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Ihr lgrar Ennk Ihr Glnllvge nf lgharmarg lguhliahvh unmmllg hg 1132 Svtuhmtn nf the Qlnllvgv nf lghazrnnarg nf the Hniuvmitg nf Nvhrwaka A Ghrnnirle nf Cinnh Elinmi, Qnpw zmh Arrnnq.1li5h11wn15 Un Gbur Elkimhs, mhereurr Elhrg Mag IEP: There is purpose in the work in the University of Ne- braska College of Pharmacy. Here we have a work to do, opportunities, now greater than ever before, for achievenient. It is for us to appropriate our advantages and so use them that from our endeavor shall spring niuch of good and rnuch of progress. In all of our activities we are conscious of the strong bonds of fellowship which draw us closer together, give us inspiration and leave with us, as the years pass, vnefrnories of mutual pleasures and cooperative achievements. Our fellow students are our friends, the niernbers of the Faculty are our friends and in the realization of these great friendships we go about our tasks with light hearts, with assurance and with success. Work is rendered inspirational and recreation and pleasure are 'made more rich. We extend to your our Greet- ings and a hearty invitation to participate in our activities. Sincerely, THE EDITOR. 0 W f r l I To Neils P. Hcmseii, whom we honor as Professor and Frieiiclg to him who at all times has the interests of our College at lie0,1't,' to liim 'whose optimism cmd gootl cheer are at all times inspi1'atioiial,' he to whom we, of the U'l'l,?ll'E'l'Sll2l of Ne- braslca College of Plicwmacy owe so much of the goorl fortizme wliicli has come to us, we flefliccite this book. Y Qbur Evan Success has attended our School as the years, with their months of toil, have witnessed her steady and continued growth. This growth, in size, enrollment and prestage has culminated in the recognition of the importance of the proper methods in the teaching and practice of Pharmacy and the consequent elevation of our School of Pharmacy to the rank of a College of Pharmacy. To the genius, ability and energy of DF- Lyman, melee them to any Other, do we owe the debt of gratitude for the good fortune which has come to us as a Col- lege. His has been the guiding mind and his the effort which has energized the whole organization. A true friend to all, a cultured and wise counselor and a thorough executive, Dr. Lyman has made possible the success Of his department H1161 it is with el Se1'1Se of joy and a knowledge that the just reward has come to him, that We View the action of the Board of Regents and the Chancellor in creating him the Dean of the College of Pharmac . Y The success of the past being taken as a criterion of the future, we can see in the future of the College of Pharmacy, an era of the brightest prosperity and progress. We who have witnessed the good fortune of the past years may well felicitate ourselves that we are permitted to partake, in some measure, of this good fortune which, so rlchly deserved, has come to Dean Lyman in this, his College, The University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy. OUR DEAN'S FAMILY CIRCLE V7 will' Efrihuiv in QBLII' ilirivnh Bnrinr Qlharlw iihmin Ilvmwg Dr. Bessey was a kindly, thoughtful man-ever living that which he taught-the gospel of love. It was this which made him a friend of all men. The life of Dr. Bessey marked an era in the development of Botany. He was an enthusiastic guide and counselor, and many who had but slight claim upon his time or attention, re- ceived help in generous measure. This whole-hearted devotion of his rare talents to the immediate needs of those about him, explains in some degree the extraordinary fruitfulness of Dr. Bessey's career. His motto was, "Lend a Hand." He was always the student, and, although he took his first degree forty-six years ago, he was always the co-worker, the fellow student. It was this desire to know and in the knowing to impart the knowledge gained, that made him our beloved instructor. To this man among men, we owe our founda- tion work for future study. To know Dr. Bessey was to love him, to study with him was to feel that one was especially privileged, to have him talk of plant life was like making friends of the plants of which he spoke with such loving under- standing. So always we shall hold the still memory of his blameless life in which we crown him gladly with these flower- lets of praise, this corolla of honor. H V 4 lx ll ,x l ll ll l ll 1. ll it 1 ,s lf H 'Q yi 1? I I la +5 ix li li If li i4 l. IF I. l li ,. ll m, 1 , L i l l gl 'i if ll K i i Samurl Pmvrg XNl'l'Il,I,0li Ol" 'I'lll'I UNlYl'IRSl'l'Y Ol" NICISRXSKA I hr Staff M G- ff' wdvldg' S.Xl'L la. .umxsox ' A' 5- 'UNISON hsistnnt Iinsiywss llzlnzlgrr A""""2'i" E'l't"" f by . mn , A E2 ga, REX Y HIXISY Etlilor IIARRY D. 3l1'Ml'RR.XY f'IlAx5' ll. llrlgll .ksaislnni Iflclilol' Xxs01'I'll1' I' mlulm IC NT. N4'IIkl'!-'IGIISICIHAIVR lgll?illN'N?w Xlzlnanrvr Flilflll J. CRlflN'I'Z ISICSNIIC 'l'0N'NSIf2NID Shlfl' l,ll0f02'I'5lll'l1'l' ,Xss4wi:ll1' lqlliilll' Er. llihilip ll. Ball, liniueruiig illegent A man who commands respect and honor from all who are privileged to know him. A physician by profession, he has, through his association with the mem- bers of the Pharmaceutical profession been permitted to study the needs of the time along the lines of Pharmaceutical education. The knowledge thus gained has led him to formulate the liberal, progressive policy of which he is so enthusiastic and able an exponent. y A man of broad vision, keen insight and indomitable will, he has been a tower of strength to the supporters of the recently approximated progressive measures pertinent to the success of OUR COLLEGE. We of the College of Pharmacy owe to Regent Hall a debt of gratitude, in the discharge of which we shall leave undone nothing which can in any way evidence the kindly feelings which we entertain toward him. s., N -A .gn -va. - '5"' '.'3'5"T"FT- '1"'4'P1 . ' '75 '. ' -'N -uf' fgqql- i?X -.' ' T' 1:'i, Ill M. 3 P f ua' In M- ........ up ,-..,4m-nv-mi""""' ummm., ..--.nvo-vM-- .,..x.. ,,,,,, ...,, ., ..,., """ .. M . . .-uv-1"r3'f' '-'SQ'-1.-,-:L-..g.wigg A ,- , R-i.4vq.,.6g-4-"f.-.a9"Gg:,, .... ,.. ,-' . ,.,..1,.4-f ---' ---' - -- W 1 - ,R A -WA -- jg ,- ,f , -- . ,L -Q.,- -W Y-- ,51- fl Kg, A ' , . . 5 naw.. ul-gp., . ? i . . N . ' -1. f Q . A ., I , . mr gg- - ff ' 3 E ' 43- , J-3 . A Rx 3 "--..,...-v- ,,,4w 5,4 . f ,K an '-.If mf... -.......... 1- -15,-,.,.,-u--. .. .vp-' 'ig .....,,,,,.vvq.f""'-. -. Q- -w'vU,..,, 'Vf-'N 4.0. "---W 1.-.,...,.4. M ., ,,,,f-1,--Q--'-f. v ...Q-' 1 -1 --sn , J., .- 44 I Am,,,..,..,,.....v .. . W 2-.N '-m,,..- -- , "'1ffilT5N. I ,f f .,.- . .'-.:.'.f 1 M ,. , in .- f -.,.,,.4l" "Mn-vw:-"' qv. -.. . 'c,v,,q., ,,.... Q. tg s. -.vt-' : If '-N-M-, . 1 - AA I Y .1 ,N 1 .I 1 ' ' 1 f' 'J . K H V -n -u qswnt-TY-N94 BX DR. F. L. BARKER f Zoology 5 1 X x . E I X .131 M DR. R. J. POOL Ilofnnff DR. BENTON DALES Cllf6'VIZYZ.SlLl'1l W. G. HASTINGS Pha1'fn z cLce 11 tfical J mis prud ence H. H. WAITE Bacteriology mul Pathology F. J. PERUSSE Dz'spc'nsz'1zg Plm1'Hmc'gf lgff H. H. THOMPSON A0'z alyt zfcafl Plzaurmacy ELSIE DAY Plzcvrmacognosy 4 , X MARY L. FOSSLER Orgcmzfc' Clze m zTstry LEVA B. WALIQER Iiufmzy GEO. L. BORROWMAN Quczlz'tat zfz'e Clzemistry V fr? N. P. HANSEN Commercial Plmwzzaicy C. J. FRANKFORTER Quantitative Clzemisttry G. H. LEWIS General Clzfemtzbal Lalmmtorias Srvuatnr lliilliam Erunlxlvg Senator Brookley, himself a Pharmacist by profession, has been afforded ample opportunity to study thoroughly the present day needs in Pharmaceutical educa- tion. He knows what is for the best and insists upon the best. We of the College of Pharmacy were fortunate in having Senator Brookley to launch our Bill in the Senate. Vigorously espoused by a man so thoroughly versed in the needs of the profession and so capable in the securing of these ne- cessities, the Bill could not but succeed. We are deeply grateful to Senator Brookley for his efficient service to OUR COLLEGE and we shall not be forgetful of our indebtedness to him. W mk x ' ' if Q? , W X , x:.A H. ii, If F X R fx ., 2 , . 5 .' 11 pf. ' li uf Q 40, im ., i X . f: I.. ,. 'a .. l R . ,Q v I 562 if 5 f QF 1 'K n XX 3 x A ae Q H Q 1 1, I i' is x ,V-'XL x., 'vl'1 M? -.ff 1 P' 'fir " 2 ' r 2-'Q .wr iifvyf .V r 1 af 'wr aj" I- W-,,.,,., ifiz - 153522-ff -M Q P 1 1 SAUL H. ARENSUN, '16, Lincoln, Nebr. Iiflffll. Name. Puellae amant se. Common. Names. Curly. Booster. History. President Pharmaceutical So- ciety second semester '15, Uni. Night cast '14, Author of '15 Uni. Night stunt, Editor Special Pharmacy edition of Daily Nebraskan '14, Chemistry Club, Uni. Commercial Club. Descriptzfon. A particularly vigorous vine which climbs to the top. Yields both pepper and ginger. An invaluable species. Action. Has lots of it. flledical Uses. To keep student activities going at top speed. A permanent stimulant. H. RALPH ARNER, '16, Fairbury, Nebr. Iirztin Name. Our Nerves. Common Names. Skinny. Sparrow. Shorty. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Phi Delta Chi. Description. Short, stubbv, diatom found in abundance where. least ex- pected. A cfion. Hurried. Illcddcczl Uses. Substitute for Citric Acid. RALPH C. BATTY, '15, Lincoln, Nebr. Latin Name. Batty non batty est. Common Names. Curly. Whizzer. History. Pharmaceutical Society., Chem. Club, Assistant in Chemistry, Uni. Night Committee '14. Description. Straight tall tree, pos- sesses lateral symmetry. A wizard in Organic Chem., blossoms all year. Action. Regular and effective. Medical Uses. General tonic. C., 4 3 an--. 'L REX V. BIXBY, '16, Hardy, Nebr. Latin. Name. Rex est Rex. Common Names. Bachelor Bix. Happy. Bix. History. President Pharmaceutical So- ciety 2nd sem. '14, Editor Year Book '15, Uni. Glee Club '14, Uni. Band '14-'15, Uni. Mixer Committee, Asst. in Physi- ology, Phi Delta Chi, Uni. Orchestra '15. Description. A tall, climbing plant, with scalpels on tendrilsg seems to be a con- firmed bachelor. Blooms in music rooms. Action. He edited this book-draw your own conclusions. Medical Uses. Substitute for ice pack. REX L. BONE, '17, Nebraska City, Nebr. Latin Ndnzc. Bonus. Conzinon Names. Bony. Saratoga. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Phi Delta Chi. Description. Creeping vine with cues on each tendril. Thrives well out of class. Action. Towards town. Medical Uses. Serves to break the mo- notony. GUSTAFE A. Bosrnoivl, y15, Minden, Nebr Latin Name. Colfeia fiendicus. Coznnzon Names. Gus. Tuffy. Einmal History. Vice-President Pharmaceutical Society second sem '15, Assistant Busi- ness Manager '14 Annual, Uni. Night Casts '14-'15, Banquet Committee '14 Phi Delta Chi. Description. Tiny climbing vine with boxing gloves on tendrils. Parasitic to Larson and Schaufelberger. Action. Explosive when brought in con tact with Hicks. Mcclicul Uses. Soporific. JESSE P. BROXVNE, '16, Lincoln, Nebr. latin Xfxmc. El Mustachio a La Bas- ketball. Common Names. Brownie. Judge. History. Pharmaceutical Society. Union Literary Society, Convocation Commit- tee, Phi Delta Chi. Description. The original tree cactus, Cannot grow singly. .-lction. Like a merry-go-round. lln circles.l .llcdicul Uses. Soothing. LILLIAN BRUNER, Lincoln, Nebr. Latin Xumc. Sum Sulfragette. Conznzo11.Yfzmcs. Sis. Miss Bruner. CIzIz'.stxory. Pharmaceutical Society, Y. W. Descrz'p'tz'on. Valuable plant with beauti- iul foliage. Grows well in the class room. Action. Never fails and is thoroughly efficient. .llczlzliul lkm. Incentive to high scholar- ship. MARTIN B. CHITTICK, '15, Stuart, Nebr. Latin Xrzmc. ATO-M-ATO. Common Xrzmes. Chit. Satan. M. B. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Chair- man Banquet Committee '15, Chairman Pharmacy Week, 'l-l, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Chi Sigma. Description. Delicate, hot house shrub, blooms at Orpheum. Each flower grows best under protection of horn rimmed spectacles. A cfion. Steady. .llcflzkwzl Uses. Synergistic to Bostrom. ,ffrlk-X ROBERT CHITTICK, JR., '15, Stuart, Nebr. Latin, Name. Amat Spearminti Wrigli- cus. Common Names. ISN. "'sser. History. Pharmaceu ociety. Al- pha Tau Omega. Description. Similar his brother shrub but blooms at a ia hour.. Action. Gallant. Yes, very .llcclical Uses. He refuse tell. FRED J. CREUTZ, '17, Wausa, Nebr. Latin Name. Peullae Amat. Common Names. Swede. Creutz. Photo- grafter. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Staff Photographer '15 Annual, Phi Delta Chi. Description. Free growing shrub with kodak on each limb. Action. Instantaneous, Bulb or Time exposure. Medical Uses. Heart Balm. ELLA M. HANSEN, '18, Lincoln, Nebr. Latin. Nome. Ella puella est. Common Names. Toots. Pill. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Pic- nic Committee '15. Description. Microscopic but important Indispensable in College circles. Trans- planted from Lincoln High. Action. Energetic. Illcdicol Uscs. Inspiration to associates , , X x . f ,K ,A -' X S nf ' 5 --.R-1" ' ,--r ,ff ...ff ELMER M. HANsEN, '15, Lincoln, Nelir. Lllf'i'llAtYl1'lHC. Veni-Vidi-Veniebam. Common Names. Tuf. Hans. Skreek. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Phi Gamma Delta, Uni. Night Cast '14, and '15, Phi Delta Chi, Assistant in Bac- teriology. Description. Microscopic yet always in evidence. Hopes to H11 his Fatherls shoes some day. A ctiozz.. Lethargic. Medical Uses. Of some assistance in Bacteriology for Bugologyl. The ref- erence is clear. JOHN L. HARMoN, '17, Orchard, Nebr. Latin Name. El Cabbagio punko cigaro. Common Names. Curly. Pills. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Uni. Night Cast '15, Phi Delta Chi. Description. Hardy shrub with vocal organs in roots. Not hard to get started. Action. Incompatible with sloth. Medical Uscs. Demonstrator for Her- picide. VICTOR JOHNSON, '17, Dodge, Nebr. Latin. Name. Yohn Yohnson. Common Names. Vic. Granddad. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Fresh- man Mixer Committee. Description. Sturdy tuber with eyes like saucers. A real student. Action. Has lots of it. lllcdfical Uses. Has no use for the med- ics. WILMUR J. JOHNSON, '17, Gordon, Nebr. Latin. Name. Johnsonus rotundus. Common. Nctmcs. W. J. Wilyum. Towser. