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' k ' : ' ' -X ' :f •■ ' ■ F ' l t (IIMt HH t i tiiSMSf £3eSS RB tmts DB sscrf BB g OSS BB 1 ■ i F- 1 ■ H tL l lnwerdUu of r lebradh at aLincott a in ■A- , Editor-in-Chief kjjL » Business Manager Associate Editor TO THE UNIVERSITY llii«mB»! iiw »i ii . tii»iiiiwi!k!j i f,ii ' ,iiiii iroi i ' A ' i « ' ' -4 i - " AND THE STATE From the Sandhills to the river bottoms, from the vast plains of the west to the bustling cities of the east, come Nebraskans to our University. The University, the melting pot of Nebraska, borrows the talent and ambition of the future citizens of the State to mold and perfect. In four years it returns unlimited interest on this loan — interest in the form of knowledge and understanding from social and intellectual growth. Through this close connection with the University, the State gains enlightened citizens. We as students are proud of our University, proud of contributions of progress it makes to our State. To the University the State sends its youth; to the youth the University gives knowledge; and bearing this knowledge proud- ly, the youth return to the State. To the University and to the State with hopes of increased understanding and cooperation, we dedi- cate the 1957 Cornhusker. University Is.. I: ' ' »:. . ' ■ ' the School The school stands as a symbol of education and as the builder of edu- cated citizens. Through the years it has been looked upon in owe and in dis- trust, but we look today in admiration and hope. The school is more than buildings; it is the home, the parent of the mind. tke Student To his school the student brings his will- ingness and ability to learn. He finds that becoming educated is an infinite process, stimulating but sometimes depressing. The quiet delight of sudden understanding, the tension before an exam, and the relief when studies are finished are feelings experienced by each student as he works toward his pri- mary goal of intellectual development. s Nebraska Is.. the State From our corn-producing plains broken by bluffs — the State of agriculture. From our ever-expanding towns and cities — the State of industries, trade and commerce. From the rolling range and hay meadows of our ranch land in the Sandhills — the Beef State. 1 t ' ' m the C ' Ltlzen Citizens are responsible for the de- velopment of the State from pioneer times to the present and into the fu- ture. The cooperation, ideas, and in- terest of Nebraskans form the progre ss of the State, progress that returns bene- fits of good living to the citizens. V The 1957 CORNHUSKER is a reflection of pride in the Uni- versity and the State, of pride in the citizens who build Nebraska. The University is obligated to provide an educational and social opportunity for the future citizens of the State. How it meets this responsibility is the concern of every student and tax- payer. The student, in turn, has an obligation to the University and the State to acquire the vast amount of cultural and technical knowledge available at NU. The effect this University has on the students is of interest to every citizen. As we recorded the events of the year, the CORNHUSKER staff stopped to consider the contributions our University makes. We found them to range from research that will affect the wel- fare of the whole United States to counseling services that give an indifferent student a purpose. Too often students and citizens alike take such contribu- tions for granted and are ready to criticize the School. Too often 1he University and the citizens misinterpret the actions and in- tentions of the students. We observed and were proud. We chal- lenge you to do the same. ■- rL.a6a JvT i -i Zh,i 10 Contents University 12 Administration 14 Student Government 27 Colleges 39 Classes 1 23 Campus Life 206 Student Scenes 208 Royalty 225 Activities 237 Religion 265 Athletics 284 Varsity 286 Intramurals 313 Women ' s Athletics 318 Residences 322 Women ' s Residence Halls 324 Selieck Quadrangle 328 Houses and Halls 338 Greeks 353 Advertising 434 Co JA(H i H 12 UNIVERSITY State and citizen, University and student: these four are inex- tricably connected. In the colleges of our University, we find the great diversity of interests, desires, and aims that will follow the students as they leave the college community to become citizens of the state. The Governor and the Chancellor, as leaders of the State and University, strive to coordinate these numerous goals and opinions. Through the guidance of the State ' s legislators and the University ' s professors harmony in society is developed to stim- ulate the successful lives of the citizens of both units. 13 ' ;-mm jm Chancellor Thoughts of an expending University command Dr. Hardin ' s attention. Clifford M. Hardin, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska, has not one but one-hundred pipes and not one but many ideas for a better University. His ideas call for an expanded build- ing program for an expanded enroll- ment. They call for higher salaries to keep and to attract fine instructors. In all, they are ideas that will prepare stu- dents to serve as leaders of their com- munity, state and nation. A man with purpose, a man with vi- tality, a man with insight — our Chan- cellor. A. C. Breckenridge, Dean of Faculties, works closely with Choncellor Hardin in carrying out the University policies. 14 Hardin Plans For A Better NU Chancellor and Mrs. Hardin, Nancy, Cliff, Sue, and Cindy share a story before dinner, enjoying the time the entire fomily can be together. Miss Mallory, the Chancellor ' s Secretary, !s retiring after forty years of service to University of Nebraslca. J. S. Pittenger, Administrative Assistant to the Chan- cellor, helps arrange the Chancellor ' s crowded schedule. The Leader Indian doors portray past; Governor Anderson ' s program, present; and effects from it, future. Nebraska ' s unicameral legislature convenes in on awe-inspiring chamber to consider state problems. Governor Victor E. Anderson places particular emphasis upon the youth of Nebraska. His Governor ' s Youth Com- mittee, his Conference on Education, and his support of Boy Scouts and young news carriers prove this interest. Anderson, like other Nebraskans, recognizes the importance of develop- ing youth into future leaders. The Governor ' s Conference on Edu- cation, which met in Hastings in No- vember, 1956, drew laymen as well as educators to formulate state-wide edu- cation policies. Anderson attended the University of Nebraska and is a life member of its Alumni Association. 16 nd the Lawmakers This year marks the twentieth anni- versary of Nebraska ' s unicameral legislature. In its present form our lawmaking body provides more effi- ciency and economy than its bicameral predecessor. Through action of the legislature Nebraska ' s highways are continuously improved. Advancement is being made in the number of recreational areas within the state. Educational standards are being raised. Our mental health program adopts the newest ideas and techniques for curing the mentally ill. With forty-three members, our legis- lature is the smallest in the nation. Since it meets only every two years, legislative committees function in the interim. Current and future stote affairs concern the legis- lative committees during the legislature ' s recess. Governor Victor E. Anderson, like most of us, enjoys coffee in the middle of his busy day. 17 Board of Regents: Back Row: J. G. Elliott, Scottsbluff; C. E. Swonson, Lincoln; F. Foote, Axtell. Front Row: C. Y. Thompson, West Point; Dr. B. N. Greenberg, York; J. L. Welch, Omaha. Board of Regents Guides NU Policy As a board of directors is to a busi- ness so the Board of Regents is to the University. The six members of the Board serve their University by determining the policies that govern the school. They serve their state by guiding these policies in the direction which will keep Nebraska a top-ranking university. The Regents represent the people of the six judicial districts of the state so that all parts of the state have a voice in the University. New members are elected every two years and serve a six year term. Tassels, N flowers, and a football day! Board of Regents mem- bers Drs. Johnson and Greenberg shore in pre-game excitement. J. p. Colbert, Dean of Student- Affairs, supervises job interviews for seniors. Dramatics interest Helen Snyder, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. Administration Coordinates Campus Life G. W. Rosenlof, Professor Emeritus of Admissions, aids foreign students. The Associate Dean of Student Affairs F. M. fHollgren solves student problems. 19 . The Associafe Dean of Student Affairs Marjorie Johnston awards scholarships. R. D. Westover and L. W. Chotfield dis- cuss enrollment and student affairs. W. A. Poe served as director of Junior Division until his death in late November. ' •ir t ' ' 20 F. W. Hoover, Registrar, sees that his camera, lighting, and subject are ready. W. C. Horper, Director of University Services, regulates food and housing. Director of Buildings and Grounds, C. F. Fowler, examines new additions. 4 V. t H. Rcidcr ond C. B. Schultz discuss the museum ' s outstanding habitat exhibit. Student Union Director D. E. Lake an- ticipates new facilities by next year. 21 C. A. Donaldson, Purchases Director, re- laxes by raising prize chrysanthemums. Books, machines and do-it-yourself fas- cinate F. A. Lundy, Libraries Director. Personnel Director C. M. Molzer finds music a pleasant diversion in his life. S. I. Fuenning of Student Health antici- pates using latest medical facilities. 22 G. S. Round, Public Relations Director, informs the State about the University. K. 0. Broody, Director of Extension, com- bines travel, teaching, and office duties. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF F. E. Sorenson, Director of Summer Ses- sion, strives for an improved program. E. W. Janike, Director of Agricultural Extension, judges some Nebraska exhibits. 23 Outstanding Alums Edwin J. Faulkner President, Woodmen Accident and Life Company Lincoln, Nebraska Kenneth Cozier Cozier Wood Pockoge Compony Cleveland, Ohio Arnold Mognuson, Alumni Associa- tion Secretory, reviews progress reports from forty alumni clubs. 24 ' I ' ' i - Mrs. Haven N. Smith Chairman, American Farm Bureau Women ' s Committee Chappell, Nebrosko Dr. George K. Nakagawa Civic Leader Hawaii Eugene C. Dinsmore Dinsmore Investment Company Omaha, Nebraska Alumni Association Adds Three Clubs Alums, more than 130,000 alums! The alumni office keeps current, accurate records of all of them. Three new alumni clubs at York, Hastings, and McCook were formed by the Alumni Association in 1956. These new clubs, together with thirty-seven other Nebraska alum groups through- out the country, stimulated interest and continued participation in the Uni- versity. An annual Homecoming luncheon and luncheons before most home foot- ball games encourage alums to remain active in University affairs. NEBRASKA ALUMNUS reviews cur- cent activities at Nebraska for more than 130,000 former students of the University. Arnold Magnuson, new Alumni Association secretary, replaced former secretary James Pittenger. 25 A conflicting travel schedule puzzles Perry W. Branch, Foundation Secretary. Foundation-supported excavations with- in Nebraska contribute to our museum. University Foundation Supports NU Research Research and student scholarships share the major part of the University Founda- tion ' s funds. From 1936 to 1956 these funds have increased from $25,000 to over $2,000,000. Alumni contributions provide for a full- time psychiatrist. Our university is one of the five or six leaders in the field of psy- chology. Relatively new in the Foundation ' s pro- gram are the Distinguished Teaching Awards. Each year at the Honors Convoca- tion two University of Nebraska instructors are recognized for their contributions to the school. Scholarships provide incentive and help for Nebrosko ' s future leaders. 26 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 27 Bock Row: D. Mossman, R. Schuyler, A. Weaver, C. Berry, L. Lester, J. Bender, H. Dingman, S. Hinkle, E. Stoller, R. Levinson, R. Knoll, G. Warner, M. D. DeMars, R. Donnert, N. Tucker, P. Kersten, C. Hurst, D. Rogge, M. Usher. Front Row: M. Neff, Anne Pickett, H. Gourlay, B. Spilker, M. Huston, D. Beck, B. Brugmann, D. Andrews, M. Breslow, B. Deepe, M. Wolf, J. Kinnier. Executive Committee: Bock Row: Bill Spilker, Bruce Brugmann, Marvin Breslow, Mick Neff, Dr. Knoll. Front Row: Don Beck, Bev Deepe, Mary Huston, Dick Andrews. " Just what I needed, " exclaims Chancellor Hardin to Bcv Dccpc and Bruce Brugmann presenting o birthday pipe from the Council. 28 Tribunal Discussed By Student Council " Mister Chairman! " — the keynote of procedure rang loud and distinct in Student Council meeting. Business was underway. Investigatio ns and discussions were undertaken by the Council in an at- tempt to lay the foundation for a Stu- dent Tribunal. The tribunal would in- crease the students ' voice in formulat- ing policies affecting them. An opportunity for the Council to dis- cuss problems and functions with the administration was provided at the Chancellor ' s Round Table. Under Council supervision plans for the second Spring Day were drafted. President Bruce Brugmann was as- sisted by vice presidents Don Beck and Mick Neff. " One mon, one vote " means work for Connie Berry when voters Marvin Schuermon, Lyie Hansen and Roger Ebbers come to the polls. Art Weaver, Harry Dingmon ond Helen Gourlay send out letters to campus organizations to check the validity of their constitutions. Checking and more checking of information is necessary when the Student Activities Committee investigates student tribunals. 29 Back Row: N. Copeland, N. Carlson. Third Row: J. Kraus, R. Roubal, K. Dryden, B. Brittin, J. Decker, J. Dworak. Second Row: C. Compbell, S. Hubka, S. Loose, A. Olson, K. Christensen, R. Jelinek. Front Row: M. Huston, E. Hemphill, C. Link, J. Miller. Not Pictured: A. Bedwell, L. Buthmon. Realizing that " crime does not poy, " the violator comes to a trial where the mem- bers of the AWS Court render the decision. 30 AWS Board Guides Coeds ' Activities " Quiet hours, " " closing hours, " and " special permissions " are familiar to University coeds observing AWS regu- lations. AWS board members elected by a vote of all women students set the rules. The rule breakers are " tried " in a weekly court. Events which sparked the AWS board ' s year of service to the University were Coed Follies, the Women ' s Ivy Day Sing, and Activities Mart. The board sponsored the House of Representatives, AWS workshop, and the workers program for freshmen women students under the leadership of President Carol Link and Vice President Emily Hemphill. Utilizing spore moments ofter the day ' s meeting Is enjoyoble for Vice President Emily Hemphill and President Cord Link. Cynthia Barber and Ann Hale give details about Student Union committees to Chorlene Kolar signing up at AWS Activities Mart. From the houses or dorm, sign-out sheets go to Emily Hemphill, Ruth Roubal, Sally Loose, and Koy Chrlstensen to be checked. 31 Back Row: M. Phelps, D. Miller, 5. Hinkle, L. Hoggort, N. Schocht, K. Schmutte, T. Sokol, E. Broomfield, N. Calvin. Second Row: G. Clark, B. Packord, P. Sherman, D. Eby, J. Knerr, A. Smith, N. Wolf. Front Row: R. Wiggens, S. Foell, M. Gerdes, M. Sokol, H. Rosen- berg, L. Euponcheck, A. Young, J. Reeder. Hello Girl Dance Tops BABW Events Acceptance of royol honors thrills Deanno Brier, the 1956 " Hello Girl, " chosen by students at the BABW ' s annual fall dance. " Watermelon, anyone? " was the call to new coeds at the Watermelon Wel- come this fall sponsored by the Barb Activities Board for Women. Presentation of the " Hello Girl " at BABW ' s Hello Girl Dance revealed the first royalty of the year. The Spring Recognition Dessert hon- ored unaffiliated women working in extra-curricular activities. BABW activities were promoted by officers Marian Sokol, president; Hanna Rosenberg, vice president; Sue Hinkle, secretary; and Doris Eby, treas- urer. 32 Coffee time in the Crib is business time for officers Sue Hinkle, Honna Rosenberg, Marian Sokol, Doris Eby and Morie Gerdes. ■Ci f i ' ' ' X j t l l I F ' Wi in ■ Back Row: C. Kelley, D, Novotny, R. Jelinek, A. Percivol, M. DeMars, Second Row: M. Arvidson, S. Stone, M. Pittack, S. Shukert, S. Bazant. Front Row: J. Bender, J. Wiederspon, H. Gourlay, L. Makepeace. Panhellenic Fosters Sorority Spirit A newcomer to the ranks of campus organizations this year was the Junior Panhellenic organized by the Panhel- lenic Council. The officers of the sororities ' pledge classes selected Mari- lyn Pickett to be president. Panhellenic Council and Interfra- ternity Council jointly sponsored a tele- vision series to foster public relations. The banquet for all sororities cli- maxed the Workshop under the direc- tion of President Mary Lou Pittac k, Vice President Helen Gourlay and Sec- retary Jo Wiederspon. Barbara Jelgerhuis, Tri Delt president, ad- mires the newly won Elsie Ford Piper Award. Kappa Kappa Gamma wins scholarship cup. Dr. Glenn Nygreen, the banquet ' s speaker, converses with Marilyn Pickett, Mary Lou Pittack, Helen Gourlay ond Jo Wiederspon. 33 Bock Row: R. Reische, W. Krommenhoek, R. Krasne, R. Ingram. Fourth Row: D. Tolmon, L. Jones, T. Olson, R. Martin, T. Wright. Third Row: R. Blue, P. Zucker, C. Fike, P. Walter, A. Mangelsen. Second Row: D. Beck, A. Heeger, W. Dahl, E. Bogard. Front Row: B. Schuyler, B. Belmont, S. Ellis, B. Cook. IFC Coordinates Fraternity Activities I nterf raternity Council ' s Rush Week pamphlet introducing fraternity life to rushees featured each fraternity and its activities. The rules for Rush Week were established and enforced by the IFC. The Council staged a party for orphans at Christmas time. On Ivy Day the IFC Scholarship Improvement Tro- phy and the IFC Scholarship Award were presented. IFC included presidents of all so- cial fraternities. Officers were Presi- dent Sam Ellis, Vice president Bob Cook, Secretary Bob Schuyler and Treasurer Ben Belmont. D. Hcrzog, B. Dahl, and B. Ireland thoughtfully consider pictures for the IFC rush pamphlet. Interpreting new rushing rules for the IFC ore B. Belmont, S. Ellis, B. Schuyler and B. Cook. 34 Back Row: M. Erman, G. Binfield, D. Buettow, L. Romjue, T. Kraeger, B. Bredenkomp, D. Keniston, H. Brace, J. Goldner, G. Sappenfield, S. Killinger, R. Struve. Front Row: L, Carter, D. Vinder, R. Svoboda, G. Porter, D. Hove, C. Schofer, R. Krumme, R. Theede, J. Brentzel, P. Warren, J. Speiser, P. Preston. Junior IFC Aids Public Relations The " Pledge Sneak, " a dance for all sorority and fraternity pledges, was the opening activity this year for the Junior I nterf raternity Council. The dance was co-sponsored with Junior Panhellenic. Representatives from each frater- nity pledge class formed the Junior IFC in its second year on the campus. The Junior Council worked closely with the senior group, Interfraternity Coun- cil. Officers were Bob Krumme, presi- dent; Bob Theede, vice president; Chuck Schafer, secretary, and Dick Hove, treasurer. Sorority pledges become demanding customers for tickets to the Junior IFC " Pledge Sneak. " Ex-president W. Meier congratulates B. Krumme and other new officers D. Hove, C. Schafer, B. Theede. 35 J. Sounders, V. Kemp, G. Worner and K. Jensen work on plons for the 1957 E-Week open house. ned — J. Boning, R. Volosek ond all executive worries behind. Engineering Exec Conducts E-Week The 45th annual Engineering Week, climaxing the year ' s work in the College of Engineering and Architec- ture, was sponsored by the Engineer- ing Executive Board. E-Week featured open house, dis- plays, demonstrations and convocations which gave the public a view of engi- neering projects and opportunities. Presentation of awards to outstanding students closed the week. John Boning presided over the Exec Board which coordinated engi- neering activities. Other officers were Vic Musi!, vice president, and Ray Va- lasek, secretory-treasurer. Back Row: B. Heyne, R. Kissinger, K. Roddy, V. Kemp, A. Wittc, W. Clement, J. Sounders, H. Dingmon, G. Worner, H. Botes. Front Row: L. Dye, R. Smidt, K. Jensen, R. Volosek, J. Boning, V. Musil, R. Bcrger, J. Hoberian. 36 Back Row: I: ' :[, W. Schmic Clork, 5, Harglcroatl. D. Beck, Front Row: R. Wiemer, C. Edwards, D. Chatterson, B. West, D. Hagemeier, J. Micha B. DeWulf, N. Wolf, C. Smith. Exec Board Governs Ag Campus Activities The Freshman Barbeque, which brought a pleasant relief to new stu- dents during the drudgeries of New Student Week, was sponsored by the Ag Exec Board. The Farmers ' Formal with the crowning of Kay Skinner as queen was the next big event conducted by the board. An all-Ag Christmas program accompanied the holiday season. Officers guiding the board in gov- erning student activities on Ag campus were Bill DeWulf, president; Walter Schmidt, vice president; Dick Hage- meier, secretary; and Carol Smith, treasurer. B. Dewulf, D. Hagemeier, C. Smith ond W. Schmidt relax after discussing plans for Ag Exec Board. B. Dannert, N. Wolf, D. Beck and J. Michaud put final touches on decorations for Farmers ' Formal. Gold Keys Awarded At Biz Ad Blast ' Left to right: R. DeVnes, B. Eaton, J. Rounsavell, R. Holl, E. Fullbrook, H. WIndeshousen, M. Stoska, B. Bronch, D. Johnson, J. Sander, M. Carlson, A. Rosen. 38 Meetings of the Biz Ad Council were concerned with arrangements for the " Biz Ad Blast. " The annual ban- quet featured faculty entertainment, and Gold Keys signifying outstanding work done by freshmen were awarded by William Gold, local business execu- tive. President Marilyn Staska, Vice president Bob Schuyler, Secretary Betty Branch and Treasurer Jim Whitoker directed the Council which acted as the coordinating body between students and faculty in Business Administration. Officers B. Branch, B. Schuyler, J. Whitakcr and M. Staska survey o Biz Ad banquet poster. COLLEGES 39 College of Agriculture W. V. Lambert Dean of Agriculture _i " lifcii: - fcdSsi jh-- Lu.-xv.fJrf Ji ' Buildings surrounding the mall, center of Ag campus, house classrooms end laboratories for Nebrosko ' s agricultural end home cc students. The famous troctor testing laborotorv on Ag compus carries on extensive experimentation to insure efficient mochines for farm use. 40 For Better Farming Agricultural College through exten- sive research is striving to improve farming in Nebraska. Approximately 200 research projects are being con- ducted by the College. Five experiment stations through- out Nebraska convey research results to the people of the state. Experiments ore being carried on in irrigation to study the most economical use of irrigation water. In the field of agronomy, experiment station results will make available four new hybrid grain sorghums in 1957. Ag engineers are conducting grain drying experiments aimed at reducing the moisture content of grain. Women in Ag College are being trained in better homemoking tech- niques. Home economists work in the fields of housing, nutrition and family life. One of the newest studies is that of food requirements for older people. Student ' s in an Agricultural Engineering class receive instructions in setting up end operating a hay bailer. Dr. Paul Q. Guyer, extension animal husbandman, and Alvah Morkusscn hird iman, meosure the bock fat thickness on breeding stock as one of the preliminaries in a swine research project. 41 f , t [•■♦■■U Pearson, Einspahr, J. Bennett, B. Borkmeu D. Roberts, E, Jacobsen, C. Hobel, B. Beodle, Bock Row: N. Wolf, J. Flick, V. Long, P. Nelson, E. V. Milles, M. Lamb, M. Mass, C. Christianson. Fourth Row: D. Brier, M. Fritts, K. Reeves, B. Surtzer, J. Norris, M. Bonde, R. Albin. Third Row: R. Tondl, P. Stouder, M. DeMors, W. Waldo, J. Erickson, L. Forney, P. Youngers, C. Edwards, L. Moder, R. Stich, M. Powell. Second Row: N. Colvin, N. Wilson, B. Brunsback, M. Jensen, J. Evans, M. Vrbo, V. Scheer, M. Edwards, P. Mitchell, P. Kaufman, D. Peterson, M. Fronke. Front Row: S. Crom, J. Savener, F. Oelfjen, R. Lees, A. Thoenes, S. Richords, M. Sokol, M. Gerdes, J. Reeder, J. Otradovsky, N. Woodling. Home Ec Club Holds Swedish Smorgasbord Home Economics Club ' s activity- crammed schedule included sponsoring a Swedish Smorgasbord, a freshman picnic for Ag women and the annual Ellen H. Richards banquet for new members. As a part of its program of serving students, the club raised money to sponsor a foreign student at the Uni- versity. The educational program of the group was centered around lectures and demonstrations presented by out- standing figures in the field of home economics. ; f i ' ■5 OHIc«rt: Loft to right: Judy Otrodoviky, hlstorlan; Mane Gerdes, treasurer; Marian Sokol, vico pfcsident; Shirley Richards, president; Ann Thoenes, secretory. ann;rf, T. Kraeger, R. Williams. L. Wulf, D. Ifa, B. Burhoop, C. Roppert, L. Davis, D. Hanson, jfmon, W. Loftus, B. Casper, D. Schneekloth, O. Armbrust, J. Back Row: J Condon, G. Dart, D. Clock, J, Cook, A. Glaubius. Seventh Row: H. Johnson, A. Trumble, M. McKay, D. Sedlak, R. D Sixth Row: W. Akeson, P. Preston, M. Nielsen, R. Paine, R. Hild, Fifth Row: M. Ochsner, J. Patterson, P. Kiehr, M. Seberger, P. Ko ' G. Kilday. Fourth Row: M. Moss, W. Waldo,, S. Miller, L. TeSelle, A. Dobry, C. Hall, B. Schear, M. Vrba, C. Herman. Third Row: R. Volk, R. Wehrbein, M. McHorgue, R. Stick, L. Anderson, C. Christiansen, M. Devine, L. Mader, J. Neujohr, R. Albin. Second Row: W. Antes, W. Schmidt, J. Bennett, N. Colvin, D. Brier, R. Tondl, P. Hansen, S. Steiner, M. Nieid, M. Jensen, J. Savener, E. Skucii Front Row: P. Yeutter, J. Norris, M. Fricke, Jr., Doyle Hulme. 4-H Club Recognizes Scholarship Winners There ' s plenty for everyone! A watermelon feed attracts new members as well as old. Officers: Left to right: M. Fricke, president; D. Hulme, president; P. Yuetter, treasurer; J. Norris, secre- tary. Featured on the University 4-H Club ' s schedule was the annual scholar- ship dinner. Recipients of 4-H scholar- ships and the donors of these awards were honored at the dinner. A watermelon feed in the fall wel- comed freshmen to Ag campus. Club members helped with recreation during the State 4-H Club Week and operated a booth at the State Fair to raise money for the club. Membership in the University 4-H Club is open to anyone who has been a club member in his home county. Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omieron: Bock Row: P. Wipf, K. Skinner, J. Schutz, S. Blom C. Polme, V. Johnson, M. Sokol, S. Richards. Second Row: M. Edwards, M. Zuhike, C. Rhodes, ndahl, B. Borkn U. Sondhi, S. Sack, L. Chen, L. Mader Front Row: B. Parks, M. James, S. Saylor, A. Thoenes, E. Jacobsen, M. Lamb. Service Stressed By Home Ec Honoraries Service was the theme for Omicron Nu and Phi Upsilon Omicron, national Home Economics honoraries. As their major project of the year, Omicron Nu provided a tutoring service for Home Economics students. Phi U made and repaired toys for LARC school children. Other activities for the group included a scholarship tea and a Christmas dinner. Heading the Home Ec honoraries were Caroline Rhodes, Omicron Nu president, and Dorothy Novotny, Phi U president. Alpha Zeta Honors Top Ten Ag Scholars Ten freshmen men in the College of Agriculture were recognized by Alpha Zeta, national honorary fraternity for outstanding men in the field of agricul- ture. Each year the fraternity sponsors several convocations for Ag students to promote the interests of agriculture in Nebraska. Officers were Will Schutz, chan- cellor; Dan Stilwell, censor; Art Zech, scribe, and Jim Turner, treasurer. Alpha Zeta: Bock Row: 5. Jensen, A. Kleinhofs, M. Schliefert, A. Woido, R. Clock, R. Moline. Second Row: D. Bucy, M. Alexonder, R. W(emer, D. Hulme, J. Feother, C. Trumble. Front Row: I. Hothowov, D. Hanway, L. Domkroger, W. Schutz, D. Stilwell, C. Schipporeit. 44 Alpha Tou Alpha: Back Row: L. Wittier, E. Trovis, D. Schneekloth, M. L. Wilcox, R. Tamick, A. Ward. Fifth Row: G. Earth, N. Baum, D. Brabec, E. Hoeltinrj, M. W. McCuilough, O. Thiemann. Fourth Row: J. Bruce, M. Riley, A. Hoeting, R. Kroll, W. Goff, J. Fink. Third Row: N. Kolloth, W. Luedka, M. Mason, L. Foote, K. Oerter, N. McCaslin. Second Row: M. G. McCreight, D. Hruby, P. Rosenberry, E. Ervin, K. Wilke, R. Grassmick. Front Row: B. Rehnberg, D. Goff, W. Wakefield, A. Zech, D. Clock, H. W. Deems. State Vo-Ag Meet Sponsored By ATA Alpha Tau Alpha sponsored the state vocational agriculture judging contest this year in conjunction with the state FFA convention. Competition in- cluded livestock and crop judging, me- chanics, and meats judging. Membership in Alpha Tau Alpha, national honorary fraternity for voca- tional education majors, is open to men of sophmore standing or above. Officers were Wilbur Wakefield, president; Dale Goff, vice president; Arthur Zech, secretary, and Blair Rehn- berg, treasurer. VHEA Greets New Students At Picnic Top activities of the year for the Vo- cational Home Economics Association included a back-to-school picnic and the annual banquet for vocational edu- cation majors, both of which were held with Alpha Tau Alpha, the brother or- ganization. Providing underprivileged children in Lincoln with toys and clothes is an annual club project. Officers for the year were Ann Thoenes, president; Marian Sokol, vice president; Veryle Johnson, secretary, and Rogene Lees, treasurer. VHEA: Bock Row: M. Edv, Third Row; B. Barkme Jochem, M. Zuhlke. Second Row: M, Frifts, words, N. Woodling. Front Row: 5. Richards A, Lewis, P. Sfalder. Johnson, P. Youngers, L. A, Ross, M. Lamb. 1, M. Berger, J. M. Bennett, E. Chase, B. Forney, N. Wilson, M. Langemeier, D. Bohling, B, Beadle, C. Ed- Lees, A. Thoenes, M. Sokol, E. Einspahr, E. Jacobsen, P. Lybyer, 45 Bock Row: M. Ochsner, W. Mitchell. E AcReynolds, G. Dart, A. Snyder M. Schhefert, A. Woldo, T. Hoffman, J. Wink, V. Gellermonn, D. Neuman. Fifth Row: D. Kuhl, R. Person, F. Coda, R. Debower, R. Dannert, P. Storck, K. Knudson, J. Brownfield, A. McClure, W. Bierman. Fourth Row: R. Discoe, D. Hulme, J. Smith, C. Lorenzen, J. Cook, G. Berke, B. Volk, R. Hild. Third Row: D. Stokebrond, G. Briggs, W, Patterson, W. Mouse!, C. K. Smith, D. Zessin, R. Bonne, D. Kasbohm, B. Skinner. Second Row: Wm. Loeffel, C. Hall, B. Kort, L. Paul, E. Mosier, R. Corkle, K. Robohm, D. Stilwell. Front Row: C. Adorns, D. Kuhlman, J. Klingenberg, A. Horing, H. Jorgen- sen, R. Volzke, B. Reed, P. Yeutter. Block and Bridle Club Sponsors HorseShow " Keep Nebraska the beef state of the nation " stands as the motto of the Block and Bridle Club. Each year an outstanding figure in the field of live- stock production is honored at the club ' s achievement banquet held in the spring. Other projects for the year included sponsoring a nationally approved quor- terhorse show and a livestock judging contest. Membership requirements are an interest in promotion of Nebraska ' s livestock industry and successful com- pletion of a three-hour course in ani- mal husbandry. The senior livestock judging team practices (or the Chicago contest. ffy t Officers: Left to right: J. Klingenberg, treasurer; H Jorgonscn, president; C. Adorns, ad- visor; A. Horing, secretary; R. Volzke, vice president. 46 The safest place in this event is on the bull ' s bock. The problem is — how do you stay up there? Betty Everhort and Ron Bath are crowned as the new Goddess of Agriculture and Whisker King. Rodeo Sparks Events At Ag Farmers Fair A weekend full of fun describes the Farmers Fair from the viewpoint of the participants and spectators. The highlight of the two-day fes- tival was the rodeo. The outstanding cowboy and cowgirl were chosen from the rodeo entries and were honored at the Cotton and Denim Dance, which was held the final evening. The God- dess of Agriculture and the Whisker King reigned at the dance. Other attractions of the fair were food booths at the rodeo, a barbeque, pie eating contests, the Dairy Royal show and a quarterhorse show. It ' s a long ten seconds until the timer ' s bell rings if they come out of the chutes like this. Ag Ec. Club: Bock Row: H. Sicler, D. Worley, M. Meierhenry, R. Burkholder, C. Brost. Second Row: K. Whaley, A. Thompson, W. Tomek, A. Mongelsen, E. Loewenstein. Front Row: 0. Kanel, D. Bucy, M. Bellinger, V. Clark, W. Potthoff. Ag Economics Club Airs Farm Program Membership in the Agriculture Economics Club is open to anyone in- terested in agriculture and its prob- lems. This year their schedule included developing a farm program and hold- ing group discussions on it with local farm groups and educators. The club maintains an extensive job opportunities file and corresponds with companies interested in employ- ing men in Agricultural Economics. Officers were Mel Bellinger, presi- dent; Don Bucy, vice president, and Larry Voss, secretary-treasurer. Agronomy Club Wins Achievement Contest Winning the National Agronomy Achievement Contest for the third con- secutive year was the high point of the season for the Agronomy Club. Projects for 1956-57 included spon- soring the annual Crop Judging and Seed Identification Contest and pub- lishing THE SEED AND SOIL, a maga- zine containing reports of experimental work done in the agronomy depart- ment. Officers were Bob Labruska, presi- dent; Bob Wiemer, secretary, and Don Pohlman, treasurer. Agronomy Club; Bock Row: W. Akeson, J. Lawless, T. Schwab, M. Meierhenry, D. Nulond, D. Hermon, K. Pitney. Third Row: W. Starr, M. Clugg, C. Johonnsen, D. Sedlak, R. Bluhm, L. Quondt, J. Svobodo. Second Row: L. Anderson, D. Siffring, W. Schutz, M. Keim, D. Upton, C. Reppert, J. Goodding. Front Row: C. Schipporeit, M. Kyes, R. Wiemer, W. Schmidt, C. Qualset, H. Atkins, R. Lebrusko, J. Cox. Varsity Dairy Club: Bacit Row: R. Hunt, M. Frjcke, R. R. Person, D. BIrchard, B. Jacobs. Third Row: VV. Wertz, N. McCaslin, D. Friedemann, L. McHcrgue, R. Sail. Second Row: L. Vawser, G. Stout, R. Pa J. Rainforth, R. Rouse. Front Row: P. Cole, A. Armbrust, R. T Turner, G. Longmore, G. Karpisek, J. Turner, M. Carrancedo, M. Harr, e, S. Kouk, M. Nielsen, B. Burhoop, rp, M. Walkup, K. Nelson. Ag Students Compete In Dairy Royal Show Varsity Dairy Club seeks to unite all students interested in dairy through having noted men in the field as guest speakers at meetings. The highlight of the year ' s program was the Dairy Royal show in which students competed in showing dairy cattle. The club sponsored a dairy prod- ucts and cattle judging contest and assisted the Agriculture Department with FFA judging contests. Officers were Richard Terp, presi- dent; Art Armbrust, vice president; Roger Hubbard, secretary-treasurer, and Merrill Walkup, publicity chair- men. Spring Rodeo Climax Of Year ' s Activities Each spring the Rodeo Club takes the spotlight on Ag campus for a week- end. The event is the annual Farmers Fair Rodeo, which is sponsored and planned by the Club. The rodeo is open to any students interested in partici- pating. Competition includes bareback rid- ing, bull dogging and calf roping for the men and the calf-catching contest and barrel race in the women ' s division. Officers were Bob Discoe, president; Ron McMillen, vice president; Rae Beerline, treasurer, and Lorajane Bas- kin, secretary. Rodeo Club: Back Row: L. Niebaum, J. Patterson, M. Nielsen, T. Riley, W. Luther, K. Redinbaugh. Third Row: W. Mitchell, C. Phillipps, E. Mosier, T. Klun, J. Samuelson, J. Ranney, G. Garner. Second Row: K. Backhaus, G. Gaylord, J. Dunse, J. White, C. Mowinkel, L. Basken, E. Ranney, D. Simonson. Front Row: A. Christie, J. Peters, D. Hunt, C. McVov, C. Hall, E. Oeltjen, R. Beerline, M. Len 49 College of Arts and Sciences Walter E. Militzer Dean of Arts and Sciences Morrill Hall ' s doors open on the post. Within the building ore exhibits from research on pre- historic life in this section of the country. What will be the results of the chcmicol rcscorch done by University students and faculty mem- bers in the fieldf of medicine ond phormocy? 50 Quest for Knowledge Staff members of the College of Arts and Sciences are engaged in re- search studies designed to improve to- day ' s culture and science. Evidence of research done by Uni- versity archeologists is found in Morrill Hall. Skeletal structures of mammoth prehistoric animals inhabit the cham- bers of the museum. The Chemistry Department is doing extensive research on the reactions of compounds which will be of value to medicine and pharmacy. Dr. Boyd Carter, professor in the Romance Language Department, was honored this year as an " officer de I ' instruction publique. " This is the higher of two awards given by the French government to educators. Dr. Carter is the first Nebraska professor to receive the award. " Off to Memphis Loke for a field trip! " The zoology laboratory class takes advantage of the Indian sum- mer as they set out on an excursion to a neor-by lake. A new member of the English staff, Korl Shapiro, noted poet ond Pulitzer Prize winner edits " The Prairie Schooner, " which he terms one of the best " little magazines " published today. 51 Accent on Research Sigma Xi, notional science honor- ory, is open to graduate students and staff members who have shown out- standing ability in scientific research. Undergraduate students ore eligi- ble for membership when they hove completed two and one-half years toward their degrees and have excelled in two or more fields of science. New members ore recommended by depart- ment heads in the various fields of science. Sigma Xi ' s encourage original in- vestigation in pure and applied sci- ences. Bock Row: R. Long, J. Rogers, D. Wurst, J. Tomon, W. Cromond, Maunder, C. Wright, L, Hummel. Second Row: I. Wagner, D. Schindler, J. Walla, J. Eagen, R. Forol, J. Wier. Front Row: G. Bannister, M. Dereig, C. Gibson, R. Christenscn, D. Coffey. Not Pictured: D. Sousek, G. Koberstein. o p £ £ ii a H BL - vx ' H - ' f H ' ' W K- -Bfl L V K B - IL h. ■■ L, H fll l p m ' m Rt - ' ' 1 K J ( I K . ' ' 3| l 1 m 1 Phi Beto Koppo: Bock Row: M Brcslow, C R. B Wright, J P Hiorlh, W Almqulit, Hocsslcr, T. Myers R. Cotton, Scholars Join PBK Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest Greek letter society and the first honorary on the University of Nebraska campus, stands for high scholarship and indi- vidual accomplishment in college work. To be eligible for membership in the organization, a student must first meet the group requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. Then from those applicants maintaining a 7.5 accumulated average, a faculty committee selects and recommends out- standing seniors. From the recommen- dations, PBK ' s are chosen. Front Row: Mrs J Stonton Moupin, L. Swilzer, S. J. Roimors. Mr ' Whitakcr Anderson, M. Rohse, B. Pogcl, H. Rosenberg, D. Knotek. Not Pictured: M. Shugrue, J. Rogeri. 52 Pi Mu Epsilon: Back Row: L. H. Front Row: T. Stitt, D. McCammon, E. Schweppe, foculty advisor; A. Heeger, director; M. Thornton, secretary; W. Kimberly, vice director. Standing: C. W right. Outstanding in Math New members of Pi Mu Epsilon were initiated at the annual banquet during the yule season. A national mathematics honorary, Pi Mu selects its members from the outstanding upperclass moth students. A spring picnic marked the initia- tion of the second semester members. Also in the spring, the annual math contest was held. The freshman and sophomore with the highest scores were rewarded. Emphasis on Language Through the study of Romance languages, members of Phi Sigma Iota, national language honorary, endeavor to develop a greater understanding of the people who speak those languages. During his term of membership each Phi Sigma Iota is required to pre- pare and present to the group a re- search project dealing with the culture of which his major language is a part. Phi Sigma Iota: Bocli Row: B. Nesmith, L. Woodrow, R. Stevens, E. Frey, C. Cohnan, B. Millnitz, J. Frenchs, B. Carter, W. Almquist, H. Ebonks. Second Row: B. Jelgerhuis, P. Alvord, C. Berry, M. Danielson, S. Holcomb, president; D. Morgan, vice president; J. Beck, secre- tary. Front Row: H. Hawke, E. Hackmon, D. Knotek, C. Ohslund, D. Turner. 53 College of Business Administration E. S. Fullbrook Dean of Business Administration At one o ' clock, students linger on the steps of the Social Science Building, hesitoting be- fore going to that dreaded afternoon lecture. Edward Schmidt, economics professor, strives to develop beneficial methods of teaching economics through research on the size of college closscs. 54 Details of Business Business enterprises flourishing throughout the nation create increased interest in courses offered by the Col- lege of Business Administration. Opportunities for future employ- ment are compiled by a placement bu- reau, which maintains contacts with national firms. The business education is supplemented by social and political training. Professors in the college find in- terests besides their regular teaching assignments, as they engage in re- search projects, deliver talks to busi- ness and civic groups, and teach spe- cial classes at local business firms. Scholarhip was recognized at the " Biz Ad Blast " when ten freshmen hav- ing the highest scholastic standing were presented gold keys by William Gold, Lincoln businessman. Robert Bingham, economics instructor, reolizes that pa- tience is necessity as he pauses to help a student who ponders over intricote problems in Statistics Loboratory. BOARD OF DIRECTORS I ' RESIDENI QUALITV CONTROL A business organization chart makes illustrations more meaningful to Business Administration Students of Charles Miller and Compbell McConneil, management end economics professors. 55 56 i Left to right: J. Fifer, historian; R. Holl, president; 0. Runnif g, secretory, H. Windeshousen, faculty advisor; W. Hofocre, treos- urer; D. Hand, chancellor; D. Versaw, senior vice president; B. Eaton, junior vice president; D. Koestcr, house manager. Chapter House Spurs Delta Sigma Pi Spirit Getting settled in a newly acquired house was o project this year of Delta Sigma Pi, professional business fra- ternity. Events of the year included smok- ers and weekly meetings; while socially, the Annual Rose Formal took prece- dence. Delta Sig ' s planned industrial tours through firms in surrounding areas; among these was a visit of estab- lishments in Denver. Bi-annually the Delta Sig emblem is presented to an outstanding member for his scholarship, work and leader- ship in the chapter. Mr», Moo Wilton, houicmothcr, listens to the mole view- points of Dick Meyer, Jerry Lincoln, and Howard Benson. i A trophy, o crown of roses, and o smile ore prevolcnt OS Carol Bcottic reigns as 19S6 Rose of Delta Sigma Pi. -- ' »r« ( T« Cj. rL il l Eaton, B., ' 57 Kelly, B., ' 58 Lynch M., ' 58 Peters, E., ' 58 Asche, R., ' 58 Fifer, J., ' 59 Koester, D., ' 57 Manderloh, R., ' 59 RounsQvell, J., ' 57 Versow, D,, ' 57 DuToit, John Lynch, G., ' 60 Pointer, Watson, 57 Honorary Promotes Business Progress Alpha Kappa Psi, national business professional, helped sponsor fellow- ships for students interested in busi- ness. President Jerry Nissan represented the chapter at the national convention held in Detroit. Delegates participated in tours of the city ' s business firms and initiated Harlow M. Curtis, president of General Motors, into the professional society as an honorary member. Members held noon luncheons smokers, professional panels, and the annual initiation banquet. In the spring a tour of industries in Houston, Tex. was taken. Rushccs interested in the business world become ocquainted with Alpho Kappa Psi ' s at an evening smoker. Officers D. Dahlgren, M. Carlson, A. Rosen end J. Nissen know thot details pile up at crucial times. D. Pocros, B. Mathews and S. McCammon discover bulletin boards serve as reminders of meetings. 58 Andreason Gillespie McCammon 59 Executive Board. Bock Row: J. Ookford, S. Koberstein, A. Curtis. Front Row: K. Jeffrey, J. Johnson, president; R. Bourne, foculty advisor. P. Nixon, vice president; J. Sender. Phi Chi Thcto and Beto Gomn, j ■ , presidents, J. Johnson and P. Downs, discuss business views. Business Aspirants Contemplate Future Women develop the policy that men are not the only participants in the business world through their work in Phi Chi Theta, national professional so- rority. Bi-monthly meetings offer mem- bers a chance to meet outstanding business women and to tour local busi- ness establishments. Business Administration seniors who rank in the top ten percent of their class are given recognition when se- lected for Beta Gamma Sigma, national honorary society. The group ' s 61 chap- ters share ideas through the " Beta Gamma Sigma Exchange. " Beta Gamma Slgmo: Back Row: H. Rank, J. Rounia- vi-ll, D Bootlchcr, L. Jonei. Front Row: D. McCommon, P. Downs, president; P. Nixon, L. Strosheim. 60 College of Dentistry Bert L. Hooper Dean of Dentistry J. C. Houserman disregards surrounding clinic operations and devotes his attention to the exacting task of fitting a newly cast inlay. Acquiring ability through proctice, freshman Harvey West learns to handle dental materiols by casting accurate models of his own teeth. 61 Scheduling necessary dental treatment requires that Dr. Keith Gilbert first examine an X-ray plate of the skull. Correct or Prevent The College of Dentistry has one of the most modern oral surgery units in the notion. Completed this fall, it has three operatories and large surgery, examination, and recovery rooms. Clinical work provides practical experience in all phases of dentistry for junior and senior students. The graduate program integrates corrective and children ' s dentistry. In cooperation with the other branches of medicine and with the Crippled Children ' s Service the faculty is making preliminary plans for a team of specialists to rehabilitate children afflicted with cleft palates and hair lips. The college claims the distinction of having two graduates, C. D. Deford and A. R. Harris, among the six rear admirals in the U. S. Navy Dental Corps. The opportunity to work with new equipment gives added incentive to these junior dent students in mostering the oral surgery technique thot Dr. W. W. Webster demonstrotes. 62 H. S. Watson ' s manner calms his young Orthopedic patient. ■■Si m Before planning dental work Darrel Moreland X-rays his patient ' s jaw. Dr. Gordon Mognusson does some preliminary spot welding preparatory to fitting corrective braces on his patient. 63 College of Engineering Roy M. Green Dean of Engineering « St) ' ffll ihiHiei Electrical engineer! ond physiciiti eipcrimcnl with electrical transformers, generators ond voltmeters in Ferguson Holl, their laboratory. Dr. Jomes Weber, heading research activities in the chemicol engineering department, meas- ures closely the resistonce of o copper pip«. 64 Survey and Design Situated on the southwestern side of the campus are the power and chemical laboratories which serve the College of Engineering. Within these laboratories are the T-squares, test tubes and elec- tric transformers which are tools of the engineering students. Engineering College has the largest enrollment of colleges on this campus with 707 in five major departments. Each year the faculty views na- tional engineering progress and makes adjustments in its own program. This year the College ' s first nuclear engi- neering course was introduced for sen- iors. Many undergraduates each summer gain experience working as engineer- ing apprentices to their future employ- ers in Nebraska. They receive informa- tion on these opportunities through the College. At work in the power laboratory, these electrical engineering students record the effects of a current tronsformer. Professors H. T. Botes, E. B. Meier, J. S. Blackman ond O. E. Edison observe the testing of concrete blocks. These experiments are conducted in the testing laboratory of Bancroft Hall. 65 «» M ' i ASME: Bock Row: D. Mottox, J. Warner, E. Splittberger, C. Johnson, G. Rothwell, J. Moyer. Seventh Row: R Koehn R Krouse, V. Volosek, J. Weover, A. Witte, R. Christionsen, B. Morris, G Andersen, R. Sfruss, D. Ashley. Sixth Row: D. Johnson, J. Hogon, M. Wigren, H. Dingmon, D. Hervey, F. Ostdiek, C Spindler, R. Rich, K. TeScllc, J. Murroy, C. Wylie. Fifth Row: D Scheer ' _. Krzycki, R. Arensdorf, M. Goodding, C. Ellis, D. Hill, R. Styskol, G. Johnson Fourth Row: E Berdnek R. Smidt, D. Cisney, W. Kompfe, E. Moser, C. Sheets, A. Peters, R. Lisms, K. Goettsche, B. Weils, G. Work. Third Row: D Crispin R. Wichmon, B. Hughes, D. Schock, P. Schuetz, J. Forss, W. Brody, L. Belz, C. Hide, M. Almquist. Second Row: R Robb D. Buchonon, R. Morushok, W. Zempel, H. McMillen, W. Adonn, M. Plugge, H. Abts, R. Strasheim, R. Olson, T. AnderMn. Front Row: D Colemon, M. Melcher, R. Green, K. Wullschleger, J. Mortensen, V. Kemp, B. Bittinger, L. Kniffin, S. Owens, W. Altstodt, J. Proft. ASAAE ' s Emphasize Study of Mechanics Whenever conversation turns to statements about needle-valves, crank shaft bearings and V-8 engines, a mechanical engineering student is usually present. At meetings of the American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers, mem- bers heard speeches on nuclear energy, caterpillar engines and the automatic control problems of piloted aircraft. ASME members also endeavor to strengthen student-faculty relations in the College. Pi Tau Sigma Unites Student Engineers Closer friendship among top me- chanical engineering students is de- veloped through Pi Tau Sigma, na- tional honorary mechanical engineer- ing fraternity. The fraternity presents a display for E-Week, is the co-sponsor of the mechanical engineering spring banquet and sends letters of informa- tion to new mechanical engineering students. Members are chosen for scholar- ship, personality and engineering ability. Pi Tou Sigi Bock Row: Second Ro« Front Row f Ostdirk A Z Johnson, S ., R. Robb, D D. Colemon. BlocrrcndGOl. W. Adorn. Buchonon, W. Kompfe. J Hogon arts, R. Kessler, C. Hanna, D. Zimmerman, W. Dyer, H. Brunk, D. Neben, R. Strayer. Fourth Row: R. Hyatt, M. Frahm, M. Seagren, B. Clapham, D, Rockwell, W. Day, D. Lovgren, E. Olson, C. Stearley, H. Steele, K. Plog, L. Glover, P. Hagedorn, J. Schenck. Third Row: D. Sorensen, D. Tondl, D. Whitney, R. Carlson, J. Yokomizo, H. Collins, H. Devries, R. Terry, W. Underwood, C. Rader, C. Crites, J. Gregory, V. Schoep, C. Stewart. Second Row: J. Maclay, R. Bailey, N. Lindsay, F. Bowen, G. Hildreth, B. Clement, V. Musil, F. Holm, R. Gallawa, G. Spence, A. Edison, D, Desler. Fronf Row: R. Dventer, B. Woolard, B. Maeden, W. Fober, D. Redman, O. L ' Heureux, B. Converse, R. Diedrictis, D. Solmon, B. Ramsey. AIEE-IRE Fosters Individual Research Behind the walls of Ferguson Hall, electrical experiments are being at- tempted by future electrical engineers. Organized into the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Insti- tute of Radio Engineers, they meet to present their own technical reports. This year a General Motors engi- neer told members of the electrical fea- tures and technical advancements in the 1957 automobile. Eta Kappa Nu Takes Talented Engineers Electrical engineering students with exceptional interest and marked ability strive for close cooperation through Eta Kappa Nu, national honorary electrical engineering fraternity. At the initiation banquet, a schol- arship award is presented to a man se- lected from the top three junior mem- bers. Photographs of engineering sen- iors are taken which will be used for job application information. Eta Koppo Nu: Back Row: J. Ball, D. Gray, O. Staccers, P. Krause, W. Clement, L. Warnke. Front Row: E. Vachal, T. Stitt, G. Spen ce, J. Williams, K. Plog, D. Nelson. AlChE: Bock Row: L. Jock, R. Lonlz G Ookeioo. G. Fi»k, E. Trov- nicek. Fourth Row: I. Lockord. S Chang, R. Bclknop. £. Folk, K. Almenos, Third Row: J. Thomoi, J. Stein- meycr, D. Wcifzel, J. Voiroo . A. Konopik. Second Row: D. Koch, W. Ehretl, A Munoim, W. Horn, R. Sirvd- Icr, H. Kumogoi. Front Row: J. Weber, B. Heyne, W. Kimberly, R. Kissinger, R Nielsen, J. Sinor. Inventors and Designers of Tomorrow Future chemical engineers are banded together through the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. This gives them an opportunity to discuss new developments, such as rocket fuels and plastics, and to organize them- selves for E-Week. Skill in drawing through the use of the T-square, compass, and triangle is the goal of the American Institute of Architects. They meet to discuss de- signing and landscaping with Ne- braska architects. In the spring the an- nual Archictects Picnic is held. AIA: Bock Row: E SIrasheim, C. McAfee, D. Wees, J. Hooker, R. Severs, J. Jirousek, F. Stosney, R. Roy. Fifth Row: P. Schmitz, 8. Cover, J, Graver, J. Oahlmeier, P. Zucker, R. Kelley, J. Budler, Fourth Row: J. Voccoro, G. Ruck, R, Dunn, J, Gorup, N. Helm, M. Pudists, C. Beordsiee, ). Rudd, K. Dzonis, D. Bobcock, D. Broy, R. Mcsfl. Third Row: E Wright, T. Houser, R. Allen, J. Lighfner, D. Linstrun, L. Melhoff, L. Howthorne, L. Hossock, F. Isoocson. Second Row: E. Adminis, M. Morooridgc, L. Vcrmetr, J. Junge, E. Roimon, R. Moore, K, Klostermeycr, J. Johnson, R. Boyd. Front Row: ) R.-.-.I.t, D " nt In, I llah-- ' ai M Vo-pk, I 5- cnr r g .Ojp r o n ASCE: Bock Row: J. Williams, R. Breese, D. Hobson, E. Wilkie, K. Turecek, P. Dantz, D. Thorpe, L. Wutke, R. Dreossen, L. Kinghom, D. Rogge, J. Pfister, R. Westmor4, H. Brind ' le , B, Riley, B. Young. Fourth Row: B. Benton, D. Albee, G. Warner, R. Reed, J. Risser, W. Speece. D. Toillion, C. Crowe, N. Chuang, D, Swaim, R. Erixson, R. Oplond. Third Row: W. Meier, L. Briggs, H. Tayeb, R. Clifton, F. Shores, C. Hruby, P. Kundzins, R. Fredrickson, D. Phillips, R. Hazard, R. Noll, R. Balfour. Second Row: R. Eddy, L. Baker, J. Kinnier, J. Cramer, D. Mansfield, L. Dye, K. Roddy, J. Souders, E. Meier, W. Linder, D. McNulty, E. Carlson. Front Row: R. Burkheimer, M, Volf, R. Farnham, D. Yocom, J. Ficke, M. Eornest, R. Getsfred, S. Lyon, M. Sorensen, G. Fullerton, K. Meyer. Engineers Concentrate on Opportunities The familiar sight of tripods, level rods and measuring tape stretched across the campus lawns represents the work of the civil engineering stu- dents. The American Society of Civil Engineers meets every other week to hear speeches by professionals on the opportunities for graduates in this state. Modern developments in farm ma- chinery, planting and fertilization come from the Agricultural Engineers. Ag Engineers compete with other uni- versities by writing news articles and by participating in various group and individual activities. The winner re- ceives the Form Equipment Institute Trophy. Ag Engineers: Bock Row: C. Goering, S. Nel- son, C. Penton, F. Yung, P. Fischboch, G. Petersen, R. Beck- er, D. Drews. Third Row: G. Kelday, C. Sipio, N. Peorce, W. Wolford, W. De- Belly, V. Kotrc, M. Mumgaord, D. Fritz. Second Row; D. Heermann, R. Waddington, J. Hayes, D. Beins, R. Andrews, G. Boumert, J. Horgleroad. Front Row: H. Bader, N, Patel, R. Moser, L. Nelson, K. Jensen, J. Boning, J. Sulek. Engineering Progress Reported by Blueprint " Nebraska Blueprint, " a magazine edited by students in the College of En- gineering, not only covers the achieve- ments of Nebraska ' s engineering stu- dents but presents the latest scientific discoveries in the United States. Arti- cles ore written on such subjects as photography, plastic houses and mili- tary airplanes. Student reporters compete for pub- lication of their articles in contests sponsored by the College. At the E- Week banquet in the spring. Blueprint award keys are presented to staff mem- bers who have given outstanding serv- ice during the year. ' Senior Editorial Staff: Bock Row: 0. Limtcum. R. Berner, D. Bourn, H Drcimonis. Front Row: J. Sinor, B. Youon, J. Sctmoor Publication Board: Bock Row: J SoucJeii, P. Cortcili, R. Bcrocr. Front Row: T Smith. J. Pouition. Junior Editorial SteM: Bock Row: L. Wcktorbock, B. Clophom, D. Menkt- J. Wilhorm. Front Row: D. Schofcr, M. Seagrer , G. Frenzel. 70 Roger Berger Editor Business Staff: Back Row: G, Warner, H. Dingman, B. Simmonds, S. Harglerood. Front Row: D. Bray, L. Miller, J. Souders, R. Hutchins. Reporters Vic Musil, Jerry Sinor, and Bob Young criticize their own articles in the " Blueprint. " Jim Souders Business Manager 71 SIGMA TAU National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity in the College of Engineering Herbert Abts Wallace Adam Darrell Albee Glen Anderson Gary Baltzer Rowen Belknap Stan Bloemendaal Dale Buchanan William Clement Dennis Coleman John Dahlmeier Willis Day Harry Dingman Wallace Dyer Melvin Earnest John Pagan Richard Fall John Forss George Fullerton Robert Gollawa Jack Gardner Robert Getsfred Donald Gray James Hagan Dale Hedman Bernard Heyne Von Innes Donald James James Jirik William Kompfe Willard Kinghorn Richard Kissinger Walter Linder Leonard Lindgren Douglas Mansfield Nathan Miller Russell Nielsen Francis Ostdiek Kenneth Plog Roger Robb Kimball Roddy John Scanlon Darrell Schindler Roger Schutte Glenn Scott John Skinner Van Shaw France Sowokinos Harold Sorensen James Souders Gary Spence Thomas Stitt Rolland Strasheim Thomas Thomsen Elvin Vachal Robert Westmore James Williams Kenneth Wilson Arvel Witte Terry Wright Leo Wutke Junior Yokomizo Faculty advisor, K. N. Newhouse 72 College of Low Edmund O. Belsheim Dean of the College of Law Inside the brick building on the corner the men who study law prepare for their careers as counselors of and advisors to the people. Law students find research material among the " stacks " — shelves of books in which ore re- corded laws from early times to the present. 73 College Adds Annex To its present library of 50,000 vol- umes, the College of Law is adding an extension. When completed the annex will provide study and typing rooms and " stacks " for shelving over 100,000 volumes. The College, in cooperation with the Barristers ' Club and the Lincoln Bar Association, conducts the Legal Aid Bureau. The bureau was established to provide legal advice and assistance to persons who are not able to pay an attorney ' s fee. In collaboration with the Nebraska State Bar Association, the students publish the " Nebraska Law Review " as a service to state lawyers. Students graduating in the upper ten per cent of the class are eligible for membership in the Order of the Coif, national law school honorary. Future lawyers practice their powers of concentration in a bridge game, as they take time from a busy day ' s routine for a session of cords, conversation and lunch. What do lawyers talk about when they don ' t talk about law? Profcstori Scott Von Alstync, David Dow, Henry Grcthcr end Frederick Bcutel ditcuti lost Sundoy afternoon ' s golf gams. 74 Cases, Courts, Books Late night hours find a student pouring over the lows and statutes which provide the basis for his career. Moot Court Board of Advisors: Back Row: J. Baldwin. Third Row: N. Krevosho, S. Sweet. Second Row: B. Moonev, R. Cov, D. Childs. Front Row: G. Nohl, D. Buns, J. Snyden, D. Roymond, C. Fitzke Jones, C. Jensen. Otflccn: R MIodovich, social choirmon, P. Geeten, nx gistor, G Groy, hiitorion. Not Pictured: J Wiihnow, excKiequer. " Phi Delto Phi Together " — Howord Trocy, song chairman, leads practice of songs to be sung at the next meeting. Two Participate in Moot Court Meet Nebraska ' s chapter of Phi Delta Phi, professional law fraternity, was represented at the regional division of Moot Court competition by Patrick Healey and Jerrod Strasheim, two members of Nebraska ' s three-man team. The squad won first place honors at the meet. Phi Delta Phi is dedicated to the in- tellectual and social advancement of its members. Luncheons twice a month feature guest speakers. 76 Bock Row: W. Wolph, L. Stew art, S. Sweet, C. Wright, D Somp on, M. Becker, P. Robin- son, Jr., D. Rocko, F. Sterns. Fourth Row: B Hill, C Noble H. Polo , Jr O. Gloss, I. Mc Elhoney, S. Snyder, R. Thomp son, M. Grocn. Third Row: D Burns, G. Spcnce T Snyder, W. Moonoy, D Ho monn, T, Huston, J, Boldwin F. BorrctI, J. Hicks Second Row: D. Erickson, D Marti, D. Jones, W, Lorensen D. Coporole, P. Heole , H Trocy. Front Row: J Barton, I. Bohde, Jr., N. Voilzor, R. Mladovich P. Gceson, J. Stirti, 8, Wishnow N. Krivosho. Back Row: L. Weber, L. Billings, H. Gofh, B. Barton, D, Miftli- stadt, J. Parmelee. Second Row: J. Burger, R. Con- over, R. Coy, L. Knopp, J. Prien, Jr. Front Row: G. Sohl, J. Phillips, D. Keene, G. Null. Delta Theta Phi ' s Hold Annual Banquet This year Nebraska and Creighton University chapters of Delta Theta Phi, professional law fraternity, held a joint banquet in honor of national Founders ' Day and initiation. A guest speaker was featured. Twice monthly NU Delta Theta Phi ' s met with faculty members and Lincoln lawyers for a noon luncheon. Topics of discussion included current professional problems and pertinent political issues. Left to right: D. Keene, vice president; J. Phillips, president; J. Pormelee, public relations; G. Null, secretory. Delta Theta Phi members review a scholarship letter sent by the national fraternity office. College of Medicine J. p. Tollman Deon of Medicine F..I ot Ihou ' .ond-. of pntM nC, nuf.. •■ and studuntt hove hollowL-d the itcpi to the mom entrance of the Univcrtity Hospital in Omaha. By compering slidet of normol and diseoscd tis- sue, sophomore Arnold Foulk learns to recogniic the effect diseases have on human body tissues. 78 Challenge of Heal th All units in the new Psychiatric In- stitute of the College of Medicine be- gan operation this year. Under joint jurisdiction of the Board of Regents and the State Board of Control, the in- stitute admits patients from the entire state and correlates the state-wide sys- tem of mental health clinics. Located in Omaha, the University Hospital is set up as a teaching labora- tory for students in the medical arts and as a care center for residents of Nebraska who are unable to meet the cost of private hospitalization. Volunteer physicians throughout the state form a nucleus for the highly skilled faculty. Development of an artificial heart that circulates the blood during deli- cate heart operations marked a mile- stone in cardiovascular surgery. While making ward rounds, student nurse Sandy Wells and med student Lee Smith help Dr. T. E. Bilom set up apparatus for beginning on intravenous feeding F. L. Dunn and H. G. Beenker devote mony hours to instructing medical students in the com- plexities of internal medicine. Their contribution to the field is the development of this artificial kidney that performs the functions of human kidneys during abdominal operations. 79 T iofo Nu: Bock Row: B. Mortin, 0. Cun r D Goin, J. Shone, L. R. Meyc Second Row: M Louff, L Her- morn, D. Nickmon. E F Powell. First Row: C. Dobr, , R. Heits. R Pcllcv Not Pictured: A. Weover. R. Schneider, Pre-med Groups Investigate Professions Visits to local institutions and corre- spondence with a Korean pre-med stu- dent who plans to attend the University were features of the program of Theta Nu, pre-med honorary. President Jim Shane conducted the meetings. Qualifications for membership are a 6,5 accumulated average for 45 se- mester hours and previous membership in Nu Med. Speakers, demonstrations and films, designed to familiarize students with professional opportunities in the vari- ous medical fields, were on the Nu Med program this year. Lee Herman presided over the monthly meetings. The organization ' s membership of sixty was composed of students inter- ested in pre-med, pre-nursing and pre- medical technology. Nu Med: Bock Row: M. Denenberg, C, Erick %on, F. Colon, H, Hoggslrom, G Lecnerti, J. Shone, R. Peterson J. Bore, L. Hermann, FIMh Row: L, Epstein, C. Doane, R Suiter, J. Price, P. Vencill, P. Greg ory, R. Settles, R. Dorwart, J. Souls bury, J. Peck, D. Goin, R, Heiss, J P. Tollman, E. F. Powell. Fourth Row: D. Nickmon, A. Kvc tensky, C. Orr, H. Zodmo, A. Nord Strom, Z. Long, J. Westcrhoff, L Me er, R. Pelly, M. Blum, J. Zig boose, R. Loken, R. Schneider, G Aksomit. Third Row: E. Mclkers, K, Sorenson C. Johnson, A. Domino, L. DcLisIc F Ruckinghom, J. Williams, W Morsh, O. Cruise, H. Cruise, R Cotlrcll, M. Lohtf. Second Row: C. Helgren, J. Nickel J. Johnson, S. McConnell, G. Loosch ' en, H. Hordison, N. Gosch, J Boloosingh, L. Schwerdtfeger, H Fair, H. Rounsborg, J. Lutton, J Cook. Front Row: R. Harris, G. Cooper S, Decker, E. Horper, G. LeCron P. Warren, R, Carlton, A. Porg, C Pohlmon, W, Becker, R. Wollers, A. Ediger, S. Honey. 80 Members: Back Row: E. Sweet, D. Unvert, M. Cosand, R. Latta, R. Gentry, R. Waring, J. Christensen, N. Goldenberg, L. Nilson. Front Row: G. Payne, M. Scott, R. Waters, M. Crawford. Alpha Omega Alpha Initiates Fifteen Unanimous vote of the active chap- ter elected thirteen senior students and two alumni members to Alpha Omega Alpha, national medical college hon- orary. Members ore selected from stu- dents who hove completed at least nine quarters of the four-year medical cur- riculum and hove met the high scholar- ship and moral qualifications. Alpha Omega Alpha is the medical equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha, the only chapter in the state, was founded at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in 1914. Ward patients ' charts must be examined before N. Golden- berg, L. Nilson and J. Christensen can prescribe treatment. 81 College of Pharmacy J. B. Burt Deon of Pharmacy Organizations Direct Pharmacy Activities The American Pharmaceutical As- sociation is the only national organiza- tion representing the professional in- terests of pharmacy. The Student Branch of the APhA augments the sen- ior placement program by planning tours to acquaint students with careers open to graduates. Verde! Ruwe wielded the gavel at monthly meetings. Interest and scholarship determine election to Kappa Epsilon, professional pharmacy sorority. For the last two years Beta chapter hos won the na- tional scholarship trophy. President Kathleen McCullough directed the Founders ' Day Banquet. Pharmacy dean, J. B. Burt, was named an honorary member of Kappa Psi, professional pharmacy fraternity. James Arntzen led group activities as president. OHiccrs of APhA, Koppa Epiilon and Koppo Psi formulofo plant for the annual pharmacy dinncr-doncc. The dance givci o change of pace fo lab-weary pharmacy itudcnft. 82 Formulas for Health The College of Pharmacy antici- pates completion of its scientifically modern building in September of 1 957. Expansion of laboratory floor space will eliminate crowded, obsolete labs. The " New Products Lab " will provide greater opportunity for seniors and graduate students to gain experience in drug research. Under supervision pharmaceutical seniors dispense and compound pre- scriptions for Student Health. The new, extended five-year curriculum meets the requirements of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Dr. Barro E. Tyler attended two European conferences to study the bio- synthesis of saphrophytic alkaloids. Developing a successful method for artificial culture of these alkaloids, essential to the production of numer- ous drugs, would make the United States independent of the world mar- ket. Sfudents hove offended class in Pharmacy Building since 1885 buf will soon move info newly complefed Lymon Hall. Dr. L. D. Small demonsfrafes fhe technique of measuring liquid into molds without spilling. G. Buckner, J. Sweeney and J. Schronewise observe closely before they attempt fhe procedure. 83 Teachers College Frank E. Henzlik Dean of Teachers College fhruugh thu in trucliun in iJucotionol proCCtlCS offered by Teachers College, the students of today study to become the teachers of tomorrow. Professors Walter Beggs, Lorcn Bonncau and Dalc Hoyes arc working on a program of community im- provement and education in four Ncbroska towns 84 Those Who Teach Growth in enrollment in the public schools has greatly increased the de- mand for teachers. Students who are training to be- come teachers receive a broad educa- tion, stressing academic courses as well as education courses. The curriculum offers special classes which deal with the instruction of the mentally re- tarded, physically handicapped and gifted children. Through practice teaching, prospective teachers gain ac- tual experience in classroom procedure. Working in the freshman guidance program gives juniors and seniors coun- seling training. Students discuss educational prob- lems and future plans with faculty members of the Dean ' s Advisory Com- mittee, headed by Dean Frank Henzlik. Practice teaching provides Judy Hope with some needed confidence and experience, for she realizes that first graders present problems not covered by the textbook. Instructors Mary Forney, Jane Stewart and Marion Nickerson check the mechanics of a mimeo- scope machine to be assured that it is in perfect order for classes in Commercial Arts. 85 Bock Row: M. Gunlicks. B. Jorm. K Christenscn, J. Frertchi. S. Bozont, P Molony, C, Anderson. Fourth Row: M. Woechter, B Tebo. M Thompson, C. Dnshaus, J. Heoinef, B Moote Third Row: S Hutchcrwn. J. Roll. M Ooniclion, I. Smith. P. Chord. S Hinklc M McCune. Second Row: L. Wollin. L. Kottlcr. R Luckc. N. Tucker. J. Srtell, ). Elliott Front Row: C. Hought, M. Dow. E Hemphill, B. Rystrom, M. Elder. H Gourloy. K. Glcoson, Officers: E. Hemphill, vice president, B. Rystrom, president; J. Cholupc, corresponding secretory; V. Hudson, recording secretory. Education Inspires Pi Lambda Theta ' s Junior and senior women majoring in education are eligible for Pi Lambda Theta, Teachers College honorary. Membership is based on scholarship, personality and professional interest. Different aspects of teaching are studied by Pi Lambda Theta ' s at monthly meetings, as guest speakers discuss their teaching experiences. In the spring junior and senior women, outstanding in scholarship, are honored by the group at a tea. Iniliot and J r,, M. Donictson, J. Spiok, N Tucker hope to ottoin high teaching stondords 86 Back Row: H. Lepley, W. Reeves, D. Dutcher, G. Torczon, B. Hawkins, D. Brittenhom, J. Fleming, L. Torczon, D. Dworok, D. Brondt. Third Row; D. Aten, R. Long, F. Ingold, L. Roberts, E. Gross, H. Good, N. Prince, J. Walker, J. Appleget. Second Row: L. Dillon, D. Huwaldt, K. France, R. Fallstead, J. Londwer, C. Wear, C. Miller, J. Frczier, W. Wax. Front Row: J. Geier, J. Ringlein, W. Strickler, L. Birkel, R. MacDonoid, J. Murphy, D. Carroll, R. Hohensee, R. Wolfe. Bob MacDonoid and J. D. Geier, faculty sponsor, contend that competitive feeling instigates group cooperation. Officers: D. Carroll, guide; J. Murphy, vice president; R. MacDonoid, president; C. E. Miller, district counselor; L. Birkel, secretary. Phi Epsilon Kappa ' s: Our Future Coaches Tau chapter of Phi Epsilon Kappo, national physical education fraternity, has gained national recognition by win- ning the " National Efficiency Plaque " two of its existing three years. Membership is limited to upper- class majors or minors in physical edu- cation who have an accumulated aver- age of 4.5. Sponsoring basketball and baseball clinics for Lincoln children and setting up an activities program for a local or- phanage are projects of PEK. 87 College of Fine Arts David B. Foltz Choirmon of Deportment of Music J I - Among the most modern thcotro in the midwest, the facilities of Howell Theatre provide drama students with increoscd incentive to perform. Original scon- compositions ri-liicf training and knowledge that music students receive tn closscs of harmony, counterpoint end theory. 88 Esthetic Expression The School of Fine Arts is composed of the Departments of Music, Art and Speech. Recent expansions and ad- vancements in these departments have aided students and faculty members in developing expression through the arts. Five nationally recognized perform- ers and specialists in their field were added to the music department. Ex- perimentation and testing were carried on in the speech department ' s new $5,000 hearing rehabilitation center. Works by the faculty and graduates of the art department were shown in a six-state exhibition of painting, sculp- ture, graphics and drawing. With a grant from the Ford Foundation a film series, " The Art of the Theatre, " which will be seen throughout the country was produced by the speech depart- ment for educational TV and school distribution. Using live models, ort students develop their creotive ability and self expression by instruction in drawing, painting and sculpture classes offered in art courses. Hearing tests become a gome for children when conducted by Lucile Cypreanson. Experi- menting and testing reveal that hearing defects may be sources of speech difficulties. 89 Pat Ai-crd, recording secretory: Corol Newell, vice preiidcnt; Gerre Swonson, president. AAu Phi Uses Talent To Aid Local Charity Putting musical talent to charitable use, Mu Phi presented a Christmas pro- gram for the Good Will Industries. Alums and octive members combined their efforts in another program, " Tri- logy of Music, Dance, and Drama. " Throughout the year the Mu Phi clarinet quartet and " beauty shop " quartet were in demand to provide en- tertainment at dinners and banquets. As a national professional music sorority, Mu Phi requires ability and appreciation of its members to aid in their advancement in the field of music. After a successful performonce these Mu Phi ' s get to know the stors of their puppet show. Bock Row: V. Stokkc, B. Soronicn, L. Wotson, J, Sfoven, A. Bdncow, L. Mcldrum, C. Ncwetl, P. Alvord. Sacond Row: J. Hucftio, C. Booii- acr, M. Kampmon, S. Mansfield, J, Schmidt, B. Brelond, G. Swonson. Front Row: D. Wood, C. Boswell, P. I. RoehrkOHC, M. J. Door, B. Owon%, S. Souvoin. 90 Bock Row: E. Petersen, M. L. Prof- tir, M. Mills, L. Panwitz, B. Brack- hahn, 5. Sacks, S. Evans. Front Row: A. Hermes, S. Johnson, L. Stephens, J. Jenkins, B. Corska- don. Music majors can ' t resist the tempting candy, cookies and cakes displayed by DO ' s at their annual bake sole. Delta Omicron Gives Music Scholarship Delta Omicron awards a scholar- ship each year to aid a music major in furthering her education. High scho- lastic standing is required of all mem- bers of this national professional music sorority. Combining pleasure and service Delta Omicron sold baked goods for the MocDowell charity fund and presented Christmas programs for local hospitals. In keeping with the C hristmas season the group also presented a vesper serv- ice for the public. " American Music " was the theme of a concert given in March. Officers: Lois Ponwitz, president; Ma Evens, second ice president; Beverly Corskodon, Lou Protfitt, secretary; Susonne ice president. Back Row: P. Koputsko, S. Halligan M. L, Gunlicks, C. Asbury, R. Kinne, J. Roach, G. King. Second Row: W. Rosenfhol, R. Weeks, M. Grunwold, S. McPeck, B. Meston, G Chob, P. Molony. First Row: N. Bossord, C. Berber, L Ripo, Y. Ross, C. Novotny, 8. Borcher. SAI Recital Honors American Composers In a " Contemporary Symposium, " Sigma Alpha Iota, professional music sorority, presented modern music by American composers. This recital of contemporary music was given in con- nection with the music department SAI ' s find time for expression of all kinds of music in their informal mu- sicals held each month. Developing a music program at LARC School has been a service proj- ect of SAI. Individual members aid in teaching music and preparing special programs for the children. " Practice ond more procttcc " — the SAI woodwind cnscm bic listens to helpful suggestions given by their director G. Shidclcr, province president, gives advice to NU chapter prciidont P. Molony on mufic icores. 92 Sinfonia members perform and di- rect their foil and spring concerts. tr j l HV H|n mm jtall ' JK BIi ¥ B 1 jP PP p Hit ja V iV ij mj l Sinfonia Recreates 16th Century Music Music of the Middle Ages was brought to life in the fall concert by Sinfonia, national music fraternity. In contrast Sinfonia devoted a spring con- cert to American music. Sinfonia spreads Christmas spirit by giving a party for the School of Mu- sic. Before vacation the campus echoes with music as Sinfonia goes caroling. Sinfonia does not limit its member- ship to music majors. Dedication to music is the primary qualification in the nation ' s largest music fraternity. Sinfonia members revert to the 16th century as they plo- music written for recorders, ancient wooden instruments. Bock Row: T. Gillilond, historian; R. Moag, freosun Thomas, secretary; R. Beadell, advisor; W. Bush, director; W. Carlson, aiumni secretary. Front Row: A. Ziegelbein, warden; W. Hatcher, vice dent; W. Priest, president. Delta Phi Delto: Bock Row: L Mokepeace, P. Eden, M. Spomer, A. Dougia C. Geisort, L. Hermann, J. Bender. Second Row: C. Campbell, S. Finnerty, J. Cantrell, S. Gai Front Row: J. Aunspough, M. Plymole, J. Lumbard. Not Pictured: A. Beynon, A. Pyle, R. Schultze. J. MacConnell, Organizations Seek Colorful Expression Representatives from the Nebraska chapter of Delta Phi Delta attended the convention of this national art honorary in Chicago this year. Jim McConnell presented art work of several members for judging at the notional meeting. These student artists made and sold original Christmas cords and gave a party for their art instructors. As a service to the University of Nebraska Art Galleries the group held teas at the opening of art shows. Members of Delta Sigma Rho, na- tional speech honorary, and the varsity debate squad traveled to colleges in near-by states to compete in speech and debate tournaments. On campus the group sponsored an annual extempora- neous speaking contest. Prizes were awarded to the winning individual, so- rority and fraternity. Delta Sigma Rho: Back Row: M. Eiklcbcrr , D Rhocdci. K. Snider, D. Montgomery, J. McGoffcy. B. Kendoll, J. Sellcniin, 0. Shugruo, P. Tompkins Front Row: D. Olson, D Andrews, C. Hurst, N Copclond, S. Reimers, B Bacon, L. Laoso. 