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isiiiiswMi iP »» «, " 1 - f% -r: mi}m: ' T V 4 0. ■ ' .A ' »«». • ' ■ ' v..A:.H. l ' a 11 ' rM maam ' • ' •■ :i ■ K t — ly B 1 C. H. SEUlTERLr Assistant Detw M C. Fleischmann mi§ of Agricultuw 4lf»|yfri ©f N«vad m Ar n ourco ■BVAt) HOME MEANS NEVADA ... to some of us — all of the time, to all of us at least part of the time. The University of Nevada, being a land-grant college, is a state within a state by virtue of student representation. But our sights and thinking cannot end here on the " hill. " This Artemisia then, is dedicated to the state of Nevada and thus to the students here at our " little Nevada. " The colorful history of the state, as well as its future, is reflected in the state seal. The extent to which resources represented here are further developed is dependent on us. The rising sun which dawns on this new era will be the one which we have made. ( - — ifV- - ••mntitiBniiMfi ' -iin -A ' i— n n i , i ii ' »ir iiMii(H STAFF Jo Ann e Nelson, Editor Karen Fabri, Classes Editor Herb Nichols, Business Manager Carolyn Sprague, Faculty Editor Donal Ruth Murphy, Assistant Editor Marge Russell, Honors Editor Gray Poole, Photographer Suzanne Russell, Index Editor Ted Marston, Sports Editor Kay Lott, Student Government Editor Photo credits: Color by Christensen, Sagebrush, Nevada Highways and Sheri Harwood, Art Editor Joyce Freeman, Calendar Karen McDonald, Living Groups Editor Parks Magazine, Audio- Visual De- Jo Ann Denny, Organizations Editor partment, Nevada Historical Society. TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration and Faculty Student Government . . Classes Honors Living Groups .... 10 Organizations 130 20 Athletics ; . . 176 34 Campus Life 216 66 Advertisements 280 88 Senior Histories 322 Index 330 uy w i NEVADA 2 t w ' h ■5%, ■ ' l!i COAK U ' r - 1 Welcome to Nevada, or welcome back as the case may be. Take a pictorial tour of the campus starting with the main gate which was given by the classes of ' 98 and ' 01. From there we see the old, familiar sights of Morrill Hall and the statue of John Mac- kay. But the face of the University is always changing and some of the scenes are not so familiar. Our campus is graced with names like Scrugham Engineering, Sarah Hamilton Fleischmann Home Economics, and Noble H. Getchell library. These are part of the new face of Nevada. But the people make up the school and their activities are what make the University of Nevada more than just a collection of buildings. . . . and when we ' re not on campus we may be found downtown, Virginia City, or Lake Tahoe .«L, r ADMINISTRATION and FACULTYI ♦ 11 GOVERNOR Governor Grant Sawyer Our University of Nevada graduates of the ' 60s will be starting their careers in an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity, during which the state has leaped to a position of leadership in many phases of economic activity. Today, Nevada is the fastest growing state in the nation and its citizens, enjoying record levels of employment, have the highest per capita income in the country. American industry is relocating in Nevada, helping to diversify our economy. The state has become a major space age testing center and it appears likely the first spaceship to the moon will be powered by a nuclear engine developed in the Nevada desert. All this, of course, brings with it new challenges and we find the answers of yesterday are not sufficient for the questions of today. I am proud of the University of Nevada for helping to shape young men and women equipped with the ability, determination and thirst for knowledge that are necessary if we are to keep Nevada moving ahead in the years to come. Grant Sawyer, Governor 12 PRESIDENT As another year in the Hfe of the University draws to a close, we think first of the members of the graduating classes, and extend to them our sincere congratulations on their achievement, and cordial good wishes for success and happiness in their future undertakings. We hope that you graduates of 1963 have found intellectual challenge in your studies here, satisfying associations and lasting friendships among your colleagues, and the conviction that the education you have obtained here, and the even greater education which lies ahead of you in the years to come, will be the largest single factor in the making of your lives in accordance with your best desires. This has indeed been a year of continued achievement. The great physical growth of the University on two campuses has been accelerated, and many new buildings and new facilities have been provided. But, important as this growth has been, much more important are our continued strides toward excellence and intellectual maturity, as more Ph.D. programs have come into operation, the Honors Program moves for- ward, higher academic standards are developed, in- creasing emphasis is placed on research — the catalyst of good teaching and new knowledge — and a new seriousness of purpose motivates our thinking. It is important and especially gratifying to note that the initiative for the development of our new improved academic standards of admission and scholastic progress came from the students themselves, through the ASUN Senate. Similarly, students have provided leadership in developing our new expanded foreign student program, in bringing distinguished speakers on subjects of na- tional importance to the campus, and in many other ways fostering and stimulating our progress toward excellence. Without such student participation and leadership, this progress would have been impossible. We may all, students and faculty alike, take pride in what has been done this year; but more importantly, we must renew our resolve and our conviction that the challenges of the future will yield only to our common efforts in the spirit of mutual purpose which we have already so well achieved. Sam Basta Dean of Student Affairs Elaine Mobley Dean of Women Roberta Barnes Women ' s Counselor i Hi -, - — — _ _ , ,„_ . _, — — y -- i -A — _ ' 1 n| m [eT --- s .. - " James Hathom Dean of Men DEANS AND ■ ADMINISTRATION William Rasmussen Director of Financial Aids, Grad. Placement David Heron Directo r of Libraries Trini Erquiaga Graduate Manager ' s Secretary Sidney Weatherhead Director of Counseling 14 Kenneth Young Executive Vice President Alice Terry President ' s Secretary Wendell Mordy Director of Desert Research Institute Robert Kersey Director of Student Services Neil Humphrey Business Manager James Rogers University Engineer James Adams Dean of Agriculture James McNabney Graduate Manager Thomas O ' Brien Dean of Graduate School Ralph Irwin Dean of Arts and Science Harold Kirkpatrick Assistant Dean of Arts and Science Ceroid Holstine Dean of Education Robert Weems Dean of Business Administration Howard Blodgett Dean of Engineering Vernon Scheid Dean of Mackay School of Mines 15 AGRICULTURE — First Row: L. Dunn, C. Blincoe, W. Arnett, A. Lesperance, P. Tueller, H. Christensen, C. Seufferle, H. Kilpatrick. Second Row: T. Butler, W. Dye, H. Cords, J. Robertson, S. Lyda, H. Little, W. Burton, J. Malone, W. Neely, V. Twitty, J. Stein, O. Schulz. NURSING — First Row: W. York, Dean Fletcher, Dean Ell- more, M. Haddad, A. Ezell. Second Row: A. Dickinson, A. Friedley, J. Robley, Smith, M. Olsen, E. Powers. 16 MUSIC — First Row: J. Carrico, J. Hughes, H. Goddard, C. Ziemer. Second Row: F. Hickman, K. Macy, E. Haughton, H. Chaloff. MATHEMATICS — First Row: R. MacCauIey, E. Halli- gan, E. Beesley. Second Row: D. Pfaff, R. Collison, M. Demers, C. Pinkerton. J i r B w m W L KI K ESB Kmi J 1 ' " 1 SOCIOLOGY C. Backman. A. Simerenko, C. Stortroen, L. Lewis, m I PK - ' FACULTY MINING — First Row: H. Nelson, J. Winston, O. Haas, Dean Scheid, W. Voskuil, M. Hibbatd, E. Larson. Second Row: L. McGitk, J. Lintz, F. Bowdish, J. Gimlett, C. Hammond, E. Ketsten, R. Sands, D. Slemmons. ENGINEERING — Left to Right: T. Hartis, J. Battenburg, K. Yarbotough, K. McKee, A. DeAngelis, J. Carlson, J. Bonell, Dean Blodgett, R. Manhait, I. Sandorf, G. Sutton, C. Fell, D. Dickenson, W. Miller, E. Kosso. PSYCHOLOGY — First Row: J. Nickels, A. Murray, R. McQueen, W. Simmons, J. Ryan. PHYSICS — First Row: R. Sill, S. Leifson. Second Row: R. Wotley, G. Batnes, W. Scott. Third Row: T. Frazier, N. Moore, J. Motrison. JOURNALISM — Le t to Right: T. Conover, K. Janulis, A. Higgenbotham, P. Glendon. 17 SPEECH AND DRAMA — Le t to Right: R. Griffin, B. Anderson, A. Hastings, R. Elmore, R. Strane. - CHEMISTRY— First Row. K. Kemp, J. Rogan, C. Guss. Second Row. R. Asai, M. Deming, R. Morris, J. Romary, J. Fresco. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING — Left to Right: E. Kosso, R. Manhart, I. Sandorf, G. Clark, C. Fell. FACULTY EDUCATION — First Row: R. Willey, M. Schwartz, G. Holstein, M. Butorac, T. Tucker. Second Row: T. Cheney, H. Knapp, C. Reed, S. Worley, H. Brown, G. Jeffs, ]. Davis. PHYSICAL EDUCATION — First Row: J. Lawlor, J. Killorn, R. Trachok, A. Broten, B. Ireland, R. Dankworth, J. Crooks, B. Joiner, J. Felshin. Second Row: J. Spencer, E. Fendun, R. Laughter, F. Edsall, R. Russell, J. Tighe, J. Prida. IBB HOME ECONOMICS — First Row: M. Stone, H. Wells, E. Cowen, P. Tripple, A. Gaston. Second Row. D. Terry, V. Twitty, B. Sansom, J. Chancerelle, M. Horn. ART — E. Yates, J. McCormick, D. Kerr, A. Curtis, J. Sheppard. MILITARY — First Row. G. Brown, N. Craun, R. Gundlack, E. Lawler, H. Holeker. Second Row. W. Wilson, S. Cole, W. Weaver, T. Diamond, R. Miller, R. Maxey, S. Domingue, C. Nelson, C. Fulkerson. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE — First Row. A. Hutcheson, E. Bushnell, P. Smith, L. Pippin. Second Roiv: J. Tigner, R. Elliott, H. Chase, J. Holmes, J. Hulse. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION — First Row. L. Cole, W. Houwink, K. Neidert, R. Lambright. Second Row. B. WofFord, I. Grant, A. White, Caudadio, K. Duffy, A. Dahl. Third Row. B. Smith, E. Vietti, F. Flores, G. Kirby, R. Goodell, J. Hoyt, R. Wilson, L. Larson, W. Palmer, A. Plumley, Dean Weems. . ■fe !! STUDENT GOVERNMENT 21 Mike Mackedon ASUN President The University of Nevada is expanding at an un- precedented rate. This expansion, however, re- mains external physical growth until those, who comprise this University and who have faith in it as a living institution, channel this expansion in the direction of academic and social excellence. Change is not progress until people give direction to change, and thought to progress. Thus we must be careful to know the past, and to exploit the present, but prepare for the future with a vigor that comes from an intractable faith in ourselves and those around us. ASUN President Mike Mackedon ASUN PRESIDENT 22 Mimi Patrick ASUN Second Vicc ' President Tom Seeliger ASVlS! First Vice-President Cecilia Molini AWS President AWS PRESIDENT Marilyn Walker AS UN Secretary Fianna Beeghly Assistant Marilyn Kotter AWS Vice-President The class of ' 63 leaves the University of Nevada, perhaps, never to return. We set our goals four long years ago. Many of our original group turned from the chosen path, to wander, some aimlessly and some purposefully, down other various roads. But those who remained have cherishable memo- ries to recall during times of depression or glad- ness which will fill our lives in future years. Among our memories, let us ever remember the words of a wise professor — " defeat comes from within! " AWS President Cecelia Molini 4 .,« «» iwi " 23 First Row: Miss Barnes. Marilyn Kotter, Carole Sharp. Second Row: Peggy Hayman, Kay Park, Karen Branch, Toddy Watkins, Linda Wadsworth, Sharon Domenici, Cecelia Molini. AWS JUDICIARY BOARD AWS COUNCIL First Row: Aileen Miller, Marsha Frankovich, Ceceila Molini, Marilyn Kotter, Carole Sharp, Jean Pagni, Margaret Goegg, Nancy Franklin. Second Row: Mary Rossolo, Sarah Pedersen, Ruthie Fried- hoff, Pam Plath, Lois Taylor, Rosemarie Haenel, Joan Westfield. Third Row: Fay Yparraguirre, Linda Phillips, Janet Rhodes, Judy Quanchi, Mimi Patrick, Elizabeth Williams. Fourth Row: Carol Owens, Mary Lynn Barnard, Linda Wadsworth, Karry Devincenzi. 4 HHIBP ' C Hp ! • iM ' til ' L .t, r fv B vK First Row: Marilyn Walker, Linda Young, Tom Seeliger, Linda Phillips. Second Row: Mr. McNabney, Dr. Palmer, Dr. Miller, Wayne Ferguson, Ken Clayton, Mike Mackedon. FINANCE CONTROL BOARD PUBLICATIONS BOARD First Row: Jo Anne Nelson, Linda Young, Linda Phillips, Toddy Watkins, Marilyn Walker. Second Row: Doug Buchanan, Wayne Ferguson, Ken Clayton, Jim Richards, Tom Seeliger, Mike Mackedon, Professor Hastings. First Row. Pat Heward, Jackie Burr, Bev Rorden, Marilyn Walker, Mike Mackedon, Tom Seeliger, Ken Clayton, Charles Batchelder, Cook Laird. Second Row. Theo Scott, Joan Westfield, Jill Walker, Mimi Patrick, Linda Young, Wayne Ferguson, Judy Jeppson, Rich Corbin, Ed Stopper, Larry Hutchins, Keith Lee. Third Row. Larry Struve, Michelle Mackedon, Jaculine Chiatovich, Linda Phillips, Ceceila Molini, John Bromley, Bill Pollard, Ron Evans. SENATE Among the more important issues discussed and decided upon in Senate this year was the formation of a Steering Committee and an Upperclass Committee. We don ' t agree with . . . Let me think that over mf 26 STUDENT UNION BOARD Bill Lohse President First Row. Jean Snyder, Bud Olsen, Doug Ketron Karin Bryant, Bill Lohse, Clark Santini, Mr. Kersey, Barbara Barengo, Jim Sinasek, Mimi Patrick. 27 ELECTION BOARD 1 ItuJ I n H 1 p { 1 1 1 H 1 H vH HH ii Hl H ■ J V V 1 |H| 1 1 K!%ii K J I i 1 I 1 1 ■ |H Wk _k H ■4 •-v«- " H ' - jI H V 1 Ip " H| H fl V " li r - M M .•. 1 ■ L 1 1 1 h. 1 1 ? K I9h| I Kl ' 1 " hV 1 ■ D jj 1 1 ■ ■ k ' ' i 1 ■ iLr 1 1 ' •ViiiJililHlii 1 1 1 s 1 1 . m j r.: -■■■ ■■;. ■■■ " ' ■ ■■ ' " v ' " K First Row. Karen Fabri, Sharon Yeazel, Peggy Solomon, Jodie Muller, Sue Russell. Second Kow. Keith Stephens, Ralph Aldave, Charles Murphy. 28 STUDENT JUDICIAL COUNCIL Pat White Chief Justice Jim Sinasek Jill Black Jeanne Sadler This Council was organized for the purpose of creating greater voice and responsibility to the students in maintaining high stand- ards of conduct. Its primary function is to investigate, adjudicate, and recommend discipline for cases involving student misconduct in violation of the University Code of Conduct and the Student Social Code. 29 ASUN HISTORIAN The large task of collecting all information concerning the activities of the associated students throughout the year is performed by the ASUN Historian. This is an ap- pointed office through the authority of Senate upon recommendation of the ASUN President. Joan Gansberg ASUN Historian PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE The Public Relations Committee of the A.S.U.N. are the " courtesy chairmen " of the student body. They send out notes of congratulation and Christmas cards, speak to groups outside the University, and in general promote the public relations of the school. Chris Johnson, Sally Shank, Lani Powell, Sue Glenn. ' .«.- fK •- ' a s i i 30 r™ AWARDS COMMITTEE Left to Riijht: Andy Gotelli, Margaret Taylor, Ted Marsten-C iairman, Penny White, Sam Martini. The Awards Committee, through chairman Ted Marsten, are members of the Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Mackay Day committees and handle the ordering, engraving, and general management of all trophies for our celebrations. 31 First Row. Alice Monaghan, Sherry Harwood, Diane McManus. Second Row: Dick Armuth, Bill Mortensen, Senior Class President, Bob Backus. SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE First Row. Julie La Fond, Jaculine Chiatovich, Pam Hinkley, Marcia Frankovich, Rosemarie Haenel. Second Row. Andy Gotelli, Jim Bernardi, Junior Class President, Jim Sinasek. i%»-»v-g: ' a 32 Km 1 K »tl ,■ : : 1 B.v .« 1 % First Row: Tala Crutchett, Molly Jacobs, Carl Fuetsch — President, Lyn Armbruster. Second Row. Pete Josse, Ken Miller, Joel Tew. FRESHMAN CLASS COMMITTEE SOPHOMORE CLASS COMMITTEE First Row. Rosemary Lituania, Mary Lynn Barnard, Karen Fabri, Dolores Dunning, Mimi Skillicorn. Second Row. Bill Hamilton, John Scott, Charles Kiley, Bill Sinnott, Jim Baratte, Chuck Burr — President. 33 H ?, . « ' P IT CLASSES SENIORS Janice Aalbu Marcia Adams Lynn Aguilar Ralph Aldave Lois Jean Arends Judith Armstrong Lester Armstrong Bonnie Barnard Wesley Barry David Bartholomew Sue Bartholomew Margo Bartlett Virginia Bath John F. Bauer Ken Belden Steven Bergman Steve Bibo Fred Biggs Richard Bohlmann Linda Borer Aristidis Bourbopoulos Jim Bowen Barbara Brannen Frederick Browne Karin Bryant Doug Buchanan Clinton Burkett Stanley Bush 36 Mitchell Casey John Cavanaugh John Cheever Alexander Chinn Barbara Coughlan Margaret Coughlan James Crowell Dave Cutler Barbara Dailey Don Dalton Walter Dandois Denise Dangberg Jeanette Date Roger Dieleman Dale Donathan Dilys Doyle John Doyle Don Eineichner Ray Escobedo Brent Fabbi Reeve Fagg Arlen Fark Gay Farnsworth Henriette Fell Doris Fenili John Firpo Michael Fitzgerald Marilyn Fletcher 37 Iradj Foroatan Mario Frugoli Ron Gallagher Joan Gansberg Andrew Jackson Lawrence Jacox Bruce Johnson Stewart Johnson Al Jones Betty Jones Kris Kanika Kittie Kerr Douglas Ketron Jane Klassen Anthony Klenakis ' Linda Knobbs 38 Wayne Kollodge Penelope Laird Warren Lambert Harvey Lambert Ron Nagel Edward Neary Jo Anne Nelson Paul Nelson Jean Nichols Marian Nickson 39 SENIORS RoUand McHughes Sally Nielson Diane Nungesser Marydee Nyquist Marilyn Petersen Walter Pfeiffer Beverly Pincolini Dan Poggione Dan Porter Karolyn Prince Joanne Pritchard Ann Raffetto John Rains George Ann Rice David Roberts Norman RocWell Warren Ronsheimer Charles Rupley Leroy Sacchini Jeanne Sadler Surjit Sandhu John Sankovich Vernon Sargent Ted Schroeder Jerry Schutz Joan Seaman Tom Seeliger Jasjit Singh Seklon Karmen Setty Jessica Sledge Lary Smith Dean Soderstrom Judy Vaughan Penny Walters Toddy Watkins Bob Weishaupt Alfred Westall Bette Whelan Pat White Russell Wilde Allen Wilson Judy Wilton John Winn Kaye Won Bob Wood Gary Wright Guy Yates Susan Yates Linda Young Fay Yparraguirre Lee Ann Zimmerman Bruce Alverson Don Arkell Tom Case Dennis Rosch Sunny Scudder Jim Bernardi President JUNIORS James Acheson Caryl Adams Joe Alvarez Leola Anderson Robert Armstrong Patricia Arnold Daniel Augustine Ronald Banta Sue Barry Fianna Beeghly Jackie Bell Roger Bergam Judy Berger Kathleen Bergin Marcia Bernard Dianne Beyer David Bianchi Judy Black Michael Blakely Gordon Bowman 42 Tod Brendlen John Bromley Wayne Burgarello Jackie Burr Joyce Burr Diane Campbell Bias Casanes Gloria Casci Coreen Cavanaugh Jaci Chiatovich Phyllis Choy Mike Van Cleemput Mike Copenhaven John Couch Sonya Datson John Davies Patricia Dinan Claudia Dukes 43 JUNIORS Barbara Edgington Frank Egenhoff Muriel Ellis Wayne Ferguson Joseph Fiore Patrick Fynn Fred Fralick Marsha Frankovich Robert Fraser Michael Gabbard Dot Gallagher Patsy Gehr Pierre Gezelin Dennis Golden Arden Gotelli Harriett Haag Rosemarie Haenal Dennis Haney 44 1 John Hannifan Max Harcourt Joanne Hardgrave Joan Harrison Don Heath Duncan Henrikson Cojean Herrin George Hill Pam Hinkley Joe Hollis Doris Howard Carole Hueftle Larry Hutchings Ray Jeffers Judy Jeppson Sharon Jones Sara Kahrs James Kinkor 45 JUNIORS Mike Knight Howard Knighten, Jr. Julie Lafond Anne Lewis Carey Loflin Michelle Mackedon Marilyn Madsen Marjorie Maple Marjorie Martin Monte Martin Jerry McCord Diane McGihon Lyndell McGue Doris McGuire Sharon McHenry Barry McKinnon Sharon Millard Dave Minedew 46 r» Joe Modzelewski Richard Newton William Ossolinski Carol Owens Douglas Parish Kay Park Karen Peckardt Ron Peek Joan Pesant Linda Phillips Marie Plummer William Pollard Leilani Powell Judy Quanchi Joyce Reno Wendy Rentz Fred Robertson John Robinson 47 JUNIORS Pat Rogers Beverle Rorden Ellen Roseman Dianne Rosse Jerry Rossi Mary Rossolo Ann Savage Bill Saxon Bill Schweiss Theo Scott Linda Shoemaker Jim Sinasek Chuck Slavin Suellen Small Ronald Smith Peggy Solomon Mary Kay Sorsenson Barbara Spalding 48 Laurie Sterne Georgiann Stout Carol Strang Larry Struve Diane Swart Thomas Torma Sue Turner Sue Voss Linda Wadsworth Dixie Wallace Harold Walsh Nancy Watson Ron Wear James Whipple Joanne Wilson Marguerite Wilson Thomas Woodhams Ruby Yrueta 49 SOPHOMORES Chuck Burr President Lola Bankofier JimBaratte Mary Lynn Barnard Jo Barrett Chris Bean Barbara Beesley Larry Bennett Connie Biglin Connie Bell Yvette Borda Bettina Bost Barbara Bottomley Tom Bowman Gary Boyd Karen Bradbury Karen Branch Skip Braten Owen Breen 50 m Robert B. Brinton Roberta Brooks James J. Brown Karen Brown Shannon L. Bybee, Jr. Bill Byrnes Karen Carlson Sheridan Cathles Kenneth Catledge Audrey Chambers Judy Charbonneau Angela Cianantini Emily Cook Sandra Coverston William Cozart Richard Crawford J. R. Curry Bill Curtaz Jinx Dabney Robert Darrah Eric Davis Andrea De Santis Daniel Dickens %% 51 SOPHOMORES Dolores Dunning Nancy Eaman Prella Ede Jay Edwards 4rw Jane Elliott Roy Enochson Pete Etchamendy Karen Fabri Cheryl Fallon Dennis Farnesi Donette Ferrier Doug Fletcher Susan Foley John Fordham Nancy Franklin Ruthie Friedhoff Virginia Frost David Funk Carolyn Cademartori ■ Suzanne Glenn Joel Glover Margaret Goegg 52 Cheryl Griffin Mike Griffin Trudy Groos Judy Grossenbach Jerome Guffy Russell Guisti Robert Hadfield Sue Haines Bill Hamilton David Hampton Phil Hanifan Nonnie