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F, M11 .1 , , V , , , fi f 1 W4 ,' f, W ' ' .1 ' W 2 ' - I 9 .Q .f. '- - 5' 5 ' T5 '. 31' 9' 4 . I I ,E -F 1,. '--OW ' ' V '43 Am. Q F . .,, -1 ei 1 .lr r.. Qiivqlf I -5 - I 'X F' ' Q 5 -,v. rt x S, its ' Q-5 23 i ' i Q H' 0 Q -- f J' vp lam i All 9 1 I' 1 39 S' H il? ,5 ,tr ' 1' Q s 'V 'S gg? N 4 f 1, 1 E fl' 4 1 f 3 wi' A 5 A n , ,.,a 'lf we-'A X J. .,. 3 1 ,gg 'Sv' 3. 'iv 'E' QQ 'Y ink J ,-W' 4- -- 4' ' if in . ,-12+ 'J " w K l .4,- . I 1 X 1 X 1 X , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I K 1 11 0 1 I F 1 r 1 1 I I 5 1 K :-l .-wif X .1 2 xx B1 A mn E w 1 iam x m gnu V :mf ,Mmm Mggmwul ,, 'WM M' T . swag? A M H. M W ,Wy Wm JM mai, ,VB W3 aw, QV. mga- V , gzQ'6?Fzk Jm..wn'4wLfffBfM www .wa ss sf mera: www ms K ra ,A My ,. my WMXN, 49 1' mans 2 W: A sw .1 3451- A , - ug Lu'-Vg " ss 1 mmm 7 mm , W Xu , ...,1 - 1 "-fi, xx-,. E f, ,iv Q XM W M M W 2-, ai 'J' A , 4 E w 1 .JN ,f I 1 X 1154-- .,, . .A H. ,rf nw ww ms. .Q 4, QQ: QW- ' mmkvi' .-wif: bs. ?ngi ,mgigis 'HW w H Lg I :E VV :7 R3 bi' f 1 v i'v ., , Jn , WWWNQQ ,Xi ,wg r,-sms lx -.xw'xv,fx,1 V451 I ,ff 9 we ,. .,- .W ! z s , E 5 1 J w 1' ,H 1 U I ' S 1 1 , 3 , . , , 'ua 1 A ,ll ' R 11 V ' w i T 3 ,- L w, - 'x ' 'L '4 This Bunk To The Citizens of Nebraska from her early pioneers to her students today at the University of Nebraska I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i, I I Contents 8 University 36 Features 62 Activities 81 Arts 110 Colleges 81 Glasses 282 Athletics 320 Houses 81 Halls 416 Advertising X UNIVERSITY .Views Ad ' 't t' Stdtli t X 0 fs Q Q if? 0 0 Women's Residence Hall Under construction is the modern men's dormitory which is to be completed sometime in August and will be ready for occupancy by the fall term in September, '54. The new building will furnish dining and housing facili- ties for 670 men students. Plans are also be- ing drawn up for a new Women's Physical Education building and a Teachers College high school. . . Progress New Men's Dormitory . . Science New Hgronomy Building WW U. ,, lm , ur MQ W ' iii YWY4, :am-1" ,M , M vp W . , M. ,avg-5-M-1,M, ,wp A -- .T nun 'f' ff n Q ,, , .Q ,K SSN? 4 " M., H12 -A Z 2. X' k5.:J.L.1 E 5 jfjggfmi Q 'jew gm 3,1122 .. ,FAQEM ., H ,, . Bi-ammmm BAK : V 'Z 1 mg swag " Q.a32Zfwu,x Q 5 'EWJSNJ IWW ' w - X ,, , ,X :,,W', 'H Qfxxx V ,,f1.Xm5,W .sw Em H QQ fx dawn Aiwa ,,. mn ' 42 nf iK:!'5Tj" N + 5"'7iM5fZ!5 Z fc mad. 41 ms ms ms, . , , , A K naman Er , Z, HSM :Q a 5 12. MQ W my izws , H 4 E 2 H, M M Mi: F L H51 f sg 7 Msgs MW 4 4 W1 y if W X, 2 4 N51 84.2 nw , ' is pm' , HM , ,K E H E 4' swg' sm ss E ss Z rw- iwi in E M Nw .138 W QE- u S8 A ,lf E H A ' 5' Q RA mm, msg sm, , , j , ws X t X 'ii xv: ,- sf.- Q4 :W " w gl, am , wmv X , . r ' -, xx-. ww. . 24 w .sez . , WLT? 144 mygigb-:H W Mifiwgq'-',1W-"m",.m'm B' m .SSI R mf,'- 'L' B 1' . L' UT "-:SJW-KE 1, 5-1.5 was vggffzge .yay EN , 1 ls, ,V 1,1 ww-3f,j',.,Im.f, am lg "1'5"QwA fx J. :fn 37- an " H ..--- f -- f- .RH-'N fe: -my M: Wg , uf f ' . FT 3 , , mi? L ,j Q 552- Sy, N 'JM V N . Hua M, 2 I g'. wsgg., .1 -lg Aww an K L ,F api i-X . fm B: X --' M Y, a .I HH sg Q J -1. ,My ff 3 -jim: W , QI . A Q x I 1 I L 'kg :Q Gui eff' in JK I W WWW. qua-rr urn fn . g,,, 5' wig Jig? -sm: wwe A -1-mmfsw - . sis -M fa L,. ::- ----. :.:f..:. ...Y-.-. zzz 1, L. A 5-2-"fi 'i f- '21-Ifflil ""'fi5f'f32i5i"" : ', seg-,-gm, "" flat-i-lftsillfitsivif.. Activity Coliseum Views A vast landscaping program is being carried on by the University. An extended area has been cleared to provide more parking spaces for the students. Also included in this program is a plan for improving the area around the State Historical So- ciety Museum and other new build- ings on the City and Ag campuses. . . Study Love Memorial Library "x WK 4 1 1 111 11 1 . . Spirit Memorial Stadium Y?1fm'M5?i11f??'f12wfT212W fig' 1.11551--NEMA 1111,31dT52115g111111111w MmZ111w1111111g531 GEMM 1. 11 ,,,1fMgvzH . -11 few.. .1 1- .axe- HZQST5 wwwff :Z1I.'iZ1:1111g1Nf232 in 11111111-V11.I.:11 WNJH- . 1111133532: H 111111.11Eiggf?'111T111111HiQE5?U1fEi11.ff' 'Ulm 1.13.1- 11 11 11 11 W 11 111111 H1 1-?W1v11 ' X Z1 - .11 , , 1 M 1 1wfffn H 1 1.1 HQjg,,,11.111.., nwfz-,11.1WM111 V Z 111, 1: 1. -KqM111.11111 gg 511111 . .1 'L .1 1 1 1:5135 11111 M Vw, - 1 1 1- .1 1. 1 11 M, ' K 1, ' 'ggi' B115 ffl- .1 I Z I M ,111 Egg 111 ,ff Q , .1 1111 1 11.1 xf ,A .. ., I 11111 gy Hg 1,111.11 ff 1 Q' - - Q 'N ,. , 1. 1.,,E3g2igg, 11 1 -511m , .1 . 11 ' . f ..-. 11.1 W 11.1 11W -M 1. -1 -,, - N411-1 11 M 111111111 N, .1 1 ., 11..g111.'5g ff-111.1111 n1g5'?E31.11111 ,QM--1 ,4 M - J ' """fff. 1115 ""'U'-"' 1'i511L.1Kf"'W z I1 1151... 1112221 1' 151 1'grw111 -FTTLS1 Q51z11Nief,5i'5Q.i1:41W1 - 1 1 1 ' ' -1,1LN1f15W1fZ3f2Z2,jZ,1? .1 ii3?'Kf1g?jg?K31'E5."v 7-'113fE'11,ff-m"?L5?'f32E'?1iZif5-- L1.Z 1 1 ., 11x g,v1,.g H E EM 1 M1gi1QHEQg3?.,.?.1Q 1111::,XgE,.,.t H:?ig..U52miX.!.X. H 1.1 ' ---- '4Xf"1.1'11 W KM . 1.11:..11W:"ff '11 '.1?"M,1,,1.,.,H -ww-.11 T i - A - 1 -1 f 111 11,1 i1 1 -11.11111 'x1,1111111-1.111 E 2111 ,g -Q 1 1-111, W I 111111-1 u,1p,gM,,::1 11 Kg v v 1- -.. - 11111 .1 .D 11- 1111j4K,Q,f,a.A11 1111 nga- Q 1 xf. ,N 1. 1- -.A qw-HXXP-1 11 A -ix-sq 1 'N " - - X fx-.1 . K 1MWM Zrkkf-.1 1 WA, W. 11nu1.11. 11,1 w..1g,ww Q gl, 1. -E W v.. im Z- 11 .ww 1 1 NJ . .. , 1 - N-1-1..-1 , YW 1 X ' 113,-1 11 1 EM 1311111N H - 11, X as 111.11 1, 1 1 1 ?T:x'4,. hfZ1-111- GM 11 11 1111, Q 1 S. 1 2 2 E 1 1 1 1 . 1 I ' MMWQ11-11 1.11111 X . - T 1 11 1 .1 1 E E 'f 01 R ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 9 . , 1 1 11 1 - . M . M K3 1 35,111 ....,... 1 1 ' 'QHQKXYZEH Q. QQ' ,I 1 WE. '11 vb! - 1. 1-5. bf t' 1- 11 W 1 H 3 K, 5 .. 1 11 L E 1 1 T K 1, X H H W ,- Q 5 57 . 1 W I 1 1 1 1 , ii K 1 E A .1 . . 1 -1 1 . Q1 1 1 1' 1 1 1. 1.-1. . A ., Q , 111. f . 1 O v . 1 1 . 1 E 1 1 111. 1 11 f B f . 1 E H 11.1111-. 1 .1 1 Z A -,Q1 N Z ,M 'H Wi fi: 'UW 51,21 KM .,.. 1 1 1. 1.1 .. 1 1 1 1 ., I I 1 . 11 11 Egg M 1 111-111 ?"Qkggms 11111-1 11.111 111 -.A+ 1 1 11 1 Qs H K E 1-1 11 1 .1 ':. lx E R V 111 11 1 1 1 , 'Q.1v11111, .1. - . . -' ' f . ,. . ..... -: 'B '- . .41 . .,f. .. 1.1 .1 9 L 'Z 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1'1 B H W5 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 'K ' 'H B 1' ., ,,. 1..111..1121 1.1 ,. -1 -1- ef - 1 15 1 1 . 1 11111x:1, 1 W 1 1 11111 . 1 . --- -, , 115,1 11 11 15 1.1 .1.1.1. 1.1 ,.: 1:1 , 1 .-: I N 2 1 mfg 3 1 it H H B H Sf 11 H H 1 1 g' 1: WE ' 21 1 1 , .. 11 1 5 . .4 .:i:::-:i:i-':12- ,.:5: 1:5 1. .11 5 , 111 1:5 if E 1 1 . mi . 1-ww ,.!..::: Fs:I'- 1 1 1 H . . . 1 L. - '1 .212 1 . -1-- H H 14 H N H W L 11.41" 1-1 -1--if -I-1 11:-1111111-1. .- -1-1+ 'N ii I'. -EEEEEII ' Ei! 1? 25 1 3+ , -I 1 1 1 1 1 H , H 1 1 ,S .., 1,151-1,. - f-.1 QQ -- ....1.1 1.,. -. . . M - . . History State Historical Society Q av rw ss R wig- yq E A X H U' xi ' Huw 1 rf 'WK V maxi E rp -Q W yrs B 3 K' Q A, D, fl' .:v:w'L. ---,Q-4 Y -www- . . Government Nebraska Slate Capitol Nebraska Legislature First Met IOO Years Ago ROBERT B. CROSBY Governor of Nebraska HUSKER FRN. Gov. Robert Crosby shows concern at the Miami game. l 16 mfg 1 "' ' Eg, ,,., , tt.. ..,.,. , In 1854 the first Nebraska legisla- ture assembly met, consisting of 13 council members elected for two years and 26 representatives elected for one year. Exactly 100 years later We find Ne- braska governed by the unique uni- cameral legislature, the only single- house legislative body in the country. The amendment providing for such a change Was adopted in November of 1934. Robert B. Crosby, governor of Ne- braska and former North Platte attor- ney, has contributed much to his country and his state. At 32, Crosby presided over the Nebraska legislature. In l946 and again in '48 Crosby was elected lieutenant governor of the state. BHCK ROW: I. G. Elliott, Scottsbluffg Dr. Earle Iohnson, Grand Island, Dr. B. N. Greenberg, York, I. L. Welch Omaha FRONT ROW: Robert W. Devoe, Lincoln: Iohn K. Selleck, Lincoln: C. Y. Thompson, West Point. Chancellor and Regents Govern University It any man tits the name of "Mister University," that man on the University of Nebraska campus is lohn Kent Selle-ck, acting chancellor since luly 15, 1953, interim successor to former chancellor R. G. Gustavson. Selleck is a native oi Lincoln, and was graduated from the University with a bachelor of science de- gree in electrical engineering in 1912. After a few years with an engineering firm in Chicago, he re- turned to the University as assistant purchasing agent in 1921. In 1948, the Board of Regents named Mr. Selleck business manager for the entire institution, a posi- tion he still holds along with the acting chancellor- ship. 1-le also serves the Board of Regents as cor- poration secretary. The original charter of the Board oi Regents provided for 12 members, nine oi whom are chosen by the legislature. The chancellor, the governor and the superintendent ot public instruction were also members. In 1921, a constitutional amendment provided tor six members to be elected on a district basis, a system which remains in use today. EE ms ss new Qqsfgtiflggvsr, swiss. E gangs is B- Egg SWT miss IOHN KENT SELLECK Hcting Chancellor EEE Ei as msn IULES P. COLBERT Decm ot Division of Student Affairs LEE W. CHHTFIELD cmd RICHARD D. WESTOVER Hssistant Dean of Student Htfoirs Administration Manages University Functions MHRIORIE W. IOHNSTON Rssociate Dean ior Women Rssistant to the Dean of Student Htfcxirs MSR HELEN H. SNYDER cmd MARY H. HUGUSTINE Hssistant Dean of Women Hssistcnt to the Dean of Women rv. ,,-,.....-1 X x 9 ' f X l csv! wk? Nw f-uf f H FLOYD W. HOOVER Hcting Director oi Registration cmd Records HRTHUR H. HITCHCOCK Director of Iurxior Division J I N i 4 5 1 3 GEORGE W. ROSENLOF Dean oi Hdmissions and Inter-Institutional Relationships FRANK M. HHLLGREN Associate Dean ior Men mm m M mmm mm m mm gf? Dk mv , W 'SQ mawgmm Kill-4 B m EDWHRD W Hgnculture Exten ,.... ig E hm m m m m mx mm m mm m m m E m mm mm m mm 'mm z mmmm mmmm mm m mm mmm mmmmmmx m mxmkmmx mmmmnmmm m m mm mmmm mm mm m mmmxmwm xxgxemsmxnwwm mmm mmm m mm m m mmmmwmm mgmm zgim S m-mm mm mm m :B mm SSH H5g mm mimi' B ' maxim WILLIHM C. HHRPER Director of University Services mm mms: mm IHNIKE m mm my-. mm- Dlrector sion Division 'mia mmm m any mm '11 af" M1 fair CLHRENCE M MOLZER Personnel Dxrecior .rd-Je. m-m FRRNK H. LUNDY Director of University Libraries K' La .nz SHMUEL I. FUENNING Director oi Student Health Center CHHRLES F. FOWLER Director of Buildings and Grounds ALT of CHRL H. DONALDSON Director oi Purchases and Procurement KNUTE O. BROHDY Director of University Extension Division 113 We 21 GEORGE S. ROUND Director of Public Relations i DURNE E. LI-IKE Director of Student Union .fv- ,. C. BERTRHND SCHULTZ Director of University Museum Y we B nl WESLEY C. MEIERHENRY Acting Director of Summer Sessions Research Work The University of Nebraska Foun- dation distributes funds, secured from alumni and friends -of the University, among many and diversified projects which are beneficial to the school. One of these projects is the new institute for cellular research, under the direction of Dr. D. M. Pace and his as- sociates. The two chief functions ot the institute are to carry on research on the growth of normal and malignant cells, and to teach students the techniques involved in such research. Flnother Foundation project is the Ralph Mueller Gallery of Health Sciences, which has become one of the most popular spots in the Univer- sity Museurn. It was opened in Iune of l952. Plans are under way to expand the health exhibits. OF TOOTH DENT STUDENTS examine the structure of o: tooth on display at the new Health Gallery at Morrill Hall. 23 HSSOCIHTION DINNER is attended by alumni at cr Homecoming reunion. 2 'X -ss Ymj s-sr-mms ssQEif,g'zssss sggikrsss E S ss ass sus ass was ss- as mfs ss Egggrssss -ss IHMES S. PITTENGER and VERNEDH WHITNEY Secretary Hssistant Secretary 5 Outstanding Alumni Feted by Association The 50-year class oi '04 was honored this year along with classes of '14, '24, '34, '44, and 1894 when the Alumni Association Round-up Was held before the eighty-third annual com- mencement exercises. At this Round-up luncheon, five Nebraska University alumni, who have given outstanding service to the University throughout their pro- fessional and public lives, were presented with Distinguished Service Awards. Alumni organizations can be found in a great many of the larger cities in the United States. Upon graduation all students receive a one year membership to such an organiza- tion. A Builders award is presented to a former University student on February 15, at the Char- ter Day meeting, This year's Winner Was C Petrus Peterson, a prominent Lincoln attorney. A monthly magazine, The Nebraska Alumnus, is published by the Association under the cli- rection oi Philip Hallman, Alumnus editor. , M X4 4- A-'A REHR HDMIRAL HLFRED R. HHRRIS Chief Central Officer of Ninth Naval District Distinguished Service Awards F rv v DWIGHT P. GRISWOLD United States Senator From Nebraska A .. ' ' T H af . ,IQ-' II - ff I ., 1. I. . I II I L. --IIE. . . :.: II . ..., ' H fy .I .22 .I If I Ev. - I if I L I A III I I I I . K RUTH SHELDON Director of Home Service Washington Gas and Light Company swag. 'ggsg'iggx1?'s::m,-ff-in EHEM 3 M A M. A . W .W riigimisiagigeeig .f:ggge..asZ5 H?-ff jigs eigeef iig2gife52,.- as W.. ,.1,.E,.g, eww ZEEESQQW' !'2'5"eIgEgsgs',. III,,E,,.. is . Mfizw Hia . Mzkgeg . 5.5 eM.mwx s :WfiafwfgIMtlQ,'f V gin' 9 1 M .WIIM ,U .Agua HES ss.. . 5, N, ei'W5.sf...:g, ' Rama 'A KX Vi wiv-1 f . ' - gigs ISI:-...2.Q' .. ., I Wig, . ixxmymsg? men? Q ..I.gei.Q .W Amy. . M... A . m :IH IWW.. ti -SEVG - few Y . gQW':v,,. 11 I -.M . ... , I ., CHHRLES L. STONE Owner of Libegraph Company of Cleveland, Ohio IOHN LBWLOR Lincoln Businessman. Civic Leader HLUMNI OFFICE STHFF P. Hollman. I. Pittenger. H. Syslo. D. Becker. V. Whitney ms as ax nm: was EEK Sins. I II 2 mei: ref-.swim II I - xi wwe.-..,....f 3 . . Q i. . . U. .E 2 .H HE . H ... K me me 'Bw Q su - - B E is s is s Eva fs su .W .. H ...W .. .. as , fx W me gems Mews- msesws ni s -ins vi.. me sm -sm S me Z' is Ls XMAS KB E in Ha. is s mix is s ss fx: rss ' 'MW BHCK HOW V Clausen C Kroese B Peterson D Rasdal M Baile G Katske P r rn 1 - . - , - , I . 4 ' , . , . G h , I. Bennington, N. Westcott, I. Brode, M. Pickett, L. Brady, B. Dutton, Byf Linn, Fl. Raeun, L. Bcdrlier. FRONT ROW: M. Freedman, I. Steffen, I. Rogers, E. Park, R. Yapp, M. Hamer, I. Beck, I Ioyner, M. Watson, C. Mammal, M. Stromer, D. Jacobs. I tu ent OUHCI 3 CS t3l'1 H R- ' , Esmzgss Egggifgggggrgislii 5 ' ' ' ' O 122 mrzssssfisisfis I1 lSCI'Il'I1ll1HtIOl1 OIIIITIIUICC ifwmsissstiggilggigggggrs Q f E gggggwsmsrgswg we assess 9 if ss .I E Excuses, arguments and fines were headaches of the Student Council's Parking Board. Hction was the key Word in the Boards activities when they promoted the 5 completion of the Student Union parking lot. Nebraska's first basketball game of the season was the scene of another first, the Stu- dent Council's initiation of its annual Recognition Bound-Up. Tassels, Corn Cobs, cheerlead- ers, the Homecoming Queen and other active athletic sup porters received awards for their efforts. HN OFFICERS' PARLEY means planning newest Council project. Backs Parking Lot Completion "Love and Marriage" were the topics of a lecture series by Dr, K. L. Cannon of the College of Flgriculture, sponsored by the Council. H policy stating that "no person shall be barred from membership in honorary and professional fraternities on racial or religious grounds" was approved by the Council. Rockford Yapp wielded the Student Council gavel this year. Eldon Park and Bob Peterson were vice-presidents, lack Rogers was treasurer, and Mimi Hamer and Bill Cannon served as secretaries. 26 l EXPERT HDVICE is offered by Dr. Cannon cxt marriage lectures ELECTION COMMITTEE supervises the voting and ballot-counting for the Homecoming Queen contest. HfCORNHUSKER SYMBOL presents cr problem as committee investigates possibility oi 41 new seal HN HPPEHLING QUESTION arises tor the Parking Board as this student disputes his ticket. AWS Board Presents Follies, Activities Mart Coed Follies, with skits and curtain acts by organized wornen's houses and the pres- entation of the Typical Nebraska Coed, sparked the HWS Boards year ot service to the University. Hctivities Mart, another HWS-sponsored event, gave freshman coeds an opportunity to become acquainted With, and sign up for campus activities. Hssociated Women Students Board func- tioned under the direction of lanet Steffen, presidentg Shirley Murphy, vice-presidentp loyce Bennington, secretary, and Suzanne Good, treasurer. H vote oi all Women stu- dents is the basis for HWS membership. The board regulated the familiar sign- out sheets in all Wornen's houses and en- torced the rules of quiet and closing hours and special permissions. HWS court met every Friday to "sentence" the rule-brealo l ers. t was another HWS project. BHCK ROW: C. Pierce, K. Nosky, M, Watson, P. Morgan, N. Hemphill. THIRD ROW: E. Mullarlcy, D. Hinman, M. Brewster. SECOND ROW: S. Holmes, E. Rahwer, P. Kart, I. Bangston. FRONT ROW: I. Steffen, S. Murphy, I. Bennington, S. Good, CHGED IN are these HWS officers for the benefit of the Student Union's prize-winning Hctxvities Mart display, "It's In The Bug." Q -..,, jig V Y , x l I KV 2 K W is , .. s N-Y . - 1 , -5, 1 ' s 1 -we 2 i . .A . t M. 3 3, if 'A X 'Nt X 'iiiffz 1. , f., it .,,., . . , 1 , ,Q 4 4 2 Q 1 i . X " 4 brim fl: ggi ., i W l sri! ,s menu s ' , , W ' rw , Ss ass? B z fzfNi2ifx,,- 4 , 3 1 I fr- 1 f .1 lies? . M ss A N X tif ,, 2 , sew, we i it ifiigifsi .gt IN CONSULTATION are judges Swindler. Knoll and Foltz with HWS members, as they interview Mimi Hamer. a iinalist tor Typical Nebraska Coed. H point system for activities regulation Hello Girl, Spring Tea Sponsored B BABW BI-IRB WIRE, the BHBW newspaper. is directed by Mary Hnne Schlegel, and distributed to members. BHBW OFFICERS BUZZ over the activity plans as Darlene Goodding indicates the course to follow BECK ROW: C. Lindley, G. Harris, M. Foley, M. Rhodes. SECOND ROW: D. Mach, I. Ioyner, M. Schlegel, S. Thomas. FRONT ROW: W. Stolz, H. Utterback, D. Sears, D. Goodcling BPIBW boasted the University's iirst roy- alty oi the year when Betty I-lrabilc was named "Hello Girl." Candidates were judged on scholarship, personality, poise, appearance and activity participation. Pit the annual Spring Recognition Tea sponsored by the Barb Plctivities Board lor Women, Coeds were recognized for their work in extracurricular activities. Pl plaque was awarded to the independent womens organization with the highest scholarship. The Barb Wire, a monthly paper pub- lished by the Board, was sent to all inde- pendent wornen to help coordinate Barb campus activities. Four representatives from the sopho- more, junior and senior classes are elected to the BQBW Board in spring elections. Each oi the lU groups under BHBW co- ordination elect a representative to the organization. Darlene G-oodcling was BHBW president. Other officers Were Helen Utterback, Mar- jorie Foley and Dorothy Sears. -qi Si .W 1 if GREEK WEEK FOUNDER. Iohn O. Mosley. was the featured speaker at K the banquet which ended week oi discussion groups and exchange dinners. New IFC Creek Week Builds Strong Fraternit Relations The new "Greek Week" was sponsored by the Inter- traternity Council this year "to build stronger fraternity re- lations, raise fraternity standards and promote good public relations." Exchange dinners and discussion meetings were organized to talk over Help Week, rushing, campus activities, pledge training and the dormitory problem. 5.-I Other Council projects included the Interiraternity Ball and supervision of rnen's rush Week. This year, members raised the initiation average for fraternity pledges from IFC EFFICIENCY is the aim 4.5 to 5. oi th e t' , H bn . . , Dewi,xejamxeescixieiiuseiio0212, Bob Hasebroock was IFC president. s s s gsgigssi-i-Ssrssrwss it s s QM sh: s N NE H sssBss?gs igrmzgmsiggwx H :H H H- AWN ss H Es gsmsssggejgs Em sm Es .-Wsstifsgm H QR ssshiswmislrm ss 'ia s Bassas ss gi BHCK ROW: G. Iones, T. Burger, I. Good, L. Barker, I. Warrick, D. Hill. 'THIRD ROW: N. Veitzer, C. Battey, D. Westcott, W. Moody, B. Young. SECOND ROW: D. Wolkensdorfer, L. Yost, D. Buckingham, D. Dunbar, H. Paulson, I. Collins. FRONT ROW: W. Devries, T. Iames, H. Hasebroock, R. Huebner. sm- it :E as B we W 5 s ms sw WNW lags mesm- swam rw we r BECK HOW: B. Turner, S. Hamilton, L. Weiner, E. Svoboda, B. Ioos. THIRD ROW: N. Draper, M. Fuelberth, I. Stout, I. Wallace. SECOND ROW: S. Cook, I. Steffen, B. Sisson, M. Hill, D. Wetzel. FRONT ROW: S. Horning, H. Sherman, I. Davis, P. Graham. Panhellenic Workshop Week Climaxed By National Award Panhellenic Workshop Week was climaxed by the news that a national award for the outstanding Panhellenic Coun- cil had been presented to Nebraska. Other features oi the Workshop were exchange lunch- gsse s VVINNING SMILES reflect joy of Hlpha Chi and Theta presidents as they win trophies at banquet. A '19- . Av -'-:'- : B C ,VY V eons and the Panhellenic Banquet, where Mrs. Claudine Mason, dean of women at Northwestern University, was the speaker. This year the Council, in co-operation with the IFC, sponsored a training program on sanitation lor kitchen em- ployees oi campus houses. The Council supervised sorority rush Week and com- piled a handbook for each rushee. lean Davis presided in Panhellenic meetings. is Q is Sag E 53 Fw 'ef-vs amlggig- H I-'ESTIVE HIR surrounds the Panhell banquet when sororities gather to climax Workshop Week. 31 HCTION ON HG is in the citing C ' f Q ' fn as officers Iunior Knobel, lean , ff - ' ' Q H. ' , I' Rippe, Don Novotny get together. K gf 1 - " " COTTON 'N DENIM is the style lor these couples at the Farmers' Formal. BHCK ROW: D. Reynolds, D. Olson, H. Karr. THIRD ROW: K. Erlewine, H. Raun, E. Ibsen, C. Ross. Ag Exec Sponsors Bar-B-Q, Formal, Christmas Services Ham, and plenty ot it was the order of the day as the Hg Exec Board entertained the yearlings at the annual fresh- man barloecue. The next big event on the calendar was the Farmers' Formal and the crowning of Queen Ginny Barnes. The holiday season brought an ,Hg College Christmas service, sponsored by the Exec Board. support any movement that will advance the interests of Hg College, the Hg Exec Board functions as a student council. Members supervised campus elec- tions and the use of the College Hctivities building, and kept a tile of all Hg organizations. Hssisting Pres. Don Novotny were Iunior Knobel, vice- presidentg lean Bippe, secretary, and Dale Nitzel, treas- urer. SECOND ROW: N. Westcott, H. Hecht, M. Maroncle, B. Hrubik, M. Watson. FRONT ROW: D. Nitzel, D. Novotny, I. Knobel, R. Rippe. 'fl LW . '-Q IUNIOR BND SENIOR OFFICERS elected this year were Tom Woodward. Bill Devries. lunior President Marv Stromer, Iim Hotstetter, Bill Harris, Senior President Ted Icxmes and lim Collins. Class Officers Sponsor Blood Donor Program, Award Scholarship Cups Green-thumbed class presidents saw to it that the junior-Senior Class Board's tradition of planting the twining ivy on Ivy Day was observed. The planters rolled up their sleeves for an- other project during the year, when the Board fostered the blood donation program on campus. On Ivy Day, scholarship cups were awarded to the senior man and woman who ranked at the top of their graduating class. The Class Board also sponsored the sale of graduation announcements. Fl revamping of their program was a major project for the Board. The planning was done to allow them to better fulfill their purpose: encouraging class loyalty and correlating campus activities. Im i it ll 3 1 ' X ' '-" P 5 . jig wsrkelgil V i r a' ' t- lessee ' is -- A - A. .Q . . . f. W ' .st ,Q ij, Q , xi, .- ,Q E sh 1 1 A .1 N A v X 2 1 ' s. 9- ' , - , is B ,ZF 3, in 5 4. -1 rr tags, ' - 1 f ,. ,B A f - A- it ii' Z9 me 'lglw W M N gtt mmsg-'A i 5 83.785 me af! BN OLD TRHDITION, the planting of the ivy on Ivy Day. is renewed by 1953 class presidents Don Pieper. Rocky Yapp. -U..-...HV-f -Q-Q. I.. .I -' .. rg: E gigs. . EE ' -stint I Tiiifis' as 5 it - c G3 sis suns RULES me forgotten as A Board sponsor. Bruce Meier, H explains Engineering sidelights. H su Q Engineering Exec Sponsors, Directs E-Week Activities Engineers Week, Cl notable spring event designed to publicize the University, is a product of the work of the Engineering Exec Board. is Serving as a coordinating body between the student groups in Engineering College, the Board helps plan and direct the discussions, exhibits and demonstrations of E Week. The Board is composed of the president and secretary of each of the student groups of the Engineering schools. Supervising the Work of Board members this year was Charles lilnderson. He was assisted by Iohn Basrnusson, vice-president, and Dan Rasdal, secretary-treasurer. Bruce Meier was faculty adviser. ENGINEERING PLANS for E-Week activities are the Exec Board officers. BHCK ROW: O. Thomas, B. Wadclle, V. Roh. THIRD ROW: B. Beckenhauer, I. Tombarge, V. Clausen, L. Shirck, SECOND ROW: D. Madsen, I. Wells, R. Peterson, M. Maupin, C. Sorensen. FRONT ROW: D. Rasdal, C. Hndersen, I. Rasmussen. ' ' is .. EE' ,.. stem me as A smirk-fsmsms.-SWIQQE H ' 55 was as-is-me-sus .fs sffmfssfm-sr fttsrwt. WWW HE W airmen...-list-ia Eiiimiissm mmm E143 namixmfm names-me .. ni.. HBE z H M . me EN -' E A N E sea- .ff ,VHF X N :Quin I 7' PROPOSED VIHDUCT on West "O" Street in Lincoln is the subject ot this detailed scale construction. Bob Peterson and Willard Wells, Engineering students, view the proiect which would cost about S150.000. WINDOW DECORHTORS. or Engine students in cllsgu'se. p:epa'o display. CHREFUL CONSIDERHTION is given road construction model. Engineers' Week Publicizes Universityg l0,000 Attend To introduce the University to the public, particularly high school students, the College of Engineering and Illrchitecture stages an annual campaign known as Engin- eers' Week. Displays and demonstrations in the fields of agricul- tural, architectural, chemical, civil, electrical and mechani- cal engineering and engineering mechanics were the events which attracted more than ten thousand Nebraskans to this year's show. Educational discussions on these exhibits were also featured during the Week. In preparation for E Week, students are given an opportunity to put into practical use the scientific prin- ciples they have learned in the class room. l X F EAT U R ES .Student Life .Cornhusker Beauty .Court of Queens Y K ,hge if gk New Life Faces Students Who Enroll For First Time At N The stream of students and suitcases to the campus . . . fall again . . . school again. For freshmen, the strange newness of dormitories . . . a thousand unknown faces and a maze of cold, meaningless buildings. To put life and familiarity into the faces . . . to put meaning and purpose into the buildings . . . here was New Student Week. Each day brought a new phase in the orientation. First wel- come: convocation. Next, new students trooped out to the Ag barbecue. The band was there . . . and cheerleaders, to rub a little college spirit off onto freshmen. Here was religion on the campus, introduced by open houses. For Women, Coed Carouselg for men, a smoker. At the end of it all, a new student mixer on Saturday night. Here was the preface . . . story to follow. SOMETHING ELSE TO BUY is the sad thought of new students as they purchase Freshman Beanies from Coed Counselors and Innocents. THHT CONF USING SITUHTION oi transferring credits con- fronts Gerdi Hord who seeks the advice of Dr. Hitchcock. 38 OUCH is the cry by Sandy Speicher as she gets shots during New Student Week. I -' I' - V ,wr ': .. P' . 'E fi ' 3 ' :':2..lfIfI?.f'f HNOTHER CLOSED SECTION is a dis- couraging thought while registering. 'fa BEWILDERMENT faces Nadine Bosley who enters the dorm to start college life. H FRIENDLY WORD is exchanged by' stu- dents, Dean Fullbrook after convocation. 44 N il SPRHINED HNKLEE forces VHRIED EXPRESSIONS are seen QJRISING CHEER is heard from ou Sanchez to ihe sidelines. on faces of migration fans. Cobs and Tassels at game. l I H LOYHL CREW, the Nebraska Band. supporis the Cornhuskers at Missouri. Migration Q nd Rally Fans Cheer Cornhusker Teams - Rally: For a Winning season, impetus for continued successg for a losing season, a shot in the arm for sagging spirits. The magnetic rally that started with the victory bell, band and cheerleadersg Wound its Way around the campusg and ended up in front ol the Union with a mob of rooters . . . carrying signs, singing and screaming. Ralliers Were heard across the nation before the Oregon game, as part of "Football Preview," on NBC radio. Unofficial migration sent Huskers Missouri-Way. Mizzou hosts cheered a spectacular half-time performance by the NU band. H FINHL RHLLY is given the Cornhuskers by Nebraska fans who migrated to Missouri to see the Huskers battle the Tigers. ?7S'1""l 'K Q 'K 'H IW 'W Homecoming Highlights Fall Events On THOSE CHOSEN as finalists are revealed. H PRESENTHTION is made to the Dorm. TEE-OFF TIME expresses cz win for KRT. THE PROUD WINNER is given the cup. l , '52 QUEEN reigns supreme on big day. 3-D TOUCHDOWN gives Men's Dorm first. gD IN rl gms-sim ifj VICTORY! THEATRE I W? I I 1. Nebraska Campus THE BIG MOMENT iinally arrives. Homecoming Queen. Phyllis Colbert, is revealed at the half-time of the game. Infectious spirit that spread through the campus like an epidemic: the Spirit of Homecoming. Carpenters, designers and artists suddenly emerged from organized houses to contrive noisy, bright dis- plays forecasting overwhelming victory for Husker footballers. With each chapter ot the Homecoming story, the Spirit grew: there was the parade . . . the flash of the band and the color of floats carried the Spirit through the streets, infiltrating the crowd. Homecoming was on its way. The Big Game. .1-Xlums returned to the fold . . . fans, well-stocked with cow-bells, hot dogs and "N" flowers, packed themselves into the stadium. Here was the Spirit at its peak . . . loud, clamoring spirit thatroared through the crowd, while the two teams battled. Game over and tensions released . . . the sudden tranquility of the chiming carillon and tall, twilight shadows. Evening and the Dance that softened and soothed a wild weekend. The great Sauter-Finegan Band to provide the music. The Spirit rested. ' 41 Fall Fun and Productions Add Sparkle to School Year w W4 mam mamma mama a nmwmnm mama a was km ss mum a nmnmam mama n was m m a H mmm mm-:ma E H N magna assi a a m a r K K Fall Revue Be-bop and jazz abounded. And this year originality crowded out slap-stick. Six fraternities took to the stage to make 1953's Revue the highest caliber ever. Phi Gamma Delta came through to Win skit competition with a "History ot the French Revolution," Phi Kappa Psi, second and Sigma Nu, third. Reigning were Prince Kos- met Rex Fischer and Nebraska Sweetheart Nancy Hemphill. Coll-Agri Fun Night Ag lite in song and dance, put on by the Coll-Agri-Fun Board and emceed by Don Lees. Double winner was the 4-H Club for skit, "Alice in Aggie-land," and curtain act, "Twirls and Whirlsf' Honorably mentioned were AGR's "Ag Net," Love l-lall's "Coffee Tales for Two," and Marge and George Rolotson's banjo duet. Penny Carnival u Crowds milled through the "midway . . lusty-lunged barkers lured passers-by . . "Try your luck" . . . "Everybody Winsl' r This was Carnival, Cornhusker style. For the Winning booth, a traveling trophy. Delta Gamma took first with "DG Penny Pitch." Kappa Kappa Gamma, second, with "Kappa Kandy Kapersf' Kappa Pllpha Theta, third, with "Kit Kat Koe." Militar Ball "Welcome to the 1953 Military Ball." Formal season's launching by the Navy. The majesty ol the military: the ROTC Symphonic Band set the stage. On came the color guard . . . and the Pershing Rifle Crack Squad. Finally the Saber Guard . . . all pre- liminary to the presentation of the Honorary Commandant, Donna Folrner. The Grand March: Senior officers and tlxteir ladies in review, with music by Paul Neighbors and his orchestra. BE-BOP proves an interesting topic ior Kosmet Klub. H RHW DEAL is expressed with "Hlice in Hggie-land." 1 'Q' Y0' PENNY R TOSS brings cr first place win for the D.G.'s. BUTOGRHPH PLEHSE is requested at the Military Ball. CHHTTING after the Caine Mutiny periormcmce are Ioy Wachal, show coordinator, and Lloyd Nolan. H MOMENT TO RELHX finds six NU Beauty Queen can- didates taking time out to play one hand of bridge. 64657121 xg ww, Q Q Rf I fl iigigig' gg . H ' -1. :E." H' ,Q 1 , ..i.,, A , 1 if if . C 1 H". X r A. , r Q Popular Personalities Spark Entertainment The fabulous personalities that invaded the campus: skilled artisans of the business called show assembled collective talents to come up with the masterful "Caine Mutiny Court Martial." Then Moorehead . . . audiences marveled at the versatile "Fabulous Redhead." The University's own personalities: out of a lrenzied football rally came "Miss Hurricanef' and out of the sign-Waving and horn-blowing that meant "campaign" swaggered the raccoon-coated Ugliest Man On Campus. HFTER THE PERFORMANCE Hgnes Moorehead and some members of her cast pose for a picture. THE UGLIEST MHN. Tim Hamilton. is presented by cheerleaders Gary Hild and Danny Fogel. B GLHSS FORD CHN STOP HNYTHING is the claim of Ianet Bailey, chosen as Miss Hurricane. Coecls Present l95-4 Follies--Newscapers Shiny grease-painted natives and kimonoed Geishas shivered in basement dressing-rooms. For a brief moment those dressing-rooms knew the heart-in-throat anticipations of the actresses pro tempore. Every effort toward 'Newscapers of l954:" the audience would be "fractured" or "left cold." Who knew Which? Wlien the screening and elimination were over, the victors emerged: Chi Omega in first place . . . Delta Gamma, second and Gamma Phi Beta, third. First place curtain act: Kappa Kappa Gammai Another Coed Follies curtain fell. TYPICHL COED is the title given to Muriel Pick- ett as Eileen Mullarky presents roses to her. PROPS BRE IMPORTHNT to every act. Here the Chi O's wheel on a rickshaw to use in their skit. H NEWSPHPER TRIHL is held by the Kappus to take first place in the Curtain Hct division. MHDHME FLUTTERBY tops them all in a first place skit. l HHNNH HITS SHVHNNHH wins second for the DG's. H FINHL CHECK is taken oi Hlice in the dressing room before the SDT's give their skit, Hlice in Newspcrperland. were K is PET' Em is . iv 'sa Ei H ki E.. E 22 .. ,Ewa Km '-was THE PRIZE BEHRD oi Whisker King. Peter Hliabadi. is admired by Ioan Meyer, the Goddess of Hgriculture at the Farmers' Fair. Farmers' Fair Frolics, K K Spring Production Entertain Cornhuskers Spring flourished. And so did the beards of Whisker King hopefuls. Barbers, faculty members and other connoisseurs of fine chin foliage did the judging . . . while "on Ag" bal- lots were being cast to determine the identity of the Goddess of Agriculture. Arid so they reigned . . . at the Cotton and Denim Dance, Western-flavored climax to the Farmers' Fair Rodeo. Offering to spring, Kosmet Klub style, was "Anything Goes." Here was Cole Porter at his greatest . . . skillfully eniwining singing and dancing around ci highly improbable but hi- larious plot. TIME OUT is iaken by Marilyn Kennedy, Dick Marrs. RNYTHING GOES nears perfection as members of the cast add some final lean Carol DeLong and Nick Hmos of Kosmet Klub cast. touches to a dance so it will be ready for the opening presentation vy Day Brings Honors to University Men and Women The day the University stood still. The day she stopped to say, "Here, then, are the products. Here Mortar Boards will stalk and Innocents will tackle." BOYS IOIN IN competition for the Fraternity Sing. Here The day of lI'Opl"llESI to Alpha Chi Omega Gnd Farmhouse for scholarship and activities . . . to Vir- ginia Koehler and Eldon Shuey for the highest accumu- lative averages. members of Sigma Phi Epsilon try out their voices. The day of honors before a background of regal pageantry . . . May Queen and Court. The day songs were offered up to the spring . . Q with honors to Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Chi. Ivy Day. MELODY RINGS in the ears ot all who listen to the H BIG EVENT. masking the Mortal' Boafd voices of Kappa Kappa Gamma, first place sing winners. president, reveals Ian Steffen as new head. THE QUEEN'S COURT with Iulie Iohnson claiming the honored position as queen. is made up of outstanding women in the University. They hold a special place to view the proceedings oi the day. gg-,f""' lit 'L M 1 'Q L ... ei if" It ' H .,.. Il. K' :gift T M-..3s.ggLt. - .1 - O H HIGH DEGREE is given THE MHIN ADDRESS was to Chancellor Gustavson. given by Herbert Brownell. ...J ,.s,,,.-.?-M.- -- Wi, , Caps, Gowns Mark End Cf Busy Year The procession of caps and gowns made its way across the campus to the Coliseum. The end of the line for 915 seniors. Herbert I. Brownell Ir., United States Attorney General, made the commence- ment address. To Chancellor R. G. Gustavson went the honorary degree of Doctor of Humani- ties. Ianuary and 300 more graduates. Speaker was Dr. Virgil lclancher, presi- dent of Iowa State University. The Rev. Vance D. Rogers served as chaplain. The diploma: story of college and pre- view of the future. MID-SEMESTER GRHDS have a ceremony, too. Here they hold recessional after receiving diplomas 1 HSSEMBLING to begin the long processional into the Coliseum are the 915 graduates who are soon to receive their diplomas. 48 H GOOD VIEW of the graduation exercises is seen by lhe faculty members who sii on the siage 45 'QC' SCRUTINIZING IUDGES eye Sue Muelhaupt, can- didate in local Coznhusker beauty queen contest. ,,lW,.,, .fa H , it -s me M1 B -as SANDY SPEICHER Kappa Kappa Gamma ,Trng v, r Crawford Selects NU Beauties Hn academy-award Winner personally chose the six Cen- tennial Cornhuslcer beauty queens. Broderick Crawford, star oi All .the Kingis Men, who was in Omaha for the premier ot his latest movie, Night People, judged the l2 finalists. I-le was assisted by Hltred Stern, chairman of the Omaha Centennial Committee, which arranged for the appearance of Crawford and other stars, Mitzi Gaynor and Thelma Ritter. The l2 finalists, revealed at Coed Follies, Were selected from 45 original contestants by Mrs. Neil Hall, home economics instructor, Ben Meyers, hairdresser, Iohn Wylie, fashion buyer, Dick Blomgren, photographer, and lim Pittenger, Pllumni Pls- sociation director. IN THE LIMELIGHT with Brod Crawford are Barbara Hoi, Diann Benedict. Sandy Speicher. LEIGH CHRTWRIGHT Kappa Hlpha Theta H E H News mama mms an B E is 'H B H XX. , a .VWISSB 1' DHPHNE YOUNG Kappa Kappa Gamma MOVIE QUEEN Mitzi Gaynor shares beauty secrets with DIHNN BENEDICT Sue Muelhaupt, Gretchen Winkler, Hlison Faulkner. Hlpha Xi Delta BHRBHRH HOF BEVERLY IACOBS Pi Beta Phi Gamma Phi Beta SCREEN-QUEEN CHHTTER prevails as academy-award winner Broderick Crawford surveys beauty queen finalists. lv 'QV 5 x PN.. aaa E aaa an aa -a aa an a aaa aa aa aaa aa an gail drahota aaaaaaa aaaa mnaaaz aaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa swam .aaaaaaa 'W aaaaa MW mama aaaa aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaa Numa an sa a aa aaa aa an EH ' gg aa H :gg .aaa EHEE M E Mwmggggw aa aaaaaa .aa H Bggyxm aaaaaaaaa aaaaa was aaaam an .ma mrs as an aaa aa an aaa aaaaaa an aaa an aaaaaa mam -saaaa aaaaaa aa an aa aaaaaa-aa aaaaz-.aa mamma aaaaaaaa aaa aaaaaa aaa aaa aaaaaaaaaa as aaaiaa aaaaaaaaaaa mamma aaaaaaaa aa aaa aax-aa-aaaa aaaa-aaaaaa an aa an aaa aaa an aa-aaaaEi aa-mag-aaa aaa xx z aa -a, -ax-an me mnaraamnua S mai-mass na aaa-aaaamaaaau -aaaaaam-aa- ug-ew aaa aaaaa aaaa aa aa aaaaa sms Bgsgm aaaa aaaa ms- aaa aaaa mm aaaa aaaaaaa H mamma aaa aaaaaaa aaaaa ' aaa aaaa aa mama aaaaaaa aaafaaaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa- E E E E aaaa aaaaa - aa aaaaaaaa lm namsm aaa aaa aa mms mama aaaa waa aaaa aaaa mlm swam aaaaa aaaaaa aaa mm aaaaw aaaa aaaa mum aaaw aaaa aaaaaaa mm aawaa M aaaaaaa mama E-E -aa maaaa xmssmnam aaaaaaa ms- aai m aqaaaa aaaaa H E- aam w mam aa-aa aa M aaaaaaa ggw aaaag aaaaa aa aa--E-wi gg aaam am an a aaa mimliwl mmaa aaaawaa aaaaa- 2 a M am 'aawwaa aaa-VEEEZWEQ may Egaaaa aaaaaa waalaa-aa mem gm aaaa aaaaa-aaaa U gm M a M H Ziaifiiaaa aM ms aaaaaaaaa-aa-aaa Hmmm 3 Swami: aaaa mama aaaa mama - aaaaaaaa 'V' aa EE msmEKmEm mx a mais HE xaa aaaaa . H aa aa ms mammaaxaaaaaa H aaaaa aaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaEaaEmw MUSE was mxmsmsmg , mam Baaaaaaaaaoaaa B aaa ms smgmsxaas nm H aaaa mamma E a aaamaaaaaa gm H mamma aaa ms Hamann aaa E gmgaaaaa aaaaaaa Musa mamma E-,sm aaaa aaaa HHH ai all 5 Qfgfx aa mam .a ms-E aaa aaa H Sw aaaa aaaa K-A-ms aa-aa aa-aa ma xx :aaa-aa'm4 - aawaaaa , if aa-a-a H E gm aaaaa aa-a ny aa-aa-aaa aaaa E aaa- mama M . fax- -aaa-:- aa- aaaaaaaaaaa 'f' W F-2-aaa-Q-aaa H ml aa -aaa-aaaaaa IQ. .M-.aa-axiaazaaa fa-aaaa 'M . f' -my-Q 'va-E,-.aa aaam Elf: -aaafa f K 'K W -aa-aaaaa-aa , aa- w aaaaaaa a E E xx mimi am aaaaaa SWE aaaa aa-aa man a -aaa 1 K ,E aaaaaaaaaamaaa mamma E-E za aaaaaaa mamma aaaa ms EET lm za aaaa aaaa MN-H X' E :E aa-aa-aaaa aaa-aaa E 2 -aa-aa a a a W nv xx may aa- aa-:ua ua aaa-was afnaaaa Merry miss o' music. She smiles -and her charm reveals the high notes of her loneliness. A sopho- more 'rom Columbus, Gail is a member of Delta Gamma sorority. W ss E mn Q A it if H W M H- ww ,X H. .M Mm H- E H s mm :Mem me me me M522 M was-mffef S f'sgi?Ea2wEw.QE WEETQMZH H 33535-M Us ,wri- H. Mm .saw M sl QM,.tqmMs msmwm, ssaimsr lm as a ms ms I' ms me MW ss- ss ss W mn - mv- ss nm H: amiga ss Xmmw ggisw-ss alfa ms was-U ss-ss H :gums B ggxwwfw M New H H gr gf x-im HER H- H E H H W M H BB :SS S8588 M W H . W mg M H H H H 1: H H sms M E H H We E M H :H H B H- H. . M. E .H me E www 5 wwggw M B umm. W E Elm ,H H E .MAME ,aisles Us Eggs H M E E ms H. E Hman E Hmmm E N me-H H H H- mm H .H H :Z E . E mam E H H H nl B B H H mama ss E B sm 1 M M M msg W .. simian Exams is H Mm Em E H New M .H M H M E M E ni M M H M B MEZZ H ,FHM H E M as N E mmm HMB H B Emgsksgsmxws Wsiilrm H E :Engines :mmm me mm mm M M H B nl ms BLESS SSB Bm W1 H mmm M H E E E HERB H E M K M W gg M EE E H swims Hg N gms mmsmgj H H than mm Nmmssssw-SFU mn w Q nw m ,mam ummm New-'ss E H E Hmmm H HE manganese Hagen we H mam as H maxim M. H H A EM E mms Ei nl nl ME BSS me E E MEEHHE H nm H E E New M H 5 E BEE H E E ,Mm H H H as H SSB E mam BSS BSS nl ms nl WE WEBB gsm HBHFH W E H H- we BSS nl BH -3: H BSS sf B mx amass ms wa smmwgjzgn ms ma ms am lm nl HB nl nl W Ei nm H-H " EB RIB WEE EB BSS W SSB H ss H555 ssisssm was ww mn fixings Sw mass musings smug mam am Higgs-f M mn E W we H H E H W EEUEI Em ' M 'H H :gamma H M ms-L-,E STEE 'Nagy ' ,ms an gums ms H , E HMM H H .1 . mmm 'H as H E M M H . Mm H New M H mn ' mn- 'W H ss E gauge E ms : Bm SSB H Bm, BSS use WB Basin sggw - EM H ,iw gg mn , 5 nm ss.-,W-, H :sg-Misw fm H mm aww H H525 E I H mr msg-an mmsmwim ma' ss ss E- ms SS- ' EERE E ' BEE E me me H H H H M M mn mm. ms a msn B Bm W mms E H mam Tgim H E me E E H Q . , H15 -Q M M H -1 M H H E M H N .H new - X . W miami? N W SMH saggy we we 235315572 mils Siam? -HH Hwfsbssmffm H Y H H!--S855-A B89 -A H WSE SS- SS-S8 S8588 H Q mn ,mm a mn mia M ss- a fm xxmiigs H H M H H gg H gy snr HHH .E E sw M .H N. H M M H H E Q E mm E me mn is - um ms mn E mn E Q . H H M E K SS! SSW- H E W . N E ,ma H- we - H H LW is Q HHH H. H Hfmigw gint H H . L K . ' . Q Q ' . X SW H S' ua- may H -may H na H naw? 2 na ml,-mammmgms mr , H N .EMR me -aww E Mk gm. Mmm sq- E ss- ss ss ss Q if was ' H we H Sf H N :Exam H :MM r, E It W mmm E H M E ul H M H H :H ' SSB nl H if B mm H H W -S8 258855885 BSSBEB vnu." FM-Agp . . '31 .1',, Peaches blue-eyerl is year ho me wears the and cream. A blonde, suggestion petite Gretchen. of nature This first- rnaher rorn Alliance Pi Beta Phi arrow. 53 ms mn ss ms ss a ss ss ss a Loveliness, refreshing as a cool western breeze. Charm is corn- patible with chemistry in pretty Rita-Al from Alliance. A junior member of Alpha Phi, she is studying a pre-dentistry course. '34 rita-al godin SLIC ITILI lhaupt I1 5 n - p, 52' a'Lil1'e a high-born l7LlIi6l6TL,,, Shelley saicl. His worcls were meant for Sue. A brash, an easel, paints- and she creates. Illastrating for chilflren's books is the goal of this Des Moines junior who represents Kappa Alp ha Theta. s'i.,.1f H5- 'cflliv with the heart-shaped face. Be- neath her poise lies hidden talent in dramatic and artistic spheres. Her quick, planned steps distinguish her. Her Kappa key identifies this Lin- coln junior, majoring in Fine Arts. alison faulkner if P l e a s a n t fascination. Tantalizing tutor charms and becomes a chilclfs ideal. fl junior in elementary eclu- cation, Marymaude, called "Mugs," is a Delta Gamma rom Geneva. 21 B mn aww Kms Q mar maud ages E SEQ? H- ,W -E H -new .i ss M Hg W, Hamm .NE ss-A ss Q mm awww m .1555 H2552 H n wlgw E ss mQmw vismblmnl E ima 5,5 sm-fmwsw mms gsm E ss ms mfiw an :Q n msmwxssmms B ss -mm mn E X mn an ss n mm mn a ,X zz a ss mm mn am WV in Hs y ss mu ms a fm mv Q mn -mu E. .E gem msn mx- m mama S833 WM ss,-. .Dime M x W Q mfg E QQ We em W M mai msn mam mmm ms mn mam nm me ss ss ms wi E. W. um gi. sums E . ES gums, sam- im We ss VLH EE 13.5 gigs. mg mm W? ESE mm? sg HBH Exit! Slams E Us H ss -ss ss nm ss-ss msn E. -mn ,-fm mags -mn-W 5 E W f E gm H H-me mmm.: em ms a ss man.- ss ms Ewa an 5 ss ss mms 'W ms 2 an B :ss ms sw E sw :emma awww N ewan BE an ms B me a E ss ss xx sw E ms as ss ss .ugmcgl-AEM e ,W H M .M ,mvifiwf Tgmiiff .M Sym, X' YQ BUYS H K S2 T mms v 2 2 xx um A-1 nm me SWS mn ms -E ma-ss xx- E. ss-xfm mae new H. E H. Eg in mx- ' - as a .HU - ss B a sf ss a E E nm ms mn Z ss Q W E . H gm King H E H .my H E H E H E H 5 ss nf mn M mga ss -ss xmas ss mme 13.15 PHYLLIS COLBERT Homecoming Queen DONNH FOLMER Honorary Commcmdcxnt .45- Courl: Of ueens NHNCY HEMPHILL Nebraska Sweetheart BETTY HHHBIK Hello Girl -.g,,.- - V.-V' ' GINNY BHRNES Farmers' Formal Queen N Q IULIE I OHNSON May Queen Qs,-1,23 ' . x WJ Q 3 Q, gene v :Q '35 ?Qw5'1 M., 4' - 7 'iw X UQ' 9 ,M x gi xgfifif 3531 I 21955, V QS ,. V ffl' ll Q " l . K-. X Q 2 2 f at W ,W 1 11 , -au' x- an ev I ' ' E216 Q , W QE, L E-Eggs -aim fees' Wfsigglgziiqg me Q: mf FW f E5.g1gfSPp9 w ie: 4 - x 59 CLHUDETTE HELM Calendar Girl SHNDRH LEDINGHHM Football Queen Court Of ueens CHTHY OLDS Rctivity Queen MURT PICKETT Typical Nebraska Coed ll' HLISON FHULKNEB Miss Rag Mop CORNHUSKER BEHUTY QUEEN FINHLISTS. Back row: Rita-H1 Goding, Marymaude Bedford, Barbara Hof, Sue Muelhaupt. Sec- ond row: Diann Benedict. Sandra Speicher. Leigh Cartwright. Front Row: Bev Iacobs. Ellison Faulkner, Daphne Young. Gretchen Winkler. Missing from the picture is Gail Drahota. n TURNHBOUT TIME means MB boutonnieres LURH BNN HHRDEN SUE GORTON n Publicity Chairman 3 NEHLA O DELL BHRBHRH BELL Secretary Vice-President Treasurer YHNET STEFFEN President SHIRLEY MURPHY Historian The Black Masque Of Mwortar Board Symbol Of Supremacy Ivy Day, 1953. The complex machinery of campus life came to a grinding halt. Time for inventory, the iinal sum- mation ot it all. What oi scholarship? Leadership? Partici- pation in activities? The Black Masque chapter of Mortar Board answered by naming as new members 19 outstanding junior women. turning again the fol- senior Mortar Boards. Turnabout Night, replacing the Mortar Board Ball for the sec- tradition. The Mortar elections, the scholar- The Wheels of the machine began lowing tall, engineered by the new ond year, showed signs ol becoming Boards instigated, sponsored: campus ship tea. into crowded schedules MB's slipped an occasional party ot their own, and then . . . it was Ivy Day again, 1954. Time once more for inventory. MHRILYN ERWIN DHRLENE GOODDING IOYCE IOHNSON ,--- ur. :JW ,IW sr se ., 14 . ' M1 V W .I ,ff Q. fs i it ff-r-rr 1 , , x , 4 V1 '. ARBHRH RDBMS Y SUE BROWNLEE IHNE CHLHOUN HHRRIET WENKE CHMPBELL BHRBBRH CROWE BREHKFHST IS SERVED to Colorado MBs by their Nebraska counterparts. CONNIE CLHRK KHRGES ,,,, H .YH ,.-., , w REGHL REFLECTION shows new blue-gray suits modeled by MBs Marilyn Erwin and Susan Reinhardt. BHRBHRH RHUN SUSHN REINHHRDT BRRBARB SPILKER IOY WHCHHL Y Y n 5 55.23533 K 1 s. 5 WY :sri W W H E E B8 E ELDON PHRK ROCKFORD YHPP ERNEST BEBB CHRR TRUMBULL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Vital intangibles, Cornhusker Spirit And Tradition Llpheld And Strengthened By Society Of Innocents Thirteen senior men Wore the black jacket with the devil's head stitched on the pocket. Each man had come through the maze ot activities, sports and studies to claim an out- standing record ot achievement. And each man had been made a member ot the Society ot Innocents. Capable leaders were needed to uphold and strengthen those vital intangibles, Corn- husker spirit and tradition. Innocents filled the bill. Football season. At the stadium gates Innocents checked tickets, and at the Home- coming game they presented a lovely Queen. On Ivy Day, Innocents and Mortar Boards combined efforts to sponsor the traditional ceremonies. And on this day, red-robed Inno- cents tackled the 13 men Who Were to be their successors. IT'S MONDRY NIGHT and time for meeting. E., .. .. ..... . 152 A ia M "'::E:E :.: gm . . . 'ZLIQQLZ nl H :.: B E E B .,,., ... ,.,. . is s . E E s " .:. .:.:.:.: :sr ij it :fi fi. asa.