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Ml. rf.SS .■5 W; - ■■ • . - ■ .. : :■•■ c . ZSm ■ £dM 1 Wn ARTEMISIA %A «a a ; ■ K • ' a i ji " h ' » ¥ mg g ■ ■♦ ;- » ' .,....■ .__ . „ Table of Contents Dedication 5 Introduction 6 Faculty and Administration 17 Student Government 28 Classes 43 Honors 75 Living Groups 98 Organizations 144 Athletics 186 Around the Campus , 222 Senior Histories and Index 276 Advertisements 297 Staff Joyce Freeman, Editor Elfrena Sewell, Business Manager Darla Folsom, Assistant Editor Molly Jacobs, Copy Editor Gray Poole, Barry Watkins, Photographers Mary Hyde, Art Editor Adele Pinkerton, Calendar Editor Judy Crowell, Classes Editor Mary Kaye Gezelin, Faculty Editor Phyllis Goytino, Honors Editor Marylou MacKenzie, Index Editor Linda May Smalley, Living Groups Editor Diane Barengo, Organizations Editor Kirk Kinne , Sports Editor Cheryl Griffin, Student Government Editor Photo Credits: Color by Lorin F. Wheelwright Audio- Visual Department, Sagebrush. William Chism Cover Artist « « i w V ■ v » 1 K I i M M M i r i iiuj i V « 7. M 8 •-•. f « I % » ' - ft «. " ■ ■ 5 si - r o " ; v ' SS ' « " Young people are my way of life. " These are the words of our beloved Dean of Women, Dean Elaine Mobley, and it is for this very sentiment which she conveys to all of us that she is held in such high regard by men and women alike. Dean Mobley has been at the University of Nevada for almost twenty years now, and in this time she has done much for the stu- dents and the organizations on campus. She serves on the Committee of Academic Stand- ards, advises the Pan-hellenic and A.W.S. Councils, as well as Sagens, just to mention a few of her duties. Besides serving in this official capacity, Dean Mobley gives of her- self and her time in other ways. Other than the five o ' clock feeding time for the ducks at the Lake, Dean Mobley can almost always be seen at all school functions since she feels, " They wouldn ' t ask me to come if they didn ' t want me. " She often complains that she can ' t get to know the students as well as she would like to, and it is this very factor which often extends her day into ten and twelve hours. To this she only replies, " In this type of work, you can ' t shut the door at the end of the day and leave it behind you. " It is this high respect that Dean Mobley feels for all the students that has engendered such a feeling in the students for her, and it is because of her dedication to us that we dedicate the 1965 ARTEMISIA to her. Dedication Dean Mobley feeding the ducks. Dean Elaine Mobley A torch has been passed « it f it i I II III! Ill III I I lilt II III i II III i i i I I . Ill 5 I I I f i III I I I I ' » I III III I ! i I i I II r in i it i.» f ii ? ill 8 S f 8 1 t ii i t.i i r i 1 1 1 1 1 1 ri ll il i t i i I 1 1 i i i inn nifi i ii i,» i ii i ill 1 1 1 i I ill I » i 1 1 (Mill till! i I I ! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II i I 111 i M I I II I I i I I I I II II I I I I I I II II III! » 1 1 1 i » 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tit 1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 ill i ' " ' " " ■■ VI I I 11 I 9 ill ♦ i I I III i 1 II II f I l;1 11 ! I i Hi I I ! ) I . i:i ' ri!i:i ill 1 1 1 I II III i 1 1 III ! II III ! II III ill i;i I i III!!! .... It is the fate of this generation to live with a struggle we did not start, in a world we did not make. But the pressures of life are not always distributed by choice. John F. Kennedy I to a new generation c 7 United in a nucleus of diversity " Life takes its color and quality not from the days, but from the dawns. We live but little for ourselves Each man is one more lump of clay to hold the world together. " Ralph Waldo Emerson each with an interest of his own • • " Each mind hath its own method .... A true man never acquires after college rules .... What you have yourself aggre- gated in a natural manner surprises and delights when it is produced We cannot oversee each other ' s secret. " Ralph Waldo Emerson 10 II - ' 11 _ " But with one KEEP YOUR STANDARD OF LIFE HIGH ' MAY 15 1912 i C H tol 12 common goal " Between the finite limitations of the five senses and the endless yearnings of man for the beyond, the people hold to the humdrum bidding .... while reaching out when it comes their way for lights beyond the prison of the five senses, for keepsakes lasting be- yond any hunger or death. " This reaching is alive. " Carl Sandberg - TO " ' Building our future ■ j i . mm believing in our past " I am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arc wherethrough Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move. How dull it is to pause, to make an end, To rust unburnished, not to shine in use! As th ough to breath were life. Life piled on life Were all too little. " Alfred Lord Tennyson -. -T-T S. 15 ,:■ ■ ---::. ' ■■■ ' ■-.-■ -,-■■■■■■-..■ ■ ■ ;- . ■:.■ " ■; " ' ■ ■ : ■ ■■-:■:; .■. .■.V : .::k.™-. : : , ■ ■■■■■ ■■ ■■ i mwwp mte ? 0 M 1 i m f0 ' ' ? MHpHIW •— ' — Campus Walks ' • " V x ' v- ' rz . i «. ' •■ ■ ■ ' ■ ■-. ' : - . ' ■ ■■■ ' :■ ■ - " iii p He 4 » J " »F- ' : " »WRj|L: ' .- " : - ' fc Ki ■x ' u , ■ lot, . n » ; " | J£ ;v: , -. • " . . • v l - .; ■ f$$$ ' ■ . .... ' jMBpff ■ -- ..: Bs I 1 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION WSSatk Governor Sawyer As we celebrate our first one hundred years of statehood, proud of our heritage and the progress already made, we look with confid- ence to the next one hundred, for you students are the torch-bearers of the future, charged with the responsibility of defending freedom and human rights. The world which you will enter as you leave these academic halls demands courage, intelligence, energy, faith and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions while at the same time protecting those human rights to which our nation has always been committed and which we must uphold throughout the world. The torch of liberty, brought to our shores by oppressed peoples from other lands, has been passed undimmed from generation to gen- eration. To you is given the responsibility of holding that torch high to assure not only the survival, but the success, of liberty. As our late President Kennedy said, " The faith, the devotion which (you) bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it — and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. " I have faith in your ability and readiness to accept your respon- sibility as worthy torch-bearers. Grant Sawyer, Governor of Nevada 18 President Armstrong The University has seen a centennial year come and go, and now we look forward with anticipation to a second century of challenge and opportunity. As this academic year closes, all of us in the University wish to extend our congratulations to the members of the graduating classes and offer them our cordial good wishes for success in their future. This past year has been one of expansion and achievement. The physical growth of the University on both campuses has continued, and many new and important facilities have been provided. However, as gratifying as this growth has been, still more rewarding is our ac- centuation of excellence and intellectual maturity. Our Ph.D. programs have been accelerated; more students are qualifying for, and participat- ing in our Honors Program; higher academic standards are being developed; and an increasing value is being placed on research — the catalyst of good teaching and knowledge. Surely the most essential and the greatest asset we have as a na- tion today is brainpower. The University has the great responsibility of nurturing this asset. It is our duty to provide in this democracy the widest possible opportunity for higher education for as many of our youth as desire it and can profit from it. In this enterprise we differ from those nations that look upon higher education as the forming of an intellectual elite. Our duty, then, is to provide the highest levels of learning in all areas of thought and inquiry. In this fast-paced society it is not enough to convey the wisdom of our predecessors. We must move on to new plateaus of learning and thought. Our responsibility has many facets, but perhaps the most out- standing of these is the sustenance of the spirit of intellectual excel- lence which now permeates the University. All of us, students and faculty alike, must renew our resolve and our conviction that the challenges of our second century will yield only to our steadfast efforts in maintaining this vital concept. Charles J. Armstrong, President, University of Nevada L9 ! I Left to Right: Mr. Davis, Dr. White, Dr. Anderson, Mr. Jacobsen, Miss Terry, Board of Regents Secretary; Mr. Grant, President Armstrong, Mr. Germain, Mrs. Magee, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Hug. Members of the Board are elected every four years. The control of the University of Nevada is vested by law in an elected Board of Regents in which final authority is lodged. The Board is a corporate body and thus becomes legally respon- sible for the final control of the University. It formulates policies which are followed by the administration of the University. The administra- tion is vested by the Board in the President in accordance with policy developed and approved by the Regents. Board of Regents The University of Nevada ' s Board of Regents are: Hon. Fred Anderson, M.D., Reno Hon. Grant Davis, Fallon Hon. A. C. Grant, Chairman, Las Vegas Hon. Proctor Hug, Jr., Reno Hon. Harold Jacobsen, Carson City Hon. Louis Lombardi, M.D., Reno Hon. Molly Magee, Vice-Chairman, Austin Hon. Juanita White, Boulder City Hon. Richard Ronzone, Las Vegas 20 Cris Cufflin Assistant Bookstore Manager r t J. Patrick Kelly Dean of General Extension Charles Russell Assistant to the President Neil Humphrey Business Manager Trini Irquiaga William Rasmussen Graduate Manager ' s Secretary Director of Financial Aids, Grad. Placement James McNabney Graduate Manager Bob Kersey Director of Student Services Robert Whittemore Director of Counseling Ralph Irwin Executive Vice President ft ' " ' ' ' ' :■;■ ' : i ' 1 :? Administrators David Heron Director of Libraries H James Rogers University Engineer Bonnie Smotony President ' s Secretary 1 Deans Dale Bohmont Dean of Agriculture Horold Kirkpatrick Assistant Dean of Arts and Science iJ Roberta Barnes Women ' s Counselor James Anderson Dean of Engineering James Hathorn Dean of Men Thomas O ' Brien Dean of Graduate School Sam Basta Dean of Student Affairs Marjorie Elmore Dean of Nursing Robert Weems Dean of Business Administration Edmund Cain Dean of Education Ralph Irwin Dean of Arts and Science Vernon Scheid Dean of Mackay School of Mines ■22 Agriculture — Row One: B. Caplan, P. Tueller, T. Lesperance, W. Neely, G. Blincoe. H. Weeth, D. Bohmont. J. Whorton. Row Two: S. Lvda, T. J. Snyder, L. E. Dunn, D. Cassard, H. D. Cords, C Little, W. Stewart, R. E. Ely, V. R. Bohman, J. H. Robertson, C. T. Bournes. Row Three: J. Stein, C. H. Seufferle, R. X. Cox. J. W. Malone, L. Rogers, J. B. Wvckoff, H. Camahan, M. Hartley, J. Caldwell, D. B. Olsen, C. R. Longwell, O. Schulz. Philosophy — Left to Right: R. Armstrong, R. Roelofs, E. Skorpen, W. Halberstadt. Political Science — Row One: V. H. Shinavar, E. Bushnell, L. Pippin. Row Two: J. Roberts, H. Plaas, E. Rusco, S. Pearl. Biology - Row One: VV. L. Haskell, K. R. Price, H. N. Mozingo, B. G. Cooney, F. B. Tibbitts. Row Two: J. Knoll, L. L. Jones, F. A. Ryser. Faculty Speech and Drama — Row One: B. A. Anderson, H. L. Hines, K. E. Mosier, P.. E. Ericson, R. G. Ware. Row Two: R. S. Griffin, A. Harcar, W. C. Miller. 23 . - £ESlmm W ' mt € " •» Engineering — Row One: R. Orcott, J. T. Anderson, J. H. Bonell, C. Breese. Row Two: G. Clark, J. Bird, G. Sutton, I. J. Sandorf, C. Fell. Row Three: E. V. Kosso, R. Bareiss, R. A. Manhart. Row Four: A. DeAngelis, D. F. Dickinson. Art - Left to Right: E. W. Yates, J. C. Sheppard, C. W. Ross J. McCormick, D. A. Kerr, W. V. Howard. Music — Row One: R. Williams, J. Hughes (Secre- tary), R. Goddard, H. Chaloff. Row Two: J. Reynolds, J. Carrico, K. Macy, F. Hickman. 24 Mathematics — Row One: F. E. Alden, C. F. Pinkerton, E. L. Halligan, E. M. Beesley, E. J. Constantino, C. W. Oakley. Row Two: J. D. Whitlock, E. C. Nummela, D. C. Pfaff, R. E. Collison, C. R. Borges, R. A. Macauley, T. J. McMinn. Journalism — Left to Right: A. Higgenbotham, K. Janulis, T. Conover, L. Gilliland. History — Left to Right: J. Forbes, J. Tigner, H. Kirk- patric. Row Two: R. Elliot, W. Shepperson, P. Smitli, J. Hulse. Chemistry — Left to Right: J. Rogan, L. Williams, K. Kemp, R. Fuson, C. Guss, R. Morris, M. Deming, D. McDonald. MP Nursing — Row One: M. Ziegenhom, L. Dougherty, C. Smith, B. Cassingham, A. Friedley. Row Two: K. Kauf- matm, A. Dickinson, Dean Elrnore, W. York. Education - Row One: M. Butorac, D. Davis, R. Willey, G. Gifford, H. Brown. Row Two: E. Cain, P. Ward, J. Bailey, H. Knapp, T. Tucker, S. Worley. ge Business Administration — Row One: L. Laudadio, C. Hedges, K. Neidert. Row Two: B. Fjeldsted, R. Wilson, K. Duffy, R. Weems, Jr. Row Three: B. Wofford, J. Grant, C. Kearney, B. Smith, R. Lambright, E. Vietti, A. Dahl. Foreign Language — Row One: O. Sadovszky, P. Fricke, J. Passler, C. Wells. Row Two: J. Gottardi, E. Mitchell, J. Purczinsiky, P. Ma- cura, E. Bertalot, C. Melz, L. Kline. Physics — Row One: E. Moore, G. Barnes, P. Bettler. Row Two: R. Sill, R. Worley, J. Kliwer, W. Scott. Row Three: T. Frazier, P. Altick, D. Marsh, F. Winterberg. English — Row One: G. Smith, D. Ginsberg, J. Manuel, C. Owen. Row Two: P. Eldridge, R. Gorrell, A. Belkind, R. Bentley. Row Three: E. Hancock, D. Ducker, R. Harvey, G. Herman. Row Four: M. Westbrook, H. Starks, R. Guerin. Row Five: D. Hettich, A. Howard, R. Connor, H. Diamante. Stand- ing: J. Glendenning, D. Dellinger, C. Laird, W. Lutz, J. Morrison. 2fi AUSTRAtlEN UND OZEANIEN Sociology-Anthropology — Left to Right: P. Etzilorn, A. Simirenko, E. Palola, C. Back- man, W. Salisbury II, K. Fowler, W. Davis, W. Suttles, VV. d ' Azevedo, D. H. van der Elst. Seated: D. Fowler. Physical Education — Row One: H. Kane, R. Trachock, E. Ferdun, R. Dankworth, R. Laughter, L. Newell, J. Felshin, G. Twardokens. Row Two: G. Lawler, G. Broten, L. McGirk, F. Edsall, R. Russell, J. Spencer, W. Ireland. Mackay Mines - Row One: G. B. Maxey, W. H. Voskil, F. W. Bowdish, E. R. Larson, G. D. Weaver, H. P. Nelson, O. H. Haas, D. B. Slemmons, G. E. Price. Row Two: C. W. Ham- mond, A. L. Payne, J. N. Butler, Dean V. E. Scheid, J. W. Erwin, M. J. Hibbard, J. A. Johnson, A. S. Ryall. Home Economics — Row One: J. Margerum, B. Sansom, A. Gaston, V. Twitty, L. Laughlin, M. Coleman, D. Bohmont, P. Richardson, ML Horn, P. Tripple, K. Bell, D. Terry, H. Hardy. Psychology — Left to Right: R. McClintic, R. McQueen, P. Secord, R. Whittemore, R. Gardner, S. Ornstein, D. Kretzmieir, G. Ginsburg, J. Nickels. £7 i A ' . v •iA V. , ' f I . - ' ' jr-ij , f, %. ■■■:■ .■ ' ■ V ' ■ . v ■ w + ■ ■- " %■ - ? y rmm ±, X iii 4; %■ ' » Iffli - jgngagBBM • «» v - PPPUP " TP , i STUDENT GOVERNMENT 7 ! %£2 BU 29 Keith Lee ASUN President ASUN Officers The responsibilities and burdens our gen- eration must assume as we graduate are more complex, more exacting, and the solutions more rewarding than those facing any genera- tion. The class of 1965 has received preliminary training in preparation for the task that lies ahead. We have been exposed to the processes necessary for coping with the situations that await our enthusiastic attack. Whether we have acquired the tools for facing and solving the problems remains to be seen. Many of us are prepared now to take our place in society, others of us are going on to graduate or profes- sional schools. Regardless of what we do after we leave, we owe the University of Nevada an unpayable debt of gratitude for our under- graduate years have molded our future. Keith Lee ASUN President Virginius Dabney ASUN First Vice-President Judy Morrison ASUN Second Vice-President 30 Jean Pagni AWS President Ruthie Friedhoff AWS Vice-President AWS Officers It has been said that to whom much is given, much is asked. As college students, we have been given the opportunity to increase our understanding in so many different areas. In the coming years, much shall be exacted from us, perhaps in the form of service to others, but most of all in our actions as respon- sible citizens. How many will go forth from their college years willing to participate in this service and responsibility? A great num- ber? Perhaps ... I think too few. Jean Pagni AWS President Linnae Bazzell Assistant Camille Richards ASUN Secretary 31 Row One: Dianne Goff, Karen McDonald, Jean Pagni, Leanne Scott. Row Two: Kaytie Corbin, Ruthie Friedhoff, Lorre Wolf, Candace Giles, Robbin Schoff. AWS Judicial Board AWS Council Row One: Michele Maupin, Julie Lewis, Dede Thompson, Kathleen Sadler, Sharon Smith, Diane Goff. Row Two: Rosemary Lituania, Phyllis Goytino, Lynn Allen, Ruth Friedhoff, Lorre Wolf, Jean Pagni, Dean Mobley, Dean Barnes. Row Three: Andrea DeSantis, Julie Nannini, Diane Harwood, Robbin Schoff, Kaytie Corbin, Karen McDonald, Shelia Davis, Candace Giles, Terry Haller, Nanette Rodier, Candice McGimsey, Marianne Barton, Barbara Heath, Lynnae Carpenter, Lois Anglemyer. 32 — 1 i ' •■ -J 3t J 1 m I m 2 .- 1 •• 1 i I ,,- » ' 1 a A bI JP ■■ " IBf : -.-r-r-;-T " .-.--.---r.-.. - Left to Right: Virginius Dabney, First Vice President; Keith Lee, President; Camille Richards, Secretary; Judy Morrison, Second Vice President. Senate The senate came to life this year as found itself racked with the question of the Brushfire Controversy. The Senate also passed a resolution forbidding any of the special events from having banquets this year with ASUN money. Row One: Diana Poehlman, Pat Precissi, Kathy Migliaccio, Michon Maupin, Jeannine Van- wagenen, Kathy Stem, Diane Harwood, Karen Branch, Michele Maupin. Row Two: Daryl Drake, Charles Steiner, Jim Gottfredson, Fred Williamson, Judy Morrison, Jinx Dabney, Camille Richards. Row Three: John Echeverria, Larry Furrow, Carl Fuetsch, Bill Chaffin, Rich Starkweather, Buddy Shaw, Keith Lee. 33 Kent Folgate Chief Justice Joe Mayer The Student Judicial Council ' s function is to investigate, adjudi- cate, and recommend discipline for cases involving student misconduct in violation of the University Code of Conduct and the Student Social Code. Keith Stephens Craig Russell Sue Rhoades Annette Domina Student Judicial Council Row One: Annette Domina, Kent Folgate, Sue Rhoades. Row Two: Craig Russell, Joe Mayer, Keith Stephens. 34 Row One: Julie Zeigler, Nancy Johnson, Sue Anderson, Judy Morrison, Karen Cibbs, Peggy McGowan. Row Two: Kieth Stephens, Tony Oxborrow, Steve Gomes, Bob Kersey, Union Director. Student Union Board The Student Union Board has complete con- trol over arrangments regarding all lecture series, art displays, live concerts, film series, stereo con- certs, entertainers, and out-of class programs. Keith Stephens Vice-President Tony Oxborrow President 35 Anne Louise Cantlon Row One: Jinx Dabney, Michele Maupin, Camille Richards, Chuck Murphy, Bill Chaffin, Keith Lee. Row Two: Jim McNabney, Dr. Jack Davis. Finance Control Board The Finance Control Board is one of the most powerful boards in student government. It takes the fee of $17.50 from each student and decides how it is to be spent; but along with this it holds final authority over all ASUN funds, which amount to about a half a million dollars. It oversees the book- store, and all ASUN operations. Jinx Dabney Chairman 36 The board in action. The Publications Board has control over all ASUN Publications, which includes the Artemisia, the Sagebrush, the Brushfire, and the Forum. The board considers all matters concerning the publica- tions and establishes policy. Publications Board Row One: Linda Chambers, Elfrena Sewell, Joyce Freeman, Michele Maupin, Jeanette Chiap- pero. Row Two: Kent Folgate, Dr. Morrison, Camille Richards, Judy Garwood, Keith Lee, Steve Gomes. Row Three: Jinx Dabney, Charles Murphy, Jim McNabney, Bill Chaffin. 37 Elections Board Row One: Sheila Davis, Prella Ede, Karyn Branch, Sue Haines. Row Two: Charles Burr, Herb Nichols, Joe Mayer, Steve Brown. Public Relations Committee Left to Right: Dave Cooper, Bruce Pozzi, Keith Lee. Not Pictured: Mike Sloan. 38 ASUN Historian Dolores Dunning ASUN Historian Men ' s Upper Class Committee Row One: Mike Kasper, Skip Avansino, Bob Murphy, Roger Reynolds, Mike Ingersoll, Philo Romine. Row Two: Buddy Shaw, Kent Folgate, Chuck Burr, Lyle Rivera, Keith Lee. Not Pictured: Mike Sloan. 39 Senior Class Committee Row One: Camille Richards, Judy Wilson, Chuck Burr, Judy Morrison, Joe Mayer. Row Two: Buddy Shaw, Fred Williams, Herb Nichols. Junior Class Committee Left to Right: Jim Baker, Sky Schafe, Mike Stephenson, Michelle Sala, Roger Cornwall, Marilyn Jones, Mike Ingersoll, Carolyn Hicks, Cherie Sawyer. 40 Sophomore Class Committee Row One: Judy Stewart, Iar -is Cooper, Marsha Marvel. Row Two: Frank Bilbao, Bob Basta, Ron Groskoph. Freshman Class Committee Jeff Reeves David Diedriehsen, Dolores Munsun 11 •: • ' .: ' . -v v, ' !. ' •■: ■ ' : C CLASSES ' ■ ' ■; - " ■ " .!■ ' ■ ' -; , 7 v !- -% 43 «8WMVmgn 9taiK 2)» V If Charles Burr President Seniors Marie Abraham Gail Aiazzi Gerald Anderson Robert Anderson Fran Archuleta Sally Atkinson Jagbir Aujla Marva Aurthurs Skip Avansino Gerald Bacigalupi Arline Banta James Baratte Judy Baratte Don Barrenchea Margaret Jo Barrett Sue Barry Woody Barry Donna Beck Willard Behm Barbara Beko Barbara Berg Marcia Bernard Lois Bianchi Catherine Borla 44 Sjsi Thomas Bouman Gordon Bowman Judith Bowman Gary Boyd Karen Bradbury Karyn Branch LaVern Brinkerhoff Art Broten James Brown Tim Brown Doug Bruckner Marguerite Bullock Tom Burns Carolyn Cademartori Anne Louise Cantlon Daryl Capurro Karen Carlson Linda Chambers Jeanne Cheel Angela Ciarlantini Houston Cobb Bradley Combs Gerald Copener Kaytie Corbin Gordon Com Linda Coyan William Cozart Allen Craigmiles Julia Crane Jon Culbert Virginius Dabney Donald Dallas Darrell Davey Berry Davis Eric Davis Patricia Dinan Mike DiSanza Annette Domina Janice Dore Eugene Duck Dolores Dunning Vince Earnhart Prella Ede Gene Elliott Jane Elliot Michelle Elliott Pete Etchamendy David Everett 45 James Fallman, Jr. Dennis Farnesi Robert Felton Dannette Ferrier John Fierce Joseph Fiore Robert Fisher Barry Fleischer Kent Folgate John Fordham Diane Foster Carl Friberg Ruthie Friedhoff Robert Frost Virginia Frost Kathleen Galloway Margaret Goegg James Georgeson Karen Gibbs Lynn Gomes Seniors Stephen Gomes Renate Gratt Cheryl Griffin Mike Griffin Judi Grossenbach Russell Guisti Jeanne Gurneay Frederick Haddad Sue Hatnes Tom Hall Max Harcourt Milo Harcourt Barbara Hardin Patrick Hart Martin Hawkins Philip Headley Barbara Heath Kathi Helsdon Duncan Henrickson Janet Herb Charles Heusser Larry Hicks Harold Holl 16 Karen Holland JoAnn Holmes Thomas Horgan Joyce Horlacher Helen Horn Diane Horton Tames Hoss Dan Hunt Carl Hurd Greg Jackson Sharon Jenson Diane Johnson Norman Johnson Robert Johnston Barbara Jones Lyman Keele Dan Keller lames Kellison Jolene Kernan Art Kess Robert Keysar Walter Kitchen Peggy Kleemann Carl Koizumi Mimi LaPlante Garry Laughlin Robert Lawson Frances Leathers Mary Leathers Keith Lee Mike Lepparelli Patti Lewis Theresa Ley Rosemary Lituania Carey Loflin Phil Loofbourrow Leon Lundgren Janet MacDonald Liz MacGregor Vartan Markarian Joseph Marlow Monte Martin Donald Mask Marshall Mast Steve Mather Judith Matley Joe Mayer Mary McCabe 47 Seniors Irene Reed David Reese Merry Reich Roger Reynolds Susan Rhoades Ernest Rice Eddie McCoy Jan McKinley Edwin McKinnon John McSweeney Glenn Meyer Daniel Miles Steve Morris Judy Morrison Joyce Muller Sherry Munholand Joanne Owen Sandra Pace Jan Packwood Jean Pagni Patricia Parker Robert Parrish Louise Payne George Peek Nancy Peek Richard Perozzi Jon Petrie Pam Plath Ellen Podoll Gray Poole Bruce Pozzi Raj Prakash Mary Raduziner Leona Rawlins Bob Murphy Mary Muth Rusty Nash Gordon Nelson Marjean Nelson Emily Newman Herb Nichols Judy Norcott Michael Olivas Vienna Otegui 48 k Elizabeth Richard Camille Richards Ronald Robards Lynn Roberts Thomas Ross Lonis Rossi Eldred Rowe Laura Rowe Elizabeth Rusk Dawna Saden Donald Samuels Bonnie Sanders Steve Sanders Robert Schelden Judy Schmidt John Scott Diane Showalter William Sinnott Chuck Slavin Jean Smith Robert Speth Nancy Stegen Laurie Sterne Lillian Stout John Sullivan Bob Teglia Jane Thompson Steven Thompson Mary Toleno Thomas Toleno Dolores Tremewan David Turner Steve Turner Anthony Umbraco Joanne Walen Jill Walker Judie Walker Caroline Walters Paul Weir Julie West Penny White Hoyt Williams Barbara Wilson Judy Wilson Rex Wilson Barbara Wolfe Kenneth Wright Sharon Yeazel 49 Mike Ingersoll President Juniors Robert Adams Toni Alf ord Lynn Allen George Anastassatos Bernard Anderson Susan x nderson Warren Anderson Larry Andreotti Lyn Armbruster Paul Ashworth Ray Atkinson Carol Babcock Paul Baidwan Jim Baker Gary Ballew Sharon Barrett Carl Barrich Diane Beattie Howard Beck Anthony Behm Larry Bennett Rich Bennett Larry Bettis John Blaikie 50 i hH . Carol Blankenburg Lee Bloomfiekl John Boswell Betty Branche Steve Brown ludv Burke t% n e Dawna Burkham Barbara Burt Shannon Bybee Bill Byrnes Tom Cahill William Casey Bruce Cauble Pat Ceccarelli Bill Chaffin Gary Christiansen Wayne Cobb Tammy Conklin Jack Cooney Barbara Cooper Kristen Cooper Roger Cornwall Joyce Crook Judy Crossett Cleve Crudgington Peggy Currie John Dalton Gary Daniel Judy Daniel Sheila Davis John Depaoli Mary Devor Kenneth Dickens Gerald Dixon Marjorie Dixon Janet DuBois Meredith Dunning Lawrence Eck Jane Elliott Nancy Engelhard Mari Kae Ennis Bob Erickson Paul Escallier Ronald Falter Ruth Fenstermaker Bruce Fenton Allen Ferrari Bennie Ferrari .