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-. ' ■l: ' fM-:-M% ' - i v --y «5« ; -, Y„ ■■{r ' r Vc.. o ' •i ' r, " ■ • : ■ t% -; ' ■ A. ;» ' -» £ . - ' i ». fT ak SJ. VJ " V ' ■ : tv., ' ■ -lii ' %J • ' r ' B: f 1 ■ ' ' ■■il ■1A mv .iiakilv l ? ' i " m:.. % ■! ' ■■■■ ' ' ■ ' .- tky l i. - ti immm im mmm0i ' : :«4q j|WK i | » ' 3 i y ' -i,i1 iM. »»i.i , piii»i i l i ii t ii | i » II K ! t ' tOli l » i i | li WlK ' » u«wi iiiiii|r flWfl j iii i ii i ii Mriinn tiiii i iM liUtnii ' i itiiitriirw i rr- vnm MIBaiMiMttf%» J l ! rtW tUJW »8 tfti»M l l MW l v- ' »«» ' ' ». ' ' ' ■ ' ' " ' ■ ' ' " ■■ ' ' ' ' C H, SEUFFERLE Asfjstont Dean Jx C. Fieischmann Ccflege of Agriculture University of Nevado Reno, Nevada i Ik The changing face of Nevada is evident in many ways. It is mirrored in the changing faces of its students — from the confused faces of its freshmen, to the wise, if somewhat weary faces of its seniors. It is reflected in Nevada ' s administration as incoming executives bring new ideas to the campus. There are physical changes to the campus also. The face of Nevada changes and yet it stays the same. The traditions are the same, the campus is beautiful all year ' round, and the students still sing with pride, " Hail To Our Sturdy Men. " y p: ■■ pp M-Sm ' , -IK tC :f Tk •i, ' ' % ' % ' J% „ V- ,,. ■ ' " 3 . R rV-. ' €■ ,. " .-%i •«;, It " » « ,% ' ■• .ii i ■i " ■•j i .: ' ««J« b( 3L ' .i - ' Student Government . . . Pg. 20-33 Classes . . . Pg. 34-65 Honors . . . Pg. 66-87 Living Groups . . . Pg. 88-127 Organizations ... Pg. 1 28- 1 73 Athletics. . . Pg. 174-213 Calendar. ..Pg. 2 14-281 Advertisements . . . Pg. 282-336 i %, Judith Maxsom . . . Editor Tom Cook . . . Business Manager Richard Morris . . . Photographer Dave Mandell . . . Art Editor Claudia Duke . . . Student Government Editor Sue Royer . . . Faculty Editor Jo Anne Nelson . . . Class Editor Juddy Morrison . . . Honors Editor Rosemarie Haenel . . . Senior History Editor John Robinson . . . Athletics Editor Karen Lott . . . Living Groups Editor Carol Hansen . . . Organizations Editor Dilys Doyle . . . Calendar Editor ElAi The staff of the 1 962 ARTEMISIA would like to dedicate this year ' s book to Trini Erquiaga. " Trini, " as she is known to the University students, has at one time or another been a great aid to each individual student on campus. We are particularly grateful for the tremendous amount of work she has done for the 1 962 ARTEMISIA as well as for other yearbooks in the past. As a token of our appreciation for your service to the students of the University of Nevada, the 1 962 ARTEMISIA is dedicated to you, Trini Erquiaga. r i ■c§ y i k m m. ' .€ i V 4 Ws 4 Y ' iiy iJ ' ' K L if S ' ; i ' -j k fc ' - W I m ' z r. v r - ' % • i Ha iHiiiiiii UNION Wi The old library is the scene of many studious people. The knowledge that can be gained there is not always the primary attraction as this building is the scene of eager students looking for dates. However, this favorite building has fulfilled its purpose, and has aided many a student through his college career. 10 lAfe Rel f IL f ' V I - C ' ' ' 3Bril .. I Jj Rfln ' H W£ JrH Ck I IhLi H ' ki.«j l» FIJI f ' - ' . " - t - mM ..Ml il i ' - ' ' H k r-WinflH H p iw . I C The Jot Travis Student Union Building is the constant scene of students grabbing a quick cup of coffee before class, or students spending a leisurely hour sipping coffee and playing bridge. Provided upstairs in the Student Union is a lounge v here many students study or discuss the current problems and events. The Student Union constantly sponsors guest speakers; two this year were Eugene Burdick and Governor Rockefeller. Also the Student Union sponsors special dances before Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as dances after athletic events. 11 ito coiri Governor Grant Sawyer I voice the pride of all Nevadans in the splendid growth and progress of the University of Nevada. Having been a former student and former regent, I have for years taken a keen interest in our University. Our hopeful expectations of what would be accomplished under the leadership of Dr. Charles J. Armstrong have been more than fulfilled. Not only has the University gained in stature throughout the academic and scientific world during the past several years, but its worth has been recognized by the federal government as worthy of grants for specific purposes of national value. The physical plants in Reno and Las Vegas have been expanded and modernized. The many new buildings are a tribute to any campus. While great credit properly belongs to President Armstrong and the faculty, we should not overlook the wonderful contribution made by the regents. Their splendid interest and efforts, untiring and unselfish work, and fine support of the President ' s program have resulted in this greater and better institution of learning. The University of Nevada has significantly increased its value to the whole state while providing on its two campuses an outstanding academic atmosphere. It has truly given a great impetus to the scientific, cultural, and intellectual life of the state through its expanded programs. To the University students are being given the torch of freedom, a realization of the paramount value of democracy, freedom and an informed citizenry, and the opportunity to meet the challenge of today ' s world. I hove implicit faith that you students will face the future well pre- pared for whatever may lie ahead of us in this challenging world. To the members of this year ' s graduating class, my hearty congratu- lations on what you have accomplished, and my best wishes to all stu- dents for continued endeavor and success. Grant Sawyer, Governor 12 President Armstrong As another year in the life of the University draws to a close, it is worthwhile to pause for a moment to look back to what has been achieved. For many students, this year has seen the fruition fo their ef- forts tocompleteaneducation which will fit them for their chosen careers. To them, the members of the graduating classes, we ex- tend our congratulations and best wishes for the future, and hope that this has been their most meaningful year to date. For the rest of us in the University, students, faculty and ad- ministration, this, too, has been a year in which many things have been accomplished. We have seen a new spirit of seriousness of purpose grow within the University community, a new accent upon excellence as Honors and Ph.D programs have developed, along with the new emphasis upon advanced research in all fields. Student government and student organizations have worked constructively in a growing spirit of responsibility, and the phys- ical growth of the campus has continued. The solid material progress of this year, and, above all, the developing spirit of purpose and direction within our community, give us a sound basis of assurance that the University will meas- ure up to the challenge of the sixties and that we can look to the years ahead with confidence. Charles J. Armstrong President 13 : fl Sam Basta Dean of Student Affairs Elaine Mobley Dean of Women Roberta Barnes Women ' s Counselor Jerry Wulk Dean of Men 14 Trini Erquiaga Graduate Manager ' s Secretary William Rasmussen, Director of Financial Aids And Graduate Placement James McNabney Graduate Manager Neil Humphrey Comptroller And Treasurer Kenneth Young Executi ve Vice President James Hathorn Men ' s Counselor David Heron Director of Library Thomas O ' Brien Dean of Graduate School Ralph Irwin Dean of Arts And Science Harold Kirkpatrick, Assistant Dean of Arts And Science Howard Blodgett Dean of Engineering James Adams Dean of Agriculture |S } MILITARY — Left to Right, Row One: Maj. Craun, Lt. Col. Gundlach, Capf. Lawler. Row Two: Capt. Miller, Capt. Moore, Copt. Todd, MSgt. Rand. Row Three: MSgt. Lindquist, MSgt. Lawson, Mrs. Brown, SFC Brown, SFC Coffey. PHYSICAL EDUCATION — Left to Right, Row One: J. Joiner, W. More, Dr. Boeten, R. Laughter. Row Two: R. Dankworth, E. Furdun, R. Trachok, I. Mowrer, C. Screnten. Row Three: B. Ire- land, J, Felshen, J. Spenser, F. Edsel, R. Russell, J. Lawlor. M ] r ' Li Jm ' d0 Pi Jj wi IP I Jk ■ W mm m 1 1 , J II HB M m y . ' ' ' gl l kH H 1 I U l M E CHEMISTRY — Left to Right, Row One: K. Kemp, M. Deming, C. Guss. Row Two: L. Williams, K. Roman, R. Morris, J. Seim. PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY — Left to Right, Row One: Nichols, Lewis, Murray, Ryan, Befu. Row Two: Backman, McQueen, Simirenko, Simmons. 16 AGRICULTURE — Left to Right, Row One: W. Sonnemann, G. Blincoe, M. Foge, J. Robertson, T. Butler, J. Adams, C. Seuf- ferle. Row Two: R. Ely, W. Dye, D. Marble, G. Myles, E. Jen- sen, V. Sol man, J. Shuh. Row Three: W. Whorton, R. Cox, R. Ruf, H. Carnahan, P. Dalton, Kuttler, Stein, Christensen, Holje. 5 ' HOME ECONOMICS — Left to Right, Row One: Terry, Horn, Gaston, Tripple. Row Two: Bonks, Choncerelle, Wells, White. ART — left to Right, Row One: Kerr, Curtis, Gross. Row Two: McCormick, Yates, Spoulding. I 1 V PHYSICS — Left to Right, Row One: Worley. Row Two: G. Barns, R. Sill Eccles. S. Liefson, , T. Frazie W. Scott, R. r, Bettler, S. JOURNALISM — Left to Right: K. Janulis, A. Higginbothom, T. Conover. WtKF Vi P " " ' :■ ■ " ' ' K5S ' " ' m BL 1 1 IT ' l V Jm — W M 3 m 1 m|v «£. r ' " ' Vj l l H -v jm r i i flVM Wk BiJlTHIH " [ " - - -- " fl B f-. ' j w ■ " ipi i 1k N- -, ' " ' ' X ,, i BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION — Left to Right, Row One: Frank, Wilson, Goodell, Vietti, Palmer, White. Row Two: Moore, Coudodio, Plunnley, Woods, Duffy, Wofford, Weems. Row Three: Trestroil, Hoyt, Fjeld- sted, Larsen, Houwink, Smith. 17 ENGLISH — Left to Right, Row One: J. W. Morrison, R. A. Hume, M. Ochshorn, D. W. Hettick, R. V. Connor. Row Two: G. H. Herman, A. M. Nelson, J. Jackson, M. Borne, F. Fish. NURSING — Left to Right, Row One: A. Friedley, M. Hod- dad. Row Two: D. Darden, Dean Fletcher, W. York. MATHEMATICS — Left to Right: M. Demers, D. Beesley, C. Pinkerton, R. MocCauley, R. Collison. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE — Left to Right, Row One: Jaffe, Elliott, Clute, Tigner. Row Two: Chase, Edwards, Hutchison, Kirkpatrick. Row Three: Pearl, Sheppherson, Rob- erts, Born. MACKAY SCHOOL OF MINES — Left to Right, Seated: Nelson, Zadra, Haas, Payne. Row Two: Butler, Vaskuil, Larson, Lintz, Winston, Hammond. THHEnUJ a i SPEECH AND DRAMA — left to Right: B. Anderson, C. Metton, A. Hastings, R. Elmore, R. Griffin, W. Miller. MUSIC — LeH to Right, Row One: R. Williams, H. Goddard. Row Two: F. Hickman, J, Carrico, K. Macy. EDUCATION — Left to Right, Row One: D. Potter, T. Cheney, L. Pourchot, E. Richardson, R. Willey. Row Two: H. Brown, H. Grubbs, Dean Holstine, D. Perry, T. Tucker, C. Reed. ENGINEERING — Left to Right, Row One: Miller, Fell, Blodgett, Carlson, Yorborough, Orcutt. Row Two: Dickinson, Angelis, Kosso, Manhart, Sutton, Bonell, Higgins. 20 fK L The strength of any institution rests on the faith of its members. The future of the University of Nevada will depend on our firm faith in her; so v e must continue to work together for a better, larger, and more progressive University. — Paul Bible Paul Bible, ASUN President Robert Van Lydegraf, First Vice President Mariene Ferrari, Second Vice President M, 22 Beveriy Roberson, AWS President The Nevada student in 1 962, as the college student everywhere, is seeking something — a firm place to stand, direction, action in society, and order in his own life while the tides of the 20th Century swirl about him. On one side of him are courage and conviction,- on another side, apposing these, are rip tides and undertows which confuse his goals and submerge his identity. Which will be the victor is determined by the student himself. As students in 1 962, we pose to you this question: " How long can you drift . . . and not give up the ghost of hope? " — Beverly Roberson Beverly Bean, AWS Vice President Lora Leonard, ASUN Secretary 23 1 1 Left to Right, Row One: Jan Ahlswede, Sue Wordell, Rose Marie Mohr, Bev Roberson. Row Two: Pot White, Beverly Bean, Bette Everitt, Sharon Chase. AlMfS JUDICIAR AlMfS COUNCIL Left to Right, Row One: Norma Fenili, Eddie Henrikson, Susan Towie, Robin Reese, Michelle Mackedon, Linda Young, Lynn Aguilar, Marilyn Kotter. Row Two: Bev Roberson, Jude Commagere, Joan Ruark, Beverle Rorden, Pat Plenn, Sharon Millard, Cecelia Molini, Sharon Chase. Row Three: Judy Quanchi, Bev Bean, Carolyn Bell, Linda Pearce, Jan Ahlswede, Pat White, Jean Nichols. J , • ' mt mP gC jfc,, ' fiW sJ| m fi ■lkMiT t m .,. § ■ -|M||HrJ v P. ' ' 1 -- ' " S flP H HH BHBKf i B . j H . »» K l l ■jr " " iMM £. ' u. l ill __it ' . H ' «_ " ' I M J iSKi » k «» K f iiMBHIMB n M mit JiAiri HK % h 24 Laft lo Right, Row On : Toddy Warkins, Joan Ruark, Judith Moxsom, Nancy Horning. Row Two: Jon Madsen, Paul Bible, Tom Cook, Ken Clayton, Bob Van Lydegraf. ■ NANCE CONTROL DOARD l«ff to Right: Lora Leonard, AAr. James AAcNabney, Joan Ruark, Bob Van Lydergraf, Linda Young. 25 Lecture series, art displays, live concerts, film series, stereo concerts, and dances are some of the educational out-of-class programs planned by the Student Union Board. Bob Backus Lee Johnson Douglas Ketron Bill Lohse Dave Short President Sharon Mallard Ann Prida Clark Santini Jeanette Snyder Bob Kersey Student Union Director Carole Warner Sue Wordell Nancy Watson Pot Bourne 26 loft to Right, Seated: Jeanne Sadler, Janet Clements, Pat White. Standing: Dick Warner, Chief Justice, Dave Clarkson. Dave Clarkson Janet Clements Jeanne Sadler J CM J«»« ' ' ' The primary purpose of this Council is to give the students greater voice and responsibility in maintaining high standards of conduct. Its major function is to investigate, adjudicate, and recommend discipline for cases of student mis- conduct in violation of the University Code of Conduct and the Student Social Code. 27 Promoting school spirit through bonfire rallies, pajama rallies, etc., and organizing assemblies are some of the activities of this committee. Seated: Bob Backus, Chairman. Left to Right, Standing: Bill Lohse, Don Arkell, Tim Grant, Mike Mackedon, Horry Walters, Rich Gwyn, Sue Forden, Aridrew MocKenzie. The large task of organ- izing elections is done by this board, under the direction of Pat Clary. Left fo Right, Seated: Sherry Millard, Clarel Komer, Mary Lynn Barnard, Audrey Chamtjers, Julie La Fond, Peggy Solomon. Standing: Pat Clary, Chairman; Larry Struve, Bill Tuck, Tim Grant. 28 Don ' t you agree? Now, to get down to business I propose Discussing the plans for a new ASUN constitution, the Peace Corps, and the Freedom Riders were just some of the issues in Senate this year. 29 Left fo Right, Seated: Dilys Doyle, Janice Crumley. Standing: Sally Shank, Mimi Patrick. Demise Dangberg This office carries the responsibility of collecting all information concerning the activities of the associated students throughout the year. The Historian is appointed by the Senate, upon recommendation of the A.S.U.N. President. 30 AlMfARDS COIWIIVIITTEE Leff to Right, Seated: Sue Turner, Cecelia Molini Standing: Ted Marston, John Bromley. Ross Ahntholz, Bob Moncrieff. 31 IMIMITTEE Leff to Right, Seated: Joan Wagner, Mary Ann Erb, Bob Spears, JoAnn Prandi, Janet Clements. Standing: Jim Durham, Jerry Lusk, Carolyn Bell, Jim Whitaker. Left to Right, Seated: Susan Forden, Janet Craven, Karin Bryant, Linda Knobbs, Diane McManus. Standing: Bill Lohse, Rich Gwyn, Andy MacKenzie, Doug Buchanan, Don Arkell, Tim Grant. 32 COMIMimCE Left to Right: Marilyn Madsen, Jean Tachoires, Joe Mollis, Jim Elliott, Pat Williams. Left to Right, Row One: Vicki Snyder, Danny Ferrier, Judy Morrison, Vol Olobarria, Row Two: Mike Shaw, John Terrell, Charles Burr. ■MMITTCC 33 34 I ' - Jim Whitaker, President 36 M. Louise Alien David M. Allingham Andrew Anderson Robert Anderson Gary Annoni Robert Armstrong Merrilynn Aytes John Barker Donald Borkhurst Kay Barnum Glen D. Bates Carolyn M. Bell Lorry Belmont Darrell D. Bennett Erik Beyer Hanne Beyer William Bionchi Paul A, Bilble Geraldine Bishop Gerald Boden Barbara Brannen Barbara Brice William Bright Russ J. Browne Gary Bullis Clifford Burrows Juan Camangian John Cannon Myron E. Carpenter Elynor Cossinelli Patricia Chaffin Cherky Chang Sharon K. Chase Larry T. Cheney Ray G. Clem Janet Clements 37 Alice A. Cobb Ty W. Cobb Larry Coleman Karen Columbia Jude Commagere Gary Cooney Raymond Corradetti Barbara Coucli Dove Craig Timothy E. Cramer Janice Crumley Wm. T. Daniel Norman Davies Margaret Defilippi Katie DIedrichsen Richard Dieleman Peter M. DiGrozia Carol Dodson Caroline Doran Ira Jean Drulios James Durham George Eornhart Joseph J. Eberle Marjorie Edgington Harry Edwards Ray Embry Mary Ann Erb Valerie A. Estes Gene Evans Frank Eynon Anette Ezell Frank Fahrenkopf Arlen Park 38 Norma Fenili Marlene Ferrari Judith Fey Joanne Fike Charles Flatter Fronkie Foley Marianne Frode Diane Frugoli Robert Fuller Betty J. Gibson Mary Glass Harold Gower Judy Greene Arthur C. Grohs Donna Hackstoff Whitney Hackstoff Elwood W. Hage Jeanille Haggerty Craig Hall Harold Harris Mike Hart Robert M. Hawkins Robert E. Heaney Michael J. Hebert Shari Helman Suzanne Henderson Lawrence Heward Mary Hickman Ruth Hilfs Joyce Hollenbock Mary M. Hollidoy Doug Hopkins Nancy A. Horning Joanne Hughes Kathryn L. Humphrey Sarah Humphrey 39 Charlotte Jackson John Jelavich Patricia Jesser Morgan James Jellett Donald E. Jensen Lee M. Johnson Ronald Johnson Charles W. Jones Norma Jones Sandra Jones William W. Jones Thomas Keegan Dan Kelsay Craig Kenna Shambhu Khanna Max Kindall Daniel Kinkel Thomas Kinsey Roger Kreimeyer Christopher D. Lakeotes Sondra Lakeotes Glen Lawlor Don B. Leahy Randy Leary Gerald Lent Lora Leonard Margaret Leonard Sung Kyu Lim Leonard LIndauer Harry Lipparelli Susan E. Lombardi David Longacre Gerald W. Lusk Robert MacDonald 40 f% Gary D. Machabee f l i (% Jon Madsen -_i " y 1 Mr Peter J. Magaddino A. " " Kr ' Fred M. Martin m k - JcT Carolyn Mather h " k i b Ann Matthie . ct A Judith Ann Maxsom Patti A. McAdam Donald McCaughey Lawrence McCollunn Jerald C. Merrill Otto L. Mieike Charles Millar Frederick Miller Robert Moncrief Eugene Mortara Rudolfo Moreno Merle Moss Betty J. Mudge William E. Mullins Leon J. Munson Frank Nenzel Jane Nevin Dudley J. Nicolls Klaus W. Nielsen Lorraine Odell James C. Olin Kenneth Olson Pete Palzis Lewis M. Perkey Pauline Perry Henry Philcox James D. Philpot LaMar Pomeroy JoAnn Prandi Carlton W. Purviance 41 SENIORS David AA. Quinn Nevada Raney Millard Reed Roy G. Reynolds James Richardson Dorothy Ricketts Janet L. Riddle Richard Ripley Beverly Roberson H. Jane Roberts Herman L. Rosse Nicholas Rossi Harold Rovi e Joan C. Ruark Theodore J. Ripley Clark Russell Norman Samuelson David S. Savage Ellen AA. Savage Jo-Anne Sbragia Richard Schnepper Elizabeth Sloan Audrey Smith Carol C. Smith Linda Smith Carole Sommers Pat Soule Robert A. Spears Donald Stoker Connie O. Stathes Colleen Statles AAary Stevenson William R. Strotton 42 Ken Taber Joyce Truitt David Truitt Kirk H. Terrell Georgia L. Teskey Abioh Utter Valere C. VanHouck Robert E. Von Lydegraf Raymond Vernon Robert Vidano Joan Wagner Don Walker Bruce D. Word Don C. Ward Jeanne Wamstod Carole Warner Maryann Warren Richard Warren Diane Weitz John C. Welch Myron Welsh Connie A. Weldon Robert P. Weldon Robert J. Werner Jim Whitaker Donald Wilkerson Jerome S. Williams Charles Wilmore Mary Winkler Shorin Winter Sue Wordell Maxine Wright Grace Yori Susan York Susan Youngs Robert J, Zuliani 43 Andy MacKenzie, President 44 Janice Aalbu Lane Abbott Marcia Adams Lynn Agiular Helen Alpers Don Arkell Judith Alson Armstrong Lester Armstrong Richard Armuth Edward Arteaga Bonnie Barnard Sue Bartholomew Virginia Bath John Bauer Gayle Beaman Richard W. Benson Steven C. Bergman Bill Beynon Renee Boic Linda Borer Joel K. Borstad Aristidis Bourbopoulos Barbara Brannen Karl Breckenridge Jim Bronson Karin Bryant i ' Doug Buchanan ( Gail Butler Carl Cohill Bob Capurro Tom Case James L. Cawiezell Mel Choy James R. Christensen John J. Clark John Clements Bonnie Cleone Brenda Clevenger Don B. Cluff, Jr. Barbara Coles Jim Colgan Cliff Coluse 45 Diana Conton Tom H. Cook Barbara Coughlan Janet Craven Harry Culbert Dave Cutler