bankofier Marianne Barton Thomas Beardsley Bernard Anderson Gerry Roberts President Victoria Bates Art Bayer Lucinda Ann Beicker Joe Beloso Edwin Bentzen III Frank Bilbao Art Bonnel Lionel Boskie Jr. Betty Boyd Thomas Brasfield Bill Brooks Geanie Brown Sherie Burroughs Barb Brush Kenneth Buhrmann Rick Banis Walter Baring Harvey Barnes Robert Basta 57 Gary Collier Jane Cook Louis Cooper Marvis Cooper Claudia Cox Robert Crouse Judy Crowell Peggy Crumley Lauren Curutchet Ron Dale James Dawley Steven Dawson Matt Day Jeannie Delong Dianne DeReemer Darrel Drake Robert Dugdale Laurence Eck Dale Eggen Jacqueline Elliott Barbara Ellis Robert Erickson Ardyth Felesina Bernie Fletcher Paul Franklin Marylynne Fry Richard Funk Dave Gardiner Albert Gates Karen Gerwin Leroy Getchell Gretchen Geyer Ginny Gilbert Richard Grabowski Deborah Lee Graham 58 mam - »vr Dave Hornbeck oan Irvin Mike Jackson Rick Jensen Mike Jones Mary Ann Johnston Denny Kidwell Barbara Knisley Steve Kosach Lani Lane Jo Lancia Nancy Lee Anne Marie Lesperance Julie Lewis 59 .wszsnjmzm T Jeanne Moore Dave Matley Jane McCarthey Susan McGovern Barbara Aileen Mote Joe Murin Chris Murphy Marvin Murphy Janet Murray Sharon Myers James Nelson Michael G. Newbrough Bob Newmeyer Bruce Nickerson Lois Nuerberg William Nurre Michael O ' Connell John Osse Ron Pagni Harry Parsons Stephen J. Peek Vickie Pede Janis Peterson Lani Pew Dave Phoenix Roy Pike John Plough Michael Pollard Pat Precissi Mary Prida Jean Quanchi Ira Rackley Brian Randall Jack Raycraft Dan Rechenmacker 60 HBMMDHMM|B ffiHffiHfflHB Rick Redican Bonnie Reinheller Karl G. Ritterby Dave Roberts Frank Roberts Martha Rose Trudy Ross Richard Ruby Dave Russell Craig Robert Russell Steve Scott Leo Sebbas Gary Silverman Robert Sinnott Christine Skaer Linda Smalley Sharon Smith Sue Sonderegger Mary Spikes Carolyn Spitzer Dana Stafford James Stathos Marian A. Stead Charles Steiner Tom Stephens John Stoddart Linda Stoker Lana Strosnider Ken Swanson Phyllis Teipner Carol D. Tiffany Lillian Trinchero Sherry Tryon Julie Tyson | Marjorie Uhalde John Utter Ernest Vivi Lornie Wagner Bob Waldren John Allen Wallace Mike Walters Donna Weaver Don Weyant David Widmer Pamela Wilier Kent Williams Stephen Williams George Wisham Michael Woodhead Robert Yasuda Joseph Alan Yeazel Lenore Yenetskie Stephen L. Young Yvonne Richmond Jackie Ziegler Gregg Zive 61 5aanfc. S3 David Diedrichsen President Sheryn Abrahamian Jim Anderson Sara Anderson Pamela Andrews Leslie Ankers SOPHOMORES Kathy Baker Robert Baker Terry Baldecchi Charles Ballard Lynn Baughman Chris Barger Ellen Barkow Kenneth Barrenchea David Basso Joel Basta Leonard J. Batchelder Lura Batjer Mary Margaret Beale Tom Bean Riley Beckett John Beemer Norman Beesley Barbara Bell Frances Bell Leonard Blaisdell Sue Blakley Susan Bollig Kenna K. Booker Jeannie Bookman Dietrich Boskie Mary Lee Bradley Marilynn Breckenridge Elizabeth Bricker 62 Mj MMMMjUM reran —————— — Earl A. Briggs Bruce Brooks Greg Brouner Gary Dale Brown Paula Brown John Eurks Janet Carrica Gail Carlson Judy Carter Donna Collins Tina Condron Ron Chadek Joe Chambers Cordon Christianer Karen Clowers Madelyn Coloutti Doug Copsey Edwin Crandall James Crane Betsy Crawford Carol Crawford Donald Crawford Terry Crawford Clyde Curley III Mike Davis Dave Decker Dave Dee Carole DeLamare Karen Dennison Enid DePasquale Toni DeSalvo Clinton Cecil DeWitt III Ted Dixon Sylvia Dixon Howard Donaldsen Carolyn Dondero Jerome Donnelly Katy Donnelly Mike Donovan Leslie Downs Maryellen Drake Connie Dunning Maryann Dybowski Paul Eddy Louis P. Elorza Jim Emerson Carol English Johnnie Espil Larry S. Farr Michael Fagan Delores Ferreira Marti Fetzer Carol Fink Dave Firestone Maxine E. Forbush 63 Cathy Fondham Franny Forsman Pamela Fraser David Freitas Thera Gambles Brian Gardner Rosemarie Garland Roger Gash Robin Gassiot William Gilbert Linda Giossi Angela Goldman Pamela Gressot Linda Grimm Robert B. Grubic Monica Guild Lynda Hajny Cathy Haley Kathy Hallamore Holly Hammerberg Patricia Hammond Lance Hansen Karen Harlow Dick Harris Claudia Hartman Martha Hasperes Despina Hatjopoulos Maria Hatjopoulos Ann Marie Haurilla Candy Hayler Daniell D. Henderson King L. Henry Juneen Horch Kathie Goodish Lorena Gorbet Junean Gourley Pat Graham Dennis Granata Sarah Grennan 64 ia8r:m- -at36. . ,w: W MM IWMMMI «W «»» ■4 ' • " ■ tS! i ' ; iSi« ; ' ' aaiBe mm m u ' m is . aw .;-: ■ fWE ' -. ». HHHBH H H BHMHB B ' Jxk 3b- _ 3osL; flf-Js sT . . .• ' ■• Bernie Hornbarger Leo Humphreys Marilyn Irish Victor Ivashin Frank James Jennifer Jennings David Johnson Gary Johnson SOPHOMORES Sam King Nancy Kispert Lynne Kistler Jennifer Knight Stephen Kopels Don Kozacek Roy Kreizenbeck Barbara Laiolo Julianne Lak Ed Lanigar Tom Lambert James Larson Lana Larson Marianne Larue Mary Lawrence Suzanne Leary Pam Lee Londa Lehman Steve Lemons Chuck Leonard Katherine Leonard John Lewis Jeff Lewis Marshal] Lewis Harold Frederick Lloyd Keith Lockard Martha Lompa Nita Londa Cheryl Lymberg Judy Rae Lyon Rick Macauley Louis Madraso Mike Malloy Denne Mancuso Barbara Manning (,, m- idsi »jyE£ - v Theodor M. March Millie Marks LaRae Marshall Jerry Martin SOPHOMORES Kay Maxwell Jacqueline McCarthy Mac McCline Richard McClintock Suzanne McDonald Candy McGimsey Bill McLaughlin Trudy McMahan Bob Menini Cherie Miller Frankie Miller Gai Miller Patricia Miltenberger Mary Morrison Deloris Munson Colleen Murphy Bill Murry Patsy Murray Martin Muth Ann Nearpass June Nelson Robert Nielsen Susan Ohliger Richard Oliver Cindy Olson Peggy Olsen Harry O ' Nan Margaret Oster Dan Ouaou Frank Panick Peter Pardee Pennee Parker Edward S. Parsons Jr. Patrick Fagan Steve Pellegrini Tom Pfeil | Richard Pincolini 1 Janet Plambeck , B SKr ™ ' John Porray Bill Porter ! k. Mac Potter 1 m - Katharine Powell 1 tit 66 — — i Annette Prisse Roderic Procter Jean Pearson Mina Pendo Paula Phillips Cheri Pickett Richard Purcell Duane Quick Colleen Quinn William Rawlins Jeff Reeves Ruby Reynolds Gary Richert Beth Roberts Karen Roberts Thomas E. Robinson Edward Roche Judy Roman Suzanne Romeo Karen Roniascan KayDee Ross Carla Rost Jim Roulias Mardie Rowe Gloria Rumbaugh Cheri Russell Michael Sala Donna Salvadorini Dick Sanders Pam Sargent Gordon S arret Laeta Sawyer Dick Schalberg Scott Seher Linda Selvester Toni Dee Semenza Mark Sewell Ronald Shane Jeanne Marie Sharp Rick Shelby Gary Smith Cathy Smith Georgia Ann Smith Judy Smith Lee Arlene Smith Sharon Smith Elisabeth Smith Ernie Spalding Sally Spicer Dixie Spracher Chainarong Srifuengfung Lynn Staben Richard Starkweather Richard Stewart Cynthia Strang Joe Zelayeta 67 SOPHOMORES Rhonda Stodtmeister Jan Strosnider Kathleen Suhr Mary Alice Sullivan Carla Sundquist Gary Teggeman Ann Tetters Robert Trimble Mark Turner Patti Urga Ron Vernon Paul Vlautin Linda Voigt Bruce Wallace Linda Waters Bobbie Watne Yini Watts Stephen Weatherford Jan Webb John White Sandy White James Whitton Katha Wight Karen Evan Wilkes Brock Willett Ina Williams Jane Williams Joan Williams Patti Williams Roger Williams Ann Willis Larry Wilson Margaret Winningham Alfred Preston West Gary Woods Larry E. Woods Sally Worcester Marlene Wright Karen Yamamoto 68 FRESHMEN Nancy Albisu Michael Allred Laura Ambrose Carol Andersen Raymond Ansotequi Timothy Mark Arant Joe Armel Donna Armstrong Linda Audrain Edward Ayman Barbara Baccala Beverly Baglin JoLynn Baker Anne Baker George Bamburg Tom Myers President Judy Barger Kay Barrett Linda Barrett Sheila Lynette Barrett Edward Basta Betty Joan Eanta William N. Baxter Ellen Bedell Lynne Beeghlv Joe Bell Jane Beloso Lavina Bender Ted Bendure Aileen Berry Wendy Lynn Bielo Trudy Bisagno Kathrvn Blaikie Wendy Blecka Patsy Bollensen Jacqueline Bordoli Dariene Bostic PROCTER R. HUG Senior High Library 69 ■jJMk:W? £S i ; mmm a Mrii FRESHMEN Ronald Bowman Charla Kaye Boyer Lou Breen Carol Brodhead Ingrid Broten Alan Brown Toni Brown Susan Bruckart Jenny Bruner David Buhlig Nancy Lee Bull Helen Burr Sheila Byington Cookie Calkins James Callaway Tammy Campbell Janice Canady ZoeAnn Catalano Bob Cauakis Charles H. Cecchini John Frank Cercek Linda Cerfoglio Larry Champagne Jim Chisum Cici Christian Bill D. Church Kathy Cleveland Keith Cloudas Thomas L. Clyde Patrick Colletti David Collins Danny S. Canail Susan Carey Laele Carithers Fred Carpenter Julie Cassinell Casteline McClanahan 70 Mk mam HHI ■ - J5jt Sally Colton Dennis Compston Sondra Condron Roberta Cone Dwight William Connely im Conton Dave Cook Stanley Cooper Creg Corn Louanne Cote Marilyn Cottrin Keith Cramer Kathy Cummins Chris Curtis Douglas Damon Chuck Damus Amber Davies Ann H. Davies Rae Jean Davis Jan Day Wilma Lucile Day Pam Dayton John Deacon Wanda Debrich Ann DeLongchamps Cordon Depaoli Robert Depaoli Roger Diedrichsen Kathy Dix Susan Dolan Roberta Donnelly Dorinda Landa Nancy Drake Debby Rose Andrae Dube Margaret Edmundson 71 -W:mfflmmMBffi!mHmfflmm mmmmMmank ' :iW : wjanik. . wts se jei John Edwards Rugg Edward Micki Elcano Susan Elliott FRESHMEN John Felesina Charlotte Ferrari Cynthia Ferris Suzanne Ferris Leonard Fitzgerald Leath Flannigan Terry Flower Russell Ford Kay Fothergill Carol Franklin Judy Frey Rick Friedman Cyndia Gallagher Ralph Gallegos Nancy Gamble Leslie Gambles Jan Games Carol Garaventa Kent Gardella Jack Gardiner Barbara Gardner Delma Lynn Gardner Don Gilmstedt James Gibbs Jill Gibson | Lynn Ann Gibson Jack Gilbert Kathy Goodrich Barbara Gottschalk Andrea Susan Greene Libby Griffith Patrick Griffin David Guinan Donna E. Hage 72 Ki Y ' ik Carolyn Hall Greg Haller Craig Hamilton Joan Allen Hamlyn FRESHMEN Elizabeth Hannifan Cris Hansen Dave Hansen Michael Hansen Sue Hansen Paula Harper Carla Harvard Myrtle Hawkins Richard Heinen Merilee Hench Cris Hessel Carolyn Hill Linda Hoover Karen Hope Jack Hopkins Ed Horgan Vic Howard Kent Howell Steve Hummelt Janice Hylton Suzi Isbell Charles Jackson Jacqueline Ennis Julia Jaffe Janet James Jacqueline Jaurequito Sherry JefFres Jeannette Jensen Elizabeth Jesser Darlene Johnson Donna Johnson Charlie Jones Francis Jones Frank Jones Russell Jones Judith Kaiser Allen Kanavel Betsy Kanys Susan Kees 73 t usa . m- saL z Jtaa . ?? m Caren Lolwing Larry Long Stephanie Lorigan Joanne Lukas Becky Lureson Jerry Maidonado Sue H. Malley Georgia Mandas Grant Markham Tim Martin Sparkle Martin Loretta Martini Suzy Marvel Karla Mathewson 74 ■ HBBWW " MBBa HI — MBfl FRESHMEN Kathy Matley Pat McDonough Judy McGinnis Michael P.McGowan Michelle McCreary Peter Scott McDowell Jeff McEachron Tom McFarling Dave McGill Jim McNabney Linda Meyer Mary Miles Cecilia Miller John Miller Robert Mitchell Sherry Mitchell Steve Moltz Marilyn Mooney Debbie Moore Frances Moore Lynn Moschetti Mike Mott Rusty Moye Bill Murry Melani Murray Georgia Nannini Barbara Nelson Mary Nelson Pam Nelsen Susan Nelson oanne Nichols lichard Norton ■ ' red Oats jane Oesterle lienie Ohrpt iarbara Olsen 75 2s jR- jkhls:- : John William Pardo Steve Parish Robin Parker Linda Patrucco Carolyn Polish Mary Pollard Douglas Ponn Beverly Poole Joan Porter Patricia Porter Pam Quilici Robert B. Quilici Sue Randall David Ratzlaff Mark Allen Reece Barbara Reich Lauri Reginato Kenneth Reil Sue Renfro Jim Reynolds John Rhodes Tony Ricciardi James Riley Donna Ritchie Karen Rix Judith Pieratt Linda Pietropaolo Ralph J. Pillers Randy Plymell Pat Poe Muriel Poilli !■ • - »■««-■— — nam uBaammZMUi FRESHMEN Jeff Rockholm Eleanor Rodriguez Sharron Rogers Linda Rolston Nan Romaggi Carol J. Rooten Paul Rudy Linda Rueckl James Todd Russell Daria Salerno Mary Sam on Mary Sarman Susan Sartor Julie Savage Jerry Sawyer Joseph Edward Sceirine Janet Schlarman Rryce Shricker John Scoble John C. Seher Pat Semenza Rrenda Shane Robert Shepherd Robert Shriver Mary Simar Barbara Simons Christop her W. Diner Candace Slater Thomas William Slemp Chris Smith Harli Smith Janet Smith Shirley Smith Nancy Snover 77 s j Msmmss mmmms BBKmm BBbxMbsmta ' ML.- : ' _acaL.:. Z3v£S, ¥r 2 FRESHMEN Linda Snyder Brian Sonderegger Jeanette Supera Sandy Swan Suzette Swanson Elizabeth Swart Marty Swett Bill Teglia Peggy Souchereau Jill Spatz Michael Starrett Andrea Marie Steffanic Susan Stewart Patricia Stiegler Rebecca Stiegler Rachel Testolin Gloria Thomas Delores D. Thompson Judy Anne Thomsen Jenni Thornton Carole Tinsley Gary Trigueiro Kenell Trosi Pam Turner Nikki Tyler Loren Upson Joe Valentine James VanLoan Linda Vargas Sue Stiff Jerry Strain Lynda Stoody Carole Stroud Patti Stupar 78 wsmmsm in ■■ mii r i m ' I Sherryl Wiley Carolee Williams Marcia Williams Sharon Wilson Cindy Winters Judy Wood Sherrv Wood Glenda Wulf Clarke James Yandes III Willis Yeagy Margaret Yonker Arnold Young 79 , r n 1 Hm mm ■{ ' -: mm, $«§■ ' ' ■-•■ iiiiflP Ml ste •■•IS ■ PI 1 ■ ' J •• ■;•.■.•■ $■ ' . ■ ' - — ■ 9 " ■ H ' fllliflilMIt lilPliliil M ' SSWS illiS iiifiiiiiiiiiii ■. : ' SHI 4iM hut 80 Hi ■MMiQliti HONORS 81 1 ' Sa«0 Pam Andrews Delta Delta Delta Linda Kay Gessner Gamma Phi Beta Deborah Graham Artemisia Hall Deanna Johnson Off-Campus Independent " Queen Jackie ' Lana Strosnider Kappa Alpha Theta Ann Willis Manzanita Hall Sally Worcester Juniper Hall HOMECOMING QUEEN ma 1 1 : 1 lomejeonnng Queen Jackie ■iMtv ' -J A surprised Denise hears the announcement. Sheryn Abrahamian Juniper Hall MILITARY BALL QUEEN y Jean Bookman Manzanita Hall Patsy Murray Gamma Phi Beta Mardie Rowe Delta Delta Delta m .. Cynthia Strang Pi Beta Phi Karen Dennison Kappa Alpha Theta Leslie Downs Artemesia Hall BMH i WBMB—] — B WMIfllM ■ — H HI Karen Itza Manzanita Carolyn Hall Pi Beta Phi Susan Kees Delta Delta Delta Queen Barbara receives her crown. WINTER CARNIVAL QUEEN Karen Marion Independent , .i.vgf. ' " Lynn Moschetti Artemesia Hall Pam Quilici Kappa Alpha Theta " " 1,.- c y Sherry Wood Gamma Phi Beta SarWa Olsen Winter Carnival Queen A ■;yr - M.:: V.y f..;: Jeanine Earl Manzanita Hall Marylynne Fry Pi Beta Phi JUNIOR PROM QUEEN Deborah Graham Artemisia Hall Harriet Hyatt Juniper Hall Sue McGovern Delta Delta Delta Pretty Gretchen Geyer is crowned by Junior Class President Gerry Roberts. Phyllis Teipner Kappa Alpha Thet Julie Tyson Gamma Phi Bet;i ■m si Gretcfcn urner Junior Prom Queen Independent A Judy Burke Off Campus Independents Robbin Schoff Gamma Phi Beta Sharon Barrett Artemisia Hall Claudia Treharme Manzanita Hall Judy McCarroll Juniper Hall Jackie Uhalde Pi Beta Phi Toni Martin Delta Delta Delta MACKAY DAY QUEEN .fa ' -: .» J tt m Jmm. Effrcna Sewed Mackay Day Queen 1 r X jr. rj - ' o J Sherry Locke Kappa Alpha Theta Best Dressed Coed Penny White Pi Beta Phi Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon CAMPUS ROYALTY Michele Sala Pi Beta Phi Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega Jeanne DeLong Independent Comic Rodeo Queen Lynn Armbruster Pi Beta Phi National College Queen From Nevada Not Pictured: Sue Haines White Rose Queen of bigma Nu Pi Beta Phi 93 ■ Lynn Armbruster Jeffrey Bernard Sharon Casazza PHI KAPPA PHI The National honor society of Phi Kap- pa Phi is composed of graduate and under- graduate members of all departments. Its prime objective is to emphasize scholar- ship in the thoughts of college students, to hold fast to the original purpose for which institutions of learning were founded, and to stimulate mental achievement. The so- ciety elected to membership these mem- bers of the graduating class. Kristen Cooper Roger Cornwall Jeannine Funk Sylvia Maslach Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Charles Murphy Suzie Natucci Donald Nichols Kathy Sadler Chirwa Sheridan Mary Solaro Sherry Springmeyer Joel Tew Claudia Treharne 94 CAP AND SCROLL Cap and Scroll is composed of the outstanding wom- en of the University who are leaders in student life and activity and hold an overall 2.7 grade point average. To be a member one must have been president of a recog- nized organization. The purpose of Cap and Scroll is to develop the highest ideals on Nevada ' s campus. Phyllis Cates President Elfrena Sewell Shelia Davis Mich on Maupin Kris Cooper Michele Maupin Sharon Casazza Suzi Natucci Jeannine Van Wagenen Cherie Sawyer 95 A Left to Right, Row One: Mike McCance, Kent Maloney, Guy Sunderland, and Terry Matzkin Row Two: Bruce Rice, Rean Watkins, Bob Merryweather, Mike Pollard, Fred Meyers, and Dave Anderson. Row Three: Bill Cahoon, Larry Wooster, and Ernie Spaulding. DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi, an international business fra- ternity, is composed of business majors. Its pur- pose is to promote academic achievement and closer cooperation between schools of business and the business community. Delta Pi chapter at this University boasts the only woman member in the entire nation. — Dr. Kathryn Duffy, who this year is on a one year leave of absence. Among its many activities this year Delta Sigma Pi chose Patty Urga as its Rose Queen. 96 i NEVADA NIGHT .JUGfe: iMIiilllUIUl— Kia. ■HUHHi Left to Right: Bob Basta, Jim Baker, Tom McFall, Steve Brown, Bennie Ferrari, Bill ChafEn, Kirk Kinne, Dave Gardner, Mike Kasper. MEN ' S UPPER CLASS COMMITTEE BRADSHAW-KINEAR TROPHY ATO President Kirk Kinne accepts Bradshaw-Kinear Trophy. Each year at the I.F.C. Beanfeed, athletic trophies are presented to the different living groups and individ- uals for their outstanding performance in a particular field. At this year ' s beanfeed, Sigma Nu ' s Bob Newmeyer was awarded the Buzzie Marks Trophy for being the outstanding participant in intramural sports. Alpha Tau Omega captured the Kinear Trophy for the living group with the most points in intramural com- petition, and they also walked away with the Bradshaw- Kinear Trophy for the fraternity with the most overall points in intramural sports. 97 iJC ' SHEf: WkMflP WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES This national honorary society is com- posed of junior and senior students for their academic achievements and outstanding rec- ords of service to the University of Nevada. Mary Kay Gezelin Elementary Education Michael J. Ingersoll Political Science Dennis Lyle Walker Political Science u fewm Charles Matthew Murphy Pre-Law Michele Maupin French Anthony Joseph Behm Pre-Law Joyce Elnore Freeman Political Science — Education WHO ' S WHO Mary Kathryn Solaro Home Economics Sheila Kathleen Davis Political Science — History Kristen Dare Cooper Political Science Susan Moss Galloway Art Phyllis Ann Goytino Elementary Education Dillon Anthony Oxborrow Pre-Dental 101 Assunta Maria Natucci Romance Languages Sharon Louise Casazza Elementary Education Michon Maupin Political Science WHO ' S WHO Thomas Robert Conklin Pre-Med. Robbin Schoff Anthropology Elfrena Mae Sewell Accounting Joel Tew Pre-Med. Arthur Henderson Williams, Jr. Pre-Med. Karen McDonald Kess Political Science CAROL LYN ARMBRUSTER Mathematics JEANNINE MARIE VAN WAGENEN Elementary Education Forest Lynn Allen Business Education WHO ' S WHO CHERYL DIANE SAWYER Speech Drama RUTH ANN FENSTERMAKER Agricultural Education DAWNA BURKHAM DANIELS Home Economic Education Cherie Sawyer Speech Therapy Diane Joan Harwood Elementary Education ? : !-Sn .::: " X:C : 5- :■■ J - i 5 ' ' • S-W ' " J ■ ' V ' PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic Council oversees and governs all activities of greek women on this campus, as well as nationally. It is through this organization of representatives from each house and their alumni that cooperation and planning take place. Beginning with rush at the first of the year, to queens, open houses, and spring formals at the end of the year this group of women play a vital role in greek activities. Dawna Daniels President Kristen Cooper Sherry Locke Peggy Crumly Marsha Marvel Carole English Cherie Sawyer 105 106 msaaasasam wm MBTlfHil LIVING GROUPS " . lilt tiif JJ ' f f|.ff :■ ■t«v. t g«W» — m i y 3 y ll - Ki ' AWS 107 Delta Delta Delta House Theta Theta chapter of Delta Delta Delta in March 1913, became the first national women ' s fraternity char- tered on the University of Nevada campus. Delta Delta Delta ' s national project is its organized work for schol- arships to which contributions are made annually. The fraternity was nationally founded on Thanksgiving Eve in 1888 at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. DELTA DELTA DELTA Gail Carlson Zoe Ann Catalano Pat Ceccarelli Judy Crowell Sheila Davis Carolyn Dondero Meredith Dunning Susan Elliott Chris Barger Kay Barrett Ingrid Broten Pamela Andrews Kathy Baker 108 A -m -i DELTA DELTA DELTA Suzanne Ferris Delores Ferreira Anne Foley I ' m a Delta Deb? Cherie Sawyer President Robin Laurie Gassiot Karen Gerwin Pamela Gressot Tacey Hackstaff Joan Ellen Hamlyn Sue Hansen Claudia Hartman 109 ■ f ' -5... ' SWi !fc!w t Diane Harwood Candy Hayler Shirley Heinen Clyda Hooper Karen Hungerford Karen Isbell Living room of the Tri Delta House Susan Kees Annette Knous Barbara Meeks Deloris Munson Diane Nelson Mary Nelson Lane Oesterle Julie Phillips Susan Prior Colleen Quinn Ginger Roberts Debby Rose 110 ——»,—— mm mm i Trudy Rose Mardie Rowe Mary Sam on Toni Semenza Christine Skaer Mary Solaro Jill Spatz Dana Stafford Kathy Stern Sandy Swan Patricia Tullis Pam Turner Nikki Tyler Claire Wagner Bobbie Watne Trudy Ross puts favor on her date The Gamma Phi Beta House GAMMA PHI BETA Sharon Casazza President Lynn Allen Laura Ambrose Kathleen Arneson Ellen Bedell Barbara Bell Wendy Blecka Lou Breen Susan Carey Emily Carpenter Julie Cassinelli 112 nHR9HRHRR9HH HBI9B Judy Hunt Mary Hyde Joan Irvin Mary Ann Johnston GAMMA PHI BETA Roberta Cone Dawna Daniels Connie Dunning Carol English Jacqueline Ennis Ruth Fenstermaker Pamela Fraser Peggy Gott Donna E. Hage Ginny Heck Carolyn Hicks Linda Hoover Keith keeps a watchful eye out for his date. 113 GAMMA PHI BETA Renell Trosi Yini Watts Sherry Wood Romie Johnson Frani King Nancy Krushane Melani Murray Patsy Murray Suzi Natucci Linda Patrucco Lani Pew Marilyn Robens DiAn Shepherd Lauri Reginato Carolyn Robens 114 U wm — - KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kappa Alpha Theta, the first women ' s na- tional Greek fraternity, was founded in 1870 at De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. The University of Nevada chapter, one of 89 ch apters, was founded in 1922. The pansy is the flower of Kappa Alpha Theta; black and gold are the colors. The pin is in the shape of a kite, which is the symbol of the sorority. The Institute of Logopedics, a speech ther- apy center, in Wichita, Kansas, is the main na- tional philanthropy project of Theta. The Ne- vada chapter also contributes to the Foster Par- ents Plan by helping support a boy in Hong Kong. The local philanthropic activities include Thanksgiving food baskets and a joint Christ- mas party with Sigma Nu fraternity. Kristen Cooper President Lynne Beeghly Jane Beloso Betty Boyd Mary Lee Bradley Marilyn Brechenridge Alice Cate Cici Christian Tina Condron Jane Cook Marvis Cooper Tana Aurouze Linda Audrain Sally Babcock 115 ■ - K ' yc ' Tst- ' Peggy Crumley Karen Dennison Carol DeLamare Toni DeSalvo Jo Andrae Dube Janet DuBois Micki Elcano Janet Emmons Nancy Englehard Ardyth Felesina Charlotte Ferrari Marty Fetzer Kitty Foote Joyce Freeman Nancy Gamble Jan Games Rosemarie Garland Mary Kay Gezelin Phyllis Goytino Elizabeth Hannifan Frances Jones Gretchen Kieser Karen Kess Edie LaFond Linda Lang Lana Larson Pam Lee Anne Marie Lesperance Sherry Locke Risa Mackay Mary Lou McKenzie Carol Mancuso Larae Marshall Michele Maupin Michon Maupin 116 — — —— »- Kay Dee Ross Linda Rueckl Phyllis Teipner KAPPA ALPHA THETA Robin Millholland Mary Morrison Cheri Pickett Barbara Nelson Susan Nelson Pat Poe Pam Quilici Toni Robustellini Theta frolic skit. 117 ■■AJC ' r «i . : Julie Savage Laeta Sawyer j Elfrena Sewell i Sally Small THETA Intellectual endeavor is of the utmost importance. - ' SHI Theta ' s are sure to be lively dates. Linda Smalley Sue Sonderegger Marion Stead Jan Strosnider Lana Strosnider Jean Urrutia Linda Waters Sandy White 118 PI BETA PHI Jeannine Van Wagnen President Pi Beta Phi house. Founded in 1867, Pi Beta Phi was the first national fraternity for women. Pi Beta Phi was founded at the University of Nevada in 1915. At the present time there are 110 chapters in the United States and Canada. The sorority flower is the wine carnation. The sorority colors are wine and silver-blue. The pin is a golden arrow. Philanthropic proj- ects consist of physio-therapy scholarships and the support of a Settle- ment School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This Settlement School was the first national philanthropic project of any national fraternity. Our housemother is Mrs. Dolly Cobb. The university requires that each living group have a chaperon, but Mrs. Cobb means much more to us than a chaperon. She is very much a part of our chapter on Mon- day nights and during activities during the week. Sara Anderson Leslie Ankers Lynn Armbruster Terry Baldecchi Delores Barcellos Laura Batjer Carol Blankenburg Patsy Bollensen Paula Brown Sally Colton Catherine Cobeaga Claudia Cox Jan Day Pam Dayton Diane DeReemer 119 ,? ;v -s Inside the Pi Phi house. Pi Phi ' s entertain at homecoming open house. Maryellen Drake Nancy Drake Sheila Dwyer Jacqueline Elliott Jacquelynn Fabian Marylynne Fry Carol Garaventa Ellen Garaventa Ginny Gilbert Barbara Gottschalk Bobbie Hall Carolyn Hall Ann Marie Havrilla Myrtle Hawkins Joyce Hoffman Jacqueline Jaurequito " Sam " King Dorinda Lancia Lani Lane Mary Lawerence HBB 1HHH Homecoming Queen, Jackie Ziegler, receives her crown from Governor Grant Sawyer. PI PHI Suzanne Leary Stephanie Lorigan Jane McCarthy Kathy Matley Debbie Moore Georgia Nannini June Nelson Cindy Olson Peggy Olson Paula Phillips Linda Pietropaolo Carolyn Polish Pat Precessi Mary Lynne Prida Jean Quanchi 121 U: " hkw " VUC :- PI BETA PHI Pi Phi ' s working on their homecoming float. Karen Rix Eleanor Rodriguez Martha Rose Kathleen Sadler Michele Sala Pam Sargeant Judy Smith Carolyn Spitzer Sharry Springmeyer Sue Stiff Suzette Swanson Jerni Thornton Lillian Trinchero Jacqueline Uhalde Marjorie Uhalde Linda Vargas Patti Williams Sharon Wilson Judy Wood Jackie Ziegler 122 ossm Judy McCarroll President JUNIPER HALL Barbara Baccala Jo Lynn Baken Betty Joan Banta Aileen Berry Kathryn Blaikie Jenny Bruner Barb Brush Nancy Lee Bull Tammy Campbell Cris Curtis Amber Davies Ann H. Davies Wilma Lucile Day Enid DePasquale Sylvia Dixon Margaret Edmundson Carol Fink Carol Franklin Judy Frey Leslie Gambles 123 temikmMMMm i mmmt ■ immmm »£ ' m.