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' w i m 4 ■ .=?. 0 j v STAFF EDITOR SC j?Z -? ytt 4Z t ?y - ASSISTANT EDITOR % f BUSINESS MANAGER ASSISTANT MANAGER TO RUFUS ASHLEY LYMAN A Ql T IET, SERIOUS MAN WHO PURSUES HIS LIFE ' S WORK WITH THAT SPIRIT OF DETERMINATION WHICH ALWAYS BRIN GS SUCCESS. HE IS ONE OF THE LEADING MEN OF THE DAY IN THE UPBUILDING OF THE PROFESSION OF PHARMACY, AND HIS WORK AT NEBRASKA CANNOT BE COMMENDED ENOUGH. TO HIM WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK. CHANCELLOR SAMUEL AVERY HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS DEAN BESSEY Botany DEAN HASTINGS Law DOCTOR BARKER Zoology HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS DOCTOR WAITE Bacteriology DR. R. A. LYMAN Pharmacy DU. DALES c Jhemietry DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACY PROF. F. J. PERUSSE Compounding and Dispensing MISS ELSIE DAY Pharmacognosy PROF. H. L. THOMPSON Assay MR. NEILS P. HANSEN Commercial DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY PROF. BORROWMAN Qualitative MARY LOUISE FOSSLEB Organic PROF. C. I. I K ANKI ' OHTKH Quantitative OAKLAND K. LKWIS ( inicriil LiibonitoricN 11 3 12 SENIORS OWEN W. CONE, Lincoln, Nebr. (Conie) i A X ; Pharmaceutical Society; Palladian. " Eugberg ' s double. " An enthusiastic person with a fondness for rabbits and guinea pigs. Says Zoology is his favorite subject. We wonder why? Helped to design the new pharmaceutical pin. LEONARD J. DETRICK, Upland, Nebr. (Josephine De Tricks) Pharmaceutical Society; Spatula Club. Judging from his school work we predict a great future for him in the drug business. Always willing to give aid to the worthy ones. Shows great interest in the assaying of drugs. Spent most of his time last se- mester in the organic chemistry laboratory. RUSSEL KIRK DAVID. Crofton, Nebr. (Dave) I» A X ; Pharmaceutical Society. Likes to argue from the practical drug gist ' s side of the question and has decided opinions which no one can change. He is thinking of becoming a benedict; if so, he has a good chance of becoming a diplomat. Looks at life pessimistically, but he is not as cross as he pretends to be. •y «w xf EDWARD N. DORT, Auburn, Nebr. (Eddie) •i A x ; Pharmaceutical Society. An industrious, hard working student; liked by everybody. Is very conscientious, always doing things right no matter how long it takes. His happy, cheerful nature is certainly contagious. Is assistant to " one " in Bacteriology. He lias given us proof of his ability to argue in Pharmacy 28. MABENE E. HOWARD, Lincoln, Nebr. Pharmaceutical Society. Takes great interest in student activities. Was president of the Pharmaceutical So- ciety last semester. She has a peculiar fondness for botanical names in Pharma- cognosy, for instance. .Melaleuca Leucaden- dron. Her motto is " votes for women. " n POTTER P. HOWARD, Lincoln, Nebr. i Pitts) i a x ; Pharmaceutical Society. A likable fellow who never fails to boost I ' m- the department. Has been business manager of the Annual for two years. In- tends to enter the retail drug business where his ability is sure to win him greal success. II L ' U w KJ ' P GUY L. THOMPSON, West Point, Nebr. (Julius !aesar) AX; AY; Iron Sphinx; Pharmaceutical Society. A slicker for facts. Has the happy fac- ulty for telling the truth when it isn ' t al- ways policy. The »irls say he has a lovable disposition, and they ought to know, at least one of them. His power of oratory has gone abroad. If his good work keeps up he will become a " Sub. " on Bryan ' s team. A leader in school affairs. HENRY F. WORTHMAN, Lincoln, Nebr. (5 o ' clock Hank) I AX; Pharmaceutical Society. Always on schedule time. Never was late nit once. Now, when he leaves the Uni. at 4 : 57, some of the milers sit up and take notice. Expects to enter the field of ana- lytical work. Henry is noted for his neat- ness and carefulness. 3 RUDOLPH A. KOVANDA, Table Rock, Nebr. i ( Snoozer ) Komensky Club; Chemistry Club; Band. A quiet, industrious sort of a chap who attends strictly to his work. His ability is not all centered on Pharmacy, as he is a good musician; for which his record in the band stands proof. 15 - ■ ■ ' ,. " •■ - - - ■ • — •y w ' « ■ •36 ALLEN R. [RWIN, Genoa, Nebr. (Fat) ' l» A X ; Pharmaceutical Society. Isch ka bibble — Never substitute. " If your l calls for something you haveh ' 1 got, leave it oul ; don ' t liowl. " He is responsible for the phrase, " If your studies interfere with social affairs, drop ' em. " Fat is the happiest man in school and his good nature and jovial manners have saved the day more than once for pharmacy students. -aoK _ FREDERICK (1. LARSON, Harrison, Nebr. ( Swen sky) Ph. (J.. R, P.; Pharmaceutical Society. Got in a hurry and wouldn ' t wait for the rest of us. We miss the smile and while hair. He says he hasn ' t been able to look a frog in the face since he finished bis Pharmacology. At present be is in the re- tail drug business in his home town. BARBARA C. OSBORN, Lincoln, Nebr. (Bobbie) Ull; Pharmaceutical Society; Chemistry Club. Has no regard for speed limits. Always in a rush. As a result she graduates from the College Of Arts and Science and the School of Pharmacy in four years, which takes considerable energy. Barbara is noted for her brighl nature, which, coupled with her technical training, is sure to win her ureal success. Hi ' U CJ ' Kf !5 _ SV«V GEORGE ALLES, Lincoln, Nebr. (Skipper) Pharmaceutical Society; (Special student) Has decided views on the State Board. Looks at things from the practical stand point. Lab. hours 2 to 2:30. Says there is danger of contracting frogitis in Phar- macology. Intends to enter business in the near future. THOMAS TRAUTT, Lincoln, Nebr. (Tommy) Pharmaceutical Society; (Special student) Irish and can ' t help it. Says the only thing that keeps him from going to Mexico is that he may be called to Ulster. Is re- sponsible for little pills being called pill- erets. His wit and jovial manners are a sure cure for the blues. P ROY A. WINNHOLZ, Kearney, Nebr. ( Socrates) Pharmaceutical Society. Majoring in Pharmacognosy. Says it is well worth his time. Ts well liked because of his sly. sliding ways. Rather inclined to fight. (Hoffman.) 