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;klfPli)i]|ti!i!i;li!(i]tlil t I ' Sil iij ' i i,li|,lt|Pii,u ' i ' " V ' |; ■r ,«■» a H ■ ■ ' ■•» ' ' • ! - :■;%: ■■■ ■i:-:--. -r;:J«..v,-.; T ' . ,0mf, mm ' ' % .K: § - ' ' ' 0 ■ ' ■•■; n . ' " I ' J I fe||:;v ' ' ■■■ ' %■ ■ ' ■ 3t U ' l v ' Mii ' I St .rS 4t Forward Within the next few years the enrollment of the University of Nevada will be tripled. This increase will bring new buildings, new faces, and perhaps differ- ent events. However the real things won ' t change. The basic ideas and philosophies that have survived and been taught through the ages will certainly continue to survive and be taught. It is on the premise, therefore, that we look back with fondness at the year 1958- 1959; but look ahead with an equal amount of pride and faith to the future. Looking Ahead 1 Artemisia Judy Kautz . . . Editor Harry Heck . . . Business Manager , » ■fV:; . ' V ' ■ . v. • ,i - - ■ v l (ll ■ . s« : ' i-.,:.- . , .jM .. tei «lP« fe - 0 ,fmw n- iV . «l w, .: % ' ; ! «-• i! ,A- »« W _jkr « :•- : fe? ' I : W: ■«r : ' - •Vt ' IH .. " •iC t V Y 1s , !! ' - ' »f»ir» ,i«tris •Hft Quietly the waters flow through the campus Campus tranquility At the end of the Quad we find Mackay School of Mines Table of Contents Section p jgg Faculty jO Student Government 20 Classes 34 Social 62 Queens 88 Organizations 92 Sports 134 Activities 170 Advertisements 226 rrV t: ■ 10 Many long hours are spent in lectures and in writing and correcting tests . . . but we look fondl} ' on the services we perform as we are Looking Ahead A Message from our Governor . . . The welfare of the University of Nevada has always been of serious concern to me. First as a student, more recently as a regent, I have watched the university grow and develop with a sense of pride which I am sure is shared by all who know it. We have seen many changes here during the past decade. We recall the startling increase in enrollment in the post-war decade which greatly strained the university, but which warned the people of Nevada that a crisis in education might be at hand. Unless a program of expansion and modernization were under- taken, unless we reappraised administrative and teaching methods, we realized that the orderly processes of learning could be seriously impeded. Fortunately, such a forward-looking improvement plan was put into motion in time. Designs for the new campus in Las Vegas were drawn up, additions and improvements to the Reno plant were completed, and the faculty was enlarged to provide the closer guidance that our students expected and deserved. On the administrative level, modifications were made which gave us an intellectual climate beneficial to both students and teachers. Under the presidency of Dr. Charles J. Armstrong, we know that there is now full opportunity here for scholastic endeavor and that adequate recognition for achievement is being given. The university will continue to flourish because of these changes; it will continue to improve because there is heightened respect for its serious purpose, the attain- ment of learning and understanding. To today ' s students, the responsibility for shaping tomorrow ' s world has been given. To them also has been given the opportunity for accomplishment through education. In accepting this opportunity, in facing it with resolute pur- pose, the students of the University of Nevada cannot fail to equip themselves pose for the work that lies ahead. GRANT SAWYER, Governor. 12 Our Ne v President His message to us . . , The year whkh is now concluding has been one of transition, of growth and of challenge for the Uni ersity. It is now clear, as shown by our enrollment increases this year which were almost double the prediction, that we are moving very rapidly into a critical period of heavily increased pressures for admission and many new demands upon our facilities and resources. X e — students, faculty and administration alike — should look upon this prospect not as a crisis, but as an opportunity of tremendous sig- nificance for the future of our state. Here the importance of the Univer- sity " s unique position as the state ' s only system of higher education becomes most apparent. If the State of Nevada is to have the full benefit of its potential future leadership, with all that this can mean in the development of its economy and its resources, then it becomes imperative that we provide opportunities for post-high school educa- tion, probably in an increasing variety of forms, for all of the qualified young men and women of the state. By planning now, by seeking every means to improve the efficiency, the economy and the effectiveness of our total operation, and with the constructive cooperation of every member of the University com- munit)- toward a better University, we can move ahead v ith confidence. The future of Nevada is bright and filled with promise. The University can and should have a large share in bringing that promise to reality. Charles J. Armstrong, President Board of Regents Seated (I to r) C. V. hbell, N. Crumley, L. E. Lombardi, A. Terry, secretary, A. C. Grant, F. Anderson, R. Germain, W. Wood. Standing . . . R. Foley, W. Tyson, N. E. Broadbent, W. Elivell, W. Arnold, C. J. Armstrong 13 E. Mobley Deiin of Women S. Basta Dcitii o f Student Afjuirs Deans and Administration p. Hayden Comptroller A. Terry President ' s Secretary R. Kersey Director of the Student Union u f. McNabney T. Erquiaga Ciriidu.ile MiJHiippr ' i Sedelarv R. Irivhi Dean of Arts and Science . Hill Director of Libraries J. Hayes Coiinstlor R. W ' eetns DejH of Bus Ill ss Administrjlion C. Byrcl Director of Admissions V. Scheid Dean of Aiuckay School of Mines H. Gilkey Dean of Nursin J. Moose Dean of Graduate School f. Adams Dean of Agriculture G. Holstine Dean of Education " -V H. Blodgett Dean of Enf ineering Physical Education . . . first row (I to r) A. Broteu, S. Root, R. Dankworth, B. Lane, M. Price, I. Mower, C. Scranton, Second row . . . }. Lawlor, R. Laughter, R. Russell, J. Martie Chemistry . . . standing (I to r) J. Seim, B. Baker, R. Pierotti, R. Morris K. Kemp, L. Williams Education . . . seated (I to r) R. Willey, H. Brown, W. DiNardo, C. Reed, L. Cobbley, H. Christensen, B. Newbry, D. Potter. Standing . . . T, Tucker, G. Holstine Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology . . .seated (I to r) P. Sec- ord, W. Day, M. Sellers, R. McQueen, R. Dana, C. Backman, W. Smith Profs History and Political Science . . .first row (I to r) R. Elliot, W. Sheppardson, J. Roberts. Second row . . , H. Chase, D. Driggs, J. Fenwick, A. Hutcheson, C. Hicks 16 Art and Music . . . first row (I to r) R. Hartman, R. Perry. Second row . . . J. Sheppard, E. Yates, K, Macy, P. Hick- man, F. Freeburne Milicary . . . standing (I to r) F. Lauson, K. Day, E. McKindley, Captain Ward, L. J arm on, }. Coffey. Captain Barry, Major Owsley, Lt. Col. Ronan Engineering . . . seated (I to r) E. Pjranz, C. Breese, I. Sandorf, H. Blodgett, D. Dickinson. Standing . . . H. Domingos, E. Harris, J. Boyajian, G. Higgins, R. Orciitt, J. Bonell, J. Van Dyke, G. Clarke Home Economics . . . seated (I to r) E. White, M. Cornwell, H. Wells, D. Brownfield. Standing ... P. Tripple, M. Horn Nursing . . . M. Haddad, D. Fletcher, D. Button, H. Gilkey 17 Physics . . . standing (I to r) S. Liejson, G. Barnes, R. Wor- ley, T. Frasier, S. Schivartz Business . . . seated (I to r) E. Viettt, C. Woods, J. Fant, B. Wofford, Dean Weetns, Mrs. Arata. Standing . . . S. Barres, W. Houwink, J. Hoyt, M. Greene, S. Claunch, A. Plumley Zoology and Biology . . .standing (I to r) I. La Rivers, L. Jones, D. Cooney, F. Riser journalism . . . standing (I to r) J. Miles, A. L. Higginbotham, K. Janulis 18 speech and Drama . . . seated (I to r) W. Mil- ler, R. Griffin, B. Anderson, A. Wilson Geology ami Geography . . . standing (I to r) L. McGirk, Jr., D. Slemmons, E. Larson, E. Kersten, Jr. English . . . seated (I to r) R. Gorrell, C. French, D. Bar- racano, T. Grieder. Standing . . . J. Woods, R. Hume, P. Eldridge, J. Morrison, R. Connor, G. Herman Mathematics . . . seated (I to r) G. Silverman, E. Beesley, J. Rolland, M. Demers, R. Thompson, C. Oakley |; Foreign Languages . . . seated (I to r) C. Meltz, J. Gottardi, A. Dandini. Standing . , . G. McMurray, L. Kline 19 20 (jr V N M Lots of work in college ... a bright future to gaze upon as we are Looking Ahead 21 A.S.U.N. President Dick Bryan A.S.U.N. Secretary Diatin Coate 22 A.W.S. President V y ' Carol Gardenswartz Executive Committee (I to r) Jim Santini, Carol Garden- swartz, George Allison, Glenda Price, Diann Coate, Dick Bryan ff.»rA f » ' AM ' S. Council . . . first row (I to r) Georgie Weaver, Beth Boyd, J ante Kottinger, Carol Gardenswartz, Glenda Price, Barbara Heuard, Kathy Oldham, Carol Best. Second rotv . . . Kay Kelly, Sue Pinneo, Carol Warner, Nona Kerr, Deanne McGowan, Sally Holmes, Loralee Smith, Barbara Galeppi A.WS. Council Senate Senate . . . first rotv (I to r) Nona Kerr, Pat Reynolds, Beth Boyd, Carol Gardenswartz. Second row . . . Roger Bremner, Roger Mills, Glenda Price, Lillian Mason, Diann Coate, Carol Warner, George Allison, John Madariaga, Dick Bryan. Third row . . . Bill Keith, Dick Landingham, Stan Terrell, Dave Hansen, Jim San- tini, Harry Garner Alen ' s Upper Class Committee . . . first row (I to r) Ben Bingham, David Nyquist, Jim Gardner, Fred Carlson, Jim Halley. Second row . . . Jack Boyd, Jim Reed, Bill Adams, Dick Deleissegues, Stan Terrell. Third roiv . . . Rich Capurro, Bruce Rossman, Jim Westfield, Larry Gedney, Roger Mills, Jim Sloan Men ' s Upper Class Committee Women ' s Upper Class Committee Women ' s Upper Class Committee . . . First row (I to r) Sally Holmes, Pat Turner, Wuanita Combs. Second row . . . Betty Edmondson, Nancy Petrini, Penny Pembertoii, Pat Reynolds 25 Our last year and we plan to make , the best of it. Senior Prom . . . senior cut day and lots of fun. Senior Class Committee . . . first row (I to r) Carolyn Hall, Pat Dunn, Deana Merling, Deanne Munk, Tippy Smith, Kay Calvin, Nancy Heehs, Wuanita Combs, Carol Crisler, Bill Keith. Second roiv . . . Jim Randall, Stan Terrell, Bob Scott, Tom Harris, ]im Corica, Bruce Rossman, Harry Heck, Jim Santini, president, Don Hare Senior Class Committee Junior Class Committee Junior Class Committee . . . first row (I to r) Nancy Damon, Sharon White, Gay Brennan, Sharon Teglia, Jean Rivkin. Second row . . . Lennie Marrs, Joanne Dumble, Georgie Wearer, Lois Rothschild, Dick Madsen. Third row . . . Jud Samon, Pete Breen, John Madariaga, president, DeArmond Sharp, Dare Hoy, Ron Broderdorf Now we are upper classmen ... at long last . . . and making the most of it at the Junior Prom. Competing with the Frosh at the Frosh-Soph field day ... It was reallv a lot of fun. Sophomore Class Committee . . . first rotv (I to r) Aiargaret Eddelman, president. Second row . . . Dorothy Howell, Margaret Ottini, Lillian Mason, fan W epfer, Jim Megquier. Third row . . . Bob Armstrong, Tim Sughrue, Dave Millard Sophomore Class Committee Freshman Class Committee Our first taste of college life . . . We liked competing with the Sophomores. It surely was a busy first year. Freshman Class Connnittee . . . first row (I to r) Susan Keeley, Alice Urrutia, Dick Lewis, president, foan Ruark, Mary Ann Kerstetter. Second row . . . Gary Bullis, Steve Heyer, Kirk Terrell, Ty Marc tic ci ■ ' -. ' . .-■ ' Ss;. ' - . - ' ft? ; ' .- V- { Publications board . . . seated (I to r) Carol Gardenswartz, Barbara Hetvard, Judy Kautz, Diann Coate. Standing . . . Dr. William Miller, cha ' irman, Dick Bryan, Detvey Berscheid, George Allison, Jim McNabney, Owen Vaught Publications Board Finance Control Board Finance Control board . . . (I to r) Dr. Houwink, George Allison, Carol Gardenswartz, Dr. Robert Driggs, chairman, Dick Bryan, Diann Coate, LeRoy Arrascada Student Union board . . . (I to r ) Robert Kersey, director, Bill Adams, fim Santini, Jim Randall, Dan Winters, Date Hansen. Dan Sobrio, ]im Sloan. Standing . . . Bob Morrill, president, Don Rasmussen, Dorthiann Cook, Tippy Smith. Carol Gardensuartz, Pat Reynolds, Tish Saivle, Deann McGouan, Sharon Stiff, Dick Deleissegues Studen t Union Board These are the people who control the activities and functions of the Student Union. ]ot Travis Student Union 29 Nominating Committee . . . seated (I to r) Kay Kelly, Carol Warner, Karen Knud- sen, Barbara Heward. Standing . . . LeRoy Arrascada, Stan Terrell, Date Hansen, George Allison, Paul Gomez Nominating Committee Public Relations Committee The public relations committee sends out materials and numerous other things arouse interest of high school students in the U of N. Bill Adams is the committee chairman. Public Relations Committee . . . (I to r) Pat Chaffin, Bob Armstrong, Myrna Thompson, Ben Binga- man. Sue Dea Pinneo, Carol Thiex, Chuck Thoma;, Bill Adams, chairman 30 Election board . . . first row (I to r) Delores Chambers, Barbara Swart, Jean Rivk ' ttt, chairman, Carol Christiansen. Second row . . . Tom AlcCann, Bob Armstrong, Rex Newell, Date Hansen, Bob Scott, Jim Megquier, Jim Reed, John Roberts Election Board Here are the people who work so hard to make sure that elections run smoothly. Jean Rivkin is the head checker of stuffed ballot boxes. P. S. P. A. Convention Committee For the first time since World War II the Pacific Student Presidents Association met on the Nevada campus. They met to discuss student policies and policies of student government. P.S.P.A. committee . . . seated (I to r) Kress Harris, secretary; Trudy Caddel, Eleanor Bonnenfant, Gerald Boden, Dick Bryan, chairman; Bonnie Fairchild. Standing . . . Sue Dea Pinneo, Lynn Spell, Jim Megquier 31 Assembly committee . . . (I to r) jim Saiithii, Jud Samoii, Aim Scott, Sue Petersen, Judy Vascoucelos, Gene Piereiti, chciirnnin Assembly Committee 32 Rally committee . . . first rote (I to r) Skip Aieljuist, chuinuan. Sue Petersen, Dick Lewis. Second rote . . . Alice Urrutia, Sandy Busey, Joan Ruark, Lois Piretto, Betsy Concannon, Kay Kelly, Lynn Walsh, Karen Decker, Marlene Ferrari Rally Committee What ' s this. ' " ■ A % % V % . 