94 f L B J L. t V ' ' ' - 1 - J U 1 - ' • A Symphonic band presents con- certs on campus and on tours. NU Band Performs for Students, State Music fills Memorial Stadium when the men of the ROTC marching band entertain football spectators with pre- cision drills and designs. Women band members provide skits at the half-time ceremonies. During the winter and spring the band divides into two units, Varsity and Collegiate. Varsity band acts as a " good-will ambassador " for the Univer- sity, presenting concerts to high schools throughout the states. Both bands play at basketball games and give spring concerts on campus. Band officers relax with Director Donald Lentz after presenting a half-time show on Saturday. Collegiate bond members spend hours rehearsing individually and together for a public concert. M wi i , ! i i W yp i fM i iaiJl!t i J " Alip i j| i ri Gamma Lambda Sells NU Band Recordings Gamma Lambda, band service fra- ternity, designs the card section which supplements the colorful half-time show presented for football crowds. Band members appreciate the stimu- lating coffee Gamma Lambda provides at games. The group assists in orgon- izing bond trips and promotes the sale of bond records on these trips. Membership is open to band mem- bers in their third semester of partici- pation. Gamma Lambda is affiliated with Kappa Kappa Psi, national band fraternity. Adding to the Bond Day spectacle, a lorgcr, rc-orga section flashes designs planned by Gomma Lombda liicd cord members. k Row: E Molzer, M. Blum. O. Thomos, F. Shoughnessy, J. McElhoney, M. Fegley, J. Imig, E rd Row: B Moog, R. Dovis, R. Oehnng, K. Walker, J. Nyquist, A. Ziegelbein, D. Schindler. ond Row: W. Reist, J. McKie, N. Schuermon, F. Tirro, B Heiss, B. McClory, G. Eagleton. nf Row: W. Roecke, D. Lentz, S. Rudeen, R. B ue, P Coffmon, W. Friest, A. Epstein, E. Hirsch. 96 Music students experience a challenge for perfection as members of the University Orchestra. Orchestra Performs For Music Teachers Opening a season of public per- formances, the orchestra presented a concert featuring guest soloist Louis Sudler, nationally-known baritone. The North Central Music Educators Association, meeting in Omaha, was entertained with an evening ' s perform- ance by the orchestra and University Singers. Every year the orchestra is called upon to play for honors convocations and concerts and to accompany senior soloists. Jack Snider directed the orchestra in the absence of Emanuel Wishnow, who was granted a leave of absence to study in Italy. Guest soloist, Louis Sudler, and orchestra members look over a concert program before the evening performonce. 97 University Singers Broadcast Program University Singers represented the Midwest in a coast-to-coast radio broadcast in December. This program of carols was part of the CBS Christ- mas programming. On campus the Singers presented their annual carol concert with Dr. David Foltz conduct- ing. During the Christmas season they also sang with the combined Univer- sity choral groups in the presentation of Handel ' s oratorio, " The Messiah. " A re-organization in September has enabled University Singers to become a smaller, more select group than in previous years. Christmas trees, candlelight and bright red robes create a seasonal background for the Christmas concert given by University Singers. Gathered around a tabic in the informol setting of madrigal tradition, the Modrigol singers presented a concert during the Christmas season. Select Group Sings In Madrigal Style Eleven students formed a smaller, more select group of the re-orgonized Madrigal singers. This smaller group adapts more readily to the style and traditions of madrigal or informal group singing. During the Christmas season the Madrigal singers performed at several parties given by campus organizations. Highlighting the season was their an- nual Christmas Concert. During this informal concert refreshments were served to the audience which joined the Madrigal singers in Christmas carols. 98 Bock Row: K. Peterson, L. Schropfer, C, Weafherford, P. Chord, B. Tebo, B. Skolka, D. Dick, B. Harris. Front Row: J. Copp, T, Scnven, R. Griffin. Not pictured: L. Bed, S. Sherdeman. Masquers Present American Premier Nebraska Masquers staged and performed " The Dead Day " for the first time on an American stage. The pre- mier of this allegorical tragedy by Ernst Barlock was chosen by Nebraska Masquers Chapter of National Colle- giate Players as their annual presenta- tion. Masquers are selected to member- ship in recognition of their outstanding work in theatre activities. To promote interest in the theatre, Masquers spon- sor an annual Honorary Producer con- test based on the sale of University Theatre season tickets. Officers: Jim Copp, president; Len Schropfer, treasurer, Trudy Scriven, secretary. " Pygmalion " by George Bernard Shaw was chosen by Masquers for their annual spring production. 99 Tense moments in the lives of dangerous criminols are portrayed in the play, " The Desperate Hours. " Steps to the Stage Pouring over scripts, students nervously await tryout turns. Actors chosen to till the parts begin the long hours of practice. 100 University Theatre Encourages Talent Plays presented by University The- atre are produced entirely by students. Undergraduate and graduate students compose the play casts. Speech stu- dents and others interested form the production crews responsible for plan- ning and creating lighting, sound, cos- tumes and scenery. These activities provide practical experience for drama, speech and education majors who have planned a future in creative dramatics. The student actors are directed by members of the speech staff. A special presentation this year was the premier of " The Garden of Ascelpius " written by Oscar Mandel, a University faculty member. Lorry Carstenson and Phyllis Chord, 1956 Honorory Producers, receive their trophies on opening night. High ladders ond dripping paint are hazards to scenery crews. Finding, creating and adopting achieve effective costuming. Opening night — the excitement mounts as the production begins. 101 School of Journalism William E. Hall Director of the School of Journolism llr »- I In Burnett Holl they loom — Editors, newscasters, speciolistt- Tomorrow ' s journalists. " How would you clossity this heod? " Professor Williom Morrison osks his committee in charge of onolyiing the front pages of weekly newspapers published in the state. 102 To Find The News Banging typewriters, rustling copy, and the unceasing chatter of the tele- type give the NU journalism student his first full view of the mechanics of his chosen field. Intensive laboratory training, experi- ence on campus publications, and pro- fessional internships prepare him for his career. He may eventually become a newspaper editor, a radio or television newscaster, an agricultural informa- tion specialist, or an advertising director. The School ' s program extends far be- yond the class room. It cooperates with the Nebraska Press Association in stag- ing press institutes and short courses important to the professional journalist. Awards are given by the School each spring to the outstanding journalists. " Check that copy! " Professor L. John Martin instructs his " future " editors and newsmen in news editing class, where they gain a liberal education in journalistic arts. rWkU Professors William Swindler, William Morrison, L. John Martin, Ray Morgan, and Director Williom Hall take advantage of a few free moments to discuss plans for the annual press institute to be held with the Nebraska State Press Association. 103 Koppo Tou Alpha: LcH to Righf: L Buthmon, B. Oe«pe. L Switier, B. Jelgerhuis. KTA, KAAA Select Honor Students Kappa Tau Alpha was founded one year after national college journalism began. KTA promotes the recognition of high scholarship in journalism. Members are in the top ten per cent of senior class. KTA annually presents an award for the best book written in the field of journalistic research. Many campus organizations avail themselves of the services of Koppo Alpha Mu, honorary photo-journalism fraternity. Traditionally, its members " shoot " Homecoming, Ivy Day and other major events at Nebrasko. KAM ' s strive to raise the standards of photo-journalism. 104 Koppo Alpho Mu: D. Bokor, J. Blatlort, R. Conady. Jr , O. Conord. L. Dome, F. Gibbs, A. Hrbok, J. Krooger, R. Longon- hcim, T, Lautt, O. Lewis, G. Modion, W. Mogonon, L. Morquordt, R. Meiiter, L. Nay, H. Puppo, W. Svobodo. Thcta Sigma Phi: Back Row: L. Buthman, B. Brittir Front Row: B. Buck, M. Keys, I president. M. Rhose, treasurer; E. Weber, M. Heck, J. Junge. , Rosenquist, B. Deepe, president; L. Switzer, vice SDX, Theta Sig ' s Elevate Standards Theta Sigma Phi, women ' s jour- nalism honorary, has collected books for state orphanages in an endeavor to raise children ' s literary standards. Aspiring to help women in journalism, the Theta Sig ' s also support a scholar- ship fund for outstanding journalism students. Employers and employees meet on a common ground through Sigma Delta Chi, honorary journalism fraternity. In cooperation with state journalists, SDX strives to advance the standards of the press at the University of Nebraska and throughout the state. Members assisted with the IPC rush pamphlet. Sigmo Delta Chi: Back Row: W. Hall, J. Feath- er, secretary-treasurer; C. Good, L. Martin. Front Row: S. Jensen, vice president; F. Daly, president; R. Langenheim, J. Noble. School of Nursing Irma Kyle Director of School of Nursing January rr arkcd the completion of the long owoitcd nursci dormitory. Modern focilitici will icrvc to inipirc the ISO students in the building. Sondro Brodic and Suii Darting Icorn botic fun- damcntols through closiroom lectures and labo- ratory experiments before assuming ward duties. 106 In Classes, On Duty Student nurses welcomed the mod- ern facilities of c new nurses ' residence at the University of Nebraska School of Nursing in Omaha. The new dormi- tory, which includes recreational, class- room and cafeteria facilities, replaces Conkling Hall, which was erected in 1923. Participating in a four-year pro- gram, the students graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. The last three years are spent in professional training at the University Hospital in Omaha. Although engaged in a tedious schedule, the student nurse finds time for extra-curricular activities such as intramural sports and singing groups. In June the nurses plan to send their director, Irma Kyle, to Rome, Italy, to attend the International Nurses ' con- vention. Keeping restless patients contented a nd busy is one of the perplexing problems concerning students, Ina Mae Cooper and Shirley Johnson, while working in the pediatric ' s ward. Class instructors, B. Williams, pediatrics; G. Koons, obstetrics; and C. Fleming, educational director, hove double duties in that they serve as head nurses with the responsibility of assigning ward duties. 107 Assisting with surgery is one of the most precise oreos in the nursing field; observotion precedes octual proctice. Women in White Supervising menus ond checking troys constitutes the die- tetic worii of S. Stoding, D. McCondlcss ond J. Ortgicscn. Nursery work convinces D. Crowdcr thot oil babies, ru- gordless of their nges, hove very unique personolities. 108 Assisting ward patients provides K. Reed and L. Hecht with experience for future responsibilities. Quiet moments before going on night duty offer Marilyn Ohme time to relax. Ironing jobs become doubly important to student nurses N. Jonssen and J. Block; uniforms must be immaculate. 109 Military Training Copt. T. A. Donovan, Col. C. J. Dicstcl, Col. C. E. Duncan lead Navy, Army, Air Farce ROTC at NU. Prospective officers receive training in sco and air navigation and in practices of war through classes and lobs in the Military ond Naval Science Building. Military weapons must be tested and cleaned if they arc to be kept in perfect working order. Instruc- tion in lining the sights is given these midshipmen. 110 In War and Peace " To provide for the common de- fense " is prescribed in the preamble to the Constitution. Congress, in carrying out the order, has provided for a system of military training to develop officers who can assume command when they are called. Established at the University of Ne- braska in 1876, the system originally included only an infantry division. Since its inauguration, however, the program has grown to encompass the three main branches of service and varied training opportunities in con- junction with each. ROTC students who continue their work during their entire four years of college are eligible for officer commis- sions in the branch of the armed forces in which they trained. Cadets and midshipmen have a chance to practice their code knowledge in the operation of their own radio station. The Amateur Radio Society is sponsored by the Air Force ROTC. Advanced ROTC instructors, Moj. D. R. Foster, Copt. A. E. Hare, Copt. J. C. Miller and Com. J. R. Pendleton, exchange ideas on the techniques of drawing mops and navigation charts for military use. Ill Pershing Rifles Unit Develops Leadership Students interested in extending their ROTC training beyond the class- room may be selected to join Pershing Rifles, honorary military fraternity. A series of tests on leadership potential determine which pledges will become members of the unit. As a result, Per- shing Rifles represents a select group of ROTC Cadets and Midshipmen. Each year the unit develops a rifle team, a crack squad and a well-drilled platoon to be entered in competition with the other companies in this region. The winner is awarded a trophy. Company Commander Roye Lindsay plans a foil field problem with the cadet officers of his staff. « - e ' I ' If-y W.v ' %• ' ' ' .y ' % . ' ' ' f •• •- Bock Row: D Owincll, R Holmct. C. Rich ordson, G Boll, D. Williomjon. J. Reilsr, D Poll, S. FonKon, J. Boll, D. Nowth, 1) Lowli. Second Row: R. Buiboom, R. William , D r , D Jochem, C. Clcv«lond, J. Lcodo ind. R Wolker, J. Reed, C Roger . Ftril Row; B. Abcrnclhy, D. Stryker, R h.ikcr, A. KIcinholi, Copt. Wheolon, E ( impohr. R. Lindioy, M. Sthliofort, J oirogi. C. Beckmon, P. Kuncl. 112 Commanding General Hoffman and Chief of Staff Colonel Allen Irwin confer before signing orders. New members of the stoff receive instruction from Colonel Irwin as he hands out the new pledge manuals. Nebraska Operates Rifles ' Headquarters Nebraska ' s ROTC students have the opportunity to coordinate all of the Pershing Rifles companies in the na- tion. National Headquarters, which is operated by Nebraska cadets, handles all administrative work. This year the National Commander, Cadet Thomas Hoffman, and his staff presided over the National Convention. During the year, they inspected the various units in the United States. Commanding 140 companies, which represent the strength of an Army In- fantry Division, proved to be interest- ing work. ■■■■■■■■IHH VHMWmHP • • Q • • Bock Row: B. Sniilli, R. Wagner, D. Heuerni Voss. Front Row: Lt. Col. E. Liebmonn, T. Hoffn 113 Coder Officers: Bock Row: M. Nelson, E. Wier, J. Morrow, D, Hulme, W. Gerloch Jr., F. Ostdiek, J. McConnell, C Summers. Front Row: B. Bedwell, Wing Commonder M. McNeice. Senior air coded odmirc the complicotcd machine gun assemblage of this jet plonc during inspection. Air Force Publishes News in Vaportrail " The Vaportrail, " newspaper of the Air Force ROTC, discloses to the cadets announcements and news of their de- partment. The editor for the first se- mester of the paper ' s existence was J.J McConnell; managing editor was Vol- dia Jodias. While at college, air science stu- dents gain the fundamental knowledge and basic skills essential to a military career. The practical application of these theories is experienced when the men become actively engaged in the duties required of an officer in the United States Air Force. 14 By looking in the toil exhaust, cadets see the jet turbine which supplies power for the plane. Cadet Walt Gerlach ' s hoppy expression conveys the excitement and anticipation of his first jet flight. Arnold Air Society; Bock Row: W. Osterloh, R. Andrews, J. Weaver, J. Switzer, D. Kirkwood, D. Hoeberg. Seco nd Row: D. Rosmussen, V. Jodais, L. Carstenson, B. Kelly, D. Brune, W. Blore, D, Marples, H. Dubos, W. Adam. Front Row: S. Davis, R. Hoel, J. Morrow, W. Gerlach, J. McCon- nell, W. Bedv ell, D. Hulme. Cadets Observe AF Equipment in Action New weapons and planes were dem- onstrated to Air Force cadets during their summer camp period of training. Nebraska cadets were assigned to bases in Big Springs and Waco, Tex., and in Tacoma and Spokane, Wash. The future airmen attended classes in officer training and discipline orienta- tion. Cadets also learned to pilot and navigate planes. After daily duties were completed, cadets occupied themselves with intra- mural sports and sight-seeing. Texas camps ended with a barbecue, while a steak fry was the last Washington camp event. 115 Jet Pilots Instruct Sabre Air Command Lectures were given this year by a B-47 flight crew and a jet fighter pilot to Sabre Air Command cadets. These speeches gave the cadets a chance to talk with experienced airmen. Sabre Air Command is an organization for freshmen and sophomore Air Force ROTC students. Members gain training by forming an honor guard for AFROTC reviews, by marching with a precision drill team in University functions and by taking field trips throughout the United States. Throughout its entire program, Sabre Air Command emphasizes the training of cadet leaders. r n P « i ilh n r Back Row: Squad leoden — •■ W. Lucke, D. Blecha, N. Helm, G. Hoy • Front Row: Officers — R. Mosc , K boriond k wolton. Com- mander J. Borland, N. Husa, G. Anderson, w. Shipeerlir g, H. Dreimanis. Bock Row: L. Von Horn, R. Taylor, D. Sperling, J. Weil, R. Kovarik, K. Yokel, W. Scrbousek, D. Asche, R. Bebernes, W. Hoegele. Fourth Row: R. Rowland, J. Kuhn, C. Homoiko, M. Logue, R. Steinheider, R. Troudt, N. Welsh, G. Steele, S. Girrodot. Third Row: R. Aftcbery, R. Siewert, L. Tejkl, C. True, B. Votovo, F. Stork, L. Longemeier, J. Stastny, W. Worrell. Second Row: E. Ritterbush, M. Richters, R. Schlueter, R. Mohl, D. Hove, D. Lohn-eier, B. Johnston, G. Churchill First Row: . C i- • •• I • . ' i. . : i .-. . :■ .r.._-i,. D Dr.Ja, B VVillcy, C VVoIIqcc - -V ■▼i -▼-v ' " W In Dn ' - y 1 : P) B H f r ' ■t: t.: ;:t, «.; r- S» l Bock Row: P. Hipp, G. Sanjume, R. Wertz, C. Crate. Fourth Row: E. Picker, H. Schrieber, Third Row: T. Laird, L. Kelley, L. Petei Second Row: J. Nielsen, R. Olivo, A. Nelson, C Front Row: A. Wiebold, R. Bundy, J. Bitenieks, Hodge, D. B. May. nett, R. Dudden, G. Arneson, D. Sladovnik, H. Bradford, K. Sankey, J. :. Tigeris, L. Olson, G. Pugsley, B. Bryan, D. Rodcliff, J. Dietz, D. Christensen, B. Roder, C. Ehresman, E. Schuett, L. Scheierman. Williamson, H. Mahood, R. Paine, L. Marvin, H. Johnson. 3. Althouse, A. Trumble, D. Bornemeier, A. Wolfe. A B-47 flight crew explains the use of heodgear to Sabre Air Command cadet Jack Borland and advisor Capt. C. L. Pratt. Freshman and sophomore cadets receive pointers on flying from fighter pilot Lt. Dick Curtis, who is a guest speaker. 117 Cadet officers: Bock Row: W. Krommenhoek, J. Fleming. Second Row: J. Church, D. Thomos, R. Rcische, J. Boling, L. Jones. Front Row: M. Thornton, E. Moyer, W. Herries, P. Streich, W. Goodwin, G. Burchfield, R. Johnson, Copt. A. Here. Nebraskans Receive Naval ROTC Grants Ninety-two University of Nebraska students are receiving benefits from Naval ROTC scholarships during the 1956-57 year. The benefit of the pro- gram for each student is approximately equal to a $6,000 four-year scholar- ship. Set up by the Navy, the program is designed to instruct outstanding young men in essential subjects which will prepare them for officer positions. This year the Naval branch of ROTC sponsored the 1956 Military Ball. Diane Peterson, Miss Navy, was chosen as Honorary Commandant of the military units. ' w ■ f. 118 Novy " White Copi, " the drill teom of Novol ROTC, ttrivct tot precision in eHccting a wedgo (ormolion. A - , -r 1 ? Novol students watch curiously as their cruiser opprooches the Gatun Locks on the Panama Canal. Cadets Visit Foreign Ports During Cruise Summertime brings thoughts of the sea to NROTC cadets as they prepare to embark upon their summer cruises. This year the cruisers put into port at Barcelona, Spain; Glasgow, Scotland, and Gtma Bay, Cuba. In each city the cadets were allowed a week of sight- seeing and recreation. While at sea, the cadets were re- sponsible for keeping the ship in top condition. Freshmen were charged with cleaning duties, while the upperclass- men inspected the work and assumed the positions of officers. " Now hear this . . . " Midshipmen aboard the USS Newport News practice naval techniques at sea. An eight-inch gun reminds ship reception guests of the duties of a battleship ' s crew in time of war. 119 Codct oHiccrs: Back Row: C Trumbic, I. Stortz, J. Dawson. Second Row: D. Freemon, S. Jensen, Moj. F. Bockoven, Front Row: R. Keenan. Army Ends Fourth Decade at Nebraska Forty years ago, in 1917, the Uni- versity of Nebraska supported the first infantry unit of Army ROTC. The pro- gram includes basic training in drills and routines, learning of fundamental techniques in the use of weapons and equipment, and study in specialized fields. The cadets whose work is satisfac- tory during their first two years are eligible to apply for advanced study. Army ROTC provides several areas of service such as Corps of Engineers, Field Artillery, Military Police and Ord- nance Corps. Under Captain James Stewart senior cadets learn to solve bottle problems involving military toctics. 120 ROTC Unit Awarded Summer Camp Honor ROTC groups from forty colleges and universities worked out field prob- lems and applied theories at Fort Sill, Okla., summer camp. Inspections of the various units concluded the two- week training period. In the ratings that followed, the Nebraska cadets tied for second place in the overall ex- cellence. Summer camp is designed to facili- tate practical application of skills in the use of weapons and battle tech- niques and to give the future officers an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership qualities. Outdoor instruction in the use of weapons is both a reloxing end effective way of learning. Beginning a field problem. Army cadets seem to encounter some trouble in raising their tents. " Chow time! " The cook ' s coll is probobly the most rigidly obeyed command at summer camp. ' -Ifc: 121 Outside The Classroom A college instructor ' s work many times does not end when he picks up his briefcose to go home. He has given lectures, attended faculty meetings and advised students. For this work he will receive his salary. But an instructor often performs other tasks for which there is no salary or praise. He may advise organizations, judge contests, chaperone formals and attend teas. Campus activity would de- generate without the interest and co- operation of individual instructors. Every faculty member ' s life devoted behind the scenes incurs a debt which students find hard to repay. As the new semester approaches, instructors pre- pare for busy weeks of conferences with advisees. The Home Economics foculty sponsDrs on annual cof- fee hour in honor of seniors and graduate students. Judging skits tor the Coed Follies show constitutes on evening ' s work for a group of faculty momberi. CLASSES 123 L Smiles of graduates ot Commenccmenf reflect unconcealed pride, success and satisfaction. Four years, eight semesters, mid- terms, finals — the student ' s conception of time — will soon be left behind by the seniors. For some the future is al- ready planned. Some will have only a degree. Tuition, books and dues have been expensive, but friendship and experi- ence were bargains. As a small town banker or city lawyer, the thoughts and decisions of a graduate will reflect the experience a university gives to its stu- dents. Seniors . . . Culmination and Reward Saturday nights ore for writing letters when pinmatcs or engaged couples arc miles oport. Where ore we going? After graduation some students will be getting married. Others will scorch for employment by making applications for positions. And some will put their ROTC troining to use OS newly commissioned officers. Seniors - r e - Abbott Abts Adam Adams Aitken Allen, A. Allen, C. Allen, N. Allen, V Alrr.quist Alvord Anderson, A. Anderson, C, Anderson, J. Anderson, M. A. Anderson, M. L Andrease n Andresen Appleby, B Appleby, D. Arndt Atkins Aunspough Bodura Bohm Boker Bollontyne Baltzer Barnes Bortlett Bath Baum LARRY ABBOTT - Almeria Agriculture; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Phalanx; YMCA. HERBERT ABTS Columbus Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tou; Newman Club; ASME. WALLACE ADAM Ashby Engineering; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Arnold Air Society. HARRY ADAMS Lincoln Arts and Sciences. NANCY ALLEN .. Valley Agriculture; Pi Beto Phi; VHEA; YWCA. VERNA ALLEN Lincoln Agriculture, WAYNE ALMQUI5T Normon Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Iota; Phi Beta Kappa. PATRICIA ALVORD - Lincoln Teachers; Zeta Tau Alpna; Pi Lambda Theta; Alpho Lambda Delta; Phi Sigma Iota; Mu Phi Epsilon, secretary. ALAN ANDERSON - Bennington Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CAROL ANDERSON Lincoln Teachers; Towne Club; Pi Lambda Theta; Mortor Board; Coed Counselor, vice president; Red Cross; Aquaquettes. MARY ALICE ANDERSON ...Oakland Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta. MARY ANDERSON Alma Teochers; Alpho Phi; Delta Psi Omego. JAMES ANDREASEN Omaha Business Administrotion; Alpho Tou Omega; Alpha Kappa Psi. RICHARD ANDRESEN - — Bloomfield Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BRUCE APPLEBY Lyons Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASAE. DONALD APPLEBY tik City Agriculture; Sigma Phi Ep silon. KEITH ARNDT -- Plotte Center Business Administration; Beta Sigma Psi. HOWARD ATKINS Kimboll Agriculture; Alpha Gommo Sigmo; Alpha Zeta; Ag Exec Board; Agronomy Club. JANET AUNSPAUGH Gothenburg Teachers; Chi Omega; Delta Phi Delta; YWCA. ROMAN BADURA Business Administrotion; Koppo Sigma; Newn DONALD BAHM Engineering; Newmon Club. LARRY BAKER Engineering; ASAE. Lincoln North Plotte Norfolk -Omaha GARY BALTZER Engineering; AlEE; Sigma Tou; Eto Kappa Nu. BETTY BARNES - Auburn Teachers; Delta Delta Delta. LARRY BARTLETT. - Austin, Tex. Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Sigmo Theta Epsilon. RONALD BATH J o •.:•, V-i ' r ' L " Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle; Glee Club; 4-H Club. NORMAN BAUM - Tecumseh Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Club. 125 Bouman Bozont Beodle Beck Beckenhoucr Becker ■ .. ■■-J- BciOeck Belling.-- Belmont Benson Benter Beranek Serge Berger Bcrguin Berreckmon Berkeni- Billings Birchord Birkel Blevins Blincow Blore Blue Bobsf Bock Boling Boning Bost Branch Brond Brandenburger Bremer Breslow Brett rT c•- KEITH BAUMAN Tilden Business Administrotion; Theto Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi. SHIRLEY BAZANT Loup City Teachers; Kappa Delta; PE Club; WAA; Red Cross; Newman Club. DAVID BEADLE North Bend Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. DON BECK - Fremont Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho, president; Student Council, vice president; Corn Cobs, vice president; Yell King; IPC; Ag Exec Boord. CAROL BECKENHAUER West Point Teochers; Terrace Hall. DONALD BECKER Grand Island Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc, house president. WILLIAM BEDWELL " " " " ' f ' ty Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; AIEE; Arnold Air Societ ; Kosmet Klub, president. JOHN BEIDECK Lincoln Business Administration; Dello Tau Delta; " N " Club. MELVIN BELLINGER Berwyn Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Sigmo; Ag Econ Club. BEN BELMONT Omaha Business Administrofion; Zeta Beta Tau; Innocents; AUF; IPC; Kosmet Klub. CHARLOTTE BENSON Sioux Falls, S.D. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa, president; YWCA. ROBERT BENTER Wollhill Business Administration; Phi Gamma Delta. EMIL BERANEK Pownee City Engineering; ASME. PETE BERGE Norfolk Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigmo; Gommo Lombdo. ROGER BERGER Hastings Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; ASME; Blue Print, editor. ROBERT BERGUIN Sioux Falls, S. D. Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Eptllon; " N " Club. CLAUDE BERRECKMAN North Platte Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega. HOWARD BERKENSTOCK Lewlsburg, Tenn. Engineering; Theto Xi; AIEE. KEM BILLINGS Omoho Agriculture; Phi Koppo Psi. DENNIS BIRCHARD _ Gibbon Agriculture; Sigma Chi; Varsity Dairy. LANE BIRKEL Dovid City Teochers; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Newmofi Club. LARRY BLEVINS Bossett Pharmacy; Delta Tau Delta. ANNABELL BLINCOW Loup City Teachers; Women ' s Residence Halls; Mu Phi Epsilon; Pi Lombdo Theto; Kappa Phi. WALTER BLORE Lincoln Business Administrotion; Phi Gam ma Delta; Arnold Air Society; THE NEBRASKAN, sports editor. RONALD BLUE Russell, la. Arts and Sciences; Theto Xi. president; Gommo Lambda, president; Sinfonio; CCRC, president; Baptist Student Fellowship, president. BARRY BOBST - Lincoln Agriculture; Tou Koppa Epsilon; Pholonx. BETTY BOCK Hostings Agriculture; Koppo Alpho Theta, vice president; Rodeo Club. JAMES BOLING Topeko. Kon. Business Administration, Pi Koppo Phi. KAREN BONING Creslon Agriculture; Gommo Delta; VHEA, JUDITH BOST Grand Islond Arts ond Sciences; Koppo Alpho Theto; Theto Sigmo Phi; AUF. BETTY BRANCH Omoho Business Administration; Pi Beto Phi, president. Biz Ad Council. DANIEL BRAND Bellevue Engineering; Sigmo Nu. BETTY BRANDENBURGER Sliver Creek Teachers; Terrace Hall; Newman Club; ACE. PEM BREMER- Stonton Pharmacy; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Americon Pharmaceutical Assoc.; Koppo Epsilon; Rho Chi. MARVIN BRESLOW Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Alpha Mu, prMidenI; Student Council; IFC; Pub Boord, ,, 1,111 . .. Hebron 126 Seniors Briggs Brindley Brittenham Britton Brune Bryans Buchanan Buckner Bucy Burbank Burchfield Burdick Burkholden Burstein Bush Buthman Butler Butterfield Byrne Colder Caldwell Compbell Carlson, R. Carlson, W. Carter Castner Chalupo Choppell Chard Chose Ching Chittenden KENT BRIGGS Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Rho; KNUS, director. HARRY BRINDLEY Whittier, Calif. Engineering; ASME; Newmon Club. DEAN BRITTENHAM Brady Teachers, Phi Delto Theto; Phi Epsilon Koppo. GEORGIA BRITTON Elkhorn Teachers; Delta Delta Delta. DENNIS BRUNE So. Sioux City Engineering; Beta Theto Pi; ASME; Arnold Air Societ . JACK BRYANS Omaha Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; NU Meds. DALE BUCHANAN . Omaha Engineering; AS.ME; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tou. GEORGE BUCKNER Hannibal, Mo. Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. DONALD BUCY Omoho Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. JOHN BURBANK Madrid Agriculture; Form House; Alpha Zeta; Vorsify Dairy; Ag YMCA. GARY BURCHFIELD McGrew Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Kosmet Klub; Young Repub- RICHARD BURKHOLDEN Logon, la. Agriculture; Ag Econ Club. STANLEY BURSTEIN Omaha Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; NUCWA; CCRC; B ' nai B ' rith Hillel; Orchestra. WILLIAM BUSH Valentine Teachers; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha. LINDA BUTHMAN Falls City Agriculture; Koppo Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Gamma Alpha Chi; Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron. CAROLYN BUTLER ...Neligh Arts and Sciences; Terrace Hall; THE NEBRASKAN; Young Republicans; Wesley Foundation. JOHN BUTTERFIELD Norfolk Business Administration; Alpha Tou Omego; Alpha Kappa Psi; " N " Club. MICHAEL CALDER Lincoln Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COURTNEY CAMPBELL Lincoln Teachers; Alpha Phi, president; .Mortor Board; Delto Phi Delta; AWS. ROGER CARLSON Clorks Engineering; Brown Polace; Eto Koppo Nu; AIEE. WILLIAM CARLSON Lyons Agriculture; Form House; Lutheran Student Assoc. LEE CARTER Blair Teachers; Phi Epsilon Kappa; " N " Club. LLOYD CASTNER Sidney Business Administrotion; Delta Upsilon; " N " Club; Glee Club. JO CHALUPA Hallam Teachers; Alpha Xi Delta; Mortar Boord; Pi Lambda Theto; Coed Counselors, president; YWCA, secretary; INC. DOUGLAS CHAPPELL Scottsbluff Teachers; Men ' s Residence Assoc. PHYLLIS CHARD Superior Teachers; Alpha Xi Delto; Masquers. EVA CHASE Pawnee City Agriculture; VHEA; Home Ec Club; 4-H Club. MELVIN CHING Honolulu Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc. DUANE CHITTENDEN Meadow Grove Business Administrotion; Men ' s Residence Assoc. 127 Seniors GENE CHRISTENSEN -„ Arts ond Sciences; Belo Theto yi. KAY CHRISTENSEN . Grand lslar d Lincoln Teochers. Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Union, AWS. MARILYN CHRISTENSON Teochers; Alpho Omicron Pi. Ralston DARREL CLAASSEN _ ■■ Agriculture; Ag Men s Club. Kenesow Central CitY Gothenburg Agriculture; Alptia Gammo Rho; Ag Exec Board. uiv rirar, Gothenburg AgricuUure,: Farm House; Agronomy Club; Ag YMCA. WILLIAM CLEMENT . ;•■ " . ' " " ' ' ° " ' Engineering; AIEE; Sigmo Tou; Eto Kappo Nu; IRE. ' A9ncu Tu ' " et ' t?omer.•s■ Resi;ience ' Holis; " ' P FRANCIS CLINTON Lincoln Business Administration. LEWIS COBURN Teochers; Pi Kappa Phi. O ' Neill Omaho nf aPD r onK Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Delta Tou Delto; Gommo Tou; Innocents; IFC; Vice President; THE NEBRASKAN. WAYNE COPES. ; „ : P I ' Vro Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc. lAMFS COPP Grand Island Arts and ■sciences; ■ ' Delto Sigma Phi; Masquers, President; Purple Mosk. EUGENE COTTER Teachers; Alpho Tou Omega. JERRY COX Agriculture; Sigmo AJpho Epsilon; Agronomy Club Lincoln Gorden Grove, Calif. Sutherland Overton Geneva WILLIAM CUMMINGS Teachers; Delto Sigma Phi. ALLEN DAGGETT Business Administration; Phi Gommo Delta. President; IFC. FREDERICK DALY ■ ■ . " ' " tl ' l! ' Arts ond Sciences; Beto Theto Pi; Innocents; Sigmo Delto Chi, President; THE NEBRASKAN, Editor. LEO DAMKROGER ., , . - " r JI Agriculture; Form House, Secretory; Alpho Zeto; Corn CoDs, Young Republicons. JOHN DAMON Auburn Engineering; Pershing Rifles. LOREN DAVIDSON Douglas Agriculture; Men ' s Rmidenca Aitoc. GERALD DECKER McCook Teachers; Phi Epsilon Kappo. BEVERLY DEEPE Corleton Arts and Sciences; Alpha Xi Delto; Mortor Board; Theto Sigma Phi; Kappo Tou Alpha; YWCA; Student Council. DON DETERDING ,,■••: r , P " ?!!! ' Business Administration; Delto Uptllon; Gommo Lombdo, Gommo Delto. MARSHALL DENENBERG , _ Omaho Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. Ml. ' f .v». istensen, G. Chrislcnsen, K. Christenson Chunko CloassoiS Clark, Morion Clork. Mark Clegg Clement Clovelond Clinton Coburn Colnic Cook Copes Copp Colter Cotton Cox Cruise Cruse Culwell Cummtngt Daggett Daly Domkroger Domon Davidson Decker Deepe Deterding Denenberg 128 RICHARD DEVRIES Lincoln Engineering; ASCE. BILL DEWULF Cedar Rapids Agriculture; Farm House; Innocents; Corn Cobs; Builders. Bennett Kappa Alpha Theta; Red Cross; Young JEAN DIBBLE Arts and 5ci( Republicans. NANCY JANE DICKER50N Lincoln Agriculture; Kappa Phi. JERRY DIERKS Nebraska City Phi Gamma Delta; AIEE; Newman Club. JACQUELINE DUE Lincoln Agriculture; Towne Club; Ag Union; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Stanton Club. ROBERT DISCOE Paxton Agriculture; Form House; Block and Bridle; Rodeo Club. Omaha Pi; Aquoquettes; YWCA. WADE DORLAND Humboldt Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega. GARY DOUGHERTY Scottsbluft Business Administration; Sigma Chi. MARILYN DOW Belvidere Teachers; Alpha Xi Delta; YWCA; WAA. POLLY DOWNS Lincoln Business Administration; Alpha Phi, secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gommo Sigma, president; Student Union. BERNARD EATON Ashland Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi; Biz Ad Council. MARGARET EDWARDS Lincoln Agriculture; Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Ec Club; WAA, vice president; VHEA. WILLIAM EHRETT Foirbury Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; AlChE; Sigma Tau. RODNEY EINSPAHR ...Imperial Pharmacy; Beta Sigma Psi; Gamma Delta; Corn Cobs; Kappa Psi. GREGG EKLUND ...Osceola Business Administration; Sigma Nu. REX EKWALL Holmesville Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Varsity Basketball Squad. JEANNE ELLIOTT Scottsbluft Teachers; Koppa Kappa Gamma; Pi Lombdo Theta; Mortar Boord; AUF, president; Builders, vice president; Deans Advisory Board. SAM ELLIS Lincoln Business Administration; Phi Delta Theto; Innocents; IFC, president. GORDON ENGLERT Sioux Foils, S.D. Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JUDY ERICKSON Ooklond Agriculture; Sigma Kappa; Gamma Alpho Chi. DELORES ERICSON... Holdrege Teachers; " I " House, secretary; IVCF. DON ERWAY Administration; Delta Tou Delta; " N " Club, pr( GLADYS EVANS Wisner Agriculture; Kappa Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Gamma Alpha Chi. JOHN FAGAN Lincoln Beta Theta Pi; Innocents, vice president; Kosmet Klub; Sigma Tau; AlChE; Newman Club. MEL FAHRNBRUCH Lincoln Teachers; Alpha Phi; Mortar Board; Builders, president. LAUREN FAIST ...North Bend Business Administration; Koppo Sigma. DELORES FANGMEIER Lincoln Teachers, Towne Club; Pi Lambda Theto; Lutheran Student Assoc. JAMES FEATHER Woverly Agriculture; Form House, president; Alpha Zeta; Sigma Delto Chi; Innocents; Kosmet Klub; Agronomy Club. e o p a 9 o o T5i f n jTi d Vj ips O A DeVries DeWulf Dibble Dickerson Dierks Due Dillon Discoe Dodson Dorland Dougherty Dow Downs Eaton Edwards Ehrett Einspahr Ekiund Ekwoll Elliott Ellis Ellison Ely England Englert Epiey Epp Erickson Ericson Erway Evans Fogan Fahrnbruch Foist Fangmeier Feather 129 Seniors CHARLES FIKE Arts ond Sciences; Phi Kappa Pi San Diego, Calif. -Broken Bow GARY FRANDSEN York Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta. DON FREEMAN York Business Administrotion; Sigma Alpha Epsilan. MILTON FRICKE Papillion Agriculture; 4-H Club; Varsity Dairy. GEOFFREY FRIED Butte Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi. WENDELL FRIEST Plottsmouth Teochers; Thcto Xi; Gamma Lambda; Sinfonio, president; Bond; Mad- rigals; Orchestra. GEORGE FULLERTON Ainsworth Engineering; Sigma Tou; ASCE. CAROLYN GALLEY Omaha Teachers; Alpha Omicron Pi; Panhellenic. SHIRLEY GANT Arlington, Vo. Arts ond Sciences; Koppo Kappa Gommo; Delto Phi Delta; AUF; New- mon Club. JACK GARDNER _ Ansley Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Sigma Tau; Young Republicans. CONNIE GEISERT Ogallolo Arts and Sciences; Terrace Hall; Delta Phi Delta; Gamma Delto. WALTER GERLACH _.. _.... Engir eerir g, Phi Gamma Delta; Arnold Aiir Socitty. _.- Omaho Grand Islortd LEROY GILLESPIE Council Bluffs, la Business Administration; Sigmo Nu; Alpha Kappa P i. MARVIN GILMAN Omaha Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Btiikten; Man ' s Glee Club. JOHN GLADFELTER _ Columbus Business Administration; AAan ' s Residance Assoc.; Htwtnen Club. RAPHAEL GLADFELTER _ Columbus Teochers; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; N«wnion Club. WILLA GLEESON Wohoo Arts ond Sciences. Delto Gammo. MARVIN GOODDING Engineering; ASME. ROBERT GRAHAM Teachers; Sinfonio. ROBERT GREEN Engineering; ASME; Lutheran Student Assoc. RONALD GREEN Teachers; Koppo Sigma. JON GRENSEMAN Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. JANET GRUBER Teachers; Alpha Xi Delta, vice president. MARY GUNLICKS Golesburg, III. Bayord Scottsbluff North Platte Teachers; Terrace Hall; Pi Lambda Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota. SHIRLEY GUNN Omaha Arts and Sciences, Koppo Delto; Coed Counselors; NUCWA. ELIZABETH HACKMAN Teochers; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Sigma loto. Turlock, Calif Grand Island n ft n o .,Ci r r o Frondion Gardner Goodo Gunn Freeman Gci C(! Gooddmg Haai Fricke Gctloch Goodwin Hockttt Graham Hockmon 130 •i £m . O Hoessler Hagan Hohn Hall Hall, R. Hall, V. Halligon Hamilton Hanna Hanson Horf Hatcher Bought Hoys Haywood Healey Heck Heeger Heerman Heiliger Heinz Hemphill Herbek Hervey Hicks Hill Hinds Hodder Hoel Hoeting Hoffmann Hofler JOHN HAESSLER Leshora Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi, vice president; Phi Beta Kappa. JAMES HAGAN Lincoln Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; ASME. DIANN HAHN Lincoln Teachers; Alpha Xi Delta. MARY HALL .. Holdrege Teachers; Delta Gammo, president. ROBERT HALL Bridgeport Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi, president; Biz Ad Council. VERNON HALL Lincoln Teachers; Theta Xi; Pi Epsilon Pi. SHIRLEY HALLIGAN Brule Teachers; " I " House; Sigma Alpha Iota; Sigma Eta Chi. LYLE HAMILTON Franklin Engineering; IRE. CHARLES HANNA Omaha Engineering; AIEE. DONALD HANSON Elsie Engineering; Pioneer House. JOHN HART Tekamah Teachers; Phi Gamma Delta; Newman Club. WILLIAM HATCHER Omaha Teachers; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Gamma Lambda; Sinfonio. CAROLYN HAUGHT Alamoso, Colo. Teachers; Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Coed Counselors; Aquoquettes; YWCA. WAYNE HAYS ...Giltner Teachers. WILLIAM HAYWOOD Arcadia Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc. JAMES HEALEY Gothenburg Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta. MARILYN HECK California, Mo. Arts and Sciences; Koppo Kappa Gamma; Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta Sigma Phi; CORNHUSKER, managing editor; Student Union Board; Builders Board. ALAN HEEGER ...Omaha Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Mu Epsilon. DEAN HEERMANN Pilger Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc. DON HEILIGER Lincoln Business Administration; Theta Xi, president. NORMAN HEINZ Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. EMILY HEMPHILL ...Tekamah Teachers; Chi Omega; Pi Lambda Theta, vice president; AWS, vice president. MARY SUE HERBEK Nelson Teachers; Women ' s Residence Halls; Tassels, secretary; Coed Counselors; Newman Club. DAVID HERVEY Grand Island Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASME. BARBARA HICKS Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. JODI HILL Omaha Teachers; Chi Omega. DORIS HINDS Davenport Teachers; Zeto Tau Alpha. JEFFERSON HODDER Lincoln Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; " N " Club. RONALD HOEL Falls City Business Administration; Beta Theta Pi. ALAN HOETING .....Gladstone Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Sigma, president; Alpha Tau Alpha; Alpha Zeto. THOMAS HOFFMANN Nenzel Agriculture; FormHouse; Pershing Rifles; Block and Bridle; Rodeo Club; Flying Club; Newman Club. HELEN HOFLER Sunbury, N. C. Arts and Sciences, Teachers; Sigma Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Koppa Phi, president; Coed Counselors. 131 Hohense Holcomb Holme Hook Hope Hortwkj Hoifofd Hrtoek Hruby Hueftle Hughes Hultquist, Horriet Hultquist, Helen Hunter Hurley Ingram Innes Irwin Jocota, B. J. Jacobs, B. V. Jocobs, L. Jocobsen, E. Jocobsen, R. Jaeckle Jakemon Jomes Jeffrey, J R Jeffrey, J. K. Jelgcrhuis Jelinek Jenkins Jensen, G. Jensen, R. Jensen, S. E. Jensen, S. S. Jirulra Seniors ROGER H0HEN5EE - Doykin Teachers; Phi Epstlon Kappo; Lutheran Student Assoc. SHIRLEY HOLCOMB Hostings Arts ond Sciences; Gammo Phi Beta; Phi Sigma loto, president. DOYLE HOLME Ravenna Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Innocents; Arnold Air Society; Alpha Zeto; Corn Cobs; Block and Bridle; 4-H Club, president. MARGARET HOOK . Rushville Business Administration: Kappo Delta; Gommo Alpho Chi. JUDY HOPE Wichita, Kan. Teachers; Kappa Alpho Theto. DOUGLAS HORROCKS Tilden Agriculture. BETTY HOSFORD Omaha Teachers, Alpha Chi Omego; Alpha Kappo Delta. ARLENE HRBEK Omoho Arts ond Sciences; Delta Delto Delto; YWCA; Gommo Alpha Chi; Kappa Alpha Mu; Theto Sigma Phi. DENNIS HRUBY Ceresco Agriculture; Alpha Tou Alpha. JEAN HUEFTLE Eustis Teochcrs; Women ' s Residence Halls; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Lambda Theto; Mu Phi Epsilon; Singers; Symphonic Bond. BRUCE HUGHES Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASME. HARRIET HULTQUIST Teochcrs; Terrace Hall. Burwell ..Stromsburg Stromsburg HELEN HULTQUIST Teochcrs; Tcrrocc Hall. NANCY HUNTER Wohoo Arts and Science : " I " HouM, treoiurer; AdalphI, prnldint; PE Club. PATRICIA HURLEY Ponco Teochcrs; Sigmo Koppa; Good Counselors; Newman Club. ROBERT INGRAM Fronklin Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon; IFC; Phi Delta Phi. VON INNES Phllllpiburg, Kon. Engineering; Pi Kappo Phi; Sigma Tou. JACK IRWIN Hastings Business Administration; Phi Kappo Psi. BEVERLY JACOBS Lincoln Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta. BRUCE JACOBS Plottsmooth Agriculture; Theta Xi; Pholonx; Varsity Doiry. LIZ JACOBS Lincoln Teochcrs; Koppa Delto, ELLEN JACOBSEN _ St. Poul Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu; Ag YWCA, president; Home Ec Club; VHEA. ROBERT JACOBSEN _ Superior Engineering; Sigma Chi. ANN JAKEMAN Fremont Arts and Sciences; Gommo Phi Beto; Orchesis. MARY JAMES Nebrosko City Agriculture; Delta Delta Delta; Omicron Nu, vice president; Phi Up- silon Omicron; VHEA. JANE JEFFREY Lexington Teachers; Koppa Kappo Gommo; ACE; Mortor Boord; WAA, president. JENNIE JEFFREY Lexington Business Administration; Kappo Alpho Theto; Phi Chi Thato; Biz Ad Council. BARBARA JELGERHUIS Huron, S D. Teachers; Delto Delta Delta, president; Gommo Alpho Chi; Orcliesis, Theto Sigmo Phi; Kappo Tou Alpho. RITA JELINEK Omoho Teachers; Pi Beta Phi; Pi Lambda Theto; Red Cron; AWS. JANET JENKINS Lincoln Teochcrs; Delto Omicron; Singers; Sigmo Eto Chi. GENELLE JENSEN Lincoln Agriculture; Kappo Delta; VHEA. SAM JENSEN Grand Island Arts and Sciences; Beto Theto Pi, vice president; Innocents; Sigma Delta Chi, vice president; THE NEBRASKAN, editor; AUF. vice president. DALE JINDRA „ Clorkson Business Administration; Mifl ' t RMldanc Auoe. 132 Jockem Johanson Johnson, C. M. Johnson, C. Johnson, D. N. Johnson, D. P. Johnson, J. Johnson, Johnson, V. Johnston Jones, L. L. Jones, L. Jorgensen, G. Jorgensen, H. Jouvenct Junge Kakuda Kompfe Kopeller, G. Kopeller, Karavas Kottler Kauffmon Kovon Keenan, B. Keenon, R. Keister Kelley Keys Kilburn Kimsey Kirkwood BARBARA JOCKEM . Ainsworth YWCA Gommo Delta; Square Dance Club; VHEA; Ag JOHN JOHANSON Lin i Teachers; Beta Sigma Psi; Lutheron Student Assoc. CAROLYN JOHNSON Greenwood Phi " ' ' vHEA ' ' Memorial Hall; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Kappa CHARLES JOHNSON Linrnin Engineering; A5ME; Pi Tau Sigma. DEMARIA JOHNSON Teachers; Terrace Holl; Lutheron Student Assoc, secretary. DONALD JOHNSON _ . Lincoln Business Administration; Delta Sigmo Pi. JOYCE JOHNSON n, «h„ Teachers; Pi Beta Phi. ° " ' ° ° MARLYCE JOHNSON _ Wausa Teachers; Terroce Hall; Lutheran Student Assoc! VERYLE JOHNSON . Agriculture; Coloniol Terrace; Omicron Nu; VHEA; IVCF. JANET JOHNSTON elioh Club; ' ' Ag ' YWcX Memorial Hall; Home Ec Club; VHEA; 4-H LARRY JONES _. .._ Sidney Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. LELAND JONES Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Beta G Aun GEORGE JORGENSEN. Arts and Sciences; Delta Upsilon. HARVEY JORGENSEN Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle. SUE JOUVENAT Teachers; Pi Beta Phi. JO ANN JUNGE... _ lj Teachers; Kappa Kappa Gammo; Theta Srgma Phr Gan Alpha Chi. -Aurora - Curtis -.Lincoln LOUIS KAKUDA -- - _ Mitchell Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmoceutical Assoc. WILLIAM KAMPFE Omaha Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma fou; Pi fou Sigma; ASME. GERALD KAPELLER... McCook Business Administration. JEANNE KAPELLER.. McCook Business Administration. ADAM KARAVAS Lincoln Business Administration; Kappa Sigma. LOIS KATTLER---- Teachers; Alpha Xi Delta; Pi Lambda Theta. -Lincoln -Fremont JOHN KAVAN. _ _ Rej Oak, la Engineering; Theta Chi. BETH KEENAN _ Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. ROY KEENAN ...- _ Lexington Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega. MARILYN KEISTER _ Grand Island Teachers; Alpha Phi; Red Cross; YWCA. GARY KELLEY - Morrill iiness Administration; Alpha Tau Omega. MARY KEYS . Agriculture; Gamma Phi Beta; Thefo Sigma Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Gamma Alpho Chi. SHIRLE Y KILBURN _ Mendota III Teachers; Terrace Hall; Gamma Phi; PE Club; Adelohi secre- tary; BABW; WAA. ' MARY LOU KIMSEY Hastings Agriculture; CCRC; VHEA. DONALD KIRKWOOD _ _ Omoha Business Administration; Phi Gamma Delta; Arnold Air Society- Newman Club, 133 Seniors JOHN KLINGERBERG Chopmon Agriculture, Alpha Gommo Sigmo; Gommo Delfa; Block ond Bridle. JOYCE KNERL Rovenno Teochers; Sigma Koppo; Alpho Epsilon Rho. DALE KNOTEK ■ • - " f. " ' , ! Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc., Lutheron Student Assoc, president. DIANE KNOTEK „ .. nu o . j; ' " " ! " Arts and Sciences, Pi Beta Phi; Mortor Board; Phi Beta Koppo, Phi Sigmo loto; Student Union, president; Builders, treasurer. KAY KNUDSON Bloomfield Agriculture; Alpho Gommo Sigmo; Block ond Bridle; Rodeo Club; Lutheron Student Assoc. HAROLD KNUST Omoho Business Administrotion; Pi Koppo Phi. JUDY K0E5TER -■■-. ■ ' " ' " " L ' ? ' " Agriculture; Towne Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu; Gommo Delta; VHEA. JOHN KOHTZ , V , ., Bloomfield Business Administrotion; Sigma Alpho Epsilon. WILLIAM KROMMENHOEK .... ...Sioux City, lo. Engineering; Delta Upsilon, president; AIA; IPC. DONALD KUHL .- •••■■• r V,. f ° ' 2 ' ' ltT Agriculture; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Block and Bridle; RAM. MARILYN KIRK Lincoln Teachers; Zeto Tou Alpho. PAUL KUNDZINS Lincoln Engineering; ASCE. lANFT KUSKA Omaha Agriculture; Delta Gommo; CORNHUSKER, ossociote editor; Young Republicans. NANCY KUSKA ... usnKosn Agriculture; Alpha Xi Delta. JODIE KUXHAUS Scottsbluff Teochers; Alpho Phi; Red Cross. MARLEEN LAMB Wouneto Agriculture " Terroce Holl, treasurer; Omicron Nu; VHEA; Home Ec Club. JOHN LAMPHERE . Lincoln Arts ond Sciences; Tou Koppo Epsilon. ROBERT LEBRUSKA ■■ rVK ' vm!T° Agriculture; Alpha Gommo Sigmo; Agronomy Club, YMCA, FLORENCE LEE _■.;-,- , Brownlee Teochers; Sigmo Koppo; YWCA; Coed Counselors. ROGENE LEES ■ , „ " ' ' Love Holl, president. Home Ec Club; VHEA. JOHN LEHR Scottsbluff Teochers; Sigma Chi. DAVID LEIGHTON Xleorwoter, Flo. Arts ond Sciences; Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Flying Club. JACK LEIKAM Lincoln Engineering; Phi Delto Theto. DALE LEWIS Woll, S.D, Business Administrotion; Delto Upsilon; Koppo Alpha Mu; Vorsity Glee Club. JAMES LEWIS Lincoln Business Administration; Sigma Nu, vice president. WILLA LIENEMANN Bcotricc Teochers; Alpho Chi Omego; Young Republicons. LYNN LIGHTNER St. Edward Engineering; Phi Gamma Dalto; AIA. JERRY LINCOLN North Plotto Business Administrotion; Delto Sigma PI. WALTER LINDER i-uu " V, v ' ' ' • " Engineering; Men ' s R««ld«nc« Assoc; ASCE; Sigmo Tou. E C 9 § A - " } 1 O .ft ft A q p ft. q Klingcrherg Kmoch Kneil Krwtok Knolck Knudvon Knusi Kocstar Koesler Kohtz Krommenhook Kuhl Kirk Kundzint Kusko. J. Kusko, N Kuxhout Lomb Lomphero Loun Lebrusko L e Lees L«hr LeIghlon Leikam Lewis, D. Lewis, J. Llcnemonn Lightnar Lincoln Lindar 134 1 ™; ' % Wft Lindgren Lindsay, J. Lindsay, R. Linguist Link Lucke Lucore Ludden Lukes Lumbard Lundeen Lybyer Mac Donald Modden Mader Madsen, Madsen, R. Makepeace Malcom Molony Mongelsen Marian Morples Martin Marts Mason, M. Mason, R. Massey Masters Mastus Mother Mathers LEONARD LINDGREN Engineering; Delta Tou Delta; Pi Tau Sign JACK LINDSAY Teochers; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha. Wahoo -Burley, Idaho Bu ell th CAROL LINK...... Ai Teachers; Delta Gamma, vice president; Pi Lambda Theto; Mortar Board; AWS, president; Deons Advisory Boord; Home- coming Queen. RUTH LUCKE. Los Alamos, N.M. Teachers; Delta Gamma; Alpho Lambda Delta; ACE; Nu Sigma Beta. GARY LUCORE Omoho Business Administration; Pi Koppa Phi; Kosmet Klub. JOHN LUDDEN Omoho Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Theta Epsilon. RICHARD LUKES Des Moines, la. Business Administration; Delto Upsilon. JANE LUMBARD... Grand Island Teachers; Alpha Chi Omega. ROBERT LUNDEEN Minden Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho. PEARL LYBYER Lincoln Agriculture; VHEA. ROBERT MACDONALD... Boyard Teachers; Delta Upsilon, vice president; Phi Epsilon Koppa, president; " N " Club, vice president. BARBARA MADDEN Ooklond Teachers; Pi Beta Phi. LORENE MADER...... Grand Island Agriculture; Love Memoriol Hall; Phi Upsilon Omicron; VHEA; Home Ec Club; 4-H Club; Lutheran Student Assoc. GEORGE MADSEN Dakota City Business Administration; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Koppa Psi; Kappa Alpha Mu; THE NEBRASKAN. RODNEY MADSEN Dell Rapids, S.D. Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Pi Tau Sigma. LUCETTA MAKEPEACE Lincoln Teachers; Kappa Kappa Gammo; Delta Phi Delta; Aquoquettes. PAUL MALCOM Cozad Teochers; Men ' s Residence Assoc. PHYLLIS MALONY Council Bluffs, la. Teachers; Women ' s Residence Halls; Sigma Alpha Iota, presi- dent; Pi Lambda Theta; Singers. ALBERT MANGELSEN.. Clarks Agriculture; Alpha Gomma Sigma, vice president; Ag Econ Club. EARL MARIAN Hastings Business Administration. ROBERT MARPLES... ,V v: " " " Business Administration; Alpho Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Society. FRED MARTIN Omaha Business Administration; Phi Kappa Psi. BOYD MARTS... Lincoln Engineering; AlEE-lRE. MERRILL MASON - - y- : , v; ° " Agriculture; Delta Upsilon; Alpha Tou Alpha. RICHARD MASON Superior Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MELBA MASSEY --- - V °S A° ' r ° " ' Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Theta; Red Cross; Young Republicans. ANN MASTERS ■■-- - , Syracuse Teachers; Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA; Coed Counselors. CRIS MASTOS ■■■ ,- " -; Omaha Teachers; Alpha Phi; Red Cross; ACE. LARRY MATHER Hoigler Agriculture; Pioneer House. PEGGY MATHERS Lincoln Teachers; Pi Beta Phi. 135 a p rj n j 9 ' 9 c Wa Mothews Maupin McCommon McClung McConnell McCormick, J McCormick. L McHargu€ McKenzle McMohon McMoster McMullen McNeicc McPeck McReynolds McVeigh Meierhenry Meister Melcher Meyer Mickus Miller Miller Mills Mobley Mock Moline Mong Morehouse Morgan Morris Morrow Seniors ROBERT MATHEWS Des Moines, lo. Business Administrotion; Theto Xi; Alpho Koppa Psi. JACKLYN MAUPIN Stromsburg Agriculture; Pi Beto Phi; Phi Beto Koppo; Gommo Alpha Chi; Omi- cron Nu. DAVID McCAMMON Lincoln Business Administrotion; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Beto Gamma Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Mu Epsilon. JANET McCLUNG Omoho Teachers; Delta Gommo. JAMES McCONNELL Lincoln Arts ond Sciences; Phi Gommo Delta; Delta Phi Delto; Arnold Air Society. JACK McCORMICK Omoho Business Administration; Phi Gommo Delta. LARRY McCORMICK Madrid Business Administration; Brown Palace, treasurer. LESLIE McHARGUE Central City Agriculture; Ag Mert ' s Club; Varsity Dairy. CAROL McKENZIE Chondler, Ariz. Tcochers; Women ' s Residence Hollt. MONTY McMAHON Lincoln Teochers; Delta Upsilon; Sinfonia. BURRELL McMASTER Beatrice Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta; " N " Club. RICHARD Mcmullen steiio Business Administration; Sigma Nu. MARVIN McNEICE DeQueen, Ark. Business Administrotisn; Delta Upiilon; Beta Gommo Sigmo. SHIRLEY McPECK Gonevo Teochers; Alpha Omicron Pi, president; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Lombdo Theto; Morlor Board; Tassels. EDWIN McREYNOLDS Ashland Agriculture; FormHouse; Block ond BridI . BEVERLY McVeigh „ Hermon Teachers; Alpha Omicron Pi; Nawmon Club. 136 MELVIN MEIERHENRY Hoskins Agriculture; Alpha Gommo Sigma; YMCA; Ag Econ Club; Agronomy Club. RONALD MEISTER McCook Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi; Koppa Alpha Mu; Hewman Club. MAURICE MELCHER Engineering; Cornhusker Co-op; ASME. RICHARD MEYER Business Administrotion; Delta Sigma Pi. STANLEY MICKUS Engineering; AIEE-IRE. JOYCE MILLER Tcochers; Towne Club; Sigma Eto Chi. SHIRLEY MILLS Agriculture; Chi Omego. Columbus Nelson Omoho Lincoln Konsos City, Mo. Edgar Lincoln RICHARD MOBLEY Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omego; hiewmon Club. CAROLYN MOCK Holbrook Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Comma Oelto; 4-H Club; Hom« Ec Club; VHEA. ROGER MOLINE York Agriculture; Alpha Comma Rho; Alpha Z to. MARY MONG - „..0»hkoih Teochers, Alpha Phi; PE Club, vice president; OrehMii, prMldent. DIAN MORGAN So. Siouk City Teochers; Koppo Delia, vice prnldent; Phi Sigma lolo, vice president; NUCWA, secretory; YWCA. BRIAN MORRIS „. _„_„... Coiod Engineering; ASME. JOHN MORROW Keomey Business Administration; Phi Gamma Delta; " N " Club; Arnold Air Society, Football Monager. f P A .p dik:ik Mosher Moul Moyer Mulligan Mullin Munoim Munson Murray, J Murray, R. Musil Nonsel Nathan Nelson, D. Nelson, J. Nelson, K. Nelson, M Nelson, V. Neumon Newell, C. Newell, M. Nichols Nielsen Niemann Nissen Nixon Noble Novotny Oakeson Odum Oehm O ' Hanlon Ohslund HAROLD MOSHER __ _ .Lincoln Business Administration. DONALD MOUL York Teachers; Sinfonio. EDWARD MOYER Lincoln Engineering; Delta Upsilon; ASCE. PAT MULLIGAN _ _ _ ...Lincoln Business Administration; Sigma Chi. DAVID MULLIN Albion Teachers; Sinfonia; Newman Club. AMIR MUNAIM Surat, India Engineering; Cornhusker Co-op; AlChE. JANE MUNSON Broken Bow Agriculture. JAMES MURRAY Scottsbluff Engineering; Theto Chi. ROBERT MURRAY Grand Island Engineering; Beta Theto Pi; AIEE. VICTOR MUSIL Western Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; AtEE, secretary; Engineers Exec Board, vice president; Blue Print. MARILYN NANSEL Columbus Teachers; Alpha Chi Omega, president. RON NATHAN Denver, Colo. Business Administration; Phi Gamma Delta. DELWIN NELSON ..Lincoln Business Administrotion; Lutheran Student Assoc. JOHN NELSON Geneva Arts and Sciences; Theto Xi, vice president; Innocents, secretary; Corn Cobs, president; Kosmet Klub; Builders. KRIS NELSON Central City Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta. MARSHALL NELSON Kimball Business Administration; Phi Gamma Delta; Innocents; Kosmet Klub; " N " Club. VAUGHN NELSON Broken Bow Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; ASAE; Varsity Glee Club. DUANE NEUMAN Schuyler Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Block and Bridle. CAROL NEWELL Lincoln Teachers; Delta Delta Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon, vice president; Pi Lambda Theta. MARILEE NEWELL Tekomoh Teachers; Alpha Chi Omego. MARIE NICHOLS Beatrice Teachers; Kappa Kappa Gommo; Aquaquettes. RUSSELL NIELSEN Lincoln Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tou; Phi Lambda Upsilon; AlChE. ROBERT NIEMANN Hebron Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tou Omega; Sigma Gamma Epsilon- " N " Club; Varsity Track. JERRY NISSEN Oxford Business Administration; Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Alpha Koppo Psi; Corn Cobs. PATRICIA NIXON So. Sioux City Business Administration; Women ' s Residence Halls; Phi Chi Theto Beta Gommo Sigma. JOHN NOBLE Beatrice Arts and Sciences; Delta Tou Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Young Repub- DOROTHY NOVOTNY Clorkson Agriculture; Gamma Phi Beta, president; Mortar Board; Phi Upsilon Omicron, president; VHEA; Builders, vice president. GARY OAKESON St. Paul Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; AlChE; Methodist Student House. JOHN ODUM Schuyler Business Administration; Sigma Chi. JAMES OEHM Summerfield, Kan. Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club. JAMES O ' HANLON Blair Arts and Sciences; Beta Theto Pi. COLLEEN OHSLUND Rockford, III. Teachers; Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross, treasurer. 137 Seniors THOMAS OLSON . Business Administrotioo; Alpho Tou Omego, presrdent; Com Cobs, IFC. Auroro Lincoln Norfolk WAYNE OLSON Agriculture; IVCF, president. JAN ORWIG , „ - ,,, . , Teachers; Chi Omega; Pi Lomlxla Thcto; Red Cross; AUF; ACE BARBARA OSBORNE ., .r« Agriculture; Alpho Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron; VHEA. fRANCIS OSTDIEK ■• , . Lincoln Engineering; ASME; Pi Tou Sigma; Sigma Tou; Newman Club. STANLEY OWENS Carroll Engineering; ASME. CAROL PALME.. ' Agriculture; Phi Upsilon Omicron; VHEA; Ag Religious Council, secre- fory-freosurer; YWCA; Home Ec Club. LOIS PANWITZ „ ,. c ■ " ' ° " « Teochcrs; Sigmo Kappa; Delta Omicron; Comma Delta; Singers; Coed Counselors. GOVIND PATEL Bombay, Indio Engineering; AlEE. EDWIN PEARCE Lincoln Business Administration. EDWIN PENAS " Agriculture; Newman Club; Rodeo Club; Block and Bridle. HERBERT PENNER Trenton Tcochers. ROBERT PERSON ;;•■ Wohoo Agriculture; Varsity Dairy Club; IVCF. Mitchell Scottsbluff Beotricc PATRICIA PIERCE „ Agriculture; Women s Residence Halls. MARY LOU PITTACK Howarden, Iowa Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpho Epsilon Rho, vice presi- dent; Ponhellenic, president. UARILEE PLYMALE Millord Arts and Sciences; Delto Delta Delta; Delta Phi Delto RICHARD POCRAS Lincoln Business Administrotion; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpho Koppa Psi; B ' noi B ' rith Hillcl. DONALD POHLMAN , r r i. 5 ' ° " ' ° " Agriculture; Beto Sigma Psi; Agronomy Club; Gommo Delto Stanton ..Schuyler JEAN POHLMAN Teachers; Alpha Chi Omego; Gommo Delta. JERRY POKORNY , ;,l; e " i ii, r, t. Business Administrotion; Sigma Phi Ep»ilon; Newmon Club. lAMFS POLLARD Lincoln Business Administration; Phi Koppo P«l; Alpha Kappa Psi. JANICE POORE Teachers. Grand Island FORREST POSKA. ■■■ - . Engineering; Sigmo Alpha Mu; AlCht. WAYNE POTTHOFF , ■• ■■ Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Ag Econ CluD. McCook .Lincoln !l l Olson, D. Osborne. Pointer Potel Ponner Pierce Pohlman Pooro Olson, T. Ostdiek Polme Patton Person Plttock Pohlman Potko Owens Ponwilt Pcorce Phinnev Plymalo Pokorny Potthoff Pogel Pormelec Penos Pickett Pocros Pollard Powell 138 Pozzo Prather Purcell Pyle Rainforth Romacciofti Ramsdell Rank Reed Rehnberg Reinert Reische Reisner Reppert Reynolds Rhodes Rhodes Richards Roberts Robinson Rohrbaugh Rohse Romberg Ronnau Rosenberg Ross, L. Ross, W. B. Ross, W. J. Roubol Rounsovell Rucker Ruff MAX POZZA..... Alliance Business Administration. JOHN PRATHER ...Wausa Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi. PATRICIA PURCELL Fremont Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta; WAA. BERT PYLE.. Gothenburg Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega, treasurer. ROBERT RAINFORTH ...Tekamah Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. WILLIAM RAMACCIOTTI Nebraska City Agriculture; Newman Club. JERALD RAMSDELL Sutton Teachers; Theto Chi. HAROLD RANK... York Business Administration; Beta Gommo Sigma. BILLIE REED Beatrice Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Block and Bridle. BLAIR REHNBERG Bertrand Agriculture; Alpha Gommo Rho; Alpha Tau Alpha. CARROLL REINERT... Craig Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. RICHARD REISCHE Beatrice Business Administration; Beta Theto Pi, president; IFC. JAMES REISNER... .....Bertrand Arts ond Sciences; Phi Delto Theto; Newman Club; NU Med; German Club. CHARLES REPPERT West Point Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Agronomy Club; 4-H Club. DONALD REYNOLDS St. Paul Agriculture; Farmhouse. CAROLINE RHODES Osceola Agriculture; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Omicron Nu, president; Phi Upsi- lon Omicron; Alpha Lambda Delto; VHEA. WILLIAM RHODES Omaha Arts and Sciences. SHIRLEY RICHARDS Orleans Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Mortar Board; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu; AWS; Home Ec Club. LESLIE ROBERTS Tecumseh Teochers; Beta Gamma Psi; Phi Epsilon Koppo; Gommo Delta; Men ' s PHILIP ROBINSON Hartington Low; Sigmo Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Sinfonio; Pershing Rifles; Flying Club. SUE ROHRBAUGH Hastings Teachers; Alpha Omicron Pi. MARY ROHSE Nebraska City Arts and Sciences; Colonial Terrace; Koppo Tau Alpha; Theto Sigma HARLAND ROMBERG Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AIEE. HANNA ROSENBERG... Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Towne Club; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Tassels, vice president; BABW, vice president. LOU ANN ROSS. Fremont Agriculture; Kappa Kappa Gamma; VHEA. WALTER ROSS Lincoln Engineering; Theta Chi; Gamma Lombdo. WILLIAM ROSS. Arts and Sci( man Club. ....Gibbon Phi Delta Theto, president; Sigmo Delto Chi; New- JERRY ROUNSAVELL Lincoln Business Administration; Delto Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigmo; Biz Ad Council; Sigma Theto Epsilon. WILLIAM RUCKER Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. ..Pine Bluff, Ark. 139 Seniors VERDEL RUWE ■• ■„ : „ .. ..Wayne Pharmocy; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; Koppo Psi; Rho Chi; Americon Phormoceuticol Assoc. BARBARA RYSTROM - °i!!° ' i Teochers; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Pi Lombdo Thefo, president; toed Counselors; YWCA. JAMES SARGENT ,, Beotrice Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Delta Sigmo Pi. RONALD SCHEERER Lincoln Arts ond Sciences; Dello Sigmo Phi. DEAN SCHINZEL Grafton Agriculture. MERVYN SCHLIEFERT ■■■ - - Omoho Agriculture: Alpha Gommo Siqma; Alpho Zeto; Corn Cobs; Pershing Rifles; Ag YMCA, treasurer; Block and Bridle. WALTER SCHMIDT , . r " T Agriculture; FormHouse; Agronomy Club; 4-H Club; Ag Exec Board; YMCA. JAMES SCHMOKER. Agriculture. JOAN SCHROEDER Teochers; Terroce Hall, president. Osceola Lexington , Plottsmouth .Holstein, lo. NORBERT SCHUERMAN DeWitt Teachers; Kajspa Sigma; Sinfonio; Gommo Lombdo; Lutheran Student Assoc. York York Lincoln RAYMOND SCHULTZE -■■■■■ Arts ond Sciences; Beto Sigmo Psi; Gommo Delta. ROGER SCHUTTE - Engineering; Sigmo Tou; AIA. WILFRED SCHUTZ - Eu tis Agriculture; FormHouse; Alpha Zeto; Agronomy Club; Gommo Delto. WILLIAM SCHWALM Omoho Engineering; Theto Xi. ROGER SCOW Shelby Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TRUDY SCRIVEN bcotlsDiurr Teochers; Delta Gommo; Mosquers, secretory. PATRICIA SCUDDER Omoho Arts and Sciences; " I " House. y LY( E ANN SIDES Loup City Agriculture; Phi Upsilon Omicron; 4-H Club; Ag YWCA; Ag Inter- denominational Youth Fellowship, WAYNE SIEBENALER - Kimball Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Alpho Gommo iigmo, Newmon Club. SUE SIMMONS Fremont Agriculture; Koppo Delto; Mortor Boord; Phi Upsilon Omicron; VHEA; YWCA, vice-president. JOHN SKALLA ■■■.■_ ■■■: ■;;iv,v2 , r Beatrice Business Administrotion; Delto Tou Delta; N Club. KATHERINE SKINNER i: r ,.L, . V, ' ■V " jr° " Agriculture; Alpho Chi Omego; Gommo Alpho Chi; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Home Ec Club. SALLY SKUTT ,, Omoho " " Arts orid Sciences; Koppo Koppo Gommo; Newmon Club, Aquo- quettes; Red Cross. JAMES SMITH Wolthlil Agriculture; Block and Bridle. JUDITH SNELL ■■ •• Omoho Teochers; Delta Gommo; Pi Lombdo Theto. BEVERLY SODERBERG Fremont Teochers; Koppo Alpho Theto; PI Lombdo Theto; Red Cross. p y jiig A4ik Ruwc Rystrom Soolhotl Sorgcnt Scheecer Schinzel Schlieferl Schmidt Schmoker Schneider Schneider Schroeder Schuermon Schullz Schulize Schutte Schutz Schwolm Scow Scriven Sc udder Seymour Sides Siebenoler Simmons Skolla Skinner Skold SkutI Smith Snell Soderberg 140 Sokol, G. Sokol, M. Sokol, S. Sorenson Souders Speak Sperry Starr, A. Starr, W. Staska Steven Stevens Stilwell Stitt Stokke Stoll Stout, Barbara Stout, Betty Streich Stuhmer Sullivan, M. Sullivon, S. Summers Svoboda Swanson, G. Swanson, M. Swonson, R. H Swanson, R. D. Sworts Switzer Tornick GERTRUDE SOKOL _ f. . Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Home Ec Club; BABW; Newman MARIAN SOKOL , (.. Omicron Nu ' ■°H. J T°r? ' k " ° " ' ' ° ' t° ' , BooVdrPhi Upsiion Omicron! Omicron Nu, Home Ec Club, vice president; BABW, president. SHIRLEY SOKOL Teachers; Aipho Phi; Red Cross! HAROLD 50RENSEN Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Tau; ASCE! BETTY SORENSON Teachers; Kappa Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon. Columbus ..Bancroft ...Lincoln Ansein JAMES SOUDERS nnseim Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Pi Mu ' Epsiion; ' Sigma faiT " vice president; Engineers Exec Board; Blueprint. . - CAROLYN SPEAK Teachers; Alpha Xi Delta, treasun GLENN SPERRY Teachers; president. Lexinjiton ALLAN STARR Arts and Sciences; Sinfonia. WENDELL STARR Agriculture; FarmHouse; Agronomy Club. MARILYN STASKA ..Cleveland, O. Hastings frVf nf if ' ' " ' ' " ' ' ' ° ' ° " --? ' t° Delta Delta; Biz Ad Council preVident " Student Union, vice president. York .Madison ' ice president. JANE STEVEN Teachers; Alpho Omicron Pi; Mu Phi Epsilon; YWCA, KENNETH STEVENS Agriculture. DANIEL STILWELL... THOMAS STITT Hosfno Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Pi Mu EpsiionrEta ' Kappa " Nur " " N " Club. VELDA STOKKE Teachers; Towne Club; Mu Phi Epsilon; Singers. MARVIN STOLL. Arts ond Sciences. BARBARA STOUT Teochers; Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Lombdo Delta. Lincoln Choppell Grant Grant Michawoko Kenesaw BETTY STOUT Teachers; Alpha Xi Delta, presidentrCoed Couriselo PAUL STREICH Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; ASME. RONALD STUHMER Pharmacy; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Kappa Psi;Rho Chi; Amerlo Pharmaceutical Assoc. MARION SULLIVAN... Agriculture; Towne Club; Newman Club. SHERRY SULLIVAN Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta; YWCA. CHARLES SUMMERS Agriculture; Rodeo Club. WARD SVOBODA Engineering; Theta Chi; Kappo Alpha Mu. Lincoln Grand Island — Hershey Schuyler GERAYNE SWANSON orth Platte T " " " ; ' ' k c° r ' - ' ' P ' ° Lambda Delta, ■secretary; Pi Lombdo I beta; Mu Phi Epsilon, president; Singers; Sand; Madrigals. MARCIA SWANSON.. i „,,„i Teachers; Pi Beta Phi. ' - ' ' " ™ ' RICHARD SWANSON Scrihner Business Adtninistrotion; Delia Sigma Pi. criuner OS .SWANSpN., r-y. Cherokee, la. business Administration; Mens Residence Assoc. STANLEY SWARTS Teachers; Men ' s Residence Assoc. Ashland Lincoln LUCIGRACE SWITZER _ ... Lincoln Al ' ha " " ' Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa; Theta sigma Phi; Kappa Tau RAYMOND TARNICK Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Glut); Alpha f ou ' AlpharNewman ciub! 141 Seniors NANCY TAYLOR ■ . Teoehers; Alpho Omicron Pi. Omoho Hostings Schuyler " ■AgrlcX eVAIpho Chi Omego; Alpho LomM Delto; Phi Ups.lon Omicron; Omicron Nu; Home Ec Club; VHEA. LINDA THOENES ORLAN THOMAS - , „l „ Teoehers; Sinfonio, secretory; Gommo LomDOO. MARY THOMPSON . :. tL . v A rA Teoehers; Chi Omego; Pi Lombdo Theto; YWCA. KENNETH THOMSEN ,r ,; i oV Business Admimstrotion; Delfo Sigmo Pi. SHIRLEY THOMSEN Agriculture; Home Ec Club. KAREN TIMMONS ; . . ,.. - ■ Teoehers; Koppo Delta; Pi Lombdo Theto. Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Storm Loke, la. Ord Grand Island Teach ' e ' rs- " ' women ' s Residence Halls; Tassels; Newman Club. SHARON TONER Teoehers; W CHARLES TRUMBLE . Popillion ' cul °F; mHouse; ' Innocents; Alpha Zeto; Corn Cobs; AG YMCA. ' ' Agrl u FormHouse, treasurer; Alpha Zeta, treasurer; Varsity Dairy; YMCA; Ag Religious Council. SAM VAN PELT Arts ond Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Kosmet Klub. Lincoln Summerfield, Kan. ROY VOLZKE Woco Agriculture; Alpha Comma Sigmo; Gomma Delto; B.ock and Bridle. KENNETH VOSIKA Teachers; Sigma Chi, president; Gamma Lambda; Sinfonio; WILBUR WAKEFIELD „ . , x ai u Agriculture; Alpho Gamma Rho; Alpha Tou Alpha, JUDO WAGNER Columbus Agriculture; Phi Gamma Delta. ARLEY WALDO DeWItt Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Innocents; Alpha Zeto; Kosmet Klub; Student Union Boord. ROBERT WALGREN Teoehers; Cornhusker Co-op. Platte Center Aberdeen, S. D. GAIL WALLING ..,r°J " ° Arts ond Sciences; Delta Gamma; Builders, secretory; AUF Boord. ROBERT WARRICK Meodow Grove Agriculture; Koppo Sigma; Rodeo Club. Lincoln AURELIA WAY Dccotur Agriculture; Gommo Phi Beto; VHEA. ROSEMARY WEEKS Keorney Teoehers; Gommo Phi Beto; Pi Lombdo Theto; Sigmo Alpho loto, vice president; YWCA; Boptist Student Fellowship. ELIZABETH WEBER Lincoln Arts ond Sciences; Gommo Alpho Chi; Theto Sigmo Phi. PHILIP WEHRMAN Nelson Arts ond Sciences; Koppo Sigmo, vice president. EDWIN WEISE Greenfield, lo. Engineering; Theto Xi; AIA; NUCWA. as p q Tows Thoenes Thomos Thomsen TtK mscn Thornton Iimmonv Tonor Trumblo Turner Tyler VonPelt Versow Vtnsont Volike Vosiko Woddle Wakefield Wogner Waldo Wolgron Wolker Well ins Warrick Woshburn Woy WMki Weber W hrmor Weil 142 ANNABELLE WELCH Shenandoah, la. Teachers; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Builders; AUF. BILL WELLS West Baden, Ind. Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta; " N " Club. WALTER WESIERSKI Lincoln Business Administration; Newman Club. DAVID WEST - -.- Dorchester Agriculture; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Agronomy Club. TED WE5TERVELT Scottsbluft Teachers; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Epsilon Kappo; Theto Gamma Upsilon. LARRY WESTPHALEN Lincoln Arts ond Sciences; Newman Club. PATTIE WESTON Beotrice Agriculture, Delta Gamma; WAA. KEITH WHALEY Callaway Agriculture; Ag Econ Club. ROBERT WHARTMAN Nelson Arts and Sciences; Acacia. SHERYL WHHMUS Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Koppa Phi. CYNTHIA WILCOX Omaha Teachers; Gammo Phi Beta; PE Club; WAA; Aquaquettes. DON WILCOX York. Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi, treasurer. JIMMY WILLIAMS North Loup Engineering; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau. KENNETH WILLIAMS Chatham, N. J. Arts ond Sciences; Theta Chi. JOANNE WILSON... Litchfield Agriculture; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Baptist Student Fellowship. MARGIE WILSON Lincoln Teachers; Sigma Delta Tau, vice president. SAROL WILTSE Falls City Teachers; Chi Omega, pledge Iroiner; Mortar Board, treasurer; YWCA, vice president; WAA, secretary. ROGER WISCHMEIER Wilcox Teachers; Sinfonio. JERRY WOLFE Clay Center Business Administration; Tau Koppa Epsilon; Newman Club. GLENDA WOLZEN Hendley Teachers; Women ' s Residence Halls. DORALEE WOOD Benkelmori Teachers; Sigma Kappa; Mu Phi Epsilon; Kappa Phi. MARIAL WRIGHT . Scottsbluff Arts and Sciences; Koppa Kappa Gamma, president; Debate. TERRENCE WRIGHT Lincoln Engineering; Theta Chi; Sigma Tau; AlA. LEO WUTKE Omaha Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assn.; Sigma Tau; ASCE. ALLEN WYNNE Wichita Falls, Tex. Arts and Sciences; Cornhusker Co-op; Alpha Phi Omega. GWENDOLYN WYNNE Hays, Kan. Teachers; IVCF; Baptist Student Fellowship. ROBERT YATES Doniphan Business Administration. RHE YEITER Cozod Teachers; Alpha Omicron Pi. JUNIOR YOKOMIZO Minotare Engineering; Brown Palace; Sigma Tau; Eto Kappa Nu; AIEE. RONALD YOST Lincoln Business Administration; Theta Chi; Arnold Air Society. ARTHUR ZECH Brock Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Alpha Tau Alpha; Alpha Zeta. SAMUEL ZELEN Lincoln Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu. DEAN ZIMMERMAN Lincoln Engineering; AIEE - IRE. PAUL ZUCKER - Scribner Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi, president; AIA; Lutheran Student Assoc; IFC. MARILYN ZUHLKE Agriculture; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Upsilo VHEA; Ag YWCA. ANN DOUGLASS Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Delta Phi Delta; Newmon Club. JO CAROLYN KROEGER Dovid City Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega; Kappa Alpha Mu; Gamma Alpha Chi; YWCA. ELIZABETH SCHAFFER O ' Neill Teochers; Gamma Phi Beta; PE Club; Aquaquettes. WILLIAM ZEMPEL Page Engineering; ASME. Sterling cron; Omicron Nu; - T ' T) ' rt- |- U « " f i M igMt a k Westervelt Westphaien Weston Whaley Whartman Williams, K. Wilson, J. Wilson, M. Wiltse Wischmeier Wright Wutke Wynne Wynne Yates Zelen Zimmerman Zucker Zuhike Douglass Welch Wells 1 Wesiersk Whitmus Wilcox Wilco. Wolfe Wolzen Wood Yeiter Yokomizo Yost Kroeger Schaffer Zempel 143 Juniors . . . The Puzzle Fits Together The gray of indecision has changed into the black and white of reality for the juniors. They no longer think in terms of the next day but begin making long-range plans for the future. The choice of a college major and a life- time mate are among the decisions reached by third-year students. The juniors look at their University with a more critical eye and yet a more tolerant attitude. They recognize and appreciate its values as they near their final year of work. Called or calling, »he activity man spends long hours organizing and directing as he troins in leodership. For the fourth time this week " the olorm just didn ' t 90 off, " and the lote sleeper must crom both chemistry ond brcoktost. Cokes, cottcc ond three minutes o» the lotcst hi-fi music compote the regulor menu for that in-between-clatt brcok. 