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Mr. Druggist . . . Do you know that you can make some . real money by taking orders for us to cle- velop and print pictures for the amateur photographers in your town? l clo work for a large number of stores in the state. WRITE ME F rdk. Macdonald Commercial Photographer 1309 O St. -:- Lincoln, Nebr. EGGERSS-O'FLYNG CO. Manufactu rers of Druggists' Boxes and Labels SENLEO-If-OUR-QTALOG Omaha, - Nebraska O VA, - 0.-4,4-Qqfaq-,Q---Q-ooQ..n-.Q ' I ' E R V H E ' ' S J a f e To give you what you need when you need it - - promptly. To give you at all times Drugs and Chemicals true to label. To endeavor to fill your order complete - - at prices consistent with market conditions. To make business relations with your jobber more pleasant and to safeguard your inter- ests at all times. THESE ARE THE THINGS FROM WHICH WE DERIVE OUR SLOGAN "The House of Service" Under the above conditions we believe we merit a share of your patronage. Drugs, Chemicals and Druggists Sundries Lincoln Drug Company LINCOLN, NEBR. Two aylor Pharmacy L. G. Taylor U.ofN. 'Il ,-SSNYEZQ: 23150:-, Q s 999- "DSG, 855' P- 'wxlll-?1m"'s wr y 27th 8: O St., Lincoln, Nebr. Founded 1818 POWERS-WEIGHTMAN-ROSENGARTEN C0. mdlillfdffllfillgl Clllgvnuists PHILADELPHIA New York PDWD R St. Louis BISMUTH SUBNITRATE WHITE BULKY TASTELESS Qufinine Sulphate and Other Salts Strychnine and Salts Acid Citric Iodine Resublimed Mercurials lodoform Potassium lodide Strontium Bromide Ether U. S. P. for Anaesthesia Complete list on request Specify "P-W-R Original Packages Tl"- Pharmaceutical Colleges TEACH MEN THE ART AND SCIENCE OF DIS- PENSING Experience TEACHES THEM THE BRAND OF CHEMICALS BEST ADAPTED TO DISPENSING PURPOSES. The Prescription Department that is well equipped with M. C. W. Products appeals to the thoughtful physician who con- siders quality in medicinal products of paramount importance. Specify "M, C. W." Original Packages Mallinckrodt Chemical Works ST. LOUIS NEW YORK MONTREAL v F HE "Haja" Line Always Fine Quality Shows Where "Haja" Goes Satifies Whoever Buys Best for the Pay, the Richardson Way Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Haja Arnica Salve Arom. Ess. Jam. Ginger Arom. Castor Oil Blackberry Comp. Carbolic Salve Carb. W. H. Salve Cold Tablets Headache Tablets Pain Panacea Penetrating Lint Pile Remedy Sarsaparilla Comp. Syl: White Pine Comp. Syr. Tar. 8: W. C Corn Remedy Little Liver Pills Toothache Drops Toothache Gum Camph'd Toilet Cream Hair Tonic Haja W. H. Cream Haja Bay Rum Hair Oil Haja Cocoanut Hair Oil Haja Camphor Ice Boxes Haja Camphor Ice Tubes Haja Shampoo Liquid Haja Shampoo Paste Haja Petrolia, 2 oz. Haja Petrolia, -1 oz. Haja Florida Wt. Haja Bird Seed Haja Root Beer, 4 oz. Haja Haja Haja Haja. Haja Haja Haja Richardson' Richardson Richardson Richardson' Y Richardson Richardson' Richardson' Richardson Richardson' Richardson Drug Compan OMAHA, U. S. A. Smokum, Qts. Smokum, Pts. Emuls. C. L. Oil Sewing' Machine Oil Mending Tissue Liq. Insect Destroyer Floor Wax ldancingb Haja Talcum Powd., lbs. Dipofectant, Gals. Dipofectant, P2 Gals Dipofectant, EQ Gals Lice Killer, Gals. Lice Killer, 15 Gals. Lice Ki' . ' 'N 1 lei, lf, Gals. Fly-No, Gals. ' Fly-No, 15 Gals. Fly-No, 14 Gals. Five GREETINGS Harle Haas Company WHOLESALE DRUGS sz STATIONERS . , , Muriel Meditation Red Dot Sight Draft Quality Cigars Qr' M E N D E L PHONQGRAPI-ls Sim Ni Y! I fp' it 1' xgffig - . E37 V! Af, ' -,V y, ' ' -K-gf, wi, , V m,,,.ai-1-2"j"m" -N ff' Qxf' 'wf g lv' "--- -1-, . "wtf 41 'iq ' Q2 I .iiM EN 4' f L 21 'tee I , b"-- f "'1""fs 'sv New 5-3 - f p I VA- tw.. ,gg 5, iw , 7 t V s fin s-fe' ggsrsls 942 M I Q :lil 9lisl!EIi Sli Eli-,rgffi lilil wiy Qgjggm e:ff:f'u- -4f- - - I , -V, Fi-I, - .- , . , I .R + iz wa s ff m f l! ii ,gi I5IIIIISIIEISIIHHIHHIIaliqlmlwfflfflf aw l : f f ' i5 "'1 D W. W- Q1 R X N , K K ,, U I, I IMI nlllhm u,ll, ,mul 1 ,. ,ful ,jf n I at xiifg . .gy ....-lg Hgh M-1. 5 ,ff I... S ,Q I 13 '-fl IE SEEL m P- elgffmgi 4:14 eq S fn imc if ff L F ? W ilgfe I S X V ' - S -Y sr ir Y kg J ""' N-ifiLg1,?gjf-i X ff Inf: ax ' K I ntl if 'Hif i' .mi ' 1 The Largest Drug House in the World . . . MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS, Importers and Jobbers for the 68 years of its existence, the Meyer Brothers Drug Com- pany represents in its personnel and in its institution the great-- est industry of its kind in the world. WITH 68 YEARS PROVED INTEGRITY as the basis of its character-and 68 years service as the foundation of its wonder- ful growth-the Meyer Brothers Drug Company embodies in its service the entire progress of the Chemical World, and embraces in its manufacture and distribution the whole development of the modern drug store-drugs, chemicals and sundries of lirst qual- ity of every conceivable character. THE RED DIAMOND I ' I 0 I ' I S 0407? cfmmw at R6 backed by three test tubes of science-with its legend "Quality Certified by Test"-immediately identifies the great Meyer In- stitution with the one ideal that has constantly been its guiding principle-the perfection of purity-drug quality. MEYER BROTHERS DRUG COMPANY Established 1852 SAINT LOUIS -:- MISSOURI Sc' MPH Q ,,,,,,,.,-.,QooooQQQQQooQQQo F-.. ....... - ...... - ................. .,---....-----q O . . . . . , qi E bring to the llOA.1CC of the PhH1ll12lClSfS of Nebraska the following list of season- 1 9 ab e pharmaceutical goods of our manufacture, which we guarantee in e xery 1 9 - if l'QSlfCCt to conform to all lawful requirements. 2 u,,,.,. 0--.-..--.,---------A Dinuiu flllllllihllllll Expel-torunt l'll Illlill Ullll1'l1 llolltallllsz. lliollill lxltltllllllll' lll-ltivzltivel 1, l'lIl -l.llll. .xlllllllfllllllll l'lllol'illl1 l'. tI', S gr. Vlvlllllilll-ll willl S:llll-l':llllle-itll. I':lll'2llyIllllS, Tlllll. lllyl'k'l'lll :lllll .Xl'lblll2ll'll'S lmsl-2 l to 2 tl1:lsplllllll'ills :ls llie l'l1l'fl14l. Elixir IfllK'llll Juniper mul l,Ut1lSSilllI1 A4-etzlte. lfwl-ll llllill llllllllll l'l1pl'l-svllls? I'1ll'illl ...4s S-1l'IlJllS .llllll1Il'l'V lil'Vl'l'll'S.. ...,, ll? glulills l'lllIlHSllllll .Xl'l-l:ltl- ,ll jJfl'ZllUi1 I'hlor-Auollyne l-Izll-ll llllill olllll-l- l'lllliil1llSi NllIl'lllllIl1' lIylll'lll'lllol'llll- .,,, I1 'l'illl't. i'illlll2llDlS lllllizl 411lllillilllS llvlll'lll'yzlllil1 .Xl-ill Ili lim- .,A,vA,,,, ,,,,l,r,,,,, . .,,,..,, E 1llllllllllS l"llllll'lll'lll'lll .v,.,.,, ..,, ,.,, 4 1 l llllllllllS llil l'0llllt'l'lllllli ....,, .. ..l1,Q lllillillls 'l'illl-t. lklpslvlllll ..,,,.., l1glllillillls .Xllllllyllv :lllll :lllti-spzlslllllllil-. l'lIl'il'il'l1t ill t'lUllf', illllllvltl MOI" l llus. N1'lll'2llLfl2l. Spalslllolliv llIllIlS. 1 lftlx Slulilliiil-ll Liuiment. Vlllllpllsl-ll of l':lllllllllll', Ullfll- ll--sill i2lllSlI'lllll, 'l'lll'IlPlllll1l1, llil lll-ll Tllyull-, llil .lllllipl-l' lil-l'l'il1s, llil l-Illl':llv1ltl's :lllll l'lll'll llyll ll- l'lll'l+llll llil, Slllillilil-ll witll NV:lx. XV:ll'lllill:. slvlltllillg :lllll :lllll- llXlll'. llirl-lltilllls: Apply l'l'l1l1ly. :lllll l'lllD lllltil :lllslwlnl-ll. Elixir llilgitzllill f'0lIlD0llllll l"'ll-ll Iluill 0llllt'l1l'lblltillllSf llilfitlllill lll1l'lll:lll. ...N-lllll Qfillll g'1'2llll Stl'vl'llllilll- Slllllllilil' ..,, N-511 ff1'f'lll reli- Nitl'l'lulyl'lfl'illl1 . ...,,.,. S-lllll liitlll-1' wllito lvl' rl-ll. A ull- lll-:lrt tollil- :lllll stilulllalllt. :ll Syrup Euphorbia COIIIDOIIIICI. l'-ill'll llllill llllllvl- l'l'lIl'i'St'11tS: 0 1'llllll'llI'lr1'lll .. ......, ,...,,, .. Llllll. 'l'l'. l'llllIlllIl'l1iIl lIlT",2l...13llll1il1. NVVHID Sllllill ,..,..,,, . ...,. ,.,, 1 Htl lllill. NYilll- llrl":ll' . ,... .. ..., Illl KI ,l:llll:lil'ql l1ll2XYlillll ., .,,,, 'Ili 1512 BI1'llilllPl , . . .. ..,.,.. 1 Syrup 'l'lllu .. ,..,..,,.. HQ. S, Sl-llzltivl-. Alltispzlslllllllilf, lix- Il"l'ilIl'lIlIl. llosv: l i1'ilSlllrlIllilll :ls l'l'lll1ll' ll IQIICRII-l,illl'1"fil'. .X Vlblllllllllllillll lvl' lillvllll, l,'lllll'll , lllwlss :lllll lllllvl' Ill-llllfllizll :lgfl-llls. XYIIUSK' virtlll-s :ll'l- wl-ll lalllmvll :ls ril' all-ill SlilYl'lllN. lt lll1l.tll'llS 1'1" ll lil-I' ill :lll il'l'it:lll1ll Zlllll l':ltll'l'll:ll l'l'I1'il Illlill llllllvl- 1'l-plw-sellts: lvSl'll ill ul'ill:ll'3' llislll'lll1l's. - I . 