33 Each of us, whether a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, is looking forward to the day when we receive our diploma . . . but even further beyond gradua- tion ... as we are Looking Ahead C L A S s E S 35 I f ' i • Jim Santini, President Ed Aimone Dave Allen Evelyn Ames Spiros Anastassatos Vance Antonelli LeRoy Arrascada Janene Assuras Bob Autry Tony Bastanchury Carol Beeson Richard Bennett Gerty Berg, Ben Bingaman John Borda Gene Boutilier Bill Bowser Jack Boyd Seniors Elmo Bradley Nancy Brinton Lynne Brix Richard Bryan John Bullis Tom Burns Thomas Buschke Trudy Caddel Jerry Cahill Kay Calvin Clay Carlson David Christensen Wuanita Combs Jane Conley Jim Corica Marcia Craig Carol Crisler Ra ' ph Crosser Cris Cufftin Dave Cut tier Carl Dahl Clay D arrow Laivrence Dawson Dick Deleissegues Chris Friberg Tom Friberg Mack Fry Jerry Gaines Carol Gardenswartz Harry Gamer Arden Gerbig Paul Gomez Tom Hal lam Jim Halley Barbara Hampton Carol Hardy Don Hare Date Harris Tom Harris Harry Heck Nancy Heehs Bill Heil Sally Jo Holmes Howard Hyatt Claudia Jackson Don Johnson Ann Jones Honor Jones Max Jones Ronald Jones Stan Jones Jim Joyce Judy Kautz James Kees Carol Dertnison Marilyn Desgranges Bill Detereaux Cliff Define John Duarte Pat Dunn Joseph Ellison William Ernst Joyce Etchebarren Charles Evans Bill Keith Keith Kellison Roy Kidder Don Kitts George Knott Karen Knudson Vangie Kornmayer Janie Kottinger Keith Latham Pat Lat ' in Bruce Lee Hans Lindblom Pete Looney David Lowe Jack Manhire Anka Markovich David Marshall Dino Martini Bob Morrill Dale Mosher Sidney Muck Deanne Munk Charles Myerson Clarence Nevin Jane Nightingale Nedra Norton Ken Oakberg Joe Ortiz Carolyn Oxborrow Angela Pappas Gerald Perske Delbert Peterson Joyce Pettycreiv Cynthia Pollard Eldridge Porch Glenda Price Virginia Pucci Clarke Reber Kaye Reid Del Rice John Roberts Bruce Rossman Janice Rountree Letitia Sauie Norm Scoggin Thomas Seabury John Seeliger Virgil Sestini Donald Terrell Rene Thome Mary Ann Tonini John Trabert Ray Trease Pat Turner Art Vaughn Diane Vogliozzo Bill Walbridge Delores Watson LeRoy Wentz Charlotte Wert Ron Wilson Ed Wishart Tom Woodhall Dick Yates Ron Zideck Cathy Zimmerman iflr i ' « Kaye Reid Bill Keith Sally Holmes Nedra Norton Who ' s Who Carol Gardenswartz Jim Joyce Karen Kuudson Jim Santiiii r " J P mr iA fm Tippy Smith Deamie Munk Cathy Zinimerviati Bill Bowser Dewey Berscbeid ■ ! E " ' .. - Dkk Deleissegues Chris Friberg Dick Bryan Bob Hemphill Bob Morrill LeRoy Arrascadu ]ohn Madariaga, President George Allison Gary Andreas Joan Andreas Grace Antonelli Sallie Atcheson Janet Balmain Curt Barber Gary Bartlett Fran Beer Marlene Belli Ann Bengoa f Juniors Jean Best James Blakely Lynn Boerlin Beth Boyd Ron Bradley Frances Breen Pete Breen Roger Bremner Gay Brennan Erich Bretthauer Ron Broderdorf Bob Brown Carolyn Brown John Brown Paul Brown Roger Brown Judy Buck Robert Byrne Bill Campbell Rich Capurro Estelle Carley Fred Carlson Sonja Carlson ]udy Carroll Roy Carstensen Delores Chambers Betty Chism Eugene Choy Carol Christiansen Bill Clarke Frank Clawson Diann Coate Steven Collen Rod Cook Hmm! 2 plus 2 Gary Cooper Jim Cress Don Cronin Jacquelin Curutchet Ernest Damon Harry Ericson Keith Ernst Brent Fabbi Reeve Fagg Bob Fisher Barbara Foltz Olivia Forsythe Larry Frantzen Mayer Freedman Elsa Freitag Bob Frenkel Eugene Fuller Nancy Damon Dale Darney Geraldine DeBenedetti Doug Dobson Bill Dolan Roy Domke Joan Drisdale Joanne Dumble Benny Echeverria Stan Elberg James Gaines Barbara Galeppi Sue Gann Juniors ]ody Garcia Jim Gardner Larry Gedney Murray Gifford George Gillett John Gisclon Irmalee Gray Diane Guild Carolyn Hall Sue Hamilton Emily Hanf Dan Hanley David Hansen Nancy Hansen Kress Harris Phillip Haug Sandra Hesse Barbara Heward Kay Hicks Virginia Hoffland David Hoy Robert Jackson Denny Jones Gerald Jones Roger Joseph Kay Kelly Marius Kendall Ron Kirn Don Kissig Charles Korthuis Wayne Kramer Dick Landingham Leah Larson Ken Longero Ted Moore Bill Myers Bob Neighbors Bob Neuschaefer Hal Newman Ted Ntckolich Ann Nicora Dave Nyquist Biff O ' Malia Gary O ' Neal Tom Ormachea Ingebrigt Ottem Annette Owen Diane Pahor Grace Payne Bob Peck Penny Pemberton ]arold Pepple Van Peters Lynn Peterson Nancy Petrini Ed Petroni Ellen Piehl Eugene Pieretti Wendell Porth Bill Provin Jean Rivkin Henry Rodeen Alan Ross Lois Rothschild Barbara Ruark Steve Rucker Bill Salas Jud Sam on O ' Neill Sanders Robert Schenk Judy Schneider Bob Scott Jack Scott Fred Shaft DeArmond Sharp Jim Sloan Loralee Smith Murdoch Smith Carolyn Snyder Daniel Sobrio Carol Stever Sharon Stiff Joachin Stroeh Don Sullivan Hey Ref—You Blind? Juniors Barbara Swart Curtis Tang Sharon Teglia Bill Tessler Wayne Tetrault Carol Thiex Bill Wallace Georgie Weaver Carl Wegren Jim Welsh Jim Westfield David Wheeler Delano Whipple Sally Whipple John Whisler Tom Whitaker Sharon White Jim Wiley Sharon Wilkerson Delhert Wilson Danny Winter Theresa Witt Deanna Woodlifj Chuck York " IBf- Margaret Eddelman, President Karen Abbott Sharon Adler Louise Allen David Allingham Ed Allison Jim Allison Bob Armstrong Carol Armstrong Janice Armstrong Raleigh Atkinson Brynne Bailey Kathy Bailey Anna Baldini Mary Bandoni David Bartlett Glen Bates Darryl Baxter Janice Beeghly x . Margot Berney Fred Black Brenda Boscovich W ayne Bowden Barbara Broer Think ! ! Sophomores Lucille Brown Ralph Cameron Boyce Burge Patty Campbell Clifford Burrous Donald Capps Marietta Cordon Joyce Casjzzj Joan Catjllera Joyce Cerjoglio Dix Christensen Roger Christensen Cecilia Clayton Larry Coleman Edith Condi e Donn Cook Dorthian Cook Sorman Cooper Steve Comutt Stanley Cothrin Elizabeth Cox Bill Crawford James Crawford Carrol Crowder Barrie Cunningham Bonnie Cunningham Jacquelyn Curti Mickey Dawson Karen Decker Andy Desgranges Sophomores Andy Domingo Mike Donovan Tom Doughty Fred Dugger George Earnhart Marti Emery Peggy Ericksen Frank Fahrenkopf Bonnie Fairchild John Flanagan Bill Ebeltoft Pat Fordham 51 David Fuhrman Gail Fuhrman Sarah Jane Futch Allen Gates Joyce Gearing Dave Gehrt John Genasci Joe Gufjey Ann Hall Russ Hansen Bill Harper Jim Harstad Phill Hebert Tom Herman Frank Hernandez John Heward Brenda Higley Sophomores Paul Huffey Tricia Hug Jill Hulbert Nancy Jones Paul Jones Nona Kerr Don Leahy Gerald Lear Bill Leonesio %- » .-.r Fred Humphrey Barbara Kettering Patsy Lewis Fumiko Ishii John Kleppe John Locke Diana Isola Joan Laidlaw Nancy Lojas Bill Johnston John Lauritzen Connie Lill Lillian Mason DeAnn McGouum Theresa McGuire iSancy Mead Jim Megquier John Melzker Datid Allies Lynn Miles David Millard Edrie Moody Diana Morgan Raymond Moritz Edward Lydon Kathy Lyons Boh MacDonald Melinda Mackie Billie Morris Robert Oliver Anne Perkins Martin Murphy Margaret Ottini Martin Petersen Charles Mtisser Byron Oxhorrow Susie Petersen Marilyn Nelson Albert Pagni Toni Pimentel Jane Nevin Sigrid Nielson Kathy Oldham Ronald Pahor Pete Palmer Bob Perchetti Sue Pinneo Larry Piper Patricia Plumm Joseph Fotocnak Eugene Quilici Flora RadcUffe Bonnie Ramos Susan Rauch Roy Reynolds Don Richtev Karen Rietjens Robert Robb Richard Robbins Vicky Roberts Julia Robertson Bob Rommel Barry Ross Lynne Ross LaVerne Rosse Charlese Rupley Ted Rupley Clark Russell Jess Salmans Doug Salter Nanci Sanders Barbara Sbragia Dean Schank Ted Schroeder Anne Scott Susan Scudder Jackie Settergren Dick Sever Tom Sheehan Charlotte Sheldon Bob Shoemaker Louise Smee George Smith Stan Smith Beverly Staples Joyce Stephens Joan Stewart Anne Stockwell Jill Stratton Tim Sughrue Chuck Thomas Mike Thompson Ann Thorburn Cora Lee Tip pin Sid Toleno Sophomores ' »r » Gee, I like ice cream fyTKf .-— ' ' " Valerie Van Nepes Shirley Vietti Julius Wallace Lynn Walsh Sandra Wardell Carole Warner Jan Wepjer Russ Westover Kay Whilaker Sue While Barbara Williams Taunya Woodford Mary Woodiel Dan Yim Deanna Yrueta Don Zundel Ken Zunino Betty Zyski Kenneth Tracht Alberta Lmscheid Harry Ixpson Charles Usnick Valere Van Houck ■ ' Robert Agee Sz Donna Albrighl A •t«. o ' " V- k„-. Mel Allatd Andy Anderson Cathy Aicntz James Atcheson Marcia Aiansino Pattr Atd Bob Ayres Kathleen Bailey " C Lynn Baker Date Baikley iltlt This is ONLY the beginning! Kay Barniin Bruce Barto Charles Balcbeldcr Terry Balcbelor Beterty Bean ■m -- jl Carolyn Bell :-yr- , Vance Bell Freshmen Carol Best Barbara Brannen Sandy Brown Hanne Beyer Eduin Brown Stctc Broun Bill Bianchi Grace Broun Russell Broune Carol Blumstrom Mary Brou ' n 56 Gitry Bullis Sandra Busey Barbara Bylund Brent Caldwell Marilyn Carlson Louie Cartitnlla Frank Cassas Elynor Cassinelli Dudley Cate Norma Ceccarelli Geoffrey Cecchi Annette Chaduell Sandy Chase Janet Clayson Larry CUm Ray Clem Bonnie Cleone Chris Cobb Harold Cobb Ty Cobb Donna Colburn Jon Colburn Karen Columbia f r Barbara Couch r7 k Marshall Coierslon »ks. Anne Cress Alice Crook b L " George Croun i HS ' Robert Daiidson H V r Keith Daiis miHi k Ann Davison Jim Durham Sue farnbam Dorrine Deck Joseph Eherle Jo Farrell Boh Dhom LeRoy Eikanas Sherry Fan celt Kaiie Diedrichsen David Elkin Marlene Ferrari Laura Dodgion Tom Ellis Joanne Fike Larry Draper Mary Ann Erb Norma Finili Carol Drinning Valerie Estes Si-aron Flanagan Curtis DoUinger Paul Evans Frankie Foley Ina Jean Drulias Vincent Pagan Nancy Foster Marianne Frade Paul Freitag Bill Gardella Connie Gent Jeanille Haggerty Roger Haln ine Sharron Hall Mary Hamilton Suzanne Henderson Larry Heuard Susan Hickman Sally Hinds Andy Jackson John jelavich Morgan Jellell Wally johnsnn Albert George Betty Gibson Patricia Hamilton Paula Hanna Joyce Hollenhack Sue Howell Harriet Jones Susan Keeley Ricky Gobeli Mary Ann Hargett Kathryn Humphrey James Kellison Judy Greene Michael Hart Sarah Humphrey Skip Kennedy Whit Hackstaff Boh Heaney Carol Irwin Mary Ann Kerstette Freshmen Ed Kinney Jerry Kirk Alice Klipstinc Jim Krese Ronald Landers Don Larson Pennies from heaven? 58 George Leaiitt Linda Lipka Gary Longson Gary Machabee Bob Lemon Susan Lomhardi Janet Loue Ralph Madsen Lora Leonard Dorothy Lompa Gerald Liisk Joann Maeslas Randy Lerry Beverley Long Sharon Lyman Riik Magiihiniss Bruce Malone Mickie Manha Tyrone Mar cue ci Geri Martinez Oliiia Martinez Virginia Matley Gary Matlice Judith Maxsom Bei Mazzola Patricia McAdam Larry McCollum Richard McConaughy Jack McCracken Lee McKenzic Dan McLeod Anna McMurray Michele McNamara Jerry Merill Dave Michilsch Joyce Miles Alden Miller Kim Miller Dave Mogis Norma Moller D:anne Moore Betty Mudge Joe Mullins Jo Anne Munk Dennis O ' Connor Lorraine Odell Don O ' Donnell Ronald Orr Steve Parker Barbara Parrish Marjory Patterson David Pieretti Lois Piretto Thomas Pitts Jack Pleyte Nancy Pope James Powell Jo Ann Prandi 59 Charles Preston Don Prihhle Ronald Nagle Dudley Nicolls Leanna Noble Date Qiiinn y A Joanna Qtiinn Nancy Rapl Janel Riddle Paula Riel r-5 Bet- Roherson Judy Roberts Renee Robertson Norma Rodgers Warren Ronsheimer Barry Rosenbaum Joan Ruark Michael Rubel Madolyn Saibini Nellie Sanders Michael Saumer Jo -Anne Sbragia Amy Schultz Sharli Scurlock Dick Sholl Bill Sleeper Carol Smith Douglas Smith Matthew Rast Edtfard Smith John Smith Linda Smith Linda Smith Tucker Smith Dorothy Ricketts Date Soderstrom Mary Somers Pat Soiile Lynn Spell Sharon Stacy Freshmen Willy Stathes Kirk Terrell Bill Siratlon Martin Summerbelt Bob Stieet Dennis Talbott Georgia Teskey Myrna Thompson Dolores Tremeuan Susan Vnderwooc 60 Janette L ' riguen Slargaret Wallace Pom Wbear B. ' ll Wilson Alice L ' rrutia PriscUla VTallace Marilyn W hinery Gerri Wilson Abhy Utter David Warren Jim Whitaker Sbarin Winter Iris ' a i Blaricom Boh W eishaupt Jan White Robert Winwer Allen Van Vorst John Welch Donald Wilkerson Jessie Woodruff Joan Wagner Boh Weldon Wes Williams Suzie Workman Lael Walker Judith Wells Allen Wilson Maxine Wright }. ' Susan York Susan Youngs Jeanne ZaJac Kay Zimmerman V ' 1 A couple of brave souls 61 62 We will never forget the splendid times and our close friends as we are Looking Ahead S o c I A 63 Panhellenic Council Cathy Zimmerman President Cathy Zimmerman was president this year. Pan- hell governs the activities of the four sororities and regulates the rushing activities. Wuanita Combs Gamma Phi Beta Lor alee Smith Gamma Phi Beta Nedra Norton Delta Delta Delta Janie Kottinger Delta Delta Delta 64 Kaye Reid Kappa Alpha Theta Kress Harris Kappa Alpha Theta Deanne Munk Pi BeJa Phi Jo Ann Todd Pi Beta Phi Inter-Fraternity Council Bill Adams presided this year. The council con- trols the seven fraternities on campus. Hosted the Northwest Regional Inter-Fraternity Council Con- vention held in March. Bill Adams President Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bill Clarke Lambda Chi Alpha Carl Dahl Phi Sigma Kappa j Jim Joyce Alpha Tau Omega Roger Mills Theta Chi Ron Wilson Sigma Nu 65 Nedra Norton, President Delta Delta Delta Trudy Caddel Marilyn Carl so i Joan Caiallera Norma Ceccarelli Dian)i Coate Karen Columbia Barbara Couch Pat Dunn Margaret Eddelman JoAnne Fike Sharon Flanagan Frankie Foley Pat Ford ham Jody Garcia Carol Gardenswartz Betty Gibson Irmalee Gray Carolyn Hall Nancy Hansen 66 Sally Hinds Sally Jo Holmes Donna Albright Joan Andreas Grace Antonelli Janene Assuras Tricia Hug Diana Isola Ann Jones Judy Kautz Mary Ann Kerstetter Evangeline Kornmayer Janie Kottingei Randy Leary Patsy Leuns Stephanie Alaas Judith Ann Maxsom Dianne Aloore Under the leadership of Nedra Norton the Tri Delts had a highly successful year . . . scholarship trophy. Military Ball Queen, and best inter Carnival decorations. Also A.W.S. President and . . . oh, millions of important people. Leanna Noble Nedra Norton Janet Riddle Bev Roberson Lynne Ross Jo Anne Sbragia Sharli Scurlock Judy Schneider Charlotte Sheldon Carolyn Snyder Joyce Stephens Jill Stratton Barbara Sivart Alberta Umscheid Valerie VanNepes Lynn Walsh Sandra Wardell Delores Watson Georgie Weaver Sharon White Sharin Winter Deanna Yrueta Betty Zyski 67 Gamma Phi Beta Carol Beeson Nancy Brinton Barbara Broer Carolyn Brown Barbara Byland Joyce Casazza Elynor Cassinelli Sandy Chase Carol Christiansen Bonnie Cleone Wuanita Combs Jacquelyn Curti Nancy Damon Carol Dennison Carol Dadson Joan Drisdale Bonnie Duras Joyce Etchebarren Olivia Forsythe Barbara Galeppi Joyce Gearing Jeanille Haggerty Emily Hanf Paula Hanna Wuanita Combs, President 68 Lora Leonard Melinda Muckie Geri Martinez Carolyn Mather Bet- Mazzolj Lyttn Miles Edrie Moody Diana Morgan Jane ! er:n Sigrid Nielsen Jo Ann Prandi Virginia Pucci Pat Reynolds Renee Robertson Charlese Rupley Madolyn Saihini Naucilyn Sanders Linda Smith Loralee Smith Sharon Stacy Beverly Staples Georgia Jeskey Abhy Utter Judith Vasconcelos i Future Homemakers of America are the Gamma Phi pledges . . . they can cook, wash and iron. Went oriental this year when their house was redecorated. Their president was Wuanita Combs. 69 Kapp a Sharon Adler Evelyn Ames Cathy Arentz Kaye Reid, President Marcia Av an si no Brynne Bailey Kathy Bailey Anna Baldini Kay Barnum Beverly Bean Janice Beeghly Fran Beer Carolyn Bell Brenda Boscovich Frances Breen Gay Brennan Dolores Chambers Betty Chism Dorthiann Cook Anne Cress Carrol Crowder Katherin Diedrichsen Valerie Estes Marlene Ferrari Elsa Freitag Nancy Heehs Barbara Heward Barbara Hampton Sue Hamilton Kress Harris Brenda Higley 70 Theta Ann Thorburn Alice Urrutia Judith Wells Deanna Woodliff Joyce Hollenback Kathryn Humphrey Karen Knudson Sharon Lyman Patricia McAdam Mickie Manha Nancy Mead Kim Miller Norma Moller Marilyn Nelson Jane Nightingale Kathy Oldham Margaret Ottini Grace Payne Toni Pimentel Glenda Price Joanna Quinn Kaye Reid Norma Rodgers Carol Smith Linda Smith Donna Soderstrom Mary Somers Carol St ever Suzie Workman Susan York Susan Youngs Cathy Zimmerman Lots of skiers in the Theta house. Also Panhellenic President, Cathy Zimmer- man, and A.W.S. Vice President, Karen Knudson, are KAT ' s. 71 Carol Armstrong Sallie Atcheson Merri Aytes Carol Best Jean Best Aldena Bonahoom Barbara Brannen Deanne Munk, President Geraldine DeBenedetti Karen Decker Carol Drinning Joanne Dumble Barbara Foltz Gail Fuhrman Sarah Putch Judy Greene Sandra Hesse Kay Hicks Kay Kelly Connie Lill Linda Lipka Susan Lombardi Beverley Long Olivia Martinez Lillian Mason Sandy Brown Kay Calvin Sonja Carlson Ann Davison 72 Pi Beta Phi Barbara Ruark Joan Ruark Letitia Sawle Anne Scott Susan Scudder JoAnn Todd fan White Sue White Sharon Wilkerson Theresa Witt Taunya Woodford Jessie Woodruff Carolyn AlcGowan DeAnn McGowan Theresa McGuire Billie Morris Deanne Munk Ann Nicora Penny Pemberton Lois Piretto Dorothy Ricketts Karen Rietjens Sally Riley Judy Roberts Two trophies at Homecoming . . . skit and float . . . that ' s quite unusual. Pledges sponsored a spaghetti feed and washed dozens of cars . . . Pems president Sharon Teglia is a Pi Phi. President this year was Deanne Munk. 73 Spiros Anastaaatos Gary Andreas James Atcheson Jim Joyce, President Geoffrey Cecchi Larry Clem Rod Cook Jim Corica Marshall Co version George Crown Robert Davidson Keith Ernst Bill Evans Charles Evans Frank Fahrenkopf John Flanagan Paul Freitag Mack Fry John Genasci Joe Guffey Roger Hainline Dave Harris Michael Hart Harry Heck David Hoy Paul Hufjey Andy Jackson John Jelavich Bill Johnston W ally Johnson Jim Joyce James Kellison Keith Kellison Jerry Kirk 74 Richard Bryan Gary Bullis Boyce Burge Rich Capurro Frank Cassas Koy Kidder Alpha Tau Omega Who else could build a float in one night and walk off with the trophy? Student body president Dick Bryan and Senior class president Jim Santini are both Taus. President of the big house on the hill was Jim Joyce. Bob Lemon Gary Machabee Rick Maguinniss Dino Martini Gary Mattice Larry McCollum Pete Menicucci Dave Mogis Ted Moore j.(C-V Bill Myers Ronald Nagel Ted Nickolich Gary O ' Neal Pete Palmer Jarold Pepple Thomas Pitts Jack Pleyte James Powell Dave Quitin Del Rice Alan Ross Michael Rubel Jim Santini John Seeliger Dick Sever Tom Sheehan Bob Shoemaker Jim Sloan George Smith Murdoch Smith Tucker Smith Chuck Walker David Warren Carl Wt ' grcn Bob Weishaupt Russ West over Jim Whitaker Tom Whitaker Robert U ' inwer 75 Lambda Chi Alpha " Nw Fred Htiniphrey Bill Keith fuck Manhire Bill McChiin Richard McCoiiaughy Dan McLeod Dttvid Millard LeRoy Arrascada Pete Breen Clifford Burrous ferry Cahill Fred Carlson David Christeiisen Bill Clarke Harold Cobb Larry Coleman Steven Colen Dick Deleissegues Larry Draper Curtis Drollinger fohn Gisclon Don Hare Bill Clarke, President 76 Al Mohatt Morgan Jellett Bob Neuschaefer Dave Ny cjuist Byron Oxborroiv David Pieretti Eugene Pieretti Charles Preston Matthew Rast Jim Reed J Dick Reynolds Bob Ritchie Robert Robb Bob Rommel LaVerne Rosse Robert Schenk DeArmond Sharp Edward Smith Willy Stathes V i. Sid J oleno Julius Wallace Jim W estfield Trophies this year . . . Homecoming skit and Winter Carnival decorations. Had a big tici et sale on a stereophonic . . . seems they needed a new washing machine. The boys really went in Ubangi style to their stomp this year. Bill Clark presided. 