17 ' Where we learn the physiological action of drugs. " IS JUNIORS SAUL B. ARENSON, Lincoln, Nebr. (Saw-Bill) Pharmaceul ical Society. An enthusiastic worker in Pharmacy and Chemistry. Likes to display high grades in Pharmacy 22. Argumentation is his long snit. For instance, hear his version of " How Asafetida received its odor. " Had charge of the special edition of the Ne- braskan during Pharmacy week. RALPH G. RATTY. Lincoln, Nebr. (Frostie) Chemistry Club; Pharmaceutical Society. Known on the campus as a chemist. Says (here is no reaction between Hexamethylene tetramine and diethyl-sulphonemethylethyl- methane. Ralph thinks that in order to be a pharmacist yon have to be a chemist. Makes a good assistant in Chemistry 3. REX BIXBY, Hardy, Nebr. (R; Bix.) Pharmaceutical Society; Cadet Band; Glee Club. A conscientious student, but too modest by far. Tall and dignified, as becomes the honored president of the Pharmaceutical Society. Is a good talker and possesses a great deal of tact and diplomacy. PJ REX BONE, Nebraska City, Nebr. (Bones) i AX; Pharmaceutical Society. He is a little boy, oil my ! Ts v ery quiet yet full of life. Likes to tell stories in Pharmacy laboratory. Ts an energetic worker and regular in all liis classes. ITas an appropriate name. GUSTAF A. BOSTROM, Lincoln, Nebr. ((Jus) ' I ' AX; Pharmaceutical Society. (ins the faithful, slow bu1 sure. He is uoted for liis frank and open manner. Says there is no difference between a bolus and a " hoss pill. " Spends all his spare time in Zoology looking for the missing link in Taenia Solium. JESSE P. BROWN, Benkelman, Nebr. I Brownie I I ' harinaceulical Society; I ' n ions. This particular Brown is known from the rest of the many Browns by his skill as a pill mixer. Is afraid of being overcome by heal, so is careful of the way he works in the laboratory. Never worries and is al wavs good-natured. 20 MARTIN B. CHITTICK, Stuart, Nebr. (Dimples) AT!!; Pharmaceutical Society. Is by birth a hustler, by trade a photog- rapher, by inspiration a student, by design u chemist, by aspiration a pharmacist. Ef- fervescent in spirit and genial in manner, .-in open personality lias tliis man Ohittick. FLOYD E. FLETCHER, Kimball, Nebr. (Fletch) l AX; Pharmaceutical Society. Fletch is a hustler of quite repute, And he is right there in a dispute, He says what he means and means what he says. And lie works it too in all manner of ways. ( ' hem. 1 and 2 is his only joy? Has de- cided matrimonial views. ELMER M. HANSEN, Lincoln, Nebr. (Elm; Shorty) I r A ; I A X ; Pharmaceutical Society ; Spikes. A popular fellow whose good nature wins him many friends. Found in the laboratory when he hasn ' t anything else to do. His ambition is to become a private secretary. He can argue long and loud. = 21 s HOWARD C. HOFFMAN, York. Nebr. (Hoff) Pharmacetitical Society. Has alwavs been known as long, slim, and slender. Is inclined to he slow in liis work, but alwavs succeeds in getting (here. Uses Winnliolz as a sparring partner. VICTOR L. HI (IKS, Columbia, Mo. (Vic) riiarmaceutical Society. Wears a monocle and claims he is from Missouri, with which we agree, for he couldn ' t be from any place else. Has a special seat in the Orpheum loft. Has an originality and humor all his own. ANTON ITS A. LARSEN, Homer, Nebr. 1 1 earie) 4 P5; «I»AX; riiarmaceutical Society. In love with himself and has no competi tion. Is an assistant in Chem. 1 and 2, for wliicli we must make allowance. Enlisted in the army to go to Mexico. His fussing ability is known all over the campus. Took an active pari in the " stunt " University night. 22 XJ iWr J IpTT MUYING SUP LEE, Bam Hueng, Komi. I Soup) Pharmaceutical Society. After ;i long search for an ideal phar- macy school, Lee entered the University. He is a fasi worker, demonstrated by the fact that he completed Pharmacy 21 and 22 in one semester. He intends to enter the retail drug business in his native land. HARRY 1). M MURRAY. Manning, Iowa. (Mac) «t AX; Pharmaceutical Society. An Irish wit. Musically inclined, with a voice resembling Perusso ' s. Takes an ac- tive part in athletics, especially track work. His specialty is making ointments. Loves his sister workers in Physiology. LEO L. PICKERING, Eustis, Nebr. (Pick) Pharmaceutical Society. Pick is a hustler. Is very shy and modest. Says he is afraid of the girls and we are inclined to believe him in spite of his af- fectionate ways. A peaceful, quiet citizen altho he is named after the King of the Jungle. 23 TyrtJ ' «3 —I -mm rm ±x • ' U Kf 3 ' P 7 5 Once upon a time a senior in cap and gown Got on the state board balance and couldn ' t pull it down. " I am overtrained. " the noted senior cried, Mul the board was on its back heaving awful sighs. 