1 rw llllll S:llll-yl:ltl-. lll'l22l n2lI'lil 1 D lilall-li llnllllsll, lillll':ll'pl's :lllll illlllllllllll Vout witll Xl'lllll'lti"s ' Corllizll, Beef und Iron. Vlllltzlills the lllltritivlf l'llllS I-Qlixir llN'0lltill9lll't". titll. Lltlywllgllli lxlllglrsllll .Q ,... gQy1i:'l1y11'1f l-llts of ili 3.fl'Zlil1S Illxtlwlllt of Beet 'ull' 111111'g 'l1l,1l' '11 H 1' tl ff- ltlllllllllll-ll wltll Ili llllllll1lS 'll1lll'f. .y llvpllle - ll Ill' .ltl,. .,,,, l- llllgilw. l'ltl'll-l'lllol'llll1 ll'0ll lll 9ll'll ounce 1111118 A1'1'11111111'11--- '--'-fA- 41121111115 lllllil-zltl-ll ill tlle fI'K.'2ltl1ll'I1t of N941-'lll!llKil-Sill. 'llllis ll'l1l:ll':lillll1 vllllizlills Sllll lhlhlllty' lllxir Terpin llydrate llll1lllll'l'll lllltritioll. illlpoverlsllell lblljllll. :lllll :lll f11l'lllS ol' 2QIlP1'.:l .XXIP IIICIIUIN MUIIIFIICID .xN'l'll.lllf:l'il.l'l'll'' 1' lsllllll lil all .llull-Q l-lmlllillsz ' ' 1 l Illlsl-: 1 to 2 i1'1lSlNhllllllllS lll wzltl-l' l'Yt1l'j' 2 ll1llll'S lllllll llzllll Ill-l'lllll ,.,. ,,,,..,,.,..,,,.,.,.. ,.,,.. R , l.llll 'l'l'1'1 ill llXll1':ltk1 ,,..,,, .....,,,. N gralills ' .XYl1l':lgl- llllsvl i1llf'fl'2lS1lll0llflll :ls l-l-:lsl1s. fllllll lH'lHl't' llll-:lls :lllll lull l'l'fll'l111I. Elixir Pllospllzlte Iron, Quiuiue and Ntryvhnine No. 1 lu:ll'l1 tlllill lllllll'l' l-lvlllzlillsi lllllll-:ltl1ll. Syrup Tolu Compound. l':il'll llllill llullve l't11lI't-1S9IltS STl'yl'llllilll- ..,... .... H-l'll grzlills l'llllll'lnl'lll'lll ,,..,......,,,..,..,.....Y,. 4 lllill. ll'4lll l'llllspll:ltl -,,, .lli QI'2llllS Ill-will ,,,,,, . ,,,,,,.,,,.,..,,,,, ,,,, 1 gl'1lill Qllillilll' ..., .. ... ... ..,... 'J :'l:lills i4Illlll:llllS lllllilal ,l.,,,,,,. T15 21'2llllS Nl'l'Yl' ll1lll1'. S1'l'Yl4'I2ll1l1' ill :lll 'l':ll't:l1' Illlll'-til' ....,. ..,,,,,,,l, 15 Ql'1llIl l'..l:lxl1ll slzlt 's of llll- SVSU-lll, Vos- llll l-ligl ,,,, . ,,,.,...,,......,,,. THQ glzlills tures tlle lllllllll :lllll is :lllti-lllll- Syl-HI, '1',,1u -VYVVVV w,V,-,-,vV--wV 1 2. S. 11111111 111 11S f1'11'11'111'11lS 111 1111 lix ll-lwlllt Llllll Ill'lllll'lli:ll Sell lvlDl'lllS of lll-bility it will lll- fllllllll Il sllfl- :lllll l'l1li:lllll- stillllllzlllt. xltive. l llllS1': .XlllllfS, l to 2 tealspllllllfllls. Ss rllp 'White Pine fl0lllll0lll'lll l'lEll'lI lluill lllllll'l1 l'k'lll't-'SlJlll'Sf l'llllll'llt'lnl'lll ,,,, ..., ,.........,,, 4 R li 1. - ' Klll'lbli1ll' Sulp :lt l',,, ...ll-ll1G1':lil XVI ifl- I'illl1 l1'l'!: ,,,. ...Zl'l 2l'2llllS illll1l'l'j' Iialrls... ....,,,, ...Tlll 2'I'2llllS S:llljIlllllZl1'l2l . ,.,, .,.. ..., I 5 LQ 2l':llllS liilllll Gilvzlll lllllls .,,.., ,,.l. 4 Jf1'2llllS S1Iilit'll2ll'll ., ,,,.,,... ,..., .... 4 l':lills Szlsszlfltzls ....,, .. ,.., ,..v..., 2 Ql'Illl!S .X llll'2lSilllt slnlltllillg' :lllll elfeg- tivl- Vllugll SXPUIV, .X Ylllllillltl Elixir fl-erpin Hydmte' rvllll-lll' ill iQPlllS, l5l'llll?lli'1ll llki- Y H - , .3 A' .3 ul' l1ll1l'PS, lllI't'1lUSS ll lrlvzl , lfmq, 1119511553415:qglziulizlz lllfZlV1NS1'IlLlSS, Loss of Yllil-Q ol' Vo- '1 ,' , ' . , .,- 1. ' l'Il 0110. fl-iflllll'llifflllllll'-'f.' ,',,, 11.1 iisliffllfi Iwi- Qlllllllsl 1 ,XYl'I'2l1Il' llllsl-3 lm, t.,l4I,,,,,,,I'u1 Slllblbililll lwel-y two ol' il1l'99 llUlll'5. Us im1i,.:m,d llol' l'llll1ll'l'll, tllree to twelve ' lllllllil1S,3i0llf'lll'U11S1iXVUi0i0ill' Alkaline Antiseptil- Solution .t12llN. l-4 t Zllillflllllfllll six to l1'llllll' Iilllll l-igllt yt'Zll'S, 12 tezlspllollflll. lkllltalillill: Vllllyllllll l'lll'2llj'lli'Ill. llil llf l'l11r1ll1l'lllil1i illlll Uil G:llll1 Qilyq-erqy-Gelltiulx Tunic, tl1"f'i1' 1211113111111 flitvhl 5011111111 'l'llis 1ll'l1pzll':ltilmll is vlllllllllsell Iinmiiji "MJ-mn.. I,Mm1'm' "1" ol' livlltizlll. T2ll'2lX2ll'lllll witll lotnlsslulll 1-ll-zlllllllzltl-. l,m,SI,lH,l.i.. AVN :md l-m.ulilm- Ami,t.l,tic. Solution- l'l'YQ'.4, .X llilllllllill' stlnlllzlwllll' :lllll 'l'llis solutillll l-lllltllills tlll- vs- 1'1111'1' 11111119 sl-lltizll :llltiseptiv pl'll1ll1l'til1s of ' Y 'l'l1A'llllvl. llllll-zllyllllll :lllll llils of 51"5"'h1'1"V11"S f0m1'01'n11' llallllllll-l'i:l, l'l-llpl1l'lllillt :lllll l':2lt'll flllill lal'lll'l1 l-olltzlillst 'l'llyllll1. l'llllllliul1ll , llvitll l':t111Zlbll' ll'llll l'yl'llplll+s'lll:ltl1 Sl-alle Z-il grrs :lllll Illnril- Al'illS. Sfl'Xl'lllllll1 .. ...,............ F-1'lll1g1'zll s l'sl-si lllltlil-'lIlll'. illtl1l'll:ll :ltlll .Xl ill l'lll.4plllll'il- Ililllte .,.. 401llill l-xtl-rllall. X i' ll! num Compound l'lbIl4lllllPllS ul' t..l- l7lillllll'l'. illvllll- Arolnatil- flilxtill' Oil. llll1'1l"1' 411' llI'lll1'. ll'1'i11'1'l.:l1'lltQ2lIlll lXVllitl1 lil' lillllll 'l'llis jl'l11liII'2lilfll1 l-outzlills lflxllllp vlllllllil- l'1rl'l1111:ltis1ll. l'ystitis.l-ll1l- UN llvl' l-l-nt lull-ll lllsllll- llil. .lu liillll. Sl'lllll'illh, XVll1l-Ylllll :lllll l'l-sis :lllll gout. ll lil'llllllril'S all-Y 5I11'I'l'1'lll1lPt2lSt1' :lllll lillihl' Iiitlll-l' lassizl witll Al'lllllaltil's. livily lvl' tlll- lil1lll1'XS :lllll lvlzlll- wllill- lvl' 1'llllj', Also lllllllillllflll .xllilSlHlSlllUllll', lfteriue Swlal lll'l', l'l'li4'YllIQ illllzlllllllzltilrll of tlll- Illlllllx ,Xu 2lQl'VQ'2lllll' :lllll Illlll tive. llllll-.ills tlssllls. ll'1'll1lJy uivillu' tzlllll- Vzlstlll' llil. lllllt til- l1l'Sl Ilosl-41,2 to 2 tt'IlS1l0Jlll'llli 111 stl'l-llgtll :lllll tlllll- tl: tlllf l-lltil'l- lll-lil1:ltl- tzlstl- will not lis ll' llllv-llillf :lass llot Walter :ls ll1 llllllJIl'j ll'iI1'l. IUVHYI1, l'l-lltl-ll, LE. E. BRUCE .iz CO1Vl,PANY,0mahap Eight i,lfJIVi5RSETY GF iLL2?3i:!i5 rin IVIAR 1 5 T921 ig,-iNg,ffC3fQ5f5: A2 77,4 , Bperial Annnunrrmmt Rather than discontinue the publication of the Year Book this year, owing to the unusual conditions, We have tried to be more conserv- ative of space than herefore and hope that our action will be justified. X X JC URIVERSSTY GF Iiiffiflir' Hs: j' .J L MY -'gif MAR 1 5 1921 "E.."'Y2:f'Qsffbf1Qf-.4.fs, 3, - V 4 ,. w ' ,-Vf, - Y ,f7 v 2 , 'fav x' hw I , :- . E-I' 1 l l 1 f 1 l 1 H I 1- 1 l , if 4' A 1 Chrrrtinga Uhr ljrar Zlnnk nf thr Glnllrgr nf lgharmnrg uf thr lininrraitg nf Nrhraaka liluhlinhrh Allllllilllg by Ihr Sftuhrnta uf Ihr Glnllrgr nf lgharmary UNIVEBSETY UF ILUNUIAS LIBRARY MAR l 5 l92l '5'ififg,s,.'.Ae', In presenting this, the Ninth Year Book ofthe University of Nebraska, College of Pharmacy, We have tried to portray our school in all its different aspectsg to record the activities of our fellow studentsg to tell of the droll happenings in class-rooms and porchg to mention the amusing eccentrici- ties of classmates and teachersg to preserve forever the joys of your college days, so that in years to come as you turn over these pages you may be carried back in thought to your college days with their many happy memories. Sincerely, THE EDITOR. Nine flair ii. Bag Y cn Evhiratinn Un Elniv il. Bag. whom mr hunnr ua prnfrasnr anh frivnh, mhnar rnuatant auppurt has mah: puauihle thv hrnrlnpmmt nf Ihr Qlnllrge nf Fharmarg, mv. hrhiruir this hunk anh aazurr hrr that Ihr arrnirr ahv rrnhrrrh in Ihr Qlnllrgr will he rrmrmhrrrh bg all. Eleven H 0EbrvPIinga frnm Er. Qignnan In previous editions of the Year Book will be found historical resumes and plans which have been outlined for the development of the College of Pharmacy. In the resumes the historical facts are recorded and need not be repeated. The University of Nebraska was one of the lirst institutions to make the requirements to enter the College of Pharmacy the same as those of the other colleges of the University. All state universities are now on the same basis. These institutions are also laying plans to make in the near future, the four-year college course the minimum amount of training neces- sary for a pharmaceutical degree. At the 1920 meeting of the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties held at Washington, D. C., it was decided by the Conference Schools to drop all two year courses in phar- macy in 1925 and the feeling was expressed