Barbara Dailey Denise Dangberg Roger Dielman Faun Dixon Dale Donatlnan Dilys Doyle Bob Dungan Harlan Elges Bette Everitt James Fee John Firpo Ronald Fleming Marilyn Fletcher Pat Flynn Susan Forden Iradj Forootan Carl E. Friberg Myra Lyne Fry Bob Garcia Ron Gallagher Lynn Gerow Joan Gansberg Leroy Goodman Denis D. Graham Tim Grant Tim Griffith Fay Yparraguirre Frank Guisti Richard Lewis Gvi yn Jack Haddock Roger Hainline Al Hale Hoyden Henderson Dick Harris Sheri Harwood Art Haseltine JUNIORS 46 Mary Heward Edward J. Hennessey William C. Helming Dee Heinbaugh Ed Hillygus Pat Hoysted Bob Hunter Suzanne VonTienen Jansse David Jacobs Carol Johnson Dennis K. Johnson Tollice Johnson Betty Ann Jones Arlene Kaastrup Kittie Carolin Conwell Kerr Douglas R. Ketron Kay Killfoil Gerald Ray Kirk Anthony Klenchis William Kleinsorge Linda Knobbs Duncan Knowles Wayne Leon Kollodge Marilyn Kotter Harvey W. Lambert Gene Lane Chris Lav» ton Betty Lear Harvey LoSasso Barney G. Lujon Richard Lund David Lundy Liz MacGregor Michael F. Mackedon Ralph Modsen Aliceann Monaghan Charles Robert Manchester David Mandell Marjorie Maple Leanna Marone Jim R. Matthews Pat McCabe 47 Jerry McCord Elizabeth McGuire Rollie AAcHughes Beth Ann McKenzie Jo Ann McLeod Diane AAcManus Kim Miller Barry G. Miller Larry Rondell Miller Rose Marie Mohr Cecelia Molini William E. Moloney Wanda Moon Bill Mortensen Jane Mortimer Donal Ruth Murphy Ellen Murphy Duane Myers Ron Nagel Rusty Nash Bill Nelson Jo Anne Nelson Jean Nichols Sally Nielson Bob Oats Beverly Ott Janis Palzis Bruce Park Mimi Patrick Sarah Ann Pedersen Joseph Perozzi Gay Peterson Marilyn Peterson David Pieretti John Pierotti Beverly Pincolini Elaine Pisciotta Dan Poggione Joanne Pritchard Henry David Rampoldi Wendy Rentz David Roberts Fred D. Robertson Norman M. Rockvi ' ell Elaine Priscilla Ross Rebecca Rose Linda Pierce 48 Wendy Rupp Larry Thomas Sabin Jeanne Sadler Dave W. Salter Norman Samuelson Donna Sanford Marta Sanford Michael San Miguol Clark Santini Sonia Sarich Mike Sauers Jerry Schutz David W. Scruggs Sunny Scudder Thomas A. Seeliger Darel Shea Daniel Shepler David A. Shorr David Small John S. Smith Shirley Smith Fred Stein Tfieodore R. F. Stoever Judy Stratfon Mikell Tidd Calvin E. Thompson Jose Torneo Susan Towie Richard Norman Trelease Steve Turner Kenny Vaughan Dale Wagner Dave Wallace Harry Walters Penny Walters Ron Wear Dvi ight Weyant Patricia White Calvin Wilson John Winn Kaye Won John G. Wood 49 1 Joe L. Alvarez Bob Alward Donald J. Anderson Leolo Anderson Clinton Andreoson Dlonno Andersen Patricio Arnold Carol Ashworth Sally Sue Atkinson Bob Backus Gory Backus Carol Bailey Christiane Balduci Donald Bonto Ronald Banta Don Barrenchea Woody L. Barry James L. Seal Fianna Beeghly Jackie Bell James Benesch Judy Berger Kathleen Ann Bergin Morcia Bernard Jim Bernardi Diana Beyer Judy Mae Black Rodney Black Michael Blakely Rodney Brandon Judy Brann John Bromley Frank Brunetti Thomas M. Burns Jackie Burr Joyce Burr 50 ' V Jim Rowe Sophomore Class President 51 Bill Byrnes Jan Cameron Rod Camp Diane Campbell Gail M. Chodwell Barbara Champlin Evans Charley Jaculine Chiofovich Phyllis Choy Donald L, Clark Pot Clary Annette Compagnoni Nicheal Copenhaver Stephen Cox Lyn Dorrah John W. Dovies Charles Davis Stanley Davis Shireen De Whitt Wanda Dillon Richard Dixon Wayne Dollarhide Sonya Lea Dotson Ken Doyle Roy K. Driver Claudia Dukes Marcia Eccles Barbara Edgington Frank Egenhoff Jim Elliott Muriel Ellis Jerry Ann Elwell Joe B. Fallini Wayne Ferguson Joseph N. Fiore Steve Flemming 52 Pat Flynn Marsha Frankovich Robert Fraser Jo Ann Friesen Gene Gardella Duke Gavin Beverly Giocovie Hariett Haag Rosemarie Haenel Bob Hole Carolyn Hall Sandra Hall Dennis Roy Haney Julia Hansen Max Harcourt Joan Harrison Craig Hartung Charles S. Haseltine Katherine Hatch Don Heath Geoffrey Hebert Duncan Henrikson Eddie Henrikson Patricia Heward Pom Hinkley Barbara Hirsch Carole Hoover Thomas Horgan Helen Georgiene Horn Shirley Doris Howard Norma K. Hubbard Larry Hutchings Lawrence E. Jacox Ray Jeffers Roxane Jensen Judy Jeppson 53 Sara Kahrs Jon Key Robin Kiilinger Joe Walter Kimmel James Kinkor Clarel A. Komer Julie La Fond Mary La Fond Doreen Lasa Gene Le Blanc Judith Lettergren Anne Ellen Lewis Theresa M. Ley || i||HHBp 1 Violet C. Ley mS ' ' W Carey Loflin m Richard G. Logerwell Jim Long ' L lit ' ' Rita Lund Michelle Mackedon Il Marilyn Madsen Carmelite Markhart m Donna Martin Keneth Barry Marvel Jack McElwel 3thleen S. McGhee . rl Diane McGihon I P " Lyndell McGue m Sharon McHenry Barry McKinnon A- D. Patrick McNary x Marsha Millard Sherry Millard Richard Miles Dave Minedew John A. Molini Susan Moss 54 Petrea Nelson Ray Nelson Susie Nickel Erin O ' Brien A. Wyatt Oliver Marge Page Reuben D. Palmer Suzanne Paradis Kay Park Ronald Peck Karen Lee Peckordt Bruce Pendleton Marvin Pennington Janet Perry Joan Pesout John T. Peterson Linda Lee Phillips Dick Philpot William H. Pollard Richard Pollman Lorraine Prido Judy Quanchi Jeannette Raney Thomas Reviglia Woody Ribal Patricia Rodgers Keith Roman Beverle Rorden Ellen Rosemon Dianne Rosse Jerry Rossi Mary Rossolo Gail Rowntree LeRoy Rupert Stephen Sanders James H. Sawdon 55 Bill Saxton Roderick E. Schuler Bill Schweiss Theo Scott Robin Sheedy Jerry Simpson Jim Sinasek John Slonsky Chuck Slovin Suellen Smo William J. Small Carolyn Smith Jeffrey Smith Michael K. Smith Mary Kay Sodenson Barbara Spoulding Sue Stopenhorst Sharon Stark Dawn Starr Janet Steiner Don Stockwell Georgionn Stout Carol Lee Strang Lai ry D. Struve Dianne Sturm Peggy Jo Swaim 56 P fli £m£ Alice Swainston Diane Swart Jean Tachoires Jack Tedford Ralph D. Thomas William Thompson Anita Tobey Gary J. L. Tollotti Judy Twomey Richard L. Vial Sue Voss Linda Lee Wodsworth Connie Wagner Sherry Ann Wagner Marilyn Walker Barry Watkins Nancy Lee Watson Joan Westfield Kent F. Whelan Pat Williams Troy Williams Jr. Barbara Wilson Joanne Wilson Marguerite I. Wilson Larry Wiseman Charles R. York Linda Zadow 57 Joel Glover, President Claudine Ahlberg Gail Aiazzi Nancy Albert! Patrick Allison Barbara Aim Mary Alt Suzanne Amundson Bernard Anderson Tim Anderson Fran Archulita Robert Donald Armstrong Skip Avansino Judy Bgcon Marietta Baldridge Lola Bankofier Jim Baratte Robert R. Barengo Bob Barnum Jo Barrett Terry Bates Marty Beale Chris Bean Barbara Beesley Connie Bell Jon Bengtson Richard Lane Bennett Linda Ann Betleyoun Victoria Betti Connie Biglin John W. Blaikie Trudie Blosser Sandy Bodney Betty Bodson Yvette Borda Bessino Bost 58 Barbara Bottomly Karen Bradbury Karyn Branch Gwendolyn Breen LaVern Brinkerhoff Ivan L. Brooks Skip Broten Bettijean Brown Robert K. Bryant Joan Buchanan Diane Burge Charles Burr Doloras Buss Carolyn Cademartori Tom Cahill Wendy Calkins Gordon Cannon Carol Canon Anne Louise Cantlon Karen Carlson David Carpenter Judith Carsh Virginia Carson Sheridan Cafhies Judy Chalbonnero Audrey Nelle Chambers Linda Louise Chambers Ann Christensen Angela Ciarlantini Steve Clifton Patricia Cobb Gilbert Cochran Emily Cook Jack Raymond Cooney Katie Corbin Margaret Coughlan James W. Coultas Sandra Coverston William Edward Cozart John Crawford Richard Crawford James E. Crockett Gaby Crutcheft John Culberf Virginia Currie Bill Curtaz Virginius Dabney Janice Damerel E. Frances David 59 Martin Davis Patricia DeGrio Andrea DeSantis Mike DeSanza Edward A. Devere Judie Dew Lester Dickens Carol Shirley Dickover James Dickover Sharon Domenici John Dube John David Dumbould Dolores Dunning Lynne Durbin Judy Dowd Prella Ede Dale Eggen Phyllis Egolf Laurie Egosche Pete R. Etchamendy Karen Fabri Laura Jean Fagg Cheryl Kay Fallon Dennis Farnesi Marjorie A. Fendt Bruce Fenton Sandy Ferguson Danette Ferrier Carol Ann Fethren Doug Fletcher Sue Foley John Fordham Nancy Marie Franklir Richard L. Friberg Ruthie Friedhoff Jerrie Friesen Virginia Frost David Funk Carol Galaski Glen L. Galloway Carl Ganschow Tom Garamendi Rose Marie Garn Cheryl Lee Garner Jim Georgeson Cynthia Geyer Judy Giovannoni Margaret Goegg 60 Joanne Gottschalk Carl A. Grauvogel Jerry Gregory Julie Gregory Cheryl Griffin Mike R. Griffin Jane Griffith Susan Griffith Trudy Groos Judi Grossenback Jerome Guffey Larry Guirlani Jim Gurron Don Hackstaff Janet Hadlond Sue Haines Tyler W. Hall Philip Hanifon Carol Hansen Marshall Hansen Nonnie Hanson Jennifer Harris Dennis L. Harrison Donald Hartle Don Hartmon Tom Harvey Jerry L. Howorth Maureen Hoyden Margaret Haymen Philip C. Heodley Candy Hendrick Janet Herb Alden Hesterlee Denise Hill Lawrence Douglas Hill Sharon S. Hinde Jane Holcomb Stephen Hollowoy JoAnn Holmes Sonja Holstrom Barbara Hoover Judy Hoover Dave Hornbeck Carol Horton Leonard Howard Jr. Kathy Howell Minnie Hulse Karen Hunter Gregory Jackson 61 FRESHIWIEN Jane Jacobs Keven Jacobsen Donna James William Jarvis Peter Jensvold Chandler A. Johnson Charles Johnson Chris Johnson Diane Johnson Linda Johnson Lynn Johnson Judith Arlene Johnston Ronnie Jones Judi Kolousek Lyman W. Keele Jr. John Lawrence Kees Art Kess Charles Kiley Barbara Kimball Carolyn Kinney Pamela Kitt Carl Koizumi Jean Kwan Robert Lee Landis Gene Lang Martha Laub Robert Lawson Keith Lee Penny Levin Patti Lewis Ralph James Lisle Karen Lott H. Henry J. Lund Dindy Maclean Sharon M. MacDonald Ann MacLeod Kent Moloney Judith Anita Mangini Manuel Martinez Judy Motley John Robert Mayer Mary Kay McCabe Mary Louise McCord Molly McKinley Dole McKenzie Larry Menante Marilyn Mercer Dan Miles Marilyn Miller Paul F. Miller Harry Miltenberger Kathleen Mirzak Jerry Mistak Dorlene Montrose Judy Morrison Joyce Muller 62 Robert Murphy Kate Marie Murray Mary Theresa Nuth Frieda Marie Nannini Georgia Nash Gretchen Ann Neff Paul E. Neff Marjean Nelsor, Maureen Nelson Marshall Newman Solly Newport Herbert Nichols Judy Norcott Sharon North John W. Oakley Jerry Michael O ' Day Katherine Greta Oja Valerie Olobarrio Bud Olsen Jr. Dick Olsen Catherine Oppio Norma Orr Jan Overpeck Gary Owen Jean Pagni William Palmar Richard Porlette John L. Pasko Rena Posquale George Peek Mario Gene Peraldo Joe Peroglio Judy Peterson Marsha Peterson Luis Petinal P Jon Petrie Barbara Phillips Blair Edward Phillips James W. Phillips John S. Phillips Karen Phillips Michael Lee Pickett Edward Piene Jr. Dave Pitcher Janet Dee Pitts Pom Plath Patricia Anne Plenn Robert L. Pollman JoAnn Pomin Maxon R. Porter Wendy Post Judy Lynn Prontil James Preston Nora Marie Purdy Marilyn Ranney Frances Reece 63 Robert D. Reed Dave J. Reese Kathryn Kay Reese Janet Mary Rhodes Susan Rhoades Ellen Rich Cordelia E. Richards Don Richards Jim Richards Lane Richards Toni Richards Terry Richart Sonjio Richmond Barbara RIppee Jacqueline Ritchie Ronald Robards Linda Robear Lynn Roberts Gay Marjean Robison Ken Robinson Barbara Ross Brian Ross Adeline Rossi Teryl Rouner Suzi Royer Liz Rusk Barbara Russell Margie Russell Virginia Russell Norman Saake Elizabeth Diane Solas Brian Sandell Lyie G. Sandow . Solly Saunders Donna Sbragia Janice Sceirine Christian Carl Schmalz Judy Schmidt Janet Schroder John Scott Judy Kay Scott Walter Scott Noel Sewall Karen Shane Kathleen Shane Sally Shank Carole Sharp Nancy Shaver Marianne Shaw Mike S. Shaw Robert Shearan Norma Sheley Kathleen Shoemaker Richard Short Diane Showalter David Shuteroff 64 William O. Sinnott Ronald J. Smalley Diane Sm Jean Marie Sm Linda Sm Nancy Sm Vickie Sm Vicki Snyder William R. Soslotsky Lynda K. Spanner Diane Springmeyer Barbara Stephenson Terry Stephenson Edward W. Stopper John Sullivan Ma rye Swan son Lois Taylor Margaret Taylor Linda Teakle Jay Tell John R. Terrel Carol Thompson Jane Thompson Susan Thompson Rolando J. Treharne Barbara Trimmer Karen Tracy Anne Traverse Dennis Trousdale Sue Turner Molly Sue Tyree George " Joe " Ullem Wanda Lee Utter Charlene Waegel Andree Walker Steve Wo! Elinor Elaine Warman Virginia Warner Ronald Watson Betty Webb :irolyn Barbara Webster Stephanie Webster Barbara Joan Weddell Paul R. Weir Grant Weise Dorothy Wells Judith Lee White Penny White James Whitton ' illiom Byron Wilkerson Elizabeth Williams Janet Willson Judy Wilson Wendy Wilson Lee B. Winnie Judith Worthington 65 66 i k-- o ■ ' M Al " ' , ' J ' i-.. " W l », f- . ■ •5 V 1. « i ' JM . ' i ' %W .1IV». w V-- ' .« K HOIM E GOIMI N G Linda Knobbes Delta Delta Delta Christiane Balducci Gamma Phi Beta Diane Sturm Kappa Alpha Theta Clarel Komer Independent Roxane Jensen Independent 68 Barbra Brannen Pi Beta Phi " Ni vSi " % .0 ' ' n Ellen Roseman Delta Delta Delta IMilLITJkirir DALL Jaculine Chiatovich Gamma Phi Beta Robin Killinger Independent Patsy Rogers Kappa Alpha Theta Jean Tachoires Pi Beta Phi 70 Pamela Kin ependent n Wendy Calkins Gamma Phi Beta Sharon North Delta Delta Delta IMflNTER GJtRNIirAL Judy Scott ndependent Nancy Shaver Independent Yvette Borda Pi Beta Phi 72 Barbara Beesiey Kappa Alpha Theta Linda Borer Delta Delta Delta Janis Paizis Pi Beta Phi Lynn Aguilar Kappa Alpha Theta Robin Reese Independent Carolyn Prince Independent Toddene Watkins Gamma Phi Beta 74 Karin Bryant ndependent ¥ i v.- •V, , ' ■..•■ ? " ii )i- " L Marlene Ferrari Kappa Alpha Theta Judy Fey Independent Nancy Horning Independent QUEEN Lora Leonard Gannnna Phi Beta Judith Maxsom Delta Delta Delta Lorraine Odell Independent 76 i :mfi- Joan Ruark Pi Beta Phi m ' : K ' ' Wfcji.- 78 Patti McAdam Kappa Alpha Theta White Rose Queen Sigma Nu Joyce Hollenback Kappa Alpha Theto SAE Sweetheart Sigma Alpha Epsilon mm Lynn Durbin Gamma Phi Beta AAoonlight Girl Phi Sigma Kappa Family Hinkley Pi Beta Phi Queen of Hearts Sigma Phi Epsilon Donna Martin Kappa Alpha Theta Crescent Girl Lambda Chi Alpha 79 Janet Clements Political Science Delta Delta Delta Beverly Roberson Chemistry Delta Delta Delta IMfHO ' S IMfHO This year fifteen outstanding seniors were chosen to represent the University of Nevada in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " Members were chosen on the basis of grades, qualities of leadership, activities, and service to the university. Valerie Estes Home Economics Koppo Alpha Theta 4, % 80 Jo Anne Sbragia Elementary education . . . Delta Delta Delta Jon Madsen Accounting . . . Sigma Nu Morgan Jellett Metallurgical Engineering . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Carol Smith Political Science . . . Kappa Alpha Theta 81 KK--.-; ' ••■-- Paul Bible Economics, Pre-Low . . . Alpha Tau Omega Jimmy Whitaker Economics . . . Alpha Tau Omega Gary Bullis Pre-Law . . . Alpha Tau Omega V v Marlene Ferrari Elementary Education . . . Kappa Alpha Theta 82 rz: ' ' : ' 1 David Quinn i Political Science, Pre-Law . . . Alpha Tau Omega Carolyn Bell Physical Education . . . Kappa Alpha Theta William Stratton Electrical Engineering . . . Independent Joan Ruark Physical Education ... Pi Beta Phi 83 A Carol C. Smith Vice-President This national honor society is composed of graduate and undergraduoie members of all departments in American universities and colleges. Its prime object is to emphasize scholarship in the thought of college students, to hold fast to the original purpose for which in stitutions of learning were founded, and to stimulate mental achievement by the prize of membership. This society elects to membership a certain number from the graduating class on the basis of high scholarship. James T. Bailey Carolyn Bell Paul Bible Elynor Cossinelli Sharon Chase Margaret Defilippi Annette Ezell AAarlene Ferrari Frankie Foley Elwood Hage Ruth Hilts Ron Johnson Norma Jones Daniel Kinkel Judith Maxsom LoRen Mickey Betty Mudge Donald Wilkerson Marguerite Wood Grace Yori 84 Joanie Ruark President Marlene Ferrari Joyce Hollenbock Beverly Roberson Georgia Teslcey Cap and Scroll is a club organized for the purpose of developing the highest ideals on Nevada ' s campus by combining in organized form the women of the University who are leaders in student life and activity. Women must meet the over-all 2.7 average and have been president of a recognized organization. 85 fefi M The WRA Gold Cup Dessert was in February in the New Dining Commons. At this annual event awards are given for winning teams in volleyball and bowling. This dessert also served as the installation for new WRA officers. Cecelia Molini was installed as President. Marta Sanford speaks on hockey. Mistress of Ceremonies was Joanie Ruark. Entertainnnent was provided by Jim Durham and Bill Schilling. 86 Dave Quinn, I.F.C. President, is Master of Ceremonies. Calvin Wilson receives trophy for outstandinc sportsmanship. Each year all the men on the University of Nevada Campus get together at a beanfeed v hich is held in the New Dining Commons. At this beanfeed, athletic trophies are given to the different living groups and to individuals for their excellence in a particular field. For the first time this year, the Bradshaw Trophy was awarded. Russell Browne accepts trophy for Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Louis Spitz presents speech. 87 m m 88 ■■HELLENIC COUNCIL Lynn Spell Beverly Pincolini Aliceann Monaghan President Joyce Hollenback Linda Young i 0B w Jo-Anne Sbragia Barbara Couch Msm siamms- Lynn Aguilor Linda D. Smith Linda Pearce The University of Nevada Panhellenic Council ' s primary function is to serve as the governing body for all the sororities along with their national governing bodies. Each house president and rush chairman are permanent members, and each assistant rush chairman is an ex-officio member. This body meets twice monthly, and Dean Mobley is its advisor. 