144 k Adams Alexander Ah schwede, H. Alexander G Ahlschwede, H. Allen M. Akerson AIMS Amos Andersen Anderson, G Anderson, R Andrews Appleby Armbrust Arneson Arwood Asbury Asche Babcock Baird Boker Baldwin Banks, K. Bonks, P. Borkmeier Barnard Barnes Baskin Baumert Bayer Beadle MARY ADAMS Imperial Business Administration; Alpha Xi Delta; YWCA; Red Cross. HAZEL AHLSCHWEDE Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Tassels HELEN AHLSCHWEDE Agriculture; Love Memoriot Holl; Tossels. ALLEN AKERSON Engineering; Pi Koppa Phi. SARA JANE ALEXANDER Agriculture; Pi Beto Phi; YWCA. WILLIAM ALEXANDER Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Phi Epsilon. PAUL ALLEN Engineering; Sigma Chi. Ord Ord ----Omaha -Lincoln Lincoln Neligh Hostings GLENN ANDERSEN Lincoln Engineering; Acacia; ASME. GORDON ANDERSON Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Chi. Stromsburg Kearney RICHARD ANDREWS Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tou Omega; Delta Sigmo Rho; Pub Board; Student Council. MARY APPLEBY Elk City Teachers; Delta Delta Delto; Student Union; Red Cross. ARTHUR ARMBRUST Omoho Agriculture; Theta Xi; Varsity Dairy; 4-H Club. JAMES ARWOOD Teachers; Delta Upsilon; " N " Club. CAROL ASBURY St. Joseph, Mo. Teachers; Kappa Koppa Gamma; Sigrra Alpha lota. RICHARD ASCHE Schuyler Business Administration; Delta Sigmo Pi; Newmon Club. JOSEPH BABCOCK North Loup Teachers; Pioneer House; Sintonia; Singers. JAMES BAIRD Omoho Business Administration; Phi Gommo Delto. ROGER BALDWIN .. ..Hebron Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omego. PHYLLIS BANKS Campbell Agriculture; Colonial Terrace; VHEA; Lul heron Student Assoc. BARBARA BARKMEIER .--. Exeter Agriculture; Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Newmon Club; Home Ec Club. KENNETH BARNARD - ..Lincoln Engineering; Sigma Chi; ASME. BARBARA BARNES Holdrege Agriculture; Alpho Phi. LORAJANE BASKIN - Stapleton Agriculture; Alpho Xi Delta; Home Ec Club; Rodeo Club; VHEA. GEORGE BAUMERT Howells Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASAgE; Newman Club; CCRC. LONNIE BAYER - -Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Glee Club. BARBARA BEADLE North Bend Agriculture; Alpha Chi Omega. 145 Juniors BEV BEAK Springfield Teachers; Sigma Kappa. LINDA BEAL , . ■ V ° " " ' !l? Teochers; Pi Beta Phi; Masquers; Newmon Club; University Theotre. ELDON BEAVERS - — Benriet Teochers; Acocio; Kosmet Klub. PATRICIA BECKMAN Teachers; Towrw Club. JOANNE BENDER Weeping Water Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delto; Alpho Lombdo Delta; Delto Phi Delta; CORNHUSKER; Student Council; Coed Coun- selors; Panhellenic. JOHN BENEDICT Hustings Engineerirvg; Delta Tou Delto. JEAN BENNETT North Plotte Agriculture; Loomis Holl; Alpho Lambda Delta; VHEA; 4-H Club; Ag YWCA; Home Ec Club. SALLY BERG Omoho Agriculture; Pi Beto Phi; YWCA. Omoha Uplond MARY BERGER Agriculture; Loomis Hall, president; VHEA. MARY JANET BERGQUIST Evonston, III. Teochers; Koppo Koppo Gommo; CORNHUSKER; Builders; Red Cross. DONNA BERNET Rovenno Teochers; Delto Gommo. CONNIE BERRY Onowo, lo. Arts ond Sciences; Pi Beto Phi; Phi Sigmo Iota; YWCA; Student Council; CCRC; Sponish Club. WALLACE BIERMAN Omaha Agriculture; Delta Tou Delta; Block ond Bridle. GLENN BINFIELO Doniphon Engineering; Alpho Gommo Sigma; Junior IFC. THOMAS BISCHOF Nebrosko City Arts and Sciences; Cornhusker Co-op; Sigma Gommo Epsilon; Newman Club. MARVIN BISHOP Thompson Agriculture; Alpha Gommo Sigmo; Corn Cobs. LARRY BITNEY Neligh Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Club. CARL BODENSTEINER Lincoln Engineering; Koppa Sigmo. NANCY BOEDEKER Murray Teachers; Koppo Koppo Gommo. DWIGHT BOESIGER Cortlond Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc. DONNA BOHLING Auburn Agriculture; Coloniol Terrace, secretory; VHEA; Lutheron Student Assoc. Lincoln Creston JOHN BONING Engineering; FormHouse; ASAE; Engir WILLIAM BOSKING Engineering; Alpho Tou Omego. NORMA BOSSARD Norfolk Teochers; Gommo Phi Beta; Sigmo Alpha loto; Orchesiro; Singe rs; YWCA. ARLENE BOUWENS Agriculture; Coloniol Torrocc; VHEA. RONALD BOWEN Agriculture; Acocio; Block ond Bridle. EUGENE BRADY Engineering; Men ' s Residence Astoc. Ponoma Nelson Omoho ROSEMARY BREDTHAUER Grond Islond Teochers; Sigmo Koppo; Coed Countalori; AWS; Gommo Delto. EMILY BRESSLER Omoho Teochers; Delto Delto Delta; Student Union. Beak Beat Beavers Beckmon Beckwith Bender Benedict Bennett Berg Berger. J. Berger. M. Bergqjist Bernct Berry Biern-on Binfield Bischof Bishsp Bitnev Bodenstemer Boedeker Boesiger Bohling Bond Boning Bosking Bossard Bouwens Bowen Brodv Bredtttauer Breuler P ( ' 1 146 BARBARA BRITTIN Lincoln Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Phi; Thefo Sigma Phi; Builders; AWS. ANNE BROOKS Teachers; Zeta Tau Alpha ELDA BROOMFIELD Agriculture; Terrace Hall; Home Ec Club; BABW. ..Rugby, Tenn. McCook Lincoln Lincoln GERALD BROWNFIELD Agriculture; Beto Theta Pi; Kosmet Klub. BEVERLY BUCK Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theto; Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; CORNHUSKER, managing editor; AUF Board; Builders Board. DARRELL BUETTOW Norfolk Business Administration; Kappa Sigma; Junior IPC; YMCA; Red Cross. ..Omoho ..Lincoln ...Lyman DWAYNE BURHANS Teachers; Sigma Chi, MARVIN BURIANEK Teochers; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. ROBERT BUTCHER Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Singers. FRANCIS CADA Clarkson Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle; Newman Club. BETTY CANDER Humboldt Agriculture; Colonial Terrace. BEN CARTER Chappell Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Corn Cobs; Agronomy Club; Home Ec Club; YMCA. LARRY CAR5TENS0N Grand Island Teachers; Theta Xi; Honorary Producer; Arnold Air Society. DENNIS CHOQUETTE Compbell Agriculture; Delta Sigma Phi. WARREN CHRISTENSON Lincoln Business Administration; Sigma Chi; " N " Club. ROBERT CLAPHAM Cedar Bluffs Engineering; Sigmo Nu. RANDOLPH CLARK Melbeto Engineering; Beta Theto Pi. WILLIAM CLARK Lincoln Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta. VELDA CLEGG Gothenburg Teachers; Chi Omega; YWCA. RODNEY CLIFTON Orchard Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASCE; Evangelical United Brethren Youth Fellowship. DALE COATES Engineering; Cornhuske r Co-op, secretory; ASME. ...Beatrice Indianolo PHILLIP COFFMAN Lincoln Teachers; Theto Xi; Sinfonio; Comma Lambda; Band; Orchestra; Singers. MARLYN CARLSON Wouso Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi. CLARK CARPENTER Fremont Business Administration; Sigma Nu; Student Union; Young Republicans. JOAN CARROLL Kearney Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta; Student Union; WAA. RICHARD COOK ..Curtis Engineering; Delta Tou Delta; ASME. YVONNE COOK Agriculture; VHEA; 4-H Club, Ag Country Doncer; JACK CORELL Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. Arlington Decatur n CT " ci ■ T Q . Q iklkrifA k Brittin Brooks Broomficid Brown Brownficid Buck euettow Burhons Burionek Butcher Cado Conder Carter Carden Cardwell Corlson Carpenter Corroll Corstenson Carter Chab Choquette Christenson Claphom Clark, R. Clark, W. Clegg Clifton Coates Coburn Coffmon Colby Cook, H. Cook, R. Cook, Y, Corell 147 Juniors BARBARA COONRAD Lincoln Art and Sciences; Koppo Delta, Newman Club. NANCY CCWVER Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Gommo Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta. JERRY COPELAND North Platte Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Norfolk Omaha JERRY CORKLE Agriculture; Alpha Tau Omego; Newman Club. JOHN CORZINE Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Phi. JANIS CRIST Crete Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Builders; AUF. CLAY CRITES Centrol City Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AIEE. BARBARA CURRY Lincoln Teochers; Zeta Tau Alpha; Red Cross; Coed Counselors; Student Union. RICHARD CURTIS Grand Island Business Administration; Sigma Nu. JACK CUTKOSKY Omaha Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM DAHL Allionce Business Administration; Acacia, president. PATRICIA DANIEL Fremont Teachers; Delta Gommo; Builders, MARTHA DANIELSON Lincoln Teochers, Koppo Alpho Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; French Club; Student Union. GERALD DART Enders Agriculture; Alpho Gommo Rho; Block and Bridle; YMCA; 4-H Club. JANIS DAVIDSON . . Minden Agriculture; Chi Omega; Tassels; Coed Counselors; CCRC. DARYL DEDIC Potter Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc. HAROLD DEMAREE Plattsmouth Arts and Sciences; Alpho Tou Omega. MARY DEMARS Lincoln Agriculture; Sigma Kappa; Gamma Alpha Chi; Panhellanic; Student Council, Coed Counselors. MICHAEL DENENBERG Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. KAY DEPPEN Teactiers; Kappa Alpho Theto; Student Union; Buitden. Omoho Lincoln Lincoln JO ANNE DEVEREAUX Sioux Foils. S. O. Agriculture, Pi Beta Phi; Aquoquettes. JERE DEVILBISS Ainsworth Teachers; Delta Tou Delta; Com Cobt. MARY DEVINE Oconto Agriculture; Colonial Terrace; VHEA; Newman Club, 4-H Club. RAYMOND DEVRIES Lincoln Business Administration; Delto Sigma Pi; Biz Ad Council; Young Republicans. DOROTHY DICKE Polisode Agriculture; IVCF; Alpha Lombdo Delta. HARRY DINGMAN Lincoln Engineering; Delto Tou Delta; ASME; Sigma Tou; Pi Tou Sigmo; Kosmet Klub; Engineers Exec Boord. CHARLES DOBRY St. Paul Arts ond Sciences; Kappa Sigmo; NU Meds; Theto Nu. ROBERT DREESSEN _ Millard Engineering; Pioneer House; ASCE. CHARLOTTE DRISHAUS Beotrice Teochers; Chi Omega; YWCA; ACE; Red Cross. KAREN DRYDEN North Plotte Arts ond Sciences; Delto Delta Delta, vice president; Alpho Lombdo Delta; AWS; Student Union. HAROLD DUBAS Burwell Agriculture; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Newman Club; Arnold Air Society. DARRELL DUTOIT Edgerront, S. D. Business Administrotion; Delto Sigmo Pi. DARREL EBERSPACHER Seword Agriculture; Form House; Block and Bridle; Men ' s Glee. LEONARD EB5EN Bostwick Agriculture; Sigrro Chi. .2 - la ' 3 n ' ft • i f s £M2 Coonrod Coovor C-i- ■ ... Corkic Conine Coltroll Ciitt Crilcs Curry Curtis Culkosky 1 ' -,i l Daniel Donielion Don Davidson Oedic Demoree DeMors Denenborg Doppcn Desmond Dovereoux DeVilbiu Oevine DeVrlet Oicke Dlngmon Dobry Droosien Drlshous Dryden Dubot DuTolt Ebenpocher Ebten 148 Ai Ecklund Edwards Einspohr Ekiund Ekstrom Elder Elfeldt Ellis Else Eostin Epstein, A. Epstein, L. Enckson Ervin Essiinger Evans, Sharon ns, Susanne Everett Eversoll Eyier Faeh Fahrbach Folk Forrell Fellows Ferguson Fink Fisher Fisk Fitzgerald Fleer Focht CAROLYN EDWARDS „ :. ' I}??[ " Agriculture; Chi Omega; Home Ec Club; WAA; Ag Exec Board; VHEA. EVONNE EIN5PAHR Imperial Agriculture Loomis Hall; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Ec Club; Gamma Delta; VHEA; YWCA. RICHARD EKLUND Fremont Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASME. CORRINE EKSTROM Omaho Teachers; Delta Delta Delta; Red Cross; Lutheran Student Assoc. MARIAN ELDER - North Platte Teachers; Koppa Kappo Gamma; Builders; AWS. WILLIAM ELFELDT Sutherland Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. CHARLES ELLIS -.- Beatrice Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc. WILBERT ELSE ■- - ■■• Fairbury Business Administration; Delto Upsilon; Varsity Glee Club. JOHN EOSTIN Agriculture; Form House; Agronomy Club. LARRY EPSTEIN... c o :. ° " " tu? Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Corn Cobs; Red Cross; 1 Ht NEBRASKAN; NU Meds. BARBARA ERICKSON. Broken Bow Teachers; Kappa Alpha Theto. ELDON ERVIN i ' . , L ' VL, -, .: McCook Agriculture; Farm House; Alpha Tau Alpha; 4-H Club. EDGAR ESSLINGER... Arapahoe Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi. SHARON EVANS... Bloomfield Teachers; Delta Delta Delta. SUSANNE EVANS Gordon Teachers; Terrace Hall; Delta Omicron. JOHN EVERETT Scottsbluff Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. DUANE EVERSOLL Grand Islond Arts and Sciences; Delta Upsilon. DICK EYLER Omoho Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. WENDELL FAEH ; iiyr-? Central City Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Co-op, president; IVCF; Inter-Co-op Council. DAVID FAHRBACH Indianapolis, Ind. Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DON FALK Beatrice Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega. JANICE FARRELL ......Omaha Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma. CHARLENE FERGUSON Teachers; Alpha Chi Omega; Student Union. RUTH FISHER Omoha Agriculture; Alpha Chi Omega. DONALD FITZGERALD North Plotte Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta. LARRY FLEER Hooper Pharmacy; Kappo Sigma; Koppa Psi. On ii; YWCA. ... Kearney Pawnee City 149 •7 q 15 fa q Wf " n Forney Froas Fronkc Frcrichs Fritts Godekcn Gortner Gates Gausmon Gebhardt Gcrdes Gerloch Giesckor Gish Glecson Glock, D Glock, R Goin Gompert Goos Gourloy Gramlich Grasmtck Grass Grossmick Green Greer Griffith Groves Grube, A. Grube, L. Gundersen Gutschow Hockett Hoffke Hooemeier Juniors MARGUERITE FORNEY Brule Agriculture, Sigma Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; VHEA; Home Ec Club; Ag Union; Coed Counselors; Builders. FREDERICK FRAAS Keorney Business Administrotion; Delta Sigma Phi. MARGOT FRANKE Pleosonton Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Home Ec Club. JOANNE FRERICHS Lincoln Teachers; Kappa Delta; Phi Sigma loto; Sigma Eto Chi, president; French Club; YWCA. MARY FRITTS Lyons Agriculture; Loomis Hall; Newman Club; Home Ec Club; VHEA. EMIL GADEKEN Norfolk Agriculture; Beta Sigma Psi; Pi Sigma Pi; Gamma Delta. JEANNE GARTNER Omoha Teochcrs; Kappa Alpho Theta; AWS; ACE. JANET GATES Grand Islond Agriculture; Alpha Xi Delto; Coed Counselors; AWS; YWCA. LARRY GAUSMAN Ncodesho, Kan. Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Nu; " N " Club. FREDERICK GEBHARDT Hooper Engineering; Gamma Delta. MARIE GERDES Humboldt Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Home Ec Club, treasurer; BABW. LEROY GERLACH Cowles Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASME. NORMAN GIESEKER Lincoln Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. PHYLLIS GISH Fort Snelling, Minn. Teachers; Delto Gamma. KAY GLEASON Beatrice Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta; Pi Lambda Iheto. DEAN GLOCK Rising City Agriculture, Alpha Comma Rho; Alpha Tou Alpha; Kosmet Klub; Ag Union; -H Club. ROBERT GLOCK Rising City Agriculture; Alpho Gommo Rho, vice president; Alpha Zeta; Corn Cobs; Builders; AUF. DONALD GOIN Buffolo, Wyo. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; NU Madi. LEON GOMPERT Mitchell Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc, RAM G ' .es Club. DON GOOS Norfolk Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigmo. HELEN GOURLAY . Lincoln Teachers; Delto Gamma; CORNHUSKER, monoging editor; Ponhellenic. vice president; Srudent Council; Newman Club. WILLIAM GRAMLICH Fremont Business Administration; Sigma Nu; Flying Club. HARRY GRASMICK Lincoln Arts ond Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. JOAN GRASS Tecumseh Teachers; Kappa Delta; YWCA. ROBERT GRASSMICK Scottsblulf Agricuiturc; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Alpha Tou Alpha. CAROL GREEN Lincoln Agriculture; Towne Club; Coed Counselors; YWCA. GORDON GREER Fullorton Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; AIEE. BILLY GRIFFITH Coiod Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Club; CCRC. KENNETH GROVES Denver, Colo Business Administration; Sigma Alpho Epslton. ARTHUR GRUBE Popillion Agriculture; FormHouse LEE GRUBE Johnson Business Administration; Delto Tou Delta. WAYNE GUNDERSEN Lincoln Engineering, Alpha Tou Omcgo. WALTER GUTSCHOW Bloir Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Nu. JAY HACKETT Kcorne. Arts and Sciences; Sigmo Chi. ERNEST HAFFKE Omoho Alts and Sciences, Phi Delto Theta RICHARD HAGEMEIER Pickrell Agriculture; Alpha Gommo Rho. Agronomy Club, 4-H Club. Ag Ekoc Board; Farmers ' Fair Board. 150 " ii . . , Valley -Lexington Omaha Omaha LYLE HANSEN Aberdsen, S. D. Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc, president. SUE HARDIE ... - - Lincoln Alts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta. GEORGE HARDING Hastings Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc. HARLEY HARDISON Omaha Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc; NU Meds. JON HARGLEROAD Tekomoh Engineering; FarmHouse; ASAE; Blue Print; Ag Exec Board; Ag YMCA. GAYLE HARMS DeWitt Teachers; " I " House; Cosmopolitan Club, secretary. EDDIE HARPER Champion Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc JAMES HASTERT Shelby Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASChE; Pholanx; Newrron Club. THOMAS HAUSER Omaha Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. HOLLY HAWKE - Lincoln Teachers; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; AUF; Tassels. LAWRENCE HAWTHORNE Omaha Engineering; Theta Xi. J IMMIE HEDGPETH Rock Port, Mo. Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASME; Alpha Phi Omega, JOHN HEECKT Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. BUD HEALD Lincoln Business Administration; Sigmo Alpha Epsiion. LARRY HEESACKER Hay Springs Engineering; Acacia; Sigma Theta Epsiion; Phalanx; Corn Cobs; Young Democrats. ROBERT HEISS Gering Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; Gammo Lambdo; Theta Nu; NU Meds. CHARLES HELDRIDGE Sioux City, lo. Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsiion. ROBERT HELTON Greeley, Colo. Agriculture; Beta Theta Pi. ALLEN HENDRICK5EN Omaha Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; RAM Council. RICHARD HENDRIX - Lincoln Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Corn Cobs; Varsity Dairy. ALLEN HERMAN Steen, Minn. Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc. SONIA HERSHBERGER Superior Engineering; Women ' s Residence Hells. NANCY HEUSNER Des Moines, lo. Teachers; Koppo Alpha Theta; Red Cross; WAA; Aquoquettes. PATRICIA HEVNER Fremont Arts ond Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Student Union; Red Cross. JACQUELINE HIGBEE Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Towne Club; Alpha Lambda Delta. FLOYD HILLMAN Omoho Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASME. SUE HINKLE Grand Island Teachers. Women ' s Residence Halls; Pi Lombdo Theta; Sigma Eta Chi; BABW; Coed Counselors; Student Council. ROBERT HINMAN - North Platte Business Administration; Phi Comma Delta; Men ' s Glee Club. GEORGE HIRSCHBACK So. Sioux City Business Administration; Delta Upsilon. .. jSlf|||j g C, CT Q O ft ra Haley Hordison Hedgpeth Herman Hans Hartford Heiss Higbee Hansen Hastert Heldridge Hillmon Hordie Houser Helton Hinkle Hendricksen Hinmon Harding, M. Hawthorne Hendrix Hirschbach 151 1 A n tfiiATk Hockcr Holcmon Holmci Holmes Holl Hood Howord Howcrtcr Hubko Hughes, A. Hughas, C. Hughes, D. Hummel Hunkin Hunter Hurst Huiton Ibrohim-Bosho Inkss Irwin Jock Jombor Jameson Junsen Jenton Johnton, C. P. Johnson, C. L. Johnson, C. G ohnson, J. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. T. Johnson, N, Juniors SHARON HOCKER Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Alpha Lambda Detto; Phi Sigmo loto; Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Eta Chi; YWCA. JOHN HOLEMAN Omoho Business Administrotiofi; Men ' s Residence Auoc.; " N " Club; Red Cross. eARBARA HOLMES Omoha Teachers; Koppa Kappa Comma; Red Cross Boord; AUF. iislrotion; Phi Delta Theto; Kosmet Klub. ROBERTA HOLT Bloir Arts ond Sciences; Chi Omega, vice president; CORNHUSKER. monoging editor; Builders Board; Coed Counselor Boord. CHARLES HOOD Wohoo Business Administration; Delto Upsilon. TERRY HOWARD Elkhorn Agriculture; FormHouse; Vorsity Doiry. STUART HOWERTER Omoho Business Admjnistrotion; Phi Delta Theto. ARDITH HUGHES Teachers; Towne Club. CAROL HUGHES Arts ond Sciences; Zeta Tou Alpha. DAVID HUGHES Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. JOHN HUMMEL Business Administrotion; Beto Theto Pi. ORIN HUNKINS Arts ond Sciences; Koppo Sigma. CONNIE HURST Hostings Business Administrotion; Gommo Phi Beta; Delta Sigma Rtv ; Gommo Alpha Chi; Red Cross Boord; Student CourKil; Tassels. MARY HUSTON Grondlslond Arts and Sciences, Koppo Alpho Theto; AWS, secretory; AUF Board, Student Council, secretory; Singers. FICRAT IBRAHIM-BASHA Aleppo. Syria Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; Cosmopoliton Club. DON INKSS Grand Island Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon. ALLAN IRWIN Wymore Business Administrotion; Men ' s ResiderKe Assoc.; Pershir g Rifles. LEROY JACK Tckomoh Engineering; Theta Xi. LARRY JAM60R Weston Tcochers; Sigma Nu; Phi Epsilon Koppo; YMCA; Newman Club. ROBERT JAMESON Scotio, N.Y. Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; Pi Mu Epsilon; AlEE; Lutheron Student Assoc. VIrglnio NICE JENSON Ncwmon Grove Tcochers. CAL JOHNSON Hastings Business Administration; Beta Theto Pi. Koppo; VHEA; LirKoln Coed Counselors; Aquo- CHARLOTTE JOHNSON Agriculture; Sigma quettes. CLYDE JOHNSON Genoo Business Administration; Cornhusker Co-op. JEAN JOHNSON North Platte Business Administrotion; Delta Delta Delia, treasurer; Phi Chi Theto, president; Biz Ad Council. JOEL JOHNSON Axtell Arts and Sciences; Men ' Residence Alloc.; NU Meds. NANCY JOHNSON Lincoln Teachers; Alpho Phi. 152 Jones, B. Kelly Jones, J. Kelley Joy Kellogg Jostice Kiburz Kadlecek Kieckhafer Kapustka Kiely Keene Kiffin Kegley King, G. Kehn King, V V. :• ' ,r fh i! . n ( 9 s F « A " C d i i4i L ?i ct ft A JARET JONES Administration; Phi Delta Tiieto. ..Grand Island Falls City BETTY JOY Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. JOHN JOSTICE Central City Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. SANDRA KADLECEK Omaha Teachers; Kappa Alpha Theta; Tassels; WAA; PE Club. PHYLLIS KAPUSTKA ..Ord Teachers; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Alpha loto; Coed Counselors; Newman Club; AWS. TOM KEENE Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. RONALD KEGLEY Kearney Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Club. GERALD KEHN Butte Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi. BERNARD KELLY Sargent Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Arnold Air Society; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club. CAROLYN KELLEY Fairbury Teachers; Chi Omego; YWCA; Ponhellenic. KENNETH KELLOGG North Platte Teachers; Beta Sigma Psi; Lutheran Student Assoc. DELORES KIECKHAFER Lincoln Agriculture; Gamma Delta; Home Ec Club. GLORIA KING North Platte Teachers; Women ' s Residence Halls; Sigma Alpha Iota. WILLIAM KING Lincoln Engineering; Kappa Sigma. cx JOHN KINNIER Spalding Engineering; Cornhusker Co-op, president; ASCE; Student Coun- cil; Inter-Co-op Council. , Omaha Tecumseh s; Alpha Omicron Pi; YWCA, ANN KLEIN Lincoln Teachers; Towne Club; Coed Counselors; Student Union. LESLY KLEIN Omaha Teachers; Sigma Delta Tau; AWS; AUF. ANN KLOSTERMAN David City Agriculture; Chi Omega; Student Union; YWCA; Red Cross. WILLIAM KLOSTERMEYER ...Grond Island Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega, vice president; Presbyterian- Congregational Student House, president. GERALD KNAPP Keorney Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon. RONALD KOHLMEIER Ooklond Agriculture; Phi Gamma Delta. CORANNE KOLB ...Huntington Park, Colif. Teachers; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club. ELAINE KRANTZ . Omoha Teachers; Sigma Delto Tau. JERRY KRAUSE Cedar Bluffs Teachers; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Newman Club. • - Klein Kopta Klostermon Krantz Klostermeyer K rouse Knapp Kreitmon 153 Krcutz Krueger Kubacki Kucera Kuehn Kuhlmon Loose Lokin Landers Lange Longhouser Langemeier Lontis _ ' ---- LoVoie Lawrence Lowson Leder Leichner Lempka Lentz Levirte Lewis, A Lewis, R. Lewis, S. L ' Heureux Lidstrond Lightner Lindsay Linstrum Lockman Juniors PHILLIP KREUTZ Giltner Agriculture; Alpha Gammo Rho; Block and Bridle. KAY KRUEGER Lincoln Teochers; Alpha Omicron Pi; Red Cross; Newman Club. JIM KUBACKI Toledo, O. Teachers; Delta Upsiton; Newman Club. RICHARD KUCERA Esconobo, Mich. Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. CAROL KUEHN Omaha Teachers; Pi Beta Phi; Student Union. DELBERT KUHLMAN Bloomfield Agriculture; Alpho Gamma Sigma; Block and Bridle. MARY KUNCL Beemer Teachers; Terrace Hall. SALLY LAASE - Lincoln Teochers; Alpho Xi Delto; PE Club; AWS; WAA; YWCA; Red Cross. JAMES LAKEN Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN LANDERS Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpho Epsilon. BOYCE LANGE Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASME ROBERT LANGHAUSER Engineering; Sigma Chi. MARY LANGEMEIER Agriculture; Coloniol Terrocc; Counselor; AWS; VHEA ELMER LANTIS Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc. JANICE LARSON Agriculture; Zeto Tou Alpha; Ag YWCA; 4-H Club GARY LAVOIE Delta Sigmo Phi; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonlo; Nawmon Club Omaha -Clorksville, Tenn. Omaha Los Angeles, Calif. Hooper Culbcrtson Wolboch Campbell LEON LAWRENCE Cfoig, Mo. Agriculture; Delta Sigma Phi. KAY LAWSON - - Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Student Union. DUANE LEDER Big Springs Teachers; Delta Sigma Phi. ROMA LEICHNER Lincoln Business Administration; Women ' s Residence Halls; Phi Chi Ttieto; YWCA. GERALD LEMPKA Tecumseh Business Administration; Beta Theto Pi; Phi Mu Alpho Sin«onio. ELLIOT LENTZ Deshler Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi; Com Cobs. ARDIS LEVINE Columbus Arts and Sciences; Koppo Alpha Theto ARTHUR LEWIS Omoho Business Administrotion; Phi Koppo Pii ROBERT LEWIS " " 1° Engineering; Phi Delta Theto. SHARI LEWIS Doykin Teachers, Delto Delto Delta. ODELL L ' HEUREUX Uplond Engineering; Delto Sigma Phi; AIEE; Newman Club. JANET LIDSTRAND Omoho Teochers, Gammo Phi Beta; PE Club. JAMES LIGHTt ER ' Edword Engineering, Cornhusker Co-op; AIA. KAREN LINDSAY Grond Islond Agriculture; Alpha Phi; VHEA; Home Ec Club; Builders. DAVID LINSTRUM Omotio Engineering; Men ' s Rmidenc Aiioc.; AIA; Alpha Phi Oirago; Blue Print. DENNY LOCKMAN Norfolk Business Administrotion; Theto Chi. 154 " y I i Lohff Long Long Looschen Lose It Lovell Lovseth Lowe Luke Lundstrom Lundt Lynch Moag Maeder Macek Mohoney Marten, W. Martin, D. Mcrtison McCortney McComb McCullough McKillip McMillen Molt Martin Marx Matthews McClary McClure McConnell McCune Meier Meierhenry Meldrum MARTIN LOHFF Holstein, la. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu, treasurer; Theta Nu; Band; NU-Meds. JACK LONG - Nelson Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. VIVIAN LONG - - Aropahoe Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Home Ec Club; YWCA. RICHARD LUKE Arts and Sciences; Sign RICHARD LOSCIT Omaha Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. DOLORES LOVELL Beatrice Teochers; Kappa Delta; Kappa Phi; YWCA; Student Union. JANET LOVSETH... St. Peter, Minn. Agriculture; Alpha Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; VHEA. Kearney Foils City Holdrege JUDITH LUNDT ..Omaha Teachers; Alpha Phi; NEA; AUF; Red Cross. MAURICE LYNCH Thedford Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. ROBERT MAAG McCook Teachers; Theta Xi; Gamma Lambda; Mu Epsilon Nu; Band; Crchestro; Singers. WILLIAM MAEDER Kearney Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi. JERRY MARGOLIN Omaha Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. DONALD MARTIN Scottsbluff Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. MARTIE JO MARTISON Omaha Teachers; Pi Beta Phi; Builders; Student Union. JAMES McCartney Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. JOEL McCOMB Sioux City. la. Arts and Sciences; Delta Delto Delta; Student Union; Coed Counselors. KATHLEEN McCULLOUGH Brady Pharmacy; Chi Omega; Kappa Epsilon, president; APHA; Newman Club. KENNETH McKILLIP Curtis Business Administration; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. HARVEY McMILLEN Scottsbluff Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Pi Tau Sigma; AUF; Builders; ASME. HAROLD MALL Wymore Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Builders. ROBERT MARTIN Holstein, la. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu, president; Theta Nu; IFC. VIRGINIA MARX Columbus Teachers; Chi Omega; Student Union; Newman Club. ARM AND MATTHEWS... Onawa, la. Business Administration. ALLAN McCLURE Arnold Agriculture; Delta Upsilon; Block and Bridle. GARY McCONNELL Imperial Business Administration; Sigma Chi. WELLINGTON MEIER Hartington Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc. PAUL MEIERHENRY Norfolk Agriculture; Sigma Alpha Epsilo n; Ag Econ Club. HELEN MELDRUM Buffolo, Wyo. Teachers; Kappa Alpha Theta; Mu Phi Epsilon; Conterbury Club. 155 Juniors PATRICIA MENKE Lexington Agriculture; Oelto Gommo. ROLAND MEYER ■-- Auburn Agriculture, Men ' s Residence Assoc.; IVCF. CAROL MEYERS ;:---,iVV •-..■, .;. ' ' " ' ' " Agriculture; Colonial Terrace; Horre Ec Club; IVCP. MARILYN MICHAEL Lincoln Teochcrs; Towne Club. ELMER MILLER - Murdock Agriculture; Men ' s Residence Assoc. LEE MILLER Hannibol, Mo. Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; Blue Print; Baptist and Disciples Student Fellowship. MARILYN MILLER Shenondooh, la. Teachers; Koppa Alpho Theta; AUF. MARTY MILLETT -. Omoho Teochers; Delta Gamma; Builders; Red Cross; AWS. MARILYN MINER . Tecumseh Teochers; Koppo Alpho Theta; Red Cross. BERNARD MINTZ Memphis, ' Tenn. Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Alpho Mu; KUON-TV; KNUS. PATRICIA MITCHELL Bunwell Agriculture; Loomis Holl; Ag YWCA; Home Ec Club. ERROL MITLYNG Austin, Minn. Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi; Gommo Delta. PATRICIA MOGIL Omoho Teochers; Sigma Delta Tou; YWCA. HUGH MOLLER Gront Arts ond Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc. JERRY MOORE Grand Islond Business Administrotion; Phi Koppo Psi; " N " Club. NORA MOORE Lincoln Teochers; Towne Club; Tassels. ROBERTA MOORE.. Lonsing, Kon. Teachers; Koppo Alpha Theto; Red Cross. SHARON MOORE Lincoln Teachers; Sigmo Eto Chi, secretary; Builders; Presby House. JERRY MORRIS Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. LARRY MORRIS Lincoln Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Chi. ROGER MORRIS Beotrice Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta. FRANKLIN MORSE Woterbury Agriculture; FormHouse; Ag YMCA; Ag Econ Club. DAVID MOSSMAN Omoho Arts ond Sciences; Phi Delto Theto; Kosmet Klub; Student Council; Vorsity Rifleteom. MARILYN MOUSEL McCook Teochers; Gommo Phi Beto; YWCA; Student Union. PATRICIA MULLIGAN Dovid City Teachers; Alpho Omicron Pi; Newmon Club; WAA. SHEILA MURPHY Lincoln Teochers; Towne Club; Baptist Student Fellowship. VERN NABER Woco Agriculture; Gamma Delta; YMCA. LLOYD NAY Lincoln Engineering; Theto Chi. THOMAS NEALON Greeley Business Administration; Pioneer House; Newmon Club. SHERMAN NEFSKY Lincoln Business Administration; Zeto Beta Tou. NANCY NEHE Lincoln Teachers; Towne Club; Newman Club. PHYLLIS NELSON Croig Agriculture; Loomis Hall; Lutheron Student Assoc.; Ag YWCA, Home Ec Club; VHEA. Menke Meyer Meyeo MkhaH Miller, E. Miller, L. Miller, M. Millett Miner Mintz Mitchell Mitlyng Mogil Moller Moore, J. Moore, N Moore, R. Moore, S. Morris, J. Morris, L. Morris, R. Morse Mossmon Mousel Mulligan Murphy Nober Nov Neolon Neftky Nehe Nekon n n Q o 156 JANICE NEUJAHR - Ulysses Agriculture; VHEA; 4-H Club; Gamma Delta. RICHARD NEWCOMER -- Omaha Business Administration; Phi Kappo Psi; Corn Cobs. EDSEL NEWMAN Lexington Engineering; Sigma Chi. KAREN NEWTON Lincoln Teachers; Alpha Xi Delta. IRENE NIELSEN Grand Island Teachers; Alpha Phi; Student Union. MARILYN NI5SEN Aurora Teachers; Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross. HARLAN NODDLE - Omaha Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tou; Kosmet Klub. HALAIRE NOLLETTE Valentine Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Newman Club. JOAN NORRIS - - Weeping Water Agriculture; Delta Gamma; 4-H Ciub; CCRC. JOHN NORRIS - Weeping Woter Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho. VIRGINIA NORSWORTHY Gothenburg Teachers; Delta Gamma. VICTORIA NUS5 Central City Agriculture; Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM O ' BRIEN ...McCook Teachers; Sigma Chi. KENDAL OERTER Reynolds Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Sigma. JERRY O ' KEEFE. Grand Island Business Administration; Phi Gamma Delta. ROBERT OLMSTED -.-. Omaha Business Administration; Beta Theta Pi. RODNEY OLSON . .Papillion Business Administration; Sigma Chi. WALTER O ' NEAL Ocracoke, N.C. Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi. CHARLES ORR Lyons Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. DONALD ORR Lisco Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. RICHARD OVERHOLT Omoha Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma. BARBARA PACKARD Lincoln Teachers; Towne Club; Comma Alpha Chi; BABW Board; Orchestra. DONALD PAKIESER Omaha Teachers; Phi Delta Theta. BETTY PARKS - Lincoln Agriculture; Kappa Delto; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; YWCA; CCRC, secretary; NUCWA; Red Cross. KAREN PARSONS ...Omaha Teachers; A ' pho Phi; Orchesis; Builders; Lutheran Student Assoc. CHUCK PATRICK - Beotrice Teachers; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Rho. PATRICIA PATTERSON Lincoln Teochers; Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA, secretary; Coed Counselors. GRETCHEN PAUL Lincoln Chi Omega; YWCA. ANN PERCIVAL Scottsbluff Alpha Phi; Panhellenic; CCRC; YWCA. JERRY PETERSON .-. Agriculture; Delta Upsilon; " N " Club. -.Cambridge Fremont ■PiU ' Bfe ft t Neujahr I Norris, John j Olson, A. 1 Parks Newton Nielsen Nissen Noddle Nollette Norris, Joan O ' Brien Oerter O ' Keefe Olmsted Olson, R. O ' Neal Orr, D. Ostdiek Overholt Overturf Packard Pakieser Patterson Paul Percival Petereit Peterson, J. Peterson, G. 157 ildi Juniors ELEANOR PIFER Gordon Teachers, Alpha Omicrori Pi; Kappa Phi; YWCA. KAY PERRIN Lincoln Teachers; Kappa Delta; Sigma Eta Chi; Orchesis. EDWIN PETERS Nebraska City Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi; Methodist Student House. GRANT PETERS Murdock Business Administration; Beta Sigma Psi. GARY PETERSEN Grand Island Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. ROBERT PETTIT Lincoin Arts and Sciences; Potladian Society. GEORGE PHELPS Tampa. Flo. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Nu. MARY PHELPS Lincoln Teochers; Towne Club; Sigma Eta Chi; BABW; Tassels. RICHARD P06GE Omoho Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; AIEE-IRE; Newman Cljb. JACK POLLOCK Stanton Business Administration; Sigma Nu; THE NEBRASKAN. ROBERT PREST McCook Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theto; Sigma Gonrmo Epsilon. DONNA PURBAUGH Lincoln Teochers; Towne Club; Koppo Phi; ACE; Coed Counselors. WILLIAM RAECKE Central City Arts and Sciences; Men ' s Residence A ,soc.; Sinfonio; Gamma Lambda; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Men ' s Glee Club JOSEPH RAIBLE New York City, N. Y. Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; ASCE; Newmon Club. GERALD RAINFORTH Wood River Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Club; 4-H Club; Varsity Dairy. O ,C Q Purbaugh i-iie.p , Roible Phelps, M. Roinforth DAVID RASMUSSEN _ Brcxfchow Business Administration; Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Arnold Air Society. ROBERT RAY Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi. JACK REDMOND Engineering; Delta Tou Delta. . Tilden Bcatfico Orchora RONALD REED Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASCE. KAY REEVES Central Ciiv Agriculture; Zeto Tou Alpha; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Ag YWCA; Home Ec Club; 4-H Club; Baptist Student Fellowship. JOANN REEVES Norfolk Business Administration; Kappa Delta; Red Cross; Student Union. GARY REIMERS Millard Business Administration; Phi Gommo Delta; " N " Club. BRUCE RETMAN Wood Lokc Agriculture; Tou Koppo Epsilon. ANNE REYNOLDS Teachers; Chi Omega. JACK RHODEN Business Administration; Beta Theta Pi. EDWARD RHODES Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon NORMAN RIGGINS Lincoln Teochers, Theto Xi; Sinfonio. JOAN RIHA Teachers; Alpha Phi. TOM RILEY Pierce Agriculture; Ag Exec Boord; Rodeo Club; Ag YMCA. LOIS RIPA Wilbcr Teachers; Alpho Xi Delta; Sigmo Alpha loto; Sirtgen; Choir DOLORES ROACH ...Sioux City, lo 1 Teachers; Koppo Koppo Gommo. JANET ROACH Movwood 1 Teachers; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; Singers Q C mihJ 158 I Rogers Rouzee Root Rucksdashel Rosen Rudolph Rosenquist Ruff DORIS ROBERTS - Beatrice Agriculture; Colonial Terrace; Home Ec Club; YWCA; Ag Inter-Denom. DONALD ROGERS Honolulu, Hawaii Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsiton. BERNARD ROHRIG Friend Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc. JOYCE ROLL - Friend Teachers; Howard Hall, president; Pi Lambda Theta. BARBARA ROOT _ . Omaha Business Administration; Terrace Hall. ALAN ROSEN -- Omaha Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu, treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi, secretary; Pholanx; " N " Club; Biz Ad Council. RUTHENA ROSENQUIST Lincoln Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta Sigma Phi; YWCA. NORMAN ROSS Brooklyn, N. Y. Business Administration. VINCENT ROSSITER Hartington Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta. GEORGE ROTHWELL Hyonnis Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; ASME. JOHN ROUZEE ..Fremont Agriculture; Phi Delta Theta. JANE ROWAN Gurley Teachers; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ROD ROZANEK Crete Business Administration; Kappa Sigma. REX RUCKSDASHEL Lexington Business Administration; Delta Upsilon. RICHARD RUDOLPH Fremont Business Administration; Sigma Nu; Rifle Club. LARRY RUFF Fremont Engineering; Theta Xi; ASME. DAVID RUSMISEL Gering Business Administration. DONALD SALMON Wakefield Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; AIEE. NANCY SALTER Lincoln Agriculture; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Red Cross; YWCA; Builders. OSCAR SANDBERG ...Ashland Arts and Sciences; Delta Upsilon. JANICE SANDY Gretna Teachers; Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross; Builders. CLAUDE SAULTS Gordon Pharmacy; Pioneer House; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. HARRIET SAVILLE Lincoln Agriculture; Delta Gamma; .Alpha Lambda Delto; Builders; AUF; Home Ec Club. DONNA 5AWVELL Sioux City, la. Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta; Tassels; Coed Counselors, treas- urer. CHRIS SAWYER North Platte Teachers; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha. LEO SCHAF Sidney Arts and Sciences; Cornhusker Co-op; Newman Club. KEITH SCHAFER Lincoln Engineering; Sigm.a Nu; ASME; Blue Print. PAUL SCHATZ Falls City Engineering; Sigma Chi. OTTO SCHIPPOREIT Ainsworth Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Sigma; A ' pha Zeto; Gamma Delta; Agron- omy Club. SANDRA SCHLAEBITZ Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta; Young Republi- DARRELL SCHNEEKLOTH Blair Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Club; Alpha Tau Alpha. RONALD SCHNIER Thurston Teachers; Koppa Sigma; German Club. COLLEEN SCHNITTER Lincoln Agriculture; Kappa Phi. FREDERIC SCHNOOR McCook Engineering; Sigma Chi; ASME. VERNON SCHOEP Omaha Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Pi Mu Epsilon; AIEE. tf imi n o Q .( Salter Sondberg Sandy Soults Saville Schatz Schipporeit Schlaebitz Schlegel Schneekloth 159 Juniors STEVE SCHROEDER Hoiarege Arts ond Sciences; Phi Kappa Psi. GEORGE SCHULTZ ••• ■ Omaha Arts ond Sci ences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Kosmet Kluo. LARRY SCHWARTZ ■■■■- Omaha Arts ond Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu; Kosmet Klub. Centrol City MALVERN SEAGREN Wouso Engineering; Sigma Nu; AIEE; Lutheron Stuoeni Assoc DENNIS SEDLAK Xlorkson Agriculture; FormHouse; Agronomy Club; Newmon Club. HAROLD SEGER - ■■ O ' Neill Tcochers; Pi Koppo Phi. ARLENE SELK Phoenix, Ariz. Teochers; Coloniol terroce; Gommo Delto; Ag YWCA; Bond. BARBARA SHARPE Omaha Arts ond Sciences; Delta Gamma. SALLY SHARRAR Omaha Teochers; Delta Gommo. CHARLES SHEETS E ' Sin Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; ASME. SUSAN SHEPHERD Grand Islond Arts ond Sciences; Delta Gommo. JANICE SHRADER So. Sioux City Teochers; Pi Beta Phi; Sigmo Eto Chi, vice president; Tassels, president; PE Club. JANET SHUMAN Bellevue Teochers; Alpho Chi Omega, treosurer. JOYCE SIMON Omaha Arts ond Sciences; Gomma Phi Beta; Red Cross; YWCA. WAYNE SIMPSON Omaha Engineering; Cornhusker Co-op. JERRY SINOR Cozod Engineering; Sigma Nu; AlChE; Blue Print. DONALD 5MIDT Heleno, Mont. Arts ond Sciences; Delto Upsilon; " N " Club. CAROL SMITH Imperial Agriculture; Alpho Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron; YWCA; Home Ec Cub; Ag Exec Boord. JEAN ANN SMITH York Teochers; Chi Omego; Alpho Lombdo Delta; YWCA; ACE. TED SMITH Omoho Arts ond Sciences; Delta Upsilon; Student Union; Newmon Club. RON SOBON Ord Teochers; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Newmon Club. KENNETH SOFTLEY Chodron Arts ond Sciences; Koppo Sigmo. LARRY SOLFERMOSER West Point Business Administrotion; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Lutheron Stu- dent Assoc. JAMES SOLOMON Culbertson Agriculture; Phi Gamma Delta. DONALD SORENSEN Big Springs Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi. Elmwootl Ansetmo ROBERT SOUCHEK Engineering; Bcto Theto Pi, BILL SPILKER Minden Agriculture; FormHouse; Builders; Student Union; Corn Cobs; Student Council; Ag Exec Board. CLINTON SPINDLER Choppoll Eng ineering, Men ' s Rmidenca Asuc.; ASME. Seogren S«lk Sheets Simon Smith, C. Sottley Souchek hullt Sedlok Shane Shepherd Simpson Smith, J. Solfermoser Soudort Svger Sharror Shuman Smidt Sobon SoreAsen Spindler 160 J f Cl Q Q n •f ' «i ) tfOiikW t M M ' . Q rii rit ' Springer Stolder Stark Steeves Stelling Stephens, D. Stephens, M. Stephens, P. Stoller Stokes Stryker Stull Sutton Swanson Swonson Switzer Terp Thedens Thiemann Thompson Thurman Timmons Tinkham Tomson Tooley Tooley Torczon Towne Trimble Trumble Trussell Tucker Turecek Turkel Turner Turner LEE SPRINGER ...North Platte Business Administrotion; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Sigma Theta Epsilon. PAT STALDER Falls City Agriculture; Chi Omega; Home Ec Club; YWCA; AWS. PHILIP STARCK Woodstock, 111. Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block end Bridle. RUSSELL STEEVES Fremont Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc. FRITZ STELLING .....Omaha Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi. DIXIANA STEPHENS McCook Teachers; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Junior Ponhellenic; Student Union; Red Cross. MARTHA STEPHENS Waco Agriculture; Zeta Tou Alpha; Ag YWCA. PHIL STEPHENS Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theta; Kosmet Klub. EDWARD STOLLER Indionolo Agriculture; FormHouse; Corn Cobs; Student Council; Block and Bridle. DONALD STOKES Nebraska City Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Student Council. DEAN STRYKER Ericson Agriculture; Cornhusker Co-op; Pershing Rifles; Alpha Tau Alpho. JANET STULL Fillmore, Calif. Agriculture; Gamma Phi Beta; WAA; Red Cross; YWCA. JOSEPH SWANSON . North Platte Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta. LEE SWITZER Omaha Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Society. RICHARD TERP Lincoln Agriculture; Alpha Gomi no; Varsity Dairy, president. RONALD THEDENS Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc. OTTO THIEMANN Hebron Agriculture; Beta Sigma Psi; Gamma Delta; Alpha Tau Alpha, CHARLES THOMPSON Milford, Conn. Teachers; Sigma Phi Epsilon. RONALD THURMAN Oconto Agriculture; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Flying Club; Agronomy Club; Square Dancers. JACKIE TIMMONS Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi. STANLEY TINKHAM Oshkosh Agriculture; Sigma Nu. JANET TOOLEY Control City Teachers; Alpha Chi Omega; Red Cross. GENE TORCZON Humphrey Teachers; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Newman Club. DIANE TOWNE Teachers; Kappa Alpha Theto; YWCA. DWIGHT TRUMBLE Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; 4-H Club. ....Lincoln ...Lincoln Papillion NANCY TUCKER Omaha Teochers; Alpho Phi; Student Council; Tassels; Red Cross; AWS; ACE. KARL TURECEK Hickman Mills, Mo. Engineering; Delta Upsilon. BERNARD TURKEL Omaha Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Mu. DARRINA TURNER Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Alpho Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Young Republicans; Cosmopolitan Club; Student Union. 161 1 ' CI {% o ' " IJL Ulrich UnTcricher Voccoro Vohl Voider Von Houtcn Von W.nkic Vetkemo Vois Wode Woechfer Wogner Woldo Wolker, J. Walker. K. Walter Juniors LARRY ULRICH Business Administratioi ; Delta Sigma Phi. ..« Big Springs JOE VACCARO Omoho Engineering; Phi Gamma Delto; AIA; Newmon Club. TED VAHL Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi; ASME; Gamma Delto. ..Omaha ....Lyons FRANCES VAN HOUTEN Omaha Teachers; Terroce Hall. LYNN VAN WINKLE _ Bellevue Teochers; Sigma Chi. ELAINE VESKERNA Elkhorn Agriculture; Chi Omega; Red Cross; Home Ec Club; VHEA; Lutheran Student Assoc. MARVIN VOLF Arcadia Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; ASCE; Phalanx; Newman Club. LARRY VOSS North Platte Agriculture; FormHouse; Corn Cobs; Ag Econ Club; Builders; Pershing Rifles. ANNE WADE Osceola, lo. Agriculture; Pi Beta Phi; Cheerleader. MARILYN WAECHTER Lincoln Tcoctwrs, Towne Club; Alpho Lambda Delta; Pi Lambda Theto; Coed Counselors; YWCA. Norfolk GERALD WAGNER Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Gomma Delta; YMCA. WILLA WALDO DeWitt Agriculture; Sigma Kappa; Student Union; Home Ec Club; Coed Coun- selors, 4-H Club. KENNETH WALKER Scottsbluff Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Gamma Lambda; AUF; Band. PAUL WALTER Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; NU Meds; IFC. MARY WANDERSEE . Teochers, Terrace Hall; YWCA. ..Norfolk ...Aurora RONALD WARHOLOSKI Columbus Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club. GORDON WARNER Ft. Collim, Colo. Engineering; Delta Upsilon; ASCE; Builders; Student CoutkiI; Blue Print; Engineers Exec Board. JAMES WARNER Dokota City Engineering; FormHouse; ASME. LARRY WARNKE Lincoln Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi; Eta Kappa Nu; Gommo Delta. JAMES WATSON Omoho Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc.; Delto Siflma Pi. KAY WATSON _ — Omoho Teochers; Alpho Xi Delto; YWCA; Orchctb. ART WEAVER Lincoln Arts and Sciences; Phi Delta Theto; " N " Club; AUF, president; Student Council. JOAN WEBSTER Keomey Agriculture; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Coed Counselora; Aquoquettcs; Builders. JOAN WEERTS Meadow Grove Arts ond Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; YWCA; Gommo Delto. Arrwid Milford LirKoln DON WELSH Teachers; Sigmo Phi Epsilon. ROGER WEL5CH Arts ond Sciences; Theto Xi; Germon Club; French Club. Lincoln DELORES WERTL Teachers; Koppa Delta; Tassels; Deon ' s Advisory Board; PE Club. LARRY WE5TERBECK Grand Islond Engineering; Sigma Nu; AIA. CHARLES WHITNEY Choppell Business Administration; Sigmo Alpho Epsilon. Omoho Pender Mead dministrotion; Alpha Phi. ROGER WICHMAN Engineering; Theto Xi, secretary; Com Cobs. ir AlM i ' litf iiti Warholoski Warner, G. Warner, J. Wornko Wolson Wot son Weaver Webtter WeerH Wehrmon Welsh Welsch WertI Woiterbeck Whitney Whitloker Wichmon Wtdmo 162 Wiederspan Wiemer Wilber Wiike Wilkinson Williams, J A. Williams, J S. Williamson Wilson, G. Wilson, M. Wilson, N. Witte Wittier Wolf Wood Woodling JOYCE WIEDERSPAN Lincoln Teachers; Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic, secretary. ROBERT WIEMER Creston Agriculture; FormHouse; Alpha Zeta; Kosmet Klub; Agronomy Club; Ag Exec Board, SYLVIA WILBER - - Hastings Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta; Red Cross; YWCA; PE Club. KERMIT WILKE ..Wilcox Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Club. JAMES WILKINSON New Baltimore, Mich. Engineering; ASME. JAMES A. WILLIAMS Wahoo Engineering; Delta Upsi!on; ASCE. JOHN S. WILLIAMS Wymore Arts and Sciences; Delta Sigma Phi; Conterbury Club; NU-.Meds. HAROLD WILLIAMSON Newell, 5.D, Business Administration. GERALD WILSON Lincoln Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MARY WILSON O ' Neill Teachers; Gamma Phi Beta; Newman Club; Red Cross. NANCY WILSON Talmage Agriculture; Loomis Hall; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Ec Club; Ag YWCA. ARVEL WITTE Syracuse Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; Engineers Exec Board; ASME, president. LELAND WITTLER Jansen Agriculture; FormHouse; Alpha Tau Alpha; YMCA. NORMA WOLF Kearney Agriculture; Love Memorial Hall; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Gamma Delto; Ag Exec Board; BABW; Student Council. DEWAIN WOOD David City Teachers; Sigma Chi; Tau Sigma, vice-president. NANCY WOODLING Millard Agriculture; Alpha Chi Omega. BETH WOODS Ord Teachers; Terrace Hall; Kappa Phi. JEANNE WOODSIDE Lexington Teachers; Women ' s Residence Halls, secretary-treasurer; Cotner Student Fellowship; Tassels. RODNEY WOLFE Tekamah Teachers; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Epsilon Kappa. JOHN WRIGHT Alliance Business Administration; Acacia. DAVID YOCOM Chopmon Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASCE. VAUGHN YOST Pawnee City Engineering; Delta Upsilon. ROBERT YOUNG Omaha Engineering; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Blue Print, editor. PAUL YEUTTER Eustis Agriculture; Farmhouse; 4-H Club; Block and Bridle. PENNY YOUNGERS Pender Agriculture; Chi Omega; Home Ec Club; YWCA; VHEA; NEA. HARRIET ZADINA Ord Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta; NU Meds; AWS; Student Union. ALLEN ZIEGELBEIN Polk Teachers; Beta Sigma Psi; Sinfonia; Gamma Lambda. JOHN ZIMMER Lincoln Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club. ROBERT ZUBER Hastings Arts and Sciences; Zeta Beta Tau; Corn Cobs. JAMES COLDWELL Albion Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Newman Club. RICHARD KLEIBER Hastings Teachers; Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN MOYER Lincoln Engineering; Delta Tau Delta. CLINTON RIIS Alliance Agriculture; Men ' s Residence Assoc. Woods Woodside Zadina Ziegelbein Wright Zuber Yocom Coldwell i Q .Q Q (9 iT ' i ' ' ■ l 5 " -- 1 163 A quiet Sunday offernoon with nothing to do but trig, zoo, a history report and an essay. Sophomores . . . The Patterns Are Forming Sophomores come back to the Uni- versity filled with ambition end readi- ness to tackle the job of being a stu- dent. Friendships with roommates and classmates ore quickly and eagerly re- newed. The unanswered questions of phi- losophy or chemistry ore discovered. Sophomores think and make decisions No longer beginners and not quite campus leaders the sophomores strive to establish their place in the Univer- sity. Sophomores soon receive lessons in patience: woiting for tests, meols end time to relox. Tcmptotion — attractive clothes divert minds from ttudici to checkbook figures end sums. 164 .111 ev a .p Abbott, A. Abbott, G. Abramson Adams Aden Akeson Alberts Albin Alexander Allen, C. Allen, J. Anderson, D. Anderson, G. Anderson, J. A. Anderson, J. R. Anderson, K. J Anderson, L. Anderson, M. J. Anderson, M. C. Anderson, R. Anderson, W. Andreosen Appleget Arbuthnot Arizumi Armstrong Arneson Arth Arvidson, M. Ashley Atkins Atwood Baker Banghort Barber Barnard Barnes Barth Borth Bourn Bauman Beol Beckman Bedwell Beechner Beerline Beesley Belschner ANNABELLE ABBOTT, Almerio, Arts and Sciences. GWENDOLYN ABBOTT, Omatio, Teachers. ALLEN ABRAMSON, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. RUTH ADAMS, Aurora, Arts ond Sciences. ROBERT ADEN, Gothenburg, Engineer- ing. WALTER AKESON, Chappell, Agriculture. GARY ALBERTS, Axtell, Agriculture. RUTH ALBIN, Guide Rock, Agriculture. MAXINE ALEXANDER, Lincoln, Business Administration. CONNIE ALLEN, Emporia, Kan., Teachers. JOAN ALLEN, Blair, Teochers. DEAN ANDERSON, Tilden, Engineering. GORDON ANDERSON, Lexington, Agriculture. JAMES ANDERSON, Fremont, Business Administration. JOHN ANDERSON, Cheyenne, Wyo., Arts ond Sciences. JANE ANDERSON, Hastings, Teochers. LAVAE ANDERSON, Geneva, Agriculture. MARLOW ANDERSON, Austin, Minn., Engineering. MARY ANDERSON, Osceola, Agriculture. RALPH ANDERSON, Genoo, Agriculture. WILLIAM ANDERSON, Omoho, Engineering. GEORGE AN- DREASEN, Fremont, Dentistry. JON APPLEGET, Beatrice, Teachers. MARY ARBUTHNOT, Omaha, Teachers, CHARLES ARIZUMI, Honolulu, Howoii, Arts and Sciences. SHERRY ARMSTRONG, Sidney, Teachers. GORDON ARNESON, Red Cloud, Business Administrotion. BARBARA ARTH, Lincoln, Teachers. MARILYN ARVIDSON, Wood River, Business Administrotion. WILLIAM ASHLEY, Omoho, Business Administration. ROBERT ATKINS, Genoa, Engineering. CLARENCE ATWOOD, Angora, Engineering. LARRY BAKER, Beatrice, Engineering. ELIZABETH BANGHART, Scottsbluff, Busi- ness Administration. CYNTHIA BARBER, Lincoln, Teachers. JANNIECE BARNARD, Beatrice, Teachers. ROBERT BARNES, Valentine, Teochers. DAVID BARTH, Keorney, Business Administration. JOHN BARTH, Omoho, Business Administration. DIANE BAUM, Lincoln, Engineering. JERRY BAUMAN, Gothenburg, Agriculture. HELEN SEAL, Beotrice, Arts ond Sciences. CHESTER BECKMAN, Lincoln, Agriculture. LILLIAN BEDWELL, Falls City, Teachers. DOROTHY BEECHNER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. RAE BEERLINE, Papillion, Teachers. JOYCE BEESLEY, Beotrice, Agriculture. NANCY BELSCHNER, Amherst, Teochers. 165 Bettenhauscn Beuiter Boesiger Boeitger Borland, J. Borland. R Sophomores DELORIS BELT2, Lincoln, Tcochers. DONALD BENSON, Scotlsbluff, Business Administration. ALLAN BERGGREN, Axtell. Arts ond Sciences MARY BERG- SCHNEIDER, Bloir, Teochers. GARY BERKE, Elwood, Agriculture. VLADIMIR BERNIKLAU, Lincoln, Engineering JOYCE BETTENHAUSEN, Pender, Teachers. RONALD BEUSTER, Lincoln, Business Administration. JON BICHA, Bellevue. Business Administrotion. ANNETTE BITTER, Lincoln. Agriculture. JUDY BLACKBURN, Omaha, Teochers. RUTH BLANK, New York City, NY., Am and Sciences. KAY BLOMQUIST, Fornom Arts ond Sciences. SUE BODE. Ogoilolo, Teochers. KATHLEEN BOEHLER, Gretna. Arts ond Scicices CARO- LYN BOESIGER, Cortlond, Teochers. DENNIS BOESIGER, Cortlond, Engineering. EDWARD BOGARD, Louisville, Engineering VERNON BOLLESEN, Grond Island. Engineering. ALUIN BOLLISH, Wellfleet, Agriculture MERCADEE BONDE, Collowoy, Agriculture PHYLLIS BONNER, Imperiol, Arts and Sciences BETTY BORCHER, Scnbner, Teochers. STEVE BORDY, Columbus, Arts and Sciences. JACK BORLAND, Lincoln, Business Administration ROGER BORLAND, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. PATRICIA BOYD, Pierce. Teachers. HARRY BRACE, Seattle, Wosh., Business Administration MARY BRADLEY, Dos Moines, lo., Teochers. JOANIE BRANDEBERRY, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. ROBERT BRANDES, Hostings, Business Administration BETTE BRELAND. McCook, Teachers. BOYD BRESLOW, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. DEANNA BRIER. DcWitt, Agriculture GARY BRIGGS, Broken Bow, Agriculture. JOYCE BRIGHAM, Lincoln, Teachers BEVERLY BRIGHT, Shenandoah, lo.. Arts ond es. GEORGE BROCKLEY, Volcntine. Phormocy DAVID BROWN, Cmoho. Engineering. FRANCES BROWN, Omoho, Teochers LARRY BROWN. Stopleton. Arts ond Sciences IRVIN BROWN. Lemon Grove, Coli» , Arts and Sciences MARYTH BRUSH, Grond Island, Teachers KAY BUCKINGHAM. Rapid City. SD., Agriculture. CYNTHIA BUELL, Minneapolis. Minn, Teachers HAZEL BULLIS, Volentine, Teochers. BARBARA BULS, Lincoln, Agriculture, JANE BURBANK, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences MARCIA BURBRIDGE, Nebroska City, Agriculture. DON BURGESS, Cozad. Arts and Sciences. BOYD BURHOOP, Central City, Agriculture. Bullfi Burgeu Bonner Brondot Briggt Brown, D. Brush Bult Bur hoop ' l ' kt k Mm Cadwallader Calvin Campbell, J. Campbell, N. Carlin Carroll Case Casper Cass Chaney Christensen, B, Christensen, P, Christensen, R. Chnstenson Christoffersen GARY CADWALLADER, Lincoln, Engineering. NADINE CALVIN, Ravenna, Agriculture. JOHN CAMPBELL, San Bruno, Calif., Arts and Sciences. NANCY CAMPBELL, Fremont, Agriculture. JOHN CARLIN, Lincoln, Business Adminis- tration. JODY CARLSON, Omaha, Agriculture. NAN CARLSON, Lincoln, Teachers. ANN CARPENTER, Omaha, Teachers. MARTIN CARRANCEDO, Sontander, Spain, Agriculture. RITA CARROLL, Scottsbluff, Arts and Sciences. MARY CASE, Lincoln, Agriculture. GEORGE CASPER, Cedar Rapids, Agricul- ture. LYMAN CASS, Ravenno, Arts and Sciences. JANE CHANEY, Falls City, Agriculture. JUDY CHAPMAN, Lincoln, Teachers. JANICE CHATFIELD, Lincoln, Teachers. GARY CHOAT, St. Edward, Agriculture. LORENE CHORN, Broadwater, Teachers. BARBARA CHRISTENSEN, Weeping Water, Teachers. PETER CHRISTENSEN, Nebrasko City, Teachers. RUSSELL CHRISTENSEN, Red Cloud, Engineering. LARRY CHRISTENSON, Ralston, Arts and Sciences. WAYNE CHRISTOFFERSEN, Hay Springs, Agriculture. HAROLD CHRISTY, Brock, Business Administration. RAYMOND CHRITTON, Tecumseh, Engineer- ing. DEWAIN CISNEY, Wakefield, Engineering. GEORGIA CLARK, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. RITA CLARK, Grand Island, Teachers. SHERRY CLENDENNY, Grant, Teachers. WILLIAM CLINKENBEARD, Lincoln, Enginesr- ing. DENIS CLOUATRE, Gothenburg, Engineering. BETTY CLYMER, David City, Arts and Sciences. HENRIETTA COATS, Stuart, Teachers. JAN COCK- ERILL, Gretna, Teachers. MARILYN COFFEY, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA COGSWELL, Tucson, Ariz., Teachers. JEANNE COLE, O ' Neill, Teachers. MEYER COHEN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. WAYNE COLE, Curtis, Business Administrotion. JUDITH COMBS, Norfolk, Teachers. HELEN COOK, Denver, Colo., Teochers. JAY COOK, Wahoo, Agriculture. NANCY COPE- LAND, Norfolk, Teachers. ROBERT CORUZZI, Brooklyn, N.Y., Engineering. MARIJANE CRAIG, Clarinda, la.. Teachers. DENNIS CRISPIN, Juniata, Engin- eering. COLETTE GROUSE, Hastings, Teachers. GWEN CROWLEY, Harting- ton. Teachers. JANE CURFMAN, Rock Port, Mo., Teachers. ARDETH CURTIS, Tilden, Business Administration. f ( ( .» Carlson, J. Carlson, N. r -,,-,-,,,..-, Corroncedo Chapman Chatfield Choot Chorn Christy Chritton Cisney Clark, G. Clark, R. Clendenny Clinkenbeard Clouotre Clymer Coots Cochran Cockerill Coffey Cogswell Cole, J. Cohen Cole, W. Combs Cook, H. Cook, J. Copeland Coruzzi Craig Crispin Crouse Crowley Curfmon Curtis .- xsaLix HVB 4 r f , fi f (S ct n- CAROL DAHL. AllKVice. Busmes Adntmistration. KATHERINE DAILEY, Omaha. Teocheo. JANET DANIELSON, Lincoln, Teoehers. ROBERT OANNERT. Wmetoon, Agriculture. SHARI DARLING. Aobiim, Teoehers. BARBARA DAVIS. Nebroska City, Teochen. RICHARD DAVIS. Rushville, Teocherv AL AN DEBBS. Lncoln, Phormoey. RAYMOND DEBOWER, Schuyler. Agricutture. JUDITH OCCKER, Lincoln. Teachers. ARDYS DEICHMANN. Marcus, lo.. Busmess Adminatration. NANCY DELONG, Netyoska City, Arts and SciefKes. MARY DEMARS, Lincoln, Teoehers. HOWARD DEWITT, Hoy Sormgs. Engineerng. EDWARD DIAMOND, Lir»- coln. Arts arxJ Sciences. ROBERT OIERS, Fremont. Business Admmistrotion. JOHN DILLINGHAM. Omaha, Engneermg. ROBERT DITMAN, Wmside. Agriculture. DOUGLAS DOANE, Omaho, Business Admmistroton. JULIA DOBSON, Coiro. Egypt. Arts ond Sciences. MALVIN OOHRMAN. Kearney. Business Admviistration ROBERT DOLEZAL, Wahoo, Arts orvl ScierKes. ANGELA DONARICO. Omaha, Teoehers. BEVERLY DOTY. Lincoln. Arts and Sciences. JACI DOUGHERTY. Scottsbluff. Teachers JOHN DOUTHIT. Lincoln. Arts orvl Sciences. JUDITH DOUTHIT. Curtis. Teoehers. JULIE OOWELL. Folh City, Teoehers. PATRICK DRAKE. Lincoln, Arts oryj Sciences WILLIAM DRAPER. Scottsbluff. Engneermg. JANET DRESHER. Omoho. Teoehers. JAMES DRYDEN. North Plotte. Phormoey. WILLIAM DUFFEY. Nebraska City. Arts and Sciences ROGER DUNKER. Sioux City. lo.. Busness Ad- ministration. JOHN DUNSE. Main»eM. Agr ulture. JANET DWORAK. Omoho. Teoehers GEORGE EAGLETON. Tekomi . Arts ond Scmtkcs. JOLENE EBERSPACHER, Beover Crossing. Teoehers. DORIS EBY, Lincoln. Agriculture BEVERLY ECHELBERGER. McCook. Agriculture SAU.IE EDER. Wichito. Ka . Teoetiers ELAINE EGGEN. Omoho, Teoe»»r» FRANCES EICKE. Rosolie Teoehers DARREL EINSPAHR. Imperial. Agri- culture. JUDY ELCE. Lmeon, Arts orvl Sciences. BEVERLY ELLIS, Omoho. Busirwss Admmistrotion GAYLORD ELLISON, LirKOln. Arts and SciCKCS. DON ELWELL, Gront. ArU and ScierKes. ougherty Douthit Douthit Duffey Dwikcr Omse Eder Eggen E«ke Q Droke Eogleton Elce Draper Eberspoctter ril Atk - n o ift 168 Q (f? p f W Ely Enyeort Enxson Evans Fohrenbruch Fohrlander Falconer Farrington Feese Field Fifer Fink Fischer Fitzpatrick Flack Flaherty Flanagan Fleecs Fout Freberg Frederic kson Sophomores JACK ELY, North Plotte, Teachers. SANDRA ENYEART, Lincoln, Unde- clared. RICHARD ERIXSON, Alliance, Engineering. JOYCE EVANS, Arapahoe, Agriculture. JOANNE FAHRENBRUCH, Lincoln, Agriculture. LINDA FAHRLANDER, Milford, Teachers. RICHARD FALCONER, Sioux Falls, S. D., Business Administration. KENNETH FANKELL, Holdrege, Agriculture. DAN FARRINGTON, Alliance, Arts and Sciences. HARRIET FEESE, Tecumseh, Teochers. CAROL FIELD, Mossen, N.Y., Teachers. J OHN FIFER, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARLENE FINK, Mitchell, S.D., Teachers. SHARLENE FISCHER, Omaha, Undeclared. MIMI FITZPAT- RICK, North Plotte, Teachers. BEVERLY FLACK, Lincoln, Teochers. GARY FLACK, Auburn, Business Administration. KAREN FLAHERTY, Lincoln, Teachers. SALLY FLANAGAN, Hastings, Teachers. LAWRENCE FLEECS, Sutherlond, Agriculture. JOHN FOUT, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. DON FREBERG, Lyons, Business Administrotion. ELIZABETH FREDERICKSON, Columbus, Arts ond Sciences. KENNETH FREED, Omaha, Business Ad- ministration. CAROLYN FREEMAN, Geneva, Agriculture. ROBERT FRELS, Hershey, Agriculture. GARY FRENZEL, Lincoln, Engineering. LARRY FRICKE, Bayard, Arts and Sciences. HAROLD FRIEDMAN, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. ALYCE FRITCHMAN, Chappell, Arts and Sciences. ARTHUR FRYE, Omaha, Undeclared. GAIL FURSE, Almo, Teachers. DELBERT FUSSELL, Geneva, Engineering. KAREN GAIBLER, North Platte, Teachers. NORMAN GARROP, Omaha, Business Administration. GEORGE GAYLORD, Wood Lake, Arts and Sciences. DONALD GEISLER, Lyons, Agriculture. GARY GEORGI, Dawson, Engineering. RONALD GIERHAN, Utica, Engin- eering. PAUL GIESENHAGEN, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. ROSS GIFFORD, Pawnee City, Teachers. RUTH GILBERT, Wohoo, Teachers JERRY GILLESPIE, Gothenburg, Agriculture. THOMAS GILLILAND, Sidney, Arts and Sciences. BILL GINGLES, Lincoln, Engineering. JOHN GLYNN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ELENE CODING, Allionce, Arts ond Sciences. JAMES GOOD, Wilmette, III., Business Administration. Freeman Frels Fussell Gaibler Gifford Gilbert Frenzel Fricke Garrop Gaylord Gillespie Gilliland Friedmon Geisler Gingles Fritchmon Georgi Glynn Frye Furse Gierhon Giesenhagen Goding Good f% .C: ( L .o ' - " 5 r 169 X Gorley Gould Gourloy Govaerls Graham Gra mick Gro-. Grins bergs Gntzmocher Grothe Grunwald Gumb Guthery Haas Hacrct Hogemcister Hoggart Hole Hall Hollom Hamilton Hancock Hondler Honlon Honno Hansen, M. Hansen, P. Hansen, S. Hanson Hanzel Hordy Honrvg Horrjngton Harry Hartman Horvey Hayes Hockmon Heidbrink Hemphill Hendrix Hcpperlen Herhjg Herman Hermes Herzog Higdon Higgtns Sophomores JOE GORLEY, Currit, Teachers. MARYANNA GOULD, Lincoln, Toochcrs. FRANCES GOURLAY, Lincoln, Teochen. MARY GOVAERTS, Broken Bow, Art! ond Scioncei. RON GRAHAM, Lincoln, Art ond Sciences. CLARE GRASMICK, Lincoln, Art and Sciences. KAY GREGORY, Scottsbluff, Business Administrolion. MARUTA GRINBERGS, Lincoln, Agriculture. SUSAN GRITZMACHER, Fremont, Teachers. CHARLES GROTHE, Geneva, Agriculture. MYRNA GRUNWALD, St. Joseph, Mo., Teachers. CATHY GUMB, Fremont, Toochers. WILLIAM GUTHERY, LoRue, O., Agriculture. JO ANN HAAS, Omaha, Teochers. MARY ANN HAERER, Sioux Falls, S.D., Arts ond Sciences JOHN HAGEMEISTER, Hemingford, Business Ad- ministrotion. LORRAINE HAGGART, Grond Islond, Agriculture. ANN HALE, Norfolk, Teachers. CAROLYN HALL, Bassett, Agriculture NANCY HALLAM, Loguno Beoch, Calif., Arts ond Sciences. HAROLD HAMILTON, Ellsworth, Engineering. SALLY HANCOCK, Tokomoh, Teochers. JANET HANDLER, Konsos City, Mo., Teochers. JOHN HANLON, Morrill, Engineer- ing. JOHN HANNA, Salem, Arts ond Sciences. MARGARET HANSEN. Golesburg, III., Arts ond Sciences. PHYLLIS HANSEN, Red Ckiud, Agricul- ture. STEPHENS HANSEN, Auroro, Teochers DEAN HANSON, Roselond, Agriculture. RICHARD HANZEL, Becmer. Business Administrotion BAR- BARA HARDY, Lincoln, Teochers. ARDYCE HARING, Franklin, Agriculture. JULIE HARRINGTON, Menio Pork, Colif , Teochers ROBERT HARRY, York, Arts ond Sciences. JUDY HARTMAN, Lincoln, Business Administro- lion, JANE HARVEY, Logon, la., Teochers. JAMES HAYES, Omoho, En- gineering. ROBERT HECKMAN, Albion, Business Administrotion. DENNIS HEIDBRINK, Odell, Engineering MARY HEMPHILL, Tekomoh, Teochen. LARRY HENDRIX, Lincoln, Agriculture. MARY HEPPERLEN, Beatrice, Arts ond Sciences. SONDRA HERBIG, Morquette, Teochers DONALD HER- MAN, Wilbor, Agriculture. ANN HERMES, Grand Islond. Teachers DAVID HERZOG, Omoho, Arts ond Sciences. JOYCE HIGDON, Lincoln, Teoct «rs. TERRY HIGGINS, Schuyler, Arts and Sciences. 170 i Cn ' Q f O- .ft fry, Ci p ,n Q ft r 1 4 ni, 7 - Q m rt fT Hild, M. Hild, R. Hill Hiller Hiu Hoaglund Hobel Hoemonn Hoff Hohnstein Holt Hoitmeier Hopkins Hopp Hornady Hossack Houser Houston Howard Hoy Hruby Hubbard Humphrey Hunter Husa Hutchins Indiek Ireland Isbrandtsen Jackson Jacques Johr Jameson Jenkins Jennings Jensen, F. Jensen, M. Jensen, R. Jensen, V. Jenson Jepsen Jessen Jett Johannsen Johnson, C ohnson, D. Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, N. Johnson, R. L. Johnson, R. A. Johnson, S. Johnston Jones, L. MARION HILD, Plattsmouth, Arts and Sciences. ROGER HILD, Platts- moufh, Agriculture. JOSEPH HILL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DON HILLER, Bellwood, Engineering. FRED HIU, Honolulu, Hawaii, Business Administration. BETTY HOAGLUND, Brady, Business Administration. CAROLYN HOBEL, Leigh, Agriculture. ROBERT HOEMANN, Nebrosl a City, Arts and Sciences. ROSE HOFF, Lincoln, Teachers. DEAN HOHN- STEIN, Trumbull, Engineering. SHARON HOLT, West Point, Arts ond Sciences. MARJE HOLTMEIER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. SHIRLEY HOPKINS, Casper, Wyo., Teachers. RONALD HOPP, Columbus, Engineer- ing. MARGE HORNADY, Grand Island, Arts ond Sciences. LARRY HOS- SACK, Lincoln, Engineering. CLARENCE HOUSER, Wilber, Engineering. BRUCE HOUSTON, Omaha, Business Administration. JOYCE HOWARD, Alliance, Teachers. GLENN HOY, Lincoln, Engineering. CHARLES HRUBY, Wohoo, Engineering. JAMES HUBBARD, Omoha, Agriculture. GEORGANN HUMPHREY, Rapid City, S.D., Arts and Sciences. GORDON HUNTER, Coleridge, Engineering. NORMAN HUSA, Barneston, Agriculture, JAMES HUTCHINS, Lincoln, Engineering. VICTOR INDIEK, Offerle, Kan., Business Administration. ROBERT IRELAND, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. BEVERLY ISBRANDTSEN, Ord, Arts and Sciences. LUCILLE JACKSON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences, JAMES JACQUES, Plattsmouth, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD JAHR, Hillsboro, N.D., Engineering. WILLIAM JAMESON, Nehowka, Agri- culture. JERALD JENKINS, Sargent, Engineering. MARY JENNINGS, Davenport, Teachers. FRANCES JENSEN, Pownee City, Arts ond Sciences. MARILYN JENSEN, Minden, Agriculture. RONALD JENSEN, Laurel, Agri- culture. VIRGINIA JENSEN, Lewellen, Teochers. CLARK JENSON, New- mon Grove, Agriculture. GAYLE JEPSEN, Popillion, Arts ond Sciences. WARREN JESSEN, Colon, Teachers. CARL JETT, Omaha, Business Ad- ministration. CHRIS JOHANNSEN, Bloomfield, Agriculture. CONNIE JOHNSON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. D.AYTON JOHNSON, Loomis, En- gineering. JAMES JOHNSON, Holdrege, Engineering. LOWELL JOHNSON, Lincoln, Business Administration. NATALIE JOHNSON, Fremont, Business Administrotion. RICHARD JOHNSON, Wausa, Business Administration. ROGER JOHNSON, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. SHARON JOHNSON, Cam- bridge, Teachers. WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Lincoln, Teochers. LARRY JONES, Aurora, Business Administration. 171 ■f ' t Cj -s F i-5i (S| -4 mj |i Ife O " ' ' " ' -- u KliYkJlA k W-JJ ?• itiiffe Kautzmon Keating Kesler Keyes Knowles Knudson w | a c?T Jurgens Kampfc Kompmon Kopustka Kosbohm Kuulinon KUu. Keenon Keep Keim Kelly Kephort Kern Kerr Keys Kildoy Kinne Kltzelmon Kjeldscn Klostermeyer Knog Koehn Kort, B. Kort, V. Krause Krhounek Krahn Krueger Kyes Lombcrt Lammel Lammcrs Lonce Longc Lontz LaRue Louner Lccron Lee LeGns Lester Lctzkus Sophomores ROSE JOYCE, Giltncr. Aflrlculturc. JAMES JUNGE, Lincoln, Engineering. JEAN JURGENS, Fremont, Teachers. BETTY KAMPFE, Omaho, Arts end Sciences. MERNIE KAMPMAN, Elmwood, Teochors. ALVIN KAPUSTKA, Elyno, Business Administration. DONALD KASBOHM, Nebraska City, Ag- riculture. PATSY KAUFMAN, Elm Creek, Agriculture. WILLIAM KAUL, Grond Island, Teachers GWEN KAUTZMAN, Stonton, Teachers. MARTHA KEATING, Creston. la.. Arts and Sciences. JUDY KEENAN, Kearney, Teachers CHARLES KEEP, Elm Crock, Agriculture. MOYN KEIM, Daven- port, Agriculture. KAREN KELLY, Rock Ropids, la., Tcochcrs BARBARA KEPHART, Dcs Moines, lo., Business Administration. JOHN KERN, Lin- coln, Engineering. HENRY KERR, Yonkers, NY., Arts ond Sciences. MARVIN KESLER, North Platte, Engineering. CHARLES KEYES, Idoho Falls, Idaho, Arts and Sciences. CLAUDIA KEYS, Lincoln, Agriculture. DONALD KILDAY. Palmer, Agriculture, REBA KINNE, Sidney, Teochers. ALFRED KITZELMAN, Beotrlce, Engineering. NELS KJELD5EN, Foils City, Engineering. KENNETH KLOSTERMEYER, Grand Islond, Engineering. CLAUDIA KNAG, Alliance, Teochers. KATHKyn KNUWLtb, Lincoln, Teachers. ALICE KNUDSON, Lincoln, Undeclared ROGER KOEHN, Scotts- bluff. Engineering. BYRON KORT. Blue Hill, Agriculture VIRGINIA KORT, Blue Hill, Agriculture. DENNIS KRAUSE, Adams, Engineering. ROGER KRHOUNEK, Lincoln, Engineering. KENNETH KRAHN, Neligh. Business Administration, KAREN KRUEGER, Lincoln. Undeclared. DONALD KUHN, Plotte Center, Agriculture SANDRA KULLY. Grand Island, Teoch- ers. MARVIN KYES, Central City. Agriculture TED LAMBERT. Grand Island, Pharmacy ROBERT LAMMEL. Beatrice, Business Administration MARY LAMMERS, Lexington, Teachers. ROSS LANCE. Gront. Engineering HOWARD LANGE, Lincoln. Engineering BARBARA LANTZ. Holdrege. Teachers LOIS LARUE, Palisade, Agriculture JANET LAUNER, Grand Islond. Teachers. GRETCHEN LECRON, Kearney. Arts and Sciences SONDRA LEE. Sioux City. S,D.. Teochers. MARY LEGRIS, Chicogo. Ill,, Teachers. LARRY LESTER. Escondldo, Calit., Teochers MARTHA LETZKUS, Fremont, Teochers. 172 Loftus Madden Mason McCuistion McQuistan Meston Lott Mogidson Matchc McCurley McVay Meyer, A. Lowe Mohn Maxwell McDonald Meininger Meyer, B. ELAYNE LEVEN50N, Denver, Colo., Arts and Sciences. LINDA LEVY, Kansas City, Mo., Teachers. MICHAEL LEVY, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JIM LEWIS, Omaha, Business Administration. JAN LICHTENBERGER, Lincoln, Teochers. WILMA LOFTUS, Cortland, Agriculture. KENNETH LOTT, Bellevue, Engineering. WILLIAM LOWE, Alma, Business Administra- tion. ROBERT LUEKING, Atlanta, Agriculture. WILLIAM LUNDAK, Lin- coln, Arts ond Sciences. PAULA LUNDQUIST, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. LARRY LUTZ, Crete, Agriculture. GARY LYNCH, Thedford, Business Administration. JOAN MACKAMAN, Winner, S.D., Teachers. JOHN MADDEN, Fremont, Teochers. JOYCE MAGIDSON, St. Paul, Minn., Teachers. MARCIA MAHN, Lincoln, Business Administration. DONNA MAINS, Villisca, la., Teachers. WENDY MAKEPEACE, Lincoln, Teachers. JAMES MALL, Wymore, Engineering. JANET MALONE, Woverly, Agricul- ture. SHARON MANSFIELD, Oxford, Teachers. WILLIAM MARTI5, Omaha, Engineering. JOYCE MASON, York, Teachers. CAROL MATCHA, Lincoln, Teachers. MAYRENE MAXWELL, Scottsbluff, Arts and Sciences. DONALD McARTHUR, Holdrege, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT McCALLA, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MARCIA McCALLUM, Lincoln, Undeclared. NORVAL McCASLIN, Broken Bow, Agriculture. ROBERT McCOY, Tecumseh, Arts and Sciences. KATHLEEN McCRORY, Mound City, Mo., Teachers. MIKE McCUlSTION, Lincoln, Engineering. FRANK McCURLEY, Fort Scott, Kon., Business Administration. SHARON McDONALD, McCook, Teachers. PAT McGARRAUGH, Omaha, Business Administration. HOWARD McGINNIS, Wisner, Pharmacy. DIXIE McKAY, Winner, S.D., Teachers. HARLAN Mc- KIM, Gothenburg, Engineering. MARY McKNIGHT, Auburn, Arts and Sciences. CAROL McPHERSON, Syracuse, Agriculture. WILLIAM MC- QUISTAN, Pender, Agriculture. CHARLOTTE McVAY, O ' Neill, Teachers. RICHARD MEININGER, Grand Islond, Engineering. DAVID MERRICK, Fremont, Arts and Sciences. CHARLOTTE MERRITT, Elkhorn, Teachers. WILLIAM MER5CH, Aurora, Agriculture. DONNA MERT Z, Grand Island, Teachers. JULIE MESTL, Lincoln, Teachers. BARBARA MESTON, Broken Bow, Teachers. ANN MEYER, Lincoln, Teachers. BEVERLY MEYER, Wood River, Agriculture. 173 174 Meyer, J W Mi-ycr, J L. Micholmonn Mi,lillrl..ii Millnilz MilKop Minnick, A Minnick, R Monlgomory Mooro Morovoc Morrison Mouiol Mowinkcl Mover Mojer Muollor Mulhoir Munderloh Munton Munton Murr«ll MuMOr Novlaux N«f( Notlodok Nowburn Niobaum Niolfton Noblo Nordhouien Nordttrom North Novolny Nowotny Noyoi Mikklcson Minor Morrison Miller, D. Miller, J. Miller, S. T. Miskovsky Mitchem Mohrmon Morrow, E. Morrow, P. Moses Morxihan M OS tor Sophomores JACK MEYER, Weeping Water, Business Administration. JERRY MEYER, Grand Island, Agriculture. BARBARA MICHELMANN, Grand Islond, Arts ond Sciences. RALPH MIDDLETON, Bridgeport, Agriculture. JERRY MIK- KLESON, Omaha, Engineering. DONNA MILLER, Lincoln, Teachers. JACQUELYN MILLER, Omaha, Teachers. S. THOMAS MILLER, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. THOMAS C. MILLER, Fells City, Business Admin- istrotion. BARBARA MILLNITZ, Ploinview, Arts ond Sciences. DONNA MILLSAP, Berwyn, Agriculture. ANN MINNICK, Combridge, Tcoctwrs. RHONDA MINNICK, North Platte, Teochtrs. JAMES MINOR, Grond Island, Arts and Sciences. BLANCHE MISKOVSKY, Omoho, Teocliers. TERRY MITCHEM, Elwood, Arts and Sciences. GORDON MOHRMAN, Lin- coln, Arts and Sciences KAY MONAHAN, Hyannis, Business Administro- tion. JANICE MONTGOMERY, Cortlond, Agriculture. PAUL MOORE, Fronk- lin. Agriculture. JAMES MORAVEC, Omoho, Arts ond Sciences. FRANK MORRISON, Lincoln, Business Administration. IRENE MORRISON, Popillion, Agriculture. EDYTHE MORROW, Fremont, Teochers. PRUDENCE MORROW, Omaho, Teachers. DICK MOSES, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences ELWIN MOSIER, Davenport, Agriculture. WENDELL MOUSEL, Combridge. Agri- culture. CAROL MOWINKEL, Gretna, Business Administration. GEORGE MOYER, Modison, Arts and Sciences KAREN MOZER, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. DONALD MUELLER, Plotte Center, Engineering DOROTHY MUL- HAIR, Lynch, Teochers ROYCE MUNDERLOH, Wisncr, Business Admin- istrotion, JUDY MUNSON, Council Bluffs, lo , Business Administrotion THOMAS MUNSON, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. NANCY MURRELL. Lincoln, Arts and Sciences MARY MUSSER, Rising City, Teochers LAREE NAVIAUX, Lcwellen, Agriculture TOM NEFF, Fremont, Arts ond Sciences JOAN NESLADEK, Morse Bluff, Agriculture. TED NEWBURN. Beatrice. Engineering. LOWELL NIEBAUM, Fontoncllc, Arts and Sciences. KAY NIELSON, Council Bluf ' s, lo . Teochers, DUAINE NOBLE, Wohoo, Engi- neering ANITA NORDHAUSEN, Wouncto, Teochers ARLENE NORDSTROM, Tekomoh, Arts and Sciences WILLIAM NORTH, Lincoln, Business Admin- istrotion. CAROLYN NOVOTNY, Clorkson, Teochers KENYON NOWOTNY. Omoho, Engineering. CLYDE NOYES, Lincoln, Engineering. f o C Osterlund Otradovsky, F. JACK NYQUIST, Axtell, Engineering. JOAN OAKFORD, Denver, Colo., Business Administration. ELAINE O ' BRIEN, Sioux Foils, S. D., Undeclared. MORRIS OCHSNER, Modiscn, Agriculture. JAMES O ' HALLORAN, Ains- worth. Business AdminisfraHon. SAM OLDENBURG, Gordon, Engineering. VERN OLSEN, Central City, Engineering. WILLIAM OLSEN, Venango, Engi- neering. JAMES OLSON, Lincoln, Engineering. JANICE OLSON, Fremont, Arts ond Sciences. CAROLYN ORR, Dakota City, Teachers. JACK ORUCH, Omaha, Business Administration. BETTE OSTERLUND, Lincoln, Teachers. FRED OTRADOVSKY, Schuyler, Engineering. JULANN OTRADOVSKY, Schuyler, Agriculture. LOIS OVERTURE, Edgar, Teachers. BEVERLY OWENS, Nebraska City, Teachers. JANICE PAALMAN, Cedar Rapids, Teachers. RON PARSONS, Cleveland, O., Engineering. RAE PASMANIK, Kansas City, Mo., Teachers. WALTER PATTERSON, Waverly, Agriculture. LARRY PAUL, Dav- enport, Agriculture. BETTY PEARSON, Ceresco, Agriculture. GEORGE PECK, Fremont, Business Administrotion. MARY PECK, St. Poul, Minn., Teachers. HELEN PEDLEY, Minden, Arts and Sciences. JANICE PERRENOUD, Omaha, Teachers. ALEXANDER PETERS, Kearney, Engineering. JACK PETERS, Grond Island, Engineering. ELAINE PETERSEN, Johnson, Teachers. MARI- LYNN PETERSEN, Stanton, Agriculture. DAVID PETERSON, Coleridge, Engineering. ELSIE PETERSON, Canwood, Canada, Teachers. JAMES PETER- SON, Gretna, Business Administration. JAMES PETERSON, Greeley, Colo., Arts and Sciences. KENNETH PETERSON, Lincoln, Business Administration. RODNEY PETERSON, Holdrege, Arts and Sciences. SANDRA PHELPS, Cam- bridge, Agriculture. ANNE PICKETT, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. BONNIE PICKREL, Benedict, Agriculture. JAMES PIKE, Moreland, Go., Arts and Sciences. DEBRA PILLING, Omaha, Agriculture. WES PITTACK, Haworden, la.. Engineering. HARRY PLATZ, Scottsbluff, Arts and Science. JAMES POKORNY, Schuyler, Arts and Sciences. KENNETH POLLARD, Ashland, Engineering. DONALD PORTZ, Heartwell, Business Administration. HAROLD PUPPE, Nebraska City, Arts ond Sciences. VERNON POTRZEBA, Ord, Agri- culture. GEORGE POWELL, So. Sioux City, Teachers. NANNETTE POYN- TER, Kearney, Teachers. -W - t » ' f- ' J .w .