that all three year courses should be abandoned two or three years later. This sign of progress is also reflected in recent legislation throughout the United States. Many states have formed laws requiring graduation from a reputable College of Pharmacy as a preliminary to the taking of an examination for the practice of pharmacy and a number of states have laws permitting stu- dents who have completed a four year course in pharmacy to become li- censed in the state without having store experience. The Nebraska legis- lature of 1919 created such a lavv and it becomes effective December 31st, 1920. Such a law is a very infiuential educational factor and will tend to increase the number of years spent by the student in preparation for his calling. An important practical addition to the work of this college was the establishment of the Student Health Service in the building of the College of Pharmacy. A pharmaceutical dispensary has been located in the build- ing, Where the students have the opportunity of compounding hundreds of prescriptions annually. While giving instruction for the purpose of improving the service of retail pharmacy, the College of Pharmacy will continue to interest itself with those problems of an investigative nature which are necessary for the advancement of professional and scientific Pharmacy. Rurus A. LYMAN. Tlx fl'fCCl1. gli Stuff NIAUDE L. ERNST Associate Editor WESLI-:Y C. COLSON Editor-in-Chief DORIS REYNOLDS I I u , Associate Editor EDWARD BOGU1-3 Business Manager RAY LEWTON Associate Editor ROBERT A. HARD1' Associate Editor lf " A' HAROLD A. DANA GLENN B. HARLAN Assistant Business Illustrations Manager Fourteen WIWWWWWWII WWI IWW WWIWWIIW WIWW WI WWW WWW WIWWIWW WIIWIWWIWW WW WWWWIWW WWWW WWWWW WW WIWW WW WWlWW WWWWII WWIW WWW WWW WW WWW WWWW WW WWIWW W WW IW WW WWWW WW IW1 W WWW WWIWKWW W IWWWW WWKWIWW WW WW WWWWW WIW W W W W W WW WW WW W WWW WWW WW W WIWWWWIWW To the member.s of the faculty of the College of Pharmacy, 'zvho have sparecl no effort and energy, to make us 6jflC'l6'llt and conscientious students ancl representatives of our chosen profession, ive aclcnoivledge our great inclebterlness anal grati- tude to them. Their influence far transcends this professional development. They have been vital factors in molding our characters and in deter- mining our destiny Us respecterl members of a community, as worthy residents of our state, anfl as constructive citizens of this nation, and as a vital part of the great social and cosmic zvorlfl. May these few pages ever rerninfl us to contri- bute something to the progress and arlrancenzent of the human race. I WWIWIIWIIWIWWIWIIWIWW WWW WWWWWWWW WIWW WW WIW WW WWIWWW W WW WWW W WWW WW WWWWW WW W WWW WWWW WW WW W W WW W Fifteen DR. ALBERT SCHNEIDER Pharmacognosy Bacteriology fl DR. R. J. Pool. Botany Sixteen PROF. ELSIE B. DAY Pharmacy FF P .:,. I' A :A I f SS., A-a MJ .Pi of Ig 'ff 51125. g-: ' ' 'INK 'S .4 F sa A ,.-.3 Vg .Ara ? o..g 1 ' ,xf" '- . V: --,nu -I V . i'-z""': ,4 if F. L. BARKER Zoology S0 11911 temv, DR. F. W. UPSoN Chemistry PROF. THOMPSON Organic Chemistry DEAN HASTINGS Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence N. P. HANSEN Commercial Pharmacy Eiyll tvvn DEAN J. E. LEROSSIGNOL Commerce and Economics 4-4. y ,,' .-1 . . .', -F - . Wu- . fvrl T, ' '11 , ,V .Jff J. :J- rr'-,5 L .. mf 4, 74 n . . if P ' .ew , ef," fkm 1. ' r . .,-. . Zn 'fun X mil A ': ai'- 'Y cr' r . i. 1 4 4 N 1 x W -4 We ', K E-3 4 1 K f E 1 2. Y n 7' ' af' :n iv' ' xr '. 1 5' , 4 ,A . 4 43, ' 1- V393 1 if " js , g ll . OL -' 1 ,. 1 ,l 2,--sf Q ',.4ff?fJ 'A 7 7.1. if A . F Q I .f,s,5 .L A , ! V an , ,I-W. 1' v, fp- 35:5 ' gf? -, . 32 if-:EAP 1.91 1, . V -grilx M , ,W xi . ' if Efv Q 'f', : J' ' 1 ' 3 'KI , 31690 V Y: I 'wr A dy! :3,,'.g.::x k . - .4 Q xl , . Q YK'-:L V ,Q ,y , li ff" J.. X, - .4 ls ,-. -v V . ,-0. Kr 9' 1 4 140' -1: M,,.,f:f1'ji y - K 3 'af , :,f 5 'veg . y Av, all . z f . Z-, ' 1 1, y - ,, .' -gif - - f-V A-'2ixyf'1'fg fx- C' ' - -- " H6 Y. TQ U' U' 'A 1" " - 1? l f? .5 f, XJ . F . 1 f ' " 'Q 1' " fa, .Qe,,eg..f n.-if W :.g,. -- " , - ' ,fu ' , -.Q,. , ,, ey if ' .9-rv-T' ,, ., .Mi-'fa.T5s.7g-"N . Tj A -rf - ' ' 1' V A ' ff- . ,phw 532- -agmi, - -i,.w:.-Rmmfram. 2+ -.-5 ' irgfa ' A --,N v w' Pifffg.. 1" ' 'af we 1 1 fi' W 44" -f' -ff 'P' - ff " Y, ffl. -'K .. K' ,fa - ,highs-7 ,, izxf, 594 -,rg -uf'-,141 'L .1 'E A , -7 4 .q U D V ,Y i . ., .i n grrz, + ,. fn ' - A A 1 pf: . 42-4. "3 f '- -'v f ..ff1,'- ,f ., .. -. qs"-,px i s ,'-A 4: ' -'hw ' 1--x -2 f 2 3 , IE-1. ' - 55iiKji- Q Q ' ' " "f..- 3 1" -, 1 " ' 255 1 f If f. A "ij W f I '1'i.-n f 'fu-' wi. ,..: -.A 057' A ' ,mu , 1-' '-' ' '.""n-A 3.3 - .' '+':i,. "-I . : N 1, ',5J'0""':-Nf' 'gyxr 'K gg'-f::"Q'-" - - , ' YT' ' 'mx' ' ' . - L '11, Y --.mer-v' . 5, U ,.-.-, - Q me 4 . . , .. , xv ig M., 5 -1 ' ' ' kffxgff ,. .' Q51 , rf NK . - ' ' QQ .,'-VI, ff' 1h'ng-f,5.:!' . ' I ' .lv A is 1 .. I ..,. , - 4 A u 15 3 W... A f, ,. .., I ., - , , W F -v,.,. ...,, .Q - -4. I -1 1 "1 ,af 3 A 1 f- I Wa ', " - , iff' ' f f ' . .. 5' . -'-- , . X . . 4 - .-g:,. "W 7-' ""' .' "v f '. f... -- ,.. .4 k I I I . l -5, - -vm , f-1 , -1. -, Arg V . -A . N.-. 4 ' .1.:1'. .1Q.,.-3..,d. - eff- p 7" 42-viBqgwf..a.'S -:nm ' , .f3'f"'7 ""f A --"1-:F-l"' ?-'ff'-if , - "1 . "-' V . ,,ff."'g-S Q My ,,,,,-dur, Y? L--- , .., - V 'flf'A1' -. n 't. , ' - -'- - -"-' , "J 'W 4:-H ' T, nfl: :gli 1 M,-4,,.--,.f...-. -ea.. ff - - K K ' - 1' ff., 'F' 'L " .. :..1a..Au:,4.:,-M , :Ziff W H - - -" "-"'4"""'.''1zi'.':"5'.3:E's1'fr-v, I -f - ""f-'E f !1fhfE33i?YGFILL!?401S lim NIAR 1 5 1921 , 1, L rv ul , .u , w 1 - , gi 6 .A . , q.' '1 9 v Q ns, , . 4' p. 'UWM fu xml! ,. , tl 1.6 .-X w. J, ,gm .4' I , N, f. Q I .fu lv ,L 5 1, 5 L. 1 ' '45 I iv Y Ilrf. 1 1 Q W." i . '35 1 fri 1 ji v 'Y' 1 K Uhr 1Hhar11mrvutira1 Svnrietg The Pharmaceutical Society, a student organization, was started in the College of Lharmacy, shortly after the college was established in the University of Nebraska. The Society is composed of all the pharmacy students and is a means of carrying on social affairs and any business which concerns the phar- macy students. The past two years showed a considerable decrease in the number of students in nearly all colleges, due to the patriotic call for everyone to serve their country during the World War, however the spirit of good fellowship, and willingness to keep up the activities in the College of Pharmacy, were brought about through this organization, in spite of the rather limited membership. This year has been a big one in the College of Pharmacy, the num- ber of students being the largest ever enrolled, and under such conditions the society has been a great advantage to the students in becoming ac- quainted among themseives and made possible such activities as the so- ciety saw fit to carry on. The publication ot the Year Book of the College of Pharmacy is one of the interesting customs carried out by the society. Pharmacy Week, which formerly occured the iirst week in May, of each year, was not ob- served this year on account of the absence of Dean Lyman and Dr Schneider, who were representatives from the College of Pharmacy, Uni'- versity of Nebraska to the Pharmacopia Convention held in Washington, D. C. at this time. Although the week was not formally observed, one of the accustomed events of this week, was held later, the Annual Ban- quet at the Lincoln which was enjoyed very much by all. In place of any special convocation or talks by prominent men in our profession, from out over the State, we listened in Seminar to excellent reports on the pro- ceedings of the U. S. P. convention. Each year there are those who leave the College, after having com- pleted their course, regretting that their College joys are ended. but they take with them pleasant and lasting memories of their instructors, asso- ciates, and closest friends, they made in the Society during their life in the College of Pharmacy. T F. R. PICKERING. Ninteen Kidd, Howe, Schultz, Leeds, Bowles, Harlan. Hardt, Clayton, Stretton, Ernst, Dryden, Reynolds, Bogue, Barrett, Wible, Kolterman