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Fresh- man Mixer Committee, Uni. Night Cast, Phi Delta Chi. Description. Rugged cactus formation with a perpetual grin. Action.. Like a Ford. tQuiet and un- assuming but he sure gets there.J rllcclical Uses. Says he's perfectly neu- tral. ELMER JoHNsoN, '18, West Point, Nebr. Latin Nnmc. Ulmus Fulva. Common Na,m.cs. Elm. Splinter. Joker. History. Delicate, many branched shrub, indigenous to Thompson's Lab. A good thing to cultivate. Description.. Pharmaceutical Society. Action. Entirely voluntary. Sets up reflexes in associates. Illcdical Uses. Soothing syrup. ANTUNIUS A. LARsoN, '15, Homer, Nebr. Latin Nome. Antonius Caesar tsees herb First. Common Namcs. Tony. Swede. Honey. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Chem. Club, Uni. Night Stunt '14 and Com- mittee '14 and '15, Assistant in Chemis- try, Phi Delta Chi. Ilcscmfption. Clinging vine. A born pol- itician. P. G. in fussing and never Hunks the pretty girls in Chem. Action.. Erratic, effective with the gloves. Medical Uses. Specific for broken hearts. x ,. X -,ff V , ' xg " 4-' -R-.fy -,Z lllllYNG SUP LI-11-3, '17, Ham Huong, Korea Lulin Numcs. High Lee, High Low. Conunon Nrunc. Soup. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Kor- ean Club. l1cswr1'pfim1. A perennial flowering plant transplanted from Korea, but grows well in Nebraska. Action. Expressive when started. il1f'IIZ-Fill Uses. Nerve stimulant. CHAS. W. Lnsii, '17, Lincoln, Nebr. Lufin iX'f1nn'. Sum lleleshious puer. Conzmon Names. Judge. Brother Char- ley. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Asso- ciate Editor Year Book '15, Phi Delta Chi. llcsf-1-1'pfz'un. Tall, angular tree related to nothing' else in Botany. .lrt1fon. Undecided and spasniodic. 1lIr'f1f1'r1fUscs. Emolllent. HARRY ll. MMXIIIIQRAY, '16, Gardiner, Mont. Latin Nrunc. Puellae Fusserino. Comnmn Nrmzcs, Mac. Curly. History. President Pharmaceutical So- ciety first semester '15, Assistant Busi- ness Manager '14 Annual, Assistant Editor '15 Annual, Picnic Committee '14, Uni. Night Cast '14, Phi Delta Chi. llL'St'i'I.1jfl.0ll. Small, hardy, perennial shrub, thrives Well on Delta Zeta porch. ilction. Uncertain. lllcclicrzl Uses. Specific for blues. 'sr-.M gr -r . 4- .ww A J. 5 pug N X xffif, mn ..,,,.g ,A 1... ALBERT A. PAULUS, '17, Surprise, Nebr. Latin Name. Paulus Diminuendo. Conznton. Name. Tiny. Paddy. History. Pharmaceutical Society, House entertainment committee. Dcscriptiooz. Diminutive shrub full of pepper and ginger. Grows particularly well on piano stools. Action. Decided and irresistable. Mcclricol Uses. Counter irritant and grouch dispeller. HARRY READ, '15, Merna, Nebr. Latin Nome. Labor? Work? Huh? C0'7I1lll.07l.NYflIlLCS. Rabbit. Bun. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Phi Delta Chi. Desc'ript'iofn. Dwarfed, tuberous root, having bad eyes because of late studyQ?l Action. Always lacks it except on open nights. Medical Uses. Carries all books for Phi Delta Chis. QSee picturej VERNE W. RUSSELL, '16, Callaway, Nebr. Latin Name. Piper Heidsick masticatum. Common Names. Spike. Shorty. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Chair- man Commercial Club Luncheon '15. Description. Handsome, elongated climber, thrives well between U Hall and N Hall. Action. Subject to orders of Perusse. Mcdi1'alUscs. Hypnotic. 5' 41-5 C. Goin-'HEY SAMui:LsoN, '16, Milford. Nebr. Lutiiz Nfzmc. Meals una in Diem. fAll day long.l Common Numcs. Sam. Swede. History. Pharmaceutical Society. Phi Delta Chi. History. You have seen his picture on Cream of Wheat. packages. 1Not the chefg the other one.l .4ct1'on. Pronounced. M1'rI1'cul Uscs. Tonic. ERNEST W. SCHAUFELBERGER, '16, Fair- limury, Nebr. Latin Nrzmc. Hairs non sunt. Cmnnzon Names. Sweitzelherger. Baldy. Kill Joy. History. Pharmaceutical Society, Busi- ness Manager '15 Annual, Chem. Club, Assistant to lloctor Dales, Phi Delta Chi. llcsc1"ipf'1'oi1. Born baldg still bald. Vig- orous, sturdy shrub which blossoms on Friday and Saturday nights. Action. Slow hut sure. 1 rw im iscs. arc 'ac s imu an . ll I I I' f' li t l t BESSIE TUWNSENIP, '17, Ponca, Nebr. Lufin Numa. Co-Ed. Bess. Common Numcfs. Bess. Miss Townsend. History. Girls Club, Y. W. C. A., Union Literary Society, Secretary Pharmaceu- tical Society '15. Ih'scr1'ptio11. Flowering' Vine not dis- posed to grow singly. Thrives well at head of class. ,-lotion. Dependable. Very enthusiastic. illcflicnl Uscs. Worry dispeller. R4 K. llrpirarritautiur 01. llletruu llalrtrruuxi A man whose grasp of the pertinent facts in every situation, Whose brilliance in stating and supporting his contention, and Whose exceptional ability as an exec- utive have earned for him the respect and admiration of all. Quick to see the merits of our case, he threw his Whole-hearted support With us and bv his vigorous espousal of our cause, contributed much to its ultimate suc- cess. Wie of the College of Pharmacy have much for which to thank Representa- tive Peterson and by none of us shall our obligation be disregarded. , R "Evra an mil numb nw: ihmwixl mrmihvraiinn." , . i 1 I 4 ! i I 1 M 1 A 1 4 1 1 N610 awa-5 and . f. VV Wh, 79" '1' Cfss? ,, f Sus' , 0?-O01 ff' f S f J t 'i Tv ' , ei ' f A H V . x..e,.vK, x , .. This 5 Nw. ,. 'Aff "ffm ., N A 1 if . an all , : 3 ' . i 1-,aj 'v ' 1 , , m.. -- -AW --w .,. ' K ff - . ? , ' 2 V-' fr " K ' 4 1 W ,L 4 . Ffh JM: , Ai Snow-Time. EV2'f5b0dI3 ni Ho.pk3i SQLV5? 755, for Tlw Low of MxXL,be TLoL'3ctxmbXz" 84, that ag L, of yy 1 l ,auxin 'n 4 ' 'W S QI N I Jw sfokch den?-Tj, Thi5 25 IW. - 'F Q.. . .4 f ,- L- 'JY W .f 'R' W fi -L M 2 . , . 1 si ' ,, K " Y , W I Q i Engaging f 4 S' " J X cw . , - ' V X V . 5 xr A ., . fx A 1 , Y ,Q X Lnfe. A 5' I , ,, f x 4 mf mf Q I Vgf Q ' Quai: -' W- ,N Hcmcx n' V, L ww... , 4, H ,V " f ' ' A , ,gif-Ax Qafwese qw? Yamilj , W K I lg, IV' Q ' x G- GQUFZS S n fx , 5 I--ma V ,, ar I f 5, . -. if-aw Q:-5 3 " Req! 1, 25? - A , f el, er V7 Q- H1 GZ: Q I 5 ' if q If 'Q Hof ,Q N awry ' xhtft ,I ' , QM '-"MA t, L . ,H A no ' I "f-'K K -Hxxs. 52 V'-'mg' +cg2fy,g ffl. L mfg, A Wx, i V 'iw W. A kiwi'-h lla fsx We 5 XLEX E ,- ! ,E . qfff L I is all X ere, .H 5? Stk yn 5.11 om. Signing THQ. B111 mo.-ia. 1.4.5 0. Cvlllgq- 4uf6Ru-1k5r'ooRn- gone". A PIAPPY CIIUYVD-"TIiERl'l'S A REASON." Ihr Glnllvgv nf Idharmarg The College Year 1914-1915 has brought to us much for which We should be and are extremely grateful. Events have so shaped themselves that dreams have become plans, and plans have eventuated to realities. "Quit grofwlivzg about the weather." The status of the profession of Pharmacy has been very considerably raised during the last few years as the public at large has become more and more cog nizant of the real importance attaching to its practice. But here let us briefly con sider the prior question. The education of the public to an appreciation of the im portance and scope of Pharmacy as a profession has been the direct result of an appreciation upon the part of the practitioners of the dignity of their work. The haphazard methods, the indiscriminate practice of the art of compounding and in fact all of the characteristic evidences of the earlier considerations of the profession have been superseded by the precise and invariable facts of the scientific considera- tion. Pharmacists have come to realize the seriousness and dignity wtih which their work is clothed and have come to demand that their fellow practitioners be ade- quately, even liberally trained in the sciences appertaining to pharmacy. This nat- urally has made the demand for more advanced and more thorough Pharmaceutical education, and the men who have come out of these courses have proceeded to ex- tend their activities in professional and social lines until the Pharmacist has come to be reckoned as a leader in his community and a professional man of high stand- ing. The grossly commercial aspect has been modified to make it entirely secondary to the scientific aspect in point of relativc standing. These two considerations have gone hand in hand, the demand for better trainf ing resulting in a higher standard of personal and community service and this in turn has made it necessary for the coming pharmacist to acquire even better prepa- ration in order that he may successfully cope with the new problems which the in- creasingly complex lives of the people at large are offering. Assay and analytical work is assuming more and more importance in the practice of Pharmacy and it is demanded by the public that the Pharmacist be well informed upon therapeutical subjects and the modern advances in medication. All of this requires special train- ing. The Pharmacist must be well founded in the principles of commercial and so- cial ethics in order that he may deal intelligently with the numerous delicate and important situations which every day arise. The Pharmacist must be well versed in psychology as often times a line of procedure must be mapped out with nothing more definite than the psychological estimate of the customer or patient as a foun- dation. Situations as delicate as those which confront the medical man are met b Y "Quit sa.y271'1.g that fate is CI,gCl1i'l?8ll you." the Pharmacist and in but few cases is legislation adequate to ena7:?e the Pharma-- cist to dogmatically take his course. Expediency is oftentimes is etermining fac- tor. It is readily seen that the Pharmacist of the present day 1 be a liberally trained man, versed in the sciences, in the arts and in the deep: t of ethics as applied to the whims and caprices of human nature. It is as this realization has come to Pharmaceutical educator lto the older practitioners that new requirements have been placed against the S nt in Pharm- acy and the progress which has taken place in Pharmaceutical eg ,ation has been TIIE DEAN YVITH HIS BOOKS. exactly commensurate with the fullness with which these facts have come to be appreciated. The student may think the short course desirable and the edu- cator may think it advisable for the sake of expediency in the enlargement of the enrollment to offer the shorter course. The student with but two or three years of High School training may wish to take up the study of Pharmacy and it is a la- mentable fact that there are still men in the business of Pharmaceutical education "Thc harder' you fall the higher you bounce." who will acce s' idents with this meagre preliminary training. But as has been well said, "W that the me trained and will confron conscientiou. lic will not L1- The prog :he people speak, their word is law." The public is demanding no dispense the medicine for their ills be well trained, liberally ery way competent to deal with the multitudinous problems which 11. The public will not tolerate the poorly trained man, however may be. The call today is for efiiciency and ability, and the pub- rte less than that. -ess of the School of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska has been along these lines and in all cases the progress has been ahead of the de- mands. As the scope of its activities has broadened the School has gradually grown to its present high position as the U. of N. College of Pharmacy. This ad- vancement, which meant so much to us, is in keeping with the progressive policy of the Board of Regents and is indicative of a really appreciative acquaintance with the status of Pharmacy as a profession. The College of Pharmacy, under the progressive direction of Dean R. A. Lyman, will ever be a mark or honor tc the progressive spirit of Nebraska. To Neils P. Hansen, Regent Hall, Senator Brookley and Representative Peterson vie owe a large debt of gratitude for their instrumentality in securing for us the opportunities which now lie before us as students in the most progressive College of Pharmacy in the West. New opportunities are ours and let us not forget that new responsibilities are also ours. Let us, as a student body, pledge ourselves to a full discharge of all the requirements which shall come before us. Inspired vision, intelligent planning and untiring endeavor have opened the path to greater achievements for our Col- lege. Consistent effort, enthusiastic loyalty and entire perseverance shall follow these paths to the larger and more fruitful future which awits the U. of N. Col- lege of Pharmacy and we who can felicitate ourselves that we are privileged to em- brace membership in its student body. R. V. B. "What is 'your excuse for living?" TY, ARENSON. RUSSELL. SCHAUFFELBERGEK l'l'I'ER ROW' flvft to rigl1U-CREUTZ, SAMUELSON, BAT , BROXYE. MIIJDLE RUXY-I'l"Ll'li, HANSEN. PAULIYS. XVARD. BOSTROM, READ, JOHNSON, LESH. l50'l"l'0M IHHV-DEAN LYMAN. PERUSSE. DAY. LARSUN, MCMURRAY. TOYVNSEND, CHITTICK, ISKUNEK. THOMPSON. ' l'HI'lf'l'ICK. RALPH ARNER, JOHN L. HARDION, NOT IN THE l'll"I'l'RE-ELLA HANSEN, ROBEIVI VICTOR JOHNSON. REX Y. BIXBY. Ihr Igharmarrutiral Svnrivtg U The Pharmaceutical Society was organized in January, 1910. Its purpose is to bring the students into closer contact with each other and the leading men of the profession. During its short history it has been a useful instrument in furthering the in- terests of the profession for Which it stands. It has created a bond of fellowship among the students individually and as working units in the School. It has been the instrument through which the student activities have been carried out. The Staff of the Annual, the University Night Committee, the Pharmacy Week Com- mittee and in fact all the student activities have been started in and controlled by the Society. Regular meetings are held every two Weeks, at which topics of interest are discussed by the students and faculty, and men prominent in the profession have "A good way to get rid of blaclcheadsf' KAsk Jess Willardj been secured to deliver lectures upon subjects of contemporary interest. Bring ing the students into contact with the men who have risen high in their profession must necessarily have a strong influence in raising the ideals of the student and creating a desire for higher scholastic attainment. Every spring during the State Board examinations the society gives a ban- quet in honor of her guests. At these banquets great enthusiasm is always dis- played. In short, the Pharmaceutical Society stands for everything that will boost Pharmacy at Nebraska and the profession in general. Through it the activities of the student body are manifested. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER President ,,....,.......,. Harry D. McMurray Presidefzw ................,....... Saul B. Arenson Vice-Presiclent .................... A. A. Larsen Vice-P1''fIe11t ...,.............. G. A. Bostrom Treaszweo' ...........,...,..,. Martin B. Chittick T7'6Ct8'ZL7'0l' .,......t..... ..,.,......... C . W. Lesh Secret0.1'y .......,. .,.... B essie Townsend Sec'retc1.ry ............ ....... B essie Townsend 1- Ubin in well mnrth Qvahiug. mr want Iiuvrg iKPa1hvr tn MP1 Ehis Spirit "I believe in the stuff I am handing out, in the firm I am working for and in my ability to get results. Ibelieve that honest stuff can be passed out to honest men by honest methods. I believe in working, not weepingg in boosting, not knockingg and in the pleasure of my job. I believe that a man gets what he goes after, that one deed done today is Worth two done tomorrow and that no man is down and out until he has lost faith in himself. I believe in today and the work I am doingg in tomorrow and the Work I hope to do, and in the sure reward which the future holds." "I believe in courtesy, in kindness, in generosity, in good cheer, in friendship and in honest competition. I believe there is something doing, somewhere, for every man ready to do it. I believe I'm ready, RIGHT NOW."-Selected. "Self-confidence is the basis of success." uf-,A , . K The f 'gn "FN-Shie S" 0-ll 91: 'ez m . 'cami fun Things an The I-L-3. 1,2 wk. 4 a'l"e.v'3 f Oi-1.21 H 3' ' xpvouf " ei-A u 5 . X Q V ffizf, k mv ws Q. c eufw G1 a..Y' CXO-W '5 ' x A omni. Bu,-A all fkaji I7a,m.0. 'R 4 i ff' v Our G-rv-Qu PY'0T2-sS"'- Q Ihr Hharmarrutiral Marhvn zmil Elia Elmpnrtanrv The latest and one of the most valuable improvements to the course offered by our College of Pharmacy is the Garden of Drug Plants that has recently been given a place on the Campus. The Garden is favorably located, occupying as it does a portion of the north- east section of the Campus that lies between Nebraska Hall and the Museum. The purposes held in mind by those who are promoters of the idea are many. Through this garden the students will be enabled to make a more thorough study and thus better acquaint themselves with the plants used in medicine. It will enable persons concerned, by proper cultivation, to improve the species: and will afford opportunity for such experiments as will determine the conditions under which certain species will grow and produce plants having the greatest med- ical value. T The garden is of great importance to the Pharmacy students because they will no longer have to work entirely with preserved materials. A much more satis- factory study can be made of plants while fresh and then the possible choice of not being able to secure material sent for is done away with. The benefits derived from the Garden will be enjoyed not only by the stu- ients but by the entire rank and file of the Profession, throughout the state. For ,f the quality and yield of such plants as Calamus, Thyme, Valerian, Rosemary, Flops, Ginger, Cardamon, Saffron, Wormwood, Aloes, Fennel, Digitalis, Belladonna, Zaraway, Gelsemium, Lobelia, Sage, Tabor, etc., can be increased, local production rn a profitable basis will be rendered possible and thus the benefits will be far 'eaching. Knowing the possibilities of this Garden and with the aim in mind of raising he standard of the course given by the University, the Pharmacy faculty and stu- lents look forward to many and far reaching benefits to be derived from the larden in the Future. Ralph Anner. "A light heart lives long." Ihr idharmzurg -Blah. in " " Mall This laboratory, which is in the basement of the Old U. Hall is one in which the Freshmen do all of their Pharmacy laboratory work. In other words, there is where we are broken ing where we are taught the use of saw-dust, the water fauc- ets and the citric acid bottle. This "laboratory" is also occupied by the upper classmen and the second year "Pre lVIedics," each working here one afternoon a week, while the Freshmen Pharm- ics are kept busy with their botany, chemistry, Zoology or physiology laboratory studies. This fact makes it possible for the upper classmen to peaceably reason out such perplexing problems as: Why there are not more windows in the side of the laboratory facing the chapel? Why each man must keep his own desk clean or why Prof. Perusse occupies a swivel chair when sitting at his desk? This laboratory can be entered by two ways. First, thru the storeroom, which is used a great deal on account of its being more easily entered when one comes in late or leaves ahead of time. Second, thru the main entrance which faces the chapel. This is used preferably when one wishes to make a quick exit and it is also used occasionally by Prof. Perusse. This, however, would be entered very quietly if he were to get down to the streetcar line just in time to see that car had neglected to wait for him. This laboratory is equipped with three long, double laboratory tables which are so arranged that each student has his private locker. There are also two per- colator racks containing percolators of different sizes. One is in the south side and the other is just to the left of the entrance. To the right we have a table for the scales and special reagent bottles. This completes the fixtures of the lab- oratory with the exception of a large water distilling apparatus, an electric fan and Perusse's desk. Upon entering it will be noticed that the floor has a very hard finish tcementj. The students find out to their sorrow that it is useless to pick up a dish if it is once dropped upon its smooth surface. Students from the other departments, as well as strangers, are always wel- come and are entertained while there, but unless they are careful, they often go away with a bitter taste in their mouth or a pocket full of water or a complimen- tary sample of sawdust. -Victor Johnson. "The purest lf7'6CLS'ZL7'6 is spotless reputation." l'l'PER ROW' lleft to rightD-SCHAUl"FELBlCRGER, SAMl'ELSON, HARMON. f'Rl'll"l'Z. M1'Ml'RRAY. BIIDDLE ROW'-BIXBY, BONE, HANSEN. LARSON, BOSTRUM. READ, ARNICR. LESH LOYVER ROW'-PROF. PERUHSE, J. D. PINK. CIIAS, R. SIIERNIAN. A. X. ll' X I4 .Ill XX K X LYMAN, DR. BENTON DALES, PROF. THUMPSON. Uhr 1Hhi Brita Qlhi Eliratvrniig The Nebraska chapter of the Phi Delta Chi fraternity was installed at the University of Nebraska, March 22, 1912. The sole purpose of this fraternity, like that of the Pharmaceutical Society, is to further the success of Pharmacy and Chemistry, to promote a feeling of good fellowship among its members, to select and choose those men who seek to raise the scholarship and standing of the College in which they are interested, as well as to care for the social portion of College life. The future of Phi Delta Chi promises to be bright at the University of Ne- braska and its teachings are most certain to be a great aid in the promotion of Pharmacy and Chemistry, not only at Nebraska but elsewhere. The chapter house is located at 1646 E street. There are at present fifteen active and twelve honorary members. The honorary members consist of the Pro- fessors of Pharmacy and Chemistry and prominent druggists and chemists of the state. "A smile is darned good collateral." Hike- , 4 . W r . The M cn. Vx WX 0 -1 ,, NX 4. i Q- Os 1-hawk wh is Noi' icq A :ire Ss Su3."f. Cas? THE BUNCH WVHO PUT CONDRA UN THE VVARPATH. Ihr lgharmira Hniuvraiig ight Stunt University night is the big "stunt" night, when the different departments vie with each other in courting the favor of the University public Last ear th . y e Pharmics were, in popular opinion, the best on the program and no efforts were to be spared to make this stunt even better. Plans were laid and the Wheels began to hum in earnest. The committee ap- ointed f 'l d t p a1e o catch the spirit of the occasion and were decidedly inactive. Rather than see the stunt "fall through" one of the Pharmacy men rose to the occasion and by his efforts Wrote and planned the stunt. Professor Scott suggested the idea and this man Worked out the plans and dialogues. President Arenson Was the man who did this and in doing it he proved himself one of the most efficient men who has ever held the office of President of the Society, and We owe him a debt of gratitude for his energy and perseverance and for the success which came to us as the direct result of his efforts. The stunt was a travesty on the opera "Faust," and as worked out and pre- sented was by far the most pretentious performance of the evening. The cast which was selected by the committee was uniformly good and the performance was very meritorious. McMurray, as "Faust," was handicapped by lack of time for preparation, but in spite of this played the part exceedingly Well. Samuelson, as Chancellor Avery, was the personification of dignity and reserve and carried the part most creditably although afterward he said, "Gee, but I would hate to act dignified all the time." Johnson was Dr. Lyman over and over with his pet man- nerisms, his unruly hair and The Smile. Bostrom played Well the part of Dr. Dales and his sleepy monotone recalled vivid memories of the old Chem. lecture room. Hansen, as Miss Fossler, Was the life of the performance and his marvel ous lugglmg of his Chemical names was "immense," Cecil Abbott, Dean Carl's min- ite messenger, was scheduled to make a "hit" and he more than made good. His ioncahalent passing out of the flunkers' envelopes showed the result of long and : t. . . . . . on inuous practice. One thing is sure, however, he did not secure this practice at zhe expense of the Pharmics. Good as these Were, the hit of the evening was Chittick in his characterization rf Satan. Whether his ability to handle this part was natural or acquired We are "To climb steep hills requires slow pace alt first." not in a position to state but he handled the characteristic armor and horns with an indifference which bespoke thorough familiarity with the part. QWe took out a new life insurance policy before we wrote this, so we should fret.J His part was hard and exigencies arising during the play necessitated some extemporizing upon his part, but Chittick never once faltered and "he made them all take no- tice." The whole performance was excellent, and in the light of popular opinion, was accorded first place. We of the College of Pharmacy owe to the cast, to Professor Scott and most of all to Saul Arenson a debt of gratitude which we cannot soon pay. Here is to another success next year. , He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children, who has filled his niche and accomplished his task, who has left the world better than he found it-who has never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty, or failed to ex- press it, who has always looked for the best in others, and given the best he had, whose life is an inspiration, whose memory is a benediction. Within yourself lies the cause of whatever enters your life. To come into the full realization of your own awakened interior powers is to be able to con- dition your life in exact accord with what you would have it. Life is very sweet, brother. There's night and day, both very sweet, brother, sun, moon and stars, brother, all sweet things, there's likewise wind on the heath. Life is very sweet, brother.-Borrozu. If mistakes were copyrihted, it would be impossible to make one without in- fringing on some other fellow's patent. "Be checked for silence, but never taxed for speech." urJ,.hls T110- fflu S Wy.- BEE Q 3 ' Sr-nf' I I te' 'Q 'caffb ,J Sogng CLKV3 Um A25 wmz 7 ht Pe,ru.aae. X X gf , , ? ' gg ' :lm-, 3 , W A K Y r 1,7 I 1 gb I. uv , Tffms iS Az' ' ,""q'+f -- ff vw- . ff J- ,ftw ' wx ' . P WT- A v1 .gf 'Xu' Q ' If ' r Bn uf Iv 1 . og an ' w ru ana . . N ' FW ' ' . . 1 4 , Wi ' 1 5"'0""W' . 7 2 11 - K QW . t ' 5 3 it ni A Y I , 1 fl 4 1 ,,u J Q T , WRQTHK Naam, "Sam" amd. ' Wausau. Yr ltjn D 4 45' , 3015 Rliivsgi Bcmwl mba pamrs 5 "mv ' oggoflo' Ejomr 5. ku-. 21- 'M 5"'Ml"J if MANY. ' 'Q . ,TI yy ,MMS 1" , M a. XA ' ' 75 ' 'N 'ia ., 1 P '4K""'L f , A, xx- 1 , . r 6 'Lift ., V skins.. W . film? x g f 'i"9zQi,gc I-ff, I7 " bits: V W ' 1,5 Q' " ' Q. k ffofa. 3- ff 'f anuwntcxui 1 Pix"-'S eg 5 ',Qm,m.,,,Lh.. JM A., ,nt a. - V Q We yd' . ,, 4 , bm-iowaq slant 'nabbxf I 7-km 9 1, fha VP' a N t CZQFN 'wi m-QMNS in 'SGUII' A .-Q 'UW N Itlnoy, 'W'-Tk 'QCD' Q N'g"f"'L: will iv. iyxcprori 4 K I 9 ' :T vu-sq 1 A I I 3"L? 'Yiqbbifk making tlwxj. 9 41 , nj kvwsv. ?O"-X04-Y. Cllr-ss., Q, Y IA 4 ' - I! , R X Q! I H .,.- C,ff7 , Ni f k fi ' O eg l A f. had-. ll -i....., A af .Wkmrm 'A M' I N 9' ,. H , . .Ariat 'ffif . WM" v . 'H W wh . bv, 'M'-i' 77... fungi, va jr, 5wzd.ajM1f.'j ,Uu.g1'Stu.B' qht -,lZ"'1:5Sv"-A., U 'Pf " ,lxaf-.F 4w.'C1U+" 5 . rn- QL 1 -QW P""l'k' if wha? Jn t . Y rm! xhsgvavn ng-1. -ve-YAYXL' A aux his carls awgolxgvmcsbengsr fa thu. k,Lt,aur,rQkno ik W-U n..-an hivwsalt, . Vg , , "Exo-vs., ou-fl". Uhr Hear 19141-15 an 511211 bg at 'mint The school year 1914-15 began with registration during the tl aek of Sep- tember. There was, as usual, a large representation of those verd foungsters, fi 'h' hi h school, gine they commonly known as "Freshies," who upon ms ing g have won most of their battles. However, many of them as soon : hey have stepped from the HChemin de fer" to the platform begin to realize th: L they are ' ' ll t- entering another world and that unthought of obstacles seem to be continua y ge ting in their way. First they must find a room and a boarding place and then comes the task of registering, which appears to cause much anxiety among the embryo pharmacists. 