77 m- StlftX -- Diiiid Hansen and Carl Dahl, Presidents Ray Clem Carl Dahl Bob Dhum ]obn Aivl El wo Bradley m Bob Armstrong Fred Dug er Tim Eunor jack Ferris -«■■ . ' ' 78 Ed Foster Mayer Freedmau Dan Hanley David Hansen i Norm Harper Phi Sigma Kappa 705 N. Virginia is the home of the fastest spaits cars on campus . . . Jaguars and Austin Healeys. Had a very successful Greek dance for the first time and decided to hold it annually. Who stole the keys to the fire truck at the street stomp? Carl Dahl headed the search party. Phill Hebert Pat Latin - . ;ra : »fik. c i ' tr.J y 1% — -I yi Robert Moran Raymond Moritz Dennis O ' Connor Sieve Parker Lynn Peterson Bill Raney Roger Robertson Daniel So brio Harry Upson Danny Winter 79 Tom McCann and Bill Adams, presidents Sigma Alpha Epsilon 80 Ed Allison George Allison Jim Allison Lynn Baker Darryl Baxter Ben Bingaman Ron Broderorf Edwin Brown Roger Brotvn Steve Brown Bill Campbell Howard Chambers Roger Christensen Jon Colburn Norman Cooper Stanley Cothrin Bill Crawford Jim Cress Mackey Dawson Doug Dobson Bradly Duerr Bob Frenkel Whit Hackstaff Jim Halley Bill Harper Bob Heaney Don Johnson Gerald Jones Don Kissig A. I M » «? . ?5 4 . -?% ■ Their Christmas Serenade included a L.P. of Johnnv Machis and a Christmas tree for each sororitv. Senator at Large George Allison and Inter-Fraternitv Council president Bill Adams are both S.A.E.s. These boys have turned from a singing chapter into hep beatniks. Bill Adams presided over the house on E ans Avenue. Wayne Kramer Dick Land ' tHgbam Don Leahy Richard Majfi Bob MacDonald Ralph Madsen Tom McCauH Charles McVey Jerry Merrill Dudley Nicolls 3 " X Ken Oakberg Ed Petroni Roy Domke Don Pribble " - Richard Robbins Bruce Rossnian Steve Rucker Clark Russell ir Bill Salas Ted Schroeder Norm Scoggin Jack Scott Fred Shaft Darel Shea Bill Sleeper John Smith Sta n Stnith Tim Sughrue Wayne Tetrault John Trabert Bill Tyson Art Vaughn Allen Wilson J HI Stratton, SAE Sweetheart 81 Ron Wilson, President Sigma Nu Robert Byrne Louie Cartmella Dudley Gate Ty Cobb Gary Cooper Don Crotiin Date Cutler Ernest Damon Clay Darrow Larry Dawson Cliff Define Tom Doughty Jim Durham Joseph Eberle , 82 LeRoy Elkanas Brent Fabbi Bruce Fabbi Jim Gardner Allen Gates George Gillett Tom Harris Jim Harstad Tom Herman John Heward Larry Heward Robert Jackson Ed Aim one Melvin Allard Bob Autry David Barkley Dave Bartlett Gary Bartlett Glen Bates Vance Bell Fred Black James Blakely Bob Brown John Brown -m Denny Jones Ed Kinney John Kleppe Ronald Landes Bill Leonesio Pete Looney John Madariaga Len Alardian Len Mans Lee AlcKenzie Jim Aiegquier John Metzker Freshmen class president Dick Lewis and Junior class president John Madariaga are both snakes. Bob Morrill held the president ' s position of both Blue Key and Student Union Board. Trophies for Sigma Nus this year . . . Scholarship, Homecoming and Winter Carnival dance attendance. 0m6 ' -w Dave Michitsch Don Moore Bob Morrill Sidney Muck Martin Murphy Tom Nicora Joe Ortiz Ingebrigt Ottem Albert Pagni Bob Perchetti Bill Provin Louis Reitz Roy Reynolds Don Richter Sam Salmans Doug Salter Jud Samon Bob Sillery Mike Thompson Allen VanVorst Bill Walbridge David Wheeler Donald Wilkerson Ron Wilson Don Zundel Ken Zunino 83 Sigma Phi Epsilon The youngest house on campus has taken up residence just off South Virginia Street. They missed the date for homecoming ... so they claim. Great expectations for this rapidly growing group. Their first president . . . Chuck Thomas. Chuck Thomas, President Harold Star Kirk Terrell Chuck Thomas Clyde Turner Jim Welsh 84 Stan Elberg Vincent Pagan Bob Fisher Harry Garner Charles Korthuis Marvin Mayo Joe MuUins Warren Ronsheimer rf15v. Dave Allen Terry Bate he lor . « ' ' I c f -ir C.K . Theta Chi Gene Boutilier Ron Bradley Cris Cufflin Joseph Ellison Larry Gedney Dave Gehrt r .,-- Bob Scott, President Paul Jones Jim Krise Bruce Lee Tyrone Alar cue ci Roger Mills Joseph Potocnak Clark Reber Henry Rodeen Bob Scott Jeri Tedroive Charles Usnick Sam Waggoner Bob Weldon Jan Wepjer LeRoy Wentz What is this . . . beds hanging from trees and a new door? The highlight of the Theta Chi ' s social activities is the Spring Formal at which they elect a " Dream Girl. " Lead this year by Bob Scott. 85 Stray Greeks ]ane Conley Alpha Gamma Delta Lyiin Boerlin Delta Zeta Marcia Stroeh Zeta Tau Alpha Carol Crisler Kappa Kappa Gamma Thomas Seabury Sigma Phi Delbert Peterson Beta Alpha Nu 86 Remind you of a rush party? Q u E E N S 87 ■v Susan Keeley HoDiecotJihig Queen 88 : i.--,A i ! M m i. atilmmiimmimi ■xtemtM Tippy Smith Mackay Day Queen 89 Patsy Lewis Military Ball Queen 90 Kitty Tilman Junior Prom Queen 91 92 ■ " N " .- Meetings . . . discussions . . . plans for the future ... as we are Looking Ahead T o Karen Knudson President Evelyn Ames Wuanita Combs Pat Dunn Carol Gardenswartz Emmy Hanf Sally Jo Holmes Carolyn McGowan Sagens Headed by Karen Knudson, this honorary Junior and Senior women ' s service organization does the ushering at Wolves Frolic, games, and other school functions. They also show the Freshmen around the campus. Deanne Munk Pat Reynolds Bonnie Stewart Nedra Norton Jean Rivkin Sharon Stiff Glenda Price Letitia Sawle Sharon Teglia Virginia Pucci Lor alee Smith Pat Turner Kaye Reid Tippy Smith Cathy Zimmerman d 1 % ' V Jim Megquier President Bob Armstrong Date Bartlett Vance Bell Ty Cobb Larry Draper Jim Durham Whit Hackstaff David Hansen Jim Harstad Sagers A service organization which helps out at registration . . . and performs other services for the school. Their leader this year was Jim Megquier. John Heward Albert Pagni Kirk Terrell Bill Johnston Bob Perchetti Chuck Thomas Bill Leonesio Matthew Rast Allen Van Vorst Gary Machahee John Smith Donald Wilkerson JJ Dudley Nicotls Stan Smith Danny Winter S f Dennis O ' Connor Bill Slratton Don Zundel 95 % Jim Randall, President George Allison Gary Andreas Bill Bowser, Cadet Colonel Jack Boyd Ron Bradley Roger Bre inner Ron Broderdorf John Brown Richard Bryan John Bullis Thomas Buschke Jim Corica Charles Evans Mack Fry Gary Foster Jerry Gaines Harry Garner Larry Gedney Dave Harris Tom Harris Harry Heck Alax Jones Ronald Jones Mariits Kendall George Knott Marvin Mayo Pete Alenicucci Don Moore Phil Moore U. of N. Cadet Officers Club Ted Moore Ed Petroni Jim Sloan Bob Morrill. Cadet Colonel Eugene Pieretti Daniel Sobrio Dave Nyqiiist Clark Reber Gary Sonic Ken Oakberg Jim Reed Sam Waggoner Gary O ' Neal Bruce Rossman Chuck Walker Jarold Pepple Steve Rucker Tom Whitaker i Jim Santini Delbert Wilson Don Kitts, President Bob Autry Johit BOrda Bill Bowser John Broun Rod Cook Jim Corica Don Cronin Ernest Damon Clay Darrow Harry Ericson Keith Ernst Frank Fahrenkopf Tom Friberg Date Fuhrman Jim Gardner John Genasci Arden Gerbig Murray Gifford Date Harris Tom Harris Roy Kidder Keith Latham Ken Longero Dino Martini Block N Bob Morrill President r ■ George Allison Blue Key w LeRoy Arrascada An upperclassmen ' s service organization . . . specialize in high school public relations. The head man this year was Bob Morrill. Pete Breen f r Roger Bremner Mack Fry John Madariaga Bruce Rossman Denny Jones Barney Mergen Jiid Samon Jim Joyce Lynn Peterson Jim Santini .{ ' ' 1 . Richard Bryan «- -ilI ' ' } ! ? ' Eugene Choy Dick Deleissegues ' ' 3 ; 98 m mf ■?- ' - Coffin and Key ' s A secret organization . . . membership is based on leadership. Watch for their annual production on the tram. - v Cris Cufflin President c tfe- ' Richard Bryan : V,. Harry Heck John Madariaga Bill Keith Roger Mills Pete Etezicb David Lowe O ■ c , Bob Morrill 99 W . R. A. . . . first row (I to r) Pat Potter, Sharon Teglia, Sally Jo Holmes, Gay Brennan, Kay Karstens, Liz Cox. Second row . . . Ellen Johnston, Ann Nicora, Georgia ' Weaver, Ellen Piehl, Charlese Rtipley, Sharon Adler, Jean Raker W. R. A. sponsors of volleyball, basketball, bowling, badminton, and other athletic activities for women. Officers . . . (I to r) Sharon Teglia, Sally Jo Holmes, President, Gay Brennan, Kay Karstens Mm Perns Physical Education majors and minors . . . spend most of their time developing their physical attributes. Headed by Sharon Teglia, they sold programs, talked their way into athletic functions, and learned the art of doing push-ups. Sharon Teglia Sharon Adler Evelyn Ames Grace Antonelli Joanne Dumbls Kay Kelly Barbara Ruark Dolores Tremeuan Sue Gann Sally Hinds Sally Jo Holmes Joan Laidlow Deanne Alunk Ellen Piehl Sharon Stiff Alyrna Thompson Mary Ann Tonini Alice Urritia Georgie Weaver Barbara Williams Fran Beer Carolyn Bell Gay Brennan Lynne Brix Elizabeth Cox Carol Drinning 101 Phi Kappa Phi High scholastic averages and initiative are the prime considerations for membership in this group. This honorary is open to both graduate and undergraduate students. Gerty Berg Clay Carlson Jack Boyd Marilyn Desgranges Chris Friberg Letitia Sawle Mack Fry Tippy Smith Paul Gomez Marilyn Tabor Bob Morrill Bill Walbridge John Roberts LeRoy Wentz Cap and Scroll An honorary women ' s organization which requires a 2.7 overall grade average . . . plus presidency of at least one campus organization. Kaye Reid was their president this year. Kaye Reid President Evelyn Ames Wuanita Combs Deanne Munk Carol Gardenswartz Nedra Norton Karen Knudson Tippy Smith 103 LeRoy Arrascada K Jerry Cahill Jim Halley Bill Keith Don Hare Ken Longero Jim Joyce David Lowe Bill Campbell Lyle Damon Cliff Define Harry Ericson Keith Ernst Jim Gardner Sundo vners Future dignitaries of America! They hold socials on Friday afternoons Levi Formal . . . Chief " abstainer " for the year was Jack Manhire. . and the Jack Manhire Al Mohatt Don Moore Robert Moran Tom Ormachea Van Peters Steve Rucker Norm Scoggin Murdoch Smith Stan Summers Carl Wegren Ron Wilson Saddle and Spurs . . . first row (I to r) Nancy Pope, Georgia Teskey, Betty Edmondsoti. Second row Kay Karstens, Ellen Piebl. president, Tan? my Tenk Saddle and Spurs Chess Club Chess Club . . . kneeling (I to r) Sher nan Tresca, Don Rutherford. Sitting . . . Lynn Burns, Phil McGee. Standing . . . Tim Cramer, Bruce Stephenson, W ' hayne Chapman, Richard Morris, presi- dent. Ed Stone, Charles Haseltine, Dan Kaminski 105 Newman Club . . . first row (I to r) Fred Annand, president, Kress Harris, Josie Pucci nelli, Joyce Cazzaza, Ann Hansman, Sue Farnbam, Barbara Quilici. Second row . . . Ed Murkovich, Jeri De Benedetti, Barbara Galleppi, Deanne Yrueta, Nancy Petrini, Ann Bengoa, JoAnn Maestas, Margaret Ottini. Third roiv . . . John Platania, Maureen Duffy, Virginia Pucci, Marilyn Nelson, Janet Mathews. Fourth row . . . Father McFadden, Bud Bloomquist, Tom Grady, Mary Crow, Micky Manha, Joyce Hollenback, Alice Urrutia, Patsy Plumm, Carol Stever, Bob Lemon. Fifth row . . . Jud Folsom, Gerald Pepple, Ron Frank, Ken Emmanuel, Gene Piretti, Bill Myers, Paul Huffey, Ralph Madson, Martin Murphy Newman Club Canterbury Club i Canterbury Club . . . seated (I to r) Mary Ann Kerstetter, Anna McMurray, Judy Grafton, Lynne 106 Ross, Kay Karstens, Joanne Weber. Standing . . . Father Stevenson, Tom Jones, Ted Kerstetter, Leo Alasini, Alan Ross, Phil Haug, Reverend Kerstetter, Dr. Frasier Wesley . . . first row (I to r) Maureen Kelley, ]oan Laidlaiv, Sarah Humphrey. Second row Ret. Floyd Marker, Kirk Terrell, Dennis Talbott Wesley Foundation Lamda Delta Sigma Lambda Delta Sigma . . . first row (I to r) Bonnie Stewart, Peggy Ericksen, Alice Crook, Karen Abbott, Iris Van Blaricom, LaVerne Elliott, Nancy Jones, Sherwan Peck, Ramona Stewart, Sherry Faw:ett. Second row . . . Mike Smith, Paul Tueller, Fred Crook, Jay Evens, Ronald Jones, Carol Hardy, Julia Robertson, May Cropper. Third row . . . Jim Christensen, Clark Reber, Curtis Barber, Dean Schank, David Mathews, Ronald Lewis, LeRoy Wentz, Ladd Cropper Gamma Delta . . . first row (I to r) Maxine Bartek, Bill Provin, Nancy Hansen, Reverend A. E. Mueller, Dave Christensen, John Gisslin, Eleanor Engle, James Cummings Gamma Delta Nurses Nurses . . . first row (I to r) Dean Gilkie, Edrie Moody, Jackie Combs, Norma Fenelli, Wendy Freedman, Ann Thorhurn, Mrs. D. Button, Advisor. Second roiv . . . Bardis Nordleh, president, Dorothy Lompa, Ida Belle Fred- ericks, Alice Boesen, Eugenia Choy, Carolyn Seiveeny, Carolyn Mather 108 Aggie Club . . . first roic (I tu r) Mike DeWitt, Dick Downs, Fred Carlson, Ron Lynch, Cleo Pul- sipher. Don Parks, Pete Conlan. Second row . . . Betty Chism, Ellen Johnston, Janice Armstrong, Sue White. Bunny Cushman, Jan White, Roger Mills. Third row . . . Don Capps, J. E. Adams, Floyd Kinsinger. George Myles. D. W. Cassard, Raleigh Atkinson, Stan Gonsalves, Leo Chambers, Barbara Galeppi. Bill Johnston (on horse) Aggie Club Sheepherders Sheepherders . . . first row (I to r) Van Peters, Scotty Ernst, Cliff Deiine, Jack Manhire, Fred Carl- son. Ron Broderorf. Second row . . . Steve Wilson, Gordon Nelson, Jim Westfield, Al Mohatt, Ed Allison. Bill Jones. Third row . . . Darryl Baxter, Gerald Eggers, Bill Campbell, Bob Ferrari, Bob Sillery. Fourth row . . . Jim Grigsby, Norm Scoggin, Stan Summers 109 Press Club . . . first row (I to r) Billy Agler, Cliff Clay, Don O ' Donnell, Dick Madsen, Bob L. Brown. Second row . . . Mrs. Agler, Phyllis Agler, Mrs. Janulis, Mrs. Higgenbotham, Jeanne Dell Clay, Versiellen Driver, Mary Ann Kerstetter, Nancy Herndon, Jeanette Groves, Carol Crisler, president, Kathy Zimmerman. Third row . . . Bill Agler, Prof. Higgenbotham, Jack Ferris, Chuck Thomas, Dewey Berscheid, Del Driver, Roger Joseph, Owen Vaught, Prof. Keiste Janulis, Bill Devereaux Press Club Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi . . . (I to r) Owen Vaught, Prof. Keiste Janulis, Prof. A. L. Higgenbotham, Dewey Berscheid, David Cutler, Jim Joyce, Bob Broivn, David Loive . i » W -V ' ■ ' 110 Pi Mu Epsilon . . . first rote (I to r) Dr. Demers, Mr. Silberniaii, Bob Anderson, Hans Litidbloru, Ed Wishart, Mr. Roufand, Micky Moran, Dr. Thompson. Second row . . . Dr. Beesly, Bob Jenkins, Carl Fisher, Dave Allen, John Broun. Tom Sloan. Ed Wagner Pi Mu Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . first row (I to r) Janice Beeghley, Carol Stever, Lowell L. Jones, Penny Pember- ton. president. Janet Webb. Second row . . . Ed Orrick, Dan Shanks, Dick Mafifi, Stan Smith, Don Zundel, Ronald Jones, Eugene Choy 111 Beau Arts . . . first row (I to r) Paul Jefferies, Ron Kirn, Cherkey Chang, Don Spaulding. Second roll ' . . . Tania Skrabak, Joan Arrizabalaga, Joanne de Longvbamps, Toma Walters, Connie Oster- man, Wanda Armstrong. Third row . . . Bill Davis, Vic Williams, Bob Challender, Louis Simons, Keith Keller, Walt McNamara Beaux Arts Painting drawing . . . sculpturing . . . this is how the art majors spend their time. Phi Alpha Theta Who discovered America? Just ask one of the members of this honorary history and political science society. Phi Alpha Theta . . . first row (I to r) Jerry Fenwick, Dr. Driggs, Ben Bingaman, Dick Bryan, Dick Tate. Second row . . . Barbara Swart, Barbara Reward, Sue Hamilton, Barbara Hampton, Bonnie Stewart. Third row . . . Dr. Elliot, DeArmond Sharp, Mack Fry, Dick Bath, Pierre Ozorrio, David Clarkson 112 Debate Club . . . first row (I to r) Tom Herman, Robert Van Lidograph, Virgil Bincaiieri. Second row . . . Dan Sobrio, Roger Joseph, Ross Rosenhaum Debate Club Rifle Club Rifle Club . . . first row (I to r) M-Sgt. Day, SFC Coffey. Second row . Boh Fuller, Ramon Salcedo. Third roiv . . . Bob fjliter, Dan Sohrio John Hunter, Larry Gedney, 113 5 Club . . . first row (I to r) Dick Yates, Gay Brentian, Kim Miller, Leanna Noble, Betsy Concannon, Karen Colum- bia. Judy Greene. Second row . . . Doug Salter, Donna Albright, Kay Barnum, jerry DeBenedetti, Bill Sleeper, Bruce Rossman. Third row . . . Dan Heagerty, W hit Hackstaff, Dick Landingham, Patsy Lewis, Sally Hinds, Pat McAdatn, John Smith. Fourth row . . . John Houghton, Al Raiche, Del Rice, Roger Broivn, Howard Chambers, Roy Dofnke, Carolyn Bell. Bob Sillery, Sue Ranch, Bob Frenkel, Ken Gray, Cliff Devine, Marsha Avansino, Jon Madsen Ski Club Snow skiers, bar skiers, and whiskiers alike all belong to this organization. A couple of good parties this year . . . Ones we ' ll all remember. Chief tow-fee dodger this year was Dick Yates. Officers . . . (I to r) Bob Sillery, Gay Brennan, Dick Yates, president. 