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f immmi mmmmmmmmimtimm mm m mim- nmsm mf ssi ' z uamai ssmjimi,. .i,w . wmmmm In the past one hundred years of statehood the people of Nevada have seen success and prosperity. This period has been char- acterized by the new becoming obsolete in just a few short years or generations. It is the attempt of the Artemisia to repre- sent the passing of the old for the new in a somewhat abstract manner, since abstraction seems to be a part of the everyday life of the past several dec- ades, as evidenced by the arts and the modern structures which surround us. We must realize that we a part of an ever revolutionizing society. And, with this thought the Artemisia ded- icates itself to those generations who have made the past century a success and to those present and future generations who will attain even greater success and prosper- ity in the next one hundred years. Contents Administrators and Faculty 17 Student Government 28 Classes 43 Honors 76 Living Groups 98 Organizations 144 Athletics 186 Around Campus 223 Senior Histories 284 Advertising 304 Staff Editor Business Manager Photographer Art Calendar Honors Living Groups Student Government Sports Photo Credits Andy Gotelli John Scott Bud Sorensen and Mike Reed Sue Conton Joyce Freeman Judy Crowell Karen McDonald and Kathy McKaig Valerie Keele Ted Marston and Sig Rogich Gene Christensen, Don Hudson, and Lorin Wheelwright K- ' The ducks made their contribution to the campus, a population increase of 283 % Getchell Library before the students fill the walks and the ramp. . . . . . . and then the rush across campus to the next class. ' ) A w.- ' . , f " . ? _ ««.. ' - ' • te -- jn y 5«ws ' j» ' jL ' r ■ ' ■ ' ;:: --- fs ■ w xl «, " ..■■ " ■t ' . -C5= ,j; M,-; „ ' 2r li %•■ " ■ j ' ; BR -k ! I. • i ■■ ' ■■ IP ' iiy f - C ' " V?if5 , • At " ' ■■«; ' . £ » _ |jyl - . ■»; gr.- " J % - , . j l iMggfiHHQJ •N»-,. t: ■M i L-- ' IMJ mm .. ' £». Jim . " " m fx ■.li-:. ' ' , ' ' «? ' i¥: ' ' liB . ■T ' ,- -: f ' W The University of Nevada is fortunate to have a few foreign students attending its classes. Here one of them hurries to class. Looking up the " main street " of campus v ith its contrasting architectural styles. 10 .. V A t« -l I « . - - Wr -:♦■ ;: -- tWMiLj iiii ' -f i: . - •Ir l.v d Kv iJl HHk ♦ f- K?JS i Ht« 1 iLL. Li it % M ■J -., - u s« ' qf3 F jH Hp 1 nf V H ■■m. ' ' m i QB m i )» si i m ' i 2 -. fC x . Mi- ' l:i These three photos show Getchell Library, the center of campus. It is a place where most of the students spend their afternoons and evenings. It is a place where most students pass from one building to the next. It is a place that some students find com- fortable enough to nap between classes. ]3 0m 34 . --l-?? ' FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATORS 17 Governor Sawyer GOVERNOR of the State of Nevada As Nevada celebrates its 100th year of Statehood, all Nevadans are increasingly aware of the changes that have taken place in our State and the University, and we can readily contrast the old and the new. As we look back over the years, we note great progress in the State ' s economy. Ranching and agricul- ture replaced mining as the leading industry; and, in the past few years, Nevada has forged ahead as an industrial state and as one making an important con- tribution to the atomic age. Our University, from very humble beginnings in Elko, moved to Reno where it occupied five brick build- ings with a limited staff of professors, few students, and few courses. Browsing through some of the first University yearbooks, one realizes the great changes that have taken place — buildings, student body, fac- ulty, curriculum, sports, activities, all are now geared to the present era. Yet with all these departures from the old, Nevad- ans and the University have held fast to the verities of the past. We steadfastly believe in God, courage, jus- tice, equality, loyalty, love and support of our country. For over forty-five years every graduating student of the University has pledged that their generation shall " bequeath an even better and nobler civilization than came to it. " This pledge reflects the ideals upon which our State and Nation were founded and confirms Carlyle ' s statement that " Nothing that was worthy in the past departs; no truth or goodness realized by man ever dies. " Grant Sawyer, Governor of Nevada. 18 President Armstrong PRESIDENT University of Nevada In this year 1 964, as we celebrate the centennial of our State and of the creation of the University of Nevada by the State Constitution, all of us in the University extend sincere congratulations and good wishes to our graduates, officially designated as the Centennial Classes of the University. As we stand on the threshold of our second century, we may look back with satisfaction and gratitude upon all that has been accom- plished in the University by our predecessors, taking confidence from the sound traditions of the past as we face the challenges of the next one hundred years. The campus itself, in its blending of the old and the new, symbolizes this transition. More importantly, we may take confidence from the new spirit which permeates the University community, where pursuit of excellence has taken on concrete meaning and become a guiding principle. If we may but hold steadfastly to this concept in the years ahead, in mutual conviction of purpose and firm resolve to that end, I am deeply con- fident that all that is past will have been but the prelude. Charles J. Armstrong, President University of Nevada 19 Board of Regents The policy formulation and the control of the university is the job of the Board of Regents who are elected by the people of the State of Nevada. There are eight members of the Board chosen from areas throughout the State. Their job is not easy nor does it offer financial reward. It has been under their guidance that the University has grown and pros- pered since its founding. Members of the Board of Regents are: Dr. Louis Lombardi, Reno Dr. Fred Anderson, Reno Mr. Harold Jacobsen, Carson City Mr. Archie Grant, Las Vegas Mr. Grant Davis, Fallon Mr. Raymond Germain, Las Vegas Mrs. Molly Magee, Austin Mr. Proctor Hug, Reno Dr. Juanita White, Boulder City Left to Right: Mr. Davis; Dr. White; Dr. Anderson; Mr. Jacobsen; Miss Terry, Board of Regents Secretary; Mr. Grant; President Armstrong; Mr. Germain; Mrs. Magee; Dr. Lombard!; Mr. Hug. 20 Kenneth Young Executive Vice President Alice Terry President ' s Secretary Charles Russell Assistant to the President James McNabney Graduate Manager Administrators l c . I Trini Erquiaga Graduate Manager ' s Secretary Sidney Weatherhead Director of Counseling David Heron Director of Libraries Robert Kersey Director of Student Services Neil Humphrey Business Manager William Rasmussen Director of Financial Aids, Grad. Placement 21 Deans in ■pw w p li l H mm X 1 iiiiiiili ■■Ik i 1 M K S [ 3 S ' lfll Thomas O ' Brien Dean of Graduate School Ralph Irwin Dean of Arts and Science James Anderson Dean of Engineering Dale Bohmont Dean of Agriculture Harold Kirkpatrick Assistant Dean of Arts and Science R. DeVerl Willey Dean of Education Sam Basta Dean of Student Affairs Robert Weems Dean of Business Administration Vernon Scheid Dean of Mackay School of Mines 22 James Hathorn Dean of Men Elaine Mobley Dean of Women .,..: ....-...,„- i tsi D| r iW ■i-f yi ui ' rini Roberta Barnes Women ' s Counselor BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION — Left to Right, Row One: L. Laudadio, A. White, R. Lambright, K. Duffy, F. Flores, Dean Weems. Row Two: E. Vietti, A. Dahl, A. Plumley, K. Neidert, I. Grant, B. Wofford, B. Smith, W. Howwink. Row Three: L. Larson, W. Palmer, G. Kirby, F. Greenwood, R. Wilson, J. Hoyt, A. Stoess, B. Fjeldsted. MUSIC — left to Right, Row One: H. Goddord, K. Mocy, R. Williams. Row Two: F. Hickman, J. Carrico, J. Reynolds. PHYSICAL EDUCATION — Left to Right, Row One: H. Kane, R. Trachok, E. Ferdun, J. Crooks, G. Lawlor. Row Two: J. Prida, L. Newell, J. Felshin, J. Olives, C. Shelton, G. Broten. Row Three: C. Walker, G. Twordokens, R. Russell, R. Laughter, I. Mower, S. Moseley, P. Mills. I MECHANICAL ENGINEERING — Left to Right, Row On e: J. Brattenburg, L. Manning. Row Two: E. Harris, G. Sutton, W. VanTassel, W. Rose. Faculty 23 Faculty ENGINEERING — Left fo Right, Row One: A. DeAngelis, G. Clark, C. Fell. Row Two: R. Manhart, W. Miller, J. Anderson. Row Three: D. Dickinson, R. Orcult. POLITICAL SCIENCE — Left to Right, Row One: V. Shinavar, E. Bush- nell, L. Pippin. Row Two: E. Rusco, H. Chase, H. Plaas, S. Pearl. CHEMISTRY — Left to Right, Row One: M. Darning, R. Morris, K. Kemp, D. McDonald. Row Two: J. Fresco, L. Williams, R. Fuson, B. Scharmo, C. Guss. JOURNALISM — Left to Right: A. Higgenbotham, K. Janulis, T. Con- over, L. Gilliland. 24 HOME ECONOMICS — Left fo Right, Row One: J. Margerum, B. Sansom, M. Sfone, K. Bell, V. Twitty. Row Two: P. Tripple, D. Terry, D. Bohmont, A. Gaston, L. Laughlin. Row Three: J. Chancerelle, M. Horn, H. Hardy. NURSING — Left to Right, Row One: M. Olsen, M. Elmore, C. Smith, M. Ziegenhorn, A. Friedley, A. Ezell. Row Two: M. Goff, W. York, E. Powers, D. Fletcher, J. Smith, M. Aasterud, A. Dickinson. ART — Left to Right: J. Sheppord, W. Howard, C. Ross, W. Bradford D. Kerr. MILITARY — Left fo Right, Row One: C. Fulkerson, H. Vedell, R. Gundlach, N. Craun, W. Wilson. Rovy Two: C. Nelon, C. Hudkins, H. Johnston, S. Dominque, R. Maxey, Brown, J. Scarbrough, Diamond. Faculty AGRICULTURE — Left to Right, Row One: C. Blincoe, C. Bailey, R. Cox, H. Christen- sen, T. Snyder, W. Neely, T. Lesperance, P. Tueller, M. Ogilive. Row Two: C. Seuf- ferle, D. Foote, B. Samson, G. Fulcher, L. Dunn, J. Robertson, Dean Bohmont, R. Peaden, S. Lydo, W. Stewart, H. Little, W. Whorton. Row Three: H. Kilpatrick, R. Gifford, R. Young, L. Christensen, H. Carnahan, E. Jensen, V. Bohman, V. Twitty, J. Malone. MATHEMATICS — Left to Right, Row One: E. Halligan, E. Beesley. Row Two: D. Pfaff, R. Collison, T. McMinn, C. Oakley, C. Pinkerton. PSYCHOLOGY — Left to Right, Row One: J. Ginsberg, W. Day. Row Two: A. Gardner, R. McQueen, R. McLin- tock, J. Nickels. 26 SOCIOLOGY-ANTHROPOLOGY — Left to Right, Row One: W. d ' Aze- vedo, C. Backman. Row Two: W. Suttles, E Palola, W. Salisbury, A. Simirenko. EDUCATION — Left to Right, Row One: H. Brown, M. Butorac, D. Davis, T, Tucker, P. Ward. Row Two: G. Jeffs, C. Reed, R. Willey, S. Worley, J. Bailey, H. Knapp, J. Davis. I Bml I BB 1 • ' • ' Ml||fcf-- t ■;■( ' : -fl p,. ■■p ' r w ) k vV v71|||Kk 0fKr ■ i-0 s ' mL l iiipii ' Pll J H H ' (ik tfiifi IHHbBH v. ' - ' ' 1 ' ' fl ' M . ,1 . ■ : wm Mi»- HISTORY — Left to Right, Row One: P. Smith, J. Hulse, H. Kirk- . Patrick. Row Two: J. Thompson, K. Brauer, R. Elliott, J. Tigner. MINES — Left to Right, Row One: H. Nelson, J. Winston, Dean Scheid, O. Haas, R. Sands. Row Two: A. Payne, E. Larson, E. Korsten, F. Bowdish, W. Voskuil, J. Lintz, A. Volborth, R. Nielsen. 27 %lM A ' A -iia ' i f-LV . 4 r irH ' ' Mlw K i STUDENT GOVERNMENT I I 29 i ASUN Officers The class of 1 964 will face a world shaped more than ever before by man with his science and technology. Per- haps the greatest challenge we will face in future years is that of finding and retaining values in a world ever more materialistic. Though universities train men in many different disciplines, all disciplines believe in the free and inquiring mind as the answer to the problems we face. Only the free and inquiring mind will continue to re concile our material progress with our questions of value. The University of Nevada cannot reach out in the future years and guarantee that we will continue to use the free and inquiring minds which we are assumed to have developed here. Rather, that must be our own re- sponsibility and our obligation to the University. James Acheson, ASUN President. James Acheson ASUN President Larry Struve ASUN First Vice-President Marsha Frankovich Deming ASUN Second Vice-President 30 Maty Rossolo AWS President AWS President In this age of awesome scientific achievement and international tension, our very survival depends upon our having informed citizens capable of and willing to par- ticipate actively and intelligently in the fast moving world about them. May our University of Nevada ever continue to provide the kind of intellectual and moral climate conducive to the growth of young men and women of integrity, creativity, compassion, and ded- ication. AWS President Mary Rossolo. Fianna Beeghly, ASUN Secretary, and Sue Rhoades, Assistant Secretary 31 Left to Right, Row One: Jim McNabney, Linda Phillips, Anne Louise Cantoln, Fianna Beeghly, Keith Lee. Row Two: Bill Pollard, Larry Struve, Dr. Miller, Dr. Palmer, Jim Acheson. Finance Control Board Publications Board Left to Right, Row One: Pat Rogero, Carole Hueftle, Anne Louise Cantlon, Fianna Beeghly, Linda Phillips, Keith Lee. Row Two: John Scott, Bill Pollard, Larry Struve, Dr. Morrison, Jim McNabney, Andy Gotelli, Jim Acheson. 32 AWS Council Left to Right, Row One: Mary Rossolo, Ann Louise Cantlon. Row Two: Lynn Roberts, Vicki Snyder, Ruthie Freidoff, Joe Denny, Marilyn Winall. Row Three: Sue Rhoades, Karen Branch, Carol Tobey. Row Four: Sue Barry, Sharon McHenry, Phyllis Goytino, Toni Batton, Pat Getchell. Row Five: Carol Egbert, Barbara Edgington, Robin Schoff, Rondo Wilson-Reid, Liz Livingston. Back: Jean Pogni. Not Pictured: Dot Gallagher, Linda Phillips, Susan Moss, Carolyn Cademortori, Marge Johnson, Laurie Sterne, Sandy Coverston, Jo Barrett, Kay Sorenson, Susan Prior, Joan Westfield, Rosemary Lituania, Pat Heward, Judy Charbonneau, Carole Hueftle. 33 Jii. Jill Black Chief Justice Bob Alward Associate Chief Justice Sue Rhoades Ken Folgate Joan Westfield Student Judicial Council The Student Judicial Council ' s function is to investigate, adju- dicate, and recommend discipline for cases involving student mis- conduct in violation of the University Code of Conduct and the Student Social Code. Under the directorship of Jill Black the council worked in the preparation of an Honor Code for the University. Left to Right, Row One: Joan Westfield, Jill Black, Sue Rhoades. Row Two: Kent Folgate, Bob Alward. 34 Left to Right, Row One: Fianna Beeghly, Jim Acheson, Larry Struve, Marsha Deming. Row Two: Keith Lee, Jinx Dabney, Michele Sola, Sue Rhoades, Ann Loiuse Cantlon, Mary Rossolo, Eileen Miller, Andrea DeSanfis, Karen Carlson, Judy Schmidt, Larry Hutchings. Row Three: Dave Cooper, Nick Moschetti, Bill Choffin, Dave Turner, Sue Voss, Linda Phillips, Muree Drummond, Bill Pollard, Ron Watson, John Bromley. The Senate was the center of criticism by the Sagebrush editor for its do-nothing policy. The Senate dealt with issues such as the University of Nevada Forum which it saved from defeat. In the spring semester Senate spent most of its time dealing with a new ASUN constitution. Senate ». ' " ' — % Senatorial debate! Enthusiasm in the Senate. 35 Student Union Board The Student Union Board, under the Chair- manship of Clark Santini, brought cultural, politi- cal, and entertaining progranns to the University this past year. Among the guests were Johnny Mathis, Barry Goldwater, and the San Francisco Symphony. But, the year was not smooth, for the Board was highly criticized by officers of the ASUN. Left to Right: Dave Cooper, Steve Gomes, Barbara Barengo, Bud Olsen, Marsha Deming, Clark Santini, Chairman; Julie Zeigler, Secretary; Ted Marston, Vicki Snyder, Dennis Honey, Barbara Heath, Bob Kersey, Advisor. That requires thought. It is about that attention a speaker has. 36 Election Board i Left to Right, Row One: Pat Getchell, Dolores Dunning, Sally Small, Susan Anderson, Marty Loux, Sharon Barrett. Row Two: Anthony Behrm, Doug Neddenriep, Chairman; Tom McFall, Murl Morris, Sig Rogich, Larry Malone, Bill Pollard, Frank Bilbao. 37 ASUN Historian The ASUN Historian, appointed by Senate upon the recommendation of the ASUN President, has the responsibility of collecting all information concerning the activities of the associated students throughout the year. Judy Black ASUN Historian 38 Left to Right, Row One: Karen Isbell, Marilyn Sherk. Row Two: Sarah Eckley, Sherie Sawyer, Shirley Heinen, Chairman; Carolyn Hicks, Jeannett Zolezzi. Public Relations AW S Judicial Board Left to Right, Seated: Vicki Snyder, Mary Rossolo, Dot Gallagher, Sharon McHenry. Standing: Annette Domino, Judy Winchell, Elaine Mobley, Roberta Barnes, Marty Loux. 39 Left to Right: Jaci Chiatovich, Tom Burns, Gene Gardella, Jon Key, Jane Thompson. Senior Class Committee Junior Class Committee Left to Right, Row One: Judy Schmidt, Dolores Duning, Doug Bruckner, Karen Branch. Row Two: Dennis FarnesI, Rosemary Lituonio, Virginius Dabney, Mario Peraldo, Anne Louise Cantlon, Art Kess. tf ' M Left fo Right: John Gasque, Ed Vacchina, Mike Ingersoll, Mary Lou MacKenzie, Charles Murphy, Joel Tew, Dove Gardiner. Sophomore Class Committee Freslimen Class Committee Left to Right, Row One: Mary Spikes, Kathy Graham, Alice Cafe. Row Two: Joe Belose, Don Weyont, Dennis George. Not pictured: Pot Dolan. 41 CLASSES 1 43, Seniors Tom Burns President Lane Abbott Jim Acheson Caryl Adams Harold Allen Bob Alward Joe Alvarez Dennis Anastassatus Leola Anderson Ross Ahntholz John Antonopoulos Patricia Arnold Edward Arteaga Dan Augustine Donald Bonta Ronald Banta Bruce Beardsley Fianna Beeghly Abdol Behnoud Harry Bennetts Marcia Bernard Jim Bernard! Judy Berger Kathleen Bergin Dianne Beyer 44 Barbara Barengo William Brodhead James Broer Bob Broili John Bromley Jim Bronson William Broyles Frank Brunetti Violet Brunetti Jackie Burr Joyce Burr Gary Busch Diane Campbell Robert Copurro Tom Case Coreen Sue Cavanaugh Evans Charley Barbara Champlin Jaci Chiatovich Lawrence Cluff Cliff Coluse Gloria Cosci John Couch John Crawford Frederick Darrah Jill Black Judy Black Robert Blair 45 Seniors John Davies Keehn Delorme Marsha Deming Richard Dixon Sonya Lee Datson Tom Doughty Thomas Douros Muree Drummond Georgiann Dungon Robert Donlon Phillip Earl Henry Ebbert Frank Eichelkraut Muriel Ellis William Evans Charles Feilback Wayne Ferguson Sharon plaster Daniel Foerschler Harry Ford Ron Forshey George Eraser Robert Eraser Diane Freeman Curtis Freemont Preston Funkhouser Gene Gardella Robert Gardiner Jim Gaumer Patricea Gehr Ellyn Gile Carol Goloy Dennis Golden Andy Gotelli 46 Denis Graham TBI r Glen Green w r HP W 1 - 1 -- Carole Gribble James Gwilliam Don Hackstaff Rosemarie Haene John Hannifan Dennis Honey Julia Hansen Fred Harris Tony Hart Don Heath William Helming Cojean Harrin Patricio Heword Pom Hinkley Joe Hollis Margaret Holstein James Hora Mary Howard Robert Howard Carole Hueftle Donald Hutcheson Larry Hutchings Karen Jackson Raymond Jeffers Judy Jepsen Norman Johnson Richard Junnila 47 Seniors Robert Kean Jon Key James Kinkor Tim Lane Cris Lawton Doreen Lasa Alfred Lee Anne Lewis Paul Lumos Marilyn Madsen Larry Malone William Maioney Marjorie Maple Mary Alice Martin Marjorie Martin Donna Martin Dick Mason Lawrence McCloud Kathleen McGhee Lyndell McGue Loris McGuire Sharon McHenry Diane McHughes James Mercer Richard Miles ,„ V Larry Miller ■ - Dove Minden 48 Rick Panelli Kay Park Steve Parker Ronald Peck Ronald Peek Bruce Pendleton Sara Pennington Joseph Perozzi Roger Peterson Linda Lee Phillips Mary Picchi Ronald Plumb William Pollard Anne Prida Judy Quanchi Robin Reese Brenda Revert Brian Roach Norman Rockwell Patricio Rogero Dennis Rosch Ellen Rosemon Barry Ross Diane Rosse 49 Seniors Clark Santini Icyl Santos Ann Savage James Sawdon Bill Schilling Christopher Scholz William Schweiss David Scruggs Robert Seifeis Arthur Shepler Gene Shimotori Linda Shoemaker Jerry Simpson Suellen Small Carolyn Smith Keith Smith Jeanette Snyder fL0 John Solaro Barbara Spauding Mary Kay Sorenson Sharon Stark Dwan Stan Janet Steiner 50 Larry Struve Rodney Stuart Sharon Tuelles Iris Turner Jean Tachoires W Ken Voughan Sue Voss Marilyn Walker Dixie Wallace Paricia Wagner Dorothy Walter Nancy Watson Eugene Weight Beverly Ann Wells Joan Westfield Dwight Weyant Russell Wilde Joe Winchell Robert Wolleh Thomas Woodhams Susie Wright Ralph Yopp Ruby Yrueta 51 Juniors Mario Peraldo President %■ ' jig g Claudine Ahlberg Barbara Aim Fran Archuleta Sally Atkinson Skip Avansino John Ball Jo Barrett Chris Bean Howard Beck Roger Besmehn mmtrnm m m g 1 John Blaikie ■ .