-. - ; Thera Gambles Lynn Ann Gibson Angela Goldman Sarah Grennan Monica Guild Holly Hammerberg Bonnie Hapgood Carla Harvard Merilee Hench Bernie Hornbarger Juneen Horch Janet James Elizabeth Jesser Katharyn Kennedy Jennifer Knight Mary Knuth Leta Laborde Martha Lampa Joan Lane Marianne Larue Katherine Leonard Lois Ann Lewis Nita Londo Suzanne McDonald Candy McGumsey Suzy Marvel Kay Maxwell Linda Meyer Cecilia Miller Cherie Miller Frankie Miller Margaret Moran Janet Murray Mary Nesmith Joanne Cara Nichols 124 IUBBU Juniper Hall JUNIPER HALL I V Barbara Olsen Pat Orr Pennee Parker Jean Pearson Mina Pendo Penny Peterson Ruby Reynolds Gail Robillard Judy Roman Suzanne Romeo Karen Roniascan Carol Rooten Carla Rost Cheri Russell Mary Sarman Susan Sartor Jeanne Marie Sharp Arlene Smith Candace Slater Mary Simar 125 Cathy Smith Harli Smith Elisabeth Smits Sally Spicer Andrea Marie Steffanic Susan Stewart Lynda Stoody Patti Stupar Jeanette Supera Kitty Urby j Linda Voigt oyce Weaver 1 Pamela Wilier I Margaret Winningham 1 Cindy Winters While dates wait. 126 Manzanita Hall Jeannette Chiappero President MANZANITA HALL Sheila Lynette Barrett Lavina Bender Susan Bollig Jeannie Bookman Jacqueline Bordell Dariene Bostic Helen Burr Judy Carter Louanne Cote Joyce Crook Lauren Curutchet Rae Jean Davis Jeanne Delong Ann De Longchamps Jeanine Earl Donna Armstrong Anne Baker Judy Barger 127 Relaxing in front of the T.V. is a favorite pastime MANZANITA HALL Manzanita Hall Carol Eghert Barbara Ellis Karyn Fallon Maxine Forbush Mary Godwin Kathy Goodrich Libby Griffith Kathy Hallamore Terry Haller Carolyn Hill Lorey Hodge Janice Hylton Julia Jafre Glenda Jeffrey 128 HHA Patricia Porter Roberta Porterfield Susan Dolan Kay Fothergill Barbara Hampton Janis Marie Henderson [eannette Jensen MANZANITA HALL 129 130 — Yvonne Richmond Patricia Roberts Nan Romaggi Brenda Shane Georgia Ann Smith Janet Smith Linda Snyder Linda Stoker Marty Swett Rachel Testolin Delores Thompson Sarah Tilford Geraldine Walmsley Jan Webb Mary White Katha Wight Jeannette Wilde Ann Willis MANZANITA HALL •- --■ -.- ■— .--j- Er-T j y Artemesia Hall Donna Weaver President ARTEMESIA HALL Mary Margaret Beale Kathryn Blaikie Sue Blakley Susan Bruckart Sheri Burroughs Donna Collins Madelyn Coulouitti Betsy Crawford Kathy Cummins Leslie Downs Kathie Goodish Carolyn May Hammond Karen Harlow Chris Hessel Vic Howard Nancy Albisu Ellen Barkow Sharon Barrett 131 £ ¥ Wer Karen Itza ennifer Jennings Bobbi Jo Kelly Bonnie La Brack Deborah Lee Graham Donna working on float. Sue K. Malley Millie Marks Casteline McClanahan Mary Ann Meyer Mary Margaret Miles Pam Nelson Robin Parker Beverly Poole Joan Porter Sue Randall Donna Ritchie Karen Roberts Chris Smith Dixie Spracher Gloria Thomas Stefanija Triszczuk Patti Urga Alma Warren Joan Westover Ina Williams 132 bbBHOH un KQS KZE mm INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Tammy Conklin President Anthony Behm Dave Gardiner Kirk Kinne Dick McCoy Sig Rogich 133 •uttSv-a i . The Alpha Tau Omega House ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Vir- ginia Military Institute in 1865 and has been chartered at the University of Nev- ada since 1921. Kirk Kinne, the President of the Delta Iota Chapter, helped to lead the Taus to a very successful year. The fraternity again captured the Kinear- Bradshaw Trophy. One of their main ac- tivities, the Bowery, was a " smashing " success. Daniel Lee Anderson George Bamburg Terry Barcellos Edward Basta Joel Basta Bobert Basta Kirk Kinne President Boger Batt Bichard Bawmann Tom Bean Frank Bilbao John Burks Patrick Burns Bobert Cademartori Danny Canail Lew Carnahan 134 BBM EBW1 HU H Mike Casey John Frank Cercek Jim Conton Stanley Cooper Doug Copsey Clyde Curley III Dave Decker Mike Davis James Dawley Dennis Downey Clinton DeWitt III Pete Etchemendy Max Evans Patrick Pagan John Felesina Larry Felesina Bennie Ferrari Paul Franklin Richard Funk- Larry Furrow Dennis George Jack Gilbert Bruce Glover Terry Graham Mike Gray Patrick Griffin The ATO ' s suffered the loss of one of their brothers, AS UN President Mike Ingersoll. i44 tfUU!HUBi.V4 « ■» fi;A«Kisr H£ 136 ' Mm Clark Guild Larry Guirlani Chris Hansen Steve Hansen Jack Harris Don Herrin Mike Koizumi Steve Kosach Roy Kreizenbeck Chuck Leonard ATO Bob Basta chats with chaperones. Bill Hessel John Hewitt Ed Horgan John Horgan Bill House Mike Ingersoll Richard Jacobsen Russell Jones ALPHA TAU OMEGA The Bowery, as usual, was a terrific success. aaMHH ATO ' s Richard Jacobsen and Calvin Reed enjoy themselves at Trek-nik. Bill Lewis Romie Lofthouse John Madden Jerry Maldonado Dave Matley Mervyn Matorian Ernie Maupin Mac McCline Robert L. McDonald, Jr. Jim Miller Wayne A. Miller Kenneth Dale Mitchell Marvin Murphy Bill Murry Bruce Nickerson Fred Oats Hienie Ohrp Steve Parish Harry Parsons Mario Gene Peraldo James Quirk David Ratzlaff Jack Raycraft Dan Rechenmacher Ed Reiher Kent Robison fc ::: 137 3wf l ' AXvSV- agy:.? ? l_W J erry White Larry Winkler Gary Woods Here ' s to it. Jim Roulias Michael Sala Douglas Damon Dave Scalise Dick Schalberg Joseph Edward Sceirine Chip Stanck Keith Stauffer Larry Stiff John Sullivan Ken Swanson Owen Toy Bennie Ferrari was named outstanding cadet. ALPHA TAU OMEGA ■ Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Sig Rogich President SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SAE was nationally founded at the University of Alabama in 1856, and the Nevada Alpha chap- ter was established here in 1917. SAE, rating number one nationally, has many outstanding men holding campus offices. Mike Smith wick brought national acclaim to our campus in his co- chairmanship with Mike Ingersoll in heading the blood drive. Sig Rogich, president of SAE, also served as Sagebrush editor. Dave Russell also did an outstanding job as homecoming chairman. Jim Baker Art Bayer Richard Bennett Greg Brouner James Calloway ( Jordon Chrisl ianer Sigma Alpha Epsilon Insignia sjcsk-Mr , : . .,■.,.:::::■ ' ¥—■::: -■ .. | ,; - ■ ' : : Jud Clark SAE members sacked out in the living room. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Robert Corkem John Crowe Chuck Damus Dave Russell was homecoming chairman. Frank Davenport David Diedrichsen Roger Diedrichsen Larry Farr Dave Firestone Leonard Fitzgerald $aa a—m wm Hji William Nurre Richard Oliver Allen Mobley Rusty Moye Fred Noonan Arne Nossum ft£ Jim Mason Wesley McVey Mike Millet i John Glenn ■ Joe Greenstein 1 Mark Holcomb 1 Alex Hossack ! Steve Hummelt Carl Alan Kolbert Jim Kuenzli William Magee Marshall Lewis Geno Martini ' 3 : V»»- The SAE skit for the homecoming festivities. 141 zue«i w ' ,;.. Frank Panich Edward S. Parsons, Jr. John Porray Marc Ratner Ronald Regan Jeff Reeves James Riley Jeff Rockholm Dave Roberts Craig Russell §5w§ - - . ' Dave Russell James Russell Gordon Sarret Jerry Sawyer Mark Sewell A James Shea Rick Shelby Robert Shepherd John Sheretz Robert Shriver SAE John Utter Ed Vacchina James VanLoan The SAE " Those Guys " singing at the homecoming festivities. Paul Vlautin Bruce Wallace William Herbert LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA Marilyn Breckenridge Paula Brown Anne Marie Lesperance Sally Small Marti Fetzer Sherry Locke Judy Smith Ginny Gilbert Marsha Marvel Kathy Stern Molly Jacobs Kay Dee Ross Cynthia Strang Elfrena Sewell President Robbin Schorr Bobbie Watne 143 :A«Z3ai- LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha House Founded at Boston University in 1909, Lambda Chi now has 156 chapters nation-wide. The fraternity gained its charter at Nevada in March of 1929 as the Epsilon Iota Chapter. Lambda Chis are active in virtually all areas of campus ac- tivity. Lambda Chi sets as its goals scholastic achievement and development of the individual. ■■ ■ N j Ted Bendure Richard Brown Fred Carpenter William Carpenter Larry Champagne Dwight Wm. Connely Greg Corn Roger Cornwall Terry Crawforth Cleve Crudgington Tom McFall President I uuMumwu aim MM u m at Ron Dale Robert Erickson 144 ■HIHB BB Terry Flower Kent Gardella Leroy Getchell Joe Giomi Joseph Handy Leon Hensley Steve Hess Stephen Howe Frank James Lee Johnson Lambda Chi social Mike Jones Steve Katzmann Denny Kidwell Adelard Levesque Jeff Lewis Keith Lockard Jerry Marcquerquiga Tim Martin Bill Maupin Jeff McEachron Bill McLaughlin LAMBDA CHI 145 : ' . Jt-« ; JMf :■ :. Don Miller John Miller Steve Moltz Charles Murphy Gary Nelson Robert Nielsen Peter Pardee Chuck Pettycrew Randy Plymell Sim Sheppard Richard Starkweather Michael Starrett Charles Steiner Keith Stephens Tom Stephens Jack Tedford Robert Trimble Loren Upson Lance VanLydegraf Mike Whellams Willis Yeagy Arnold Young LAMBDA CHI ■HUM ■■n—wmw—MMiiMMii n Dick McCoy President Phi Sig House PHI SIGMA KAPPA Phi Sigma Kappa, a relatively old house on the Nevada campus, has been active in all phases of campus life. The chapter has moved to a new house recently. William Bruce Atkinson Jon Bennett Walter S. Baring Larry Bennett Brian Cobb William Charles Combs John Custer David Davis Steven Dawson Kenneth W. Gledhill 147 Wvfc.JWfef Glenn Henry Dave Herscovitz Hubert Charles Jackson Butch Kennedy Charles S. Manes George Manis Jim Marshall Duncan Monroe Harry O ' Nan Mike Farm an Tom Pfeil Roderic C. Procter Gary Rand Joe Waage Bill Walter Mike Walter Rodney Williams PHI SIGMA KAPPA 148 Theta Chi House plans Tony Behm President THETA CHI Theta Chi was nationally founded in 1856 at Norwich University and became the Beta Phi chapter on the Nevada campus in 1942. It is one of the youngest chapters on our campus. It recently moved from its house on University Terrace to a temporary settlement on Sierra Street. They had a national officer visit them, and they drew up the above plans for their new house. Chris Bean Ronald J. Bowman Larry Breniman Donald Crawford Frank Dziurda John Edwards Jim Emerson James Gottfredson David Guinan Arnold Hansmann J49 WHW RPr LAV .5 • Harry Hill Jim Keith President Tony working on float •s V» -.■.. . ,- John Kemmerle Rick Macauley Peter Scott McDowell John M. Osse Mark Allen Reece Gary Richert 3 fc «C " «f Karl G. Ritterby Philo Romine Jerry Strain Jerry VanSidler John Allen Wallace Clarke James Yandes III THETA CHI Theta Chi pledges Joe Armel Keith Bailey Kenneth Barrenchea Thomas Beardsley Riley M. Beckett John Beemer Norman Beesley Joe Beloso Bernard Anderson John Boswell Steve Brown David Buhlig SIGMA NU Sigma Nu was nationally founded in 1869 at Lexington, Virginia, and they were granted their charter here in 1914. Bill Chaffin suc- ceeded the late Mike Ingersoll as ASUN presi- dent. Dave Gardiner not only served as presi- dent of the Delta Xi chapter but also was Coffin Keys president. The Sigma Nu chapter was unsurpassed in enthusiasm and spirit in sup- porting the activities of the Nevada campus. ,3 v f II % ■ 1 Mr f jt w Tom Cahill Bill Cahoone Dave Caselli Hank Cavallera Ron Chadek Bill Chaffin 0m ' ®W» ' 1 sL WJ • Dave Gardiner President ■dm Ki i Joe Chambers Paul Christenson Keith Cloudas Sigma Nu ' s a-go-go girl, Fran Menante. Tarn Conklin Matt Day John Deacon Dave Dee Darell Drake Robert Dugdale Louis P. Elorya Allen Ferrari Bernie Fletcher Rick Friedman Carl T. Fuetsch Ronald Gallaway Jack Gardiner Brian Gardner Roger Gash Jim Gibbons Richard Grabowski Robert B. Grubic Steve Hamilton Craig Hamilton SIGMA NU 8g •a } " ' - " ' " ' ■ , ' " ™% f " " - ' : ' J i fc ir ..., •m John Hancock Dick Harris Daniel D. Henderson Philip Hill Henrickson Dave Hornbeck Mike Jackson Allen Kanavel Chris Key Stephens Kopels Vonn Krause Tom Lambert Don Lancia Steve Lemons Doug Loberg Louis Madraso Mike Malloy Kent Maloney Dave McGill Michael P. McGowan Dale McKenzie 153 smugs Sigma Nu regression dance. Jim McNabney Fran Menante Bob Menini Robert Mitchell Joe L. Murin Chris Murphy Martin Muth Tom Myers Bob Newmeyer Roy Pike Richard Pincolini John Plough Bill Porter Mac Potter Jim Reynolds John Rhodes Tony Ricciardi Frank Roberts Gerry Roberts Edward Rugg 154 i H David Salvadorini Dick Sanders Sky Schaff Bryce Schricker SIGMA NU P »k, r John Scoble Steve Scott Scott Seher Ronald Shane Gary Silverman Robert Sinnott Brian Sonderegger Gary Teggeman Bill Teglia Mark Turner Joe Valentine Ron Vernon Bob Waldren Brock Willett Arthur William Larry Wood Michael Woodhead 155 jhi-. »-. ' .y $ _ ' ' ? v, 1 Lincoln Hall LINCOLN HALL M. Brian O ' Shaughnessey President ' mr W Timothy Arant Leonard J. Batchelder Jim Chisum William N. Baxter Kenneth Buhrmann Guerdonl Churchill, Jr. David Basso Charles H. Cecchini Robert Daraksy MM Ralph J. Pillers Douglas Ponn Monti Riordan Christopher Diner Howard Donaldsen David Freitas Ralph Gallegos Don Gelmstedt Joseph P. Gill Robert Stanley Hadfield Greg Haller David M. Johnson John Laxague Mike Mott Richard Norton Dan Ouaou David M. Roberts John C. Seher Thomas William Slemp Jerry Sullivan Dennis Trousdale LINCOLN HALL 157 333E : White Pine Hall WHITE PINE HALL Michael J Bagstad Dietrich Boskie Chainarong Srifuengfung Dennis Compston Edwin H. Bentzen III Lionel M. Boskie, Jr. Patrick Colletti Edward R. Dannan Ted Dixon Laurence Eck 158 w f Dale Eggen Franklin O. German Lloyd Harold Frederick William Jilbert Gary C. Johnson John White John Pardo Roger Williams Oliver Padilla Larry Pearce Steve Pellegrini Richard G. Purcell Kenneth Reil William Q. Sinnott Ernie Spaulding Richard Stewart 159 mmmmm j t » j : m l ■ m t ttts j9issimi M ?m ■ r. ai v »r I ■ j . m . la 88 t ii m m 161 m rn r Larry Andreotti Jim Baker Robert Basta Anthony Behm Joe Beloso Bill Chaffin Roger Cornwall Larry D. Furrow Dave Gardiner Mike Ingersoll Kirk Kinne Charles Murphy Marvin Murphy Tony Oxburrow Mario Gene Peraldo Gerry Roberts Craig Robert Russell Dave Russell William Q. Sinnott Keith Stephens BLUE KEY Blue Key is a national honorary service fraternity composed of sen- ior and junior men. Members are chosen for scholastic achievement and service to the betterment of the University. Members of Blue Key usher at university functions, escort queen candidates at Homecoming and Winter Carnival functions and aid in registration and orientation of new students. - iP 162 Jtsfc ii Lynn Allen Lynn Armbruster Sharon Barrett Sharon Casazza Kristen Cooper Joyce Crook Dawna Daniels Sheila Davis Dianne DeReemer Joyce Freeman Diane Harwood Mary Hyde Deanna Johnson Julie Lewis Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Judy McCarroll Marilyn McKinnon Janice Miller Carolyn Reese Kathleen Sadler Cheri Sawyer Robbin Schofr Elfrena Sewell Mary Solaro Suzi Natucci President V " x Mhw Sagens is the honorary organization for upperclass women at the University of Nevada. The women are chosen for scholastic achievement and service they have rendered the University. SAGENS 163 r - mmmm i jf?j : SAGERS Chris Key President William Atkinson Riley M. Beckett John Beemer Nonnan Beesley James Callaway Ron Chadek Paul Christensen Thomas L. Clyde Chuck Damus Dave Dee David Diedrichsen Paul Eddy Dave Firestone Roger Gash Victor Ivashin Allen Kanavel Carl Alan Kolbert Don Landa Ed Lanigar Lewis Marshall Bill Maupin Rusty Moye Martin Muth Dave McGill Tom Meyers Dave McGill Jeff Reeves James Riley Edward Roche James Todd Russell Jerry Sawyer Robert Shepherd Robert Shriver James VanLoan Ron Vernon Paul Vlautin r ' • 164 . Jane Cook Cathy Cobeaga Carole DeLamare Maryellen Drake Ellen Garaventa Junean Gourley Martha Hasperis Margaret Kerr Lana Larsen Mary Lawrence Larae Marshall Patricia Miltenberger Mina Pendo Merry Ann Ritterby Laeta Sawyer Arlene Smith Sharon Smith Jan Strosnider Patricia Tullis Karen Wilkes Leslie Ankers Terry Baldecchi MaryLee Bradley Marlynn Breckenridge Gail Carlson SPURS Frustrated freshmen would remain frustrated freshmen, registration would be in a shambles, and school spirit would reach an all time low if the Nevada campus didn ' t have the Spurs. These sophomore women, who are chosen for their leadership ability and better than average grades, work to help Nevada students achieve school spirit. They also spon- sor the Ugly Man Dance, a true Nevada original! Kathie Goodish 165 . UEWL ' ST-VI jfs atS ' mm : ' . David Gardiner President Sig Rogich President Composed of some of the most capable men at the University, Coffin and Keys works for the bet- terment of the school. Though they are often the center of controversy and always the height of se- crecy this organization is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a male student. COFFIN AND KEYS Anthony J. Behm Kirk Kinne 1 Jim Baker Thomas Conklin Mario Gene Peraldo Philo Romine E-A— i ' CF Robert D. Basta Mike Ingersoll Gerry Roberts Keith Stephens Nevada ' s top men. ' " ' ■ . ■WJJ— % : 4 o " FOOT " As we read this annual- which serves as a rec- ord of the many endeavors and accomplishments of the past school year, it is with a great measure of sadness that we must note the passing of one who was so truly representative of that year and of the accomplishments which it represents. To say that our campus was stunned by Mike Inger- soll ' s death and to say that we suffered an irre- placeable loss by his passing is but to attempt description of that which is indescribable Yet however indescribable the vacancy which his death left may lie, Mike is gone, and it is impos- sible not to remember him as he was and incon- ceivable not to note what he meant here. It is seldom that we can find the capability for scholarship, the ability for leadership and yet still the warm, true human quality of friendship in one person. Yet Mike Ingersoll was one such rare person. So many of us came to this Uni- versity with hopes of what we could get here. Let us look back upon what he gave here. It would have been easy for Mike to have stopped with his election to Student Body President; a dis- tinction highly creditable in itself, but Mike chose not to follow the easy course. He organized and followed through completion the John F. Kennedy Book-fund Drive, he initiated and directed to a remarkable success the University of Nevada Blood Drive and he actively pursued the High School Recruitment Program, making many trips throughout the state, seeking to attract talented students to our University. These are but a few of the many endeavors Mike undertook for the betterment of the University, and often they made much more difficult his scholastic obligations, and subtracted considerably from his own personal time. Yet he did not regard them as unpleasant burdens, but welcomed them as opportunities which could open many promising doors. In everything Mike did his ability was clear, his friendliness, ever-present. Everyone who talked to Mike or who knew him saw a young man already quite accomplished and well on his way toward success. • Had Mike lived, he surely would have con- tinued in that exciting and dedicated life that was an inspiration to so many. As we have missed his presence on campus, so now we have lost the op- portunity to share in his friendship and follow his leadership in the future. Yet the results of what he did show here, for Mike truly left his mark. The University has benefitted from what he did here and each of our lives Was made richer as our paths crossed from time to time with his. Those of us who are so lucky, to be able to leave this institution and go our separate ways cannot look back on our college days without remembering that warm, friendly guy who was so much a part of our lives here. , Mike was the kind of person whose joy for life caused him to give everything a whirl. He gave life a whirl and a good one. Someone has said, " Every journey must begin with a single step. " Mike took that step and was well on his journey toward a meaningful and inspirational life. Let us who knew him well and shared in his endeavors, and let us, who knew him not so well but who Were nevertheless inspired by his example, con- tinue that journey for him. As words alone cannot fill the void that his death created, let us then do more. Let us to the task address ourselves and let us to his memory dedicate ourselves for there could be no worthier cause than to follow in Mike IngersoH ' s footsteps, though the strides be l ' orij and the path they tred be difficult. With the shin- ing light of his example to guide us and his pleas- ant memory to sustain us, let us carry on in all that he deemed so important. Mike did not live in vain. Let us assure that he did not die in vain. Mike Stephenson Dedicated by the Ur L. i i-mmm m ; ' Ur ._ Hf«i w. _ y«k ' % Jenrf Sb ■3 ' ?o .; " :: ' ' ' ' ' - : ; UNIVERSITY CADET OFFICERS CLUB Robert Adams Paul Ashworth Jim Baker Art Bonnel Thomas Brasfield Gwen Brown Robert Cameron William Lee Carpenter Mike Casey Bill Chaffin Wayne Cook Louis Cooper Robert Crouse Dave Decker William Franks Gary Funkhouser Larry Furrow Dave Gardiner Dennis George Steve Hansen Harold Hall Jack Harris Kenneth Harrison Leon Hensley Steve Kosach Bennie D. Ferrari President 168 .». — » » - - Doug Loberg Tom McFall Allan C. McGill II Don Miller Peter Molteni Jim Nelson Fred Noonan Michael O ' Connell David C. Pantell Stephen J. Peek Roy Pike Ira Rackley James Randies Jack Ray craft Jim Rich Karl Ritterby Frank Roberts David K. Rogers Craig Robert Russell Dave Russell Stuart H. Sampson Leo Sebbas Barry Seifers Donald Smith Larry Stiff John Stoddart Maxl Willis Lee B. Winne George Wisham Hal Wofford 169 ; ' Ult «fe , 170 Left to Right, Row One: Marilyn Breckenridge, Kathy Leonard, Frenie Sewell, Pat Milten- berger, Carla Rost. Row Two: Joyce Hoffman, Alice Cate, Kristen Cooper, Sharon Smith. Row Three: Francis Spikes, Miss Sherman, Cheryl Sawyer. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION W.R.A. is an organization with membership available to all women students. Women may par- ticipate in various sports, such as basketball, vol- leyball, and bowling. The main objective of W.R.A. is to provide a recreation, promote friend- ship and athletic competition. Each spring the W.R.A. hosts high school girls from all over the state to a day of fun in sports. Bfi ai Shirley J. Anderson Donna Armstrong Trudy Bisagno Alice Cate Linda Cerfoglio Marylynne Frye Bonnie Hapgood Joyce Hoffman Katherine Leonard Larae Marshall Patricia Miltenberger Melani Murray Paula Phillips Carolyn Polish Joan Porter Sue Renfro Carol Rooten Carla Rost Donna Salvadorini Susan Sartor Mary Sexton Barbara Simons Sharon Smith Carole Stroud PEMS Diane DeReemer President PEMS is an organization of women who are majoring or minoring in the field of physical edu- cation. The purpose of the club is to provide its members with a greater understanding of their field through clinics and workshops. Through its yearly activity of selling programs at Nevada foot- ball games, Perns raise money for scholarships which it awards to outstanding students in Physi- cal Education yearly. 171 Left to Right, Row 1: Bill Chaffin, Sheila Davis, Kristen Cooper, Mr. Boeyink, Karren Kess, Dr. Bushnell, Miss Shinaver, Mr. Allen, William Franks, Tom Pilkinton. Rvvo Two: Don Jones, Lynn Friedoff, Chuck Murphy, Mike Ingersol, Chris Cavin, Dr. Rusco, Dr. Hill, Shannon Bibey, Dr. Plaas, Sam Cline. PHI SIGMA ALPHA Phi Sigma Alpha, a national honorary political science fraternity, was formed in the Spring of 1964 at the Univer- sity of Nevada. The purpose of the fraternity is to encour- age the discussion of political issues. Requirements for membership include a minimum of 10 credits in Political Science, with a B average. Phi Alpha Theta is a national or- ganization for history and political science, whose purpose is to further interest and understanding of per- tinent issues for its members. Mem- bership is open to any student who has maintained a B average and has completed at least twelve hours of credit in these fields. k PHI ALPHA THETA Left to Right, Row One: Ted Zharinger, Marvis Cooper, Michael Urga, Suzi Na- tucci, William Franks. Row Two: Max- ine Pohlson, Lynn Friedhoff, Phil Earl, Michon Maupin, Sheila Dwyer, Sheila Davis, Pat White, Kathy Sadler. worV Roy Faught Men ' s President Janice Miller Women ' s President Orson Huntsman Cheri Janes Patricia Willis Men ' s Vice-President Women ' s Vice-Pres. Secretary LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA Lambda Delta Sigma is a social organization open to all student members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to others who will live up to its standards. Its primary pur- pose is to help the member to grow as a person and thereby make a more meaningful contribu- tion to the church, the school, and society. Craig Wakeling Treasurer Evelyn Miller Ex Officio Louise Evans Ex Officio i : " f%: ■■ ' ' . ' ' ;■ ■ : f ' ; ' ■ : ' 3| ; £; : - ;y| ' ; ,;V; : ' ' ' ,-W " - ■■ - ' . flp mmt : - : " ' . Joyce Crook Lambda Delta Sigma " Sweetheart " -, Left to Right, Row One: Clara Randall, Patricia Burkholder, Janice Miller, Carol Anderson, Linda Bright, Marilyn Hardy, Louise Fletch- er, Gayl Holmes, Nancy Albrichson, Sharon Tueller. Row Two: John Thompson, Craig Felt, Joyce Bonafous, Dean Monson, Sheila Byingotn, Brent Wadsworth, Joyce Crook, Lucille Coltrin, Roy Faught Darlene Branson, Evelyn Miller, Dennis Walker, Sharon Walker ' Marilyn Coltrin, Patricia Willis, Craig Waleling, Diane Sorense ' n, Colin Betts, Sharon Reich, Dr. Paul Tueller, Bryant Wads- worth. Row Three: Ronald Lloyd Lee, Dick Sparr, Lamar Pomeroy, Ken Bogart, Orson Huntsman, Bobert Foote, David Johnson, Larry Bettis David Wakeling, Michael Robison. .Z «5k JMT «,_-.