Kinney, Carlson, Pickering, Dr. Lyman, Redford, Jensen, Chambers, Laverty, Scofield Iiharmarvuiiral Surietg fbffirern FIRST SEMESTER HERMAN JENSEN ----- Prasidcnf MAUIJE ERNST - Vice-Prcsiclelft ALICE E. BARNES - - - - S6'Cl'6'l'fl'V'lj WM. SENECA CHAMBERS - - - Treflsznw' FRANCIS COWGER - - S0-Vgvcmt-flf-Awzzs Twenty l Noh, Tschauner, Inks, Huffman, Lewton, Simanek, Horton. Fowler, Stewart, Malick, Barnes, Easton, Halliwell, Hahn, Piawitz, bi own Brinkman, Ripley, Colson, Cowger, Dr. Schneider, Day, Data, Gillett Diewinx, lglgarlnwrvutirzll Svnrirly Q9ffirrr5 SECOND SEMESTER I"LoYo R. PICKERING ---- HARoL1m A. UANA A ALICE E. BARNES - - FRANK INKS - - FRANCIS Cowon - Sf'l'f1f'll 71 Cl'1uun fy-one I'1'f'sizl1'nT l Vl."6-Ill'C'Sll1l'lIf Svc-rc'tr1fy 'I'r0aszn'1r T41 f-.A-l rms Inks Harlan, Gillett, Kidd. Prawitz, Tate. Brown, Jensen. Baker Brinkman, Simanek, Pickering, Leeds, Tschauner, Schafer, Tghe Schneider, Fowler, Kolterman, Ripley, Colson, Lewton, Howe, Scofield, Lyman Bruce Baker Wesley Colson Hugh Fowler Leonard Gillett Glenn Harlan Arthur Howe Frank Inks Herman Jensen John Kidd Alfred Kolterman Earl Leeds lghi iavlia Chi Qlhuptrr llnll V ' F, .iwfiifblaz .xx 5 if F ,,,. A . , LX . , , '39 'X' I 'VH A .1 1, y -' SYN Ray Lewton Floyd Pickering Arthur Prawitz Sterling Ripley Lale Scofield Louis Stewart Millard Schafer Edward Simanek Ralph Tschauner Chas, Wible FACULTY MEMBERS Chancellor Avery Dr. Schneider Dr. R. A. Lyman Prof. C. L. Frankforter MEIIIBERS IN CITY lesse P. Brown Oscar Cone H. F. 'Worthman Frank D. Cocklin Dr. Wesley C. Becker Raymond Bauer Niels P. Hansen J. K. McDowell W. V, Pease Chas. Lesh E. Schaufelburger Guy Tate Tlmvfly-Lzuu ight Evita Glhi Phi Delta Chi is the oldest professional pharmaceutical fraternity in the United States. It was founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1883, by a group of students under the leadership of the late Dean Prescott, then Dean of the College of Pharmacy of the University of Michigan. From a local organization it has grown to a national fraternity with chapters in nearly every large University in the United States. The aim of the founders in organizing a professional fraternity among pharmacy and chemistry students, was to raise the standards of Phar- macy and Chemistry thru scholarship and co-operation and to promote good fellowship among the students. The local chapter, Pi, was granter its charter March 22, 1912. The year 1920 finds Pi Chapter with a membership of twenty-three active members and twelve honorary and faculty members, consisting of professors of Pharmacy, Chemistry and prominent druggists and chem- ists of the state. WESLEY C. COLSON. T1uc1zi'y-tlzrcc Horton, Dana, Noh, Barrett, Bowles. Bogue, Brown, Cowger, Stretton, Schultz, Hardt. 052111111121 iipailnn nf Zliappa 1551 Glhaptrr Bull Robert A. Hardt Jay G. Barrett Joseph G. N611 Harold A. Dana Chas. T. Stretton Edward O. Bogue Marvin M. Bowles Francis E. Ccwger Harry F. Brown John C. Horton Urbin Schultz Twenty-f'ozn' Mamma 'iipzilnn nf Kappa 1551 Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional fraternity in America that admits to its membership, students of Pharmacy and Medicine. The function of this organization is to promote the advancement of the sciences of Pharmacy and Medicine and the good fellowship of the students in the institutions Where they are taught. Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Psi was installed, March 20, 1920 by thirteen members of Beta Nu Chapter of the Creighton University Col- lege of Pharmacy. Although Kappa Psi is in its infancy at Nebraska the eleven mem- bers Who were instrumental in its organization are very optimistic for its future. Twclziy-fiuc Elsie Hulliwell, Alice E. Barnes, Lucille DeCamp. Helen C. Dryden, Doris Reynolds, Maude Ernst, Gladys Easton, Hazel Hahn. Qlhv N. QI. 19. Qlluh Qbffirrrsi MAUIJE ERNST 1 - - President LUCILE DECAMP - - Vice-President SYLVIA MALICK - - Secretary-Ttreaswrer The N. C. P. Club is an organization of Pharmacy girls which was organized for the purpose of creating greater interest professionally and socially and creating a greater unity among the students of the College. The Club is looking forward to a chapter in a National Sorority and hopes to have its charter in the near future. 7'1u1'nty-six Iifilv'-f' 'y -, !I'1vSu1IY!i!, lin - .LAW -- ,a xo IV, fy f -4,: ' F 4., 1 V ' -f Q21 ,N-f,-?,A I f' , -uf 5-fiigli i i, 7:7-X.:-a 'v H -1- L xw' ffm-- lffifj , , --- f-7 qi .4 K Y f- -A f x ,W -an ,- x- --2 f f ff f I- . , ff KQV AX! X W 1- --l, , . - M ' -.ff Q xx?-1 f f x W X. Nm my rg N35 gf., V, Y A--- ,,.. is IM --"" -X Eli-x V MT - , XX 1 J" ' "' ' Vx K J I X ff il ii ff" L ff'-stx Ns!! ,L N 4 " xf . 5 ' "fy , ..- --ibxi, f X ,, .41 ff , I 1 N AQ? ? L " W Q X-r , :R 0 1 H. MQ Q X--i --"'-- " '12, -K' fi 4 W' l X Q , ' 'ig V LL M I if -if -,,::'- ., ,N All ini - mf r! f N P 2.1 '5"'-if-..,,..., 'A-Q A Wd? Af si.-'ILT , 'du 14, Ili vi' ' 12 x il-x,!,, , Y ? 4 2+-fa'f.,-1-V-4 f--Q 7, xg? M - 'Q S ,Qi 5 ff vfggg ' 4, V - Z ,-:Hr ' y A, - 4' - ffm lg L b ff,-:li -- - -Xp-Xx-"X'- ' '5.f4ln? ,,..f 16.4 X iii.,---5-,::'f-pl hd '5 " - W J ""' I V xl frm, YfH"""M Ajlyl 5 if , D ,ff ji iii. E-ff-ydx-22,1--I-f ..-Tf 23 Mk "5 WW mx In ,THQ g"'Xw,-.fir-Nfii 7 Q ifgg KL? -TLT. ff 'fl' s,fg?.'S-X,'j".'.Q.'1 WX V Vi V--1 .W Z' .A -,Y-fox.-D fs. N -'ff f Q- X, .M f bjpgff 9 Qpvfff f -.6 M f' 'AMF ' ' gg 4 Q- N f '77 . 5 4Tl L.....T ,uw -,. --4- ' 7 K-J 111 fu KA? 'ff-Txfefziz 'N K C 'iii-'lvl 'TFJ LX 1 .X 5 fjfgff ffl 'wb,gZ,fp X R J 47 - Q " , i'5i3,3:3 , Alffuhgig w J N six,-!'f 3' A Zi: f? . in ,e Cxfjgdffl ZW C 1 7' ' 4 - Q., ,J--J! '!H'7',,,, Lg Y' 5 , , 154-Q1-Lg.2'lE1i 51: , - ' . 'X V H.. T iF,.' 5,34 'xI Z X Ax' fi, 'V Si Xgslwswfrma -'4 f-1,L,ff2r , 'f"? '. 0 51" Wt 45' f ' 4' 5 , , up 1, UI, 'qc' ..- WYX fl! 'HZ fl 3 Hu ,ffffmjg M""nI X ". 's 71 'E :Z ALICE E. BARNES Chicago, Ill. Phalm. Soc. N C P. Club JAY BARRETT Fiemont, Nebr. Kappa Psi Pharm. Society BURGES BRUCE BAKER Cllltlg, Nebr. A x5,2f.,Q Phi Delta Chi Pharmaceutical Society V ' if 1 Q 41 EDWARD V. BUGUE I North Platte, Nebr. ji " Phi Gamma Delta 9. Kappa Psi p Gamma Lambda Q- ff f-415. Pharm. Society , A Business Manager, Pharmacy I,-" , Annual 6 V' A Registered Pharmacist W 4' I 629' MARVIN BowLEs Randolph, Nebr. Kappa Psi Acacia Pharm. Society PRED E. BRINKMAN Syracuse, Nebr. Phi Delta Chl Pharm. Society Twcn fy-sc uc IL WESLEY C CoLsoN Stiomsburg, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Pharm Society Edtloi in Chief Pharmacy R6g1St616d Pharmacist Valentine Nebi. HELEN DRYDEN Wilsonville, Ne-lor. N C. P. Club Pharm. Society Spungview Nebr. HAROLD A. DANA Fremont, Nebr. Delta Upsilon Kappa Psi Pharm. Society Pwr :ily-eight RoBERT E. DREWINC Lincoln, Nebr. Pharm. Society LUCILE DECAMP Loup City, Nebi N. C. P. Club Iota Sigma Pi Pharm. Society HUGH F Fowuan Phi Delta Chi Phaim Society MAUDE L. ERNST Tecumseh, Nebr. Delta Delta Delta Pharm. Society N. C. P. Club Y. W. C A. Tzvcrzty 111110 V PM ,. P' i 3' -1 .9 'wg 5,41 fi! A ...X-f.-' - CZ' X5 , - ,J am. ui' X J' QW Q ""' Q if fa- my Q, ,. 