114. Campus Players . . . first row (I to r) Julia Robertson, Betsy Coyicaiuion, Leantia Noble, Trud) Caddel. Carol Garde isu ' artz, Carol Stever, Vicky Roberts. Second row . . . Asher Wilson, Jim DePriest, Herman Marstens, Jack Damron, Bill Tyson, Micky McBride, presi- dent Campus Players " The Crucible " and " Squaring the Circle " were the productions of Campus Players this year. Members are those who have taken part in plays or the musi- cal. They took a field trip to San Francisco and had quite a weekend. 115 Stan Terrell President Charles Batchelder Bill Bianchi Jack Boyd Thomas Buschke Brent Caldwell Lincoln! rkHk 116 l im Roy Carstensen Frank Clawson Donn Cook Steve Cornutt Keith Davis Bill Dolan Mike Donovan Bill Ebeltoft ' Benny Echeverria Reeve Fagg Larry Frantzen Phillip Haug Marius Kendall Skip Kennedy Keith Latham Gerald Lear Gary Longson Gerald Lusk Edward Lydon David Miles f-m fUkk A Aldeii Miller Charles Miisser Bob Oliver Ronald Orr Ronald Pah or Martin Petersen Larry Piper Jim Randall Barry Rosenbaum Michael Saunter Hartman Halls Dean Schank Virgil Sestini Dick Sholl Pat Soule Bill Stratton Don Sullivan Bob Sueet Rene Thome Prank Tomlinson Kenneth Tracht John Welch Bill Wilson Delbert Wilson Dan Yim Chuck York 111 Pat Turner, President Janice Armstrong Patty Aul Kathleen Bailey Mary Bandoni Margot Berney Hanne Beyer Mary Brown Patty Campbell Estelle Carley Donna Cochran Edith Condie Jane Conley Elizabeth Cox Marcia Craig Jacquelin Curutchel Dorrine Deck Laura Dodgion Artemisia-Manzanita Assoc. Mary Ann Erb Peggy Ericksen Sue Farnham Jo Farrell Sherry Fawcett Norma Finili Nancy Foster Marianne Frade Sue Gann Ricky G obeli Diane Guild Ann Hall Sharron Hall Mary Hamilton Mary Ann Hargett Susan Hickman Virginia Ho ff laud Sue Howell Jill Hulbert Claudia Jackson Harriet Jones Susan Keeley Alice Klipstine Dorothy Lompa ]anet Loue Deana Merling Anne Perkins Kathy Lyons Margaret Meyer Joyce Pettycrew Joann Maestas Joyce Miles Site Pinneo Janet Matheus Betty Mudge Cynthia Pollard Colleen McMahon JoAnne Munk Bonnie Ramos Anna McMurray Lorraine Odell Paula Rett Michele McNamara Barbara Parrish Jean Rivkin Lois Rothschild Janice Rountree Jackie Settergren Louise Smee Tippy Smith Carole Sommers Bonnie Stewart Anne Stockuell Myrna Thompson Kathleen Tilman Cora Lee Tippin Dolores Tremeuan Janelte Uriguen Iris Van Blaricom Diane Vogliozzo Joan Wagner Margaret Wallace Carole Warner Charlotte Wert Sally Whipple Barbara Williams Mary Woodiel Jeanne Zalac Kay Zimmerman Young Democrats . . . fir it row (I to r) Judy Wadsworth, Kay Hicks, Janice Beeghley, Ellen Piehl, Glenda Price, Kathy Oldhain. Marilyn Nelson, Sharon Winters, Tisb Sawle. Second roiv . . . Fred Carlson, Wayne Chapman, Carl Dahl, Pete Breen, Dan McCloud, Dave Nyquist, Cliff Devine, Bob Sillery, Royce Feour Young Democrats Young Republicans Young Republicans . . . first row (I to r) Bob Armstrong, Dave Hansen, Bob Hemphill. Second row . . . hynn Peterson. Ray Moritz, Fred Dugger Clark Russell 120 S.A.M. . . . first row (I to r) Heinz Schilling, Oscar Wehlander, James Hay, Dare Wheeler, Stephen Barres, Ron Wilson, Russ Melquist, Grant Hudlotv. Second row . . . Clayton Carlson, Bill Heil, Jack Penman, Clay Darrow, Ed Thomas, Jim Blakely, Del Rice, Doug Dobson, Tom WooUhall Society for The Advancement of Management A new group on campus this year ... a workshop in room 109, Ross Hall . . . luncheons on Thursdays, with prominent speakers . . . buying stocks. This group is destined to go far and will aid each student on the University campus. Engineering Council This group coordinates all engineering student societies and plans the annual " Engineers Day. " Tom Wood- hall was chief coordinator this year. Engineering Council . . . seated (I to r) Bill Heil, Clay Carlson, Paul Gomez, Joe Ortiz, Tom Woodhall, chairman 121 Chemistry Club . . . first row (I to r) Don Sullivan, Eugene Chop, ferald Merrill, Cynthia Slater, Peggy Meyer, Whit Hackstaff, Dr. Kemp, Second row . . . Don Toral, Judy Grafton, Michelle Moran, Bev Roberson, John Petricciani. Third row . . . Bob Firth, Dick Coatney, Walter Michelson, Ray Clem, Dr. Williams, Dr. Seim, Dr. Morris, Robert Pearson. Chemistry Club If you should happen to see a large, mushroom shaped cloud hovering over the Mackay Science Hall, don ' t be surprised, it ' s those mad chemists at work. With test tubes in hand, they will pave the way to a brighter future. Officers . . . (I to r) Mickey Moran, president, Judy Grafton, secretary, Don Sullivan, treasurer. 122 Crucible Club . . . first rou (I to r) Willis Suari, Mike Donovan, Chuck York, Richard handinghani, Richard Hughes. Leal Kiinbey. Second row . . . David Matheivs, Claude Hammond, John Winston, Rod Adams. Lee Anderson, Tom Cordova, Jerry Glenn. Third row . . . Wesley Clark, Arlen Bock, Bob Rom- mel. Karel Havelik, Dean Scheid, Volborth. Fourth row . . . Robert Schenk, Robert Morrill, Morris Friberg. Elmo Bradle). David Slemmons. Wayne Jones Crucible Club Mining majors . . . spend a lot of time in seclusion; studying . . . field trips . . . and hunting rocks. Their leader this year was Dave Mathews. Officers . . . seated (I to r) Richard Landingham, Richard Hughes, Arlen Bock. Standing , Willis Swan, Claude Hammond, advisor, David Mathews, president 123 Mechanical Engineers . . . first row (I to r) Clayton Carlson, George Boucher, John Nakada, Fred Shaft, Wil- liam Heil, fim Vf ade, Second row . . . Charles Gerbich, Ren McNair, Harry Bucon, Frank West, fack Diehl. Third row . . . Lee Hunt, George Shaw, Bill Nixon, Alike Ten ffle, Delano Whipple, f. R. Van Dyke. Fourth row . . . W. V. Van Tassel, E. W. Harris, fohn Gisclon, Roger Brown, Bud Frenkel, fack Myles Mechanical Engineers Want to know how to fix your car? . . . Call an M. K., they know all about this type of thing , or at least they should . . . they s]iend enough time at it. Officers . . . (I to r) Prof. Wm. Van Tassel, Clayton Carlson, Bill Heil, president, Fred Shaft, George Boucher ign ' M) i f, W v , ( v¥ 124 Sigma lau . . . first row (I to r) Stan Jones, Columbus Brown, Larry Gedney, Wilbur Haiidley, Bill Myers, Harry Bucon, Fred Shaft. Jim Taylor, Clayton Carlson. Second row . . . Ralph Bradley, Fred Dilts, George Boucher, John Brown, Tom Vf ' hitaker, William Dolan, Hans Lindblom, Paul Gomez, Bob Jenkins. Third row . . . Delbert Wilson, Bob Schenk, Bill Heil, Gerty Berg, Arlen McGee, Stan Terrell, Gary O ' Neal, E. Pfrang, Bruce Jones. Fourth row . . . Phil Haug, Warren Meacham, Peter Aldrich, Don Hare, R. Thome, Ron Byrd, Bill Walbridge. Fifth rotv . . . Bob Morrill, Dr. Harris, Ken Oakberg, Bruce Hicks, Jon Brooke Sigma Tau These axe the outstanding students in the field of engineering . . . you might say " Average raisers ' Officers . . . (I to r) E. Pfrang, George Boucher, Clayton Carlson, president, Bob Morrill, John Brooke, Dr. Harris 125 Electrical Engineers . . . first row (I to r) Charles Hixson, Joseph Shepard, Lester Leonard, Bill Dolan, Hugo Gundelfinger, Tom Seabury, Carl Looney. Second roiv . . . Jack Martin, Bill Handley, Larry Damon, Gerty Berg, Tom Woodhall, Glen Clark, I. J. Sandorj, H. Domingos, G. Higgins, Larry Brunetti, Joe Ortiz, Bob feivkes. Third row . . . Peter Aldrich, Leonard Gilmore, Tom Ormsby, Richard Hughes, Carl Fisher, Stan Jones, Gordon Osborne, James Taylor, Richard Richards, Jack Sorenson, Paul Gomez, Marshal Sobrio, Charles Lotvder Electrical Engineers Need any electrical repairs? Well here are the boys to call. At least we can expect them to know how to fix it since they work with electrical gadgets the year ' round. Advisors . . . (I to r) H. Domingos, I. J. Sandorj, G. Higgins. Officers Brunetti, Vice-President, Joe Ortiz, Secretary . . Tom Woodhall, President, Larry 126 Cifil Erigi»eers . . . first row (I to r) Jack Bilderback, Bill Ellison, Tom Buschke, Ken Oakberg, Jim Randall, Bruce Hicks, Logen Henderson, Chuck Evans. Second row . . . Pete Royce, Jack Boyd, Frank Milslagle, Charles Myerson, Prof. Charles Breeg, John Leader, Ken Yamamoto. Third row . . . Yvonne Flinn, Prof. R. Psycoda, Stan Terrell, Ross Rogers, Dave AULaughlin, Ed Stone, Frank Blomquist, John Brook, Prof. E. O. Frebodey. Fourth row . . . Gary O ' Neal, Bob Lyon, Rene Thorne, Plan Badajoz, Chuck Armuth, Phil Haug, Rich Trimble, Ron Byrd. Fifth row . . . Jim Wiley, Murry Gifjord, Tom Tra- bert, Bryan Richter, Don Hare, Harry Ericson, Larry Franzen Civil Engineers After spending many long hours in ' Skunk Hollow ' they will someday be those who construct bridges, buildings, highways, and just think maybe even a few " Castles in Spain " . ' J ([ I; li V f I -I -V fif! ' IHI !i! m M ' " iiii r " It fT " " Ifli r lilt •nil ' I?!? % l ' ' iT?« iir III lit If 127 S.N.E.A. . . . first row (I to r) Joyce Gearing, Val VanNepcs, Betty jean Zyski, jo Ami Shrag a, Carol Bee.son, Cecelia Clayton, Beth Boyd, president. Second row . . . Bev Rober- son, Claudia Jackson, Flora Radcliff, Kathy Tinninaro, Janis Armstrong, Nancy Hansen, Nancy Petrini, Judy Buck. Third row . . . Dean Holstine, Deanna Frugoli, Joanne Fike, Donna Albright, Sharli Scurlock, Ann Bengoa, Patsy Lewis, Ina jean Drulias, Dr. Neivhry S.N.EA. The student National Hducation Association, as it is formally known, holds within its membership those students who are planning to become teachers. Under the leadership of Beth Boyd they held a dinner for high school students. They were kept plenty busy with conventions and trips around the state. Officers . . . (I to r) Dr. Newhry, adiisor, Beth Boyd, president, Joyce Gearing, Cecelia Clay- ton, Nancy Hansen 128 Y.W.C.A. . . . first row (I to r) Judy Maxsom, Ellen Piehl, Lynne Ross, Kress Harris, Kay Kar- stetis, Edith Rittenhouse, Mrs. Talcott, Joyce Stephens. Second row . . . Susan Lombardi, Judy Aoyama, Barbara Couch, Nancy Hansen, Charlotte Sheldon, Margaret Eddelman, Nancy Petrini, Lynn Walsh, Tricia Hug Y. W. C. A The members of this organization are busy all year with many service projects. They sponsor W. U. S. Carnival in the spring and stage a party for underpriviledged children at Christmas time. Officers . . . (I to r) Edith Rittenhouse, Kay Karstens, president, Ellen Piehl. Second row Harris, Joyce Cerfoglio, Lynne Ross Kress 129 I P ' - ' ' ' jH All four members of the yell leading squad were new this year, however a wonderful job was done. Chuck Thomas Ken Gray Yell Leaders Kare i Decker, head Susie Petersen 130 Kncelhiyi . . . (I to r) Karen Decker and Susie Petersen. Standing . . . Chuck Thomas and Ken Gray. ]o Anne Sbragia Alarlene Ferrari, bead Alice Urrt4tia Song Leaders First rou . . . (I to r) Joan Ruark, Lois Piretto, Sandy Busey. Second row . . . (I to r) jo Anne Sbragia, Marlene Ferrari, Alice Vrrutia Joan Ruark Lois Piretto Sandy Busey ' ff ' f-f ' 1J 131 Diane Guild Kay Kelly, head Judy Maxsom Majorettes Majorettes . . . (I to r) Diane Guild, Kay Kelly, Judy Maxsom " K ■ ; ' W « 1 132 Band . . . first row (I to r) Jerry Lusk, Orville Fleming, Dick McConaughy, Bob Wollett, N. A. Titikham, Mickey Minedew, Maxine Wright, Flora Radcliff. Jim Christensen, Frank Hernandez, David Zundel, Jack Damron, Glenn Little. Second row . . . Theresa Gibson, Lavern Rosse, Dennis McCarty. Mary Broun, Don Portor, Bill Keiser, Joyce Miles, Del Dolbier, Gene Isaeff, Leon Crawford, Dave Pieretti, Herman Peavy, Bonnie Ford. Alan Ross. Third rotv . . . Felton Hickman, Jr., George Cease, Art Vaughn, Elynor Cassinelli, Fred Dagger, Paul Brown. Marcia Craig at the piano Band University Singers . . . first row (I to r) Lora Leonard, Sue Rauch, Maryann Ja- cox, Lynn Walsh, Lynne Ross, Joyce Stephens, Georgia Tesky, Margot Ber- ney, Julia Robertson, Joan Laidlaw, Charlotte Sheldon, Wm. Keith Macy, director. Second row . . . Alary Kay Hamilton, Kay Whitaker, Patsy Plumm, Nancy Foster, Ellen Piehl, Barbara Couch, Tricia Hug, Judy Maxsom, Marcia Craig, Betty Anthony, Del Loomis. Third row . . . Lynne Brix, Kay Karstens, Paul Brown, Allen Van Vorst, Roger Mills, Art Vaughn, Jerald Merrill, John Cuny, Jack Damron, Bev Long, Maureen Kelley. Fourth row . . . Edith Rittenhouse, Jim Christensen, Bud Maddalena, Bruce Lee, Ray Clem, Clay Darrow, Jan Wepfer, Boyce Burge, Fred Dugger Felton Hickman Band Director University Singers 134 kj p o R T We are ever keeping in mind the possibilities of great athletic achievement as we are Looking Ahead Chuck Walker Tom Whitaker Bill Pro I ill Jerry To bin Bobby Peck Mike Lommori Gordon McEachron Head Coach FOO ' Nevada football rebounded from near extinction to the most successful season in many years during 1958 as the Wolf Pack surprised nearly everyone with a won three lost three record. Early in the school year it appeared that a lack of enough players would force Nevada to cancel its entire schedule. Only an all-out effort by students, players, faculty, administration, and alumni prevented this possibility. Bolstered by this new found support, the Wolf Pack promptly discovered new player interest and responded with an upset victory over Pepperdine in the season opener. The interest by both players and fans was sustained all season and indicated that Nevada would be even stronger in football next year. Most of the players will return. 136 nl t. Bob Riolo Richard Ripley " ■ Dan Baldini Martin Murphy Bill Rankin ' ■ ' .J Rod Cook 3 ALL 1958 NEVADA WOLF PACK SEASON RECORD Nevada 12 7 Pepperdine Nevada 18 22 Chico State Nevada 2 14 Cal Aggies Nevada 6 18 San Francisco State Nevada 40 24 Sacramento State Nevada 22 12 Humboldt State Nevada 100 Totals 97 Opponents Dick Dankworth Backfield Coach :. 137 John Genasci Phinnie Marsh Chris Nenzel i . ll John Prida Wally Rusk Jim Whitaker ' NEVADA 12 PEPPERDINE 7 Any doubts as to Nevada ' s ability to play football were dispelled in the opening game against Pep- perdine. The Wolf Pack showed its determination by scoring first, then by staging a second half come- back to go in front to stay as Nevada won a 12-7 upset. The passing of quarterback Bobby Peck helped make the difference. He connected for 65 yards to end Tom Whitaker for the first score and later for 28 yards to end Bob Riolo for the game clincher. 138 i»- - " " Arden Gerbtp Gene Germain ,1 Frank Kenclricks Charles Musser , Clarence Nevin % Mike Thompson NEVADA 18 CHICO STATE 22 Nevada opened its Far Western Conference season against highly rated Chico State and threatened until the closing minutes to make it two wins in a row. The Wildcats rallied, however, to score a final touchdown and defeat the Wolf Pack 22-18. It was Nevada ' s ground game that held the spotlight against Chico. Halfback Bill Rankin scored twice and fullback Mike Lommori once. NEVADA 2 CAL AGGIES 14 The Wolf Pack couldn ' t get its offense moving against the Cal Aggies and the final gun found Nevada on the short end of a l4-2 score. It was Nevada ' s second straight conference loss. The Wolf Pack ' s only points came in the first quarter when an Aggie player was caught behind his own goal for a safety. 139 Boh Dungan Jerry Drum ' - Ron Gifford Bob Hunter Tom Sheehan Ty Tyson NEVADA 40 SACRAMENTO STATE 24 The best Homecoming football performance in a decade was the bill of fare for alumni and student fans as the aroused Wolf Pack toppled Sacra- mento State 40-24. The victory marked Nevada ' s first conference win of the season. The running of Jerry Tobin and the passing of quaterback Bobby Peck were the highlights. Tobin ran the opening kickoff back 99 yards for a touchdown to set the pace for Nevada. The next time the Wolf Pack gained possession, quarterback Bobby Peck passed to end Tom Whitaker for a play that covered 76 yards and another score. Peck also passed for three other touchdowns and fullback Mike Lom- mori ran over another score. NEVADA 6 SAN FRANCISCO STATE 18 A second half comeback attempt was not enough as Nevada dropped its third conference game 18-6 to visit- ing San Francisco State. The Wolf Pack trailed 18-0 at half time against the perennially strong Golden Gat- ors. Nevada ' s lone touchdown was scored by halfback Jerry Tobin in the third quarter. 