21 i r " . SOPHOMORES HARRIET F. ANDERSON, Genoa, Nebr. (Spigelia) Pharmaceutical Society. Short, sweet and lovable. We need such students as she with her record of the past year. A jolly, good-natured girl with a laugh that makes you laugh. Is secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society. ERNEST W. SCHATJFELRERGER, Fairbury, Nebr. (Baldy) I AX; Pharmaceutical Society. Spends his week ends at Fairbury. Claims Swiss as his nationality, but his name belies the fact. Ernie is one of the most thoro and hard working students in school. He is fitting himself for special work in serums from which his friends ex- pect great results. CHARLES G. SAMUELSON, Milford, Nebr. (Swede) Pharmaceutical Society. A typical son of the North. He speaks four languages fluently, including the U. S. P. He finds it difficult to pronounce Botani- cal names in Pharmacognosy. 25 OFFICIO OF TII.K STAFF 26 XJ yy xf IP LIFE ' S COMIC SIDE " My dear, " said the head of the house one morning, " I called Jimmy four times this morning, and he didn ' t answer so I turned down the covers on his bed and gave him a good spanking. " ' ' Oh, Francis, how could you? That means that I ' ll be hunting a new cook. " " How ' s that? " " Jimmy stayed over at the Smith ' s all night, and the c ook slept in his bed. " CIGARS ON HANSEN One day out in South Lincoln a fellow by the name of Beams and a pal of his walked into Hansen ' s Fharmacy and said, " Hansen, we have just made a bet of the cigars. We will take them now and when the bet is decided the loser will drop in and pay for them. " After they had received the cigars and were walking out, Hansen asked then what the bet was. " Well, " said Beams, " our friend Kirk bets that when Killen is elected governor sickness will be in the reach of all, and I bet it wouldn ' t. " Barbara and her friend were spending spring vacation in the country, " Do you know, " said Barbara, " that young farmer tried to kiss me. He told me that he had never kissed any girl before. " " What did you tell him? " asked her friend. " Why, " replied Barbara, " I told him I was no agricultural experiment station. " A woman in a Christian Science testimonial meeting said that her old cat had three kittens born stone blind and after praying nine days they received their sight. SAPONIFICATION NO. 99,999 One day in class the teacher was commenting on that part of the story of Archimedes, where he leaped from his bath shouting, " Eureka! Eureka! " The teacher asked what Eureka meant. The little boy re- plied, " Eureka means ' I have found it. ' " " But what had Archimedes found? " The boy hesitated a moment and said, " The soap, mum. " Perusse had reproved his students for talking back in class. " This is a class in Pharmacy, I am not conducting an afternoon tea, " he remarked sarcastically. Next day Dort was late. Perusse waited until he was seated and then said, " How will you have your tea, Dort? " " Without the lemon, " replied Dort. " Do you see that door ? Another word and out you go never to return ! " SOME SPEECH " " My dear ladies, in this land of equal suffragism we are going to carry the vote to every state. Let the Antis beware, for the members of the Cause are noted for their beauty, their versatility, their conceit and their humor. " France had her Joan of Arc, England has her Pankhurst, and I say we have our Pinkham. My heart is in this cause, and I must pause until it comes back to me. " — Russel Kirk David. (Podunk Journal.) 27 s 28 A bacillus grasped a germ by the waist, And they did a toxin fling. While a plump, little animalculus Played a creepy, woozy thing. The lights burned low and the heavy breath From the censor covered all, For the dance they danced was the mortuary hug, At the pharmaceutical ball. Microbes in the kiss, you say? Right you are, my boy ; Little germs of purest bliss, Bacilli of joy. — Guy L. Waite. Wonder what kind of liquid they will use to christen the new battle- ships with now — Sarsaparilla? " What was the matter with that fellow, Doctor? ' ' " Nothing. " " Did you tell him so? " " Well, yes, in Latin. " Howard says that Quassia has a helva taste. Detrick says the girls are like his sister, they are always picking at him. (TOOK Josie.) Found — After the Formal, Martin Chittick kissing a ten-dollar bill good-bye. CRADLE SONG OF THE MODERN BABY Hush-a-bye, baby, thy cradle is green, Mother ' s a Ph. I)., father ' s a dean ; Sister ' s a suffragist making a noise; And brother makes bombs for the anarchist boys. — (From Judge.) A clipping taken from a Lincoln paper just after the Phar. Society, had been organized. Evidently this sign was misinterpreted: " Pill- rollers meet in U. 4, Friday, May 3, 4 : 30 p. m., important. This an- nouncement was posted on the door of one of the rooms in University hall at the state university this morning, by whom no one seems to know. Cigarette smoking is not allowed on the campus, so that such an organ- ization as ' pill-rollers ' would hardly dare to meet in any of the buildings. Perhaps they will only meet to try to get the authorities to rescind their order of no smoking. Whether or not they will indulge in a few puffs this afternoon remains to be seen. " Mrs. Howard — " You want to remember I refused you the first time you proposed. " Howard — " Yes, I remember you suspended sentence. " 29 XJ a Kf CHRONOLOGY OF THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY 1908. April 23. Establishment. Dr. Lyman appointed Director. June 24. F. J. Perusse, Instructor in Pharmacy. Sept. 15. H. L. Thompson first matriculate. Oct. 15. Organization of the Phar. Society. 1909. April 13. Elsie Day, Instructor in Pharmacognosy. May 22. N. P. Hansen, Instructor in Com. Pharmacy. 1910. May 10. Perusse passed the State Board. June 1. Dr. Lyman, new hat. 1911. Jan. 27. First Phar. Soc. Banquet. June 11. Miss Day, registered pharmacist. 1912. Mar. 22. Phi Delta Chi installation. May 8. H. L. Thompson passes board. May 10. Phar. Lab. swept. Aug. 29. School of Phar. placed in registered class by the N. Y. Board. 