-'Qi A si is 5.55 E255 gg H V fi. B ses is . -P :.::..E. :.::.:.,:-: 5535 Kms E " " mngiwmss B sssamwss H H W- 'gifs is H ,Emi Eigms H mee W as W5 s Us , B E iliggigggsfg ss W Q-,ew tiiettessgstfe it :.s?iesQ:iieiis1H was 555.53535-iss E,,ggu:gR-.Xiamen mggrissew H W Eiigeer ' reams s 'WEQEBQEW Esssssggiggsssm News me is M H E Engineer SWR is use mixes it s mm ss .wages INNOCENT SMILES, STHTISTICS are part of the judging for Nebraska Sweetheart Nancy Hemphill. n sfp H: BWEM :assi H miim use mn n E sen a we 'am -We-l A ,. E : ' a L , ss : 1 ss was ' ss , 55' ' ww nm , sm mn Y B- me new Helm , E me M ' H 5 E135 M E B H mn mn mu m a E : ss mn a saws EYNOLDS MHC BHILEY I G. BENEDICT ROBERT HHSEBROOCK CHL KUSKH .9sa-:-,agm- E B55 WW an mama H sm? Wm e an ss mn ee H KE gem ew. ,mms Eau was E Hag. e BE gs la mann 5 mn E ,. mn W ma, a ws we ms mam ss ms la mam H E H Ex swat H H gg H 'E ss a a mga a mmm ss- mx-x ma. Q 5 E :mm wmwemeeg E M W mn Emp E ml- ,KE Q Q .ns me ms ummm' emi: , mn me a msn Ma: B was ms ms B ss ss mn a a K mn ss amen' nm new gan -maya ROBERT PETERSON KENNETH RYSTROM STHNLEY SIPPLE ROBERT YOUNG THE LIGHTER SIDE of the crucial contest between footballers of Nebraska and Colorado, is seen at hull-time. when presentation of the bulfcxlo head is made to the winning team. ,s a aw Eu w z - -fmlw an ss was nf EM egg Q.. WSW' 2 MLLQWMWEQZ -5- '-nggwrf ,V.yM.w.fg,, '67 nm we E s mn- ple BARBHRH BELL Jo KNHPP Maur IHNE Mamas NHNCY ODUM Hssocicrte Editor Managing Editor Managing Editor Managing Editor I954 Cornhusker Dedicated To Nebraska's Centennial The clatter ol typewriters . . . the stacks oi copy paper . . . the cartoon- iilled Walls . . . the clutter of cigarettes, paper cups and slide rules that filled the desks. Where else, but the Corn- lrusker oiiice? The crew. The editor and associate editor who calmly Cor seemingly sol oversaw it all, and supplied the an- swers and the smiles that made the job fun. The three managing editors, the picture-croppers, the slide-rule slaves, who were the push behind the section heads. The layout editors Who, in their little room, drew all the lines and missed out on all the gossip. And the photographers who saw the campus through a camera lens. The crew that counted the captions, squelched each other's jokes . . . worked and clowned . . . and finally took off for the Crib and coffee. They couldn't believe it. The book was out. No pages missing . . .no BBRBHRH ADAMS blank picture spaces, Time to relax. Editor-In-Chief Time for the new crew to begin. 68 CBROL HHERER Mum' PICKETT HNN SKOLD ANN LAUNER an sailor BERNE ROSENQUIST BNN IOUVENA-r copy wafer Layout Editors Panel Editors l . L ... EHCK REUVX: C. Unterseher, I. Gordon, W. Blore, R. Lucke, M. Hcxrpstreiih, I. Healey, B. Howland, A. Todd, N. Nelson, M. cllls, . ice. FRONT ROW: B. Belmont, I. Gourlcy, G. Shapiro, D. Mclliee, M. Ruben. 69 I. BENEDICT Business Manager Economic Strides Made By CH Business Staff Here lived the adding machine. And the check books and the money. Here lived Corn- huslcer business. "But we just gave you paper clips last week. What do you people do, eat them?" This was Mike, trying desperately to convince the editorial staft ot the importance of the new "conservation" policy. The year went on. Between business transactions, the pipe-smoking executive oi Cornhusker business provided vocal entertain- ment. And of course, Phil's radio, with music to soothe "yearbook frustrations." They took care ot the advertising in the back ot the book . . . and this year they hit a new high in the number ot ads sold. And then they sold the book . . . the 1954 PHIL SHHDE Hssistant Business Manager MIKE SHUGRUE I-lssistcmt Business Manager Comhusker. ALL THHT MONEY means it's the first of the month and check-in time for energetic CORNHUSKER salesmen. Liaison Between Board Of Student Publications, Advisee Groups Improved Through Co-operation Better understanding and co-opera- tion. Thorough knowledge ot the terms ot the contracts cmd the problems of operation, The Publications Board made giant strides this year toward helping the stalls of the student publi- cations realize these goals. Large, well-paid staffs are chosen alter individual interviews with student and faculty members of the Board. Student publications enjoy tull ex- pression, free from the intervening hand of any faculty members. HLL EYES are on Tom Woodward, appli- cant tor second semester "Rag" position BFICK BOW: W. Wright, K. Keller, M. Kushner. FRONT ROW: N. Blumherg, W. Qmold, W. Harper, R. Shumcite, F. Hallgren, D. Erickson. HROUND THE HORSE-SHOE DESK is always found the iorce that compiles. arranges and finally puts the NEBRASKAN together. Here, second semester editor. Sally Hall. manages copy.editors. Cyn- thia Henderson. Marianne Hansen, Kay Nosky and Ian Harrison. Budget-Conscious Nebraskan Maintains High Standard 0 R , ef 1' ' ' tr - VN I l ffv .4 THE LIFE BLOOD of any newspaper staff is its corps of re- porters ready to track down the fresh. story-making news. EDITORS of ag, sports. circulation: D. Iundt, G. Paynich. K. Williamson 72 and G. Frandsen. assistant sports. KEN RYSTROM First Semester Editor Reduced To 3 lssues, timulating Journalism Eleven o'clock classes were over. The mad scramble to get out of the buildings began. But first-grab a Nebraskan. The constant routine connected with put- ting out a campus newspaper with a "first class" rating: each bit of information found its way to the desk of the news editor. Re- porters formulated, organized-wrote the story. On to the copy desk. Check each story, revise, Correct. The Journal and Star set up the type, printed the paper. At one o'clock in the morning the night news editor finally wound things up. The students would have their Nelzrnskan by noon. The paper, although cut to three issues, was stimulating. It pulled no punches, so it naturally aroused criticism, speculationg but it ferreted out campus feelings and did the job that a newspaper should do. STAN SIPPLE Business Manager 'S BEHIND THESE WINDOWS it's all business for Stan Sipple's staff of assistants, which includes Doran Iacobs, lim Hofslelter and Scott Chiles. xt Y 4' .url -' Xa ' sl 1 . . "' L ' s 1' . W R -X t - , X it E ft .Q I X Q, ,.,.,.,, 'A 5 . r'-jisi-:,. : :,i::: , EEE-5.:.a:a'- :.:.:., .:.j--"-fd., jekga I . ll sas :,:' . 1 .:,:,13 -.:..:.: X , d ef ED DEMHR TOM WOODWHRD Editorial Page News Editor BRUSH-UP on their colorful Homecoming float busies Tassels Sara Stephenson. Marilyn Stelling and Mary Ann Schlegel. MYER TERM!" echoes through the Coli- seum. as basketballers take to the maples. "WE WILL BERT MIAMI!" chant the paraders during a rally led by Tassels. ,y :.: 1. :.: lzlr ,,:: . . a'i'2i'Af."f-' E rv- ,s I E F2."5w.w REIGNING BND RHDIBNT is the 1953 Homecoming Queen, Phyllis Colbert, crowned by last year's queen. Norma Lothrop. mm THE BIG "N" which may be seen in ihe east stadium on game days is iormed by red and while-sweatered Pepsters. the freshman supplement to Tassels and Cobs. w U Homecoming Makes Video Debut As Tassels instigate Spirit The morale of the University. This is the business of scarlet and cream-clad Tassels. They are everywhere: on the street corners selling balloons and pompons for the football gamesg at the head of every Wild rally parade, in the cheering basketball crowd, at the houses selling 1954 C07'IIllLLSlC6I'S. Came Homecoming, and Tassels and Corn Cobs saw to it that television cameras were trained on each phase ot the festivities: winning house decorations, candidates for Horne- coming Queen, and the Sauter-Finegan orchestra. Susan Reinhardt presided over l953-54 Tassels. Other offi- cers included Norma Lothrop, vice-president, Connie Clark Karges, secretary, Io Iohnson, treasurer, Marilyn Brewster, l l publicity and Mic key Snyder, notifications. TYPIFYING THSSELS on all game days is Io Iohnson. is 1 A .. 1 1 we . it lg for Xl it ,W . Vikki ,-i. 1 , I U , I VJ. ll fx W I as L e-P....'.4'-1 .Q BQCK ROW: M. House, SIXTH ROW: S. Morgan FIFTH ROW: I. Carman, L. Clinkscales, M. Schlegel, W. Larson, P. Broady, L. Barrett, M. Burdic, P. Hershlserger. , N. Draper, W. Wood, C. Gilleti, I. Ioyner, S. Stephenson, M. O'Reil1y, S. Keeney. M. McCormick, M. Rickel, Ft. Vollmer, S. Dewey, I. Baker, E. Gill, I. Swerre. FOURTH HOW: B. Clark, S. Ramey, S. Rosenberg, M. DeBerry, P. Colbert, M. Scott, I. Hrabalc, L. Garcia, L. Hilbert. THIRD ROW: M. Hill, S. Thomas, M. Stelling, M. Fuelberth, I. Meyers, I. Cunningham, B. Hrabik, M. Batie. SECOND ROW: N. Westcott, M. Lorenson, H. Sherman, T. Riley, W. Stolz, Fl. Laurier, I. Bennington, D. Synovec, G. Harris FRONT ROW: M. Flugustine, M. Brewster, M. Snyder, C, Karges, S. Reinhardt, N. Lothrop, I. Iohnson, I. McCaw. THE COLORHDO BUFFHLO BURNING in effigy fires hopes for a Cornhusker iootball victory. This pre-Homecoming game rally is one of the many planned and directed by Corn Cobs and Tassels. Corn Cobs Travel, Take ln Pep Conference And Mizzou Migration You saw the many red-sweatered Corn Cabs dashing about the campus, and you thought immediately: spirit, enthusiasm. For the Cobs, together with their feminine counterparts, the Tassels, form the essence of those qualities. This year the Corn Cobs traveled. To the Big Seven Pep Confer- ence in Missouri, and then . . . migration. Led by Cobs, Nebraska's students reveled for one exciting Weekend on the Missouri campus. But there was the myriad oi little taken-for-granted jobs to be done, too: there Were football card sections to be set up, Cornhuskers to loe sold, rallies to be organized. And of course, the Pepsters, freshman proteges ot Cabs and Tassels, had to be led. Corn Cob administration included Cal Kuska, president, Ernie Belolo, vice-presidentg Bill Melville, secretary and I. Benedict, treasurer. THE VICTORY BELL CLHNGS, and the parade is underway. with Corn Cobs leading the first rally oi the 1954 football season through the streets of downtown. 76 HISTORY'S FIRST ' honorary Cob is band director, Donald Lentz. 1 w ' , Q, X- ee L2 zum: 'Y Qt' q,,e,.i. , My t ers- ' . 4 ' L. -. ' f 'S ww , Q THE LINE-UP of Corn Cobs. cheerleaders and Tassels that applaud the team onto the field before each football game is known as the traditional Husker "spirit line." if-Q BHCK ROW: Pl. Raun, T. Woodward, L. Barker, G. Kerr, D. Novotny. THIRD ROW: C. Flnderson, P. Shade, M. Stromer, M. Friedman. SECOND ROW: I. Knobel, B. Dutton, R. Young, M. Greenberg, D. Iacobs. FRONT ROW: W. Melville, E. Bebb, C. Kuska, I Benedict. Ei z HUNGRY HIGH-SCHOOLERS participating in Band Day at NU are treated to lunch by Builders' workers. "LOST" FRESHMEN soon find out whcrt's what. as Ian Quinn directs ci Campus Tour. sponsored by Builders. U Builders Broadens Scope Gt Activities The road that leads to a greater University has been a long and tortuous one. lt has in- volved the promotion ot a spirit ot real loyalty among the studentsg and it has involved the spreading of this spirit so that it becomes an infectious thing . . . infectious enough to draw new students to our school. Builders has led the way down that road. The organization has been a constantly changing and expanding one. To encourage prospective Ag students to attend the College ot Agriculture, a new public relations corn- rnittee began to function this year. And adorn- ing the cover ot an enlarged Student Directory was the brand-new Builders seal. Eldon Park led the Builders, as they helped with the high school journalism convention, Boys' and Girls' State dances and parties. lane Calhoun, Beth Bohwer and Dale Reynolds, vice-presidents, Sharon Cook, sec- retary and lack Gillespie, treasurer, rounded out the administration. BHCK ROW: B. Larson, H. Schmidt, I. Langenieier, M. Petersen, H. Smith. SECOND ROW: C. Olds, Fl. Thompson, I. Ioyce, S. Carveth, S. Scott, H. Todd, l. Swerre, C. Noble. FRONT BOW' B Kruger N Katt I Healey M Mclieone M Willie . . , , . . i J V r BQCK ROW: H. Skold, I. Calhoun, D, Erickson, M. Pickett, E Miele-nz, H. Raun, D. Reynolds, E. Rohwer, M. Homer, THIRD ROW: N. Oclum, I. Siellen, T. Fitch, B. Devries. SECOND HOW: S, Stephenson, E. Mullorky, I. Quinn, I. Gillespie. FRONT ROW: G. Franks, D. Orchard, I. Knobel. TENSE MOMENT in the life of cz worker comes during that board interview. "TO BUILD B GREHTER UN-VERSITY." Ne- braska Builders puts out five publications. BUILDERS' BEHUTY presented on TV is Claudeiie Helm, 1954 Calendar Girl. Pork, S. Cook, M. HCTIVITIES BRE PINPOINTED on map behind officers, Belh Rohwer, Icxne Calhoun, Icxck Gillespie, Eldon Park. Dale Reynolds and Sharon Cook. F I ' 'Hive I ill I za '. H U W M 'wr . f H 'sf J' 1-3 l::l.',qiH A 'f .' H ' f' . ,- 'L I-P ' , ' ' - ZX' f of 1, Tsggi' w r- ' Mi-'bifiefwv' fl- 'G U4 ,. u . ,f 1 VI I . .- .. --.on .-.v -V . .f --, r 5 - of' .pb . . - me fm.. 606 H6951 . T5 42--' . 'A -,, 5 ,A -, .-,.. r :wi-.1-. ...ev i .:. YV? V -.- il... . O ,ei C ,,. 1 .A Wa Qin ,525 Qwvf Q . 'Q N .sf A . ..,. :QV wgilgp 1, -, . Q . .lf . MX-1-'T-.Efsfff S' 1' W .2 S A i ., f"'5v1""'Ym"f' Y:-iii Q-27' 'T' ., . x sv' wlflr "-QVTI1.. ' ' 'N " '- ni".-.ij . ' 1- . ' ,r H f ,H :ALE l Y',,.:f- Q 1. - , - - 'W Q 1 M 'K , . 'gg , i l ' ' 0 3 -. 2 4, Xvg . .2 , x R- - -, 4 -6414123 -bel 'wi 'Rfb' x 'Ng HUCTION reveals Hctivilies Queen, Olds, cmd attendants, Mangold, Lindquisi, Good, Thompson. THE BIG PUSH begins, wilh solicitors Drcrhota and Mczthiesen out to collect from Marilyn Hutton. All-University Fund Surpasses 58000 Coal The job: raise 58,000 The largest goal and the shortest drive in the ten years of AUF's existence. A student poll had been taken to determine just where the money should go, and so . . . four charities were chosen: Lincoln Community Chest, Cancer, American Heart Association and World University Service. On the night of Oct. 0, AUP Workers gath- ered tor the Kick-oft Dinner, which officially launched the drive for money. Alter the dinner, 250 Workers-turned-solicitors Went out into the night to knock on the doors of all independent students. That was the beginning. Next was the AUP Auction ,... and out ot it all came the results: goal reached. Iob done. Rocky Yapp presided over AUP' this year, assisted by vice-presidents, Ioy Wachal and Harriet Campbell. Phyllis Armstrong was sec- retary and Carl Mammel, treasurer. BHCK ROW: S, Brownlee, I. Edwards, D. Erickson, M. Friedman, THIRD ROW: N. Hemphill, S. Good, C. Henderson, M. Mapes, S. Speicher. SECOND ROW: N. Nelson, P. Colbert, I, Steffen, E. Mullarky. FRONT ROW: P. Hrmstrong, H. Campbell, R. Yapp, I. Wachal, C. Mammal. nm smsmi 4 X JI-Lu COED COUNSELOR OFFICERS include Carol Gillett, Sue Gorton, Marilyn Erwin. Ian Harrison. Coed Counselors Each freshman woman received ct letter last summer: "Welcome to Nebraska! l am your big sister . . ." The "big sister" was a Coed Counselor. When school started, she was there . . .to answer questions, to "coffee" with, and to help in "getting around." After that, there was the Know-How Series, a group of skits designed to acquaint new students with college lite. The treshrnerfs first chance to prove them- selves came with the Coed Counselor Penny Canival. Marilyn Erwin was president of Coed Coun- selors. Sue Gorton was vice-president, Carol Gillett, secretaryg Ian Harrison, treasurer. S 9 ..A5'- .XSL BECK ROW: C, Ode, L. Templeton, I. Iohnson, C. Thompson. Tl-HRD ROW: H. Lindley, M. Fuelberth, I. Meyers. SECOND ROW: W. Stolz, I. Brode, D. Folmer, S. Daley. FRONT HOW: C. Gillett, M. Erwin, S. Gorton, S. Mangold. STYLE SUPREME by Corcoran, Speicher and Campbell marks Friendship Dessert. LET S PRETEND TIME fascincxtes the Brownies of Troop 10, directed by Red Cross workers. Doris Bnderson and Ginny Wilcox. The story ot Red Cross on the Ne- braska campus began tive years ago. With ettort, with work born ot sincere interest, the College Unit has become a giant with unlimited power. Being a Red Cross Worker means serving in first-aid booths at football games and with the Bloodrnobile. lt means providing entertainment: playing cards with Vets' Hospital patientsg leading square dances at the State Hospital, staging debates, Wrestling matches and basketball games at the State Penitentiary and Retormatory. And it means teach- ing: the Girl Scout and Bluebird groups, which this year became a part of the program, crafts and games to Urban League children, another new service. At the head of the College Unit was Ioyce Iohnson, president. Con- nie Gordon Was vice-presidentg Shirley Murphy, secretary, Marv Strorner, treasurer. POPCORN HND PRESENTS FROM "Santa" cmd his helper thrill St Thomas orphcms. BUSTING THHT BRONC in expert fashion be- fore the thrilled spectators at the annual spring Farmers' Fair rodeo. is cowboy Delane Welsch. BHCK ROW: C. Lemmon, H ham, Van Vleck. SECOND ROW: R. Rippe, E glglen, R. Keeler, C. Ross, C e. FRONT ROW: D. Novotrg, E Weseley, M. Niehaus, D. Isen Interest Fired B Fair Board Mass Meetings It was fair time! Rodeo time! Fun time! And this year the Farmers' Fair and Rodeo was extended to a two-day affair. Aparade preceded the festivities. Then, on with the show. The crowd gasped as cowboys rode broncs and bulls . . . then howled to see comely Coeds give their all in the calf catching contest. Bearded gentlemen had been seen lurking about the Ag campus for weeks, before one of their number was proclaimed Whisker King at the Cotton and Denim Dance. At his side reigned the Goddess of Agriculture. Plans for the all-Ag College celebration had been in the making since early fall. Members of the Farmers' Fair Board wanted to attract more high school students . . . more of the general public too. And they wanted the interest and partici- pation of their own fellow students. So they held mass meetings during the year to fire the spirit that would mean success. Manager of the board was Dale Olson, assisted by Dale Van Vleck. M. I. Niehaus was secretary, and Eldon Weseley was treasurer. GOVERNING MIGHT is personified by Dale Van Vleck, Dale Olson. M. I. Niehaus. Elden Weseley. 83 Stokel , H. Wiegers, R. Gra- Q-W.-k,..w,e-We -.'-, f -5 ,Q-gg.. mg.-Wxeemu 'I-:,.,Q,Wm-K -,gnmmsxm U A :::::::::: ::: Www - f.. -Iwiwfemc ' WS Q -:::.:.:.:.:::f M Ee www . nee w 'assume W m e .ze semmfgg e we Sim 81,555 - 'B N-::-:-:-:-:-:-: 5-5 MW miiwiim , wawemee MW?-W ewmmmmm ,Q me mmggmeeeesmeeewmigeisgg QQMM H H' H H K ' mx whim E - nl Hfggiemfie gg: EZ S222 gggxgggj .2252 EH mg E H BH :IRISH SEHK -Av--Aw ESSEX!! BH ' E mi mam m smsxfmsmHSa - m mam B awww .wm.mmgH-New E new B EHEE Mmmwmw , Bio H SSBHMHTWE B A :Eggs H H BE Home In H BHEH N B M 1, M E232 M Mir me .f M. :gr :Hy M H H BHEH T BH mms E HERB B B jgx mfg New H H me mm M 5 .Wien gbwmwwe I H HMM mgwmmii-v I 'iffmu me-me x-ssemm' H -mann if mm?E:xmm5 rw i H353 -H!!! XA HE -H!! 'A me M N W -me ss hmmm emma meme. ms a ss r. Q ss ms -me :- mum rx ss a ss me mn 5 me N 2: M H H me me a me use ibm as . xnxx' E s ,raw IT'S BON VOYHGE for passengers aboard the liner, "Elmer- ican," in the spring musical, "Hnyfhing Goes," starring Nick Bmos, Hank Gibson, lean Carol DeLong and Marilyn Lehr. KOSNIIIY .45 Za. ms me sigma ss axis we EXECUTIVE BRRNCH of KK includes Miller, Young, Wright. Kushner, Bailey. THE SPOTLIGHT SHINES on Rex Fischer, Prince Kosmet and Nancy Hemphill, Nebraska Sweet- heart, presented by Kosmet Klub. 84 "COOL CRT" Ed Schmidt gives vocal assistance to "The Revolution oi Bop," winning Phi Gam skit at Fall Revue. fi ' -'-"A Niki 9' 9. BQCK ROW: G. lanes, B. I-lcxsebroock, B. Zinnecker, L. Ozenberger, I Benedict, M. Steinberg. SECOND HOW1 H. Vann, M, Stromer, W. Campbell, Q. Qnderson, I. Fitzgerald, M. Maupin, M. Lawlor. FRONT HOW: D. Charleston, B. Dovries, T. Miller, B. Young, M. Kushner, W. Wright. Kosmet Klub Fall Revue Competition Extended To Include All Organized Men's Groups Cn Campus They stand for entertainment. . .the music and dramatics that keep the campus laughing and singing. In the fall, black-tuxed Kosmet Klubbers ushered crowds of students to their Coliseum seats tor the big Fall Revue. Weeks of painting scenery, building props, practice and more practice . . . then the show .The boys cavorted and clowned. The Walls rocked. This year the skit competition was thrown open to all organized groups on campus . . . it was no longer an all-fraternity affair. Kosmet Klub concentrated on promoting the projects oi other musical and entertainment groups by selling tickets and Working on publicity. Bob Young led Kosmet Klub, assisted by Mac Bailey, vice-president, Marshall Kushner, secretaryy Tom Miller, treasurer. 2 mein E F-To i BHCK ROW: O. Plnderson, D. Lake, E. Bebb, M, Hnderson, B. Heyne, T. Goodding. SECOND ROW: S. Sipple, B. Meehan, E. Ievons, I. Knobel, E. Hess, D. Lees. FRONT ROW: I. Wachal, C. Ross, E. Lawritson, M. Hamer, I. Porter, I. Pittenger. Star-Studded Attractions, Sponsored By Student Union Board Of Managers, Highlight Year s Activities HCTIVITIES CHHIRMHN of the Student Union is Ernie Bebb. The top oi the vast hierarchy ol Union administration. A triumvirate representing students, faculty and alumnae. This is the Student Union Board of Managers. At the head oi the board was larnes Porter. Ioy Wachal and Mrs. Dorothy Holyoke served as vice- presidents, and Iarnes Pittenger was secretary. The National Association ot Col- lege Unions held elections . . . Ne- braska's Ernie Bebb was named regional president. To the University came the "Caine Mutiny Court Martial," with Henry Fonda, Lloyd Nolan and lohn Hodiak. Then Agnes Moorehead in, "Sorry, Wrong Number." Union Activities This building. You worked in its activities, you Hooked" in its Cribg but always you were there in the hub oi the campus, the Student Union. Its ll committees contrived the kind of activities you wanted: dances, tal- ent shows, Pigskin Parties. There were dancing and bridge lessons, and this year a new Chess Club. Came the holidays. Students thronged to the Union's "Festival of Christmas" and the Carols Concert. REEL GONE are Billie Croft and Chuck Baker at a Union party. 'wlmvils BEICK-STAGE HLWHYS H DHNCE at the Union, and Phyllis Cast, Larry Hanson, Kay Kimmel and Shirley Iesse do the decorating. TREE-TRIMMERS at the Union are committee chairmen and board members. Preparing for Christmas festivities are Billie Croit, Iohn Stebbins, Carl Mammel, Beme Rosenquist, Iohn Gourlay, Bob Meehan. Dan Grace. Clare Hinman, Lois Simmerman, Nancy Hemphill, Dolores Carag, Marilyn Beideck, Ioy Wachal, Hnn Skold, Shirley Chapman, Ernie Bebb. HFTER THE "MUTlNY" are Ioy Wachal and Ernie Bebb with star, Henry Fonda. 87 BHCK ROW: C. Dierks, K. Peters, I, Knobel, G. Kerr, D. Lees, D. Nitzel. FRONT HOW: C. Ross, I. Salk, R. Ernst, E. Lawritson. Ag Union Adds "Pot Luck With Profs" And New Sports Facilities "Out on Ag" it was the Ag Union for activities, parties and plenty of good bridge games. Caroline Ross and her officers, Iunior Knobel, Evie Lawrit- "BRIDGE ANYONE?" Seems fo be fha, Password Zen cmd Don Lees were in Charge of the hobby, display, the to relaxation m this corner of the Hg Union lounge. Ag "Rag," and this year, new sports facilities. Another "new" . . . tor good relations . . . "Pot Luck with the Profs." CONCLHVE OF CHI-IIRMEN is devoted to the business of planning NUCWH's spring conference. Nebraska University Council On World Affairs Holds UN Week What's new in the United Nations? Whats happening in 88 Korea? You looked to NUCWA for the answers. Students wanted to know what was going on . . . so NUCWA put on UN Week and a spring conference, with Nita I-lelmstadter in charge. President was lim Collins, and vice-president was Marv Friedman. Neala O'Dell and Ann Launer were secretary and treasurer, respectively. IT'S NUCWH FOR NEWS, say members of the Board: M. Friedman. H. Thompson, H. Lcxuner, N. O'Dell. I. Collins, N. Helmstudter and S. Mangold. If il' ll' trlv' 'IWNE' f f ' gl If .. A S8 rd h Ili" . H. iff! -XR 1 lair. l J l 1 x ,. S . .l-X 4 V . I L 1 . University Theatre Renovatedg ls One Ut Midwest's Finest THERE'LL BE SOME CHANGES Ml-IDE in the old Theatre auditorium. and surveying plans for the renovation are directors of University and Experimental Theatres, Dallas Williams and Max Whittaker. TECHNICHL DIRECTORS oi the Theatre are Iohn C. Tolch and Frank Bock. Every theatre-Wise eye was turned toward the face-lifting the old Temple Theatre was undergoing. With its com- pletion, the verdict was: one ot the best equipped and most modern Uni- versity Theatre plants in the Midwest. With the old theatre went the old name, and the Temple became the Howell Memorial Theatre. Freshman drama enthusiasts were introduced to the Theatre at an open house in the fall. Then on they went to join the Freshman Actors' Workshop. Two comedies, "The Pot Boiler" and "Hands Across The Sea," were the products of Workshop efiort . . . also, "Family Album" and "Refund" With Lillian Hellmarfs, "The Little Foxes," th e Theatre launched th e l953-54 season. Next, a delighted audi- ence cheered to the hilarious domestic farce, "The Male Animal," by Thurber and Nugent. The final two Theatre productions were Patrick's, "The Hasty Heart" and "The Man Who Came to Dinner," by Kaufman and Hart. The Laboratory Theatre presented, "Room Service," by Murray and Boretz, and Fry's, "A Phoenix Too Frequent." FHESHMEN FOCUS their attention on Max ' Whittaker, as he heads a Theatre orien- t tation session at the fall open house. VAL HOMPES is squelched by Peterson in "The Little Foxes." FEIGNING DEHTH in "Room Service" is Hmer Lincoln, as Ron Becker, Gene Scranion mourn. LODER cmd De- Long in "Foxes." i kewl? ' f f ' a HOTEL MHNHGER Marv Stromer evicts character in hit play. "Room Service." BILL KLHMM and Dick Marrs play supporting roles in the The- cxtre comedy, "The Male Hnimcxlf' LOVERS in "The Male Hnimal" are Rl Kenyon and Hnn Corcoran. I Kg.. ,J-M" XEN-fyv-x1-NXLDL Nl fflikg 5. ,A-' X, -wr E . D iw.. 92 BECK HOW: I. Tolch, M, Whittaker, D. Williams, F. Bock. rf' if ft- mag 31 ms we 'Jr Q .nit ' Fill? SECOND ROW: H. Gibson, D. Marrs, B. Walton, M. Clute, C. Peterson, K. Clement, M. Strorner. FRONT ROW: K. Kelley, K. O'Donnell, M. Uhe, M. Lehr, P. Loder, I. Sandstedt, P. Hahn. IN THE VILL!-1IN'S CLUTCHES is heroine Uhe of "Pure Hs the Driven Snow." 1954 production. Masquers Emote In Melodramatic Style Nineteenth-century melodrama tugged at the heartstrings, when 1954 Nebraska Mas- quers came forth with, "Pure As The Driven Snow," or "A Working Gir1's Secret," by Paul Loomis. This year, as always, the Masque-rs, hon- orary dramatic fraternity, presented their annual production to enhance their original purpose . . .that of stimulating an appreciation of the theater. To Wes Iensby, graduate student, Went the directorship of the production. New this year Was the Theatre Handbook, put out by Masquers, eager to spread their story. President ot Masquers Was Charles Peter- son, and vice-president was Marian Uhe. Other officers were Pat Loder, treasurer, Ruth Rich- mond, parliamentarian, and Marilyn Kennedy, historian. Tradition Marks Year For University Singers With Memorial Service, Christmas Carol Concert, Oratorio PERFECTION is the goal set by Dr. Rrthur E. Westbrook. as he directs the University Singers. For one hour, three times a Week, the old Temple Building echoed with song, The sensi- tive hands of Dr. Westbrook spoke: soaring soprano and majestic basso responded. One- hundred-seventeen ot the University's finest voices were in rehearsal. The University Singers had been selected by tryout. Voice blend had been an important factor . . . and ability to read music. Now they were Singers, and they had to produce. First chance: the University Memorial Serv- ice. Then the traditional Christmas Carol Concert. Right away, Handal's, "Messiah" . . . Singers played an important' part. Appearing before high school groups, Sing- ers personitied fine choral music at the Univer- sity ot Nebraska. SCARLET-ROBED SINGERS before blue-lighted pines create a magical blend of music and color to entrance the hun- dreds who attend the annual Christmas Carol Concert. Sponsored by the Student Union and the Department of Music. the University Singers present a varied program of choral and solo works, as well as selections for string quartet. Enlarged Band Does Double Dut Cn Concerts, Marching Bright instruments gleamed in the sunlight. The White plumes ot their hats bobbed in time to the beat ot music that meant. . .the University of Nebraska band was on parade. Without the shrill ot the brass and the thump of the bass drum, what would a football or basketball game be? What would a parade be? Or a rally? What would the Univer- sity be? The band was enlarged this year.. .then divided into units called Varsity and Collegiate. The latter Was called upon tor concert Work, While the former toured Nebraska high schools and performed at the Music Educators' Convention in Fremont. . Stan Shumway was president ot the band. TWIRLING H MEHN BHTON is band drum major, Neil Miller. DONHLD H. LENTZ Band Director 94 ,, J, ,Z'- f-: i 1 CONCERTMHSTER of the Uni- versity Orchestra is Szydlowski. EMRNUEL WISHNOW Orchestra Director Symphon Qrchestra Features Celebrated Young Violinist From every college on campus . . .the law school, the music building . . . came the musicians . . the violinists and the drummers. audition before Mr. Wishnow. And then to take their places in the University Symphony Orchestra. Sixty separate entities became a single unit of musical expression. In November, Aaron Rosand, World-famous violinist, appeared in concert with the orchestra. The "Messiah" was presented. Hinstrumental backing for the Choral Union by the orchestra. Spring . . . and the orchestra helped to present another oratorio. Then the concert featuring senior soloists. The baton came down. The year was over. GUEST SPEHKERS CHHT with students before the International Friendship Dinner begins. BIG DECISIONS are made by representative group at their informal tall religious retreat. Religious Welfare Council Religious Welfare Council at a fall retreat decided to discontinue Search Week. The Council made this decision because it was thought that the program had proved ineffective. The Council instead substituted in- ter-faith study groups and college religious programs to bring religion closer to the individual student. Noted authorities for each college course were asked to speak in classes and to tell how religion fits into college and professional careers. A Religion-in-Life committee has been formed to coordinate these activities. Chairmen are Barbara Crowe, Marvin Friedman and Phyllis Knerl. Another project for the Council was the Interna- tional Friendship Dinner sponsored in conjunction with the Nebraska University Council for World Affairs. In l95U, the present Religious Welfare Council was established. The student representatives ot Religious Councils on City campus and on Ag campus combined to form the present group. BACK ROW: I, Rogers, B. Larson, R. Heimer, D. Gerlach, S, McDonald. THIRD ROW: D. Rosenberg, D. DeGraw, L. Sohl, F. Houchen. SECOND ROW: S. Langhus, S. Gadd, M. Friedman, M. Elliott, S. Furman FRONT ROVV: N. Ericson, G. Roxberg, T. Nelson, R. Rowen. Q6 I PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS for lnter-Var- sity carefully look over selection of pamph- lets before they make their final purchases. lnter-Va rsity Christian Fellowship As part of the year's program of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, two week-end retreats were held, one in the tall and one in the spring. During these periods Inter-Varsity urged all students to sing, work, play and pray together at various camps near Lincoln. In addition to these spiritual activities, the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship also holds an annual student "get ac- quainted" picnic and a spring banquet, as well as a foreign student party. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a religious organiza- tion open to students of every religion. They meet weekly on Thursday evenings in the Student Union to "Present Christ to the Campus." They also have Bible studies, prayer meetings and lecture series. The Nebraska chapter of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is one ot more than 500 chapters in the United States and tor- eign countries. THE SlNGING OF SELECTED HYMNS begins the opening ceremony for members of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. , 1 is ,ff TWO DETERMINED CHESS PLHYERS plan DINNER IS SERVED and the bell at Presby their next move as they gain attention of even House rarely has to be rung more than once the small visitors at Sunday night meetings. to attract cr large group of hungry members Presbyterian-Congregational House Activities, athletics and action epitomize the Congregational-Presbyterian House program this year. Breakfast discussion, Sunday evening forums on politics, social problems, religion, study and marriage, and Wednesday eve- ning Bible studies highlight the Weeks activities. Concentrated Work in the house brought results, such as a new chapel and the trophy for the Inter-Denominational football championship. High school students for the first time Were invited to visit the house and thus had an opportunity to see the many projects which are carried on through the year by the Presby group. THE SMILING FBCES of Presby House members testify that t ' t t H, it if a guest speaker is always anxiously and courteously received. , ,. , lt .V ,W xl., .s...r,, vt f--M 'f I MHN HBOUT PRESBY HOUSE, Rex Knowles, demonstrates his singing ability for the benefit of his family. A significant role in the outreach of Presby House is the Sigma Eta Chi, national religious sorority, established by the Congregational - C h r i s t i a n Church. It welcomes women ot all races and creeds to membership and through study and service, stimulates them to a spiritual growth that parallels their academic growth. Fellowship on the Ag campus is fur- thered by the Ag lnterdenominational group, a co-operative effort ot the Presbyterian, Congregational, Evan- gelical-Retormed and several other Protestant churches. The over-all program has expanded into many oi the fraternities, sororities and dormitories. More and more stu- dents join study cells within their own living group in an effort to share and grow together in a community ot be- lievers. Charles Swan, University graduate, returned irom teaching school in Iran to assume program director's duties. Rev. Rex Knowles was kept busy co- ordinating the programs. SIGMH ETB. CHI. national reli- gious sorority. meets with their sponsor. Miss Dorothy Green. PRESBY-CONGREGHTIONHL STUDENT HOUSE 333 North 14 METHODIST STUDENT HOUSE 1417 R St. Wesley Foundation A "home away from home" is provided tor all Methodist and Methodist preferences students. Through a program ot worship, social action, service teams, recreation and study, the Foundation seeks to guide students to spiritual enlightment in Christian Fellowship. Wes- ley Firesides every Sunday evening offer faith and fun for those who attend. University pastor, Richard Nutt, and Foundation president, Forrest Stith, in co-operation with the Council, direct the pro- gram throughout the year. Kappa Phi Kappa Phi gives Methodist Women students a chance to serve others and acquire leader- ship ability for future religious work. They sponsor such activities as trips to the state mental hospital to entertain patients. Officers for this year Were Shirley Wear, president, Margaret Smith, vice-president, Ioan Brenneman, secretaryg Dorothy Sears, treas- urerg Dorothy Yates, program chairman, and Elaine Eddy, membership chairman. MOVIES BRE BETTER THAN EVER as proved by Kappa Phi and Sigma Theta Epsilon members. Sigma Theta Epsilon The big project this year for Sigma Theta Epsilon, Methodist fraternity, was the District Conclave held here. Another service carried on by the group during the year is the deputa- tion teams which go to churches in the community to conduct services. The officers are: president, Iohn Woody vice-president, Gene Yost, chap- lin, Forrest Stith, secretary, Phil Shade, and treasurer, Lloyd Sherrard. ' MEETING WILL COME TO ORDER as Sigma Theta Epsilon begins the busi- ness of planning the group activities. KHPPH PHI, religious group. enioys the facilities oi Wesley House and are represented by the members and their adviser. -f J. ORHNGE PUNCH HND COOKIES are the menu for the students who stop in at Newman Club after the football game. NEWMRN CENTER isoz Q sf. Newman Club Newman Club was organized to serve the spiritual, social and intellectual needs of the Catholic student While he is on the secular campus. Newman Club offers daily and Sunday masses and religious study groups and also sponsors a Mr. and Mrs. Club, a Mothers' Club and other social functions. Annual projects included the Welcome Freshman party, the Harvest Ball and a Christmas party at St. Thomas' Orphanage. Also, there were Sunday night suppers, open houses after football games, the Initia- tion Banquet and the Annual Retreat. The biggest function of 1954 was the Central States Province Convention, held at Lincoln and attended by over 300 Newman Club members from five states. Ne- braskan lane McCullough is second vice-president of the province. Marj Moran is editor of Nimki News, the province publication. Officers for the club Were: Bob Meehan, presiclentg Larry Nordhues, vice-president Marj Moran, corre- sponding secretary, Veronica Rowley, recording sec- retary, and Bob Malone, treasurer. PROVINCE CONVENTION ATTRHCTS NEBRHSKHNS as Newman Club members journey to their annual National Newman Club Federation last held at the University ol Illinois in September. 'HE af' BILL MHNKE seems to have found something and Sue Muelhaupt. Ianet Wilscom. Bob Mee- han and Larry Nordhues are the onlookers- EARLY ARRIVALS at Newman Club gather in the rec- reation room before the evening discussions begin. NEWMHN CLUB STEPS provide a vantage point for Father Sheahy and Monsignor Schuster to observe affairs of their student parish. GHMMB. DELTH MEMBERS always look forward to having guest speakers at their meetings. MUSIC WILL BEGIN as soon as choir members finish distributing their music. LUTHERHN CHHPEL 15th and Q Sts. University Lutheran Chapel Prominent in aiding the University Lutheran Chapel to carry out its Worship and Christ-cen- tered program is Sigma chapter of Gamma Delta. lt meets every Sunday evening tor Bible study, Christian life, doctrine-related discus- sions and for social activities. The Lutheran Assembly, dedicated in November, 1952, is di- rected by Pastor A. I. Norden. The student congregation's chapel choir each year has a membership of more than 40. It was directed this year by Ed Tegtmeier. To carry out its spiritual program further, the Assembly this year had the following func- tioning committees: publicity, finance, Christian education, social, and building and grounds. The Assembly's student-produced parish paper, The Husker Lutheran, appears six times each semester. Leon Rottman served as editor of the paper for the l953-54 year. 'Pt b Lutheran Student Association Through worship, study, discussions, serv- ice, intramural sports and social meetings, the Lutheran Student Association attempts to inte- grate the Christian life with the total student life. The Lutheran Student Association, a student Christian movement on the campus, works through groups on Ag and City campus. The supporting organization for student work on the campus is the Lutheran Foundation, which provides a Sunday morning Worship service at 10:45 and vespers on Tuesday. In November more than 100 students converged in Lincoln to attend the Regional Convention of LSA. r City campus ollicers are: Bernard Wallman, Vernon Hunzeker, Miriam High and Con Kuhl- man. Virginia Olson, a 1953 graduate of Iowa State Teachers College, has assumed the duties of graduate assistant for the group. Alvin M. Petersen is the campus pastor for National Lu- theran Council students. Ag campus ollicers are: Rex Meyer, Gerald Mueller, Ianet Lindquist and Ioyce Splittgerber. LUTHERAN STUDENT HOUSE 535 No. 16 STUDENT LUTHERHN MEMBERS get to- gether iniormally before discussions begin. ""k'i"A1M ew iss- M-AH as fa g L: ew sri WHEN H SPEPIKER COMES CHLLING the Hg group drops everything cmd gives attention. L Y Groups Sponsor U Tour, Discussions, House Hop Qkifin ti - . .. . M . . . H was M Q-1 W, it ...stubs MWMW . - wxumxa , I sysslw- F I-.w ts-ss was gg set. - NNN... .. K-Gi .Q ,Y is , . H 'l.ivsse.t.! t Q H M 5 a , . ., q K mini saga-use-,,m.-.m mam -1- Iv use emma-m'B'm'Bm ' ' a use 1 - ' fu .Z .IA I X ' ll NVQ' W' Hia? WQE as n "WHAT IS THE NEXT PROBLEM ON THE AGENDA?" ask the members oi YMCA as they plan their activities and projects for the coming year with their newly appointed director. Mr. M. H. Rector. ul--'- E ...I ,,-m.Ex.VlA,i , , tg: -an ' - ' is Htl: 02 r n 4 TWO THIRSTY FRESHMEN receive the iree punch served by YW and YM group during New Student Week in an effort to acquaint students with their program. 106 YMCA The YMCA groups oi nearly 400 students co-operate with the YWCA to greet new stu- dents, plan service projects, attend inter-col- legiate conferences, sponsor political discus- sions and projects, and publish the Nebraska Collegian for incoming freshmen. This year nearly 40 Nebraskans visited the United Nations for the Seminar, sponsored by the YWCA and YMCA. The Ag YM meets weekly with the Ag YW for discussions on timely issues. They lead foreign student tours, attend retreats and hold Bible studies. The City campus group sponsors discussion groups, fraternity forums and faculty firesides. Wilson Strand served the group as presi- dent. BHCK ROW: M. SEVENTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: P. FIFTH HOW: M. FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW: S. SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: N. HLL MUST BE PRESENT before mem- bers ol Hg YW and YM can go ahead with the regularly scheduled meeting. Iohnson, N. Kieley, P, Graham. N. Hegstrom, I. Dingman, L. Iacoby, D, Sears. Larson, I. Quinn, I. Robertson, I. Steffen, L. Hnderson. Lundt, N. Hall, C. Roxberg, G. Katskee, C. Kruse. M. Tyson, S. Hamilton, C. Thompson, E. Skelnar, S. Mangold. Langhus, K. Burcum, I. Gordon, G. DeVries WCA Fun and work were well mixed in the YWCH program. ln October the first annual Sadie Hawkins Hop was held. Nearly 350 couples party-hopped to see the deco- rated Womens organized houses. Hlpha Xi Delta Won honors with their "little brown jug" theme. H one-week trip to the United Nations in New York City, sponsored jointly by the YWCH and YMCH, highlighted the November activities. ln December came the traditional Hanging of the Greens- when YWCH members decorated Ellen Smith I-lall. H new discussion group, "You're On Your OWn," was formed for the senior members. The group had speakers who talked about consumer economics and budgeting problems which Will be important after graduation. Hg YWCH, in co-operation with Hg YMCH, sponsored International Tours last tall. Members chartered a bus and took more than 30 foreign students to visit farms near Lincoln in order to better understand rural life in the United States. CHNDY SELLERS are Iancy Carman, Hgnes Hnderson. Gwen Urcm and Phyl Sherman. M. Ellerbroek, I. Knapp, P. Lindgren, I. Y.ast, E. Smithberger. O'Dell, B. Raun, I. Laase, I. Osbum. ,.. -1 3 we-rim in-sf Ex E We X mf-is i we - in sf Z "..,--"V BHCK ROW: U. Kapsi, R. Samani, D, Rafat, H. Stellen, R. Klein, W. Strawn, Y. Tsou. SECOND ROW: M. Solhjoo, Pl. Qmin, I-1. Savelis, T. Gandhi, H. Baluch, M. Lind- gren, R. Kirkpatrick, G. Langan. FRONT ROW: I. Methuselcrh, I. Frandsen, F. Tamm, L, Miner, T. lwand, V. Iansons, I. Zacharia, O. Nijhawan. ,ay -1 ' 1 V: PALLHDIHNS are Iames Ellingson. Dennis Iohnson. Richard Williams, Iackie Knore, Marylin Boisen, Kathryn Swems and Htthur May. lO8 Cosmopolitan Club The promotion of friendship and understanding between American students and ioreign students is the goal of the Cosmopolitan Club. Each year the Club sponsors the Cosmopolitan Carnival and promotes the International Friend- ship Dinner. At the Chancellor's Dinner, the foreign students are able to express their gratitude for opportunities received at the Uni- versity. Cosmopolitan Club's officers lor l953-l954 are: president, Lois Miner, vice-president, Thomas lwandp treasurer, Iohn Methuse- lah, and secretary, Vaiida Ian- sons. Palladian "The Formation oi the Mind ls Eternal," is the motto oi the old- est student organization on the campus-Palladian Literary So- ciety. Palladian sponsors short story, verse, essay and oratorical con- tests. Each year the Society chooses an outstanding person in the scientific or professional fields and awards him the Avery Me- morial Lectureship in honor of former Chancellor Avery, a past member. The officers are: president, Iac- queline Knoreg secretary, K. Sev- ernsp treasurer, I. Ellingson, and critic, Arthur May. Delian Union In 1869, a few years after Nebraska became a territory, Delian Union was founded to promote literary activities. Thirty members meet every two weeks throughout the school year to participate in varied literary programs consisting of plays, readings and mu- sic. In addition to these meetings ot literatary nature, the society has an annual banquet, numerous picnics and dances. One ot the highlights of the social calendar was the group's Hallo- we'en costume party. Taghi Kermani served as Delian Club's president. Esther Anderson and Clark Guston are the alumnae sponsors for the group. .-..Q., BECK ROW: H. Sediki, H. Siedschlag, D. I-lndersen, Fl. Orycx, O. Meyer, B. Sediki S. Kushkciki, Fl. Hamid, G. Olson. FRONT ROW: B. Strawn, T. Kermani, P. Hliabade, C. Gustin, S. Siedschlag, G. I-lndersen, M. Siedschlag, M. Solhjou, S. Salik. THE TRHP BECKONS girls and their dates to enter the Kappa Delt house during the YWCH turn-about party. Highlights LSR WELCOME is given by Rex Meyer and Rev. Rlvin Petersen to visitors. Rev. I. Hckerman and Dr. C. C. Madsen. AG COLLEGE GIRLS VOLUNTEER to help with Dr. Leverton's research proiect by following a set diet which includes pure amino acid at every meal. utrition, Soil, Cancer Research Mark Ag Progress W. V. LHMBERT Dean of College of Hgriculture Research means continuous progress. Examples of this progress are plentiful at the College of Hgriculture. Dr. Ruth Leverton has been conducting research in human nutrition by studying the eating habits and nutritional status of the average Nebraska family. She has also been doing research in amino acid require- ments. To date, 35 girls at the University have volun- teered to help with this study by having their protein metabolism determined when they are ted varying amounts of pure amino acids for a total of GU days. Other achievements are the further developments ol the picker sheller for corn to save on harvesting loss, Dr. Thomas McCalla's research on soil organisms, and Mrs. Virginia Trotters survey ol houses and the types ot farm homes and remodeling. Another important improvement is the renovation of the Plant lndustry Building with the new cancer cell research by Dr. Donald Pace. lt was established sev- eral years ago to study the actions of cancer cells. Local Cooper Foundation, National Cancer lnstitution and HUF are among the supporters ot the project. The actual Hg College was started in 1909 and was known as the "tarm." The campus was built at its present location because of the need for space in the experimental division. ,..i5.M l College 0f l Agriculture ,..-.-nuv+ -.--uv--nr H ...1-1-,,,,,. l l 4 l l v l l 1 l Qkeson Hkeson B. T. Rllen Enders Flyers Barnes Beqm Bell Berns Carlson Carpender Claussen Clegg Clement Corliss Crowe Dannehl Dierks Edwards Ehler Engel Agriculture Seniors BHRBHRH HKESON --------- Chappell Chi Omega: Home Ec Clubg VHEHp YWCH. BERTON AKESON ----- ---- c happen STEPHHNIE HLLEN ---------- Cozad Iota Sigma Pig Phi Upsilon Omicrong Ornicron Nu. BLOSSOMS. SEEDS, HND POLLEN form the basis oi the practical field study for I. Stamrneg F. Perez and H. Hull. NORMHN HNDERS --------- Lexington DONHLD HYERS ---------- Madrid Hg Men's Clubg Block and Bridleg 4-H. VIRGINIH BHRNES ---------- Albion Fllpha Chi Omegag Farmer's Formal Oueenp Home EC Clubg Coll-Hgri-Fun Boardg Phi Upsilon Omicron. CHRRLES BEHM ---------- Stapleton Hlplia Gamma Rhog Sigma Delta Chig Block and Bridle. GLENHDINE BELL ---------- McCook GENEVH BERNS ---------- Bladen Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Upsilon Omicrong Omi- cron Nu: Home Ec Club: VHEHg YWCH. IOHN CHRLSON ---------- Sumner VHEI3lg Home Ec Club: Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship. IHNE CHRPENDER - - - - - Lincoln Kappa Hlpha Theta. IOHN CLAUSSEN - - - Holdrege Kappa Hlpha Theta. DENZIL CLEGG --------- Gothenburg Farm Houseg Hlpha Zetag Block and Bridle: Red Guidon. KENNETH CLEMENT ---------- Ord Fllpha Gamma Rhog Nebraska Masquersg Block and Bridle. PHYLLIS CORLISS - - Hebron YWCH. BHRBHRH CROWE ---------- Lincoln Hlpha Chi Omegag Phi Upsilon Omicrong Omicron Nug Mortar Boardg YWCAg Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. LHVERN DHNNEHL --------- Bertrand Beta Sigma Psi. MERTON DIERKS ---------- Ewing Fllpha Gamma Sigma: Newman Clubg Block and Bridle. IOSEPH EDWHRDS ------- - - Hubum Farm Houseg Block and Bridle. GERHLD EHLER - - - ------ Bancroft Hlpha Gamma Rhop Hlpha Zetag Block and Bridle. NOLHN ENGEL -------- Meriden, Conn. Alpha Gamma Rhop Block and Bridleg Hg Economics Club. SIGNING ROLLING PINS Hrdyth Smith helps pledges Sis Matske and Ioyce Benge. BHRBHRR SPILKER. President Home Economics, Agriculture. Minden. Home Economics Club "Home Economics Becomes You" was the theme of the annual Ellen l-l. Richards Banquet held in honor of the founder of home economics. The banquet was only one of the projects which highlighted a busy year for the Home Economics Club. At Christmas time, the group gave a party for the for- eign student Home Ec Club sponsors. Members also made clothing for the patients at the University Hospital in Omaha. Students, faculty and others had an opportunity to taste the members' cooking at the annual fall Smorgasbord Dinner. Officers were Barbara Spilker, president, Connie Kar- ges, vice-presidentg Clara Gregersen, secretary, and Betty I-lrabik. treasurer. BHCK ROW: E. Cleveland, E. Iacobsen, M. Rololson, I. Dill, C. Iohnson, M. I. Niehaus, M. Lingo, M. Langerneier, I. Benge, Fl. Masters. SIXTH ROW: D. Fischer, I. Wiggins, M. Ianda, G. Sokol, Fl. Way, M. Koch, K. Skinner, I. Becker, B. Penke, B. Ely. FIFTH ROW: M. Keller, V. Golus, R. Rippe, M. Batie, I. Hathaway, R. Clarke, T. Riley, S. Richards, D. VanCura, L. Harden. FOURTH ROW: I. Baker, E. Millen, L. Hecht, R. Lees, M. Sokol, C. Rhodes, B. Hamilton, H. Luchsinger, S. Slagle, B. Sisson, I. Splitt- gerber. THIRD ROW: Fl. Smith, L. Lingren, V. Searl, V. Reeves, S, Keeney, I. Taylor, H. Young, V. Payne, I. Heilman, D. Novotny. SECOND ROW: C. Dunker, S. Colbert, I. Erickson, M. Hutchinson, I. Emry, I. Shilhan, Fl. Dubas, M. Pelikan, G. Barnes, M. Plntes, M. Flnderson, FRONT ROW: M, Maroncle, S. Walberg, L. Mader, B. Hrabik, C. Karges, B. Spilker, C. Gregersen, I. Lindquist, S. Knerl, M. Keys. DALE FILKINS ----------- Fremont Rlpha Gamma Sigmag Hgronomy Club. SHIRLEY FLHNHGIN --------- Bartley Hlpha Chi Omegag Phi Upsilon Omicrong Omicron Nug Home Ec Clubg VHEH. DELMHR FHNGMEIER -------- Lincoln Beta Sigma Psi: Lutheran Student Plss'n. CARROL FRENCH ---------- Page Pllpha Gamma Sigmag YMCHJ Flgronomy Club. DONHLD FRERICHS -------- Ogallala Hlpha Zetag Voc Hg. NHOMI GEORGE - - - - South Sioux City Kappa Delta. CHROLYN GIERHHN -------- Lexington President, Chi Ornegag VHEAJ Home Ec Club. MHRGHBET GREEN --------- Lincoln Towne Clubg Kappa Phi. CLHRH GREGERSEN --------- Norfolk Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec Clubg Gamma Delta. LURH HHRDEN ----------- Lincoln Vice-president, Chi Omegag President, Phi Upsilon LEARNING 'ro CARE FOR 9. BHBY in Home Management is Omlcfonf 91PhG I-mbdfl Dellflf Omlcfon Nui Home Ec Clubg Treasurer, Mortar Board. MERRITT HEDDEN --------- Geneva Sigma Phi Epsilon. student. Beth Keenan. Miss Wilson. house Supervisor, looks on. IOYCE HOCK - - - - - Lincoln Sigma Kappa. ' GORDON HYDE - - - Comstock Agrlcul tu re Hg stub. VERN JHOORMRIER ---------- Eagle Alpha Gamma Sigmay Hg Economics Club. ' JERRY IENSEN .