'Tis while going through this latter process that they make th c uaintanceship of Carl Christian Engberg, Ph. D.g however, this is not, as TL e a q rule, the last meeting, but only one of a series during the time of their Univer- sity career. The Monday following registration classesuwere assigned and the youthful maker of pills began his course, thinking the day would soon come when he would be the world's greatest alchemist or the most renowned dispenser of rootbeer. The old students came back, but the architectural plans of their aircastles were some- what different than those of the first year class. The fellows that had been here ear or more come back with the resolution of accomplishing greater things than a y . in the past, and after a week or two of class work both the old and the new men became accustomed to their routine of work. On October 6 the Pharmaceutical Society met for the first time of the school year 1914-15. The Pharmacist's best friend and advisor, Dr. R. A. Lyman, gave a short talk, explaining to the new members the origin and beginning of our Ne- braska School of Pharmacy and the object of the Pharmaceutical Society. Follow- ing Dr. Lyman's short discourse we "dispersed" to another room, Where another course had been prepared for us by the Doctor's wife and Miss Day. The Saturday following the first Pharmaceutical meeting was the day that the South Dakota Coyotes invaded the Cornhusker camp for a scoreless game, this be- ing the only team tha t Nebraska did not score against during the season. Two "There is no time so miselrable but at more may be true." weeks la' f' we A visited by the Michigan farmer aggregation, who were thot to be invincilc least to a Western machine, but the "Stiehm Rollerl' was too much for the' d the game resulted ina 24-0 Nebraskan victory. Another A rrtant event that took place at this time of the year was a speech given at Cc 'tion on Tuesday, November 3, by the Hon. William Jennings Bryan. He c on "The Three Relations of Man: ci. to Government, 12. to God, c. and to Sf '." The w following, the mid-semester examinations were held. It was during this same X eek that the Pharmacy State Board met, so we students were not alone in our grief, for while we were wrestling with mid-semesters the Pharmacists from over the state were tusseling with questions given by the State Board. Soon after examinations were over our department was duly represented by being subpoenaed upon the carpet before the flunk potentate fthe aforementioned Engbergj. It was after this process of elimination that Hicks Knot the weather prognosticator, but the gentleman from Missouri, who was jocularly known as Victorj migrated to another clime. On Friday, November 20, at about 9:30 p. m., a special left via the Rock Is- land for Iowa City. It was loaded from end to end and from top to bottom with about five hundred loyal Nebraskans, who wished to see the Cornhuskers take the measure of the Hawkeyes. The Pharmacists were represented by Hansen, Bixby, and Brown on this trip. Bix with the band, and Brown and Hansen courageously negotiating the bumpers. We got there all O. K. but those sub lower berths did not make one think that he was sleeping on a feather bed. We got to the camp of the Hawkeyes about 9 :30 a. m. and after partaking of an Iowan repast, felt relieved. Bix was busy with the band waking the town up, and as Hansen and Brown wished to see the University of Iowa buildings and especially the Pharm- acy department, they found Dean Teeters, who, with his worthy assistant, Mr. R. A. Kuever, showed them through the several departments pertaining to Pharm- acy as well as a hospital that the Iowa institution has in connection with its med- ical department. In the afternoon we marched to the battling ground of the Hawk- eye's to see them go down to defeat against the superiority of our powerful Ne- braska athletes, Nebraska winning the game by a score of 16-7 and losing their American eagles by a closer margin. Hansen was so excited over the Nebraskan llF0','t'Zf7Z'C b1'fi1z.g.S in some boats that arc not stccircdf' ' t rv that he forgot his suitcase at least that's his version of the affair. Any- vic o , , wav we all got back for Turkey Day, which occurred the next week. . 7 Christmas vacation was next in order, so all went home to see the folks, to take the girl at home out sleigh riding, to see St. Nicholas, to attend the skating ' ' ' ' b f only parties or to get some of mothers cooking once more, it may have een or f th b e reasons or it may have been for several-you know. Two weeks one o e a ov , later everyone came back to tell of the enjoyable vacation they had spent and, of ' l t' that course, with many good resolutions for the New Year 1915. A reso u ion several Pharmics made was to pass a course known as Bacteriology. On the 20th ' ' -Ad l hus Gustavus of January these said Pharmacists met at the home of one o p B t' m in a chart-making contest. Two days later another contest was staged at os io 1742 E street, when L. A. Sherman, a prominent druggist of Omaha, and Arner, ' t. We will an enterprising Freshman, endeavored to ride the Phi Delta Chi goa not say who was winner, but think that they both passed the National Board of Uensorship. On the 25th of February the University lost one of its oldest and most promi- nent men, Doctor Charles E. Bessey. Dr. Bessey, who was head dean of the Univer- ' ' ' ' ' " k him but to love sity, was a botanist with an international reputation. We new h' " and as Educator and Friend, Dean Bessey will live forever in our memories. im, The legislature and the people of Nebraska have decided upon University ex- The state ap- tension on the city campus rather than removal to the State Farm. t' t will be used in increasing our campus. Several properties have been Dor ionmen bought now, and plans for a large building to house the Botany and Zoology de- ' H ll will be partments have been drawn. This structure, to be known as Bessey a , erected during the year. Dr. Bessey saw these plans realized before he passed to the great Beyond. Several social events for the pill mixers occurred during the year. Hansen, b' thd v the 22nd of March His folks planned a familiarly known as Elm, had a ir at . surprise which was carried out in a fine manner. All the Pharmacists who were able to be there were out and spent a most enjoyable evening. During the same week we were entertained at the home of Prof. and Mrs. Perusse. Games were played for the evening's entertainment and then the refreshments, consisting of sandwiches, coffee, olives and pickles, disappeared as if by magic. -J. P. Brown. "Keep yom' fellows' counsels and your own." Spring vacation came and went again, leaving only a few fleet flying weeks until vacation should be upon us again. Shortly after vacation the pill pounders were entertained at the Bostrom home. The most important event in the history of our institution occurred on Satur- day, the 10th of March, when Governor Morehead signed the bill which changed the School of Pharmacy into the College of Pharmacy. The progress of this had been watched with a great deal of interest by all Pharmacy men and we indulged in a celebration when it became a law. The Board of Regents have elected Dr. R. A. Lyman, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, and in this, Dr. Lyman's good fortune, we heartily rejoice. lt has been a great year and a most enjoyable year and with the plans now laid and a new era of prosperity opening up in this country we are confldently looking forward to a banner year in 1915-16. -J. P. Brown. T Look not mournfully into the pastg it comes not back. Wisely improve the presentg it is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear and with a manly heart.-Longfellow. The perfection of Moral Character consists in this, in passing every day as the last, and in being neither violently excited, nor torpid, nor playing the hypocrite. -Marcus Aurelius. Discretion of speech is more than elvquenceg and to speak agreeably with agreeably with whom we deal, is more than to speak in good words or in good order.-Bacon. Faith shares the future promiseg love's self-offering is a triumph won, and each good thought or action moves the dark world nearer to teh sun.--Whittier. "We have all great cause to give great thanks." l T ,, ,v i J: '75 1 W 'H-Afar,,,i,6 0l'R CANIPYS IS BEAl"l'IFl'L. I hr var 19 141-15 na Hivmvh hg at Ellrmhmemn As I look back over the year 1914-15 there are many pleasant memories which came to my mind, the thoughts of the friendships formed and the benefits derived F h enters the University he has the from the year as a whole. When a res man idea that he knows a great deal but in a short time finds his mistake. Where is there a Freshman who cares to live over his first week here? The "Better a little ehiding than a great deal of heart break." registering is bad enough but to have everyone you know a Freshman is worse, be- cause of all the mistakes made, a Freshman is sure to make them. If any other student makes them, that is another matter. But I must say that to be a Freshman in the School of Pharmacy is different, for here everyone is the friend of another. Of course jokes are played on everyone but what is life and especially college life if we can't have a little fun now and then ? What would the Pharmics do without theutared container"? The students in the School of Pharmacy are made of the right stuff, ready for anything and have lots of "pep." The instructors are some of the finest men that I have ever met. There is much that one can say in praise of Dr. Lyman and Professors Perusse, Thompson and Day. They are always willing to help and they take a personal interest in each student's work. With this course there is plenty of laboratory work, but this can be made a pleasure if one will only exert himself. In Physiology we "play" with frogs. Sometimes we must kill them and then make a "muscle preparation" to see if their muscles will contract, just as though they wouldn't. One of our Pharmics, Rex Bixby, is Dr. Lyman's assistant in this course. He is thoroughly capable but we cannot understand why he insists on using so much red ink in correcting our papers. Once in a while Dr. Lyman shows in the class room how high a frog can kick. In Zoology we have drawings to make, one of those especially interesting be- ing the Paramecium. It moves so quickly that we cannot see it and yet we are ex- pected to draw it. Over in Chemistry we have some more fun. Some of our Pharmics are as- sistants in this department. If you are on the good side of Tony or are a good looking girl, your grades are assured. Iam not in this class but from observation and general remarks have drawn above conclusions. We are sorry that Tony is leav- ing us this year not because of the grades but because he is a good fellow to have around. In Botany we draw and draw but what is worse we stipple our arms nearly off. But one may have a pleasant time here, too, such as neighborly chats and forming of new freindships. "Malta use of time, let not'a1ztagc slip." The rnost enjoyable laboratory of all is Pharmacy. In this laboratory many iokes are played on both instructor and students. number in this course is that there are so few who realize the dignity of the pro fession and the pleasures incident to its study and practice. ties here to do a work which challenges one's best efforts. I hope that next year we may have more Nebraska girls in our College of Pharmacy. Bessie Townsend. -" in .,ZTQDZ.zL. l 1 l I I 1 A BEAUTY SPOT ON THE CAMPUS. "The hardest knife ill-used cloth lose its edge." t Let me appeal to the girls of Nebraska. One of the reasons for our small There are opportuni- H, an W, 1 V . L- mg,9?s .Qgd,a m' 4 E- , F 14 " B5-.'1n.'j lifgg- in . FT, V ,h 7 W L , T V- 'WJ' vRu.bbit'S ofa-vor-Pte. Pane... Olxgobtl X ! I ' 'J 53 I M 5 Ihflxinnssnn "SN Snr-1,'Q'B4-osnr, 'Dv-1' ANA 'Sw-JL." 4' I :Yu rf Where fhoj bale Ng, " 91.1-1-k'j'GlL tjuhx a.r.'j"J"av1sj",'97u.1" s TA I-5 fs. annul vtkgr . life. ?Ze OOY' fired, bg s. Defiance. WK O.Y'Q 5141.353 5 1 1 ffjf V, ,. TFP-Wa? 'QQ A J 'Z 1 .The N92 A C B ,-. ' All H z WMU TM Cvrk awe. , WL 'M 7 3, I wi-.V ,.,-Xqlli I I BRN .1 The mega-ergen, -. 1103 'garb .--.,.-.,.,. A -..,,.w.,--5.... -- Cla-E-Kixts M-,usd-I Hifi 21n54zr'l'h4z 1-nor? at 'tw-ag ravrxff Ynv.rnnr.a.:. of D-Ay Q,,0L1Qg.Ll-1-Q, 4, 41: A X me if 1 -Our irls- ' ' 'rbest "Yr-vgglj'-Bmw-xit. vrr.e.A 1 Q X VANCE! CLWQWGNQ I X MG'oo4l B5 R., V1 ' Y ' 4 X SQ X 5 Ln gi M 30 4 55 ""1q,Q GLS ' W 1 in ' W". , ' vu fyii ' K J' ,M SrnfX :f'Qf"Q,j,,, gr: ww-1 v- QA . ' 31 fx ' , X if .V . '9 2 .' :H pvofar Wmlker fl-fo 4772: 1' 'I March ,005 We-1 is 1" Boy-gp. 0Ba.o..i:iw-x5 KY" ?-avr txfsv- ww Swwwh Aff V A ' lx, , 'M + - ,.., Ebola? K 093, v 'E ..' wfga it Tkg vmosi' zwtkwsiasii 1, Bmkch QVC-V' 0-T C0-Kinox BU1'-X75 Q ' This A WEE P MQZ1' Gf'5 Qu IGGY f GMES ' gifo 9 Picnic, x 1 1 hurmow Hallo FOXKS. The Two Deans. mhi s X fl. . omg, YVQ Q R. 'I' W Garden V 'I'WkdS-if 'j f 'ai 05' Q 'ffrgd vie A Eawqi Cravvi. A 5. N ' Vi. S r Y Ik-1 7,92 kk! - he lui King? , Semi if Mm mn. ' c," - 0.,..1.WmM3 dvr an McNw-'v'- Igharmarg wk Pharmacy week is the one big week of our School year and during that par- ticular time the Pharmacy students rule the Campus. It is a week of celebration and good times and we always make the most of it. Even Frankforter relents and permits some laxity in class attendance. May 11 to 16, the time of meeting of the State Board of Pharmacy, are the days when the big doings take place, and from the early morning of the first day until the lights go out on the last day, everyone on the campus has reason to think about Pharmacy. The Medics found our extreme activity somewhat dis- appointing because we stole more or less of their "thunder" by our "Pep," A lit- tle thing like that doesn't worry us, however, for we showed the University pub- lic, Lincoln citizens and our honored guests that the College of Pharmacy was "doing things." Everyone decorated for the week by donning arm bands and coat banners and the big things began. First we turned Arenson loose in the "Rag" oflice and on Wednesday morning he turned out the biggest edition of the year and it was full of Pharmacy from title page to the Oliver's "All balcony seats 50 cents" on the bottom of the back page. Eight pages of it and it made the whole state sit up and look again. k 1 Enthusiasm mounted higher and higher and Wednesday evening it vented it- self in a big banquet at the Lindell Hotel. Dean F. J. Wulling of the Minnesota College of Pharmacy was the guest of honor and as the State Board were in the city he generously shared his honor with them. M. B. Chittick was the man in charge of the toast list and he kept enthusiasm at the top pitch. Chancellor Avery and prominent druggists of the state were called upon for responses and in each case they gave us a real message. . -' , Everyone but Batty and Tuffy managed to get up in time for the big Pharmacy Convocation at 11 o'clock the next morning. Dean Wulling gave us a great mess- age and sent us away thinking, and more and more determined to give our College the best we had. Immediately following Convocation we adjourned to the Com- mercial Club for luncheon. Everyone was in the best of spirits and a glorious "There is no gewifzcs like the g?7lfi'll'S of labor." good time was enjoyed as we listened to Dean Lyman's jokes and the crisp talks of prominent practitioners of the city. This luncheon was purely informal and it did much to bring us into contact with the local men of prominence in the profession. Such a glorious week could have but one ending and this is just what hap- pened: a big Pharmacy picnic was held at Capitol Beach on Friday, and such a time as we did have. Athletic stunts were in high favor. The Freshmen some- how conceived the idea that they could beat the supper classmen in a game of base- ball. Mr. Hansen wanted to play, but for obvious reasons could not, so he umpired. Ask a Freshman how it came out. For our part we refuse to answer. Comedy effects were not wanting. Perusse elected to play. Can you imagine such athing without going into hysterics? WELL, we saw it. As all well behaved picnics do, this picnic wound up with a picnic lunch, which by the way was the best picnic lunch which ever happened. The spirit was kept up till the last minute and as Pharmacy week ended it was unanimously voted the best ever. Come and join us next year. Uhia Hlurh 315 Nvreaaam To live undisturbed by passing circumstances you must find your own center. You must then be firm in your center and rule the world from within. He who does not himself condition circumstances allows the process to be reversed and be- comes a conditioned circumstance. Find your center and live in it. Surrender it to no person, to no thing. In the degree that you do this you will find yourself ' fr B 1- growing stronger and stronger in it. And how can one find his center. y rea izing his oneness with the Infinite Power, God, and by living continually in this realization.