© ft .n V Oldenburg Otradovsky, J. Peck, G. Peters, A. Peterson, D. Peterson, K. Pickrel Platz Puppe Olsen, V. Overturt Peck, M. Peters, J. Peterson, E Peterson, R Pike Pokorny Potrzebo 01 Owens Pedley Petersen, Peterson, J Phelps Pilling Pollard Powell W. Olson Poolmon Perrenoud Petersen, M. Peterson, J. H. Pickett Pittack Portz Poynter 175 . n - ' .n Pm p fTj py o 4tk AAA Prohl Rosmusscn Rcnfer Prest Roy Rcnstrom Prcwitt Pricb Raymond Roynard Rester Rhoades Sophomores JERRY PRAHL, Rock Rapids, la., Business Administration. BILLIE PREST, McCook, Teachers. ERIC PREWITT, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., Arts and Sciences. PRISCILLA PRIEB, Fairbury, Arts and Sciences. JEANETTE PRINCE, Council Bluffs, la., Teochers. PATRICIA PROUTY, Foirbury, Arts ond Sciences. NORMA PUGSLEY, Lincoln, Agriculture. LOYAL QUANDT, Grand Island. Agriculture. ELWIN RANNEY, Weeping Water, Agriculture. DEL RASMUS5EN, Grand Island, Business Administration. MARCIA RAY, Atlontic, lo.. Agriculture. DIANA RAYMOND, Boyard, Teochers. BARBARA RAYNARD, Stopleton, Agriculture. SHIRLEY RAZ- NICK, Omaha, Teachers. DALE REED, McCool Junction, Business Admin- istration. DIXIE REED, Osmond, Teachers. JANICE REEDER, Combridge, Agriculture. ROBERT REINHARDT, Lincoln, Engineering. RON RENFER, Wyondotte, Mich., Business Administrotion. VERA RENSTROM, Omoho, Teochers. JAY RESTER, Omoho, Engineering. DAVE RHOADES, Lincoln, Teochers. SUSAN RHODES, Beotrice, Teachers. MARVIN RICHARDSON, Keorncy, Engineering. CLAYTON RICHMAN, Choppell, Engineering. JAMES RISSER, Lincoln, Engineering. WILLIAM RITNER, North Platte, Business Administration. Robinson, C. Robinson, P. Roehrkassc Roumpf Rubcnstein Rudd Prince Prouty Pugsley Raznick Reed Reed Rhodes Richordson Richmon Quandt Ronney Recder Rcmtwjrdt Risser Rilrwf CALVIN ROBINSON, Broken Bow, Engineering. PAUL ROBINSON, Ogollala, Engineering. PAULA ROEHRKASSE, Grond Islond, Teochen. DWAINE ROGGE, Auburn, Engineering. MARGEE ROHWER, Omoho, Teachers. WILLIS ROSENTHAL, Sedolio, Mo., Teochers. YVONNE ROSS, Aurora, Teachers. LARRY ROTERT, Sutherland, Arts ond Sciences. RUTH ROUBAL, Central City, Agriculture RAYMOND ROUMPF, Central City, Engineering. RUTH RUBENSTEIN, S t. Louis, Mo., Teochers JANICE RUDD, Omoho, Agriculture. ABE RUNDELL, Omoho. Arts ond Sciences PATTY RUTT, Hostings, Teochers. DEAN RUWE, Hooper, Engineering. GWEN SAHN, Seward, Teochers. SHER 5AKANDER, Kabul, Afghoniston. Engineering. JOAN SANDERS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. WAYNE SASS. Lincoln, Business Administration. CHUCK SCHAFER, Omoho, Business Administrotion. DON SCHICK, Curtis, Agriculture. GAIL SCHLAKE, Big Springs, Business Administrotion. ANN SCHLEIGER, Lincoln, Teoctiers DEAN SCHMIDT, Sidney, Business Administration. JOY SCHMIDT, Red Ook, lo.. Teachers. KATHLEEN SCHMUTTE, Crete, Arts ond Science . CONNIE SCHOCK, Foils City, Teochers. 176 Schoettger Schwab Sharp Schroder Schwodere Shepordso Schrog Scriven Shermon Schroder Seberger Shipferling JERRY SCHOETTGER, Rushville, Arts and Sciences. KEITH SCHRADER, Neligh, Engineering. LARRY SCHRAG, North Platte, Arts and Sciences. LAVERN SCHRODER, Huntley, Business Administration. LOIS 5CHR0EDER, Holstein, Teachers. SIDNEY SCHROEDER, Holdrege, Teachers. NANCY SCHULTE, Wohoo, Teachers. LOUIS SCHULTZ, Osmond, Engineering. ELIZABETH SCHUMACHER, Rapid City, S.D., Teachers. THOMAS SCHWAB, Sutton, Agriculture. DONALD SCHWADERER, Alliance, Pharmacy. DONNA SCRIVEN, Scottsbluff, Teachers. MARY SEBERGER, Lexington, Agriculture. KENNETH SERRES, Harrison, Agriculture. ROBERT SETTLES, Cedar Bluffs, Arts and Sciences. MYRNA SEVERIN, Lincoln, Teachers. EDWARD SEVER- SON, Lincoln, Engineering. JANET SEYMOUR, Norfollc, Teachers. ARTHUR SHARP, Lincoln, Business Administration. BEVERLY SHEPARDSON, Ansley, Agriculture. PATRICIA SHERMAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. WAYNE SHIPFERLING, Yorl , Engineering. SANDRA SHOUP, Sutherland, Arts and Sciences. SARI SHUKERT, Omaha, Teachers. ROBERT SHUMAKER, Weep- ing Water, Arts and Sciences. MARILYN SHUMATE, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences, MARY SHUMWAY, Lyons, Agriculture. Schroeder Schulte Schultz Schumacher Settles Severin Severson Seymour Shukert Shumaker Shumate Shumway SHARON SIDLES, Lincoln, Teachers. JAMES SIEBKEN, Leshora, Engineering. DWIGHT SIEBLER, Omaha, Business Administration. SONIA SIEVERS, Roco, Business Administration. STEPHANE SIEVERS, Blair, Arts and Sciences. DONALD SIFFRING, Ogallala, Agriculture. ROBERT SIMM0ND5, Omaha, Engineering. SUZANNE SIMONS, Omaha, Teochers. DONALD SINNER, Wood Riyer, Engineering. MERREY LYNN SKARDA, Sioux Foils, S.D., Teachers. BRUCE SKINNER, Herman, Agriculture. CAROLINE SKOPEC, Atkinson, Teachers. MARJORIE SLAGLE, Lincoln, Teachers. SARAH SMAHA, Grand Island, Agriculture. ROBERT SMIDT, Firth, En- gineering. CHARLES SMITH, Aurora, Agriculture. KAREN SMITH, Madrid, Business Administration. MICHAEL SMITH, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT SMITH, Lincoln, Engineering. THOMAS SMITH, Mitchell, S.D., Business Administration. WARREN SPEECE, Holdrege, Engineering. BYRON SPEICE, Columbus, Engineering. JOSEPH SPEISER, New York, N.Y., Engin- eering. RICHARD SPILDE, Pierre, S.D., Arts ond Sciences, KATHY SPIL- KER, DeWitt, Teachers. MARY SPINDLER, Chappell, Teachers. DENIS STACK, Syosset, N.Y., Arts and Sciences. Sidles Siebken Siebler Sievers Sievers Siffring Simmonds Simons Sinner Skarda Skinner Skopec Slagle Smaha Smidt Smith, C. Smith, K. Smith, M mith, R. Smith, T. Speece Speice Speiser Spilde Spilder Spindler Stack i Q. |f!y, p n. C% r;;; H 177 Slofford Slonck Stontcn Llc-,n Steinouer Steinberg Stcrzboch StochI Stokcbrond Stone, C. Strickland Strong Stone, S. Stuart Sukovaty Suponcheck Svobodo Swank Swedelson Swcdenborg Swingle Switzer, R. Switzcr, W. Tofroe Toylor Teol Tcmpero MARY LYNN STAFFORD, Lincoln, Agriculture. NYE STANEK, Pawnee City, Arts ond Sciences. FRANK STANTON, Ooklond, Engineering. JANE STEIN, Lincoln, Teachers. SARAH STEINAUER, Steinouer, Agriculture. DONNA STEINBERG, Omoho, Teochers. ROGER STERZBACH, Fremont, Business Administration. ROSEMARY STOCHL, Des Moines, la., Teochers. DUANE STOKEBRAND, DeWitt, Agriculture. CONRAD STONE, Lyons, Business Administrotion. MARY STRICKLAND, Lincoln, Teachers. FOR- REST STRONG, Rushville, Teachers. MARY STONE, Weeping Wafer, Teochers. JOHN STUART, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. KAREN SUKOVATY, Plymouth, Teachers. LETA SUPANCHECK, David City, Teach- ers. JERRY SVOBODA, St. Paul, Agriculture. GEORGE SWANK, Mans- field, O., Teochers. AL SWEDELSON, Ooklond, Calif., Business Adminis- tration. TOM SWEDENBORG, Aberdeen, S.D., Engineering. SUZIE SWINGLE, Lincoln, Teachers. ROBERTA SWITZER, Wymore, Agriculture. WALTER SWITZER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. PATRICIA TATROE, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. ARNOLD TAYLOR, Dysort, lo., Business Administrotion. FREDERICK TEAL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD TEMPERO, Lin- coln, Teochers. ARLIE THAYER, Elm Creek, Engineering. MARILYN THORNTON. Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. MARIANNE THYGESON, Nebrosko City, Afis and Sciences. GLADYS TIETJEN, Chester, Teachers. BETTY TINDALL, Lin- coln, Teachers. GREGORY TITMAN, Auroro, Engineering. GRETCHEN TITMAN, Aurora, Teochers. ROSE MARIE TONDL, Schuyler, Agriculture. CAROLYN TORRENCE, Red Ook, lo.. Teachers. JOANN TREBILCOCK, Palmer, Pharmacy. TERRY TRUEBLOOD, Grand Island, Engineering. JEANETTE TURNER, Lincoln, Teachers. GLORIA ULLARICH, Tilden, Teochers. MARY ULRICH, Ord, Arts and Sciences. JOHN UPRIGHT, Gront, Arts and Sciences. JOHN VANDERVEEN, Nebrosko City, Engineer- ing. DONALD VAN STEENBERG, Gothenburg, Teochers. MARY VESELY, Crete, Teochers. CAROL VINGERS, Omaho, Teochers. ROBERT VOLK, Battle Creek, Agriculture. MARLENE VONDENKAMP, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. RONALD WACHTER, Broken Bow, Arts ond Sciences. CARLA WADEMAN, Nebrosko City, Teochers. RICHARD WALDO, Orleans, En- gineering. JOHNIE WALDRON, Collowoy, Engineering. BEVERLY WALENTA, Lincoln, Business Administration. ROD WALKER, McCook, Teachers. dsMtk m • ' f3 e» Thayer Trebilcock Vingcrt Trueblood Volk Tumor Vondenkomp Tin. lull Ulrich Wodomon Upright Waldo VanJorvoen Woldron TonJI Von Steonbcrg Wolanto Vcsoly Wolker 178 Westerhoff Wheeler O 1 O 9 ' , Warrick Wathier Webster Wehr Weichenthal Weigel Wenzl Whitaker Whitehead Widman Wiggins Wilhelm Wilhite Williams Williamson Williamson Wilson Winey Wirz Wischmeier Wismiller Sophomores SAMUEL WALTON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JANET WARRICK, Meadow Grove, Teachers. JIM WARRICK, Ravenna, Business Education. LYLE WATHIER, Geneseo, III., Teachers. JOYCE WEBSTER, Kearney, Teachers. MARY JO WEHR, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. BURTON WEICHENTHAL, Stanton, Agriculture. ROBERT WEIGEL, Omaha, Business Administration. LARRY WENZL, Beatrice, Business Administration. JOHN WESTERHOFF, Alexandria, Arts and Sciences. SHARROLL WHEELER, Valley, Agriculture. JAMES WHITAKER, North Platte, Business Administration. LAURIS WHITEHEAD, North Platte, Engineering. STANLEY WIDMAN, Omaha, Business Administration. ROSE WIGGINS, Broadwater, Agriculture. JOANN WILHELM, Nebraska City, Teachers. MARY JANE WILHITE, Superior, Arts and Sciences. CAROLYN WILLIAMS, Ashland, Agriculture. DAVID WILLIAMSON, Strotton, Engineering. PHYLLIS WILLIAMSON, Lincoln, Teachers. SALLY WILSON, Lincoln, Teachers. KENLEY WINEY, Shelton, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT WIRZ, Halsey, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD WISCHMEIER, Wilcox, Agriculture. NORMA WISMILLER, Alliance, Teachers. MAX WITT, Norfolk, Business Administration. CHARLES WOLCASTOR, Alliance, Engineering. RITA WOLF, Cambridge, Teachers. LOIS WOLFE, Lincoln, Agriculture. JIMMY WOODSIDE, Lexington, Agriculture. KAY WOOLLEY, St. Paul, Teachers. RICHARD WOOLLEY, Kearney, Engineering. FRANCES WORTZ, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. GERMAINE WRIGHT, Lincoln, Teachers. JOHN WRIGHT, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MARION WRIGHT, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JA NICE WROTH, Lincoln, Agricul- ture. ALICE YOUNG, O ' Neill, Teachers. DAVE YOUNG, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. LANNY Y0UNG50N, Minden, Agriculture. ALLEN YONT, Concord, Mass., Arts and Sciences. DARREL ZESSIN, Madison, Agriculture. CYNTHIA ZSCHAU, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. Witt Wollaston Wolf Wolfe Woodslde Woolley, K. Woolley, R. Wortz Wright, G Wright, J. Wright, M. Wroth Young Young Youngson Yont Zessin Zschou 179 • • • Freshmen Disorder and Confusion From Albion and Albany, Stanton and Seattle, from the great plains, mountains and coast, freshmen come to the University. New Student Week with its hours of lines and endless ques- tions brings anticipation and then con- fused weariness. As the freshman " discovers " the University, he develops appreciation and pride in his school. He shares foot- ball cheers, coke-date smiles and mid- term anxiety. By the end of his first year the freshman is held by a common bond of friendship and learning — a loyal Cornhusker. The first visit — o short wolk down the long hall. Cautious steps grew slower as they neorcd the door. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SQENCES WLMILITZER OEAN W.F WRIGHT ASSISTANT DON 9D0-120C OF Hours for studying, lost to distraction. Hours of activities, steps to leodership. Hour of decision . . . is he short or toll? . ikv Freshmen MARILYN ABRAHAMZON, Elm Creek, Teachers. JOHN ACKERMAN, Fremont, Engineering. LARRY AERNI, Columbus, Engineering. GARY AKSAMIT, Crete, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD ALDERSON, Grand Island, Business Administration. CAROL ALLACHER, Lincoln, Business Adminis- tration. JOHN ALLINGTON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. WILLIAM AL5BROOK5, Dallas, Tex., Business Administration. DARREN ALTH0U5E, Woverly, Agriculture. SALLY AMATO, Plottsmouth, Teachers. CARL ANDERSEN, Edgar, Engineering. JANET ANDERSON, York, Teachers. JIM ANDERSON, Omaha, Engineering. NORMA ANDERSON, Maywood, Teachers. ROBERT ANDERSON, Omoho, Arts and Sciences. CHARLENE ANTHONY, Sidney, Fine Arts. SANDRA ARMSTRONG, Beatrice, Teachers. PATRICIA ARNOLD, St. Paul, Agriculture. JANS ARP, Sutton, Agricul- ture. CHRIS ARPS, North Bend, Teochers. DAVID ASCHE, Columbus, Engineering. KENNETH ASH, Omaha, Engineering. LARRY ASPEGREN, Cloy Center, Business Administration. ROBERT ATKINS, Lincoln, Engineer- ing. SANDRA ATKINSON, Norfolk, Arts ond Sciences. ROBERT ATTE- BERY, Nehawko, Engineering. JOEY AUGUSTIN, Lincoln, Teochers. JIM AULD, Red Cloud, Arts and Sciences. GARY BABCOCK, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences. ANDREW BACKER, Scottsbluff, Arts and Sciences. BAR- BARA BACON, Kearney, Teachers. JOSEPH BADAMI, Omoho, Arts ond Sciences. ROBERT BAEHR, Beatrice, Business Administration. DEON BAHR, Omaha, Engineering. JOHN BANKS, Grand Island, Teachers. SARILEA BARNES, Omoho, Teachers. DEANNA BARNETT, Omoho, Agri- culture. BARBARA BARR, Tilden, Arts and Sciences. WILLIAM BARR, Tilden, Arts ond Sciences. ROBERT BARRY, Lincoln, Engineering. JOHN BARTEL5, Sterling, Teachers. ANNE BARTHOLOMEW, Rock Port, Mo., Teachers. RICHARD BASOCO, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. GEORGE BATES, Geneva, Arts and Sciences. KARL BAUMAN, Rovenno, Arts and Sciences. Aerni Aksomit Alderson Allocher Allington Alsbrooks Althouse Anderson, J. Anderson, J. Anderson, N. Anderson, R. Anthony Armstrong Arnold Arp Auld Ash Aspegren Atkins Atkinson Attebery Augustin Backer Bacon Bodomi Boehr Bohr Banks Barnes Bornett Borr, B. Barr, W. Borry Bortels Bartholomew Basoco Bates Baumon f3 i .Cj L t - • -i I - " 4 Cn ' -yr ' - W ■CI .Q. f iT ' p pl .O Q . IP L P 181 Freshmen WTW Q f) O, P f-j .n ft Q A Bousch Boxtcr, B. Baxter, D - -. , T Bq ' , Bool BcQil Boon Becker Bccchner Behrcns Belkin Bell Benson Bciger Berry Bible Bicnhoff Binder Bishop BlQckmon Bloho Bland Bloboum Bollinger Bomhoff Boppre Bowcn Boyd Bradford Brandt Brazcc Brentzcl Breunsboch Brickcr Briggs Brown, D. Brown, J. Brown, L. E. Brown, L. A KARLYNN BAUSCH, Dowson, Tcochers. BRIAN BAXTER, Omaha, Engin- eering. DEANNA BAXTER, Grond Islond, Teochers. THOMAS BAXTER, Grand Islond, Agriculture. GARY BAY, Scottsblulf, Engineering. NANCY BEAL, Beotricc, Arts and Sciences. NANCY BEALL, Lincoln, Agriculture. JERRY BEAN, Inovole, Teochers. BETSY BECK, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT BECKER, Ccdor Ropids, Engineering. BARBARA BEECHNER, Lincoln, Teachers. MARILYN BEHRENS, Mead, Arts and Sciences. HERB BELKIN, Bronx, N.Y,, Arts ond Sciences. DONALD BELL, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. BILLIE BENSON, Norfolk, Arts ond Sciences. JAN BERGER, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. WES BERRY, Sidney, Arts and Sciences. RODNEY BERRYMAN, Cozad, Engineering. BARBARA BIBLE, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DONALD BIENHOFF, Franklin, Engineering, DONALD BINDER, Keorney, Engineering. BETTE BISHOP, Elmhurst, III., Agriculture. ARTHUR BLACKMAN, Lincoln, Business Adminislrolion. CHARLES BLAHA, 182 Ord, Arts ond Sciences. LAUREL BLAND, York, Arts ond Sciences JUDITH BLOBAUM, Foirbury, Arts ond Sciences. MARCIA BODEN, Dor- chester, Teachers. TOM BOLLINGER, Omoha, Arts and Sciences DANIEL BOMHOFF, Aberdeen, SD, Arts and Sciences. JUDY BOPPRE, Lincoln. Teochers. JOELLYN BOWEN, North Platte, Teochers. SHARON BOYD, Lincoln, Teachers HARRY BRADFORD, Anchoroge. Alosko, Engineering GENENE BRANDT, Syrocuse, Arts and Sciences BARBARA BRAZEE. Ralston, Teachers, BARTON BREDENKAMP, Hoy Springs, Engineering. JOHN BRENTZEL. Columbus, Engineering. BARBARA BREUNSBACH, Vir- ginia, Agriculture. MARSHALL BRICKER. Norfolk, Engineering. RUS- SELL BRIGGS, Broken Bow, Agriculture DONALD BROWN. Long Pine, Engineering. JIM BROWN, Sioux Foils, S.D., Arts and Sciences. LARRY BROWN, Lincoln, Agriculture LEWIS BROWN, Lincoln, Engineering. RICHARD BROWN, Chicago, III.. Arts ond Sciences. k r a Q e:» ( Brown Bryons Buchholz Bucklin Buenz Bugenhogen Burbock Burg Burry Coffrey Chambers Collies Carlson Corpenter Corskadon Carsfen Cartee Carter Casey Chapman Charron Cherniss Cheuvront Childs Christensen, D. B. Christensen, M. 0. Christensen, M. R Christensen, P. Christensen, R. Christianson Clarl , B. Clark, K. Clotterbuck Cootes Cochran, M. Cochran, T. Cody Coe Cohen, A. Cohen, S. Cole Colwell Condon Cook Coonrod SUSAN BROWN, Lincoln, Undeclared. WALLACE BRYANS, Omaha, En- gineering. WALLACE BUCHHOLZ, Columbus, Engineering. RONALD BUCKLIN, Lincoln, Business Administration. AUGUST BUENZ, Ogallola, Arts and Sciences. JOHN BUGENHAGEN, Mitchell, S.D., Business Admin- istration. VICKI BURBACK, Abilene, Kan., Business Administration. CHARLES BURG, Control City, Engineering. LYLE BURRY, Scottsbluff, Pharmacy. ROBERT CAFFREY, Grand Island, Business Administrotion. WILLIAM CALLIES, Lincoln, Business Administration. CHARLES CARL- SON, Lindsay, Agriculture. KEITH CARPENTER, Lexington, Business Ad- ministrotion. MAYDENE CARSKADON, Gothenburg, Arts and Sciences. ROGER CARSTEN, Clatonia, Agriculture. RUTH CARTEE, Sioux Falls, S.D., Teachers. LESTER CARTER, Billings, Mont., Arts and Sciences. DON CASEY, Johnson, Engineering. BRENT CHAMBERS, Ft. Scott, Kan., Business Administrotion. JOHN CHAPMAN, North Bend, Agriculture. KATHRYN CHARRON, Central City, Undeclared. SANDRA CHERNISS, San Francisco, Calif., Teachers. JEFFRE CHEUVRONT, Lincoln, Engineering. DAVID CHILDS, Lincoln, Business Administration. DOROTHY CHRISTENSEN, Red Cloud, Agriculture. MARY CHRISTENSEN, Casper, Wyo., Arts and Sciences. MAURICE CHRISTENSEN, Superior, Business Administrotion, PHILLIP CHRISTENSEN, Columbus, Engineering. RICHARD CHRISTEN- SEN, Lincoln, Engineering. COLLEEN CHRISTIANSON, Holbrook, Agricul- ture. BRUCE CLARK, Omaha, Engineering. KAY CLARK, Oshkosh, Arts and Sciences. REIDA CLATTERBUCK, Omaha, Undeclared. JOHN COATES, Yankton, S.D., Arts and Sciences. MICHAEL COCHRAN, Omoha, Teachers. THOMAS COCHRAN, Columbus, Arts ond Sciences. JOHN CODY, Chicago, III., Business Administration. MARY COE, Wokefield, Teachers. ARVIN COHEN, Omaha, Pharmacy. STEVE COHEN, Omaha, Business Administration. JAMES COLE, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. BECKY COLWELL, Pawnee City, Teachers. JOHN CONDON, Creighton, Engineering. JAMES COOK, Rock Ropids, lo.. Arts ond Sciences. ROBERT COONRAD, Lincoln, Engineering. 183 ff. n I . n q C J |Sf4 Cooper Crom Dewey Dorn Dusek Copetand Crone Oiedrichs Dorsey Dutton Corfer Cronin Dieterich Douglas Eoster Cosfin Cross Dill Downs Eosterbrook Cromer Donek Dillmon Dubo Eostmon, J Crate Daniels Dittrick Dubos Eostmon, M CroH DeVilbiu Dopheide Ouni Edwords Freshmen WILLIAM COOPER, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. DEE COPELAND, North Platte, Arts and Sciences. DAVID CORTER, Atlonto, Agriculture. MICHAEL COSTIN, Lincoln, Undeclared. RANDY CRAMER, Denver, Colo., Teochers. CAROLE CRATE, Lincoln, Undeclared. JIM CRIPE, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARTHA CROCKER, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. RUTH CROFT, Rolslon, Arts and Sciences. SHARON CROM, Blodon, Agriculture. DEANNA CRONE, Boolrice, Undeclared. JOAN CRONIN, Aurora, III., Arts ond Sciences. DONALD CROSS, Beaver Crossing, Engineering. BILL DANEK, Lincoln, Business Administration. ALBERT DANIELS, Spearfish, So. Dak., Business Administration. DAVID DAVIDSON, Poteet, Tex., Agricul- ture. SANDRA DAVISSON, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. JUDY DEVIL8LISS, Ainsworth, Teachers. TED DEWEY, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. DEANNE DIEDRICHS, North Platte, Undeclorod. MARY DIETERICH, Lincoln, Teochers JAMES DILL, Lincoln, Engineering. DEE DILLMAN, Lexington, Teachers. YVONNE DITTRICK, Norfolk, Arts ond Science . ALBERTA DOBRY, Schuyler, Agriculture. POLLY DOERING, Fronklin, Teachers, NEIL DOPHEIDE, Butte, Business Administrotion. PATRICIA DORN, Big Springs. Arts and Sciences. JOHN DORSEY. Lincoln. Undeclored. JUDY DOUGLAS. Tecumseh. Arts ond Sciences SALLY DOWNS. Lincoln, Teachers. ROGER DUBA, Crete, Business Administrotion. MARY DUBAS, Ord, Teochers. BEN DUCKWORTH. Trenton. Undeclared. DICK DUDDEN. Venango. Business Administration. ELAINE DUNI. Kansas City. Mo, Undeclored DOROTHY DUSEK, Wymore, Teochers GLENN DUTTON, Gcring, Engineering. JUDY EASTER, Des Moines, lo., Teocher«. JANICE EASTERBROOK. Arcodio. Teochers. JAMES EASTMAN. Lincoln. Art. and Sciences. MARY EASTMAN. Lincoln. Arts and Sciences JANET ECHTEft- MEYER, Omaha. Agriculture. PRISCILLA ECKRICH, Aberdeen. S. D.. Arts and Sciences LARRY EDWARDS. Sidney. Business Administrotion 184 LAVONNE EHRE5MAN, Elm Creek, Teachers. RUTH EI5, Humboldt, Arts and Sciences. ROSEMARY EITEL, Kansas City, Mo., Arts and Sciences. DENNIS ELDER, Bayard, Engineering. ALLEN ELLERBROEK, Bellevue, Arts and Sciences. JOAN ELLERMEIER, Bruning, Agriculture. COLLEEN ELLIOTT, Lincoln, Engineering. MARCIA ELLIOTT, Lincoln, Agriculture. SANDRA ELLIS, Lincoln, Teachers. BETTY ELMEN, Sioux Falls, S. D., Teachers. WILLARD ELMER, Indionola, Engineering. JOHN EMERY, Omaha, Teachers. BILL EMRICH, Norfolk, Agriculture. REX ENGEBRETSON, Beatrice, Arts and Sciences. RON ENGELHARDT, West Point, Engineering. DANIEL ENGLISH, Omoha, Engineering. PATRICIA ERICKSON, Arcadia, Teachers. TOM ERICKSON, Broken Bow, Arts and Sciences. BRYAN ERICSON, Scottsbluff, Arts and Sciences. MIKE ERMAN, Omaha, Unde- clared. DARLENE ERNST, Columbus, Undeclored. DENNIS E5CHLIMAN, Valley, Teachers. BOBBIE EVANS, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. PATRICIA EVERRETT, Lincoln, Agriculture. ROBERT EYTH, Beatrice, Undeclared. VIRGINIA FALK, Omaha, Teachers. SHARON FANGMAN, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT FARRELL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. BILL FARRITOR, Broken Bow, Undeclared. GLORIA FEDER, Kansos City, Mo., Undeclared. LEO FEHLHAFER, Utica, Arts and Sciences. JEROME FERER, Omaha, Business Administration. RICHARD FERGUSON, Omaha, Engineering. DAVID FERRIS, Central City, Agriculture. DICK FOSTER, Grand Island, Engineering. VERNON FEYE, Creston, Agriculture. MARLENE FICKE, Lincoln, Teochers. MYRNA FIELD, Milford, Agriculture. KENNETH FIELDING, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. KENNETH FILBERT, Lincoln, Teachers. JAMES FISHLER, Central City, Agriculture. ROBERT FLEMING, Sterling, Colo., Business Administration. JULIA FLICK, Bradshow, Agricul- ture, JAMES FOLEY, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. STANLEY FONKEN, Beatrice, Engineering. Ehresman Eis Eitel Elder Ellerbroek Ellermeier Elliott, C. Elliott, M. Ellis Elmen Elmer Emery Emrich Engebretson Engelhardt English Erickson Erickson Ericson Ermon Ernst Eschliman Evans Everett Eyth Folk Fongman Farrcll Farritor Feder Fehlhofer Ferer Ferguson Ferris Foster Feye Fictc Field Fielding Filbert Fishier Fleming Flick Foley Fonken MkMtM fli Ol o M - -| 4ifcgf li Y Md 185 £2;I7I1 Aife ' n f a . A « n ik V i 1 f . Frond f lank 1 , .,11.1, 1 1. ( .. I. Fulkerton Fullbrook Furto Galicrrcm G«ior Goorgo GoMoor Goltman GiUdorf Glade Gloior Glaubiui Godboy Goold Goldncr Goldttoin Golka Go%ch Gotker Gould Grobenttoln Grachok Graf Groham Grant Gray Greon Groenomy Greonberg Groone GrKfitht GroM Fresh men HARRY FRANCIS, Bellevue, Arts ond Sciences. CAROLE FRANK, Omaha, Teachers. BETTE FRENCH, Page, Agriculture. GARY FRERICHS. Coleridge. Agriculture ROBERT FREY, Gordon, Business Administration. CARL FRIED- RICH, Spencer, Engineering. GARRY FRIELING, Alma, Engineering DAN FRITZ, Mitchell, S. D., Arts and Sciences TROY FUCHSER, Gordon, Undeclored. THOMAS FULKERSON, Omaho, Arts ond Sciences. EDWARD FULLBROOK, Lincoln, Business Administration. RONALD FURSE, PlattsrTroulh, Arts ond Sciences. JOANN GABARRON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. KENT GAIBLER, North Platte, Business Adminislrotion. DELORES GARCIA, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. MARGARET GARDNER, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. STEVE GAUGER, Grant, Business Administration. DIANE GEASE, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. CAROL GEIER, Lincoln, Tcochers. NANCY GEORGE, Omaha, Teocher . VIRGINIA GESSNER, Lincoln, Business Administration. JAMES GETTMAN, Norfolk, Business Administration. MARILYN GEWEKE, Tecumseh, Teochers. ROBERT GIBSON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DENNIS GIERHAN, Lexington, Engineering. DONNA GIES, North Platte, Tcochers, KATHLEEN GILLEN, Lincoln, Teochers. JAMES GILSDORF, Lincoln, Engineering. DOROTHY GLADE, Lincoln, Business Administration. PATRICIA GLASER, Lincoln, Agriculture. ALLEN GLAUBIUS, Wisner, Agriculture. DAVID GODBEY, Elmwood, EnginMr- ing. JOHN GOLDNER, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. HOWARD GOLDSTEIN. Denver, Colo., Business Administrotion ROBERT GOLKA, Elyria. Engineering. GERALD GOOLD, Brule, Agriculture EUGENE GOSCH, Millard, Phormocy. BILL GOSKER, Hooper, Engineering. CHRISTOPHER GOULD. Omaha, Arti ond Sciences SARA GRABENSTEIN, Lincoln, Teachers WAYNE GRACHEK, North Plotte, Engineering. GARY GRAF, Grand Island, Agriculture JOIE GRAHAM, Wheoton, III , Undeclared SHARON GRANT, Meadow Grove, Teochers DONALD GRAY, Holdregc, Teachers. DEE GREEN, Brodv, Teachers RONALD GREENAMY, Kearney, Agriculture. LINDA GREENBERG, Somerville, N. J , Arts and Sciences. ROBERT GREENE, York, Engineering JOHN GRIFFITHS. Auburr , Arts ond Sciences CHARLENE GROSS, Hastings, Arts ond Sciences. :% r ' , m fTJi, ft A Q p. Q ft .Q l Di »f i1% Hall, D. E. Hall, D. M. Hall, R. R. Hall, R. W Hansen, C. Hansen, E. Hansen, L. Hansen, J. HARRY GRUMMINGER, Grand Island, Business Administration. GAYLE GRUBB, Woyne, Business Administration. EDWARD GZEHOVIAK, Grand Island, Engineering. MONA HABERMAN, Long Beoch, Calif., Teachers. JACK HADENFELDT, Cairo, Engineering. DOUGLaS HAEFLE, Hackettstown, N. J., Agriculture. LARRY HAGAN, Omaha, Business Administrotion. STANDLEY HAIGHT, Lincoln, Agriculture. ANITA HALL, Greeley, Colo., Teachers. DON HALL, Lincoln, Undeclared. DOROTHY HALL, Lincoln, Teachers. ROBERT HALL, Omaha, Engineering. ROGER HALL, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. SAM HALL, York, Arts and Sciences. CLINTON HALLIGAN, Brule, Arts and Sciences. JERALD HALLOCK, Springview, Business Administration. DON HANEY, Hyannis, Engineering. DAVID HANN, Lincoln, Teachers, CYNTHIA HANSEN, Superior, Teochers. EILEEN HANSEN, Omoho, Teachers. LYLE HANSEN, St. Paul, Arts and Sciences. JAMES HANSEN, Elwood, III., Engineer- ing. VICTOR HANSON, Pierre, S. D., Architecture. LUCILLE HAPPEL, Sterling, Agriculture. SHERRY HARMEL, Norfolk, Agriculture. LOU HARRISON, Davenport, Teachers. JOSEPH HART, Concord, N. H., Business Administrotion. WILLIAM HARVEY, Omaha, Engineering. SANDY HASLET, Scottsbluff, Teachers. LARRY HASTINGS, Seward, Engineering. JULIE HATHAWAY, Holdrege, Teachers. WILLIAM HAUTZENRODER, Beotrice, Arts and Sciences. SARA HAUSERMAN, Central City, Teachers. DONALD HAVEKOST, Scribner, Engineering. JERRY HAWKINSON, Omoho, Business Administration. CONNIE HAWLEY, Brock, Agriculture. BONNIE HAYKIN, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. SHARRON HEATH, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences. MARILYN HEERMANN, Stan- ton, Arts and Sciences. PAULA HEMPHILL, Tekamah, Undeclared. FREDRIC HENKE, Lincoln, Teachers. SANDRA HENKEL, Ralston, Agriculture. CAROL HENRY, Coleridge, Teachers. RICHARD HERGENRADER, Lincoln, Teachers. ROBERT HESSEE, Lincoln, Business Administration. ALMA HEUER- MANN, Phillips, Agriculture. JAMES HEWITT, Valentine, Arts and Sciences. LORALEE HILDRETH, Jefferson, la.. Business Administration. LARRY HILL, Boyord, Engineering. ROBERT HINRICHS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. PATRICK HIPP, Omaha, Engineering. ffl ? 1 o £1kd ifJh Haefle Hogon Height Hall, A. Halligan Hallock Honey Hann Hoppel Harmel Harrison Hort Harvey Hoslet Hostings Hathoway -lautzenroder Houserman Havekost Hav kinson Hawley Hoykin Heath Heermann Hemphill Henke Henkel Henry Hergenrader Hessee Heuermonn Hewitt Hildreth Hill Hinrichs Hipp if Q fS n Hobel Hockoboul Hodge Hoff Hoffman Holbert ,,„,.„» ,. H ,n:ni Holmes Holub Horchenn Hough Hove Howard Howe Howey Hoyer Huebner Huckfeldt Huddlesfon Hughes, N. Hughes, V. Hunt Hunt Fresh men PATRICIA HOBEL, Fremont, Teochers. HELEN HOCKABOUT, Omoho, Arts ond Sciences. RICHARD HODGE, Beatrice, Arts ond Sciences. HAROLD HOFF, Omoho, Engineering. ERWIN HOFFMAN, Agate, Engineering. ANGELA HOLBERT, Lincoln, Agriculture. THERESA HOLLOWAY, Rockford, III., Arts ond Sciences. JOHN HOLMES, Omoho, Business Administration. LINDA HOLMES. Cower, Mo., Undeclared. FRANK HOLUB, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. MARY HORCHEM, Ronsom, Kon., Teochers. FLUFFY HOUGH, Omoho, Undeclored. RICHARD HOVE, Minden, Arts ond Sciences. ROBERT HOWARD, Alliance, Business Administrotion. LAVON HOWE, Alvo, Agri- culture. FRED HOWEY, Beotrice, Arts ond Sciences. ALYCE HOYER, Omoho, Arts ond Sciences. DAN HUEBNER, Plottsmouth, Engineering. KAREN HUCKFELDT, Gordon, Business Administrotion. SANDRA HUD- DLESTON, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences. NORMA HUGHES, North Plotte, Agriculture. VIRGINIA HUGHES, Tekomoh, Agriculture. DALLAS HUNT, Lincoln, Teochers. GEORGE HUNT, Ashland, Business Administrotion. RONALD HUNT, Orleons, Agriculture. GERALD HUSSEY, Lincoln, Buxtn«ss Administration. BRUCE HUTSON, Red Cloud, Engineering. FLOYD HUTZENEILER, Dolton, Arts ond Sciences. BARBARA HYLAND, Omoho, Agriculture. FLOYD IRWIN, Sidney, Agriculture. DON ITA, Encson, Agri- culture. KAREN JACOBS, Plottsmouth, Arts ond Sciences. ROSALIE JACOB, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. RICHARD JACOBS, Lincoln, Undeclored. MARGARET JACOBSEN, St. Paul, Agriculture. ELIZABETH JAMES, Nebrosko City, Arts ond Sciences. TRUDY JARVIS, Sioux Foils, S. D., Arts ond Sciences. JUDY JERVIS, Sidney, Teachers. DEAN JOCHEM, Ainsworth, Agriculture. SANDRA JOHNS, Lincoln, Teochers. SIDNEY JOHNSEN, Lincoln, Teachers. BREANNA JOHNSON, Lincoln, Agriculture . DAVID JOHNSON, Ogollolo. Arts ond Sciences. HAROLD JOHNSON, Elk- horn, Agriculture. JAMES JOHNSON, Omoho. Engineering. JANIE JOHNSON, Beotrice, Arts ond Sciences. JOYCE JOHNSON, Rolslon, Teochers. LOUIS JOHNSON, Ashland, Engineering. Hunt Hussey Hutson Hutzenbiler Hylond Irwin Ita Jacobs Jacob Jocobs Jacobsen Jomes Jorvis Jervis Joe hem Johns Johnsen ' Johnson. B. Johnson, D. Johnson. H Johnson, J A, Johnson, i M Johnson, J. A. Johnson L ' ffl -Tl tt ' . f p. »-; ' O o n 188 T iiktt ETJ. .C fi y - - " i A T " i4H SJ6i ' ' Mtmi Johnson, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, W. Johnston Jones, D. Jones, D L. Jorgensen Jorgensen Kahler Kaimon Kapustka Karpisek Kosner Kauttelt Kaufman Kouk Kaufzmon Kay Keller Kelley, L, Kelley, R. Kellogg Kelly, B. Kendall MAJORIE JOHNSON, Springfield, Agriculture. RONALD JOHNSON, Omaha, Engineering. WALTER JOHNSON, Sayville, N. Y., Engineering. ROBERT JOHNSTON, Lincoln, Engineering. DIAN JONES, Omaha, Teachers. DONNA JONES, Dawson, Teachers. BARBARA JORGENSEN, Lincoln, Teachers. DUANE JORGENSEN, Springview, Teochers. GARY KAHLER, Fairbury, Teachers. STAN KAIMAN, Omoho, Engineering. FRANK KAPUSTKA, Ord, Arts and Sciences. GEORGE KARPISEK, Morse Bluff, Agriculture. JON KASNER, Avoca, la.. Engineering. ELDEAN KAUFFELT, Minden, Agriculture. KENNETH KAUFMAN, Greenwood, Engineering. STANLEY KAUK, Alma, Agriculture. JON KAUTZMAN, Stanton, Phormocy. GENE KAY, Ft. Colhoun, Engineering. GARY KELLER, Lincoln, Engineering. LARRY KELLEY, Wayne, Arts ond Sciences. RICHARD KELLEY, Omoha, Business Administration. SANDRA KELLOGG, Pueblo, Colo., Undeclared. BOBBIE JO KELLY, Lincoln, Agriculture. ALBERT KENDALL, Norfolk, Engineering. GARRY KENDRICK, Nebroska City, Arts and Sciences. DAVID KENISTON, Frem.ont, Business Administration. ROGER KENNEDY, Merna, Arts and Sciences. HOWARD KENYON, Mitchell, S. D., Business Administration. JOHN KERWIN, Tekamoh, Business Administration. GERALDINE KEYS, Lincoln, Teachers. BEVERLY KICKEN, Ellsworth, Arts ond Sciences. CAROLYN KIESS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. GARY KILDAY, Palmer, Engineering. GEORGE KILLEBREW, Omoha, Engineering. SCOTT KILLINGER, Hebron, Engineering. RAYMOND KJAR, Axtell, Engineering. ROBERT KLAS, Scottsbluff, Arts and Sciences. NORMAN KLASNA, Spencer, Engineering. DONALD KLEIBER, Hastings, Teachers. ROBERT KLEIN, David City, Agriculture. JAMES KLUTE, York, Agriculture. SHIRLEY KOCH, Lincoln. Business Administrotion. JACQUELINE KOEPPLIN, Fremont, Undeclared. NORMAN KOESTER, Allen, Agriculture. JOHN KOBERG, Sioux City, la.. Business Administration. ROBERT KOHTZ, Bloomfield, Agriculture. JOSEPH KOLLIAS, Omaha, Pharmocy. BRENDA KRAATZ, Firth, Agriculture. Kendrick Kenisfon Kennedy Kenyon Kerwin Kildoy Killebrew Killinger Kjar Klas Klute Koch K03pplin Koester Koberg Keys Kicken Kiess Klosna Kleiber Klein Kohtz Kollias Kraotz ' W4 - f -C-4 ' - - ' 189 Freshmen THOMAS KRAEGER, Ploftsmouth, Agriculture. SHELDON KRANTZ, Omoho, Arts ond Sciences. KAREN KRAUSE, Adorns, Agriculture. FREDERICK KRAUSS, McCook, Engineering. ROB- ERT KRETZ, Omoho, Engineering. HALE KREYCIK, Volentine, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT KRUMME, St. Joseph, Mo., Busi- ness Administrotion. ROBERT KRUMWIEDE, So. Sioux City, Business Administrotion. BILL KUESTER, Norfolk, Engineering. JOHN KUHN, Beotrice, Arts ond Sciences. PATRICIA KUHR, Bloir, Agriculture. ROBERT KUZELKA, Pierce. Engineering. ANNA KVETENSKY, Omoho, Arts and Sciences. THOMAS LAIRD, Blue Hill, Arts and Sciences. CAROLYN LANG, Tecum- seh, Teochers. PAT LANGDON, Lincoln, Teochers. LLOYD LANGEMEIER, Ithoco, Agriculture. CHARLES LANGFORD, North Platte, Business Administrotion. ANTONIO LARDIZABAL, Tcquciqolpa, Honduras, Engineering, THOMAS LARGEN, Creigh- ton, Arts and Sciences. CAROL LAR5EN, Thedford, Undeclored. JANET LARSON, Holdrege, Teochers. LEE LARSEN, Omoho, Arts and Sciences. MARY LARSON, Lincoln, Agriculture. LOWELL LARUE, Lincoln, Engineering. DARRELL LAU, Hastings, Engi- neering. PHILLIP LAUGHLIN, Bellevue, Teochers. GARRY LAMPHEIMER, Stomford, Conn., Business Administrotion. MEL LAVINE, Lincoln, Engineering. MICHAEL LAZER, Omoho, Arts and Sciences. SALLY LEACOCK, Lincoln, Teochers. MARY LEGER, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. JUNE LEGLER, Schuyler, Engineering. BARBARA LEMMERMAN, Lincoln, Teochers. MARY LEMMON, Crowford, Agriculture. MARJORIE LENNOX, Omoho. Teochers. NANCY LEWIS, Fremont. Teochers. SANDRA LICHT- ENBERG, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. WILLIAM LIMBURG, Jef- ferson, lo., Arts ond Sciences. MARION LIMPO, Sioux Foils, S. D., Arts ond Sciences. JUDITH LINDGREN, Grond Island, Arts ond Sciences. WILLIAM LINDGREN, Wohoo, Engineering. JANICE LINK, Stopleton. Undeclared. MARILYN LINQUIST. Ogollolo. Arts and Sciences. DENA LOCKE. Independence. Kon.. Teachers. n n Q o W ' . n 190 Kronti Krouso Ktummc KrumwicJc K uhr Kuzelka Kvetomkv Longford Longdon Longemeier Lorscn Lorson, J. Lorsen Lou Loughlin Lompheimcr Lcocock Loger Legler Lennox L wl Lichtenberg Lindgrtn, J, Lmdgr«n, W. Link LoirJ Long Lordixobol Loroco LoRu Larson. M. Lavir « Lozor Lcmmermon Lemmon Limburg LInquUf Li moo Lock r% r Jn dik ■ kti Logue Long Losel e Lo5el e Luchsinger Lucke Ludwick Lueders Lukens Lundin MacDonald Macl Magaret Mandle Mardock Marks Marples Martig Martin Mass Massey Matisons Matthies Matuza Maxwell McClaflin McClure McCormick McCrady McCubbin McDonald McEvay McGlosson McGroth McHargue McKay McKenzie McLaughlin McMillen McMillan McNerny McWilliams Mead Meod Mehuron MICHAEL LOGUE, Temple City, Calif., Business Administration. ZELLA LONG, Loup City, Arts and Sciences. JOLAINE LOSEKE, Columbus, Agri- culture. WAYNE LOSEKE, Columbus, Engineering. SANDRA LUCHSINGER, Crete, Agriculture. MARY LOU LUCKE, Los Alamos, N. M., Teactlers. WALLACE LUDWICK, Weeping Water, Teachers. LYNN LUEDERS, Kansas City, Mo., Teachers. DONALD LUKENS, Omaha, Engineering, BARBARA LUNDIN, Columbus, Agriculture. RICHARD MACDONALD, Bayard, Arts and Sciences. JUDITH MACK, Trenton, Teachers. KAY MAGARET, Glen- wood, la.. Teachers. BARBARA MANDLE, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. SALLY MARDOCK, Schuyler, Teachers. ROBERT MARKS, Lincoln, Business Administration. JERRY MARPLES, Blue Springs, Undeclared. JOHN MARTIG, Omaha, Business Administration. CAROLE MARTIN, Denton, Teacher s. MARILYN MASS, Papillion, Agriculture. ROGER MASSEY, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. ANDRIS MATISONS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. CONNIE MATTHIES, Ohiowa, Arts and Sciences. ALMA MATUZA, Omaha, Engineering. DIANA MAXWELL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. LYNN McCLAFLIN, Coleridge, Business Administration. VIRGINIA McCLURE, Arnold, Agriculture. SHARON McCORMICK, Poxton, Teachers. KATHY McCRADY, Hastings, Teachers. DAN McCUBBIN, Elkhorn, Agriculture. JUDITH McDonald, Rockville, Arts and Sciences. ANTHONY McEVAY, Hastings, Engineering. ROSS McGLASSON, Lincoln, Engineering. SUSAN McGRATH, Grand Island, Agriculture. MARY McHARGUE, Central City, Agriculture. MARVIN McKAY, Alvo, Agriculture. FRED McKENZIE, Nebraska City, Engineering. JANE MCLAUGHLIN, Lincoln, Teachers. KENNETH McMILLEN, Sidney, Business Administration. MAURICE McMillan, Scottsblutt, Engineering. WILLIAM McNERNY, Bartley, Engineering. PATRICIA McWILLlAMS, Lincoln, Teachers. MARILYN MEAD, Ainsworth, Undeclared. MONTE MEAD, Omaho, Engineering. NANCY MEHURON, Lincoln, Teochers. 191 o n i!?i ft ' t C) n . Mcierhenry Mernke Meldrum Mendenholl Menke Merroll Merrimon Mcrwin Metcalf Metcolfe Moves Meyer Meyers Michol Miller, D. G. Miller, D. P. Miller, R. Miller, S. Miller, V. Minnick Mobley Modcrow Moffef Mohwinkal Moore Moorheod Morgan Mossing Muck Muehlenbrock Mueller, J. Mueller, L. Mullins Murphy, J. Murphy, W Myers Neely Nelson, C. Nelson, D. D. Nelson, D R Nelson, J. E. Nelson, J. J ROY MEIERHENRY, Norfolk, Engineering. MARLEEN MEINKE, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JOHN MELDRUM, Buffalo, Wyo., Undeclared. ELAINE MENDENHALL, Imperial, Arts ond Sciences. DAVID MENKE, Cozed, Engi- neering. WAYNE MERRELL, Wolcott, N. Y., Business Administration. JANICE MERRIMAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences MARYANNE MERWIN, Hcmcl, Colif , Undeclared. JACK METCALF, North Ploltc, Business Ad- minislrotion. MARY METCALFE, DcWitt, Tcochors JACQUE MEVES, Grand Island, Teochcrs. ROGER MEYER, Upland, Arls ond Sciences. LYNNE MEYERS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences THERESC MICHAL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DAVID MILLER, Bellovue, Business Administrolion. DAVID MILLER, Columbus, Engineering. ROSALYN MILLER, Murdock, Agriculture. SALLY MILLER, Hortinglon, Agriculture. VIVIAN MILLER, Mitchell, Agri- culture. GAIL MINNICK, Omoha, Teachers. KERM MOBLEY, Lincoln, Business Administration JAMES MODEROW, Auroro, Arts and Sciences. JO MOFFET, Shenandoah, lo., Teochers LUCIANNE MOHWINKAL. Tono- fly, N. J., Agriculture. JAMES MOORE. Omaho, Business Administration. CAROL MOORHEAD, Omaha, Teachers STANLEY MORGAN, Orleons, Arts and Sciences. MURIEL MOSSING, Des Moines, lo , Teochers JACK MUCK, Lincoln, Business Administration BRUCE MUEHLENBROCK, Little Rock, Ark, Engineering. JUDY MUELLER, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences LOIS MUELLER, Nelson, Teachers DENNIS MULLINS, Omaha, Business Admin- istration. JAMES MURPHY, Lincoln, Engineering. WALTER MURPHY. Plcosontville, N, J.. Engineering KENNETH MYERS. Rushvillc. Business Administration. ROBERT NEELY, Lincoln. Arls ond Sciences CLARKE NELSON, Holdrege, Undeclared DONALD NELSON, Lincoln, Business Ad- ministfolion JANET NELSON. Lincoln, Teuchen. JUDITH NELSON, Millard, Undeclared. 192 Q f? ». O flr: ; Freshmen f? W Nelson, R. D. N elson, R. D. Newcorrer Newquist Newth Newton Nevotti Nicholas Nicholls Niedfelt Nielsen Nisker Norton Novicoff Nuss Obermire Odean Odell Oeltjen, E. Oeltjen, F Ohslund Olson O ' Neill O ' Reilly Orr Osborn Otto Owens Paine Panowicz Parish Parrott Parsons Patrick Patterson RICHARD NELSON, McCook, Teachers. RICHARD NELSON, Omoho, Engineering. NANCY NEWCOMER, Omaha, Teachers. DOYLE NEWQUIST, Wouso, Busi- ness Administrotion. DON NEWTH, Venango, Engi- neering. GERALD NEWTON, Decatur, Engineering. THOMAS NEVOTTI, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. PAUL NICHOLAS, St. Joseph, Mo., Arts and Sciences. NORVAL NICHOLLS, Fullerton, Teachers. GERALD NIEDFELT, Doniphan, Agriculture. MARTIN NIEL- SEN, Omaha, Agriculture. JAN NISKER, Norfolk, Arts and Sciences. BERNERD NORTON, Omaha, Agricul- ture. HAROLD NOVICOFF, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. CAROL NUSS, Sutton, Agriculture. NOLA OBERMIRE, Stuart, Agriculture. SHARON ODEAN, Sutherland, Teachers. JANE ODELL, Lincoln, Teachers. ETHEL OELTJEN, Palmer, .Agriculture. FAYE OELTJEN, Creston, Agriculture. JANE OHSLUND, Rockford, ML, Teachers. BONNIE OLSON, Bloomfield, Teachers. MARCIA O ' NEILL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ANITA O ' REILLY, Lincoln, Teachers. CAROL ORR, Lisco, Arts and Sciences. THOMAS OSBORN, Grand Island, Undeclared. MARY OTTO, Lincoln, Teachers. JANICE OWENS, Lincoln, Undeclared. ROBERT PAINE, Edi- son, Agriculture. EDWARD PANOWICZ, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. BOB PARISH, Lincoln, Undeclared. MARIE PARROTT, Lincoln, Teochers. MARY PAR- SONS, East Hampton, N. Y., Agriculture. MARY PATRICK, Omaha, Teochers. JOHN PATTERSON, Brady, Agriculture. 193 mr Freshmen r. -J Mtkrfl Polterson Peofion Peck Peircc Pennington Perkins Petersen, J. Petersen. R Peterson, C. Peterson, D. Peterson, K. Peterson, R. Petsche Pfciffer Phipps PkkeM MARY PATTERSON, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. RODNEY PEARSON, Holdrege, Engineering. VERNON PECK, Coleridge, Phormocy. ELLEN PEIRCE, Winnetko, III., Teachers. DAVID PEN- NINGTON, Bossett, Agriculture. LARRY PERKINS, Lexington, En- gineering. JON PETERSEN, Stanton, Agriculture. ROBERT PETERSEN, Stonton, Agriculture. CONNIE PETERSON, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. DONNA PETERSON, Ceresco, Agriculture. KAREN PETERSON, Lincoln, Teachers. ROGER PETERSON, Omoha, Engineering. ROBERT PETSCHE, Hortington, Business Administrotion. CLARENCE PFEIFFER, Oxford, Engineering. JUDY PHIPPS, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARILYN PICKETT, Schuyler, Arts and Sciences. CHARLES PIPER, Avoca, Arts ond Sciences. ALLEN PLUCKNETT, DeWitt, Agriculture. CAROL POHLMAN, Stonton, Tcochers. JEANETTE POHLMAN, Stanton, Teachers. GEORGE PORTER, Lincoln, Engineering DON PORTERFIELD, Holstein, la , Business Administrotion. MARIBETH POWELL, Stromsburg, Agriculture. PERRY PRESTON, Lyons, Agricul- ture. COURTENAY PRICE, Port-of-Spoin, Trinidad, Arts ond Sciences RUTHIE PROCHASKA, Ogaiiolo, Teachers. GEORGE PUGSLEY, Scotls- bluH, Arts ond Sciences. JAMES PURCELL, Superior. Agriculture GER- ALD QUICK, Columbus, Engineering. SHARON QUINN, Lincoln, Teoch- ers. BRUCE RADER, Denver, Colo., Engineering. LOREN RAILSSACK, York, Engineering. Piper Pluckncit Price Prochasko Pohlman, C. Pohlman, J. Pugslcy Purcell Porter Quick Porterfield Powell Ouinri Rodcr Preston Roilsbock ' q f n ri 194 o Q ! . n A Kfe dli {k ii4tktfi l Rain Ramage Rankin Rathbun Rathjen Raver Ravnick Rees Reighord Reimer Reinek Rethmeier Reynolds, G. Roynoids, J. Rice Richards, C. Richords, L. Richards, R Rigg Riley Rinne Ritterbusli Roach Roberts Robertson Rodgers, G. Rogers, G. L Rogers, J. Rohrbaugh Rolfs Romine Romjue Rose Rosenblatt Rosenboom Ross Ross Roumpf Rouse Rowley Ruden Rudisil Rumpeltes Russell Ryan SHARON RAIN, East St. Louis, III., Arts and Sciences. MARY RAMAGE, Central City, Teachers. ROGER RANKIN, Washington, D. C, Business Ad- ministration. JEANETTE RATHBUN, Beatrice, Arts and Sciences. HAROLD RATHJEN, Inavale, Agriculture. RONALD RAVER, Craig, Teachers. THELMA RAVNICK, Omaha, Teachers. BILL REES, Woverly, Business Administration JUNE REIGHARD, Greenwood, Teachers. SANDRA REIMER, Central City Teochers. SHIRLEY REINEK, McCook, Teochers. GEORGE RETHMEIER Neligh, Undeclared. GREGORY REYNOLDS, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences JOEL REYNOLDS, Omaho, Business Administration. GARY RICE, Cozad Business Administration. CHARLES RICHARDS, Omaha, Business Admin- istrotion. LYNETTE RICHARDS, Lincoln, Teachers. ROY RICHARDS, Lin- coln, Engineering. SYLVIA RIGG, Omaha, Teachers. BOB RILEY, Wood River, Engineering. CHARLES RINNE, Burchord, Agriculture. ELDON RIT- TERBUSH, Mills, Undeclared. KATHLEEN ROACH, Moywood, Teachers. SUZANNE ROBERTS, Cowles, Teachers, WAYNE ROBERTSON, Norfolk. Arts and Sciences. GARY RODGERS, Osmond, Business Administrotion. GARY ROGERS, Beaver City, Business Administration. JANE ROGERS, Lincoln, Teachers. ELLEN ROHRBAUGH, Hastings, Teachers. PATRICIA ROLFS, Elkhorn, Agriculture. GERALD ROMINE, Polisode, Arts ond Sciences. LARRY ROMJUE, Nebrosko City, Business Administration. WAYNE ROSE, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. STEVEN ROSENBLATT, Omaha, Business Administrotion. GARY ROSENBOOM, Oakland, Engineer- ing. MONICA ROSS, Gibbon, Teachers. ROBERT ROSS, York, Engineering. JEAN ROUMPF, Central City, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD ROUSE, Nelson, Agriculture. CLAUDE ROWLEY, Hebron, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT RUDEN, Concord, Calif., Engineering. EARL RUDISIL, Palisade, Arts and Sciences. WALTER RUMPELTES, Beatrice, Teachers. WILLIAM RUSSELL, Alma, Engineering. IDA RYAN, Loup City, Teachers. 195 Sock Soeger Sovler Scarlett Schmidt monn Schnabc! Schrept Schrieber Scott Seogren Shoplond Shorror Solisbury Schod Schnicder Schrocdcr, N. Sanderson Schammcl Schnler Schroeder, J. Sell Shefrin Sontin Schordt Scholl Schultz Shoffer, C Sheldon Freshmen NANCY SACK, York, Teochcrs. GRETCHEN SAEGER, Schuyler, Arts ond Sciences. PATRICIA SALISBURY, Stopleton, Agriculture. CHARLES SANDERSON, Cloy Center, Engineering. EILEEN SANTIN, Fullerton, Teochers. GARY SAPPENFIELD, Omoho, Business Adminis- tration. JERRY SAULTS, Gordon, Phormocy. CAROL SAVENER, Wymore, Agriculture. MARY SAYLER, Omoho Arts and Sciences. GLORIA SCARLETT, Fullerton, Teochers. MURRAY 5CHAD, North Platte, Engineering. MARCIA SCHAMMEL, Lincoln, Teachers. LONNIE SCHARDT, Corlcton, Engineering. VENNA SCHEER, Arlington, Agri- culture. ROGER SCHINDLER, Lincoln, Engineering. PATRICIA SCHLEUTER, Ainsworth, Agriculture. KAY SCHMIDTMAN, Omoho, Teachers. SUE-ANN SCHNABEL, Lincoln, Teachers. SONDRA SCHNIEDER, Cortland, Teochers. DALE SCHNIER, Thurston, Business Administration. MARY SCHOLL, Wichito Falls, Tex , Teachers. GUY SCHOTTLER, Fremont, Engineering. JEANETTE SCHOTTLER, Beotrice, Teochers. KATHRYN SCH0U60RG, Holdrege, Teachers. ROBERT SCHREPF, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences HARLAN SCHRIEBER, Coleridge Engineering. NORMAN SCHROEDER, Elwood, Phormocy. JERRY SCHROEDER, Grond Island. Engineering. RICHARD SCHULTZ. Lincoln, Arts and Sciences KAREN SCHUSTER, Beatrice, Undoclored TIM- OTHY SCHUTZ, Hebron, Arts ond Sciences MARGARET SCHWENTKER. Ogollolo, Teachers, HELEN SCOTT, Beatrice, Teochers, CHARLES SEAGREN, A ouso, Engineering. EDGAR SEARS. Decatur, Engineering JEAN SELL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. CHARLOTTE SHAFFER. Hooper. Agriculture, JACKIE SHAFFER. Lincoln, Agriculture. JON SHAFER, Aurora, Arts ond Sciences, RONALD SHAHEEN, Oshkosh, Arts ond Sciences DICK SHAPLAND, Lincoln, Engineering. PAUL SHARRAR, Foils City, Arts ond Sciences JERRY SHEETS, Elgin, Phormocy. DICK SHEFRIN, Konsos Cily, Mo, Engineering THOMAS SHELDON, Percivol, lo , Undeclared. BILL SHELLY, Foils City, Arts ond Sciences. LYNNE SHEPERD, Lincoln. Teochers. RICHARD SHIPWRIGHT, Pendw, Undeclored. 196 Aiklk % 9 hTI- v- i . ' .- = L-|, J l i J- rfT! Shonsey Showolter mmons. S. Skalla Smith, S. ScTKth, W. 1 Sonner Soper Starck Steiner evens, W. Stevenson Stokes Stroh MARY SHONSEY, Omaha, Undeclored. RONALD SHOWALTER, Burch- ord, Undeclored. ALLEN SHUKERT, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. GRETCHEN SIDES, Dakota City, Arts and Sciences, KATHRYN SIECK, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. DALE SIEFKES, Pickrell, Business Adminis- tration. JUDY SIELER, Spencer, Agriculture. JANE SIMMONS, Mexico, Mo., Arts and Sciences. SANDRA SIMMONS, Fremont, Arts and Sciences. BERNIE SKALLA, Beatrice, Business Administrotion. TOMMY SLOAN, Lincoln, Engineering. COLTON SMITH, Lincoln, Business Ad- ministration. ELIZABETH SMITH, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. LESLIE SMITH, Imperial, Engineering. ROBERT SMITH, Valentine, Arts and Sciences. RONALD SMITH, Lincoln, Business Administration. SHARON SMITH, Franklin, Teachers. LEE SMITH, Oakland, Calif., Engineering. th, Ronald Sole Spencer Stevens, P. Stohlman WYNN 5MITHBERGER, Stanton, Teachers. TED SNEDIKER, Hastings, Teachers. LARRY SNODGRASS, Osceola, Business Administration. WILLIAM SNODGRASS, Bellevue, Engineering. RICHARD SOKOL, Loup City, Engineering. SANDRA SOLE, Hastings, Business Administra- tion. LOUISE SONNER, Wolboch, Arts ond Sciences. JIM SOPER, North Platte, Business Administration. SANDRA SORENSEN, Hardy, Arts and Sciences. KAREN S0REN50N, Moorheod, la., Arts and Sciences. FRANK SOUKUP, Spencer, Engineering. MYRNA SOULE, Chappell, Teochers. GARY SPEAR, Scribner, Business Administration. RICHARD SPENCER, So. Sioux City, Arts ond S-.iences. ERIKA STARCK, Columbus, Teachers. STEPHEN STEINER, Henderson, lo., Undeclored. SYLVIA STEINER, Table Rock, Teachers. ROBS STEIN- HEIDER, Auburn, Engineering. MILT STEINKRUGER, Upland, Teochers. JERRY STEPHENS, Grant, Engineering. SHARON STERNER, Franklin, Agriculture. PAUL STEVENS, Orleons, Agriculture. WESLEY STEVENS, St. Poul, Business Administration. IZEN STEVENSON, Valentine, Arts ond Sciences. THOMAS STIBAL, Schuyler, Arts ond Sciences. RO- JEANNE STICH, Dorchester, Agriculture. LOUIE STITHEM, Broken Bow, Engineering. DAVID STITT, Hostings, Arts and Sciences. JENNY ST. JOHN, Kearney, Teochers. DIANE STOHLMAN, Lincoln, Agriculture. ELLEN STOKES, Omaha, Teachers. SONYA STROH, Kansas City, Mo., Arts and Sciences. 197 f d). ,ft o C .- ( 3 ' l ft ' _t ' ,.:■ Sundermon Suponchick Svobodo Swarts Sweeney Switzer C ' .i. nc Toylor, C. Taylor, G. Taylor, N. Tempo Tesar TeSelle Tetzloff Tha cr Thecdo Thomas Thomssen Thurman Tolly Tomsen Tomson Topi iff Trego Trenory Triplet Truell Truester Trumble Trupp Turchen Turner, K. Turner, R. Tyler Uecker Ulrich Unzicker Vahle VonGroningcn Vonicek Van Motre VanOrnom Vamey, M Vorney, R. Voss Venner Verschuur Veto Vincent Virtoncn Vondrocek Vrbo Fresh men ROGER STRUVE, Deshlcr, Engineering. ANNETTE 5UNDERMAN, Omaho, Teachers. EUGENE SUPONCHICK, Grand Island, Engineering. RONALD 5V0B0DA, Beotrice, Engineering. KAY SWARTS, Eogle, Undeclared. DALE SWEENEY, Grond Islond, Business Administrotion. RON SWITZER, Omoho, Arts ond Sciences. CHARLES SYSLO, Fullerton, Agriculture. LENNY TASSONE, Youngstown, O., Engineering, CHARLES TAYLOR, Falls City, Engineering. GERALD TAYLOR, Omaha, Engineering. NORMAN TAYLOR, Overton, Arts and Sciences. SHIRLEY TEMPO, Hawaii, Teochcrs. PAT TESAR, Omoho, Teochcrs. LEVIA TE SELLE, Bcnnct, Agriculture. LARRY TETZLOFF, Madison, Business Administration. JERRY THAYER, Hordy, Business Administration. ROBERT THEEDE, Lincoln, Engineering. PAUL THOMAS, Bellevuc, Arts ond Sciences. ELI THOMSSEN, Grand Islond, Agriculture. MARILYN THURMAN, Broken Bow, Teachers. HARRY TOLLY, North Plolle, Engineering. BETTY TOMSEN, MInden, Agriculture. FRANK TOMSON, Omoho, Business Administrotion. CAROL TOPLIFF, Lincoln, Agriculture, GARY TREGO, Sulhorlond, Agriculture. ERMA TRENARY, Lincoln, Teachers. CAROLE TRIPLETT, Tokamah, Arts and Sciences. JUDITH TRUELL, Omoho, Teachers. MICHAEL TRUESTER. Hampton, Arts and Sciences ALLEN TRUMBLE, Popillion, Agriculture. JEROLD TRUPP, Hastings, Business Administrotion. VIRGINIA TURCHEN, Sioux Foils, S. D , Tcochors. KAY TURNER, Lincoln, Teochers. RICHARD TURNER, Dillcr, Agriculture GRETCHEN TYLER, Sioux Foils, SO., Teoch- crs JOYCE UECKER, Mitchell, S.D., Undeclared. JAMES ULRICH, Louis- ville, Engineering. LEONARD UNZICKER, Imporiol, Engineering. SHARON VAHLE, Almo,- Teachers. VIRGINIA VAN BRONINGEN, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. MARY VANICEK. Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences DONALD VAN MATRE, Grant, Arts ond Sciences. RYCHIE VAN ORNAM, Fremont, Teachers. MICHAEL VARNEY, Broken Bow, Phormocy. RANSON VARNEY, Broken Bow, Engineering RONALD VASS, North Plolfe, Engineering. COBE VENNER, Lincoln, Business Adminislrolion. LEROY VERSCHUUR. Tilden, Engineering. SHIRLEY VETA, Torrington, Wyo., Teacher . PRISCILLA VINCENT, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ALICE VIRTANEN, Lin- coln. Arts ond Sciences. DONALD VONDRACEK, Schuyler, Engineering. MARY VRBA, Schuyler, Agriculture. 198 T jMk Sh - " TBP " " " !! " " ' Woldo Wolentine Walker, J. Walker, R. Walker, S. Wallace Walt Woltemoth Warner Warren Warren Watkins, D. Wotkins, R. Wotts Weotherholt Weaver Weber Webste Wehrbein Weichel Weil Welsh, M. Welsh, W. Welte Wengert Wenzl West, J West, L. West, S. Whalen White, D. White, J. Widman Wieland Wightmon Wignol Wiig Wikelund Wilcox Williams Wilson, C. Wilson, J. Wilson, S. Wilson, W.J. Wilson, W Wiltse Wine Winker Woeike Wolfe Woodrow Woolman Worley Wroy MAX WALDO, Dewitf, Agriculture. ROBERT WALENTINE, Bertrond, Busi- ness Administrotion. JOSEPH WALKER, Grand Islond, Business Adminis- tration. RALPH WALKER, Dewitt, Business Administration. SISSY WALKER, Lincoln, Teachers. CHARLES WALLACE, Hastings, Arts and Sciences. LINDA WALT, Lincoln, Teachers. DONALD WALTEMATH, North Platte, Engineering. BARBARA WARNER, Dakota City, Undeclared. ANN WARREN, Lincoln, Teachers. PAUL WARREN, Sumter, S.C, Arts and Sciences. DOUG WATKINS, Venongo, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT WATKINS, Curtis, Arts and Sciences. MARILYNN WATTS, Beaver Cross- ing, Teachers. JERRY WEATHERHOLT, Stanton, Business Administrotion. DAVID WEAVER, Foils City, Engineering. ROBERT WEBER, Bellevue, En- gineering. LUCY WEBSTER, Lincoln, Teochers. ROGER WEHRBEIN, Plottsmouth, Agriculture. MARCIA WEICHEL, McCook, Teachers. JON WEIL, Columbus, Engineering. MICHAEL WELSH, Ogallalo, Arts ond Sciences. WILLIAM WELSH, Sidney, Business Administration. WILLIAM WELTE, Ansley, Engineering. SALLY WENGERT, Fremont, Arts and Sciences. DON WENZL, Lincoln, Business Administration. JOHN WEST, Chicago, III., Arts and Sciences. LINDA WEST, Lincoln, Teachers, SHARYN WEST, Grand island. Business Administration. SANDRA WHALEN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DWIGHT WHITE, Mossillon, O., Arts and Sciences. JAMES WHITE, Bossett, Agriculture. DAVID WIDMAN, Omaha, Business Administration. WILLIAM WIELAND, Chappell, Engineering. DONALD WIGHTMAN, Wayne, Engineering. SONJA WIGNALL, Holmesville, Teach- ers. JUDITH WIIG, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. DAWN WIKELUND, Des Moines, la.. Arts and Sciences. RON WILCOX, Lincoln, Engineering. ERWIN WILLIAMS, Sioux Fall s, S.D., Engineering. CHARLES WILSON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JAMES WILSON, Lincoln, Engineering. SHARON WILSON, Burwell, Agriculture. WALLACE WILSON, Grand Islond, Business Administration. WILLIAM WILSON, Lincoln, Business Administration. STEPHEN WILTSE, Foils City, Engineering. NORMAN WINE, Omaha, Undeclared. MARTIN WINKER, Beatrice, Business Admin- istration. WENDA WOELKE, Ralston, Arts and Sciences. ADRIAN WOLFE, Lincoln, Business Administration. JAMES WOODROW, Bellevue, Engineer- ing. CLARENCE WOOLMAN, Lincoln, Teachers. SUZANN WORLEY, Hemington, Teachers. DUANE WRAY, Franklin, Engineering. 199 Wulf Youngscop Wyhc Zadina Wyrens Zemon Votes Zook Freshmen PATRICK WRIGHT, Bridgeport, Agriculture. LARRY WULF, Bloir. Agriculture. CLARENCE WYLIE, Winside, Engineering. JOANNE WYRENS, Omoho, Teachers. ROBERT YATES, Lincoln, Engineer- ing. CAROLE YERK, Seword, Teochers. LANNY YESKE, Aberdeen. S. D., Engineering. PAUL YOUNG, Lincoln. Business Adminijiro fion. DOUG YOUNGDAHL, Sioux City, lo.. Business Admimstro tion. RICHARD YOUNGSCAP, Lincoln, Engineering. JAMES ZA DINA, Omaho, Arts ond Sciences. FRANK ZEMAN, Shickley Teachers. MARK ZOOK, Grand Island, Business Administration Alpha Lambda Delta Recognizes Scholars Freshmen women whose scholastic average is 7.5 or above are selected for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta. Ushering during New Student Week orientations, tutoring freshman stu- dents in troublesome subjects and serv- ing at Mortar Board teas are among the services performed by this scholas- tic honorary. Officers for the year were Carolyn Novotny, president; Jan Lichtenberger, vice president; Barb Michelmann, sec- retary; Sally Flanagan, treasurer; Phyl Bonner, historian, and Mrs. Mary Pritchard, sponsor. pA rI (! M i rmVi mm J MH yy ' ff 9 V SaTm Member ' Willi LuKuv, C K«yk, B. Bock Row: G. Lociuii, A Minn Kor,.|.lf, D. Brier, N. Colvin. Second Row: V. Jensen, S Flanogan, C. Wlllioms, S. Rhodes, B. Mlckel- monn, P Bonner, L. Novloux. Front Row: J, Wroth, J Schmidt, N. S(c», C. Novotny, N. Coover, N. John- on, F. Jensen, G. Humphrey. 200 As lab instructors, grad students try to explain the parts of o worm to squeamish freshman girls. Toward Higher Degrees College days continue for students seeking a higher degree in their chosen fields. Many combine the responsibili- ties of family and education as they begin advanced work in graduate schools. While teaching, conducting labs and carrying on research, the graduate student finds time to study and write his thesis. At Commencement exercises the graduate student is rewarded as the red, orange or blue hood is slipped over his head. The audience of families, students and faculty applaud an edu- cated citizen with a distinctive degree. Graduates . . . Hours of research, piles of books and papers are essential in compiling the graduate student ' s thesis. Children often find it difficult to understand why their daddy must study instead of play with them. 201 Medical School Seniors Anderson Bclgcr Conner Do«rina Glenn Hamilton Hulqulst Chnitenicn Donner Goikill Guildncr Holcomb Anvert Bloch Cotond Dworsky Goldenberg Horoothunion Jordon Axtall Carlton Crowford Fiiher Grant Horvov Lotto 202 Rathbun Stiekl Vererka McColl Meyer Menoloscino Moore Muller Needhom Nielson Payne Pfeiler Prince Pulec QuQife Rosenquist Scott Serbousek Silverman Sundell Sweet Tampleton Taylor Volz Waters Woring Jones Wieland Weston Yeoh Youngman 203 Law Students GERALD ADCOCK Men ' s Residence Assoc; Beto Gamma Sigma WAYNE BARTELS Beto Sigmo Psr Gonnmo Delta. VINCENT BROWN Brown Poloce; Phi Rho Pi; Delta Theto Phi DOMENICO CAPORALE Phi Delta Phi; Nebr. Low Review, associate editor RICHARD FELLMAN Zeto Beto Tou; Sigma Delto Chi; Delta Sigmo Rho. GORDON GAY Lincoln Phi Delto Phi; Alpha Koppo Psi. JOHN HICKS Seword Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi. ROBERT HILL Colorado Springs, Colo. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Gommo Lombdo; Phi Delta Phi. JAMES LARUE Palisade Beto Sigmo Psi; Delta Theto Phi. WILLARD LORENSEN Lincoln Phi Delto Phi; Nebr. Low Review, editor. JOHN MAPES Norfolk Delta Tou Delta. BRANSON MOORE Brownville LAWRENCE MURPHY Mitchell JAMES PARMELEE Omoho Theto Xi; Delta Theto Phi. HERBERT FRIEDMAN Lincoln Sigma Alpha Mu. MAYNARD SMALL Kansos City, Mo. Zeta Beta Tou. GENE SPENCE Lincoln Phi Koppo Psi; Phi Delta Phi. LEE STEWART Woterbury Phi Delta Phi; Pi Koppo Delta; Pi Gommo Mu; Sigmo Tou Delta. Dental Students GEORGE CHISHOLM „ Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Xi Psi Phi. JOHN COOVER Phi Koppo Psi; Xi Psi Phi. DON DERTIEN Men ' s Residence Assoc. MICHAEL EDWARDS Lincoln Alpha Tou Omego; Xi Psi Phi. WAYNE GANOW _ Ogallalo Xi Psi Phi. PAUL HOLM „ _ Alpho Tou Omega. STEPHEN LEEPER Hosfings Alpha Tou Omego; Xi Psi Phi. ERIK OLSEN Omoho Phi Delto Theto; Xi Psi Phi. LOWELL SPENCER Broken Bow Men ' s Residence Assoc; Xi Psi Phi. DONALD TROUT Scottsbluff Men ' s Residence Assoc; Xi Psi Phi. WILLIAM ZIEG Des Moines, lo Pi Koppo Phi; Xi Psi Phi. ...Lincoln ...Lincoln Rovenna ..Gothenburg Spancar Ziog 204 Graduate Students Chen Cooper Eisenlohr Enke Fabella Harper Horfhy Joipaul Johnson Peng Urquiola Vestal Weod Olson JOHN BRUHN -Norfolk Arts and Sciences; Kappo Sigma. AUGUSTINE CHEN China Arts and Sciences. London, England EDDA EISENLOHR Heidelberg, Germany Arts and Sciences; " I " House; Phi Sigmo loto; German Club; French Club. ERNEST ENKE ■: Emerson Business Administration; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Beta Gamma Sigma. JOHN EVERSOLE .Lincoln Arts and Sciences. AURORA FABELLA - Quezon, Philippines Arts and Sciences; " I " House; Newman Club. DALE HARPER Lincoln Arts and Sciences. KATALIN HORTHY ......Kennebec, S.D. Arts and Sciences; Colonial Terrace; German Club; Lutheran Student Assoc. INDERJIT JAIPAUI New Delhi, India Arts and Sciences; " 1 " House. Choppell ...Lincoln MERVIN JOHNSON Teochers; ACE; NEA; NSEA. DONALD MONTGOMERY Teachers; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Newman Club; Debate. ANN PENG Taichung, Formosa Agriculture; " I " House. TERESA URQUIOLA . - Lo P°z Bolivia Arts and Sciences- " 1 " House; Newman Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Graduate Students Club. LOWELL VESTAL .- Pawnee City Arts ond Sciences; Men ' s Residence Assoc; Sigma Delta Chi. CHARLES WEAD Norfolk Business Administration; Theto Xi; Newman Club. GERALD OLSON Gothenburg Agriculture; Ag Men ' s Club; Gamma Sigma Delta. 205 A - ' LL OL - -t5L. vet u jijJJ ' uM Ma. ruv jvvt- fw ' i r;- -r— ' it- 1 ; r- 3 !■ © lW » ' .-fc. OAAwi " ab .• ' l.«— _ f TSt_ . ■ -VSr- A- A : ' 1 C = ?3 i-0 ' tf 206 tx : f - . H n r,l CAMPUS LIFE r-- -j •■ ' ' y Tnals of academic endeavor ore relieved by social, religious dnd extracurricular activities, all adding to a balanced college education. The Military Ball with its Honorary Commandant, , Homecoming and the Queen, and Ivy Day with the Mortar, Boa rda - - ' and Innocents reflect the unity pf a campus-wide spirit and en- thusiasm. Coke dates In the Crib, meetings on the Union ' third _-— ' floor, quiet evenings at the movies, crowded rally dances at King ' s are memorable events in ' campus life. We cram fo our courses, 1 _ r M " ' y orV in activities, and relax with our | »arties,.. dates end bridge ,_ ' . - - ' games. We can find an activit ' for every interest, a man for . - -» " — every girl and a reward for every effort. j fvv o - - ' ' ' f .g J t ' -u ' - " 4 yu lAj lic. ' J : Qil i-y-i .r -is Small Talk and Decisions Thoughts of future dotes fill the minds of boys wotching new AOPi and Thcto pledges who ore welcomed by proud sorority sisters. Light hearts and heavy suits meet the September sun as the University of Ne- braska welcomes prospective members to the Greek letter organizations. Rush parties are saturated with in- numerable glasses of iced tea, skits, songs, and sm all talk. Ivy league slacks and shirts replace the comfortable khaki pants of the summer rush parties. Stiff smiles, husky voices, and aching feet preside at the last party, but the excitement and enthusiasm continue to rise. The moment of decision comes. As a climax, SCO happy rushees proudly accept the pledge pins and ribbons of their choice. Trophies help Cordwcll, Tomson, and Pet- erson convince rushec Brace that the Phi Delt pledge pin is the one he should wear. Earrings arc especially hard to put on when thoughts of Rush Week turn fingers to thumbs. 208 New Student Week... A.M., P.M., I.B.M. Quiet summer days are broken by the eager voices of new students, involved in the exciting task of moving into cam- pus residences. With the opening of New Student Week, 2,000 new Corn- huskers are welcomed at the University of Nebraska. New students encounter a maze of unknown buildings, a battery of pre- registration tests, and the bewilder- ment of " card pulling " during New Student Week. Everything is confusing, including the social life. Learning Nebraska songs and cheers occupies new students at the Ag Barbeque. Friday night new students are welcomed to the Univer- sity at the Chancellor ' s Reception, and Saturday night the Student Union ball- room lights shine brightly for the Frosh Hop. After seven days of the hectic inter- change of parties, tests, and orienta- tions New Student Week comes to an end; and students prepare for the 1 956- 57 academic year. Pre-registration tests — for some students sir some students impossible, for all new students iple, for required. " If I can ' t corry these books, how will I ever reod them oil? " Crisp fall weother sharpens appetites at the Ag Barbeque. Tight shoes lead t the bandstand at th A -i -» DG pledges made the news when their booth, " Hit the Headline, " won first place in the carnival. In the Gommo Phi Beta ' s skit, " Military Mayhem, " a confused student becomes a commanding officer of Nebraska ' s NROTC. Carnival, Follies Bring Competition for Honors For one night the Student Union Ballroom resembles the State Fair. Ad- vertising their Penny Carnival booths, pledges dressed as Eskimos, Indians and newspaper girls push their way through the crowded room. After a student vote and the judges ' decision the Delta Gamma ' s are an- nounced as the winners with their booth, " Hit the Headline. " Chi Omega and Tri Delta tie for second and third places. Imaginations stretch from strange animals to Martians in coeds ' minds as they prepare skits for the 1957 Coed Follies production, " Varsity Visions. " The twelve beauty queen finalists and the Ideal Nebraska Coed, Joan Heusner, are presented during the show. After the the second performance winners are announced. Gamma Phi ' s take first place, AOPi ' s second and Pi Phi ' s third. Alpha Chi ' s win first place in the curtain act competition. With plenty of noils, paint and good spirit Tri Delt pledges hurry to complete their booth before Friday. 210 Kosmet Klub Stages Fall Revue, Musical To find an original idea, to write an eight-minute skit, to discover a time when thirty-five boys can rehearse — this is the challenge faced by men pre- paring a skit for the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue. Finally show time arrives, and for the first time in many years a Kosmet Klub active member, Morgan Holmes, acts as master of ceremonies. Theta Xi takes first place, DU ' s take second and the Phi Psi ' s take third. Concluding the show is the announce- ment of Charlene Ferguson as Ne- braska Sweetheart and Don Smidt as Prince Kosmet. KK members also produce an an- nual spring show. After weeks of prac- tice " Kiss Me Kate " was presented in the Nebraska Theatre. The 1957 spring musical, " South Pacific, " was presented in the new city auditorium. ' 4 To present a ploy within a ploy was the chollenge faced cast of the 1956 Kosmet Klub spring show, " Kiss Me by the Kate. " Alpha Chi Omega ' s employ hypnosis in their curtain act, " Arctic Analysis, " when a psyehoonalyst cures their frustrated chief. 211 Colorodo studcnfs quietly retreat from Tulogis when Nebraska migrators arrive. Cornhusker fons ' expre ssions relotc NU ' s predicament better than the score boord. " t may fokc mc owhile to recover, but by ncit ear I ' ll be ready to migrate again. " Colorado ... By the Thousands They Came Suitcases are stuffed and studying is forgotten, as 3,000 students board trains and cars to migrate to Colorado. Enthusiastic Husker fans congre- gate at the Colorado Student Union for a pre-game rally. The game in the natural Boulder bowl is a disappointment for Corn- huskers, but the excitement of the trip keeps spirits high. Students, fortunate enough to get tickets, dance to the music of Louis Armstrong at the Homecoming Dance. The atmosphere of " Tulagis " and " The Sink " attracts many Nebraskans. Sunday morning after Cornhusker fans have left Boulder, CU students once again enjoy the return of tran- quillity to their campus. tMK r SvBK) To show the team their loyolly ond give them a final boost be- fore the game, Ncbroskant meet by the Union tor a pop rally. 212 Occasionally Formal Frequently Casual Week-ends — we look forward to them, take full advantage of them, and then Monday, wonder why they went so fast. For some students they begin on Friday afternoon with a pair of old jeans and a picnic. For others the task of tying ties and combing curls marks the preparation for a formal. For most, anticipation precedes each date. Blind dates spend their time wondering, " Will he be tall enough? " " Will I know what to say to her? " For those who hove just dated each other a few times the question, " Will he ask me for another date? " is always prevalent. And for the pinmates, hopes of a dia- mond are kept in mind. Whether the week-end was spent playing cards, dancing or just going to a movie, Monday always seems to ar- rive too soon. " The evening just wouldn ' t be the some unless I hod to wait about forty-five minutes for her to get ready for the donee. " After o movie Friday and o dance Soturdoy, o bridge game on Sunday with plenty of cokes and cigarettes seems just right. Hamburger, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese — there ' s a pixzo for every taste. u. Pride replaces the suspense of the previous week when Jon Davidson is crowned os 1956 Homecoming Queen, Cornhuskers predict Nebrosko ' s victory, not by looking into a crystal boll, but by burning on eHtgy of a tiger. Alums Come Home V HIB K - « . . y ■ -r . , " v- 9 i !■• m B.. v4Vj{J J 214 On the ofternoon before the judging, for all the some frontic question: " Con we finish in time? " Homecoming -- Pride And Loyalty Preside Paint brushes are cleaned and nails are pulled out of old wood. The crepe paper and chicken wire businesses boom. A week of stretching crepe paper follows. At last the displays and floats wel- coming alums and encouraging Ne- braska to beat Missouri are ready to meet the judges ' critical eyes. Nebraska ' s victory and the an- nouncement of the Homecoming Queen odd to the excitement at the Homecoming Dance. On Sunday students return ladders and loud speaker systems, and the dis- plays go up in flames. ■ y ,: " ' s The bright red elephant crushing the tigers brings the Delts first place in the men ' s Homecoming competition. Alpha Chi ' s display of a successful sofari and the tiger ' s flight wins in the sorority competition. 215 Dinner at the Cornhusker Hotel is one of the ottroctions of the combination ticket. Military Ball--Social Season s First Dance His tuxedo has been cleaned, her dress is new and the flowers arrived on time. For once men in ROTC put on their uniforms on a Saturday night. The students are ready for the 44th annual Military Boll. The suspense of the crowd ends when Ron Blue announces Diane Peter- son, Miss Navy, as the Honorary Com- mandant. Linda Buthman is Miss Air Force and Carol Link is Miss Army. After the Grand March and the precise drills of the crack squad, Richard Maltby ' s Orchestra provides music for dancing. After the dance, flowers ore care- fully put away with hopes that they might keep for just awhile. With the Military Ball the 1957 formal season officially opens. L. Buthman, D. Peterson and C. Link find relief in laughing after their nervousness. Colorful drcMCt end dignified uniformt give the Grand Morch o dramotic effect. Nation ' s Celebrities Nebraska s Guests Lights flash on and off to announce the beginning of the show. We take one final look at our program before set- tling down to enjoy the entertainment. We wait in lines to get in; and when the performance is over, we wait in lines in hopes of an autograph. We applaud until our hands are red, en- couraging encores. Our memories are broadened, our minds impressed and informed. After the show is over and the ce- lebrities gone, for just a little while the routine of movies, cords and dances seems just a little less glamorous. Tony Martin, famous singer, brings touches of Hollywood music to the campus scene when he entertains students. Music of the Roger Wagner Chorale makes two hours fade into minutes for fascinated listeners. Dunninger ' s electrifying demonstrations of audience thought-reading baffle many minds. 217 Cold Feet? Duchess, the Phi Psi ' s dog, gets as much pleasure from a snowball fight as the rest of the house members. Icy streets ond freezing weather — thoughts of go- ing outside ore quickly dismissed after the fire is started and the hot chocolate and popcorn prepared. The age of chivolry continues to live, but this boy will be too cold to skate after he has finished helping his dote. Closs scem% forthtr oway than usual, and the idea of cutting class grows increasingly templing when the thermometer drops below the freezing point. Stops got ilowor but minutes go foster when flashing porch lights MW announce one o ' clock closing hours. 218 Displays Communicate Engineers ' Progress Displays have been arranged. The students and faculty of the Engineer- ing College are ready to serve as hosts at the 63rd traditional E-Week. Engineers Week gives the public an opportunity to understand the work and the worth of the Engineering College. Demonstrations of people sitting in electric chairs without being harmed, miniatures of government satellites, and rubber balls turning hard and shattering like gloss are featured at E-Week. An Engineers ' Dinner Dance an- nouncing the individual winners of the competition concludes the two-day pro- gram. The department which accumu- lates the most points is the overall winner of E-Week. Someday the government ' s satellite like this model will make its course around the world. Beauty and mechanics combine as Gail Drohota tests the engineers ' electric weighing device. Engineering principles influencing modern liv- ing are featured in the E-Week demonstrations. 219 Santa Clous and popcorn delight orphans ond underprivileged children ot Christmos parties sponsored by orgonized houses. Special Events Give Campus Life Variety Movies all seem the same. Bridge hands never improve. The routine of classes and studying causes students to long for " something different " to do. Organization of numerous special ac- tivities creates a welcome change in campus life. With hopes of a trophy, students participating in the various fairs and carnivals find themselves dunking for apples and chasing greased pigs. Campus royalty is crowned and the crowds ore entertained at the tra- ditional dances. Christmas parties for orphans and underprivileged children give students an opportunity to bring purpose into their activities. These parties sponsored by organized houses are one of the most popular special events. To break the egg with a fish is the challenge faced by these Sigma Chi Derby Day entrees. A chance for oil of the pledge classes to become acquaint- ed wot the inipirotion for the first Pledge Sncok Donee. 220 It ' s Only Spring Fever The side that loses is doomed to fall in the muddy water. Violent tugs of war between houses composed one of the games featured at Nil ' s first Spring Day. " Even If we foil the test, it was certainly fun study- ing! " Newcomer and Mullins find the atmosphere of the park is a pleasant change from the library. Sunny Friday afternoons . . . the joy of spring. Whether the attraction be golf, tennis or just relxaing in the sun, for a while studying is forgotten. With the arrival of the first worm day and the sight of the first green leaf these Delta Gamma and Kappa Alpha Theta members ore seized by the picnic spirit. 221 The Que«n and Court, composed of women outstanding in scholarship end acfivities, reign over the festivities. Following tradition, Mortor Boord ond Innoci nt presidents plant the ivy for the senior class. Frcshmon pogcs Non CorUon and Jon Lictcn- bcrger lead the Court procession to the throne. 