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HI' RSETY GF SUM! X H ' I L, 1Jfm'l V- 1,1 - K tvxfsfi 7-A umvensm or :ummm l MAR 15 1921 ' iv-efxyfwfvdl-"XJ I he Par Zftunk ,?nfeee t to 'he Glnllvgv nf Itllmrmurg iininvmiig nf Nrhrzleka Un nur Illrivnhu sinh Ellvllmu Igharnuariutng To our Fwlenfls and Fellow Plta'2'nzae1fsts.' In p1'e,s'ent2Tng this, the fourth year book of the vol- lege of pharmacy, we have 6'I!lGCl,I'O7'Cfl to zfizeorporate nza- terial tntevesting not only to the pharnzaceutzfeal stuflents alone but pha1'ma,elsts in general and especially those of NeIn'al.9lfa. We tahe this oppotrtmzity of than!-.fz'ng our frieizrls for their support and extend our best uislzes for szzeeesxr and prosperity! z'.z theta' chosen ptrofesszion. Sftneerely, ' The Efl1'tor. To Samuel Avery, Chancellor of the Unzfrer- sity of N6b7'CL.SlCClf, u'lz,o.Qe cowsfmzt support has made possible the rlmelopfmefzzt of the College of Plzclrmacy, this book is fL1f0Cfl'Oi1fl'lf6l.lj ll6llZ'C'fl,ZL6'fl by the stnrlents of that college. Qiufuz Azhlvg Egmzm No one man is clclfmitrecl by the 8t'ZlCl67'l,lfS of the College of Plmrtmalcy as is our clean, R. A. Lyman. He 'llZ6GSZl'l'6S his success by his sermfce to his stu- clehtsg he is fm ClCl'Z'0CU,f6 of mlorcllttyq he stfmds for the best in PllCLI"lIZClC6Zlb'lCGfl erlucattiofn. Once you meet htm, his f1' awnrl fl'2l01Z,Clll'FZ,6SS is cleelcleclly impressed upon you. His optomlsttc mood is contagous cmd his power of 'Zl'l'l,.S'b'Zlll'Z"l1g loyalty into the S?f'llCl9'l'lb aoeozmts for the success of the College of Pharmacy. ,FAM E. W. SCHAUFELBERGER ."lSN0l'iflfl" Eirlfrn' ELLA M. HANSEN .'1ssor'1'r1fr' Eflifol' SAIIL B. ARENSUN flsxisfnnl linsinwsx 111111 Uhr Svtuff .QW. nv- T A xx MM! 'mgifx A f -, A , , f f 'H E1 .' -4 1 MARTIN B. CHITTICK Editor 41. J' Q Q.. 5 FRED J. CREUTZ Associate Editor CHAS. W. LESH Business Illruzflgffr WILFORD S. NELSON Associate Editor EVERETT JAMES Sfafjf Plzofograplzer .'-sf P - - .. . ,.. -x ...--.-......,...,-""" I ,,,.,m -,.,,--..,.,............-..-...... -' - --.. , .v. ...-- , x-.. ...- ........- ..,,- in -4-',---- 'z-0-" :---.......- ,, . -,- - --!-D',v"'- - 'xX..?L.,,,...,-' 1 -...-,, W..-'--Q-.64 , +v-:- f"A-,lg-F ik, --f::-- I M i A "'+v.a..--,.1::.,..-.E-r:,1f.L-,,,,-f - A-4:"lfrfQ,,--f?+-L',Y?A-1.,T ir,-" ln: ' ' 9'm:g?-tg ::'1'l- , -....-1-""'+ - --- ...pszg-'zc-"'-1:-9"-" '1 :::-4. V 1 :A up ,, ,-., .. A A A-is A 51-......n-"S "" ff' '- -, 'T' 05- ,QL 'H -in Y, ., ,V A V , M... ,,u-n-n. s-.-n- 5 H A 'Q , -P:-, ft -V ' S , "'--- -- f ' 3 Wg- f' :,A f' f X: .rex AA W' -1 """-s.. bf- ' Q--"-?i 2-.N ff' ' 'ff -- 1 'Q-. 'r f A3 E K x Q ., - . as X.:.f!?,ef?:J .glflf-'k Q x 'mic-,5 ,,.1frk5 an--1-. I wQi.ggug4ei5 A191 , X X.. WH, z w "'r'.!o-3' 4, 7 .,' 'ii 1- -1 Aff . ',4',, lx y - gl L: is , L X xx 1- A Q- U. if, A -A gl, -ff ' "'w-S.-.- Q ' ,,:' ' x E .,-- -' Y -I-R V N- f' f' 1 bf- ,dr - Ji , NME- A :X Q , V ,Z Ns f , X -nl ' 1- f as--s. if V 1 1 gf? . Jw A KN hvw I ML 1 '15, 'x -- ' fl " , ,-. NK Agar, xl' fi V . ' "n xx, -f, W g lf, ' A . , KN..." 1 an--m ' .5-Ie' 59 I4 3 L v I N. V 1, -wt I M-. 1 . A 1 .M X .,...-- f. V'-' ' "'i""f3:3:f'.:ff.. f 'f' 111: I , ,,, W 'N A NX Q3f l?E?iiiff6' M -vii i' ' ' ,-1 94 I 71, N.. Wi M 'Ta - 'Nm' A' ,- K' . A :Um 'n,,A.d,,- ' 'gas' v., , ,L 1 f D X, ' , 'Y "FLW, K- ffl- 1' ....,,...---..-- I f ......-ff-.4-n"f --:Q 1- N' ....M... 'Q A -'-:ff-L .'w'--f--- AQ. X -, 1 gy ' --......-v'5,,,.- ., 1 'its' ,4 ,mf--w....,---A f v .4175 '- MMM' ,'fAM5:f7 , ...H--1-. ...,---1" , ,Li fx" -....--,,.-,,.,,,,,,,, 4 U" '-f-1-- , ..--.,.- f--.. -x "f , ,--,,,.,,.,- M, , . I ' V -rf" '-u..d' "A:4 .4"' 2ZW"'25', :"" iw--...LM Er' 2 wg if-' 4 , ' , ,,,....--- """""""""-....-n- A--... 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E .,,, Qi J ,N Q, ' ' ' ' ,M ., ,K X-' fQ:1f'fi3i'-ELf?:Si"1Iif - Nh ' fell- " ,fy Q' "M'1f?a-iw 3 1- 'w-"jf:'f: A "" f fliflfj 3 '-'f:'1:, , ' ' "' 4 , " if K 'Zi Nj f, 55:21 ,f,f11T'337if.7'Q'2s:l:mu2:fj1 .-.q.3'A:E?2EtQf5i,21? f "buzz if "NNN ' P . 1 .i-in A , I ,,, ,pf , . ,Y wiki 5 ij? C--.. N ,., , , l i v:1:fg.,....,J:b54! V f- RJ., r I I I .NWA 1,-. . 'Q-3'1'T" !f""5' 'v'."f'-'--f..I' "--wa' f- v!- If M ,w"',Z'f-"WW I , my ." fi 3-I X ' "N f ' W . . frwpgga --W., ':':..,,,w,.f9'3"i,.f::H- ,,. .wwf f- Leg .f-- ,Q ' 'N'-hq-- - I 5,,.g5,Q-lu-l.ia,Q-4,3-i,iivT:x.n,5Q:5f.:L,g'ff,fj,i?fg'?, W-F .xfqrlu fz , ,X 53:41-:Xl M '.x6.....,s. scams ,.- .1 f, 1- I' si ,IW-,'Q" ,.. 15531-,-,Tl-' gffi-.,,5, Ag 'I 'X A f V ' a -, "' I ,1' .... 'W ffm , ,ggz419f, ,-H ,ff -+-4. Q1-K ... 1,.j.i5.,3:.jl jg' Q3 Ffgilfgf yi,.13,g,... sliargzlwr. . W.-. ,,... ,. .-..,--, :::N:t.JN Q -vw I , 32. -5 ' 1 iff H, ,H P ,X -....--...:,::::" Qxj.4.L.'7"W:i'f,,N "1-L Al I I , .-W1-:vfr.,p,I3-Z"--'V'21 .'1WE'.eQ."w"5'-W:iY'2'g79EF"A lx wi ii 1: gli J haf' f x'-Sri", ' fz xjy L7-:I 'Nh ' W" 2" ' --f-'1"::'.1':7':f A"f'i-R---'il 'aff - lm: .21 -- '-in "'f,W- 1 J ' X A . . ,,...?:: ggfjvr.P-IIE-.fest-?::I.ii2y!,?,I ygfuh Gfgxgxh ,r..52.1z.,N -l"X,,,. ff. 'lf ,EX if 1 :Sk -'NZQSJLTTNLV -6' E" ' 'Ah'-.,,Jl,!A 'N --. 44:5 N JN . N 1. .llfu 'V' gal' I' 15 '5'5TJ.'a"'Z" 'Vx -ms 1 N- fu"' 'J' 0 A 'A f'N 'P pf' "3-ve .., ,J L, ,, .V-. -Y HH--I K :L Q Il.. . - ' ' "'- ' 'N"L':'f S'-. f", .az --' ,, ,arf ,gb is, TQ' ,,! ' n, ' : ' hw' .,,.A""P J: . -4, 'A -.-ff fp, , 1, .11 -f f,,.ff'-,,,g3g, J . N 2-, . Y ask.. 1. " ' . g 1 vp MM,43?,spgjQv,, 'Xxx- . ,':::u:vi,,-9-:lg I f I A. xx ,413 ,kts l , I. "T"-fi , .A .. LA . f ,U ' '. J--I 4' fl-.f TY , 'n A, V0.1 -' , . Lildtaof - V, is-' TJ?-.jf 7 I ff I' x, ,. . , 1. I' rn Af! s " fl . x rg" 1. Y L' , . e fn- -v . 1-,. l :QA -1 .--X ,031 s. an ll A S 9.9 M 5:4 P , 1'A . , x - , 1 w ii f' F 4. f . . , b 'KE 7 .', . . 1 - 1 .' 'Kxj , Lf J 'f'r"-'7"' so H. NK ,,-v 9 . 5 X, I SKI X F. L. BARKER Zoology HARRY L. THOMPSON Plzorfmacy mul Pl2jfSI'lll0fjjj if-2 -1 M"-Ov:-M.. -f-1' F. J. PERUSSE ELSIE DAY Dis1Je1 z.Qi1 zg PlLCl'7'77'2flfCQ?l PlLflI'WZffl,C0g'lZ082j C. J. FRANKFORTER Qz1a nt1'tatfiUe CILemi.9t'ry GEORGE L. BORROWMAN Q 1zaZ 1'tm'z'1w? Clzwnzisfry G. E. LEWIS MARY L. FOSSLER Gwzrwal Chem. I,c1 bfn'f1f0r11 OrgmzficClwm1'St 1'2j gl . ,.N I ,, If I 5, I .S u 'G : X' r., , . , , , - 1 I . . -f.,M'-A, .J e, ,x.. ' -. .. -gl'-H In l 4 ... vw 1 ff I X ' if iii g-,W LS w G if PQ i'. vp Y . . 1.1 L 1 x . "N Q , -.. ,. -- Q i 8 ,,-wX fn A ,,. uf! fl" .J yt n ,I A, DR. BENTON DALES A ,. Q bf Chemistry .3 , , ':-uf' J ,,"f,i ,' ', '5 K Kyra: if ' . 1 xv 4 i., , vw, A , .1 x- ,,, ff' 'if N, . 1.:-"' - -L.. -I ' V VA A "x,A,JLf ' Q- , Q . -,V f XX A Q ." .-ppl'-'fag 'T' -1 grep ! , L, ,Q -i'L-- Hl ", . ' ,f vi? 5 ,Q L y "N x w - ., 'N N 'I We NN 'V-.Lia '- gi. lf: 117 .. 1" 1 B ' wi N. P. HANSEN Com HI6'l'CI'fII Plzarmacy fx 'f -J DR. R. J. POOL Botany if MARGARET L. HANNAH Botany ' Q 14 . U V. ,- L 1 . 'iv Q. 4 Q lv Y i x, in 1 DEAN W. G. HASTINGS DR. H. H. VYAITE Plzarmczcezztfical JH1'7fS1Jl'ZHl0IICC I3fzc'fffrz'ol0fl!f wl""" Y' fi .. W, Y,-f RUFUS ASHLEY LYMAN, JR. The Heir Apparent 71 ' 1 1 ' 'Is W I ' ' V Y .,1 L 1 h "fx " x 'Q f T, , QI, V1 , Y11 ' -'1 , - F., ' A., 'Q K-L33 'llxlggi ' 'x . xx, N X II i , . ' M: Him V. W . -445532 f-fQis". :E 4 +3 47' Ng: '2"9v'1 Ju", 1 -.- fjgf mX:.geW':'1m- , v, 1 4- fJ',x:2Q+-5:14 SL 1. . 4 ,, gf? fwxw ga I-'Q F? V W 'ff --'v f ii?is5f153?5"'m?f5fi?1-gig' f-f P , -. A A' .3 11.44-i'3i:.f"E'1ffvfgq'5-'fl-V1' . - iff fu ..... a -.'- 1' -'f yn 1 1 1 ' Y, A , , J wif ,. ragwi 2 - up ','-wif Lg, . fri: V Q, A 1 M .1 1 fri.. ' - ' "' 3 , 'nf' 'x V ' hm V M - 1 vm- - f - - 'fl' Q ----' -- --AP --M-ww..-W.M.:,,..,....,.a.:.l,,,,,.-.,-an ,, W, , WF' " '-""- - - fvlliir-v:wvwfmee-,ff.a,A,,,,,,,,...,,,,,.,,,,,M,,,v V -A'- i 1 " 5' - ' ' Ar ff, 3 Z . - - wa... v-,,......,.v,.v.-a-uu......-...A,..v-1-w-'- 41-1' v i-'LL-' ,BAQ me Vf! I 4 , .WM.,....,....a ,.,.,..,.w .M fm--W as ------W--......v....,...-....-. ..-ww. N... .N ,, M., ,,,fx- A 'ii' """' FH EEN ' QL l. A, . f-A 4 . . vga? 0 I -- , w 51434. NNNNSWNWX , , , X XNXNQ "w -1- avf' ' ' , ' - f-'U'-5-va -.' v, 15, IJ e- ef fflf 1 ' ICQ 25,4 ' Fir J-I K i ef Yiig' ' 'fff-445 5-5 -.. Q - . 1 kg, el If ' an 5 P -vF'- ess f ,1 ' 5 Q ,-32" .- .gf fy. I 1 AM.-AA 5 u Y k - A,,,,,,,,,.f-"ff "' L kwa fl As we leave the class room at the close of another successful year, may the follow- ing sectzfmze serre as ae remz'nder of our ac- qzw'z?ntaence.s and pleasant czssoezf0tz7m1.w made while here. -The Staff. .. '. T 1 ' 2-1 3 . .Q rf' , , rf- -, 5 , a .X V i fe 1 f . 5 e Q1 I I 4 P f I I 2 L 3. g ' iff. x-:se:':Lf'1, - X 1 'IT' WU f " z2"E"g'Tf" i1'71i,TFf"' i?3'i'. T1'i53 U-'1""1 '- E. S I . E 5 ! 1 I i vi. Si Ill Q. .,, ,lb 41.1, A ..,, .pl 1 ToP ROW-Dr. Lvrnan, Batty, Perusse, Pexton. SECOND ROW-Prowitz. Rincker, Thompson, Arner, Browne, Arenson, Fisher. THIRD Row-Nelson, Simanek, Rogers, Brazda, Spooner, Samuelson, Anderson. FOURTH Row-Lesh, V. Johnson, Pickering, Weist, James, Schaufelberger, Huffman. BOTTOM ROW-Anderson, Townsend, Creutz, Chittick, Larson, Hansen, Day. Gbiiirvra uf lidhurmarvutiml Snrirtg Hirst QPIIIFBIFI' Svrnuh Sn-mrntrr MARTIN B. CHITTICK, ...T ,..,,,.,.,,..,s,, P rvsiflenf F. J. CREUTZ T....T...sss.,...,,.,..,..,,,......,,, P7'C'SfifIf'7ll CHAS. W. LESHH. s,,,, ,,.,,,. K Y1"'P-P7'CSid07lf C. G. SAMUELSON ......, ..,..,. 1 five-Prresidew Roy A. LARsoN,s.s ,s,..,,,. Twnszweo' ELLA HANSEN ,,...,,..., .,...,,... S ecretam Blcssuz TowNsENo ,,,.,, s....,, . Sem-etafry Roy A. LARSON... ....,.T1'eas1n'02 JZ: Vila lf. lghnrmarvuiiml Svnrivtg The Pharmaceutical Society Was organized in 1910. From only a few mem- bers it has developed into a society as large as any in the university. We have now about forty members who are full of life, ambition and ready to do anything for the Pharmacy College. We have very large meetings every two weeks when our business is attended to and at times prominent men speak to us on topics of in- terest in our line. From these talks we gain a great deal of information and they inspire in us a desire to be more enicient and do things that will place the pro- fession of pharmacy among the other leading professions. The aim of the Pharmaceutical Society is to bring the students into closer re- lationship with one another and to interest them in things of importance and of educational value in the way of pharmacy. During the first part of May each year We have what we call Pharmacy Week. During this Week We fly a large Pharmacy flag from the top of old "U" Hal1,g on Wednesday we have a banquet to which every druggist of the state is invited. This year we had a dinner, having about seventy-five people, where was displayed the usual pep and enthusiasm. On Thursday we have a special Pharmacy Convoca- tion When some important man is invited to talk. From there we go to lunch together and hear some very good toasts. The week is ended by having a picnic. " If you don't think We have a good time, we ask you to come and see. We also publish our annual each year which is the only annual published by any one college on the campus. ln conclusion, the Pharmaceutical Society is a society that is intended to help place pharmacy on a higher scale and boost pharmacy at Nebraska. ,VW Qu'- 1,7 l To? ROW-Prowitz, Schaufelberger, Creutz, Pexton, Samuelson, Harmon. SECOND ROW-Lesh, Weist, Pickering, Hansen, Arner, James, Browne, Larson. BUTTOM ROW-Lewis, Borrowman, Dean Lyman, Chancellor Avery, Dr. Dales. Perusse, Frank forter. Swninra fiuninra illrvahmvn Ernest W. Schaufelberger Chas. W. Lesh A. PYHWULZ Ralph Arner Fred J. Creutz E- W- Wiest John L. Harmon Godfrey Samuelson R- A- Larson Jess P. Browne Leo Pickering W- E- M211'qUiS E. James J. R. Pexton hi 9121121 Qlhi Phi Delta Chi is a professional fraternity, devoted to the interests of Pharmacy and Chemistry, to which only pharmacy and chemistry un- dergraduates are eligible for active membership. Pi Chapter of the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy was granted a charter on March 22, 1912. The year 1916 Iinds Pi Chapter with a membership of fourteen active members and twelve honorary and faculty members, consisting of professors of Pharmacy and Chemistry and prominent druggists and chemist of the state. The aim of the organization is to further the interests of the Phar- macy profession, to promote a feeling of good fellowship, to elevate the scholarship and standing of the College in which it is interested, and as a means of helping the men to meet and mingle with those who have at- tained a high rank in Pharmacy in the United States. Semi-annual banquets are held, at which the new members meet the alumni, plan for the future and talk over the old times. The fraternity is a means of keeping the alumni in touch with the College, and stimu- lates an interest among these men, which is certainly benelicial to both Grand Council of the Fraternity was held at Minneapolis on the 7th, Sth and 9th of February, 1916, at which five of the boys of the local chap- ter attended. They were entertained by the Theta Chapter of the Uni- versity of Minnesota, visited the college of Pharmacy at that place, and all consider it a trip Well worth while. The 1917 meeting of the Grand Council will be held at Lincoln, at which there will be representatives from over the United States, and prep- aratlons are being made to entertain these fellows in such a royal manner that they will never forget Nebraska. ,ga ...Q A-or ' any A 1 'St' ,S ,V , 4 3-S HARRIET ANDERSON, '18, Genoa, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Uni. Business Women's Club, Y. W. C. A., Union Literary Society, Girls Club, Phar. Week Comm. "HATT1E" Here I am l'Vitho11t a man, And I long for one each day, S0 open your eyes For handsome guys, And send them around my way. HOWARD ANDERSON,l19, Bridgeport, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Gym Team, Checker Shark. HANDYH Wherz Spring is here W-ith all its cheer, I think I'll go and fuss, But where in the world Could you get a girl For such a bashful cuss? SAUL BRYAN ARENSON, '16, Lincoln, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Chem. Club, Ass't in Chem., Annual Staff, Pharm- acy Week Committee. "ESS BEEN If you ever need A little feed, Just come to me any time I'lI be right there With the Bill o' Fare, With the Eats, the Smokes or the VV'ine. HY Wiley, QQ RALPH ARNER, Fairbury, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical So ciety. HECCABALLATIUM " I'm. The lzapjficsf man In all this land Since I found myself a wife. She keeps me from Spending my mun And running around nf n1'gl11'. DANIEL S. BRAZDA, '19, Dodge, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Pre-Medic So- ciety, Komehsky Club. "BRAssY" If yo1z're ever sfnclf, And out of luck, I'm flee fellow you wrznf fa see, For I'll Ill'll'fIyS lend Help to a friend, No maffcr who he may lie. R. G. BATTY, '16, Lincoln, Nehr. Pharmaceutical Society, Chem. Club, Ass't in Chem. "1NKY" If's a pleasure fo me To really sec Our College of Pharmacy grow, And lfilfc the 'reSf, I'll do my best To really make if so. 2 QB. , 4 ., a Q . 