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' M ■ ,, S- . % PS i af yHNl S IB f» . — ; i I I -n 3P 7 fi I 3 {. k «1 SjT- ' 41 ' HtJ ? • ..c T ' ip.WrSiS t ' j!: --? ' . . , - 4 »i« don loveless editor willard esplin business manager art peterson editor ' Imm. ; " ;! x ?«l - f . . i ' i V ' C ' • y - - r • •• . •• • - «••• ' , y m . ' t , " % ' m i? » ■i -..-, ' ,s5s»- ' • Hii0 " -mr j, . ' .:L ' - rj ; : i ,•• ' • ' ' " ' I ! i- f ! ' I X ' % i ?mv. r . ' A ' v . r, - s ' r .y ■ S- " ' .«1» 7 ' :CiL ' ■ ;ilii ,- ,. ' vJ ' ». " ' ■ ■StP % . v ■ ■■f: ' , %i% ■s » .i ■ t ! ' ♦• " ' »«1M - ? LP ' . ,»igi .■ ■ i.jAy ' T " ' w r -■ ' .- ' ' $, f W « " H a K - " fl »T % iMii|i|j||L «. % PP||L " SI Bb «» ■WWSIr ' l ffc ' ' ' HHB dj ' - - .4 e ■■ s " -y ' ii IS ' ir contents administration classes athletics associations • • ■ • activities the big days iPPUi ' VEiUlJ SUiOBBSSi jmu L UIU, ' mi.JM ' erma lawlor dedication i have known erma lawlor since she started work here six years ago as secretary to Joseph t. mac donald, graduate manager, she was miss erma capurro then, since that time i have learned to know her well while she served as secretary for two other graduate managers, gene mastroianni and jim mc nabney and later married our coach, jake lawlor. last fall i said goodby to her as she left the university, but i will always remember her and be fond of her. she was not just a secretary for the graduate manager; she was that friendly person who greeted you with a smile and hello from the office on the left as you entered the student union building, and always had a few minutes to chat; she was that helpful soul you girls asked for advice on what to wear and when, or what to say and how; she was that exuberant rooter who sat next to you fans at that university game; she was that native nevadan who was born right here in reno and went through high school here, then the reno business college where she graduated, erma also went to armstrong college in berkeley where she graduated in business, she spent three years as a legal stenographer and then went to work for the ehrman and horn company of san francisco where she was office and credit manager for 12 years, after that she turned to the university, she has always been active in youth work and at the university her fondness for young people showed itself in the untiring work she performed for them, so for the woman who understood the students and admin- istration and loved them and was loved by them, this book is gratefully dedicated. f o r e w o r hi there! how are you? i know who you are, but i wonder if you know me? i have been very close to you ever since you first set foot on the campus of the university of nevada. whether you were aware of me or not, i have been right with you every minute since you became a part of this university, i was there when you were buried under multitudes of packing boxes and suitcases. I was there when you opened the door to your first class and met your first professor, i was with you, too, when you went to your daily classes, i sympathized with you when you were in the infirmary; i suffered with you under the strain of making up the classwork you missed, i cheered with you at that exciting game and stuck patiently through the one-sided contests, i withheld judgment when you copied off your class- mate ' s homework paper, i was even with you at the little waldorf on friday afternoons, at echo ' s for that dance, at the wolf den for coffee and, oh yes, the library, too. also, i mustn ' t forget to mention your romances, remember them? yes, i have been with you always, for i am the " university of nevada. " i am everything you have seen here and everything you have felt, i am the joys you have found and the sorrows, too. in this book has been recorded another chapter of my biography, in which you have played a leading part, your life will change; you will grow and expand; you will take on new things and discard old; but this book is and always will be a permanent reminder of me, your life at the university of nevada. WFT.. iak,t " iu. ..■j.m .J ■ML Jt..-1-i iJau.-JUKJ-jLi-HaLtJsa governor s e s s a g e governor charles russell, ' 26 my personal interest in the university of nevada and its welfare stems from two sources; first, that for four years i walked the campus and became a graduate in 1926; second, my immediate interest is the fact that as governor of the state of nevada it is a real pleasure for me to take a personal part in your program . . . today, there is no more important phase of government than education, our educational system provides for us the very foundation upon which our nation has been built and upon which it will continue to expand and prosper ... to my mind, education is at one of its greatest crossroads in history today and is opposed by the forces of communism, because of this fact, education becomes more important than ever before in our history if we are to preserve our democratic way of life . . . your future as citizens of this great country of ours is closely linked to your government ' s future, never before has individual welfare been so closely integrated with our government and its future as such affects the daily life of each and every one of us. it is my hope that as you go forward that you will bear in mind that the freedom of the individual is the basic concept of our democracy, with that premise in mind, all of us can work together in building a better way of life for men the world over. sincerely yours, charles h. russell, governor. p r e s I d e n ( ' s e s s a g e president minard stout this artemisia is a record of the student ' s accomplishments and the activity program during school year 1952-1953. each year of the future it will become an increasingly treasured memory book of college days, for it will recall to the reminiscing person his status in the social and activity life of the university for this year ... it is to be hoped that at no time in the future will the reminiscing person decide that his status has declined since his college days, rather, may it always be decided that a graduate of the university of nevada has improved his status with each succeeding year following his graduation, it is the goal of this university to prepare people in such a way that they will have continuing success. minard w. stout, president. board of regents silas e. ross, chairman dr. louis a. lombardi newton h. crumley roy a. hardy archie grant (h e a n s dean of women elaine mobley returned to the university this fall to start her fifth year as counselor to women students and to look out for the girls ' hours, college work and to help them get jobs, she attended several confer- ences for the university during the year and participated in arranging several social events, once again she proved herself as one of the best liked, most efficient persons on the campus. a new dean took over office this year, i welcomed the first dean of student affairs, dean carlson, who replaced former dean rob- ert griffith, who had served as dean of men. dean carlson was given the post by the regents in order to ordinate all student affairs. dean elaine mobley dean william d. carlson ■■■■■■I universiiy of n e V a i had contacts with all the university administrators this year through their vari- ous offices and duties, they, and their hard working staffs, made for a very smooth functioning institution. perry w. hayden comptroller alice terry secretary to the president fredrick wood dean, college of arts and science vernon e. scheid dean, mackay school of mines eldon e. wittwer associate director, resident teaching in agriculture dminisiralors and d e a n s without them the university could not exist; it is seldom they receive the credit or praise they so justly deserve, but here i should like to say " thanks " to them all. James mc nabney graduate manager trinie erquiaga secretary to graduate manager harold n. bro ' wn director, school of education Stanley g. palmer dean, college of engineering carl m. horn superintendent, buildings and grounds a. s. u. fi. president Procter hug, the trackman Procter hug under the energetic leadership of proc hug, i saw several notable achievements, among which were: the organization of the leadership conference at lake tahoe, the new frosh-soph field day, a revision of the constitution, and the development of an activities fete, probably the greatest achievement of the year was the successful lobbying campaign conducted throughout the state which culminated in the legislature appropriating funds to match funds left by wesley travis for the building of the new student union, the major traditional activities of the year ran smoothly along with the more spectacular achievements, which is a fine commentary upon proc ' s organizational ability. Procter, the president Cl • vV« S • president ruth moore ruth moore, the president this year i saw the associated women students, led by tri-delt ruth moore, issue a new publication called " wolf tips, " a hand book for all students to help make college life run a little smoother and more pleasantly, with ruth moore at the helm i watched this organization sponsor two coed-capers, and scholarship cups were awarded during the evening, from profits of the dinners, money was raised to enable the organization to award its annual $150 scholarship to a deserving woman student, during orientation week, ruth moore spoke to members of the freshman class explaining the purpose of the a.w.s. during her term of office she was assisted by vice-president, arlene cave, a nd advisor, dean elaine mobley. ruth moore, the house manager a. s. u. orrin bachelor roberta jean cummins jim brooke norma etchegoyhen dove buckman Jennie gibson phyllis carpenter leoh gregory ' jl X fred lee sam dibitonto bert munson jerry markoski bob stimmel -V K joan miller marge terry :f 1 H HB H HHIP Jh H HH S H ■HHE ' ■ ' ' |E | H | H B H H Sjliflik. T - -i H row 1: barbara farraguia, carole howell, carole mc gilvray, beverly griggs, sylvia reid, inez sarasua. row 2: don thompson, george schindler, bill brown • s. u. n. o f f I c e r s barbara van meter, a.s.u.n. secretary barbara Humphreys, historian a. s. u. n. panels len savage, student union building committee marge terry, ruth moore, burt munson, procter hug, executive committee fred lee, nominating committee jennilee gibson, investigation committee burt munson, assembly committee publications board front row: Joseph abbott, barbara van meter, second row; barbara darrah, Procter hug, dr. w. miUer, don swanson, willard espHn, arthur peterson, don loveless (not pictured) prof, robert morrison, james mc nabney, dr. william miller (chairman), barbara van meter, procter hug, and roberta cummins f i n a n c e control oar george schindler, orrin bachelor, joe bugica, bob ballard men ' s upperclass committee upperclasf commI((ee$ women ' s upperclass committee norma etchegoyhen, elsie shaver, barbara darrah, lila bradshaw, joan menu, jacklyn mc gov an, ruth moore, connie lee w h o s among siudenis universities and giles altenburg ' , ' ' ' ' 4, ' ' , ' 2 joe bugica dave buckman phyllis carpenter bob de ruff red esplin joan foster I i earle dempsey lynn homer h ffc w n o n american colleges Procter hug Shirley kershner donald loveless jaqk luwe ruth moore elwin Pulsipher elsie shaver don thompson lura v ard Jeanne zelayela .Ir ' 4 ■ ■ 4 ' 1 is?; « ■ Jr ' ' ' Jf- " ' ef- senior class a n a g e r elwin Pulsipher, president senior class co m i I: i e e row 1: joe bugica, roberta cummins, ruth eachus, -willard esplin, Jennie gibson row 2: jack mc auliffe, joe moose, beverly myles, jackie spell, jean wilton Joseph abbott brent aikin dan anderson betty aplin Charles aphn earl arlin david arneson louis avery robert barrett sally bassemier William becker peggy bell bruno benna John benson claire biale lila bradshaw James r. brooke bruce brown gene brown david buckman joe bugica Wallace burnett phyllis carpenter tuck chin pete cladianos dorothy coates John cowley eugene conover betty cristani jack crowell roberta cummins carol cutter daryl doyle harold eakes donald eckles ■William engel williard esplin jim etcheto alice facha diane fairfield harold fields irene findlay joan foster gene garriott Jennie gibson raymond gonsalves alexander gonzalez keith gosling albert graul robert gray melvin guerrera mary hagerty alfred hamilton david hand dorothy harmon anne helms doris henderson barbara hendrickson lynn horner nancy houghton mimi howell Procter hug anna ianni nan imperatrice Patricia Jefferson John Jensen charlotte Johnson hazel Jones J ' H l I-Tlll lyle joy Shirley kershner betty kling John kelly lois kurtz Connie lee fred lee mardelle leonesio donald loveless darlene lowry jack luwe John mackey frank marfici david mathis jack mc auliffe joe melcher bill meyer ruth moore charles moss karl mueller beverly myles viola neill carol oldham helen orr martha oviatt harriet parke William pelter jack penman arthur peterson bob petrini elwin Pulsipher richard reid John robertson leila rowson len savage margaret sewell elsie shaver James skinner John smales mimi smith arthur sommer Jackie spell albert springmeyer jerry standford joe stefani donald steinwrert jean steinwert dave storm don thompson roy torvinen david towner John trendler mabel turner William vanderley weldon upton lura ward richard Williamson William Williamson Howard wilmoth guy Wilson jim Wilson jean wilton verne woodbury donold wooden kenneth yenter margaret yim daniel young Jeanne zelayeta junior class a n a g e r elbert gardner, president |unior class co I ( ( e e row 1: orin bachelor, bill brown, annette caprio, elwood haggerty, william kottinger row 2: rollan melton, marie nielsen, mary ann norlen, barbara rohlfing, floyd vice -T f A ■ fred alpers giles altenburg andree anchart gilbert anderson y a. paul argeres ann atkinson kenneth austin orrin bachelor lawrence bangert Charles bell dorothy bell dorothy berger k ann boero russ bowring bill brown deanne caffereta annette caprio maud-kathrin carl jerry carstens bill dark rex cleary arline cave marvella chandler rosemary cochran david connett jim costa victor cozzalio sam dibitonto eleanor donati yvonne dubbins kenneth duck norma etchegoyan Shirley flagg gordon foote remo fratini elbert gardner lamoin garrard waiter garrett vanna grant barbara gregory leah gregory eugene grows homer haines lee hansen barbara humphreys ruth Ingram barbara jackson eleanor jessen anne king rayner kjeldsen William kottinger diane kridler germaine larty a vince laveaga ilorence lyons george maclean ronald lemmon William maher marcia malcolm byron march sally mc kissick alice melendy rollan melton Joanne menu James miller joan miller marilyn mills beverly morris bert munson marie nielsen mary anne norlen carol normandy Patrick norton geraldine seaberry milton sharp warren shelton robert stimmel dale odneal mez pasquaU Jeanne paulson blanche picchi leo quilici Steve ramesQ barbara rohlfing jane rohlfing neil romero thomasine rowntree george schindler russell schooley eileen yrueta mary jane zunino coe swobe janie thomas sharon thompson elise valentine barbara van meter floyd vice corrine vieta Oliver v arren William wennhold nancy west bob winkel peter young f r o s h class a n a g e r trounday, president sophomore-freshman tug-o-war robin jackson, president sophomore class onager aihleiic board bill beemer, proc hug, giles altenburg, hugh smithwick, j. e. moose, glenn (jake) lawlor our athletic board at the university is composed of faculty, alumni, finance, and associated students representative in the intercollegiate athletic program in an advisory capacity to the head of the department, these men give their time and experience in making suggestions and lending sound advice to the department . . . the members of this board deserve great credit for their prominent part in guiding intercollegiate athletics at the university during the past school year, the return of football to our program, the organ- izing of finances, and the developing of an all-sports program were among the goals achieved and the problems solved, the interest and foresight of our athletic board were invaluable in making the many decisions necessary to a successful athletic program . . . membership of the athletic board: chairman James c. bailey, alumni representative, a university graduate with the class of 1929; william r. beemer, alumni representative; dr. j. e. moose, faculty representative; howard b. blodgett, faculty representative; perry w. hayden, finance representative; james mcnabney, graduate manager of associated students; procter hug jr., president of the associated students; giles altenburg, block n representative, douglos byington, block n representative. coaches hutch nenzel, tennis glenn (jake) lawior, director of athletics " ' i. ■ ■ .. .j f- ' ' 1 U nn m 1 1 1 Hl flH - ■ 1 m L N MM v UA K m . , i . ' .z.