Hanson Jennifer Harris Don Hartman Tom Harvey Peggy Hayman Philip Headley Kathi Helsdon Janet Herb Gail Hill Stephen Holloway Jane Holcomb 53 SOPHOMORES Joyce Horlacher Dave Hornbeck Kathy Lowell Dan Hunt " J. S ' MJfk Greg Jackson Karen Jacobsen William Jarvis Sharon Jensen Yvonne Jensen Chandler Johnson Charles Johnson Chris Johnson Diane Johnson Lynn Johnson Wayne Johnson Judi Kalousek Lyman Keele John Kees Art Kess Michael Killfoil Carolyn Kinney M. Dewey Kirkeeng 54 Karen Lott Dindy Maclean Richard Marcucci Sam Martini Harry Massoth Judy Matley Joseph Mayer Mary McCabe Pat McDaniel Molly McKinley Ed McKinnon Glenn Meyer Marilyn Miller Rose Ann Minister Judy Morrison Jodie Muller Robert Murphy Kate Murray 55 SOPHOMORES Jerry O ' Day Dick Olson John Osborne Jean Pagni Rick Parlette William Palmer Prakash Pandey Rena Pasquale George Peek Mario Peraldo Joe Peroglio Judy Peterson Marsha Peterson Jon Petrie Blair Phillips John Phillips Karen Phillips Janet Pitts 56 r- Nova Purdy Ira Rackley Gary Rand Marilyn Ranney Leona Rawlins Janet Rhodes Ellen Rich Toni Richards Cordelia Richards Jacqueline Ritchie Ronald Robards Linda Robear Lynn Roberts Suzi Hoyer Liz Rusk Suzanne Russell Donna Sbragia Janice Sceirine 57 SOPHOMORES Judy Schmidt John Scott Sally Shank Carole Sharp Norma Sheley Kathie Shoemaker Richard Short Diane Showalter William Sinnott Jean Smith Vickie Smith Vicki Snyder Marlies Speckner Diane Springmeyer Schuyler Steadman Barbara Stephenson Edward Stopper Lois Taylor Margaret Taylor Tim Thompson Adrienne Trinchero 58 Molly Tyree Andree Walker Jack Walker Jill Walker Judie Walker Ginger Warner Betty Webb Sandoy Weise Dorothy Wells John White Judith White Penny White William Byron Elizabeth Williams Fred Williams Barbara Wilson Judy Wilson Rex Wilson Lee Winne Sharon Yeazel Judy Zagortz 59 Mi FRESHMEN Steve Abbott Robert Adams Lynn Allen Zaid Al-Shuraidah Susan Anderson Larry Andreotti Dick Andrews Lyn Armbruster Paul Ashworth Mike Avilla Jim Baker Judith Bakerink Bob Barrail Sharon Sue Barrett Ann Barry Ron Bath Mary Ann Battcher Ron Beaubien Palette Bechtold Richard Bennett Patricia Bernard Larry Bettis Londa Biggs Darlene Bikker Dawna Burkham Georgia Blair Carol Blankenburg Lee Bloomfield Mark Boero Charles Bogue Kristina Bowers Betty Branche Toni Bratten Bob Brown Diane Brown Owen Brown Laura Brown Walter Brown 60 Steve Brown Paul Bryan Norris Kay Buehler Judy Burke Sharon Casazza Patti Ceccarelli Bill Chaffin Sheridan D. Chirwa Priscilla Choy Joyce Cobh Gary Collier Roberta Collins Tom Conklin Sue Ann Conton Kristen Cooper Roger Cornwall Sue Craven Susan Crews Joyce Crook Judy Crossett Tala Crutchett Peggy Currie Gary Daniels Jeanne DeLong Karry DeVeincenzi Mary Devor Kenneth Dickens Norine DiMercurio Jerry Dollinger Andrea Douglas Willard Doutre Donald Drake Roy Drake Janet DuBois Dee Duffy Meredith Dunning Leslie Ann Eastwook Sarah Eckley Duncan Edwards Carol Egbert Nancy Engelhard Paul Escallier Terry Fagg Ruth Fenstermaker Anne Foley Larry Foltz Paul Franklin Judy Franks 61 Joyce Freeman Kathleen Frehner Lynn Friedhoff |f -«» Toni Gale FRESHMEN Leroy Getchell Mary Kay Gezelin Mary Louise Goddard Sharon Gold Karen Goodrich Phyllis Goytino Catherine Louise Gratoi Joy Green Donna Grundman Judy Guisti Bob Gunn Jeanne Gurneau Tracey Hackstaff Terry Haller Britta Halvorsen Dennis L. Harrison. Diane Harwood Claudette Havas Jeanette Havener Barbara Havens George Hawkins Sandra Lee Hay Cheryl Heigl Shirley Heinen Barbara Heller Tori Henderson ; Hal Herlan Carolyn Hicks Sharon Hill G. Wayne Hillygus Lorey Hodge Charles C. Holmberg William House Sandy Hudson Lee Ivey Gary M. Jacobs Dick Jamison Glenda Jeffrey Swainia Jennings Dale Johnson 62 Deanna A. Johnson Gene Johnson Margery Johnson Marilyn Jones Jacie Leary Cheryl Leonard Margaret Lewis Marty Loux Ronnie Loverin Bruce Luria Marylou MacKeniie Denny Mandell Vernon Manke Larry Manning Alona Marean Janeen Marsh Suzanne Martin Toni Martin Bob Martini Sylvia Maslach Peggy Matson Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Patricia Maxsom Bonnie McCollum Karen McDonald Robert L. McDonald Allan C. McGill, II Kathy McKaig Evelyn Miller Lane Monroe Marsha Mooney Sue Moss Janet Mayer Katherine Murdock Charles Murphy Julie Nannini Assunta Natucci Diane Nelson William F. Kelly Kirk Kinne Lloyd Kirchner Cathy Knobbs 63 Gary Nelson James A. Nelson Elaine Newton Neil Neilsen FRESHMEN Mary Parmenter Marilyn Pettsrson Joanne Denny Donna Perkins JoAnn Peterson Cherie Petty James Phillips Scott Pillar Doris Pope David Pringle Jim E. Purrell Michael Reed Shirlee Reed Gary Robb Richard Rock Carolyn Robens Marilyn Robens Terry Roberts Patricia Ann Robins Kathleen Rose Jerry Rosebush Jon P. Rossiter Thomas W. Ryan Kathleen Sadler Michele Sala Gene Salerno Larry Salerno David P. Salvadorini Carol Sanderson Barbara Saralegui Roland J. Savant Cherie Sawyer Schuyler Schaff Sue Scherer Robbin Schoff Karen Scolari Elfrena Sewell Marianne Shaw Marilyn Shark Darrall Shone Lynna Shurtleff 64 Gerry Small Sally Small Loretta Smith Mary Solaro Sally Sommer Sandra Sorensen Lance Sparks Carolyn Sprague Sharry Springmeyer Wanda Sudweeks Mary Swallow Michael Tarpey Jan Thomas Jean Thoyre Sarah Tilford Carol Tobey Vikki Todd Williard Tomany Susan Taylor John Utter Edward R. Vacchina George W. Vandervort Jeannine Van Wagenen Murl Walker Jackel A. Wallace Bonnie J. Worman Tim Webb Judy Wegman Sue Whitaker Mary White Barbara Williams Carolyn Wilson Cindy Wilson Ronda Wilson-Reed Mary Witkowski Lorre Wolf Douglas Wood Nancy Woodlief Diane Woodward JoDe Woolverton Jim Wright Sharon Yates David Michael Zagar Jeanette Zolezzi Charlie Steiner Kathy Stern Larry Stiff Sue Stoker Jeannie Stoner 65 am mmJS i •«• ' 9 to I1IH Ti jji HONORS Judy Norcott Delta Delta Delta Diane Nungesser Gamma Phi Beta HOMECOMING QUEEN Pat Plenn Pi Beta Phi Alice Swainston White Pine Hall Donna Martin Kappa Alpha Theta 68 Judy Black Off-Campus Independent 69 Sue Glenn Manzanita Hall Sally Shank Kappa Alpha Theta Judy Schmidt Delta Delta Delta MILITARY BALL QUEEN Peggy Hayman Gamma Phi Beta Rosemary Lituania Off ' Campus Independent Andree Jo Walker Pi Beta Phi 70 .W .. - ►, ;;C, ,i ' Vicki Smith White Pine Hall 71 ' Lee Bloomfield Pi Beta Phi 72 Tonl Martin T%elta Delta Delta WINTER CARNIVAL QUEEN Tala Crutchett Gamma Phi Beta Darrell Shone White Pine Hall Diane Prfess pendent Off ' ne i- ri, ft-Lampus Ind 6 ¥ M Margo Ford Kappa Alpha Theta Dianne Beyer Pi Beta Phi Barbara Spaulding Gamma Phi Beta -J « «« B«9 Georgiann Stout Delta Delta Delta JUNIOR PROM QUEEN Peggy Solomon Off ' Campus Independent 74 T Marie Plummer White Pine Hall Penny Kruger Manzanita Hall ,f? ' Kay Killfoil White Pine Hall " en Murphy Pi Beta Phi Kay Killfoil White Pine Hall MACKAY DAY QUEEN MWK M Marilyn Petersen Kappa Alpha Theta Aliceann Monagha Gamma Phi Beta 76 i f Joanne Pritchard Off ' Campus Independent 77 Judy Norcott Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa Marlene Gate White Rose Queen of Sigma Nu Gayle Whitaker Alpha Tau Omega CAMPUS Donna James Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Betty Webb Crescent Girl of Lambda Chi Alpha ROYALTY Lynn Roberts Dream Girl of Theta Chi 19 %. 4 I JL ; ' % . iJ - . ' ■ k .. I 1 ' m 1 ll 720E Mimi Patrick WHO ' S WHO Mike Mackedon Cecelia Molini 80 Joan Gansburg Ellen Murphy Dale Donathan Pat White Linda Pearce 81 V r. 82 Lynn Gerow Tom Seeliger Harry Walters Jeanne Sadler Judith Armstrong Aliceann Monaghan ■•• MORE WHO ' S WHO Linda Youn Ken Clayton ■Hi y iL Andy Mackenzie 83 Bob Backus Toddy Watkins Marilyn Kotter Doug Buchanan _ Tom Cook )||B»i ' i ' 84 I.F.C. President Harry Walters congratulates Alpha Tau Omega representative, Andy MacKenzie, for winning the Bradshaw Trophy. KINNEAR TROPHY I.F.C. President Harry Walters awards Woody Barry the Buzzy Marks Trophy for the outstanding participant of inter-mural sports. BRADSHAW TROPHY The Bradshaw Trophy was donated by Jim ' Rabbit " Bradshaw in 1960 to be used as a revolving trophy given to the fraternity which had the most points in intra- mural sports. Bradshaw graduated from the University in the early 1920 ' s as an AU- American. He was the only Nevada football player ever to be selected for the Foot- ball Hall of Fame. Mike Mackedon, Rich Gwyn, Gordon Corn, John Bromley, and Art Kess were named the outstanding fraternity sportsmen at the I.F.C. Been Feed. Lois Jean Arends Bonnie Barnard Margo Bartlett PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi is composed of graduate, under- graduate, and faculty members of all departments in American colleges and universities. Its object is to stimulate learning and scholarship. Officers for the year were: V. R. Bowman-President, M. Lutz- Vice President, E. Yates-Treasurer, J. Butler-Sec- retary, and C. Breese-Historian. Doug Buchanan Stanley Bush Gay Farnsworth Warren Hull Dave Lippincott Mary Maine Jim Matthews Kevin McGreevey Ellen Murphy Sarah Pedersen Marilyn Perrozi Georgeamm Rice Charles J. Armstrong William H. Arnett Carl Backman George Burns Maurice E. Beesley Howard Blodgett Verle R. Bohman John A. Bonnell Charles R. Breese Harold N. Brown JohnN. Butler Clarence E. Byrd Glenn H. Clark Donald G. Cooney Howard P. Cords Alex D. Dandini Meryl N. Deming Laraine E. Dunn Walter B. Dye Paul R. Eldridge Russell R. Elliott Thomas V. Frazier Richard Gifford Robert S. Griffin William H. Halberstadt Everett R. Harris A. L. Higginbotham Marilyn J. Horn Austin E. Hutcheson Edward W. Yates Joseph Lintz Vernon E. Scheid Bernard Anderson D. F. Dickenson F. A. Ryser A. N. Mozingo Willem Housink Donald W. Marble Dan W. Cassard E. W. Kersten Marie Haddad H. De Verl Willey Eugene Isaeff Clifton Blincoe George A. Broten Harry Chase Claude Hammond Richard Orcutt Ralph A. Irwin Edwin H. Jensen Lowell L. Jones Kenneth C. Kemp Lawton B. Kline Charlton G. Laird ■ Ira La Riv ers E. Richard Larson Lon S. McGirk Robert McQueen Christian W. F. Melz William C. Miller Elaine Mobley Robert J. Morris John W. Morrison Harve P. Nelson Alden J. Plumley Helen J. Poulton Joseph H. Robertson Robert T. Roelofs Robert H. Ruf Irving J. Sandorf Paul F. Secord Charles H. Seufferle J. Craig Sheppard Wilbur S. Shepperson David B. Slemmons Robert Tompson Patricia Tripple William Van Tassel Loring R. Williams John S. Winston Benjamin Wofford Jeanne Sadler Edith Stetson Linda Young 86 CAP AND SCROLL Mimi Patrick President Cap and Scroll, the highest women ' s honorary organization on the campus, was led this year by Mimi Patrick. It was founded by Dr. James E. Church. Members must have a 2.7 overall average and have been President of an organization. The main purpose of Cap and Scroll is to maintain the high standards of women on the campus and its largest project is to give aid to the other women ' s organizations. Jeanne Sadler Toddy Watkins Linda Young Fay Yparraguirre Cecelia Molini Ellen Murphy Jo Anne Nelson 87 Ifci •■ ■■ m r.M. %:, 4 3 ... ,K% M 1 " k mw - ' Mi - :i , ■ ?.Ct s ' -■ -. 9 ii - r ' f ' ' MfTi ti I -IT ' - v. 1 h ¥ •♦ LIVING GROUPS • • • • 1 89 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Michele Mackedon President Nancy Franklin Linda Young Ellen Murphy Judy Quanchi Linda Knobbs Diane Swart 90 Faye Yparraguirre Mary Rossalo Mary Kay Sorenson Jo Barrett Christianne Balducci Diane Conton f INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL Ward Coates James Coultas Harry Walters Tom Case Dennis Golden Don Heath Harvey LoSasse Andrew MacKenzie 91 DELTA DELTA DELTA Linda Knobbs President Janice Lea Aalbu Susan Anderson Mary Lynn Barnard Jo Barrett Mary Ann Battcher Alex Battin Judy Berger Londa Biggs Linda Rae Borer Judy Brann Nancy Brown Diane Burge Patti Ceccarelli Roberta Collins Denise Dangberg Dilys Doyle 92 Claudia Dukes Nancy Ann Eaman Anne Foley Susan Foley Lynn Friedhoff Ruthie Friedhoff Carolyn Cademartori Joan Gansberg Judy Grossenbach Tacey Hackstaff Rosemarie Haenal Britta Halvorsen Nonnie Hanson Diane Harwood Sheri Harwood Shirley Heinen Jane Hoicomb Lynn Johnson Cathy Knobbs Marilyn Kotter 93 DELTA DELTA DELTA Patti Lewis Ronnie Loverin Toni Martin Patricia Maxsom Mary McCabe Patricia McCabe JoAnn McLeod Sally Anne Nielson Judy Norcott Judy Peterson Cherie Petty Janet Dee Pitts Wendy Post Toni Richards Jacqueline Ritchie Ellen Roseman Cherie Sawyer Judy Schmidt Theo Scott Vicki Snyder 94 tBSSKramt Mary Solaro Diane Springmeyer Sharon Stark Kathy Stern Georgiann Stout Diane Swart Molly Sue Tyree Linda Lee Wadsworth Judie Walker Nancy Watson Bette Whelan Elizabeth Williams Ronda Wilson-Reid Lorre Wolf Nancy Woodlief Sharon Yeazel 95 Diane Conton President GAMMA PHI BETA Gail Aiazzi Lynn Allen Christiann Balducci H Dawna Burkham Karen Carlson Sharon Casazza Linda Lee Chambers Jaci Chiatovich Sue Ann Conton Tala Crutchett Dolores Dunning Prella Ede Danette Ferrier Flora Fox Christine Gang Karen Goodrich Peggy Hayman Carolyn Hicks Judy Jeppson Mary LaFond Margaret Lewis Liz MacGregor Aliceann Monaghan Assunta Natucci Diane Nungesser Linda Pearce Marylin Ranney Joyce Marie Reno Susan Rhoades Carolyne Robens Marilyn Robens Lynn Roberts Mary Rossalo Suzanne Russell Robbin Schoff Norma Sheley Diane Showalter Barbara Spaulding Carol Lee Strang Laurie Sterne Bev Theilig Adrienne Trinchero JoAnn Van Lydegraf Marilyn " Walker Toddy Watkins 97 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Lynn Aguilar Leola Anderson Judith Armstrong Bonnie Barnard Barbara Beesley Fianna Beeghly Frances Beloso Kathleen Bergin Kristina Bowers Gwen Breen Dee Buss Ann Louise Cantlon Coreen Cavanaugh Emily Cook Kristen Cooper Janet DuBois 98 Nancy Engelhard Karen Fabri Nancy Franklin Marsha Frankovich Joyce Freeman Mary Kay Gezelin Margaret Goegg Sharon Gold Phyllis Goytino Tori Henderson Pat Heward Cheryl Griffin Gretchen Keiser Anne Lewis Karen Lott Michelle Mackedon Mary Lou MacKenzie Marilyn Madsen Donna Martin Suzanne Martin 99 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Michele Maupin Michon Maupin Karen McDonald Sharon McHenry Kathy McKaig Diane McManus Judy Morrison Donal Ruth Murphy Kate Murray JoAnne Nelson Jean Nichols Kay Park Karen Peckardt Marilyn Peterson Linda Phillips Suzi Royer Liz Rusk Sue Scherer Elfrena Sewell Sally Shank 100 Sally Small Carolyn Smith Jeanette Snyder Sally Sommer Diane Sturm Janet Steiner Janie Thompson Jean Thoyre Carol Tobey Sue Turner Sue Voss Joan Westfield Sue Whitaker Barbara Williams Cindy Wilson Fay Yparraguirre Lee Ann Zimmerman 101 Lyn Armbruster Lola Bankofier Virginia Bath Paulette Becktold Marcia Bernard Patricia Bernard Diane Beyer Connie Biglin Carol Blankenburg Lee Bloomfield Yvette Borda Karen Branch Barbara Brannen Norris Kay Buehler Judy Charbonneau Barbara Coughlan 102 nasmi. ' .m Margaret Coughlan Barbara Coles Sue Craven Judy Crossett Joanne Denny Karry DeVincenzi Mary DeVor Norine DiMercurio Leslie Eastwood Jane Elliott Muriel Ellis Virginia Frost Toni Gale Cynthia Geyer Judy Guisti Sandra Hay Karen Isbell Carolyn Kinney Julie LaFond Judy Matley 103 PI BETA PHI Janet Mayer Lyndell McGue Doris McGuire Elizabeth McGuire Marilyn Miller Julie Moore Jodie Muller Sally Newport Lenore Owens Janis Palzis Barbara Parish Mimi Patrick Karen Phillips Beverly Pincolini Pam Plath Patricia Plenn Judy Quanchi Jeanne Sadler Kathleen Sadler Michele Sala 104 S m Donna Sbragia Karen Scolari Mary Kay Sorenson Sue Stoker Jean Tachoires Margaret Taylor Susan Taylor Jackie Uhalde Jeannine Van " Wagenen Andree Walker Betty Webb Pat White Penny WTiite Judy Wilson Jeanette Zolenzzi Lenda Zwonitzer 105 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Andrew MacKenzie President Fran Archuleta Richard Armuth Donald Banta Ronald Banta Woody Barry Bob Braunschweig Paul Bryan Patrick Burns Tom Burns Chuck Burr William Casey Evans Charley William Cozart Richard Crawford Donald Dallas Stan Davis James Dickover Roy Drake Bob Dungan Larry Felesina 106 Paul Freitag Pierre Gezelin Mike Griffin Tim Griffin Jerome Guffey Russell Guisti Phil Hanifan Hal Herlan William House Leonard Howard Mike Ingersoll Lee Ivey David Jacobs Dick Jamison Brent Johnson Michael Killfail Kirk Kinne Mike Knight Wayne Kollodge Michael Lane Tim Lane Keith Lee DeRay Lombardy Michael Mackedon Richard Marcucci ' ■ » -. Larry Foltz 107 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Barry McKinnon Hugh Montrose Jack Montrose Robert Murphy Ron Nagel Bob Oats Bruce Park George Peek Ron Peek Mario Peraldo Jim Punell Thomas Reviglio Jerry Rosebush Tom Ross Clark Santini Tom Seehger Jim Sinasek Chuck Slavin Larry Stiff Mike Stoddard John Sullivan Ray Walker Paul Weir Bob Weishaupt Dwight Weyant 108 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Jan Overpeck President Lane Abbott Steve Abbott James Bennett Rod Brandon Doug Buchanan Wayne Ferguson David Funk Darrell Garrison Carl Grauvogel Philip Headley Chandler Johnson Blair Phillips Jon Rossiter William Sinnott Sky Steadman Joel Tew Tim Webb George Vandervort Lee Winne Jim Wright Ted Zaehringer Maxon R. Porter 109 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Dale Wagner President James Acheson Bob Alward Dick Andrews Jim Baratte Jim Bernardi Guy Burnell Bill Carver Kenneth Clayton Gordon Corn Roger Cornwall Cleve Crudgington Harry Culbert Jon Culbert Bill Curtaz Michael Dillon Dale Donathan Jim Elliot Bob Erickson John Firpo John Flournay Bruce Gardella Gene Gardella Patrick Geary Leroy Getchell Jim Georgeson 110 W W " Dennis Golden Leroy Goodman George Griffith Jack Haddock Fred Hanker Dennis Harrison Hal Herwit R. B. Hoffman Bob Horn Larry Hutchings Richard Knapp Dennis Lally Brian Lapworth Gary Love Barry Miller Charles Murphy Niel Nielsen Dick Olson Rick Parlette James Phillips John Phillips Bill Saxton Jerry Schutz Mike Shaw Dean Soderstron Charlie Steiner Keith Stephens Larry Struve Jack Tedford Steve Turner Ronald Watson Roger Willmarth Kent Wisecarver J HI m Cal Wilson President SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Joe Alvarez Mike Avilla Jim Baker Richard Bennett Tom Bowman Tod Brendlen Skip Broten Bob Brown Randy Burke Cliff Coluse William Converse James Coultas Allen Craigmiles Denver Dickerson Terry Dollinger John Dumbauld Duncan Edvyards Dennis Farnesi John Gascue James Gaumer 112 Joel Glover Arden Gotelli Tim Grant Bob Hale Michael Halley Dennis Haney Rick Heaney Duncan Henrikson Wayne Hillygus Thomas Horgan Bill Johnson Wayne Johnson John Lawrence Kees Bob Lawson Harvey LoSasso Ralph Madsen Tom Marshall ♦•■ Ted Marston Sam Martini Jim Mathewson 113 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Joseph Mayer Robert McDonald Charles Olsen William Palmer Dick Philpot Dan Porter Roger Reynolds Lyle Rivera Richard Rock Jerry Rossi Richard Short Douglas Smith John Smith Michael Torpey Thomas Tower John Utter Edward Vacchina Rex Wilson Tony Xavier 114 LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA Diane Beyer Yvette Borda Audrey Chambers Barbara Coles Kate Murray Linda Pearce Ellen Ros eman Sally Shank Penny White 115 PHI SIGMA KAPPA Ward Coates President Robert Armstrong John Bauer Ron Beaubien Larry Bennett Mark Boero Glen Burt Bob Gunn Richard Gwyn R. J. Handhn James Hechtman Edward Hennssey Joe Mollis Charles Holmberg Gilbert Mandagaran Jerry McCord Pat McDaniel Kenneth Miller Richard Newton Gary Rand John Robinson Edward W. Stopper Harold Walsh 116 SIGMA NU Larry Andreotti Ken Belden Robert Blair Michael Blakely Charles Bogue Jim Bronson Karl Breckenridge Steve Brown Cleve Canepa Robert Capurro Bill Chafiin Don Collar Tom Cook Tom Conklin Dave Cutler Don Dalton Tom Case President Robert Darrah John Davies Eric Davis Ken Doyle i 117 SIGMA m Frank Egenhoff Allen Ferrari Doug Fletcher John Fordham Michael Gabbard Dave Gardiner Lynn Gerow, Jr. Jerry Gregory Tom Harvey Don Heath Stephen Holloway, Jr. Dave Hornbeck Gene Johnson Richard Junnila Art Kess Douglas Ketron 4 Gene Lane Christopher Lawton Gene LeBlanc David Mandell 118 CBEsan Denny Mandell Bob Martini Ed McKinnon John Melahn Dave Minedew John Mirczak Lane Monroe Rusty Nash Paul Nelson Herbert Nichols Jan Packwood Jon Petrie Scott Filler Gary Robb Gene Salerno Larry Salerno David Salvadorini Schuyler Schaff " ' John Scott Harry Walters John White Gary Wright 119 THETA CHI David Roberts Chris Bean John Bromley Frederick Lee Browne Gary Ray Collier Leslie Davey Roy Hibdon Jim Keith Harvey Lambert Vernon Manke Marshall Mast Fred Mitchell Lee Smith William Thompson 120 GREEK LIFE 121 WHITE PINE HALL Sandy Albiston Patricia Arnold Judith Bakerink Ann Barry Margo Bartlett Darlene Bikker Georgia Blair Bettina Bost Barbara Bottomley Toni Bratten Laura Brown Jackie Burr Sheridan Cathles Audrey Chambers Bonnie Cleone Susan Crews Joyce Crook Jeanne DeLong Patricia Dinon Andrea Douglas 122 sm Cheryl Kay Fallon Doris Fenili Bonnie Gadda Catharine Louise Graton Donna Grundman Judy Franks Harriet Haag Sue Haines Terry Haller Jennifer Harris Claudette Havas Barbara Heller Cojean Herron Pam Hinkley Janet Herb Doris Howard Kathy Howell Karen Jacobsen Sharon Jensen Chris Johnson Diane Johnson Margery Johnson Betty Ann Jones 123 WHITE PINE HALL Marilyn Jones Jane Katzman Jean Kwan Sandra Lawler Cheryl Leonard Penny Levin Annett Louise Lewis Peggy Matson Molly McKinley Sharon Millard Evelyn Miller Katherine Murdock Diane Nelson Pamela Overby Mary Parmenter Rena Pasquale Marilyn Patterson Donna Perkins Marie Plummer Karolyn Prince Nova Marie Purdy Wendy Rentz 124 Janet Rhodes Georgeann Rice Ellen Rich Cordelia Richards Dianne Rosse Sonia Sarich Janice Sceirine Joan Seaman Sunny Scudder Judy Settergrew J! Linda Shoemaker Darell Shone Kathie Shoemaker Jessica Slidge Vickie Smith Mary Swallow Bonnie Jeanne Warman Judy Wegman Barbara Wilson Carolyn Wilson Sharon Yates Judy Zargortz 125 MANZANITA HALL Marcia Adams Carole Anderson Sharon Sue Barrett Sue Barry Jackie Bell Linda Bergevin Karen Bone Jill Bott Karin Bryant Joyce Burr Barbara Burt Angela Ciarlanlini Joyce Cobb Sandra Coverston Muree Drummond Dee Duffy Carol Egbert Marilyn Fletcher Kathleen Frehner Barbara Garaventa Suzanne Glenn Mary Louise Goddard Jeanne Gwineau Joann Hardgrave 126 Joan Harrison Jeanette Havener Gail Ann Hill Lorey Hodge JoAnn Holmes Sandy Hudson Glenda Jeffrey Swainia Jennings Yvonne Jensen Sar Kahrs Judi Kalousek Penelope Ellen Kruger Marty Laux Linda Larson Jacie Leary Dindy Maclean Judy Mangini Marjorie Hadley Maple Sylvia Maslach Diane McGihon Rose Anne Minister Carol Owens Kathy Owens Elaine Newton JoAnn Peterson 127 MANZANITA HALL !»rK5 Roberta Porterfield Leilani Powell Shirlee Reed Linda Robear Patricia Ann Robins Beverli Rorden Jaye Meri Rosaschi Carole Sharp Barbara Saralegui Loretta Smith Cordi Spence Dawn Starr Wanda Sudweeks Lois Taylor Mikell Tidd Sarah Tilford Claudia Treharne Rolanda Treharne Ginger Warner Kathleen Wick Shirley Williams Joanne Wilson Judith Lee White Mary White Judy Wilton 128 AKTEMISIA HALL Sheridan Chirwa Ron Gallagher Bruce Johnson Prakash Pandey Thomas Ryan Ralph Thomas LINCOLN HALL Zaid Al-Shwraidah Larry Glenn Bettis Gwen Brown Willard Quey Doutre Pete Etchamendy Paul Franklin Robert Stanley Hadfield Max Harcourt William Jarvis Dale Johnson Douglas Wood William Pollard Norman M. Rockwell Gerry Small William Tomany Tim Thompson William Kelly James Kinkor Lloyd Kirchner Carey Loflin Larry Malone Monte Martin Allan C.McGill, II Jerry Michael O ' Day Larry Rondell Miller John Osborne r - -« . ' ' %st :j m:- ' rj ix ' J - ■Mc - ' i. ;; — ,?