---- ------ L incoln Hlpha Gamma Sigmag Red Guidong Student Union, Hgronomy Club. RICHHRD IISKRH ---------- Swanton illlpha Gamma Sigma, Block and Bridle. DON IOHNSON ----------- Hlbion Farm Houseg Hlpha Ze-tap Block and Bridleg YMCH. MHRILYN ERWIN ----------- Craig Phi Upsilon Omicron, Gamma Pllpha Chig Omicron Nu, Mortar Boardg President, Coed Counselors, Home EC Club- GERHLD JOHNSON ----------- Bee RQGER ESSMHN ....,.,,,, Wilber WILLIAM JOHNSON' ------ . - - - Fremont Hlpha Gamma Rhog Hlpha Zeta: Plgronomy Club. Hlphd Gemma R307 Block and Budle' I I Erwin Essman Fillcins Flanagin Fangmeier French Gierhan i r George Frerichs Green Gregersen Harden Heddon Hook Hyde Iacobmeier Iensen' Iislcra Iohnson D. Iohnson G. lol-mson W. 4-H'ERS DESERT MEETING to enioy their favorite square dance-Dive for the Oyster. BUZZ HARGLEROHD. President Hgriculture. Tekamah. 4-H Club The University 4-H Club and its members received its share of awards during 1953. They won Coll-Agri-Fun night with their skit, "Alice in Aggie Land." They were also awarded the trophy tor Farmers Fair Float and the Estes Carnival Booth. The 4-H Club not only received awards, but also presented them to its members. Each year since 1928, a scholarship medal has been given to the member who has the highest average in his representative class. Recipients of the 1953 scholarships were: Ioyce Splittger- ber, freshmang Rolla Swanson, sophomore, Dale Van Vleck, junior, and Raymond Vlasin, senior. Officers for the group were Buzz Hargle- road, president, Delbert Merritt, vice-president, Madeline Watson, secretary, and Eleanor Ste- venson, treasurer. BHCK ROW: L. Mcl-targue, E. Ranney, W. Uden, I. Turner, G. Magnuson, M. Clegg, E. Mclieynolds, D. Hulme, W. Hntes. SIXTH ROW: M. Clark, S. Iensen, I. Heumann, I. Pedersen, R. Swanson, L. Damkroger, R. Lebruska, C. Trumble. FIFTH ROW: S. Schelkopt, R. Lundeen, M. Todd, M. Swartz, I. Garrett, R. Olsen, D. Reynolds, G. Langemeier, W. Hays, G. Davis. FOURTH HOW: I. Olson, E. Cleveland, I. Wiggins, G. Sokol, M. Fricke, R. Clarke, B. Hue, D. Beck, E. Iacobsen. THIRD ROW: R. Lees, L. Hecht, N. Hnderson, C. Iohnson, M. Sokol, M. Langemeier, S. Richards, M. Lingo, P. Woodman, B. Benisek. SECOND ROW: H. Sides, C. Sears, V. Golus, M. Koch, I. Kuska, M. Hutchinson, I. Becker, T. Riley, M. Keller. FRONT ROW: D. Holstein, V. Morkussen, D. Novotny, E. Lauritzen, B. Hargleroad, S. Slagle, D. Merritt, E. Skucius. Agriculture Seniors IOSEPH KHHN --------- - Omaha Sigma Rlpha Mug Block and Bridle. CONNIE KHRGES -------- St. Edward Pllpha Chi Omega, Omicron Nug Phi Upsilon Omi- cronp Hlpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Home Ec Club, Mortar Board. LOIS KIECKHHFER --------- Plainview Home Ec Clubg Flg Exec Boardg Buildersg Coll-l3lgri- Fun Board. ELIZHBETH KINNIER --------- Spalding Phi Upsilon Omicrong VHEQ4 Home Ec Club: YWCH. HLLHN KOLBO --------- Broken Bow Agronomy Clubp YMCH. LEON KREINER ----------- Davey Hlphcr Tau Omegag Trident, Voc Fig, Hg Exec Board, Lutheran Student i3lss'n. MHRLYS KRUEGER --------- Plymouth Hdelphi. HRTHUR KUHL ---------- Randolph Hlpha Gamma Sigmag Secretary, Hgronomy Club: Newman Club. CALVIN KUSKR ---------- Omaha President, Phi Kappa Psi: President, Corn Cobsg 1 Hlpha Zeta: Sigma Delta Chi, Block and Bridleg y Innocents Society GEORGE LHND ---------- Loup City Hg Men's Club. LLOYD LHTHROP - - - - Los Plngeles, Calif. Fllnha Gamma Sigma. t DONHLD LEES --------- Morse Bluff l Pllpha Gamma Sigma: Student Union, Red Guidong 1 Hlpha Zeta. IACK LEMON ------f---- Lincoln 1 Pllpha Gamma Rho: Block and Bridle. CONNIE LINDLY ---------- Rnselmo BHBWg Historian, Kappa Phi. Kahn Karges Kieckhaier Kinnier DHNIEL LINDOUIST ----- - - - Punk Kolbo Kreiner Krueger Kuhl WHRD LINGO T --------- Benkelmcm Kuska Land Lathrop Lees Pioneer House: Newman Club. Lemon Liridly Lindquist LiI1Q0 Vocational Ag Discussing parliamentary procedures and organizing and conducting meetings help to prepare Voc Ag members for their future Work in FF A. In the spring, Voc Ag sponsored the vocational agriculture judging contest for high school members. Contests and dem- onstrations were held in livestock, crops, farm machinery, metal work and tarm man- agement. They also sponsored the spring banquet which was held with VHEA and state Vocational Association members. Officers were Roger Bell, president: Ken Walker, Vice-president: Don Frerichs, sec- retary, and Ken Schutte, treasurer. ll8 BQCK ROW: H. Loftis, L. Zemanek, S. Gillett, I. Olson. FIFTH ROW: I. Heurmann, I. Dahlke, E. Iolmson, L. Heikes, D. Schalfert, P. Miller. FOURTH ROW: M. McCreight, Fl. Petersen, L. Engelbart, L. Nielsen, H. Deems. THIRD ROW: R. Hoback, D. Snyder, I. Cadwallacler, H. Hall, R. Mills, C. Minteer. SECOND ROW: D. Stukenholtz, N. Reed, N. Pohlman, R. Stukenholtz, M, Davidson, B. Dutton, T. W'ard. FRONT ROW: U. We-ndorif, L. Kreiner, K. Walker, R. Bell, D. Frerichs, W. Reddan. Phi Upsilon Omicron Omicron Nu Phi Upsilon Omicron always has its year filled with activities and projects. Each February a luncheon is given in honor of the lounders ot Phi U. A scholarship tea is also held each spring, sponsored jointly with Ornicron Nu. The l953 professional poster project is displayed in the Home Economics Building. Oflicers were: Lura Ann Harden, presi- dent, Virginia Barnes, vice-president, loan Reitschneider, secretary, and Chlo Ode, treasurer. Omicron. Nu is the home economics hon- orary tor sophomore girls having high schol- astic ratings. nw ss t- rf l. Fu? BECK ROW: B. Spilker, B. Raun, C, Gregersen, B. Hrabik, T. Barnes. Officers for Omicron Nu were Stephanie THIRD ROW: B. Crowe, M. Heuermann, I. Meyers, C. Karges, H. Smith, P. Colbert. SECOND ROW: M. Erwin, E. Millen, C. Ode, R. Bell, N. Hemphill. Allen Und Ruth FRONT ROW: I. Iones, M. Maronde, L. Harden, V. Barnes, S. Hllen, P. Graham. Luft McClure Maronde Meyer M Meyer R. Moritz Moody Myers Nelson D. Nelson H. Niehaus Niemeier Nordhues Norton Nyquist Obermire ERRLENE LUFF -------- - Lincoln Kappa Delta, Gamma Rlpha Chi. HLBERT McCLURE ------- - Wymore Delta Tau Delta. MARY MHRONDE ---------- Lincoln Kappa Delta, Treasurer, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omi- cron Nu, VHER, Flg Exec Board, Vice-President, Hg YWCR, Home EC Club. Ml'-IRTIN MEYER ------- Milwaukee, Wis. REX MEYER --------- - - - Phillips Farm House, Block and Bridle, 4-H, Red Guidon, Lutheran Student Hss'n. FRRNCIS MORITZ --------- Eddyville Ftlpha Gamma Rho. WHYNE MOODY ---------- Auburn President, Farm House, President, Fllpha Zeta, YMCH, Block and Bridle. GEORGE MYERS - - - Hg Men's Club. DRRREN NELSON --------- Raymond Farm House, Rlpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, YMCR, Hg Builders. HOWRRD NELSON --------- Bertrand Alpha Zeta, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. - Gibbon MHRY NIEHHUS ---------- Holdrege Chi Omega, Phi Upsilon Ornicron, Home Ec Club, VHEH, YWCH, Farmer's Pair Board. RICHHRD NIEMEIER ----- ---- D eWitt Rlpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Red Guidon. LRWRENCE NORDHUES ------- Randolph Rlpha Gamma Rho, Newman Club. MHURICE NORTON ---------- Elgin Alpha Gamma Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Rlpha Zeta, Red Guidon. LOVIS NYOUIST -------- - - Craig Lutheran Student l3lss'n. IOHN OBERMIRE --------- - . Stuart .Flg Men's Club, Newman Club, Red Guidon, Block and Bridle. l 3. I t l Agriculture Seniors HLENE OCHSNER ------ - Madison Home Ec Club, Hg YWCH, 4-H. DHLE OLSON ------------ York Hlpha Gamma Rho, Hlpha Zeta, Farmer's Fair Board, Ag Exec Board. GERHLD OLSON --------- Gothenburg Hg Men's Club, Block and Bridle, Presby-Congregcv tional Fellowship, YMCH. MHXINE PHTTERSON - - Towne Club, Kappa Phi. MHXINE PETERSON Hmikita, VHEH. LOIS PIERCE - Home Ec Club, 4-H, Kappa Ochsner Patterson Raintorth Scott Stammer Olson D. Peterson Raun Shelgren Steavenson - - - - - - Lincoln - Hmelia - - - - - Fullerton Phi, VHEA. Olson G. Pierce Reed. Siepelm eier Stilfler MHRGHRET RHINPORTH ------ Doniphan Home Ec Club, 4-H, Student Union. BHRBHRH RQUN --------- Denison, la. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vice President, YWCH, Mortar Board. SI-IHRON REED ----------- Lincoln Alpha Xi Delta, Home Ec Club, VI-IEH, Farmer's Fair Board. DHLE REYNOLDS ---------- St. Paul Farm House, Vice President, Builders, Pllpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Innocents Society. CHROLINE ROSS ---------- Lincoln Kappa Delta, Home Ec Club, Student Union, Hg Exec Board, Farmer's Fair Board. JOSEPH SCHHF ----------- Sidney Newman Club, President, Hg Economics Club. CHHRLES SCHUERMHN ------- Clatonia Fllpha Gamma Sigma, Agronomy Club. EMERSON SCOTT ------- Denver, Colo. Phi Gamma Delta, Provost Corps, Track, Rodeo Club. GLENN SHELGREN ------ Gilmore City, la. Hg Men's Club, Flgronomy Club. MHRITH SIEPELMEIER -------- Syracuse VHEH, YWCI-l. MHRY SLHGLE ------ - Lincoln Kappa Delta, Omicron Nu. FRED SMIDT ------------- Firth Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Treasurer, YMCH, Tri-K. HRDYTH SMITH ---------- Plainview Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec Club, VHEH. Reynolds Slagle Stone BHRBHRH SPILKER --------- Minden Pllpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu, President, Home Ec Club, Mortar Board. IOHN STHMMER ----------- Lyons Hlpha Gamma Sigma, Hlpha Zeta, Agronomy Club. ELEHNOR STEHVENSON ------ Fontanelle Hmikita, Home Ec Club, 4-H. ROSE STIFFLER ---------- Louisville Phi Upsilon Omicron, Secretary, Hg YWCQ, Home Ec Club, VHEH. KENNETH STONE ---------- Lyons Farm House, Hlpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Red Guidon. SHIRLEY SUKSTORF --------- Colon MARVIN THOMPSON --------- Laurel Pershing Rifles, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, DHLE VRN VLECK -------- Clearwater Hlpha Gamma Sigma, Pllpha Zeta, President, Block and Bridle, President, Red Guidon, Rodeo Club, Vice President, Farmer's Fair Board, 4-H. Ross Schal Schuermcm Smidt Smith Spilker Sukstorl Thompson Van Vleck Agriculture Seniors Juniors BHRBQRH WAI-ILSTROM ------- Oakland Hrnikita, VHEQ, BHBW, Home Ec Club. BERNRRD WHLLMHN --------- Filley Beta Sigma Psi, Block and Bridle, Lutheran Student Ass'n. DONNQ WHMBERG --------- Wausa Hlpha Xi Delta, VHEH, Home Ec Club. HELEN WEHTHERUP ---- Central Square, N.Y. Hmilcita, YWCR, Home Ec Club, Square Dance Club. ELDEN WESELY -------- Cedar Bluffs Farm House, Hlpha Zeta. RICHPIRD WIESE ------ - - Dodge Agronomy Club, Newman Club. HRLHN WOLTEMHTH -------- Sterling Ptlpha Gamma Rho, Hgronomy Club, Fllpha Zeta. DOROTHY YRTES ---------- Lincoln Towne Club, VHER, Kappa Phi. ROCKFORD YHPP ------ Manhattan, Kan. Vice-president, Beta Theta Pi, President, Student Council, President, AUF, President, Iunior Class, Historian, Kosmet Klub, Eligible Bachelor, Vice- president, Innocents Society, Intertraternity Council. IUNIORS ROBERT HLBERS - - - Roca Theta Xi. JOHN HLLEN - - - - Valley Phi Kappa Psi. ROBERT FITCHISON - - - Cozad Theta Xi, Red Guidon. KENDQLL HTKINS ---------- Kimball MRRILYN BHTIE -------- Hay Springs Tassels, Home Ec Club, VHEF1, Hg YWCA. Wahlstrorn Wallman Wqmbeyg YUTGS YUPP Hlbers Bell Borgaard D. D. Borgaard D. L. THE CUTTING. STITCHING HND FITTING fundamentals are carefully observed by Yvonne Fowler and Ioyce Wullbrandt. HLOIS BELL ----------- Bloomfield Hlpha Gamma Sigma, Hlpha Zeta, Hgronomy Club, 4-H, Coll-Hgri-Fun Board, DIXIE BORGHHRD ---------- Lincoln Alpha Chi Omega, VHEFL DONNH BORGHHRD. --------- Lincoln I-'tlpha Chi Omega, Hlpha Lambda Delta, VHEQ, Flquaquettes. CURTIS BULL ----------- Elkhorn Sigma Phi Epsilon. IOHN BUTCHER - - - - Waterloo Rodeo Club. IHCQUELYN CHLVIN - - Ravenna Home Ec Club, 4-H. CARROLL CHRISTENSEN ------ Red Cloud Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hgronomy Club, 4-H, Rodeo Club. Weatherup Wesely Wiese Hllen Htchison Htkins Bull Butcher Calvin Woltemath Batie Christensen ' new Colbert Davidson Dubas Erlewine Emry Finke Garrison Gibbons Graham Hamilton Hargleroad Harmon Agronomy Club A new organization this year, Agronomy Club, was consolidated from the former Tri-K and Soil Conservation Service Clubs. lts members work to increase interest in acti- vities related to agronomy and conservation. The group staged a crops judging and identification contest, after which they held a contest awards banquent. They also helped with a high school crops judging contest. The requirements for membership are three hours of agronomy subjects and a 4.5 scholastic average. Officers for 1954 were Iohn Stammer, president, Richard Wiese, vice-president, Arthur Kuhl, secretary, and Rolla Swanson, treasurer. 122 Dudley Flaherty Gruber Harris 'K .-,t .-,,, .E rf- , K e Dutton French Hall Harsh PHYLLIS COLBERT ---- Vice President, Kappa Hlpha Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, MERWYN DHVIDSON ---- Farm House, Voc Hg, YMCH, HDDIE DUBAS ------ Chi Omega, Home Ec Club selcrs, Newman Club. PHYLLIS DUDLEY ----- Kappa Delta, Home Ec Club, BROCK DUTTON ----- Farm House, Voc Hg, YMCH, - - - - - Lincoln Theta, Hlpha Lambda Tassels, HUF Board. - - - - - Lincoln Builders. - - - - - - Ord Council, Coed Coun- - - - - Q Lincoln Pre-Orchesis. - - - - - Melloeta Student Council, Corn Cobs, Hg Religious Council, Hg Interdenominational Youth Fellowship. KEITH ERLEWINE --------- Ogallala Farm House, Hg Economics Club, YMCH, Square Dance Club, Hg Exec Board, Interclenominational Youth Fellowship. IHNICE EMRY ------ - - - - - Virginia Alpha Lambda Delta, Hmikita, VHEH, Home Ec Club. WHLTER FINKE -------- Wichita, Kan. Hlpha Gamma Rho, Baseball. IERRY FLHHERTY --'-- Newman Club, Hg Economics Club. - - - - Lincoln GENE FRENCH ----------- Mullen Hg Men's Club, Pershing Rifles, Rodeo Club. EDGHR GHRRISON --------- Oakdale Della Sigma Phi. IOHN GIBBONS ---------- Comstock Kappa Sigma, Vice-president, Rodeo Club. PHTRICIH GRAHHM ---- - - - - - Lincoln Kappa Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Hlpha Lambda Delta, YWCH, Home Ec Club, Student Council. DON GRUBER ------------ Cozad Farm House, Block and Bridle, YMCH. HOW HRD I-IHLL ----- - - - - Scottsbluif Hlpha Gamma Rho, Hgronomy Club, Voc Ag. IOHN HHMILTON --------- Pierre S. D. Secretary, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rodeo Club. IHMES HHRGLEROHD ------- Tekamah Farm House, President, 4'H, Hg YMCH, Hg Econom- ics Club, Cosmopolitan Club. CHARLES HHRMON ---- - - - - Loup City Hlpha Gamma Rho, Varsity Dairy Club, Red Guidon. CHHRLES HHRRIS --------- Lebanon Farm House, Hg YMCH, Hgronomy Club, Hg Re- ligious Council. DEL HHRSH ------------ Bartley Hlpha Gamma Rho. BHCK ROW: H. Kolbo, B. Maundef, V- YOUHQUIGU. W. Kfiz, B- Stuhr. FOURTH ROW: D. Hanway, B. Schoen, D. Filkins, G. Shelgren, I. Eastin, R. Matelski. THIRD ROW: S. Gager, M. Colley, D. Cowan, I. Gaswick, C. French, K. Pinkerton, C. Harris. SECOND ROW: R. Olson, I. Iensen, F. Smidt, H. Woltemath, R. Peterson, R. Wright. FRONT Row, D. Nitzel, R. Swanson, Q. Kuhl, I. Slammer' H, Hell, D- Wiese- I News mire me News Mmm B mam E ig EEE H rm ,, ... W... . HHH .. 24 :ai Alpha Zeta Members of Alpha Zeta, national honorary agricultural fraternity, established at the University in 1904, are chosen on a basis of their leadership qualities and scholastic abi- lity. The members are juniors and seniors who are in the upper two-fifths of their class. Alpha Zeta was organized in l897 to foster high standards of scholarship and leader- ship, to render service to the students and to the college and to promote the profes- sion of agriculture. Officers for 1953-1954 were Wayne Moody, chancellor, Donald Lees, censor, Ward Lingo, treasurer, Kenneth Stone, scribe, and Leon Piepe, chronicler. Agriculture Juniors HELEN HECHT ---------- Chapman Alpha Lambda Delta, 4-H, Home Ec Club, YWCA, Ag Exec Board. NANCY HEMPHILL ---- ----- L incoln Pi Beta Phi, Nebraska Sweetheart, Phi Upsilon Ornicron, Gamma Alpha Chi, AUP, Union. BERNARD HEUERMANN -------- Phillips Farm House, Agronomy Club. MARTHA HEUERMANN -------- Phillips Phi Upsilon Omicron, Amikita, Home Ec Club, VHEA. GARY HILD ---------- Plattsmouth Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Yell King. VIRGIL HOLTGREWE -------- Dunbar Pershing Rifles. BETTY HRABIK ---------- Louisville Phi Upsilon Omicron, Gamma Alpha Chi, Hello Girl, Treasurer, Home Ec Club, Tassels, Ag Exec Board, VHEA. JOE HUCKFELDT - - - - - Gordon Alpha Gamma Rho. EDWARD IBSEN --------- Layton, NJ. Theta Xi, Red Guidon, Ag Exec Board, Varsity Dairy Club. LYLE IRVIN - - - - - - Bennett DAVID IOHNSON - - - Hartinglfm Sigma Chi. DWIGHT IUNDT --------- Creighton Farm House, Block and Bridle, Red Guidon. RAYMOND KELLEY --------- Danbury Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, N Club. GENE KERR ---------- - Bellwood Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Ag Exec Board, Corn Cobs, Student Union Board, Newman Club. RICHARD KIBURZ ---------- DeWitt Alpha Gamma Rho. RALPH KNOBEL ----- ' ----- Fairbury Farm House, Student Union Board, Builders Board, Agronomy Club, YMCA, Ag Exec Board, Gamma Delta, Band. ANN KOKIER ------------ Sidney Kappa Kappa Gamma, Aquaquettes. GERALD KRANAU --------- Blue Hill Alpha Gamma Rho, Agronomy Club. EVELYN LAURITZEN ------ Weeping Water Amikita, Home Ec Club, 4-H. LEON LAWRENCE ---- - Craig, Mo. Delta Sigma Phi. BACK ROW: H. Ottoson, A. Raun, D. Olson, D. Reynolds. THIRD ROW: L. Crowe, E. Wesely, R, Swanson. SECOND ROW: G. Ehler, F. Smidt, D. lohnson, M. Norton FRONT ROW: W. Lingo, K. Stone, W. Moody, D. VanVleck D Lees Hecht Hemphill Heuermann B. Heuermann M Hild Holtgrewe Hrabik Huckfeldt lbsen lrvin Iohnson Iundt Kelley Kerr Kiburz Knobel Kolcjer Kranau Lauritzen Lawrence BHCK ROW: Q. Raun, D. Novotny, D. Gruber, C. Dierks, I. McLean, W. Iohnson. FIFTH ROW: D. Trenkle, Fl. Trenkle, D. Iundt, D. Flyers, D. Reynolds, W, Moody, W. Underwood FOURTH ROW: T. Linson, K. Stone, B. Wallman, S. Eberspacher, C. Beam, C. Watson. THIRD ROW: D. Sander, R. liskra, W. Spilker, G. Hild, K. Clement. SECOND ROW: D. Leisy, G. Ehler, E. Stalnaker, K. Wiggins, D. Iohnson, G. Olson. FRONT ROW: R. Kelley, C. Lemon, D. Nelson, I. Huckfeldt, D. Van Vleck, C. Fldams. DALE VAN VLECK, President husbandry by Block and Bridle bandry. Ray Kelley, treasurer. Block and Bridle A g ri C ultu , el Clearwater- Ray Gard received the 1953 Nebraska Chapter Merit Trophy Award given each spring to the outstanding man in animal Block and Bridle members were also the recipients of awards The livestock judging team Won iirst place at the Austin Mmne sota National Barrow Show, Members ot the wlnnmg team were Dale Reynolds, Don lohnson, Bernard Wallman Wayne Moody and Dale Van Vleck. The wool Judging team also tools first place at the Kansas City contest Nebraska's Block and Bridle Club a charter member of the National Block and Bridle Club 1n a district which includes Iowa, Missouri and Kansas, requires that its members be sopho mores, maintain a 4.5 average and have an interest in anunal hus Serving as officers for 19531954 were Dale Van Vleck president, Tom Leisy, vice-president Toe Huckieldt secretary a a H n ,-A M as Emu B as B B K H H 1 H is E K! K 55838: GREEK mmnlw mg Hmmm E WW was mms E 3'ICll .G'hffff32Q19 MEN BEHIND SCENES of the annual Block and Bndle show make final arrangements. WOOL IUDGING TERM DISPLHYS first place trophies won at the Livestock sa mn nm mn ms a a as ms mn a mass ms ms mn mn ss ms ms wan H ss msn sms E a Y. sm-f ESQ u xx a no E . an ms E Q .E EH was is s Lemmon Lentz Malicky Millen Miller Nielsen Ode Olson Osborn Petersen H. Peterson R. Pinkerton VHEA The Vocational I-Iomemaking Education Association was organized last spring tor girls who are vocational education majors with sophomore standing or above. One oi the projects of the VHEA is the workshop for the Tabitha Home tor the Aged and Children. This year, members made favors for the trays for Thanksgiving dinner. Another oi the projects is the spring banquet, held With all vocational education majors. Officers for the group were Barbara Wahl- strom, president, Barbara Akeson, vice- president, Chlo Ode, secretary, and lean Rippe, treasurer. l26 " 'Vggt CHLVIN LEMMON --------- Crawford - Farm House, Block and Bridle, Rodeo Club, Farmer's N - Fair Board. L W SHIRLEY LENTZ ---------- Beatrice 5 lzlzbl in Gamma Phi Beta, YWCH, Home Ec Club. H . IOHNNE MHLICKY --------- Barneston ,tt In Hlpha Lambda Delta, Home Ec Club, VHEFI. MITZI MARQU1-:SEN ------ Fort Dodge, iq. ' I-'llpha Chi Omega, YWCFI, Cornhusker Beauty , ll' Queen Finalist. IOHNN MEYERS --------- Scottsbluff Delta Gamma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Coed Coun- selor Board, Tassels. ELPIINE MILLEN ----------- Hlbion Chi Omega, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Hg YWCR Cab- inet, Home Ec Club Council. PHILIP MILLER ---------- Campbell Hlpha Gamma Sigma, Newman Club, Voc Hg. LEE NIELSEN ------------ Elba Alpha Gamma Sigma, Voc Hg, Red Guidon. DHLE NITZEL ------------ Plrcher Farm House, Fllpha Zeta, Agronomy Club, Student Union, YMCPI, HUF, Hg Exec Board. DONHLD NOVOTNY -------- Clarkson Fllpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Builders, Corn Cobs. CI-ILORYCE ODE ------- Sioux City, la. Gamma Hlpha Chi, Fllpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, Coed Counselor Board, Hg YWCH, Farmers Fair Board, Tassels, Home Ec Club, Secre- tary, VHEQ, Ivy Day Page. RICHHRD OLSON - --------- Hxtell Plgronomy Club, Alpha Zeta, Ftrnold Society. DENIS OSBORN ---------- Talmage Tau Kappa Epsilon. SHHRIE OTTO ------- - Phillips Plmikita, Home Ec Club, VI-IEH. MHRILYN PELIKHN --------- Lincoln Kappa Delta, Home Ec Club, Orchesis. HLLEN PETERSEN -------- Hay Springs Pioneer House. H . , ii " s .-1 ir- , ,A .... . , I pi ,... ... , Marquesen Meyers ROBERT PETERSON -------- COII1SlOClC gitzel goffiml' Hlpha Gamma Rho, Hgronomy Club, 4-H. ,Daman Rjjnqn KENNETH PINKERTON ------.- Beatrice Alpha Gamma Rho, Newman Club, Plgronomy Club. NEHI.. POI-ILMHN - --------- Stanton Plcacia, Voc Hg, RRTHUR RBUN ----------- Minden Hlpha Gamma Rho, Hlpha Zeta, Corn Cobs, Kosmet Klub, Hg Exec Board, Builders Board, Student Council, Block and Bridle. BECK ROW: R. Keeler, T. Riley, L. Kieckhaler, M. Peterson, B, Eberhart, F. Corbin. FOURTH ROW: I. Becker, M. Batie, I. Calvin, M. Rice, M, Siepelmeier, I. Heilman. THIRD ROW: M. Hutchinson, I. Lindquist, E. Millen, D. Yates, H. Young, I. Emry. SECOND ROW: N. Draper, S. Otto, B. Sisson, H. Smith, B. Hrabik, S, Flanagin, I. Shilhan. FRONT ROW: M. Heuerxnann, B. Hkeson, B. Wahlsirom, R. Rippe, I. Malicky, C. Ode. 'Is is . sm: -Z 2 AQ Agriculture Juniors NORMHN REED -------- Crab Orchard Hlpha Gamma Sigmag Voc Hgg Hrnold Hir Society. MHRILYN RICE ----------- Norfolk Hmikitag YWCHg VHEHp Rodeo Club. ROGENE RIPPE ------------ York Phi Upsilon Omicronp Secretary, Ag Exec Board: Earmer's Fair Boardg Home Ec Clubg Treasurer, VHEHg Hg YWCH. FRED HOTHER ---------- Walback RICHHRD SCHHFFERT ---- - - Sidney Hlpha Gamma Rhog Voc Hg. Reed Rice Rippe Bother Schallert Selle Sheldon Shilhan Smith Snyder Sorensen Stapelman Sutter Swanson Thompson C. Thompson C. Y. Westcott Weyers Wiggins Wrasse vi 1.-2' sans' W Q IEHNETTE SELK ---------- Chadron Hmikitag Alpha Lambda Deltag 4-Hg Hg Student Uniong Gamma Delta. MHRILYN SHELDON -------- Hastings Home Ec Clubg Lutheran Student Hss'ng Hg Student Union. GENEVIEVE SHILHHN -------- Lincoln Phi Upsilon Omicrong Student Uniony Home -Ec Clubg VI-IEHg Builders. MHRGHRET SMITH --------- Ulysses Kappa Phiy Home Ec Clubg VHEHg Coed Counselors. MILDRED SNYDER --------- Hastings Tasselsp Kappa Phi. ROBERT SORENSEN ---- - - Papillion RITH STHPELMHN ---------- Belden Gamma Hlpha Chig Coed Counselorsg Sigma Eta Chi: -Home Ec Club. CHHRLES SUTTER - Theta Xi. ROLLH SWHNSON - -------- Waverly Farm Houseg Hlpha Zetag Hg Exec Boardg Hg YMCHg Hgronomy Club. CHARLES W. THOMPSON ------- Hnsley Hlpha Gamma Sigma. - - Grand Island CHHRLES THOMPSON - - Barrington, Ill. Delta Upsilon. BETTY THURMHN - - Broken Bow Kappa Delta. THOMHS TOBIN ------ Q- - - Tekamah Phi Gamma Deltag Newman Club. CHHRLES WHTSON --------- Pierce Hlpha Gamma Sigmag Block and Bridleg Farmer's Fair Board. NORMH WESTCOTT -------- Holdrege Chi Omega: 1952 Hello Girly Tasselsp Home Ec Clubg Hg YWCAg Student Council. ORVHL WEYERS -"- ---- H ay Springs President, Pioneer Housep Newman Club. KHYE WIGGINS ---------- Lebanon Hlpha Gamma Sigmag Block and Bridlep Rodeo Club. LONNIE WRHSSE ----- ---- - Hnsley Hlpha Gamma Sigma. WILLIHM YHTES - - - - - Doniphan Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VERN YOUNGMHN - - - Valley Hgronomy Club. EDWHRD ZHBEL - - - - Western Hlpha Gamma Rho. Thurman Tobin Watson Yates Youngman Zabel TRAVELING THROUGH A MAZE, this rat will be studied by Dr. W. I. Arnold to determine the cxnimal's psychological reaction to a given situation. Qldest College Celebrates 83rd Year on Campus WALTER E. MILITZER Dean oi the College oi Arts and Sciences When the University of Nebraska opened its doors 83 years ago in 1871, the College ot Arts and Sciences constituted the entire University. Seventy per-cent of the Nebraska students have direct contact with the College of Arts and Sciences through its various de- partments. These departments fall into tour groups: The formal sciences are represented by the depart- ments of mathematics and astronomy and the depart- ments of philosophy and psychology. The physical and biological sciences make up the natural sciences. Departments are devoted to bac- teriology, botany, chemistry, chemical engineering, geography, geology, physics and zoology. Students who are concerned with man in his rela- tion to society study the social studies. These depart- ments are the political sciences, sociology, anthro- pology and history. The fourth group is that oi Humane Letters. This includes the departments ot the classics, English, Ger- manic and romance languages and literature. The College ot Arts and Sciences disciplines were designed and continue to be designed to develop the student's mental powers and to give him his bearings in the universe ot nature and in the study of man's institutions. X x College 0f Arts and gk e Sciences , J 1 w 1 B ss r V Q ss w + ,i. w 1 .YJ ir' , A .V I 1 ' 1 N Y . X 4 M w "f 4 1 r Arts and Sciences Seniors AGITA ABEN S ---- Cosmopolitan Club. ROLLHND HHRENS - Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Lamb H. I. HNSHRI - - - RANDALL AYER - - Phi Delta Theta. PATRICIA BALL - - - Gamma Alpha Chi. ROBERT BARNWELL - Alpha Tau Omega. Hbens Hhrens Flyer Ball Bartunek Bell Cole Collins Davis Denich - Philadelphia, Pa. da Upsilon. - - - Lincoln Teheran, Iran Norwalk, Conn. Ansari Barnwell Benedict Collman Donarico Ord Lisco PEG BARTUNEK ----------- Lincoln Chi Omega, Theta Sigma Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi. BARBARA BELL ----------- Lincoln Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice-president, Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-president, Mortar Board, Associate Editor, Comhusker. I BENEDICT ---------- Jefferson, la. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Psi Chi, Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Innocents Society, Business Manager, Cornliuslqcr, Iunior Class Secretary, Student Council, Corn Cobs, Kosmet Klub. PHILLIP BRIDENBAUGH ------ Dakota City Pershing Rifles. ANDREW BUNTEN - - Cheyenne, Wyo. Sigma Nu, N-Club. WILLIAM CHICHESTER -------- Dalton Legion De Fusiliers, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. IEAN CLOUATRE -------- Gothenburg Sigma Nu. WENDELL COLE ------- Weeping Water Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, N-Club. IAMES COLLINS ---------- Omaha Acacia, Vice-president, Senior Class, President, NUCWA. IAMES COLLMAN ---------- Beatrice Circle K Club. BARBARA COLWELL ------- Pawnee City Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Iota. HARRIET COOK -------- Grand Island Bridenbaugh Calwell Doty Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Phi Delta. LORRAINE CORYELL --------- Lincoln Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Rho. SANDRA DALEY ---------- Anselmo Coed Counselor Board, Phi Sigma Iota. IEHN DHVIS ------------ Lincoln Sigma Kappa, Hlpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, President, Panhellenic, Student Union. LOUIS DENICH ----------- Omaha Nu Meds. DOLORES DONARICO - - - - Omaha Alpha Phi, AUP, NUCWA. GREGG DOTY -------- - Lincoln Kappa Sigma, Pi Epsilon Alpha. IOHN DREHER -------- - Hastings Pi Sigma Alpha, YMCA. DONALD DUNBAR - - - - - McCook President, Sigma Chi. BARBARA DUNN - - - - Omaha Alpha Phi: YWCA. Bunten Chichester Clouatre Cook Coryell Daley Dreher Dunbar Dunn nik!! NORMAN ERICSON --------- Holdrege Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Religious Wel- fare Council. JOHN EULE ----------- Ainsworth Brown Palace, Theta Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Gamma Lambda, Nu Meds. DON GEESRMHN - - - - - Ft. Calhoun Pi Mu Epsilon. CONSTANCE GORDON -------- Lincoln Vice-president, Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-president, Red Cross, Gamma Alpha Chi. MHRY SUE GORTON -------- Tecumseh President, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice-president, Coed Counselors, Publicity Chairman, Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta. DARLENE GOODDING -------- Lincoln President, Towne Club, Mortar Board, Kappa Phi, President, BABW. SARAH GRAHAM ----- - Sioux City, la. Alpha Phi, YWCA, Builders. MICHAEL GREENBERG -------- Omaha Zeta Beta Tau, Nu Meds, Corn Cobs, Red Cross, Theta Nu. ANN GRIFFIS ------ Oiiutt Air Force Base Kappa Kappa Gamma. SRLLY HALL ---------- ' - Holdrege Kap a Kappa Gamma, Managing Editor, The Ne- brasllsan, Gamma Pllpha Chi. SHIRLEY HAMILTON ------- North Platte Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Sigma Iota. DONALD HAMMES --------- Omaha Theta Xi, Nu Meds. IRNE HRNSEN -------- Sioux Falls, S.D. Pi Beta Phi, YWCA, Coed Counselors. WENDELL HARDING --------- Lincoln Kappa Alpha Mu. RADIO AND SPEECH 'STUDENTS perform before some of their most severe critics-other members of their own class. ' VERNITA HELMSTADTER Alpha Phi, NUCWA. BARBARA HEMPHILL - - Chi Omega, Theta Sigm BRUCE HOLLANDER - - Zeta Beta Tau. - - Omaha - - - - - - Tekamah a Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi. -A - -i - Brooklyn, N.Y. HAL HASSELBALCH - - - St. Edwards JAMES HOOVER - - - - - - Lincoln Alpha Tau Omega. Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. MARY HATHAWAY ------- Hampton, Va. CHARLES 'HUNLEY ' ---- - Falls City YWCA, Gamma Delta, Lutheran Chapel Choir. Phi Delta Theta, N Club. Ericson Eule Geesaman Gordon Gorton Goodding Graham Greenberg Griifis Hall Hamilton Hammes Hansen Harding Hasselbalch Hathaway Helmstadtex' Hemphill Hollander Hoover Hunley STRUCTURE OF STBR FISH is explained by Icmet Gordon for Ioan Clements, Cynthia Henderson and Shirley Dewey. Innes Koehnke Lothrop Arts and Sciences Seniors DOUGLAS INNES - - Phillipsburg, Kan. Pi Kappa Phi. IOYCE IOHNSON ---- . ------ Lincoln Vice-president, Alpha Chi Omegag Mortar Boardg President, Red Cross, Gamma Alpha Chi. WAYNE IOHNSON ---------- Lincoln Delta Sigma Rhog Pi Sigma Hlpha. BEVERLY IOOS ----------- Omaha President, Kappa Delia. GEORGE KARABATSOS - - Fairbury Delta Tau Delia. Cl-IHRLES KIPFIN - - - - Omaha Kappa Sigmag Debate. MAURICE KIRBY - - ------- Omaha CECILIA KOEHNKE --------- Alliance Delta Gamma, Newman Club, Builders. PHYLLIS KORT ---------- Blue Hill President, Residence Halls for Women, AWS Boardg Gamma Delta, Lutheran Chapel Choir. ANNETTE KOWALSKI ------- Loup City MARSHALL KUSHNER -------- Lincoln Zeta Beta Taug Secretary, Kosmet Kluby Board of Publications. PHILIP LEHMQN ----------- Milford PATRICIA LODER -------- Wilmetie, Ill. Kappa Kappa Gamma, National Collegiate Playersg Nebraska Masquers. DONNA LORENZ ---------- Oakland Nu Meds, Kappa Phi, Wesley. NORMA LOTHROP ------- Sioux City, Ia. Alpha Phip 1952 Homecoming Queeny Vice-president, Tasselsg Ivy Day Queen Httendant. RALPH MCCLINTOCK --------- Omaha DUANE MCCUTCI-IAN --------- Nelson Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowshipg Nu Meds. ROSANNE MCLAUGHLIN ----- Grand Island Kappa Alpha Theta. MARILYN MANGOLD - - - Bennington Gamma Phi Beta. RICHARD MARRS --------- Ravenna Sigma Gamma Epsilong Nebraska Masquers. IOHN METHUSELAH ---- Kakinacla City, India Cosmopolitan Club, YMCA. Iohnson I. Iohnson W. loos Karabaisos Kiliin Kirby Kort Kowalski Kushner Lehman Loder Lorenz McClintock McCuichan McLaughlin Mangold Mans Methuselah 51 E , f J ' :-:f ,- - :- 1 -- - -h " SS -if Wg iw .ff p f, A Q f U 5 J' +A: g fly, , M, ,ff F H, N :.,, iir, , S :,. ..ggMW,,,,w,,,,fW-XA ,gg-.,,2?M,E,K., W , lyk ' f , wr 2' I' " :-: X ' U L :':':': WMaRVWfffl'fWi5sf7MWWQA W W ' : gf Her W g my Why, ,-A-QJ'2Kfg'ff Q sy j f,,!f3 a3gZw ' y i ' "1 1 :-: S' . f 1 - 4 TfGF' ,:'if'U?,,ff'ff? 7 M9 Y l 3. : ' A x Y ' : : 1 : i -i.,,iflf jXf.f'f' 'AA' , ,' fQ-' 54-xy ,,,f,?.' IIQQQQ jjjgigz ' jEE ?g: 3EEE:E ,, q j j,9'ig EEwE:'ffL 51g ' L 71 : ' N -' H 'H Q' if f?5f'::f'31f32Qg'2: 1'---- 1' 1 gp vf Q " 'I- fi 52311 fi- T ig .:A. ----: Z ,H 25? -. -'N -' dXH:s: R59fff1ff f v 'f' ' N. -AIA - X 'fn ff - .-.' . " I "'i-- '-:-:5 'Q K X -r tiiiiffi I ' "" ' . Jw ly J , -xx 'l ik .f Q 7 :-: ii, ff - :': Q aff " fe-4 , ,", 1 . if -2: 22: 54 , iw - g f - - - 1 f3fJ'5 izilwiz- 9.-2:-fa " A - ' ' ' if f 3 ? ,M E-N . "'--: - 15333 -.. f f. f K ,: , ,'.' ii " 'i '- '-: A wh -V : : Q.:-1ij '?3:4. :nn :., -:- -K --- kg s - , ' -x K w, Q gag - -: X w f 5fi5?fYQ i1 s X A 9 - '- ---- 7 1 ' if z -' ' 'Q 53 : : K:Q- ff 2- ":: -:-- . w e , .mf ,MQ , gf ff M4 ., 1+, Q xi " " ' 11' "f?'WA?x ff -ii --:- X fi -"': if :-: ' Sli. Q iff' 'YL li b I ' : - :li - ' ' ffff f' w4Wf N ie f2f WfW,x xW g5f29 - . i 'f "W "f ff' f V 'Zi . -lf if? iij t g -vqz iz -- -2: .jE- .: :-- xii:-.,,, fix 14" jf , - XV, , , , . :-- g f Q, C .:i sf' ::: f,,.::'5g52:- ,:, , ,-.,. .,j :-: 1:f 55- ...,.,L:,... ..,... jf . ' g-' ii. -A fi W . wif 'ff '1" y f -T 4- fm. ,, M ' q.,: g, k ' g i.5.: i , kjwq... krqgff .N 1 W II w x Q! .A A ,,E.1nL:,.E li .,.:- jing 5 My fsnmf Ev 1 f l Y A J: "" :Q 't 'N' 1 X4 A fl - 'ix' z2z.y 5' ::: -,...,. ,',?'4 5'fWf! fn? ' 4 .Q 11- - f ' 5 "" rp? ' f, f f by 1 ,ny 'fg f,,f ,,,W-fnllgl I 1, xx if A -. .,,, M giggwgf n f.-23 Rx 'WML K g. fig 5 -:YJ : : X z : : 332 1. is : A5 1i 'f 'i"1- 414+ " Q i: iii.:- 21 1. .. :. Q .-'---- -v . Q : E ' ws? f ' fl: jj! ,Vx '-lf , A lvl --., 1-- J 3 :.: :.- ':. , f . , is 'Si ,SE "' : ug 1i'f'lV3"v'!9xNXE0f ff ' WM 'M' H 11 '- 'EMZNQNW -'NM 23? - ia .-- K 2?EPEW L EEF ? -:':.: , -f ---- f i' .1 5 mi. fl , , W. . +I i n A, , ,. I -:-- w " ' ' 1 wi f !!! ifgijifwwfgaPfifw?ff?fi'5f4'?fffLf?Hj,Z.WC1 f ff'gX iQT'x3Pv' : A :- ' '- - j J'M,'L 'f'W'ff9',Qi.Wy,f','I5W'jy'fKJ4G1ff7?1 4 Q- fl ' , 'x W : .: 532 42 QE2. , , Q ,H ,Y-',,,fPf74' ywfj' x VE 2 I1 ki lz. f EY '-..:: .'-' 5' if f- , N jaw ,J . . 1 :,: ., .2 ."'Yff"i" I W f f 5 'W :QW :' :' K ': ' A' F P Y V' f' N f l : Q ., + f 1 A f f JN f w e i i , W?-f,f2g,4 xi lf 2? AA '4 'l f .: ., . Q :. -- f' wzf ew 1 f' EN :- Q 'f "E f 1 in 4. -Q- . ,,"' rig iq S WORLD WONDERS are surveyed by geography students who never have to leave desks, pencils or books to do the job. Arts and Sciences Seniors, Juniors LOREN MLEYNEK ---------- Omaha Pershing Riflesg Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. MHRIORIE MORHN --------- Lincoln Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Deltag Kappa Tau Alphag Theta Sigma Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Iour- nalisrn Gold Keyp Newman Club. GLENN NELSON -------- Central City Delta Tau Deltag Kappa Alpha Mu, Sports Editor, The Nebmskan, Wrestling Squad. HOWARD NELSON ------- Arnold Air Societyg Lutheran Stude LYLE NELSON -------- President, Nu Meds. - - - Craig nt Association. - - - Sutton TIM NELSON ----------- Peoria, Ill. Delta Sigma Phi: Provost Corps: M adrigalsg Vice- president, Religious Welfare Council. Cl-IHRLES PEDERSON ---------- Blair Phi Gamma Deltag Canterbury Club. IAMES PHILLIPS ---------- Lincoln Sinlonia. ROBERT PINKERTON ------- Kappa Alpha Mug Newman Club. EDWARD RACELY ------- Phi Gamma Delta. MARYREED - - - - - - Kappa Kappa Gamma. - Kimball - Walthill - - Lincoln RICHARD REID ----------- Lincoln Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha, Pershing Rifles. SUSAN REINHARDT -------- Scottsbluff Delta Gammag Phi Sigma Iota, Alpha Mortar Boardg Tassels. HOPE Rosa --------- Adelphi, Nu Medsy Newman Club, IOI-IN RUSSELL - - ----- - Theta Xi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Lambda Delta, - - Lewellen - Fullerton KENNETH RYSTROM --------- Bayard Kappa Sigmap Sigma Delta Chip Kappa Tau Fllphag Innocents Societyg Editor, The Nebraskan. MARVIN SCHUMAN ------ Theta Xi. RICHARD SEGAL - - GERALD SEVERSON - GERALD Sl-IARPNACK - Gamma Lambda. ROLLAND Sl-IIELDS - Mleyneh Moran Nelson G. Nelson H. Nelson I.. NelSOh T. Phillips Pinkerton Racely Reed Reid Relllhdfdt Russell Rystrom Schuman Segal Severson Sharpnuck - - Minatare - - Omaha ----ofa - Plattsmouth - McCook Pedersen Robb Shields I GORDON SICK - - Sigma Nu. ROBERT SPEARMAN ----- Sigma Chi, Fllpha Epsilon Rho. - - Blair - Ainsworth IEROME SPITZER ------ - - - Omaha Sigma Alpha Mu. WILSON STRAND ------- Centerville, S.D. Brown Palaceg President, YMCA, NUCWAp Band. MARLENE STROH ---------- Lincoln Delta Gamma. DICK THOMPSON - - Phi Kappa Psi. - Fremont YING TSOU --------- Taipeh, Formosa Cosmopolitan Club, YMCA. WILLIAM WAGEMAN - - - Pi Mu Epsilon. DONHLD WENZ ------- Pi Mu Epsilon, Pershing Rifles. - Mead - - Lincoln MARY WHITMORE ---------- Lincoln Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Phi Delta. MARION WI-IITWORTH -------- Lincoln Kappa Kappa Garnrnag YWCA. RICHARD YOST ------- La Crosse, Wis. Pi Kappa Phi. MHRY HNN ZIMMERMHN ------- Lincoln ROGER BHRNHRD - - Lincoln Sigma Chi. WALTER BRRTON Kappa Sigma. - - - Grand Island HENRY BFIUM - - - - Ewing Brown Palace, RICHRRD BENNETT - - - Beatrice Delta Tau Delta. BEHTRICE BEUTEL ----- - - - Lincoln Hlpha Xi Deltag Panhellenic. ROBERT BIRD ------- - Hannibal, Mo. YMCH. HRLEY BONDHRIN - - Omaha Zeta Beta Tau. MHRLIN BREE - - - - Norfolk Theta Xi. Sick Spearman Spitzer Strand Stroh Thompson Whitworth Yost Zimmerman I-lngell Bailey Barnard Bird Bondarin Bree President, Alpha Chi Omega, Fllpha Lambda Delta: Psi Chi. HAROLD RDHMS - Nu Meds. IEANNE HISTRUP - Fllplia Omicron Pi. BPIRBFIRH ALLEN - - Rlpha Chi Omega. FILLHN RNDERSON - Phi Delta Thetag COR. RITH ANGELL - - Rlpha Chi Omega. BHRBRRR BRILEY - - Rlpha Xi Delta. Tsou Wageman Adams Flistrup Barton Baum Red Cross Board, - - Lincoln Madison, S.D. - - Valley - - Lincoln Kosrnet Klub: - - Seward - - Omaha Wenz Whitmore Fillen Hnderson Bennett Beutel 'aka Brillhart Burcum Buskirk Carr Chen Clute Coffey Connerley Ditus Edwards Ekstroru Engler Arts and Sciences Juniors DEHNNH BRILLHHRT ----- - - Columbus Kappa Kappa Gamma, Red Cross, YMCH. KHY BURCUM -------- South Sioux City Secretary, Kappa Deltag YWCH, Presbyterian Stu- dent House, Religious Welfare Council. TEST TROUBLES are the concern of sociology students Sue Graham and Iackie Reed as Mr. Bates explains the grades. 136 Carter Cartwright Chapman Daniel De Long Dewhirst Erwin Falloon Fitch WILLIHM BUSKIRK ------- Barstow, Calif. Secretary-Treasurer, Theta Nug Gamma Lambdag Nu Meds: Band. IOHN CHRR --------- Des Moines, la. Phi Delta Theta: Nu Medsg COR: Pershing Rifles, Legion de Fusiliers, BFIRBHRA CHRTER ---------- Lincoln Kappa Delta, Student Union. LEIGH CHRTWRIGHT --------- Omaha Kappa Fllpha Thetag I-Ttlpha Epsilon Rho. DHVID CHHPMHN --------- North Bend Delta Sigma Phi: Pershing Riflesg Newman Club. LICHU CHEN ------ Hn-Hue Foukien, China BABW. MORREL CLUTE ------ - Rochester, Mich. Theta Xi, Nebraska Masquers. RICHHRD COFFEY - - 4 ------- Rushville Phi Gamma Delta. DIXIE CONNERLEY ------ - Lamar, Colo. Builders, Red Cross, YWCH. BHRBHRH DQNIEL ----- - - Lincoln Towne Club. IEHN CHROL DE LONG - - - - - Syracuse Delta Delta Delta. MILTON DEWHIRST ------- Grand Island Delta Tau Deltag Nu Meds, Theta Nu. STHNLEY DITUS --------- Larned, Kan. Sigma Chi. MANIS EDWHRDS - - - - - - Spencer Theta Nug Nu Meds, MRRION EKSTROM ------- Newman Grove Delta Delta Deltag Coed Counselors. NHN ENGLER ------------ Omaha Kappa Kappa Gammag University Singersp Hqua- quettes. EUGENE ERWIN ---------- Fairloury Beta Sigma Psig Sigma Gamma Epsilon. FRHNK FHLLOON --------- Falls City Phi Delta Theta. THEOLH FITCH ----- ----- Pl lliance Sigma Kappag Student Union, Builders. me-,, ' f r ,- , ,J Vfy f N in ' 1.1 fm." ,7 1 , u 1 f.-11111-W! 1 1 41 lf' 4-1-4 1' W11. -1 : : .--:-f : : 1 : : 1 f fgf, 1 4 ,391 1 fav f 1111 --i ffl, f' - - F 1 ' 1 5 "'..: 1 1 635: ,v 1 451 31 W ,I nl ' 1 ,1117 HT 1 11111 7fi27s5f11i11DHQ ,AMI Q2 fQWQfF f My 1 .--' ,v uzl. zlz i5f i,Hf!l,zQJ3t A ,V . Q M rk. . , U L q..: Izl, 1 -,., zzi ,1E::- 1 : 1 aff: "ff W. ff fwffwl Q' I, : , N : ' ":.. X 45 ,f,z55C'311i1f rxa?5f54f2s5f?y5YN!5WW W W gi' '- 11 ' Y , if QB '29, My 1. W 1 . f K' ' 'fi MA? Q H If I f' ' ..:, fi ':' :':' C ':":':':' ,,:' 1 .."i 1 --:- 553 ...' zzz X ' "Q-fff2A.4- 1 X ' 1 1 " :': - , :-.:. .1 s- W2 2-: Wk. -2-:Q '::: III :.. ' 1 11 1 "-Tw.-':+:T-'F-'4 ' ' " V' f df 4 11 ' ':':2 ..:' if :-: 34 -:-: 5 !-2 ::' 2:41 zzz . ':-:"' f1' 22f. - iz' TF EXT?-i M' f f' j 56, 11 Mc ' 12: "'.:. f fi --E- rw 11! .:.. H ' W , A , 1 ,A -Qf X .3 V., f 1--. 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MHRVIN FRIEDMHN --------- Lincoln Sigma Hlpha Mug Student Councilg HUF Boarclg In- terfraternity Councilp Vice-President, NUCWA, Corn Cobsp Religious Welfare Councily Provost Corps. GHRY FUSSELMHN ---------- Bristow Kappa Sigma. SHNDRH GHDD - - - - Lincoln Pllpha Phi, YWCH. GERHLD GHER - - - - Omaha Sigma Pllpha Mu. IQMES GHRBER - - - - - Brownville Pershing Rifles. NHNCY GARDINER ---------- Omaha Kappa Kappa Gammap Copy Editor, The Nebras- kan: NUCWHQ Red Cross. MHRY GQTTIS ---------- Harvey, lll. Chi Omega, Phi Theta Kappa. BNN GERIKE ------ ------ W isner Gamma Deltag Nu Medsy Lutheran Student Chapel Choir. RITP.-HL GODING A- --------- Fllliance Hloha Phi. ELLIE GUILLIATT - - - - - Nebraska City Nebraska Masquers. MHRY HHESSLER ---------- Leshara Delta Delta Deltag YWCHg Red Cross. WILLIHM HHMSH ---------- Omaha Phi Delta Thetag Nu Medsg Pershing Rifles. IOHN HHRPER ----------- Lincoln Kappa Sigmap Sigma Gamma Epsilon. IHNICE HHRRISON --------- Fairbury Kappa Kappa Gammag Treasurer, Coed Counselorsg Copy Editor, The Nehraslgimg Theta Sigma Phi. NANCY HHWKINS ------- - - - Omaha Kappa Kappa Gammag Buildersg YWCH, MHRILYN HHYES ---------- Lincoln Chi Omega. ITZLQINE l-IESS ---- - Omaha Delta Delta Delta. BICHHRD HILL --'---- - St. Pau! President, Delta Sigma Phi. DOUGLHS IENSEN ----- - Eoelus ' Nu Meds. RICHHRD IOLLIFFE- - - - Fort Morgan, Colo, HHL MHRDIS - - - - - Lincoln Phi Kappa Psi. Delta Tau Delta. IOPIN IOYNER ------------ Lincoln Fil-l-HN MEYER - - ' ' ' ' Crofton Towne Clubg Tasselsg BHBW Bogrdg Student Council. IANET MINER ---- - Grand Island NHTHLIE Karr ----------- Lincoln Kappa Hlpha Theta- Towne Club: Red Cross Board: Society Editor, The RONHLD MINKIN - - - - Omaha Nebraskanp Tasselsg Buildersg Coed Counselors: Zeta Beta Tau. Gamma Alpha Chi- EDWHRD N1LsoN ------- Marquette SHLLY KRHEMER ---- Colorado Springs, Colo, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Chi Omega. DONHLD NUSS ----------- Sutton MHRIRNNE KUNS - - ------ Kimball Phi Gamma Deltap Nu Meclsp Theta Nu, Hlpha Phi. KHTHLEEN O'DONNELL ------- Lexington WHLLHCE LHNDHOLM ------- North Platte Chi Omega: WHH: Nebraska Masquera- Pi Kappa Fllphag Lutheran Student Ass'np Phi Ep- CLHRQMAE OGBURN .--.----- Lincoln silon Phi. Sigma Kappag YWCHg Buildersp WHR. SHIRLEY LHNGHUS --------- 1-i1'1C011'1 HNTONINE QUHTTROCCHI ------- Lincoln Fllpha Phi. Towne Club. EDWIN LHURNEN - - ' - - - Hack SDYUIQS, WY0- IHMES REISSENER --------- I-loldrege Kappa Sigma: Treasurer. Nu Meds: Theta Nu- Phi Delta.Thetag Newman Clubp Nu Meds. MFIURICE LIPTON ---------- Omaha JULIE REYNOLDS ------ - ---- Omaha Theta Nu: Sigma Filpha Mu. Delia Gamma, YWCH. MHRK LONCHR ------- - North Platte CLARK RHUDY - -- - - - - Noriolk Fllpha Tau Omega. Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. IAMES LOWELL - - - ---- Lincoln LOUIS SCHOEN ---- - - Valparaiso Delta Tau Delta. Brown Palacep YMCH. SHLLY MCGLHSSON - - - Minneapolis, Minn. MHRIHN SCOTT ---------- Beatrice Gamma Phi Beta Pi Beta Phig Tasselsp Homecoming Queen Finalist. VIRGINIH MI-'lNN - - - - - Lincoln GENE SCRHNTON --------- Tekamah Filpha Chi Omega Pi Kappa Phi. Iolliiie Ioyner Katt Kraemer Kuns Lcmdholrn Lcmghus Laurnen Lipton Loncar Lowell McG1asson Mann Marclis Meyer Miner Minkin Nilsen Nuss O'Donnel1 Ogburn Quattrocchi Reissener Reynolds Rhudy Schoen Scott Scranton HINTS ON PICTURE PRINTING are picked up by these two art students as they carefully note each step in the process. Arts and Sciences Juniors RUTH SORENSEN - - - - - Tecumseh Kappa Delta, YWCH. IHNE SPENCER -------- Nebraska City Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCQ, NUCWH, Red Cross, LEE SPENCER - - ---------- Lincoln Qipha Xi Delta, YWCH, Kappa Phi, HUF, Red Cross, Coed Counselors. MHRILYN STELLING --------- Omaha Tassels, Gamma Delta. WINIFRED STOLZ ---------- Lincoln Towne Club, 1952 Activities Queen, Tassels, BHBW Board, Coed Counselor Board, YWCH. FRED STRIDER --------- Nebraska City MHRVIN STROMER --------- Hastings Secretary, Pi Kappa Phi, Pi Epsilon Delta, Corn Cobs, Kosmet Klub, Student Council, Nebraska Masquers, Treasurer, Red Cross, President, YMCQ, President, Iunior Class. ELLEN SVOBODH ----------- Cozad Pi Beta Phi, Madrigals. FRHNCIS SVOBODH ------ - Schuyler Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Fllpha Mu. CPIROL SWHRTS ------- - Murdock Adelphi, Nu Meds. LU THOMHSSEN --------- David City Sigma Kappa, Plquaquettes, Red Cross Board. TOM THOMPSON ------- Ponca City, Okla. Phi Gamma'Delta. HNN TYSON ------------ Murray Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCH, The Nebraskan, Coed Counselors. BRIDGET WHTSON ---------- Lincoln Kappa Fllpha Theta, Coed Counselors, Red Cross. LHRHE WHTSON ----------- Omaha Alpha Xi Delta, Spanish Club, YWCH. THOMRS WOODWHRD -------- Beatrice Sigma Nu, Corn Cobs, Secretary, Iunior Class, The Nebraskan. KHY WOOLMHN ----------- Lincoln Phi Gamma Delta, - - Lincoln ..------ - Lincoln Sigma Chi' Vice1Presideni, Hlpha Ornicron Pi. MORRIS SKINNER - - - - Ainsworth DURNE YOUNG ---------- Columbus Hlpha Tau Omega. Phi Kappa Psi, Nu Meds. Sherman Skinner Sorensen Spencer I. Spencer L. Stelling Stolz Strider Stromer i Svoboda E. Svoboda F. Swarts Thomassen Thompson Tyson Watson B. Watson L. Woodward Woolman Workman Young , Lifff L E :--fi, , LZ!'!'kf17," 412+-f ff ffff f 'WK M it p f gp lm w sf X , f j ,HY Q NX fi H fv2Qff 1 4Hu 222-j,+2zffgfQx'au5qX ,xg,W4-nf, X wif' ,M f ,, f' ' ,L f,f'N .V "H . 'i i, ',' n 'jfpy,493.'., ,j',",'yf',. I 3,14 1 ilfZ2fQ?,!11' A4y1 f Ni, X35 :M AX 1, WW' f w-WWff ,f 6 ,Z Y 1 I I I N W bw .Ziff ' "1Q'lfUg'1i-f 'ff ' f fffmffff Q'ff1-7235? sl " 5 ' V . AA A Pix 1 ,4 K' VH ' L 5? ' ' ' - 3 www-my-f--aww W M M MW 4, W-1' -.N Wm ji- f - 6 :-' 1 'XM K-iffwwg H , '--, 1 V 3 .k 'bfi h .W .M ,Q 1 . -,, , ' ' N, -. rw-Nj ig? , .V x ' , "W Y, J .f c .L , -,f ,WW "M, E Q Q tif 'H K' M - H-, .. P- "' . 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' A Q, i, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STUDENTS exercise their right to vote by casting ballots for their representative in the Biz Ad council elections. Reorganized Council Engages Crosby for Banquet EI-IRL S. FULLBROOK Dean of the College oi Business Hdministration we iii H Zi . s 'H E H me w - , ss it ses SE ml it msn it saws E fm sus s- as -,:m. M W. gm- MW misss magma Hmmm: E . Hfter an absence of ll years, the Executive Council of the College of Business Hdministration has been reorganized. Four students from each class are elected to the Council. Pllso the Business Hdministration hon- oraries and professionals each have a representative. The purpose of the Council is to represent the stu- dent body in promoting functions of the College in co- operation with the faculty. Proficiency in all fields is recognized at the annual banquet, sponsored by the Council. Guest speaker this year was state Gov. Robert Crosby who spoke on "Morality in Taxation." Gold keys were also pre- sented to the lO top ranking students from the fresh- man class by Nathan Gold, local business executive. Because of the rapid increase of business demands and the expansion of both government and private agencies, there has been an increased interest in the courses offered in the College of Business Pldministra- tion, College records maintain. This College prepares young men and Women not only for the business World but also for the political and social World. Opportunities for graduates of the Business College are found in the fields of insurance, banking, accounting, advertising, retailing, transpor- tation and investment. K-, , --u ....,,.., Q --.-Q, ,- f ' E' ' V W W. .,. H Haw W smug mxmmugsg uw M -'1""' 4 Q 'tw' i..:V,L . . 1- .iff nl.. U ...EE f .e.i5f - ig + ,A ' ', ' 4 -I - i . ' I V- in 3 ' ' .3 .1 --1 5 . Q-'J .IQ 1 . . 1 , M, 1. 7 X. 1 I -fa - . - . .1 0 ' ' -5 'fr " "'. 'ah' ' A . I. xl .R r ',. '. 35? - I . JJ' D '. 'I' , '9 ' 1 Ay ' 9 V ' 4 W ' .qu l " 1 ' ' ., A. ,J--l 31? A ,f , J - .41-5 'fi A s . ."1 . I ..,.,--"T" ' 1- V- j V 4 I-li - ' ' " 54:5 il -' 4 1 , A I: J' t' ' ' 4 .V in .U 1 'J Qx . A, .. 1 .h ,lg , A m x V I 1 : l H22 1 .h 4 - ,I - f ,f ..l'A.A 5 4 .1- W ' f v . 24. x .' .' ' 'a.- -' . 