3,1 A A J , fu- ei il .1 Y , Q Ra' '1 r 1- ,., . ia .- 1 .1 fa N I I -av M 1,5-, Q I H n ' .411 Q ' 'K' :Q , 2: r ' ' f J. P. BROWNE, '16, Lincoln, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Soci- ety, Union, Comus Club. "JEssEPEE" Do you suppose Right under my nose Is a place for a tuft of hair? I'i'e often tried To look dignified, So that's why I left it there. MARTIN B. CHITTICK, '16, Stuart, Nebr. Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Tau Omega, President Pharmaceutical Society lst Sem., Chem. Club, Viking, Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class 2d Sem., Asst. in Chem.,ARegistered Pharmacist, Chairman of Uni. Night. HCHITU Here's a man Who says he can His work shows care and thot. He's not the kind You find behind, But is up where the battle is fought. FRED J. CREUTZ, '18, Wausa, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Silver Lynx, President Pharmaceutical Society 2d Sem., Chem Club, Assistant in Physiology, Editor of Pharmacy Section in Cornhusker, University Band, Annual Staff. "FR1Tz'l Yes, I'm the man That plays in the band, I'im an old time 'music Master, I sometimes play All through the day When I had ought to be making plaster. ARUEN D. FISHER, '19, Oxford, Nebr, Pharmaceutical Society. HFISHH If may seem funny, Thai some people have money, 1 flI1l'C7l,f,' my f0rfunc's my hui: I would never ILVIICIYC For 1111 the money flzczfs made, For nothing 'zvifh if run conzprzre' ERNEST L. FOGELSTROM,'19, Wahoo, Nebr Pharmaceutical Society. 'ASVENH As Il rule' 1'n1 fond of school, All work for :nc is fun, Dui I'1n ncvcr glad, Till l'z'c jinislwri my lub, find lmzw ull my othvr u'orl.' fiona' CLYDE FOSTER, '19, McGrew, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Pharmacy Week Committee. USARATOGAH A llifficwlf shox' For the forty-one poi With the pay hall spinal up fight, But ll Iifflc ncrzw' With an English czlrvc' Will I'l'71l'll fhc game ull rigllf. Nr .li f fl' wif V, ,-f' .2124 A Z" , 4 f -we f A , teif A aff' . M . ,fi ,G- '::"' S 1 f. EES '11, ' , f' , Y. if, 15,1 jfs N4- f""' f 11.525 f 'f'3 +f' Q 4 A v' A 2 . - F , ,f ----.A fi . , . - 'Z ' -3' 5 ,af 's"' ff' .,..' ' "-.- nf ' ,--Q-g,1G,a,q , 1. Q. - ' 12 gl, . 4- 1" ,Q ' ' h E. ':. ' 2 " new "-97.3 ': I - ' 1' 4' . -.'r?"2T I .1 vig' 5 . A g ' f " f' 1 'Q' . . , 45 RICHARD S. GRANT, '19, Beatrice, Nebr. Delta Tau Delta, Pharmaceutical So- ciety. 'KSTUBH Some big dub Once called me "Stub," But 'wait and I'll do my best, In a year or so I'll start to grow And will then be as big as the rest. ELLA HANSEN, '19, Lincoln, Nebr. Delta Delta Delta, Xi Delta, Pharmacy Week Committe, Secretary Pharma- ceutical Society 2d Sem. t'T1NY" I'm a bright, happy girl In this Pharmacy world, I have time for both work and play. I work right along When things go wrong, And my smile drives trouble away. JOHN L. HARMON, '16, Orchard, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Society, Uni. Night Committee. 'fJAwN" I can make lots of 'noise With my deep mellow voice, I think I should turn to the stage, And soon my name Would be covered witlz fame, And my deeds shall live through every age. Erwoon HUFFMAN, '16, York, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society. HALCIABIEDESH I IIIII lanky and full Bm' that is not ull,- Tl1crc's svmf'fl.'1'ny misc' Il'0I'f!1 lrzzozviizg. In rr year or fzvo 1'II hc six fccf fl1'0, And still will Ifccp on g1'oz1'1'1zg. EVERETT JAMES, '19, York, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Soci- ety, Annual Staff, Pharmacy Week Committee. HBRICKH 'Tis 0f'fl'l1flHlCS said illy lmfr is red, But I flsiizlf flzrzfs just ll slum For I nm fond Of ll blue' cycd blond And I flzinlf fllflflii zvlmf I 11111. ELMER W. JOHNSON, '18, West Point, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society. 'TWENTY-ONE" My sunny smile Is always wortlz zrlfilc, If CI7I'1'l'US dull mzrc runny, Illll i!1ll'I1ljS u clzunz To cvcryonc, On accounf of my III'l'fjlIl', happy way. 3 H 'gi an 28 -i MX? in IXZM VICTOR JOHNSON, '18, Dodge, Nebr. Pharmacy Week Committee, Pharm- acy Society, Joe Stecker Club. HWICU I'm the man who works for Herr Hansen And he usually keeps me a prcmcfin, But I'm here to fell I'nz the guy that can sell ,-inything from gum camphor to Sen-Sen. , f' A A "' ,- Af,-X .1 ' M. C. LANGSTON, '19, Havelock, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Catholic Stu- dents Club. HSNOOPU Ycs you bel I'1n ll, cadet, I'm always ready to drill I flzink fit's fun To slzoulclcr tl gun And rcimblc all over The hill. ROY A. LARSON, '19, Harrison, Nebr. Treasurer Pharmaceutical Society, Phi Delta Chi. NLARSH I 'work and I siufly, I liotlzcr nobody, 1'vc mnrlc myself just what I um. lVl1cn I go lo fl qzzizzcr I'm ll rcgulrlr gcc wlzizzcr, .-laid noi oncc lzurc I had to crfrm. -, x l , 1, Nx X fl QV. 1 ! i 3 l l l. fm, f A N I . . ,,, - ili- K, 3, CHAS. W. LESH, '18, Uni. Place, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi. Business Manager of Annual, Vice-President Pharmaceut' ical Society lst Sem., Assistant in Physiology, Chem Club. USHARLEYH I'm the num of thc hozrr, I reign I hold powcr, Over all thai Plzzzrrwzczofs do. If by clzfznce gon don? pass In any old class Come fo me and I'II pm' gon through. NIUYNG SUP LEE, '17, Ham Heung, Korea Pharmaceutical Society, Korean Club. "soUP" High Lo, High Lcc, Just look az' mc. I'm zvorzdcrfzzl wise and prudent. lVl1crez'cr I go I'II make Cl show, For I'm ll fypicrll Phflrmncg sin- dent. W. E. MARQUIS, '18, Stromslmurg, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Soci- ety. HSQUINCKH Sag, dorff you Irnozv, If I should grow I would muse quite ll SCIISIIII-ON, I 1vo11Idn'f be Imozwi By thc folks at home: Or by ang of my relation. .M WILFORD NELSON, '19, Genoa, Nebr. Alpha Theta Chi, Pharmaceutical So- ciety, Ivy Day Committee, Annual Staff, Pharmacy Week Committee, Captain Pharmic Baseball Team. UBILLH Bill Nelson is a Poet, You would hardly know it. He's written all but this one. You'i'e readily guessed His are the best. Hey Bill, finish out this one. J. R. PEXTON, '19, Harlan, Iowa. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Soci- ety, Comus Club. HSLATSH Oh, pshazu, I wish I could draw A Zoological fish find have my name In the hall of fame, But oh, such a foolish wish. Liao PICKERING, '18, Eustis, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Soci- ety. HPICKH Yes, I'm Pielc, I eateh on quiel: To what the Profs are saying, They may talk for an hom' With all their power But they never have me swaying ARTHUR PRAWITZ, '19, West Point, Nelai Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Soci et . Y 1 1 'AARFURH Ona' quzfef S11V1'l1g day sfolc' .silently IIIIYIU my fzrnz. I zuorlfed my best, lfVl1f11' I did you can gncs,w, Bn? I H'0Illfl7?if fell you for ll farm ERNEST W. RINCIxER, '19, North Platte, ' "Y Nebr. S' Phi Delta Theta, Pharmaceutical So- ciety, Pharmacy Week Committee. - 1 "R1NK" , This is the muy, 1 Said illiss Elsie Du 31, ' A To comzf the blood f''lcS, And if you zvrznf fo get done Just wwf ruff flu' jun, Gef yozrr fools all fogcflzw' and fmsflcl. Q L. D. ROBINSON, '18, Omaha, Nehi-. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Iron Sphinx, Pharmaceutical Society, Pharmacy Week Committee. "1zoBB1E" Hou' I do flllff' To rome in lufz' To an curly nzorning class. For well I lfnozv, Tlmf fflC'l'l"S no slzozv, For ll guy Idsf' fllflf fo pfzss. I lViHz some Xruzffppf' cards undw 51 an-g WM. MOYELAND ROGERS, JR., '19, Ragan, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Uni. Commer- cial Club. UHAYLANDH Ola, whafs the use, Said J. Perusse, To fcuclz fl guy like mc? Hc can lecture away, E'f1.clz day by day, But still tlzere's fl lot I crnft see. ERNEST W. SCHAUFELBERGERA '16, B. Sc. in Pharmacy, Fairbury, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi. Chem. Club, Commer- cial Club, Ass't in Chem., Demonstra- tor in Chem., Pharmacy Week Com- mittee, Annual Staff, Pharmaceutical Society. USCHWEITZIEH Fm. the guy That spilled the pie And caused Prof. Tlzompsonab wafils. And 'llfifll cz splash, And cuz azufzll c'rf1sl1, I broke his blooming scales. s C. G. SAMUELSON, '18, Milford, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Chem. Club, Vice- President Pharmacy Society 2d Sem., Pharmacy Week Committee. USWEDEH You never need fo Think 1'n1 a Swede O11 account of my mime, For 1,111 'very much A good old Dutch, And I wish you zvozlld flzinlf flzc same. 1 'B P 7' X x mn . NL xx Y K ' Q':T:T,i'i , f 1 " - l Xl 1 xl, . ,X , '- --I X D N, X. L ff . . X aw 4 'Q 1 EQ J' 1 1 fxm f '-C f 1. . y L I-3.1 , , .. -1v.- - F-1 A - Y . , .T -.... -' N 4 -- A -- I . l " l 1 fu Elf- I, li'-aw.,-'X , ..-hniL,..- li. - W- Y- X,-I EDWARD SIMANEK, '19, Prague, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Koinensky Club. 'ASHIMBECKH I'm ll Social whirl Amongst flze girls, They are ull friemls fo me. of 1 F' bo now you ll hhou' .lust 'ufhz I shouf, J . . . Such soezulailzfy. HARRY SPUUNER, '19, Lincoln, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Y. M. C. A. l'SPooNY" When you take sielf Come to me quick And I'll glee you some of my pills, They will fir you Viyhf In Il single night, And ufzll cure ull of your ills. BESSIE TowNsENo, '16, Ponca, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society, Union Liter- ary Society, Girls' Club, Business Women's Club, Secretary of Pharma- ceutical Society lst Sem., Y. W. C. A.. Spitula Club. "BETsY" 1"m ll eufe liffle girl, They cull me rr pearl, But I guess l'1'e yof l'I'C'I'lf0lIl"H number. They fzslf for U flute, Wauf fo keep me out lufe. Bur I'rl miller slay home ulyllt hurl slumber. .fi , ,xgbr Y -.-xx e h A-If WALTER E. WEIST, '19, Shelton, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Soci- ety. I f'wAL,T" I don? say much, But I put my trust In all the wofrlc I do, And that is why My grades are high And my failzxres are so few. ,rx-fx,-7 Y 5 X. , -..Y- it x . .RJ N REX L. BONE, '18, Nebraska City, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Soci- ety. "BONES" Witlzozzt any doubt, A jolly good scout, Ware sorry he cozzld not stay. He had to go home, But we'1'e strong for Bone, And hope he'll he back here some day. ,X l .Z 7 ,f Nik.,-' . ,.f"u . GUSTAF A. BosTRoM, '17, Minden, Nebr. Phi Delta Chi, Pharmaceutical Society. HTUFFYU Old tu-fly deserted the set, To become an up-fo-date vel, But bless his old soul He's on szunnzer school roll, And is going to be 0 11llfH'IILlLC'lSf yet. U PN If .. D X-, .ff " 'J '. f,- syu , M.-gf 21 'Y' -'lffhi' 1 , ff? fir. if I F .-' ,X ttf ' 1 N' " R' Ag ,xv xl "3-1 ,,., , 'gs A F 1 X' X3 , f S 6.31 29 2, "'w,w, , 5 -.-1' M...-'. Qi H :GJ ww KN.. V 1 .... L. ,JP ' ,.?. uw,-W? f 117 MS' ""' ,..,,,....A,..,,m:,+,11'.:TA4fw 4-,.,.,..,ff4,-,547-f?Q,Q,,,.!,, ,,,,1,,5,.J,A,,,,j,2Q1....,,f--,i,.f, 14.1 u',:55?. , - ' .--' . '14 11:13-,' I ",:g::sf- 'f ' 7' 1.-21.-J? ,if f' --'T ' fifr --'12--"" 4Zp63Q?fEfZ5f?zy?f,?5?f'? W , ff . f' A , , 1,,.a.:,.4:,.544Q..f4:a,:u.f.Z44z:sff.LLf'g,','.,.P' f - V f-"sg f-' . 1 w,1',. H' -- ,.i. I wa fun' 11 ?: , .05 fb , . n ,ff fi if if -5' fl? .. -mf ,' . .':. f 1 1.-3 ' . ,g ff "I-'xc W ..r -',. we -nzi 'A jing' aj ' :tiff 2145" QW? In 'A pf'-11.3 3- .. f2i f7?x u., ,- ,- vm.: LN? PM VVNI jf ',. . ELL Y Vxififfii fa-fifrff n .uf . -1, f . '. ...4.-,r W, Y ""f i ' fiffff sf:-fggffg 1 "1 :T ,,,1,f ,fx Ll 1' 11 fa W V,- V' EQ if '42 NJ-P ,,,f.,r,.,p u,,,a.b-,z KJ "'-A4 -we-'il in. 2 Q itil 5:2-"N' ,, iiiffhrx ,A-5,4,j:f'fza i fff fi' 'ff 'iff'4!2,D V J D41 A ' 'E ff!! if., 'P Y.. 55,5 f"'f'c3w V4 TS??'ff.f??'5Ffgaf' , Aff f.Lf:gff:,.v3jf',1-",fgjcf 61 AQ 5 ESF . I , X . pyxa-Ersrvwlf 5 ,N N f , ' ,,,-my-a2K,12:l,f.Lfm' 1. W? . x Q7-7"' fb r" tk A 'X - f , , M gi: 6 AMXMJJ ix 4 ' , l, in V ,. L . X U1e11ff a?1sB 32,524 4,1 NX wb! l K ' A ' 32311 dl?-'ii if ,f ,X " F .1 fl.s3.?'1:2-'N' Q' ""'-ws-4... ' 'fy 1 Q af 1-V' I 9 Q3 33 is 5 f 1-'X 4 Ui iii' 5 55? ? 'p" ...Mfg A553959 4 V M7 S A 'T7 I I I' 1. Q.