-,! Juniors Doug Fletcher Darla Folsom Kitty Foote Paul Franklin William Franks Joyce Freeman Lynn Friedhoff Carl Fuetsch Larry Furrow Ronald Gamba Chris Gang Dave Gardiner Katy Gardiner Chris Garos John Gascue Robert Gatewood John Gaynor Franklin German 52 I Leroy Getchell Mary Kay Gezelin Jim Gibbons John Glenn Mary Godwin Diane Goff Sharon Gold Michael Gottschalk Phyllis Goytino Richard Grabowski Lou Greenbert Trudy Groos Tacey Hackstaff Robert Hadfield Terry Haller Rob Hamilton Steve Hamilton Marilyn Hardy Jennifer Harris Tom Hart Don Hartman Diane Harwood Yvette Hash Rarbara Havens George Hawkins Katie Hay Dian Hess Virginia Heck Richard Helgren Phil Henrickson Rill Hessel Carolyn Hicks Harry Hill Sharon Hill Lorey Hodge Mark Holcombe Tom Hoy Molly Jacobs Glenda Jeffrey Deanna Johnson Loretta Johnson Margery Johnson Nancy Johnson Romie Johnson Sherri Johnson Donald Jones Marilyn Jones Sally Kees 53 Juniors Patty Kunimura Michael Lally Terry Leavitt Harriet Lee Tony Lemon Margaret Lewis Doug Loberg Mary Lou MacKenzie John Madden William Magee Kent Maloney Cecil Martin Suzanne Martin Toni Martin Sam Martini Sylvia Maslach Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Judy McCarroll Karen McDonald Tom McFall Allan McGill Kathy McKaig Dale McKenzie Evelyn Miller Gretchen Keiser Denny Kidwell Kirk Kinne Carolyn Knoll tth+ 54 Marilyn Miller John Mirczak Lane Monroe Suzi Natucci Diane Nelson Gary Nelson Gary Newman Elaine Newton Fred Noonan Terrie O ' Connel Lenore Owen Tony Oxborrow Steven Pantell John Plough Diana Poehlman Susan Prior Gary Rand Marc Ratner Carolyn Reese Monti Riordan Judy Risley Carolyn Robens Marilyn Robens Richard Rock David Rogers Sig Rogich Kathleen Sadler Michele Sala Dave Salvadorini Cherie Sawyer Schuyler Schaff Robin Schoff Dennis Scott Elfrena Sewell Ronald Shane David Sheets Rosanna Shetler Richard Short Donald Smith Mary Solaro Sharry Springmeyer Karen Sprock Charles Steiner Keith Stephens Kathy Stern Larry Stiff Mary Swallow Ken Swift 55 Juniors Joel Tew Claudia Treharne Dennis Trousdale Mike Urga John Utter Edward Vacchina Jeannine VanWagenen Anthony Vickers Brent Wadsworth Dennis Walker James Warren Ronald Watson Sue Whitaker Jerry White Mary White Kathy Wick David Widmer Jeanette Wilde Arthur Williams Kent Williams Ray Williams Shirley Williams Carolyn Wilson Ronda Wilson-Reid Lee Winne Hal Wofford Lorre Wolf Doug Wood Larry Worcester Ted Zaehringer 56 Steve Allen Shirlev Anderson Michele Arlington Joanna Arrowsmith Gregory Arrman Margy Ashvvorth Tana Aurouze Sandra Babcock Jeanne M. Baird Rick Banis Sally Jean Bankofier Diane Barengo Walter Baring Harvey Barnes Marianne Barton Victoria Joanne Bates Robert Basta President Sophomores , - M 57 Ron Bath Leslee Becker Sophomores Geanie Brown Kenneth Deane Buhrmann Sherie Burroughs Sharon Campbell Erin Carithers Alice Cate William Carpenter Lynnae Carpenter Manya Christensen James A. Chatfield Jacki Cercek Paul Christensen Ralph Clevenger Lauren Coates Terry Cole Gary Collier Lucille Coltrin Jane Connor 58 Marvis Cooper Claudia Cox Judy Crowell Peggy Crumley Dee Cullom Ron Dale Arthur Davis Steve Dawson Jeanne DeLong Susie Deming Louise Denham Mary Louise Denham Dianne DeReemer Clinton Cecil Dewitt III Daryl E. Drake Donald L. Drake Robert Dugdale Shelia Dvvvyer John Echeverria Barbara Ellis Jacqueline Elliott Patricia Elliott Joseph R. Ellington Roy Faught Ardyth Felesina Bernie Fletcher Louise Fletcher Paul Franklin Jill Freeman Marylynne Fry Richard Funk Ronald Callaway Kris Games Brian Gardner Carol Gardner Vicki Geertsema Karen Gerwin Gretchen Geyer Leah Geyer Girmy Gilbert Candace E. Giles Dan Glodowski Kathy Glunz Kathy Graham Peter W. Griffith Ron Groskopf Mary Gruidl Marilynn Grunelsen 59 Guerdon Churchill fBk Jean Guisti w ? Bobbie Hall ■T ' ► " |t John Hancock V 9 Sylvia Hansel -JSt. jf Roy W. Hansen | Mim Stephen Hansen Bonnie Hapgood Richard Harrington John Harris Diane Hartman Leon Hensley Steve Hess Mike Higginbotham John S. Hill Joyce Hoffman Clyda Hooper Craig Howard AUk Jim Humphrey Merle Hutton Mary Hyde Joan Irvin David Jackson Mike Jackson Rick U. Jensen William Kelly Lael Kimpton Steve Kosach Lani Lane Barbara Sue Leonard Arm Marie Lesperance Julie Lewis Loretta Limon Sherry Locke Andy Torok Marty Loux Leni Lundel Jane McCarthy Marilyn McKinnon Lenn Mackedon Risa Mackay Carol Mancuso ,_ Judy Martin Marsha Marvel Mara Lee Martin Dave Matley Marlene McDonough Barbara Meeks 60 Fran Menante Barbara Meyer Mary Ann Meyer Al Miller Don Miller Mike Miller Lang Milligan Jeanne Moore Nick Mosehetti Barbara Mote Thomas Moura Joe Murin Betty Murphy Marvin Murphy Fredric Nagel James A. Nelson Michael Newborough Bob Newmeyer Bruce Nickerson Lois Nuernberg Deanne Oceguera Garth Oldham Joyce Ann Olesnewicz Harry O ' Nan John Osse Michael Panelli Harry O. Parsons Susan Peter Sharon Peterson Roy Pike Pat Precissi Marylynne Prida Jean Quanchi James B. Quirk Jack Raycraft Linda Reardon Dan Rechenmacher Yvonne Redmond Steven Reich Shelia Renshaw Andrea Rice Bruce Rice Karl Ritterby Frank Roberts Gerry Roberts Sandra Kay Rowlett Martha Rose Trudy Ross 6] Sophomores Valera Rudnick Craig Robert Russell Dave Russell Sandy Saviers David N. SchafI Steve Scott Leo V. Sebbas Bill Simpson Robert Sinnott Linda May Smalley Mike Smithwick Sue Sonderegger James Michael Sorenson Mary Spikes Charles Barry Seifers Sophie Sheppard • 62 j» Carolyn Spitzer Dana Stafford James Stathos Marian Stead Tom Stephens Georgia Stewart Judy Stewart Lana Strosnider Kathleen Taylor Phyllis Teipner Lorna Thacke |olin Thome Carol D. Tiffany Noel Tosteson Lillian Trinchero Sherry Tryon Julie Tyson Marjorie Uhalde Dennis Van Dine Lornie Wagner Charles F. Wagniere Bob Waldren Jackel Wallace Donna Weaver Bob Weise Don Weyart E. Dennisn Williams Frederic Williamson Michael Woodhead Joseph Alan Yeazel Lenon V. Yenetskie Jackie Ziegler Gregg Zive 63 Dianne Abercrombie Sheryn Abrahamian Ifik 0B jjmr Louise Adams Sara Anderson ■r? ' " i W Pamela Andrews i jnKg Leslie Ankers Julie Ann Arrate Garry Athanaeio William Atkinson Eileen J. Bacca Raymond Bacon Mary Bagley JoLynn Baker Kathy Baker Theresa Baldecchi Jeffrey Reeves President Freshmen Chris Barger Kenneth Barrenchea Donna Barrett Clarence Basso Joel M. Basta Clyde Batavia Lura Batjer Sarah Baxter Mary Beale Bob Beaman Riley Beckett Norman Beesley Barbara Bell Frances Bell James Bellandorft Jeanne Billings Sue Blakley Sandra D. Blasey Bonny Bitter Jeannie Bookman 64 Corinne Boomer Janet Boone Dm Bott Susan Bovett Mary Lee Bradley Marilynn Breckenridge Nick Brereton Sylvia Brotherton Marylou Burns Tim Frank Burrus George Bybee Vickie Byington Lynn Byrge Janice Cain Joan Campbell Tammi Campbell Gail Carlson Marcia Carmody Lew Carnahan Cathy Carr Janet Carrica Judy Carter Deanna Cartinella Catherine Cobeaga Joseph Chambers Barbara Cofer Susan Clark Karen Clowers Donna Collins Madelyn Coloutti Mary Ann Concha Marva Jean Condie Tina Condron Jane Cook Mary Louise Cooper Linda Kay Corone Betsy Crawford Carol Crawford Lyn Cusick Melinda Dallas Vicki-Van Dallas Richard Davies Joe D ' Amato Mark N. Dann Melita Davies Carole DeLamare Gino Ray DelCarlo Toni de Salvo 65 j£ Sm Karen Dennison Despina Hatjopoulos David Diedricksen Sylvia Dixon Theodore Dixon Steve Dmytrin Howard Donaldson Katy Donnelly Douglas Varney Larry Dow Leslie Downs Maryellen Drake Diane Drakielich Gayle Dunagan Connie Dunning Freshmen Elvera Cabello Elbi J. Ellis Carole English Larry S. Farr Patrick Fagan Michael Fagan Cheryl Feeback Frances Feinhandler Peter Fenili Cheryl Fernandez Mike Feroah Delores Ferreira Martha Fetzer Dave Firestone Jim Fitzgerald Michelle Fladager Gil R. Folk Maxine E. J. Forbush Cathy Fordham Gerry Foster 66 GUffe . Pamela Fraser Cherrie Frechette John Fredriekson Jeffrey L. Fullman Thera Gambels Rosemarie Garland Ellen Garaventa Ralph Goegg Jan Gerhart Linda Kay Gessner Mary Ellen Gibson Joseph P. Gill Jeff Glusovich Valerie Gobble Angela Goldman Kathie Goodish Philip Graeter Diane Green Pam Gressot Linda Giossi Robert ( Iiiernsey Clark J. Guild III Monica Guild Nickie Jean Gunstrom William Charles Guss Chuck Haines Lynda Hajny Cathy Haley Kathy Hallamore Patricia Hammond Claudia Hanchett Karen Hansen JoEllen Harris Nancy Harris Gloria Hart Maria Hatjopoulos Eve Houser Ann Marie Havrilla Annette Hayes Candy Hayler Don Herrin Marsha Hendrickson Howard Hery William Herbert James Higgins Karen Hilts Shelli Himebauch Alan Wayne Hinkle 67 . Nancy Hinricks Janet Hinsley Nanette Hollenbeck Juneen Horch Charles Hudson Karen Freeman Hungerford Robert Huss Mary Hutchinson Bob Ince Randy Ingram Barbara Isbell Victor Ivashin Royal Jackman William Jakad Jennifer Jennings Freshmen Jennifer Gale Jones Kaemarie Greene Sharon Kalkowshi Steve Katzmann Nancy Kellor Bobbi Jo Kelley Margaret Ann Kerr Chris Key Sam King Nancy Kispert Kathy Knittle Susan Kodras Roy Kreizenbeck Julianne Lak Tom Lambert Vicki Lee Lambert Ralph Langry Margie Langtry Cathryn Mary Larson Lana Lee Larson 68 X I ! Mary Lawrence Suzanne Leary Pam Lee James Leonard Katherine Leonard Dave Lewis Jeff Lewis Harold Lloyd Keith Lockard William Locke Carol Lommori Martha Lompa Nita Londo Robert Long Jean Loofbourrow Sue Looke Cheryl Lymbery Judy Rae Lyon Michael Anthony MacDonald Jacqueline McCarthy Eugene McCloud Katharine Ann McConnell Candy McGimsey Bob McQuaid Rick Macauley Bonnie Macemon Mike Malloy Charles Manes Barbara Parks Manning Janpai Manomaiphibul Theodor March Jerald Marcuerquiaga Ann Kay Marks Larae Marshall Jim Mason Geno Martini Sharon Marvel Bill Maupin Ernie Maupin Kay Maxwell Roger Means Helen P. Meyers Joanne Michelin Cathy Michels Patricia Miltouberger Sharon Mikkelson Frankie Miller Kenneth Miller (-, ) Loretta Ann Miller Janice Monk Leo D. Monson Mary Morrison Mike Morton Deloris Munson mi Colleen Murphy ' a IB V V Bill Murry W Patsv Murrav ■ i • ' v jKp y Martin Muth a ' jM i , J June Nelson Ron Vernon Mary Nesmith Pam Newton Ransom Pierce Freshmen Mark Oberman Trisha Paszek Ed Parsons Gene K. Pasek Theo. Park Donna Mae Parlanti John Nunn Jim Park Pennee Parker Jim Parker Peter Pardee Franklin Panich Michael Vollmer Bonnie Ann Ostroff Peggy Olson Cindy Olson Richard Oliver Susan Ohliger 70 Sandi Pierce Adele Pinkerton Janet Plambeck William Porter Mac Potter Richard Purcell Rod Procter Colleen Quinn Rollie Alan Rather Jean Rathman William Rawlins Darleen Reafs Linda Redford Bonita Reinheller Diana Reynolds Ruby Lueila Reynolds Sara Richards Gary Richert Deidre Lynn Roberts Karen Leslie Roberts Karen Romascan Suzanne Romeo Kay Dee Ross Carla Rost Mardie Rowe Gloria Rumbaugh Cheryl Russell Laeta Sawyer Michael Sala Cam Solari Donna Salvadorini Pam Sargent Dick Schalberg Judy Scheerer Mike Schellin Steve H. Scott Gordon J. Sarret Sally Schaeffer Douglas Schroeder Bonnie Schwarz Mark Sewell Gary Shatz Rich Shelby Di An Shephard Sim C. Sheppard Cathy Smith Georgia Ann Smith Judy Smith 7i Lee Smith Patsy Smith Sharon Smith Elisabeth Smits Chub Soukup Stuart Spellman Sally Spicer Larry Srifuengfung Lynn Staben Judy Staff Roger Stapenhorst Richard Starkweather Dianna Steinheimer Rhonda Stodtmeister Freshmen Karen Thurston Suzanne Talbot Judy Taylor DeDe Thompson Owen Toy Robert Trinble Stefka Tris .cauk Teresa Tuffo Brant Turner Maryann Turria Jane Uehling Donald UnRuh Patti Urga Cindy Utter James Valin Jerry Van Sickle Pain VanTassel Linda Voigt 72 Karen Vax Emmerlk Paul Vlautin Steve Vonderheide Jackie Wagner Bruce Wallace Duane Wallace Bill Warner Kitty Warner Linda Waters Boberta Watne Richard Watson Donna Yim Witts Don Waylett Stephen Weatherford Jan Webb James M. Wells Robert Weidman Sandra Weinrauch Judy Weishaupt Dianne Welsch Paula Welsh Ann White Sandy White Katha Wight Jones Wilfred Karen Wilkes Brock Willett Carol Williams Ina Williams Jane Williams JoAnn Williams Bodney L. Williams Patti Williams Boger B. Williams Ann E. Willis Austin Wilson Reg B. Willison Ann Wines Margaret Lynn Winningham Jacqueline Ann Wittway Doris Woodward Larry Woolworth Larry Wood Gary Woods Sally Ann Worcester Ardeann Wright Patricia Young 73 F ' " ' m ' ■ ■ v - ' ' ,• • - - ■ ' . " .■$ " • ' .■■■ •-£ ' tW ■■ ' - .: 1 W,,i v v ■ ' .... ; ' • 1 HONORS m-r ' ■ ' 11 ' iW 7 17 75 Hoiiiecomin; Queen Kris Games Off Campus Independent Lenn Mackedon Artemisia Hall Diane DeReemer Pi Beta Phi Margaret Lewis Gamma Phi Beta Judy Walker Delta Delta Delta Sherri Johnson Juniper Hall Leni Ludel Manzanita Hall 76 Jill Freeman, Homecoming queen, is presented with her trophy during the intermission by Ted Zaehringer. Jill Freeman Kappa Alpha Theta 77 Sophie Sheppard Off Campus Independent Marsha Marvel Delta Delta Delta Vicki Geertsema Gamma Phi Beta Military Ball Queen A surprised Suzie hears the announcement. 3H Jane MaCarthy Pi Beta Phi . ' • Carolyn Reese Manzanita Hall Susan Clark Juniper Hall Donna Weaver Artemisia Hall 78 " W rJfc Sue Sonderegger Kappa Alpha Theta .......■..,■ ......... 79 Roberta Watne Delta Delta Delta Tina Condron Kappa Alpha Theta Judy Weishaupt Artemisia Hall Winter Carnival Queen - 80 Barbara Isbell Juniper Hall Sharon Kalkowski Gamma Phi Beta Pam Sargent Pi Beta Phi Janice Webb Manzanita Hall Merry Ann Ritterby Off Campus Independent tiSi ■i 82 Hazel Silber Artemisia Hall Carol Egbert Manzanita Hall Chris Garos Off Campus Independent Junior Prom Queen Diane Harwood Delta Delta Delta Sherry Johnson Juniper Hall Ruth Fenstermaker Gamma Phi Beta • ; ;- : ' :-1 £ ' ! ' % ir: " ■•■•■■■ ' . ' . ' » . - ■ pat fe ■ • ft fl Junior Class President Mike Ingersoll presents roses to Queen Michele. Sally Small Kappa Alpha Theta Michele Sala Pi Beta Phi - ? i - La i Phi Kappa Phi The national honor society of Phi Kappa Phi is composed of graduate and undergraduate members of all departments in American universities and colleges. Its prime objective is to emphasize scholarship in the thoughts of college students, to hold fast to the original purpose for which institutions of learning were founded, and to stim- ulate mental achievement. The society elected to membership these mem- bers of the graduating class. Donna Beck Barbara Berg Art Broten Charles Cobb Linda Coyan Julia Crane James Davis Janice Dore Pete Etcharnendy Dennis Farnesi Virginia Frost Kathleen Galloway Margaret Goegg Gail Harcourt Milo Harcourt Barbara Hardin Philip Headley Diane Johnson Michael Lipparelli Judy Matley Judy Morrison Sherry Munholand Gordon Nelson Pam Plath Mary Jane Beich Joanne Walen Elizabeth Williams Kenneth Wright 86 Left to Right: Judy Schmidt, Jean Pagni, Jean Smith, Judy Matley, Judy Morrison, Judith Wilson , Dr. Dana Davis, Advisor; Patti Lewis, Rosemary Lituania. Judy Morrison President Barbara Heath Cap and Scroll Jean Smith Patti Lewis Rosemary Lituania Judith Matley Jean Pagni Cap and Scroll is composed of women of the Univer- sity who are leaders in student life and activity and hold an over-all 2.7 average. To be a member one must have been president of a recognized organization. The pur- pose of Cap and Scroll is to develop the highest ideals on Nevada ' s campus. Judy Schmidt Judith Wilson ST ■ ! :i 5 Michon Maupin Kappa Alpha Theta National College Queen This 4nnual contest is a search to find and honor the na- tion ' s most outstanding college girl. Each of the state winners received a ten-day all expense paid trip to New York City where more than forty judges tested their intelligence, their general knowledge, their qualities of leadership, and their personalities. Michon Maupin placed third nationally and appeared coast to coast on " The Ed Sullivan Show, " marking the first time any Nevada student has received such a high honor. Campus Royalty Camille Richards Independent Delta Sigma Pi Rose Queen Robin Millholland Kappa Alpha Theta Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa Judy Wilson Pi Beta Phi Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega S Chris Gang Gamma Phi Beta Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kay Sorenson Pi Beta Phi White Rose of Sigma Nu Campus Royalty Denise Kohns Independent Sundowner Queen . 90 William Allen Chaffin, Jr., Political Science Charles Kenneth Burr, Agricultural Business Anne Louise Cantlon, Medical Technology Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities This national honorary society is com- posed of junior and senior students for their academic achievements and out- standing records of service to the Univer- sity of Nevada. Raymond Carl Avansino, Political Science 91 David Alan Cooper, Journalism Camille Richards, English Annette Louise Domina, History Delores Helen Dunning, Anthropology Andrea Elizabeth DeSantis, Engineering Virginius Dabney, Political Science :r k speech OVEMENT 92 Ruth Ellen Friedhoff, History and Sociology ) ■ S Stephen Laurence Gomes, Psychology Prella Mary Ede, History Kent Warren Folgate, Accounting John Duty, Political Science I ! ' . ' ill Danette Maureen Ferrier, Elementary Education i S. Michael Richard Griffin, Pre-Law Keith Lamar Lee, Physics Sharon Jensen, Home Economics 94 Patricia Alice Lewis, Political Science IlllfH : 3 3 I T? Arthur Evan Kess, History and Secondary Education Barbara Beesely Heath, History ! ' i »v«. Judy Morrison, French Jean Pagni, Elementary Education Judith Matley Gibbons, Home Economics Education Jan Packvvood, Electrical Engineering Dan Miles, Business Administration Susan Rhoades, Elementary Education 95 Who ' s Who Lyle Rivera, History Judy Wilson, Elementary Education Paul Weir, Nuclear Engineering Judy Schmidt, Elementary Education Penny White, Psychology 96 H " L . " C -v: «• - R H " ■ - A lift , U : 8883 t , v I ' " k » : . S £ ? .V ■»■■ I [ ' ■ ' Kinnear Trophy I.F.C. President, Jim Baker, awards the Buzzie Marks Trophy to Tammy Conklin. Woody Barry accepts the Kinnear Trophy for the A.T.O. ' s. Bradshaw Trophy A.T.O. President, Paul Weir accepts the Bradshaw Trophy for his fraternity. Each year at the I.F.C. Beanfeed, athletic trophies are presented to the dif- ferent living groups and individuals for their outstanding performance in a par- ticular field. At this year ' s beanfeed, Sigma Nu ' s Tammy Conklin was awarded the Buzzie Marks Trophy for being the out- standing participant in intramural sports. Alpha Tau Omega captured the Kin- near Trophy for the living group with the most points in intramural competition, and they also walked away with the Bradshaw Trophy for the fraternity with the most overall points in intramural sports. ' , ' r , ; M r .4 »■ " .. " •.... ■•. • t . ; ' ' „¥ ' .-- LIVING GROUPS 99 Paiihellenic Council Panhellenic Council Before Rush. 100 Penny White President Judy Wilson Diane DeReemer Danette Ferrier Patti Lewis k Susan Rhoades Cherie Sawyer L k Michele Maupin Jane McCarthy Phyllis Goytino Mary Kay Gezelin Dawna Burkham Delta Delta Delta House. Theta Theta chapter of Delta Delta Delta in March 1913, became the first national women ' s fraternity chartered on the University of Nevada campus. Delta Delta Delta ' s national project is its organized work for scholarships to which contributions are made annually. The fraternity was nationally founded on Thanksgiving Eve in 1888 at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. Delta Delta Delta Susan Anderson Pamela Andrews Margy Ashworth Kathy Baker Chris Barger Margaret Jo Barrett Patti Lewis President 1(11 • far Lou Burns Carolyn Cademartori Judy Carter Pat Ceccarelli Donna Collins Judy Crowell Sheila Davis Diana Drakulich 102 Nancy Harris Katy Gardiner Karen Gerwin Diane Hartman Diane Harwood Candace Hayler Meredith Dunning Delores Ferreira Kathy Fordham Lynn Friedhoff Ruthie Friedhoft Pam Gressot Judi Grossenbach Tacey Hackstaff Karen Hilts Shelli Hinebauch Nancy Hinrichs Clyda Hooper Karen Hungerford Loretta Johnson Marsha Marvel Sharon Marvel Mary Kay McCabe Barbara Meeks Barbara Meyer Cathy Michels Deloris Munson Diane Nelson 103 t £=JU Delta Delta lrvlld Mardie Rovve Tri-Delt Pledges Ronda Wilson-Reid Cherie Sawyer Dana StafPord Lorre Wolf Judy Schmidt Kathy Stern Judie Walker Salley Worchester Mary Solaro Janet Stogs dill Roberta Watne Diane Williams Elizabeth Williams Jane Williams Sharon Yeazel 104 Gamma Phi Beta A highly accredited national fra- ternity, Gamma Phi Beta was issued a charter on the University of Nevada campus in 1921. The fraternity has been in existence nationally since Nov. 11, 1874, making it 90 years old. Gamma Phi Beta now has 72 colle- giate chapters throughout the United States and Canada as well as 180 alumnae chapters. Gamma Phi Beta Htiibf Gail Aiazzi Lynn Allen Michele Arrington Christie Barbour Roberta Beal Barbara Bell Corn ne Boomer Dawna Burkharn Vickie Byington Susan Rhoades President 105 Karen Carlson Lynnae Carpenter Cathy Carr Sharon Casazza Lyn Cusick Judy Daniel Connie Dunning Delores Dunning Prella Ede Carol English Ruth Fenstermaker Danette Ferrier Chris Gang Vicki Geertsema Virginia Heck Vicki Hedin Carolyn Hicks Judy Hunt Mary Hyde Joan Irvin Romie Johnson Claudia Judson Sharon Kolkowski Marianne Larue Margaret Lewis 106 ; Martha Lampa Joanne Michelin Liz Macgregor Patsy Murray Suzi Natucci Lani Pew Robbin Schorl Marilyn Robens Lvnn Roberts Sallv Schaeffer The Gamma Phi Pledges Diane Showalter Sally Spicer Judy Sheerer Lauree Sterne Je nette Stoddart Mary Alice Sullivan Suzanne Talbot Ann White Ann Willi 107 Pansy, kite, and colors black and gold; these are the symbolic emblems of Kappa Alpha Theta. The first Greek-letter fraternity known among women, Theta was founded at Ash- bury College in Greencastle, Indiana. Beta Mu chapter here at Nevada was chartered in 1922. The goals of Kap- pa Alpha Theta aspire to social, intel- lectual, and moral growth. The Kappa Alpha Theta House. Kappa Alpha Theta Typical Thetas! Michele Maupin President 108 Diane Abercrombie Tana Aurouze Diane Barengo Marianne Barton Victoria Bates Diane Beattie Betty Boyd Man Lee Bradley Marilyn Breckenridge Anne Louise Cantlon Alice Gate Tina Condron Jane Cook Kristen Cooper Marvis Cooper Pe ggy Crumley Janet DuBois Carole DeLamare Susie Deming Karen Dennison Toni de SaK Nancy Engelhard Martha Fetzer Jill Freeman Joyce Freeman Rosemarie Garland Mary Kay Gezelin Margaret Goegg Phyllis Goytino 109 d Cheryl Griffin Barbara Heath Sally Kees Gretchen Keiser Lana Lee Larson Pam Lee Anne Marie Lesperance Sherry Locke sue Looke Risa Mackay Mary Lou MacKenzie Carol Mancuso Larae Marshall Suzanne Martin Michon Maupin Kathy McKaig Karen McDonald Robin Millholland Judith Morrison Mary Morrison Mary Muth Cheryl Pickett Adele Pinkerton Kay Dee Ross Suzie Royer Elizabeth Rusk iW5 ■ Donna Salvadorin Laeta Sawyer Sandy Saviers Elfrena Sewell 110 The new Theta Pledges. Linda Smalley Sue Sonderegger Kappa Alpha Theta ™ v. I Marian Stead Lana Strosnider Jan Strosnider Phyllis Teipner 111 Nevada Alpha was established in 1915 when Delta Rho, a local sorority, was granted a national charter by Pi Beta Phi. Realizing the great need for the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers, Pi Beta Phi war work has been the granting of Physio-Therapy Scholar- ships. Pi Beta Phi has been in national existence since April 28, 1867. Pi Beta Phi House Pi Beta Phi HOW! To the rushees 112 Judy Wilson President Sara Anderson Lyn Armbruster Theresa Baldecchi Leslie Ankers Sally Bankofier Donna Barrett Lura Batjer am Marcia Bernard Carol Blankenburg Lee Bloomfield Janet Boone Karyn Branch Jacki Cercek Karen Clowers Cathie Cobeaga Kaytie Corbin Betsy Crawford Judy Crossett Dianne DeReemer Annette Domina Maryellen Drake Sheila Dwyer Jacque Elliott Jane Elliott Marylynne Fry Ginny Gilbert Roberta Hall 113 Ann Havrilla Lee Herz Joyce Hoffman Harriett King Nancy Kispert Martha Klinefelter Lani Lane Mary Lawrence Suzanne Leary Judy Matley Jane McCarthy Joyce Muller Betty Murphy June Nelson Cindy Olson Peggy Olson Pennee Parker Paula Phillips Pam Plath Pat Precissi Mary Lynne Prida Jean Quanchi Darleen Reafs Karen Romascan Martha Rose 114 Pi Beta Phi Kathleen Sadler Michele Sala Pam Sargent Judy Smith Carolyn Spitzer Sharry Springmeyer Cynthia Strang JoAnne Thompson Lillian Trinchero Jacqueline Uhalde Jeannine Van Wagenen Carole Wagner Penny White Patti Williams Barbara Wolfe Jackie Ziegler 115 ■■B Juniper Hall Susan Prior President Sheryn Abrahamian Shirley Anderson Julie Arrate Sandra Babcock Jo Lynn Baker Arline Banta Sarah Baxter Leslie Becker Frances Bell Bonny Bitter Catherine Borla Sylvia Brotherlon Joan Campbell Tammie Campbell Susan Clark Lauren Coates Marva Condie Joyce Crook Louise Denham Mary Devor Sylvia Dixon Jane Connor Katy Donnelly Janice Dore 116 Edna Edwards Frances Feinhandler Thera Gambles Linda Gessner Angela Goldman Kaemarie Greene Bonnie Hapgood Cathy Haley Claudia Hanchett Patricia Hammond Joellen Harris Marsha Hendrickson Juneen Horch Sharon Jenson Jennifer Johnson Sherri Johnson Peggy Kleemann Cathryn Larson Bonnie Macemon Judy Martin Kay Maxwell Judy McCarrol Candy McGinsey Evelyn Miller Frankie Miller Loretta Miller Janice Monk Colleen Murphy Sandra Pace Theo Park 117 Juniper Hall Susan Peter Yvonne Redmond Suzanne Romeo Carla Rost Patricia Young Valera Rudnick Cheryl Russell De An Sheperd Cathy Smith Elisabeth Srnits Lynn Staben Georgia Stewart Joanne Sudweeks Mary Swallov Kathleen Taylor Bev Thomas Noel Tosteson Jane Uehling ,; 31 V Marjorie Uehling Linda Voigt Donna Watts Sandra Weinrauch Paula Welsh Karen Wilkes 118 Carol Williams Barbara Wilson Carolyn Wilson Anne Wines Margaret Winningleam Doris Woodward -i Manzanita Hall Kathy Wick Jeannie Gumeau Sharon Barrett Jeannie Bookman Terry Haller Dru Bott Jeanne De Long Betty Eckenrode Maxine Forbush Sylvia Hansel Kathy Glunz Katie Hay Mary White President Sherrie Burroughs Angela Ciarlantini Vickie Van Dallas Mary Godwin Roberta Porterfield Annette Hayes Janis Henderson 119 Manzanita Hall Dian Hess Sharon Hill Lorey Hodge JoAnn Holmes Glenda Jeffrey Margery Johnson Nancy Keller Marty Laux Carol Lommori Sylvia Maslach Rita Mitchell Joyce Olesnewicz Bonne Ostroff Ellen Podoll Penny Perkins Diana Poehlman Carolyn Rohens Carolyn Reese Sandra Rowlett Georgia Smith De De Thompson Niki Turner Katha Wight Jeanette Wilde Shirley Williams 120 - Artemisia Hall Yoko Abe Carol Babcock Eileen Bacca Mary Beale Sue Blakley Barbara Burgett Lynn Byrge Barbara Cofer Madelyn Coloutti Linda Corone Gayle Dunagon Parnella Fraser Cherrie Frechette Jan Gerhart Valerie Gobble Donna Weaver President Sandra Blasey Leslie Downs Diane Goff 121 MMi HP Nickie Gunstrom Karen Hansen Gloria Hart Janet Hinsley Lynne Hyland Jennifer Jennings Bobbie Jo Kelley Margie Langtry Barbara Leonard Jean Loofbourrow Judy Lyon Lenn MacKedon Artemisia Hall Anne Marks Mary Meyer Sharon Mikklelson Donna Parlanli Ruby Reynolds Sara Richards Karen Roberts Lorna Thacke Karen Thurston Stefka Triszczuk Patti Urga Ina Williams Hazel Silber Diana Steinheimer Ardean Wright • : !