140 : f ff ( ' ' %W " ' Bob Lemon Al Raicbe Bob Tribble Clinlou Burkett Raleigh Atkinson Steve Parker NEVADA 22 HUMBOLDT STATE 12 Nevada took an upset 22-12 victory against visiting Humboldt State and spoiled any hopes the Lumber- jacks had for the conference championship. It was the final game in the " olf Pack ' s abbreviated six- game schedule. Fullback Mike Lommori ended his college playing career in a blaze of glory by ground- ing out yardage when it counted and scoring one important touchdown. Other scores were by end Tom VChitaker on a pass from Bobby Peck and a quarterback sneak by Peck. 141 I » w Bob Ferrari Guard Slan Summers Center Chuck Walker Forward The Wolf Pack hoopsters compiled a 14 win and 8 lost season record this year. In Conference they came out with a fine 6 win 4 lost season. Stan Summers was high scoring playmaker as he racked up a total of 412 points for Nevada and was named to the Far Western Conference Team. Bob Fer- rari shared co-captain honors with Summers and was a valuable asset to the team. It was another good year for Coach Jake Lawlor and the next year looks promising with the return of a number of fine lettermen. 142 Wolf Pack Varsity . . . First row (I to r) Ken Longero, Don Stoker, Lyle Damon, Van Peters, Bob Ferrari, Len Mardian, Val York, Johnny Borda. Second rotv . . . Bob Ritchie, Bob Lyon, Chuck Walker, Jake Lawlor Stan Summers, Paul Rutherford, Bob Perchetti, Ed Allison mtk mm m mmtmm i ii iM» Ken Longero Guard Bob Lyon Forward Val York Forward 1959 Wolf Pack Season Record Nevada 61 58 Presidio Nevada 50 49 Presidio Nevada 49 45 Long Beach State Nevada 54 39 Eastern Oregon Nevada 68 34 Eastern Oregon Nevada 63 39 University of Redlands Nevada 50 63 Fresno State Nevada 48 50 Fresno State Nevada 70 52 Cal Aggies Nevada 56 42 Cal Aggies Nevada 73 66 San Francisco State Nevada 69 50 San Francisco State Nevada 75 77 Regis College Nevada 69 59 Chico. State Nevada 59 62 Chico State Nevada 40 46 Humboldt State Nevada 41 59 Humboldt State Nevada 69 53 Sacramento State Nevada AA " - 55 Sacramento State Nevada 32 66 University of Portland Nevada 77 106 University of Portland Conference games ]ake Lauior Coach 143 Bob Ritchie Forward Frank Ketidricks Forward Len Mardian Guard m mm t ' -t It, Don Stoker Guard 144 Do you viitid getting your hand off my face so that I can get that rebound? Ed Alliioii Forward Lyle Damon Guard iob Percbclti Forward Van Peters Guard . jumping high jor a rebound is Summers while York and Lyoti stand ready to trail the hall 145 First row . . . (I to r) Alan Oppio, Earl Cornjorth, Tom Pitts, Morgan Jellett, Bruce Barton, John Prida. Second row . . . Bob Challender, Don Pribble, Coach Bob Laughter, Gary Ferrick, Ed Murkoiich FROSH BASKETBALL RESULTS 1958-1959 Frosh 60 64 Holiday Hotel Frosh 78 59 Isbell Construction Frosh 47 51 Compton Junior College Frosh 69 48 Thrclkel ' s Cubs Frosh 63 43 Winnemucca Ironmen Frosh 46 31 Reno High School Frosh 63 66 Lassen Junior College Frosh 66 42 Sparks High School Frosh 74 (A City League All-Stars Frosh 68 70 Felix ' s Bank Club Frosh 68 70 Reno High School Frosh 66 41 Lassen Junior College Frosh 58 64 Reno Laundry Frosh 56 42 Sparks High School Frosh 54 72 Nevada Southern Frosh 50 84 Nevada Southern Record : 8 won — 8 lost High Scorer: Bob Challender — 194 146 WOMEN ' S SKI TEAM f The girls from Nevada again participated in the Powder Puff Derby during Winter Carnival. Coached by Bob Autry those pictured above are Gay Bretinan, Mary Ann Tonini, Ann Davi- son, Sharon Adler 147 SKIING Dale Prevost Slalom, Downhill ,) Coached once again by Shelton Leonard the Wolfpack Ski Team won the Far Western Conference Title and placed sixth in National competition. Captained by Don C r o n i n, Nevada played host at the annual Winter Carnival. % f V Shelton Leonard Coach X Dave Pruett Cross Country % " I. i .UiM 148 Left to right . . . Shelton Leonard, Coach; Dale Prevost, Dave Pruett, Doug Salter, Don Cronin, Captain; Tom Trabert, Jon Madson, Jack Bosta % y ' - . ■ A N Jack Bosta Slalom . Juviphig s i Jon Madseii Jumping, Slalom ■i K Doug Salter Jumping, Slalom V -Xsf ' " " ' i- - W Newcomer Jon Madsen gave some pleasing performances during the season. i Jack Bosta came hack in his uinning style after having broken a leg last season. 149 Boxing Jim Olivas Coach Led once again by Coach Jim Olivas the Wolf Pack Boxing Team put on some good performances during the year. Joe Bliss and Carl Looney were both named to the All American Boxing Team. Highlight of the year was a trip to Madison, Wisconsin. Dick Short 123 pound division Don Kitts 1 32 pound division Pete Conlan 1 V) pound division Nevada boxer exchanges punches with Chico opponent. Joe Bliss 139 pound diiision Stan Davis l-i? pound diiision Bill Short 147 pound division Herman Marston 163 pound division Chub Quilici 136 pound division R 1 im ||P i 1 ■B fi ' W r i M w ' . j Hk D l a u m (a jf fl ■ ii F -9 H M vV Yj K.. QKs il l l j lhi 1 £K i illa 152 gr,-sre 3ffiWSKi«« ' S8EMT»im3 ' «« ' ! SWS C ri Looney Heavyweight John Genasci 178 pound division NCAA BOXING TOURNAMENT The Universiu- of Nevada, for the first time, hosted the NCAA Boxing Tournament April 2, 3, and 4. Under the fine supervision of Dr. Art Broten, Athletic Director, the tournament proved to be highly successful, and Nevada gained a National Boxing Champion as Joe Bliss defeated Daryl NX ' hitmore of Washington State for the championship. 154 TRACK Bill Meyers HHO, mile, tivo mile Bob Burns Low hurdles, brotu) jump Don HutchesoH 440 Dick Strunk 100 yd. dash. 220 yd. dash Morgan Jellet 440 Eh mi Nevada ' s Track Team established some new records this season. Dick Strunk, sensational freshman sprinter, ran to the fastest dash marks ever chalked up by a Wolfpack runner. Bob Ritchie put in one of the best broad jump perform- ances in 23 years. Dave Sharp continued his fine showings in the mile and two mile. Bob Challender, another fresh- men — point maker, ran one of the best 220 yd. low hurdles since 1934. Harris, Lommori, Dow, and Burns added depth to the team. Dick Dankworth again did a fine job of coaching. Dick Dankworth Coach Frank Hernandez 2 mile Marshall Cover st on 440 Ron Pahor mile, 2 mile 157 Tom Cook Discus John Prida Quarter mile Bill Lickley Shot put Tom Sheehan Discus M First row . . . (I to r) Tom Cook, Richard Dow, John Prida, Bill Lickley, Tom Sheehan, Chris Nenzel, Dave Sharp, Rod Cook. Second row . . . Coach Dick Dank- worth, Dick Strunk, Morgan Jellet, Bill Meyers, Bob Burns, Don Hutcheson, Lonnie Tolano, Dave Nyquist, Frank Hernandez, Marshall Coverston, Ron Pahor, Bill Bowser, Manager Chris Nenzel High Jump. Pole vaidt, Shot put Dare Sharp Mile, 2 mile Rod Cook Shot pill. Discus, fiireliii Date Harris H igh juwp, High hurdles. Bob Ritchie Broad jiimy, sprints. Pole 220 I unit i- » r- V y rjt ' " ..: :.. : ' m BASEBALL The Wolfpack Baseball team was again coached by Jake Lawlor, not pictured, who was assisted by Sid Root. The season opened well but Nevada lost its 1st place standing by losing to Humboldt in a double-header. Other games to follow were Chico, CO. P., Cal Aggies, Lassen J. C, Comp- ton J. C, and San Jose State. Sid Root Assistant Coach First row (I to r) Ron Paolini, Bob Peck, Mike Thompson, Russ Browne, Martyn Summerbell, Mike Hart, Larry Lansford. Second row . . . Bill Clarke, Jim Gardner, Duane Johnson, Val York, Jim Whitaker, Bob Shoemaker, Roy Kidder, Sid Root, Assistant Coach 160 Roy Kidder 161 ' Mike Thompson i Bob Peck Larry Lansjord Russ Browne iki:? Martyn Summerbell Mike Hart 162 RIFLE TEAM Nevada ' s rifle team had some bad luck as a whole this year, but individually there were some outstand- ing showings. Larry Gednev took 1st place in the kneeling position at the South West Invitational at El Paso, and 1st place in the individual match at the National Intercollegiate Sectional at California. In the Nevada Invitational Ramon Salcedo took 1st place in the standing position and Gary Cameron placed 1st in the prone position. Rifle team . . . first row (I to r) M-Sgt. Day, SFC Coffey. Second row . . . John Hunter, Bob Oliver, Larry Gedney, Dan Sohrio, Boh Fuller, Ramon Salcedo. Missing from photo are Richard Dow and Gary Cameron 163 TENNIS TEAM Off to a slow start Nevada ' s Tennis Team schedule included Chico, Cal Aggies, Humboldt and San Francisco State. The Conference play-offs were held May 8 and May 9. Bob Laughter coached the team again this year. Bob Laughter Coach First row (I to r) Alike Setty, Richard Brown, Bill Bianchi, Pete Evezich. Second row . . . John Brown, Jim Randall, Coach Bob Laughter, Ed Petroni 164 ]ohn Brown Jim Randall Ed Petroni Mike Setty Richard Brown Bill Bianchi Pete Evezich 165 ' f ' VL ■i i ' im ii • — (J - c . - s; :: . A, te . • " ■ ,», %«? -s Go e iw . . . (I to r) Paul Freitag, Do 2 Stoker, Murray Gijford, Gordon McEacbron, coach, Ron John- sou, Keith Latham, Dud Nicholls GOLF Gordon McEacbron Coach 166 . ' li • » Paul Freitag •SiSL.! Don Stoker •XM M«r -rt) ' Gijford A ' « i . » ..fll •• Ke?V Latham Ron Johnson D« Nkholls 167 I. F. C. Track Meet Sigma Nu Larry Damon trys to get points in the shot put event in order to win the coveted Kinnear Trophy. Surprised ? , ' AJ- ,« » A ' h 1 Going Down ! IB %. ■y 168 Swing it, cat! En Garde ! Whew! The finish 169 170 A C T I V I T I E We all have wonderful times to remember . . . and to keep in mind as we are Looking Ahead S 171 Don introduces Pres. Armstrong at Leadership. This is Leadership I didn ' t want to take English anyway September! Match lighting ceremony highlights the annual Tall Round-up C ept us busy This is entertainment? ' ' (§) those railroad tickets! -..• % - ' I May I introduce — bote many did we meet at Pledge Presents.- ' A chat between dances And before we knew it Hello on the Hill — a big success! Sundowners advertize at Activities Parade 11 A ■ -% 4 ' « ' ' S» » r I f I : H ' P Bf d Phis " Carousel of Music It was October and homecoming time Alpha Tau Omega ' s " Do You Remember: -wes «■ ¥ i r M t .:,ivMM-i These are the w inners! 175 M t- i.i4W _ Tri Delts didn ' t know what time it was hut then ' It ' s Been a Long, Long Time " A windmill put over Sigma Nu ' s theme " Alums Stream Home " It yv s a 176 Sigma Phi Epsilon was just a little mixed up Phi Sigma Kappas " Moments to Remember " grand parade - rwwtK:! ' Sundoivners on the Wagon " ? It ' s a lie! ■Ki «»«W t iJ I Gamma Phi ' s extend an invitation to " Climb Aboard, Alums " 111 Bees, bees and more bees highlighted S.A.E. ' s " Flight of the Bumblebee " " Welcome AluttDii Around the World " was the theme of Lambda Chi Alpha ' s entry Kappa Alpha Theta " Baked a Cake " just for the occasion ISto hil- 178 " Dear Grcich " — Pi Phi ' s iiiinui Winning skits Lambda Cbi ' s " Tosca " — itiinnr . ■ . ii d a lot of lai t hs 179 ' Seven Dates for Seven Coeds " Kappa Alpha Theta ' s We all put oni A " Batchelor Party " given by the S.A.E. ' s Artefnisia-Alanzanita shows us " The Way to Happiness " 180 Sigma A« ' Pirate Homecoming " a good show Gamma Phi presented homecoming " Dutch Treat " The Big Show " . . . Phi Sig style 181 A " Mexican Holiday " with the Taus I Tri Delt ' s " Hobo Homecoming ' 182 ' Skunk Hollow, U.S.A. " — Theta Chi production open House and so many people to meet And now I croun you ' Queen Susan ' Winner oj Cross Country getting his award from Homecoming Chairman Bruce Rossman The Pajama Rally — such fun! ' r X yl coW day on the hill Good sports — these gals! Have a coke 184 %. J» « .-— JSS " f Vi y4 ?e»c „ ■ , yVleiij, aren ' t they! Co ijused? not a hit Painting the " N 91 How ' s the water, giiis? Pass the buck. . . et Now it ' s your turn 185 Military Ball Queen Candidates Lillian Mason November Anne Stockwell Dorthiann Cook Jacki Curti 186 We must be proper Formal dance or not, viy feet hurt Chin up boys, it ' ll be over soon 187 The Messiah December and Christmas-time And the combo played on . . . at the Christmas assembly 188 Shining eyes — happy smiles made the party a success A.W. S. gave a Christmas party A beautiful tree for the children A tree was planted All the gals were there Getting acquainted 189 Kw..» S- iX. What a fight to get to classes in the snow January " " • " S j y r :7 ' « ife » J s ' — ' -y K:rr!iy ■ i feS . ' P 190 Then finals began Study-study-study Everyone is doing it — studying at the library Even the Profs have to work during finals 191 Quite a landing February sno v Winter Sports Ojj to a flying start The assembly . . . Kay, Marilyn, Pat, and Barb 192 Skiing... the main event brought Carnival r .i». and away we go Into the air . . . . . . ahhh, made it Decorations played a big part . . 193 x " YZ ff. ' f . ' Oi, M In spite of the storm, Tri Delt came through with " Whirl to the Olympics " -m ' Lambda Chi ' s miniature Scjuaw Valley 194 The best decorations Gamma Phi ' s " Take Me to Your Olympics " Phi Sigs want us to " Look out for ' 60 " S.A.E. ' s Squaw tvas " Looking Forward to the Olympics " Although nearly called off 195 »:r- Pi Phi uas " Predictin For ' 60 ' Theta Chi showed us the " Olympic Rings " • " ■ " T- ' • " Theta ' s " A Ved The decorations 196 ' ir- •■x ;-f.. yi Important Date ' Sigma Nu ' s " Gateway to the Olympics " Tau ' s " Winter Wonder Question " t were great 197 Gamma Phi ' s depicted today ' s leaders as third graders A. W. S. Assembly atid Thefas won scholarship trophy Came in March Liz da)iced . . . we howled Three excellent candidates for A.]V.S. President v V Relaxing ajter dinner As did the W.R.IRC Convention Registering at the Alapes Not everyone made it to the dinner 199 Many took advantage of Phi Sig ' s tention reliever W.U.S. A wor Dunk the Pi Phi ■m. 200 Ring a Delta ' s leg and win a garter Carnival ly cause Show your skill for the Sigma Nu ' s ' f SI - . Jt Test your skill . . . how? ,lhoie who came Thetas got wet while clownin ' around 201 Rosalinda ■■■■■ F- ■■j H Rl Bs H H l 3y | H m i H A ||.» H| 1 H B . H 1 HI ■1 I B nft " ff ' 1 H ■■! 1 sj H I H Costume Another Put something in the pot, boy hmmmm — peopleburgers The dancing jailbirds A prison break? post time Dance March Event . . , wonder what they ' re drinking? Charleston . . . Charleston the group One meets all kinds Do Vikings dance? Coffin and Key ' s Initiation Here tve go . . . uoops! Tri Delts get into the act 206 .NC . ) -M Pi Phi invited us to ' ' Suing with Decker " Vote jar , . . or else! Campaigning . . . and then voting . . iiiid iu did everyone else Colorful campaigning The Tri Delt " nieeces " campaigned too 207 Black-foot White-foot Princess Linda Smith Something funny . . Black-foot ugh! . . , you got me! Bored 208 White-foot Dance She thinks he ' s foolhig . . . . me teachum dance! everyone came time out . , Here, have some more . . , 209 1 ; Kitty and her attendants . . . Lynne, Gay, Diane, and Joanne Junior Prom An " Enchanted Evening " for Kitty Tilman, Junior Prom Queen tilth t ' tllau and all Crowning of the Queen . . . Independent Tippy Smith An Assembly Why so solemn , and an Open House and then he said A great committee . . . they did an outstanding job Brought May and Mackay Day . the luncheon and all those tvbo came 111 Winning girl ' s songteam Pi Phi ' s " As Time Goes By " with Songteams S.A.E. ivins the trophy for the second consecutive time wi th their " Salute to Broadway " 213 Tri Delis sang about " An Old Story Retold " that vere terrific Tail ' s " If You Want to be In That Number ' Arteniisia-Alanzanita Theta Chi told us about th 214 . a " Bouquet of F loners " t Thetas sang about rain in their " Heateus Open ' Sigma Nus gave us their rendition of " Night and Day " Gamma Phis sang songs of " Summertime " 215 ■ e. V--A 5 ' . ' fr up . . . More heer . . more beer . . . . ' joining the party . . lavv n party 5% € Whash shat? A bartender A.T.O. -, r i Watch the birdie the refreshment stand . . . . a happy group . alais Sundowner back to childhood obstacle races »-. : .4:;: : - ' j ' i - -«» » » •i W ». y4 jr e crowd is on hand to watch . . . hurry, Doug Looking for something: brrrrrr ■• : or Sl " a ,•- ;it » •tT " " „ .1- 218 Oh, dahliHg . . . and the Dance , talking to Dean Basta Let nie explain . . . er . . . it was this way swing your partner I wonder what he said Judy Kautz Editor Richard Morris Photographer Harry Heck Business Manager Artemisia Staff Susan Petersen Organization Editor Kay Kelly Class Editor 220 Joan Cavallera Activities Editor Nancy Petrini Sports Editor Valerie Estes Asst. Class Editor Georgie Weaver Faculty Editor Jo Anne Sbragia Social Editor Sue Kauch 221 Asst. Sports Editor Dewey Be rscheid Editor Oiveti Vaugbt Business Manager Sagebrush Staff Those who have contributed : Royce Feour, Edward Allison, Dan Hanley, Donald Graydon, John Conklin, Sally Whipple, Donald O ' Donnell, Bill Craw- ford, Thomas Jones, Roger Christensen, Diane Gordon, James Mildon, Warren Lerude, Ronald Lansford, Jeanne Dell Ciay, Gib Landell, Richard Morris. Chuck Thomas Sports Editor 222 An able staff: Professor Rodney Connors, advisor, Jo Grieder, Barney Mergen, Cecilia Clayton, Mrs. Maurice Osborne. Harold Robinson Editor Brushfire Staff Janet Balmain and Mathew Rast Publicity Business Manager 223 h AMtlt lrnrif.i- . .fr. ,.g|pgpi? Aggie Rodeo 4f We got him! Hold him down . . . ! J ' . ' This calls for real talent Get off my back . . . . another of the gentle burros . , . 