« " J %: ,P .v .« ! ORGANIZATIONS ' t 131 mm BLOCK N Mike Henderson President Ronald Banta Tom Cook Jim Bronson Gary Daniels Bill Byrnes Joel Glover Melvin Choy Donald Banta 132 Block N members must have earned their letter in baseball, football, basketball, boxing, or skiing and must be accepted by a majority vote of the organization. Mike Henderson led the group this year. iBT. Don Hartman Joseph Hnat Bob Hunter Tony Klenakis Doug Ketron Steve Parker John Winn Kaye Won 133 Kna PEMS Pems is an organization of physical education majors and minors. Their year was a full one including panel discussions, a joint meeting with the men majors, and selling football programs as their annual money-making proj- ect. The money from this project goes for scholarships for members of the organization. Wendy Roseman led the group this year. Linda Pearce Jean Marie Smith Jill Walker Jean Tachoires 134 SAGENS Sagens is an upper class women ' s organization composed of a certain number from each living group and mem- bers at large. The women are elected to membership on the basis of scholarship and service to the University. This year they ushered at various events and partici- pated in the Heart Fund drive. § Alice Ann Monaghan H s Lynn Aguilar ■t f Judy Black J wBw Diana Conton m |BP5 Joan Gansberg " % li| Sheri Harwood 1 b Doris Howard ,m m Linda Knobbs w Marilyn Kotter Penelope Kruger . L • Mfll ? Sharon Millard .-. r Ellen Murphy Jo Anne Nelson Jean Nichols r Janis Palzis t Mimi Patrick Linda Pearce Ann Raffetto Ellen Roseman Mary Rossolo Jeanne Sadler Alice Swainston Toddy Watkins Linda Young Fay Yparraguirre Doris Fenili President ; iT . » ' f .. 1 UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA CADET OFFICERS Ronald Banta Michael Blakely Harry Culbert Doug Buchanan Tom H. Cook Wayne Ferguson 136 UNCOC is an advanced army ROTC program for upper class- men. Included in their year ' s activities are programs for prepar- ing juniors for summer camp, field trips to military installations, and guarding the sororities and dorms during initiation. They also present the annual Military Ball and put out " Battleborn. " Wayne L. Kollodge President Don Heath Harvey Lambert Gene Lane Andrew MacKenzie Harvey LoSasso Ralph Madsen Fred Mitchell Dale Wagner BLUE KEY Blue Key is a national honorary service fraternity composed of junior and senior men. Their project of " Operation Mud " got under way this year in early spring. Robert Blair President Dave Mandell James Acheson Michael Blakely Doug Buchanan John E. Cavanaugh Tim Griffin Kenneth E. Clayton Tom H. Cook Gordon Corn John Doyle Lynn B. Gerow Michael Halley Don Heath Joe Hollis Michael P. Mackedon Andrew MacKenzie Dave Minedew Tom Seeliger Jim Sinasek Larry Struve Harry Walters 138 SUNDOWNERS The Sundowners had a busy year, ending with their constitution ratification by the Senate. Their activities included initiation at Homecoming time and meetings at the Wal every Wednesday night. John Doyle President John Dolan Larry Doughty Ken Doyle Jock Echave Tim Griffin " Smiley " Heward Brent Johnson Tom Johnstone Barry McKinnon Bill Mortensen Dave Stanley Herb Stathes Buzz Trainor Bob Backus -«f Art Kess President SAGERS Sagers is an organization for underclass men having a 2.0 average or better. They give service to the University and this year held a dance for their members. Denver Dickerson Terry Dollinger Dennis Farnesi Dave Gardiner John Gascue Joel Glover Jerry Gregory Charles Holmberg William House Mike Avilla John Phillips Schuyler SchafF John Scott Richard Short William Sinnott Roger Reynolds Charlie Steiner Edward Stopper Edward Vacchina Eric Davis Jinx Dabney Rich Heaney Leonard Howard Richard Crawford Bill Curtaz Steve Brown Bill Chaffin Paul Bryan Skip Broten Ron Bath 140 Karen Carlson Andrea DeSantis Danette Ferrier Nancy Franklin Margaret Goegg Patti Lewis Rose Anne Minister Judy Morrison Kate Murray Jean Pagni Pam Plath Patricia Plenn Janet Pitts Marylin Ranney Donna Sbragia Judy Schmidt Bev Theilig Betty Webb Elizabeth Williams Penny White SPURS Spurs, formerly Pages, joined the national organiza- tion this year. They are a group of sophomore women requiring a 2.5 average who give service to the University. They sponsored the Ugly Man Dance this year in addition to other activities. Barbara Beesley President The University of Nevada Band ♦ UNIVERSITY BAND The University band, under the direction of Dr. John Carrico, numbered sixty-four this year. In November the marching band traveled to Los Angeles to march for the Rams-Baltimore Colts game and to San Francisco in December to march at Kezar Stadium. The band also marched for football games, this year doing some new precision routines. A new addition this year were the Nevada-Anns, an all-girl precision marching team. In the spring the concert band took a tour of southern Nevada and also played two other concerts during the year. The stage band also took a tour in the spring, going into California. Dr. Carrico Director of Bands 142 Dr. Ziemer Dr. Macy Chairman DIRECTORS Audrey Chambers Head Majorette m it- ,. ff ' . ' 1 The Nevad-Anns, led by Mary Lee Parmenter. i " Kt i ' - «? ' P? J iL M L-e kiir W rS! V Wf W UNIVERSITY SINGERS The University Singers had a busy year, presenting three concerts. In the late fall, they presented the " Elijah, " then at Christmas gave the " Messiah, " including guest soloists. In late spring they also gave a concert. The chorus was directed by Dr. Macy and ac- companied by Dr. Ziemer. The Madrigal Singers presenting their Christmas concert at the Dining Commons. 144 «iL 4k« 4l ., ' J - -p s : Mwmgfn fm?f r 3 l» - C ? If i if " m:- f J k ■i. H sh. C " SblL ' --, ' %pi - x • »-•■ D r ;.- • ' - --rr !:;l_ ' H i j ??irf S : ' TiNr - Mnwir ■%w3l " .3« " Wlss zsr:::: ■ T ? " 55. .:v: ;■ . 1. i. ' i. .li N. V i4 SIERRA GUARDSMEN DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS " V. ' St 145 Dianne Sturm Beverly Theilig YELL LEADERS Always out in front supporting our team and keep- ing the crowds cheering — those were our cheer- leaders. Congratulations on a job well done. Donna Martin Jack Walker Top: Dianne Sturm. Bottom, Left to Right: Donna Martin, Jack Walker, Beverly Theilig. Marcia Oaks Suzi Royer Kate Murray Left to Right: Ellen Roseman, Marcia Oaks, Suzi Royer, Kate Murray. Ellen Roseman SONG LEADERS These ever-smiling girls were always adding color and spirit at all the games. A vote of thanks goes up to these outstanding girls. 147 THE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION of the UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA Announces The Installation of NEVADA ALPHA CHAPTER OF BETA GAMMA SIGMA 30 November 1962 AND ELECTION TO CHARTER MEMBERSHIP OF Lois Jean Arciids Kenneth G. Broadhead Alexander Baltour Clhinn, jr. ixrif Oliver Dalil Andrew Williani (iotelli Warren Eciminid Huil Jvonald Alvin. Johnson loscph ). Lainiie J-)avi(i ' ancc Lippnicotc Betty jean Mudgc Robert Eugene Oliver HONORARY MEMBERS C!harles Johnstone Armstrong Prfsi )(nl. University oi Nevada KuiKTt C. Weems, }r. l)e.iii. Colleur or iiu ines-. Ailinmi tratiori (irant B. Sawyer Governor ot Nevada 148 DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi is the only professional business fraternity at the University of Nevada, and is a member of the Professional Interfraternity Conference. " Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of stu- dents for their mutual advancement . . . " Alexander Balfour Chinn John Duffield Bill Schweiss John Welch Ralph J. Yopp ' Left to Rii ht: R. Wilson, R. Goodell, K. Duffy, Dean Weems, B. Wofford. Delta Si ma Pi faculty. Joanne Nelson, Editor This year the Artemisia is looking toward the Centennial of the state. We hope that this book will not only portray 1962-63 but will remind you of those who have gone be- fore us, building the state and the university. ARTEMISIA STAFF 1 ■ B HiHP " l ■1 ■[ m ■ H l yHHH ■ ■ |HH ■ H im ■ ■ I H ■ H ■P rv 1 ■■ 1 1 ■ V m H 1 I B«ifflf r!_ ' ' _3K3EZZ2 F ■p - i teflli ■ H j 4 w ' J BM ■ . i i m r? i i H HK[ IHIS B SPi Bh H|| Ca!!in|| .. ' mg H BHflwW - ' ' ' - ::; i ' i w vJr ' -- M ■ 1 mi H| h| ' JmIt . fHRI H ■ I Herb Nichols, Business Manager Tom O ' Donavan Donal Ruth Murphy, Assistant Editor Gray Poole, Photographer 150 1 CIa55es — Karen Fabri, Editor; Sandy Coverston Organizations — Karry DeVincenzi, Joanne Denny, Editor J ! i nj H ! ' ■ ,( ' A-w I: I ' .Sh| ifl H ' ' » .Z J H ' s0 M HbHpiiPi I K Bf StMcicnt Govcrnnu- ' nt — Kay Lott, Editor Living Groups — Kathy McKaig, Karen McDonald, Editor 151 I Activities — Joyce Freeman, Editor; Keith Stephens, Phyllis Goytino. Sports — Paul Speer, Clyde Robards, Ted Marston, Editor ARTEMISIA Honors — Marge Russell, Editor Art — Sheri Harwood, Editor Index — Suzanne Russell, Editor 152 -i_ First Row. Jim Benesch, Cynthia Carlson, Jerry Hawley, Penny Kruger, F. G. Tremallo, Advisor. Second Row: Ralph Eavenson, Pat Bransfield. Ralph Eaven.son— Editor BRUSHFIRE The Brushfire, a yearly literary magazine, is printed for the purpose of publishing original works in fiction, poetry, and art submitted by students of the University of Nevada. Staff membership is open to all students interested. ASUN NEWS SERVICE The News Service has been set up to communicate to the public a favorable and accurate picture of our University and student body by distributing news of the students to newspapers and other media in and out of state. Linda Chambers — Editor, Doug Bruckner, Dolores Dunning. 153 Doug Buchanan, Editor SAGEBRUSH STAFF Our campus newspaper, the Sagebrush, is put out bi-weekly and contains news of campus activities. Doug Buchanan headed the staff this year. Toddy Watkins, Business Manager Standing: Jon Benson, News Editor; Doug Buchanan, Editor; Bruce Pozzi, Assistant Sports Editor; Doug Bruck- ner, Sports Editor. Seated: John Firpo, Columnist; Pat Rogero, Man ' aging Editor; Donal Ruth Murphy, Social Editor; Jose Alvarez, PhotO ' grapher. 154 . " •• ■ H jHni ■ , ■•— -; ■.•; ' ■■ - r J ' i 1 1 ..«j p; iltatCnwvalUiUlerway _ . v . " ■■ " 1 ' - ' z ' ' ' P iJ r ««, J V H H V Pat Rogero, Managing Editor Sports Staff — Bruce Pozzi; Doug Bruckner, Editor Social Staff — John Firpo; Donal Murphy, Editor; Jose Alvarez Left to Right — Sue Moss, Political Editor; Suzanne Russell, Circulation Manager; Muriel Ellis, Margie Russell, Star Re- porters. Jose Alvarez, Photographer Dave Mandell, Advertising Manager 155 First Row. Pat Kunimura, Yvette Hash, Mari Kae Ennis, Joan Westfield, Tina Bundy. Second Row. Sam Vaughan, Sheridan Chirwa, Clark Wong, Leon San Miguel, Bac Kew Lim, Mahn Sup Kim. Third Row. Padma Lai Shrestha, Rob Robertson, Prakash Pandey, Dale Donathan, Ben Echeverria. CCUN Membership in CCUN is open to all interested students. Meetings are held bi- monthly and consist of lectures concerning affairs of the United Nations, slides and talks by various international students, and social events. GERMAN CLUB Membership in German Club is open to all interested students. Meetings are held monthly and consist of lectures concerning German culture, history, and educa- tional opportunities at German universities, plus the celebration of traditional Ger- man holidays. First Row. Gail Chadwell, Edith Stetson, President; Dr. Melz, Marilyn Perrozi, Rosemarie Haenel, Joan Westfield. Second Row. Volker Eisele, Larry Strove, Fraulein Hagner, James Acheson, Bob Broili. ■jOidi « w» s f 156 First Row: Pete Chapman, Vice Fresidcnt; Joe Falliiii, Vrcudcnt; John Barney, Secretary. Semnd Row. Rich Kennedy, Norm SUgar, Bob Barrail, Fred Litzinger, Terry Ward, Ron Lee, Abdul Futaih. SKY DIVERS The Skydivers are a new organization on campus this year. Their primary activity is competing with clubs of their kind from other schools on the west coast. Bob Barrail John Barney Pete Chapman Abdul Futaih Rich Kennedy Ron Lee Fred Litzinger Norm Sligar ' -J Terry Ward ' ( 157 1 n % Standing: Diane Davis, Rosemarie Lituania, Dr. Felshin, Darrell Shone, Gloria Casci. Seated: Kay Park, Ronda Wilson-Reed, Ruth Friedhoff, Jeanne Sadler, Cecilia Molini, Jean Tachoires. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION W.R.A. Action W.R.A. is an organization with membership available to all women students. Women may participate in various sports, such as basketball, volleyball and bowling. The main objective of W.R.A. is to provide a program recreation, promote friendship and athletic competition. Each spring the W.R.A. hosts high school girls from all over the state to a day of fun in sports. 158 i n First Roui: Daria Groves, Sharon Stark, Joanne Elkin, Louise Payne, Janet Herb, Andree Jo Walker, Yvette Borda, Marsha Peterson. Second Row. Sondra Hudson, Jeannie Gurneau, Jeannette Wilde, Carolyn Landcaster, Marlies Speckner, Roberta Porterfield, Shirley Kelly. Third Row. Carolyn Hicks, Mary Godwin, Pricilla Choy, Shirley Heinen, Norma Jean Hawkins. STUDENT NURSES The main function of the Nevada State Student Nurses Association is to prepare student nurses for their professional organizations after graduation and to introduce them to the idea of what a professional organization stands for. Officers: Jeanne Snyder, President; Diane Burge, Mrs. Friedley, Jill Walker, Ann Prida, Muree Drummond. 159 ALPHA ZETA First Row. W. Laird, J. Ridley, J. Johnson, D. Brix. Second Row: Dr. Johnson, T. Kelly, W. J. Whor- ton, G. Cook, C. Probert, B. Helming, Dr. Carnahan, W. Winchell. Alpha Zeta is the honorary agriculture organization, requiring its members to be in the top two-fifth of their class and a second semester sophomore. AGGIE CLUB First Row: Jeanette Wilde, Marie Johnson, Jean DeLong, Jean Hansen, Elaine Newton. Second Row. Milton Thompson, Joan Gansberg, Cooke Laird, Ruth Fenstermaker, Bill Hamilton. Third Row: Walter Winchell, Dick Cully, Bill Abel, Bige Duncan, Larry Dennicke. Fourth Row: Kim Johnson, Dale Boegle, Tommy Dulgart, Bill Jones. First Row: Milton Thompson, V.P.; Joan Gansberg, Secretary; Cooke Laird, Presi ' dent; Ruth Fenstermaker, Treasurer; Bill Hamilton, Social Chairman. The University of Nevada Aggie Club is composed of students interested in the furthering of Agriculture. Some of the activities include putting on the State Junior Livestock Show, all-school dances, the National Intercollegiate Rodeo, and many others. 160 FiTsc Row. Rosemarie Haenely; Sec-treasurer, Dana Davis; Advisor, Jeanne Sadler; President. Second Row. Jaci Cheatovich, Carol Sharp, Dee Stewart, Kay Kilfoil. Third Row: Aileen Miller, Bretta Halvorsen, Ruby Yrueta, Edith Stetson, Joan Westfield. SNEA Here are the future teachers of America. This or- ganization has national standing and each year the President is called upon to attend various conven- tions and meetings. Many varied activities have made a successful year for SNEA. m First Row. Steve Fleming, Julie La Fond, Jim Colgan, Sue Small, Al Maher, Darrell Bennett. Second Row. Dr. Lowell Jones, F. D. Tihbetts, Fred Ryser, Harry Walters, Jack Knoll, Gene Steeb, and Charlie (in closet). ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta, the honoary international premedical society, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1926 and now has 74 chapters and 22,000 members. Their goal is to encourage excellence in order to prepare the student for medical or dental school. Officers for this chapter are: Jim Colgan; President, Dr. Fred Ryser; Advisor, Lynn Gerow; Vice-President, Julie LaFond; Secretary, Gene Steeb; Treasur- er, and Al Maher; Scapel Reporter. 162 feiSS First Row. Stanley E. Bush, Raymond H. Jeffers, Norman M. Rockwell, James Assuras, Blase A. Cilweck, John E. Couch. Second Row: John F. Cory, Max Harcourt, Robert C. Stanford, Bill Rose. Third Row. Jim Gaumer, Ken Clayton, James Kinkor, Steve Bergman. Fourth Row. D. L. Jones, Virgil Centner, Bob Wood, Allen Wilson, Calvin Thompson, Albert Weitz. SIGMA mu This national honor fraternity is composed of engine- ering students who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and integrity in the field. The objectives of the fraternity are to promote fellow- ship and leadership in engineering. 163 First Row. Lee Littlepage, Chairn an; Warren Ronsheimer, IRE Secretary; John Wood, AIEE Secretary; Allen Wilson, Treasurer; Calvin Thompson; Vice Chairman, William Carver. Second Row. Professor I. J. Sandorf, Advisor; Professor E. V. Kosso, Advisor; Ron Peck, Alfred Lee, Mitch Casey, Steve Bergman. Third Row. Dan Seifers, Richarh Tinch, John Couch, Max Harcourt, Reeve Fagg, Lester Armstrong, Chuck Slavin, Bob Fraser, William Dumble. Fourth Row. Richard Ahlberg, Harry Botsford, Gordon Bowman, John Solaro, Roger Peterson, Stanley Bush, Paul Nelson, Virgil Centner, Ray Escobedo. IEEE The Student Branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is devoted to the advancement of the theory and practice of elec- trical engineering and its allied Arts and Sciences and to the maintenance of high technical and ethical standards among its members. 164 First Row. Surjit Sandhu, Mike DiSanza, Lewis Stornetta, Tony Xavier, Professor T. Carlson, Profession E. W. Harris. Second Row. Larry Manning, Byron Hauchett, Kris Kanika, Paul Heil- mann, Andrew C. Jackson, President; Richard Schneider, Professor William Van Tassel. Third Row. Claude Harris, William Gilstrap, George Lundgren, Fred McGinnis, Charles Batchelder, Lewis Podgion, Steve Mather, William Rose. ASME All mechanical engineering students are eligible to be- come members of this organization. Monthly meetings feature technical discussions, films, and lectures so that these students are able to more fully understand the profession which they have chosen. 165 9 f ' iif fim First Row. Dwight Weyant, Norman Rockwell, Robert Gardner, Paul Lumos, Jim Arden. Second Row. James Kinkor, Bob Weishaupt, Hank Ebbert, Bob Sanford, Richard Short. Third Row. Jim Gaumer, Jery Ives, Roy Hibdon, Fred Brown, Ken Clayton, Al Weitz. Fourth Row. Ron Hill, Karl Montrose, Sam Bahirsheth, Kirt Hunter, Wayne Grist, John Fordahm. Fifth Row. Bob Kempton, Ton O ' Donovan, Walt Pfeiffer, Al Westall. Sixth Row. Bob Hammar, Arnold Deangelis, Stan Hansen, Professor Bonel, Ed Neary, Charlie Steiner. ASCE The American Society of Civil Engineers was formed to promote closer relationships between undergrad- uate and graduate engineers. It is open to all stu- dents in that particular school, with meetings being held monthly. 166 First Roiv: Dr. Hutcheson, Dr. Shepperson, Dr. Tigner. Second Row: Dr. Smith, Dr. Hulse, Dr. Kirkpatrick, Dave Christensen, Judy Franklin, Dale Donathan, Jack Crawford. PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta is a national history and political science organization. Membership is open to any student in this field who has completed at least twelve hours of work with a B average or better. Each spring, this organization holds a ban- quet featuring a special guest speaker. The group was led this year by Dave Christensen. 