90 I I Richard Warner Jeffrey J. Smith Ty Cobb John F. Bauer David Quinn President INTER-FRATERNITir Robert Heaney Harry Walters Russ Browne Frank J. Fahrenkope Dean Jerry Wulk is advisor for the University of Nevada Inter-Fraternity Council. This group of fraternity house presidents serves as the nnain governing body of the Nevada fraternities along with their national governing bodies. Besides attending regular meetings, these men handled the rush program this year. 91 Jo-Anne Sbragia President Janica Aalbu Carol Ashworth Mary Lynn Barnard Jo Barrett Judy Berger Linda Rae Borer Judy Brann Diane Burge Gail Butler Carolyn Cademartori Janet Clements Brenda Clevenger Barbara Couch Gaby Crutchett Denise Dangberg Judie Dew 92 The women of Delta Delta Delta enjoyed a successful year under the leadership of Jo-Anne Sbragia. This house won the trophy for the best Winter Carnival decorations, and during the fall, Judy Schmidt won the honor of being Best Dressed Coed. Patricia Doty Dilys Doyle Claudia Dukes Cheryl Fallon Frankie Foley Sue Foley Ruthie Friedhoff Myra Lyne Fry Joan Gonsberg Betty Gibson Judi Grossenback Rosemarie Haenel Nonnie Hanson Sheri Harwood Dee Heinbaugh Mary Heward Denise Hill Jane Holcomb Carole Hoover Judy Hoover Kathy Howell Lynn Johnson 93 Linda Knobbs Marilyn Kotter Patti Lewis Leonna Marone Judith Moxsom Mary Kay McCobe Pat McCabe Beth Ann McKenzie Joann McLeod Sally Nielsen Petrea Nelson Susie Nickel Judy Norcott Sharon North Marge Page Rena Pasquale Gay Peterson Judy Peterson Barbara Phillips Janet Dee Pitts 94 m . wvm Lorraine Prida Ellen Rich Janet Riddle Beverly Roberson Ellen Rosemon Judy Schmidt Diane Smith Diane Springmeyer Sharon Stark Georgiann Stout Judy Stratton Diane Swart Susan Towie Molly Tyree Linda Wadsworth Nancy Watson Elizabeth Williams Sharon Winter Sue Wordell Sharon Yeazell 95 Jan Ahlswede Gail Aiazzi Barbara Aim Christiane BalduccI Bettina Bost Bettijean Brown Wendy Calkins Karen Carlson Elynor Cassenilli Linda Louise Chambers CAIMIWI PHI Linda D. Smith served as President of Gamma Phi Beta this year. Members of this house held important offices on the University of Nevada campus this year. Lora Leonard served as ASUN Secretary, Toddene Watkins was SAGEBRUSH Editor, and Aliceann Monaghan was Panhellenic President. Linda D. Smith President Cheryl Lee Garner Jane Griffith Susan Griffith Jeonille Hoggerty 96 Kay Hamilton Margaret Hayman Suzanne Henderson Sarah Humphrey Karen Hunter Jane Jacobs Judy Jeppson Mary LaFond Lora Leonard Liz MocGregor Mary Louise McCord Aliceann Monoghan Jone Nevin Linda Pearce JoAnn Prandi Marylin Ranney Susan Rhoades Lone Richards Lynn Roberts Adeline Rossi Mary Rossolo Margie Russell Norma Sheley Diane Showalter Barbara Spalding Barbara Stephenson Carol Lee Strang Georgia Teskey Abiah Utter Moxine Wright 97 iBimm 1 961 and 1 962 were great years for the Kappa Alpha Theta ' s. The sorority won the trophy for the best sorority float in the Homecoming parade. Lots of sneaks and socials kept up the social whirl during the entire school year. Joyce Hollenback, President Lynn Aguilar Leola Anderson Judith Alston Armstrong Bonnie Barnard Gayle Beaman Beverly Bean Fianna Beeghly Carolyn Bell Kathlenn Anne Bergin Linda Ann Betleyoun Sandy Bodney Gwendolyn Breen Dolores Buss Annie Louise Cantlon Sharon Kay Chase Patricia Cobb 98 t_wwm Katie Diedrichsen Annette Compagnoni Janice Crumley Phyllis Egolf Valerie Estes Karen Fabri Marlene Ferrari Nancy Marie Franklin Margaret Goegg Cheryl Griffin Sandra Hall Patricia Heward Kitty Humphrey Donna James Karen Lott Chris Johnson Rita Lund Kiftie Kerr Michelle Mackedon Anne Ellen Lewis Marilyn Madsen 99 is m " I Donna Martin Patti McAdom Sharon McHenry Diane McManus Kim Miller Judy Morrison Donna R uth Murphy Kate Marie Murray Mary Theresa Muth Jo Anne Nelson Jean Nichols Catherine Oppio Kay Park Suzanne Paradis Karen Lee Peckardt Marilyn Petersen Linda Lee Phillips Nevada Roney Patricia Rodgers Suzi Royer 100 I Liz Rusk Suelien Small Jeanette Snyder Karen Thoyre Joan Westfield Marta Sanford Carol C. Smith Janet Steiner Sue Turner Susan York Janice Sceirine Carolyn Smith Dianne Sturm Sue Voss Linda Young Sally Shank Nancy Smith Janie Thompson Carolyn Barbara Webster Fay Yparraguirre 101 feSii li The Pi Beta Phi ' s enjoyed a very successful year under the leadership of Lynn Spell. At the AWS Fashion Show this sorority was awarded trophies for the highest pledge and active scholarship. At this time these wonnen received the AWS Improvement Plaque. During the Homecoming celebration the sorority received the honor of having the best sorority skit in Wolves Frolic. Lynn Spell, President Judy Bacon Loia Bankofier Virginia Bath Marcia Bernard Dionne Beyer Connie Biglln Yvette Bordo Koryn Branch Barbara Brannen Judy Chalbonnero Ann Christensen Barbara Coles Kaytie Corbin Margaret Coughlin Ann Davison Faun Dixon Marcia Eccles Muriel Ellis Jerry Ann Ellwell Laura Jean Fagg Susan Forden Cynthia Geyer Judy Giovannoni Candy Hendrick Pat Hoysted Norma Hubbard Suzanne VanTienen Jansse Barbara Kimball Carolyn Kinney Susan Lombardi 102 Carmelita Markhart Ellen Murphy Karen Phillips Dorothy Ricketts Mary Kay Sodenson Connie Wagner Judy Mafley Sally Newport Beverly Pincolini Rebecca Rose Carole Sommers Joan Wagner Penny McCollum Erin O ' Brien Elaine Pisciotta Joan Ruark Marye Swanson Andree Walker Lyndell McGue Katherine Greta Oja Pam Plath Barbara Russell Jean Tachoires Betty Webb Elizabeth McGuire Janice Palzis Patricia Anne Plenn Jeanne Sadler Margaret Taylor Patricia White Marilyn Miller Mimj Patrick JoAnn Pomin Donna Sbragia Anita Tobey Judy Wilson Joyce Muller Anne Perkins Judy Quonchj Shirley Smith 103 Ig- H E J ALPHA TAU The men of Alpha Tau Omega enjoyed a very suc- cessful year under the leadership of Russell Browne. The fraternity won the much-sought-after Bradshaw trophy in the field of athletics; plus many other athletic awards. The men of this fraternity also held important offices on campus this year. Paul Bible served as A.S.U.N. President, and David Quinn served as I.F.C. President Two men were class Pre- sidents: Andy AAcKenzie, Junior Class President; and Jimmy Whitaker, Senior Class President. Russell Browne, President Fran Archuleta f Richard Armuth ■Pfc- -m- ¥ Donald Banta m Ronald Banta M Stan Berkley Woody L. Barry Bill Beynon William Bianchi Paul Bible Rodney Black Gerald Boden Joel K. Borstad Gary Bullis Thomas M. Burns Charles Burr Evans Charley William Edward Cozart Richard S. Crawford Jim Curran Stanley Davis 104 L. 111! James Dickover Peter Michael DiGrczio John Dube Bob Duncan Harlan Elges Frank J. Fahrenkoph Monte Gillespie Mike R. Griffin Tim Griffin Jerome Guffey Larry Guirlani Frank R. Guisti Roger Hainline Philip Honifan Michael W. Hart Donald Hortle Craig Hartung Leonard Howard Jr. David Jacobs John Jelavich Brent Johnson Dennis K. Johnson Ron Johnson Charles W. Jones Ronnie Jones Gerald Roy Kirk Wane Leon Kolledge Keith Lee Michael F. Mackedon Larry McCollum 105 ■ ' — Andy McKenzie Barry McKennon Paul F. Miller Harry Douglas Miltenberger Hugh Montrose Eugene Montana Robert Murphy Duane Myers Ron Nagel Roy Nelson Bob Oats Gary Owen Bruce Park Mario Gene Peraldo LeRoy Rupert Norman Saake Norman Samuelson Clark Santini Thomas A. Seeliger Ron Ward Shaw Jim Sinasek David Small James L. Smith Robert Allen Spears David Quinn Ray Vernon George Ulem Paul R. Weir Bob Weishaupt James L. Weishaupt Dwight Weyant Jimmy Whitaker James Lawrence Whitton Jerome S. William Larry Wiseman Guy W. Yates 106 Richard Warner, President Sigma Phi Epsilon became a colony on the University of Nevada campus in October of 1 958. The men of this house are especially proud because they plan to get their charter during the spring of 1 962. President this year was Richard Warner. The men of this house were very active on campus this year, and they entertained many sorority women at socials. Lane Abbott Gary Backus James Bennett Rodney Brandon Doug Buchanan Rich Corbin Charles Davis Wayne Ferguson David Funk Glen L. Galloway Carl A. Grauvogel Al Hale Tyler W. Hall Philip C. Headley Chandler A. Johnson Richard G. Logerwell H. Henry Lund Jr. Jan Overpeck Robert Shearan William O. Sinnott John R. Terrell William T. Tuck Jr. Lee B. Winne Blair Phillips Michael J. Hebert 107 The men of Lambda Chi Alpha started the year off with a bang when they won the trophy for the Best Fraternity Skit in Wolves Frolic during the annual Homecoming celebration. Morgan Jellett served as President of Lambda Chi Alpha this year. Morgan Jellett, President Jim Acheson Bob Alward Don Arkell Jim Baratte Rob Barnum Terry Bates Jim Bernard! Clifford Burrows David C. Carpenter Donald L. Clark Pat Clary Steve Clifton Jack Raymond Cooney Roger O. Corkill Harry Culbert Jon Culbert Bill Curtcz Virginius Dabney Wallace Devree Dale Donathan Jim Elliott James Fee John Firpo Carl Ganschow Jim Georgeson 108 aa Tom Garamendi J. Gordon Corn LeRoy Goodman Larry Hutchings Barry G. Miller Ken Robinson David Shuteroff Bill Trobert Denis D. Graham Peter Jensvold Dick Olson Stephen Sanders Dean Soderstrom Steve Turner Jack Haddock Charles Johnson Richard Parlette Bill Saxton Larry D. Struve Samuel A. Vaughan Jr Earl E. Harriman Glen Laughton Hank Philcox Mike Show Jack Tedford Dale Wagner Denis L. Harrison Jim Long John S. Phillips Roderick E. Schuler Bob Teglia Ronald Watson Keneth Barry Marvel Don Richards Jerry Schutz Gary J. L. TolottI Grant Weise 109 ■! ■P The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were very active and busy this year. The year started off well when their candidate, Joel Glover, was elected Freshman Class President in September. The fraternity hosted the sorority pledge classes to dinner, and also held socials and sneaks throughout the year. During the Mackay Day celebration, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s got together with the men of Alpha Tau Omega and hosted an all-school lawn party. Robert Heaney, President Jim Allison Joe L. Alvarez Tim Anderson Bob Backus Douglas Ball James L. Beal Jon Bengtson R od Camp Duke Covin Larry Cheney Jim Colgan Cliff Coluse Michael J. Colyer James W. Coohos Denver Dickerson Richard Dixon Roy K. Driver Dennis Farnesi Pat Flynn Joel Glover Tim Grant Don Hackstaff Bob Hale Michael Halley Dennis Roy Honey 110 Patrick Hart Duncan Henrikson Thomas Horgan Donald E. Jensen Lyman W. Keele Jr. John Lawrence Kees Jamie D. Keeton Duncan Knowles l obert Lawson Harvey Lo Sasso Ralph Madson Jim Maine Stuart Maxwell Jack McElwee Larry Menante Jerald Merrill Bill Nelson Bud Olsen William Palmer Pete Palzis Dick Philpot Dove Pitcher Woody Ribol Keith Roman Srian Ross 111 jmm Al|»hci E|»sil€ n John David Dumbauld Jerry Rossi David A. Short Richard Short John Slansl y John S. Smith Terry Stephenson Tim Sughrue Jay Tell Thomas Tovj er Kenny Vaughan Steve Wall Barry Wotkins Bob Werner Anthony Wheeler Calvin Wilson William W. Converse Robert W. Hawkins James B. Rovs e 112 LITTLE Susan Forden, President The pledges of Sigma Alpha Epsilon always have a loyal friend in the Little Sisters of Minerva as they serve as ' big sisters " to the new SAE ' s. The Little Sisters are also official hostesses for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Barbara Brannen Janice Crumley Katie Diedrichsen Valerie Estes Sandra Hall Pat Hoysted Patti McAdam Janis Palzis Linda Pearce Elaine Pisciotta Joanne Pritchard Joanie Ruark 113 h mm ' -i John F. Bauer, President 114 Robert Donald Armstrong Glen Burt Ray G. Clem Ward Coates Wally Daul Richard Lewis Gwyn No. 877 North Sierra Street is the location of the Phi Sigma Kappa house. This is the second year these men have lived in this house. Unfortunately, during the winter, the Phi Sig ' s fraternity house caught on fire during the early hours of the morning. However, the damage was not too great, and the men soon moved back in. President John Bauer led the men through a suc- cessful and social year. Jerry Lusk Jerry McCord John W. Oakley Henry David Rampoldi Ron Ward Shaw Edward W, Stopper 115 l irtH ft: SIGIMIJt NU The men of Sigma Nu enjoyed a very successful year under the leadership of President Ty Cobb. During the Homecoming celebration this fraternity won the trophy for the best fraternity float, and they also won the trophy for the best Winter Carnival decorations during the annual Winter Carnival celebration. To add to their trophy case, the Sigma Nus ' won three dance attendance trophies — from Homecoming, Military Ball, and Winter Carnival. Ty Cobb Bernard Anderson Skip Avonsino Robert R. Barengo David Berkley Glen D. Bates Ken Belden Robert Bloir Michael Blakely Karl Breckenridge Jim Bronson Carl R. Cahill Tom Cahill Bob Copurro Louis Cartinello Tom Case John Edward Covonaugh Tom H. Cook Stephen Cox Dave Cutler John W. Dovies 116 Don Dalton Raymond Delturco Ken Doyle John David Dumbauld Jim Durham Joseph Eberle Franl Egenhoff Frank Eynon Doug Fletcher Dan Foerschler John Fordham George Fraser Kenton L. Galloway Bob Garcia Lynn Gerow Lance Gotchy Jerry Gregory Arthur C. Grohs Marshall Hansen ja Richard Edward Harney 117 IS M Tom Harvey Art Haseltine Don Heath Mike Henderson Lorry Hicks Stephen Holloway Dove Hornbeck Bruce Jorgenson Richard Junnilo Art Kess Douglas R. Kitroy Jon Key Anthony Klenakis Steve A. Loge Gene Lone I! Chris Levi ' ton Gene Leblanc Jon Madsen Kent Moloney David Mandell Dale McKenzie Dove Minedew Bill Mortensen Rusty Nosh Paul Nel son Herbert Nichols Bryan Nott Bruce Pendleton John T. Peterson Jon Petrio 118 ( Dave J. Reese Robert C. Rice ,..„ Larry Thomas Sabin Dave W. Salter Mike Lours Sauers James H. Sawden Robert D. Scholes John Scott Walter Scott Michael K. Smith Theodore Stoever Steven Thompson Robert E. Van Lydegraf Harry Walters Bruce Ward Donald Wilkerson Pat Williams Richard Vail 119 m The Theta Chi ' s president this year was Harvey Lambert. During Winter Carnival the men of this fraternity, along with Delta Delta Delta and Sigma Nu, won the trophy for the best Winter Carnival decorations. Each year the Theta Chi ' s hold a dinner at their house and present awards to the two outstandirrg greek men and women on campus. Harvey W. Lambert, President THETA CHI Ross C. Armtholz Oris Bean Robert N. Bozeman John Bromley Fred Browne Bill Byrnes Gilbert Cochran Leslie R. Davey Roy Hildon John L. Kimpton C. Marshall Mast Fred Mitchell David Roberts Daniel Shepler Troy Williams Jr. I 120 LIFE White Pine Hall is the newest women ' s dornni- tory on the University of Nevada campus. The women of this hall sponsored a Homecoming skit and a Winter Carnival decoration. Manzanita Hall is the older dormitory for women at Nevada. The women of Manzanita participated in Wolves Frolic and held a Christmas dance. Alice Swainston, President Sarah Ann Pederson, President Mary Alt Suzanne Amundson Deanna Anderson Patricia Arnold Connie Bell Jackie Bell Victoria Betti Trudie Blosser Renee Boic Barbara Bottomley Karen Bryant Jackie Burr Joyce Burr Carole Canon Judith Carsh Sheridan Cathles Audrey Chambers Angela Ciorlantini Bonnie Cleone Sandra Coverston Janice Damerel Patricia DeGrio Wanda Dillon Sharon Domenici Sonja Dotson Laurie Egoschi Marjorie Fendt Sandy Ferguson Judith Fey Marilyn Fletcher Rosemarie Garn Gail Goodman Julie Gregory Harriett Haag Janet Hadland 122 VfHITE Sue Hainer Sharon Hindi Shirley Howard Lollie Johnson Clarel Komer Jennifer Harris Pam Hinkley Minner Hulse Judith Johnson Doreen Losa Joan Harrison Barbara Hirsch Karen Jacobsen Judi Kalousek Betty Lear Maureen Hayden Jo Ann Holmes Diane Johnson Arlene Kaostrup Penny Levin Janet Herb • Carol Horton Linda Johnson Sara Kahrs Sharon MacDonald Ann MacLeod Judith Mangini Marjorie Maple Diane McGihon Molly McKinley 123 iMi Marilyn Mercer Marsha Millard Sherry Millard Jerry Mistak Rose Marie Mohr Darlene Montrose Wanda Moon Jane Mortimer Valerie Olabarria Norma Orr Joan Pesout Wendy Post Judy Lynn Prantil Joanne Pritchard Norma Marie Purdy Jeannette Roney Wendy Rentz Janet Mary Rhodes Cordelia E. Richards Toni Richards Kay Killfoil Barbara Rippee Linda Robear Beverle Rorden Elaine Priscilla Ross Dianne Rosse Gail Rowntree Virginia Russell Judith Settergren Janet Schroder 124 Judy Kay Scott Theo Scott Sunny Scudder Carole Sharp Nancy Shaver Kathleen Shoemaker Vickie Smith Vickie Snyder Lynda K. Spanner Down Starr Carol Thompson Karen Tracy Barbara Trimmer Charlene Waegele Elinor Elaine Warman Virginia Warner Barbara Jean Weddell Barbara Wilson Joanne Wilson Marguerite Wilson Wendy Michael Wilson Lindy Zadow Judy Zagortz IMfHITE PINE- MANX ANITJt 125 mm This year Lincoln Hall was under the leadership of Roger Kreimeyer. This living group sponsored such events as hay rides and all-school dances. Paterick Allison John W. Blaikie Malcolm Dewar Roger Dieleman Dale Eggen Gene Elliott Joseph Fiore Ronald Flemming Max Harcourt William B. Jarvis Ray Jeffers Charles Kiley Gary Loflin Larry Malone Manuel Martinez Alex McCulloch Dan Miles Larry Miller William Moloney Paul Neff A. Wyatt Oliver Reuben D. Palmer Marvin Pennington William Pollard La Mar Pomeroy James Preston Norman Rockv ' ell Noel Sevi all William Strotton John Welch 126 Charles Flatter was president of Artemesia Hall this Year. Dances were also sponsored by this men ' s living group. Edward Arteaga John S. Clark James E. Crockett Joe B. Fallini Ron Gallagher Dick Harris Ronald Peck Michael San Migual Jerry Simpson Ralph D. Thomas Jose Torneo Richard Trelease Kent Whelan John Winn I I 127 128 n ... EiMiMi Members of Block N have earned their letter in baseball, football, basketball, boxing, or skiing and have been accepted by a nnajority vote of the organization. Under the presidency of Doug Ketron, Block N enjoyed a successful year, clinnaxed by a barbeque. Richard Armuth Donald Banta Ronald Banta Jim Bronson Bill Byrnes Mel Choy Joseph Eberle Frank Fahrenkopf Tim Grant Frank Giusti Michael Hart Robert Heaney Hayden Henderson 130 Jon Key Gene Lang Jon AAodson John Monke Pete Palzis Steve Parker Douglas Ketron President David Small Bruce Ward Jinn Whitaker John Winn 131 iBmm This organization is composed of women who are majoring or minoring in the field of physical education. Selling programs at Nevada games is one of the ways in which its members raise money for the three $ 1 00.00 scholarships they award yearly. Delegates from the organization attended a North Western Conference of P.E. Teachers held in Las Vegas in March. Katie Corbin Jo Ann Friesen Pat Hoysted Aliceann Monaghan Linda Pearce Joanie Ruark Jean Smith Linda D. Smith Lynn Spell Maxine Wright 132 i . . ssi fr To render service at and for the University of Nevada in cultural, educational, and social aspects of campus life is the purpose of the Sagens. Each recognized living group is represented by five women members, who, along with five members at large, must meet the qualifications of having 2.2 or better grade average, being an upperclass student, and showing scholastic achievement and service to the betterment of the University. Carolyn Bell Janet Clements Valarie Estes Lora Leonard President AAarlene Ferrari Joyce Hollenback Judith AAaxsom Aliceonn AAonaghan Janis Palzis Linda Pearce Elaine Pisciotta Beverly Roberson Joanie Ruark JoAnn Sbragia Linda D. Smith Lynn Spell Georgia Teskey Susan York 133 ig ili Lester Armstrong Paul Bible Doug Buchanan Ty Cobb Peter Di Grazia Richard Gwyn Robert Heaney Gustav Heyer Morgan Jellett William Kleinsorge Harvey Lambert Wayne Kollodge Robert Lee 134 I This year, by proclamation of Governor Grant Sawyer, UNCOC was given full recognition for its part in the development of career officers by following the requirements of leadership, honesty and integrity, self-discipline, and sacrifice which add greater stature to the term of gentlemen. Under the outstanding leadership of Cadet Lt. Col. Robert M. Hawkins, president, and Capt. John A. Todd, Jr., advisor, UNCOC sponsored the Military Ball which was one of the highlights of the fall social season. During the spring semester the organization assists the junior advanced students in preparing for summer camp, publishes an ROTC newspaper, BATTLEBORN, and has its final social event, a dinner dance. Robert M. Hawkins President Harvey Lo Sasso Jerry Lusk Jon Madsen Ralph AAadsen Larry AAc Collum Jerald Merrill David Small James Smith Bob Weishaupt Jim Whitaker Donald Wilkerson Jerome Williams 135 Ik aisi Being a national honorary service fraternity composed of senior and junior men who have been campus leaders, the Blue Key organized OPERATION MUD. The members collected donations for a drive to clean up Manzanita Lake. Gary Bullis President John Cavanaugh Jim Colgan Tom Cook Frank Fahrenkope Lynn Gerow Robert Heaney Morgan Jeilett Michael Mackedon Andy MacKenzie Jon Madsen David Mandell David Quinn Thomas Seeliger Robert Van Lydegraf Jim Whitaker 136 Frank Fahrenkope President Selective male students are members of this secret honor society. Initiation of new members in the spring consists of a play and other " strange events. " Clifford Burrows Ty Cobb Lynn Gerow Elwood Hage Morgan Jellett Jon Madsen Pete Palzis David Quinn David Short William Stratton Kirk Terrell 137 mam . - ■■ ' Wl J Fl] Don Heath President Being a freshman or sophomore and having a 2.0 average are the requirements of this organization which offers campus service opportunities. Jim Acheson Bernard Anderson Joe Alvarez Gary Bachus Bob Barnum Michael Blakely Charles Burr David Carpenter Pat Clary Jack Cooney Gordon Corn Jon Culbert Bill Curtaz Virginius Dabney John Davies Eric Davis Denver Dickerson Dale Eggen Jim Elliott Dennis Farnesi Joel Glover Carl Graurogel Dennis Honey Max Harcourt Tom Harvey Lorry Hicks Lawrence Hill Leonard Howard Art Kess Keneth Man F red Mitchell Robert Murphy John Oakley William Palmer Richard Parlette Ronald Rick John Scott Jim Sinasek Chuck Slovin Lorry Struve John Sullivan Pat Williams 138 To support student body activities, promote school spirit and foster a spirit of loyalty and helpfulness are the aims of Pages. Membership in this organization is open to sophomore women holding a 2.5 grade average and having leadership qualities. Christiane Baldueci Sherry Millard President Jacquline Chiatovich Marcia Eccles Muriel Ellis Rosemarie Haenel Carole Hoover Julie LaFund Michelle Mackedon Marilyn Madsen ips Linda Lee Phill Judy Quanchi Mary Rossolo Barbara Spaulding Sue Stapenhorst Daine Swart Linda Lee Wadsworth Joan Westfield 139 L 2_. !■ XJ Glen Green. Left to Right, Row One: Robert Bozeman, Rob Robertson. Row Two: James Crockett, David Everett, Ivan Broks, Tom Toleno, Richard Keller, Richard Clayton, Bill Curtaz, Arthur Shepler. Row Three: Frank Egenoff, Christopher Bean, Lee Winne, Walter Brown, Bob Shearon, A. Smolg, Mike Gabbord, John Barney. Row Four: Dave Funk, Roy Nelson, Tyler Hall, Leslie Hamilton, Paul Ferro, Bill Soslofsky, Charles Parker, Donald Stowell. Thirty strong, the Sierra Guardsman is an integral part of the military program. Heading their list of achievements are winning the " Best Drill Team " award in the Nevada Admission Day celebration at Carson City and being honor guard for Governor Sawyer at the Military Ball. Cadet Lt. Glen Green is commander and Arthur Shepler is music director of the drum and Bugle Corps. 