4 N' .' W I v ' i A I . ' -F.. ., -. X w w , N 4 1 w 1 w E93 STHNDING D Sommerhalder Dean C Fullbrook P Shade B Bartizal H Hove N Veitzer I Chappell SEPl'1ED H Kemson R Dorn W Larson C Battey I Iensen GERALD HDCOCK Lincoln Pershing Rifles Provost Corps NICHOLHS AMOS Winnetka Ill Alpha Tau Omega IERRY PINDERSEN Business Administration Phi Kffppapsi HHROLD HNDREW Delta Sigma Pi. ERNEST HRRIGO Grand Island - - - Beatrice - - Lincoln Student Executive Council Deli sqm., P., ,u,,.z..qs1i.i Nebraska State Governor Robert Crosby was the principal speaker at the Biz Ad banquet this year. This banquet was among the most important activities of ROBERT BHCHMHN - - - - - - - Grand Island Phi Kappa Psi, Secretary, COH, VHNCE BQKER - "- ---- ---Burton Alpha Kappa Psig President, Beta Gamma Sigma. mm .B We ,' ,sam as the Business Administration College Student Executive Council. Among the accomplishments of the first year of re- organization since World War ll was the setting-up of a constitution and getting other technical arrangements made. More important were the things it did in repre- senting Business Administration students' views to the faculty. The members discussed such problems as en- larging the insurance department, getting assistants for especially busy professors, making changes in text- books used, and adding new courses. They also held an open forum to discuss income tax. The members of the Council, who are elected by the students in the College of Business Administration, include three seniors, one of Whom must be a girl, three juniors, one a girl, two sophomores, and one member from each of the Biz Ad professional fraterni- ties-Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, and Phi Chi Theta. Dean Fulbrook and one faculty member, Ray- mond C. Dein, served as co-sponsors. This year's president was Chick Battey. 144 sz-fs:-, - - 2 ,iq -.sf :- rf--x.-,-l ' - ,.. . ,LM 5: I, .' 'Nz b 'ESQ V. ,' X -- is ' ' B' 9 'L ' al: ' Pi --:., .... :.:, . : .:. ' v 'ix i' I it-' H , , V., 4 T ii T , L Hwr ' 1 i i, . , 4:5 lr! 1 J W -fi ll i A 1 . I I-' ,gum s -:- -:-. - -:-t-we-'f5:-':-iii-E.: , ' . V' - - I . 'ft' ,gig lf gi. xg: g??igif Ei? iw -, f if -3 V- lil? , . l j r , J, .iii '-l +A! ,I E Q ...,. 5 rss' Q: ,V ' . Q M., 1 li .- "il-:i'v ' if-'T 4' ff- an it I .- J-:,' ,, Aclcock Hinos Andersen Betzelberger Blba Bish Caley Campbell Carpet R". :fa Qndrew r Boome Ceno' w n Business Administration Seniors ROBERT BHRTIZHL --------- - I-iT'1C011'1 Sigma Hlpha Epsilon, Business Hdministration Coun- cil. CHHRLES BHTTEY ---------- Lincoln President, Phi Delta Theta: President, Business Fld- ministration Council, N-Club: lnterfraternity Council. OWEN BEHCH ----------- Lincoln Phi Delta Theta, COB. ERNEST BEBB - - - -------- Omaha Alpha Tau Omega, Fllpha Kappa Psi, Innocents So- cietyy Student Union, Student Union Board of Man- agers, President, Hrnold Society, Vice-President, Corn Cobs. PETER BERGSTEN ------- Barrington, Ill. Hlpha Tau Omega. CHHRLES BETZELBERGER - - Tecumseh Phi Kappa Psi. BRRBHRH BIBH ---- ---- G eneva Hlpha Phi. WILLIHM BISH - - - Rocky Ford, Colo. Delta Tau Delta. IOHN BOOMER - - - - Lincoln Delta Sigma Pi. WESLEY BOSWELL ----- - Lincoln Delta Sigma Pig Pi Mu Epsilon. MILO BRABEC ------- - - Geneva Sigma Phi Epsilon, N Club. EDSON BRIDGES ---------- Omaha Sigma Chip President, Fllpha Kappa Psi, Beta Garn- ma Sigma. DONHLD BROWNING --------- Omaha Kappa Sigma, Flrnold Society. MELVIN BRYDL ---- - - - - - - Wilber Pllpha Kappa Psi. IEHN BUCKNER ----- - Sioux City, la. Fllpha Phi, HUF5 Builders. IOHN BUCKNER ----- - Sioux City, la. I-'tlpha Phi, JACK BUSSELL ------- - - - Scotia Pioneer House, Delta Sigma Pi. LORIN CHLEY -------- - Springfield Phi Gamma Delta. MECHANICS OF ADVERTISING LHYOUTS are perfected by hard work and with help from Dr. Blood's pointers and advice IHMES CHMPBELL - - Sigma Nu, N Club. - Grand Island HLLHN CHRPER ----- - - Murray Sigma Chip Provost Corps. IOHN CENOVICH ---- - - Omaha RICHHRD CHRISTOPH - - - Hlpha Tau Omega. RICHHRD CLAUSSEN - - - Hlpha Tau Omega. MHURICE COSTELLO - Delta Sigma Pi. Glencoe, Ill. North Platte - - Tucson, Hrizona LEROY CROSBY ---------- Omaha ' Sigma Hlpha Epsilon, Hlpha Kappa Psi. RLBERT CURTIS ----------- Brady Delta Sigma Pi. MHURICE DHILEY ---------- Odell Delta Sigma Pig Newman Club. LAWRENCE DHNE -------- Clay Center Brown Palace. THOMHS DHY ------- - - Lincoln Phi Kappa Psig Provost Corps. Flrrigo Bachman Baker Bartizal Battey Beach Bebb Bergsten Boswell Brabec Bridges Browning Brydl Buckner lean Buckner Ioan Bussell Christoph Claussen Costello Crosby Curtis Dailey Dana Day IOINTLY HOLDING THE GHVEI. are present and past presidents of HK Psi. Bill Melville and Ed Bridges. Murray Backhaus, Millard, '54, Vance Baker, Burton, '54, Ernest Bebb, Omaha, '54, Edson Bridges, Omaha, '54, Melvin Brydl, Wilber, '54, Bill Doleman, Fairbury, '54, Duane Eckert, Stanton, '56, Ernest Enke, Emerson, '55, Walter Everett, Lyons, '54, Dick Faes, Lincoln, '55, Dick Gerlach, Lincoln, '55, Roger Graul, Roca, '55, Gordon Henke, Wilber, '55, Ray Hruby, Ceresco, '55, Dick Huebner, Plattsmouth, '54, Don Iensen, Sargent, '55, Ierry Iensen, Cozad, '55, Homer Kenison, Flaudreau, S.D., '55, Bob Knent, Omaha, '54, Iames LaRue, Palisade, '57, Don Leonard, Madrid, la., '54, Iohn Lueihje, Waco, '55, Bill Melville, Broken Bow, '54, Bill Nelson, Millard, '54, lim Oliver, Shelton, '54, Lirms Ostcliek, Lawrence, '54, lllllen Overcash, Lincoln, '56, George Regan, Madison, S.D., '55, Phil Shade, Franklin, '55, Stan Sipple, Nebraska City, '5-fl, Royce Tonjes, Pender, '55, Frank Wells, Auburn, '54. HK PSl'S BRE ENGROSSED in cx lecture dealing with one phase of their lavorite subject-business. Backhaus Baker Behb Bridges Everett Faes Huebner Iensen D. Oliver Osidiek Shade Sipple Brydl Crosby Doleman Enke Iensen I. Leonard Mead Melville Taylor Tonjes Wells Alpha Kappa Psi A debate on tree trade was one of the activities sponsored this year by Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Administration fraternity. The group also helped plan and prepare the an- nual Biz Ad Banquet., The purpose of the group is to foster scien- tific research in the iields of commerce, ac- counts, and finance and to educate the public to appreciate and demand these higher ideals. Several members oi AKPsi were among those chosen for Biz Ad Council and elected to Beta Gamma Sigma. Ed Bridges served as presidentg Bill Mel- ville, vice-presidentg Boger Graul, secretary, and Linus Ostdiek, treasurer. Y 4' 1 W U 'Q-.9'H:f?fi'1'fl: 3'7W.WS'fWf EQ? T'-Eijnw flN'9T'i'iI'Cv. fr - ., as . B48 , A 5,1-.SS iii .www -N H1235 K Y fs, 'HN his 'fi ,,.-was M H . f se' .f fi:- ,Q 'M' " A is is is tm mf EDSON BRIDGES, President Business Hdministration, Omaha. . W l EEE Be f. W is Mm sw H14 HEX155! - -ia' sam E Er W., c W i ii K V , me new me it -- L mf.: rift fr E ,ga an udp- s B .. asm vi up --W .msg an WI'l'H SHHKESPEARE HS INSPIRHTION Doc Elliott helps student to plan her next semester's class schedule. Business Administration Seniors RICHHRD DUERR - - Ottumwa, la. Sigma Chi. IOHN DZERK - - - - Lincoln Delta Sigma Pi. HHROLD ELLIOTT ----- - Broken Bow Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi. AUDREY EMERY - - - - - Phi Chi Theta. LEO ENGEL -------- South Sioux City Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club. - - Sutherland WQLTER EVERETT Q------ - Lyons Kappa Sigma, Fllpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT FICKE -------- - Lincoln Delia Sigma Phi. MHRIORIE FOLEY - - - McCook Phi Chi Theiag Newman Clubg Secretary, BHBW Board. DWIGHT FRITTS - - Omaha Phi Kappa Psi. NORMHN GHUGER - Grant Sigma Phi Epsilon. IERRY GOLDING - - Lincoln Hlpha Tau Omega: VIRGIL GOTTSCH - - Elkhorn N Club. DONHLD HHMANN - Lincoln Sigma Phi Epsilon. DHVID HHNNH - - ------ Cozad DOUGLQS HHNSON ke City, Utah Delta Tau Delta. HOWHRD HHNSON - - Herman Sigma Nu. CLIFFORD HARMHTTH - - Pittsburg, Pa. Delta Sigma Pi. GEORGE HHRRISON - Wakefield PHIL HEIDELK ---- - - Fairbury Sigma Chi, N Club. ROBERT HOHL - - - - Wahoo Kappa Sigmag Newman Club. ' ' ' LCICIOSSG, - - Grand Island Delta Tau Delta' Gamma Phi Betag Hquaquettesg Business Hclminis- CLHRENCE DICKEY - - - - Omaha tration Council. Delia Slgma Pl- RICHHRD HUEBNER -------- Piunsmouih DONHLD DISCHNER ------ - Lincoln Beta Sigma Psi: Filpha Kappa Psi. Delta NSWHIGH .---'------ Dundee, WILLIHM DOLEMHN ----- - Fairbury Pllpha Tau Omegag President, Senior Classy Vice- Hlpha Kappa Psi. President, Interfraternity Council. Decker Dickey Dischner Doleman Duerr Dzerk Elliott Emery Engel Everett Ficke Foley Fritts Gauger Golding Gottsch Hamann Hanna Hanson D. Hanson H. Harmatta Harrison Heidelk Hohl Holden Huebner Iarnes BILL JENSEN - - - - - Fremont Sigma Phi Epsilon. IOHN CLINTON - - - Grand Island Sigma Nu. CARROLL IOHNSON - - - - Lincoln Delta Sigma Pi. ROBERT IOHNSON - - - - Council Bluffs, Ia. Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. DONHLD KFIRLBERG. - - - - - Wakefield Lutheran Student Hss'n. PHYLLIS KEIM ------ - Lincoln Towne Club: Phi Chi Theta. PHUL KIRKMQN ------ Delta Sigma Pi. IRMES KNISELY - Phi Kappa Psi. KI-'LKEN KOKUBH - - - - Mawashi, Okinawa Norris House. NORMAN KOVRNDH --------- Lincoln Vice-president, Delta Sigma Pi. - North Platte - - North Platte TOM LHRSEN ------- - Lincoln Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. CHQRLES LHWSON ------ - Lincoln Sigma Phi Epsilong Provost Corps. MICHQEL LHWLOR ------ - Lincoln Sigma Chip Kosmet Klub. SHIRLEY LEDINGHHM - - - Mitchell Fllpha Phi, Red Cross. DONHLD LEONARD -------- Madrid, la. President, Pi Kappa Phig Pllpha Kappa Psi. WILLIHM LOELTZ -------- Red Oak, Ia. IOHN NIEHHUS - - Sigma Chi. WILLIHM NUCKOLLS ----- - - - Fairbury Delta Upsilong Sigma Delta Chi, Kosmet Klub GEORGE NULL ----- Delta Sigma Pi. DONHLD OBRIECHT - Delta Sigma Pi. CQRL OFE - - Sigma Chi. IIM OLIVER ------ - Plattsmouth Phi Delta Theta: Hlpha Kappa Psi, Plrnold Society N Club, COA, YMCH. HLFRED ONNEN ---- Beta Sigma Psi. RICH!-IRD OSLUND - - - Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. LINUS OSTDIEK ----- Hlpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigmag Newman Club. DONHLD OVERHOLT --------- Omaha Kappa Sigma, Hrnold Hir Society, Debate. ELDON PHRK ----- ------ L mcoln Delta Tau Delta, Beta Gamma Sigmag President In nocents Societyg President, Builders, Vice-president Student Council. Iensen Iohn Karlberg Keim Kokuba Kovanda Mackey Marcus Morris Newman Oslund Ostdiek Iohnson Kirkman Larsen Martin Niehaus Overholt Sigma Nu. ROBERT McCUNE - - - - Council Bluffs, la. Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. BRUCE MHCKEY - - ---- Lincoln Sigma Phi Epsilon. EHRL MHRCUS ----------- Hshland Secretary, Sigma Hlpha Mug NUCWA. PHUL MHRTIN ----------- Lincoln FLOYD MFISON - - - York Pi Kappa Phi. RICHHRD MEQD ------- - Scottsbluff Kappa Sigmag Fllpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT MEEHRN ---------- Lincoln Beta Theta Pig Newman Club, Student Union Board. IOHN MEISINGER ---------- Lincoln Delta Sigma Pig Provost Corps. WILLIPIM MELVILLE -------- Broken Bow Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Psig Corn Cobs. Tl-IOMHS MILLER --------- Columbus Phi Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma: Kosmet Klub. LEWIS MORRIS ----------- Lincoln DQLE NEWMHN - - - Newman Grove Delta Sigma Pi. Lawlor Ledingham Leonard Loeltz McCune Mead Meehan Meisinger Melville 'Miller Null Obriecht Ole Oliver Onnen BFICK ROW: A. Emery, K. Parker, G. Harvey, C. Kruse, I. Reiling. THIRD ROW: M. Foley, P. Morgan, W. Larson, I. Hawthorne. SECOND ROW: I. Ullstrom, D. Sears, K. Pasco, P. Keim, K. Yeiter. FRONT ROW: H. Laurier, R. Bourne, V. Robertson, R. Dorn. Phi Chi Theta "Would you be a good manager?" Members of Phi Chi Theta, women's business administration fra- ternity, had a chance to find out the answer to this question when they were given tests at a December meeting. They learned answers to other questions pertaining to business through the panel discussions presented by faculty members at the group's regular meeting. A panel including Dr. Richard Bourne and Dr. Curtis Elliott dealt with the subject, "What are the Opportunities for Women in Business?" Phi Chi Theta also holds luncheon meetings with guest speakers at the Chamber of Commerce. The speakers were women in all fields oi industry. Other activities of the 1953-54 period included giving rush parties, initiating new members and sponsoring a spring banquet. A special activity last year was a series of tours taken by the Phi Chi Thetas through diversified indus- tries in Lincoln, Another event was a tape recording of a sales talk, which was presented by a member ot the group. The recording was made by a local insur- ance company, and included a Phi Chi Theta member who was taking part in the company's training pro- gram for new employees. Requirements for membership are that a prospective member must be a woman enrolled in the College of Business Administration and have a weighted average of 5.0. President of the group is Virginia Robertson. 150 l fw- ALLRN PRULSON - - Delta Tau Delta. GEORGE PRYNICH Delta Tau Deltag Club. 9153 Q f.,,. S' 4, as 'sv' 125' Y - - Dell Rapids, S. D. - - Des Plaines, lll. Sports Editor, The Ncbraskrmg N ROBERT PECHFI ----- Rlpha Tau Omega. RICHRRD PETERS - Delta Upsilon. ROBERT QUIGG - Delta Sigma Pi. .- 5 SN 3 !.' I YT W e. ' -JH.: ' ' 24 , ' l St 88 B l l WW I 7 as - -it A V. s . r, sm l 51 1 W Qlltfefv ' 'S N, ., ,,. R s sm v m , 1 ft ws . San Bernardino, Calif. - Rtlanta, Ga. - - Lincoln ' ' ' ' rt 'wi .v . .. Shu- 1 Qitiii A .,. ' is I 'I xr- 1' 'I Ji-sf "L g . ...ifl jf . wif .- i ifiifttg ,ff lj' s s t t- , wh . .. ., rw 1-2, , "' , I lr? 1. li R m 1 . gf tim ., W , ,NN :.. K . , t -.r P In V W' Qt" le 2. 12. .git ' 'lt . J t, ' it P '-4 . '- A V 'Z 2".E...1. Paulson Paynich Pecha Sipple Smaha Smith Tussey Ultstrom Van Hnne l 'A 1' -'rw .X . ...... A P'-.4 ll l H. W, djs- N . "" T Y 'iii jg A -,... , A Peters ' Socler Veylupel Business Administration Seniors VERLIN RHSMUSSEN - - - St. Paul Beia Gamma Sigma. IOFIN REILING ---- ------- L i1'1C011'1 President, Fldelphig Phi Chi Theta. WILLIFIM RILEY -------- - FairburY Bela Theta Pi. ROBERT ROACH - - ---- OI'HGhC1 Delta Sigma Pi. VIRGINIH ROBERTSON ----- Sioux Falls. S. D. Hlpha Chi Omegag Phi Chi Theta. REX ROSS - -------- ---- L incoln Delta Sigma Pig Kappa Hlpha Mu. ROBERT RUSSELL --------- Fullerton Sigma Phi Epsilon. ' STHNLEY SIP 1? LE ' ' ,Q ' ' 15 I ' Nebmsgc' Clif STEVE CHNYON for summe Graham im for Biz Hd Jim QSLZZ? TF 5 Rb, U12 anlnnocems one Y' Launer, it is the Wall Street Iournal which must come lust. CLERK SMH!-IR --------- Wilmetle, Ill. Bela Thela Pi. ROBERT SMITH - - - Sargent IACKIE ULLSTROM - - - Lincoln Delta Upsilon. Kappa Deltag NUCWH. IQCK SODER ----------- Fairbury IOHN VHN HNNE - - - - Dalton Phi Gamma Deltag Phi Theta Kappa. Newman Club. DELPHIN SOMMERHALDER ------ Steinauer IOHN VEYLUPEK - - Omaha Delta Sigma Pig Business Flclministration Council. RICHQRD VISEK , , , Sargent HERBERT STELZER --------- Seward TERRY VRZHL ,,., , Norfolk ROBERT STONE ------- - - - Lincoln Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. mph!! TCH-1 Omege. WHLTER WHLDMPLN -------- Columbus WILLIS SUNDE - - - - Sioux Falls, S. D. IOHN WARRICK ,..,.,,, Meadow Grove mphfl Tau Omega- President, Kappa Sigmag Inierfraternity Council. ROI-HND SWHNSQN - - - - Bellevue RICHHRD WELLER ------- Mitchell, s. D. DSIIG SIQTHCI Pl- Sigma Illlpha Epsilon. CHHRLES SWIN-GLE - ---- Lincoln FRQNK WELLS ...,..,.,,, auburn Bela Them pl- Hlpha Kappa Psig Phi Mu I-'llpha-Sinfoniag Presi- QRTHUR THYLOR - - Naugatuck, Conn. dent, Gamma Lambdag Bandg Hrnold Rir Societyg Delta Sigma Pi. President, Hlpha Phi Omegag Band Keyman. GEORGE TURNER - - ---- Lincoln HARRIETT WENKE ---------- Lincoln Sigma Nu. Kappa Hlpha Thetag Mortar Boardg Vice-President, WILLIRM TUSSEY ------- - - Lincoln HUFg Hlpha Lambda Deltag Phi Chi Theta. Delta Sigma Pig Provost Corps. MICHHEL WHHLEN ------- Grand Island Quigg Rasmussen Reiling Riley Roach Robertson Ross Russell lornmerhalder Sielzer Stone Sunde Swanson Swingle Taylor Turner 'isek Vrzal Waldman Warrick Weller Wells Wenke Whalen Whitman Williams Windeshausen Hnderson Ftrrnstrong Hvery Backhaus Barton Becker Bevington Bricker Campbell Carter Devries Dickey Dorn Duling Dunn Ebner Echtenkamp Eclquist Enke Faes Fogel Gerlach Gillespie Gohde CHHRLES HRMSTRONG - - - Omaha , . , , , Sigma Phi Epsilong Band, Business Administration GLEN ww - - - - - P Scottsbluff Seniors, Juniors RICHHRD WHITMAN - - - Huburn Provost Corps. DONBLD WILLIHMS - - - - Lincoln Sigma Nu. NICHOLFLS WINDESHHUSEN - - Osmond Delta Sigma Pi. - VHLIEHN HNDERSON -------- Wakefield Pershing Riflesg COHQ Lutheran Student Ass'n. STHTISTICHL CHLCULHTION is on the lab agenda for Ed Bartels with individual supervision from Wayne Moeller. Beta Theta Pi. MURRHY BHCKHHUS ---- ----- M illard Phi Gamma Deltag N Clubg l'-'Alpha Kappa Psi. IEROME BHRTON ---------- Gering Delta Upsilon. DON BECKER - - - Lincoln Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT BEVINGTON ---- - Beatrice Delta Tau Deltag Gymnastics. LORRAYNE BRICKER --------- Norfolk Gamma Phi Betag YWCFL Buildersg Student Union. WILLIHM CHMPBELL - -------- Lincoln Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. JOSEPH CHRTER - - - Lincoln Phi Delta Theta. WILLIHM DEVRIES ---------- Lincoln Phi Delta Thetag Kosmet Klubg l3lUFg lnterfraternity Council. SHNDRFI DICKEY --------- Columbus Alpha Chi Omegag FlUFg WHT-lg Student Union. RITH DORN ------------ Lincoln Towne Clubg Phi Chi Theta: Newman Club. RICHHRD DULING ---------- Lincoln Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. DOUGLHS DUNN - - - - Omaha Hlpha Tau Omega. LHRRY EBNER - - - - Lincoln Beta Sigma Psi. MERLIN ECHTENKQMP - - Wakefield ERHHRT EDOUIST - - - - - Omaha Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. ERNEST ENKE ---- - Emerson Alpha Kappa Psi. RICHHRD FHES ----------- Lincoln Sigma Phi Epsilon: Hlpha Kappa Psig Pershing Rifles. DI-INNY FOGEL ------ ----- O mcrha Sigma Fllpha Mug Yell Squadg Student Council. RICHHRD GERLHCH --------- Lincoln Phi Delta Theta. IHCK GILLESPIE ------ - Hastings Beta Theta Pig HUl:'g Builders. ROGER GOHDE ----- - Lincoln Alpha Tau Omega. STHNLEY GOHLINGHORST - - - Council Bluffs, Ia. Kappa Sigma: Pershing Rifles. IOE GORDON ----------- Lincoln Sigma Phi Epsilon. RICHRRD HRMER ---------- Chadron Brown Palace: Delta Sigma Pi: Gamma Lambda: Wesley Foundation. CHQRLES HHUPT ---------- Lincoln Phi Delta Theta. IOHN HHWKINS - - ----- - - Gering Sigma Chi. JOHN HHWTHORNE --------- Burwell Alpha Chi Omega: Phi Chi Theta: WRH: RUF: Builders. BRIEN HENDRICKSON -------- Lincoln Delta Tau Delta: N Club. DON HEWITT -------- Sioux Falls, S. D. Rlpha Tau Omega. MQRTHH HILL ----------- Lincoln Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta: YWCR Cabinet: Tas- sels: Vice-president, Business Hdministration Coun- cil. DONHLD HODGE ---------- Beatrice Delta Tau Delta: N Club: Gymnastics. IHMES HOFSTETTER -------- Kearney Delta Upsilon. DORHN IHCOBS ------- Deadwood, S. D. Zeta Beta Tau: Corn Cobs: Student Council: AUP: T he Nebraskan. IOHN JEFFREY ----------- Omaha Sigma Hlpha Epsilon: Newman Club. CHHRLES IENSEN -------- Pawnee City DONHLD IENSEN ---------- Sargent Pioneer House: Rlpha Kappa Psi. IERRY IENSEN ----------- Cozad Rlpha Tau Omega: Fllpha Kappa Psi: Business Hd- ministration Council. DHVID IONES ----------- Lincoln Pllpha Tau Omega. UVE KAPSI ---------- - Lincoln Delta Sigma Phi: Cosmopolitan Club. IO BNN KNQPP ----------- Lincoln Chi Omega: Managing Editor, Cornhuskcr: Secre- tary, Panhellenic: YWCH Cabinet. GERHLD KRRNTZ ---------- Omaha Delta Tau Delta. SHHRON KREUCH - - Lincoln Towne Club. COE KROESE - - - Cook IERRY KRUPINSKY - - - Omaha Zeta Beta Tau. CHHRLES KUNCL - - - - - Omaha Tau Kappa Epsilon. WILMH LHRSON --------- Broken Bow Phi Chi Theta: Honorary Sponsor: Pershing Rifles: Business Administration Council: Tassels. RNN LRUNER --------- Grand Island Kappa Kappa Gamma: Phi Chi Theta: Builders: Treasurer, NUCWR: Copy Editor, Cornhuskcr: Tas- se s. Ielfrey lensen C. lensen D. Iensen I. Iones DRVID LINDOUIST - - Mitchell, S. D. CRRL MHMMEL - - - - - Omaha Beta Theta Pi. IHCK MHRCH ----- - - - WCIYHS Sigma Chi: Circle K Club: Golf. CHHRLES MARSHHLL ----- - Verdigfe Sigma Chi. IHCK MHSTIN - - - - KearneY Phi Delta Theta. DON MEHD --------- - - Omahd Sigma Phi Epsilon: Pershing Rifles. BHRBHRH MEDLIN ----- - ---- Hlbion Treasurer, Pllpha Xi Delta: YWCA. BILL MILLER -------- San Rafael, Calif. Sigma Fllpha Epsilon: Newman Club. LEWIS MILLION ---------- Sidne-Y Delta Upsilon. ROBERT MURPHY - - - Nebraska CitY Sigma Nu. IOHN NELSON - - - Sioux Falls, S. D. Delta Tau Delta. DON ODEN --------- Council Bluffs, la. Kappa Sigma: Pershing Rifles: Flrnold Hir Society. HERMHN OEHLRICH - ------- Columbus Delta Upsilon. Gohlinghorst Gordon Hamer Haupt Hawkins Hawthorne Hendrickson Hewitt Hill Hodge Hotstetter Iacobs Kapsi Knapp Krantz Kreuch Lindquist Mammell March Marshall Murphy Nelson Oclen Oehlrich Kroese Krupinsky Ku ncl Larson Launer Mastin Mead Medlin Miller Million is s DOUBLE CHECKING assures these Delta Sig members that they will be well informed on the latest campus activities. Harold Hndrew, Beatrice, '54, Ernest Plrrigo, Lincoln, '54, Iohn Boomer, Lincoln, '54, Wesley Boswell, Lincoln, '54, Scott Brown, Lincoln, '55, Robert Bruner, Fremont, '54, lack Bussell, Scotia, '54, Robert Clark, Lincoln, '56, Neil Collin, Lincoln, '56, Robert Costello, Lincoln, '54, Albert Curtis, Brady, '54, Francis Cruse, Lincoln, '57, Maurice Dailey, Odell, '54, Gerald Davis, Lincoln, '56, Clarence Dickey, Omaha, '54, Donald Dischner, Lincoln, '54, Iol-in Dzerk, Lincoln, '54, Harold Elliott, Broken Bow, '54, Bob George, Lincoln, '55, Victor Golletz, Homewood, Ill., '57, Del Grim, Hastings, '55, Richard Hamer, Chadron, '55, Eldon Harlow, Holstein, '56, Fillen Hesson, Lincoln, '57, C. D. lohnson, Lincoln, '54, Uve Kapsi, '55, Paul Kirkrnan, North Platte, '54, Cyril Kocian, Plattsrnouth, '54, Norman Kovanda, Milligan, '54, Paul Macek, Lincoln, '55, lack Mankamye, Sutton, '54, Iohn Meisinger, Lincoln, '54, Dale Newman, Newman Grove, '54, George Null, Lincoln, '54, Donald Obriecht, Grad., Kenneth Paschall, Independence, Mo., '54, Lloyd Peterson, Lincoln, '55, Robert Quigg, Lincoln, '54, I-lnton Rasmussen, Lincoln, '54, Lyle Reighard, Lincoln, '56, Robert Roach, Wichita, Kan, '54, Rex Ross, Lincoln, '54, Richard Rumbolz, Lincoln, '56, Carl San Filippo, Lincoln, '54, Glenn Smith, Lincoln, '56, Ierry Snyder, Fairbury, '55, Deiphin Sornrnerhalder, Steinauer, '54, Robert Sternber, Elm Creek, '54, Richard Swanson, Scribner, '57, Wesley Steyer, Grad., Roland Swanson, Bellevue, '54, Dan Switzer, Beatrice, '54, Qrthur Taylor, Lincoln, '54, William Tussey, Lincoln, '54, Dan Umphe- nour, Beatrice, '56, Richard Whalen, Lincoln, '54, Flrthur Wiater, Omaha, '54, Nick Windeshausen, Osmond, '54, Ronnie Wohler, Omaha, '56. PROFOUND ECONOMIC SUBIECTS are topics of dis- cussion in informal atmosphere of the Student Union. W 'LANE ' ai Andrew Qrrigo Boomer Boswell Bussell Collin Costello Cruse Curtis Dailey Davis DeGraw Dickey Dischner Dzerk Elliott Furtis Hamer Harlow Harmatta Iohnson Kapsi Kirkrnan Kovancla Lego Meisinger Newman Null Obriecht Peterson Quiog Reighard Roach Ross Rumbolz Son-Filippo Sommerhalcler Swanson Taylor Tussey Umphenour Wilson Wincleshausen 5' i::i,.jl5Q?V-'il ' A:-All Y iv-'M , .C , 1 L 4 , , , . 4 X ,J i gf, Q, id , , ,,,, ' Q ,,, "'. G53 , " gigigigig i My f' :': gig zz: i 'ZW QffQf'f3 "' . 1 V. iM""T l . i n ' :Q"ESi.ll 6, -A' , , r in . N' " ,Qs ' : l ,,. I . zlz J sag s sts., tg Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, Business Administration fraternity, this year gave a scholarship key to the outstanding Biz Ad student, Iohn Phan, who was chosen by the Dean on the basis of high scholarship. The group also presents a merit award each semester to an outstanding Delta Sig. First semester recipient was Robert Clark. On the social side, the Bose of Delta Sig, was presented at the annual spring formal. The proceeds from the dance were given to charity, Officers for the group were president, Bob Quiggp senior vice-president, Bob Clark, junior vice-president, Norman Kovandag secretary, Ernest Arrigo, and treasurer, Harold Elliott. iF 5 sm is 2. E E md - E me gl E Ml E gm game-r--m mi "ia ii n 3 'nm -:- is it is ' -in -:-ig: 9 :SE : mn an E Q ' is ,4 . me me 1 . B me use I W me .T 5 1 1 my B is - pi use gg is me B B fi is iw m n me iw Trivv- :ina- Wi ii f?f""'1E ROBERT QUIGG, P r e s i d e nt Business Hdministration. Lincoln. is is is was aug as ms: is: -Q in 1:1 Q14 L WDW m GWILI PHSCO - - - - - Sioux Falls, S. D. Phi Chi Theta. CHRROLL PETERSON - ---- Kimball Delta Upsilon. GORDON PETERSON --------- Huburn Phi Delta Thetag N Clubg Swirnmingg COH. LLOYD PETERSON ---------- Lincoln Delta Sigma Pip Pershing Rifles. DOROTHY SEHRS ---------- Seward Phi Chi Thetag YWCH7 BREW, Coed Counselorsg Stu- dent Council. PHIL Sl-IQDE ----------- Franklin Sigma Phi Epsilony Hlpha Kappa Psip Sigma Theta Epsilon, Corn Cobsg Business Fldministration Coun- cil, Business Manager, Cornhusker. LPIRRY SHAFER ---------- Flurora CHHRLES RHITT - Phi Gamma Delta. VIRGIL RHNK - - Pi Kappa Phi. GEORGE REGHN - - Delta Tau Delta. - Ainsworth - - - - York - Madison, S. D. DORSEY ROHTH - - - - - - Franklin Sigma Phi Epsilon. RICHHRD ROESER - - - - 091111510 Sigma Nu. DONHLD ROGERS - - Honolulu, Hawaii Tau Kappa Epsilon. ROBERT RYHN - - - .... Lincoln Sigma Nu. CHRL SAN-FILIPPO - Delta Sigma Pi. RICHHRD SCI-TULTZ - San lose, Calif. ----York Pasco Peterson C. Peterson G. Peterson L, Raitt Rank Regan Roqfh Roeser Rogers Ryan Scrhpilippo Schultz Sears Shade Shafer Sorensen Spahn Steeve Steinberg Tontes Trabert Uran Vmm Sigma Nu. SEIEL SHIMHDH - - - Goeku, Okinawa WILLIRM SHRECK - - - Bertrand Sigma Phi Epsilon, LEON!-'lRD SINGER - - - Omaha Zeta Beta Tau. BILL SMITH - - - Plainview Sigma Chi. IOSEPH SMITH - - - Omaha Phi Kappa Psi. DONHLD SORENSEN - - - Ord Delta Upsilon, THOMHS SPHHN - - - Lincoln Theta Xi. BERNHRD STEEVE ----- Clarinda, la. MARVIN STEINBERG --------- Omaha Zeta Beta Taug Kosmet Klub. GENE STEVENS ------ - Omaha Interlraternity Council. . DHVID STUCKEY - - - - Lexington Sigma Nu. RHLPH STUMP - - - Beatrice Delta Tau Delta. STEVE SUTTON - - - Blair Sigma Nu. DON TQDKEN - - - - - Firth Hrnold Qtr Society. ROYCE TONTES ----------- Pender Sigma Phi Epsilong Hlpha Kappa Psi. IHCK TRABERT ----------- Lincoln Hlpha Tau Omega, N Club. GWEN URFIN -------- Rapid City, S. D. Gamma Phi Beta, YWCl5lg HUFQ Builders. ' HOWPIRD VHNN ----------- Omaha . Historian, Zeta Beta Taug Kos-met Klubg COHg The Nebraskan. STEPHEN VISEK ---------- Omaha Beta Theta Pi. HHRRY WALLHCE - - - - Kearney Phi Gamma Delta. MHRY WEBB - - - - Maywood, Ill. Pi Beta Phi. DHVID WEBER - - - - Lincoln Delta Tau Delta. GENE WELLS - - - Huburn Sigma Chi. Shimada Shreck Singer Smith B. Smith I. Stevens Stuckey Stump Sutton Tadken Visek Wallace Webb Weber Wells 2 , ,kia Y' ,Q xx 1,5 Ri' YK.: Q , Vf Qnff uf .- wggf, W an. W--Hw..:11 -x,!.,:..g , 4,p-'uw 94: vmkgfny H kfYiv2 -- X ,wma -w fy 'K Hu xiii. x.fgl'zvIH ' , Mi-ny. VW N , . E' w A f' .r Aa ,uf-5 m., W f"ga f, ,N I ix 215 1 QZA 5. ,,, .V ' ff f Q4 1... " ,wx .W 1 ,, Qg X ky' X xmlh , fy . lf-'f'Qf'4 I W...-?3,..2 Km ,irv4w.L,U. .'l 's "','-1 ff .gdxJ?gL.ML vw F 1 - J, gms., ,H f . ,f s AA' Q., .NIM iw, " 1 -9, xg .- --sau ff -+5-as U, 2? 5,5 T ff, gg .Q.gS5j4,N f's?'MA- liar? W R iZff.31Ql' Q'W4, A2511 . 'A -'Yz'.sw .M ,. 5:-Q. .. '-w ,K Q, Y.. 'E an W-,,,, wx... , 7 X xx 1. 'W ' bi A. Q. ' A ,V W N xxx' . ' fb , jf X .' xi.. f' K K .,.s.1 WIRE. ':7W-.x"F 'Nw 'wgvm . W Sf..rif, X32 U12 Y. , .My E2 .W M- W mx: X- -Haw x w.. .5 ws: W1 N. ,wg E uf mx xx W, sm wc 'G'-,1,:' Q C! uw., xv- ENN. hw' 1 ,f,,. 1 'iflyfivw 'xffwf JAN"-Et.. 'f-' -'HN nw ":g,..,fi. ...-Hi' M52 wp, JHNJWN . W . Y. www. wry' . A -wx wxmvvw 1 .4 P guy wx? f.v.:A-- ,Lx Mug ,.M.Mh.: fx MW... Y-M' gg 'W ,Ad N.. LU-fqlkww U, xx :Q 1 N ax .1 1-A x . Q, R.. 1 mv. V ,WA K.-s w. mx an ,,,. W .w..W,,,.. "' wr' Mi My V-fhz ,Wg w. A wwy .YMMT MW, ?,,.:w.w , N, , bg fx' .Nan 3. . Q vm: W am- '14 ,J my nw w- ,bm 3-1 ...Mn hm ,Www ,Mg us:17',w Va -1, N Nw, ...W MMMEFA wh.. um wma: M 'eQ"n3' 'RH ,ms ,Y v ,vw QQ MHX A M-. N .- wfiqxgfe M. H, SM Rx ' Y' .ML W Yhliw Hwy-W 14 tml. wwf' -11,4 mf., W - m'N vw NM Bm ,v.,... H5 .www fy W. mm H1 X -1+ F . E W- ,gg M gms :gf F 4,41 mf. Q 'ms - Wy E .' .ms wmmwsgg ,V ow-mal,-was .wg Emma 'iw 'gn M ss QE Us :Z mmn1 xxx , .ggL. bw M ,mam -9' ns-ss,-,f' ,m . ,-X. . 9' -,Q Y 1 - ff: wwf X sw , wi' sw - lbw was . 11.4-"V 38:88 X.. A- Q S? .gms . na E E! ,Wfsww mamma my " nf I gamma no L'ff"f"' M -' H H ma.m5QB"fQ :B an me ss nf- , um-xr. mms awE .usa kms mann., Lffa mms ks .E Ev EW? m NM f-if -ffikflff' ,H N W:,-viqlmii nw, ' Q2 v., W . .. ...wg M gy gf. yfifx J., Q, ,gm A ,wk fl fan s Z?-H Q 5FQ.j,sg R nm H QM ,nm A E. E. mm: E.. wang Q1 4' .,f PLHSTIC MOLDS are constructed in the lab for reference in future studies by lack Good. La Verne Blank cmd Cecil Bartlett, students in dental college. Oral Surgery, Cancer Research indicate Advances BERT L. HOOPER Dean of the College of Dentistry l Formal dental education, which began only a cen- tury ago, has been a part of the University of Nebraska since 1892. The University College of Dentistry is a member of the American Association of Dental Schools and has full approval of the American Dental Associ- ation. 'Fhiity-two freshmen are chosen each year after the screening and selection of dental students by apti- tude tests set up by the American Dental Association. The department of oral surgery is considered one of the most emphasized phases of dental school. Because of the completeness in the surgical department, the school has a very fine reputation in this particular field of dental education. Another notable part of dental school is the rapid development of dentists for the children's field. Some 1954 additions to the College of Dentistry were new X-Ray equipment, new dental chairs and a complete electrical process in place of the old method of casting gold inlays. The dental school is doing extensive research on cancer to alert dentists to recognize the early stages of cancer. Other research studies were made on cavity preparations for the child's mouth for which the dental school was given a grant from the U. S. Army. Dr, Ireland and Dr. Benton Kutler Wrote a research project on "The Effect of Sodium Fluoride Plpplication on the Dental Caries Experience in Adults." ., 1-1 1-Q .M 7. fx x 14' W 1 1 1 1 ' 1 College 0f 1 Dentistry 1 me me -2 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 :1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 , 1 1 11 1 '1 1 W1 1x X11 1 1 1 '1 1 1 PHUSING FOR REFRESHMENT, this trio oi dent students visits the coke machine between classes and clinical work. Dentistry ROBERT BRKER - - - - Sheridf1n.WYO- Delta Sigma Delta. WHLTER BENNETT - - - - Milford Xi Psi Phi. CLHIRE BOTT - - - - Cheyenne. WYO- Xi Psi Phi. JACK BROWN - - - - Stratton Xi Psi Phi. RICHRRD BRUNMEIER - - - Butte Delta Sigma Delta. PRUL BYERS ---- - Wakefield Delta Sigma Delta. DHLE CHPEK ----- L ------- Lincoln Phi Delta Thetag Delta Sigma Delta. CI-IHRLES CHBOTHERS ------ Sigma Nug Xi Psi Phi. WILLIHM CORRHLES ------ Phi Theta Kappag Delta Sigma Deltag GEORGE DHCHS ------ - Xi Psi Phi. EGAN DRENKER ------ Phi Gamma Deltag Xi Psi Phi. WILLIHM ELLISON ---- Delta Sigma Delta. VICTOR FLOHR - - Xi Psi Phi. Keith Gilbert - - - - - Delta Sigma Delta. 160 - Broken Bow Lawton, Okla. Newman Club. - - - Lincoln - - Lincoln - Waco - - Gering Nampa, Idaho RHYMOND GROVE - Xi Psi Phi. THOMHS HHRLEY - Delta Sigma Delta. RICHHRD HHRVEY - Delta Tau Deltag Xi THOMHS HOLSCHER Xi Psi Phi. WHRNER HOUFEK - Delta Sigma Delta. ROBERT HOWARD Xi Psi Phi. DHLE HUTCHINS - Xi Psi Phig YMCH. RICHHRD IOHNSON Delta Sigma Delta. ROBERT KELLY - - Xi Psi Phi. RICHHRD KIENY - Delta Sigma Delta. IHCK KNODLE - - Xi Psi Phi. - - Ptlliance - - ---- Lincoln - - - - - Sioux Falls, S. D. Psi Phi. - - - - - Casper, Wyo. - ---Wahoo - - Lincoln - - Lincoln - - Lincoln - - Lincoln - - Omaha - - Bozeman, Mont. Baker Byers Drenker Harley Hutchim Bennett Bott Capek Carothers Ellison Flohr Harvey Holscher Johnson Kelly Brown Brunmeier Corrales Dachs Gilbert Grove Houtek Howard Kieny Knodle Baker Brunmeier Byers Capel: Corrales Ellison Gilbert Harley Houlek lohnson Kieny Kubota Lucleman Ludwick McKee McKenzie Mendenhall Moriarty Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Delta has the distinction of being the first professional dental fraternity founded. The first chapter was formed at the University of Michigan in 1882. , Members, which are selected from students in good standing in the College of Dentistry, combine a profes- sional and scientific program with a fraternal and social organization. Leading the group to this goal were Tom Harley, who served as president, Darrel Ludeman, vice-presi- dent, and George Nielson, treasurer. BACK ROW: Officers. R. Wiest, K. Gilbert, T. Harley, G. Nielson. FRONT ROW: P. Kubota, D, Lucleman, D. Huey, P. Byers. Mosher Nyberg Rader Slama Wahlen Weist DOCTOR BECOMES PHTIENT as he relaxes in dental chair. Kubota McKenzie Moriarty Schilling Swanbom Lanspa McReynolcls Mosher Schreiber Wahler Dentistry PAUL KUBOTR - Delta Sigma Delta. MYRON LHNSPR - - Xi Psi Phi. DRRRELL LUDEMRN - Delta Sigma Delta. THOMHS LUDWICK - - - Sigma Fllpha Epsilong Delta Sigma Delta. THOMRS McKEE ---- Delta Sigma Delta. GORDON MCKENZIE - Delta Sigma Delta. IOHN MCREYNOLDS - Xi Psi Phi. Lu demon Ludwiclc Maisel Ma rg rave Nyberg O'Connor Slama Starbuck Wieland Wiest - Cheyenne, Wyo. - - Brainard Springfield, S. D. - - - - - - Lincoln - - - - - Price, Utah - Lincoln - - - - Hshland MILTON MHISEL ---- Zeta Beta Taug Vice-president, Senior Classy Xi Psi Ph' Los Angeles, Calif. 1. ROBERT MHRGRHVE - - Wahoo Xi Psi Phi. KEITH MENDENHRLL - - - Lincoln Delta Sigma Delta. 162 TOM MORIHRTY - - Delta Sigma Delta. RHLPH MOSHER --------- Tau Kappa Epsilonp Delta Sigma Delta. IOI-IN NYBERG --------- Delta Sigma Delta. Xi Psi Phi. RICHARD SCHILLING ------- Delta Tau Deltag Xi Psi Phi, IOHN SCHREIBER ----- Phi Delta Theta, Xi Psi Phi. IERRY SLHMH ------ Delta Sigma Delta. GORDON STRRBUCK Xi Psi Phi. ROBERT STEMM - - Xi Psi Phi. DERYL SWRNBOM Xi Psi Phi. VERNON WRHLER - - Delta Sigma Delta. RICHFIRD WIELHND ' Phi Delta Thetay Xi Psi Phi. I Delta Sigma Delta. IHMES WINCHELL ------ Rapid Rlpha Tau Omega: Xi Psi Phi. McKee Mendenhall Rader Stemm Winchell MOLDING PLHSTER OF PHRIS CRSTS is only one of many dent lab assignments for Tom Harley and Ray Iohanson. IOHN O'CONNOR - - l ROBERT WIEST ----- - - - Fremont - Huburn - Omaha Chappell WILLIRM RHDER ------- Conrad, Mont. Sigma Nug Delta Sigma Deltag Phi Sigma. - Lincoln - Lincoln - Lincoln - - Longmont, Colo. - Lincoln Scottsbluff - Lincoln - Lincoln Chappell City, S. D. 5. - ,,-. ,,. M ns or , 'vf'l7Nml' V J' r, ff' ,w w E- ,ruali 'I 1 Gu w . EFL: ., ' M , .. ,-, '-',,'-3f',,,' -'Y . ...E . I.. .. ,N -, -rr' 'A f A ,. .Q '-.y-" 'Y in Y . 53 41 ,1'Lf1D l j:g" i1l 1 , A l ai il, f-1'if12'15'-- . T' W Q l- 9 ,,....-'-F-p W , ,V . fl -V we . lt? , L, '.g ,K 7.5 '. 'A .. mill?" bqpl' 1, r A e :vw 4 '51, an f i T. " Hi- 3 ' .2 . Q is ,HMI V :TU ' ' '1 nr, -11: ,l ."li:1fl ' ' " K E I v J ..- - 13, ' K V. '.w,.,,'zg:,f- ff-. . V ', , , ' T Q I .1 '- r ' , Ze .., A A ,, , , ., . Q vt , Q-, ,, I H!! 'E r V w 'l V' 7 rw ' 9 ,J M4 ll x l s r . n eg,fr-:f-- 1 ,n 1 'lil in 1" l lf I . ff it lt , .1 i '22 A 4 '-Q TOOTH STRUCTURE, illustrated by lighted display. receives attention and study from George Strassler. X-RRY ACCURACY through practice is the , ,.., 1 fffii! CLINICHL PATIENT. Darrel Ludeman gives William Greer an opportunity for experience. goal set by Walter Bennett and lack Brown. X 4 X WHITE COHTS HND CLEHN HHNDS form rigorous routine for students. Vern Vrliska and Tom Ludwick. ZIP OFFICERS Milton Maisel. Iohn McReynolds, Bob How- ard. Iim Winchell, president, and Glen Wood, discuss a case. Robert Harvig, Omaha, '55, Robert Hllen, Scottsbluff, '57, Dail Barlow, Carter, Wyo., '57, Cecil Bartlett, Chappell, '56, Bill Best, Longmont, Colo., '55, Lester Bevans, Waverly, '57, Lavern Blank, Franklin, '56, Walter Bennett, Milford, '54, Claire Bott, Omaha, '54, Robert Brockley, Valentine, '56, lack Brown, Lincoln, '54, Robert Burton, Falls City, '56, Paul Byers, Wakefield, '56, Charles Carothers, Broken Bow, '54, Tom Cartney, Twin Falls, Idaho, '56, Henry Cech, Lincoln, '56, Robert Crown- over, Sargent, '55, George Dachs, Lincoln, '54, Bernard Doyle, North Platte, '57, Egan Drenker, Lincoln, '54, lim Eastep, Livingston, Mont., '55, Ierry Evhns, Lincoln, '55, Robert Fenster, Broken Bow, '57, Donald Pinks, Lincoln, '57, Victor Flohr, Lin- coln, '54, Donald Gerver, Dorchester, '56, Iohn Gibbs, Custer, S. D., '56, lackson Good, Gregory, S. D., '56, Raymond Grove, Lincoln, '54, Glen Hacienteldt, Grand Is- land, '56, William Harris, Worland, Wyo., '56, Richard Harvey, Sioux Falls, S. D., '55, Vern Holmes, Hays Springs, '57, Carvel Holt, York, '57, Torn Holscher, Casper, Wyo., '54, William Houfek, Malmo, '57, Dave Huey, Denver, Colo., '56, Dale Hutchins, Lincoln, '57, Robert Howard, Lincoln, '54, Ray Iohnson, Lincoln, '55, Robert Kelley, Lincoln, '54, Richard Kieny, Omaha, '56, Willis Kittleman, Creston, Ia., '56, lack Knodle, Bozeman, Mont., '54, Paul Kuloata, Cheyenne, Wyo., '56, Harold Kuemmer- lin, Ft. Collins, Colo., '56, Iames Lanspa, Brainard, '54, lack Larson, Los Qngeles, Calif., '55, David Lindeman, Lincoln, '57, William Lippstreu, Lincoln, '55, Victor Loigreen, Beaver City, '56, Maurice Logan, Lincoln, '55, lim McCabe, Lincoln, '55, Robert McCoy, Spring View, '57, Robert McPherson, Neligh, '56, Iohn Mclfteynolds, Hshlancl, '54, Milton Maisel, Omaha, '54, Robert Margrave, Wahoo, '54, Flrden Means, Lincoln, '54, Marvin Meyer, Minden, '56, Darrell Moreland, Lincoln, '56, Harold Most, Lincoln, '55, lohn O'Conner, Chappell, '54, Wesley Parker, Lincoln, '54, Sid Pattison, Cheyenne, Wyo., '55, Iirn Plihal, Pawnee City, '56, Harold Rosenau, Geneva, '57, Richard Schilling, Lincoln, '57, Iohn Schreiber, Lincoln, '57, William Shainholtz, Lincoln, '57, lack Sheneman, Poison, Mont., '56, Harry Schultz, Wichita, Kan., '57, Ioseph Simpson, Lincoln, '56, Chester Singer, Lincoln, '55, Wayne Sintek, Lincoln, '56, Lloyd Smith, Hastings, '55, Ray. Sprecher, Lincoln, '56, Gordon Star- buck, Longmont, Colo., '54, Robert Stemm, incoln, '54, George Strassler, Lincoln, '57, Daryl Swambom, Scottsbluff, '54, lames Terry, Waterloo, Ia., '55, lim Thomas, Fairbury, '55, Dan Tolman, McCook, '57, lohn Vacek, Pawnee City, '57, Plrden Valasek, Lincoln, '56, Robert White, Lincoln, '57, Dick Wieland, Linco n, '56, Iames Winchell, Lincoln, '54, Glen Vfood, Fairbury, '55. OPERHTION EXTRHCTION is the business at hand for cz senior Zip. Other dent students watch anxiously. ss f sf s 9 rr mrs 1, ss rss- ss ss ss ss sr swi- ss Q -f . ... s ., , ... s s s f- :-:' ' - SS E SS E S8 .:. -in,-,z is - is nr is s ,-, V523 sms we E t . 5 W H 'V jgjj :.:.:.: .:. -V .1 s it it it me S E :agar '- s it 5.5 L sms,-g 5 s 5 i-1 is ryrg 31 5 Y. if it 5 B 5 W E Q 5 5 misss N,:,L,. I K H E E Kgs. , ......r it W se, ' s 5' ' we em emit 5, ,, ,ye t. .-. :.: ss Bennett Bott Brown Ca rothers Dachs Drenker Flohr Grove Harvey Holscher Howard Hutchins Kelly Knoclle Lanspa McReynolds '. ' Maisel Margrave O'Connor Schilling Schreiber Starbuck Stemm Swanbom Wieland Win-:hell -d 'J-" Xi Psi Phi A special event for the members of Xi Psi Phi, professional dental fraternity, was the na- tional convention which met in Lincoln in De- cember. Other activities included the spring formal and the party given by the freshmen for the seniors. The group, organized to provide a better foundation upon which to build a more suc- cessful professional career, was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1905 and has been active ever since. lames Winchell assumed the duties of presi- dent. Other officers Were: Iohn McReyno1ds, vice-presidentg Al Wood, secretary, Bob How- ard, treasurer, Milton Maisel, editor, and Claire Bott, philemon. HWAITING THEIR PHTIENTS, these Zips catch up on the latest happenings at the dental college. THESE ENGINEERING STUDENTS examine the tank which they will use in future semesters in hydraulics lab at the newly reconstructed Stout Hall. Remodeled Stout Hall Provides Needed Facilities ROY M. GREEN Dean of the College of Enginering This year was marked by the moving ot the College of Engineering and Architecture into the recently re- constructed Stout l-lall. The building was furnished with a new root, a concrete stairway and modernized labs with new equipment. The Engineering Experiment Station has seen much research and experimentation in the past tew years, resulting in published reports on two projects this last year. Professors and instructors of the University staff have found a method for determining the original water content oi Portland Cement and have investi- gated the inelastic buckling of slender reinforced con- crete columns and thin shells. The six departments ot the College-agricultural, architectural, chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical -occupy buildings on both the city and agriculture campuses. Three of these buildings-Richards, Stout and Ferguson Halls-are named after former deans ot the College. Annual projects of the student engineers are the Engineering Week display and the Nebraska Blueprint, engineering magazine. Bob Peterson and Iohn Tom- barge assumed the duties oi chairmen ot E-Week. Don Madson served as editor oi the Blueprint. MII TH REE AND ONE-HHLF MILLION DOLLHRS is represented the architectural model undergoing inspection here. Engineering Seniors CHRRLES HNDERSEN ------ Delta Sigma Phi, Sigma Tau, HIEE. OTTO APFELBECK ------- Hcacia, HIEE. IHMES HTKINSON ------- HIP1, Society of Military Engineers. BU.. NM Hlliance Wilber - Brady WILLIHM BHILEY ---------- Omaha Hlpha Tau Omega, Historian, Sigma Tau, Vice- president, ASCE, Innocents Society, Vice-president, Kosmet Klub, President, COR, Hdvertising Manager, Nebraska Blueprint, Student Council, Engineering Exec. Board. TED BHRGER ------------ Lincoln President, Beta Theta Pi, HSME, ROBERT BECKENI-II-IUER -------- O'Neill Sigma Pllpha Epsilon, HIH, Enginering Exec, Board. WESLEY BEERY ----------- Curtis Pioneer House, HIEE. ROBERT BRITTIN - - - - Lincoln Phi Kappa Psi, AIEE, EDWQRD BRONG ---------- Seward Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, HSME. DEQN BUCKINGHRM - - . ----- - - Lincoln Hlpha Tau Omega, FlIChE, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Phi Lambda Upsilon. STUHRT CHRLSON --------- Holdrege Delta Upsilon, HSCE. LEE CARTER ----- - Lincoln Delta Sigma Phi, HSME. DONHLD COLLINS - - - - Lincoln Phi Kappa Psi. WILLIHM COOK - - - - Omaha HIEE, Newman Club. EDWIN CUMBERLFIND - - Fluburn HSCE. ROBERT DE BQKKER - - - - Lincoln ASME, Newman Club. SIMON DELISI -------- - Lincoln Sigma Tau, HIEE, Newman Club. WILLIQM DOOLE ---------- Lincoln Theta Xi, HIEE, Sigma Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Hrnold Society, Band. WILLIHM DOUGLHSS --------- Lincoln Sigma Nu, QIEE. RICHHRD DUNKLHU --------- Lincoln Beta Sigma Psi, ASME, Gamma Delta. IHMES ESTES ---- ------- L incoln HIEE, Plrnold Hir Society, Institute of Radio Engi- neers. Hndersen Hpfelbeclc Atkinson Bailey Bcirger Beckenhauer Beery Brittin Brong Buckingham Carlson Carter Collins Cook Cumberland DeBakker Delisi Doole Douglass Dunlclau Estes SWITCHB OHRD DETHILS are explained by an HIEE to three oi his fellow members. AIEE Maintaining a workshop and supplying a duplicating machine for students are included among the duties of the members of the American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers. The group also judges technical papers entered in the annual regional AIEE contests and sponsors an electrical engineering display in E-Week competition. This organization attempts to advance the theory and practice of electrical engineering. It Works to provide an opportunity for members to become familiar with both I thepersonnel and activities of the institute by perform- ing practical services for the University. , Victor Roh was the first semester chairman of AIEE. , Kenneth Philbrick was vice-chairman, Charles Anderson i Was AIEE secretary, and Dan Rasdal Was treasurer. TESTING METERS occupy EE's in lab as they calculate the watt hours. BECK HOW: D. McGregor, V. Reinmuth, C. Clark, W. Douglass, S. Leese. FIFTH ROW: H. Starnes, I. Warren, I, Gordon, I. Tombarge, I. Kessler, G. Yost. FOURTH ROW: I. Estes, R. Fitch, C. Brunkhorst, R. Samuelson, R. Flmick, I. Bailey. THIRD ROW: C. Sorensen, E. Conrad, R. Fugate, G. Burgess, I. Shumway, W. Roelle. SECOND ROW: D, Patel, S. Delisi, O. Watley, L. Sohl, G. Norris, D. Lind. FRONT HOVV: E. Ballard, K. Philbrick, I. Boomer, V. Roh, C. Hnderson, D. Rasdal. F M if ff f Z. .1 M I H E 'Ze Tl M- me ' Q H 1' if 5,3 4.,2.. w- UW A' es lf. r Evans Fitch Fitzgerald Foley Graf Graham G-rothen Guinane Hahn Hamish Harris Heerrnann AA A special activity tor several members of the American Institute ot Architects this year Was attending the regional conven- tion of the institute, held in Des Moines. Other activities of the group were taking part in E-W'eek and the annual Archi- tects' Picnic. Creating student interest and partici- pation in contemporary architecture and design, AIA sponsored speakers, movies and slides oi special interest to architec- ture students. Serving as president was Boyd Wad- dle, vice-president was lim Atkinson, and secretary-treasurer was Bob Beckenhauer. 170 Engineering Seniors FRANKLIN EVHNS ---- - Wisner Theta Xig HSCEg YMCQ. ROGER FITCH ----------- Lincoln HIEEg Hrnold Ptir Society, Institute of Radio Engi- neers. IOHN FITZGERALD -------- North Platte Phi Kappa Psip HIChE, Sigma Taug Kosmet Klubg Engineering Exec. Board. NEWMHN FOLEY Sigma Taug ASCE. - - - - - - Hlbert Lea, Minn. IOHN GRHF ------- - Talmage Sigma Phi Epsilong HSCE. KEITH GRQHQM - -' - - - Lincoln Sigma Taug HSCE. DHRREL GROTHEN ---------- Iuniata Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Tang Pi Tau Sigmag HSMEQ Band. IERRY GUINHNE - - - - - - - Lincoln Sigma Hlpha Epsilon, ASMEg Newman Club. WILLIAM HH!-IN - - HIFI. EUGENE HHRNISH - Brown Palace. WILLIHM HPIRRIS - - - - - - - - Lincoln - - - - - Flinsworth Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y. Phi Delta Thetap ASME. - - - - Stqnlon Sigma Nug HSME. BHCK ROW: H. Tarr, Q. Petersen, I. Beggin, R. Conard, F. Chapman, R. Euster- wiemann, H. Sothan. FOURTH ROW: R. Iensen, R. Heldenbrand, I. Bicak, I. Savage, V. Wamsat, T. Hunton. THIRD ROW: A. Iohnson, R. Slaiclins, H. Broclcman, M. Moran, R. Schutle, SECOND ROW: P. Chinn, D. lohn, R. Dawson, R. Bischol, W. Schwabauer, W. Korff. FRONT ROW: l. Peterson, H. Beckenhauer. I. Qtkinson, B. Wacldlo, S. Warren, G. Zenom, M. Norman. ASCE Organized 33 years ago the American Society of Civil Engineers gives three recognition. awards annually. The win- ners of the 1953 awards were: Norm Scott, O. I. Ferguson Awardg Henry Wulf, out- standing civil engineering student award, and Nelson Harding, Adna D o b s o n Award. The planning and production of E- Week is the major activity of ASCE, which is composed of outstanding civil engineer majors. Officers were: Iohn Rasmusson, presi- clentp Mac Bailey, vice-president, lim Wells, secretary, and Bob Maclay, treas- urer. Engineering Seniors WILMER HERGENRQDER - - Lincoln Pi Tau Sigmag QSME. TOM HUNTON ------ - - Salina, KCU1- Tau Kappa Epsilon, HIH. WILLIRM ILGEN ------- Sioux Falls, S. D. Sigma Tauy HSCE, Newman Club. ROBERT IENSEN -------- Grand island Theta xi, Am. HRTHUR JOHNSON - - Council Bluffs, Ia. HIH. GRRY IONES ----------- Hastings Tau Kappa Bpsilong RSME, Kosmet Klubg Corn Cobsg Interfraternity Council. LLOYD KELLER - - - - Morse Bluff RlChBg Newman Club. WALTER KORFF - - - - Hebron Hlpha Tau Omega. KEITH KROLL - - - - Omaha Pi Kappa Phig QSCE. GORDON KRUSE -------- Fort Calhoun Sigma Taug Alpha Phi Omegap Pi Mu Epsilony HSHE. ROY KUHN ------ ----- C ent!-Q1 City HSCE. STQNLEY LEESE ------ . - Lincgln Theta Xi: Pl,IEEg Pi Mu Epsilon. BQCK ROW: G. Dennis, V. Clausen, D. Tunnicliff, P. Schmitt, B. Larson, D. Smith. FOURTH ROW: D. Dangberb, L. Zelewski, C. Wrobleski, R. Selk, R. Peterson. THIRD ROW: W. Hickenbolloru, I. Edwards, I. Snowdon, D. Wood, SECOND ROW: G. Vehling, I, Saunders, K. Graham, N. Scott, R. Kulm. FRONT ROW: I. Rasmussen, H. Legault, R. Maclay, W. Wells, Hergenrader Hunton Ilgen Iensen lohnson Iones Keller Korft Krall Kruse Kuhn Leese ---------- - Sidney Delta Upsilorig FlSCEg Newman Club. THOMAS MCHNDREWS -------- Omaha HSCEg PlSMEg Phalanx, RICHHRD McKEE - - - - - Bartley Brown Palace, MYRON MHUPIN --------- North Platte Phi Gamma Delta, Secretary, Senior Classy Kosmet Klub. IOHN NICHOLS ------ ----- M inatare Theta Chi, FISPIE. MILT NORSWORTHY - - - Gothenburg Sigma Nu. PHILIP OSTWHLD ---------- Omaha Beta Sigma Psig Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigmag PlSMEp President, Lutheran Student Hss'n. OWEN OTTO -------- - - - Lincoln Beta Sigma Psig ASME. DHI-IYRBHFII PHTEL - - - - Bombay, India HIEE. SURENDRH PHTEL - - - Bombay, India Sigma Tau: HSME. IOI-ANIAPETERSON - - - - - Omaha I . BOOK REFERENCE is made by Roger Fitch as his lab part- RQBERT PETERSON ......... Lincoln nets operate the feedback amplifier and make calculations. President, Sigma Tau, QSCE, Innocents Society: Chairman, E-weekg General Manager, Nebraska Blueprint, Student Councilp Engineering Exec. Board. RICHPIRD REED -------- Newburgh, N, Y. Sigma Hlpha Epsilonp Sigma Taug FISCE7 COHy : : Newman Club. En n RUTH RICHMOND ---------- Lincoln Sigma Kappa, Nebraska Masquersp HSME. DONHLD ROBERTS ----- Downers Grove, Ill. f Theta Xi, HSCE. REID. SAMUELSON --------- Oshkosh Sigma Taug Eta Kappa Nu. DUDLEY SHVILLE ----- - Lincoln Phi Kappa Psip HIChE. EDWIN LEWIS ---------- Falls City CI-IFIRLES SCHHDE ---- - - - Sidney, Ia. Phi Kappa Psi, Treasurer, HIChE. Delta Tau Delta, RSME. DONHLD LINDBERG --------- Maxwell ED SCHMITT ------- South Mansfield, O. Cornhusker Co-op, Sigma Tau, HSHE. Phi Gamma Deltay HIFI. V Lewis Lindberg Loch Mclllndrews McKee Maupin Nichols Norsworthy Ostwald Otto Patel D. Patel S. Peterson I. Peterson H. Reed Richmond Roberts Samuelson Saville Schade Schmitt 172 ELECTION OF OFFICERS is the primary purpose of this important meeting for HSMES. ORRIN THOMHS. P r e s i d e nt Mechanical Enginering. Gordon. BQCK ROW: R. Slratlor, W. Flndrews, F. Qmdt, D. Webehdorler, R. Debakker, D. Helzer, SIXTH ROW: H. Van Hatten, A. Helen, C. Plumer, R. Wakeman, R. Burt. FIFTH ROW: S. Thaut, W, Hergenrader, O. Otto, R. Hodges, W. Weuzlaif, D. Miller. FOURTH ROW: I. Guinane, C. Schade, T. Heerman, C. Kittie, D. Gockley, I. Eagan, W. Schultz. THIRD ROW: G. Vest, I. Nigro, C. Steinbeck, A. Rafal, D. Kuhlman, E, Brong. SECOND ROW: G. Hndreasen, M. Solhjoo, B. Ruciinkow, N. Shyken, R. Swanson, S. Patel, C. Herpolsheimer. FRONT' ROW: C. Slahly, E, Dunlau, L, Shirck, O. Thomas, D. Grothen, D. Miller, M. Goodding. ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Was organized on the Nebraska campus in the fall of 1909 for students entering the field of mechanical engineering Ioint meetings are held with the Nebraska section of the parent organization of ASME, The programs at these meetings consist of talks on technical subjects, summer employment, the student project papers and inspection trips of industrial plants in Lincoln. Orrin W. Thomas presided as the first semester chair man, and Wesley Schultz filled the post during the second semester. The list of other officers included William Har ris as vice-chairman. . ,ss s s 1 , , . .. Q ..Eg,.,g55,-fr. Q f J 9 - it MWEEQEQFE E i ' 2 " -it 0 7 ' Shirck Schultz Sell: Simon Slaidins Solhjoo Sienbeck Thaut Thomas Ag Engineers Participation in "E" Week is an import- ant function ot the Nebraska chapter of the American Society oi Agricultural Engi- neers. A second annual project is corn- peting in the FEI tljarming Equipment In- stitutel report contest. Four ASAE members, Gerald Flaherty, Don Lindberg, Gordon Kruse and Bill Stout, Were elected to membership in Sigma Tau this year. ' Any upperclassrnan studying Ag Engineering is eligible for membership. Bill Stout served as president, Donald Lindberg was vice-president, Gerald Fla- herty Was secretary, and William Dean DeBelly was treasurer of the organization. 174 Engineering Seniors 'WESLEY SCHULTZ -------- - Omaha Sigma Taup PlSMEg Pi Tau Sigma. RHY SELK ---------- - Omaha Theta Chip HSCE. LAURENCE SHIRCK --------- Omaha Pi Tau Sigma, PlSMEg Engineering Exec. Board. NORMHN SHYKEN --------- Omaha Sigma Rlpha Mug HSME. DUHNE SIMON ---- - - Falls City Beta Sigma Psi. RHYMOND SLHIDINS - - Lincoln HIFI. MORTEZA SOLHIOO ------- Teheran, Iran Pi Tau Sigmag Cosmopolitan Clubg Delian Union. CONRHD STHHLY ---------- Mullen Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigrnag RSME, Pershing Riilesg ' H SHMEQ Staff writer, Nebraska Blueprint. i to CLHIRE STENBECK ---------- York HSME. SAMUEL THHUT -------- ' - Hastings PISME, Pi Tau Sigmag Sigma Tau. Shyken ORRIN THOMAS ---- . ------ Gordon Stahly HSMEg Pi Tau Sigmag Sigma Tauy Engineering Exec. Tunnicliif BOCIrCl. DHVID TUNNICLIFF - - Burwell HSCE. BQCK ROW: E. Yung, C. Smith, G. Petersen, G. Williams. FOURTH ROW: L. Hurlbut, D. Peters, K. Kruse, H, Shull, M. Brunig. THIRD ROW1 M. Gheisari, C. Peek, I. Bondurant, B. Flppleby. SECOND ROW: B. Iohnson, R. Haupt, I. Nichols, L. Lawson, F. Hager. FRONT ROW: D. DeBelly, D. Lindberg, B. Stout, G. Flaherty. AlChE Awarding the AIChE scholarship award is an important duty of the Ne- braska chapter ot the American Institute ot Chemical Engineers. This year Iack Steele was the recipient ot the award. E Week displays are another annual proj- ect ot the institute. The group was organized to bring about a better understanding ot the vari- ous phases ot chemical engineering and to promote its education and activities on the campus. It is composed ot regularly enrolled students maioring in chemical engineering. , The otticers were Iack Fitzgerald, president, Iack Stiehl, vice-president, Ed Lewis, treasurer, and Murl Maupin, sec- retary. Engineering Seniors Juniors GLENN VEST ---------- Pleasanton QSMEQ Sigma Taup Pi Tau Sigma. VIRGIL WQMSHT ------- Beta Sigma Psi. - Elkhorn IOI-IN WQRREN --------- - - Beatrice Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Taug Pi Mu Epsilon, HIEEQ Presbyterian Student House. CHARLES WQYMIRE ---- - - Sterling Pi Kappa Phig F3lIFtg SHME. WILLIQM WEBER -f - - Ftlpha Tau Omega. - Omaha IHMES WELLS ----------- Lincoln Secretary, HSCEg Nt'1ll'Il.Sli'lI Blueprint. DHNIEL WOLKENSDORFER ---- Herndon, Kan. President, Phi Gamma Delta. GENE YOST ----------- Harvard Pi Mu Epsilong Sigma Theta Epsilong QIEEy SAME, Wesley Foundation, ROBERT YOUNG ---------- Beatrice Pllpha Gamma Rhoy Innocents Sozietyg QS9.Eg Kos- met Klub, NUCWHg Pershing Rifles. HLFIN EDEN ---------- Gothenburg Delta Tau Deltag HSMEy Newman Club, DAVID RLKIRE ---- ------ L exington Phi Kappa Psig FlIChE. FRED FIHNDT ---------- Platte Center Beta Sigma Psig HSMEg Gamma Delta. BQCK ROW1 W. Neel, H. Dey, D. Alkire, E. Doll. THIRD ROW: K. Qlminas, D. Saville, H. Bates. SECOND ROW: I. Frost, W. Olson, L. Keller, E. Linder. FRONT ROW: I-I. Lewis, I. Fitzgerald, I. Stiehl, B. Dostal Vest Wamsat Warren Wqymyre Weber Wells Wolkensdorler Yost Young Aden Hlkire Qrndt HUGH BHRNRRD ---- Delta Upsilong RICIIE. - Rnn Flrbor, Mich. DRVID BEYNON ---- Lincoln HIEE. VICTOR BORCHER - Scribner Beia Sigma Psi. DRVID BRHND - - - Bellevue Sigma Nu. ' RHETA BRITSCI-IGE - - - Omaha Gamma Deliag Lutheraa Chapel Choirg Calendar Girl Finalist. KIRK BUNIER ------ Omaha Kappa Sigma. IOHN CHHMBERS - - - - - - Lincoln Hlpha Tau Omega. FRRNK CHHPMRN ---- - - Grand Island Phi Gamma Deltag RIB. VERL CLHUSEN ---------- Columbug Sigma Chip HSCE7 Student Council. ----------- - Curlig Delta Tau Deltag Gamma Lambclcg HSCE. ROBERT DPIWSON ---------- Lincoln Sigma Chip HIFI. LHRRY DRDH ------ Wilber Rcacia. RICHRRD EUSTERWIEMANN Howells Tau Kappa Epsilong AIR. NORMH GHNS ----- Omaha MQRVIN GOODDING - - Lincoln HSME. LYLE HHMILTON ---------- Franklin Sigma Theta Epsilong Wesley WILLIHM HURST ---- Lincoln Delta Sigma Phi. LESTER INGOLD - - - Cglumbug Pi Kappa Phip HIFI. BRUCE IOHNSON - - - I-Ioldrege HSAE. LLOYD KHRSCHNER - Omaha Delta Tau Delia. DONHLD KEERHNS - - - Omaha Beia Theia Pip HSCEg SRME. Chapman Clausen Gans Goodding Karschner Keerans - v gg A. . 15 , 2 .f., '41-:T-H f-24 f. f 4 ' ': : A' f :fi-5 : - - E E : : ' ., 'A':: : E H ai .1 :., 52' ' f + , , A Tx S :-: ,A W' ,M W 1 545 5 J ' jf' 3 M' V3 327173 ' 'A T A -A 1 fi ":, :II :" . ll 5 Il if flffgl , Q 5 i ," -i . :2. ' : f l - - U-ff 1 A ' i " Y ':' l: f 1 ":' ' ':"""' z "f:' f . III . - -- --:Q-f Q ' f' A-:' -1- :-: :--N :.: ::: , ,g::.:ggw -- f .. 4 ' ,f If E .-f ,,,,-ff 5 ? fi? if pg- X ' .-- . f Q , 4 W., A, .:.' -zfzl ' ,, : - . :' ' : ' 51 A M A n , 9 . L 1 5 "A f-!sfEf:?:Q:,., :" 'iswghfg Wi 4 X - mf-'Ab I A f ' :-- '. ffl" ' .-- .2':: : .- ---- '1 K 3 M i H """wL-'1 7' 77 f f . I s-... -- WWMLWW .f ., , ., " ' L ., ,ffwy L M 41 4 f i 1 elf-5 A ff lf -- , 5 1 ' X :g f ' 40-' H- 4 ' V . , f A 'P ' ' " f-' -'-' 1 ::,- ,'. . Q--"fffif . . L3al'E3QWi7gi v IM W' +ff1 ,L , fi f3 5"7 -. W fff A ff f1,,4f ffxr-,j + ,1.1m,Wfa,,f, . if D19 yr A, l -Q ml . . - f w mjww 'V?' ,ff34 fffrv 5"E Jw", -.91 If f 7 "fx .zg k :-1' ,'., 1' '. : Ng EL? R fi Av'!Mf!M,Z,,,:f,Wf W ?4:l'Z6Q',l' fm"l'!Z!'57'51fj9R? , x K I l XXXRTY Is s' W ' ,:. ?3!g" ?ij,"e lx ' Wi- x ' li"M ',v' 7- 'Qi4"'KR '-'.S'v-i'ff5:f"f'f W ' 1' I f .,.. ,- : inf i x 1 - 53 , ??f' ff?:""f5ZW'fH f12'f1?9fs:'W?QW W x X HW wi 5 M Mix " 2 'r fi 'xy al , A f ' Y ff? ff jffff'fwfaff 5? l'11 'fMImQff 'fff f 01 f SQ f - 9- kw mvi' ?f ff9 '5W' Q ! I A ', , 'W 9 N Q- xl' l m, , 3 ' in L ' ' x f zl. , Q , Ili :-V, IIAI N ? 1 ff-f ,- if I' X """ fjf n fiik fif .. gg gig gg " ' l f' 1 X lf' , fx l F51 .... 'QQ " - - ' f I , Mp , - .. - Q 1 :22 ' . :j:'g'. EQE -: ,,, -SQA -:-- wji' W-Rik? 8, sr-' SDCL " X57 " A - v 1: -:- :22A fi , fy P Q ff '46 E? E - . "'12 ,QWL ! f : : ' if 1 g 35 Q -: ' ' 1 iff : ' - 4" , ,Af , J M ,X ..,,. . 12224. -' --: -: 4 :-: Engineering .luniors CHRRLES LRNCASTER - - - Kearney Phi Delta Thetag HSCE. DONHLD LIND ---- Kappa Sigma, RIEE. - - Lincoln BRUCE LIPPKE -------- Rbercleen, S. D. Fllpha Tau Omegag RIEEg Rifle Team. VERNON MRGILL ---- ----- C urtis Delta Sigma Phi, ASME. H EUGENE MHGNUSON - - - Emerson NORMRN MRNN ---'- - Gothenburg Pi Kappa Phi, RIB: SHME. GHRY MHRTIN ------ - Billings, Mont. Sigma Nug FlSMEg Phalanx. 'WILLIAM NEEF ------ in - Omaha Sigma Nug HlChE. BLHINE PRRK - - - Delta Upsilon. RICHHRD PQSCHHL - - Phi Kappa Psi. - Kansas City, Mo. - Vinton, Ia. DONRLD PERRENOUD - - Omaha Lancaster Lind Lippke Magill Della UDSl101'1i HIR- M M M t' Neel Pciziinuson Pclrcllial Peciidiioud Rasdal WILLIAM RQSDRL "-' ""' 0 gaualcx Eta Kappa Nu The 1953-54 winner oi the scholarship award given by Eta Kappa Nu was Ken- neth Philbrick. Organized to promote a high scholastic standing, the group an- nually gives this scholarship to the out- standing junior in electrical engineering. Engineering students in the upper one- iourth of the junior and upper one-third oi the senior class and who are acceptable on the basis oi extra-curricular activities and potentiality as future engineers, are eligible for membership in Eta Kappa Nu. Curtis Sorenson was EKN president, and Bill Doole served as vice-president. 178 Sigma Chip FiIEEg Sigma Taug Student Council, Corn Colosg lnterfraternity Councilg Engineering Exec. Boardg University Singersp Madrigals. BQCK ROW: V. Roh, C. Eatough, I. Marks. THIRD ROW: R. Starnes, R. Tockey, I. Gordon, G. Koberstein. SECOND ROW: O. Watley, P. Henson, G. Norris, M. Bean, K. Philbrick. FRONT ROW: R. Fldams, W. Doole, C. Sorensen, R. Ayers, I. Tombarge. N ms 91 is W We B is H E Pi Tau Sigma Ernphasizing high scholarship Pi Tau Sigma, national mechanical engineering honorary, sponsored a smoker in the fall to honor sophomores in the upper one- fourth of their class. Pi Tau Sigma mem- bers must be juniors and seniors in the upper one-third of their class. The group also had its annual ban- quet and participated in E-Week. Officers for the year were Duane Mil- ler, president, Conrad Stahly, vice-presi- dent, Bed Rudinkow, recording secretaryg Wesley Schultz, corresponding secretary, Don Miller, treasurer, and Morteza Solh- joo, historian. Engineering Juniors BACK ROW: W. Heigenrader, W. Andrews, O. Thomas, N. Shyken. THIRD ROW: S. Thaut, R. Swanson, W. Schultz, L. Shirck, D. Grothen. SECOND ROW: M. Solhjoo, D. Miller, E. Brong, G. Vest. FRONT ROW: D. Cook, C. Stahly, D. Miller, B. Rudinkow. CLHRK SPRINGMAN - - Pi Kappa Phi, HIE. RICHHRD STRHTFORD - - Delta Tau Delta, HSME. . ROBERT THYLOR ---- SAME. DUQNE TE SELLE -V PISME. LLOYD REED ------------ Lincoln SHLLY WHRREN - Vice-president, Delta Sigma Phi, HSCEg N Club, Pi Beta Phi, HIFI. Swlmmmg' ouvisn WEBER - - RODNEY RIPPE. ------------ York Beta Sigma Psi. P' Kappa Ph" SHME' Wirumvi WENZLQPP - - - PETER SCITIMITT - - - Lincoln Sigma Phi Epsilong HSME. Them XM RSCE' CHARLES WROBLESKI - - ROBERT SCI-IWHNTIE - - - Columbus Theta Chi, HSCE. IERRY SHUMWHY ------- - - Lyons LLOYD ZELEWSKI - - - - Sigma Chig Gamma Lambday RIEE. Theta Xig RSCEg SRME. Reed Rippc Schmitt Schwantje Shumway Springman Taylor TeSelle Warren Weber Wenzlafi Wrobleski Palmyra - Beatrice Benedict - Milford - Lincoln Scottsbluff ' - Sutton - Lincoln - Omaha Stratford Zelewski BOB PETERSON General Manager sul . DON MBDSEN Editor The Nebraska Blueprint The official publication of the Engineering College for the past 52 years, The Nebraska Blue Print, offers op- portunities to those engineering students who have a flair for writing. This magazine serves two main purposes. First, it keeps its readers in touch with current engineering developments through technical articles, and second, it handles publicity for the College. It is a member of the Engineering College Magazines Association, and it is edited and managed entirely by students. The Blue Print is issued eight times during the school year. Each issue of the magazine this year contained a feature completely new to the College of Engineering- a pin-up picture of a girl attending the University. One of this year's highlights was the staff mem- bers' trip to Engineering College Magazine Association Convention at the University of Illinois. The Blue Print also received its share of honors in the form of four awards from the ECMA. These awards were second prize for the best cover of the year and three honorable mentions for the best student written article, the best single editorial and the best group of editorials in the magazine as a Whole. The circulation list of The Nebraska Blue Print in- cludes University of Nebraska students, faculty and alumni, as well as numerous engineering schools and associations. IOHN RHSMUSS ON Business Manager 1 ,,. swf .ash EDITORIHL STAFF, Bob Young, Don Smith, Iohn Dcxhlke: and Terry Vonderschmidt, lim Welch and Paula Broady, seated. BWI-XRD WINNING COVERS are prominently displayed by Blue Print staff in their office. PUB BOARD. Bob Peterson, Don Madson, Phil Cor- kill, Merk Hobson, adviser and Iohn Rasmussen., 181 BUSINESS STHFF, Iohn Rasmussen, Barry Larson, Don Kirkwood. Gordon Kruse: and seated, Dick Travis and Curtis Sorenson. 3 ii 5 u 4 my fn gags.. if--A1 .x ' ' B' irq if fy 1 :im STUDENTS USE THEIR IMHGINHTION in order to visualize how the audi- ' torium in Temple Building will look after reconstruction is completed. Speech, Art, Music Departments Attract 5,000 DHVID B. FOLTZ Director oi the School of Fine Arts iuw M M -V-fx ,gm Over 5,000 students are enrolled in courses offered by the University Department ol Fine Arts, which in- clude the fields of speech, art and music. One of the welcome changes in the speech depart- ment is the newly remodeled Temple Building. Mod- ern equipment, a new auditorium, and improved light- ing and sound provide better facilities for the many productions which are given there. The areas in- cluded in the speech department are public speaking, debate and discussion, interpretation and theatre, radio production and broadcastingg speech-hearing therapy, and speech education. The School of Art, in co-operation with the Ne- braska Art Association has the largest collegiate col- lection of contemporary American art in the country. The department gives courses in advertising, ceramics, painting, teaching, interior decorating, and sculpture. The School of Music has many groups which give students an opportunity to express their talent. These groups include the University Singers, University Sym- phony Band, Madrigal Singers, and University Chorus, which is open to students in any college. Students ma- joring in music are offered courses in composition, theory, piano, voice, strings, brass and composition. School 0f Fine Arts y . J, -. - S5313-E SS? E . W- srgee'esse'g:rf-if EEEKEZM H H W WWW' sszxdill mga as W seem E Si SESS B88 Bm x Delta Omicron Women in Delta Omicron, national music fraternity, were busy during the l953-54 school year with projects such as entertaining at the state mental hos- pital and Vet's hospital giving a cam- pus vesper service, presenting a tele- Mggv ROBINSON,PyegidenQ vision show, participating in Inter- Muslc' Teacflefs' Holdrege- sorority Week and the University Fine Arts Festival. The group also held a bake sale, proceeds oi which help sup- sM1L1NG DELTH OMICRON members introduce their guest POTW Delis Omicfon PFUCUCG Studio in speaker for the evening to one oi their patrons, Dr. Wishnow. V New Hgmpghjrel hgd Q Fgundefs Dgy banquet and gave patron and patron- ess rnusicales. Ianelle Mohr was honored as the l953 University senior soloist, and Mar- jorie Danly was the group's senior honor pin Winner. Officers were president, Mary Rob- inson, first vice-president, Rosemary Castnerg second vice-president, Helen Utterback, secretary, Kathy Welch, and treasurer, Gail Wellensiek. BHCK ROW: M. Robinson, C. Armstrong, G. Wellensiek, R, Castner, I. Hbbuhl. SECOND ROW: K, Welch, F. Leacock, C. Lundberg, B. Marti, H. Utterback, E. Brinkaman. FRONT ROW: S. Ochsner, Y. Moran, M. Herse, ,fe u Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon celebrated its golden anniversary in l953. The sorority spent its 50th year engaged in a variety ol activities, ranging from presenting concerts to giving a Christmas party for the children at Orthopedic Hospital in Lincoln. Members of the group sold Christ- mas cards in order to finance the party. Banquets and inter-sorority func- tions Were also included in the Mu Phi Epsilon's schedule for the year. Some of the members spent part of the summer at God's Hill Center music camp in lnterlochen, Mich- igan. Shirley Lewandowski was Mu Phi Epsilon president. Other otticers were Billie Croft, vice-president, Mar- ilyn Paul, treasurer, Marian Urbach, recording secretaryg and Gladys Wittwer, corresponding secretary. BHCK ROW: B. Croft, M. Paul, K. Wilson, C. Roxberg, M. Beerman, I. Matson, G. Whitworth. FRONT ROW: M. Urbach, S. Lewandowski. MERRY CHROLERS FILL. these Mu Phi Epsilon girls gcryly herald the coming of Christmas. S D 4 5 .Ox if :Hifi-Egfr 0 elf' SHIRLEY LEWHNDOWSKI, Presi- dent, Music, Teachers, Loup City. 5 l i ' x wx I it l BACK ROW: G. Widrnan, I. McGalley, Fl. Overcash, P. Scheelo. ' THIRD ROW: S. Mangold, I. Placko, I. Rogers, I. lgou, R, Fellman. SECOND ROW1 S. Reimers, S. McKiIlip:a, H, Kenison, D. Graclwohl, K. Philbrick, B. Deepe. FRONT ROW: C. Klasek, W. Iohnson, D, Iohnson, P. Loose, D. Olson, E. Enke. 0 0 Delta Sigma Rho Delta Sigma Rho played host to the contest and regional congress of the national Delta Sigma Rho which was held in Lincoln. This congress, with lZ states represented, took the form ol a student political congress. Speaking contests open to all University students, and public debates held for local business clubs were typical of the program lor the members, who are com- posed of juniors and seniors from the top 35 per cent ol their class. Wayne lohnson presided over the monthly meetings as he assumed the duties of president of Delta Sigma Rho. SEHTED: P. Knerl, I. Mundhenke, C. Haerer, M. Scott, D. Clouse. L. Turner. Delta Phu Delta Guest speakers, varied programs and discussion groups broaden the interests of Delta Phi Delta mem- bers. This art honorary sponsors these activities so that its members, future artists, may learn ol the many opportunities in the lield of art. lt holds an annual get-acquainted dinner and program lor the entire de- partment. One important project is the making and selling of Christmas cards, all original and contempo- rary in design. The monthly meetings are presided over by Carol Haerer, l953-54 president. The first and second vice- presidents are Phyllis Knerl and Harriet Cook. STHNDING: Mrs. F. Spalding, P. Schock, R. Ryder, M. Ekstrom, G. Butt, B. Pursick, I. Wiebe, R. Bennett. 3 .3 6. '27 .-Q, Sigma Alpha Iota This year Sigma Hlpha Iota, Womens music fraternity, has been busy 'with special projects such as giving an inter-sorority choral con- cert, sponsoring a bake sale to raise money for the Orthopedic Hospital, having a party for the children at the I-Iospital, having a banquet for parents ot SAI members and appear- ing on a television show. In addition to these activities, the group had annual atiairs, including State Day, monthly rnusicales, Char- ter Day Banquet, rush parties and initiation. SAI was organized to provide girls interested in music with pro- fessional opportunities. President is Barb lanes, vice- president is Muriel Pickett, secretary is Lucile Lavine, corresponding sec- retary is Gail Drahota, and treasurer is Ianet Rash. I.. fi mr. . Q. it V pi W lg., ,fl I mmm A H it 'H D f' L fm 5, Z: X Q I 9 -.. is L M, xr kg, 5, M 32: wi . ' ,W QW ., 1, W 'H f is ' t' m rw 5- M 1 1.2-:-: X ... :jf . 'H ir .. Fi f , P - ,.,"ff,.,I, ,lx 3 I 4 - ., Ea., f 1 K Y xi ins I-A :fs-15' ii .3 5 3 E ., gg, v' B, rex I . Q B, .E I . ,S X Q ', 1 :if I E t rs sw Z, X . t . I .4 I 5 is vi ' BQCK ROW: D, Garrett, G. Drcrhota, R. West, G. McPeck, L. Lavtne. SECOND ROW: B. lanes, S. Clover, S. Kiricman, S. Brown, S. Peterson, M, Pickett. FRONT ROW: M. Hallis, I. Rash, C. Unterseher, L. Templeton, I. Fullerton. HUNGRY PHSSERS-BY are offered tempting pastries at the SHI bake sale held to raise money for charity. BHRBHRH IONES, President Music. Teachers, Hastings. i is , ww Q 1 was new-is-um-sr argue-5-asus ss- -Q sen sus sas . ,T BASSE F ,.,.,...4 .. : -: rf. rr. -c- or 1 si ,xo :FQ ' 'uv BECK ROW: D. Kitchen, O. Thomas, B. Eeymer, I. Bowen, R. Patterson, I Benedict, R. Goettsch. FIFTH ROW: W. Friest, M. Niebaurn, L. Hubka, I. Humphrey, C. Palmer, E. Martin. EIOUHTH ROW: W. Bush, I. Bush, M. Christensen, E. Monisrnith, G. azen. THIRD ROW: D. Goodrich, I-1. Holbert, W. Hatcher, R. Becker, D. lohnson, L. Faist. SECOND ROW: F. Wells, I. McKie, I. Chedester, B. Thompson, H. Spicknall. FRONT ROW: D. Carroll, C. Klasek, S. Shumway, G. Henzelman, K. Phillips, R. Brendle. Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia A spring concert ot American music, a province convention in Omaha and chorus appearances tea- tured in the 1953-54 activities of Phi Mu Alpha- Sinfonia. The annual projects ot Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia include ushering at musical events, promoting ct re- cital each spring and singing in the Spring All- American Music Concert. This organization proposes to serve the Univer- sity by promoting musical activities. Any male stu- dent, or instructor is eligible tor membership it he takes an active interest in music and its advance- ment. This year Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia members at- tended a picnic with the music sororities, had a Christmas party and sponsored a guest artist. The chorus also participated in various concerts. A S550 scholarship is given to an outstanding music student each semester. Wilber Greckal was the first-semester Winner of the award. The officers for the group are Stan Shumway, presidentg Ken Rumery, vice-presidentp Gary Renzel- man, secretary, Charles Klasek, treasurerg Denny Carroll, historian, and Roger Brendle, alumni sec- retary. 188 IT'S CHROL TIME as Sinfonia members sing in preparation for the coming Christmas program. I E1 KP I ff- -f . it LHST MINUTE PRHCTICE helps to assure Sin- fonia that the Messiah will be without error. BEFORE CURTHIN TIME on opening night, performers in University Theatre production Little Foxes polish lines cmd make last-minute changes to assure their audience of the best possible periormance. Highlights PRACTICE MHKES PERFECT seems to be the moi- to adhered to by members oi this strings class. 'Y 7' DRAWING FROM H MODEL is one of the first PRINTING is Fine Hrts major Carol Haerer's courses tor art students. Ellie Guilliat poses. special interest. Here she works one portrait. HONORS AND GRATIFYING EXPERIENCES have been Dr. R. P. Crawfords this past year. as he sees his book on creative thinking ready lor publication. Exhibit ancl Conference Highlight 60th Anniversary WTLLIHM F. SWINDLER Director ol the School oi Journalism Slings sw s s Sixty years ago, in 1894, the first class in journal- ism was started at the University ot Nebraska by Wil- liam Owen lones, editor of the Lincoln Stale Journal. The School ot lournalisin has grown from this small beginning to include six instructors and a four-year curriculum. The school is the fifth oldest in the country. In observance of its anniversary the School of lournalism jointly sponsored with the art galleries ol Morrill Hall, the National Exhibit of Qdvertising Plrt. The School also held a regional conference to discuss editorial problems and review progress over the past sixty years. The School ot lournalism's staff includes such men as Dr. Nathan B. Blumberg, a Rhodes scholar, james E. Lawrence, a member ot the stait tor 35 years and editor ot the Lincoln Slarg and Robert P. Crawford. This tall Crawford was one ot tour educators chosen by General Motors institute to conduct a clinic on public relations. He is a world traveler and author of several books. Each tall the School has a reception for journalism students and holds the National l-ligh School Press Hssociation convention. illt the convention high school students compete against each other in different jour- nalistic divisions, and tive University sophomore journalism students are presented gold keys tor schol- arship. 'Q-N. v,' ww., , UV 4' 1' Theta Sigma Phi Pledges to Theta Sigma Phi, women's professional journalism fraternity, begin their activities With the group by being routed out of bed at 6 a.m. on Ivy Day to be taken to a sunrise breakfast. After becoming actives, they participate in projects such as those ot the group this year-preparing a banquet for visiting national officers and aiding with the Nebraska High School Press Association convention. Members pre- pared tests, awarded certificates and did a critical service of high school newspapers at the NHSPA. Theta Sig president is Marjorie Morang vice-presif dent is Barbara Bell, secretary is Theresa Barnes, and treasurer is Ianet Nuss. Hemphill. LOOKING OVER MHIL from national and regional offices are Theta Sigs Barbara Bell, Barbara Hdams and Marjorie Moran. FUTURE CORNHUSKER-WORKER prospects plan COPY REHDING LAB finds Ioumalism 181 students en- for their Teachers College High School annual. grossed in reviewing and correcting their news copy. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Moran, P. Bartunek M. McCullough, B, Bell, Dr. W. F. Swmd ler, B. Pldams, B. Howher, N. Odum B Sigma Delta Chi Helping the School oi journalism celebrate its 50th anniversary, Sigma Delta Chi, men's professional jour- nalistic traternity, gave recognition to Nebraska grad- uates whom it considered had made outstanding con- tributions to the field oi journalism, and sponsored ap- pearances oi speakers of national importance, includ- ing Alan Barth of the W rzshinglon Post. Sigma Delta Chi also provided speakers and panel members and assisted in staging and judging contests for the Nebraska High School Press Association. The officers were Lyle Denniston, president, Cal Kuska, vice-presidentg Dick Reid, secretary, and Ed DeMar, treasurer. BHCK ROW: W. Smith, C. Beam, Dr. W. Swindler, K. Rysirom, D, Snodgrass. FRONT ROW: C. Kuska, L. Denniston, R Reed, E. Demar. HFTER DINNER DISCUSSION of national business is carried on at a noon meeting of Sigma Delta Chi. HNNUHL OPEN HOUSE provides informal atmosphere COPY WRITING CONTESTS are held as part of the for the journalism students and faculty to socialize. program for students attending the Press Convention. S 5 as m Q m 55 E E X EE E EEK as Hassan E 9 H 'LT w sn Kappa Alpha Mu Taking portraits ot the couples attending the Mili- tary Ball and ot the festivities on Homecoming and Ivy Day were two of the important activities ot Kappa Alpha Mu, photography honorary. The pictures were sold and the profits used to sponsor other group activi- ties. Among these activities this year Was the national convention held in Houston in April, to which the Ne- braska chapter sent a delegation. Also the annual Winter salon, was held at the University of Nebraska in Ianuary, in Which first, second and third places were Won by Ray Magorian, Del Harding and Iohn Leubs, respectively, of Nebraska. Bob Pinkerton was president of the organization. Del Harding served as vice-president. Imogene Barry was secretary, and Chuck Klasek was KAM treasurer. H VISIT TO THE NEBRASKAN gives high school stu- FEMININE IOURNALISM STUDENTS seem to domi dents a chance to see a college newspaper in action. nate as sophomore recxpxent of lournalxsm Gold Keys -A- NNY M.. s...,kA A i 'F fi m a gf' , 'V 311' S. vb 'sr iq, ,. ,-L ,- Q n o o '1 ' H Llgfl L VV, H f ., N T-I A xi' 1, Jgxqff 1, : V Q' M : ,,,' 1' A M' A F V T X ' 4 3. 104 1 . ' 5 t I QU - iq Si- ' - 4 !.i"'f,, 1- A k' Q ,If I - 1' .. ,V H ii-'ly I If , F , JRE'- fiii' ' ' '1- Y iff-l'."f YIA, 3 7,5 ix, N-fx A A 'V': ,l 'gif ,ffzijfi 1' Q h .ffL1.rgji'Lwf L' FW-2iZgg f , -..V .. V, 'ANMXY-1 - . . f X 2"-1 AW- ,, . . Liu ,.1 Nfe.'1,4 ' L , ,1,,,,1. . n 1 lv fr. Q' A XV!! ....,.A: X 4 .1,-- -' . J.',.na : 4-- 'fy-. 1 ,. asf?" H' ' 1 . A' ., ,., .2 --3. 1,-1 "n rv " 1 h .ll 5. jr: ,ir 1' 1 .1 1. Q., , ' A - . . ' -- . . 4 f -H, " I Q ' ,mf1'f'.x?-"1. N Q , Q .,vXxV,-'x -V g -vi 41' "e','f,' ,I L K U A R Q , ,X -, . l HJ- 1, , Q-.,fy'V,V,,L 1 I X T ,s X wf35fNW'nk Q '71v5y1w,5',E.d -. 5?,fMf'1l .Q wxxt Elk xx' rhf M ' ,x - . 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Ll 1" 'alll IUWHI I,fHn 1 4' X V Q S5 f 1 X A KlJk!k?LY'Afn4'lg1,f M5 , 1, K x 'L1u4"'Qr0 fu' 1 'ff-,J ---fy -' ' 41 fg,fgg.if11fg:" ,I , -12Qf3'15"f A, , .l'L'L',ffsl 57 '-1'f231- ' 2 '3Qi ' 4gf ' "ff 1 -..,.,. . .. , , X-.K 1- ..-A X,-, ,,... . -.-. 2. .'f,g 'fl' ww I I ' Vg.--1,z:1. :,f1..x ,. x 'wh IVEN 1 'wigs lex 1 4 "V -xltx 'x.'2?L'i xzf A K . .ll ,'u5Mi:!g,vf..sf , .ivy A-Luxvf: L xx I H - -.U-J jg?-xy gyw., .K 'MM ' ...,, lx if-',.. , 1--ju., -7910 - 'f 4"4fLf1A-.-- 3-'fg:1,i'L w A .Q g - L '1f,.f' 4-.f --- -:V . ., L., w -- -rf. - '- -A - J - - Q.. --7 '- W- f. --Q--,Q . , -'QM -A fm Q. , E? xsjliiifr 1-T 9 " If?-1511, A ' -'igr f4gv1r'5xijgx1'-2: 'iii -1-j,.3f,7-.yr WL--n::gf..'Q'?Fs'L ' -- - vi..--jf" ,,g5:'1H -x15'1f':y.,'- mf. -,,l ,554 WJ. .,ff.g.- gg. :Q -..g'--:xUgNgg" G. .. ,W ,':gg"- ' 1 --,gift ' LN-.' U I g ,al 1 s ' my y 1795 f41'f42.'..'Z-A-."..?:'Tf"f..'Af."'1 '- ' L-f' -:gf , J.- g.-f-J'1I4f "NIC wx ff If ' K 5 L'f,.',,., ....,, irq -.qpgr-if-, '--..s..-...,. x V-Q., wgx xg -,tu I' , 49,5 1-y,f'kfQk-,. "sv--fc.. '41R if- 73 f -an "-T1T":"':-1 - - -'bil-X ww fmL'.shw,'-. - 1 fziiilie 'iff Q,-as1:.':ffs2X!'.u 5:2' - 1-3,-Ai?f-v 'f'-ii-TVN -f'i?:f1:f.l?-WF ,- f'i'f'iZ A - Fifi :xii - ' Nil., .. ' K 5 . -111.1-.Q-jig, X::ggf,. , -, xii- ,,',:-gif .QEXQ , 1 ' 1 -4 ' .31 fi'---by .11---.1 .w 'Q-. .- fwf- 12- ff , . - f.1.-X-' . ,,,.:f,-. 5 H+ --f: Wg :ff 2. -A M Ti'-, 'X-. V. V, '.-f.-1:5-f,. -Q V nxu' . -. V - .y s 'f ' .pw u 1 - 1 , -55 151.-j. 33, , , , Li M ,L X - .,fg T',k..AY 4 ,nw rg as :musk V V sis x X" ,W kdm 11 s. as t L-I 'R' MOOT COURT PROCEEDINGS are carried on by cx board of upperclcxssmen. This is cm annual event at the College in which ireshmen are required to participate. Nebraska Law Students Enter National Spotlight EDMUND O. BELSHEIM Decm of the College of Law Three University of Nebraska law students received national recognition. Eleanor L. Knoll, William H. Grant and Ronald W. Hunter won the fourth annual National Moot Court Competition, sponsored by the Young Lawyers Committee of New York City Bar Hssociation. The victory by the trio in New York City gave Nebraska possession of a silver cup named for Federal Iudge Iohn C. Knox and a S500 cash prize. Moot Court proceedings similar to the one carried on at New York City are an annual event at the Law College. Each first-year student writes a brief and argues a case in a practice round during the first se- mester and a competitive round during the second semester. Members of the winning teams have their names engraved upon the Hllen Memorial plaque, a memorial to Thomas Stinson Hllen, the first graduate of the College. One of the activities that help to bridge the gap between law school and law practice is the Legal Hid Bureau. This bureau, carried on by senior law stu- dents, is organized to give advice and assistance to persons in the community who are unable to pay an attorney's fee. Most of the cases come from Lincoln social agencies, state penal institutions, Veterans Hd- ministration and city and county attorneys' offices. gg. College 0f Q Law , N v H 1 N f -V 3 'e-. .I L . --4 V I if 1 fx: V f J f cd ,ff N YA' ff 1-F rl if wi 1+ ,. H ,4 if V! if! VA' lflfl H ff Vw fy' ffl I',' Lf ff. fi fr? 1,4 ffl Q!! f, ff f J 11 lf! lf' H v fx H .3 5 ef It jf rf! jj V! fx 4 5 5' If X1 rf". . 1 rx N K wtf AA-' 2, W' f xl' r ,f ,SESS Siamese' . mimi mush wggxffsssws it E ' m WQEHWWH as sims Mila me 55555555 mum it .Qu MW mm Emi . . BACK ROW: M. Buchholz, H. Goth, R. Lammers, K. Slagg. THIRD ROW: G. Rodehorst, I. Curtiss, I. Futcher, R. Roecler. SECOND ROW: D. Wood, A. Pagel, D. Tews, L. Chandler. FRONT ROW: D. Hcklie, G. Curtis, S. O'Brien, D. Lichty. Delta Theta Phi Emery Burnett was the l953-54 winner of the schol- arship key awarded by the national organization of Delta Theta Phi, professional law fraternity. The na- tional organization also presents a scholarship cup each year to the Senate CChapterl with the highest scholarship. Delta Theta Phi, intended to promote high scholar- ship and encourage fellowship among law students, sponsors guest speakers at their regular noon meet- ings. Among this year's speakers were Mayor Clark Ieary of Lincoln, the Solicitor General of Ceylon, Rev. Rex Knowles of the University, Fritz Waggner, who is the Lancaster County Attorney, Robert Neilson, who is the Assistant Attorney General of Nebraska and Dr. William Brill, the University psychologist. Claire lohnson and Charles Battey were Delta Theta Phi members on the Law Review Board. The board of advisers for the Moot Court was composed ot Guy Cur- tis, Duane Ackley, Del Wood and Armin Pagel. Delta Theta Phi teams won the 1953-54 bowling league and reached the playoffs in intramural basket- ball. Men regularly enrolled in an accredited college of law are eligible for membership in the fraternity. Sam O'Brien presides as dean of the Nebraska Senate. Other officers are Duane Ackley, vice deang Duke Lichty, tribuneg lohn Putcher, clerk of the rolls, Guy Curtis, clerk of the exchequerg Harvey Goth, bail- iff, and Dale Wood, master of the ritual. FRANK BHLDERSON - - - Benkelmcm Phi Hlpha Delta. BILL CHNNON - - - -- - - Mitchell Phi Gamma Delta. THOMHS CLEAR - - - Fllbuquerque, N. M. Delta Sigma Phi. RLHN CROUNSE - - - - Omaha Sigma Pllpha Mu. RICHHRD DUXBURY --------- Lincoln Sigma Nug Phi Delta Phi, President, Law School Iun- ior Classg Moot Court Board of Hdvisors. BRUCE EVHNS ----------- Lincoln Sigma Pllpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. 4? Balderson Cannon Clear Crounse Iohnson R. Lammers Lal-tue Legg Smith Snyder Stem Slirtz Law GERRY FELLMQN ---------- 'Omaha President, Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Delta Phi, Corn Cobs, lnterlraternity Council, Moot Court Board ot Fldvisors. PHRKER GEESEN ---- ------ S eward Sigma Fllplia Epsilon, Newman Club. SI-IELDON GREEN ------- 7 Chicago, Ill. Zeta Beta Tau, lnterlraternity Council. ROBERT HRSEBROOCK ------- West Point Delta Tau Delta, President, Intertraternity Council, Kosmet Klub, Innocents Society. IHMES HEWITT ---------- Hastings Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi. CHHRLES HUGHES ------ - - Lincoln Kappa Sigma, Hrnold Rir Society. CLHIRE IOHNSON ------- - Tilden Delta Upsilon, Delta Theta Phi. ROBERT IOHNSON ------ - - Omaha Delta Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi. ROBERT LAMMERS ---- - - Lincoln Hcacia, Delta Theta Phi. If-IMES LRRUE ----------- Palisade Beta Sigma Psi, Hlpha Kappa Psi, Fllpha Phi Omega, Gamma Delta, Interfraternity Council. KENNETH LEGG ------- Nantucket, Mass. Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. WILLIHM MOONEY - -------Omaha Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. WELLS O'BRIEN - - Kappa Sigma. IHMES PHRMELEE - - - - -- ---- Omaha - - - - Omaha Theta Xi, Delta Theta Phi. DHVID PICKARD - - Kappa Sigma. HHRRIS POLEY - - - Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. GLENN RODEHORST - Theta Xi, Delta Theta - - - Lincoln - - Omaha - - Columbus i. JERRY ROE ---- - - - - Bennington Phi Gamma Delta. DONHLD SQMPSON - - - - - - - Central City Sigma Hlpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. IOHN SCI-IRPER ----- Colorado Springs, Colo. Hlpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi. ROGER SMITH --------- - - Lincoln Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi. STHNLEY SNYDER ---- - Fairbury Sigma Chi. WHHT TO BID is the most important problem on these stu- dents' minds as they temporarily forget questions of law ARNOLD STERN ---- ------- O maha Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Delta Phi, Provost Corps, COR. JERRY STIRTZ -------- - - - Wayne Phi Gamma Delta. RICHHRD THOMPSON -------- Lincoln Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Delta. HOWHRD TRHCY -------- - Hurora Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. IHMES TRUMBULL -------- Scottsbluff Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Innocents Society. ROBERT WHGNER ---------- Lincoln Kappa Sigma, Football, N Club. LHWRENCE WILSON --------- Nemaha Hlpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Delta Phi. BERNARD WISHNOW --------- Lincoln Sigma Hlpha Mu, NUCWH. EUGENE WOHLNER ------- - Omaha Sigma Fllpha Mu, Delta Sigma Rho. CHHRLES WRIGHT -------- Scottsbluff Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi, N Club, Student Coun- cil. LHWRENCE YOST --------- Fremont President, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi. uxbury Evans Fellrnan Geesen Green Hasebroock Hewitt Hughes Iohnson C. ooney O'Brien Pa rmelee Pickard Poley Rodehorst Roe Sampson Schaper hompson Tracy Trumbull Wagner Wilson Wishnow Wohlner Wright Yost 199 BHCK ROW: B. Berkshire, R. Smith, B, Hasebroock, I. Strosheim, D. Rocke, R. Hinds. E FOURTH ROW: W. Hein, R. Myers, B. Mooney, R. Duxbury, Q. Garfinkle, C. Bur meister, R. Iohnson. THIRD ROW: R. Skochdopole, C. Trumbull G. Gunderson, I. Schaper, I. Pfann, B. Packett. SECOND ROW: H, TracYf l- Wilson, I Ncirton, D. Pederson, G. Fellman, F. Rus SE . FRONT ROW: E, Perry, P. Healey, B Evans, I. Faltys, R. Svehla. M5175 .... J nl ew ' - se , , , , ffm-M. 1-'rmgsfs lqgjwigb wily sw' milf, 6, fr""ftf are if .fs N t M,.,,,: of . MHYOR CLERK IEHRY takes time out from handling Lincoln civic affairs to visit the Phi Delta Phi's. Phi Delta Phi First professional fraternity on campus, Phi Delta Phi was founded to promote scholarship and fellowship among law students and lawyers. The group did not spend all their time in legal mat- ters. They entered into campus life by winning the independent football championship. Outstanding alumni of this organization include Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Iohn Foster Dulles, Tom Dewey, Adlai Stevenson and Estes Kefauver. The officers are magister, Bruce Evansg exchequer, lohn Pfanng Clerk, Pat Healey, and historian, Bill Grant. LAW STUDENTS COMBINE EFFORTS in doing re- LECTURE DRHWS VHRIED REHCTIONS from the stu- search for case studies at the law school library. dents as they concentrate on a difficult case study. gigs S- -- wg 'mfr 'Trams if H V, l 1 W ' B , i M f .. sa 'bl . ue, 1 1 H -li l V ww ss EB 1 I ms: sz-mm E. H ss N .. s, ss B ' VEB mm am sm sm Bm m x wang Wm Jam rift' . , we SUPREME COURT IUSTICE Thomas C. Clark congratulates National Moot Court award winners Ronald Hunter, Eleanor Knoll and William Grant. BMECHS it--xii" mam asm is-if ml' H 1 . Wm. . M gygr jx ll BE 3 it M-Q ,E M . . K X M ' T' x . 2 as my mm .2 s sf , 2 M. if EB ms . M LHW WIVES take time out from household duties to spend a social afternoon together. ms s ws 5. s is H . is : use asm :ws ss- is s s m is s is use , is 3- Q51 s ss . 1 H s at-2-1 as H 'K is 53... s E 'Q 5... ,Q W s is -3... s is :.:.,.- is ll E - SSW TIME OUT FOR NOURISHMENT is the FUTURE LHWYERS compete against each call as even the law students have to eat. other, using cases prepared for Moot Court. LAYING THE FIRST BRICKS are Dr. Cecil Wittson and Dr. Iames Tollman. who officially mark the beginning of construction oi the psychiatric hospital. Approval Given on 56,000,000 Building Development IHMES P. TOLLMHN Dean of the College oi Medicine This year marked the approval of the 56,000,000 development program for the University of Nebraska College of Medicine campus. The program will add needed facilities to the Omaha campus. Buildings to be added are a nurses' homey a 150- bed hospitalg a classroom buildingg a medical center auditoriump a library and student activities buildingp the University clinic, laboratories and research centerg an admissions and emergency unit, and a second unit tor Children's Memorial Hospital. Hctual work on this project is scheduled to begin within the next tive years. The University of Nebraska College of Medicine is a member of the Hssociation of Hmerican Medical Colleges and is approved by the Council ot Medical Education and Hospitals of the American Medical As- sociations. Offering courses in dermatology and syphilology, orthopedic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, pathology and bacteriology, pediatrics, radiology and physical medicine, surgery and urology, the University College oi Medicine meets the requirements ot the most exact- ing state examining and licensing boards. Its diploma entitles its holder to all the privileges accorded to graduates of any medical college in the United States. This year the College oi Medicine had an enroll- ment ot 340 medics, including 85 new students. .mug - . V 1 Q ' : u-if' . Tlma. p - gui W-Q-afcqsf 'Mn- 1fih.gQ, ' , ,124-ann. lnsmw. :win Agri A li V W Y Y ' WA- K N . ' 1222.4 ' . Ii: D N J Y -M. ' kiss ' .laps-. - - . f wr. K 42? ,,g,,,.!s Jmwmwiiw HlminnlmnnnnahilnnznnnnmlnH- m.f,mT ., '.'."T ' ' mfu1'HxTn"n'S xsvF'ffn.YL?7f5:1T1EvQiru lik: nw IT iid 'E if U w-rf , .mf-rvlw Q mfg ..--f-'- 45 L f ,Hyun nn ,,,,,..,. r-fl J V -11 ,W ma, 1 sz., ugly, l ---4 X ww 1 4' s :Egan E fi S wg has E is mi . ...Es 5 5 15243 :mg Theta Nu Theta Nu, Barker Chapter, was founded at Wyom- ing University in 1915. The Nebraska group, meeting the first Wednesday ot every month, usually has a program consisting of tilrns or special speakers. Theta Nu also sponsored an annual spring banquet. The members ot the group are potential doctors with at least sophomore standing and in the upper tenth ot their class. The requirements for membership include a 5.5 Weighted average 45 credit hours and an active membership in Nu Meds. Edward McCabe, serving as president, led the group. His co-officers Were Iohn Eule, vice-president and William Buskirk, secretary-treasurer. BQCK ROW: N. Qdkins, I. McDonald, M Dewhirst, M. Lipton. THIRD ROW: R. Yekel, H. Copas, R. Quick M. Edwards, B. Burr. SECOND ROW: D. Nuss, H. Weigel, M Greenberg, E. Laurnen. FRONT ROW: T. Eule, E. McCabe, W. Buskirk, E. Powell. PRE-MED STUDENTS in Theta Nu are engrossed in a paper concerning recent advances in medical research. H DISTBNT GLHNCE is received oi one of many HNHTOMY KNOW-HOW is obtained by med students operations performed at the University Hospital. through studying the structure of the human skeleton. gf ". ist' 2 Y Ca Q :assess . gg . , .H is .4 1. .. Ez A .- iq: H X it 'fest ln w m E s. Aw. i fi - 5 if 1 2 . we ng Y 2 it fi t ' Q x . P A s . he ,. .Q . I . 6, B . si .Z as . - Eg : wg BACK ROW: R. Badura, I. Fleming, I. Rogers, E. Hesse, R. Haag. J FOURTH ROWV W. Buskirk, Pl. Starr, H, Landers, H. Fldams, R. Doiwart. THIRD ROVI: D. Hammes, M. G'eenberc1. R. Yekel, I, McDermott, R. Delis, H. Weigel. SECOND ROW: H. Gerike, D. Lorenz, C. Sworts, M. Thompson, S. Furman. FRONT ROW: D. Nuss, B. Burr, M. Keenan, I... Nelson, E. Laurnen, E. Powell. Nu Meds Monthly meetings with guest speakers comprise the activities of the Nu Meds, which was organized to acquaint persons interested in medicine with their field. The membership ol this organization is limited to those students who are taking pre-medical, pre-nursing or laboratory technician training. These members, in turn, are eligible for Theta Nu. The Nu Med officers for the 1953-l954 school year were: president, Lyle Nelson, Sutton, vice-president, Bill Burr, Sidney, secretary, Mary Keenan, Torrington, Wyo.g treasurer, Edwin Laurnen, Rock Springs, Wyo., and publicity, Donald Nuss, Sutton. HN INTERESTING LECTURE holds the attention of these med students as they learn through observation. ' - S LISTENING INTENTLY are Nu Meds as a question is put to speaker, Dr. Young oi the Orthopedic Hospital. H FHVORITE SPOT is the canteen which offers re- laxation cmd refreshment to students on their breaks. , 1 lx- 'fi Q? If ,.: . .:.:. :': 1 "- - - "' -"- --- ' b - L4 : E , , :L " jx iii. 1 21 A": 'gg "': flfff- ' E 1 . . f 7 ' '.7:E.:5-Eflfjjfijliikj-, --- .Lg :iii --:- 13" --3 -fm? . ll'-zi ' 1 :-- .. ,., - . Il" a s - 'Nw X R'-'-+--?-'?.fZv?2:-'f?.::3iiZf.3E-1'L-..TQ'Trss2Cf"iii-i ,M - .,.. :.A . , .gi pf, 1 . .. . A . .- 'N X 4 -1- f .- - --. . :.,., ,. ig ,.. ' -:E" ' - - :': ...': ZZE .f if .-'E, --::' ,,.' Ezi ' ' ' . -""' ,,, - ' :' :Q E .....'f Y --- .... FQ 1 ' - ff X 2 i I -- " .. -' ' 'f ,-' ' .' ' - X . 5 - ' "' -'I T5 - X 3 WH ' - W-f-mg M x - f Ex f - . N. K- 4 ., N.. 'fm 1'-aw -l . ,., -avi'-2'2'5.f'Gf F",,5 ' ly "': " '55 J , ',-:- ' X' . - ' -.- M 'ii 1 HL y .,QE2:g'1-'Z,-ff-'f:" ' .' '-7' VV--fi Nfiifiix ygg.-'i'5w -.--g ' - '.:, -+4 A - f :- zai ' . ' 5 n. Y -X mf' J'-,ff ,,,. H :Q Ai...- in Zi. ...,., .I Fgw . . IEV, ,:,, . H wgxwsy ilvl wi H Z ,. . 3. . .x.y.3Axg.,,,,l4, 1, s ,. . K . -:-:.: ' 1 ' . - ffl? .-- X' ' "'- -..--' f '- f ' ',, 1" - -. if n " 3 at ' 3' '55 '. .fg 1' "':--'-- jyi zi Z' .," :.: . Qt- 1 --- . ' -:'.,. . 3 "TigQ,' J -fl 'XQK X 'KK 'ki-iL"S1'? '.A ' '37 n k' J "-L1 . if 1' Cx. . 7-il:- 4:1 'N - -2- 557 A .i ff -5 .ijjig "7 W L' " ' - is .N -' LN ' ' iq vxf'fSs:'1'1: ..... t x K-53 -:-- f :-. :': :': ':-- 5 ----':':-: Q' x'--- af. 711'- " 7 ' 4'2" 5' - .L fy .E-E ? :" zg fflig "" :-A .Qf Q, fi ' :-: YT? F Q" I -QQ' 7 ' L-1: - -"-' - " Q' ' rw E.E ,.,.,.E:, ---: :,, '. - " ' Y , ':.-'1-'g fr' n - f i... -V' ' "' zzf - -:-- - "". 1 :-- -', 5:5 "' lat '-- i:i:..:2' - ' "' -. -:-- ' 1" :"' , '- in 'C - - ' i fi:TIZi,ff"f' ": l -"jf ,., :.,. ,,. f- --'ff' ff' -- -- Q.Q.,... ,,,, 'ij 2-f " jf- .. 4- "" ': '--- 1 -21 X ' Z x V V x 7 H1-TH ,.-N ' w , taxi ,. ':"6-2-!5!- ----:' '72 --"'::: 'Q . ..'. Z32 ':" ff-. "- 5 -fi-2 ::: '----'-2 lid ' - ' ' 1 " ' "gif" I 5- -"--"' .:::?f .:. fI'gE:."f :- ' V Y.. .."'- '-:' ':-A? 'V fl " ' " ' " ---' 1 'A - .' .- -- f xfx-J "QQ, ' ' ' ' :': . --.:" J - - - - -5 ' ?92'-f- :. . - .- .. -- .: -6 . : : .: : f - '- 1'-N : . Q . ' QQ ' 1. - . si -V . ' f " - X -. . :-P i q ":- -- K x nf , X- - - - ' f, ...iz ,',. Jia-1 -gA::ff-Q. .. - -nm.--. ,1 il? i?"'--4-IL'- if 73' "-. '53 "--':-' - .1 Q.. " "' 1 1' .' I 452 - " ' " ... i - : 1' - "" -- ' wi "' - if 1 . ' If ? f?" ' ? " 5 '- -QI ..,.:. 5 '..." ':.. 'fi :., .:"' Q . X5 T- "' -1 ,. .,.,., ,. 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' ' - --- f' --. -" fir "--' 9. f'. 1'9" --- W ' ' ' 'X W 5 HL .S W WS'-T332 ' ' - -' -.- ' W "5 f Q3 fm-Q-iQQ5Nw. W Q?-i: ?'zVf!-'-'mfki 1' 3'---EW ..-.. --.--- 1 ....-- .2--.-. --...- - -... - ...... ..-. -W-. if Vllg-W, ..- .- . Tx --I f N gi- :,,. , -- - -if,fXEf.p4M??gN --: A In ', -2. ':... ..: 2, ..- , .' - .. .. ': in ---. j ,V vL' 'P 4.x V ,Q-"sn, .' 'L xKQ-YQQ,-M,-.XX 12931K "---"" 4 .- - . .. .. .:. -we --- 3.53 --.. -if -'- ' --. - Q '- iff i -fu? 3lQNix.3s.f:.- .-.-- . ----- . '4 '--.. : J . I .. -., :,a . ., '- :lz ,MSX ---- '--., .--.- .-.:"- ' ::: - ,I ...- ., .,.,.,V.'g:-"A K '- Q., I -:Z ., .. .. x - F :Q F lb -I .:. .,. 1- IE' .. 1 -X., -Q I . .. " 1, .- 4-5-,a,,. V E '.,, f -. s,,,1L-lx - N -S xitch -,Q1,n.,:--xcqgyi ' ' '- ' . f , ' -T "' ,-: f " - 21- ,.,'-'. -- ' -'- - -' , -rg ... Xi :gg .... 2 . f tgp .., ,.,. ' ' "' fi ? " -3 :.:::.'. "'. ' A ' --- -'W ' -- q ."3i'i'4f?L.'?i?-f - fsw-,1g- . .. --- ---- 5 1. "' .. fi .-. -... - - i. ti 'Goff ',. . ---' -f' -'A"' . f:'2f' --A f:g."' -'-S3 5 -I-"1 -.Eg '-'- f2..ff533- if - "' ' "'.."- " 'f - -- 1 --.- --' ' ---.. I'-2 1"' ----. - izi' "" ' -QS--'--wflf -f"T"ff' STN.'im1.:.-45f-rzv'v-1:'.T:.f-..1:.r"'.nEf' 2. 1 ------ 2 Elf i ff -iz. .- 5 --- 1:5-wif ' ..,. ' H .. ESE ." 3 'luu T ,.,.: . ,- . H' -Q -5- .- -'-- -jg K -,. -I E' -?'f,g"-5':f--4.q3wf-igfif-l':,"X Q 11-..W4QQ-'I?':,L.:.:1-iLEfT.gZf ... if-if ----- .-f . ' .xi-- Xi -'Wx E'-lefzl-rx?'3F4h1..2"2-3?-"-232-431-215:-iii ISE-:M - ' ' Q ' ... .... . + N R LABORATORY WORK constitutes only a iew ol the infinite hours that are spent in study and preparation before students. such as Charles Hendrickson. finally receive their doctor's degree. v CADAVER EXAMINATION proves to be edu- cational to these industrious med students. .943 X X 15- - V ' 14 DALE McGOWN'S PATIENT looks forward to the visit he receives from Dale each clay. mn. B , V. .mst e 'nan Muay? -as-use - . mm we M U, M 'HW -' EWS!! ,W W , -WSSXSHIE Hggw tg, B -.1-1 A M, M ,Mg wg. i. 85885 E ' 1 we ,mx Mm me M . t H me , Helm E sissy., - egg HM M E-1 .- H H F 5 H-gi ,Mm mi mga . me 1 BEE I H I B gt . E 1 5 , e , In we gs mmm me-1 e .. my - mga' H me M M, . Mg it fw. nm B a It mm mm we uyuey. E ms ' mm e ,HK mr emi :E use K ee -We HJ! E., me ne: B ' wwf mm- ss .am 'usa H I . ' 'L- ins, nm em. , ss : me ta, nm na me e use ?'5lgmH--- . ..: .:. :.: .:. A l H H wr. e B ,. . H H FL fifji, , . .. ' f - W Q D 1 WHIRLPOOL TREATMENTS in the therapy department bring welcome relief to patient. 207 2 U. - V. A LONELY NURSE keeps her vigil on the night shift as she walks down the hall checking on each patient, answering the calls at University Hospital. Four-Year Degree Training Program inaugurated IRMH M. KYLE Director of the School of Nursing This year the University ot Nebraska School of Nursing adopted a new four-year training program leading to the degree ot bachelor of science in nurs- ing. The new program replaces the three-year diploma curriculum and provides graduates with the diploma in nursing as well as the bachelor of science. Under this new plan, freshmen may complete first- year requirements at any accredited college they choose, and transfer to the University ot Nebraska Hospital tor their three years ot specialized training. The School ot Nursing is located on the University oi Nebraska College oi Medicine campus in Omaha. Classroom and practice facilities on the campus in- clude the University Hospital and two laboratory buildings. Pldjoining the campus is Childrens Memor- ial Hospital and the Child Saving Institute. Student nurses also obtain experience concerning contagious diseases at Douglas County Hospital and psychiatry at the Nebraska Psychiatric Unit. Conkling Hall, the student nurses' dormitory on the campus, provides both a place of residence and a social center tor the students. The social activities committee plans and directs social and recreational activities. These functions include picnics, teas, dances, literary programs, parties, a choral club and gymnastics. 1 1 V N 1 School 0f Nursm 4 w . V Q ff: - w A X wif, 5 " YN L 'mu fx W. 1,1 Mp an 'K aw H . ,K 1 ! 51 1 1 .11 151' I 1 519 ri f ,W 1 1. 1" 11 1 1 f I1 V '1 11 11 11 1'1 1 '1 1 1" 1 1,11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 if .s..- 1 ' if V CONSTANT ALERTNESS is required for LaVerne Mason in operating this complex machine. A WIDE GRIN is flashed for Pat Cauial and HALLOWEEN PREPARATIONS are made by Vivien Clausen US LUYYY Hull receives U feY- Donna Trimble. Doris Nelson and Lois Wild. BEHIND THE SCENES. workers exchange their white uniforms ior ieans to finish the details for table dec- orations and seating arrangements before the guests arrive for the student-sponsored Iumor-Senior Banquet. 'fin-ex -: s.: .- 55" .W if ng'-:Q-u,.4.. .qG,l ' ml, qv PH' ,ff ss s..--45: s ss-, ss H t Hsu, ss Q, A .x x f J , s sm -si -as 5? ,gs , As- Y s s J s . X sw s ss iss 1-ss B s .Ts sms? s ss s ssls "s ss ss ss NO WORDS ARE SPOKEN and heads are bent as the student nurses pass the correct instruments at 'the proper time as they try to gain surgical training through the practical experience oi an actual operatxon. A MASKED NURSE carefully sterilizes the instruments and prepares the operating room. Y l ., W - K ll A ,,.,,-... U. - ,N IW ffl ,114- INSTRUMENT INTEREST draws Mary Etta Meyer to the instrument shelves tor study. ss s ws: ss - s s K s s s x s s Ls -xs- :- E WEWWEEE: A ss 'R EQ ss s 1 ss sss ss: H as 555:-:f ssssgsmhx SS S8988- :.:.:.:.:...:. s .:.