1913. H. L. Thompson, Instructor in Pharmacy. Nov. 12. School of Phar. admitted to Am. Conference of Phar. Faculties. 1914. March 27. Debate : G. L. Thompson vs. Waite. May 11-16. Pharmacy Week. Wednesday — Banquet at Lindell — Perusse, a new desk. Thursday — Special Convocation. Friday — Picnic. June 12. Graduation. 30 % s NEBAGO The Nebago line of School Supplies and Stationery is the druggist ' s friend. The attractive designs, workmanship and quality not only pleases the customer but give thorough sat- isfaction. We have added 250 numbers of the well known Blair ' s tablets to our other large line. These need no introduc- tion to the wide-awake druggist. We also stock a full line of Blank Books, Loose Leaf De- vices, Memorandum Books, Papeteries, Filing Devices, Post- Cards, Holiday and Carnival Goods, Valentines, Fireworks, Wrapping Paper and Bags. NEBRASKA PAPER AND BAG COMPANY WHOLESALE PAPER AND STA T ION E R Y LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 32 EARLY PHARMACEUTICAL COURSES IN THE UNIVERSITY BY CHARLES E. BESSEY A little more than twenty years ago Chancellor Canfleld called me into his office and urged that the Department of Botany should offer courses in Pharmaceutical Botany, and suggested that I visit the Uni- versity of Kansas and confer with Dr. Sayre, who had developed such courses in that institution. Accordingly I visited Kansas and held long conferences with Dr. Sayre, and upon my return to Lincoln reported favorably upon the Chancellor ' s suggestion, and the following year a two-hour course was announced for each semester. These courses were quite elementary in nature, and consisted of lectures and text-book work twice a week and four hours each week of microscopical laboratory work, in two two-hour periods. In the lectures and text-book work the attempt was to give the student some notion of the botanical relationship of the plants which jie d drugs, as well as the characteristics by which they may be recognized. Emphasis was laid upon the fact that to a great extent the members of the same family are apt to have similar but not identical properties. In the laboratory the crude drugs were studied, so as to acquaint the student with their appearance to the naked eye and also their micro- scopical differences and resemblances, and it is not too much to say that students who did the work as it was laid out for them learned a good deal about the structure and identification of drugs. While it was not the purpose of these courses to emphasize the therapeutical qualities of plant drugs, it was impossible to avoid some consideration of this part of the subject, and so it often happened that the discussions ranged far into the therapeutic field. These courses were offered to the ' ' Premedical students " in the period before the establishment of the Medical College of the University. Courses in Chemistry. Zoology. Physiology, and Botany were arranged in a group of studies covering two years of pretty stiff work, and this was what the University recommended to the young men who proposed some day to study medicine, and it was in this group of pi ' emedical studies that the Pharmaceutical Botany of fifteen and twenty years ago was found. For many years the teaching of this class fell to me. and as many of my notions are rather heterodox in regard to the actual physiological value of many drugs. I am pretty certain that I contributed somewhat to the growing feeling of distrust of medication, especially in its more pop- ular aspects. In the later years of the existence of these courses the teaching was passed over to other members of the botanical staff, namely, to Dr. Metcalf and later to Dr. Heald. Then, when the work was broad- ened into Pharmacognosy, it was wholly relinquished by the Department of Botany. 33 •g xf 3 y " v SATISFACTION GUARANTEED IF YOU STOCK ARTICLES UNDER THE WELL KNOWN ELDECO BRAND Eldeco Tablets Eldeco Cigars Eldeco Floral Cream Eldeco Vanishing Cream Eldeco Camphor Ice Eldeco Stock Dip Eldeco Fish Food Eldeco Lice Killer Eldeco Water Bottles Eldeco Syringes Eldeco Fly-away LINCOLN DRUG COMPANY WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS 801-3-5-7 P Street, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA NEW YORK OFFICE, 16 PLATT STREET 34 (S r r ' XJ ov Kf SMILES AND CHUCKLES Little drops of water Carbonated fizz. Help the thrifty druggist To do a lot of biz. Hatty had a little gun, It was a forty-four, Batty thot he ' d have some fun Batty is no more. Miss Day— " What is malt? " Dort — " It is a mixture of wheat, corn and rye. " Miss Day — " Oh! a sort of pan- cake flour. " Fair Coed (to Tony Larsen) — " What is your name? " Tony — " I have two names, Tony ;ind Dearie, and you can call me by either. " Dave — " Elmer makes sure of himself before he does any boast- ing. " Fat — " A safe blower, eh! " A freshman pharmacist was wrecked on an African coast Where a cannibal king held sway; They served up the freshman on slices of toast On the eve of the very next day. But the vengeance of heaven fol- lowed swift on the act, For, ere the moon was seen, By Cholera Morbus the tribe was attacked, For the freshman was terribly green. " Do you darn your husband ' s socks? " asked Mrs. Thompson of Mrs. Perusse. " Darn them, " echoed Mrs. Per- usse. " My dear, I use a stronger word than that. " Tony — " Dort, have you turned the gas on in our room yet? " Dort — " Yes, you boob, can ' t you smell it? " Von Guff— " I say. Soak, you ' re a pretty good judge of liquors. Docs whiskey improve with age? " Old Soak — " Gad, I never kept any long enough to And out. " Druggist — " What did you cam fur? " Kid — " To see what your pills sul fur? Druggist — " How many do you want? " Kid — " What are thev worth, man? " Small Boy — " I want some medi- cine to reduce fat. " Drue Clerk— " Anti-fat? " Small Boy— " No, Uncle. " McMurray fin chem. lab.) — " Tf (n) 2 parts and (O) 1 part form water, what will chloroform? " Fletcher — " Why, er-er-formalde- hyde, of course. " First Flea — " Been on a vaca- tion? " Second Flea — " No, been on a tramp. " First Flea — " Well, what made made you (let off? " Second Flea — " He bought some of Perusse ' s " Sure Death to In- sects Lotion. " TO WORTHMAN Here ' s to our friend who is soon to be wed, May the double hitch turn out no botch, And always the picture he hides in his heart Be the same he has stuck in his watch. 