« jmj Ed Boria ' . " " Tom Bowman Gary Boyd • J Karyn Branch d llB LaVern Brinkerhoff ▲IB 52 Robert Brinton Roberta Brooks Art Broten Bryant Bunney Charles Burr Carolyn Cademartorl Tom Cahill Anne Louise Cantlon Jack Cooney Mike Copenhaver Kaytie Corbin Sandy Coverston William Cozart Allan Craigmiles Richard Crawford Karen Carlson Linda Chambers Judy Charbonneou Kathleen Cleland Angela Ciorlantini Emily Cook l3- i i i a 01 J k Q •- 53 Juniors iS!»» l l Jinx Dabney Donald Dallas Bob Darrah Eric Davis Andrea DeSantis Mike DiSanza Annette Domina Sharon Dominici Janice Dore Dolores Dunning Dee Ann Ebert Jane Elliott Pete Etchomendy Judy Falkenstein tm jit Cheryl Kay Fallon Dennis Farnesi Danette Ferrier John Fierce Kent Folgote John Fordham . M i Ruthie Friedhoff Virginia Frost Steve Gaylord Jim Georgeson Karen Gibbs Margaret Goegg Jo Anne Gottschalk 54 i Renate Grate Jerry Gregory Cheryl Griffin Mike Griffin Trudy Groos Judi Grossenbach M Jerome Guffey y. rSPff ' f Robert Hodfield David Hampton Phil Hannifan Max Harcourt Don Hartman Peggy Haymo ' n Barbara Heath Richard Helgrew Larry Hicks Gail Hill Jane Holcomb Mark Holcombe Jo Ann Holmes Joyce Horlacher Helen Horn Phil Hurd 55 Juniors Dave Irish Sharon Jensen Yvonne Jensen Pete Jensvold Carol Johnson Diane Johnson Lynn Johnson mMm Claudia Judson Larry Kees Art Kess Am Michael Killfoil Martha Klinefelter Richard Knapp Cathy Landers Michael Lane -Y ' rwisrJR - ' •m SlC 1 Keith Lee Patty Lew is Theresa Ley Rosemary Lituania Marshall Most Ted Marston Sam Martini Judy Motley Joseph Mayer Mary McCabe Molly McKinley Edwin McKinnon 56 Glenn Meyer Daniel Miles Aileen Miller Judy Morrison Jodie Mueller Bob Murphy ti Gordon Nelson Morjean Nelson Maureen Nelson Herbert Nichols Judy Norcott Jerry O ' Day Bud Olsen Jan Packwood Jean Pagni William Palmer Donald Palnor Rick Parlette Robert Parrish Rena Pasquale Frances Peck George Peek Nancy Peek Donald Pesour 57 Juniors Barbara Phillips John Phillips Karen Phillips Pam Plath Leona Rawlins Susan Rhoades Donald Richards Jacqueline Ritchie Ronald Robards Lynn Roberts John Robinson Elizabeth Rusk Susann Sanor Bill Saxton Donna Sbragio Judy Schmidt John Scott Leanne Scott Carole Sharp Mimi Skillicorn William Sinnott 58 Jean Smith Vicki Snyder Keith Stephens Barbara Stephenson . Lois Taylor Bob Teglia Tim Thompson William Thompson Mdkt Margaret Taylor Marjorie Uehling Barbara Wolfe Ronald Watson Betty Webb Paul Weir Dorothy Wells Eli iabeth Williams Judy Wilson Rex Wilson John White Judith White Penny White Barbara Wilson Sharon Yeazel Patrick Walker Andree Walker Judie Walker Caroline Walters Barry Watkins o. • ; ' » W 59 Sophomores John Gascue President Robert Adams Lynn Allen Bernars Anderson Warren Anderson Dick Andrews Larry Andreotti Susan Anderson Loie Anglemyer Lyn Armbruster Carol Babcock Jim Babcock Jim Baker Judith Bakerink Sharon Barrett Carl Barrick Marion Bartorelli Mary Ann Battcher Alex Battin Bill Bauer Jane Bennett Larry Bennett Jon Benson Patricia Bernard Londo Biggs Carol Blankenburg Lee Bloomfield John Boswell Jill Bott Larry Bowen Betty Branche Fronkie Breeding Charles Breese Jean Briel Gwen Brown Nancy Brown Paul Bryan 60 Cleve Canapa Sharon Casazza Michael Casey Hank Cavallera Pat Ceccarelli Joan Ceresola Bill Chappin Jeannette Chiappero Gary Christiansen Shelia Clare Ralph Clevenger Dan dine Joyce Cobb Tom Conklin Kristen Cooper Roger Cornwall Sue Craven Joyce Crook Judy Crossett Ronnie Crowe Cleve Crudgington Peggy Curie Fred Sallimore Gary Daniel Judy Daniel Shelia Davis Vicki Bullis Judy Burke Dawna Burkhan Pat Burns Carol Butler Bill Byrnes Patrick Collery Bob Cameron AiU iMikk - 4ik 61 Sophomores J!K John Depaoli Barbara Deshler Kerry DeVincenzi Kenneth Dickens Susan Doherty Janef DuBois Leshe Ann Eastwood Lawurence Eck Sarah Eckley Karen Edsall Duncan Edwards V ' - Nancy Englehard Mori Kae Ennis Bob Erickson Paul Escallion Max Evans df ik Ruth Frnstermaker M ■ Bruce Fenton • C5 fj Allen Ferrari John Flournoy Lynn Friedhoff Carl Fuetsch Lorry Furrow Ton! Gale Cris Gang Dave Gardiner Katy Gardiner Chris Garos Lorna Garside Viki Geis 62 I Barbara Havens George Hawkins Katie Hay Rick Heaney Cheryl Heigh Shirley Heinen Barbara Heller Leroy Getchell Mary Kay Gezelln Richard Glass Phyllis Goytino Gary Gray Robbie Graber Alene Hall Phil Henrikson Wk Diane Hess Carolyn Hicks Wh Sharon Hill ■ ■ Lorey Hodge Ik " Dave Hornbeck M KI m. Judy Hunt 63 Sophomores Karen Isbell William Jorvis Glendo Jeffrey Dale Johnson Deanna Johnson Loretto Johnson Marge Johnson Ronie Johnson Marilyn Jones Jane Katzman Candy Kelly William Kelly Kirk Kinne Edith Klos Michael Lolly Sandra Lawlor Jacie Leory Harriet Lee Margaret Lewis Marty Loux Mary Lou MocKenzie Bill Magee Kent Moloney John Monke Alono Marean Linda Martin Suzanne Martin Toni Martin Sylvia Moslach Keith Mattson Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Patricio Maxsom 64 fQlf Kenny Mathce Janet Mayer John McCorduck Richard McCoy Patrick McDaniel Karen McDonald Tom McFoll Kothy McKaig i Lynda Middleton Evelyn Miller John Mirczak Jerry Moddrill Lone Monroe Susan Moss Charles Murphy Suzi Notucci Diane Nelson Dave Netherby Elaine Newton Niel Nielsen Fred Noonan Megan O ' Neill Lenore Owens Tony Oxborrow Cherie Petty Lani Pew Barbara Parish Mary Parmenter g0ft«SSr Marilyn Patterson g " " " J JoAnn Peterson John Plough n ' Diana Poehlman m ' ; Gary Rano t Marc Ratner -W 65 Sophomores Shirlee Reed Louise Ruybalid Kathleen Sadler Michele Sola Diane Solas David Solvodorini Cherie Sawyer Schuyler Schoff Robbin Schaff Woyne Schwortzkopf Frank Scott Elfreno Sewell Mike Show Marilyn Sherk Sally Small Donald Smith Mary Soloro Sally Sommer Richard Spolding Carolyn Sprague Sharry Springmeyei- Keith Stauffer 66 Charlie Steiner John Utter Edward Vacchina JoAnn VanLydegrof Jeanine VanWagenen Kay VonTobel Franklin Wadsworth Kent Whelan Sue Whifaker William Whitfield David Widmer Jeanette Wilde Barbara Williams William Williams Shirley Williams Mike Stephenson Kothy Stern Larry Stiff Jeannie Stoner Mary Swallow Susan Taylor Joel Tew Sarah Tilford William Tomany Claudia Treharne Jackie Uhalde Cv i Carolyn Wilson 1 Rondo Wilson-Reid SPSB Lorre Wolf W Diane Woodward T Charles Yeager «r- — Ted Zaehringer % Jeanette Zolezzi 67 Dennis George President Jean Bacon Dianna Bailey Roberta Baker David Ball Diane Barengo Cathy Barker Stephan Baring Barbara Barnica Marianne Barton Bob Basta Merilyn Baumann John Beemer Patsy Beemer Joe Beloso Frank Bibao Marty Bibb Corinne Boomer Betty Boyd Linda Boyd Gini Bresee Lucinda Bricker William Brooks Geanie Brown Betty Bryan Patrick Brymer Kenneth Buhrmann Sharon Campbell Bill Carpenter 68 Robyn Darby Shirley Davis Mary Louise Denhorn Dianne DeReemer Kathie Dieleman Claudia Dixon Pam Dringoli Jacque Elliot Pat Elliott Barbara Ellis Chuck Fairer Jane Pant Kristen Farnsworth Ardyth Felesina Julie Flippo Jill Freeman Morylynne Fry James Fulstone Richard Funk Candy Galster Kris Games James Clark Stephanie Cogorno Jane Connor Marvis Cooper Carolyn Cottrell Judy Crowell Peggy Crumley Lauren Curutchet Ron Dale Vicki-Van Dallas Robert Dorakjy wmmmik 69 Freshmen Barbara Goraventa Gretchen Geyer Leah Geyer Ginny Gilbert Bobbie Giocomini John Glenn Kathy Glunz Kathy Graham Pete Griffith Robert Grubic Vicki Gurtsema Judy Haas Despina Habjopoulos diiukh John Hancock Sylvia Hansel Stephen Hansen Jeanne Hardin Dick Harris Kenneth Harrison Diane Hartman Sharon Hawkins Marcio Heinbaugh Jean Hendrickson Leon Hensley Bill Hesse! Joyce Hoffman 70 Marvin Hogge Gayl Holmes Charlotte Holaday Dave Holmsfrom Clyde Hooper Craig How ard Jim Humphrey Kay Hovenden Merle Hutton Mike Jackson David Layton Anne Marie Lesperance Julie Lewis Kathryn Linz Sherry Locke Sally Lombardi Jeanie Loofbourrow Kay Johnson Claire Johnston Dave Kappler Lael Kimpfon Barbara Knisley Steven Kosach Jeanne Kranvchonok John Kreiger Jim Kuenzli Lani Lane Martin Larroneta 71 r Leni Ludel Risa Mackay Judy Martin Jane McCarthy Barbara Meeks Wes McVey Mora Lea Martin Marilyn Mercer Barbara Meyer Jan Meyer Linda Meyers Dwight Millard Janice Miller Robin Millholland Rita Mitchell Jeanne Moore Nick Moschetti Barbara Mote 0Sir ' ' iil Barbara Muron Joseph Murin Marvin Murphy Fred Nagel Michael NanninI Jean Nash Bruce Nickerson 72 I Harry Parsons Pot Peck Vicki Pede Lois Nuernberg ft Mildred Oats Garth Oldham mw ' Chuck Pettycrew V Vicki Diepenbrock Pat Precissi Mary Lynne Prida Lisa Puccinelli Valero Rudnick Jean QOonchi Jim Quirk John Ray Jack Raycroft Linda Reardon Don Rechenmacker Rick Redicon Yvonne Redmond Kent Reid Sheila Renshow Andrea Rice Brian Richards Dave Roberts Frank Roberts ' «»rsS ' tM 73 Freshmen Gerry Roberts Martha Rose Shirley Ross Sandy Saviers Bob Scholk Steve Scott Barbara Secoy Kris Segerstrom Andy Sewell Joseph Sharp Leilani Shattuck William Simpson Carmel Smolley Linda Smolley Sharon Smith Norm Snyder Sue Sonderegger James Sorenson Mary Spikes Carolyn Spitzer Dana Stafford Rich Starkweather Sandy Starrett Marian Stead Tom Stephens Judy Stewart Lana Strosnider Elizabeth Supera William Sutton Ken Swanson Phyllis Teipner 74 Jo Anne Thompson John Throne Carol Tiffany Tina Trelease Tom Tripiano Sherry Tryon Shcrlynn Tuck © Julie Tyson Mojorie Uhalde Cindy Utter Barbara Volnderburg Cheryl Vgaldea George Volk Bob Waldren Donna Weaver Luke Webber Rich Webber Kothy Weishaupt Jim Wenner Don Weyont Frederic Williamson Marilyn Winall Judy Winchell Roberta Yasuda Jacquelyn Zadow Richard Zoncanella Arthur Zetko Laura Zilkey Gregg Zive M 75 U ; , , M U- » ' -i. ' , .- ' 4 « Ik-- ' J ' t9P ' n ' ' H ' - ' - K I n ' HS ' " .f , ♦ 77 Jl f v( iodv;,rerV ito ' 50 « ,» ° " : ' HO : " Homecoming Queen W6 78 Soe fv f ' - " GO ' rr roO Julie Ziegler Off-campus Independent wif 79 s a IS » ®.ncieO ioAV ' odeP e O -cO ' ro9 OS GO , roa , 4 r: .-v ° 80 i fV Jane Fant Artemesia Hal » A ' « •• t locV « J Jv o ioo ' Marylynne Fry Pi Beta Phi Winter Carnival Queen ' m- Jeanette Stoddart Gamma Phi Beta 82 Gretchen Geyer Off-campus Independent Judy Grossenbach Delta Delta Delta Anne Louise Cantlon Kappa Alpha Theta Camille Richards Juniper Hall Cynthia Geyer Pi Beta Phi Diane Showalter Gamma Phi Beta Kathy Helsdon Off-Campus Mimi Skillicorn Manzanita Hall Junior Prom Queen 85 Diane Beyer Pi Beta Phi Ellen Roseman Delta Delta Delta i " " Mackay Day Queen Jackie Chiatovich Gamma Phi Beta vv Harriet Haog Manzanito Hall Doris Howard Juniper Hall Linda Phillips Kappa Alpha Theta 86 - ■ a - ' - ims tm ' Jill Black Off-Campus Independent Campus Royalty Mimi Patrick Pi Beta Phi White Rose Queen Sigma Nu Muriel Ellis Pi Beta Phi Moonlight Girl Phi Sigma Kappa 88 Linda Borer Delta Delta Delta Crescent Girl Lambda Chi Alpha Diane Beyer Pi Beta Phi SAE Sweetheart Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chris Gang Gamma Phi Beta Rose Queen Delta Sigma Pi Andrea DeSantis Independent Queen of Hearts Sigma Phi Epsilon Chris Games Independent Sundowner Queen Sundowners •: . 89 Jim Acheson Edward Arteaga Phi Kappa Phi Graduate and undergraduate mem- bers of all departments in American col- leges and universities compose the nation- al honor society of Phi Kappa Phi. Its prime objects are to emphasize scholarship, to preserve the original purpose of learning, and to stimulate mental achievement. These members of the graduating class were elected for membership in Phi Kappa Phi on the basis of scholarship. Lucy Barnard Fianna Beeghly Jill Black John Bromley Frank Brunetfi Jr. Phillip Earl Dianne Freeman Ron Gallagher Patricia Gehr Andy Gotelli Carol Gribble Roemarie Haenel Mary Picchi Larry Hutchings Richard Newton Icyl Santos Larry Struve Richard Tinch Nancy Watson Joan Westfield 90 Cap and Scroll Cap and Scroll is composed of women of th e University who are leaders in stu- dent life and activity and hold an over-all 2.7 average. To be a member one must have been president of a recognized or- ganization. The purpose of Cap and Scroll is to develop the highest ideals on Ne- vada ' s campus. Rosemarie Haenel Carole Hueftle Kay Kirn Sharon Millard Linda Phillips Mary Rossolo Jeanette Snyder Ruby Yureta Jill Black Marsha Deming Muriel Ellis Joan Westfield President 91 I Who ' s Who Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is composed of junior and senior students who have outstanding records for service to the University and for academic achievement. Pat Rogero, Journalism Kay Sorensen, Chemistry Fianna Beeghly, French Larry Struve, Political Science Rosemarie Haenel, Education 92 Rusty Nash, Economics Joan Westfield, German Andy Gotelli, Accounting Jaci Chiatovich, English Pat Heward, French Marsha Deming, Economics 93 Who ' s Who Judy Quanchi, Education Sharon Stark, Nursing Bill Helming, Agriculture Econonnics 94 Carole Hueftle, Journalism Larry Hutchings, Political Science Muree Drummond, Nursing Muriel Ellis, Journalism Jim Acheson, Economics Linda Phillips, Speech 95 Rosemary Lituania presents Barbara Edgington her Bronze Cup. Donna Gracik and Carol Sanderson receive the volleyball trophy for Independents. 96 Jo Davis and Cheri Heigh receive the bowling trophy. WRA Awards The WRA Gold Cup Dessert was held in February in the Dining Commons. At this annual event wards are given for winning teams in volleyball and bowling. The girls talk over their dessert. Richard Knapp receives the Buzzy Marks Sportmanship Trophy. Kinnear Trophy This coveted trophy represents intramural, athletic supremacy of a living group. Annually, each fall, the trophy is awarded at the IFC " bean feed " to the men whose group accumulated the most points. Bradshaw Trophy The Bradshaw Trophy is a revolving trophy given to the fraternity which accumulates the most points in intramural sports. The trophy is named after Jim " Rab- bit " Bradshaw, the only Nevada football player to be named to the Football Hall of Fame. Tim Griffin accepts the Kinnear Troph y for Alpha Tau Onnega. Judge Beemer speaks to the nnembership of IFC. 97 LIVING GROUPS I 99 Ellen Roseman President Delta Delta Delta V " 4«rBp Susan Anderson Mary Ashworth Jo Barrett Mary Ann Bottcher Alex Battin Jane Bennett Judy Berger Londo Biggs Judy Brann Nancy Brown Carolyn Cademartori Carolyn Cottrell Pat Ceccarelli Judy Crowell Sheila Davis Georgiann Dungan 100 Cheryl Fallon Diane Freeman Lynn Friedhoff Ruthie Friedhoff Karen Gerwin Kathy Glunz Carole Gribble Judy Grossenbach Judy Haas Rosemarie Haenel Britta Halvorsen Diane Hartman Diane Norwood Marcia Heinbaugh Shirley Heinen Jane Holcomb 101 Delta Delta Delta Clyda Hooper Jane Katzman Patti Lewis Jeanie Loofbourrow Mary McCabe Molly McKinley Toni Martin Marsha Marvel Patricia Maxsom Barbara Meeks Diane Nelson Judy Norcott Cherie Petty Barbara Phillips Jan Pierce Toni Poloni 102 Jacqueline Ritchie Ann Savage Cherie Sawyer Judy Schmidt M Vicki Snyder Mary Soiaro Dana Stafford Sharon Stark Kathy Stern Judy Stewart Cindy Utter Judie Walker Nancy Watson Elizabeth Williams Rondo Wilson-Reid Lorre Wolf Sharon Yeazel JF © 103 Gamma Phi Beta i-..- ' ' ., Jaci Chiatovich President Gail Aiazzi Lynn Allen Michele Arrington Roberta Beal Dawna Burkham Karen Carlson Sharon Casazza Linda Chambers Chris Gang Karen Goodrich Vickl Gurtsema Judy Daniel Delores Dunning Prella Ede Danette Ferrier 104 Carolyn Hicks Judy Hunt Judy Jepson Claudia Judson Margaret Lewis Liz MacGregor Suzi Natucci Marilyn Ronney Susan Rhoades Marilyn Robens Lynn Roberts Pat Rogero Mary Rossolo Robbin Schoff Diane Showalter Barbara Spoulding Laurie Sterne JoAnn VanLydegraf Marilyn Walker Diane Woodward 105 Linda Lee Phillips President Kappa Alpha Theta Leola Anderson Diane Barengo Marianne Barton Fianna Beeghly Kathleen Bergin Betty Boyd Anne Louise Cantlon Alice Cate Marsha Darning Coreen Covanaugh Sheila Clare Emily Cook Kristen Cooper Mauvis Cooper Peggy Crumley Janet DuBois 106 Nancy Engelhard Kriston Fornsworth Jill Freeman Joyce Freeman Mary Kay Gezelin Margaret Goegg Phyllis Goytino Cheryl Griffin Barbara Heath V ' Jean Henrikson Patricia Heward Gretchin Keiser ' V IS ' i 1 Barbara Knisley Sue Whitaker Joan Westfield .tfK ' t- ' 107 Kappa Alpha Theta Anne Marie Lesperance Anne Lewis Sherry Locke Risa Mackay Mary Lou MocKenzie Marilyn Modsen Donna Martin Suzanne Martin " 1 T 1 Micheie Maupin Michon Maupin Karen McDonald Sharon McHenry Kathy McKaig Judy Morrison Kay Park Elizabeth C. Rusk 108 i Sandy Saviers Barbara Secoy Elfrena Sewell Sally Small Suellen Small Linda Smalley Carolyn Smith Sally Sommer Sue Sonderegger Marion Stead Janet Steiner Lana Strosnider Phyllis Teipner Sue Voss Carolyn Webster I 109 Pi Beta Phi Muriel Ellis President Lyn Armbruster Cathy Berker Marcia Bernard Dianne Beyer Carol Blankenburg Lee Bloomfield Karyn Branch Jacki Cercek Judy Charbonneau Sue Craven Judy Crossett Vicki-Von Dallas Joanne Denny Karry DeVincenzi Vicki Diepenbrock Claudia Dixon Annette Domino Leslie Eastwood Jacque Elliot Jane Elliot no Virginia Frost Marylynne Fry Viki Geis Ginny Gilbert Joanne Gottschalk Marilyn Jones Martha Klinefelter Sally Lombardi Jane McCarthy Lyndell McGue Doris McGuire Janet Mayer Jodie Muller Megan O ' Neill Lenore Owens Barbara Parish Karen Phillips Pam Plath Pat Precissi Mary Lynne Prida in Pi Beta Phi Jean Quanchi Judy Quanchi Martha Rose Patricia Rowe Kathleen Sadler Michele Sala Kay Sorenson Carolyn Spltzer Sharry Springmeyer Jean Tachoires K. — -ip . Margaret Taylor Susan Taylor Joanne Thompson Jackie Uhalde Margie Uhalde Jeanine Van Wagenen Betty Webb Penny White Judy Wilson Jeanette Zolozzi 112 Panhellenic Council Jaci Chiatovich Jo Barrett President R Linda Phillips © Muriel Ellis Ellen Roseman Penny White Panhellenic Council, composed of the president and rush chairman from each sorority, is the governing body between the four sororities and supervises rushing. Judy Morrison 113 Sharon Domenici President Juniper Hall W- " " ' f ' __ 4- " - ' ' ' ' " ' 1 ■ Sandra Albiston Barbara Aim Mary Alt Shirley Anderson ■ i, ' ,%. • ' r ' Dianna Lee Bailey Roberta Baker Marian Bartorelli Patsy Beemer Patricia Bernard Corinne Boomer Marilyn Baumann Toni Bratten Betty Bryan Kathleen Cleland Stephanie Cogorno Susan Crews 114 Joyce Crook Susan Doherty Janice Dore Dee Ann Ebert Judy Ann Falkenstein Julie Flippo Candy Galster Lome Garside Pat Getchell Bobbie Giacomini Kathy Graham Donna Grundman Alene Hall Terry Holler Dion Hess Charlotte Holoday Sharon Jensen Lynn Johnson Marge Johnson Sherri Johnson m 115 Juniper Hall Candy Kelly Edith Klos Jeanne Kranvchonok Cathy Landers Lani Lone Kathryn Linz Sandra Lowler Leni Ludel Pott McCann Barbara Meyer ..0 Evelyn Miller Janice Miller Merry Moddrill Jean Nash Joyce Olesnewicz ' »»-rf- ' , f- Mary Parmenter Rena Pasquale Marilyn Patterson Ellen Podall 116 Diana Poehlman Lisa Puccinelli Nora Purdy Yvonne Redmond Joyce Rowntree Valera Rudnick Linda Lee Shoemaker Carmel Smailey Sandy Starrett Dee Stewart ft f -_- ' - Jeanette Stoddart Elizabeth Supera Morv Swallow Tina Rae Trelease Marjorie Uehling Cheryl Ugaldea Kathy Weishaupt Judy Winchell Barbara Wolfe Laura Zilkey 117 Sue Barry President Mdnzanita 7 . .■ V V Patricia Arnold Sharon Barrett Jill Bott Vicki Bullis Carol Butler Jeannette Chiappero Angela Ciarlantini Barbara Ciarlantini Joyce Cobb Sandy Coverston Lauren Curutchet Muree Drummond Carol Egbert Barbara Ellis Gretta Gale Barbara Garavento 118 Ellyn Gile Lynne Goddard Mary Godwin Jeanne Gurneou ■■ Sylvia Hansel Katie Hay Borbare Heller Gail Hill Sharon Hill Lorey Hodge JoAnn Holmes Mary Hyde Glenda Jeffrey Yvonne Jensen Loretta Johnson Romie Johnson Marty Loux Jacie Leary Lynn Lee Marjorie Maple 119 Manzanita Jan Meyer Robin Millholland Sharon Millard Rita Mitchell -« « Sylvia Moseley Sylvia Moslach Mildred Oats JoAnn Peterson Roberta Porterfield Shirlee Reed Carolyn Robens Susann Sanor Leanne Scott Mimi Skillicorn Kafhe Spomer Sarah Tilford Kay Van Tobel Judith White Mary White Kathy Wick Jeanette Wilde Shirley Williams 120 Artemisia Hall Bonnie Hapgood Jo Landa Linda Martin Barbara Muran Charole Sharp Dawn Starr Claudia Trehorne Donna Weaver Marilyn Winall 121 m Tim Griffin President r-n--y ' . JVi __«lf « » «;WK. n V " ' f ■» , ' ■ « 1 p -I ' . - ' f « W- ■ ' • Fran Archuleta Donald Banta Ronald Banta Terrance Barcellas Bob Basta Pat Burns Charles Burr Paul Bryan Gary Carter Michael Casey Evans Charley William Cozart Donald Dallas Fred Dallimore Robert Diullo Robert Dungan 122 i ' r-j SjA. ; Max Evans Lorry Felesina James Fox Richard Funk ■f ' s r » fj " ' •s f - ««B f, Mf Larry Furrow Dennis George Mike Griffin Terry Grimm ! — - W . ■ Jeroms Guffey Russell Guisti Dave Halmstron Phil Hanifan W " - Stephen Hansen Bill Hessel Bill House Craig Howard X; - Mike Ingersoll Richard Jacobsen Dennis Jensen Dennis Johnson L ' ■■ ♦■ aiir K n - 3 - r ¥ i» 1 ■::» .-»% f 123 AW ■ ' ». - «4- 1 ! -m U-jtm lip c i(4 Michael Killfoil Kirk Kinne Mike Knight Steven Kosach Tim Lane Keith Lee Richard Marcucci Dave Matley John McCordick Wayne Miller Bob Murphy Marvin Murphy Bruce Nickerson Harry Parsons Mario Peraldo Jim Quirk 124 Jack Raycraft Robert Rohrer Terry Ronan Lou Rossi LeRoy Rupert Clark Santini Tony Scheuller Tom Seeliger Kris Segerstrom Jim Sinasek Les Smith Norm Snyder Robert Snyder Chip Stanek Keith Stauffer Larry Stiff " «• • ' " Wj 1| «2» •VrS, Jim - •■ 125 AW ■ " ' ■■■ f% ii ?l» Bob Stovak Ken Swanson Tom Tripiano w % ' ' " % 1 f» Charles Yeager Ed Zubey Michae l Lane Richard Crawford Patrick Walker Paul Weir Jim Wenner Don Weyant Dwight Weyant •Steven Williams 126 Theta Chi Leslie Davey President Ross Ahntholz Chris Bean John Bromley Bryant Bunney Bill Byrnes Jim Duncan James Gottfredson Larry Haberland James Mass David Jackson Jim Keith John Kimpton John Kreiger John Manke Vernon Manke Marshall Mast Frederic Mitchell Michael Polish Philo Romine William Thompson SW lllf ' m ( a c Illicit ' 4 127 SAE Jim Gaumer President A Jose Alvarez Jim Baker David Ball Tom Bowman Tod Brendlen Art Broten Cliff Coluse Denver Dickerson Richard Dixon Cl: l| - ' Duncan Edwards Dennis Farnesi Kent Folgate ' -St « -J«- t John Gasque Steve Gaylord John Glenn 128 Joel Glover Andy Gotelli Pete Griffith Don Hockstaff Dennis Honey Tommy Hart Rick Heaney Mark Holcombe Robert Kean Larry Kees Jim Kuenzli Bob Lowson Ted Morston Sam Martini ■9 I f . o ' ■ ' A i .,. m ilF f 129 Sigma Alpha Epsilon •sigf ' Joe Mayer Fred Noonan Wes McVey . Tl IjMM I(PS Bud Olsen Bill Palmer Marc Ratner ¥ Lyie Rivera Dave Roberts Dick Rock -3 ib:. ' .- Wl %., ' V ' » ii Sig Rogich Jerry Rossi Rex Wilson Barry Watkins Ed Vacchino Allan Craigmiles 130 Little Sisters of Minem Diane Beyer President Chris Gang Judi Grossenbach Anne Lewis Kathy McKaig Judy Norcott Linda Phillips Ann Louise Contlon Judy Choronneau 0 R W Ellen Roseman Judy Schmidt Vicki S nyder r ' " " Marilyn Walker Penny White 131 Gene Gardella President Lambda Chi Alpha P i ' - » ■«?» ' , f I -ri? m - «• ll » fSp- ttj . Jim Acheson Bob Alward John Biall Ed Boria Larry Bowen Bill Carpenter Gordon Corn Roger Cornwall Cleve Crudgington 9( Virginius Dabney Ron Dale Bob Erickson Bruce Fenton John Flournoy Jim Georgeson 132 LeRoy Getchell Richard Glass Dennis Golden LeRoy Goodnnan Dennis Graham Leon Hensley Jim Humphrey Lorry Hufchings Richard Knopp T om McFall Charles Murphy Gory Nelson Niel Nielsen Rick Paulefte Chuck Pettycrew r . •» w o -«. •- ' 133 Lambda Chi Alpha j y 9b John Phillips Bill Saxton Wayne Schwartzhopf o : • " ' Mike Sham Rick Starkweather Keith Stephens .