- .ra . .41 .V Clllzma nf 19111 E. A. FRICKE, Ph. G., Plattsmouth, Nebr. The first president of the Pharmaceutical Society. He and Miner Whaley were the first graduates to pass the board. Is in his father's store as a partner, both earnest Rexall boosters. J. G. RINKER fJayJ, Ph. G., Lindsay, Calif. Was the original sleeper. Now he is manager of the only model Rexall store of the West. Has been making rapid strides in Pharmacy. ELSIE DAY, Ph. G., B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. College of Pharmacy. We will have more to say about her in the other sections of the Annual. flllaaa nf 1911 H. G. BECKFORD QI-Ieinei, Ph. G., Waco, Nebr. A jolly good scout. Now working in his father's store. Very conservative, especially with stationery. H. C. HARDIN fHe1'b7, Ph. G., Liberty, Nebr. A sluffer, true and sure. Has taken a liking for chemistry and is now a sugar chemist with the sugar refinery at Scotts Bluff. LILBURN LAKE fLillyJ, Ph. G., Omaha, Nebr. Omaha Medical College. Slow but sure. Is now a hospital dispenser. JOHN NEUMANN fJackJ, Ph. G., Lewiston, Minn. Trainer for Rogosch, the boxing fiend and trainer. Owner of the Neumann, Prouty and Co. concern. His most serious question was, "Shall I go to the ball game or analyze this by the dry method?" H. M. PROUTY, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr. On the road for the Smith-Dorsey Drug Co. of this city and is getting the business. One of the jolly good fellows of the class. CARL RoGoscH fBy Goshi, Ph. G., Sioux City, Nebr. Carl is now working for the Hornick-lVIoore and Porterfield Drug Co. Lyman's ward and Neumann's valet. The man without a diploma. A trader in Stetson hats. F. W. SCHWAKE, Ph. G., Nebraska City, Nebr. The shining and bright light of his class. An honor student. A pal of Fricke's. L. G. TAYLOR, Ph. C., Lincoln, Nebr. The Meier Drug Co. Guy's seriousness as a student has aided him in his success. Was the first store room keeper and the first graduate with the degree of Ph. C. He's married, too. MRS. FLORENCE THORPE STEVENS tFlo7, Ph. G., Arthur, Nebr. Her change in name indicates that she has deserted pharmacy. As the only girl in the class, she had her troubles with the boys. i ? I X f A Q . N KN AIINER WHALEX' tSportJ, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr. The Wright Drug Co. Miner was a good fellow, to be sure. Married in 1914 and now has a boy, a pharmacis he says. The first secretary and treasurer of the Pharmaceutical Society. Qlllaan nf 1912 EDO ANDERSoN, Ph. G., New York City, 517 West 169th St. The cartoonist of the naughty edition of the Cornhusker. If you don't believe that Edo loyal, just look at some of his cartoons in this edition of the Pharmacy Annual. RAYMOND BAUER QRayJ, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr. The Sun Drug Co. A disciple of John Neumann's, also some model. He is owner of the above mentioned stor His wedding day is "Miles" away. E. B. CHAPPEL, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr., cio Y. M. C. A. He has deserted the rank of pharmacist and will graduate from the College of Law th year. We will look to hini for our legal advice. FRANK HUNTSMAN, Ph. G., tOrpheum Clownl, Hebron, Nebr. Is in business with his father and never forgets the College. Kodaks as a side line his hobby. Directs the biggest orchestra in that part of the country. The music is from tl ridiculous to the sublime fsulphury. SAM CRAUSE, Ph. G., Osceola, Nebr. Is a sticker to both pharmacy and the state board. Certainly gives the school some loy praise. EARL WALKER, Ph. G., Cotner, Nebr. Cotner Lniversity. He received a degree of A. M. Is now a professor in physics and chemistry at the Cotn University. H. L. THOMPSON, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. College of Pharmacy. Mr. E. Z. Marke. Says he was always glad to be the experimental goat. Now he is balance expert and an instructor. J. W. MALLICK, B. Sc., Bloomington, Nebr. Has acquired third interest in his father's store. Married, now has a home, all his ow Harberdasher for Rogosch. Job: SOHLBERG, Ph. C., St. Marie, Idaho. A follower of Dr. Sward. Still following Pharmacy and making it go. The gloom carri of the class. Gllaun nf 1913 CLAUDE MITCHELL fMitchy, Ph. G., Chicago, Ill. Holds the degree of A. B., A. M., Ph. D.. and now getting the degree of M. D. in Chicag Was one of our first Physiology assistants. 1 5 1 J. f- ii f:2?cpfIp'-u-:ww - '-- --.A . fr f- -- 5. -- .-1 az.-:vv-- , ., .. .,..,,,,,.L- ,XX J,-xx fn fill' ' ' J, f'. f 51 H 1' 5, in it E . -xl I . ' ,, A L " '. ' 5 iii I - f i' .r g ' I Y,c Lf ? if Z 'f' f' '-A i. A 'A - ll.: " . - 1, Z 4. L:-?...... , .. -4-, ELA ,L-,qc -v1:- -'- 1 '-.--A 111 F iff- lfnfi xv-,--K I X'-"' NX Nx..2 OLIVIA YOUNG, B. Sc., Topeka, Kans., 627 Topeka Av. Pessimism is a stranger to her. Is now doing commercial work in the Topeka schools, hav- ing charge of over 200 students in typewriting. Says the days in the College may be gone but will never be forgotten. H. W. ANDERSON, Ph. G., Clarks, Nebr. We wonder if he still wears those contagious miles of smiles? MARK BLY, Ph. G., Hampton, Nebr. A past wrestler and now a wielder of the mortar and pestel. GARLAND E. LEw1s, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr. De-p't of Chem., U. of N. The less said the better. Now holds the degrees of A. M. and B. Sc. Has charge of the Freshman chemistry laboratories and we wonder what he will hold in the new chemistry building. W. G. WALLACE, Ph. G., Norfolk, Nebr. The chronic kicker. We shall let him speak for himself. OSCAR CONE, B. Sc., Liberty, Nebr. The other Cone. Has been in business for over a year and likes the work fine. Oscar mar- ried a domestic science graduate and he shows the effect of good cooking. R. L. EBY QDear Loub, Ph. G., Hartington, Nebr. Has been on the job since 1913 and not married yet. Wants to know what "wolf oil" is. One of the best boosters the College ever had. G. S. HOAG fHoaxJ, Ph. G., Shilckley, Nebr. Not very good in answering letters. We wonder if he still blows that big brass horn? PAUL ROGERS, Ph. G., Brownsville, Penn. Has been with the Union Drug Co. of that city since his graduation. Is registered in Penn. "Regards to every one," is his reply. W. H. STOWE, Ph. G., Lincoln, Nebr. Is with the Hargraves Drug Co. of this city. Has a peculiar liking for cameo stick pins. A member of the firm of Rogers and Co. fpastl L. A. THOMPSON fThompsJ, Ph. G., Overton, Nebr. "Oh go on." The ofli ' l Ph c1a armacy fusser of his time. Has many words of praise for the work being done by the Pharmacy Annual. NELL WARD, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr., 2500 Garfield St. She is now in Stewart, Nebr., teaching in the capacity of a science instructor. She made chrysophanic acid famous. EDWIN H. CORBIN fShortyJ, Ph. G., Liberty, Nebr. "Why don't he ever shave?" A frequent caller at the College I now iaisin En ll . . s - g g 'sh Leghorns, on the side. fWe wonder what he means?l V--V ',..-i-rw., .,....Y r:"""x ' ' fp'-N .M 'gf-""'--i ff an if 'NJ A y "4 ..... ' V, - .. f ,sn sf-'Sie-J... .. - - A ' A .Phil Q f A 3 7 ,-ff' I G' ff Ll , 1---A .3 f -f .I 5 R 2 I l l I l 7' ff' ' l at-' 4-I 'Q 3 A l -12 wa f' V " J Y , If 5 . A , ' 1 1 r 1 I, wr- L 4 Y . ff.. ., ,, , . -.-" 1 1 . ,h , -1' , , 1 ll 'P-wif-14", ,,,.g1 'f, 2 , , .rl N ... L., lr , , ., , V. .Y ,, A ., V- . fisgiyi-pl --gl9e4y5'v-lfv.."g,-, 7 .,l'llllll'flil lfllllflfill 'l ' 'HW .i"'.llilflnYl'l'l' l ' ll' 'll' "al llg.Q'!,llfl"il-Ti anim- , --J..-B--ink-.+.g4f.-d:.l.l,',3 ' O 'l Clllaaa nf 1514 OWEN CONE lAsk Oscarj, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. The Wilson Drug Co. Still in love with the retail drug business. Always has that contagious smile that we have learned to consider as earnest. A. R. IRWIN tFatl, Ph.C., Genoa, Nebr. Was our rosy prospect for an "N" man. The best store-room keeper we ever had. Of late, he seems to be very taken up with the fair sex. Swopping hats is his specialty. POTTER P. HOWARD QPitsJ, Ph. G., College View, Nebr. The editor of the first Annual. His eiiiorts on this Annual were tireless. He has a store of his own and is doing very well. MRS. P. P. HOWARD, Ph. G., College View, Nebr. Mrs. Howard is kept very busy supplying Potter with the many necessary eatables, especi- ally pies. R. A. KOVANDA QRudyl, B. Sc., Table Rock, Nebr. Seems to have prospered. Is now cashier in the State Bank of Table Rock. "Three cheer: for the College of Pharmacy and the 1916 Pharmacy Annual." BARBARA OsBoRN1-3, B. Sc., Ph. G., Romeo, Colo. Says school teaching is about as busy work as that of the drug clerk. Educating the chil dren of Colorado to come to Nebraska for their Pharmaceutical education. Holds a first grad4 certificate in that state. H. F. WORTHMAN, Ph. C., Lincoln, Nebr. 27th and Randolph Sts. Henery no longer dispenses to the inmates of the Asylum. He is now running his owl store and tells us that he is doing fine. Mr. and Mrs. Worthman arekeeping house near th' store. EDWARD DORT fEdieJ, Ph. G., Auburn, Nebr. The pool shark. Ed is now working for his father. Says the -- smiled at him Whei he passed the board. FRED G. LARSON fAll Americanl, Ph. G., Lusk, Wyo. And now even this modest young man is married. Is doing fine and sends much praise fo his Alma Mater. R. K. DAVID QDavieJ, Ph. G., Randolph, Nebr. The community certainly does treat Dave and his wife well. The only registered Pharma cist in the town. Has lined up some mighty good men for the College of Pharmacy. LEONARD DIETRICH QSisterJ, Ph. G., Neligh, Nebr. Holds a very responsible position. Favors ten hour Pharmacy law. Appeals for the elirr ination of the two year Pharmacy course. 1' gf. E . X, GUY THOMPSON, Ph. G., West Point, Nebr. Guy certainly has his mind set on Pharmacy. Is an active man in the firm of Thompson Bros. F. J. PERUssE, B.Sc., Lincoln, Nebr. also made application to copyright h College of Pharmacy. Much credit is due Prof. Perusse as the originator of the Phainiac A l ' ' y nnua idea. He worked hand in hand with the Junior class of 1912-13 in putting out the first Annual. He has is numerous jokes. Qllnas nf 1915 GUSTAF BosTRoM fToughy9, Ph. G., Minden, Nebr. Gus ha s deserted the calling of Pharmacy to become a veterinary surgeon. He still bub- bles over with "pep." Has invited all students to be present at his first o ' ' peiation. A. A. LARSEN fTonyJ, B. Sc., Omaha, Nebr. Phi Rho Sigma House. Medicine has more attraction than chemistry or pharmacy. Tony's one trial is to keep account of all his books, they scatter so. Girls bother him no longer. ELMER HANSEN fHansJ, B. Sc., Lincoln, Nebr.,16l7 So. 17th St. Elmer is doing very good work with the city health department. Is a frequent Tri Delta zaller. RALPH G. BATTY CNot Yetl, Ph.G., Lincoln, Nebr. Ralph likes to stick with us. He i A s again a Senior this year. 5 ' 2 ,. .- -f ,. ,.v r.-e 4, ., 1-W AS f . 'aff' J 4, , ,. ff., A fl. 'iff' "lv ,mpg M, .. . . .hz 4 rw f Y 2- Qqazf. : Q Q . xg 3,4 f"'X ' 1 gr E3 .U kd' L, 351 ali .AT s - !.xQs'iv--....,s.hs I 5-5-5- . .55 ' K-VNx"'f ' 5 .la W ' N- "iv" 'Nm' 'vw v M-- . E , ff., F J if jf 4 . ' 5 1 Y .N I -"',,,',,, 7.3! V' - W ' ?'f12i'i: i . F ' F-If - 35.4 'la 5 --9 - , , sfgil ' AIRS" , A 2 -Q x ' A .,, w, 45 ,,,,'if4:.3- K! A Q, l ,X - .,k.f. Q. 'uk - J. i th.-i 1 Lux - ', V ' 'A Jq'Nl1+h L- A ",q'45HH!P ' 4 x 'iii-rvJ?N,"u A Siinfvfefrg f of f?-i174-'ffnvcowyvsv ll P71-rR'r 7 awk, .nwx QM' ' 1 A 1. . 3 . .'x 1 -'wmv 5 '2- C 'Sli Q ,N . 1 min H fx 4 6 ' U'-'F f .- , .A it il, "Y M I IR 5-1.4, 1- I ' 5 Xi' N if '1 f gl A ,X Ni 'tv AIN 'Q 1'q, I 1. -4- A V.. . 3.1. ,, vw iii gk gn gli:-lgfwm? 1. 1 ew i r,, ,, 1 f l f l l I '., . l -I ' 1-'V Ihr lgharmarinin ilirnpnnaihiliig The present practitioners of pharmacy did not create or establish the profession. The calling has been handed down to them by their predecessors. They will hand it down to their predecessors. While they are in practice they are the trustees of the profession. Are they administering this trust as they should? Responsibilities go with trusteeship. If this View is correct, then the duties of pharmacists are twofold-duties toward themselves and duties toward the trust in their keeping. I do not hes- itate to say that the trust duties are neglected by most pharmacists because they lack in this larger view and consciousness of their responsibilities. As soon as all pharmacists properly recognize and appreciate their individual relation- ship to the body pharmaceutic, they will willingly and effectively initiate or support every movement or activity that will look to the development of the interests and standards of the group. The young men and Women who are now entering the ranks of pharmacy should become thoroughly imbued with this larger conception and consciousness of their duty to the calling. They become the recipients of the trust. They should endeavor not only to maintain the standards and dignity of the calling, but should recognize that as trustees of it they must sometime deliver it into the hands of their successors in a better and more highly developed condition than it was when they became reci i s , p ents. This then is the message that I have for the incoming pharmacists of Ne- braska. Frederick J. Wulling, Dean, College of Pharmacy, Uni. of Minn. UNWERSHY or lumens MANY MAR 1 5 Ml ,. A . 'ksfm-f T' ' ,-,bf-s,g,f'u4vf'T' A xy my .1 l.. Uhr N. Sv. IH. A. ln 1882 a few of the more progressive druggists of Nebraska, realizing that cooperation was necessary for the success of any line of endeavor, met and organ- ized the Nebraska State Pharmaceutical Association. The constitution then adopted contained the following self-explanatory preamble: "Whereas, Organization of action, and comparison of ideas are necessary to the ad- vancement of any cause, and believing that there is room for the elevation and exten- sion of Pharmaceutical knowledge among the apothecaries and druggists throughout the state, the elevation of the character of the profession, the fostering of the educa- tion of those employed in the practice of Pharmacy, and that there exists the neces- sity for some supervision of the dispensing of drugs and medicines, for both our own and the general welfare and that such results can best be accomplished by the State Pharmaceutical Association, therefore, be it, etc." Many years have passed since those words were written but upon the founda- tion thus laid, has been reared a structure as great and as lasting as was expected even by the most enthusiastic of its supporters. The druggists of the state, under the wise guidance of such men as Kuhn, Boyden and Reed, "Uncle Jimmy" as he was familiarly known to all, advanced-professionally as well as materially and now com- pare favorably with the best. The wonderful progress made in the science of Chemistry, in Biology, in Pharmacognosy, in Histology has taxed the efforts of the pharmaceutical profes- sion as much and possibly more than those of the physician and often the new rem- edies advanced as improvements over the older ones were called to the doctor's attention by the enterprising druggist. This wonderful advance has also necessi- tated better facilities for pharmaceutical instructions and the U. S. P. A. has wit- nessed the establishment of three Schools of Pharmacy in this state of which the University of Nebraska, College of Pharmacy is thus far the only one receiving official recognition by the conference of pharmaceutical faculties. In legislation too our association has done its share toward the regulation of the exercise of the Pharmacist's function and the safeguarding of the public against unscrupulous or dangerous exploitation. The Pharmacy Law, providing for the ex- amination and registration of pharmacistsg the Poison Law, regulating the sale of .ll poisonsg the "Cocaine Law" prohibiting the sale of cocaineg the Pure Food and Drug Law, providing standards and proper labeling, and finally the Anti-Narcotic Laws, regulating the dispensing of habit-forming drugs, all these were either directly fostered by members of the association, or at least received their enthusiastic sup- port. The most prominent feature of the associations work is the annual meeting held in June of each year. Here is the Forum where questions of mutual interest the framing of laws originated and are discussed. Here is where the nucleus for 7 where the progress of science is reviewed, where the commercial difliculties are analyzed and friendly relations between manufacturer, jobber and retailer are strengthened, and above all a spirit of fellowship and mutual good will nurtured so as to bring all into a harmonious gathering for pleasure and profit. It is here also Where the colleges complete their mission of education by creating an atmosphere af professional standing and advancement, lest the commercial interests, the pur- suit of the dollar might become paramount. The meeting is and should be a sort of post-graduate course of instruction for :he busy druggists who may have little time to devote to educational advancement luring the year. It should be the endeavor of those who know, to impart such in- 7ormation as may seem necessary, unselfishly and without hope of material gain to mthers who come to learn. Let us then u nite in one great common effort to purge pharmacy of its evils, md its shortcomings, raise the professional, commercial and ethical standard t C o vhat it should be, to the end that we may have a class of business men in whom xrofession and practice may be harmoniously blended for the better service of the nedical profession on the one hand and the great public with whose welfare we ' t ,re 1n rusted on the other. K. V. Kreizinger, Pres. N. S. P. A. - . ig 1 sw- '-:w,'3 -:.N:,1 5" ' A 'F' 'SQ Smalff' -' YS-is-'.NS1't2 "1-3,1 45' 5 ., , Arg 241. 