140 SICIMA TAU This national honorary engineering society is composed of engineering majors who have completed four semesters and hold an over-all average of 2.5 or better. Morgan Jellett President Left to Right, Row One: William Stratton, Morgan Jellett, Myron Welsh, Bob Wood, Jim Richardson. Row Two: Sung Lim, Virgil Genther, Doug Ketron, Wally Gardner, William Rose, Calvin Thompson. 141 mm Symphonic Band UN llTERSITir DAND The 1 961 -1 962 University of Nevada Band was the largest in the history of the university, numbering 70 for the busy marching season. Wolfpack band members made a historic trek to Los Angeles in November to appear before 63,000 fans at the Los Angeles Coliseum for a Rams-49ers pro football game. The band was seen by an estimated television audience of five million. A concert at Disneyland was also included on the band ' s agenda while in Southern California. Spectacular new uniforms were unveiled before an approving Homecoming crowd at AAackay Stadium. Following marching season the band was converted into the Symphonic Band which made the first extensive concert in years, playing high schools in northern and eastern Nevada. Heading the band staff is Dr. John Carrico who come to Nevada in 1 959 after directing Texas state college bands since World War II. As for future plans, the band has been invited to appear in San Francisco at KeZar Stadium for a 1 962 49er game. Audry Chambers Majorette 142 DIRECTORS Dr. John L. Carrico Director of Bands Fred Green Marching Band Director Don Porter Director of Stage Band 143 lb mm Left to Right, Row One: Pat Clary, Erin O ' Brien, Audrey Chambers, Beth Sloan, Dale Donathan. Row Two: Lyie Rivera, Fred Stein, Ralph Aldave, Dave Clarkson, Paul Havas, Kay Won. Members Nevada State Executive Committee National Federation of College Young Democrats. Board of Directors, Young Democrats of the University of Nevada Paul Boeyink President SICIVIA DELTA CHI Members of this national professional journalistic society are elected from among upperclassmen preparing for the profession of journalism and with above-average scholarship. Members of the working press and people in government often attend and speak at meetings. Left to Right, Seated: Tom Kinsey, Charles Thomas, Paul Boeyink, Royce Feour, Professor A. L. Higginbotham. Standing: John Firpo, Ronald Lansford, Professor T. E. Conover. 144 mm 1 £». ;» ■ : i 3r ' } «i« ' " ' ' " TV i- .- ' ' ' v ts. . : ' : if;rf ' : ■■ M v. i- W- ' . .jmi • « «» j ■.■—Ml M.m -«nw«.)i-!«j«ii r2f%.i • ' i » ' fi.t, ' s j M ' misanhiiifSr .w » ' Vr-K:-5 x;r Left fo Right, Row One: J. Dew, D. Mains, S. DeWhitt, D. Wells, M. Woodiel, M. Patterson, C. Strang, K. Shoemaker, P. Norman, R, Beroughf, D. Howard, M. Defilippi, M. Clark. Row Two: S. Cathles, B. Hardin, G. Teskey, R. Jensen, S. Griffith, C. Folley, M. Martin, L. Payne, J. Black, M. Tidd, S. Domenici, R. Haenel. Row Three: W. Rupp, K. Hamilton, W. Tentz, D, Burge, J. Craven, J. Rovischon, P. Bourne, C. Butler, C. Anderson, N. Orr, R. Stornetto, B. Seher. Row Four: E. Sewell, K. Cathledge, P. Hensvold, B. Armstrong, R. Pullman, P. Clary, G. Fornsworth, J. Cuny, T. Lee, C. Wilson, J. Christensen, R. Moncrieff. Row Five: Woikman, Shuteroff, J. Gallian, L. Smith, A. Gifford, J. Hnaf, G. Lundgren, R. Clem, K. Marvel, L. Moore, M, Griffin, F. Biggs. The Madrigal Singers Dr. Macy Director UNIWERSITir SINGERS This group, whose primary interest is giving vocal entertainment for such events as the Messiah, is open to men and v omen for credit hours or for volunteer membership as an outside activity. 145 Left fo Right, Row One: Renate Graft, Cecelia Molini, Jan Cameron, Ann Herman, Barbara Coughlin, Judy White, Joan Westfield, Tina Bundy, June Seyfarth. Row Two: Dole Donathan, Ronald Watson, Mike Cannon, Juan Camanzian, Hj Shin, Autar Chhina, Shombhu Khanna. Row Three: Koye Won, Sam Vaughan, Bob Alward, Lorry Struve. Row Four: Kg, Nel Choy, Geoffney Hebent. This organization, new on campus this year but already very active, is designed to further the cause of international peace and under- standing. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month. This organization is also one in which University of Nevada students have the opportunity to meet and talk with students from foreign countries. Model sessions of the United Nations are held in various Universities throughout the country and are attended by student representatives. Cecelia Molini President 146 li left fo Right, Row One: Jo Ann Prandi. Jane Roberts, Judi Grossenbach, Solly Nielson, Linda Knobbs, Dee Heinbough, Judy Scott, Barbara Brice. Row Two: Suzanne Henderson, Susan York, Donna Click, Heanne Sadler, Lynn Fry, Elizabeth Williams, Rosemorie Haenel, Jean Cheel, Kay Hamilton, Edward Brilloult. Row Three: Ann Poulsen, Margaret Goegg, Pat McAdam, Karen Hunter, Sandy Bodney, Morlene Ferrari, Sherry Millard, Norma Jones, Lorea Mickey, Jock Strickland. Row Four: Clifford Townsend, Donald Stoker, Charles Preston, Chester Wood, Vincent Swinney, Margaret Leonard, Raymond Corra- detti, Arlen Fork, Tom Hosperis. Bev Roberson President A guest speaker from Scotland showed her skills. SNEA, under the leadership of Bev Roberson, enjoyed a very successful year. Guest speakers and the annual Christmas party, attended by Future Teachers from Nevada high schools, were some of the highlights of the year. 147 IR H, Marilyn left to Right: Lorraine Odell, Donna Sanford, Marilyn Peterson, Karin Bryant. Full of school spirit, energy, and the ambition to be there cheering our teann on, be it in sun or snow — that ' s our yell leaders. They have done an outstanding job this year, participating at the pajama rally, the Homecoming parade, and football and basketball games. LEADER! Karin Lorraine Donna 148 h ■Jiiu ' i Nannette Ellen Karen With the rustle of pom poms and the sound of loud voices, the song leaders led spectators through a lively year. Marjie Marcia Sandy Left to Right , Row One: Marcia Oaks, Nannette Staples, Sandy Hall. Row Two: Ellen Roseman, Karen Parsons, Marjie Patterson. •f Left fo Right, Row One: Miss Kelly, Wendy Rupp, Joan Gansberg, Cecelia Molini, Gloria Casci, Miss Felshin. Row Two: Jeanne Badler, Rosemarie Haenel, Marty Sanford, Rita Lund, Jo Friesen, Deanna Anderoen, Miss Ferdun. WRA membership is open to all women students. Offering women participation in such events as bowling, basketball, and volleyball, its main objective is to provide a program of recreation, promoting friendship, and athletic competition. Each spring the WRA hosts high school girls from all over the state to a day of fun in sports. Cecelia Molini President Joan Gansberg, treasurer; Jan Felshin, advisor; Cecelia Molini, president. 150 Left 1o Right, Row One: Dr. Clufe, Dr. Elliott, Dr. Tigner, David Christensen, Vincent Swinney. Row Two: Grace Yori, Shoron Chase, Carol Smith, Judy Maxsom, Mary Ellen Glass. I HI ALPHA THETA Carol Smith President Phi Alpha Theta is a national history and political science organization open to all students in this field with the completion of twelve hours or nnore work in history and a B or better average. Meetings are held monthly with entertainment at each. The organization has a banquet each spring that is highlighted by a special guest speaker. New members are Robert Strode, Paul Havas, Carl Donathan, John Crawford, Elizabeth Sloan, Elizabeth Stetson, Don McCaughey, David Scruggs, David Clarkson, Jayl Cornelius, Beth Ann AAcKenzie, Robert Backus, Marta Sanford, Judith Armstrong, Ty Cobb, Michael Machedon. 151 miM Pij H qJ I Hkj ' " b 1 W K 1 Hi H 1 EHHHHhhh h Left to Right, Row One: Norma Hubbard, Charlotte Graunke, Janet Willson, Susan Lombordi, Janice Crumley, Row Two: Mike Henderson, Harry Day, Lawrence Hill, Gary Backus, Bob Rice. Row Three: Jinks Dabney, Gordon Nelson, Tim Grant. Mike Henderson President Realizing that our college students are the leaders of tomorrow, the Young Republicans strive to inform their members on how politics work, with concentration on the local and state levels. Its purpose is to take part in political activities. Meetings are held on the first Thursday and third Tuesday of each month, with Mike Henderson presiding. The other officers are: Gary Backus and Jinks Dabney, vice presidents in charge of public relations; Norma Hubbard, corresponding secretary; Charlotte Graunke, recording secretary; and Janice Crumley, treasurer. Meetings are highlighted by films or lectures with the opportunity to discuss the subject at hand. Lecturers are usually outstanding community leaders or high office holders in the Republican Party. W 152 Left to Right, Row One: May Cropper, Sharon Jones, Diana Blake, Sharon Jensen, Joyce Horlack, Jill Crocket, Sandy Austin, Lola Blanchard, Shirley Willis. Row Two: Ladd Cropper, Paul Neff, LaAAar Pomeroy, Wayne Kotter, David Roberts. Row Three: Orson Huntsman, Kendall Smith, Bryant Wads- worth, Don Cottom, John Cory, Roger Sorensen. Promoting brotherhood and fellowship among its members on the Nevada campus since 1 949, the Lambda Delta Sigma was founded and based upon religion and is carried out by the five ideals of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — fellowship, leadership, intellectuality, cultural life, and religion. Meetings are held weekly. Don Cottom President And there was a game of checkers for the early comers. 153 John Pierotti President Left to Right, Row One: Pete Conlan, Marye Swanson, Rebecca Wainscoat, Jill Black, Arlene Maloney, Diane Solas, Donna Coulter, Jean Markum, Row Two: Cynthia Reynolds, Kathleen Mirzok, Judy Black, Vicki Snyder, Carolyn Kenney, Charlotte Dodick, Barbara Cooper. Row Three: Mike Cannon, Janey Waara, Jean Rancy, Rosemorie Garn, John Pierotti, Jim Gelhaus, Mgurun Brien, Lois Wheeler, Adnienne Trinchero, Juan Cruz Camangian. Row Four: Greg Luainscoat, Bill Sinnott, Phil Hanifan, Walt Scott, Don Dalton, Kent Maloney, Ron Obechana, Boyd Cox. NEVflVIAN CLUD The purpose of the Newman Club is to promote religious, educational, and social welfare among students. Membership is open to ail interested students. The meetings are held at t he organization ' s own quarters about one- half block south of campus on North Virginia Street every Sunday night. Pre-meeting chats were always in order. ,. 154 KdL. Left fo Right, Row One: Ed Martin, Sandy Curtis, Elizabeth Williams, Mivee Irummond, Jane Lam, Patsy Rogers, Denton Gemd. Row Two: Bob Irwin, Eerie Shieg, Malcolm Dewar, Harold Gower, Jack Walker, Hanie Kector, Bruce Haupten, Gary Sullivan. Bill Curtaz, President Lutheran Student Association The Wesley Foundation, on the Nevada campus since 1 940, was organized to bring Methodist students and other interested persons together for special and religious development. Meetings are held bi-monthly at the Wesley Building. The Lutheran Student Association meets every other Sunday evening, at which time the members get together and enjoy dinner together. The purpose of this religious club is to promote fellowship. Left fo Right, Row One: Reverend Vernon Kotter, Bill Curtaz. Row Two: Jane Jacobs, Mary Saumer, Rosemarie Haenel, Ann McLeod, Rene Gratt, Jo Bell. Row Three: Fred Miller, Charles Norton, Harry Day, Larry Struve, Marilyn Kotter, Ron Haines, Norman Samuelson, Ron Johnson. 155 T Left fo Righf, Row One: Gaby Crutchett, Virginia Currie, Judy Poulsen, Marsha Frankovich, Vicki Snyder, Judy Pranfil, Sally Saunders, Karen Bradbury, Jane Thompson, Janice Crumley, Janet Clements, Marge Page. Row Two: Al Hole, Glen Bates, Joe Eberle, Don Jensen, Brian Sandell, John Barker, Jim Barry, Walt Brown, John Robinson, Barbara Russell, Jerry McCord. Row Three: Russ Miller, George Stoats, Kate Murray, Kim Miller, Sandy Bodney, Jim Durham, Carolyn Bell, Lynn Fry, Lol Mallett, Gary KitzrVien, Russ Waszovan. Row Four: Professor J. Carlson, Lynne Brust, Jerry Mistak, Margaret Goegg, Ward Coates, Ann Diehl, Ron Romoni, Susan Foley, Judy Hoover, John Bauer, John Oakley, Rick Miles, Tom Cook. Jim Durham President Making plans was fun, but carrying them out was even more so. Boasting of a very large membership, the ski club was organized to further the sport of skiing on the Nevada campus through organized activities. Some of the club ' s main activity takes place during the celebration of Winter Carnival. Club membership is open to all interested persons. Dues are $2.00 a year. 156 h n? »sh L»ft to Right, Row One: C. Davis, Diane Ortiz, Jean Nichol, Marta Sonford, William Buck, Charles W. Jones, George A. Myer, advisor. Row Two: Gwen Anne Smith, Joan Gansberg, Carol Bailey, Clint Wells. Laura Ragg, Bill John- son, Jeanne Badln. Row Three: Bill Hamilton, Milton Thowkoa, Warren Laird, Larry Hiseman, Tom Lump, Bruce Johnson, Bill Thacker. Row Four: Bob Reed, Dick Olson, Dick Downs, Jim Tigo, Dennis Trousdale, Stephen Ferraro, Slug Gellespie. Charles W. Jones President President Charles led the Aggies through an active year. Since its founding in 1 909, this club has been an active organization of students and faculty members in the agricultural college. Meetings are held each Thursday in the agriculture building to carry out business and social activities, including a Nevada livestock show, an inter- collegiate rodeo, dances, a Christmas party, and a spring picnic. Dues are $2.50 a year, which includes membership in the Washoe Horsemen ' s Association. 157 r-r til -- t , • s Left to Right, Row One: Elwood W. Hage, Jack Ridley, Lloyd Emmons, Joe Gregory, Dr. Patrice D. Dalton. Row Two: C. W. Lingenfelter, Gary Cook, Don Neal, Amir Badiei, Mike Connor, Laurence Kellenger. Membership requirements for Alpha Zeta, an honorary agriculture organization, includes being in the top two-fifths of your class and being a second semester sophomore. The agenda for bi-monthly meetings usually consists of a discussion on an interesting topic or plan-making for a service project. Just a quick snack. I c . Elwood W. Hage President 158 r Left fo Right, Row One: Bill Sfratton, Jim Smith, David Christensen, Reverend Mueller. Row Two: Glenn Meyer, Karma Anderson, Kitty Kerr, Sharon Myers, Terry Richards. k The group, whose purpose is to unite and form a doctrinal and fellowship group of students of the University of Nevada of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, meets every Sunday night at St. Luke ' s Church under the advisorship of Rev. Miller. All Lutheran students or friends of such are invited to attend. A social hour was enjoyed following the nneeting. 159 SfaXa Left to Right: Toddene Watkins, editor; Karl Breckenridge, circulation manager; Nancy Horning, business manager; Steve Heyer, columnist; Dick Morris, columnist and photographer; Penny Levin, campus news editor; Dennis Golden, advertising manager; Donal Ruth Murphy, social editor; Doug Buchanan, manag- ing editor. Toddene Watkins Editor Nancy Horning Business Manager Informing, interpreting, entertaining, and servicing — the criteria of a good newspaper — were fulfilled to the highest this year by the paper ' s nose-for-news staff under the editorship of Toddene Watkins. This year was the first to see semi-weekly editions, all previous volumes being published weekly. 160 ■-»■ ■ i» Ji Doug Brucker and Royce Feour Sandy Hall and Richard Morris Karl Breckenridge, Nancy Horning, and Dennis Golden Editor Judith Maxsom Writing copy, taking pictures, identifying students, and correcting proofs kept the 1 961 - 1 962 Artemisia staff busy for over a year to be able to present this book to the student body. Editor Judy led and directed her staff of twenty-five. Pliotographer Richard Morris Business Manager Tom Cook Art Editor Dave Mandell 162 FACULTY — Chris Johnson, Anita Tobey, Sue Royer and Lyndell AAcGue. LIVING GROUPS — Karen Lott and Sharon Yaezel CLASSES — Standing: Molly McKinley, Nancy Franklin. Seated: Joanne Nelson, Georgiann Sfouf. ORGANIZATIONS — Judy Brann and Carol Hansen. 163 lESiyi ADVERTISING STAFF — Tom Cook and Betty Bodson STUDENT GOVERNMENT — Claudia Dukes. SENIOR HISTORIES — Rosemarie Haenel, HONORS — Judy Norcott, Diane Smith, Judy Morrison and Bruce Beardsley. CALENDAR SECTION — Mary Lynn Barnard, Judy Grossenback and Dilys Doyle. 164 Left fo Right, Row One: Charles Miller, J. Gimlett, Joe Eberle, Daug Ketron, Robert Wollett, John Locke, Jack Clark, R. N. Boemon, H. E. Becston. Row Two: Paul Turner, Ken Olson, Dave Osborne, Mike Fitzgerald, Don Hagerty, Charles Johnson, Terry Bates, David Hardgrove, Werner Funke, G. E. Phug. Row Three: J. Prodden, J. Adams, B. Johnson, J. Hora, L. Sanniguer. ECHANICAL ENGINEERS All mechanical engineering students are eligible to attend these meetings which are held to enable students to better understand the profession they have chosen. Monthly meetings feature technical discussions, technical films, and lectures by prominent men in the field. Joe Eberle President 165 kSSittM Left to Right: David Lutz, business manager; Jim Bowen, associate editor; Ralph Eavenson, associate editor; and Ricliard McConaughy, editor. DRUSHFIRE STAFF Richard McConaughy 166 Ji miM.J ' -X. David Lutz The Brushfire is a literary magazine, printed yearly, for the purpose of publishing original works in fiction, poetry, and art submitted by University of Nevada students. Staff membership is open to all interested persons. Copies of the magazine are available in the late spring. 167 sam rr- Left to Right, Row One: Wally Gardner, Don Barkhurst, Charles Flatter, Jim Richardson, Leonard Lindauer, Bill Stratton, Robert Namhart, Eugene Mosso, Charles Fell. Row Two: Albert Tarr, Don Einoiclner, Juan Camangian, Frank Eynon, Lester Armstrong, Calvin Thompson, Allen Wilson, Warren Ron- sheimer, John So. Row Three: Max Harcourt, Steve Bergman, Charles New- man, Ray Escobedo, Paul Nelson, A! Richards, Larry Coleman, Richard Lund, Lee Littlepaye, John Wood. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS At monthly meetings, which all students registered in electrical engineering are eligible to attend, student technical papers are presented or the branch is addressed by some prominent member of the profession. 168 President Gerald Kitzman Officers of Sigma Pi Sigma Professional merit, academic distinction, and demonstrated interest in the field of physics are the basis of membership for this national physics honor society. Left fo Right, Row One: Hal Mollett, Bruce Erkkila, Robert Marshall, Dale Tedford, Carl Koizumi, Keith Lee, R. E. Worley. Row Three: Dave Hornbeck, Webb, W. T. Scott, G. Barnes. Row Two: Michael Hebert, Les Tilson, William Greg Jackson, Gerald Kitzman. 169 F CliriL ENGINEERS Membership in the American Society of Civil Engineering, whose function is to promote closer relationship between the American Society of Civil Engineers and students, is open to all students in that particular school. Meetings are held monthly. President Robert Fuller OFFICERS — Left to Right, Row One: Millard Reed, Robert Fuller, Erik Beyer. Row Two: Pete Morros, Doug Hopkins. Left to Right, Row One: C. Montrose, E. Beyer, P. G. Morros, R. Fuller, A. Chinno, Clayton, P. Soule, M. Reed, Osborn. Row Two: Professor Orevtt, Weisaupt, M. Welsh, S. Padam, K. Hunter, R. C. Sonford, Tabata, W. Trewitt, Neary, Ives. Row Three: Gardner, R. Hibdon, J. Nightingale, R. Davis, A. Jones, Shyller, D. Fodeurcht, L. Brust, Glendhour, R. Lee. Row Four: Professor Yarborough, Professor Breese, D. Kessig, G. Bates, J. Philpot, W. Rose, Arden, D. Hopkins, Professor Bonell. 170 vr-vmjbi President John Welch Left fo Right, Row One: John Welch, Dr. Koetryn, H. Deoffy, Thomas Wood- horns, Teddy Carlson, Rollie McHughes. Row Two: Dr. R. A. Goodell, John Bauer, Harry Losasso, Bill Tuck, Leif Doli, Hack Clifford, Winston Jones, Marvin Nielsen. President Harvey Lambert The chief purpose of this newly organized fra- ternity for nnen in the College of Business Adminis- tration is to promote affiliation with the business world through professional and social programs. A group of chess-playing undergraduate students and faculty members organized this club to develop an interest in the game among University of Nevada students. Left to Right, Row One: Harvey Lambert, Thomas Toleno, Don Tankersley, Mike Polish. Row Two: Dick Morris, John Cory, Robert Keene. 