-i I -J fl. ,--: Charlie Steiner Lorry Struve Jock Tedford iCi t L T « W " - , - mi Bob Teglio Jim Throne Ronald Watson Fred Williamson Greog Zive 134 Phi Sigma Kappa Gary Rand President Don Bell Larry Bennett Marty Bibb Mickie Collins Robert Grouse Ronnie Crowe Chuck Fairer Robert Frost Richard Gwyn James Hechtman Richard McCoy Patrick McDanlel Richard Newton Walter Omen Robert Parrish John Robinson Mike Walters Rich Webber Richard Zonconella T-a js»f ' - : i ff»r ' .r -- ' , : f . ' ' r — — ! 4 - J p 1 i ' 1 mm 135 Rusty Ndsh President Siiuia Nu o W -ss » • _- ' 1 » V ! : - ■» Bernard Anderson Larry Andriotti Skip Avonsino Robert Blair John Beemer Joe Beloso Jon Benson Michael Blokely ' % ' i " • v ,C Jim Bronson Tom Case Hank Cavallera Bill Chaffin Gary Christiansen Bob Cameron Tom Conkiin Bob Darrah 136 I John Davies Eric Davis Kenneth Dickens Allen Farrari Daniel Foerschler John Fordham Carl Fuetsch Dave Gardiner Don Heath Jerry Gregory Robert Grubic Bob Hamilton .| J| , I ' W 4w jMt ' - t John Hancock Dick Harris Phil Henrikson Larry Hicks W J» «?♦ " «feWlC5p- •► - " • 137 Sigma Nu " r mB w?«y ' . ' P li» mif Bruce Pentleton Roy Pike - ' ! ri«r 1- ' " V y- . Dave Hornbeck Mike Jackson Richard Junnila Art Kess 1 » • " » ,( , ' . ic « fTS Ck « ' Jon Key Cliris Lawton Doug Loberg Kent Moloney Ed McKinnon Dave Minedew John Mirczak Joseph Marin Stephen Morris Fred Nagel Herb Nichols Jon Packwood 138 i John Plough Frank Roberts Gary Roberts Larry Sabin David Salvadorini James Sawdon Bill Schilling Bob Scholk Schuyler Schoff John Scott Steven Scott William Simpson James Sorensen Richard Spalding Bob Waldren John White o m « flT- ■- " d ' ©fT f . ' a " -WR ' 1 ( , m ' — - Arthur Williams 139 Me Fine Hall t| «Si» - »»; t r •ip 0 -mv :x wi 1 1 r f ' _r„ k f jIp 51 - f Tom Stoker Ralph Thomas David Widmer John Ady John Antonopoulos Edward Arteaga Charles Breese James Clark Dan Cline John Depaoll Laurence Eck Gary Gray William Heleming Marvin Hogge Doug Hutchinson William Kelly William Moloney Bob Mateos George Mateas Dave Netherby Garth Oldham Frank Scott William Sinnott 140 Lincoln Hall John Blaikie President Frank Bilbao Gwen Brown Patrick Bruymer Kenneth Buhrmann Robert Darakjy Robert Hadfield William Jarvis David Loyton Larry Miller Jerry O ' Day Tim Pierce Monti Riordan Norman Rockwell Edward Tomany William Tomany William Williams T ' m fu - o ' «» U T ' Wa .wJi; - a. a||| gjl 141 Hall Association Officers JUNIPER HALL — Left Jo Right, Row One: Gael Hallack, Sandy Storrett, Judy Winche, Liz Livingston, Cheryl Ugaldea, Jackie Ziegler. Row Two: Lynn Johnson, Pat Getchell, JoDs Woolverton, Yvonne Redmond, Shiley Ander- son, Jeanette Hansen, Judy Martin, Leni Ludel. MANZANITA HALL, SPRING — Left to Right, Row One: Kathy Wick, Robin Millholland, Mary Witkovi ski. Row Two: Sharon Bar- rett, Carol Egbert, Jeanne Scott, Shirley Reed, Mary Hyde. Row Three: Marty Loux, Katie Hay, Roberta Porterfield, Lorey Hodge. MANZANITA HALL, FALL — Left to Right, Row One: Kathy Wick, Karen Bone, Mary White. Row Two: Sandy Coverston, Sue Barry, Carol Egbert, Mary Whitkowski. Row Three: Mary Loux, Barbara Ciarlantini, Mimi Skillicorn, 142 Don Heath President Tim Griffin Ward Coats Mario Peroldo Inter-Fraternity Council Rusty Nash Al Craigmiles (T%. ■ " iip ' Les Davey Richard Gwyn Jim Gaumer j . -I Bill Schilling The Inter-Fraternity Council is com- posed of fraternity house presidents and chairmen of the various committees, such as rush, public relations, and chapter management. i»» 143 • mANIZATIONS 145 Don Banta President Block N Members of Block N are persons who have earned their letter in football, basketball, baseball, track, box- ing, skiing, golf, and tennis. Block N sponsored the pro- fessional basketball game between the San Francisco Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers as a money raising project. Jim Bronson Gary Busch Henry Ebbert Charles Feilback Joel Glover Don Hartmon Jon Key Richard Miles Seve Parker Chris Scholz 146 PEMS i PEAAS is an organization composed of women who are majoring or minoring in the field of physical educa- tion. Selling programs at Nevada games is one of the ways in which members raise money for scholarships they award yearly. Barbara Edgington, who is not pic- tured, was president this past year. Gloria Casci Robyn Darby Dianne DeReemer Joyce Hoffman Rosemary Lituania Elaine Newton Dianne Rosse Jean Smith Ruby Yrueta Ml 147 Ron Banta President UNCOC is an advanced army ROTC program for upper classmen. It is a part in the develop- ment of career officers by following the require- ments of leadership, honesty and integrity, self- discipline, and sacrifice which add greater stature to the term gentlemen. University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club Fran Archuleta Don Banta Howard Beck Larry Bennett 1 m Pr Michael Blokely William Brodhead Larry Worcester James Broer Art Broten William Broyles Jack Cooney Jr. Gene Gardella Dennis Honey Phil Hannifan 148 ■ Max Harcourt Don Heath Mark Holcombe Art Kess Jon Key Jon Packwood Robert D. Parrish George Peek William Pollard Gene Shimotori Norman Sligor Rodney Stuart Ronald Watson Rex Wilson 4 S 149 Sagens The purpose of Sagens is to render service at and for the University of Nevada in the cultural, educational, and social aspects of campus life. Sagens is composed of upper class women from each living group and members at large. They are selected for scholastic achievement and serv- ice to the betterment of the University. Karen Carlson Marsha Deming Dolores Dunning 0 Jill Black Presidenl Prella Ede Muriel Ellis Danette Ferrier Ruthie Friedhoff Rosemarie H aenel ' 1 st Barbara Heath Rosemary Lituonia Sharon Millard Judy Morrison Jean Pagni Linda Phillips Judy Quanchi Ellen Rosemon Mary Rossolo Judy Schmidt Mimi Skillicorn Kay Sorenson Dawn Starr Jean Tachoires Joan Westfield 150 Blue Key Blue Key is a national honorary service fra- ternity composed of senior and junior men. Mem- bers are chosen for scholastic achievement and service to the betterment of the University. Mem- bers of Blue Key usher at university functions, escort queen candidates at Homecoming and Winter Carnival functions, and aid in registration and orientation of new students. I Andy Gotelli President Jim Acheson Skip Avansino Bob Blair Mike Blakely Doug Bruckner Chuck Burr Gordon Corn Dennis Farnesi Joel Glover Mike Griffin Tim Griffin Don Heath £ 1 Joe Mollis Larry Hutchings Art Kess Jon Key Keith Lee i iJiHi Dave Minedew Rusty Nash Mario Peraldo Bill Pollard Larry Struve 151 Spurs The aims of Spurs are to support student body activities, promote school spirit, and foster a spirit of loyalty and helpfulness. The membership is open to sophomore women having a 2.5 grade average and having leadership qualities. Spurs sponsored the WUS Carnival and the Ugly Man Dance. Susan Prior was president this year. Lynn Allen Lyn Armbruster Vicki Bullis Sharon Casazza Joanne Denny Karry DeVincenzi Lynn Friedhoff Mary Kay Gezelin Phyllis Goytino Britta Halvorson Deanna Johnson Karen McDonald Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Susan Moss Susie Natucci Kalhy Sadler Cheryl Sawyer Frini Sewell Mary Solaro Sally Sommer Kathy Wick Jeanette Solezzi 152 Sagers Sogers is composed of sophomore and fresh- men who have a 2.0 or better. They usher at uni- versity functions and aid in the registration of students each semester. They also give service to the University for many other programs. Sagers was under the leadership of Dave Gardiner this past year. John Beemer John Boswell Bill Carpenter r; Phil Carter John Gasque Phil Henrikeon Mike Jackson Doug Loberg Nick Moschetti Charles Mruphy Tony Oxborrow Roy Pike David Salvodorini r - Cx ■, ' .i ' ;i i - r JllT y ' r , t ' iS0 ' k s- ' Schuyler Schaff f 9P ' Andy Seweli , Robert Snyder • Rich Starkweather Charlie Steiner " mmm Tom Stephens Joel Tew Edward Vacchina Steven Williams " Ted Zaehringer A V ' ,V V- ' ii f i|?15l 153 € ' Wr- 1 J r Keith Lee President Coff ? a ?( fey This organization holds a few highly selected mole students within its membership. Initiation of new members in the spring consists of " strange events. " This year was the first formal recognition of the group for the last several years. Jim Acheson Tom Case Joel Glover Dennis Golden V •• Sw • :r9 ' : Don Heath Rusty Nash Larry Struve 154 f sr Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, an international business fraternity, is composed of business majors. Its purpose is to promote academic achievement and closer cooperation between schools of business and the business community. Delta Pi chapter at this University boasts of the only woman mem- ber in Delta Sigma Pi — Dr. Kathryn Duffy. Among its activities this year was the selection of a Rose Queen of Delta Sigma Pi. Tom Woodhams President Dr. Duffy Advisor Prof, Wilson Advisor Roger Besmehn Robert Erickson John Fierce Preston Funkhouser Andy Gotelli James Gwilliam m dt ,f Bill Helming William Schweiss David Scruggs ■Vat -sc?™ C»- ' ' S ' Tll it 155 ?? . Bernie Cotton President Sundowners The Sundowners is the party club on campus. Their activities included initiation at Homecoming time and meetings at the Wal every Wednesday night. They held their first annual Sundowner Queen Dance in February at which time Chris Games was crowned queen. Mike Dolan Larry Dowdy Jock Echove George Fraser Dan GoeschI Tim Griffin Dick Harris Harlan Heward Gary Holgate Tom Johnstone 156 Dave Stanley Herb Stathes Gary Tincher Lou Tomburello John Winn Barry McKinnon Lane Monroe Bob Patterson Bert Polkinghorne Jon Key Paul Kountz Dole London BSii |H IS9 HH 1 Terry Ritter ■l " Tf M Keith Roman F v t K . 1 Jim Rowe P H HBHH i l Buddy Show F 1 2in H| H Ed Smith m rl B B M 157 Left to Right, Row One: Linda Shoemaker, Ann Savage, James Dukey, Cheryl Jensen, Jackie Zadow, Barbara Vanderburg, Leslee Becker, Jane Jacobs, David Birch. Row Two: Don Bell, Leilani Shottuck, Judy Risley, Linda Reardon, William Small, William Roberts III, Judith Winchell, Joe Seifers, Robert Broili, Joyce Cobb, Lawney Hallack. Row Three: Barbara Havens, Linda Neilsen, Terry Her- man, Doris Howard, Joe Pistone, Richard Vaughn, Walter Oman, Carmel Smal- ley, John Fierce, Larry Bennett, Dove Chollet, Jerry Schuize, Charles Chinnock, Harry Massoth. Row Four: Richard Havens, Daria Elges, Pom Elges, Patricio Beemer, Dan Shepler, Jim Roberson, Eugene Isaeff, assistant director, John Corrico, director, William Tomony, Arthur Bullentini, Richard Zancanella, Dan Augustine. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA STAGE BAND — Left to Right, Row One: Dan Augustine, Jerry Schuize, Terry Herman, Doris Howard, James Dukey, Barbara Deshler, Row Two: Charles Chinnock, Dove Chollet, Walter Oman, Larry Bennett, Linda Shoemaker. Row Three: Carmel Smalley, Joe Pistone, Eugene Isaeff, director, Al Gotlieb. Row Four: Jim Roberson, Joe Seifers, Don Bell, Lawney Hallack, Harry Massoth. University Band The 1963-64 year was the most active in the history of the University of Nevada Band. Football shows, concerts, radio-TV broadcasts, and tours comprised the busy year for the members. During the football season, the band con- verted to a " show band " for sidelines entertain- ment at home games and at Sacramento under the " Sacramento State Band " plan. A concert tour into Northern California was a highlight in the fall semester. The University of Nevada Symphonic Band was directed by John L. Carrico and assisted by Eugene Isaeff and Orville Fleming. Left to Right, Row One: Ruth Rahman, assistant director; Vicki Bullis, Lois Angle- meyer, Anne Flower, Canyce Golster, Alona Marean, Peggy Currie, Sandra Hoy, Mary Gezelin, Vicki Trimble, Dionne Woodward, Jerald Reynolds, director. Row Two: Frances Baker, Marilyn Hoize, Penny Robinson, Nancy Tomlinson, Marsha Marvel, Linda Boyd, Pat Jock, Mary Denham. Row Three: Kafhy Wick, Shelby Squire, Jacquelyn Leary, Mary Margaret Heitmon, Reta Bowen, Dona Stafford, Kay Clauser, Barbara Deshler, Pug Ritter, Gael Hallack. Row Four: Lael Kimpton, Bonnie Clayton, Joyce Horlacher, Patricia Bernard, Jackie Uhalder, Maralyn Miguel, Daphne Monson, Cheryl Rodrigues, Jeanine Van Wagenen, Carole Chal- lender. Row Five: Kenneth Catledge, John Champion, Ed Ingram, Paul Hickman, William Tomany, Kenneth Trigero, Jerry Howley, Harry Mossoth. Row Six: George Lundgren, Bobby Herron, William Bauer, Rex Jones, Garry Farnsworth, Earl Wilkins, Ernest Muller, John Mathews. I R 1 3_ ■■■■■ ■1 wli ■■ M ■ ■ H ■■■ 1 University Singers The University Singers presented sev- eral concerts this year, among them the annual presentation of the Messiah. Dur- ing the fall semester the group was di- rected by Dr. AAacy and in the spring by Prof. Reynolds. Prof. Reynolds Director i I Sierra Guardsmen The Sierra Guardsmen, a part of the military program, is known for its disci- plined drill performance. Among their achievements is the " Best Drill Team " award in the Nevada Admission Day cele- bration. Left to Right, Row One: Gary Funkhouser, Arthur Davis, John Adorns, Marvin Gority. Row Two: Bruce Horper, Mike Reed, John Fujii, Fred Wil- liamson. Row Three: Mike Tinker, Jim Spain, John Riel, Leif Wade. ' " ip j j wrt if 160 1 Dick Pinion Julie Zeigler Gary Nelson Art Kess, Donna Martin, Gary Nelson, Julie Zeigler, Dick Pinion, Head Yell Leader. Yell Leaders Full of school spirit, energy, and ambi- tion, our yell leaders cheered on our foot- ball and basketball teams. They held pep rallies on Friday noons in an effort to im- prove the school ' s spirit. Art Kess Lyn Armbruster Song Leaders The Song Leaders spent a somewhat frustrating year, since the band did not perform at many of the games. But, when it did, the Song Leaders with rustling pom poms added to the spirit of a basketball conference title. Mary Kay Gezelin AAarcia Oaks Sue Whitaker Kathy Helsdon Leff to Right, Front: Sue Whitaker, Mary Kay Gezelin. Back: Marcio Oaks, Lynn Arm- bruster, Kathy Helsdon. 162 I _1wm " ' " -i ' - ?i(iiiiiiaiw ' Joanne Freeman, Spring President; Rosemary Lituania, Fall President. Women ' s Recreation Association WRA is a women ' s student organiza- tion in which members may participate in various sports, such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, and bowling. The purpose of the organization is to provide a program of recreation, promote friendship and ath- letic competition. OFFICERS — Left to Right: Joanne Freeman, Elfrena Sewell, Elton Mourer, Joyce Hoffman. Left to Right, Row One: Joyce Hoffman, Elfrena Sewell, Rosemary Lituania, Joanne Freeman, Ellen AAourer. Row Two: Dr. Felshin, Ronda Wilson-Reid, Mary Ann Battcher, Gloria Cosci, Carol Egbert, Vicki Geertsema, Jackie Ziegler. r ' 163 Kneeling, Left to Right: Prof. DeAngelis, Paul Lumos, Norman Rockwell, Richard Short, Dwight Weyont, Robert Gardner. Standing: Jerry Bacigalupi, Jim Arden, David Short, Harry Bennetts, Jim Anderson, Stan Hansen, Mike Blakely, Ken Oakberg, Richard Russ. The American Society of Civil Engi- neers purpose is to pronnote a closer rela- tionship between the undergraduate and graduate engineers and the professional engineers. The organization is open to all students of that particular school. ASCE Dwight Weyant President Dr. John Boneli Adviser 164 Norman Rockwell Rich Kennedy Ron Lee Wane Scott Malcolm McGregor . . I f. ' h Peter Chapman University of Nevada Parachute learn Joe Fallini, President The University of Nevada Parachute Team, known last year as the Sky Divers, had their second successful year on cam- pus under the leadership of Joe Fallini. 165 Campus Players Left to Right, Sitting: Barbara Hardin, Mike Keenan, Mary Heifmann, Jim Bernardi, Vienna Otegui, President, Maurice Beesley, Kay Clauser. Standing: Barbara Chomplin, Ralph Kuehnert, Judy Garwood. The members of Campus Players pre- sent each semester one major play produc- tion which they rehearse numerous eve- nings. Often they gather together on Satur- days and Sundays for work days — the building of scenery which is designed by one of the members. 166 Rifle Team The Rifle Team is a group of men and women sponsored by the Military Depart- ment. They compete with other colleges and universities in the skills of markman- ship. Their matches have been few and have not been publicized much in the past. But, despite this they have represented the University well. Kneeling: Barbara Mote. Left to Right, Standing: Gary Fechko, Dove Rogers, Milton Graham, Dav Biggs, Carl Koizumi, H H ■ H B H B H B H BcBq 167 Left to Right, Row One: M. DiSanza, S. Sandhu, T. Duffy, W. Gillstrap, L. Sfornetia, K. Kinika. Row Two: J. Powell, G. Lundgren, J. Corallo, J. Nickelson, J. Capner, S. Mather, W. Rose, E. Harrimon. Row Three: Prof. Battenburg, Prof. Manning, Prof. Harris, D. Samuels, A. Jackson, R. Schneider. ASME All mechanical engineering students are eligible to attend this organization ' s meetings which are held to enable students to better understand the profession they have chosen. Monthly meetings feature technical discussions, technical films, and lectures by prominent men in the field. 168 The Chemistry Club, founded in 1917, is a chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. The purpose of the Chemistry Club is " to afford an opportunity for the students of chemistry at the University of Nevada to be- come better acquainted, to secure the intellectual st imulation that arises from professional associa- tion, to secure experience in presenting and pre- paring technical material, to foster a professional spirit among members, to instill a professional pride in chemistry and to take part in campus life as students of chemistry. " To carry out these ob- jectives the Chemistry Club met monthly under the leadership of Gordon Nelson. Chemistry Club Left to Right, Row One: Dr. Rogan, G. Nelson, S. Spnngmeyer, P. Henrikson. Row Two: J. Wallace, J. Tew, W. Marks, J. Metzg?r. Row Three: A. Douglass, S, Williams, P. Olsen. 169 i r Left to Right, Row One: Jessica Sledge, Carole Hueffle, Vakrie Shinevar. Row Two: Paul Boeyink, Jack Dvine, Robert Lee, Harold Allen, Barry Pippin, Jinn Null. Row Three: Forest Grievps, Ken Galloway, Phil- lip Earl, Bruce Beardsley, Larry Struve, Dr. Rusco. ' Phi Sigma Alplia Phi Sigma Alpha, a national honorary political science fraternity, was formed this spring. The purpose of the fraternity is to encourage the discussion of political is- sues. Dr. Rusco and Paul Boeyink did most of the work in petitioning for a charter from the national fraternity. OFFICERS — Ken Galloway, Sec. -Treasurer, Paul Boeyink, President, Dr. Rusco, Faculty Advisor. 170 I Calvin Thompson President Sigma Tau Sigma Tau is a national honor frater- nity composed of engineering students who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic ability and integrity in this field. The objec- tives of the fraternity are to promote fel- lowship and leadership in engineering. Under the officers — Calvin Thompson, President; Max Harcourt, Vice President; Mike Blakely, Secretary; Norman Rockwell, Treasurer; John Couch, Corresponding Sec- retary — the fraternity completed a suc- cessful year. The advisor was Prof. Man- ning. Left fo Right, Row One: Calvin Thompson, Prof. Manning, Mike Blakely, Max Harcourt, Richard Tinch, John Couch. Row Two: Jerry Bacigalupi, John Fordham, Surjif Sandhu, Dan Seifers, Prof. Fell, Chris Scholz, Prof. Kosso, Paul Weir. Row Three: Gerald Anderson, K. W. Nielsen, Werner Funke, John Gibson, William Green, Don McCready, Edwin McKinnon, Bob Teglia, Charles Heusser. Row Four: Roger Rey- nolds, William Rose, A. T. Jones, Dean Anderson, Phil Hanifan, Walter Kitchen, Richard Hanaway. Lambda Delta Sigma Left to Right, Row One: May Cropper, Dana Duncan, Lucille Col- trin, Joyce Crook, Sharon Jensen, Evelyn Miller, Nancy Silbaugh, Joyce Horlocher, Suzanne Silbaugh, Janice Miller, Nora Purdy. Row Two: Ladd Cropper, Sharon Tueller, Sandra Cottam, Valerie The ideals of Lambda Delta Sigma are cultural life, fellowship, intellectuality, leadership, and religion. Dennis Walker was president of the Men ' s Chapter while Joyce Crook was president of the Women ' s Chapter. Keele, John Matthews, Brent Wodsworth, Dennis Walker, Jim Moss, Tom Stoker, Bill Wilkerson, Ray Jeffers, Steve Judd, Julia Hutton, Gayl Holmes. Row Three: Paul Tueller, E. Cottom, Floyd Stewart, Benny Domenici, Marvin Hogge, Larry Peorce, Dean Evans, George Vanderhoof, LoMont Harris. Phi Alpha Theta is a national history and political science organization whose membership is open to any student who has completed at least 1 2 hours of courses in these fields and maintained a B average. Phi Alpha Theta Bruce Beardsley President Left to Right, Sealed: Judy Franklin, Mary Rossolo, Barbara Heath, Nancy Gould, Barbara Burke. Row Two: Ed Scott, James Hulse, Paul Smith, Jerry Polaho, Dave Cooper, William Brodhead. Row Three: Russell Elliott, Phillip Eearl, Joe Thompson, Bruce Breadsley, James Tigner, David Scruggs. 172 IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronics Engineers, Inc., the largest profes- sional engineering society in the world, was founded in 1 884. The objectives of the society are scientific, literary and educa- tional, including the advancement of the theory and the practice of electrical en- gineering, electronics, radio, allied branch- es of engineering and the related arts and sciences. In addition to its nnonthly tech- nical programs, the student branch of the IEEE provides students with an unusual op- portunity to associate educationally and socially with fellow engineering students and practicing engineers. Left to Right, Kneeling: Robert Fraser, George Fraser. Sitring: Prof. Kosso, Prof. Fell, Dr. AAanhart, Prof, Sondorf, John Couch, Chairman; Robert Seifers, Jan Pockwood, Chuck Huesser, Bob Eglia. Row Two: Richard Skeehan, Ron Peck, Jim Dumble, Gary Hortman, Richard Tinch, John Robertson, James Dunks, Walter Kitchen, Don Hunt, Row Three: James Cunningham, Max Harcourt, Larry McCloud, Phil Solaro, Gordon Bowman, Ron Handlin, Roger Peterson, Robert Felton, William Carver, John Philips. 