- s s ., s s sss .sssss swwssxs s ss .Iss ss is s sswts-ss mrs ss ES ss s s s s i ..,. E . 5 A sa: 'H ,gfgif Y ' s s s s si s ? s 3 s s A s s s s s ss sx s , s . . f as 'ers-',. , ,s s ' ' Hi 'W 8 E -l s s. s s s ss' -ss -2 f ss s ss s gss 25555155 X . s :.. 5 ..:.:. , .Vx - ss' s s . " 5-:r f sa:-5: If? 'fi ffifff' .. ffl iff fs s s - ' iii fiffff '. ,4.f:': 25: was KA- VL .:. s B, . . A .:. ta -5: as ,gf - s s .X s L s Tas s H, V . s :ss sss sgs s-saw ,. I-I fs-M W fl H-EH sewn .. Q M ,.5:5'-:Ig 2- ...,.:5: ss K s s , M . s s W ig s . .. s - r s s ::: ::. : - . :: .g5g,::a:-'s:s s s E s s . B s s H ,.,.,:,.., : s ..., . . I .,: J 1 R s I: 5, s K s s s w s -s-,.:.:.:.,.:.:. .. - . - s.: ,. ., 555 -s ss s s s s -Q :.: .:. ., H .:. :.: .:. :.- , s s M E 5, 2 , ,, is s s . is s sg 4 .3.5 iz. 1 . . sf . :QET--:Zi 3:21525-if if s s s s E s K S M x - - ,- . : :g. ,: H s ss s s sssm s H s 1- K A W s. ssl 'ssf ssssxs ss s E H N H 'Y H BHK H Sf!! E E X ss s s s s s s s ss s Hmm K s I ,K M -M- slss s ssgsws M My gm sis sws B is s -ssss---ssssln-s-ssss E X Q - W s s s s s s ssssss ssssh H H E nl H E E B E BH s s s if . H ji B Q 5 B i , M s s s s s s' BABY CARE seems to be one oi the most pleasant duties for nurse Iean Zimmerman. 211 s s IF' s su m . as EXPLANATION IS IN ORDER as Dr V E Tyler demonstrates the apparatus for 1118 expenmental research with ergo! cr drug plant which lives on rye. Internship Program and Guests Mark Busy Year Great strides have been made by the College of Pharmacy since it was founded. One of the big steps was the two-year hospital internship for graduate stu- dents that was introduced last year. Upon the comple- tion of the new program the student receives a master of science degree. The College was host in the fall to Dr. Knud Moller, a Danish pharmacologist, who spoke to the staff mem- bers and students on the "General Problems of Connec- tive Tissue." ' A new addition to the staff was made when a former NU student, Dr. V. E. Tyler, returned after taking gradu- ate work in Connecticut, to fill the position of associate professor of pharmacognosy. Each year the College of Pharmacy sponsors a tra- ditional spring banquet, at which seniors are honored for high scholarship. Eldon Shuey, senior, received, the honor of having the highest men's campus aver- age for 1953. Another annual event is the spring visit taken by upperclassmen to various drug companies. Several projects of research are being conducted by pharmacy instructors. These projects include re- search on the artificial cultivation of ergot, a drug plant which lives on rye, a new technique in drying drugs, and the effects of antibute in the treatment of alcohol- isrn. CHEERFUL ENCOUNTERS with the Lincoln General Hospital sta!! are en- ioyed by Bob Hallock in his pharmaceutical internship for graduate work. IUST HNOTHER LHB that pharmacy students must take to receive the degree for which they are working. ,X r 'fl 5 Pharmacy r M CHHRLES MHLLER ------ - Oakland Plmerican Pharmaceutical Ass'n. MURIEL MOTYCKH Kappa Epsilong Qmericcm Pharmaceutical Flash. 1 is m-?'nf1':g-Img,--::"rnEaw1 1' -'R W ss ss -. n, w -1 Maller i --------Leigh n. is ,ia ll lx we Mokycka Students Tour Plants Each year students from Pharmacy College take a trip to Detroit or Indianapolis alter- nately, visiting drug companies located in each city. This year, from March 15-21, 23 juniors and seniors visited the Upjohn Laboratories in Kalamazoo and the Parke, Davis and Com- pany plant in Detroit. Dr. Cosgrove, University pharmacy instructor, sponsored the excursion. The group was conducted through the buildings of each company, during which they viewed the processing of different chemicals. The tours also included observation of the manufacture of pills, powders and trochees from their beginning to the finished products. Banquets were given by the companies, with entertainment also provided each of the two nights. Holdre e RICHHRD CHHRLESTON ------- g Phi Kappa Psig Kosmet Klubg American Pharma- ceutical Hss'n. IHCK DFIVIS ------- ---- O maha Sigma Fllpha Epsilon. MERRELL EHLERS - - - Omaha Kappa Psi. - 'LLOYD GUGGENMOS - - Burwell Brown Palace Co-op. RICHPIRD LYNCH ---- - Kearney Delta Upsilong Kappa Psi. DONHLD MCKENZIE ---- - - - - Hlma MHRY MULLIGHN -------- David City Alpha Omicron Pig Fllpha Lambda Delta. DHRRELL PULS ----------- Elwood Hlpha Tau Omegag Rho Chip Plmerican Pharma- ceutical Hss'n. GHYLE ROXBERG ---------- Lincoln Sigma Kappag Kappa Epsilong Religious Welfare Councilg Lutheran Student Flss'n. GEORGE THOMPSON -------- Oshkosh President, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Interlraternity Coun- cilg Kappa Psi. IHMES TIERNHN ------ Long Beach, Calif. Kappa Sigma. FREE HOURS are used by pharmacy students to study notes before cm hour exam or just to visit with classmates. msn s is Charleston Davis Ehlers i ,.1 - .- - B l H tt ll ' . -' i ' f s m s E . . as . X E -:- -.33 .Harm it i .1 . gs ZZ 23. if H H E E H W3 Qs t i H Ig H- Hi ggins 53555 iw - ,'i.' H ER SS ' BEKISS W mit 1 , ... , jj-jj E s s it s :B i N . B ' 4 " Hz SS ' - is E H 2 if H Z if ii. S H H , H H - T 2 ' 3' IQI.,""QIQg.:s: '21 H mi 3 H H QE? Q is 1 " ' arf.: "- 1.2 ' 1 H2 E H i v H it l . - . :. sm s F W E . H Z.. , . . i B . E M g E .. , , , Q . ll B s B - A 5 E 3 - H E E H gl, E -: SK B N Bt S5 E Guggenmos Lynch McKenzie gist Mulligan Puls Roxberg Thompson Tiernan 215 s ns -ta msmmmsi' Z: 'll "C ' ' " I' " "" "" ' 'l ' V " "':'YJ':'7T!Ql2' mm - , - . V - 'Q-,gi 3-.urea .W -- Y, I., -A . , A In 'L V. s .r if , T -' ' T ESE sri. L" ' i. Z ig . T , 2 . rrr . i,,, .1 , . .g' .. gigai ' , ' ,,:.: l'- w e ' 1-: ':- . ' iidzw E fawgi .4 BHCK ROW: H. Greenlee, E. Muermich, G. Roxberg. SECOND ROW: I. Heelan, M. Staska, I. Girardot, P. Bremer. FRONT ROW: M. Motycka, P. Plalz, M. Mulligan. Kappa Ep ilon To become a member of Kappa Epsilon, a Woman must be enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and have an accumulated average of 5.0. The purpose ot the organization is to foster a professional fellowship among the Women in pharmacy. Special activities of the group during the year in- clude the pledging party, the Founder's Day banquet, Christmas banquet and the annual picnic. The national KE group awards a scholarship cup each year. Murial Motycka is president, Mary Ann Mulligan is vice-president, Iean Girardot is secretary, and Gayle ' " My " ' Roxberg is treasurer. WHBT IS IT? These future pharmacists peer in- tently into microscopes and iars of pills and powders. RESULTS BRE COMPHRED for various diet defi- HN EYE FOR RCCURHY is demonstrated by Duane ciencies in experimental rats by Gale Demarre. Neary as he pours chemical mixtures into his graduate. l J ffl - MYSTERY MEDICINES are clarified for the advanced pharmacy students through microscopic observation of medicinal ingredients. These enlightening discoveries are made during the numerous pharmacognosy labs. jf 115. ' V . .'w,!I' M F9 T. 7 V?-113. PRHCTICHI. HPPLICHTION of knowled e g from lectures is put to use by Bill Mueksch. DISPENSBRY WISE. Nancy Timmons watches WEIGHTS HND MEHSURES concern white- as Lou Stephenson gets a prescription iilled. coated pharmacy students during lab sessions. B PREVIEW LOOK is given to Don Kieber and Shirley Wear of blueprints for Teachers High School-one part of the College's expansion program. Construction of New Building Highlights I954 Plans Dean of Teachers College FRHNK E. HENZLIK Z Plans have been made by Teachers College to be- gin construction of added facilities. The new Teachers College High School will be built on the site of the present women's athletic field. The present high school building will be occupied by classrooms and adminis- trative offices, and a planned addition to the building will be built to extend southward in symmetry with Social Science Hall. This year was also marked by the beginning of a graduate program in education. The Board of Regents approved the program in the spring of 1953, One of the requirements specified was the number of years of study needed to receive degrees. One year is required for a master's degree and two years beyond the mas- ter's for a doctor's. Teachers College has a five point program designed to train well qualified teachers. This program includes selective admissions, a broad foundation as a citizen with 80-105 hours of subject matter in secondary educa- tion, technical specialization, and apprenticeship and placement with a follow-up. Helping to achieve the goals of this program is the Dean's Advisory Commit- tee. As a result of the Committees work last year, five credit hours are now being given instead of four for practice teaching. Annual events of the College include a Senior Tea, a convocation, and Fun Nite. College Of Teachers TI- Vi? mmm' HPPHRENTLY ENIOYING Craig's painting. both on the paper and his face. are his teacher and another small friend. Teachers Seniors IHNICE HBBUHL - - Palisade Delta Omicron. BARBHRH l'-IDHMS -------- North Platte Pi Beta Phig Fllpha Lambda Deltag Gamma Rlpha Chig Theta Sigma Phig Kappa Tau Hlphag Nebraska Sweetheartg Editor, Cornhuskerg Motar Board: Iour- nalisrn Gold Key. EILEEN HNDERSON - - LOIS HNDERSON - - - - - - - Wahoo - - - - - Lincoln Alpha Xi Deltag Pi Lambda Theta. Pl-IYLLIS QRMSTRONG - -------Omaha Vice-president, Kappa Kappa Gamma: Secretary, HUF. CLHIRE BHFIDE - - I-ldelphi. IQNET BHILEY - - Hlpha Phig WHH. BHRBHRH BHNKS - - Chi Omegap WHFL SHLLY BHRTLING - Delta Gamma. GERALD BINGHHM - Delta Tau Delta. IOHN BLHTCHFORD - - Hlpha Xi Deltag YWCt31g Eta Chi. IOHN BRENNEMHN - - - - Lincoln - Omaha - Fairbury - Omaha - Lincoln - - - - - - Wakefield Coed Counselorsg Sigma -------Lincoln Towne Clubg Pi Lambda Thetag Kappa Phi. MHRY BREWICK -------- Sioux City, la. Kappa Deltag YWCH. ELIZHBETH BRINKMAN - Pi Beta Phi. - - Geneva MHRIHN BRINKMHN -------- Scottsbluff Sigma Kappag Delta Omicrong Newman Clubg Uni- versity Theater. SHIELH BROWN ----------- Lincoln Chi Omegag Sigma I-llpha lotap Orchestra. SUE BROWNLEE ---------- Omaha Delta Gammay Mortar Boardg Pi Lambda Thetag HWSg HUF. PHTRICIH BUCK ---- - - - - - Broken Bow Chi Omega: Newman Clubg WHH. IHNICE BULL --------- ' - - Millard Sigma Kappa. GRHCE BURKHHRDT - - Delta Delta Delta. - Norfolk IHNE CHLHOUN ----------- Lincoln Delta Gammap Hlpha Lambda Deltag Pi Lambda - ' Thetag Mortar Board: Vice-president, Buildersy Sec- Sgiigeitflglggggv ' ' ' ' Omaha retary, RUE Cheerleader. ' . Rose CHSTNER -------- - - - Sidney PECIIFE HEBERT b ' ' ' 580111181 Wash- Chi Omegag Delta Omicrong Madrigalsg University p a -amma elta. Singers. Abbuhl Adams Ainscow Hlbert Hnderson E. Hnderson L. Qrmstrong Baade Bailey Banks Bartling Bingham Blatchiord Brenneman Brewick Brinkman E. Brinkman M. Brown Brownlee Buck Bull Bufklldfdf Calhoun C'-'islnel' Chasanov Cook M. Dey Dinsm ore Gendler Gerhart Grimm Haerer HDELLE CHHSHNOV - Sigma Delta Tau: Red Cross. ' MHRTHH COOK ------ ' - - Kappa Kappa Gamma: Hquaquettes. SHHRON COOK - - - President, Blpha Phi: Pi Lambda Theta: N HNCY DAHLGREN - Delta Delta Delta: YWCH. HILMERE DEINES ----- Plrnold Hir Society. NORH DEVORE - - - President, Pi Beta Phi. MQRGERY DeLFlMHTRE Vice-president, Hlpha IHNE DEPPEN - - - Pi Beta Phi: Orchesis. GLEN DEY ----- IHNET DINSMORE - - Cook S. Dahlgren Deines Devore DeLamatre Deppen Eyth Farley Feaster Flynn Folmer Foth Gilbert Gohde Gomel Good C. Good I. Green Hahn Hammerstrom Hammond Hanke Harvey Haythorn - Omaha - MHRY GERHQRT -------- Newman Grove Rlpha Chi Omega: Pi Lambda Theta: YWCH: Red - Beatrice Cross' HRT GILBERT ------------ Lincoln - - - - - - - I-QXi1'1Qf0U GEORGE GOHDE - - - - Lincoln Bulldefs- Hlpha Tau Omega. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Omaha CHRLOTTH GOMEL - - - - - - Fairfax, MO. Delta Delta Delta: NUCWH. ' Culbertson OAROLYN GOOD ----. - cond Delta Delta Delta. ' Omaha IOSEPH GOOD --.----.. - - Lincoln President, Sigma Hlpha Epsilon: Phi Epsilon Kappa: --------Omaha NClub. Xi Delta: YWCA. --------Lincoln -- -- -Gresham --------Omaha Kappa Hlpha Theta: Builders: HUF. GRHCIH EYTH ------ ----- B eairice President, Kappa Pllpha Theta: WHH: HUF. PHTRICIH FHRLEY - - DIRNE FEHSTER - - Chi Omega: Builders: MHRY FLYNN - - - - - - - Battlecreek, Mich. --------Omaha Ywca, Wan. ------ -Omaha Kappa Pllpha Theta: Newman Club. DONNH FOLMER - - Hlpha Chi Omega: --------Lincoln Teachers College 1'-ldvisory Board: Coed Counselor Board. JOYCE 1-'OTH ---- GOLDIE GENDLER - - Pi Lambda Theta. --- ----Ord --- --Omaha MHRGHRET GREEN ------ South Sioux City Vice-president, Hclelphi. IHNET GRIMM ---------- - - Blqir Vice-president, Delta Delta Delta. CHROL HHERER --------- North Platte Hlpha Chi Omega: Hlpha Lambda Delta: President, Delta Phi Delta: Art Editor, Cornhusker: YWCH: Uni- versity Singers. ' PHTRICIH HHHN - -------- ' Scottsbluff Sigma Kappa: Masquers: University Theater. MHRILYN HHMMERSTROM ---- Sioux City, Ia. Delta Delta Delta: YWCH. PHTRICE HHMMOND --------- Lincoln Delta Delta Delta: Spanish Club: Rodeo Club. DARLENE HHNKE HHRRIETT HHRVEY - Sigma Kappa. ----------Wahoo - Logan, la. PHT HHYTHORN ---------- Maxwell Kappa Kappa Ga - - ' mrna, Rodeo Club, Student Union. Healey Hinds Hinrnari Holmes Holyoke Horning Hulac Iaclcson Iohnson C. Iohnson D. Iohnson M. Iones Iouvenat Keister Kennedy Max Kennedy Marilyn Kifiin Kinsey Kinsinger Kissler Klasek Knerl Larabee Lacy Langelett Legge Lilly Lohrberg Loudon Low Malsbury Murphy PHTRICIH HEHLEY - - Creston, la. MHRILYNN KENNEDY .--...--. Lincoln Pi Beta Phi. Kappa Delta, Nebraska Masquers, University Sing- MHRGARET HINDS - - - - Davenport ers' Pi Lambda.'Theta, YWCH. DIHNE HINMHN --------- North Platte Delta Delta Delta, Fllpha Lambda Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, HWS Board. SUZHNNE HOLMES --------- Kearney Kappa Hlpha Theta, Pi Lambda Theta, Ivy Day Ht- tendant, Activities Queen 1952, HWS Board, Presi- dent, Deans Hdvisory Board. CYNTHIH HOLYOKE ------ Pasadena, Calif. Kappa Hlpha Theta, WHH, RUF. SHHRON HORNING ----- - - - Omaha Delta Delta Delta. GEORGIH HULFIC ----- ----- O maha Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Lambda Theta, Treasurer, WHH, Orchesis, President, P. E. Club, Dean's Fld- visory Committee. BEVERLY IHCKSON --------- Lincoln Vice-president, Towne Club, Treasurer, Pi Lambda Theta, AUP, BHBW Board, Newman Club. CHHRLENE IOHNSON --------- Ralston Hlpha Chi Omega. Q DUHNE IOHNSON ---------- Nelson Phi Mu Pllpha-Sinfonia, Gamma Lambda, Band, Orchestra, University Singers. MHRY BHLL IOHNSON ----- Des Moines, Ia. Pllpha Omicron Pi. SHLLY 1oNEs - - ' - Bassett Pi Beta Phi. HNN IOUVENAT ---------- Lincoln Vice-president, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, Panel Editor, Cornhusker, Panhellenic. PHTRICIH KEISTER ------- Grand Island Gamma Phi Beta, YWCH, RUF. MHX KENNEDY ------- - Beatrice Delta Tau Delta. 222 CI-IHRLENE KIFFIN ---------- Omaha Kappa Fllpha Theta, Coed Counselors. MARCIH KINSEY ---------- Falls City Kappa Hlpha Theta. MHRY ELIZHBETI-I KINSINGER - ----- Lincoln Treasurer, Pi Beta Phi, Filpha Lambda Delta, Pi Lambda Theta. BHRBHRH KISSLER ---------- Lincoln Chi Omega. CI-IHRLES KLHSEK ---------- Wilber Sigma Chi, Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, Gamma Lambda, Delta Sigma Rho, 4-H, Illlpha Phi Omega, Band, Orchestra, Debate. PHYLLIS KNERL ---- - - - Ravenna Delta Phi Delta. IOSEPH LHRQBEE - - Denver, Colo. DONNH LHCY ----------- Lincoln IERRIE LHNGELETT ------ Sioux Falls, S. D. Secretary, Gamma Phi Beta, YWCH. IOHN LEGGE ------------ Omaha Kappa Fllpha Theta, Red Cross. TING LILLY ------------ Lincoln Kappa Kappa Gamma, Newman Club. ROBERT LOHRBERG --------- Lincoln Beta Sigma Psi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, N Club. PHYLLIS LOUDON ---------- Lincoln Delta Gamma, President, WRH, P. E. Club. DOROTHY LOW ---------- Beatrice Hlpha Xi Delta. DONNH MFLLSBURY --------- Bostwick SHIRLEY MURPHY IMQLYJ ------- Lincoln Sigma Kappa, Mortar Board, Pi Lambda Theta, Theta Sigma Phi, Gamma Pllpha Chi, Vice-president, HWS, Secretary, Red Cross. DORA MRTHEWS ---------- Terrace Hallp Sigma Eta Chip BRBW. McCook ORVILLE MFITZKE ------- - Western BHRBRRH MCCORMICK - - - - Omaha Hlpha Phip YWCQ4 Builders. CHROL MCCOWN ----- - Beatrice Gamma Phi Beta. PHYLLIS MCCULLRH - - - - Alliance HWS. MHRY IHNE McCULLOUGl-I ------- Brady Chi Ornegap Gamma Rlpha Chip Theta Sigma Phip Newman Clubp WRR. DOROTHY MCDOUGRL ------- Tecumseh Kappa Phip Wesley Foundation. MHRTHA LEE MILLER -------- Lincoln Kappa Hlpha Thetap WRRp FlUFp Red Cross. V. T. MILLER ----------- Palisade Theta Xi. IUDITH MORGAN ------- South Sioux City Treasurer, Kappa Deltap Phi Sigma Iotap Pi Lambda Thetap YWCR. LYNNE MORRIS ----------- Lincoln Nebraska Masquers. IHNET NUSS ------------ Sutton Corresponding Secretary, Pi Beta Phip Treasurer, Gamma Hlpha Chip Treasurer, Theta Sigma Phi. NEALR O'DELL ----------- Wayne Kappa Deltap Mortar Boardp Pi Lambda Thetap Presi- dent, YWCRp Secretary, NUCWH. MBRION OSTDIEK - - - Newman Club. CRROL IERN PRTTERSON Chi Omegap Pi Lambda IEHN PERRIN ---- President, Delta Gamma. GLORIR PETERSON - - Adelphi. NHNCEE PETERSON - - Kappa Kappa Gamma. KENT PHILLIPS ---------- - Theta.- - Phi Mu Hlpha-Sinfoniap Gamma Lambdap Corpsp Phalanxp Secretary, Band. IUDY POLLOCK ---------- - - - - - - - Lawrence Lincoln Hlliance Lincoln Omaha Lincoln Provost Stanton Kappa Kappa Gammap President, Pi Lambda Thetap Fllpha Lambda Deltap Phi Sigma Iota. Mathews Matzke McCormick Miller V. Morgan Morris Peterson G. Peterson N. Phillips DEBN HENZLIK and his advisory committee W ork on strict time schedule as they use lunch hours ior weekly meetings. Teachers Seniors CHROLEE RHMEY - Kappa Phi. IERHLD RHMSDELL - Theta Chi. FRANK REDMRN ----- - COFlp Hrnold Hir Society. MHRILYN REYNOLDS ---- 5 - - Illlpha Chi Omegap Delta Omicronp YW HUF. McCown McCullah McCullough McDougal Nuss O'De1l Ostiek Patterson Pollock Ramey Ramsdell Redman - - Hurora - Sutton Miami, Fla. - - Cozad C94 Buildersp Miller M. Perrin Reynolds Delta Tau Delta. Delta Delta Delta. Chi Omega, University Singersg YWCH. MHRY HNNE SCHLEGEL ------- Towne Club, Tasselsg BHBW. PHYLLIS SCHOCK -------- Delta Delta Delta, Delta Phi Delta. FLORH SCHRIER - MHRGIE SCHURMHN - - Gamma Phi Beta. MHRTHH SCHUSTER - - - - Hlpha Ornicron Pi. Sigma Nu, Newman Club. SEVEN LITTLE INDIANS in their feathered headdresses listen very cxttentively to Carol Gillett and Carol Wright. BERTRHND SHMPLE - - - Madison, S. D. NHNCY SHNDERS - - Oakland Hlpha Omicron Pi. GLORIH SRULTS - - - Gordon PHULH SCHARMHN -------- Stromsburg Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Madison Hastings RICHHRD Sl-IELLENBERG ---- Council Bluffs, Ia. STHN SHUMWHY ----------- Lyons Sigma Chip President, Phi Mu Hlpha-Sinfoniap Pi Kappa Lambdag President, Band, Orchestra: Madri- gals, University Singersg Gamma Lambda. ELEANOR SKLENHR --------- Ceresco Sigma Eta Chig University Singersy YWCHg Religious Welfare Council, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. BEEZIE SMITH --------- Gothenburg e Pi Beta Phi. ELHINE SMITHBERGER -------- Stanton Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Lambda Theta, YWCH, NUCWH. Seniors The N ebraskan. FRQNK SORENSON --------- Lincoln Sigma Chi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, COHg Corn Cobsg LOIS SRB ----- - Lincoln Kappa Hlpha Theta. MQRY ROBINSON --------- Holdrege Delta Delta Delta: Pi Lambda Theta: Delta Omicron. IHNET STEFFEN ---------- Norfolk Gamma Phi Beta: President, Mortar Boardg Hlpha MHRILYN RODDY ---------- Omaha Kappa Delta: Delta Phi Deltag YWCH. Student Council- Lambda Deltag Pi Lambda Theta, President, AWS, BQRBHRQ RUCKMHN ------- - Hlliance MHRCIH STRHNSKY - - Mitchell, s. D. Alpha Omicron Pi. Hlphll Chl Omega- Robinson Roddy Ruclcmcm Sample Sanders Saults Scharman gcmegel Schock Schrier Schurman Schuster Shellenberg Shumway Sklenar Smith Smithberger Sorenson Srb Stetten Stransky' SIXTH ROW: M. FIFTH ROW: W. FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW: I. SECOND HOW: FRONT ROW: I. BIJICK ROW: I. Stellen, E. Smithberger, G. White, I. Dinsmore, M. Gerhart, G. Eyth, S. Lewandowski. Iohnson, M. Rees, C. Gillett, S. DeGraw, I. Morgan, I. Blatchtorci, C. Wright, I. Laase. Kramer, I. Thatcher, I... Weiner, C. Kiflin, I. Brode, S. Holmes, I. Quinn, Fl, Iouvenat, P. Tincher. N. Odum, C. Patterson, M. Iohnson, M. Fuelberth, I. Cunningham, I. White, M. Bedford, E, Mullarky. Takauye, N, O'De1I, F. Freaul, P. Buck, I. Brenneman, B. Iackson, I. Harvey. M, Gourloy, I. Bennington, D. Hinman, C. Haerer, S. Ochsner, H. Faulkner, B. Davis, N. Hegstrom. Calhoun, S. Cook, S. Brownlee, M. Kinsinger, I. Pollock, M. Nickerson, M. Hinds. sam reassess Qi'-new B38-.8 HBH!! B H X " ........, M... -H as ,A COMPRISING THE HGENDH for Pi Lambda Theta committee meetings is planning their scholarship tea. 1 I i ' ' H-' -4....'.1 ' --'r'e.'ft, , . .. JYWLLQE Pi Lambda Theta Pi Lambda Theta is a national honorary and professional organization for Women in education. Requirements for membership are that a Woman must be of junior standing, have two recommen- dations trom faculty members, have high scholar- ship and be enrolled in Teachers College. The group's most important project of the year was giving a tea for all junior and senior Women in education. Officers are: president, Iudy Poliockp vice- president, Sue Brownleeg recording secretary, Sharon Cookp corresponding secretary, Mary Eliz- abeth Kinsinger, and treasurer, Miss Minnie Schlichting. 225 2 PWHTCH THHT RHYTHM." Duane Iohnson, the instructor admonishes trumpet section as they swing into a march tune. Teachers Seniors Juniors SUSHN SVESKH - - Delta Gamma. SHLLY SVESKH ----- Delta Gammag Orchesis. BETTY SWHNSON ----- Chi Omegag YWCPlg WHH. Sves ka, Susan Sveska, Sally Swanson Urbach Utterback Villepigue West Wetzel Whitaker Omaha Omaha Wausa Thomas Wachal White Tooley Walton Whitmore IERN THOMAS --------- Kappa Hlpha Thetag Wt'-lily Phys. Ed. - - Lincoln Club. BFIRBPIRH TOOLEY -------- Central City Hlpha Chi Omega. II-'IMES TRACY - - - - Hlpha Tau Omega. MHRILYN TURNOUIST - - Kappa Deltag YWCH. MHRIHN UHE --------- Pi Beta Phip Nebraska Masquersg Pur MHRION URBHCH -------- Denver, Colo. - Woocl Lake Grand Island ple Masque. - - Western Mu Phi Epsilong Kappa Phig University Singers. HELEN-IEHN UTTERBACK ---- Shenandoah, Ia. Delta Omicronp BFlBWg Maclrigals, IEHNNE VILLEPIGUE ------- Delta Delta Deltag Newman Club. IOY WFICHHL --------- Wichita, Kan. - - Omaha Delta Gamma: Mortar Boardg I5lUFg Student Union. IHMES WHLTON -------- Pi Kappa Phiy Nebraska Masquers, - - Lincoln SHIRLEY WEFIR ----------- Friend Kappa Phig Wesley Foundationy A lpha Lambda Deltag Pi Lambda Thetag Phi Sigma Iota. LETH WEINER --------- - - Omaha Sigma Delta Tau: Rlpha Kappa Delta. MHRY IHNE WEIR ------- Sioux City, Ia, lillpha Phi. BFLRBHRH WEST - - Sigma Eta Chi. DONNH WETZEL -------- - Creighton - - Lincoln Alpha Xi Delta: YWCi3lg Red Crossp Panhellenic. WHYNE Wl-IITHKER ------- Sigma Phi Epsilon. IFINE WHITE --------- - Red Cloud - Hemingforcl Delta Gammag Sigma Eta Chip Pi Lambda Theta. NHNCY WHITMORE ------- - - Mitchell President, Rlpha Omicron Pig Pi Lambda Theta. IUDITH WIEBE --------- Delta Gammag Cheerleaderg Builders. - - Lincoln KHTHLEEN WILSON --------- Wolbach Kappa Deltag Mu Phi Epsilong Madrigals. PHULFI WITHEY --------- Delta Gammag YWCPlg Red Cross. Tracy Turnquist Wear Weiner Wiebe Wilson - - Omaha Uhe Weir Withey Wright Fldams Rnderson A. Hnderson C. Anderson I. Hndreason Auld Barker Beck Beckenhauer Bedtord Beermann Bell Bennington Berggren Bethschelder Billerbeck Boesiger Bohrer B01-ll'ClC BOYle Bramer Brendle Brode Browne Bryans CGl'f1Pbe1l CUFGQ Carse Christensen Chronopulos Comstock CQROL HNN WRIGHT ------- Jefferson, la. President, Hlpha Xi Delta, Hlpha Lambda Delta. SUZHNNE HDAMS ---------- Omaha Kappa Kappa Gamma, Flquaquettes. HGNES QNDERSON --------- Lincoln Gamma Phi Beta, YWCH, Orchesis. CHFIRLES HNDERSON ------- Blencoe, Ia. Hcacia, YMCH, Corn Cobs. IANET HNDERSON ----- Pi Beta Phi. MHRY IO HNDREQSON ------ Fludubon, Ia. Sigma Kappa, Red Cross, Builders. CFIROLYN HULD ------- YWCH. LEONHRD BQRKER - Lexington - - Red Cloud - - - Lincoln President, Theta Xi, Corn Cobs, Student Council, Gamma Lambda. BARBRRH BECK - - - Hlpha Phi. DONNH BECKENI-IHUER - - Lutheran Student Hss'n. MQRYMQUDE BEDFORD - Delta Gamma. MHRY BEERMHNN ------ Kappa Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon. SQMUEL BELL ------- Sigma Chi. IOYCE BENNINGTON ----- Alpha Chi Omega, Hlpha Lamb Student Council, Orchesis, HWS. IQNET BERGGREN ----- d Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. CHTHRYN BETHSCHEIDER - - - Pi Lambda Theta, Newman Club. - Omaha - West Point - Geneva - Dakota City - Chester - - Chappell Delta, Tassels, - - Hurora - - Hebron DORIS BILLERBECK --------- Scribner Hlpha Xi Delta, Nebraska Masquers, YWCH. ROBERT BOESIGER --------- Cortland Phi Epsilon Kappa. DENISE BOHRER - - Fllpha Phi, WHH. - Laurens, Ia. MARILYN BOURCK - - Plattsmouth Pi Beta Phi. TED BOYLE - - - Lincoln Kappa Sigma. LOTS BRHMER ------- - - - Hqrlqn, Ig. Sigma Kappa, Builders, Student Union. ROGER BRENDLE ........ ,- - Lincoln Theta Xi, Phi Mu Hlpha-Sinfonia, Gamma Lambda. IHNE BRODE --------- - - Erie, Pa. Chi Omega, Hlpha Lambda Delta, Student Council, Coed Counselor Board, NUCWH, Flquaquettes. BEVERLY BROWNE --------- Omaha Hlpha Omicron Pi. MARILYN BRYHNS - - - Omaha Delta Gamma. RICHARD CHMPBELL - - - Wymore Delta Tau Delta. IOVITH CHRHG -------.. - - Lincohq Towne Club, Union Worker oi the Month, Student Union Flctivities Committee, Coed Counselors, Builders. NORMH CHRSE ------ -... P Qlisqde President, Sigma Kappa. MHRSHHLL CHRISTENSEN ------- Minden Sigma Nu, Phi Mu Hlpha-Sinfonia. HNDONEH CHRONOPULOS - -. - - Grand 'Island Mu Phi Epsilon. MHRILYN COMSTOCK - - G1-eenwgod Fldelphi. Corenman Cunningham Davis DeGraw Deininger DuTeau Eaton Ebner Ecklund Eilerbroek Elliott Erickson Foote Frailey Franks Fuelberth Garrett Gerdes Gillett Gould Gaurlay Graham Gutzmann Haas Hamer Hansen Pl. Hansen G. Hansen M. Heath Hegstrom Heier Hlidek MHRILYN CORENMHN - - Omaha DELORES GHRRETT --------- Minden Chi Omega. Hloha Ornicron Pig Sigma Hlpha Iotag Madrigalsg IORNN CUNNINGHQM ------- - Lincoln Um"efS'lY Smgefs- Sigma Kappag Gamma Hlpha Chip Pi Lambda DELORES GERDES ---------- Omaha Thetag Tasselsg Coed Counselors. Hlpha Xi Deltag Pllpha Lambda Delta. BEVERLY DHVIS ------ - Lincoln CHROL GILLETT ---------- Lincoln Alpha Chi Omegq. Hlpha Omicron Pig Secretary, Coed Counselor B dp T 1 : R d C B ci. SHIEZPIIZE g,5i1WQ1pLG-Laitnigdg Dgltcz - Lincoln PRISQCTICLA ZOZPD e- -mis - Qin ----- Pierce ' ' Fllpha Xi Deltag YWCHQ Red Crossg Coed Counsel- MHRION DEININGER ------- - St. Paul Org, Kappa Phi' MHDELINE GQURLRY -------- Lincoln MIMI DU TEHU ------ 1 - - Lincoln Hlpha Omicron Pig Hlpha Lambda Delta. Kappa Kff-CPG Gmmf Ofchesls- SUZHNNE GRHHHM --------- Omaha MRRILYN EHTON ---N------ Fremont Kappa Kappa Gamma- Pi Beta Phi: Student Uniong Cheerleader. IEANNINE GUTZMHN -------.- Norfolk STHN EBNER ,,,,.,,,.,.. Lincoln Hlpha Xi Delta: YWCFlg Red Cross. Kappa Sigmfrz Phi Epsilon Kappa- PHILLlP HQHS -------- Rock Valley, Io. NORRIS ECKLUND ------- - Elwood Phl EPSUOH KGPPG- Thefd Xi- MHRILYN HHMER ---------- Omaha MARY ELLERBROEK -------- Bellevue Delta Gammag Student Union: Student Council. Vice-president, Kappa Deltag YWC9. HLICE HHNSEN ---------- Hastings ' DONNH ELLIOTT ---------- Mitchell Gamma Phi Beta' Kappa Hlpha Thetag Red Crossg NUCWH. GLFZSYF IIEHNSEN ' ' Stanton EI E KS N --------- H d 'l e P 1' LiE.Eill'1erc1ilElCStugent Hss'n. or V11 e MILx?Vl?,'E6Ig1 HHNSEN ' ' ' Marquette RRCHEL FOOTE ----- 1 - - - Hastings ' Treasurer, Kappa Hlpha Thetag .QUE Builders. IHCKIE HEHTH ' ' ' Omaha Delta Gamma. 11LE1NE,FRPc!gf-EY ----------- T-mcoln NHNCY HEGSTROM ---- - - Waverly OV' ne u - Hlpha Chi Omegag YWCH. VIRGINIH FRHNKS - - - Morrill DONNH HEIER ------ - Greenwood Delta Gamma. YWCP.. MHRY FUELBEBTH - - - Hartington RICHARL HLIDEK ---------- Omaha Hlpha Omicron Pi. Phi Delta Theta: Phi Epsilon Kappag N Club. 228 Teachers Juniors - - Lincoln BFIRBHRH HOF - Pi Beta Phi. NHNCY HOILE - - - - - Norfolk Delta Delta Delta. LYNN HOLLQND ----------- Lincoln Delta Gammap Red Crossg Rquaquettes. CHERE HOUDERSHELDT ------- Wayne CYNTHIA IOHNSON --------- Lincoln Pllpha Phig Builder-sg YWCH. IO BNN JOHNSON ----- Salt Lake City, Utah Fllpha Xi Delta: Treasurer, Tasselsp Coed Coun- selor Board. t LOIS IOHNSON ------ - - Elmwood Pi Lambda Thetag YWCH. MHRILYN IOHNSON --------- O'Nei1l Delta Delta Delta: Hlpha Lambda Delta. MHRLYS IOHNSON ------ Newman Grove Hlpha Chi Omegap YWCA: Red Crossg Dean's Hd- visory Board. BHRBHRH IONES ---------- Hastings Hlpha Phig Sigma Hlpha Iotag RWSg Madrigals. SEIICHI KHSHIMH ---- Kanegusuku, Okinawa KATY KELLEY ----------- Fairbury Chi Omegay Secretary, WHHp YWCHg University Theatrep Nebraska Masquers. RICH!-IRD KELLY ---------- Schuyler Newman Club. CHROLYN KING --------- Cambridge Gamma Phi Betag YWCHQ RUE Builders. Kappa Alpha Thetap Red Crossg HUF. BHRBHRF1 KOKRDH ------- Fllpha Xi Deltag YVVCF1. WRYNE KREPEL ------- Hlpha Xi Deltag YWCAg Red Cross. IQNICE KRUEGER ------- IOYCE LHHSE --------- Crossy NUCWH. MHRILYN LANE - Hol Hoile Holland Houdersheldt Johnson C, Iohnson I. Iohnson M, L. lohnson M. C. Iones Kashima Kelley K. Kelly R. ' Kilzelman Kokrda Krepel Kroetsching Krueger Laase CHROL KROETSCHING ------ Fllpha Xi Deltag Hlpha Lambda Deltap EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TERCHER. prospective teach ers learn from observing elementary classes in action LILLIHN KITZELMHN -------- Beatrice - Plainview - Schuyler - Fairbury - Plymouth - - Lincoln YWCHp Red - Lincoln Iohnson L. King Lane IMPORTHNCE OF PHILIPPINE ISLHNDS as part of our Hmerican history is pointed out by the student instructor. Teachers Juniors IOHN LHRSON - - - Kimball Chi Omega. LUCILLE LHVINE ---------- Lincoln Sigma Delta Taug Sigma Hlpha Iota: Pi Lambda Theta. BHRBHRI-'L LEIGH ----------- Hardy Delta Delta Delta, YWCFL University Singers, HUF, University Theater. ROGER LERVIG ---------- Bertrand BERT LINN ------------ Kimball Phi Gamma Delta, Gamma Lambdag Phi Epsilon Kappap YMCH, N Clubg Gymnasticsg Bandg Student Council. FRHNCES LOCKE ------ Independence, Kan. Sigma Delta Taug Red Cross Board. FRED LONGHCRE - - ------- Schuyler Theta Chip Phi Epsilon Kappa. MHRY LUNDT ------- - Omaha Hlpha Phig YWCF1. MHRLENE MCCULLOUGH - - - - Central City Pllpha Chi Omega, YWCH. HNN McKPlMY ------ - - Omghq Delta Gamma. IHNE MHDDEN ----- - - Omqhq Kappa Kappa Gamma. MHRY IHNE MHPES ------- - - Lincoln Gamma Phi Beta, Managing Editor, Cornhusker. ----- ------ L incgln Sigma Delta Tau: YWCH. FLORENCE MHSER -------- - Lincoln Hlpha Xi Deltag YWCFlg Coed Counselors. DONHLD MHTTOX ---- ...... O mqhq Hcacia, Methodist Student House. ELHINE MEYER -------- - Bertrand Lutheran Student Qss'n. MHRIHNNE MITTELSTHDT - - Norfolk Gamma Phi Beta. MQRGHRET MOORE --------- Lincoln Chi Ornegag YWCHg WHH, Coed Counselors. MICKEY MOORE - - - -------- Lincoln Rlpha Chi Omegap Rodeo Club, Hg YWCR. PHTRICIH MORHN --------- Randolph Hlpha Xi Deltag Sigma Eta Chi. YVONNE MORHN ------ - - Scottsbluff Chi Omega: Delta Omicron. ROBERT MORTVEDT ------ Dell Rapids, S.D. Beta Sigma Psig Lutheran Student Hss'np Religious Welfare Council. SUSHN MUELHHUPT ------ Des Moines, Ia. Kappa Pllpha Thetag Red Crossg HUB Newman Club. V MFIRILYN MUELLER ---- ----- L incoln Hlpha Omicron Pig Cornhuslcer Beauty Queen. Larson Lavine Leigh Lervig Linn Locke Longacre Lundt McCullough McKamy Madden Mapes Marx Maser Mattox Meyer Mittelstadt Moore M. Pt. Moore M. Moran P. Moran Y. Mortvedt Muelhaupt Mueller Mueller Mullarky Nash . Nelson Norsworthy Oberrneyer Ochsner Odurn Orchard Orput Opitz Palmer Patterson Peck Pepler Pickett polled Prem Ptqk Quinn Randall Rankin Rash Reece Reed Rees Reese Rice Robertson Roe Roeder Roehrkasse NHNCY MUELLER -------- - Lincoln GLORIQ POLLHT ------ - A - - coma Delta Gammap Builders: Red Cross. Delta Delta Deltag YWCH. EILEEN MULLRRKY ---- ----' 0 I1'1C1hG Delta Gamma: Ivy Day Flttenclantg HWS Boardg Builders Boardp HUF Boardp Deans Fldvisory Board. SHIRLEY NPISH ------- ----- B 1Olif Pllpha Omicron Pi. EVELYN NELSON - - - Mitchell Hlpha Omicron Pi. IHMES NORSWORTHY - - - - - Gothenburg Phi Delta Thetap COR. HNNR OBERMEYER - - - Lincoln 'Towne Club. SHIRLEY OCHSNER ------- - Sutton Chi Omegag Delta Omicrong Band. NHNCY ODUM ----------- Schuyler Gamma Phi Beta: Theta Sigma Phig Pi Lambda Thetap Newman Clubp Cornhzmsker, Managing Editor. DOROTHY ORCHHRD --------- Omaha Chi Omega: Buildersg Student Union. Cf-IROL ORPUT --------- - - Lincoln Towne Club. SUZRNNE OPITZ ---------- Omaha Kappa Kappa Gammag Builders: HUFg Red Cross. C1-IHRLES PRLMER ---------- Lincoln Phi Mu Fllpha-Sinfonia. ROBERT PHTTERSON ------- - Scottsbluff Theta Chip Phi Mu I-llpha-Sinfonia. ROBERT PECK --------- Greeley, Colo. Sigma Chi. BETTY PEPLER - - - - - Bayard Rlpha Omicron Pi. MURIEL PICKETT ---------- Schuyler Pi Beta Phi: Sigma Pllpha lotag Builders Boardg Cornhuslrerg Student Councilp Madrigals. NHNCY PRHTT ----- - - South Sioux City Presby House Cabinet. PHT PTHK ----------- Tyndall, S.D. Hlpha Omicron Pig Phi Chi Thetap Newman Club. IHNET QUINN ---------- Gothenburg Chi Omega: YWCHg Builders. NHNCY RHNDHLL ----- - Kearney Pi Beta Phi. DUQNE RHNKIN ----- ------ L incoln Phi Kappa Psig Phi Epsilon Kappa. IHNET RHSH ------------ Gordon Sigma Pllpha lotag Pllpha Lambda Delta. BLICE REECE ----------- Simeon Kappa Phi. IFICQUELINE REED - - - - - Des Moines, Ia. Kappa Kappa Gamma. MHRLENE REES ---------- Waverly Hlpha Omicron Pip I-llpha Lambda Delta. MITZI REESE --------- Nebraska City Hlpha Phip YWC94 Builders. DHVID RICE ------ - - Wayne Sigma Pllpha Epsilon. II-'INET ROBERTSON ---------- Elsie Hlpha Omicron Pig YWCH7 Coed Counselors. IOHN ROE ------- - ---- Bennington Kappa Fllpha Theta. ELIZHBETH ROEDER - - - Lincoln Hclelphi. PHT ROEHRKFISSE ---------- Lincoln Towne Club: Lutheran Student Hss'n. Rosenquist Rozanek Russell Ryder Samuelson Schaberg Sqhoberi Sherman Shinn Sidner Sievers Siewert Simmermczn Smith I. Smith R, Snodgrass Soltermoser Sorenson Souser Speicher Steffen Stephenson Stoehr Siueck Teachers Juniors BERNE ROSENQUIST --------- Lincoln Gamma Phi Beta: Cornhuskerg Student Unionp Gamma Fllpha Chi. KI-'IREN ROZHNEK ----------- Crete Zeta Tau Hlpha. BOBBIE RUSSELL ---- - - Lincoln Kappa Kappa Gamma. H SMHLL RHYTHM-BHND LEADER. with the twenty-two iel- low students at her command, prepares to give the downbeat. 232 ROBYN RYDER ----- - - - - Grand Island ' Delta Gammag WHPL Builders. IHNIS SHMUELSON - - - Hlpha Omicron Pi. - - - - Trumbull HELEN SCHHBERG - - omaha Delta Delta Delta. IOYCE SCHOBERT - - - Papillion Kappa Phi. HELENE si-IERMQN - --------- Lincoln Sigma Delta Taug Tasselsg LOU SHINN ------ YWCFE Panhellenic. - ----- Dunning Gamma Phi Beta: Builders: YWCH. HNNE SIDNER ----- - - - - - - Fremont Kappa Hlpha Theta: Phi Sigma Iota. BRIHN SIEVERS --------- North Platte Sigma Nu. KHY SIEWERT - - LOIS SIMMERMHN ---- IHNICE SMITH ----- - - Kimball - Lincoln - - Chappell Hlpha Ornicron Pig YWCH. RONHLD SMITH ----- Phi Delta Theta. DELBERT SNODGRHSS - - - - Fllbuquerque,N.M. - - - - - Gordon Brown Palaceg Sigma Delta Chi. DONNH SOLFERMOSER ---- - West Point Lutheran Student Hss'n. BHRBHRH SORENSON - - - - Lincoln Kappa Deltag YWCR. CHROL SOUSER - - - - - Clarks Flquaquettes. SHLLY SPEICHER ---- Kappa Kappa Gamma. IEHN STEFPEN ----- Gamma Phi Betap YWCH HUF Board. ELIZHBETH STEPHENSON - - Omaha - - - - - - Norfolk Cabinetg Builders Boardg - - - - Nebraska City Pi Beta Phig Student Uniong Cornhuslccr. SUSHN STOEHR ----------- Omaha Kappa Hlpha Thetap Red Cross. VONH STUECK ---- - - - - Pleasant Dale Teachers Juniors IQCKIE SWITZER - Gamma Phi Beta, MHRYNELL TESSIEN LILLIFIN TEWS - - Gamma Phi Beta. IOHN TI-HES - - - BHRBHRFI TURNER - ---------Omaha Builders, YWCH. - - - - - - Mason City, Ia. - - ----- Hastings - - - Council Bluffs, Ia. - - - ---- Lincoln Delta Gamma, Red Cross. LYNN TURNER - - - - - - Lincoln Hlpha Chi Omega. WILMQ VHN CLEFF YWCR. IOHN Vl'-INDERHOOK Pllpha Omicron Pig CHRLIN WBLKER - Hclelphi. IO WHLLHCE - Hlpha Phi. MHRY WHLT - - Delta Gamma. MORSE WEISGURT D Fuirbur HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE CLHSS discovers some of the cm- Y swers to baffling questions which scientific discussion poses. ---------Pickrell Hlpha Lambda Delia. ---------Lincoln - - Greeley, Colo. - - - Lincoln - - - Lincoln MHRLENE WILLIE Delta Gamma. BHRBHRH WILTSE Chi Omegag Buil - - Falls City dersp WHP4 YWCF1. Bethesda, Md. Sigma Hlpha Mu HLBERT WINSEMHD ------- - - Stella - - - - - - - ran s an ami. WELLENSIEK. G ci 1 1 C1 Kappa Sigma' Traeasurer, Kappa Kappa Gammag Treasurer, Delta HMMIE WORTH ' ' ' Dalton Omicron. HHROLD WRHY ------ - Spalding PEGGY WELLS -------- Greelev, Colo. IBMES YEISLEY ------ - Coin, Ia. 91191101 Phi- Sigma Hlpha Epsilon, N Club. GLORIH WHITE ---------- Scottsbluff DHPHNE YOUNG ------ - - Omaha Chi Omegag Coed Counselors, YWCP4 WHH. Kappa Kappa Gamma. HRDELL WILHELM ------- Nebraska City DIHNE YOUNG ----- - - Omaha Filplw Phi- Kappa Kappa Gamma. Switzer Tessien Tews Thies Turner B. Turner L. Van Cleef Vanderhook Walker Wallace Walt Weisgurt Wellensiek Wells White Wilhelm Willie Wilise Winsemad Worth Wray Yeisley Young D. D. Young D. M. "TWO HEHDS BRE BETTER THQN ONE" seems to be the idea oi Marianne Hansen and Dave Erickson as they take advantage of nice weather for studying. THE UNIVERSITY'S PROGRESS since 1871 is seen by Phil Patterson and Carol Tremain as they admire a display in new State Historical Society Building. Sophomore Year Cited College Turning Point The first two years at the University seem to be important according to the Bureau of Instructional Re- search, In tracing the experiences of 1,184 students who Were graduated from high school in 1952 and who entered the University the following fall, it was dis- covered that: lj About three out of 10 drop out of the University before their sophomore year. 21 Almost one out of five of the remaining students change colleges before the start of their second year. 31 More men students than Women students leave school or change colleges. These findings show that the rate now is about the same as it was in l947 when the bureau made a similar study. There is no indication that the University's ex- perience differs greatly from that of comparable schools. Records also show that from a sophomore class of over a thousand, 300 are now enrolled in Teachers College. Arts and Sciences is next with 207 sopho- mores and the remaining 500 are about equally divided among the rest of the colleges. All in all, the sophomore year is the turning point in college life. Changes in majors and colleges are made and activities now hold imp irtant jobs for soph- omores. By the end of the second year, students are better adjusted to college and are prepared to Work hard toward their degrees. 234 l Hbbott Rbts Rckerman lllclarns Hden Histrope Hlberdiflg Hlexander I. Fllexander N Hlexancler W. Flliabacli Rllen Flllington Fllminas Hlthouse Qnclersen P. Qndersen R. Qnderson M Flnderson Q. Flndreasen Hndreasen Hntes Qnnbrust Hrndt Que Hxthelm Bacon CAROLYN RBBOTT, Omaha, Teachers. HERBERT RBTS, Columbus, Engineering. I-ILQNA HCKERMHN, Fairbury, Qrts and Sciences. MELVIN ADRMS, Brule, Engineering. IOHN QDEN, Milford, Qrts and Sciences. IQNE HISTROPE, Glenwood, la., Hrts and Sciences. IOQNNE HLBERDING, Clay Center, Teachers. IERRY HLEXHNDER, Omaha, Business Fldrninistration. NORMRN FILEXRNDER, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. WILLIHM HLEXHNDER, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. PQRVIZ RLIFIBADI, Tehran, lran,Hgricu1ture. HHRRIET QLLEN, Lexington, Teachers. ROBERT QLLINGTON, Lincoln, Engineering. KHZYS HL- MINHS, Loup City, Engineering. IVRN RLTHOUSE, Waverly, I-lgriculture. PETER HNDERSEN, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. ROBERT I-INDERSEN, West Point, Plrts and Sciences. MQRILYN HNDERSON, Wausa, Agriculture. BNN HNDREHSEN, Omaha, Teachers. GEORGE HNDREASEN, Fremont, Engineer- ing. MRRIORY ANTES, Lincoln, Hgriculture. FREDERICK HRMBRUST, Omaha, Hgriculture. ROLAND HRNDT, Columbus, Business Hdministration. BOB RUE, Kimball, Agriculture. GWENDOLYN I-IXTHELM, Des Moines, Ia., Student-at-Large. DOROTHY BRCON, Lexington, Business Hdministration. Baker Ball. Ballantyne Ballard Baluch Bangston .Bannister Barnette Basler Baltey Bauer Beachler Beal C. Beal I. Beattie Becker I. Becker M. Bednar Beechner Beicleck Beisner Benedict Benning Benson Beranek Bergquist Berry G. IRNICE BRKER, Ericson, Rgriculture. RONHLD BRLL, McCook, Engineering. BYRON BRLLHNTYNE, Norfolk. Business Fldministration. EUGENE BHLLHRD Grand Island, Engineering. HESS BALUCH, Highanistan, Business Hdministrarion. IEHN BHNGSTON, Omaha, Teachers. GHRY BQNNISTER, Hurora, Hrts and Sciences. EQRL BQRNETTE, Holdrege, Engineering. MFIRILYN BHSLER, Omaha, Teachers. ROBERT BHTTEY, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. VIR- GINIH BHUER, Benkelman, Teachers. MRRYKHY BEHCHLER, Grand Island, I-Iris and Sciences. CHHRLES BE!-lL, Broken Bow, Hrts and Sciences. IUL1- RNNE BERL, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. CRROL FINN BEHTTIE, Sutton, Hgriculture. IRIS BECKER, Milford, Ftgriculture. MHRSHQLL BECKER, Omaha Business Hdministration. BILL BEDNHR, Oketo, Kan., Business Fldrninistration. RICHHRD NBEECHNER, Lincoln, Business Hdrninistration. MHRILYN BEI- DECK, Lincoln, Teachers. WILLIBM BEISNER, Hebron, Engineering. DIHNN BENEDICT, Iefterson, Ia., Flrts and Sciences. IOLENE BENNING, Neligh Teachers. KRREN BENSON, Lincoln, Teachers. BETTY BERQNEK, Sargent, Hgriculture. IHNE BERGQUIST, Lincoln, Teachers. GLENNH BERRY, Onawa la., Flrts and Sciences. Berry Bronstein Cadwallader Carveth Cherny Cizek Coffin Cooper Cramond as sr., el Brandenburger Bratt Brestel Broady Buckley Buell Burdic Burnham Carlson Carman Carpenter Carson E . In-L.iQ -b,.. Q . 43313323.3511 A. is Blackburn Blessing Blomstrand Botsford Brown B. Brown E. Brown R. Bruhn Campbell D. Campbell I. Campbell W. Carey Cast Castonguay Chab Chappell Chiles I. Chiles W. Christensen Chubbuck Clark B. Clark M. Clay Coffey Coleman Conkling Connell Connor Coulter Cowan Craig Crain Cress Crevtz Cripe Croft Sophomores MHRILYN BERRY, Groton, S.D., Teachers. BURGE BLHCKBURN, Rheinlander, Wisc., Engineering. CHHRLENE BLESSING, Ord, Business Administration. ROBERT BLOMSTRFIND, Hurora, Busi- ness Hdministration. SUSQN BOTSFORD, Lincoln, Teachers. BETTY BRANDENBURGER, Silver Creek, Teachers. CHROLYN BRHTT, Pawnee City, Ftrts and Sciences. WHLTER BRESTEL, Dalton, Business Fldministration. PHULA BROHDY, Lincoln, Engineering. TRUDY BRONSTEIN, Lincoln, Teachers. BER- TON BROWN, Atwood, Kan., Hrts and Sciences. ELIZFIBETH BROWN, Long Pine, Teachers. ROBERT BROWN, Fairbury, Business Hdrninisrraiion. IOHN BRUHN, Norfolk, Arts and Sci- ences. DOROTHY BUCKLEY, David City, Business Hdministra- tion. SHNDRH BUELL, Mitchell, S.D., Teachers. MHRY BURDIC, Malvern, la., Teachers. ROBERT BURNI-IAM, York, Plgriculture. IOSEPH CQDWQLLHDER, Oxford, Ftgriculture. DONALD CAMP- BELL, Gresham, Business I-lclministration. IHNE CHMPBELL, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. WILLII-lM CRMPBELL, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Business Administration. PAT CAREY, Kansas City, Mo., Teachers. IOSEPH CRRLSON, Fremont, Pharmacy. IHNICE CHRMQN, Omaha, Flrts and Sciences. KHTHLEEN CHRPENTER, Omaha, Flrts and Sciences. HM CHRSON, Norfolk, Hrts and Sciences. SARA CARVETH, Lincoln, Plrts and Sciences. PHYL- LIS CHST, Lincoln, Teachers. ROGER CHSTONGUHY, Swan- sea, Mass., illrts and Sciences. MHRIORY CHQB, Wilber, Teachers. IOHN CHHPPELL, Minden, Business Pldniinistration. NANCY CHERNY, North Bend, Teachers. IHMES CHILES, Oma- ha, Business Aclministration. SCOTT CHILES, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. GARY CHRISTENSEN, Hebron, Pharmacy. ROB- ERT CHUBBUCK, Lincoln, Business I-idministration. NORMAN CIZEK, Wilber, Teachers. BRRBHRH CLHRK, Lincoln, Ftrts and Sciences. MHRLIN CLHRK, Chappell, Engineering. LHWRENCE CLAY, Merna, Engineering. MARVIN COFFEY, Phillips, Agri- culture. IHY COFFIN, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. CHR- OLE COLEMAN, Bloomington, Ill., Business Hdministration. CHROLYN CONKLING, Nebraska City, Hgriculture. BEVERLY CONNELL, Lincoln, Business Pldministration. LQRRY CONNOR. North Platte, Hgriculture. HAL COOPER, Conrad, Ia., Agri- culture. NANCY COULTER, Bridgeport, Teachers. DERN COWRN, Oxford, Plgriculture. HLICE CRHIG, Clarincla, la., Teachers. ROBERT CRRIN, South Sioux City, Teachers. WHL- LIS CRQMOND, Cheyenne, Wyo., Engineering. SHI-'lRLYN CRESS, Pierce, Teachers. NORMAN CREUTZ, Wausa, Phar- macy. EDWARD CRIPE, Lincoln, Engineering. BILLIE CROFT, Fremont, Teachers. A :rv '- . .K 'YA wsi,.w"l-E' - r' 1 A I- If Y ,,,,,. A I 5 E 2 Crow Crowl Crowley Cunningham Curran Curtis Danek David Davis G Davis I. Davis L. Dawson DeBerry Decker K. Decker S. DeGraw Denbow Dennis Desch Deslinfanis DeVries Dewey Dingrnan Dobish Dobson Doehring Domingo BRADLEY CROW, Lincoln, Engineering. CAROL CROWL, Lincoln, Teachers. KEITH CROWLEY, Hartington, Engineering. IOY CUNNINGHRM, Doniphan, Figriculture. SRNDRH CURRHN, Lincoln, Rrts and Sciences. RICHHRD CURTIS, Grand Island, Engineering. RONALD DHNEK, Lincoln, Business Hdrnin- istration. WQRD DAVID, Palisade, Agriculture. GERHLD DHVIS, Lincoln, Business Hclministration. IMOG-ENE DFIVIS, Inman, Teachers. LHRRY DPIVIS, Lincoln, Teachers. HLL!-IN DQWSON, Gancly, Agriculture. MPIRY DEBERRY, Hlliance, Arts and Sciences. KAREN DECKER, Lincoln, Teachers. SHIRLEY DECKER, Omaha, Rgriculiure. DQRREL DEGRRW, Tulsa, Okla., Business Fldministration. DUHNE DENBOW, Parker, S. D., Teachers. MHRCIA DENNIS, Gothenburg, Teachers. WILLIHMETTE DESCI-I, Central City, Flrts and Sciences. II-ICK DESENFANTS, Torrington, Wyo., Arts and Sciences. GRETCHEN DEVRIES, Cortland, Rrts and Sciences. SHIRLEY DEWEY, Lincoln, Teachers. IOEY DINGMHN, Lincoln, Teachers. HELEN DOBISI-I, Ravenna, Teachers. HRTHUR DOBSON, Lincoln, Engineering. NORMHN DOEHRING, Hebron, Hgriculture. MARY DOMINGO, Weeping Water, Teachers. Dosek Drahota Drake Draper Drayton Duckworth Dunker Dunn Eastin Eastwood ' Ebe rhart Eborspacher Eckert Edwards Egan Egenberger Egger Elfline Ellis Ellison Em ry D. Emry G. Engelbrecht Engellcernier Engquist Eno Enyeart PI-IILOMENE DOSEK, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. GBIL DRAHOTA, Columbus, Teachers. DONHLD DRQKE, Pierce, Business Fldminisiraiion. NFINCY DHH- PER, Belden, Rgriculture. MARGHRET DRHYTON, Orchard, Agriculture. RICHARD DUCKWORTH, Norih Platte, Teachers. CAROL DUNKER, Dodge, Flgriculture. NHDINE DUNN, Omaha, Teachers. IOHN EQSTIN, Madrid, Hgriculture, SHIRLEY EHSTWOOD, Mullen, Hrts and Sciences. BETTY EBER- HART, Bassett, Flgriculiure. STHNLEY EBERSPACHER, Beaver Crossing, I-lgriculture. DUHNE ECKERT, Stanton, Business Administration. IOHN EDWARDS, North Platte, Teachers. MHRY EGHN, Omaha, Plgriculture. IHMES EGENBERGER, Brady, Engineering. SHHRON EGGER, Lincoln, Hgriculture. DON ELFLINE, Omaha, Engineering. PATRICIFI ELLIS, Lincoln, Teachers. EDWHRD ELLISON, Columbus, Arts and Sciences. DORIS EMRY, Shelton, Teach- ers. GLORIFI EMRY, Allen, Flgriculture. BEVERLEE ENGELBRECI-IT, Hastings, Teachers. WILLIQM ENGELKEMIER, Louisville, Engineering. KEITH ENG- QUIST, Red Oak, Ia., Business Qdministraiion. GORDON ENO, Lincoln, Business I-ldministration. SUZI ENYERRT, Lincoln, Fine Plris. s g N Zur . ffl' ssc-see? W ff gsm Q 5 gear SEHK HBH W we ls E Q W E 2 Ei ms WE V H ., 5: ,, . , . 3 I jg E E xr ' if .iz E s. E , , , t . .. :git , ee 'rfgf' eng: s .. ..:,.. K ... X ggi is gs :Q ......: B it ,J :.:::.:.:,.!l:, if 3 E .,. sn- :ir E sg gig :gi E f-:5, it " ... ..: ,' ' i ..: Erickson I. Erickson K. Erickson D. Ernst Eurich Evers Ewing Faist Fangman Farnurn Farrell Feese Fehr Felton Ferguson Finke Fischer Folk France Frandsen Franken Franklin Franks Frost Furman Garber Garcia IOAN ERICKSON, Bancrott, Agriculture. KHY ERICKSON, Lincoln, Teachers. DAVID ERICKSON, Central City, Rrts and Sciences. RUTHHNN ERNST, Lincoln, Flgriculture. DHNH EURICH, Omaha, Business Pldministration. IQNICE EVERS, Hickman, Teachers. IQMEE EWING, Lincoln, Teachers. LRUREN FHIST, North Bend, Teachers. IOYCE FANGMAN, Omaha, Teachers. IRNE FHRNUM, Council Bluffs, Ia., Teachers. COLLEEN FARRELL, Lincoln, Teachers. IQMES FEESE, Tecumseh, Engineering. ROSEMQRY FEHR, Oakland, Teachers. IORNNE FELTON, Lincoln, Teachers. CHHRLES FERGUSON, North Platte, Business Qdministration. PHYLLIS FINKE, Mason City, Ia., Business Pldministration. REX FISCHER, Oakland, Arts and Sciences. BOB FOLK, Holdrege, Business Administration. KEN FRHNCE, Omaha, Teachers. GRRY FRANDSEN, York, Business Fldministration. WILLIHM FRHNKEN, Roscoe, Hgriculture. MHURY FRRNKLIN, Omaha, Engineering, MQRY FRANKS, Lincoln, Hgriculture. ITI-IH FROST, Wolbach, Teachers. SHHRLENE FURMAN, Heminglord, Hris and Sciences. HHRIHN GARBER, Huron, S. D., Business Administration. LQURH GQRCIQ, Scottsbluff, Arts and Sciences. ra is B s ' is Garrett Gaswick Gaver Gay Gealy Geis D. Gies S. Glade Gleason Glesmann Glock Goetz Goldsberry Golter Good Gordon Gorton b Gottberg Gourlay Grace Gralheer Grant Gratton Grouse Graves Greving Griffiths IOHN GQRRETT, Minden, Agriculture. IOHN GASWICK, Hay Springs, Rgriculture. IRMES GHVER, Columbus, Business Administration. LQRRY GRY, Grand Island, Hgriculture. MILDRED GEHLY, Gordon, Teachers. DON GEIS, Beaver Crossing, Business Hclministration. SHIRLEY GIES, Clay Center, Plgri- culture. RUTH GLI-IDE, Lincoln, Pharmacy, BERNARD GLEASON, Pacific Iunction, Ia., Teachers. HRNOLD GLESMHNN, Paplllion, Engineering. MQR- THA GLOCK, David City, Hgriculture. CI-IROLYN GOETZ, Omaha, Hgriculture. BNN GOLDSBERRY, Fullerton, Teachers. GERQLD GOLTER, Flrapahoe, Agriculture. SUZANNE GOOD, Lincoln, Teachers. IQNET GORDON, Lincoln, Plrts and Sciences. IHYNE GORTON, Tecumseh, Teachers. GERRLD GOTT- BERG, Madison, Engineering. IOHN GOURLQY, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences, DHNIEL GRACE, Columbus, Qrts and Sciences. MRRLIN GRQLHEER, Pender, Hgriculture. RICHARD GRANT, Columbus, Business Flclministration. GEORGE GRRTTON, Omaha, Business I-ldministration. IORNN GRQUSE, Wausa, Plgriculture. HOWARD GRHVES, Omaha, Engineering. IEANNE GREVING, Central City, Hrts and Sciences. CORENE GRIFFITHS, Falls City, Qgriculture. 