171 p Designed to associate students with their profession, this organization is open to all students majoring in nursing. The group has social functions and business meetings and sends a delegate to the notional meeting of the National Student Nurses Association. Helen Alpers and Louis Clark Left to Right, Row One: Sharon Stark, Joanne Elkin, Virginia Backes, Jeanette Snyder.Row Two: Muree Drummond, Ann Prida Madolyn Cherry. Left to Right, Row One: Sharon McDonald, Donna Coulter, Barbara Aim, Karen Bradbarry, Judy Karsch. Row Two: Kay Park, Geri Shaw, Peggy Hayman, Louise Payne. Row Three: Janet Herb, Marietta Boidridge. Row Four: Jill Walker, Marlies Speckner, Ellen Rich. Row Five: Ann Diehl, Lynn Johnson. 172 OFFICERS — Left to Right: Barbara Coles, vice-president; Rosemarie Hoenel, program chairman; Susan Lombardi, president; Donol Ruth Murphy, secretary; Loise Mclntire, executive director. k President Susan Lombardi To serve the University of Nevada culturally, spiritually, and socially is the purpose of the U of N branch of the Young Women ' s Christian Association. Organization membership is open to all interested women students of the University. 173 ws mt 174 Si ' v 1 Left to Right, Row One: Richard Trachock, Jake Lawlor, Rachard Dankworth, Jimmy Olivas, Robert Laughter. Row Two: Jack Spencer, Floyd Edsall. These are the men responsible for Nevada ' s fine athletic events this year. Dr. Arthur Broten Department Chairman i fe.iftlfr r ' r I Jake Lawlor Director of Athletics if 1 176 Head Football Coach Richard Trachock End Coach Richard Dankworth Line Coach Floyd Edsall ]77 iSSmt ■sr: Row Two: Richard Trachock, Gary Busch, Roy Vernon, John Prida, Jim Whitaker, Boody Grist, Tom Cook, Joe Perozzi, Jay Carter, Bob Zuliani, Bob Alfred, Larry Moss, Jim Bronson, Stew Schroder, Jim Rowe, Pete Palzis, Dave Lundy. Row One: Bill Ireland, Bill Byrnes, Richard Miles, Joel Glover, Dick Pinion, Toni Klenakis, Bill Daniel, Myron Carpenter, Frank Nenzel, Daniel Harrison, Bob Herron. Row Three: Jack Renwick, Gene Lang, Gory Sullivan, Jim Cowiezell, Jok Achavie, Gordon Lemich, Gerald Hook, Max Culp, Billy Barber, Jerry McKenzie, Cal Campbell, D. Fisher, Floyd Edsall. 178 Frank Nenzel Toni Klenakis Am hm- Jim Whitaker John Prida 179 Tr: Bill Byrnes Myron Carpenter Rick Miles 180 jg S SSml ' SiF i ' ' i iiiHiHilifci Iifiiiii iiiiif ? i Daniel Harrison -n3 :.• Joel Glover iX ' MB s Bob Herron Boody Grist Joe Perozzi Jay Carter Bob Zulian Larry Moss Jim Bronson 181 )sssm S «if ■mm m m m " - !» Stew Schroder Jim Rowe Pete Palzis Dave Lundy • Bob Alfred Jock Renwich i Gene Long 182 Col Campbell Jerry McKenzie EgMH| H|p»4i» mm ' 1 111 w f - u « • ■ ■ ' 1 1 wStk i H R i Gary Sullivan fS fiHibam Jim Cawiezel " ■iNi w Gordy Lemich Max Gulp Gerald Hook Jok Achovie . mt. ■ Billy Barber D. Fisher 183 ksa T Left Jo Right, Row One: John Genasci, Warren Gotterd, Ed Richards, Ron Jones, Louis Tomburello, Mike Lane, Ed Borrllo, Frank Echave, Don Ward. Row Two: Keith Lee, John Sullivan, Buddy Shaw, Dave Sheets, Jerry Hayworth, James Arnoldsen, Ed Pierce, Joe Bertolino, Charlie Burr. Row Three: Joel Glover, Ron Worthington, Bob Pullman, Ed Hannon, Ed Johnson, Larry Whitton, Mike Farris, Dick Zrawnell, John Gaynor. Coach Bill Ireland 184 " ■ v.. Don Ward and John Genosci, Assistant Coaches This is Bill Ireland ' s second year at the University of Nevada and his second year as coach of the Freshman Football Team. Helping him this year as assistant coaches were Don Ward and John Genasci. The Wolfpack played four games, winning one and losing three. 185 issm When this section of the yearbook went to press, Coach Jack Spencer was leading his teann through another victorious season. This is Jack ' s third year at the University of Nevada. Coach Jack Spencer 34 Left to Right Row One: Bob Schebler, Murray Zinovoy, Brent Johnson, Brad Baraks, Bill Robinson, Bruce Pfietzer, Stewart Johnson, Dave Craig, Coach Spencer. Row Two: Walt Pfeiffer, Craig Hall, Chico Feilback, Tom Eaton, Dove Ricks, Eddie Hillygus, Joe Dearrieta, Bob Donlan. " .!r° . Lv VAO 1 %% = o So ' lU l-l .,.. i mitm mm %i »m m m i mmmmmm 24 K-hr.. MiUDJ %3 i i 12 m 1 ■ jsmi Craig Hall Chico Feilbock Bob Donlan Nevada ' s Joe Dearrieta drives in for a basket. Joe Dearrieta 187 r?r: Brent Johnson Bob Schebler Brad Baraks Craig Hall drives past Alameda to score for Nevada. Murray Zinovoy m ' ' »W ilM.f»« 188 Eddie Hillygus Walt Pfeiffer issm 1 962 Varsity Basketball Games January 23 Nevada Southern January 27 ... . Creighton University February 2 Sacramento State February 3 Cal Aggie February 5 Ganzaga February 9 Alameda February 10 San Francisco February 15 Chico February 17 Humboldt February 23 Sacramento State February 24 Cal Aggie Beautiful shot by a Nevada man. Jump ball. 190 Craig Hall tries another shot. Left to Right, Row One: Don Hartle, Doug Cox, Marty Hawkins, Bud Olson, Mike Griffin, Coach Furnogoeli. Row Two: Tom Ross, Mike Lane, Dick Crawford, Jim Phillips, Joe Mayer. DASKETDALL TEAIWI The coach for the Freshman Basketball Team this year was Mr. Furnagaeli. This is his first year at the University of Nevada, and he led his team through a successful season. Coach Furnagae 0 W SH ' 1. It ' ,♦ ' ' ♦ Doug Cox prepares to shoot. ' ' -fNi Si ' ' I L The Nevada team practicing for its first meet. w ??«ii »,« . " mm One of the favorite sports at the University of Nevada is skiing; so, therefore, everyone is anxious to be on the ski team. Each year the University of Nevada hosts schools from the West to the annual Winter Carnival celebration. Nevada has an exceptional team this year under the leadership of Les Hawkins, and they are hopeful of walking off with all the trophies from Winter Carnival and other meets. Coach Les Hawkins 192 Paul Grist V .y John Parker Manager Jon Modsen 193 194 Jim Grist ft TEAIM IN ACT! i Mike Burnetto 195 iiy Left to Right, Row One: Brian Sandell, Otis Marston, Larry Williamson, Dave Stix, Nick Dryden, Skip Houk, and Bob Engle, Row Two: Coach Olivas, John Clark, John Petrie, Lonnie Tolano, Dale Latvaho, Tom Ormachea, John Crow, and Fred Robertson. Coach Olivas led the University of Nevada boxing team through another successful year. The University gymnasium was the scene of many thrilling evenings for Nevada fans. Coach Olivas 196 John Crow m- ' ' :i Steve Parker Chris Scholz 197 Dave Stix Brian Roach Tom Ormachea 198 Fred Robertson Lonnie Tolono The Team The University of Nevada track team had a very busy season this year. In March meets were held with Davis, Humboldt State, Chico State, and Santa Barbara. University of Pacific, Sacramento State, and Cal Aggies were the teams Nevada met in April. During May the San Jose State All Comers Meet, the Far Western Conference Championship Meet, the N.C.A.A. Regionals, and the California Relays were held. The highlight of the June track season will be the N.C.A.A. Championships. Coach Dick Dankworth Bob Holman Tim Anderson Fred Frolich Jay Edwards Bob Hole Doug Robb 200 Rick Miles Les Dickens Tom Dye Ira Rackley Don Stowell I Lorry Nixon Bob Pedersen Lelond Sheppard Truce Truman Clyde Robarts 201 202 Glen D avis Bob Rautio Dave Heskett Paul Spears Doug Ketron Al McDaniels Brad Johnson Fred Williams Morse Kotter John Barney Richard Williams John Key Ron Lee Tom Cook Larry Smith Steve Holloway Joe Hnat John AAanke Mike Andrews 203 Left fo Right, Row One: Lynne Brust, Kaye Won, Glen Laughton, Mickey Hart, Frank Hernandez, and Leonard Howard, Row Two: Frank Egenhoff, Mike SInaw, Ken Robinson, Bill Palmer, and George Peek. Robert Laughter, Coach The April schedule for the University of Nevada tennis team is April 6 Chico State; April 7 Humboldt State; April 1 3 Sacramento State; and April 1 4 Alameda State. During May Nevada w meet Cal Aggies, San Francisco State, and on May 1 1 and 1 2 the F.W.C. tournament will be held at Sacramento. 204 " SiBlStHWiiw • !«.,. ..-4 Mickey Hart Glen Laughton Lynne Brust Bill Palmer Ken Robinson Koye Won ■— ' - ' 205 OOi. " = The busy schedule for the golf team begins in March when they nneet the Cal Aggies at Davis on March 1 4; on March 24 they nneet the Carson City Golf Club; and they meet Humboldt, Cal Aggies, and San Francisco State on March 29. The April schedule consists of meeting the Cal Aggies, Alameda, and Chico State at Chico; Stead Air Base at Reno; Sacramento State at Sacramento; and Chico and Sacramento State at Reno. On May 1 1 and 1 2 the Far Western Conference will be held at Sacramento. Dick Trachock, Coach Tim Grant 206 Charles Manchester Mike Henderson 207 r l«lf 208 209 p-r ?iSil sssKSSS: 0( i ••• rri fniri I Left to Right, Row One: Don Ward, Dave Sheets, Terry Guidi, Dave Irish, Joel Glover, Ron Bonto, Stv Schroder, Skip Smoles, Luke Whalen, Mike Conopy, Coach Ireland. Row Two: Lorry Cheney, Wayne Abalos, Gordon Lemich, Tony Klenokis, Frank Guisti, Jack Renv ' ick, Honk Ebbert, Barry McKinnon, Jerry Schutz, and Bob Reid. Coach Bill Ireland and his 1 962 University of Nevada baseball team face the toughest and longest baseball schedule in the history of the University. The stiff 39 game schedule includes such national baseball powers as the University of Southern California, last year ' s national collegiate champions, Oregon State College, University of Utah, Fresno State, Santa Clara, San Jose State and St. Mary ' s. In addition, the Far Western Conference, of v hich Nevada is a member, is rapidly becoming a baseball pov er on the Pacific coast and is expected to measure up to the tough California Inter-collegeiate baseball conference in the near future. In his first year at the helm, Coach Ireland led the Wolf Pack to a highly successful season. The Nevadans won ten and lost six games. The highlight of last season was an outstanding upset victory over Notre Dame in the first athletic meeting between the two schools. 210 Coach Bill Ireland 4, Bob Reid t Dave Irish Larry Cheney ( % L Jerry Schutz ' i Tony Klenakis Hank Ebbert Luke Wholen Wayne Abalos Dave Sheets 211 zxsz I 214 g -«c»- Orientation, Trek-Nek and Ice Breaker Dance, Registration, Pajama Rally and Dance, and Leadership Conference. 216 President Armstrong welcomes the new students. Dean Mobley explains the rush system. Governor Sawyer tells of his college experiences. Orientation was held the week prior to the beginning of classes for all new students. Along with English and math placement tests there were several programs held for the incoming students. Governor of the state of Nevada, Grant Sawyer, gave a welcoming address along with some of the university student body officers. Tests, tests, and more tests! 217 ' ---g -- They sang all afternoon. What a con job! 218 A potential Kingston Trio? Anyone want to ask any questions? The dance was swingin! Go, Andy! This year something new was added to the orientation program for the incoming students. All new students went to Lake Tahoe in busses where an all-day picnic and song fest was held, followed that night by the Ice Breaker dance. These are freshmen??? 219 r t M. r i %,, ' t ' . 220 Lines, I.B.AA. cards and confusion ! Oh, darn; another conflict! Forms to fill out. . . . Please let me in your class. The rustle of leaves and the sudden chill of autumn in the air brought 2700 old and new students back to the Hill. Awaiting everyone was the wonderful two days of registration. The usual slow and exasperating process was speeded up and much improved this year due to the use of new I.B.AA. machines. Most of the former confusion was avoided and almost everyone got the classes he wanted. 221 Along with September come many new duties for the leaders of our campus. Once again this year they all traveled to Lake Tahoe for the Leadership Conference. There was group discussion on such topics as school spirit and other problems of the University. The themes for Homecoming, Winter Carnival and AAackay Day were chosen. A deep subject. Someone is going to have a share! Bev likes her steak rare. 222 The huge bon fire rally in Mackay Stadium. The annual Pajama Rally and dance was held again this year. Many students turned out for the gala affair. After a huge bon-fire held in the center of Mackay Stadium, a snake dance wound down Virginia Street, in and out of various hotels and clubs causing excitement for all. With only a few casualties the pajama-clad students made their way back up to the Hill where a dance was held in the dining commons. Some got very acrobatic! Are they cheering for Nevada or beer? The tourists wondered what was happening. 223 The big event for October was Homecoming. 224 - ' li» ■m m .. t Ai - ■ ■ - ■ ' , 1 ■ --i : s ' fv :A -J ' p " . - -V• « s X . f. «-.M , iL ' W ' - ■v ,? ■- ' i. iVk; -c ir- • ■ " -V ti ' ■■ " ' ' ■■-. ' f " j»H • •« m Bwr The annual Activities Parade was held again this year in the Jot Travis Student Union. Students were given the opportunity to sign up for any activities or clubs that they wished to. The parade also gives freshmen and transfer students a chance to see the many different activities there are for them at the university. If she does, I will. i ' % Oh, no. Glen — not in the Ski Club! 225 T Open wide and say " ah. " And then I told him to . You did it! 1 know you did! Hold it! To kick off the social whirl for the 1 961 -62 school year, the sororities and fraternities proudly presented their new pledges at dances given in their honor. Kappa Alpha Theta honored their pledges at a semi-formal dance held in the Skyroom in the Mopes Hotel while Gamma Phi Beta held theirs in the Fable Room of the Mapes. Bach, bach, bach!! " ' k ' ' ! Spinach! What a way to spend the evening! The following weekend Delta Delta Delta sorority and Pi Beta Phi sorority pledge dances were given in the Mapes ' Skyroom and Fable Roonn. The new pledges were presented with flowers by each active chapter. Wonder what ' s in it? iB frnt: ' ¥ ' iKI ' • ' ZM kv m K - A m l V g J V ■ V J S m " --- " : i « -:r " ' ' " f l Now, let ' s see, one . . . two . . . three . . . four . It must be somewhere! 227 Two, please! C ' mon . . . I ' m twenty-one! Fascination Chug ' em men! Some of the fraternities had costume dances in honor of their pledges. Alpha Tau Omegas and their dates dressed " Roaring Twenties " style and attended the annual " Bowery " held at the Lancer. Phi Sigma Kappa ' s " Hobo Dance " was held at Lawton ' s. Pirate costumes were worn by Theta Chi ' s and their dates at their dance at the American Legion Hall. Meet ya outside. k Oh! those eyes! Come to me lover boy. Sigma Nu held its formal dance at the Mapes Hotel Fable Room which was also the scene of the Lambda Chi Alpha ' s annual pledge dance. The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon entertained their dates at Lawton ' s. Please Isn ' t he cute! Look at those legs!! 229 ' 1 . !«« ' • ' ' «» ' »• . ' — I tt ' t - . ' , ,. - f , ■».-• j , " «l? Which has more lime — the N or the frosh??? Come back here, you! Into the water with you! The Soph-Frosh Field Day saw many students white- washing the N and each other. Although nnany appeared to have more paint on them than on the hill, the N successfully received its yearly clean up. After the trek to the hill, the students returned in buses to the University for box lunches and games. 230 l L-J.. H. ' ? !.-, 1 " " r «« I Lt :4 Look at em shovel it in. EGOIMINC 1961 Busy schedules and approaching midterms failed to daunt the homecoming spirit. This year ' s theme, " Nevada Goes International, " was successfully carried out under the direction of Lynn Gerow and his committee. Back for seconds! Did you really go to Africa? 231 F»» ' i«f. Pi Beta Phi ' s skit, " From Wall to Wall " captured first place. Lambda Chi Alpha won the hearts of the judges with their " Vaudeville, USA " entry. 232 Something new was added to Honnecoming with an International dinner pre- sented by the C.C.U.N., the Student Union Board and the Homecoming Committee. Held in the dining commons, the dinner was well-attended and enjoyed by all. The New Residence Hall told the tale of " The Moonuppers — to be or not to be. " Wolves Frolic: Le Moullin Rouge, directed by Dr. AAenton, was a colorful and lively presentation Thursday and Friday nights in the downtown State Building. Variety was the key with skits ranging from fairy tales to Minsky ' s Follies. The " Co-eds " offered songs with an international flavor. " The Delta Frolics " presented by Delta Delta Delta brought the man " back to the hill. " 234 p ' ' J ' 0 -i r ' iL ' III I Kappa Alpha Theta pleased the young at heart with their skit, " The Wizard of U.N. ' Starting the big day off was the cross country race from Sparks to Reno. Independent Ron Lee, from Fallon, won the race and the Sigma Nu ' s captured the trophy by having the most pledges finish in the first ten. Jim Durham and Bill Schilling offered their talents as folk singers. " Lovely Vienna ... " sang Gamma Phi Beta, " Auf Wiedersehen, Austria. ' .. L ' . ' i ' Pf: wmif{f » ■ - s :ii;i;:r4 5:; || I ' So Solly, Col Poly " said the giant Buddha of Sigma Nu ' s winning float. THE IMflNNERS Kappa Alpha Theta ' s entry, " Got ' Em on the Run, " captured first place honors. -nft;lij ' ' tA ' ' T«lfci u ' ,fj .t . 237 " Sail Along Wolfpack " says Alpha Tau Omega. Phi Sigma Kappa said " Junk Them. " " Dunketh the Mustangs " was the Independents ' theme. Sigma Chi ' s theme was " Wolves Triumph. " ' -i 238 ■m Sigma Phi Epsilon says that " Pharoah ' s Sphinx is Cal Poly ' s Jinx. " Pi Beta Phi offered " Around Pomona in Eighty Ploys. " Delta Delta Delta ' s Mexican burro soys " Pitch Poly Pronto. Theta Chi entered their " Gourmet ' s Delight — The Sweet Taste of Victory. " 239 After weeks of building, twisting, and stuffing, the living groups floats wound their way up Virginia Street in a parade of sixty-eight entries led by the R.O.T.C. Color Guard and accompanied by a collection of the top high school bands from throughout the state. Cold weather failed to keep students and alums away from the game, and everyone cheered as our Wolf Pack upset Cal Poly from Pomona, twenty-eight to twenty. Evening brought the dance and long-awaited announcements of the judges on frolic, floats and dance attendance winners. And thus, another very successful Homecoming was ended. Lambda Chi Alpha wanted to " Carry Out Cal Poly. " ■ Gamma Phi Beta says to " Head ' Em Off! ' If ' ' ' ' P 11 ' ' ' 1 m U ' II ff f i ' ■» " 1 ■ 1 1 en { Sigma Alpha Epsilon tells us to " Pepper ' Em, Nevada! " 240 i First the Little Wal — then Mackay Stadium And then motion to the endzone. It ' s about that freeway! But I ' m allergic to roses. 241 r-w r. Here, let me try it. Oh, come on now! Wait a minute there. Oh, really? 242 Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving Vacation, Fraternity Bean Feed, Military Ball, " The Apple Cart " 243 And the band played on. 244 The Student Union Board auctioned off a turkey this year. in conjunction with the annual Turkey Trot. The University Stage Band played in the Snack Bar of the Student Union before the auction. Use Aero-Shave? Going once . . . going twice . . . gone! Thought you were sneaking up on me, huh? The I.F.C. annual Beanfeed was held with Alpha Tau Omega walking off with seven out of ten awards. Five were won for Individual sports, one for Best Fraternity in Sports, and one for Scholastic Improvement. Calvin Wilson of Sigma Alpha Epsilon won the Best Sports- manship trophy. The S.A.E. ' s also won the bowling trophy. Lambda Chi Alpha won the trophies for baseball and badminton. Can ' t quite reach it. Now let me tell you one . . ES. And so I said to him Been skiing lately? The R.O.T.C. department presented their annual Military Ball, which turned out to be one of the biggest social events on the University of Nevada calendar. The evening was climaxed by the crowning of Pam Kitt of Manzanita Hall by Governer Grant Sawyer. The new queen was presented with a bouquet of roses and the official ROTC sabre. Oooh! That ' s sour! -- iit 246 My mother never told me. That to you! Queen Pam was attended by Ellen Rosennan, Patsy Rogers, Jean Tachoires, Jaculine Chiatovich, and Robin Killinger, who were each given small sabres. One of the high points of the evening was the dropping of balloons, some containing prize certificates. Dance attendance trophies were awarded to Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Nu. Where ' s the bar? Ready, aim, fire! 247 1 B •• , K --j ; ,-,.r,;,::.,,i., ,:::,.. filll Pi " i!; ' 1: jm B IP m- ., 1 i H 1 ti ' 0 You must be wrong! I ' ll never tell 1 The first production of the Speech and Drama Department was a political extravaganza, " The Apple Cart " by George Bernard Shaw. It was presented by the University Theater and directed by Mr. R. Terry Ellmore. The cast included Molly Tyree, Mary McCord, Sara Pederson, Julie Johnson, Barbara Champlain, Ronald Gold, Ray Embry, Gene Evans, and Delmar Dolbier. Conne on, come on! Oh, I never said that. Christmas Formals; A.W.S. Christmas Party, Vacation 249 With December came the sorority and fraternity Christmas Formals. They were held the two weekends before vacation started and, as usual, provided a rousing send-off for everyone. The Delta Delta Delta dance, held at the Riverside, had a unique feature — a " soda-pop bar. " The Mapes proved again to be the favorite, hosting White Pine Hall, Lincoln Hall, Manzanita Hall, and Sigma Nu in the Sky- room and Lambda Chi Alpha in the Fable Room. Please let me sit by him. It must be in there someplace. One, two, three, stomp! Do you love my new hat ? ? ? ' ia i gir . - 250 t Then she said to him . . Oh, no! ■ fr 1 H Ww V p [ Jw i s i T ' l A 1 f ' X, tjMM m h. 7 ' .