5 5 'W - ' , ', - .Hg . ., , K , ffij? '4P:'fk2 " "' ' 5' is fi- ag wp- -4 i W X A 41 I . fx 1 , -.,' , 5' ,egg -'fn X iw., . -.- 4 'Kr ,wi ei 4 , Q Q ,x gg lf . I mx 'ff' ' r ' "lf xl A Q' X I .FAQ wif 45 M Q Fx' BM- , ,l X Q' v fa xr A . f 4 V x I L' 3? ' gg f. f fx , eu 427 , ' Fvlfjif . -'X W, f' Langer, V 'gr N x ffm, I . ' ,Yi 1 ' X gf' rf I ., , '74 if W W ' E " N 51 42 ' f" ' ' Z 'fi 35'- ww 1' ff ' A fl - ',f,Q.g,q wx? -, ,, .' -Q, , ,5'5,,, 41 -4.-4. ,bVi,.,.., , M32 gif. . . I' A .W Q i 'r - if gpg :S ,gj13' fP.Mw 13533595 gg! A 1:94 - ' , ' -A-vs' ,Z 4595. I, " - -- , 4 j K 1 j., Aarb . I xglvg, X,,if'.,,k-,J :gg in 0 w . ,th . 51 Y Q '?g 35, gwwz' ,',Q'1'Zt?1M?M'J , 5 " Oi 'fi Q: 7' QQ Q .Q ,476-7f?v.':.'s.v-1Afc:, Q Q, Q A ,51Gfv-Ffz.,ff5 'Sm-Q' QQ Ax AP 'MQ 1 1 Q5 i H , ' 1 '.-4 ,,, FS7f-111: 455.-L.,1..Fl0o1vrvH 3'-,M , V K 2+ S '41 .IL . ,ja-IQ, F .IQ , ' Qs. 5 if I, K, :my g xx L 'lr 5- --3 . A A, 1 VV : xiii yn V X , I x Q - ,V-fy A V K ,Ax Qi' V 'V 2 Vf 5 56 39' ---'I JU N '1g,'gi-, Vf 'S , Vw' V N ,M , if ,Q 'Z' W , f 5 ,. .X , 'gk-N ,:,f,ff1?,gX,f ru- 4 b f. 56. 541 ' ,x, - t fm f-'lisa Q' -Q . Tw- V", Q 1, V,-A' L r 9 004 - ' 'V-Qgifffb . " Q '?O I ' '?, ' 1.351 4' ' Wu ' Q5 q, 2, ,., , 'MQ Fx ' ' A -x . . 7 rqr 1 4? fx 9 if I ,4f,f'x , , ,X , ,,.,l,,.x, :W it f te' I is! .tx f , I 5 ' 1 5' I f ,. , . A . an -' 1 lj -..........,.- .L - 'x...f Erug Iglamt Marhvn On a spot of ground covering about an acre of the Campus, between the Mus eum and old Nebraska Hall, is located the Drug Plant Garden of the Gollege of Pharmacy In this garden are found drug plants natural to Nebraska an . . i , d besides, all drug plants that can be grown in this climate. The Garden presents a beautiful appearance during the summer and fall months with is kaleidoscopic colors and rank growths, which appear all the more wonder- Yul when one realizes that these plants, many of them deadlv poisonous, all have a great commercial importance as well as being objects of beauty. The beds are laid out in geometrical designs, intersected with grassy walks, ill paths radiating from a pool in the center of the grounds. The shade loving 1 t th f I Jan s, as e erns, are found at the south end of the gardens, protected bv the buildings. Bordering and inhabiting the pool are the water loving plants, as the ris, sweet Hag and wild ginger. Indian hemp and the castor bean border the east end, and lar e b d f l' 't l' ' g e s o cigi a is, belladonna, stramonium, poppy, sage, hyoscyamus md many others grow luxuriantly in their various plots. The mints throw their cents out over the garden, intermingling with the odors ofthe sweet smellin . g m- aellifers, Pines and wintergreen. The green houses, placed to the west of the gar lens, contain the tropical plants as vanilla, coffee, coca and cinchona, and also louse the more delicate plants during the winter months. In the fall these plants are harvested by the students of the Pharmacognisy lasses, thoroly dried and stored away, to be used in the laboratories for the prep- ration of the various galenicals, for analytical work, and for the teaching of identi- cation and microscopical study. Gardens of this nature are comparatively a new undertaking in this country, specially as an adjunct to Pharmacy schools. There are several now located in ne United States, among which Nebraska ranks as one of the best. The prac- ical value of this undertaking is easily recognized by the various communications eceived from all parts of the world, inquiring as to the success and methods of ultivation of the various drugs. The purposes, mainly, of the garden are: First, J give a thorough course of instruction in drug plant cultivation and crude drug roducing. Second, to provide fresh specimens which are of reliable quality for lentlfication and microscopical study, thus doing away with preserved material. I' I fb! 5 Third, to determine the condition under which certain species will grow and pro- duce plants having the maximum medicinal constituents. Fourth, to show what drug plants can be grown in this section of the country. Fifth, to stimulate an in- terest for this industry in Nebraska. . The present soaring prices and excessive adulteration of drugs, point to a great commercial opening in this industry, and Why not in Nebraska? The majority of hu lants native to the United States are collected by a class of people, ignorant C ' g D as to the requirements of a good crude drug, who are not particular in their selec- tions, and do not produce a commodity that is reliable. The Work done at Nebraska points a Way to the remedy of this condition. -Fred J. Creutz. ill -rr ia . 1 1 ill! lill e ,D l 1 . e l 1 5 . lgharmarg Hlvvk What is the biggest event of our college year? PHARMACY WEEK! Pharmacy week began May 10, lasted until May 12, and was the greatest success in the his- tory of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska. At this time every- one turns looseg even our instructors forget their dignity. Some go so far as to go joyriding with an inexperienced chauffeur and other instructors are so lax as not to hold us to strict class attendance. To let the people know that we are in evidence we wore the "inevitable" arm band. Our big flag floated gayly from the pole of old "U" Hall. Three of the boys think they slipped one over on the seniors because they took State Board Examinations at this time, although they spent a few anxious hours on Wednesday and Thursday, and probably could not enjoy the week's festivities to the fullest extent, but they have the satisfaction of soon being able to run a drug store at such noted placed as Milford and Orchard. The Week opened with the "Eighth Annual Banquet" May 10, at the Lincoln Hotel. Our toastmaster, Mr. Lesh, carried his part very well, and those on the toast list responded very ably. It was said by one of the regents that he never had attended a banquet of a college where so much "pep" and enthusiasm was dis- played. Every student in the college was present. Some very prominent men were there, such as Dr. Kremers of the University of Wisconsin, Chancellor Avery, Pro- fessor Le Rossignol, K. L. Kreizinger, Dan Fink, Regent Brown, Regent Miller, Dean Hastings, and druggists of the city. Everyone went away feeling that the College of Pharmacy of the University of Nebraska was indeed progressing and doing things to let the people of the state know of its existence. One of the fea- tures of this progress is the Pharmacy-Medical Alliance, which was brought about by Dr. Lyman trying to bring the Pharmacy and Medical Students into more friendly relations. This was very ably brought out in a toast given at the banquet by Chas. Weymuller, president of the Pre-medic Society. On Thursday at 11 o'clock we held convocation. Dr. Edward Kremers of the University of Wisconsin gave a most excellent and interesting illustrated lecture on the "Evolution of the Apothecary and His Shop." ll . f ,..., v O f f xr J'- . '-.,, LJ Simi:-" After convocation everyone adjourned to the east balcony of the Comm Club, where more pep was liberated. Mr. G. E. Lewis acted as toastmaster. Those re- sponding gave us more messages of good cheer, urging us on to make more out of our lives and to enter into the spirit of the community where we chance to be, to show that there is more to pharmacy than the commercial side. Owing to circumstances the customary climax to Pharmacy Week which is our annual picnic was necessarily postponed to May 27, but we are looking forward with much pleasure and are planning a jolly big time on this date. -Bessie Townsend. l XV VII xilxll X I1 X 0 lm if .lin 'aw V, Birifa EEQP Hivw nf Erug Blunt iiarhvn, lininrraitg nf Nvhraalm Brug 15121111 Raining in Nebraska Raising drug plants has always appealed to a few individuals, but the subject only re ceived public attention as our native supplies began to be threatened with extinction as civiliza tion advanced. The attention of the American Pharmaceutical Association was finally attracte to the question of the conservation of our native plants and the investigation of foreign dru plants, and in 1883, a resolution was adopted and presented to Congress, asking that foreig plants suitable for cultivation, be investigated by the Commissioner of Agriculture. Interest i such a subject grew slowly but surely and in 1903 the government began such experiment: studying both native and foreign plants. This work has been gradually increased until :1 present, much valuable information upon the cultivation in the field and the subsequent care c medicinal plants is obtainable. The Arlington Experiment Station near Washington, D. C., ha always been ready and willing to help anyone interested and has furnished our garden wit many seeds and plants. Several of our large drug firms became interested in cultivating an improving medicinal plants and now raise several species upon a commercial scale. A fe' Colleges of Pharmacy have also contributed in a large measure. All these agencies were bring ing the subject of drug plant cultivation to public attention, but the immediate and greates cause of the increased interest is of course, the war. In this line, as well as in other lines, tk war has forced us to look more closely into our own resources and has led us to admit, that man of our importations were unnecessary, many of the plants being obtainable at home and othei being capable of cultivation. Many articles have appeared in drug journals and non-technical journals, upon drug grov ing, so much has been written, in fact, that Dr. Stockberger of the Bureau of Plant Industl has felt it necessary, on more than one occasion, to warn prospective speculators that there ca be no fortune in this business for the average farmer. The subject requires a certain amount 1 technical training and care and study to work out its possibilities. The work is really yet 1 its infancy, and definite instructions as to the preparation of the soil, the cultivation, dryir and selling, can not be given. It is in truth a very specialized form of agriculture. The neare experimental drug gardens to Nebraska, are located in Minneapolis, where the College of Pharma: of University of Minnesota, has a garden, and in Madison, Wisconsin, where the U. S. Go' ernment in connection with the Pharmacy Department of the University has a station. It lain that our conditions are quite different and we must work out for ourselves the answe P to many questions. It seems to me that the logical places and the places that promise most hoj of success for experimental plant growing, are the gardens of the state universities. Each l calit must solve its own problems, and the university furnishes a body of trained workers, 1 Y terested not primarily, in the commercial side Cf drug plant growing, but more in the proble of improving plants thru various means of cultivating, breeding and selecting. This is the gre o ortunity now in medicinal plant growing and we cannot look for such work to come entire PP . from the manufacturing concerns, tho they have done notable work along these lines. ,PN -ff. ff 5, f -L' I f ,f . fl, ,v . l ff.: .,, , Q 1' 4 " With this idea in view, the College of Pharmacy of the University of Nebraska has been striving for the past two vears to produce a medicinal garden which vxill be a ' ' ' t . g 1 n inspiration and a practical help, not only to our students, but to all in our state who may be interested. Nebraska furnishes a variety of conditions for plant growing. It lies midway between our eastern and western types of vegetation, in the eastern part, along the streams the broacl- leaved forest conditions of the central states prevail, beyond this, and between the streams are prairies with their long grasses, farther west where drier conditions exist we have the plains covered with short grasses, along the northern part of the state the coniferous forest vegetation of the Rocky Mountains pushes into Nebraska, and then besides these we have the Bad Lands and the Sand Hills with their own peculiar conditions Nebraska certainly offers vaii t 't hi . c. c 1 Q6 y, 1 as been exceptionally well studied botanically and is so fortunate as to have its own manual "The Flora of Nebraska," written by N. F. Petersen, an alumnus of Nebraska. Everything has con- spired to make Nebraska an interesting place for drug plant investigations. I WlSh that the druggists of Nebraska might each contribute something to our knowledge of drug plants in Nebraska. If each in his own garden would start with a few species ada ted to y lf s P l1lS lOC2lllty I 3.111 Sure it WOL1ld add llOlI only to his income, but also to hig pleasure in his, pro f . . . . . ession, and to his standing in the community. He would have a part then in contributing to our general knowledge and bv such means would be led out into the broader intel st f h , 'er s o. p arm- acy. With Such thO11ghtS in millfl I am 2'0ing to mention some official and a few non official plants which have been found growing' in Nebraska, not that all promise to be of sufficient lhlpeftahee to Wafraht StUflY, but lhe1'elY to Show the possibilities in our state. To avoid pos- sible confusion I will ' ' -h ' - - ' I glV6 In eat 1l'lSt2illCe the botanical name used in the U. b. P. VIII. S0hle PlahtS grew lh h10St D3-ITS of the Stale as boneset lEupatoiun1 perfoliatumj um we l 1 ' 1 gl el fG1'lhdella SQUa1'T0Sal, Cahafllah hemp fAP0CYHum cannabinuml, dandelion fTaraxacum oflicir- l ll h ael is as actually heeh hhP0Tl3eCl lht0 the Uilited States, hops lHumulus lupulusl, SUIIIEIXC' fRhl1S glabra-ll Sklllleap fseutellafla le'CeY'lll01'al in wet places hemp lCannabis satix D ,l H ., .' 