-Trrine. "Until the last page of the last volume is written in the book of years, Merit alone will rule the 631'th.,,-KU,llf771d7Z. "Even lemons are good for something." . -.-V , ,,-,..,, ,Rffiju Q'f'1, 7"7'?"""'P"'l'7F , ,. f:Z.."f4ffff'f2f-ff f , J-Jacks --7 +5 Q7L15W4fJff vid 553-77- fz. lf ,f ',rv I I--4 UV ff 1 'Y X f A 1-N iagffffi f If cgi ' ' N Q X ,QA ,M- 0,5---2 0 ra fu fm f' ww ' A -4 f '- "', 'Q '. 'xkjf I I 5. 'I' . , 1 ' , . V 1, A . N . . Y . K , . I r r - , , F' fl , , I ' . . 6, , 4 i 'B ,fi . F 3-s ' f . "W rj: RL.. fn- x , g -. I. it A 'I 2.g,q1::j-" - 'Q j J., . .Q E 5- J' r, I1 1-.Al r . A I ,.3i!'Il'li.iL..,.,.A. 4-?fi'5.-.,f' ' ,QQ '11 - A ' , f A. Q . ,-'-f- - z. . ,.f.1.A' f., f - vi fl 1 -,E 17 vf 22.27251 fir' ll, fiflifff f 'L ' I ff' ' A ' ax M :fffr A .c 'Qpy ,.-' ,I , f ' - W if ,f f X - , I I 'ff' -1" "" ' .. ' -, ,,,, ,f-:r:' , ' - YL-f,,, ' . ,A , Q. lgx RW S ' 1 . ' 'M 'if' 73 A ' ' ' 3 nh it "f:5,.x- x- 'N " ,- x 6,11-J, 19.5, QW 3 ,-if 1 -K':..-Z","Z-A-"141vf'5' l . l 1. --:J -- f ! ww .,..... . ,. 5 - . ffwffi my f- ... . ' 5 . -1: 1 ' 2ff'.fL"':R fi ":f.ff'3' . H mzvrz, f A ,Q skfij-2 gf.vf' ,I ' 5 ' . f --' Sl 51,217 ' ' , Q X? 'j . , , V V . Y A 4? 1. :.: ..: V I 1 . .vrzliff ' ulxg- , f f J M ' ff., Em, . ' 11 2 :ff A l 1 bint' J - up f - ' J i..-T25 ,Mg Qqfri, Q. -'i ' If 1 f 4 , ww ,f1.'f' ,kb 5 V . P 1 gig? is ,-4 3, , I , Q : 6 4.-ffilj ff . f"ff3' ' Q pl 1... Mikie? Jiypfr , . 1 A L,f,.l YJ A A ' , UQ 21' '-.3 Ji I- , .:3- -L5 N 1 1 ' - 1 fx ' A ' -4311 if n -Y v' . ' " X J' ' 5: " C , my 2,9 jf J - ' 7-'f g.1 ,VU fi . IU! Q , W , ' x ff 'f ' ' .V ,., f'- diff ' .LM 4. , 5-.K P -.-.. ' P- - 1 " 1 264 fl ?1'v5.'?f.ffC iffy i , ,Af . 'Q Lf 'V ' 4:,"f-JJ' " ' :S G : ' 1' RM, - -. 9 J' .- xx , , Y-3 5 s " 5, f' 5 W w W 1 Q N 1 A L 15111111 All thv will-1gUMIlhP1'5 in the Glnllrgr thin lgnvrilr lgrattlv in plaztvrvh with thr hnlg hum that it will liill nr lCurP. Nnnzermiral nnthingz Elhllllf Nuttn. A Glnlh, Olmmtir, Qlruhr, Glnnrizv, ET1'vz1tnw11t nt' Glrarkrh Nnttff mhuzv Glrazg Atta makv pnfmihlv zurh EI Hitt nt them Milla. 09h igiftlvl E1 f fflflflflf Glzrlrnhm' uf Uhr Glnllegr nf lgharmarg September 17. Unusually green bunch of Freshies arrive. September 18. All old students register for Perusse's course in bluff. September 20. Bostrom "called" for loud talking in the Library. September 25. First week ended and Creutz has had 9 dates. September 29. Perusse begins his lec- tures on benefits of coffee drinking. October 3. Washburn trimmed 7 to 14 in first game of the season. October 5. Miller caught pawning his neckties to pay his first football bet. October 8. Pharmic Freshies recovering from effects of lnterclass scrap. October 10. Tim Corey's head work saved Nebraska from defeat at hands of South Dakota. He blocked a drop kick with his head. October 12. Tony takes his girl to two "Jitney" shows in one evening. October 17. Reed lost 16 cents betting on the game. Unconscious for five hours. October 20. Freshies finally convinced that they don't know more than the Profs. October 22. Lesh wondering why his good looks donlt get him good grades in Botany. October 24. Michigan Aggies beaten 24 to 0. Town goes wild. October 30. Swede swears off on smok- ing. October 31. Swede reconsiders and de- cides to wait awhile first. November 1. McMurray receives month- ly check and treats the crowd. November 6. Quiet before the storm. November 7. Pharmaceutical Society dues collected. 35 cents a man. Much consternation and indignation. November 14. We trimmed the tail feathers and wrung the head of the Jayhawk. 35 to 0. General pow-wow. November 18. Johnson hunting a head- ache powder takes a dose of aloes by mistake. "The taste lingers." November 20. The pre-medics initiated to mysteries of tared-container. November 22. Hansen invited to recep- tion by Miss Conklin and Carl. November 26. Bixby says his mail is conspicuous by its absence. November 23. Doc Dales meets class on time, beating state record by 29 min- utes. Thanksgiving Recess December 5. Phi Delta Chis assessed 35 cents for months' coal bill. "He's truly valiamnt who can wisely suffer." December 7. Larson is chided by Wol- cott for indifference. December 11. Bone joins the Y. M. C. A. in the capacity of horrible example. December 12. Ernest says Danderine is no good. December 14. Frankforter breaks his automobile and the Commandments. December 20. Still waiting for Mac to call a meeting of the Society. December 21. Christmas vacation be- gins. Interim. Business of Good Times, Depleted Pocketbooks and lndigestion January 9. Harmon and Engberg have a private party. January 12. Lesh convinced that past record will get him nowhere. January 14. Miss Townsend still lead- ing the class. January 20. Paulus and Dr. Lyman each invest in new hair cuts. January 26. Arner cannot understand why Dean Carl insists of seeing him. January 30. Whole physiology class visit Bix and insist that he hasn't given them high enough grades. February 2. Freshies meet to Cdislcuss registration for second semester. February 5. Larson, who has been tak- ing vocal lessons, strikes . . . "a hell of a note." February 8. Doc Barker decides that it takes more than a Van Dyke beard to make a Zoologist. February 14. Perusse amuses class with series of cartoons. February 20. Phi Delta Chis assessed emergency jitney for coal. February 23. Bostrom begins to find fault with Perusse ffor the uplift C421 of Pharmacyj. February 26. Browne says a mustache is a darned nuisance. February 28. Batty spends 25 cents just like that. fBusiness of snapping iin- gers.J He would have spent more on her but that was all she had. March 2. Russell receives 32.00 for dem- onstrating merits of Star. March 8. Grand Jury decides that it was the Phi Gam's own fault when the pledged Hansen and refuse plea for damages. March 10. Jawn signs our Bill and we are a College. Everybody carouses on Coca-Cola. March 21. Creutz and Bix put on pro- bation for giving Band yell. March 27. Doc Lyman tells Lesh he'd better get a job standing in front of a drug store, making people sick. March 31. Easter vacation along here somewhere. "Keep thy friend under thy own. life's key." April 1. Everybody up to some damphooltrick. April 9. The University week extension bunch boast of good times. April 16. First signs of Spring fever. April 29. Epidemic has spread rapidly. April 30. Doc Lyman succeeds in driv- ing the E. M. F. 5 blocks without a breakdown. May 4. Updegraft decides that he is well named. Unanimous. May 10. Hansen patents new cure-all. Guaranteed to make the well sick and the sick, sicker. May 11. Pharmacy week begins. Pre- medics sore as little red wagons. May 12. Quiet before the thunder. More uplift i?J of Pharmacy. May 13. Pharmacy Banquet. Bells ring and whistles blow. Everybody hasa heluvagoodtime. May 14. Pre-medics feeling fine. Phar- mics lose ball game by one score after two extra innings had been played. Pharmacy Convocation. Dean Wull- ing gives us a great talk. Commercial club luncheon. Harmon says everybody is eating too little and spending too much. May 15. Pharmic Picnic. Some time. Frosh bite dust in ball game. 7 to 2. May 25. Our hair turns grey all in a bunch as we finish this. June ?'?. You should worry? Come next year and we will tell you about it. -P 'I In T Ii' L PL- T 3-jj., 1 n C -L-UNCH: . Wlxolcgalgu H'n"'RRY. l - ,g . ' .' Tr . and Ref'-U' DVU25. Ai 1 3 ourspecm' P0'4'Tf1Qe 1, f I Pqsigirzrse Q 1 5, I ' ' 1 0 Su shiuf , 1 L 1 HU 2. dwfllfalll ,. S q ll 'et 'ft "ffm -,f : I xl Ill' -1- U E: X.'.'fiE?' ' ' 1 I 1 Ji , J' J-1 l?4 ?Li1L- I f 'll Q Eff-hS?4'i:f.Q la? -N "Tifmc is the 'ILZITSQ and breeder of all good." L Q f I i"m. W Q If Earnest. Oh, Muh Dear, won't you have muh, even though I am bald? I would be bald in a month after mar- riage, anyway. fPipe the ivory domej THIS IS HOW IT STARTED Dr. Lyman CIn Pharmacology Lab.J How is your breathing? Dent. Boyish. Doc. What d'ye mean, Boyish? Dent. It comes in short pants. fTab- leau.J JUST A WOMAN'S WAY Ann. Why don't you go to your Doc- EGEAHI-4 THE IMPERTINENT CREATURE Dr. Lyman findignantly over tele- phonej. No, indeed, we do not sell cigar- ettes here. What? Of course we sell pills, but what does that have to do with it? fHangs up receiver with a bang.J Its' mighty funny. Now, what possible connection can there be between cigar- ettes and pills? I give it up. A BACHELOR'S PHILOSOPHY They can reform all they want to, but there will always be trouble in this world as long as kisses taste as good as they do. And if kisses tasted as good after marriage as they did before marriage a whole lot of lawyers, judges and detec- tives would be making a living selling wringers. THE FRET OF THE FRESHIE, or LESH'S LAMENT "Ashes to ashes, Dust to dustg If Chem. don't get us Botany must." ACCOMPLISHED Farmer Amos. What's your nephew tor for advice? that's home from College, doin' now? Nan. What's the use? He always Farmer Almost. Nothin'g and he's got tells me to do a lot of things he knows I more original ways of accomplishin' it won't do. than any feller you ever seen. "Let every man do his best." ,, AT VH- k Qurelq Um, noi- M-fe! Xt., 5 - X LA? X fif- -4-Q -' svmgmlmes Back 1-- ' 5' 'S I W X . X M mf, N 92 QQZXAZW f The Scales Th QT Schcxufelbereer Fmt' V' N0 nf ss not spelled v I - 1 f Once +ha1' Lyman X 'flfxggrm 0 QE? nosyn N15 his hands ou? T? , K fr-'-I N ' 1 of his pocKefSL sig, N , 4 , 1.1 ww HN Xplxx -S 0 BLQRREFU X! -, -4, 1 iff, L N X QL ffl' Y L L ' ,Aj xgj Z1 Z, f ff f f . may in ' W N M ff' f f rw X 1 ,R NX . i 'ff' , DRY' 4 Xgin N , ' WX A i 1 I V54 :iii f I - . 6 6 . u ' f' 0 f, x X. lf - of r- 0525 Z! X -S V X ' ff, , af, - Jw w ,-77' N fly? ml g o X Q fc cf' Li NQQIEX noe nfvpfm, g 3 .N ' KI NZQNM f CII i ffl 5 2 r, . I T mb HIS edrlg career! v, , -4 K 7 f fl ' MLTHHNE' U BHRKLR' X , . X g . "Z -al MK I-'We 9 6 f 462125, crm" I I V W -' K i v FBSSLLR. In " Organ mc Chermsfrq. g 'X 1 Whylbologq as broughfiofhe front, lx VlcTbRE..j-L'-Lgaonml J 1, I Y Our Dere Perfesurs BENEDICT'S CLUB. FOUNDED 1313 B. C. Membership limited to courageous and feeble minded. Nebraska Chapter Established in 1813 Flower-Blue Bell. Colors-Black and Black. Motto-Never make the same mistake twice. Charter Members H. L. Thompson P. P. Howard Honorary Members Mrs. H. L. Thompson Mrs. P. P. Howard Active Members Thompson Junior Pledges Fat Irwin, R. K. David, Bobby Osborn and A. A. Larson THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL'S BACK Sam. What is the specific gravity of Sulphuric Acid? Perztsse. What do you want to know for? Scam. I want to find out how much two grams weigh. A NEW COURSE IN ZOOLOGY. ANNOUNCE- MENT Field Study of the Genus Homo. Ob- servation of the human animal in his gayer moments. The course is open to all students. Required equipment con- sists of a good pair of Opera Glasses. Requirements for credit are two nights' attendance at the Lyric and one night at the Orpheum each week. Classes un- der the personal supervision of Miss Day and Miss Parsons. AND THIS FROM RALPH- Batty fat Meier Drug Companyj. l want three quinine capsules. Giwlf Belziizrzzi thc Counter. Want to take them now or take them with you? Beatty. If it's all the same to you, I'll do both. ONE ON DOC Dr. Ljfnmn. Mr. Arenson, suppose you go to the board and show us how you would write a prescription containing Nux Vomica. A1'cn.wni. Well. Doc. All right, we are waiting. Arcnson. But, I thought that we were just supposing. "NO THANKS. SAFETY FIRST" Doc. Dales tin Experimental Metal- Iurgyb. Gentlemen, this experiment may be of tremendous importance to science and yet if it goes wrong we may be blown to atoms. Step nearer, gentlemen, in order that you may follow me better. "Some falls arc meant, thc liappzfcr to CIl"?lSP.,, YOUR NAME ISN'T HERE, IS IT? The biggest eater in the College. Swede Samuelson. The most popular girl in College. Harry McMurray. The most modest man in College. F. J. Perusse. The quietest man in College. Elmer Johnson. The best student in College. R. Bone. The bottle pool champion. Larson. The biggest grind in College. Paulus. The College Crepe Hanger. Schaufel- berger. The happiest man in College. Arenson. WHAT DID THE MAN MEAN? Professor Martin tln Poleconl. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, advertising is a business force. I beg your pardon? Oh, yes, it has a great tendency to reduce the waste. Oh, oh, I beg your pardon. Please do not misunderstand me. ,li.l..