■ Look here, bud ! What a party! Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Sigma Kappa held their dances at the Halfway House. Lawton ' s was the scene of the Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Phi Epsilon functions. Kappa Alpha Theta and Theta Chi held their dances at Hidden Valley and the El Cortez, respectively. Santa Claus appeared at most of the dances, handing out favors and miscellaneous gifts. 251 ■W-TLrf Sure I love you, Santa! Do you want one too? Honest, I hove been good. The A.W.S. Christmas Party was held again this year with the Pages, a sophomore women ' s honor group, contributing toys and clothing for the underprivileged children who came. Dick " Moose " Armuth played Santa Claus for the fifth or sixth time this season. As usual, the kids loved him. 252 ■ Finals and with them the social scene shifted fronn dances to the Library, the Ag. building, and to the Student Union for that reviving coffee break. 253 Now you ' ve got it. Is this right? During finals week, all University of Nevada students get very little sleep. This is clearly shown in the shots on this page. 254 Complete concentration. The University of Nevada is on a two- semester system. Finals are held two times a year — January and May. The semester tests count as much as two-hour examinations; so naturally the students prepare diligently for them. The week before finals is called Dead Week, and during this period no social events are held. Aaahhhh .... Solitude. How does it taste? Might as well ma ke the best of it. 255 The Army was never like this ! ! C INITIATION Let ' s do the twist ! Each year the University of Nevada ' s Cadet Officers Club holds its initiation. When the men go through the initiation they stay up all night and guard the sorority houses, women ' s dormitories, and the library. Take five. 256 ' M T ■J V. iip ■(■— " • - ' - " " KTK - V " - V - - l ' ., • •• . ■ i ' fe ' -..-J ,•• Vfel. Kf- ■ ' ' " i s. |f ? 5 " V v. ,-;..- ' j ' - ' , J MHiM «»l.. Art» j V • , N . • ?- - ■ " ■ - ' , »:. ' «■ rf ' i The beginning of a new semester; however, the biggest event of all was Winter Carnival. 257 Now what ' s that? Do you see what I mean? Don ' t look so cheerfu 258 This area received lots of business. During the early part of February, registration for the spring semester was held. The new system of registering according to class and to one ' s place in the alphabet proved to be very effective. However, some students still had problems. For the first time in the history of the University of Nevada, the students held a book walk. The purpose of this event was to move the books from the old to the new library. Hundreds of students participated and gained the privilege of attending a dance that evening free-of charge. Hurry up, boys, only 10 more trips to go. Everyone was in the act. This is what I call progress Let me see . . . ' ' iiiif IMflNTER The Winter Carnival celebration was opened with an assembly featuring the Smothers Brothers. At this time Barbara Beesley was crowned Winter Carnival Prince ss by Joe Eberle, Winter Carnival chairman. The assembly was a huge success. 260 Well, let me see . . The evening following the assembly, the women ' s living groups held open houses. At this time the men of the Nevada campus and men from visiting teams were entertained in true Nevada fashion. You don ' t say? It ' s this way . . . Soda pop anyone? How fascinating! 261 A good time was had by all Grist in action. Each year at the conclusion of the Winter Carnival celebration a banquet is held where all the ski team members relax and enjoy themselves. Again this year the new dining commons was the scene of the event. 262 Do you really? " Let ' s twist again " Do you hove a note fronn your Mother, Sonny? Thousands of students attended the Winter Carnival Dance at Swede AAathisen ' s convention center. Linda Knobbs was chairman of this dance. The presentation of trophies and the twist were the highlights of the evening. It ' s pure water! How dull! Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Nu, and Theta Chi each received a trophy for their joint effort on the winning decoration. " Twisting Slalom " was the title of the winner. For the first time this year sororities and fraternities worked together to put out the Winter Carnival Decorations. Two fraternities worked with one sorority. 264 Gamma Phi Beta, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Sigma Phi Epsilon built this excellent replica of o medal. Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Tau Omega, and Chi Sigma constructed a life-like chair lift. A replica of a slalom race was built by Kappa Alpha Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Phi Sigma Kappa. - J ? I L 1 - ■ ' g ' , ' " ' - - " . ' ' ■ ■ ■ i,«t8(Rgys,. 265 Here are the people responsible for Winter Carnival. Left to Right, Row One: Marshal Franchovich, Powder Puff; Mimi Patrick, Skier ' s Banquet; Janice Crumley, Co-ordinator; Bev Bean, Queens; Sue Paradis, Lunches; Marilyn Peterson, Secretary; and Jaci Chiatovich, Registration. Row Two: Larry Cheney, Student Tour Director; Jim Durham, Housing; Ty Cobb, Downtown Publicity; Karl Breckenridge, Sagebrush Publicity; Jim Acheson, Assistant Tour Director, and Ray Vernon, Sno-Show. Row Three: Bill Lohse; Art Kess; Joe Eberle, Winter Carnival Chairman; and Dave Cutler, Transportation. IMflNTER CARNIITAL COIWIIMITTEE 266 I I 267 Robert Bozeman 1 ' Harry Culbert Glen Burt DeRay Lombardi of Alpha Tau Omega was chosen ' Nevada ' s Ugly Man for 1962. William Shields Carl Cahill Doug Buchanan Michael Halley I Go ahead and smoke it. The outstanding male greek — Dave Quinn of Alpha Tau Omega. You don ' t say? Aliceann AAonaghan accepts the award for being the outstanding greek woman. Last year Theta Chi fraternity started a new tradition on the Nevada campus. Each spring this fraternity presents awards to the outstanding greek man and woman. All the sororities and fraternities on campus help in the selection of these two people. 269 They went all out. Prior to the primary elections on the University of Nevada campus a big elections rally is held to kick off the campaigning. This year it was held the night before the primary elections. At this assembly all the candidates make speeches and present their platforms to the student body. Gerow and Cook backers nnaking their demonstration. 270 Vote for Linda! I mean it! Elections are held at the end of March or the beginning of April. Offices filled at this time are ASUN President, First and Second Vice-President, Men and Womens ' Junior Senators-At-Large, College Senators, and Class Presidents. Everyone was there; even victims of ski accidents. We want Mackedon. 271 March 8 through March 1 the play Rashomon was presented at the theatre in the Fine Arts building. Janice Aalbu played the wife; Joe Perozzi was the bandit; and Dick Dixon was the husband. The performers wore authentic costumes. 272 TOU 4i? 273 On March 1 0, 1 962 in Reno, Nevada the one hundred and fifty-seventh chapter of the nation ' s second largest fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, was installed. The charter was presented at the banquet and on installation ball immediately followed. Grand President of Sigma Phi Epsilon Bedford Black presents the charter to Bill Tuck, Chapter President. SICIMA PHI EPSIL Dr. U. G. Duback, National Scholarship Director told the Sig Eps, " Scholarship is the nnost important reason a Sig Ep goes to college. " 180 people attended the Installation Banquet at the Fable Room of the Mopes Hotel. rmr S smm » _« ' t ' Pt. . 274 3 M . :. Ih k.... »w .,..... jtei i , .3i m V M| Dean ot Student Affairs Sann Basta and Bill Tuck look on as Grand President Bedford Black presents the Sigma Phi Epsilon charter to Vice President Young. The district gift was presented to Nevada Alpha by Chuck Osier and Tom Hobday. Making the presentation was the District Governor. 275 The last lap of the 1961 -1962 school year — Big events were Easter Vacation and Mackay Day. 276 Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon 277 Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Phi Beta 278 Phi Sigma Kappa Delta Delta Delta 279 Pi Beta Phi Sigma Nu 280 Independents Lambda Chi Alpha 281 EftJ 282 .DITERTISE 283 North Virginia at Fifth Nevada ' s Fine Store GRAY REID ' S has fashions for football or physics, for basketball or bookkeeping. These and many other styles boast such names as " White Stag, " " Johnathan Logan, " " Catalina, " " Kimberly, " " Gay Gibson, " " AAunsingwear " and " Arrow, " and are all designed with the widest possible curriculum in mind. GRAY REID ' S NEVADA ' S FINE STORE SINCE 1903 NORTH VIRGINIA AT FIFTH RENO PHONE FA 9-0313 Complete Apparel for the College Men in Our New " Squire Shop. 284 PROIMINENT NElfADJtNS I l " Njyj ' - 9 e ' ._ i_ WjM(X....jM vJ o v ' A r( Ji . Z , - 285 Bob Backus Karin Bryant AAarlene Ferrari Sandy Hall Mike Halley Lee Johnson Sharon Millard Bud Olsen Ann Prida Donna Sanford Clark Santini Jim Sinas Jeanne Snf Harry Walters Dave Nyquist, President Glen Bates Tonn Case Pete Conlon Bill Daniels Tom Doughty John Doyle Harlan Heward Mac AAoezzi Jim Murphy Tom Olmachea Bob Patterson Ed Smith Herb Stathis 287 WE ' RE NOV BUILDING A With luck, we ' ll have ready for this summer ' s business a beautiful new theater restaurant, with a fine large stage, and all the new employees it requires to staff it for good service. We hope it will be a very real asset to Reno ' s tourist business, and we think it will be an improvement in the appearance of downtown Sierra Street. SUPERB NEW THEATER RESTAURANT We are planning this new building so it can feature top acts of the entertainment world, or so it can be converted when needed for various groups to hold their convention meetings right in the heart of downtown Reno. A surprising number of Reno conventions need meeting halls seating 500 or less. We hope to serve them, and Reno organization ' s meetings, with true western hospitality. PRIMADONNA 241 N. VIRGINIA ST., FA 9-2251, DOWNTOWN 2 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ms mmmm ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ROCK - SAND - FILL RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL STRUCTURES BRICK VENEER - WALLS - INCINERATORS FIREPLACES - BARBEQUE PITS OFFICE AND PLANT LOCATED AT MORRILL AVE. AT TRUCKEE RIVER P. O. BOX 1148 GEM CONCRETE CO., INC. TRANSIT MIX - CEMENT - LIME OFFICE PHONE PLANT PHONE FA 2-4571 FA 2-0000 MORRILL AVE. AT TRUCKEE RIVER 333 CONEY ISLAND DR. Congratulations ' CLASS OF 1962 " GRAY LINE SCENIC TOURS RENO LAKE TAHOE 288 for further information, write: DIRE ADIWIISSli UNIlfERSITY OF MEVADi - f H rf ' iSir " INSURANC State-Wide Title and Escrow Service Fallon 3 ' - - Vegas Elko Lake Tahoe Carson City Reno Eastern Counties 1 60 West Liberty Serving Nevada Since 1903 Headquarters for Hardwares and Homewares Greenbroe Shopping Center in SPARKS Village Shopping Center in RENO Garden Supplies • Paint • Giftwares 127 N. Virginia FA 3-6104 PIONEER EOUIPIMENT Reno 525 Kietzke CO. Nevada SAN FORD TRACTOR EQUIPMENT CO. NEW TRUCKS 2395 Valley Rd. RENO FARM EQUIPMENT Hwy 50 West FALLON Les Schwimley Motors, Inc. PLYMOUTH — VALIANT STUDEBAKER LARK — HAWK — TRUCKS 600 South Virginia Street FA 9-170I Ufihersii-y Barber Shop EAST OF KNIGHT ' S CAFE ANDREW C. DICKMAN 60 EAST NINTH ST. Proprietor RENO, NEVADA ■■Th( 3 Fa vorite Meeting Place " LITTL E lAfJlLDOR F RENO, NEVADA Lance Ed Dick John AUT 308 So. Sierra St. Phone FA 9-4268 290 Broili ' s Dealers for Zenith Radio TV Frigidaire Refrigerators, Washers Range Dryers Distributor For General Electric Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Gift Ware ALL STANDARD ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 301 South Virginia Reno Phone FA 3-3601 5750 South Virginia St. Reno " Where You Are A Stranger Only Once. " r v Ic r V lanan J furniture » Carpets » Appliances Nationally Advertised Brands Flexible Personalized Credit 120 W. Commercial Row Reno SIERRA ENGINEERING CO., INC. 307 MORRILL AV E Tvj U E FA 2-9101 R E r-JO . N E VA D A Coitomy ENGINEERING Ste«£ FABRICATION GoAjmnl 1ACHINE WORK k CAMPUS CLOTHES 68 EAST NINTH STREET R£NO» NEVADA FAIKVIEI » Xfll« VIRGINIA CARVILLE HAIR STYLING SJLHOUETT £S YOUR NATURAL CHARM La Dean ' s BEAUTY SALON 129 N. Virginia RENO, NEVADA FA a-1457 CONGRATULATIONS FROM ALL OF US AT AilOUELlfi u UtutaiivE. jaihioni CHARLES AND ESTHER Ot WEESE FAiRViRW 9-4D25 ins WALTS LAME 3d Virginia A-i Mi. Ruac DIAMONDS WATCHES HEANEY ' S JEWELRY CO 257 NORTH VIRGINIA ST. RENO, NEVADA FA 2-228 ' 1 291 Plumbing — Heating — Air Conditioning Sales — Service ..„„ gg jf Telephone FA 3-4193 628 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Quality Shoes for Men and Boys First and North Sierra L. G. O ' NEAL Day FA 3-1856 Night EL 5-2204 ELECTRIC CO. Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractors 260 Sunshine Lane — p.o. Box 1488 — Reno, Nevada We Cater to UNIVERSITY PARTIES and BANQUETS 1 6 Automatic Lanes Bar, Restaurant, Ball Shop Sparks, Nevada " Where the University Students Bowl ' Les and San Oppio Oldest and Most Popular Friendly Grocery in This Area THRIF IWIARKET Friendly Service Grocer Telephone EL 5-8331 922 B Street Sparks, Nevada 60 Million a Day THAT NEW REFRESHING FEELING ' SHOSHONE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Reno Telephone FA 9-0231 500 East Fourth Reno, Nevada 292 Reno -Sparks Largest CASIIVO - RESTAURANT - MOTOR LODGE The Nugget Casino is the home of 6 award- winning restaurants, all featuring a delightfully different menu. There ' s fun and excitement ' round-the-clock in our large Casino, where you ' ll find all of your favorite games. Four cocktail bars, and children ' s theater too. So. make your reservations at Reno-Sparks largest Casino-Restaurant-Motor Lodge operation. THE CIRCUS ROOM ' A 600 SEAT THEATER RESTAURANT 3 MILES EAST OF RENO ON ROUTE (40} Reno ' s Most Complete RECORD SHOP 1 7b West St. FA 3-4149 Reno, Nevada L 42 East First Street Telephone FA 3-4567 Reno — Nevada 293 HAlMfTHORN E VARIETY STO •RE 5c to $1.00 and Up SOUVENIRS FOUNTAIN Hawthorne Nevada CHEVROLET CO. " Complete Service and Towing " 901 Sierra Way Hawthorne, Nevada Trade and Save at SAVE - U - MORE Hawthorne, Nevada JC Joe Viani Hawthorne Toiyabe Supply Company (General Merchandise) II TOIYABE CLUB GABBS, NEVADA II 294 208 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nevada GR 2-3409 Drugs — Prescriptions Films — Candies IMflLDUR ' S Popular Brands at Nationally Advertised Prices Wilbur Stodieck ' 29 305 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nevada MEN ' S — WOMEN ' S — CHILDREN ' S " So Much To Choose From " 1024 WELLS AVE. RENO 31 8 N. CARSON CARSON CITY ELKO ENT ERRRIS ES. r INC. • COMMERCIAL HOTEL • RANCHINN Elko, Nevada On U. • S. Hv y. 40 295 Com|»linien ' l ' s off • • • mrada ' s Lcara st Farniina Districl- »ff CountV Comrviission rs Amelio Bell R. J. Kolstrup Delbert Stewart ■I »J%RJ%DISE IN ■I 296 Compliments of IWIOTOR SUPPLY COIWIPANir Roy and Ned FALLON NEVADA One Mile South on the Truck Route Helen — Bil HA 3-1771 Fallon, Nevada i Bii niimiiEa Fallon, Nevada Central Nevada Home Furnishers Since 1912 Frank Woodliff, Owner ' In the Heart of Downtown Fallon ' Modern — Convenient Air Cooled — Steam Heated Fallon, Nevada Best Wishes YERINGTON Nevada HILL ' S RICHFIELD SERVICE Richfield Oil Products East Williams Ave. Fallon, Nevada 297 -J Tires, Batteries, and Lubes Hwy. No. 395 Phone 5511 Minden, Nevada dPRUG STOR P.O.BOX 187 Phone SU 2-2141 MINDEN, NEVADA WINIFRED H. RAHNKE WIlllAM J. RAHNKE GARDNERVILLE, NEVADA ■NSURANC Box One, Minden Buick — Chevrolet Dealer 50 Years of Service IWIINDEN DRY COC Outfitters For The Entire Family Minden, Nevada 298 •TEL DAR F. M. Yparraguirre Gardnerville, Nevada Quality • Service • Price AAinden, Nevada Prescriptions and Vet Supplies AAinden, Nevada ADITERTISERS 299 J -UJii}H if. ■TURI DVfAl Everything For the Home Reosonably Priced Visit Our Colonial Maple Department GULISTAN QUALITY CARPETING Up to 36 Months to Pay HOOVER CLEANERS Never Use Anything But a Hoover to Really Clean Your Carpets — Order Yours Today When Painting Your Home Be Sure to Use the Best DU PONT PAINTS and VARNISHES Furniture Department Elgin 5-8314 846 B Street Sparks, Nevada Hardware Department Elgin 5-4046 IflfEDDING SH 254 West First Street Beautiful Formals • Beautiful Bridals MARTIN IRON IMfORKS, Inc. 530 East 4th St. Reno, Nevada CONGRATULATIONS ST MflSHES Horseshoe II ULuJb- NORTH IflRCINIA 300 Congratulations and Best Wishes From the NEVf COLC INY CASINC » 254 North Virginia DU RKEE TR AITEL BU REAU 250 West First Street and Holiday Hote Office 111 Mill St. Clean Service for Sixty Two Years " in Reno " Quality Dry Cleaning for Your Campus Togs Cash Special Discount nd Gcarrv Show Your Student Body Card Telephone FA 2-9477 205 East Plaza St. RICHARDSON - LOVELOCK, Inc. " Friendlv Ford irillage " RENO Headquarters for Pendleton Woolens, Stetson Hats, Levis — Lees Hyer and Justin Boots aOO N.CeiVTEJJ. STREET ' 200 North Center Street Reno, Nevada Parts and Automotive Accessories Willard Batteries and Seat Covers at 635 N. Sierra Street — Phone FA 3-03 1 8 Nevada ' s Leading Recappers Gasoline — Oil — Lubrication FISK TIRES ,., o,. 1 1 East Fourth St. 141 West Fourth St. Phone FA 2-9409 Phone FA 3-5422 i-Z-i 1 95 S. Sierra, Reno 1 1 1 W. Telegraph, Carson City Gold Medal Award Winner 301 Historic and Progressive and S COLDFIELD 302 Extend Best Wishes to the University of Nevada i d I A feZ - QuMccimU M -c x tuy ' jVJ J C s - i ' " ! [. Iw L c) Jlu Q.d ' jX UrfU GudtjLu ' - 303 Joe Snelson, Formerly a Nevadan, Owner Jack Edwards, Manager Hotel Rooms: Single 7.00 to 9.00 Double 9.00 to 10.00 Twins 10.00 to 15.00 Apartments: Single 9.00 Double 12.00 to 14.00 Suites - _ 25.00 to 30.00 Garage Service Half Block From the Airport Terminal Beauty Parlor The Nevada Lounge Sun Deck GEARY STREET AT MASON GArfield 1-0980 Greetings to the Students of the University of Nevada From ' nd rson, Industrial Chemicals Since 1885 304 A complete photographic - setvfce speaalizm in,., SENIOR, PORTRAITS IN FUU- CQLOK VlAieefiJimglit sStMiio- 971 SO. WEST TEMPLE STREET • SALT LAKE CITY 1, UTAH • EL 9-7017 -- V i . DAVE W. PRIEST Deputy Attorney General Former District Judge. 91 . ... .J y h. 31. 306 ii Y ' y? r A ' -a . dlvCu ()U-i - v - VxAv ' X »6 307 WALKER LAKE Best Wishes . . . Mineral County 308 Sk-tt- - - . X c- b ' K: wJJlft ;« H. s ;.w« . V JC . yWvu .?art£f Itf-i?, . , . 22e . . 5. ■ . l -ducJi C S KMX- .XCc A7 9 Vrz7 - X--c.c.«_J . ' ! ( -ik . • . 309 COIMp ' m- 4P «• ' . ir f . ;. • ' f • ' • ♦ m ' $ m ♦J ■ m . MtEMmmM " cjurirLE Ar rij ;-; C C- cX- -x prvv -i ' t U V X C- ' . .i tof- , -i L - (A c C MjU jT t ' X ' - u . ; t- » » L- -» ' -N c i ' - •uil 311 ander County, the Heart of Nevada, Is Rich in Mining and Ranching. It Offers Activities in All Winter Sports and Is a Mecca for the Angler and the Hunter. LANDER COUNTY P. hAHiSi. 