- A ■„ ' M Bha .jJk-ii H hugh smithwick, assistant athletic director jim olivas, boxing varsiiy iea 4ws J .J ' l ' «)|HppM i row 1: John cowley, jim zinn, george schindler, george graham, torn massey, buddy brooks, ray gonsalves, neil garrett, dove traitel, bob hallahan, John burns, dan Jenkins, dan baldini, floyd vice, row 2: jim wright, bob moran, george gadda, robin mills, mike leslie, wally rusk, roUan melton, jim crowl, claude mabry, bill cooper, lee Schroder, jake longero, wes ebel, orin bachelor, ed Stephens, harold sullivan, bob quinlan. row 3: assistant coach hugh smithwick, chuck harrison, ed barrington, joe patridge, bilbo helms, jerry mann, boyce ford, don pringle, marvin baker, wayne seacrist, reg de paoli, giles altenberg, mert baxter, wayne chapman, jeff lobaugh, joe viani, coach jake lawlor the university of nevada grid team made a successful debut back into college football after a year ' s absence from the sports scene, breaking even in an abbreviated four-game schedule, the pack, a small but scrappy squad dominated by underclass gridders, opened the slate with a well-earned win over tough little cal aggies by 26 to 13. jake lawlor coached the nevada aggregation to a 34-2 win over the chico state wildcats next, i then watched the pack drop a 33-13 game to the powerful Idaho state team, a top-notch football eleven that finished their season unbeaten, the silver and blue clad nevadans lost the final game of the season, a high scoring homecoming battle with the potent fresno state bulldogs, 59-32 . . . nailing down individual honors for the season was hard-playing neil garrett, who was named to the associated press ' s first-team little all-american team, the entire nevada team was comprised of volunteer, non-scholarship-aid students, most of whom i expect to see return next year. n e V a 26 cal aggies 13 nevada ' s torn massey (17) and mert baxter scramble for a loose ball along with two white-clad col aggies gridders. nevada won the night game, 26-13. at far left of picture is nevada tackle ed barrington (28) and giles altenberg (26) torn massey, carrying the pigskin for nevada, successfully eludes on aggie tackier in what turned out to be a 77-yard scoring drive for him and lee schroder the wolf pack was back in collegiate football with a 26-13 victory over cal aggies October 4. first game of the season, it was also the debut for nevada ' s home state, non-scholarship financed team, guarterback ray gonzalves, passing to giles altenburg, accounted for two touchdowns, while a series of gonzalves to garrett and graham passes sparked a third scoring drive, massey and schroder did the carrying for the fourth touchdown. nevada 34 hico slate 2 quarterback ray gonzalves gets a pass away, nevada man in the foreground is claude mabry. with nevada ' s driving trio of backs, torn massey, george graham and lee schroder, driving across scores, the pack turned back the chico wildcats by a lop-sided score of 34-2 for its second grid win of the season . . . the nevada blue and silver knifed through the stubborn wildcat defense early in the game, then added insurance touch- downs in the final two periods ... it was one of the pack ' s better performances of the season, though it failed on three occasions to drive over the goal when close to chico paydirt. george graham meets an unidentified chico state man as he carries the ball toward the goalposts n e V a I 3 idaho stale 33 the university of nevada ' s veteran football end, mert baxter, eludes two idaho state tacklers after nailing a pass from neil garrett in the flat, the play went for a wolf pack touchdown doug byington, far right, moves in to block for lee Schroder, carrying the ball for nevada in a rugged and close grid battle played before a big " dad ' s day " crowd, one of the nation ' s few unbeaten football outfits, idaho state, the wolf pack was handed its initial defeat of the season, i went with the team and was impressed when they pushed across the host bengals ' goal early in the first period, this put the team out in front then, but idaho state ' s reserve power began to tell as the game wore into the final two periods and a tired but fighting pack fell behind the ambitious bengals. n e V a da 32 fresno stale 59 K mMmsmes mmmmmmmm ismmmm - reggie de paoli, george graham, and bruce hicks close in on fresno state ' s pile-driving fullback, larry willoby, after he had picked up 12 yards on one of the bulldogs ' crunching ground plays in one of the highest scoring collegiate football tilts ever staged on mackay field, the powerful fresno state bulldogs whammed over the wolf pack goal lines nine times, then held off the aggressive nevadans in the final period to beat nevada in a homecoming battle, 59-32. individual stars for nevada in this high-geared homecoming game were mert baxter, neil garrett, ray gonsalves, and host of other pack performers. nevada ' s bill cooper is being tackled from behind as nei garrett and a fresno man look on - {• ' torn massey george graham marvin baker football wes ebel floyd vice giles altenberg joe leal orin bachelor buddy brooks i e a m neil garrett lee schroeder mert baxter torn massey dave trailel wally ruck claude mabry robin jackson joe patridge James crowl rollan melton dave ryan reggia depaoli bob quinlan doug byington howdy davis John cowley bill cooper george gadda robert hallahan don pringle edward Stephens george schindler wayne seacrist bruce hicks mike leslie boyce ford gene phelps % ' ' % -— .-.. ,™fc »«j i • a s keiba I I I e a row 1: dan vidovich, brian whalen, larry bangert, bill cooper, bob quinlan, bruce fabbi. row 2: bob wilcox, dave storm, reggie de paoli, mert baxter, John legarza, roger murdock, coach jake lawlor the wolf pack basketball team enjoyed another fine season under coach jake lawlor. after splitting the wins and losses for the first twenty games, the senior-manned nevadans finished up with a double win over the strong sacramento state five in two of the hardest played games ever witnessed on the university hardwood, to balance the ledger in their favor with an over-all record of 12 wins as against 10 losses for the season, other highlights of the year from the viewpoint of the pack supporters were the series with the tall whitworth college team, a new opponent on the nevada schedule, and the star-studded Olympic club of son francisco. all of these games were tight contests, and the university boys gained an even split in them, led by co-captains mert baxter and dan vidovich, the veteran nevada team played a hard and spirited brand of ball, handicapped by the usual lack of height, they more than made up for it by smooth ball handling, tight defense, and fine shooting percentage, baxter, in his third varsity year, climaxed a brilliant cage career with his 1 8-point-per-game average and stellar work off the boards, dan vidovich and doug douglas, senior guards, were fine play makers and contributed a good share of the scoring, reg de paoli, center, was a steady scorer, and gave his taller opponents a tough battle under the basket, bill cooper, bob wilcox, and dave storm did yeoman work all season, johnny legarza, who joined the squad early in feb- ruary, showed great promise for future wolf pack teams . the hard driving sophomore, one of the fastest players on the team, added considerable strength to the fast break pattern of the nevada system, brian whelan, bing bangert, bob quinlan, roger mur- dock, ray pastorino, and ron munk rounded out a well balanced squad, pastorino, handicapped all season with a broken finger, along with roger murdock , should work well into future wolf pack combinations, both have speed and aggressiveness so very necessary to winning teams. bill cooper aave storm John legarza I bob Wilson reggie de paoli larry bangert doug douglas mert baxter brian whalen roger murdock bob quinlan dan vidovich de paoli gets set to grab one under the basket the scramble vidovich deep in sacramento territory wilcox attempts to keep the ball in play baxter shooting, de paoli ready to rebound a new step? ■wilcox and de paoli get set to take possession Sacramento man bodychecks de paoli ' s lay-up Where ' s the ball? pacific man challenges baxter ' s fingertip control nevada 68... chico state 59 chico state opponent 63 ...46 59 cal. poly 75 53 cal. poly 89 62 fresno 59 71 fresno 60 82 ■ witworth 71 57 witworth ...62 53 sac. state .57 57 sac. state 67 74 c. o. p 58 nevada opponent 76 c. o. p 65 89 s. f. state 68 68 s. f. state 63 63 Olympic club 57 55 Olympic club 77 62 Portland 73 68 Portland 70 65 loyola 67 61 loyola 73 61 sac. state 49 67 sac. state 59 iK, A skiing lea allan ramsey, don thompson, jack rykken, dick thomas, coach shelton leonard, John cowely, bill bulkeley, pat myers, bill thornton coached by former nevada ski star, shelton leonard, the eight-man nevada ski team raced through the season with a total of four wins out of five meets, the season started with nevada ' s own winter carnival, the largest intercollegiate invitational ski meet in the united states, nevada placed fifth out of the eleven top teams in the western league, the team then traveled to yosemite where it won the tressider trophy for the third time, which retired the cup to nevada. at donner, the ski team won the vanderbilt cup, also for the third time in a row. post-season activities saw the top neveda skiers back to the nationals in Colorado, even with nationwide competition, the nevadans hit eleventh place, this year ' s team was captained by pat myers and other returning veterans were John cowley, don thompson, bill bulkeley, and jack rykken . . . these men were aided by newcomers dick thomas and bill thornton. beautiful form on the galena creek jump John cowley pat meyers bill bulkeley bill thornton dick thomas alien ramsey o K I n g row 1: torn massey, doug byington, duane moore, sam macias, elwood haggerty. row 2: ed hollings- worlh, neil romero, wait mc intyre, John cobb, jim botsford. row 3: dall byington, manager; ray looney, don crowell, bill azbill , marvin baker, frank Stewart, bob genasci, norman sigmon, ron smith, coach jim olivas this year i watched the dynamic wolf pack boxing squad play host to three out-of-state teams and then travel to meet chico and idaho state, nevada also sent representatives to p. c. i. and son francisco state tournaments. scores: chico state, at chico, January 10; nevada won 5 to 4 Idaho state, at elko, January 31; idaho state won 6 2 to 2V2 chico state, at reno, february 10; nevada won... 7 to 1 son jose state, at reno, february 16; draw 4 2 to 4 2 California, at reno, february 21; nevada won.. 5 to 3 nevada at son francisco state tournament: nevada lost 3, won 1. nevada at p. c. i. tournament: nevada lost 2, won 1. doug byington (147 lbs.), 4 wins, 1 draw marvin baker (heavy), 1 win, 2 losses elwood haggery (132), 2 wins, 2 losses 1 J sam macias (126 lbs.) 5 wins, no losses John cobb (16 lbs.), no wins, 2 losses duane moore (132 lbs.), 1 win, 1 draw, 2 losses jim jeffers (155 lbs.), no wins, 3 losses bill griggs (178 lbs.), 5 wins, 2 losses frank stewart (155 lbs), no wins, 1 loss neil romero bill azbill (139 lbs.), no wins, 1 loss ray looney the camera wasn ' t the only thing that stopped this one (rack row 1: dale riddle, bob jones, frank mc-gowan, philip collins, procter hug. row 2: leo quillici, jerry longero, John mayeroff, milton sharp, jake carpenter, row 3: brent tyier, jeff lobaugh, gale munk, giles altenberg, charles bell, charles ryerse despite the fact that neveda ' s young track team captured just one win out of six competitive starts this season, several underclass members of coach hugh smithwick ' s cinder team displayed promise for future wolf pack teams, outstanding individual performer was giles altenburg, a junior, who esclipsed the school ' s long standing pole vaulting record with a leap of 12 feet, 7V2 inches, the blond-haired nevada captain won his specialty at every meet this season, freshman bob jones did yeoman work over the 100-yard dash route, winning three races out of six tries, husky ken server, a sophomore from alturas, was a consistent nevada point maker in his favorite shotput event, while teammate leo quillici, another underclassman, was steady with the discus, a surprisingly agile competitor in the two hurdle events was stocky jake longero, a carson city product who also shared the mile relay duty, the smithwick-coached pack ' s lone win came in a dual meet with sacramento state ' s hornets, the blue and silver topping the capital city team, 91% to 34 3. in the season ' s opener, a three-way clash with the university of san francisco and college of pacific, nevada grabbed a second spot with 63 points, the following Saturday, nevada, hurt by lack of depth, dropped to powerful san francisco, 81-49. chico state followed with a hairline 66V 3 to 62% win over the pack, then bowed in three-way competition to san francisco again, the team from the golden gate city had 71 points to nevada ' s 60. in the next-to-last seasonal try for the wolf pack the locals came close to upsetting the cal aggies; the final score: 71-80. the pack ' s steady performer in the middle distance races was ch arles bell, a veteran runner who ' ll return next season, he dropped just one race during the 1953 season. leo quilici makes with the discus giles altenburg goes over the top brent tyler. good thing this track suit hasn ' t any buttons on it last man around the track is a rotten egg bob Jones in good form i e n n i s coach nenzel, perry lauden, bill van wagoner, jim anderson, bill barrett, John mackey, jack luwe the university of nevada ' s fine tennis aggregation closed a highly successful net season recently with six team wins out o eight meetings with collegiate opponents, the sguad was coached by hutch nenzel, who was serving his initial year as a college net coach, individual standout of the pack team during the season was hard driving bill barrett who went unde- feated in the eight matches, he played number four man in every one of his singles matches, barrett ' s efforts were augmented by veteran bill von wagner who fired from the number one spot in all but two of his matches; also by bob lindsay, a letterman veteran, jack luwe, plus perry lauden and jack mackey, a transfer from u.c.l.a., and harry summerfield, a promising freshman, who performed in just one match, the final of the season, and took a win. summer- field is a veteran of four years tennis experience at lovelock high school. bill barrett, bill van wagoner jim anderson, jack luwe, coach nenzel perry lauden, John mackey golf joe leal, james paterson, bill cooper, richard morrlll, John jepsen, bill pelter a five-man nevada golfing team finished a mediocre season recently after winning a trio of matches, dropping four, and tieing one. the linksters had tough luck during the final three meetings of the season, though, dropping dual meets on the 18th and final holes on each of those occasions, the pack golfing guint, coached by glenn (jake) lawlor, played home and home engagements with the following teams: sacramento state, chico, cal aggies, and Sacra- mento college, comprising the nevada team were dick morrill, who played the number one man, John jepson, jim patterson, bill cooper, and bill pelter. joe leal, richard morrill, John jepsen james paterson, bill cooper, bill pelter r I f I e r y row 1: bruce fabbi, george schindler. row 2: maxwell botz, jerome markoski, Charles taylor george schindler inspects rifle capt. mc nair gives a tew pointers team in action lead cneer leaders don thompson, george schindler, bill brown george schindler, head cheerleader Carole mc gilvray, Inez sarasua, carole howell ens iniramural sports ball one ugh, missed • " • %»-. going down? whew, made it my turn neck ' n ' neck it ' s in the glove women s " put your little foot " ff.