173 Left to Right, Row One: John Antinopolis, Pual Mu, Rob Robertson, President, Sheridan Chirwo, Andrew Yen, Tah-mun Su. Row Two: Mr. Douros, Mrs. Douros, Paul Baidwan, Zaid Al-Shraidah. Row Three: Heather Bushing, Krishnac Koniko, Jagir Aujlo, Virgiho Palocios, Jernail Singh. Row Four: Rashmi Shah, Dominic Lee, Nancy Johnson, Ibrahim Shah. Row Five: Yvette Hash, Mori Kae Ennis, Row Six: Cherng Chuen Sy, Jamss Chen, Prakash Poudi, Zin-tza Shi, Ping-Lei Wong, Bill Chen. Row Seven; John Messa- vasu, Patty Kunimura, Cheikyo Lee, Anthony Yau. CCUN The international club on campus, the Collegi- ate Council for the United Nations, is open to all students with an interest in other countries, peo- ples, and governments. On campus this year there are some 60 foreign students representing 23 countries; most of them are active in CCUN. Weekly social or educational events contribute to the members personal and national understand- Weekly social or educational events contribute to the members personal and national under- standing. An outdoor social at Pyramid Lake. An indoor social, the international banquet and talent show. 174 Left to Right, Row One: Sharon Stark, Priscilla Choy, Jeanefte Wilde, Judy Erftenbeck, Mary Swallow, Jean Briel. Row Two: Jili Walker, Shirley Heinen, Karen Isbell, Margerie Uhling, Nancy Johnson, Heather Bushing. Row Three: Lee Bloomfield, Nancy Pugsley, Gretchen Keiser, Connie Biglin, Nancy Engelhard. Nevada State Student Nurses OFFICERS — Left to Right, Row One: Claudia Trehar der, Andre Walker, Roger Courson. Row Two: Marl Ann Prida, President, Argie Friediey, JoAnn Germain. ne, Jeannie Gur iss Speckner, Ka neau, Carolyn ren Bardbury, nnete Sny- Advisor, 175 Left to Right, Row One: Paul Freitag, Ruby Yureta, Prof. Sadovszky, Renee Graft, Prof. Mitchell, Sally Atkinson, Mrs. Earl, James Earl. Row Two: George Gratt, Rosemarie Haenel, Joan Westfield, Bob Broili, Britta Halvorsen, Mary Alt. Membership in German Club is open to all interested students. During the monthly meetings lectures on German culture, history, and educa- tional opportunities at German universities are given. They also celebrate the traditional German holidays. German Club Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta, the honorary interna- tional premedical society, meets twice each month during which time they have programs to encour- age excellence in study to prepare the student for medical or dental school. Left to Right, Row One: Al Maher, Hank Williams, Joel Tow, Tom Conklin, John Mirczak, Tony Oxborrow, Roger Cornwall. Row Two: John Scott, Curtis Freemont, Sally Atkinson, Ann Cantlon, Kathy McKaig, Sue Small, Dennis Fornesi, Rob Robertson, Darwin Peterson. Row Three: Darrell Davey, Joel Glover, Bruce Pendleton, Jim Sawdon, Russell Guisti, Dennis Anastassatos, Ed Vocchina. Row Four: Dr. Jones, Dr. Knoll, Dr. Ryser, Dr. Tibbitts, Mike Pickett. 176 I Left to Right, Row One: Dana Davis, Joan Westfield, Ruby Yrueto, Rose- marie Haenel, Dr. Wooster. Row Two: Lynn Roberts, Diane Campbell, Jean Pogni, Dawn Starr, Befty Branche, Sheila Renshaw, Sam Neill, Jack Here,. Carl Vergin. Row Three: Diane Freeman, Diane Harwood, Nancy Watson, Pat Cobb, Judy Berger, Judy Brann, Julie Hansen, Dennis Conley, John The Student National Education Association holds within its mennbership those students who are plan- ning to become teachers. The organization prospered under the leadership of Rosemarie Haenel. Winn. Row Four: Sharon Millard, Beverly Wells, Katie Bergin, Pat Reward, John Holmes, Judy Twomey, Larry Bailey, Ron Gallagher, LeRoy Goodman. Row Five: Pat Arnold, Sue Voss, Michelle Dondero, Frank Brunetti, Gary Sullivan, Bob Ezell, Dan Poggione. Row Six: John Crawford, Larry Cluff, Gary Tachoire. SNEA Delta Sigma Rho ■ Tau Kappa Alpha The purpose of this society is to promote interest in and to reward excellence in forensics and original speaking and to foster a respect and appreciation for freedom of speech as a vital element of democracy. Left to Right: Barbara Hardin, Larry Struve, Dr. Griffin, Steve Morris, Larry Hutchings. 177 Left to Right, Row One: Barbara Hardin, Rita Wilkinson, Maureen O ' Neal, Kathy Wick, Karen Bone. Row Two: Larry Hutchings, Jinx Dobney, Bruce Wilkinson, Charles Murphy, Steve Morris, Dr. Griffin. Row Three: Bob Lee, William Isaeff, John White, Larry Struve, Mr. Mosier, Glen Meyer, Tom Hall, John Gaynor. The University of Nevada Debate Team com- peted successfully in the forensic debate tourna- ments this year. Steve Miller and Larry Struve copped first and second places in several major debate invitationals. In other competition Bill Isaeff and Ken AAuller and Barbara Hardin and Rita Wilkinson brought the University recognition for their fine performances. The Debate Team is coached by Dr. Griffin and Mr. Mosier who have done an excellent job the last several years. Debate Team SENIOR Struve, DIVISION — Left to Right: Mr. Mosier, Barbara Hardin, Steve Morris, Larry Hutchings, Dr. Griffin. Rita Wilkinson, Bruce Wilkinson, Larry 4 ' mm 1 JhhI « Ck vM 178 University of Nevada Forum I The University of Nevada Forum made its first appearance on campus this spring under the edi- torship of Dave Cooper who spent many months formulating it. The purpose of the publication is to provide a medium for the expression of opinion on any subject. Dave Cooper Editor Eriing Skorpen Faculty Advisor Leff fo Right: Steve Gomes, assistant editor; Dave Cooper, editor; Jim Benesch, advertising manager. k STAFF — Leff to Right: Row One: Ju lie Euronis, Lynn Gomes. Row Two: Da ve Cooper, Jim Benesch, Gretchen Neff, Ste ve Gomes. m m 1 BH BHBI M iWIBpHBHBBHi f av jjL ■»• jpHl j M L " r Jtaia ' " mL Q ■ S " ■ i ■%v ' 9m ' iv W fi f: «t__,,, (BP } 1 J ■■ 1 HH UK ' - H H- H - __ ' " isifflBM 1 179 i Left to Right: Mimi Skillicorn, Doug Bruckner, Linda Chambers. ASUN News Service The controversial ASUN News Service ' s function is to release news stories about students to their home- town newspapers. Editor Doug Bruckner operated the News Service under the scrutiny of the Publica- tions Board whose members felt that it duplicated the work of the University News Service. The Board investigated further to determine whether it was fulfilling its function in student government. Doug Bruckner Editor 180 Artemisia Staff The Artemisia staff worked for two semesters on the preparation of this book for the students. However, only a few are pictured here, since the staff was an ever changing one. Peggy Crumley Calendar Judy Crowel Honors Andy Gotelli Editor John Scott Business Manager 181 Ted Marston Sports Artemisia Staff Kathy McKaig and Karen McDonald Living Groups Frini Swell Classes Carolyn Sprague Faculty, Index Mike Reed Photographer 182 Pat Brasfield Editor The Brushfire, the ASUN ' s literary mag- azine, was to have appeared twice on campus this academic year under the editorship of Cynthia Carlson. However, she resigned her position which was as- sumed by Pat Brasfield. The publication made its annual appearance in the spring semester. Brushfire BUSINESS STAFF: Lance Sparks, Barbara Hardin, Ken Miller Left to Right, Sitting: Barbara Hardin, Judy Garwood; Standing: E. M. Ferguson, Advisor, Stan Mitchell, Pat Brasfield, Lance Sparks, Ken Miller. EDITORIAL STAFF: Judy Garwood and Stan Mitchell 183 Sagebrush Staff The U. of N, Sagebrush, the campus semi-weekly newspaper, appeared 58 times this year. The Homecom- ing issue was an unprecedented 18 pages. At the begin- ning of the second semester. Editor Pat Rogero introduced the latest concept in format by dropping column rules and using horizont al make-up. Pat Rogero Editor Carole Hueftle Business Manager PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ken Bourns and Mike Reed Left to Right, Front: Tom Dye, Pat Rogero, Susie Moss. Back: Linda Chambers, Mike Sloan, Mimi Skilli- corn, Tim Anderson. 184 As has been traditional of the paper in its 71 year history, its independence was carried on through editorial comment, which criticized everything from the Board of Regents to the University Band. Carole Hueftle and Kent Folgote, advertising manager. SPORTS: Tom Dye, Tim Anderson. COLUMNISTS — Front: Jim Bernordi. Back: Bob Alword, Mike Sloan, Carole Hueftle. 185 5 ■ ATHLETICS i ' : m ,4s». 7 ' ' i ' - ' ■ Left fo Right, Standing: D. Trachok, H. Kane, P. Mills, B. ing: F. Eganhoff, G. Daniels, Student Managers. Ireland, C. Walker, J. Prida, F. Edsall. Kneel- The University of Nevada football team compiled a season record of 3 v ins and 6 losses v ith a conference record of 2 wins and 3 losses. The Wolfpack played a much tougher schedule this year, includ- ing such teams as Montana State, Whittier, and Idaho State. The highspots of the season were wins over Chico State in our Homecoming Game and Sacramento State. The Silver and Blue placed Dick Sisul, Chuck Widel, and Fred Williams on the Far Western Conference first team and Rick Miles, Dan Acuna, and Allan Crawford on the second team. Chuck Widel was also named to the United Press International Little All-Coast second team and Dick Sisul received honorable mention honors on the Associated Press Little All-American squad. Coaching Staff Jake Lawlor, Director of Athletics r Richard Trachok ead Football Coach Floyd Edsall f (End) Coach Bill Ireland (Defense) Coach t t Football Harry Kane Line Coach Scores Nevada 19 _..._ Idaho State 36 Nevada 29 ___ _..._ _ _ Willamette 6 Nevada 13 Montana State 41 Nevada 13 _ Whittier 34 Nevada 31 (Homecoming) Chico State 16 Nevada .._ Humboldt 3 Nevada 15 Sacramento State 11 Nevada 8 Cal Aggies 14 Nevada 6 _ San Francisco State 21 Left to Right, Row One: Coaches Floyd Edsall, Dick Trachok, Harry Kane, Bill Ireland. Row Two: Frank Eganoff, Rick Miles, Dennis Tope, Brian Hardy, Dennis Mandell, Larry Felesina, Dennis Fifzpatrick, Gory Daniels. Row Three: Dan Acuna, Gene Lang, Jock Echave, John McSweeney, Les Smith, Fred Williams, Bernie Cotton, Al McDaniels, Dale London. Row Four: Allan Craw- ford, Mike Dimmitt, Chuck Widel, Mike Kosper, Jim Rowe, Gene Duck, John Sullivan, Jim Baratte, Maurice Beesley, Jerry Polaha, Hank Ebbert. Row Five: David Haines, Clyde Robards, Ed Zubey, Joel Glover, Keith Lee, Ed Boria, Tony Trevino, Tony Manguso, Bill Ossolinski, Dick Sisul. ' «.» • " • 9 m Dale Landon Center Bernie Cotton Halfback Rick Miles End Dan Acuna Halfback 190 Tony Wheeler Fullback John Sullivan Guard Fred Williams Halfback Allan Crawford Quarterback David Haines Guard Mike Dimmitt End Joel Glover Center Harlan Heward End Mike Kasper Guard Dick Sisul Tackle Clyde Robards, Mike Kasper, and Tony Manguso drop back to protect Allan Crawford as he gets set to fire a pass against Chico State in our Homecoming Game. Dennis Mandell Al McDaniels Clyde Robards John McSweeney End Halfback Center Guard Jim Rowe Brent Johnson Hank Ebbert Gene Lang Tackle End Quarterback Halfback Larry Felesina Dennis Fitzpatrick Bill Ossolinski Les Smith End End Tackle Fullback Tony Manguso Jock Echave Maurice Beesley Brian Hardy Fullback Fullback Guard End 191 Keith Lee Halfback Joe Modzelewski Guard Gene Duck Guard Ed Zubey Tackle Jerry Polaha Quarterback Ed Boria Halfback Chuck Widel Halfback Jim Baratte Tackle Tony Trevino Halfback Al McDaniels and Tony Trevino combine to bring down Chico State ' s Fennal in the Homecoming Game as Rick Miles looks on. Fred Williams is brought down by Chico State after returning one of three intercepted passes. Dennis Tope reaches for the bal Football Action Where ' s the hole? 193 The Team in Action They tangled more than one way. 1 4n ' t ' M fmHtWsit r. W 24 ;ev4 V 4 a V% l ' ti(4J i20 as 4 a Left to Right, Row One: Dann Keller, Tom Andreason, Dan Decker, Gerald Rogers, Bob Donlan, Mike Olives, Nap Montgomery. Row Two: Harlan Heward, Bob Schebler, Frank Forvilly, Jim Simmons, Bill Nicholson, Lorry Moore, Bill Robinson, Bill Owens, Jock Spencer. Basketball Coach Jack Spencer. 195 %...i : - .-;! | = Bill Nicholson tips for two points. Basketball The scramble for the rebound. The University of Nevada ' s rags-to-riches bas- ketball team ended their regular season on a high note, winning nine in a row and 12 of its last 15. Coach Spencer ' s team owned at one time a 2-8 record. After the loss of Bill Robinson, the Pack under the leadership of Bill Nicholson and Bob Don Ian went on to win the Far Western Confer- ence and a berth in the NCAA Regional tourna- ment in Fresno. The Pack ' s bid was unsuccessful, but Bill Nicholson was lauded for his performance by being named to the all-tournament team as center. Bill Nicholson and Bob Donlan were named to the All-Far Western Conference team while Har- lan Heward, Nap Montgomery and Mike Olivas received honorable mention. As a highlight of the season Bill Nickolson was named to the Little All-America basketball team as an honorable mention. 196 Ben Farrari Guard Tom Andreason Forward Mike Olivas Guard All-Far Western Conference Honorable Mention Gerald Rogers Guard Bob Donlan atempts to drive against Cal State. 197 Frank Forvilly Forward Harlan Heward tries for two. Bill Nickolson Center All-Far Western Conference NCAA All-Tournament (Regional) Little All-America Honorable Mention Nap Montgomery Forward All-Far Western Conference Honorable Mention Bill Owens Forward 198 Bob Schebler Center Harlan Heward Forward All-Far Western Conference Honorable Mention Jim Simmons Forward Rebound, Rebound. All Bob Donlon Guard -Far Western Conference 199 Tom McCutchen Center d y Bruce Nickerson Guard George Winters Guard i y Jack Knox Guard u f 4 11 Gregg Zive Guard Ron Dayton Guard Leon Hensley Forward Frank Roberts Forward !y!4 Bir »«54yA George Shoenberger Guard 200 III mA Tom Smith Forward The Frosh squad compiled a record of 13 wins and 2 losses this year under the coaching of Chuck Walker. The only team to beat the Frosh was AAurdock ' s, an industrial league team, who turned the trick twice. George Winters led in scor- ing with an average of 1 9.7. Freshmen Basketball Chuck Walker Coach Left to Right: Tom Smith, Frank Roberts, Leon Hensley, Gregg Zive, Bruce Nickerson, Coach Walker, Don Dayton, George Shoenberger, Jack Knox, Jim McCutchen, George Winters. Skiing Chelton Leonard Coach The University of Nevada Ski team had a successful year with a first place at Portland ' s Winter Carnival and second places in our own Winter Carnival and the Pacific Coast Invitational Meet. The highlight of the ski year was the addition of Arne Nossum to the team. Arne enrolled in the spring semester from Norway. Left to Right: John Hancock, Gregg Austin, Dennis Agee, Chris Mazzola, Bob Hamilton, Gary McCoy, Lane Monroe, Arne Nosum, Jim Acheson, Coach Leonard. 202 1 Dennis Agee Gary McCoy Arne Nossum Bob Hamilton Chris Mazzola t . Gregg Austin John Hancock Jim Acheson 203 Jumper Arne Nossum sails through the air. Gregg Austin works out on the downhill run. Gary McCoy mokes a swing through a gate. 204 Boxing The boxing team once again connpleted another suc- cessful year. During the season they had a 2-1-1 record, but five Nevada boxers finished first in the California Intercollegiate Boxing Conference Tournament which was held at the University. Nevadans who won cham- pionships in the tourney were: Larry Williamson, 125; Skip Houk, 147; John AAcSweeney, 165; Joe Curry, 172; and Jim Evans, 180. Skip Houk was voted the John S. LaRowe Trophy for sportsmanship, skill, and conduct. Not pictured: Larry Williamson. ■ p - ' jp 1 ,1 wk Ir g t 9 K ' m |Bfl L Jim Olivas Coach Skip Houk f y k 1 g: f N ii M 4 s H H f l i, John McSweeney Jim Evans Joe Curry 205 John Gaynor Bob Diulio Dave Stix Larry Malone Joe Curry hooks with his left. 206 Come on, AAcSweeney, take it easy. Chuck Breese Chuck Jorgensen « .K Jack Clark Pow, right on target. Mike Smithwick Jeff Olivas 207 Left to Right, Row One: Frank Egenhoff, Joe Winchell, Keith Mattson, Russell Sheltra, Dick McCoy, Jim Humphrey, John Hancock, Steve Parker, Skip Houk, Jon Key, Phil Henrikson, Fred Wiliams, Bob Sinnott. Row Two: Coach Edsall, Rick Miles, Jerry Bacigalupi, Jay Edwards, Tim Anderson, Stuart Shraeder, Tom Dye, Ralph Mock, Lyman Keele, Jim Christensen, Ray Oster, Gary Kellogg, Dave Zagar, Bud Forman, Coach Trachok. Not Pictured: Larry Moore, Marc Ratner, A! Maher, John Riel, Ryan Melton, Pete Carpenter. Track The University of Nevada track team was not as strong as in the past two years. Coach Floyd Edsall had a big position to fill after Dick Dank- worth left for Stanford. The team showed great strength, though, in meets with Chico State and San Fracisco State and in its own All Comers Meet. They were particularly strong in the running events. Floyd Edsall Coach Dick Trachok Assistant Coach Frank Egenhoff Manager 208 Jon Key Sprints Joe Winchell Sprints Stuart Schroder 220 Ryan Melton vaults over the bar. The practice. Lyman Keele Discus Rick Miles Javelin Tim Anderson 440 Bud Forman 440 and 880 Fred Williams Sprints 209 Jim Christensen Discus Bob Sinnott 440 Skip Houk 2 mile Jay Edwards High Jump Dave Zagar Discus Steve Parker 880 - mile Tom Dye 880 Jerry Bocigalupi Pole Vault Key and McCoy stretch for the finish. 210 John Riel lets fly. Jerry Bacigalupi misses on on attempt. i if ' " ' ,, J r T ' ' .1 -■ Phil Henrikson Sprints Russ Sheltra Mile Dick McCoy Sprints Larry Moore is up and over. Ray Oster Shot Put Gary Kellogg Hurdles Ralph Mock 880 Keith Mattson Sprinter 211 Tennis Coach Robert Laughter is looking forward to a fine season with the return of three lettermen. After three matches the tennis team was 2 and 1 . They had wins over San Francisco and Sonoma State. The tennis season will end with the Far Western Conference Championships at Davis. Robert Laughter Coach Left to Right: Coach Laughter, Glen Laughton, John Young, Jack Raycraft, Ken Robinson, Gary Nappe, Ed Vacchina, George Peek. 212 George Peek Ed Vacchina Gary Nappe Ken Robinson Jack Raycraft John Young 213 t J Left to Right: Coach Spencer, Pete Wishney, Tom McCleary, Joe DeArrieta. Golf The golf team, three strong, has a full schedule of seven matches and the Far Western Conference Championships at Davis on May 7 and 8. Coach Jack Spencer is in his fifth year as coach. As to date the Pack golfers have not been too successful, since practice is hampered by snow which has fallen every week since the start of the season. Jack Spencer Coach 214 Joe DeArrieta A Pete Wishney 215 Left to Right, Row One: Wayne Abalos, Mike Huyck, Nik Walters, Ron Pagni, Steve Kosach, Bruce Nicker- son, Barry AAcKinnon, Ron Banta, Ron Bath, Pliil Lambert, Joel Glover, Rod Mathisen. Row Two: George Shoenberger, Jim Nelson, Lornie Wagner, Dan Keller, Bill Nicholson, Rex Wilson, Carl Bossieux, Don Banta, Don Jackson, Fred Dallimore, Paul Guish, Coach Ireland. Not Pictured: Dennis Scott, Vic Santora. Baseball The Wolf Pack, strong contenders for the Far Western Conference title, are already off to a good start with a 6-3 season record, including 2-1 in league action. Coach Bill Ireland should continue to have a strong returning nucleus, with four underclassmen in the starting nine. Bill Ireland Coach 216 Joel Glover Catcher 1 Steve Kosach SqUh, 4pw Outfield •T ' j Wk . « ii M- ' L x JE Ron Pagni JH Infield BHl p v Nik Walters «B 9|K. JH Outfield isr Bill Nicholson Outfield Barry McKinnon First Base Don Jackson Catcher-Third Base Wayne Abolos Second Base " " ' " ' - ; jM. rA - 217 Rex Wilson Pitcher Ron Bath Pitcher Bruce Nickerson Outfield Paul Guisti Outfield Lornie Wagner Outfield Dan Keller Pitcher George Shoenberger Outfield 218 Jim Nelson Pitcher Rod Mathieson Shortstop Phil Lambert Infield Carl Bossieux Pitcher Mike Huyck Outfield Ronnie Bonta Pitcher Donnie Banta First Base 219 ■m, Chris Mazzola passes through a gate. A tie up under the basket. One more swing. 1 Chuck Widel stopped after a long gain. ■1 «V4 7y Bob Donlan looks at the game ball used to clinch the conference title against Chico State. i 221 TM4 s8 0000 0 1 tm .Jh i : 4..I .1B| miJ r •,«l p Jif AROUND THE CAMPUS 223 September September comes as a whirl for the new student at Nevada. He begins with orientation, the Trek-Nic, sorority or fraternity rush, and regis- tration. For those returning students who are univer- sity-community minded, they spend a busy month aiding and making these events a success. They spend much time with the administrators working out the next day ' s plan. But, there is always the reward of success and fun. Preparation for rush — window washing, painting, and general house cleaning. Here some SEAs work hard at it . . . ' jsmt ' . i Pi Beta Phi rushed prospective pledges with " Wizard of Pi Beta Phi " skit. and then rest a while. 224 Orientation Orientation was held the week prior to regis- tration. During this period of fanniliarization of the campus the new students took English and math placement tests, and the fraternities were out in full force to rush the new bewildered student. At the assembly on the final day of orientation President Armstrong welcomed the new students to our campus. President Armstrong welcomes the new students to the University of Nevada. . ' S e aioimfiM ' -i.jii Dean Mobley addresses the new members of AWS. 225 Is it the latest in the dances? Small groups sit on the beach discussing the year ahead. Trek-Nek Trek-Nek, an annual journey to the south shore of Lake Tahoe, provides the new students the opportunity to be- come acquainted with one another. At this tinne mennbers of Blue Key and Sagens discuss traditions and problems on campus with them. Will it come down? Waiting, waiting. 226 M illilr I " H rJl WMt 7 ■ T W Wk ' .■ ' 4 M ■«P v l ' ■- :- J kI (ll rEVADA i 9iV l fe k " 1 Formal attire for a Sundowner dance. They came dressed in everything. The school year began with a full activ- ities calendar. Among these events were the Sundowner Rally Dance and the AWS fashion show at which time Sue Voss was choosen the best dressed co-ed on campus. Some of the better dressed co-eds on campus. Registration There seems to be a conflict. Duck enrollment was up 270% . You don ' t have my packet. Forms, cards, and more forms. 