■ 122 Inter-Fraternity Council Jim Baker President Paul Weir I Mario Peraldo Skip Avansino Bob Teglia Jill Freeman, Sec. Wes McVey A Denver Dickerson Sam Martini Richard Newton Philo Romine mggagmmggm Left to Right: Sarn Martini, Bob Teglia, Wes McVey, Jim Baker, Merl Morris, Philo Romine, Paul Weir. 123 Alpha Tau Omega Paul Weir President Just a year younger than our state of Nevada, Alpha Tau Omega is celebrating its centennial this year. Several of the members of Nevada ' s Delta Iota Chapter participated in the celebra- tion with the typical spirit of ATO by journeying to the Bahamas last summer for their national convention. The fraternity was founded at Vir- ginia Military Institute in 1865, and has been chartered at the University of Nevada since 1921. Fran Archuleta Terry Barcellos Jim Barry Woody Barry Joel Basta Bob Basta Roger Batt Richard Baumann 124 Tom Bean Donald Best Patrick Burns Tom Burns Charles Burr A.T.O. Activity. Lew Camahan Michael Casey James Copenhaver Doug Copsey Donald Dallas Clinton Devvitt Calvin Dixon Larry Felesina Bennie Ferrari Marshall Forrester Paul Franklin Richard Funk Larry Furrow Russell Guisti Clark Guild 125 Mike Griffin Jerome Guffey Phil Hanifan Stephen Hansen John Harris Martin Hawkins Don Herrin Bill Hessel John Hewitt William House Craig Howard Mike Ingersoll Richard Jacobsen Bill Jilbert Kirk Kinne Steve Kosach Roy Kreizenbeck Mike Lane Keith Lee 126 A. T. 0. John Madden Ernie Maupin Bob McQuaid Roger Means Bob Murphy Marvin Murphy Bill Murry Bruce Nickerson f James Quirk Jack Raycraft Dan Rechenmacher Jim Park Mario Peraldo Calvin Reed Jr. Ed Reiher Terry Ronan 127 Alpha Tau Omega Thomas Ross Louis Rossi Dick Schalberg Chub Soukup w Richard Stewart Larry Stiff Mike Stoddard John Sullivan mm Jim Roulias Chip Stanek 1 v - ' -. V S — a " Owen Toy Mike Sala Keith Stauffer John Utt Bob Weise Don Weyant Jerry White Larry Woolworth 128 Sigma Alpha I Epsilon Steve Allen Gary Athanacio Jim Baker David Ball Sigma Alpha Epsilon was nationally founded at the University of Alabama in 1907 and Nevada Alpha chapter was established here a decade later in 1917. The SAE ' s supplement their regular pledge class each year with the tapping of Little Sisters of Minerva. This select group of women provide the feminine touch at all the fraternity ' s events. Tirn Burrus Vaughan Cannon Cliff Coluse Rich Bennett Thomas Bowman William Converse Pete Cooper Lyle Rivera President Art Broten Bob Corkem Allen Craigmiles ) Cullom Frank Davenport Denver Diekerson Dave Diedrichsen Duncan Edwards 129 »T 1 Ronald Falter Ronald Gamba fim Kuenzli Dennis Farnesi Larry Farr Bill Gang John Gascue Peter Griffith Donald Haekstaff Tom Hall p r Mark Holcombe Thomas Horgan Charles Hudson Wayne Johnson Robert Lawson James Leonard Steve Gaylord Tom Hart John Glenn Rich Heaney Larry Kees W 7 Jim Fitzgerald Kent Folgate John Fredrickson Joe Greenstein William Herbert Nick Klaich Robert Long Phil Loofbourrow William Magee 130 Tom Marshall Geno Martini Sam Martini Jim Mason Joe Mayer Wes McVey SAE Mike Millet Xick Moschetti Fred Noonan Vine Xossum Garth Oldham Franklin Panich Ed Parsons Larry Phillips Ransom Pierce Mare Ratner Jeff Reeves Steven Reich Roger Reynolds Bruce Rice Richard Rock Sig Rogich Jim Romero Craig Russell Dave Russell Gordon Sarret David Sc haft Doug Schroeder Jack Schwella Mark Sewell Rich Shelley Richard Short Mike Smithwick John Utter Edward Vacchina James Valin Paul Vlautin Barry Watkins Don Waylette Rex Wilson 131 -F Karyn Branch President Little Sisters of Minerva L Anne Louise Cantlon Chris Gang Judi Grossenbaeh Julie Lewis Cynthia Geyer Patti Lewis 14 A. _ to . Michele Maupin Judy Norcott Sandy Saviers Judy Schmidt Elfrena Sewell Penny White ! SAE Activity. 132 Lambda Chi Alpha ni ' iLfii lil. ' BilfflBl tin II (IN I!) 1)1 fl JiiliiJ ■5F i ltciw ;. " to . M ' I i c , I Bob Teglia President Founded at Boston University, Lambda Chi Alpha has been in existence since 1909. The fra- ternity gained its charter at Nevada in March of 1929 as the Epsilon Iota Zeta chapter. Since that time they have made a valuable addition to Nevada ' s campus with their many outstanding student government leaders and activities within the fraternitv. Byron Stephens William Carpenter John Ball Jerry Cole Cole Barton David Best Mh Jack Cooney Gordon Corn Boger Cornwall Terry Crawforth 138 Cleve Crudgington Jon Culbert Virginius Dabney Ron Dale Steve Dmytrin Tom Hoy Bob Erickson Bruce Fenton Jim Humphrey James Georgeson Leroy Getchell Stephen Gibson Sam Imelli Jim Fischer Leon Hensley flfr f )r Gil Folk Steve Hess Steve Katzmann William Kelly Denny Kidwell Richard Knapp John Kuhlman Jeff Lewis 134 .. Lambda Chi Keith Lockard Richard Mattson Tom McFall Don Miller Charles Murphy Gary Nelson Peter Pardee Chuck Pettycrew Stephen Sanders Gary Shatz Sim Sheppard Richard Starkweather Charles Steiner Keith Stephens Tom Stephens John Throne Robert Trimble Steve Turner Tony Vickers Stephen Walrath Puchard Watson Ronald Watson Fred Williamson GretfK Zive 135 Richard Newton President Larry Bennett Marty Bibb Phi Sigma Kappa William Atkinson Gregory Artman John B. Crook Wf John Custer - y Bick Banis Walter Baring r« ■«? If) Steve Dawson James Eastman James Higgins William B. Holleroft Jim Marshall Bichard McCoy Mike Parman Bod Procter Garv Band Phi Sigma Kappa house. Oliver Shelksohn Stuart Spellman Bodney L. Williams 136 Theta Chi | Theta Chi fraternity is one of the oldest na- tional groups on campus, but the last chapter to be founded at Nevada. The organization was nationally founded in 1856 at Norwich Univer- sity, and presented itself to the University of Nevada as Beta Phi chapter in 1942. . Theta Chi Philo Romine President Anthony L. Behm Arthur Davis Frank Jo. Dziurda Bill J. Ellis James H. Goffredson Doug Gordon Arnold Hansmann David Jackson Al Miller John M. Osse Boh Payton Jerry Vansickle Charles L. Wakefield Jackel Wallace 137 Sigma Nil Starting the year out for Sigma Nu, Nevada ' s Delta Xi chapter commemorated their fiftieth anniversary with the annual Newt Crumley dinner at the Holiday Hotel. The event is held each year in honor of the late Newt Crumley, Sigma Nu alumnus and benefactor. They were granted their charter here in 1914, forty- five years after their national founding in 1869 at Lexington, Virginia. The Sigma Nu House. Bernard Anderson Ron Bath mm Skip Avansino President Larry Andreotti Bob Beaman Kenneth Barrenchea Riley Beckett Norman Beesley Joe Beloso Jon Benson John Boswell Steve Brown Tom Cahill Boh Cameron 138 Ronald Chadek Bill Chaffin Joe Chambers David Chowning Paul Christensen Gary Christiansen Denis Colligan Tammy Conklin Stephen Cox Joe D ' Amato Richard Davies Robert Dugdale John Echeverria Tom Eikelberger Eric Davis Mike Feroah Allen Ferrari Bernie Fletcher Doug Fletcher John Fordharn Carl Fuetsch Ronald Callaway Dave Gardiner Brian Gardner 139 Jim Gibbons Jeff Glusovich Richard Grabowski Ralph Goegg Ron Groskopf Chuck Haines Bob Hamilton Steve Hamilton John Hancock Phil Henrickson Larry Hicks Dave Hornbeck Bob Ince Royal Jackman Mike Jackson Art Kess Chris Key Tom Lambert Mike Malloy Kent Maloney Dale McKenzie Fran Menante Kenneth Miller 140 Sigma Nil Martin Muth Fred Nagel « Lang Milligan John Mirczak Steve Morris Joe Murin Bob Newmeyer Herb Nichols William Porter Jean Rathmann Dave Riese Frank Roberts Jan Packwood Jim Parker Jon Petrie James Phillips Roy Pike John Ploogh Gerry Roberts Dave Salvadorini Schuyler Schaff Mike Schellin Steve Scott 141 Sigma Nu ' s Championship Baseball Team. Steve H. Scott Cam Solari Steve Vonderheide Hal Wafford James Wells J Brock Willett -v .„ f Bill Simpson Sigma Nu Robert Sinnott James Sorenson Roger Stapenhorst Gary Teggeman Ron Vernon Michael Vollmer Bill Warner Hank Williams Larry Wood Michael Woodhead I 12 Ravmond Bacon Clarence Basso Kenneth Buhrmann George Bvbee w Jeff Fullman Joseph P. Gill Howard Donaldson Robert Huss Mike Morton Frank Bilbad John Blaikie Monti Riordan President Larry Dow Gene Elliott Lincoln Hall Dan Glodowski Chester Griffith Churchill Guerdon Harry Hill ' Wilfred Jones Dave Lewis Carey Loflin Monte Martin Richard Purcell Rollie Rather Ronald L. Shane Robert S. Hadfield Dermis Trousdale Donald Unruh Dennis Vandine Bruce Wallace Reg R. Willison Douglas Wood 143 White Pine Hall White Pine Hall. James Bettandorft Thomas Booth Theodore Dixon Robert Guernsey George Hilliard Ray Atkinson Laurence Eck Joseph R. Ellington Paul Franklin Alan Hinkle P Gary Ballew Nick Brereton Robert H. Cobun Gino Ray DelCarlo Franklin German William Jakad 144 Michael B. Lally Ralph Langley Harold Lloyd Janjai Manomaiphibul Clark D. Peterson William Sinnott harry Sirfuengfung Charles F. Wagniere Duane Wallace George Mateas Jerald Marcuerquiaga Eugene McCloud Gene K. Pasek Roger Williams Austin Wilson Gary W. Woods Stephen L. Young White Pine Hall 145 V li t - i 1 V I- ' I • ' t t J I ORGANIZATIONS 2 147 John Gaynor President UNCOC is an advanced army ROTC program for upper classmen. Its purpose is the development of career officers through following various requirements of lead- ership, self-discipline, sacrifice, and honesty and integ- rity which add greater stature to the term gentlemen. Included in their year ' s activities are programs for pre- paring juniors for summer camp, field trips to military installations, and guarding the sororities and donns dur- ing initiation. They also present the annual Military Ball and put out " Battleborn. " Robert Adams Paul Ashworth James Baratte Arthur Broten Charles Burr Bill Chaffin Daryl Capurro Wayne Cobb Jack Cooney Daniel Gary Coppa Robert Felton William Franks Gary R. Funkhouser Larry Furrow i Dave Gardiner Harold Hall Don Hartman 148 University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club Mark Holcombe Jim Keith Art Kess Allan McGill Fred F. Xoonan Steven Pantell Robert D. Parrish George Peek David K. Rogers Philo Romine Eldredl Rowe Dennis Scott Jack Schwella Charles Barry Seifers Richard Short Donald L. Smith Larry Stiff Anthony (Tony) Vickers Rex Wil Lee B. Winne Hal Wofford Larry Worcester 149 ■• Left to Right: Craig R. Howard, Ed. Hensley, John Gandolfo, Harold Wyatt, Franklin Wadsworth. Color Guard The Sierra Guardsmen is a regular part of the military program, and is known for its dis- ciplined drill performance. Whether it be half- time at a game, or the Nevada Day parade, this group puts on a show of drill and timing that is appreciated by all. 1 1 : I 1 1 tz . 1 iJte ' A!- " mm The Sierra Guardsmen salute Bob Adams, Sierra Guard Commander. 150 Left to Right: Wesley McVey, Richard Lankow. Mike Sala, John Gandolfo, Danny Anderson. Sierra Guardsmen " tSuir Rusty Nash President Coffin and Keys This organization holds a few highly selected male students within its membership. Initiation of new mem- bers in the spring consists of " strange events. " Charles Burr Jinx Dabney %y Kent Folgate Dave Gardiner dr Ur Mario Peraldo Mike Ingersoll I Philo Romine Art Kess Keith Lee Herbert Nichols Joel Tew Paul R. Weir Lyle Rivera 151 w Judy Schmidt President Salens Sagens is the honorary organization for upper- class women at the University of Nevada. The women are chosen for scholastic achievement and service they have rendered the University. Lyn Armbruster Karen Carlson Annette Domina Dolores Dunning Prella Ede Danette Ferrier Lynn Friedhoff Ruthie Friedhoff Margaret Geo£ Barbara Heath Sharon Jensen Deanna Johnson Cathy Landers Pattie Lewis Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Judy Morrison Snzi Natucci Jean Pagni Robert Porterfield Camille Richards Kathleen Sadler Michele Sala Cherie Sawyer 152 Elfrena Sewell Robin Schorr Claudia Treharne Penny White Elizabeth Williams Judy Wilson Bine Key Blue Key is a national honorary service fraternity composed of senior and junior men. Members are chosen for scholastic achievement and service to the betterment of the University. Members of Blue Key usher at univer- sity functions, escort queen candidates at Homecoming and Winter Carnival functions and aid in registration and orientation of new students. Art Kess President Larrv Andreotti Charles Bun Bill Chaffin Tammy Conklin Gordon Corn Virginias Dabney t ft Dennis Famesi Kent Folgate Mike Griffin Mike Ingersoll Keith Lee John Mirczak Steve Morris Charles Murphy Rusty Nash Joe Mayer Herbert Nichols Tony Oxborrow Mario Peraldo Roger Reynolds Lyle Rivera Joel Tew Paul Weii- Hank Williams 153 m The aims of Spurs are to support student body activities, promote school spirit, and foster a spirit of loyalty and helpfulness. The membership is open to sophomore women having a 2.5 grade average and having leadership qualities. Spurs Julie Lewis President Michele Arlington Tana Aurouzc Alice Cate Marvis Cooper Peggy Crumley Judy Crowell Susie Deming Diane DeReemer Shelia Dwyer Joyce Hoffman Mary Hyde Ann Marie Lesperance Jane McCarthy Marilyn Jean McKinnon Marylynne Prida Sophie Sheppard Lana Strosnider Phyllis Teipner Marjorie Uhalde Sherry Locke 154 Satfers William Atkinson Rick Banis Rilev Beckett J « - V lb£2) Norman Beesley Joe Beloso Frank Bilbao Ronald Chadek Gerry Roberts President Daryl Drake Mike Feroah Ronald Callaway Peter Griffith William Guss John Hancock Mike Jackson Dennis Jones Chris Key Dave Matley Rick Mattson Kenneth Miller Harry O. Parsons Mark Petty Roy R. Pike Jack Raycraft Mike Sehellin Bill Simpson Richard Starkweather Tom Stephens Ron Vernon Don Waylett James Wells Larry Wood Michael Woodhead 155 m Row One: Lois Bowman, Ann Ruffetto, Marjorie Uhalde, Sharalee Springmeyer, Julia Tyson, and Martha Allard. Row Two: Dean Evans, George Lin, Gerald Koubsky, Mrs. Douglass, Joel Tew, Gary Christiansen, Phil Henrikson, K. Courtney Kemp, Estell Fumagalli. Row Three: Tom Metz, Allan Douglass, Owen Portwood, David Marke, Dr. John B. Rogan, and Bernard Fumagalli. Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club, founded in 1917, is a chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. The purpose of the club is " to afford an opportunity for the students of chemis- try at the University of Nevada to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to secure experience in presenting and preparing technical material, to foster a professional spirit among members, to instill a professional pride in chem- istry and to take part in campus life as students of chemistry. : ! : Joel Tew President 156 Perns is an organization composed of women who are majoring or minoring in the field of physical education. Selling programs at Nevada games is one of the ways in which members raise money for scholarships they award yearly. Penis Margaret Jo Barrett Dianne DeReemer Jean Marie Smith President Alice Cate Kris Games Angela Goldmann Jean Guisti Sylvia Hansel Joyce Hoffman Ronda Wilson Reid Katherine Leonard Marlene McDonough Elaine Newton Yuonne Redmond Carla Rost Dawna Saden Patsy Smith Sharon Smith 157 4mm mm Sundowners The Sundowners is the " good fellowship " group at the University of Nevada. There various activities such as the Gobblers Ball and the Levi Formal add much color to campus life. Other than these social activities the Sundowners have formal meetings at the Wal every week. Jock Echave President Wayne Abalos Dan Ah I.strom Tim Baker Jim Bronson M. F. Brunetto Tom Burns Gary Bush Bill Byrnes Terry Grimm Dave Irish ! ■ : 1 i Brent Johnson Lew Jurs III J58 Mike Kasper Dale Landon Nevada ' s best dressed men. J I Jack Leonesio Barry Mckinnon John McSweeny Lane Monroe Dick Pinion Bert Polkinghom Gary Tucker Dave Whitmore Fred Williams Larry Williamson Phil Winery John Winn 159 Row One: Erwin McPherson, William Guss. Row Two: Carl Koizumi, Robert Felton, Donald Drake. Rifle Team The Rifle Team is a group of men and women, and sponsored by the Military Department. They compete with other colleges and universities in the skills of marksmanship. Members not present: Larry Bennett Richard Cammick Theodore Dixon And the girls. 160 Outgoing officers prepare to announce the awards, and the new officers. Joanne Freeman gives new President Elfrena Sewell the pin of the office. Women ' s Recreation Association W.R.A. is an organization with membership available to all women students. Women may participate in various sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and bowling. The main objective of W.R.A. is to provide a program of recreation, promote friend- ship and athletic competition. Each spring the W.R.A. hosts high school girls from all over the state to a day of fun in sports. Dr. Russell receives a Gold Plaque for all her help with the Ski Team. Sue Deming accepts the Participation Trophy for Kappa Alpha Theta. 161 m Sandy Rowlett Gary Nelson Judy Norcott ' m H ||||BQ|1 P ht H Iw H W7 m HH k H , JH ||| |i if mHflfl IB H Judy Walker Yell Leaders John McSweeney 162 Carolyn Webster Head Song Leader Lillian Trinchero 163 Symphonic Band The University of Nevada Band, directed by Dr. John Carrico, plays an indispensable role on our campus. Not only does the Sym- phonic Band perform at football games, but they can also be seen at basketball games, in parades, and in special concerts, just to men- tion a few of their activities. Stage Band University Band ; 164 University Singers The University Singers led another success- ful year with the presentation of several con- certs, and the Annual Messiah. The group was under the direction of Dr. Macv. Mr. Pozzi presents Dr. Macy a check for the group ' s trip to Las Vegas while President Arm- strong l ooks on. Left to Right, Row One: Vicki Bullis, Lois Anglemeyer, Anne Flower, Canyce Galster, Alona Marean, Peggy Currie, Sandra Hay, Mary Kay Gezelin, Vicki Trimble, Dianne Woodward. Row Two: Frances Baker, Marilyn Holze. Penny Robinson, Nancy Tomlinson, Marsha Marvel, Linda Boyd, Pat Jack, Mary Denham. Row Three: Kathy Wick, Shelby Squire, Jacquelyn Leary, Mary Margaret Heitman, Reta Bowen, Dana Stafford, Kay Clauser, Barbara Deshler, Pug Ritter, Gael Hallack. Row Four: Lael Kimpton, Bonnie Clayton, Joyce Hor- lacher, Patricia Bernard, Jackie Uhalde, Marelyn Miguel, Daphne Monson, Cheryl Rodrigues, Jeannine Van Wagenen, Carole Chalen- der. Row Five: Kenneth Catledge, John Champion, Ed Ingram, Paul Hickman, William Tomany, Kenneth Trigero, Jerry Howley, Harry Massoth. Row Six: George Lundgren, Bobby Herron, William Bauer, Rex Jones, Garry Farnsworth, Earl Wilkins, Ernest Muller, John Mathews. 165 Lambda Delta Sigma Left to Right, Seated: Joyce Crook, President; Janice Miller, Vice-President. Standing: Brent Wadsworth, President; Larry Bettis, Treasurer; John Mathews, Vice-President; Joyce Horlacher, Secretary. Left to Right, Row One: Etta Thompson, Dana Duncan, Joyce Hoopingarner, Darlene Branson, Janice Miller, Louise Fletcher, Nancy Silbaugh Albrechtsei, Evelyn Miller, Joyce Horlacher, Sharon Jensen. Row Two: John Thompson, Mary Gardner, Dolores Gall, Terry Wadsworth, Lucille Coltrin, Joyce Crook, Gayl Holmes, Louise Bohman, Marilyn Hardy, Pat Willis, The basic purpose of Lambda Delta Sigma is to promote brotherhood and fellowship. It is not restricted to mem- bership, anyone who is willing to accept and live the practical ideals of the fra- ternity and to be loyal to its aims and program is eligible for membership. Brotherhood in Lambda Delta Sigma is founded in religion. All activities are planned in such a way that each may promote one or more of five practical ideals: fellowship, leadership, intellec- tuality, cultural life, and religion. New Pledges, Left to Right: Jon Hollo- gg man, Larry Bettis, Evan Bybee, James Young. Not Pictured: Jan Hardy, Craig Wakeling, Dale Johnson. Suzanne Silbaugh, Diane Neilson, Sharon Tueller, Paul Tueller. Row Three: Dennis Cook, Ray Jeffers, Glenn Ashworth, Dean Monson, Howard Sheffield, Joe Sharp, Phil Wagner, Jerry Gribbe, Dean Evans. Row Four: Brent Wadsworth, Dennis Clayson, John Mathews, Roland Deberg, Doren Sorensen, Roy Faught, Marvin Hogge, Dennis Walker. Left to night. Row One: Judy Allingham, Janet DuBois, Janet Herb, Anne Cantlon, Tony Oxborrow. Row Two: Charles Breese, Gary Cecchini, William Mann, Phillip Lambert, David Matley, John Horgan, Russell Guisti, Arthur Williams, Darrell Davey. Row Three: Dr. Lowell Jones, Dr. Fred Ryser, Dr. Jack Knoll, Marvin Murphy, Dr. Donald Tibbits, Michael Pickett, Edward Vacchina, John Scott. Alpha Epsilon Delta Dr. Fred Ryser Advisor Darrell Davey President Alpha Epsilon Delta, the honorary international premedical society, meets twice each month, during which time they have programs to encourage ex- cellence in study to prepare the student for medical or dental school. Not Pictured: Sally Atkinson, Thomas Conk- lin, Roger Cornwall, Dennis Farnesi, Cur- tis Freemont, Kathy Gruber, John Mirczak, Darwin Peterson, Joel Tew, Robert Basta, Richard Cinani, Robert Goetze, Paschal Huszlak, Mike Kinnison, Robert Crouse, Joseph Eberle, Manuel Rodriguez, Phyllis Teipner, Risa MacKay, Bernardine Herrera, Marianne Shaw, Steve Dawson, and John Blaikie. 167 i mT Left to Right, Row One: Greg Jackson, President; George Gratt, Paul Baidwan, Vice-President; Mary Raduziner, George Hillard, Mary Kae Ennis, Prakash Pandey, Mike Lipparelli, Publicity Chairman; H. S. Ichpanani. Row Two: S.K.M. Abdulla, Yvette Hash, Daljeet Sahwney, Nancy Johnson, Barbara Miller, Ajit Jhangiari, Ben Echeverria, faculty advisor. Row Three: Chaina- rong Srifuengfung, Molly Bundy, Patty Kunimura, J. Manomaphilbul, Lakhshmi Muttulingham. International Club The International Club is a group of students from many parts of the world, culturally and socially encourag- ing an understanding of international relations as well as promoting good will among American and foreign students. Typical activities include: discussion of international problems, lectures and films by foreign students on their coun- tries, talent shows, dancing, ice skating and picnicking. All interested students are welcome members. Some 1300 books collected by members for needy students in Asia. Authentic fortune telling by Ibrahim Shah at the WUS Carnival. 168 Left to Right, Row One: Karn Clowers, Shirley Heinen, Sister Dolores Kovach, Caroline Hicks, Jill Walker, Karen Bradbury, Recording Secretary; Kay Seeliger. Row Two: Twylia Smith, Sister Laura St. Clark, Joanna Arrowsmith, Louise Fletcher, Ronnie Loverin, Jackie Ziegler, Dorothy Jones. Row Three: Karen Isbell, Sandra MacPherson, Jean Briel, Corresponding Secretary; Louise Payne, Nancy Johnson, President. Nevada State Student Nurses This organization is open to all students majoring in nursing. It is designed to associate students with their profession. The group has social functions and business meetings and sends a delegate to the national meeting of the National Student Nurses Association. 169 Left to Right, Seated: Neil Christensen, Linda Dorf, Marie Johnson, Jeannie Delong, Mary Hyde. Standing: Leonard Batchhelder, Mike Compston, Dave Haas, Larry Armstrong, Doug Osborne, Larry Wood, Leon Albisu, Harvey Barnes. Aggie Club The Purpose of Aggie Club is to promote interest and good fellowship among agriculture members at the University of Nevada. Member- ship is open to any agriculture member at the University. The club ' s various activities include Rodeo ' s, dances, picnics, and their annual money making project, the Nevada Junior Livestock Show. Under the leadership of President Neil Christensen and advisor Darrell Foote, the club had a very successful year. Left to Right: Mary Hyde, Historian; Leon Albisu, Vice-President; Jeannie Delong, Secretary; Neil Christensen, President; Harvey Barnes, Treasurer. ■ I ■ 170 mama Lett to Right, Row One: Dr. G. A. Broten, William Daniel, Robert Donlan, Fred Williams, Prof. Lee Newell, Robert Abalos. Row Two: Frank EgenhofF, Robert Schebler, Stuart Schrae- der, Rex Wilson, David Bartholomew, Dr. Robert Laughter, Prof. George Twardokens. Phi Epsilon Kappa Formed two years ago at Nevada, Phi Epsilon Kappa is the National service and honorary organiza- tion for Physical Education Majors. The purpose of the organization is to promote high standards and to be of service in the area of Physical Education. Selection for membership is based upon grades, professional zeal and ability, and attributes as poten- tial leaders in the field. Out of the total of approxi- mately 115 considered each spring no more than seven or eight have been chosen. Dr. Robert Laughter Adviser 171 Left to Right, Row One: Eldred L. Rowe, Kenton L. Gallaway, Leda M. Brown, Jinx Dabney, Timothy C. Brown. Row Two: Prakash A. Raj, Paul Boeyink, Larry L. Pippin, James Roberts, Phillip Earl, Elmer R. Rusco. Phi Sigma Alpha Phi Sigma Alpha, a national honorary political science fraternity, was formed in the Spring of 1964 at the University of Nevada. The purpose of the fraternity is to encourage the discussion of political issues. Requirements for membership include a minimum of 10 credits in political science, with a B average. Elmer R. Rusco Advisor 172 Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is a national organization for history and political science, whose purpose is to further interest and understanding of pertinent issues for its members. Membership is open to any student who has completed at least twelve hours of credit in these fields and maintained a B average. Philip Earl President Left to Right: Michon Maupin, Jinx Dabney, Eileen Miller, Dr. Shepperson, Nancy Gould, J. Forbes, Philip Earl, Jan Dore, Dr. Elliott, Dr. Hulse, Ruthie Friedoff. 