167 First Row: T. Conover, A. L. Higginbotham, K. Janulis, J. Browley. Second Row. J. Alvarez, D. Buchanan, J. Firpo, C. Thomas, L. Hunter, B. Howard, B. SchiUing. SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi, Professional Journalistic Fraternity, is an organi- zation for men engaged in journalism and dedicated to the highest ideals of the profession. The society is made up of both under- graduate and professional chapters. The group ' s motto is, " He Serves Best Who Serves the Truth " and the watch-words are " Talent, Truth, Energy. " The University of Nevada Under- graduate Chapter publishes the student directory each year. Sigma Delta Chi National Vice Presi- dent, Professor A. L. Higginbotham. 168 First Row. Pat Rogero, Bill Schilling, Pat White, President. Second Row. Judy Black, Margo Bartlett, Donal Ruth Murphy, Linda Chambers, Penny Levin, Duncan Knowles, Margie Russell, Kittie Kerr, Suzanne Russell, Mrs. Glendon, Professor Connover, Professor Janulis, Professor Higginbotham. PRESS CLUB All journalism majors further their knowledge in this field at monthly meetings which feature guest speakers. Many other activities, under the direction of President Pat White, have contributed to a year of success for the Press Club. 169 First Row. W. H. Tedford, President, Dick Hoize, E. X. Berry. Second Row. Chiv- Shan Chen, Jim Kees, Robert Marshall. Third Row. J im Hammond, L. L. Tilson, Richard Bishop. Fourth Row. Dr. Neal Moore, Jerry Giles, Dr. W. T. Scott, Advisor. Fifth Row. Carl Koizumi. SIGMA PI SIGMA Sigma Pi Sigma is a national physics honorary for those with professional merit, academic distinction, and a demonstrated interest in the field of physics. 170 First Row. Gail Warren, Jeanne Hardin, Reverend Henry Jesse, Chaplin, Shenill Bratten, Barbara Hardin, Sally Kersey, Advisor. Second Row. Ed Simon, Bob Cheever, Virginia Bath, President, Ted Warren, Philip Gerstle, Tom Joffee, Adi-isor; Michael Orr, John Cheever. CANTERBURY Canterbury Club is an Episcopal group consisting of about twenty members. The club meets every Sunday evening for a discussion period. On the first Sunday in each month the club enjoys breakfast after the church service. 171 Left to Right: Curtis Russell, Chairman; Julie West, Secretary, Tom Fee. Not Pictured: Bill Smith, Karen Ogron, Curtis Freemont, Marion Nickson, Paul D. Eldridge, Faculty Advisor. BAHA ' I COLLEGE CLUB The Baha ' i Club exists to advance the principles of the Baha ' i World Faith, an independent, world- embracing religion. Functioning with other such clubs on university campuses throughout the nation, the club is composed of students, faculty and staff of the University and provides fellowship for Baha ' is on campus and information for interested campus groups and individuals. 172 First Row: Father McNally, Chaplin, Fran O ' Brien, Anna Buccalari, Diane Salas. Second Row: Dennis Whann, Russell Umhraco, Kanneo-Kanneo, John Pierotti, Kent Maloney, President. Third Row: Fred Litzinger, Bernie Anderson, Father Joseph F. Linde, Bill Cowee, Phil Hanifan, Jack McKenzie. NEWMAN CLUB Membership in Newman Club is open to all interested students and meetings are held at the Newman Club building on North Virginia Street every Sunday night. The purpose of the club is to promote religious, educational, and social welfare among students. CTIIJNS ION. 1 ;THAr mKiJF Father Linde • l 11 i?i!i M 0 ' 99R H b sSKHK 1 Kent Malone President 173 — iOBfl- Left to Right: Diann Beyer, Lyndell McGue, Neil Stone, Karen Branch, Dick Scott, Jodie Muller, Seth Poole, Othmar Schneider. SKI CLUB Even with an elite membership of over one hundred skiers, the Ski Club had a terrible, depressing year. Snow conditions forced cancellation of the Mammoth Trip and continued lack of snow generated a spirit somewhat akin to sleeping sickness. However, things are looking up for spring. 174 CLUB ACTIVITIES CCUN dinner The Activities Parade, where clubs recruit members. UNCOC holding their annual initiation. •wm ' ¥»,: ' ,v. ' ' •X H ATHLETICS ■ 177 FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF — Left to Right: B. Ireland, F. Edsall, R. Dankworth, R. Trachok. COACHING STAFF The University of Nevada 7olf Pack had its most successful season in ten years; the team record was 5 wins, 3 losses and one tie. The Wolf Pack placed third in the Far Western Conference and also placed five men on the All Far Western Team. Some of the highspots of the season were our defeats of Whittier 21 ' 6, Idaho State 14-7, and our homecoming victory over Humbolt State, 15-0. Three of the teams that Nevada defeated were rated in the top twenty in National small college ratings at the season ' s end. The fine representation of our football team, both on and off the field, should make the students of Nevada very proud. Dr. Arthur Broten Department Chairman Jake Lawlor Director of Athletics 178 179 First Row. Richard Miles, Casey Jones, Alden Hesterlee, Eugene Duck, Jock Echave, Tony Manguso, Ed Borla, Bernie Cotton, Calvin Campbell, Fred Williams. Second Row: Coach Richard Trachok, Coach Floyd Edsall, Robert Ossolinski, Al McDaniels, Bill Barker, Hank Ebert, Jim Baratte, Joe O ' Keefe, Tony Klenakis, Bill Daniel, John McSweeny, Dick Pinion, Ray Del Turco, Assistant Coach Dick Dankworth, Assistant Coach Bill Ireland. Third Ron;: David Haines, Bob Herron, Mark Holland, Jim Urdzik, Joel Glover, Stu Schraeder, Bob Ezell, Paul Franklin, Jack Renwick, John Gayner, Dave Lundy, Jim Bronson. Fourth Roui: John Sullivan, Gary Busch, Harlan Heward, Tom Cook, Mike Christopher, Richard Williams, Clyde Robards, Bob Pedersen, Vance Fisher, Dick Sisul, Jay Carter, Tony Wheeler. SCORES Nevada 33 University of Redlands Nevada 21 Whittier 6 Nevada 7 Chico State 21 Nevada 6 California Aggies 8 Nevada 14 San Francisco State 14 Nevada 15 Homecoming Humboldt State Nevada 23 Sacramento State 12 Nevada 6 California Poly 19 Nevada 14 Idaho State 7 Ray Del Turco gains yardage against San Francisco State, as Tony Manguso looks on. i Calvin Campbell, Halfback Clyde Robards, Center Bill Daniel, Guard Dick Pinie n, Guard FAR WESTERN CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Tied San Francisco State 3 1 1 Humboldt State 3 2 NEVADA 2 2 1 Sacramento State 2 3 Cal Aggies 2 3 Chico State 2 3 Jock Echave, Fullback 181 Ray Del Turco leaps high to catch a pass against Humboldt State in Homecoming Game. Richard Miles, End Dick Sisul, Tackle Al McDaniels, Halfback Tony Manguso, Fullback Bobby Herron drives through San Francisco State men for a first down. Nai « oMMl 182 " ' ■ mm;?.i3:- AfS ' ii fW ' At ' ■ l - ' ' ■. ' Ui! ' u, ' ■ ' ' " • rfH IMik : 1 ►•V - IN 1 t i 1 rs J TA 1 1 [ J kl 1 k Al McDaniels is stopped by a host of tacklers as Dave Lundy (72) and Rick Miles (87) move in to help. David Haines, Guard Bill Barber, Halfback Gary Busch, End J Stu Schraeder, End Mike Christopher, End Vance Fisher, End Dave Lundy, Center Tom Cook, Center Mark Holland, Tackle Little All-Coast Halfback Cal Campbell romps for yardage against Whittier. Eugene Duck, Guard 183 i John Gaynor, End Casey Jones, Center Bill Ossolinski, Guard Jim Baratte, Guard John McSweeny, Guard Paul Franklin, Quarterback John Urdzik, Fullback Joe O ' Keefe, End " Temporary blackout " for Fred Williams. FAMILIAR SCENES . . . THE DEFENSE HOLDS ... Doc Williams grabs Humboldt man behind the line of scrimmage as Bill Daniel (65), Bob Pedersen (78), Dick Pinion (60), and Dave Lundy (72) move in to help him . . . ...IN MACKAY STADIUM . . . AND HOLDS . . . Humboldt man is surrounded by Dick Pinion (60), Bob Pedersen (78), and Bill Barber (24) as Tony Wheeler (30) and Bill Daniel (65) look on . . . . . . TIL OFFENSE TAKES OVER AND SCORES . from Bob Ezell, powers his way into the end zone. . Gal Campbell, after taking a hand-off 185 gpg fo:?fiF W :: .. , ' ,: ' ' ' ' ' V " ' ' ' ' ' l? ' ,- ' H , ■- , ' ' ' ,,■ ' ■ ■ ,. " ■ ■ . • ■ ' : IMP ' ' ' M ' Wm I « 4 ' ' 7 First Row: Casey Jones, Ed Hannon, Jim Baratte, Fred Arp, Bob Diullo, Don Hartman-Manager, Max Culp-Coach. Second Row. Denny Mandel, 4i l iwn i V 4 -vm ' . m0mmm . ,. ?5? p| fit f it.;, " O Sr T! :ifpy | ' j ' ' ' ' - ' .» Chuck Siddall, Mike Dolan, Jim Baker, Jim Larsen, Dick Thorton, Jim Wright, John Prida-Coach. Third Row. Ron Beaubien, Larry Felesina, Nat Fiore, Frank Forvilly, Lynn Quilici, John Rossiter, Scott Filler, Ed Borla. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM 186 John Prida Coach Max Gulp Coach fft ' Kia Sitjd ' SCORES Nevada Chico State 14 Nevada Cal Aggies Nevada Shasta J.C. 26 Nevada 6 Humboldt State 20 1 187 BASKETBALL The Wolf Pack basketball team finished the season with an overall 11-13 record, and a 6-6 record for a tie for third in the conference. Some of the highspots of Coach Spencer ' s fourth season were Nevada ' s seven game win- ning streak and their 76-74 victory over the U.S.F. Dons; Stewart Johnson was picked on the All Far- Western Con- ference team and Bob Donlan received honorable men- tion. Bright spot for the future was the undefeated season of the Frosh team. li Jack Spencer, Coach First Row. Joe deArrieta, Lonnie Moore, Bill Pollard, Ed Hillygus, Tom Ross, Mike Lane, Bob Donlan, Mike Griffin. Second Roiv: Jack Spencer- Coach, Chico Feilback, Bob Schebler, Paul Speer, Brent Johnson, Bill Robinson, Stewart Johnson, Bernie Furnagaeli-Coach. 188 Paul Speer, Forward Mn % Bill Robinson, Center Bob Donlan , Guard Joe deArrieta, Guard Chico Feilback, Forward Bob Schebler, Forward Ed Hillygus, Guard Lonnie Moore, Forward Harlan Heward, Center Stewart Johnson, Forward " . Bill Pollard, Forward 190 Larry Smith, Forward Brent Johnson, Center Tom Ross, Guard Mike Griffin, Guard 191 Chico Feilback (50) reaches for jump ' ball against Weber as Bill Robinson (54), Stu Johnson (30), and Bob Donlan move in for action. Bill " Dipper " Robinson (54) tips in two more points in Nevada ' s victory over Weber College as Paul Speer (32) leaps high to help him. WOLFPACK ACTION HlffiHHH HBIHIBIH Nevada SCORE! opponent 78 Weber, Utah 62 70 S.F. Olympic Club 82 53 Santa Clara 74 58 Santa Clara 87 50 Nevada Southern 62 54 Nevada Southern 64 76 Creighton 120 68 Regis 101 57 Alameda St. 56 53 San Francisco St. 81 68 Humboldt St. 44 81 Chico St. 71 77 Portland 69 49 Portland 46 75 San Diego 47 76 U.S.F. 74 57 Cal Aggies 41 73 Sacramento St. 75 71 San Francisco St. 77 62 Alameda St. 76 61 H umboldt St. 74 58 Chico St. 71 72 Sacramento St. 56 66 Cal Aggies 55 Far Western Conference Paul Speer shoots jump shot in opening quarter of Nevada ' s first game. Bob Donlan brings the ball into action for Nevada. HKa First Row. Gerald Rogers, Dave Decker, Carl Bossieux, Larry Moore, Howard Wright, Bill Owens. Second Row: Napoleon Montgomery, Mike Stephenson, Mike Ingersol, Larry Felesina, Tom Krant, Tom Andreasen. Not Pictured: Dick D ' Amato and Spike Jamison. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCORES Opponent Reno 32 Murdocks 47 Lassen 35 Douglas 47 Truckee 37 Murdocks 51 Tallman Lumber 53 Sparks 51 Truckee Townies 37 Cal Aggies 49 Tahoe Truckee 48 Desert Club 52 Henry ' s Corner 61 Chico State 68 Army Nat ' l Guard 35 Cal Aggies 44 Frosh 52 60 59 65 56 64 82 73 63 50 57 88 79 81 87 56 Coach Bernie Fumagalli and Assistant Coach John Prida N. Montgomery races after ball with Mike Stephenson looking on. The Freshman team had an undefeated season with a sixteen win, no loss record. „.JS!MPr " ' ' 193 Left to Right: Coach Chelton Leonard, Mike Burnetto, Bud Sorenson, Jim Barry, Greg Austin, Jim Acheson, Lane Monroe, Dave SmaU. Coach Chelton Leonard SKIING Coach Shelton Leonard, back after two years, lead the University of Nevada Ski team to a successful season. Highspots of the season was our third place in our own Winter Carnival and a first place at Portland State ' s Winter Carnival. At the end of the season, Coach Leonard took Lane Monroe and Mike Burnetto to the NCAA Championships. EiSSHinH iGMI H WS KK M Pl m K mm 1 H B I H «n .1 w S B HHBg 1 I H f.:r Lane Monroe 194 Mike Burnetto Dave Small Greg Austin Bud Sorenson 195 Dick Andrews shows his form on one of his early season runs. " Mike Burnetto showing some of the style that made him one of Nevada ' s fine skiers. No, this is not the crosscountry team; this is one of the ' .. first workouts that our ski team received, and as was usual for the year, no snow! 196 piHta First Row. Coach Jimmy Olivas, Larry Williamson, Dave Stix, Gene Montrose. Second Row: Joe Dahl, Mike Gottschalk, John Daniels, Skip Houk, John Curry, Larry Malone, Chris Wilson, Jim Evans. BOXING The boxing team at the University of Ne- vada had an undefeated season. Coach Jimmy Olivas ' boxers defeated the Cal Bears twice, drew and won over Chico, and beat the Twelfth Naval District. All-American Skip Houk and Portal Trophy winner Dave Stix paced the squad throughout the year. Nevada took an unoffical first in the CIB Tournament with Jim Evans, Dave Stix, Chris Wilson, and Larry Williamson win- ning in their respective divisions. Nevada should be proud of its boxers, both in and out of the ring. Coach Jimmy Olivas 197 jPH ' Jl Dave Stix - 156 Skip Houk - 147 Jim Evans - hy wt. , »?» Chris Wilson - 165 Larry Williamson - 125 198 pmaa Larry Malone - 178 Joe Dahl - 147 Mike Gottschalk - 156 John Daniels - hy wt. Gene Montrose - 138 C ' J. R.Curry -178 199 m rmwm First Row: Fred Williams, Rick Miles, Steve Holloway, Jon Key, Alfred McDaniels, Skip Houk, Sam Rutland, Dick Strunk, Morse Cotter, Lary Smith. Second Row. Coach Dick Dankworth, Clyde Robards, Dave Zagar, Jim O ' Brien, Doug Ketron, Tom Dye, Fred Fralick, Ryan Melton, Richard Wil- liams, Alex Darnes, Duncan Edwards, Assistant Coach Dick Trachok. Third Row. Les Smith, Gary Nelson, Bob Clear, Dick McCoy, Joe Winchell, John Manke, Tim Anderson, Dennis Tope, Larry Moore, Stu Schrader, Marshall Hansen, Gary Devine, Frank Egenhoff. Fourth Row. John Riel, Phil Hen- drickson, Lyman Keel, Ira Rackley, Dan Cline, Jim Christen- sen. Bud Forman, Brent Johnson, Ron Lee, Jim Humphries, Bill Magee, Al Maher, Jerry Batchagulupi, Tom Cook, Jay Edwards. Coach Dick Dankworth TRACK One of the finest track teams on the Pacific Coast belongs to the University of Nevada, headed by Coach Dick Dankworth. The track team, coming off an undefeated season last year, figures to be even stronger this year. In 1962, along with win- ning all of its dual and triangular meets, the team won the college division of the Santa Barbara relays, the Davis relays, and the Sacramento relays. For the third straight year, the Wolf Pack team won the Far Western Conference championship, scoring a total of 114 points. On May 17 at Santa Barbara, the team competed and won against seventeen other small college powers on the West Coast to become N.C.A.A. Small College Pacific Coast Regional Champions. To wind up the season. Bob Pedersen competed in the National N.C.A.A. meet at Eugene, Oregon and placed ninth in the discus. This climaxed one of the finest track seasons that Nevada has ever had. 200 Duncan Edwards High Jump 880 and Mile Richard " Doc " Williams Pole Vault Clyde Robards shown throwing the shot-put in spring practice. ' WSiSPFSMSC ' .y.ii a Doug Ketron Mile and 2-Mile Clyde Robards Shot-Put Lary Smith ]avelin Alex Darnes Discus and Shot Put Bud Forman 880 and Mile 201 Skip Houk 2 ' Mile Brent Johnson Broad ]ump and High Hurdles Joe Winchell Broad Jump Al McDaniels Broad Jump and Low Hurdles Frank EgenhofF Manager Brent Johnson warming up for Nevada ' s first meet. Rick Miles Javelin Fred Fralick 440 John Manke 100 and 220 Larry Moore High Jump Steve Holloway High and Low Hurdles Al Maher Mile 202 p«u Sam Rutland John Riel Shot-Put and Discus I Jim Christensen Discus H, Tim Anderson 440 Jay Edwards High Jump ) One of Nevada ' s mainstays in the mile relay this year is Fred Fralick. " Doc " Williams prepares to defend his Far Western Conference pole-vaulting crown. Dennis Tope 440 Jim O ' Brien Shot ' ?ut Dick McCoy 100 and 220 Tom Beardsley 2 ' Mile 203 ' v Bob Cleare Pole Vault Dave Zagar Discus Jerry Batchagulupi Pole Vault Jim Humphries Low Hurdles TRACK RECORDS OLD MODERN YEAR TIME EVENT TIME YEAR NAME 1915 10 100 yd. 9.5 1959 Dick Strunk 1918 22.8 220 20.7 1959 Dick Strunk 1915 51 440 48.4 1961 Gary Sullivan 1916 2:03 880 1:52.9 1962 Leland Sheppard 1918 16.2 120HH 14.6 1963 Steve Holloway 1904 26 220LH 23.3 1960 Bob Challender 330LH 37.7 1963 Steve Holloway 1907 ll ' l " Pole Vault 14 ' 5 " 1962 Dick Williams 1918 5 ' 9 " High Jump 6 ' 5 " 1963 Larry Moore 1916 223 ' 9 " Javelin 240 ' 5 " 1961 Bob Rautio 1902 126 ' Discus 175 ' 7 " 1961 Bob Pedersen 1905 41 ' Shot-Put 54 ' 4 " 1962 Bob Pedersen 1915 3.31.8 Mile Relay 3:17.3 1962 Fralick, Shep- pard, Andrews, Rusk 204 _3C ■M . t . s .j.- •? ' ' ' 205 Left to Right: Coach Robert Laughter, Kaye Won, Bill Johnson, Ed Vacchina, Lee Humes, Glen Laughton. TENNIS Coach Robert Laughter is heading Nevada ' s Ten- nis team for the sixth consecutive season. The team has three returning lettermen and should have a fine season. The season finishes up with the FWC Championships at Chico in May. Coach Robert Laughter The 1963 schedule includes: April 5-Humboldt State, April 6 Cal Aggies, April 19-Sacramento State, April 27 ' Chico State, May 3-Alameda, May 4-San Francisco and on May 10, 11 — the FWC Championships at Chico. 206 f Ed Vacchina a r Glen Laughton 11 Si ' J ' -r..-. iV Bill Johnson Lee Humes Kaye Won 207 First Row. Larry Swecker, Joe DeArrieta. Second Row. Coach Jack Spencer, , Paul Freitag, Mike Henderson. GOLF Coach Jack Spencer is handling the golf team for his fourth consecutive year. The golf team, although hampered by bad weather, expects to have a successful season. The team has meets against all other mem- bers of the Far Western Conference and on May tenth and eleventh, will meet for the Far Western Championship in Chico. Coach Jack Spencer 208 Joe DeArrieta Paul Freitag Mike Henderson Larry Swecker 209 EZ3Se o ■ ■m Vint ' R.ovo Mike Silva, Fred Dalimore, Sherwin Minster, Don Banta, Don Collar, Jerry Schutz, Barry McKinnon, Ron Banta, Leland Smale, Lewis Dodson, Wayne Abalos, Gary Daniels, Manager. Second. Rou ' ; Coach Bill Ireland, Assistant Coach Pat Mills, Pat Hart, Neil Stone, Dave Sheets, Dennis Scott, Joel Glover, Tony Wheeler, Jim Evans, Bruce Alverson, Phil Lampert, John Conway, Ron Bath, Carl Bossieux, Napoleon Montgomery. BASEBALL The Wolf Pack baseball team has a twenty-six game schedule this Spring with such schools as Santa Clara, St. Mary ' s and San Jose. Coach Bill Ireland, third year as head coach, should have a fine season. The team is a favorite for the FWC crown and with an early season win over Santa Clara, nationally ranked, it will continue to make the students proud. Coach Bill Ireland Assistant Coach Pat Mills 210 Lew Dodson Third Base Joel Glover Catcher Tony Wheeler Catcher Dennis Scott Pitcher Barry McKinnon Right Field Wayne Abolos Second Base Sherwin Minster Shortstop Don Collar Pitcher tf ffjft M -%•. nA ittni rZ l Pat Hart Center Field Mike Silva Center Field Jerry Schutz Pitcher U 1 J •life 1 mm J. " ' Ron Banta First Base Dave Sheets Left Field t Managers — Gary Daniels and Larry Bettis Neil Stone Left Field • ' " trr-ri- . 212 •fe- ' -j - -||jy -|ii ?x. Lew Dodson tags out Phillie runner as University of Nevada baseball team defeats the Phillie rookies in their first game of the season. Jim Evans Left Field John Conway Pitcher Bruce Alverson Pitcher Carl Bossieux Pitcher Fred Dalimore Pitcher 213 214 215 SPORTS Cal Campbell, Halfback All Conference First Team All Little Coast First Team Bill Daniel, Middle Guard All Conference First Team All Little Coast Honorable Mention Harlan Heward, Defensive End All Conference First Team Dick Pinion, Line Backer Ail Conference First Team KKftS Mf- • ■-. I- ' - , V vX - Clyde Robards, Offensive Cnt. All Conference First Team Stewart Johnson, Forward All Conference First Team Bob Donlan, Guard All Conference Honorable Mention Jack Renwick, Quarterback All Conference Second Team 216 HONORS Richard " Doc " Williams School Record ' Pole Vault FWC ' Pole Vault ' 1962 Skip Houk All-American Al McDaniels FWC 220-Low Hurdless Champion Dave Stix C BC 156 lbs. Champion Portal Trophy Doug Ketron School Record Holder - l-Mile FWC Record Holder - 2-Mile Ron Lee School Record Holder - Mile Steve Holloway FWC 120-High Hurdle Champion Bob Rusk FWC 440 Champion 217 CAMPUS LIFE 219 ™ Left to Right: Toddy Watkins, Karen Phillips, and Sue Voss. SEPTEMBER September came, and with it a whirl of Activities for university students. Only one of the many things that high-lighted the annual Trek-Nik was a speech by Mr. Richard Hamm, executive secretary to Gov- ernor Sawyer. The A.W.S. Fashion Show also contributed to make this month a fun filled one to remember. Mr. Richard Hamm; executive secretary to Governor Sawyer. 220 Dick Gregory Snake-dances through the streets, long- underware and nightgowns, and a roaring bonfire at Mackay Stadium all helped to make this year ' s Pajama Rally one to re- member. Entertainment of all types was in store for University students, as they were also treated to hearing comedian Dick Gre- gory. Now for the beer! 221 T First Row. Keith Lee, Jim Sinasek, Chuck Burr, Bill Mortensen, Marilyn Walker, Diane Conton, Linda Young, Barbara Beesley, Mimi Patrick, Ellen Murphy, Sarah Pedersen, Julie LaFond, Muriel Ellis, Jim Elliot, Fianna Beeghly, Jo Ann Nelson, and Art Kess. Second Row. Benny Echeverria, Dean Basta, Dean Hathorn, Doug Ketron, Ken Clayton and Bob Blair. Third Row. Bill Lohse, Clark Santini, Tom Seeliger, Tom Case, Andy Mackenzie, Ted Marston, Tim Griffin, Ralph Aldave, Dale Wagner, Larry Struve, Jim Acheson, Mike Mackedon and Jack Walker. LEADERSHIP Leadership kicks off the school year in a retreat held at Lake Tahoe. This year discussion groups on campus problems were held, lead by various campus leaders. The delegates participated in the busy, fun-filled two days. 222 Wonder if their enjoying themselves? REGISTRATION And once again the process begins. 