'a anf ax fL1nus usitatlssimumj and mustard fB1'2lSSIC3 nigl-aj, Soyne of fhegg have of Course escaped f d ' ' ' ' Telh ser ehS- The Pufple C0110 ll0We1 fECh1hacea purpurcaj is a plant growing plentifully 0h 0'-11' P1'a1T1'eS ahfl Whleh l'lhflS 21 Teafly hla1'liet. In the eastern and southeastern parts, such plants as wahoo fEuon mus at' ' ' l' - ' '- ' P Y 10PU1PU1eUel, Wlite mustaid CC1nap1s albal, wild lettuce lLac- tuea Vl1'0S-all Slippery elm fUllhUS fUlVal, White oak lQuercus albaj, prickly 'ish llianthox flum r I C. . fy amefleahllml are f0Uhfl- Olhe1'S g1'0Wihg lh this region are hoarhound llVIarrubium vulgarel, bla kb R b ' ' ' ' ' C CITY f U US I11g10baCCUSl, pokeberry lphytolacca decandraj, Canada moonseed fM9lIlSD6l'- mum Cahafilehefell pleurisy 1'00t CASClepies 'CUhe1'osaJ Datura stramonium is a common w l ' . eec in eastern Nebraska Whleh We hegleefy but 0116 large drug firm has raised 557,000 of this drug this S year. ome of the rarer plants of this region are black cherry fPrunus serotinalg bloodroot fSangu1nar1a canadensisj, May apple fPodopyyllub peltatuml, and ginseng lPanax quinquifoli- umj Th l t h . ese as t ree do very well in our shade garden. Some of the other plants reported from different parts of the state are kinni-kinnick fArctostaphylos Uva ursij in the sand hills, Oregon graperoot fBerberis aquifoliuml in the northwest, juniper lJuniperus communisj in thc west d I d' ' 4 ' ' an n ian tobacco lLobel1a inflatal along the Republican. A few other plants which have b . V 1 . . . een found are wild geranium fGG1'3!1lUllI niaculatumj peppermint llVIenth'1 iaerital fem el 1 C p I 2 1 fFoeniculum vulgarej and senega snakeroot lPolygala senegab. Of h - ' t e plants from sources outside of the state which have flourished in our garden and which might Well be cultivated by the individual druggist, I will mention the following: Digitalis purpurea, physicians are very anxious to obtain these leaves before they are over a year old. This plant has done well with us, the preparations from the leaves of the first year 4 mm, . assaying twice as strong as the bought preparations, the plants surviving the winter and being full of buds. Atropa belladonna, this plant is also hardy and does well. Aspidium filixmas and Aspidium marginale, this is a drug which should not be old, it does well in the shade. Cimicifuga racemosa is another shade-loving plant. Matricaria chamonilla, this is already cultivated by many Germans. Rheum tanghuticum and Rheum officinale grow vigorously and Hyoscyamus niger does Well. Many others might be mentioned as Cypripediums, Veratrum Convallaria, Hydrastis, Vi- burnums, etc. Some of these plants would have to be assayed. If the druggist did not care to do this such work could be done at the University in the College of Pharmacy. In conclusion I can only say that the College of Pharmacy of the University hopes tc serve the state, the druggists therein, and the cause of pharmacy through its medicinal plan' garden. ELSIE DAY. Uhr 1511111 V l s PEII' 1915-IB Some year, believe me. To start out we had the largest freshman class we've ad since We raised our requirements, and most of them four year men too-no ot a young lady among them. Then there were quite a few of the older students ack again, and that boosted the attendance of the Pharmaceutical society to about arty, and the pharmaceutical society Wasn't the only one they joined. Some joined faternities, and most of them joined either this club of that one, thereby mingling 'ith the students as a Whole. Then came the football season and its result you know. Nebraska never lost game this year and was again as strong as any team in the west. Then came those mixers, and mixers they were. Everybody had a good time id everybody Went that wasn't sickabed or dead. That's where you meet the rls, boys, some time, believe me. Please notice that we leave out all mention of all exams., mid-semesters, etc., hy refer to sad things? The second semester is usually the livliest of the year, then is when we get lsy to put out this annual, to have a Uni. Night stunt, to have parties and smok- ls, and last of all, Pharmacy Week. Play funeral march when we pass by the ni. Night stunt. Then the smokers, we fpardon us, the Misses Hansen, Ander- n and Townsendj had some time. The first was held at the Alpha Thet House. ianks to the help of Bill Nelson and the Alpha Thets. Everybody was there. e spent the evening playing cards and checkers, fsee Andy we mentioned youj or en the piano, and smoking big black cigars. Perusse made the coffee and we .d crullers and cookies and ice cream and apples and doughnuts and so forth. arry Thompson was toastmaster and he surely made good, say you wouldn't be- ive Harry is some rummy player. Bill Nelson and Brick were pledged as members the K. M. fkitchen mechanicsl due to their excellent washing and wiping dishes. Then as a preliminary to Pharmacy Week we had a pep smoker at Robin- n's frat house. No, We aren't advertising little peps, but we had plenty of pep the same. Foster and Robinson took charge of this one and made it a success. lll. . .1 President Creutz was toastmaster and called for some clever remarks. Then ' all worked together and Washed up all of the dishes and left everything rea for Dina in the morning. By the way, the splendid ice cream We ate there was donation of N. P. Hansen-fifteen rahs for Hansen. Then came Pharmacy week, Wednesday being Ivy Day, We had no school day. but took in the planting of the ivy, the oration, the wonderful dancing of 1 Leydas and the picnic in the afternoon. In the evening everybody attended the b gest banquet We have ever had-some feed and good time, believe me-to 1 Shally Lesh as toastmaster, was alone worth the money. A more complete d cription of this week is given later. On Thursday We had Pharmacy Convo tion, Dr. Edward Kremers, the guests of the Week, gave an excellent lecture on "'l Development of the Apothecary and His Shop." After the address we met ati commercial club and had luncheon with many of the druggists of the state. G. Lewis, one of our alumni, was toastmaster, and he deserved E-plus for his wo After a nice meal and excellent speeches, Pharmacy Week came to an end. I to rainy weather we postponed the Pharmacy Picnic from Friday of Pharm: Week to May 27. S. B. A. C I Qx ' .bij-E ' x ' i f!"l:.' I:'f"y'-- , fQffJv,f w -fa 11,1 Jr! ff, 1 . V Y 15,2111--f9iQefQl5Quf"p,,wf? , . . , , W I -ESQ Qqwfhwx ' il' ,ig V ! ffjf H!! iff 4 W--gfvg X: I A f 2,3 -' ,,',l" 1 A - 5 -,,,' .W I ff: fig? fs!! l V I 1 : i ' - , ' ,f . 50. K . , if .F ,I . ff V A' Y.-,--m.u . -. 'S ,.,-f' ,-- ,, -. , , . 1 V . , 4' f ,few im Wai? X V! 1 N fm 'Z as .is ,K Vf N '- 3 ,1 1. 'wal' , . ' was Ch r' ' 6 r ' I-ri' " . XV- R V - ' 'V "IR , ,S gi All v 1 ' ff -iw X , Ei , , ' 'ilk' gf' 1, 1' my x Q, 7 fi -1 ,f 115' ' iz." fffwi' 45 , WSL K? QQ ,fm Fi 27 fa' ff? A 'W vl':f?Lf,f7f:f,k 2 'wfffapff' f- ii-is k 'way 5 ffl Fl M. F2415 lj? ff ' Ffv,"Vff1'if'?: ! 25 H' ' Li! 1" ' 'PEI . , , -2 1. fl . '-. , ' 1, . x - Vurggsififfg. fW:.fff5Qf, ggi fiymk r f?fff?"QfE'1-ff . :Wh 2' .v I 'A' W Wg is WKWWQW 3 QJQA, nf 3,751.12 -ul I K A V A A i f f wwf S? 2 E' ' ' r ,Q-V-" -'fin' 5- ' ., - ,1::,,,' ' Fri' 3 M lgiigfh 'W-QQQV y pp 5-4 , ' fm- 'W-A f'+, PM 5 x 54 e- 5 I f""51.-X '53 qw 'hi " 9 3 i A V "W 3 'fi ' QR " 1 ww, 1i F'??'g xiii: ' 'Q , ' fa fm-.f -: 51 'v .L 'rhyx .- 's pt. ,: 1--5 ,., ,- z q ' Q 1 FQ? g'if"Z,wfJ if 2 D Hrk' .G 1 1 ,s k 9 , 2,5911 i Q -- ' my--Aff.. 2 v- . 5 f I wr. T..-f-wfflz ' V I ' -1 , 1 ' ' V f 3 g HMf.1lM'al iff? ,fit 59" 5 ' T' ." -, V Lv- .72- . 3 g :ffm 14,,.ffT.2I,,,izf fag W,:, 5 AHQ1 I , lx ,:,' A ig, If. , ,f ff' ,f-141 42 . N 'Y . -H, 4. ': ny., , H.: -, P 5 ,S A-,?4ie4l,gLfl Ji Lp. 1 wr A 1 L , K ig' in 5.215 if .f7ffEl'f,' 5154- ,.1f,f'.:,1l"f, . 1 1 ' ,1 4115, ,QQ 'df' Vf. irnfwf' g'A.'fs:"t'fk',4 W . mMwxwW24fwA Sway ' f, FA 5 :j V, , , " --1'-fyiijg? Q ' 5 ,.-'Gp r f - 6--' ' 3 , C ' -.swf , I li P 310 oi ' ' '9 :A ., '- . X , f l 5 .N ""n.,x- . A .,,, Q f I 5 N., ,gi ' e 2 2 1 Y"-fig-.-J? , r ' ff, 'v f. X E : v ,fu -' L I : iw: ' Q ""'?.'4 tif.: fm I N , ,511 ' M, U--' - 1 K v Y l i + ' f33+T3?lf!H51 :TQWJ-wet U' W 6- xx Q of A, , X .vfxhlfi ' ' W2 vlx, ,if f 1, -V 'if F 3 f f ' 'R 4' EFNQ? 45 'B W -4-wq',"f., N M - 1 r Q 4 ff:-if P? ff ,X AJ R ,fy " , 5 wk A c,qa':,:,. 5' .K 1 V , ,. . si HW ,. 5 5,53 -,-' ,mx ,7,,,, ,, W in Y, WN ,A V, , A , f' ' 'T' war ,f AM N f ' .wi -,fm mx 1 A V, f bw, .iEl,:f,- V, Qffig f f. s WZ Vx., VM W. 1-rwffnvo lx? 59 sflfi-' .3 f 5, 'A ,lm "Q 1 Vx fy mx 'I' f, ' . Y 5 f 7. 5' 5. .- , 'f3n..1,' 'fr In v .Mx , , :Q x A , 'f J VA! 5 3 Tfw' 'fvfwec BSU EGGS pw ja 0 Doc' HND f-na GEWC, 9 xf' ,ff 4 , V, 'Xxx ,S . , , , 4 , . 6 . ,.x,.t 1 t A wugag , v 1Df!F7f?Mfc5 . ' Q ' V 15 JL 3 fl Guo C, 6 -S-,Q we - M ---fa-Ng we Q7 ' R if-. ' ' h i'f6?5-ffgf 4 xg! Q: KW fu A has , x..4b .X J. L01 ,.-1 x -guy r '35 . 1:4 T D F y 425' K ? x 'I' ,Y jf I- X 'cava ' If Gaim . X' " js' 7, 45215 O f' J rv ..x M A K 1 ,.X I ' fii F N DQ I' ips? Q W f ' ' - f ': 1' f f,. ' ' X . if X A 1 m llww E .g Q 0 55551 ff? M' lf, U 4 ' . - Nu A -all A-1 JM fr' -7 ff! pj I Q!" 114' lnmnm-A' ww whvn igharxnirf- Svmilv K.. A PERUNALOGUE As I was walking down the street Beneath the noon day sun, I saw four gross of Peruna And a sign that said "take one." I followed out instructions, I ' Reached in and took out four, cop came up and grabbed me As I came back for more. A He took me up before the judge Who gave me ninety days, And said, "My man, you are all right But you have such taking ways." They took me down and locked me up And put chains on my feet, They made me pulverize the rocks And help clean up the street. After working several days And being nearly dead, I wrote to the Peruna man, And this is what I said: "My dear Mister Peruna Man, Before taking your dope, I always ran away from work And all I did was loaf. But since I took four bottles I have changed my way, I have been a busy man And have worked every day." Bin. THE HIGH COST OF LIVING Dr. Lyman-What makes the blood pressure go up? Nelson-The war in Europe. c Frosh fto Saul in Chemj-Say Profes- sor, I can't get any precipitate in the hydro-glorious acid group. HBEANUTSH Dr. Yyman Cin lecturej-Beans do not digest well. Langston-Huh, I don't want any beans. Dr. Yyman-Why not? Langston-I don't want to die-jest yet. Dr. Pool-Didn't you ever go plum- ming with your father when you were young? Grant-Oh, yes my father was a plumber. Creutz fin Wausa, which is drylz "Come on in tonight fellows, I have a treat for you. I'm going to open up a bottle of Lydia Pinkham, l884." Pullman Porter: "Next stop is yo' station, sah. Shall I brush you off now?" Schaufelberger fon way to Phi Delta Chi Council at Minneapolisj : "No, you boob, when the train stops, I'l1 step off." .I-,- I xx ,I M if X "1 I' lf, x .-ff. ."w.'l , Q' ,J'a X I X , r , ' I , . , X , I If xx lk , ' , 7 , ll' I ' I A X l if g s X X,l X X - I-A P, 1 : .Q F 5 X X A vrfJ,f,,. .N-35X . jfcpXi'x-e--.:-jK-'F if ,f-1,',-frfflli I -XA A I I I, AN xi .x Xxx-QX.,:.1,.J ,. fff.-,f,',,1.,, .44 " BX- I' XI 7 I I I ' "' I A XIsII,NI"1I:iT"x7 " f ' 1' 'f '1"' ,fl 1 fr I ' ll 1 ' - . . ' ' ' IX s -,' .. ..-"'!?", f 1 ' ' 1 Lx ,N 'xg X-Q XT -X Y -cj1 X,f'w'X,,j,v,v".",f"-W1 I'll,"f ' ',f,"" l't'fr. ' ' lf, X ' X' - 'T "-"-'f"f', lvl If-"1",f,"'f'i:11'4.'A ,1",, ' ' --f .-X ,Y .-.. x Y xx N . X . , -7,71 , f, . 'I f I 1.4 . . . '3 ' f ' f ' 1" ul-7'-.NQQ CQ QXK ,X Ill. xNfx:'.,'4.','4f"f ff'-I' ,"r , L 1fv1jf'g'Qf,:.w',' ,jig-' is T Ixilf fill' , 4lfl"lf,'f"-,flffzV1' ',l 5 :fi ig' ..,'- -' g 3,1 Sggfsj, ixj, f.f2:L1Zji4 'wwf1j,qf5Q?"IH'Ai'l,1 xiixxxldw 0 - x5 at . ' - r ap Q : get .fifr LJWQE'-U "y-Nllif - 4.w-o5Ul- ' I" il F : is 1 fi Nr: an 2 2 up I I ani '-'tw Tw - N 5' .' vX'X. f 0IxqX3 f X-N .X .13 3 X' QQQXL ,l gistf-1123-f1,',,'L v ul ' rl: , f ,wlwl-,', I - - s ,i - XI- Vx N . X X,,. h-X. ,,,y'x- A- -,....,,--gag-.5-.11-,-..5-..,.5l Q . v N 11f4:Nf f il X -' , - I f ig' -2,524.-zifiliiigzj-'sizesff ' 5 i ' X ' fggg 5'113E'E.'jffog1i15A2f:1 Cf?f'R1,f,I'Zi5'iE5-Qi-1-'I' 5 - . - Jigs I ggL.2Q42ii25?f,iZf5 2'21Aff3cf?1"'1af?1 ?RXiEfQ ,15gx, ..-If l1.l:1.,?f5a'1fiQ:fArff 2 Aaefvw , it -I"f- graze Src? ,QQ fxfxm A -if A I L-- 2445-'HU-:L .-,'g,51ff-53,2 " f- fx fx!! P 0 -2 'Z , V " , - . aww QQ fH?:Q X ti I -I Q I a f-f'71 NFNM 1 , 'H J' fggiglt .J 4 J, rc' ig . Q1 xx -.D I I . ' ggfflfff sf l nfl ' X-J l I . . , . li f - gm ill! Y " f li 5 rw X . , 1+ ff us nw fr I f will I it . - . I rma A-I if W R I If . 1 '. f , ' 754 KQAP' ' X I L I f I Y L I I L Lf I fx: W , ,ff c I lllliriffmffmmllcfllijlkhiymlfj wifi' 1Hvru552 in Shnrhing Stub Grant Cto manager of Temple Cafateriaj-Did you put this here ad in the paper for a hash slinger. Mgr.-Yes, sir. Stub-Well, I just came up to tell you I couldn't take the job. Batty says that he is working on some very peculiar research. He is trying to convert para rubber into meta. Rincker-Hey Doc, Where is the best place to have a boil? Doc-On someone else. SOLID IVORY ' Why was Pexton surprised when Brick hit him with a rock? Because such a thing never entered his head before. Ll ll' " I 'Q YIIIII EW? f'SNWf3""" l I V , ,' , , M If .f V . . f I ' , I ' ' ' ' ' f ' s if . ,J ' YV . ? f , 1' JIU I 7 gf f 'xl' " '. f tr" vw. , 1 4' . i Q"- :5"hq,m,,,.-, 1 . THE WAR WILL END WHEN Andy goes to a Jitney. Langston misses a Monday Lyric. Brick becomes a blond. Grant begins to grow. Robinson makes a nine o'clock. Hattie gets a man. Pexton learns to draw. Larson matches pennies. Foster quits rooming at the Saratoga. Simanek springs a joke. Weist forgets to study. Ella hasn't a Ellauv a time. Rogers quits trying to fuss. Prawitz makes 30 in a Chem quiz. Perusse quits using Foster pool chips. Spooner gets a tennis raquet to match is shoes. The "Board', will be a joke. Creutz learns to use the soft pedal. Samuelson can run a "blood pressure." Physiology Dents love Lesh. Browne makes an eight o'clock call. Bessie T takes life easy. Pickering misses his Sunday night ate. Lesh will go to another formal. Langston learns his business fnot zhersj. Arner neglects to do the dishes. Hatty Anderson looses that smile. Batty can't duplicate any compound. James quits "crabbing." Vic forgets his six text books. Harmon shears the wool. Andy can raise a shave. 