173 Left to Right. Seated: Bill Gang, Jeanine Earl, Jim Fitzgerald, Harry Hill. Standing: Larry Rowe, Jeff Reeves. I Left to Right, Row One: Lynn Roberts, Jeanine Earl, Sue Rhodes, Gail Aiazzi, Alan Craigmiles. Row Two: Harry Hill, Mike Graham, Denver Dickerson, Jim Fitzgerald, Jeff Reeves. Row Three: Prakash Pandey, Larry Rowe, Bill Gang. t The purpose of the Young Democrats is to maintain an active interest in the Democratic party, through meetings, service projects, and activities designed to promote a better understanding of the Party. The mem- bers aid and give service in all ways possible to their candidates during elections and between election years. The club plans further activity with various dinners and Guest Speakers. The major activity of the club this year was the Johnson campaign. Young Democrats 175 - International Christmas Bazaar. The Y.W.C.A. has had a very successful year under the leadership of their President Yevette Hash. Many worthwhile activities were held, some of which included a weekend confer- enc at Tahoe Pine Ranch, and the International Christmas Bazaar at which they sold imported crafts and student art. The money earned went to the scholarship fund of the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. Y.W.C.A. members strive to find personal identity and com- mitment both in person and social life. Y.W.C.A. A Week-end Conference at Washoe-Pines. ' A " 3 Many guest speakers attended. 176 Arts and Crafts were sold at the Bazaar. S.N.E.A. Row One: Dr. Dana Davis. Advisor; Phyllis Goytino, President; Betty Blanche, Vice President; Barbara Hardin, Treaturer; Jean Smith, Secretary. Row Two: Judy Baratte, Janice Dore, Monica Jones, Don Dallas, Don Chalif, Gloria Casci, Sherry Munholand. Row Three: Barbara Heath, Xick Jackson, Dorothy Kunsch, William Ossolinski, Tom Burns. Row Four: Bob Schebler, Stu Schraeder, Linda Shoemaker, Jo Barrett, David Stanley, Kenneth Trigero, Richard Wilcox. Row Five: Aileen Miller, Sheila Renshaw, Karen Edsall, Joan Terrell, Marguerite Bullock, Beth Bennett. The Student National Education Association is a group of college students who are going into the teaching pro- fession. Their monthly meetings are dedicated to a deeper understanding of education. All mechanical engineering students are eligible to join A.S.M.E. The monthly meetings help members more fully understand their chosen profession. A.S.M.E Row One: Mather, Watkins, Havens, Carner, Collingwood, DiSanza, Dr. Sutton. Row Two: Aujla, Dixon, Dye, Harstad, Lickley, MacDonald, Baldwin. Row Three: George, Nielsen, Estes, Samuels, Escallier. Row Four: Antonopoulos, Dr. Harris, Douros, Mrs. Bareiss. 177 Row One: Sheridan Chirwa, Niel Christensen, Chuck Burr, President; Monti Riordan, Bob Murphy. Row Two: Johnny Riel, Bill Helming, Bruce Cauble, Allen Baker, Larry Miller. Alpha Zeta Alpha Zeta, a national honorary fraternity, is composed of agriculture students who have shown outstanding scholarship, leadership, and charac- ter. Membership is open to male students in tech- nical agriculture who meet the requirements. Typical Meeting. Chuck Burr, President 178 Row One: Xolte, Schuler, Stephenson, Short, Laughlin, Bacigalupi, Blakely, President. Row Two: Holler, Ebeltoft, Cooper, Mclnnis, Cochran, R. Short, Friberg. A.S.C.E. Its function is to promote closer relation- ship between the American Society of Civil Engineers and students. Membership is open to all students in the school of civil engineer- ing. Meetings, which are in the form of lec- ture and discussion, are held monthly. Mike Blakely, President 179 vmwmFwii Joyce Freeman, Editor Judy Crowell, Classes; Mary Hyde, Art ' Ex -v. Molly Jacobs, Copy Editor Adele Pinkerton, Calendar Editor Artemisia Staff Darla Folsom, Assistant Editor Linda Smalley, Living Groups Editor 180 Kirk Kinne, Spurts Editor Diane Barengo, Organizations Editor Gray Poole, Photographer Marylou MacKenzie, Index Editor Phyllis Goytino, Honors Editor Mary Kay Gezelin, Faculty Editor Cheryl Griffin, Student Government Editor Elfrena Sewell, Business Manager Judy Garwood, Editor Brushfire The Brushfire is the ASUN ' s literary magazine. It was very successful this year under the leadership of Judy Garwood. Left to Right: Hazel Silber, James Kellison, Mr. Allan Belkind, Advisor; Betty Branche, Judy Garwood, Frances Finehambler, Willy Chism. James Kellison, Business Manager 182 Forum The University of Nevada Forum made its first ap- pearance on campus in the spring of 1964. This year it has prospered under the editorship of Steve Gomes. The purpose of the publication is to provide a medium for the expression of opinion on any subject. Row One: Mary White, Assistant Editor; Dan Cline, Steve Comes, Editor; Rick Mattson. Row Two: Jeannette Chiappero, Julie West, Ron Gomes, Kathy Migliaccio. 183 Sagebrush Staff Kent Folgate, Business Manager Noel Sewell and Barry Watkins, Photographers 184 Sam Martini. Circulation Manager Allan Craigmiles, Advertising Manager Judy Grossenbach, Columnist and Sig Rogich, Managing Editor Hampton Young, Asst. Editor, Phil Harris, Sally Shank, Judy Norcott. Wes McVey, Hampton Young, Duncan Edwards. 185 .• mi: -:; - ■ - V ' ' l fr C ; ' ATHLETICS ■ ■; ' ¥ A w-- ' " ' " SgT: :: 7 ' ' -% ' £ - njij , . - il M m mk mm. Left to Right: Bill Ireland, Harry Kane, Dick Trachok, Floyd Edsall, Bob Dolan, Bill Daniels. Coaching Staff Jake Lavvlor Dr. G. H. Broten 188 Dick Trachok Floyd Edsall Bill Ireland Harry Kane Football Team Row One: Gary Daniels, Jerry Polaha, Bob Martin, Jerry Ballard, Allan Crawford, Tony Trevino, Fred Williams, Art Bayer, Mario Orzie, Bobby Herron, Prime Williams, Terry Barcellos, Ron Lee, Ray Yorchek. Row Two: Joe Baro, Jim Hoss, Chuck Wiedel, Brian Hardy, Dan Aeuna, Howard Briles, Orville Leao, Floyd Edsall, Bill Ireland, Dick Trachok, Harry Kane, Al McDaniels, Bill Gaechter, Jim Carpenter, Dan Anderson, John Rogers, Bob Dolan. Row Three: Ed Zube, Calvin Dixon, Ed HoefFer, Ed Bercovich, Phil Cebhardt, Kent Gar- rett, Jack Schwella, Mike Smithwick, Bill Watkins, Ron Boeger, Larry Felesina, Lynn Quilici, Rich Lankow, Horace Clark, Denny Mandell, Frank Egonhofr. Row Four: Dennis George, Jim Cristman, Louis Cooper, Matt Schadeck, Bugs Walton, Rick Rettichan, Dale Landon, Eugene Duck, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Jim Trense, Dale Dyer, Bubby Forvilly, Bob Meneni, Tom Killings- worth, Mike Casper. Jerry Ballard Halfback Dave Dyer Quarterback Lynn Quilici Quarterback Allan Crawford Quarterback Art Bayer Halfback Dan Anderson Quarterback Quarterback Dave Dyer barely manages to get the pass off. Bobby Herron Halfback 190 Howard Briles Fullback Bill Gaechter Halfback Mike Smithwick Halfback Louis Cooper Fullback ■IliTMPIMiir Dan Acuna Halfback mm Alfred McDaniels Halfback Fred Williams Halfback Prime Williams Halfback Tonv Trevino Halfback Rich Lankow Center Horace Clark Guard Eugene Duck Guard Orville Leao Tackle Terry Barcellos Guard Ed Zube Tackle Mike Casper Tackle Dennis George End f . • ' Big Ed Hoeffer throws Sacramento • State ' s quarterback for a sizable loss. Nl Joe Baro Tackle Phil Gebhardt Tackle Calvin Dixon Tackle Jim Christman Tackle Jim Trense End Dennis Mandell End Ed Hoeffer End ■IMBi ■nirri Nevada halfback Bob Herron gains valuable yardage against Santa Clara. Brian Hardv End Larrv Felesina ' End Dennis Fitzpatrick End Bugs Walton End Bill Watkins Guard Jack Schwella End Bob Martin Halfback 192 Season ' s Record Nevada 6 Long Beach 53 Nevada 6 Willamette 27 Nevada Santa Barbara 14 Nevada 14 Montana State 21 Nevada 20 Santa Clara 43 Nevada 8 (Homecoming) Humboldt St. 17 Nevada Sacramento State 38 Nevada 6 Cal Aggies 21 Nevada 6 San Francisco State 21 Nevada 38 Chico State 6 Frank Forvillv End Ray Yourchek Guard Dale Landon Center Ron Boeger Guard wS mmmtm tgn Halfback Jerry Ballard manages to turn the corner for a short gain against Humboldt State. - 193 limmrrn Freshman Football Team Scores Nevada 6 Shasta Junior College 20 Nevada 8 Sacramento State 7 Nevada 37 Chico State 6 Nevada 20 Cal Aggies 7 1 f 1 min| o 4QTR. « 51 nowNs ■ i ■ 1 i play Row One: Tom Mertz, Pat Fagan Ron Dayton, Mike Slagle, Don Waylett, Walter Washington, Bill Maupin, John Pierini, Geno Martini. Row Two; Chris Anlt, Jack Byrom, Rod Williams, Dave Diedrichsen, Bill Penny, Larry Woolworth, Ed Molinsky, Martin Fogel, Garth Orvis, Nick Walters, Manager; Dave Stanley. Row Three: Coach Bill Daniels, Mike Feroah, John Rogers, Rick Redican, Jack Whalen, Lew Carnahan, Mike Sala, Ben Blinn, Bob Meneni, Gary Silverman Ron Vernon, Ron Regan, Coach Bob Donlan. % I 9 NEYO | A ' ' i .. 0k V J . " W - l 3- l£ 78 ?%l er 72 » 5 , 64 : 66 65 73 74 83. u ■■ I Bobby Herron sees daylight Familiar Scenes in Mackay Stadium 195 u plB 4 ■: Jack Spencer Coach Coach Spencer, off the court a placid, unexcit- able individual, boils with emotion during his Wolf Pack ' s games. He usually stays put during early parts of the game, but when the pressure builds at times he jumps to his feet, throws up his arms, and runs the full length of the bench glaring at the crowd. However odd his antics might ap- pear, Spencer seems to convey the right informa- tion to his players, for in his first five years at Nevada, he has guided the Pack to two Far West- ern Conference titles, the same number of play- offs, and his squads have always been contenders. Season Scores Nevada 59 Fresno State 99 Nevada 69 U. of Idaho 63 Nevada 71 U. of Cal. - Davis 62 Nevada 70 Sacramento State 78 Nevada 68 Nevada Southern 78 Nevada 80 Utah State 101 Nevada 68 Fresno State 91 Nevada 86 Nevada Southern 78 Nevada 66 U. of Cal. - Davis 62 Nevada 84 Chico State 106 Nevada 88 Humboldt State 66 Nevada 93 U. of Alaska 65 Nevada 66 U. of Alaska 57 Nevada 73 San Francisco State 68 Nevada 77 Hayward 58 Nevada 54 San Jose State 81 Nevada 101 Sacramento State 71 Nevada 72 Humboldt State 54 Nevada 69 Chico State 70 Nevada 84 Sacramento State 64 Nevada 64 U. of Cal. - Davis 73 Nevada 77 Seattle University 89 Nevada 90 Hayward 92 Nevada 67 San Francisco State 88 u Row One: DeBise, Bruno, Montongomery, Andreasen, Ferrari, Olivas. Row Two: Moore, Mc- Cutchan, Smith, Shoenberger, Nicholson. Row Three: Head Coach Spencer, Schebler, Nicker- son, Bossieux, Bob Donlan. Basketball Seattle guard is no match for Nicholson. Mike Olivas Captain Captain Mike Olivas saw constant action with the Pack this year in good position pacing the Wolf Pack ' s wins with his unusual passing and dribbling ability. Olivas, a 22-year old junior fom LaHabra, California has been a consistent double-figure scorer and steady play- rnaker during the past two seasons. Bob Schebler Center Tom Andreasen Guard Larry Moore Forward Bill Nicholson Center Frank Bruno Guard Napoleon Montgomery Forward Nap Montgomery, Nevada ' s double-threat basketball forward led the Wolf Pack in scoring and rebounding throughout the year; averag- ing 14.5 rebounds, and 18.3 points per game. While being one of the shortest post men in the Far Western Conference he still placed second in the FWC statistics. Larry Moore, Nevada ' s other regular forward, averaged 11.3 re- bounds per game and ranked ninth with the FWC ' s leading scorers with a 15.8 point average. Frank Bruno, making his appearance on the Nevada team just this year, proved to be one of the most valuable men on the squad. He trailed Moore by only a fraction by rating tenth in FWC ' s ratings with a 15.3 point per game average. Although hampered by an ankle injury at the first of the year, Bill Nicholson recovered and dazzled the crowd with both his rebounding and scoring ability. Former Virginia City High School star Tom Andreasen added speed and dribbling ability to the team this year. A letter winner as a sophomore he has still to reach his full potential. Bob Schebler, the only senior on this year ' s squad, is reguarded by Spencer as one of his most dependable regulars. The pack often called upon him for fireman duty in tight situations. I know it ' s somewhere up there. 198 Joe DeBise Forward George Shoenberger Guard Tom Smith Forward Frank Forvilly Forward Carl Bossieux Guard Joe DeBise, a 21-year old from Tulare, California, was a good possibility until the Pack suffered his loss. George Shoenber- ger, a 5-11, 170 pounder, developed into a find backcourt man. Frank Forvilly, 6 ' 2 " from Lovelock, Nevada, seeing his second year of action on the Wolf Pack, proved to be a valuable asset to the team. Carl Bos- sieux, 180 pounder from Reno, held a guarding position on the team. Although he did not see much action this year, he is a good possibility for next year ' s team. Moore and Montgomery battle for rebound. 199 mtMii Nap goes high above Idaho men Who moved the basket? 200 Napoleon Montgomery Co-Athlete of the Month All-Far Western Conference First Team Larry Moore Co- Athlete of the Month All-Far Western Conference Second Team 201 Row One: Jeff Elpern, Kevin Orich, Dennis Reynolds, Stan Ceresola, Jim Roulias, William Jilbert. Row Two: Rex Jenson, Tom Parker, Gino Del Carlo, Dennis Reynolds, Roger Williams, Jack Martin. Scores Nevada 66 Sparks 52 Nevada 76 Truckee 56 Nevada 83 Murdocks 74 Nevada 91 Cal Aggie 69 Nevada 57 Sparks 55 Nevada 74 Chico 92 Nevada 85 ABC Block 63 Nevada 79 Capucei- Weaver 68 Nevada 87 ABC Block 77 Nevada 99 Truckee 61 Nevada 54 Murdocks 65 Nevada Forfit Win Sacramento Nevada 80 Capucei -Weaver 75 Nevada 71 Chico 56 Nevada 64 Cal Aggie 102 Nevada 83 Sonoma 70 Nevada 67 Winnemucca 63 Bob Donlan Coach The 1965 Freshman Basketball team closed its season on February 27, by beating the Winnemucca All-Stars by one point in overtime. This in essence was the story of the whole year. Hit hard at semester by the loss of some players, the Freshmen finished up the season by compil- ing a 15 win 2 loss record; seven of these wins and the two losses were in the second semester. The frosh were led offensively by Rex Jensen and Jim Whisman who averaged 13 points and 12 points a game respectively. 202 Skiing The season had an excellent start, after seven- teen years, winning its own Winter Carnival, and placing 5th in the strongest of collegiate leagues in the Rocky Mountains. At the Northern Califor- nia intercollegiate invitational, Nevada took three 1st places, two 2nd places, and one 3rd place to rate Second place overall. In the Nevada Winter Carnival, Nevada took four 1st places and four 2nd places, to win the carnival. George Twardoken Coach Left to Right: Lyle Bundy, Jim Kinsley, Ron Groskopf, John Hancock, Chris Mazzola, Mike Brunetto, Lane Monroe, Glen Bard, and George Twardoken, coach. :. rwMMM . - $ John Hancock Slalom, downhill Scott Seher Jumping, cross-country Jim Kunsli Downhill, slalom Mike Brunetto Cross-country, downhill, slalom Cris Mazzola Downhill, slalom Lane Monroe Four-way Ron Groskoph Downhill Greg Austin Cross-country Arne Nossum Jumping, cross-country Scott Seher races to aid Nevada in capturing first place in the Winter Carnival cross-country event. Bob Sinnott Cross-country 204 Lane Monroe clinched the " Skimeister " Award for the best four-event performer. This year ' s Winter Carnival saw Lane win the giant slalom, place second in slalom, 3rd in Cross Country and ninth in jumping. Competitor in this year ' s Winter Carnival " tucks " as he races through the downhill finish gate. Arne Nossum, exchange student from Norway, was named athlete of the month for January. Arne was chosen for his outstanding jumping performances this past season. 205 riflBI Coach Jimmy Olivas, in his 15th year as boxing coach at Nevada, was named the " Coach of The Year " by Sierra Nevada Sports writers. Olivas led his 1964 boxing team to a conference championship, and also led two of the team members to the AAU Finals; one of whom continued on to the Olympic finals. Olivas himself was a boxer at the University of Nevada, and was the West Coast Champion in 1931, and a contender in the National Championships in New York City. Boxing Jimmy Olivas Coach of the Year This year ' s Nevada boxers, who are the defending league champions, opened the season with a walloping 7 to 2 victoiy over Stanford University. Heavyweight Dale Landon, Middleweight Gordon Browning, and Lightweight Larry Williamson scored victories by TKO ' s. In pre-season activity the boxers traveled to Chico State College to compete in the annual Novice Tournment, where they broke even with 3 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws. Second semester the team suffered a loss to the University of California in a 7 to 1 contest; with 3 draws. Two weeks later the team bounced back to score a 6V2 to 2V2 victory over Chico State. Nevada the follow- ing week scored three victories at the U.S. Navy Tourna- ment at Vallejo, California. To finish off the year the team made a good showing at the League tournament. Row One: Mike Wright, Carl Keller, Bruce McLeod, Jim Marshall. Row Two: Dave Widmar, Gary Parsons, Chuck Breese, Bill Georgeson, Mike Scheller, Coach Jim Olivas. Row Three: Riley Beckett, Gordon Browning, Mike Parman, Bob Hall, Dale Landon, Tony Scheuller. 206 Toni Scheuller Riley Beckett Chuck Breese Garv Parsons Gordon Brownin Dale Lanclon Dave Widmar Bill Georgeson Nevada Boxers at practice session. Riley Beckett hammers at opponent. 207 • ' - Left to Right: Laun Buoy, Al Lansdon, Roy Pike, John Hancock, Howard Herz, Bill Magee, Ron Blakemore, Bob Goetze, Joe Rooney, Perry Hayden, John Plane, Bob Baker. Dr. G. A. Broten Coach Gymnastics The team in action. The University of Nevada started its first season of Gymnastics competition this year. None of the team members had experienced gymnastic competition previously. They have shown continued improvement during the sea- son, and experienced a gratifying victory over a well-balanced Chico State Team, where they captured five out of seven First place events. The team is looking forward to the conference championships where they expect to be at their best level of performance. Team Members and Events Joseph Rooney All Around Robert Baker Side Horse, Rings Free Exercise, Parallel Bars Al Lansdon High Bars, Parallel Bars, Free Exercise Roy Pike Long Horse, Parallel Bars, Trampoline Howard Herz Long Horse, Free Exercise John Howell Rings, Long Horse Charles Koehler Rings John Plane Free Exercise Ronald Blakemore Trampoline Laun Buoy High Bar 208 Row One: John Facque, Duane Quick, Buddy Shaw, John Rogers. Row Two: Earl Wilkins, Roy Kreizenbech, Coach Lee Newell, Jim Fitzgerald, Nick Klaich. Wrestling Varsity Wrestling 1964-65 Sonoma State College at Nevada 33-6 California State College at Nevada 35-10 Chico State College at Chico 0-35 So. Oregon College at Chico 3-25 Humboldt State College at Areata 6-21 California State College at David 5-25 5 Team Tournament at San Francisco 3rd F.N.C. Tournament at Areata 6th John Facque and Duane Quick are seen practicing for wrestling meet with Sonoma State College. 209 210 jpm w fl - :. J ■r» ' s a « jC Left to Right: Bill Fine, Kurt Taylor, Allen Pierce, Dun Carlson, John Young, David Firestone, Jack Raycraft, Dave Chism, Coach Laughter. 1965 sees the University of Nevada tennis team rate as a building year because of inexperience on the squad. Three of the six regulars are freshmen. Nevada began its season by losing its first match to Sonoma State by a nar- row margin. It is doubtful that the team will equal or im- prove on their 1964 record, although much of course depends on the other conference contenders and how rapidly the freshmen develop in this initial year. Tennis Al Pierce Kurt Taylor John Young Bob Laughter Coach Jack Raycraft 211 Lance Hansen Bill Jakad Ernie Maupin Mike Handy Steve Kopels Randy Ingram Coif " v Jack Spencer Coach Coach Jack Spencer faces a rebuilding chore this season as he does not have a single returnee from last year ' s Wolf Pack. Top performances this season are expected from freshman Ernie Maupin and senior Harlan Heward. Much of the Pack ' s suc- cess will depend on the weather this spring. Spencer believes with good weath- er the team will be in top form. In previous seasons, spring storms have hampered Nevada ' s training program. Row One: Houston Williamson, Estelan Valle, Roger Williams, Ralph Mock, Roger Batt, Jim Humphreys, Phil Henrickson, Frank Lemus, Russ Sheltra. Row Two: Jim Sorenson, Larry Moore, Don McCarthy, Tom Beardsley, Bob Sinnott, Alex Darnes, Dale Landon, Ray Oster, Mike Prosser, Jim Crane, Tom Raines. Row Three: Rodney Williams, Napoleon Montgomery, Howard Perkins, Mike Gray, Otis Robertson, Otis Burrell, John Riel, Howard Briles, Tim Marxmiller, Stephen Regas. Row Four: Coach Edsall, Fred Williams, Toni Martinez, Mike MacDonald, Dick McCoy, Ron Lee, Jay Edwards, Ryan Melton, John Hancock, Allen Lansdon, Walt Laurin. Track 1965 was a year of challenge for the Univer- sity of Nevada track squad. Ineligibility dealt an unfortunate blow to the 1964 team, which still managed to place a close third in the Far Western championships. 1965 found the Wolf Pack back into full swing and placed its hopes in Ron Lee (mile), Alex Darnes (discus), Fred Williams (440) Dick McCoy (220, 100), Larry More (high jump), Jim Humphreys (high hurdles) and Otis Burrell (high jump and high hurdles). Floyd Edsall Coach Richard Dankworth Coach 213 -ZjJM % Jay Edwards High jump, tri jump Fred Williams 440, 220 Tony Martinez 440 Dick McCoy 100, 220 John Hancock Pole Vault Howard Perkins Ryan Melton Ron Lee Int. hurdles, high Pole vault, high hurdles Mile, 880 hurdles Walt Laurin Int. hurdles, 440 Al Lansdon Pole Vault Rodney Willians 100, 220 Fine performance from Nevada man. A rest after a long run. Nap Montgomery Broad jump, tri jump 214 Russ Sheltra Mile v 1 j Houston Williamson Broad jump, tri jump Pole Vaulter Ryan Melton. Esteban Valle hands off to teammate. 3V-JS Roger Williams 880 Jim Crane 100, 220 Frank Lemus Mile Ray Oster Discus Alex Darnes Discus, Shot put Mike Prosser 100, 220 Phil Henrickson Int. Hurdles Dale Landon Shot Put Jim Humphreys High Hurdles Ralph Mock 215 Track VJ Otis Roberson Discus — Javelin »- zaeaMm Nevada runners set pace for lead. Dick McCoy takes lead in sprints. ' 216 Otis Burrell High Jumps — High Hurdles John Riel Shot put — Discus Roger Batt Pole Vault Tim Marxmiller Javelin - J j Howard Briles Shot Put — Discus Otis Bunnell ' s seven-foot high jump in San Francisco surpassed the University of Nevada ' s record of 6 ' 5 " . All season Otis proved to be one of Nevada ' s most out- standing competitors in track and field events. I Mike Grav 100-220 Don McCarthy Mile and Two Mile A Mike MacDonald Int. Hurdles ?4l f Jim Sorenson Three Mile Larry Moore High Jump Tom Bearsley 880 Bob Sinnot 440 Tom Raines Broad Jump— Int. Hurdle 217 Baseball Nevada ' s relatively young team found itself as one of the Far Western Conference outstanding contenders. Sophomores seemed to fill most positions. Veterans back this year included Barry McKinnon, outstanding senior out- fielder and power hitter, catcher Steve Kosach, infielders Rod Mathisen and Bruce Nickerson, and outfielder Nik Walters. Bill Ireland Coach Row One: Tom Mertz, John Calamita, Steve Kosach, Bob Gillham, Bruce Nickerson, Owen Toy, Gary Woods, Andy Lammeraux, Earl Nursement, Keith Stauffer, Ron Pagni, Nik Walters. Row Two: Coach Ireland, Rod Mathisen, Wayne Hinkle, Lomie Wagner, Stan Owens, Larry Feleseina, Barry McKinnon, Ron Bath, Dan Keller, Carl Bossieux, Jim Nelson, Fred Dallimore, Dennis Scott, Manager, Gary Daniels. 218 Jim Nelson Pitcher Barrv McKinnon First Base - Outfield Wolf Pack home games were played at Moana Stadium in southwest Reno. Catcher Fred Dallimore Pitcher Ron Pagni Outfielder Dennis Scott Pitcher Larry Feleseina Outfield Earl Nursement Outfield 219 Bruce Nickersen Infielder John Calamita Infielder Rod Mathisen Infielder Steve Kosach Catcher Carl Bossieux Pitcher Gary Woods Catcher 220 «» ji 1 m M yJM k Nik Walters Outfielder Tom Mertz Outfielder Bob Gillham Infielder Lornie Wagner Infielder Ron Bath Pitcher Dan Keller Pitcher Keith Stauffer Infielder IT Lorrin Wagner Infielder t Kevin Urich Pitcher Jim Whisman Pitcher Stan Owens Outfielder Wayne Hinkle Outfielder f 221 " » ' VlL-. ■« :-, ■■ . : ' K ' T AROUND CAMPUS ; i. " . " . - 223 September Freshmen and Upperclassmen alike found themselves busy with the activities of the new year. Beginning the month with Trek-Nic and orientation and later initiating the activities of rush, the campus was alive with activity. Much of the activity took place on the beach. Rush begins again. The frosh gather to be entertained. Dean Basta does his part to help the Frosh. The S.A.E. ' s treat prospective pledges to lunch. 