- ' . .4 I a ballet or volleyball? sports steady, girls ' , I ' ■ I 1 ,1 ' T l ' .j " KMt » ' ' ' ' ' •■ ' ' ' ' ' ' " i |i ' k ' !VAT! IV itki " ' IT. ir l v -- •fii il --. f■ ' %» ' ' r . ' v nler-fraiernity c o u n c il every fraternity on the hill is represented in this group composed of one delegate, of upperclass standing, from each house . . . their job is to discuss and try to iron out fraternity problems, along with this they co-operate with the intramural sports board in arranging interfraternity sports, set up pledging rules and work with the pan hellenic council to further better fraternity- sorority relations . . . among the things I watched the council do this year was the establishment of a new system of rushing, under the new rules, the prospective fraternity man is given a better chance to choose his house . . . the annual bean feed, held for all male members of the campus, was another of the council ' s projects. row 1: bob de ruff, dick reid. row 2: jim wilson, bill brown, milton sharp, row 3: ron lemmon, joe moose, jim miller pa n-hell enic counc ■ I this year i saw panhellenic council, under the leadership of annette caprio, undertake many projects, among them were: a poll of the faculty to find out how many were available as sponsors of social activities, a few additions to the preferential bidding system, and a work- shop emphasizing scholarship and pledge guidance, i was with dean elaine mobley when she acted as faculty advisor for the council. row 1: beverly myles, Joanne menu, elsie shaver, row 2: Harriet parke, Jeanne zelyette, mary jane zunino. row 3: annette caprio, mardelle leonesio, leona hiclcey m Mi delta delta delta Jeanne zelayeta, president row 1: Shirley alien, katherine bassemier, sally bassemier, dorothy bell, dorothy berger, diane black, ann boero, lil bradshaw, anna mae bugica. row 2: sue casey, marvella chandler, nadine coleman, Virginia coleman, margaret conway, leah crabtree, ann Cunningham, barbara dooley, kay eaton. row 3: nadine tagg, guylene ferguson, faye fotos, Jennie gibson, alice godbey, barbara gregory, barbara hendrickson, doris holmes, lynn horner. row 4: nancy houghton, bev sue hug, barbara Jackson, peggy jackson, patricia Jefferson, shirley kershner, rita la voy, diane lewers, darlene lov ery L ■■ k.thl: ri ' if gw am tri delta true, we ' ll dream of you and love you when college days are o ' er. those vows i took, may i remember always through college years and more. oh, delta delta delta, my own fraternity, those three bright stars within a golden crescent claim loyalty until death. row 1: marcia malcolm, betty jo martin, jeannine mc coll, sally mc kissick, Jeanne menu, priscilla miller, marylee mitchell, sandra mitts, mary moore. row 2: ruth moore, lorraine meunier, marie nielsen, carol normandy, leanne norton, helen orr, helen palludan, Janice palludan, inez pasquale. row 3: romaine roth, marilyn royle, patricia samon, margaret sewell, benita stockham, dixie sturges, sue sworts, janey thomas, marge titus. row 4: carol tollefson, francos trum, janet van valey, barbara van meter, corrine vieta, lura ward, nancy west, jo ann w hitehead, eileen yrueta gamma p h i beta beverly myles, president row 1: peggy bell, joan blake, joy blume, dorothy burns, Virginia cahlan. row 2: maud-kathrine carl, betty cristani, joan Cunningham, barbara darrah, diana duborg. row 3: martha fee, shirley flagg, joan foster, jean giffin, iola honey M J--. it ' s very small, but it can mean the world and all because it stands so high; for you ' ll always win with the crescent pin of dear ol ' gamma phi. row 1: beverly indermuhl. row 2: ruth ingram, barbara irwin, gail Johnson, diane kridler, elinor long. row 3: francine luwe, beverly myles, paula parkins, sallie rogers, gloria roysum. row 4: lois sandorf, ann serpentino, elsie shaver, mary sheehan, margaret terry p ■ beta p h I harriet parke, president row 1: margery andrews, adele benetti, margaret brooks, Jeanne brunetti, annette caprio, lola dark, row 2: dorothy cootes, deane derleth, carol dickerson, ruth eachus, Jeanne elmore, margaret ervin. row 3: barbara farrguia, ruth gaiser, beverly griggs, nancy hevirins, leona hickey, carole howell remember the pi phi arrow, the wine and the silver blue, the loyalties and the friendships and all the joys that they bring to you. 5 - i row 1: mimi howell, nan imperatrice, eleanor jessen, betty kling. row 2: connie lee, jocelyn lord, florence lyons, Irene marshall, joan miller, jackie mc gowan. row 3: beverly morris, Harriet parke, vivienne potter, lena quilici, sue richardson, mary stathes alpha i a u omega jack crowell, president row 1: ken adams, giles altenburg, richard andreini, dale bailey, robert benjamin, james botsford, ray brown, dave buckman. row 2: joe bugica, dennis burge, ernest carl, ted chachas, rex cleary, John cobb, jim costa, victor cozzalio. row 3: don crowell, jack crowell, edward davis, chuck evans, ray ferrari, gordon foote, bob genasci, John hanifan. row 4; lee hansen, bilbo helms, procter hug, gilbert landell, vince laveaga, olaf leifson, thomas magee, david mathis alpha tau omega, our hearts are ever thine; ever we ' ll be loyal to the azure and the gold. row 1: John mc gowan, ben mc nair, patrick norton. row 2: gail munk, ronald glen myers, ■william pelter, bob petrini, don quilici, leo quilici, bob quinlan, don rowan, row 3: John mayeroff, don mc ghie, len savage, norman sigman, John smales, charles spina, frank Stewart, harry summerfield. row 4: jim thornton, floyd vice, neill west, roland westergard, ray virhitacre, bruce wilson, jim wilson, everett viritt a m b d c h I alpha John b. harris, president row 1: dan anderson, waiter anderson, orrin bachelor, alien bernes, jake carpenter, row 2: jack cherry, roger colton, donald eckles, John ferrari, remo fratini. row 3: peter hess, jack luwe, jack mc auliffe, duane moore, bert munson the colors purple, green and gold, we pledge both heart and hand, on crescent set with stones of white shine out and light our way. row 1: ray pastorino, eldredge porch, elwin pul- sipher. row 2: neil romero, steve ramesa, ed roscoe, silvio santina, ronald smith, row 3: jerry Stanford, joe stefani, galyle Wallace, bob winkel, donald wooden p h I Sigma kappa fred lee, president row 1: fred alpers, bill brown, jim burke, arthur chisholm, phillp collins. row 2: david connett, earle dempsey, eta deuteron, george douglass, dan durbin , -._ K. ' hail the ever-growing throng, phi sigs, true and loyal; brothers as we march along t ' ward that goal so bright. row 1: george evans. row 2: eugene grows, scotty husted, richard king, don lane, fred lee. row 3: dennis metz, robert moran, leonard munker, John quintana, thomas silver 1 1— fc. . Sigma alpha e p s i I o n joe moose, president row 1: jack alien, gilbert anderson, lawrence bangert, william becker, charles bell, russ bowering. row 2: edward brown, gene brown, Wallace burnett, henry dark, darrell cannon, richard curry, row 3: bob de ruff, kenneth duck, jim etcheto, waiter garrett, melvin guerrera, elwood haggerty kvjJil L V. hail to the purple, hail to the gold, hail to phi alpha motto of old. minerva true, the lion too, we ' re loyal sons of old n. u. row 1: Charles hicks, herb holman, lyle joy. row 2: gerald kizzia, edward leshe, robert lewis, perry lowden, george maclean, ■william mayer. row 3: Jerome markoski, ioe melcher, jim miller, joe moose, darel packard, oakley parker. row 4: george sadler, george schindler, jim stubbins, lawrence tanner, don thompson, bruce warmbrodt U I V MB - ie» ». ' . ' A-«.»jiiir ' -. A Sigma n u milton sharp, president row 1: edward aimone, jack albin, tommy alter, jim anderson, charles aplin, paul argeres, marvin baker, Julius barndt, george bower, row 2: John bower, paul broberg, jim brooke, raymond brookman, jim butler, dal byington, jerry carstens, charles christner. row 3, william dark, ed comer, kennelh coricQ, david cutler, hugh davis, sam dibitonto, jim dunseath, william edwards, harry ericson. row 4: louis garneau, arden gerbig, jim gregory, william griggs, bruce fabbi, harold fields, boyce ford, homer haines, charles harrison the white star of sigma nu, the bright star of sigma nu , ten thousand brothers wear you, ten thousand others share you. row 1: herb hughes, row 2: robin jackson, daniel Jenkins, John jepsen, robert jepsen, richard Johnson, bob Jones, william kottinger, joe leal, nick lusich. row 3: sam macias, frank marfisi, robert martin, calvin mead, richard morrill, jim paterson, joe patridge, hal pilkington, william priest, row 4: patrick rippingham, lyndon robertson, wally rusk, david ryan, milton sharp, edward soderstrom, paul Stanley, howard swart, coe swobe. row 5: dick thomas, w illiam thornton, dave traitel, roger trounday, weldon upton, william van wagoner, robert wilson, verne woodbury, kim yarbrough t h eta c h I richard reid, president row 1: brent aikin, kenneth austin, bill bulkeley, lee cooley, John cowely. row 2: glenn dory, dale duval, bill engel, willard esplin, elbert gardner. row 3: gene garriott, bob gerring, arthur giddens, c harles hanna, melvin hurt sons of theta chi, we are always high, drink, o ' drink to theta chi; fun is never over, we are never sober; drink, o ' drink to theta chi. row 1: kurt lobaugh, robert madsen, rollan melton, james miller, hans mohr. row 2: douglas peacock, frank reid, earl reimers, kenneth server, Stephen Stewart, row 3: bob thomoson, duane urban, james Whipple, martin young, peter young Sigma delta ronald lemmon, president row 1: rayner kjeldsen, ronald lemmon, don maestretti. ro ' w 2: dale odneal, warren shelton, " william wennhold .vlU; . s. 1 . ■ raymond hohle, president dick coffill, paul fox, buddy fujii beta beta beia i heard prominent biologists and other scientists speak to the epsilon theta chapter of beta beta beta, the organization is composed of scholasti- cally eligible students having an active interest in any phase of the natural scientists, the epsilon theta chapter is a relatively new organization on campus, being only six years old. one public meeting and one closed meeting is held every month. ernest carl carol oldham verne woodbury bl o c It ft n this year i saw the fellows from this honorary athletic society take part in several activities, among them were the painting of the " n " , which they super- vised, ushering for three home boxing programs, handling the concessions for two home foot- ball games and taking over the operation of the western confer- ence high school track meet, during the year the group was ably managed by mert baxter, president; reggie depaoli, vice president, doug byington was secretary -treasurer, and giles altenburg, block " n " representative. row 1: giles altenburg, charles bell, dave buckman. row 2: bill bulkeley, douglas byington, John cowley, bob de ruff, row 3: don eckles, raymond gonsalves, William griggs procter hug. row 4: sam macias, david mathis, roUan melton, pat meyers. row 5: duane moore, leo quilici, kenneth server, milton sarp. row 6: dave storm, don thompson, verne vi oodbury, kenneth yenter joe bugica, president blue key members of blue key are honored on the campus, the organization is a top flight group composed of men who distinguished themselves in leadership on the campus, i saw joe bugica lead a successful year, starting with the blue key get-together dance at the old gym honoring the fresh- men, the purpose of the group is to render service to the university. row 1: giles altenburg, dave buckman, earle dempsey, bob de ruff, row 2: bill engel, gordon foote, elbert gardner, melvin guerrera. row 3: John harris, procter hug, fred lee, ron lemmon. row 4: james miller, elwin pulsipher, richard reid, len savage I - y m - ' m ' nm ' i €1 ' ?- ' v itfi. ,. » cap nd s c r o II cap and scroll, highest women ' s honorary organization on campus, annually elects to membership those women of the senior class who have maintained high scholastic averages and who are presidents of at least one campus group, i ' ve watched it develop high ideals for the women of the university of nevada by combining the leaders into one organization. officers for the year were: bev myles, president; lynn horner, secretary-treasurer, and betty kling, marshal. beverly myles, president row 1: phyllis carpenter, lynn horner. row 2: shirley kershner, betty kling, elsie shaver, row 3: margaret sewell, lura ward, Jeanne zelayeta fred lee, president c o ffl a n d k e y s as usual, i watched the annual running of coffin and keys with great enjoyment in the spring, as usual, too, this is the only affair open to the public, secret business, however, was carried on under the leadership of frankie marfisi in the fall with milton sharp as his secretary and elwin pusipher as treasurer, in the spring, fred lee took over the job as president and earl dempsey became secretary, with milton sharp changing over to treasurer, i might hint that they do a lot of good deeds around this campus under their masks. row 1: Joseph abbott, giles altenburg, joe bugica. row 2: earle dempsey, bob de ruff, sam dibitonto, bill engel. row 3: willard esplin, procter hug, frank marfici, bert munson. row 4: elwin pulsipher, richard reid, len savage, milton sharp IP J . c? 4 - - I fin arts the fine arts club developed the appreciation of some of the cultural aspects in life, i heard speakers from the fields of literature, music and art speak, in the terms of the work they love, in hopes that the listeners might come to a closer understanding of their purpose, dr. craig shepard gave invaluable help and advice in all aspects, the members also provided the campus with some outstanding art exhibits designed to create wide interest in different painting media and styles, officers were marie nielsen, president; nancy west, vice-president; janie thomas, secretary; carol normandy, treas- urer; gerry seaberry, publicity; and doreen spiller, program chairman. marie nielsen, president row 1: deane caflerata. row 2: Jennie gibson, patricia Jefferson, shirley kershner, carol normandy. row 3: marilyn royle, gail samuels, geraldine seaberry, janie thomas. row 4: lura ward, janet A atson, nancy west, eileen yrueta 4 . thomasine rownfree, president home economics club i saw the home economics club end a successful year with many worth-while projects, it is a social and professional organization devoted to developing unity with the department heads and students and to understand the opportuni- ties in home economics, home ec. sponsors many round-table discussions about different phases of home economics. row 1: nancy adams, diane black, row 2: joy blume, nadine coleman, joan Cun- ningham, barbara darrah, annette dickson, Jeanne elmore. row 3: margaret ervin, alice facha, shirley flagg, ruth gaiser, adamae gray, eva lyn hackett. row 4: shirley hancock, dorothy harmon, lillis hatch, elinor long, Irene marshall, alice melendy. row 5: marjories mortensen, marlena neddenriep, evelyn nelson, sue richardson, patsy terry, sharon thompson chi delia ph i met one night a month with speakers on litera- ture and journalism along with the chi delta phi members, they are students who have an interest and certain ability in english or jour- nalism, a poetry contest was sponsored in the spring for all nevada high school students with prominent nevadans for judges, and cash prizes for the winners, the purpose was to help create an interest in english and also to help advertise the university in a good light, officers were lura ward, president; rosemary cochran, vice- president; marie nielsen, secretary; and marilyn mills, treasurer. lura ward, president row 1: rosemary cochran. row 2; joan foster, lynn horner, shirley kershner, Joanne menu, row 3: marilyn mills, ruth moore, marie nielsen, mary ann norlen. row 4: carol normandy, karen phillips, leila rowson, barbara van meter norma etchegoyhen, president perns pern ' s is organized for all physical education majors or minors to promote a better understanding and closer relationship among those students in the department, the only purpose of this group is to provide entertain- ment and recreation for its members . . . the annual post-christmas party was held at the home of dean mobley and miss ruth russell. after dinner, several games were played by the guests, who included miss mary rulefson and miss jean mc intosh, besides several students . . . this year i saw this group order university of nevada sweat shirts instead of the traditional pem ' s jackets. row 1: dorothy hill, leah gregory, betty kling. row 2: mardelle leonesio, helen meader, evelyn nelson, row 3: margaret sewell, jean wilton, eileen yrueta phi kappa phi phi kappa phi, the upper ten per cent of the scholastic world, is a group of graduates and undergraduates from all the depart- ments of our american colleges and universities, election to membership in this honor society is the highest scholastic award that the university of nevada can make, members are chosen on the basis of high scholarship and sound character, newly elected members this year were gerold cox, george mac lean, mary louise panicari, mrs. Virginia rider, shirley kershner, jack irving crowell and jack luwe. row 1: phyllis carpenter, jack crowell, barbara hendrickson. row 2: mamie hilde- brand, lynn horner, procter hug. ro ' w 3: shirley kershner, jack luwe, lura -ward , press lub students with ten hours of journalism or who have worked on the staff of either publication for two years were members of the press club, monthly meetings with a speaker in the field of journalism were held, the main projects of the year were the annual contest for high school publications throughout the state, sponsored this year jointly by press club and sigma delta chi, and sponsorship of a public lecture and several talks to students by John scott, time and life correspondent, officers for the year were shirley kershner, president; don loveless, vice president, dee turner, secretary-treasurer. shirley kershner, president row 1: Joseph abbott, rosemary cochran, bill engel, red esplin. row 2: a. 1. higginbotham, don loveless, keiste janulis, david mathis. row 3: rollan melton, ruth moore, marie nielsen, jack penman, orthur peterson. row 4: bob petrini, romaine