223 m • SSt " ) Look at this muscle power! FROSHSOPH FIELD DAY But I don ' t want to go for a swim. 224 I B - ' ' !« " Hey! This one ' s full of beer. Are you sure you want to join the boxing team? 225 But, I thought you Hked low-cut dresses? PLEDGE You even washed behind your ears tonight! Many Reno establishments, rang- ing from the Skyroom of the Mapes Hotel to the basement of the Amer- ican Legion Hall, saw much action Ouch! Who ' s the wise guy with the pin? When are you going to learn to tie your own shoes? 226 sal as the sororities and fraternities kicked off their social whirl by honoring their new pledges at the annual pledge dances. » Of course, I ' ve never read palms professionally, but as I see it. . . . If he steps on my feet once more I ' ll die! DANCES Boy, that " Firewater " was too much for me! They just have to have a ladies room some- where in this place! 227 fo ii ; -t Kappa Alpha Theta ' s cowboy-wolf brought home a trophy for their float " Get ' Em in the End. " WINNING FLOATS Sigma Nu added the revolving trophy to their collection with " Last Act, Lumberjack. " The Tri-Delts, despite a slight mishap before the parade, still entered their float " Duck Humboldt. " " Nevada Salutes the World of Entertain- ment " was the theme of the 1962 Home- coming. We built floats, practiced for Wolve ' s Frolic, attended the assembly and football game and were lucky if we were still awake enough to attend the dance. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it only comes once a year. mil Mi ,.jii» ii III r V-i V t ' ■.,■■■ ■ ' The " Dizzyland " of Lambda Chi had the distinction of being the largest float in the parade. 229 m ' BiiL iriti,.i ,iai,gMn ittiilim toiiWMafciklii Jfciaifcr Pi Beta Phi urged " String ' Em Along. " Cheerleader Diane Sturm rode Bertha, one of the half-time attractions. Alpha Tau Omega ' s " Don ' t Fiddle With Nevada. " 230 I Theta Chi ' s idea of entertainment " Nevada Hits the Jackpot The S.A.E. ' s dinasour The Independent ' s Oscar for " Best Performance By a Wolf. " 231 The World ' s Fair entertainment was visualized by the American Society of Civil Engineers in their float " Needle Humboldt. " The Gamma Phi Beta float had a talented wolf on " Give ' Em Treble. " 111 I s I ' . ■■• .cwT ih " . vs f ■ ' ' C ' : s e» Pi Beta Phi took home the permanent trophy after presenting " All the King ' s Women. " FROLIC WINNERS The Kildare and Casey forces battled it out in Sigma Nu ' s winning skit, " Who Really Rates? " 233 Gamma Phi Beta presented " Dial B for Broadway. " Alpha Tau Omega started the Frolic oS with " The Start of Something Big. " Bob Herron made the female population swoon between acts. 234 " The Silent Era " by the men of Lambda Chi Alpha reminded us of the days of silent films. A very unusual act featuring a flaming baton. b Delta Delta Delta presented " Shine On, Nevada U. " 235 Nevada ' s answer to The Kingston Trio-The Shades. White Pine Hall ' s " Our Little Hollywood. ' 236 Kappa Alpha Theta lived it up in their skit entitled " Inhibitions Prohibited. " Judy Black, 1962 Homecoming Queen, is presented with a trophy and traditional red roses. 237 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE — First Row: Muriel Ellis, Julie La Fond, Judy Quanchi, Kay Sorenson, Diane Swart, Marilyn Madsen. Second Row: Ted Marsten, Larry Kees, Dick Short, Gordon Corn, Chairman; Jay Carter. Third Row: Jim Elliot, Leonard Howard, Pete Jensvold, Eric Davis. We also had an assembly at which the Coronado ' s were one of the entertaining groups. 238 PNS On Friday, the cheerleaders decorated the goal- posts . . . with crepe paper. Audrey Chambers and the band entertained at half-time of the game. . . . . . which we won over Humboldt State. 239 Homecoming 1962 ended with a dance at Mathiesen ' s Hall. A few tense minutes before the announcements, and then . . celebration! 240 In November the IFC gave their annual bean feed and presented the Kinnear Trophy to Alpha Tau Omega. Individual trophies are also awarded at this time. Also in November was the Student Union sponsored James Roosevelt speech who presented his commentary on the 1962 off- year election and his prognosis of activitie s to be undertaken by the 88th Congress. The Hall-Buckley debate took place on December thirteenth on the subject " Resolved: The House Committee on Un-American Activities Should Be Abolished. " 241 Vickie Smith of Elko receives a bouquet of red roses from Colonel Gundlach as she begins her reign as queen of the 34th annual military ball. Miss Smith represented White Pine Hall and was attended by Sally Shank, Kappa Alpha Theta; Judy Schmidt, Delta Delta Delta; Andree Walker, Pi Beta Phi; Peggy Hayman, Gamma Phi Beta; Suzanne Glenn, Manzanita Hall; and Rosemary Lit- uania representing the Off-Campus Independents. Colonel Gundlach receives a gift from the Cadet Officer ' s Corps. Quick! Hide the bottle! This year ' s Military Ball lived up to its expectations as the " biggest and best, " and promises to have been one of the social highlights of the year. 242 Andy McKenzie receives his insignia of rank as Cadet Colonel and Brigade Commander from Colonel Gundlach, Cadet Colonel is the highest rank which can be attained in the Reserve Of- ficers ' Training Corps. Careful! Those things are sharp. The Town Pipers 243 Then the traveling salesman said The Campus Players presented " The Cave Dwellers " by William Saroyan and di- rected by Robert Strane; and " The Em- peror ' s New Clothes " under the direction of Dr. William C. Miller. See how I ' m protected by this invisible sheild. And this is my brother George. Last time I walk to school. 244 DECEMBER The joy of Christmas was represented in the glorious majesty of the annual production of Handel ' s Messiah by the University Singers, and the simple joy of Christ- mas carols sung by the Madrigal Singers. Both groups were under the direction of Dr. William Keith Macy of the University music department. The Messiah featured a soloist from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 245 December saw the sorority and fraternity Christ- mas formals. Starting early in December, they provided a rousing prelude to the Christmas vaca- tion and holidays. Many of Reno ' s finer dining and entertainment establishments were the scene of formal dances. The Mapes Hotel proved once again to be the most popular among the sororities and fraternities. The Mapes hosted dances for Sigma Nu, Pi Beta Phi, and Kappa Alpha Theta. Bazooka Blows Bigger Bubbles. No, I always travel this way. Yecchh! Get away from me with that smelly thin; Where ' s the ladies ' room? 246 I Do you have a Musician ' s Union card? Vroom! Mechanical engineering lab. Are you really a spy from the Secret Service? The Monaco was the scene of dances for Theta Chi and Delta Delta Delta. The Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon functions were each held at The Lancer, while the Alpha Tau Omega and Gamma Phi Beta dances were held at the Hidden Valley Country Club and the River- side Hotel, respectively. Sigma Phi Epsilon elected to hold its Christmas formal at the Villa Roma. Lincoln Hall, Artemesia Hall, White Pine Hall and Manzanita Hall were hosted at the Hidden Valley Country Club. 247 Merry Christmas! Have you been good all year? Can I put it on now? 248 The spirit of giving was illustrated by campus organizations and living groups during the Christ- mas season. Children from the Reno-Sparks area were entertained by these groups. Santa Claus, or one of his helpers, distributed gifts to the children. Maybe they ' ll let me play with it. I thought Santa Claus was downtown. 249 The University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club held its initiation for advanced military juniors before Christmas vacation. The mid-December maneuvers included relay races, exercises, drill, and more exercises. A highlight was guarding the women ' s residence halls on campus. The guards demanded a " kiss or a dime " from all women entering or leaving the dorms. JANUARY 250 Some studied. . . . . . some didn ' t. . . It I i •xl WFVII ' ( I ' o.l tl P After finals the machines take over, preparing grade reports and getting cards ready for registra- tion. This is the time when you see groups of students gathered around bulletin boards with anxious expressions to see the all important grade. 252 Then it ' s registration time again as the gym is filled with mass con- fusion. Characteristics — long lines, questions, confused expres- sions, many cards, and bent heads. 253 Construction proceeded rapidly on campus building projects. Juniper Hall and the Life Science Wing of the College of Agriculture neared completion. Forms were also laid for the Jot-Travis Student Union addition. The old and the new were contrasted as the regents voted to move long-time Mackay Stadium and the modernistic Atmospherium for the Desert Research Institute began to take shape. 254 " Pair-a-Dice ' n Snow " was the winning decoration of the 1963 Winter Carnival. The winner was the cooperative effort of Delta Delta Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Phi Sigma Kappa. WINTER CARNIVAL Winter Carnival 1963, in spite of adverse snow conditions, was a great success. Nine ski teams competed including Chico State, Sierra College, Air Force Academy, Uni- versity of California, University of Ore- gon, Arizona State, Utah State, Stan- ford, and Nevada. Chico State took first place, narrowly edging out Sierra by two-tenths of a point. Nevada finished third. Skimeister was Thor Mjoren of Sierra College. The entry of SAE, Gamma Phi Beta, and Sigma Phi Epsilon was " Skier ' s Haven. " SPORTS IN ONE " Two Winter Sports in One " was the contribution of Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Tau Omega, and Theta Chi. Manzanita and Artemisia Halls cooperated to produce this abstract skier. PARADISE IN SNOW . . . was the all-over theme of the Carnival and various renditions of it were shown in front of all the women ' s living groups. White Pine and Lincoln Halls ' theme was " I ' m in Heaven " and pictured an angelic skier. n ZPMEH A wolf in a paradise of another kind was pictured by Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Nu. C. v 256 Winter Carnival activities are many and varied. It was a busy week for all of us, after many weeks of preparation by the committee. Activities included open houses at the women ' s living groups, a dance, and, of course, skiing on the hill. V 257 WINTER CARNIVAL COMMITTEE First Row. Sue Turner, Lee Ann Zimmerman, Judy Morrison, Suzie Royer, Pat Rogero, Nancy Watson. Second Rovj: Kay Sorenson, Donal Ruth Murphy, Danny Farrier, Ellen Roseman, Ted Marston. Third Row.; Roger Cornwall, Dick Hoffman, Jim Acheson. 258 259 Theta Margo Ford was crowned Snow Princess of Winter Carnival. The Highway Men entertained at the assembly. 260 ■ ' " (f■|« «♦l «W«i}!■ ♦- f l i SNO-BALL AND OPEN HOUSE 261 GREEK What do you mean, " Happy Birthday? " MARCH . lai ' Vj ' ii ' iiii ' One more step, sister, and out midt der eyes. 262 DANCES And Anacin doesn ' t upset my stomach. Funniest thing happened to me on my way to the Forum. CircusI 263 Kappa Alpha Theta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon supporting their respective candidates. ELECTIONS Pi Beta Phi campaigning for Betty Webb. 264 Andy Gotelli gives his campaign speech for First Vice President. Jim Acheson presents his ideas on the office of ASUN President. The " South Bay " and " Twist " made an appearance when the Independents set up a band in front of the Student Union to promote their candidates. 265 JB B, a play portraying the modern story of Job was presented by the drama depart- ment and was so popular that it was heldover for an extra night. 266 SAGERS DANCE 1 here ' s one in every crowd! Well, he ' s trying. Ole! 268 OUTSTANDING GREEKS Each year, the Theta Chi fraternity awards a plaque to the Outstanding Greek senior man and woman. This year ' s awards were presented to Harry Walters and Linda Young. Linda Young, Outstanding Greek Woman Harry Walters, Outstanding Greek Man 269 John Colbert Lambda Chi Alpha UGLY ' ' piF y " XS ' • ' • ' C Jim Hectman Phi Sigma Kappa Eric Davis Sigma Nu The Winner Wayne Kolledge Alpha Tau Om.ega MAN John Manke Theta Chi Blair Phillips Sigm.a Phi Epsilon 270 Ralph Gari, clarinet and saxophone artist, performed with the University Symphonic band at a concert in March. Brother Antonius, a poet of the Dominican order, read some of his poetry at a lecture on campus. Dr. Ryser, delivering his " Last Lecture " as a part of a series that was sponsored by the AWS. 271 lai The year at a glance brings out a few other events, more or less important. The flood of the Truckee River aff ected all of us — flooded basements and transportation diffi- culties. The SAE ' s purchased two lions which have al- ready received a coat or two of paint. Blue Key started their project of cleaning Manzanita Lake by draining it as shown here. 272 IgH MACKAY DAY COMMITTEE — First Row. Roy Enochson, Suzie Royer, Mary Lynn Barnard, Muriel Ellis, Judy Quanchi, Judy Jeppson, Sharon Domenici, Jose Alvarez. Second Row. Chuck Burr, Andy McKenzie, Harry Culbert, Ted Marston, Tim Grant, Tom Burns, Tim Griffin, Chairman. MACKAY DAY Har ry and Tim have their beards checked by Mary Lynn and Muriel. 273 Common scenes on Mackay Day include the Black Mariah where students who are not dressed in traditional western dress are put. On Saturday after the luncheon, obstacle races and the SAE-ATO Lawn Party are held, cli- maxed by the all-school dance on Saturday night which includes presenting of trophies. 274 91 SONGTEAMS ALPHA TAU OMEGA — Left to Right: Bob Braunsweig, Kirk Kinne, Mike Griffin, Mike Casey, Ray Walker. 275 vBsa DELTA DELTA DELTA — Left to Right: Diane Springmeyer, Sharon Yeazel, Mary Solaro, Judy Norcott, Cheryl Sawyer, Mary McCabe. WINNERS GAMMA PHI BETA — Left to Right: Laurie Sterne, Jaci Chiatovich, Prella Ede, Norma Sheley, Linda Chambers, Suzi Natucci, Peggy Hayman, Margie RusselL 276 I KAPPA ALPHA THETA — Left to Right: Barbara Beesley, Karen McDonald, Tori Henderson, Carolyn Smith, Janet DuBois, Sue Voss, Mary Muth, Cindy Wilson. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA — Left to Right: Hal Herwitt, Bill Saxton, Dennis Lalley, Jay Ball, Jerry Schutz, Kent Wisecarver, George Frank, Jon Culbert. 277 PI BETA PHI — Left to Right: Kathleen Sadler, Jane Elliott, Jeanette Zolezzi, Sandy Hay, Virginia Frost, Penny White, Jeannine Van Wagnenen, Jackie Uhalde. 278 SIGMA NU Doug Lohse. Left to Right: Art Kess, Dave Lloyd, Roger Courson, Scott Filler, Al Ferrari, 279 ' iDVEKTISEMENTS 281 We6t6 ' 6 DEPARTMENT STORE SPARKS ' OWN DEPARTMENT STORE 1633 Prater Way FL 8-1566 SPARKS, NEVADA EXQUISITE FOOD • COCKTAILS MT. ROSE HISHWAY ' FAIRVIEW 9-3555 P. O. BOX 1312 • RENO. NEVADA BOWL FOR RELAXATION DANCE FOR SHEER ENJOYMENT AT GREENBRAE LANES 1802 Pyramid Way SPARKS 1808 PYRAMID WAY Telephone FL 8-3233 SPARKS. NEVADA Year Around Gear For The Outdoors ROSEMONT LODGE AMERICAN AND MEXICAN FOOD BAR, RESTAURANT, HOTEL AND PARTY FACILITIES MT. ROSE HIGHWAY y yC6 2 ri£2ty r ' c Reno ' s best known restaurant — is famous for superb continental cuisine and its mahogany broiler. Its unsur- passed wine cellar and inviting cocktail lounge make it a " must " for visitors and residents alike. Dinners from 4 to 12 P.M. Closed Mondays. Tel. FA 2-2089 Walter Zahnd your host Raymond Capitain your chef Western Printing and Publishing Company specializing in Tabloid Newspaper, Brochures, and Fine Printing 1845 Prater Way SPARKS, NEVADA 282 You Will Enjoy The Friendly Atmosphere m, em P« AtDOWNTOWHRENO CASINO COCKTAILS RESTAURANT BREAKFAST 24-HOURS • LUNCHEON • DINNERS Ihe Food Is Good, The Price Is Right FA 3-1046 38 EAST 2ND Building BETTER, SAFER higliways Our aim is to build better highways so modern they will be efficient years from now, so well built they will hold up under the ever increasing traffic of a rapidly growing and prospering area, and so safe they will meet the challenge of increasingly powerful automobiles. I CONSTRUCTION C M PA NY 283 Greetings to the Students of the University of Nevada From Industrial Chemicals Since 1885 KITZMEYER - COCHRAN DRUG STORE 208 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nevada OR 2-3409 Drugs — Prescriptions Films — Candies NEVADA ' S OLDEST DRUG STORE WALKER LAKE Wishes - Mineral County mmmimmimimm»mim$Hmm 284 ' BUCKET OF BLOOD TERRITORIAL ENTERPRISE DELTA SALOON AND CAFE The Famous Crystal Bar S A Z A R A C 285 ESTABLISHED IN 1919 fURNITURE STORES 322-6921 120 W. Commercial Row RENO, NEVADA , 1 ral w 6th and B St., Sparks ALBERT OPPIO EL 5-8761 i ' SIERRA ENGINEERING CO., INC. 307 MORRILL AVENUE FA 2-9101 RENO. NEVADA ENGINEERING M FABRICATION 1ACHINE WORK ALPINE GLASS CO. Nevada Pioneer Glass House 40 Years Glass Service to Nevada Glass For Every Purpose Reno — Las Vegas — Elko SCOTT MOTOR COMPANY 2401 South Virginia St. CONGRATULATIONS from WINKEL MOTORS CMC PONTIAC VAUXHAL Block " S " Sporting Goods and Fountain Telephone: EL 5-2682 1006 B. St. SPARKS, NEVADA (Open 8:00 a.m. until Midnight) GUNS - AMMUNITION - FISHING TACKLE ACCESSORIES Complete Line of Sporting Goods . Athletic Equip. SHOP AT SHELLY ' S ! At the Village n Reno At Green brae in Sparks • Hardware • Paint • Housewares • Garden Supplies SHELLY ' S HARDWARE Open Sundays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 286 The Sparks Nugget is proud of the part it has played in the growth and development of the University of Nevada and its students. Each year, two $2,000 U. of N. scholarships are awarded to high school graduates. To date, a total of $28,000 worth of these scholarships have been granted. In addition, the Nugget offers part-time employment for 40 students every semester in the Golden Rooster Room Restaurant. Nearly 400 Nevada students have been helped through the University on this work-program. NUGGET TELEVISION APPLIANCES HEATING KITCHEN STEREO AIR CONDITIONING 555 East Fourth Street — Reno DESERT GLASS CO. 310 N. Park St. FA 2-0695 RENO, NEVADA a 3-0567 of = i or ezfXtno 24 Sa t eStaond cSbieti SxaLui.Lue 1 Vome.n ' i. = ffifia ' ul and ez raaAi.iXixU.i. L .i ' . y . 2w-« 287 l-h. ff ' I ' im • • • has played an important role in the development of man. Early Egyptians used the red metal and areo- space planners of tomorrow ' s rockets find copper vital. The eternal metal is also important to education. Kennecott, through tax payments, participates in pro- viding improved facilities, better conditions and more highly skilled teachers. As a graduate, Kennecott ' s operations actually mean greater opportunities for you. Kennecoti Capper CupoixttioMi Nevada Mines Division Operations at Ely, Ruth, and McGill Nevada LANDER COUNTY The Heart of Nevada, Is Rich in Mining and Ranching. It Offers Activities in All Winter Sports and Is a Mecca for the Angler and the Hunter. 288 m The Friendly Book Store in the Middle of the Campus Telephone Fa 2-5081 Jot Travis Student Union Building 289 For Distinctive Fashions in Junior and Misses Sizes RENO, INC. 221 N. Virginia St. Best Wishes to the Graduates FLOlAfER DOX 432 E. 4th St., Reno JEVfELRir C ' Agents for Omega Watches 133 NO. VIRGINIA ST. RENO TRADlTIQ MEN ' S SHOP Second and Virginia LADIES SHOP 123 N. Virginia SHOP Reno ' s only authentic TRADITIONAL shop featur- ing natural shoulder clothes at 1 1 West Second 290 HOTEL EL CORTEZ AND Stpitre E Hgjortti Banquets and Dances in the Trocadero Room Fa. 2-9161 ED KINNEY 239 W. Second St. Manager Reno, Nevada Telephone FA 9-0231 500 East Fourth Reno, Nevada ACVtO ,i THE iTHtn FKOM WAWtPS CtUB KEVO home ofj w plU a (.IkNT $eRV(W6 j FRENCH Fff(fi SAM FORD TRACTOR a. EQUIPMINT CO. NEW TRUCKS FARM EQUIPMENT 2395 Valley Road RENO - Everything For the Home Reasonably Priced Visit Our Colonial Maple Department GULISTAN QUALITY CARPETING Up to 36 Months to Pay HOOVER CLEANERS Never U se Anything But a Hoover to Really Clean Your Carpets — Order Yours Today When Painting Your Home Be Sure to Use the Best DU PONT PAINTS and VARNISHES FURNITURE Furniture Department Elgin 5-8314 846 B Street Sparks, Nevada Hardware Department Elgin 5-4046 291 " The Living Room of the Campus Growing for the Future " E)d| -ds the Best to Iciss of ' 63 A Home Grown Product — just like your Sewell ' s stores in Elko, Winnemucca and the two Reno locations. Of course, Sewell ' s can ' t compare with the " young chicks " — we ' re on our 65th year now as YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER and 15 more years will make us much younger in looks. (Sewell ' s gets a face lifting every year or so.) It has been your loyalty and patronage over the years that has enabkd Sewell ' s to handle a greater volume of merchandise which, in turn, has lowered their operating costs. In this modern age — fast living — changing times — it is a real pleasure to serve the people that have stuck by Sewell ' s over the years. Loyalty such as this has to be earned — it can not be purchased or bargained for. Thanks again, you nice people, for your loyalty and allowing us to be YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER. Remember, everyday prices at Sewell ' s are as LOW, and in many cases LOWER, than other so-called adver- tised specials. Sewell ' s has NO STAMPS, NO GIMMICKS, NO GIVEAWAYS that add overhead you can ' t eat but do shop Sewell ' s for your share of COOL, GREEN, CASH SAVINGS! Your Home Town Grocer Sincerely, SEWELL ' S 445 N. Virginia St. and 1331 S. Virginia St. Reno, Nevada Winnemucca, Nevada and Elko, Nevada Nevada 1977 EWELL ' S 293 Yamaha Pianos Hammond Organs Conn Band Instruments OF IMUSIC " Everything in Music " Telephone FA 9-2595 214 North Sierra Street Reno, Nevada ■» nder IMfit Shop at ■I 135 N. Virginia Street Allies, Inc:. 