4 H. JENHINS 312 6 (j cAl C-Aa u t, (S ,,.- fea» ' - «- ' • e ' ' Xv , r £ 4i , lJjL oy ' 0. pj. T;J - L 313 C ngrci wla-l ' i« ns ... and Oes lAfishes ■l-o -the Cracl«fa ing Glass of 1962 THE A. E. Millar, General Manager Weed Heights, Nevada l-hi »ff im • • • has played an important role in the development of man. Early Egyptians used the red metal and the planners of tomorrow ' s rockets find copper vital. The everlasting metal is also important to education. Kennecott, through tax payments, participates in providing improved facilities, better conditions and more highly skilled teachers. As a graduate, Kennecott ' s operations in Ne- vada actually mean greater opportunities for you. Kennecott Caifiper QuporatAut McGill, Nevada Nevada Mines Division 314 iMfi )f y ' ClMJ ' - ' - U-VI y n i - j2 L. y t f ' d- . l2. ,B- JTldm- n, dl e- yiy : ( . JAi ' iiLS R. HERZ M. D. -tii.-t C iK . 315 1 l!f MM Mm i. BAiiUii liii ' » ' ' ? . " ' CASINO CENTER A AIARBLC AND OLD MAHO AMY PALACE BIOHTOUTOF THE OLD RUSH DAYfi PMY yoUR FAVORITE GAME... ROULETTE •CRAP5 KEWO • POKER • TWENTy-ONE WHEEL OF FORTUIOE • SLOT MACHINES- .IWO BARS CONTINUOUS ENTeRTAlNMEMr. ultze,cc6 -6 NUG ET RECTAURANT WORLD FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD I I ; ' 316 In ten years people will need twice the electric power they use today. Investor owned electric companies are building right now to meet that need. More power will produce more things, to make the United States even better than it is today . . . electric power supplied in the free- enterprise American way, helping to build your future. POWER COMPANY " Ja 3-0567 » of ' e.. 2if. Sail tS aond eStis i SxaLui-Lve. l Vome-ni. c htuxx L ana c: l-aae.i.ix xie.i. ACKOii THE ST etET FROM WAWIPJ flUB " REh O noviu 0 " tw " " AWFUl- AlV Ut " sandwich V. " A Mtn in iriELfi " pW 6lkNT SeRV A 6 0 FRCNCtt FRICi ' UTFITTERS Office Furniture Office Supplies Office Machines and Service Educational Furniture and Equipment 1 30 South Center St. Reno, Nevada 3T7 ri 318 FA 3-0397 eiAMILTON ucLa ri4 31 West Second Street Prompt and Courteous Service Always NEl PHOTO rjiLDJt SERVICE Photo Finishing Picture Framing Photostat Copies Costume Jewelry 253 N. Sierra St. - Reno Baldwin Pianos Hammond Organs Conn Band Instruments EIWIPOmUlM OF IVIUSIG " Everything in Music " Telephone FA 9-2595 214 North Sierra Street Reno Nevada Reno, Nevada Hardv are Houseware Power Tools RENO MERCANTILE SIERRA AT COMMERCIAL ROW PH. FA 2-3454 Sporting Goods Acme Paints The Finest in Home Furnishings for over a Quarter Century HOIVIE FURMIXURE ' immm mm y. In Reno Sierra At Island Ave. In Sparks 2111 " B " Street Hats Off To The University WELSH ' S Your Local Bread Company 319 There was an old woman who Hved in a shoe- She had so many children she didn ' t know what to do, UNTIL... She discovered Sewell ' s — COOL GREEN CASH SAVINGS — on TOP QUALITY merchandise. Some stores offered trading stamps, or giveaways, others had more gimmicks than a three ring circus but after all, why pay for overhead when your family can ' t eat it. Indeed, feeding a large family is a real problem unless you de- pend on a budget-stretching store like Sewell ' s, that offers down to earth prices w hich are as low and in many cases lower than so-called advertised specials. Another feature that has made Sewell ' s your " Home Town Grocer " for many years is the knowl- edge of what you, the customer, like to eat and the challenge of offering the greatest variety possible at carload prices. Last, but not least, children ride in high style in baskets built for safety. Many children enjoy pushing their own pint sized cart. So for a store built and run for your comfort and convenience . . . SHOP SEWELL ' S, 445 North Virginia St. and 1331 South Virginia Street. . .YOU ' LL SAVE. YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER SEWELL ' S 445 North Virginia Street . . . 1331 South Virginia Street Winnemucca, Nevada Elko, Nevada . . . Reno, Nevada EWELVS 320 •. • •• • --...y •••. • • A Sportsman ' s Sportsmen from all over the world enjoy the superb facilities offered by Newt Crumley ' s Holiday Hotel, the Sports Center of the West. There ' s wonderful pheasant shooting from September to April on the Holiday ' s private, 1 ,000-acre preserve. . .the Holiday ' s unique sports desk will arrange hunting and fishing anywhere in the world. . .the Holiday sponsors the annual star-studded Mug Hunt, Reno ' s major golf tourney. . . and there ' s a direct sports wire and a huge scoreboard in the Sports Arena, where wou can always find the latest scores and sports information. J cwt Crumley ' s WMi Keno 321 riivl- rs - Publishers BINDING-RULING-ENGRAVING Telephone FA 2-2133 124 North Center Street Reno, Nevada 322 Congratulations INC 247 CALIFORNIA AVE. Largest Stock of Imported Wines in Nevada Prompt and Courteous Service FREE DELIVERY FA 3-4116 I MILLER TOWN COUNTRY DELISO DEBS itiSTm CAPEZIO SEBICCA SHOES SPALDING 323 1 Styles of Tomorrow. . .Today For Distinctive Fashions in Junior and Misses Sizes RENO, INC. 221 N. Virginia St. VllCmUtl SECOND -PIIOIIE F« 3-7117 OUR 43RD YEAR RIlfERSIDE in the RIVERSIDE HOTEL ' The flower shop for the students at the U. of N. " Largest Stock of Fine Watches Diamond and Silverware in Nevada Jewelers Serving the University Since 1885 TELEPHONE FA 3-2122 15 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Specialists in Portraits and Weddings ' HOT 1845 Prater Way Sparks 812 North Virginia, Reno jEiiyrELRir c Agents for Omega Watches 133 NO. VIRGINIA ST. RENO TRADiTioJ AL SHOP Reno ' s only authentic TRADITIONAL shop featuring natural shoulder clothes. The Red-Carpeted Lower-Level At 1 1 West Second 324 iiicii ' Sa ' ARIVIANIC( :- DIAMOND SPECIALISTS Diamond Rings. . . Diamond Watches. See the smart new styles at any of the Gensler-Lee stores all over California. No money down. Take a full year to pay. 156 N. Virginia, Reno Best Wishes ! ! ! FIRST NATIONAL of Nevada STATEWIDE Resources: Over three hundred and fifty million dollars MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM helping build a greater Nevada 325 Personalized Shopping Service P.O. Box 5455 Reno, Nevada Telephone FA 3-4544 Letty So urth worth Dorothy Perry Gift Wrapping, Party Planning, Favors, Etc. Best Wishes to the Graduates FLOVTER DOX 432 E. 4th St., Reno The of Reno Large enough to serve you Small enough to know you 180 West First Street Reno, Nevada HOTEL EL CORTEZ AND ire E Hqgffl Banquets and Dances in the Trocadero Room ED KINNEY Manager Fa. 2-9161 239 W. Second St. Reno, Nevada Fa 3-0558 Student Rates 45 Cents Per Line Until 6 P.M. 50 Cents Per Line After 6 P.M. 50 Cents Per Line Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. Free Shoes 200 Car Parking Starlight Restaurant Keystone and Beatty St. 326 The Friendly Book Store in the Middle of the Campus Telephone Fa 2-5081 Jot Travis Student Union Building 327 SENIOR HISTORIES 329 Allen, M. Louise; Reno, Nevada; Psychology. Honor Roll 2; German Club 2; Psi Chi 2,3,4; Psi Chi Treas- urer 4. Allingham, David M.; Reno, Nevada; Biology. Biol- ogy Club 2,3; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; R.O.T.C. Rifle Teann Club 1,2; Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4. Anderson, Andrew V.; Reno, Nevada; Biology. Anderson, Robert L., Las Vegas, Accounting. Roll 2. Honor Armstrong, Bob; Hawthorne, Nevada; Economics. Sophomore Class Committee; Election Committee 2; Men ' s Upper Class Committee; Blue Key; Phi Sigma Kappa President; Young Republicans; University Sing- ers 1,2,3,4; I.F.C. 3. Aytes, Merri Lynn; Los Angles, California; History- Geography. Pi Beta Phi 1,2,3,4; Aggie Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3; Song Team 2; Young Democrats 3. Barker, John Argus Kemp; Cincinnati, Ohio; Speech and Drama. Sophomore Class Committee 2; Sogers 2; Young Republicans 2,3,4; AAackay Day Committee 3; Ski Club 2,3,4; Campus Players 3,4. Barkhurst, Donald R.; Sacramento, California; Electri- cal Engineering. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; A.S.M.E.; Ski Club 3,4. Bates, G. D.; Reno, Nevada; Civil Engineering. Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4; Social Chairman Sigma Nu 3; Ski Club 1, 2,3,4; Ski Club Vice President 2; Ski Club President 3; Sundowners 4; American Society of Civil Engineers 3,4. Bell, Carolyn; Zephyr Cove, Nevada; Physical Educa- tion. Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4; C. F. Cutts Scholar- ship 4; W.R.A. 1,2,3,4; W.R.A. President 3; Perns 1,2, 3,4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Sagens 4; A.W.S. Representative for Sagens 4; Cap and Scroll 4; Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; A.W.S. Council 2,3,4; Senior Class Committee 4; Gothic N 4; Gothic N Secretary-Treas- urer 4; Student Union Committee 3. Belmont, Larry M.; Sparks, Nevada; Psychology. Beyer,Erik; Carlin, Nevada; Civil Engineering. A.S. C.E. Historian 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2; University Band 1,2. Beyer, Hanne; Carlin, Nevada; Elementry Education. Bianchi, William; Fallon, Nevada; Mathematics. Al- pha Tau Omega 1 ,2,3,4; Alpha Tau Omega House Manager 4; Election Board 3. Bible, Paul; Zephyr Cove, Nevada; Economics-Pre- Law. Jewett W. Adams Scholarship 3; Frederick Stadtmuller Memorial Scholarship 4; Alpha Tau O- mega 2,3,4; Blue Key 3,4; Coffin Key 4; Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Delta Sigma Rho 3,4; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Winter Carnival Chairman 3; A. S.U.N. President 4, Bishop, Geraldine; Sparks, Nevada; Fine Arts. W.R.A. Boden, Gerald; Fallon, Nevada; Education Mathe- matics. Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Freshman Class Committee; Election Board 2; A. S.U.N. Senate 2,3; Blue Key 3,4; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4. Brannen, Barbara; Sparks, Nevada; Elementary Ed- ucation; Homecoming Queen 4; Hospitality Commit- tee 3; Election Board 2; Chairman of Election Board 3; Pi Beta Phi 1,2,3,4; Nevada State Student Nurses Association 1 ,2,3; Recording Secretary 2; Nevada Del- egate to National Student Nurses Convention 1; Ger- man Club 3,4; Young Republicans 3; Crescent Girl for Lambda Chi Alpha 3; Assembly Rally Commit- tee 2; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3; Senate 3; Little Sisters of Min- erva 3,4. Brice, Barbara; Santa Barbara, California, Spanish. Gamma Phi Beta; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; Young Democrats 4. Brown, Russ; Hawthorne, Nevada; Political Science. Baseball 1; Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Alpha Tau Omega President 4; Sogers 1 . Burrous, Clifford; Hawthorne, Nevada; Electrical En- gineering. Lambda Chi Alpha 2,3,4; Lambda Chi Alpha President 3; Coffin Keys 3,4; Coffin Keys Vice President 3; Election Board 2; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; I.F.C. 3; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 3,4; Sigma Tau 3,4; Sigma Tau Historian 3; Ski Club 2,3; Junior Class Committee 3. Cannon, John Michael; Reno, Nevada; Pre-Law- His- tory. transfer from Nevada Southern; Newman Club; Newman Club Treasurer 3,4; Debate 3; C. C.U.N. 4; Young Democrats 4; Philosophy Club 4. Cassinelli, Elynor Lee; Reno, Nevada; German. Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4; German Club 3,4; Univer- sity Band 1 ,2; W.R.A. 1 ,2,3,4; Jewett Adams Scholar- ship 3; Max Fleischmann Scholarship 4. Chase, Sharon Kay; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Ele- mentary Education. Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; A.W.S. Council 3,4; A.W.S. Judicial Board 3,4; Kappa Alpha Theta 3,4. Chang, Cherky H.; Seattle, Washington; Art. Beaux Arts 1,2,3,4. Cheney, Larry T.; Reno, Nevada; Animal Hu sbandry. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4; University Ski Team 3; Winter Carnival Committee 4; Intramural Ski Meet Chairman 3,4; I.F.C. Comic Rodeo Chairman; Intra- mural Athletics 1,2,3,4. 330 Clements, Janet; Van Nuys, California; Political Sci- ence. Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; W.R.A. 1,2,4; W.R.A. Secretary 2; Pages 2; Sagens 3, 4; Sagens Vice President 4; Young Republicans 1,2,3, 4; Student Judicial Council 3,4; Associate Chief Jus- tice; Senior Class Connmittee; Whos Who. Cobb, Alice A.; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Education. Cobb, Ty; Reno, Nevada; International Relations. Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4; Sigma Nu President 4; Coffin Keys 3,4; Sogers 1; Public Relations Board 2; Cadet Officers Club 3,4; Winter Carnival Committee 4; I.F.C. 3; Phi Alpha Theta 4. Coleman, Larry R.; Henderson, Nevada; Electrical En- gineering. Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2,3,4; WUS Carnival Committee 2; Campus Players 3. Columbia, Karen; Sacramento, California; Psychol- ogy. Ski Club 1 ,2,3,4; W.R.A. 1 ,2. Commagere, Jude Anne; Tahoe City, California; Home Economics. Resident Assistant 2,3,4; Sagens 4; Senator 3; A.W.S. Council 2,3,4; A.W.S. Judiciary Board 3,4; Eta Epsilon 2,3,4. Coradetti, Raymond; Reno, Nevada; History. Cramer, Timothy; Reno, Nevada; Mathematics. Chess Club; Knights Templar Educational Foundation Schol- arship 4. Crumley, Janice; Reno, Nevada; Biology. Transfer from Stanford University 3; Artemisia Staff 3; Home- coming Committee 4; Kappa Alpha Theta 4; A. S.U.N. Public Relations Chairman 4; Little Sisters of Minerva 3,4; Faculty Public Occasions Committee 4; Ski Club 3,4; Ski Club Treasurer 4; Young Republicans 4; Young Republicans Treasurer 4. Davies, Norman F.; Reseda, California; Nuclear En- gineering. Sigma Pi Sigma 4. Defilippi, Margaret; Fallon, Nevada; Elementary Ed- ucation. Honor Roll. Diedrichsen, Katie; Sparks, Nevada; Speech Drama. Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Y.W.C.A. 2,3; Y.W.C.A. A.W.S. Representative; Campus Play- ers 4; W.R.A. 1 . Dieleman, Richard W.; Boulder City, Nevada; Econ- omics. A.S.C.E. 1,2. DiGrazia, Peter M.; Valmy, Nevada; Pre-Dental. Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Alpha Tau Omega Treas- urer 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta; U.N.C.O.C; U.N.C.O.C. Board of Governors. Dodson, Carol A.; Sparks, Nevada; Home Economics. Eta Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Eta Epsilon Historian and Presi- dent, Cap and Scroll 4; Cap and Scroll Secretary- Treasurer. Durham, Jim; Watsonville, California; Geological En- gineering. Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4; Sogers 1; Assembly Committee 3; Winter Carnival Committee 4; Ski Club President 4; A.I.M.E. 4; Senior Class Committee 4. Earnhart, George T.; Fallon, Nevada; Chemistry Physics-Secondary Education. N.S.T.A. 4; A.A.A.S. 4; Biology Club 4. Eberle, Joe; Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; Metallurgical Engineering. A.I.M.E. 1 ,2,3; A.I.M.E. President 4; Block N 1,2,3,4; Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Junior Class Committee 3; Upper Class Committee 3; Winter Carnival Committee Chairman 4; Engineers Co-ordi- nating Council 3,4; Varsity Track Crosscountry 1,2, 3; Boxing 1 . Edwards, Harry W.; Henderson, Nevada, Chemistry. Transfer from Nevada Southern 2; General Motors Corporation Scholarship; Chemistry Club 2,3,4,; Chem- istry Club President 4; S.S.K. Executive Committee; S.A.A.C.S. Award; Artemisia Hall; Armanko Scholar- ship. Erb, Mary Ann; Fallon, Nevada; Elementary Education, Sagens 3,4; Senior Class Committee; A.W.S. Queen Chairman 2; Manzanita Hall Secretary-Treasurer 1,2; Evans, Archie E.; Sparks, Nevada; Secondary Educa- tion. Mask Daggar 4; Campus Players 3; Thespians Guild 3; Creative Writers 2; Actors Workshop 2. Eynon, Frank; Riverside, California; Electrical Engi- neering. Sigma Tau 2,3; I.R.E.-A.I.E.E.; Young Republi- cans. Ezell, Annette; Benton, Illinois, Nursing. Nevada State Student Nurses Association 2,3,4; President; Cap and Scroll 4. Fahrenkopf, Frank J.; Reno, Nevada; Pre-Law. Coffin Keys 4; Vice President of Coffin Keys 4; I.F.C. 4; Artemisia Staff 2; Varsity Baseball 1,2,; Block N 1,2, 3,4; Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Alpha Tau Omega Secretary 3; Scholarship Chairman 4; Song Team 2,3,4; Wolves Frolic 2; Knights Templaw Educational Foun- dation Scholarship 4; Honor Roll 3,4; Coordinator of Student Registration 4. Fark, Arlen; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Education. Symphonic Choir 1; University Singers 2,3,4. Fenili, Norma; Smith Valley, Nevada; Physical Educa- tion. New Residence Hall; Sagens 3,4; Vice President of New Residence Hall; Pems President. 331 Ferrari, Marlene; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Educa- tion. Sagens 4; Cap and Scroll 4; A.S.U.N. Second Vice President 4; Kappa Alpha Theta 1 ,2,3,4; Mackay Day Secretary 3; Songleader 1; Phi Kappa Phi 4. FIke, Joanne; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4; N.S.E.A. 3,4, A.C.E.I. 3,4. Foley, Frankie; Reno, Nevada; English. Artemisia 1 ,2; Sophonnore Class Committee Wesley Foundation 1 ; Ski Club 1; Mackay Dance Chairman 3; Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4; English Club 4; S.N.E.A. 3,4; Max Fleischmann Scholarship 3,4. Frade, Marianne; Yerington, Nevada; Home Econom- ics. Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Artemisia-Manzanita As- sociation 1,2; Manzanita Association 3,4; Secretary for Manzanita Association 4; Eta Epsilon. Frugoli, Diane; Sparks, Nevada; Chemistry. Gamma Phi Beta 2,3,4; Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4; S.N.E.A. 1,2. Fuller, Robert L.; Reno, Nevada; Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E. President 4; Sigma Tau Treasurer 4. Gibson, Betty J.; Carson City, Nevada; Business Ad- ministration. Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4; Delta Delta Delta Assistant Treasurer 2; Treasurer 3,4; Song Team 1,2; Wolves Frolic 3,4. Glass, Mary Ellen; Reno, Nevada; History- Political Science. Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Phi. Gower, Harold; Winnemucca, Nevada; Mathematics in Education. Grohs, Arthur C; Susanville, California; Business Ad- ministration. Football; Sigma Nu. Hackstaff, Donna; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Educa- tion. Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,; Psi Chi 2,3; S.N.E.A. 1 ,2,3; Ski Club 1 ,2; Little Sisters of Minerva 2,3; Little Sisters of Minerva President 2; Advisor 4. Hackstaff, Whit; Reno, Nevada; Pre-Dental. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Chemistry Club 1,2,3; Biology Club 4; Sogers 1,2; Sophomore Class Committee; Sogers Treasurer 2. Hage, Elwood.; Elko, Nevada. Animal Husbandry. Aggie Club President; Rodeo Team; A.S.U.N. Senate; Alpha Zeto; Alpha Zeta President; Coffin Keys; Chairman Nevada State Junior Livestock Show; Chair- man First Annual National Intercollegiate Rodeo; Honor Roll, Haggerty, Jeanille; Reno, Nevada; Education. Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 2,3; W.R.A. 1,2,3,4. Hall, Craig C; Kansas City, Kansas; Physical Educa- tion. Varsity Basketball 3,4; Block N. Hart, Michael; Reno, Nevada; Chemistry. Block N 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 3; Winter Carnival Committee 3; School Play 3; Alpha Tau Omega 1 ,2,3, 4; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3; Junior Varsity Baseball 1. Havs kins, Robert M.; Reno, Nevada; Pre-Medical. Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon 2,3,4; Kappa Kappa Psi 2,3,4; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; President 4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Aggie Club 2,3,4; Transfer from Colorado State University 2. Heaney, Bob; Reno, Nevada; Pre-Law. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4; President 4; Vice President 3; Sogers 1,2; Blue Key 3,4; Assembly and Rally Committee Chairman 3; Student Union Board 2; Public Relations Board 2; Ski Team 3; Block N 4; Ski Club 1 ,2,3,4; Jun- ior Class Committee 3; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Leadership 1,2,3; I.F.C. 4; Homecoming Committee 3. Hebert, Michael J.; Reno, Nevada; Physics. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma Secretary; Sigma Mu Epsilon. Helman, Shari K.; Hansen, Idaho; Elementary Educa- tion. Henderson, Suzanne; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Edu- cation. Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4; S.N.E.A. 1,3,4; Wolves Frolic 1,3; W.R.A., 3,4; Young Republicans 1. Hew ard, Lav rence L.; Reno, Nevada; Political Science. Sigma Nu Fraternity. Hickman, Mary Susan; Sparks, Nevada; Mathematics. Artemisia Manzanita 1; Off Campus Independent President 2; Sagens 4; Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4; Student Union Dance Committee; Publicity Chairman 3,4. Hilts, Ruth G.; Reno, Nevada; English. Scholarships 1,2,3. Hollenback, Joyce; Reno, Nevada; Nursing. Kappa Alpha Theta 1 ,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; President 4; New- 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Little Sisters of Minerva 3.4; Vice man Club 1 ,2; Secretary 2; Student Nurses Association President 3; Cap and Scroll 4; Sagens 4; Panhellenic 3,4. Holliday, Mary; Sparks, Nevada; English. Hopkins, Douglas W. Spokane, Washington; Civil En- gineering. Secretary of A.S.C.E. Horning, Nancy; Reno, Nevada; English. Brushfire Staff 3,4; Sagebrush Assistant Business Manager 3; Business Manager 3,4; Publications Board 3,4; Press Club 3,4; Young Republicans 4. Hughes, Joanne; Gardnerville, Nevada; English. Gam- ma Delta 2. Humphrey, Kathryn; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Edu- cation. Ski Club; S.N.E.A. 332 I Humphrey, Sarah; Reno, Nevada; German. Gamma Phi Beta 1 ,2,3,4; German Club 3,4; W.R.A. 1 ,2; Young Republicans 1 . iraig, Dave; Concord, California; Physical Education. Basketball. Jackson, Charlette; Reno, Nevada; English. Brushfire; Psi Chi. Jelavich, John; Yuba City, California; Economics. Al- pha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Sagers 1; Upperclass Com- mittee 3. Jellett, Morgan; Lafayette, California; Metallurgical Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2,3,4; President 4; Sigma Tau 3,4; President 3,4; Blue Key 3,4; Coffin Keys 3,4; Junior Class Committee; Block N 2,3,4; A.I.M.E. 3.4; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Alpha Sigma Mu 4. Jesser, Pat McAfee; Brownstown, Indiana; Special Education. Johnson, Lee M.; Petaluma, California; Mechanical Engineering. Student Chairman A.S.M.E. 3; Student Union Board Member 4; A.S.M.E. 3,4. Jones, Charles W.; Reno, Nevada; Agriculture Eco- nomics. Alpha Tau Omega 1 ,2,3,4; Aggie Club 1 ,2,3, 4; President 4; Vice President 3; 1960 Aggie Comic Rodeo Chairman 3; 1st N.I.R.A. Rodeo Co-Chairman; 2nd N.I.R.A. Rodeo Chairman 4. Jones, Sandra; Reno, Nevada; Speech. Delta Sigma Rho 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; Philosophy Club Secretary-Treasurer 2; President 3; Varsity Debate Squad 2,3,4; Campus Players 4. Jones, William W.; Pomona, California; Geological Engineer. Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4; A.I.M.E., 2,3,4. Kindall, Max R.; Meridian, Idaho; English. S.N.E.A. 2,3,4; English Club 3,4,. Kinkel, Danial Robert; Reno, Nevada; Mathematics. Secretary-Treasurer Pi Mu Epsilon 4. Kinsey, Thomas D.; Las Vegas, Nevada; Journalism. Sigma Delta Chi 3,4; U.N.C.O.C. 4. Kreimeyer, Roger W.; Havsrthorne, Nevada; Mechanical Engineering. Chairman A.S.M.E. 4; President of Lincoln Hall 4. Lakotes, Asime Sondra; Las Vagas, Nevada; History. Transfer from Nevada Southern. Young Democrats. Lakeotes, Chris; Las Vegas, Nevada; Mathematics. Transfer from Nevada Southern; Harry Holmshaw Scholarship 4. Lav lor, Glenn Joseph; Reno, Nevada; Pre-Medical. Transfer from Loyola University of Los Angeles 2; Biology Club 3,4; A.E.D. 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3. Leahy, Don B.; Carson City, Nevada; Bachelor of Arts. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2,3,4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sportsmanship and Athletic Award 3. Leary, Randy; San Francisco, California; Psychology. Psi Chi 2,3,4; Philosophy Club 2; Wolves Frolic 2; University Singers 2,3; Community Symphony Or- chestra 4; P.S.P.A. Committee 1 ; Delta Delta Delta 1 ,2, 3,4. Leonard, Margaret G.; Reno, Nevada; Business Edu- cation. Lent, Gerald A.; Sparks, Nevada; Biology. Leonard, Lora; Klamath Falls, Oregon; Journalism. Homecoming Committee 3; Winter Carnival Committee 3; Mackay Day Committee 3; Junior Class Committee; Sagens President 4; A. S.U.N. Secretary 4; Gammo Phi Beta 1 ,2,3,4; Greek Week Committee 4. Lindauer, L. W.; Sacramento, California; Electrical En- gineering. Sigma Tau; Vice Chairman I.R.E.-A.I.E.E. Lipparelli, Harry A.; Elko, Nevada; Pre-Law. Freshman Basketball, Newman Club Vice President, Debate Team 3. Lombardi, Susan; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Educa- tion. Pi Beta Phi 1 ,2,3,4; Wolves Frolic 2,3,4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Vice President 3; President 4; Children ' s Theater 1 ; A.C.E.I. Vice President 4; S.N.E.A. 2; Y.W.C.A. Fashion Show 2,3. Longacre, David; Lindsay, California; Industrial Man- agement. Track 2,3; Pole Vault Record 2,3. Lusk, Gerald W.; Grass Valley, California; Music. Pre- sident University Band 3,4; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; University Singers 1,2,3; Senior Class Committee; Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4. MacDonald, Bob; Sunnyvale, California; Chemical- Physics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Assistant Yell Leader 2; Head Yell Leader 3; Newman Club; Chem- istry Club; Men ' s Upper Class Committee 3; Rally Committee 2,3. Madsen, Jon; Reno, Nevada; Accounting. Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4; Senator-at-Large 3,4; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Cap- tain 2,3; Sagers 1,2; Blue Key 3,4; Coffin and Keys 3,4; Ski Club 1,2; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Greek Week Com- mittee 3; Block N 1,2,3,4; Academic Standards Com- mittee 3; Publications Board 3,4; Finance Control Board 3,4. 333 Magaddino, Peter James; Burbank, California; Ac- counting. Delta Sigma Pi 3,4. Mather, Carolyn, Stockton, California; Elementary Education. Ski Club 1; Aggie Club 1; Future Nurse Association 1,2; S.N.E.A. 3,4. Matthie, Ann; Mammoth Lakes, California; Psychol- ogy. Winter Carnival Committee 3; Junior Class Com- mittee 3; Mackay Day Committee 3. Maxsom, Judith; Carson City, Nevada; History. Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4; University Majorette 1; Home- coming Queen Candidate 1; Young Republicans 1; Artemisia Staff 2,3; Artemisia Editor 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Secretary 4; Junior Prom Queen 3; Jew ett Adams Scholarship 4; College of Education Scholar- ship 4; Sarah Hamilton Fleischmann Scholarship 1; Y.W.C.A. 2; University Singers 1; Wolves Frolic 2,3; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Sagens 4; Honor Roll 2. McAdam, Patti; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Education. Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Treasurer 3; W.R.A. 1; Junior Prom Attendant 3; White Rose Queen 3; Winter Carnival Committee 3; S.N.E.A. 4; A.C.E.I. 4. McCaughey, Donald Lee; Las Vegas, Nevada History. Honor Roll 2,3; Psi Chi 4; N.S.U. 2,3; Senator 2; PTA Scholarship 1; Chess Club President. McCollum, Lawrence J.; Reno, Nevada; Chemistry. Alpha Tau Omega 1 ,2,3,4; Chemistry Club 2,3,4; U.N. C.O.C. 3,4; Sogers 1 ,2. Merrill, Jerald C; Boulder City, Nevada; Chemistry. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 2; Sigma Sigma Kappa 3; Kappa Kappa Psi 2,3; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Band 1,2,3; University Singers 1,2,3; Mieike, Otto L.; Owensboro, Kentucky; Geological En- gineer. Royal D. Hartung Scholarship 1; A.I.M.E. 4. Miller, Frederick Floyd; Burlington, Washington; Pre- Lav» . Blue Key; Secretary; Student Library Committee Chairman 4; Lutheran Student Association President 3. Moncrieff, Robert; Reno, Nevada; Music. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2; Nevada Band 3; University Singers 2,3,4; President 3; Kappa Kappa Psi 3; Treasurer 3; Home- coming Committee 4; Senator 4; Leadership Confer- ence 4. Moreno, Rudolfo; Douglas, Arizona; Accounting. Morris, Richard; Sparks, Nevada; Physics. Freshman Chemistry Acheivement Av ard 1 ; Chess Club 1 ,2,3,4; President 1 ; Champion 2,3,4; Sagebrush Staff 1 ,2,3,4; Artemisia Staff 1,2,3,4; Brushfire Staff 3,4; Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4; Sigma Pi Sigma 3,4; Treasurer 4; State Science Fair Director 4; Armanko ' s Scholarship 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4. Mudge, Betty; Winnemucca, Nevada; Accounting. Mullins, William E.; Reno, Nevada; Personnel Manage- ment. Munson, Leon J.; Sparks, Nevada; Pre-Lav . Nevin, Laura Jane; Reno, Nevada; Psychology. Ski Club; Aggie Club; Y.W.C.A. l,a; Panhellenic Council 3; Psi Chi 3; Gamma Phi Beta 1 ,2,3,4,5. Nicolls, Dudley; South Lake Tahoe; Business Admin- istration. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Golf Team 1, 2,3,4; Senior Class Committee 4; Sogers 1 . Odell, Lorraine Ann; Carson City, Nevada; Sociology. Y.W.C.A. 2; Pi Beta Phi 2; Election Board 3; Young Republicans 3; Hospitality Committee 3,4; Cheerleader 3; Head 4; Leadership 4. Palzis, Peter L.; Napa, California; Political Science. Football 1 ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1 ,2,3,4; Coffin Keys 4; Block N 2,3,4; Sundowners 3,4. Perkey, Lewis M.; Reno, Nevada; Chemistry. Varsity Tennis 1 ,2,3; Chemistry Club 1 ,2,3,4. Philcox, Hank; Reno, Nevada; Accounting. Student Judicial Council 4; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2,3,4; R.O.T.C. 1,2,3,4. Philpot, Jim Millbrae, California; Civil Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2,3,4; A.S.C.E. 3,4. Pomeroy, LaMar; Fallon, Nevada; Agriculture .Lambda Delta Sigma 3,4. Prandi, JoAnn; San Marino, California; Elementary Education. Assembly Committee 2; Senior Class Com- mittee; S.N.E.A. 4; W.R.A. 1,2; Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4. Quinn, David; Reno, Nevada; Pre-Law. Alpha Tau Omega 1 ,2,3,4; Junior Class President 3; Blue Key 3,4; Coffin Keys 3,4; Interfraternity President 3,4. Reed, Millard G.; Santa Paula, California; Civil En- gineering. A.S.C.E. Vice President 4. Reynolds, Roy; Reno, Nevada; Chemistry. Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4,; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Election Board 3; Chemisrry Club 3,4; Vice President 4. Richardson, James D.; Reno, Nevada; Electrical En- gineering. Sigma Tau 3,4; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 3,4. Ricketts, Dorothy; Yerington, Nevada; Elementary Edu- cation. Pi Beta Phi 1 ,2,3,4; W.R.A. Treasurer 2. Riddle, Janet; Sparks, Nevada; Nursing. Delta Delta Delta 1 ,2,3,4; Nevada State Student Nurses Associ- ation 1 ,2,3,4. 334 Robertson, Beverly; Sparks, Nevada; Chemistry. Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3; Secretary 3; N.S. E.A. 1 ,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Vice President 3; President 4; Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Vice President 3; Pages 2; Treasurer 2; Sigma Sigma Kappa 2,3,4; Uni- versity Leadership Conference 2,3,4; World University Service 2,3; Homecoming Committee 3; Greek Week Committee 3; Mackay Day Committee 3; A.W.S. Coun- cil 3,4; A.W.S. Queen Chairman 3; A.W.S. President 4; A.W.S. Judiciary Board 4; Senate 4; Sagens 4; Cap and Scroll 4; Whos Who 4. Roberts, H. Jane; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Math- ematics. National Student Education Association 4; Slide Rule Club 1 ; Square Dance Club 2; Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4. Rosse, H. LaVerne; Wellington, Nevada; Chemistry Tech. Junior Class Representative; Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Manager 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2. Rossi, Nicholas D. E.; Reno, Nevada; Physical Edu- cation. Rowe, Harold D.; Las Vegas, Nevada; Public Admin- istration. Ruark, Joan; Reno, Nevada; Physical Education. Fresh- man Class Committee 1, Songleader 1; Little Sisters of Minerva 3,4; Cheerleader 3; Panhellenic Council 3; A.W.S. Council 4; Pems 1 ,2,3; President 3; Sagens 3,4; W.R.A. 1,2,3,4; Womens Senator-at-Large 4; Finance Control Board 4; Publications Board 4; Hello on the Hill Chairman 4; Pages 2; Mackay Day Committee 3; Pems Scholarship 3; Cap and Scroll President 4; Greek Week Committee 4; Pi Beta Phi 1 ,2,3,4; Whos Who 4. Rupley, Ted I.; Reno, Nevada; Economics. Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4. Russell, Clark G.; Carson City, Nevada; Politacal Sci- ence. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Young Republicans; Ski Club. Samuelson, Norman F.; Reno, Nevada; Political Sci- ence. Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Lutheran Student Association 1 ,2,3,4. Sbragia, Jo-Anne A.; Sparks, Nevada; Elementary Education. Songleader 1; Artemisia staff l,2,3;Arte- misia Editor 3; Delta Delta Delta 1 ,2,3,4; President 4; Sagens 4; W.R.A. 1,2,; S.N. E.A. 1,2; Whos Who. Schnepper, Richard L.; Solusa, California; General Business. Sigma Nu 1 ,2,3,4; U.N.C.O.C .3,4; Football 1 . Smith, Audrey L; Utica, New York; Nursing Education. Smith, Carol Claudine; Reno, Nevada; Political Science. Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; President 4; Treasurer 3; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Vice President 4; Cap and Scroll 4; Young Republicans 1 ,2,3,4; Arts and Science Senator 3; Ginsburg Gold Watch Award 2; Soroptimist International Scholar- ship 1,3,4; Major Max. CI Fleischmann Scholarship 2; Honorable William O ' Hara Martin and Louise Stadt- muller Martin Scholarship. Smith, Linda Dale; Gabbs, Nevada; Physical Education. Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4; President 4; Sophomore Class Committee; Sagens 3,4; Women ' s Upper Class 3; W.R.A. 1,2,3,4; Pems 2,3,4; S.N. E.A. 2,3,4; Young Republicans 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Little Sisters of Minerva 2,3,4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Home- coming Committee 3; A.W.S. Council 1,2,3; A.W.S. Election Chairman 3. Sommers, Carole; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Educa- tion, Hospitality Committee 4; Newman Club 3,4; S.N. E.A. 3,4; Pi Beta Phi. Spears, Robert; Yerington, Nevada; Pre-Dental. Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 4; Senior Class Com- mittee; Wolves Frolic 3. Stathes, Connie; Hayward, California; Art. Stevenson, Mary Charlotte; Medford, Oregon; Biology. Gamma Phi Beta; Newman Club; Transfer from South- ern Oregon College. Stotler, Colleen Clayton; Sparks, Nevada; Social Psy- chology. Psy Chi. Stratton, William R.; Alturas, California; Electrical En- gineering. Lincoln Hall 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Vice Pre- sident 3; Rifle Club 1 ,2; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 2,3,4; Chairman 4; A. S.U.N. Senate 3,4; Sigma Tau 3,4; Secretary 4; Coffin and Keys 4. Sung Kyu, Lim; Seoul, Korea; Mechanical Engineering. C.C.U.N. 3,4; Sigma Tau 3,4. Taber, Ken; Reno, Nevada; Business Administration. Winter Carnival Committee 3; Junior Class Committee 3; Men ' s Upper Class Committee; 3; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Military Ball Chairman 4; A. S.U.N. Business Senator 3,4; Ski Club 4. Terrell, Kirk H.; Wellington, Nevada; Animal Hus- bandry. Freshman Class Committee; Sogers 1 ,2; Soph- omore Class Committee; Junior Class Committee; Cof- fin and Keys 3,4; Election Board 3; Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Aggie Club 2,3,4; Junior Livestock Show Judging Committee Chairman 2,3; A.S.U.N. Senate 3. Teskey, Georgia L.; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Edu- cation. Gamma Phi Beta 1 ,2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Senator 3; Historian 2; Sagens 4; Cap Scroll 4; Ski Club 1,3,4; Aggie Club 1,3; A.W.S. Council 3; Senate 2,3; 335 Leadership Conference Secretary 2; Editor " Wolf Tips " 3; University Singers 1,2,3,4; Band 2,4; Saddle Spurs President 1 ; Pages 2. Truitt, David; Chicago, Illinois; Chemistry. S.A.A.C.S. 2,3,4; Chemistry Club 2,3,4; Baptist Student Organi- zation 3,4. Truitt, Joyce W.; Montrose, Colorado; Chemistry. Chemistry Club 2,3,4; Baptist student Organization 3,4. Utter, Abiah F.; Reno, Nevada; Spanish. Gamma Phi Beta 1 ,2,3,4; Panhellenic 2; Aggie Club 1 ; Ski Club 1 ,2. Van Houck, Valere; Fernley, Nevada; Political Science. Sagebrush 2,3,4; Freshman Football. Van Lydegraf, Robert Eugene; Reno, Nevada; Pre-Law. University Forensic Squad 1,2,3,4; Rotary Scholarship 1; Honor Roll 1; Sigma Nu 2,3,4; Sogers 2; Home- coming Committee 2; Chairman 3; Winter Carnival Committee 2; M ackay Day Committee 2; Blue Key 3,4; Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4; Vice President 3; Delta Sigma Rho 2,3,4; President 4; A.S.U.N. Senator 3; P.S.P.A. Convention 3; A.S.U.N. First Vice President 4; Footprinters Association Scholarship 4. Vernon, Ray; Reno, Nevada; Education. Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Ski Club. Vidano, Bob; Reno, Nevada; Education Business. Wagner, Joan; Las Vegas, Nevada; Elementary Edu- cation. Pi Beta Phi 1,2,3,4; W.R.A. 1,2; Hospitality Committee 3,4; S.N.E.A. 1,2,3,4; A.C.E.I. 4; Senior Class Committee. Walker, Don; Sparks, Nevada; Political Science. Young Democrats President 4, C.C.U.N. 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4. Ward, Don; Bakersf ield, California; Mathematics. Foot- ball 3; Frosh Football Coach 4; Baseball 3,4; Honor Roll 3. Warner, Richard W.; Long Beach, California; Zoology. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; President 3,4; Student Judicial Council 3,4; Chief Justice 4; Biology Club 4; I.F.C. Vice President 3; Rush Chairman 4. Warren, Maryann; Reno, Nevada; Elementary Educa- tion. Chess Club 2; Y.W.C.A. 3,4. Weitz, Diane Ruth; Mill Valley, California; Sociology. Welch, John C; New York, N. Y.; Accounting Lincoln Hall 1,2; Sierra Guardsmen 1,2; Artemisia Hall 3; Treasurer 4; Newman Club 1 ,3,4; Delta Sigma Pi 2,3, 4; President and Most Oustanding Member. Weldon, Connie A.; Sparks, Nevada; Physical Educa- tion. Pems 1,2,3,4. Weldon, Robert P.; Gerlach, Nevada, Physical Educa- tion. Newman Club 1. Welsh, Myron R.; Boulder City, Nevada; Civil Engin- eering. A.S.C.E. 2,3,4; Sigma Tau 3,4; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4. Werner, Bob; Arlington, Virginia; Mathematics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Transfer from Uni- versity of Virginia 3. Wilkerson, Donald K.; Elko, Nevada; Pre-Med. Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3,4; President 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3,4; Band 2; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4. Williams, Jerome Shaw; Hawthorne, Nevada; Political Science. Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; U.N.C.O.C. 3,4; Winkler, Mary B. Carson City, Nev.; Office Admin- istration. Phi Chi President 4; Band 1 ,2,3. Winter, Sharin; Sparks, Nevada; Drama. Delta Delta Delta 1 ,2,3,4; Campus Players 3,4; Campus Plays; Y.W.C.A. Fashion Show; Chairman 2,3; A.W.S. Fash- ion Show Chairman 4; A.W.S. Council 4. Wordell, Sue; Bijou, California; Business. Delta Delta Delta 3,4; Student Union Board 3,4; A.W.S. Council 4; A.W.S. Judiciary Board 4. Wright, Maxine; Oakland, California; Physical Educa- tion. Freshman Class Committee 1; Election Board 2,3; W.R.A. 1,2,3,4; Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4. Yori, Grace M., Reno, Nevada; Secondary Education. Phi Alpha Theta 4; Brushfire Secretary 2; English Club, Public Relations 2. York, Susan; Mina, Nevada; Mathematics. A.W.S. Council Secretary 2,3; Senate 3; Pages 2; Sagens 4; Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4; N.S.E.A. 336 ..■■»-.-v -. % ' • ' ' ?k- t- L ■ ' .• 2- - " " gplf 1 j fefe ' - hIi B - k« l O s " " f ' T MV if ' , ' " 4 L » 1 ?N.. i) ; - •s. ' ijr 11 iV 5 t ■S„n. " i !J! ««iM!i.j!!y=;!iii!W i ; .i ; " -w ' -i ' - f ! - -■ " ■■»»■£ ■-• r ■ " » ' ' - ' - 5WWW?WRP " ' ■ : ' i: ■ » " .,.. : ' !), ■ ' .••if. . -i . ;-. -if :- ' fe: : .. ' ft ■ .vrtiv:- . ' 4.

Suggestions in the University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) collection:

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