1" .3 51 fa! yi . if Q If . Z Lf , ' A VERY GRAVE SITUATION Friend Pexton still X ants to kno ' . .y va, . VX'1f anyone has seen his friend, Miss Lota Graves. All we can do is refer him to the keeper of Wyuka, fcemeteryj admits that he has a Iota graves there. who out SAlVIUELSON,S BONEHEADS "I don't think this is a ligitimate ex- cuse." "I was acting as attorney for the de- fensef' "From a different standpoint, they are the same thing." "A cholagogue is a pill coated with chocolate." "Cough grass is used to stuff mat- resses." "The ash is what's left when every- thing else is taken out. AS OUR PREMEDIC FRIEND, DUTCH WEYMULLER, SAYS Nothing will brace you up as well as a quart of confusion of digitalis which has been lacerated for 453 hours. Puncture of Iodine may have a good odor but oh, you aromatic-spirits of Ki- mona. Taint the original cost, itls the up- keep, for instance: We bought Frank- forter a pipe but now we go bankrupt buying him Tuxedo. Perussic Acid, now wouldn't that kill '2 you . l l Ifiig livagur Stuff SAlVlUELSON'S SALICYLATES VS CREUTZ'S CYANIDES Pharmacy Picnic 1916 A brilliant game of muffs, strike outs, and walks, was witnessed in one of the h l it fou ht games of the season on the slough grassy diamond of Epworth Park. arc es g The sun was shining brilliantly fas suns usually shinej, reflecting its dazzling beams from the shining pate of Schweitzleberger, and the maroon thatched dome . . . . d . . X Y d of Brick James. Scharles Slesh ofliciated as umpire. Tho his ecisions were e- cidedly rotten he was allowed to last out the game. More should be said of him but the editors of this sheet will not permit, not caring to have a suit for liable brought up against them. Circumstances point to the fact that umpire Slesh had b ht b the Salicylics for the measly renumeration of two Camels and a been oug y , match, proving the cause of the rotten decisions against the Cyanides, resulting in their subsequent defeat to the tune of three to two. The features of the game were the admirable batting of Andy, and the superb fielding of Huffman. Andy appeared at the plate, grim determination written upon and dared the pitcher to put one over. After several attempts in making a beautiful foul tip, which soared into the heavens and a sickening thud into the hands of the catcher. Huffman's posing es ecially beautiful, causing great outbursts of applause from the D lady spectators. Tho loathe to soil his hands with a ball, Huff would gurgle glee- fully when any happened his way, breaking his pose long enough to prevent getting hit on the hand. The phenomenal pitching of South Paw Grant caused great discomfort to the Cyanides. Slats Pexton did not display his usual form fit being covered with his 38.50 shirtj, but after succeeding in twirling several slow ones around Slat's wishbones, Stub became desperate and hit him on the bat, resulting in a safe hit, to the great disgust of Stub. Arenson's base running was slightly disappointing, for he was somewhat out of training, and excessive avoirdupois prevented any ten flat time. Samuelson played a consistent, grandstand game Cladies being presentj, and suffered deep hu- miliation at being fanned out by Creutz. The Barazda grin was erased by a low one from the wily fingers of pitcher Johnson, while Brazada was down looking for home d eat composure by regaining batting position and then fan- plate, but he showe gr . i ' ' . ning out. Robinson displayed great originality in his phrazing while roasting the his classic face. Andy succeeded finally fell with in the field was mpire. U The game was rudely broken up by the sudden loss of interest by the captain of the Salicylics, on seing his lady friend depart from the side lines with the cap- tain of the opposing team. Final score 3 to 2. .Ill OUR FRIEND CREUTZ You know our friend Kreutz-Some Swede, but on the whole a pretty good sort of fellow. We feel like a father to the boy and when he pulls off those num- erous kid tricks or springs a '76 joke it goes well with us-especially after we have become hardened to it. By way of warning to his future "Friends": Get hardened to it before you judge severely. We must all offer consolation to our fellow classmates in distress. We have learned that the main "Planck" of his platform has been swept away by the onrushing tide of-well not "has beensf' And that reminds us-Fritz found his frat pin that has been lost so long. "Mother found it in the garage." This has no connection with the above, of course, but we couldn't'resist telling you of it. We will see him wearing it from now on, of course-for a time-till the next time. "T, ETHEHREDW NOTE-At the last try out, Brick James wins the title from Schaufelber- ger as the "College Crepe Hanger." STARCH SOUP Soup Lee in discussing incompatabll- ities and dosages of prescriptions, had the following thrust at him: Camphor 1 ounce Chloral 1 ounce Starch 1 ounce "Too muchee dose of starch," say Soup. f' Browne fexamining a lode stone which has iron fillings clinging to itl-Say, Mr. Thompson, what makes this stone grow like this. It has wings on it. INCIDENTALLY Brick James insists that "Potable Wa- ter" is water which has been boiled in a pot. Samuelson maintains that "Aqua Bul- liens" is beef tea. fGet the bull.J Huffman is diligently searching for a dish covered with tar for his experiment, which calls for a tared vessel. , A pf,j1f',j,' " 4, , ",,-5 . A I A ' .,. . ,.,,..,..,.,.M,4l 2525" . ggf f 1 ,V f . . , V'!.fkv.J YA' 2' .1- x I ' ,I A .4 fla g xg: V , 9-0, ., , ,- , T , ' ' H 'W 'f' ff--f :M W, K' F 4 - fl SSQQNQJBA f' .X ' V ' ffm 1 if X A gnff, ,M 4 'mv-,,.,,, Q W V , , wh H ,' A . ,,.- 1 2 , A 3 -X 1 'V-if' , YM "4 -' f- , 1 ' W .. , 1 rf g ag H A 4' My K L ' ,A A' r 1 X: V H ""'1'! - , '.v 'f ,y 5: " ., x ' - 3. , 2 - ' J fQ'L ,.2::v .A V ,r 1: S:gX,,,b, Q, an W- .X wt 1. ,+ -awk ,- 2-,I l . rf 1 .1 Q Oufz 57.47-megs: H0553 W Eff!! Q 1"" Ei? 'V' 0 , 5? J..--""""" u-HMMWW JA .A AM: -A Abfr X N WY N ,jhm .L -f A' 1 . . 'L 'mate ' ' M' Mc 1 W - .,...,. -. , Y., , ,gn-1' . SX , W, , ,, + -ff x """ r D. ' g ' K j ' F "': . MRM ,? 4 'N N-N, ., , T 'I . n 4 U 'L .s.. . ----.M N INFERNHA. 3 -' M ' iii , f ,, E561 oN-'Ea " . QMS QF' lffff fifspg-S ZZIJST eepoff T....."'E oss se: of-1 'E S- A 1, L, Q 2231 v if A ' t X-fi Hz? 4 ,J . , '.2g.v"fJ -.", ,- 4 L U . ' ,lf 'Q Al S , Mijn.. Milli? Q FE! . ,, as HM, A+ 5-1416 52.1li?65ofv5 , . - -ul ,,,, .4 ,J , ' ' ,z A ,gt , 4333? .gn .N A 3 we- pf.-4:f,f -fu 'E r . - ' ' ' 'f 'V A 4, 'M 'may' 1' W "ily-ww :m."i'4' ,Q img- 4-' ,. Q-,. A f, . -v ' ,- 41,-zy 4 ., EXQHVHW 2'-V - Mg Q fl '-aff Q H'-fQa31vr,5ff2i.mgjfQ,,, f:,,,.',5f-f- , ' 5 '- Ji ,vf w.l:w 'SEQ' - , fm. ,aa-ff 4- Vmf-f.f,c1" I ' ' - b. H H' ' ' - , M! 5 fp ef,-me 14. ff- -' - ' THE CHRONIC "AILER" Doc Lyman fexamining Huffman for one of his chronic ailmentsj-Have you ever had appendicitis? Huffman-Well, Doctor, I was operated on but I was never able to tell if it was appendicitis or professional curiosity. Nelson-It must be nice to know ooh-aah-almost everything. Schaufelberger-Give me nickel's worth of Asafoetida. Clerk-Certainly. Is that all? Schaufelberger-Yes, charge it. Clerk-Take it for nothing. Iwouldn't write asafoetida and Schaufelberger for five cents. ' NO SUBSTITUTION Some of the trials of the average drug clerk is to make out what to give in the following cases: Asprain tablets. Crystalized stuff for strong furs. Sala-pa-tic-a. Please give this girl 5 cents worth of bitter allows, the bitter the better. Paragorick. Wood alcohol and crosses persupimate. Welche's grape j use. Sal Petica. Skis Success ointment. Analgestic Balm. Gros Suppliment. Anajeousenboum. Beaugka leaves for tea. Salhetaphice. Sala Phatha. Sal Pataceae. Rats Kohosh. ilk Gammad of tasso. Mangepotash. Oil of camfer. I package of combomilery. I package of ellacompay. Sliprelion bark. Plaster adageside. Wolf's oil. Casca o'Grady. Cold Rosage Suppliment. Teets for feet. THIS MUST BE LANGSTON A youth indulging in loud clothes and a hat forced back over his ears, dropped into a dental chair at the Lincoln Dental College, clinic. "I'm afraid to give him gas" said Dent Davis to one near him. "Why?" "How can I tell when he's uncon- scious?" f X YWK . h S XX X L ff X. X K 3 J X X 004 N If f W -f Y 4 E X ,- fp ...X "Mis E 55 " 1 - f' '- 1 1 - - -1 , , A QM? ,X ' X S E5 .Q ' E X , ..-if-QL V1 - , 1, K 7 w If Qhw ' X X XXXX X ' x x QQ Gbptiral ilhltatinn nf iithgl Alrnhul f . f 1 1 bl I I 1 ' f 1 I G1 .,v " nn nf " Say, Bill, Will I attended the Pharmaceutical Society banquet? Will I? Whadda ye mean? Will I? Did you ever know me to pass up a good thing? Wasn't I always there with the bells on at the stroke of the hour? I'll be there if I have to pawn my extra pair of shoes to get a full dress suit. Altho' it's been four years since I've left school I've always kept a place in my stomach for this swell confab and also a place in my heart, believe me, to hear "Doc Whyman" tell his anecdote on "What Physiological action causes the female of the species 'Chicken' to cross North Sixteenth Street," and to see our old teachers, "Cowboy" Perrots and "Baby Boy" Thompson and to hear them tell jokes which were known when the 1870 Phar- macopoea was the standard book, these are what I call the best times of my life. To gather around the festive board Ctoo poetical, eh! Bill?J Well anyway to get near those eats and hear those virgin jokes is what I'm after. But mentioning Doc's name reminds me of the tricks we used to play on him. Ah! you smile. I see you remember him-good natured old Doc, his hair parted HJ in the middle and combed over each eye. Some Prof. was that man. He could talk faster than any other man I've heard and could put in more "so's" in one sen- tence than the U. S. P. would allow. Remember his old habit of drinking while lecturing?-drinking water, of course, you simp. Well any way we cured him of that habit. He used to have the water in a blue pitcher, yes Bill, the same one that's in the Museum of the "Fiddle De Chis." We got Swede Cdon't interrupt me Billl you remember Swede from Milford, don't you ?-the good old scout that was more good natured per Cc than any of us and he certainly had plenty of Ccs too.- Well, as I was saying, we got Swede to put Asafoetida in that water. What's asa- foetida? What is it like? Well, Bill, hydrogen sulphide is the oil of rose compared to it. It's the stuff we used to carry in a bag around our necks to keep the germs away-not Germans, I said germs. Believe me, that stuff would keep anything away, not only germs. Well, as I was saying, he took a drink of the supposedly Aqua Pura U. S. P. What did he do? Foolish question No. 985764. He did the same thing as you or I would. He took and washed out his mouth with tap water and put so much oil of peppermint in his mouth that he could not talk for a week, but when he did, wowie, what he said to us. We would not own who placed the asa- foetida in the water fcollege loyalty, etc.J, and anyway Swede was a big fellow. Well he gave us all the same sentence. Suspend us from Uni. for ten days? Well. Bill, I'd rather be suspended for a month than do what he had us do. We had to work out the blood cycle and apex beats from calves from South Omaha. What's so hard about that? Well, you simp, those calves had been dead for two weeks and l I , R1 1 s .-- ki Mi A T lj 1 . -' -I uf 's..,4v ig K-r ,-. no germacide or disinfectent had been used to get rid of the South Omaha odo Bill, that was sure some revenge. But we deserved it. It was months before v could look a heart in the fact. Another thing, Bill, when we were broke we hz one of the swellest schemes in captivity to cop the coin. We used to catch dog Working for the city? I should say not. Dogs and four bits were the same to t for Doc used to sign his John Hennery on a bottom of a check for that amount al say. when some of us were hungry we got some dogs--no I don't eat sausage, we anyway we turned those dogs into half dollars. Tired listening to those sad tales, Bill? Well, if not, here goes another or I'll never forget the time that Batty-no he really wasn't batty, but we called hi that-turned towards ionization-yeh, Bill, that is a big word like elephant or pi Nope, I'm not going to be technical at all, and spring words like Sulpho-cinnam hydroxy-sulphonate. Well, anyway, Betty took one of these electric light bulbs a filed off the point and attached it to the electric light fixture, and Perrots turns the light and there was no response you add? You're wrong, Bill. Don't interrt or I'll get peeved like Slesh did once-but that's another story. Well, as I was sz ing, he placed the bulb in water, thereby causing the formation of Hydrogen a Oxygen. Well, Betty takes the bulb out of the water and puts a match to it. burned with a blue iiame. huh It burned with a blue bang, sounding like Germs were coming. Well, for weeks afterward the pretty girls in Betty's chem sect? sent him flowers at St. Elizabeth's. He looked when he got out, as if he shai himself with an old fashioned razor in the dark. The Gillette Safety razor peo got out his picture for an advertisment, printing under it "Blood Will Tell." Why don't I mention something about Miss O'Kay? Well I will Bill. One c she was giving her famous lecture on "Barks That Root and Roots That Bark' What's that, Bill, a customer. Glory be! Well, I'll tell the rest of the story so other time. So-long, Bill. S. B. A. .yP' ' I I l 1 l l I l l l l N-haihriil 'flle3'vlT4j1iDoctor'A? 1 sexi? ., -ft i ff 1 5139 3 y 1 - n , 7, ' V b. .5 fii:-sig. ff' If i ' f ff," lfw!-'1 ... I 111 'fi ,cf Q 'b Fifi , gg, , M sa. u.A -A t 5 ?,f 2 2 5. 517 West 169 St., New York City, Jan. 26, 1916. 4 My Dear Dr. Lyman: It will be a great pleasure to me to contribute with my compliments, any number of cartoons and illustrations you would like to have for the "Annual.". Met and had a talk with one of your Fraternity Brothers of Columbia. fHe knew Mr. Hansen thru corresponclencej He was very enthusiastic over my news I of Hour' college. i l Wishing you and our college success, I am, t Very sincerely yours, 1 EDO ANDERSON. ' l 1 mils fb 69 wr, . -Q l all u Z5 ,. A S ff ' i t is" f A! iVnQ2 .sbhlf f ylifj' q' I nur Y f A I llff AV' f f X- ' Fda H.A- J '- 6? wg Sv. OB. iv. 3111 Ihr lllhgainlngg limb. Doc told Roby he must walk at least three miles a clay. Does he do it? Yes, around a pool table, generally. EL MUSTACHIO l see Browne has gone in for intensive 'pharmingf Yer don't say. Yep, raising a moustache. fLater-With the aid of his frat brothers, Browne harvested half a crop.J A BARGAIN lrate Customer-What! Fifteen cents for a pound of sulphur? I can go acros the street and get it for ten cents. Young Pharmic-Yes: and I know where you can go and get it for nothing. XXX 1 ! ' . ' . NNNN Qi V 'f -,I 1 , .' s .,, sk--A g. Thompson-Schaufelberger, don't always look at the dark side of things. Take that piece of magnesium and make light of it. AND HE MADE THE BOARD Prof.