222 After enjoying a morning of staring and stalk- ing the Mortar Boards mask new chapter members. Ivy Day Awards ... An Honor, a Tradition Arms and legs hide Sam Ellis ' s proud smile when he is tackled as the new president of Innocents. Ivy Day — the day of songs, queens, and trophies. The day the song leaders dread, the juniors await, and the Mor- tar Boards and Innocents love. With a fanfare of trumpets the two freshman pages announce the arrival of the queen, Ingrid Swerre, her at- tendant, Billie Croft, and the court. Weeks of practice have prepared the organized houses to compete in the an- nual Ivy Day Sing. The Sigma Chi ' s win in the men ' s competition, and the Tri Delt ' s take first place in the women ' s competition. The Mortar Boards present the trophy based on high scholarship and activities to the Gamma Phi Beta ' s. Farm House receives the Innocents ' trophy. Junior jitters increase steadily as the afternoon approaches. When nineteen new Mortar Boards are tapped and thirteen new Innocents tackled, the ex- citement reaches its peak. 223 For fhe groduotes A diploma, a final word of odvice, and a new realm of life. Graduation... A Dream, a Goal, Now Reality Mutual fcclingi of iniignificancc ore shored by the groduotei oi the long owoifcd day cndi. Graduation — the beginning of the future. Soon the real challenge of learning through working together will start. Seniors will leave NU with their dreams and plans for the future and will soon realize what the years of campus life have meant. The impromptu bridge games, mi- grations, numerous blind dates and hours of cramming for final exams will become a part of the post to each senior as he accepts his diploma. Familiar feelings of insignificance fill every graduate as he sheds his cap and gown. Thoughts of new jobs and higher education weigh on the minds of the graduates as they leave, diplomas clutched securely in hand. 224 f ROYALTY 225 Queen Candidates Display NU Beauty Mrs. America of 1955 ond the King of Ak-Sor-Bcn of 1957 thoughtfully choose this year ' s Cornhusker Beauty Queens. Poise and personality were on dis- play OS 46 campus beauties paraded before o panel of five judges on Nov. 7. Betty Bonn, modeling expert; Mrs. Emmett Gillaspie, fashion buyer; Dick Blomgren, photographer; Mr. Reese, hair stylist, and Rex Knowles, pastor, watched attentively as each girl passed before them. The number of candidates submitted by each house was based on the sales of CORNHUSKERS through the house. Italian Village and a steak dinner set the scene for the final judging of CORNHUSKER Beauty Queens. Ells- worth Moser, 1957 King of Ak-Sar-Ben, and Ramono Dietemeyer, 1955 Mrs. America, chose six queens from the 12 finalists. 1957 line-up of beauty — the Cornhusker Queens. 226 Kay Nielson Kappa Alpha Theto Chortene Anthony Alpha Chi Omega Cornhusker Beauty Queen Finalists Carolyn Torrence Alpha Chi Omega Sandra Schlaebitz Alpha Chi Omega Sharon Quinn Delta Gamma 227 xyuyOiJi - -t- ' OA C . L tUJt DELTA GAMMA J r j V l Jtic ZtA -.U PI BETA PHI I r «3:j jcxa s..aju N Ci-TT-. «N v 4Lf tO TERRACE HALL 3 • ' p ' Wl J axx CjCDq ALPHA PHI DELTA GAMMA ■iaaMcZiiafK3Ai uvKyflSL CHI OMEGA 1 »• May Queen Ingrid Swerre Homecoming Queen Jan Davidson Farmers Formal Queen Kov Skinner Activity Queen r-J ' incy Cnpi ' lond 234 1956-57 Court of Queens Nebraska Sweetheart Charlene Ferguson Honorary Commandant Diane Peterson Hello Girl Deanna Brier • ' m V . ft Ideal Nebraska Coed Joan Heusner 235 Vanity Fair... U. S. Dairy Princess Shori Lewis Miss Nebraska Dione Knotek « U « ll«v A Miss Rodeo America DqIIos Hunt 236 ACTIVITIES . P 237 1 : Carol Anderson Courtney Campbell Beverly Decpe Virginia Hudson President Style Show for Coeds Held by Mortar Board Mortar Board this year presented a style show for all women students. Coeds modeled fashions from a local department store. Lucky winners of door prizes re- ceived dresses and cashmere sweaters. In April the Mortar Boards conducted a three-day International Student Tour. This tour helped acquaint foreign stu- dents with out-state Nebraska and its citi- zens. Nebraska ' s Black Masque chapter was founded in May, 1905. Since its founding, Mortar Board has attempted to recognize and encourage college leader- ship, service and high scholarship. Every year Mortar Boards and Innocents spon- sor Ivy Day. Actives and alumnae of Mortar Board compared post and present college lite at a dinner given by Chancellor and Mrs. Hardin. Jeanne Elliott Hclfjrian Linda Buthman Publicity chairmon 238 Margaret Edwards Melra Fahrnbruch Jane Jeffrey Diane Knotek Shirley McPeck Dorothy Novotny Shirley Richards Hanna Rosenberg Sue Simmons Marion Sokol Sixty pennies meont sixty late minutes without pen- alty for coeds on Mortar Boards ' Late Dote Night. A Parisian " accessory " accompanied Shirley Richards as she modeled a new fashion at the MB Style Show. 239 Sam Ellis President Charles Trumble Treosurcr No one will sncok post Ihc shorp i. ' yi:i oi bill DcWulf or Jim Feather OS they check ID ' s at footboll gomes. New Innocents Meet Distinguished Alumni Since its founding in 1903 many Inno- cents hove become outstanding leaders in Nebraska and in the nation. At their ini- tiation dinner on Ivy Day, 1956, the 13 junior men tackled for Innocents met out- standing alumni, including Adolph E. Wenke, a judge of the Nebraska Supreme Court, and Bennett S. Martin, mayor of Lincoln. Again this year Innocents performed such campus services as ushering and taking tickets at various shows and recep- tions and checking ID cards at football games. Innocents sponsored the Frosh Hop, Parents Day and the Homecoming house decoration competition. For winning the " I Go Pogo " contest. Pi Phi pledges receive help with party decorations from Innocents. 240 Linda Buthmon Editor Gene Spencc Business Manager Cornhusker: Chronicle Of 1957 Reflections A New Look for 1957! This year ' s Corn- husker stoff has broken away from tradi- tion. We hove attempted to provide for you a style that resembles a magazine lay- out and gives the book a more streamlined effect. In subfreezing weather we scurried over to work on stubborn layouts, obstinate copy, and inflexible captions. " Schedule those pictures early! " echoed throughout the en- tire office. The business manager ' s threat to eat goldfish if soles weren ' t up to par kept the staff in jolly spirits. The fear of deadlines approaching with merciless speed kept typewriters clacking in midnight sessions. Remaining until eyes became red with strain and tempers short with fatigue, we all worked with the con- viction we were recording activities of 1956-57 that were both singular and sig- nificant. Janet Kusko Associate Eiliicr 242 Bev Buck Managing Editor Marilee Plymale Art Editor Bobbie Holt ' Managing Editor Helen Gourlay Monaging Editor Joanne Bender Layout Editor • -JP • ' e 7 Section editors; Left to Right: R. Clark, R. Schmidt, B. Gingles, L. Lester, N. Johnson, M. Levy, S. McDonold, B. Prest, C Willioms, F. Gourloy, K. Dailey, R. Adorns, W. Patterson, A. Pickett, S. Swingle, J. Chapman. Not Pictured: G. Cadwallader, L. LoRue. Jim Whitaker, Shari Hall ■ Assistant Business Managers Ruth Roubol, Sori Shukert Pond Edilors Lorry Rice, Ron Meistcr PhotogrophtTs 244 Bock Row: C. Keyes, R. Knoll, F. Hallgren. Front Row: R. Andrews, M. Breslow, M. Strong, W. Harper, K. Keller. Not Pictured: C. B. Schultz. Pub Board Supervises NebraskanXornhusker Publications Board sent the editors and business managers of the NEBRASKAN and CORNHUSKER, Linda Buthman, Sam Jen- sen, George Madsen and Gene Spence, to represent the University of Nebraska at the annual Collegiate Press Convention held in Cleveland, Ohio. Pub Board sets the policies and selects the paid staff members of the NEBRASKAN and CORNHUSKER. It also has jurisdiction over all other student publications. Pub Board is composed of three student and five faculty members. The student members are chosen by interviews with the Student Coun- cil. Suzie Swingle shows the Cornhusker layout to Charles Keyes and Morv Breslow of Pub Board. Sam Jensen First-semester Editor Nebraskan Mirrors Thoughts of Campus Eisenhower, Stevenson, or Pogo for President? The NEBRASKAN asked this question of 2500 students in the largest poll ever taken by the campus paper. Its purpose was to stimulate interest in the notional political campaign and to determine the students ' favorite candi- date. The " Rag " advocated that a fair hearing be held when Prof. C. Clyde Mitchell charged that academic free- dom hod been violated. Also every Fri- day this year ' s staff published on eight- page edition, the biggest paper ever is- sued on this campus. George Madsen Business Manager Sfoff Writori ond RsporUrt: Loft lo Right: Grotchcn Saogcr, Dove Hcrzog. Cindy •.chou, Gory Frcn ei, Noncy OeLong. 246 Fred Daly Second-semester Editor Students ore invited to weekly luncheons held by the " Rag " staff to discuss campus issues. Business Assistants; Lett to Right: Tom Neff, Larry Epstein, Jerry Sullen- tine, Don Beck. Bock Row: M. Holmet, H Hawkc, B. Clock, M. Miller, H McMiMcn, B. Schuyler, M. Hm- ton. S. Corter, J Glynn. Front Row: B Keenon. A Wcover, J. Lundt. B. Buck, J Shrodcr, J. Boit. S. Gonl. B Holmes, M. Elder, E. Stoller R Knowlcs, J. Elliott. Net Pictured: G. Walling. AUF Receives Praise Of WUS Secretary All-University Fund was praised as one of the finest campus charity organiza- tions in the nation by Peyton Short, the regional secretary of World University Service, a charity which AUF supports. Five charities were assisted through funds donated by students and faculty members during the AUF drive. These charities represented one international organization, two national charities and two local. Excitement and donations rose equally fast at the AUF auction as pledge classes were sold to the highest bidders. Enthusiasm paid off for the ATO pledges who were bought by the Zcta ' s for $1 10 at the AUF auction. Returning from soliciting independent students, AUF workers count the donations they collected. Officers: Left to Right: B. Keenon, vice president; A. Weaver, treasurer; J. Elliott, president; B Belmont, secretory; S. Jensen, vice president. Officers: Left to Right: J. Chalupa, president; C. Anderson, vice president; D. Sowvell, treasurer; M. Woechter, secre- tary. All chatter ceased and attention was turned to freshmen models during the Friendship Dessert. Time moves quickly for pledges who must finish their Penny Carnival booth before the deadline. Coed Counselors Help New Foreign Students Letters written during the summer by Coed Counselors acquainted foreign stu- dents with American life. During New Stu- dent Week Coed Counselors assisted foreign students with registration, language bar- riers and campus social life. They also pro- vided tours and information booths to help all freshmen. With refreshments and a skit at this year ' s " September Song " party, Coed Coun- selors helped freshmen girls meet new friends. At the Friendship Dessert the out- standing Coed Counselors were announced and given certificates. Bock Row: P. Kapustka, M. De- M crs. M. Craig, K. Krueger, D. Sowvell, C. Anderson, M. Woechter, Y. Ross. Second Row: B. Holf, J. Chalupa, C. Willioms, S. Hocker. Front Row: J. Davidson, J Bender, N. Johnson, S. Kully. Visitors to Campus Greeted by Builders Builders were occupied during the school year providing entertainment for high school students at Band Day, the State Basketball Tournament and the Fine Arts Festival. To promote the University, Build- ers also sent all prospective Cornhuskers a " First Glance " and a " Special Edition. " As sales records prove, Builders ' publi- cations. Student Directory and the Calen- dar, were as necessary to most students as morning coffee. Builders committees on both the ag and city campuses performed such services as conducting tours of the University and building a bulletin board for the Ag Union. Ag students arc intormcd of the lotcst compus events by Builders ' Ag Union bulletin board. i Officers; Left to Right: G Walling, secretary B DcWult. vice president, D. Novotny, vice president; D. Knotek, trcosurcr. J. Elliott, vice president, M. Fahrnbruch, president. " First Glance " gives high school students at the Press Convention a preview of NU campus. Builders Board: Bock Row: M. McHargue, L. Voss, S. Hubka, S. Carter, B. Skinner, M. Heck, B. Spilker. Second Row: J. Nelson, G. Wal- ling, B. DeWulf, D. Novotny, N. Salter, B. Buck, H. Saville. Front Row: M. Fahrnbruch, N. Carlson, B. Brittin, M. Elder. Not Pictured: D. Knotek, B. Holt. Fink, Finke, Finks — Student Directory workers come close to insanity as they arrange names. Builders Assistants: Back Row: M. Shumway, R. Roubol, G. Warner, B. Weichenfhol. Fourth Row: D. Hermon, N. Copeland, N. Poynter, T. Nett. Third Row: J. Webster, S. Flanagan, P. Williomson, J. Chapman Second Row; M. Thygeson, N. Johnson, S. Wilson. First Row: C. Garden, D. Scriven, K. Doiley. Hours spent stuffing crepe paper were rewarded when Builders ' Homecoming float placed second. Cob L. Lufz goins valuable experience as he sells Homecoming dance tickets to a customer. " Huskers Fight! " is the plea of Corn Cobs as they wotch the death of the Missouri effigy. Corn Cob Activities Raise Campus Spirit " How about on N-flower? ' " To a Corn Cob this question brings back memories of standing on a street corner selling N-flow- ers to a milling throng of football fans on brisk and windy Saturday mornings. In promoting school pep and enthusi- asm Corn Cobs sponsor pep rallies, arrange the card section and form the spirit line. Another of their activities is the sole of CORNHUSKERS. Homecoming is the main project of Corn Cobs. For this event they sell dance tickets, decorate the coliseum, manage the parade and supervise the half-time cere- monies. Bock Row: B. Zubel, B. Clock, L. Domkroger. M. Schliefert. J. DeVilbiu, M. Bishop, L. Heesocker, E. Godeken. Second Row: E. Stoller, G. Worrier, D. Newcomer, B. Spilkcr, R. Blue, E. Lenli, B. Corter, L. Epstein. Front Row: R. Wichmon, L. Voss, B. DeWulf, J. Nelson, D. Beck, C. Trumbic, R. Einspohr, D. Hcndrix. ill . ' ' Pouring gas to inflame the Missouri tiger are Ray Chritton, Jerry Gillespie and Don Schick. ■3: 4 " Who do you think will win? " Iowa Stote ' s Jay- hawk whispers in the ear of NU ' s Corn Cob man. 8 a.m. — Sleepy-eyed Corn Cobs arronge and sort cards for the display used at the football gome half-time. Officers: B. DeWulf, secretory; C. Trumble, treasurer; J. Nelson, president; D. Beck, vice presiden ' . 253 H. Rosenberg, vice president; S. McPeck, president; M. Herbek, secretory. Fear of high pieces doesn ' f daunt Tassels as they bravely climb ladders to hang streamers for the Homecoming Donee. Homecoming --Tassel ' Work Week ' Homecoming for o Tassel signifies the climax of many hours of planning and preparing. Committees work full- time to mail dance invitations, contact judges for the parade and plan the half- time ceremonies. Football weekends are also crammed full for Tassels who must plan and present skits for rallies, set up the card section and sell pom poms, balloons and N-flowers. Tassel pledges ore selected from sorority nominees and unaffiliated girls who are guests at a spring tea. To be initiated the following spring, pledges must earn 150 points, obtained by working in the various Tassel activities. Tostcls gave the tcom a final boost before the gome when they built a red and white horseshoe for the spirit line. 254 Wertz, Back Row: A. Pickett, D. Baum, M. Brush, B. Hooglund, B. Christensen, C. Johnson Fohnlonder, H. Hawke, M. Waechter, A. Young, R. Tondl, D. Miller, D. Brier, N. Calvin. Third Row: J. Douthit, C. McPherson, J. Woodside, S. Lee, C. Hurst, 5. Toner, E. Meyer, D Steinberg A. Curtis, D. Wertz, J. Kluge, C. Boswell, B. Clymer, R. Switzer. ' : B. Prest, M. Hepperlen, B. Lantz, S. F lonagan, A. Knudson, J. Davidson, N. Wismiller M. Hunter, N. Tucker, G. Humphrey, P. Kaufman, N. Moore, M. Phelps, J. Chapman. J. McCow, B. Sharpe, H. Ahlschwede, H. Ahlschwede, J. Brown, H. Rosenberg, S. McPeck, ell, S. Kadlecek, J. Shrader, M. Hemphill, M. Bonde, J. Mogidson, J. Stewart. Second R C. Freemc Front Ro Receiving much affention were two very small customers OS they purchased red end white balloons from Tassels. S. Kadlecek, N. Tucker, J. Schroder and D. Sawvetl were presented as Homecoming attendants during the half-time. Bock Row: K, Wchrman, G. Lucorc, E. Beovers, D. Clock, B. Schuyler, J. FoQon, D. Mossmon, Second Row: P. Stephens, H. Noddle, J. Feather, J. Brownfield, R. Wiemer, L. Schwortz M Holmcb Front Row; B. Belmont, A. Waldo, M. Nelson, B. Bedwell, J. Nelson, H. Dmomon S Ellis Thcto Xi ' s portray life on the ship, " USS Misery, " for judges during skit try-outs for Kosmct Klub Foil Review. Otficori: Bock Row; S Von Pelt, vico pre«td«nt. H. Dingmon, hiitorion; I rjcKnn, torrefory- Fiont Row: M mnnno - H Bn.lwrll pf -iiilcnl. 256 Kosmet Klub Presents ' Classical Capers " With the theme, " Classical Capers, " Kosmet Klub presented its annual all- male Fall Revue. Theta Xi had the win- ning skit of the six selected at tryouts open to all men ' s organized houses on campus. Some changes were made in this year ' s show. The Master of Ceremonies was an active undergraduate member of the Klub. Talent instead of " slapstick comedy " was emphasized. Immediately after the Fall Revue, plans commenced for Kosmet Klub ' s spring show, a Broadway musical comedy. Kosmet Klub also sponsored the Inter- fraternity Sing competition on Ivy Day. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde seemed to come olive for the KK Foil Revue when the DU ' s oct, " All Our Hides, " won second place. Records of well-known musical comedies give ideas for Kosmet Klub ' s spring show. Don Schmidt, Prince Kosmet, ond Charlene Ferguson, Nebraska Sweetheart, were presented at the close of the KK Fall Revue. 257 Union Show Opens New Civic Auditorium Roger Wagner ' s Chorale, sponsored by the Student Union, was the first per- formance given in Lincoln ' s new audi- torium. Other famous personalities featured this year by the Union were Tony Martin, Paul BIye ' s Trio and Dunninger, " the Master Mind. " With the help of the Contemporary Trend store, the Union presented a series of exhibits and talks dealing with modern designs and furniture. Work began this spring on the Union ' s new addition. With this the Union will be able to provide a larger ballroom, more organization offices, bowling alleys and o fountain-lounge with a dance floor. student Boord ot Managers: Bock Row: R. Boyd, K. Christensen. Front Row: M. Heck, C. Ferguson, StaskQ, vice president; P. Downs, K. Not Pictured: D. Turner. D. Knotek, president; Dry den. Surrounded by terraces ond sunken gardens, the Union ' s new addition should be rcody for students ' use by the (oil of 19S8. and Aiiitlonti: M McCunc, D. Beechner, J. Chotfleld, T. Milchem, Cholrmci Bock Ro ) McComI), A. Hole. Second Row: B Mcston, B. Kompfe, K. Deppen, J. Oouthtt, ). Decker, I. Nielsen Front Row: M. Maxwell, H. Beal, C. Berber, B. MIchelmonn. J OUon, 5 Honscn 258 Board of Managers: Bock Row: R. Boyd, U. Wendorff, M. Mulvaney, A. Waldo, K. Dryden, A. Bennett, M. Heck, O. Anderson. Second Row: P. Downs, K. Christensen, J. Porter, W. Waldo, J. Snider, C. Ferguson. Front Row: M. Anderson, 8. Dewulf, W. Meierhenry, A. Magnuson, B. Spilker, M. Stoska, D. Lake. Dancing at the Union ' s Frosh Hop provides freshmen with an opportunity to forget the confusion of New Student Week. H wm , ' ' -mm ir ' !|t| w 1 s Iriwiiv 1 fPi jglmlfcgj HIh j 1 Singer Tony Martin finds himself surrounded after his Union- sponsored show and willingly signs his name for the eager fans. Filled with Yule spirit. Student Union workers, H. Friedman, C. Anthony, J. Handler and N. Beol, decorate a tree in the Crib. Lucky winner, Kuhr, receives a door prize from Hermon at intermission of the Ag Union Foil Round-up Dance. Foreign Students ' Day Sponsored by Ag Union Memories of their home land were re- called when foreign students made displays for the Foreign Student Recognition Day sponsored by the Ag Union. Held for the first time this year, the Union hopes to make this on annual event. The Married Couples ' Mixer provided a night out for ag married students. Baby- sitting facilities were available. Also this year Ag Union co-sponsored a Square Dance Jamboree with the City Union and Square Dance Club . The weekly " Ag Rag " helped publicize Ag Union events such as the Fall Round-Up, Sno-Ball Dance, and Ag Spring Picnic. Officers: B. DeWulf, cho W. Waldo, secretary Baek Row: A, WoUto, M Schliflctl U Second Row: D. Hermon, W, Woldo, B Wcichcnihol W Akr ipilkci K, Pet Peters, P. Kaufman, 260 Red Cross Unit Helps at LARC School Red Cross members worked every morning with mentally retarded chil- dren at LARC School. Helping with handicrafts, reading books and writing letters were a few of their services at the school. Patients at Veterans Hospital were entertained by Penny Carnival booths presented by Red Cross with the help of Coed Counselors. Red Cross workers operated the booths while the patients participated in the various games. Weekly trips by Red Cross commit- tees to orphanages and the Orthopedic Hospital provided the children with storytime hours, games and parties. Stationed in a tent during oil home football gomes. Red Cross members give first oid when necessary. J. McCartney. Second Row: N First Row: C. Andei 261 Accomplishing the hardest part of aviation, a Flung Club member safely lands his pione at Union Airport. Flying Club Promotes Interest In Aviation Any student interested in aviation may secure cheaper flying rates by joining the Flying Club. Because it is a corporation, students wishing to be- come members must purchase a share of its stock. The only other require- ments of Flying Club are that members pass the medical test of the Civil Aero- nautics Administration and have their parents ' consent if under 21 . Piloting either of two Piper Cub trainer planes or a Piper Cub cruiser, members are able to fly at the Union Airport or the Lincoln Aviation Air- port. Cronking the propctlor. Flying Club members get one of their three Piper Cub planci rcody for toke off. 262 Mock Convention Sponsored by NUCWA Paint-sploftered NUCWA members work on posters to advertise one of their weekly panel discussions. Officers: D. Morgan, secretary; E. Weise, president; F. Eiche, treasurer; C. Keyes, vice president. Back Row: B. Parks, D. Morgan, W. Holl. Front Row: E. Weise, F. Eicke, J. Combs, C. Keyes, J. Magon. Eisenhower and Nixon were unani- mously supported at the bipartisan mock political convention sponsored by the Nebraska University Council on World Affairs. Each organized house represented a state and had the same number of votes as that state. Dele- gates were chosen from the organized groups. To arouse more interest in inter- national affairs, NUCWA sponsors a mock United Nations General Assem- bly every spring. Organized houses represent the nations and debate a chosen topic. World problems are discussed by a student panel at NUCWA ' s bi-weekly meetings. 263 I Cultures Exchanged In Cosmopolitan Club The International Smorgasbord held by Cosmopolitan Club helped foreign and American students become better acquainted. Foods of foreign countries were served. The club chose the Crippled Chil- dren ' s Society to share the profits from its sale of campus Christmas cards. The Society supports the University Speech Clinic which gives training in speaking English to foreign students. At the Annual Dance and Floor Show sponsored by Cosmopolitan Club, foreign students provided entertainment typical of their home lands to help promote in- terest in foreign nations. i Bock Row: P. Munoz, N. Pclot, H. Ariso , D. Mcttotcno. W. Mckoiho. H Ehonks, J. Vandeberg. Third Row: E. Hounold, C. Price, G. Norkus, R. Jostsons, I. Joumtis. M. Ardo, H. Saber. Second Row: T, Kawo, F. Bosho, G. Horms, B. Wickromorotne, A. Be !, A. Munoim, V. Jonsons. Front Row: R. Korsokos, B. Moce, A. Moghen, A. Ford. Officers: V. Jonsons, president; A. Moghen, vice preii- dent; G. Harms, secretory. Not Pictured: S. Jackson, treosurer; K. Peter- son, corresponding secretary. Singing carols from several lands ocquointed foreign ond Amcricon studenfs with life in these countries. 264 RELIGION 265 CCRC Combines Religious Fellowships City Campus Religious Council strives to deepen the meaning of re- ligious life on campus and to promote cooperation between religious student houses. Council members hold weekly worship services in which members from all the religious sects porticipate. A Summer Projects Mart, spon- sored by the Council, helps rebuild churches in various parts of the state. The students remaining in Lincoln for the summer form a welcoming com- mittee to greet foreign students as they arrive. Members of the Council promote study group programs and Religious Emphasis Week in which every religious organization participates in an effort to bring religion closer to the students. Foreign and American students shore froditions during the Friendship Dinner held to foster understanding among races. liDSLj He W ' l l : , ' ' w h. «T r rS ' . ' ij; ' , €11 1 UV L K fl si? m President Ron Blue colls a l us(nrss meeting of CCRC to iron out lost minute difficulties in plans for Religious Emphasis Week held in February this year. 266 This student leader directs the Ag Student Center group in song practice before they open their weekly worship service which is held for members of all foiths. All Faiths Compose Ag Student Center Ag Student Center coordinates Ag campus religious activities and pro- motes the religious program. Member- ship of the Center is composed of stu- dents from all religious groups on Ag campus. The Student Center sponsors many functions including an Ag campus pre- Easter Breakfast, a Universal Day of Prayer service and a watermelon feed given for freshmen. In the spring they also help CCRC with Religious Empha- sis Week. Rev. D. E. Littrell, chaplain, serves all protestant students through coun- seling and group leadership. The student house is provided by the Methodist Foundation, but all prot- estants participate in the program. Christmas spirit runs high as Ag Student Center members share artistic ideas in creating the seosonal atmosphere. 267 YWCA cobincf members pause after their exec meeting to enjoy cokes ond chotter. Coeds Gain Religious Education in YWCA YWCA is divided into three main groups which deal with comparative re- ligion, community service and college emphasis. Members are organized into smaller groups to study and discuss these topics. The comparative religious groups study the beliefs and traditions of different relig ions. In the community service groups the contributions of the University to the community are stressed. College emphasis groups are concerned with education on faith, love and marriage. YWCA holds morning vespers dur- ing the week previous to Christmas and Easter vacations. The organization also promotes holding weekly devotions by each organized house on campus. " Who mc? " cicloims " Agofho Big Wheel, ' revealed oi the subject o( the YWCA ' i " Thi 1 Sofol Wiln Is Your Lite a jhe progron 268 Officers of YWCA and YMCA proudly review the schedule of activities they have planned. Members of the Service Committee survey the favors they mode for the hospitals. Ag Y Groups Unite In Worship Services Fellowship, discussions and worship are the key purposes of the weekly meetings of the Ag campus YMCA and YWCA. The two organizations cooperate in planning activities for their own groups as well as for campus and community participation. An English-style political debate, morning worship services, babysitting on election day, an international stu- dents ' fireside and the annual Estes Carnival were the main features of the year ' s program. The chairmen of the various com- mittees composed the working cabinet under the leadership of John Burbank and Ellen Jacobsen, presidents of their respective organizations. Members of Ag YWCA and Ag YMCA gather for worship be- fore they discuss plans for future business and service projects. r irfr:i-i|i ' . 4 i A ' ' IVCF officers, W. Olssn, C. Turnquist, J. Eltot- scr and R. Meyer, plon acfivities for the year. The IVCF camp in fhe Rockies attrocts students from oil over the United States during vocations. IVCF Sponsors Retreats for Meditation Ponel discussions offer students the opportunity to shore their religious interpretations with others. Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, a religious organization open to stu- dents of every religion, held spring and fall retreats to provide students with a place and time for meditation and study. These retreats meet in different parts of the United States and enable the members to become acquainted with other university and college stu- dents. Panels, group discussions and study groups met every Thursday evening at the Student Union to share religious education. The Nebraska chapter of the Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship is one of more than 500 chapters in the United States and foreign countries. 270 Lutheran students join in worship services led by Rev. A. J. Norden. Missouri Synod Group Forms Assembly Members of the Missouri Synod University Lutheran Chapel compose a student congregation known as The Assembly. Concerned not only with spiritual conservation and reclamation, the program of this Assembly places emphasis on the development of the total Christian life. Aided by various committees, an elected Council guides the work of the Assembly. Prominent in carrying out the group ' s spiritual program is Sigma Chapter of Gamma Delta, an inter- national association of Lutheran stu- dents; the Chapel Choir, and the stu- dent-produced parish paper, " The Husker Lutheran. " Members of Gamma Delta, religious fraternity, review Biblical lessons in their weekly meetings. Students form a choir which sings for weekly serv- ices and other congregations throughout the state. Rev. Robert Dovis discusses the meaning of the Old Testament with L. Schroeder, C. McKensey, D. Andersen ond L. Stephens. Two Student Faiths Unite in Fellowship To help students achieve a well- balanced educational role within the University community, the Baptist- Christian Student Fellowship provides a varied religious program. This pro- gram sponsors Sunday evening fellow- ship, work-shops, vesper services and Bible study groups held during the week. Such study groups guide the stu- dents to religious vocation within the Christian Church, help the members discover the distinctive factors of the Baptist and Christian tradition and pro- vide the over-all unity of fellowship and religious motivation. Roy Richords goini cxporicncc in conducting worship tervice. 272 Baptist students moke use of the library provided for them by the Cotner School. Frances Houchen, who is studying for the ministry, performs a baptism in the tradition of the Baptists and Christians. " It came upon the midnight cleor . . . " echo carolers B. Rhoades, M. Brush, J. Salmon, D. Rhoades, J. Woodside and R. Richards. 273 =: .n • r ry -» ry Lutherans Promote Religious Education Sunday morning services and Wed- nesday evening vespers provide an inte- gral part of the worship at the Lutheran Student House. Other programs for the enrichment of religious education are Bible classes, Christianity courses and discussion groups. The National Lutheran Council through the Lutheran Student Founda- tion directs the religious program pro- vided for the students. The Student House staff consists of Pastor Alvin Petersen and Ted Fritschel, who is serving as an intern in preparation for his ordination. Students also find the Student House a pleasant place to bring friends for a cup of coffee or a coke. Unique religious traditions arc exchanged by inter- national students ot a meeting sponsored by LSF. Before the concert — final dress reheorsal. League members relax ofter campus caroling. LSF students publish their own newspaper. 274 Sunday morning services offer sfudenfs opportunities to gother for meditotion, worship and religious instruction received from Rev. Alvin Peterson ' s sermons. Gathering after Sunday services gives students o chance to chot informally with their minister. .V. t 4 ' Additional progress in funds for a new chapel is indicated by Paul Zucker and Mol Seogren. 275 Before Sunday morning moss Newmon Club members find fhe Soinf Thomos Aquinas Chopel o quiet place for prayer, medlfation or just a vislf. Msgr. Schuster administers Holy Communion to students ot Sunday and weekday morning masses. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wortmon of the Cotholic " Mr. end Mrs. Club " light vigil candles in private worship. 276 Newman Day Honors Clubs Founder Lib membeis g= ng for a supper Smr. Vidv ui mini tiams the r ti Bm t a y 277 Episcopal students join in singing hymns os the Processionol formallv opens the Sundoy morning worship service. Episcopalians Stress Discussions and Study Discovering the problems confront- ing students and methods of dealing with them is the aim of the Canterbury Fellowship of the University Episcopal Chapel. The Fellowship holds its eve- ning worship services and discussion groups every Sunday in the chapel. The general topic of these meetings is " My Country and Its People. " Making pew kneelers with planks of wood, foam rubber and carpeting was a project of Canterbury Fellowship. They also held a retreat in the fall at St. Davis Episcopal Church in Lincoln. The choir, under the direction of Bill Bush, presented an Epiphany pageant for a Sunday morning service. Efforts of Conterbury Club members, foam rubber and corpcting produce kneelers for the chopcl pews 278 Jewish Students Gain Religious Leadership Student members of B ' noi B ' rith Hillel Foundation ottended the spring Northwestern Convention at Chicago to receive leadership training. Conduct- ing an entire Friday night service pro- vided an opportunity to practice this training. Laymen conducted monthly meet- ings, held at the three Jewish organized houses on campus, to teach Jewish the- ology. Every Thursday evening vespers were held at the campus Cotner Chapel. Rabbi Max Licktin from Wisconsin director of B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Founda- tion, spoke to the group during Re- ligious Emphasis Week. Jewish students light the lost of seven condles in a ceremony celebrating their religiously significant " Festivol of Chanukoh. " Student Roe Marie Posmonik and Rabbi Harold I. Stern lead a responsive reading during weekly vespers. 279 AAYF Sponsors Religious Service Groups Religious fraternities of the Meth- odist Youth Foundation give students the opportunity to serve others. Sigmo Theta Epsilon, religious fraternity, sponsored the Wesley Foundation dep- utation teams which aided churches throughout eastern Nebraska. Kappa Phi, religious sorority, sent Christmas cards to the Crowell Home for Aged Women in Blair, Nebraska. As another project they held their an- nual Valentine ' s Day party at Cedars Home for Orphans. Disciplines of study, thinking and service that are required in the career of a student are stressed in the Fellow- ship group which is directed by Rev. Donald Bliss. OtHccrs of Sigmo Theto Epsilon prepare the otmosphere for their weekly worsliip. Sigmo Thcto Epsilon members point the church ot Eagle, Nebraska, os o project. Methodist students gothcr at Wesley House to rehearse the scoton ' t carols. 280 Wesley group receives instruction through showing of religious films. Lynnie Hofler presents a candle to Donne Purbough for her fine work in Kappo Phi Council members of the Methodist Fel- lowship receive communion at Easter. Visiting the sick is one of the duties of Methodist student minister. Rev. Bliss. 281 Conducting their own worship service each Sundoy provides Presby students with opportunities for leadership training. Cabinet members of Presby Fellow- ship discuss the necessary prepo- rotions for the year ' s activities. 282 New Presby Chapel Symbolizes Growth Construction of the new Presby House chapel was begun in the foil and finished in the late spring. This new chapel will enable students to attend Sunday morning services on the cam- pus for the first time. Dr. Rex Knowles and his new asso- ciate, Rev. Vernon Barker, conduct three worship study groups during the week and midweek vespers on Wednes- day night. Fellowship meets each Sun- day night. This full program of wor- ship, study and personal counseling varies each week. Deputation groups, composed of students, make calls on other Fellowships in various parts of the state assisting them in their expansion. Sigma Eta Chi, religious sorority, devotes time to aid other people through various service projects during the year. Postor and student hold a consultation on inter- pretation of the Bible. Presby students trove! throughout the state, aiding other Fellowships. Earl Luff heads ground- breaking ceremonies for the new Presby Chapel. Girls of Sigma Eta Chi stuff toy animals to help brighten an orphan ' s Christmas. 283 284 ATHLETICS Tense moments before the game set the stage as the players prepare for the explosion of football drama. Resounding cheers, gasps of disappointment, brilliant plays and fumbled footballs re- flect the Saturday spectacles in Memorial Stadium. The stands are packed. A pageant of color spillsacross the field. Gamedays give vent to the loyalty of school spirit and to the beauty of phys- ical coordination and teamwork. On the field we see Coach Elliott pacing in anticipation as the team bursts from the huddle. The bass drum rumbles, and we see the red " N " on its block of white leap to life. 285 Lettermen Perform Services to Campus N Club is an organization composed of lettermen in varsity sports and is pri- marily a service organization to the campus. Members sponsor the Sports Stag, held during New Student Week for incoming freshmen. Its purpose is to acquaint these students with varsity athletics. Other services include the organi- zation of All Sports Day and the opera- tion of concessions during athletic events. Along with several stag dinners, the club holds an annual date dinner dance for its members. li Don Erway leads prospective N Club mem- bers through their informol initiation. The Crib is a favorite meeting place for the N Club Spring Day Committee. N Club Offlceri: Back Row: B Orwig, E. Weir, B. Hawkins, R. Ekwoll, 1. Arwood, H. Lcplcy. Front Row: M. Nelson, W. Stncklcr, D. Eiwoy, B. MocDonold, D. Smidl. 286 N Club members take advantage of free time between classes for a card game. Lettermen toke pride in the othletic achievements of past N Club members. Bock Row: C. Ziegenbein, P. Schorr, D. Doebele, L. Smith, M, Kitzelman, J. Fleming, D. Rhoda, J. Petersen, L. Nonnen, L. Gousman, D. Brand. Fifth Row: A. Rosen, C. Bodensfeiner, J. Butterfield, B. Berguin, G. Englert, J. Murphy, D. Kompe, J. Holemon, B. Marten, J. Bryans. Fourth Row: A. Karle, L. Rosen, B. Picl ett, T. Stitt, D. Stoneman, G. Reimers, A. Weaver, B. Wells, B. Niemonn. Third Row: W. Christenson, J. Kane, B. Tagney, J. Moore, D. Ficke, D. Thorpe, R. Elwood, L. Carter, A. Klein, L. Castner, R. Bottorft. Second Row: B. McMoster, B. Donnelson, D. Thomas, J. Kubachi, T. Sharpe, I. Hascom, J. Geier, J. Brown, G. Peters, J. Beideck, G. Cotter. Front Row: B. Crwig, J. Bush, B. Hawkins, D. Smidt, D. Erway, B. MacDonald, W. Strickler, R. Ekwall, F. Sevigne. Coaching Staff Cooch Joke Geier diligently trains the University ' s gymnostics squad. Basketball coach Jerry Bush doubles as the vorsity golf team instructor. Varsity baseball coach Tony Shorpe also super- vises freshman baskctboll. Directing the University ' s intercollegiate athletic program it the job of Bill Orwig. Hollic L c p I c y tcochcs the swimming team and teaches phyticol education. 288 Don Sfrasheim trains the Husker wrestlers and assists in football. Ed Hfgginbotham coaches the varsity tennis teom and directs intramurals. The results of Frank Sevigne ' s fine coaching are evident ot track meets. Foofball Coaching Staff: Left to right: D. Andros, W. Jennings, P. Elliott, B. Taylor, D. Scarbrough, E. Stauber. NU Football Season Ends with 4-6 Mark The 1956 Cornhusker football squad under coach Pete Elliott pro- duced a record which surprised many of the experts. The Huskers were expected to win not more than three games the entire season but finished with a re- spectable 4-6 record for the year. Included in the wins were upsets over Kansas and Missouri. In a thrilling Homecoming game at Memorial Sta- dium, the Huskers defeated Missouri by one point. The upset was repeated at Lawrence, when Nebraska downed KU in a close game. The Huskers finished fourth in the Big Seven race with a 3-3 record. Other Husker victories included wins over Iowa State and South Dakota. Jerry Petersen suits up tor the year i opener otter many long weeks of strenuous prc-scoson practice. 290 aO-COOK 74-KITZELMAN 75-KLlNCAMAN Back Row: R Lehr, C. Boroff, B. Dillard, R. Stinnett, D. Pinkston, J. Brown, D. Thomos, G. Sandage, L. George, M. Dohrmon, J. Arnost, L. Adkins, J. Pugsley, D. Hinkle, G. Englert, S. Howerter, E. Homan, J. Wheeler, G. Sapp, J. Petersen, L. Torczon, E. English, L. Jones, R. Kleiber, C. Cook, M. Kitzelman, R. Klingomon, W. Edwards, W. Murphy, D. Rhoda, C. Tsoukolos, G. Horshmon, B. Hawkins, R. Lyall, G. Wollenbej;g, R. King, Erway, R. Berguin, J. Murphy, D. Kampe, M. Hilding, B. Ritner, L. Naviaux, A. Kli D. Prusia, M. Lee, J. Schoettger. Front Row: P. Schneider, D. Aten, G. Sullivan, B. Jennings, D. Scarbrough, D. Andros, P. Elliott, D. Stn E. Stauber, B. Taylor, F. Bottorff, J. Morrow, R. Hans, A. Kitzelman. IP • ' ' - . ' ■ J, A Husker victory over the Missouri Tigers makes Homecoming weekend complete for Nebraska fans. Cheerleaders: Bock Row: Bill McQuistan, Jerry Gillespie, Don Beck, John Madden, Larry Epstein. Front Row: Anne Wade, Karen Krueger, Carol Matcha, Frances Jensen. 291 L Pete wotches Instructs . . . Encourages Pete Elliott onticipotcs the loom ' s ncKt ploy ond speculotcs obout its probobic luccett or failure. Pete Elliott Leaves NU After One Year The enthusiastic coach of the Hus- ker football squad, Pete Elliott, brought a wealth of playing and coaching ex- perience with him to Nebraska. Elliott quorterbacked the 1948 Uni- versity of Michigan football team to a Rose Bowl victory. He held coaching positions at Oregon State and Okla- homa. The youthful mentor of the Huskers proved himself capable of handling a team short of material but abounding in spirit. Nebraskans can be proud of the fine showing of the team this sea- son. After a successful season at Ne- braska, Elliott accepted an offer to be- come head coach at California. Selected to fill his position was Bill Jennings, Husker backfield coach. 292 Stinnett fades Hawkins waits . Touchdown for NU! NU Breaks Even In Big 7 Nebraska 34 --South Dakota 6 The combination of o rock-ribbed defense and o host of explosive bocks made coach Pete Elliott ' s debut a suc- cess, as the Huskers trounced South Dakota 34-6. One of the highlights of the after- noon was Nebraska ' s fine aerial game with Frank Noppi and Roy Stinnett completing fiv e out of six passes. Ohio State 34-Nebraska 7 An opening day crowd of 82,000 Ohio State fans saw a powerful Buck- eye eleven grind out a 27 point half- time margin over the visiting Huskers. Nebraska ' s lone touchdown came in the third period when tackle Jerry Peterson blocked an Ohio punt and fell on the ball in the end zone. The final score read OSU 34, Nebraska 7. NU picks up five yards on on option before being bolted by the Buckeyes. Horshmon kicks field gool to give NU o lost minute victory over lowo State. Nebraska 9-- Iowa State 7 A 24-yarcl field goal in the final seconds of the game by quarterback George Harshman provided the Huskers with an exciting 9-7 victory over a tough Iowa State eleven. Jerry Brown broke loose for a 7 1 -yard scoring gallop early in the second pe- riod to pull the Huskers to within one point of the visitors, setting the stage for Harshman ' s deciding field goal. K-State 10 " Nebraska 7 It was dark day in Memorial Sta- dium. A scant crowd of 24,000 was on hand to watch the Huskers steamroil underdog Kansas State. The game started true to form. With less than five minutes gone, Larry Navioux scored from seven yards out. But that was the last time the Husker fans had anything to cheer about, as K State by virtue of a third period field goal upset the Huskers 10-7. Novioui tcorci from eleven yordi out to give the Hutkcri on early 6-0 lead. 294 7 ., rT-rTT " ' V en i ' -. A - f Greenlaw picks up an important- first down against the Hoosiers of Indiana. fVj ' l Harshman intercepts o CU poss to squelch a strong Buff scoring bid. Indiana 19--Nebraska 14 Indiana ' s deadly passing attack proved to be the deciding factor as the Hoosiers overcame a 1 4 point Nebraska lead and swept to a 19-14 victory. The Huskers first touchdown came midway through the first period on a one-yard plunge by Husker fullback Jerry Brown. Halfback Willie Green- law scored from two feet out to provide the final tally for the Nebraska eleven. Colorado 16-- Nebraska Playing before a crowd of 45,000 fans, of which 7,000 were migrating Nebraskans, Colorado ' s Golden Buf- falos were able to break a two-year jinx by defeating the Huskers 16-0. The Buffs, running from a single wing, used sheer power in the person of John " the Beast " Bayuk to breach the Husker defenses. Bayuk scored both of CU ' s touchdowns, while the other two points came on a safety. 295 1 t, m . Greenlaw throws Noppi has it Winning touchdawn! Nebraska 15 --Missouri 14 A pass from Willie Greenlaw to Frank Nappi in the final one minute and 50 seconds of the game gave the Huskers a thrilling 15-14 victory over Missouri, before over 35,000 Home- coming fans in Memorial Stadium. Nebraska ' s other scores came on a one-yard buck by fullback Jerry Brown, and a 33 yard field goal by quarterback George Horshman. Nebraska 26--Kansas 20 Playing their best offensive gome of the year, the Huskers upset the odds- makers by grinding out a 26-20 victory over Kansas before a Jayhawker Home- coming crowd of some 28,000 fans. The trio of Greenlaw, Nappi and Brown literally wrecked the KU defense with a deadly passing and running game, while Larry Naviaux ' s phenom- enal punting kept the Joyhawks deep in their own territory. A KU defender stops Jerry Brown after the big NU fullbock hos mode on important first down. 296 mmm Greenlaw gains yardage against Baylor after taking a pitchout from quarterback hiarshmon. Odds are a little uneven, but big C. Cook man- ages to catch this pass for an NU touchdown. Baylor 26-- Nebraska 7 A speedy Baylor halfback, Del Shoff- ner, dashed the Huskers ' victory hopes with a spectacular 91 -yard punt return that paved the way for a 26-7 Bear victory. Nebraska played the visitors on even terms until the third period, when the heavier Bear line wore the Huskers down. Nebraska ' s lone tally came early in the third period as Willie Greenlaw scored from one yard out. Oklahoma 54 --Nebraska 6 Oklahoma ' s mighty Sooners showed the Huskers a host of offensive tricks as they scored eight times en route to a crushing 54-6 victory. In spite of determined efforts, the Huskers were unable to stop the power- ful Oklahoma crew. Nebraska scored its only touchdown on a five-yard pass from Gordon Englert to left end Clarence Cook. 297 Freshmen Victorious In Two-Game Season The success of the freshman foot- ball teom this year indicates that var- sity coach Bill Jennings will have many capable sophomores to replace the graduating seniors. The Husker yearlings were victor- ious in both of their contests this sea- son. In the opening game the frosh de- feated the Iowa State freshmen 20-14 and finished their two game schedule with a 1 5-7 win over Kansas State. In both gomes quarterbacks Joe Miller and Harry Tolly showed promise in their direction of the first and second units. As a whole, the team showed the type of spirit and drive which will be needed next year. In their first gome of the icoson, th Hu-k.r !r_.h J - ploy o well-bolonccd tcom in o 20-14 win o»er lowo Stole. Bock Row: R, Bnde, L. Aipugici,, b Lut.v,i,j,u, . ,v,uio. „, I. Nocila, D. Wolkini, P. FilzQcralU, G. Honrv, M : — i.--. G Hf(jLiurn. Seventh Row: P. Saggou, M. Cochron, B. Drury, B. Krummc, M. CoJiin, R. Engel, D. Swortz, G. Wolton, N. Klosno, M. Woldo. Sixtli Row: J Miller, R, Ebberi, B. Phillips, A. Thompson, R. Koltcnbcrger, J. Emery, J. Moore, N. Welsh, C. Hoskins, G. McColl, C. Longford Fifth Row: K. Kuhn, D. Sicfkci, K, Mott, G. Kobzo, B. Bochr, A. Vilols, B. Thompson, C. Sanderson, J. Ponseigo, D. Siemer, D Wightmon. Fourth Row: D. Polton, H. Kroyclk, J. Grossert, A. Daniels, J. Schrooder, 0. Buchlel, D. Harms, C. Slocey, D. Olson, C. Woolmon. J Borr. Third Row: R. Engebrotson, J. Herrod, J. McLone, P. Morgan. D. BoeMslorff, B. Koenig, T. Dean, J. Gilbert, B. Tunirvg, D Ka|ju ' .lka, D. Mongcrson, D. Conner. Second Row: H. Tolly, J. Childcrs, C. Mangtolardi, B. Brandt, b. imilh, Carlos bkoggs, L. Zenlic, ). Hergonrclcr, U Welte, y. Hulzunbilcr, B. Fleming, D. Gugot. Front Row: C. Nelson, S. Cohen, J. Reynolds, B. Taylor, G. Stouber, V. Scott, H Ho. " .-n-T. n h i-po. " 298 Husker Cagers Place Fourth in Conference Husker cagers finished the season with a 10-10 record and copped fourth place in the Big Seven Conference. The Jerry Bush quintet began a five-game winning streak by defeating the Big Ten champion, Iowa Univer- sity, after dropping two games to mighty UCLA. A capacity crowd watched the Huskers fall to Kansas, led by Wilt " the Stilt " Chamberlain. The highlight of the season was the 67-58 upset over top-rated Iowa State. Stand-out of the season was senior captain Rex Ekwall. Leading his team in points and rebounds, Ekwall set a new scoring record of 880 points during his Nebraska cage career. Home court for the Husker basketball team is located in the University of Nebraska coliseum. Bock Row: T. Shorpe, ass ' t. coach, J. Bush, head coach, D. Fohrbach, D. Doebele, J. Ar- wood, L, Nannen, L. Castner, J. Westerhoff. Second Row: B. Finn, R. Parsons, D. Smidf, T. Howard, R. Ekwall, 8. Harry, G. Swank. Front Row: C. McAfee, B. O ' Brien, J. Kubocki, G. Reimers, B. Wells, L. White. 299 Jim McConncll fouls Husker guard Gory Reimcrs as he goes up for the basket in NU ' s opening home gome ogainst Iowa U. In an exciting game with a Big Ten squod, Don Smidt and a Wisconsin eager jump to recover that rebound. The crowd wotches and cheers The coach encouroges and directs The teams prcporc and plan I Nebraska forward Ekwall nabs the ball on the rebound and the I Huskers go on to win the Michigon gome by o score of 73-60. Don Smidt of Nebraska drives around two Colorado players for a score in the 74-52 Hlusker upset over the Buffaloes. Wilt the Stilt leaps . And leads KU to victory. 301 BASKETBALL RECORD Nebr. 0pp. 56 UCLA 69 60 UCLA 78 67 Iowa 3 73 Michigon 60 53 Wisconsin 51 65 Purdue 62 67 Texos Tech 66 54 Vonderbilt 78 74 Colorado 52 56 Colorado 60 84 Missouri 65 53 Konsos State 89 54 Konsos 69 53 Missouri 9 47 Iowa Stote 59 56 Konsos Stote 81 60 Konsos 87 53 Oklohomo 55 64 Oklohomo 55 67 lowo State 58 Sixth in Big Seven Tourney Rex Ekwall dives to intercept a pass by Hoyden Abbot in o gome which the Huskers lost 81-56. Gory Reimcrs, Nebraska ' s second leading scorer, passes from under the bosket ogoinst Missouri. Nebraska ' s final game of the season brought on upset triumph over the lowo State Cyclones. 302 Nebraska ' s Gilbert Nielsen grapples with an Iowa wrestler to secure the first hold of the match. WRESTLING RECORD Nebr Opp 12 Mankato State ... 19 a ... 26 8 Colorado State ... 20 6 20 8 Kansas State ... 24 26 South Dakota State ... 8 3 Iowa State Teachers ... 27 3 . 27 Fifth in Big Seven Meet Nebraska Wrestlers Win Only One Meet Husker wrestlers suffered through a poor 1956-57 season, garnering only one win in eight meets. The one bright spot of the year was Nebraska ' s 26-8 victory over South Dakota State Teach- ers College. Still in the race, the Nebraska squad vied for a place in the Big Seven Meet. Husker grapplers rested in fifth place with six points. Oklahoma University took the mat title, winning five out of eight matches with a total of 71 points. Iowa State copped second place with 64 points. Nebraska matmen failed to send a representative to the finals. Back Row: N . Copple, ass ' t. coach, B. Lafleur, Brand, B. Weigel, C. Jett, J. Hodder. Front Row: G. Nielsen, G. Baun, J, Anderson, Bryans, N. Cooper, K. McKee. Attempting to break his opponent ' s hold, Nebraska matman Nielsen applies pressure with his right arm. 303 L-llJ. " Bock Row: J. Geier. L. Brown, ). Williarr son. A J Sprogue, R. Follsleod. Second Row: B. Wox, D. Pokieter, D. El •, n, K Kohler. Front Row: C Ellis. E. Krist, W. Strickle R. MocDonold, Gymnastics Squad Posts 6-3 Record Ace gymnasts Wayne Strickler and Ervin Krist led the Nebraska team to a 6-3 win-loss record in dual meets. Strickler copped high individual honors in the All-College Invitational meet at Manhattan, Kan. The Husker squad placed second in the meet. Krist, one of the top trampoline men in the country, was also a top point-getter for Jake Geier ' s team. Gymnasts opened the season by winning a quadrangular meet with Kansas State, Oklahoma Northwestern and Fort Hays. They went on to win meets from Minnesota, Chicago Uni- versity, Kansas State and Colorado A M. The Huskers placed second in a triangular meet with Colorado and the Colorado Air Force Academy. Husker gymnast Woync Strickler demonstrotet his winning form on the rings, one oi his spccioltics. 304 W. Chnstenson, N. Jensen, J. Moore, H. Mayer, J. Butterfield, J. Bush, Coach Golfers End Season With 6 Won, 6 Lost The 1956 golfers, under the direc- tion of Coach Jerry Bush, fought their way to a season mark of six wins, six losses, one tie and fifth place in the Big Seven tournament. The golfers scored victories over Wichita, Fairbury, Creighton and Tulsa and defeated Omaha University in two encounters. The Huskers dropped their two matches with Kansas State and lost single meets to Kansas, Colorado and Houston. After finishing last in the Southwest Conference tournament, the team ended the season with a lOVz-lO ' i tie in the Iowa match. Sand flies as Nebraska golfer Jerry Moore attempts to blast his way out of a difficult sand trap during a match with Iowa. Nebr. 181- ' 2 1 2 Houston Wichita GOLF 0pp. 9 ' 2 .171 2 RECOR Nebr. 9 ' 2 1 1 6 2 15 2 ' 2 101 2 Tulsa Omaha Colorado .... Omaha K-Stote 0pp. SVi 1 2V2 ISVi 1 P 2 7 ' 2 K-State 10 ' 2 3 7 Fairbury Creighton ... 1 . 9 ' 2 5 Iowa 101 2 Indoor Track Squad Emerges Undefeated The 1956-57 track squad blazed the cinder paths to the first all-vic- torious indoor track season since 1946. Coach Frank Sevigne directed the team to its victories over Iowa State, Colo- rado, Oklahoma and Kansas State. The Husker thinclods made a com- mendable showing in the Big Seven Indoor Track Meet. The cindermen gained third place, ranking below Kan- sas and Missouri. Keith Gardner, the " Jamaican Jet, " starred in his performances during the season and was the high pointer in the conference meet. Other outstanding track men were Knolly Barnes, Bob Elwood, Bill Hawkins and Ken Pollard. Bob Elwood fights to gain the lead in the varsity - frosh meet. High jumper Larry Gausman skillfully rolls over the bar. Gardner and Phillips take first and second in the 60-yard dash. INDOOR TRACK RECORD Ncbr. Opp 74 lowo Slate 30 56 Colorado 48 71 ' 2 Oklohomo 32 ' .- 62 Konsos State 42 Third in Big Seven Meet Bob Elwood sets a new mile record as he crosses the finish line in this season ' s opener with Iowa Stotc. 306 NU discus thrower Harry Smith gets in shape for the seoson. Huskers Take Last In Big Seven Meet Hampered by a lack of scoring ability in the running events, Coach Frank Sevigne ' s thinclads finished last in the Big Seven Outdoor Meet and in all but one of their meets during the regular season. The track team opened the 1956 season by finishing third in a quad- rangular meet at Oklahoma. The Husk- ers then went on to drop contests to Drake, Kansas State, Iowa State and Colorado. The 1957 squad will be bolstered by returning lettermen Bill Hawkins, Bill Marten, Don Ficke and Leonard Rosen. Distance men Anter and Elwood warm up before a track meet. Bock Row: I. Hanscom, R. Elwoc Smith, D. Britterham, M, Brest coach. Second Row: D. Eversoll, B. Marten, C. Gibson, L. Rosen, R. An- dersen, A. Rosen, L. Ponner, B. Hawkins. Front Row: B. Randolph, D. Ficke, H. Osmera, L. Anter, B. Nie- mann, B. Gadd, J. O ' Gara. J Back Row: J. Kone, D. Brown, N. Coufal, D Er.s.j,, R . Ek.vali. J G.jier. J, Flynn, J. BciJeck Second Row: G. Peters, monager, M. Arensdorf, J. Kubacki, A. Korle, M. Show, B. Foirchild, Tony Sharpe, cooch. Front Row: R. Long, G. Torczon, L. Lewis, G. Reimers, R. Bottorff, G. Zimmermen, W. Greenlow. Diamond CrewPlaces Third in Conference Coach Tony Sharpe guided the Uni- versity of Nebraska baseball team to a season mark of ten wins and seven losses. The team finished third in the Big Seven race for the second consecu- tive year. The Huskers opened the 1956 cam- paign with a southern road trip in which they won three and lost four. They defeated Tulsa and split two- game series with both Baylor and Rice. Nebraska ended the trip with a double loss to Houston. Moving into Big Seven competition Nebraska dropped Kansas State and Colorado twice, split with Missouri and defeated Kansas in a single game. Outfielder Don Brown atlcmpts to bunt but missct OS the Huskcr diamond crew dctcots Missouri 10-7. 308 BASEBALL RECORD r. 0pp. Tulsa Houston 3 Houston 6 Rice 5 Rice 4 Baylor 9 Baylor 3 K-State K-State 1 Oklahoma 3 Oklahoma 3 Offutt . 2 Colorado 1 Colorodo 3 Kansas 8 Missouri 7 Missouri -27 Shortstop Roger Long waits for tine ball os catcher Darrel Flynn gives the sign during batting practice. Bill Giles crosses home plate after hitting a A-bagger which gove the Huskers a 4-0 victory over K-State. Husker Don Erwoy hits the dust after being norrowly missed by a wild pitch during the Kansas baseball game. 309 Sfroining his muscles »o get the perfect form needed, Gene Cotter executes o bock jockknifc for Ncbrosko ' s swim squod. Bock Row: P. Schorr, J. Hole- man R, Ronfcr, D. Benson, B. North, C. Bodcnstoincr, B. Baker, H. Loplcy, coach. Front Row: J. Pokornv J For- rcll, F. Hclm»docrtor, G. Cotter. B. Togney, D. Thorpe, C. Ari- zuml. Stroking furiously to keep in front of o Konsos opponent, o Ne- braska swimmer streaks across the pool in o 220-yord free style. 310 k Swimmers Earn 4th Place in Big Seven Husker tankers made a good show- ing during the 1957 season, swim- ming their way to six wins, five losses, one tie and fourth place in the Big Seven meet. After defeating Grinnell College in the first meet of the season, the Husk- ers traveled to Kansas State, where they won first place in all but two events. In a triangular meet at Boulder, Nebraska placed third behind Colorado and Utah. The swimmers ' biggest display of power this year came in the meet with Fort Hays, Kan., when the Huskers won six firsts and seven seconds. Top men for the Husker mermen were Bill Tagney and Gene Cotter, the diving duo. Gene Cotter, a championship diver during the 1956 competi- tion, proved his ability as captain of the Husker swimming team. Jerry Forrell and Bill Tagney of Nebraska start the 50-yard free style race with a quick leap from the starting platform. SWIMMING RECORD Nebr. 0pp. 49 Grinnell 37 56 Kansas State 25 36 Iowa State 49 47 Kansas State . 38 43 Colorado State 43 33 Colorado 53 35 Utah 50 32 Minnesota 54 44 Colorado A M 42 56 Fort Hoys 30 49 Kansas 37 T hird in Triangular Meet at Boulder Fourth in Big Seven Meet 311 Husker nctman George Fisk gets set to return the ball to his opponent in o pre-seoson practice match. Netmen Able To Win Only Three Matches The 1 956 Husker tennis squad, suf- fering from inexperience and stiff com- petition, was able to salvage only three victories this season while dropping ten matches. In the Big Seven tournament the netmen finished last among the best conference teams in years. The Huskers improved over last season ' s showing, however, by winning two matches; last year Nebraska won only one, and that by a forfeit. Art Weaver scored one of the victories with a bye in the singles. The doubles team of Weaver and George Fisk drew the other win by de- feating Missouri 6-4, 6-3. Worming up before the seoson ' s first tennis motch, Alvin Ford scoops under the boll for a fast return. TENNIS RECORD Nebr. 0pp. 5 Wichita 2 t Oklahomo 6 Southern Methodist 6 2 S. Eostern Stote 4 1 Oklahoma Baptist 6 Washburn 7 Nebr. 7 Creighton Omoho , Kansas Konsos State Omoho Iowa State ... Foirbury 0pp. . 312 Intramurals Provide Year-Around Action Intramural activities on campus hove progressed under the direction of Ed Higginbotham. More than 20 differ- ent activities provide over 2,000 men with a recreational program. Sports such as bowling, basketball, track, touch football and softball pro- vide students with an opportunity to exhibit their athletic ability. In order to create a continual interest, these activities are arranged into fall, winter and spring divisions. Talented teams and individuals have possibilities of receiving trophies for athletic prowess. The fraternity, Selleck Quadrangle, Ag College and in- dependent divisions compete for the all-University intramural champion- ships. AGS Billie Reed rushes toward Ag Men ' s Larry Abbott as he reaches for the boll. Touch football begins the year ' s eventful intramural calendar. Invading the deep water for a game of water basketball ore the Phi Psi ' s and Figi ' s. The Phi Psi ' s emerge as victors. 313 After-Class Athletes Sigma Nu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fill the court with bristling action as the winter sport spotlight centers upon basketball. " A, " " B " and " C " teams open the field to wider participation. Don Fitzgerald, Bob Banning, Phil Hart and Bill Russell re- lax after o few holes of golf. These men helped their team obtain the championship trophy for Phi Gamma Delta. Bruce Skinner poises In starting position as he owoits the gun which will begin the 440-yard dash. The mile run, high jump ond broad jump ore other events of the indoor track and field meet. 314 Members of the Form House and AGS bowling teems relax and anxiously watch a team-member as he prepares to try his skill. Bowling provides men with an excellent year-around activity. Sigma Chi Bill North leaves for another match on the tennis courts. Bill ' s unmatched ability enabled him to receive the first place crown for his team. C. Arizumi, R. Bucklin ond P. Drake capture the first place honors for the Beta ' s and break all former intramural swim- ming records by four seconds in the 150-yard, relay medley. DU George Fisk bursts into action in the intramu- ral squash tournament. Squash, a gome belonging to the tennis family, is played on an inclosed court. 315 Theto Chi ' s K. Turner, B, Nccly arid R. Switier foke oim as they dcmonsfratc fhe form they used in the rifle tournament. Ken McKcc and Bill Kampfc stroin their muscles in an intramural wrestling match. Action of this type wcs witnessed throughout tournament competition. 316 Demonstrating the consistency of a champion, Denny Elders copped the first place trophy in the intra- mural free throw tournomcnf for Dclto Upsilon Rain Hampers 7th Annual All Sports Day Varsity ' s Jerry Brown picks up needed yards os the olumni and varsity squods clash In the football tussle. Approximately 5,000 fans assem- bled to witness the 7th annual All Sports Day program. Action, however, was hindered by cold, rainy weather. The day ' s eve nts began with the Husker golf and tennis teams hosting the Iowa Cyclones. Track enthusiasts saw new- comers in the freshman-varsity track meet. Football took the spotlight in the afternoon. Nebraska defeated the Iowa golf- ers, but the lowans won the tennis matches. Losing all but three events, the freshmen bowed to the varsity track team. In the football tilt, the alumni overpowered Pete Elliott ' s varsity squad. Swimming and gymnastics ex- hibitions ended the day ' s activities. Steve Goines executes o jackknife dive as the swim- ming crew presents an exhibition for All Sports Day. I S Mui ! 1 kIzl -ir- l ' -ir - -4A:!S£k«iX — TTTTnrB Don McGuiness of lowo and Dick Beechner of Ne- braska tee off for the All Sports Day golf matches. 317 jut.c Jeffrey, president; Joan Heusner, conference choirmon; Sorol Wiltse, secretary; Pat Mullrgon, treosurer; Margie Edwards, vice president. Solly Wilson, trompoline club member, demonstrates proper form of o " seat drop " while other members wait a turn. WAA Promotes Recreational Fun The dash from a five o ' clock lab to the PE field, flushed coeds streaking across campus in sweatshirts — these actions identify participants in the in- tramural sports program sponsored by the Women ' s Athletic Association. WAA offers girls a competitive sports program through which they learn more about strategy, teamwork, and improvement of gome skills. A favorite part of the program is co- recreational sports with teams com- posed of men and women. This year WAA members were host- esses to four hundred girls from every section of the country at the WAA na- tional convention held on the NU campus. Fun and leisure-time activities are governed by WAA officers and a sports board directly responsible for the intra- mural program. Co-rec vollcyboll teoms of Alpho Comma Rho ond Love Holl show ovid interest as ihcy volley the boll to score 318 J 4 f " Will it go over? " The answer is crucial to Kappa ' s and Theta ' s as they struggle to gain a " Nebraska Boll " score. Executive Board: Bock Row; C. Lonsbrough, R. Beerline, P. Arbuthnot, M. Edwards, S. Wiltse, B. Prest, J. Dworak, S. Kodlacek, P. V.i ll.gon. Front Row: C. Edwards, S. Sievers, S. Wilson, K. Krueger, K. Flaherty, J. Heusner. Foreground; President, Jane Jeffrey. Not Pictured: Jean Cc r;I • ' j cqucttcs Officers: 1. Schoffer, secretory, C. Lonsbrough, presi- dent; C. Johnson, treosurer; C. Smith, club publicity; S. Loose, vice president. " Mermoids " of Aquoqucftes combined water boiler with ocoulilul music to produce their spring pogeont developed around the theme ot " Colors. " Organizations Cultivate Sportsmanship The Physical Education Club brings together students and instructors to work OS a unit. By promoting coopera- tion and friendship its members have strengthened the physical education department. Members both officiate and partici- pate in women ' s intramural games. Other intramural participants ore at- tracted by the enthusiasm and competi- tive challenge of the club members. Members of Aquaquettes, women ' s synchronized swimming organization, trained through the long winter months to produce their annual spring pageant. College mermaids spent their Thursday evenings in the Coliseum pool practicing " kips, " surface dives and " ballet legs " in time to music. Unusual lighting and aquatic cos- tumes deve loped the pageant theme of " Colors. " PE Club Officers: Cis Lonsbrough, president; Dorothy Honpeter, foculty odvisor; Mory Mong, vice president. PE Club: Bacl Row: P. McCrory, D Ridgley, S. Kilburn, M, Ferguson. N, Hunter. P Arbuthnot, M. Mead, J. Moffet, S. Borns, D. Green, D. Dusek, S. Amoto. Third Row: J. Blottert, S. Wignoll, J. Pcrbix, J. Proffit, M. Mulvonev, J Carneol, A. Brounworth, S Doebcic, W. Iscnt «rgcr. R Giffhom. C. Rousch. Second Row: D. O ' Donncll, R. Levinson, C. Lonsbrough, J. Meerkatz, 0. Ashton, M. Mong, D. Honpeter, D. Maxwell, E. Berck. First Row: B. Ecklund. D. Locke, i. Shroder, J. Dworok, S. Bozont, M. K. Deppen, R. Wiggins, R. Blank, K. Parsons, C. Zschau, J. Koepplin, S. Quinn, M. Milleft, A. Jokeman, M. Mong, K. Nielson, E. Eggen, S. Woolard, S. Niehus, J. Haas, E. Morrow, B. Hyland, J. Dworak. M. Mong, president; J. Dworak, publicity ctioirm C. Zsctiou, secretary; A. Jakeman, vice president. Not pictured: B. Jelgerhuis, secretary. D. Maxwell, advisor; Rhythm and Motion Orchesis, a national modern dance group of men and women, seeks to stimulate individual expression through creative dance. Membership is deter- mined by the individual ' s dancing grace and proficiency. Orchesis members spent countless hours coordinating precise and rhyth- mic movements in preparation for their annual spring show. This year ' s pre- sentation revealed a western theme, staged and directed by President Mary Mong and Sponsor Dorothy Maxwell. Orchesis members develop the art of creative expressions by dancing their interpretations. 321 n I] J n n n OELIO- □ a □ jLUtClj auAOIIAM.Lt-, in ' a nnnn j i n □ Ff n P«IS 0in ijl q _ IFH " XD 322 RESIDENCES ,XiA- wj-tot i .cJCAJ ' ( campus is our community. Our homes within this com- : »-ot i. - Zf jjnJty provide the security of close companionship. We can al- i ttf - . - .. c:tt £ ' ' A cci? ' ' ' " " someone to laugh with, someone to complain to, some- ,_jteJ ' --4 - i ' ' ' - MDne to build us up or to take us down when we need it. We have ,,,,»i. .- T. y ' -pA , tidy roommates, messy roommates; and they are our confidants " " ' " - and our conspirators. The many who like to talk after studying until 2 a.m., the few who are cheerful at 7 a.m., pizza at mid- night, cigarettes bummed, clothes borrowed — we grow together and are grateful for the opportunity to share life. % j g -y ' :m« »aj CLei .iJl. 323 The Residence Halls for Women houses over 350 freshman ond upperclass coeds in its four halls. Dorm Life Initiates Coeds to Group Living Audrey Pyle, president Art, Choppcll The art of group living is learned by affiliated and independent freshman and upperclass women in the Residence Halls for Women. Upperclass women are selected on the basis of scholarship to serve as counselors for the freshmen. The governing body of the 360 dorm residents is a council composed of the dorm governor, executive officers and the fresh- man presidents of the four halls. A lounge and kitchenette on each floor and numerous recreation rooms are avail- able for the women. Dorm activities and policies arc planned and co- ordinated by the council which meets each week. v3 C - 4 T . W K - F . Lennox McCloflin Mowinket Peterson Motthies Miller Poalmon Roberts Motuzo Moftet Petereit Roubal On nice days dorm residents can ' t resist gathering on the steps to wotch the activities across the street. Since studies ore olrcody finished, a gob-test over a few hands of hearts will complete the night ' s routine. 326 ■ Roumpf Ruberstein Sack Schmidt Seymour Shepardson Sole Sorenson Soule Starch Sterner Stevenson Tempo Tietjen Toner Trebilcock VanSteenberg Watts Wignall Wismiller Woeike Wolf Wolzen Woodside After that lasf gome of ping pong in the " tec " room, these residents share tricks and pointers over a coke. Between dances the punch bowl receives a vote of pop- ularity from thirsty darm residents and their dates. 327 Residents of both the men ' s and women ' s dorms share get-togethers like this tree-trimming party. Men Set Up College Home at Dorm Roommates are an ever-ready source of compon- ionship, comfort, jokes and excuses not to study. Almost 1,000 men make their college home in the 16 houses which compose the Residence Association for Men. The RAM Council, composed of the presidents end executive officers from each of the houses, acts as a representative type of government for the quadrangle. Dorm residents enjoy the TV, ping pong and schuffleboard facilities in the " rec " room. Residents of all the houses combined for such special social events as the Valentine Party held for Hungarian students, a spring style show and the annual spring formal. RAM council, governing body of the men ' s dorm, forms policies ond social and sports programs. 328 Andrews House: Row 1: Fout, John, ' 59; Harper, Eddie, ' 58; Kautzmon, Jon, ' 60; Peters, Alexand3r. ' 59; Porferfield, Don, ' 60; Potrzeba, Vernon, ' 59. Row 2: Ruwe. Verdel, ' 57; Sheets, Chorles, ' 58; Smith, Lee, ' 60; Sobon, Ron, ' 58; Volf, Marvin, ' 58. Andrews House Intramural participants of Andrews House took second-place honors in Selleck Quadrangle ' s bowling program. Ned Nediri was a finalist for Most Eli- gible Bachelor and was awarded the Gold Key of the School of Journalism. He also served as scholarship director of all the houses in the Quadrangle. Avery House Avery House reigned as Selleck Quadrangle intramural basketball champions for the 1 955-56 season. Two residents were selected to membership in campus honoraries. George Andrea- sen is a member of Xi Psi Phi, dental honorary; and Jack Nyquist was chosen to Gamma Lambda, band honorary. c -Q cy, 9 ;■ . pi ft Q Avery House: Row 1: Andreasen, George, ' 59; Ash, Kenneth, ' 60; Berggren, Allen, ' 59; Ching, Melvin, ' 57; David, Richard, ' 59; Ganow, Woyne, ' 59. Row 2: Hardison, Harley, ' 58; Hcndricksen, Allen, ' 58; Hillman, Floyd, ' 58; Hiu, Fred, ' 59; John- son, Joel, ' 58; Kjor, Roymond, ' 60. Row 3: Looschen, George, ' 58; Ny- quist, Jack, ' 59; Oakeson, Gory, ' 58; Watkins, Douglas, ' 60. 329 denlon House: ow 1 : Boiho, Benhim, 5S: Crispin. Den- nis, 59, Hodenfcldt. Jock, 60; Jorgensen. Duane. ' 60, Kennedy, Roger. ' 60. Row 2: Loird. Thomas. ' 60: Lou, Dorrell. 60. Mousel, Wendell, ' 59, Newquisi. Doyle, ' 60; Petersen, Jon, ' 60. Row 3: Pugsley, George, ' 60; Rothwell, George, ' 58, Seogren, Chorles, ' 60; Teedcns. Ronold, ' 58, Woolley, Richard, ■59. Benton House Dave Harris, president of Benton House, served as president of the RAM Glee Club, composed of residents from all the houses in the quadrangle. Fie Basha, a foreign student, was chosen to represent Nebraska in the Mr. Universe contest. Dick Klingamon, Norm Welsch, Mike Cochran and Sam Mon- ialardi played varsity football. Bessey House Two Bessey House residents were elected president of campus organiza- tions. Jim Johnson served as president of Alpha Phi Omega, scouting frater- nity; and Joy Upright was named presi- dent of Presby House. Richard Hanzel and LoGroude Coady were selected for membership in Delta Sigma Pi, busi- ness honorary. ,Cj Llj. C - O Bosscv House: Row 1: Andersen, Carl. ' 60, Anderson. William, ' 59, Beodic David, ' 57, Benson, Donald, ' 59, Brody. Eugene. ' 58, CKoppell, Douglas, ' 57 Row 2: Honlon, John, ' 59, Honiel, Rich- ord, ' 59, Hohnstein, Deon, 59, Jenkins, Jerold. ' 59; KnoTok, Dole, ' 57, Shumoker Robert, ' 59. Row 1: Trout, Donald, ' 59, Upright, John ■59, Spindler, Clinton, ' 58, Wolte, Williom, 330 ' 59; C hittenden, Duane, ' 57; Flack, Gory, ' 59; Gladfelter, Burnett House: Row 1: Bartlett, Larry, ' 57; Brown Chunka, Duane, ' 57; Ehrett, Wllliai John, ' 57; Havding, Merle, ' 58. Row 2: Hotfmon, Erwin, ' 60; Rohrig, Bernard, ' 58; Sargent, James, ' 57; Sheets, Jerry, ' 60; Springer, Lee, ' 58; Stone, Conrad, ' 59; Strong, Forrest, ' 59; Young, Robert, ' 58. Boucher House Scholastic honoraries claimed three Boucher House residents as members. Gary Spence was selected to Eta Kappa Nu, electrical engineering honorary; and William Ramsay is a member of Alpha Epsiion Rho, radio-TV honorary. Ronald Stuhmer was chosen to mem- bership in Rho Chi, pharmacy honor- ary. Burnett House Two residents of Burnett House, Max Kitzelman and Gene Sandage, were members of the varsity football team. Selected to membership in cam- pus honoraries were Fred Strider, Phi Beta Kappa, Arts and Sciences scho- lastic honorary, and Psi Chi, psychology honorary; and LeRoy Rockwell, Alpha Epsiion Rho, radio-TV honorary. Boucher House: Row 1 : Carroncedo, Mortin, ' 59; Dertein, Don, ' 58; DeWitt, Howord, ' 59; Enke, Ernest, Grad; Jones, Leiand, ' 57; Krouse, Dennis, ' 59; Lance, Ross, ' 59; Linguist, Loren, ' 57. Row 2: Linstrum, David, ' 59; Malcom, Paul, ' 57; Nowotny, Kenyon, ' 59; Peters, Jack, ' 59; Rethmeier, George, ' 60; Simmonds, Robert, ' 59; Stuhmer, Ronald, ' 57; Zimmerman, Dean, ' 57. 