224 M W ' Vi Registration " in i ifc III VYv It, " - " ! I «%! ' Lull before the storm. Unfortunately Orientation came to an end, and the hectic days of counseling and preregistration began. Registration and the beginning of classes came all too soon along with numerous trips to the book store. What are you doing up there? Lines, lines, and more lines. September Action September activities kept Nevada students busy as ever this year in areas ranging from the athletic to the intellectual. The month began with the Activities Parade to recruit students to the various clubs on campus. Later in the month Nevada was fortunate to have Jack Dempsey speak to the boxing teams and demonstrate his prize winning ability. Another dignitary who added to the month of September was Tran Van Dinh, presented by the Travis Union Board. Van Dinh is the former Vietnamese ambassador to the United States. participate | y«r STUDENT UMON 5IGN-UP HStt The Activities Parade. Tran Van Dinh discusses South Viet Nam. Jack Dempsey exhibits his famous form. 226 re r £ Rust Draper entertains at a T.G.I.F. W , -§■ Bob and Jim sing out their original rendition of Kentucky Blue Grass stylings. Rusty is welcomed by TUB President Dave Cooper. Among the various activities sponsored by the Travis Union Board were the week- ly T.G.I.F. parties in the new Union build- ing. TUB President Dave Cooper suc- ceeded in obtaining such entertainers as western star Rusty Draper and Capitol recording artists Bob and Jim. Help! She ' s trying to drown me! 227 October Pledge Presents If success can be measured in numbers, the jointly sponsored IFC-Panhellenic " Pledge Presents " was a successful venture. Everyone showed up plus a few extras at Hidden Valley Country Club. Each sorority and fraternity proudly introduced their fall pledges at intermission. Everyone came stag. " I ' m an ankle man myself. but not for long 228 Other Dances And our group had 50% fewer cavities. October also saw the recurrence of several traditional dances sponsored by individual organizations. The ATO ' s held their annual " Bowery " roaring 20 ' s dance and the Theta Chi ' s their Pirate Dance. Sigma Nu turned back the clock to high school times for their " Regres- sion Day " which began at Lemon Val- ley dragstrip and progressed to Rose- mount Lodge. Sundowners sponsored an all-school dance in their own special style — not exactly formal. Quick! Where ' s the men ' s room? Stop that you silly guy! Here, let me get that for you. m 229 " Leader of the Pack. Buy your tickets over there dear, dime a dance. Ban takes the worry out of being close. There ' s room for you right here, Bernie. 230 r MTTTfl Left to Right: Vickie Geertsema, Suzanne Martin, Betty Boyd, Karen Isbell, Camille Richards. AWS Fashion Show One of the first annual events for campus women is the AWS Fashion Show, which this year featured styles from Joseph Magnin ' s. The best dressed woman on campus, Judy Schmidt, was announced, and also the coveted scholarship awards. Kappa Alpha Theta won the trophies for highest scholarship and greatest improvement. The Gamma Phi Beta pledge class won the award for highest pledge scholarship. Jeanette Stocldart. Left to Right: Marylynne Frey, Diane Harwood, Lynn Armbruster, Gretchen Geyer, Jeanette Stoddart. 231 The Happy Quackers! Elections Signs and speeches were the order of the day at the freshman election assembly. Women chose their A.W.S. representative, while a large turnout of the freshman class elected their Freshman Class President. I know the answer! The Key Club comes marching in. I ' m sorry but you can ' t vote again. 232 -I 1 i 4iM ii% President Johnson at the State Buildim Early in October President Johnson honored Reno with a visit. The members of Blue Key and Sagens of- ficially represented the University in assisting at the President ' s appearance. Many University students at- tended his speech in front of the State Building. Sena- tor Howard Cannon spoke to the University Young Democrats Club at the Travis Union Lounge on a visit early in October. The Travis Union Board also presented several interesting lecturers including Pierre Emanuelli, France ' s representative to the NATO Alliance. Pierre Emanuelli speaks on " France and the Atlantic community. " Senator Howard Cannon talks with Keith Lee. 233 Young Nevadans for Laxalt on their way to Las Vegas. George Von Tobel talks with Young Republicans. Pledges Revenge! But which ones are getting initiated? 234 ' ' ' ■ ' ■• - ' % „■■ Left to Right, Standing: Charles Steiner, Chuck Murphy, Jim Quirk, Roger Reynolds, Sky Schaff, Larry Stiff. Seated: Mary Spikes, Camille Richards, Friene Sewell, Ted Zaehringer, Suzi Xatucci, Jeannette Zollezi. Not pictured — Mike Ingersoll, John Mirczak, Joel Tew. Ted Zaehringer Chairman Homecoming 1964 Homecoming action started early in October with the building of floats. As Homecoming activity swung into its final week, action grew to a fever pitch. Stan Getz and Godfrey Cambridge entertained at the Homecoming Assembly on Tuesday night, and the Homecoming dance was held on Friday night at the Elks Club. Saturday commenced with the Homecom- ing Parade and ended with the Homecoming game with Humboldt which Nevada unfortunately lost for the first time in five years. 235 Stan Getz and admirers. Homecoming Assembly Joke time with Godfrey Cambridge. Jinx keeps order. 236 ' i VU 1 ly M, V r t- r: ' Pi LflH 1 f -, , Hands off, sister. . . Get a load of my date! Gathering at a popular place. Homecoming Dance Surprise! 237 hr The Gamma Phi ' s, Lambda Chi ' s and the Phi Sig ' s present " Track ' Em Down Nevada. " " The little white one goes right in the middle. 238 r l i — Tnf This is how you do it Teamwork! • The Tri-Delts and the A.T.O. ' s present " 100 Years Young. " 239 The Pi Phi ' s, S.A.E. ' s and Theta Chi ' s present " Wahoo! A Century of Progress. Hard at Work! But how will I get out when we ' re finished? 240 ■ - I Kappa Alpha Theta ' s and Sigma Nu ' s " End of the Line Humbolt. Winning Float Kappa Alpha Theta and Sigma Nu teamed up again this year to produce another winning float, making this Theta ' s sixth consecutive victory, and Sigma Nu ' s fifth. . . . The Assembly ... The Wal The Game . . The Parade . . ' ,1 V . 4 ' : :■■ II p ( II- , - ja: " The aged lecturer commands rapt attention. Intramural sports are constantly going on during the winter months. Three fraternity and independent groups battle it out in a game of volleyball. Norman Thomas lectures on " Are There Answers? ' " Are There Answers? " was the topic of Norman Thomas ' s Tub lecture presented in mid-November. Thomas, a six-time so- cialist candidate for President, is also the author of 19 books. Long an expounder of socialist concepts, 79 year old Thomas has found time to work as chairman of the Post War World Council and of the Labor Research Institute. For once the Travis Lounge is overflow- ing as people come to hear Thomas ' s views on socialism. dM Spurs listen to speaker on the purpose of their group. The girls begin their meeting with a song. November Action Early in the month the University of Nevada held the An- nual Regional Spur Convention. Spurs from five western univer- sities met in Reno for the first time. The Spurs are a national honorary service group. ROTC students started to prepare early for their summer camp training typhoid and tetanus shots. Taking time off for entertainment. I Cadet Larry Furrow receives a double portion. 242 Debris is carted away in trucks as shovelers clear it away. " Operation Mud, " the Blue Key project to clean Lake Manzanita started again in November. The Wahl Contracting Company bored a hole in the retainer wall to drop the water level. Various people are helping to clear the lake of debris and mud. Blue Key President Art Kess hopes to have the project finished by this summer. Fraternity pledges pitch in. John Sala, Dean Sam Basta, Dean Hathorn, and Art Kess lend a helping hand. : - i NO — they ' re not dead roosters! ROTC initiates are helped to " toughen up " by ROTC officers. 243 jgpJBi M m mm £H wa m Queen candidates watch the Sierra Guardsmen pass in parade. Military Ball Queen Suzi is crowned by President Armstrong during the intermission. This years " 36th annual Military Ball held at the Elks Club proved to be the most successful in years. The evening was highlighted by the crowning of Sue Sondregger, Military Ball Queen, following the promotion of Robert D. Parrish to the rank of Cadet Colonel in charge of the Army R.O.T.C. Brigade at the University of Nevada. More than 1500 persons attended the event which certainly was a spectacular under- taking. An R.O. boy always gets his Man. ' And dear this is my secretary. " 244 Robert Parrish receives command of the R.O.T.C. Mariachi Los Comperos singing group, courtesy of the Holiday Hotel, entertained at intermission. I look like a silly WHAT in this thing? It ' s a bird! It ' s a plane! It ' s a . . . ? 245 JtOJL. " Beyond the Fringe, " designed to de- light the intellectuals, was part of the November action. The extremely funny presentation by four men was a string of incidents satirizing English and American politics and religion. Although the audi- ence was small, it showed a large apprecia- tion of the talents of the actors. Patrick Horgan and Donald Cullen Joel Fabiani and Robert Cessna The Union gets new carpets. November action also saw work- men hard at work on a new carpet for the student union. 246 Belli expounds. Marvin Belli, the famous " King of Torts " spoke to a standing crowd at the student union November 24th. Belli has recently written a book entitled " Dallas Justice " describing his experi- ences during the widely publicized Ruby trial, and from this book came much of his material for his lecture. Belli fascinated the students and faculty alike with his rendition of his life as a criminal lawyer. Marvin Belli Belli engrossed students and faculty alike. " Honest it was this Big! 247 December A presentation of Handel ' s " Messiah is given annually in the New Gym by the University of Nevada Music Department. The vocal presentation, directed by Dr. Keith Macy was given for the 30th time on December 13. Also given was the " Christ- mas Oratia " composed by Camille Saint- Saens. The University orchestra and singers for the " Messiah. 248 The S.A.E. ' s do their share of helping our U.S. athletes, who were at Tokyo in October, by taking up a collection. ..,-. But where is the bike I asked for? A.W.S. Christmas Party The campus organizations and living groups illustrated the spirit of giving and the Christinas Season, by hosting the annual A.W.S. Christmas party. Chil dren from the Reno-Sparks area were entertained by these groups. The highlight of the evening occurred with the appearance of Santa Claus (or one of his helpers), and the distribution of gifts to the children. Hev! I ' d kina like that mvself. Itei Look at her, she ' s opening my presents! Geeze, look at all these women! J JUA 249 Christmas Formats With December a rash of Christ- mas parties and formals broke out. Greeks and their dates went home loaded with presents and favors, and in a few cases, just loaded. The Mapes Skyroom saw much dancing and ho-ho-hoing. The Oddfellows Hall also saw plenty of action. Later for you, baby! Aren ' t they cute? Where the hell ' s mine? LataSS fe Wa da ya mean it ' s time to go home? Reward for the gift well chosen! Don J nan strikes again Santa did the town. Oh! Just what I ' ve always wanted! All the better to see you with, my dear! Play Production The year ' s first play of the Univer- sity of Nevada Speech and Drama De- partment was " The Lady ' s Not For Burning, ' ' a poetic comedy by Chris- topher Fry. It is the story of an ex- soldier who confesses to murder in order to be hanged, portrayed by Maurice Beesley, and a girl accused of practic- ing witchcraft, Kathy Smith. This play has been one of the most widely dis- cussed and often-produced plays of the modem theatre. For the last time, keep your eyes on the finger! 252 N I Left to Right: Dr. Erlmg Skorpen, Professor Boyd Fjelsted, Professor James Hulse, and Garland Strothers. Proposals For Peace Professor Hulse relates his views. The Travis Union Board presented a panel discussion on peace featuring University professors Boyd Fjelsted of the Economics De- partment, James Hulse of the History Department, and Erling Skorpen of the Philosophy Department. Peace, like poverty, is a popular subject. Everyone believes in it, but, unfortunately it seems impossible to achieve. Because of limited success in the past and because of the apparently inimical intransigence of many nations (including our own), many people have despaired of ever realizing a meaningful, lasting peace. The panelists explored these and other questions in an attempt to establish at least a tentative understanding of the obstacles and avenues to peace. 253 Finals and Registration After finals the machines take over, preparing grade reports and getting cards ready for registration. Groups of students gather around bul- letin boards to find out that all-im- portant grade. Then it ' s registration time again and the gym fills with mass confusion. 1 ) u i i n h i v ii . i If your check bounces, so will you. ' Here let me give you a few pointers. . . Last minute cramming. . . . Mass Confusion Cards, Cards, and more Cards. 254 ■mirr Row One: Pat Ceccarelli, Linnae Bazzell, Frenie Sewell, Phyllis Teipner, Sue Anderson, Jackie Uhalde, Sue Sonderegger, Vickie Gertsema. Row Two: Ron Chadek, Mike Jackson, Jack Ray- craft, Roger Cornwall, Jim Quirk, Charlie Steiner, Tom Stephens. i February Winter Carnival The tremendous success of the twen- ty-fourth annual Winter Carnival was achieved only through the combined ef- fort of the hard working Winter Carni- val Committee. Under the direction of Chairman Roger Cornwall, the commit- tee made possible the most successful Winter Carnival ever. Roger Cornwall Chairman 255 r Artemisia and Lincoln Halls salute to the 1965 Winter Carnival. Decoration Winner The trophy for best decoration went to the talented artists of Artemisia and Lin- coln Halls. The display took the form of three skiers. 256 ' ..-. i %$ss i Winter Carnival I Delta Delta Delta Sigma Nu Silver Winnerland Pi Beta Phi Vlpha Tau Omega 257 BP |«l jl mm Wolfpack ' s Ski Bound Kappa m Alpha Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Sigma Kappa Gamma Phi Beta Lambda Chi Alpha Theta Chi J i Walkin ' in a Silver Winterland 258 Winter Carnival competition kept the Ski Patrol busy. Sophie Shephard, a member of the wom- an ' s Powder Puff team, is shown as she whips through a gate. Powder Puffer Judi Grossenbach attempts to capture title during this year ' s Winter Carnival competition. U of N skier reaches home stretch for another Nevada victory. Chris Mazola, U of N ski team races for that final gate. I ML fe£ .. a " Skiers prepare for 25th annual Winter Carnival festivities. 259 ■■TIP Mike Kobluk, Chad Michell, Joe Frazier. March Chad Mitchell Trio The popular folksinging group, The Chad Mitchell Trio, was presented by TUB in March. The three singers sang folksongs and satirical numbers in their concert given in the New Gym. Nevada students enjoyed the entertainment, which was few and far between this vear. Original songs written by the Trio themselves appealed most to the students. 260 : J Hans f onried i Mother told me there would be nights like this. The Student Union Board sponsored several entertainments during March, among which Hans Conried was not by any means the least. The noted comedian presented poetry readings and satirical imitations for the public in the down- towni State Building. Unfortunately, as at a num- ber of other TUB sponsored events, attendance was small. Hans delighted the audience throughout every minute of the performance. Hans Conried Maybe if I smile, they will. 261 Elections Elections were marked by the spirited as- sembly, hundreds of signs, debates, and last min- ute campaigning. Some were happy, some were unhappy, but everyone put up a good fight. where anything can happen. Is this mass voting, or mass confusion? 1 ■ V M m Jt ._• ' it,j£ 262 The Schoff Animal. i Sft ■ Mike Ingersoll And then Victory. Victory. . Mike Lally Mackey even got into the action. The long wait for the returns. Victory. 263 Patti Lewis receives the award. Outstanding Greeks Dick McCoy receives the award. In 1961 Theta Chi started a new tradition on the Ne- vada campus. Each spring this fraternity presents awards to the outstanding greek man and woman. All the soror- ities and fraternities help in selection of these two people. This year Patti Lewis and Dick McCoy were chosen. Patti was president of the Delta Delta Delta sorority, a member of Little Sister ' s of Minerva, Cap and Scroll, Sagens, Phi Sigma Alpha, and a member of Who ' s Who. Dick is a three year trackman, specializing in the 100 yard dash and the 220 and 440 relays for the track team. He is a business major and served on senate as a rep- resentative of Phi Sigma Kappa. 264 Candidates from the various living groups were treated to a banquet before the announcement was made. Mike Lally (right) and Da e Phoenix in a scene from the play the " Playboy of the Western World. " March Action March was a month of turmoil and transition that saw not only the major elec- tion activity, but also two all-school plays, the flare up of the debate controversy, and officers for various campus organizations, just to mention some of it. " Debate-Dollar " supporters prepare handouts for students during the debate controversy. Rick Mattson speaks to Mr. Bob Kersey about the debate issue. L New Sagers President Cris Key (left) is congratulated by Gerry Roberts. Sagers President Gerry Roberts presents the out- standing Sagers award to Norman Beesley. 265 Governor Grant Sawyer. Bobby Herron The Circle K, the service organization supported by the Kiwanis, put on a song festival that highlighted the local talent of the Silver Mountain Boys and Bobby Herron. This was a project to raise money for the organization. Governor Sawyer visited the campus as a guest of Phi Sigma Alpha; National honorary organization for political science. The Governor ' s talk centered around his feelings about politics, and how it had effected his life. He told students about some of the experiences he has encountered since he entered political life, then he opened the discussion to a question and answer period. Governor Sawyer speaks with students after his lecture. The Silver Mountain Boys: Don Truell, Jack Cooney, and Pete Pardee. 266 This year the Tridelta ' s tried something new by holding a retreat at Lake Tahoe to discuss plans and activities tor their house. The retreat was held at the home of one of the members who resides at Lake Tahoe. Trideltas relaxing before learning songs. General discussion and planning for sorority activity. Song practice at the retreat. Rally Committee Row One: Mary Solaro, Ginny Heck, Pat Precissi. Row Two: Jim Kornson, Jack Raycraft, Bill Sinnott. Not pictured: Alice Cate, Joel Tew. The relatively new Rally Committee plays an indispensable role on campus by organizing events and stimulating school spirit. In its of- ficial function the committee organizes the snake dance and the pajama rally, the decora- tion of goalposts before games, and other activities to support the athletic teams. This committee is also responsible for selection of Nevada ' s cheerleaders and songleaders. Membership on the committee is based on interest and past record of support and service to the University. There is one representative from each class and they serve on the board for the length of time they are in school. Chairman Bill Sinnott addresses a committee meeting. Some of the more camera shy. Congratulations! . . . you no good little . . My god! I just threw my back out. I was a Junior 268 Prom reject. Junior Prom Queen Michele Sala reigns over the 1965 Junior Prom. What do they mean we ' re a lousy couple? Mackay Day Committee Under the leadership and hard work of the Mackey Day chairman Larry Stiff and his committee, Mac- key Day proved to be one of the most successful ever. The western touch and fervor of last year ' s centennial carried over and the enthusiasm shot through the campus catching up all in its excitement. Larry Stiff Chairman Left to Right, Seated: Micheal Sala, Dianne DeReemer, Larry Stiff, Mary Kay Gezelin, Micheal Maupin. Standing: Keith Lee, Skip Avansino, Tammy Conklin, Jan Packwood, Bill Chaffin, John Utt, Bob Basta. 269 May Mackay Day W iBS ' -3 (Their first bath in 3 months.) Mackay Day brings out the best in everyone. One more step backwards and she ' ll lose her skirt. What do you mean this is where I always belonged? Anybody Thirsty? 270 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Left to Right: Tom Marshall, Don Hackstaff, Sig Rogich, Rob Long Song Teams Left to Right: Marsha Marvel, Delores Ferreira, Karen Gerwin, Susan Anderson, Dana Stafford, Jane Williams, Margie Ashworth. Delta Delta Delta L T Song Teams Left to Right: Linda Waters, Sue Looke, Mary Muth, Toni DeSalvo, Mary Lee Bradley, Robin Millholland, Marilyn Breckenridge, Kitty Foote. 272 Song Teams Gamma Phi Beta Left to Right: Man- Hyde, Barbara Bell, Patsy Murray, Judy Scheerer, Marilyn Robbins, Ginny Heck. Not Pictured: Jeannette Stoddard. Left to Right: Tom Stevens, Jeff Lewis, Bob Timble, Bill Maupin, Jinx Dabney. 273 7 Pi Beta Phi Winner Left to Right: Virginia Frost, Ginny Gilbert, Ann Havrilla, Jacqueline Uhalde, Jody Thompson, Penny White, Jane Elliott, Marty Klinefelter. Song Teams 274 Sigma Xii Left to Right: Bob Newmeyer, Bob Hamilton, Allan Farrari, John Petrie. Phi Sigma Kappa Left to Right: John Crook, Jim Higgins, Duane Wallace, Bill Gomes, Crack Manes, Dick Holcroft, Bruce Atkinson, Jim East- man. 275 . — .. ' . ■ .■:■■■■ " 7 Z7 I Senior Historie and Index . ,.-. ,}•■ 277 Senior Histories Aizzi, Gail — Sociology — Gamma Phi Beta — Treasurer, Assistant pledge trainer; Young Demo- crats; W.R.A. Anderson, Gerald — Civil Engineering — Honor Roll; ASCE — Secretary; Sigma Tau — President. Anderson, Robert Floyd — Mathematics — Pi Mu Epsilon; Freshman Mathematics Achievement Award of the Chemical Rubber Company; Vet- erans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary $500 Scholar- ship; Young Republicans. Archuleta, Fran P. — Management — Alpha Tau Omega; Ski Club - President; UNCOC. Austin, Gregory George — Mining Engineering; - Ski team; A.I.M.E. Avansino, Skip — Political Science — Harry Holm- shaw Scholastic Scholarship; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Sigma Nu — President; Blue Key; Men ' s Upperclass Committee; Coffin and Keyes; I.F.C.; 1965 Mackay Day Committee. Baratte, James Joel — Industrial Management — Honor Roll, Reno Newspapers ' Scholarship; Le- gion of Valor Bronze Cross of Achievement; Footprint Association Scholarship; 1964 Account- ing Award; DMS (ROTC); Blue Key; I.F.C. - Chairman House Manager Committee; Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Football; Sophomore Class Committee; Newman Club; U.N.C.O.C. Baratte, Judy Ann — Political Science — Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Queen; Homecoming At- tendant; Sagens; Juniper Hall Resident Assistant. Barrett, Margaret Jo — Physical Education — Delta Delta Delta — Recording Secretary; Pan- hellenic President; Perns; W.R.A. Bowman, Thomas M. — Management (Industrial) — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. Boyd, Gary — Business Administration — Busi- ness Administration Senator; Apt. N Club; Inde- pendent Council — Constitution Committee. Brown, Timothy Charles — Political Science — Pi Sigma Alpha — Secretary-Treasurer; Student United Nations. Bruckner, Doug — Journalism — Crown Zeller- bach Scholarship in Journalism; Nevada Beer Wholesalers ' Scholarship in Journalism; " Best Sports Story of 1962-63 " ; " Best Radio News Story of 1963-64 " ; Independent Council — President; Arts and Science Senator; Apt. N Club; Blue Key; Junior Class Committee; Sigma Delta Chi — Vice President; Sagebrush — Sports Editor; Student News Service — Editor; Winter Carnival Com- mittee; Press Club. Branch, Karyn Sue — Psychology — Psi Chi — Homecoming Princess; Pi Beta Phi — House Manager; W.R.A.; Ski Club; Little Sisters of Minerva — President; A.W.S. Judicial Board; Winter Carnival Snow Show Chairman; Junior Class Council Secretary; Arts and Science Sen- ator; Young Republicans for Paul Lazalt; Elec- tion Board. Burr, Charles K. — Agriculture Business — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Al- pha Zeta Outstanding Student Award; Ralston Purina Fellowship; Sophomore Class President; Senior Class President; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Freshman Class Committee; Alpha Zeta — President; Election Board; Alpha Tau Omega — Secretary, Vice President, Rush Chairman; 1963 Mackay Day Coordinator; 1964 Winter Carnival Committee; 1963 Homecoming Committee. Cantlon, Anne Louise — Medical Technology — Biology — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Kappa Alpha Theta — Assistant Pledge Trainer, Float Chairman, Standards Chairman; Spurs; Student Union Board — As- sistant Secretary; Ski Club; Women ' s Ski Team; Little Sisters of Minerva; Alpha Epsilon Delta — Secretary, Regional Convention Secretary; Junior Women ' s S enator-at-Large; Senate; Finance Con- trol Board; Publications Board; Senate Steering Committee — Co-chairman; A.W.S. Council; Sen- ior Women ' s Senator-at-Large; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Junior Class Committee; Win- ter Carnival Committee; Mackay Day Commit- tee; College Rodeo Queen Candidate. Chambers, Linda — Journalism — Student News Service — Editor; Sagebrush — Assistant Editor, Editor; Gamma Phi Beta — First Vice President, Song Team; Press Club — Vice President; Publi- cations Board; University Singers; Homecoming Publicity Chairman; Winter Carnival Publicity Chairman. Ciarlantini, Angela — Elementary Education — Manzanita Hall Association; S.N.E.A. Cobb, Charles Houston — Physics and Mathe- matics — Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Joe E. Moose Award in Physics; Carrie Brooks Layman Memorial Scholarship; Edgerton, 278 Germbeshausen, and Grier Scholarship in Phys- ics; Honor Roll. Corbin, Kaytie — Speech Correction and Elemen- tary Education — Pi Beta Phi — Pledge