0 Q .4 X Z N 6' Z-X 'fx HAZEL HAHN Leigh, Nebr. N. C. P. Club Pharm. Society JOHN C. HoRToN Beaver City, Nebr. Kappa Psi Pharm. Society ELSIE Z. HALLIWELL Kearney, Nebr. N. C. P. Club Pharm. Society GLEN B. HARLAN Lincoln, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society ROBERT A. HARDT Hastings, Nebr. Delta Tau Delta Kappa Psi Pliarm Society ARTHUR P. Howi: Crawford Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society Thirfy ,-5 ELWOOD C. HUFFMAN York, Nebr. Pharm. Society Registered Pharmacist ALFRED KOLTERMAN Hebron, Nebr. Phi Delta Chl Pharm. Society FRANK INKS Shelby, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi P 5 I if .av-'fi Pharm. Society , Ji-TN -P sr f ' JOHN Kino Kenesaw, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society HERMAN H. JENSEN Lincoln, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Sigma Xi 'Cadet Officers Club Q - Pre-lVIedic Society q Student Council ,A ' President Pharm. Society 1 First Semester 3-Q. Registered Pharmacist LAWRENCE L. KINNEY Lexington, Nebr. Palladian Gamma Lambda Uni Week Trip Pharm. Society T11 irty-mic ag xl- luis -f mg.. -it ,Q' MILTON M LAMB Tecumseh Nebr. EQ. Pre Medic Society Pharm Society SYLVIA MALICK Bloomington, Ne Delian Society Pharm. Society N. C. P. Club Nelson Nebr. Phaim Society JOSEPH N6H Clarkson, Nebi Kappa Psi Pharm. Society HARRY RAY LEWTON Lincoln Nebr. Phalm Society Registeied Pharmacist FLoYD R. PICKERING Eustis, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Pres. Pharm. Society Second Semester Registered Pharmacist Th filly-Iwo West Point Nebr. CLYDE A. RUCKEL Greeley, Colo. Pharm. Society STERLiNG M. RIPIFX Springview, Nebi Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society Reglatel ed Phai macist LATE SCHOFIELD Shickley, Neb Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society Y. M. C. A. T11 ll fy-f117'C6 LEWS T, STEWART CHAS. STRETTON Chester, Nebr. Alpha Sigma Phi Kappa Psi Pharm. Society URBINE T. SCHULTZ ul-4 ff l 'X me l , be at Fremcnt, Nehr. 3, Kappa Society Kg i:-3 " Pharm. Society + i ie Pawnee City, Nebr. , Phi Delta Chi ii Pharm. Society "'f 'W Q K p LEo F. TIGHE North Platte, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society Registered Pharmacist EDWARD SIMANEK Prague, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society Komensky Club Registered Pharmacist if RALPH L. TscHAUNr21z Osceola, Nehr. Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society Tl: irly-four '36 ' Q 1 4 .I V ' 4: C' 1 NNLX CHAS. L. WIBLE Lincoln, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi Pharm. Society HERBERT WRIGHT St. Edwards, Nebi Pharm. Society ANTONIA E. STARA Ord, Nebr. IN SCHOOL FIRST ESTER Wm. Seneca Chambers Walter O. Clayton Ruth Laverty Carlton T. Sparks Lloyd CR. Constable Thirty-five SEM QBLI1' Alumnua CLASS OF 1910 E. A. FRICKE, Ph. G., Plattsmouth, Ne-br J. G. RINKER, QJayJ, Ph. G., Lindsay Calif. ELSIE DAY, Ph. G., B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr College of Pharmacy. CLASS OF 15111 H. G. BECKFORD, Ph. G., Waco, Nebr. H. C. HARDIN, Ph. G., Liberty, Nebr. LILBURN LAKE, Ph. G., Omaha, Nebr. Omaha Medical College. JOHN NEUMANN, Ph. G., Lewiston, Minn H. M. PROUTY, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr., De- ceased. CARL ROGOSCH tBy Goshp, Ph. G., Siiu. City, Nebr. F. W. SCHWAKE, Ph. G., Nebraska City Nebr. 'L. G. TAYLOR, Ph. C., Lincoln, Nebr. MRS. FLORENCE THORPE STEVENS, Ph. G., Arthur, Nebr. IWINER WHALEY QSportl, Ph. G., Lin- coln,Nebr. CLASS OF 1912 EDO ANDERSON, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr. Lincoln Drug Co. RAYMOND BAUER, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr The Sun Drug Co. E. B. CHAPPEL, Ph. G., Lincoln, Neloi. FRANK HUNTSMAN, Ph. G., Hebron, Nebr. SAM CRAUSE, Ph. G., Osceola, Nebr. EARL WALIIER, Ph. G., Cotner, Nebr. H. L. THOMPSON, B. Sc., Salt Lake City, Utah. Uni. College of Pharmacy. J. W. MALLICK, B. Sc., Bloomington Ncbr JOE SOHLBERG, Ph. C., St. Marle, Idaho. CLASS OF 1.'l1.,? CLAUDE MITCHELL, Ph. G., Chicago, Ill. Iowa 43 I3 and O. N. W. Wzlsh ington, D. C. OLIVIA YOUNG, B. Sc., Topeka, Kaus. fHigh School.l H. W. ANDERSON, Ph. G., Clarks, Ncbr MARK BLY, Ph. G., Hampton, Nebr. Deceased. W. G. WALLACE, Ph. G., Havelock, Nebr OSCAR CONE, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. R. L. EBY, Ph. G., Hartington, Nebr. G. S. HOAG, Ph. G.. Geneva, Nebr. PAUL ROGERS, Ph. G., Iowa. W. H. STOWE, Ph. G.. Lincoln, Nebr. L. A. THOMPSON, Ph. G., Nebr. NELL WARIJ, B. Sc., Nebr. Omaha Uni- versity. EDWIN H, CORBIN, Ph.C'., Summerville Kans. CLASS OF 11114 OWEN CONE, B. Sc. Deceased. A. R. IRWIN, Ph. C., Genoa, Nebr. MRS. P. P. HOWARD, Ph. G., College View Nebr. POTTER P. HOWARD, Ph. G., College View R. A. KOVANDA, B. Sc., Table Rock, Nebr. BARBARA OSBORNE, B. Sc., Ph. G., Romeo, Colo. H. F. WORTHMAN, Ph. C., Lincoln, Netr. EDWARD DORT, Ph. G., Auburn, Nebr. FRED G. LARSON, Ph. G., Lusk, Wyo. R. K. DAVID, Ph. G., Randolph, Nebr. LEONARD DIETRICK, Ph. G., Idaho. GUY THOMPSON, Ph. G., West Point, Nebr. F. J. PERUSSE, B. Sc. CLASS OF 1915 GUSTAF BOSTROM, Ph. G., Minden, Nekr. A. A. LARSEN, B. Sc., Lyons, Nebr. ELMER HANSEN, B. Sc., Shickley, Nebr. RALPH G. BATTY, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr. CLASS OF 1916 GUS BOSTROM. B. Sc., Minden, Nebr. J. P. BROWN, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. R. G. BATTY, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. E. W. SCHAUFELBURGER, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. SAUL B. ARENSON, Ph. C., Lincoln, Nebr. RALPH ARNU, Ph. G. A. E. BUX, Ph. G. M. B. CHITTICK, Ph. G., K. C, Cooks Paint and Varnish Co. J. L. HARMON, Ph. G., Orchard, Nebr. V. C. JOHNSON, Ph. G., Dodge, Nebr. BESSIE TOWNSEND, Ph. G. Ponca, Nebr. CLASS OF 1917 C. G. SAMUELSON, Ph. C., Milford. Nebr. S. B. ARENSON, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. J. J. CREUTZ, Ph. C., Wausa, Nebr. E. W. JOHNSON, Ph. C., West Point, Nebr. C. W. LESH, Ph. C., Lincoln, Nebr. H. ANDERSON, Ph. G., Bridgeport, Nebr. E. L. FOGELSTROM, Ph. G., Omaha, Nebr. W. J. JOHNSON, Ph. G., Gordon, Nebr. ROY A. LARSON, Ph. G., Lusk, Wyo. W. S. NELSON, Ph. G., North Platte, Nebr. J. R. PEXTON, Ph. G., Harlan, Iowa. W. E. WREST, Ph. G. CLASS OF 1918 HARRIET ANDERSON, Ph. G., B. Sc., Homer, Nebr. D. S. BRAZDA, Ph. G., Dodge, Nebr. A. D. FISHER, Ph. G., Oxford, Nebr. ELLA M. HANSEN, Ph. G., B. Sc., Lincoln, Nelor. L. G. KEITH, Ph. G., B. Sc., Eli Libby 85 Co. W. J. MARQUIS, Ph. G., Howard College. E. J. SIMANEK, Ph. G., Ph.C., Prague, Nebr. J. P. BROWNE, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. R. S. HALLIWELL. Ph. G., Odessa, Nebr. A. E. HERMANN, Ph. G., Harvard College, A. F. PRAWITZ, Ph. G., West Point. Nebr. W. H. RUSSELL, Ph. G., Weeping Water, Nebr. CLASS OF 1917 G. E. THOMPSON, Ph. G., Chappel, Nebr. 7'l1.i1'fy-.sim thx . 5-Q QB5 'g3EfV.--v- L KE? an 5 7 NJ M 4 ' . 41 X no - Sig,---Gln hr nzrh an an utimulani, nm an as nnpnriir. Gy 1 I N t 1 N. I w i 1 w C. r 1, .Tip 4 T i 2 1 W Li 1 F, Stuhvut Evultlg Shiruirv The Student Health Service is one of the University of Nebraska's new ventures for the year 1919-1920. The need of a Student Health Ser- vice has long been recognized. The Department for this year has not been extensive, but the service performed and popularity of the system has been gratifying to everyone who has observed its inauguration and been interested in the welfare of the student body. The department has not been solely a place where medicines were dispensed, but a place where any student could go for advice, relative to health, efficiency of body and mind. Such advice often has been invaluable to the person served and no statistics could show its value in this connection alone. It is desired that the service will be considered as a privilege of every student. Miss Irene Dykama, R. N., has spent the entire day at the Dispen- sary and has proved popular with the student body on account of her in- terest and helpfulness. Dr. Inez Phlbrick has taken a deep interest in the girls especially, and the attendance has grown rapidly under her care. Dr. Adin H. Webb has met the boys as one of them, being a former stu- dent and a graduate of the University of Nebraska. He knows some of the problems of student life here as well as some of their medical needs. The past year there have been 3011 calls from University men ex- clusive of the regularly scheduled examinations of students, while from the University women there have been 1351 calls, exclusive of examinations .The Student Health Service will grow in popularity, equipment and service. Thirty-seven Erug litem! Qlulturv in Nrhraaka The small drug plant garden located on the University grounds, be- tween the museum building and Nebraska Hall, has already attracted con- siderable attention and has been given a niche in botanical literature by ' ' t b virtue of being anonymously published tphotographitallyj in a repor y W. W. Stockbergcr of the Bureau of klant lndustiy, entitled, Production of Drug Plant Crops in the United States tYearbook of the Department of