- THE PRIOR CLAIM Mrllly Cafter the quarrelj. Leave my presence. Billy tconfusedlyj. Why-er-you've got them all. ADVICE T0 FRESHMEN It is always policy to laugh at Perus- se's jokes. BE ON TIME , Miss Bruner tto the young man arriv- ing at 8:15 to accompany her to an 8:00 o'clock show. "How now, Reginald? You have not been early of late. You never were behind before." HARD T0 UNDERSTAND Miller Ccomplaininglyb. Nature doesn't give we men a fair chance. Why is it that the girls all run to dimples and the boys all run to pimples? A CONFIDENTIAL QUERY Baldy. Say, Doctor, if I take Thyroid extract will it make my hair grow? TERRIBLY TRUE You never miss the allowance till the Governor cuts it off. Teachefr. When were you born? Little Boy. The second. Teacher. The second of what? Little Boy. Cf triplets. CEXeunt teacherj Is it a fact that Creutz is a blockhead just because there is a "Planck" in his make up? A man can be married many times, but he can be a bachelor but once. "Tlzlngs growing to tlwmselfves are growth'3 abuse." D0 THEY HIT? My motto is work and be worked. Vic Johnson. Love me and the world is mine. Bob Ghittick. Where will I eat in the morning? Sam- uelson. Please understand that I passed the Mid- Semester in Botany. Lesh. My first name is John, girls. Harmon. They call me Tuffy, and I'm well named. Bostrom. What does "F" mean on my Semester report in Chem.? Read. Gentlemen, this is no place for such levity. Doc Dales. Salicylic acid, of course, Gentlemen. Doc Lyman. I'm always at Home on Saturday nights. Miss Hansen. When I was at Kansas. Perusse. Let's go out by the west gate and take a smoke. Elmer Hansen. It's a long, long way to University Place. Martin Chittick. Look it up in Kraemer. Miss Day. Great show at the Orpheum this week fellows-Brown. 7 Never let your work interfere with your good times. Bone. Believe me, I'm a Chem. Shark. Batty. That's nothing, I'm a Chemist and a Fus- ser, too. Larson. I can't help it because I'm popular. Elmer Johnston. Say, what is the Pharmacology lesson for tomorrow? Arenson. I'm small but I sure am good looking. Arner. Don't you dare put any jokes on me in the Annual. Miss Bruner. Me have a Date? Say for the Love of Mike, be reasonable. Bixby. It is no disgrace to be bald. Schauffel- berger. I've spent three months trying to fix this balance. Thompson. Q. E. D. Hurrah for me. Wilmer John- son. Don't be foolish. Miss Townsend. I have so much to do that I can't find time for my work. Lee. Good bye, girls, I'm through. Paulus. The idea is preposterous. Miss Ward. Next to Pharmacy, I love politics. N. P. Hansen. HOW PFLUG PASSED THE BOARD Pfiug's method of separating two im- miscible liquids: "Two immiscible liq- uids may be separated by decoction which takes place as follows: The fluid is placed on a perforated slab and the slab is then placed in water and the part most sol- uble in water will pass off first." "Take cwrrns against cz sect of troubles." 'rf' i I, ll li M 11 I l I l I I I l 2 l l w l l l l il fa il Us 2 2 "' 'H 1 1 it i t Ili If If N l L gi1ij ,,Hm !fh My l i ll , 24 ef f f l I r Vw fi arf, J .tai xfmlefr lg A0 l if C4 ff s Cf ks if I any One of the Dents has just told Doctor that Salicylic Acid is in the same class as Peruna and Cabbage Cigars. ,,L..l.T- JUST LIKE HIM. WHO? OH! EITHER ONE OF 'EM Leslz Cat Chem. Storeroom windowj. Say, mister, I want an inverted test tube. This here book says to catch the gas in an inverted test tube, but blamed if I can End one in my desk. Stock Kccpcr. Take a test tube and cut off the bottom and seal up the top and you will have it. ,iii- AYE! AYE! 'TIS TRUE Prof. Harlfcr in Zoology II. Cheese is "For fruflz is truth fo ULU C a food substance very high in proteins but somewhat indigestible. Most people like it, but with some, a little bit goes a long Ways. CSlight titter in rear of the room and a slightly embarrassed look upon the Doctor's face.j Q PERPETRATED WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE Bixby. Say, who in the dickens stole my scales? Larsofn. Say, say, what do you think this is, a fish market? and of the r1'cckor1zirn.g." WON'T IT BE GREAT? When the Phi Delta Chis do something? When Perusse forgets Kansas? When Lyman and the Dents compro- promise? When Mac gets some "pep" When Reed quits announcing mock en- gagements? When Schauffelberger quits saying, "Well, I'm doing the best I can ?" When Bob Chittick is seen with a girl? When Thompson's balances are finally adjusted? When Chittick throws his horn rimmed specs away? When Miss Ward goes to a movie? When Hansen quits talking war? When Bixby falls in love and gives up his Bachelor's Philosophy? When Russel acquires a cigar store of his own? When Saul Bryan Arenson signs his name S. B. Arenson? When Miss Bruner fails to lead the class. When the Pre-Medics grow up. But shucks, what's the use of hoping? BRIGHT CHILD, ISN'T HE? Paulus. Larson, what is Na20,? Tony. There ain't no such a thing. Paulus. Well, isn't borax? Touy. No, borax is Na2B.01. Paulus. Well, isn't that Nag before 01? AIN'T IT THE TRUTH? Perusse says cigars are his best friends. Well, anyway, he is true to them. How so? He never gives any oi his friends away. A REAL BUSINESS HEAD Small Boy. Mr Druggist, I want a dime's worth of camphor. Druggiszi My boy, what do you want this dimes' worth of camphor for? Youugsfer. A nickle. PROVE IT IF YOU CAN Perusse. Can a definite rule be laid down for the solution of organic salts? Saul. Sure. All the alkalies are sol- uble except certain exceptions. WE WANT TO KNOW THIS- When Potassium lodide did the Sy- rup of White Pine? CAN YOU BEAT THIS? Miss Hansen ftalking about a certain dancej. And I declare that punch was spunked terribly. APOTHECARIES MEASURE 10 Druggists equal I Doctor. 10 Doctors equal 1 Surgeon. 3 Surgeons equal 1 Undertaker. "Great floods have flown from simple Sources." HIAWATHA PHARMACIST Give me of your bark, Oh Birch tree, Of your yellow bark, oh birch tree, Growing by the rushing river Tall and stately in the valley. I a drug store will start me Build an apothekeg That men no longer ill shall be That men can come for Sody Water, Sody Water-Coca Cola. That girls can come and fill with laugh-- ter The store like running water. Lay aside your cloak, Oh Birch tree Lay aside your white skin wrapper For the summer time is coming And Methyl salicylate I'll be needing. Thus aloud cried Hiawatha As with the knife the tree he girded And stripped the bark from trunk un broken. Give me of your boughs, Oh Cedar, O-Cedar Mops I shall make thee As Cedar Oil I shall sell thee. Then he called aloud to Poeia, To his friend Pharmacopoeia, Saying, help me start a Drug Store, Start an Apotheke. Straight in to the fields went Poeia Straight as a well shot arrow fled, Picked up here some rootlets small, Here some grass, here some leaves Collected barks from many trees Tapped some trees for resins and oils Telling Hiawatha all the time What to use and how to use it. Why the second year's growth was best Why they should be collected fresh And how to keep when collected dry. Thus learned Hiawatha, novice Of the mysteries of Pharmacy Medicine as medics never learned it. But he got the spirit Started up a drug store Started up an Apotheke. Sumptuous was the feast Nakomis Made at Hiawathafs openingg All the bowls were made of basswood White and polished very smoothlyg All the spoons of horn of Bison Black and polished very smoothlyg And the ice cream never better And the Nabiscos never finer. Free of charge he served them Free of any charge whatever. For weeks before he advertised, Advertised in daily papers, Advertised by calls and placards The sumptuous feast that awaited them. Great was the crowd of guests assembled Greater than the crowds at movies, Greater than the crowds at ball games. Clad in all their richest raiments Robes of fur and belts of wampum, Splendid with their paint and plumage Beautiful with beads and tassels. Long they patronized Hiawatha, Long they bought the drugs and potions "All mnfors arc rirnrmb wlzcn bcmftyf plcczcIctIz." Long they bought the Sody Water, Sody Water-Coca Cola. Flourishing grew his business, Great became his income, Greater than Rockyfeller's, Greater than Solomon's in his riches. Many times he thanked Poeia, Beloved friend Pharmacopoeia, Thanked him for his teachings, Praised him for his wondrous thoughts Praised him for his wondrous know- ledge. Thus it was that Hiawatha, In his wisdom taught the people, Teaching men the use of simples And the antidotes for poisons And the cure for all diseases. -S. B. A. CWith apologies to Longfellowj BULLETIN BOARD C. J. Frankforter will not meet C. J. Frankforter's class in Chem. 7 this morning because C. J. Frankforter is ill with the indisposition peculiar to C. J. Frankforter. On Monday C. J. Frank- forter's class will meet C. J. Frankforter as usual. Bring copies of C. J. Frank- forter's "The use of the knife in the quantitative analysis of a boarding house pie." fSignedJ C. J. Frankforter. ONE OF DOCTOR LYMAN'S PHARMA- COLOGY EXAMS Question. 1. Discuss the discussion of the most discussed theory of anaesthesia. Questfzfoni 2. Describe the hideous grin on the rabbit's face in strychnine pois- oning. Question lf the dose of Aromatic Elixir is two fluid drachms, what is the dose of Peruna? Qucstzfmz 4. Give ten reasons why the hypodermic syringe should be made of glass. Qucstiovz 5. What is the antagonistic eifect between two fluid ounces of Vermi- fuge and an eight foot tape worm? Qzzcstimz. 6. If a pound of Salicylic Acid costs 33.00 how much will a frog weigh? THIS IS A STICKER Hamzmz. Say. Him. Say it yourself. Hfzrmfm. I want to get the tiles of the Students Pharmaceutical Journal for a week back. Bixby. Better use a porous plaster. CRepeat chorus softly until the point strikes you.J And then the clerk went over and chewed up a set of dice and the lamp went out and smoked.-Gopher. "When clouds are seen wise 'men put on their Cfl0ClffS.,' A MODERN LULLABY Rock a bye baby up on the bough You get your milk from a certified cow, Before your eugenic young parents were wed They had decided how you should be fed. Hush a bye baby on the tree top If grandmother trots you, you tell her to THIS IS GOOD WHEN YOU GET IT Miss Day. Mr. Brown, what is Chena- podium? Brozmz. lt is a yellow powder. Miss Day. Well, it may look that way at a distance. It is a Hower. I-IE'S A CREIGI-ITON MAN Do not use Peroxide for washing fresh wounds. stop, Swede. Why, all physicians use it. Shun the trot horses your grandmother Perzrsse. Oh, not all, I guess. rides Swede. Well, the Doctor up in our They will work harm to your little in- town does. fWhere is lVIilford?J sides. -1-1 Mamma is scientific, she knows all the HE VO- laws, FoR THE She kisses her darling through carbolized XTQZZHACOYF X gauze 5 2, ' Rock a bye baby, don't wriggle and il X X squirm Qmq Nothing is near you that looks like a 3 'X germ. V. w. R. 0 I u p 'prim -A HERE'S A STRIKING ONE agp IW' A Mutt. lf a man smashes a clock can I, nj. X '- he be convicted of killing time? is " Jeff. Not if the clock struck first. ,ii if ,Vest -Gopher. --- Gus says: "The quickest way to get RABBIT REED'S HRENOVATING RAISINSU ahead in this world is to knock the other 10 raisins a day will prevent boils. fellow." tHe is making great progress a fRabbit guarantees this remedy.J long these lines.J "Love comforteth like szmshine after frcmzf' X .,.-5 f-N ,gs S 'V' ERD QQ LYMAFJ ,, WA Fime: 10:41 p. m. Caught with the goods on 'em. Place: Orpheum Gallery A POME "The busy bee still Works quite late, "In vain about the flowers he toils- But he is very funny: lncessant reaper: His process is quite out of date Man takes a few essential oils For making honey." "And makes it cheaper." "Light boats sail szUfz7ft." W Q .- milling--P'N ,f-fp if ug fd W - lf ' f' V S A , lf , -f, l AJ ffl I XLT l 7 F tl X X -K I 9 ll K !r x ' I I 'Qlf ' l ex ' 2 f ' 1" f" - 2 . y r A Z Czar f MM Q X.: y i K- 1 ' -fai n ' ..- f f gin: f' Z Q f ml' ff ill 0 ? lo ? ' X 5, f I 1 'A I, l I 5 5 f v f A .gl A Z'-e f X N lf fl - X l ' Z3 f C j '- ik Q21 if-f 'ul f l O VW I f : 'ef MOVING PICTURE AT PHI DELTA CHI HOUSE An average evening's entertainment. Scene: When Doc Lyman unexpected ly arrives. DON'T READ THESE Harry says Cons are given free in Gus is the heavy weight wind jammer French. of the College. 15 cents is too much for a package of The squirrels near the campus are Fatimas. harmless. Sam is the heavy weight eater of the If they vveren't, you vvouldn't be read- College. ing this. "The path his smooth that leacletlz on to fZCL'lLQ6'I'?,, A SAFETY RAISER QRAZORJ Four Aces and the King of Hearts. TIMELY ADVICE Early to class, early to rise, makes a dub solid, if he isn't wise. HELP WANTED! Miss T0'Z,l7'llS6'llCl Cin daily letter to the only many. I am overcome because you don't come over with a letter. CLEVER, ISN'T IT? What would you tell a pickaninny if his mammy got after him? Hide, Rastus. CHydrastisJ HEARD IN PHARMACOGNOSY Vie. Did Gus Balsam when the bunch tubbed him? Bob. Yes, but who Tolu about it? HE IS A PARTICULAR SCAMP ALRIGHT Perusse Con being offered a ten cent cigarb. Thanks, but if it is the same to you I'd rather have two nickel ones. RIGHT CHURCH, WRONG PEW Rob Bob Rob. Bob Rob. Say, do you know Jack Martin? Yes. Does he owe you any money? Why, no. Must be some other Martin then. WONDER WHERE PERUSSE GOT THIS RACKET? If the cat-nip would the dog-bark at the pussy willow? THIS IS A COLD ONE Mick la musical muttl. Do you like Schubert? Mike Ca fountain fiendj. Sherbet? Yes, but I like ice cream much better. THIS SOUNDS LIKE UPDEGRAFF OR HICKS Thompson. Say, what are you going to do with that copper water bath? P'I'6-M6l'l'lC. Well, it calls for a tared- container and this looks like it had tar on it. OUCH! George. Didn't you notice that I pressed your foot at dinner tonight? Ethel. Why, it was wasn't my foot you pressed. Oh, George, I wondered why mother was smiling so sweetly at the minister. CORRECT Papa lconcealing something in his handy. Willie, can you tell me what it is with heads on one side and tails on the other? Willie Ctriumphantlyj. Oh, I know. It's a rooster on a fence. "The world is full of rubs." WHITE BLACKBIRDS WILL FLY- When When When When When When When Frankforter is on time at class. Miss Day smiles. Bixby has a date. Larson doesn't oil his hair. Perusse springs a newjoke. Lee forgets his Delta Zeta. McMurray uses less than 26 "I's5' in every sentence. When When When Bone behaves. Ernest stops using Herpicide. Arenson fails to attend the Mag- net four times a week. When When Harmon stops curling his hair. the course in Pharmacognosy is taken seriously. When Prof. Borrowman isn't popular. When Miss Townsend Hunks. When Russell reforms. When Creutz loses his appetite. When Pharmacy 22 becomes popular. When Miss Day forgets photography. When Gus can carry a tune in a basket. When Chittick makes up with Doc Condra. When Johnson gets discouraged. N0 CHANCE FOR MISTAKE Before. What kind of a fellow is this man Miller? After. Well, if you ever see two men talking together and one of them looks bored to death, the other is Miller. 