President, House Manager; A.W.S. Judicial Council; A.W.S. Council; American Speech and Hearing Associa- tion; Nevada Speech and Hearing Association. Craigmiles, Allan Lee — Industrial Management — Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Roll; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; I.F.C. — Secretary-Treasurer; Sagebrush Staff: Young Democrats — Vice President; Bus- iness Simulation Team. Crane, Julia Poulson — Sociology — Phi Kappa Phi. Culbert, Jon .Arthur — Civil Engineering — Sigma Tau; Lambda Chi Alpha; A.S.C.E. Dabney, Virginius (Jinks) — Political Science — A.S.U.N. First Vice President; A.S.U.N. Board of Finance Control — Chairman; Publications Board — Chairman; Winter Carnival — Chairman; A.S.U.N. Executive Council; Presidential Cab- inet; A.S.U.N., P.S.P.A. Convention; Senator; Brushfire Policy Board; Homecoming Committee — Float Coordinator; Winter Carnival Commit- tee — Banquet Chairman; Mackay Day Commit- tee — Obstacle Races Chairman; Junior Class Committee — Dance Co-chairman; Senior Class Committee — Financial Director; Debate Squad; Blue Key — Correspondent, Advisor to Sagers; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha — Membership Chairman; Delta Sigma Rho — Tau Kappa Alpha; Sagers — Treasurer; Circle K — Board of Direc- tors; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Young Republicans — Vice President; C.C.U.X. — Publicity Director; Young Nevadans for Laxalt — Chairman; Lambda Chi Alpha — Vice President, Secretary, Historian, Float Chair- man, Social Committee, Rush Committee, Elec- tion Manager, Wolvers ' Frolic, Song Team, Base- ball, Bowling, Badminton, Swimming, Outstand- ing Lambda Chi Alpha for 1964-65. Dallas, Donald — History — Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta; Alpha Tau Omega — Pledge Train- er; Rally Committee — Chairman; Senate; Vice President Phi Alpha Theta. Domina, Annette Louise — History — Dean ' s List; Matthew Scholarship; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Pi Sigma Alpha; A.W.S. Council; A.K.S. Judicial Board; Pi Beta Phi — Housemanager; Sagens; A.W.S. Delegate to Regional Convention; Student Justice. Dore, Mary Janice — History — Fleishman Schol- arship; Senate: S.X.E.A.; Phi Alpha Theta — Sec- retary; Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. Dunning, Dolores — Anthropology — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Sagens; A.S.U.N. Historian; Senior Class Committee; Jun- ior Class Committee; Sophomore Class Commit- tee; Gamma Phi Beta; Student News Service — Secretary; 1963 Homecoming Secretary; Election Board — Secretary; Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega. Ede, Prella M. — History — Phi Alpha Theta; Gamma Phi Beta — Outstanding Gamma Phi; Sagens; A.W.S. Council; A.W.S. Queens Chair- man; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Elliott, Gene — Chemistry — Lincoln Hall — Treasurer; Chemistry Club. Elliott, Jane - Psychology Psi Chi; Pi Beta Phi — Vice President, Assistant Housemanager; Elec- tion Board; University Singers; W.R.A.; Mackay Day Songteam Chairman. Fallman, James Mitchell Jr. — German and Span- ish — Harry Holmshaw Scholarship; Klute Foreign Language Scholarship; Nevada Resident Scholarship; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Spanish Club; German Club; Russian Club. Farnesi, Dennis B. — Pre-dental — Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Superior Sophomore Cadet Award; Sagers; Blue Key; Sophomore Class Com- mittee; Junior Class Committee; Ski Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ferrier, Danette Maureen — Elementary Educa- tion — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Gamma Phi Beta — Alumnae Rela- tions Chairman, Membership Chairman; Panhell- enic Council; Spurs; Sagens — Vice President; Winter Carnival Committee; Ski Club; Freslnnan Class Committee. Fierce, John A. — Accounting — Delta Sigma Pi Outstanding Member; Rifle Team; Kappa Kappa Psi; Stage Band; Community Symphony; Univer- sity Marching and Symphonic Band. Fisher, Robert L. — Management — Young Demo- crats; Ski Club; Delta Sigma Pi — Secretary- Treasurer. Folgate, Kent — Accounting — Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; I.F.C. Scholarship; Knights Templar Scholarship; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Student Judicial Council; Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Vice President; Chief Justice; Mackay Day Obstacle Race Chairman; Sage- brush — Business Manager, Advertising Manager; Publications Board. 279 Fordham, John William — Civil Engineering — Sigma Tau; Leah Cashman Memorial Scholar- ship; Sigma Nu; A.S.C.E. Friedhoff, Ruth Ellen — History and Sociology — Sagens; Phi Alpha Theta; W.R.A. - Basketball manager, Basketball Club, Volleyball; Y.W.C.A. — President; Delta Delta Delta — Corresponding Secretary, Chaplin; A.W.S. Vice President; Elec- tions Chairman; W.R.A. Representative. Frost, Virginia — English — Phi Kappa Phi; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Nominee; Pi Beta Phi - Song Team; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A.; High School Seniors ' Tour. Gibbons, Judith Matley — Home Economics Edu- cation — Cap and Scroll — Secretary-Treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Honor Roll; U of N Scholar- ships; Cowbelles Scholarship; Allis-Chalmers Scholarship; A.J. Questa (4-H) Scholarship; Pi Beta Phi — Social Chairman, Scholarship Chair- man, Publicity Chairman, Standards Board; Young Republicans; Eta Epsilon — President, Program Chairman, Delegate to Regional Con- vention. Gibbs, Karen Stacy — English and Arts — S.N.E.A.; Student-Faculty Art Shows; Jot Travis Student Union Board of Directors — Vice Pres- ident, President. Goegg, Margaret — Elementary Education — Spurs; Sagens; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Alpha Theta; S.N.E.A.; Ski Club; A.W.S. Council. Gomes, Stephen L. — Psychology — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Chi Psi; Forum — Editor; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ski Club; Spanish Club; Model U.N. Delegate; T.U.B. Pub- licity Chairman; T.U.B. Lecture Chairman. Gomes, Lynn G. — Sociology — Kappa Alpha Theta; Model U.N. Delegate; Forum Staff; Hon- ors Program Participant. Griffen, Cheryl — Business Education — Rose Queen Candidate; Rally Committee — Chairman; Standard Oil Scholarship; Kappa Alpha Theta — Recording Secretary; W.R.A.; Perns. Grossenbach, Judi — Physical Education — Junior Prom Queen; Little Sisters of Minerva; Ski Team — Skier and Manager; Delta Delta Delta — Activ- ities Chairman, Sponsors Chairman, Assistant Float Chairman, Float Chairman; W.R.A.; S.N.E.A.; Perns; Artemesia Staff; A.S.U.N. Board Dance Committee. Haddad, Frederick A. — Psychology — Psi Chi. Hall, Harold Valentine — Psychology — Frederick Stadtmueller Memorial Scholarship; Jewitt Adams Scholarship; Nevada Resident Scholar- ship; Honor Roll; V.R.P. Grant in Psychological Research; Chess Club — Vice President; German Club; Philosophy Club; Psi Chi; U.N.C.O.C; Artemesia Hall Association. Hardin, Barbara Joan — English — Phi Kappa Phi; Honor Roll; Valentine Ball Memorial Schol- arship; Frederick Stodmuller Memorial Scholar- ship; Campus Players — Secretary-Treasurer; English Club; Brushfire — Business Editor; De- bate Squad; S.N.E.A. — Treasurer; High School Forensics Judge and Official; Canterbury Club; Honors Program Participant; University Theatre Productions — Julius Caesar, The Emporer ' s New Clothes, Antigone, Alice in Wonderland, The Play Boy of the Western World. Heath, Barbara Lyn Beesley — History — Phi Kappa Phi; Cap and Scroll — Vice President; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Winter Carnival Queen; Kappa Alpha Theta; Spurs — President; Sagens; Chairman Song Team Mackay Day Committee; Student Union Board — Hospitality Chairman; Wolves ' Frolic, S.N.E.A.; Ski Club; A.W.S. Council. Holmes, JoAnn Alice — Elementary Education — Manzanita Hall Association; Judiciary Board — Second Vice President; S.N.E.A. Horlacher, Joyce Ann — Elementary Education — University Singers ' Tour; Messiah; Lambda Delta Sigma — Secretary. Horner, Jean Smith — Physical Education — Perns — President; S.N.E.A. — Secretary; Cap and Scroll; Physical Education Scholarship; Perns Scholarship. Hunt, Dan Patrick — Electrical Engineering — Sigma Tau Sigma Pi Sigma; IEEE — Secretary, Student Paper Contest, Region Six Second Place Award. Hurd, Carl Phillip — English — Sagebrush Col- umnist. Jackson, Gregory T. — Physics — Honors Student; E.G. and G. Scholarship; International Club — President; C. C.U.N. — Publicity Chairman; Model United Nations; German Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Ski Team. Jensen, Sharon — Home Economics — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Wil- liam H. Danforth Award; Fleischman Scholar- ship; 4-H Scholarship; Honor Roll; Lambda Del- ta Sigma Sweetheart; Sagens; Eta Epsilon; Lamb- 280 da Delta Sigma — Pledge Vice President, Active Vice President; Juniper Hall Resident Assistant; University Singers; B-Xaturals Girls ' Chorus; Nu News; University Food and Dress Committee; College Day in Home Economics. Johnson, Diane Ellen — Home Economics Edu- cation — Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Epsilon; Dorm Ju- dicial Board. Kess, Art — History and Secondary Education — Sagers —President; Blue Key — President; Sigma Nu — Rush Chairman, Chaplain, Wolves ' Frolic, Song Team, Outstanding Member; Coffin and Keys; U.X.C.O.C.; Cheerleader; Rally Commit- tee; Junior Class Committee; Homecoming Com- mittee; Winter Carnival Committee; Mackay Day Committee. Keysar, Robert Jefrey — Industrial Management — Sigma Delta Psi; Extra-Curricular Athletics. Kitchen, Walter B. — Electrical Engineering — Sigma Tau; IEEE — Vice Chairman. Klinefelter, Martha — English — Pi Beta Phi — Music Chairman, Song Team, Pledge President; English Club; S.N.E.A.; Young Republicans; Symphonic Choir. Koizumi, Carl J. — Physics and Mathematics — Armanko Office Supply Scholarship in Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma; Varsity Rifle Team. Korla, Catherine Landers — Elementary Educa- tion — Frederick Statmuller Scholarship; Phi Al- pha Theta; Honor Roll; Sagens; S.N.E.A.; Juni- per Hall Resident Assistant. LaPlante, Mimi Skillicorn — Journalism — Donald Reynolds Scholarship; Crown Zellerbach Schol- arship in Journalism; First Runner-up for Best Radio-T.V. Story, 1964; Manzanita Hall — Sen- ator, Junior Prom Queen Candidate, Gift Chair- man Christmas Party for the Underprivileged; Sagens; Sagebrush — Reporter, Feature Editor; Press Club; A.S.U.N. News Service; K.U.N.R. News; Young Democrats; Sophomore Class Com- mittee Lee, Keith — Physics — Blue Key; Coffin and Keys — President; Sigma Pi Sigma; A.S.U.N. President; Senator; Senator-at-Large; Publica- tions Board; Finance Control Board; Alpha Tau Omega. Lewis, Patti — Political Science — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Cap and Scroll; Pi Sigma Alpha; Sagens; Spurs; Little Sis- ters of Minerva; Outstanding Greek Woman for 1965; Delta Delta Delta - President. Lipparelli, Michael A. — Physics and Mathe- matics — Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi — Publicity Chairman; Newman Club; International Club. MacGregor, Liz — Elementary Education — Gamma Phi Beta — Social Chairman, Song Chair- man, Float Chairman, Assistant Float Chairman; Ski Club; Assistant " Hello on the Hill " Chairman. McKinnon, Edwin A. — Metallurgical Engineer- ing — Sigma Tau — Treasurer; Sigma Nu; A.I.M.E. — Treasurer. Marlow, Joseph L. — Botany — George R. Bliss Memorial Scholarship; Fleischman Scholarship; Joe E. Moose Award; Biology Club. Mayer, Joseph W. — Industrial Management — Blue Key; Senior Class Committee; Election Board; Student Judicial Council; Freshman Bas- ketball Team; I.F.C. Council; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon — President. Miles, Daniel G. — Business Administration-Ac- counting — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; White Pine Hall — President; Delta Sigma Pi; Lincoln Hall Men ' s Association. Morris, Steve — English — Honor Roll; Blue Key; Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha; Outstanding Student Speaker 1964; Intercollegiate Debate II, III, IV years in college; Coffee-shop philosophis- ing; Unofficial adviser to campus politicians. Morrison, Judith Ann — French — Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Phi — Vice-President; Cap and Scroll — President; Ginsburg Gold Watch Award; Hon- or Roll; ASUN 2nd Vice-President; Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Union Board; Panhellenic Coun- cil; Sagens; Spurs; Senate; AWS Council; ASUN Executive Council; Winter Carnival Committee; Senior Class Committee; Freshman Class Com- mittee; Artemisia Staff; Young Democrats; French Club; ASUN President ' s Cabinet; Wolves ' Frolic. Muller, Joyce — Elementary Education — Pi Beta Phi — Winter Carnival Decoration Chairman, 1964; Ski Club — Secretary-Treasurer; Sopho- more Class Committee; Election Board; WRA. Murphy, Robert — Agricultural Economics — Al- pha Zeta; Alpha Tau Omega; Ski Club — Pres- ident; Sagers; Men ' s Upper Class Committee; In- tramural Skiing. Nash, Russell Steele, Jr. — Economics — Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Semenza Scholarship; O. G. Bates Foundation Scholarship; Rotary Club Scholar- ship; University Honor Roll; IFC Honor Roll; Sigma Nu — President; IFC — Vice President; 281 Coffin and Keys — President; Blue Key; Sagers; CCA; Ski Club; Election Board; Intramural Ath- letics; Wolves ' Frolic. Nelson, Gordon L. — Chemistry — Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Sigma Kap- pa — President; Jewitt W. Adams Scholarship; Fleischmann Scholarship; Chas Cutts Scholar- ship; Armanko Office Supply Scholarship in Chem.; Natl. Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Grant; Young Republicans — President; Y.R. - Platform Staff; Chemistry Club (Student Affiliates of the Am. Chem. Society) — Pres.- Treas.; Lab. T. A.; CCA. -Steering Council. Nelson, Marjean Christine — Home Economics Education — Fleischmann Scholarship; FHA Scholarship; Honor Roll; Eta Epsilon; Newman Club; W.R.A. Bowling; College Day in Home Ec- onomics. Nichols, Herbert — Business Administration (Management) — Coffin and Keys; Blue Key — Vice President; Election Board — Chairman; Sagers; Artemisia — Business Manager; Publica- tions Board; Sigma Nu — House Manager; Senior Class Committee. Norcott, Judith Anne — Elementary Education — Homecoming Princess; Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa; Little Sisters of Minerva; Cheer- leader; Delta Delta Delta — Songleader, Social Chairman; Marshall; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E.I.; Sage- brush Staff. Owens, Steve — Geological Engineering — Honor Roll; A.I.M.E. - Secretary. Packwood, Jan — Electrical Engineering — Baker Moody-Frederickson Scholarship; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Sigma Tau Sigma Nu — Vice President; I.E.E.E.; Mackay Day Committee; Blue Key. Parrish, Robert D. — Management — Distin- guished Military Student; Darrel Dunxel Award; President ' s Medal; Phi Sigma Kappa — Outstand- ing Pledge, Vice President, Social Chairman, Alumni Relations Committee Chairman, Execu- tive Committee, Scholarship Committee Chair- man; U.N.CO.C — Chairman of Board, Military Ball Chairman, Counter-Guerrilla Training Com- mittee Cochairman, Cadet Brigade Commander, Sierra Guard Commander; Sagebrush Staff. Poole, Franklin Gray — Elementary Education — Ski Team; Artemisia Photographer; Phi Sigma Kappa; Tahoe Leadership Conference. Pozzi, Archie Bruce — Journalism — Robert E. Petrini Memorial Award in Journalism; Sage- brush; A. S.U.N. Public Relations Chairman; Sig- ma Delta Chi — President. Raj, Prakash A. — Geological Engineering — Phi Sigma Alpha; Young Democrats; A.I.M.P.E.; In- ternational Club; C.C.U.N. — Vice President. Otegui, Vienna Elaine — Drama — Edwin Booth Award; Campus Players — President-Secretary. Pagni, Jean Millicent — Elementary Education — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Sagen Scholarship; Junior Class Scholarship; AWS President; Spurs — Treasurer; Sagens — Ex- ecutive Committee; Senate; Cap and Scroll; Pres- ident ' s Cabinet; Student Affairs Board; AWS Ju- dicial Board; AWS Council; AWS — Secretary- treasurer — Historian; Freshman Orientation Chairman; Rose garden chairman. Plath, Pam — French — Phi Kappa Phi; Spurs; AWS; Pi Beta Phi — Social Chairman — Winning Wolves ' Frolic Skit. Rawlins, Leona — Home Economics — Honor Roll; Eta Epsilon. Reich, Merry Jane — French — Phi Kappa Phi; AWS Council; Rose presentation co-chairman; Sagens — Historian — Publicity; Le Cercle Fran- cais — Secretary. Reynolds, Roger — Nuclear Engineering — Blue Key; Sigma Tau; Outstanding Fresh. Math Stu- dent; U of N. Scholarship; Men ' s Upperclass Comm.; Honor Roll; IFC Award; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sagers; Homecoming Comm.; Mackay Day Comm.; Pajama Rally — chairman; Engi- neers ' Day Comm. Rhoades, Susan — Elementary Education— Gam- ma Phi Beta — President; Little Sisters of Mi- nerva; Who ' s Who in Am. Colleges and Universi- ties; Assoc. Chief Justice Student Judicial Coun- cil; AWS —Lecture Chairman; Past Assist. ASUN Secretary; Homecoming Princess; Young Demo- crats; AWS Council; Panhellenic Council; Honor Code Committee; Leadership Council; SNEA; Wolves Frolic; WRA; Senate representative. Richards, Camille — English — Sagens; Junior Prom Candidate; Delta Sigma Pi Frat. Queen; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Dorm R.A.; ASUN Assistant Secretary; ASUN Secretary; Finance Control Board; Publi- cations Board; Senate; Senior Class Committee; Homecoming Comm.; Trans, from Utah State U. Rivera, Lyle — History — Phi Kappa Phi; Omi cron Delta Epsilon; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; S.A.E. — President; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; College Young Democrats; Election Board. Roberts, Merle Lynn — Elementary Education — Dream Girl of Theta Chi; Wolves ' Frolic; Young 282 Democrats; SNEA; YWCA - Chairman; A.W.S. Council — Historian: Gamma Phi Beta. Ross, Thomas A. — Management — Alpha Tau Omega; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball. Rowe. Laura L. — Elementary Education — 1st Place Griffin-Miller Speech Contest 1965; Honor Roll; Young Democrats; S.N.E.A. Rowe, Eldred Lawrence — Political Science — Am. Legion Adv. ROTC Award; 3rd Place Miller- Griffin Speech Contest: Pi Sigma Alpha; U.X.C.O.C. Boxing; Debate; Young Democrats — Board of Governors. Saden, Dawna — Physical Education P. E. M. S.; German Club. W.R.A. Schebler, Robert James — Physical Education — Varsity Basketball; Phi Epsilon Kappa (Men ' s P. E. Honorary Fraternity.) Schmidt, Judy — Elementary Education — Who ' s Who in Am. Colleges and Universities; Cap and Scroll; Military Ball Princess; Delta Sigma Pi Princess; Delta Delta Delta — Vice President, Senator; Sagens — President; Spurs; Jr. Class Committee; Sr. Class Committee; Winter Carni- val Committee; Little Sisters of Minerva; SNEA; Wolves ' Frolic. Scott, John G. — Zoology Pre-Med — Pre-Med Scholarship; Honor Roll; Sagers — Board of Di- rectors; Sigma Nu — Scholarship Chairman; Blue Key; Alpha Epsilon Delta — Treasurer — Vice President; Soph. Class Comm.; Greek Retreat Comm.; Artemisia Business Mgr.; Publications Board; Honor Code Committee; Paidiea Club — Secretary-Treasurer. Showalter, Diane — Sociology — Gamma Phi Beta — Treasurer — Vice Pres. and Pledge Train- er — Asst. Float Chairman; Junior Prom Princess; " Hello on the Hill " Dance Chairman; Song Team; W.R.A. Walker, Judie — Elementary Education — Home- coming Princess; Delta Delta Delta — Cheerlead- er; A.W.S. ; Hospitality Committee for Student Union. Weir, Paul — Nuclear Engineering — Alpha Tau Omega — President; I.F.C.; Blue Key; Coffin and Keps; Men ' s Upperclass Committee; Who ' s Who in Am. Colleges and Universities; Sigma Tau. White, Prudence Penny — Psychology — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Spurs; Sagens; Panhellenic Council — President — Secretary; Pi Beta Phi; Little Sisters of Minerva — Secretary-treasurer; Mackay Day Publicity Secretarv; Mackav Day Winning Song Team; Ski Club. Williams, Elizabeth — Elementary Education — Phi Kappa Phi; Spurs — Historian; Sagens; Delta Delta Delta — Corresponding Secretary; Delta Nu Alpha; A.W.S. Historian; S.N.E.A. Wilson, Judith I. — Elementary Education — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Sweetheart of A.T.O.; Cap and Scroll; Pi Beta Phi — President — Outstanding Pledge — Song Team Chairman Mackay Day; Freshman Class Comm.; Sr. Class Comm; Sagens; Panhell- enic; WRA: ACEI; SNEA. Yeazel, Sharon — English — Delta Delta Delta — Scholarship Chairman — Social Chairman — Song Team; Artemisia Staff; Election Board; Wolves ' Frolic; Song Leader; Pep Club: N.C.T.E.; S.N.E.A. 283 Index Abolos, Wayne ._ .......158, 171 Abdulla, S. K. M _ 168 Abercrombie, Diane 64, 109 Abraham, Marie 44 Abrahamian, Sheryn 64, 116 Acuna, Dan _ 189, 190 Adams, Robert 50, 148, 150 Adams, Louise 64 Ahlstrom, Dan 158 Aiazzi, Gail 44, 105, 175 Albisie, Leon ....170 Albrechtse, Nancy 165 Alford, Toni 50 Allard, Martha 156 Allen, Lynn 32, 50, 105 Allen, Steve 57, 129 Anderson, Bernard 50, 138 Anderson, Dan 150, 189, 190 Anderson, Gerald .....44 Anderson, Sara 64, 112 Anderson, Robert 44 Anderson, Shirley 57, 116 Anderson, Susan 35, 50, 255 Anderson, Warren 50 Andreasen, Tom 197, 198 Andreotti, Larry 50, 138, 153 Andrews, Pamela 64 Anglemyer, Lois 32, 167 Ankers, Leslie 64, 113 Anastassatos, George 50 Ankinson, Ray 50 Armbruster, Lyn 50, 112, 152, 163, 231 Arrate, Julie Ann 64, 116 Arrington, Michele 57, 105, 154 Ashworth, Margy 57 Archuleta, Fran 44, 148 Armstrong, Larry 170 Arrowsmith, Joanna 57, 169 Artman, Greg 57, 136 Ashwerth, Paul 50, 148 Ashworth, Glenn 165 Athanacio, Gary 64, 129 Atkinson, Roy 144 Atkinson, Sally 44 Atkinson, William 64, 136 Aujla, Jasbir .44, 177 Ault, Chris 194 Austin, Greg 204 Aurthurs, Marva 44 Aurouze, Tana 57, 109, 154 Avansino, Skip 39, 44, 91, 123, 138 B Babcock, Carol 50 Babcock, Sandra 57 Bacca, Eileen 64, 121 Bacigalupi, Gerald 44, 179 Bacon, Raymond 64, 143 Bagley, Mary 64 Baidwan, Paul 168, 50 Baird, Jeanne 57 Baker, Allen 178 Baker, Bob 208 Baker, Frances 167 Baker, Jim 40, 50, 97, 123, 129, 158 Baker, Jolynn .64, 116 Baker, Kathy 64 Baldecchi, Theresa ....; 64, 112 Ball, John 133 Ballard, Jerry 189, 190, 193 Ballew, Gary 50, 144 Banis, Rick .57, 136 Bankofier, Sally 57, 113 Banta, Arline .....44, 116 Baratte, James .44, 148 Barbour, Christie 64, 105 Barcellos, Terry 124, 189, 191 Bard, Glen 203 Barengo, Diane 57, 109, 181 Barett, Donna 113 Barger, Chris 64 Baring, Walter 57, 136 Barnes, Harvey 57, 170 Baro, Joe 189, 192 Barratte, Judy Ann 44, 177 Barrenchea, Kenneth 44, 64, 138 Barret, Donna 64 Barrett, Margaret Jo .....44, 157, 177 Barrett, Sharon 50, 119 Barrich, Carl 50 Barry, Jim 124 Barry, Sue 44 Barry, Woody -44,97, 124 Bartholomew, David 171 Barton, Cole 133 Barton, Marianne 57, 109 Basso, Clarence 64, 143 Basta, Bob 41,57, 124 Basta, Joel ..64, 124 Batavia, Clyde 64 Bates, Vicki 57, 109 Batchhelder, Larry 170 Bath, Ron 218, 58, 138 Batjer, Lura 64, 113 Batt, Roger 213,216, 124 Baumann, Richard 124 Baxter, Sarah 64, 116 Bayer, Art 189, 190 Bazzell, Linnae 31, 255 Beal, Roberta 105 Beale, Mary 64, 121 Beaman, Bob 64, 138 Beckett, Riley 206, 207, 64, 138 Bean, Tom 125 Beattie, Diane 50, 109 Beck, Donna 86, 44 Beck, Howard 50 Becker, Leslee 58 Beesley, Norman 64, 138 Behm, Anthony 50 Behm, Willard 44 Beko, Barbara .44 Bell, Barbara 64, 105 Bell, Frances - - 64 Bellandorft, James ....144, 64 Beloso, Joe 58, 138 Bennett, Beth 177 Bennett, Larry 50, 136, 160 Bennett, Rich 50, 129 Benson, Jon 138 Bercovich, Ed 189 Berg, Barbara 86, 44 Bernard, Marcia 44, 113 284 Bernard. Patricia 167 Best. David 58, 133 Best. Donald 125 Bettis. Larry 50, 165 Bianchi, Lois .44 Bibb. Marty 58, 136 Bilbao. Frank 58, 143 Billings. Jeanne 64 Bitter Bonnv 64. 116 Black, Tudv 58 Blaikie, " John 50, 143 Blakely, Sue 64, 122, 179 Blankenburg. Carol 51, 113 Blasev. Sandra 64, 121 Blinm Ben 194 Bloomfield, Lee 51. 113 Boeder. Bon 1S9, 193 Boeyink. Paul 172 Bohman, Louise 165 Bonnel. Arthur 58 Bookman, Jeannie 64, 119 Boomer. Corrine 65, 105 Boone, Janet 65, 113 Booth. Thomas 58, 144 Borla, Catherine 44, 117 Boswell. John 51, 138 Bossieux. Carl 218, 220, 197, 199 Bott, Dm 65, 119 Bovett, Susan 65 Bowen, Beta 167 Bowman, Gordon 45 Bowman, Judith .45 Bowman, Lois 156 Bowman, Thomas 45, 129 Bovd. Linda 167 Boyd, Betty 58, 109, 231 Bovd, Garv 45 Bradburv, Karen 45, 169 Bradlev. Marv Lee 65, 109 Branch, Karvn 33, 38, 45, 113, 132 Branche, Betty 51, 177, 182 Branson. Darlene 165 Breckenridge, Marilvn 65, 109 Breese, Chuck 206, 207 Brereton, Nick 65, 144 Briel, Jean 169, 213, 216 Briles, Howard 189, 190 Brinkerhoff, LaVern 45 Bronson, Jim 158 Brooks, Bill 58 Broten, Arthur 45, 86, 129, 148 Brotherton, Sylvia 65, 116 Brown, Geanie 58 Brown, James 45 Brown, Leda M 172 Brown, Steve 38,51, 138 Brown, Tim 45, 172 Browning, Gordon 206, 207 Bruckner, Doug 45 Brunetto. Mike 158, 203, 204 Bruno, Frank 197, 198, 200 Buhrmann, Kenneth 58, 143 Bullis, Vicki 167 Bundv, Lvle 203 Bundy, Molly 168 Buoy. Laun 208 Bullock, Marguerite 45, 177 Burgett. Barbara ...64 Burke, Judv 51 Burkham, Dawna 51, 100, 105 Burns, Marvlou 65 Burns, Patrick 125 Burns, Tom 45, 125, 158, 177 Burr, Charles 91, 125, 148, 151, 153, 178 38, 39, 40, 44 Burroughs, Sherie 58, 119 Burrus, Tim 65, 129 Burt, Barbara 51 Bush, Garv - 158 Bybee, Evan 65, 143, 165 Bybee, Shannon 51 Bvington, Vickie 65, 105 Bvrge, Lvnn 65, 121 Byrnes, Bill 51, 158 Byron, Jack 194 C Cadematori, Carolyn 45 Cahill, Tom 51, 138 Cain, Janice 65 Cameron, Bob 138 Campbell, Joan 65, 116 Campbell, Sharon 58 Campbell, Tammie 65, 116 Cannon, Vaughn 129 Cantlon, Anne Louise 36, 37, 45, 91, 109, 132 Capurro, Daryl 45, 148 Carithers, Erin 58 Carlson, Gail ....65 Carlson, Karen 45, 106, 152 Carmodv, Marcia 65 Carnahan, Lew 65, 125, 194 Carone, Linda 121 Carpenter, Lynnae 32, 58, 106 Carpenter, Jim 133, 189 Carpenter, William 58 Carr, Cathy 65, 106 Carrica, Janet 65 Carter, Judy 65 Cartinella, Deanna 65 Casazza, Sharon 106 Casci, Gloria 177 Casey, Michael 125 Casey, William 51 Casper, Mike 188, 191 Cate, Alice 58, 109, 154 Catledge, Kenneth 167 Cauble, Bruce 51, 178 Ceccarelli, Pat 51, 102, 255 Cercek, Jackie 58, 113 Ceresola, Stan 202 Chadek, Bon 139, 255 Chaffin, Bill 33, 36, 37, 51, 91, 139, 148, 153 Challender, Carole .167 Chalif, Don .... 