228 I Leadership Leadership is held each fall at Lake Tahoe. At this time student leaders and administrators gather to discuss campus problems and functions. Dr. Miller describes the first Leadership conference. Jim Bernardi explains his plans for Wolves Frolic Lively groups as below discussed such topics as the " Univer- sity of Nevada Forum " and the Student-Faculty Forum. 229 The reactor is prepared for use. Hey, whet a throw. 230 Mary Solaro explains the voting machine to a frosh. October Frosh chose officers from this group of candidates. Boy! this is fun. Stop, look, and wonder. In October KUNR, U of N ' s radio station, be- gan broadcasting; freshmen elections were held, and students began to settle down to their studies, even though the campus hummed with activities. 231 I Pledge Dances ILJ ™lr •••■•9 No Comment! [ J 1 think somethin is goin on! HHHHI HIUHHH BP I f ' 3? ° jPp T •jy •. ' In October the sororities and the fraternities honored their pledges at the annual pledge dances. The dances ranged from costume ones of the ATO ' s " Bowery " to the formal and semi-for- mal ones of the sororities and the other fraternities, held in such places as the Skyroom of the Mopes Hotel, the Elk ' s Club, and Hidden Valley Country Club. Hi there. Now, darling the trouble seems to be Sh-boom sh-boom ya-da-da-da-da Please don ' t feed the animals. Homecoming chairman Mike Griffin. Mike Griffin chose the theme, " From Lincoln to the Space Age, " for the 1963 Homecoming. Floats were built; Frolic skits were rehearsed, and for the first time the Frolic was directed by a student — Jim Bernardi. The week was highlighted by the Homecoming Assembly featuring Allen Drake, Si Zentner, and Johnny AAathis. During the first night ' s performance of Wolves Frolic Julie Zeigler was crowned Homecoming Queen for 1963. The week finally ended with a victorious football game and a dance with the music of Glen Miller and the presentation of trophies. Homecomini 1963 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE — Left to Right, Row One: Judy Black, Dolores Dunning, Mike Griffin, Linda Chambers, Jinx Dabney. Row Two: Roy Enochson, Ted Zaehringer, Charles Steiner, Keith Lee, Chuck Burr, Bob Hale, Jim Bernardi, and Charles Murphy. 9 »« ' »V ' ' %% 234 iaiSfe:-- i Gamma Phi Beta shows how to win a trophy with " How Nevada Was Won. X Frolic Winners Sigma Nu ' s answer to the Frolic trophy was " The Answer to the Arms Race. r 235 A happy Miss Julie Zeigler. The Sundowners told a " A Fairy Tale. Johnny Mothis does not seem too pleased with the sound. I say it will be this way The women of AAanzanito and Juniper Halls rehearse " Herman. " 236 Lambda Chi Alpha presented campus personalities in " There ' s Still Time, Brother. " Wolves Frolic was a first this year in that it was an all student show, the casts, the staging, the direction, and the sponsorship. Even though it had its problems, it was quite successful. I Kappa Alpha Theta presented " Lace in Space. ' r-r 7- ' z Allen King jokes about college life and the student. 237 k. Frolic Director Jim Bernardi and Assistant Barbara Champlin. Alpha Tau Omega presented " The Thirst for Education. " Pi Beta Phi danced merrily through " Life Is a Circus. ■AVJsX ' Cleopatra — A Chased Egyptian " was staged by Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Another scene from " Lace in Space. 239 Kappa Alpha Theta float " Aiming to Claim the Game " claimed a trophy for them. Float Winners Sigma Nu encored with " Enc ' ore Wolf Pack " as they won the fraternity float trophy for the fourth consecutive year. The Sundowner ' s elegant entry. In warehouses scattered throughout the city students burned the midnight oil getting floats together once again for the annual Homecoming Parade. Under the theme, " From Lincoln to the Space Age, " floats were constructed with everything from Mark Twain and a printing press to an outhouse and a bathtub. (Never let it be said that the Sundowner ' s don ' t have insight into the future — who else could have so aptly portrayed the necessities of life that will never change, no matter what the age). 241 -r m ' ' f m 11 P I f ] .-U i , ' i _UJ _» « .iw M v 4 r«HM Delta Delta Delta ' s " Don ' t Gillette Us Down. " Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s " Orbit the Wildcats. ' 242 Alpha Tau Omega ' s " Impress Em ' Nevada. " Lamba Chi Alpha ' s " County Down the Wildcats. " 243 Gamma Phi Beta ' s " Turn the other Chico. ' Pi Beta Phi ' s " Hook ' Em Up. ' 244 November Peter, Paul and Mary. The popular folk-singing group, Peter, Paul and Mary, delighted a standing crowd to highlight enter- tainment for the first annual Jot Travis Weekend. 245 Military Ball The 36th annual Military Ball proved to be an even bigger and better event than ever before with many colorful events climaxing with the elaborate ball held at AAathisen Hall. Pert Little Bobbie Collins captured the Queen Honor. " 1 Wit Queen candidates watch as the Sierra Guardsmen march in their honor. The King and his harem. -14 ' : ' " ;- P ;:;•-.; ; ' ' ■m ' JHL ' ' fS U ?5S% t ■:- pf w y : V- ' ' " . MV „ ' Pigi iP, _ i-j fc ir V i Cjrair K_ MP ' ' ' V } ' ' ' ■ ' " ' ' ,ff «Bl.k ■r f - « - |; ' f jl r — - " J It looks like a serious discussion. 246 iifc-.. The Sierraguardsmen . . . the Honor Guard 247 Uncle Vanya Wake me when it ' s over. Quit your nagging. The first play of the 1963-64 season proved to be a tremendous success. Subtle but high-voltage interaction of a group of characters on a Russian country estate forms the nucleus of this nineteenth cen- tury comedy. Michael Keenan portrayed Uncle Vanya. Sit down and take a load off your feet. Keep your hands to yourself. ,jlii tf " JF -iaiasiji ;,;; i;;:,.. . r Stunned disbelief is mirrored in all faces. The 22nd of November was a black day for the University of Nevada and the nation as well as the world. The death of our beloved President was a blow to all. The weekend became even more dismal with the death of Robert Q. Hale, the 1964 Mackey Day chairman. President John F. Kennedy nnemorial book fund was begun. 249 December George Handel ' s traditional Messiah lent a special note to the holiday season as did the an- nual A. W. S. Christmas party hosted by the Spurs and Santa, Dick " Moose " Armuth. Quiet! I think I hear Dean AAobly coming. Anything for physical fitness. The University Children ' s Theatre gave a rollicking presentation of Alice and her rabbit friend while Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee literally brought down the house. Everyone had a good time — even the audience. Alice in Wonderland It takes more than a jacket to make a playboy. 251 There is a Santa Clous! Christmas And as the night goes on Oh, Lar-r-r-y! T " ■k Formals The popular spots for the Christmas Formals were the Lancer, the Skyroom of the Mopes, the Riverside, the Rosemount Lodge, and the Elks Club, while the SAE ' s hosted children with gifts and a Christmas dinner at the SAE house. That is some story. Ho, ho, Q-a . . 253 President Armstrong and the panel in " Meet the President Steve Morris and Larry Struve with first and second place trophies captured at forensic debate tournaments this year. December was a busy month, climaxing with debates, discussions, and the stark realization that finals were just around the corner. President Armstrong met with many of the students and answered their questions in an informative panel discussion. Even profs hit the books during finals! 254 Snow Flurries welcome students and the New Year. Cerennonies opening the new wing of the Jot Travis building. January Mackey surveys the new year and the many new sights at the University of Nevada — a new wing for the Jot Travis Student Union, a new patio for the enlarged snack bar, and the world ' s first and only atmospherium. Fleischmann Atmospherium. 255 Where the hell are they all coming from? Once again students and professors crowd the gym creating a scene of bed- lann. Schedules are juggled — Classes are filled — Depression prevails. Reiistration Only eighteen more check points and you ' re done. How did I get into Slimnastics? 256 -4 , ' HNft.f ' mm r " 1 . ;M:J!aSS L M ' m M wi ' - ' X iK£a A 1 1 f ' ' 1 : ' ■S If I wt y " - 1 February Winter Carnival The tremendous success of the twenty-fourth annual Winter Carnival was achieved only through the combined effort of the hard working Winter Carnival Committee. Under the direction of Jinks Dabney the committee made possible the most successful Winter carnival yet. Spectacular highlights such as Barry Goldwater and The Brothers Four were just a few of the things that they arranged. Left to Right, Row One: Britta Halverson, fashion show; Mary Lou MacKenzie, dance; Judy Charbonneau, secretary; Andrea DeSantis, powder puff; Karen Branch, sno-sho; Judy Schmidt, queens; Suzi Natucci, publicity; and Elfrena Sewell, lunches. Row Two: Jinks Dabney, chairman; John Gascue, banquet; Chuck Burr, decorations; Linda Chambers, publicity; Chuck Murphy, finances; Joel Glover, dance; Hank Williams, registration, and Ted Zaehringer, housing. h 257 The Pi Phis, Lambda Chis, and Theta Chis brought home the trophy with their original " Peanuts " theme. 258 Decoration Winner Keeping in the spirit of Winter Carni- val and the Nevada Centennial, the men ' s and women ' s living groups got together to make the traditional decorations. After hard work and the not-so-hard socializing, they had these wintry scenes to display. Nevada runs a slalom course for DDD, Phi Sig, and SAE. VA Gamma Phi and ATO have Nevada stamping out a century. Juniper Hall and White Pine ' s entry is more serious. iiiiiiiiliilHI Kappa Alpha Theta and Sigma Nu depict Nevada taking a jump. A skier takes a century to run the AAanzanita-Lincoln slalom. 259 The Brothers Four at their best. Jam Session. 260 Jinx crowns Princess Gretchen. The Brothers Four were fun for everyone. Time is of the essence. 261 Winter Carnival fell in February; so did the old Student Union building. John AAackay, the Sogers, and then Sundowners got in the act, too. A new coat. An old landmark is razed. 262 I Demolition crews set in. Mike Jackson is outstanding Soger pledge. Downers make Kris their Valentine Sweetheart. 263 April W U. S. Carnival After three years of absence Nevada saw the W U S Carnival revived by the Spurs, a Sophomore womens service org- anization. The World University Service benefit carnival, dedicated to helping needy students and faculty members, turn- ed out to be a big success. Booths sponsored by campus living groups and fraternities and sororities ranged from a cake walk to a black jack table, and a roaring good time was had by all. Look! They ' re taking my picture. If you step on me once more I ' ll break your arm. - « And now . . . hows about a little kiss A few even danced. Honest, it was this big. lun ' m Prom 265 Honored at the Theta Chi house. Don Heath Jaci Chiotovich Outstandini Greeks Elected on the basis of scholarship and service to the school, Jaci Chiotovich and Don Heath couldn ' t have been more deserving. Among numerous other activi- ties, Jaci was president of Gamma Phi Beta and a senator. Don kept most busy in his role of IFC president, besides serving in many campus organizations and service groups. Both were elected to Who ' s Who. 266 Jim Baker Uily Man The ugliest of them a Bruce Barton Bob Murphy Art Kess This years " Ugly Man " honors went to Jim " What Ever Happened to Baby Jane " Baker representing S.A.E. fraternity, and most certainly deserving the award. Jim received his crown at the fourth annual " Ugly Man Dance, " sponsored by the Spurs to help raise money for service projects. Doug Neddenriep Bill Saxton Marty Bibb 267 Election Elections were marked by the spirited assembly, hundreds of signs, seren- ades, burros, debates, and last minute campaigning. The winers were happy, the losers were unhappy; but every- one put up a good fight. ¥ ' I I M I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I M I I I I M M I M I i rsam- The San Francisco Symphony. The San Francisco Symphony Or- chestra conducted by Josef Krips was another pleasant highlight in the busy month of April. The orches- tra received a standing ovation from a very pleased crowd at the end of the performance. The performance was sponsored by the Student Union Board and organized by the Sagens. Sagens, lower classmen ' s service organization. 270 I made it! I made it! April Ail part of the $100,000 goal. • t i yKf iiBHkiM . Mi t 1 s, ■ " s Wj fi L. V. A lot more is coming where that came from. April, besides bringing snow on April Fool ' s Day, also brought the Junion Prom, spring formals, emp- hasis on the book drive, Ferrante and Teicher, and continuation of spring sports. t 271 ' V. Play Productions Volpone, a comedy by Ben Johnson, was presented in professional style to large crowds, who registered their approval through their loud laughing and hard applause. 272 Karen York telling about her experiences in the Peace Corp. Jesse Unruh During the spring a number of guest lecturers and speakers were brought to the connpus by the Student Union Board. A- mong these speakers were Jessie Unruh and Dr. Amerine. Karen York, a former student here, returned to speak on the Peace Corp. Dr. Amerine talks with Dave Cooper after his talk — " Wine — Its Uses and Abuses. " 273 During the months of April and May the many activities continued on campus. Among them were the Centennial Basfeball Tournament, the ATO-SN commando bas- ketball game, and the UNCOC dance held at the El Cortez Hotel. Yet to come in the year were the sorority and fraternity spring formals. Congratulations for a two run homer during the tournament. And they call this basketball. Reception line at the UNCOC dance. 274 ► Left to Right, Row One: Steve Brown, Jon Key, Don Heath, Mike Ingersoll, Duncan Knowles, Dennis Haney. Row Two: Keith Lee, Barbara Heath, Penny White, Julie Zeigler, Vicki Snyder, Elfrena Sewell Patrick Walker. Mackay Day AAackay Day carried an extra touch of the western fever this cenntennial year. The theme was built around the 100 years of Nevada statehood. The celebration began with a golf match between the students and the faculty. Joe and Eddie highlighted the assembly on Friday night, Saturday was celebrated with the luncheon and song team competition, the ATO-SAE lawn party, and the dance that evening. Dennis Haney Mackay Day Chairman 275 Just what DID you put in that punch? Perhaps an even bigger touch of hilarity was added to the general pandemonium which prevailed by the comic Stan Wilson at the annual as- sembly this year. He quite aptly set the mood for all the events which followed. Things like the obstacle races, the Black AAariah, the open houses, and the luncheon were just a few things that combined to make AAackey Day the most memorable weekend of the year — if often takes that long to live it down. Look Ma! I got a gun. Come on in big boy. 276 Mi GAMMA PHI BETA — Left to Right: Judy Daniels, Assunta Natucci, Diane Showalfer, Marilyn Robens, Claudia Judsen, and Diane Woodward. Sons Team SIGMA NU — Left to Right: David Solvadorini, Bob Hamilton, Al Ferrari, Tannmy Conklin, and Art Kess. 277 KAPPA ALPHA THETA — Left to Right: Suzi Whitaker, Marianne Barton, Lana Strosnider, Bergin, Gretchen Keiser, Liz Rusk, Emily Cook, and Karen MacDonald. Katy LA V BDA CHI ALPHA — Left to Right: Fred Williams, Leon Henslev. Jack Tedford, Gary Nelson, Bill Carpenter, Ron Dale, and Harry Mossoth. 278 ALPHA TAU OMEGA — Left to Right: Jerry Rosebush, Mike Casey, Tim Griffin, Mike Griffin, Kirk Kinne, and Ed Zubey. V DELTA DELTA DELTA — Left to Right: Susan Anderson, Shelia Davis, Marcia Heinbaugh, Dona Stafford, Marsha Marvel, and Ann Flower. 279 WINNER ... PI BETA PHI — Left to Right: Virginia Frost, Diane Beyer, Jeonnine Von Wagenen, Karen Phillips, Jackie Uholde, Marcia Bernard, Penny White, and Sandy Hay. MANZANITA HALL — Left to Right: JacI Zadow, Kathy Warner, Vickj Buliis, Linda Mcgough, Jan Meyer, Roberta Collins, Joyce Cobb, and Carolyn Coby. WINNER . . . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON — Left to Right: Charles Olsen, Rod Stuart, Sig Rogich, Tom Hart, and Tod Brendlen. 280 If you think I ' m bad, then you should see the one that got away. It ' s sure no fun to be an outcast. 281 SENIOR HISTORIES AND INDEX 283 Senior Histories Berger, Judy — Elementary Education — Delta Delta Delta — Publicity Chairman; SNEA; ACEI; Newman Club. Acheson, James — Economics — Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Omicrom; Student Body President; Lambda Chi Alpha Ritual Chairman; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Student Affairs Board; Publication Board; Finance Control Board; Soger; Senate; Executive Commit- tee; 1963 Winter Carnival Chairman; Forum Edi- torial Board; 1962 Winter Carnival Committee; Ski Team; German Club; Young Republicans. Allen, Harold E. — Political Science — Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta. Alvarez, Joe L. — Journalism — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Reno Advertising Club; Sogers; Press Club; Homecoming Committee; AAac- kay Day Committee; Senate; Sagebrush; CCUN. Alward, Robert E. — Political Science — Lambda Chi Alpha — Correspondent, Social Chairman; Winter Carnival Committee; Associate Chief Just- ice; Honor Code Committee; CCUN — Social Com- mittee; Executive Committee; Delegate to Model United Nations; Young Democrats; Sagebrush Col- umnist; Blue Key. Anderson, Leola — Business Education — Kappa Alpha Theta — assistant treasurer, treasurer; Man- zanita Hall Association; Gamma Delta; Young Re- publicans; University of Nevada Marshing Band; SNEA. Arden, James Edmund — Civil Engineering — Sigma Tau; ASCE — Vice President; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Arnold, Patricia Susan — English — German Club; Women ' s Rifle Team; SNEA; Biology Club; Delta Nu Alpha; Rallies Committee. Beardsley, Bruce A. — History — Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Roll; UNOC; Helix; Realist Alliance, Franco-Albanian Friendship Society; Chess Club; Young Republicans; Artemesia Staff. Beeghly, Finanna Sue — French — Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Kappa Alpha Theta — recording secretary. Senior Representative Scholarship Committee, courtesy chairman; ASUN Secretary; ASUN Assis- tant Secretary; SNEA; National Business Education Association. Behnoud, Abdol H. — Mathematics. Bennetts, Harry Raymond — Civil Engineering — Rifle Team; ASCE; Engineers ' Day Committee. Bernard, Marcia — Social Psychology — Young Republicans; Pi Beta Phi — Songteam; University Singers; Sagebrush; Symphonic Choir. Bernardi, James A. — Speech and Drama — Lambda Chi Alpha; Wolves ' Frolic — Over-all- Chairman; Winter Carnival; Campus Players — Vice President, President; Twentieth Century Club Dramatic Award; Mackay Day Committee; Junior Class — president, Committee; Homecoming Com- mittee; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Sagebrush. Beyer, Dianne — Elementary Education — Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart; Little Sister of Minerva; Pi Beta Phi — Songteam; Young Republicans; Ski Club; Symphonic Choir; SNEA. Black, Jill Marie Collette — Romance Languages — Klute Scholarship in Foreign Language; Cap and Scroll; Phi Kappa Phi; Fullbright Scholarship; Sagens — president; Chief Justice; CCUN; Newman Club — religious chairman. Black, Judy — Journalism — 1962 Homecoming Queen; Bulletin Scholarship in Journalism; Sagens; Press Club; ASUN Historian; Arts and Science Sen- ator; Sagebrush. Blakely, Michael — Civil Engineering — Sigma Tau — secretary; Sigma Nu — Pledge Trainer, Out- standing Member; Sogers — vice president; Elec- tion Board; Blue Key — Alumni secretary; UNCOC; Engineers ' Day Chairman; ASCE — president. Brann, Judith M. — Elementary Education — Delta Delta Delta — projects chairman, marshall; SNEA; ACET; WRA; Ski Club; Artemesia. Brendlen, Tod H. Epsilon. Management — Sigma Alpha Broili, Robert Howard — Social Psychology — Stage Band; Concert Band; German Club; KUNR- announcer. Bromley, John — Journalism — Fleischman Scho- larship; Nevada State Press Association Scholar- ships; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Tau Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Theta Chi; ASUN Senate. Burr, Joyce — Home economics Education — Eta Epsilon — president, vice president, treasurer; New- man Club; Manzanita Hall Association — Interdorm Representative. 