530 East 4th St. Reno, Nevada in the RIVERSIDE HOTEL ' The flower shop for the students at the U. of N. " CO., INC 247 CALIFORNIA AVE. Largest Stock of Imported Wines in Nevada Prompt and Courteous Service FREE DELIVERY FA 3-4116 STARLIGHT BOlMfL Student Rates 45 Cents Per Line Until 6 P.M. 50 Cents Per Line After 6 P.M. 50 Cents Per Line Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. Free Shoes 200 CAR PARKING Starlight Restaurant Fa 3-0558 Keystone and Beatty St. 294 •• ••• • . • S..X ' • • • __--- ' ® - . % i A Sportsman ' s Www Sportsmen from all over the world enjoy the superb facilities offered by the Holiday Hotel, the Sports Center of the West. There ' s wonderful pheasant hunting from September to April on the Holiday ' s private, 1,000-acre pre- serve . . . the Holiday ' s unique sports desk will arrange hunting and fishing anywhere in the world . . . the Holiday sponsors the annual star-studded Mug Hunt, Reno ' s major golf tourney . . . and there ' s a direct sports wire and a huge scoreboard in the Sports Arena, where you can always find the latest scores and sports information. The ..: QElDDlillilD " ' HOTEL in Downtown Reno 295 Headquarters for Pendleton Woolens, Stetson Hats, Levis — Lees Hyer and Justin Boots 200 North Center Street Reno, Nevada Vll-Cimt AT SECOND ■ PHONE Fl 3-7117 OUR 44th YEAR Oldest and Most Popular Friendly Grocery in This Area Friendly Service Grocer Telephone EL 5-8331 922 B Street Sparks, Nevada Largest Stock of Fine Watches Diamond and Silverware in Nevada INCORPORATED Jewelers Serving the University Since 1885 TELEPHONE FA 3-2122 15 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Where Friends Meet 24 Hours a Day " Twisting at its Best " 150 E. Commercial Row also HENRY AND KIAH ' S HICKORY PIT 136 E. Commercial Row Nevada ' s Exclusive Hickory Pit Food Served 24 Hours Daily " We Prepare Take ' out Orders " Bob Trammell your Maitre d ' hotel Phone 329-0797 EST lAflSHES The ,i? H iRSESHOE ULuJCr- 296 ublish ri BINDING-RULING-ENGRAVING Telephone FA 2-2133 124 North Center Street Reno, Nevada 297 Ou.f J ' , yfiy yi. Q i L -ejPOi. ZUi JiM . ' IaK P].f) ' " f ' ' V-v . - 1 . C Ss uX iA kJfw m H. _;Cy ' .i X-- - ' . « -e ::2 ' ' Jt ' ' ! ««J 298 A y . r wJJUlio.» H. 5cUaJI.Wk, O.O.S. y C i -u- ■C yUyih LJ t. t c lM J - J-S. . = 23 l m4r: 1 VotAj c h7A W-P, . - e 5:zi %£) y . - ' 4 ' dUr L.GLdL: Aj A _ s 299 UNIITERSITY OF NEVADA for further information, write: UNIlfERSITir : • -■ ' Through more than eight decades of service to the state, the University of Nevada has produced men and women who have distinguished themselves in many fields of endeavor. Their achievements stand as tributes to what this University has given them, both in practical learn- ing and cultural understanding. North Virginia at Fifth Nevada ' s Fine Store GRAY REID ' S has fashions for football or physics, for basketball or bookkeeping. These and many other styles boast such names as " White Stag, " " Johnathan Logan, " " Catalina, " " Kimberly, " " Gay Gibson, " " Munsingwear " and " Arrow, " and are all designed with the widest possible curriculum in mind. GRAY REID ' S NEVADA ' S FINE STORE SINCE 1903 NORTH VIRGINIA AT FIFTH RENO PHONE FA 9-0313 Complete Apparel for the College Men in Our New " Squire Shop. " 301 302 Office Furniture Office Supplies Office Machines and Service Educational Furniture and Equipment 1 30 South Center St. Reno, Nevada BILL STREMMEL MOTORS INC. Volkswagen Porsche DIrs. West 2d Sts. FA 2-6901 We Cater to UNIVERSITY PARTIES and BANQUETS Fl EATURINC Miif Sm DRAND 144 aevTM K fly NJUME SHOES Reno, Nevada I SHORTY ' S BARBER SHOPS Two Locations in Sparks 1010 B St. 908 B St. Hardware Houseware Power Tools RENO MERCANTILE SIERRA AT COMMERCIAL ROW PH. FA 2 3454 Sporting Goods Acme Paints FA 3-0397 lAMILTON wcic nA-- 31 West Second Street Prompt and Courteous Service Always 303 304 NEVADA TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY Title Insurance Escrow Service Home Office: 90 Court St., Reno Carson City Zepher Cove Elko Nevada owned and operated Keeping in step with Nevada ' s progress. Plumbing — Heating — Air Conditioning Sales — Service SAVAGE SON INC. LMJ 628 South Virginia Street f Telephone FA 3-4193 Reno, Nevada The Finest in Home Furnishings for over a Quarter Century HOIVIE FURMIXURE In Reno Sierra At Island Ave. In Sparks 211 1 " B " Street DURKEE TRAlfEL BUREAU RENO 305 M W m IliiiMi SAiiiiiijiiii ■.r i ■ ' i s: ' -y ' f 1 ' ' 77 CASINO CENTER X A A A4AU8tE AMD OLD MAHO AWY PALACE X RIOHT OUT OF THE OLD RUSH DAYS PMY YOUR FAVORITE GAM E . . . ROU LETTE ' CRAPS ' K6M0 ' POKER -TWENTy-ONE ' I V HEEL OF FORTUNE • SUDT MACHINES- Vri - 0 BARS CONTIMUOUS CNTEHTAINMCtfr. NUGGiT RECTAURANT WORLD FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD I I 306 ojU fa. V » S» - " ' - S ....-.« . m l €u i . A » V -trT- M H- 7i . U C ?■ ■( : a H c: — ' ! 307 • f 2.,:tSvaA.---------«- 2 ji a- =fc KoujM. v iO ' Af X rr y ' A KJ r T f , r €r» ; = pe.£ pi. . , n-Jui C ( TW ' ' ' Y " ' X Aa " 308 COMPLIMENTS OF PRI MADONNA 241 N. VIRGINIA ST., FA 9-2251, DOWNTOWN y L . . . armed with a good education, and living in a " free-enterprise " country, you are free to go as far as your energies and abilities can take you. Good Luck. YOUR PROGRESSIVE PACIFIC POWER COMPANY 309 portrays The Old West and The Dynamic Economy of Nevada The Heart of Nevada commissioners: R. J. KOLSTRUP DON TRAVIS FRANK DE BRAGA 310 Frank Wood I iff. Owner ' In the Heart of Downtown Fallon ' Modern — Convenient Air Cooled — Steam Heated Fallon, Nevada Compliments of Roy and Ned 423-2640 FALLON NEVADA One Mile South on the Truck Route Helen — Bil Fallon, Nevada CONSTRUCTION 859 South Maine St. Fallon, Nevada i Mi niMSiiima Fallon, Nevada Central Nevada Home Furnishers Since 1912 Parts and Automotive Accessories Willard Batteries and Seat Covers at 635 N. Sierra Street — Phone FA 3-0318 RISSONE ' S ■i:: Nevada ' s Leading Recap pers Gasoline — Oil — Lubrication FISK TIRES ' ; ' " J: 1 1 East Fourth St. 141 West Fourth St. Phone FA 2-9409 Phone FA 3-5422 311 - ip i, ■ • - ' h- Q. r. C 1 C i k Ci-x C f K o a1 :SSe: C-sak 5? e f - i i SECURITY NATIONJtL 1 80 West First Street Reno, Nevada OFFICES: Carson City — Fallon Mineral County (Hawthorne) RICHARDSON -LOVELOCK, Inc. " Friend Iv Ford irillage " RENO l-l-i 195 S. Sierra, Reno 1 1 1 W. Telegraph, Carson City iPIOI IN C OF State-Wi Fallon Elko Carson City Se NEER TITLE SURANCE NE1 ADA de Title and Escrow Service HKS Las Vegas Lake Tahoe Reno Eastern Counties 1 60 West Liberty rving Nevada Since 1903 Broili ' s Dealers for Zenith Radio TV Frigidaire Refrigerators, Washers Range Dryers Distributor For General Electric Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Gift Ware ALL STANDARD ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 301 South Virginia Reno Phone FA 3-3601 Gold Medal Award Winner HILP ' S DRUG STORE 127 N. Virginia FA 3-6104 THE IMfEDDINC SHOI 254 West First Street Beautiful Formals • Beautiful Bridals EVIN ' S PALIZZIO DELISO DEBS fi l MARK ANGELO SHOES SPALDING TOM JOYCE FLOORS, INC. 285 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Carpet Linoleum 314 l U-tr- U Ck if pJ " c C -c A,S., - IV - - .x O, Jt ,::2 ( - i - oZ 315 IMfish s 1-c ti CradwcH ' I ' ing » 1963 A. E. Millar, General Manager Weed Heights, Nevada Congratulations " CLASS OF 1962 " GRAY LINE SCENIC TOURS RENO LAKE TAHOE Best Wishes ! ! 1 FIRST NATIONAL DANK of Nevada STATEWIDE Resources: Over three hundred and seventy million dollars MEMBER MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT FEDERAL RESERVE INSURANCE CORP. SYSTEM .... helping build a greater Nevada 316 SHAlAf ' S SEED, FEED Jac R. Shaw Gardnerville, Nevada Gardnerville, Nevada INSURANCE Box One, Minden LETI James Miller Gardnerville, Nevada F. AA. Yparraguirre Gardnerville, Nevada ■ NDEN DRY GOC Outfitters For The Entire Family Minden, Nevada 317 INflLBUR ' S Popular Brands at Nationally Advertised Prices Wilbur Stodieck ' 29 305 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nevada MEN ' S — WOMEN ' S — CHILDREN ' S " So Much To Choose From " 1 024 WELLS AVE. RENO 318 N.CARSON CARSON CITY Historic and Progressive and :AIVI0US COI.DFIEI.D Extend Best Wishes to the University of Nevada 318 CONGRATULATIONS FROM ALL OF US AT FURNITURE - CARPETS - RECORDS TV - STEREO - HI-FI - RADIO STAMPFLI ' S Second and West Streets Reno, Nevada FA 3-4149 e% Fa 9-4025 Features Distinctive Styles Exclusive Fashions K and K Originals - Jonathan Logan Plus Many Name Brands Sports - Dressy - Cocktails South Virginio at Mt. Rose Next to Raleys Drug That Refreshing New Feeling SHOSHONE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Reno 319 " H AlMf THORN E VARIETV STORE 5c to $1.00 and Up SOUVENIRS Hawthorne Nevada MMo JOHNSON ' S PHARMACY Phone, Wilson 5-2121 BABBITT NEVADA FISHING • HUNTING • SKIING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT MT. ROSE SPORTING GOODS 132 W. SECOND STREET RENO, NEVADA PHONE FA 3-5717 NEl RHOTO MtDA SERiriCE Photo Finishing Picture Framing Photostat Copies Costume Jewelry 253 N. Sierra St. - Reno 42 East First Street Telephone FA 3-4567 Reno — Nevada LITTLE lAKALDORF NORTH OF THE TRACKS RENO, NEVADA Quality Shoes for Men and Boys First and North Sierra Vjiivershy Barber Sh op EAST OF KNIGHT ' S CAFE Joe M. Hathaway Proprietor 60 East Ninth St. Reno, Nevada Ray Kroii ' s HOUSE of RECORDS " Reno ' s Largest Complete Record Shop " 121 - Walt ' s Lane So. Virginia at Mt. Rose Shopping Center 320 HOTEL MAPES RENO, NEVADA TELEPHONE FA 2-2184 HOTEL RESERVATIONS • TOURS • FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC TRAVEL TRAVELERS CHECKS • BAGGAGE AND TRAVELERS INSURANCE Commercial Views Press - Aerial Views Weddings - Publicity Advertising Photography GENE CHRISTENSEN PHOTOGRAPHER FINE PORTRAITS STUDIO 40 West First Phone FA 3-5504 Reno, Nevada L)(9u i Qd " Jhidm 3nc. GIFT WRAPPING, PARTY PLANNING, FAVORS, ETC. P. O. Box 5455 Reno, Nevada Telephone FA 3-4544 Personalized Shopping Service Letty Sourthworth Dorothy Perry SUPPORT YOUR ADVERTISERS 321 SENIOR HISTORIES AALBU, JANICE — Hawthorne, Nevada — Speech and Drama — Delta Delta Delta; University Play Productions; Campus Players; Spurs; Student Union Board. ADAMS, MARICA — SparJcs, Nevada — Delta Delta Delta. AGUILAR, LYNN — Napa, California — Kappa Alpha Theta — Social Chairman, Vice President; Spurs; Sagens; Junior Prom Attendent. ALDAVE, RALPH — Susanville, California — Phi- losophy — Election Board Chairman; Debate Team; Delta Sigma Rho; Philosophy Club; Blue Key; Young Democrats. ARENDS, LOIS J. — Reno, Nevada — Accounting — Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma. ARMSTRONG, JUDITH A. — Reno, Nevada — History — Kappa Alpha Theta — Chaplain; CCUN; Phi Alpha Theta; Artemisia staff; Wolf Tips Editor; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities;. Recorder Choir; Sagebrush staff. ARMSTRONG, LESTER — Carson City, Nevada — Electrical Engineering — University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club; IEEE; Distinguished Military Student. BARNARD, LUCY H. — Reno, Nevada — Fashion Merchandising — Kapa Alpha Theta — Scholarship Chairman; Pages; Phi Kappa Phi. BARRY, WESLEY — Auburn, California — Soil Sci- ence — Ski Team; Ski Club; Aggie Club; Realist Alli- ance; Sigma Pi Epsilon. BARTHOLOMEW, DAVID C — Virginia City, Ne- vada — Physical Education — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Artemisia Hall Resident Assistant. BARTHOLOMEW, SUE A. — Virginia City, Ne- vada — Elementary Education. BARTLETT, MARGO A. — Las Vegas, Nevada — Journalism-Press Club; German Club; Sagebrush staff. BATH, VIRGINIA — East Ely, Nevada — Ele- mentary Education — Pi Beta Phi; Young Women ' s Christian Association; ACEI; Canterbury Club-Presi- dent. BAUER, JOHN F. — _San Francisco, California — English — Phi Sigma Kappa-President; English Club; Brushfire Editor; Ski Club; Realist Alliance-Presi- dent. BELDEN, KENNETH R. — Vallejo, California — Electrical Engineering — Sigma Nu; Tennis Team. BERGMAN, STEVEN C. — New York City, New York — Electrical Engineering — Phi Delta Tau (NYC local); Sigma Tau. BIBB, J. STEPHEN — Reno, Nevada — Electrical Engineering. BIGGS, FRED K. — Loomis, California — Geologi- cal Engineering. BOLLMANN, RICHARD BORER, LINDA R. — Hawthorne, Nevada — Ele- mentary Education — Delta Delta Delta; ACEI; Stu- dent National Education Association; Newman Club; Junior Prom Attendent; AWS Fashion Shows. BOURBOPOULOS, ARISTIDIS — Greece — Civil Engineering. BOWEN, JIM K. — Reno, Nevada — English. BRANNEN, BARBARA — Reno, Nevada — Ele- mentary Education — Pi Beta Phi; Little Sisters of Minerva-President; Homecoming Queen. BROWNE, FREDERICK L. — Santa Rosa, Califor- nia — Civil Engineering — Theta Chi-House mana- ger. Chaplain; American Society of Civil Engineering; Sigma Tau. BRYANT, KARIN — Hawthorne, Nevada — Arts and Science — Cheerleader; Student Union Board -Secretary; Artemisia - Manzanita Hall Association- Secretary, Vice President; Junior Prom Queen. BUCHANAN, DOUGLAS — Sparks, Nevada — Journalism — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi- Vice President; Kappa Tau Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club; Press Club; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Sagebrush-Editor, Busi- ness Manager; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Class Committees; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities. BURKETT, CLINTON A. — Reno, Nevada — Ele- mentary Education. BUSH, STANLEY E. — Sparks, Nevada — Electri- cal Engineering — Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau-Presi- dent; Pi Mu Epsilon; IEEE. CASEY, MITCHELL T. — Reno, Nevada — Electri- cal Engineering — Phi Sigma Kappa; American In- stitute of Electrical Engineers. CAVANAUGH, JOHN — Reno, Nevada — CHEEVER, JOHN K. — Hawthorne, Nevada — Accounting — American Society of Civil Engineering, Senate. 322 CHINN, ALEVANDER B. — San Francisco, Cali- fornia — Business Administration — Delia Sigma Pi- Vice President; Beta Gamma Sigma; Campus Chris- tian Association. CHOY, MELVIN — Reno, Nevada — Biology — Block N; CCUN; Biology Club. CLAYTON, KENNETH E. — Carson City, Nevada — Civil Engineering — Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Tau; American Society of Civil Engineering; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Men ' s Senator at Large; Ski Club; Steering Committee. CLEONE, BONNIE CLUFF, CAROL J. — Reno, Nevada — Accounting — Aggie Club. CLUFF, DON B. — Reno, Nevada — Accounting. COLES, BARBARA — Reno, Nevada — Political Science — Pi Beta Phi; Student National Education Association; Young Women ' s Christian Association; Little Sisters of Minerva. CONTON, DIANA — Reno, Nevada — English — Gamma Phi Beta-President; Sagens; Cap and Scroll; Homecoming Committee; Senate; Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities; Homecoming Queen Attendent. COOK, THOMAS E. — Northridge, California — Physical Education — Block N-Vic e President; Track; Football. COOK, THOMAS H. — Reno, Nevada — Pre- Legal — Sigma Nu-Social Chairman; Blue Key; Cof- fin and Keys-Secretary; University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club; Artemisia-Business Manager; Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities. COUGHLAN, BARBARA — Reno, Nevada — Po- litical Science — Pi Beta Phi, Phi Alpha Theta; New- man Club; CCUN. COUGHLAN, MARGARET — Reno, Nevada — Sociology — Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club. CROWELL, JAMES E. — Belmont, California — Metalurgical Engineering — AIME; ASM. CUTLER, DAVE P. — Valle]o, California — Zoolo- gy and Pre-Dental — Sigma Nu. D AILEY, BARBARA E. — Sparks, Nevada — Chem- istry — Sigma Sigma Kappa, Chemistry Club. DALTON, DON — Sacramento, California — Eco- nomics — Sigma Nu; Blue Key. DANDOIS, WALTER F.— Reno, Ne-uada— Physics. DANGBERG, DENISE — Gardnerville, Nevada — Elementary Education — Delta Delta Delta-Marshall; Student National Education Association; ACEI; His- torian of USUN; Newman Club. DATE, JEANETTE K. — Reno, Nevada — Account- ing — Phi Chi. DIELEMAN, ROGER J. — Boulder City, Nevada — Business Administration. DONATHAN, DALE — Reno, Nevada — History — Lambda Chi Alpha; CCUN-President; Young Dem- ocrats-Treasurer; Phi Alpha Theta; Campus Chris- tian Association; Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities. DOYLE, DILYS — Susanville, California — Elemen- tary Education — Delta Delta Delta-Vice President; ASUN Public Relations Board; Ten Best-Dressed Coeds; Artemisia Staff; Ski Club; Student National Education Association; ACEI; Winter Carnival Com- mittee. DOYLE, JOHN M. — Reno, Nevada — Political Science — Blue Key; Senior Class Committee; Men ' s Upper-Class Committee; Sundowners-President. EINEICHER, DONALD E. — Rancho Cordove, California — Electrical Engineering. ESCOBEDO, RAY A. — Windsor, California — Electrical Engineering — Ski Club; AIEE. FABBI, BRENT P. — Las Vegas, Nevada — Mining Engineering — Sigma Nu; AIME. FAGG, REEVE T. — Golconda, Nevada — Electri- cal Engineering — AIEE. PARK, ARLEN C. — Wichita, Kansas — Education — Student National Education Association; Sym- phonic Choir; University Singers. FARNSWORTH, GAY L. — Reno, Nevada — Ele- mentary Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Student National Education Association; ACEI-President. FELL, HENRIETTE H. — Reno, Nevada — French. FENILI, DORIS — Smith Valley, Nevada — Physi- cal Education — White Pine Association-President; Cap and Scroll; Sagens-President; PEM ' s-Vice Presi- dent; Women ' s Recreation Association. FIRPO, JOHN F. — Truckee, California — Journal- ism — Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Delta Chi; Student Directory Editor; Sagebrush staff. FITZGERALD, RAYMOND M. — San Carlos, Cal- ifornia — Geological Engineering — AIME-President; " Mackay Miner " staff. 