177 Chambers, Joe 65, 139 Chambers, Linda 37, 45 Champion, John .167 Chatfield, James 58 Cheel, Jeanne 45 Chiappero, Jeanette 37, 183 Chirwa, Sheridan 178 Chism, Willy 3, 182 Chowning, David 139 Christensen, Manya 58 Christensen, Niel 170, 178 Christensen, Paul 58, 139 Christiansen, Gary 51, 139, 156 Churchill, Guerdon 60, 143 Christman, Jim 188, 192 Ciarlantini, Angela 45, 119 Clark, Horace 189, 191 Clark, Susan 65, 78 Clauser, Kay 167 Clayton, Bonnie 167 Clayson, Dennis 165 Clevenger, Ralph 58 Cline, Dan 183 Clowers, Karen 65, 113, 169 Coates, Lauren 58 285 Cobb, Charles 86 Cobb, Houston .45 Cobb, Wayne 51, 148 Cobeaga, Cathie 65, 113 Cobun, Robert 144 Cofer, Barbara 65, 122 Cole, Jerry _._ 58, 133 Collier, Gary ...58 Colligan, Denis 139 Collingwood, Lynne 177 Collins, Donna 65, 102 Coloutti, Madelyn 65, 122 Coltrin, Lucille 58, 165 Coluse, Cliff 129 Combs, Bradley 45 Compston, Mike 170 Concha, Mary Ann 65 Condie, Marva 65 Condron, Tina 65, 80, 109 Conklin, Tammy 51, 97, 139, 153 Connor, Jane 58 Converse, Bill 129 Cook, Dennis 165 Cook, Jane 65, 109 Cooney, Jack 51, 133, 148 Cooper, Barbara 51 Cooper, Dave 38, 92, 179, 227 Cooper, Kristen 51, 109 Cooper, Louis 65, 188, 190 Cooper, Marvis 41, 59, 109, 154 Cooper, Pete 129 Copener, Gerald 45 Copenhaver, James ..125 Coppa, Daniel 148 Copsey, Doug 125 Corbin, Kaytie 11,32,45, 113 Corkern, Bob 129 Corn, Gordon 45, 133, 153 Cornwall, Roger 40, 51, 133, 255 Corone, Linda 65 Cotton, Bernie 158 Cox, Claudie 59 Cox, Stephen 139 Coyan, Linda 45, 86 Cozart, William 45 Craigmiles, Alan .....45, 175 Crane, Julia .45, 86 Crawford, Allan 129, 185, 189, 190 Crawford, Betsy 65, 113 Crawford, Carol 65 Crawford, Terry 133 Crook, John 136 Crook, Joyce 51, 116, 165 Crossett, Judy 51, 113 Crowell, Judy .....59, 102, 154, 180 Crudgington, Cleve 51, 134 Crumley, Peggy 59, 109, 154 Culbert, Jon 45, 134 Cullom, Dee 59, 129 Currie, Peggy 51, 167 Curry, J. R 158 Cusick, Lyn 65, 106 Custer, John 136 D Dabney, Jinx 134, 151, 153, 172, 173, 236 30, 33, 36, 37, 45, 92 Dale, Ron 59, 133 Dallas, Donald 45, 125, 177 Dallas, Melinda 65 Dallas, Vickie 65, 119 Dalton, John 51 DAmato, Joe 65, 139 Daniel, Gary 51, 189, 218 Daniel, Judy 51, 106 Daniel, William ..171 Donlan, Robert 171, 189 Dann, Mark 65 Davenport, Frank 129 Davey, Darel 45 Davies, Melita 65 Davies, Richard 65, 139 Davis, Arthur 59 Davis, Berry .45, 86 Davis, Eric 45, 139 Davis, Shelia 32, 38, 51, 102 Dawson, Steve 59, 136 Dayton, Ron 194 Delamare, Carole 65, 109 Deberg, Roland 165 DeBise, Joe ...197, 199 Delcarlo, Gino Ray 65, 144, 202 Delong, Jeanne 59, 119, 170 Depaoli, John 51 Deming, Susie ..; 59, 109, 154, 161, 163 Denham, Mary Louise 59, 167 Dennison, Karen 66, 109 Dereemer, Diane 59, 76, 113, 154, 157 Desantis, Andrea 32, 92 Desalvo, Toni 65, 109 Deshler, Barbara 167 Devor, Mary 51 Dewitt, Clinton 59, 125 Dickens, Kenneth 51 Dickerson, Denver 123, 129, 175 Diedrichsen, Dave 41, 66, 129, 194 Dinan, Patricia 45 DiSanza, Mike 45, 177 Dixon, Calvin 125, 189, 192 Dixon, Gerald ...51 Dixon, Marjorie 51 Dixon, Sylvia 66, 116 Dixon, Theodore 66, 144, 160, 177 Dmytrin, Steve 66, 133 Dolan, John 158 Domina, Annette 34, 45, 91, 113, 152 Donladson, Howard 66, 143 Donnelly, Katy 66, 116 Dore, Janice 45, 86, 116, 173, 177 Dorf, Linda 170 Douglass, Allan 156 Douros, Thomas 177 Dow, Larry 66, 143 Downs, Leslie 66 Drake, Daryl 33, 59 Drake, Donald 59, 160 Drake, Maryellen 66, 113 Drakulich, Diane 66, 102 Dubois, Janet 51, 109 Duck, Eugene 45, 188, 191 Dugdale, Robert 59, 139 Dunagan, Gayle 66, 121 Duncan, Dana 165 Dunning, Connie 66, 106 Dunning, Delores 39, 45, 92, 106, 152 Dunning, Meredith 51, 102 Duty, John 93 Dwyer, Sheila 59, 113, 154 Dybowski, Maryann 66 Dyer, Dave 188, 190 E Earl, Jeanine 175 Earl, " Phillip 172, 173 Earnhart, Vince --...45 Eastman, James 66, 136 Ebeltoft, Richard 179 Echave, Jock 158 286 Echeverria. John 33, 59, 139 Eck, Lawrence 51, 144 Eckenrode. Bettv 119 Ede, Prella 38, 45, 93, 106, 152 Edsall, Karen 177 Edwards, Duncan - 129, 1S5 Edwards, Edna 66, 117 Egbert, Carol ___ 82 Egenhoff. Frank 171, 1S9 Eikelberger, Tom 139 Elbi. Elvera 66 Ellington, Joseph 144 Elliott Gene -..45, 143 Elliott, Tacque 59, 113 Elliott. Jane 45, 51, 113 Elliott. Michelle .45 Elliott. Patricia 59 Ellington. Joseph 59 Ellis. Barbara 59 Ellis, J 66 Elpern. Jeff 202 Engelhard, Nancy 51, 109 English, Carol 66, 106 Ennis, Mari Kae 51, 168 Erickson, Bob 51, 133 Escallier, Paul 51, 177 Estes, Warren 177 Etchamendy, Pete 45, 86 Evans, Dean 45 Everett, David 45 F Fagan. Michael 66 Facque. John 209, 210 Fagan, Pat 66, 194 Fairer, Chuck 136 Fallman, James .46 Falter, Bon 51, 130 Farnesi. Dennis 46, 86, 130, 153 Farr, Larrv 66, 130 Faught, Rc-v 59, 165 Feeback, Cheryl 66 Feinhandler, Frances 66, 117 Felesina, Ardvth 59 Felesina, Larrv 125, 189, 192, 218, 219 Felton, Robert .....46, 148, 160 Fenili, Peter 66 Fenstermaker, Ruth 51, 82, 106 Fenton, Bruce 51, 133 Fernandez, Chervl 66 Feroah, Allen 139 Feroah, Mike 66, 194 Ferrari, Allen 51, 139 Ferrari, Bennie 51, 125, 197 Ferreira, Delores 66, 102 Ferrier, Danette 46, 93, 100, 106, 152 Fetzer, Marty 66, 109 Fierce, John 46 Finehambler, Frances 182 Fiore, Joseph 46 Firestone, Dave 66 Fischer, Jim 133 Fisher. Robert 46 Fitzgerald, Jim 66, 130, 175, 209, 210 Fitzpatrick, Dennis 188, 192 Fladager, Michelle 66 Fleischer, Barry 46 Fletcher, Bemie 59 Fletcher, Doug 59, 139 Fletcher, Louise 59, 165, 169 Flower, Ann 167 Fogel. Martin 194 Folgate, Kent 34, 37, 39, 46, 93, 130, 151, 153, 184 Folk, Gil 66, 133 Folsom, Darla 52, 180 Foote, Kitty 52, 109 Forbush, Maxine 66, 119 Fordham, John 46 Fordham, Kathy 66, 102 Forman, Bud 158 Forrester, Marshall ...125 Forvilly, Buddy 188, 193, 199 Foster, Diane 46 Foster, Gerry 66 Franklin, Paul 52, 59, 125, 144 Franks, William 52, 148 Fraser, Pamela 67 Frechette, Cherrie 67 Fredrickson, John 66, 130 Freeman, Jill ' 59, 76, 77, 109, 123, 163 Freeman, Joanne 161 Freeman, Joyce 37, 52, 109, 180 Freenstein, Joe 130 Friberg, Carl 46, 179 Friedhoff, Lvnn 52, 102, 152 Friedhoff, Ruthie 31, 32, 46, 93, 102, 152, 173 Froser, Pamella 121 Frost, Robert 46, 136 Frost, Virginia 46, 86, 113 Frv, Marvlvnne 59, 113, 231 Fuetsch, Carl 33,52, 139 Fullman, Jeff 67, 143 Fumagalli, Bernard 156 Fumagalli, Estell 156 Funk, Richard 59, 125 Funkhouser, Gary 148 Furrow, Larry 33, 52, 125, 148 G Gaechter, Bill 189, 190 Gall, Delores 165 Galloway, Kathleen 46, 86 Gallaway, Kenton 172 Gallaway, Ronald 59, 139 Galster, Canyce 167 Gamba, Ron 52, 130 Gambles, Thera 67, 117 Games, Kris 59,76, 157 Gammiek, Richard 160 Gandolfo, John 150 Gang, Bill 130, 175 Gang, Christ 52, 90, 106, 132 Garaventa, Ellen 67 Gardiner, Dave 52, 139, 148, 151 Gardiner, Katy 52, 102 Gardner, Brian 59, 139 Gardner, Carol 59 Gardner, Mary 165 Garland, Rosemarie 67, 109 Garos, Chris 52, 82 Garwood, Judy 36, 182 Gascue, John 52, 130 Gatewood, Robert 52 Gaylord, Steve 130 Gaynor, John 52, 148 Gebhardt, Phil 189, 192 Geertema, Vicki 59, 78, 106, 231, 255 George, Dennis 177, 188, 191 Georgeson, Bill 206, 207 Georgeson, James 46, 134 Gerhart, Jan 67, 122 German, Franklii 52, 144 Gerwin, Karen 59, 102 Gessner, Linda Kay 67, 117 Getchell, Leroy 53, 133 Geyer, Cynthia 59, 132 Geyer, Gretchen 59, 231 Gezelin, Mary Kay 53, 100, 109, 167, 181 287 Gibbon, Jim .._ 53, 140 Gibbs, Karen 35, 46 Gibson, Mary Ellen 67 Gibson, Stephen ...133 Gilbert, Bill 68 Gilbert, Ginny 59, 113 Giles, Candance 32, 59 Gill, Joseph 67, 143 Giossi, Linda 67 Glenn, John 53, 130 Glodowski, Dan ..59, 143 Glunz, Kathy .....59, 119 Glusovieh, Jeff 67, 140 Gobble, Valerie 67 Godwin, Mary 53, 119 Goegg, Margaret 46, 86, 109, 152 Goegg, Ralph 67, 140 Goetze, Bob 208 Goff, Diane .....32, 53, 122 Gold, Sharon 53 Goldman, Angela 67, 117, 157 Gomes, Lynn 46 Gomes, Ron 183 Gomes, Steve 35, 37, 46, 93, 183 Goodish, Kathie ......67 Gottfredson, Jim 33 Gottsehalk, Michael 53 Gould, Nancy 173 Goy tino, Phyylis 32, 53, 100, 109, 177, 181 Grabowski, Richard 51, 140 Graeter, Philip 67 Gratt, George 168 Gratt, Renate 46 Graham, Kathy 59 Green, Diane 67 Greenbert, Lou 53 Greene, Kaemarie 68, 117 Gressot, Pam 67, 102 Graham, Mike 175 Gribbe, Jerry ..165 Griffin, Cheryl 46, 110, 181 Griffin, Mike 46, 94, 126, 153 Griffith, Chester 143 Griffith, Pete 59, 130 Grimm, Terry 158 Groos, Trudy 53 Groskopf, Ron 41, 59, 203, 204 Grossenbach, Judi ...46, 102, 132, 185 Gruneisen, Marilynn 59 Gruidl, Mary 59 Guernsey, Robert 67, 144 Guffey, Jerome 126 Guild, Clark III 67, 125 Guild, Monica 67 Guisti, Jean 60, 157 Guisti, Russell 46, 125 Gunstrom, Nickie 67, 122 Gurneau, Jeannie 46, 119 Guss, William 67, 160 EI Haas, Dave 170 Hackstaff, Don ,...130 Hackstaff, Tacey 53, 102 Haddad, Frederick 46 Hadfield, Robert 53, 143 Haines, Chuck 67, 140 Haines, Sue 38, 46 Hajny, Lvnda 67 Haley, Cathy 67, 117 Hall, Bob 206, 207 Hall, Harold 46, 148 Hall, Roberta 60, 113 Hall, Tom 46, 130 Hallack, Gail 167 Hallamore, Kathy .....67 Haller, Terry .32, 53, 119 Hamilton, Bob 53, 140 Hamilton, Steve 53 Hammond, Patricia 67 Hanchett, Claudia 67, 117 Hancock, John .....60, 140, 203, 204, 208, 213, 214 Hanifan, Phil .....126 Hansel, Sylvia 60, 119, 157 Hansen, Karen 67, 122 Hansen, Roy W 60 Hansen, Stephen 60, 126 Hapgood, Bonnie 60, 117 Harcourt, Max ......86, 46 Harcourt, Milo 86, 46 Hardin, Barbara 86, 46, 177 Hardy, Brian 189, 192 Hardy, Marilyn .....53, 165 Harrington, Richard .60 Harris, Dick ' . 158 Harris, Jennifer 53 Harris, Joellen 67, 117 Harris, John 60, 126 Harris, Nancy ....67, 102 Harris, Phil 185 Harstad, James 177 Hart, Gloria 67, 122 Hart, Patrick ..46 Hart, Tom 53, 130 Hatjopoulos, Despina 66 Hatjopoulos, Maria 67 Hartman, Diane 60, 102 Hartman, Don 53, 148 Harwood, Diane ..32, 33, 53, 82, 102, 167, 231 Hash, Yvette ...53, 168, 176 Havens, Barbara .53, 177 Havrilla, Ann 67, 114 Hawkins, George 53 Hawkins, Martin 46, 126 Hay, Katie 53, 119 Hay, Sandra ....167 Hayden, Perry 208 Hayes, Annette 67, 119 Hayler, Candace .67, 102 Headley, Phillip 46, 86 Heaney, Rick 130 Heath, Barbara 32, 46, 87, 94, 110, 152, 177 Heck, Virginia 53, 106 Heinen, Shirley 169 Heitman, Mary Margaret 167 Hedin, Vicki 106 Helgren, Richard 53 Helming, Bill 178 Helsdon, Kathi .....46 Henderson, Janis 119 Hendrickson, Duncan 46 Hendrickson, Marsha 67, 117 Henrickson, Phil 53, 140, 156, 213, 215 Hensley, Ed 60, 150 Hensley, Leon 133 Herb, Janet ..-46 Herbert, Bill 67, 130 Herrin, Don ..67, 126 Herron, Bobby .189, 190, 195 Hery, Howard 67 Herz, Howard 208 Herz, Lee 114 Hess, Diane 53, 120 Hess, Steve 60, 133 Hessel, Bill 53, 126 Heusser, John —46 Hewitt, John 126 Hickman, Paul ....167 Hicks, Carolyn 40, 53, 106, 169 288 Hicks. Larry 46, 140 Higginbotham. Mike .. 60 Higgins, James - 67, 136 Hill Harrv 53, 143, 175 Hill. John S. 60 Hill. Sharon 53, 120 Hillard. Georsje 144. 168 Hilts, Karen 67, 102 Himebauch. Shelli 67, 103 Hinkle. Alan 67, 144 Hinrichs, Nancy 68, 103 Hinsley, Janet 68, 122 Hodge, Lorey 53, 120 Hosse, Marvin 165 Hoeffer. Ed 189, 191, 192 Hoffman, Jovce 60, 114, 154, 157 Holcombe; Mark 53, 130, 149 Holland. Karen 47 Hollcroft, Bill 136 Holloman, Jon 165 Hollenbeck, Xanette 68 Holler. Gary 179 Holmes, Gayl 165 Holmes, Joann 47, 120 Holze. Marilyn 167 Hoopingarner, Jovce 165 Hooper, Clyda .60, 103 Horch, Juneen 68 Horgan, Tom 47. 130 Horlacher, Joyce 47. 165, 167 Horn. Helen 47 Hornbeck. Dave 140 Horton, Diane 47 Hoss, Jim 47, 189 House, William 126 Houser. Eve 67 Howard, Craig 60, 126, 150 Howlev, Jerrv 167 Hov, Tom ...53, 133 Hudson, Charles 68, 130 Humphrev, Jim 60, 133, 213, 215 Hungerford, Karen 68, 103 Hunt, Dan 47 Hunt, Judv 106 Huss, Robert 68, 143 Hurd, Carl 47 Hutchinson, Marv 68 Hutton. Merle 60 Hyde, Mary 60, 106, 154, 170, 180 H land. Lynne 122 I Ichpanani, H. S 168 Imelli, Sam 133 Ince, Bob 68, 140 Ingersolk Mike 39, 40, 50, 126, 151, 153 Ingram, Ed .....167 Ingram, Randv 68, 126 Irish, Dave 158 Irvin. Joan 60, 106 Isbell. Barbara ......68, 80 Isbell. Karen 169, 231 Ivashin, Victor 68 J Jack. Pat 167 Jackman, Royal 68, 140 Jackson, Greg 47, 168 Jackson, Mike 60, 140 Jackson, Nick 177 Jacobs, Molly 53, 180 Jacobsen, Richard 126 Jakard, William 68, 144 Jeffers, Ray Jeffrey, Glenda 53, Jennings, Jennifer 68, Jensen, Rex 68, Jensen, Rick V jenson, Sharon .....47, 94, 117, 152, Jhangiari, Ajit jilbert, Bill .....126, Johnson, Brent Johnson, David Johnson, Deanna 53, Johnson, Diane 47 Johnson, Loretta 53, Johnson, Margery 53, Johnson, Marie Johnson, Nancy 35, 53, 168, Johnson, Norman Johnson, Romie 53, Johnson, Sherri 53, 76 Johnson, Wayne Johnston, Robert Jones, Barbara Jones, Dennis Jones, Donald Jones, Dorothy Jones, Jennifer 68, Jones, Marilyn 40 Jones, Monica Jones, Wilfred .. ...43 Judson, Claudia Jurs, Lew III K 165 120 122 202 ..60 165 168 202 158 .60 152 ,86 103 120 170 169 ..47 106 ,82 130 ..47 ..47 ..68 ..53 169 117 53 177 143 106 158 Kalkowski, Sharon 68,80,106 Kasper, Mike 39, 159 Katzmann, Steve 68, 134 Keele, Lyman 47 Kees, Larry 130 Kees, Sally 53, 110 Keiser, Gretchen 54, 110 Keith, Jim 149 Keller, Carl 206 Keller, Dan 47, 218 Keller, Nancy 120 Kelley, Bobbie Jo 68, 122 Kellison, James 47, 182 Kellor, Nancy 68 Kelly, William 60, 134 Keman, Jolene 47 Kerr, Margaret Ann 68 Kess, Art 47, 94, 140, 149, 151, 153 Key, Chris 68 Keysar, Robert 47 Kidwell, Denny 54, 134 Kimpton, Lael 60, 167 King, Harriet 68, 114 Knittle, Kathy 68 Kinne, Kirk 54, 126, 181 Kinsley, Jim 203, 204 Kispert, Nancy 68, 114 Kitchen, Walter 47 Klaich, Nick 130, 209, 210 Kleeman,, Peggy 47, 117 Klinefelter, Martha 114 Knapp, Richard 134 Kodras, Susan 68 Koizumi, Carl 47, 160 Knoll, Carolyn 54 Kosach, Steve 60, 126, 218, 220 Koubsky, Gerald 156 Kouns, Denise 90 Kovach, Dolores 169 Kreizenbeck, Roy 68, 126, 209, 210 Kuenzli, Tom 130 Kuhlman, John 134 Kunimura, Patty 54, 168 Kunsch, Dorothy 177 Lak, Julianne Lally, Michael B 54, Lambert, Tom 68, Lambert, Vicki Lompa, Martha 69, Landon, Dale 159, 188, 193, 206, 207, 213, Lane, Lani 60, 114, Lane, Mike Langley, Ralph 68, Langtry, Margie 68, Lankow, Rich 150, 189, Lansdon, Al LaPlante, Marilyn Larson, Cathryn 68, Larson, Lana Lee 68, Larue, Marianne Laughlin, Garry 47, Lawrence, Mary .69, Lawson, Bert 47, Leary, Jacquelyn Leary, Suzanne 69, Leathers, Mary Leavitt, Terry Lee, Harriet Lee, Keith 30, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 47, 94, 126, 151, Lee, Pam 69, Lee, Ron 189, 213, Leao, Orville 189, Lemon, Tony Leonard, Barbara 60, Leonesio, Jack Leonard, Jim 69, Leonard, Katherine 69, Leparelli, Mike 47 Lesperance, Anne Marie 60, 110, Lewis, Dave 69, Lewis, Jeff 69, Lewis, Julie 32, 60, 132, Lewis, Margaret 54, 77, Lewis, Patti 47, 87, 94, 100, 132, 152, Lew, Theresa Lickley, William Lin, George Lipparelli, Mike 86, Lituania, Rosemary 32, 47 Lloyd, Harold 69, Loberg, Doug 54, Locke, Sherry 60, Locke, William Lockard, Keith .69, Loflin, Carey 47, Lommori, Carol 69, Londo, Nita 69, Long, Bob .69, Loofbourrow, Jean 69, Loofbourrow, Phil 47, Looke, Sue 69, Limon, Loretta Loux, Marty 60, Loverin, Ronnie Lundel, Leni 60 Lundgren, Leon Lymbery, Cheryl Lyon, Judy Rae 69, Mc ..68 145 140 ..68 107 215 163 126 145 122 191 208 ..47 117 110 106 179 114 130 167 114 ..47 ..54 ..54 153 110 214 191 ..54 122 159 130 157 ,86 154 143 134 154 106 264 ..47 177 156 168 ,87 145 140 110 .69 135 143 120 103 130 122 130 110 ..60 120 169 ,76 ..47 .69 122 McCabe, Mary 47, 103 McCarrol, Judy 54, 117 McCarthy, Jacqueline 69 McCarthy, Jane 60, 78, 100, 114, 154 McCloud, Eugene 69, 145 McConnell, Katharine Ann 69 McCoy, Eddie 48 McCoy, Richard 136, 213, 214, 264 McCutchan, James 197 McDaniels, Al 189, 191 McDonald, Karen 32, 54, 110 McDonough, Marlene 60, 157 McFall, Tom 54, 135 McGill, Allan 54, 143, 149 McGimsey, Candice 32, 69, 117 McGowan, Peggy 35 Mclnnis, Rod 179 McKaig, Kathy 54, 110 McKenzie, Dale 54, 140 McKinley, Jan 48 McKinnon, Barry 159, 218, 219 McLeed, Bruce 206 McKinnon, Edwin 48 McKinnon, Marilyn 60, 154 McPherson, Erwin 160 McQuaid, Bob 69, 127 McVey, Wes ....123, 130, 150, 185 McSweeny, John 48, 159, 162 M Macauley, Rick 69 MacDonald, Janet ..47, 177 MacDonald, Michael 69, 213, 217 Macem on, Bonnie 69 MacGregor, Liz .....47, 107 Mackay, Risa 60, 110 Mackedon, Lenn 60, 76, 122 Mackenzie, Mary Lou ..54, 110, 181 MacPherson, Sandra 169 Madden, John 54, 127 Magee, Bill 54, 130 Malloy, Mike 69, 140 Maloney, Kent 54, 140 Mancuso, Carol ....60, 110 Mandell, Denny .....189, 192 Manes, Charles 69 Manomaiphibul, Janjai 69, 145, 168 Manning, Barbara Parks 69 Manson, Daphne 167 March, Theodor 69 Marcuerquiaga, Jerald 69 Marean, Alona 167 Markarian, Vartan 47 Marke, David 156 Marks, Anne ...69, 122 Marlow, Joseph 47 Marshall, ' Jim 136, 206 Marshall, Larae 69, 110 Marshall, Tom 130 Martin, Cecil 54 Martin, Bob 189, 192 Martin, Jack .....202 Martin, Judy 60 Martin, Mara Lee 60 Martin, Monte 47, 143 Martin, Suzanne 110, 231 Martin, Toni 54, 103 Martini, Geno 69, 130, 194 Martini, Sam 54, 123, 130, 185 Marvel, Marsha 41, 60, 78, 103, 167 Marvel, Sharon 69, 103 Mask, Donald 47 Maslach, Sylvia 54, 120 Mason, Jim 69, 130 Massoth, Harry 167 Mast, Marshall 47 290 Mather, Steve .. . 47, 177 Matlev. Dave 60 Mathews. John -... 165 Matlev, Judy 47, 86, 87, 95, 114 Mattson. " Richard ...135, 183 Maupin. Bill 69, 194 Maupin, Ernie 69, 127 Maupin, Michele ....33, 36, 37, 54. 100, 108, 132, 152 Maupin, Michon 33, 54, 88, 110, 152, 173 Maxwell. Kay 69, 117 Maver. Joe 34, 38, 40, 47, 130, 153 Mazzola. Chris 203, 204 Means. Ro?er 69, 127 Meeks. Barbara 60, 103 Menante, Fran 61, 140 Meneni. Bob 188, 194 Mertz. Tom .....156. 194, 218 Meyer. Barbara 61, 103 Meyer, Glenn 48 Meyer, Mary Ann 61, 122 Meyers, Helen P 69 Miehelin, Joanne 69, 107 Michels. Cathy 69, 103 Miglioccio, Ka ' thy 33, 183 Miguel, Marelvn 167 Mikkelson, Sharon 69, 122 Miles, Daniel 48, 95 Miller, Aileen 173, 177 Miller, Al 61 Miller, Barbara 168 Miller. Don 61, 135 Miller, Evelvn 54, 117, 165 Miller, Frankie 69, 117 Miller, Janice 165 Miller, Kenneth 69, 140 Miller. Larrv 178 Miller, Loretta 70, 117 Miller, Marilvn 55 Miller, Mike ' 61 Millet, Mike 131 Millholland, Robin 89, 110 Milligan, Lang 61, 141 Miltouberger, Patricia 69 Mirczak, John 55, 153, 141 Mitchell, Rita 120 Molinskv, Ed 194 Monk, Janice 70, 117 Monroe, Lane 55, 159, 203, 204, 205 Monson, Dean 70 Monson, Leo D 70 Montgomery, Xap 197, 198, 199, 201, 213, 214 Moore, Larry 197, 198, 199, 201, 213, 217 Moore, Jeanne 61 Morris, Merl 123 Morris. Steve 48, 141, 153 Morrison, Judy 30, 33, 35, 40, 48, 86, 87, 95, 110, 152 Morrison, Mary 70, 110 Morton, Mike ' 70, 143 Moschetti, Xick 61, 131 Mote, Barbara 61 Moura, Thomas 61 Muller. Jodi 48, 114 Munholand, Sherry 48, 86, 177 Munson, Deloris 41, 70, 103 Murin, Joe 61, 141 Murphy, Colleen 70 Murphy, Betty 61, 114 Murphy, Bob 39, 48, 127, 178 Murphy, Charles 36, 37, 135, 153 Murphy, Marvin 61, 127 Murray, Patsy 70, 107 Murry, Bill 70, 127 Much, Mary 48, 110 Muth, Martin 70, 141 Muttulingharn, Lakhshmi 168 N Nagel, Fred 61, 141 Nannini, Julie 32 Nash, Rustv 48, 141, 153 Natucci, Suzi 55, 107, 152 Nelson, Diane 55, 103 Nelson, Gary 55, 135, 162 Nelson, Gordon 48, 86 Nelson, James 61, 219 Nelson, June 70, 114 Nelson, Marjean 48 Nesmith, Mary 70 Newborough, Michael 61 Newman, Emily ..48 Newman, Gary 55 Newmeyer, Bob 61, 141 Newton, Elaine 55, 157 Newton, Pain 70, 103 Newton, Richard .....123, 136 Nichols, Herbert 38, 40, 48, 141, 151, 153 Nickerson, Bruce 61, 127, 210 Nicholson, Bill 197, 198, 200 Nielsen, Diane 165, 177 Nolte, George 179 Noonan, Fred 55, 131 Norcott, Judy 48, 103, 132, 162, 185 Nossum, Ame 131, 204, 205 Nunn, John 70, 127 Nuernberg, Lois 61 ) Oberman, Mark 70 O ' Connel, Terrie 55 Oceguera, Deanne 61 Ohliger, Susan ...70 Oldham, Garth 61, 131 Olesnewicz, Joyce 61, 120 Olivas, Mike 48, 197,200 Oliver, Richard 70 Olson, Cindy 70, 114 Olson, Peggy 70, 114 O ' Nan, Harry 61 Orich, Kevin 202 Orvis, Garth 194 Orzie, Mario 189 Osborne, Doug 170 Osse, John 61 Ossolinski, Bill 177 Ostroff, Bonnie 70, 120 Otegui, Vienna 48 Owen, Joanne 48 Owen, Lenore 55 Oxborrow, Tony ..35, 55, 153 P Pace, Sandra 48, 117 Packwood, Jan 48,95, 141 Panelli, Michael 61 Pagni, Jean 31, 32, 48, 87, 95, 152 Pandey, Prakash 168, 175 Panich, Frank 70, 131 Pantell, Steven 55, 149 Pardee, Peter 70, 135 Park, Jim 70, 127 Park, Theo 70, 118 Parker, Jim 70, 141 Parker, Patricia 48 Parker, Pennee 70, 114 Parker, Tom 202 Parlahli, Donna 70, 122 Parman, Mike 136, 206, 207 Parrish, Robert D 48, 149 291 Parsons, Ed _ _ 70, 131 Parsons, Harry 61 Parsons, Gary ._ ._ 206, 207 Pasek, Gene K 70, 145 Paszek, Trisha 70, 103 Payne, Louise .....48, 169 Payton, Bob 70 Pearson, Jean 70 Peek, George 48, 149 Peek, Nancy 48 Penny, Bill .....194 Peraldo, Mario 123, 127, 151, 153 Perkins, Penny 70, 120 Perozzi, Richard .48 Peter, Susan 61 Peterson, Clark D 70 Peterson, Sharon 61 Petrie, Jon 48, 141 Petty, Mark 70 Pettycrew, Chuck 135 Pew, Lani 107 Phillips, James ...70, 141 Phillips, Larry 131 Phillips, Paula 70, 114 Pickett, Cheri 70, 110 Pierce, Ransom ...70, 131 Pierce, Sandi 71 Pierini, John 194 Pike, Roy 61, 141,208 Pinion, Dick 159 Pinkerton, Adele 71, 110, 180 Plambeck, Janet 71 Plane, John 208 Plath, Pam ..48,86, 114 Ploogh, John 55, 141 Podoll, Ellen 48, 120 Poehlman, Diana 33,55, 120 Polaha, Jerry .189 Polkinghorn, Bert 159 Poole, Gray ..48, 181 Porter, William 71, 141 Porterfield, Roberta ....152 Portwood, Owen 156 Potter, Mac 71 Pozzi, Bruce 38, 48 Prakash, Raj 48, 172 Precissi, Pat 33,61, 114 Prida, Mary Lynne 61, 114, 154 Prior, Suzie 55, 116 Procter, Rod 71, 136 Purcell, Richard 71, 143 Quanchi, Jean 61, 114 Quick, Duane 209, 210 Quilici, Dennis 189, 190 Quinn, Colleen 71, 103 Quirk, James 61, 127, 255 R Raduziner, Mary 48, 168 Rand, Gary 55, 136 Rather, Rollie 71, 143 Rathmann, Jean 71, 141 Ratner, Marc ......55, 131 Rawlins, Leona 48 Rawlins, William 71 Raycraft, Jack 61, 127, 255 Reafs, Darken ....71, 114 Reardon, Linda 61 Rechenmacher, Dan 61, 127 Redford, Linda 71 Redmond, Yvonne 61, 117, 157 Redican, Rick 194 Reed, Calvin Jr. 127 Reed, Irene 48 Reese, David .48 Reese, Carolyn .55, 78, 120 Reeves, Jeff ....41, 131, 175 Regan, Ron 194 Reich, Merry .86, 48 Reich, Steve 61, 131 Reicher, Ed 127 Reinheller, Bonita 71 Renshaw, Sheila 61, 177 Rettichan, Rick 188 Reynolds, Dennis 202 Reynolds, Diana 71 Reynolds, Roger 39, 48, 131, 153 Reynolds, Ruby 71, 122 Rhoades, Susan 34, 48, 95, 100, 105, 175 Rice, Andrea .61 Rice, Bruce 61, 131 Rice, Ernest .48 Richard, Elizabeth 49 Richards, Camille 33, 36, 37, 40, 48, 89, 92, 152, 231 Richards, Sara 71, 122 Richert, Gary 71 Riel, Johnny .....213, 216, 178 Riese, Dave 141 Ritterby, Karl ..61 Ritterby, Mary ....81 Riordan, Monti ....55, 143, 178 Risley, Judy 55 Ritter, Pug 167 Rivera, Lyle 39, 96, 129, 153 Robards, Ronald 49 Robens, Carolyn 55, 102 Robens, Marilyn 55, 107 Roberts, Frank 61, 141 Rebtrs, Gerry 61, 141 Roberts, Karen 71, 122 Roberts, Lynn 49, 71, 107, 175 Robinson, Penny 167 Rock, Richard 55, 131 Rodier, Nanette 32 Rodrigues, Cheryl 167 Rogers, David K 55, 149 Rogers, John -.159, 189, 194, 209, 210 Rogich, Sig 35, 55, 131, 185 Romascan, Karen 71, 114 Romeo, Suzanne ...71, 118 Romero, Jim 131 Romine, Philo 39, 123, 151 Ronan, Terry .....127 Rose, Martha 61, 114 Ross, Kay Dee 71, 110 Ross, Trudy 61, 103 Ross, Thomas 49, 128 Rossi, Louis 49, 127 Rost, Carla 71, 117, 157 Roulias, Jim 128, 202 Rowe, Eldredl 49, 149, 172 Rowe, Laura .....49 Rowe, Larry 175 Rowe, Mardie 71, 104 Rowlett, Sandra 61, 120, 162 Royer, Suzie 110 Rudnick, Valera 62, 118 Ruffetto, Ann 156 Rumbaugh, Gloria 71 Rusk, Elizabeth 49, 110 Russell, Cheryl - 71, 118 Russell, Craig 34, 62, 131 Russell, Dave .....62, 131 Ruybolid, Louise - 62 292 Saden. Dawna 49, 157 Sadler. Kathleen 32, 55, 115, 152 Sahwnev. Daljeet 168 Sala Michele - 40, 55, 82, 115, 152 Sala, Mike 71, 128, 150, 194 Salvadorini, Dave 55, 141 Salvadorini, Donna 71, 110 Samuels, Donald 49, 177 Sanders. Bonnie 49 Sanders. Stephen 49, 135 Sargent, Pam 71, 80, 115 Sarret. Gordon 71, 131 Saviers, Sandv 62, 110, 132 Sawyer, Cherie 40, 55, 100, 104, 152 Sawver. Laeta 71, 110 Schadeek. Matt 188 Schaeffer. Sally 107 Schaff. David N 62, 131 Schaff, Schuvler 40, 55, 141 Schalbers. Dick 71, 128 Schebler, Bob 49, 171, 177, 197, 198 Scheerer, Judv 71, 107 Schellin. Mike 71, 141,206 Schmidt, Judv 49, 87, 96, 104, 132 Schoff. Robin 32, 55, 107, 152 Scholk, Hap 159 Schraeder, Stu 171, 177 Sehroeder, Doug ...71, 131 Schuarz, Bonnie ..71 Schuler, Tonv 179, 206, 207 Schwella, Jack 131, 149, 189, 192 Scott, Dennis 55, 149, 218, 219 Scott, John 49 Scott, Leanne 32 Scott, Steve 62,71, 141 Sebbas. Leo V 62 Seeliger, Kay 169 Seher, Scott 204 Seifers, Charles Barrv 62, 149 Sewell, Elfrena 37, 55, 110, 132, 152, 161, 181, 255 Sewell, Mark 71, 131 Sewell, Noel 184 Shah, Ibrahim 168 Shane, Ronald 55, 143 Shank, Sally .....185 Sharp, Joe .....165 Shatz, Garv 71, 135 Shaw, Buddy 33, 39, 40, 159, 209, 210 Sheets, David 55 Sheffield, Howard 165 Shelbv. Rich 71 Shelksohn, Oliver 136 Shellev, Rich 131 Shepherd, Di An 71, 118 Sheppard, Sim 71, 135 Sheppard, Sophie 62,78, 154 Shetler, Rosanna 55 Shoemaker, Linda 177 Shoenberger, George 197, 199 Short, Richard 55, 131, 149, 179 Showalter, Diane 49, 107 Sickle, Jerrv Van 72 Silber, Hazel 62, 82, 122, 182 Silverman, Gary 62, 142, 194 Simpson, Bill 62, 142 Sinnott, Robert 62, 142, 204, 213, 217 Sinnott, William 49, 145 Slagle, Mike 194 Slavin. Chuck 49 Sloan, Mike 38, 39, 184 Small, Sally 82 Smallev, Linda Mae 62, 111, 180 Smith, Cathy 71, 118 Smith, Donald L 149,55 Smith, Ed 159 Smith, Georgia Ann 71, 120 Smith, Jean Marie 49, 87, 159, 177 Smith, Judy 71, 115 Smith, Lee 72 Smith, Sharon 32, 72, 157 Smith. Patsey 72, 157 Smith, Tom 197, 199 Smith, Twvlia 169 Smithwick, ' Mike 62, 131, 189, 190 Smits, Elizabeth 72, 118 Solari, Cam 71, 142 Solaro, Marv 55, 104 Sonderegger, Sue 62,79, 111,255 Sor ensen, Doren 165 Sorenson, James 62, 142, 213, 217 Sorenson, Kay 90 Soukup, Chub 72, 128 Spanieling, Rich 159 Spellman, Stuart 72, 136 Speth, Robert 49 Spicer, Sally 72, 107 Spikes, Mary 62 Spitzer, Carolyn 63, 115 Springmeyer, Sharry 55, 115, 156 Sprock, Karen 55 Squire, Shelby 167 Srifuengfung, Chainarong 168 Srifuengfung, Larry 72 Staben, Lynn 72, 118 Staff, Judy 72 Stafford, Dana 63, 104, 167 Stanek, Chip 128 Stanley, Dave 177, 194 Stapenhorst, Roger 72, 142 Starkweather, Richard 33, 72, 135 Stathos, James 63 Stauffer, Keith 128, 218 St. Clark, Sister Laura 169 Stead, Marian 63, 111 Stegen, Nancy 49 Steinheimer, Diana 72, 122 Steiner, Charles 33, 55, 135, 255 Stephens, Byron 133 Stephens, Keith 34, 35, 55, 135 Stephens, Tom 63, 135, 255 Stephenson, Mike 40, 179 Stewart, Judy 41, 63 Stewart, Georgia 63 Stewart, Richard 128 Stern, Kathy 33,55, 104 Sterne, Lauree 49, 107 Stiff, Larry 55, 128, 149,269 Stoddard, Mike 128 Stoddart, Jeanette 107, 231 Stodtmeister, Rhonda 72 Stogsdill, Janet 72, 104 Stout, Lillian 49 Strang, Cynthia 72, 115 Strosnider, Jan 72, 111 Strosnider, Lana 63, 111, 154 Stuart, Mack Dean 72 Sudsweads, Joanne 72, 118 Sullivan, Mary Alice 72, 107 Sullivan, John 49, 128 Sunderland, Guy 72 Swallow, Mary 55, 118 Swanson, Sherran May 72 Swift, Ken 55 T Talbot, Suzanne 72, 107 Taylor, Judy 72 293 Taylor, Kathleen _ 63 Teggeman, Gary 72, 142 Teglia, Bob 49, 123, 132 Teipner, Phyllis 63, 111, 154, 255 Terrell, Joan 177 Tew, Joel 56, 151, 153, 156 Thaeke, Lorna 63, 122 Thomas, Bev 72, 118 Thompson, Dede 32,72, 120 Thompson, Jane 49 Thompson, Joanne ..115 Thompson, John .165 Thompson, Steven 49 Thorne, John . 