4J . ' ♦ - i r « .: i 5 226 The wonderful people who patronize our yearbook think of a bright future as they are Looking Ahead A D V E R T I S E M E N T S 227 Meet your University of Nevada student waiters ? In tlie popular Golden Rooster Room 228 Through more than ei ht decades of service to the State, the University of Nevada has produced men and women who have distinguished themselves in many fields of endeavor. Their achievements stand as tributes to what this University has given them, both in practical learning and cultural understanding. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS; iVrt and Science Education Agriculture Engineering Mines Business Administration Nursing Graduate Study DIVISIONS: Evening Adult Study Off-Campus Study Summer School Extension BRANCH: Nevada Southern at Las Vegas for further information, write: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS, UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA. RENO 229 w l All year ' round, Washoe County offers prime recreation for the sportsman and tourist. There are excellent ski slopes in the county, and nearby is Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. - . ' v RENO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE sr 230 A lot of progress has been packed into the almost 100 years since the first hardy oldtimers laid down the rugged trailways that are giving place to today ' s smooth freeways. And the " battle-born " state of Nevada can be proud of the contributions it has made to the growth of our country and to the heritage of the West. Nevada is a great state for work or for fun, and there is no better city in which to play than Reno, and in Reno there is no finer place to stay than at Newt Crumley ' s new Holiday. J kwt Crumley ' s Under the direction of Chef Jean Lafontan, the Holiday offers the finest food in Reno in the Shore Room and Chef ' s Alcove, and there is continuous entertainment, featuring nationally known performers, in the Theater Lounge. You ' ll enjoy International Night every Tuesday, Prime Rib every Thursday, and the fabulous Seafoodarama every Friday. QqQDQqD DiWfftiWff Kern SINGLE ROOMS FROM $8 DOUBLE ROOMS FROM $12 FREE PARKING IN LOWER LEVEL GARAGE %fR 231 at SeWELL ' S SEWELL ' S BLUE RIBBON BOYS SERVING UP THAT WESTERN HOSPITALITY. Shopping at Sewell ' s you ' ll find is a Western tradition. Ask your mother, ask your grand- mother. Maybe they knew us when we first started in TUSCARORA, NEVADA. We ' ve expanded, we ' ve modernized . . . but we have never outgrown the kind of personal attention to your shopping needs that ' s made us a family friend since 1897. Most of us who serve you at Sewell ' s were born and raised right here in the West. That helps to know what you like to buy, how you like to eat. We know the kind of seasoning you want for those barbecues, the fine but not fancy foods that make for economical good eating every day of the week. Sewell ' s have the greatest variety of mer- chandise available on the West Coast . . . from quail eggs from Japan to good ' ole Elko County beef ... all a fingertip away on the shelves at Sewell ' s. Remember, too, you ' ll find at Sewell ' s all the fixings for your famous Western cook- ing. But we ' re not content merely to sell them to you ... no, ma ' am! We insist upon " Serv- ing them up " with a warm greeting, a wel- coming smile that is Western hospitality at its best. EWELL ' S 232 RENO PRINTING COMPANY PRINTERS . PUBLISHERS BINDING . RULING . ENGRAVING Telephone FA 2-2133 124 North Center Street Reno, Nevada 233 Sincere Best XA ishes For A Bright Future REDDY KILOWATT® Your Electric Servant from the SIERRA PACIFIC POWER COMPANY Men, machines and know-how of Isbell ' s team have combined to play a part in the astonishing growth of Nevada this decade. Nevada and Cali- fornia highways, mines, dams, and other heavy construction must go forward, or the states ' development might falter. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY P. O. Box 2351 Reno, Nevada Telephone FAirview 3-7135 234 ARMANKO ' S STATIONERY COMPANY 152 N. VIRGINIA STREET RENO, NEVADA B04fietliiKKi A eUA jfi Bo ' metlUKa Old New wheels for the Sears Credit Vehicle . . . Sears Revolving Charge . . . and now available for the first time in Reno to students under 21. Why not come in now ... or when you start the fall semester and place your applica- tion with the Credit Manager. 235 No social system will bring us happiness, health, prosperity unless it is inspired by something greater than materialism. OWNED AND MANAGED BY NEVADA PEOPLE TJP ADA BANK COMMERCE Branches: Reno, North Reno, Battle Mountain Elko, Ely, McGill Austin, Pioche Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. FISHING • HUNTING • SKIING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT MT. ROSE SPORTING GOODS 132 W. SECOND STREET RENO, NEVADA PHONE FA 3-5717 Baldwin Pianos Hammond Organs Conn Band 1 nstruments EMPORIUM OF MUSIC " EVERYTHING IN MUSIC " • Telephone FA 3-3452 214 North Sicrro Street Reno, Nevada 236 m The Quick Way... Ship Today it gets there i TODAY! CHARTERED BUS SERVICE ANYWHERE Call RENO OFFICE 1675 Mill St. FA 9-1147 CARSON CITY AGENCY 302 S. Carson GR 2-3375 MINDEN AGENCY Minden Inn Gardnerville 2351 YERINGTON AGENCY Lyon Hotel Yerington 140 THE GRAY-LINE OF RENO Virginia-Truckee Transit Co. fashions for young living MENS ' and WOMENS ' SHOPS SECOND AND VIRGINIA PIONEER TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY TITLE INSURANCE and ESCROWS Complete Title Insurance In the State of Nevada 27 East First Street Reno, Nevada Broili ' s NEVADA MACHINERY ELECTRIC CO. DEALERS FOR Zenith Radio TV Frigidaire Refrigerators, Washers Range Dryers DISTRIBUTOR FOR General Electric Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Gift Ware ALL STANDARD ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 301 South Virginia St. Reno Phone FA 3-3601 DURKEE TRAVEL BUREAU 250 West First Street and Holiday Hotel Office - 11 I Mill St. ROYAL TIRE CO. 655 S. Virginia Reno MOLTZEN ELECTRIC CO. 275 S. Virginia St. Reno 58 Million Times A Day SIGN OF GOOD TASTE Shoshone Coca-Cola Bottling Co. RENO 237 Phone FA 2-9967 HOUSE OF 7 to 15 WOMEN ' S and JUNIORS ' APPAREL SIZES SEVEN TO FIFTEEN ONLY FORMALS — PARTY DRESSES 142 N. Sierra St., Reno, Nevada C. J. McDonald J. G. Dunseath DUNSEATH KEY COMPAHY DOOR HARDWARE SERVICE LOCKSMITHS Telephone FA 3-4372 24 West Douglas Alley Reno, Nevada THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK OF RENO No service charge on checking accounts for U of N STUDENTS • 180 West First Street Reno, Nevada HARDWARE HOUSEWARE POWER TOOLS RENO MERCANTILE SIERRA AT COMMERCIAL ROW PH. FA 2-3454 SPORTING GOODS . . . ...ACME PAINTS CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of ' 58 MAGIC CLEANERS Clean Service for Fifty-eight Years " In Reno " Quality Dry Cleaning for Your Campus Togs RENO LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS CASH-AND-CARRY Special Discount — show your Student Body Card Telephone FA 2-9477 205 East Plazq St. THE WONDER 135 N. Virginia St. leno Headquarters for Pendleton Woolens, Stetson Hats Levis - Lees Hyer and Justin Boots 200 North Center Street Reno, Nevada 238 TOSCANO HOTEL AND BAR Choice of Domestic and Imported Wines and Liquors EXCELLENT ITALIAN DINNERS Cater to Porfies and Banquets Telephone FA 3-646! 238 Lake Street Reno, Nevada MARTIN IRON WORKS HILPS DRUG STORE 127 N. Virginia — Reno 938 B Street — Sparks SANTA FE HOTEL We Coter to University Banquets and Parties THE BEST IN FRENCH-BASQUE DINNERS 235 Lake Street - Phone FA 3-5682 - Reno, Nevada Compliments of . . HARRY ' S BUSINESS MACHINES INCORPORATED BUSINESS MACHINES OFFICE FURNITURE Harry S. Foote, Manager 323 West Street Reno, Nevada CONGRATULATIONS ALPINE GLASS COMPANY Telephone FA 3-7631 324 East Fourth Street Reno, Nevada PHONE FA 3-0397 Formerly CHAS. MclNNIS 31 WEST SECOND STREET PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE ALWAYS READY-MIX CONCRETE CO. Congratulations Class of ' 59 Reno Nevada 239 TOM JOYCE - Hoors Distinctive Floor Coverings Telephone FA 2-3154 285 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Congratulations to The Graduating Class . . . RICHARDSON-LOVELOCK, Inc. 35 EAST 4th STREET — RENO — Nevada ' s Largest One-Stop Automotive Center — RENO ' ' " ' " ' ' mnm m mmn ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' PARTS and AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES WILLARD BATTERIES and SEAT COVERS at 635 N. SIERRA STREET • PHONE FA 3-0318 RISSONE ' S Nevada ' s Leading Recappers Gasoline - Oil - Lubrication FISK TIRES 141 WEST FOURTH ST. Phone FA 3-5422 Rit U.S. Pal Of. I EAST FOURTH ST. Phone FA 29409 " THE FAVORITE MEETING PLACE " LITTLE WALDORF RENO. NEVADA Lan ce Chuck Tom John Connmercial Viev s Press - Aerial Weddings - Publicity Advertising Photog Views raphy GENE CHRISTENSEN PHOTOGRAPHER FINE PORTRAITS STUDIO 140 No. Virgin a St. Phone FA 3-5504 Reno, Nevada Free Delivery Free Delivery HALE ' S DRUG STORES RENO 47 East Second Street Telephone FA 3-4311 too West Second Street Telephone FA 2-943! South Virginia Linden Streets Telephone FA 2-6852 801 West Fourth Street Telephone FA 2-6943 601 North Virginia Street Telelphone FA 2-9129 SPARKS 820 " B " Street Telephone EL 5-8361 240 L G. O ' NEAL Day FA 3-1856 Nighf EL 5-2204 ENTERPRISE ELEQRIC CO. INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 260 Sunshine Lane — P. O. Box 1488 — Reno, Nevada Welsh ' s Bakery, Inc. Baked in Reno U elsh ' s Is Good Bread PLUMBING — HEATING — AIR CONDITIONING Sales - Service SAVAGE SON t INC. Telephone FA 3-4193 628 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Construction — Mining — Logging and Industriol Equipment Engineering — Steel Fobricotion — General Machine Work SIERRA MACHINERY CO., Inc. TELEPHONE FA 3-1301 — 307 MORRILL AVL — RENO. NEVADA ' Your Home SKbuliJ Ccme First " Telephone FA 2-3496 43 2 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Largest Stock of Fine Watches, Diamond and Silverware in Nevada R . HERZ BRO. INCORPORATED Jewelers Serving the University Since 1885 ■ Telephone FA 3-2122 15 North Virgi nia Street Reno, Nevada Best Wishes to the 59 Graduates FLOWER BOX 432 E. 4+h ST., RENO 698 FOR FC EST STREET DURTH AND VINE 15th AND PRATER WAY RENO SPARKS 241 Best Wishes First National Bank of Nevada STATEWIDE over one quarter n uTci uiic uuui Resources: l:ii- „ j n Dillion dollars MEMBER: F.D.I.C. helping build a greater Nevada MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Ginsburg Jewelry Co. AGENTS FOR OMEGA WATCHES 133 No. Virginia St. Reno FEATURING BRAND NAME SHOES Reno, Nevada Best of Luck fo the Class of ' 59 A. S. U. N. BOOK STORE " The Friendly Book Store in the Middle of the Campus " Telephone FA 2-5081 Student Union Building Reno, Nevada Inland Chemical Supply RENO RIVERSIDE RORIST PIZZERIA COCKTAIL LOUNGE estina ' s The Outstanding Pizza Making Establishment in the West. SPAGHETTI RAVIOU 2800-2810 S. Virginia — Phone FA 3-7239 — Reno, Nevode 242 tere ' s the place to buy 1. Fine gift merchandise 2. Greeting cards 3. Social stationery 4. Portable typewriters 5. Office supplies . . . office equipment and furniture • Morrill and Machabee 130 South Center Street - Reno Nevada MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALERS SHOE OUTLET STORE AMERICAN SHOE CO. Reno, Nevada SHOES AND SOCKS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY OPEN — FRI. NIGHTS ' TIL 8:30 P.M. 822 S. VIRGINIA ST. Telephone FA 3-7364 42 East First Street Telephone FA 3-4567 Reno — Nevada GENSLER-LEE DIAMOND SPECIALISTS Diamond Rings . . . Diamond Watches . . . See the smart new styles ot any ot the Gensler-Lee stores all over Colrfornia. No money down. Take a full year to pay. 156 N. Virginia, Reno NEVADA PHOTO SERVICE • I MILLER • TOWN COUNTRY • DELISO DEBS itisrm SHOES CAPE2IO • SBICCA • SPALDING • 243 Congratulations From SAKFORD TRACTOR EQUIP. CO. YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTOR DEALER NTERHATIONAL HARVESTCR » it CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT FARM EQUIPMENT COMPLETE TRUCK LINE ALL ASSOCIATED LINES EQUIPMENT AT ITS BEST P.O. BOX 1751 NORTH VALLEY RD. Ph. FA 2-8621 RENO, NEV. RENO LUMBER CO RENO NEVADA TOWN COUNTRY BOWL RENO NEVADA NEVADA Transfer Warehouse Co. 52 years of moving experience In NEVADA Call us for help on your moving problems 440 Valley Rd. FA 3-4191 RAUCH BAKER RENO NEVADA PIONEER EQUIPMENT CO RENO NEVADA We Extend To The CLASS OF " 59 " Our Heartiest Congratulations And Many Thanks for Your Patronage KNIGHT ' S RESTAURANT (Formerly the Wolf Den) 9th North Virginia Reno WALKER BOUDWIN CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION REMODELING 624 E. Fourth Street Phone FA 3-5311 Reno, Nevada NEVADA SHEET METAL RENO NEVADA LR.Springmeyer Equipment Co RENO NEVADA 244 QUALITY CARPETING UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY HOOVER CLEANERS NEVER USE ANYTHING BUT A HOOVER TO REALLY CLEAN YOUR CARPETS — ORDER YOURS TODAY WHEN PAINTING YOUR HOME BE SURE TO USE THE BEST Du PONT PAINTS and VARNISHES BAKER ' S FURNITURE HARDWARE 846 B STREET SPARKS, NEVADA Oldest and Most Popular Friendly Service Grocery in this Area BAKER ' S THRIFTY FOOD MARKET FRIENDLY SERVICE GROCER Telephone EL 5-8331 922 B STREET SPARKS. NEVADA THE TOGGERY, INC. SPARKS J. I SWEATT CO. RENO NEVADA THE BOWLARIUM 16 Automatic Lanes Bar, Restaurant, Ball Shop SPARKS, NEVADA " Where the Univershy Students Bowl " LES and SAN OPPIO SPARKS ADVERTISERS 245 Quality 246 printing means WITH TWO GREAT PRINTING PROCESSES AT OUR COMMAND WE CAN TURN OUT JOBS USING THE METHOD WHICH IS BEST, FASTEST. AND LOWEST IN COST. WE HAVE A COMPLETE DEPARTMENT DOING LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING AND ANOTHER COMPLETE DEPARTMENT DOING THE CONVENTIONAL (LETTERPRESS) PRINTING. OUR FACILITIES ARE MOST COMPLETE. LET US PROVE TO YOU WHAT WE CAN DO. mnmu 495 Kietzke Lane, Reno Phone FA 3-5163 247 prominent fleOa an « p e Cm L i-e-oA .,! 3o - ■K. ' UL. ,M Qlc 2m V t ' cLo, 2 v ( , (3 -€) (JL- « C- " (f jfTUL. , (jU- CIX. ! «er I — 1 Z - ' ( ayt i z__ 248 QttclHexj (L A , €y4 ,fi 3c o L. --i2i2A P- . 