284 Busch, Gary B. — Agriculture Economics — Varsity Football— 1961 AFWC; Block N; Aggie Club; Ski Club, Sundowners. Campbell, Diane - — Elementary Education — — SNEA; YWCA. Carson, Catherine L. — Elementary Education. Carson, Ernest A. — Electrical Engineering. Casci, Gloria J. — Physical Education — PEMS; WRA. Champlin, Barbara — Speech and Drama — Cam- pus Players; YWCA-Fashion Show Commentator; Model Coordinator Winter Carnival Fashion Show; Dance Committee for Student Union; Director New Dorm Homecoming Skit; International Club; Uni- versity Singers; Mackay Day Dance Chairman; Wovles ' Frolic Assistant Director; Directing Award. Chiatovich, Jaculine Rae — English — Gamma Phi Beta — president, Outstanding Member; Song- team; Wolves ' Frolic; Outstanding Greek Woman 1964; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Education Senator; Spurs; SNEA; Ski Club; WRA; Young Republicans; Senate Steering Com- mittee; Winter Carnival Committee; Chairman Cheerleader and Rally Committee Revision; Junior Class Committee; Senior Class Committee. Cluff, Laurence D. — Biology — School Play. Couch, John E. — Electrical Engineering — Sigma Tau — corresponding secretary; IEEE — chairman. Deming, Marsha Frankovich — Business Adminis- tration Economics — Reno Newspaper and Fred- erick Stamueller Memorial Scholarships; ASUN — Second Vice President; Executive Committee; Stu- dent Relations Board; Student Union Board; Bus- iness Administration Senator; Senate, Co-Chair- man Honor Code Committee; Kappa Alpha Theta — Second Vice President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Sagens; Cap and Scroll; Beta Gamma Sigma; AWS — Council, Secretary, Breakfast Chairman; Winter Carnival Committee; Ski Club; Powder Puff Derby — Chairman, Cap- tain; Junior Class Committee; Little Sister of Min- erva; Honor Roll. Dungan, Georgiann S. — Elementary Education SNEA; ACEI; Junior Prom Princess; Delta Delta Delta — Assistant House Manager; WRA; Arte- mesia. Ellis, Muriel Anne — Journalism — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Cap and Scroll; Phi Sigma Kappa MoonlightGirl; Sagens; Pi Beta Phi — President, Songteam; Spurs; Leader- ship Secretary; Homecoming Committee; Mackay Day Committee; AWS Council; Panhellenic Council; Sagebrush. Feilback, Charles H. — Finance Business Admin- istration — Varsity Basketball; Block N; Ski Club. Ferguson, Wayne — Mathematics — Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Honor Roll; ROTC — Dean ' s Medal; UNCOC; Junior Men ' s Senator-at-Large; Freshman Class Committee; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Freemont, Curtis Loren — Biology — Alpha Ep- silon Delta; Kappa Kappa Psi; SNEA; University Orchestra; University Band; Stage Band. Funkhouser, Preston Lee, III — Management — Delta Sigma Pi — Outstanding Pledge; Secretary; Ski Club — Vice President. Gardella, Gene — Marketing — Lambda Chi Alpha — President; IFC — Vice President; UN- COC; Ski Club; Senior Class Committee. Gardner, Robert A. — Civil Engineering — ASCE Vice President; Engineer ' s Day Committee. Gehr, Patricia Rodgers — Psychology — Phi Kappa Phi; Ginsburg Award; Soroptimist Scholar- ship; Fleischman Foundation Scholarship; Kappa Alpha Theta; Psi Chi; Wesley Foundation. Gotelli, Andrew William — Accounting — Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Beta Gamma Sigma; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Blue Key — Vice Presi- dent, President; Junior Class Committee; Artemesia Editor. Green, Glen David — Industrial Management — ROYO; Advanced ROTC — Cadet Captain; UN- COC; Sierra Guard — Commander; Thomas Dixon Scholarship; Rebekah Lodge of Nevada Scholar- ship. Haenel, Rosemarie — German — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Phi Kappa Phi; Cap and Scroll — Vice President; Sagens; Spurs; Delta Delta Delta; SNEA — President, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Junior Class Committee; German Club; AWS Council; YWCA; Artemesia; Lutheran Student Association; University Singers. Haney, Dennis R. — Pre-Law — Sogers; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sopohomore Class Committee; IFC Rush Chairman, Greek Chairman; Mackay Day Committee — Chairman; Union Board — Special Events; UNCOC; English Club. Hannifan, John — Psychology — Phi Kappa Phi; Young Democrats; Newman Club; Press Club; Sagebrush; Sigma Delta Chi. Harriman, Earl Edward — Mechanical Engineering — Lambda Chi Alpha; ASME. 285 (■ Harriman, Penelope McCollum cation — Pi Beta Phi. Business Edu- Heath, Don — Pre-Law (Business) — Sagers — President; Sigma Nu — Housemanager; IFC — President, Chapter Management Committee Chair- man; UNCOC — Secretary; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Western Regional IFC — Vice President; who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Helming, William Clemens — Agricultural Eco- nomics — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Alpha Zeta — Outstanding Student Award, President, Treasurer; Ralston Purina Fel- lowship; Dalton Scholarship; Honor Roll; Delta Sigma Pi; Student Senate; Men ' s Residence Halls — President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer; Resident Assistant; Junior Livestock Show Banquet — Chairman; Independent Council; Downey Boys ' Annual Newsletter — Editor. Heward, Patricia — French — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Kappa Alpha Theta — Vice President, First Vice President; Arts and Science Senator; Sagens — Secretary-Treas- urer; AWS Council; Election Board — Queen Chair- man; Homecoming Committee; Boondockers — Secretary; Ski Club; Newman Club; Panhellenic- Glamour Magazine Fashion Show Chairman. Hinkley, Pamily Ann — Elementary Education — Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Queen; Junior Class Committee; SNEA; White Pine Hall — Resident Assistant. Hoffman, Dawn Starr — Mathematics — Sagens; Manzanita Hall Association — Vice President; AWS Jucicial Council. Hollis, Joe, Jr. — History — Phi Sigma Kappa — Vice President, Social Chairman; Sagers — Board of Directors; Sophomore Class Committee; Junior Class Committee; Greek Retreat Committee; Home- coming Committee; Baptist Student Organization; Blue Key — Vice President, Advisor to Sagers. Hueftle, Carole Joyce — Journalism — Joseph McDonald Memorial Scholarship; Venture Club Scholarship; Nevada State Press Association Scho- larship, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Cap and Scroll — Secretary-Treasurer; Sagens; Press Club — President; Sagebrush — Feature Editor, Business Manager; Publications Board; Junior Class Committee. Hutchings, Lawrence W. — Political Science — Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Rho; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Blue Key; ASUN Senator; ASUN Steering Commit- tee — Chairman; Lambda Chi Alpha; IFC Scholar- ship Chairman; Debate Squad; Young Democrats — Vice President; Election Board Vice Chairman; CCUN. Jeppson, Judy H. — Spanish — Gamma Phi Beta — Scholarship Chairman, Rituals Chairman; 1 963 Mackay Day Chairman; Mackay Day Luncheon Co-chairman; Wolves ' Frolic; ASUN Senator; ASUN Senate Steering Committee; Young Democrats — Treasurer. Keehn, Delorme Edward — Social Studies — Honor Roll; Sub-committee on Special Centennial Projects; University Committee on the State Cen- tennial; First Prize Griggin-Miller Public Speaking Contest; Phi Alpha Theta. Knowles, Duncan — Journalism — " Best News Story of 1963 " Award; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delegate National IFC Convention; Sigma Delta Chi; Press Club; Circle K; Senator; Mackay Day — Committee, Publicity Director; Winter Carnival Committee; Wolves ' Frolic — Co-director; Sage- brush — Feature Editor, Seventh Son Column. LaFond, Julie Ann — Medical Technology — Who ' Who in American Colleges and Universities; Newman Club; Election Board; Spurs; Junior Class Committee; Alpha Epsilon Delta — Secretary; Homecoming Committee; Leadership Secretary; Pi Beta Phi — Corresponding Secretary, Outstand- ing Pledge. Lewis, Anne Ellen — Speech Correction — Kappa Alpha Theta; Little Sister of Minerva. Maloney, William E. — Biology — Kappa Kappa Psi; University Band — Secretary, Treasurer; Uni- versity Orchestra; Biology Club; SNEA; Newman Club. Martin, Mary Alice — Sociology — Young Repub- licans; French Club; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow- ship. McGuire, Doris Beta Phi; Panhe — Elementary Education lenic Council. Mercer, James Lee — Business Administration — Management — Knights Templar Senior Scholar- ship Award $500; Resident Advisor Artemisia Hall. Metzger, James D. — Chemistry — Armanko ' s Scholarship in Chemistry; National Science Found- ation Undergraduate Research Grant; Dean ' s Honor Roll. Millard, Sharon Lee — English — Phi Kappa Phi; Charles F. Cutts Scholarship; Out of State Tuition Award; Sagens — Vice-President; Spurs — Presi- dent; Cap and Scroll; Honor Roll; Brushfire; Stu- dent Union Board; Election Board — Secretary; Dramatics; SNEA; Dormitory Resident Assistant; AWS Council. 286 Mitchell, Frederic D. — Accounting — Fleischmann Foundation Scholarship; Security National Bank Scholarship; Theta Chi; UNCOC. Pendleton, Bruce — Zoology — Alpha Epsilon Delta; Paidiea — President, treasurer; Sigma Nu — • Marshal; UAL Representative; Biology Club; Varsity Boxing; Vagabond Touring Association; Field Animal Recovery Team. Perozzi, Joseph — Speech — Varsity Football; Varsity Boxing; Block N; Drama Club; Speech Therapy Association. Phillips, Linda Lee — Speech Therapy — Kappa Alpha Theta — ■ Pledge Class President; President; Women ' s Senator at Large; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities; Phi Kappa Phi; Sagens; Pages; Cap and Scroll; Mackay Day Queen Candidate; Social Chairman of Manzanita Hall; Delta Delta Delta Scholarship; Finance Control Board; Publications Board; Senate; Senate Steering Committee; AWS Council; Young Democrats; Clubs Editor of Wolf Tips; Campus Marketing Editor for Mademoiselle Magazine; Panhellenic Council. Pollard, William H, — Mathematics — Blue Key; Men ' s Senator at Large; Election Board Chairman; Lincoln Hall — Vice-President; Steering Committe Lincoln Hall — Vice-President; Steering Commit- tee; Varsity Basketball; UNCOC. Quanchi, Judy Rose — Elementary Education — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities AWS Scholarship; Pi Beta Phi; Pages; Spurs Sagens; AWS Council; AWS Queen Chairman Panhellenic Council; Homecoming Committee Mackay Day Committee; Pi Beta Phi — Member- ship Chairman, Secretary. Rockwell, Norman Merritt — Civil Engineering — Max C. Fleischmann Science Scholarship; Joseph- ine Beam Scholarship; Sigma Tau — Treasurer; ASCE — Historian; University of Nevada Parachute Team; Aggie Club; Engineer ' s Day Co-Chairman; Lincoln Hall Executive Council. Rogero, Patricia Helen — Journalism — Sage- brush — Editor, Managing Editor, Political Editor; Press Club — Secretary-Treasurer; Joseph F. Mc- Donald Journalism Scholarship; Student Nev s Service — Assistant Editor; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities; Gamma Phi Beta; Winter Carnival Publicity Chairman; Publications Board; Student Relations Committee; ASUN Forum Editorial Board; Young Democrats; WRA; Leader- ship Conference; Ski Club. Roseman, Ellen — Sociology — Sagens — Repre- sentative; Delta Delta Delta — Pledge Class Secre- tary, Assistant Rush Chairman, President; Military Ball Queen Attendant; WRA; Ski Club; Young Democrats; AWS Council; Panhellenic Council Freshman Class Committee Sophomore Class Com- mittee; Winter Carnival Committee — Fashion Show Coordinator, Fashion Show Model, Queen Candidate; YWCA Advisor; Tri-Yi-Y Advisor; First Runner Up in Griffin-Miller Speech Contest; Winter Carnival Queen Attendant; Mackay Day Queen Candidate; Little Sister of Minerva; Songleader; AWS Fashion Show Assistant, University Leader- ship School Conference. Rossolo, Mary — History — AWS President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Phi Alpha Theta; Cap and Scroll; Sagens; Spurs; Gamma Phi Beta — Rush Chairman; Panhellenic Council, AWS Council; AWS Judicial Board, Stu- dent Affairs Board, Student Relations Committee; Senate; Mackay Day Luncheon Chairman; Young Democrats; Wolves Frolic; WRA. Savage, Ann E. — Elementary Education — Delta Delta Delta; Tau Beta Sima — President; SNEA; University Concert Band; Marching Band; Wood- wind Ensemble; WRA. Sawdon, James Harold — Zoology — Alpha Ep- silon Delta; Honor Roll; Paidiea Club — Organizer, Chairman of Lectures, President; Sigma Nu; Biol- ogy Club; Fendley-Ulman College Knowledge Pro- gram — Chairman. Scholz, Christopher H. — Geological Engineering — Honor Holl; Sigma Tau; Warren V. Richardson Scholarship; Knights Templar Scholarship; Varsity Boxing; Block N; AIME; Brushfire Contributor. Seifers, Robert D. — Electrical Engineering — Kappa Kappa Psi; IEEE — Treasurer; Sigma Tau; UNCOC. Shoemaker, Linda Lee — Music — Tau Beta Sig- ma; University Band; Saxophone Quartet; Univer- sity Stage Band; MENC; University Singers. Simms, Ellyn Gerda — English — Senior Repre- sentative on Dormitory Judicial Board; Forensics; Pep Committee. Sorenson, Mary Kay — Chemistry — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Sigma Sig- ma Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Harry F. Holmshaw Scholarship; Rose Siegler Mathews Scholarship; Fleischman Scholarship; National Science Under- graduate Research Grant; Sagens; AWS Council, Panhellenic Council; Homecoming Committee; Winter Carriival Committee; Ski Club; Chemistry Club; Young Republicans; Student Union Board Dance Committee; Pi Beta Phi — Vice President. Stark, Sharon — Nursing — Honor Roll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Washoe Medical Women ' s Auxiliary Scholarship; Delta Delta Delta — Wolves Frolic, Fraternity Edu- cation Chairman, Recording Secretary, Chairman 287 of 1963 Pansy Breakfast; NSSNA — Vice-President, Secretary, Chairman of Senior Money Making Project; Representative Curriculum Committee Or- vic School of Nursing Faculty; Ski Club; Newman Club. Steiner, Janet — Elementary Education — Kappa Alpha Theta — Corresponding Secretary; Ski Club; WRA. Struve, Larry Don — Political Science — Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Rho — President; Pi Sigma Alpha; Blue Key — Secretary-Treasurer; Coffin and Keys; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship; ASUN First Vice- President; Chairman Finance Control Board and Publications Board, and Brushfire Policy Making Committee; ASUN Senate — Steering Committee; CCUN — Board of Directors; Debate Team — PFL Championship; German Club; Student Faculty For- um Chairman; PSPA Convention; ASUN Election Board Chairman; Wolves ' Frolic; Song Team; Luth- eran Student Federation; Sogers — Corresponding Secretary; Outstanding Greek Man for 1963; Lambda Chi Alpha. Tacholres, Jean Evelyn — Physical Education — Military Ball Princess; Sagens; Pi Beta Phi — Pledge Trainer, Song Team, Wolves ' Frolic; Freshman Class Committee; Sophomore Class Committee; WRA; PEMS. Tedford, Jack N. — Zoology — Lambda Chi Alpha — President, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer; Nevada Christian Fellowship — President, Vice-President, Treasurer; Biology Club. Twomey, Judy — English — SNEA; English Club. Walker, Marilyn — Biological Sciences — Gam- ma Phi Beta — Pledge President, Standards Chair- man, Wolves ' Frolic; ASUN Secretary; Little Sister of Minerva. Wallace, Margaret — Elementary Education — AWS; SNEA; PEMS; WRA; Aggie Club; Artemesia- Manzanita Association; New Residence Hall As- sociation; Women ' s Rifle Team; Saddle and Sp urs. Wells, Beverly Ann Scholarship; SNEA. Spanish — Soroptimist Westfield, Joan Marie — German — Kappa Alpha Theta — Scholarship Chairman; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Cap and Scroll — President; German Club — President; Student Judicial Council Justice; ASUN Senator — Arts Science; Sagens, Spurs, SNEA — Treasurer; CCUN — Treasurer; AWS — Foreign Stu- dent Representative and Election Breakfast Chair- man; WRA. Weyant, Dwight R. — Civil Engineering — Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers — President; Alpha Tau Omega — Vice President and historian. Yrueta, Ruby Marie — Spanish — Cap and Scroll; SNEA — President and Vice President; PEMS — Sec- retary; Ski Club; German Club; Newman Club. 288 In Memoriam " Study as if you were to live forever, Live as if you were to die tomorrow. It matters not how long you live, but how. " Robert Q. Hale John F. Kennedy 289 Index Abbott, Lane r— 44 Abolos, Wayne 217 Acheson, Jim -__.30, 32 35, 44, 90, 95, 132, 151, 154, 203 Acuna, Dan 1 90 Adams, Caryl .._ 44 Adams, Robert - -60 Ady, John - -68, 140 Agee, Dennis -- 203 Ah I berg, Claud ine - 52 Ahntholz, Ross 44, 127 Aiazzi, Gail 1 04 Aiken, Barbara --. —68 Albiston, Sandy _ - 1 14 Allen, Harold —44 Allen, Lynn — — 60, 104, 152 Aim, Barbara - 1 18 Agg, bitter, Mr. Struve. Alt, Mary 144, 176 Alvarez, Joe - —.44, 128 Alward, Bob __ .....34,44, 132, 185 Anastassatos, Dennis -- 44, 176 Anderson, Bernard 60, 136 Anderson, Gerald 171 Anderson, Jim 1 64 Anderson, Leola - 44, 106 Anderson, Shirley 68, 114, 142 Anderson, Susan 37,60, 100,279 Anderson, Tim 184, 209 Anderson, Warren _ ._ .60 Andreason, Tom _ 1 97 Andreotti, Larry 60, 136 Andrews, Dick .60 Anglemeyer, Lois 60, 159 Antonopoulas, John -. ...44, 140, 174 Archuleta, Fran .52, 122, 148 Arden, Jim 1 64 Armbruster, Lyn 60, 110, 152, 162 Arnold, Patricia 44, 118, 177 Arrington, Michele 68, 104 Arrowsmith, Joanna 68 Arteaga, Edward — 44,90, 140 Artman, Gregory 68 Ashworth, Mary 1 00 Atkinson, Sally 52, 176 Augustine, Dan 44, 158 Aujla, Jagir 1 74 Austin, Gregg 203 Avansino, Skip 52, 136, 151 B Babcock, Carol .-- 60 Babcock, Jim 60 Bacigalupi, Jerry 164, 171,210 Baidwan, Paul 174 Baily, Dian na 61, 114 Baily, Larry 177 Baker, Frances 1 59 Baker, Jim 60, 128 Baker, Roberta - — 68, 114 Bakerink, Judith 60 Ball, Dave 1 28 Ball, John 52 Banta, Arline 121 Banta, Donald 44,122,146,148,219 Banta, Ronald 44, 122, 149,219 Baratte, Jim 1 92 Barcellas, Terrance 1 22 Barengo, Barbara 36 Barengo, Diane 68, 106 Baring, Stephen - 68 Barker, Cathy ....68, 110 Barnard, Lucy 90 Barnica, Barbara .- 68 Barrett, Jo 33,52, 1 00, 1 1 3 Barrett, Sharon 37,60, 118, 142 Barrick, Carl 60 Barry, Sue —. -... 33, 118, 142 Barry, Woody 1 56 Barton, Bruce 1 56 Barton, Marianne 68, 106,278 Bartorelli, Marion .60, 114 Basta, Bob 68, 122 Battcher, Mary Ann 60,80,100,263 Bath, Ron 218 Battin, Alex - -..60, 100 Bauer, Bill 60, 159 Baumann, Merilyn ...68, 114 Beal, Roberta 1 04 Bean, Chris - 52, 127 Beardsly, Bruce 44, 170, 172 Beck, Howard 52, 148 Becker, Leslee 1 58 Beeghly, Fianna - .31,32,35,44,90,92,106 Beemer, John 68, 136, 153 Beemer, Patsy .-..68, 114, 158 Beesley, Maurice 166, 191 Behm, Anthony 37 Behmoud, Abdol 44 Bell, David 68 Bell, Don 135, 158 Beloso, Joe ...68,41, 136 Benesch, Jim 1 79 Bennett, Jane 60, 100 290 Bennett, Larry -60, 135, 148, 158 Bennetts, Harry 44, 164 Benson, Jon ....60, 136 Bergin, Kathleen 44, 106, 177,278 Berger, Judy 44, 100, 177 Bernard, Patty 60, 114, 159 Bernard, Marcia 44, 110,280 Bernard!, Jim ....44,94,166,185,234,236 Besmehn, Rober 52, 155 Beyer, Dianne 44,86,89,110,131,280 Biall, John 1 32 Bibao, Frank 37,68, 141 Bibb, Marty 68, 135 Biggs, Dave 1 67 Biggs, Londa .60, 100 Biglin, Connie 1 75 Birch, David 1 58 Black, Jill .....34,45,86,90,91, 150 Black, Judy 38, 45, 234 Blaikie, John ....52, 141 Blair, Robert 45, 136, 151 Blakely, Michael 45, 136, 148, 151, 164, 171 Blankenburg, Carol 60, 110 Blatt, Marcia 45 Bloomfield, Lee -60, 110, 175 Boer, Linda 88 Boeyink, Paul 170 Bone, Karen .....142, 178 Boomer, Corinne ....68, 114 Boria, Ed 52, 132, 192 Bossieux, Carl 21 9 Boswell, John .60, 153 Bott, Jill .....60, 118 Bowen, Larry ....60, 132 Bowen, Reta 1 59 Bowman, Gordon 173 Bowman, Tom ....52, 128 Boyd, Betty ...68, 106 Boyd, Gary 52 Boyd, Linda .68, 159 Bradbury, Karen 1 75 Branch, Karyn 33,40,52,78, 110 Branche, Betty 60, 177 Brann, Judy.. 45, 100, 177 Brasfield, Pat 1 83 Bratten, Toni 1 14, 33 Breeding, Frankie .60 Breese, Charles ...60, 140,207 Brendlen, Tod ..45, 128,280 Bresee, Gini 68, 121 Bricker, Lucinda 61 Briel, Jean 60, 175 Brinkerhoff, LaVern 52 Brinton, Robert .....53 Brodhead, William 45, 148, 172 Broer, James 45, 148 Broili, Robert 45, 158, 176 Bromley, John .....35,75, 90, 127 Bronson, Jim ..45, 136, 146, 156 Brooks, Roberta 53 Brooks, William 68 Broten, Art..... .....53, 128, 148 Brown, Geanie 68 Brown, Gwen 60, 141 Brown, Nancy 60, 100 Brown, Hene 275 Broyles, William .45, 148 Bruckner, Doug .40, 157 Brunetti, Frank 45,90, 177 Brunetti, Violet 95 Bryan, Betty 1 14 Bryan, Paul ...60, 122 Brymer, Patrick 68, 141 Buhrmann, Kenneth 68, 141 Bullentini, Arthur .158 Bullis, Vicki 61, 118, 152, 159, 280 Bunney, Bryant 53, 127 Burke, Barbara 172 Burke, Judy 61, 80 Burkham, Dawna 61, 104 Burns, Pat .61, 122 Burns, Tom 40,44, 156 Burr, Charles 53, 122, 151, 234 Burr, Jackie 45 Burr, Joyce 45 Busch, Gary 45, 146, 156 Bushing, Heather 174, 175 Butler, Carol ....61, 118 Byrmes, Bill 1 27 C Cademartori, Carolyn _ ..33,53, 100 Cahill, Tom 53 Callery, Patrick 61 Camerfen, Bob 61, 136 Campbell, Diane 45, 177 Campbell, Sharon 68 Canapa, Cleve 61 Cantlon, Anne Louise 32,33,35,40,53,85,106, 131, 176 Capurro, Robert 45 Carlson, Karen .35,53, 104, 150 Carpenter, Bill .....68, 132, 153,278 Carpenter, Lynn 69 Carter, Gary 1 22 Carter, Phil 69, 153 Carver, William 173 Casazza, Sharon 61, 104, 152 Casci, Gloria 45, 147,263 Case, Tom 45, 136, 154, 156 Leadership conference. Casey, Michael 61, 122,279 Gate, Alice 41,69, 106 Catledge, Kenneth 1 59 Cavallera, Hank ...61, 136 Cavanaugh, Coreen Sue 45, 106 Ceccorelli, Pat 61, 100 Cercek, Jackie 69, 110 Ceresola, Joan 61 Chambers, Linda 53, 104, 184, 234 Champion, John ....1 59 Champlin, Barbara 45, 166,236 Chapman, Peter 1 65 Charbonneau, Judy .33, 53, 110, 131 Charly, Evans 45, 122 Chaffin, Bill 35,61, 136 Cha I lender, Carole 159 Chen, Bill 174 Chiappero, Jeanette 61 Chiatovich, Jaci .45, 60, 86, 93, 104, 1 13 291 Chinnock, Charles -- — 1 58 Chirwa, Sheridan 174 Choy, Priscilla " Christensen,, Jim _.._ — - 208, 210 Christiansen, ' Gary 61 Christman, Jim 69 Chollet, Dave 1 58 Cherng, Chuen Sy .-.174 Ciarlantini, Angela - 53, 118, 142 Ciarlantini, Barbara , 1 18 Clare, Sheila 61, 106 Clark, Jack 207 Clark, James 69, 140 Clauser, Kay -1 59 Clayton, Bonnie 1 59 Cleland, Kathleen 53, 114 Clevenger, Ralph 61 Cline, Dan 61, 140 Cluff, Lawrence 45, 177 Coates, Ward 1 43 Cobb, Joyce 61, 118, 158,280 Cobb, Pat 177 Coby, Carolyn 280 Cogorno, Stephanie 69, 1 14 Collins, Bobbie . 81, 280 Collins, Mickie 1 35 Coltrin, Lucille 1 72 Coluse, Cliff 45, 128 Conklin, Tam 61, 136, 176, 277 Conley, Dennis 1 77 Connor, Jane 69 Cook, Emily 53, 106,278 Cooney, Jack 53, 1 48 Cooper, Dave 35,36, 172, 179 Cooper, Kristen 61, 106 Cooper, Marvis ....1 06 Coperhaven, Mike 53 Corbin, Kaytie 53 Corn, Gorden 132, 157 Cornwall, Roger 61, 132, 176 Cottam, Sandra 1 72 Cotton, Bernie 156, 190 Cottrell, Carolyn 69, 100, 182 Couch, John 45, 171, 173 Courson, Roger 1 75 Coverston, Sandy 33,53, 118, 142 Cozart, William 53, 122 Craigmiles, Allan 53, 129, 145 Craven, Sue 61, 110 Crawford, Allan 1 90 Crawford, John 45, 177 Crawford, Richard 53 Crews, Susan 80, 1 14 Crook, Joyce .....61, 115, 172 Cropper, Ladd 1 72 Cropper, May 1 72 Crossett, Judy 61, 110 Crouse, Robert 1 35 Crowe, Ronnie 61, 135 Crowell, Judy 69, 100, 181 Crudgington, Cleve 61, 132 Crumley, Peggy 69, 106, 181 Cunningham, James 173 Curie, Peggy 61, 159 Curry, Joe 205, 256 Curutchet, Lauren 69, 118 Dabney, Jinx ...35, 40, 54, 132, 178, 234 Dale, Ron 69, 132,278 Dallas, Donald 54, 122 Dallas, Vicki-Van 69, 110 Dallimore, Fred ...61, 122,218 Damerel, Jackie 82 Daniel, Judy 61, 104,277 Daniels, Gary 61 Darekjy, Robert ..69, 141 Darby, Robyn 69, 147 Darrah, Bob 54, 136 Darrah, Frederick 45 Davies, John 45,46, 137 Davey, Darrell 1 76 Davey, Les ......127, 143 Davis, Dana 1 77 Davis, Eric 54, 137 Davis, Jo 96 Davis, Sheila .61, 100,279 Davis, Shirley _.