63, 135 Thurston, Karen ....72, 122 Tiffany, Carol D 63 Tomany, William 167 Toleno, Mary 49 Toleno, Thomas 49 Tomlinson, Nancv - 167 Torok, Andy 60 Tosteson, Noel 63 Toy, Owen 72, 128,218,219 Treharne, Claudia 56, 152 Tremewan, Delores 49 Trense, Jim 188, 192 Trevino, Tony 189, 191 Trigero, Ken 167, 177 Trimble, Bobert 72, 135 Trimble, Vicki .167 Trinchero, Lillian 63, 115, 163 Triszczuk, Stefka 72, 122 Trousdale, Dennis 55, 143 Tryon, Sherry 63 Tucker, Gary 159 Tueller, Paul 165 Tueller, Sharon 165 Tuffo, Teresa 72 Turner, Brant 72 Turner, David 49 Turner, Niki 120 Turner, Steve 49, 135 Turria, Maryann 72 Tyson, Julia ...63, 156 U Uhalde, Jacqueline 115, 167, 255 Uhalde, Marjorie 63, 154, 156 Umbraco, Anthony 49 Unruh, Donald 72, 143 Urga, Mike 56 Urga, Patti 72, 122 Utt, John 128 Utter, Cindy 72, 120 Utter, John 56, 131 V Vacchina, Ed 56, 131 Valin, Jim 72, 131 Vandine, Dennis 63, 143 VanTassel, Pam 72 VanWagenen, Jeannine 33, 56, 115, 167 Varney, Douglas 66 VaxEmmerlk, Karen 43 Vernon, Bon 70, 142, 194 Vehling, Jane 72 Vickers, Anthony 55, 135, 149 Vlautin, Paul 43, 131 Voigt, Linda 72 Vollmer, Michael - 70, 142 Vonderheide, Steve 43, 142 W Wadsworth, Brent 56, 165 Wadsworth, Franklin - - 150 Wadsworth, Terry 165 Wafford, Hal 142 Wagner, Carole .....115 Wagner, Jackie 43 Wagner, Lornie .63, 218 Wagniere, Charles F, 63, 145 Waldren, Bob ..63, 142 Walen, Joanne ...49, 86 Walker, Dennis 56, 165 Walker, Jill 49, 169 Walker, Judie 49, 76, 104, 162 Wallace, Bruce 43, 143 Wallace, Duane 43, 145 Wallace, Jackel 63 Walrath, Stephen 135 Walters, Caroline 49 Walters, Nick .194, 218 Walton, Bugs 188, 192 Warner, Bill ..43, 142 Warner, Kitty 43, 120 Warren, James 56 Washington, Walter 194 Waters, Linda ..43, 111 Watkins, Barry 131, 184 Watkins, Bill 189, 192 Watne, Boberta -43, 80, 104 Watson, Bichard 43, 135 Watson, Bonald 56, 135 Watts, Donna ..43, 118 Waylette, Don 43, 131, 194 Weatherford, Stephen 43 Weaver, Donna 63,78, 121 Webb, Jan 43, 80, 120 Webster, Carolyn Ill, 163 Weidman, Bobert 43 Weinrauch, Sandra .....43, 118 Weir, Paul 49, 96, 97, 123, 124, 151, 153 Weise, Bob 63, 128 Weishaupt, Judy 43, 80 Wells, James 43, 142 Welsh, Dianne 43 Welsh, Paula 43, 118 West, Julie 49, 183 Weyant, Don 63, 128 Whalen, Jack 194 Whitaker, Sue 56, 111 White, Ann 43, 107 White, Jerry 56, 128 White, Mary 56, 119, 183 White, Penny 49, 96, 100, 115, 132, 152 White, Sandy .....43, 111 Whitmore, Dave 159 Wick, Kathy 56, 167 Widmer, David 56, 206, 207 Wiedel, Chuck 189 Wight, Katha -.43, 120 Wilcox, Dick 177 Wilde, Jeanette --56, 120 Wilkes, Karen 43, 118 Wilkins, Earl 209, 210 Willett, Brock 43, 142 Williams, Carol 43, 118 Williams, Diane 104 Williams, Dennis Elton 63 Williams, Elizabeth 86, 104, 152 Williams, Fred 40, 159, 171, 189, 191, 213, 214 Williams, Hank 56, 142 Williams, Hoyt 49 Williams, Ina 43, 122 Williams, Jane 43, 104 Williams, JoAnn 43 Williams, Kent 56 Williams, Patti 43, 115 Williams, Prime -189, 191 Williams, Bav 56 294 Williams. Rodnev 43, 136. 194, 213, 214 Williams, Roger ' 43, 145, 202, 213, 215 Williams. Shirley 56, 120 Williamson. Fred 33, 63, 135 Williamson, Larry 159 Willis. Ann ' . . - 43, 107 Willis. Pat 165 Willison. Reg 43, 143 Wilson. Austin 43, 145 Wilson. Barbara 49, 118 Wilson, Carol vn — 56, 118 Wilson. Judv 40, 49, 87, 89, 96, 112, 152 Wilson, Rex ' 49, 131, 171 Wilson-Reid. Ronda 56, 104, 157 Winery. Phil 159 Wines. Anne 43, 118 Winn. John 159 Winne, Lee B 159 Winningleam, Margaret 43, 118 Wittway, Jacqueline 43 Wolfe, Loire 32, 104 Wolfe, Barbara ..49, 115 Wood, Douglas 143 Wood. Larry ....43, 142, 170 Woodhead. ' Michael 63, 142 Woods, Gary W 43, 145, 218 Woodward, Doris 43, 118 Woolworth, Larry 43, 128, 194 Worchester, Salley 43, 104 Wright, Ardean 43, 122 Wright, Kenneth 49, 86 Wright, Mike 206 Wyatt, Harold 150 Y Yeazel, Joseph Alan 63 Yeazel, Sharon 49, 104 Yenetskie, Lenon V 63 Yorchek, Ray 189, 193 Young, Hampton 185 Young, Patricia 43 Young, Stephen L. 145 Z Zaehringer, Ted 96 Zeigler, Julie 35 Ziegler, Jackie 63, 115, 169 Zive, Gregg 63, 135 Zubey, Ed 189, 191 295 296 " for further information, write: DIRE UNIVER P t ' i I MBR : ' ' BB W ' ' ' hHSb ' - v Through more than eight decades of service to the state, the University of Nevada has produced men and women who have distinguished themselves in many fields of endeavor. Their achievements stand as tributes to what this University has given them, both in practical learn- ing and cultural understanding. . . ADVERTISEMENT ■ ;4: in,}- , g- ;; Home Owned by Nevadans Dedicated to Building a Greater University of Nevada by Helping Build a Greater State MARK TWAIN LIFE INSURANCE CO. " Nevada ' s Largest and the Nation ' s Fastest Growing Life Company " SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS THEY MAKE YOUR YEARBOOK POSSIBLE Hush Puppies Texas Boots Tennis Shoes VAL-U SHOE REPAIR AND SHOE SALON Shoe Repair for the entire family Mt. Rose at S. Virginia 323-3757 300 You ' re Smarter When You Shop At 19 N. Virginia RENO, NEVADA Best Wishes From Frank Titus ' Village Drug 1117 California Ave. Ph. 323-2701 Put a happy new Face on your future Enjoy a complimentary make-up lesson and a Free Viviane Woodard lipstick of your choice Call on Mrs. Anderson at 408 Vine St. Ph. 329-81 1 3 approved by The Society Of Make Up Artists VIVIANE WOODARD COSMETICS 735 S. Center Reno, Nevada ALPINE GLASS CO. Nevada Pioneer Glass House 40 Years Glass Service to Nevada Glass For Every Purpose Reno — Tahoe Valley, Calif. Q%eenfr%ae S4MVU Gent t 1808 PYRAMID WAY Telephone FL 8-3233 SPARKS, NEVADA Year Around Gear For The Outdoors Open 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Sundays 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM RIVERSIDE in the RIVERSIDE HOTEL ' The flower shop for the students at the U. of N. " 2935 So. Virginia St. Reno ' s best known restaurant — is famous for superb continental cuisine and its mahogany broiler. Its unsur- passed wine cellar and inviting cocktail lounge make it a " must " for visitors and residents alike. Dinners from 4 to 12 P.M. Closed Mondays Tel. FA 2-2089 Walter Zahnd your host Raymond Capitain your chef - 301 CALIFORNIA AVENUE AT VIRGINIA STREET RENO. NEVADA In Reno There Is " MAGIC " DICK ROCK ' S IDEAL DRUGS " Where Pharmacy is a Profession " 1845 Prater Way, Sparks, Nevada Free Delivery Phone 358-8222 C. J. McDonald J. G. Dunseath DUNSEATH KEY COMPANY Established 1930 DOOR HARDWARE SERVICE LOCKSMITHS Telephone FA 3-4372 75 West Arroyo St. Reno, Nevada Best Wishes From Reno Turf Club 34 E. Commercial Row 322-5059 FLOOR COVERINGS BY BOB KENNEDY, INC. 316 broadway boulevard FAirview 9-5922 reno. Nevada Best Wishes Valley Bank of Nevada Member of F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve System 201 S. Virginia Reno KITZMEYER - COCHRAN DRUG STORE 208 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nevada 822-3409 Drugs — Prescriptions Films — Candies NEVADA ' S OLDEST DRUG STORE 302 .- 1 •H» •SO ' £ • COMPLIMENTS .« ; ■ «r - •? d ftfi IN jut -..-- NEVADA ' S CATTLE r » ■ ' ■ SCOTT MOTOR COMPANY 2401 South Virginia St. «g PIZZERIA COCKTAIL LOUNGE estina ' s The Outstanding Pizza Making Establishment in the Wtst, SPAGHETTI RAVIOLI WORKS, Inc 530 East 4th St. Reno, Nevada William (Bill) Becker FA 2-2735 Reno Pabco Paint Mart 780 So. Virginia St. Reno, Nevada CWtff Look Ahead - Paint With % Ray Kroll ' s HOUSE of RECORDS " Reno ' s Largest Complete Record Shop " 121 - Walt ' s Lane So. Virginia at Mt. Rose Shopping Center EVIN ' S PALIZZIO DEUSO DEBS ®0fi MARK ANGELO SHOES SPALDING FURNITURE - CARPETS - RECORDS TV - STEREO - HI-FI - RADIO STAMPFLI ' S Second and West Streets Reno, Nevada FA 3-4149 Ja 3-0567 £xatui.ive. Womuri i. c ffifxaxzL and c ' iLe.i. . of z eJio 24 £a k Jbtaond £txt k MAGIC LAMP GIFT HOBBY CENTER Val-U Shopping Center 1563 S. Virginia 329-2484 STYRIS-SUTTON CO. Industrial Suppliers 622 S. Virginia St. 322-3281 Interiors by TOWN COUNTRY Kiet ' zke Vassar Reno, Nevada Phones: 323-4166 323-2595 Complete Home Furnishings Jerry Coffman ' s Tire Co, The Friendly Tire Merchants ' Co-Owners Jerry Coffman Wayne Matley 655 SO VIRGINIA ST. RENO, NEVADA FAlPVIEW 3-8621 PEERLESS CLEANERS 698 Forest St. — Fourth Vine, Reno 15th and Prater Way, Sparks Nevada Sewing Machine Vacuum Cleaner Center 426 Vine St. Reno, Nevada 323-7674 AYRES AUTO PARTS WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE JOBBERS Phone FA. 2-456B 765 SOUTH VIRGINIA ST. RENO, NEVADA RED ' S VARIETY STORE 1845 Prater Way Sparks, Nevada 304 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the STAFF, STUDENTS, AND GRADUATES of the UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA and its SOUTHERN EXTENSION from CLARK COUNTY 305 ' rin-l-ers - Publisher; BINDING-RULING-ENGRAVING Telephone FA 2-2133 124 North Center Street Reno, Nevada 306 Prominent Nevadans 4 AcMuy .Ajtt -i t ' ler - ' f XV. }J ' )JXjl k Lx-= r vU vJW v L. -JUL n D J LsdAszjCsty ' _ cu y JL ST-QA- 0. k z. ' JWUs • 0L v S 307 Headquarters for Pendleton Woolens, Stetson Hats, Levis — Lees Hyer and Justin Boots 200 North Center Street Reno, Nevada Durkee Travel Bureau Suite D 120 Mill St. Reno FA 9-0801 Miguel ' s of Reno Congratulations Seniors Best of Luck For a Brighter Future In a Better World Western Printing and Publishing Company Specializing in Tabloid Newspapers, Brochures, Wedding Announcements, Invitations, Cards and Fine Printing 845 Prater Way Sparks, Nevada in Reno 308 Prominent Attorneys - £ w- V_5 - U U- oL £X O C - C_ % LtL r £Z ZZ . Af A (p movers CjM- ry t ZS, 309 127 N. Virginia 323-6104 •HtrtttcftBiigj Barter 60 East Ninth $t, • Beno, NamSa- Phone m S48 % Nevada ' s Leading Recappers Gasoline — Oil — Lubrication t.« FISK TIRES : 1 1 East Fourth St. 141 West Fourth St. Phone FA 2-9409 Phone FA 3-5422 Parts and Automotive Accessories Willard Batteries and Seat Covers at 635 N. Sierra Street — Phone FA 3-031 8 EXQUISITE FOOD COCKTAILS MT. ROSE HISHWAY ' FAIRVIEW 9-3555 P. O. BOX 1312 • RENO, NEVADA 846 B STREET — SPARKS, NEV. 358-7194 SHOP AT BAKER ' S FOR Everything For the Home Visit Our Flintridge Colonial Maple Department Largest Most Varied Selection QUALITY CARPETING Several National Brands From Which to Make Your Selection Up to 36 Months to Pay Never Use Anything But a Hoover to Really Clean Your Carpets — Order Yours Today When Painting Your Home Be Sure to Use the Best DU PONT PAINTS and VARNISHES Are the World ' s Finest In the Heart of Downtown Sparks Furniture Department 358-7194 Hardware Department 358-7277 310 You ' re in a Great State when you ' re in There ' s something exciting about being in NEVADA . . . whether you live in the fabulous " Silver State " or come for a visit. And we ' re mighty proud of the many spectacular things the Reno area has to offer ... all of which make Reno a delightful year- around sports, entertainment and convention center. We ' re happy about the State we ' re in . . . and we invite you to make the Holiday your headquarters in Reno so that we can try to make you happy about the State you ' re in. JlJiB ' ' • -HOTEL in Downtown Reno . 31] You Will Enjoy The Friendly Atmosphere mmrownmm CASINO COCKTAILS RESTAURANT BREAKFAST 24-HOURS • LUNCHEON • DINNERS The Food Is Good, The Price Is Right FA 3-1046 38 EAST 2ND Building BETTER, SAFER highways Our aim is to build better highways so modern they will be efficient years from now, so well built they will hold up under the ever increasing traffic of a rapidly growing and prospering area, and so safe they will meet the challenge of increasingly powerful automobiles. 312 Prominent Attorneys uo w5 C gL M,Tr s;( y S t vU, Xj2-- -9- e. ■ - ZT -c o yn — Ja.V I - 313 EL CAPITA »U l ... . • «: ;■ ' ' ■, ' ■; . Jft For Distinctive Fashions in Junior and Misses Sizes RENO, INC 221 N. Virginia St. EST WISHES n n RSESHOE Ubudb- ince » f tim has played an important role in the development of man. Early Egyptians used the red metal and the planners of tomorrow ' s rockets find copper vital. The everlasting metal is also important to education. Kennecott, through tax payments, participates in providing improved facilities, better conditions and more highly skilled teachers. As a graduate, Kennecott ' s operations in Ne- vada actually mean greater opportunities for you. Kennecott Copper Corporation McGill, Nevada Nevada Mines Division 314 Prominent Nevadans ' So L . i A £ A- —. . 315 ESTABLISHED IN 1919 FU RNITU RE STORES 322-6921 120 W. Commercial Row RENO, NEVADA Block " S " Sporting Goods and Fountain Telephone: 358-6282 1006 B. St. SPARKS, NEVADA (Open 7:00 a.m. until Midnight) GUNS - AMMUNITION - FISHING TACKLE ACCESSORIES Complete Line of Sporting Goods Athletic Equip. Phone 322-0397 HAMILTON 31 West Second Street Prompt and Courteous Service Always 42 East First Street Telephone 323-4567 Reno — Nevada ACKOH THE iTHEET F KOM NAPOtDS . Ct.UB R E htO norm ojj ihe F AV Fljt Altff (jL " sandwich 4t BAKE OUK PIE J PAdV |r tELlClOUi COFfEE SHOP AT SHELLY ' S ! the Village in Reno At Greenbrae in Sparks • Hardware • Paint • Housewares • Garden Supplies SHELLY ' S HARDWARES J Open Sundays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Best Wishes!!! First National Bank of Nevada Statewide Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System Resources Over $400,000,000 316 " " ■ " urn i " i vtm mmmmMtwmm . Wish ii • of Nevad ■i i 317 Congratulations . . . and Best Wishes to the Graduating Ciass of 1965 THE ANACONDA COMPANY H. R. Burch, General Manager Weed Heights, Nevada COMPLIMENTS OF PRI MADONNA 241 N. VIRGINIA ST., FA 9-2251, DOWNTOWN Dp ft, 318 mi Prominent Doctors a rT TuxAj, dy.J? .Jy " . H. ScUaJp, t .l .5. j L+jUsi.7fr±4ujjj}jij. cu cZ . y pvc o J) : 5, x rftr y.Z? » - D , ' ' C-S a ZT a UU JZ£ J ? ! £ £. Im 319 Prominent Doctors ccca c 2te 3. .(J . Q ll+Ja X0.J(9.O. 6wtr = d?M ) O Uw [ K aM 9 ■ y L c yx , ' 7 f a IX U CUUaS ti. 0. J%Lt A J y, Jfi O t Ut l ' ? J L e z e S r .v C ft 7) f e -- _ ,Vkh llWuf H ' -f j j ' ?n. i - X ty C tuu j Lit ■ fA t e t aMc(Vvk. £. U cli 320 JOT TRAVIS STUDENT UNION « THE LIVING ROOM OF THE CAMPUS ' ' Karen Gibbs, President Tony Oxborrow, President Elect Keith Stephens Sue Anderson Sig Rogich Judy Morrison Julie Ziegler Nancy Johnson Steve Gomes Barbara Heath 321 Men ' s — Women ' s — Children ' s Western and Sports Wear f t lurdoch 5 1024 Soul Reno, 322 •h Wells Ave. 318 No. Nevada Carson -5192 822 Carson St. City, Nev. -3134 SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO ' Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back " SEARS 215 N. Sierra Phone FA 2-9481 You Can Count on Us . . . Quality Costs No More at Sears Paterson ' s First and Siesta Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear Everything for the Man and Boy Alike Telephone 329-0231 500 East Fourth Reno, Nevada SANTA FE HOTEL We Cater to UNIVERSITY PARTIES and BANQUETS NEVADA TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY Title Insurance Escrow Service Home Office: 90 Court St., Reno Branch Offices: Carson City Zepher Cove Elko Tonopah Keeping in step with Nevada ' s progress. Reno, Nevada CINSDURC JEWELRY CO. Agents for Omega Watches 133 NO. VIRGINIA ST. RENO 322 EUREKA COUNTY Extends Best Wishes To University of Nevada Students . . . armed with a good education, and living in a " free-enterprise " country, you are free to go as far as your energies and abilities can take you. Good Luck. YOUR PROGRESSIVE PACIFIC POWER COMPANY 323 Lander County The Heart of Nevada Rich in Mining and Ranching Offers Activities in All Winter Sports A Mecca for the Angler and the Hunter Greetings to the Students of the University of Nevada From Industrial Chemicals Since 1885 THE HOTEL LAS VEGAS, NEVADA The RIVIERA is proud of its reputation for excellence in food, accommodations, glittering entertainment, and " ' round-the-clock fun and excitement. " All the glamour and expectant thrills of Las Vegas are captured in an atmosphere of re- strained elegance and exquisite taste. " tt £ioxt Citu — On a Joujsx of Jluxuxu 324 325 A.S.U.N. Book Store The Friendly Book Store in the Middle of Campus Telephone FA 2-5081 Jot Travis Student Union Building 326 NORTH OF THE TRACKS RENO, NEVADA BILL STREMMEL MOTORS INC. Volkswagen Porsche Dlrs. 1492 S. Virginia RENO FA 2-6901 Quality Shoes for Men and Boys First and North Sierra PIONEER TITLI EVADA State-Wide Title and Escrow Service Fallon ftl?L ' - as V e 9 as Elko % Incline Village Carson City Reno Eastern Counties 160 West Liberty Serving Nevada Since 1903 CONGRATULATIONS from WINKEL MOTORS GMC PONTIAC VAUXHAL Congratulations " Class of 1965 ' Reno and Lake Tahoe Gray Line Scenic Tours FISHING • HUNTING • SKIING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT MI ROSE SPORTING GOODS 134 W. SECOND STREET RENO, NEVADA PHONE FA 3-5717 things gO better.i Coke 327 Trophies Engravings Gifts M QA ' Ivfirwho P DICK AND ERMA CURNOW OWNERS 44 East First Street RENO, NEVADA Tel. FAirview 3-3330 Best Wishes to the Graduates Lakeside Plaza Shopping Center RENO INC 247 CALIFORNIA AVE. Largest Stock of Imported Wines in Nevada Prompt and Courteous Service FREE DELIVERY FA 3-4116 432 N. Virginia — Reno, Nevada 322-3496 Yamaha Pianos Hammond Organs and Pianos Band Instruments Conn - Leblanc »■= MUSIC " Everything in Music " Telephone FA 9-2595 214 North Sierra Street Reno, Nevada Plumbing — Heating — Air Conditioning Sales — Service Telephone FA 3-4193 628 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Broili ' s Dealers for Zenith Radio TV Frigidaire Refrigerators, Washers Range Dryers Distributor For General Electric Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Gift Ware ALL STANDARD ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 301 South Virginia Reno Phone FA 3-3601 328 8eei 9?tc£ vV a m MMt 5J gol EDItJ MUBiim mil i tw ' is?wr n®S7538sF :: : :::::: 77 CASINO CENTER A A MARBLE AND OLD MAHOOAW PALACE x RIOHT OUT OF THE GOLD RUSH DAYS PLAY YOUR FAVORITE GAME... ROULETTE A ' CRAPS ' KESJO- POKER.- TWENTY-ONE- I WHEEL OF FORTUNE • SLOT MACHINES- ' SS -1WO BARS- CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINM HT, Vr-,T NUGGET RESTAURANT WORLD FAMOUS FOR FINE F©0 I I V D 329 from the firm that built a 34 year reputation on serving the every need of young adults with bright futures. I HOME FURNITURE serving Nevada from RENO SPARKS 330 1 Joe Snelson, Formerly a Nevadan, Owner ncl Apartments Hotel Rooms: Single 8.00 to 10.00 Double 10.00 to 12.00 Twins 12.00 to 15.00 Apartments: Single 10.00 Double 12.00 to 14.00 Suites 25.00 to 30.00 Garage Service Half Block From the Airport Terminal Beauty Parlor The Nevada Lounge Sun Deck GEARY STREET AT MASON GArfield 1-0980 331 SAVIERS Electrical Products Corp. 670 E. 6th St. Reno, Nevada FOR EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL ADMIRAL APPUl ANC ZS ELECTRO-MART 1496 S. Virginia Reno, Nevada Your Service Headquarters For All Makes and Models 329-4427 THE JADE ROOM 214 W. Commercial Row Reno Your Hosts Jimmy Mills Dewey Linder Plsd Pi 2ez Studio, One. 322-0949 Living Portrait Photography cf ou ana (LLzo tfyaitfis ' i 812 North Virginia Reno. Nevada HOME SAVINGS Loan Association 1585 SOUTH VIRGINIA STREET 985 WEST FIFTH STREET RENO, NEVADA SERVING THE SIERRA-NEVADA AREA MCM MODERN CLASSIC MOTORS 600 SO. VIRGINIA ST. RENO, NEVADA PHONE 3294466 SALES SERVICE Rolls Royce Ferrari Jaguar Austin Healey MG Land Rover NEVADA PHOTO SERVICE 253 North Sierra Street Cameras, Projectors, Supplements Picture Framing Photostat Copies Photo Finishing SEE OUR GIFT SHOP 219 North Virginia Street For Gifts, Novelties, and Souvenirs TRADitional SHOP Reno ' s original, and only authentic natural shoulder shop for college men! Visit also Hattons Ladies Village Shop! 332 VIRGINIA CITY . . . Home of the fabulous Comstock era with all of its colors and brilliance. Today if is a Mecca for tourists and a favorite recreation center of Nevadans. Silver Queen Bar The Famous Crystal Bar Bucket of Blood Red ' s Old Fashioned Candies Delta Saloon and Restaurant Ter ritorial Enterprise . 333 MODEL DAIRY FIRST AWARD WINNER The best to you each morning ' MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT College-Hi Shop THE WONDER 135 N. Virginia St. Largest Stock of Fine Watches Diamond and Silverware in Nevada R. HERZ BRO Jewelers Serving the University Since 1885 TELEPHONE FA 3-2122 15 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada JL JL JL JL JL UNION FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Offices in Reno, Sparks Carson City NATIONAL BANK OF NEVADA member f.d.i.c Main Office: 1 80 W. First St., Reno Branch Offices in South Reno, Fallon, Carson City, Mineral County (Babbitt) OVEL Inc. ii Ford VI I lag ■■ RENO COMPLETE Office Furniture Office Supplies Office Machines and Service Educational Furniture and Equipment 1 30 South Center St. Reno, Nevada 334 THE DOLLAR THAT KEEPS L B1 [ H II ' 1 I There once was a dollar ... all crisp and new . . . It was spent at Sewell ' s by someone like you. We don ' t know what you bought as you passed through the door. But you got more for your dollar than ever before. We took that new dollar and tucked it away For one of our employees to have on payday And, do you know, it came back to us the very next day. We then used it to pay for milk and ice cream That we buy from the plants in our home town team. The dairy paid a farmer and the farmer came to town And bought produce that was grown by a neighbor further on down. So, again we had that dollar and we took to the power mill To buy power for our markets . . . see how active our dollar is still? The light company paid a lineman and he bought some gas So a station man got the dollar in that week ' s cash. The station man lives in Reno and he paid his rent; The landlady needed groceries, so to Sewell ' s she went. We pay for advertising and the man who runs the press Gives the dollar to his wife so she can buy a new dress. The man who runs the dress shop brings the dollar back once more We pay the man who brings the fresh bread to our store. The bakery pays the baker, and it soon becomes a fact, That every business in town will get into the act. Sewell ' s employs hundreds of people . . . butcher, manager, clerk And they all spend their dollar in the place that you work. Don ' t underestimate the power of the dollar that you spend — If it stays home its helping both your neighbor and your friend. And a dollar spent at Sewell ' s, I ' m sure you will find true Works here and there around our town . . . and soon BOUNCES BACK TO YOU. REMEMBER . . . No Stamps, Gimmicks and Giveaways add up to SEWELL ' S . . . The Home of Cool, Green, Cash Savings 445 North Virginia St. Winnemucca, Nevada YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER, Sincerely, SEWELL ' S Reno, Nevada 1331 South Virginia St. Elko, Nevada ■SWELL ' S 335 TOM JOYCE FLOORS, INC 322-7067 285 South Virginia Street Reno Vinyls Carpet Linoleum Plastic Tiles WEDDING SMOI 254 West First Street Beautiful Formals • Beautiful Bridals Hardware Houseware Gifts RENO MERCANTILE SIERRA AT COMMERCIAL ROW PH. FA 2-3454 MWfUnrtWii i — in. imimnni Lapidary Equipment Acme Paints Oldest and Most Popular Friendly Grocery in This Area MARKET Friendly Service Grocer Telephone 358-6740 922 B Street Sparks, Nevada De ' s Distinctive Fashions - features - casual - dressy - cocktail - formals - sportswear - accessories - lingerie S. Virginia at Mt. Rose Dial 329-4025 RENO JEWELRY 209 N. Virginia Reno 322-1306 BUSINESS STAFF Elfrena Sewell Sii Rogich Business Manager Assistant 33 336 msi

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