■: " SIGMA DELTA CHI Left to Right, Seated: Tim Ennor, Professor A. L. Higginbotham, Professor Janulis, Professor LeRude Gilleland. Left to Right, Standing: Ron Rears, Mike Parman, Brigham Young, Lee Winne, Jon Benson, Garth Oldham, Bob Alward, Dave Freeman, Bob Adams. Delta Sigma Chi, national pro- fessional Journalism Society, was founded at DePaw University in 1909. The University of Nevada chapter, under the direction of A. L. Higganbotham, Department of Journalism, has been hailed as " the finest in the country. " SNEA The Student National Education Association is a group of college students who are going into the teach- ing profession. Their monthly meetings are dedicated to a deeper understanding of education. Left to Right, Row One: Pat Coffman, Don Hartman, Jim Hass, E. Doherty. Row Two: Phyllis Gates, Deanna Johnson, Wilda Cox, Barbara ' Gravel, Mrs. Butovac, advisor. Row Three: Betty Branche, Sharon Barrett, Barbara Cooper, Mary Kay Gezelin. Not pictured: Dr. Dana Davis, Sylvia Maslach. This organization is open to all students majoring in nursing. It is designed to asso- ciate students with their profession. The group has social functions and business meetings and sends a delegate to the na- tional meeting of the national Student Nurses Association. OFFICERS: Left to Right, Standing: Constance Beglin, Lydia Dougherty, Robin Millholland, Roberta Porterfield, Barbee Cassihgham. Seated: Nancy Johnson, Marjone Klem, Claudia Ire- harme, Carolyn Hicks. NEVADA STATE STUDENT NURSES i Left to Right, Row One: Karen Isbell, Dorothy Calvert, Heather Bushing, Nancy Engelhard, Jeannette Wilde, Mary Godwin. Row Two: Mildred Marks, Shirley Williams, Joanna Arrowsmith, Louise Fletcher, Sandra McPherson, Pat Biddinger, Jan Henderson, Keith Mattson. Row Three: Dianne Welsch, Linda Selvester, Sandra Talley, Connie Smith, Margaret Kerr, Barbara Burgett, Cheryl Fernandez, Pan Van Tassel. Row Four: Lucia Garcia, Ester Harris, Karen Jama- moto, Sheila Barnett, Jane Williams. 175 . ' _ - JffNW ' iAl. %.itJlk ' Left to Right, Row One: Jau Jai Manomaiphibul, Director; Joan Nash, Treasurer; Miria Peudo, Publicity; Roberta Yusuda, S ecretary. Row Two: Dr. Scott, Advisor,- Paul Eaidwan, President; MariKae Ennis, Social Chairman; G. Gratt, Vice President. INTERNATIONAL CLUB The International Club is a group of students from many parts of the world, culturally and so- cially encouraging an understanding of inter- national relations as well as promoting good will among American and foreign students. Typical activities include: discusion of international problems, lectures and films by foreign students on their countries, talent shows, dancing, ice skating and picnicking. All interested students are welcome members. Left to Right, Row One: Jau Jai Manomaiphibul, Mina Pendo, Dan Ouaou, Sheridan Chirwa Roberta Yasuda, Elmer Espina, Paul Baidwan. Row Two: Daljit Sawhney, Joan Nash, Judy Thomsen, Kathleen Mattson, Betty Eckenrod, Yuette Hash, Carl Turner Barbara Mote, Mr T Selbig Row Three: Dr. W. Scott, Harry Lechpauaui, Jack Newceft, George Hilhard, John Habecker, MariKae Ennis, Sharon Smith, P. G. Patel, Eric Doolittle. Row Four: George Gratt, John Messavussu, Ajil Jhaugiaui. NEWMAN CLUB J. VanSickle, Vice President; Father Leo McFadden, B. Ander- son, M. Handy, M. Dybowski, J. Osse, President C. Cobie. The Newman Club, under the dynamic leadership of John Osse, has become one of the most active organizations on campus this year. They have hosted an array of social, service, and religious programs. Keeping in the spirit of their purpose, to encourage educational ex- cellence and religious conviction, the club has taken on the project of mapping the Virginia City Cemetery, collecting a fund for Joe Fuetsch, and a Christmas party for orphans. Their religious activities included a Day of Recollection, Religious Fast and Thanksgiving Dinner. The social activities included a Halloween Party, Welcoming Dance, and a float for Homecoming (which won 2nd place in Class B Division), and hosting Newman Club members from ten other col- leges. The club has lectures at every meeting, and is open to all interested students. Left to Right, Row One: E. BriggS, L. Ruybalid, M. Pollard, M. Simar, D. Paul, M. Wainscoat, J. Williams, S. Morrison, B. Tureson, M. Bagley, J. Lak, L. Carithers, H. Hernandes. Row Two: T. Stienbrook, R. Singer, T. Carbury, E. Carithers, K. Cronk, C. Junta, P. Soucherau, G. Miller, B. Widell, J. Bell, J. Anderson, S. Smith, G. McColluch, B. Cowee, P. Cunning, L. Marshall, H. Juillerat. 17 ' Mike Kasper President Wine ????? and song! SUNDOWNERS Mike Gottschalk Gary Nelson Bob Paterson Gary Quilici John Depaoli Jack Leonesio Ron McCloud Lane Monroe Pat Burns Jim Baker Harvey Barnes Dan Alstrom Hank Cavallera Bernie Cotten Fred Dalimore Mike Dolan Pat Dolan Bud Forman Bubby Forvilly Bob Gillham Terry Grimm Craig Gustavson Rick Jorgenson Ron Bath 178 l MMaMM BBaHaa - m4M Ii?Jm Al Raney Ed Reiher John Rogers Sig Rogich U. of N. traditions have been firmly upheld this year by our own anti-sobriety society — the Sundowners! They started the year off with a " bang " ; turkey shoot and dance, and another and another. Homecoming gaiety paved the way for their annual experimentation on the consump- tion of a. chicken and election night. The Down- ers then turned " sportsmen " and hosted the Beaver Bowl, the highlight of the year. The Downers also assisted in a Charity Show. In spite of their " problems, " their robust efforts paid off this year for they accomplished their purpose — TO CREATE GOOD FELLOWSHIP!!! Keith Roman Hap Scholk Buddy Shaw Jerry Simpson Mike Stephenson Larry Stiff Fred Williams Jim Bigart Pioneers??? Boozer Muchalloso 179 Lillian Trinchero SONG LEADERS Sam King Laeta Sawyer ?:■ Karen Wilkes ! Jf. A-: BW ' :?; «k ' fesJ ' lfc ' UNIVERSITY SINGERS The University Singers, under the direction of Dr. Keith Macy, had a full and active year. They began with tours in the spring, sang at high schools in and around Nevada, appeared for the National Automobile Association, and staged the annual pro- duction of the " Messiah. " Dr. Keith Macy Director Left to Right, Row One: L. Lenz, D. Roberts, M. Gibson, K. Hunger- ford, T. DeSalbo, S. Aberhamian, C. Hill. Row Two: C. Gallion, K. Spro ' ch, B. Manning, M. Marvel, B. Hornbarger, J. Emmens, L. Listen. Row Three: L. Jacox, D. Stafford, M. Williams, C. Tinsley, P Swain M. Hatjoupolos, B. Deshler, S. Butler. Row Four: L. Batjer, S. Russel, B. Ingram, C. Strang, L. Baughman, A. Carserta, S. Dixon, T Campbell. Row Five: K. Trigero, J. Battaglia, W. Driskill, M. Marean R. Falter, R. Friedman, W. Morton, F. Olson. Row Six: S. Hinkle, W. Combs, T. Muller, G. Barney, M. Hanks. Row Seven: E. Nursement, R. Tremble, R. Rupp, K. Felt, F. Briggs. 182 -_-__ nUMfl H UNIVERSITY BAND Under the excellent leadership of Dr. John Carrico, Director of Bands, the University of Nevada Band achieved new heights this year. Aside from playing at all football and basketball games for Nevada, the band has played for the rest of the United States over national television. Sixty-three strong, the band represents the true spirit of Nevada, and above all, the voice of Nevada. 183 ' jfJA-: ARTEMISIA . ■-» kJSk Joyce Freeman Editor Sheila Locke Copy Editor Mike Smithwick Sports Editor Molly Jacobs Assistant Editor The 1966 Artemisia has attempted to mirror the intellectual and natural environment of the university. Despite occasional plagues of procras- tination, and the commotion emitting from the Sagebrush down the hall, the finished product finally went to press. It is the culmination of the talents and hard work of many students, most of them unpaid and unheralded, but through their efforts a year is recorded. A special thanks to Roy and Cleo Gaither of Pied Piper Studios for the tremendous job they did for us. Julie Savage Classes Editor Phyllis Goytino Student Government Editor « Alice Cate Living Groups Editor Barry Watkins Photographer Linda Audrain Classes Editor Dave Staley Photographer Carol English Assistant Business Manager Bon Pagni Sports Editor nm Diane Beattie Activities Editor Mary Kaye Gezlin Honors Editor Kay Dee Boss Index Editor Elfrena Sewell Business Manager 185 ' UfO:3u 2 .. v . Jfk ' Hampton Young Assistant Editor Sig Rogich Editor SAGEBRUSH The Sagebrush, a subsidized student newspaper, is an independent newspaper that can publish near- ly anything . . . and usually does. The Sagebrush confined most of its comment in the political realm to crusading for voters and bells, but its occasional forays into the national political arena still aroused interest. However, whether the job of the err newspaper be to inform, interest, or entertain, the Sagebrush has done its job well. ] M oyce anag Freeman ing Editor ■ John Glenn Circulation Manager Bob Corkern Advertising Manager Gregg Zive Sports Editor Mary Solaro Staff Writer Mike Smithwick Sports Editor Jamie Arjona Photographer Toni Martin ' Pussy Cat Columnist " Raymond Bacon Photographer " King Rat " Business Manager . ' uaoia-:- jSSffl! . . :«kJk : SENSAGfONAL CORRIDA DE TflROS R JOSE E. « ' ., ' SE!S MA GNIP1C0S TOIOS Manief Romish HJJNOLETEi AJJfTOJUlfl glgJfVEjfTPJ Forum presents the opinions of both stu- dents and faculty, and is the media of expres- sion through which they can express their opinions of subjects of concern to them and learn what others are thinking. Forum is above all a magazine of expression and offers numer- ous significant ideas, presents statements on National and Foreign affairs, and provokes discussion and intelligent thought. FORUM Dr. Erling Skorpen Advisor Left to Right: Jan Webb, Assistant Editor; Walt McNamara, Kelsie Harder, Mary White. PUR! iPA-r k Nicki Gunstrom, Francis Sparks, Maurice Beesley, Virginia Frost. BRUSHFIRE The Brushfire, a yearly literary magazine, is printed for the pur- pose of publishing original works in fiction, poetry, and art submitted by students of the University of Nevada. Staff membership is open to all interested students. This year ' s editor was Maurice Beesley. 189 AGGIE CLUB «KT«t AJfJ s. 3 m ' , wJk One of the most outstanding events on the Nevada campus this year was the Aggie Club ' s Comic Rodeo. The club used all proceeds from the event to sponsor dances, and other club activities that promoted the general purpose of the organization. The organization is open to all students with an interest in agriculture, livestock. Officers: Harvey Barnes, President; Jeanie DeLong, Secretary; Larry Wood, Vice President. Left to Right, Row One: J. DeLong, R. Fenstermaker, M. Forbush, R. Calhoun, D. Armstrong, S. Williams, D. Bagley. Row Two: J. Bidart, L. Armstrong, L. Lain, R. Schmutz, D. Giovacchini, J. Laxague, S. Crane. Row Three: L. Wood, R. Shane. Row Four: H. Barnes, D. Bacon, M. John- son, M. Hyde, C. Shoolray, M. Compofou, P. Famili. 190 -W ' ■ ■ - -■• - • Left to right: Bob Goetze, Hank Williams, Julie Tyson, Tony Oxborrow, John Mirczok, Ed Vacchina, Risa McKay, John Horgan, Roger Cornwall, Bill Mann, Dave Mathey, Bob Basta, Chuck Breese, Phil Lambert, Gary Lecchine. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta, the honorary international premedical society, meets twice each month, during which time they have pro- grams to encourage excellence in study to prepare the student for medical or dental school. Officers - Left to Right: John Horgan, Roger Cornwall, President; Julie Tyson, John Mirczak, Chuck Breese. 191 k wim™ TTT AIME Left to Right, Row One: B. Darrah, R. Tilman. Row Two: R. Baottmen, G. Griole, R. Leuthie, E. Jucevic. Row Three: R. Jensen, D. Sterling, B. Tafure. Row Four: R. Mock, D. Placey, R. Bakowsk, G. Balleu. Row Five: D Gentry, D. Ranta, R. Azocar, S. Williams. It is the purpose of AIME to create and foster pro- fessional unity among the undergraduates, graduates, former students, and alumni of the MSM and to all other members of our professions. The activities of AIME in- clude publishing the " Mackay Miner, " building a float for Homecoming, field trips to several local mines and mills, inviting a featured speaker from a profession to speak at the monthly meetings, and participating in Engineer ' s Day each year. AIME won the Engineer ' s Boot in the last two spring competitions between the various engineering groups on campus. Left to Right: G. Grisle, Treasurer; Ray Til- man, President; R. Leuthie, Vice President. Dr. Walter Voskuil, Adviser. He is now approach- ing the 30,000 mile mark on his bike. tamam 1 I E 7 Left to Right, Row One: Mary Lou Smith, Linda Phillips, Ann Lewis, Mrs. Berchart, Mrs. Schin, Jean Parker, Marge Uhalde, Mary Lawrence, Georgia Nanini. Row Two: Ted Zaeh- ringer, Tom Metz, Joel Tew, Dr. Schin, Dr. Berchart, Gary Christensen, Dave Hornbeck, Gary Chacinni, Phil Henderson. CHEMISTRY CLUB The purpose of the Young Republicans is to main- tain an active interest in the Republican party, through meetings, service projects, and activities designed to promote a better understanding of the Party. The members aid and give service in all ways possible to their candidates during elections and between elec- tion years. The Chemistry Club is a chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. The pur- pose of the club is " to afford an opportunity for the students of chemistry at the University of Nevada to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to secure experience in presenting and preparing tech- nical material. " YOUNG REPUBLICANS Left to Right, Row One: Lynn Greene, Sally Meele, Peggy Allen, Judy Judd, Sue Snatch, Carol Mobley, Betty Beaute. Row Two: Freddie Fergeson, Mark Sills, Ron Mariot, Scott Lockin, Mike Walters, Rod Proctor, Gary Brahe, Gary McCann, Roger Gash, John Plough. 193 Left to Right, Row One: Mike Share, Marvin Davis, Tom Iambert, Gary Forte, Carl Cavolick, George Nolte, Rod Schuler, Raymond Williams, Pat Nichols. Row Two: Robert Parkhurst, Sonja Moleff, Gary Funkhouser, Charles Seifers, Ahmad Ouaou, Sammi Eissa, Douglas Wood, Harold Morgan, Arne Nossum, Bruce Gardella, Professor Arnold DeAngelis. Row Three: Rod Mclnnis, Trent Pulliam, Steve Alderson, Sam Sharp, Hugh Ricci, John Halsey, Dick Short, Gil Cochran, Norman Cooper, Frank Eichelkraut, Gary Holler, Professor John Bonell. jTv. k-J» v_ • -Ljt Its function is to promote closer relationship be- tween the American Society of Civil Engineers and students. Membership is open to all students in the school of civil engineering. Meetings, which are in the form of lectures and discussions, are held monthly. 194 Left to Right, Row One: Mike Thompson, Fred Williams, Bob Donlan, G. A. Broten, William Daniels. Row Two: Frank Forvilly, Kirk Kinne, Tom Adreasen, Bob Schebler, Bob Laughter, Lee Newell, George Twardokens. PHI EPSILON KAPPA Formed three years ago at Nevada, Phi Epsi- lon Kappa is the National service and honorary organization for Physical Education Majors. The purpose of the organization is to promote high standards and to be of service in the area of Phys- ical Education. Selection for membership is based upon grades, professional zeal and ability, and at- tributes as potential leaders in the field. Out of the total of approximately 115 considered each spring no more than seven or eight have been chosen. Dr. Robert Laughter Adviser 195 Left to Right, Row One: Wayne Reed, Richard Norton, Theodore Dixon, Olin Beal Row Two: Craig McKee, Nancy Bacon, Ann Neapass, Erwin McPherson, Sgt. Poiri RIFLE TEAM The Rifle Team is a group of men and women sponsored by the Military Department. They com- pete with other colleges and uni- versities in the skills of marksman- ship. Ready, Aim, Fire! ! ® « COLOR GUARD SIERRA GUARD The Sierra Guardsmen is a regular part of the military program and is known for its dsciplined drill performance. Whether it be half-time at a game, or the Nevada Day parade, this group puts on a show of drill and timing that is appreciated by all. L- ' •» w_J " fc. " Left to Right, Row One: Paul Escallier, Barbara Havens, Bill Gilstrap, Gary Campbell. Row Two: Mr Lindley Manning, Jim Collins, Gerald Dixon, Steve Mather, Jim Loundigan. Row Three: Tom Weichmann, Fred Daniels, George Lundgren, Warren Estes, Michael Orr, Dr. E. W. Harris. ASME PI MU EPSILON Left to Right, Row One: John Williamson, Mrs. Williamson, Dr. Beesley, Lynn Armbruster, Jeffrey Anderson. Row Two: Mayer Friedman, Lee Simmons, Jim Whitlock, Daryl Drake, Steve Williams. ™ ttf «$j W K t ■-J I ■ S» :f 198 ALPHA ZETA Left to Right, Row One: Terry Alberti, Bruce Cauble, Harvey Barnes, Neil Christensen. Row Two: Gary Fechko, John Riel, Lynn Quilici, Bryant Wadsworth, John Messavussu. Alpha Zeta, a national honorary fraternity, is composed of agriculture students who have shown outstanding scholarship, leadership, and character. Membership is open to male students in technical agriculture who meet the requirements. Left to Right, Row One: Stephen L. Williams, Nancy Lee, Cleve Crudgington, Warren Estes, Tom Stephens, Joseph Yeazel, Steve Mather. Row Two: Raymond E. Williams, Richard N. Belaustegui, Robert Ferretto, Jon Culbert, William Gilstrap, Paul Escallier, Professor Harris. Row Three: Laurence Eck, Franklin O. German, Scott Macdonald, Gary Campbell, John Antonopoulos, Robert L. Zeiher. SIGMA TAU Sigma Tau is a national honor- ary engineering society in which membership is based on scholar- ship, practicality, and sociability. The Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of Nevada draws its membership from the College of Engineering and the Mackay School of Mines. ' JfJS-- ZQM ' •L . ■ « w- ' Sk ' ' » - ' J .111 Hi Mi ■iMSi . .3 HB llll SiN V ' . " " ■?! • is. ■ llllllll Slliilite " " . 7 V . ill liliiiii sits sacs Iffi p llil sg; SfB «b » 200 s ATHLETICS 4m IBIII ' " » ! mm? ■• ' ' ft S ' fV ' ' ■ ' . ' .; ' , ;::.yv ' ■ ' °. ' ' ;. ; ' ' ' " , ' ■ " ?: ' ' ■ ' !. : «■ ;V, ' AS ,■ " ' . ' ■• " ' ' . ■V S; 1 t s«s ' ' ' ' ™m$m m m ! ■.■;.-::■■ " £ W ' 201 n m Mf ummMmgmMU B j msxtt ' jt we x i . js - Jake Lawlor Director of Athletics COACHING STAFF Dr. Arthur Broten Chairman of Health and Physical Education Bill Ireland Head Coach — Football Floyd Edsal Track - Football Dick Trachok Head Coach — Football Dick Dankworth Head Coach — Track Jim Olivas Head Coach — Boxing George Twardokens Head Coach — Skiing Bob Schebler Bill Daniel Freshman Basketball Coach Line Coach — Football Lee Newell Head Coach — Wrestling Robert Laughter Head Coach — Tennis Jack Spenser Bob Donlan Head Coach - Basketball Freshman Football Coach Assistant Basketball Coach 202 4 c Rt ■■ - tHI IB tmh i t «wk i- ST 1hL dMSk V VQflK flHMRi Vai ' HV ' tti aHI K!v fffiEflk W WiW -.. - J ! BBwSW whim jtfM Left to Right, Row One: Coach Floyd Edsal, Manager Gary Daniels, Jerry Ballard, Jack Schwella Mike Slagee, Dan Anderson, Chris Ault, Jack Byrom, Mike Kasper Bob Seymour, Terry Barcellos Gerald Troy, Bill Gaechater, and Coach Bob Donlan (graduate assistant). Second Row: Head Coach Dick Trachick, Martin Fogel, Fred Williams Tom Parker Tony Betita, Bill Holman, Lew Carnahan, Dale Landon, Doug Carder, Ben Bhnn Lynn Ouihci, Tohn Condon, Ron Regan, Nik Walters, Rod Williams, Brian Hardy, Coach Bill Ireland Third Row: Tony Martinez, Mike Hauck, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Orv. Leao, Dave Dyer, Bill Houk, Mike Sala, Joe Isaia, Welford Walton, Ron Vernon, Larry Felesina, Rich Lankow, Louis Cooper, John Condon, Merv Matorin. Fourth Row: Coach Bob Schebler (graduate assistant) Rick Redi- can, Mike Prosser, Art Bayer, Jim Luttgles, Ron Moore, Spike Jamison, Ed Hoeffer, Joe Sobeck, Earl Nursement, Jim Christman, Dave Diedrichsen, Bill Halkyard, and Coach Bill Daniels. FOOTBALL s R. eason s Keview Coach Trachok ' s Wolf Pack began the 1965 season with a defeat by nationally ranked Long Beach State College, but the rugged eleven bounced back to play their next two pre-season games with strong determination only to lose each by three points. Then the Wolf Pack eleven began to show its true form by win- ning six of its remaining seven games. The Pack trounced California State College by a score of 42 to 0, and then traveled to San Francisco ' s Kezar Stadium to defeat the University of San Francisco 34 to 6. The University of Nevada continued its winning streak by defeating Sacra- mento State College, the University of California at Davis, Chico State College, and Humboldt State College. The Wolf Pack season record of 6 wins and 4 losses placed them in second place in the Far Western Conference, and gave six football players All-Conference honors. Head football coach Dick Trachok completed his seventh year with the Wolf Pack this season with his football team winning six games, losing four and placing second in the Far Western Conference. Coach Trachok is a graduate of the University of Nevada and was full- back of the Wolf Pack ' s 1948 " Powerhouse " team. The former Penn- sylvanian began his seventeen year coaching career in Nevada as foot- ball coach of Reno High School where his teams won over seventy of their ninety-five games during his ten year stay. Coach Trachok ' s life time record is an admirable 97 victories, 56 losses and 3 ties. Coach Trachik Head Football Coach Coach Bill Ireland Assistant Coach Bill Daniel Graduate Assistant Floyd Edsal Assistant Coach 203 jf--jz-- ' mur Fred Williams End Mike Sala Guard Bill Holman Tackle Doug Carder Line Backer Joe Sobeck Fullback Welford Walton Tackle XSj- t- ' Lynn Quilici Quarterback « o . ' ■«. V- Dan Anderson Back Mike Prosser Back IHHjHfc JHH Dennis Fitzpatrick End John Condon Guard Martin Fogel Halfback W WWWM Rod Williams Back Mike Hauck Tackle eason s U. of N. Long Beach State Willamette University U. of California — S. B. California State College U. of San Francisco Sacramento State College U. of California — Davis San Francisco State Chico State College Humboldt State College Opponent ' 47 9 21 6 13 15 27 6 18 toHMtfMtfl Left to Right, Row One: Dennis Fitzpatrick, Gerald Troy, Terry Barcellos, Dale Landon, Mike Kasper, Tony Bettita, Larry Felesina. Row Two: Art Bayer, Duke Nursement, Chris Ault, Joe Sobeck, Jerry Ballard. Off ense Nik Walters Back Earl Nursement Halfback Larry Felesina End Orv Leao Tackle Dale Landon Center TT ' ' { ' :. ; j Skippy Jamison Back Dave Diedrichsen Guard Brian Hardy End Jim Christman Tackle Mike Kasper Guard CO o » " 7 Mike Slagle Back Bill Houk End Clint Dewitt Guard Bob Seymour Center Tom Parker Back 205 X , .J . WtfiiT ip» Ron Moore Jeiry Ballard Tackle Tailback jfe f $ " ■? ' ■■ ' -y -■ m jt m ri Bill Gaechter Back Ben Blinn Tackle Art Bayer Back Tony Martinez Halfback Bill Halkyard Back Defense Nevada ' s defense was big and strong! Left to Right, Row One: Jim Luttges, Tony Bettita, Gerald Troy, Billy Ray Holman, Ron Moore, Bugs Walton. Row Two: Ron Regan, Ben Blinn, Doug Carder. iiO WyA 1 Cris Ault Quarterback Jack Schwella End Gary Daniels Manager FOOTBALL HONORS Dale Landon All Conference First Team Jack Schw ella All Conference Second Team Tony Betita All Conference Second Team Mike Kasper All Conference Second Team Chris Ault All Conference Second Team Joe Sobeck All Conference Second Team Earl Nursement All Conference Second Team Welf ord Walton All Conference First Team Jim Luttges All Conference First Team Fred Williams All Conference First Team Doug Carder All Conference Second Team Gerald Troy All Conference Second Team va .m iwuwm ■ jr s, . JSW ' - L ' 1 i i i •to " Left to Right, Row One: Heine Olet, Wayne Laatakinan, Joe Schierne, Dave Slagle, Pete Car- penter, Steve Katzman, Chip Carder, Darrel Thompson, Hap Curley. Row Two: Lane Manroe, John Hicks, Rick Davidsaver, Ed Holmes, Kent Meaders, Tom Hamby, Vonn Krouse, John Deacon, John Espill, Bob Nielson, John Lillis, Tom Nicora - manager. Row Three: Coach Bob Donlan, Jerry Millett, John Rodgers, Dick Norton, Doug Baker, Bob Beasley, Dan Basewell, Griff Gilliand, John Burroughs, Jim Reynolds, Tim Hesket, Larry Long, Assistant Coach Bernie Gotten. r Bob Donlan Coach FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Bernie Cotten Coach 208 Coach Jack Spencer is characterized by his relaxed and calm per- sonality, which can be noticed during practice and in his office. How- ever, Coach Spencer ' s emotions change during the basketball games. As each game begins, Spencer watches the action calmly from his sideline position, but soon finds himself waving his arms excitedly try- ing to control his team ' s activity on the court. Spencer ' s enthusiasm for the caging game can also be seen in his admirable career record at Nevada. In his six years as head basketball coach, Spencer ' s teams have captured three Far Western Conference championships and have competed in the same number of playoffs with his teams always in contention for the crown. This year, Spencer ' s team not only captured the league championship, but was ranked among the top ten small college basketball teams in the nation. Viewing the entire season, Coach Spencer ' s Wolf Pack, led by four experienced seniors, was predicted by sports writers to be a " strong team, " from the beginning. The team, however, began the season with a slow start by losing its first game and winning only three of its first seven games. Then the Wolf Pack traveled to the Rock Island Tourna- ment during Christmas vacation to face two strong teams as the underdog competitor. Even so, Spencer ' s determined five came back after losing its first game to defeat strong Creighton University by one point in the most exciting game of the two-day tournament. The hard working Wolf Pack proved unbeatable from that point on as they began with an upset victory over Cal Poly in Reno ' s Cen- tennial Coliseum by a score of 84 to 83. In the next two months they proved to be Nevada ' s greatest team in many years, as Spencer ' s five defeated every opponent. The seventeen straight victories placed the Wolf Pack in first place in the Far Western Conference and ranked them number ten in the nation among small colleges, with each of the first five players receiving honors on the all-conference team. Coach Spencer ' s Wolf Pack was the " Cinderella " team of 1966. Left to Right, Row One: Nap Montgomery, Frank Bruno, Larry Moore, Bob Gilliam. Row Two: Leon Hensley, Tom Andreason, Bill Nicholson, Carl Bossieux, Jerry Hart. Row Three: Tom Smith, George Corder, Bubby For- villy, Dave Decker, George Shoenburger. BASKETBALL 1966 Far Western Conference Champions .yiis:.