323 ■an FLETCHER, MARILYN Elementary Education. Danville, California FOROOTAN, IRADJ — Isfahan, Iran — Mining Engineering — CCUN; AIME; Track. FRUGOLI, MARIO — Sparks, Nevada — Account ing — University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club. GALLAGHER, RONALD W. — Virginia City, Ne- vada — History. GANSBERG, JOAN E. — Gardnerville, Nevada — English — Delta Delta Delta — Corresponding SecrC ' tary; ASUN Historian; Who ' s Who In American CoL leges and Universities; Mackay Day Committee; Sag- ens — Vice President; Women ' s Recreation Associa- tion — Treasurer; Student National Education As- sociation; Aggie Club — Secretary; Rodeo Club — Reporter; Gamma Delta — Program Chairman; Arte- misia — Manzanita Association; New Residence Hall Association; Mackay Day Queen Candidate. GARDELLA, WILLIAM — Reno, Nevada — Math. GAUMER, JAMES A. — Red Bluff, California — Civil Engineering — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; University of Nevada Cadet Officers Club; Sigma Tau; American Society of Civil Engineering. CENTNER, V IRGIL R. — Las Vegas, Nevada — Electrical Engineering — Sigma Tau — Treasurer; IEEE — Publicity Manager. GEROW, LYNN B. — Reno, Nevada — Zoology — Sigma Nu — Senator, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Blue Key — Vice President, Corresponding Secretary; Coffin and Keys — Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Presi- dent, President; Alpha Epsilon Delta — Vice Presi- dent; Sagers; Artemisia — Business Manager; ASUN Publications Board; Mackay Day Committee; Home- coming Chairman; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities. GOODMAN, LEROY — Virginia City, Nevada — History — Lambda Chi Alpha. GOTCHY, LANCE D. — Reno, Nevada — Business Management — Sigma Nu; Ski Team. GRISHAM, L. — Reno, Nevada — Chemistry GRIST, WAYNE L. — Sacramento, California — Civil Engineering — American Society of Civil En- gineering; Alpha Gamma Sigma. GWYN, RICHARD — Sonoma, California — Busi- ness — Phi Sigma Kappa — President, Treasurer; Interfraterni ty Council Rush Chairman; Sagers; UN- COC; Mackay Day Committee; Military Ball Com- mittee; Freshman and Sophomore Class Committees. HALLEY, MICHAEL K. — Reno, Nevada — Eco- nomics — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Blue Key; Mackay Day Committee; Winter Carnival Committee; Student Union Board. HARWOOD, SHARON M. — Reno, Nevada — El- ementary Education — Delta Delta Delta — Secretary, Assistant Rush Chairman; Sagens; Artemisia staff; Sophomore Class Committee; Senior Class Committee; Mackay Day Committee; Student National Education Association. HATHAWAY, JERRY D. — Las Vegas, Nevada — Economics and Finance — Delta Sigma Pi. HENDERSON, HAYDEN — Elko, Nevada — Pre- Legal — Sigma Nu; Block N — President; Golf Team; Young Republicans — President. HENNESSEY, EDWARD — Santos, Brazil — Psy- chology; Phi Sigma Kappa. HER WIT, HAL — June Lake, California — Elemen- tary Education — Lambda Chi Alpha. HIBDON, Roy — Lompos, California — Civil En- I gineering — Theta Chi — President, Housemanager, American Society of Civil Engineering — Sophomore Class Committee. HILL, MARGARET — Winnemucca, Nevada — ;| Home Economics. HNAT, JOSEPH — Wellington, New Jersey — Edu- cation. HOFFMAN, RICHARD — Reno, Nevada — Chem- istry — Lambda Chi Alpha — UCLA University Prep Executive Chairman, Spring Sing Executive Committee. Junior Prom Executive Committee, Greek Week Council. Long Beach State: 49er Day Executive Committee, Junior Class Council. Nevada: Homecom- ing Committee, Winter Carnival Committee. HOW, SHIRLEY B. — Las Vegas, Nevada — Psy- chology — Psychology Club. HULL, WARREN E. — Ely, Nevada — Accounting — Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. HUNTER, ROBERT L. — Reno, Nevada — Business Administration — Varsity Football. JACKSON, ANDREW C. — Reno, Nevada — Mechanical Engineering — Alpha Tau Omega; Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineering — President. JACOX, LAWRENCE E. — Reno, Nevada — Art. JOHNSON, BRUCE R. — Reno, Nevada — Mining Engineering — AIME. 324 JOHNSON, STEWART E. — Hawthorne, Nevada — Physical Education — Block N; Sagers; Varsity Basketball. JONES, ALFRED T. — Reno, Nevada — Civil En- gineering — Sigma Phi Epsilon — Vice President; Vagabond Touring Association; Sigma Tau; Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineering. JONES, BETTY A. — Las Vegas, Nevada — English. KANIKA, KRISHAN C. — Punjab, India — Engi- neering. KERR, KITTIE C. — San Mateo, California — Jour- nalism — Kappa Alpha Theta. KETRON, DOUGLAS — San Anselmo, California — Mining Engineering — Sigma Nu; Sigma Tau; Cof- fin and Keys; Student Union Board; AIME — Secre- tary; Block N — President; Varsity Track. KLASSEN, JANE D. — Gardnerville, Nevada — English — Manzanita — Artemisia Association; White Pine Hall — Secretary; Gamma Delta; Women ' s Re- creation Association. KLENAKIS, ANTHONY E. — Agawam, Massachu- setts — Physical Education — Block N; Varsity Foot- ball and Baseball. KNOBBS, LINDA — Las Vegas, Nevada — Elemen- tary Education — Delta Delta Delta — President; Sagens; Junior, Senior Class Committees; Winter Car- nival Committee; Student National Education As- sociation; Homecoming Queen Attendant. KOLLODGE, WAYNE — Hawthorne, Nevada — Economics — Alpha Tau Omega; University of Ne- vada Cadet Officer ' s Club — President; Distinguished Military Student; Sagers. KRUGER, PENELOPE E. — Henderson, Nevada — English — Sagens; Manzanita Hall Association. LAIRD, WARREN C. — Lakeview, Oregon — Agri- culture Education — Phi Kappa Tau; Aggie Club — President; Alpha Zeta; Ski Club. LAMBERT, HARVEY W. — Juneau, Alaska — Phi- losophy — Theta Chi — Vice-President; Chess Club — President; Philosophy Club — President; Univer- sity of Nevada Cadet Officer ' s Club; Interfraternity Council; Debate. LANE, EUGENE B. — Reno, Nevada — Pre-Medical — Sigma Nu. LEWIS, ANNETT L. — Yerington, Nevada — Eng- lish — White Pine Hall Association; Artemisia — Manzanita Hall Association — Treasurer; Women ' s Recreational Association; English Club; Aggie Club. LINN, BOB C. — Las Vegas, Nevada — Mathema- tics. LIPPINCOTT, DAVID V. — Carson City, Nevada — Real Estate — Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma. LITTLEPAGE, JAMES L. — Oroville, California — Electrical Engineering — IEEE. LOFTIN, KAREN M. — Sparks, Nevada — Real Estate. MACKEDON, MICHAEL — Fallon, Nevada — Pre- Legal — Alpha Tau Omega; ASUN President; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys. Mackenzie, Andrew — Yerington, Nevada — Pre-Legal — Alpha Tau Omega — President; Blue Key; Junior Class President; University of Nevada Cadet Officer ' s Club; Cofi in and Keys; ROTC Cadet Colonel; Sundowners; Interfr aternity Council; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities. MADAGARAN, GILBERT F. — Reno, Nevada — Real Estate — Phi Sigma Kappa — Secretary. MAINE, MARY H. — Reno, Nevada — English — Delta Delta Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Ski Club; Student National Education Association; English Club. MATTHEWS, DAN H. — Boise, Idaho — Metal- lurgical Engineering — Sigma Alpha Epsilon — House Manager; AIME. MATTHEWS, JAMES R. — Vallejo, California — Geology — Phi Kappa Phi; AIME — Secretary. MATTICE, GARY — Yerington, Nevada — Physical Education. McCABE, PATRICIA — Reno, Nevada — Office Administration — Delta Delta Delta. McGREEVEY, KEVIN B. — Reno, Nevada — Ele- mentary Education — National Education Associa- tion; Phi Kappa Phi; ACEI. McGUIRE, ELIZABETH A. — Fair Oaks, California — Elementary Education — Pi Beta Phi. McHUGHES, ROLLAND — Reno, Nevada — Busi- ness Administration — Delta Sigma Pi — President. McLEAD, JO ANN P. — Reno, Nevada — Elemen- tary Education — Delta Delta Delta; Newman Club; Songleader; University Singers. McLELLAND, DOUGLAS — Ukiah, California — Geological Engineering — Lambda Chi Alpha. 325 McMANUS, DIANE R. — Las Vegas, Nevada — Home Economics Education — Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Eta Epsilon; Kappa Alpha Theta — Social Chairman, Philanthropy Chairman, Wolves Frolic Chairman; Rallies and Assemblies Committee; Junior Class Committee. MILLER ANN S. Education. Reno, Nevada — Elementary MILLER, LARRY R. — Vallon, Nevada — Pre Vet- erinary. MINDLING, ANTHONY L. — Novato, California — Geological Engineering. MOLINI, CECELIA — Reno, Nevada — Speech Therapy — Sagens; AWS President; AWS Council and Judiciary Board; CCUN — President; WRA — President, Vice-President; Cap and Scroll; Theta Chi Dream Girl; Senate; Student Affairs Committee; Stu- dent Union Awards Committee; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities; Member of 10 Outstanding Senior Women. MOLLETT, MYRALYNE — Reno, Nevada — Ele- mentary Education — Delta Delta Delta; Student Na- tional Education Association; Songleader; Spurs. MONTROSE, HUGH — lovelock, Nevada — Civil Engineering — Alpha Tau Omega; American Society of Civil Engineering. MOORE, LONNIE D. — Fallon, Nevada — Physical Education — Varsity Basketball, University Singers. MURPHY, DONAL RUTH — Reno, Nevada — Journalism — Kappa Alpha Theta — Corresponding Secretary; Press Club; Winter Carnival Committee; Artemisia staff — Assistant Editor; Greek Editor; Sagebrush staff. MURPHY, ELLEN A. — Reno, Nevada — English Pi Beta Phi — President, Treasurer; Panhellenic Council; Pages; Sagens; Cap and Scroll; Phi Kappa Phi; Senate; AWS Representative; Symphonic Choir; German Club; Who ' Who In American Colleges and Universities. NAGEL, RONALD — Reno, Nevada — Agricultural Education — Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Zeta; Aggie Club. NEARY, EDWARD — Santa Barbara, California — Civil Engineering — American Society of Civil En- gineering — President. NELSON, JO ANNE — Fallon, Nevada — Home Economics Foods and Nutrition — Kappa Alpha Theta — Songleader; Treasurer; Eta Epsilon; Cap and Scroll; Sagens; Pages; Mackay Day Committee; Wes- ley; Artemisia staff — Editor, Classes; Publications Board. NELSON, PAUL — San Francisco, California — Electrical Engineering — Sigma Nu — Assistant Scholarship Chairman; IEEE. NICHOLS, JEAN Sparks, Nevada — Education — Kappa Alpha Theta — Standards Chairman; Sagens; Aggie Club. NICKSON, MARIAN — Elko, Nevada — History. NEILSON, SALLY — Sparks, Nevada — Elementary Education — Delta Delta Delta; Student National Education Association; ACEI Young Women ' s Chris- tain Association. NUNGESSER, DIANE — San Gabriel, California — Psychology Gamma Phi Beta — Second Vice-Presi- dent, Social Chairman; Senate; Homecoming Princess; Flag twirler; Sagebrush staff. NYQUIST, MARYDEE. PADAM, SARUP SINGH. PALZIS, JANIS — Napa, California — Physical Edu- cation — Pi Beta Phi — Sagens; PEMS; SONG Team; Wolves Frolic. PARISH, NOEL — Lodi, California — Agricultural Journalism. PARK, BRUCE — Gardnerville, Nevada — Agri- cultural Business; Alpha Tau Omega — Treasurer; Aggie Club; CCUN. PATRICK, MIMI — Reno, Nevada — French — Pi Beta Phi; Cap and Scroll; Spurs; Sagens; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities; ASUN Second Vice President. PAULSEN, ELDOU PEARCE, LINDA — Reno, Nevada — Education — Gamma Phi Beta; Sagens. PEDERSEN, ROBERT V. — Bow, Washington — Agriculture — Alpha Zeta, Varsity Football and Track. PEDERSEN, SARAH A. — Moapa Valley, Nevada — Education — Delta Sigma Rho, Phi Kappa Phi. PEROZZI, MARILYN K. — Reno, Nevada — Ger- man — Delta Delta Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; AWS Vice President; Cap and Scroll; Sagens. PETERSEN, MARILYN K. — Reno, Nevada — Speech and Drama — Kappa Alpha Theta; Winter Carnival Secretary; Cheerleader; Mackay Day Queen Candidate. 326 PFEIFFER, WALTER — Sacramento, California — Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineer- ing — Secretary; Basketball. PINCOLINI, BEVERLY — Reno, Nevada — English — Pi Beta Phi; Panhellenic Council. POGGIONE, P. DANIEL — Reno, Nevada — Busi- ness Education — Varsity Baseball and Riflery. PORTER, DAN PRINCE, KAROLYN M. — Reno, Nevada — His- tory — Mackay Day Queen Candidate. PRITCHARD, JOANNE M. — Fallon, Nevada, — Home Economics Education — Eta Epsilon; Spurs; Little Sisters of Minerva; Wesley; AWS Council; Senator. PRITCHARD, JANICE K. — Fallon, Nevada — Nursing — Spurs; Student Nurses Association — Vice President; Wesley. RAFFETTO, ANN — Sparks, Nevada — Chemistry — Sagens; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Sigma Kappa. RAINS, JOftN W. — Wheatland, California — Mining Engineering — AIME. SEAMAN, JOAN. SEELIGER, TOM — Carson City, Nevada — Busi- ness Administration — ASUN First Vice-President, Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-President — Blue Key — Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities — Sagers. SEKLON, JASJIT SINGH — Punjab, India — Me- chanical Engineering. SETTY, KARMEN — Fallon, Nevada — Home Eco- nomics — Eta Epsilon — Artemisia — Manzanita Hall Association. SLEDGE, JESSICA — Las Vegas, Nevada — Political Science — Young Democrats — Nevada Southern, Yearbook Editor, AWS President — CCUN. SMITH, LARY — Medford, Oregon — Mathematics — Track — University Singers. SODERSTROM, DEAN — Smith, Nevada — Metal- lurgical Engineering — Lambda Chi Alpha. STETSON, EDITH — Reno, Nevada — German — Phi Kappa Phi — Phi Alpha Theta — German Club — SNEA. STORNETTA, LEWIS —Minden, Nevada — Me- chanical Engineering — ASME, SVENSSON, STUART — Carson City, Nevada — History — Delta Upsilon; Phi Alpha Theta. THOMAS, CHARLES — Sonoma, California — Journalism — Sigma Phi Epsilon — Sigma Delta Chi, President — Yell Leader; Ski Club; Sagers. THOMPSON, CALVIN — Yerington, Nevada — Electrical Engineering — IEEE — Vice-Chairman; Sigma Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon. RICE, GEORGE ANN — Las Vegas, Nevada — Business Education — Phi Kappa Phi; Women ' s Re- creation Association; Student National Education As- sociation. ROBERTS, DAVID ROCKWELL, NORMAN M. — Elko, Nevada — Civil Engineering — American Society of Civil En- gineering; Sigma Tau; Aggie Club. RONSHEIMER, WARREN — Reno, Ne uada — Elec- trical Engineering. RUPLEY, CHARLESE A. — Reno, Nevada — Ele- mentary Education — Gamma Phi Beta. SACCHINI, LEROY — Yerington, Nevada — Physi- cal Education. SADLER, JEANNE — Eureka, Nevada — Math Education — Pi Beta Phi; Cap and Scroll; Sagens; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Alpha Theta, Student Judicial Council; Senate; Student National Education Association — President; WRA — Secretary; Spurs; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities. SANDHU, SUNJET — Amnitsar, E. Panjab, India — Mechanical Engineering. SANKOVICH, JOHN — McGill, Nevada — Ac- counting. SARGENT, VERNON. SCHROEDER, TED. SHULTZ, JERRY — Redwood City, California — Management — Lambda Chi Alpha — Varsity Bas- ketball, Baseball; Sagebrush; Sigma Delta Chi. TIDD, MIKELL — Ukiah, California — Music — University Singers; University Symphony; Student MENC. TORNEO, ELAINE P. — Virginia City, Nevada — Elementary Education; Student National Education Association; ACEI. TREASE, ROBERTA O. — Fallon, Nevada — Ac- counting. 327 TRELEASE, RICHARD N. — Boulder City, Nevada — Biology — Delta Nu Alpha — Secretary Treasurer; Biology Club. VASSDAL, THOMAS O. — Reno, Nevada — American Craftsmen ' s Union. Art VAUGHAN, JUDY S. — Reno, Nevada — Elemen- tary Education — Delta Delta Delta — Recommen- dations Chairman; Phi Alpha Theta; Student National Education Association; Who ' s Who In American Col- leges and Universities; Co-Editor of Wolf Tips; Arte- misia staff. WALTERS, PENNY L. — Reno, Nevada — Art. WATKINS, TODDY — Bishop, California — Jour- nalism — Gamma Phi Beta; Sagebrush — Editor, Business Manager; Sagens; Cap and Scroll; Little Sisters of Minerva; Young Republicans; Realist Al- liance; AWS Council; AWS Judiciary Board; Publica- tions Board. WEISHAUPT, ROBERT M. — Fallon, Nevada — Civil Engineering — Alpha Tau Omega; American Society of Civil Engineering. WESTALL, ALFRED H. — Sparks, Nevada — Civil Engineering — American Society of Civil Engineering. WHELAN, BETTE T. — San Francisco, California — Art — Delta Delta Delta. WHITE, PATRICIA A, — Ely, Nei ada — Journalism — Pi Beta Phi; Student Judicial Council — Chief Justice; Press Club — President; Sophomore Class Committee; AWS Secretary; Who ' s Who In Amer- ican Colleges and Universities. WILDE, RUSSELL Science. Carson City, Nevada — Soil WILSON, ALLEN R. — Westwood, California — Electrical Engineering — IEEE — Treasurer; Sigma Tau, WILTON, JUDY — San ]uan, California — English — Band; Tau Beta Sigma. WINN, JOHN — Ely, Nevada — Biology. WON, KAYE J. — Stockton, California — Geo- graphy — Block N — Secretary — Treasurer; CCUN; Young Democrats; Varsity Tennis; Marching Band. WOOD, ROBERT J. — Reno, Nevada — Electrical Engineering — Alpha Tau Omega; IEEE; Sigma Tau — Vice-President. WRIGHT, GARY L. — Sparks, Nevada — Chem- istry — Sigma Nu; American Chemical Society. YATES, GUY — Carson City, Nevada — Economics — Alpha Tau Omega. YATES, SUSAN N. — Bakersfield, California — Elementary Education — Delta Delta Delta; ACEI; Student National Education Association; Pages — Treasurer; PEM ' s Treasurer; WRA; Junior Class Committee. YOUNG, LINDA — Las Vegas, Nevada — Jour- nalism — Kappa Alpha Theta — President, Rush Chairman; Women ' s Senator at Large; Publications Board; Finance Control Board; Sagens; Cap and Scroll — Secretary; Outstanding Greek Woman; Panhellenic Council. YPARRAGUIRRE, FAY — Gardnerville, Nevada — Home Economics Education — Kappa Alpha Theta — Rush Chairman, Housemanager; Eta Epsilon — President; Sagens — Secretary — Treasurer; Cap and Scroll; AWS Council and Judiciary Board; WRA; Gamma Delta. ZIMMERMAN, LEE ANN — Reno, Nevada — Eng- lish — Kappa Alpha Theta — Secretary; Wolves ' Frolic Chairman; University Singers; Winter Carnival Committee; Ski Club; Ten Best Dressed Coeds Finalist; Student Union Lectures Board; Captain — Girl ' s Ski Team. 328 INDEX A Aalbu, Janice - 92 Abbott, William 109 Abbott, Stephen - - 60, 109 Abel, William .-.. 160 Acheson, James 42, 110, 138, 156, 222, 258 Adams, Caryl Elizabeth — 42 Adams, Marcia ..— 126 Adams, Robert 60 Aguilar, Lynn 98, 135 Ahlberg, Claudine -. 50 Ahlberg, Richard ..-.- 164 Aia-ri, Gail __ - 96 Alberti, Nancy 50 Albiston, Sandra 122 Aldave, Ralph -.. 28, 222 Al-Shuraidah, Zaid 60 Allen, Forest Lynn 60, 96 Alverson, Bruce 210, 213 Alvarez, Joseph (Jose) 42, 112, 154, 155, 168, 273 Alward, Robert 110 Anderson, Bernard 173 Anderson, Carole 50, 126 Anderson, Leola 42, 98 Anderson, Mary 60, 92 Andreason, Thomas 193 Andreotti, Larry 60, 117 Andrews, Richard 60, 110 Archuleta, Fran 106 Armbruster, Carol 33, 60, 102 Armstrong, Judith (Frog) 83, 98 Armstrong, Lester 136, 164 Armstrong, Robert 42, 116 Armuth, Richard (Moose) 32, 106 Arnold, Patricia 42, 122 Arp, Fredric 186 Ashworth, John 60 Assuras, James 163 Augustine, Daniel 42 Avilla, Robert 60, 112, 140 B Backus, Robert 32,84, 139 Baker, James 60, 112, 186 Bakerink, Judith 60, 122 Balducci, Christiane 96 Ball, John 277 Bankofier, Lola 63, 102 Banta, Donald 106,210,211 Banta, Ronald 42, 106, 136,210,212 Baratte, James 33, 50, 110, 180, 184, 186 Barber, William 180, 183, 185 Barengo, Barbara 27 Barnard, Lucy 98 Barnard, Mary 24, 33, 50, 92, 273 Barney, John 157 Barrail, Robert 60, 157 Barrett, Margaret 50, 92 Barrett, Sharon 60, 126 Barry, Ann 122 Barry, Susan 42, 60, 126 Barry, Woodson Lee 106 Bartlett, Marco 122, 169 Batchelder, Charles 165 Bath, Virginia 102, 171 Bath, Ronald 60, 140.210 Battcher, Mary 60, 92 Battin, Alexandra 92 Bauer, John 116 Bean, Christopher 50, 120 Beaubien, Ronald 60, 116, 186 Bechtold, Paulette 60, 102 Beeghly, Fianna Sue 23, 42, 98, 222 Beesley, Barbara 50, 98, 222, 277 Belden, Kenneth 117 Bell, Connie 50, 141 Bell, Jackie 42, 126, BeLoso, Frances 98 Bellamore, Susan 12, 18, 44 Bellamore, Nancy 12, 18, 44 Benesch, Jim 153 Benge, Ellen (Rosemann) 24, 48, 94, 115, 135, 147, 258 Bennett, Darrell 162 Bennett, James 109 Bennett, Richard G 60, 112 Bennett, Richard L 50,116 Benson, Jon 154 Bergam, Roger 42 Berger, Judith 42, 92 Bergevin, Linda 126 Bergin, Kathleen 42, 98 Bergman, Steven 163, 164 Bernard, Marcia 42, 102 Bernard, Patricia 60, 102 Bernardi, James 32,42, 110 Berry, Eixi 170 Bettis, Larry 60, 212 Beyer, Dorothea Diann 42, 102, 115 Bianchi, David 42 Biggs, Londa 60, 92 Bigiin, Constance 50, 102 Bikker, Darken 60, 122 Bishop, Richard 170 Black, Jill 29 Black, Judy 42,69, 135, 169 Blair, Aurelia 60, 122 Blair, Robert 138, 117,222 Blakely, Michael 42, 117, 136, 138 Blankenburg, Carol 60, 102 Bloomfield, Nancy Lee 60, 72, 102 Boegle, Dale 160 Boero, Mark 60, 116 Bogue, Charles 60, 117 Bone, Karen 126 Borda, Yvette Marianne 102, 115 Borer, Linda 92 Borla, Edward 180, 184, 186 Bossieux, Carlton 193, 210,213 Bost, Bettina 50, 122 Botsford, Harry 164 Bott, Jill 126 Bottomley, Barbara 50, 122 Bowers, Christina 60, 98 Bowman, Gordon 42, 164 Bowman, Thomas 50, 122 Boyd, Garry 50 Bradbury, Karen 50 Branch, Karyn 24, 50, 102 Branche, Betty Jean 60 Brandon, Rodney 43, 109 Brann, Judith 43, 92 Brannen, Barbara 102, 115 Bransfield, Pat 153 Braten, Skip 50 Bratten, Toni 60, 122 Bratten, Shenill 171 Braunschweig, Robert 106, 275 Breckenridge, Karl 117 Breen, Gwendolyn Ann 50, 98 Brendlen, Tod 43, 112 Brinton, Robert B 51 Broili, Robert 156 Bromley, John 43, 120, 168 Bronson, James 117, 139, 180, 181 329 Brooks, Roberta 51 Broten, Art (Skip) 112,140 Brown, Gwenith 60 Brown, James 55 Brown, Karen 55 Brown, Laura 60, 122 Brown, Nancy 92 Brown, Robert 60, 112 Brown, Sarah 60 Brown, Steven _ 61, 117, 140 Brown, Walter 60 Browne, Frederick 120 Bruckner, Douglas 55, 153, 154, 155 Bryan, Paul 61, 106, 140 Bryant, Karin 27, 126 Buccalari, Ann 173 Buchanan, James 25, 54, 84, 109, 136, 138, 154, 168 Buehler, Norris 61, 102 Bundy, Leon 156 Burgarello, Waune 43 Burge, Diane 51, 92 Burke, Judith 61 Burke, Randy 112 Burkham, Dawna 60, 96 Burnell, Guy ..61, 110 Burns, Patrick 61, 106 Burns, Thomas 106, 139,273 Burr, Charles 33, 50, 106, 222, 273 Burr, Jacqueline 122, 143 Burr, Joyce 43, 126 Burt, Barbara 61, 126 Burt, Glen 116 Busch, Gary 180, 183 Bush, Stanley 163, 164 Buss, Dolores 55, 98 Bybee, Shannon L 51 Byron, William 51, 59 C Cademartori, Carolyn 50, 92 Campbell, Calvin 180, 181, 185 Campbell, Diane 43 Canepa, Gene 117 Cantlon, Anne 98 Capurro, Robert 117 Carlson, Cynthia 153 Carlson, Karen 51, 96, 141 Carter, Jay 180, 181, 238 Carver, William 110, 164 Casanes, Bias 43 Casazza, Sharon 61, 96 Casci, Gloria 43, 134, 158 Case, Thomas 117,222 Casey, Mitchell 164, 275 Casey, William 106 Cathles, Sheridan 51, 122 Catledge, Kenneth 51 Cavanaugh, Coreen Sue 43, 98 Cavanaugh, John 138 Cawiezell, James 139 Ceccarelli, Patricia 61, 92 Chadwell, Gail 156 Chaffin, William 61, 117, 140 Chambers, Audrey 51, 140, 117 Chambers, Linda Lee : 96, 153, 169, 276 Chapman, Peter 157 Charbonneau, Judy 51, 102 Charley, Evans 106 Cheever, John 171 Cheever, Robert 171 Cheng, Fu Sheng 170 Chiatovich, Jaculine 32,43,96, 161,276 Chinn, Alexander 149 Chirwa, Sheridan 61, 156 Choy, Phyllis 43 Choy, Priscilla 61 Christopher, Michael 180, 183 Ciarlantini, Angela 51, 126 Cilweck, Blase A 163 Clayton, Kenneth 25, 83, 110, 138, 163, 222 Cleone, Bonnie 122 Coates, Ward 116 Cobb, Joyce 126 Cobb, Patricia 61 Colbert, John 270 Coles, Barbara 103, 115 Colgan, Jim 162 Collar, Donald 117,210,211 Collier, Gary 61, 120 Collins, Roberta 61, 92 Coluse, Clifford 112 Conklin, Thomas 61, 117 Conton, Diana 82, 87, 96, 135, 222 Conton, Suee 61, 96 Converse, William 112 Conway, John 210, 273 Cook, Emily 51, 98 Cook, Thomas E. 160 Cook, Thomas H 84, 117, 136, 138, 180, 183 Cooper, Kristen 61, 98 Copenhaver, William 43 Corn, Gordon 110, 238 Cornwall, Roger 61, 110,258 Cory, John 163 Gotten, Welborne (Bernie) 139, 180, 182 Couch, John 43, 163, 164 Coughlan, Barbara 102 Coultas, James 112 Coughlan, Margaret 103 Converston, Sandra 51, 126, 151 Cozart, William 51, 106 Craigmiles, Allen 112 Craven, Sue 61, 103 Crawford, Richard 106 Crews, Susan 61, 122 Crook, Joyce 61, 122 Crossett, Judith 61, 103 Crudgington, Cleveland 