5 - Q Q 331 !iX? fSL fM. Canfield House Intramural sports ranked high on Confield ' s activity list as their rifle, track and free-throw squads copped first-place honors. Residents partici- pating in varsity sports were Rex Ek- wall and Dudley Doebele, basketball; LaVerne Torczon, Dick McCashland and Dick Kleiber, football; Gene Torc- zon, baseball, and Charles Ellis, gym- nostics. Canfield House: Row 1: Duba, Roger, dO; Ekwoll, Rex, ' 57; Ellis, Chorlcs, ' 58; Fussell, Delbert, ' 59; Gaddie, Chester, ' 57; Glodfelter, Rophoel, ' 57; Heermonn, Dean, ' 57. Row 2: Hughes, Bruce, ' 57; Jindro, Dole, ' 57, Lommel, Robert, ' 59; McEvoy, Anthony, ' 60; McMillcn, Horvey, ' 58; Meier, Wel- lington, ' 58; Meininger, Richard, ' 59. Row 3: Olsen, Williom, ' 59; Owens, Stonley, ' 57; Peck, Vemoo, ' 60; Torczon, Gene, ' 58; Walker, Kenneth, ' 58; Wenzl, Lorry, ' 59. Fairfield House Graduate students compose half the membership of Fairfield House. Two residents were selected to profes- sional honoraries. Lowell Vestal was chosen for membership in Sigma Delta Chi, journalism honorary; and Herschal Graber was a member of Gamma Lambda, band honorary. Gary Wid- man served as social director of the en- tire quadrangle. Folrfield House: Row 1: Hcrmon, Allen, ' 58; Linder, Woller, ' 57; Newton, Ger- ald, ' 60; Sokonder, Sher, ' 59. Row 2: Vestal, Lowell, Grad; West, Dovid, ' 57; Widman, Gory, ' 58; Wutkc, Leo, ' 57. Q if!» o ?r 332 «»« •» I;- ' ,1 •» a ■ ' : t3 |o. - ' U,«4 : !7ft Gustavson I House Gustavson I ranked first scholas- tically of all the houses in the quad- rangle for the first semester of the year. During the Christmas season residents organized " Operation Santa Clous " for the Lincoln Red Cross. Jim Souders was a member of Sigma Tou, engineer- ing honorary, and a Most Eligible Bach- elor finalist. Gustavson I House: Row 1: Adcock, Gerald, ' 60; Be Brian, ' 60; Christensen, Peter, ' 59 Row 2: Coruzzi, Robert, ' 58; Fricl. ' 58. ROK ert, George, ' 58; Baxter, Larry, ' 59; Greer, Gordon, Harding, George, ' 58; Kahler, Gary, ' 60; Raecke, James, ' 57; Roumpf, ' 58 Row 4: Ritterbush, Elden, ' 60; Soudei Raymond, ' 59. Gustavson II House Residents of Gustavson 1 1 com- bined many hours of studying to gain the top house overage in Selleck Quad- rangle for the 1955-56 school year. Ron Parsons, Will Fitzpatrick and Frank Nappi were members of the var- sity football team. As port of their social program, Gustavson II residents held dinner for their dotes. Ife Wl Gustavson II House: Row 1: Erixson, Richard, ' 59; Hiller, Don, ' ' 58; Hunter, Gordon, ' 59. Row 2: Irwin, Allan, ' 58; Lardizabal, Ant ' 58. Row 3: Reed, Dole Row 4: Souders, Jimmy, ' 59. ' 59; Sctioep, Vernon, ' 58; Sears, Edga 3rnon, ' 58; Sutton, Charles, ' 58; Woodside, 333 Hitchcock House Hitchcock House remained unde- feated in Selleck Quadrangle competi- tion to gain the title of intramural touch football champions. Jim Pike placed third in the University Theatre Honorary Producer contest. Varsity football team members were Jock Fleming, Clarence Cook and Dick Prusia. Hitchcock House: Row 1: Appleby, Bruce, ' 57, Birkel, Lone, ' 57, Bcllescn, Vernon, ' 59; Burgess, Don, ' 59. Row 2: Corpenter, Keith, ' 60; Cootes, John, ' 60; Doniels, Albert, ' 60; Ekiund, Richard, ' 58. Row 3: Gerloch, Leroy, ' 58; Hollock, Jerold, ' 60; Johnson, Dayton, ' Ko. D»,L.« Lorry, ' 60. ■59; Perk 11 Row 4: F Speor, Gaiy, w. Row 5: Steeves, Russell, ' 58; Toylor, Norman, ' 60; Wirz, Robert, ' 59. Row 4: Pike, Jomes, ' 59; Solmon, Donald, ' 58; Sinner, Donald. ' 59; Speor, Gary, ' 60. AAacLean House Residents of MacLean House par- ticipated actively in intramural touch football, basketball and softboll. In varsity competition Larry Novioux played football, and Lyie Nannen sow action on the basketball court. Scho- lastic recognition was given to Daniel Stillwell as he was selected for mem- bership in Alpha Zeta, agriculture honorary. " " k c r r If MocLoon House: Row 1: Becker, Donald, ' 57; Copes, Wayne, ' 57; Dovidson, Lorcn, ' 57 Dcdic, Doryl, ' 58; Frerichs, Gory, ' 60; Kuhl, Donald, ' 57; Miller, Elmer ' 58. Row 2: Ruff, LaJoie, ' 57; Schriebcr, Harlan, ' 60; Stevens, Wesley, ' 60 Stewart, Lee, ' 58; Stilwell. Domel. ' 57; Sworts. Stonley, ' 57; Thoyer Arlle, ' 59 3 t s s jLa 334 Manatt House Manatt House: Row 1: Boesiger, Dennis, ' 59; Boesiger, Dwight, ' 58; Gompert, Leon, ' 58: Grossmick, Robert, ' 58; Hostert, James, ' 58; Jameson, Robert, ' 58; Meyer, Roland, ' 58; Miller, Lee, ' 58. Row 2: Puppe, Harold, ' 59; Richordson, Marvin, ' 59; Robinson, Colvin, ' 59; Rodgers, Gary, ' 60; Rosenboom, Gary, ' 60; Schueth, William, ' 58. Manatt House won the title of Selleck Quadrangle intramural softball champions last spring. In varsity ath- letics six residents were members of the football team and two played basket- ball. Bob Jameson, a Manatt House resident, served as activity director of Selleck Quadrangle. Seaton I House Over ninety per-cent of Seaton I residents were freshmen. A large num- ber of them were members of the fresh- men football and track teams. Seaton I ' s social chairman, Bob Kuzelka, was program chairman of the American College and University Residence Halls convention held on the campus this year. Seaton I House: Row 1: Baehr, Robert, ' 60; Berger, ■59; Cr. iss, Don Dutton aid, ' 60. Roger, ' 57; Christy, Harold, Ronold, ' 60; Johnson, Glenn, ' 60; Greenamyn James, ' 59; Kuzelka, Robert, ' 60. Row 3: Merrell, Wayne, ' 60; Romine, Gerald, ' 60; Rudisil, Earl, ■60; Schardt, Lonnie, ' 60. Row 4: Sokol, Richard, ' 60; Vorney, Michael, ' 60; Vorney, Ransom, ' 60; Williamson, Harold, ' 58. 335 O fT) f f Scolon II House: Row 1: Bartels. John. O; Fehlhofe ' , Leo. ' 60; Fuchicr. Troy. ' 60; Gosch. Eugene, ' 60; Greene. Robert, ' 60; Holligon, Clinton, ' 60. Row 2: Hill, Lorry, ' 60. Irwin, Floyd, ' 60; Kotner. Jon, ' 60; Koy, Gene. ' 60; McNerny, William, ' 60; Morgon, Stanley, ' 60. Row 3: Newth. Don. 60; Pearson. Rodney, ' 60; Piper, Chorles, ' 60; Rogge, Dwoine, ' 59; Siefkei, Dole. ' 60; Stephens. Jerry, ' 60. Row 4: Thayer, Jerry, ' 60; Voider, John, ' 58; VonMatre, Donald, ' 60; Williams, Erwin, ' 60; Zemon Fronk, ' 60. Seaton II House Residents of Seaton II participated actively in the intramural basketball program. Four exchange dinners and hour dances were held with the wom- en ' s dorm and Lincoln nurses ' training schools. Dwoine Rogge, Selleck Quad- rangle ' s Student Council representa- tive and a resident of Seaton 1 1, writes the quadrangle ' s column in the NE- BRASKAN. Selleck House Several residents of Selleck House were selected to executive positions in campus organizations. Glen Sperry was elected vice president of International Club. Lyie Hansen headed the Resi- dence Association for Men as president, while Joe Gorley served as secretary. Frank Kapusta, Charles Marasco and Anthony Nocita played freshman foot- ball. Selleck House: Row 1: Bohr. Deon, ' 60; Cook, Herbert, ' 58; Gcorgi, Gory, ' 59; Gorley, Joe, ' 59; Honson, Lyio, ' 58; Hay- wood, William, ' 57. Row 2: Hcdgpeth. Jimmic, ' 58; Hcidbrink, Dennis, ' 59; Jessen, Worrcn, ' 59, Krouse, Jerry, ' 58; Mc- Arthur, Donald, ' 59; Moller, Hugh, ' 58. Row 3: Olson, Orville. ' 58; Richman, Clayton, ' 59; Ronnau, Dolyco, ' 57; Schwaderer, Donald, ' 59; Settles, Robert, ' 59; Siebcnaler, Woyne, ' 57. Row 4: Sollermoser. Lorry. ' 58; Spencer, Lowell, ' 58; Sperry, Glenn, ' 57. Swonson, Robert, ' 57; Yont, Allon, ' 59. 336 Learning and Sharing Residents and their dates enjoy cokes and chatter during intermissions at frequent dorm dances. Letters from home? Grades? Bills? The first stop after classes is made at the mail box. Doing the weekly wash convinces the men that living away from home is a learning experience. Bridge, poker or pitch — there are always willing players for an after-dinner game. 337 Coffee and chafter complete the evening meeting that Towne Club members dedicate to their mothers. Dee Fangmeier, president Commercial Arts, Lincoln Towne Club: Coeds Honor Mothers Providing much coffee an d conversa- tion, Towne Club members dedicated an evening meeting to entertaining their mothers. The coeds held coke and slum- ber parties throughout the year. These informal gatherings gave the Lincoln women a chance to get together. Their Pearl Formal and a fall costume party provided entertainment shared by members and their dates. Newly elected officers were installed at the May Morn- ing Breakfast. Two Towne Club members, Carol An- derson and Hanna Rosenberg, received recognition for their campus activity leadership when they were masked as Mortar Boards. Plcdgoi rcveol thoir hidden tolontt for Towne Club actives and find required entertainment enjoyable. W- J , J f - ' . f % • =w ( • M- -I " - o v. H ' o ( 1 Row 1: Alexander, Moxine R., ' 59; Allacher, Carol Kay, ' 60; Anderson, Carol N., ' 57; Baum, Diane, 59; Beckman, Patricia, ' 58; Boppre, Judy, ' 60; Boyd, Sharon, ' 60; Buls, Borbara Ann, ' 59; Case, Mary Susan, ' 59. Row 2: Clark, Georgia Anne, ' 59; Crate, Carole, ' 60; Dill, Jacqueline, ' 57; Eby, Dons, ' 59; Elliott, Colleen, ' 60; Everett, Potricio, ' 60; Fangmeier, Delores, ' 57; Garcia, Delores, ' 60; Glade, Dorothy, ' 60. Row 3: Closer, Patricio, ' 60; Green, Carol, ' 58; Hardy, Barbora, ' 59; Higbee, Jacqueline, ' 58; Hughes, Ardith, ' 58; Jacob, Rosolie, ' 60; Klein, Ann, ' 58; Knowles, Kothryn, ' 59; Koester, Judy, ' 57. Row 4: Leger, Mary, ' 60; Meinke, Marleen, ' 60; Michael, Marilyn, ' 58; Miller, Donna, ' 59; Miller, Joyce Marilyn, ' 57; Moore, Nora, ' 58; Murphy, Sheila, ' 58; Nehe, Nancy, ' 58; Nelson, Janet, ' 60. Row 5: Otto, Mary, ' 60; Owens, Janice, ' 60; Packard, Barbora, ' 58; Phelps, Mary Jone, ' 58; Phipps, Judy, ' 60; Powell, Sue, ' 57; Purbaugh, Donna, ' 58; Richards, Lynette, ' 60; Rosenberg, Hanno, ' 57. Row 6: Severin, Myrno, ' 59; Sherman, Patricio, ' 59; Stohlmon, Diane, ' 60; Stokke, Velda, ' 57; Sullivan, Morion ' 57; Topliff, Carol, ' 60; Vanicek, Mary, ' 60; Vincent, Priscillo, ' 60; Waddle, Sally, ' 57. Row 7: Waechter, Marilyn, Mae, ' 58; Wroth, Janice, ' 59. 339 Terrace Hall: 10th Year Celebrated Terrace Hall members encountered an active year which marked their tenth anniversary. Alumnae, who were guests at c celebration held during the Homecom- ing festivities, saw the girls win second place with their float, " De-Feet the Tigers. " The girls were well-represented in cam- pus organizations. Shirley Kilburn served as a BABW representative and secretary of Adelphi. Participating in fine arts or- ganizations were Mary Gunlick, member of University Madrigals, and Barb Harris, Masquer. Two Terrace Hall girls. Barb Harris and Myrno Hunter, were chosen as " Hello Girl " finalists. 1 v - o « ■■;•■ ' Tk M M 1933. f (W Beckenhouer Brondcnburgcr Broomfield Epp Evons Gciscrt Hockctt Hultquist, Horriet Hultquist, Helen Johnson, D. Johnson, M. Kilbum Lamb Patton Root VonHoufen Wondcrsee Woods An impromptu sonqftst offer dinner gives Tcrrocc Holl girls o break between the offcrnoon and evening study scttioni. Joan Schrocder, president Secondary tducolK n, HoKtcm, lowo 340 Barbara Jones, president Secondory Education, Beotrlce International House: Girls UniteTraditions Girls who hail from many lands combine their talents and traditions to enjoy an educational homelife at Inter- national House. Members participated in campus activities to supplement their educa- tion. Nancy Hunter served as president of Adelphi. Barb Jones, president of International House, worked on the ACE Board. Kathleen Schmutte was on BABW Board and a member of Palladian So- ciety. Gayle Harms served as secretary of the Cosmopolitan Club. Represent- ing the House in fine arts groups. Rose Wiggins was a member of Orchesis, and Shirley Halligan sang the soprano solo in the " Messiah. " Eyes of many lands watch attentively as house residents show o fellow student the secret of wearing on African sari. A ' v Gii Burdick Ericson Hunter Musser Schmutte Byrne Fobella Isbrondtsen O ' Brien Sc udder Cooper Holligon Jones Peterson Urquioto Berg Schneider Eisenlohr Harms Legris JaipQuI Wiggins 341 Behind-the-scenes duties for officers involve unpocking and checking supplies to keep the orgonizotion running smoothly. Adelphi: Float Wins First Place Annual social events of Adelphi, an independent women ' s social organiza- tion, included a hayrack ride and the Sweetheart Banquet and Ball. Adelphi members worked together to produce a winning Homecoming float in the women ' s division. As a Christmas project they gave a needy Lincoln family food, clothing and toys. Outstanding participants in Univer- sity organizations were Adelphi President Nancy Hunter, treasurer of International House; Alverta Strickland, president of Pallodian Society, and Shirley Kilburn, BABW and WAA representative. ' Let ' s win again " — N. Hunter and A. Strickland exchange this ' battlecry " as they dress for an intramurol volleyball gome. Brinbcrgs Stcinoucr Nesladek Strickland Pugsley Wolento 342 Colonial Terrace: New Unit Aids Housing Colonial Terrace Apartments were or- ganized this fall as the newest housing unit for University women. It houses a total of 50 residents, some of whom are graduate and transfer students. Members were active on Ag and city campus. Janice Reeder served on the Home Economics Club Council and BABW Board. Bert Switzer was an active member of Tassels. Alice Younge, the first president of Colonial Terrace, found time for BABW, Ag YWCA Cabinet, Tas- sels and the Interdenominational Fellow- ship Cabinet. Anficipation of a midnight snack lures J. Neujahr, M. Lange- meier, J. Montgomery and D. Millsap to raid their kitchen. O ' Bonks Beesley Blomquist Boehler Bohling Bouwens Gander Devine Echelberger England French Hall Horthy Howe Hughes Johnson Krouse Rudd Langemeier Lemmon Molone Mass McHargue Meyers Millsop Montgomery Morrison Neujahr Peterson Reeder Roberts Rohse Selk Switzer Wheeler Young 343 Popcorn u l.;p ul quickly OS Love Holl members M. Vrbo, D. Brier, V. Sheer and J. Swanson entertain their dotes. Love Memorial Hall: Carnival Honors Won By winning Estes Carnival for the third consecutive year, Love Memoriol Hall gained permanent possession of the trophy for the best booth. Shirley Richards, president of Home Ec Club, and Marion Sokol, president of BABW, were tapped as members of Mor- tar Board. Ellen Jacobson was Ag YWCA president, and Deanna Brier reigned as " Hello Girl " of 1956. The girls were all women ' s champions in the annual Spring Day festivities. Scho- lastically, Love Memorial Hall had the highest average of all organized women ' s houses for the first semester of 1955-56. ft c 1 f i f frt ' Ahlschwodc, Ahlschwede, Hazel Helen Field Flick Johnston Krootz Polme Parsons Franko Locs Pcorson Chrislianson Crom Dobry ' ocobsen, M. Jer sen Johnson it ermire Ocllion, E. Oell|»n, F. ivcncr Scheor Sokol. G Bonds Bieunsbach Bfier Colvin Gerdes Honsen Heuermann Jocolnen, E Long Moder Miller Mock Peterson Pierce Powell Richards Sokol, M. Tondl Vrba Wolf 344 Einspahr Fritts Miller Mitchell 5tich TeSelle Bennett Berger Kaufman Kuhr Naviaux Nelson Wilson, N. Wilson, S. Loomis Hall: All Win Scholarships Residents ot Loomis Hall combined efforts to provide economical living and an effective social organization. Their varied social calendar included an annual house party, hour dances and open houses. Each girl, as a recipient of a scholar- ship to the University, contributed to the consistently high scholastic standing of the house. Nancy Wilson, district repre- sentative of Ag YWCA, and Evonne Ein- spahr were initiates of Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, home economics honorary. Teamwork brought the Loomis Hall girls second place honors for their booth in the Estes Carnival sponsored by the Ag YWCA. Wilson Hall: Housemother Honored Honoring their new housemother, Mrs. Nellie Simpson, Wilson Hall resi- dents held a tea attended by other co-op, fraternity and sorority housemothers and members. Wilson Hall women, all of whom ore upperclass and transfer students, com- bine a busy schedule of classes and work, as the majority of them are earning the cost of their education. Long hours of studying were rewarded when Wilson Hall ranked scholastically above all other organized houses for the 1956 spr ing semester. BABW and Adel- phi claim the activity interest of many of the girls. Second Row: Kroeze, S., Herrmann, L., Reisher, K., Schocht, N., Speir, W. Front Row: Gravett, C, Wattke, A., Anderson, S., Sander, J., Leners, J, 345 f - ' :k. 4 rJ| f Jensen Ostdiek Steiner Dusek Knerr Pickrel VonGroningen Joyce Roll, president English, Friend Howard Hall: Girls Manage House Howard Hall residents not only shared the duties of managing their house but found time for social life as well. Many hour dances filled the social calendar. The girls, themselves, prepared the re- freshments that they served their dates at the annual Christmas party. Members of Howard Hall received recognition in campus groups. Lavae An- derson was chaplain of Kappa Phi, Meth- odist service sorority, while Joyce Roll re- ceived scholastic recognition as she was named a member of Pi Lambda Theta, teachers ' honorary. A roaring vocuum clconcr proves o hondy moncy-collccfing ogcnf in o monopoly gome. 346 Inter-Co-op Council Board Advises Co-ops The president, vice president and steward from each of the five men ' s co- operative houses comprise the member- ship of the Inter-Co-op Council. To guide individual co-op houses in financial matters, the council established an advisory board composed of faculty members, alumni and business men. The council annually awards a travel- ing trophy to the co-op maintaining the highest scholastic average for the term. Last spring Cornhusker Co-op received this award for the second consecutive year. Council: J. Vandeberg, R. Johnson, J. Grosso, W. Faeh, V. Brown, D. Kuhn, R. Christensen, L. Mother, N. Woltter, G. Ryder, J. Kinnier, R. Hjorth. Norris House; Bock Row: C. Weinhold, D. Polivos, E. Travnicek, J. Grense- mon, W. Rompelfes, D. isley. Second Row; S. Georgeou, M. Sedarat, J. Wen, H. Saber, R. Reichert, F. Hovesepion, M. Tofarodi. Front Row: T. Corlson, K. Ramsay, L. Houfek, R. Frerichs, B. Harris, J. Vondeberg, O. Souchi, M. Ford. Norris House: Men Share Cultures Each year students from other coun- tries, attracted by an open membership policy, live at Norris House. The men compare their national traditions while studying and relaxing together. A com- mon recreational medium for all members was intramural sports teams. Four Norris House delegates attended the national Co-operative League Con- vention at Kansas U to exchange infor- mation with other university co-ops. Dale Marples received recognition as a member of University Band, Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business frater- nity, and a board member of the Central League of Campus Co-ops. 347 Sharing o private joke gives Cornhuskcr Co-op members a welcome excuse for a study break. Cornhusker Co-op: Men Earn ICC Trophy Cornhusker Co-op members find that the doily trek to dosses is shorter from their new residence ot 326 N. 1 3th. For the second consecutive year Corn- husker Co-op received scholostic recogni- tion as it won the scholarship trophy pre- sented by the Inter-Co-op Council. A so- cial ogendo including a spring party, hour dances and exchange dinners produced a well-rounded year. President John Kinnier was a member of the American Society of Civil Engi- neers and represented ICC as a Student Council Member. John Kinnier, president Civil Engineering, Spauldmg Atkins Bisctiof Houior hlutienbiler Jotinson Kinnior % Lighinor Matcher Muniom Soolhoff ] , 1 Shipforling SSowaller Simpton Stryker Coatci Kuhn Schol Wolgrsn Wynne Williamson Wyhe 348 Chosen unanimously as tonight ' s TV program, " George Gobel " receives undivided attention. Larry Mather, president General Agriculture, Hoigler Atwood Babcock Golka Hamilton Muehlenbrock Nealon Saults, C. Soults, J. Ulrich White Dreessen Frey Hanson Mather Price Riley Stithem Tetzloff 0 |JSM» J OMdk Pioneer House: Intramural Title Won Energetic participants gained Pioneer House a tie for first place in intramural basketball. The house was also repre- sented in college sports by Rodney Bor- ders who played on the freshman basket- ball team. Music organizations claimed the ac- tivity interest of several members. Joe Babcock was in University Singers, Phi Mu Alpha and Sinfonia. Courtenay Price played in the University Symphony Or- chestra. Water fights, splashing swimmers and food were plentiful during the spring picnic held at Linomo Beach. Members and their dates attended the annual for- mal, a circled event on Pioneer House ' s calendar. 349 Ag Men members owoit »he orrivol of their gifts ond " Santo Clous " who moy be onyone ' s roommotc. m Wendyl Fach, president Generol Agncullurc, Central City Ag Men ' s Club: Picnic Honors Parents In addition to providing economical living, Ag Men ' s Club offers a full social life for its members. Exchange functions and hour dances are held throughout the year. The group joined in the holiday spirit at their annual Snowflake Formal. In the spring they honored their parents at a picnic. Members participated widely in the intramural sports program. Wendyl Faeh served as secretary-treasurer of the Inter- Co-op Council. Dale Friedeman, Leslie McHargue and Gerald Rainforth were part of the Ag Ec Club dairy livestock judging team. Shoring the house duties provides cxtro-curriculor troining for Ag Men J. Sondin ond M. Anderson. Row 1: Abbott, Larry, ' 57; Anderson, Marlow, ' 59; Baum, Norman, ' 57; Becker, Robert, ' 60. Row 2; Bitney, Larry, ' 58; Burhoop, Boyd, ' 59; Carter, David, ' 60; Casper, George, ' 59. Row 3: Chapman, John, ' 50; Choat, Gary, ' 59; Claassen, ' 57; Dunse, John, ' 59. Row 4: Faeh, Wendell, ' 58; Fishier, James, ' 60; Frels, Robert, ' 59; Ita, Don, ' 60. Row 5: Griffith, Billy, ' 58; Hanson, Dean, ' 59; Jochem, Deon, ' 60; Karpi5el , George, ' 60. Row 6: Keep, Charles, ' 59; Kegley, Ronald, ' 58; Klein, Robert, ' 60; McHargue, Leslie, ' 57. Row 7: Moore, Paul, ' 59; Roinforth, Ceroid, ' 58; Rathjen, Harold, ' 60; Rinne, Charles, ' 60. Row 8: Rouse, Richard, ' 60; Schneekloth, Darrell, ' 58; Stevens, Paul, ' 60; Tarnick, Raymond, ' 57. Row 9: White, James, ' 60; Wiike, Kermit, ' 58; Wischmeier, Richard, ' 59; Wulf, Larry, ' 60. t i 351 Back Row: R Petric, J Jcnun, R. Carlson. 0. Co on, B- Johnson, J. 8ourg. Fourth Row: S Weber, W. Carothert. V. Brown, R Stroyer. E. Geir.bolo, E. Shuey. J. Bithop. Third Row: T Wrison. J. ScherKk, R. Wodding- ton. G Underhill, J. Borj, V. Golletz, U. Chns- tionscn, L. Goodrich. Second Row: R. Neben, R. Morrison, S. Moii, • Curtis, F. Urbock. L. Fischer, K. Persons, 1- ' Moore. Front Row: H. Alminos, R. Carlson, L. AAcCor- mick, R. Chfistensen, J. Yokomizo, J. Codr, D. Wells, M. Leskeyv Brown Palace: Purchases Own Home Brown Palace members now own their house for which payments were com- pleted this summer. Dinner and a scheduled visit from Santa Clous brightened the holidays for thirty-five orphans. A glance at the full calendar shows picnics, hour dances, and a spring formal which helped to form the social portion of the school year. After classes members scatter to in- tramural bowling tournaments and ac- tivity or religious house meetings. Bob Johnson was a member of Sigma Tau, engineering honorary, and treasurer of Pi Mu Epsilon, mathematics honorary. Bob Johnson, president Chemical Engineering, York V. Brown owoits inspection os R. Christcnscn gets the fominino touch trom Mri. Jocobi ond R. Potrio. 352 GREEKS 353 Marilyn Nansel, president Teochers, Columbus Marilyn Nansel, president Ann Thoenes, first vice president Janet Tooley, second vice president Marilee Newell, secretary Alpha Chi Omega: Display Wins First Prize " Safari We See . . . The Tigers Will Flee " was the theme of the Alpho Chi ' s Homecoming display this year. As it turned out, the Tigers didn ' t flee, but the Alpha Chi ' s won first place honors for their display. The pledges, thirty in all, following Alpha Chi tradition, gave a Coke Party in the fall for all other sorority pledge classes. Many Alpha Chi ' s were busy working in ac- tivities. Colleen Ohslund was treasurer of Red Cross, and Janet Tooley was on the board. Dorrina Turner and Charlene Ferguson were elected to Student Union board positions. Tassel members were Barbara Christensen and Alice Knudson. Lois LoRue was a CORNHUSKER section editor. Both Lois and Ann Minnick became members of Alpha Lambda Delta, freshmen scho- lastic honorary. t t rrj fy t ' j e 354 Apprehension and the spirit of organization fill the air, as Alpha Chi Omega actives hurry to complete their Homecoming display for the judging. y y K % , ■ • ( y " ? h " Row 1: Aljrahai Alpha Chi Omega 716 North 16 Street V orilyn, ' 60; Allen, Claudia, ■S7; Allen, Joan, ' 59; Anthony, Charlene, ' 60; Borkmeier, Barbara, ' 58; Barr, Barbaro, ' 60; Beodle, Barbara, ' 58; sick, Betsy, ' 60; Beechner, Barbara, ' 60; Beechner, Dorothy, ' 59; Beerline, Roe, ' 59; Bible, Barbara, ' 60; Burbock, Vicki, ' 60; Chnstensen, Barbara, ' 59. Row 2: Clark, Kay, ' 60; Cockerill, Jon, ' 59; Dorn, Potricia, ' 60; Dougherty, Jaci, ' 59; Echtermeyer, Janet, ' 60; Enyeort, Sandra, ' 59; Ferguson, Charlene, ' 58; Fisher, Ruth, ' 58; Flack, Beverly, ' 59; Flaherty, Karen, ' 59; Frederickson, Elizobeth, ' 59; Fritchman, Alyce, ' 59; Gobarrcn, JoAnn, ' 60; Gies, Donna, ' 60. Row 3: Gilbert, Ruth, ' 59; Habermon, Mono, ' 60; Haerer, Mary, ' 59; Hobel, Corolyn, ' 59; Hollowoy, Theresa, ' 60; Hosford, Betty, ' 57; Hughes, Virginia, ' 60; Jennings, Mary, ' 59; Johnson, Joyce, ' 60; Knudson, Alice, ' 59; LoRue, Lois, ' 59; Lienemann, Willo, ' 60; Loseke, Jaloine, ' 60 Lumbard, Jane, ' 57. Row 4: Lundquist, Paulo, ' 59; Minnick, Ann, ' 59; Minnick, Gail, ' 60; Munson, Judy, ' 59; Nonsel, Marilyn, ' 57; Nevfell, Marilee, ' 57; Nissen, Marilyn, ' 58; Ohslund, Colleen, ' 57; Ohslund, Jone, ' 60; Pohlmon, Jeon, ' 57; Ramage, Mary, ' 60; Ross, Yvonne, ' 59; Sandy, Janice, ' 58; Schloebitz, Sondro, ' 58. Row 5: Schouborg, Kothryn, ' 60; Shumon, Janet, ' 58; Skinner, Kotherine, Thoenes, Linda, ' 57; Tooley, Janet, ' 58; Torrence, Carolyn, ' 59; Turner, Darrina, Turner, Kay, ' 60; Tyler, Gretchen, ' 60; West, Sharyn, ' 60; Wiederspan, Joyle, Woodling, Nancy, ' 58. ' 57; 355 After the librory has closed ond study holl tables hove been tilled, a few AOPi ' s even resort to studying for finol examinations on the floor. Alpha Omicron Pi 1541 S Street Row 1: Armstrong, Sandra, ' 60, Bornett, Deonna, ' 60; Beal, Helen, ' 59, Beol, Nancy, ' 60; Beall, Nancy, ' 60; Bonner, Phyllis, ' 59; Boyd, Patricio, ' 59; Buell, Cynthio, ' 59; Carpenter, Ann, ' 59; Chorn, Lorenc, ' 59; Christenscn, Kay, ' 57; Christensen, Marilyn, ' 57. Row 2: Combs, Judith, ' 59; Crowley, Gwen, ' 59; DeMors, Mory, ' 59; Dodson. Mory- clore, ' 57; Doering, Polly, ' 60; Eicke, Fronces, ' 59; Fohrcnbruch, JoAnnc, ' 59; Frce- mon, Corolyn, ' 59; Galley, Corolyn, ' 57; George, Nancy, ' 60; Hoff, Rose Marie, ' 59; Jcrvii, Judy, ' 60. Row 3: Kapustko, Phyllis, ' 58; Kiess, Corolyn, ' 60; Kirkmon, Sora, ' 58; Kolb, Coronnc, ' 58; Krucgcr, Karen, ' 59; Kruegcr, Koy, ' 58; Longdon, Pot, ' 60; Lcocock, Solly, ' 60; Mason, Joyce, ' 59, McPeck, Shirley, ' 57; McVeigh, Beverly, ' 57; Meod, Marilyn, ' 60. Row 4: Mchuron, Nancy, ' 60; Michel, Thereie, ' 60; Mulligon, Potricio, ' 58; Olson, Bonnie, ' 60; Peterson, Connie, ' 60; Pifer, Eleanor, ' 58; Reimer, Sandra, ' 60; Rohr- bough, Ellen, ' 60; Rohrbough, Mary Sue, ' 57; Rohwer, Morgee, ' 59; Rutt, Potty, ' 59; Schlueter, Patricio, ' 60. Row 5: Scholl, Mory, ' 60; Schulle, Nancy, ' 59; Shaffer, Jackie, ' 60; Steven, Jone, ' 57; Toylor, Nancy, ' 57; Tesor, Pol, ' 60; Ulrich, Mory, ' 59; Vohle, Shoron, ' 60; Weerit, Joan, ' 58; Wholon, Sondra, ' 60; Yoiler, Rhe. ' 57. 356 Alpha Omicron Pi: Chapter Honors Senior Zeta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi held an Activities Banquet in October. At this time a plaque for the senior most outstanding in activi- ties was presented to Kay Christensen. Shirley McPeck, president of Tassels, became a Mortar Board. Shirley was chosen Typical Cow- girl, and she won first place for her Coed Follies traveler act. Marilyn McHargue was elected vice president of Red Cross and assistant treasurer in charge of sales in Builders. Frances Eicke was treasurer of NUCWA; Joyce Mason and Judy Combs were board members. Pat Mulligan served as treas- urer of WAA. In November the AOPi ' s had a dinner-dance, and in December they held thir annual Rose For- mal, which was the main social event of the year. Shirley McPeck, president Teachers, Genevo Shirley McPeck, president Marilyn Christenson, vice president Sue Rohrbaugh, secretary Patricia Mulligan, treasurer 357 Courfney Campbell, president Teachers, Lincoln Courtney Campbell, president Melva Fahrnbruch, vice president Mary Mong, vice president Polly Downs, secretary Alpha Phi: National Award Received Enthusiasm and perseverance proved reward- ing for the Alpha Phi ' s. At their sumnner conven- tion in 1956, Nu chapter won the national award for scholarship improvement. Courtney Campbell and Mel Fahrnbruch wore Mortar Board uniforms this year. Courtney was chapter president, on AWS board and in Delta Phi Delta, art honorary. Mel served as Builders presi- dent. Polly Downs became secretary of Student Union; and Mary Mong headed Orchesis, o na- tional modern dance group. Both Nancy Tucker and Judy Lundt were on the Red Cross board. Judy Chapman worked as a section editor of the CORN- HUSKER. Alpha Phi ' s danced beneath an array of Chinese lanterns at their annual Spring Lawn Party. 358 t .1 While packing for migrat-ion. Alpha Phi pledges dream of a football vic- tory, dancing and even a day of skiing during a weekend visit to Boulder. Alpha Phi 1531 S Street Row 1: Anderson, Mary, ' 58; Augustin, Joey, ' 60; Barnes, Borbara, ' 58; Bishop, Bette, ' 60; Brittin, Barbara, ' 58; Burbridge, Marcia, ' 59; Campbell, Courtney, ' 57; Chapman, Judy, ' 59; Chnstensen, Mary, ' 60; Crocker, Martha, ' 60; Cronin, Joan, ' 60; Davis, Barbara, ' 59; Donarico, Angela, ' 59. Row 2: Downs, Polly, ' 57; Downs, Sally, ' 60; Dworak, Janet, ' 59; Eggen, Eloine, ■59; Ellis, Sandra, ' 60; Fohrnbruch, Mel, ' 57; Ficke, Morlene, ' 60; Gould, Maryanna, ' 59 Grasmick, Clare, ' 59; Haas, Jo, ' 59; Hole, Ann, ' 59; Hallom, Nancy, ' 59; Hortman, Judy, ' 59. Row 3: Houserman, Sara, ' 60; Hopkins, Shirley, ' 59; Hyland, Barbaro, ' 60; Johnson, Nancy, ' 58; Kampte, Betty, ' 59; Keating, Martha, ' 59; Keister, Morilyn, ' 57; Kux- haus, Jodene, ' 57; Lindsay, Karen, ' 58; Lovsefh, Janet, ' 58; Lueders, Lynn, ' 60; Lundt, Judith, ' 58; Mostos, Cris, ' 57. Row 4: McGrath, Susan, ' 60; Mertz, Donno, ' 59; Michelmonn, Barbara, ' 59; Mong, Mary Jane, ' 57; Nielsen, Irene, ' 58; Osborne, Barbaro, ' 57; Parsons, Karen, ' 58; Patrick, Mary, ' 60; Pedley, Helen, ' 59; Percival, Ann, ' 58; Ray, Marcia, ' 59; Reinek, Shirley, ' 60; Riha, Joan, ' 58. Row S: Ryon, Ido, ' 60; Sohn, Gwen, ' 59; Schleiger, Ann, ' 59; Shoup, Sandra, ' 59; Smith, Carol, 58; Sokol, Shirley, ' 57; Truell, Judith, ' 60; Tucker, Noncy, ' 58; Worner, Barbara, ' 60; Whittaker, Judy, ' 58; Wikelund, Dawn, ' 60; Wilhelm, JoAnn, ' 59; Yerk, Carole, ' 60. 359 Alpha Xi sisters share the joy and enthusiasm of Jody Chal as they honor her with a shower before her Christmas wedd upa ng. Alpha Xi Delta 1619 R Street Row 1 : Adams, Mary, ' 58; Anderson, Janet, ' 60; Arnold, Potricio, ' 60; Bonks, Karen, ' 58; Bornes, Sorileo, ' 60; Baskin, Lorojone, ' 58; Benson, Billic, ' 60; Boden, Marcio, ' 60; Cortee, Ruth, ' 60; Cholupo, Jo, ' 57; Chord, Phyllis, ' 57. Row 2: CIcndcnny, Sherry, ' 59; Croig, Morljone, ' 59; Culwell, Jone, ' 57; Dccpc, Beverly, ' 57; Dow, Marilyn, ' 57; Ely, Borbor, ' 57; Evans, Joyce, ' 59; Gates, Jonot, ' 58; Grobcnstein, Soro, ' 60; Grohom, Jo, ' 60; Gruber, Jonet, ' 57. Row 3: Hohn, Dronn, ' 57; Hansen, Cynthia, ' 60; Higdon, Joyce, ' 59; Holtmcler, Morje, ' 59; Huddleston, Sandra, ' 60; Johnson, Breonno, ' 60; Koltlor, Lois, ' 57; Kelly, Bobbie, ' 60; Kort, Virginia, ' 59; Kusko, Noncy, ' 57; Loose, Solly, ' 58. Row 4: Lontz, Barbara, ' 59; Lee, Sondro, ' 59; Mockomon, Joon, ' 59; Martin, Carole, ' 60; McKoy, Dixie, ' 59; Newton, Karen, ' 58; Rovnord, Borboro, ' 59; Ripo, Lois. ' 58; Salisbury, Patricio, ' 60; Soylcr, Mary, ' 60; Schrooder, Loit, ' 59. Row S: Schumacher, Elizobeth, ' 59; Speok, Carolyn, ' 57; StochI, Rosomory, ' 59; Stone, Suson, ' 59; Stout, Barbara, ' 57; Stout, Betty, ' 57; Sukovoty, Karon, ' 59; Tindoll, Betty, ' 59; Wation, Koy, ' 58. 360 Alpha Xi Delta: Achievement Award Won Proud members of Rho chapter of Alpha Xi Delta won their sorority ' s Province Achievement Award for 1956. Jody Chalupa and Bev Deepe were tapped for membership in the Block Masque Chapter of Mor- tar Board. Jody was president of Coed Counselors and secretary of YWCA. Bev was a member of the Student Council, president of YWCA, and vice president of NUCWA. Four Alpha Xi ' s were YWCA cabinet mem- bers. They were Lorajane Baskin, Sara Jones, Sally Loose and Barbara Lantz. Sandra Lee and Barbara Lantz worked in Tas- sels. Mary Jane Craig served on Coed Counselors board. Phyllis Chard and Karen Peterson became Masquers. The Alpha Xi Rose Formal and an annual pledge party were the featured social events of the year. Betty Stout, president Teochers, Grant Betty Stout, president Janet Gruber, vice president Barbara Stout, secretary Carolyn Speak, treasurer i 361 Jo Kroeger, president Arts ond Sciences, David City Jo Kroeger, president Bobbie Holt, vice president Charlotte Drishous, secretary Jon Aunspaugh, treasurer Chi Omega: Davidson Crowned Queen Jan Davidson, a junior Tassel member, donned crown and robe to reign over 1956 Homecoming festivities as the newly elected queen. Four girls, Carolyn Hought, Gretchen Lecron, Sue Rhodes and Jean Ann Smith, became mem- bers of Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman scholastic honorary. Bobbie Holt was on Builders board and Coed Counselors board. She worked as managing editor of the CORNHUSKER. Emily Hemphill was vice president of AWS. Ten Chi Omega ' s were on the YWCA cabinet, including Mary Thompson, District Representa- tive, and Sorol Wiltse, vice president. Jan Roach served on the Teachers College Dean ' s Advisory board. The Chi Omega ' s entertained dates at a fall house party and a Christmas formal. %« r f - W f 0 f% fy t T?» A i WiF? {- O A r 5 g r: " ! r 362 Chi O ' s envision a glamorous evening — a romantic orchestra and perhaps o rose corsage — os they opply finishing touches for the Military Ball. Chi Omega 480 North 16 Street Row I: Anderson, Mary ' 59; Armstrong, Sherry, ' 59; Aunspough, Janet, ' 57 Bornord, Janniece, ■59; Bode, Sue, ' 59; Adkins, Karen, ' 60; Brondeberry, Joonie, ' 59 Brighom, Joyce, ' 59; Clegg, Veldo, ' 58; Davidson, Jonis, ' 58; DeVilbiss, Judy, ' 60, Douglass, Ann, ' 57; Driihaus, Chorlotte, ' 58; Dubas, Mory, ' 60. Row 2: Edwards, Carolyn, ' 58; Edwards, Margaret, ' 57; Eimen, Betty, ' 60; Nought, Carolyn. ' 57; Heath, Sharron, ' 60; Hemphill, Emily, ' 57; Hemphill, Mory, ' 59; Hemphill, Paulo, ' 60; Hicks, Borbaro, ' 57; Hill, Jodi, ' 57; Holt, Bobbie, ' 58; Holt, Shoron, ' 59; Hornady, Margo, ' 59; Johnson, Jonie, ' 60. Row 3: Joy, Betty, ' 58; Kelly, Carolyn, ' 58; Kinne, Reba, ' 59; Klostermon, Ann, ' 58; Kroeger, Jo, ' 57; Lammers, Mory, ' 59; Larsen, Corol, ' 60; Lecron, Gretchen, ' 59; Linguist, Mcrilyn, ' 60; Lundin, Borbaro, ' 60; Mondle, Barbara, ' 60; Morx, Virginia, ' 58, Motcha, Carol, ' 59; McCormick, Shoron, ' 60. Row 4: McCullough, Kathleen, ' 58; Merritt, Chorlotte, ' 59; Mills, Shirley, ' 57; Miskovsky, Blanche, ' 59; Orwig, Jon, ' 57; Paul, Gretchen, ' 58; Petersen, Morionne, ■58; Reynolds, Anne, ' 58; Rhodes, Susan, ' 59; Rooch, Janet, ' 58; Roach, Kathleen, ' 60; Schnieder, Sondra, 60; Schuster, Karen, 60; Schwentker, Margaret, ' 60. Row S: Shepherd, Lynn, ' 60; Smith, Jean Ann, ' 58; Spindler, Mary, ' 59; Stolder, Pat, ' 58; Tatroe, Patricio, ' 59; Thompson, Mary, ' 57; Triplett, Carole, ' 60; Veskerno, Elaine, ' 58; Wiltse, Sorol, ' 57; Youngers, Penny, ' 58. 363 Delighted Tri Delto members found thot singing wos p- • ; •: eating on the evening thot Tex Beneke, well-known bond leoder, come to dinner. Delta Delfa Delta Bnr 1: Allis, Pa ricio. ' 58: Appleby. Mory. •58, Artxittwiot. « » , •59; Arth, BartMro, •59; Anderson. Nocmo, ' 60; Bomes, Betty. 57; Boicter. DeowKi, ' 60; Bender. Joorvw. •58: Berger. Jean. 58: Brelond. Bette. 59; Bressler. Emily, -58; Britton. Georgio. ' 57. t»w 2: Coldwell. Janice. ' 57; G bum. Rosalie. 58; Coe, AAory. •W; Colby. Corol Ann, -58; Curtmon, Jor», ' 59; Decker, Juditti. 59; Dieterich, Mory, ' 60; Douglos. Judy. •«; OouttMt. Juditli. -59; Dresher. Janet. 59; Dryden. Koren, ' 58; Eastman Mory. -60. «ow 3: Ekifrom, Corrine. 58: Evons. Shoroo, ' 58: GoiMer. Koren. 59; Gessner, Virg«io, 60. Hansen. Eileen. 60. Horrir gton, Julie, ' 59: Hrt ek, Arle-ie, 57: Jomes, Eliiobeth, 60. Jomes, Mory, ' 57. Jetgcrhuis. Bortxiro. ' 57, Johnson, )»tr . ' 58: Keys, Gcroldnc, ' 60. «•■ 4: Lorson. Mory. 60: Lowson, Koy, S ; Lewis. Shori, " 58; LicWenberger. ion. ' 59; Motioney. Elten, ' 58; Mansf«ld. Shoron, ' 59; McComb, Joel, ' 58, Metcolfe. Mory, 60; Meyers. Lynne. ' 60; Murrell, Money, ' 59: Mewell. Carol. ' 57. Ookford Joan, ' 59. ■•w 5: Plymolc. Morilee, ' 57; Roymortd, Diorso. ' 59: Sowvell. Dormj, ' 58, Schammel. More . ' 60. Sell. Jeon. -60: Shumwoy. Mary, ' 59; Sieler, Judy, ' 60: Stosko. Marilyn, •57; Sletn. Jane, ' 59: VonOmom. Rychie. ' 60. Vcsely, Mary, ' 59, Williams, Carolyn, ' 59. 364 Delta Delta Delta: Ivy Day Sing Wins First First place award in the 1956 ivy Day Sing was presented to the Tri Delts for the second con- secutive year. They won second place laurels in Penny Carnival and for their Homecoming display. Marilyn Staska became vice president of the Student Union board and president of the Business Administration Council. Karen Dryden also served on the Student Union board, and both Karen and Judy Decker were members of AWS board. Marilee Plymole edited the art work for the 1957 CORNHUSKER, and Joanne Bender, with a large supply of rulers on hand, served as layout editor. Shari Lewis competed as Miss Nebraska in the Miss Universe contest. She also won the title of American Dairy Princess in a national contest. A Santa Clous Christmas Party was featured on the Tri Delt social calendar. Babs Jelgerhuis, president Teachers, Hur:r 3. - Babs Jelgerhuis, president Karen Dryden, vice president Marilee Plymaie, secretary Jean Johnson, treasurer 365 Delta Gamma: Freshmen Win Carnival Delta Gamma pledges won first place in Penny Carnival this year. Their booth was entitled " Hit the Headlines. " As part of a national project to aid the blind, the DCs sold white canes. The proceeds were given to the Lincoln Braille Club. Carol Link wore the Black Masque of Mortar Board and became vice president of the organiza- tion. She also was elected president of AWS. Mary H Teachers, ( all, president Six DG ' s were members of the CORNHUSKER ° ' 3e 5 Qff Janet Kuska was associate editor, and Helen Gourlay was a managing editor. Ruth Adams, Rita Clark, Franny Gourley and Natalie Johnson were V ary Hall, president section editors. Zarol Link, vice president Sara Hubka and Nancy Copeland were on the Janet McClung, secretary AWS board. Sally Carter, Sara Hubka, Harriet Louise Klima, treasurer Saville and Gail Walling served on Builders board. 5 f9 ft f f ' - . i n " a ' n a 366 " Oh, no! Why couldn ' t he catch th at pass? " moaned dejected Delta Gam- ma ' s OS they witnessed the Husker football defeat to the Indiana hloosiers. ' ( a Delta Gamma 400 University Terrace Row 1: Adams, Ruth, ' 59; Bacon, Barboro, ' 60; Bernet, Donno, ' 58; Blackburn, Judy, ' 59; Carlson, Jody, ' 59; Corter, Solly, ' 58; Chob, Gwen, ' 58; Clark, Rita, ' 59; Copeland, Nancy, ' 59; Daniel, Potricio, ' 58; Fitzpatrick, Mimi, ' 59; Furse, Goil, ' 59; Gish, Phyllis, ' 58. Row 2: Gleeson, Willo, ' 57; Gourloy, Frances, ' 59; Gourloy, Helen, ' 58; Hall, Anita, ' 60; Holl, Dorothy, ' 60; Hall, Mary, ' 57; Hepperlen, Mary, ' 59; Holbert, Angelo, ' 60; Hubko, Sara, ' 58; Johnson, Natalie, ' 59; Jorgensen, Borbora, ' 60; Kitfin, Ann, ' 58; Klinna, Louise, ' 58. Row 3: Kusko, Janet, ' 57; Lang, Carolyn, ' 60; Lewis, Noncy, ' 60; Lichtenberg, Sondro, ' 60; Link, Carol, ' 57; Lucke, Mory Louise, ' 60; Lucke, Ruth, ' 57; Moxwell, Moyrene, ' 59; McClung, Janet, ' 57; McKnight, Mary, ' 59; Menke, Potricia, ' 58; Millett, Marty, ' 58; Moorheod, Carol, ' 60. Row 4: Mueller, Judy, ' 60; Norris, Joonie, ' 58; Norsworthy, ' 58; Perrenoud, Janice, ' 59; Prochoska, Ruthie, ' 60; Quinn, Sharon, ' 60; Roin, Sharon, ' 60; Seville, Horriet, ' 58; Schmidtmann, Kay, ' 60; Schroeder, Sidney, ' 59; Scott, Lynn, ' 60; Scriven, Donno, ' 59; Scriven, Trudy, ' 57. Row 5: Shorpe, Barbara, ' 59; Shorror, Solly, ' 58; Shepherd, Susan, ' 58; Snell, Judy, ' 57; Stonek, Nye, ' 59; Swanson, Jean, ' 58; Turner, Jeanette, ' 59; Unterseher, Elaine, ' 58; Vingers, Carol, ' 59; Wolling, Gail, ' 57; Weston, Pottie, ' 57. 367 Whot college girl doesn ' t like new clothes? In on informol style show Judy Ramey models o velvet cocktail dress for enthusiastic Gamma Phi ' s. Gamma Phi Beta 415 North 16th Street Row 1: Anderson. Mory Alice, ' 57, Atkinson, Sondra, ' 60; Bclschner, Nancy, ' 59, Bossard, Normo, ' 58, Brodley, Mory, ' 59; Buckinghonn, Kay, ' 59, Carroll, Joon, ' 58, Cole, Jeanne, ' 59; Coover, Noncy, ' 58; Crone, Deonno, ' 60; Eoster, Judy, ' 60, Fellows, Lucy, ' 58; Finnerty, Sharon, ' 57. Row 2: Flanooon, Solly, ' 59; Fleming, Noncy, ' 57; Gleoson, Koy, ' 58; Gumb, Cathy, ' 59; Horrticl, Sherry, ' 60; Holcomb, Shirley, ' 57; Hurst, Connie, ' 58; Jacobs, Beverly, ' 57, Jokemon, Ann, ' 57; Jensen, Shoryn, ' 57; Jepsen, Goyle, ' 59; Johns, Sandra, ' 60; Jurgens, Jean, ' 59. Row 3: Keys, Cloudio, ' 59; Keys, Mary, ' 57; Leizkus, Mortho, ' 59; LIdstrand, Janet, ' 58; Lindgrcn, Judith, ' 60; McCune, Mary, ' 58; MItchem, Terry, ' 59; Mousel, Morilyn, ' 58; Novotny, Corolyn, ' 59; Novolny, Dorothy. ' 57; Odell, Jane, ' 60; Oder, Solhe, ' 59; Olson, Anne, ' 58. Row 4: Olson, Janice, ' 59; Orr, Corolyn, ' 59; Osterlund, Bette, ' 59; Pohlman, Jeanette, ' 60; Purcell, Potricia, ' 57; Ramoy, Judith, ' 58; Rosenqulst, Rutheno, ' 58 Socgcr, Gretchen, ' 60; Schoffcr, Elizabeth, ' 57; Schottler, Jeanette, ' 60; Simon Joyce, ' 58; Skordo, Morrey, ' 59; Stroh, Sonyo, ' 60; Stuil, Jonot, ' 58; Sullivan, Sherry, ' 57; Sundormon, Annette, ' 60; Tomscn, Betty, ' 60; Way, Aurelio, ' 57; Weeks, Rose mory, ' 57; Wilber, Sylvia, 58; Wilcox, Cynlhio, ' 57; Wilson, Mary, ' 58; Wyrens JoAnne, ' 60. ( 368 Gamma Phi Beta: Trophy Gained on Ivy Day Ivy Day festivities for 1956 were filled with excitement for the Gamma Phi ' s. They were awarded the Mortar Board Scholarship-Activities Award. Ginny Hudson was named president of Mortar Board; and Dorothy Novotny, chapter president, also was masked. Ginny was president of Red Cross, and Dorothy served as vice president of Builders. Cynthia Lons- brough headed Aquoquettes. The Gamma Phi ' s took top honors in Coed Follies with their skit " Minstrel Madness. " They also won the WAA Participation Award. Nancy Coover, Sally Flanagan, Claudia Keys, Terry Mitchem and Carolyn Novotny became members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Carolyn is presi- dent and Sally is treasurer of this freshman scho- lastic honorary. Dorothy Novotny, president Agriculture, Clarkson Dorothy Novotny, president Mary Alice Anderson, vice president Mary Keys, secretary Ann Jokemon, treasurer o € f$ f r QAAff l Afin ' ft 369 Beth Kcenan, president Arts and Sciences, Kearney Beth Keenan, president Betty Bock, vice president Jean Dibble, secretary Joan Heusne r, treasurer Kappa Alpha Theta: Peterson Rules at Ball Kappa Alpha Theta ' s glowed with pride as they watched Diane Peterson named Honorary Commandant at the 1956 Military Ball. Several Theta ' s were honored with royal titles this year. Kay Neilson was named Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen. Ingrid Swerre reigned as May Queen, and Bev Buck and Beth Keenan were members of the Ivy Day Court. Sandra Kodlecek was named a Homecoming Queen finalist. A Black Kot Kaberet formal and an annual Christmas party with the Delta Upsilon ' s for un- derprivileged children highlighted the social cal- endar for the year. Among the Theta ' s holding activity posts this year were Bev Buck, managing editor of the CORNHUSKER and Suzie Swingle and Anne Pickett, section editors. Mary Huston became secretary of Student Council, AUF, and AWS. q W 370 " • l ' ' ' ? 5? t ' 7 ( =) f 0 " ? A o a ' Sandra Kadlecek and Anne Pickeft, Tassel members, convince Theta octives that pom poms and balloons are a necessary part of every football season. ' w 9 v W j.. m M 1 S Mi — -4 Kappa Alpha Theta 1545 S Street Row 1: Allen Connie, ' 59; Anderson, Jane, ' 59, Barber, Cynthia, ' 59; Bock, Betty, ' 57; Bost, Judith, ' 57; Bright, Beverly, ' 59; Buck, Beverly, ' 58; Cheney, Jone, ' 58; Danielson, Janet, ' 59; Danielson, Martha, ' 58; Deppen, Kay, ' 58; Dibble, Jeon, ' 57. Row 2: Dobson, Julia, ' 59; Erickson, Barbaro, ' 58: Feese, Harriet, ' 59; Gartner, Jeanne, ' 58; Gross, Chorlene, ' 60; Honcock, Sally, ' 59; Hardie, Sue, ' 58; Haslet, Sandy, ' 60; Heusner, Nancy Joan, ' 58; Hockabout, Helen, ' 60; Hope, Judy, ' 57; Huston, Mary, ' 58. Row 3: Jeffrey, Kyle, ' 57; Jones, Dian, ' 60; Kadlecek, Sandra, ' 58; Keenan, Beth, ' 57; Keenan, Judy, ' 59; Levine, Ardis, ' 58; Massey, Melba, ' 57; McCrady, Kothy, ' 60; Meldrum, Louise, ' 58; Miller, Jacquelyn, ' 58; Miller, Marilyn, ' 58; Miner, Marilyn, ' 58. Row 4: Moore, Roberta, ' 58; Morrow, Edyth, ' 59; Morrow, Prudence, ' 59; Mossing, Muriel, ' 60; Nielson, Key, ' 59; Otradovsky, Julann, ' 59; Pickett, Anne, ' 59; Pittock, Mary Lou, ' 57; Poynter, Nannette, ' 59; Rigg, Sylvia, ' 60; Sides, Gretchen, ' 60; Sievers, Stephane, ' 59. Row 5: Smaha, Sarah, ' 59; Smith, Sharon, ' 60; Soderberg, Beverly, ' 57; Stafford, Mary Lynn, ' 59; St. John, Jenny, ' 60; Swingle, Suzie, ' 59; Titman, Gretchen, ' 59; Towne, Diane, ' 58; Wolt, Linda, ' 60; Warrick, Janet, ' 59; Wilson, Sally, ' 59; Zochou, Cynthia, ' 59. 371 In the midst of glittering tinsel ond colored lights. Kappa Delta ' s gather around the Christmos tree to unfold the mysteries of the bright packoges. Kappa Delta 405 University Terrace Row 1: Bozan , Shirley, ' 57; Beltz, Delores, ' 59; Berger, Jan, ' 60; Bitter, Annette, ' 59; Coots, Henrietto, ' 59; Coonrod, Barbara, ' 58; Crist, Janis, ' 58; Dahl, Carol, ' 59; Darling, Shori, ' 59; Dovisson, Sandra, ' 60; Dillman, Dee, ' 60; Eberspacher, Jolen, ' 59. Row 2: Eke, Judy, ' 59; Ellis, Beverly, ' 59; Evans, Gladys, ' 57; Fongman, Sharon, ' 60; Frerichs, Joanne, ' 58; Gross, Joan, ' 58; Gunn, Shirley, ' 57; Harvey, Jane, ' 59; Hook, Margaret, ' 57; Howard, Joyce, ' 59; Humphrey, Georgann, ' 59; Jacobs, Liz, ' 57. Row 3 Jensen, Genelle, ' 57; Johnsen, Sidney, ' 60; Knog, Claudia, ' 59; Lovell, Dolores, ' 58; Mains, Donna, ' 59; Merwin, Moryonne, ' 60; MestI, Julie, ' 59; Millnitz, Barbara, ' 59; Morgan, Dion, ' 57; Nordstrom, Arlene, ' 59; O ' Reilly, Anita, ' 60; Owens, Beverly, ' 59. Row 4: Pagel, Beverly, ' 57; Parks, Betty, ' 58; Porrott, Marie, ' 60; Perrin, Kay, ' 57; Reeves, JoAnn, ' 58; Sontin, Eileen, ' 60; Scorlett, Gloria, ' 60; Shaffer, Ann, ' 60; Shumate, Marilyn, ' 59; Sievers, Sonio, ' 59; Simmons, Jane, ' 60; Simmons, Sue, ' 57. Row 5: Simmons, Sandra, ' 60; Slagle, Morjorie, ' 59; Sorensen, Sandra, ' 60; Sorenson, Betty, ' 57; Thurman, Marilyn, ' 60; Timmons, Karen, ' 57; Decker, Joyce, ' 60; Ullorich, Gloria, ' 59; Wehr, Mary Jo, ' 59; Wertz, Delores, ' 58; Woolley, Kay, ' 59; Zadina, Harriet, ' 58. 372 Kappc )elta: Spors Honors Captured Partitpation in intramurals was rewarding to Kappa Dlto ' s this year. Sports enthusiasts cap- tured ben bowling and basketball tournament champioships. Indi dual activities occupied many actives ' free tim. Sue Simmons, vice president of Ag YWCA, ecame a Mortar Board. Diane Morgan was secrcory of NUCWA, and Sonia Sievers and Betty Pa s served as YWCA cabinet members. Alph Lambda Delta, scholastic honorary for freshma- women, claimed three KD ' s: Georgann Humphry, Sonia Sievers and Diana Whitney. In Decembe, Beverly Pagel was awarded the Phi Beta Kg pa key. Kapp Delta ' s held a White Rose Formal in April, ad in January the pledges gave a formal at HillcFSt Country Club in honor of the active member of the chapter. Shirley Bazant, presidei Teachers, Loup Ci Shirle y Bazant, president Dian Morgan vice president Jane Harvey, secretary Margaret Hook, treasurer (it M -L y. li f fJ iH f ,v er flwtainicil wvinlQlNt ' ,, pffESnttEinfr Jhuuim AfltlkBnv, seordtmrjf CiniinA As Dumf, flrrensuirer Koppo KoppQ Gommo: Honorary Masks Three Tlhtree Koppo odhixes,, Ltndo Buthmon, Jeanne ElllliiQiMr Qod Jane Jeffrey,, wore Mortor Board uni- ffoffmns tlhiits veor. ymjb Iheoded the CORNHUSKER staff as ed- iit QTHirvdhiief and aerated on AWS board. Jeanne be c ome Builders vice president arxi AUF president and Jane was elected president of WAA. KKG members sang and dan ce d their way to seooTMj place in Coed Follies with a sfcJt called " MiAu Dolls Delist. " Rem Bremer was elected secretary of Koppo psilon,, and nationally she hod the highest schol- arship in this women ' s phormocy honorary. Marilyn Heck was chosen managing editor of the CORNHUSKER, Sharon Hall was assistant business manager and Koti Doiley. Billy Prest and Shonm McDonold served as section editors I c o v W z ' V - • - w o 3 t. f Zi Ajtcrter iaj of desses a:»e- :-: zzz-z zzz ' z Sc : . % H- ft €V 1 1 : : : : ; ; : ;- — : t«« It Se;_l J- — WC3-. .CTE ' :-= -i,T=n=K.S ' None S u- _« - _r_ =.r . 3 5?- : : .io z c-re 5£ ta» 2: r-T- cx • •rrr-e fC- r=« c- -scilc ill E,; ■ " .:i-.3- S Slio- -iSjT-e SocSnc, 3TS = 1 1. 6C =ol» •irsnc iC = " - = - =° ' Hc5w 5e- Heot »cr . =£ r-S U _ t; Vi3-4 -o-e ' -j-t:ei z ' ■cr- t icoz S-i u - =?- . , re =C ' -T.ner c- j. _ Z-T " . WC r=e 5£ MOtEse = i — S-a-3 . ■== e«=r-sr Nortr. iC s-cTos Wore =- ==- rs=r wcr Dee =c- = 3;;;e 55 c:s i. r ir = 5o«3- .ore 5? " ■■- " =- ' = " ■- :=_-tvjae .s. j.ii ' .i: ' tjB? ' .ie • ' . 3i- 5r3ts5, =:e- =1 — -»CESar- vnoncriTe. 5=- ■•ohs- S ail- aiesss ' _io 3 - —ec -VnzEe ' e — -Is AjcS 4 aCr T «3rasari„ •■ " ►♦lis. »»r-g ir wcro: . m While tolking over the latest news, Pi Phi sisters spend a few moments re- loxing and accomplishing all those things they just haven ' t had time to do. Pi Beta Phi 426 North 16 Street Row 1: Abbott, Gwendolyn, ' 59; Alcxondcr, Sora Jane, ' 58; Allen. Nancy, ' 57; Beol, Linda, ' 58; Berg, Solly, ' 58; Berry, Connie, ' 58; Branch, Betty, ' 57; Brondt, Gcncne, ' 60; Campbell, Nancy, ' 59; Garden, Cloire, ' 58; Ctiatficid, Jonice, ' 59; Coctiron, Helen, ' 59, Colwoll, Becky, ' 60. Row 2: Dcvcrcaux, Jo, ' 58; Doty, Beverly, ' 59; Dowell, Julio, ' 59; Ecklund, Bcrneito, ' 58; Elliott, Morcio, ' 60; Gordner, Morgorot, ' 60; Hockmon, Elizobetti, ' 57; Harrison, Lou, ' 60; Hothowoy, Julie, ' 60; Hevncr, Potricio, ' 58; Jelinek, Rito, ' 57; Jensen, Fronccs, ' 59; Johnson, Joyce, ' 57. Row 3: Jouvonot, Sue, ' 57; Kouffmon, Jonot, ' 57; Knotek, Dionc, ' 57; Kuchn, Carol, ' 58, Limpo, Morion, ' 60; Moddcn, Borboro, ' 57; Mardock, Solly, ' 60; Mortison, Mortic, ' 58; Mathers, Peggy, ' 57; Moupin, Jocklyn, ' 57; McCrory, Kothlcon, ' 59; McPherson, Corol, ' 59; Meston, Borboro, ' 59. Row 4: Mevcs, Jocque, ' 60; Minnick, Rhondo, ' 59; Nuv», Carol, ' 60; Nusi, VIctorlo, ' 58, Peck, Mory, ' 59; Peterson, Karen, ' 60; Pickett, Marilyn, ' 60; Pitting, Debro, ' 59; Prince, Jeonotte, ' 59; Renstrom, Vcro, ' 59; Rolfs, Patricia, ' 60; Ross, Monica, ' 60; Solter, Nancy, ' 58. Row 5: Shock, Connie, ' 59; Shonsoy, ' 60; Shroder, Jonico, ' 58; Swonson, Geroyns, ' 57; Swonson, Morcio, ' 57; Wade, Anno, ' 58; Webster, Joan, ' 58; Webster, Joye«, ' 59, Wengert, Solly, ' 60. 376 p Pi Beta Phi: Members Win Derby Day Amid cheers and shouting, the Pi Phi ' s took first place honors in the second annual Sigma Chi Derby Day. Monica Ross placed third in the Miss Derby Day contest. Diane Knotek represented Nebraska in the Miss America contest. She also became a Mortar Board and served as president of Student Union and as treasurer of Builders. Connie Berry helped plan campus government as the Student Council representative from City Campus Religious Council, and Linda Beal was a member of Masquers. Jo Devereaux and Joan and Joyce Webster swam with Aquaquettes. Anne Wade and Fran Jensen were cheerleaders. Pi Phi ' s entered into the holiday spirit with their Christmas formal, tree-trimming party, and Christmas party for the children of alums. Betty Branch, president Business Administration, Omaha Betty Branch, president Margie Swanson, vice president Janet Kauffmon, secretary Tory Nuss, treasurer } ' a V I r v 0PJ e f m f -4 5 377 Sandra Kully, president Teachers, Grond Islond Sandra Kully, president Margie Wilson, first vice president Elaine Krantz, second vice president Elayne Levenson, secretary Sigma Delta Tau: Improvement Trophy Won At the Sigma Delta Tau ' s national convention in June, Beta Chapter won the House Improve- ment Trophy. This award was based primarily upon scholarship and activities. Social events were placed high on the Sigma Delta Tau ' s list of activities for the year. In the spring the pledges held the " Greatest Show on Earth " party. SDT ' s also entertained dates at the Husker Holiday Formal in April. As a philanthropical project for the chapter, the members of SDT collected funds which were sent to Israel. Sandra Kully served on the Red Cross board. Joyce Magidson and Donna Steinberg supported the Scarlet and Cream as Tassel members, and Sari Shukert worked as assistant panel editor of theCORNHUSKER. ( . B B§l 378 Sigma Delto Tou actives provide musical entertainment for their parents ot an annual Fathers ' Doy luncheon preceding the Indiana football gome. Sigma Delta Tau 464 North 16 Street Row 1: Brown, Frances, ' 59; Cherniss, Sandra, ' 60; Cook, Helen, ' 59; Cromer, Rondy, ' 60; Duni, Eloine, ' 60; Feder, Gloria, ' 60; Fischer, Shorlene, ' 59; Frank, Carole, ' 60; Hoykin, Bonnie, ' 60; Klein, Lesly, ' 58. Row 2: Krantz, Eloine, ' 58; Kully, Sandra, ' 59; Levenson, Elayne, ' 59; Levy, Linda, ' 59; Locke, Deno, ' 60; Mogidson, Joyce, ' 59; Mogil, Patricia, ' 58; Mozer, Karen, ' 59; Nisker, Jan, ' 60; Posmonik, RoeMorie, ' 59. Row 3: Peirce, Ellen, ' 60; Roznik, Shirley, ' 59; Roznik, Thelmo, ' 60; Rosenthol, Willis, ' 59; Shukert, Sori, ' 59; Simons, Suzonne, ' 59; Steinberg, Donna, ' 59; Turchen, Virginia, ' 60; Veto, Shirley, ' 60; Wilson, Margie, ' 57. 379 Sigma Kappa members exchange news abouf campus life for news from home, while they welcome parents for a pre-game luncheon on Porcnts ' Day. Sigma Kappa 626 North 1 6 Street Row 1: Amato, Sally, 60; Banghort, Elizabeth, ' 59; Beck, Bev, ' 58; Benson, Charlotte, ' 57; Brcdthaucr, Rosemary, ' 58; Christensen, Dorothy, ' 60; Clotterbuck, Rcida, ' 60; DeMors, Mary Dee, ' 58; Diedrichs, Deanne, ' 60; Erickson, Judy, ' 57; Fahrlonder, Linda, ' 59. Row 2: Forney, Marguerite, ' 58; Herbig, Sandra, ' 59; Hoflor, Helen, ' 57; Hurley, Potricio, ' 57; Johnson, Charlotte, ' 58; Kouffelt, Eldcan, ' 60; Kephart, Borboro, ' 59; Kncrl, Joyce, ' 57; Lee, Florence, ' 57; Link, Janice, ' 60; McDonald, Judith, ' 60. Row 3: Ponwitz, Lois, ' 57; Rochrkrasso, Paulo, ' 58, Sieck, Kolhryn, ' 60; Sonnor, Louis e, ' 60; Sworts, Kay, ' 60; Waldo, Willa, ' 58; Wood. Doraico, ' 57; Worley, Suionn, ' 60; Wortz, FroncM, ' 59; Wright, Gcrmainc, ' 59, Wright, Morion, ' 59. 380 Sigma Kappa: Funds Sent to Mission Philanthropical work played an important role in the lives of Sigma Kappa members. This year they sent funds to the Maine Seacoast Mission, a home for orphans and old people. Sigma Kappa ' s won third place in Homecom- ing competition with their display entitled " Ding Dong Dell, Tigers In The Well. " Charlotte Benson was treasurer of Aquaquettes and a member of the YWCA Council. Linda Fahrlander and Frances Wortz became Tassel members, and Mary Dee DeMars served on the YWCA council. Sigma Kappa was founded at Colby College in 1874, and in 1923 Alpha Kappa Chapter was founded at the University of Nebraska. The Violet Formal in March and a Roaring Twenties party were among the social events held by the Sigma Kappa ' s. Charlotte Benson, president Arts and Sciences, Huron, S. D. Charlotte Benson, president Doralee Wood, first vice president Florence Lee, second vice president Helen Hofler, secretary €: T.ii f!%£ t g e jt Cf f om 381 Pat Coover, president Arts ond Sciences, Lincoln Pat Coover, president Myrna Grunwald, vice president Pot Alvord, secretary Janice Larson, treasurer Zeta Tau Alpha: Beta Eta Joins Campus On May 20, 1956, Beta Eta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was chartered at the University of Ne- braska. Several national officers were in Lincoln for this event. Forty girls were initiated into the new chapter. The Zeta ' s lived off campus this year but are anticipating the completion of their new house, which will be located at 425 University Terrace. It is to be finished in time for Rush Week next fall, Pat Coover was a member of both Theta Sigma Phi and Gamma Alpha Chi, journalism honoraries. Pat Alvord was elected secretary of Mu Phi Epsilon, music honorary, and was chosen the outstanding senior French student. A Haunted House Party in November and o White Violet Formal sparked the social year. a a 382 Zeta Tou Alpha members goze ot the finished house plans which hove just arrived and dream about the day when their new home will be completed. Zeta Tau Alpha Future site: 425 University Terrace Row 1: Alvord, Patricia, ' 57, Arvidson, Marilyn, ' 59; Boswell, Caroline, ' 58; Brooks, Anne, ' 58; Brown, Jayne, ' 58; Brown, Suson, ' 60; Carroll, Rita, ' 59; Coffey, Marilyn ' 59; Crouse, Colette, ' 59; Curry, Bcrboro, ' 58. Row 2: Eitel, Rosemary, ' 60; Fink, Marlene, ' 59; Gregory, Koy, ' 59; Grunwold, Myrno, ' 59; Hermes, Ann, ' 59; Hinds, Doris, ' 60; Hough, Fluffy, ' 60; Hughes, Corol! ' 58; Jarvis, Trudy, ' 60; Johnson, Sharon, ' 59; Kampmon, Mernie, ' 59; Kirk, Morilyn, ' 57. Row 3: Larson, Janice, ' 58; Masters, M. Ann, ' 57; McCollum, Marcio, ' 59; McVay, Charlotte, ' 59; McWilliom, Patricio, ' 60; Meyer, Ann, ' 59; Mulhair, Dorothy, -59; ' Nordhausen, Anita, ' 59; Odeon, Sharon, ' 60; O ' Neill, Marcia, ' 60; Overturf, Eloine, ' Ss ' . Row 4: Overturf, Lois, ' 59; Potterson, Potricia, ' 59; Reeves, Kay, ' 58; Smith, Eliza- beth, ' 60; Spilker, Kothy, ' 59; Stephens, Mortho, ' 58; Wademon, Coria, ' 59; West, Linda, ' 60; Wilhite, Mary, ' 59; Zuhike, Morilyn, ' 57. 383 These Acacia brothers, occompanied by o piano and trumpet, show frater- nity spirit as they gather otter dinner to sing some of the Acocio songs. Acacia 334 North 13 Street Row 1: Andersen, Glenn, ' 58; Atlebery, Robert, ' 60; Backer, Andrew, ' 60; Bonks, John, ' 60; Botes, George, ' 60; Beovers, Edson, ' 58; Bowen, Ronald, ' 58. Row 2: Bredenkomp, Barton, ' 60; Christofferscn, Wayne, ' 59; Dohl, William, ' 58; Duckworth, Ben, ' 60; Hecsocker, Lorry, ' 58; Kollolh, Newell, ' 58; Krohn, Kenneth, ' 59. Row 3: Middlelon, Rolph, ' 59; Minor, Jomcs, ' 59; Spenser, James, ' 59; Stibol, Thomoi, ' 60, Whortmon, Roljcrt, 57; Wright, John, ' 58. 384 Acacia: Pogo Award Received In a close race Acacia finished first among all fraternities in the " Pogo for President " contest which was sponsored by the NEBRASKAN. As win- ners Acacia had more votes cast for Pogo than any other house. The Acacia ' s Homecoming display took second place in their division. Eldon Beavers was a mem- ber of Kosmet Klub, and Larry Heesacker was in Corn Cobs. Glenn Anderson was chosen for Sigma Tau, engineering honorary, and Phi Tau Sigma, engineering scholastic honorary. Newell Kollath is a member of Alpha Tau Alpha, voc-ed organiza- tion. On the social side were the Mug and Moll Party and the Orchid Formal. Acacia was founded at the University of Mich- igan in 1904; it was founded at Nebraska in 1905 and has 44 chapters. William Dahl, president Business Administration, Alliance Bill Dahl, president Glen Anderson, vice president Ron Bowen, secretary Newell Kollath, treasurer m jh 385 in secx. sresoBi Dorr 5er . jj ' ct i Dcv ' e -n rrre. secrsTzr A ' cha Gemma Rho: Campus Work Rewarded cmcB om f fismity ' s " 5 ' " T ' , 3Sd H " 5 n ri k 31 :_ - _iar -m s 4tt cm -:jr ' 57 •coosc ' «;«»i. T Alpha Gamma Slgmo ' s take advantage of some free time between classes to hold a mid-ofternoon cord game in the living room of the chopfer house. Alpha Gamma Sigma 4013 Holdrege Street Row 1: Alberts, Gory, ' 59; Atkins, Howord, ' 57; Beckmon, Chester, ' 59; Bellinger, Molvin, ' 57; Binfiold, Glenn, ' 58; Bishop, Marvin, ' 58; Goold, Gerald, ' 60; Hooting, Alan, ' 57, Hunt, Ronald, ' 60; Johonnsen, Chris, ' 59; Row 2: Kouk, Stanley, ' 60; Keim, Moyn, ' 59; Klingcnberg, John, ' 57; Klute, James, ' 60; Knudson, Kay, ' 57; Cort, Byron, ' 59; Kohlmon, Dclbert, ' 58; Lebruska, Robert, ' 57; Lutz, Lorr , ' 59; Mangclson, Albert, ' 57. Row 3: M:Cailin, Norval, ' 59; Meierhenry, Melvin, ' 57; Mosicr, Elwin, ' 59; Nou- man, Duone, ' 57; Ocrter, Dendal, ' 58; PotlhofI, Wayne, ' 57; Quandt, Loyol, ' 59; Reed, Billie, ' 57; Schipporoit, Otto, ' 58; Schliefert, Mervyn, ' 57; Row «: Schwob, Thomas, ' 59; Smith, Chorles, ' 59; Terp, Richard, ' 58; Thomssen, Ell Lee, ' 60; Voljke, Roy, ' 57; Zech, Arthur, ' 57; Zessin, Dorrel, ' 59. V r 4 v 4 tkmi 388 i Alpha Gamma Sigma; Rose Formal Queen Named Alpha Gamma Sigma ' s Rose Formal was held in April, and at the dance Beverly Bartz was presented as the AGS sweetheart for 1956, Other social features included the AGS Hayrack Ride, Christmas Party and an open house for Parents Day. Alpha Gamma Sigma was founded at Ohio State in 1923 and at Nebraska in 1953. Mervyn Schliefert and Marvin Bishop are active members of Corn Cobs. Arthur Zech is sec- retary of Alpha Zeta, honorary agriculture fra- ternity. Roy Volzke was elected vice president and John Klingenberg was treasurer of the Block and Bridle Club. Melvin Bellinger wielded the gavel as president of the Ag Economics Club. The Varsity Dairy Club chose Richard Terp president, and Nerval McCaslin was a member, Alan Hoefing, president Agriculture, Gladstone A! Hoeting, president Al Mangelson, vice president Howard Atkins, secretary Mel Bellinger, treasurer Q o n Ta Q • ■ " " i k 5 ( ' S kr Tii ' - ' " H ' - ' -i - " } ' -4 if Afk V tfiMik 389 Tom Olson, president Business Administration, Lisco Tom Olson, president Cloude Berreckman, vice president Ken Peterson, secretary Burt Powell, treasurer Alpha Tou Omega: 13th Storybook Ball Held The ATO Storybook Boll has become one of the campus ' most popular social events. This year will mark the thirteenth time the party has been held. ATO ' s and dates displayed their ingenuity with costumes to depict their favorite storybook characters. The Fiji-Tau Tussle dance and Club 100 house party were also highlights of the year. Dick Andrews was appointed to the Board of Publications for the second year. Dick is also the I FC representative to the Student Council and is on the Debate Team. Bruce Brugmann was presi- dent of the Student Council and past editor of the NEBRASKAN. Jim Shone was elected to Theta Nu, the pre- med honorary, as was Gerald Rounsborg, who was also named the Tri Delta outstanding pinmate. l ' Q } .p .p " - -) CTi K) n - , " n TT o, ' rn ?t . ir Q f " n O 19 i " Q q ' i 1 ' ir? ' 5 Q p 9 ' - " c 390 Just too tired to do anything seems to be the atmosphere in the ATO living room as the books are put away for an evening of watching TV. Alpha Tau Omega 1433 R Street Row 1: Andreasen, James, ' 57; Andrews, Richard, ' 58; Baldwin, Roger, ' 58; Bau- man, Jerry, ' 59; Bauman, Karl, ' 60; Berreckman, Claude, ' 57; Blockmcn, Arthur, ' 60; Bosking, William, ' 58; Bradford, Harry, ' 60; Brandes, Robert, ' 59; Butterfield, John, ' 57; Carlin, John, ' 59; Carlson, Chorles, ' 60; Carter, Lester, ' 60. Row 2: Christensen, Phillip, ' 60; Cook, James, ' 60; Copelond, DeeMonte, ' 60; Cope- land, Jerry, ' 58; Corkle, Jerry, ' 58; Cupper, Robert, ' 58; Cutkosky, Jock, ' 58; Cutter, Eugene, ' 57; Demoree, Harold, ' 58; Edwards, Michoel, ' 60; Folk, Don, ' 58; Frenzel, Gory, ' 59; Gundersen, Woyne, ' 58; Gzehoviok, Edword, ' 60. Row 3: Hall, Duone, ' 58; Haman, Eugene, ' 58; Hewitt, James, ' 60; Holm, Paul, ' 60, Heubner, Dan, ' 61; Johnston, Robert, ' 60; Keenan, Roy, ' 57; Kelley, Gary, ' 57 Kerwin, John, ' 60; Kleiber, Donald, ' 60; Kleiber, Richord, ' 58; Kreycik, Hoye, ' 60 Kuester, Bill, ' 60; Leeper, Stephen, ' 59. Row 4: McCuistion, Mike, ' 59; McGarrough, Pot, ' 59; McKenzie, Fred, ' 60; McKim, Harlan, ' 59; Mikkleson, Jerry, ' 59; Mobley, Richard, ' 57; Mohrman, Gordon, ' 59; Niemann, Robert, ' 57; Olson, Thomas, ' 57; Orr, Donald, ' 58; Peterson, Kenneth, ' 59; Prohl, Jerry, ' 59; Pyle, Bert, ' 57; Rainforth, Robert, ' 57. Row S: Rover, Ronald, ' 60; Robertson, Woyne, ' 60; Schneider, Conrad, ' 57; Schroeder, Normon, ' 60; Shane, James, ' 58; Switzer, Lee, ' 58; Trueblood, Jerry, ' 59; Worholoski, Ronald, ' 58; West, John, ' 60; Wightman, Donald, ' 60; Witt, Max, ' 59; Wolfe, Rodney, ' 58; Zimmer, John, ' 58. 391 Beta Sigma Psi ' s bowling team, which finished second in intramural con- tests, competes in a crucial game during the all-fraternity tournament. Beta Sigma Psi 14Q1 R Street Row 1: Aerni, Lorry, ' 60, Arnot, Keith, ' 57; Asche, Dovid, ' 60, Borteli, Wayne, Grod. Bicho, Jon, ' 59, BicnhoH, Donold, ' 60; Buchtiolz, Wollocc, ' 60; DeBower, Roymond, ' 59; Emspohr, Rod|4A, ' 57; Esslinger, Edgar, ' 58; Godeken, Emtl, ' 58; Gicrhon, Dennis, ' 60. ' • Row 2: Gierhon, Ronald. ' 6 6osker, Bill, ' 60; Havckost, Donald, ' 60; Henkc, Fredric, ' 60; Johanson, John, ' 57; Kellogg, Kenneth, ' 58; LoRoe, Jomes, ' 57; Lentz. Elliott, ' 58; Loseke, Woyne. ' 60; Meyer, Jerry, ' 59; Meyer, Roger, ' 60; Mitlyng, Errol, ' 58. Row 3: Mueller, Donald, ' 59; Myers, Kenneth, ' 60; Peters, Ron, ' 58; Peterson, James, ' 59; Pfeiffer, Clarence, ' 60; Pohlmon, Donald. ' 57; Lueking, Robert, ' 59; Roberts, Leslie, ' 57; Ruwc. Dean, ' 59, Schultie, Roymond, ' 57; Stelling, Feiti, ' 58; Struve, Roger, ' 60. Row 4: Thiemann, Otto, 58; Troester, Michael. ' 60; Vohl, Ted, ' 58; Wolcntine. Robert, ' 60; Worake. Lorry, ' 58; Weil, Jon, ' 60; Wroy, Duano, ' 60; Ziogelbein, Allen, ' 58, Zucker, Paul, ' 57. V-: irJ i M£ 392 Beta Sigma Psi: House Activities Varied This year the Beta Sig spotlight was focused on activities, as members from the house partici- pated in o variety of campus organizations. Elliot Lentz and Emil Gadeken were in Corn Cobs. Beta Sig ' s served as members of Builders, Red Cross and Student Union committees. Les Roberts and Jim Peterson were in Men ' s Glee Club. Dean Ruwe represented the house as a member of CCRC. Beta Sig ' s took part in intramural Softball, football, tennis, basketball and bowling. The bowl- ing team finished second in its league. Among the social events were the Barbary Coast Party and the annual Sweetheart Formal. Beta Sigma Psi was founded at the University of I llinois in 1 925. It was founded on the Nebraska campus in 1929 and has six chapters. Paul Zucker, president Arts and Sciences, Scrlbner Paul Zucker, president Dave Johanson, vice president Otto Thiemann, secretary Wayne Bortels, treasurer h» f | " » i ' ffj n ffi £ Q ' --j-% C3 tTl k -r . iR 393 Dick Reische, president Business Administrotion, Beatrice Dick Reische, president Sam Jensen, vice president Mel Thornton, secretary George Modsen, treasurer Beta Theta Pi: Innocents Tackle Three For their outstanding work in activities and high scholastic overages, John Fogon, Fred Daly and Sam Jensen " bit the dust " on Ivy Day as they were tackled for the Innocents Society. Kosmet Klub, Yell Squad, Student Council and the NE- BRASKAN are some of the activities in which Beta ' s participated and for this participation were recognized in receiving second place in the Inno- cents scholorshp-activities competition. All work and no ploy would be dull, but first place in intramural football, wrestling, golf and badminton shows that the Beta ' s ploy as well as they work. The social calendar was marked by three tra- ditional Beta events— the Honeymoon Hotel party, the Roaring Twenties party and the annual Spring Formal. •Q (5 ' 9 Q 394 " Come smoke a friendly pipe with me . . . " rings clear as the Beta pledges gather for their afternoon song practice in the Beta library. Beta Theta Pi 1515 R Street Row 1: Aksomit, Gary, ' 60; Anderson, John, ' 59; Anderson, Richard, ' 58; Arizumi, Charles, ' 59; Bedwell, William, ' 57; Bomhoff, Daniel, ' 60; Brown, David, ' 59; Brown- field, Gerald, ' 58; Brune, Dennis, ' 57; Bucklin, Ronald, ' 60; Burg, Charles, ' 60; Christensen, Gene, ' 57; Clark, Bruce, ' 60; Clark, Randolph, ' 58. Row 2: Cripe, Jim, ' 60; Daly, Frederick, ' 57; Dewe,, Ted, ' 60; Douthit, John, ' 59; Drake, Patrick, ' 59; Draper, William, ' 59; Epiey, Gary, ' 57; Fogan, John, ' 57; Frye, Arthur, ' 59; Gibbs, Clark, ' 57; Glynn, John, ' 59; Helton, Robert, ' 58; Hinrichs, Robert, ' 60; Hoel, Ronald, ' 57. Row 3: Hummel, John, ' 58; Hussey, Gerald, ' 60; Hutchins, James, ' 59; Jacques, James, ' 59; Jensen, Sam, ' 57; Johnson, Co), ' 58; Johnson, Roger, ' 59; Johnson, Ronald, ' 60; Kompfe, William, ' 57; Kendall, Albert, ' 60; Klas, Robert, ' 60; Kretz, Robert, ' 60; Larsen, Lee, ' 60; Lempka, Gerald, ' 58. Row 4: Madsen, George, ' 57; Morples, Jerry, ' 60; Morten, William, ' 58: Mortis, Williom, ' 59; Meldrum, Gordon, ' 60; Murray, Robert, ' 57; O ' Hanlon, Jomes, ' 57; Olmsted, Robert, ' 58; Reische, Richard, ' 57; Rhodes, Dave, ' 59; Rhoden, Jack, ' 58; Romjue, Larry, ' 60; Schneider, Ronald, ' 57; Souchek, Robert, ' 58. Row 5: Stitt, Thomas, ' 57; Switzer, Walter, ' 59; Toylor, Gerald, ' 60; Thornton, Melvin, ' 57; Vanderveen, John, ' 59; Vinsant, Peter, ' 57; Welsh, Michael, ' 60; Wilson, William, ' 60; Woolmon, Clorence, ' 60; Wright, John, ' 59; Yeske, Lonny, ' 60; Zook, Mark, ' 60. L 395 The greatest concern ot any fraternity man is his stomoch. Delta Sigma Phi ' s enjoy themselves os they proctice their favorite hobby — eating. Delta Sigma Phi 1645 R Street Row ]: Allrnoton, John, ' 60; Bodomi, Joseph, ' 60; Borth, Dovid, ' 59; Bogard, Edv»ord,, ' 59, Brown, Richard, ' 60; Compbeli, John, ' 59; Choquctte, Dennis, ' 58; Copp, Jomcs, ' 57; Cummings, Witliom, ' 57; Dutfoy, William, ' 59; Fraos, Frederick, ' 58. Row 2; Gaylord, George, ' 59; Giesenhogcn, Foul, ' 59; Honno, John, ' 59, Heinz, Norman, ' 57; Hocmonn, Robert, ' 59; Holub, Fronk, ' 60; Kesler, Morvin, ' 59; Kirk, Esley, ' 58; LoVoie, Gary, ' 58; Lowrence, Leon, ' 58; Ledcr, Duone, ' 58. Row 3: L ' Hcurcux, Odcll, ' 58; Mooder. Williom, ' 59; Mall, Jomet, ' 59; Moll. Horold, ' 58; Musil, Victor, ' 57; Nelson, Voughn, ' 57; Oehm, Jomcs, ' 57; O ' Neal, Waller, ' 58; Potschc, Robert, ' 60; Poriz, Donald, ' 59; Raible, Joseph, ' 58. Row 4: Roy, Robert, ' 58; Schecrcr, Ronald, ' 57; Schloke, Goil, ' 59; Sorensen, Donald, ' 58; Spciscr, Joseph, ' 59; Stroich, Poul, ' 57; Swanton, Richard, ' 57; Timmons, Jock, ' 58; Ulrich, Lorry, ' 58; Willioms, John, ' 58. 396 Delta Sigma Phi: Copp Is Masquers Prexy Jim Copp was elected president of Masquers, o club for students who are outstanding in theater activities. He was also presented with the Mas- quers Service Award and was named outstanding director of Purple Masque. Bill Duffy is a member of Sinfonia, music fra- ternity, and is on the City Campus Religious Coun- cil. Vic Musil was on the Engineering Executive Board and the staff of the " Blueprint, " the publi- cation of the College of Engineering. Norman Heinz is a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, ge- ology fraternity. The Apache Ball, Carnation Formal and the Sailors Ball were a few of the social events held during the year. Delta Sigma Phi was founded at the City Col- lege of New York in 1899. Ed Bogard, president Engineering, Omaha Ed Bogard, president Mary Kesier, vice president Bill Maeder, secretary Gail Schlake, treasurer ' ' ' n n o ri r . r r r . n O, Q f5. Q Ca O tf lUsh zAi tf iiA t 397 Bob Cook, president Arts ond Sciences, Lincoln Bob Cook, president Larry Blevins, vice president Dick Walker, secretary Len Lindgren, treasurer Delta Tau Delta: Homecoming Display Wins A red and white elephont with a flashing eye illustrated the theme of " Tiger Hunting, " which brought Delta Tau Delta first place honors in the annual Homecoming display competition among fraternities. House social functions included the Hangover Party, a Spring Formal and many informal parties. Bob Cook was a member of Innocents, the edi- torial page editor of the NEBRASKAN and vice president of IFC. Chosen to Sigma Tau, the engi- neering scholastic honorary, was Harry Dingman who also worked as a member of Kosmet Klub and was on the Student Council. Mick Neff served as vice president of the Student Council, and Tom Neff was a Kosmet Klub worker and assistant business manager of the NEBRASKAN. p. ' Q Q . " % jft T " ' cj, .-1 Q r m ri •!-» 4,-miiM rkAX d a q n n 9 q q f if? f . irli t liiYfe A 4Yk Ain ik i ( C r5 o .Ci Ci Oi C% O A yMMiMk.i Jil]?L % ?hA ' L :i 398 A frantic effort is made by these Delts to re-learn the things which hove somehow been forgotten during the semester, as time for finals draws near. Delta Tau Delta 715 North 16 Street Row 1: Aden, Robert, ' 59; Amos, Jerry, ' 58; Anderson, Gordon, ' 59; Arneson, Gordon, ' 59; Arneson, Richard, ' 58; Baker, Lorry, ' 59; Bean, Jerry, ' 60; Beckwitti, John, ' 58; Beideck, John, ' 57; Banedict, John, ' 58; Biermon, Wallace, ' 58; Blevins, Lorry, ' 57; Bond, Dick, ' 58; Clark, William, ' 58. Row 2: Cook, Richard, ' 58; Cook, Robert, ' 57; Donek, Bill, ' 60; DeVilbiss, Jere, ' 58; Diers, Robert, ' 59;, Horry, ' 58; Ditmon, Robert, ' 59; Dolezal, Robert, ' 59; Dudden, Dick, ' 60; Elwell, Don, ' 59; Engelbretson, Rex, ' 60; Erway, Don ' 57; Frandsen, Gary, ' 57; Grubb, Goyle, ' 60. Row 3: Grube, H. Lee, ' 58; Hohn, Ted, ' 58; Hall, Sam, ' 60; Horry, Robert, ' 59; Hodge, Richard, ' 60; Hove, R.chard, ' 60; Kelley, Lorry, ' 60; Kmoch, Norbert, ' 57; Krhounek, Roger, ' 59; Lindgrsn, Leonord, ' 57; Lindgren. Williom, ' 60; Logue, Michael, ' 60; Madden, John, ' 59; Mopes, John, ' 59. Row 4: Modsen, Rodney, ' 57; Memaster, Burrell, ' 57; Morris, Roger, ' 58; Moyer, John, ' 58; Neff, Tom, ' 59; Nelson, Kris, ' 57; Nelson, Richard, ' 60; Novotti, Thomas, ' 60; Noble, John, ' 57; O ' Halloron, James, ' 59; Olson, Sam, ' 58; Pennington, David, ' 60; Redmond, Jack, ' 58; Rossiter, Vincent, ' 58. Row S: Schottler, Guy, ' 60; Shorror, Paul, ' 60; Siebler, Dwight, ' 59; Skolla, Bernie, ■60; Skalla, John, ' 57; Smith, Michael, ' 59; Tooley, Michoel, ' 58; Trupp, Jerold, ' 60; Trussell, Samuel, ' 58; Walker, James, ' 58; Wolker, Richard, ' 57. 399 .vys» Delta Uffi«« 1701 t .m « •57, Ormw Saw-were ■55- mJ im Oa»v " 57 Ci » m . l«r». 60- fca»an». a». tit- mmi e r jw f. ■-..r iaoc- Georoe, " M Hood, _, __. A»u . jam. 5 . L»r« ao4c .akS C.tflxn. ' fiC (taeOamOU. itBmf . 57. MaKr McCoT •aev . 59: l i. l«» i« ii u w. Monrr 57 - ' ' . Ho. " S . Sondbw. : -SB -JOT. Merrn •■ ' 4.x Delta Upsilon: Athletic Honors Taken Bill Ki vummsa i msA , president Bab NkatOanaU. vice presidenft Lorry I ester, secielcM y Don Eriksof treasurer ID w q n a Q r ft n q ctj q " 9 A !1 (?) -I n - r5 L1L1.1£ 401 Jim Feather, president Agriculture, Lincoln Jim Feather, president Charlie Trumble, vice president Leo Damkroger, secretary Jim Turner, treasurer Farm House: Scholarship Trophy Won For the fourth consecutive semester, Farm House held first piece among all fraternities in scholarship and also took first in the Innocents ' scholarship-activities competition. The rolls of campus activities include many Farm House members. Six were active members of Corn Cobs, while two worked in Kosmet Klub. Charles Trumble, Jim Feather and Bill De- Wulf donned the red robes of the Innocents So- ciety. Will Schultz, Jim Turner and Leo Dam- kroger are members of Alpha Zeta, national agri- culture scholastic fraternity; and Jim Feather is secretary-treasurer of Sigma Delta Chi, journal- ism honorary. Among Form House social functions which were held during the year were a fall party and the spring Sweetheart Formal. PBf p 75 Q- n O qi q §ir ci f% -p ( 1 . 1 iq p. c .- p r ' f ' 402 Plights of the mistreated fraternity waiter are shown by these Farm House men as they hurry to finish the dishes in time to moke their one o ' clocks. Farm House 3601 Apple Street Row 1: Bollish, Alvin, -59; Boning, John, ' 58; Burbonk, John, ' 57; Carlson, William, ' 57; Clegg, Mox, ' 57; Damkroger, Leo, ' 57; Dannert, Robert, ' 59; DeWulf, Bill, ' 57; Discoe, Robert, ' 57; Eostin, John, ' 58; Eberspacher, Darrel, ' 58; Ervin, Eldon, ' 58. Row 2: Feather, James, ' 57; Ferris, David, ' 60; Feye, Vernon, ' 60; Getsler, Donald, ' 59; Gloubius, Allen, ' 60; Grube, Arthur, ' 58; Harglerood, Jon, ' 58; Herman, Donald, ' 59; Heuermann, Donald, ' 58; Hoffmon, Thomas, ' 57; Howard, Terry, ' 58; Kilday, Donald, ' 59. Row 3: Kilday, Gary, ' 60; Kyes, Marvin, ' 59; McReynolds, Edwin, ' 57; Morse, Franklin, ' 58; Patterson, Walter, ' 59; Preston, Perry, ' 60; Purcell, James, ' 60; Reynolds, Donold, ' 57; Schick, Don, ' 59; Schmidt, Wolter, ' 57; Schutz, Wilfred, ' 57; Sedlok, Dennis, ' 58. Row 4: Serres, Kenneth, ' 59; Siffring, Donald, ' 59; Skinner, Bruce, ' 59; Smidt, Robert, ' 59; Spilker, Bill, ' 58; Storr, Wendell, ' 57; Stoller, Edward, ' 58; Svoboda, Jerry, ' 59; Syslo, Charles, ' 60; Trego, Gary, ' 60; Trumble, Charles, ' 57; Turner, James, ' 57. Row S: Turner, Richard, ' 60; Voss, Larry, ' 58; Waldo, Richard, ' 59; Warner, James, ' 58; Weichenthal, Burton, ' 59; Wiemer, Robert, 58; Wittier, Lelond, ' 58. 