Agriculture for 1917.3 S' ce the establishment of this garden, a number of medicinal plants in have been tried out with more or less success, notably Atropa belladomm ' ' ' " 'E "t H1 os Digfztalis pm' pulrea., Datura sto amomum, Mentna. ui? zdis, M. pzperz a, J cycwnus mlger, M ellissa officinalis, Altlzaea 0ffC't7'ZCll'l18, Thyfmus lvulgafris, and others. Belladonna appears to survive the severe winters of Ne- braska, however further field experiments are necessary to determine more accurately the resistance to cold. The slender leaved Digitalis lutea sur- vives the winter very well and the prelimnary biological assays would in-- dicate that it is fully as active as the official species QD. pm' puxreaj. At- tempts will be made to obtain seeds of Digitaqzs fem ugmea which is said to be the most active species of all. lt is very desirable to extend the experimental work in drug plant culture as follows: 1. Enlarge the garden on the university campus by adding thereto certain areas which are now devoted to lawn purposes. The grass walks now in place should be converted into gravel walks, and the whole scheme should be changed from the formal to the landscape ,combining the deco- rative idea with the utilitarian, as far as possible. 2 A seed propagating house is an essential to the experiments. This d mination should be available to students for the purpose of making see gei tests. A plat of ground lahout two acresj has been set aside near the main building of the University Farm for the purpose of making com- ' l K Jeriments This year it is intended to try out Belladonna, Hen- mercla e.1 bane Castor bean and Mint. These commercial try outs may be con- be arrived tinued for a number of years before satisfactory conclusion can at. The aims and purposes of the drug plant gardens and the commercial proving grounds at the University farm, are two-fold. The plants undei 1 1 i t' e to be utilized for purposes of class instruction, to .the stu'- tu t va ion ar dents in the College of Pharmacy, incidentally also to students in othei ' d th ll fre departments of the University, as the College of medicine an e co eg of agriculture, and to add to the agricultural resources of the state. Very ' 'd tall the campus garden should also serve as a decoration to the incl en y, university grounds. ln order that the plan as above very briefly outlined, ' ' l faci itie may be carried out successfully, an adequate fund and specia l are required. ALBERT SCHNEIDER. Tl: 'zrty-cigllt v .3 i,-1 TEE HEE Q . A1N'T THAT N, FWD NNY? ,Zi iw AGAIN V THERE. I DONE p ,TEE.HEE 2 ..f f J o W i ft XX , ' X ""5Hixw ,af Kx likv 7 NN L, X THE DRUGGIST'S CAR A druggist owned a touring car, To ride in it was fun. He backed into a wall one dayg Bill 3133.61. He took a turn across a bridge, Another car did seeg Put on the brakes, but skidded on- Bill 31423. His wife, she used a humble Ford, And drove it through a fenceg She took it to a "Lizll garage, Bill only 30 cents. He had a hurry call to town, He rammed a crossing gateg Next day the railroad stung hitn for Just 320.98 He made a run with his touring car, The speed was something greatg A suddn turn with a loop the loop, Bill 330.68 He ran the car one season, Then figured the expense yx And sold it to a junkman, N X ' 1 - 1 Q69 For 87 cents. Dear Edit 1i?f 54 NSN Q. as f'fZ':? .250 in V1 clullii sigff cc J f 7 Y -Yi, W Z QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS or: I am in love with a little girl, but we live so far apart it is always late when I get home. What shall I do?--Floyd Pickering. Answer-You might aske her to move closer to you. Dear Editor:- Everybody thinks I use rouge, and I don't. What shall I tell them when they kid me?-Miss Maude Ernst. Answer-I would suggest that you tell them to go to - - Alaska. Dear Editor: Malick Wants a ten minutes' talk with me. I don't know what for. What shall I do about it?4-Gillett. Answer-Don't worry, I am sure that you can run the faster. "I am delighted to meet you," said the father of the college student, shaking hands warmly with the professor. "My son took algebra from you last year, you know." "Pardon me," said the professor, "he was exposed to it, but he did not take it." The car was cheap and made of tin, It rattled like a crateg 'Twas one that came with chewing gum In 1908. I-Ie ihought the gasoline was out, And lit a match to seeg For medicine and doctor, Bill 32023. He ran into a 'hawg" one day, To see if 'twere aliveg It were until he hit it, Bill 320.551, Twelve miles from home a storm came on, The druggist raved and toreg He tried to jump a ten-foot ditch, Bill 36034. He took his best girl for a ride, She thought the car was greatg Ile tried to drive with just one hand, Bill 31498. If you must have a touring car Just leave it by the door, Then all the folks will know for sure, It's yours and so's the store. lfurljj Forty-one MEN'S 1920 STYLES BY NEAL R. O'HARA The Male Fashion Experts' Congress, which has just adjourned in Chicago, took seven days to discover what every married woman knows -that there is no change in men's pockets this season. The fashion sharks' decree simply means the standardized hip pocket has made good and is re-elected. And the suit of clothes you got last summer is O. K. this summer unless the moths have made it into an eighteen-hole golf course or an eight-course meal. The natty dresser will wear a coat of good material, reinforced with prescriptions. The coat should have two buttons that can be pressed- one for ice water and the other for vichy. There should be two pockets- one for gloves and the other for cloves. The real Boob Rummell should have more highballs than moth balls in his pocket this year. For the Wall street boys the sweatshop cooks have deserted a suit of Heeced lamb's wool, with large checks included in the fancy trimmings. A wise broker can afford to be measured for one of these suits two or three times a day, using his own tape. The big advantage in lamb's suitings is that they can be cleaned so often and yet look the same every time they come back from the loan sharks. For the politicians the cloak and suit trade are offering running pants with campaign buttons. The running pants are with reservations or rush seats, as the customer desires. The bank messengers this year will wear traveling suits as usual. ale-.----iiL-:in-unfnnn-nulluufnu unfuu nu nn--nu--imYlun-iiu4uuifnn4inl '-u-I-un '-nu4uu un -un un -un -nur un :mln whiz wha My name is Edward Villars Bogue. I am the Prize student of the College, and I admit it. I am also quite a politician, having elected my- self to Student Council because there was no competition, Kappa Psi, and almost forgot Phi Gamma Delta. Qian nnfnnfunnf uulnnnfiinfnn nuiuninuf nn - un- -nu nn nuininiiu:-afunn -nn,unllinn-sinful:-nn fun nn nu nn up My name is Lawrence Kinney. My father runs the biggest store in Lexington, Nebr. I also worked in Kansas City, so you see I am not so dizzy as I act. I never have been known to crib, my singing only brought stale contributions once and for some unknown reason, I made an 8 o'clock several times this year. als:-7.lulfuu1nn1lln4ullfllnfnuiuu nufuur nu- un--uu::un.-nn-7nn-un.-nn:uu4fuuilnuu -nu -:infuse H-nn -nu -nn unliwofo My name is Redford, Helena, but in spite of this name I have not met Achilles yet. Although some of the students are quite young, I feel that it is only safe to have my mother chaperone me. My greatest satisfaction in the last fifty years was how I beat Jensen in the state board. Fo1'ty-two Forty-th rec KEALIZE How NEAR DEATH YOU ARE ALL THE. TIME" f-ora. LYIVIAN IN PHYSIOLOGY CLA66 EVERY DAY. CMOIZE . om Les-55. I- I' 6 'Qi 'You Youme PEOPLE DON'T UA '71 Q I X f I QI NX Q. Y 7 THE CORD5- III -1- j ruevce me NQW DONT D ap OTHER BOOKS A WHOLE. LOT Foszc-,ev Q Ewen To Wm- T0 KEWNU STAND THAN THIS ME NEKI' HIZNE OF gmcgzessoug WELL UT FO TIME T9 FEAR You MIGHT TELL You THE ToT?KEi 'IE'Q?.LA2Is'N?,ULT V om I I I N I1 DUCK -SI-OR' "' 1' Quo-as vIII5 Pom THE ONE ABOUT TI-IE. 4 smug TEXT Boom, DIJQK THAT f my-Q, f , f GV' TURNED INTO IQIGN Dv N' If III eff ' W N I 7' - " THATS ALL ' yy ' 1 ' I K Z A FOR TODAY ,, Z r a N 5' ,f gwfv X-x...J Cl-A5515 'gf' -I X ' X 69' X, Excu5ED I, ffm fi II!If C I I I I ICC W I X f I I I I III I I, N! QL - ., EJ- s --' -5 X F'0'l'fQlf-fUll'I' Squirrel 3Hruit H LUX. '1 elk 'ff- A ffwn. r Forty-five or Eff 5 lf I ' W f X IQTWAS 'rue NIGHT' .BH-'offs XR ti THE b1'ATE BOARD? 