'tTlLere is a zfiwzc AT THE ORPHAN ASYLUM Yes, ma'am, I am a little orphang But I hain't always been this Way. I used to have a pa and mother, Then I come up here to stay. Yes, ma'am, it's sad to be an orphang But it ain't sad like Willie Ball, Because he used to have a mother, But never had no pa at all. ill- THIS CERTAINLY IS HARD LUCK Doc Lyman sent a damsel a prescription for a kiss, 'Tvvas a pleasing little caper, you'll admit, He was hoping for the favor of the fas- cinating Miss, But he failed to make the necessary hit. Her immediate procedure killed the Doc- toris dream of bliss, When he heard about the matter he was chilled- For the girl took the prescription he had sent her for a kiss, To Francis J. Perusse to be filled. Szfmul. Seen Al- lately? Trmeorus. Yuh mean Al-cohol? He hasn't Benzine for a week. Kerisine him last night. Guessilene up against a lamp post and take a Nap-tha. for all tlLif1zgS." - Enccunnof N6 Encu O1-HER, L ld 'ff ' '-. ' 3Qff'?5?3Lf W f A ' ' f Y X If ""5'WHH!ffW11 ' W df 7 ,, KM X Vzlfq .WHJII 5 if ll' V fwx :N Nj ' 4 v1 'Ffa +f lv! - 'TR 'Hr 2 XENW 'N - , X A fg r iff WI f ' V T 1 f gQ2f,: w1,fNDf iw I bw 'U X N' f.1 f"A'j WN Qi' i X I 2 ' I fflw ZF 5 ? W' if Q Q 0 :ffl f 1 ,Q A if Lg., 6 I f va fnf' i, -' '1 w A , s "Siam-r" g ff Scnnuruaunaen. ' QE-LD LESH' G1 league' 4 ' F 4 " UNl.PLI?CL F1.owaR'5 N S K Cmmcn. A A5 mlm' Y . W: Q9 QM ' X X Q X A NH vwzagr J ff xx bf 5 X 1 In Qxxjff Q lm Ck X 'xxgxlflx MLNQA J KX W,-RX Kwik K MBC. X P X 9665? QQATKQ x Bo5TRom. I 1 u ? 1 I 1 1 N! NY Xlnx Ext A lg.-fffxxrl -1 fn -1 Q - X f QM N fe - .. f M W X x JJ W X1 X X W 1+ AL. 1. H 'Lu A Z V NKV EX ,f CREUTZI, -Aff rw X M X M 'Q X Ziff Q ,QD X WXxyNN XXXAX X'xX XxXX LRNLY. V fj- 'fm USSER3! Glimpses of actual Laboratory work in Course in Feminology. ODE TO THE PARAMECIUM Beloved Paramecium, how I love to see thee wriggling among the strands of cot- ton, swaying this way and that, darting hither and thither whilst I patiently ad- just mine slide so that I can'st see thy beaming countenance by high power, cussing softly under my breath at thy foolish pranks. Oh, how much I have worried because of thy presence upon this earth, how I have toiled while waiting 'for thee to shoot thy trichocysts and while combing thy cilia. Still thou art a dear little Pro- tozoan and may thou caper about as long as it shall please thee, dividing from time to time in order that thy tribe may furnish material sufficient for the future tribe of Freshman Pharmics. iii?- A BAD BREAK CA man who had been troubled with bronchitis for a long time called on a rather noted local Doctor. After a few questions, the doctor told him that he had a very common ailment that would read- ily yield to treatmentj t'Your so sure you can cure my bron- chitis," said the man, "you must have had some experience?" "Why, my dear sirf' confided the doc- tor, "I've had it myself for over twenty years." THE REMEDY "Doctor," said Johnson, complaining- ly, "I can't see nothing through these here specs? "Well," said the Doc after examining the glasses, "they were all right for the Hrst day or two, were they not?" "Ya-as," admitted Vic. "But they kept gettin' worse and worse, till I could- n't hardly see at all." "They will be as good as ever," re- plied the Doc, dryly, "if you will just wash them." ,li-i IT WAS WORTH ALL IT COST Little Nezvslioy Cto Dr. Dales, who had just stepped off the train in Omahaj. Kin I carry yer grip, Boss? Dales. No. Nezvsie. Paper? Dales. No. Nczvsie. Shine? Dales. No. Nczzvsle. Den slip me a penny, Boss, and I'll wiggle me ears for yer. ,iiii THAT RAIN CHECK NEEDED SPENDING Gus. Mr. Wilson, kin I git off this afternoon? I'm feelin' sick. Wfz'lsoiz. But I let you off yesterday afternoon. Gus. I knowg but de game was called on account of rain. "Vl'rt'ue is bolfl mul gooclness 77'6'U6'l' fecw'fu.l." f f 0 f lf H Q i ,H , f gg 1 A - -U x ,V f' ti- f '-as 5 I 3 ff Tj F f- , f Igf x rrisf? 1 ' A X ' - - igggfii X- T 2 eQL RISUS SARDONICUS The hideous grin on BiXby's face when the dog dies from Strychnine pois- oning. HEARD IN BOTANY Miss Walker. What kind of trees do the finest peaches grow on? Read fwith the air of one who knowsj. Family trees. SOME RETORT Dr. Lyman. Mr. Arenson, what is zinc used for in medicine? Saul Ceagerly. To make wash boilers. FAVORITE HYMNS Million Dollar Doll .......,.rirr,.....i..,...., Hicks Oh, You Dear Delightful Women,.Larson Get Out and Get Under .iii..,..... Dr. Lyman Donlt Take My Loving Man Away Townsend I've a Swede in the Garden..Miss Planck You Wonderful Baby Doll .,...,.....r..,i.. ....,....r,........A.Y........a....Schauffelberger Skeleton Rag ...V..iv.........,,...,f.,li..., Bostrom When the Roll, etc ..,ii..,.....,v...,....l Harmon Not Because Your Hair is Curly .....,r, You Made Me Love You ,.,...V..... Johnson Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey This Is the Life .,,..rr....,..,s,,..,.,,.ri,.,., Paulus Love's Old Sweet Song .....,.....,....l... Bixby I Want a Regular Man ..ll.,.i.. Miss Bruner I Should Have Been Born a Boy ..r,.... Hansen Kiss Me Again ll.....,.l.,.,,,l.ll,.,l..,,,,., Brown Nights of Gladness ,.....i,,..i..,i,,...,., Russell I Love the Name of Mary .r,,,..,,,., Arenson IT WAS T00 BAD Miss Havzsefn. How did it happen that you didn't have a good time out boating at Capitol Beach? Miss Brmzier. The wind made the waves so high that Gus had his hands full with the oars and had to hug the shore all the time. "Twill needs no colour." PERUSSEISMS "Always look a gift horse in the mouth before giving him a horse pill." "Great minds run in the same channel but soft brains run together." "I don't want to appear egotistical but in spite of the fact that the Iowa board turned me down I feel safe in saying that my average was not less than 99W." "I don't see why you fellows don't laugh at my jokes. At Kansas everyone laughed at me and my jokes." "What,s that? You can't light that match? I don't see why, I lit it all right just a few minutes ago." "Alcoholic beverages of all kinds are absolutely harmless to man unless taken internally." i.i.l- HEARD AT THE SUMMER BOARDING HOUSE Billson tells me that he trusts his wife implicitely and absolutely but-" Well? Well, I notice that he carries his change and his fishhooks loose in the same pocket. ,iii- NIEMAND ZU HAUS Miss Daly. Mr. Russell, if you had to put up some Mandrake in capsules how would you do it? Russell. I would let Podo-phyllum. l HARVEST TIME A long wisp of artificial grain which served as a stick-up on the sweet girl's hat, was placed horizontally, so that it tickled up and down the face of Russell, who happened to be sitting next to her in the street car, until it came to rest with the end sticking in his ear. After the car had traveled some dis- tance Russell was seen to take out of his pocket a great jackknife which he pro- ceeded to tie to the palm of his hand. The girl becoming excited, inquired: 1'Why are you doing that ?" "Because, if them oats get in my ear againf, Russell retorted with spirit, "there's goin' to be a harvest." ,ii- ASKING THE IMPOSSIBLE Pastor. You know, Sandy, you set the younger men of the parish a bad eX- ample by going into public houses on Sunday. Why don't you take your gal- lon of beer home on Sunday nights? Safndy. Ay, sir, a' couldna gang t' sleep wi'a gallon o' beer in the house. 7.-li-i SO? SO? Arcizson Qsanctimoniouslyl. I can see good in all things. I Bowne. Huh? Say, can you see good in a fog? "Ill blows the wi'1r1fI that profits 7l,Ob0Il'1j.H .ii RULES FOR VISITORS AT THE HOUSE Don't blame the boys for the mattress. This will make hard feelings also. Be patient with the canned goods. Re- member they are aged. Praise the activity of the boys. They cut up to please you and entertain you and not to keep you awake. Thank the boys for their attentions. lt is but an innocent curiosity which prompts them to go through your trunk. Be on good terms with all the boys. Maybe you can borrow money of them. If you are asked to sing, do it. It is their own fault. In plucking fruit from the trees, select the best. ' You are entitled to it, heaven knows. Go home ten days sooner than you ex- pected. This may save your life. CRIMES WHICH THE LAW SANCTIONS Killing time. Hanging pictures Stealing bases. Shooting the chutes Choking off a speaker. ' - Running over a new song Smothering a laugh Knifing a performance Murdering the English language Gopher THE LAST STRAW H'llf7lf?l'lZfgf07Zf fafter spending night at Phi Delta Chi housej. Pardon me, but what do you have your mattress stuffed with? Pcmlus. With the best straw in the country, b'gosh. Hfzliwzitingtozz. That accounts for it. I now know where the straw came from that broke the camel's back. THAT ALL DEPENDS Russel fmaking his first batch of pillsj. Perusse, did you say that you kneaded these pills? Pcrzzsse ftrying to be funnyb. No, no, Russellg you need them more than I do. fl s-7 f' We asked our Art Editor to draw a picture of Tony at lunch but his pen slipped and this was what he gave us . . 9 J lr" it ' , GX, - xv- . 'S . . ' cU if I I I v",,'fSf""o D Setting fire to a heart. L'-1 HN "Fire thatis' closest kept burns worst of all." -L.. vt?- l l I . l A r l I . li l ll ll yi I me l l , . I l l 4 l l l I I ' 4 WRONG DIAGNOSIS A man called upon a physician for ad- vice. The physician diagnosed the case as one of nerves, and prescribed accord- ingly. The fee was five dollars and the prescription two dollars. The man had only five dollars. He said to the phy- sician: "Doc, five dollars is all I have. Lend me two dollars and l'll have the prescription filled." The physician gazed at the man for several minutes, then said: "I have made a mistake in your diagnosis. Your nerve is all right. You are afflicted with an enlarged gall, and there is no remedy for that." ,-, - A HARD ONE FOR SURE Read. Are you sure your cider is good and hard? Waiter. Hard? Why, six glasses 0' that cider will make a fellow think he's crushed stone, and he'll lay down on the pavement and try to pull the asphalt over him. iii-i NOT TO BE FOOLED "How do you know it was a stork and not an angel that brought your little brother? "Well, I heard pa complainin' about the size of the bill, and I guess angels don't have bills." THE UNMATHEMATICAL ANSWER "Hogan,,' propounded Schmidt, "if a hen and a half laidt an egg and a half a day, how long vouldt it dake a hen to lay half an egg?" "A hin," promptly responded Pat, "wud scorn to short-change her owner by layin' half an egg. An' nobody but a tightfist vouldt iver think av such a thing." ,ll.i- ACCORDING TO PRESCRIPTION Hansen. Will you have this tonic sent? Customer. No, I have to take it. l.1...-i- THIS ONE STOPPED THE CLOCK Mamma, am I made of dust? Yes, my child. Well, then, what road did I come off of? SHOCKING, ISN'T IT? Mfrs. Pike. I thought you were taking electrical treatments. Mrs. Mike. They charged me too much. WE WONDER WHO HELD THE STAKES? Mary. I'll bet you wouldn't dare to hold a girl in your lap. Sammy. I think I'll take you up on that. "Take all the swift advantage of the hours." f ,.-If XM X SN0lQj 1 f wo X-I ff u 5' J ' - f Q' SLZZONE We oo THE B551 I -- i g WE Cari WHILE t ,,,- i. rg t ..--- R551 I t f 4 B MONO t X f A ..., + F Q f ,avg 7 , 2562151 E we x te S A ff ' ff -f . TH? ffff7 f ff-1f,j,,.,,i5ufi2Q5 Gofvo-5 ee ff at - Q0 0 f ,fiff X647 f 717 ',,f 'Ib , WMD! - 4 Uyy The Students' idea of Dr. Dales' new Chem. lecture room. HOW TIMES DO CHANGE Thompson in Early Youth I loved to see the butterfly, When I was but a boy, Flit over the fields of wheat and rye-- A filmy summer joy. I cared not what its hue might be- Bright gold or snowy whiteg It made my blood run warm to see It's airy, fairy flight. After Two Years of Married Life But now, a family man, I sigh. Dead is that young delight, When on great slabs of wheat and rye I watch its costly flight. Its hue and weight mean gold, more gold- Oh, pounds that I must buy. At home it makes my blood run cold. To see the butter-fly. ,L, - THIS IS FINE Brown. Her voice was strained when she talked to me. Paulus. Sure. She was talking through her veil. .l.i-- IT WAS HIGH TIME Batty. If I were a knight of old I would battle for your fair hand. She Cwith yawnl. Good knight. CAUSE AND EFFECT He was a man with a missiong She was a girl with a cause. His-to undo what had been done, Hers-to precent future flaws. Uplift they spread o'er the nation, Slavingly worked day and nightg Saw in the blest consummation Miracles wrought for the right. Married-still upwards they hurry, Filling life's wrongs full of crimps. Happy-the neighbors should worry- The junior uplifters are IMPS. -Willoughy. ,iii- IT NEEDS NO PROOF-THE PRISONER IS FOUND GUILTY Prof. Lewis said he worked all after- noon building a chicken house and then sat up most of the night correcting Chem. papers. It was later found out, however, that he was out getting some inhabitants for that chicken house. liii- T00 BAD Cone fjust dischargedj. What's the matter? Don't I know how to scoop sul- phur? Hansen. Ya, you can scoop it, but your hand does not weigh enough to re- tail it properly. - "Men at some time are masters of their fates." 1 X XX -4 I 1 it i is I r ,f IIT -5 ' 'J ff' 7" 45 f ng -Q . . . L1 W, i 2, ,gm 'N a ge Creutz and Bix, on Parade. VOLUNTEER SERVICE "Watch your step, miss," cautioned the conductor on one of the high up South Seventeenth street cars. "It isn't necessary," snapped the in- coming passenger. "That bunch of sap- heads on the curb are doing it for me." NOT WORTH THAT MUCH Irate Fowimer Cto Frankforter, who has just run over the pet henj. For two cents l'd knock your bloomin' block off. Frrwzlc. Too late. live been broke ever since I bought this car. THE BIG SHOW Mrs. Perrzcsse fto young nephews who had just arrived before dinnerj. I ani glad you children decided to come for dinner. Yozmgcuwf Ncplzczr. We didn't tum for dinnerg we tum to hear Uncle Fwancis eat his soup. THE AGRICULTURAL IDEA Si. What's your son studying at Col- lege? Hi. Pharmacy. Si. Some new fangled farming, eh? "Dull not device by coldness and delay." 