roth, don swanson, mabel turner, william vanderley %■ f saddle and spurs " double forward, reverse, by fours, circle eight " were a few of the signals i heard from the saddle ' n ' spurs as they went through their formations, drilling on horseback, discontinued since the war, was brought back with much enthusiasm. the group, under the fine leadership of miss ruth russell, added many new members, 27 in all. entertainment included evening rides and hamburger fries in horseman ' s park . . . these active girls were led this year by marie nielsen, president. row 1: peggy bell, sue casey. row 2: joan foster, jean giffin, diane lewers, judy mac neil. raw 3: ruth moore, carol normandy, Helen orr, Inez pasquale. row 4: karen phillips, eleanor shane, jo ann whitehead, Jeanne zelayeta marie nielsen, president s a g e n s the sagens, like their brother sogers, is an honorary service group whose purpose is to aid with campus activities, they limit their membership to five upper- class delegates from each sorority and independent group, the girls are chosen on the basis of enthusiasm, vitality, and active interest in campus affairs . . . their activities this year included ushering for the wolves frolic, frosh trek, activities parade, w.u.s. carnival, and others . . . their officers were harriet parke, president; margaret terry, vice president; and phyllis carpenter, secretary-treasurer. harriet parke, president row 1: peggy bell, phyllis carpenter, annette caprio, luth eachus. row 2: joan foster, Jennie gibson, vanna grant, leah gregory, betty kling. row 3; mardelle leonesio, ruth moore, beverly myles, leila rowson, elsie shaver, row 4: Jackie spell, margaret terry, lura ward, Jeanne zelayeta, mary zunino r • , I: XL s a g e r s the sagers, a male underclassmen ' s service organization, renewed a tradition this year which has been missing from the campus for a long time — the homecoming bonfire . . . while this was perhaps their greatest single activity, they also ushered at football games, assisted with fall and spring registrations and supplied manpower for the homecoming, big bonanza and ski carnival celebrations. row 1: edward aimone. row 2: jack albin, richard andreini, lynn bowler, ray brown, dennis burge. row 3: darrell cannon, ed comer, jim costa, victor cozzalio, ray ferrari. row 4: bob genasci, olaf leifson, thomas magee, richard morrill, ray pastorino. row 5: william priest, Stephen stewart, william thornton, neil west, roy whitacre % • • m v- r v t7 henry dark, president scabbard and blade scabbard and blade is a national military honorary society composed of outstanding advanced military students, whose purpose is to improve the military r.o.t.c. as i have attended in past years, i again went to the annual military ball in the mapes hotel, adamae gray, selected by the students to rule as queen, presided over the dance initiated into scabbard and blade this year was captain frye, assistant p. m. s. and t. of the military department. 49 row 1: qiles altenburg. row 2: robert barrett, edward browne, Wallace burnett, david buckman, jack cherry, row 3: earle dempsey, sam dibitonto, bill engel, elbert gardner, melvin guerrera. row 4: elwood haggerty, John harris, fred lee, Patrick norton, william pelter. row 5: jack penman, arthur peterson, elwin Pulsipher, milton sharp, james skinner gSkgt Sigma delta c h i robert petrini, president under the able leadership of robert perini and don loveless, sigma delta chi had another very success- ful year, this professional and undergraduate jour- nalism group published four issues of the nevada donald loveless, president row 1: Joseph abbott, red esplin, al higginbotham. row 2: keiste janulis, david mathis, rollan melton, row 3: arthur peterson, don swanson, william vanderley alumnus magazine, this is the first time four con- secutive issues have ever been published, bob petrini this year attended the national convention in denver at which time the nevada chapter was awarded seventh place in the nation for undergrad- uate chapter efficiency and achievement for the year, it hosted the nevada state press association members during its con- vention, during the year sigma delta chi had sev- eral dinners at which were prominent speakers in the field of journalism, at its spring initiation, jock taylor, one of the founders of the fraternity at de paul university years ago, was one of the main speakers, along with neal van sooy, past national president. % , arline cave, president yrfm C« Stm w d b i n e I the campus y started the year off with the ice-breaker dance held during freshman orientation, results that i observed of the year ' s activities included compiling and typing the information for the activities file, serving coffee during both registrations, a Christmas party for the children from victory heights, and the big w. u. s. carnival, the campus y is an organization devoted to community, campus, and world service, and is open to all university women . . . the officers were Arline Cave, president; Jeanne Menu, vice-president; Marilyn Royle, secretary; Dorothy Berger, treasurer. row 1: peggy bell, dorothy berger, dorothy coates, rosemary cochran. row 2: jennie gibson, vanna grant, barbora gregory, leah gregory. row 3: Joan foster, anne king, diane levirers, betty ioe martin, Joanne menu, row 4: marilyn royle, mabel turner, barbara van meter, lura ward, nancy west " m» sundowners devoted to promoting good fellowship, the sundowners had another outstanding year, along with the usual " tryouts " and spring initiation were some new activties which i will long remember along with the rest of the university, the first was the sundowner skit in the wolves frolic, directed by lyle joy; and the spring semester which was kicked off by the " levi formal, " which may well become a new tradition on campus, during the year, fred lee served as president and wally burnett was treasurer. fred lee, president ro ' w 1: paul argeres, russ bowring, james brooke. row 2: dave buckman, joe bugica, wallftce burnett, henry dark, row 3: earle dempsey, bob de ruff, kenneth duck, willard esplin. row 4: lyle joy, vince laveaga, frank marfisi, leo quilici jim Hettinger, president aggie c lub i saw the aggie club complete another successful year, under the leadership of president jim hettenger and horseshow manager bill cockrell, they again spon- sored a successful and profitable horseshow. i, and probably most of the students, will long remember the fine bar-b-g that the aggies sponsored in connection with the big bonanza day. the club was proof that a small club with co-operation can successfully accom- plish much, three social picnics were also held during the year and the members made a publicity and good-will tour of the state. row 1: d. reid, m. nielsen, f. stewart, b. genasci. row 2: dr. v. bowman, g. woodward, d. colvert, k. yenter, . hallow, g. hafen. row 3: j. hunter, g. wittwer, m. escobar, b. cockrell, d. eckert, j. hettinger. row 4: dr. j. kidwell, e. gardner, r. weaver, d. odneal, d. christensen, dr. t. clegg arlemisia-manzaniia hall association artemisia hall, the only girl ' s dormitory on campus, held six major activities during the year . . . two formats, a christmas dinner dance at the trocadero, and its traditional spring formal at lawtons, were among the highlights, two socials, one with the lincoln hall association and the other with lambda chi alpha, were also held . . . during homecoming, i mingled with the crowds as artemisia held its only open house of the year, i was also there when the girls tried to impress the seniors with a coffee hour for the professors honoring the graduating seniors of the hall, leading the group this year was phyllis carpenter. phyllis carpenter, president, and mrs. belle drew, house manager row 1: c. cox, p. carpenter, a. facha, j. mac neil, p. ryan, n. Johnson, h. Johnson, j. van valey, j. phillips, b. poison, 1. holt, row 2: n. hartke, p. miller, d. wadsworth, j. foster, m. mills, j. chism, p. fay, j. palludan, r. saponara, d. kine, k. eaton, r. roth, s. thornberry, b. cummins, row 3: m. yim, b. ifhe, r. leavitt, n. adams, k. hveem, r. goss, c. pavlakis, mrs. drew, b. humphreys, m. hogerty, s. byers, h. palludan, p. wayman, p. samon, b. erb, g. paxton, j. paulson, j. Strickland david towner, president C I V il engineers i saw the civil engineers steadily progress toward their objective, which has been the development of interest in the social as well as the technical aspects of the engineering profession, under the advisorship of professor h. b. blodgett, the chapter conducted sev- eral tours in the immediate area and on the west coast, i heard their guest speakers, men prominent in various areas of engineering fields, and attended their regular evening meetings. row 1: d. towner, d. doyle, d. storm, b, brown, c. bell, row 2: d. arneson, r. harlow, c. moss, prof. h. b. blodgett, r. stimmel. row 3: o. warren, e. latham, k. gosling, prof. j. a. bonall, prof. c. r. poolman iiiiMBWHHBMMM chemisiry club i saw the chemistry club end its twelfth successful year, all students whose main academic interests are in the field of chemistry and are majoring in that field are eligible for mem- b ership, the club devotes itself to keeping informed on the latest developments in the science of chemistry. row 1: d. kridler, b. hendrickson, d. spiiler. row 2: p. norton, j. bugica, b. hicks, t. bradbury, j. stubbins, r. pastorino. row 3: dr. r. morris, f. hertlein, m. abrams, p. Stanley, g. bowers, row 4: dr. j. e. moose, j. benson, d. burge, dr. 1. Williams, dr. h. j. seim William maher, president c r u c ibi lub students in the mackay school of mines are members of the crucible club, regular meetings are held to hear speakers lecture about mining, metallurgical and geological subjects, i read the annual mackay miner, which the group publishes, again this year. row 1: j. skinner, d. hand, r. gronning, b. maher, c. davis, h. varischetti, m. gallagher, j. crest, d. taylor, j. miller, prof. j. winston. row 2: d. Williamson, d. mort, e. arlin, b. Williamson, g. wheeler, e. tempinski, j. crowell, b. griggs, e. hollingsworth, m. evasovic, b. richards. row 3: d. robbins, j. robertson, prof. 1. mc girk, prof. b. kersten, 1. avery, w. gill electrical engineers the electrical engineers this year had continu- ously 200 per cent rated horsepower in special, athletic and academic activities, i saw the elec- tricals maintain throughout the year contact with the large developments in the electric field, the american institute of electrical engineers has been on the nevada campus since 1922. monthly meetings are held with prominent members of the profession as lecturers. jerrold cox, president row 1: r. powell, w. vanderberg, 1. garneau, k. reister, r. thomasine, i. markowski, p. fox, n. baker, j. bright, d. mahoney, j. dickenson, r. gore, row 2: a. gonsalez, w. soherer, b. park, j. osmun, a. sommer, r. pederson, prof, garrott, prof, seymour, prof, sandorf, j. cox, a. hamilton w. seacrist, j. moose, ' w. chapman, row 3: 1. harrison, t. robb, m. brunetti, a. imagire, j. carpenter, 1. gilmore, h. mohr, j. hurt, r. atkins, p. Stanley, d. anderson, v. myles, d. connett, c. looney, j. zeitler, w. dennett, k. swartz, d. goodman, c. evans, p. broberg, j. wright, j. lopez, e. andregg g. samstead - •. V . , V lambda delia s i g m a i joined with lambda delta sigma, a social fraternity for all students with latter-day saints ideals, to help prepare them for leadership, their home was in the newly completed i nstitute of religions where courses in religious instruction are offered to all university students ... a counseling service is available in which the student is given personal consultation privileges with lambda delta sigma advisor and insti- tute director, a. ted tuttle . . . lambda delta provides a cultural and social program which includes a sweetheart ball, christmas formal, chanticleer breakfast, roller- spaghetti party and a fall and spring barbegue . . . membership tripled this year with the addition of 31 pledges, service projects consisted of personal letters to nevada missionaries and servicemen, visiting patients in reno hospitals and helping to complete the sparks ward gymnasium . . . religious services, conducted by student officers and teachers, are held in the institute each Sunday and tuesday. jerrold cox, president, and marilyn mills, president 0 i t h row 1: g. cox, e. gardner, j. Hettinger, c. earl, e. pulsipher, g. hardy, h, manning, j. buchanan, f. lytle, b. law, d. reid. row 2: d. calvert, m. w ittwer, g. woodward, c. cox, d. draper, r. leavitt, t. billow, 1. long, 1. bowler, r. goss, a. oxborrow, m. nielsen. row 3: d. duval, p. terry, d. peacock, c. horlacher, d. powell, n. adams, c. archibald, s. kershner, f. reid, d. wadsworth, m. mills, t. tuttle, m. tuttle. row 4: g. mills, j. foster, g. hafen, p. dermody, f. horacher, c. archibald, k. walker, s. hancock, j. stewart, c. moss, k. whitney, h. sinfield campus players i was happy this year to see the campus players reorganize after a two-year absence from the campus, the group of 15 presented three one- act plays for big bonanza assembly, they also organized plans for a full-length play for the coming fall semester, reguirements for member- ship in the group include having played a major part in an all-school production or been in three one-act plays, bill james was president of the group, and dr. william c. miller served as the group ' s advisor. William james, president row 1: sue casey, janet van valey, mary ann norlen, bill james, joan miller row 2: daniel hulse, robert ballard, marty young, John trendler n e w m a n lub the newman club, under the leadership of pat norton, has 40 members this year, some of their activities included a Christmas party for under- privileged children, sending a delegation to the newman club province convention, they also had various speakers and social activities, father thomas connolly was the advisor, other officers included andree anchart, vice presi- dent; blanche picchi, secretary; and John hanifan, treasurer. pat norton, president row 1: lorraine meunier, carol dickerson, rita lavoy, blanche trounday, eleanor donati, blanche picchi, shirley wengert, jocelyn lord, marg arnold, angela mendiguren, shir ley serth. row 2; father conw oy, torn grice, lamberto certeza, John hanifan, jack cherry, pat norton, george schindler, jim butler, dick morrill, dick andreini, silvio santina, mike leslie, msgr. roteglia o r c h e s i s m. conway, b. infe, m. mitchell, e. nelson, d. lewers, n. howell, j. wilton j. sarasua, e. beardall, p. gray, m. moore, j. hanna, 1. hatch, r. mac lean c. mc gilvary, b. griggs, j. mc intosh, r. gaizer, 1. dark, s. richardson pershing rifl e s pershing rifles participated in parades throughout the reno area and were called upon to serve as honor guard and firing squad at services held for departed war veterans, company a of the university r. o. t. c. is composed entirely of basic students, the officers being alumni members, reno american legion post number 10 is its sponsor, highlight of the year ' s activities was a two-day trip to las vegas by air in the helldorado beauty parade. John bruce harris was its commander and jim skinner was its executive officer. ' « alpha (hela phi alpha theta started the year with an initia- tion banquet at the trocadero with 29 members being initiated, they contributed to humanities night in february. they sent gloria griffon, an alumna, to national convention in puerto rico over the christmas vacation, their speakers endeavored to enlighten them on the various phases of history, i know them all as students who have a great interest and a certain ability in history, not necessarily as history majors, they meet one night a month with a different speaker, they have a picnic tradi- tionally in the spring, officers for the year were lura ward, president; joan love, vice president; mimi smith, secretary; rayner kjedldsen, treasurer; and leila rowson, publicity. lura ward, president row 1: ruth moore, Jeanne zelayeta, betty aplin, diane lewers, ruth Ingram, lura •ward, dr. eliot. row 2: leah gregory, mimi smith, anne boero, joan love, don loveless, dr. shepperson. row 3: Jennie gibson, shirley kershner, leila rowson, marcia malcolm, nan imperatrice, Catherine lojas, dr. hutcheson. row 4: sarah titus, raynor kjeldsen, irene findlay, mrs. alice addenbrook r I gerald markoski, president f i lub the club started its 52-53 season on the first of november and sponsored a thanksgiving turkey shoot to raise funds for new shooting eguipment. a turkey and ham shoot were also held for Christmas, r. o. t. c. members of the club fired in the army william randolph hearst national rifle match and the national intercollegiate and interscholastic r. o.t. c. rifle matches, all club members went to berkeley to fire in the n. r. a. intercollegiate rifle matches and then the best shots flew to el paso, teas, to attend the south- west invitational