-. i J«k ' Sfeft f? ;,. SEASON ' S RECORD Opponent Nevada 84 Idaho State University 100 84 College of Idaho 66 98 Idaho State University 88 87 U. of Miami (Florida) 79 58 San Jose State College 77 69 Parsons College 92 45 Southern Illinois Univ. 99 49 Texas Western 86 97 Creighton University 96 84 Cal Poly 83 91 Humboldt State College 68 74 Nevada Southern 70 79 Sacramento State College 71 78 Univ. of Santa Clara 72 85 Chico State College 76 88 Univ. of California-Davis 62 88 Calif. State (Hayward) 80 103 San Fran. State College 101 78 Nevada Southern 73 90 Chico State College 70 60 Univ. of Calif omia-Davis 57 90 Sacramento State College 89 96 ' Humboldt State College 71 80 Calif. Sta te (Hayward) 69 112 San Fran. State College 100 Denotes Conference Games Tom Andreasen Frank Bruno George Corder Bob Gilliam Bubby Forvilly Jerry Hart Frank Bruno passes the basketball to Larry Moore after recovering a rebound in the Centennial Coliseum against the Broncos from Cal Santa Barbara. $. HB V Bob Gilliam goes for two 210 il Coach Jack Spencer being carried off the floor after winning Far Western Con- ference championship. Frank Bruno is seen hoisting Coach Spencer to the shoulders of Bill Nicholson. Nap Montgomery jumps over defenders to score two more points. Teammate Larry Moore is pos- ed waiting to recover the rebound. Nap Montgomery Larry Moo re Bill Nicholson Tom Smith George Shoenberger M Mmm jmr «?, mzwi. i ts-% m - J4L.S - — J«fc- Tom Andreason Frank Bruno jy ■A im Captain Napoleon Montgomery. After an oustanding per- formance in his sophomore year, Nap Montgomery returned in his junior year to become the Far Western Conference ' s leading rebounder and also maintained a scoring average of 16.8 points per game. This year, senior Nap Montgomery ' s consistency in performance has made him one of the most valuable players on the Wolf Pack team. Larry Moore. Larry Moore had an outstand- ing season in 1965 when he scored an average of 15.9 points per game and collected rebounds at an average of 10 per game. He was named to the All-Far Western Conference second team. This year, Larry Moore has maintained his sensational pace by being the team ' s leading scorer through the season and has proven his ability by controlling the backboard during the entire season. Bob Gilliam Bill Nicholson. With a fine year of basketball behind him, Bill Nicholson last year scored 298 points and captured 224 re- bounds to become a member of the All-Far Western Conference basketball team. This year Bill Nicholson showed the best per- formance of his career by leading the Wolf Pack to the Far Western Conference Championship, and again this year has been named to the all-conference second team. Larry Moore Frank Bruno. Establishing a fine reputation last year as a high spirited and hard working guard, Frank Bruno has returned this year to better his reputation. The Pittsburg flash is considered to be an all-around performer. His fine dribbling and passing have enabled him to score in the double figures, and have placed him in the position of play- maker. His superior performance throughout the season has placed Frank on the All-Conference first team. Bob Gilliam: As next year ' s only returning first stringer, Bob Gilliam transferred to the Uni- versity of Nevada with an outstanding two-year record at Elgin Junior College where he averaged 20 points per game and was the team ' s leading play- maker. Bob ' s outstanding ball control ability has made him extremely valuable to the team through- out the season, and Bob ' s pinpoint shooting ability has made him indispensable. Larry Moore and Nap Montgomery were chosen for the Far Western Con- ference first team. Bill Nicholson and Frank Bruno were selected for the second squad and Bob Gilliam was placed in the honorable mention selections. It is quite a credit for the University of Nevada to have all five players chosen for the all-conference ho nors. Bill Nicholson Nap Montgomery .Jfah Frank Bruno dribbling away from opponent Tie Ball! Jr ' A V Bob Gilliam, Nevada ' s only returning starter, drives through to Cal State defenders to score another basket as the Wolf Pack continues its winning streak. Bill Nicholson, 6 ft. 5 in. Wolf Pack center, taps a jump ball to waiting team mates as Nevada defeats San Francisco State Col- lege in the University of Nevada gym. Bill Nicholson and Nap Montgomery smother a Sacra- mento State attempt to score a basket. Larry Moore (behind Montgomery) and Frank Bruno (in back- ground) stand ready to recover the basketball. Frank Bruno, hard driving senior guard, drives through two defenders to add another basket to Nevada ' s win- ning score over the Broncos from Santa Barbara. ■■ ' ■ , .. ' •■■■■ " St : !: ' ftftti -4 1 V • pr bb § f 215 Left to Right: Dave Soli, Mark Borero, manager, Biff Gotchy, Hap Seholk, Chris Mazzola, Arne Nossum, Steve Hamilton, Lane Monroe, Scott Seher, and Coach Twardoken. SKIING This year ' s ski team was constantly plagued with in- juries and losses. Never competing with a full squad, the team had a fair season. The Wolf Pack ' s Lane Mon- roe, Arne Nassum, and Chris Mazzola were eligible for NCAA competition at Crested Butte, Colorado, in March. Monroe placed 6th in slalom and 8th in Alpine combined, while Nossum captured a 10th place in jumping. George Twardokens Coach 217 ■jlj imwmi r - . mm- : Mark Borero Manager Chris Mazzola Slalom, Downhill Lane Monroe Four-way sffj Biff Gotchy Slalom, Downhill Steve Hamilton Cross-country, Jumping Cris Mazzola exhibits his fine form in the slalom. Arne Nossum Cross-country, Jumping Hap Scholk Slalom, Downhill 218 Scott Seher Cross-country, Jumping SKIING Bob Sinnott Cross-country, Jumping 219 ■ijr-ja The young 1966 boxing team began the season with a victory over the 12th Naval District in an exhibition bout. The Wolf Pack then continued its winning streak when it traveled to Chico State College to win its first conference bout with a strong defeat over the Wild Cats on their own home ground. The undefeated Wolf Pack then traveled to the University of California at Berkeley, but the strong Golden Bears edged the Uni- versity of Nevada by one point in a hard fought series of bouts. How- ever, the Wolf Pack bounced back the following week to defeat the Golden Bears by a large margin at Nevada ' s gym. Coach Oliva ' s boxers finished the regular season by defeating the Wild Cats from Chico State by a score of 7 to 2. Now in first place, the Wolf Pack entered the league championships and compiled more victories than any of the other teams to capture the California Collegiate Boxing Conference Championship. Jimmy Olivas Coach BOXING Coach Jimmy Olivas, who was Nevada ' s coach of the year in 1965, is in his sixteenth year as boxing coach at the University of Nevada. In 1929 he was league champion in the middleweight division for three years and west coast champion in 1931. During his long career as coach in the California Collegiate Boxing Conference, Coach Olivas has led his team to more conference cham- pionships than any other coach, and during 1964 two of his team mem- bers fought their way to the final elimination rounds. Bill Georgenson 147 lbs Dave Halstead 125 lbs 220 Tony Scheuller 164 lbs Gary Silverman Heavyweight Riley Beckett 172 lbs Left to Right, Row One: Chip Carter, Duane Quick, Bill Teglia, Leonard Eatchelder, Coach Lee Newell. Row Two: Earl Wilkens, Roy Kreizenbeck, Bob Seymore, Ken Gledhill, Larry Stiff. WRESTLING reason s Record Led by Coach Lee Newell, the wrestling team had a very successful season in only the third year there has been a wrestling squad representing the University of Nevada. The first part of the season was rough but after several members of the team recovered from various illnesses the Wolf Pack became one of the three rough- est squads in the Far Western Conference. Outstanding were Duane Quick, Ray Kreizenback, Bob Seymore, Larry Stiff, John Rogers, Bill Teglia, Earl Wilkins and Chip Carter. Leonard Batchelder Chip Carter 123 lbs 177 lbs Duane Quick Bob Seymore 137 lbs 191 lbs Bill Teglia 130 lbs Earl Wilkens 160 lbs Ken Gledhill 137 lbs Larry Stiff Heavyweight Roy Kreizenbeck 167 lbs WRESTLING 223 WK I NU- - Jl .I . UWUW.I. 1 HfcWHHAlHMJiWI r orgs;-. v r I . - , - j , Left to Right, Row One: Jack Raycraft, Jim Roullas, David Chism. Row Two: John Young, Al Pierce, Ken Howard and Coach Laughter T, ennis A young tennis team did better this year than in the past several years. Coach Bob Laughter ' s key men were Ken Howard, Dave Chism, George Wisham, Jack Raycraft, Jim Roulias, John Young and Al Pierce. Many of these fine players will be back on this building season ' s record. John Raycraft Jim Roullas David Chism Ken Howard Al Pierce John Young t3 Left to Right: Ernie Maupin, Lance Hansen, Mike Myers, Gary Brafford, and Terry Gilmartin. Coach Jack Spencer continues to rebuild his squad this season after the loss of last year ' s lettermen. The Wolf Pack ' s success this season will rest on the ability of Spencer ' s young team, and on favor- able weather conditions. Last year ' s stormy weather greatly hampered the Wolf Pack in practice and during meets. However, coach Spencer believes this year ' s team has promising athletes and will finish the season with a winning record. 1965 Season ' s Record Sanoma State College Won Sacramento State College Won Chico State College Lost Humboldt State College Lost Hayward State College Lost San Francisco State College Lost U of Cal at Davis Lost B.Y.U. Lost GOLF Jack Spencer, Coach ' v 225 , -ill.- «BfJUL- AJTUSL- . TRACK Walt Laurin 440 Int. Hurdles Larry Moore High Jump The Dankworth era started at the University of Nevada during the spring of 1956 after his four years of teaching and coaching in the Los Angeles area. A product of Los Angeles, Dankworth received his edu- cation at Pepperdine College and the University of Southern Califor- nia. Dankworth in 1964, took a leave of his mentor duties to do doctoral study at Stanford University. During his first seven years on the Wolf- pack campus, Dankworth produced four undefeated conference cham- pionship teams, and one NCAA Pacific Coast Regional small college championship team. Coach Dankworth has been very instrumental in the progress and availability of statistics in all the major sports as head of the public relations within the athletic department. Thus far in 1966 season there have been some great performances: Otis Burrell-High Jump 7 ' — Best jump in U. S. this season George Puce— Shot Put 58 ' — to break school record Dave Taylor— Pole Vault 15 ' % " — to break school record Terry Forbyn-Mile, 880-4:13.6 and 1:54.3 for excellent times early in the season. Many of the other team members are continually improving their performance. " I just hope that our boys will be ready at conference time, " says Dankworth. Some people ask the question, " How does Dankworth get such great stars on his team? " For those people that know the coach, know that as long as there are men out for track, there will be stars. He has the personality that makes one give the most to each performance. As long as you hear someone say, " Hi ya big fella! " we will be in the Dankworth era. Ron Lee Mile Nap Montgomery Broad Jump and Triple Jump 0 t TRACK RECORDS 1965 Season ' s Record Event IMile 440 Yd. Dash 100 Yd. Dash 120 Yd. H.H. 220 Yd. L.H. 330 Yd. I.H. 880 Yd. Dash 220 Yd. Dash 2 Mile 3 Mile Shot Put High Jump Javelin Pole Vault Discus Long Jump Triple Jump Record Holder Ron Less Fred Williams Dick Strunk Otis Burrell Bob Challender Steve Holloway Leland Sheppard Dick McCoy Doug Kentron Doug Kentron George Puce Otis Burrell Bob Rautio Dave Taylor Bob Pedersen Bob Ritchie Al McDaniels School Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Record 4:12.3 48.2 9.5 14.4 23.3 37.7 1:52.9 21.0 9:10.3 14:09.2 58 ' 0 " 7 ' 2V 4 " 240 ' 5 " 15 ' % " 1757 " 24 ' 9% " 47W Year 1962 1965 1959 1965 1960 1963 1962 1965 1961 1963 1966 1965 1961 1966 1961 1960 1963 Nevada 114 San Francisco State 31 Nevada 116 Southern Oregon 47% Nevada 114 Hayward 31 Nevada 68 Sacramento State 77 Nevada 104 Cal Davis 41 FAR WESTERN CONFERENCE MEET Nevada 85 Sacramento State 61 Davis - 37 Hayward 33 Chico 21 San Francisco State 14 Humbolt State 4 Sonoma State NCAA SMALL COLLEGE REGIONAL MEET Long Beach State 55 Nevada - 49 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 33 Sacramento State 30 John Cercek 440 Int. Hurdles Left to Right: Houston Williamson, Phil Henrickson Otis Burrell, Vic Simmons — 440 Yard Relay. Dick McCoy 100-200 Yard Dash, 440 Relay Larry Curtis 220-440 Yard Dash « ». ' « Left to Right: Otis Burrell, Houston Williamson Dick McCoy and Bill Hatley - 440 Yard Relay. TRACK Terry Forbyn 880 Yard Run, Mile Run Howard Briles Shot Put John Riel Discus, Shot Put Ron Moore Shot Put I. ' « lUTtZr: 230 Don McCarthy Mile, 3 Mile Run Frank Lemus Mile, 3 Mile Run Left to Right: Larry Curtis, Dick McCoy, Bill Perry and Walt Laurin — Mile Relay. Rich Wilder Triple Jump, Broad Jump Vic Simmons 120 High Hurdles SS a$M ffl IJJM Houston Williamson 100-220 Yard Dash, Broad Jump, 440 Relay ». A ' . f Jmm mmm Otis Burrell iigh Jump, 120 High Hurdles, 440 Relay Not Pictured Jim Crane Javelin Gary Quilici Javelin Pat Colletti Discus John Hancock Pole Vault Al Lansdon Pole Vault Jeff Polish Pole Vault George Puce Shot Put Ken Crank 120 High Hurdles Rich Wilder Triple Jump and Broad Jump Bill Perry 440 Intermediate Hurdles, 440 Yard Dash Dave Taylor Pole Vault, Javelin Left to Right, Row One: Steve Cryer, Jim Nelson, Rod Mathisen, Rich Stevenson, George Perry Bruce Nickerson, Fred Dallimore, John Fellesina, Dan Wele, Jack Ellington, Steve Small, Dan Ander George Moran, Mike Conway. Row Two: Gary Daniels, Nik Walters, Ron Pagni, Mike Sala ' Gary Woods, Earl Nursement, Ron Bath, Mike Zuppan, Mike Sommers, Kevin Urich Lor ' nie Wagner, Owen Toy, Bob Gilliam, Steve Kosach, Coach Bill Ireland. BASEBALL Bill Ireland Coach After winning the NCAA Pacific Coast Championship last year the Wolf Pack nine are looking like they will do it again this year. Re- turning lettermen are Carl Bossieux, Fred Dallimore (who already pitched a no hitter this season), Ron Bath, Jim Nelson, Lornie Wagner, Rod Mathisen, Bob Gilliam, Bruce Nickerson, Nub Stauffer, Owen Toy, Earl Nursement, Steve Kosach, Ron Pagni, and Nik Walters. This fine baseball team is coached by Bill Ireland who came to Nevada with a fine high school coaching record. To add to his achievements he has been elected " Coach of the Year. " Nevada catcher George Perry connects for a hit against visiting University of Pacific in a Pack victory over the Tigers at Moana Park. i Q etfcA m JM . Dan Ander Infielder, 3rd Base Mike Conway Pitcher £ute? John Fellesina Utility George Moran Infielder " Angry " Nickerson Infielder, 3rd Base Steve Small Outfielder, Centerfielder Dan Wele Outfielder Fred Dallimore Pitcher Captain Jack Ellington Pitcher 1966 SEASON ' S SCHEDULE March 1 March 5 March 9 March 12 March 18 March 25 March 25 April 2 April April April April April 9 April 16 April 23 April 30 May 2 May 6 May 14 Sacramento State Philly Bookies Chico State U. of Pacific San Jose Nevada 5-3 — San Jose 7-1 Nevada Southern Won 6-1 Nevada Southern Won 6-0 Chico State Won 9-5 and 8-6 Washington State .. .Lost 3-1 U. of California Lost 6-5 Fresno State - Lost 9-1 Sacramento State Won 9-3 Washington State California State Sacramento State Humbolt State Beno Silver Sox U. of Cal Davis San Francisco State Ace Nevada pitcher Fred Dallimore demonstrates form that gave him a no hitter against Nevada Southern. wmmm ■jtmrnv Mmmmmmmmmimu, Hurrahs Nevada Mike Sala awaits ball as top player heads for first base. 3ob Gilham Steve Kosach Short Stop Catcher Captain BASEBALL Rod Mathisen Second Base Jim Nelson Pitcher 234 •M y£ Earl Nursement Right Fielder Ron Pagni Infielder George Perry Catcher Mike Sala First Base J uk Steve Sommers Pitcher Rich Stevenson Pitcher Mike Zuppan Pitcher Owen Toy Left Fielder u, Jfod - font Kevin Urich Pitcher Lornie Wagner First Base Nick Walters Centerfield Gary Woods Catcher Wolf Pack base runner digs in to grab first base as Pacific infielder awaits ball. BUS 235 m mmmmmm- m m. . wuiiii§ij«LmL tc! i.v --«iv-. aflB-.. ' v 1 iilSiSliS p 2 ■■■■■ : 11 tilt; mm ; || tn fill ?P «iiii,5 ' :;;$« S Eml -tgy. li 1 -v.... ' . .? vV- ' ...JIPPL-. • v tlir fc ■ ' . ' . ' . ' .. ' A A . V, ilL ■H ;%« ...„ ■■ ■«■■ ;V;fc;f itlll ■HI aa Warn ' " SbSsIMwIk il A A AA ' A ■ ' : ' ■ ' ; ' ' ;A SI IP I ■R Ifl rlif " ' Al " " " . Ai p w 236 AROUND THE l fip5 s W tw 237 ! .l.y ' Av. « .. ' . y I ' m going to tell my mother! REGISTRATION Registration came once again, and with it all of the normal insanity. Confused freshmen, bewildered sophomores, and dazzeled juniors and seniors alike are sub- jected to this torture, but, somehow, they survive it and classes begin. Funny how girls usually get better service than boys. Oh! Here ' s your measurements. The mob descends. f » »■ r That ' s what it says; she wants weightlifting 210! ► t 1 LJrA TREK-NEK Each year the annual Trek-Nek initi- ates the school year for freshmen and campus leaders alike. It is at this time that orientation begins to acquaint the new students with our campus. This year ' s Trek-Nek was headed by Joel Tew, but due to illness in his family ASUN President Mike Ingersoll took over. With freshmen busy on the beach, the " leaders ' take time out for the " pause that refreshes. " f i President Mike speaks to the Freshmen. It is at this time that freshmen receive their first real " con " job from upperclassmen. Maturity reigns at all times. Good food made everyone feel just great. 239 " " , ■ SPWIPR The school year was to see many things, vi- tal periphery for our academic community. Kess Island was salvaged for the ducks, many time honored traditions were forgotten in the rush of University life, and the " play " of cam- pus existence continued. ft fclfc ' ' ' Me study? Are you joking? Kess Island was salvaged. ■ ' ; - • ' . .i-»- «mMh ELECTIONS Elections this year were marked by the poorest voter turnout in recent years, with only 25% of eligible voters going to the polls. The results of the general election were close for all the offices, with ATO Bennie Ferarri capturing Senior class president and SN Tom Myers winning Frosh class president. The proposed amendment to the Constitu- tion concerning the independent Senate seat lacked the re- quired percentage required for passage, and thus was dropped. Say, you silly guys, I ' d sure be good to ya if you ' d give me your vote. I ' m a hairy chested man. Please. Anyone who doesn ' t vote for Bennie gets it right over the head. ■jmmiy ' . »JUW L sJKittk lVia JSKi-lJi Ten to one she breaks his nose. For the last time — Keep your hand s to yourself! I don ' t know what your doing, but it looks great. Bible . . . Booze and . . . Bobby. And there ' s more where that came from. Hey, how bout switching dates? OH . . . Something just popped! OCTOBER DANCES Ooooh, that put hair on my chest One coke, and look what happens. W - ■$ • J jM " mt i W ' V ' 2H l,i 1 Jfl Mr SB B . tli Wonder what kind of show he ' s going to put on. Get it on. Do I look as stupid as you do out here? i l.y i-. .-safe. ■ y COMIC RODEO After an absence of a few years the " Comic Rodeo " returned this year under the support of the Aggie Club. Over 700 people trecked out to the Steen Ranch to watch and take part in the activities. Sig- ma Nu took first place honors in the men s competition and Gamma Phi ' s won the trophies in the women ' s division. Jeanne Delong and Gino Martini were crowned King and Queen of the rodeo. Looks like they ' re after a man instead of a cow. Ooooh, I just can ' t touch it. I . . . Want . . . Off . . . Some took some pretty rough spills. Now I ' ve got it, what do I do with it? Tony Butala, Jim Pike and Bob Engemann. THE LETTERMEN Only about 500 students attended the first Union Board sponsored program, causing a financial loss. The Lettermen, however, were thoroughly enjoyed by those attending and the performance was one of the finest on campus this year. Keeping up a con- stant flow of humor and wit, they punctuated their show with short trips into the audience and a little student participation (with a special highlight of a solo from Sagebrush Editor Sig Rogich). % I .. ' ., I 3iPiwwBS Miiin»ffle rrT -nsBT Cries of " Checkmate " were heard again and again in the Dining Com- mons as George Koltanowski played 30 simultaneous games of chess against any comers, WHILE at the same time lecturing on the history and strategy of chessmanship. Kolta- nowski writes a Chess Column for the San Francisco Chronicle, is tourna- ment organizer for the West Coast area, and has written several books on the subject of Chess. George Koltanowski, master chess player Robert Miller, International Correspondent. He proceeded to stump many an opponent. " Viet Nam, Colossal Blunder or Courageous Action? " was the topic chosen by Robert Miller when he spoke here on campus for the Scripps Lecture Series. Miller is a roving correspondent for the UPI and has spent some time in Viet Nam. Homecoming Committee Members - Standing Left to Right, Darrel Drake, LeRoy Getchell, Craig Howard, Mike Smithwick, Marvin Murphy, Mike Stephenson, Jeff Reeves. Seated, Mike Jackson, Joe Beloso, Dave Russell, Chairman; Marty Fetzer, Ed Parsons. Not Pictured, Jim Baker, Ginny Gilbert, Dave Diedrichsen, Sherry Burroughs, and Dan Anderson. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE Homecoming action was under the direc- tion of Dave Russell. It was because of the long hours that Dave and his committee de- voted that made this year ' s Homecoming activities the best ever. The " We Five " started off the Homecoming activities. The Wolves Frolic followed under the direction of John Gasque. The first annual Beaver Bowl was a total success. A victory dance held at the Centennial Coliseum was the finale of a very successful Homecoming week. .- « Dave Russell j Chairman 247 -jmmi izmmsmFms " WOLVES FROLIC 1965 " I One of the Sigma Nu ' s beautiful A Go Go Girls. A large crowd attended frolic. Backstage frolic often saw more action than on stage Stop that you silly boy Hours and hours of rehearsals and then more work went into the presentation of Wolves Frolic; this year under the direction of John Gasque. There were some outstanding skits, and then, well there were some others . . . but all were funny. The Sigma Nu and Gamma Phi skits won first place honors and the frolic closed with an ad lib (and I mean ad lib) finale by the Sundowners. The Lambda Chi ' s campaigned for Nevada Southern. Cathy Cobega did a Hawaiian dance that was a real crowd pleaser. Gamma Phi Beta Winning Skit Sigma Nu Winning bkit ATO ' s put on a play football game. Theta ' s did a take-off on Cat Ballou. •- ' SMWPWREI »! .S-i;.-.1Bltf: ' V SN Dave Dee captured 1st place honors in the cross country race. Pretty Jackie Zeigler receives her crown from Governor Sawyer. The wolf pack made it a victorious homecoming. " FT WHW Governor Sawyer, Mr. Henry Clark, and President Armstrong watch the 1965 Homecoming game. and the Band lent its full support to the festivities. $hhig " WE FIVE " The performance of the " We Five " pleased all. The Jot Travis Union Board pre- sented the " We Five " as the ' 65 Homecoming entertainment. They showed their versatility by singing anything from folk music to rock and roll to ballads. .... i A, i -. . . «»» ■ -v .--. fe-swijcj A football? . . . Well it ' s kind of round and brown, with a white stripe around it . . . BEAVER BOWL A new tradition was started this year with the occurrence of the Beaver Bowl, which was a total success. A football game that matched Greek wom- en against Independent women, the bowl saw everything from bruises to one broken arm in a game that ended 6-0 in favor of the Greeks. If I can ' t get her down, I ' ll just rip her shirt off. Oh no, I ' m going the wrong way. It ' s like this team, we lost the football. I ' ll run right over this chick Enthusiastic workers? Ow! That ' s my finger. FLOATS Would you look at that babe over in the corner? In warehouses scattered throughout the city students burned the midnight oil getting floats together once again for the annual Homecoming Parade. Following the theme, " American Travelogue, " floats were constructed portraying everything from a rodeo to a huge ship. Now we ' re up here . . . What ' ll we do? Hey, they stuff even worse than we do. 253 . l.: - iv.«H ' y HOMECOMING DANCE College of Agriculture entry won third prize in " B " division. ,:i " Virginia City Cemetery " won second place, " B " division, for the Newman Club. Pi Phi, Theta Chi, and Lambda Chi joined to win fourth place, " A " division, with a Reno jackpot. A age w ySKs — - - im mm. fcj llPm. Artimisia-Lincoln won fifth place, " A " division with a Washington D.C. scene. Cape Kennedy by SAE, PSK, and GPB captured third place in the " A " division. ONS aw fe« sa ffi?-gss?f , .©. ' ar ?- " The Sundowner ' s elegant entry captured no place. Manzanita ' s float, " Crush the Aggies " ranked sixth in the " A " division. _J? S St- P y.. Renewable Natural Resources Float. Juniper and White Pine Halls captured seventh place for their entry, " Pic-A-Pac " Wolf Pack. Theta and ATO teamed up to take second place honors in the " A " division, for their float, " Wipe Out the Aggies. " 255 " . Ami I K . Wk , ' y Crowds gathered at the Centennial Coliseum. Left, One . . . Two, Right, One . . . Two. Actually I like the guy in the tight pants myself. Well, I don ' t really think I ' m THAT handsome. HOMECOMING FLOATS A victory dance was held at the Centennial Coliseum Saturday night, where everyone danced to the music of Maurice and the Mark IV. Trophies were presented to the winners of float and frolic during the intermission. The dance was a fitting close to a fine weekend. She ' s holding his pants up. 256 MM «k, ■ y Tri-Delt- Sigma Nu Float, " Pendleton Oregon, ' captured " A " division first place honors. Sigma Nu ' s also took first place in frolic competition in the men ' s division. Gamma Phi Beta (not pictured) took first place in the women ' s division. SN DDD The Wolf Pack rolled over the Aggies. ' We Five " entertain at the Homecoming Assembly. wmrnm t i ■- w ' y Ballots are tallied after the vote on the Union Fee Raise. The students voted on a proposition that enabled the Student Union Fee to be raised by $2.50 per person to help meet additional ex- penses. With the additional money the Union Board hopes to provide more complete services for the students. Union Board President, Tony Oxborrow, gleams his approval of the results. Dean Basta approves the donation to the Marine Corps Reserve Civic Action Fund for Vietnam. A check was pre- sented to Major Cull, USMC, by John Osse, President of the University New- man Club. 257 Queen Denise and Cadet Col. Bennie walk through the saber arch. Charles Gould and His Satin Strings entertained. Left, one two; right, one two. Bennie got a little bit of bull. 258 Ugg, me love um white queen. You ' re next, you little cutie. Oh, here we go again. and everyone danced? 