3 Ag-u Grow Hall V. Hamilton B. Hare l-Iarie I-Iauserman Helm Hilbert I-Iolmquist Gutzmann Hall N. Hamilton T. Harlow Hartwig Hawke Henderson Hill I-Iollmeier Haag Hallam Hanlon Harpstreiih Harvey Healey Henry Hillgren Hooks Hagaman Halverson Hansen Harris G. Haslam Hedges Herse Hinman I-lord Pat Haley Halverson P Hardie Harris L. Hariman Heilman Heumann Holoack Horn 'J I . eg H . ia Sophomores BFIRBARH GROW, Geneva, Ill., Teachers. PHUNEIL GUTZ- MQNN, Norfolk, Teachers. ROBERT HQHG, Bartley, Hris and Sciences. Il-IMES HHGAMAN, Bennet, Business Hdministration. TOM HHLEY, Lincoln, Hgriculture. VIC HALL, Holdrege, Engi- neering. NQNCY HHLL, Geneva, Hgriculture. MHRGHRET HHLLAM, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. PHTRICIH HALVERSON, Seward, Teachers. PEGGY HHLVERSON, Seward, Teachers. BHRBQRH HQMILTON, Omaha, Plgriculiure. TIMOTHY HHMIL- TON, Pierre, S.D., Agriculture. IO HNNE HFINLON, Morrill, Teachers. MARIANNE HHNSEN, Sioux City, Ia., Hris and Sci- ences. I-INN HHRDIE, Lincoln, Teachers. IEHRY HHRE, Grand Island, Business Hdministration. ELDON I-IHRLOW, Holstein, Business Hdministration. MHRY HHRPSTREITH, Fremont, Teach- ers. GLORIA I-IRRRIS, Hrapahoe, Teachers. LEE HARRIS, Columbus, Business Adminisiraiion. HRLINH HHRTE, Sidney, Teachers. DOROTHY HHRTWIG, Lincoln, Hgriculture. GBFICE HHRVEY, Logan, Ia., Business Hdminisiration. FLORENCE HAS- LHM, Fremont, Qris and Sciences. GEORGE HARTMHN, Paxton, Hgriculiure. IOHN HHUSERMAN, Ceniral City, Hrts and Sci- ences. ROBERT HHWKE, Lincoln, Business Hdminislration. IANET HEPLLEY, Lincoln, Teachers. IOHN HEDGES, Waverly, Teachers. I.O HEILMHN, Cambridge, Agriculture. CLQUDETTE HELM, Lincoln, Aris and Sciences. CYNTHIQ HENDERSON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DOUGLHS HENRY, Omaha, Engi- neering. MHRLYN HERSE, Hlbion, Teachers. IOHN HEUMHNN, Benson Station, Elgriculture. SHLLY HICKMAN, Lincoln, Teach- ers. MHROLYN HICKS, Lincoln, Teachers. ROBERT HIGGS, Rushville, Arts and Sciences. IBNET HIGHTREE, Lyons, Hgri- culture. LORRHINE HILBEHT, Columbus, Teachers. RICHHRD HILL, Hastings, Business Administration. VICTOR HILLGREN, Ohiowa, Engineering. CLBRE HINMHN, North Platte, Teachers. RONFILD HOBACK, Bruno, I-lgriculture. BOB HOFHCRE, Lin- coln, Business Adminisiration. IEROME HOFFMHN, Pawnee Ciiy, Plgriculture. ALLQN HOLBERT, Lincoln, Teachers. EU- GENE HOLLY, Narka, Kan., Rgriculiure. IAMES HOLMQUIST, Omaha, Business Fldministration. RONHLD HOLTMEIER, Tobias, Hrts and Sciences. MHRGIE HOOKS, Blair, Teachers. GERDI HORD, Alliance, Business Hdrninistration. LEO HORN, Weep- ing Water, Hgriculiure. RONHLD HORST, Scottsbluff, Teachers. MPIRY HOUSE, Grand Island, Teachers. ANDREW I-IOVE, Minden, Business i-ldministration. WILLA HOWRLT, Sioux Falls, S.D., Teachers, Hickman Hicks Higgs Hightree Holacre Hoffman Holbert Holly Horst House Hove Howalt 'Q HES I-lowey Hu rwich lesse Katskee Keithley Kessler Kirkrrian Knudson Krause Hrabal: Hutton lirovec Kautzrn an Kelley I. Kidder F. Kleine rt Koehler Krejci Hruza Hubbard Imm Ingram Iohnson B. lohnson R. Kavan Keenan Kelley R. Kenyon Kidder I. B. Kidder I. R. Kluck Kniesche Konegni Korisko Krivosha Kroenlce Hudson Innes lohnson S. Keeney Kerr Kiely Knippenberg Kovar Kruger ri ' ' l I. I Q-. 'R rf A 4 V tt A fl 1 I:-eff . - . . - , . ' A i Huffman Hughes Humphrey Hunt Isaacson Jackson Iacoby Terrill lanes ' loyce Kohler Kapustka Sophomores EHRL HOWEY, Beatrice, Business Rdministration. IEANNE HRHBRK, Stanton, Agriculture. ROSE HRUZQ, Lincoln, Hrts amd Sciences. BERT HUBBARD, I-lllen, Flgriculture. GEORGIR HUDSON, Lincoln, Business Hdrninistration. DENNIS HUFF- MAN, Omaha, Engineering. CHHRLES HUGHES, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. VERH HUMPHREY, Lincoln, Teachers. MRRGOT HUNT, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MELVIN HURWICH, Omaha, Business I-ldrninistration. MARILYN HUTTON, Norlolk, Hrts and Sciences. SHNDI IMM, Bartlett, Teachers. IOYCE INGRRM, Lexington, Teachers. VON INNES, Phillipsburg, Kan., Engi- neering. MARY ISFIRCSON, Stratton, Hrts and Sciences. TERRY IACKSON, Benkelrnan, Business Rdministration. LINDH IHCOBY, North Platte, Teachers. IOHN TERRILL, Omaha, Busi- ness Hdministration. SHIRLEY IESSE, Lincoln, Teachers. RICH- HRD IIROVEC, Leigh, Pharmacy. BURTON JOHNSON, Wahoo, Engineering. ROBERT IOHNSON, Omaha, Business Ficlministra- tion. SHRRON IOHNSON, Ralston, Ftgriculture. ROBERT IONES, McCook, Rrts and Sciences. IUDY IOYCE, Lincoln, Rrts and. Sciences. RON KHHLER, Lincoln, Engineering. HER- MAN KQPUSTKH, Elyria, Agriculture. GAIL KRTSKEE, Lincoln, Ptrts and Sciences. RICHRRD KRUTZMQN, Madison, Engineer- ing. IOHN KHVHN, Red Oak, Ia., Engineering. MHRY KEENHN, Torrington, Wyo., Arts and Sciences. SHIRLEY KEENEY, Nor- folk, Agriculture. PRTRICIR KEITHLEY, Sabetha, Kan., Arts and Sciences. IOHN KELLEY, Beaver City, Qrts and Sciences. ROBERT KELLEY, Grand Island, Engineering. RLLHN KENYON, Beresford, S.D., Rrts and Sciences. KRT!-ILEEN KERR, Hastings, Rrts and Sciences. BONNIE KESSLER, Seward, Teachers. FRED KIDDER, Lincoln, Rrts and Sciences. IRCK KIDDER, Lin- coln, Engineering. IACK R. KIDDER, Sargent, Arts and Sci- ences. NHNCY KIELY, Lincoln, Teachers. SUE KIRKMHN, Tecumseh, Teachers. RUTH KLEINERT, Lincoln, Teachers. RUTH KLUCK, Richland, Teachers. VICTOR KNIESCHE, Win- side, Agriculture. KEITH KNIPPENBERG, Central City, Business Rdrninistration. IORN KNUDSON, Lincoln, Student-at-Large. NRNCY KOEHLER, Geneva, Rrts and Sciences. IOHN KONEG- NI, South Sioux City, Engineering. IERRY KORISKO, Omaha, Rrts and Sciences. LEOPOLD KOVRR, Brainard, Teachers. IOSEPH KRHUSE, Cedar Bluffs, Flrts and Sciences. RONALD KREICI, Schuyler, Agriculture. NORMHN KRIVOSHH, Detroit, Mich., Arts and Sciences. LEON KROENKE, Columbus, Busi- ness Fldmiriistration. BETTY KRUGER, Schuyler, Rgriculture. r -6 Kruse Kubai Kuhl Kuhlman Kuklin Kusek Laase Labenz Lair Lang Langemeier Larkin Larson B, Larson P. Lavoie Lawrence Lawritson Le dbeiter Ledingham Lee Lehman Lemm er Lightner Lindau Linder Lingdren Lindley CORLISS KRUSE, Omaha, Business Hdminlstration. AMIL KUBFIT, Omaha, Plris cmd Sciences. BERRY KUHL, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. DONALD KUHL- MAN, Gothenburg, Engineering. HRLEN KUKLIN, Omaha, Business Hdministi-ation. EUGENE KUSEK, Hastings, Business Fldminisiration. IHNE LRFLSE, Lincoln, Hns and Sciences. IIM LABENZ, Greeley, Business Rdminisiration. GALE LHIR, Omaha, Business Hdrninistraiion. KHTHLEEN LHNG, Litchfield, Teachers. GERALD LHNGEMEIER, lthaca, Flgricullure. FRED LRRKIN, Omaha, Business Hdministraiion. BHRRY LARSON, Omaha, Engineering. PEGGY LHRSON, Fremont, Teachers. BQRBHRR LRVOIE, Denver, Colo., Teachers. IUDITH LAWRENCE, Tekamah, Teachers. CHROLYN LHWRITSON, Lincoln, lilgriculiure. IOHN LEDBETTER, Kearney, Engineering. SANDRA LEDINGHRM, Lyman, Teachers. CHROLYN LEE, Brownlee, Hrts and Sciences. SHRH LEH- MHN, Lincoln, Teachers. VIVIHN LEMMER, Htkinson, Teachers. LYNN LIGHTNER, St. Edward, Engineering. BONNIE LINDHU, Wahoo, Agriculture. ELDON LINDER, Bradshaw, Engineering. WILLIFIM LINDGREN, Grand Island, Business Adrninisiration. ANN LINDLEY, Omaha, Flrls and Sciences. . ' l I ,, l .A .f 1 'P , A..-A ' ' 1 X Y. V4 115' I x l I -?-'Ml-l .V ,y."'r.Ir '!l"'g ' '. 1 7" ' , llifji . ' ' I JI T . . . I , ' L. rv- " , ' 1 96 I . . , V, V lm V V., Lindquist Lindsey Lindstrom Lingren Lora Lingren Loma Logie Long Loomis Loxterman Lucke Ludi Lyman McCammon McC1yrnont McCorlcindale McCormick McCul::bin McCullough McDermati McKenzie McKe-one McLean I. H. McLean I. W. McMullen D. McMullen M. McPeclc Mach IQNET LINDQUIST, Funk, Hgriculture. NORMQ LINDSEY, Union, Plgriculiure. DEHN LINDSTROM, Holdrege, Flgriculiure. LORA LINGREN, Lincoln, Qgri- cullure. LORNA LINGREN, Lincoln, Flgriculture. HLICE LOGIE, St. Paul, Teachers. RICHHRD LONG, Lincoln, Business Pldministration. PHTRICIQ LOOMIS, Oshkosh, Business Fldministration. CHQRLES LOXTERMF-IN, Piiisburgh, Pa., Engineering, RUTH LUCKE, Omaha, Student-at-Large. MQRY LUDI, Wahoo, Teachers. RICHHRD LYMHN, Bayard, Engineering. DHVID MCCHMMON, Lincoln, Engineering. PHUL MCCLYMONT, Holdrege, I-lgriculture, BRUCE MCCORKINDI'-ILE, Emerson, Business Qdminislration. MHRY MCCORMICK, York, Teachers. DUDLEY McCUBBIN, Scottshlufi, Engineering. MILES McCUL- LOUGH, Brady, Hgriculiure. IOHN McDERMOTT, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. IERRY McKENZIE, Hebron, Business Fldminisiration. MHRGARET McKEONE, Lincoln, Teachers. IAMES MCLEHN, Benedict, Agriculture. IIM MCLEHN, Scottsbluff, Engineering. DORINE McMULLEN, Lincoln, Teachers. MHRY MCMULLEN, Stella, Teachers. VIRGINIQ MCPECK, Geneva, Teachers. DORIS MHCH, Lincoln, Teachers. Sophomores STANLEY MHGID, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. DRRRELL MAL- PERT, Deshler, Pharmacy. SHQRON MANGOLD, Bennington, Teachers. BILL MFINNLEIN, St. Paul, Hgriculture. DHLE MHRR, Omaha, Engineering. EDWIN MHRTIN, Holbrook, Teachers. FRED MRRTIN, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. CHR- OLE MHRX, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. IOAN MASON, Minden, Teachers. LFIRRY MHTHER, Haigler, Engineering. ROBERT MHTHEWS, Hastings, Engineering. BRUCE MHUNDER, Lin- coln, Qgriculture. HERB MHYER, Grand Island, Business Rd- rninistration. THEODORE MESSMER, North Platte, Engineer- ing. VIRGINIA MEYER, Bertrand, Qgriculture. WILLIAM MEYER, Bancroft, Engineering. MERLE MILES, Brownlee, Teachers. CAROL MILLER, Osceola, Teachers. FREDERICK MILLER, Tecumseh, Hgriculiure. NEIL MILLER, Kansas City, Mo., Business Qdministration. ROME IEHN MILLER, Lincoln, Teachers. ELIZHBETH MINER, Tecumseh, Teachers. MRRILYN MITCHELL, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. GERHLD MOHR, Bay- ard, Engineering. GLENNH MONG, Oshkosh, Teachers. MAR- IORIE MOON, Fairloury, Hrts and Sciences. IACK MOORE, Grand Island, Business Administration. PRTRICIH MORHN, York, Teachers. CYNTHIFI MORGl3lN,' Lincoln, Qrts and Sci- ences. PQTRICIH MORGAN, Elwood, Business Qdrninistration. SANDRH MORGQN, Lincoln, Teachers. MQRTHFI MORRISON, Carbondale, Ill., Teachers. ARNOLD MORTON, Oberlin, Kan., Qgriculture. IQNICE MUHLE, Leigh, Flrts and Sciences. IHNIS MUNN, Lincoln, Agriculture. ELROY MUNSON, Lincoln, Engi- neering. IHNET MURPHY, Exeter, Teachers. BETTY NELSON, Ceresco, Teachers. Nl'-ITHLIE NELSON, Lincoln, Hrts and Sci- ences. LOUI NELSON, Lincoln, Teachers. RRLPH NICKEL, Fllvo, Arts and Sciences. MAURICE NIEBHUM, Fonianelle, Hrts and Sciences. KQTHLEEN NOSKY, North Platte, Flrts and Sci- ences. MARILEE NYQUIST, Craig, Hrts and Sciences. ROBERT OHKES, North Platte, Engineering. 'FE u KB f ' FIXING REFRESHMENTS for a coke party. Counselors put one "little sister" to work. "QUIET PLEHSEV' Iohn Stebbins takes the library rules literally and forgets studying. 242 ,t '.3-t R 7 - . 40 . 'IYQ .Cv xr' wif, A-. 1 W 1, Magid Martin E. Mathews Meyer W. Miller R. Moon Morgan S. Munson Nickel Malpert Martin F. Maunder Miles Miner Moore Morrison Murphy Niebaum -it 1 Mangold Marx Mayer Miller C. Mitchell Moran M t or on Nelson B. Nosky 1. X ' -.v ,vii f --I x "-.Q-I Mannlein Mason Messmer Miller F. Mohr Moraan C. M hl u e Nelson N. Nyquist Marr Mather Meyer V. Miller N. Mong Morgan P. Munn Nelson L. Oakes Pl .ce ,c,gi.,- .ef Xfx l'.F-34. KAY NOSKY. stait member, learns it takes more time to be a sophomore than a freshman. SOPHOMORES, CLHRE HINMHN and Dr. H. E. Westbrook are busy with tryouts for Singers. HELEN O'BRIEN, Valentine, Business Hdministration. DEHN OEHLERKING, South Sioux City, Engineering. CHTHRYN OLDS, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. ELI-NNE OLSEN, Wausa, Teachers. RUSSELL OLSEN, Minden, Hgriculture. BFIRBQRQ OLSON, Lisco, Teachers. DAVID OLSON, Lincoln, Engineering. IOHN OLSON, Sargent, Qgriculture. SUSHN OLSON, Norfolk, Teach- ers. WQRNER OLSON, Holclrege, Engineering. MFIRY O'REIL- LY, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. DONQLD ORR, Lisco, Engineer- ing. HUGH OSMERA, Lexington, Arts and Sciences. MERLIN OTTEMHN, Pender, Qgricullure. IOI-IN OTTEN, Omaha, Busi- ness Ftdministralion, LOUISE OWENS, Lexington, Business Hd- ministration. MARBQRQ PQDLEY, Gothenburg, Teachers. BQR- BHRH PAPE, Lincoln, Teachers. CHARLES PQRKS, Lincoln, Engineering. IHCK PQRRIS, Lincoln, Teachers. PHIL PQTTER- SON, Omaha, Business Hdministration. PFITRICIH Pt'-IULEY, Lincoln, Agriculture, WFILLACE PAYN, Lincoln, Flgriculture. ENID PEQRSON, Pllbuquerque, N.M,, I-lrts and Sciences, IOHN PEDERSEN, Gibbon, Rgriculture. RON PEISHR, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences, WHDE PELTON, Cheyenne, Wyo., Business Rd- ministration. HERBERT PENNER, Trenton, Teachers. NHNCY PERKINS, Lincoln, Teachers. DON PETERS, Talmage, Engi- neering. MARX PETERSEN, Central City, Agriculture. PETER PETERSON, Lincoln, Hgriculture. SHIRLEY PETERSON, Lin- coln, Teachers. BETTY PETTIIOIIN, Oregon, Mo., Teachers. ROBERT PFANN, Nebraska City, Engineering. NORMHN PHIL- LIPS, Omaha, Engineering. ELLEN PICKETT, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. IFINE PIERCE, Lincoln, Hits and Sciences. WlLLlFlM POLK, Percival, Ia., Hrts and Sciences. IOHN POLLRRD, Falls City, Teachers, SHIRLEY POLLOCK, f-ltlantic, Ia., Business Administration. MARY PONT, Lincoln, Teachers. DHNIEL POP, Weston, Business Administration. IOE POP, Weston, Business Administration. DORFIN POST, Shelton, Hgricullure. Ei A his '14 ' .i ei- . W W O'Brien Olson B, O'ReiIIy Owens Patterson Pejsar Petersen Phillips Pollock Ui- . Oehlerking Olson D. Orr Paclley Pauley Pelton Peterson P. Pickeit Pont Olds Olson I. Osmera Pape Payn Penner Peters on Pierce Pop D. Olsen E. Olson S. Ottoman Parks Pearson Perkins Pettiiohn Polk Pop I. Olsen R. Olson W. Otten Parris Pedersen Peters Pfann Pollard Post me ,R . S 1 X swag as .. , . , I 'Bs S2 11 ,ees I me-We ' E 'W tl Q Rabiner Rainey Rasmussen Reesman Reeves RileY Robb Roberts L Roberts T Robinson B Rogers Rohter - Ronne Rosen Rosenberg is . ,, Poynter Reinert Robinson M. gowe H299 Rutt Sayer Schlieiert I. Schneider Prieiert Reinmiller Robinson S. Rowley M. Rumbolz Sack Schenken Schrneeckle Schock Raben Rhodes Roby Rowley Russell Sanchez Scherer Schmid Schoen Sophomores MFIRGERY POLZKILL, Stapleton, Business Hclminlstration. IOSEPH POYNTER, Kearney, Hrts and Sciences. CLFIRICE PRIEPERT, Lincoln, Agriculture. MARGRRET RHBEN, Nebraska City, Teachers. MICKEY Rl3lBlNER,, Storm Lake, Ia., Teachers. SUE RAMEY, Lincoln, Qrts and Sciences. ERMH RHSMUSSEN, Lincoln, Teachers. WRRD REESMRN, Falls City, Business Fld- ministration. VIRGINIQ REEVES, Central City, Rgriculture. LYLE REIGHRRD, Greenwood, Business Administration. CAR- ROLL REINERT, Craig, Pharmacy. RONALD REINMILLER, Staplehurst, Qgriculture. MHRCELLQ RHODES, Mason City, Teachers. TVVILA RILEY, Pierce, Hgriculture. VIVIFIN ROBB, Lewellen, Teachers. LEE ROBERTS, Omaha, Business Hd- ministration. THOMRS ROBERTS, Lincoln, Rgriculture. BRUCE ROBINSON, Fremont, Business Administration. IAMES ROBIN- SON, North Platte, Business Hdministration. MFIX ROBINSON, Bloomington, Engineering. SI-INDRR ROBINSON, Omaha, Teach- ers. ROSEMRRY ROBY, Lincoln, Teachers. IAMES ROGERS, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. RENEE ROHTER, Milwaukee, Wis., Rrts and Sciences. MHX RONNE, Lushton, Agriculture. LEON- ARD ROSEN, Omaha, Engineering. SHIRLEY ROSENBERG, Lin- coln, Qrts and Sciences. SOL ROSINSKY, Omaha, Business Qdministration. DEHN ROWE, Henry, Engineering. MFIRILYN ROWLEY, Hebron. Figriculture. VERONICH ROWLEY, Wood River, Teachers. CAROLYN ROXBERG, Lincoln, Teachers. HFIR- RIET RUEGG, Omaha, Firts and Sciences. RICHARD RUMBOLZ. Lincoln, Business Rdministration. ELIZRBETI-I RUSSELL, Lin- coln, Teachers. STEPHEN RUTH, Rising City, Agriculture, LORNF1 RUTT, Campbell, Teachers. ROGER SHCK, York, Business Hdministration LOU SQNCHEZ, Falls City, Teachers. DONHLD SQSS, Bennington, Business Hchninistration. MARI- ANNE SQYER, Cambridge, Teachers. IHNET SCHENKEN, Omaha, Teachers. LEO SCHERER, North Platte, Rrts and Sciences. CARL SCI-ILIEFERT, Louisville, Business Hclministra- tion. IERNINE SCHLIEFERT, Wabash, Teachers. MHRK SCHMEECKLE, Cozad, Business Hdministration. ALLEN SCHMID, Dawson, Hgriculture. IRMES SCI-IMOKER, Osceola, Qgriculture, LEE SCHNEIDER, Geneva, Teachers. RICHHRD SCHOCK, Falls City, Engineering. VICTOR SCI-IOEN, Platte Center, Engineer- ing. . ., .. l .. .,, I rf-f"-H-'rmssfal Schott Schroeder Schuetz Scobie Scott E. Scott S. Scow Searcy Sehnert Serr Shauer Shaw Shelledy Shelton Sherman Shimonek Shugrue Sick Siebenaler Simon Simonson Sisson Skalla Skitt Slagle Sloan Smith C IOHN SCHOTT, Osceola, Hgriculture. RODNEY SCHROEDER, Elwood, Business Administration. PHILLIP SCHUETZ, Dalton, Engineering. WILLHRD SCO- BIE, Giltner, Hgriculture. EUGENE SCOTT, Belgrade, Agriculture. SHIRLEY SCOTT, Lincoln, Teachers. ROGER SCOW, Shelby, Engineering. BETTY SEHRCY, Wilber, Qrts and Sciences. HILEEN SEHNERT, I-Ioldrege, Teachers. ROBERT SERR, Omaha, Business Hdministration. DONQLD SHAUER, Carls- bad, N.M., Business Hdministration. IERRY SHFIW, Mitchell, S.D., Business Hdruinistration. MARY SI-IELLEDY, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. ROBERT SHEL- TON, Council Blutts, la., Business Qdministration. PHYLLIS SHERMAN, Tecumseh, Teachers. IOHNN SHIMONEK, Howells, Hgriculture. MICHHEL SHU- GRUE, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. SFINDRH SICK, Lincoln, Teachers. RICHQRD SIEBENHLER, Kimball, Arts and Sciences. DOROTHY SIMON, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. THEODORE SIMONSON, West Point, Teachers. BETTY SISSON, Oshkosh, Hgriculture. IOHN SKALLA, Beatrice, Business Hclrninistra- tion. IBN SKIFF, Grand Island, Business Qdministration. SHIRLEY SLHGLE, Grant, Ftgriculture. DEHN SLOAN, McCook, Flrts and Sciences. CHHRLES SMITH, Central City, Flrts and Sciences.- I it l' sl ' Z' . Q! . FI is gh . I' ' I is Q x 55 '1- Smith D. S. Smith D. E. Smith D. R. Smith K. Snyder Sonderup Sorensen Spain Spencer Splichal Spilker Splittgerber Sporn Sprague Spurrier Stanley M. Stanley N. Stark Stauttacher Stebbins Steinberg Stevens K, Stevens S. Stevens M. Stewart Stiffler Stiss DENNIS SMITH, North Platte, Business Qclministration. DONQLD SMITH, Winner, S.D., Engineering. DONNA SMITH, Pender, Teachers. KEN SMITH, Lincoln, Engineering. ARZP. SNYDER, Davenport, Ia., I'-lgriculture. MILO SONDERUP, Fullerton, Hgriculture. HI-IROLD SORENSEN, Bancroft, Engineering. IHMES SPAIN, Bellevue, Teachers. MQRLYS SPENCER, Hurora, Teachers. BONNIE SPLICHHL, Lincoln, Teachers. WQYNE SPILKER, DeWitt, Plgriculture. IOYCE SPLITTGERBER, Albion, Hgriculture. IOYCE SPORN, Lincoln, Flgriculture. MARY SPRHGUE, Red Cloud, Business Fldministration. MHRY SPUR- RIER, Seminole, Okla., Teachers. MHRY STANLEY, Lincoln, Teachers. NHNCY STFINLEY, Lincoln, Teachers. IERRY STI-IRK, Loomis, Flgriculture. FREDRIC STRUFFRCHER, Webb City, Mo., Engineering. IOHN STEBBINS, Gothenburg, Arts and Sciences. TED STEINBERG, Sioux Falls, S.D., Business Bdrninistration. KENNETH STEVENS, Madison, Flgriculture. Sf-INDRA STEVENS, Omaha, Teachers. MHRILYN STEVENS, Gothenburg, Teachers. CHARLES STEWFIRT, Omaha, Business Hdministration. IENNIE STIFFLER, Louisville, Brts and Sciences. SOL STISS, Omaha, Business Hdministration. 245 s s "MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WHLL who is the fairest of them alI?" Hctivity Queen candidates excitedly await the big moment at the auction. Sophomores SHIRLEY STOHLMHN, A pleton, Wis., Qrts and Sciences. IERRY STRICKLER, Passaic, Hgriculture. CHFIRLES STUHRT, Lincoln, Business Fldministration. BOYD STUI-IR, Bradshaw, Hgriculture. DRLE STUKENHOLTZ, Nebraska City, Aariculture. WEIRD SVOBODA, Schuyler, Engineering. ZOE SWARTZ, Los Rn- geles, Calif., Teachers. GEORGE SWEENEY, Grand Island, Phar- macy. DONALD SWENSON, Wakefield, Plrts and Sciences. INGRID SWERRE, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. PHTRICIH SYFERT, Flinsworth, Teachers. DELORES SYNOVEC, Lincoln, Teachers. MARILYN TFILBOT, Broken Bow, Teachers. IOYCE THYLOR, Lincoln, Fligriculture. MFIRY TAYLOR, Omaha, Hgri- culture. ELIZQBETI TEMPLETON, Omaha, Teachers. OTTO THIEMANN, Hebron, I-lgriculture. GILBERT Tl-IOMHS, Lincoln, Engineering. SHIRLEY THOMPIS, Kearney, Teachers. CQROL THOMPSON, Omaha, Qrts and Sciences. MARILYN THOMP- SON, Minden, I-lrts and Sciences. RALPH THOMPSON, Omaha, Teachers. IQMES THORSON, DeSrnet, S.D., Teachers. DELORIS TIETIEN, Superior, Teachers. CAROLE TIMM, Eustis, Teachers. NRNCY TIMMONS, Omaha, Qrts and Sciences. RLICE TODD, Falls City, Teachers. IRCK TODD, Murray, Agriculture. MHRI- LYN TOFT, Omaha, Teachers. RICHQHD TOMLINSON, O'Nei1l, Agriculture. CHQRLES TOMSEN, Minden, Agriculture. RICH- QRD TOOLEY, Columbus, Pharmacy. MRRILYN TOWNE, Lin- coln, Teachers. THOMRS TRRNDRL, Watertown, S.D., Rrts and Sciences. RICHFIRD TRAVIS, Lexington, Engineering, CHROL TREMRIN, Sidney, Business Administration. QLLEN TRENKLE, Hay Springs, Agriculture. PRUL TRENKLE, Hay Sorinas, Hariculture. MQRION TRITSCI-I, Murray, Plgriculture. RICHFIRD TRUPP, Hastings, Business Qdmintstration. GEORGE TYSON, Herman, Aqriculture. PHT UEHLING, Oakland, lflrts and Sciences. RUSSELL UEHLING, Uehling, Ftgriculture. DQN UMPHENOUR, Beatrice, Business Qdministration. WARREN UNDERWOOD, Lincoln, Agriculture. CQROLE UNTERSEHER, Lincoln, Teachers. LOREN VHNCE, Fairbury, Business Hd- rninistration. RICHHRD VHSINR, Colon, Business Flclministra- tion. NORMAN VEITZER, Omaha, Business Hdministration. LOWELL VESTRL, Pawnee City, Arts and Sciences. BETTY VOGT, Lincoln, Teachers. IEFINNETTE VOLLMER, Omaha, Teachers. RUTH VOLLMER, Verdon, Hgri VON BQRGEN, Qlliance, Teachers. culture. ELEANOR new I ' ' I Ima I,..' I -ith... '- ,.- E H E in -5' ' - 13' I Q af- Ii P- - .I , 5 NL.: Q gy -es' ...I . t. L L , . L L L LL. L L 'Tn M Y ' I ' Y ' If' Y :.:..:. I I I Y. ' Apr' A W ' W I l A - . 'Q : ' " x I -f " Tr. I 1 ' .tr R' ' ,. ., ' - . i "". Q- :,,,., .... it I ' :.. E ti :':'l':Ii M 'J' 1 Mg- ' ll . . Ai ' - ' l ' 1' NI 1 is -:::ig..::i ' .,.,.,. S A.. I . ...,.. .,, .... ,.., . I, ,., . . .. ,IKNIIILIIAII II L I ,LI , sw . 1222 I H B' O 4 .If'f7TlHl'? if-'5'l"E:f ' flf Ei 355 ii: S l - Quii:f..f-S 'I II :I: -:s III7 it .. .1 I 31. - I I I ' . Z I . L-I' L--' I I I . ,I ' .,. Iii' . ,IL . . is .. ,' I f, ir' I - L f gig , 7 H' , - 4, E-ff ' - .4 Ik MI LIIIIE-It I I I IIII H A 3, 1" figi liiarw H . " L Tr: N fi iff? W ,. g, , rises ,- . I, 'burn s s -. 3- f 'Q' . t ir Exif? ., I I , . 3 -... EEE : ' 1: 2-355 H ....... . . 'ul ls' f I L 22.615 ' Qmri e' H mi ' A T V r H H M me I .. ., f t II :IEI :,,... . I I I 25: I EM :Z Ll. LMI ,X Ls-L s . VA, . .I ,I II -- ' ' " 1 'r-?-i- get - ' an--Q" .I. i . iii :bil 11 A 1 ' ' ' 1 ' 'I' tl' "V -lx. ' ,. Q ..... ,' 1 IQ, - . I - I3 1 ' I ' ' 1, 'E 911 .1 ' I ' " f J Emi ' . . I I A fi -' -121 ' V J . SL W I 'I' mx E H H Bl A r- ug I I III - I Us ss I I II I-Ii I I I I IIIIIIIII-IIII 'III I I LA, L I I H Wii3Z 1i " irRie.m Simms' ' E ff :Ei H T ' 'J . M - I 222.1 H li .,,.. ,I we H H W . me I ' ' ,H H ., 1 ,.,: E :Z 3.5 1:23. fp Z Z2 UZ? 13- ' I , I I . is : " . ii :H -2 N ' ' I i ' .. A S' 1. I F B 35? ff , ii.Q.f9 . . g ' ' I' W' I, :i:f'f-' , I g 2.-, i ALL -' . :gr I . " . II I- . I y. I AXE? II II I If? .Y I ,gf Ti- A , ,fy i' . f f-. V .. LL A ' Stohlrnan Strickler Stuart Stuhr Stukenholtz Svoboda Swartz Sweeney Swenson Swerre Sylert Synovec Talbot Taylor I. Taylor M. Templeton Thiemann Thomas G. Thomas S, Thompson C. Thompson M. Thompson R. Thorson Tieijen Timm Timmons Todd A. Todd I. Tolt Tomlinson Tornsen Tooley Towne Trandal Travis Tremain Trenlzle H. Trenkle P. Tritsch Trupp Tyson Uehlirig P. Uehlmg R. Umphenour Underwood Unterseher Vance Vasina Veitzer Vestal Vogf VOllmG1' li Vollmer R' VON BGTQGU Vondra Voss Vossler Wagner Wait Walberg Waldmann Walgren Walton D. B. Walton D. W. Warren B. Warren R. Watkins Wattcn Weakly Wedner Weiss Welch Wengert Wenke Werner West Wheeler Whiteside Wieseler Wilcox Wilkinson Williams Williamson Wipperman Wisenstine Witt Wolcoit Wolfe Wood Wright C. Wright P. Wright R. C. Wright R. D. Wullbrandt Yates Yeakley Yost Young Q. Young B. Zajicek Zemanek Zimmerman CGRL VONDRA, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. MHRY VOSS, York, Teachers. GENEVIEVE VOSSLER, Friend, Teachers. IO- HNNA WHGNER, Schuyler, Teachers. ROGER WHIT, Lincoln, Firts and Sciences. SHIRLEY WHLBERG, Minden, Pigriculiure. ROBERT WHLDMHNN, Comstock, Business Hdministration. ROBERT WALGREN, Platte Center, Teachers. LEONA WQLLIN, Tilden, Teachers. DONHLD WQLTON, Lincoln, Arts and Sci- ences. DOROTHY WFILTON, Lincoln, Qrts and Sciences. BHR- BHRFLWHRREN, Beatrice, Hrts and Sciences. RODNEY WRR- REN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. NORMAN WATKINS, Lincoln, Business iildministration. POLLY WHTTON, Dawson, Business Fldmtnistration. ROBERT WEEKLY, Hyannis, Pharmacy. ROB- ERT WEDNER, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. EDWIN WEISE, Greenfield, Ia., Engineering. DIFINNE WEISS, Lincoln, Teach- ers. EUGENE WELCH, Omaha, Business Rclministration. IQMES WENGERT, Fremont, Flrts and Sciences. FHUNEIL WENKE, St. Paul, Teachers. BETTY WERNER, Battle Creek, Teachers. RUTH WEST, Creighton, Teachers. DUANE Wl'IEE- LER, Cherokee, la., Business Administration. IAMES WHITE- SIDI2, Wilmington, Ill., Business Hdrninistration. RUTHIE WIEBE, Lincoln, Teachers. WILLIHM WIESELER, I-Iartington, Qariculture. VIRGINIH WILCOX, Lincoln, Teachers. IBMES WILKINSON, Minden, Ftgriculture. KEN WILLIQMS, Chatham, N.I., Student-at-Large. KENNETH WILLIQMSON, Scoltsblutl, Rrts and Sciences. CHRL WIPPERMAN, Lincoln, Agriculture. IOI-IN WISENSTINE, Norlolk, Business Administration. DENNY WITT, Elkhorn, Flgriculture. RONNIE WOHLERS, Omaha, Business Ilidministi-ation. Ki-IYE WOLCOTT, Omaha, Business I-ldministration. WARREN WOLFE, Cedar Blulls, Business Ha- ministration. WI'-INDH WOOD, Grant, Agriculture. CLAYTON WRIGHT, Scottsbluff, Business Fldministration. PQDDY WRIGHT, Lincoln, Teachers. ROBERT WRIGHT, Chadspell, Agriculture. ROBERT WRIGHT, Chanule, Kan., Flrts an Sciences. IOYE WULLBRRNDT, Seward, Agriculture. PHTRICII-I WYHTT, Red- inaton, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT YATES, Doniphan, Hgri- culture. HNN YEQKLEY, Htlanta, Ga., Arts and Sciences. IQNICE YOST, Milford, Teachers. HRDQTH YOUNG, Beatrice, Rcrriculturo. BONNIE YOUNG. Broken Bow, Teachers. BETTY ZQIICEK, Lincoln, Teachers. LEWIS ZEMRNEK, Bayard, Flori- culture. DEAN ZIMMERMAN, DeWitt, Agriculture. PHUL ZUCKER, Scribner, Engineering. RINKY-DINKS display their new hair cuts created by upper class teammates during fall practice sessions. Wallin Weise Wiebe Wohlers Wyatt Zucker 247 PUTTING THE FIN!-IL TOUCHES on their display. these Gamma Phi Beta pledges are finding that Home- coming calls for a lot of work in addition to the fun. FROM RTOP THE SCHFFOLD. Hdam Kohl, Nancy Fleming, Zoe Cody and Hce Fogerty get a bird's-eye view of the new boys' dorm as it is being constructed. Freshman Class Cf I ,547 Sets Enrollment Record Freshmen entering college this year, 1,547 of them, formed the largest enrollment since 1948. There were 113 more freshmen enrolled this year than last, stopping the downtrend since the peak year of 1947. During the Week of Sept. 6-12 these fresh- men took part in the activities of New Student Week. Besides the registration and orientation meetings, there were the annual Freshman Barbeque, at which six freshmen were tapped as the heartiest cheerersg the Coed Caravan, sponsored by Coed Counselors, BABW, AWS, WAA and YWCA for new women students, and the New Student Mixer, an all-freshman dance. Religious Student Houses held open houses and acting Chancellor Iohn K. Selleck held a reception especially for all new students. Approximately 320 freshmen pepsters were also selected during New Student Week and attended their first activity meeting at the Uni- versity of Nebraska. September 18 marked the official opening of the campus social season with the traditional fall tea given by the Dean of Women, Marjorie Iohnson. Freshmen women receive a special invitation to this tea-giving them an oppor- tunity to meet the Dean and her staff and be- come acquainted with Ellen Smith Hall. After the first four weeks of classes, fresh- men women who were interested in activities attended the Activities Mart sponsored by AWS. There they signed up to Work in vari- ous activities as soon as the six-week ban was lifted. Qbrarnson Pidams Fiitken Hlber Flllen C. Hllen N. Hllen T. Qnderson D. Hncierson I B Hnclerson I. Flnderson H. Finderson M. Flnderson R. Hnderson Z. I-lnderson D. Hndreasen Flnderson N. Hnclresen Flnstine Rpilebg Hrndt Flrrasmith Rshley D. Hshley L. I-Iunspaugh Bachman C. Bachman I Badura Ba er . Baker I. Baling Barnes Bartu Batie Bauman Baumgartner WILLIQM HBRQMSON, Omaha, Pharmacy. GFIRY HDFIMS, Norfolk, Business Hdministration. IEAN HITKEN, Lincoln. I-'lrts and Sciences. DONNH RHE HL- BER, Doniphan, Business Hdministration. CLBUDIH ELLEN, Blair, Hrts and Sciences. NHNCY ELLEN, Valley, Hgriculture. T. M. HLLEN, Cozad, En- ineering. DONHLD HNDERSON, Lincoln, Business Qdministration. IOHN QNDERSON, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. IUDY RNDERSON, Omaha, Eharmacy. HERMHN RNDERSON, Osceola, Hrts and Sciences. MHRY QNDERSON, Oakland, Ftrts and Sciences. RONHLD QNDERSON, Grand Island, Engineering. ZOE HNDERSON, Burwell. .Gris and Sciences. DORIS HNDERSON, South Sioux City, Teachers. If-IMES HNDREQSEN, Omaha, Business lldministration. NANCY ANDERSON, Genoa, Hgriculiure. RICHHRD HNDRESEN, Bloomfield, Pharmacy. KI-ITHLEEN HNSTINE, Seward, Business Fid- ministration. DONHLD QPPLEBY, Elk. City, Ptgriculture. KEITH ARNDT, Platte Center, Engineering. KHYE HRRHSMITH, Valentine, Flrts and Sciences. DONRLD HSHLEY, lndianola, Engineering. LYNN HSHLEY, Grand Island, Business Hdminisiration. IHNET HUNSPHUGH, Gothenburg, Teachers. CHR- OLYN BHCHMHN, Grand Island, Hrts and Sciences. IUNE BHCHMHN, North Bend, Teachers. ROMHN BHDURH, Qshton, Flrts and Sciences. CHHRLES BBKER, Falls City, Engineering. IHNET BQKER, Holdrege, Business Pldministration. IHMES BALING, Topeka, Kan., Business Hdministration. MBRIHLICE BQRNES, Lincoln, Flrts and Sciences BRYCE BHRTU, Comstock, Qrts and Sciences. IHMES BRTIE, Hay Springs, Engineering. KEITH BHUMQN, Tilden, Business Hdministration. CORLISS BFIUMGQRTNER, Lincoln, Business Rdministraiion. Bayer Bazant Beach Beck Beckman Beclwell Beermann Beideck Bell Belmont Benge Be nisek Benson Benter Benzing Bereuter Berge Berger Berguin Berkenstock Bernet Billings Binderup Birchard Birkel Bixler Blair IOE BHYER, Minden, Engineering. SHIRLEY BHZQNT, Loup City, Teachers. IHN BEQCH, Lincoln, Teachers. DON BECK, Fremont, Rgriculture. BEVERLY BECKMHN, Lincoln, Teachers. WILLIQM BEDWELL, Falls City, Engineering. MHRLENE BEEBMHNN, Dakota City, Student-at-Large. IOHN BEIDECK, Lin- coln, Business Fidministration. DIRNNE BELL, Lincoln, Teachers. BENIHMIN BELMONT, Omaha, Business Hdrninistration. IOYCE BENGE, Benkelman, Hg- riculture. BETTY BENISEK, Ravenna, Teachers. CHHRLOTTE BENSON, Sioux Falls, S.D., Hrts and Sciences. ROBERT BENTER, Walthill, Teachers. LHRBY BENZING, McCook, Teachers. DOROTHY BEREUTER, Utica, Teachers. PETE BERGE, Norfolk, Hrts and Sciences. ROGER BERGER, Hastings, En' gineering. ROBERT BERGUIN, Sioux Falls, S.D., Business Hdministration. HOWHRD BERKENSTOCK, Gardner, Mass., Engineering. DONNH BERNET, Ravenna, Teachers. KEM BILLINGS, Omaha, Business Hdrninistration. MQRION BINDERUP, Hastings, Hgriculture. DENNIS BIRCHHRD, Gibbon, Hgricul- ture. LBNE BIRKEL, David City, Teachers. RRNDQLL BIXLER, Omaha, Business Hdministration. DORWIN BLHIR, Cozacl, Business Hdministration. is sf H r-rr Boettcher Boldan Bosley N. Bosley R Breslow Broacly Brooke Brooks Brozek Brugmann Brune Brunner Freshmen is Blevins Blore Bost Bottorfl Brown D. Brown L. Bryans Buckbee Burnans Burris Butler Buthman Caha Calder M. Carlson Carper Castner Cerveny Blue Boyd Brown W. Bukin Burt Butteriield Calder T. Carr I. Pl. Chalupa Bobst Brand Brownell Burbank Burton Burger Car I. Carr I. Check Bock Bremer Brox Burchfield Bush Byers Carl T. Casper Chilcoat LHRRY BLEVENS, Qinsworth, Pharmacy. WQLTER BLORE, Lin- coln, Business Flclrninistration. RONQLD BLUE, Russell, la., Hrts and Sciences. BHRRY BOBST, Lincoln, Rgriculture, BETTY BOOK, Hastings, Teachers. IQNET BOETTCHER, Wyrnore, Teachers. PPIUL BOLDFIN, Springfield, Engineering. NHDINE BOSLEY, Palisade, Teachers. REX BOSLEY, I-loldrege, 1-lrts and Sciences. IUDITH BOST, Grand Island, Hrts and Sciences. ROGER BOTTORFP, Lincoln, Engineering. IHNET BOYD, Su- perior, lllrts and Sciences. DRNIEL BRHND, Bellevue, Engineer- ing. PEHRL BREMER, Stanton, Pharmacy. MBRVIN BRESLOW, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. IEHNNE BROHDY, Iohnson, Hrts and Sciences. GREY BROOKE, Hastings, Business Rdministra- tion. CHRMHN BROOKS, Fremont, Agriculture. DORIS BROWN, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. LHVON BROWN, Hcldrege, Teach- ers. WILFORD BROWN, Cambridge, Business Fldministration. IRMES BROWNELL, Waketield, Hrts and Sciences. MEREDITH BROX, Ord, Engineering. THOMHS BROZEK, Omaha, Engineer- ing. BRUCE BRUGMQNN, Rcck Rapids, Ia., Flrts and Sciences. DENNIS BRUNEI, South Sioux City, Engineering. DURNE BRUNNER, Dalton, Teachers. IHCK BRYRNS, Omaha, Engineer- ing. DYLE BUCKBEE, Comstock, Business Fldministration. SHIRLEY BUKIN, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. IOHN BURBHNK, Madrid, I-lgriculture. GHRY BURCHFIELD, McGrew, Hgricul- ture. DWBYNE BURNRNS, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. ROBERT BURNS, Omaha, Hgriculture. CQROLYN BURT, Lincoln, Teach- ers. IHCQUELINE BURTON, Shenandoah, Ia., Flrts and Sciences. TEFF BUSH, Sidney, Teachers. IQNE BUTLER, Sioux Falls, S.D., Teachers. LINDR BUTHMRN, Falls City, Flgriculture. IOHN BUTTERFIELD, Norfolk, Hrchitecture. BERNICE BURGER, Wil- ber, Hgriculture. GLORIH BYERS, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. DONFILD CHHH, Scottsblult, Business Hdministration. MICHHEL CALDER, Lincoln, Business I-lclminislration. THOMAS Ci-ILDER, Lincoln, Hrls and Sciences. IOYCE CQRL, Lincoln, Hgriculture. THOMRS CQRL, Omaha, Business Fldminislration. MERLYN CHRLSON, Chappell, Hgriculture. IOHN CHRPER, Murray, Business Eldministration. IHMES CRRR, Springview, Business Rdrninistration. IORN CRRR, Seward, Business Hdniinistration. CONSTHNCE CHSPER, Cedar Rapids, Hrts and Sciences. LLOYD CFLSTNER, Sidney, Business Hdministration. ZDENKQ CERVENY, Daykin, Flgriculture. IO BNN CHHLUPH, Wilber, Teachers. PHTRICIH. CHECK, Omaha, Teachers. DONALD CHILCOI-IT. Pilger, Teachers. va! ,,..-.. Q Christoilersen Christensen G. Christensen I. Christensen K. Christensen M. Christenson W. Christman Church Claassen Clark M. Clark N. Clarke Clauss Clegg Clemens Clement Cleveland Cochran Cody Colbert Colnic Conrad Cook D. Cook H. Cook R. Coover Copp Corcoran Costin Cotton Covalt Cox Crawford Cruse Culwell Cummings GQRY Cl-IRISTOFFERSEN, Norfolk, Engineering. GENE CHRISTENSEN, Grand Island, Business Hdministration. IFINET CHRISTENSEN, Villisca, Ia., Teach- ers. KHY CHRISTENSEN, Davey, Teachers. MHRILYN CHRISTENSON, Oakland, Hrts and Sciences. WHRREN CHRISTENSON, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. ERNESTINE CI-IRISTMHN, Lincoln, Teachers. IIM CHURCH, Lincoln, Flrts and Sciences. DHRREL CLQRSSEN, Kenesaw, Rgriculture. MI'-IRK CLRRK, Goth- enburg, Rgriculture. NEOLFI CLQRK, Norfolk, Iflrts and Sciences. RUTH CLHRKE, Brock, Hgriculture. ROBERTR CLHUSS, Omaha, Business Hdminis- tration. MI-IX CLEGG, Gothenburg, Rgriculture. IERRY CLEMENS, Bridgeport, Engineering. WILLIHM CLEMENT, Grand Island, Engineering. EDNH CLEVELHND, McGraw, Flgriculiure. TERRY COCI-IRRN, Omaha, Hris and Sciences. ZOE CODY, Chicago, III., Teachers. SUE COLBERT, Murdock, Hg- riculture. GERHLD COLNIC, Omaha, Studentsai-Large. IQCK CONRFID, Osceola, Engineering. DHNIEL COOK, Lincoln, Rrts and Sciences. HERBERT COOK, Curtis, Engineering. ROBERT COOK, Lincoln, .Clrts and Sciences. IOHN COOVER, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. IHMES COPP, Grand Island, I-Iris and Sciences. RNN CORCORRN, Sible , Ia., Rrts and Sciences. DENNIS COSTIN, Lincoln, Engineering. ROBERT COTTON, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. ELHINE COVRLT, Rngora, Teachers. IERRY COX, Sutherland, Hgriculture. IHCK CRRWFORD, Lincoln, Business Rdminisiration. FRHNCIS CRUSE, Ge- neva, Business Rdminisiration. IQNE CULWELL, Lincoln, Teachers. ROGER CUMMINGS, York, Engineering. Cummings Cunningham Curtis I. Curtis M, Cutler Daas Daggeit Dale Daly Damkroger Dandy Danielson Davis Dawson I. Dawson R. Daxon De Brunner Dedrick Deepe Deterding Detweiler Detwiler DeVriendt Dewey - De Wolf Dierks Dill WILLIHM CUMMINGS, Wymore. Engineering. MFIRY CUNNINGHHM, Lincoln, Teachers. IUDITH CURTIS, Brady, Student-at-Large. MI-IRILYN CURTIS, Imperial, Teachers. IFIMES CUTLER, Tekama , Engineering. IOHNNE DHHS, Chambers, Teachers. HLLEN DHGGETT, Kearney, Student-at-Large. LOUISE DHLE, Lincoln, Rrts and Sciences. FREDERICK DFILY, Torrington, Wyo., Hrts and Sciences. LEO DHMKROGER, DeWitt, I-lgriculture. DONQ D DQNDY, Omaha, Business Fldminisiraiion. ROBERTH DFINIELSON, Oma a, Teachers. MHRGRET DRVIS, Omaha, Teachers. ION DHWSON, McCook, Teachers. RON DHWSON, Exeter, Engineering. GERRIE DRXON, Rome, Ga., Hrts and Sciences. CI-ITI-IERINE DE BRUNNER, Lodge Pole, Teachers. NI-INCY DEDRICK, Beatrice, Teachers. BEVERLY DEEPE, Carleton, Rrts and Sciences. DON DETERDING, Deshler, Business Hdministraiion. SUSHN DETWEILER, Omaha, Teachers. TOM DETWILER, Flxtell, Business Fldministration. DIHNE DEVRIENDT, Lincoln, Qris and Sciences. NRNCY DEWEY, Lincoln, Teachers. BILL DE WOLF, Cedar Rapids, Qgriculture. IERRY DIERKS, Nebraska City, Engineering. BARBPIRQ DILL, Belvidere, Hrts and Sciences. I' Discoe Dodson Dotson Dougherty Douglass Downs Dowty Dreessen Ducy Duselc DuTeau Dworak Dwoskin Ebanks Edwards B. Edwards M. F. Eicke Einspahr Eipperle Eisenhort Eisenhauer Eklund Elliott C. Elliott I. Ely Embry Engel Englert Enyeart Epley Erickson Ericksen Erway Evans Faeh Fahrnbruch ROBERT DISCOE, Paxton, Hgriculture. MFLRYCLHRE DODSON, Omaha, Teachers. LEO DOTSON, Hay Springs, Flgriculture, GREY DOUGHERTY, Scotts- bluff, Business Fldministration. RNN DOUGLRSS, Lincoln, Student-at-Large. POLLY DOWNS, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. TOM DOWTY, Wakefield, Teachers. ROBERT DREESSEN, Millard, Engineering. HLLQN DUCY, Chester, Hgriculrure. MONETR DUSEK, -Blue Hill, Hrts and Sciences. DFIISY DU- TEHU, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. DONQLD DWORHK, David Citgo Business Hdministration. IOSEPH DWOSKIN, Omaha, Plrts and Sciences. HHRVEY EBHNKS, Kingston, Iarnaica, Hrts and Sciences. MQRGQRET ED FLRDS, Huburn, Hgriculture. MIKE EDWHRDS, Lincoln, I-lrts and Sciences. BHRBHRR EICKE, Rosalie, Business Fldministration. RODNEY EINSPAHR, Imperial, Pharmacy. IHNE EIPPERLE, Bennington, Qgriculture. CHRROLL EISENHORT, Omaha, Business Hdzninistration. KQY EISENHQUER, Chambers, Teachers. GREGG EKLUND, Osceola, Rrts and Sciences, CHROLYN ELLIOTT, Fremont, Teachers. IEHNNE ELLIOTT, Scottsloluit, Teachers. BHRBHRH ELY, Red Cloud, Plgriculture. GEORGHNN EMBRY, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. PETER ENGEL, South Sioux City, Business Hdministration. GORDRN ENGLERT, Sioux Falls, S.D., Business Hdministration. SQNDRQ ENYEQRT, Lincoln, Flgricul- ture. GHRY EPLEY, Omaha, Business Hdminisiration. ROGER ERICKSON, Holdrege, I-lgriculture. DONQLD ERIKSEN, Fort Morgan, Colo., Rrts and Sci- ences. DON ERWQY, Lincoln, Business Qdministration. GLHDYS EVRNS, Wisner, Hgriculture. WENDELL FI-IEH, Central City, I-lgriculture. MELVR FHHRN- BRUCH, Grand Island, Teachers. l-'aimon Fangmeier Famer Farris Feather Felger F ellm an Fike Fineberg Finney Firley Fischer Fitzekam Flammung Fleming Ford Foster Frank Frantz French I-'ricke Priest Frost C. Frost D, Futcher Gacldie Gakle LHVERQ FHIMON, Lawrence, Teachers. DELORES FHNGMEIER, Lincoln, Teachers. RICHHRD FHRNER, Norfolk, Plrts and Sciences. DOROTHY FHRRIS, Omaha, Pharmacy. IHMES FEQTHER, Waverl , Hgriculture. DOROTHY FELGER, Lincoln, Rrts and Sciences. RICHRRD FELLMHN, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. CHUCK FIKE, Omaha, Business Hcllninistration. BETH FINEBERG, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. Ml'-IRY PINNEY, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. DHRLENE FIRLEY, Chester, Teachers. DORIS FISCHER, Wakefield, Hgriculture. DOUGLQS FITZEKHM, Nebraska Cit , Flrts and Sciences. PHT FLRM- MUNG, Orleans, Hrts and Sciences. NFLNCY FLEMING, Lincoln, Teachers. QLVIN FORD, Sioux City, la., Business administration. GLENDH FOSTER, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. SHHRON FRHNK, Sioux Falls, S.D., Teachers. WENDELL FRRNTZ, Goehner, Student-at-Large. NORMR FRENCH, Central Cit Teachers. MILTON FHICKE, Papillion, Hgriculture. WENDELL PRIEST, Plattsmouth, Teachers. CONSTHNCE FROST, Roscoe, Student-at-Large. DORRENYE FROST, Wolhach, Teachers. RRE FUTCHER, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. CHESTER GRDDIE, Stanton, Business Fldministration. PRUL GQKLE, Norfolk, Student-at-Large. i Galley Genge Gittelman Golletz Gotschall Hackman Halligan Hart Healey 21:--v n- ,W-" ' - . sl. B 4 . J, 3 Garden Garst Gerlach Gibson Glandt M. Glandt W, Golus Goodwin Goucher Gray Haessler Haley Halpine Hammond Hartford Hatcher Hebard Hecht Gaughan Gilman Golding Goosie Green , Hall M. Hankins Hathaway Heebner ix -34 Gebhardt Girard Goll Gordon Gruber Hall S. Hansen Hayne Heeger V . ....... mmm-.,,. .. CQN ' V , yxilgr I 1 If 4 Freshmen CHROLYN GHLLEY, Omaha, Teachers. RICHHRD GHRDEN, Nor- folk, Engineering. CHHRLEE GF-IRST, Watson, Mo., Engineering. SHLLY GHUGHQN, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. MHRCIH GEBHHRDT, Scotia, Student-at-Large. ROBERT GENGE, Kansas City, Mo., Engineering. WHLTER GERLHCH, Omaha, Engineer- ing. DOUG GIBSON, Falls City, Business Hdministration. MHRVIN GILMQN, Omaha, Buisness I-ldministration. TOM GI- RHRD, Hlliance, Engineering. LEHH GITTELMHN, Lincoln, Teachers. MHRGQRET GLHNDT, Elkhorn, Teacher. WILLIHM GLHNDT, Elkhorn, Hgriculture. TRMMY GOLDING, Kansas City, Mo., Teachers. CHRROLL GOLL, Blue Hill, Flrts and Sciences. VICTOR GOLLETZ, Homewood, Ill., Business Qdministration. VIRGINIH GOLUS, Loup City, Plgriculture. WILLIHM GOOD- WIN, Galesburg, Ill., Business Pldministration. SHIRLEY GOOSIE, Crete, Student-at-Large. MQRILYN GORDON, Lin- coln, Teachers. DORIS GOTSCHHLL, Fltkinson, Student-at Large. IOEL GOUCHER, Elsie, Hgriculture. DONHLD GRI-IY, Seward, Engineering. RONHLD GREEN, Scottsbluff, Hrts and Sciences. IHNET GRUBER, Cozad, Student-at-Large. ELIZH- BETH HHCKMHN, Grand Island, Teachers. IOHN HHESSLER, Leshara, Hrts and Sciences. IOHN HQLEY, Valley, Engineer- ing. MHRY HHLL, Gowrie, Ia., Teachers. SYLVIQ. HHLL, Red Cloud, Teachers. SHIRLEY HRLLIGHN, Brule, Teachers. IEHNIE HQLPINE, Lincoln, Teachers. ROSHLIE HHMMOND, Lincoln, Plrts and Sciences. DONNH HQNKINS, Stanton, Flrts and Sci- ences. IEHNNE HRNSEN, Stanton, Teachers. WHRREN HHR- BERT, Frankfort, Kan., Engineering. IHNET HHRMS, Firth, Hrts and Sciences. RHLPH HHRPER, Beatrice, Engineering. KHR- MEN HHRRIS, Dakota City, Hrts and Sciences. IOHN HHRT, Tekamah, Hrts and Sciences. RICHHRD HHRTFORD, Valley, Engineering. WILLIHM HHTCHER, Scotia, Teachers. IOHN HQTHQWHY, Curtis, Hgriculture, LEE HHYNE, Newcastle, Wyo., Flrts and Sciences. CHHRLES HHYS, West Hartford, Conn., Hrts and Sciences. WHYNE HHYS, Giltner, Engineering. RALPH HHYWHRD, York, Business Flclministration. WILLIHM HHY- W'OOD, Rrcadia, Engineering. IF-IMES HEHLEY, Gothenburg, Business I-ldrninistration. TOM HEBHRD, Nebraska City, Busi- ness Hdministration. LORETTR HECHT, Chapman, Hgriculture. CHHRLES HEEBNER, Nebraska City, Business Fldministratiou. RLRN HEEGER, Omaha, Engineering. LEROY HEFFLINGER, Omaha, Business Fldministration. EMILY HEMPHILL, Tekamah, Teachers. ROGER HENKLE, Lincoln, l'-lrts and Sciences. IOHN HENLEY, Kearney, Business Hclrninistration. Harbert Harms Harper Harris Hays C. Hays W. Hayward Haywood He flinger Hemphill Henkle N Henley - -' -:- efmgmyvr'-r s nv ' ia mi . .11 - Q H, , .s ,Vi 5' f , l -I ... ... r , ZX Herhek Hill W. Holcomb Hudson Hurley Irwin S. Iacobsen R. Ielinek Iensen S. G. Hermsmeyer Hinds Hoist Hueitle Hussey Iacobs B. Iames Ienkins Iensen S. S. Herries Hock I. Honnen Hughes Imig Jacobs E. Ianda Iensen G. Iewett ' ' ., . ll .. is , .,. EI' ' I C-asv N il Hervey Hesseliine Hock L. Hodder C. Hoo er Horning Hunier Hunter Innes Irwin I. Iacobsen E. D. Iacobsen E. H. Ieifrey I. R. Ieifrey I. K. Iensen N. Iensen S. E. Iindra Iolmson Hicks B. Hicks N. Hiebenthal Hill R. Hodder I. Hoel Hoffmann Hoiler Hotory Houchen Houielc Howard Freshmen MQRY HERBEK, Nelson, Business Hdministration. DQLE HERMS- MEYER, Grand Island, Firts and Sciences. WILLIHM HERRIES, Pawnee City, Engineering. DHVID HERVEY, Grand Island, En- gineering. RICHRRD I-IESSELTINE, Curtis, Engineering. BHR- Bf-IRQ HICKS, Lincoln, Teachers. NFINCY HICKS, Cherokee, Ia., Flris and Sciences. MHRY I-IIEBENTHQL, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. ROBERT HILL, Superior, Business Hdrninistraiion. WILLIHM HILL, Omaha, Business Hdministration. DORIS HINDS, Davenport, Teachers. IOHN HOOK, Lincoln, Business Hclminis- tration. LOREN HOCK, Smithlield, Hgriculture. CHTHERINE HODDER, Lincoln, Teachers. IEFF HODDER, Lincoln, Engineer- ing. RONPILD HOEL, Falls City, Business I-ldministration. THOMHS HOFI-'MI-INN, Nenzel, Flgriculture. HELEN I-IOFLER, Sunbury. N.C., Hrts and Sciences. SHIRLEY HOLCOMB, Has- tings, Student-at-Large. GORDON HOLST, McCook, Engineer- ing. DERN HONNEN, Iohnstown, Business Fldministration. DQR- LENE HOOPER, Hastings, Teachers. WRLTER I-IORNING, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. RITH HOTORY, Ulysses, Teachers. TOM HOUCHEN, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. IOE HOU- FEK, Clarkson, Engineering. QLICE I-IOWHRD, Omaha, Teach- ers. VIRGINIR HUDSON, Lincoln, Teachers. IEHN HUEFTLE, Eustis, 'I'eachers. BRUCE HUGHES, Burwell, Engineering. GEORGE HUNKER, Falls City, Hrts and Sciences. MQRTHA HUNTER, Storm Lake, Ia., Teachers. PHTRICIH HURLEY, Ponca, Teachers. IHNICE HUSSEY, Lincoln, Teachers. MQR- ILYN IMIG, Seward, Business Hclminisiration. RON INNES, Pl-iillipsburg, Kan., Engineering. II-ICK IRWIN, Beatrice, Busi- ness Qdministration. SHIRLEY IRWIN, Sidney, Teachers. BEV- ERLY IFICOBS, Lincoln, Student-at-Large. ELIZQBETH IQCOBS, Lincoln, Teachers. EDGRR IHCOBSEN, Minden, Engineering. ELLEN IHCOBSEN, St. Paul, Hgriculture. ROBERT IQCOBSEN, Superior, Engineering. MHRY IHMES, Nebraska City, Hris and Sciences. MQRION IHNDH, Hastings, Pigriculture. IHNE JEFF- REY, Lexington, Teachers, IENNIE IEFFREY, Lexington, Busi- ness Qdministraiion. RITQ IELINEK, Omaha, Student-at-Large. IPINET IENKINS, Lincoln, Teachers. GENELLE IENSEN, Lincoln, lllgriculture. NELSON JENSEN, Pawnee City, Bris and Sciences. SHHRON IENSEN, Fremont, Student-at-Large. STRNLEY IBN- SEN, Horner, Hgriculiure. SRM IENSEN, Grand Island, Hrts and Sciences. GREY IEWETT, Lincoln, Engineering. DFILE IINDR9, Clarkson, Business Qdministratian. CFIROLYN IOI-INSON, Green- wood, Plgriculture. Iohnson H. R. Iohnson HP. Iohnson I. M. Iohnson I. B. Iohnson I. E. Iohnson I. K. Iohnson M. Iohnson P. Iohnson R. D Iohnson R. W. Iohnston Iones H. Iones D. Iones L. Iones W. Iorgensen E. Iorgensen G. Iorgensen H. Iouvenai Kahrs Kaminsky Kampte Kangieser Kaplan Kattler Kauffman Keenan B. Keenan R. Keifer Keller Kelley Kelly Kenagy Kennedy Kenny Keys HFIROLD IOHNSON, Holdrege, Hgriculture. l-IQRRY IOHNSON, Valley, Business Hdministration. IHROLINE IOHNSON, Sioux Falls, S. D., Teachers. IOHN IOHNSON, Holdrege, Engineering. IOYCE IOHNSON, Omaha, Teachers. IUDY IOHNSON, Lincoln, Teachers. MARGHRET IOHNSON, Geneva, Teach- ors. PHILIP IOI-INSON, Stanton, Business Hdministration. RONHLD IOHNSON, Holdrege, Engineering, RONHLD IOHNSON, Lincoln, Business Pldrninistra- tion. RlCHHRD IOHNSTON, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. QUDRH IONES, Mitchell, Hrts and Sciences. DQVID IONES, Gothenburg, Hrts and Sciences. LFIRRY IONES, Sidney, Engineering. WRYNE IONES, Litchfield, Plgriculture. ELLSWORTH IORGENSEN, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. GEORGE IOIR- GENSEN, lllurora, Ftrts and Sciences. HHRVEY IORGENSEN, Curtis, Hgriculture. SUE IOUVENHT, Lincoln, Teachers. DOUGLHSS KHHRS, Bloomington, Engineering. ZELDR KQMINSKY, Denver, Teachers. WILLIQM KRMPFE, Omaha, Engineering. KENNETH KHNGIESER, Nebraska City, Business Hdminis- tration. PI-IYLLIS KFIPLHN, Omaha, Teachers, LOIS KHTTLER, Lincoln, Teachers. IHNET KHUFFMHN, Fremont, Teachers. BETH KEENQN, Kearney, Hrts and Sciences. ROY KEENHN, Lexington, Hrts and Sciences. BOB KEIFER, Bostwick, Hgriculture. MHRY KELLER, Grant, Qgriculture. GHRY KELLEY, Morrill, Hrts and Sciences. IOHNN KELLY, Lincoln, Teachers. WYMHN KENHGY, Lincoln, Business Fldministration. CLEO KENNEDY, Sidney, Teachers. I TT',,U A.:,' hi. .fl-L-z. ., --.V I -6' ' 'i.,f'4f, ,,j I ,aJf',r Ll . f' l I, , ,ar ., KI-IY KENNY, Mission, Kan., Teachers, MHRY KEYS, Lincoln, Hgriculture. ,-as A I A i ss iw Kidder Kiger Kimmel Kimsey Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Klas Klingenberg Kmoch Knecht Kneri I. Knerl S. Knotek D. H. Knotek Knudson Koberstein Koch Kohl Kohtz Kolb Kottmann Kraft Krause Kroeger Krommerwhoek Krueger D. Krueger ROBERT KIDDER, Lincoln, Engineering. NQNCY KIGER, Washington, SEY, Hastings, Hgricullure. DQNIEL KIRKPRTRICK, York, Plgriculture. Kan., I-lrts and Sciences. LHRRY KIMMEL, Lincoln, Engineering. MHRY LOU KIM- DONRLD KIRKWOOD, Omaha, Engineering. WILLIHM KLHS, Scottsbluff, Engineer- ing. IOHN KLINGENBERG, Chapman, Engineering. NORBERT KMOCH, Leigh, Hrts and Sciences. DHRRELL KNECHT, Benkelman, Engineering. IOYCE K ERL, Ravenna, Teachers. SHIRLEY KN RL, Ravenna, Flgriculture. Dt'-ILE KNOTEK, Holdrege, Engineering. DIHNE KNOTEK, Lincoln, Ftrts and Sciences. KHY KNUDSON, Bloomfield, Hgriculture, SHRRON KOBERSTEIN, Lewellen, Business Hdministration. MHRION KOCH, Norih Platte, Hgriculture. RDHM KO1-lL, Hastings, Business Hdministration. IOHN KOHTZ, Bloomfield, Ri-ts and Sciences. BRUCE KOLB, Lincoln, Teachers. HAROLD KOTTMRNN, Kansas Cit , Mo., Business Hdxninistration. IUDY KRQFT, Omaha, Teachers. THEF1 KRHUSE, Omaha, Teachers. IO KROEGER, David City, 1-'iris and Sciences. WILLIHM KROMMEWHOEK, Sioux City, Ia., Engineering. DORRENE KRUEGER, Plymouth, Teachers. Ki'-IREN KRUEGER, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. Freshmen DHVID KUBITSCHEK, Lincoln, Pharmacy. SHBHH KUSHKHKI, Kabul, Hfghanistan, Hrts and Sciences. IQNET KUSKH, Omaha, Pigriculture. KEITH KUXHHUSEN, San Carlos, Calil., Business Hclministration. GHRY LI-IMBERT, Kearney, Hgriculture. GER- HLD LHNGHN, Greeley, Teachers. ROGER LQNGENI-IEIM, Utica, Engineering. LQRRY LHNGLEY, Tekamah, Engineering. MQRY LOU LHNGNER, Seward, Teachers. FRED LHRGEN, Creighton, Hrts and Sciences. ROBERT LEBRUSKH, Dix, Flgriculture. QI.