meet, the club was host to the u. of c, university of s. f., and utah state during the season ' s competition, george won a second year award for the best shot of the group, max botz won the n. r. a. bronze club member ' s medal. row 1: kim choy, bill becker, george schindler. row 2: capt mc nair, Julius barndt, Charles taylor gerald markowski, max botz iane lewers, secretary, and lafli Jefferson, vice-president lub many privileges are offered to the ski club members, reduced rates on ski tows at mt. rose and squaw valley, as well as a discount on ski equipment, are available, the members have one outstanding duty; this is the successful staging of the winter carnival and this duty was fulfilled this year, a buffet dinner was held at mt. rose after the interfraternity ski meet for all ski club members. John cowley, president row 1: bill brown, joe abbott, John cowley, dave ryan, rex larsen, adamae gray, gall altenberg. row 2; John bruce harris, ann bergen, joan blake, patti Jefferson, bob jepsen, brent aikin, peggy bell, dick thomas, ann boero, deane caffereta university b a n with the addition of 20 members this year, the university band took a more active part in student functions, i was there when prof, hickman led his group at rallies, during half-time at the football and basketball games, at concerts and when they marched in the homecoming and admission day parades. The high point of the year was a trip to chico where the band per- formed a drill at half-time, drum major for the year was dave condant. he was assisted by six majorettes and six flag twirlers. ro ' w 1: robert jepsen, thaddeus hess, katherine meyer, james butler, shirley alien, barbara peterson, annette dickson, janet echegon, lois boyce, lola honey, beverly sue hug. row 2: wayne lytle, william edwards, patty champagne, james dunseath, clair earl, james bowler, robert pearson, victor cozzalio, richard morrill, raff mc donald, paul fox. row 3: fritz hertlein, eugene mills, edward davis, dan hulse, director hickman, dave connett f I ' BP ' " ' - I g 7 kalherine myers, president university singers directed by professor theodore post, i was proud of our university singers this year as i thrilled to their voices at the presentation of the " messiah " ; at the seniors ' graduation on Sunday; the spring concert held in the new gym and concerts given for the university women ' s faculty club and women ' s music club in yerington . . . katherine myer was this year ' s president, with maurice petre, vice president, and carol ann normandy, secretary-treasurer, a new group to be added this year was the mixed quartet of two men and two women. professor theodore post, director w a ' betty kling, gothic n viola neill, gothic n g o ( h I c n row 1: e. yrueta, 1. norton, b. gregory o Ar 2: m. nielsen, m. rulifson, d. lewers .. Wesley foundation this organization, for students with methodist preference, had a very successful year under the leadership of president elsie shaver and director rev. ben rice, besides its regular Sunday evening meetings, the group held two retreats at lake tahoe, picnics at pyramid lake and at bowers mansion, and its annual " meth pref " dinner and senior banguet. i gave them my support when they sent boxes of clothing to korean orphans, provided a needy family with a thanksgiving basket, and sponsored a booth at w. u. s. carnival. elsie shaver, president ■ ' ' } 11 . » V . y 1 li 1 iw y inn . i ' I 1 ■ ■h i . » fr " I V I ( I e s » »» " iKaCJCD- X ■ 3P ' " ■■■ " " " ' 1 pri ' ' - i registration they wait and wait and wait! more red tape first come, first served a c ( I V I i I e s parade the crowd gathers round to hear the speakers of the evening perhaps the one time in the year when all my organizations get together in one main project is the activities parade that was held this year on September 23, as part of the orientation program, besides the many booths that lined the outsides of the gym floor to attract the new students and let them know what organizations are available for them to join, there was also entertainment, proc hug acted as master of ceremonies, with eddie aimoni playing his accordion, charles hicks singing two baritone solos, katherine meyers playing some songs on her violin, and felton hickman, bandmaster, directing a pep band, on the more serious side, lila bradshaw and orrin bachelor, heads of the women ' s and men ' s upperclass committees, explained some of the tradi- tions that exist on campus; and presidents of the various service organizations described their own clubs. " sign-up here " h e I I o - o n - marcia and jean are greeted by a couple of freshmen hello-in-the-hill week, with the purpose of starting off the school year on an informal, friendly basis, was ushered in this year w th a bang — or maybe a " toot " would be more appropriate, starting monday, September 22, with a roman " band " as back- ground music, a proclamation was read to the students assembled at the gow hall for lunch, thus i heard the celebration started, that night, the hello-on-the-hill committee, armed with lots of white paint and some brushes, helped me paint appropriate signs on the various walks of the campus, the rest of the week i found a friendly atmosphere prevailing, with students wearing name cards and saying hello to all that they met on the campus. and everybody had a good time mel guerrera, master of ceremonies, with mr. hi Cross schindler) and miss hello (sugar reed) (he-hill hello-on-hill stickers being sold after the assembly the week was climaxed by a dance Saturday night at the old gym. my students this year started something new when they chose a miss hello, sugar reid, and a mr. hi, ross schindler, to reign over their dance, proclaiming them the two most friendly students on campus the preceding week, mel brunetti and his band furnished music for the dancers, the man responsible for the success of this week was mel gurerra. his committee consisted of joe bugica, shirley kershner, doug bying- ton, Joanne menu, nancy west, edmund barrach, don wilkerson, joan foster, lura ward, vanna grant, John bruce harris, and don thompson. blue key also offered much assistance so that this feeling of friendliness would be so deeply impressed in the students ' minds that they would carry it with them the rest of the semester. george schindler (if you look close you con almost see him) giving a helpful " word " to the frosh tinsel nd stuff pi phis and tri delta give out with a few christmas carols scabbard and blade initiates help thetas decorate their tree hillbilly version of christmas carols? one lump or two, asks leah gregory rushing be an feed e I: c • burp (excuse, please) theta chis said this plaque couldn ' t be stolen flowers, punch, tril delts and prospects ihe royal family i saw the many rehearsals, last minute of memorizing the lines, the laughter, the tears that come when a scene didn ' t go right. then the night of the play i sat in the back row and was amused and thrilled to the royal family. row 1: myrtle coates, marty young, maryanne norlan, joan miller, bill james. row 2: george evans, robert moron (sitting), julie stavros, roy whitacre, sue casey, warren young, robert ballard, ben crowell (he peopi e s I a w y e r ft the big bonanza week-end was highlighted by the tear- jerking production of " the people ' s lawyer, " a seven-act melodrama. the interacts featured can-can girls which brightened this very sad story of villains and heroes. W. V. s. c a r n I V reno fire department takes advantage of $.75 car wash proc emotes fiery introduction of rudy vallee burton and his birds big favorite at assembly the day before maryanne scores direct hit at s. a. e. booth men ' s faculty club tries sex appeal to draw crowds pi phi going down for the third time lambda chis clean up for w. u. s. finish at one of the quarter-horse races ranch-home registration aggie ■ ■. ■ ' 0 chow table at aggie bar-b-q cutting ' em out • • ■ • activities dick reid handing out the beef only the best fraiernity cosiume dances all class period, they play and play, the night before the exam they pray and pray last night at a party he drank his fill, this morning he ' s using chlorophyll guys and dolls I .LMas ' " C J the girls are tough, the looks are rough i ' m tired of this old stuff i can ' t get enough — sleep the tri delt house isn ' t such a sober crew, study and play cards isn ' t all they can do these students came close to ire when five profs were asked to retire football is great, can ' t be beat, things like this make " passing " a treat a professor ' s life is the one for me, if i were assured of black m g he tells her he ' s terrific, a wonder on the snow, but she ' s the one to retrieve hiiTi. when he tumbles off the tow spring is here at last, these students have lost the urge for class chem students lost in a maze of test tubes and assorted bottles civil engineers at their drawing boards for the cameraman ' s benefit deparimenlal two double ee ' s caught in action (editor ' s note: don ' t be taken in; this picture was posed) s h o i s pll ' " % » ■ ■» - ' : J M,. ' ' - 0 i •« ' ■ homecoming one of the largest, brightest homecoming events to ever take place at the university got underway last november. i went downtown with the throngs to see the giant parade, complete with giant, air-filled balloons, floats and the r. o. t. c. marching outfit, i yelled myself hoarse as i sadly saw our football team to go down in defeat to fresno state by the score of 59-32. i danced at the open houses as the sorority girls tried to influence the males with their beautiful queen candidates, at the wolves frolic i rolled on the floors (or should i say aisles?) as lyle joy as the lover pyramus and frank shadrock, the fair thisbe, endured the difficulty of holding a tete-a-tete through a movable chink in the wall, i watched the tri-delts with their version of " life after graduation, " walk off with the first place in the skits, the s.a.e. boys took top honors with their three caballeros. in the cross-country race i felt the sigma nus would come through in first place, and sure enough they did. one of the highlights of the entire affair was the crowning of beautiful gail altenburg as the 1952 homecoming queen. dianne lewers, bob de ruff left to right: John harris, mimi smith, joe bugica, jean wilton, dave buckman (chairman), homecoming committee J gail altenburg, the stately queen of homecoming standing with the heavy crowds which turned out to witness this, th e largest homecoming parade in history, i saw the a. t. o. men roll their steam roller along with the slogan " roll over fresno. " the gamma phis had angels plead- ing to " heaven help fresno. " a beautiful float of homecoming or bust was entered by the alumni association, the prize winning fraternity float was the revolving " n " of the sigma alpha epsilon house. f I o a i s a large skunk with the words " we ' ll skunk them, " took first place for the tri-delts. a devil of a homecoming was the theme of the kappa alpha theta float which featured a large grinning devil, the phi phi octopus said " n ' oc te-pus off of fresno. " it was the theta chis who finally came through with a float telling of the feelings during homecoming, their theme was " all keyed up for homecoming. " theta house attracts the men with live dolls gail is officially crowned by mayor francis (tank) smith some 6,000 students and alumni crowded into the stands with me to witness the annual homecoming tussle, although the wolf pack had played only three other game before this one this season, they showed themselves to be kids who knew how to play against a stronger team, at the beginning of the tilt, it appeared that nevada had the edge over the tough fresno bull- dogs, nevada was one touchdown ahead in the first guarter, then the bulldogs cut loose in the form of larry willoughly and evened the score, after that fresno led throughout the game. junior prom junior prom candidates were: henry dark, nancy hartke, jim miller, nancy west, burt munson, barbara rohling, and jerry carstens joan miller and floyd vice receive congratulations for being crov ned king and queen of the junior prom winter carnival miss dorie wilson of c.o.p., winter carnival queen winter carnival committee row 1 : bill brown, dove ryan, John cowley, brent aikin. row 2: joan blake, patti Jefferson, peggy bell, gail altenburg, John bruce harris, janet van valey a close-up of the dance president stout draws the running order from brent ' s hat f 1 i • ' ■ ' 1Ib_ ' ' f ■I HB.,,. ... % ' . . j: i M ' ' -««• i!l ii i H prize-winning a. t. o. ski run phi sigma kappa ski inn pi beta phi " out of this world " castle gamma phi beta " inside a ski chalet " sorority winner delta delta delta ski heaven ski jump with the theta chis winter wonderland in the kcppa alpha theta house state of nevada snowbound was lambda chi alpha theme exciting spectators with form and grace, mart lukane, Washington (21), and allan ramsey, nevada (41), made fine showings in jumping contests denver ' s marvin Crawford takes to the air as he takes first place in the jump meet held at galena creek bart prom, university of California ' s fast little speedster, on the slalom course showing he ' s one of the reasons why Washington rated so high in the meet is kirt brown at the carnival leading the entire utah contingency and helping them place second is louis de ridder, who came from argentina to attend utah martha oviatt darlene lowry jean wilton beverly myles, queen of big bonanza ■MB ' VH| f f H H Hh J " - " i big bonanza committee left to right: mimi smith, rex cleary, james carlson, hazel Johnson, beverly myles, evelyn nelson, milton sharp (chairman), earle dempsey, dorothy bell, barbara darrah, jim williams, procter hug k donald loveless, editor arthur peferson, editor arlemisia staff willard (red) esplin, business manager Janet van valey leanne norton laura wood John b. harris jean wilton dit o r I a business staff lorraine meunier barbara gregory Joseph abott editor spade moran, columnist u. of fi. sagebrush marhta oviatt, associate editor don swanson, business manager rosemary cochran ann bergen nancy Johnson Staff i have known the anxiety with which each issue of the u. of n. sagebrush is met by those who make it. i have seen the staff frantically writing and typing copy, hurriedly reading proof, and trying to write " heads " which will fit small spaces, then, too, i ' ve felt the joy they have felt seeing the finished product on friday evenings, i ' ve known the good fellowship and enjoyable times the staff has had on Wednesday evenings when working together to make up the last-minute details and pleasure of the staff as it leaves late at night to head for the coffee after putting the paper to bed. sue sutton William eaton Sandra mitts swan song this year the artemisia staff has broken tradition, it has endeav- ored to give to you, the students, a completely new and different year book than presented to you before, we have streamlined and modernized it for you. by using all lower case for copy, full length colored pages, and by writing the copy in the first person, we have tried to make this book as different from those in the past as possible, every phase of college life, classes, organiza- tions, social activities and the off-campus moments are put on review for you in a sincere desire to recall the memories of the 1952-1953 college year, no attempt has been made to look into the future or to look back into the past, most of the division pages are photographs of present scenes, the scenes of you this year, into the production of this book have gone laughter, tears, lost tempers — deadlines and all the pleasures and heartaches that go into the making of what we hope you will consider a book worthy of your college days, to the people on the staff who have hounded you for information, worried about the correct ways to spell all the names, and who sometimes had to be prodded into action, goes the editor ' s deep appreciation, for, without the full co-operation of all, each and every person, this could not have been possible. senior h isl ones a n d advertising seclio . . . lush meadows, deep forest, clear mountain lakes, wide barren mountains, thousands of miles of sagebrush desert . . . Washoe County is Nevada ' s richest and most stable. Her people are friendly, progressive, and hospitable. Moke your home among them. tENtr siiL,. ClTa m b e r o 1 to m merce SENIOR HISTORIES ABBOTT, JOSEPH INGALLS, Boston, Mass.; Journal- ism; Sagebrush editor; Sigma Delta Chi; Coffin and Keys; Press Club. ANDERSON, DAN, Lovelock; Electrical Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha. AIKIN, BRENT R., Healdsburg, Calif.; Business Admin- istration; Theta Chi; Ski Club; Winter Carnival Chairman. APLIN, BETTY HARRIS, Reno; History; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Alpha Theta. APLIN, CHARLES M., Las Vegas; Physics; Sigma Nu; German Club. ARLIN, ZANA EARL, Gardena, Calif.; Geological Engineering; Senator; Highlanders; Crucible Club. ARNESON, DAVID A., Oakland, Calif.; Civil Engi- neering; A. S. C. E.; Football. AVERY, LOUIS, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mining Engineer- ing; Crucible Club. BARRETT, ROBERT E., Reno; Psychology; Sigma Nu, pledge; Scabbard and Blade; Psi Chi, associate. BARTO, ROBERT C, Baltimore, Maryland; Physics; Armanko Scholarship in Physics. BASSEMIER, SALLY, Sparks; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Freshman Class Committee; Phi Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Corps of Sponsors; Ski Club; W. R.A. Riding. BECKER, WILLIAM E., Reno; Business Administra- tion; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rifle Club. BELL, PEGGY, Los Vegas; Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Sagens; Ski Club; Y. W. C. A.; W. R. A. BELONGIE, EUGENE, Twenty-Nine Palms, Calif.; Civil Engineering; Theta Chi; A. S. C. E. RIVERSIDE CANDY SHOP " RENO ' S FINEST CANDY STORE " Lobby Riverside Hotel Reno, Nevada Cigars Candies Tobacco Products Magazines SOUTHWORTH ' S 247 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Bonded Member of Florist Telegi aph Delivery Association EDDY FLORAL COMPANY RIVERSIDE FLC IRAL SHOP " WE GROW OUR OWN " 25 West Second Street 25 South Virginia Street Reno 2-7027 Reno 2-1134 .