259 A qP9P H " l " v ? mRBNMHWWlL.JUJ . v«. l ■ J K — «fc! " V Dr. Morrison of the English Department prepares to talk. VIET NAM SEMINAR One of the most interesting events of the semester occurred with a roving seminar dealing with the highly controversial Viet Nam question. Various professors gave their views on the situa- tion, and though they were very divergent, much thought was stimulated. BLOOD DRIVE The University of Nevada received national recognition and a personal thank-you from the President of the United States, because of the blood drive to obtain blood for soldiers in Viet Nam. Through the tremendous job done by Mike Ingersoll and Mike Smith wick the University donated more blood than any other University in the Nation. People stood in line for hours to donate the more than 400 pints that set a na- tional record. Mike Smithwick and Mike Ingersoll watch Chancellor Miller endorse the Viet Nam Blood Drive. Before students could give blood they had to answer a myriad of questions. Some were pretty scared, but braved the ordeal anyway. Chairman Mike was one of the first to donate. 261 One of the new dances, or a personal invention? Here I go. Watch me! Watch me! Your arms are bigger than mine. Do I look as stupid as you do? FORMALS Look at that; the bartender ' s passed : i j it. - mt ' 3 Kiss me, you fool. Mouth to Mouth resuscitation? I.MM. HLJML. i. m ak , k. jl. j :■;; ; ;: : ■ " " Many stayed up all night studying Dah . . . What? Me Worry? Registration is a trying time for all. m " v» FINALS A ND REGISTRATION The weeks of finals and registration are the most confusing, hectic times in the students Uni- versity time. Haggard faces, bloodshot eyes and perplexed stares dominate the appearances on campus; but as always they make it, (well most of them anyway). some just looked like they did. I hope somebody up there likes me! I ' ll die before I get through this. President Armstrong introducing Chancellor Miller. CHANCELLOR ' S INSTALLATION Chancellor Miller was installed February 11 in the University of Nevada gymnasium. The introduction and investiture was given by President Armstrong, and the honored Dr. Rodger W. Heyns, Chan- cellor at Berkeley, was the principal speaker. Dr. Miller was bom in Houston, Texas. He and his wife and two daughters moved to Reno to accept the position of chancellor last September. Although Chan- cellor Miller has been on our campus but a few months, he has become a respected and close friend to all. Through Chancellor Mil- ler ' s efforts a closer relationship between students and administration has been obtained. The Chancellor has filled a place long needed by this university. 267 wm mr mmmic. . kMU , K mh i y Left to Right, Row One: Michele Feutsch, Gretchen Geyer, Craig Howard, Rosie Garland, Pam Lee, Karen Marion. Row Two: Joe Guild, Calvin Reed, Gerry Roberts, Chris Key, Bob Corkren, Ed Parsons, Dave Russell, Mike Woodhead. WINTER CARNIVAL The tremendous success of the twenty-fifth annual Winter Carnival was achieved only through the combined effort of the hard working Winter Carnival Committee. Although Nevada placed third, it was a very successful meet. This year ' s meet was the largest held in the United States. Under Craig Howard, the committee did an outstanding job in planning and running Win- ter Carnival for 1966. Craig Howard Chairman 268 WINNING DECORATIONS PI BETA PHI SIGMA NU The open house was well attended. P ' EMJ Nevada ' s Glide to Glory. Sororities and fraternities worked hard to prepare the decorations for the Thursday night open houses in honor of the visiting ski teams. The Pi Phi ' s and Sigma Nu ' s teamed up to take first place honors for the best decoration. Each sorority rented a band to liven up things. i KR m, ■ y ■ ..!«.. sn : DELTA DELTA DELTA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON THETA CHI Third Place ' Nevada Spirit Shows the Way. " GAMMA PHI BETA . i LAMBDA CHI ALPHA I j PHI SIGMA KAPPA P A tit K Fourth Place ' Sierra Snowland. " Til " Schuss to Victory. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Second Place JACK BEDIENT AND THE CHESSMEN The largest crowd at any entertain- ment in the last couple of years attend- ed the Winter Carnival Show featuring Jack Bedient and The Chessmen. These three not only showed talent in the realm of singing but in showmanship as well. For once the students seemed thoroughly pleased for their money spent. The Chessmen ' Little Kevin ' ' Big Jack " " Little Billy ' The Winter Carnival Fashion Show Another highlight of Carnival Weekend was the annual fashion show. Fashions were modeled not only by Queen Candidates but also by representatives from the vari- ous living groups. vMw , k. t!L . ■ y Freezing temperatures gravely hampered the annual torchlight parade, but the weather warmed some for the remainder of the carnival. Though the Wolf Pack came in third it was still a most successful meet, and one of the biggest in the United States. Former Skimister Lane Monroe suffered a tough break when he lost his ski in the slalom, but once again came through to be one of the most outstanding skiers of the entire carnival. Fine form from a Nevada Man. I ' d wip um all in ping pong I bet! - V The judging stand at sky tavern. K ' y ' ■ «K , THE CHi PACE 1 N r Vi kjjfflPBPi . Si m ' -£zr Q p i i i Ir- g wjgajg «-,v •■ 4RMQ3 £ i NGING OF iVADA ■WtHUWJLU AJflW : v»« W. , k. «L. ' y ( The play, " Candida. " Maurice Beesley and Mike Thompson. CANDIDA The campus production of George Bernard Shaw ' s play Candida re- ceived hike-warm, if not cold cri- tiques from many University stu- dents, although it was termed a " pleasant play. " The play featured Andrea Steffanic, Maurice Beesley, Mike Thompson, Doug Copsey, and Trudy McMahan. CHANCELLOR ' S SYMPOSIUM Students and faculty discuss problems in the Travis Lounge. March saw another innovation at the University of Nevada when a " Symposium " was held to air views about problems surrounding the campus. Faculty, administration and students pooled their views in informal talks that lasted through- out the day. The Symposium was held to promote better communi- cation, help supply suggestions and to gain new ideas regarding prob- lems at the University. 273 » I , 1J-.MWC ELECTIONS This year ' s elections saw an outstand- ing job done by all candidates not only in regard to campaigning but also relating to the conduct involved. The outcomes saw a surprising sweep of many offices by the Men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the Women of Kappa Alpha Theta. ASUN President Dave Russell speaks at the Election Assembly. Hard campaigning was done by all. The voting went with record turnouts. Often the electioning amounted to who could do the best job of " slinging it. " The long wait for the returns. 274 - The mass in front of the Student Union continued all day. 275 OUTSTANDING GREEKS Arnold Hansmann presents awards to Elfrena Sewell, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Bill Chaffin, Sigma Nu. Whew! I wish he ' d put his arm down! Left to Right, Sitting: Michele Sala, Kathy Sturn, Mike Stephenson, Elfrena Sewell and Carolyn Hicks. Standing: Marc Ratner, Chris Key, Gary Silverman, Gregg Zive, Daryl Drake, Dave Russell, and Frank Bilbao. MACKAY DAY COMMITTEE Mike Stephenson Chairman Under the hard work and leadership of the Mackay Day chairman, Mike Stephenson and his committee, Mackay Day proved to be one of the most successful ever. Glen Yarborough highlighted the assembly on Friday night, Saturday was cele- brated with the luncheon and song team competition, the ATO- SAE lawn party, and the dance that evening. Part of the tradition of Mackay Day is the traditional growing of beards by all the men. The weekend festivities took its toll of more than just a few. i Everyone dresses in western atire on Friday, or are subject to the " Buckaroo Court. " The " IFC Pasture Party " is one of the most favored of all Mackay Day activities. The spirit of Mackay Day spread like wild fire and most everyone joined in the fun. The obstacle races began on Manzanita Lake to initiate a fun-filled day of competition. f7V vflj«l , : van . ' ' J «p Alpha Tau Omega Hi SONG ... «.ght, Row One: Calvin Reed Jr., Jack Gilbert, Doug Copsey. Two: Mike Casey, Jerry Rosebush, Bennie Ferrari, Pat Griffin. Left to Right, Row One: Diane Nelson, Suzanne Ferris, Pat Semenza, Sharon Marvel, Jane Williams, Marsha Marvel, Nikki Tyler, Karen Hungerford. Delta Delta Delta Left to Right: Joe Armel, Rick Friedman Bob Newmeyer. Sigma Nu Gamma Phi Beta TEAMS Left to Right: Melani Murray, Mu riel Paille, Linda Hoover, Julie Cassinelli, Ada Kelly, Lou Breen. Left to Right: Ken Cledhill. William Combs, Joshua Landish, Steve Dawson, Joe Waage Phi bigma Kappa Left to Right: Patti Williams, Delores Barcellos, Debbie Moore, Sam King, Patsy Bollensen. Pi Beta Phi wmm mp - mmm jw : Mm , ! k ifv . ' If Left to Right: Marianne Barton, Jody Dube, Mary Morrison, Janet Emmons, Tony Desalvo. WINNING SONG TEAMS Kappa Alpha Tlieta bigma Alpha Epsilon Left to Right: Sig Rogich, Rick Shelby, Tom Marshall. Artemisia Hall Juniper Hall Left to Right: Betsy Crawford, Dixie Sprager, Marcie Zeigler, Patty Miller, Sylvia Hamilton, Joan Westover, Julie Phillips. Left to Right: Ann Cluver, Frani Forsman, Jean Sharp, Mary Nesmith, Cecilia Miller, Jan Packard, Betty Banta, Cherie Russel, 282 UGLY MAN Each year the Spurs sponsor the annual Ugly Man Dance, which serves the double purpose of rais- ing money for worthwhile WUS Service Projects and bringing spe- cial recognition to all those campus uglies who throughout the year re- main unheeded, unheralded, and unloved. This year " Ugliest " was Michael Vincent Smithwick who has in every way lived up the honor. Mike captured the crown for Sigma Alpha Epsilon for the third consecutive time proving beyond a doubt where the ugly men dwell. Tony Riccardi Sigma Nu Jim Crane Independent Michael Vincent Smithwick Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jim Marshall Phi Sigma Kappa Lew Carnahan Alpha Tau Omega Karl Ritterby Theta Chi Steve Katzmann Lambda Chi Alpha 283 essse HISTORIES AND INDEX w,.;v«. - i ' U ■$ 285 LJWJ vMW v jwl. ' y «pi SENIOR HISTORIES Adams, Robert: (Journalism) Sigma Delta Chi, Professional Journalism Society; Press Club; Uni- versity of Nevada Cadet Officers Club; 1964-1965 Sierra Guard Commander; ROTC Drill Team; Joseph MacDonald Journalism Scholarship, first and second year Kerak Temple Awards; Ameri- can Legion Commander ' s Trophy. Allen: Lynn: Gamma Phi Beta, social chairman, magazine chairman; Spurs; Sagens, secretary- treasurer; Ski Club; WRA; AWS Council, cor- responding secretary; handbook editor, publicity chairman; Wolves Frolic; Young Republicans; YWCA. Alstrum, Daniel: (Economics) Sundowners, vice- president. Anderson, B. Jeffrey: (Physics Mathematics) Newman Club; Intramural Tennis; Model United Nations; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; 1965 Joe E. Moose Award in Physics; Edgerton, Ger- meshausen, and Grier Scholarship in Physics; Armanko Supply Scholarship in Physics; Honor Roll. Anderson, Timothy C: Sigma Delta Chi; Press Club; Sagebrush, sports editor 1963-64; Track; Apartment N Club. Andreotti, Larry: (Psychology) Sigma Nu, pledge trainer; Sagers; Blue Key; Psi Chi, president; U.R.P. Fellowship. Baker, Jim: Coffin and Keys; Blue Key; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sundowners; Sigma Delta Chi; Inter-Fraternity Council, rush chairman; Home- coming Committee, 1965; Freshman Football, VNCC; Inter-Fraternity Council, president; Sen- ior Class President candidate. Ballew, Gary I.: Independent Council, junior year: AIME Student Chapter, senior year; Sigma Tau Honorary, (engineering fraternity), junior and senior years. Blankenburg, Carol Jean: (Elementary Educa- tion) Pi Beta Phi, pledge scholarship chairman, pledge trainer, assistant house manager, stand- ards board; Eta Epsilon; Wolves Frolic. Boswell, John: Speech and Drama; Sagers; De- bate Team; Intramural Sports; Sigma Nu, his- torian; Second Place in debate tournament in California; Speech Correctionist. Branche, Betty: SNEA, vice-president; program chairman, president; Young Democrats; Editorial Staff of the Brushfire; English Club; Le Cercle Francais; Nevada Representative at the SNEA, TEPS, and NEA Conventions (1965) in Washing- ton, D. C, and New York City. Canepa, Eugene Cleve: (Foreign Affairs) Debate Team; Lead role in " Fantastic " , 1965 drama; University Singers; French Club; Russian Slide Lecture; Ski Club; Sagens. Casazza, Sharon: Gamma Phi Beta, chapter pres- ident, scholarship chairman, float chairman; Cap and Scroll, vice-president; Sagens; Spurs, housing chairman for convention; Senate; Phi Alpha Theta; Panhellenic Council; Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities. Gates, Phyllis Goytino: Kappa Alpha Theta; Pan- hellenic Council; WRA; SNEA, state president; AWS Council; AWS Fashion Show chairman; Artemesia Staff; Cap and Scroll, president; Spurs; Honor Roll. Ceccerelli, Pat: (Journalism) Delta Delta Delta; Press Club; Sagebrush; Artemisia; Winter Car- nival Committee; Ski Club; WRA. Chaffin, Bill: (Political Science) Sigma Nu, lieu- tenant and commander; Blue Key; Sagers; Junior Men ' s Senator-At-Large; ASUN first vice-presi- dent; ASUN President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Pi Sigma Alpha. Conklin, Thomas Robert: Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Mackay Day Committee; IFC President, 1965; Buzzy Marks Trophy for Sportsmanship. Cooney, JackR. Jr.: Sagers; Junior IFC; UNCOC; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Young Dem- ocrats; Brushfire, business manager; Publications Board; Ski Club; Honors English. Cooper, Barbara J.: WRA; Newman Club; Young Republicans; Senate; SNEA; AWS; John Henry Cardinal Newman Honorary Society. Cooper, Kristen Dare: (Political Science) Kappa Alpha Theta, president, treasurer; Women ' s Rec- reation Association, vice-president, volleyball manager; Panhellenic Council; AWS Council; Sagens; Senior Class Committee; Wolves Frolic; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Cap and Scroll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Honor Roll. Cornwall, Roger: (Pre-Medical) Winter Carni- val Chairman; Winter Carnival Tournament Di- 286 rector; Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge trainer, rush chairman, social chairman; Junior Class Commit- tee; Leadership Conference; President ' s Cabinet; Blue Key; Sagers; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta, president; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Crook, Joyce: Lambda Delta Sigma, president sophomore and junior years; Sagens; Danforth Award, 1965. Davis, Sheila: AWS Vice-President; Delta Delta Delta, chaplain; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Sigma Al- pha; SNEA; Sagens; Cap and Scroll, secretary- treasurer; Judicial Board; ASUN Elections Board; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. DeSantis, Andrea E. (Nuclear Engineering) Sa- gens, AWS representative; Sigma Tau, secretary; Engineers ' Day Committee, 1964-65-66; Winter Carnival Committee; Spurs, vice-president; WRA; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Queen of Hearts; Sen- ate, Engineering senator; AWS Council; Inde- pendent Council, secretary; American Nuclear Society, secretary; Nevada Representative to the first International Conference of Women Engi- neers and Scientists; Carrie Layman Scholarship; Josephine Beam Freshman Scholarship, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Ennis, Mari Kae: International Club; CCUN; Student YWCA; CCA; Folk and Square Dance; ASUN Library Committee; Model United Na- tions; Phi Kappa Phi; CCUN, secretary; Inter- national Club, social chairman; YWCA Cabinet; YWCA President; Chairman, ASUN Library Committee. Escallier, Paul Melvin: (Mechanical Engineering) ASME, treasurer; Sigma Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon; Leah Cashman Scholarship. Fenstermaker, Ruth: Gamma Phi Beta, corre- sponding secretary, outstanding pledge scholar- ship; Mother ' s Club Scholarship; WTA; AWS Council, orientation chairman; Aggie Club, treas- urer and historian; Rodeo Club; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Fleischmann Agriculture Scholarships for three years; Mary S. Dalton Scholarship; Nevada State Horsemen ' s Scholar- ship. Ferrari, Bennie: (Political Science) Alpha Tau Omega; Senior Class President; Brigade Com- mander (ROTC); Men ' s Upper Class Committee; UNCOC, president; Mike Ingersoll Memorial Lecture Foundation; Military Ball Chairman; Varsity Basketball; Distinguished Military Stu- dent; Superior Cadet Decoration Award (ROTC); Cadet Colonel (ROTC); Griffin-Miller Speech finalist. Forvilly, Frank Hansen: (Education) Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Sundowners; Phi Epsilon Kappa; SNEA; Intramural Coach; Au- debon Society, secretary; Track. Freeman, Joyce: Artemesia Editor, 1965-66; Ar- temisia Editor, 1964-65; Sagens; Managing Editor of Sagebrush; Kappa Alpha Theta; Activities; Calendar Editor Yearbook; WRA, manager; Pub- lications Board; WRA, Executive Board; Harry Holmshaw Scholarship; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Friedhoff, Lynn: Spurs; Sagens; Phi Alpha Theta, secretary; Phi Sigma Alpha; Delta Delta Delta; WRA. Fuetsch, Carl T.: (Geography) Freshman Class President; Sagers; ASUN Senate; Junior Men ' s Senator-at-Large; Finance Control Board; Publi- cations Board; Chairman Academic Committee and Senate Steering Committee; Senate Func- tions Committee; ASUN Senate, president pro tern; AIME; Ski Club; Sigma Nu, pledge trainer, float chairman, Winter Carnival decoration chair- man; Upper Class Committee; Womens ' Ski Team Coach, University of Nevada; Young Republicans. Furrow, Larry: (Education) Alpha Tau Omega; Blue Key; Men ' s Upper Class Committee; Cadet Officer ' s Club, vice-president; Distinguished Mil- itary Student. Gay nor, John S., Jr.: Varsity Football and Junior Varsity Football; Debate Team; Boxing Team; UNCOC, president. Gezelin, Mary Kay: (Elementary Education) Kappa Alpha Theta, first vice-president, pledge trainer; Artemesia Staff; Panhellenic Council; SNEA, secretary-treasurer; Songteam; Chairman of Mackay Day Committee; University Singers; WRA; Songleader; Spurs; Sagens, historian; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Military Ball Queen Attendant; Honor Roll. Hartman, Don Robert: (Education) Manager of freshman football and varsity football; Block N Society; UNCOC; SNEA, refreshments chairman; Counter Guerilla Training. Harwood, Diane J.: Delta Delta Delta, vice-pres- ident, historian, AWS representative; AWS Queen Chairman; ASUN Senator from College of Edu- cation; Ski Club; SNEA; AWS Fashion Show; ASUN Academic Standards Committee; Sagens; Float Chairman, Delta Delta Delta; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Heinen, Shirley Ann: (Nursing) Delta Delta Del- ta; ASUN Public Relations Chairman; ASUN Library Committee; Nevada Student Nurses ' As- sociation; YMCA; CCA. 287 w ! } v «i. " j w Hicks, Carolyn Elizabeth: (Nursing) Gamma Phi Beta; Nevada Student Nurses ' Association; Junior Class Committee; ASUN Public Relations Com- mittee, 1964; 1966 Mackay Day Committee; 1963 Military Ball Queen Candidate. Hill, Harry James Jr.; (Business Education) The- ta Chi, scholastic chairman, assistant athletic di- rector; SNEA; Young Democrats, vice-president 1963, board of directors 1965; National Business Education Association; Western Business Educa- tion Association; Nevada Business Education As- sociation. Isbell, Karen: (Nursing) Delta Delta Delta; ASUN Public Relations Committee; Nevada Stu- dent Nurses ' Association; Women ' s Ski Team; Wolves Frolic; WRA; University of Nevada Ro- deo Queen Candidate; AWS Fashion Show; Ski Club. Ingersoll, Michael: (Political Science) ASUN President; Junior Class President; Alpha Tau Omega; Chairman, John F. Kennedy Bookfund Drive; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Publication Board; Finance Control Board; Freshman Bas- ketball; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Freshman Class Committee, Execu- tive Committee; Pi Sigma Alpha; President ' s Council; Senate. Jacobs, Molly: (Elementary Education) Little Sisters of Minerva; Freshman Class Committee; SNEA; Assistant Editor of Artemesia; Copy Edi- tor of Artemesia; WRA; Faculty Editor of Arte- mesia; Activities Editor of Artemesia. Jeffrey, Glenda: Manzanita Hall Association; Newman Club; SNEA. Johnson, Deanna: SNEA; Spurs; Sagens, AWS Representative; Homecoming Princess. Johnson, Marie Pearle: Rodeo Club; Aggie Club; Secretary of Aggie Comic Rodeo 1965; Secretary of Rodeo Club, 1963 and 1965; A. J. Questa 4-H Scholarship, Junior and Senior years. Jones, Marilyn: ASUN Aviary, secretary; UN Incomplete Fitness Program, vice-chairman; Un. of Nevada Representative to the Armed Recruit- ment Program; Received the Anti-Basti Quasi- Biamni Medal (copper) for Outstanding Service Most of the Time; Member of Gamma Potati Del- ta Tomati Alpha. Reiser, Gretchen: Kappa Alpha Theta; Song Team on Mackay Day; WRA bowling. Kess, Karen McDonald: Kappa Alpha Theta, his- torian, house manager, recording secretary, song team (2 yrs.); Yearbook Living Group Editor (2 yrs.); Honor Code Committee; Spurs; AWS Coun- cil; AWS Banquet Chairman; AWS Judicial Board; Justice Student Judicial Council; Pi Sig- ma Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Kinne, Kirk: (Physical Education) Alpha Tau Omega, house president, pledge class president; Men ' s Upper Class Committee; Inter-Fraternity Council, vice-president; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Phi Epsilon Kappa. MacKenzie, Mary Lou: Kappa Alpha Theta; WRA; SNEA; Winter Carnival Committee 1964; Sophomore Class Committee; Junior Class Com- mittee. Martin, Toni: (English) Delta Delta Delta, social chairman; Sagebrush — Pussycat Column; Ski Club; Wolves Frolic; Winter Carnival Fashion Show Model; Winter Carnival Princess; Best Dressed Coed 1964; Mackay Day Queen Candi- date. Maslach, Sylvia Lucille: Newman Club; SNEA, vice-president; Manzanita Hall Association; ACEI; Phi Kappa Phi. Maupin, Michele: (French) Kappa Alpha Theta, president, vice-president, standards chairman; Sagens; Spurs; Junior and Senior Women ' s Sen- ator- At-Large; Finance Control Board; Publica- tions Board; AWS Council; Panhellenic Council, Mackay Day Committee; Little Sisters of Miner- va; Phi Kappa Phi; Cap and Scroll; Phi Alpha Theta; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Maupin, Michon: Kappa Alpha Theta; ASUN 2nd Vice-President; Senate; Student Union Board Calendar Chairman; Spurs; Sagens; Phi Kappa Phi; Cap and Scroll; Phi Alpha Theta; Ginsberg Award; 2nd Runner-Up in the National College Queen Pageant; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. McCarroll, Judy: Sagens; Juniper Hall Associa- tion President 1965; Transfer 3; Mackay Day Queen Candidate. Milligan, Lyn Armbruster: Pi Beta Phi; Song- leader (2 yrs.); Freshman Class Committee; Arts and Science Senator; Nevada-Anns; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Nevada College Queen; Spurs; Sagens; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Murphy, Charles M.: (Pre-Law) Lambda Chi Alpha, correspondent, pledge trainer, first vice- president; Senator-At-Large; Finance Control Board; Publications Board; Senate; Sagers; Blue Key; Sophomore Class Committee; Homecoming Committee; Winter Carnival Committee; Election Board; Executive Committee; President ' s Cabi- 288 net; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha, vice-presi- dent; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Natucci, Suzi: Sagens, president; Spurs; 1964 Homecoming Committee, secretary; 1964 Winter Carnival Publicity Chairman; Gamma Phi Beta, standards chairman, song chairman, Founder ' s Day chairman, fashion show chairman; AWS Fashion Show; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Theta; Cap and Scroll; Felice Cohn Scholarship; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Nelson, Diane Kay: (History) Delta Delta Delta, scholarship chairman; WRA. Nichols, Donald O. Jr.: (Accounting) Outstanding Freshman Accounting Student; Outstanding Jun- ior Accounting Student; six semesters on Honor Roll; Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society; Phi Kappa Phi. Nolan, Suzanne: Kappa Alpha Theta; Little Sis- ters of Minerva; SNEA, Jr. and Senior years; WRA, Freshman and Sophomore years; Home- coming Queen Candidate, Sophomore year. Oppio, Marcia: University Band Majorette 1961; Songleader 1961-62; Head Songleader 1962-64; Ski Club 1961-62; Winter Carnival Fashion Show 1962; German Club 1962-63; Young Republicans 1961-62. O ' Shaughnessy, Michael Brian: (B.S. in Manage- ment) Beta Gamma Sigma, Honorary Business Fraternity; Delta Sigma; Lincoln Hall, president; Advisory Committee to the Director of Housing. Oxborrow, D. Anthony (Tony): President, Jot Travis Student Union Board; Travis Union Spe- cial Events; Publicity and Public Relations Chair- man; Sagers, treasurer; Blue Key; Alpha Epsilon Delta, honorary premedical fraternity; AS UN President ' s Cabinet; ASUN Senator (A S); ASUN Senate Academic Standards Committee Chairman; Ski Club; Outstanding Sagers Pledge; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. Ratner, Marc Henry: Varsity Baseball; Varsity Track; Sagebrush Business Manager; Mackay Day Committee; Publications Board; Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treasurer; Wolves Frolic; First Annual Mofoak Scholarship. Reese, Carolyn: Sagens; WRA; Military Ball Princess. Rogich, Sig: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mackay Day Chairman, homecoming committee, lectures chairman, special events, chairman; Student Un- ion Board of Directors; Sports Editor for the Sagebrush; Men ' s Upper Class Committee; Sig- ma Delta Chi, journalism fraternity; Assistant Editor of the Sagebrush; Sundowners; Sagebrush Editor; Coffin and Keys, president; Blue Key; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president; Homecoming Committee; Inter-Fraternity Council; President ' s Cabinet; Mike Ingersoll Lectures Foundation Committee. Sadler, Kathleen: Pi Beta Phi; Spurs, treasurer; Sagens, vice-president; AWS, historian, song team, Rose Garden chairman; Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history fraternity; Phi Kappa Phi. Sala, Michele: Pi Beta Phi; Senate; Junior and Senior Class Committees; ASUN Secretary; Mac- kay Day Committee; Panhellenic Council; Junior Prom Queen; ATO Sweetheart. Salvadorini, David P.: Sigma Nu, float chairman, treasurer, social chairman; Winter Carnival Tour- nament Director, 1963; Sagers. Sawyer, Cherie: (Speech Therapy) Delta Delta Delta, president, rush chairman, song leader, publicity chairman; Sagens; Panhellenic Council; ASUN Senator from college of arts and science; ASUN Parking Committee; Cap and Scroll; Sen- ior Year Traineeship in Special Education from State Department of Education; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Schoff, Robbin: AWS President; IAWS Delegate 1964-66; AWS Christmas Party Chairman; AWS, orientation, handbook, elections, judicial council, consitution; Gamma Phi Beta, pledge president, pledge trainer, house manager, AWS representa- tive, WRA representative; Sagens; Little Sisters of Minerva; Student Affairs Board; Presidents ' Cabinet, Executive Council; Steering Committee; Senate; Italian Club, president; Chairman of Greek Presents 1964; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Sewell, Elfrena: (Accounting) Kappa Alpha The- ta, second vice-president; WRA, president, vice- president; Little Sisters of Minerva, president, vice-president; ASUN Historian; Sagens; Spurs, Convention Chairman; Artemesia, business man- ager; Publications Board; Homecoming Commit- tee; Winter Carnival Committee; Mackay Day Committee; AWS Council; Mackay Day Queen Candidate; Gothic N; Cap and Scroll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Solaro, Mary Kathryn: Rally Committee, co- chairman 1964-65; Eta Epsilon, president 1965- 66, secretary 1964-65; Spurs; Sagens; AWS Coun- cil; Sagebrush Staff; College of Agriculture, Fac- ulty Council; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Monkeys; Pillsbury Honor Award; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Sparks, Lance: AWUN Senate; Gymnastics (1 yr.); Brushfire Staff (2 yrs.); Dramatic (2 yrs.); Chairman of University Symposium, 1966; Chair- 289 »R ) v mi . ' y man of ASUN Academic Standards Committee, 1966; Campus Players; FSM; Ad Hoc Committee on Viet Nam; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship (Hon- orary Mention); Phi Kappa Phi; Cum Honores Degree; Fleischmann Foundation Scholar; Azro C. Cheney Scholar in English. Springmeyer, Sharalee: Pi Beta Phi; University Singers; French Club, president; Chemistry Club; Phi Kappa Phi. Stephens, Keith: Election Board; Student Rela- tions Chairman; Vice-President Finance Director Jot Travis Student Union Board of Directors; Student Judicial Council, chief justice; Chairman of the Mike Ingersoll Memorial Foundation Steering Committee; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sage- brush and Artemesia Photographer; 1966 Mackay Day Committee; Blue Key, secretary-treasurer; Coffin and Keys. Stern, Kathy: (fashion merchandising) Delta Del- ta Delta; Little Sisters of Minerva, vice-president; Senate; Mackay Day Committee, Sponsors Chair- man; Winter Carnival Fashion Show; Ski Team; Ski Club; WRA, secretary; Perns, assistant float chairman; Delta Sigma Pi Queen Candidate; Most Improved GPA. Tedford, Jack N.: (Zoology Major) Lambda Chi Alpha, president, treasurer, pledge trainer; IFC, vice-president; Nevada Christian Fellowship, president, vice-president, treasurer; Biology Club. Tew, Joel: Blue Key, president; Chemistry Club, president; Coffin and Keys; Sagers; Regional Co- Chairman of SAACS Convention; Phi Kappa Phi; AED; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Outstanding Fresh- man Chemistry Student; Ginsburg Award. Tilman, Ray V.: (Metallurgical Engineering) Lincoln Hall Executive Committee 1962-63; Lincoln Athletic Director 1962-63; Student Chap- ter of AIME 1962-66, vice-president 1964-65, president 1965-66; Engineer ' s Day Committee 1965-66; Editor of " Mackay Miner " 1965; War- ren V. Richardson Scholarship; Southern Nevada WAAIME Scholarship; Mackay Grant-in-aid; Royal D. Hartung Scholarship. Uhalde, Jacqueline: Pi Beta Phi, vice-president, treasurer; University Singers 1962-1965; Band 1962; Song Team 1962-1965; Ski Club 1962-1964; Winter Carnival Committee 1965; Mackay Day Queen Candidate; Phi Kappa Phi. Vacchina, Edward R.: (Predental) Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Tennis (2 yrs.); Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sophomore Class Committee; Block N. Van Wagenen, Jeannine: Pi Beta Phi, president, secretary; Panhellenic Council; Sagens; Senator from College of Education; University Singers; Nevad-Anns; Phi Kappa Phi; Cap and Scroll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. Walker, Dennis L.: (Political Science) Pi Sigma Alpha; Lambda Delta Sigma, secretary-treasurer; Christinas Formal Chairman and President of LDS Institute of Religion; Graduate; Choir; Male Quartet; Basketball; Delegate to 5th Annual U.S. Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Annapolis; Honor Roll Honors Program; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Wilson-Reid, Ronda: PEMS; WRA Council; WRA; AWS Council; AWS, service projects chairman; SNEA; Delta Delta Delta, fraternity education chairman, assistant house manager, recording secretary. Winne, Lee B.: (Journalism) Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism society; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon; University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club; Sagebrush Staff; Campus Christian Association; Sierra Guard; Un. of Nevada Drill Team. Zachringer, Ted: Sagers; Sigma Phi Epsilon, comptroller; Blue Key, Winter Carnival Com- mittee; Homecoming Committee Chairman; UNOC; Blue Key, secretary-treasurer; Military Ball Chairman; Outstanding Cadet ROTC, Jr., from Sparks, Phi Alpha Theta; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. . . . and if our hands should meet in another dream, we shall build another tower in the shy The Prophet. 290 i : M kt«i»-f ) rs " % . " ' tribute m e-JUftei_ pjn whc i as T)een iiim oizty as isk to ' ■:? to the led. So. •in the I H EW Ww..M?It-- J i simply as " Cris, " b . l jrv , ... uiict me acquaintance, you ize he is vital to the smooth running part of the University. B: Before the tragic death of our AS UN Presi- dent the tentative dedication of the book had en planned for this man, but as another exam- • . his selflessness, he suggested the dedica- " mged. we give much thanks, and admir- The «i ,m.m } v «l . ' y Vi -jimm NERAL INDEX Activities ----- - 236 Ads _ - — 3 »8 OK Administrators — - £MJ Alpha Epsilon Delta - - 190 Aggie Club - ----- 191 AIME 192 Alpha Zeta ----- - - ----- 199 Artemisia Hall - - - - - 131 Artemisia Staff - - 184 ASCE ----- -- ] 9 l ASME -- - ----- 198 ASUN Historian - 41 ASUN OFFICERS 34 Alpha Tau Omega - 134 AWS Council - ----- - 42 AWS Judicial Board - - 42 AWS Officers - - ----- 35 Baseball - - - 232 Basketball - 209 Blue Key l f Board of Regents - — ldi B JuZSJ oxmg — Brushfire ----- - - 189 Cap and Scroll - - - 95 Chancellor - -— ----- ZJ Chemistry Club - - ----- 193 Coffin and Keys - ----- 166 24 Deans Dedication - — - -— Delta Delta Delta - ----- 108 Delta Sigma Pi - - - - 96 Election Board - - - 46 Executive Board - - - - 4i Faculty .... , - Finance Control Board -.- 39 72 Freshmen - — - Freshmen Class Committee ----- 45 Football - - 2 ° 2 Forum Staff - - - 188 Gamma Phi Beta - 112 Golf ----- 22 j Governor of Nevada - -- - 29 Gymnastics .. ;-- 6 Homecoming Committee - - Z4 ° Index Interfraternity Council - 133 International Club - 176 Introduction - - - Tunior Class Committee - 44 i • 58 Juniors Juniper Hall 23 Kappa Alpha Theta ll J Lambda Chi - j 44 Lambda Delta Sigma 173 Lincoln Hall - 156 Little Sisters of Minerva I 43 Mackey Day Committee - 277 Manzanita Hall ....- - - - - - 127 Men ' s Upper Class Committee - - 96 Neuman Club 177 Nevada State Student Nurses - ----- 175 Panhellenic Council - - - —107 Perns - - - 170 Phi Alpha Theta - ------ - - 172 Phi Epsilon Kappa ----- 195 Phi Kappa Phi ----- - - 94 Phi Sigma Alpha -— - ----- - 172 Phi Sigma Kappa - - ----- --147 Pi Beta Phi - 119 Pi Mu Epsilon 199 President of University of Nevada - 2 President ' s Cabinet ----- - - ' Publication Board - - - - - - 49 Public Relations Committee - --43 82 Queens - Rally Committee ----- - - 1QR Rifle Team ----- " Sagebrush Staff - - - -- 18 ° c ...163 Sagens 3g Senate — - - Senior Class Committee - 44 Senior Histories — — - - Sierra Guard ----- - Sigma Alpha Epsilon " ]ft c . XT 151 ma u - " 198 ; gma Tau - " ....217 Skiing — - -- SNEA s° ngkaders ■■ — " " ;::28o Song Teams — - - Sophomore Class Committee - — - - 4 Sophomores - - " " ' Student Judicial Council Student Union Board - - -- Sundowners — - — - " " T . -224 Tenms " 149 Theta Chi - " l J Track — UNCOC 168 University Band - - University Singers Vice-President of University of Nevada - 23 White Pine Hall -- 158 Who ' s Who - 98 Winter Carnival Committee - 268 171 Women ' s Recreation Association - - tx Wrestling Yell Leaders i5U 1 74 Young Republicans A 292 INDEX. Aberhamian, S 182 Abrahamian, Sheryn 62, 84, 123 Adams, Robert 50, 168, 174 Aebischer, Elsie 50 Albisee, Nancy 69, 131 Albrichson, Nancy 173 Alderson, Steve 194 Allen, Lynn 42, 50, 112, 163 Allen, Mr .172 Allred, Greg 139 Allred, Michael 69 Alstrom, Dan 178 Alword, Robert Edward 100, 174 Ambrose, Laura 69, 112 Anderson, Rernard Jeffery 50, 57, 151, 177 Anderson, Carol 69, 173 Anderson, Danny 44, 57, 134, 204, 303 Anderson, Jim .....62 Anderson, Sara 36, 62, 119 Anderson, Shirley J 57, 123 Anderson, Timothy 50 Anderson, Warren David ..50, 96 Andreason, Tom .195, 209, 210, 212 Andreotti, Larry 50, 162 Andrews, Pamela 62, 82, 108 Ankers, Leslie 62, 119, 165 Ansotegui, Raymond 69 Aramini, Robert 50 Arant, Timothy Mark 69, 156 Arenson, Kathy 42 Arjons, Jamie 186 Armbruster, Lynn 36, 50, 93, 94, 119, 163 Armel, Joe 69, 151 Armstrong, Donna 69, 127, 190 Armstrong, L ....190 Arneson, Kathleen 57, 112 Arrowsmith, Joanna 175 Ashworth, Paul 168 Atkison, William Bruce ..62, 147, 164 Audrian, Linda 69, 115, 184 Aufdermaur, Carl 57 Ault, Chris 62, 139, 203, 205 Aurouse, Tana 57, 115 Ayman, Edward 69 Ayocar, Richard 50 Azocar, R 192 B Babcock, Sally 62, 115 Baccala, Barbara 69, 123 Backer, Line 204 Bacon, D .190 Bacon, Nancy Lynn 62 Bacon, Ray 184, 186 Bagley, D 190 Bagley, M 177 Baglin, Beverly 69 Bagstad, Michael J ....158 Baidwan, Bhupinder Paul 50, 176 Bailey, Keith 62, 151 Baker, Anne 69, 127 Baker, Jim 50, 139, 162, 166, 168, 178 Baker, JoLynn 69, 123 Baker, Kathy 62, 108 Baker, Robert 62 Babowski, Ronald 50, 192 Baldecchi, Terry 62, 119, 165 Ballard, Charles 62 Ballard, Jerry 203, 205 Ballew, Gary 50, 192 Bamberg, George 69, 134 Bankofier, Sally 57 Banis, Rick _ 57 Banta, Betty Joan 69, 123 Baottmen 192 Barcellos, Dolores 119 Barcellos, Terry ... 134, 203, 205 Barger, Chris 62, 108 Barger, Judy 69, 127 Baring, Walter S 57, 147 Barkow, Ellen 62 ' 131 Barnes, Dean 42 Barnes, Harvey .....57, 178, 190 Barney, G 182 Barrenchea, Kenneth ...62, 151 Barnett, Shelia 175 Barrett, Kay 42, 69, 108 Barrett, Linda 69 Barrett, Sharon .50, 90, 131, 163, 174 Barrett, Sheila Lynette ....: 69, 127 Barton, Marianne 57, 115 Bartorelli, Marian ...50 Basso, David 62, 156 Basta, Bob 36, 39, 40, 46, 57, 134, 136, 162, 166, 191 Basta, Edward 69, 134 Basta, Joe 62, 134 Batchelder, Leonard J. 62, 156 Bates, Victoria .....57, 115 Bath, Ron 178 Batt, Roger 134 Battaglia, J. 182 Batjer, Lura .,.._... 62, 119, 182 Baugham, Lynn 62, 182 Baumann, Richard 134 Baxter, William N 69, 156 Bayer, Art 57, 139, 203, 205, 206 Beacon, Nancy .....196 Beal, Olin 196 Beale, Mary Margaret 62, 131 Bean, Chris 50, 149 Bean, Tom 62, 134 Beardsley, Thomas 57, 151 Beattie, Diane ...51, 115, 184 Beckett, Riley M 36, 62, 151, 164 Bedell, Ellen 69, 112 Beeghly, Lynne 69, 115 Beemer, John ...62, 151, 164 Beesley, Maurice 40 Beesley, Norman ......38, 63, 151, 164 Biglin, Constance 175 Behm, Tony 36, 51, 99, 133, 162, 166 Beicker, Lucinda Ann 57 Bellard, Jerry 206 Bell, Barbara 62, 112 Bell, Joe 69, 177 Beloso, Jane 69, 115 Beloso, Joe 57, 151, 162 Bender, Lavina 69, 127 Bendure, Ted 69, 144 Bennett, Jon ...147 Bennett, Larry 51, 147 Bennett, Richard 51, 139 Benson, Jon 174 Bentzen III, Edwin H 57, 158 Bernard, Jeffery 94 Bernard, Patricia 51 Berry, Aileen 69, 123 Bettis, Larry 173 Bettitia, Tony 203, 205, 206 Betts, Colin 173 Biddinger, Pat .176 Bibey, Shannon 172 Bidhart, J ...190 Bielo, Wendy Lynn 69 Bilbao, Frank 37,57,134 293 «U ! »!!■ ML ' . ' J r «mmp Bell, Frances - 62 Bisagno, Trudy - - - - 69 Blaikie, Kathryn --,- -69, 92, 123, 131 Blaisdell, Leonard - - 62 Blakenburg, Carol - - 1.19 Blaldey, Sue - 62, 131 Blankenburg, Carol - 51 Bleeka, Wendy - - — --69, 112 Blinn, Ben .... . - -- - 203, 206 Bogart, Ken - - I ' 3 Bollensen, Patsy - - 69 }J9 Bollig, Susan - --63, 127 Bonafous, Joyce ...... ------ -j 73 Bonnel, Art — — 46 , 57, 168 Booker, Kenna K - «7 ' Vo7 Bookman, Jeannie - 62, 84, 127 Borda, Cindy - --51 Bordell, Jacqueline -127 Bordoli, Jacqueline - 69 Boskei, Dietrich - STY?q Boskie, Jr., Lionel M — - 57, 158 Bossieux, Carl - -----209 Bostic, Dariene — — - - £ ' Boswell, John — - -51, 151 Botkin, Regina C - - - - -- Bowman, Ronald J — JO, 149 Boyd, Betty ----- - - - 57, 115 Boyer, Carla Kaye - £ Bradfield, Thomas - " " an ' Ti ' K " V«« Bradley, Mary Lee - — —-62, 115, 165 Branche, Betty - m Branson, Dariene - - — j-jA Brasfield, Thomas - K " V n " V« " 7Sn Breckenridge, Marilyn -62, 115, 143, 165, 170 Breen, Lou - - - 7U ' j Breniman, Larry - - — j r Breese, Chuck - - L t Bricker, Elizabeth ..... " m ' vrr Briggs, Earl A - - - -6 3 ' j 77 Briggs, F - - - }«2 Bright, Linda - ----- ■- ■ ' Brodhead, Carol ----- - - ' JJ Brooks, Bill — -j} ' Brooks, Bruce - - - ™ Vac Broten, Ingrid ----- ™ 1U8 Brouner, Greg bi ' 1 Brown, Alan — — - - Brown, Gary Dale — — ° Brown, Geanie - - - eVVfiR Brown, Gwen . 51, 68 Brown, Paula ----- H 9 ' l f Brown, Richard - - - y: Z7 t, Brown, Steve ----- 51, 151 Brown, Toni -.„■, Bruckart, Susan - - -- JJ l61 Bruner, Jenny - - 79 ' J? 3 Bruno, Frank .-209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215 Brush, Barbie ----- 57, 123 Buhlig, David - 70 ' ■? ■ Buhrmann, Kenneth 156 Bull, Nancy Lee - 70 ' i23 Burgett, Barbara I ' 5 Burke, Judy -°J Burkholder, Patricia - J 73 Burks, John 63, 134 Burns, Pat - I 34 ' 17 ° Burr, Hellen 70 127 Burroughs, Sherie - 37 ' 1 ' 3 1 Bushing, Heather - 1J5 Butler, S " --J Byington, Sheila 70 ' 173 Byrom, Jack 203, 206 Cademartori, Robert 134 Cahill, Tom - 51, 151 Cahoone, Bill - - 58, 96, 151 Calhoun, R. - - 190 Calkins, Cookie - - 7 Callaway, James - - 7 0, 139, 164 Calvert, Dorothy — - - 1 7 5 Cameron, Robert .... - - 168 Campbell, Tammy 70, 123, 182 Canady, Janice - —.70 Canail, Danny S - 70, 134 Canepa, Cleve - - — - - 51 Carbury, T. - - I 77 Carder, Doug — -203, 204, 206 Carey, Susan - 7 0, H2 Carithers, E — ------ I 77 Carithers, L - - - - 1J 7 Carithers, Erin - - - - 58 Carithers, Laele - 79 Carlson, Gail - - 63, 108, 165 Carnahan, Lew - - I 34 , 203 Carpenter, Emily - — - - « " " " H? Carpenter, Fred - - 7 0, I 44 Carpenter, William . -58, 144, 168 Carrica, Janet Carsta, A. 63 182 Carter, Judy - — — - z- ' M Casazza, Sharon - 51,94,95,112 163 Caselli, Dave - - - - 58, 151 Cassingham, Barbee - ------ -1J5 Casey, Mike - 135, }68 Cassinelli, Julie - -JO, 112 Catalan©, Zoe Ann -----JO, 108 Gate, Alice - 43, 44, 58, 115, 170, 184 Cauakis, Bob — V«V " V?2 Cavallera, Hank - - 151, l™ Cavin, Chris - ------ }J2 Cavolick, Carl - -■•■-■ SJ Ceccarelli, Pat - 51, 1U8 Cecchini, Charles H JO, 156 Cercek, John Frank - 7 °, 135 Cerfoglio, Linda .. - - --- -- " V™ Chadek Ron - 63, 151, lo4 Chaffin, ' Bill " - " —34,36,39,40,46,51,151,162,168,172 Chain, Ron ™ - 47 Chambers, Joe — - W, 15 Champagne, Larry ' u l J Chirwa, Sheridan - - " " " " Veo Charnarong, Srifuengfung - - - 158 Chiappero, Jeannette ----- - - - - l Chireva, Sheridan D - oi, 1 b Chisum, Jim - - 7U ' i5 ° Choy, Pricilla - ----- - »L Chr istiansen, Gary - - K Q " Tw " Yft4 Christenson, Paul - - -58, 152, 164 Christian, Cici - — ' £ }£? Christianer, Gordon - -•- » wa Christman, Jim - UJ ' Church, Bill D --- Churchill, Jr., Guerdone -58, 15b Cinani, Jerry -- y Clark, Jud — - 1 ™ Cleveland, Kathy - Cline, Sam - - " " " - g Cloudar, Keith - - - u Glowers, Karen - - " " ■ „. Clyde, Thomas L U ' JJ Cobb, Brian " " " -„ Cobb, Wayne VVq " ifi 94Q Cobeaga, Catherine H 9 ' I 65 , 9 Cobie, C 194 Cochran, Gil 294 Cody, Bonnie 51 Coffman, Pat 174 Cohen, Gil 140 Colletti, Patrick 70, 158 Collier, Gary 58 Collins, David 70 Collins, Donna 63, 131 Coloutti, Madelyn 63, 131 Colton, Sally 71, 119 Coltrin, Lucille 173 Coltrin, Marilyn 173 Combs, William Charles 147 Combs, W 182 Compofou, Mike 190 Compston, Dennis 47, 71, 158 Condon, John 203, 204 Condron, Sondra 71 Condron, Tina 63, 115 Cone, Roberta 71, 113 Conklin, Tammy 51, 133, 152, 166 Connely, Dwight William 71, 144 Conton, Jim ....71, 135 Cook, Dave 71 Cook, Jane 58, 115, 165 Cook, Wayne 168 Cooney, Jack 40 Cooper, Barbara J 36, 51, 174 Cooper, Kristen 44, 51, 94, 95, 101, 115, 163, 170, 172, Cooper, Louis 58, 168, 203, 204 Cooper, Marvis 42, 58, 115, 172 Cooper, Norman 194 Copsey, Doug 63, 135 Corkern, Bob 140, 187, 268 Corder, George 209, 210 Corn, Greg .71, 144 Cornwall, Roger 51, 94, 95, 100, 144, 162, 191 Cote, Louanne 71, 127 Cotten, Bernie 178 Cottrin, Marilyn 71 Cowee, B 177 Cox, Claudia 58, 119 Cox, Wilda 51, 174 Cramer, Keith 71 Crandall, Edwin 63 Crane, Jim 63, 180 Crane, S 190 Crawford, Betsy 63, 131 Crawford, Carol 63 Crawford, Donald .63, 149 Crawford, Terry ...63, 144 Cronk, K 177 Crook, Joyce 51, 127, 163, 173 Crouse, Robert 58, 168 Crowe, John 140 Crowell, Judy 58, 108 Crudgington, Cleve 144 Crumley, Peggy 38, 58, 116 Cummins, Kathy 71, 131 Cunning, P 177 Curley III, Clyde 63, 135 Curtis, Chris 71, 123 Curutchet, Lauren 58, 127 Curutchet, Sandra 51 Custer, John 147 D Dallas, Mindy 42 Dalton, John Clinton 51 Damon, Douglas 71 Damus, Chuck 71, 140, 164 Daniels, Dawna 42, 46, 51, 113, 163 Daniels, Gary 203 Dannan, Edward R 158 Darakay, Robert 156 Darrah, B 192 Davenport, Frank 140 Davies, Amber 71, 123 Davies, Ann H 71, 123 Davis, Ann 42 Davis, Barry 51 Davis, David 147 Davis, Marvin 194 Davis, Mike 63, 135 Davis, Rae Jean 71, 127 Davis, Sheila 35, 42, 51, 95, 100, 108, 163, 172 Dawley, James 58, 135 Dawson, Steven , 147 Day, Jan L 71 Day, Matt 58, 152 Day, Wilma Lucile 123 Dayton, Pam 71, 119 Deacon, John 71, 152 Debrich, Wanda 71 Decker, Dave 63, 135, 168 Dee, Dave 63, 152, 164, 250 DeLamare, Carol 63, 116, 165 Delamare, Fred 178 DeLong, Jeanne 58, 93, 127, 190, 244 DeLongchamps, Ann 71, 127 Dennison, Karen 63, 84, 116 DePasquale, Enid 123 Depaoli, Gordon 71 Depaoli, John 51 Depaoli, Robert 71 DePasquale, Enid 63 DeReemer, Diane 58, 119, 163 DeSalvo, Toni 38, 63, 116, 182 Deshler, B. 182 DeWitt III, Clinton Cecil 63, 135, 205 Dickens, Kenneth 51 Diedrickson, David 62, 140, 164, 203, 205 Diedrichsen, Roger , 71, 140 Diner, Christopher , 77, 157 Dix, Kathy 71 Dixon, Sylvia 63, 123, 182 Dixon, Ted 63, 158, 196 Doherty, E 174 Dolan, Mike 178 Dolan, Pat 178 Dolan, Susan 71, 129 Donaldsen, Howard 63, 157 Dondero, Carolyn 63, 108 Donnelly, Jerome 63 Donnelly, Katy 63 Donnelly, Roberta 71 Donovan, Mike 63 Doolittle, Eric 176 Dougherty, Lyndia 175 Downey, Dennis 135 Downs, Leslie 42, 63, 84, 131 Drake, Daryl 44, 58, 152, 277 Drake, Maryellen 42,47,63, 120, 165 Drake, Nancy 71, 120 Driskill, W 182 Dube, Andrea Jo (Jody) 71, 116 DuBois, Janet 52, 116 Dugdale: Robert 58, 152 Dumble, William 52 Dunning, Connie 63, 113 Dunning, Meredith 52, 108 Dwyer, Sheila 36, 120, 172 Dybowski, Maryann 63, 177 Dyer, Dave 203, 204 E Earl, Jeanine 127 295 , ! , ' U «1L ' iJ r. " k kv Earl, Phil -- ----- - 17 Echeverria, John .. ------- --- - g Eck, Laurence ----- - - -36, 58, j S Eekenrod, Betty -- - L (° Eckley, Sarah .. -- - fj Eddy, Paul - -63, 164 Edmundson, Margaret - - - ' - - J-ff Edsall, Karen Sue - — ----- Edward, Rugg - - - " vio Edwards, John 72, 149 Egbert, Carol - 52, Eggen, Dale -----58. f Eichelkraut, Frank ----- ----- -j» Eissa, Sammi ----- - - " " " Ti C Elcano, Micki - ----- - - £2 }1° Elliott, Jacqueline -- - » J Elliott, Susan - ' £ j " ° Ellis, Barbara - IS Elorya, Louise P. --63, 1 Emerson, Jim - --■■■■■ ™ f Emmons, Janet - -g, 116, 182 Engelhard, Nancy 52 116, 175 English, Carol -- -43, 63, 184 Ennis, Jacqueline - i6 j±£ Ennis, Marikae - - - u Jl Ennis, Roberta - — - Ar. Ennor, Tim - - - __ Ernest, Carleen - - ' " AA Erickson, Robert - ----- - 58, i44 Escallier, Paul Melvin jg Espil, Jonnie ----- - ' Espina, Elmer ----- 1:12 Etchemendy, Pete - - — £g Evans, Louise - - - - — .„. Evans, Max — ----- lM F Fabian, Jacquelynn Marie - 72 120 Fagan, Michael - ■£, ' " £ Fagan, Patrick - - - bb Fairbanks, Dawn - - - " 7o " Voft Fallon, Karyn - 2 J ° Falter, R - - — - - - ion Famili, P. " " " 79 Farley, Richard - " ' 14 n Farr, Larry S ----- 63 ] Faught, Roy -- — - - - " L ' g Fechico, Gary - - " , Felt, K -- Ko " ii« Felesina, Ardyth - -® | Felesina, John .. " Y " " 9fvV 20 5 Felesina, Larry " T S ' m Ton Fenstermaker, Ruth -42, 52, 113, 190 Felt, Craig - — ------ -} Fernandez, Cheryl - - - " ko ico Ferrari, Allen .. -— - •-----„■ f% £2 Ferrari, Bennie 44, 50, 135, 138, 168, 258 Ferrari, Charlotte - - £ j? Ferreira, Delores - w Ferris, Cynthia - - 72 109 Ferris, Suzanne .. - - ----- ft " 11fi ' 14 o Fetzer, Marty 63, 116, 143 Feutsch, Carl T - -- 152, 268 Fink, Carol - ■--■ ;--$£ f. Firestone, Dave 63, 140, 164 Fitzgerald, Leonard .. om ' wu 905 Fitzpatrick, Dennis 203, 204, 205 Flannigan, Leath 7q tko Fletcher, Bernie ---.-- »» t Fletcher, Louise - l l% } ' j? Flower, Terry.. " 203 204 Fogel, Martin ---« " jg Foley, Anne iuy Foote, Kitty - 52 116 Foote, Robert ... «q " Yos " Ton Forbush, Maxine - ----- 63, 128, 190 Ford, Russell - - -. -- Fordham, Cathy - - 64, 109 Forman, Bud - - - " 4° Forsman, Franny ----- ----- - " Fothergill,Kay - - 129 Franklin, Carol - - —-JA f Franklin, Paul - - 52, 58, 135 Franklin, Sharon Lee - ----- Franks, William ----- -52, 168, I™ Fraser, Pamela - - M }£? Frederick, Lloyd Harold - - - j™ Frppmnn Dave Freeman ' , Joyce I 40, 52, 116, 163, 185, 187, 277 Freitas, Davis — °4, lb ? ey ilJo U ff y T vnn ' " " " " ' " ' ■ " ' - " 527109; 172 Friedhott, Lynn .. Friedman, Rick .. 72, 152, 182 Fry, Marylynne .... 58 1 20 180 Fuetch, Carl - ----- - - 3 f oi Funk, Richard - ■■% Jg Funkhouser, Gary - - - " " iTsirq TfiS Furrow, Larry -- - --52, 135, 162, 168 G Gaechter, Bill - - - -203, 204, 206 Gallagher, Cyndia ----- ----- z gg Gallaway, Ronald „. Galloway, Susan Moss - 791 7 Gallegos, Ralph - W ' } Gallion, C — - - 70 i ifi Gamble, Nancy - A ji° Gambles, Leslie - - - j£ f Gambles, Therma - - - - Jg Games, Jan ■- ' 19Q Garaventa, Carol -- - - ' a i«k Garaventa, Ellen -- - ----- iZU ' J g Garcia, Lucia 104 Gardella, Bruce 72 145 Gardella, Kent - " Y ' VkY " Vcn ' " Vcc ' ice Gardiner, Dave - 44, 58, 133, 151, 162, 166, 168 Gardiner, Jack - - ------ - ' , nq Gardner, Barbara - - ' f ™ Gardner, Brian - - b4 ' i Gardner, Delma Lynn - -- - - ' Garder, Katy - - - - - " c " 7 " VVfi ors Garland, Roremarie - - 64, lib, JW Gash, Roger - - - 64, 152, 164 Gassiot, Robin - ° 4 ' Gates, Albert - ----- - jg Gaynor, John - - - ,v 7 Gelmstadt, Don - - J™ Gentry, D — Va ifiS George, Dennis L6 j b ° German, Franklin O - " to " too Gerwiri, Karen - ° Gessner, Linda - - - a ' ' ko ' iak Getchell, Leroy - - 44 jg ' JJJ Geyer, Gretchen - ----- -- --;■ " -$ fZ Gezlin, Mary Kay -52, 98, 116, 174, 184 Gibbens, Jim - 5Z Gibbs, James , Gibson, D „„ Gibson, Jill - - - 72 124 Gibson, Lynn Ann .... - - ij?» Gilbert, Ginny 58, 120, 143 Gilbert, Jack - u l f A Gilbert, William ----- ™ Giles, Candy --- 296 1 7 Gillia J m! e Bob R ZZisimmZliWiU Gilmstedt, Don - 7 5 Giomi, Joe i4 Giossi, Linda " " Von Giovacchini, D x ;Jj Giurlani, Larry Yi? Gledhill, Kenneth W " V ' ;V " 7 Glenn, John - 141 J 87 Glover, Bruce .... «o " Vo« " i7? Godwin, Mary - 52 128 ] 15 Goetze, Bob --- ------ - J Goldman, Angela .. -- --64, 124 Goodish, Kathie 64, 131, 165 Goodrich, Kathy - 72 12 ° Gorbet, Lorena - - ■-?? G ott, Pamela - L £ Gott, Peggy ---Jf Gottfredson, James . ' ... - -- - 70 " ion Gottschalk, Barbara - 72 12 Gottschalk, Michael - - ' " fillft Grabowski, Richard - £ " 0 00 2a Graham, Deborah Lee -58, 82, • °° Graham, Terry - ----- - i £j Grakm, Pat jg Granata, Dennis — -JL Gratt, George j ' ° Gravel, Barbara — - - - r4 ' Gray, Mike — - - 59 ' Grayr, George jg Greenberg, Low - - - - - £J Greene, Andrea Susan - - - ' " ill Greenstein, Joe - - 194 Grenna, Sarah 64, UA Gressot, Pamela -- ■- % J " Griffith, Libby 72 ' Griffin, Patrick - - - u l ff. Grimm, Linda - - - -_ _ Grimm, Terry - - - - j ' Griole, G. c7 " iko Grubic, Robert B - - - 64, 10Z Guild, Clark - ----- - - gg Guild, Joe tu " 2A Guild, Monica -- 64, UA Guinan, David - ' z „ Guirlani, Larry - - - - | Gustavson, Craig - - i 5 H Habecker, John 176 Hackstaff, Tacey 52, 109 Hadfield, Robert Stanley 52, 157 Hage, Donna E 72 n3 Hajny, Lynda -64 Haley, Cathy - ---- " i Halkyard, Bill 2 03, 204. 