35 O THE TREND OF MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL EDUCATION DR. R. A. LYMAN Three or four decades ago the academic qualifications for those who wished to take up the study of niediciue or pharmacy consisted of the ability to read and write one ' s native tongue with a reasonable degree of accuracy. The student having satisfied this requirement was ready to begin his professional studies. In those days there were few or no professional schools. The student of medicine must get his knowledge in the office of the practitioner of medicine with whom he might asso- ciate himself, while there was nothing for the student of pharmacy to do but to enter an apothecary shop as an apprentice. In either case information was obtained very largely by the " picking up " process. A process which in its day had its good points. Nothing better had been devised. In the last few years no department of human education has made more rapid progress than the medical science. Great institutions have been established for the sole purpose of giving medical instruction. These institutions represent the investment of millions of dollars of private and public funds. Medical problems are so complex that only those with exceptional scientific training are able to cope with them successfully. This has made it imperative that the academic attain- ments be made greater for those intending to enter upon the study of medicinal problems. Thus in the space of only a few years we have seen our first class medical schools increase their entrance requirements from the ability to read and write to from two to four years of college work. The apprenticeship as it was fomerly practiced has no place in the medi- cal tra ining of today. The rapid development in medicine has, of course, made new demands upon and placed greater responsibilities upon pharmacy. In many states the apprentice system is still in vogue, but we are realizing more clearly as the weeks slip by that a man can no longer become an efficient phar- macist without certain academic prerequisites and a careful didactic and laboratory training in the subjects which appertain to pharmacy. A glance at the present status of pharmaceutical education is sufficient to convince one that we are on the verge of phenomenal advances in the matter of training. The American Conference of Pharmaceutical Facul- ties is an organization of the best American schools for the purpose of improving pharmaceutical training. A few years ago it gave as a minimal for schools holding membership one year of high school and two years of professional training. Last year a second year was added to the high school. Many state institutions in the west, including the Universities of Nebraska, Colorado and South Dakota, are already requiring a four- year high school as entrance to their Schools of Pharmacy and several other western stales have signified their intention of so doing in the near future. While the academic requirements are being increased there is the same tendency seen as regards the lengthening of tin 1 period of pro- fessional education. At present all universities of the rank of Nebraska are giving two . three- and four-year courses. There is a feeling prevalent 36 among pharmaceutical educators, however, that the two-year course should be dropped in the near future and that the three- and four-year courses only be retained. A study of the registrations in a number of first-class institutions shows that the matter is working itself out, as a proportionately greater number of students are registering in the three- and four year courses. In the University of Nehraska, for example, of those registering in September, 1913, better than 50 per cent entered the four-year course leading to the bachelor ' s degree. Professional phar- macists and educators realize that the pharmacist cannot command the respect of men of other professions or of the public unless their training, professional or otherwise, and the service which they render to the state is of such a nature as to demand that recognition. The University of Nebraska is working toward these ideals in Phar- macy. AN ASSAY LABORATORY IN A DRUG STORE Too much stress cannot be placed upon the importance of the assay of drugs, chemicals, and preparations in dispensing and in manufacturing. Pharmacists have depended entirely too much upon the other man, commercial chemist, the wholesaler, and the manufacturer, to do his testing and give a guarantee that what he buys is up to the standard. But too often the guarantee of the Pure Food and Drugs Act of June, 1906, is of no avail, when " imitation, " " artificial, " or other terms of branding are used, the article purchased is not what was wanted. Imitation, substitution, and adulteration is practiced more today than ever before, and pharmacists