□ D. RENO PRINTING COMPANY PRINTERS . PUBLISHERS BINDING . RULING • ENGRAVING Tele phone 2-2133 124 North Center Street Reno, Nevada □ □■ Your Home Sh ' oul d Ccme Firsi " Telephone 2-3496 432 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada 42 East First Street Telephone 3-4567 COLBRANDT ' S FLAMINGO CLUB Your Favorite Drink Served in the Beautiful Flamingo Lounge Meet Me at Colbrandt ' s at 4 142 North Virginia Reno, Nevada Phone 3-3931 Your Favorite Drinks and Meals at Reasonable Prices BECKER ' S R AND CAFE George Mross - Jean Sewell 34 West Commercial Row Reno, Nevada .□ D. All photographs and artwork reproduced in this yearbook are printed from engravings made in Reno by our firm. We feel that our work speaks for itself. It is produced by an ex- ceptionally well trained staff, in a modern, and completely equipped engraving plant. NEVAD l EN e CAVING CC ALL CLASSES OF LAUNDRY SERVICE SIE Uk LAUNDRY ONE-DAY SPECIAL SERVICE 1 • Phone 2-4325 21 East Plaza Reno, Nevada o(ir fa f % it ' s Sierra at First in Reno and Our THRIFT MART in Sparks -n e " Campus students find all necessary school supplies at Morrill and Machobee. MORRILL AND MACHABEE Office Supplies • Stationery OFFICE FURNITURE 15 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Hoirif IJoftSpcRrirc Coeds Reno, tocvR DR Complete Lines of . . . HUNTING FISHING SKIING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT YOUR SKIING HEADQUARTERS Drop in ond Sec KEN YORK SONNY BURKE ERNIE YORK For CLEANING at ITS BEST . . . Delivery Service . . . 9t J k fff e Cleaner Telephone 2-2414 356 2 West Street Reno, Nevada u c AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER NEVADA STATE NEWS Published by The Dickerson Printing Company Telephone 2-2315 □ 323 North Sierra Street Reno, Nevada SENIOR HISTORIES BENNA, BRUNO, Reno; Physical Education; Phi Sigma Kappa; Basketball. BENSON, JOHN W., Murphy ' s, Calif.; Chemistry- Zoology; Delta Sigma Phi; Chemistry Club; Ski Club. BIALE, CLAIRE, Eureka; Education; University Singers. BRADSHAW, LILA, Reno; General Elementary Edu- cation; Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Upperclass Committee, chairman; A. W. S. Council; A. W. S. Executive Board; Y. W. C. A.; Corps of Sponsors. BROOKE, JAMES R., Sparks; History; Sigma Nu; Sena- tor; Phi Alpha Theta; Sundowners. BROWN, BRUCE LAWRIE, San Fernando, Calif.; Civil Engineering; A. S. C. E. BROWN, GENE H., Hortense, Georgia; Business Admin- istration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Senator; Phi Alpha Theta; Ski Club; Football. BUCKMAN, DAVID LEE, Reno; Business Administra- tion; Alpha Tau Omega; Senator; Block N; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Sundowners; Basketball; Home- coming Chairman; Who ' s Who. BUGICA, JOE, Sparks; Chemistry-Zoology; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta, president; Phi Alpha Theta; Sundowners; Sogers; Coffin and Key; Blue Key, president; Who ' s Who; Chemistry Club; German Club; Ski Club; Boxing; Freshman, Sophomore, Senior Class Committee; Chairman of High School Student Body Convention. BURNETT, WALLACE, Fairbanks, Alaska; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president; Scabbard and Blade; Sundowners; Basketball. CARPENTER, PHYLLIS, Ely; Business Administration; Senate; Phi Kappa Phi; Cap and Scroll; Sagens; Smith Scholarship; Spanish Club; Newman Club; A. W. S. Council; A. W. S. Executive Board; President Arte- misia Hall; Who ' s Who. BUYERS OF NEVADA LIVESTOCK H. MOFFAT CO. Packers Room 305 First National Bank Building Reno, Nevada - HINCKLEY Distributor TIDEWATER ASSOC 1 ATED OIL CO. ! 1 FB0ERJIL I H .;. : ; ' ' ' i .£.s . ' ' 1 Reno, Nevada Everyone ' s Lookin ' in to See What ' s Doing in the New WOLF DEN North Virginia and East Ninth Streets - Reno, Nevada ' ® fin foo ot " »y h ovr ENTERTAINMENT AROUND THE CLOCK thre® floor sho oW htW HOTEL GOLDEN - BANK CLUB IN RENO BILL GRAHAM Managing Director -It has long been recognized that an education which does not provide for an intelligent under- standing of religion is incomplete fevADA Bank Commerce Branches: Reno - Elko - Battle Mountain Austin - Pioche Member Federal Deposit- Insurance Corp. - Member Federal Reserve System GASOLINE OIL LUBRICATION di fiy- ' NEVADA ' S RECAPPERS 1 mm RISSONE ' S : WJe tim Parts and Automotive Accessories g jggfcgjg Pat. Off. Batteries and Seat Covers FISK TIRES Phone 2-9409 Phone 3-5422 11 East Fourth Street 141 West Fourth Street Headquarters for Pendleton Woolens, Stetson Hats Levis - Lees PARKER ' S Established 1919 200 North Center Street Reno, Nevada .□ □. SeU WUheAlc University of Nevada Graduates i m Reno Motor Car Dealers Association CONSISTING OF THE FOLLOWING AUTHORIZED NEW CAR DEALERS: SEEVERS ' PACKARD, INC. NEVADA TRUCK SALES 300 South Virginia Street 712 East Fourth Street PACKARD G. M. C. WAGER MOTOR COMPANY RICHARDSON-LOVELOCK, INC. 330 South Virginia Street 35 East Fourth Street DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH FORD HERRMANN WILSON, INC. SCOTT MOTOR COMPANY 100 Island Avenue 308 South Sierra Street CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH BUICK- CADILLAC JOHNSON CHEVROLET COMPANY GRI 1 ION EQUIPMENT COMPANY 221 South Virginia Street 545 East Fourth Street CHEVROLET WILLYS -HUDSON RENO MOTORS, INC. WALDREN MOTOR COMPANY 515 South Virginia Street 227 South Virginia Street LINCOLN -MERCURY OLDSMOBILE NEVADA CAR COMPANY WINKEL MOTORS 41 West Fourth Street 75 Rylond Street STUDEBAKER PONTIAC «p □ JWQUALITYStltVKt- BEATTY CLEANERS SPECIAL SERVICE TO STUDENTS 629 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada In Reno it ' s the HOTEL EL CORTEZ Moderate Rates • Maximum Comfort BANQUET, DINNER AND DANCING ACCOMMODATION For Reservations Telephone 2-9161 TOSCANO HOTEL AND Choice of BAR Domestic and Imported Wines and Liquors 1 EXCELLENT ITALIAN DINNERS Gate to Parties ond Banquets Telephone 3-6461 238 Lake Street Reno, Nevada We ' re Proud to Have Served U. of N. Students and Graduates For Nearly 20 Years . . . j d fiO Telephone 2-3763 1 1 West Second Street Reno, Nevada THE CAMERA Your School Photographer WE PHOTOGRAPH E V E R Y T H I N G — A N Y W H E R E Portraiture Weddings Candids Banquets Children Identification Copying Postcards Panoramas Murals Colors Studio Hours— 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Other Hours by Appointment Telephone Reno 3-8382 129 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada .□ □. When it comes to sports equipment. Sears has it. SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 215 North Sierra Street YOUR FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE Reno, Nevada Telephone 2-3467 ■□ Br Students appreciate the A. S.U.N. Book Store for having the best in school supplies and for giving quick, courteous service. A.S.U.N. BOOK STORE " The Friendly Book Store Nearest the Campus " Stationery - Fountain Pens - Engineering Supplies - Zoology Equipment University and Technical Books 20 East Ninth Street Telephone 2-5081 THE FAVORITE MEETING PLACE " LITTLE WALDORF RENO, NEVADA Lance - John - Bruno - Fred - Swede 1 Compliments of . . . CREST THEATRE THE PLACE TO GO Telephone 2-2418 35 West Second Street Reno, Nevada Velvet ICE CREAM CO. AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Post Office Box 2163 Reno, Nevada Qua lity Work for Fifty-two Years Quality Dry Cleaning for Your Campus Togs RENO LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 1 % OFF CASH-AND-CARRY Telepl lone 2-9479 205 East Plaza a □■■ Compliments of . . , HARRY ' S INESS MACHINES INCORPORATED BUSINESS MACH INES ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Harry S. Foote, Manager 323 West Street Reno, Nevada THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK OF RENO " The Only National Bank in Washoe County Owned and Controlled by Nevadans " 10 West Second Street Reno, Nevada JH B, Zenith Radios Frigidaire Giftwarc NEVADA MACHINERY ELECTRIC CO. Telephone 3-3601 121 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Nevada ' s Only Complete Letterpress and Lithographic Printing Service SILVER STATE PRESS Telephone 3-5163 160 North Center Street Reno, Nevada Featuring a Wide Variety of the Finest Groceries, Meats and Delicatessen CALIFORNIA MARKET 2 Doors North of the 1 Little Waldorf Reno, Nevada □ D. £1 " Clwfc •UnK» CLYD€ c-finn-AH I oj. commcacuaL Boai-«€no,n-ev-f j-n □ Qm ■0 □■ RENO NEWSPAPERS, INC. PUBLISHERS RENO EVENING GAZETTE " Nevada ' s Greatest Newspaper " NEVADA STATE JOURNAL Nevada ' s Largest Morning and Sunday Newspaper " SUNSHINE LAUNDRY Is a GOOD Laundry SUNSHINE LAUNDRY CLEANERS Telephone 2-3421 440 East Second Street Reno, Nevada WASHOE TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY TITLE INSURANCE and ESCROWS Complete Title Insurance in Twelve Northern Nevada Counties 27 East First Street Reno,Nevada .□ idm Something to remember! CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING CLASS of 1953 A. Carlisle Company wishes to take this occasion to wish the utmost success in all your endeavors. It has been our good fortune to serve many former graduates from your Alma Mater and, should the occasion arise, you ' ll find us ready, willing and very able to cater to your needs whether business or private. Along with all your other friends, we offer our congratulations. A. CARLISLE COMPANY OF NEVADA 131 North Virginia Street Stationers • Printers • Engineering Supplies Telephone 3-4195 Reno, Nevada -p □■ OVERLAND HOTEL W. B. SHAW, Manager Students and Parents Welcome Comfortable Rooms at Reasonable Rates READY MIX ONE CALL ... For All of Your CONCRETE and BUILDING SUPPLIES 3-71 06 Morrill Avenue at Truckee River Reno, Nevada Plumbing w Heating - Refrigeration Sales - Service SAVAGE SON INC. Telephone 3-4193 628 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada □ □■ Auto Glass Steel and Aluminum Sash ALPINE GLASS COMPANY GLASS OF ALL KINDS Telephone 3-7631 324 East Fourth Street Reno, Nevada □ c- Largest Stock of Fine Watches, Diamond and Silverware in Nevada R. HERZ BRO. INCORPORATED Jewelers Serving the University Since 1885 Telephone 2-7841 237 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada GENSLER-LEE DIAMOND smmm Diamond Rings . . . Diamond Watches ... See the smart new styles at any of the Gensler-Lee stores all over California. No money down. Take a full year to pay. ■ ¥ 156 N. Virginia, Reno .D L]. ■D □■ THE FAMOUS WINE HOUSE Francovich Bros. Specializing in Grain-Fed Colored Fried Chicken and Manteca Fed Beef OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Telephone 3-5821 18 East Commercial Row Reno, Nevada FIRST WITH THE LATEST for Discriminating Men, Women and Children " Look at Your Shoes — Everyone Else Does " KARL ' S RENO FAMILY SHOE STORE Featuring Notionally Advertised Footwear Reno Owned and Operated Telephone 2-1201 144 North Sierra Street •El EVERYTHING IN STEEL OR IRON FABRICATED ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK Steel Fabricators and Erectors Reinforcing Steel - Paint MARTIN IRON WORKS Telephone 2-9491 530 East Fourth Street Reno, Nevada HARDWARE - HOUSEWARE POWER TOOLS RENO MERCANTILE .,«_ SIERRA AT COMMERCIAL ROW PHONE 2-3454 ' _ D □ MMMmmmmmmmm SPORTING GOODS . . . ...FULLER PAINTS AUSTIN FOX STUDIO " FOREMOST IN THE WEST " Photographers to Sororities • Fraternit ies Graduates School Organizations 217 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada MISS RUTH EACHES, Pi Beta Phi Featuring a wide selection of books, gifts, greeting cards, and school supplies, Armanko ' s remains a favorite stop for Nevada students. ARMANKO ' S STATIONERY COMPANY 152 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada ■□ ar SANTA FE HOTEL We Cater to University Banquets and Parties THE BEST IN FRENCH-BASQUE DINNERS 235 Lake Street - Phone 3-5682 - Reno, Nevada Congratulations to the Class of 1953 MAGIC CLEANERS CLEANING - PRESSING - REPAIRING Telephone 2-1267 California at Virginia Reno, Nevada The World ' s High Sign for Refreshment " Take a Little Minute for a Big Pause " ENJOY cm In Sterilized Bottles " AROUND THE CORNER FROM ANYWHERE " SHOSHONE (OCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. RENO ■□ □■ STUDENTS: OPEN A SAYINGS ACCOUNT start the habit of saving today and be a success in life! ' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FIRST NATIONAL BANK of NEVADA Complete Lines of P ower Tools Paints - Hand Tools - Garden Supplies Builders ' Hardware COMMERCIAL HARDWARE Phones 3-7131 or 2-8678 TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU 24 West Commercial Row 500 East Fourth Street Quality Shoes for The Entire Family SUNDERLAND ' S SHOE STORE Telephone 3-5662 219 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Bendix Home Laundry Equipment KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS Household and Commercial SILVER STATE APPLIANCE COMPANY ELECTRIC RANGES - R. C. A. RADIOS Telephone 2-3582 423 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada Free Delivery Free Delivery HALE ' S DRUG STORES RENO 47 East Second Street .....Telephone 3-4311 100 West Second Street Telephone 2-9431 South Virginia and Linden Streets Telephone 2-6852 801 West Fourth Street... .....Telephone 2-6943 601 North Virginia Street ...Telephone 2-9129 SPARKS 820 " B " Street Telephone 5-8361 AGED LONGE B E E rJ Jl - A F l iVORITE w WITH QP NEVADA GRADS FOR NEARLY 50 YEARS! • RENO BREWING COMPANY ■□ Q " m j im HOTEL MAPES Whether it ' s a House Formal ... a Class Dance ... or a super-important date . . . Hotel Mopes is the place! Located in the heart of downtown Reno . . . owned and operated by University of Nevada graduates. It ' s the place for visiting parents to stay . . . and headquarters in Reno for Old Grads of every vintage. CHARLES W. MAPES, JR. OWNER n ISBELL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GRADING AND PAVING CONTRACTORS Post Office Box 2351 Reno, Nevada CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 KWRN (ABC FOR RENO) Baldwin Pianos Hammond Organs Conn Band Instruments EMPORIUM OF MUSIC " EVERYTHING IN MUSIC " Telephone 3-3452 214 N orth Sierra Street Reno, Nevada C. J. McDonald J. G. Dunseath DUNSEATH KEY COMPANY Telephone 3-4372 24 West Douglas Alley Reno, Nevada Beautiful Footwear • Handbags • Hosiery Known for Outstanding Collegiate Styles REEVES SHOE STORE The Store of " Friendly " Footwear Phone 3-6865 44 West Second Street Reno, Nevada RENO AND SPARKS SPONSORS SIERRA PACIFIC B :A 4u(iz;;i;, 1.11. H A oso " M " ! — iL — POWER COMPANY Shopping at Seweli ' s you ' li find is a Western tradition. Ask your mother, ask your grandmother. Maybe they knew us when we first started in Tuscaroro, Nevada. We ' ve expanded, we ' ve modernized . . . but we have never outgrown the kind of personal attention to your shopping needs that ' s made us a family friends since 1897. Most of us who serve you at Seweli ' s were born and raised right here in the West. That helps to know what you like to buy, how you like to eat. We know the kind of seasoning you want for those barbecues, the fine but not fancy foods that make for economical good eating every day of the week. You ' ll find at Seweli ' s all the fixings for your famous Western cooking. But we ' re not content merely to sell them to you ... no, ma ' am! We insist upon " Serving them up " with a warm greeting, a welcoming smile that is Western hospitality at its best. Sparks, Nevada SEWELL ' S 430 North Sierra St., Reno, Nevada Winnemucca, Nevada Elko, Nevada A UNIVERSITY WITH THE SPIRIT OF A SMALL COLLEGE • Intimate Student Faculty Relationship if High Standards of Scholarship - Democratic Student Life - Rich Cultural Environment THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA ENGINEERING • Mechanical • Metallurgical • Geological • Electrical • Civil MACKAY SCHOOL OF MINES 9 Mining • Metallurgy • Geology EXTENSION COURSES V A variety of subjects ARTS AND SCIENCE 9 Liberal Arts • Business • Chemistry • Education • Journalism • Social Work • Wild Life Management • Premedical • Predental • Prenursing • Prelegal • Premedical Technology AGRICULTURE 9 Agricultural Economics • Animal Husbandry • Plant Industry • Agricultural Education 9 General Agriculture 9 Home Economics Education • Foods and Nutrition • General Home Economics 1953 SUMMER SCHOOL • First Session June 13 - July 17 • Second Session July 18 - Aug. 21 1953 FALL SEMESTER • September 16 1954 SPRING SEMESTER • February 3 For Further Information Write DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS, UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO □- ►Your Artemisia adver- tisers offer you the finest of products and services. ► Remember their names and seek their services whenever you buy. Oldest Grocery in Reno-Sparks Area and the Most Popular BAKER ' S THRIFTY FOOD MARKET Telephone 5-8331 922 B Street Sparks, Nevada Norge and Maytag Appliances Hoover Vacuums Dupont Paints SPARKS FURNITURE " NOTHING BUT THE BEST " Telephone 5-8314 846 B Street Sparks, Nevada We Cater to the Younger Set ... So Come On Out, You University Students! THE SPARKS BOWLARIUM Newest . . . Most Modern Finest Bowling Establishment in Nevada LES OPPIO, Manager Fountain Sandwiches Five Billiard Tables HANSON ' S FOOD MARKET... 