206 Hall, Bobbie -59, 120 Hall, Carolyn - -52, 86 Hall, Carolyn -73, } 2 Hall, Harold --52. J 63 Halamore, Kathy -64, 128 Haller, Greg -73, 157 Hallerr, Terry 52, 128 Haller, Terry 5 2 Halsey, John -,„■ Hamilton, Craig - ' £ | Hamilton, Steve , 59, 15 Hamlyn, Joan Ellen 73, 10J Hamm, Candy ' c7 V94 Hammergerg, Holly 64, 124 Hammond, Carolyn May 73, 131 Hammond, Patricia - 64 Hampton, Barbara - 73, 129 Hancock, John -59, 153 Handy, Joseph 73, 145 Handy M 70 ill Hannifan, Elizabeth 73, lib Hanks, M. f Hansen, Chris - l6 Hansen, Dave 73 Hansen, Lance 64 Hansen, Michael Voc ' Voa Hansen, Steve - 13b {68 Hansen, Sue - -- 73 j 09 Hansmann, Arnold - kq ' Joa Hapgood, Bonnie - ----- - 59, 124 Harder, Kelsie .... - - - --fff Hardy, Brian - - 2UJ ' « Hardy, Marilyn c7 ' iqi Harlow, Karen - - - 64, 131 Harper, Paula ----- - 73 Harris, Dick 64, 153 Harris, Ester ™ ----- --J ' g Harris, Jack - -59, 136, 168 Harrison, Kenneth - -5». 168 Hart, Jerry - 2Uy , 2i Hartman, Claudia -- - " «7,JS Hartman, Don -5 2 64, 174 Harvard, Carla 73 j-f Havrilla, Ann Marie - VVn " i«S Harwood, Diane - 116, 1W Hash, Yvette - - 42, 1 b Hasperis, Martha b4 jjg Hass, Jim — - -( . Hatjopoulos, Despina - - - ft 7 " V«9 Hatjoupolus, Maria .. - --64, l»j Hauck, Mike - - 203 ' 2 °4 Havrilla, Anne Marie - - ----- - - 64 Hawkins, George ™ " " Yon Hawkins, Myrtle ' • L i Hathorn, Dean -- AV ' iil Hayler, Candy - - -64, 110 Heck, Ginny .„ 38, 42, 59, 113, 143 Heinen, Richard -- Ko ' nn Heinen, Shirley Ann 53, 11U Helgren, Richard- - ------53 Hench, Merilee ' £ Henderson, Daniel D ■•■- " jj 153 Henderson, Janis Marie - 59, LSy, I O Hendrickson, Marsha -- 42 Hensley, Leon " " « " tw Henrickson, Philip Hill W, Henry, King L. - ------ - 64 Hensley, Leon -59, 145, lbS Henry, Glenn -148 Hernandes, H I 77 Hernandez, Leland P --59 Herrin, Don |3b Herscovitz, Dave Hess, Steve ----- -J» Hessel, Bill - -59, 136 Hessel, Chris -73, 131 Hewitt, John -59, 13b Hewitt, John ■• -- ™ f Hicks, Carolyn .. -53, 113, 175 Hill, Carolyn - -73, 128, 182 HiU, Dr ---172 Hill, Harry 53, 150 Hill, John 59 Hilliard, George -j ' ° Hinkle, S - " " " 182 Hodge, Lorey - 3 %ff Hoeffer. Ed -- " - 2 °3 2 04 Hoffman, Joyce 59, 120, 1 U Holcombe, Mark 53, 141 297 R ■ Bff- y Holler, Gary 194 Holman, Bill 203, 204, 206 Holmes, Gayl .....173 Homes, Gail 59 Hooper, Clyda 42, 59, 110 Hoover, Linda 73, 113 Hope, Karen 73 Hopkins, Jack 73 Horch, Juneen 64, 124 Horgan, Ed 73, 136 Horgan, John 59, 136, 191 Hornbarger, Bernie 65, 124, 182 Hornbeck, Dave 59, 153 Hossack, Alex ...141 Houk, Bill 203, 205 House, Bill 136 Howard, Craig 36, 38, 268 Howard, Vic 73, 131 Howe, Stephen 145 Howell, Katheryn Yoas 53 Howell, Kent 77 Hubert 148 Hummelt, Steve 73, 141 Humphreys, Leo 65 Hungerford, Karen 110, 182 Hunt, Judy 113 Huntsman, Orson 173 Hyde, Mary 113, 163, 190 Hylton, Janice .73, 128 I Ingersoll, Mike .36, 53, 98, 136, 146, 162, 166, 172, 261 Ingram, B 182 Irish, Marily 65 Irvin, Joan 59, 113 Isaia, Joe 203, 206 Isbell, Karen 53, 110, 175 Isbell, Suzi 73 Itza, Karen 132, 186 Ivashin, Victor 65, 164 J Jackson, Charles 73, 148 Jackson, Mike ...59, 153 Jacobs, Molly 53, 143, 185 Jacobsen, Richard ....136, 137 Jacox, L. 182 Jafre, Julia 72, 128 Jamamoto, Karen 175 James, Frank 65, 145 James, Janet 73, 124 Jamison, Skippy 203, 205 Janes, Cheri 173 Jaurequito, Jacqueline 73, 120 Jeffres, Sherry 73 Jeffrey, Glenda .53, 128 Jehl, Jeannette 53 Jennings, Jennifer 65, 132 Jensen, Jeannette 73, 129 Jensen, Rick 59, 192 Jensvold, Peter Gray 53 Jesser, Elizabeth 73, 124 Jhaugiaui, Ajil 176 Jilbert, William 159 Johnson, Darlene 73 Johnson, David M ..65, 157, 173 Johnson, Deanna 53, 163, 174, 182 Johnson, Donna 73, 129 Johnson, Gary C 65, 159 Johnson, Lee .....145 Johnson, Margery 53, 190 Johnson, Nancy Mae 53, 175 Johnson, Romie 53, H4 Johnson, Sherri 53 Johnston, Mary Ann ...59, 113 Johnston, Nan 42 Jones, Barbara A 53 Jones, Charlie 73 Jones, Don 172 Jones, Frances 73, H6 Jones, Frank 73 Jones, Marilyn 35, 36, 39, 40, 53 Jones, Mike 59, 145 Jones, Russell 73, 136 Jorgenson, Rick 178 Jucevic, E 192 Juillerat, H 177 Junta, C. 177 K Kaiser, Judith 73, 129 Kanavel, Allen 73, 153 164 Kanys, Betsy 73 Kasper, Mike .....178, 203, 205 Katzmann, Steve 65, 145 Kees, Susan 73, 86, 110 Keith, Jim 53, 150 Kelly, Bobbi Jo 65, 132 Kennerle, John 74, 150 Kennedy, Butch 148 Kennedy, Katharyn 65, 124 Kerr, Eleanor 74 Kerr, Margaret 65, 165, 175 Kersey, Bob 38 Kess, Karen 37, 53, 116, 172 Key, Chris 153, 164, 268, 277 Kidwell, Denny 59, 145 Keiser, Gretchen 53, 116 Khouns, Denise 86 Kimrey, Georgia 74 King, Frani 74, 114 King, " Sam " 65, 120, 181 Kinne, Kirk 53, 133, 162, 166, 195 Kispert, Nancy 65, 129 Kisder, Lynne 65 Klem, Marjorie .54, 175 Knight, Jennifer 65, 124 Knesley, Barbara 59 Knous, Annette 110 Knuth, Mary 74, 124 Koezumi, Mike 74, 136 Kopels, Stephen 65, 153 Korrison, Jim 43, 54 Kosach, Steve 59, 136, 168, 234 Kozacek, Don 65 Krause, Vonn 153 Kreizenbeck, Roy 65, 136 Krushane, Nancy 74, 114 Kuenzli, Jim .. 141 L Laborde, Leta 74, 124 LaBrack, Bonnie 74, 132 LaFond, Edie 74, 116 Laiolo, Barbara — — 65 Lain, L .....190 Lak, Julianne - 65, 177 Lambert, Phil 191 Lambert, Tom 65, 153, 194 Lompa, Martha 124 Landa, Don 74, 153, 164 Landa, Dorinda 71, 120 Landa, Jo -36, 59 Landon, Dale 178, 203, 205 298 Lane. Joan " " STion Lane, Lani ■-•% Lang, Barbara --74, 129 Lang, Linda -74, 116 Lanigar, Ed -65, J64 Lankow, Rick 203 Larson, James .. " aTVift " i«« Larson, Lana -65, 116, 165 Larue, Marianne 65, 124 Latrala, Judie -- -74 Laughter, Robert 195, 202 Laurin, Walt " «k ' VoH " i«2 Lawrence, Mary -65, 120, 165 Laxague, John ' ck 191 Learv, Suzanne 65, 121 Leao,Orv 203,205 Lecchine, Gary L)l Lechpauaui, Harry 176 Lee, Deborah .. • ----- 132 Lee, Nancy Dy ' iZ,y Lee, Pam . 65, 116, 268 Lee, Ronald Lloyd 173 Lehman, Londa 65 Lehman, Rhonda k " V« Lemons, Steve 65, lo3 Lemus, Frank -- -230 Lengel, Jane 74, 132 Lenz L. 132 Leonard, Chuck 65, 136 Leonard, Katherine 65, 124, 170 Leonard, Mike -74 Leonesio, Jack 173 Lesperance, Anne Marie 59, 116, 143 Leuthie, R - --- -192 Levesque, Adelard 74, 145 Lewis Bill ---74, 137 Lewis, Jeff 38, 65, 145 Lewis, John - 65 Lewis, Julie 59, 163 Lewis, Lois Ann 74, 124 Lewis, Marshall -65, 141 Limon, Tony 54 Liston, Linda 132, 182 Lloyd, Harold Frederick 65 Loberg, Doug 153, 165 Lockard, Keith 65, 145 Locke Sheila -.185 Locked Sherry " . " . -36, 39, 40, 42, 46, 59, 93, 116, 143 Lofthouse, Romie 74, 137 Lolwing, Caren 74 Lompa, Martha 65 Londo, Nita 65, 124 Long, Larry -74 Lorigan, Stephanie 74, 121 Lucile, Wilma 71 Lukas, Joanne 74 Lureson, Becky 74 Luttges, Jim 203, 206 Lymberg, Cheryl 65 Lyon, Judy Rae 65, 132 M McCarroll, Judy 54, 123, 163 McCarthy, Don 230 McCarthy, Jane -60, 121 McCarthy, Jacqueline 66 McClanahan, Casteline 70, 132 McCline, Mac 66, 137 McClintock, Richard 66 McCloud, Ron 173 McCoy, Dick 133, 147, 229, 228, 230 McCreary, Michelle -75 McCulloch, C 177 McDonald, Robert L., Jr 137 McDonald, Suzanne 66, 124 McDonough, Pat 75 McDowell, Peter Scott 75, 150 McEachron, Jeff -75, 145 McFall, Tom -144, 169 McFarling, Tom 75 McGill, Allen C. II 169 McGill, Dave 75, 153, 164 McGimsey, Candy 66 McGinnis, Judy 75, 110 McGovern, Susan 60, 110 McGowan, Michael P 75, 153 McGumsey, Candy 124 Mclnnis, Rod 194 McKee, Craig " £ " K£ McKenzie, Dale 54, 153 McKenzie, Mary Lou -54, 116 McKinnon, Marilyn 60, 163 McLaughlin, Bill -66, 145 McMahan, Trudy 66 McNabney, Jim 40, 75, 154 McNamara, Walt ' ; ss McPherson, Erwin ' 96 McPherson, Sandra 175 McVey, Wesley - -141 Maccuerquecgg, " Basque " etTiSrt Macouley, Rick 65, 150 Mackay, Risa 42, 59, 116, 191 Madden, John ' " ft " t " iK Madraso, Louis — ™ i Magee, William 59, 141 Maidonado, Jerry 74, 137 Malley, Sue K -74, 132 Malloy, Mike - -65, 153 Maloney, Kent 54 J6 Mancuso, Carol " «k Mancuso, Denne 65 Mandas, Georgia ' A ' o " ao Manes, Charles -36, 148 Manis, George 148 Manke, Vernon William 54 Mann, Bill .... 59, 191 Manning, Barbara DD f° Manomaiphibul, Janjai -176 March, Theodor M 66 Marean, M oq ' ocq Marion, Karen - 86 , 268 Markham, Grant ' A " ' -, " A ' A " -ilt Marks Millie 66, 132,175 Marshall, Anne " " " vf o Marshall, George „..........148 Marshall, Larae 66, 116, 165, 177 Marshall, Lewis I( _ ' ] Martin, Cecil 54 Martin, Jerry 66 Martin, Madelynn Martin, Mara Lee —60 Martin, Marilyn 54 Martin, Sparkle 74, 129 Martin, Tim 74, 14o Martin, Toni 54, 110, 186 Martini, Geno -141, 244 Martini, Loretta -74 Marvel, Marsha -44 ,60, 110, 143, 182 Marvel, Sharon 60, 110 Marvel, Suzy -74, 124 Maslaeh, Sylvia .. 54,94,129,174 Mason, Jim 66, 141 Mathewson, Karla 74 Mathisen, Rod 23-1 Matlcy, Dave 60, 137,191 Matley, Kathy 75, 121 Matorian, Mervyn ...137,203 299 , ! } ». ML . Mattson, Kathleen 176 Mattson, Keith ..175 Maupin, Bill ...36, 66, 145, 164 Maupin, Ernie 36, 47, 66, 137 Maupin, Michelle 36, 39, 40, 42, 46, 54, 94, 95, 99, 116, 163 Maupin, Michon .....34, 36, 38, 54, 94, 95, 116, 163, 172 Maxwell, Kay 36, 66, 124 Meeks, Barbara 60, 110 Mehdi, Akil R 54 Menante, Fran .....60, 154 Menini, Bob ....66, 154 Messavussu, John 176 Meyer, Linda 75, 124, 132 Meyer, Mary Ann .42, 60 Meyers, Tom 69, 154, 164 Miles, Mary 75, 132 Miller, Cecilia ....75, 124 Miller, Cherie 66, 124 Miller, Don 60, 146, 169 Miller, Evelyn 54, 173 Miller, Frankie 66, 124 Miller, Gai 66, 177 Miller, Janice 60, 129, 163, 173 Miller, Jim 137 Miller, John 75, 146 Miller, Wayne 137 Millet, Mike 141 Millholland, Robin 117, 175 Miltenberger, Harry 54 Miltenberger, Patricia .66, 129, 165, 170 Mirczak, John 191 Mitchell, Kenneth Dale 137 Mitchell, Robert 75, 154 Mitchell, Sherry 75 Mith, Alma 54 Mobley, Allen 141 Mock, Ralph 192 Moleff, Sonja .....194 Molteni, Peter ..169 Moltz, Steve ...75, 146 Monroe, Duncan 148 Monroe, Lane .....54, 178 Monson, Dean ..... 173 Montgomery, Nap ......209, 211, 212, 214, 215 Mooney, Marilyn ...75 Moore Debbie .....75, 121 Moore, Frances 75 Moore, Jeanne 60 Moore, Larry 209, 211, 212, 213, 215 Moore, Ron 203, 206, 229 Moran, George 233 Moran, Margaret 54, 124 Morgan, Harold 194 Morrison, Mary 66, 117 Morrison S 177 Morton, W. 182 Moschetti, Lynn 75, 86, 129 Moschetti, Nick 36, 46 Mote, Barbara 60, 176 Mott, Mike .....75, 157 Moye, Rusty 75, 141, 164 Muller, T 182 Munson, Deloris 66, 80, 110 Murin, Joe L 60, 154 Murphy, Charles .....36, 37, 39, 40, 46, 54, 94, 99, 146, 162, 172 Murphy, Chris 60, 154 Murphy, Colleen 66, 129 Murphy, Marvin 38, 60, 137, 162 Murray, Janet 60, 124 Murray, Melani .75, 114 Murray, Patsy 36, 66, 84, 92, 114 Murry, Bill 66, 75, 137 Muth, Martin 66, 154, 164 Myers, Sharon 60 Mynsted, Tony 54 N Nannini, Georgia 75, 121 Nash, Joan 176 Natucci, Suzi 54, 94, 95, 114, 172 Neapass, Ann 66, 196 Nelson, Barbara ...75, 117 Nelson, Diane 54, 110 Nelson, Gary 54, 146, 178 Nelson, James 60, 169, 234 Nelson, June .....66, 121 Nelson, Mary 75, 110 Nelson, Pam 75, 132 Nelson, Susan 75, 117 Nesmith, Mary 124 Newbrugh, Michael G .60 Neweeff, Jack .176 Newman, Gary ....55 Newmeyer, Bob 60, 154 Nichols, Donald, Jr 55,94 Nichols, Joanne Cara 75, 124 Nichols, Pat 194 Nicholson, William .55, 209, 211, 212, 213, 215 Nickerson, Bruce 60, 137, 233 Nielson, Robert ......66, 146 Nolan, Suzanne ....55 Nolte, George 194 Norman, Judy ..125 Noonan, Fred 141, 169 Norton, Richard 75, 157, 196 Nossum, Arne 141, 194 Nuerberg, Lois 60 Nurre, William 60, 141 Nursement, Duke 205 Nursement, Earl 182, 203, 235, 234 O Oats, Fred ...75, 137 O ' Connell, Michael 60, 169 Oesterle, Lane 75, 110 Ohliger, Susan 66 Ohrpt, Hienie 75, 137 Oldham, Garth 174 Oliver, Richard . 66, 141 Olivas, Jim 202 Olsen, Barbara : 75, 87, 125 Olson, Cindy ...66, 121 Olson, Fred -.55, 182 Olson, Peggy 66, 121 O ' Nan, Harry 66, 148 Oppio, Marcia 55 Orr, Pat ....76, 125 O ' Shaughnessy, Michail Brian 55, 156 Osse, John M 60, 150, 177, 257 Oster, Margaret 66 Ouaou, Ahmed - 194 Ouaou, Dan 66, 157, 176 Owens, Dianne - 76 Owen, Lenore 55 Oxborrow, Tony 38, 46, 55, 101,162, 191, 257 P Padilla, Oliver 76, 159 Pagni, Ron 60, 235 Panick, Frank -66, 142 Pantell, David C - 169 Pardee, Peter 66, 146 Parish, Steve 76, 137 300 Parker. Pennee -66, }%% Parker, Robin 3 132 Parker, Tom 203, 205 Parkhurst, Robert -«1J» Parman, Mike - 148, 174 Parsons, Edward S. Jr. „ -43, 60, 66, 142, 268 Parsons, Harry --137 Patel, P. G »»--176 Patrucco, Linda 7b , 4 Patterson, Mary Jo --76 Patterson Bob -- ' A " il% Paul, Deborah -76, 177 Pearce, Linda b Pearch, Larry - 55, 159 Pearle, Marie 55 Pearson, Cynthia — 76, 129 Pearson, Jean - — 67, 125 Pecitti, Holly 76 Pede, Vickie ----- - - 60 Peduzi, Janet — - — - 76 Peek, Stephen J ----- -60, 169 Pellegrini, Steve - - 66, 159 PendS, Mina - 42, 67, 125, 165 Peraldo, Mario - - -55, 137, 162, 166 Perry, Bill -230 Perry, George — - z Peterson, Janis - - — " 0 Peterson, Penny - — 76, 1J5 Petty, Beverly - - - —76, 129 Pettycrew, Chuck ..—.146 Peudo, Wiria - ----- - 17 6 Pew, Lani - -60, H4 Pfeil, Tom ----- 66, 148 Phillips, Julie - - - -76, 110 Phillips, Paula -- - 67, 121 Phoenix, Dave - 60 Pickett, Cheri - - - -67, 117 Pieratt, Judith - -76 Pietropalo, Linda ----- -47, 96, 121 Pike, Roy - 60, 154, 169 Pilkington, Tom - - - - 172 Pillers, Ralph J. - - - 76, 157 Pincolimi, Richard — - - - 66, 154 Pitcher, David 55 Placey, Dale - 55, 192 Plambeck, Janet —66 Plough, John - - 60, 154 Plynell, Randy - - - - 76, 146 Poe, Pat 76, 117 Poehlman, Diana -55, 129 Pohlson, Maxine — 172 Poilli, Muriel 76 Poirier, Sgt 196 Polish, Carolyn 76, 121 Pollard, Mary 76, 177 Pollard, Michael - 60, 96 Polzin, Maxine 55 Pomeroy, Lamar 173 Ponn, Douglas 76, 157 Poole, Beverly 76, 132 Porray, John 66, 142 Porter, Bill 66, 154 Porter, Joan 76, 132 Porter, Patricia 76, 129 Porterfield, Roberta Lee 55, 129, 175 Potter, Mac -66, 154 Powell, Katharine 66 Precessi, Pat 43,60, 121 Prida, Mary Lynne 60, 121 Prior, Susan . r 1R ' Prisse, Annette 67 Proctor, Roderic C 67, 148 Prosser, Mike 203, 204 Pulliam, Trent 194 Purcell, Richard G 67, 159 Q Quanchi, Jean 60, 121 Quick, Duane 67 Quilici, Gary 178 Quilici, Lynn - 203, 204 Quilici, Pam 76, 86, 117 Quilici, Robert B - - 76 Quinn, Colleen 67, 110 Quirk, James 37 R Rackley, Ira - 60, 169 Rand, Gary 55, 148 Randall, Brian - - 60 Randall, Clara - - ---173 Randall, Sue - ----- 76, 132 Randies, James - - - -169 Raney, Al — 179 Ranta, D 192 Ratner, Marc -—40, 55, 142, 186, 277 Ratzlaff, David ----- 76, 137 Rawlins, William - 67 Raycraft, Jack - - ----- 60, 137, 169 Rears, Ron - - - AW ' lli Rechenmaker, Dan - - 60, 137 Redican, Rick - - - 61, 203, 206 Reece, Mark Allen - 76, 150 Reed, Calvin - - I 37 , 268 Reed, Rebecca — - 55 Reed, Wayne - ----- -{96 Reese, Carolyn - itv S ' }„a Reeves, Jeff _... - ----- 67, 142, 164 Regan, Ron - - 142, 203, 204, 206 Regnato, Lauri 76, 114 Reich, Barbara ....... —76, 173 Reiher, Ed 137, 179 Reil, Kenneth - - - - b i5 J Reinheller, Bonnie - - 61 Renfro, Sue — " " TYk i Reynolds, Jim -76. 154 Reynolds, Ruby -»g ' {£ Rhodes, John " 6, 154 Ricci, High - ----- -194 Ricciardi, Tony - -76, 154 Rice, Bruce Rich, Jim - 1J?9 Richards, Irving - " " Ytn Richert, Gary - ■-J Richmond, Yvonne 51, 1JU Riel, Johnny 55, 229 Riesbeck, Stella - - Y " YE? Riley, James 76, 142, 164 Riordan, Monti - 55, 15 Ritchie, Donna «V " vIS ' H Ritterby, Karl G - 61, 150, 169 Ritterby, Merry Ann 42, lb5 Rix, Karen -76, 122 Robens, Carolyn 55, 114 Robens, Marilyn -55, 114 Robers, Elbe J ° Roberts, Beth ITVJSTvSI Roberts, David 61, 77, 142, 157, 182 Roberts, Frank 61, 154, 169 Roberts, George . -44, 57, 154, 162, 166, 268 Roberts, Ginger -77, 110 Roberts, Karen " 77 ' i™ Roberts, Patricia - -77, J30 Robillard, Gail -77, 125 Robinson, Thomas " " w " Yo7 Robinson, Kent -77, 137 301 H.mi . v k l . ■ y «p Robison, Michael .173 Roche, Edward ...67, 164 Rockholm, Jeff 77 142 Rodrigues, Eleanor 77, 122 Rodrigues, Jay ...55 Rogers, David K 169 Rogers, John 179 Rogers, Sharron 77 Rogich, Sig 40, 46, 55, 133, 139, 179, 187 Rolston, Linda 77 Romaggi, Nan 77, 130 Roman, Judy .....67 Roman, Keith ...........179 Romansean, Karen 67, 125 Romeo, Suzanne ...67, 125 Romine, Phill 55, 150 166 Rooten, Carol J .....77, 125 Rose, Debby 7l ' 110 Rose, Martha .....6l ' 122 Ross, Kay Dee ....42, 67, 117, 143, 184 Ross, Trudy 61, 111 Rost, Carla .....67, 125, 170 Roubustellini, Toni ....77, 117 Roulias, Jim 67 138 Rowe, Mardie 47, 67, 84, 92, 111 Ruby, Richard ...61 Rudy, Paul 77 Rueckl, Linda 77, 117 Rugg, Edward 154 Rumbaugh, Gloria 67 Rupp, R .....182 Russell, Cheri .....67, 125 Russell, Craig 37, 44, 61, 142, 162 169 Russell, Dave 44, 61, 140, 142, 162, 169, 268 Russell, James Todd 77, 142, 164 Russell, S ' .182 Ruybalid, L. 177 Ryan, Thomas 55 S Sadler, Kethleen ......55, 94, 122, 163, 172 Sala, Michael ......67, 138, 203, 204, 235 Sala, Michele 35, 55, 93, 122, 1144 Salerno, Daria 77 Salvadorini, David ......55, 67, 155 Samon, Douglas 138 Samon, Mary 77, m Sampson, Stuart H. 169 Sampson, William 55 Sandeas, Dick .67, 155 Sargent, Pam 67, 122 ' 181 Sarman, Mary 77, 125 Sarret, Gordon ..67, 142 Sartor, Susan 77, 125 Savage, Julie .....77, 118 ' 185 Sawhney, Daljit .....176 Sawyer, Cheryl 55, 95, 109, 163, 170 Sawyer, Jerry ...77, 142, 164 Sawyer, Laeta .67, 118, 165, 181 Sceirine, Joseph Edward 77, 138 Schaff, Sky .......55, 155 Schalberg, Dick 67, 138 Scheller, Rob 195 Schlarman, Janet ..77 Schmutz, R. 190 Schoff, Robin 35, 36, 42, 46, 55, 143, 163 Scholk, Hap 179 Schuler, Rod 194 Schwella, Jack 203 Schricker, Bryce 77, 155 Scoble, John 77, 155 Scott, Steve 61, 155 Sealise, Dave 138 Sebbas, Leo 61, 169 Seher, John C. 77 ' 157 Seher, Scott 67 155 Seifers, Barry .....169 Seifers, Charles _ 194 Selvester, Linda 67, 175 Semenza, Pat 77 Semenza, Toni Dee 67, 111 Sewell, Elfrena 40, 41, 55, 95, 118, 143, 163, 184 277 Sewell, Mark .....67, 142 Sexton, Mary _ .74 Seymour, Bob .203, 205 Shane, Brenda ...77, 130 Shane, Ronald 67, 155 190 Share, Mike 194 Sharp, Jeanne Marie ..67, 125 Sharp, Sam 194 Shaw, Buddy 179 Shea, James .....142 Sheets, David C. .55 Shelby, Rick 67, 142 Shephard, Dian 114 Shepherd, Robert 77, 142, 164 Sheppard, Sim 146 Sherk, Marilyn Kay 55 Sheretz, John ...142 Shetler, Rosanne ...55 Shoenburger, George 209, 211 Shone, Darrell May 55 Shoolray, C .190 Short, Richard .....55, 194 Shriver, Robert ....77, 142 164 Shute, Dale ' ...56 Silverman, Gary 36, 61, 155 Simar, Mary 77, 125, 177, 277 Simmons, Vic 230 Simons, Barbara 77 Simpson, Jerry .179 Singer, R 177 Sinnott, Robert 61, 155, 228 Sinnott, William Q. 43,56,159,162 Skaer, Christine 61, 111 Slagle, Mike ...203, 205 Slater, Candace 77, 157 Small, Sally 56, 118, 143 Small, Steve ......233 Smith, Almoa 56 Smith, Arlene Lee 67, 125, 165 Smith, Cathy 67, 126 Smith, Chris 77, 132 Smith, Connie 175 Smith, Donald ......56, 169 Smith, Georgia Ann 130 Smith, Harli 77, 126 Smith, Janet 77, 130 Smith, Judy ...67, 122, 143 Smith, Kathy 42 Smith, Sharon 61, 67, 165, 170, 176 Smith, Shirley 77 Smith, S 177 Smith, Steve 180 Smith, Tom 209, 211 Smithwick, Mike .43, 185, 186, 261, 283 Smits, Elizabeth 67, 126 Snover, Nancy 77 Snyder, Linda 78, 130 Sobeck, Jim 203 Solaro, Mary 42, 43, 56, 94, 100, 111 ,163, 186 Sommers, Steve 235 Sondregger, Rrian 78, 155 Sonderegger, Sue 61, 118 Sobeck, Joe 204, 205 Sorensen, Diane 173 Souchereau, Peggy 78, 177 302 Sparks, Lance T " " 3B ' -M Sparr, Dick ■■■■■■■■ --J{3 Spatz, Jill -™-78, 11 Spaulding, Ernie - -36, 67, 159 Spicer, Sally -67, 126 Spikes, Mary 61,170 Spitzer, Carolyn . - 61, 122 Spracher, Dixie " 76 " oa 199 Springmeyer, Sherry - 42, 94, III Sproch, K !»2 Srifuengfung, Chainarong ° ' Staben Lvnn ... o Stafford, Dana " ::::.:::- " :.:. 42,61, m, m, 182 Staley, Dave .... -184 Stanck, Chip " " -13» Starkweather, Richard - ° j4b Starrett, Michael — - --78, 146 Stathos, James - - --61 Stauffer, Keith .. ------ -- -]f Stead, Marian - 36,61, 118 Steffanic, Andrea Marie 78, 12b Steiner, Charles - " " 61 ' 2 Stephens, David L - " A $ Stephens, Keith -—37, 38, 46, 56, 146, 162, 166 Stephens, Tom -----61, 146 Stephenson, Bruce J - Y TnA ' " £rt Stephenson, Mike 167, 179, 277 Sterling, D .. , fi vvr Stern, Kathy - 56, HI, 143 Stevenson, Rich -- " Tto Stewart, Richard - 67, 159 Stewart, Susan - - - 78, 126 Stiegler, Rebecca 78 Stiegler, Patricia - - - --78 Stienbrook, T -- JXZ Stiff, Larry -- 56, 138, 169, 179 Stiff, Sue - - - -78, 122 Stockwell, Donald 56 Stoddart, John - 61, 169 Stoker, Linda — - - 61, 130 Stoody, Lynda .... - --78, 126 Strain, Jerry 47, 78, 150 Strang, Cynlhia 42, 67, 84, 143, 82 Strosnider, Jan 68, 118, lbb Strosnider, Lana 61, 82, 118 Stroud, Carole - - --- -78 Stupar, Patti - 78, 126 Suhr, Kathleen - -68 Sullivan, Jerry .--157 Sullivan, John - -56, 138 Sullivan, Mary Alice 68 Sundquist, Carla - -68 Supera, Jeanette 78, 126 Swain, P 182 Swallow, Mary -56, 163 Swann, Sandy - 78, 111 Swanson, Ken 61, 138 Swanson, Suzette 78, 122 Swart, Elizabeth ™ " Yon Swett, Marty 78, 130 Swift, Ken - 56 T Tafure, B 192 Talley, Sandra 175 Tedford, Jack 56, 146 Teggeman, Gary 68, 155 Teglia, Bill 78, 155 Teipner, Phyllis 42,61, 117 Testolin, Rachel 78, 130 Tetters, Ann 68 Tew, Joel 43,56,96, 162 Thomas, Clyde 140 Thomas, Gloria -78, 132 Thompson, Delores D 78, 130 Thompsen, John 173 Thompson, Mike - 195 Thomsen, Judy Anne 78, 176 Thornton, Jenni 78, 122 Tiffany, Carol D 61 Telford, Sarah 130 Tilman, Ray 56, 192 Tinsley, Carole 78, 182 Toy, Owen 138, 235 Treharne, Claudia Jean 56, 90, 94, 163, 175 Tremble, R -182 Trigero, K. - - -182 Trigueiro, Gary - 78, 138 Trimble, Robert - --68, 146 Trinchero, Lillian 61, 122, 181 Triszczuk, Stefanija - 132 Trosi, Renell - - 78, 114 Trousdale, Dennis - 56, 157 Troy, Gerald - 203, 205, 206 Tryon, Sherry 61 Tueller, Sharon - — - 173 Tullis, Patricia HI, 165 Tureson, B. 177 Turner, Carl 176 Turner, Mark - 68, 155 Turner, Pam - 78, 111 Tyler, Nikki 78, 111 Tyson, Julie 61, 191 U Uhalde, Jacqueline 122 Uhalde, Marjorie 37, 44, 61, 122, 163 Upsen, Upson - — 78 Upson, Loren 146 Urby, Kitty 79, 126 Urga, Michael - - 172 Urga, Patti - -56, 68, 92, 132 Urich, Kevin .—235 Urrutia, Jean 79, 118 Utter, John 36,61, 142 V Vacchina, Ed 56, 142, 191 Valentine, Joe 78, 155 Vanloan, James 78, 142, 164 Vanlydegraf, Lance 146 Vansickle, J -77 Van Sidler, Jerry 150 Vantassel, Pam 7 ' T ' jio VanWagen, Jeannine 94, 95, 119 Vargas, Linda 78 122 Vernon, Ron 68, 155, 164, 203 Vivi, Earnest " " v; " V Vlautin, Paul 68, 142, 164 Voigt, Linda 68, 126 W Waage, Joe 79, 148 Wadsworth, Brent J73 Wadsworth, Bryant ....-..-173 Wagner, Claire 79, 111 Wagner, Lornie -61, 138, 235 Wainscoat, Marie -79, 177 Wakeling, Craig -173 Wakeling, David Si " lS Waldren, Bob -61, 155 Waleling, Craig .. - Qfi - i Walker, Dennis »-- " - -»8, 1 J Wallace, Bruce 37,47,68,142 303 Wallace, John Allen ....61, 150 Walmsley, Jeraldine .79 } 130 Walter, Bill 79 ' 148 Walters, Mike ...6L 148 Walters, Nik ..203, 205 ' 235 Walton, Welford .....203, 204, 206 Warren, Alma 79 132 Warren, Jr., James T. 56 Waters, Linda 68, 118 Watkins, Barry . ' .184 Watne, Bobbie 68, 111, 143 Watts, Yini 68, 114 Weatherford, Stephen 68 Weaver, Donna 61, 131, 132 Weaver, Joyce 79, 126 Webb, Jan 36,68, 130, 188 Weise, Sandy, 56 Wele, Dan 233 Welsch, Dianne .175 Welsh, Jean ...79, 111 West, Alfred Preston 68 Westover, Barbara 79 Westover, Joan 79, 132 Weyant, Don ...61, 138 Whellams, Mike ......146 White, Ed 172 White, Jerry 138 White, John 68, 159 White, Mary 40, 56, 130, 188 White, Pat 172 White, Sandy .68, 118 Whitton, James 68 Widell, B 177 Widmer, David 61 Wiegand, Shirley 79 Wight, Katha 68, 130 Wilde, Jeanette 56, 130, 175 Wilder, Bich 230 Wiley, Sherryl ...79, 111 Wilkes, Karen 68, 165, 181 Wilier, Pamela 61, 126 Willett, Brock __ 68, 155 William, Kerbert ..142 Williams, Carolee _ 38, 79, 130 Williams, Fred _. 