must recognize these facts, unless they too wish to practice the same art, if so it may be called, and thereby injure their integrity as a pharmacist and the dignity of the profession. Many, many criticisms have been made against the placing of an assay laboratory in a drug store, chiefly, — too much time is consumed, waste of time (?), too much expense in keeping it up, and too much study re- quired. Yet few pharmacists really realize what a handy pharmacist ' s book the United States Pharmacopoeia really is, and that much of the work done by others could be done by himself. The new edition of the United States Pharmacopoeia, as can be read from abstracts in Pharmaceutical Journals, will contain more of assay work than ever before, and every pharmacist, to be up to date, will find it profitable to take heed to the new changes about to be made. It would be no trouble at all for a pharmacist to equip himself with a laboratory in connection with the rest of his business, where he can carry on his manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations and do his own assaying of his preparations, drugs, and chemicals. The minimum outfit of apparatus would consist of the following (ap- proximately $100 to $150) : 1 balance, analytical, capacity 200 grams, sensitive to 1-10 mgm. 1 weights, analytical, 100 grams to 1 milligram. 1 bath, sand. 1 bath, water, copper. 1 dozen nests beakers, lOOcc. to 250cc. 1 bottle specific gravity, Squibb ' s, 25cc. 37 ( ' (J « Kf IP F. D. THOMPSON, M. D. J. N. THOMPSON •«£ n H JU CyO C fJ tuJ ZyJ CijO MO c GREETINGS TO ALL Thompsons Pharmacy " The Corner Drug Store West Point, Nebraska 38 ' U cjy Kf 2 bottles, weighing tubes. 1 bottle, washing. 2 burettes, Mohr ' s, 50cc., graduated in l-10cc. 1 burner, gas or blast coal-oil. 1 centrifuge, if possible. 1 clamp, test tube. 1 condenser. Liebig ' s. I condenser, Allihn ' s. 1 set cork borers. 4 crucibles, porcelain, with covers. 1 set cylinders, graduated. lOcc. 25cc, filler, and lOOcc. 1 each cylinders, graduated and stoppered, 500cc. and 1000cc. I dessieator, Scheibler ' s. (i dishes, evaporating, porcelain. 1 Barnstead automatic water still. Druggist ' s Junior. 1 extraction apparatus, complete, Koxhlet ' s. G flasks, Erlenmeyer, 25()cc. 1 each flasks, volumetric, lOOcc, 250cc, 500cc. and lOOOcc. 1 flask, acetylization. 1 flask, cassia. funnels, different sizes. 2 funnels, separatory, 250cc. 5 lbs. glass tubing. 1 hydrometer. 1 microscope, if possible. 2 percolators. 1 support, burette. 1 support, test tube. 1 thermometer, centigrade. 2 mortars and pestles, porcelain. 3 dozen test tubes. 1 each pipettes, lcc, 2cc, See., lOcc. and 2. r cc. 1 set urine analysis outfit. A special closet for the most important U. S. P. reagents. The U. S. P. and N. F. and other books of reference. With the above list of apparatus the pharmacist can assay inorganic and organic chemicals, acids, bases, salts, their solutions and prepara- tions; the volatile and fixed oils, fats, waxes, resins, crude drugs, ex- tracts, fluid extracts, tinctures, spirits, and similar preparations, stand- ardized chemically ; and he can carry out qualitative tests of in- organic and organic nature for the identification of substances, or test for their impurities. He can determine the constituents in proprietary and patent remedies, and other unknown preparations. He can extend his work along toxicological lines, running poison analyses of metals, alkaloids, and other poisons; or furthermore, he can carry out chemical and microscopical analyses of urine, milk, water, and foods. Along these lines just mentioned a pharmacist with such an analytical laboratory in his drug store would win a good reputation as a pharmacist and pharmaceutical chemist, and could serve his community in many useful ways before unknown. H. L. THOMPSON, Instructor, School of Pharmacy, U. of Nebr. 39 s ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ITS POPULARITY HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED THROUGH A NEVER VARYING, PERFECT QUALITY JUST THE BRAND YOU NEED TO OBTAIN AND RETAIN A FLOURISHING ICE CREAM BUSINESS GOOD DEALERS EVERYWHERE TESTIFY TO ITS MERITS THE FAIRMONT CREAMERY CO. OMAHA and GRAND ISLAND, NEBR. 40 " Annual Banquet of the Pharmaceutical Society in honor of the State Board. " 41 U Kf 3 ' F Z £j rf J Pd ; ' ( Do You Want Your Competitors ' Business ? THE PUBLIC DEMANDS AN ICE CREAM OF PURITY AND QUALITY COLLINS ' ICE CREAM IS SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS IN QUALITY AND IS ABSO- LUTELY PURE SERVE COLLINS ' ICE CREAM AND YOU WILL SECURE THE BUSINESS OF YOUR TOWN GIVE THIS A TRIAL AND CONVINCE YOURSELF Collins Brothers 9 Ice Cream Company Seventh and L Sts., LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 42 J « Kf •jJ HARLE-HAAS DRUG COMPANY " HOME OF HYTONE " WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS Sole Distributors of the Famous " SIGHT DRAFT " 5 c Cigar Council Bluffs Iowa 43 •02: , -.■;■ .■::.: -.