110 Crutchett, Chantal (Tala) 33,61,72,96 Culbert, Harry 110, 273 Culbert, Jon 110, 277 Culley, Richard 160 Currie, Peggy 61 Curry, Joseph 51 Curtaz, William 57, 110, 140 Cutler, David 117 D Dabney, Virginius (Jinx) 51, 140 Dallas, Donald 106 Dalimore, Fred 210 Dalton, Donald 117, 138 Dangberg, Denise 92 Daniel, 24, 61, 210 Daniel, William 180, 181, 185 Darrah, Robert 51, 117 Datson, Sonya 43 Davey, Leslie 120 Davies, John 43, 117 Davis, Eric 51, 117, 140, 238, 270 Davis, Diane 158 Davis, Stanley 106 Dearrieta, Joe 188 Decker, David 193 DeLong, Jean 61, 122, 160 Delturco, Raymond 180 Denny, Joanne 64, 103, 151 DeSantis, Andrea 51, 141 DeVincenzi, Karry 24,61, 103, 151 Devor, Mary 61, 103 330 Dickens, Daniel 51 Dickens, Kenneth 61 Dickerson, Denver 112, 140 Dickover, James 106 Dillon, Michael 110 Dimercurio, Norine 61, 103 Dinan, Patricia 43, 122 Disanza, Michael 52, 165 DiuUo, Robert _ 186 Dodgion, Lewis 210, 211 Dolan, John ..._ 139, 188 Dolan, Michael _ 186 Dollinger, Terrency 61,112, 141 Domenici, Sharon 24, 273 Donathan, Carol Dale 81, 110, 156, 167 Doughty, Larry 139 Douglas, Andrea 61, 122 Doutre, Willard 61 Doyle, Dilys 92 Doyle, John 138, 139 Doyle, Kenneth 117, 139 Drake, Charles 61, 106 Drake, Donald 61 Drummond, Muree 126 DuBois, Janet 61, 98, 277 Duck, Elmer 180, 183 Duffield, John 149 Duffy, Diane (Dee) 61, 72, 126 Dukes, Claudia 43, 93 Dulgar, Thomas 160 Dumbauld, John 52, 112 Dumble, William 164 Duncan, Abrigah (Bige) 160 Dungan, Robert Vernon 44, 106 Dunning, Dolores 33, 52, 96, 153 Dunning, Meredith 61 E Eaman, Nancy 52, 93 Eavenson, Ralph 153 Eastwood, Leslie 61, 103 Ebbert, Henry 184 Echave, John (Jock) 139, 180, 181 Echeverria, Benny 156, 222 Echeverria, Bobby 61 Eckley, Sarah 61 Ede, Prella 50, 96, 276 Edgington, Barbara 44 Edwards, Duncan 61, 112 Edwards, Harvey 52 Egbert, Carol 61, 126 Egenhoff, Frank 44, 118 Eisele, Volker 156 Ekker, Eloise 61 Elliott, James 110,222,238 Elliott, Jane 52, 103, 278 Ellis, Muriel 44, 155, 222, 103, 238, 273 Engelhard, Nancy 61, 99 Ennis, Marie 156 Enochson, Roy 52, 273 Erickson, Robert 110 Escobedo, Ray 164 Etchamendy, Peter Roy 52 Evans, James 210, 212 Ezell, Bob 180, 182, 185 F Fabri, Karon 28, 33, 52, 99 Fagg, Reeve 164 Fagg, Terry 61 Fallini, Joseph 157 Fallon, Cheryl 52, 123 Farnesi, Dennis 52, 112, 140 Fee, Thomas 172 Feilback, Charles 188 Felesina, Larry 106, 186, 193 Fenili, Doris 87, 134, 135 Fenstermaker, Ruth 61, 160 Ferguson, Joseph 25, 44, 136, 109 Ferrier, Danette 52,96, 141,258 Fiore, Joseph 44 Fiore, Natale 186 Firpo, John ...52, 110, 154, 155, 168 Fisher, Vance 180, 183 Fleming, Stephen 162 Fletcher, Douglas 52, 118 Fletcher, Marilyn 126 Flournoy, John 110 Flynn, Patrick 44 Foley, Anne 61, 93 Foley, Susan 52, 93 Foltz, Larry 61 Ford, Margo 73 Fordham, John 52, 119 Fox, Flora 96 Franklin, Judith Jane 167, 276 Franklin, Nancy 24, 52, 99, 141 Franklin, Paul 180, 184 Franklin, Paul D 61 Frankovich, Marsha 24, 32, 44, 99 Eraser, Robert ..44, 164 Freeman, Joyce 61, 99, 152 Frehner, Kathleen 61, 126 Freitag, Paul 107 Friedhoff, Lynn 61, 93 Friedhoff, Ruth 24,52,93, 158 Frost, Virginia 52, 103,278 Fuetsch, Carol 33 Funk, David 52, 109 Frank, George 277 Fralich, Fred 44 Futaih, Abdul 157 G Gabbard, Michael 44, 118 Gadda, Bonnie 123 Gale, Gretta (Toni) 61,103 Gallagher, Dorothy 44 Gang, Christine 61, 96 Gansberg, Joan 30,81,93, 135, 160 Garaventa, Barbara 61, 126 Gardella, Bruce 110 Gardella, L. Gene 110 Gardiner, David Allen 61, 118, 140 Garrison, Darrell Ray 109 Gascue, John Dominic 112, 161, 140 Gaumer, James Alfred 112, 163 Gaynor, John Simon 180, 184 Geary, Patrick James 110 Gehr, Denton Smith ..61 Gehr, Patsy 44 Centner, Virgil Richa 163, 164 Georgeson, William Ange 110 Gerow, Jr., Lynn Burde 82, 118 Gerstle, Mark Philip 171 Getchell, Leroy 61, 110 Geyer, Cynthia 103 Gezelin, Emile 44, 107 Gezelin, Mary 61, 99 Gilstrap, William 165 Glenn, Suzanne 30, 52, 70, 126 Glover, Joel 52, 113, 140, 180, 182, 210, 211 Goddard, Mary 61, 126 Goegg, Margaret 24,52,99, 141 Gold, Sharon 61, 99 Golden, Dennis 44, 111 Goodman, Delbert Ill Goodrich, Karon 61, 96 Gotelli, Andrew 32,44, 113 Grant, Charles 113, 273 331 Graton, Catharine 61, 123 Grauvogel, Carl 53, 109 Green, Joy 61 Gregory, Gerald 53, 118, 140 Griffin, Cheryl 53, 99 Griffin, Michael ..53, 107, 188, 191,275 Griffin, Thomas (Tim) 107,139,222,273 Griffith, George ...- Ill Groos, Trudy 53 Grossenbach, Judy 53, 93 Grundman, Donna 61, 123 Guffey, Jerome 53, 107 Guisti, Judith 61, 103 Gunn, Robert 61, 116 Gurneau, Jeanne 61, 126 GwiUiam, James 117 Gwyn, Richard 116, 137 H Haag, Harriett 44, 123 Hackstaff, Tracey 61, 93 Haddock, Franklin Ill Hadfield, Robert 53 Haenel, Rosemarie 24, 32, 44, 93, 156, 161 Haines, Susan 53, 123 Haines, David 180, 183 Hale, Robert 113 Haller, Terry 66, 123 Halley, Michael 113, 138 Halvorsen, Britta 61,93, 161 Hamilton, William 33,53, 160 Hammond, James 170 Hampton, David 53 Handlin, Ronald 116 Haney, Dennis 44, 113, 137 Hanifan, Philip 53, 107, 173 Hanker, Fred Ill Hannifan, John 45 Hannon, Edward 186 Hansen, Julia 160 Hanson, Nellie 53, 93 Harcourt, Maxwell 45, 137, 163, 164 Hardgrave, Joann 45, 126 Hardin, Barbara 171 Harris, Jennifer 53, 123 Harris, Claude 165 Harrison, Dennis 61, 111 Harrison, Joan 45, 127 Hart, Patrick 210 Hartman, Donald 53, 186 Harvey, Thomas 53, 118 Harwood, Diane 62, 93 Harwood, Sharon (Sherry) 32, 93, 135 Hash, Yvette 156 Hauchett, Bryon 165 Havas, Claudette 62, 123 Havener, Maria 126, 162 Havens, Barbara 62 Hawkins, George 62 Hawley, Jerrold 153 Hay, Sandra 62, 103,278 Hayman, Margaret (Peggy) 24, 53, 70, 96, 276 Headley, Philip 53, 109 Heaney, Eric 113 Heath, Donald 45, 118, 137, 138 Hechtman, James 116 Hectman, Jim 270 Heigl, Cheryl 62 Heilmann, Paul 165 Heinen, Shirley 62, 93 Heller, Barbara 62, 123 Helming, William 160 Helsdon, Kathleen 53 Henderson, Victoria (Tori) 62, 277 Henderson, Hayden 199 Hennessey, Edward 116 Henrikson, Duncan 45, 113 Herb, Janet 53, 123 Hedan, Harold 62, 107 Herrin, Co-Jean 45, 123 Herron, Robert 180, 182 Herwit, Harold 111,277 Hesterlee, James 180, 184 Heward, Harlan 134, 180, 181, 190 Heward, Patricia 99 Hicks, Carolyn 62, 96 Hill, Gail 53, 127 Hill, Sharon 62 Hillygus, Wayne 62, 113 Hillygus, Lowell 188, 190 Hinkley, Pamily 32, 45, 123 Hodge, Lorey 62, 127 Hoffman, Richard 111,258 Holcomb, Jane 53, 92 Holland, Robert 180, 183 Hollis, Joe .45, 116, 138 HoUoway, Stephen 53, 118 Holmberg, Charles 62, 116, 140 Holmes, Joann 54, 127 Hoover, Barbara 54 Horgan, Thomas 113 Horlacher, Joyce 54 Horn, Robert D Ill Hornbeck, David 54, 118 House, William 62, 107, 140 Howard, Leonard 107, 238 Howard, Robert 168 Howard, Shiriey Doris 45, 123, 135 Howell, Kathryn 54, 123 Hudson, Sandra 62, 127 Hueftle, Carole 45 Holze, Dick 170 Hunt, Dan 54 Hutchings, Lawrence 45, 111 I IngersoU, Joseph 107, 193 Isbell, Karen 103 Ivey, Lee 62, 107 J Jackson, Andrew 165 Jackson, Gregory 54 Jacobs, David 107 Jacobs, Gary M 62 Jacobs, Molly 33 Jacobsen, Karen 54 James, Donna 79 Jamison, Richard 62, 107 Jarvis, William 54 Jeffers, Raymond 45, 163 Jeffrey, Glenda 62, 127 Jennings, Swainia 62, 127 Jensen, Sharon 54, 123 Jensen, Yvonne 54, 127 Jensvold, Peter 3, 7, 42, 238 Jeppson, Judy 45, 96 Johnson, Brent 107, 139, 188, 191 Johnson, Chandler 54, 109 Johnson, Charles 54 Johnson, Deanna 63 Johnson, Ellen 54, 123 Johnson, Gene 63, 118 Johnson, Kim 160 Johnson, Chris 30, 54, 123 Johnson, Lynn 54, 93 Johnson, Margery 63, 123 Johnson, Marie 160 Johnson, Stewart 188, 190 Johnson, Warren Dale 62 332 Johnson, Wayne Thomas 54, 123 Johnson, WilHam ...- 113 Johnstone, Thomas - -.- 139 Jones, Betty 123 Jones, Casey 180, 184, 186 Jones, Donald -..- 163 Jones, Marilyn Mae 63, 124 Jones, Sharon .- 45 Junnila, Richard 118 K Kahrs, Sara -..- 45, 127 Kalousek, Judi 54, 127 Kanika, Kris 165 Kannu, Kannu 173 Katzman, Jane 63, 124 Keele, Lymann 54 Kees, John Lawrence 54, 113, 140, 170, 238 Keiser, Gretchen 63, 99 Keith, Hugh -....- 120 Kelly, Thomas 160 Kelly, William 63 Kennedy, Richard 157 Kerr, Kittie 169 Kess, Arthur 54, 118, 140,222,279 Ketron, Douglas 27, 118,222 Kilfoil, Kay 161 Kiley, Charles 33 Killfoil, Michael 54, 107 Kim, Mahn Sup 156 Kinkor, James 45, 163 Kinne, Kirk 63, 107, 125 Kinney, Corolyn 54, 103 Kirchner, Lloyd 63 Kirkeeng, Melvin 54 Klenakis, Anthony 180, 181 Knapp, Richard 53, 111 Knight, Jon 46, 107 Knighten, Howard 46 Knobbs, Cathy 63, 93 Knobbs, Linda 92, 135 Knoll, Jack 162 Knowles, Duncan 169 Koizumi, Carol 170 Kollodge, Wayne 107, 137,210 Kotter, Marilyn 23,24,81,84,93, 135 Kruger, Penny 127, 135, 153 Kunimura, Patricia 156 Kwan, Peral Jean 55, 124 L LaFond, JuHe 32, 46, 103, 162, 222, 238 LaFond, Mary 96 Laird, Cook 160 Lally, Dennis 63, HI, 277 Lambert, Harvey 120, 137 Lambert, Phillip 210, 211 Lane, Gene 118, 137 Lane, Jay 107 Lane, Michael 107, 188, 191 Lapworth, Brain 63, 111 Larcher, Veronica 63 Larsen, James 186 Larson, Linda 63, 127 Laux, Marty 127 Lawler, Sandra 63, 124 Lawson, Robert 113 Lawton, Chriss 118 Leary, JacqueHn 63, 127 LeBlanc, August 118 Lee, Keith 55, 107, 222 Lee, Ronald 64, 157 Leonard, Cheryl 63, 124 Levin, Penny 55, 124, 169 Lewis, Anne 46, 99 Lewis, Annett 124 Lewis, Margaret 63, 97 Lewis, Patricia 55,94, 141 Lim, Bac Ken 156 Littlepage, Lee 164 Lituania, Rosemary 33,55,71, 134, 158 Litzinger, Frederick 157, 173 Lloyd, David 279 Loflin, Carey 46 Lohse, Douglas 279 Lohse, William 27, 222 Lombardi, William 107 LoSasso, Harvey 113 Lott, Karen 55,99, 151 Loux, Martha 63 Love, Gary 55, 111 Loverin, Ronnie Jean 63, 94 Lundgren, George 165 Lundy, David 180, 183, 185 Luria, Bruce 63 M MacGregor, EHzabeth 97 MacKedon, Michael 22, 25, 80, 107, 138, 222 MacKendon, Michelle 46, 99 MacKenzie, Andrew 83, 106, 137, 138,139, 222, 273 MacKenzie, Marylou 63, 99 MaClean, Anna 55, 127 Madsen, Marilyn 46, 99, 238 Madsen, Ralph (Wolpher) 113 Maher, Alfred 162 Maloney, William 173 Mandagaran, Gilbert 116 Mandell, David 55, 118 Mandell, Dennis 63, 119, 140, 186 Mangini, Judith 127 Manguso, Anthony 180, 182 Manke, John 270 Manke, Vernon 63, 120 Manning, Larry 63, 165 Maple, Marjorie 46, 127 Marcucci, Richard 55, 107 Marean, Marie 63 Marsh, Janeen 63 Marshall, Robert 170 Marston, Ted 113, 152, 222, 238, 258, 273 Martin, Donna ..68, 99, 146 Martin, Marjorie 46 Martin, Monte 46 Martin, Suzanne 63, 99 Martin, Toni 63, 72,94 Martini, Robert 63, 119 Martini, Sammy 55, 113 Maslach, Sylvia 63, 127 Massoth, Harry 55 Mast, Marshall 120 Mather, Stephen 165 Mathewson, James 113 Mathley, Judith 55, 103 Matson, Margaret 63, 124 Maupin, Michele 63, 100 Maupin, Michon 63, 100 Maxsom, Patricia 63, 94 Mayer, Janet 63, 104 Mayer, Joseph 55, 114 McCabe, Mary 55, 94, 276 McCabe, Patricia 94 McCollum, Bonnie 63 McCord, Jerry 46, 116 McCord, Mary 118 McDaniel, Patrick 55, 116 McDaniels, Alfred 180, 182 McDonald, Karen 15,63, 100,277 McDonald, Robert 63, 114 McGihon, Diane 46, 127 333 McGiU, Allan 63 McGinnis, Fred 165 McGue, Lyndell 46, 104 McGuire, Doris 46, 104 McHenry, Sharon 46, 100 McKaig, Kathy 63, 100, 151 McKinley, Molly 55, 124 McKinnon, Barry _ 46, 108, 139,210,211 McKinnon, Edwin 55, 119 McLeod, Joann 94 McManus, Diane 32, 100 McSweeney, John 180, 184 Meyer, Glenn 55 Miles, Richard 180, 182 Millard, Sharon _ 46, 124, 135 Miller, Ann Louise ._ 161 Miller, Barry Ill Miller, Eleanor 24 Miller, Evelyn 63, 124 Miller, Kenneth 33, 116 Miller, Marilyn _ 55, 104 Minedew, David 46, 119, 138 Minister, Rose Ann 55, 127, 141 Minster, Sherwin 210, 211 Mirczak, John 119 Mitchell, Michael 120 Modzelewski, Joseph 47 Milini, Cecelia 23,80,87, 158 Monaghan, Alice Ann 32, 83, 99 Monroe, Lane 63, 119, 140 Montgomery, Napoleon 193, 210 Montrose, John 108 Montrose, Karl 108 Mooney, Marsha 63 Moore, Julie 104 Moore, Lawrence 193 Moore, Lonnie 188, 190 Morrison, Judith 55, 100, 141, 258 Mortensen, William 32, 139, 222 Moss, Sue 63 Muller, Joyce (Jodie) 28, 55, 104 Murdock, Katherine 63, 124 Murphy, Charles 28,63, 111 Murphy, Donal Ruth ....63, 100, 111, 150, 154, 155, 169, 258 Murphy, Ellen 81, 87, 102, 135, 222 Murphy, Robert 55, 108 Murray, Kate 55, 100, 115, 147, 141 Muth, Mary 277 N Nagel, Ronald 108 Nannini, Julie 63 Natucci, Assunta (Susie) 63, 97, 276 Neff, Paul 56 Nelson, Barbara 63, 124 Nelson, Gary 64 Nelson, Joanne 25, 87, 100, 135, 150, 222 Nelson, Marjean 56 Nelson, Maureen 56 Newport, Sally 56 Newtonn, Elaine 127, 160, 164 Newton, Richard 47, 116 Nichols, Herbert 56, 119, 140, 150 Nichols, Jean 100, 135 Nielsen, Niel 53, 111, 140 Nielson, Sally 94 Norcott, Judith 56, 68, 94, 276 Nungesser, Diane 68, 97 O Osks, Marcia 147 Oats, Robert 108 Obrien, Michael 173 O ' Day, Jerry 56 O ' Donnovan, Thomas 64, 150 O ' Keefe, Joe 180, 184 Olsen, Charles (Bud) 27, 114 Olson, Richard 56, 111 Osbrone, John 56 Ossolinski, William 47, 180, 184 Overby, Pamela 64, 124 Overpeck, Jan 109 Owen, Lenore 64, 104 Owens, Patricia ....: 24,47, 127 Owens, Kathy Ann 64, 127 Owens, Susan 64 Owens, William 193 P Packwood, Jan 119 Pagni, Jean 24, 56, 141 Palmer, William 56, 114 Palzis, Janis 104, 134, 135 Pandeyk, Prakash 56, 156 Parish, Barbara 64, 104 Parish, Douglas 47 Park, Kay 24,47, 109, 158 Park, Wallace 108 Parlette, Richard 56, 111 Parmenter, Mary 64, 124 Pasquale, Rena 56, 124 Patrick, Catherine (Mimi) .... 22, 24, 27, 80, 87, 104, 135, 222 Patrick, Nancy 64 Patterson, Marilyn 64, 124 Pearce, Linda 81,97, 115, 134, 135 Peck, Ronald 164 Peckardt, Karen 47, 100 Pedersen, Robert 180, 181, 185 Pedersen, Sarah 24, 126, 222 Peek, George ..56, 108 Peek, Ronald ...47, 108 Peraldo, Mario 56, 108 Perkins, Donna ....64, 124 Peroglio, Joseph 56 Perrozi, Marilyn 156 Pesant, Joan 47 Petersen, Marilyn 100 Peterson, Jo Ann 64, 127 Peterson, Judy 94 Peterson, Roger 164 Petrie, Jon 56, 119 Petty, Cherie 64, 94 Phillips, Blair 56, 109, 270 Phillips, James 64, 111 Phillips, John 40, 111 Phillips, Karen 56, 104 Phillips, Linda 24, 25, 47, 100, 220 Philpot, Richard 114 Pierotti, Johnny 173 Piller, Scott 64, 119, 186,279 Pincolini, Beverly 104 Pinion, Richard 180, 181, 185 Pitts, Janet 56,94, 141 Plath, Pamela 24, 57, 104, 141 Plenn, Patricia 51,68, 104, 141 Plummer, Julia 47, 124 Poggione, Peter 57 Pollard, William 47, 188, 190 Pond, John 57 Poole, Gray 150 Pope, Doris 64 Porter, Dan 114 Porter, Maxon 57 Porterfield, Roberta 128 Post, Wendy 57, 94 Powell, Lani 30,47, 128 Pozzi, Archie Bruce 154, 155 Priess, Diane 72 Prince, Carolyn 124 Pringle, David 64 334 Podgion, Lewis 165 Probert, C. 160 Purdy, Nora 57, 124 Purrell, James 64, 108 Q Quanchi, Judy 24, 47, 104, 238, 273 Quilici, Mose Lynn 186 R Rackley, Ira 57 Raffetto, Ann - - 135 Rand, Gary -....- 57, 116 Ranney, Marylin 57 ,97, 141 Rawlins, Leona - - 57 Reed, Herbert Michael 64 Reed, Shirlee 64, 128 Reno, Joyce - 47, 97 Rentz, Wendy - - 47, 124 Renqick, John 180, 182 Reviglio, Thomas 108 Reynolds, Rober 114 Rhoades, Susan - 97 Rhodes, Janet 24, 125 Rice, Georgeann 125 Rich, Ellen 57, 125 Richards, Antoinette 57, 94 Richards, Cordelia 57, 125 Richards, James 25 Ridley, J 160 Ritchie, Jacqueline 94 Robards, Clyde 152, 180, 181 Robards, Ronald 57 Robb, Gary 64, 119 Robear, Linda 57, 128 Robens, Carolyn 64, 97 Robens, Marilyn 64, 97 Roberts, David 120 Roberts, Lawrence 116 Roberts, Merle 57,97 Roberts, Terry 64 Robertson, Fred 47 Robertson, Rob 156 Robins, Patricia 64, 128 Robinson, John 47, 116 Robinson, William 188 Rock, Richard 64, 114 Rockwell, Norman 163 Rogero, Patricia 48, 154, 155, 169, 258 Rogers, Gerald 193 Roni, Jerry 114 Ronsheimer, Warren 164 Rorden, Beverle 128 Rosaschi, Jaye 128 Rose, Kathleen (Shoo Shoo) 64 Rose, William 163, 165 Rosebush, Jerry 108 Rosemann, Ellen 24, 48, 94, 115, 135, 147, 258 Ross, Thomas ...._ 108, 188, 191 Rosse, Dianne 125, 148 Rossi, Jerry 48 Rossiter, Jon 64, 109, 186 Rossolo, Mary 24,48,97, 135 Royer, Suzan 57, 100, 147, 258, 273 Rusk, Elizabeth 57, 100 Russell, Dennis 2, 20, 39 Russell, Dorothy 6,8, 11 Russell, Frank 5, 8, 25 Russell, Margaret 28, 152, 155, 169,276 Russell, Suzanne 28,57,97, 152, 155 ,169 Ryan, Thomas 64 Ryser, Fred 162 Sadler, Jeanne 29, 82, 87, 104, 135, 158, 161, 278 Sadler, Kathleen - 64, 104 Sala, Michele 64, 104 Salerno, Gene 64, 119 Salerno, Lawrence 64, 119 Salvadorini, David 64, 119 Sanderson, Carol 64 Sandhu, Surjit 165 San Miguel, Michael 156 Santini, Walter Clark 27,108,222 Saralegui, Barbara -.64, 128 Sarich, Sonia 125 Savage, Ann 48 Savage, David 118 Savant, Roland J 64 Sawyer, Cheryl 64, 94, 276 Saxton, William 48, 111,277 Sbragia, Donna 57, 105 Sceirine, Janice 57, 125 Schaff, Schuyler 64, 119, 140 Schebler, Robert 188 Scherer, Susan 64, 100 Schilling, William 168 Schmidt, Judity 56,70,94, 141 Schneider, Richard 165 SchofF, Robin 64, 97 Schraeder, Stuart 183 Schutz, Jerome 111,210,212,277 Schweiss, William 48, 149 Scholari, Karen 64, 105 Scott, Dennis 210, 211 Scott, John G - 119, 140 Scott, John R 33,58 Scott, Theo 48, 94 Scudder, Florence (Sunny) 125 Seaman, Joan 25 Seeliger, Thomas 22, 25, 82, 108, 138, 222 Seifers, Robert 164 Settergren, Judith 125 Sewell, Elfrena 64, 100 Shank, Sarah (Sally) 30,58,70,100,115 Sharp, Carole 24, 58, 61, 128 Shaw, Geraldine 68 Shaw, Marianne 64 Shaw, Michael Ill Sheets, David 210, 212 Sheley, Norma 58, 97, 276 Sherk, Marilyn 64 Shoemaker, Linda 48, 125 Shoemaker, Kathleen 56, 125 Shone, Darrell 64,72,125, 158 Short, Richard 58, 114, 140,238 Showalter, Diane 57, 97 Shrestha, Padma Lah 156 Shurtleff, Ellen 64 Siddall, Charles 186 Silva, Mike 210, 212 Simon, Edward 171 Sinasek, James 27, 29, 32, 48, 108, 138, 222 Sinnott, William 33,58, 109, 140 Sisul, Richard 182 Skillicorn, Marilyn (Mimi) 33 Slavin, Charles _ 48, 108, 146 Sledte, Jessica 125 Sligar, Norman 157 Smale, Leland 210 Small, Gerry 65 Small, Sally 65, 101 Small, Suellen 48, 162 Smith, Carolyn 101,277 Smith, Jean 58, 134 Smith, John 114 Smith, Lary 191 335 Smith, Lee ...i..:.. ..—... ' 120 Smith, Loretta ....... .. :.. .. " :•. 65, 128 Smith, Ronald ::.;....,., 48 Smith, Vickie ...■: .........,....:... :.: 71, 125 Snyder, Jeannette ,.........;.:. ' :... 27, 101 Snyder, Victoria .........j ' . ' .j,......:.:. 58, 94 Soderstrom, Dean . ' . Ill Solaro, John 164 Solaro, Mary 95, 276 Solomon, Margerey 28, 48 Sommer, Sally .....65, 101 Sorenson, Mary 48, 105, 238, 258 Sorenson, Sandra 65 Sparks, Lance 65 Spaulding, Barbara 48, 97 Speckner, Marlies 58 Speer, Paul 152, 188 Spence, Gordine 128 Sprague, Carolyn 65, 152 Springmeyer, Diane 58, 95, 276 Stanford, Roberta 169 Stanley, David 139 Stathes, Herbert 139 Stark, Sharon 49, 95 Starr, Dawn 128 Steadman, Schuyler 58, 109 Steeb, Gene 162 Steiner, Janet 101 Steiner, Charles 65, 111, 152 Stephens, Keith 28, 111, 152 Stephenson, Barbara 58 Stern, Kathryn 65, 95 Sterne, Lauri 49,97, 276 Stetson, Edith 156, 161 Stewart, Delilar (Dee) 161 Stiff, Larry 65, 108 Stix, David 160 Stoddard, Richard 108 Stoker, Suzanne 65, 105 Stone, Neil 210, 212 Stopper, Edward 58, 116, 140 Stornetta, Lewis 165 Stout, Georgiann 49, 95 Strang, Carol Lee 49, 97 Struve, Larry 49, 111, 138, 156, 222 Sturm, Dianne 101, 146 Sudweeks, Wanda 65, 128 Sullivan, John 108, 180, 184 Swainston, Alice 68, 122 Swallow, Mary 65, 125 Swart, Diane 49, 95, 238 T Tachoires, Jean 105, 158 Tarpey, Michael 65 Taylor, Lois 24,58, 128 Taylor, Margaret 58, 105 Tedford, Jack Ill, 171 Tew, Joel 33, 109 Theilig, Beverly .....97, 141, 146 Thomas, Charles 168 Thomas, Janet 65 Thompson, Calvin ...163, 164 Thompson, Jane 101 Thompson, Michael 160 Thompson, Tim othy 58 Thompson, William 120 Thornton, Richard 186 Thoyre, Jean 65, 101 Tidd, Mikell 128 Tilford, Sarah 65, 128 Tinch, Richard 164 Tobey, Carol 65, 101 Todd, Victoria 65 Tomany, William 65 Torma, Thomas 49 Torpey, Michael 114 Trainor, Buzz 139 Tower, Thomas 114 Treharne, Claudia 128 Treharne 128 Trinchero, Adrienne (Dee) 58, 97 Turner, Marjorie Sue 49, 101, 258 Turner, Steven Ill Tyree, Molly 59, 95 u Uhalde, Jacqueline 105, 278 Umbraco, Russell 173 Urdzik, James 184 Utter, John 65, 114 V Vacchina, Edward 65, 114, 140 VanCleemput, Mike 43 Van Dervort, George 65, 109 Van Lydegraf, Joann 97 Van Wagenen, Jeannine 65, 105, 278 Vaughan, Samuel 156 Voss, Suzanne 49, 101, 220, 277 W Wadsworth, Linda 24, 49, 95 Wagner, Dale 110,222 Walker, Raymond 59, 108, 146, 222, 275 Walker, Jill 134 Walker, Andree 59,70, 105 Walker, Judie 95 Walker, Marilyn 23, 25, 97 Walker, Murl 65 Wallace, Jackel A 65 Wallace, Margaret 49 Walsh, Harold 49, 116 Walters, Harry 82, 119, 162, 138 Ward, Terry 159 Warman, Bonnie 125 Warner, Virginia 59, 128 Warren, James — 171 Warren, James 171 Watkms, Toddene 25, 24, 84, 87, 97, 135, 154, 220 Webb, Betty 59, 105, 141 Wegman, Judith 65, 125 Weir, Paul - - 188 Westfield, Joan 24, 101, 161, 156 Wheeler, Anthony 185, 210 Whipple, James 49 Whittaker, Lawana 65, 101 White, Judith 59, 128 White, Penny 59, 105, 115, 141,278 Wiliams, Barbara 65, 101 Williams, Elizabeth 24, 59, 95, 141 Williams, Fredrick 59, 182, 185 Wilson, Carol .-65, 125 Wilsom, Allen 163, 165 Wilson, Calvin 112 Wilson, Drocus 65, 101,277 Wilson-Reid, Ronda 65, 95, 158 Winne, Lee 59, 109 Woolcweron, Jo 65, 95 Wright, James 109, 186 Y Young, Linda 25, 83, 87, 98, 135, 222 Yparraguirre, Fay 24, 101 336 aj m t :- ' .: ' - . ff rr« ' kr J- - ? ' ••■.■ ■ ' ;?- ■ ' ' 5- ,v ' ■;; , ' J ; - ; : " rj ' " . -» i? ■ v ' MJt:.W f ■ - " A»«. - '

Suggestions in the University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) collection:

University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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