403 Koppo Sigmo ' s begin the long ond ti nq rructing their Homecom- ing display. As usual more arc found supervising fhon arc actually working. Kappa Sigma 501 North 16 Street Row 1: Ackermon, John, ' 60; Anderson, James, ' 59; Arps, Chris, ' 60; Badura, Roman, ' 57; Barry, Lyle, ' 60; Borry, Robert, ' 60; Boy, Gory, ' 60; Berge, Pete, ' 57; Bodensteincr, Corl, ' 58; Bruhn, John, Grad; Buettow, Dorrell, ' 58; Burionek, Marvin, ■59; Butcher, Robert, ' 58. Row 2: Cobbirs, Williom, ' 60; Cl-.omb«r$, Brent, ' 60; Dcbbs, Alan, ' 59; Dobry Chorles, ' 58; Ellison, Goylord, ' 59; Emrich, Bill, ' 60; Erickson, Tom, ' 60; Everett, John, ' 58; Foist, Lauren, ' 57; Fleer, Lorry, ' 58; Fonken, Stanley, ' 60; Frieling, Garry, ' 60; Furse, Ronold, ' 60. Row 3: Gardner, Jock, ' 57; Gibson, Robert, ' 60; Goos, Don, ' 58; Grohom, Ron, ' 59; Green, Ronald, ' 57; Grimminger, Horry, ' 60; Houtzenroder, William, ' 60; Hawk- inton, Jerry, ' 60; Hecckt, John, ' 58; Hcssee, Rotiert, ' 60; Hotf, Horold, ' 60; Howard, Robert, ' 60; Hoy, Glenn, ' 59. Row 4: Hunkins, Orin, ' 58; Johnson, Lowell, ' 59; Johnson, Walter, ' 60; Koruvus, Adorn, ' 57; Kcycs, Charles, ' 59; King, Williom, ' 58; Kuhn, John, ' 60; LoRuc, Lowell, ' 60; Losch, Richard, ' 58; Lowe, Williom, ' 59; McCartney, Jomcs, 58; McCurley. Frank, ' 59; McKillip, Kenneth, ' 58. Row i: Moses, Dick, ' 59; Moyer, George, ' 59; Nleboum, Lowell, ' 59; Overholt, Richard, ' 58, Pickett, Theodore, ' 57; Pitlock, Wes, ' 59; Plotz, Horry, ' 59; Powell, George, ' 59; Rozonek, Rod, ' 58; Rumpoltos, Wolter, ' 60; Schnior, Dole, ' 60; Schnler, Ronald, ' 58; Schuermon, Norberf, ' 57. Row 6: Seymour, Richord. ' 57; Sottlcy, Kenneth, ' 58; Stock, Denis, ' 59; Stanoge, Robert, ' 60; Wochter, Ronold, ' 59, vVoldron, Johnie, ' 59; Walter, Poul, ' 58; Wolton, Sorruol, ' 59; Worrick, Robert, ' 57; Wotkins, Robert, ' 60; Wehrmon, Philip. ' 57. Jrhmkimd ii n 404 Kappa Sigma: New House Completed The long awaited day arrived last September when the proud members of Kappa Sigma moved into their new chapter house which had been completed during the summer. The house was quickly initiated, as many in- formal parties were held there soon after school began. Social events during the year included the Red Head Banquet and the Kappa Sig Barn Dance. Many Kappa Sig ' s took part in activities. Charles Keyes was NUCWA vice president, and George Moyer worked on the debate team and the NEBRASKAN staff. Norbert Schuerman was in Sinfonia, music fraternity, and Gamma Lambda, band honorary. Paul Walter was selected for Nu Med and Theta Nu, medical fraternities. The Kappa Sig Homecoming display received honorable mention in the men ' s division. Paul Walter, president Arts ond Sciences, Norfolk Paul Walter, president J. P. Wehrman, vice president Pete Berge, secretary Don Goos, treasurer ■Q r .Z3. IT f uZa ' . n o -p- Q Q o n B Si lv 405 Sam Ellis, president Business Administrotion, Lincoln Sam Ellis, president Bill Ross, vice president Bill Tomson, secretary Terry Healy, treasurer Phi Delta Theta: Ellis Heads Innocents Phi Delt Sam Ellis was tackled president of the Innocents Society on Ivy Day. Sam was president of IFC, a member of Kosmet Klub, on the Student Council and in Alpha Kappa Psi, business frater- nity. Other Phi Delts in activities included Sam Van Pelt, vice president of Kosmet Klub, and Dave Mossman, Morgan Holmes and Phil Stephens, KK members. Art Weaver was presi- dent of AUF, while Bill Wells was treasurer of N Club. Phi Delta Theta was the first fraternity estab- lished at the University of Nebraska; it was founded here in 1 875. The fraternity was founded nationally in 1848 and has 120 chapters. Two formals, one held in the fall and one in the spring, headed the social calendar. Other parties included the Phi Delt Turtle Race and the She Delta Theta party. Q Q ' q. o Q .n a n ' - .a ft p q r) o q o A q r- n n n ,Q n 1 : Q Q. fq ' fr q n iViii41iki 4tfei:i 44AYk A ib Jfi 406 Phi Delta Theta ' s, accomponied by Jim Peterson and his banjo, take ad- vantage of some free time between classes to brush up on their singing. %dtk " (f . Phi Delta Theta 1545 R Street Row 1: Brace, Harry, ' 59; Brittenham, Dean, ' 57; Cadwalloder, Gary, ' 59; Cardwell, Curtis, ' 58; Cody, John, ' 60; Dorsey, John, ' 60; Cottrell, Richord, ' 58; Ellis, Sam, ' 57; Farrington, Don, ' 59; Foy, Jerry, ' 57; Griffiths, John, ' 60; Guthery, William, ' 59; Haffke, Ernie, ' 58; Hagon, Lorry, ' 60; Row 2: Hall, Robert, ' 60; Healey, James, ' 57; Holmes, John, ' 60; Holmes, Mor- gon, ' 58; Houston, Robert, ' 59; Howerter, Stuart, ' 58; Jacobs, Richard, ' 60; Jett, Carl, ' 58; Johnson, Dick, ' 58; Jones, Joret, ' 58; Junge, James, ' 59; Kelley, Richard, ' 60; Kiely, James, ' 58; Kjeldsen, Nels, ' 59; Row 3: Leikam, Jack, ' 57; Lewis, Robert, ' 58; Mortis, John, ' 60; Merrick, David, ' 59; Miller, Thomas, ' 59; Moore, James, ' 60; Moravec, James, ' 59; Morehouse, David, ' 57; Mossmon, David, ' 58; Muck, Jack, ' 60; Mullins, Dennis, ' 60; Nelson, Donald, ' 60; Olsen, Erik, ' 60; Pakieser, Donald, ' 58. Row 4: Peterson, George, ' 58; Peterson, James, ' 59; Prest, Robert, ' 58; Ran- dolph, Dick, ' 58; Rankin, Roger, ' 60; Reisner, James, ' 57; Richards, Charles, ' 60; Ross, William, ' 57; Rouzie, John, ' 58; Schrepf, Robert, ' 60; Skold, Richord, ' 57; Stephens, Phil, ' 58; Stuart, John, ' 59; Taylor, Charles, ' 60. Row S: Teal, Frederick, ' 59; Tomson, Frank, ' 60; Tomson, William, ' 58; Van Pelt, Sam, ' 57; Venner, Cobe, ' 60; Weaver, Art, ' 58; Weaver, Dove, ' 60; Wells, Bill, ' 57; Wilson, Charles, ' 60; Wiltse, Stephen, ' 60; Winey, Kenly, ' 58; Wollaston, Charles, ' 59; Youngscop, Richard, ' 60. 407 " Here they come! " woms q F.|i, a; pUdgo. ar, mob,... . . effort to save their Homecoming display ond octivcs gothcr to give moroi support. Phi Gamma Delta 1425 R Street Row 1: Anderson, Jim, ' 60; Aspcgrcn, Lorry, ' 60; Baird, James, ' 58; Bcnter, Robert, ' 57; Blorc, Welter, ' 57; Christcnson, Lorry, ' 59; Doogetf, Allen, ' 57; Dierks, Jerry, ' 57; Dohrmon, Molvjn, ' 59; Dryden, James, ' 59. Row 2: Fitzgerold, Donold, ' 58; FocW, Jomos, ' 58; Forsyth, John, ' 57; Gcrloch, Wolter, ' 57; Gillilond, Thomas, ' 59; Hart, John, ' 57; Horf, Joseph, ' 58; Hinman, Robert, ' 58; Hodder, Jefferson, ' 57; Kirkwood, Donald, ' 57. Row J: Kohlmeier, Ronald, ' 58; Lightner, Lynn, ' 57; Lukens, Donald, ' 60; Lowe, Stephen, ' 58; McConnell, James, ' 57; McCormick, Jock, ' 57; Morrow, John, ' 57; Murphy, Wolter, ' 60; Nathan, Ron, ' 57; Nelson, Morsholl, ' 57. Row 4: O ' Keelo, Jerry, ' 58; O ' Rourko, John, ' 58; Phinney, Jock, ' 58; Price, Robert, ' 58; Roilsback, Loren, ' 60; Reimers, Gory, ' 58; Russell, William, ' 60; Soppen- ficld. Gory, ' 60; Schod, Murroy, ' 60; Schooltoer, Jerry, ' 59. Row S: Solomon, James, ' 58: Soper, Jim, ' 60; Speice, Byron, ' 59; Stonton, Frank, ' 59; Swonson, Joseph, ' 58; Swedenborg, Tom, ' 59; Voccoro, Joe, ' 58; Wagner, Judd, ' 57; Weotherholt, Jerry, ' 60; Whitoheod, Louris, ' 59. 408 Phi Gamma Delta: Campus Positions Held Among the Phi Gam ' s holding positions in campus activities this year was Bob Schuyler, o member of Student Council, Kosmet Klub, secre- tary of the IFC and vice president of the Biz Ad Executive Council. Marsh Nelson was chosen to the Innocents Society. He was in N Club and served as the business manager of the NEBRAS- KAN. Other Phi Gam ' s working on the NEBRASKAN were Walt Blore, sports editor, and Jack Phinney, staff member. Monroe Usher earned a varsity letter on the swimming team and was on the Student Council. Two traditional Fiji social events were held again this year. They were the Fiji Island Party and the Rose Formal. Also on the social agendo was the Sweetheart Dinner. Al Daggett, president Business Administration, Kearney Al Daggett, president Marsh Nelson recording secretary Jerry Dierks, corresponding secretary Bob Benter, treasurer i 409 Charles Fike, president Business Administrotion, Omoho Charles Fike, president John Haessler, vice president Larry Schrag, secretary Ron Noel, treasurer Phi Kappa Psi: Softball Trophy Taken Phi Kappa Psi ' s softball teonn was named all University champion for the 1956 season. The house also participated in intramural football, tennis and track. The pledge smoker, which was introduced last year by the freshman class, was presented again this year for pledges from other Greek houses. Other social events included the Ship Wreck Party and the annual Spring Formal. Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1895; the fra- ternity has 59 chapters. Gene Spence became book balancer for the 1957 CORNHUSKER, as he was chosen business manager. Gene was also a member of Phi Delta Phi, law fraternity. Dick Shugrue worked on the NEBRASKAN as copy editor. Jerry Moore and Cory Ellison were members of the varsity golf team. f 1 iTi a Q .Q .. .p (f!| O f!l .(fi P !? .flrt O as. pi. i!Tj. C) ,Ci f5i rst 4)0 An " undergraduate member " of Phi Kappa Psi takes a few minutes out of his busy daily schedule to ploy with a group of Phi Psi ' s on the front lawn. Phi Kappa Psi 1548 S Street Row 1: Alderson, Richard, ' 60; Appleget, Jon, ' 59; Anderson, Robert, ' 60; Ashley, William, ' 59; Barth, John, ' 59; Billings, Kern, ' 57; Bucy, Donald, ' 57; Coover, John, ' 59; Costin, Michael, ' 60; Eastman, Jarres, ' 60; Eyth, Robert, ' 60; Fike, Charles, ' 57. Row 2: Fulkerson, Thomas, ' 60; Gilsdorf, James, ' 60; Good, Jomes, ' 59; Gras- mick, Harry, ' 58; Haessler, John, ' 57; Houser, Thomas, ' 58; Irwin, Jock, ' 57; Kitzel- man, Alfred, ' 59; Kollios, Joseph, ' 60; Lewis, Arthur, ' 58; Lundstrom, Charlie, ' 58; Martin, Fred, ' 57. Row 3: Massey, Roger, ' 60; Miller, Dovid, ' 60; Moore, Jerry, ' 58; Nelson, Charles, ' 60; Newcomer, Richard, ' 58; Petersen, Gory, ' 58; Peterson, Rodney, ' 59; Pollard, James, ' 57; Rester, Jay, ' 59; Rose, Wayne, ' 60; Schrag, Lorry, ' 59; Schroe- der, Steve, ' 58. Row 4: Sheldon, Thomas, ' 60; Smith, Thomos, ' 59; Speece, Warren, ' 59; Spence, Gene, ' 58; Stitt, David, ' 60; Svobodo, Ronald, ' 60; Sweeney, Dale, ' 60; Voss, Ronald, ' 60; Walloce, Chorles, ' 60; Westervelt, Ted, ' 57; Winker, Martin, ' 60. 411 Intricocics oi tic tying con be solved by the helpful roommote, os this Pi Koppo Phi discovers in preparing for o special Soturdoy night dote. Pi Kappa Phi 229 North 17 Street Row 1: Akcrson, Allen, ' 58; Anderson, Dean, ' 60; Borr, William, ' 60; Bcrniklou, Vladimir. ' 59; Boling, James, ' 57; Brcntzcl, Jotin, ' 60; Brown, Lorry, ' 60; Coburn, Lewis, ' 57; Corzinc, John, ' 58. Row 2: Dopheidc, Neil, ' 60; Forrcll, Robert, ' 60; Filbert, Kenneth, ' 60; Fried, Geoffrey, ' 57; Fricdrich, Corl, ' 60; Heckmon, Robert, ' 59; Indick, Victor, ' 59; Inncs, Von, ' 57; Jonei, Lorry, ' 59; Row 3: Kehn, Gerald, ' 58; Klosna, Norman, ' 60; Knuit, Horold, ' 57; Lucore, Gory, ' 57; Mcrsch, William, ' 59; Mctcalf, Jock, ' 60; Miller, Thomos, ' 59; Moderow, Jomos, ' 60; Peterson, Roger, ' 60. Row 4: Quick, Gerald, ' 60; Schultz, Rictiord, ' 57; Soger, Harold, ' 58; Soukup, Fronk, ' 60; Wolhier, Lyio, ' 59; Wilcox, Don, ' 57; Zlog, William, ' 59. 412 Pi Kappa Phi: Social Life Sparks Year Empliasis was placed on the social life of Pi Kap members this year. In addition to frequent informal house parties, Pi Kappa Phi held its annual Rose Formal in January. At this dance a Rose Queen and two attendants were chosen. In the spring the Pi Kap house was decorated as a ship for the traditional Harbor Lights party. An- other social feature was the date dinner which is held every May. In 1904 Pi Kappa Phi was founded at Charles- ton College. Nu Chapter was established at Ne- braska in 1915. The fraternity has 52 chapters, and its colors are white and gold. Members of Kosmet Klub included Gary Lu- core, Jim Boling and Von Innes. Jim was in charge of the 1956 KK Fall Revue. Von was also a mem- ber of Sigma Tau, engineering scholastic honor- ary. Jim Boling, president Business Administration, Topeka Jim Boling, president Don Wilcox, treasurer Gary Lucore, social chairman Jack Fried, pledge trainer 413 Don Freeman, president Business Administrotion, York Don Freeman, president Bob Berguin, vice president Larry Rotert, secretary Charles Whitney, treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Party Features Romans This fall the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter house was decorated in a Roman atmosphere as Sig Alph ' s and their dates attended the annual Toga Party. The costumes worn portrayed many characters from Roman history. The French Party, Parents and Alumni Day, and winter and spring formals were also social events held dur- ing the 1956-57 year. The house captured second place in Spring Day activities and also carried on a work project with LARC School in the spring. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has expanded from one chapter founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 to 140 chapters and over 90,000 members. Bob Berguin was chosen co-captain of the varsity football team for the 1957 season. Gordon Englert won a letter in football, and Jack Bryans is a three-year letterman in wrestling. Q n n. ,Q !5 .|?5[ Q . - .o. Q i! . o. (?5 ri -tT) ' cy flii ft ui iTx n o Q 414 Taking advantage of the first flurry of the season, the Sig Alph ' s find satisfaction in covering one of their brothers with handfuls of snow. 4Yii4m itM Sigma Alpha Epsilon 635 North 16 Street Row 1: Alsbrooks, William, ' 60; Anderson, Alan, ' 57, Andresen, Richard, ' 57; Atkins, Robert, ' 60; Boyer, Lonnie, ' 58; Berguin, Robert, ' 57; Bland, Keith, ' 60; Bricker, Marshall, ' 60; Brown, Jim, ' 60; Brown, Lewis, ' 60; Bryans, Jack, ' 57; Bryans, Wallace, ' 60; Colder, Michael, ' 57. Row 2: Chisholm, George, ' 58; Cochran, Michael, ' 60; Cox, Jerry, ' 57; Crites, Clay, ' 58; Doane, Douglas, ' 59; Emery, John, ' 60; Englert, Gordon, ' 57; English, Daniel, ' 60; Ericson, Bryan, ' 60; Fohrboch, David, ' 58; Falconer, Richard, ' 59; Ferguson, Richard, ' 60; Fleecs, Lawrence, ' 59, Row 3: Freeman, Don, ' 57; Fritz, Dan, ' 60; Gaibler, Kent, ' 60; Gettman, Jomes, ' 60; Groves, Kenneth, ' 58; Hayes, Jomes, ' 59; Heold, Bud, ' 58; Hervey, David, ' 57; Howey, Fred, ' 60; Keller, Gory, ' 60; Kendall, Marshall, ' 58; Kerr, Henry, ' 59; Kohtz, John, ' 57. Row 4: Kohtz, Robert, ' 60; Lakin, Jomes, ' 58; Landers, John, ' 58; McGlasson, Ross, ' 60; McMillan, Maurice, ' 60; Meierhenry, Paul, ' 58; Meierhenry, Roy, ' 60; New- burn, Ted, ' 59; Norton, Leroy, ' 60; Patrick, Chuck, ' 58; Prewitt, Eric, ' 59; Rader, Bruce, ' 60; Reynolds, Joel, ' 60. Row 5: Rhodes, Edward, ' 58; Romberg, Harland, ' 57; Ross, Robert, ' 60; Rotert, Larry, ' 59; Scow, Roger, ' 57; Snodgross, William, ' 60; Steiner, Stephen, ' 60; Trimble, Jerry, ' 58; Warren, Paul, ' 60; Whitney, Charles, ' 58; Zadina, James, ' 60. 415 This typical scene fends some Sammies discussing their dotes for thot eve- ning; two others seem more interested in cotching up on their reoding. Sigma Alpha Mu 733 North 16 Street Row 1: Abromson, Allen, ' 59; Bordy, Steve, ' 59; Breslow, Boyd, ' 59; Brcslow, Morvin, ' 57; Burstcin, Stonlcy, ' 57; Cohsn, Arvin, ' 60; Cohen, Meyer, ' 59; Colnic! Jerry, ' 57; Denonberg, Marjholl, ' 57; Ocncnbcrg, Michoci, ' 58; Diomond, Edword, ' 59! Row 2: Epstein, Arnold, ' 58; Epstein, Lorry, ' 58; Ermon, Mike, ' 60; Fcror, Jerome, ' 60; Freed, Kenneth, ' 59; Friedmon, Harold, ' 59; Fnodmon, Herbert, ' 58, Gorrop, Normon, ' 59; Gilman, Morvin, ' 57; Hceger, Alon, ' 57; Hill, Joe, ' 59. Row 3: Koimon, Ston, ' 60; Kenyon, Howard, ' 60; Lovlne, Mel, ' 60; Levy, Michoel, ' 59; Morgolin, Jerry, ' 58; Mintz, Bernord, ' 58; Novlcoft, Horold, ' 60; Oruch! Jock, ' 59; Pocias, Richard, ' 57; Posko, Forrest, ' 57; Rosen, Alon, ' 58. Row 4: Rundcll, Abe, ' 59; Schwartz, Lorry, ' 58; Shukerl, Allen, ' 60; Swodelson. Al, ' 59; Turkcl, Bernord, ' 58; Widmon, David. ' 60 Wi.lmnn sinnipy so Wm,. Normon, ' 60; Zelon, Samuel, ' 57. 416 Sigma Alpha Mu: 30th Year Celebrated Sigma Omicron Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu celebrated its 30th year on the Nebraska campus this December. A Founders Day Banquet was held, and over 150 alumni were present to hear reports of the chapter ' s progress during the past year. The fraternity was founded nationally in 1909 and has 49 chapters. For the second consecutive semester the Sammies placed first among all fraternities on city campus in scholarship. Marvin Breslow was named as a candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship. Lorry Epstein served as assistant Yell King, a member of Red Cross Board, assistant business manager of the NEBRASKAN and as a Corn Cob. Larry Schwartz was a member of Kosmet Klub, while Mike Levy worked on the CORNHUSKER as a section editor. Alan Heeger, president Arts and Sciences, Omaha Alan Heeger, president Marvin Breslow, vice president Larry Schwartz, secretary Alan Rosen, treasurer © ■fSP ' O Vrt ' - T f»j- ' f - 417 Don Tolman, president Dentistry, McCook Dan Tolman, president Paul Allen, vice president Al Jones, secretary Gary Dougherty, treasurer Sigma Chi: First in Ivy Day Sing Voices of the Sigma Chi ' s won first place among fraternities in the Ivy Day Sing competi- tion. Jon Dawson directed the winning group. Bob Ireland worked as news editor of the NEBRASKAN and vice president of NUCWA. Warren Christensen and Roger Bottorf were mem- bers of N Club. Sinfonia members included Rod Walker and Bruce Martin; Frank Morrison and Jim Whitaker were chosen to Alpha Kappa Psi, business fraternity. Jim also acted as assistant business manager of the CORNHUSKER and treas- urer of the Biz Ad Council. Sig Chi ' s participated in varsity football, swim- ming, track, tennis, golf and baseball. The house took first place in intramural tennis, golf and handball. Sigma Chi was founded at Miami University in 1855 and at Nebraska in 1883. r i c ,o r Q " Si i ifTts 7!i .o fri a .•i .i?i n n » ) :2 . q Q n ' T Q q 418 " Hey, pledge! " — and another job arises for the reluctant freshman. Warm weather brings these Sigma Chi pledges outside to wash an active ' s cor. Sigma Chi 1510 Vine Row 1: Allen, Paul, ' 58; Anderson, Gordon, ' 58; Anderson, John, ' 57; Bobcock, Gary, ' 60; Ballantyne, Byron, ' 57; Barnard, Kenneth, ' 58; Bell, Donald, ' 60; Berry, Wes, ' 60; Berryman, Rodney, ' 60; Birchard, Dennis, ' 57; Bollinger, Tom, ' 60; Burhans, Dwavne, ' 58; Cheuvront, Jeffre, ' 60. Row 2: Christensen, Maurice, ' 60; Chrtstenson, Warren, ' 57; Coonrad, Robert, ' 60; Dill, James, ' 60; Dougherty, Gary, ' 57; Ebsen, Leonard, ' 58; Elfeldt, William, ' 59; Ellerbroek, Allen, ' 60; Elmer, Willord, ' 60; Ely, Jack, ' 59; Fleming, Robert, ' 60; Fullbrook, Edward, ' 60; Coin, Donald, ' 58. Row 3: Grachek, Wayne, ' 60; Hackett, Jay, ' 58; Hall, Roger, ' 60; Honsen, Jomes, ' 60; Heiss, Robert, ' 58; Irelond, Robert, ' 59; Jacobsen, Robert, ' 57; Jahr, Richard, ' 59; Jones, Larry, ' 57; Krouss, Frederich, ' 60; Krumme, Robert, ' 60; Longford, Chorles, ' 60; Langhauser, Robert, ' 58. Row 4: Lehr, John, ' 57; Luke, Richard, ' 58; Lundak, William, ' 59; McConnell, Gory, ' 58; Menke, David, ' 60; Morris, Jerry, ' 58; Morris, Larry, ' 58; Morrison, Frank, ' 59; Mulligon, Pot, ' 57, Nelson, Richord, ' 60; Newman, Edsel, ' 58; Nicholas, Paul, ' 60; North, William, ' 59. Row S: O ' Brien, William, ' 58; Odum, John, ' 57; Oldenburg, Sam, ' 59; Olson, Rodney, ' 58; Panowicz, Edward, ' 60; Renter, Ron, ' 59; Robinson, Philip, ' 57; Rucker, William, ' 57; Schotz, Paul, ' 58; Schnoor, Frederic, ' 58; Scott, Joe, ' 58; Shoplond, Dick, ' 60; Sharp, Arthur, ' 59. Row 6: Sloan, Tommy, ' 60; Snediker, Ted, ' 60; Tolly, Harry, ' 60; VonWinkle, Lynn, ' 58; Vosika, Kenneth, ' 57; Walker, Rod, ' 59; Woltemoth, Donald, ' 60; Weigel, Robert, ' 59; Whitoker, James, ' 59; Wood, Dewain, ' 58. 419 The Sigma Nu front lown is temporarily turned into a practice field as members of the intramural football team brush up on their pass catching. Sigma Nu 625 North 16 Street Row 1: Anderson, Ralph, ' 59; Boxtcr, Thomos, ' 60; Borland, Jock, ' 59; Bor- lond, Roger, ' 59; Brand, Daniel, ' 58; Bugenhogen, John, ' 60; Corpenter, Clork, ' 58; Clophom, Robert, ' 58; Clouotrc, Denis, ' 59; Corel!, Jock, ' 58; Curtis, Richord, ' 58; Ek- lund, Gregg, ' 57; Fankell, Kenneth, ' 59. Row 2: Foster, Dick, ' 60; Froncis, Horry, ' 60; Gousmon, Lorry, ' 58; Gillespie, Leroy, ' 57; Grot, Gory, ' 60; Gromlich, Williom, ' 58; Gutschow, Walter, ' 58; Hall, Don, ' 60; Honn, David, ' 60; Hansen, Stephens, ' 59; Hergenradcr, Richard, ' 60; Hicks, John, ' 59; Jombor, Lorry, ' 58. Row 3: Justice, John, ' 58; Lorgen, Thomas, ' 60; Loughlin, Phillip, ' 60; Lewis, Jomes, ' 57; Lohff, Mortin, ' 58; Lolt, Kennelh, ' 59; Martin, Robert, ' 58; McGinnis, Howard, ' 59; McMullen, Richard, ' 57; Miller, Dovid, ' 60; Murphy, James, ' 60; Nied- felt, Gerold, ' 60; Olsen, Vcrn, ' 59. Row 4: Olson, Jomes, ' 59; Osborn, Thomas, ' 60; Porish, Bob, ' 60; Phelps, George, ' 58; Pollock, Jock, ' 58; Porter, George, ' 60; Rosmusson, Del, ' 59; Rudolph, Richord, ' 58; Soss, Woync, ' 59; Schofer, Keith, ' 58; Schultz, Louis, ' 59; Seogran, Molvorn, ' 58; Shofer, Jon, ' 60; Row S: Shoheen, Ronald, ' 60; Shelly, Bill, ' 60; Sinor, Jerry, ' 58; Smith, Lnlie, ' 60; Smith, Robert, ' 59; Snodg rass, Larry, ' 60; Steinheider, Robb, ' 60; Slelnkruger, Mill, ' 60; Thomas, Paul, ' 60; Tinkhom, Stanley, ' 58; Tilmon, Gregory, ' 59; Unzicker, Leonard, ' 60; Walker, Cecil, ' 58, Row 6: Walker, Joseph, ' 60; Weber, Robert, ' 60; Wonzl, Don, ' 60; Woslerbeck, Lorry, ' 59; Wilcox, Ron, ' 60; Wilson, Wallace, ' 60; WoKo, Adrion, ' 60; Young, Poul, ' 60; Youngson, Lanny, ' 59; aiJ 420 Sigma Nu: Five Serve on Blueprinf Five Sigma Nu ' s gathered news and planned layouts as members of this year ' s " Blueprint, " the publication of Engineering College. Jerry Sinor served as copy editor, and Larry Wester- beck was illustrator. Bob Clapham, Mai Seagren and Keith Schafer were reporters. The Young Republican organization chose Lou Schultz president and Bob Martin a member of the executive board. Marty Lhoff, Tom Largen and Bob Smith played in the band; and Ralph Anderson worked as a Corn Cob. The Artists and Models Ball opened the fall social season. The annual date dinner sponsored by the Mothers ' Club, the Pigge Dinner and White Rose Formal were social highlights of the year. Delta Eta Chapter of Sigma Nu was founded at Nebraska in 1909. The fraternity was founded nationally in 1 864 and has 122 chapters. Bob Martin, president Arts and Sciences, Holstein Bob Martin, president James Lewis, vice president George Phelps, secretary Martin Lohff, treasurer , n o. .a,, o. . - " ) Ci 1 5 q n n d . r ,cv :: q g O » n -f ' :: Q T f ' H. c ' f Q ei « , o. n 421 Bob Ingram, president Low, Fronklin Bob Ingram, president Bill Hatcher, vice president Jerry Wilson, secretary Hal Mollet, treasurer Sigma Phi Epsilon: Four All Stars Picked Sigma Phi Epsilon led all other intramural football teams by placing four men on three All University teams. Sig Ep ' s Don Appleby and Gene Soupenchick were chosen for the first team, while Bud Jeffries was named to the second and Rick Mason to the third. Russ Nielson was given hon- orable mention. Chosen to Alpha Kappa Psi, business honor- ary, were Bob Hill, Jerry Nisson and Dave Mc- Cammon. Sigma Tou, engineering honorary, named Pete Sorenson, Von Shaw and Russ Niel- son to membership. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College in 1901; Alpha Chapter was established at Nebraska in 1911. The Cement Mixer was the first party held in the fall. Other social events included the Queen of Hearts Ball and a Spring Formal. .CI A S Q. Q O Cl T!X. Ol C1 a. o q ,n c o g 61 Q Q .Q .fq j:: (? Q n r!) n ' Q - ! 9 ' . ip n .Q .n q c. ( MJU, ' " ' drL d iUikM. Jkd 422 m Free Mme during final exams gives these Sig Ep ' s an opportunity to forget studying for a few hours and concentrate on improving their bridge gome. Sigma Phi Epsilon 601 North 16 Street Row Ir Alexander, Willrom, ' 58; Appleby, Donald, ' 57; Bornes, Robert, ' 59; Bloha, Charles, ' 60; Brockley, George, ' 59; Buenz, August, ' 60; Bush, Williom, ' 57; Casey, Don, ' 60; Christensen, Richard, ' 60; Clifton, Rodney, ' 58; Cochran, Thomas, ' 60; Cotton, Robert, ' 57; Dillingham, John, ' 59; Dubas, Harold, ' 58. Row 2: Engelhordt, Ron, ' 60; Eyler, Dick, ' 58; Fielding, Kenneth, ' 60; Fink, Jon, ' 58; Freberg, Don, ' 59; Gauger, Steve, ' 60; Gifford, Ross, ' 59; Honson, Victor, ' 60; Hatcher, William, ' 57; Higgins, Terry, ' 59; Hildridge, Charles, ' 58; Hill, Robert, ' 59; Hipp, Patrick, ' 60; Hopp, Ron, ' 59. Row 3: Hossack, Larry, ' 59; Hruby, Charles, ' 59; Ingram, Robert, ' 57; Inks, Don, ' 58; Johnson, David, ' 60; Johnston, William, ' 59; Kapustka, Alvin, ' 59; Kapustka, Frank, ' 60; Keene, Tom, ' 58; Kern, John, ' 59; Lange, Boyce, ' 58; Leighton, David, ' 57; Lindsey, Jack, ' 57; Mason, Richard, ' 57. Row 4: McCammon, David, ' 57; Mead, Monte, ' 60; Nielsen, Russell, ' 57; Nis- sen, Jerry, ' 57; Nollette, Haloire, ' 58; Orr, Charles, ' 58; Pormelee, John, ' 57; Pogge, Richard, ' 58; Pokorny, James, ' 59; Pokorny, Jerry, ' 57; Rosmussen, David, ' 58; Reed, Ronald, ' 58; Rice, Gary, ' 60; Ritner, William, ' 59. Row 5: Robinson, Poul, ' 59; Rogers, Gory, ' 60; Rowley, Claude, ' 60; Sonder- son, Charles, ' 60; Schroder, Keith, ' 59; Schroeder, Jerry, ' 60; Schu ltz, George, ' 58; Schultz, Richard, ' 60; Schutz, Timothy, ' 60; Shipwright, Richord, ' 60; Smith, Colton, ' 60; Smith, Robert, ' 60; Sorensen, Harold, ' 57; Spilde, Richard, ' 59. Row 6: Sterzboch, Roger, ' 59; Suponchick, Eugene, ' 60; Theede, Robert, ' 60; Thompson, Charles, ' 58; Vondracek, Donold, ' 60; Welsh, Don, ' 58; Wielond, William, ' 60; Wilson, Gerald, ' 58; Wilson, James, ' 60; Yocom, David, ' 58. 423 O " In the spring . . . " Worm wcothcr, sunshine ond the noturol mole curios- ity bring these TKE ' s outside to wotch whot ' s going on across the street. Tau Kappa Epsilon 410 North 17 Street Row 1: Boker, Richord, ' 58; Bobit, Sorry, ' 57; Cotfrcy, Robert, ' 60; Clinltcn- bcord, William, ' 59; Dunker, Roger, ' 59; Foley, Jomes, ' 60; Killcbrcw, George, ' 60. Row 2: Knopp, Gerald, ' 58, Lamphcro, John, ' 57; Nicholls, Norvol, ' 60; Noble, Ouainc, ' 59; Rcymon, Bruce, ' 58; Reyno lds, Gregory, ' 60; Rogers, Donald, ' 58. Row 3: Ruden, Robert, ' 60; Sawyer, Chris, ' 58; Schafor, Chuck, ' 59; Scvorson, Edward, ' 59; Tews, Dick, ' 57, Tyler, Robert, ' 57; Wolfe, Jerry, ' 57. 424 ■ Tau Kappa Epsilon: Combo Wins Second Place The versatile Tau Kappa Epsilon " Downbeat Four " captured second place in this year ' s Union Talent Show. The group also served as a curtain act for the 1956 Kosmet Klub Fall Revue. Mem- bers of the combo are Dana Eurich, Chris Sawyer, Dick Tews and Nerval Nicholas. On the social calendar were three annual events, the Hawaiian House Party, the Carnation Formal and a Founders Day Banquet which cele- brated TKE ' s 57th year. Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded at Illinois Wesleyan in 1899. It was established at Ne- braska in 1925 and has 132 active chapters. Dana Eurich belonged to Kosmet Klub and Marion Tritch was a Corn Cob. Richard Baker and Chris Sawyer were chosen to Sinfonia, music fraternity. Barry Bobst, president Agriculture, Lincoln Barry Bobst, president Jack Lamphere, vice president Bruce Raymond, secretary Jerry Wolfe, treasurer 425 Terry Wright, president Engineering, Lincoln Terry Wright, president Keith Turner, vice president Ronald Yost, secretary Walter Ross, treasurer Theta Chi: 100th Year Celebrated in May of 1956 Theta Chi celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding at Norwich University. Alpha Epsilon Chapter was estab- lished at Nebraska in 1925. The fraternity has 120 chapters, making it the ninth largest in the country. The American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers had on its rolls five Theta Chi ' s. They were James Murray, Ward Svoboda, Walter Ross, John Kavan and Barton Lewis. Alpha Kappa Psi, busi- ness fraternity, chose Keith Bauman as a mem- ber, while Terry Wright was in Sigma Tau, engi- neering scholastic honorary. At the Carnation Formal Theta Chi chose Joanne Bender, a member of Delta Delta Delta, as Sweetheart. Other social functions included the Bowery Ball, the annual fall picnic and o Pajama Party. 426 ■ Rainy days create an atmosphere conducive to mental and physical relax- ation for these Theta Chi ' s who retire to their room for the afternoon. Theta Chi 331 North 13 Street Row ): Boumon, Keith, ' 57; Beuster, Ronald, ■59; Eischlimon, Dennis, ' 60; Haley, John, ' 58; Hartford, Richard, ' 58; Kavan, John, ' 57; Keniston, David, ' 60; Lockman, Denny, ' 58; Murray, James, ' 57. Row 2: Nay, Lloyd, ' 58; Neely, Robert, ' 60; Nelson, Donald, ' 60; Otradovsky, Fred, ' 59; Peterson, David, ' 59; Ramsdell, Jerry, ' 57; Reinhardt, Robert, ' 59; Ross, Walter, ' 57; Svoboda, Ward, ' 57. Row 3: Switzer, Ron, ' 60; Turner, Keith, ' 58; Verschuur, LeRoy, ' 60; Woodrow, James, ' 60; Williams, Kenneth, ' 57; Wright, Terrencc, ' 57; Yates, Robert, ' 60; Yost, Ronald, ' 57. L 427 Two Thcto Xi ' s still wonder whet ' s behind the door, as lost minute dec- orations ore orrongcd before guests orrivc for their Green Door porty. Thera Xi 1535 R Street Row 1: Armbrust, Arltiur, ' 58; Auld, Jim, ' 60; Bosoco, Richard, ' 60; Bcrken- itock, Howord, ' 57; Binder, Donald, ' 60; Blue, Ronold, ' 57; Corstenson, Lorry, ' 58; Cuney, Dewoin, ' 59; Coffmon, Phillip, ' 58; Cole, James, ' 60; Davidson, David, ' 60; Eagleton, George, ' 59. Row 2: Friest, Wendell, ' 57; Gingles, Bill, ' 59; Godbey, Dovid, ' 60; Grolhc, Chorles, ' 59; Haetle, Douglos, ' 60; Hoight, Stondlcy, ' 60; Holl, Vernon, ' 57; Hans, Robert, ' 58; Honsen, Lyie, ' 60; Horvey, Williom, 60; Howlhorne, Lowrence, ' 58; Heiliger, Don, ' 57. Row J: Hild. Morion, ' 59; Jock, Leroy, ' 58; Jacobs, Bruce, ' 57; Joeckic, Woltcr, ' 57; Johnson, Richard, ' 59; Koufmon. Kenneth, ' 60; Kendrick, Garry, ' 60; Lange, Howard, ' 59; Ludwick, WoMace, ' 60; Moag, Robert, ' 58; Marks, Robert, ' 60; Molhews, Robert, ' 57. Row 4: Motisons, Andrii, ' 60; McOuislon, Williom, ' 59; Meyer, Jock, ' 59, Moblcy, Kerm, ' 60; Munion. Thomas, ' 59; Nelson, John, ' 57; Olson, Dole, ' 57; Porme- Icc, Jomes, ' 57; Placke, James, ' 57; Recs, Bill, ' 60; Richards, Roy, ' 60; Riggins, Norman, ' 58, Row S: RisMr, Jamet, ' 59; Ruff, Lorry, ' 58; Schindler, Roger, ' 60; Schwalm, William, ' 57; Smith, Ronald, ' 60; Tossone, Lenny, ' 60; Tempero, Richard, ' 59; Wood, Chuck, ' 57; Weise, Edwin, ' 57; Welich, Roger, ' 58; Wichmon, Roger, ' 58; Young, Dove, ' 59. 428 M Theta Xi: Skit Wins in KK Revue Theta Xi captured top honors in the 1956 Kosmet Klub Fall Revue. Their skit was entitled " The USS Misery " and was the story of the first Navy Band. Skitmaster of the winning act was Wendell Friest. Eleven members of the house were named to the University Band. Officers of the band organ- ization included Bob Maag, vice president, and Phil Coffman, publicity chairman. The Green Door Party was held in the fall; the Dream Girl Formal and a spring house party rounded out the social season. The Innocents tackled John Nelson to be secre- tary of the Society. John served as president of Corn Cobs and secretary of Kosmet Klub. He was also a member of CCRC and on the Builders Board. Ron Blue, president Arts and Sciences, Russell Ron Blue, president John Nelson, vice president Roger Wickmon, secretary Bob Mathews, treasurer 1 4 •! -4 Q ,Q Q : Q 9 ftL i 4 fm .uh!. f- u c , ' (vi 429 Bob Krasne, president Business AdministraHon, Omoho Bob Krasne, president Harlan Noddle, vice president Sherman Nefsky, secretary Max Krietman, treasurer Zeta Beta Tau: Perform in 8th KK Show This year marked the eighth consecutive Kos- met Klub Fall Revue in which Zeta Beta Tau has participated. Their skit this year told the story of the attempts of a group of English " A " students to pass their final exam. Skitmaster was Neil Miller. Ben Belmont was elected treasurer of IFC, secretary of AUF, a member of Kosmet Klub and was chosen to the Innocents Society. Other Kos- met Klub members included Harlan Noddle and Neil Miller. Bob Zuber was a Corn Cob. Zeta Beta Tau was founded at CCNY in 1 898 and has 49 chapters. Alpha Theta Chapter was formed at Nebraska in 1926. The fraternity ' s colors are blue and white. The Gamblers Pair-a-dice Party opened the fall social season. The Club Zebra Party and Whoopie Daze followed. C •s ' 430 To show the chapter ' s past accomplishments to the pledges, Neil Miller and other Zeta Beta Tau actives open the pages of the house scrapbook. Zeta Beta Tau 1345 R Street Row 1: Belkin, Herb, ' 60; Belmont, Ben, ' 57; Cohen, Steve, ' 60; Cooper, Bill, ' 60; Fellman, Richard, ' 59; Goldnar, John, ' 60; Goldstein, Hov ord, ' 60. Row 2: Herzog, David, ' 59; Krontz, Sheld, ' 60; Krosne, Robert, ' 58; Kreitmon, Max, ' 58; Loupheimer, Garry, ' 60; Lozer, Michael, ' 60; Miller, Neil, ' 57. Row 3: Nefsky, Sherman, ' 58; Noddle, Horion, ' 58; Rosenblatt, Steven, ' 60; Segal, Michael, ' 58; Shefrin, Dick, ' 60; Small, Maynard, ' 60; Zuber, Robert, ' 58. 431 IN CONCLUSION 432 . . A YEAR TO REMEMBER What makes 1956-57 or any other college year a time to remember? People and what they say and do — these things we remem- ber and record. Names and faces, places and things, professors and students, the University budget and the hand of freedom given to students of Hungary — all this is news and all the people and all the words make a year, this year of 1956-57. Throughout the winter and spring months into summer, Chancellor Clifford Hardin sometimes with the help of THE DAILY NEBRASKAN, the Student Council and other groups ar- gued for an increased University budget. Faculty salaries and the needs of the College of Medicine were his main selling points. One real surprise to the University community was the resig- nation of the Interfraternity Council officers. A group of 15 fra- ternities asked for the ouster of the three officers and called for a subsequent election of a new executive cabinet. Failure to agree on basic issues was the reason cited for the forced resignation. The student body led by the YWCA formed the Hungarian Student Project, on association to sponsor several refugees from the war-torn nation. After months of work and red tape, the first Hungarian student arrived on the campus. She was soon followed by other Hungarian nationals who became acclimated Corn- huskers. Pete Elliott, football coach for one year, resigned and was succeeded by Bill Jennings, formerly the Husker bockfield coach. Classes were cancelled March 25 following a paralyzing snow storm. Authorities weren ' t sure if the last time classes were called off was in 1889 or 1949, but the current student body didn ' t really care as they busied themselves at the bridge tables. A couple of firsts for 1957 were the NUCWA Mock Uni- cameral session and the Innocents ' Miss Cornhusker competition. These are a few of the happenings of the year. It is a record of a year which was not so different from years past and years to come. But it is a story of this University and its people and the things they did in a year to remember. 433 IE(llffl.3?lM " i |i a ii t V ift « I tt f m 434 ADVERTISING Many of us come to Lincoln as strangers in the community. We are grateful for the consideration given us by the merchants of Lincoln. Our every shopping need as college students can be filled by Lincoln ' s stores. Lincoln ' s businesses cater to our re- quests for services and for entertainment. In this community we can feel at home; yet, we find it a special home, where the de- sign of the businesses is fitted to accommodate the wants of over 8,000 University students. 435 ...STYLED TO THE WEARER ' S A AY OF LIFE A watch must match the wearer ' s personality, be a part of every activity. Look the part too. Quite an order . . . but it ' s met when you give a " Personality-Styled " Elgin Watch. Each one is individually and artistically designed to express the personal tastes and interests of a specific type of man or woman. All Elgin Watches are " Personality-Styled " . All have the guaranteed DuraPower Mainspring, " the heart that never breaks " . Lord and Lady Elgin Watches are priced from $75 — other Elgin Watches from $33.75. ELGIN St. CHYSTAL AND CIIOWN AMC tNTACT --{MJL " K-tUA-Clt Lctx.A3 i-M. ri-tiC U ittc ' v otxaA-AtC- 436 I " GOOD LUCK " and " BEST WISHES " rrom miLLER C PAtnE WHEREVER YOU GO . . HOWEVER YOU GO . . . 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Uro iii| ill ()|i|)()rltinil Ai ' lii.ivk.i N (.iriiwlli is III) llic 111,11) li . n iiii|i(iihinl f,i( liir in lliis i ' | ,iiisioii IS llir sImI. ' s .iliiinil.ini Mi|)|il 111 CAS. llic MIS,, I, I,.. loNv ,,,sl ItK-l xvlii. Ii iiwliislrx , |s 438 China — Glass — Silver L Qft SLp of die West China and Glass for FRATERNITY and SORORITY HOUSES- OMAHA CROCKERY CO. OMAHA, NEBRASKA ALLEN DRUG STORE Complete Drug Service Shop in ALLEN ' S ALLEY BASEMENT SALES ROOM Household Needs - Gifts For All Occosions Toys - Sundries - Appliances POST OFFICE Station Number Six FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE Free Parking Lot 1400 SOUTH 3-2325 ' fc T r 1 DIETZE MUSIC HOUSE DIETZ ' S large selection of popular and classical records is a favorite with college students. They sell and repair musical instruments. 1208 O St. Good Luck to All University Students and Alumni GLASS t PAINT CO. 143 South 10th St. Lincoln, Nebraska 439 ■I T COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Gene Spence, Rita Clark, and Joe Scott enjoy an after- noon snack at the COUNTRY GENTLEMAN, a popular restaurant with University students. LITTLE MAN ON CAMPUS rail jj by Dick Bibler ¥?1P " OK. INTH ' eACK ROW— lET6 HAVE THAT ' CI L B ' MACfKllNE UP HERE IM This 0ASh6T " DOC ELLIOTT HOTEL CAPITAL HOME OF THE HUDDLE LINCOLNS HAMBURGER HEAVEN ENJOY COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE at Lincoln ' s FRIENDLY BANK OOIMTIIMEIMTAI. g( Lincoln, Nrbrotlia llth and O Strrrtt 440 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF IINCOIN Extending FINANCIAL LEADERSHIP To LINCOLN AND NEBRASKA Since 1871 MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. FIRST TRUST . . lA. pJwjuxL to M wsL TlabhadJicutdu REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT . . . sells, rents and manages all types of residen- tial and commercial property. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT . . . handles all types of personal and business insurance, except life. FARM DEPARTMENT . . . provides farm management service, farm appraisals, and makes farm sales. MORTGAGE LOAN DEPARTMENT . . . makes all types of commercial and residen- tial loans. INVESTMENT DEPARTMENT . . . advises on investment programs — sells mu- nicipal and corporate bonds, preferred and common stock. TRUST DEPARTMENT . . . provides complete trust and estate services. First in Nebraska to use the Common Trust Fund which makes advantages of large trusts available to the small trust. W] iiiBi W§1MH EiJil lW TRUST BUILDING yianEaaiEiiiiii lOthandOST. i 441 BEATRICE FOODS R. Shanahan, S. Hall, F. Morrison, S. McDonald, and I. Sellentine enjoy one of the many fine Meadow Gold prod- ucts OS they tour the BEATRICE FOODS plant. GREETINGS FROM AN OLD NEBRASKA INSTITUTION OFFERING LIFE ACCIDENT HEALTH HOSPITALIZATION THE MIDWEST LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF LINCOLN, NEBRASKA BLOOM TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE The Students ' Store SMITH CORONA ROYAL UNDERWOOD OLYMPIA REMINGTON STANDARD OR PORTABLES SALES RENTALS CJ( 2-5258 COMPLETE REPAIR DEPT. FOR ALL MAKES MODELS 323 No. 13th St. ' ? Block South of Love Librory ULentins TOWN CAMPUS 1229 R St. Ph. 2-3645 COED AND CAREER FASHIONS lluKe Selection of Sizes Tliru 16 yV»n Are Ahvays 11 ' « » i« ' At (Jin ' iilins L ooa S cri ' lcc to the COKNHUSlvEKS i» llir iiiiiltili« n of Pedeii ' s 1215 R LiiK ' ulii, Nrli. S u p p L I E S 442 The Lincoln Liberty Life Offers A C areer To Persons With Soles Ability; Security For Those With Responsibility IINCOIN LIBERTY LIFE ' Jnsurance Qompanij LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Life - Accident - Sickne ! ULUVAN Movers Packers Storers LINCOLN GRAND ISLAND LITTLE MAN ON CAMPUS by Dick Bibler BILL BEDWELL AND LINDA BUTHMAN 443 EVANS LAUNDRY Susie Swingle, Ann Pickett, Tom Sloan, and Larry Brown are seen admiring the EVANS LAUNDRY Christmas display at 333 No 12, EVANS offers a complete service to fit every need RED LION RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE Farnam at 38th Omaha, Nebraska 1? A iceek-fiiil at tin- Red Linn . . . • Thursday — Paula, the French Song Stylist • Friday and The Johnny Howard Trio ploys • Saturday — the finest in progressive jazz • Sundoy — The Red Lion ' s Famous Jozz Revue from 3 ' til 7. 4]» ' avs tlie finest in food aixl drink- NEBRASKA BOOK STORE Rod Walker, Lynne Moyors, and Heba Kiniie look at books at the NEBRASKA BOOK STORE. Enqineerinq and art supplies, trade and text books— books lor every need. 444 IT MAKES SMALL DIFFERENCE WHAT MY IciC IS Perhaps I sing ... or paint ... or write . . . Or free from stone an image I alone Perceived before. Or then, perhaps. Mine is another gift . . . The gift to teach ... to build ... or to extract From earth and air and sun and sea New knowledge, power, or wealth. But, as I say. It makes small difference What my talent is . . . however grand Or humble its estate. Let me but have, as well, Its rare companion gift Of wisdom. Let me be but wise enough To nurture talent with my toil. And moisten it with sweat ... to swell Its growth with diligence. And wear its bloom with grace. Then only will my song Stir echo in Man ' s heart, and my painting Find reflection in his eyes . . . Then only will my written word find permanence, And my sculpture honored place. Finally . . . Let me be but wise enough To know my talent ' s Source, And let me then — in gratitude — Give all to it . . . But more important still — however grand Or humble its estate — • Give it to All! mm © JOHN DEERE • Moline, Illinois 445 v ' 4 1 ■ " Sii ' WENTZ PLUMBING COMPANY Byron Ballantyne, John Butterfield, and Keith Bauman look at a product sold at the WENTZ PLUMBING COMPANY. Call or drop in when plumbing, air conditioning, or heating problems confront you. 1620 N St. 4g U i toqraphers 3ift South i2rH Lincoln. Nehr I ' MO , ,,,wW ' ■- ' !, ' ' % w N Our Second Half Century I I wi=ji K, , . Dedicated to Lincoln V Nebraska Your Service rfSSSlE! LIFE HEALTH ACCIDENT HOSPITALIZATION DREAD DISEASE 446 AK - SAR - BEN IS PROUD OF ITS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Each year Ak-Sar-Ben, a non-profit civic organiza- tion, provides more than 200 scholarships and fellow- ships, mostly to Nebraska students. They are predom- inately grants to aid in the study of agriculture be- cause Ak-Sar-Ben believes what helps the farmer and rancher will help all of us in this area. Ak-Sar-Ben sponsors 100 scholarships and 2 Re- search fellowships at the University of Nebraska Col- lege of Agriculture, 20 scholarships for post graduate study by County Agents, 15 grants to aid vocational agricultural instructors, 20 scholarships at the Curtis School of Agriculture, 36 scholarships at Iowa State College, and 12 scholarships at Nebraska independent colleges. Ak-Sar-Ben is proud of its scholarship program and believes this expenditure is a wise investment in the future development of our state and nation. We are pledged to continue this program as long as our finances permit. AK - SAR - BEN Headquarters . . . Omaha, Nebraska FOUNDED FOR PUBLIC SERVICE . . . NOT FOR PRORT 447 N ow in our iidQ uarter Century of Progress in providing financial protection for the families of America UNION NATIONAL I3th and N LI NCOLN. N EBRASKA L.. Little man on campus by Dick Bibler MALTS r CIRCLE DRIVE IN Quick service and good lood make the CIRCLE DRIVE IN a sure slop. Paul Schatz and Frances Gourley enjoy an afternoon snack. 448 ' TUITION W NT UP AOAlN THIb YEAk ' LYLE HANSEN STANDARD MARKET Sharon West, Harry Tolly, and Barbara Root observe the skill of a STANDARD MAR- KET employee. The finest quality U. S. Gov ' t, inspected meats for the discerning cus- tomer ore offered. V Air Conditioned Privote Dining Rooms Municipal Airport p m p ass Doo m Scullion in oLJining STEAKS: Prepared on Volcanic Ash Broilers to retain all the flavor and juices. Your choice of top Quality Corn-fed beef cuts. SEAFOOD: Hove your tried one of the delicious seafood dinners served in our Compass Room Fresh seafood — from shrimp to lobster — prepared and served in the traditional style with our own tartar sauce. CHICKEN: Delicious milk-fed country fried chicken. Gome fowl prepared on order. Zror rKeseruations ( ail . 30 0 IN THE NEW MUNICIPAL AIRPORT BUILDING 449 k ' ' r Wintertime — formal season. Students, Jim Whitaker, Bobbie Holt, Larry Schrag, and Marian Elder help decorate the LINCOLN HOTEL Christmas tree. • Ball Room • Terrace Room • Arbor Room • Chinese Room • English Room • Garden Room • Pompeian Room • Egyptian Room Phone 2-6601 LINCOLN HOTEL On 9th and P St. 450 In Lincoln If ' s i oiner Je efrcice Private Banquet Rooms 1 to 1,000 225 No. Cotner Blvd Lincoln, Nebraska Little man on campus by Dick Bibler Siegel Office Equipment Co. Agents for • Edison Voicewriters • Underwood Typewriters • Underwood Sunstrond Adding Machines • Webster Inter-office Communicating Systems • All Makes In Portable Typewriters 118 North 14th Lincoln, Nebraska " Nice OP 0[ eovs wext ' ooo ' ?- to wash our. wifvows — we HAPN ' T fVEN NOTlCEPTHEY yVgf?E Q iV m PlKTY, " THE PHI DELTS NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE Dick Prai and Opal Neve explain the various policies and accounts of the NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE to University students, Elbert Loewenstein and Will Else. - , pimio»« ' Congratulations TO THE STAFF OF THE 1957 CORNHUSKER for a joo well done! Journal-Star Printing Company 920 P STREET • LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Printing • Engraving • Bookbinding I AND PROUD TO HAVE DONE THIS YEAR S CORNHUSKER m What the Protecting Hand Means For You WOODMEN ACCIPENT AND LIFE COMPANY J This dramatic sculpture which graces the facade of the home office of the Woodmen Accident and Life Company is a symbol of personal insurance in action. Woodmen Accident and Life Company, a pioneer in family pro- tection, underwrites insurance policies that provide help in meeting the problems of sickness, accident, death and retirement, for individ- uals and groups. Woodmen Accident and Life Company serves 26 states and Ha- waii. The Protecting Hand means career opportunities for men seek- ing a field that offers service, unlimited opportunities, and inde- pendence. E. J. Faulkner, President Woodmen Accident and Life Company Lincoln, Nebraska The Protecting Hand A MUTUAL LEGAL RESERVE COMPANY • ESTABLISHED 1890 453 CKfl 1 ' ' 1 1 ii iil OVERUND CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS UNION BUS DEPOT 320 South 13th Street 2-1071 TOURS ■ CHARTHRS • SIGIITSEEHSG LITTLE MAN ON CAMPUS b Dick Bibler V WHY.V£ — I HAVE VOU APaiCATiON ' iHl •. ' v-MtflACi. DICK ANDREWS AND FRANK HALGREN " The wired music that satisfies " Let us take care of all your intercom and sound problems We repair tape recorders, movie projectors and record turntables Program Service Co. 2-1692 1213 M St. NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER COMPANY Home of Sold 125 No. 11th Royal World ' s No 1 Repaired typewriters Rented 2 4284 454 « 9 » • • ®@« «o««« «»9»«»«««« e »6 »aa i? the fourth Xt is the Big J ' • « • « a of RESPONSIBILIT Y You will soon culminate a career of education, one which has lasted nearly twenty years, and has prepared you for your life career. Now you ' re replacing the familiar three " R ' s " with a far more im- portant " R " ' — for Responsibihty. This new responsibility will be to your- self, your new job, to your wife, and later, your children. Your first responsibility will be to them— their protection. It is never too soon to prepare for their future protection— and yours— with a life in- surance program capable of providing for them and yourself, always. A systematic savings plan through life insurance is the surest method for protection to yourself and your family. And your life insurance will never cost you less than it does right now. SINCE 1887 HOME OFFICE-LINCOLN ife INSURANCE C O M P A NY of Nebraska 455 HOVLAND-SWANSON HOVLAND-SWANSON ' S college board, D. Hahn, G. Green, P. Mothers, J. Stein, and M. Wilson anticipate a busy day. The Smartest college fashions are carried in this store of distinctive styles. LITTLE MAN ON CAMPUS by Dick Bibler ' hJutHIN TOC ONALOOSY t7AY LIKE THI5-WKAPPA TfA et we6C T0CLA66? " BEN BELMONT AND MAX KREITMAN Little Man on Campus by Dick Bibler ' EPOIC ' fPPie 0af. ' -YAJU SErA?fcO ?p wHfKfW?El(A£« £!- ' COACH SAVIGNE AND KEN POLLARD 456 TYRRELL S FLOWERS Mr. Clem Tyrrell shows Mary Dee Patterson and Dave Herzog some plants from the large variety offered at TYRRELL ' S FLOWERS. They have flowers for every occa- sion. 1133 No. Coiner. -J OU jrC ar is it FROM HERE TOUiRl i Tlfie really important question is— HOW LONG IS IT GOING TO TAKE ME TO GET THERE?! I know if someone could " hold back eternity " — guarantee me about twenty-five good, healthy, earn- ing years— I could make it to security. But, I know, too, it might take thirty or forty years— or an eternity! So I ' m taking the short, sure way IN JUST 8 SECONDS (the time it takes to sign an application) I can bridge the gap to security for my family— with . . . or with- out me. " PLn Wall Security " The Security Mutual life Insurance Company Liiicobi, Nebraska 457 guest teste d hospitality for more than 40 years S(Eimamrairati(Bu in Nebraska EDWARD SCHIMMEL ' . ' anaging Director • The Golden Spur • The Orleans Room • The Cottonwood Room HOTEL BLACKSTONE HOTEL CORNHUSKER SCHIMMELservice also at Hotel Lassen Wichtto. Konsos Hotel Custer Golesburg, Mtinoii The Town House Konsos C ' fy, Kon as Hotel Lincoln-Douglas Ouincy. Illinois 4 I ' H wThe Tee Pee Room • The Pow Wow Roor , „ J_ " " " --•■ ' •The Landmark Roon- A Q SCHIMMEL Managing Director 1100 Q St. Phone 2-1027 u ' if t 1 1 loivbraui Thanks for your patronage REGENTS BOOK STORE Little man on campus by Dick Bibler Ht ' S ALL RloHT Df- N VlLfOM— WEtCiE fHL ' No A 0 £: ' DEAN SNYDER 458 OUR ADVERTISERS These businesses have supported the 1957 Cornhusker SUPPORT THEM! Page Ak-Sar-Ben 447 Allen Drug 439 Banker ' s Life 455 Beatrice Foods 442 Bloom Typewriter Co. 442 Capital Hotel 441 Central Electric and Gas Co 438 Circle Drive Inn 448 Compass Room 449 Continental National Bank 441 Cotner Terrace 451 Country Gentleman 441 Dietze Music 439 Edholm and Blomgren 446 Elce and Son 438 Elgin 436 Evans Laundry 444 First National Bank 440 First Trust 440 Hovland Swanson 456 Italian Village 438 John Deere 445 J ou ma l-Sta r 452 Lincoln Hotel 450 Lincoln Liberty Life 443 Page Lincoln Mutual Life 446 Midwest Life 442 Miller and Paine 437 Mowbray Buick 458 National Bank of Commerce 451 Nebraska Book Store 444 Nebraska Typewriter Co. 454 Omaha Crockery 439 Peden ' s 442 Program Service 454 Quentin ' s Town and Campus 442 Red Lion Restaurant 444 Regent ' s Book Store 458 Roberts ' Dairy 438 Schimmel 458 Security Mutual Life 457 Siegel Office Equip. Co. 451 Standard Market 449 Sullivan ' s Transfer and Storage 443 Tyrrell ' s Flowers 456 Union Bus Depot 454 Union National Life 448 Van Sickle Glass and Paint 439 Wentz Plumbing 446 Woodmen Accident 453 459 Organizational Index Acoclo 384 Adelphi .342 Agriculture, College of 40 Ag Intcrdenominotionol 267 Ag Economici Club 48 Ag Engineering . 69 Ag Exec Board .. 37 Ag Men ' s Club . 350 Ag Union 260 Agronomy Club - 48 AIA 68 AICHE 68 AIEE 67 Alpha Chi Omego 354 Alpho Gammo Rho 386 Alpho Gomma Sigma 388 Alpho Kappa Psi ... 58 Alpha Omega Alpho 81 Alpho Omicron Pi 356 Alpha Phi 358 Alpho Tou Omego 390 Alpha Xi Delto . 360 Alpho Zeto 44 Alumni Associotion 24 Arts and Sciences, College of SO ASCE 69 ASME „ 66 AUF 248 AWS 30 B BABW 32 Beta Gamma Sigma 60 Beto Sigma Psi 392 Beta Theto Pi 394 Biz Ad Council 38 Block and Bridle 46 Blue Print 70 Board of Regents 18 Brown Poloce 352 Builders 250 Business Administrotion, College of .54 c CCRC 266 Chancellor 14 Chi Omega 362 Coaches 288 Coed Counselors 249 Cornhusker 242 Corn Cobs 252 Cornhusker Co-op 348 Cosmopolitan Club 264 D Delta Oello Dclto 365 Delto Gommo 366 Delta Omicron 91 Delta Phi Delta 94 Delta Sigmo Rho 94 Delta Sigma Pi 56 Delta Tou Delta 398 Delta Theto Phi 77 Delta Upsilon 400 Dentistry, College of .62 Engineering, College of Engineering Exec Board Episcopal Elo Koppo Nu Farmers Fair Boord ..... Form House Four-H Club Gommo Lambda 96 Gomma Phi Beto 368 Governor 16 Home Ec Club 42 Howard Holl 346 IFC 34 IFC, Junior 35 Innocents 240 Inter-Co-op Council 347 Internotionol House 341 IVCF 270 Journalism, School of 103 Koppo Alpha Mu 104 Koppo Alpha Theto 370 Koppo Delta 372 Koppo Koppo Gamma 374 Koppo Sigma 404 Koppa Tou Alpha 104 Kosmet Klub 256 Low, College of 74 Low Review 75 Legislature 1 7 Loomis Hall 345 Love Hall 344 Lufheron 27 1 M Madrigals Mosquers Methodist Militory 280 no Mortar Boards 238 Mu Phi Epsilon 90 N N Club 286 Ncbroskon 246 Newmon Club 276 Norris House 347 Nursing, School of 108 Omicron Nu Orchesis Orchestra Ponhcllenic 64 PE Club 36 Pharmocy, College of 278 Phi Beta Koppo 67 Phi Chi Theto Phi Delta Phi 76 Phi Koppo Psi ...„ 410 Phi Sigmo loto 53 Phi Upsilon Omicron .. 44 Pi Beta Phi .376 Pi Koppo Phi . 412 Pi Lombdo Theto 86 Pi Mu Epsilon 53 Pi Tou Sigmo 66 Pioneer House 349 Presbyterian ?f ? Publications Boord 245 Residenc e Nolls for Women Rodeo Club Selleck Quadrangle . Sigma Alpho Epsilon Sigma Alpho Iota Sigmo Alpha Mu Sigmo Chi Sigmo Delta Chi Sigmo Delta Tou Sigmo Koppo Sigmo Nu Sigmo Phi Epsilon Sigmo Tou _.. Sigmo Xi ...... Sinfonio „ Singers Student Council . . Student Union .328 .413 .. 92 ..416 ..418 .105 ..378 380 420 422 .. 72 .. 52 .. 93 . 98 Tossels Tou Koppo Epsilon Teachers College .... Terrace Hall . Theto Chi Theto Sigmo Phi Theto Xi Towne Club University Flying Club University Foundotion .. University Theatre V Vorsity Dairy Club VHEA Vo-Ag 254 424 84 340 426 105 428 338 262 26 100 w WAA w:ison Hall YMCA YWCA 33 320 82 52 Zeto Beta Tou 60 Zeto Tou Alpho 318 345 269 269 430 382 460 Student Index Abbott, Annabelle, 165, 325 Abbott, Gwendolyn, 165, 376 Abbott, Larry, 125, 313, 351 Abernethy, Bruce, 1 12 Abrohamzon, Marilyn, 181, 354 Abramson, Allen, 165, 416 Abts, Herbert, 66, 125 Ackerman, John, 181, 404 Adam, Wallace, 66, 115, 125 Adams, Charles, 46 Adams, Horold, 125 Adams, Mary Lou, 145, 360 Adorns, Ruth, 165, 244, 367 Adcock, Ceroid, 204, 333 Addison, John, 75 Aden, Robert, 165, 399 Adkins, Karen, 363 Adkins, Lorry, 291 Adminis, Elgo, 68 Aerni, Lorry, 181, 392 Ahlschwede, Hazel, 145, 255, 344 Ahlschwede, Helen, 145, 255, 344 Aitken, Jean, 125, 375 Akerson, Allen, 145, 412 Akeson, Walter, 43, 48, 165, 260, 387 Aksomit, Garry, 80, 181, 395 Albee, Darrell, 69 Alberts, Gory, 165, 388 Albin, Ruth, 42, 43, 165, 344 Alderson, Richard, 181, 411 Alexander, Moxine, 44, 165, 339 Alexander, Sora, 145, 376 Alexander, William, 145, 423 Allacher, Carol, 181, 339 Allen, Alice, 125, 375 Allen, Cloudio, 125, 354 Allen, Constance, 165, 371 Allen, Joon, 165, 354 Allen, Nancy, 125, 376 Allen, Foul, 145, 419 Allen, Robert, 68 Allen, Verno, 125 Allrngton, John, 181, 396 Allis, Patricia, 145, 364 Alemenos, Kozys, 68 Alminos, Henry, 352 Almquist, Wayne, 52, 53, 66, 125 Alsbrooks, William, 181, 415 Alstodt, William, 66 Althouse, Dorren, 117, 181, 387 Alvord, Patricio, 53, 90, 125, 383 Amoto, Sally Lou, 181, 320, 380 Amos, Jerry, 145, 399 Andersen, Carl, 181, 330 Andersen, Dean, 165, 270 Andersen, Glenn, 66, 145, 384 Andersen, Richard, 415 Anderson, 202 Anderson, Allan, 125, 415 Anderson, Carol, 86, 125, 238, 249, 261, 339 Anderson, Dean, 412 Anderson, Gordon Ledole, 165, 399 Anderson, Gordon Leroy, 119, 145 Anderson, James A., 165 Anderson, Jomes R., 165, 404 Anderson, Jane, 165. 371 Anderson, Janet, 181, 360 Anderson, Jim, 181, 408 Anderson, John B., 125, 419 Anderson, John R., 395 Anderson, LaVae, 165, 346 Anderson, Lloyd, 43, 48 Anderson, Morlow, 165, 350, 351 Anderson, Mary A., 125, 259, 368 Anderson, Mory C, 165, 363 Anderson, Mary L., 125, 359 Anderson, Norma, 181, 364 Anderson, Oscar, 259 Anderson, Rolph, 165, 420 Anderson, Richard, 145, 395 Anderson, Robert, 181, 411 Anderson, Shirley, 52 Anderson, Thomas, 66 Anderson, William D., 330 Anderson, William H., 165 Andreasen, George, 1 65 Andreosen, James, 59, 125, 391 Andrews, Richord, 28, 115, 125, 145, 245, 391 Andros, Dee, 289, 291 Anter, L., 307 Antes, Weslev, 43 Anthony, Charlene, 181, 259, 354 Anvert, 202 Appleby, Bruce, 125, 334 Appleby, Donald, 125, 423 Appleby, Mory, 145, 364 Appleget, Jon, 87, 165 411 Arbuthnot, Mory, 165, 319, 320, 364 Ard, Jane, 181, 264, 325 Arensdorf, Deon, 66 Arensdort, M,, 308 Arisoy, Hiiseyin, 264 Arizumi, Charles, 165, 310, 315, 395 Armbrust, Arthur, 43, 49, 145, 428 Armstrong, Sandra, 181, 356 Armstrong, Sherry, 165, 363 Arneson, Gordon, 117, 165, 399 Arneson, Richard, 145, 399 Arnold, Patricio, 181, 360 Arnost, L, 291 Arnot, Keith, 125, 392 Arps, Chris, 181, 404 Arth, Barbara, 165, 364 Arvidson, Marilyn, 33, 165, 383 Arwood, James, 145, 287, 299, 400 Asbury, Carol, 92, 145, 375 Asche, David, 116, 181, 392 Asche, Richard, 57, 145 Ash, Kenneth, 181 Ashley, Donald, 66 Ashley, William, 59, 165, 411 Aspegren, Larry, 181, 298, 408 Aten, Dennis, 87, 291 Atkins, Howard, 37, 48, 125, 388 Atkins, Robert A., 165, 348 Atkins, Robert V., 181, 415 Atkinson, Sandra, 181, 368 Attebery, Robert, 116, 181, 384 Atwood, Clarence, 165, 349 Augustin, Joan 181, 359 Auld, Jim, 181, 428 Aunspaugh, Janet, 94, 125, 363 Axtell, 202 Bobcock, D., 68 Bobcock, Gory, 181, 419 Bobcock, Joseph, 145, 349 Bocker, Andrew, 181, 384 Backhous, Kenneth, 49 Bocon, Barbara, 181, 367 Bodami, Joe, 181, 396 Badura, Romon, 125, 404 Baehr, Bob, 181, 298, 335 Bahde, Irving, 76 Bohm, Donald, 125 Bohr, Deon, 181, 336 Bailey, Richard, 67 Boird, James, 145, 408 Baker, Donald, 104 Baker, Larry A., 165, 399 Baker, Lorry L., 69, 125 Boker, Richord, 145, 424 Baker, Robert, 1 12, 310 Baldwin, Joe, 75, 76 Baldwin, Roger, 145, 391 Balfour, Raymond, 69 Ball, Gary, 1 12 Boll, John, 67 Bollontyne, Byron, 125, 419 Boltzer, Gory, 125 Banghort, Elizabeth, 165, 380 Bonks, John, 181, 384 Banks, Karen, 145, 360 Bonks, Phyliss, 145, 342 Banning, Bob, 314 Bonnisfer, Gary, 52 Barber, Cynthia, 31, 92, 165, 258, 371 Bore, James, 80 Borkmeier, Borbara, 42, 44. 45, 145, 354 Barnard, Jonniece, 165, 363 Bernard, Kenneth, 145, 419 Barnes, Barbaro, 145, 359 Bornes, Betty, 125, 364 Bornes, Robert, 165, 423 Barnes, Sorilea, 181, 320, 360 Bornett, Deanno, 181, 356 Barr, Barbara, 181, 354 Barr, John, 298 Borr, William, 181, 412 Barrett, Frank, 76 Barry, Murvin, 404 Barry, Robert, 181, 404 Battels, John, 181 Bartels, Wayne, 204, 392 Barth, David, 165, 396 Borth, Glenn, 37, 45 Berth, John, 165, 411 Bortholmew, Annette, 181, 325 Bortlett, Lorry, 125, 331 Barton, Bruce, 77 Borton, Jerome, 75, 76 Bosho, S., 264 Baskin, Loroione, 49. 145, 360 Basoco, Richard, 181, 428 Bossier, Jock, 68 Botes, George, 181, 384 Botes, Herbert, 36, 165 Bath, Ronald, 47, 125, 387 Batoosingh, Theresa, 80 Bauer, 202 Boum, Diane, 165, 255, 339 Bourn, Normon, 45, 125, 351 Bouman, Jerry, 165, 391, 427 Bouman, Karl, 181, 391 Bouman, Keith. 59, 126 Boumert. George, 145, 333 Boun, G., 303 Bousch, Korlynn, 182, 325 Baxter, Brian, 182, 333 Boxter, Deanno, 182, 364 Baxter, Tom, 182, 364 Boy, Gory, 182, 404 Bayer, Lonnie, 145, 415 Bozant, Shirley, 33, 86, 126, 320, 372, 373 Beadell, Robert, 93 Beadle, Barbara, 42, 45, 145, 354 Beadle, Dovid. 126, 330 Beol, Helen, 165, 258, 356 Beol, Linda, 146, 376 Beol, Nancy, 182, 259, 356 Beoll, Nancy, 356 Bean, Jerry, 182, 399 Beordslee, Charles, 68 Beottie, Carol, 56 Beavers. Eldon, 146, 256, 384 Beber, 202 BeBernes, Ronald, 1 16 Beck, Betsy, 182, 354 Beck, Beverly, 146, 380 Beck, Don, 28, 37, 38, 126, 247, 252 253 291, 386. 387 Beck, Jeon, 53 Beckenhouer, Carol, 126, 340 Becker, Donald, 126, 334 Becker, M., 75, 76 Becker, Robert, 182. 351 Becker, William, 80 Beckmon, Chester, 112, 165, 388 Beckmon, Patricia, 146, 339 Beckwith, John, 146, 399 Bedwell, Ann, 165, 375 Bedwell, William, 114, 115. 126, 256, 395 Beechner, Barbara, 182, 354 Beechner, Dick, 317 Beechner, Dorothy. 165, 258, 354 Beenker, H. G., 79 Beerline, Roe, 49, 165, 319, 354 Beesley, Joyce, 165, 342 Beggs, Walter, 84 Behrens, Marilyn, 182, 325 Beideck, John, 126, 286, 308, 399 Belger, 202 Belkin, Herbert, 182, 431 Belknap, Rowan, 68 Bell. Donald, 182, 419 Bellinger, Melvin, 48, 126, 388 Belmont, Ben 34, 126, 241. 248, 256, 431 Belschner, Nancy, 165, 368 Belsheim, Edmund, 73 Beltz, DeLons, 166, 372 Belz. Louis. 66 Bender, Joanne, 28, 33, 94, 146, 243 249 364 Benedict, John, 146, 399 Bennett, A., 259 Bennett, Dion, 1 17 Bennett, Jean. 42, 43, 45, 146, 345 Benson, Beuloh, 182, 360 Benson, Charlotte. 126, 380. 381 Benson, Donald, 166, 310, 330 Benson, Howard, 56 Benton, Robert, 69 Benten, Robert, 126, 408 Beranek, Emil, 66, 126 Berg, Solly, 146, 376 Berge, Pete, 126, 404 Berger, Janice, 182, 372 Berger, Jean, 146, 364 Berger, Mary, 45, 146, 345 Berger, Roger, 36, 70, 126, 335 Bergquist, Mory Janet, 146, 375 Bergren, Allan, 166 Bergschneider, Mory, 166, 341 Berguin, Robert, 126, 286, 291, 415 Berke, Gory, 46, 166, 387 Berkenstock, Howard, 126 , 428 Berreckmon, Claude, 126. 391 Berry, Connie, 28, 29, 376 Berry. Wesley, 182, 419 Berniklau. VIodimir, 166. 412 Bernet, Donno, 146, 367 Berrymon, Rodney, 182. 419 Best. Alon, 264 Bettenhousen, Joyce, 166 Beuster, Ronald, 166, 427 Beutel, Fredrick, 74 Bible, Barbara, 182, 354 Bicho, Jon, 59, 166, 392 Bienhoff, Don, 182, 392 Bierman, Wallace, 46, 146, 399 Bilom, T, E., 77 Billings, Kem, 126, 41 1 Billings. LoVon, 77 Binder, Donold, 35, 146, 182, 428 Bingham, Robert, 55 Bmsfield, Glenn. 35, 388 Birchord, Dennis, 49, 126, 419 Birkel, Lone, 87, 126, 334 Bischof, Thomas. 146, 348 Bishop, Bette, 182, 359 Bishop, Jomes, 352 Bishop, Marvin, 146, 252, 388 Bitenieks, John, 1 17 Bitner, Lorry, 146, 351 Bitter, Annette, 166, 261, 372 Bittinger, Billy, 66 Blockburn, Judith, 166, 367 Blockman, Arthur, 182, 391 Blackman, Jomes, 65 Bloho, Charles, 182, 423 Blond, Keith, 415 Blond, L aurel, 182 Blank, Ruth, 166, 325 Blotter!, Jeonette, 104, 320 Blecho, Dennis, 1 16 Blevms, Lorry, 126, 399 Blincow, Annabelle, 90, 126 325 Bliss, Donold, 280 Bloboum, Judith, 182, 325 Bloch, 202 Block, J., 109 Bloemendol, Stanley, 44 66 Blomquist, Koy, 166, 342 Blore, Walter, 115, 126, 247, 408 Blue, Ronold, 34, 96, 126, 252, 266, 428 429 . . . Bluhm, Royce, 48 Blum, Mark, 80, 96 Bobst, Barry, 126, 424 425 Bock, Betty, 126, 371 Bockoven, Frederic, 120 Bode, Sue, 166, 363 Boden, Morcio, 182, 360 Bodensteiner, Carl, 146, 404, 310 Boedeker, Nancy, 146, 375 Boehler, Kothleen, 166, 342 Boellstorff, Douglos, 298 Boesiger, Corolyn, 90, 166, 325 Boesiger, Dennis, 166, 335 Boesiger, Dwight, 146, 335 Boettcher, Donald, 60 Bogard, Edward, 34, 166, 396, 397 Bohling, Donna, 45, 146, 342 Boling, Jomes, 118, 126, 412, 413 Bollesen, Vernon 67, 160, 334 Bollinger, Tom, 182, 419 Bollish, Alvin, 166, 403 Bolz, John, 112 Bomhoff, Daniel, 182, 395 Bond, Dick, 146, 399 Bonde, Mercodee 42, 166, 255, 344 Boning, Karen, 126 Boning, John, 36, 146, 403 Bonne, Richord, 46 Bonneou, Loren, 84 Bonner, Phyllis, 166 200 356 Boppre, Judy, 182, 339 Borcher, Betty, 92, 166, 325 Bordy, Steve, 166, 416 Borland, Jock, I 16, 166, 420 Borland, Roger, 116, 166, 420 Bornemeier, Donald, 117 Boroff, C, 291 Bors, Jomes, 352 Bosking, Williom, 146, 391 Bossard, Norma, 92, 146, 368 Bost, Judith, 126, 248 371 Boswell, Caroline, 90, 255, 383 Bottorff, R., 286, 291, 309 Bovill, Ronald, 347 Bourg, Jomes, 352 Bourne, Richard, 60 Bouwens. Arlene. 146, 342 Bowen, Francis. 67 Bowen. Joellvn, 182, 325 Bowen. Ronald, 146, 384 Boyd, Brodley, 1 16 Boyd, Patricio, 106, 356 Boyd, Rov, 68, 258, 259 Boyd, Shoron 182, 339 Brobee, Donold, 45 Brace, Horry, 35, 166, 407 Brockholn, Betty, 91 Bradford, Horry, 1 17, 182, 391 Bradley, Mary, 166, 261, 368 Brady, Euoene, 146, 330 Brady, William, 66 Branch, Bett -, 38, 126 376, 377 Brand, Doniel, 126, 303. 420 Brondenburger, Bettv, 126, 166, 340 Brondes, Robert, 166, 391 Brandt, Donald, 87 Brandt, Genene, 182, 376 Brandt, Robert, 298 Bray, Don, 68 Brazee, Barbara, 182, 325 Bredenkomp, Borton, 35, 182, 354 Bredthouer, Rosemary, 146, 380 Breese, Robert, 69 B ' eland, Bette, 90, 364 Bremer, Peorl, 126, 355 Brentzel, John, 35, 182, 412 Breslow, Boyd, 166, 416 Breslow, Morvin, 28, 52, 126, 245 416 Bressler, Emily, 146, 364 Brestel, L., 307 Brettmonn, Morlene, 126 Brevensbock, Borbora, 182, 344 Bricker, Marshall, 182, 415 Bride, R,, 298 Brier, Deonna, 42, 43, 166, 200, 255 344 Briggs, Gorv, 46, 166, 387 Briggs, Kent, 127 461 Briggi, Lorry, 69 Bnoes. RLnsell. 182 Brighom, Joyce. I6«, 371 Bfpndlcv. Horry, 69, 127 Bnnenhom, Deon. 87. 127. 307, 407 Briifin, Borboro. 30, 105, 147 251 359 Bntton, Gige, 127, 364 Brockley, George, 166, 423 Brodic, Sondro, 106 Brooks, Anne, 147, 383 Broomdeld, Eldo, 32, 147 340 Brost, Chriity, 48 Brown. Don, 308 Brown. Dovid. 166, 395 Brown. Donold. 182 Brown. Fronces, 166, 379 Brown, Irvin, 166. 331 Brown. Jomes, 182 Brown. Joyne, 147, 255 Brown. Jerry, 291 296 Brown, Jerry N., 317 Brown. Jim, 415 Brown, Lorry, 166, 304, 400 Brown, Lorry L., 182, 412 Brown. Lewis, 182, 415 Brown, Richord, 182, 396 Brown, Suson, 183, 383 Brown. Vincent. 204, 347, 352 Browndeld, Ceroid, 46, 147, 256, 395 Bruce. John, 45 Brugmonn, Bruce, 28 Bruhn, John, 205. 404 Brune, Dennis, 115, 1 27 395 Brunk, Hugh, 67 Brunsbock, 42 Brush. Moryfh, 166, 255, 325 Bryon, Bloine, 1 17 Bryons, Jock. 127, 286, 303, 415 Bryons, Wollocc, 183, 415 Buchonon. Dole, 66 69 127 Bucholz. Wolloce. 183 392 Buchtel, Duone, 298 Buck. Beverly, 105, 147, 243, 248, 251, Buckingho-T- Kay 166 368 Bucklin, Ronold, 183, 315, 395 Bucknor, George. 83, 127 Bucy, Dean. 44. 48 Bucy, Donold. 127, 41 I Budler, Jock, 68 Bucll. Cynthio, 166. 356 Buenz, Angus. 183, 423 Buettow, Dorrell, 35, 147, 404 Bugenhugen. John, 183 420 Bullisk. Hazel, 166, 325 Buls, Borboro. 166, 339 Bundy, Rovmond, 117 Buns, D., 75 Burbock, Vicki, 183, 354 Burbonk, Jone, 166, 375 Burbonk, John, 127, 403 Burbridge, Marcio, 166, 359 Butchfield, Gory, 118 127 387 Burdick. Jeon, 127, 341 Burg, Chorles, 183, 395 Burger, Jock, 77 Burgess, Don, 166, 334 Burhons, Dwovne, 14 7, 419 Burhoop, Boyd. 43. 49, 166, 351 Burionek, Morvin, 147. 404 Burkholden, Richard, 48 127 Burns, D , 76 Burstein, Stanley, 127 416 Burry, Lyie, 183 Burt, J , 84 Busboom, Roger, 1 12 Bush, D , 299 Bush. Jerry, 286. 288, 305 Bush. Wilhom. 93. 127. 423 Butcher. Robert. 147, 404 Buthn ' on Lindo, 104, 105 127 216 238 242. 375 Butler. Corolyn, 127, 340 Bultcrficid, John, 127. 286 305 391 Butterfield, Williom, 59 Byrne, Morilyn, 127, 341 Cocioppo, Ben. 298 Coda, Froncis, 46, 147, 387 Codwollodcr. Gory. 167 407 Coffrey, Robert, 183 424 Colder, Michncl. 127. 415 Coldwell. Jonicc, 127, 364 Collies, Williom, 183, 404 Colvin, Nodinc. 42, 43. 1 7 200, 255 344 CoiTipbell. Courtney 3 " 04, 127 238 359 Compbell. John, 167 396 Campbell, Noncy, 167, 376 Conodoy, Rolph 104 Condor Betty. 147, 342 Controll, Jim, 94 Coporolc Domcnico, 75, 76, 204 Cordon Ceci. 147. 251, 376 Cardwell. Curtis. 147. 407 Corlin, John. 167, 391 Carlson, Chorles 183. 202, 391 Carlson. Doon, 69 Corlson, Joanne, 167, 367 Corlson, Marilvn, 38, 147 Carlson, Marvin, 58 Corlson Nor. 30 167 Ti2, 251, 375 Carlton, Ro cr. 67, 352 Carlton. Ronald, 352 Carlton Theodora, 347 Corlson, Wolter, 93 Corlson, William, 127 403 Corlton, R, 80, 127 Corneol, Joy, 320 Corothers. Wendell, 352 Corpcnter, Ann, 167, 356 Carpenter, Clork, 147, 420 Corpenter, Keith, 183, 334 Corroneedo, Merlin, 49, 167 Carroll, Doryl, 87 Carrol. Joon, 147. 318, 368 Carroll, Rito. 167, 383 Corskodon, Beverly, 91 Corsten, Roger, 183. 387 Cortenson, Larry, 101, 115, 147 428 Cortee, Ruth. 183, 360 Carter, Ben, 53. 147, 252, 387 Corter, Dovid, 350, 351 Corter, Lee, 127, 286 Corter, Lester, 35, 183, 391 Carter, Solly, 147, 248, 251, 367 Cose, Mary, 167, 339 Coscy, Don, 183, 423 Cosper. George, 43, 167, 351 Cass, Lyman, 167, 400 Costncr Clorence, 127, 286, 299, 400 Chab, Gwen, 92, 147, 367 Chalupo, JoAnn, 86. 127, 360 Chambers, Brent, 183, 404 Choney. Jane, 167, 371 Chang, Sammy, 68. 347 Chopmon, John, 183, 351 Chapmon, Judy. 167 244 251, 255, 359 Choppel. Douglos, 127, 330 Chord, Phyllis, 86. 99, 101, 127, 360 Chorron, Dons. 183, 346 Chase, Eva, 127 Chotfield. Jon, 167, 258, 376 Cholterson DeEtto, 37 Chefetz, 202 Chen, Augustine, 205 Chen, L., 44 Chcrniss, Sondro, 183, 379 Cheuvront. Jeffre, 183, 419 Childers, James. 298 Childs, David, 57. 75, 183 Ching, Melvin, 127 Chisholm, George, 204, 415 Chittenden, Duone, 127, 331 Choot, Gary, 351 Choquette, Dennis. 147, 396 Chorn, Lorene, 167, 356 Christensen, Borboro, 167, 202. 255, 354 Christensen, Doroth y, 183, 380 Christensen. Eugene, 128, 395 Christensen, J., 81 Christensen, Koy, 30, 86, 128, 258 259 356 Christensen, Mor-. 183, 359 Christensen, Mourice, 183 Christensen, Peter, 167. 333 Christensen. Philip. 183. 391 Christensen, Richo ' d, 52, 183, 423 Christensen, Russell. 117, 167 347, 352 Christensen, Worren 147, 286, 305, 419 Christensen, Lorry, 167, 408 Christenson, Monlyn 128 356 Christiansen, Lynn. 66 67. 344 352 Christionson, Cohen, 42, 43 183 Christie, Allen, 49 Christoffersen, Woyne 167, 384 Christy, Horold, 167 335 Chritton. Rovmond. 167, 253, 400 Chuong, Nelson 69 Chunko, Duone, 128, 331 Church, James. 118 Churchill. Gary, 1 16 Cisney, Dewoin 66. 167, 428 Cloossen. Darrcl, 128, 351 Clophom, Rot-ert 67, 70, 147 420 Clork, Bruce, 183 Clark, Georgia 32, 167, 339 Clork, John, 312 Clork, Koy. 183. 354 Clork, Morion, 128. 325 riork. Mork, 4S. 1 " «, 387 Clork, Rondolph, 147, 395 Clark, Rita. 167 244 367 Clork, Wilhom, 147 399 Clattcrbuck, Reido 183, 380 CIcqq, Max. 48 403 Cleqn. Velda. 128, 147. 363 Clement. Williom. 67 128 Clemrnts, Bill. 36, 67 Clendcnnv, Sherrv, 167 360 Cleveland, Conley, 112 Cleveland, Edna, 128 325 Clifton, Rodney E., 147 Clifton. Rodney J , 69 424 Cline, 202 Cllnkenbeord B ' " 167, 424 Clinton. Froncis. 128 Clouotro Jenn 167 Clouwotre. Denis. 420 Clymer, B?M ■ 167 255, 325 Cootos, Dole 1 ' ' 7 148 Cootes, John, 181 334 Coots, Penny, 167 372 Coburn, Lewis, 412 Cobiirn. Rosalie, 128. 147 364 Cochran, Helen, 376 Cochron, Michael, 183, 298, 415 Cochran, Thomos, 181, 423 Cockerill, Jonico, 167, 354 Codr, Jerome, 352 Cody, John, 183, 407 Coe. Mory, 183, 364 Coffey, Morilyn, 167, 303 Coffey, Richord. 52 Coffmon, Phillip, 96, 147. 428 Cogswell, Borboro, 167, 375 Cohen, Arvin. 183, 416 Cohen, Meyer, 167, 416 Cohen, Steve. 298 Cohnon, C, 53 Colby, Carol, 147, 364 Coldwell, James, 163 Cole, Eddon, 57, 167 Cole, Jeonne, 167 368 Cole, James, 183, 428 Coleman. Dennis, 66 Collins, Horry, 67 Colnic, Gerold, 128, 416 Colon, F , 80 Colwell. Rebecco, 183, 376 Combs, Judith, 167, 356 Comstock, LyIe, 1 16 Conord, Richard, 104 Condon. John, 43, 183, 387 Conner, 202 Conover, Robert, 77 Converse, Williom, 67 Cook, Bob, 34, 241, 398 Cook, Clorence, 291, 297 Cook, Deon, 66 Cook, Helen, 167, 379 Cook, Herbert, 336 Cook, James. 80, 183, 391 Cook, Joy, 43, 46, 167, 387 Cook, Richard, 147, 399 Cook, Yvonne, 147 Coonrad, Borboro, 148, 277 372 Coonrod, Robert. 128. 183, 399 419 Cooper, Clare, 205, 341 Cooper, George, 80 Cooper. Ino Moe. 107 Cooper, Norlin, 303 Cooper, Williom, 184, 431 Coover. John. 204. 411 Coover. Noncy, 148, 200, 368 Coover, Patricio, 82 Copelond, Dee, 184, 391 Copelond, Jerry, 148, 391 Copelond. Noncv. 30 167, 257, 367 Copes, Wayne, 128, 334 Copp, James. 99, 128, 396 Copple, N., 303 Corel!, Jock, 147, 420 Corkle, Charles 46 Corkle, Jerry, 148 391 Corter. Dovid, 184 Coruzzi, Robert 167. 333 Corzine, John, 148, 412 Cosord, Morion 81 202 Costin, John. 184, 298, 41 1 Cotter, Gene, 128 286. 310 311 Cotton, Robert, 52, 128 423 Cottrell, Richard, 80 148 407 Coufol, N., 308 Cowan, Deon 352 Cox, Jerry, 48, 128, 415 Cox, LaVerne, 347 Cov, Richord, 75, 77 Craig, Mariione, 167. 249 360 Cromer, Rondv, 69, 184 379 Cromond. William, 52 Crawford, M E., 81 Crote, Corole, 117, 184, 339 Cripe. Jomes 184 3«S Crispin. Dennis. 66 167 Crist, Jonis. 148 372 Crites. Clay, 67. 148. 415 Crocker, Mortho 184 359 Croft, Ruth, 184 325 Crom, Shoron, 42 184, 344 Crone. Deonne 184, 368 Cronin, Joan, 354 Cronin, John, 184 Cross, Donald. 184. 335 Crouse, Colette, 167, 383 Crowder D. 108 Crowe, Cecil, 69 Crowley, Gwen. 167 356 Cruise, Dole 80, 128 Cruise, H , 80 Cruse Froncis, 57, 128 Culwell, Jone. 128, 360 Cummings, Williom 128, 396 Cupper, Robert, 391 Curfmon, Jone, 107. 364 Currv, Borboro. 148, 383 Curtis, Alfred, 352 Curtis, Ardeth 60, 167 255, 325 Curtis, Richard, 148, 420 Cutkosky, John, 67, 148, 391 Cutter, Eugene, 391 Cypreonson, Lucile, 89 Daggett, Willit. 128. 408, 409 Dohl, Carol, 168, 372 Oohl, Williom. 34, 148, 384, 385 Dohlmeier. John, 68 Dohnkc, 202 Doiloy Kolherine 168 244. 251, 375 Doly, Frederick, 102 I ' 8, 241, 248 395 Domkroger, Leo, 44. 128, 403 Damon, John, 128 Dorsek, Wilhom, 184, 399 Doniel, Pot, 148, 367 Daniels. Albert. 184. 298. 334 Donielton, Janet, 168 371 Donielton. Martha, 53, 86, 148, 371 Donner, 202 Donncrt, Robert, 28, 37, 43, 46 168 403 Doniz. Paul, 69 ' Dorling, Shan, 168, 372 Dort. Gerald. 43. 46, 148. 387 Dorting. Suzi. 106 Dovidson. David, 184, 428 Dovidion, Jonis, 148, 214. 249 255 Dovidtoo. Loren, 128, 334 Dovis, 202 Dovit, Borboro. 168, 359 Dovis, Lorry, 43 Davis, Richord, 96 168 Dovis. Rev Robert. 270 Dovis. Steptsen. 115 Dovisson, Sondro, 184, 372 Dowson, Jon, 120 Doy, Wilht, 67 Deon, Tom, 298 Debbs, Alan, 168, 404 DeBower, Raymond, 46, 168, 392 Decker, Gerald. 128 Decker, Judy. 30, 168, 258, 364 Decker, S , 80 Dedic, Doryl, 148, 334 Deepc, Beverly. 28. 104, 105, 128. 236 Deer. Mory. 90 Deichmonn. Ardys, 168, 325 DeLisle. Wilhom, 80 DeLong, Noncy, 168, 246, 375 Demoree. Horold. 148. 391 DeMors. Mory Dee, 28. 33. 249. 380 DeMors, Mary M., 42, 148. 168, 356 Denenbcrg, Morsholl, 416 Denenberg, Michoel, 148, 416 Densbcrger, Mourice 80 148 Deppen. Kov. 148. 258. 321. 371 Dereig, Michoel, 52 Derioin, Don, 204 Desler. Duone. 67 Desrirond. Anne, 148, 375 Deterding. Don, 128. 400 Devereoux, Jo, 148, 376 DeVilbiss, Judith. 184, 363 DeVilbiss, Jere, 148, 252, 399 Devine, Mory, 43, 148, 342 DeVries, Roymond, 38, 57, 148 DeVries, Richord, 129 Dewey, Theodore, 124, 395 DeWitt. Howord, 168 DeWi.lf Bill 37 12 ' = 240 241 250 . 252, 253, 259, 260 Diamond, Edword. 168. 416 Dibble, Jeon. 129. 371 Dicke. Dorothy, 99, 148 Dickerson, Noncy, 129 Diedrichs, Deonne, 184, 380 Diednchs, Robert. 67 Dierks. Jerrv. 129, 408 Diers, Robert. 168, 399 Dicstel, Col C. J , 1 10 Dieterich. Mory, 184, 364 Dietz. John. 1 17 Dill. Jacqueline. 339 Dill. Jomes, 184, 419 Dillinohom. John. 168 423 Dillmon. DeeAnn, 184, 372 Dillon. Lorry. 87 Dillon. Morv. 129 Dinomon. Horry, 28, 29. 36 66. 148. . 399 Discoe, Robert, 46, 49, 129. 403 Ditmon. Robert 168 399 Ditlnck. Yvonne. 184, 375 Doone. Douglos. 80, 168. 415 Dobry. Alberto. 43, 184. 344 Dobry. Chorles, 80. 148, 404 Dobson. Julio, 168. 371 Dodson. Moryclore, 1 29. 356 Docbele, Dudley, 286, 290 Doebeic, Shoro, 320 Doering, 202 Doering, Polly, 184. 356 Dohrmon Melvin 168 291, 408 Dolezol. Robert, 168. 399 Domino. Alon, 80 Donorico. Angcio, 16«. 359 Donnelson. Brent, 312 Donovon, Cont, T A. 110 Dopheibe. Neil. ' « 41? Dorlond. Wode. 129 Dom. Potricio. 184, 354 Dorsey. John. 184. 407 Dorworl. Robert, 80 Doty, Beverly. 168 376 Dougherty, Gory, 129, 419 Dougherty. Joci. 168 354 Douglos, Judv. 184 364 Douglass. Ann, 94 143. 363 Doulhil. John, 395 Doulhil. Judith. 168. 255. 258. JP Oow, Dovid, 74 Dow. Motilvn. 86, 129 360 Dowell. Juho, 168, 376 Oowni. Polly. 60, 129 258, 259, Ji9 Downs, Solly 184 359 Drohoto. Goil. 219 Oroke, Patrick, 168. 315. 395 Draper, William, 168. 395 Orda. Dollot, 116 462 Dreessen, Robert, 69, 148, 349 Dreimanis, Horalds, 70, 116 Dresher, Janet, 168, 364 Drishaus, Ctiorlotte, 86, 148, 363 Dryden, James, 168, 408 Dryden, Keren, 30, 148, 258, 259, 364 Duba, Roger, 184 Dubas, Horold, 115, 148, 423 □ ubas, Mary, 184, 363 Duckwortti, Beniomin, 184, 384 Dudden, Richard, 117, 184, 399 Due, Jacqueline, 129 Duffey, William, 168, 396 Duncon, CoL C. E., 1 10 Duni, Elaine, 184, 379 Dunker, Roger, 168, 424 Dunn, F. L , 79 Dunn, Guy, 68 Dusek, Dorothy, 184, 320, 346 Dutcher, Donnie, 87 DuToit, Darrell, 57, 148 Dutton, Glenn, 184, 335 Dwinnell, Richard, 1 12 Dworck, Donald, 87 Dworak, Janet, 30, 168, 319, 320, 321, 359 Dworsky, 202 Dye, Lonnie, 36, 68 Dyer, W., 67 Eogen, John, 52 Eagleton, George, 96, 168, 428 Earnest, Melvin, 69 Easter, Judith, 184, 368 Easterbrook, Janice, 184, 325 Eostin, John, 403 Eastmon, Jomes, 184, 411 Eastman, Mary, 184, 364 Eoston, Harry, 38 Eaton, Bernard, 56, 57, 129 Ebanks, Harvey, 53, 264 Ebbers, Roger, 29, 298 Eberspacher, Darrel, 148, 403 Eberspacher, Jolene, 168, 372 Ebsen, Leonard, 148, 419 Eby, Dons, 32, 168 Eby, James, 339 Echelberger, Beverly, 168, 342 Echtermever, Janet, 184, 354 Ecklund, Berneita, 149, 320, 376 Eckrick, Priscilla, 184, 375 Eddy, Robert, 69 Eden, Patricia, 94 Eder, B., 168 Ediger, Ardean, 80 Edi! 67 Edison, O., 65 Edwards, Margoret, 42, 129, 239, 318, 319, 363 Edwtrds, Corolyn, 37, 42, 45, 149 319 363 Edwords, Laramie, 184, 400 Edwards, Michael, 44, 45, 204, 391 Edwards, Wriliom, 291, 400 Eggen, Elaine, 168, 321, 359 Eheinberger, Jim, 277 Ehresman, Charles, 117 Ehresman, LaVonne, 185, 325 Ehrett, William, 68, 129 331 Eicke, Frances, 168, 263, 356 Einspahr, Darrel, 168, 387 Einspahr, Evonne, 42, 4b 112, 149, 345 Einspahr, Rodney, 129, 252, 392 Eis, Ruth, 185, 325 Eischliman, Dennis, 185, 427 Eisenlohr, Edda, 205, 341 Eitel, Rosemary, 185, 383 Ekiund, Richard, 149, 334 Ekiund, Robert, 129, 420 Ekstrom, Corrine, 149, 364 Ekwall, Rex, 129, 286, 287, 299, 301, 302, 308 Elce, Julie, 168, 261, 372 Elder, Dennis, 185, 316, 400 Elder, Morion, 86, 149 248, 251, 375 Elfeldt, William, 149, 419 Ellerbrock, Wesley, 185, 419 Ellermeier, JoAnn, 185, 325 Elliott, Colleen, 185, 339 Elliott, Jeanne, 86 149, 248, 250, 375 Elliott, Marcia, 376 Elliott, Pete, 289, 291, 292 Ellis, Beverly, 168, 372 Ellis, Charles, 66, 149. 304 Ellis, Sandra, 185, 359 Ellis, Sam, 34, 129, 223, 240, 256, 406, 407 Ellison, Donald, 129, 304 Ellison, Gaylord, 168, 404 Elmen, Betty, 185, 363 Elmer, Willard, 185, 419 Elsasser, Janet, 270 Else, Wilbert, 149, 400 Elwell, Don, 168, 399 Elwood, Robert, 286. 