5 E . 5 s X W X ,f Mfg 1. xx y Q l , .,,.,., 7. r - 1, ,,::. sf.. X . ,-1,5 -,.- ,gh ' 1 1 . L 5g55::::: Ag. I E ffznzmnihmgvmr .. arg! . fle- l dssiil "H L R 'Egiis . . 5 l M -gs 1-X, fzsmnz. Dere Reeclers: These lzeremenslzuned fourgoing Pills are All guclfer wha! Ails yeu. Yew all had It comin' lo yew an its yer Own fault. We palqea' our Trunks and bot our lickufs afore, so yew can! Ketch us so fair the VVel. See yu Neckst yere. the Slaf "Every way hath a wheref01'e." .., 4:1 . Q .. , .. JST' 'W'?"i'. ,QL f ' .. .. 2i-'?YLHj""1""'f-12'ff'1P""1 H ' "B9l5t ' - ,, ' S .5-,f::i- fi-NTFGPP ,gi - -mu t .' 'AQ-TCL. -115213, Qgyw 5 L n ' V N """" Wf?N-.lf SW ff-.' .3 ?':za a 1frf'5iFf4i :T 'H ' a Qxlfil--V Q ,gB,.,, 3-122 1: .,5.-C. R 2 'y. dx - ...:, :fi 'M' ...Wm X Z'?1r,,- ungq 'EW ,I -1 Ai ' EH' 52153 Lfgif I 5 vw! faugnmf 'W 5 :suave ix V n l 4- 0 M . W. . .- -....,,....,. M... A...,.w.,....1,W...,.,.h.,N,...W,-,..,..., ...,..M.,,- ,.., ,..,....,H,..,.,.:: 71-3 :EQSY 2!L5!f.QLB3'2i'lfA5 fear W-V ff- QQ -e ei V f-1 Sliav' , fd -' 4 -.RTW 'pf'- CM1 22 iii-5?ZJi,i fs?i.4Zi Qf"L'Zf.: 21,65-,fAz e'z" :mf woqfmy of yoln' gvrfyi'zu2' u2.5'gaz, 'H':Q3,f have Mazen lcxyal io swim if 'hifi but rvsipffocate this loy- za,!.'t,3,f we shall be x'n.u tu.:a,Hy benefited. To ilifkifi 0.27112 we z"af:apeectf1 xi?y reqiwst I f.1Eafat you fy'-'Q' I .- 4. 31, rv- 4 .gy :VV iv-,bv Y H 5,3 "W-' 'Lk.kN1'. ' ..A""r' ' 1:21 rn eiwl 'iff Y-E:-1 li ' fF-"-7"'ff47- .9519 uw' JJ M aS"if-QRN i O "l e, VA Illlllll NXXKXXQS li -. hw XX A it WA llll' Ng I . " .4 5 '- It X W-IQ. 'I QQ X In xx .1 N 'IN , , YQ' 2 G !.,IJ'i QT' LINES 1 4 It Ass Milf MR. DRUGGIST Since our wonderful success with the BLAIR WRITING AND SCHOOL TAB- LETS we have added to our stock another quality line. A I-ICLIDAY LIN E Composed of RAPHAEL TUCKS well known Toy Books and Paint Books, a beautiful assortment of Holly Vines, Poinsetta and Autumn Leaf Vines for window and interior decorating, a carefully selected line of Steel Die Xmas and New Year Encloser Cards, Halloween, Thanksgiv- ing, Xmas Favors and Post Cards. WAIT For our salesman before buying, as we have goods you need. Write for HOLIDAY CATALOGUE. NEBRASKA PAP R 8I BAG CUMPANY SCHWARZ BROS. Wholesale Paper and Stationery, Lincoln, Neb. G R POLICY Give value received in all cases. Expect rnutuality in all business transactions. Give such service as will meet i . F full expectation of buyer. Courtesy and promptness in cor- respondence and attention N to the wants of our trade. 1 We solicit your patronage and ask you to make our store your headquarters When in Omaha. ! A E. E. BRUCE CO. WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS r OIVIAHA - - NEBRASKA 1 i N s W The Superiority of HORLlGK'S Z,-eq--' v-QS v X 1 , R f - ALTED- M' ' A i HAORLICKS M gin! ,Sr ' , we A ul Ennis' ' r 1' I N 41' '5' ' '54NTS.INVN-W V AGEDANDTRAVMR . A"giUllll'4U1fU0D A ANLIRl l0lSlglEumM "eU3YEdbyDw55oNvmg vn Waker ll' Nocoo , n f mums , Q I I ' MALTED MYUXCO j MLM BRACINE wus U SEHK ,LAND HA 5 v. N-1 . The Original Malted Milk, brings new users each day. fs N A. i 6: ,K -. "'?'5fi-Qilflz' Txflhvrz 5 'iw ' f' f ff!-'F' :ii 'N'-lX"" 'if 1, A fe A-S ff- nf H' 47' 'I ff, iv -1 H71 Nasa 'fr' KTIIIXIP F A 3' " 'X X X' 'wi we ,ffg'.V-7"'fIfR1 ,Z iam. ,7 rw:-.1 ,W v, gm I A sm iff' x'xL1Y "ag :M A' .r A M31 W " rw, 111. , iq 'Wg ," 'H VH 2, W.-f 151,-f-f JV-A-iff -fR'i'FiJ': .... ","1flf! A? f ,--- A ff A ' f ff" 4-,.:,,:::nV9 .1 3439 gm,-..-B Powers - Weightman - Rosengarten 0 Nianuiruziuring Mhemisis C H E M I CALS Medicinalsphotographicespfechnical SPECIFY HP.-W.-R." ORIGINAL PACKAGES K K" 3518 ' 2,19 lfjlswfpqisfzex V , we ff? K 'S N-AJ ,fy mum ,Q 31 x wh' mx 'fglvfm I fr f KG ' if A Qtf We qyf, :3g9z:f,,wMg'1,exx.N1,.g,:,mix gtg v il Q ' 1 WE F 57 My QQ Q25 59 re X r 1 X -1 w,,xfQ.p R ,f" if 'N U ,ggi My . Er '1l,!,JY7S ff' Ji" A A5 Q L 'SL X ,. V ,Q KH, L N57 f-., , fi-gg My Jr 4. 41 - Q11 .D A , :X R48 -.qvy my J fg' fy vs .,.,,- ,, gf .. Q, '-QL Gill V w"k fL?gR,Nx?Ex.3,l,'l 2 qfoxfir ff n, ,Q -4,4 'f t , We-X1-wr..-L. - --V THE L1 DELL LINCOLN NEBRASKA , FN FVERV WAY New Ball Room New Banquet Room New Grill Room New Billiard Room New Lunch and Soda Fountain Room Care, Cuisine and Service Unsurpassed Approximately 200 Rooms 105 Rooms With Bath RATES: 31.00 Without Bathg 51.50 With Bath R.W. JOHNSON,0wner and Manager KOSTKA DRUG CG. SUPPLIES 12 ll O STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA The Dr. Miles Medical Co. has, we believe, many friends among the druggists of Nebraska, and we sincerely trust that among the graduates of the College of Pharmacy of the State, who will soon enter active business life, we shall add to the number of our well wishers. DR. MILES MEDICAL CO. Elkhart, Ind. THE EHNCQEN HOTEL Announces the installation of an air-washing and cooling system with humidity and thermostatic control of latest improved type. This sys- tsm is guaranteed tO furnish 98 per cent pure air: in addition, patrons may he certain of any desired temperature. Ball Room Rates-50c per couple, with minimum charge of S15 and maximum of 525. HNSEECTHCQN HNVHTED QE QUE NEW GARDEN ANQUET ECDQM is the Sunday evening rendezvous of University Society folks. Table d'Hote noon and evening CSundayQ 75c music evening. Pho rmocy upplles fl large Steele of Text and Reference Books on hand ai all limes. COLLEGE BOOIK STGRE FACING Tn-IE CAMPUS To MR. J. D. PINK Of Holdrege, Nebaska We extend our sincere thanks for the support which he has so generously given us and for his kind letter of felicitation. THE STAFF. ll' "U Il 'il Mode in Nebraska The "GiIIen" Way Do you realize that the money spent for other than Nebraska Candies Decreases your earning power? Decreases your volume of business? Decreases the Value of your property? Spend your money in Nebraska and make it Work for you. Send it away and it's "good- bye, Bill." Remember "GiIIen's." Quality First GILLEN 8: BONEY LINCOLN, NEBRASKA The College of Pharmacy of the University of Nebraska is a leader among the progressive American Schools. Three groups of courses are offered: One of 2 years leading to the degree Ph. G. One of 3 years leading to the degree Ph. C. Une of 4 years leading to the degree B. Sc. in Pharmacy. Someone has spread a state- ment to the effect that the Uni- versity does not offer a two- year course in Pharmacy. This is not so. For information address DR. R. A. LYMAN, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Satisfaction Guaranteed IF You STOCK ARTICLES UNDER THE WELL KNOWN 51,1660 Brand Eldeco Tablets Eldeco Cigars Eldeco Floral Cream Eldeco Vanishing Cream Eldeco Camphor Ice Eldeco Eldeco Eldeco Eldeco Eldeco Eldeco Fly- Away Stock Dip Fish Food Lice Killer Water Bottles Syringes Lincoln Drug ompany 801-3-5-7 P Street, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA NE W YURK OFFICE. 117 l'L.'lT1' STREET Eggers - O'Flyng Co. CONIAHA PAPER BOX FACTORYD A Druggists' Boxes and Labels A Send for Our Catalog Omaha, Nebraska URIGINAL PACKAGES A Cost but a trifle more than bulk and insure goods reaching the pharmacist in best condition. MALLINCKRUDT CHEMICAL WURKS St. Louis New York The "Hanja" Line Always Fine. Non-Secrets. Quality Shows Where "Haja" Goes. Sundries. Satisfies Whoever Buys. Miscellaneous. Best for the Pay. the Richardson Way. Dips, Lice Killer, Fly-No, Etc. Doz Hizjn Arnica. Salvo ,.....,. ,,,.................. ES 1.00 Heja Arom. Ess. Jam. Ginger '....,.,. 1.25 llzzga Arom. Castor Oil ,.,.. ..,..........,.. 1 .25 Ha-ia Blackberry Comp ....,,.,..... ...... 1 Haja Carbolic Salve .......,...,.., ..,.,, 1 .00 Haja Carb. W. H. Salve ,,..,... ...... 1 .00 Haja Cold Tablets ,,.,......,... ,..... 1 .00 Haja Headache Tablets ,,..., ..,... 1 .OO Haja Pain Panacea ,...,,... ,..... 1 .25 Haja Penetrating' Lint .......,,. ,,,,., 3 .00 Haja Pile Cure ,,.,...,.,.......,......... ...,.. 1 .00 Haja Sarsaoarilla Comp .........,...,. .. 6.00 Haja Syr. White Pine Comp .......,.... 1.25 Haja Syr. Tar 8: W. C ,..........,.,..,,.... 1.25 Haja Corn Remedy .......,........... 75 Hfja little Liver Pills ...... 75 Haja Tcothache Drops ...... .75 Haja Toothache Gum .....,. .75 Haja Bathing' Salt ..l,.,...........,,....,.,.... 551.25 Haja Camph'd Toilet Cream .,.....,.... 1.25 Heja Heir Tonic ,,.....,,....,.,............,,.. 6.00 Haja IW. H. Cream ...,.,.,.,,...,.... 90 Haja Bay Rum Hair Oil ,,,.,... ,..... 1 .50 Haja Cccoanut Hair Oil ....,,,..,. ...,. 1 .50 Haja Canzphor Ice Boxes .,....... G5 Haja Camphor Ice Tubes ......... ...... 7 5 Haja Shampoo Liquid ..........., ...... 1 .75 Haja Shampoo Paste ,.,.....,,, ...... 1 .75 Haia Petrolia, 2 oz ....., 35 fI:ja Potrolia, 4 oz ......... 50 Bird Seed ,,,...... .,,,., 15 1.25 Heja Root Beei ',.... .....,,. ,.,,,. 7 5 Hail Sniokum, Qts., ,..,,,, ,,,,.. Q 300 Haja Sniokum. Pts ,,...,,..,.,. ..,.,, 3 .00 Haja Emvls. C. L. Oil ,...,....,.. ..., , 4.00 Haia Sewing Machine Oil ....... Haja Fish Food ...,,.,..,.,,,,.,,,., ,,,,,, Haia Roller Bird Seed ,,,,,,. ,,.,,l 1 . Haia lvlending' Tissue ...,,,,,,,. ,,,,,, Haja Insecticide ,,,,,,...,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 1. Haja Lio. Insect Destroyer '..,.,.,,.,..,. 1. Haja Talcum Powd., lbs ...,.,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 . Richardson Dipofectant, Gals ....,... 957. Richardson' Dipofectant, 15 Gals 4. Richardson' Dipofectant, 1.1 Gals. 2. Richardson Richardson Richardson Richardson Richardson Richzirdson 75 75 00 75 50 75 80 50 60 50 Lice killer, Gals .,.,.... 7.50 Lice Killer, le Gals ,.,. 4.60 Lice Killer, 1.1 Gals .... 2.50 Fly-No, Gals ,,........,,. .. 7.50 Fly-No, lb Gals ..,,,,,,,, 4.60 Fly-No. Pi Gals .....,,,., 2.50 RICHARDSON DRUG COMPANY You need not go avvay Without a Class Pin. Presents for your friends, Souvenirs for everybody, at The University Book Store 340 North 11th St. LINCOLN, NEB. Linooln's Leading Department Store Over LS x a Quarter if 9 of a Century ' in Lincoln - l. Service Unsurpassed ciumts CAREFUL Attention to Prescription Compounding T Most Students Recog- nize These Facts Il. ER'S nesiiueriou I 6 Q 0 HARMACY LINCOLN, NEB. Guide tothe Young Nan Preparing to Graduate. tv S -NY F i "2 3 On th e .-N .1 P ' Q fi r s t i m - pf e'i: p o rta nt even t ""'t of y o u r l i fe y o u :':- 5 A s h o u l d he f a u l t- my X i l e s s l y d r e s s e d :-, i a n d feel fit a s piii Wi a Hddle. Put 'A ii f 'iui ii i y o u r s e l f i n th e y h a n d s of the if iiiu i Uncomm o n ii C lo t h e s . S pee i a l i sts uAieueRos.c0. , V .. -- 3 Our experts V 5 will fit yet' i-?"" S'm1'2.E'erP41""'f5 correctly in " r clothes of high standing. Society Brard Schloss Beautiful or Fit-Form Clothes will solve the problem for you. Come and get acquainted with the pleassng smart styles. You will be pleasaixtiy surprised and envied by the eyes of many when you receive your diploma. Remember your appearance may govern your liuture mark in the business world. llluc' Sfryjrj mul Iilllfilllkllttl ll'm'.slul.s. SLU .5I',,'.Z tlllfl up Ullzw' 'lH1l,x't'N Hlllllflllj wlrlxsff. 81,281.2flllI1.5i'l.S' MAYER BROS. CO. fBeller Service .Befler Clothes ELI SHIRE. I'iwgs. TELEPHONE B231l THE EVAN Cleaners, Pressers, Dyers 333 North Twelfth St. Distinct, separate Dry Cleaning plant. Work and service as near perfection as brains and energy can produce. Patrons of our Laundry and Dry Cleaning plants will find many of the little re- finements of work and service which mean sat- isfaction to the customer as well as to us. GRA VES PRINTER Y Printing, Engraving, Die Stamping, Etc. TELEPHONE B2957 Windsor Building, 244 North Eleventh Street, Lincoln, Neb. Does Coffee Hurt You. If it does, drink MONCO, the new health drink. Ir is made from choice roasted grains and vegetables skilfully blended to produce a delicious beverage. Give Monco a trial. Your druggist sells it-25c a pound can. Prepared by THE. MONROE CO., Quincy, lllinois 4595 f- sg' ,Gm ' m m N1 LMI-P 5 if - Elf! - ' "4Q,J'fZ",Rk:' thx, Y Y-W K +'m11:1,1g5m m aMasasONA91ER A Numa-SEL! - NNI mow nmIN0"" M "fum ' fA"1,u5" 'lun-'l'fp2?fnu"",-Y", "'2"1'm'w":'2"'3p'ifJ , V . .... y ,, i?'f:n':.,'::.J:5ia2Eg,::5,g! .md ' ,n" :gh b:i9225Y.:Li2.v--'WX Ng- . .M-1-mf-' "" I, '-FO-R , 'I-PEADAOH-ES 10?,25fP,5 O'?, 5:3120 Bottles. Compliments of H. Sa McCracken Box and Label Company CHICAGO Where there is beauty we take it--- Where there is none we make it. TCVVNSEND 226 South Eleventh Street 'WDRESERVE THE PRESENT FOR THE FUTURE" THE HYDE PRINTERY E. B. HYDE TEL. L8070 Wilson Says TWO GO0D THINGS: To Patronize Uni. of Neh. College of Pharmacy and Wilson,s Drug Store THIS IS THE CAN E1T:t3E?Lb wmhg get. it ar, WESTERN GLASS 81 PAINT COMPANY 0 St. Twelfth and M n, Neb. llli UTIIOROUOIILY SATISFACTORY SERVICE E I SUPERB QUALITY A OF ENGRAVINGS I TION AND lMMENSE lDEAS A is the typical expression of Business Managers A and Editors we have served. Write for our Big 1916 Plan-get your E name on our Mailing List! I BUREAU QF ENGRAVING 5 MINNEAPOLIS - - MINNESOTA - I 1 l !, - X I I 7 E By Making Drawing for National Advertiser. ,g,, f X Our faculty trained him. Millions of dollars spent for, EEAE ye A Commercial Designs Com'l Designing mastered at home by our practical Correspondence Method Takes only part of your time Increase A your Income Book entitled Your Future and Folio of Commercial lllustrations 3 FEDERAL SCHOOL OF ma"ed free L my COMMERCIAL DESIGNING, MlllINl2AvPOLlg lim I 1 eh: Us V. h, ff' QA I N, ' , " ' .-M-rg I 'F .N 'F . - 1 i 7.5 mm X, arne B . 1 XT, :5::i-Zf:Z-92:-5:4521iii2Eii1i:i::i1N-'-'.-21:54-1-E::'-:5L::x1':::.-2-ff.: -::::1:1i::::5-1-,-5:2:-:Z-,-'-'-S-1-':m-1::::::15:::rs::::kq-ic:5:ITE1::E:1rk:32g-Z-1'-:g2'-:i1111?:fIShy?--:flaw:A:3':-::::-:-:-:auif-I:rg:'5':Z-if --'Z-Z4?:E':IHA'-1-1-E321-:f:f: 11:1:1:f.?:'f11::11-.-.1522 ,1 l E I I COURTEOUS C0-0PERA- I L L Hlmm i YS. THE PAST HAS SEEN MUCH ACHIEVED, THE PRESENT FINDS US WITH NEW OPPOR- TUNITIES AND THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT- COME TO NEBRASKA V3 W of ' fs' L ffQfTif1 . vfxrwv P f A Q 5 Pi QL fN "WS 2 J X I "What's clone is clone." The Cllaflin Printing Company "".'0Xs All Classes of School This Publication is a sam- Prinling, Engraving and PIC of one of ,the jqve . School Annuals ISSUCJ by Embossmg. Books bound Us during the months of in every form ana' slyle. ' qlia May andfune, 1915. L'1i:?fN UNIVERSITY PLACE, LINCOLN, NEBR.

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