__ 69 Dayton, Ron ...200 deArrieta, Joe 215 Decker, Dan 1 95 Delorme, Keehn 46 She never knew which way she was going. A Who ' s Who. Deming, Marsha 30,35,46,91,93, 106, 136, 150 Denham, Mary 1 59 Denhorn, Mary Louise 69 Denny, Jo Anne 33, 62, 80, 1 10 Depaoli, John 62, 140 DeReemer, Diane 69, 147 DeSantis, Andrea 35, 54, 89 Deshler, Barbara 62, 159 DeVincenzi, Kerry .62, 110, 152 Dickens, Kenneth 62, 137 Dickerson, Denver 1 28 Dieleman, Kathie 69 Diepenbrock, Vicki 73, 110 Dimmitt, Mike 1 90 DeSanza, Mike 54 Dixon, Claudia ....69, 110 Dixon, Richard ...1 28 Doherty, Susan ..26, 115 Domenici, Benny 1 72 Domina, Annette 39,54, 110 Dominici, Sharon 54, 1 14 Dondero, Michele .1 77 Donlan, Bob 1 99 Dore, Janice ..54, 115 Dotson, Sonya 46 Doughty, Tom .46 Douros, Thomas ...46 Dowdy, Larry 1 56 Drincan, Dana 1 72 Dringoli, Pam 69 Drummond, Muree 35,46,95, 118 DuBois, Janet , 62, 106 Duck, Gene 1 92 292 Duillo, Robert __ 1 22, 206 Dukey, James _1 58 Dumble, Jim _ _ _1 73 Duncan, Jim 1 27 Dungan, Georgiann - 46, 100 Dungan, Robert 1 22 Dunks, James 1 73 Dunning, Dolores -— 37,40,54,104,150,234 Dye, Tom .....184, 210 E Earl, Phillip .46,90, 170, 172 Eastwood, Leslie 62, 110 Ebbert, Henry 46, 146, 191 Ebert, Dee Ann 54, 115 Echove, Jock 191, 256 Eck, Lawrence 62, 140 Eckley, Sarah 39, 62 Ede, Prella 104, 150 Edgington, Barbara 33, 96 Edsall, Karen .....62 Edwards, Duncan ..62, 128 Edwards, Jay 210 Egbert, Carol ..33, 118, 142, 263 Eichel kraut, Frank 46 Elges, Daria ..1 58 Elges, Pam 1 58 Elliot, Jacque 69, 110 Elliott, Jane .....54, 110 Elliott, Pat .69 Elliott, Russell ..1 72 Ellis, Barbara 69, 118 Ellis, Muriel 46,88,91,95, 110, 113, 150 Englehard, Nancy .62, 107, 175 Ennis, AAari Kae .62, 174 Enochson, Roy 234 Erftenbeck, Judy 1 75 Ericks ' on, Bob 62, 132, 155 Escallier, Paul 62 Etchamendy, Pete 54 Euronis,. Julie 1 79 Evans, Jim 205 Evans, Max ....62, 123 Evans, William ....46 Ezell, Bob 1 77 F Fairer, Chuck 69, 135 Falkenstein, Judy 54,78, 115 Fallini, Joe 1 65 Fallon, Cheryl Kay .....5A, 101 Font , Jane 69, 82, 121 Farnesi, Dennis ..40,54, 128, 151, 176 Farnsworth, Gary ...1 59 Farnsworth, Kristen 69, 107 Fechko, Gary ..1 67 Feilback, Charles 46, 146 Felesina, Ardyth 69 Felesina, Larry .....123, 191 Felton, Robert 173 Fenstermcker, Ruth ...62 Fenton, Bruce 62, 132 Ferguson, Wayne 46 Ferrari, Allen 62, 137 Ferrari, Ben 1 97 Ferrier, Danette ....54, 104, 150 Fierce, John SA, 155, 158 Fitzpatrick, Dennis 191 Fl aster, Sharon ...46 Flippo, Julio .69, 115 That is shocking! 293 Flournoy, John .62, 132 Flower, Anne _...159, 279 Foerschler, Daniel 46, 137 Foigate, Kent 34,54, 128, 185 Fordham, John 54, 137, 171 Forman, Bud - 209 Forshey, Ron 46 Forvilly, Frank 1 98 Fox, James 1 23 Franklin, Judy 172 Fraser, George 46, 156, 173 The overhead in gambling. Fraser, Robert ....46, 173 Freeman, Diane --. --46, 90, 101, 177 Freeman, Jill 69, 107 Freeman, Joanne — 263 Freeman, Joyce — 1 07 Freemont, Curtis 46, 176 Friedhoff, Lynn 62, 101, 152 Friedhoff, Ruthie 33,54, 101, 150 Friedley, Argie ...1 75 Freitag, Paul ...1 76 Frost, Robert 1 35 Frost, Virginia 54, 111,280 Marylynne, Fry 69, 82, 1 1 1 Fuetsch, Carl 62, 137 Fu I stone, James 69 Funk, Richard 69, 123 Funke, Werner — 171 Funkhouser, Preston 46, 155 Furrow, Larry 62 G Gale, Toni ...62, 118 Gallagher, Dorothy " Dot " 31, 33, 39 Gallagher, Ron 90, 177 Galloway, Ken ....170 Galster, Candy 69, 115 Games, Kris 69, 89 Gang, Kris ......62,89, 104, 131 Garavanta, Barbara 70,78, 118 Gardella, Gene 40,46, 132, 148 Gardiner, Dave 41,62, 1 37 Gardiner, Katy 62 Gardner, Robert ..1 64 Garos, Chris 62 Garside, Lorna 62, 115 Garwood, Judy 166, 183 Gasque, John 41,60, 128, 153 Gaylord, Steve 54, 128 Gaynor, John ..178, 206 Gaumer, Jim .46, 128, 143 Geertsema, Vicki 70, 104,263 Gehr, Patricia 46, 90 Geis, Viki 62, 1 1 1 George, Dennis .....41,68, 123 Georgeson, Jim 54, 132 Germain, Jo Anne 175 Gerwin, Karen 70, 101 Getchell, Leroy 63, 133 Getchell, Pat 33,37,70, 115, 142 Geyer, Cynthia 85 Geyer, Gretchen .70, 83 Geyer, Leah 70 Gezelin, Mary Kay 63, 80, 107, 152, 159, 162 Giacomini, Bobby 70, 115 Gibbs, Karen 54 Gibson, John 171 Gilbert, Ginny .70, 1 1 1 Gile, Ellyn 119 Glass, Richard 63, 133 Glaster, Candy 1 59 Glenn, John 70, 128 Glover, Joel 129, 146, 151, 154, 176, 190, 217 Glunz, Kathy 70, 101 Godwin, Mary 63, 1 19 Goegg, Margaret 54, 107 DoeschI, Dan 1 56 Golden, Dennis 76, 133, 154 Gomes, Lynn 119, 179 Gemes, Steve 36, 179 Gomez, George 67 Goodman, LeRoy 133, 177 Goodrich, Karen 1 04 Gotelli, Andy 32,46,90,93,129,151,155,181 Gottfredson, James 1 27 Gottschalk, JoAnne 54, 1 1 1 Gould, Nancy 1 72 Goytimo, Phyllis 33,63, 107, 152 Graber, Robbie , 63 Gracik, Donna 96 Graham, Dennis A7 , 133 Graham, Kathy 41,70, 115 Graham, Milton 1 67 Grate, Renate 55, 176 Gratt, George 176 Gray, Gary .63, 140 Green, Glen 47 Green, William 171 Gregory, Jerry ...55, 137 Gribble, Carole 47, 9o! 101 Griffin, Cheryl 55, 107 Griffin, Mike .....55, 123, 151,234,279 Griffin, Tim 97, 122, 143, 151, 156,279 Griffith, Pete 71, 129 Grimm, Terry 1 23 Groos, Trudy 55 Grossenbach, Judi 55, 84, 101, 131 Grubic, Robert 70, 137 Grundman, Donna 63, 115 Guffey, Jerome 55, 123 Guisti, Paul 218 Guisti, Russel 55, 123 Gurneau, Jeanne 55, 119, 175 Gwilliam, James 47, 155 Gwyn, Rich 135, 143 H Haag, Harriet 86 Haas, Judy 70, 101 Haberland, Larry ....1 27 Habjopoulos, Despina 70 Hackstaff, Don 47, 129 Hadfield, Robert 55, 141 Haenel, Rosemarie ......47,90,91,92, 101, 150, 176, 177 Haines, David 1 90 294 Gurrrr Hass, James --- - ..-.1 27 Havens, Barbara 63, 158 Havens, Richard - -— 1 58 Hav kins, George -- - 63 Hawkins, Sharon ..- -. ..-.70 Hay, Katie -.- -119, 142 Hay, Sandy ..._ .....159, 280 Hayman, Peggy 53 Heaney, Rick 63, 129 Heath, Barbara 36,55, 107, 150, 172,225 Heath, Don .....47, 95, 137, 143, 149, 151, 154, 275 Hechtman, James .-.. 1 35 Heigl, Cheryl ....67, 96 Heinbaugh, Marcia .70, 101, 279 Heinen, Shirley 39,63, 101, 175 Heitman, Mary Margaret 159, 166 Helgrew, Richard 55 Heller, Barbara .....63, 119 Helming, William 47,94, 140, 155 Helsdon, Kathy .....162, 185 Hendrickson, Jean 70, 107 Henrikson, Phil ....63, 137,211 Hensley, Leon 70, 133,200,278 Here, Jack ....1 77 Herman, Terry 1 58 Herrin, Cojean 47 Herron, Bobby 1 59 Hess, Diane 67, 115 Hessel, Bill 70, 123 Heusser, Charles 171, 173 Heward, Harlan .156, 190, 199 Heward, Patricia ...33,47,93, 107, 177 Hickman, Paul 159 Hicks, Carolyn 39,67, 80, 105, 175 Hicks, Larry 55, 157 Hill, Gail _ ...55, 119 Hale, Bob 234 Hall, Alene ..-. 63, 115 Hall, Tom 178 Hallack, Gael 142, 159 Hallack, Lowney 1 58 Holler, Terry 63, 115 Halvorsen, Britta 69, 101, 152, 176 Hamilton, Bob ...63, 137, 277, 283 Hampton, David ....53 Ha noway, Richard 1 71 Hancock, John ....70, 137, 203, 208 Handlin, Ron 173 Honey, Dennis ....36, 47, 129, 141, 275 Honnifan, John 47 Hannifan, Phil 55, 123, 148 Hansel, Sylvia 70, 119 Hansen, Jeanette ....1 42 Hansen, Julia 47, 177 Hansen, Stan 1 64 Hansen, Stephan 70, 123 Hapgood, Bonnie 121 Horcourt, Max 55, 149, 171, 173 Hardin, Barbara 166, 177, 178, 183 Hardin, Jeanne — 70 Hardy, Brian ..191 Harris, Dick 70, 137, 156 Harris, Fred 47 Harris, LaMont 172 Harrison, Kenneth 70 Hart, Tom 63, 129,280 Hart, Tony 47 Hartman, Diane 70, 101 Hartman, Don 55, 146 Hartman, Gary 1 73 Horwood, Diane ..63, 101 Hash, Yvette ...63, 174 295 Hill, Sharon -.63, 119 Hinkley, Pam 47 Hodge, Lorey _. _ _-_.63, 119, 142 Hoffman, Joyce 70, 147, 263 Hogge, Marvin 71, 140, 172 Hoiaday, Charlotte 71, 1 15 Holcomb, Jane ....55, 101 Holcombe, Mark .....55, 129, 149 Holgate, Gary 1 56 Hollis, Joe .47, 151 Holmes, Gayl 71, 172 Holmes, JoAnn 53, 119 Holmes, John S 77 Holmstrom, Dave 71, 123 Hoi stein, Margaret 47 Hoize, Mariiynn 159 Hooper, Clyde 71, 102 Hora, James 47 Horlacher, Joyce 55, 159 Horn, Helen 55 Hornbeck, Dave ....63, 138 Houk, Skip 205, 210 House, Bill .1 23 Hovenden, Kay 71 Howard, Craig .....71, 123 Howard, Doris ..86, 158 Howard, Mary 47 Howard, Robert 47 Howley, Jerry 1 59 Hueftle, Carole 32,33,91,94, 170, 184 Hulse, James 172 Humphrey, Jim 71, 133,211 Hunt, Judy 63, 105 Hurd, Phil 55 Hutcheson, Donald 47 Hutchings, Larry 35, 47, 90, 95, 133, 151, 177, 178 Hutchinson, Doug 140 Hutton, Julia 172 Hutton, Merle 71 Huyck, Mike 219 Hyde, Mary 119, 142 Ingersoll, Mike ......41,64, 123,275 Ingram, Ed 1 59 Irish, Dave 56 Isaeff, William 178 Isbell, Karen 39,64, 175 J Jack, Pat _1 59 Jackson, Dave 1 27 Jackson, Don 217 Jackson, Karen 47 Jackson, Mike 71, 138, 153 Jacobs, Jane 1 58 Jacobsen, Richard 1 23 Jarvis, William 64, 141 Jeffers, Raymond 47, 172 Jeffrey, Glenda 64, 119 Jensen, Cheryl ..1 58 Jensen, Dennis 1 23 Jensen, Sharon 56, 115, 172 Jensen, Yvonne 56, 119 Jensvold, Pete 56 Jepson, Judy 47, 105 Johnson, Brent 191 Johnson, Carol 56 Johnson, Dale 64 Johnson, Deanna 64 Johnson, Dennis . 1 23 Johnson, Diane ...56, 152 Johnson, Kay 71 Johnson, Loretta 64, 119 Johnson, Lynn 56, 115, 142 Johnson, Marge 33,64, 115 Johnson, Nancy .174, 175 Johnson, Norman 47 Johnson, Romie 64, 119 Johnson, Sherie 1 15 Johnston, Claire .71 Johnstone, Tom 1 56 Jones, Marilyn 64, 1 1 1 Jones, Rex 1 59 Jorgensen, Chuck 207 Judd, Steve 1 72 Judson, Claudia 56, 105,277 Junnila, Richard 47, 138 Jurs, Lou 1 57 K Kanika, Krishnac 174 Kappler, Dave 71 Kasper, Mike 1 90 Katzman, Jane 64, 102 Kean, Robert 1 29 Keele, Lyman 209 Keele, Valerie 1 72 Kees, Larry .56, 129 Keiser, Gretchen 107, 175,278 Keith, Jim .....1 27 Keller, Dan 195, 218 Kellogg, Gary 21 1 Kelly, Candy 64, 116 Kelly, William 64, 140 Kennedy, Rich 1 65 Kess, Art 40,56,138,149,151,161,277 Key, Jon 40, 48, 138, 146, 149, 151, 157, 290, 275 Killfoil, Michael 56, 124 Kimpton, Lael 71, 127, 159 Kinkor, James 48 Maaaaamoaaa. Kinne, Kirk ...64, 124,279 Kirn, Kay 48, 91 Kitchen, Walter 171, 173 Klinefelter, Martha 56, 1 1 1 Klos, Edith 64, 116 Knapp, Richard 56,97, 133 Knight, Mike 48, 124 Knighten, Howard 48 Knisley, Barbara ...71, 107 Knowles, Duncan 48, 275 Knox, Jack 200 Koizumi, Carl 1 67 Kosach, Steven ...71, 124,217 Kountz, Paul 1 57 296 Kravchonok, Jeanne 71, 116 Kreiger, John 71, 127 Kuehnert, Ralph 166 Kuenzli, Jim ....__ 71, 129 Kunimura, Patty _ ....1 74 L Lally, Michael 64 Lambert, Phil 219 Landa, Jo . .121 That was a good one, Dean . . . Lane, Lani 1 16, 71 Lone, Michael ..._ _ _ ..56 Lane, Tim __ .48, 124 Landers, Cathy 56, 116 Landon, Dole - _157, 190 Lang, Gene - — - 191 Larraneta, Martin _ 71 Laughton, Glen .__ ..213 Lawlor, Sandra 64, 116 Lawson, Bob 1 29 Lawton, Chris 48, 138 Layton, David 71, 141 Leary, Jacie 64, 119, 159 Lee, Alfred 48 Lee, Bob .170, 178 Lee, Chiekyo 174 Lee, Dominic 1 74 Lee, Harriet ..64 Lee, Keith 32, 35, 56, 124, 151, 153, 192, 234, 275 Lee, Lynn 1 19 Lee, Ron 1 65 Lesperance, Anne Marie ..71, 108 Lewis, Anne 48, 108, 131 Lewis, Julie 71 Lewis, Margaret 64, 105 Lewis, Patty .....56, 102 Ley, Theresa 56 Linz, Kathryn 71, 116 Lituania, Rosemary 33,40,56,96,147,150,263 Livingstone, Liz 33, 142 Loberg, Doug .138, 153 Locke, Sherry 71, 108 Lombardi, Sally 71, 111 Loofbourrow, Jeanie ....71, 102 Loux, Marty 37,39,64, 119, 142 Lumos, Paul .48, 164 Ludel, Leni 72, 116, 142 Lundgren, George , 1 59 Mc McCabe, Mary -- ..56,78, 102 McCann, Patti - -72, 116 McCarthy, Jane - - 72, 1 1 1 McCleary, Ton -- 215 McCloud, Lawrence -- - 48, 173 McCorduck, John -- 65, 124 McCoy, Gary 203 McCoy, Richard ..-. 65, 135,211 McCready, Don 171 McCutchen, Tom .-.. 200 McDaniel, Patrick — - 65, 135 McDaniels, Al - .....191 McDonald, Karen .- ......65,108,152,182,278 McFall, Tom 37,65, 133 McGhee, Kathleen 48 McGough, Linda 280 McGregor, Malcolm -- 1 65 McGue, Lyndell 48, 111 McGuire, Doris -- 48, 1 1 1 McHenry, Sharon -- 33,39,48, 108 McHughes, Diane 48 McKaig, Kathy 65, 108, 131, 176, 181 McKinley, Molly 56, 102 McKinnon, Barry 157, 217 McKinnon, Edwin 56, 158, 171 McSweeney, John — 205 McVey, Wes -- 72, 129 M MacGregor, Liz 1 05 Mackay, Risa --71, 108 Mackenzie, Mary Lou ...41,64, 108 Madsen, Marilyn ....48, 108 Magee, Bill .— 64 Maher, Al 1 76 Malone, Larry .....37, 48, 206 Moloney, Kent ....64, 138 Moloney, William 48, 140 Mandell, Dennis 191 Manguso, Tony 191 Manke, John 64, 127 Manke, Vernon -... 1 27 Maple, Marjorie 48, 119 Marcucci, Richard 1 24 Marean, Alona 64, 159 Marston, Ted — .36,56, 129, 182 Martin, Donna 48, 108, 161 Martin, Judy ...72, 142 Martin, Linda 64, 121 Martin, Mara Lea 72 Martin, Marjorie 48 Martin, Mary Alice 48 Martin, Suzanne 64,78, 108 Martin, Ton! 64, 102 Martini, Sam 56, 129 Marvel, Marsha 72, 102, 159,279 Maslach, Sylvia 64, 120 Mason, Dick 48 Massoth, Harry ..158, 159,278 Mast, Marshall 56, 127 Mateas, Bob 1 40 Mateas, George 1 40 Matheas, John 159, 172 Mathieson, Rod 219 Motley, Dave 72, 124 Motley, Judy 56 Mattson, Keith 64, 211 Maupin, Michele 64, 108, 152 Maupin, Michon 64, 108, 152 Maxsom, Patricia 64, 102 Mayer, Janet 65, 1 1 1 Mayer, Joseph 56, 129 297 Mazzola, Chris —_ 203 Meeks, Barbara - ..-_.72, 102 Melton, Ryan 209 Mercer, James — - 48 Mercer, Marilyn -72 Messavusu, John 1 74 Meyer, Barbara 72, 116 Meyer, Glenn .- 57, 178 Meyer, Jan 72, 120,280 Meyers, Linda - 72 Middleton, Lynda .- - -__.65 Miguel, Madelyn - .-.1 59 Miles, Daniel 57 Miles, Richard 48, 146, 190,209 Millard, Dwight 72 Millard, Sharon 91, 120, 150, 177 Miller, Aileen -. - 35, 57 Miller, Evelyn - 65, 116, 172 Miller, Janice - 72, 116, 172 Miller, Ken 1 83 Miller, Larry _ 48, 141 Miller, Wayne 1 24 Millholland, Robin 72,82, 120, 142 Mindew, Dave 48, 138, 151 Mirczak, John 65, 138, 176 Mitchell, Frederic 49, 127 Mitchell, Rita 72, 120 Mitchell, Stan 1 83 Mock, Ralph -... 21 1 Moddrill, Merry 65, 116 Modzelewski, Joe 1 92 Monroe, Lane ...._65, 157,203 Monson, Daphne 159 Montgomery, Napoleon 1 98 Moore, Jeanne 72 Morris, Murl 37 Morris, Stephen -- 49,138,177,178,254 Morrison, Judy _ _ 57, 108, 113, 150 Moschetti, Nick - 35,72, 153 Mosley, Sylvia - - 1 20 Moss, Jim ..- _ - 1 72 Moss, Susan 33,65, 152, 184 Mote, Barbara 72, 167 Mowrer, Ellen 263 Mu, Paul 1 74 Muller, Ernst 1 59 Muller, Jodie - -...-57, 111 Muran, Barbara - _. _._..72, 121 Murin, Joseph 72 Murphy, Bob 57 , 124 Murphy, Charles 41, 65, 133, 153, 178, 234 Murphy, Marvin 72, 124 N Nagel, Fred 72, 138 Nannin, Michael 72 Nappe, Gary 213 Nash, Jean 72, 116 Nash, Rusty 93, 136, 143, 151, 154 Natucci, Suzi 65, 105, 152,277 Neddenriep, Doug 37 Neff, Gretchen 1 79 Neil, Sam 177 Nelson, Diane 65, 102 Nelson, Gary ....133, 161,278 Neilsen, Linda 1 58 Nelson, Gordon 57 Nelson, Mar jean 57 Nelson, Maureen 57 Nelson, Jim 219 Netherby, Dave 65, 140 Newton, Elaine 65, 147 Nevi ton, Richard ...49,90, 135 Nichols, Herbert 57, 138 He really does not have too much to say, eh, Rogero. Nicholson, Bill 198, 217 Nickerson, Bruce 72, 124,200,218 Nielsen, Niel 65, 133 Nixon, Richard 46 Noonan, Fred 65, 129 Norcott, Judy 57 , 102, 131 Nossum, Arne 203 Nott, Bryan 49 O Oakberg, Ken 164 O ' Day, Jerry 57, 141 Oaks, Marcia 1 62 Oats, Mildred 73, 120 Oldham, Garth .....73, 140 Olesnewicz, Joyce 1 16 Olivas, Jeff ...207 Olivas, Jim ..205 Olivas, Mike 197 Olsen, Bud 36,57, 129,280 Oman, Walter 135, 158 O ' Neal, Maureen 1 78 O ' Neill, Megan ....65, 111 Ossolinski, Bill 191 Oster, Ray .21 1 Otegui, Vienna .1 66 Ott, Beverly 49 Owens, Bill .....1 98 Owens, Lenore 65, 1 1 1 Oxborrow, Tony 65, 153, 176 P Packwood, Jan -57, 138, 149, 173 Pagni, Jean .....33,57, 150, 177 Pagni, Ron 217 Palacios, Virgilio 174 Palnor, Donald 57 298 Palmer, William _- -- 57, 129 Panelli, Rick -- 49 Park, Kay 49, 108 Parker, Steve 49, 146,210 Parlette, Rick 57, 133 Parish, Barbara 65, 1 1 1 Parmenter, Mary 65, 116 Parrish, Robert _-_-.57, 135, 149 Parsons, Harry 73, 124 Pasquale, Rena 57, 116 Patrick, Mimi — - 88 Patterson, Bob 1 57 Patterson, Marilyn 65, 116 Prakash, Paudi - ...J 14, 174 Pearce, Larry .._. 1 72 Peck, Frances - 57 Peck, Pat 73 Peck, Ronald 49, 173 Pede, Vicki 73 Peek, George - - -.57, 149,213 Peek, Nancy 57 Peek, Ronald - - 49 Pendleton, Bruce 49, 138, 176 Pennington, Sara -_. 49 Peraldo, Mario -.- -- - 40,52, 124, 143, 151 Percissi, Pat ._.. - -73, 1 1 1 Perozzi, Joseph - 49 Pesout, Donald — -57 Peterson, Darwin 176 Peterson, JoAnn ... _ .65, 120 Cleopatria? Peterson, Roger 49, 173 Petty, Cherie 65, 102 Pettycrew, Chuck .._. 73, 133 Pew, Lani _ 65 Phillips, Barbara __ 58, 102 Phillips, John .....58, 134, 173 Phillips, Karen 58, 111,280 Phillips, Linda 32, 33, 35, 49, 86, 91, 95 106, 113, 131, 150 Picchi, Mary _. 49, 90 Pickett, Mike 176 Pierce, Jan 73, 102 Pierce, Tin 141 Pike, Roy 73, 138, 153 Pinion, Dick ....161 Pistone, Joe ...1 58 Plath, Pam ..58, 1 1 1 Plough, John ....65, 139 Plumb, Ronald 49 Podall, Ellen 58, 116 Poehlman, Dianna 65, 117 Poloho, Jerry 172, 192 Poggoine, Dan 1 77 Polish, Michael 58, 127 Polkinghorne, Bert ..157 Pollard, Bill .....32,35,37,49, 149, 151 Poloni, Toni 1 12 Po rterfield, Roberta 120, 142 Pozzi, Bruce ....58 Prida, Anne 49, 175 Prida, Mary Lynne 73, 1 1 1 Prior, Susan 33 Puccinelli, Lisa ...73, 117 Pugsley, Nancy . 1 75 Purdy, Nora ....58, 117, 172 Q Quanchi, Jean .....73,94, 112 Quanchi, Judy ....49, 112, 150 Quirk, Jim 73, 124 R Ranney, Marilyn ....58, 105 Ratner, Marc 65, 129 Rawlins, Leona 58 Ray, John 73 Raycraft, Jack 73, 125,213 Reardon, Linda 73, 158 Rechen mocker, Dan .73 Red icon. Rick 73 Redmond, Yvonne 73, 117, 142 Reed, Mike .....184 Reed, Shirlee ..66, 120, 142 Reese, Robin ..49 Reid, Kent 73 Reiner, Ed 66 Renshaw, Sheila 73, 177 Revert, Brenda ...49 Reynolds, Jerald 1 59 Reynolds, Roger 171 Rhoades, Susan ....31,33,34,35,58,78,105 Ricci, Hugh 66 Rice, Andrea 73 Richards, Brian .: ...73 Richards, Camille 85 Richards, Donald 58 Risley, Judy 66, 158 Riordan, Monti 66, 141 Ritchie, Jacqueline .58, 103 Ritter, Pug 1 59 Ritter, Terry ..1 57 Rivera, Lyie .1 29 Roach, Brian 49 Robards, Clyde .....191 Roberts, William ....158 Robinson, John .58, 135 Robards, Ronald 58 Robens, Carolyn 66, 120 Robens, Marilyn ....66, 105,276 Roberson, Jim 1 58 Roberts, Dave .....73, 129 Roberts, Frank 73, 139,200 Roberts, Gerry .74, 139 Roberts, Lynn 33,58, 105, 177 Robertson, Rob 174, 176 299 Robinson, Ken -- -- - — 213 Robinson, Penny -.-. 1 59 Rock, Dick -- 66, 129 Rockwell, Norman - - 49,141,164,165 Rogero, Pot 32,49,92, 105, 184 Rogers, David — — 66, 167 Rogers, Gerald -— 1 97 Rogich, Sig - --37,66, 129,280 Rohrer, Robert - — - - - 66, 125 Roman, Keith - -1 57 Romine, Philo 1 27 Ronan, Terry — 1 25 Rono, Gary — 65, 135 Rosch, Dennis 49 Rose, Martha - - 74, 112 Rose, William 171 Roseman, Ellen 49,86, 100, 113, 131, 150 Ross, Barry 49 Rosse, Diane 49, 147 Ross, Shirley - 74 Rossi, Jerry 50, 129 Rossi, Lou — - — 1 25 Rossolo, Mary _...31, 33,35,39,50,91,94, 105, 150, 172 Rowe, Jim 50, 157, 191 Rowe, Patricia 50, 112 Rowntree, Joyce ---. 66, 117 Rudnick, Valera - 73, 117 Rupert, Leroy 1 25 Rusk, Elizabeth - 58, 108,278 Russ, Richard 1 64 Ruybalid, Louise -— - - - 66 S Sabin, Larry -- 50, 139 Sadler, Kathleen 66, 112, 152 Sola, Michele 35,66, 112 Solas, Diana 66 Salvadorini, David - 66, 139, 153,277 Sanderson, Carol .- - 96 Sandhu, Surjit 171 Sanor, Susann — 58, 1 20 Santini, Clark __. - ..__-.36, 50, 125 Santos, Icyl - - --50, 90 Savage, Ann - 50, 103, 158 Saviers, Sandy - 74,82, 109 Sawdon, James 50, 139, 176 Sawyer, Cherie 39,52,66, 103 Saxton, Bill 58, 134 Sbragia, Donna --.58 Schoff, Robbin - - 33,66, 105 Schaff, Schuyler 66, 139, 153 Schebler, Bob —.. -1 99 Shepler, Dan -- -- -1 58 Sherk, Marilyn -- 39 Scheuller, Tony - - 125 Schilling, Bill - 50, 139, 143 Schmidt, Judy — 35,40,58, 103, 131, 150 Scholk, Bob 74, 139 Scholz, Christopher 50, 146, 171 Schraeder, Stuart - - 208, 299 Schuize, Jerry -- 1 58 Schwartzkopf, Wayne 66, 134 Schweiss, William - - 50, 155 Scott, Ed — - — 172 Scott, Frank - 66, 140 Scott, John — - 32, 58, 139, 176, 181 Scott, Leanne -- -- -58, 120, 142 Scott, Steve 74 Scott, Wane — -— - - — - 1 65 Scruggs, David - — - —50, 155, 172 Secoy, Barbara - 74, 109 Seeliger, Tom -.-1 25 Segerstrom, Kris - --74, 125 Seifers, Dan - -.171 Seifers, Joe .-- — --- 1 58 Seifers, Robert - -....50, 173 Sewell, Andy ...- 74, 153 Sewell, Elfrena 66,109,152,181,263,275 Shah, Ibrahim 1 74 Sham, Mike 1 34 Sharp, Carole 58, 121 Sharp, Joseph --- -- -...74 Shattuck, Leiloni -74, 158 Shaw, Archie - -- 35 Shaw, Buddy 1 57 Shaw, Mike 66 Sherk, Marilyn - 66 Sheltra, Russell - - -208 Shen, James 1 74 Shepler, Arthur - -.- - - 50 Shi, Zin-tza — 174 Shimatori, Gene 50, 149 Shoemaker, Linda -- -50, 117, 158 Shoenberger, George -.200, 218 Short, Dave 1 64 Short, Richard - - - 1 64 Showalter, Diane - -.85, 105, 227 Al-Shroidah, Said - 174 Silbaugh, Suzanne .-- - -.1 72 Simmons, Jim 1 99 Simpson, Jerry - 50 Simpson, William 74, 139 Sinasek, Jim - - -.._ 125 Singh, Jernail - -- - 1 74 Sinnott, William - 58, 140,210 Sisul, Dick -- - - 1 90 Skeehan, Richard - - 1 73 Skillicorn, Mimi 58,85,120,142,150,184 Sledge, Jessica .- - 1 70 Sligar, Norman - 149 Sloan, Mike - — 1 84 Small, Sally 37,66, 109 Small, Suellen 50, 109, 176 Small, William -... —.158 Smalley, Carmel - - 74, 117, 158 Smalley, Linda -.— - - -74, 109 Smith, Carolyn 50, 109 Is the water that cold? Smith, Donald -- - 66 Smith, Ed -- - - - - - 1 57 Smith, Jean .- — - -...- 59, 147 Smith, Keith .... . - — 50 Smith, Lee - 125, 191 Smith, Paul - 172 Smith, Sharon 74 Smith, Tom 201 Smithwick, Mike — 207 Snyder, Jeanette 50,91, 175 Snyder, Norm - 74, 125 300 Snyder, Robert - - 125, 153 Snyder, Vicki --33, 36, 39, 59, 1 03, 1 31 , 275 Solaro, John -- --- — 50 Solaro, Mary 66, 103, 152 Solaro, Phil - 1 73 Solay, Carol - - - 46 Sommer, Sally - - 66, 109, 152 Sonderegger, Sue ---- 74, 109 Sorenson, James - 74, 139 Sorenson, Mary Kay -- -35, 50, 92, 1 12, 150 Sparks, Lance 1 83 Spauling, Barbara - - —50, 105 Spalding, Richard - 66, 139 Speckner, Marliss 5 Spikes, Mary ._. - 41, 74 Spitzer, Carolyn 74, 112 Spomer, Kathe -.