306, 307 Ely, Barbara, 129, 360 Ely, Jock, 169, 419 Emerv, John, 185, 298, 415 Emrich, Bill, 185. 404 Enck, William, 59 Engebretson, Rex, 185, 298, 399 Engel, Raymond, 298 Engerhaydt, Ronold, 185, 423 England, Barbara, 129, 342 Englert, Gordon, 129, 286, 291, 415 English, Daniel, 185, 415 English, Ernest, 291 Enke, Ernest, 205 Enyeart, Sandra, 169, 354 Eostin, John, 149 Epiey, Gary, 129, 395 Epp, Nyla, 129, 340 Epsleur, L., 261 Epstein, Arnold, 96, 149, 416 Epstein, Larry, 80, 149, 247, 252, 291, 416 Erickson, Barboro, 149, 371 Erickson, Judy, 42, 129, 380 Erickson, Patricia, 185, 325 Erickson, Richard, 169 Erickson, Thomas, 185, 404 Ericson, Bryan, 185, 415 Ericson, Delores, 76, 129, 341 Erixson, Richard, 69 Erman, Mike, 35, 185 416 Ernst, Darlene, 185, 325 Ervin, Eldon, 45, 149, 403 Erwoy, Don, 129, 286, 287, 291, 309, 399, 308 Esslinger, Edgar, 149, 392 Evans, Barboro, 185, 375 Evans, Gladys, 129, 372 Evans, Joyce, 42, 169, 360 Evans, Sharon, 149, 364 Evans, Susanne, 149, 340 Everett, John, 149, 404 Everett, Patricia, 185, 339 Everhart, Betty, 47 Eversole, John, 205 Eversoll, Duane, 149, 307, 400 Eyier, Dick, 149, 423 Eyth, Robert, 185, 41 1 Fabello, Auroro, 205, 341 Fober, W., 67 Faeh, Wendell, 149, 347, 350, 351 Fagan, John, 129, 240, 256, 395 Fohrboch, David, 149, 299, 415 Fohrenbruch, Jo Anne, 356 Fahrlander, Lindo, 169, 255, 380 Fohrnbruch, Mel, 129, 239, 250, 251, 359 Fair, Richard, 80 Foirchild, Bruce, 308 Faist, Lauren, 129, 404 Folconer, Richard, 169, 415 Folk, Don, 149, 391 Folk, Eugene, 68 Folk, Virginia, 185, 375 Follsteod, Clarence, 87, 304 Fangman, Sharon, 185, 372 Fongmeier, Delores, 129, 338, 339 Fonkell, Kenneth, 169, 420 Ford, A., 264 Farnhom, Rob, 69 Forrell, Janice, 149, 375 Farrell, Jeremiah, 310, 31 1 Forrell, Robert, 185, 412 Farrington, Don, 169, 407 Forritor, Bill, 185 Feather, Jorres. 44, 105, 129, 240, 241, 256, 402, 403 Feder, Gloria, 185, 379 Feese, Hornet, 169, 371 Fegley, Melvin, 96 Fehlhafer, Leo, 185 Fellmon, Richard, 204, 431 Fellows. Jane. 149, 368 Ferer, Jerry, 185, 416 Fergus, 202 Ferguson, Chorlene, 149, 257, 258, 259, 354 Ferguson, Morylu, 320 Ferguson, Richard, 185, 415 Ferris, David, 185, 403 Fcye, Vernon, 185, 403 Ficke, Don, 286, 307 Ficke, John. 69 Ficke, Morlene, 185, 359 Field, Carol, 169, 325 Field, M- rno, 185, 344 Fielding, Kenneth, 185, 423 Fifer, John. 56, 57, 169 Fike, Charles, 34, 130, 410, 411 Filbert Kenny, 185, 412 Fink, Johnnie, 45, 149, 423 Fink, Morlene, 169, 383 Finn, Robert, 299 Finnerty, Sharon, 94, 130, 368 Fischer, Lorry, 352 Fischer, Shorlene, 169, 379 Fisher, 202 Fisher, Ruth, 149, 354 Fishier, James, 185, 351 Fisk, George, 68 149, 312, 315, 400 Fitzgerald, Donold, 149, 314, 408 Fitzgerald, Pot, 298 Fitzke, Charles, 75 Fitzpotnck, Mary, 169, 367 Flock, Beverly, 169, 354 Flock, Gary, 169, 331 Flaherty, Koren, 169, 319, 354 Flanagan, Sally, 169, 200. 251, 255, 368 Fleecs, Lawrence, 169, 415 Fleer, Larry, 149, 404 Fleming, Clare, 107 Fleming, Jock, 87, 1 18, 286 Fleming, Nancy, 130, 368 Fleming, Robert, 85, 298, 419 Flick, Julia, 42, 185, 344 Flynn, Dorrell, 309 Flynn, John, 308 Flock, William, 291 Focht, James, 149, 408 Foell, Sandra, 32 Folc,, James, 185, 424 Foltz, David, 88 Fonken, Stanley, 112, 185, 404 Foote, Leiond, 45 Foral, Rolph, 52 Ford, Alvin, 312, 347 Forney, Lucille, 42, 45, 85, 150, 380 Forss, John, 66 Forsyth, John, 130, 408 Foster, Moj. D. R., Ill Foster, Dick, 185, 420 Foulk, Arnold, 78 Fountoin, R., 53 Fout, John, 169 Foy, Jerry, 130, 407 Fraas, Frederick, 150, 396 Frohm, Marvin, 67 France, Ken, 87 Francis, Harry, 186, 420 Frandsen, Gory, 130, 399 Fronk, Carole, 18, 379 Franke, Morgot, 42, 150, 344 87 Freberg, Don, 169, 423 Frederickson, Elizabeth, 169, 354 Fredrickson, Robert, 69 Freed, Kenneth, 169, 416 Freeman, Carolyn, 169, 255, 356 Freemon, Don, 120, 130, 414, 415 Frels, Robert, 169, 351 French, Albert, 186 French, Bette, 186, 342 Frenzdel, Gory, 169, 246, 391 Frerichs, Gory, 186, 334 Frenchs, Joanne, 53, 86, 150, 372 Frerichs, Roland, 186, 347 Frey, E., 53 Frey, Milan. 349 Frey, Robert, 186 Fricke. Lorry, 169, 333 Fricke, Milton, 43, 49, 130 Fried, Geoffrey, 130, 412 Friedemonn, Dole, 49 Friedmon, Harold, 169, 259, 416 Fnedmon, Herbert, 416 Fnedrich, Carl, 186, 412 Frieling, Garry, 186, 404 Friest, Wendell, 93, 96, 130, 428 Fntchman, Alvce, 169, 354 Fritts, Kenneth, 42 Fritts. M,. 45, 150, 345 Fritz. Dan, 186, 415 Fritz, James, 186 Frye. Arthur, 169, 395 Fuchser, Troy, 186 Fulkerson, Thomas, 186, 411 Fullbrook, Edward, 54, 419 Fullerton, George. 69, 130 Furse, Dorothy, 169, 186 Furse, Gail, 367 Furse. Ronald. 404 Fussell, Delbert, 169 Goborron, JoAnn, 186, 354 Godd, Ben, 307 Gaddie, Chester, 130 Godeken, Emil, 150, 252, 392 Goibler, Karen, 169, 364 Goibler, Kent, 186, 415 Gaines. Stove. 317 Gollowa, Robert, 67 Galley. Carolyn, 130, 356 Gonow, Wayne, 204 Gont, Shirley, 130, 248. 375 Garcia. Delores, 186, 339 Gardner. Jack, 130, 404 Gardner, Margaret, 186, 376 Garner. Gerald, 49 Gorrop, Norman, 169, 416 Gartner, Jeanne. 150. 371 Goskill, Alton, 202 Gates, Janet, 150, 360 Gougon, Steve. 186, 423 Gausmon, Lorry, 150, 286, 306, 307, 420 Cover, Bob, 68 Gay, Gordon, 204 Gaylord. George. 49, 169, 396 Geose, Diane, 186 Gebhort, Frederick, 150 Geesen, Parker, 76 Geier, Carol, 186 Geier, Dick. 308 Geier. Jacob, 87, 286, 288, 304 Geisert. Connie. 94. 130, 340 Geisner, Donald, 169 Gellermonn, Virgil, 46 Gembolo. Ernest, 352 Gentry, Richard, 81, 202 George, L., 291 George. Nancy, 186, 356 Georgeou, S,, 347 Georgi, Gary, 169, 336 Gerdes, Eileen, 42 Gerdes, Marie, 32, 42, 150, 344 Gerloch, Leroy, 150, 334 Gerloch, Walter, 114, 115, 130, 408 Gessner, Virginio, 186, 364 Getsfred, Robert, 69 Getsler, Donald, 403 Gettmon, Jomes, 186, 415 Geweke, Marilyn, 186, 325 Gibbs, Clark, 130, 395 Gibson, Charles, 57, 307 Gibson, Robert, 186, 404 Gierhon, Dennis, 117, 186, 392 Gierhon, Ronold, 169, 392 Gies, Donna, 186, 354 Gieseker, Norman, 57, 150 Giesenhogen, Poul, 169 396 Gifford, Ross, 169, 423 Gilbert. Ruth, 169, 354 Giles, Bill, 309 Gillen, Kathleen, 186 Gillespie, Jerry, 169, 253, 291, 387 Gillespie, Leroy, 59, 130, 420 Gilliland, Thomas, 93, 169, 408 Gilman, Marvin, 130, 416 Gilsdorf, Jomes, 186, 41 1 Gingles, William, 169, 244, 428 Girardot, Steve, 1 16 Gish, Phyllis. 150, 367 Glode, Dorothy, 186, 339 Gladfelter, John, 130 331 Glodfelter, Roy, 130 Closer, Potricio, 186 339 Glass, Orville, 76 Gloubious. Allen, 43. 186, 403 Gleoson, Kay. 86. 368 Gleeson, Willo, 130, 367 Glenn, 202 Clock, Deon, 43, 45, 150, 256, 260, 387 Glock, Robert, 44 150, 248, 252, 387 Glover, Loverne 67 Gl nn, John, 169, 248, 395 Godbey, David, 116, 186 428 Coding, Elene, 169. 375 Goede, Ronald, 130 Goettsche, Kermit, 66 Goff, Dole, 45 Goff. Wayne, 45 Goin, Donold, 80, 150, 419 Goldenberg, N., 81, 202 Goldner, John, 35, 186 431 Goldstein. Howard, 186, 431 Golka, Robert, 186, 349 Golletr, Victor, 352 Gompert, Leon, 150, 335 Good, Conrad, 102 Good, Horry, 87 Good, James, 169, 41 1 Goodding, Marvin, 66, 130 Goodrich, Lorrv, 352 Goodwi-i. William. 118 130 Goold. Gerald, 186, 308 Goos, Donald 150 404 Gorley, Joe, 170, 336 Gorup. James, 68 Gosch, James, 186 Gosch, Norman, 80 Gosker, William. 186 392 Goth, Harvey, 77 Gould, Christopher, 186 Gould, Maryonna, 170, 359 Gourloy, Frances, 170 244, 367 Gourloy. Helen, 28, 29, 33, 86, 150, 243 367 Govaerts, Mary, 1 70 Grobenstein, Soro, 186, 360 Grachek, Wayne, 186, 419 Grot, Gary, 186, 420 Graham, Joie, 186 360 Groham. Robert, 130 Graham, Ronald, 170, 404 Gromlich, Williom, 150, 420 Grant, Sharon, 94, 186. 325 Grasmick, Clare. 170. 359 Grosmick, Harry, 150, 411 Gross, Joan, 150, 372 Grossmick, Robert, 45, 150, 335 Grosso, Joseph, 347 Graver, J, C, 68 Gray, Dole, 67 Gray, Donald, 186 Groy, Gordon, 76 Green, Corol, 150, 339 Green, Dee Ann. 186, 320, 325 Mar 76 Green, Robert, 66, 130 Green, Ronald, 130, 404 Green, Roy, 64 Greenomyre, Ronold. 335 Greenberg. Linda. 186, 325 Greene, Robert, 116 186 Greenlaw, Willie, 308 Greer, Gordon. 150, 333 Gregory, J,, 67 Gregory, Kothorine, 170, 383 Gregory, Paul, 80 Grensemon, Jon, 57, 130 Grether, Henry, 74 Griffin. R., 99 Griffith, Billy, 150, 351 Griffiths, John, 186. 407 Grimminger, Horry. 187. 404 Grinbergs. Mortho, 170, 342 Grifzmacker, Suson, 1 70, 375 Gross, Chorlene, 186, 202, 371 Gross, Eugene, 87 463 Grossert, Jerry, 298 Gfothe, Charlet, 170, 428 Groves, Kerwicfh, ISO, 415 Grubb, Gayle. 187, 399 Gfube, Arthur, 150, 403 Grube, Lcc. 150, 399 Gruber, Janet, 130. 360 Grunwald, Myrno, 92, 170, 383 Gugat, Duane, 298 Guildner, 202 Gumb, Cotherine, 1 70, 368 Gunderson, Woyne, 150, 391 Gunlickj, Mory, 86, 92, 130, 340 Gunn, Shirley, 130, 372 Gothery, Bill, 170, 407 Gutschow, Wolter, 150 420 Gzehoviok. Edword 187 391 H Hoos, JoAnn. 170. 321 359 Hoos. Kothr n, 130. 325 Haberlon. Jim. 36. 68 Hobermon. Mono. 187, 354 Mocker. John, 68 Hockett. Elizobcth. 130. 340 Hockeft. Joy, 150. 419 Hockfeldt. Koren. 325 Hockmon, Elizobeth, 53, 130, 376 Hodenfeldt, Jock, 187 Hoctle, Douglos, 187, 428 Hoegele, Wolf gong, 116 Hoerer, Mory. 1 70, 354 Hoessler, John. 52. 131, 411 Hoffke. Ernest, 150, 407 Hogon. James. 66. 131 Hogon, Lorry. 187. 407 Hogcdorn, Paul, 67, 702 Hogcmeier, Richord, 37, 150, 387 Hogemcister, John, 1 70 Hoggort, Lorroine, 32. 170, 325 Hohn, Dionn 131 360 Hohn. Ted, 399 Hoight, Sfonley, 187, 428 Hole, Ann, 31. 170, 258 359 Holey, John, 151, 427 Holl, Anito, 187, 367 Hon. Corolvn 43 i6. 49, 170, 342 Holl, Don, 187, 420 Holl, Dorothy 187 367 Holl, Duone, 151, 391 Holl, Mory, 131, 366, 367 Holl, Robert A, 38, 56, 57, 131 Holl, Robert R , 187, 407 Holl. Roger, 187, 419 Holl, Somuel, 187 399 Holl, Shoron, 151, 375 Holl, Vernon, 131, 428 Holl. Williom, 102. 103 105, 263 Hollom, Noncy, 170 359 Hollgren, Fronk 245 Holhgon, Clinton, 187, 336 Holligon, Shirley, 92, 131 341 Hollock, Jerold, 187, 334 Homon, Eugene, 151, 291, 391 Homonn, D , 75, 76 Hamilton, 202 Homilton, Harold, 170, 349 Hamilton, Lyie, 131 Hancock, Jomcs, 75 Honcock, Solly, 170, 371 Hond, Donald, 56 Handler, Jonet, 170. 259, 325 Honey, Donold, 187 Honlon, John, 170, 330 Honn, Dovid 187, 420 Honno, C, 67, 131 Honno, John, 170, 396 Hans, Robert, 151, 291, 428 Honscom, H., 298 Honscom, I., 307 Hansen, Cynthio, 187, 360 Honsen, Deon, 43 Honsen, Eileen, 187, 364 Hansen, Jomes, 187, 419 Honsen, LyIe, 29, 151, 336 Honsen, Margoret, 170, 375 Hansen, Phyllis, 43. 1 7n 255. 344 Hansen. Stephen, 170, 258, 420 Honson, Deon, 170, 351 Hanson, Donold, 131 349 Hanson, Victor, 187, 423 Honzel, Richard, 170, 330 Hoppel. Lucille, 346 Horc, Copt. A. E., Ill, 118 Hordie, Sue, 151, 371 Hordin, Clifford, 238 Hordin, Mrs, Clifford, 238 Hording, George, 151, 333 Hording, Merle, 151, 331 Hordison, Horlcy, 80, 151 Hardy, Borboro, 170, 339 Horglerood, Jon, 37, 151, 403 Horing, Ardyce, 46, 1 70, 325 Hormcl, Sherry, 187, 368 Horms, Goyle, 151, 264, 341 Horper, Dole, 205 Horper, Edwin, 80, 151 Horper, Wilhom, 245 Horr, Moynord, 49 Harrington, Juliet, 170, 364 Horns, Roy, 80 Horrison, Lou, 187, 376 Horry, Robert, 170, 299, 399 Horthmon, George, 291. 295 Hort, John, 131, 314 408 Hort, Joseph, 187, 408 Hartford, Richord, 151, 427 Hortmon, Judy, 170, 359 Horvey, 202 Horvey, Jane, 170, 372 Horvey, Williom, 187, 428 Hoscom, J., 286 Haskins, Clyde, 298 Hoslet, Sondra, 187 371 Hasten, Jomes, 151, 335 Hastings, Lorry, 187, 400 Hotcher, Williom, 93, 131 423 Hothowoy, Julie, 187, 376 Hought, Corolyn, 86, 131, 363 Hounold, Ernest, 264 Houser, Thomos, 68, 151, 411 Houscrmon, Soro, 187, 359 Houizenroder, William, 187, 404 Hovekost, Donold, 187, 392 Howke, Holly, 53, 151, 248, 255 375 Hinkle, Sue, 28, 32. 86, 151, 325 Hinmon, Robert, 151 408 Hinrichs, Robert. 187, 395 Hipp, Pofrick, 1 17, 187, 423 Hirsch, Ed, 96 Hirschboch. George, 151, 400 Hiu, Fred, 171 Hjorth, Rolond, 52 347 Hooglund, Betty, 171, 255, 325 Hobel, Carolyn, 42, 171, 354 Hobel, Potncio, 188 Hobson. Deon, 69 Hockobout, Helen, 188, 371 Hocker, Shoron, 152, 249 Hodder, Jefferson, 131, 303 408 Hodge, Richord, 117, 188 399 Hoeberg, D , 115 Hoel, Ronald. 115, 131, 395 Hoelting, Eldon, 45 Hocmonn, Robert, 171, 396 Hoeting, Alon, 45, 131, 388, 389 Hofocrc, W., 86 Hoff, Harold, 188, 404 Howkins, Wilhom, 87, 286, 287, 291, 307 Hoff, Rose Mane, 171, 356 Howkinson, Jerry, 187, 404 Howley, Connie, 187, 325 Howthorne, Lowrence, 68, 151, 428 Hoycs, Dole, 84 Hoyes, Jomes, 170, 415 Haykin, Bonnie, 187, 379 Hoys, Woyne, 131 Hoywood, Dale, 131 Hoywood, Williom, 336 Hozord, Ronald 69 Heold, Bud, 1 51, 415 Heoley, Jomes, 131, 407 Heoley, D , 76 Heoth, Shorron, 187, 363 Hecht, Loretto, 109 Heck. Morilyn. 105. 131. 243, 251, 258, 375 Heckmon, Robert, 170, 412 Hedgpeth, Jimmie, 151, 336 Hedmon, Dole, 67 Heeckt, John, 151, 404 Hecqer, Alan. 34, 53, 131, 416, 417 Heermonn, Deon, 131 Heermonn, Morilyn, 187. 325 HeesQcker, Lorry, 151, 252, 384 Heidbrink, Dennis, 170, 336 Heiliger, Don, 131, 428 Heinlein, 202 Heinz, Norman, 131, 399 Heiss, Robert, 80, 96. 151, 419 Heldndge. Charles, 151 Helm, Nelson, 68, 116 Helmsdocrfer, Fritz, 310 Helton, Robert, 151, 395 Hemphill, Emily, 30, 31. 86 131, 363 Hemphill, Mory, 170, 255, 363 Hemphill, Poula, 187, 363 Hendncksen, Allen, 151 Hendrix, Lorry, 170, 387 Hendnx, Richard, 151, 252, 387 Henke, Fredric, 187, 392 Henkol, Sondra, 187, 325 Henry, Carol, 187, 346 Henrv, Gene, 298 Henzhk, Fronk, 84 Hepburn, G., 298 Hcpperlen, Mory, 170, 255, 367 Herbek, Morv Sue. 131 255, 325 Herbiq, Sandra, 170, 380 Hergcnrodcr, Richord, 187, 420 Hergcnreter, Jim, 298 Herman, Allen, 151, 332 Herman, Donald, 43, 48, 170, 251, 260, 403 Hcrmonn, Lee, 80, 94 Hermes, Ann, 91, 170, 383 Hemes, Williom, 118 Herrod, John, 298 Hershberqer, Soma, 151, 325 Hervey, Dovid, 66, 131, 415 Hcrzog, Dovid, 34, 170, 246, 431 Hcsscc, Robert, 187, 404 Heubncr, Don, 391 Heuermonn, Alma, 187, 344 Heuermonn, Don, 113, 403 Heusner, Nancy, 86 151, 319, 371 Hevner, Potncia, 151, 376 Hewitt, Jomes, 187, 391 Heyne, Bcrnord, 36, 68 Hicks, Borboro 131 363 Hicks, John, 76, 204, 420 Hide, C , 66 Higbee, Jocqueline, 151, 339 Higdon, Joyce, 170, 360 Higgenbothom, Ed, 289 Higgins, Terry, 170, 423 H ' ld, Morion, 171, 428 Hild, Roger, 43, 46, 171, 387 Hilding, Morlin, 291 Hi ' drcth, Lorolce, 187, 325 Hildndge, Charles, 423 Hill, B , 76 Hill, Dovid, 66 Hill, Joseph. 171, 416 Hill, Lorry, 187 Hill, Mory, 131, 363 Hill, Robert, 204, 423 Hiller, Don, 171 Hillmon, Floyd, 151 Hinds, Dons, 131, 383 Hinklo, D., 291 403 360 Hoffman, Erwin, 188, 331 Hoffman Thomos. 46 113 131 Hofler, Helen, 131, 281, 380 Hohensee, Roger, b7 1j2 Hohnstein, Deon, 171, 330 Holbert, Anoclo, 188, 367 Holcomb, 202 Holcomb, Shirley, 53, 132, 368 Holeman, John, 152, 310 Hollmon, LyIe, 286 Hollowoy, Thereso, 188, 354 Holm, Frank, 67 Holm, Paul, 204, 391 Holmes, Borboro. 152. 248, 261, 375 Holmes, John, 188, 407 Holmes, Lindo, 188, 325 Holmes, Morgon, 152, 248, 256, 407 Holmes, Robert, 1 12 Holt, Bobbie, 152, ?42, 249, 363 Holt, Sharon, 171, 363 Holtmeier, Morpone, 171, Holub, Fronk, 188, 396 Homolko, Chorles, 1 16 Hood, Chuck, 152, 400 Hook, Margaret, 132, 372 Hooper, Bert, 61 Hope, Judith, 85, 132, 371 Hopkins, Shirley, 171, 359 Hopp, Ronold, 171, 423 Hoppens, Neil, 298 Horchem, Mory Lou, 188, 375 Horn, Woyne, 68 Hornodv, Morgo, 171 . 363 Horrocks, Richord, 132 Horthy, Kotolin, 205, 342 Hosford, Betty, 132, 354 Hossock, Larry. 68, 171, 423 Houchen, Francis, 273 Houfek, Leiond, 347 Hough, Floyonne, 188, 383 Houseponi, F., 347 Houser, Clorence, 171, 346 Housermon, J. C, 61 Houston. Bruce. 171 Houston. Norbert, 407 Hove Richord. 35. 116, 188, 399 Howord, Joyce, 171, 372 Howord, Robert, 188, 404 Howord, Terry, 152, 299, 403 Howe, Lovon 188 342 Howerter, Stuart, 152, 291, 407 Howev, Fred, 188, 415 Hoy Glenn, 1 16, 171, 404 Hoycr, Alvce. 188. 325 Hrbek, Arlene, 104, 132, 364 Hruby, Charles, 69, 171, 423 Hruby, Dennis, 45, 132 Hubbard, Jomes, 49, 171, 387 Hubko, Saro 30, 152 251, 367 Huckfcldt, Koren, 188 Hudd ' cston, Sondro, 188, 360 Hudson, Virginio 86, 238, 261 Huebncr, Dan, 188 Hucftic, Jean. 90, 132, 325 Hughes, Ardith, 152 339 Hughes, Bruce, 66 132 Hughes, Carol, 152, 383 Hughes, Dovid, 57, 152 Hughes, Norman, 188, 342 Hughes, Virginia, 188, 354 Hulmc, Doyle, 43, 44, 46, 114, 115, 132, 241, 387 Hulquist, 202 Hultquist, Harriet, 132, 340 Hultquisl, Helen, 132, 340 Hummel, John, 52, 1 52, 395 Humphrey, Gcorgonn, 171, 200, 255, 372 Humphrey, Jomes, 171 Hunkins, Orin, 152, 404 Hunt, Dollos, 49, 188, 375 Hunt, George, 188 Hunt, Ronold, 49, 188, 388 Hunter, Gordon, 171 Hunter, Myrno, 152, 225, 340 Hunter, Noncy, 132, 320, 341, 342 Hurley, Patricio, 132, 380 Hurst, Connie, 28, 152, 255, 261, 368 Huso, Norman, 116. 171 Hussoy, Gerold, 188, 395 Huston, Trocy, 76 Huston, Mory, 28, 30. 152, 248, 371 Hutcherson, Shirlie, 86 Hutching, Jomes, 171, 395 Hutson, Bruce, 188, 400 Hutzenbilcr, Fo,d, 188, 298 348 Huwoldt, Oonivon, 87 Hyatt, Robert, 67 Hylond, Bortxira, 188, 321, 359 Ibrohim-Bosho, Firot. 152 Imig, Jomes, 96 Indiek, Victor, 171, 412 Ingold, Fred, 87 Ingram, Robert, 34, 132 422 423 Inks, Don, 152, 423 Innes, Von, 132, 412 lre!ond, Robert, 34, 171 247 419 Irwin, Allon, 113, 152 Irwin, Floyd, 188 Irwm Jock, 132, 411 Isoocson, Fronklin, 68 Isbrondtsen, Beverly, 171 341 Isley, David, 347 Ito, Don, 43, 188, 351 Jock, Leroy, 68, 152, 428 Jacob, Rosolie, 188, 339 Jocobs, Beverly, 132, 368 Jocobs, Bruce 49, 132, 428 Jocobs, Elizobeth 132 372 Jocobs, Koren, 188, 325 Jocobs, Richard, 188 407 Jocobsen, Ellen, 42, 44, 45, 132 Jocobsen, Margoret, 188 Jocobsen, Robert, 132. 419 Jocques. Jomes. 171, 395 Joeckle. Wolter. 132, 428 Johr. Richord 171. 419 Joipoul, Inderiit, 205. 341 Jokemon. Ann. 321. 368 Jombor. Lorry. 152, 420 Jomes, Elizobeth, 188 364 Jomes, Mory, 44, 132 364 Jomeson, Robert, 152. 335 Jomeson, Wilhom, 171, 387 Jonsons, Volido, 264 Janssen, N., 109 Jorvis, Trudy, 188, 353 Jounitis, Into, 264 Jeffrey, Jone, 132, 239, 318, 319 3 ' Jeffrey, Jennie, 60, 132, 371 Jelgerhuis, Barbara, 33, 53, 104, 132 Jehnek, Rito, 30, 33, 132 261 376 Jenkins, Jonet, 132 Jenkins, Jerold. 171, 330 Jennings, Mory, 171, 354 Jennings, Wilhom. 289. 291 Jensen, Chorles, 75 Jensen, Frances, 171, 200 291 376 Jensen, Genelle, 132 37 2 ' Jensen, Helen, 152, 346 Jensen, Jock, 352 Jensen, Keith. 36 Jensen, Monlyn, 42, 43, 171, 344 Jensen, Norman, 305 Jensen, Robert, 132 Jensen, Ronold, 171 Jensen, Sam, 105. 132, 241, 245, 248 Jensen, Shoryn, 132, 368 Jensen, Stonicv, 44, 120 Jensen, Virginia, 171, 200 Jenson, Clark, 171 Jenson, Nice, 152 Jepsen, Gcyle, 171, 368 Jervis, Judy, 188, 356 Jessen, Worren, 171 336 Jett, Corl, 171, 303 ' 407 Jindro, Dole 132 Jirousek, Jomes, 68 Jochem, Borboro, 45, 133 Jochem, Deon, 112, 188 351 Jodois, Voldis, 115 Johonnsen, Chrislion, 48, 171, 388 Johonson, John, 133, 392 Johns, Sandro 188 368 Johnsen, 5idne , 188, 372 Johnson, Breonno 1 88 360 Johnson, Colvin, 152, 395 Johnson, Corel, 320 Johnson, Corolvn, 132, 344 Johnson, Chorles, 132 Johnson, Charlotte, 45. 152, 255, 380 Johnson, Clyde 66 Johnson, Clyde, L, 152, 348 Johnson, Connie, 80, 171 Johnson, Dovid, 188 ' Johnson, Dovid A , 423 Johnson, Doyton, 66, 171, 334 Johnson, Demons 133 Johnson, Dick, 152, 407 Johnson, Donold 57, 133 Johnson, Gory, o6 Johnson, Horold G., Johnson, Harold H , Johnson. Jomes A , Johnson, Jomes H , Jotwison, Jonie, 188, 363 117 43. 188, 387 188 335 464 Ik Johnson, Jean, 38, 60, 15, 340, 364 Johnson, Joel, 80, 152 Johnson, Joyce A., 188, 354 Johnson, Joyce E., 133, 376 Johnson, Lowell, 171, 404 Johnson, Louis, 188, 400 Johnson, Marjorie, 189, 325 Johnson, Morlvce, 340 Johnson, Mervin, 205 Johnson, Mrytle, 133 Johnson, Nancv, 152 Johnson, Natalie, 171, 200, 244, 249, 251, 367 Johnson, Richard, 171, 428 Johnson, Robert, 189 Johnson, Rober t L., 391 Johnson, Robert W., 347, 352 Johnson, Rodney, 118 Johnson, Roger, 171, 395 Johnson, Ronold, 189, 395 Johnson, Sharon, 171, 383 Johnson, Shirley, 107 Johnson, Veryle, 44, 45, 132, 342 Johnson, Walter, 189, 404 Johnston, Janet, 344 Johnston, Paul, 132 Johnston, Robert, 1 16 Johnston, William, 171 Johnston, William J., 423 Jones, Barbara. 86, 153, 341 Jones, Dion, 189, 371 Jones, Dwain, 75, 76 Jones, Glenn, 347 Jones, Jaret, 153, 407 Jones, Lorry D., 34, 171, 291, 412 Jones, Lorry K., 118 Jones, Lorry L., 133, 419 Jones, Lelond, 60, 133 Jordon, 202 Jorgensen, Barbara, 189, 367 Jorgensen, Duone, 189 Jorgensen, George, 133, 400 Jostsons, Ruta, 264 Jouvenat, Sue, 133, 376 Joy, Betty, 153. 363 Joyce, Rose, 172 Junge, JoAnn, 105, 133, 172, 375 Junge, Jim, 68, 407 Jurgens, Jean, 172, 368 Justice, John, 153, 420 Kadlecek, Sandra, 133, 255, 319 Kohler, Gory, 189, 333 Kaimon, Stan, 189, 416 Kakuda, Louis, 133 Koltenberger, R., 298 Kampe, Don, 286, 291 Kompte, Betty, 172, 200, 258, 359 Kompfe, William, 66, 133, 316, 395 Kampmon, Merwinna, 90, 172, 383 Kone, John, 286 Kanel, D., 18 Kopeller, Gerald, 133 Kapeller, Jeanne, 133 Kapustko, Alvin, 172, 423 Kopustka, Frank, 189, 298, 423 Kapustko, Phyllis, 9?, 153, 249, 356 Koravos, Adam, 133, 404 Korle, Allyn, 286, 308 Karpisek, George, 49. 189, 351 Kosbohm, Don, 46, 172, 387 Kasner, Jon, 189 Kottler, Lois, 86, 133, 360 Kouffelt, Eldean, 189, 380 Kauffman, Janet, 133, 376 Kaufman, Kenneth, 189, 428 Kaufman, Patsy, 42, 43, 172, 255, 260, 345 Kauk, Stanley, 49. 189, 388 Kaul, William, 172, 400 Kautzman, Gwen, 172, 325 Koutzmon, Jon, 189 Kovon, John, 133, 427 Kowo, T,, 264 Kay, Gene, 189 Keating, Martha. 172, 359 Keenon, Beth, 133, 248, 370, 371 Keenon, Judy, 172, 371 Keenan, Rov, 120, 133, 391 Keene, Dove, 77 Keene, Tom, 153, 423 Keep, Charles, 172, 351 Kegley, Ronald, 153, 351 Kehn, Gerald, 153, 412 Keim, Moyn, 48, 172, 388 Keister, Marilyn, 133, 359 Keller, Gary, 189, 415 Keller, Kenneth, 245 Kelley, Carolyn, 33 153, 363 Kelley, Gary, 133, 391 Kelley, Lorry, 1 17. 189. 399 Kelley; Richard, 189, 407 Kelley, Robert, 68 Kellogg, Kenneth, 153, 392 Kellogg, Sandro, 189, 375 Kelly, Bernard, 57, 115. 153 Kelly, Bobbie. 189, 360 Kelly, Karen, 172, 375 Kemp, Vernon, 36, 66 Kendall, Albert, 189, 395 Kendall, Marshall, 415 Kendrick, Garry, 189, 428 Keniston, David, 35, 189, 427 Kennedy, Roger, 189 Kenyun, Howord, 189, 416 Kephort, Borbaro, 172, 380 Kern, John, 172, 423 Kerr, Henry, 172, 415 Kersten, Poulus, 28 Kerwin, John, 189, 391 Kesler, Marvin, 172, 396 Kessler, Richard, 67 Keyes, Charles, 172, 245, 404 Keys, Cloudio, 172, 189, 200, 263, 368 Keys, Gen, 364 Keys, Mary, 105, 133, 368 Kiburz, Harris, 153 Kicken, Beverly, 189, 325 Kieckhofer, Delores, 153 Kiely, James, 153, 407 Kiess, Carolyn, 189, 356 Kiffin, Ann, 153, 367 Kilburn, Shirley, 133, 320, 340 Kildoy, Donald, 172, 403 Kildoy, Gary, 43, 189, 403 Killebrew, George. 189, 424 Killinger, Scott, 35, 189, 400 Kimberly, William, 53, 68 Kimsey, Mary, 133 King, Gloria, 92, 153, 325 King, Richard, 291 King, Wilhom, 153, 404 Kinghorn, Willord, 69 Kinne, Reba. 92. 172, 363 Kmnier, John. 28, 69, 153, 347, 348 Kirk, Esley, 153, 396 Kirk, Morilyn, 134, 383 Kirkmon, Sora, 153, 356 Kirkwood, Donald, 115, 133, 408 Kissinger, Richard, 36, 68 Kitzelman, Alfred. 172. 291, 411 Kitzelmon, Max, 286, 291 Kjav, Raymond, 89 Kieldsen, Nels, 172, 407 Klos. Robert, 189, 395 Klasno, Norman, 189, 298, 412 Kleiber, Donold, 189, 391 Kleiber, Richord, 163, 291, 391 Klein, Ann, 153, 339 Klein, Arthur, 286 791 Klein, Lesly, 153, 379 Klein, Robert, 189, 351 Kleinhofs, Andris, 44, 112 Klimo, Louise, 153, 367 Klingoman, Richard, 291 Klingenberg, John, 46, 134, 388 Klostermon, Ann, 153, 363 Klostermeyer, Kenneth, 68, 172 Klostermeyer, William, 153 Klue, Ted, 49 Kluge, Joon, 255 Klute, James, 189, 388 Kmoch, Norbert, 134, 399 Knag, Cloudio, 172, 372 Knopp, Gerald, 133, , 424 Knopp, Lloyd, 77, Knerl, Joyce, 134 Knerr, Joyce, 32, 153, 346, 380 Kniffin. Larry, 66 Knoll, Robert, 245 Knotek, Dole, 134, 307. 330 Knotek, Diane, 52, 53, 134, 239, 250, 258, 376 Knowles, Kothryn, 172, 339 Knovfles, Rev. Rex, 248 Knudson, Alyce, 172, 255, 354 Knudson, Kay, 46, 134, 388 Knust, Harold, 134, 412 Koberg, John, 189, 400 Koberstein, Shari, 60 Koch, Donald, 68 Koch, Shirley, 189 Koehn, Roger, 66, 69, 172 Koenig, Robert, 298 Koepplin, Jacqueline 189, 321, 375 Koester, Don, 57, 134 Koester, Judith, 134, 339 Koester, Norman, 56, 189 Kohler, Kenneth, 304 Kohlmon, William, 388 Kohlmeier, Ronald, 153, 408 Kohtz, John, 134, 415 Kohtz, Robert, 189, 415 Kola Cha 31 Kolb, Coronne, 153, 356 Kollath, Newell, 45, 153, 384 Kollios, Joseph, 189, 41 1 Konopik, Alvin, 68 Koons. Grace, 107 Kopto, Kenneth, 153 Korsokos, R. A., 264 Kort, Byron, 46. 172. 388 Kort, Virainia, 172, 360 Kovorik, 1 16 Krootz, Brendo, 189, 344 Kroeger, Thomos, 35, 43, 190, 387 Krontz, Elaine, 153, 379 Krontz, Sheldon, 190, 431 Kosne, Robert, 34, 59, 430, 431 Kraus, Jonice, 30 Krouse, Dennis, 172 Krause, Jerry, 153, 336 Krouse, Karen, 190, 342 Krause, Paul, 66, 67, 69 Krauss, Frederick, 190, 419 Kreitmon, Max, 153. 431 Kretz, Robert, 190, 395 Kreutz, Phillip, 134, 387 Kreuosho, N., 75 Kreycik, Hole, 190, 391 Krhounek, Roger, 172, 399 Krist, Ervin, 304 Krivosha, Norman, 76 Kroeger, Jo Corolyn, 104, 143, 362, 363 Kroh, Kenneth, 172, 384 Kroll, Richard, 45 Krommenhoek, Williom, 34, 118, 134,400 401 Krueger, Karen, 154, 172, 249, 261 291 319, 356 Krueger, Kothryn, 356 Krumme, Bob, 35, 190, 419 Krumwiede, Robert, 190, 400 Krzycki, Leroy, 66 Kubacki, James, 154, 286, 299, 398, 400 Kucero, Richard, 57, 154 Kuehn, Carol, 154, 376 Kuester, Bill, 190, 391 Kuhl, Donald, 46, 134 334 Kuhlmon, Delbert, 46, 154 Kuhn, Donald, 172, 347, 348 Kuhn, John, 1 16, 190, 404 Kuhn, Kenneth, 298 Kuhr, Patricia, 43, 190, 260 345 Kully, Sandra, 172, 249, 378, 379 Kumogai, Henry, 68 KuncI, Mary, 154, 340 KuncI, Pot, 1 12 Kundzins, Poul, 69, 134 Kusko, Janet, 134, 242, 360, 367 Kuska, Nancy, 134 Kuxhous, Jodene, 134, 359 Kuzelka, Robert, 190, 335 Kvetensky, Anno, 80, 190, 325 Kyes, Marvin. 48, 172, 403 Kyle, Irma, 106 Loose, Solly, 30, 31, 154, 320, 360 Lofleur, William, 303 LoHo, Re , 81, 202 Loird, Thomas, 117, 140 Lake, Duone, 259 Laken, James, 154, 415 Lamb, Morleen, 42, 44, 45, 134, 340 Lambert, Ted, 172 Lommel, Robert, 172 Lommers, Mary, 172, 363 Lomphere, John, 134. 424 Lamphemeir, Garry 190 Lance, Roscoe, 172 Landers, John, 154, 415 Londwer, Gerald, 87 Lang, Carolyn. 190, 367 Long, Roger, 52 Langdon. Pot, 190, 356 Longe, Boyce, 154, 423 Longe, Howard, 172, 428 Longemeier, Lloyd, 116, 190, 387 Langemeier, Mory, 45 154, 342, 343 Langenheim, Roger, 104, 105 Longford, Charles, 190, 298, 419 Langhouser. Robert, 154, 419 Lantis, Elmer, 154 Lontz, Borbora, 172, 255, 360 Lontz, Ronald, 68 Lordizobal, Antonio, 190 Lorgen, Thomos, 190 420 Lorsen, Carol, 190 .163 Larsen, Lee, 190, 395 Larson, Janet, 190, 325 Larson, Mary, 190, 364 LoRue, James. 204. 392 LoRue, Lois, 172, 200, 354 LoRue, Lowell, 190, 404 Lotson, Janice, 154, 383 Lau, Dorrell, 190 Loughlin, Phillip, 4, 190, 420 Loune. Dean, 134 Louner, Janet, 172, 375 Loupenheimer. Gary. 431 Lovine, Mel, 190, 416 Lovoie, Gorv, 154, 396 Lawless, John, 48 Lawrence, Leon. 134. 396 Lawson, Kay, 154, 364 Lozer, Michael, 190, 431 Leocock, Sally, 190, 356 Leodobrond. Jerry, 1 1 ? Lebrusko, Robert, 48, 134, 388 Lecron. Gretchen. 80. 172, 200, 363 Leder, Duone, 154, 396 Lee, Florence, 134, 380 Lee, Michael, 291 Lee, Sondro, 172, 255, 360 Leenerts, Ceroid, 80 Leeper, Stephen, 204, 391 Lees, Rooene, 42. 134, 344 Leger, Mory, 1 90 Legler, June, 190, 346 Legris, Mary 172, 341 Lehr, John, 134, 419 Lehr, Richard, 291 Leichner, Roma, 154 Leighton, David. 134, 423 Leikam, Jack, 134, 407 Lemmermon, Barbara, 190, 320 Lemmon, Mory, 29, 49. 190, 342 Lempko, Gerald, 154, 395 Lennox, Moriorie, 190, 326 Lcntz, Donold, 96 Lentz, Elliott, 154, 252, 392 Leplcy, Hollio, 87, 287, 288, 310 Leskeys, Michoel, 352 Lester, Larry, 28, 172, 244, 400 Letzkus, Martha, 172, 368 Leurs, J., 57 Levine, Ardis, 154, 371 Lewis, Arei, 45 Lewis, Arthur, 154, 411 Lewis, Dole, 104, 112, 134, 400 Lewis, James, 134, 173 Lewis, James L., 173, 420 Lewis, Lorry, 308 Lewis, Noncy, 190, 367 Lewis, Robert, 154, 407 Lewis, Shan, 154, 364 Levenson, Elavne, 173, 379 Levy, Linda, 173, 379 Levy, Michael. 173, 244 416 L ' Heureux, Odell, 67, 154, 396 Lichtenberg, Sandra, 190, 367 Lichtenberger, Jon, 173, 222, 364 Lidstrond, Jonet, 154, 368 Liebmonn, Col., 113 Liees. R., 45 Lienemonn, Willo, 134, 354 Lightner, Jomes, 68, 154, 348 Lightner, Lynn, 134, 408 Limbury, William, 190 Limpo, Morion, 190. 376 Lincoln, Jerry, 56, 57, 134 Linder, Wolter, 69, 134, 332 Lindgren, Judith, 190 368 Lindgren, Leonard, 135, 399 Lmdgren, Williom, 190 399 Lindquist, Burneil, 59 Lindsoy, Jock, 135. 423 Lindsay, Karen, 154, 359 Lindsay, Ned, 67 Lindsoy, Roye. 112. 135 Link, Corol, 30, 135, 216, 238, 367 Link, Janice, 190, 380 Linn, David, 1 12 Linguist, Loren, 135 Linguist, Marilyn, 190, 363 Linstrum, David. 68, 70, 154 Lisius. Ronold, 66 Littrell, Rev. Donold, 267 Lockord, John 68 Locke, Dean, 190, 320, 379 Lockmon, Denny, 154, 427 Loewenstein, Elbert, 48 Logue, Michoel, 116. 191, 399 Loftus, Wilmo, 43, 173 Lohff, Martin, 80, 155, 420 Lohmeier, Donald, 116 Long, Jock, 57, 155 Long, Roger, 87, 308, 309 Long, Vivion, 42, 155, 344 Long, Zello, 80, 191, 326 Longmore, Goillard, 49 Lonsbrough Cynthio. 319, 320 Looschen, George, 80, 155 Lorensen, Willord, 75, 76, 204 Losch, Richard, 155 Loseke, Joloine. 191, 354 Loseke, Richord, 404 Loseke, Woyne, 191, 392 Lott, Kenneth, 173, 420 Lovell, Do ' ores, 155. 372 Lovgren, Donald. 67 Lovseth, Janet, 155, 359 Lowe, Stephen, 155, 408 Lowe, Williom, 173, 404 Luekmg, Robert, 173 Lundin, Borboro, 363 Luchsinger, Sandra, 191, 326 Lucke, Mory Lou, 191, 367 Lucke. Ruth, 86, 135, 367 Lucke, William, 1 16 Lucore, Gory. 135. 256. 412 Ludden, John, 135, 387 Ludwick, Wallace, 191, 428 Lueders, Lynn, 191, 359 Luedke, Willis, 45 Luellmon, C, 75 Luke, Richard, 135, 155, 400, 419 Lukens, Donald, 191, 408 Lumbord, Jone, 94. 135, 354 Lundok, Williom, 173, 419 Lundeen, Robert, 135 Lundin, Barbara, 191 Lundquist, Poulo, 173 Lundstrom, Chorlie, 155, 411 Lundt, Judith, 155 248, 359 Luther, William, 49 Lutz. Lorry, 173, 252, 388 Lyoll, Robert, 291 Lybyer, Pearl, 45, 135 Lynch, Gory, 57, 1 73 Lynch, Maurice, 57, 135 Lyon, Stanley, 69 M Moage, Robert, 93, 96. 155, 426 MocDonold, Richord, 191, 400 MocDonold, Robert, 87, 135, 286, 304, 400 Mocek, Noel, 155 Mock. Judith, 191, 326 Mockomon, Joon, 1 73, 360 465 Mocloy, Jomes, 67 Mocs, Barbara, 264 Modden. Borbara. 1 35. 376 Modden, John, 173, 291, 399 Moder. Lorene, 42. 43, 44, 135, 344 Modsen, George, 59. 104. 135, 246, 395 Modsen, Rodney, 135. 399 Voedcr. Wilham, 67, 155, 396 Mogoref, Key, 191, 375 Moghcn, Amir. 264 Mogidson. Joyce, 173, 255, 379 MognuMjn, A., 259 Mognusjon, Gordon, 63 Mogon, J., 263 Mogonion, Wilhom, 104 Mohn, Morcio, 173, 375 Mohoney, Ellen, 155, 364 Mohood, Robert, 1 1 7 Moms, Donna. 173, 372 Mo|i, Steven, 352 Mokepeocc, Lucctte, 33. 94. 135, 375 Mokepeoce, Wendy, 173, 375 Molcom, Poul, 135 Moll, Harold, 155, 396 Moll, James, 173, 396 Molone, Jonet, 173, 342 Molony, Phyllis. 86. 92, 135, 326 Malzer, Edword, 96 Monderlok, 57 Mondle. Borboro. 191. 363 Mongclsen, Albert. 34. 48. 135. 388 Mongiolordi. C. 298 Mansfield. Douglas, 1 9 Mansfield, Edword, 17 Monsficid, Sharon. 90. 173 364 Mopes. John. 204. 399 Marasco. Chorles, 298 Mardock. So lly. 191, 376 Morgohn, Jerry. 155. 416 Morion. Eorl. 135 ' arks. Robert. 191. 428 Morplcs. D.. 115 Morples, Jerry, 59. 191, 395 ' orples, Robert, 135 Marquordt, Lorry, 104, 203 Morsholl. Morgoref. 320 Morten. William. 155. 286. 307. 395 Morti, Don. 76 Morfig. John. 191 Mortin. Corole. 191. 360 Mortin, Donald, 57, 155 Martin, Fred. 135. 411 Mortin. L. John. 103. 105 Martin. Robert. 34. 155. 420. 421 Mortis. John. 407 Mortis, William. 173. 395 Mortison. M. 155. 376 Marts. Boyd. 67, 135 Morvin, Lorry, 1 1 7 Marushok. Richord. 66 Morx. Virginio. 155. 363 Mason. Joyce. 173. 356 Mason. Merrill, 45. 135. 400 Moson. Richord. 135, 423 Moss. Morilyn. 42. 43, 191, 342 Mossey, Melbo, 135. 370 Mossey, Roger. 191. 411 Masters. Ann. 135. 383 Mostos. Cris. 135. 359 Motcha. Carol, 173, 291, 363 Mather, Lorry, 135, 347, 349 Mothers, Peggy, 135, 376 Mothews, Robert, 58 59 136, 428 Motisons, Andris, 191, 428 Motthews, Armand, 1 55 Matthies, Connie. 191. 326 Mottox. Donold. 66 Motuzo. Alma. 191. 326 Mounder, Bruce. 52 Moupin. Jocklyn. 52, 136, 376 Moxwell, Diono, 191 Moxwell, Movrenc, 173, 258, 367 Mayer, Robert, 305 McAfee, Charles, 68, 299 McArthur, Donold, 173, 336 McColl, Gerald, 203 McCollo, Robert. 57. 173 McCollum. Morcio. 173, 383 McCommon. Dovid. 53, 58, 59, 60, 136, 423 McCartney, Jomes, 155 261, 404 McCashlond, Richord. 291 McCoslin. Norvol. 45. 49. 173. 388 McCloflin. Lynn, 191, 326 McClory, Bloine, 96, 155 McClung, Janet, 136, 367 McClurc, Allan, 46, 155, 400 McClurc, Virginia. 191 326 McComb, Joel, 155. 258, 263, 364 McConnell, Campbell. 55 McConncll, Gory, 155, 419 McConnell, Jomes, 94, 114, 115. 136. 408 McConncll. Sonford. 80 McCormick. Jock. 136 408 McCormick. Lorry, 136, 352 McCormick, Shoron, 191, 363 McCow. J . 255 McCoy, Robert. 173. 400 McCrody. Kothy. 191. 370 McCrory, Phyllis. 320 McCreighl, M , 45 McCrory. Kothlcen, 376 McCubbin, Don, 191, 387 McCuiston. Mike. 173. 391 McCullough. Kothlcen, 155, 363 McCuHough, Miles, 45 McCune, Mory. 86, 155, 258, 368 McCurley, Frank, 173, 404 McCurlc,, Kothleen, 173 McDonold, Bob, 287 McDonald, Judith, 191, 380 McDonald, Sharon, 173 244 375 McElhoney, John, 75, 76, 96 McEuoy, Anthony, 191 McGorraugh, Pot, 173, 391 McGinnis, Howord, 173. 420 McG!asson, Ross. 191 415 McGroth, Suson, 191, 359 McGuiness. Don. 317 McHorgue. Leslie. 49. 136. 351 McHorgue. Marilyn. 191, 251 McHorgue, Mary, 43, 342 McKay, Dixie. 173. 360 McKay, Morvin. 43. 191. 387 McKee. Kenneth. 115. 303. 316 McKenzic, Corel, 136, 272, 326 McKcnzie, Fred, 191, 391 McKie, Jock, 96 McKilhp, Kenneth, 155, 404 McKim, Horlon, 173. 391 McKnight. Mary. 173, 367 McLone. J.. 298 McLaughlin. Jone. 191 McMohon. Monty. 136. 400 McMoster. Burrell. 136. 286 399 McMillen. Harvey. 66. 155. 248 McMillcn. Kenneth. 191, 400 McMillen, Mourice, 191, 415 McMullen, Richard 136 420 McNiece, Morvin, 114, 136, 400 McNerney, Wilhom, 191 McNulty, Deon, 69 McPeck, Shirley, 92, 136, 239, 255, 357 McPherson, Corel, 173, 255, 376 McQuiston, William, 173, 291, 428 McReynolds, Edwin, 46, 136, 403 McVay, Charlotte, 49, 173, 383 McVoy, Howord, 291 McVeigh, Beverly, 136, 356 McWilhoms, Potricia, 191, 383 Mead. Morilyn, 191, 320, 356 Mead, Monte, 191, 423 Meerkotz. Janice, 320 Mehuron, Noncy, 191, 356 Meier, E , 65, 69 Meier, Wayne, 35 Meier. Willington. 69. 155 Meierhenry. Melvin, 48, 136, 388 Meierhenry, Poul, 415 Meierhenry, R., 192, 415 Meierhenry, W.. 155. 259 Meiningcr, Richord. 173 Meinkc, Morleen. 192. 339 Meister. Ronold, 57. 104, 136 Mekosho, W., 264 Melcher, Maurice, 66, 136, 348 Meldrum, Louise, 90, 155, 370 Meldrum, John. 192. 395 Mclhoff. Larry. 68 Mclkers. Edmund, 80 Mendenholl, Eloine, 192, 326 Menkc, Dovid, 70, 192, 419 Menke, Pot, 156. 367 Menoloscino. 203 Merrell. Wayne, 335 Merrick, Dovid, 123, 407 Mcrrimon. Jonice, 192 Merritt, Chorlottc, 173, 363 Mcrsch, Wilhom, 173 412 Mertz, Donna, 173. 359 Mertz. Henry. 53 Merwin. Moryonne. 192, 372 MestI, Juliana, 173, 372 MestI, Ronald, 38 Meston. Borboro, 92. 113, 258, 376 Metcolf, Jack, 192, 412 Mctcolfe, Mory, 192, 364 Mevcs, Jocqueline, 192, 376 Meyer, Anno. 173 383 Meyer, Beverly, 173, 326 Meyer, Eleanor, 255 Meyer, Jock, 174. 428 Meyer, Jerry, 1 74 Meyer, Karl, 69 Mover. LeeRoy. 80 Meyer, Richord A.. 116 Meyer. Richard L , 56, 57, 136 Meyer, Roger, 192, 392 Meyer. Roland. 156 270, 335 Meyer. Williom. 203 Meyers, Corol. 156. 342 Meyers. Lynne, 192. 364 Michael, Marilyn, 156, 339 Michol. Thcrese, 192. 356 Michoud, Jone, 37 Michclmann, BorborT, 174, 200, 258, Mickus, Stanley. 136 Middleton. Rolph. 174. 384 Mikkleson. Jerry. 174, 391 Militzer, Wolter, 50 Miller, Charles D , 87 Miller. Charles E , 87 Miller, Charles S , 55 Miller, Donald, 174 Miller, Donna, 32, 255 339 Miller, Elmer, 156. 334 Miller, Copt. J. C, 111 Miller, Jocquelyn, 30, 1 74, 370 Miller, Joyce, 136, 339 Miller, Lee, 156, 335 Miller, Marilyn, 156, 248 370 Miller. Neil. 136, 431 Miller, Rosalyn, 192, 326 Miller, Solly, 43, 192, 345 Miller, Schofer, 174 Milller, Tom, 174, 407, 412 Miller, Vivian, 42. 192. 344 Millett, Morty. 156. 321. 367 Millnitz. Borboro. 33. 174 372 Mills. Myrno. 91 Mills. Shirley. 136. 363 Millsop. Donna. 174. 342. 343 Miner. Morilyn, 156, 370 Minnick, Anastosio. 174. 200. 354 Minnick. Goil. 192, 354 Minnick, Rhondo, 174, 376 Minor, James, 174, 384 Mintz, Bernard, 156 416 Miskovsky, Blanche, 174, 363 Mitchell, Potricio, 42, 156, 345 Mitchell, Warren, 46, 49 Milchem, Teresa, 174, 258 368 Mitlyng, Errol, 156, 392 Miiielstodt, Donold, 77 Mlodovich, Raymond, 76 Mobley, Kermit, 192 428 Mobley, Richard, 136, 344 Mock, Corolyn, 136. 344 Moffet. Jo. 192, 320. 326 Mogil. Patricio. 156, 379 Mohl, Ronald, 116 Mohrman, Gordon, 174, 391 Mohwinkel, Lucionne, 192, 346 Moldcron, Jomes, 192, 412 Moline, Roger, 44, 136 387 Moller, Hugh, 156 356, Molley, Bernord, 336 Monohon, Koy, 174 Mong, Mory, 136, 320, 321, 359 Montgomery, Donald, 205 Montgomery, Janice. 174, 342, 343 Mooney, William, 75, 76 Moore, Branson, 204 Moore, Jomes, 192, 407 Moore, Jerry. 156. 286. 298, 305, 411 Moore, Lynn 203 Moore, N., 156. 255 339 Moore, Paul. 174, 351 Moore, R., 68 Moore, Richard, 352 Moore, Roberta, 86, 156, 370 Moore, Sharon, 156 Moorheod, Corol. 192. 367 Moron. John. 312 Morovec. Jomes. 174. 407 Morehouse, David. 1 36. 407 Morelond, Dorrel, 63 Morgan, Dion 33, 136, 263, 372 Morgan, Stanley, 192 Morgon, Roy, 103 Morgoridge, Marvin, 68 Morns, Brion, 66 136 Morris, Jerry, 156, 419 Mo-ris, Lorry, 156 419 Morris, Richard, 156 Morris, Roger, 399 Morrison. Irene, 174 342 Morrison. Ronald, 352 Morrison. William, 102. 103 Morrow. Edvthe. 174. 321 370 Morrow. John 114, 115. 136, 291. 408 Morrow, Prudence. 174 370 Morse, Frankhn, 203 403 Mortensen, Jcrorre, 66 Mortimore, Ralph, 53 Moser, Ernest, 66 Moses, Richord, 116, 174 404 Mosher, Horold, 137 Mosier, Elwin 46. 49. 388 Mossing. Muriel, 192. 370 Mossmon, Dovid 28. 156 256 407 Matt. Keith. 298 Moul, Donold. 137 Mousel, Morilvn, 156, 368 Mousel. Wendall. 46 Mowinkel, Carol, 49, 174, 326 Moycr, Edward, 118, 137, 400 Moyer, Georne, 174 Moyer, John, 66 163, 399 Mozer, Karen. 174, 379 Muck, Jock, 192, 407 Muchlenbrock, Bruce, 192. 349 Mueller, Donald. 174. 203. 392 Mueller. Judy. 192. 326 Mulhoir, Dorothy, 174. 383 Muller. 203 Mulligan. Pol. 137, 318, 319, 419 Mulligon, Patricio, 156, 356 Mulhn, David 137 Mulhns. Dennis. 192 221, 407 359 Mulvoney, Mory, 259 Munoim, A, 68, 137. 269, 348 Munderloh, Royce 1 74 Munson, Jane, 1 37 Munton, Judy, 174, 354 Munson, Thomos, 174, 428 Munuz. Paul, 264 Murphy, James A, 192, 420 Murphy, James D . 87. 286. 291 Murphy. Lawrence, 204 Murphy, Shcilo, 156, 339 Murphy, Waller, 192, 291, 408 Murray, James, 66, 137, 427 Murray, Robert, 137. 395 Murrell, Noncy 174, 364 Muiil, Victor. 36. 67. 71. Musser. Mary. 174. 341 Myers. Kervseth, 192 396 Myert, T , 52 Nober, Vem, 156 Noll, Ronald, 69 Nonnen, Lyie. 286, 299 Nonsel, Morilyn, 137, 354 Norkus, Grazing. 264 Nothan. Ronald. 137. 408 Novioux, LoRoe, 174. 200, 345 Novioux, Lorry, 291 Noy, Ltoyd, 104, 156, 427 Neolon, Thomos, 156, 349 Ncben, Donold. 67 Nebcn, Ronold, 352 Needhom. 203 Neely. Robert. 192. 316 427 Neff, Mick. 28 Neff. Ttromos. 174, 247, 251 399 Nefsky, Shermon, 156 431 Nehc. Noncy, 156. 339 Neimonn, B., 286 Nelson. Albert. 1 17 Nelson. Charles. 298 411 Nelson. Clorke. 192 ' Nelson, D , 75, 67 Nelson, Del, 137 Nelson, Donald D, 192 407 Nelson. Donold R.. 192 ' 427 Nelson. Jonet. 192. 339 Nelson, John. 137. 240 251 252 256. 428 Nelson. Judy. 192. 326 Nelson, Kris, 137, 399 Nelson, Morsholl, 114 137 241 256 408 Nelson, Park, 42 Nelson, Phyllis, 45, 156 345 Nelson, Richord, 193 Nelson, Richord D., 193, 399 Nelson. Vaughn, 137, 396 Nesmith, Borboro, 33 Neslodek, Joan, 174, 342 Neuiohr, Jonice, 43, 159, 342. 343 Neumon, Duone, 46 137 388 Nevotti, Thomas 193 399 Newburn, Ted, 174, 415 Newcomer, Noncv, 179, 221 375 Newcomer. Richard. 159 252 411 Newell. Corol, 90, 137 364 ' Newell, Morilee, 137, 354 Newman, Edsel, 195. 419 Newmyer. JoAnn Ch-ilupo. 238, 249 Newquist. Doyle. 193 Newth, Don. 112 193 Newton. Gerold. 193 332 Newton. Karen. 157 360 Nicholos. Paul. 103 410 Nichols. Morie. 137 375 Nicholls. Norvol 193. 424 Nickel. James. 80 Nickerson. Morion. 85 Nickmon, Do- ald 80 Nieboum. Lowe I. 174. 404 Nieboum. Lyman. 40 Niedfelt, Gerold, 193, 420 Niehus. Sondro. 321 Nield, M,, 43 Nielsen, Irene, 159, 258, 359 Nielsen, John, 1 17 Nielsen, Morlm, 43 49 193 387 Nielsen. Russell, 68, 137 423 Nielson, Catherine. 174 321 370 Niemann, Robert, 137 307 391 Nilson, Koy, 49 Nilson, LyIe. 81 Nisker, Jonice, 193. 379 Niisen. Jerry, 58. 59, 137. 423 Nissen, Morilyn, 159, 354 Nixon, Patricia 60, 137 326 Noble, Clark, 76 Noble. Duoinc 174. 424 Noble, John. 105, 137, 399 Nocilo, Anthony, 307 Noddle, Harlan. 159, 256. 431 Nohl, G . 75 Nollelte, Holoire. 159. 423 Norden. Rev A J , 271 Nordhousen, Anita, 174, 383 Nordstrom, Arlene, 80, 174, 372 Norris, Joan, 42, 43. 159 367 Norris. John, 156, 387 Norsworthy, Ginny. 159 367 North, Wilhom, 174, 310, 315, 419 Norton, Bernerd, 193 Norton, LeRoy, 415 Novicotf, Horold. 193, 416 Novolny, Carolyn, 92, 174, 200, 261. M Novotny. Dorothy. 33. 137. 239, 250, 251. 368, 369 Nowolny. Kenyon, 174 Noves, Clyde, 174, 387 Nuland, David. 48 Null, George, 77 Num. Carol, 193, 376 Nuts, Victoria, 157. 374 Nyquiil, Jock, 96. 1 75 466 Ookeson, Gary, 68, 137 Oakford, Joan, 60, 175, 364 Obermire, Nolo, 193, 344 O ' Brien, Elaine, 175, 341 O ' Brien, William, 157, 299, 419 Ochsner, Morris, 43, 46, 175, 387 Odean, Sharon, 193, 383 Odell, Jane, 193, 368 Oder, Sallie, 368 Odum, John, 137, 419 Oehm, James, 137, 396 Oehnng, Richard, 96 Oeltien, Ethel, 42, 49, 193, 344 Oeltien, Foye, 193, 344 Oerter, Kendal, 45, 157, 388 O ' Gora, John, 307 O ' Holloron, James, 175, 399 O ' Hanlon, James, 137, 395 Ohme, Morilyn, 109 Ohslund, Coleen, 33, 137, 261, 354 Ohslund, Jane, 193, 354 O ' Keefe, Jerry, 157, 408 Oldenburg, Sam, 175, 419 Oliva, Richard, 1 17 Olmsted, Robert, 157, 395 Olsen, Erik, 204. 407 Olsen, Vern, 175, 420 Olsen, William, 175 Olson, Anne, 30, 57, 368 Olson, Bonnie, 195, 356 Olson, Dale, 138, 298, 428 Olson, Edwin. 67 Olson, Gerald, 205 Olson, Jon, 175, 258, 368 Olson, Jim, 175, 420 Olson, Lowell, 117 Olson, Orville, 336 Olson, Rodney, 157, 419 Olson, Roger, 66 Olson, Samuel, 399 Olson, Thomos, 34, 138, 390, 391 Olson, Woyr e, 138, 270 O ' Neal, Walter, 157, 396 O ' Neill, Morcia, 193, 383 Oplond, Ronald, 69 OReillv, Anito, 193. 272 O ' Rourke. John, 157, 408 Orr, Carol, 193, 326 Orr, Carolyn, 175, 368 Orr, Charles, 80 157. 423 Orr, Donald, 157, 391 Oruch, Jack, 175, 416 Orwig, Bill, 286. 287, 288 Orwig, Jon, 138 363 Osborn, Tom, 193, 420 Osborne, Barbara, 138, 359 Ostdiek, Francis. 66. 114, 138 Ostdiek, Lou, 157, 346 Osterloh. Warren, 1 15 Osterlund, Bette, 175 368 Otrodovsky, Fred, 175, 427 Otradovsky, Julonn, 42, 175, 370 Otto, Mary Anne. 339 Otto, Marv K., 193 Overholt, Richard. 157, 404 Overturf, Elaine 157 383 Overturt. Lois, 175, 383 Owens, Beverly, 90, 175, 372 Owens, Janice, 193, 339 Owens, Stanley, 66, 138 Pno ' man, Janice, 175, 326 Packard, Barbara 32 157. 339 Panel, Beverly, 52, 138. 372 Paine, Robert, 43, 49, 193, 387 Paine. Robert S., 117 Painter, Ronald, 57, 138 Pakieser, Donald, 157, 304. 407 Polivos, D., 347 Palrre. Carol. 44. 138, 344 Ponowicz, Edward, 193, 419 Ponwitz, Lois. 91 138. 380 Parish, Robert, 219, 420 Porks Betty, 44, 157, 263, 372 Pormelee, James, 77, 2 " 4, 428 Parmelee, John, 138, 423 Porrott, Marie, 193, 372 Parsons, Karen, 6 157. 321, 359 Porsons, Marv, 193. 344 Parsons, Merlin, 352 Parsons, Ronald, 175, 299, 400 Posmonik, Roe, 175, 279, 379 Patel, Govind, 138 Patrick, Chuck, 157, 415 Patrick, Mory, 193, 359 Potterson, John, 43, 49, 387 Patterson, Mary Dee, 194, 375 Patterson, Patricia, 157, 383 Potterson, Walter. 46, 175, 193, 244 Potton, Donald, 298 Potton, Goil, 138, 340 Patz, David, 1 12 Paul, Gretchen, 157, 363 Paul, Larry, 46, 175, 387 Payne, Gerald, 81 Pearce, George, 138 Pearson, Betty, 42, 175, 344 Pearson, Rodnev, 194 Peck, George, 175 Peck, James, 80 Peck, Mary, 175, 376 Peck, Vernon, 194 Pedley, Helen, 175, 359 Peirce, Ellen, 379 Pelley, Robert, 80 Penas, Paul, 138 Pendleton, J., Ill Peng, Ann, 205 Penner, Herbert, 138 Pennington, Dovid, 194, 399 Percival. Ann, 33, 157, 359 Perkins, Larry, 194, 334 Perrenoud, Janice, 175, 367 Perrin, Kay, 158, 372 Person, Robert, 138 Person, Russell, 46 Petereit, Merna, 157, 326 Peters, Alexander, 66, 175 Peters, Edwin, 57, 158 Peters, Gary, 286, 308 Peters, Grant, 158 Peters, Jock, 175 Pete Peter: 49 260 Peters, Ron, 392 Petersen, Elaine, 91, 175, 326 Petersen, Gory, 158, 411 Petersen, James, 194 Petersen, Jerry, 157, 286, 290, 291, 400 Pelersen, Marianne, 363 Petersen, Marilyn, 175, 342 Petersen, Robert, 387 Peterson, Connie, 194, 356 175, 427 216 Donna, 42, 194, 344 175, 341 George, 157, 407 es F., 175, 392, 407 es H., 175 neth, 175, 391 Peter Peterson, Peter! Peterson, Peter; Peterson, Jc Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Karen L., Peten 1 17 99 194, 376 Peterson, Rodney, 80, 175, 411 Peterson, Roger, 194 Petsche, Robert, 194, 396 Pettit, Robert, 158 Pfeifter, Clarence, 194, 392 Pfeiler, 203 Pfister, John, 69 Phelps, George, 158, 420 Phelps, H., 194, 255 Phelps, Mary Jane, 32, 158, 339 Phelps, Sandra, 175, 326 Phillipps, Donald, 49, 69 Phillips, James, 77 Phillips, Robert, 307 Phinney, Jock, 138, 408 Phipps, Judy, 339 Picker, Eugene, 1 1 7 Pickett, Anne, 175. 244, 255, 370 Pickett, Marilyn, 33, 194, 376 Pickett, Robert, 286 Pickett, Theodore, 138. 404 Pickrel, Bonnie, 175, 346 Pierce, Patricio, 138, 344 Pifer, Eleanor, 148, 356 Pike, James, 175. 376 Pilling, Debro, 175, 376 Pinkston, Dorrel. 291 Piper, Charles. 194 Pitnev, Kenneth, 148 Pittock, Mory Lou, 33. 138, 370 Pittack, Wes, 175, 404 Placke, James, 158, 428 Plotz, Harry, 175, 404 Plog, Kenneth, 67 Plucknett, Allen, 194, 387 Plugge, Marvin, 66 Plymale, Morilee, 138. 243. 364 Pocras, Richard, 58, 59, 138. 416 Pogge, Richard, 67, 158, 423 Pohlman, Carole. 194. 326 Pohlmon, Don, 48, 138 Pohlman, Donald L., 59, 392 Pohlman, Jean, 138. 354 Pohlman, Jeonette. 194, 368 Pokorny, James, 175, 310, 423 Pokorny, Jerry, 138, 423 Polat, Necati, 264 Poley. Horns, 76 Pollard, James, 59. 138, 41 I Pollard, Kenneth 175, 400 Pollock, Jack, 158, 247, 420 Ponseigo, John. 307 Poore, Jonice, 138 Porter. Geo ' e. 35, 194, 420 Porter, J., 259 Porterfield, Don. 194 Portz, Donold, 175. 396 Poska, Forrest, 138. 415 Potrzebo, Vernon, 175 Potthoff, Wovne, 48, 138, 388 Powell, E., 80 Powell. George, 175, 404 Powell, Mary, 42, 194, 344 Powell, Sue, 138, 339 Poynter, Nanette. 251, 370 Pozzo, Max, 139 Prahl, Jerrv, 176, 391 Prather, John, 139 Pratt, Jack, 66 Prest, Billie, 175. 244, 255, 319, 375 Prest, Robert, 158, 407 Preston, Perry, 35, 43, 194, 403 Prewitt, Eric, 176, 415 Price, Courtenay, 194, 264, 349 Price, Robert, 158, 408 Prieb, Priscilla, 176, 375 Prien, John, 77 Prince, Jeonette, 176, 376 Prince, Neol, 87, 203 Prochosko, Ruthie, 194, 367 Proftit, Jonice, 320 Prottit, Mary Lou, 91 Prouty, Patricia, 175, 375 Prusio, Richard, 391 Pudists, Modris, 68 Pugsley, George, 117, 194 Pugsley, Jock, 291 Pugsley, Norman, 175, 342 Puppe, Harold, 104, 175, 335 Purbough, Donna, 158, 281, 339 Purcell, James, 194, 403 Purcell, Patricio, 139, 368 Pyle, Bert, 139, 391 Quaife, 203 Quolset, Calvin, 48 Quandf, Loyal, 48, 176, 388 Quick, Gerold, 194, 412 Quinn, Sharon, 194, 321, 367 Radchff, Dennis, 117 Roder, Bruce, 1 17, 194, 415 Rader, Cornelius, 67 Raecke, Williom, 96, 158, 333 Roible, Joseph, 158, 396 Railsbock, Loren, 194, 408 Rain, Sharon, 195, 367 Rainforth, Gerald, 43, 351 Raintorth, James, 49 Rointorth, Robert, 139, 158, 391 Ramocciotti, William, 139 Romoge, Mary, 195, 354 Romey, Judith, 158, 368 Romsoy, William, 67 Romsdell, Jerald, 139, 427 Randolph, Bernie, 307 Randolph, Dick, 158, 407 Rank, Harold, 60, 139 Rankin, Roger, 195, 407 Ranney, Elwin, 49, 387 Ranney, John, 49 Ranney, Thomas, 176 Roppert, C, 43 Rasmussen, David, 158, 423 Rosmussen, Delmer, 115, 176, 420 Rothbun, Jeonette, 195, 326 Rothbun, LeRoy, 203 Rothien, Harold, 195, 351 Raver, Ronald, 195, 391 Ray, Morcio, 176, 359 Roy, Robert, 67, 158, 396 Raymond, Diana, 75, 176, 364 Raynard, Barbara, 176, 360 Roznick, Shirley, 176, 379 Roznick, Thelmo, 195, 379 Redinbough, Keith, 49 Redmond, John, 158, 399 Reed, Billie, 46. 139, 313, 388 Reed, Dale, 176 Reed, Dixie, 176, 326 Reed, Jerry, 1 12 Reed, Kothryn, 109 Reed, Donald, 69, 112, 158, 423 Reeder, Janice, 32, 42, 176, 342 Rees, Williom, 195, 428 Reeves, JoAnn, 158, 372 Reeves, Koy, 42, 158, 383 Reeves, Wayne, 87 Rehnberg, Bloir, 139, 387 Reichert, Robert, 176, 347 Reighord. James, 195, 342 Reimer, Sandra, 195, 356 Reirrers, Gory, 153, 286 299, 300, 302, 308, 408 Reimers, K., 307 Reimers, Sandra, 52 Reinek, Shirlev, 195, 359 Reinert, Carroll, 139 Reinhordt, Robert, 427 Reische, Richard, 34, 118, 139, 394, 395 Reisner. James, 139, 407 Reist, Wesley, 96 Reiter, John, I 12 Renter, Ronald, 176, 310, 419 Renstrom, Vera, 48, 139, 387 Reppert, Charles, 48, 139, 387 Rester, Joy, 176, 41 1 Rethmeier, George, 195 Reymon, Bruce, 158, 363 Reynolds, Anne, 158. 363 Reynolds, Donold, 139, 403 Reynolds, Gregory, 195, 424 Reynolds, Joel, 195, 298, 415 Rhoodes, B., 273 Rhoades, David, 176 Rhoda, Don. 286. 291 Rhoden, Jock, 158, 395 Rhodes, Caroline, 44, 45, 139, 375 Rhodes, Dave, 395 Rhodes, Edward, 158, 415 Rhodes, Susan, 176, 200, 363 Rice, Gary, 195, 423 Rich, Rodney, 66 Richords, Chuck, 195, 407 Richards, Lynettc, 195, 339 Richards, Roy, 195, 272, 428 Richards, Shirley, 42, 44, 45, 139, 239, 344 Richardson, C, 112 Richardson, Marvin, 176, 335 Richmon, Clayton, 176, 336 Richters, Modris, 1 16 Ridgley, Dorlene, 320 Rigg, Sylvia, 196, 370 Riggins, Norman, 158, 428 Riha, Joan, 158, 359 Riis, Clinton, 163 Riley, Bob, 69, 195, 349 Riley, Morion, 45 Riley, Tom, 37, 49, 158 Ringlein, John, 87 Rinne, Chorles, 195, 351 Ripo, Lois, 92, 158, 360 Risser, James, 69, 176. 428 Ritner, Williom, 176, 291, 423 Ritterbush, Eldon, 116, 195, 333 Roach, Dolores, 158, 375 Rooch, Janet. 92, 158 Roach, Kathleen, 195, 363 Robb, Roger, 66 Roberts, Doris, 42, 159, 342 Roberts, Lee, 87 Roberts, Leslie, 139, 392 Roberts, Suzonne, 195, 326 Robertson, Woyne, 195, 391 Robinson, Calvin, 176, 335 Robinson, Poul, 176, 423 Robinson, Phillip, 76, 139, 419 Robohm, Kay, 46 Rocke, Donold, 76 Rockwell, Dale, 67 Roddy, Kimball, 36, 69 Rodgers, Gory, 195, 335 Rodine, Ronald, 67 Roehrkosse, Paulo, 90, 176, 380 Rogers, Chorles, 1 12 Rogers, Donald, 159, 424 Rogers, Gory, 52. 195, 423 Rogers, Jone, 195 Rogge, Dwoine, 28. 69, 176 Rohrbaugh, Ellen, 195, 356 Rohrbouoh, Mory Sue, 139, 356 Rohrig, Bernard, 159, 331 Rohse, Mary, 52, 139, 342 Rohwer, Morgee, 1 76, 356 Roll, Joyce, 86, 159, 346 Rolofson, Morjorie, 45 Romberg, Horlond. 139, 415 Romine, Gerald, 195, 335 Romiue, Larry, 35, 195, 395 Ronnau, Dolyce, 139, 336 Root, Barbara, 159, 340 Rose, Wayne, 195, 411 Rosen, Alon, 38, 58, 59, 159, 286, 416 Rosen Leonard, 286. 307 Rosenberg, Honna, 32, 52, 139, 239, 255, 339 Rosenberry, Poul, 45 Rosenblatt, Steven, 195, 431 Rosenbloom, Gory, 195, 335 Rosenquist, Roger, 203 Rosenquist, Ruthem. 105 159, 368 Rosenthal, Willis, 92. 176. 379 Ross, Lou Ann, 45, 139, 375 Ross, Monica, 195, 376 Ross, Norman, 159 Ross, Robert, 195, 415 Ross, Wolter 130 427 Ross, Williom, 139, 407 Ross, Yvonne, 92, 176, 249, 354 Rossiter, Vincent. 159, 399 Rotert, Lorry, 176, 415 Rothwell, G., 64, |S9 Roubal, Dorothy, 139 Roubol Ruth, 30 31. 176, 251, 326 Roumpf, Jean, 195, 327 Roumpf, Keith, 176 333 Rounsovell, Jerry, 38, 57, 60, 139 Rounsborq, Horold. 80 Rouse, Richard. 49, 195, 351 Rouzee, John, 159, 407 Rowan, Jone, 159, 375 Rowland, Robert, 1 16 Rowley, Claude, 195, 423 Rozonek, Rod 159 404 Rozman, Edward, 67 Rubenstein. Ruth, 176, 327 Ruck, Gory, 67 Rucker, Williom, 139, 419 Rucksdoshel, Rex, 159. 400 Rudd, Janice. 176, 342 Rudd, William, 67 Rudeen, Stanley, 96 Ruden, Robert 195 424 Rudisil, Eorl, 195, 335 Rudolph, Richard, 159, 420 Ruff, LaJoie. 139. 345 Ruff, Lorry, 159, 428 Rumpeltes, Walter, 195, 404 Rundell, Abe. 176 416 Rusmisel. David, 159 Russell, William, E., 195 Russell, William L.. 314, 408 Rutt, Patricia, 176, 356 467 Ruwe, Dean, 176. 392 Ruwe, Verdel. 140 Ryan, Ido Moe, 195 Ryder, Gory. 347 Rystrom. Borboro, 86, 140. 375 Soolhof, Donold, 140, 348 Saber, Hujhong, 264 Sobin, Richord, 67 Sock. Noncy, 196. 327 Sock, Sondro, 44 Socks, Shirley, 91 Soegcr, Gretchen. 196, 246, 368 Soagou, P , 307 Sohn, Gwenth, 1 76, 359 Sokondcr, Sher, 176, 332 Solisbury. Potncio. 196, 360 Soil, Raymond, 49 Salmon Donold. 67, 159. 334 Salter, Noncy, 159, 251, 261, 376 Sompson. Donald, 76 Somuelson, Jon, 49 Sondoge, Gene, 291 Sondbcrg, Oscar, 159, 400 Sender, Jo Ann, 38, 60 Senders, Joon, 1 76 Sondcrson, Charles, 196, 307, 423 Sondin, James, 350 Sondy. Jonice. 159, 354 oniunc, Glenn, 1 1 7 ankcy, Keith, 117 antin. Eileen, 196, 372 opp, Guy, 291 appcnficid. Gory, 35, 196, 408 argent, Jomes, 140, 331 ass. Woyne, 176, 420 Quisburv, James, 80 aults. Claude 159, 196, 349 Quits, Jerry, 349 ouvoin, Sondro, 90 Qvener, Corol, 196 ovillc Hornet, 159, 251, 367 awvell. Donna 159, 249, 255, 364 Sawyer, Chris. 159, 424 Soyler. Mary. 196, 360 Soytor, Sondro, 44 Scarbrough, Don, 289, 291 Scarlett, Gloria. 196, 372 Schocht. Noncy, 32 Schod, Murroy, 196, 408 Schot, Leo, 159, 348 Schafer, Chuck, 35, 176, 424 Schofer, Keith, 70, 159, 420 Schoffer, Elizabeth, 143, 320, 368 Schommel, Morcia, 196, 364 Schordt. Lonnie, 335 Schotz Poul, 159, 419 Scheor, B , 43 Scheer. Deon. 66 Schecr Venno. 42. 196, 344 Scheerer, Ronald. 140, 396 Scheiermon, Lorry, 1 1 7 Schenck, John, 67. 352 Schick, Don, 176, 253, 403 Schindler, Dorrel, 52 Schindler, Dorothy, 96 Schindler, Roger, 196, 428 Schinzcl, Deon, 140 Schippcreit, C , 44, 48 Schipporeit, Otto, 44, 48, 159, 388 Schlocbitz. Sondro, 159, 354 Schlokc, Goil, 176, 396 Schlegel, Fronk. 151 Schlciger, Morti, 176, 359 Schleuter, Patricio, 196, 356 Schlieffcrt. Morvyn, 44. 46, 112, 140, 252, 260, 388 Schlueter, Richord, 116 Schmidt, Deon, 400 Schmidt, Don, 176, 257 Schmidt, Edword, 54 Schmidt, Joy, 90. 176, 200, 327 Schmidt, Robert, 244 Schmidt, Walter, 37, 43, 48, 140, 403 Schmidlmonn. Kay, 196, 367 Schmitz. Peter, 68 Schmoker, Jomes, 140 Schmutte, Kathleen, 32, 176, 341 Schnobel, Sue-Ann, 196, 375 Schneckloth, Dorrell, 43, 45, 159, 351 Schneider, Conrod, 140, 391 Schneider, P., 291 Schneider, Ronold. 80, 140, 395 Schnieder, Sue, 196, 363 Schnicr, Dole, 196, 404 Schnicr, Ronald, 159, 404 Schnittcr, Colleen, 159 Schock, Connie, 176. 376 Schock, Richard, 66 Schoet. Vernon. 67, 159 Schocltger, Jerry, 177, 291 Scholl, Mary. 196, 356 Schorr, Paul, 286, 310 Schottler, Gory, 196, 399 Scholtlcr, Jconnettc, 196, 368 Schonbctg, Kothryn, 196. 354 Schroder, Keith, 177, 423 Schrog, Lorry, 177 411 Schrepf, Robert, 196, 407 Schriebor, Horlon, 117, 196, 344 Schroedor, Lovcrn 57. 177 Schrooder, Jerry, l96, 298, 423 Schroeder. Joon, 140. 340 Schroeder, Lorry, 272 Schroeder, Lois. 177. 360 Schroeder, Normon, 196, 391 Schroeder, Sidney, 177, 367 Schroeder, Steve, 160, 411 Schronewise, J., 83 Schropfer, Len, 99 Schuerman, Norbert, 29, 96, 140, 404 Schueth. William. 355 Schuctt. Edwin, 1 17 Schuetz, Phillip, 66 Schulte, Noncy. 177, 356 Schulte, Richord, 196 Schultz, George, 160, 420, 423 Schultz, Louis, 177 Schultz, Richard, 140, 412 Schultz. Richard E., 423 Schultze. Roymond, 140. 392 Schumacher. Elizobeth, 177, 360 Schuster, Korcn, 196. 363 Schuster. Msgr., 276 Schutte, Roger, 140 Schutz, J , 44 Schutz, Timothy, 196, 423 Schutz, Wilfred, 44, 48, 140, 403 Schuyler, Robert, 28, 34, 38, 248, 256 Schwoderer, Donald, 177, 336 Schwolm, William, 140, 428 Schwartz, Lorry, 160 Schwenktcr. Morgoret, 196. 363 Schwab, Thomas, 48, 177, 388 Schwartz, Lorry, 256, 416 Schweppe. E., 53 Schwerdtfeger, Leon, 80 Scott, Helen, 196 Scott, Joseph. 160, 419 Scott. Lynn, 367 Scott, Monte, 81 Scow. Roger, 140. 415 Scriven, Donna, 177, 251, 367 Scriven, Trudy, 99, 140, 367 Scudder, Potncio, 140, 341 Seoberger, M., 43 Seagron. Charles, 196 Seogren. Molvern, 67, 70, 160, 420 Scors, Ed, 196 Seberger, Mary, 177 Sedlok, Dennis, 43, 38, 160, 403 Scgol. Michoel, 160, 431 Seger, Harold, 160, 412 Selk, Arlene. 160, 342 Sell, Jean, 196, 364 Serbousck, William, 1 16 Serrcs, Kenneth, 177, 403 Settcll, Robert, 177 Settles. Robert. 80, 336 Severin. Myrno, 177, 339 Severs. Robert. 67 Severson, Edward. 1 77, 424 Sevignc, Frank, 286. 289, 307 Seymour, Janet. 177, 327 Sen-our, Richard, 140, 404 Shofer, Jon, 196, 420 Shoffer. Ann, 372 Shaffer. Jackie. 196. 356 Shohecn. Ronold, 196, 420 Shone. Jomes, 80, 160, 391 Shopiro. Karl, 31 Shopland, Dick, 196, 419 Sharp, Arthur, 177, 419 Shorpe, Barbara, 160, 255, 367 Sharpe, Tony. 286, 288, 299, 308 Shorror. Poul, 196, 367 Shorror, Solly, 160, 367 Shougnessy, Francis, 96 Show, Milan, 308 Sheets, Chorles. 66, 160 Shefrin. Gilbert, 196, 431 Sheldon. Thomas, 196, 411 Shelly, William, 196, 420 Shepardson. Beverly, 177, 327 Shepherd. Lynnc. 196, 363 Shepherd. Suson. 160, 367 Sherman. Patricia, 32. 177, 339 Shipfcrlim. Wayne, 116. 177. 348 Shipwright, Richord, 196, 423 Shonsey. Mary, 197, 376 Shores, Frank. 69 Shoup, Sondro . 177, 359 Showoltcr, Ronold, 197. 348 Shradcr, Jomc- 160, 248, 255. 276. 320 Shuey, Eldon, 352 Shugrue. Richard, 52, 247 Shukert, Allen, 197, 416 Shukert. Sarah. 33. 177, 379 Shumokcr, Robi-rl. 177, 330 Shumon. Jonet T,, 160, 354 Shumote, Morlyn, 177, 372 Shumwoy, Morv, 177, 251, 364 Sici. Nora. 200 Sides, Alycc, 140 Sides, Gretchen, 197, 270 Sidles. Shoron. 177, 375 Siebenoler Woyne 140, 336 Siebkcn, Jomes, 177 Sictler Dwiqht. 177, 399 SiecV Kath- n 197 380 Siclkes. Dole, 197, 307 Siemer. Dole, 298 icle Hu 48 Sieler, Judy, 197, 364 Sievers, Soma. 177, 319 372 Sievers. Slcphone. 177, 370 Siewert, Richord, I 16 Siffring, Donald. 48, 177, 403 Silvermon. 203 Simmonds, Robert, 177 Simnrwni, Jone, 197, 372 Simmons, Sor dra, 197, 372 Simnwns, Sue, 140, 239, 372 Sim.on, Joyce, 1 60, 368 Simons. Suzanne, 1 77, 379 Simonson, Donn, 49 Simpson. Wayne. 160, 348 Sindelof, Rod. 68 Sinner. Donald. 177, 334 Sinor, Jcrr,. 68, 70. 71, 160, 420 Skoggs, Corlos, 298 Skollo, Bernord, 99. 140, 197, 399 Skollo, John, 399 Skardo, Merrey, 177, 368 Skinner, Bruce, 403 Skinner, Kotherine, 44, 140, 354 Skinner. Robert, 46, 177, 251, 314 Skold, Richord, 140, 407 Skopec, Coroline, 177, 327 Skutt, Solly, 140, 375 Skucius, E., 43 Slodevnik, Dovid, 117 Slogic, Moriorie, 177, 372 Sloon, Tom. 197, 419 Smoho, Soroh, 177, 370 Smoll, L D., 83 Smoll, Moynord, 204, 431 Smcmoff, 203 Smidt, Donald, 160, 286, 287, 299, 300. 301, 400 Smidt, Robert. 36, 66, 177, 403 Smith, A., 32 Smith, B., 113 Smith, Corol, 37, 160, 320, 359 Smith, Charles, 46, 177, 388 Smith, Colton. 197. 423 Smith, Elizabeth, 197. 383 Smith. Jomes, A., 140 Smith. Jomes, 46 Smith, Jean, 86 160. 363 Smith. Karen. 177, 346 Smith, Lorry. 286, 307 Smith, Lee, 79. 197 Smith. Leslie. 197, 420 Smith, Michael, 177, 399 Smith. Robert, 177, 197, 420 Smith, Robert, 423 Smith. Ronold. 197. 428 Smith. Sharon. 197, 370 Smith, Ted, 160, 400 Smith, Thomas, 41 1 Smith. Thomos. 177 Smithberger, Wvnn, 197, 375 Snediker, Ted, 197, 419 Snell, Judith, 86, 140, 367 Snider, J., 259 Snodgross, Lorry, 197, 420 Snodgross, William, 197, 415 Snvder, Arzo. 46 Snyder, Jerry, 75 Snyder, S., 76 Snyder. T,, 75, 76 Sobon. Ron, 160 Soderberg. Beverly, 140, 370 Softlev, Kenneth, 160, 404 Sohl, George, 75, 77 Sokol, Gertrude. 141, 344 Sokol, Morion, 32. 44, 45, 141. 238. 344 Sokol, Richard, 197, 335 Sokol, Shirley, 42, 142, 359 Sokol, Trudy, 32 Sole, Sondro, 197, 327 Soltermoser. Lorry, 160, 336 Solomon. Jim, 160, 408 Sorensen, Donald, 160 Sorensen. Don, 67 Sorensen, Donald, 396 Sorensen, Harold. 69, 141, 423 Sorensen, Phillip, 75 Sorensen, Sondro, 197, 372 Sorenson. Betty, 90, 141, 372 Sorenson. Karen. 80. 327 Souchck, Robert, 160, 395 Souders. James. 36, 69, 70, 141, 333 Soudcrs. Vernon, 160 Soukup, Fronk. 197, 327 Soule. Mvrna 197. 327 Sousek, Dennis, 52 Speak, Corolyn, 141, 360 Speak. Joyce. 86 Spear, Gory, 197, 334 Soeor, Lorry, 67 Speece, Worren, 69, 177, 411 Speice Byron. 177 408 Speiser. Joseph, 35, 177, 396 Spence. Gory, 67 Spencc. Gene, 75 204, 242, 41 1 Spencer. Jerry, 67 Socncet. Lowell. 204, 336 Spencer. Richard. 197 Soenser. Jomes. 384 Sperling, Donald, 116 Sperrv, Glenn, 141. 336 Spildc. Richord, 177. 423 Soilker. Kothryn, -1 77, 383 Spilker. Williom 28, 37, 160, 251, 252, 259, 260, 403 Spindlcr. Clinton 66. 160, 330 Spindler. Morv. 177, 363 Splitlgerbor, Ed, 66 Soomer, Motvin John, 94 Sprogue, A. J,, 304 Soringer. Loroy, 161. 331 Stacey, Chorles. 298 Stock. Oenn, 177, 404 Stoding, S.. 108 Stafford, Mory Lynn, 178, 370 Stolder, Pot. 45. 161, 363 Stonoge, Robert, 404 Storsek. Nye, 178, 367 Stonton, Fronk, 178, 408 Storcers, O , 67 Storck, Eriko, 197, 327 Sforck, Phihp, 46, 161, 387 Stark, Fronklin. 1 16 Storr. Allon, 141 Storr. Wendell, 48, 141. 403 Stosko, Morilyn, 38. 141, 258, 259, 364 Stostny. Fred. 67 Stostny. Joseph, 116 Stouber, Eugene, 289, 291 Stouder, P., 42 Steorley, Orville. 67 Steele. Gory. 1 16 Steele, Horry. 67 Steeves. Russell. 161. 334 Stem. Jone, 178, 364 Sleinouer, Soroh. 178. 342 Steintxjrg Donna, 178, 255. 379 Steiner. Steptien, 197, 415 Steincr, Sylvia, 43. 197. 346 Stemheider. Robb. 116 197 420 Steinkrueger. Milton. 197, 420 Steinmeyer, Jerry, 68 Stelling, Fritz. 161, 392 Stephens, Dixiono. 161, 375 Stephens, Jerry, 197 Stephens, Lois. 91, 272 Stephens, Martha 161 383 Stephens. Phil, 161, 256, 407 Sterner. Shoron, 197, 327 Stern, Robbi Horold, 279 Sterns, Floyd L,, 76 Sterztxjck, Roger, 178, 423 Steve-i, Jone, 90. 141. 356 Stevens. Kenneth. 141 Stevens. Poul. 197, 351 Stevens. R . 33 Stevens. Wesley. 197. 334 Stevens, William, 33 Stevenson, Izen. 197. 327 Stewart. Coeron, 67 Stewart, Lee, 76. 204 334 Stewart Jone. 85, 255 Stibol. Thomos. 197, 384 Stich. RoJconne. 42. 43, 197, 345 Stichl. Gory. 203 Stilwell. D. 44. 46, 141. 334 Stinnett, Roy, 291 Stiritz, Jerry, 76 Stithem, Louis, 197, 349 Stitt, Dovid 197. 411 Stitt, Thomos. 53 ■ ' . 1«1. 286, 312 St John, Jenny, 197, 370 Stochl. Rosemory, 179, 360 Slohlmon, Dione. 197. 339 Stokebrond. Duone. 46. 178. 387 Stokes. Donold. 161 Stokes. Mory Ellen, l4l, 197, 375 Stokke, Veldo, 90, 339 Stoll, Marvin, 141 Stoller. Ed. 28, 161. 248. 252, 403 Stone, Conrod, 178, 331 Stone, S , 33, 360 Stonemon, Deon. 286 Stork. John. 120 Stout. Borboro, 141, 360 Stout. Betty. 141. 360. 361 Stout. Gordon. 49 Strosheim. Don, 289, 291 Strosheim, Eldon, 67 Strosheim. Lorry. 60 Strosheim. Rollond 66 Stroyer. Richord. 67. 352 Streich, Paul. 118 141. 396 Strickland. Mory, 178, 342 Stricklond, Alverto. 342 Strickler, Woyne, 87, 286. 287. 304 Stroh. Sonyo. 197. 368 Stone, Mory, 178 Strong. Forrest. 178. 331 Struss. Rotund. 66 Struve. Roger, 35 198 392 Stryker, Deon, 112 161, 348 Stuorl, John. 59. 178. 407 Stuhmer. Ronold, 141 Stull. Jonet, 161. 368 Styskol. Richard. 66 Sukovotv. Karen. 178. 360 Sullentine. Jerry, 247 Sullivon. G . 291 Sullivon, Morion, 141, 339 Sullivon. Sherry. 141. 368 Summers Chorles, 114, 141 Sundell 203 Sundermon, Annette. 198, 368 Suponcheck, Leto. 32 178, 327 Suponchiek. Eugene 198, 423 Sutton Chorles, 161 Svobodo, Jerry 48. 178. 403 Svobodo. Ronald. 35. 198, 411 Svobodo, Word 104. 141. 427 Swoin. Duff, 69 Swonk. George. 178. 299, 400 Swonson, Gorre, 90, 141, 376 Swonson. Jon. 344 Swonson. Jeon. 161, 367 Swonson. Joseph. 161, 408 Swonson. Morcio, 141. 376 Swonson, Richard. 141. 396 468 Swanson, Robert, 141, 336 Swanfz, Donold, 307 Swartz, Kay, 198, 380 Swartz, Stanley, 141, 334 Swedelson, Al, 178, 416 Swedenborg, Tom, 178, 408 Sweeney, Dale, 198, 411 Sweeney, Jerry, 83 Sweet, Ed, 81 Sweet, Leslie, 203 Sweet, S., 75, 76 Swindler, William, 103 Swingle, Suzie, 178, 244, 245, 370 Switzer, Lee, 15, 59, 161, 391 Switzer, Lucigrace, 52, 104, 105, 141 Switzer, Robert, 42, 178, 255, 342 Switzer, Ronnie, 198, 316, 427 Switzer, Walter, 178, 395 Sysl, Ctiarles, 198, 403 Tagney, William, 286, 311 Tampleton, 203 Tornick, Raymond, 45, 141, 351 Tasslan, Michael, 307 Tassone, Lenny, 198, 428 Totroe, Patricia, 178, 363 Tayeb, Hasan, 69 Taylor, Arnold, 57, 178 Taylor, Bill, 289, 298, 291 Taylor, Charles, 198, 407 Taylor, Gerald, 198, 395 (Taylor, Nancy, 142, 356 Toylor, Norman, 198, 334 Taylor, Russell, 1 16 Teal, Fred, 178, 407 Tebo, Bonna, 86, 99 Tejkl, Loren, 1 1 6 Tempero, Richard, 178, 428 Tempo, Shirley, 198, 327 Terp, Richard, 49, 161, 388 Terry, Robert, 67 Tesar, Delbert, 356 Tesar, Potricio, 198 TeSelle, Keith, 66 TeSelle, Leyia, 43, 198, 345 Tetzlotf, Larry, 198, 349 Tews, Dick, 142, 424 Thayer, Arlie, 178, 334 Thayer, Jerry, 198 Thedens, Ron, 161 Theede, Robert, 35, 198, 423 Thiemann, Otto, 45, 161, 392 Thoenes, Linda, 44, 45, 92, 142, 354 Thomas, David, 1 17 Thomas, Douglos, 286, 291 Thomas, James, 68 Thomas, Orion, 93, 96, 142 Thomas, Poul, 198, 420 Thompson, Albert, 48 Thompson, Charles, 161, 423 Thompson, Mary, 86, 142, 363 Thomsen, Kenneth, 57, 142 Thomson, Shirley, 142 Thomsen, Thomas, 66 Thomssen, Eli, 198, 388 Thornton, Morilyn, 178 Thornton, Melvin, 53, 118, 142, 395 Thorpe, Douglas, 69, 286, 310 Thurmon, Marilyn, 198, 372 Thygeson, Morianne, 178, 251, 375 Tietjen, Gladys, 178, 327 Tigeris, Roberts, 1 17 Timmons, Jackie, 161, 396 Timmons, Karen, 142, 372 I Tindall, Betty, 178. 360 1 Tinkham, Stanley, 161, 420 1 Tirro, Frank, 96 Titman, Gregory, 178, 420 Titman, Gretchen, 178, 370 I Toillion, David, 69 ' . Tolmon, Dan, 34, 418 Tollman, J. P., 78, 80 Tolly, Harry, 198. 419 ' Toman, James, 52 I Tomec, William, 48 1 Tomsen, Betty, 198, 368 Tomson, Frank, 198, 407 1 Tomson, William, 161, 407 I Tondl, Bernard, 67, 178 I Tondl, Rose Marie, 42, 43, 255, 344 ' Toner, Sharon, 142, 255, 327 Tooley, Janet, 161, 354 Tooley, Michael, 161, 399 Topliff, Carol, 198, 339 Torczon, Gene, 87, 161, 308 Torczon, LaVerne, 87, 291 Torrence, Carolyn, 178, 354 , Towne, Diane, 161, 370 Tracy, Howard, 76 ; Traudt, Ray, 1 16 Travis, Edward, 45 I Trovnicek, Edward, 68, 347 Trebilcock, Joann, 178, 327 Trego, Gory, 198, 403 Trenary, Erma, 198 Treptow, 203 Trimble, Jerry, 161, 415 Triplett, Carole, 198, 363 Troester, Michael, 392 I Trout, Donald, 204, 330 True, Carl, 116 I Trueblood, Terry, 178, 391 Truell, Judith, 198, 359 Truester, Michael, 198 Trumble, Allen, 42, 117, 198, 387 Trumble, Charles, 44, 120, 142, 240, 252, 253, 403 Trumble, Floyd, 161, 387 TruDp, Jerold, 198, 399 Trussell, Samuel, 161, 399 Tsoukalos, Charles, 291 Tucker, Noncy, 28, 86, 161, 255, 26, 359 Tuning, Williom, 298 Turchen, Virginia, 198, 379 Turecek, Karl, 69, 161, 400 Turkel, Bernard, 161, 416 Turner, Darrina, 33, 161, 354 Turner, James, 49, 142, 403 Turner, Jeanette, 178, 367 Turner, Kay, 198, 354 Turner, Keith, 161, 427 Turner, Richard, 49, 198, 403 Turnquist, Clarence, 270 Tyler, Gretchen, 198, 354 Tyler, Robert, 142, 424 u Uecker, Joyce, 198, 372 Ullarich, Gloria, 178, 372 Ulrich, James, 198, 349 Ulrich, Larry, 162, 396 Ulrich. Mory, 178, 356 Underbill, Glen, 352 Underwood, Stephen, 67 Unterseher, Elaine, 162, 367 Unvert, Dale, 81 Unzicker, Leonard, 198, 420 Upton, Duane, 48 Upright, John, 178, 330 Urboch, Floyd, 352 Urguiolo, Teresa. 205, 341 Usher, Monroe, 28 Voccaro, Joe, 68, 408 Vaccoro, Ronald, 162 Vochol, Elvin, 67 Vahl, Ted, 162 Vohle, Sharon, 198, 356 Vairags, Vuris, 68, 112 Valasek, Verden, 36, 66 Voider. John. 162 VanAlstyne, Scott, 74 VonGronigen, Virginia, 198, 346 VanHorn, Lowell, 116 VanHouten, Frances, 162, 340 VonOrnam, Rychie, 198 VonPelt, Som, 142, 256, 407 VonStumberg, Donald, 178, 327 VanWinkle, Lynn, 161, 419 Vandeberg, Jeff, 264, 347 Vanderveen, John, 178, 395 Vonek, Marvin, 67 Vanicek, Mary, 198, 339 Vanmotre, Bradford, 198 Vorney, Michael, 198, 335 Varney, Ransom, 198, 335 Vass, Ronald, 198 Vowsen, Lyie, 49 Velte, Herbert, 96 Venner, Cobe, 198, 407 Vererko, 203 Vermeer, Lynn, 67 Versow, Dean, 56, 57, 142 Verschuur, LeRov. 198, 427 Veseley, Mary, 178, 364 Veskerno, Elaine 162, 363 Vestal, Lowell, 205, 332 Veto, Shirley, 198, 379 Vincent, Priscilla, 198, 339 Vingers, Carol, 178, 367 Vinsant, Peter, 142, 395 Virtanen, Alice, 198 Vitols, Alberts, 298 Volf, Marvin, 69, 162 Volk, Robert, 42, 46, 178, 387 Volz, 203 Volzke, Roy, 46, 142, 388 Vondracek. Donald, 198, 423 Vonoenkamp, Marlene, 178 Vosika, Kenneth, 142, 419 Voss, Larry, 48, 113, 162, 251, 252, 403 Voss, Ronald, 411 Votova, Bernard, 1 1 6 Vrbo, Mory, 42, 43, 198, 344 w Wochter, Ronald, 178, 404 Waddington, Rolph, 352 Waddle, Sally, 142, 339 Wade, Anne, 162, 291, 376 Wodeman, Carlo, 178, 383 Waechter, Mar ilyn, 86, 162, 249, 255, 339 Wagner, Irvin, 52 Wagner, Gerald, 162, 387 Wagner, M. J., 142, 408 Wagner, Richard, 112 Wakefield, Wilbur, 45, 142, 387 Waldo, Arley, 44, 46, 142, 241, 256, 259, 260, 387 Woldo, Mox, 199, 307, 387 Woldo, Richard, 178, 403 Waldo, Willo, 42, 43, 162, 259, 260, 380 Waldron, Johnie, 178, 404 Walento, Beverly, 178, 342 Walentine, Robert, 199, 392 Walgren, Robert, 142, 348 Walker, Cecil, 420 Walker, James, 162, 399 Walker, John, 87 Walker, Joseph, 199, 420 Walker, Kenneth, 96, 162 Walker, Ralph, 199 Walker, Richard H., 1 12, 142 Walker, Richard W., 399 Walker, Rod, 178, 419 Wolker, Stanley, 199, 375 Walkup, Merrill, 49 Walla, Joyce, 52 Wolloce, Charles, 116, 199, 411 Wollin, Leona, 86 Walling, Gail, 142, 250, 251, 367 Walt, Linda, 199, 370 Woltemath, Donald, 199, 419 Walter, Paul, 34, 162, 404, 405 Wolters, Robert, 80 Walton, Samuel, 116. 179, 404 Wolfter, Norman, 347 Wondersee, Mary, 162, 340 Woroke. Lorry, 392 Ward, A., 45 Waring, Fred. 81, 203 Worholoski, Ronald, 162, 391 Werner, Barbara, 199, 359 Warner, Gordon, 28, 36, 69, 162, 251, 252, 400 Warner, James, 66, 162, 403 Wornke, Larry, 67, 162 Warren, Ann. 199 Warren, Paul, 35, 80, 199, 415 Warrick,, 179, 400 Warrick, Janet, 179. 370 Warrick, Robert, 142, 404 Washburn, Robert, 142, 404 Waters, Bob. 81, 203 Wathier, LyIe, 179, 412 Watkins, Doug, 199, 307 Wotkins, Robert, 199, 404 Watson, H. S., 63 Watson, James, 57, 162 Watson, Kay, 162, 360 Watson, Lois, 90 Watts, Man. 199. 327 Woy, Aurelia, 142, 368 Wax, William, 87, 304 Wood, Charles, 205, 428 Wear, Carlos, 87 Weotherford, Charles, 99 Weotherholf Jerrv, 199, 408 Weaver, Arthur, 28, 29, 162, 248, 286, 312, 407 Weover, David, 199, 407 Weaver, Jomes, 66, 115 Weber. Elizabeth, 105, 142 Weber, James, 64, 68 Weber, LeRov, 77 Weber. Robert, 199, 420 Weber, Stuart, 352 Webster, Joon, 162. 376 Webster, Joyce, 179, 251, 376 Webster, Lucy. 199. 375 Webster W. W., 62 Weeks, Rosemary, 92, 142, 368 Weerts, Joon 162, 356 Wees, Don, 68 Wehr, Mary, 197, 372 Wehrbein, Rooer, 43, 199, 387 Wehrmon, Phillip, 142 Wehrmon, Ken 162. 256. 400, 404 Weichel, Marcio, 199, 327 Weichenthol, Burton, 179, 251, 260, 303, 403 Weigel, Robert. 179. 419 Weil, Don, 1 16, 199, 392 Weinhold, Corl, 347 Weir, Ed, 287 Weis, Victor, 67 Weise, Edwin, 142. 263, 428 Weitzel, Donald, 68 Welch, Annabelle, 143, 375 Welsch, Roger, 162, 428 Welsh, Don, 423 Wells, Bill, 141, 286 299, 407 Wills, Donald, 66, 352 Wells, Sandy, 79 Welsh, Michael, 199, 395 Welsh, Norman, 116, 162, 307 Welsh, William, 199 Welte, William, 199, 298, 330 We lton, Gory, 307 Wendorff, U., 259 Wengert, Solly, 199, 376 Wenzl, Don, 199, 420 Wenzl, Larry, 179 Wertz, Delores, 162, 255, 372 Wertz, F., 255 Wertz, James, 1 17 Wertz, Wendell, 49 Wesierski, Wolly, 143 West, Beverly, 37 West, Dovid, 143, 332 West, Horvey, 61 West, John, 199, 391 West, Linda, 199, 383 West, Sharlyn, 199, 354 Westerbeck, Lorry, 70, 162, 420 Westerhoff, John, 80, 179, 299, 400 Westervelt, Ted, 143, 41 1 Westmore, Robert, 69 Weston, Pot, 143, 367 Weston, Sue. 203, 370 Westpholen, Lorry, 143 Wholen, Sondro, 199, 356 Wholey, Keith, 48, 143 Whortmon, Robert, 143, 384 Wheoton, Jomes R., Copt. 112 Wheeler, Jerry, 291 Wheeler, Shorroll, 179, 342 Whitoker, Jomes, 38, 59, 79, 419 White, Dwight, 199, 349 White, James, 49, 199, 351 White, Lorry, 299 Whitehead, Louris, 79, 408 Whitmus, Sheryl, 143 Whitney, Charles, 152, 415 Whitney, Donald, 67 Whittoker, Judy, 162, 359 hmon, Roger, 66, 162, 252, 428 ;kramaratne, Gojobo, 264 imon, David, 199, 416 Jmon, Gory, 162, 332 Imon, Stanley, 179, 416 ■bold, Arnold, 1 17 ledel, Jerome, 1 1 6 iederspon, Joyle, 33, 163, 354 Bill. 199, 423 Robert, 37, 148, 163, 256, 403 imet, 52, 1 14 iggins. Rose, 32, 179, 321, 341 ' 320 ightmon, Donold, 199, 307, 391 emer, R., 44 enoll, Sonjo, 199, 327 gren, Morlin, 66 gg, Judith, 199, 375 kelund, Down, 199, 359 Iber, Sylvio, 163, 368 Icox, Cynthia, 143, 368 Icox, Don, 143, 412 Icox, Milton, 45 Icox, Ron, 199, 420 Ihelm, Joann, 179, 359 Ihite, Mary, 179, 383 Ike, Kermit, 45, 163, 351 Ikie, Eldon, 69 Ikinson, James, 163 lley, Robert, 1 16 400 107 lyn, 179, 200, 244, 249, 364 llioms, Erwin, 199 Ihams, James, 67, 69, 163, 400 llioms, Jimmy, 70, 143 lliams, John, 80, 163, 396 llioms, Kenneth, 43 llioms, Richard, 43, 112 lliomson, David, 112. 117, 179, 348 lliomson, Harold, 163, 335 lliomson, Jerold, 304 lliamson, Phyllis. 179. 200, 251, 375 Ison, Charles, 199, 407 Ison, Gerald, 153, 423 Ison, Jomes, 199, 423 Ison, Jomes, 199, 423 Ison, JoAnn, 143 Ison, Moriorie, 143, 379 Ison, Mary, 163, 368 Ison, Nancy, 42, 45, 163, 345 Ison, Solly. 170 251. 318, 319, 370 Ison, Sharon. 199 345 Ison, Thomas, 352 Ison, Wallace, 199, 420 Ison, William, 199, 395 Itse, Sorol 143 318. 319, 338, 363 Itse, Stephen, 199, 407 ndeshousen H.. 38 56 ne Norman, 199, 416 ney, Kenley, 179, 407 nk, John, 46 nker, Mortin, 199, 411 pf, Phyliss, 44 rz, Robert, 179, 334 schmeier, Richord, 179, 351 schmeir. Roger, 143 shnow, Bernord, 76 smiller. Norma. 179, 255, 327 tt, Mox, 179, 391 36, 66, 163 Lelond, 45 163, 403 Woeike, Wendo, 199. 327 Wolcoster, Chorles, 179 Wolf, Norma 28, 32, 37, 42, 163, Wolf, Rita, 179. 327 Wolfe, Adrion, 117, 199, 420 Wolfe, Jerry, 143, 424 Wolfe, Lois, 179, 342 Wolfe, Rodney, 87, 163, 391 Wolloston. Chorles. 407 Wolph, Williom, 76 Wolzen, Glendo, 143, 327 Wood, Dewoin, 163, 419 Wood, Dorolee, 90, 143, 380 Woodling, Nancy, 42. 45, 163, 354 Woodrow, James, 199, 427 Woodrow, Kenneth, 427 Woodrow, Lelond, 33 Woods, Beth, 163, 340 Woodside, Delma, 163, 255, 327 Woodside, Jimmy, 116, 179 469 Woolord, Bill, 67 Woolord, Sue, 321 Woolley. Koy. 179, 372 Woollej, Richord, 179 Woolmon, Clorencc, 199, 298, 395 Work, George, 66 Woriey, Donold, 48 Worley, Suzonn, 199, 380 Worrcl, Williom, 1 16 Wortz, Froficei, 179, 380 Wroy, Duone, 199, 392 Wright, Chorlei, 52, 53, 96 Wright. D. Potrick, 200 Wright, Eugene, 68 Wright, Gcrmoine, 179. 380 Wright. John C, 163, 384 Wright. John D., 179, 395 Wright, Moriol, 143, 374, 375 Wright, Morion, 179, 380 Wright, Potrick. 387 Wrighf, Terry, 34, 143, 427 Wroth, Jmice, 179, 200, 339 Wul», Lorry, 43, 200, 351 WulliChlcfler, Kenneth, 66 Wurit, Dole. 52 Wutke. Leo. 43. 69. 332 Wyhe, Clorencc. 8. 34 66, 200 Wyrens, JoAnn, 200, 368 Wynne, Allen, 143, 348 Wynne, Gwendolyn, 1 43 Yokel, Kenneth, 1 16 Votes, Robert, L., 200 Yotei, Robert R, 143. 427 Yeiter. Jone, 143, 356 Ycrk, Carole. 200, 359 Yeske. Lonny, 200, 395 Yeutter, Poul, 43, 46, 163 Yocom, Dovid, 69, 163, 423 Yokomizo, Junior, 67, 143, 352 Yoot, Alien, 179, 336 Yost. Ronald, 143, 427 Yost, Voughn, 163, 400 Young, Alice, 32, 179, 255. 342 Young. Bruce. 69 Young. Dovid, 179, 428 Young. Poul, 200, 420 Young, Robert K., 163, 331 Young, Robert L.. 70, 71 Youngdohl. Doug. 200, 400 Youngcrs, Penny, 42, 45. 163, 363 Youngmon, 203 Youngscop, Richord, 200. 407 Youngson, Lonny, 179, 420 Zodirra, Jomes, 200, 415 Zech. Arthur, 43, 45, 388 Zelcn. Somuel, 143, 416 Zemon. Fronk. 200 Zempel. Williom, 66, 143 Zentic. L.. 298 Zcssin, Oorrell. 46, 179. 388 Zieg. William. 204. 412 Ziegelbein. Allen, 93, 96. 163, 392 Ziegenbein. Charles, 286 Zimmer, John. 163. 391 Zimmermon. Dean. 67, 143 Zimmerman, G., 308 Zook, Mark. 200. 395 Zschou. Cynthia. 179. 246. 321. 37. Zuber. Robert, 163, 252. 431 Zucker, Poul. 34, 68, 392. 393 Zuhlkc, Morilyn. 44, 45. 143, 383 % X ' ' x I 470 1957 Cornhusker Staff Linda But hman Editor-in-Chief Gene Spence Business Manager Janet Kuska Associate Editor MANAGING EDITORS Beverly Buck Helen Gourlay Marilyn Heck Bobbie Holt ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Shari Hall Jim Whi taker ART EDITOR Marilee Plymale LAYOUT EDITOR Joanne Bender ASSISTANT LAYOUT EDITOR Mary Bergquist PHOTOGRAPHY Photographic Productions Edholm-Blomgren Studio George Modsen-Fred Gibbs Moynard Small PANEL EDITOR Ruth Roubal FACULTY ADVISER Ken Keller ACTIVITIES Judy Chapman ADMINISTRATION Natalie Johnson AG ACTIVITIES Bob Smidt ATHLETICS Larry Lester Mike Levy COLLEGES AND CLASSES Ruth Adams Bill Gingles Sharon McDonald Susie Swingle Carolyn Williams FRATERNITIES Mike Levy HOUSES AND HALLS Lois LaRue INTRAMURALS Walt Patterson RELIGION Rita Clark ROYALTY Gary Cadwallader SORORITIES Kati Dailey STUDENT GOVERNMENT Fran Gourlay STUDENT SCENE Anne Pickett WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Billie Prest WORKERS Nancy Beal Barbara Bible Martha Crocker Sally Downs Marnie Gardner Anita Hall Helen Hockabout Barbara Hyland Betty James Sandra Johns Sidney Johnsen Carolyn Lang Sandra Lichtenberg Marilyn Lindquist Jane McLaughlin Lynn Meyers Jane O ' Dell Marilyn Pickett Ruthie Prochaska Sue Schnabel Ann Shafer Ellen Stokes Linda Walt I 471 i In Appreciation BEAUTY QUEEN JUDGING Dick Blomgren Betty Bonn Romona Deitemeyer Lorma Gillespie Rev. Rex Knowles Elsworth Moser Mr. Reece PRINTER AND ENGRAVEI Journal-Star Printing Corripany r CORNHUSKER C VEl Durand Moni ctij nq- or Cl cogo, I INDIVIDUAL PICTURES BEAUTY QUEEN PHOTOGRAPHY Edholm-Blomgren Studio PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Hufnagle United y-ates Army Novv UntWrsebsr L 472 W ' r ' )] . - X . . 5 " .vP J .i- " - lf v 1 " , • ' ' M ' ' - -JS .- r .i ' fM iji ' J- 4 r Y]A M i p 1 A- It ,- t .M- ■ ■, -r " 4 - tM- . oy j - I So T8irf rtf iaammm essss or ioci oi titSitl OB

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