2 t€.:, .., _ OA [ Lr-jlf-U S SZ je„ ; t-. -=.,-. xC ' A x G e£ l... — Vk AZ y a Smetsow . It ilsow 0 . JlalU4f 249 Ucctois anb UeviiisU V;- , ( WI , Alc. r.. -- 1 ..Vu L) . Charles E. liming, Jr.,M.D. ZJi . - ( l C l-6 4: .,J ' . i - CU , lQ Jjii Qj hM, M X.C hn X4 . o, . £. [JJ -m Z- • g g- j ' -g. . « ' I Z t 9.. Jf fc 250 COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCHILL COUNTY NEVADA ' S LARGEST FARMING DISTRICT BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Amelio Bell R. J. Kolstrup Delbert Stewart ALFALFA HAY - BEEF CATTLE - DAIRY COWS HEARTS OF GOLD CANTALOUPES PRIZE FALLON TURKEYS STILLWATER CARSON LAKE — WATER FOWL AREAS " A SPORTSMAN ' S PARADISE IN THE HEART OF NEVADA 151 EAGLE SERVICE STATION Union Oil Products Wen Bill Beeghley HA 3-3632 Fallon, Nevada FALLON GARAGE, INC SALES CHtVROlFT 126 E. Center S+. SERVICE Fallon i Bii niinniE® FALLON, NEVADA Central Nevada Home Furnishers Since 1912 THE SPUDNUT SHOP One Mile South On The Truck Route Hel en 81 HA 3-2845 Fallon, Nevada KmdtM IJh.Ui ■ ... ifl— " tf iuOiJ ' Wtl CORNER MAINE AND CENTER STREETS • FALLON, CHURCHILL COUNTY, NEVADA FRANK V OODLIFF, Owner THE WESTERN HOTEL MOTEL " IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN FALLON " MODERN — CONVENIENT AIR COOLED — STEAM HEATED FALLON , NEVADA :. H. TEDFORD Fallon Recapping RUTH ROTS FALLON HArrison 3-0232 WEDNESDAY SALE 11:30 A.M. MID-WEST UVESTOCK COMMISSION CO. Licensed and Bonded Cattle Road, FALLON, NEVADA Auctioneer WILLIAM C. (Bill) GARNICK 252 Compliments GRAND CENTRAL SERVICE of MOTOR SUPPLY COMPANY Roy Ned FALLON BASIC REFRACTORES FALLON ... - NEVADA GABBS E. L WOOLVERTON a CAPITAN MINING CO. FALLON GABBS KOLHOSS CASH STORE THE STANDARD SLAG CO. FALLON GABBS ELY AIAZZI CHEVROLET LIGHT AND Gates — U. S. Royal Deico POWER CO. Your Best Choice CARLIN - - - ■ NEVADA EL CAPTTAN aUB EAST ELY, NEVADA Hawthorne, Nevada THOMAS A. SMITH President Sportsman ' s Headquarters GOOD FOOD 253 Woody Chevrolet Co. ' Complete Service and Towing " 901 Sierra Way Hawthorne, Nevada Nelson-Wagner Hardware M. R. WAGNER HARDWARE AND BUILDING SUPPLIES PLUMBING — ELECTRICAL — PAINT Hawthorne Nevada uppin APPLIANCE SERVICE and DESERT PROPANE SERVICE " We Sell the Best and Service the Rest " SHELL JOBBER GENERAL ELECTRIC AND MAYTAG APPLIANCES Hawthorne PHIL FERRIS Phone WO 5-3275 BUD TIPPIN JOSEPH ' S CASH MARKET HAWTHORNE. NEVADA HAWTHORN VARIETY STORE 5c to $1.00 and Up • SOUVENIRS FOUNTAIN • Hawt-horne Nevada HAWTHORNE. NEVADA Best Wishes HAWTHORNE BUUJ)ING SUPPLY HAWTHORNE. NEVADA 254 WILBUR ' S MEN ' S SHOP CARSON CITY Nationally Advertised Prices WILBUR STODIECK 79 305 N. Carson St. Carson City. Nevada ADVERTISERS MURDOCK ' S MEN ' S - WOMEN - CHILDREN E. W. MILLER SON " So Much to Choose from " Real Es+a+e — Insurance 51 1 N. Carson St. Carson City, Nev. 1024 Wells Avenue -Reno 318 N. Carson - Carson City KITZMEYER ' S DRUG STORE KITZMEYER and COCHRAN DRUGS • PRESCRIPTIONS - FILMS - CANDIES 208 N. CARSON STREET Carson City, Nevada GR 2-3409 Nevada ' s Oldest Drug Store 255 CATTLE FEEDING HAY GRAIN SALES MUNK BROS., INC. FARM CONTRACTING Telephone CR 3-2113 Lovelock, Nevada STOCKMEN ' S STORE WINNEMUCCA NEVADA ELKO ENTERPRISES, INC. • COMMERCIAL HOTEL • RANCHINN ELKO. NEVADA On U. S. Highway 40 NORTHERN NEVADA ' S FINEST SONOMA INN WINNEMUCCA, NEVADA Dan Symmes, Co-Owner — Manager Excellent Cuisine In Our Court Lounge and Oval Dining Room Coffee Shop Open 24 Hours Connplefely Air Conditioned Swimming Pool 256 ,«-». «. ■t A ' », W Picture by WALTER MULCAHY VIRGINIA CITY . . . Home of the fabulous Comstock era with all of its colors and brilliance. Today it is a Mecca for tourists and a favorite recreation center of Nevadans. SILVER QUEEN BAR BUCKET OF BLOOD VISITOR ' S BUREAU THE C AST LE DELTA SALOON AND CAFE THE FAMOUS CRYSTAL BAR TOTEM TRADING POST S A Z A R AC 257 IN SAN FRANCISCO HOTEL FIELDING JOE SNELSON, Mgr., formerly from Nevada Headquarters for the University of Nevada Dine With Pleasure at --- STEAK HOUSE AND COFFEE SHOP Visit the --- NEVADA LOUNGE JUST OFF UNION SQUARE AT GEARY AND MASON PHONE GA 1-0980 TELETYPE 280 258 DOUGLAS COUNTY ADVERTISERS DANBGERG MEAT CO. GARDNERVILLE DRUG STORE Prescriptions Vei Supplies SHAW ' S SEED, FEED FARM SUPPLY C. O. D. GARAGE Chevrolet-Buick Dealer MINDEN DRY GOODS CARSON VALLEY DRUG Phone 4092 — Minden 259 Best Wishes to the . . . University of Nevada • a • Compliments of . . . ESMERALDA COUNTY » HOME OF FABULOUS GOLDFIELD RICHEST MINING CAMP OF THEM ALL EUREKA COUNTY Extends Best Wishes To University of Nevada Students 260 COMPLIMENTS of ELKO COUNTY ■ iSk- - i sfS - « HEART of NEVADA ' S CATTLE INDUSTRY 261 ftyvjjowv tulJuov i5rWINNEMUCCA iVelko LOVELOCK •A- RENO , _ -sir FALLON lir CARSON CITY EUREKA l AUSTIN i lrMcGILL RUTH i!V ELY TONOPAH PIOCHE CALIENTE-jIV LAS VEGAS 1 Nevada is growing faster per capita than any state in the nation because more and more people are discovering that Ne- vada presents countless opportunities to those interested in a sound secure future. There is plenty of room for expansion and the state ' s vast storehouse of natural resources has barely been touched. Along with its abundance of natural wealth, Ne- vada has a sound reasonable tax structure which guarantees for residents the oppor- tunity to grow without cumbersome tax burdens prevalent in many of the other states. Nevada ' s liberal incorporation low is highly attractive and many of the na- tion ' s largest firms have filed necessary documents entitling them to do business in this state. Then too, Nevada has a Free- port law which exempts from taxation per- sonal property In transit through the state while it is stored, assembled or processed. More and more manufacturers find free- port an opportunity to reduce their costs of distribution. There is opportunity aplenty in all phases of Nevada ' s industrial growth — by 1965, the state ' s 1950 population of 160,000 is ex- pected to have doubled. Someone will pro- vide the new services, new trades, new skills and new businesses and Industries needed by the fast growing economy — will it be you? Nevada — the one sound state you a good future. offers ' W r: r rsAz w 1 ■ - il ' ■ ' [1 - uc Kennecott Copper Corporation A Good Neighbor Helping to Build a Better Nevada 262 I Always the same J ames (ilflllORRilRcll CREAMERY k...rr,. ,. " Toiyabe Supply Company " (General Merchandise) " TOIYABE CLUB " SABBS, NEVADA Best Wishes STEARNS-ROGER MANUFACTURING CO. DENVER COLORADO GABBS COFFEE SHOP Gabbs 263 LYON COUNTY, Nevada ' s leading county in the production of alfalfa hay, potatoes, honey, onions, and turkeys. Also a large producer of beef cattle, sheep, swine, dairy products and grain. An important livestock feeding area. Fertile land and adequate irrigation water supply. The county also plays an important part in the production of metals and non-metallics. GARDEN SPOT OF NEVADA Where the Land Owns the Water ' -Sy uML- 264 HEADQUARTERS IN RENO FOR ALL NEVADA STUDENTS AND ALUMNI BOB IDSTEB " McCLl ' RE Asst. Gen. Mgr. mnu CUSS of 47 tlNO ' S ONLY DOWNTOWN RESORT HOTft 265 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the University of Nevada from CLARK COUNTY the vacation and convention center of the West GREETINGS TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA from STAUFFER CHEICAL COMPANY Henderson, Nevada INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS SINCE 1885 Mosf complete banking service in Southern Nevada ' lHll ' BANK OF NEVADA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION HEAD OFFICE: FIRST CARSON, LAS VEGAS OFFICES: LAS VEGAS — FIRST AND CARSON (Main Office) FIFTH CARSON • ON THE STRIP BOULDER CITY • HENDERSON 266 — - ander County, the Heart of Nevada, Is Rich in iMining and Ranching. It Offers Activities in All Winter Sports and Is a Mecca for the Angler and the Hunter. LANDER COUNTY P. ' »itee « 267 Senior Histories Ed Aimone Blue Key 3. Reno, Nev., Psychology, Sigma Nu 1, Evelyn Ames . . . Reno, Nev., Phys. Ed., Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4, Pledge pres. 1, P.E.M. ' s 1,2,3,4, treas. 2, W.R.A. 1,2,3,4, pres. 2, Young Republicans 2, S.N.E.A. 4, Sagens 3,4, Cap Scroll 4, A.W.S. Council 2. Demetra janene Assuras . . . McGill, Nev., Sec. Ed. Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4, W.R.A. 1,2,3,4, Phi Alpha Theta 4, Reno Professional Womens Scholarship, Max Fleischmann Scholarship. Carol Beeson . . . Reno, Nev., Elem. Ed., Young Re- publicans 1,2, Ski Club 1,2,3, S.N.E.A. 4, A.C.E. 4, Gam- ma Phi Beta 1,2,4. Thomas Burns . . . Reno, Nev., Biology, Freshman Class Pres. 1, Biology Club 3,4. Trudy Frances Caddel . . . Roseville, Calif., Theatre and Interp., Campus Players 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 3, Asst. Director -Wolves Frolic 3, Musical 2,3, Asst. Director- Musical 4, Young Republicans 1,2, P.S.P.A. Conv. Comm. 4, Assembly Comm. Secty. 1, Wolves Frolic skit 2,4, Sundowners Bourbon Rose Queen 2, Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4. Kay Calvin . . . Whittier, Calif., Elem. Ed., Pi Beta Phi 1,2,3,4, Ski Club 1,2,3,4, Eta Epsilon 1,2, Sr. Class Comm. 4, Secty. 4, Women ' s Upperclass Comm. 4, W. R.A. 1, Young Republicans 2,3. Clayton O. Carlson . . . Reno, Nev., Mech. Engineer- ing, A.S.M.E. 3,4, Engin. Council 4, A.S.T.M. 4, S.A.M. 4, Phi Kappa Phi 4, Sigma Tau 3,4, pres. 4, Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4. Gerty Berg . . . Elec. Engineering, " Brushfire " staff 1, 2, Math Club Secty. 2, " Sagebrush " staff 3, Jewett W. Adams scholarship 3,4, Sigma Tau 3,4, Phi Kappa Phi 4. Ben Bingham, Jr., . . . Salinas, Calif., English, Young Republicans 1,2,3,4, English Club 4, Sagers 1,2, Men ' s Upper Class 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Assembly Comm. 4, Student Affairs Comm. 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, Arlen Bock . . . Sacramento, Calif., Mining Engineer- ing, Crucible Club 3,4. Bill Bowser ... Las Vegas, Nev., Gen. Business, Block N 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, U.N.C.O.C. 3,4, Beta Alpha Nu 3,4, Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2, Military Ball Comm. 4, Sigma Delta Psi 2, R.O.T.C. Brigade Commander 4, Who ' s Who 4. John Bullis . . . Carson City, Nev., Accounting, U.N. C.O.C. 4, treas. 4, Josephine Beam scholarship 1, Jewett W. Adams scholarship 4. Ruth Brix . . . Estherville, Iowa, Phys. Ed., Band 1, W.R.A. 2, P.E.M. s 3,4, Univ. Singers 4. Lawrence Brunetti . . . Sparks, Nev., Elec. Engineer- ing, Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, A.LE.E. 3,4, Herz Scholarship 4. Richard Bryan . . . Las Vegas, Nev., Pre-Legal, French Club 1, Student Union Board 1,2,3,4, Assembly Comm. 1,2, chairman 2, Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4, Exec. Comm. 4, Publications Board 4, Finance Control Board 4, A.S. U.N. Pres 4, Debate 3, Homecoming Comm. 2, chair- man 3, U.N.C.O.C. 3,4, Who ' s Who 4, Student-Faculty Relations Comm. 4, Artemisia Staff 2, P.S.P.A. Conv. Host 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, Blue Key 3,4, Coffin Keys 4, Knight ' s Templar Scholarship 3. 268 David Christensen . . . Reno, Nev., Crucible Club 2,4, Sagers 2, Lutheran Students 3,4, Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2,3,4, Assembly Comm. 2, Model United Nations 2,3,4, Young Republicans 1,2, Knights Templar Scholarship 4, Willis L. Clarke, Jr. . . . Vallejo, Calif., Metallurgical Eng., Young Republicans 2,3,4, Crucible Club 2,3,4, Mens Upper Class 3, LF.C. 3,4, Baseball 4. Wuanita Combs . . . Henderson, Nev., Elem. Educ. Leadership Conference 3,4, Panhel 4, Senior Class Comm 4, Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3 and pres. 4, Program Chrmn ACE 4, Gamma Phi Convention delegate 4, J. Magnin Fashion Bd and Show 2, Wolves Frolic Skit 2,3, Follow-up Leadership 2, AWS election campaign mgr 2, Military Ball Campaign Mgr 2, AWS Judiciary Comm. 2, Josephine Beam Scholarship 1, Outstanding Active Award for Gamma Phi Beta 3, Who ' s Who 4, Cap Scroll 4, Sagens 3,4, Hostess for Mackay Day 2,3, ASUN election Bd 2,3, Assistant Senator 2, AWS Coun- cil 2,3, Winter Carnival Womens Housing 2, Mackay Day Song Team co-Chrmn 2, Mackay Day Song Team 1, Asst. Rush. Chrmn 2, Asst. House Mgr 2, Mothers Club Fashion Show Chrmn 2, FTA 1, Panhel Workshop, Activities Chairman 1, Senate 3, 1st V.P. and Pledge Trainer 3, Jr. Class Sec, Womens Upperclass Comm. Sec 3, Womens Upperclass Comm 4, Winter Carnival Queens Chrmn 3, Winter Carnival Decorations Chrmn 3. Marcia Craig . . . Reno, Nev., Music Ed., Mackay Day 1,2,3,4, soc. sec, 3, Election Board 3, Artemesia-Manza- nita Assoc, sec. 3, Sagen ' s Scholarship 3. Carol Crisler . . . Reno, Nev., Journalism, University Singers 3, Campus Players 3, Philosophy Club 4, Ski Club 3, Homecoming Comm. 3, Press Club 3,4, pres. 4, Winter Carnival Comm. 3, Senior Class Comm. 3, " Kis- met " 3, Kappa Kappa Gamma 1,2. Crispian L. Cufflin . . . Messina, S. Africa, Geography, CoiSn Kevs 3,4,5, Sagers 1,2,3, Theta Chi 1,2,3,4, Ski Club 2,3. Newman Club 2,3,4, Mackav Day Comm. 2,3, 4, Winter Carnival 2,3, Homecoming Comm. 1,2,3, Mens Upperclass 2,3,4, Regents Scholarship 4, M.T.D. Co. Scholarship 1,2,3,4. Carl N. Dahl ... Las Vegas, Nev., English, Phi Sigma Kappa 4, pres. 4, Senior Class Comm. 4. Carol B. Gardenswartz . . . Sparks, Nev., English, Freshman Class Comm. 1, Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4, French Club 1, Cheerleader 2,3, Rally Comm. 2,3, Wolve ' s Frolic Director 3, Mackay Day Comm. 1, Homecoming Comm. 2, Hello-on-the-Hill Comm. Chair. 3, Sagens 4, P.E. Show 1, Who ' s Who 4, Max C. Fleisch- mann Scholarship 1, Cap and Scroll 4, AWS pres 4, ASUN vice pres. 4, Finance Control Bd. 4, Publications Bd. 4, Student Union Bd. 4, " Kismet " 3, " Wizard of Oz " 4, Senator 3, Artemisia Staff 1, Campus Players 3,4. Clayton Darrow . . . Richfield, Calif., Business Adm., Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3, Ski Club 1,2, Block N 2,3,4, V. pres. 2, Mackay Day Songteam 3,4, Univ. Sing- ers 3.4, Svmphonic Choir 3,4, Mens Upperclass Comm. 4, S.A.M. ' 4. Carol Francy Dennison . . . Reno, Nev,, Business Adm., Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4, Phi Chi 4, Crucible 4, Symphonic Choir 1,2,3, Artemisia Staff 1, N.E.A. 1. Marilyn Jensen Desgranges . . . Reno, Nev., Elem. Educ., ' Delta Delta Delta 1,2, University Singers 1,2, YWCA 2, FTA 1,2, SNEA 4, Phi Kappa Phi 4, Jewett W. Adams Scholarship 3, Max C. Fleischmann Scholar- ship 4. William John Devereux . . . Sparks, Nev. Wolves Frolic 1, Sigma Delta Chi 2,3,4, Press Club 1,2,3,4, New- man Club 1,2,3,4, pres. 3, Campus Players 1, Young Democrats 1,2,3, Inter-Faith Council 2, Newman Center Board of Direct. 2, Winter Ski Carnival Comm. 3, Leadership 3,4, Sigma Delta Chi 3,4, secty. 3, historian 4, National Newman Convention 3, National Sigma Delta Chi Convention 3,4. Pat Dunn . . . Reno, Nev., Ed., YWCA 1,2,3,4, W.U.S. Carnival Chairman 3, Senior Class Comm. 4, University Singers 1,2, Roger Williams Fellowship 4, Sagens 4, Womens Upper Class Comm. 4. Joyce Etchebarren . . . Reno, Nev., Spanish, Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4, SNEA 4, Ski Club 1,4, Newman Club 1,2,3,4, English Club 4. Roger Eugene Firth . . . Reno, Nev., Chemistry, Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, Chemistry Club. Leslie xMack Fry . . . Reno, Nev., Pre-Legal, J. V. Basketball 1,2, Homecoming Comm. 2, Sagers 1,2, De- bate 2,3, Cadet Ofificers Club 3,4, Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4, Sierra Guardsmen 1,2, Delta Sigma Rho 2,3,4, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, pres. 4, Phi Kappa Phi 3,4, vice pres. 4, Junior Class Pres. 3, Who ' s Who 4. Jerry L. Gaines . . . Fallon, Nev., Physics, U.N.C.O.C. 3,4, Rifle Club 2, Sigma Pi Sigma 3,4, secty 3,4, Arman- kos Scholarship, Edgerton Scholarship. Paul Gomez . . . Ruth, Nev., Elect. Engineering, SAM 4, AIEE 4, IRE 4, Student Senate 4, Engineering Council 4, Charles F. Cutts Scholarship 2, Sigma Tau 3,4, Phi Kappa Phi 3,4. Hugo E. Gundelfinger . . . New York, Elec. Engineer- ing, Sigma Tau 3,4, Edgerton Germeshausen and Grier Scholarship. William T. Hallam Lassan Jr. College. Reno, Nev., History, Tr. from James Halley . . . Reno, Nev., Bus. Adm., Tr. from Univ. of Calif, at Davis, Sundowners 3,4, Men ' s Upper- class Comm. 4, Winter Carnival Comm. 4, Senior Class Comm. 4, Rodeo Club 4, Honor Roll 2. Don Hare . . . Napa, Calif., Civil Eng., A.S.C.E. 2,3,4, Senior Class Comm. 4, Sundowners 3,4, Lambda Chi Alpha 2,3,4, Sigma Tau 4. Tom Harris . . . Reno, Nev., Economics, Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, U.N.C.O.C. 3,4, Sierra Guardsman 1,2,3,4, Sen- ior Class Comm. 4, Ski Club 2,3,4, Block N 3,4, Boxing 2, Winter Carnival Comm. 3, Military Ball Comm. 4, Alegre Scholarship 2. Harry Heck . . . Fallon, Nev., Elem. Ed., Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4, Sagers 2, Coffin and Keys 3,4, secty 4, pres. 4, Scabbard and Blade 3,4, Rally Comm. 2 , Senior Class Comm. 4, Artemisia Staff 2,4, Assist. Bus. Mgr. 3, Publications Board 4. Nancy Heehs . . . Reno, Nev., Elem. Ed., Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4, Young Republicans 1,2,3,4, SNEA 4, ACE 4, Winter Carnival Comm. 4, Wolves Frolic 4, Philoso- phy Club 4, Social Calendar Comm. 4, French Club 1, Jewett Adams Scholarship 3,4. Sally Josephine Holmes . . . Compton, Calif., Phys. Ed., Trans from Compton College, Delta Delta Delta 2,3,4, Women ' s Recreation Assoc. 