1222 B Street - Telephone 5-8322 Sparks, Nevada .D □. FOR YOUR COCKTAIL PLEASURE THE ELBOW ROOM SERVING THE FAMOUS " BOWLERS ' PUNCH " Prepared by Your Favorite Hosts " Moose " and Joe Puccinelli HIGHWAY U.S. 40 BETWEEN RENO AND SPARKS SENIOR HISTORIES CHIN, W. TUCK, Columbus, Ohio; Business Adminis- tration. COATES, DOROTHY, Reno; Education; Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C.A.; Ski Club. CONOVER, EUGENE, Citrus Heights, Calif.; Philosophy. COOPER, WILLIAM J., Reno; Physical Education; Alpha Tau Omega; Basketball; Football. COWLEY, JOHN, South Strafford, Vermont; Physical Education; Theta Chi; Ski Club, president; Ski Team; Football. CRISTANI, BETTY, Sparks; Business Administration; Gamma Phi Beta. CROWELL, JACK I., Beatty; Mining Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega, president; Sigma Tau; Kenne- cott Copper Corp. Scholarship; Crucible Club; Phi Kappa Phi. CUMMINS, ROBERTA JEAN, Henderson; Sociology; Senator; Sagens; Campus Players. CUTTER, CAROL, Oakland, Calif.; Education. DAILY, FLORENCE, Reno; Elementary Education; W. R. A. DALBEY, JAMES DWIGHT, Fallon; Chemistry. DELESANDRO, DOMINIC, Reno; Physical Educa tion; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sundowners; Beam Scholarship. DEMPSEY, EARLE, Reno; Mining Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Senator; Sigma Tau; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Sundowners; Coffin and Key; Crucible Club; Associated Engineers; Tumbling; Who ' s Who. DE RUFF, ROBERT LEE, Reno; Civil Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Sundowners; Block N; Sigma Delta Psi; A. S. C. E.; Panawallis; Ski Club; Boxing; Track; Interfraternity Council. NEVADA ' S CONGRESSMEN f ju) AM WlA (lL M4y Fountain Sporting Goods HILP ' S DRUG STORE " QUALITY DRUGGIST " 938 B Street Sparks, Nevada WALDORF (OCKTAIL LOUNGE " WHERE FRIENDS MEET " 934 B Street Sparks, Nevada Telephone 5-8336 PETERSON ' S DRUG STORE Prescriptions Carefully Compounded 1136 B Street Sparks, Nevada Telephone 5-8526 SPROUSE REITZ, INC. 1132 B Street Sparks, Nevada Telephone 5-8601 ZUNDEL ' S GARAGE 1106 B Street Sparks, Nevada Coal - Wood Fuel Oil NORRIS FUEL CO. Telephone 5-2433 321 South Seventeenth Street Sparks, Nevada b5 % . " ' J - . Picture by WALTER MULCAHY VIRGINIA CITY . . . Home of the fabulous Comstock era with all of its colors and brilliance. Today it is a Mecca for tourists and a favorite recreation center of Nevadans. PAT ' S BRASS RAIL BU(KET OF BLOOD THE COMSTOCK HOUSE SAWDUST CORNER CAFE SAZARAC DELTA SALOON TERRITORIAL ENTERPRISE MOLINELLI HOTEL FAMOUS OLD CRYSTAL BAR TOTEM POLE TRADING POST Cat H C tif D □■ I wish you luck, but make it your own luck. —Tim OLD CORNER 517 North Carson Street Carson City, Nevada Insurance Real Estate E. W. MILLER SON " ED " " BUD " Phone 138 or 149 511 North Carson Street Carson City, Nevada WILBUR ' S MEN ' S SHOP MERCURY CLEANERS CHARLES MARRIAGE INSURANCE CARSON JEWELRY KITZMEYER ' S DRUG STORE ■JD □; ■D CARSON SMOKE SHOP VICTORY CLUB MEYER ' S HARDWARE THE DUTCH MILL AUSTIN MARKET .□ PAUL LAXALT □ □■ GAS APPLIANCE — SALES and SERVICE Serving Washoe Valley, Virginia City, Dayton and Carson Valley CARSON NU-GAS George Gottschalk, Manager Phone 162-R or 792 Winnie ' s Lane Carson City, Nevada Kay Johnson Ken Johnson OPEN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY SENATOR COFFEE SHOP Across the Street From the Capitol Carson City, Nevada Specializing in Chinese Foods in □. ELKO COUNTY This fabulous land that is Elko County offers unlimited opportunities for recreation. Whether you crave active sports such as riding, hunting, skeet shooting, golfing, tennis, and fishing — or merely some lazy afternoons in the sun, or viewing the scenic wonders — you ' ll find excellent facilities at your disposal. Come linger awhile in friendliness. Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry COX JEWELRY 514 Commecial Row Elko, Nevada Watch Repairing Our Specialty Clkc □ ' H □■ COMPLIMENTS OF ELKO AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Hardware Implements A. W. HESSON CO. 600 Commercial Row Elko, Nevada Wholesale Automotive Supplies .□ □■ c M M E R C I A L H T E L SiUffliiglil totil II MM€ (1 M U ' P mr " flap Bogistep ELKO, NEVADA NEWT CRUMLEY ' 32 EiaiBifdii iitii m mm a m m R A N C H I N N SENIOR HISTORIES DICKEY, DONALD R., San Francisco, Calif.; Mechani- cal Engineering; A. S. M. E., chairman; Ski Club, Rifle Club. DOUGLASS, DOUGLAS A., Tonopah; Chemistry; Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sundowners; Smith Scholar- ship; Chemistry Club; Block N; Basketball. DOYLE, DARYL, Redding, Calif.; Civil Engineering; A. S. C. E. EAKES, HAROLD L., Iowa City, Iowa; Economics. EKEL, THOMAS MILTON, Reno; Theta Chi; Sogers; Homecoming Committee. ENGEL, WILLIAM, Reno; English; Theta Chi; Senator; Chairman Nominating Committee; Artemisia ,busi- ness manager; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Coffin and Keys; Beta Beta Beta; Sogers; Independent; Fleischmann Scholarship; Press Club; Rifle Club; Sagebrush Staff; Riflery. EN NOR, THELA, Reno; Education; Beta Beta Beta; Fleischmann Scholarship; Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution Scholarship; Rose Sigler Mathews Scholarship. ESPLIN, WILLARD B., Mill Valley, Calif., Journalism; Theta Chi; Assistant Yell Leader; Senate; Freshman Class Committee; Executive Committee; Rally Com- mittee Chairman; Chairman Winter Carnival; Junior Class Manager; Senior Class Committee; Sigma Delta Chi; Coffin and Keys; Sogers, president; Sundowners; Who ' s Who; Press Club; Business Manager of Arte- misia; Assistant Editor of Nevada Alumnus. ETCHETO, JAMES J., Reno; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Blue Key; Fleischmann Schol- arship; Matthews Scholarship; Rifle Team. FACHA, ALICE ANN, Fallon; Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Poikateers; Newman Club; Inde- pendents. FAIRFIELD, DIANE, Richmond, Calif.; Business Admin- istration; Ski Club; Spanish Club; Student Union Building Committee. FIELDS, HAROLD CLIFFORD, Elko; Sociology; Sigma Nu. FINDLAY, IRENE, Lancaster, Ohio; Education; Phi Alpha Theta. FOSTER, JOAN LOUISE, Sparks; Psychology; Gamma Phi Beta; Delta Sigma Rho; Psi Chi; Sogens; Pan- Hellenic Council; Reuben Thompsen Scholarship in Philosophy; University Singers; Saddle and Spurs; W. R. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Debate Club; Who ' s Who. GARRETT, NEIL, El Monte, Calif.; Physical Education; Block N.; Football. FOR FUN... FOR FINE FOOD... For Finding Your Friends in Eastern Nevada It ' s the Famous STOCKMEN ' S HOTEL In the Heart of Elko HOME OF THE ONE-ARMED BANDITS (As Featured in Life Magazine) IN OUR LOBBY.. KING KODIAK Eastern Nevada ' s Largest Department Store REINHART CO. Since 1 868 ELKO, NEVADA THE GALLAGHERS Tom, Harry and Morris Elko, Nevada J. M. CAPRIOLA CO 500 Commercial Row Elko, Nevada In SAN FRANCISCO . . Headquarters for the University of Nevada HOTEL FIELDING Just Off Union Square at GEARY and MASON Dine With Pleasure at . . . ' SIEIK HOUSE AND COFFEE SHOP Visit the Famous . . . NEVADA LOUNGE All at GEARY and MASON Streets GLENN A. DEVENPE(K LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER Wellington, Nevada • DANICI+ Jfe 7 on4 A r . wheel STATE LINE HOTEL Wendover NEVADA ALFALFA MILLS San Francisco, Calif. PLACER DREDGES FOR PLATINUM - SCHEELITE - MONAZITE (ASSITERITE - GOLD Yuba Dredges are used throughout the world for placer dredging — also for levee construction and flood control projects. Write for full information concerning their many uses. YUBA MANUFACTURING COMPANY 351 California Street - San Francisco ■■■■■11 " PW El ...:..-ig2 [ " " BlPfc 4| I HHHiF ' " .._jn B[tfii iiiil wt HKii ii P OH E H HUlfl - ' COMPLIMENTS OF CHURCHILL COUNTY NEVADA ' S LARGEST FARMING DISTRICT ALFALFA HAY - BEEF CATTLE - DAIRY COWS HEARTS OF GOLD CANTALOUPES GOLD MINES - SALT FLATS PRIZE FALLON TURKEYS " A SPORTSMAN ' S PARADISE IN THE HEART OF NEVADA " SENIOR HISTORIES... GARRIOTT, GENE, Berkeley, Calif; Art; Theta Chi; Junior Class Committee; Association of American Penwomen Award in Art; Tumbling. GIBSON, JENNIE, Las Vegas; Secondary Education; Delta Delta Delta; Senator; A.W.S. Executive Coun- cil; A. W. S. Executive Board; Phi Alpha Theta ; Sagens; Fleischmann Scholarship; Math Club; Fine Arts Club; Spanish Club; Debate Club; Y. W. C.A. GONSALVES, RAYMOND LEIHUA, Hilo, Hawaii; Physical Education; Athletic Scholarship; Block N; Football; Interfraternity Basketball and Baseball. GONZALEZ, ALEXANDER, Carlin; Electrical Engi- neering; A. I. E. E. GOSLING, KEITH, Redding, Calif.; Civil Engineering; A. S. C.E. GRAY, ROBERT EDWARD, Placerville, Calif.; Mining Engineering; Jones-Hoover Scholarship. GUERRERA, MELVIN PHILIP, Reno; Business Admin- istration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Blue Key; Rifle Club; Ski Club; Pershing Rifles; Rifle Team. HAGERTY, MARY, Oakland, Calif.; Psychology. HAMILTON, ALFRED J., Santa Rosa, Calif.; Electrical Engineering; Electrical Engineers Club. HAND, DAVID, La Canada, Calif.; Geological Engineer; Crucible Club. HARMON, DOROTHY, Gardnerville; Dietetics; Home Economics Club. HELMS, ANNE, Boulder City; Psychology -Sociology; Rose Siegler Matthews Scholarship. HENDERSON, DORIS, Tonopah; Education; Phi Alpha Theta; University Singers. KOLHOSS (ASH STORE MORRIS LORING DRUGS FALLON MERCANTILE D. L COFFEE - Jewelers 9aHPH Best Wishes to the Class of ' 53 . . I. H. KENT CO. Supplying Fallon and the Vicinity With HARDWARE MEATS BUILDING MATERIALS FARM IMPLEMENTS FUEL OILS LUMBER FALLON GARAGE CORNER BAR WARDROBE CLEANERS KEYSTONE CLUB I MINERAL COUNTY EXTEN DS BEST WISHES TO UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA STUDENTS SENIOR HISTORIES HENDRICKSON, BARBARA, Helena, Montana; Pre- Medical; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta, president; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Beam Scholarship; Adams Scholarship; Ginsburg Award; Pre-Medical Scholarship; Pre-Nursing Scholarship; Armanko Chemistry Scholarship; Fleischmann Schol- arship; Chemistry Club; German Club; W. R. A.; Corps of Sponsors; Polkateers. HOLLINGSWORTH, EDGAR A., Lovelock; Mining Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Crucible Cub; Boxing; Football. HORNER, LYNN, Las Vegas; History; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Alpha Theta, president; Chi Delta Phi; Cap and Scroll; Homecoming Queen; Junior Prom Queen; Junior and Sophomore Class Committee; Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Phi. HOUGHTON, NANCY, Bakersfield, Calif.; Kindergar- ten-Primary Education; Delta Delta Delta. HOWELL, MIMI, Reno; Psychology; Pi Beta Phi; Psi Chi; Orchesis; Ski Club. HUG, PROCTER, Sparks; Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Freshman Class Manager; Sena- tor; A. S. U. N. President; Sigma Delta Psi; Phi Alpha Theta; Delta Sigma Rho; Sogers; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Standard Oil Scholarship; Josephine Beam Scholarship; Ginsburg Award; Track; Debate Team; Phi Kappa Phi. lANNI, ANNA MARY, Reno; Education; Smith Schol- arship; Klute Scholarship in Spanish; Newman Club. IMPERATRICE, NAN, Fresno, Calif.; History; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Alpha Theta. JEFFERSON, PATRICIA ALICE, Reno; English; Delta Delta Delta; Ski Club; Fine Arts Club. JENSEN, JOHN A., Gardnerville; Civil Engineering; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau. JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE, Lovelock; Sociology. JONES, HAZEL, Reno; Education; Jewett Adams Schol- arship; Phi Alpha Theta. JOY, LYLE ALLEN, Santa Rosa, Calif.; Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sundowners; A. S. M. E. KELLY, JOHN M., San Francisco, Calif.; Geological Engineering; Crucible Club. KERSHNER, SHIRLEY, Elko; Journalism; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Chi Delta Phi; Cap and Scroll; Smith Scholarship; Press Club, president; Lambda Delta Sigma; Fine Arts; Y. W. C. A.; Sage- brush Staff; Artemisia Staff; Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Phi. GOLDEN KEY DRUG STORE SPICN SPAN GROCERY y OHO pah Dupont Paints Hardware General Electric Appliances ARTHUR (OX Post Office Box 71 Hawthorne, Nevada ici n MIDLAND MOTORS WARDLE ' S COLEMAN ' S GROCERY LYON COUNTY, Nevada ' s leading county in the production of alfalfa hay, potatoes, honey, onions, and turkeys. Also a large producer of beef cattle, sheep, swine, dairy products and grain. An important livestock feeding area. Fertile land and adequate irrigation water supply. The county also plays an important part in the production of metals and non-metallics. GARDEN SPOT OF NEVADA Where the Land Owns the Water ' • . i - SENIOR HISTORIES KLING, BETTY, Carlin; Physical Education; Pi Beta Phi; A. W. S. Council; Cap and Scroll; Gothic N; Sagens; Women ' s Upperclass Committee; D. A. R. Scholarship; Fleischmann Scholarship; Rose Siegler Mathews Scholarship; Pem ' s; Math Club; W. R.A. KURTZ, LOIS KATTENHORN, Battle Mountain, Physics; Nu Sigma Mu; Corps of Sponsors; Josephine Beam Scholarship; Carrie Brooks Layman Memorial Award; Smith Scholarship; Polkateers. LEE, CONSTANCE, Boulder City; Psychology; Pi Beta Phi; Psi Chi; Y. W. C. A.; Kenneth W. Yeates Schol- arship; Spanish Club; Commerce Club; W. R. A.; Women ' s Upperclass Committee; Artemisia Staff. LEE, FRED, San Diego, Calif.; Metallurgy; Phi Sigma Kappa, president; Senate; Nominating Committee Chairman; Publicity Committee Chairman; Who ' s Who; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Sundowners; Coffin and Keys; Crucible Club; Associated Engi- neers; Inter-Fraternity Council. MACKAY, JOHN D., Reno; Business Administration; Sigma Chi; Tennis. LEONESIO, MIRIAM MARDELLE, Reno; Physical Edu- cation; Kappa Alpha Theta, president; Junior Class Committee; Sagens; Pem ' s; Orchesis; Pan-Hellenic Council. LOWRY, DARLENE, Winnemucca; Education; Delta Delta Delta. LOVELESS, DONALD KEITH, Reno; Journalism; ArtT- misia Editor, 1952 and 1953; Phi Alpha Theta; Sigma Delta Chi, president; Press Club; Ski Club; Lambda Delta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Business Manager, Nevada Alumnus. LUWE, JACK FRANCIS, Reno; Business Administra- tion; Lambda Chi Alpha; Herd and Short Business Scholarship; Inter-fraternity Council; Phi Kappa Phi; Ski Club; Pershing Rifles; Tennis; Who ' s Who. MAESTRETTI, DON, Austin; Physics; Sigma Rho Delta. MARFISI, FRANK, Reno; Physical Education; Sigma Nu; Coffin and Keys; Sundowners; Standard Oil Scholarship. MARKER, BOB, Reno; History; Phi Alpha Theta; Wesley Foundation. MARTIN, ROBERT E., Tucson, Arizona; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football; Boxing. MATH IS, DAVID H., Kimberly; Journalism; Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Delta Chi; Block N; Journalism Schol- arship; Press Club; Track. NEVADA DRUG CO. YERINGTON ELECTRIC CO. MATHEUS UNION SERVICE FORD NEWELL GRULLI MOTORS GOLDEN RULE STORE MASON VALLEY HARDWARE LOMMORI BROTHERS LYON MARKET and JOE ' S MEAT MARKET PHILIP DE LONGCHAMPS THE EMPORIUM REX DRUG STORE EAGLE CLUB CAFE ►With our sincere hope that this has been a good school year and that next year will be even better . . . ELY NATIONAL BANK Ciu 4t eftiJe ' J THE BANK CLUB Grill and Lounge 488 Aultman Ely, Nevada Fountain - Cosmetics - Drugs STEPTOE DRUGS N. E. BROADBENT Nevada Hotel Building Ely, Nevada ELY LIGHT AND POWER CO. PRINCE ' S HIGHWAY MARKET HILL-TOP CAFE AND LOUNGE ELY DRUG STORE NEW CRYSTAL CAFE MIDWAY GARAGE NORTHERN HOTEL ■□ □. SENIOR HISTORIES... McAULIFFE, JACK, Las Vegas; History; Lambda Chi Alpha; Junior and Senior Class Committee; Beam Scholarship. MELCHER, JR., JOE FRANKLIN, Reno; Business Admin- istration; Sigma Alpha Epsiion, president; Tumbling. MEYER, BILLY IKE, Carson City; Mechanical Engi- neering; A. S. M. E. MEYER, KATHERINE DE VENDREE, Sparks; General Elementary Education; Smith Scholarship; German Club; Band; University Singers, president; Messiah Orchestra. MOORE, RUTH, Winnemucca; Journalism; Delta Delta Delta; Senator; A. W. S. President; Phi Alpha Theta; Chi Delta Phi; Sagens; Saddle and Spurs; Smith Scholarship; Who ' s Who; Press Club; Women ' s Upperclass Committee; W. R. A. MORAN, ROBERT E., Santa Monica, Calif.; Physics; Phi Sigma Kappa; Sundowners; Football; Boxing; Intramural Track; Sagebrush Staff. MOSS, CHARLES F., Anderson, Calif.; Civil Engineer- ing; A. S. C. E. MUELLER, KARL, Reno; Elementary Education; Delta Sigma Phi; Future Teachers of America; Highlanders; Rifle Club; German Club; Polkateers; University Singers. MYLES, BEVERLY, Austin; Secondary Education; Pan- Hellenic Council; Gamma Phi Beta, president; A.W.S. Council; Cap and Scroll, president; Sagens; W. R.A. University Singers; Corps of Sponsors; Josephine Beam Scholarship; Rose Siegler Mathews Scholarship; Rita Hope Winer Scholarship. MYLES, VALE, Austin; Electrical Engineering; Theta Chi, president; Inter-fraternity Council; A. I. E. E. NEILL, VIOLA, Wellington; Physical Education; Gothic N; Pem ' s; W. R. A. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELY ansa 13 DA HOTEL BAR AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE COFFEE SHOP DINING ROOM BERT RIDDICK Owner ' ELY ' S FINEST " Aerial View of McGill, Nevada KENNECOTT COPPER CORPORATION NEVADA MINES DIVISION J. C. KINNEAR, JR., General Manager PAUL HETT, Assistant General Manager Reduction Plant McGill, Nevada Mining Department Ruth, Nevada MISS MILDRED CORDES— MISS RENO RODEO l ca ta C cunt If ]fi4( eftiAef4 DANGBERG MEAT CO. PYRENEES HOTEL GOLDEN BUBBLE GABLER ELECTRIC GAS APPLIANCES FRENCH HOTEL BAR DOUGLAS MOTORS CAPITAL DRY GOODS OVERLAND HOTEL BAR GARDNERVILLE DRUG STORE MINDEN DRY GOODS MINDEN INN C.O.D. GARAGE MINDEN PHARMACY BUD ' S AUTO SERVICE CARSON VALLEY GARAGE BLOCK ' S CLEANERS VALLEY INSURANCE REALTY CO. COMPLIMENTS OF PERSHING COUNTY J ' SPIC- N -SPAN FOOD MART Q ual ty Meats an Telephone d Merchonc 300-J ise Across From th e Post Office Lovelock, Nevada WESTERN CLUB Shell Oil Compan] f Jobbers . . . THE PITT MILL ELEVATOR CO. Telephone 21 Lovelock, Nevada J- S e r V ing Lovelock and th c Area LOVELOCK GAS COMPANY Wally Black Georg( 2 Meyers SENIOR HISTORIES OLDHAM, CAROL, Silver City; Biology; Kappa Alpha Theta; Beta Beta Beta; Smith Scholarship. O ' NEILL, JOHN K., Reno; Journalism. ORR, HELEN, Pioche; Secondary Education; Delta Delta Delta; W. R. A.; Band. OVIATT, MARTHA, San Mateo, Calif.; English; Sena- tor; Sagens; Ski Club; University Singers; Y.W.C.A.; Sagebrush Staff. PARENT, SHIRLEY, Berkeley, Calif.; Education. PARKS, HARRIET, Reno; Business Administration; Pi Beta Phi, president; Senate; A. W. S. Council; Sagens, president; Campus Singers; Orchesis; W. R. A. PELTER, WILLIAM, Reno; Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega, president; Scabbard and Blade; Golf. PENMAN, JACK, Reno; Journalism; Press Club; Scab- bard and Blade. PETERSON, ARTHUR DARRELL, Babbitt; Journalism; Artemisia Editor; Sigma Delta Chi; Press Club; Football; Scabbard and Blade; Publication Board; Sagebrush Staff. PETRINI, ROBERT E., Sparks; Journalism; Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Delta Chi, president; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Nevada State Press Association Scholarship; Press Club; Rifle Club; Newman Club, president; Pershing Rifles; Inter-Faith Council. PULSIPHER, ELWIN DEAN, Logandale; Vocational Agriculture; Lambda Chi Alpha; Freshman Class Committee; Upperclass Committee; Senior Class President; Sigma Delta Psi; Sogers; Blue Key; Coffin and Keys; Scabbard and Blade; Aggie Club; Who ' s Who. For All of Your Automotive Needs . . . VICTORY MOTOR SERVICE 995 Cornell Street Lovelock, Nevada HOME OF WINNEMUCCA ' S FINEST FLOOR SHOWS " FARRIS HOTEL and LOUNGE Invites All Nevada Students and Graduates to Make Our Hotel Your Headquarters in Winnemucca HOTEL - LOUNGE - (OFFEE SHOP GAMING NORTHERN NEVADA ' S FINEST SONOMA INN Wl N NEMUCCA, NEVADA DAN SYMMES . . . HYBERT NEAL . . . . General Manager . . Resident Manager EXCELLENT CUISINE in Our GARDEN COURT LOUNGE and OVAL DINING ROOM COFFEE SHOP OPEN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS EAGLE DRUG CO. 1 N C RPORATED " The Rexall Store " Winnemucca, Nevada Member of the American Institute of Laundering NEVADA LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS FRANK and ROY KIHARA Telephone 51 33 East Fourth Street Winnemucca, Nevada □ a. FORD . . . Sales and Service . . . FORD JOHNSTONE MOTOR (OMPANY DON R. JOHNSTONE • Telephone 195 47 East Third Street Winnemucca, Nevada WINNEMUCCA MERCANTILE COMPANY MODERN CLEANERS • " Stay Cleon for Health ' s Sake " ■e q; SENIOR HISTORIES.. REID, RICHARD ALMA, Lund; Animal Husbandry; Theta Chi, president; Inter-fraternity Council; Aggie Club, president; Aggie Club Horse Show Manager; Coffin and Keys; Lambda Delta Sigma. ROWSON, LEILA JEAN, Reno; Journalism; Delta Delta Delta; Sagebrush Staff; Sagens; Phi Alpha Theta; Chi Delta Phi; Press Culb; Ski Club. ROBERTSON, JOHN MacDONALD, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Metallurgical Engineering; Highlanders; Crucible Club. ROYSE, JR., FRANK, Mill Valley, Calif.; Geological SAVAGE, LEONARD J., Reno; Business Administration; Engineering; Crucible Club. Alpha Tau Omega; Sophomore Class Manager; Junior Class Manager; Senator; Student Union Building Chairman; Blue Key; Who ' s Who; Coffin and Keys; Scabbard and Blade; Sogers. SEWELL, MARGE, Reno; Physical Education; Delta Delta Delta; Pem ' s; Ski Club; W. R. A. SHAVER, ELSIE JANE, Las Vegas; Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Women ' s Upprecloss Committee; Artemisia Business Staff; Phi Alpha Theta; Cap and Scroll; Sagens; Fleischmann Scholarship; Who ' s Who; Math Club; Wesley Foundation; French Club; W. R. A. Y. W. C. A.; Inter-Faith Council; Pan-Hellenic Council. SHORT, MALCOLM W., Reno; Economics; Alpha Tau Omega; Chairman Election Board. SKINNER, JAMES EVENSEN, Reno; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Governor ' s Medal; Sogers; Pershing Rifles; Crucible Club; Chemistry Club; Math Club; Rifle Club; German Club; Honor Roll; Associated Engineers. SMALES, JOHN F., Elko; Civil Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; A. S. C. E.; Football. CHEVRON GAS STATION ... HAYILAND CHEVROLET GARAGE H. E. " GENE " BACKUS 48 East Third Street Winnemucca, Nevada li ihhemucca NORTHERN NEVADA ' S LARGEST AND BEST KNOWN HOTEL HOTEL LOT Wl N NEMUCCA, N EVADA G. M. (Gus) Knezevich Owner CAFE BAR CASINO 43 DRY CLEANERS CECIL HAWKINS, Prop. ' THE LAUNDRY DOES IT BEST " Telephone 1! Winnemucca, Nevada J. L PERALDO (0. Winnemucca, Nevada SHOVELIN SUPPLY (0. Battle Mountain, Nevada EUREKA COUNTY Picche STEVER ' S STORE BEAUTY PARLOR PIOCHE PHARMACY Goodyear Tires HARTLEY HAMMOND Pioche, Nevada Complete STANDARD Service •Ell D. COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE R. R. ORR FORD SALES AND SERVICE ■□ □■ Chevron Distributor Telephone 9-W Pioche, Nevada PIOCHE POWER AND LIGHT CO. .□ □. S ee Ike ulliuon UjoUai DOWNTOWN A marble and old mahogany Palace right out of the Bold Hush Days Play Your Favorite Game . . . Roulette, Craps, Faro Poker, Twenty- One, Bingo, Keno, Slot Machines LAS VEGAS TWO BARS ENTERTAINMENT Jjine at tm Nugget Restaurant WORLD FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD! Seems like the time to wish you young folks godspeed on your educational journey comes oftener than it used to. Must be that life ' s speeding up and we ' re getting older. Certainly looks that way when you take a look at Las Vegas today and then remember what it was 10 years ago. Probably no place on earth has built up and gotten to be an established community in such a hurry. Nevada is still a land of opportunity — we ' re proving it every day. Keep this in mind as you plan your life ahead. Meanwhile, best wishes to the Class of 1953. Hope we ' ll be seeing you around for a long time to come. Chamber of Commerce IA$ VEGAS NEVADA Congratulations to the Class of 1953 A. C. GRANT 300 North Fifth Street Las Vegas, Nevada CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 OULDER CLUB Downtown Las Vegas Nevada [ Compliments of . . . THE PIONEER CLUB Las Vegas, Nevada D □■ Coffee Shop - Bar - Air Conditioning Free Parking IB! 11 B II BE lie BRRBBSiiti ' l |i|j|MiiiiiiMi.VH Mmmm gsn BILL ELWELL, ' 38 First at Carson Streets - Downtown Las Vegas JAMES (ASHMAN CO. BAIN ' S BONANZA PRINTERS WILLIAM PECCOLE COREY ' S FINE FOODS HECHT ' S ,□ q, NEVADA ' S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORES ALWAYS IN TEMPO WITH THE TIMES... ►TIMELESS QUALITY ►TIMELY FASHIONS wmmm t Ronzonc ' s of Las Vegas, Gray Reid ' s of Reno. . . two great department stores serving a friendly state and linking two progressive communities. Time only serves to enhance their reputation for quality and dependa- bility. Their friends have grown throughout the years, drawn by the helpful and friendly personnel, the unexcelled merchandise. in LAS VEGAS I Vj v " ' i in RENO FROM EVERYWHERE i « ' . LAS VEGAS ' FAVORITE RESTAURANT CASINO • BAR h Benny Binion ' s ■□ n ' _ LAS VEGAS THE FUN CENTER AND ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE SOUTHWEST . . . WITH ITS GLITTERING " STRIP, " FABULOUS FLOOR SHOWS, AND CELEBRITY-CROWDED STREETS, IT HAS BECOME ONE OF THE FOREMOST CITIES IN THE WEST. . . WHEN IN LAS VEGAS, VISIT THE CLUBS WHOSE NAMES YOU SEE ON THESE PAGES . . . THEN YOU ' LL BE SURE TO HAVE A MEMORABLE VISIT Congratulations to the Class of 1953... WESTERNER CLUB Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada All Types of Gaming Liberal Slot Machines CALIFORNIA CLUB " Sec Your Girl in the Fish Bowl " Telephone 6794 101 Fremont Street Las Vegas, Nevada Comfort - Courtesy - Cleanliness HOTEL APACHE 102 North Second Street Downtown Los Vegas, Nevada THE REXALL STORE ITE CROSS RUG CO. Las Vegas, Nevada ANDERSON ' S SWEET ICE CREAM " The Dessert of the Desert " ANDERSON DAIRY Los Vegas, Nevada .□ □. WHEN IN LAS VEGAS IT ' S THE CORDIAL EL CORTEZ HOTEL COMPLETELY REMODELED AND RE-STYLED TOP ENTERTAINMENT N IGHTLY J. K. Houssels, Sr. Wm. J. Moore, Jr. EL CORTEZ HOTEL Telephone 1500 Fremont at Sixth Las Vegas, Nevada HENDERSON TELEPHONE (0. TOWNSITE DRUG Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 . . . W. 0. 1 N C HAYMES RPORATED HENDERSON, NEVADA CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to THE CLASS OF 1953 from MANGANES INC. .□ □. ►The support that the advertisers give to The Artemisia is just one instance of the continued aid given the University throughout the year. ►Turn-about is fair play in this case, so take advantage of the products and services offered on these pages. ► Buy from your Artemisia advertisers to insure their success and the suc- cess of the many University projects they sponsor. [ CONGRATULATIONS University of Nevada ' s Class of 1953... WESTERN ELECTROCHEMICAL COMPANY Henderson, Nevada □ BASIC MAGNESIUM PLANT GREETINGS TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA ■□ □■ from STAUFFER CHEMICAL COMPANY OF NEVADA Henderson INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS TITANIUM METALS CORPORATION OF AMERICA Hend erson, Nevada Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 1953 Graduates of the UNIVERSITY of NEVADA LAS VEGAS, HENDERSON, ELKO, ELY, AND LOVELOCK SPONSORS " (%J}l Q fX M y X fi ' UVtc G-ORbON oLfoN ' 7u.zz: .tc ( Cv. . c «.■ SENIOR HISTORIES... SMITH, MIMI, Reno; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Alpha Theta. SOMMER, ARTHUR E., Reno; Electrical Engineering; A. I. E. E. SPELL, JACQUELINE, McGiil; Sociology; Sagens; Senior Class Committee; Women ' s Upperclass Committee; Election Board; Ski Club; Paniwallis; Artemisia Staff. SPRINGMEYER, ALBERT A., Reno; Business Adminis- tration. STANFORD, JERRY, Las Vegas; Art; Lambda Chi Alpha. STEFANI, JOE, Sparks; Business Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha. STEINWERT, DONALD C, Chico, Calif.; Civil Engi- neering; A. S. C. E. STEINWERT, JEAN L., Chico, Calif.; Civil Engineer- ing; A. S. C. E. STORM, DAVID R., Corte Madera, Calif.; Civil Engi- neering; A. S. C. E.; Basketball. STUBBINS, JIM, Las Vegas; Chemistry; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Josephine Beam Schol- arship; Jewett W. Adams Scholarship; Math Club; Chemistry Club; German Club. SWANSON, DON, Babbitt; Journalism; Business Man- ager of Sagebrush; Sigma Delta Chi; Nevada State Press Association Award in Journalism; Press Club. TERRY, MARGARET, Elko; Educotion; Gamma Phi Beta; Sagens; Senate; A. W. S. Executive Council; A. S. U. N. Executive Committee. THOMPSON, DONALD S., Reno; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Yell Leader; Skit Chairman; Emporium of Music Scholarship; Ski Club; University Band; University Singers; University Orchestra; Paniwallis; Campus Ployers; Ski Team; Tumbling Team; Who ' s Who. TOWNER, DAVID W., Reno; Civil Engineering; Jones- Hoover Scholarship; A. S. C. E. TRENDLER, JOHN M., Encinitas, Calif.; Elementary Education; German Club. TURNER, MABEL LOUISE, Santa Paula, Calif.; Jour- nalism;William S. Lunsford Scholarship in Journalism; Press Club; Y. W. C. A.; Ski Club; Spanish Club; Polkateers; University Publicity Committee; Univer- sity Singers; Sagebrush Staff; Artemisia Staff; Chair- man High School Publications Contest. UPTON,, WELDON, Reno; Business Administration; Sigma Nu. S0ul4 f Citif CENTRAL MARKET • Boulder City ' s Number One Stop for Groceries and Meats Dry Goods Ready-to-Wear MANIX DEPARTMENT STORE Boulder City, Nevada Men ' s Wear Shoes Groceries DESERTWEAR THE MEN ' S STORE UPTOWN HARDWARE 0. P. SKAGGS FOOD SYSTE BOULDER DAM HOTEL :z = ander County, the Heart of Nevada, Is Rich in Mining and Ranching. It Offers Activities in All Winter Sp orts and Is a Mecca for the Angler and the Hunter. LANDER COUNTY P. A k-Efi OS SENIOR HISTORIES VAN DER LEY, WILLIAM, Kingston, N. Y.; Journal- ism; Highland Senator; Sigma Delta Chi. WARD, LURA, Reno; English; Delta Delta Delta; Chi Delta Phi; Phi Alpha Theta; Honor Roll; Cap and Scroll; Sagens; Y. W. C. A.; Jewett W. Adams Schol- arship; Azro E. Cheney Scholarship; Max C. Fleisch- mann Scholarship; Who ' s Who; Artemisia Staff; Brushfire Staff; Phi Kappa Phi; Fine Arts, president. WARREN, OLIVE E., Chico, Calif.; Civil Engineering; A. S. C. E. WHEELER, EUGENE W., San Bernardino, Calif.; Geo- logical Engineering; Crucible Club; Jones-Hoover Scholarship. WILLIAMSON, RICHARD E., Los Angeles, Calif.; Geo- logical Engineering; Crucible Club. WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM E., Los Angeles, Calif.; Geo- logical Engineering; Crucible Club; Sigma Tau. WILMOTH, J. HOWARD, Fresno, Calif.; Mining Engi- neering; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Crucible Club; Jones- Hoover Scholarship. WILSON, GUY CHAPMAN, Hempstead, N. Y.; Soci- ology. WILSON, JAMES EDWARD, Fallon; Business Admin- istration; Alpha Tau Omega; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil; Semenza Scholarship. WILTON, JEAN, Los Angeles, Calif.; Physical Educa- tion; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pem ' s; Y. W. C. A.; Ski Club; W. R. A.; Senior Class Committee. WOODBURY, W. VERNE, Reno; Wildlife Management; Sigma Nu; Beta Beta Beta, president; Track; Ski Club. WOODEN, DONALD N., Eureka; Civil Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; A. S. C. E. YENTER, KENNETH E., Fernley; Agricultural Educa- tion; Sigma Delta Psi; Aggie Club; Block N; Boxing. YIM, MARGARET, Minden; Business Administration; A. W. S. Business and Professional Women Scholar- ship; Tri-Delt Scholarship. YOUNG, DANIEL LEE, Bishop, Calif.; Secondary Edu- cation; Scabbard and Blade; Football. YOUNG, JACK, Reno; Economics; Sigma Nu. ZELAYETA, JEANNE, Lovelock; Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta, president; Cap and Scroll; Phi Alpha Theta; Sagens; Who ' s Who; Saddle and Spurs; Newman Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. ZIEGLER, HAROLD, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Engineering; Theta Chi; Sogers; Homecoming Committee; Winter Carnival Committee; Engineer Day Committee. i I , • s " ' - H 1 f ■ Si :...miA 1 w-t ■ ' 4 IV.- »4»aBw% . ■• ' S ■ ?. " ! ; . ' -:: H " •SBW; • • .V 4y ' cr ' ' lesPF ■■ .jiittflffP H ' [ lU, ' ' ' Njli ' if! ' la ' I ' It «fli l ' ' , 1 Jm ' " ' ill ' %. ' ' k Ml tr z y - ' .. '

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