56, 179, 195, 203, 204 Williams, Hank __ 56, 155, 162, 191 Williams, Ina 68, 132 Williams, Jane _ ......36, 68, 111, 175 Williams, Joan .....68 Williams, John 76, 159, 177 Williams, Kent 61 Williams, Marcia 79, 182 Williams, Patti 68, 122 Williams, Baymond 194 Williams, Bodney 148, 203, 204 Williams, Boger _ 68, 159 Williams, S. " 190 192 Williams, Shirley Ann .....56, 130, 175 Williams, Stephen 61 Williamson, Houston 229, 230 Willis, Ann 68, 82, 130 ' 180 Willis, Maxl ...169 Willis, Patricia _ .173 Willis, Yeagy 146 Wilson, Larry 68 Wilson, Bichard ...56 Wilson, Sharon 79, 122 Wilson-Beid, Bhonda .36, 56 ' 111 Winkler, Larry .138 Winne, Lee B. .....56, 169, 174 Winningham, Margaret ..68, 126 Winters, Cindy 79 126 Wisham, George 61, 169 Wofford, Hal ' .169 Wolf, Lorre 56, 111 Wood, Douglas 194 Wood, Judy ...79, 122 Wood, Larry 155, 190 Wood, Sherry 79, 86, 114 Woods, Gary 68, 138, 235 Woods, Larry E .....68 Woodhead, Michael .....61, 155, 268 Worchester, Larry 56, 96 Worchester, Sally .68, 82, 126, 181 Wright, Marlene 68, 126 Wulf, Glenda 79 Wynne, Mark 228 Yamamoto, Karen 68 Yandes III, Clarke James 79, 150 Yasula, Bobert 61, 176 Yeagy, Willis .79 Yeazel, Joseph Alan 61 Yenetskie, Lenore ...61 Yonker, Margaret 79, 130 Young, Arnold 79, 146 Young, Brigham 174 Young, Hampton 59, 169, 187 Young, Stephen L. 61, 169 Zaehringer, Ted 56, 162, 169, 172 Zelayeta, Joe - - 67 Zeigler, Jackie 61, 83, 122, 180, 250 Zive, Gregg 61, 146, 169, 186, 277 Zuppan, Mike 235 304 Jeffery M. Reeves Death . . . how is it categorized? How is it written into the pages to enable comprehension? To write about a void is impossible . . . to deal with one, even more incomprehensible. Yet we must . . . for twice this year we have been faced with such a tragedy. To remember Jeff as an outstanding leader is not enough, for he was a vibrant personality, is- suing forth life in all he undertook. This was Jeff, this is what he was to all who knew him, and this is how he should remain in our hearts and minds. In this way a part of what he was will never die, but will live on in each of us, enriching our lives . . . just because we were lucky enough to know him for awhile. JEFFERY REEVES He Made Up For The Brevity of Life By Heightening Its Intensity. Jeff . . . campaigning for the office of Junior Class President shortly before his death. ■ ■ ■■■i w —v tf M£ sH ife-¥ ; . ' i..t;t , : ' ;. ' ;■ ■ lit sinr 306 Sefa I iip tifr £P " ADVERTISING 307 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS A Albertson ' s ...318 Allied Automotive 312 Alpine Glass .....330 Anaconda Co. — .....341 Armanko ' s -322 ASUN Bookstore 320 B Baker ' s Furniture 339 Bill Rudd Motors 319 Block S Sporting Goods 338 Bosch Son Jewelers 339 Burgess British Cars 316 C Cal Neva .332 J. M. Capriola Co 352 Carnation Chism ..315 Carson Valley Drug -344 Carson Valley Mercantile 345 Churchill County 346 Clark County 340 COD Garage Co 344 Codding Wetzel 314 Commercial Hardware 330 Continental Lodge ...316 D Dangberg Meat Co. .....345 Delta Saloon Retaurant 343 John A. Doane 344 Douglas County 344 Dunseath Key 330 Durkee Travel Bureau 327 E East Ely Pharmacy 342 Economy Drug 342 Edises 321 El Capitan Lodge 349 Elko County 351 Ely Light Power Co 342 Emporium of Music 311 Ernie ' s TV ......338 Esmeralda County ..350 Eugene ' s ....315 Eureka County 350 F The Famous Crystal Bar 343 Faulstich 309 Faye ' s 314 First National Bank .329 First National Bank of Ely 342 Fielding Hotel 332 Flower Box 324 Frazzini Furniture 347 G Garden Gate Nursery 312 Gardnerville Drug Store 345 Gina ' s 317 Ginsburg Jewelry 333 Golden Nugget 341 Gordon B. Harris Insurance -327 Gray Line 317 Great Western Saloon Cafe 343 Greg ' s Shoe Repair 314 Greenbrae Sports Center 338 H Hamilton Opticians 333 Harrah ' s 334 Hattons 327 Hawthorne Variety Store 349 Herz Jewelry 327 Hill ' s Richfield Service 347 Hilp ' s Drug 321 Holiday .326 Home Furniture 310 Home Lumber Supply ...318 Home Savings Loan —.316 Horseshoe Club 327 I Ideal Drug .....338 Ilene ' s Gift Shop 312 J Jessell ' s Beauty Salon 339 Johnny Richard ' s Automotive 312 Jot Travis Student Union 313 K Kennecott Copper 342 Bob Kennedy Floor Coverings .316 Kent ' s .....348 Kitzmeyer Drug 339 Kolhoss Cash Store ......348 L Lancer 333 Lander County 348 Lanz 315 Little Waldorf 311 Lloyd Gotchy Shoes ..312 Leonard Ludel Diamond Cutter 345 M McDonald ' s Interiors 312 McMahon ' s 330 Magic Cleaners 316 Mapes 329 Marian ' s 314 Martin Iron Works 324 Maurice the Mark IV 311 Maytan Music Center .....321 Meneley Motors 344 Miguel ' s 317 Miller ' s Complete Food Center 345 Minden Dry Goods ..345 Minden Mercantile Co 345 Mineral County Independent News 349 Mineral County School District 349 Mister Van ' s Fashions 312 Model Dairy 333 Morrill and Machabee 324 Morris and Loring Drug Co. 347 Motor Supply Company 347 Mount Rose Sporting Goods 333 Murdock ' s 327 N Nevada Bank of Commerce ....319 Nevada Machinery Electric 324 Nevada Photo Service 324 Nevada Shoe Factory 312 Nevada Title Guaranty 317 Jim Kelly ' s Nugget 317 O O ' Brian ' s Moving Storage 318 Overhead Door 318 P P S Hardware 318 Palludan ' s Fallon Mercantile 348 Parker ' s 315 Pat Hart ' s Brass Rail 343 Paterson ' s 315 L. W. Peraldo Co., Inc 339 Pied Piper Studio 330 Pink Puff —.314 Pioneer Citizen ' s Bank ....317 Pioneer Title Insurance 324 Primmadonna 311 R Ramos Drug 324 Ray Craft Motors 312 Red Garter Saloon 343 Red ' s Old Fashioned Candies 343 Red ' s Variety Store 339 Reed ' s Richfield Service 345 Reno Equipment Sales 318 Reno Furniture 327 Reno Mercantile 330 Reno Print 329 Reno Turf Club 316 Richardson Lovelock .333 Rigg ' s Clothiers 317 Rissone ' s 321 Riverside Flower Shop 315 Roger ' s Jewelry 318 S Santa Fe 321 Saturn Sports — 338 Savage and Son 321 Saviers - 321 Scott Motor Co 312 Sears 321 Security National Bank 333 Sharon House 343 Shakey ' s ...318 Shelly ' s Hardware — 316 Shoshone Coke .....317 Sierra Pacific Power Co. 322 Silver Queen Bar Restaurant 343 Silver State Construction 347 Spudnut Shop 347 Stag Shop - 314 Star Boiler 339 Stauffer Chemical 341 Stremmel Motors 311 Styris Sutton -321 Sunderlands - 315 T Territorial Enteq rise 343 Tierra Gems — - --343 Tom Joyce Floors - 321 U Union Federal Savings and Loan ....333 United Lumber Sales 312 University Barber Shop 312 V Valley Bank 315 Village Drug 330 W Waldren Motors 312 Washoe County ..337 Wedding Shop —.316 Western Auto 312 Western Hotel Motel 347 Western Print and Publishing ....338 Westerner Silver Shop 330 Wheelwright Publishing Co 352 Wonder —327 308 PATRONIZE THE ADVERTISERS The Nevada firms on the following pages are behind our activities 100% and help make our University a success. Tony of the Men ' s Den Fashions for the Stylish Student . . . and the grandiose graduate from ulstich ' s Fashions and Gardens Reno 3015 S. Virginia Carson City 1573 N. Carson Incline Village Lakeview Center Tina of the Women ' s World 309 mme w Our congratulations on your graduation. We ' ll be seeing you along the path to your bright and successful new future! I i The store that builds its future on serving young adults better ! HOME FURNITURE RENO SPARKS 310 II NORTH OF THE TRACKS RENO, NEVADA RENOS ONLY AUTHORIZED VW 8. PORSCHE DEALER y QBSCMt Still Stremmel c Uolh r wdgai Phone 322-6901 1492 S. Virginia Reno, Nevada s4 umfdctf IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN RENO Hammond Organs - Hammond Sohmer Pianos Band Instruments Conn - LeBlanc - Holton Fender Guitars f Musac " Everything in Music " Telephone FA 9-2595 214 North Sierra Street Reno, Nevada You ' re Smarter When You Shop At 1 19 N. Virginia RENO, NEVADA MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS CONTACT MAURICE and the MARK IV — PLUS ONE - Charles " Chuck " Bradley Color Me Maurice Jackson Phone 786-1052 OR Brad Cutler, Jr. Phone 323-6254 311 UNITED LUMBER SALES 2625 Dickerson Road - Reno, Nevada 89503 Phone 329-1791 COMPETITION ENG INE BUILDING AND TUNING CRAFT FOREIGN MOTORS Expert Repairs on Foreign and Domestic Autumobiles 2275 Dickerson Road Reno, Nevada Ray Craft (Owner) Phone: 786-2270 ILENE PRIVETTE EXCLUSIVE GIFTS JLENE ' S GIFT SHOPPE 423-4113 137 S. Main Fallon, Nevada 323-4772 1 13 W. Plumb Lane Reno, Nevada Engine and Transmission Rebuilding Specialists JOHNNY RICHARDS AUTOMOTIVE 2685 East 4th Street - Reno, Nevada 329-0474 William (Bill) Becker FA 2-2735 Reno Pabco Paint Mart 780 So. Virginia St. Reno, Nevada Look Ahead Paint With SCOTT MOTOR COMPANY 2401 South Virginia St. For The Finest in Shoe Luggage Repairs IEVADA SHOE FACTORY 71 N. Sierra Reno, Nevada ALLIED AUTOMOTIVE, INC. PARTS - SUPPLIES - EQUIPMENT Main Store Sparks Truckee Paint Dept 490 N. Virginia, Reno 1 1 1 8 " B " Street West Main Street 95 W. Fourth, Reno Phone 323-2751 Phone 358-7660 Phone 587-3582 Phone 323-2756 Mcdonald interiors Interior Design for Home and Office Carpets, Draperies, Upholstery Wallpapers, Custom Furniture 323-8289 20 St. Lawrence Reno, Nevada GARDEN GATE NURSERY Al Ida Lamberti 475 Gentry Way - Reno, Nevada Phone 323-0502 MISTER VAN ' S FASHIONS 211 No. Virginia - Reno, Nevada 786-1449 WOMEN JUNIORS ' APPAREL lutwrattij Sartor UNttUMWUM 60 East Nimth St. Reno, Nivada Phone SSS-4S48 Joe M. Hettkmmy EVEN ' S PALIZZIO DEUSO DEBS 40% SHOES 44 W. First MARK ANGELO CAPEZSO SPALm 75 E. Plumb Lane WALDREN MOTORS 1999 S. Virginia St. TOWN COUNTRY WESTERN AUTO VASSAR KIETZKE Town Country Shopping Center RENO, NEVADA 322-8966 «T» PIZZERIA COCKTAIL LOUNGE ESTINAS The Outstanding Pizza Making Establishment in tbt West. SPAGHETTI RAVIOLI 312 JOT TRAVIS STUDENT UNION " THE LIVING ROOM OF THE CAMPUS " Tony Oxborrow, President Norman Beesley Keith Stephens, Vice President Toni Desalvo 1 ■ Peggy Crumley Ginny Heck 1 Craig Howard Jeff Lewis Marvin Murphy Susan Galloway 1 Bob Erickson Michon Maupin Trudy Ross Ellie Rogers, Secretary 1 1 313 SHOPPER ' S SQUARE 257 East Plumb Lane HEADQUARTERS FOR MEN ' S FINE APPAREL Shopper ' s Square- East Plumb Lane at S. Virginia PHONE 322-0500 RENO, NEVADA CODDING WETZEL SKI CENTER SPORTSWEAR • SHOPPERS SQUARE • SOUTH VIRGINIA AT PLUMB LANE RENO. NEVADA • 89501 LOCATED IN SHOPPERS ' SQUARE Sportswear and Dresses GIFTS - IMPORTS Faye and Charles Zanay 277 East Plumb Lane Post Office Box 838 Reno, Nevada Phone 786-5335 140 Court Street Downtown Reno, Nevada Phone 323-5412 Marion ' s Flower Shop Ulla Wagner Flowers for Every Occasion SHOP 786-1463 257 EAST PLUMB LANE AFTER 6 P.M. - 329-7994 RENO, NEVADA 263 Plumb Lane reno. nevada BEAUTY SALON PHONE 329-4720 Expert Shoe Repair Greg ' s Shoe Repair 271 E. Plumb Lane around the corner from Skaggs and May fair in Shopper s Square Specializing in • Shoe Refinishing " Dyeing " • Restyling • Tent Mending 314 CARNATION CHISM ICE CREAM 2555 Dickerson Road Reno, Nevada For Distinctive Fashions in Junior and Misses Sizes RENO, INC (y 221 N. Virginia St. Headquarters for Pendleton Woolens, Stetson Hats, Levis — Lees Hyer and Justin Boots SUNDERLANDS ' Quality Shoes for Men and Boys First and North Sierra IJ lOON.CENTEfl, STBEfT ' TRy 200 North Center Street Reno, Nevada Paterson ' s First and Sierra Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear Everything for the Man and Boy Alike " Styles of Tomorrow Today " RIVERSIPE FLOWER SHOE in the RIVERSIDE HOTEL " The flower shop for the students at the U. of N. " Best Wishes Valley Bank of Nevada Member of F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve System 201 S. Virginia . Incline Village Sparks Reno { 2935 So. Virginia St. Reno ' s best known restaurant — is famous for superb continental cuisine and its mahogany broiler. Its unsur- passed wine cellar and inviting cocktail lounge make it a " must " for visitors and residents alike. Dinners from 4 to 12 P.M. Closed Mondays Tel. FA 7-2089 Walter Zahnd Raymond Capitain your host your chef 315 Hi F B CONGRATULATIONS C BURGESS BRITISH CARS RENO ' S SPORT CAR CENTER MG - MG 100 - AUSTIN-HEALEY - SPRITE - JAGUAR Sales - Parts - Service 1496 S. Virginia St., Reno 786-1125 Joe Gilbert ' s CONTINENTAL LODGE 1885 South Virginia 329-1011 FLOOR COVERINGS BY BOB KENNEDY, INC. 316 broadway boulevard FAirview 9-5922 reno. Nevada Bring Your Family Bundle In For Discounts At Carson City incline Village Your Coit Drapery Specialists THE WEDDING SHOP 75 West Plumb Lane 322-9670 Bridals Casual Wear Formals Pegnoirs Do your saving as easy as your shopping. HOME SAVINGS and LOAN Association Val-U Center, S. Virginia Keystone Center, W. 5th RENO TURF CLUB RENO ' S FINEST RACE AND SPORTS BOOK Corner Virginia St. W. Commercial Row SHOP AT SHELLY ' S At the Village n Reno At Greenbrae in Sparks • Hardware • Paint • Housewares • Garden Supplies SHELLY ' S HARDWARES Open Sundays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. IJ 316 Ik 125 W. Plumb Lane Lakeside Plaza Phone 329-4642 V Spi 01 clot hi ers INSTALLMENT PIONEER I CITIZENS BANK Member FD,C W OF NEVADA CENTER STATE STREETS • RENO • TEL 786-3443 NEVADA TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY Title Insurance Escrow Service Home Office: 90 Court St., Reno Branch Offices: Carson City Zepher Cove Elko Tonopah Yerington Keeping in step with Nevada ' s progress. Miguel ' s of Reno Congratulations Seniors Best of Luck For a Brighter Future In a Better World things gO better,! Coke Casual Dressy Cocktail Lingerie Jewelry Accessories FASHIONS Richard and Virginia Neville Dial 329-4025 So. Virginia at Mt. Rose St. Val-U Shopping Center Reno, Nevada AN )CG£T 40?«4 THE iTttlT F POM KAWlPi HUB KcNO home fjiite rvV AWf(jL AlV U sandwich pm a 6IAWT SCRV(rV6 f) FKCNCH FfUtt WE BAKE l» K PlfJ t A(tV VEUCIOUi LOf m Congratulations " Class of 1966 " The GRAY LINE Reno and Lake Tahoe Gray Line Scenic Tours 317 CONGRATULATIONS GRADS ! HOME LUMBER SUPPLY CO. 250 Chism When you think of building materials, Think of Home Lumber. m HARDWARE SB NURSERY KBNTMS GENE PARVIN BILL SPIERSCH Custom Landscaping WEATHER - AAATIC Lawn Sprinkler Systems 905 WEST FIFTH STREET RENO, NEVADA Phone 329-1392 PIZZA PARLOR •M) II tW MB HOUSE PIZZASUPREME ORDERS TO TMCE OUT — |Q EKT«A 5th St. at EEYSTONE -329-2207 RENO EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. Don Burrus Dave Fritschi Val Galleron 1 5 1 W. 4th STREET P.O. BOX 2428 Phone 322-7025 RENO, NEVADA IHHBHHBBii FOOD CENTER The Friendliest Stores in Town 525 Keystone, 195 W. Plumb Lane, Reno 2020 Oddie Blvd., Sparks Compliments of HARRY A. O ' BRIEN ' The Smiling Irishman " O ' BRIEN ' S MOVING AND STORAGE Overhead Door Company of Reno 20S5 DICKERSON ROAD RENO, NEVADA FRED M. THOMPSON PHONE: FA 2-6697 Flawless gems set in our own original ' J .» (A . . I a. creations. The most unusual selection of si AA tiK UJ J (X the finest diamond engagement rings, X J J " from one hundred to four thousands dol- £ U lars, awaits your viewing pleasure. | — — — , t Wont you visit us real soo n? Special Terms for U.N. Students | Downtown: 32 W. Second, and Shopper ' s Square: S. Virginia and Plumb Lane 318 complete bank service m Commerce 1 BEST WISHES TO THE UNIVERSITY | OF NEVADA mr t m n dt Wt nm no la i ■ » ry«w »« ■■ " «■ ■■ ' m, mmmik world ' s biggest seller. f BILLRUDD MOTORS HONDA it N K 5[ 0 CD to CD C l t -J o 319 I " ' - ' 4.S.i .W. Book Store The Friendly Book Store in the Middle of Campus Telephone 322-2081 Ext. 288 Jot Travis Student Union Building 320 127 N. Virginia 323-6104 STYRIS-SUTTON CO. Industrial Suppliers 622 S. Virginia St. 322-3281 SAVIERS Electrical Products Corp. 670 E. 6th St. Reno, Nevada 322-91 34 RISSO Nevada ' s Leading Recappers Gasoline — Oil — Lubrication TSS F1SK TIRES u, of 1 Parts and Automotive Accessories Willard Batteries and Seat Covers SALES- SERVICE OFFICE 1 1 E. 4th St. 322-9409 SALES and SERVICE 141 W. 4th St. 323-5422 PARTS STORE 645 N. Sierra St. 323-0318 735 S. Center Reno, Nevada TOM JOYCE FLOORS, INC. 322-7067 285 South Virginia Street Reno Vinyls Carpet Linoleum Plastic Tiles We Cater to UNIVERSITY PARTIES and BANQUETS Plumbing — Heating — Air Conditioning Sales — Service SUMME tr SON INC Telephone FA 3-4193 628 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada ORANGE BLOSSOM AND KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS ACCUTRON AND OMEGA WATCHES SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO Your Family Store SEAFI 200 E. Plumb Lane at S. Virginia St. You Can Count on Us . . . Quality Costs No More at Sears 321 _MJJ tmttJ IT GETS TOUGHER FROM HERE ON . . . In our free enterprise system you ' re going to face some keen competition. But that ' s what has made America so great. You are free to go as far as your energies and abilities will take you. So, aim high . . . we hope you get there. YOUR PROGRESSIVE PACIFIC POWER COMPANY s ARMANKO ' S STATIONERY COMPANY 152 N. VIRGINIA ST. RENO, NEVADA 322 .:»n PROMINENT DOCTORS put U TVN dP (P uM - ) yVztCa x- , £. -K-tvmAv c U. 5 £ 3 " O. Xt U L fa? TU fl -J- 7 iJ n rzt Y?dsu £f i a C4) C 7 yy rv u u e ?jw £,u 323 Best Wishes to the Graduates 1 1 1 West Plumb Lane Lakeside Plaza Shopping Center RENO Broili ' s Dealers for Zenith Color T.V. — World Famous Radios Frigidaire Appliances Unique Lighting Glassware 301 South Virginia Reno Phone 329-9228 PIONEER TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEVADA State-Wide Title and Escrow Service Fallon HfiiL Las Elko s§ Incline Carson City Reno 160 West Liberty Serving Nevada Since 1903 Vegas Village MARTIN IRON WORKS, INC. 530 East Fourth Street Reno, Nevada 89505 • Structural • Fabrication • Miscellaneous • Erectior • Ornamental • Mobile Cranes NEVADA PHOTO SERVICE 253 North Sierra Street 323-3792 Cameras, Projectors, Supplements Picture Framing Photostat Copies Photo Finishing SEE OUR GIFT SHOP 219 North Virginia Street For Gifts, Novelties, and Souvenirs 323-2927 247 CALIFORNIA AVE. Largest Stock of Imported Wines in Nevada Prompt and Courteous Service IEE DELIVERY FA 3-4116 INC. Office Furniture Office Supplies Office Machines and Service Educational Furniture and Equipment 1 30 South Center St. Reno, Nevada 324 PROMINENT ATTORNEYS lU cHjuxt L — - U K«k U 2f C Jx v i s0 " - " - rTs- — ' ■£ • - e yjLjjS C " W a. »1-N »S L,4i u 325 The Place to in RENO Free Parking in Huge Lower Level Garage There ' s always room for you The Holiday, Reno ' s newest and t downtown hotel. You ' re sure your friends at The Holiday, dining in the Shore Room or the Coffee Shop, enjoying the nationally known entertainment in the Theater Lounge, or having their favorite refresher in The Comstock. You ' ll enjoy Reno more at . . . The 00110000 --HOTEL in Downtown Reno 326 432 N. Virginia — Reno, Nevada 322-3496 Men ' s — Women ' s — Children ' s Western and Sports Wear I v luraoch 6 1 024 South Wells Ave. 31 8 No. Reno, Nevada Carson 322-5192 822 Carson St. City, Nev. -3134 Durkee Travel Bureau Suite D 120 Mill St. Reno FA 9-0801 Specialists in Student Tours MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT College-Hi Shop in THE WONDER 135 N. Virginia St. 42 East First Street Telephone 323-4567 Reno — Nevada FROM RENO ' S Largest Stock of Fine Watches Diamond and Silverware in Nevada Jewelers Serving the University Since 1885 TELEPHONE FA 3-2122 15 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada TRADitional SHOP Reno ' s original, and only authentic natural shoulder shop for college men! Visit also Hattons Ladies Village Shop! Downtown Reno 327 «— w k E»!P PROMINENT DOCTORS " Cc m ' Slwfr Mrs r Xts - J J? 5. t 2L V x4 C J?. L JJ. P. H J tltoa C- } ud£- iW) V X rvVCU M h [ W S £2= SL h e SL J k o . ScUj , -6.6.S. tf face U. %S- S 328 II Best Wishes!!! First National Bank of Nevada Statewide Resources Over $425,000,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System RENO PRINTING COMPANY Printers - Lithographers Binding - Engraving 124 N. Center Street 322-2133 329 ■ ESTABLISHED IN 1919 FURNITURE STORES 322-6921 120 W. Commercial Row RENO, NEVADA Hardware Houseware Gifts RENO MERCANTILE SIERRA AT COMMERCIAL ROW PH. FA 2-3454 ,« - ' V ' in- , ' Ivftir li-iMiW Lapidary Equipment Acme Paints Picd PifjEZ Jblulio, One. Living portrait Photography J ou and CLzo (f aitfii 322-0949 IE1 2 North Virginia RENO. NEVADA C. J. McDonald J. G. Dunsearh DUNSEATH KEY COMPANY Established 1930 DOOR HARDWARE SERVICE LOCKSMITHS Telephone FA 3-4372 75 West Arroyo St. Reno, Nevada Best Wishes From Frank Titus ' Village Drug 1117 California Ave. Ph. 323-2701 ALPINE GLASS CO. Nevada Pioneer Glass House 40 Years Glass Service to Nevada Glass For Every Purpose Reno — Tahoe Valley, Calif. DICK AND ERMA CURNOW OWNERS Trophies Engraving Unique Gifts 275 E. Plumb Shopper ' s Square RENO, NEVADA Tel. FAirview 3-3330 Telephone 329-0231 500 East Fourth Reno, Nevada .330 PROMINENT ATTORNEYS n E S ? I 1 J " " ? " tZy z si: 2t i ! w » k vffic m S , uO u L 331 MODEL DAIRY FIRST AWARD WINNER The best to you each morning ' EXQUISITE FOOD • COCKTAILS MT. ROSE HISHWAY ' FAIRVIEW 9-3 555 P. O. BOX 1312 • RENO, NEVADA Phone 322-0397 AMIITON 31 West Second Street Prompt and Courteous Service Always FISHING • HUNTING • SKIING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT MT. ROSE SPORTING GOODS 134 W. SECOND STREET RENO, NEVADA PHONE 323-5717 1 GINSBURC | JEWELRY CO. Agents for Omega Watches 133 NO. VIRGINIA ST. RENO curitu NATIONAL BANK OF NEVAD A member f.d.i.c. I OUR 26th YEAR Owned and Managed by Nevadans Inc. " Friendly »rd Villag RENO ii UNION FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Offices in Reno, Sparks, Carson City Zephyr Cove 332 You Will Enjoy The Friendly Atmosphere DOWNTOWN RENO CASINO COCKTAILS RESTAURANT BREAKFAST 24-HOURS • LUNCHEON • DINNERS The Food Is Good, The Price Is Right FA 3-1046 38 EAST 2ND Joe Snelson, Formerly a Nevadan, Owner Hotel Rooms: Single 8.00 to 10.00 Double 10.00 to 12.00 Twins 12.00 to 15.00 Apartments: Single - 10.00 Double 12.00 to 14.00 Suites 25.00 to 30.00 Garage Service Half Block From the Airport Terminal Beauty Parlor The Nevada Lounge Sun Deck GEARY STREET AT MASON GArfield 1-0980 333 334 PROMINENT NEVADANS 0k z r FfOiARstds Tcf.iy iAyy c v jLr att ' C 4 7 fr£, cr. Z m ;■ ■■■ ' . ' .- ' I fc t ' f 77 ft cn £ 335 PROMINENT NEVADANS V3 • e% nju r - CCa JLj M r Lt A 4 ' c s - , C Zo— - 336 Q:SL C, Vfc- BEST WISHES TO THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA FROM WASHOE COUNTY 337 SPARKS ADVERTISERS JIM STONER Gcn ' l. Mgr. SPORTS, Inc. 11 Glendale Ave. - Sporks, Nevada - Phone 358-9073 Block " S " Sporting Goods and Fountain Telephone: 358-6282 1006 B. St. SPARKS, NEVADA (Open 7:00 a.m. until Midnight) GUNS - AMMUNITION - FISHING TACKLE ACCESSORIES Complete Line of Sporting Goods Athletic Equip. 1808 Pyramid Way Telephone 358-3233 SPARKS, NEVADA Year Around Gear For The Outdoors Open 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Ernie ' s T.V Television - Radio - Phonograph - Sound Transistor Radio SALES AND SERVICE 641 So. 17th St. -Phone 358-4052 SPARKS, NEVADA COLOR NEVADA BOOKS BY NEVADA AUTHORS Here Is Nevada Effie Mona Mack and Byrd Wall Sawyer From My Nevada Notebook Maude Sawin Taylor One Hundred Years Ago In Nevada Jock Taylor The Antique Bottle Collector Grace Kendricks Mark Twain — Young Reporter Katharine H i I Iyer The Past In Glass Pat and Bob Ferraro Dig No Graves — - History of Churchill Co. Marcia DeBraga The Gamble Lincoln Won Jock Taylor The Bottle Collector ' s Book Pat and Bob Ferraro Western Printing Publishing Company 1845 Prater Way Sparks, Nevada P.O. Box 601 358-4411 DICK ROCK ' S IDEAL DRUGS " Where Pharmacy is a Profession " 1845 Prater Way, Sparks, Nevada Free Delivery Phone 358-8222 338 ADVERTISERS SPARKS CARSON CITY RED ' S VARIETY STORE 1845 Prater Way Sparks, Nevada Beautiful Home Furnishings - Wall Decor - Lamps - Gifts - Housewares - Hardware bdfee FURNITURE 846 B Street, Sparks, Nevada 89431 358-7194 INEST FooD in. winn EtnyccsL JOE MACKIE ' S BROILER RESTAURANT On U. S. 40, Downtown Winnemucca, Nevada KITZMEYER - COCHRAN DRUG STORE 208 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nevada 882-3409 Drugs — Prescriptions Films — Candies NEVADA ' S OLDEST DRUG STORE WINNEMUCCA Jessell ' s Beauty Salon SONOMA INN Winnemucca, Nevada BOSCH SON JEWELERS WINNEMUCCA, NEVADA L W. Peraldo Co., Inc. WHOLESALE BEVERAGES Winnemucca, Nevada 339 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES STAFF, STUDENTS, AND GRADUATES of the UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA and its NEVADA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY from CLARK COUNTY 340 Hi CLARK COUNTY ADVERTISERS Greetings to the Students of the University of Nevada From CHEMICAL vad Industrial Chemicals Since 1885 LYON COUNTY ADVERTISERS Congratulations . . . and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1966 THE ANACONDA COMPANY H. R. Burch, General Manager Weed Heights, Nevada 341 WHITE PINE COUNTY ADVERTISERS iAST ELY PHARMACY Box 287 Ely, Nevada ECONOMY DRUG WALGREEN AGENCY Fountain - Prescriptions Ely, Nevada THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELY REDDY KILOWATT® Your Electric Servant :LY LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY Taxpaying Servant of a Great State COMiiENCEMENf ■ nm has played an important role in the development of man. Early Egyptians used the red metal and the planners of tomorrow ' s rockets find copper vital. The everlasting metal is also important to education. Kennecott, through tax payments, participates in providing improved facilities, better conditions and more highly skilled teachers. As a graduate, Kennecott ' s operations in Ne- vada actually mean greater opportunities for you. Kennecott Copper Corporation McGill, Nevada Nevada Mines Division 342 STOREY COUNTY ADVERTISERS VIRGINIA CITY . . . Home of the fabulous Comstoclc era with all of its colors and brilliance. Today it is a Mecca for tourists and a favorite recreation center of Nevadans. Silver Queen Bar Restaurant Red ' s Old Fashioned Candies The Famous Crystal Bar Delta Saloon and Restaurant Sharon House Territorial Enterprise Pat Hart ' s Brass Rail Tierra Gems Great Western Saloon and Cafe Red Garter Saloon 343 MENELEY MOTO RS GARDNERVILLE CARSON CARSON VALLEY DRUG PHONE SU 2-2141 — MINDEN JOHN A. DOANE RICHFIELD OIL CORP. PRODUCTS Post Office Box 146 — Minden, Nevada Phone SUnser 2-2636 C. O. D. GARAGE CO. Buick - Chevrolet Dealer 50 Years of Service 344 H MILLER ' S COMPLETE FOOD CENTER CARSON VALLEY MERC GARDNERVILLE, NEVADA REED ' S RICHFIELD SERVICE Tires, Batteries, and Lubes Hwy. No. 395 Phone SU 2-2727 MINDEN, NEVADA DANGBERG MEAT CO. MINDEN MERCANTILE CO. Quality — Service — Price MINDEN NEVADA MINDEN DRY GOODS LEONARD LUDEL DIAMOND CUTTER Gardnerville GARDNERVILLE DRUG STORE Prescriptions and Vet Supplies 345 portrays The Old West and The Dynamic Economy of Nevada BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF " 66 " FROM THE CITIZENS OF CHURCHILL CO. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS DON R. TRAVIS, Chairman Frank deBraga R. J. Kolstrup 346 .. CHURCHILL COUNTY ADVERTISERS HILL ' S SERVICE Richfield Oil Products East Williams Ave. Fallon, Nevada FRAZZINI FURNITURE CO. Fallon, Nevada Central Nevada Home Furnishers Since 1912 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING SENIORS SILVER STATE CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. A. D. DRUMM OWNER FALLON NEVADA FRANK WOODLIFF, Owner TH E WESTERN HOTEL MOTE " IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN FALLON " MODERN — CONVENIENT AIR COOLED — STEAM HEATED FALLON, NEVADA MORRIS and LORING DRUG COMPANY Prescription Druggists 105 So. Main St. Phone 423-2030 Fallon, Nevada We would appreciate your patronage Compliments of Roy and Ned FALLON NEVADA SPUDNUT SH One Mile South on the Truck Route Helen — Bill 423-2640 Fallon, Nevada 347 KOLHOSS CASH STORE Fallon, Nevada Lander County The Heart of Nevada Rich in Mining and Ranching Offers Activities in All Winter Sports A Mecca for the Angler and the Hunter Compliments of MINERAL COUNTY 348 MINERAL COUNTY ADVERTISERS MINERAL COUNTY INDEPENDENT NEWS CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 1966 HAWTHORNE VARIETY STORE 5 to $1.00 and Up Souvenirs Fountain Hawthorne — Nevada BOARD OF TRUSTEES MINERAL COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT 349 Historic and Progressive and Extend Best Wishes to the University of Nevada EUREKA COUNTY Extends Best Wishes To University of Nevada Students 350 COMPUMENfS Of :i51 Western Riding Equipment and Apparel J. M. CAPRIOLA CO. 500 Commercial Row Elko, Nevada We Make the Best and Repair the Rest Custom Made Saddles and Leather Goods It ' s straight ff A w for Wheelwrights, when the Yearbook grades are in! LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY 975 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 841 01 BUSINESS STAFF Elfrena SewelS — Business Manager Carol English — Assistant Business Mgr. Marvis Cooper Andy Sewell Bob Corkern Linda Smalley Judy CroweSI Kathy Smith Kafhy Leonard Mike Stephenson 352 m m mamm ■ ■■■ ■pp JL T JPW j Sm mo taw. •■Ml •■Mil ■P ¥mts0Mf §81 1

Suggestions in the University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) collection:

University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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