2,3,4, Pres. 4, Rep. 3, SNEA 3,4, Sagens 4, A.W.S. Council 4, Who ' s Who 4, PEM ' s 2,3,4, Winter Carnival decor. Chair. 3. Don Johnson . . . Bishop, Calif., General Bus., Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4. 269 Honor S. Jones . . . Gardnerville, Nev., Biology, Class Comm. 1,2, Young Republicans 1, Artemisia Staff 1,2, Song Leader 1, Cheerleader 2, Delta Delta Delta 1,2, Military Ball Queen 2. Max L. Jones, Jr. . . . Gardnerville, Nev., Elec. Eng., Soph. Class Pres. 2, Class Comm. 2, Student Branch AIEE 1,2,3,4, Cadet Officers Club 3,4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2, Harolds Club Scholarship. Ronald C. Jones . . . Panaca, Nev., Pre-Med Scholar- ship 4, Harolds Club Scholarship 1,2,3,4, Alpha Epsilon Delta 2. Jim Joyce . . . Las Vegas, Nev., Journalism, Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,4, pres. 4, Sigma Delta Chi 2,3,4, Blue Key 3,4, Sundowners 3,4, Editor, U of N Sagebrush 3, Stud- ent News Editor 2,3,4, Cadet Officers Club 4, Interfra- ternity Council 3,4, Sec-Treasurer 3,4, Donald W. Rey- nolds Scholarship 2, Nev. State Press Assn. Scholar- ship 3. Judy Kautz . . . Reno, Nev., Elem. Educ, Ski Club 1,2,3, Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4, French Club 1, Young Democrats 1,2, Winter Carnival Comm. 1, Mackay Day Comm. 1, Artemisia Staff 3, Editor 4, Mackay Day Song Team 1,3,4, Homecoming Float chair. 4, W.R.A. 1,2,3,4, P.S.P.A. Conv. Comm. 4, Leadership Conference 4, Pub- lications Bd. 4, Newman Club 1,2,3, S.N.E.A. 3, F.T.A. 1,2, Eta Epsilon 1. William L. Keith . . . Compton, Calif., Elec. Eng., Lambda Chi Alpha 2,3,4, Soph. Class Comm. 2, Young Democrats 2,3,4, Junior Class Comm. 3, Men ' s Upper- class Comm. 3, A.T.E.E. 2,3,4, Senior Class Comm. 4, Coffin Keys 3,4, treas. 4, Sundowners 3,4, Senate 3,4, Chair. Book Store Comm. 3, Chair. Student Court Comm. 4, " Kismet " 3, Co-chair., W.U.S. Carnival 3, Executive Comm. 3, Who ' s Who 4. Don Kitts . . . Reno, Nev., Phys. Ed., Sigma Nu 1,2, 3,4, Block N 1,2,3,4, vice pres. 2,3, pres. 4, Varsity Box- ing 1,2,3,4, Varsity Track 2,3. David Walker Lowe . . . Goodsprings, Nev., Journal- ism, Theta Chi 1,2,3,4, secty. 2, Song Team 1,2, Football 1, Sagers 1, Young Democrats 1, Press Club 2,3,4, vice pres. 3, Sigma Delta Chi 2,3,4, French Club 3, Sagebrush 2,3,4, assist. Ed. 3,4, Brushfire Co-Ed. 4, Nevada State Press Assoc. Scholarship 4, Scabbard Blade 4, Coffin Keys 3,4, secty 4, Sundowners 4, Senior Class Comm. 4. Anka Markovich . . . Wellington, Nev., Spanish, Arte- misia-Manz. Assn. 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 1,2, Wesley Founda- tion 1,2,3,4. Dino Martini . . . Reno, Nev., Accounting, Pershing Rifles 1, Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4, Boxing 1,2, Block N 1,2,3,4. Bill McClain . . . Pasadena, Calif., Bus. Adm., Lambda Chi Alpha 2,3,4, Society for the Advancement of Manag. 4, Men ' s Upperclass Comm. 3, University Band 2. Bernard Mergen . . . Reno, Nev., English, Blue Key 3,4, Senior Class Comm. 4, Campus Players 1,2,3,4, Brushfire 1,2, editor, English Club 4, Josephine Beam Scholarship 1, Cheney Scholarship 2, Jewett W. Adams Scholarship 3, Frederick W. StadtmuUer Scholarship 4, Phi Alpha Theta 4. Margaret Jeanette Meyer . . . Orinda, Calif., Chemis- try, Artemisia-Manz. Assoc 1,2,3,4, Chemistry Club 1,2, 3,4, Wesley Found. 1,2,3,4, W.R.A. 1,2, Young Repub- licans 4, Alter. Student Senator 2,3. Walter Andrew Mickelson try. Chemistry Club 3,4. Fallon, Nev., Chemis- Roger W. Mills . . . Fallon, Nev., Agriculture, Univ. Singers 2,3,4, Theta Chi 2,3,4, Coffin Keys 3,4, Aggie Club 1,2,3,4, Treas., Rodeo publicity chrman. Dance chrman, Alt. Senator 4, Spring musicals 2,3, " Kiss Me Kate, " " Kismet, " Theta Chi Frat Pres. 3, Univ Singers, Pres. 1,2,3, Purina Ralston Scholarship 4. Janie Elinor Kottinger . . . Reno, Nev., Elem. Ed., Delta Delta Delta 2,3,4, A.W.S. Council 4, Panhellenic Coun. 4, Secty of Panhellenic Coun. 4, University Singers 1,2, F.T.A. 1,2. Claudia J. Jackson . . . Las Vegas, Nev., Elem. Ed., A.C.E.L 4, Young Democrats 4, SNEA 4. Keith Lathma . . . Las Vegas, Nev., Accounting, Golf Team 1,3,4, Eta Alpha Nu 4, Block N 4. Hans L. Lindblom . . . Reno, Nev., Math., Crucible Club 1,2,3, Math. Club 1,2,3, pres. 3, Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4, Sigma Tau 3,4, Mary Elisabeth Talbot Scholarship 3, Pat McCarran Memorial Scholarship 4. Walter W. Looney . . . Yerington, Nev., Personnel Mgr., Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, treas. 3, vice pres. 4, Spring Musical. 270 Michelle D. Moran . . . Yerington, Nev., Chemistry, Chem Club 1,2,3, Secty 4, Pres. German Club 4, Pres. Sigma Sigma Kappa 3, Pi Mu Epsilon 3. Robert Burns Morrill . . . Reno, Nev., Mining Engi- neering, Pres. Student Union Bd. 4, Blue Key Pres. 4, Secy Sigma Nu 4, Vice Pres Sigma Tau 4, Blue Key Secy 3, Chrman Winter Carnival 3, A.S.U.N. Senate 3, Exec. Comm 3, Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, Sagers 1,2, Blue Key 3,4, Coffin Key 3,4, Sigma Tau 3,4, Phi Kappa Phi 4, Crucible Club 1,2,3,4, Student Union Bd 2,3,4, Winter Carnival Comm. 2,3,4, R.O.T.C. Cadet Col. 4, Dean ' s List 1,4, Kennecott Copper Co. Scholarship 4, Outstand- ing Jr. ' R.O.T.C Cadet 3, American Soc. of M. Engi- neers, Jr. Award 3, Who ' s Who in Amer. Univ Col- leges 4, Mackay Day Comm. 1, Young Repub 2,3,4, Ski Club 1,2,3,4, Cadet Officers Club 3,4, Amer. Instit. of M.E. 4, Fall Roundup Comm 3,4, Campus Players 1,2,3, Mackay Miner Staff 2,4. Deanne Munk . . . Lovelock, Nev., Physical Educa- tion, Pi Beta Phi 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3,4, PEMS 1,2,3,4, Pres. 2.3, Senate 3, Winter Carnival Sec. 3, Homecoming Comm. 3, Winter Carnival Comm. 4, Senior Class Comm. 4, WRA 1,2,3,4, Womens Upperclass Comm. 3, Panhellenic Council 4, Cap Scroll 3,4, Sagens 3,4, Who ' s Who 4. Jane Dorothea Nightingale . . . Reno, Nev., Elemen- tarv Education, Ski Club 1,2,3,4, SNEA 4, ACE 4, Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4, Model UN 2, Womens Upperclass 3, Winter Carnival Recording Comm. 2, Delta Delta Delta Scholarship 3. Nedra Norton . . . Reno, Nev., Journalism, Tri Delta 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4, Ski Club 2, Young Repub 1,2, Press Club 1,2,3,4, Sec 3, WRA 1,2,3,4, ASUN Sen 2,3, Wolves Frolic 2,3, Mackay Day Song Team 2, AWS Council 2,3, Sagebrush Asst. Editor 3, Panhel. Council 4, Josephine Beam Scholarship 1, Cap Scroll V.P. 4, ASUN Social Code Comm. 2, ASUN SNS Comm. Charmn. 3, Jr. Class Comm. 3, Rally Comm. 3, Sagens 4, Sec-Treas 4, Womens Upperclass Comm. 4, Who ' s Who 4. Kenvon S. Oakberg . . . Reno, Nev., Civil Engineer- ing, ASCE 2,3,4, U.N.C.O.C. 3,4, Lambda Chi Alpha 1,2,3,4, Sigma Tau 3,4, Josephine Beam Scholarship 1, Nev. Highway Employees Scholarship 4. Ralph J. Ortiz . . . Reno, Nev., Electrical Engineering, Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, Sagers 1,2, AIEE 3,4, IRE 3,4, Soph. Class Comm. 2, Jr. Class Comm. 3, Sigma Nu Song Team 2, Wolves Frolic 2, AIEE - IRE Sec 3,4, Sigma Nu Rush Chrman 2, Sigma Nu Float Charmn 2. Carolyn Braswell Oxborrow . . . Winnemucca, Nev., Elementary Ed, Univ Singers 1,2, Artem-Manzanita Assoc 1,2, Canterbury Club 1,2,3,. Delwin R. Rice . . . Reno, Nev., Management, Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4, U of N Ski Club 1,2,3,4, Sagers 1,2, U.N.C.O.C. 3, Soc for Advancement of Management 4, Winter Carnival Comm 4. Lloyd A. Rohr . . . Fallon, Nev., Electrical Engineering. Bruce E. Rossman . . . Sausalito, Calif., Personnel (Business), Homecoming Chrmn 4, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon 1,2,3,4, Blue Key 3,4, Sagers 1,2, U.N.C.O.C. 3,4, Bd. of Govs 4, Mens Upperclass Comm 3,4, Campus Players 4, Canterbury Club 1,4, Ski Club 1,4, Young Republs 1,2,3,4, Homecoming Comm 3,4, Election Bd 3, Jr. Class Comm 3, Senior Class Comm 4, W.U.S. Carni- val Comm 2, Blue Key 3,4. Janice Rowntree . . . Smith, Nev., Elem. Education, Artemisia-Manz. Assoc 1,2,3,4, Sec 2, Resident Assistant 4, Wesley Foundation 1. Jim Santini . . . Reno, Nev., Political Science, New- man Club 1, Campus Players 1,2,3, A T O Student Sena- tor 2,3,4, Hello on the Hill Comm 2, Assembly Comm 2, Student Union Bd 2,3,4, Senate from Student Union 3, Election Bd Comm 3, Winter Carnival Comm 3, De- date 3, Assembly Comm 4, Exec Comm 4, Senate 4, Sen- ior Class Pres 4, Sagers 2, Blue Key 3,4, U.N.C.O.C. 3,4. Letitia Rose Sawle . . . Sparks, Nev., Home Economic Education, Freshman, Soph Jr. Class Comms, Student Union Bd 3,4, Winter Carnival Comm 1, Song Team 1,2,4, Alternate Senator 1,2, Eta Epsilon Pres 2, WRA Bd 2, Pres 3, Pi Beta Phi, Class Editor of Artemisia 2, Max C. Fleischmann 1,4, Jewett Adams Schol 3, Dan- ford Fellowship 1,3, Phi Kappa Phi, Sagens 4, Womens Upperclass 3. Cynthia Pollard . . . San Pedro, Calif., Kindergarten- Primary Educ, SNEA 3, Newman Club, Historian 3, Artem-Manzan. Assoc. 3,4. Glenda Price . . . Fallon, Nev., Elem Educ, Young Demo 3,4, Student Body Sec. 3, ASUN Senate 3,4, Exec. Bd. 3,4, Kappa Alpha Theta 2,3,4, Sagens 4, Univ. Band Singers 2, Pearl Mesta Schol 3, La Tritonne honor music Soc (Denver) and Honor Schol 1, (Denver). Virginia Pucci . . . Reno, Nev., Accounting; Newman Club 1,2,3,4, Young Demo 1, Gamma Phi Beta 1,2,3,4, Sagens 4, Pi Mu Epsilon 4, McGinnis Scholarship 1, AWS Scholarship 2, Semenza Scholarship 3, Rose Sigler Mathews Scholarship 4, Gamma Phi Beta Scholarship 4. Jocelyn Kaye Reid . . . Las Vegas, Nev., Art, Assem- bly Comm. Sec. 4, Beaux Arts Club 3, Sec 4, Sagens 4, Kappa Alpha Theta 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4, Womens Upper- class Comm 3,4, Inter-Faith Council Sec 3, Univ. Sym- phony Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Univ. Band 1, Young Repubs 3,4, WRA 1,2,3,4, Lambda Delta Sigma 1,2,3,4, Univ. Singers 2, Pan-Hel 4, Homecoming Comm. sec. 3, Cap Scroll, Pres. 4, Harolds Club Scholarship 1,2,3,4. Norman Scoggin . . . Carson City, Nev., Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Sundowners 3,4. Thomas W. Seabury . . . Piedmont, Calif., Electrical Engineering, Sigma Phi, AIEE - IRE 3,4. Cynthia J. Slater ... Las Vegas, Nev., Chemistry, Chem Club 1,2,3,4, Newman Club 3, Mathematics Club 2, Sigma Sigma Kappa 2,3,4. Charles E. Smith . . . Reno, Nev., History, Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, Varsity Boxing Team 2,3, ASUN Yell Leader 2,3, Sundowners 2,3, Block N 2,3,4, U of N Cadet Of- ficers Club 34. Bonnie Stewart . . . Pioche, Nev., History, Sec. Educa- tion, Fresh Class Comm 1, Soph Class Comm 2, AWS Rep. 2, Queen Chrmn 2, ASUN Historian 3, Lambda Delta Sigma pres. 4, Lambda Delta Sigma Sec 3, Phi Alpha Theta Sec 4, Carrier-Brooks Layman Memorial Schol 3, Tri-Delt Scholarship 2, Max C Fleschmann Schol. 4, Sagens 3,4, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4. 271 Marilyn Joyce Tabor . . . Reno, Nev., Kindergarten- Primary Education, RE. Production 1, Univ Singers 1 2 Mackay Day Song Team 1, YWCA 1,2, ETA 1 2 WUS Carnival Comm 1, Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3,4, Jewett Adams Scholarship 2, Max C. Fleischmann Schol. 3 Phi Kappa Phi 4. ' Donald K. Terrell . . . Mina, Nev., Industrial Man- agement, Gymnastic Team 3,4. Pat Turner . . Boulder City, Nev., Kind.-Primary Education Artemisia-Manzan. 1,2,3,4, Sagens 3,4 Womens Upperclass 4, AWS Rep. 3, Pres. 4, Max C Fleischmann Foundation Schol. 2, Josephine Beam Scholar. 1, Rose Sigler Mathews 3, Max C. Fleischmann John Trabert Reno, Nev., Electrical Engineering, Art Vaughn, Jr. . . . Sparks, Nev., Music, Band 1,2 3 4 Singers 2,3 4, " Kiss Me Kate " 2, " Kismet " 3, " Rosa- ' linda 4, Univ. Symphony 3, Univ. Symphonic Choir 3,4, Sagers 1,2, Ski Club 1,2, Campus Players 2,3 4 Model UN 2, German Band 2,3,4, Social Standards Re- vision Bd 2; Wolves Frolic 1,2,3,4, Mackay Day Song Team 1,2,3,4, S A E 1,2,3,4. William C. Walbridge, Jr Sonora, Calif., Electri- cal Engineering, Transfer from Yuba College 2 AIEE 3,4, Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4, Rally Comm 4, Tuition Schol 3 4 Sigma Tau 3,4, Phi Kappa Phi 4, Honor Roll 3. m ' IrF?? ' ' T ' u • ' S ' Nev., Physics 1. , i? . Student Branch 1,2,3, AIEF (National) 2 3 u t y P ' " ' ' ' ' P 2, Young Demos 1, ' Lambda Delta Sigma 3,4, pres 4, AIPT 3,4, Frank O Broili English Schol. 3, Max Fleischmann Schol 4 Phi Kappa Phi 3,4, Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4, Sigma Tau ' 3,4, Sigma Pi Sigma pres 3,4. Charlotte J. Wert . . . Chicago, 111., Elem. Ed. Trans- fer student from Univ. of 111., George M. Pullman Scholarship 1958 and 1959. Thomas W. Woodhall . . . Reno, Nev., Electrical En- gineering, AIEE-IRE 2,3,4, Soc. for Advancement of Management 4, Engineering Council 4. Richard Croson Yates . . . Reno, Nev., Accounting, Ski Team 1,2,3,4, Ski Club 1,2,3,4, Alpha Beta Mu 4 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,2. Ron Zideck . . . Reno, Nev., Accounting, Beta Alpha JNu, Business Frat, 4. r 272 k . i : i V % ' m m. ' ■ i. ■♦ 111 „iilii iiiiiii " nM wmmM ' w m mr v ' ' ' ii i I ' ll ' M ;i 1 1 . " 1 ' ■ ' ' ' 1; iiii|if r T ' l ' ' V i|l irr iiP Hi , ill ' " I iiM, •i ' l I il ' l ' ' I I ' i ' l ' I f ' l ' i S ' »- liW " .11 mi Kiiiiii lli ■ii I ' ll 11 liiiiiiiiiiiiiii! wm mm If ' if . ' ' ! ' ■ ' 111 ' ' " SI I ' ri lip I ' , ll | 1 i I. m m I (,! ' iKii; ' i:! 1 1 ' !:i!;i IIIHIF :ij;|!W)il ' iVil|,lHlf;;ll(|l||,lii[ ill ' ' I 1 ;1J| i i ' I fffiU li;. ill liif|)|i!jyji lliilftjil ' ' •!j;,;,;.L ;, ' ■,. Hfiii I, i!) |li|ifif;k;»5iip ' III 11 ' iiiiiwii ' iiiiifii;,! I llllll. ' 1 ' )!. ! li ' ilii II ' I ' ll! ;■ " ! ' ! ' fifMy: iM!:,l ;, ' ' ir ' ' ' " I); iLr;)! Illiillllilil! ii " !i ' ' |! ' ' ;i|j ' ' iv iii ' ifi «s::,;i:;;iyiiiiK-i)i!iii jti; 1 il it ' ir .; iji ' h ' ' M mi m rf I ii ' ( Mm 1 i il if mi 1 ' I ii ii ' ' iil Piilii illifill «iii((il! P ji ■■ ' ' ■■ ■■ ■■■,-,■■■■ Wmm mB imim ii ' fillllvr ' i:-! ' -I Hill I , ' llllll! llVlvlli! II ,1 :ll ll. ' f 1 (li ' t; ii: ' ,i ' i,;.;iil;ii ' I i! ■ I ih llli ' ' ' 1 Jilij;lfl ' l:l«lM(|i ' V W .. 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' m Ifl ' illiietil III itij htii I mmm mimm imm I ' lii ' i I " llfll ' lllilhiil!; ' Il ' Ii ! id lui ilVi ' ' ' :, ' ' ' l !i ' ' i ' ' |i(l !i i Wiif ::, ' 1,1 1 111 1 vm ' MM I I ■ ' ' l ' ' 1 ' ' : I i ' ,11 ll ' ll ' Ii i 1 i I, ■ ' ill till I 1; i,| I ml iii ' M ' tllillMlDIM, ' ! li ' ilii :iii! 1,1 1 Ii I mm ' III I ' ii I ' ill if 1 1 i,i-fi ' I If 1, llilililinili:l ' i ' " ' lli ,) I iH ' 1 1 , lli I i ' i i! 1, y 3 Jljil lll;j) IWJ ilillllll II I I ' ,11 il-i ,1 l-ill ' : I (1 ) i mi • 11 « mini f ' ' ' 11, i Kill mk W. W W. km iiLiiii ' ' iini ir i.iii.,;iii,(iii ' ) ' :!i ' ii;(i;;i ,11 i Iff lilii ' i ■11; I I III, i ! iSlill ilji I iiii ' i:i;i!!!i ' jii ' I I ' l II ' MtmmMm I ' ii mMm lilM ' i ' l I ' Sill llH: ' lill ; ,i)|irii|i)ip Mi inrii i ' ' ii (ll;Viiil1li|(i| i. lllli ' i iBii 1 , " , ii iii ' iii I ' l mm ill I ; ,:i,Mi „ II ' III, ' ' „ . ' ' lll(l ' i( l|l! iif III!,! ' !: " illlrflll liii tiii Wi ' M I !ii 11 !. i illiill, ,i ' hi ' |l||,)(, ;i ' 1lij{ ' " (!p,|li mm ' li ' i ! : I ll ' l i , I ' i ' .|l.|(i,.. ■! ,:,l|l ' (| II m I ' ll ' I ' ' i! ' ' i ' ll?!ii;!|ji liifii! ' ! i i |{!,,;ii mm IrJJ- im-. mm Si I f i»|| ' i I ' rm,! " m lij ' ij j ji ' m lit m ' n

Suggestions in the University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) collection:

University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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University of Nevada - Artemisia Yearbook (Reno, NV) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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