-What is the Nitrate of Soda? Harmon-Don't know. Our store at Orchard is only o en in the daytime. . D Drug Clerk-A young man who knows more than the doctor. Lester Robinson-A physiologically inactive body. Spooner-Fish, what are you going to do this summer? Fisher-Going to manicure the boulevards in my home town. Miss Townsend says that man came from monkey and some ot' them bought a round trip ticket. WANTED-Young ladies of Jewish descent to attend the College of Pharmacy. Good grades in chem and Lyric dates guaranteed. Am an excellent fusser. lntend devoting all of my time to this worthy Cause. SAUL BRYAN ARENSON. LAMENT OF THE PHARMACOLOGY DOG SURGEON A druggist is known by the goods he sells. But a City Pound dog by the way he smells. Perusse-In distinguishing artificial from genuine honey, the genuine can be detected by examining the combs for the bees tracks. Lesh-Know a cheap and easy way of getting around that. Just put some bees shoes on a fly and drive him across the comb. Doc-What does the first part of the ward "rubefacient" mean? Creutz-Means something to rub on. fDuring the ensuing laughter Creutz's face assumes a "rubus" huej. YET SHE HAS 'EM Bess Townsend-Haven't time for men down here. Swede-ls that why you get 95W in Pharmacognosy? if J. 4 4 . E, ive Glam 131111 162211 Ihia? PRIVATE COLLECTION AGENCY AGENCYA 1 f G fi fl, zur? --If :Y Miers o y IQ. DEALER IN Mferlekifaifzsilise Ginseng, Goldenseal And All Other Cultivated Herbs. I-IOXIE, VA., MAY I8, 1916 Elsie Day, Lincoln, Nebr. My Dear: In reply to your card received in regard to Medical Drug Plants I handle. I am in possession of all most all kinds of these plants. if there is any thing that I can interest you Kindly enforrn me soon. I could make a list I dont think it necessary. Yours respectfully IVIASBY CAYNARD. ----nr I him? , N Malati Toila-It is not an ordinary hair oil, hundreds of which the market is Hooded With. It is the best satric scented oil in keeping' the brain very cool and making' the spirit buoyant and cheerful. It increases the growth of the hair, making it more glossy and darkerg imparts vigor to the brain organs and removes baldness, headache and cerebral disorders of all form and is very useful in meningitis. Price Re. 1 per phial Harital Bhasma-The Hindu specific remedy for Asthma. Rs. 2 per tola Manager: - - Sri Nagarjunoshram, 25- I Beadon Row Calcutta "Q "Nr '1 LW iilii f 4 ,Q . wif xii X 2 li' Z gi ,Ziff lf-gil 43, W Wig l'EI.f+TA-lf-' I" SIMPLE, ISN'T IT? How does Arner take married life? According to directions, I believe. AND BUCKSHOT, TOO A dejected looking man entered a store in Lincoln, stepped up to a bright eyed clerk. "I want a quarters worth of carbolic acid." "Sorry,', said the clerk, "You got into the wrong store. We deal only in hard- ware, but we have a choice line of ropes, razors and revolversf' SING SING Why can't you sing any more? Larson-Well, I was arrested and got behind two bars and couldn't reach the key, and since then I have not been able to sing. A PHOOL PHARIVIIC Did you ever see a fellow Just before the final quiz, Who says, "I wish I'd studied And minded my own biz." I am very, very sorry now, Because I skipped a class, For I know if I had gone each day I'd have a chance to pass. But now that all is over. And my last chance has flown, I think I'll go and pack my trunk And hit the road for home." But after careful study He goes in the room late, And when the final grades are up The Boob got ninety-eight. "Bi l r I xx A fly's a fly because he flies, A flea's a flea because he fleas, A bee's a bee because he bes. Johnson-Mr. Thompson, what does plumbago look like? Prof. Thompson-Plumbago? Why. that's a disease. LESH'S JOURNAL Dress Suit, rent and rip ..,............,.. S 3.00 Shirt, donated by Creutz fthanksb Silk Socks .....,,....,..,.,.........,.......,.,..... .39 Pumps .......,........,,........ . ........,....,..... 5.00 Collar, tie, etc ...........,.,...,,,,,.,,,.,..,,,,,. 1.16 1 pkg. Herbert Tarrytown. cock tip .25 J itney ..........,................. . ..,......,....,.,.. 17.33 Barber, dentist, manicurist ,,..,.,.,.,, .95 CAfter danceJ Chiropodist e..,.... .,,,,, 3 .50 Tips ...,.........,..,.,.,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,. ,.,,, flS29.411,ffi Found in dress suit ........, ,,.,,,. . 25 Total pleasure .,.,..,..,,,,,..,.,..,,,.,,, 529.1615 Audited formal account of Chas. A. Lesh. T. A. Williams. Mgr. Student Activities. W2 AND THIS FROM A GREEN FRESH- MAN Prof. Pool-Mr. Nelson, what is the first thing that turns green in the spring? Nelson-Christmas jewelry. V. Johnson to Harmon-Say Harmon, is your room rent very high '? Harmon-Well-er really, I can't re- member. DIFFICULT DIAGNOSIS I hear Bill is sick. Yes, the doctor said he would have brain fever if he had any place to put it. . .. God heals, but the doctor takes the fee. You can always tell Seniors, but you can't tell them much. Three may keep a secret f two of them are dead. Samanek-Is this the weather bureau '? How about a shower tonight? W. B.-Don't ask me. If you need one, take it. P 4 ,, l Efrialz nf EI Erug Qllvrk A Owe-Act Tragedy ofPlerpct11alMotriou SCENE-A small drug store during the lunch hour. The proprietor has left ,leav- ing one clerk on duty. The kids from school-yes-about twenty-live of them-drop in to squander their pennies. The ensuing rabble as follows: "Gimme a penny's worth of wine drops and some lemon drops." "Aw, I want some of dem hearts wid "kick me" on 'em." "Mr, give me a penny's worth of these and a penny's worth of those." These and those being indicated in meantime by greasy fingers rubbed on the show case, which the clerk had just polished up that morning. Dllfllflg the kid tUlI"mOll EL g6HtlQYY12LIl dygpg in to buy 3 Cigar ffpcj, The brand Called for in the case is a Claro, and the human furnace insists on a Colorado Claro SO the Obligiflg Clerk TOD, Skip Hlid WINDS to the basement for a box of cigars. ' While he is gene 21 Party of 1701116 Yeung ladies, the belles of the burg, seat them- selves at soda table and while patiently waiting comment in overtones on the serv- ice of the store, the tie the clerk wears and the Cut of his hair, and their young men friends. When the clerk finally gets to them he is met with an order four malted milks, each one a different flavor. fWhy profanity is on the increase.J During the process of agitating the malted milks via the strong arm method an old lady bustles in and in a high pitched sonorous voice orders a half ounce of aromatic spirits of ammonia and during the wait recites a list of her ailments, and those of the family for the past three generations, which narration raised from the sweet girl graduates some of that heavenly, divine and musical titter. You know it-the kind that grates on your nerves like the wail of a love-sick tom cat on the back fence. During the process of listening to a tale of woe and doing his duty the clerk gives the old girl aqua ammonia for her heart instead of aromatic spirits. But that's another scene. The phone rings and the clerk takes an order for a chocolate sundae to be sent across the street immediately. He dishes it up and while doing it three eustemey-S come in and serving them necessitates two trips to the basement, a discussion of the I I ff. war and another tale of aches. When he finally returns to the order to be deliv- ered the cream has melted and he patiently goes after another order and hastens across the street. When he returns four customers await him, each one having been :he first there. A feminine personage with suffragette eye-brows and coyote ears orders him po procure him to get a half dozen of Dr. Twinkle's pills on double quick time. For- Qunately at this time the proprietor saunters in and the lips of the clerk mumble a silent prayer. M- B. C- KT s.J 1? x.! Qhr Qrllinl' 1. Q, , 5 l I .M J Idghia iiiiilxliaiifa ldvrannal lgrattlr Dear Pydia:-I am in love with a girl named Grace. Now, in our town we nev- er says grace, not even before meals. How shall I call her? Rincker. Don't worry, Rincker, old scout, pop the question and call her wife. Pydia. Dear Miss Linkham:-Passing by the Bessy building today, l saw the sign. "This Building is Unfair to the Work- men. Donit Scab." Now, everybody has boils and must scab. What can you do about it? Dear Shimby:-Use some of Doc's Sa- licylic acid. You'll never have boils or scabs or anything else for that matter. My dearest Pydia:-Where can I sell some testimonials? I have taken every patent remedy put out in the last 25 years, and feel almost as good as when I started. I graduated from the asylum eight years ago, but am doing graduate work here now. I'm not crazy over this place so would like to sell some good tes- timonials so that I can do research Work at Sing Sing. I have already started tak- ing things, so that I can be prepared to go there. Who will buy my testimonials? Ima Nutt. Friend Ima:-Write to Ernie Swiet- zerberger, care of Lan-tac Co. Dear Miss Pydia Linkham:-Listen. Hear the glad news. I took the Kansas state board last week. They asked what would you use in case of Strychnine poisoning Intoxication Arsenic Poisoning Ingrowing toe nails High Blood Pressure Safety Razor Cut Warts Rheumatism Malaria Fallen Arches And I wrote just three words-"Use Sa- licylic Acid,', and made a grade of 97. They evidently took 5 or 10 percent on account of my writing. Some record ain't it? R. A. Whyman. Why, man, you are to be congratulated Dear Miss Pydia Linkham :-The othel day I went in a restaurant and after the Waiter had served me, he stood there foi five minutes Waiting for a tip. Is he what you could call a "typical" waiter? -il. Boost and the world boosts with you, Knock and you are on the shelfg For the world gets sick of the one you'l kick, And wishes he'd kick himself. Boost when the sun is shining, Boost when it starts to rain. If you happen to fall, don't be there an bawl, But get up and boost again. Boost for your own advancement, Boost for the things sublime, For the chap who is found on the topmoi round Is the booster every time. 'Q i 42? 1 AI, .L 41-,. .A 1 t.lF:"4' 551 fy- 1 s - 5, ' FQ? . me X. !,fn3'iwi :I ffm if 3 I .... I- ,, , ,ff ,. a 512' 2 Q Q 'E 1333? I A H jg ,xxx I ' ---' K . 1 frL.m.,.,. ww. W-E ' iff'-W-2 f if .MIT fffifflzligfv V "' 6 if A sw J ,.,. ,i1., .9 .A.34,S 3,53 X .4 Av H,-rv .np V-cm ' X. R no I g QEQQUEE UE? 'gif f' 5'x3,,,,,5 Q . Q' ' -ww ' ' .ami ff? F 'Ne 9 Z M,,,i .M..,..,. ..,, NW-m,..M.,.,,...-...,,, .?'S532.E..Ei?.5!,Q.f.hf.,..-A-:ik .-...,.-m,,,,h.q.M...n..-....,.,.,...-.,,,,.....,,,.hhw..- .,.,,.,,,1,-..,,,....w..,..N-.h.1.-3s ' if '65-eg Ma. -Hg R X L 3' li," ?l'HfFefjgi xg'-FW -Q 5279 Ni gn imma izmfu 2'2 Qe f:i2fr ,gf rmzii':- 1 ' Emgvgzzi ,afs1wg:n2f1t n!' timer? f, H biitlf mm zzzmwzes asslim , iw 533,15-azx' ,immafig ,thifsi w.'.'. 11, ff.,.:- -:,,, -, . " x . I lf.. 5 . f. .,fN y.,,, H iw ww wk! simiiiai. RF' ' .Q ft., S, 1,4:,,, I x sf if 'I -681815155 Munsingwear Stetson Hats Superior Union Suits "Heid Caps" Manhattan Shirts P L U S Webber Sweaters Everwear Hosiery Spalding Athletic Goods "Quality"---Plus "The Manner" In which we serve You Try lt! - rmstmngfs LINCOLN The Home of Hart, Schaeffner :Q Marx Clothes T e indell Center of Things Active Lincoln, Nebraska 'Sv Modern in Every Way New Ball Room New Banquet Room New Grill Room New Billiard Room New Coffee Shop New Lunch and Soda Fountain Room Care, Cuisine and Service Unsurpassed 'SN Approximately 200 Rooms 105 Qooms with Bath RATES: 31.00 Without Bathg 31.50 With Bath IK. M. Zlnhmitun, QRIUIIPI' zmh Hllanagvr I UU R P 0 LI C Y' Give value received in all cases. Expert mutuality in all business trans- actions. Give such service as Will meet full eX- pectation of louyer. Courtesy and promptness in correspon- dence and attention to the Wants of our trade. We solicit your patronage and ask you to make our store your headquarters when in Omaha E- U0- OMAHA, NEBRASKA KOSTKA DRUG C0. Physicians' and Surgeon's Supplies 1211 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska Men's Suits A "Crowning" achieve- ment in style, quality and value given at the price. R 5 Y com PN' College Book Store Facing Campus Books and all Student Supplies See Our Well Selected Stock of Pennants, - Jewelry, - Stationery, Base Ball and Tennis Goods Pex-Do ou reckon Dr. Lyman's Sodium Salicylate rescrintions do any ooc ' . g l? Andy-Not unless you follow the directions. Pex-What are they? Andy-Keep the bottle tightly corked. AFTER CHEM LAR Langston-Well, Bessie, where shall I meet you? Miss Townsend-Over in the library. Langston-All right, if you get there Hrst, make a black mark on the wall: and I get there Hrst, l'll rub it out. Spring Suits For Young Fellows Lively styles---dependable qualities Also Manhattan Shirts---Stetson Hats AGEE. Satisfaction Guaranteed IlfggYOU STOCK ARTIQQQS UNDER THE WELL KNQWN 1grQi3cgQgBgAND Eldeco Tablets Eldeco Cigars Eldeco Floral Cream Elcleco Vanishing Cream Eldeco Camphor Ice Eldeco Stock Dip Eldeco Fish Food Eldeco Lice Killer Eldeco Water Bottles Eldeeo Syringes Eldeeo Fly-Away Lincoln Drug Company Wholesale Druggists 801-3-5-7 P Street, Lincoln, Nebraska New York Office: I3 Gold Street All Vou desire is summed up in HIGBY CE'?SiJ2G SERVICE "Over Ten Years of Leadership" B-6633 1322 N St Pharmaceutical Colleges Teach men the art and science of dispensing. Experience Teaches them the brand of chemicals best adapted for dis- pensing purposes. For the dispensing department HM. C. W." CHEMICALS have, for nearly half a century, stood in the highest favor with critical, discriminating pharmacists. Specify HM. C. W.', original packages. Mallinckrocll Chemical WWKS Eagl Pharmacy 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 11111 1 1111 1 11 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111-1111111111-1111111111 DRUGS - TOILET ARTICLES CAMERAS - CIGARS - CANDY 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 1111 1111 11 1 1 11 1 1111111111111111111,11,1111111111111.11111111111111111111111111i1111111111 Soda Fountain in Connection 500 North 14 St. Corner 14 and S 11111111'1'Q.l'11, N1'111'ilS1i2l,,x111'11221111, 111111. 