- — - --- -- -.1 20 Sprague, Carolyn -.- - -66, 182 Springmeyer, Sharry — --- 66, 112 Squire, Shelby - -- 1 59 Stafford, Dana — 74, 103, 159,279 Stanek, Chip _.._ -- — 125 Star, Dawn 50, 121, 150, 177 Stanley, Dave — ---- 1 57 Stark, Sharon 50,94, 163, 175 Starkweather, Rich 74, 134, 153 Starrett, Sandy -- -74, 117, 142 Stathes, Herb 1 57 Stauffer, Keith _- -- - - 66, 125 Stead, Marian 74, 109 Steiner, Charlie - 67, 134, 153,234 Steiner, Janet 50, 109 Stephens, Keith — - -- -59, 134 Stephens, Tom 74, 153 Stephenson, Barbara — ---- 59 Stephenson, Mike .-.- -- — 67 Stern, Kathy - 67, 103 Sterne, Laurie -.. 33j-l 05 Stewart, Dee — 1 17 Stewart, Floyd — - - ' - 172 Stewart, Judy 74, 103 Stiff, Larry ._. 67, 125 Stix, Dave - 206 Stoner, Jeannie .-. 67 Stovak, Bob 1 26 Stoker, Tom .._ 140, 172 Stoddart, Jeanette 82, 117 Strosnider, Lana 74, 109,278 Struve, Larry 30, 32, 35, 51, 90, 92, 134, 151, 154, 170, 177, 178, 254 Stuart, Rodney 51, 149,280 Su, Toh-Mun .-. -. 174 Sullivan, Gary 1 77 Sullivan, John 190 Supera, Elizabeth ...74, 117 Sutton, William ..._ 74 Swallow, Mary 67, 117, 175 Swanson, Ken 74, 126 T Tachoire, Gary _ 177 Tachoires, Jean 51, 112, 150 Taylor, Lois - 59 Taylor, Margaret 59, 112 Taylor, Susan 67, 112 Tedford, Jack _..__ 51, 134,278 Teglia, Bob __ __ 59, 171, 173 Teipner, Phyllis 74, 109 Tew, Joel 41,69, 153, 176 Thomas, Ralph 51, 140 Thompson, Calvin 1 71 Thompson, Jane 40 Thompson, JoAnne 75, 112 Thompson, Joe 1 72 Thompson, Tim 59 Thompson, William — — 59, 127 Throne, John — 75, 134 Tiffany, Carol — 75 Tilford, Richard 51,90, 171, 173 Tincher, Gary ..- - 1 57 Tobey, Carol — 33,78 Tomany, William __._ 67, 141, 158, 159 Tomburello, Lou 1 57 Tominson, Nancy ---. --- - 1 59 Treharne, Claudia - -— 67, 80, 121, 175 Trelease, Tina --- - 75, 1.17 Trevino, Tony 1 92 Trigero, Kenneth - 1 59 Trimble, Vicki ._._._ _.._ - -_.l 59 Tripiano, Tom — 75, 126 Tryon, Sherry .-. - 75 Tuck, Sharlynn --- 75 Oh, Oh, Oh. Tueller, Paul - 172 Tueller, Sharon 172 Turner, Iris — 51 Tueller, Sharon 51 Twomey, Judy ....51, 177 Tyson, Julie 75 U Uehling, Marjorie 59, 117, 175 Ugaldea, Cheryl 75, 117, 142 Uhalde, Jackie ....67, 112, 159,280 Uhalde, Marjorie .75, 112 Utter, Cindy .-.75, 103 Utter, John 67 V Vacchina, Edward ..41,67,129,153,176,213 Vandenburg, Barbara - 75, 158 Vandervort, George 1 72 Van Lydegraf, JoAnn 67, 105 Van Vagenen, Jeanine .— 67, 112, 159,280 Vaughan, Ken ...51 Vaughn, Richard ....158 Vergin, Carl 1 77 301 Another ATO. Volk, George ..-- 1 VonTobel, Kay __. 67, 120 Voss, Sue - -.-.35,51, 109, 177 W Wadsworth, Brent 172 Wodsworth, Franklin 67 Wagner, Lornie 218 Wagner, Patricia 5 1 Waldren, Bob ._ 75, 139 Walker, Andree 59, 175 Walker, Dennis .- .- 172 Walker, Jill _ _ 175 Walker, Judie 59, 103 Walker, Marilyn 51, 105, 131 Walker, Patrick ...57, 126,275 Wallace, Dixie ..51 Walters, Mike 1 35 Walters, Nik 217 Walter, Dorothy 51 Walters, Caroline 59 Wang, Ping -Lei 174 Warner, Kathy 280 Watkins, Barry 59, 129 Watson, Nancy .....51,90, 103, 177 Watson, Ronald 35,59, 134, 149 Weaver, Donna 75, 121 Webb, Betty 59, 112 Webber, Luke 75 Webber, Rich 75, 135 Webster, Carolyn 1 09 Weir, Paul 59, 126, 171 Weishaupt, Kathy IS, 117 Wells, Beverl 51, 117 Wells, Dorothy 59 Wenner, Jim 75, 126 Westfield, Joan 33, 34, 51, 90, 91, 93, 107, 150, 176, 177 Weyant, Don 41,75, 126 Weyant, Dwight 51, 126, 164 Wheeler, Tony 1 90 Whelan, Kent 67 Whitaker, Sue 67, 107, 162,278 White, John ....59, 139, 198 White, Judith 59, 120 White, Mary 120, 142 White, Penny 59,112,113,131,275,280 Whitfield, William ......67 Wick, Kathy 120,142,152,159,178 Widel, Chuck 1 92 Widmer, David .....69, 140 Wilde, Jeanette ....67, 120, 175 Wilde, Russell 51 Wilkerson, Bill 172 Wilkins, Earl 1 59 Wilkinson, Bruce 178 Wilkinson, Rita 1 78 302 w w w w w w w w w: Wi w w w w: w w w w w w w w hams, liams, liams, liams, liams, liams, liams, liams. Arthur 139 Barbara - 67 Elizabeth -- -- 59, 1 03 Fred 190, 209, 278 Hank - -176 Shirley -- 67, 1 20 Steven 126, 153 William 67, 141 iliamson, Fredric 75, 134 I son, Barbara _.__59 I son, Carolyn — - 67 Ison, Judy -- 59, 112 Ison, Rex __.. - - 59, 129, 149,218 Ison-Reid, Rondo - 33,67,103,263 nail, Marilyn - 33,75, 121 nche, Judy 1 42 nchell, Joe 51, 209 nchell, Judy - 39,75, 117, 158 nn, John 157, 177 nters, George 200 shney, Pete 215 towski, Mary .J 42 Wolfe, Lorre 67, 103 Wolfe, Barbara 59, 117 Woodhams, Tom 51, 155 Woolverton, JoDe .-.142 Wollet, Robert 51 Woodward, Diane ___.67, 1 05, 1 59, 277 Wright, Eugene - 51 Wright, Susie —51 Worcester, Larry 1 49 Yasudo, Roberta 75 Yau, Anthony 1 74 Yeoger, Charles -- 67, 126 Yeozel, Sharon ...._59, 103 Yapp, Ralph 51 Yen, Andrew - 1 74 Young, John 21 3 Yrueta, Ruby .._._.51,91, 147, 176, 177 Zaeh ringer, Ted - - - _67 Zodow, Jacquelyn ..._ ..— .....75, 58, 280 Zoehringer, Ted 153, 234 Zogor, Dove .21 Zoncanella, Richard _ 1 58 Zetka, Arthur 75 Ziegler, Jackie - 142, 263 Zeigler, Julie .-.36,79, 161,275 Zilkey, Laura 75, 117 Zive, Gregg 75, 134,208 Zolezzi, Jeanette .....39,67, 112, 152 Zoncanella, Richard 7S, 135 Zubey, Ed 126, 192,279 Struggle, the struggle of the athlete. 303 AommiNG Support Your Supporters 304 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the STAFF, STUDENTS, AND GRADUATES of the UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA and its SOUTHERN EXTENSION from CLARK COUNTY 305 Prominent Doctors % lyViJl y rz.-Mi-a ' jH. - 2 J i. " in j£iSd4ft txicLa JUc ■jO «2 AS- .-5- ' - 7 if - ,S P L UUu h - pcdUioiji rr). il) :el v-, a?, (l n i n w. P. j. Mjuy f - p. .- , = -i £[ ' %ou) . r. a k - ' f ' iA l ' € : i cKj PJ ,. 306 Prominent Doctors ' ' " ' f s ixe L UOiyC U O jj yt i ± (:: yiL y (7 x2. h ( iUM . . - c - £7 f iiU - V • ' VCKA o.rJ-y Tf£ . cu:j2j P Ui - ' CL jJ , lu ■ %tn - .Vv9, . ) r . 307 NElf ADA ' S CATVLE iiiDUSTRV Prominent Nevadans d j 0 A.QCuQ y CL yyyy J- M no P.. fe5 vAA ecu fi 5 " . - .t ' U. 309 m Prominent Attorneys i 2iyi y. Z - uuC x (laJi l aU QlaAju. iSi at t ' - . c_— - C )clxMtf l . Jr iu t., X " » " -a- 310 ACJlOii TH£ STStET FPOM HAffOLt i ClUB KENO tome ofj ' " " " AVI FUL AlvFuL " sandwich Yamaha Pianos Hammond Organs Conn Band Instruments " Everything in Music " Telephone FA 9-2595 214 North Sierra Street Reno, Nevada For Distinctive Fashions in Junior and Misses Sizes RENO, INC. Qy 111 N. Virginia St. JElMfELRlf C Agents for Omega Watches 133 NO. VIRGINIA ST. RENO KlUiaittT SECOND -rilOlE Ft 3-7117 OUR 45th YEAR Best Wishes to the Graduates FLOVfER DOX 432 E. 4th St., Reno RIVERSIDE in the RIVERSIDE HOTEL ' The flower shop for the students at the U. of N. " Largest Stock of Fine Watches Diamond and Silverware in Nevada R. HERZ Cr DRO. INCORIPORATED Jewelers Serving the University Since 1885 TELEPHONE FA 3-2122 15 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada 311 RENO PRINTING COIWIPANIT inters - Pu blish BINDING-RULING-ENGRAVING Telephone FA 2-2133 124 North Center Street Reno, Nevada 312 Prominent Nevadans V J ' V.Jo Ci— A n c, X 5 ' t " ' L -L t - sJi 313 iEL CAPITAN t 4iil Office Furniture Office Supplies Office Machines and Service Educational Furniture and Equipnnent 1 30 South Center St. Reno, Nevada EUREKA COUNTY Extends Best Wishes To University of Nevada Students 314 Prominent Attorneys C ' L c % A , fi L) w v _ V V -s -6 v i n y» CUjjU crf . 2. oft- Q., -— 315 in Keno, 316 A.S.U.N. Book Store The Friendly Book Store in the Middle of Campus Telephone FA 2-5081 Jot Travis Student Union Building 317 You Will Enjoy The Friendly Atmosphere At DOWNTOWN RENO CASINO COCKTAILS RESTAURANT BREAKFAST 24-HOURS • LUNCHEON • DINNERS The Food Is Good, The Price Is Right FA 3-1046 38 EAST 2ND FA 3-0397 MAMILTON zijcin ivi- 31 West Second Street Prompt and Courteous Service Always Commercial Views Weddings - Publicity Press - Aerial Views Advertising Photography GENE CHRISTENSEN STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHER FINE PORTRAITS 40 West First Reno, Nevada Phone FA 3-5504 Plumbing — Heating — Air Conditioning Sales — Service LiiJ i Telephone FA 3-4193 628 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada }[ f fee ' [ zn Bureau Suite D 120 Mill St. Reno FA 9-0801 318 tof Travis Stude ' ' The Livini Room of the s ■ ' : It u«;. slSt .. jj»| »a lot I ravTs Student Union Board Clark Santini, President Bob Kersey, Director Bud Olsen, Finance Director Julie Zigler Vickie Synder Bill Schilling Barbara Barengo Jeanne Snyder John Winn Barbara Heath Jinn Sinasek 1 Dave Cooper 2)e ' Features Distinctive Styles Exclusive Fashions R and K Originals - Jonathan Logan Plus Many Name Brands Sports - Dressy - Cocktails South Virginia at Mt. Rose Next to Raleys mM mmmEmMLmmmm ■ S®IMP®5SSnm ®KS : 247 CALIFORNIA AVE. Largest Stock of Imported Wines in Nevada Pronnpt and Courteous Service FREE DELIVERY FA 3-4116 . . . armed with a good education, and living in a " free-enterprise " country, you are free to go as far as your energies and abilities can take you. Good Luck. YOUR PROGRESSIVE PACIFIC POWER COMPANY 320 You ' re in a Great State when you ' re in There ' s something exciting about being in NEVADA . . . whether you live in the fabulous " Silver State " or come for a visit. And we ' re mighty proud of the many spectacular things the Reno area has to offer ... all of which make Reno a delightful year- around sports, entertainment and convention center. We ' re happy about the State we ' re in . . . and we invite you to make the Holiday your headquarters in Reno so that we can try to make you happy about the State you ' re in. TJlB ' ' QQDQlillilD ' " HOTEL in Downtown Reno 321 322 M msimMG i ■■• ' ■ yy :]r OOLDIM IMlMi 6AM8itt JALL 0O0( 0 9 77 CASINO CENTER A A RBLE AND OLD MAHO AMY PALACE RIOHTOUTOF THE 010 RUSH DAV5 PtAY YOUR FAVORITE GAME... ROULETTE •CBAP5 ' KEMO • POKER • TWENTy-ONE ' WHEEL OF FORTUKJE • SLOT MACHINE-S .nWO BARS-eONTIMUOUS ENTERTAINMCNT, NUGGET RESTAURANT WORLD FAMOUS FOR FINE FOO I 1 ' : 323 Lander County The Heart of Nevada Rich in Mining and Ranching Offers Activities in All Winter Sports A Mecca for the Angler and the Hunter Greetings to the Students of the University of Nevada From Industrial Chemicals Since 1885 COMPLIMENTS OF PRI MADONNA 241 N. VIRGINIA ST., FA 9-2251, DOWNTOWN y 324 ■L hUirdware Houseware Power Tools RENO MERCANTILE .«. SIERRA AT COMMERCIAL ROW PH. FA 2-3454 bfeiiK Sporting Goods Acme Paints Telephone FA 9-0231 500 East Fourth Reno, Nevada MEN ' S SHOP Second and Virginia LADIES SHOP 123 N. Virginia TRADmoilJM. SHOP Reno ' s only authentic TRADITIONAL shop featur- ing natural shoulder clothes at 1 1 West Second FISHING • HUNTING • SKIING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT MI ROSE SPORTING GOODS 132 W. SECOND STREET RENO, NEVADA PHONE FA 3-5717 Broili ' s Dealers for Zenith Radio TV Frigldaire Refrigerators, V ashers Range Dryers Distributor For General Electric Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Gift Ware ALL STANDARD ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 301 South Virginia Reno Phone FA 3-3601 ( SAN FOR D 1 NEW k TRACTOR a. EQUIPMENT CO J ■ FARM TRUCKS f§f EQUIPMENT 2395 Valley Road RENO Oldest and Most Popular Friendly Grocery in This Area BAKE R ' S FOOD ■MARKET Friendly Service Grocer Telephone EL 5 8331 922 B Street Sparks, Nevada MOTi Photo Finishing Picture Framing Photostat Copies Costume Jewelry 253 N. Sierra St. • Reno 325 846 B STREET - SPARKS, NEV. PHONE EL 5-831 4 Everything For the Home Reasonably Priced Visit Our Colonial Maple Department GULISTAN QUALITY CARPETING Up to 36 Months to Pay HOOVER CLEANERS Never Use Anything But a Hoover to Really Clean Your Carpets — Order Yours Today When Painting Your Home Be Sure to Use the Best DU PONT PAINTS and VARNISHES Furniture Department Elgin 5-8314 846 B Street Sparks, Nevada Hardware Department Elgin 5-4046 MENS— WOMENS— CHILDREN S WESTERN AND SPORTS WEAR Wurd ock 6 1024 SOUTH WEULS AVE. 318 NO. CARSON ST. RENO, NEVADA CARSON CITY, NEV. FA 2-5192 GR 2-3134 Mgw h of Reno Congratulations Seniors Best of Luck For a Brighter Future In a Better World 42 East First Street Telephone FA 3-4567 Reno — Nevada 326 Building BETTER, SAFER itigliways Our aim is to build better highways so modern they will be efficient years from now, so well built they will hold up under the ever increasing traffic of a rapidly growing and prospering area, and so safe they will meet the challenge of increasingly powerful automobiles. INSURANCE COIVIPANV OF NElfADA State-Wide Title and Escrow Service Fallon H ' - - ' Vegas Elko ?J Lake Tahoe Carson City Reno Eastern Counties 160 West Liberty Serving Nevada Since 1903 Quality Shoes for Men and Boys First and North Sierra SHOP AT SHELLY ' S ! At the Village in Reno At Greenbrae in Sparks • Hordv are • Paint • Housewares • Garden Supplies SHELLY ' S HARDWARE Open Sundays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Q%een tae S j ntiy Center 1808 PYRAMID WAY Telephone FL 8-3233 SPARKS, NEVADA Year Around Gear For The Outdoors 327 Best Wishes!!! First National Bank of Nevada Statewide One of the One Hundred Largest Banks in the U.S.A. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System Resources Over $400,000,000 Sun Mountain Sentinel The Voice of Virginia City Mike Payette Editor and Publisher Virginia City, Nevada P. O. Box 441 FURNITURE - CARPETS - RECORDS TV - STEREO - HI-FI - RADIO STAMPFLI ' S Second and West Streets Reno, Nevada FA 3-4149 a 3-0567 1 SxaLui-Lve. Woine.n. ' cz fjilia ' ie.L ana c: faat.i.ix xLt.i., of ezf eno 24 Sai t cSeAond Sbitxt Block " S " Sporting Goods and Fountain Telephone: EL 5-2682 1006 B. St. SPARKS, NEVADA Open 8:00 a.m. until Midnight) GUNS ' AMMUNITION - HSHING TACKLE ACCESSORIES Complete Line of Sporting Goods Athletic Equip. CONGRATULATIONS from WINKEL MOTORS CMC PONTIAC VAUXHAL Western Printing and Publishing Company Specializing in Tabloid Newspapers, Brochures, Wedding Announcements, Invitations, Cards and Fine Printing 1 845 Prater Way Sparks, Nevada Congratulations " Class of 1964 " Reno and Lake Tahoe Gray Line Scenic Tours 328 VIRGINIA CITY . . . Home of the fabulous Comstocic era with all of its colors and brilliance. Today it is a Mecca for tourists and a favorite recreation center of Nevadans. 5 7i er Queen Bar Bucket of Blood Delta Saloon and Restaurant The Famous Crystal Bar Sazarac Bonanza 329 Since 1864 . . . ' ' RENO ' S FIRST ADDRESS ' ' iverside HOTEL A CASINO Your presence is sincerely our pleasure Parts and Automotive Accessories Willard Batteries and Seat Covers at 635 N. Sierra Street — Phone FA 3-0318 Nevada ' s Leading Recappers Gasoline — Oil — Lubrication J-JJ FISK TIRES " Z " cj: 11 East Fourth St. 141 West Fourth St. Phone FA 2-9409 Phone FA 3-5422 TOM JOYCE FLOORS, INC. 285 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Carpet Linoleum 127 N. Virginia FA 3-6104 SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO " Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back " 215 N. Sierra Phone FA 2-9481 You Can Count on Us . . . Quality Costs No More at Sears EVIN ' S PALIZZIO DELISO DEBS f l MARK ANGELO SHOES SPALDING IMTEDDINC SH 254 West First Street Beautiful Formals • Beautiful Bridals 330 Coiiiratulations . . . and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1964 THE ANACONDA COMPANY H. R. Burch, General Manager Weed Heights, Nevada »f time • • • has played an important role in the development of man. Early Egyptians used the red metal and the planners of tomorrow ' s rockets find copper vital. The everlasting metal is also important to education. Kennecott, through tax payments, participates in providing improved facilities, better conditions and more highly skilled teachers. As a graduate, Kennecott ' s operations in Ne- vada actually mean greater opportunities for you. KeanecoU Gmper QujtaratAut McGill, Nevada Nevada Mines Division 331 332 portrays The Old West and The Dynamic Economy of Nevada The Heart of Nevada commissioners: R. J. KOLSTRUP DON TRAVIS FRANK DE BRAGA 333 It is a real puzzle to plan everyday meals that offer variety and spice to good eating - meals that wet the appetite with little extra touches of excitement . . . unless you take a whirl around the world at Sewell ' s, 445 North Virginia and 1331 South Virginia St. Any- one can go because the PRICE OF YOUR TICKET IS BASED ON COOL, GREEN, CASH SAVINGS. Be an Italian chef one day - French the next - Spanish the following. Sewell ' wide collection of spices and herbs makes it easy to enhance a dish at so little cost. A touch of oregano or perhaps marjoram added to spagh- etti sauce - you and your family are already in excite- ing Italy. For a " Saucy Gift " suggestion, why not add extra in- gredients to your sauces, perhaps your spaghetti sauce, put it in a jar, or freeze, then when you go calling, give your friends a very special treat. Old Fashioned? But real nice. A red checkered tablecloth, multicolored candles and soft music - (you can get all these at Sewell ' s too!) a delightful dinner of cornish game hens stuffed with wild rice and a dash of white wine - once a dish for a king can be yours when you turn your imagination loose in Sewell ' s. Remember, your Sewell ' s stores have over 17,000 items and incidently, they have one of the largest Specialty Departments on the West Coast. Bumble Bees - Rattlesnake Meat - Snails - all offer a real conversation piece that ends up the life of any party. Shopping at Sewell ' s makes many a trip to foreign lands possible via home cookery. You can also be sure that QUALITY is NEVER SACRIFICED in favor of QUAN- TITY. ALL TOP NAME BRAND MERCHANDISE wears Sewell ' s LOW, LOW EVERYDAY PRICE TAG. SO - BON VOYAGE! FREE PARKING . . . AND A WORLD OF COOL, GREEN, CASH SAVINGS. 445 North Virginia St. Winnemucca, Nevada YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER, Sincerely, SEWELL ' S Reno, Nevada 1331 South Virginia St. Elko, Nevada EWELVS 334 RICHARDSON - LOlf ELOCK, Inc. " Friend Iv Ford Village " RENO UNION FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Offices in Reno, Sparks Carson City NEVADA TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY Title Insurance Escrow Service Home Office: 90 Court St., Reno Carson City Zepher Cove EII o Nevada owned and operated Keeping in step with Nevada ' s progress. ' FOR EVERYTHING El ECTRICAL ' eiEcrj c jm MAf T 1496 S. Virginia Street - 329-4437 RENO, NEVADA mm DAIRY GOLD MEDAL AWARD WINNER ' The best to you each morning ' Ecuritu NATIONAL BANK OF NEVAD A member f.d.i.c. J Main Office: 1 80 W. First St., Reno Branch Offices in South Reno, Fallon, Carson City, Mineral County (Babbitt) ESTABLISHED IN 1919 rURNITURE STORES 322-6921 120 W. Commercial Row RENO, NEVADA o 2V id APPi.i ANCFS CABIN ETS GENIX SUPPLY CO. 390 East Sixth St. - FA 9-1718 RENO, NEVADA 335 " . After the honeymoon, what? You settle down in that house of your own and let Home Furniture help you make your problems vanish. It ' s Nevada tradition. We ' ve always been close to young people. Before they married we registered her patterns and you can bet we ' ll help her set up her first household, too. She knows she ' ll receive honest advice that will save her from buying mis- takes . . . that no matter how little she can afford to spend, she ' ll get the finest merchandise that mon ey can purchase . . . and if in the future she has trouble with it she can count on us to live up to her trust and make it right. After all, it ' s Nevada tradition and we ' ll protect that. Stores in RENO and SPARKS HOME FURNITURE I Nevada ' s Finest Home Furnishing Store Since 1 932 336 H SALLY SHANK JUDY NORCOTT JANIE THOMPSON DONNA MARTIN CHERYL GRIFFIN PAT HEWARD JUDY GROSSENBACH THE BOOmCKERS IMflLDUR ' S Popular Brands at Nationally Advertised Prices Wilbur Stodieck ' 29 305 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nevada BEST WISHES THE DUNES HOTEL LAS VEGAS, NEVADA eo Mast Ninih 8t. Beno, Nopada Phone 8SSSS4S aJ MK;i» n3««t: Of i|f. i SmillE BOWL Keystone and Beatty St. 32 Lanes d TEI. We Cater to UNIVERSITY PARTIES and BANQUETS 337 BILL STREMMEL MOTORS INC. Volkswagen Porsche DIrs. West 2d Sts. FA 2-6901 That Refreshing New Feeling SHOSHONE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Reno KITZMEYER - COCHRAN DRUG STORE 208 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nevada OR 2-3409 Drugs — Prescriptions Films — Candies NEVADA ' S OLDEST DRUG STORE Headquarters for Pendleton Woolens, Stetson Hats, Levis — Lees Hyer and Justin Boots 200 North Center Street Reno, Nevada 432 N. Virginia — Reno, Nevada BEST WISHES Graduates fronn ANDY GOTELLI MOTORS Ponfiac Chevrolet Sales 71 1 South Carson Street CARSON CITY, NEVADA 338 Paterson ' s First and Sierra Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear Everything for the Man and Boy Alike NORTH OF THE TRACKS RENO, NEVADA HOTEL EL CORTEZ AND Banquets and Dances THE HOTEL LAS A EGAS, NEVADA The RIVIERA is proud of its reputation for excellence in food, accommodations, glittering entertainment, and " ' round-the-clock fun and excitement. " All the glamour and expectant thrills of Las Vegas are captured in an atmosphere of re- strained elegance and exquisite taste. ::yf s £4ozf Cthj — On a jovjex or Jjuxwiu " 339 EXQUISITE FOOD • COCKTAILS MT. ROSEHIGHWAY-FAIRVIEW 9-3555 P. O. BOX 1312 • RENO, NEVADA ROSEMONT LODGE AMERICAN AND MEXICAN FOOD BAR, RESTAURANT, HOTEL AND PARTY FACILITIES MT. ROSE HIGHWAY ' A y The ty c . C Reno ' s best known restaurant — is famous for superb continental cuisine and its mahogany broiler. Its unsur- passed wine cellar and inviting cocktail lounge make it o " must " for visitors and residents alike. Dinners from 4 to 12 P.M. Closed Mondays Tel. FA 2-2089 Walter Zahnd ■ oux host Raymond Capitain your chef BUSINESS STAFF John Scott Business Manager Sandy Saviors John Mirczak Assistant Bill Simpson 340 ' ' i ■mmmtmttttmtmmriimmtiii: ' ■■ -- l£

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