-V r?. --. rr . JttiAl s L J " ' Kf TP PHARMACY STUDENTS Make the CO-OP. your headquarters for supplies Mail orders will be given special attention " JUST AS YOU ARE; I WOULDN ' T CHANGE A THING. " This is the spirit of modern photography Townsend 226 So. 11th St " Preserve the present for the future. " CO-OPERATIVE BOOK CO. ON THE SQUARE WITH STUDENTS 318 NORTH II ih ST. PHONE BI224 LINCOLN. NEBRASKA Pharmacists and Doctors KNOW THE VALUE OF SANITATION AND CLEANLINESS STEAM AND GASOLINE ARE BOTH POWERFUL GERMICIDES These two are the principal properties employed by us for cleaning garments. Besides all manner of clothing we clean Carpets, Rugs and House Furnishings, Feathers and Plumes, and clean and reblock hats EXPRESS PAID ONE WAY HIGBY GARMENT CLEANER AND DYER 1322 N ST REET -:- LINCOLN, NEBR. 44 The Price You Pay Is Only a Part of What You Get at Armstrong ' s The Armstrong service is known throughout Nebraska for being an infallible service. Our one thought is not " our store " but " your store. ' ' That is why we have grown to be the Arm- strong store of today. We want you to visit our new Armstrong store when in Lincoln. We have spent much time and money in the complete rebuilding of our store and we think you will agree with us that it is the finest, most complete men ' s store west of Chicago. Copyright Hart Schaffner Marx ARMSTRONG CLOTHING CO. GOOD CLOTHES MERCHANTS 45 LINCOLN x-:W Si £±± s NEBRASKA DRUGGISTS 3 GOOD REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY Candies 1st. QUALITY and PURITY our standards. 2d. THE BEST is none too good for your trade. 3d. QUICK SHIPPING service to your city. Give our salesman your order or send direct to us for as good a line of Candy as you can buy anywhere, and we will assure you prompt service and individual attention. GILLEN BONEY GOOD CANDY MAKERS LINCOLN, NEBRASKA V 46 ?T XJ J y y- r ftV I 111 • •ll ' - !? s Lincoln ' s Leading Department Store Over a Quarter of a Century in Lincoln KLASSY FOOTWEAR Eleven Seven Street Eleven Seven Street BECKMAN BROTHERS LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 47 «w 1 ?-!.• drj j. ' A w % D y s J «y Kf S ' .?= The Folsom Bakery 1325-31 N Street " WT ' E make our own Ice Cream, Sherbets, Fancy Bricks and Fruit Punches for parties and social gatherings. TELEPHONE B2214 Everything in Pharmaceuticals " Direct from the manufacturer to you, " the slogan of the Henry R. Gering Company. 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HACKNEY, Jr. SAMUEL PATTERSON President Vice-President Vice-President Cashier jy Evans Laundry Company Cleaners Pressers Dyers 327 North Twelfth St. LINCOLN, NEBRASKA W 50 V KOSTKA DRUG CO. PHYSICIANS ' AND SURGEONS ' SUPPLIES 1211 O STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA THE OWL PHARMACY 1400 O STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA CUTS THE PRICE ON ALL DRUG STORE NEEDS ONE OF THE FINEST SODA FOUNTAINS IN THE CITY CATERING TO YOUR COMFORT 51 SMOKE STANDARD FOR QUALITY A GOOD FULL SMOKE FOR 5c Distributed by H. P. LAU COMPANY LINCOLN, NEBR. Don ' t Holler I F THK " Mail-Order Houses " arc taking business away from you. Fight Them With Their Own Weapons. With the parcel post as your assist- ant in an efficient mail campai n, You Can Get the Mail Orders Yourself. We write copy, make letters, address, fold, insert, stamp, seal — in fact take the whole campaign off your hands at a reasonable cost. If you prefer, we can prepare your copy and make the letters and you can do the rest. Write us for more information about how to get bigger business — business that now goes " down east. " STRYKER-BROWN SYSTEM LINCOLN, NEBR. The Big Gift Store 1123 O STREET Watches, Diamonds, Fine Clocks, Sterling Silver, Gold Canes and Umbrellas. 14 and 18K Wedding Rings. We are headquarters for gifts for all occasions— Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc. Fine Watch, Clock, Jewelry and Optician Repairing and Manufacturing c. A. TUCKER, Jeweler S. S. SHEAN, Optician 53 THE LINDELL LINCOLN NEBRASKA Modern in Every Way $33,000 Spent in Improvements New Ball Room New Banquet Room New Crill Room New Billiard Room New Lunch and Soda Fountain Room Care, Cuisine and Service Unsurpassed Approximately 200 Rooms 105 Rooms With Bath RATES: $1.00 without bath; $1.50 up with bath. It. W. Johnson, Owner and Mgr, 54 (! s OUR POLICY Give value received in all cases. Expect mutuality in all business transactions. Give such service as will meet full expectation of the buyer. Courtesy and promptness in cor- respondence and attention to the wants of our trade. WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE AND ASK YOU TO MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS WHEN IN OMAHA. E. E. BRUCE COMPANY WHOLESALE - DRUGGISTS OMAHA NEBRASKA 55 The " Haja " Line Always Fine. Non-Secrets. i ;.a Ha, Ha lla Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ha. Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ha, Ha Doz. a Arnica Salve $1.00 a Arom. Ess. Jam. Ginger 1.25 a Aroni. Castor Oil 1.25 a Blackberry Conn.) 1 .25 a Carbolic Salve 1 . 00 a Carb. W. H. Salve 1 .00 a Cold Tablets 1 . 00 a Headache Tablets 1 . 00 a Pai n Panacc a 1.25 a 1 ' enetratina; Lint 3.00 a Pile Cure 1 . 00 a Sarsaparilla Comp 6.00 a Syr. White Pine Comp 1 .25 a Syr. Tar VV. C 1.25 a Corn Remedy 75 a Little Liver Pills 75 a Toothache 1 )rops 75 a Toothache (Jam 75 Quality Shows Haja Bathing Salt $1.25 ■ Haja Camph ' d Toilet Cream 1.25 Where " Haja Haja Hair Tonic 6.00 Goes Haja W. H. Cream 90 Haja Bay Rum Hair Oil ] . 50 Sundries. Haj a Cocoanut Hair Oil 1 .50 Haja Camphor Ice Boxes G5 Haja Camphor Ice Tubes 75 Haja Shampoo Liquid 1. 75 Haja Shampoo Paste 1 . 75 Haja Petrolia, 2 oz 35 Haja Petrolia, 4 oz 50 Satisfies Haja Bird Seed $0 . 90 Haja Root Beer 75 Whoever Buys. Haja Smokum, Qts 6 . 00 Haja Smokum, Pts : ' , . 00 Miscellaneous. Haja Emuis. c. l. Oil 4.00 Haja Sewing Machine Oil 75 Haja Pish Food 60 Haja Roller Bird Seed 1 . 00 Haja Mending Tissue 75 I raja Insecticide 1 . 50 Haja Liq. Insect Destroyer 1.75 I I aja Talcum Powd., lbs 1 . 80 Best for the Pay, th Richardson Way. Dips, Lice Killer, Fly-No, Etc. Richardson ' s Uipofectant, Gals $7.50 RI( Ric Ric Ri( Ric Ric Ric hardson ' s Dipofectant, X U hardson ' s Dipofectant, % Gals. Gals. hardson ' s Lice Killer, Gals. . hardson ' s Lice Killer, V. Gals, hardson ' s Lice Killer, Vi Gals, hardson ' s Fly-No, Gals. .... hardson ' s Fly No, i Gals. . . hardson ' s Fly-No, V4 Gals. . . . 