4 Z ,' 7 Y 1 A H 'E' ' 1 I f fa-EQ'- 1, 'Vi k it as fzi-1-.lf-fe THE EDITOR The fools are not all dead-Nope Here's proof if you will heed it. I'm fool enough to write this dope, And you're fool enough to read it. To shave your face and brush your hair, And then your Sunday clothes to wear, That's preparation. And then upon the car to ride- A mile or two to walk beside- That's transportation. And then before the door to smile, And think you'll stay a good long while That's expectation. And then to find her not at home- That's thunderation. If a body see a body, Flunking on a quiz If a body help a body, Is it teachers biz? A school annual is a great inventwn, The school gets all the fameg The printers get all the money And the staff gets all the blame. Fortier took a drink one day, But now he drinks no more, For what he thought was H20 Was HQSO4. Mr. Jensen-How many are working on your staff, Mr. Colson? W. C. C.-Oh, I should say about a sixth of them. Miss Day: Mr. Kolterman, how would you make "Lotio Flavor." Kolterman: Yellow wash is made by putting the lavaa in the water and shak- ing it up. There is an emulsion formed which is white and looks soapy. Bogue: Let me borrow your "Guide to The Organic Drugs of the U. S. P." Kinney: Oh, no! It is my best friend I can't part with it. Judge-"Where did the automobile hit 1791 you . Rastus-"Well, judge, if I'd been car- number it would hab rying a license been busted to a thousand pieces." i. Father-What made you Hunk in Ma- teria Medica? Son-A case of unpreparedness, Dad. A green little Freshman in a green little Way, Some chemicals mixed just for fun one day: And the green little grasses now ten- derly wave, O'er the green little Freshmarfs green little grave. a NN f Wi liiiiig, 'Fri' ff! . Y pm K f . nf r !'e cikgih' ' ,ia A ff 'I 'fxqjgil fc A I J 1 It N X Z 'liz' lib as ' il W' XX XJ K . . . ill n PHYSIOLOGY STUDE'S DREAM Forty-s'i::: fffw DON'T THAT NAVXVT xx 'w JUST KILL f Q KT MUCH ,M 5s g Qrod K2 HU cw :iii 1 7 "l b li? 1' J , . K ll Ri f C . S f , ' l,l' 'fi-Nil li 0 l l KW we aillllililllilljfilfi Uhr lighter Bibs Qbiiifr "Moses had indigestion like ou haue Y ' r mother," announced little Freddie Wal- den at the Sunday dinner table. "Why, what makes you think so?" questioned his mother. "Because our Sunday-school teacher said: 'God gave Moses two tablets."' "Hey, Moike, and phwat do ye t'ink of those new sanitary drinkin' cu s"" p . "Sure, Pat, and soon we'll have to spit on our hands wid one eye droperf' . Marriage is called a game because it's played around a diamond. - "I heard to-day that your son was an undertaker. I thought you told me he was a physician." "Not at all." "I.don't like to contradict, but I'm positive you did say so." "You misunderstand me. I said he followed the medical profession." - The druggist has a life of care, He likes it. He seldom tastes the pure, fresh air, But likes it. I1e'll work all day and half the ni ht g , gh? gours he keeps give one a fright, u ont you tiy to set him right, He fights it. Observing an unfamiliar siuub by ' country roadside, a student of botany stopped to make an examination. "Are you acquainted with this fiower," he asked of a passing boy. "Yep," the boy answered. "To what family do you think it be- longs?" Indicating a near-by house with a pudgy thumb, the boy answered: "Hig- ginsesf' l , Mr. Henpeck-"Is my wife going out, Jane?" Jane-"Yessir." Mr. Henpeck-"Do you know if I am going with her?" - "He knows all the best people in town." "Why doesn't he associate with them, then'."' 'They know him." PLEASANT THERAPEIJTICS "Let me kiss those tears away," inc begged, tenderly. She fell into his arms, and he was busy for the next few minutes. And yet tho tears flowed on. "Can nothing stop them?" he ask'-d breathiessly. "No," she murmuredg "it's hay fever, you know. But you go on with the treatment."-Judge. Forty-seven c-. 'T 1999 f AINEY P45555 THE 5TATE1 BOARDS I LIKE IT Tobacco is a dirty weed. I like it. It satisfies no normal need, I like it. lt makes you thin, it makes you lean, lt takes the hair right off your bean, It's the darndest stuff I've ever seen, I like it. "Our product is thoroughly tested be- fore leaving the factory. No man can sell stuff to-day that has not been tes- ted." "We manage to sell our product with- out testing it." "That's odd. What do you sell?" "Dynamite" He failed in Botany, flunked in Chemg They heard him softly hiss. I'd like to find the man who said That ignorance is bliss. OIILIGING SPRING Hllail! Hail!" l heard a poet sing, "Thy charms unveil! Hail Gentle Springlu And 'LGent'e Spring" Her charms unveiled And hailed and hailed And hailed and hailed! "How is it that Arthur never takes you to the theater nowadays 'V' queried Marie. "Well, you see," her friend replied. "one evening it rained, and we sat in the parlor." HYeS ? Y! "Well, ever since that we--Oh, I don't know, but don't you think that theaters are an awful bore?" One afternoon Leonard Gillette walked into a drug store and stated to the clerk his need-a man's comb. "Do you want a narrow man's comb?" "No," said Gillette, with the utmost gravity. "What I desire is a comb for a stout man with celluloid teeth." IDEAS FOR AUTOMOBI LISTS If you are thirsty, the chauffeur has a license, and besides there is a spring be- neath the car. If in need of excitement, just lean over the side of the car and watch the tool box. If troubled with a cold, put the hood over your head and the muifler around your neck. If you own a Ford, the rattle will amuse the baby at any time. If you are tired of driving, let the axle drive for you. Remember the auto- mobile is also tired. The Ford was always a noisy ma- chine. Even the wheel spoke. The front of the car is heavier than the rear. That makes the tail light. The automobile is a fine machine for a politician, the mud guards prevent mud-slinging. If you have no matches, simply throw your cigar out of the car and watch it light. The power of an auto measured by "truck horse power." If you feel Hush and wish to b'ow yourself, the horn is handy. Have you seen "Mag" Neta? Oli bosch! truck is not Forly-aight Greetings To Uur hom Advertisers . . ' 7 S -lust 21 wolwl ol' nppi'wi:11io1i to tln zulvi-1'tisvi's who lmw- so g'm-iiwmislx D. J. Fink, Prop. lwlpeil tu siipport the l'l1u1'1n:u-v An :mal this year. lf it xwre not fm Holdregea Nebr. their "mls" whit-li they liave griwn us, tlzf- Allllllill would not lic ahh to exist. They url' glzul to ln- alvll ' to help us. What do we owe tliemf Q You lmvc inaiiy mills to s an-ml yoiii l iiioiic-V with the-se :iwlx'v1'tise1's. Xvlltxll you mlo, iwiiieiiiliei' tlivsi- 2l4lYtlI'flSPl'h :Hill Imost for llltflll. A loyal friend of the College of Phar- macy and one to whom We owe deepest 'l lllfl lfll7l'l'UH, appreciation for his hearty co-operation. , x N .X bk 491 fy -Qggw i-Xviv. -X ,. Who wouldrrt deliberately cut his linger so that he could have it treated at the Medical Dispensary '? orly-nine' STUDENTS are especially lnvlted to try THE N. S. CRFE South I lth Hugh Cllass RQHSQHHIEDHG Seifvnce Prrnees A Restaurant of the Better Class The Smith Dorsey Company Manufacturing Pharmacists Special attention to Private Formula Work. Full Line of U. S. P. and N. F. Products. 233 So. 10th St. Lincoln -:- Nebr. The Henry R. Gering Company . . . Pharmaceutical cQ Manufacturing Chemists lll4-lll6 Farnum St., 0maha Don 't Forget W1-1ALEY's DRUG STORE b'i 4 M. H. WHALEY, Jr. Prescription Druggist 1847 0 Street, Lincoln, Nebraska Phone B 2101 Service! Laboratory Glassware Microscopes and Accessories Dissecting Sets Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Kostka Drug Co., 143 So. ll Lincoln Phone B-6678 Nebr. ...... ,.... vv-, --,-.--.---f-,Y .