111 111 112. A. 11yI1l2l1l, 111111-11111, NC'111'. 111 111'211' 11oc1111': 1111111111s11 111111 lll-Y 1'1l111'1i f111' 145.1111 111111 my 1111111111111111111s, for 111 1111111 1111 s S1111 11111 11111i1' 111111 1,112l1'l1l211'j' Y11z11' 1111111i. 1 11111111 11111 y11z11' 11218 11111111 Sll1'1'1'SS1fl11 11-11111 f'Y1'1'y s1z111111111i111. 1 will 111- 212111 111 111-111 111 111111131 way 1111ss111111 111111111 11111 111111111 1'o111111i 111 11111 1,111 1J1'112l 1'111 1111'1'1S 1111111 111111 1111x1 y11:11'. Wi111 111-N1 1V1N1l1'S 111 1111. ln1'P111l1'112111'V j'111l1'S, 11. Q1. 11'1NK. ' 'a RQMQQ Eeali M SEMZER HEAERQHES Xw'-'? ' 1Of?f25?,5O'?, 5: 3120 Bottles. 1 '1'-' X 'b X , K x .Z X , ,, Aw V " Q Mix Q1N-- ,X pe. X 4, x -f 1-,,, , p3Qf1,,w-yi, Y ifiugkf 9.94 ,, - , .. f M- - -5 EMEQSON u uk' mmuwcn aALn40"l-'swf glmllwcz can-rf-f:f,u.ff 5 " ., - . S"' ,rr ifilisl L.:-s,g5,",9fy K, a-.r--rf ,,,w,. ,N-A bww High,-h,f 1-'fl AQZH U. Mu ... we-' " 'J N.,..:-...M-:""' WM., J "lp . B., .ue-,"'jfv 'N nn .gn v-aJ"' Manufacturers of Druggists' Boxes and Labels Send For Our Catalog Omaha, Nebraska Where there is beauty We take it--- Where there is none We make it . f' X f 5 I nmnnvnhh 226 South Eleventh Street "73reserve the Present for the future" Who is it in the morn at eight Does quickly close and lock the gate, To shut the Dnets out who are late? Doc Lyman. All thru the days so dull and grey, Who is it that does often say, The Pharmics today? Doe Lyman. -Bill. WILSON'Sl3RJl3QG STORE The Big Store Quality Reliability Service SA NITA R Y SODA SER VICE We Fit Both Feet Better Shoes for Men This is The Bootery's spring and summer "Tramp" S4 and -i Q, Thi.?.2fZEe"Y THE LINCOLN HOTEL Announces the installation of air-washing and cooling system with humidity and thermostatic control of latest improved type. This system is guaranteed to furnish 98 per cent pure airg in addition, patrons may be certain of any desired temperature. Ball Room Rates-50c per couple, with minimum charge of 3515 and maxim- um of 3525. Inspection Invileci of Our New Carden Banquet Room Chinese and English Rooms The I-inCOIn is the Sunday evening rendezvous of University society folks. Table d'Hote noon and evening qSundayJ, 75c. Music evening We Specialize in Good Printing. Let Us Plan Your Next Program or Menu BUYD PRINTING CU. "Printing Worth While" 125 North 12th St. Lincoln, Nebraska ORREC N'S WEAR There is a real satisfaction in knowing that the clothes you wear are rightg that no differ- ence where you gio you are well and correctly dressed. Whatever is right and up-to-the- minute in suits, overcoats, hats or furnishings you'll find here first Farquhar Clothing Co. SPECIALIZING IN YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHES 1325 O Street Lincoln, Nebraska WHERE? WHEN? WHO? WHY? Girl wanted. Girl wanted. Wanted when? Wanted who? Now, ere the sun hath set again, One Whose oaresses linger as dew, To brighten the gloom for lonely men-One who is faithful, good and true- THAT'S WHEN THATS WHO Girl wanted. Girl wanted. Wanted where? Wanted why? Here, where bachelor lives despairg To sing a loaby's lullaby, Here, where woman's Smiles are rare- THAT'S WHY THATS WHERE Geo. O. Risden ll? are flu! ch'l.fffIl,flfOl'S of the ,lloflrrlz Store l'll'UIlf Kawneer Store Fronts Western Glass cQ Paint Co. LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Quality F irst--Service Best G They Are Better They are Made in Nebraska They are Perfection in Confections They Are For sale in Every Tfirst-Class Drug Store Manufactured By Gillen dt Boney "Good Candy Makers" Lincoln, ------- Nebraska The "Haja" Line Always Fine Quality Shows Where " Haja" Goes Satisfies Whoever Buys Best for the Pay, the Richardson Way DOZ Haja Arnica Salve .....................,,....... 351.00 Haja Arom. Ess. Jam. Ginger .......... 1.25 Haja Arom. Castor Oil ...................... 2.00 Haja Blackberry Comp ...........,. .,.,. 1 .25 Haja Carbolic Salve .,...,...... ,..., 1 .00 Haja Carb. W. H. Salve ........ ..... 1 .00 Haja Cold Tablets ,..,......,...,. ..... 1 .00 Haja Headache Tablets .......... ..... 1 .00 Haja Pain Panacea ..,........... ,..... 1 .25 Haja Penetrating Lint ,.,...,. ...... 3 .00 Haja Pile Cure .................,,.,.... 1,,,, , 1.00 Haja Sarsaparilla Comp .....,..,.. ...... 6 .00 Haja Syr. 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Oil ............. ....... 4 .00 Haja Sewing Machine Oil ....,.. .... . 75 Haja Fish Food ...................... ....... . 75 Haja Roller Bird Seed .......... ....... 1 .00 Haja Mending Tissue ............ ........ . 75 Haja Insecticide ....................... ........ 1 .50 Haja Liq. Insect Destroyer ................ 1.75 Haja Talcum Powd., lbs ......... ........ 1 .80 Richardson's Dipofectant, Gals ........ 537.50 Richardson's Dipofectant, 112 Gals .... 4.60 Richardson's Dipofectant, 11, Gals .... 2.50 Richardson's Lice Killer, Gals .......... 7.50 Richardson's Lice Killer, 15 Gals .... 4.60 Richardson's Lice Killer, 11, Gals .... 2.50 Richax-dson's Fly-No, Gals ................ 7.50 Richardson's Fly-No, VZ Gals ............ 4.60 Richardson's Fly-No, 14 Gals ............ 2.50 Richardson Drngg Company maha, U. .A. THIS IS THE COVER OF OUR NEBAGO WRITIN THE QUALITY TABLET M HlI X I . L IG , I - I 1 IMI: MUIIQ 'I I ' '2 2-f 1f'I'!E I A I I I .,..1, zggaggggi-" '1' I I , A .-:':-::z,.:.:4:-:4-:-. gi 11225 ,- ,.-,A. , uw ,MI gy, ' Ig I 'Ni X .5 ' ., . G TABLET Im 5 , 4 , I .. III and .,mIII"umllIIII all l ml! I :Www r Kun!!! wi rd II AI 'dh B 'll ll l 'I II ' l at I II If r' 'I vt: I' if "I II I W I I 323 iii? '. 31 si I I is I me gg if if I Q, I I 5 UIIHTIIIM n ' ,Ii v-12,41 fr-F In U 'f 'I I ,QV "m I R gym , +32 lil!!! h 1 III' ' nm g""f2"!! I W "V I ,.i, u,'I'i'! 'f11,f",:f MI" I' 4 ,,,,,4mlMIIf ,LM . Q If 1..1t.,z'1,:I...' , , ,,,, 'I - U H' If ""'.L.,Jfmsff 3"2.1gg1I-- lim, I 'ffm ' ,,, if f,' 1 QW"I'if1'f'Ies1Zi'u1vmz1J W1 I IWW bw- fikhfff W 'fb -1 I 1 , 4,, M ' . - 1 .'5Yif44+'.:,1:lit , I I , gn' 4 - ' 'fb' mm "vv:,v.,.'. . '7"!. M , 'Q 'g . '3'!'1f ""d,fli,!f""" I -'Y'-1.1-IwiESZILQIQI-,I in gr Ii, H A - 1, 1,1 1. I I1 u, dun up In IHI 1 u,,,iI-, - 'A - . ,, :I- .4'i.,,:. .... 33323: ,gglimm ' " III WI' III , ' I Ly 555: JI .2 Q X , III' " l I' H IIIW "af Pl I NIJ H111 Wu H IIA 4 s,, mi ' Inu 'I III, II ' "I , . Waxss' 'asII?'-I'fil11ii1R,?fI?IiIE1Iz'I Il III 1 13 S", N 'iw ' " 1-..,'k'2na'i ,M HI ,'.'Wfr.. 1-N312 ."'ff'iWs,l1'1s1 . 111 ' II . Item.--1.QQ:i.3Q,z, 5' gfy'-.giqigirgwaixz I .L lx, :fat :iq HIM" 53 I TTTT I TAL TTTTTT-TQE 'Ium i iwfiim 2IIEIzgII!gsS2ifIfIIIIi1EI11fI I .gn fli g f W-..,ffii:gg4I. 3.-gaggagiilihhl 1 I II , I In 1,1 2. r 1.111 M I - sw,--421 - mf! famleans-'fxixaaihw ' " I 111:14 'M MII, I III ,I is WI 'Qs' 1' H III WIKI I 1 ' G III NI U IIN 'I 'Hman "I Mm M, QIQIIIEII mv I ' MII"iI " Tx I 1 I ' ' I , fifvmi 1' ma r f, Q IIIIII I N E BA o, ml Il 'Il 4 'QQ N ES UQIIIIHIIIII II If " I HIT mmwamnnnwwsauezumwunnsi ww '?i11I'f' Wiiil'i1"I311?"IIVIW'WIT W mff W3IWfff51WII' 'S' 1 ff 1 'IIQW-1gIiS!1lET.II' I 1 I I V ' 1- ff W" ' IIIIIIIIIIIQIQI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIV III lu III: CAN BE HAD IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES I 72103321-'OYAL M-f.'173LFf3YA.. 7211--NOTE , 7216-NOTE 7212-PACKET 7217--PACKET 7213-LETTER 7218-LETTER 7214-ROYAL 7219--ROYAL INIEEEz3lRA5Kf0x IZIMIFDIEFR' AND BAG C SCHWARZ BROS. LINCOLN. NEBRASKA 1 hs Qlnllrgv nf Hharmarg Of the University of Nebraska Offers unusual opportunities for the study of Pharmacy. f These opportunities are: 'B 1. The enviroment of one of America's greatest? k universities. . 2. Unexcelled library and laboratory facilities. One of America's best drug plant gardens. , . 3. The association of students who have energy and ability to produce a book of the type of this Annual. -4. Two, three and four year courses are offered. Work in Pharmacy is given in the summer session. . Q' V ' ik . - For information address the'Dean, DR. RUFUS A. LYMAN University of, Nebraska . f?,,'.,., GRADUA TES: We engrave or print personal cards to enclose in your invitations or announcements. Graves Printery Co 244 North Eleventh St. LINCOLN, NEBRASKA llnkvn 'OSTER SLOWLY SETTLES BACK IN THE DENTIST'S CHAIR Dentist-Here's something queer. You say this tooth has never been Worked n before, but I find a small flake of gold on my instrument. Foster-Beg pardon, but I think you have struck my back collar button. Souvenirs, Jewelry, Class Pins and Emblems FELT AND LEATHER GOODS The New and Novel Gifts New and Fancy Stationery at Moderate Prices Calling and Correspondence Cards QQ The University Book tore 3410 North l lth Street, Lincoln ' Your Graduation Guide: Ugrnrivig liralnh Qllnihva' . f -.,-- J ,, .v ' .- 'i 'glf':"fs My-E Xl fi xiii' we , it 1 y , 1'-'A V 'B' " "' V l I4 5"'.' wif, 1.1 l il ,-hfsffi'-L sl- c ml ff, Q S il I f-fit,-'liiwll ' 1 X 1 'y ff i 1 , if lf .f - wffiaei-fill., llll 0 l iaQ,e5Qll:lizs.sHfi li at . ...u.,. ' rw 1 ,-:'w' ,iff l Va' lfa'-, ,"jg Z P Y x P9 J I wlllll tl pil, X L' 4 Y' vw fait: ll ' i' rt faxil 'S A, If, f KX,y1MJS f"i'7 f !K!f 'iff 131, 55, fi M jj: 1 l l fililfkffifyllx lv! Xvuf ', it . , , Mau.. ,il , r B i y - ,QL-vyiwl a f i 1 tml fffffyf ' if fx l - f mf f, f' 'Q' it fl ,Hf,?7f7ff4Vf i ,ullzl fir fi i-fzflzpif l will f is X, W lli,ll"41f6i'Jif 'HMNII 'ml r- ijyff-?f,f'.'ii rl ,714 WSJ ,Wt l W, vi .g yzi q-ill tial. e , f it My li-,Fi h f. S X, Q Sillriilgva J -l Better Service li-li-1:1 x S X11 T . iff xx . A On the first important event of your life you should be faultlessly dressed and feel fit as a fiddle. Put yourself in the hands of the Uncommon Clothes Spe- cialists. IVIAYER BROS. CO. "The Store Ahead" Gur experts will fit your correctly in clothes of high standing. Society Brand Schloss Beautiful or Style Plus will solve the problem for you. Come and get acquainted with the pleasing smart styles. You will be pleasantly surprised and envied by the eyes of many when you receive your diploma. Remember your appearance may govern your fu- ture mark in the business world. Blue serge and Unfinished Worsteds, 520, S525 and up. Other makes equally classy, 312, S515 and 818. MAYER BROS. CO. 'QM C,,,t,,,s f..X ' A i f aal'iEE5f""' if ' : in l ilx F - 4' ' L 2 - iffy' lf-if r 'iefl l 3 H ,l Umm 'Kms 5, Q Hun i N -gi g ' KVQZZQXA ,X W rl fr 'L E ??!fmff'9f?Q Q rl rr : 'mar Y , ai . X 555:5 2 , l , mgissii "-Qeeisaagg, " f l-.'f'5 ,' ' , Qing ff if, Sf' "1 ..l N Q ll P l so EE if i it ri F ' E v a l fml'fU V 5- ' ig FI 1 Ti llc H I pg i Q E ni-l ,. an 'X Q51 H gl.ii.-'Mft , 1 wi ,,,i,1i- ,.-'prawn' F1f?.'f -1153 ri' ' Q - , J., ' . . v ,gn-1 "1 1 . Y I . B?.Ef i:23fw' 1 "limi 7- ,, U 'A " --. i ii - ml lim' X Whi g l"FQ?lsrlEiiE?liHi:t M ,ff-ff A'e- 'J' "LZ iiukuilgl ' '4 137 fc, " A V Qimlffa in ,' ' 1' li fi-AY'-V -v I 11- A ,, M571-5 :fin-Ifiiigi i . , ,Zig-51 f if c. umfg lllilll5cr,l ,pl1,l,.l,uU Hlililbi, 'L ,l N' 4.-frilly? ww, 3 ,---f illllani 1 4 1 I A 4 7, .vi , 'kglmflryw 1 ' 1 I' Nilvii "ll Wi lkhligvll Al l l whim J V, li " '.'--...wvvyg '1 ,A V:-, 4.,s., 4,3,,,1w . ,, !,' '- 'A .5 Au., . if. ',l1--,'Li", ww gf, ,Q 4' in ' ' ' " . I., ir' Mu- , 4 f,.-1,4 ' V," '- -1 -Jtwf-,v"wr.Q:l?- Nl L gs 'fm' fi-Qi A it- f . 'Wm lg W2s'l'i' it 'ilQwt'fS6ZTY6'1E-lift! J-P5U1" l x'- ," ,i VN 1 'A 1 y, J f K TI U vi 1,7 V A nf, qui, -r all ,fiom A .: ,- , , r- ... - iv-: , ,, "" f l ui I X, N Ek t -T - lr if if Vg M i B f l llillrriigllfsiiiiilimmg E f " "iii if- 11rtl'i M i9 V L li5Il?'i tbl me , 1 as if' : i 1 'n ., wa." s i HSN Hwwliailii iz im. i ' ,L Vim F 9+ 'l gi Q, 'LE rf i. "JN, We-fr .wr-u in Qi ,R Q" W '.igT...ii::::::ilS!.1U Ewell a f , i 'l 5 7 'N L! 1 1 E 3. ql A l li -ik? u 11-U ' V l ' X7 mid " fx' QNX, X ' X ' f""f'2" rl-jgrr, mfr,-1-f' " ' " " tx MILLER 8: PAINE LINCOLN, NEBRASKA We Want to Be Held in High Esteem by our friends everywhere. With this idea in mind we strive to give our cus tomers the highest possible quality in everything we sell to them. Everything you purchase from us must be satisfactory in every way or your money will be refunded. Perfect Quality Straightforward dealing and salisfea' cus- tomers have made our present business possible. Are We Serving You? If Not, Why Not? We Deliver. Phone B-4423 ILLER'S 'GU' REscRiP'rloN 81 H A R M A c Y 0 l wish I were an artist And could paint some pictures grand I'd paint some that would sure be shown Throughout this noble land. I first would paint Doc Lyman Seated at his phramacy desk With a bunch of digitalis leaves Pinned on the front of his vest. And on a chair just at his side I'd show Miss Elsie Day A looking through a microscope At a bunch of prairie hay. Then next I'd show Prof. Thompson Lying tlat upon a log, Reaching down into the stream For an analetic frog. And on the bank beside the stream You'd see our Raymond Pool Hunting Spirogira weeds On an isogamete stool. -Bill. Y Telephone B 2311 T H E EV A N S Cleaners. Pressers, Dvers 333 North 12th Street Distinct, separate Dry Cleaning Plant. Work and service as near perfection as brains and energy can produce. Pat- rons of our Laundry and Dry Cleaning Plants will find many of the little refinements of Work and service which means satisfaction to the customer as Well as to us. I if-fa , I 3, . Vi h fN.?b-, QQ,s.,.,., 1' ,, K 5 K' i, . A ' ' Y 'Ei i,gs'f b. .L-'14."'.-1 ,, tw , -,L ,J vs'-v" 2 f B iff l 3- i wi 3 ' 1 5525 -, , ' "3" 'fl j f J ' rifiiiiafi.-"' ,K - - -fm V ,uf ' N4 ' -:, . r '- ,-f --K i ff 2- Lag: 57' szqlfsw 4:-:M V ,. 3 , , . -M H ni, f kr Lwifiss ,I L . 'f 'Q W .-, V V M If ' 5:-L! Nikhil: 'X W ul., , - gm f., my -4" " '.-!In,., , f"""'ggm.f .1 ' ".4 V I" Q,-Mrrf . .. ' I. , ' Main ollices and Laboratories Philadelphia Branch l'lOuses New York, Saint Louis THE "ANNUAL" PRINTERS COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL PRINTING THAT IDLEAS Q o 0 if". ..t:tsgK :iff 999 03:33, A 4 A 4 4552, O I CLAFLIN PRINTING UNIVERSITY PLACE LINCOLN N EB. I ES THE STUDENT SPECIALISTS The Dr. Miles Medical Co. Has, We believe, many friends among the druggists of Ne- braska, and We sincerely trust that among the graduates of the College of Pharmacy of the State, who will soon enter active business life, we shall add to the number of our well wishers. Dr. Miles Medical Co. Elkhart, Indiana To Francis J. Perusse, through Whose endeavors the Annual of the College of Pharmacy was estab- lished We extend our best Wishes. The Staff

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