4.60 2.50 7.50 4.60 2.50 7.50 4.60 2.50 RICHARDSON DRUG COMPANY OMAHA, U. S. A. . " (; U Kf BUILD FOR THE FUTURE V UILD your business for the future profit. Make the place have the air of L permanency. It will bring more when you wish to sell it if it has a + 4J Walrus Fountain installed. The Walrus Company began to build for the future years ago and are reaping the just reward that always follows an honest endeavor. We are the western distributers for this celebrated line and we would like to send you a catalog, or better yet, we would welcome a visit from you to our salesroom where you can see everything that goes with the fountain except the ice. All the new things in glass top tables, bentwood chairs, carbonating machinery, all of the new serving devices. A trip here will be worth your time. You are welcome whether you come to buy or just to look. THE LINCOLN FIXTURE AND SUPPLY COMPANY THE SUPPLY HOUSE OF THE WEST 1116 to 1124 N Street, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 57 No Others Equal —None Like Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. Makes Velvety Skin Toilet Specialties Two Big Reasons Why 1st. The Velvetina system of home treatment. 2d. The Velvetina combinations for use. They give service to the customer and large sales and good profits to the dealer. Three thousand personal work advertisers are spread- ing llie good news of Velvetina all over the l ' . S. 58 7 UNIVERSITY NIGHT The " stunt " put on University Night by the Pharmics was classy and full of spirit from start to finish. It was a representation of an ethical pharmacy. Elmer Hansen was the porter and was a good show by him- self. Tony Larson was supposed to be N. P. Hansen, and carried his part thru nicely. Harry M (Murray, as the " son just back from school, " was certainly the typical know-all college kid. The way in which Hex Bixby, as Dr. Lyman, extracted tapeworms and cured cases of strychnine poisoning wwuld have made a hospital staff envious. (Jus Bostrom, as the poisonee. displayed all of the symptoms of strychnine poisoning, from the Risus sardonicus to the opisthotonos. Saul Arenson, as Prof. Perusse, gave a sleight of hand performance in pill-mixing. Barbara Osborn. as Miss Day, E. Dort, as Prof. Thompson, and Kirk David, as the bald-headed man from home, played their parts to perfection and left nothing to be desired. PHARMACY WEEK For the first time in the history of the school we were allowed a week, from May 11 to 16, to be known as Pharmacy Week. On Wednesday evening the annual banquet of the Pharmaceutical Society was held at the Lindell Hotel. The guests included Prof. W. J. Teeters, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, University of Iowa, the Nebraska Board of Phar- macy, Chancellor Avery, Dr. Dales. C. P. Sherman, A. V. Pease, and many of the prominent retail druggists of the city. Dr. R. A. Lyman presided as toastmaster. Thursday. May 14, a special convocation was held. Dean Teeters gave an address which was intensely interesting to those who heard him. At 12 M., following convocation, a luncheon was held on the east balcony of the Commercial Club, in honor of Dean Teeters, N. P. Hansen presiding. All friends of the School were in- vited to be present. On Friday afternon a picnic was held at Epworth park. There were many athletic stunts, including a ball game, which aroused a great deal of excitement. This week will be remembered by all as one of great pleasure even by those who were enjoying the exams. 59 PROGRAM FOR PHARMACY WEEK The following toasts were responded to at the banquet: Welcome. .. .11. McMurray, Vice-President of the Pharmaceutical Society The End rn View D. J. Killen, Beatrice The State Association C. S. Wilson, Lincoln Should Nebraska Have a Prerequisite Law? S. E. Ewing, Creston Pills P. P. Howard The Function of the State Board N. P. Hansen, Lincoln The Chemist and Druggist Dr. Denton Dales, Lincoln The Scholarly Druggist A. V. Pease, Fairbury The Pharmacist as a .Money Maker C. R. Sherman, Omaha My Idea of a Pharmacist Chancellor Avery The Pharmacist as a Salesman ... .Dean Teeters, Iowa City, Iowa CONVOCATION Select ion String Quartet Invocation Rev. R. Caughey Heading Cloyd Stewart Remarks Dr. R. A. Lyman Address Dean Teeters Select ion String Quartet LUNCHEON IN HONOR OF DEAN TEETERS Speakers — Dean Teeters, Dean Iiessey, .1. E. Harper, 0. R. Sherman, A. V. Pease. A. S. Raymond. G tit) 7 £ ■■ ills.:. Ri HE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY of the Uni- versity of Nebraska offers courses in pharmacy of two, three and four years, preparing for service in various lines of pharmaceutical work. The reputation of the University is too well known to require comment here. The reputation of the student body may be gleaned from this book. Read it and you will be interested in us. Write us; we are interested in you. For information address DR. R. A. LYMAN, Director. The only institution in Nebraska holding membership in the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties. G2 • HIS BOOK IS AN ANNUAL PUBLICATION AND WE HAVE TRIED TO MAKE IT AS TYPICAL OF THE SCHOOL AS POSSIBLE. IF IT DOES NOT MEET WITH YOUR APPROVAL COME AND HELP US GET OUT A BETTER ONE NEXT YEAR. WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE ASSISTANCE WE HAVE RECEIVED AND ESPECIALLY SO TO NEILS P. HANSEN. STAFF. " WHO GETS THE DOG? " 63 ■ I f-m ■ fl I ■ 3 0112 105878059 ■

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