-K. . .. ... ,.,,,, mu X J , WHEN SoncxeigtBte131Ix,,,,Q1lnTh95'1ff01' so STYLEHEADQUARIERS5 X.. I ' ,,Y.Y. is A.A4A, -,-,....4 ..-.-,' -5 .5.9,-J . Yf,:,.Y.Y.,.Y. .,.A.A. 5 , A.A. 5 ,,A., 3 . ,,.,. ..,,. as I Graduation i Apparei T . vt -g I .gl 2 ,W ll ? 4 ' 4 1 xg 3 N Vw Nt J 'I X lf Q Q fl .X J -A XR We emphasize QUALITY in a most pronounced way Satisfaction or your money back MA YER 'X for Young Men and Women assembled with that unerrznv judgement which ma es such an event certain success Men's, Women's and Children's Clothes, Shoes, Hats, Furnish ings and Dry Goods 1? , Y 2" WED eif"',! Q . xx K. f ii ' Nix mi ' .6 y X 29469 ig R W U1 W tw, 2 -- BROS ELI SHIRE, President qu,.ni,.,...,-..rur,..u,vInl,,..4-.u..1,.,yL,,,,1.n4ri -- 1 .1 '!' I I Cleaners I Pressers 3 Dyers 3 - - of the better sort! I - - in Lincoln N T 333 No. 12th 0,,I, FEE fe' I2 years We have Printed for the University Trade. CD Almost all the students have patronized us. C9 We do thank you QD Graves Printery 244 No. llth St., Lincoln te-II IIZIIWPN or Tmlav for NNt'lIlIllIU'S Lady Washington Vellum COLONIAL WHITE WEDDING STATIONERY A I'IlI9 IIIIC of t'0I'I'0l'I Zlllll zlvvelm- - F' ' and sovizll forms PXlIl'GSSIllg1'IIlQVOIII Tc-sy :xml goorl Taste of TIM' IlS1'l' Sold only through En- gravers, Stationers, and Printers. Sample sent on req t with name of you dealer. Carpenter Paper Company Wholesale Distributors OMAHA ' ' Va rs i ty' ' SEV " is Clothes It it Mfg --HU U Mft I It A YB 'I 'J ' 'X I W Cfor "live-wire" menl I M' me -You know the clothes- know they're just what you like, I I ffmxl w , . A I x -you know that they give you -y 4 + I? Xp . ljfl I xw Q.-. the young men's style you want fl ' H,ej,L1gffX" K- Rx and the Ht that you must have. K KRQ., 534. 75 Slip on some of these Suits, they are in Single-breasted, plain, ' 8. 7 5 pleated and belted coats. 1-L-1 342.75 EDWIN CLAPP SHOES STETSON HATS COLLAR-ATTACHED SHIRTS FINE FURNISHINGS I ' IA "g: I A DQ H, 1 OH Dayllcght 'C1'l TIXL1FLQ'9t01'Q fb The Nebraska Hotel Company's CHAIN OF HOTELS Home Oflice, Lincoln, Nebr. COMFORT SERVICE COURTESY The Fontaiivllv .vw,...E..,.E, flllliillkl, Nchr. The lCw111s O...,Y,,E.O,,,.,AO f'OlllllllJllS, Nelu' The Lincoln ,.o...A.,o,..o....o. Liiivoln, Ne-hr. The liimfolin,,.oo...,oo l4ll'2lIllillll, Nvln' The Coates ,..o..oooo...oo. Kansas City, Mo. The Liuvolh ,..o,..,..oo 'l'ahle Rock, Nelwr The Linvoln .oo,o.o.oo..,, Svottshluff. Nehv. The Okvima Apts .,.,,oo,, liim-mln. Nohi' Tlw 173333 Hzmvli, Kearney, Nehr. fSupplyi11gg' all llotvlsb F. E. Schaff, President R. W. Johnston, Mgr.-Director Omaha Wall Paper Compan Exclusive Distributors for Star-Peerless Wall Paper Mills OMAHA, NEBRASKA We Can Help You Secure A Bigger, Better Business! Exclusive Distributors for Lowe Eros. Company Benjamin Moore Co. Pratt ci: Lambert Murphy Varnish Co. Boston Varnish Company Pioneer Glass Sz Paint Co. OMAHA -:- NEBRASKA RQMO ef SEMTVZER .. . , i ' ' n gf , l,j7jTJ, X, y!"'Zg3fy'Qi ."f if Mig, 3 'gif' L an Si , H A 'S E M E R 5 0 N . U, "WH wLcco.unL11HU'gw 'HH wmv. counnawff uv-use mz1r::1"f,,,.,.xQ.y .mm . 'Y-. -.... fm v S ",.f v . . 5,3-L: ...N.'..,.:f g,,.:p.' '-A. nB'.,:'...'1.w',j',4-:Qi 1:-L...,,.. M.-in L' ,N ,L x I A-..,M,...w+f-15 ,,.v',j' qv--X .A Mu .B W- Ma 'N-3-lg-.n.,.1...r-I yn "'-:::'.:5:f:1S'Y1f' M +-Fo-R "H'EADAC'H'ES Townsend-- PHOTO G RAP HY Studio 226 South 11th sr. Dil "Preserve the Presenlfor the Future" nqn ublet eb ea! I A ,M fwL,Q tgp . 1 X ,-FF' L - 25.1 Asa- af, -w-,, , ,A 5 Lxsnsh Q ' gm, K"1,v.4-1:-5 -. . S V, ' G1xqJ .'..., '- H 4 -'n -' ,,,. . .'.'.'.' , x -N 'R' , :':Z3:3:i:i:-:?:3, 4,-:+:3:- .,.-,' 'Qs ":"f:I-.'I"-fyAl':"I ' - xx v fww'3 ' "f' in N5 - ff:i2E5.f2i2:i5f,:a2?1552512 Q X X 'GeeQQEQSQE2fiiisiririrfrf Ax K 599' N! ?5I313:i:7ZTZ7:3:f13:-.'.f?:i:"- w 'NYY x ' f"ff22t'E1?1E5f3'5g?ff' A -- 'P "Q ' 'hwlllifx " 'V X- X ' df- " X x "A A J : 'N ?f A xxXX 'Q ' NEBAG0R LINES LINEN Glhr Glullvgv nf lmrmarg ofthe UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA Offers unusual opportunities for the study of Pharmacy. ' s 1 These opportunities are: i 1 1. The environment of one of America's greatest universities. 1 2. Unexcellecl library and laboratory facilities. 3 3. One of Americafs best drug plant gardens. Q 4. The association of students who have energy and ability to produce a book of the type of i this Annual. - v Two, three and four year courses are offered. Work in Pharmacy is given in the summer session. For information address the Dean, DR. RUFUS A. LYMAN University of Nebraska XV' The Dr. Miles Medical Co llns, W1- l111l11-1'1'. lllilll-V lllllfllllls Qllllflllgl' H111 1l1'11g'g'ists of N1-. lbl'2lSlCil. flllll we Hllll'l'l'i'lj' trust that Elllltillgl' H111 u'1'z11l11z1T1fs 11IA lllll l'11lleg'1' ul! l'l1z11'111111'y nf The Sllllll, who will 5111111 llllll'l' z11'f1v1- l111si1111ss life. XV4' shall z11l1l 111 llllx 1111111I1111' of 11111' W1-I w1sl1111's. DR. MILES MEDICAL CO. ELKHART, INDIANA Text and Reference EQLQJECE New and Second Hand All Students' Supplies . . . V 4 College Book Store FACING CAMPUS 1135 R Street - - Lincoln, Nebr HIGH CHOOL SENIOR You must choose-perhaps you have already chosen- the path into the future that will lead you surely to your Graduatioii Day brings you to the turning of the ways goal in life. oes your ambition point toward a professional or bus'- fl asf . . , - ness caieer? Do you wish to become an educator, a scientist, an agricultural expert? Do you intend to pre- pare yourself for life's keen competition by thorough spe- cial training in ANY line? af you do, then the time, the money, the effort involverl in a University course will count as little in compar- ison with the advantages it will give you all through life in efficiency, in sure knowledge, in the ability to make the most of the opportunities the years are sure to bring. ur State University, the alma mater of thousands of Nebraska's illustrious sons and daughters, offers you a well-rounded education in your chosen vocation together with the splendid experiences and fellowships of College life. your leisure hours, there are the athletic field, th- debating societies, music, dramatics, class politics- a host of pleasant and worth-while activities. iliterature describing the University and its manifold activities has been especially prepared for distribu- tion to 1920 Seniors. It will be of help to you in making your plans for the future. Address the Registrar- University of ebraska Lincoln, Nebraska ky -:T -J, jl,.iX -j ft, g i 455 sc.. NN ,- Q X if 46 x, 1 'T '- "I fl! i 0 1. '1 1 , A ' ' ' , Z l l E2 .. ' Q, ,- '. '- an Z R? 5 J ! 'I 'li ! X 1" . 'xx x xx 659 f xixxxx-..- University of Nebraska Colleges and Schools The Graduate College The College of Arts and Sciences The Teachers' College The College of Agriculture The College of Engineering The College of Law The College of Medicine The College of Pharmacy The College of Business Administration The College of Dentistry The School of Fine Arts The Teachers College High School The Schools of Agriculture The Summer Session University Extension Courses SUMMER SESSION OPENS MAY 29, 1920 FIRST SEMESTER REGISTRATION SEPT. 15-18, 1920 . 3 Y J eq, f ' v- , . - ., ' 11... . 'isp -' Our word for service is worth more to you than any other store's "price" We have heard people strenuously object to the unsatisfac- tory service method of other stores, then deliberately go back to the very same store the next day. All stores claim to give good service. We are here for your benefit, but we cannot he successful without your help. TRADE WITH US, TRUST US, LEARN TO DEPEND UP- ON US, AND WE WILL GUARANTEE YOU EXTREME SATISFACTION ILLERS' RESCRI PTICN H ARM ACY Phone B4423 Corner Sixteenth and O Street Lincoln, Nebr. Q O O sy 05' CLAF LIN PRINTING PLACE LINCOLN NEB 1. -A ' S Ax, ' Kilim' Q 0 I .I U The Hrstlword in our vocabulary is Quality This is fllc p'1'1'uf shop of U1z'z'vc'rsz'l'y Amzzuzls, Univer- sity Bullvfins and Catalogs, Books, Zllr1ga:z'110s, and all lcinfls of Fmzfy Job IVo1'1f. 'N L: R I x 'J -- ID ' X -,-,,. 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