- LRN LEDEBUR, Fairmont, Teachers. FLORENCE LEE, Brownlee, Hrts and Sciences. STEPHEN LEEPER, Hastings, Engineering. ROGENE LEES, Shelb , Hgriculture. DHVID LEIGHTON, Omaha, illrts and Sciences. DRLE LEWIS, Wall, S,D., Rrts and Sciences. IRMES LEWIS, Lincoln, Engineering. KITTY LILLY, Lincoln, Plrts and Sciences. LEONHRD LINDGREN, Wahoo, Engineerin . MI-IRILYN LINGO, Blair, Hgriculture. CHROL LINK, Hinsworlg, Teachers. CYNTHIH LONSBROUGH, Omaha, Teachers. IHNIS LORENZ, Plainview, Teachers. DELORES LOREY, Lincoln, Teachers. LINDR LUCHSINGER, Schuyler, Rgriculture. GHRY LUCORE, Omaha, Flrts and Sciences. WILLIS LUEDKE, Wisner, Hgriculture. RICHQRD LUKES, Omaha, Business Hclminisira- tion. ROBERT LUNDEEN, Minden, Hgriculture, CHFIRLIE LUND- STROM, Holdrege, Business Hclministration. DOROTHY MC- CANDLESS, St. Iohn, Kan., Hrts and Sciences. I!-INET MC- CLUNG, Omaha, Teachers. IRMES MC CONNELL, Lincoln, Rrts and Sciences. LHRRY MC CORMICK, Madrid, Business Rdministration. KEY MC DHNIEL, Lincoln, Teachers. VIRGINIQ MC DHNIEL, Sargent, Hrts and Sciences. DONHLD MC DON- NELL, Chicago. Ill., Business Hdrninistration. PHTRICIH MC- DOUGHLL, Fort Collins, Colo., Rrts and Sciences. WILLIHM MC ELVHIN, O'Neill, Pharmacy. FREDERICK MC EVOY, North Platte, Hris and Sciences. IERE MC GRFFEY, Nebraska City, Teachers. IHMES MC GATH. Emerson, Student-at-Large. SONYR MC GINNIS, San Iuan, Puerto Rico, Rrts and Sciences. BRUCE MC GLI-ISSON, Lincoln, Engineering. CHROL MC KEN- ZIE, Chandler, I-Iriz., Teachers. RICHHRD MC MULLEN, Stella, Engineering. MQRVIN MC NEICE, Bayard, Engineering. SHIR- LEY MC PECK, Geneva, Teachers. MYLLICENT MC PI-IERSON, Lincoln, Illrts and Sciences. EDWIN MC REYNOLDS, Rshland, Hgriculture. BEVERLY MC VEIGH, Herman, Student-at-Large. ROBERT MHC DON1'-ILD, Bayard, Teachers. BHRBRRR MHDDEN, Oakland, Teachers. LORENE MRDER, Grand Island, Rgricul- ture. ilk. STUDYING GAINS REWHRD for these iour who were initiated into Hlpha Lambda Delta. HNYONE FOR SOCCER? ask freshman girls who are enioying a game in the new P. E. suits. Z56 "3 if . ev, ' ....: I el .E V K. I 5 -,,..f . . . Q I W? ' ilk ,is as his K.uhil.SL'll1:k Lzmgnn hEl'll'llSk:l licl!l'hL4.m Luigi, Luclislnizrux' I. i I 'L 4 ul 1 s r un , Mcllnnlel lx. McEvoy MCKGIIZIL' Mvlleylmlds . me N .... 'Gi 'W L , -i. ...g I is s, - r was - 4 Y 'ggi -Item . .-Q I jk- E, -5 pi, E ' I- I X 'P f i W, A ' 'll -. qv 1 tl I I Iiushknkl Imiigcilltulm Ledvhur LEWIS D. Link Lucorc McCanrllcss Mr:Dutlicl V. RICGnffQ3' Mcliul len MCVi:iEh 1 Q5 ..-1 and '34 1-it Kuska La mf lay L09 Lv.-wls .T. I.unstn'ul:gh Lueclkv Mclllllrtl'-T McDonnell Muilrn Lh McNi4'1'0 M :sul lrnm ld L -,-.,-L L. I J 3I 4 4? if AA .iz ' y 5 .lliz lvr . , 5- 1 ' .I Y I I , 'S-"' ...- LIES. . aw'- ur If", .L . ' 4' ' I' v '. Mill! H9 wi! l I- Z2 1 I Kuxlmllscn Lnnm nur l.r-spur I.l ny l..Ur1:I1Z I.ukc-s McConnell Mcfhiuxrzlll Mcfiillills N1 I' 'K . 1: vc Mzulrlon It 'K . I a E V li ll ' s . H if .1 , .r ,., - - -. I .Y ' 1 s ,ir l.lllHllC'I'L l.1ll'P'f0ll .-es l 6, I .lIullll'L'll Lin-ey lmnrloun McC0l'n1lck 'Mui-Zlvnlu Mc'Gl:1sSrilh MI:l"l10r'uh Mlillirl' L. "THEY MUST BE HERE" is the familiar cry ol freshmen boys at the dorm's main desk FOOTBHLL PEP HND ENTHUSIASM is pro- vided by vivacious freshmen pepster section. RODNIIY MHDSEN, Dell Rapids, SD., Engineering. ROBERT MFIGNESON, liloomlield, I-Iris and Sciences. SFINDRQ MR- IIQFFEY, Dorrance, Kan., 'l"cacliers. DILILMPIR MHHRT, Wol- bach, Iflgricullure. LUCIi'l"I'lf1 MQKEPEFICE, Lincoln, Teachers. RICH1'-IRD MQNGELSEN, Grand Island, Teachers, IOI'-IN MQR- SIII-ILL, Lincoln, 'I'e-achers. WILLIPIM MPIRSIVILL, Rushville, Ind., Hris and Sciences. MERRELL MHSON, Ord, Hgriculture. RICH- QRD MFISON, Superior, Flrlr: and Sciences. GNN MFISTERS, Syracuse, Qgriculture. Sl-ll'-INNON MFISTERS, Lincoln, Teachers. CRIS MQSTOS, Omaha, Flgriculiure. PEGGY MHTHERS, Lin- coln, Teachers. ELLH MQTZKE, Lincoln, Qgriculture. IOHN MFIYBERRY, Kearney, Business Flclminislralion. DONNPI MED- VED, Lincoln, Sludenl-al-Large, MELVIN MEIERHENRY, Hos- kins, Qgricullure. PPIUL MEIERHENRY, Norfolk, Hgriculiure. STPINLEY MEIERI-IENRY, Slanlon, Hgriculiure. RON!-'ILD MEIS- TER, McCook, Engineering. RICHF-IRD MERHDITH, York, En- gineering. WILLIFIM MERRYMQN, Kearney, Engineering. MPIR- ILYN METZGER. Merriman, Illgricullure. BEVERLY MILLER, Kan- sas City, Mo., Hris and Sciences. BRUCE MILLER, Pender, 'l'eachers. IERRY MILLER, Grand Island, Business Hdminisira- lion. IOYCE MILLER, Lincoln, Studenl-al-Large. MHRILYN MILLER, Lincoln, Teachers, SHIRLEY MILLS, Edgar, Teachers. jf-INE MILLSFIP, Broken Bow, Hgricullure, CHROLYN MINGUS, Ravenna, Teachers. GLORIH MINOR, Fllliance, Teachers. RICHQRD MOBLEY, Lincoln, Engineering, ROGER MOLINE, York, Flgriculture. MHRY MONG, Oshkosh, Hrles and Sciences. DON MONNETTE, I-Iumboldl, Flgriculliire. IFICK MOORE, Mi. Vernon, Ia., Plrls and Sciences. KENNE'I'I'l MOORHEFID, Omaha, Flrls and Sciences. DIHN MORGHN, Soulh Sioux City, Teachers. TOM MORRIS, Benlcelman, Student-al-Large. IOHN MORROW, Kearney, Engineering. 'I'l-IOMHS MORROW, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. MIRIHM MORTON, Bcairice, Qgricullure. ROBERT MOSER, Darchesler, Engineering. EDWQRD MOYER, Lincoln, Engineering. PIII' MULLIGQN, Lincoln, Business Qclrninisiration. ROYCE MUNDERLOH, Vllisner, Engineering. IHNE MUNRO, Kearney, Teacliers. IFIMES MURRHY, Scollsblull, Engineering. VICTOR MUSIL, Western, Engineering. DONFILD MUTZEBAUGH, Norlli Platte, Business Flciminisiration. RON NI-ITHFIN, Denver, E B 5 ' E S8 2 ., 5 . IEE L' iid .. 'fx K r K . r s .M E Gxgasx. as ,I me aw 'i S, EW? ,fc-uw rv ILP' .VJ- " " F ,amass . , iZi:::' ..., . . xrr ' sw . s N? wr-W' mm' 23 .. We if 'fr ,WW vw Q53 we ar-1 Q we s rr - rr 'ww-:TF B, - , J.: ww , I ' .:.:555 :, - 1 H si :' ' E1 ' :::.. .. rs H W H H E L2Li22:."LQLff . wr was is .- is i gm K ..,.. T., S . gg 1' B ll Q , 7 ' R r ai rr sg ei . -:sir I , . Madsen Magnuson Mahaffcy liluhri. Malte cncee Colo., Hrls and Sciences. IQDITH NFIUEN, Sioux Falls, S.D., lrirgggclsr-K 13:11-siiuiisc. Mnrizhzill W. nrnsgniw. was-.ll ra. I . ' 'rs . . . aslers '. as os Ma ers Matzke Flrls and Sciences. ISHRBI'-ll-lf-I NRY, Ord, Teachers. Mayberry Medved Meiex'heni'y nr. Meier-henry Meierhenry S. Meister- Meradith Merrymnn Metzger Miller B. Minor ls. E. Miner J. Miller- J. M. Miller M. Mins iinnsnp Mingus ivrinor Moms-y Mniim- Mong Monnette Moore Moorhead Morgan IYIOITIS IUOFFDWV J. MOYFIIW T, Lf0!'l,0n Nlgsgf Moyer Mulligan Munderloh Munro Murray Musil Mutzebaugh Nathan Nauan Nay Neff Nielsen I-l. Noel Olson M. O. Otradovsky Pcmwiiz Paulsen Petereit Peterson M. Nelson I. Nielsen R.. Norman Olson M. Pl. Otradosky Pargett Pawley Peters G. Phillips Nelson L. Niemann Novotny Olson T. Ozenherger Parks Pepper Peters L. Philipsen in ai Nelson M. Niess Odurn Osborn Pagel Parrnelee Person N. Peterson D. Pierce Nelson P. Nilson Odvarka Osterloh Palme Parratt Person R. Peterson Pinsken i.: ? ll!! Newcomer Newell Newkirk Nicholson Nissen Nittler Nixon Noble Oelschlager Oshlund Olson E. Olson I. Freshmen PHILIP NEFF, Huntingdon, Pa., Teachers. IOHN NELSON, Geneva, Hrts and Sciences. LINDR NELSON, Holdrege, Teach, ers. MQRSHRLL NELSON, Kimball, Business Hdministration. PFITRH NELSON, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. WI-ILT NEW- COMER, Omaha, I-lrts and Sciences. CHROL NEWELL, Lincoln, Teachers. MHSON NEWKIRK, Hastings, Hgriculture. IOHN NICHOLSON, Grand Island, Business Hdministration. HRTHUR NIELSEN, Omaha, Engineering. RUSSELL NIELSEN, Lincoln, Engineering. ROBERT NIEMFINN, Hebron, Teachers. IHNET NIESS, Grand Island, Firts and Sciences. CHFIRLES NILSON, Marquette, Flgrrculture. IERRY NISSEN, Oxford, Business Hd- rninistraiion. TED NITTLER, Omaha, Teachers. PHTRICIQ NIXON, South Sioux City, Student-at-Large. IOI-IN NOBLE, Beatrice, i-lrts and Sciences. RONNIE NOEL, Grand Island, Teachers. GERRLD NORMHN, Wausa, Engineering. DOROTHY NOVOTNY, Clarkson, Hgriculiure. IOHN ODUM, Schuyler, Business Hd- rninistration. MBE ODVHRKB, Clarkson, Rrts and Sciences. IRNE OELSCHLHGER. Grand Island, Teachers. COLLEEN OHSLUND, Rockford, Ill., I-lrts and Sciences. ELIZRBETH OLSON, Oakland, Flrts and Sciences. IHNICE OLSON, Newark, Flgriculture. MF-IRY OLSON, Lincoln, Student-Qt-Largze. MYRNQ OLSON, Omaha, Hrts and Sciences. THOMHS OLSON, Lisco, Business I-ldministration. DOROTHY OSBORN, Council Bluffs, la., Teachers. WRRREN OSTERLOH, Hooper, Engineering. FRED OTRQDOVSKY, Schuyler, Engineering. IRMES OTRHDOSKY, Schuyler, Business I-ldministration. NELSON OZENBERGER, St. loseph, Mo., Business Bdmlnistration. BEVERLY PHGEL, Lincoln, Flrts and Sciences. CHROL PHLME, Lincoln, Flgriculture. LOIS PHNWITZ, Rlliance, Teachers. RUSSELL PHRGETT, Omaha, Engineering. DEHN PFIRKS, Lexington, Business Hdministration. IOHN PHRMELEE, Omaha, Hris and Sciences. HHRRY PHRRHTT, Concordia, Kan., Flrts and Sciences. HNDREW PHULSEN, Minden, Pharmacy. SHIRLEY PHWLEY, Fremont, Siudent-Hb Large. WILLIRM PEPPER, Grand Island, Business Hdministra- tion. NHNCY PERSON, Tecumseh, Teachers. ROBERT PERSON, Wahoo, I-lgriculture. MERNQ PETEREIT, Plattsmouth, Teachers. GRRY PETERS, Lincoln, Business Pldministration. LEROY PETERS, Seward, Engineering. DIHNE PETERSON, Fremont, Teachers. KHREN PETERSON, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. MRRILYN PETERSON, Lincoln, Business Rdministraiion. LHBERTH PHILLIPS, Grand Island, Flrts and Sciences. PHYLLIS PHILIPSEN, Lincoln, Teachers. GHRY PIERCE, Lincoln, Teach- ers. IULIE PINSKEN, Tulsa, Okla,, Student-at-Large. Placlce Placek Plog Plumer Plymale Pocras Pohl Pohlman Pokorny Pollard Poore Poska Pow Purcell Pyle B. ' Pyle C. Rabb Rainforth Rank Ranney Rasgorshek Rasmussen M. Rasmussen P. Rasmussen R. Raun Ray Reaves IAMES PLQCKE, St. Libory, Engineering. WILLH PLBCEK, Wahoo, Teachers. KENNETH PLOG, Wausa, Engineering. CHQRLES PLUMER, Glenwood, Ia., Engineering. MQRILEE PLYMHLE, Millard, Flrts and Sciences. RICHARD POCRHS, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. IFIMES POHL, Chapman, Student-Hb Large. DONPILD POHLMRN, Stanton, Hgriculture. IERRY POKORNY, Schuyler, Business I-ldministration. IHMES POLLHRD, Lincoln, Business Hdministra- tion. IFINICE POORE, Grand Island, Flrts and Sciences. FORREST POSKH, Lincoln, Engineering. MHRILYN POW, Belvidere, Teachers. PHTRICIH PURCELL, Fremont, Teachers. BERT PYLE, Gothenburg, Hrts and Sciences. CHRRLES PYLE, Fllliance, Engineering. DOUGLHS RHBB, Sidney, Business Hdminisiration. ROBERT RRINFORTI-I, Tekamah, Hrts and Sciences. HHROLD RQNK, York, Business Administration. ELWIN RHNNEY, Weeping Water, Agriculture. IOSEPH RHSGORSHEK, Kimball, Hgriculture. MQRIE RQSMUSSEN, Exeter, Teachers. PHUL RHSMUSSEN, St. Paul, Bgriculture. RICHHRD RHSMUSSEN, Grand Island, Business Fldministration. LUHNNE RRUN, Walthill, Teachers. IHCQUELINE RRY, Torrington, Wyo., Business Hdministration. VIRGINIH RERVES, Falls City, Teachers. ' Reece Reed Reiischneider Reineke M. Reineke S. Reische Relph Remington Remmers Reyman Reynolds Rhodes C. Rhodes W. Rice Richards Rieher Rine Robb Robinson I. Robinson P. Rohrbaugh Rohrs Roloison Romberg Rosenberg Ross W. B. Ross W. I CI-IQRLES REECE, Simeon, Engineering. SHFIRON REED, Osmond, Hris and Sciences. MRRCIH REIFSCHNEIDER, Omaha, Engineering. MBR!-ILEE REINEKE, Burwell, Teachers. SI-IHRON REINEKE, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. RICHHRD REISCHE, Beatrice, Hrts and Sciences. CHROL RELPH, North Platte, Qris and Sciences. RICHFIRD REMINGTON, Lincoln, Business Hdminisiration. DONHLD REMMERS, Beatrice, Engineering. CLHUDE REYMHN, Woodlake, Engineering. DONFILD REYNOLDS, St. Paul, Qgriculture. CHROLINE RHODES, Osceola, Qgriculture. WILLII-IM RHODES, Omaha, Business Qdministration. KENNETH RICE, Valley, Engineering. SHIRLEY RICHHRDS, Holdrege, Flgriculture. MHRLENE RIEBER, Dunning, Hgriculture. DONNF1 RINE, Lincoln, Teachers. ROGER ROBB, Grand Island, Engineering. IHMES ROBINSON, Oshkosh, Teachers. PHILIP ROBINSON, Hartington, Engineering. SUE ROHRBHUGH, Hastings, Student-at-Large. SYLVIH ROHRS, Fltkinson, Hrts and Sciences. MQRIORIE ROLOFSON, Lincoln, Qgriculture. PHT ROM- BERG, Omaha, Engineering, HHNNP1 ROSENBERG, Lincoln, Flris and Sciences. WHLTER ROSS, Lincoln, Engineering. WILLIFLM ROSS, Gibbon, Student- at-Large. Rounsborg Rystrorn Saylor Scherling Schneider C. Schwalm Searl V. Shaver Siekman Rucker Sabin E. Schacht Schiermeyer Schneider R Scott I. Sears Shaw Sigerson . Schnieber Runyon Sacks Schalfer Schmeling Schrier Scott R. H. Seberg Sheets Simmons S. ii' EH Ryan Saults Schelkopf Schmidt Schropier Searl L. E. Scriven Sherwood Siren ss if Freshmen GERHLD ROUNSBORG, Oshkosh, Hrts and Sciences. WILLIHM RUCKER, Pine Bluli, Flrk., Engineering. TI-IOMQS RUCKMFIN, Casper, Wyo., Engineering. HELEN RUNYON, Wymore, Teach- ers. IOHN RYHN, Lexington, Business Hdministration. BER- BFIRH RYSTROM, Bayard, Teachers. ELLEN SFIBIN, New York City, N.Y., Hrts and Sciences. RICHQRD SFIBIN, Lincoln, En- gineering. SHIRLEY Sl'-ICKS, Lincoln, Teachers. CLHUDE SRULTS, Gordon, Pharmacy. SHNDRR SRYLOR, Lincoln, Qgri- culture. Cf-IROLYN SCHHCHT, Tecumseh, Teachers. LHURENCE SCI-IQFER, McCook, Agriculture. MI-IRY SCI-IQFFER, O'Nei1l, Teachers. STFINLEY SCHELKOPF, Geneva, Hgriculture. DQVE SCHERLING, Torringion, Wyo., Hrts and Sciences. GERQLD SCI-IIERMEYER, Superior, Hgriculture. ROBERT SCHILLING, Pawnee City, Hgriculture. DURNE SCHMELING, Mapleton, Ia., Business I-ldministration. WHLTER SCHMIDT, Gordon, Hgricul- iure. CONRI-ID SCHNEIDER, Lexington, Business Hdministration. RON SCHNEIDER, Plattsmouth, Hrts and Sciences. DONNH SCHNIEBER, Lincoln, Flgriculture. STHNLEY SCHRIER, Lincoln, Business Qdministraiion. LEN SCHROPPER, Ohiowa, Teachers. WILLIHM SCI-IWHLM, Omaha, Engineering. IOYCE SCOTT, Noriolk, Teachers. ROBERT SCOTT, Villisca, Ia., Hrts and Sciences, RUTH SCOTT, Lincoln, Teachers. LOIS SEFIRL, Grand Island, Hgriculture. VERNH SEFIRL, Grand Island, Hgriculture. CHHRLOTTE SEHRS, Hebron, Hgriculture. IOHN SEHRS, Colby, Kan., Business Hdministration. IOHN SEBERG, Elwood, Hrts and Sciences. TRUDY SCRIVEN, Scottsbluff, Hrts and Sciences. RICHHRD SEYMOUR, Norfolk, Pharmacy. BUTLER SHI-IFFER, Lincoln, Qrts and Sciences. GLENN SI-IHNKS, Gordon, Hgricul- ture. GLORIF1 SI-IHPIRO, Kansas City, Mo., Plrts and Sciences. WILLIHM SHHVER, Grand Island, Hrts and Sciences. VBN SHQW, Lincoln, Engineering. CI-IROLYN SHE!-IRER, Hebron, Flrts and Sciences. CHQRLES SHEETS, Elgin, Engineering. DON SHERWOOD, Lincoln, Engineering. GLORIH SHUKERT, Omaha, Teachers. HLYCE SIDES, Loup City, Flgriculture. QBDUH SIDIKI, Kabul, Highanistan, Business Hdminisiration. WHYNE SIEBENHLER, Kimball, Plrts and Sciences. KENNETH SIEKMHN, Hastings, Engineering, BHRT SIGERSON, Valley, Engineering. ROXQNP. SIMMONS, Page, Business Hdministration. SUE SIM- MONS, Hooper, Plrts and Sciences. Sl-IEILQ SIREN, Lincoln, Teachers. KFITHERINE SKINNER, Herman, Hgriculiure. MHY- NHRD SMHLL, Kansas City, Mo., Business Fldministration. KQREN SMETS, Ord, Hrts and Sciences. CHHHLES SMITH, Franklin, Teachers. Seymour Shaffer Shanks Shapiro Shukert Sides Sidiki Siebenaler Skinner Small Smets Smith "'."I" Smith I. Smith P. Smith R. Smith S. K. Smith S. H. Snell Soderberg Soeder Softley Sokol G. Sokol M. Sokol S. Sommer Sorenson B. Sorensen M. Sparks Speak Spearow Speicher Spells Spencer Slaats Stacey Stafford Stahr Stanton Starr Pl. IOHN C. SMITH, Greeley, Business Qdministration. PFITRICIH SMITH, Buiialo, Wyo., Stuclenteat-Large. ROBERT SMITH, Valley, Business Hdrninistration SONDRFI SMITH, Lincoln, Business Hdministration. SYLVIH SMITH, Imperial, Teachers. IUDITH HNN SNELL, Omaha, Teachers. BEVERLY SODERBERG Fremont, Teachers. KFIRL SOEDER, Omaha, Business Qdrninistration. KENNETH SOFTLEY, Kearney, Engineering. GERTRUDE SOKOL, Loup City, Plgri- culture. MQRIHN SOKOL, Loup City, Iftgriculture. SHIRLEY SOKOL, Columbus, Hrts and Sciences. NOEL SOMMER, North Platte, Hrts and Sciences BETTY SORENSON, Lincoln, Teachers. MRRY SORENSEN, Davenport, Teachers. DONNH SPHRKS, Macy, Teachers. CHROLYN SPEHK, Lexington, Teach ers. HOWHRD SPEHROW, Sidney, Studenteat-Large. SFINDRH SPEICHER, Omaha, Teachers. PLO RQE SPELTS, Grand Island, Teachers. BERL SPENCER Broken Bow, Ptrts and Sciences. ESTI-IER STQRTS, Lincoln, .Qrts and Sciences. SIDNEY STRCEY, Weeping Water, Teachers. PHTRICIH STI-IFFORD, Lin- coln, Teachers. VERLE STRHR, Waco, Engineering. IHCKLYN STHNTON, Stromshurg, Hrts and Sciences. HLLI-IN STHRR, Montclair, N.I., Hrts and Sciences Starr W. Staska Steinmeyer Stephenson Steven Stever Steward V Stitt Stoneman Stooker Stout B. H. Stout B. L. Stmtton Strickland Stuben Sullivan L. Sullivan M, Sundquist Svanda Swanson G. Swanson M. Swanson R. H. Swanson R, R. Swanson S. Swartz Swift Switzer WENDELL STHRR, Hastings, Rgriculture. MQRILYN STQSKQ, Lincoln, Pharmacy. IERRY STEINMEYER, Columbus, Engineering. DONNH STEPHENSON, Lincoln, Teachers. RLYCE STEVEN, York, Teachers. GERHRD STEVER, Nebraska City, Teachers. DONNH STEWHRD, Sidney, Teachers. THOMHS STITT, Hastings, Engineering. DEFIN STONEMHN, Lincoln, Engineering. KEITH STOOKER, Nebraska City, Hgriculture. BHRBHRB STOUT, Grant, Teachers. BETTY STOUT, Grant, Teachers. IOYCE STR!-ITTON, West Point, Teachers. IHN STRICKLHND, Villisca, Ia., .Qrts and Sciences. RICHHRD STUBEN, Omaha, Engineering. LHWRHNCE SULLIVHN, Omaha, Engineering. MFIRION SULLIVHN, Lincoln, Qgriculiure. DHLE SUNDQUTST, Omaha, Business Qdministration. DON SVQNDQ, Ravenna, Pharmacy. GERHYNE SWBNSON, North Platte, Teachers. MHRGIE SWHNSON, Omaha, Teachers. RICHHRD SWRNSON, Scribner, Business Hdministration. RODNEY SWHNSON, Overton, Hgriculture. SHIRLEY SWHNSON, Wausa, Teachers. MHRVIN SWHRTZ, Fairmont, Qgriculture. Sl-IFIRON SWIFT, Crofton, Flrts and Sciences. LUCIGRHCE SWITZER, Grand Island, Hrts and Sciences. SUPER SHLESWORK by Lou McCormick convinces Pat Stafford cmd Sandra Saylor that they should buy Cornhuskers. Talsma Taylor Teigeler Tenney Thompson E. Thompson M. Thompson W. Thornby Trurnble Truman Tryon Tubricly Van Pelt Van Wie Verrneline Villm Wachter Wagner I. Wagner I. M. Wagner N. Warrick Watson Way Wear Terebaugh Thornton Tupper VinSant Waldo Weeks Freshmen IRCK THLSMH, Omaha, Flrts and Sciences. NQNCY TQYLOR, Omaha, Teachers, KQTHERINE TEIGELER, Fremont, Teachers. GEIL TENNEY, Herman, Student-at-Large. YVONNE TERE- BQUGH, Nelson, Teachers, RICHBRD TEWS, Hastings, Busi- ness Hdministration. QLHN THOBER, Beatrice, Rgricullure. SHIRLEY THOMSEN, Lincoln, Qgriculture. BOB THOMPSON, Hastings, Business Hclminisiration. EDDIE L. THOMPSON, St. Ioseph, Mo., Studenteat-Large. MFIRY THOMPSON, Ord, Teach- ers, WORTH THOMPSON, South Sioux City, Qrts and Sciences. HHRVEY THORNBY, Omaha, Business Qdministration. MELVIN THORNTON, Storm Lake, Ia., Engineering. HOWHRD THRRPP, Lincoln, Flrts and Sciences. BHRBHRFI THURMHN, Broken Bow, Teachers. MHRY TILLOTSON, Omaha, Teachers. MELVIN TODD, Union, Flgriculture. CHHRLIE TRUMBLE, Papillion, Ftqriculture. IHMES TRUMQN, Lincoln, Business Qdministrafion. DOUGLQS TRYON, Gordon, Hgricullure. ELIZFIBETH TUBRIDY, Orleans, Teachers. DONNQ TUPPER, Bloomington, Flgriculture. PHYLLIS TURCHEN, Sioux Falls, S.D., Sluclent-at-Large. COLLEEN TURNER, Lincoln, Teachers. IQMES TURNER, Diller, Hgriculture. ROBERT TYLER, Flinsworth, Student-at-Large. SFLM VQN PELT, Lincoln, Flrts and Sciences. EUGENE VHN WIE, Grand Island, fllrrs and Sciences. ELI'-NNE VERMELINE, Morrill, Teachers. IHNET VILLM, Grant, Business Hdministration. PETER VINSHNT, Summerfield, Kan., Student-at-Large, ROBERT VOGELER, North Loup, Flgriculture. DON VOILS, Lincoln, Engineering. ROY VOLZKE, Waco, Qgriculture. KENNETH VOSIKH, Wilber, Phar- macy. IOSEPH WHCHTER, Lincoln, Teachers. IOY WFIGNER, Lincoln, Flrts and Sciences. IUDD WHGNER, Columbus, Flgri- culiure. NHNCY Wi'-TGNER, Burwell, Teachers. RRLEY Wf-7ll.DO, DeWitt, Qgriculture. RICI-IHRD WPILKER, Flberdeen, S.D,, Busi- ness Hdministraiion. GEORGE WFILL, Buffalo, N.Y., Business Hdministration. GQIL WHLLING, Omaha, Ptrts and Sciences. LF-IRRY WHRNKE, Lincoln, Engineering. ROBERT WHRRICK, Meadow Grove, Rgriculture. LOIS WHTSON, Pierce, Teachers. HURELIR WHY, Decatur, Flgriculture. IFICK WERR, Sioux Falls, S.D., Business Flcirninistration. ROSEMHRY WEEKS, Kearney, Teachers. IFICK WEHRMI-TN, Nelson, Engineering. PHILP WEINGFIRT, Hastings, Pharmacy. BILL WELK, West Baden, Incl., Engineering. PHYLLIS WELLS, Omaha, Teachers. Tews Thober Thomsen Thompson B. Thrapp Thurman Tillotson Todd Turchen Turner C. Turner I. Tyler Vogeler Voils Volzke Vosika Walker Wall Walling Warnke Wehrman Weingart Welk Wells 6 ,ur v-4' N54 7,5 in " -ggi f , x . N, 'Q' If 1 . 1 lt 1 AL . .N -s -. , . - - W1 F 2 Ii ' .3 . , Q V' H E H mn-L if 'i-.1fj2ff5 ' ' ll he ,I "',., ' ' I Y-if l . :', . 'Z L , 335- ' .17 'Q 1'9" "-. .' fi' ' ' l f if '25, f Q52 Q. 1 ' . TQ . Q 45 g, tif i , .... 1 E I 1:-5, V -I Wendt Wenz Wertz Westcott Weston Westervelt Wier Wiggins Wilhelms Williams Willmarth Wilson G. Wilson I. Wiltse Winkler G. Winkler K. Winter I. E. Winter I. R Wolf Wolfe Wolzen Wood Woodman Woodward K. Viloodward R. Worth Worthmcrn Wright C. Wright M. Wullschleger ' Wynne Unger Uphoff Yeiter Yerk York Yost Zanders Zelen Zieg Zikmund Zimmer Zinnecker ROSH WENDT, Madrid, Business I-ldministration. RODNEY WENZ, North Platte, lllrts and Sciences. WENDELL WERTZ, Trenton, Ftgriculture. PAT WEST- COTT, Lincoln Teachers. PFITTIE WESTON, Beatrice, Hrts and Sciences. TED WESTERVELT, Scottsbluff, Teachers. EMMET VVIER, Nebraska City, Engi- neering. IOY WIGGINS, Broadwater, Plgriculture. MHRILYN WILHELMS, San Francisco, Calif., Student-at-Large. IDB WILLIHMS, Columbus, Hrts and Sciences. IOHN WILLMQRTH, Omaha, Engineering. GERALD WILSON, Lincoln, Plrts and Sciences. IOY WILSON, Norfolk, Hrts and Sciences. SQROL WILTSE, Falls City, Teachers. GRETCHEN WINKLEB, Hlliance, Flgriculture. KQREN WINKLER, Qlliance, Hgriculture. IOHN WINTER, Lincoln, Pharmacy. IOHN WINTER, Lincoln, Engineering. CHBOL WOLF, Babylon, N.Y., Qrts and Sciences. IERRY WOLFE, Clay Center, Business Hdministration. GLENDR WOLZEN, Hendle , Teachers. DORQLEE WOOD, Benkelman, Teachers. PRTSY WOODMHN, Shelton, Hgriculture. KIRK WOODWFIRD, Beatrice, Hrts and Sciences. ROBERT? WOODWHRD, Grand Island, Engineering. LFIRRY WORTH, Dalton, Engineering. IOHN WORTHMHN, Louisville, Hrts and Sciences. CHQRLES WRIGHT, Lincoln, Hrts and Sciences. MHRIHL WRIGHT, Scottsbluff, Hrts and Sciences. KENNETH WULLSCHLEGER, Madison, Engineering. HLLEN WYNNE, Wichita.Falls, Tex., Enigineering. KHREN UNGER, Ogallala, Teachers. LORNH UPHOFF, North Platte, Teachers. IFINE YEITEB, Cozad, Student-at-Large. KI-IY YERK, Seward, eachers. DOUGLQS YORK, Wilber, Flgriculture. BONHLD YOST, Lincoln, Business Administration, DIXIE ZQN- DERS Malvern Ia., Teachers. SHMUEL ZELEN, Lincoln, Business Qdministration. WILLII-IM ZIEG, Des Moines, Ia., Hrts and Sciences. IPIN ZIKMUND, Wilber, Teachers. IOHN ZIMMER, Lincoln, Business Hdrninistration. IOHN ZINNECICER, David City, Engineering. lpha Lambda Delta The 31 freshmen women initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta in 1953 comprised the largest class in its history. All 31 initiates were eligible for membership because they had earned at least a 7.5 average as a first semester fresh- man or a 7.5 Weighted average for their entire freshman year. Acting as hostesses at the Mortar Board Scholarship Tea and helping with New Student Week were the two most important activities of Alpha Lambda Delta this year. Dr. Winona Perry of the University faculty established the honorary on this campus. The purpose is primarily to stimulate scholastic in- terest among ireshmen women. Shirley Dewey served as president. BHCK BOW: R. Miller, G. Katskee, G. Kollmorgen, M. Iensen, E. Templeton, M Hansen. THIRD ROW: I. Carman, V. Reeves, D. Bacon, E. Von Bargen, Fl. Yeakley. SECOND ROW: M. Morrison, I. Gordon, I. Kucaba,'M. Keenan, I. Greving, M yquis . FRONT ROW: I. Yost, C. Olds, S. Dewey, M. Domingo, P. Cast. NEBRHSKH BHSKETBHLL PLHYERS not only star in their own right. but also pass their knowledge of the game on to TC High School players. GOING, GOING. GONE-another pledge class goes to the highest bidder at the HUF auction. REHDY TO HID the team to victory. band mem- bers followed them on migration to Missouri. 264 ,- Hi it mg. W NIS x. LEHVING BOOKS BEHIND. these four for- get studying long enough to journey to the drive-in for cokes and hamburgers. W X I M N1 , H Department 0f Ml :tary Trammg . wa mamkw Ban wsu' ggggws WQZZWZWE ME my WE H mf E W " EB H 'm.,. , A mg gms 'Q H' gm? ikfzngamiwsggag vs ' gags 558533, WMIE HBH 1 z ' B x f 1 1 x 5 yi '1 ' H X L w x N 1 v 1 x w W 'v y , 1 I 1 W n x ' ' MATCHING IDEAS on Army ROTC issues are Lt. Col. Workman and cadet Col. C. Dale. Militar Training Although the school year opened during the truce in Korea, the military training programs at the Univer- sity carried on in full swing. Cold War tension still necessitated college service preparation for the na- tion's young men. To provide this training, each oi the three major branches oi the military, the Army, Navy, and Air Force, maintains extensive ROTC programs on the campus. Cadets in these programs receive instruction in the manual ot arms, marksmanship, tactics and disci- pline, as Well as valuable training in various technical specialties. They will graduate with the knowledge and experience necessary to perform their duties. Esprit rle corps is promoted at the University by the ,nn-,. CAUGHT ON THE GO BETWEEN classes are Naval chief Capt. Gallory and Eldon Park. many military societies and honorary organizations sponsored by the services. Throughout the year the khaki and the blues oi the Army, Navy, or Air Force ROTC students are seen in the classrooms, in the ballrooms and on the drill fields, providing an import- ant facet to campus lite. One ot the most important social events of the Cornhusker year was the annual Military Ball which was sponsored by the Candidate Officers Association. FAMILIAR FACES to University ROTC students are these instructors oi modern applied Military Science. FA K nu lm S CHECKING FILES lor special AFROTC data are Col. I.. Keller and Col. Stegline. MILITHRY MANUEVERS with scale model equipment provide an interesting display of a three service beach assault FALL FASHIONS reveal the design and styling ot the uniform being issued to cadet Allen Ferguson. l ELDON PARK was rated 4th nationally in periormance. winning the highest honor a University student has ever received during a Navy summer training cruise. SEMI-AUTOMATIC, clip ted, shoulder weapon names the soldier's best friend and cadet's headache. RCTC The Army ROTC program was first established at Nebraska in l.876, five years after the founding of the University. At present, it is the largest officer train- ing division on the campus, with 920 cadets under the supervision of Col. lames H. Workman and his staff. Students enrolled in the Army program go through four year's study to be trained as officers. For two years, they are given instruction and training in such diverse subjects as drill and leadership, weapons study, map reading, first aid and army organization and tactics. By passing this work as well as their other studies in satisfactory standing, they are qualified to enroll in an advanced program for their junior and senior years. Upon completion of this, they serve for two years in the Army Active Reserve as commissioned officers. 268 ROTC Students have a chance to become regular or re- serve officers in the U.S. Navy or the Marines, through the Navy ROTC program at the University. First started here in l947, the Nebraska naval program is one of 52 reserve officers training programs at col- leges across the nation. Forty per cent of the 2lU men in NROTC are in the regular navy program, and will serve, upon gradua- tion, three years in active duty as officers, The other GU per cent are in the Navy's contract program. Both groups take the same course, which includes sea- mariship, study of naval weapons, navigation, engi- neering and leadership. At the end of two years of study, Naval ROTC stu- dents have an opportunity to volunteer for training in the Marines. The 20 per cent who join this program then take a separate course of study and graduate as Marine officers. LEFT FULL RUDDER is the command for midshipmcm Wright while practicing ship navigation during cx stay at the helm. 3- 55 H .. DRESS RIGHT DRESS is executed prior to uniform inspecti dirty shoes, uniforms and unhuttoned pockets, which cause At first, its program of study was the same as that HUP-TWO-THREE-FOUR is chanted by marching middies par- taking in drills which play a major role in NROTC training. OVER THE TOP as Air Force navigators Belmont and Hefilinger solve problems in air science. 5 I I 1 AFRAOTC The Air Force broke away from the Army in l948, and the following year set up the Air Force ROTC. of the Army, but now it has formulated a course of its own. This year, the Air Force has modified its pro- gram so it more closely corresponds with other Uni- versity courses. Freshmen enrolled in the Air Force ROTC spend 90 hours each year studying the theory of warfare as applicable to the air force, global geography and drill. In the sophomore year, the course is nar- rowed down to the more specific role of the Air Force in warfare, and tactical and strategic operations. The last two years in the program, they continue this study and train men to be well-equipped officers. This year around 912 students are enrolled in the Air Force ROTC program under the direction of Col. 1 l l w l t w l l 1 LOOK SHARP and be sharp is preached to the Air Force drill squad by Sgt. Iohnson and flight officer Belmont. lose-ph A. Stenglein and his staff. 269 s .les 'sms FLYING SAUCERS! No. these cadets are tracking weather balloons at Gary Airforce Base in Texas. see gnu-Tam mw- gr .rein B A my EE E E E E. E AFROTC Summer Camp Each year about 125 Air Force ROTC jun- iors attend summer camp for four to six Weeks. The camps are held at Air Force installations all over the country. Primarily, they afford the cadet an oppor- tunity to observe a Wing Base organization in operation, to become familiar with the organizational components, and to explore the career opportunities in these areas for junior officers. Through realistic training at Air Force Bases, the cadet becomes familiar with the primary Air Force Weapon-the airplane. Here, cadets are briefed on navigation tech- niques, aircraft maintenance, flight planning, operation of the parachute and crash landing procedure. At the conclusion of this instruc- tion, the cadets were given the opportunity to fly in aircraft, thus further equipping them for their tenure in the armed services. LAST MINUTE CHECK of L-21 aircraft is executed by Cadet Ernest L. Bebb. EYES TOWARD THE SKIES is the order of the day for the next four weeks during Air Force summer camp training. M ,Ms .QM is -- 4 THE ABC'S of flying are taught seven Nebraskans during summer encampment at San Marcos. Texas ROTC Summer Cruise Every summer, Navy ROTC cadets at Ne- braska get a taste ol sea life on their summer cruise. On these cruises, cadets travel on vari- ous types oi naval vessels, parts of the U.S. Atlantic fleet, living the life of regular seamen, which may include swabbing the decks or stok- ing the ship's boiler. This year, Nebraska students toured naval shore installations along the U.S. Gulf Coast, the Caribbean and South America. Their ships stopped at Brazil, Port-oi-Spain, Panama, Co- lumbia and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. High- lights ot the cruise were a shore leave at Rio da Janeiro, Brazil, and the first crossing of the equator, where naval ceremonies changed a cadet from a "pollyWog" to a "she11back." HIT THE DECK and snap to, it's time out from operation NARAMID and all amphibious warfare. ,-f , 'Sq i -W A is it , H i it DMM .J r 3' 'a' i r T tv' 'wg A " ' n , Q 1 L3 .Qin L2 1-Q " ,, I f A vi it 'Y i is .A KV , , r' i Q : v, V 2 - -,Sql F3 , rf xii , ' A f' "' Ce Q A I XJ - , P A 5 f 'let Q, '-tt fiiif, 1-1f'i1.fHrz-fQseg,r,'- f 9 HERE COMES THE FLEET blinks out midshipman Hill. on the blinker aboard escort vessel Davis. H E s xr s- - 1 s ' its ,, .62 lT'S THUMBS UP for the Navy of the air as ca dets assemble for ilight check at Corpus Chnstx HEY NEPTUNE, Cornhuskers Iohn Norris, Duane Nielsen and Iohn Nicholas have crossed the equator and are ready for initiation SIGHT SETTING zero-one-tour, midshipmcm. Lind acts as bridge phone talker for a 40mm. gun director. '55 K N THEY ALL AGREE Camp Georgia's obstacle course is iust not the place for combat drill at mid-day. SAMPLING "C" RATIONS while on an inspec- tion tour of the summer camps is Dr. M. L. Baker. ROTC Summer Camp All Army ROTC cadets are required to attend a summer camp of six Weeks duration between their junior and senior years. At camp, the ROTC stu- dent applies the military theory learned in the class- room. Students oi the combat arms and administrative and technical services receive training most ap- plicable to their branch, utilizing the facilities ot regular army installations and conditions. The tech- nical operation, maintenance and tactical employ- ment of the latest equipment and methods are stressed. Training includes instruction and par- ticipation in the employment of equipment common to their branch, including small arms Weapons, grenades, mapping, all calibers of artillery and mechanized vehicles. ln this way, cadets expand their military knowledge and come into contact with army lite. COMBAT SURVIVAL depends upon fundamentals taught and mastered while still on the firing range. BARRACKS INSPECTION writes a mean ticket :or any soldier who neglects his personal items. SCHEDULED EVENTS and formal pol- icy shape up as D. Saville. B. Lippke, I. Thorson and G. Bingham confer. Over- the-shoulder-comments are contributed by M. Stromer, M. Bailey and B. Bachman. it ::! :iii T ,pt l nun t Lil' V 4 Iilin - - iilti lg EU X i . A 1 f t 'rv Q4 z fgfii, iii? LOOKS GREAT agree Marv Stromer and Ierry Bingham as Ball gets finishing touches. BACK ROW: N. Mann, V. l-loltgrewe, R. Kafonek, I. Thorsori, D. Saville. FOURTH ROVIZ R. Tavlor, D. Gockley, F.. Qnderson, E. Bebb. THIRD ROW: D. Madsen, T. Mcllndrews, F. Sorenson, F. Redman. SECOND ROW: H. Graber, R. Reed, E. Lewis, M. Kushner. FIRST ROW: Fl Blessing, M. Bailey, B. Bachman. COA It is the Candidate Otticers Association which must co- ordinate all of the student military organizations on the campus. They handle the scheduling ot all military func- tions and determine ROTC policies. The COA, with the NAVY in charge this year, organized and sponsored the Military Ball and supervised the military open house. It controlled much ot the administrative pol- icy concerned with military organizations and campus publications and events. The Candidate Officers Association is composed ot ad- vanced ROTC members, from all the branches ot service. It brings these cadets in each of the advanced programs into closer co-operation and contact. Mac Bailey was president, Al Blessing was vice-presi- dent-treasurer and Bob Bachman was secretary. gf. The Cadets' Lad HONORARY COMMAND!-XNT Donna Follmer VICTORYS reward to the Honorary and Mac Bcnley begm the evenmg festxvmes Commandant rs yellow roses and a kiss. COMMANDANT finalists for the 41st annual Ball were: Mary Weir, Donna Follmer, Barbara Bell. Sue Brownlee, Cynthia Hol- yoke and Barbara Hdams. MUSIC IIND FUN for the Bull ANOTHER BIG MOMENT as cadet commanders and dates Mr. 6. WGS PY0Vlded bY P41'-llN91ghb01'S- Mrs. Lloyd E. Keller. Eldon Park, Grace Burkhardt and Mr. 6. Mrs. C. Dale lead the evening's Grand March cxt the Coliseum. Royalty Reigns Over -4lst Ball The curtains of the 41st annual Military Ball opened to reveal Donna Folrner as 1953 Honorary Commandant. The Ball, given the first Week in December, officially opens the formal season and Was organized this year by the Naval ROTC department. In a traditional Navy setting, the stage was decorted with a huge gold anchor and the '53 program opened with a concert by the Uni- versity ROTC Symphonic Band, followed by the entrance of the color guard. Seconds later the Pershing Rifle Crack Drill Squad snapped through its maneuvers. COA President Mac Bailey presented Donna and then led her through an arch formed by the saber guard, The Honorary Com- rnandant is chosen by the Candidate Officer's Association. RECOGNITION of the colors and cz night's qaiety gets in full swing. SABRE GUARD members prepare for command "cross subres" as Eldon Wesley cmd dale Irene Rozmcm proceed toward the dance floor. , sp-. Y Q 2 BIG PLANS are made in earnest for the "Little National Assembly" this spring. DEDICHTION of the new Hrmory is dis- ,Zi cussed by W. Pershing and D. Eckberg. 35:2 MINUTES BETWEEN convention events are few. but short meetings accomplish plenty. ational Pershing Rifles The University of Nebraska is the home of the Na- tional Pershing Ritles, an organization comprised of some 130 companies in 43 states. It was founded here in l89l by Gen. Iohn I. Pershing, when he served at the University as military commander, and it has now grown to be a national society with 86 units. Lincoln acts as a base oi operations for all the Pershing Rifles units and carries on the complicated Work ot co-ordi- nating these various units. The National Pershing Rifles strives to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals ot the military profession for cadets who display an exceptional de- gree of military ability and interest. Brigadier Gen. Dean E. Ekberg, national commander, and Col. Gerald Adcock, chief ot staff supervise all actions oi the entire stati and maintain correspondence among all units. During the year, members publish three issues of a newspaper, The Pershing Rifle Paracles and an annual, The Pershing Rifleman. Officers attended a national convention which was held in Lincoln. BQCK ROW: H. Nielsen, I. Gray, H. Hayek, I, Irwin. SECOND ROW: G. Stahly. l. Garber, I. Kessner, T. Moore, N. Soeder. FRONT ROW: M. Thompson, P. Bridenbaugh, D. Ekberg, G. Hdcock, V. Holtgrewe. me msgs E,-.E i n Mmm H Q1 va SW' BF-ICK HOW: R. Lindsay, T. Hoffmann, N. Francis, M. Schliefert, H. Uclen, D. Tuers, M. Thompson. SIXTH ROW: Fl. Trenkle, H. Smith, N. Wilson, W. Starr, I. Damon, W. Thomas. FIFTH HOW: P. Trenkle, B. Pyle, R. Keenan, B. Pitts, E. Voss, Q. Ronis. FOURTH ROW: R. Flyne. I. Gaswick, Q. Starr, C. Pyle, B. Miller. THIRD ROW: I. Capenhaver, R. Kahler, T. Traudt, D. DeGraw, M, Turner, M. Fldams. SECOND ROW' C. French, V, Markussen, D. Chapman, G. Medley, V. Hnderson. FRONT HOW: D. Wenz, W. Cecil, I. Keene, W. Larson, E. Bihlmeyer, M. Norton. as ul an TROPHY WINNERS of the 2nd Regimental Drill Meet dis- play the traveling trophy won from Minnesota's rifle team. Pershing Rifles Company A-2 of Pershing Rifles is perhaps the most famous of the military fraternal organizations at the University campus. lt is composed of outstanding ROTC cadets, and is maintained for the purpose of fostering spirit, unity and friendship among the men of the military departments. The senior officers are lack Keene, company commanderg Maurice Norton, executive officer, Wil- liam Cecil, operations officer, and Donald Wenz, supply officer. Company A not only served as host for the 2nd Regimental Drill Meet, but Won first place, captur- ing the traveling trophy from Minnesota. -The company maintains the ROTC color guard, a crack squad, an Honor-Guard Platoon and a rifle team. Annual affairs of the company are a formal din- ner dance, a field problem and two regimental drill meets. 277 XII KEEPING CLOSE TABS on all matters concerning Provost are: Tom Day, Bill Tussey, Em. Scott, Iohn Meisinger and Capt. R. Law. BLAZING green and gold lan- yards signify Provost membership. BHCK ROW: R. Russell, H. Stern, R. 'Whitman, P. Scheele. THIRD ROW: G. Qdcock, D. Innes, M. Friedman. SECOND ROW: P. Bridenbaugh, I. Kahn, Pt. Caper, C. Lawson. FRONT ROW: W. Tussey, I, Meisinger, T. Day, E. Scott. Provost Corps In its fourth year at the University, the Provost Corps is an organization to recog- nize and honor cadets of the military police corps. lt was originally conceived at the University of Michigan in 1949 and, in the same year, a unit Was formed at Nebraska. Since then it has expanded into a national organ.ization. Only college juniors and seniors enrolled in the military police division of the ad- vanced army ROTC program may partici- pate in this corps. These members must have had at least a six average in their sec- ond year ot basic ROTC. The Provost Corps provides extra-cur ricular experience in police Work. lts rifle team took fourth place in ROTC summer camp competition. Provost Marshal Emer- son W. Scott and Deputy Provost Marshal Tom E. Day head the officer staff which in- cludes Iohn M. Meisinger, adjutantg William I. Tussey, finance officerg Kent D. Phillips, public relations officer, and Robert R. Rus- sell, provost sergeant. vi' :vin l -gl' -P 41 BECK ROW: I. Iohnson, T, Tobin, M. Minnick. D. Taclken, THIRD ROW: I. Oliver, R. Hunt, C. Marshall, B. Hogue, D. Dunbar. SECOND ROW: R. Barnwell, R. Flmick, W, Doole, D. Oclen, R. Olson, R. Motogawa. FRONT ROW: I. Redman, E. Be-bb, W. Carr, D. Browning, D. Overholt. Arnold Air Society Promotes Scholarship And Achievement 'The warrior who cultivates his mind, polishes his arms" is the motto oi the Arnold Society, an organiza- tion composed of advanced Air ROTC cadets. This year's president is Ernest Bebbg Donald Brown- ing is vice-president. Secretary and treasurer are Donald Overholt and Frank Redman. ARNOLD MEN Frank Wells, Frank Redman, Tom Tobin, and Don Tadken take interest in discussing flight school with Lt. McQueen. ' 1 " vi .px- fife- Timm The society each year handles part oi the plan ning of the Military Ball. Members are sent to the national convention at Oiiutt Air Force Base in Omaha and members tour one other air base outside oi Ne braska. Arnold Society cadets also take local flights With members of the staff. PLANE HOPPING cx ride to the National Convention, Arnold members are reminded to check their safety belts BHCK ROW: V. Holtgrewe, H. DeGraw, N. Mann. SECOND ROW: R. Taylor, G, Yo-st, W. Hoelle, T. Mcllndrews. FRONT ROWL D. Gockley, R. Kafonek, D. Madsen. SAM In l935, when the first Engineer ROTC unit was formed at the University ot Nebraska, the Society ot American Military Engineers was also established for the purpose ot advancing military engineering knowledge among its members. All army, navy, and air force ROTC students enrolled in the College ot Engineer- ing and Architecture are eligible to join this society. This year's officers: Richard Katonek, presi- dent, Donald Madsen, vice-president, Donald Gockley, secretary, and Norman Mann, treas- urer, supervised the 30-member club in their large schedule of activities. Guest speakers and tilms on military Engi- neering topics rounded otf the agenda of most meetings. The activities schedule includes a Home- coming iloat, a national rifle match, participa- tion in "Engineering Week," a field trip, a tall smoker and a picnic in the spring. Also each year this organization Will present a medal to the outstanding junior or senior in Army ROTC. .X Gamma Lambda . Members of the University ot Nebraska ROTC Marching Band also maintain a military honorary organization, Gamma Lambda. lts membership in- cludes band members who are registered in at least their iitth semester of University Band. This year Frank Wells served as president. Gamma Lambda sponsors many activities in its service to the University Band. lt is this organization which arranges the popular card section at Nebraska football games. Members also promote sales ot the University Band recordings. Each spring at the Gamma Lambda Banquet, band keys are awarded to outstand- band members. 280 BQCK ROW: I. Rogers, I. Humphrey, D. Harrier, K, Phillips, G Hazen. IEOERTH ROW: C. Gerle, M. Niebaum, I. Eule, W. Buskirk . aist. THIRD ROW: S. Shumway, I. Mckie, R. Becker, I. Boettcher. SECOND ROW: H. Brendle, D. Iohnson, L. Hublca, B. Thomp- son, P. Cook. FRONT ROW: B, Burr, D. Carrol, C. Klasek, F. Wells, I. Shum way, D. Lentz. 'X , K: 4 kat. 5311.4 P Q , J" f '1---in- H SCARLET and CREAM halt-time entertainment would never be complete without the traditional ilash card section organized by Gamma Lambda. - ... FN BI-lCK ROW: E. lbsen, B. Stuhr, H. Loftis, M. Davidson, R. Sorensen, R. D. Duerr. FOURTH ROW: L. Nielsen, D. Griess, D. Iundt, R. Htchison, V. Marlcussen. THIRD ROW: D. Lees, C. Lemmon, R. Meyer, R. Edwards, W. Wolf, R. Knobel. SECOND ROW: M. Thompson, G. Hild, F. Obermire, R. Swanson, D. Sander, K. Stone. FRONT ROW: E. Buttery, E. Wesley, D. Van Vleck, M. Norton, G. Durst. Phalanx Established as a national honorary military fraternity in 1935, Phalanx has directed its endeavors toward bettering the University and its military depart- ments. It contains selected juniors and seniors from each of the branches of ROTC. Membership in this national organ- ization is gained only after a trial period in which applicants become familiarized with the constitution and purpose of the organization. Phalanx also sponsors drill compe- tition for basic students in the spring and handles the decorations for the Military Ball. Officers this year are: Robert N. Blomstrand, commander, Tom Malin- drews, vice-commander, and Robert Kennedy, adjutant. Red Cuidon Nebraska ROTC cadets in the artillery unit are given an opportunity to join the Red Guidon Society during their sopho- more, junior or senior year. Founded in 1937, this organization has active chapters in four states. This year's activities included a formal spring dinner-dance, a fall smoker for new members, initiation ceremonies in November and May, and a spring picnic at Camp Ash- ton. Movies stressing the importance of artil- lery in modern Warfare and lecturers from the Reserves, National Guard and ROTC de- partment form the core of most meetings which are held for the promotion of greater achievement Within the field artillery unit. This year's officers are Dale Van Vleck, commanding officer, Eldon Wesley, execu- tive officer, and Maurice Norton, secretary. Red Guidon members can easily be iden- tified by the special red layard worn on the left shoulder. -H at si- BHCK ROW: D. Gockley, W. Neef, G, Medley. FRONT ROW: R. Kafonek, T. Mcilndrews, R. Blomstrand, D. Madsen. 281 is sm HAPPY HUSKER FANS beam proudly as their team makes ci first down in its initial victory of the year against Miami. THE 'SINGING SILO' owes its melodies to Don Kitchen, shown here playing some post-game airs. Student Spirit Fires Football Enthusiasm Nebraska football, a colorful and cherished tradition of I-luskerland, gains in spirit and size with the arrival of each season. There are many elements besides the scarlet-clad team on the field that make Husker football the spectacle it is. A loyal and enthusiastic student body fosters the unity of a successful team. On the traditional side, an element of spirit is the Carillon tower which rings out loyalty songs over the campus at the conclusion of every home game. During the game, the "automatic count" given by the Husker cheer- leaders after every Nebraska touchdown is a happy moment for Nebraska fans. The prestige and position of honor of the University of Nebraska, since its opening day on Sept. 7, 1871, continues to be enhanced by the efforts of its athletes and boosters. Behind the scenes labor the members of the Athletic Board to control and direct the large inter- collegiate athletic program of the University. Whether the Huskers Win or lose, football fans throughout the state continue to pay to the team their loyal support which is enthusiastic- ally reflected on each game day. IT'S UP HND OVER for squad member Danny Fogel as NU cheerleaders register a Husker touchdown. IERRY MINNICK, the Scarlet's rugged tackle, auto- graphs a program for a young Husker rooter. THE CHRISTMAS SEASON ers playing hosts to some Q , . - m rm an Y sf mm E ms XE nga H558 - rm ss ss as ss NEBRASKA CHEERLEADERS: H. Kirkendall, I. Pollard, D. Orr, M. Eaton, G. Hild, D. Fogel, I. Wiebe, N. Veitzer, L. Sanchez. mx WE ekgmv 'liz U2 E .. an RTHLETIC BOHRD POSES after meeiing: Back Row: H. I. Lewansdowski, G. Clark. From Row: C. Dale, W. Witte, R. Ireland, W. K. Beggs, D. Fullbrook. L. as E.. gg .Egg .QQ gg . HE Q2 gf ZZ ,gi .Q K gs mga gm BE mins 5 sms B A . . W . . B an SE..-EB -EH HE Nm!! H . . wfiiww 15. .ye .W . Qmlwk we EEEBHSKERZWXZS if . Q X f iinds the Nebraska football happy homeless youngslers xx M, ,as . as rs- kr! R744 un aw x Us A 1 .sw A , -1.2 my S , gs .u 4 ms m .. . .1 ie ...E M QQ ,. W M EE' me ss xs Q, In an 55.1 mail an HJ SQA age EJ EE . as :V nm a -ew ESE ms a ss n Football Engineers Guide Sputtering '53 Husker Machine CORNHUSKER COACHES: Al Partin, H. H. Hanscom, Bob Davis, Bill Glasslord, Bob Faris, Walter KMikeD Milligan, Ray Prochaska. Stern Bill Glassford Ruled NU Grid Wars The 1953 season again found the iootball fortunes of Nebraska in the hands of I. William CBillJ Glassford. Glasstord, Nebraska's 22nd coach since the tirst paid football teacher was hired in l893, guided Nebraska to fourth place in the Big Seven scramble. He had the aid ot 23 years of coaching and playing experience behind him. A native of Lancaster, Ohio, where he played prep ball, Glasstord played guard for three years at the University of Pittsburgh and in his senior year, l936, was selected as an all-American guard. He has held coaching positions at Manhattan College lNeW Yorkl, Carnegie Tech, Yale, Miami Beach Service Team and New Hampshire. Assisting Glassford were aids Bob Davis, Mike Milligan, Ray Prochaska, Ike Hanscom, Bob Faris and F11 Partin. The student managers, under the direction ot Ed Bridges, take care ot equipment checking and condition. They aid the coaches in any way they are able. NEBRHSKH STUDENT MHNHGERS: Iohn Wilmcxrth, Ed Bridges, lol-m Morrow, Charles Beal, Tom Tobin, Iohn Sears, Charles Pike, Iolm Morrow, Dick Iohnson. 286 ' CONNOR AND MINNICK, the two men in the foreground, shown here running through a pre-game drill. gave Nebras- ka a pair of tackles as fine as any in the Big Seven: both received all-Big Seven recognition in post-season balloting. The conclusion of the 1953 season found a deluge of player criticism and revolt heaped on Bill Glassiord. Athletic Director Potsy Clark, resigned and the wolves bayed for Glasstords release. The Athletic Board requested Bill to resign. However, an iron-bound eight-year contract Worth 587,500 coupled with pro- Glassford sentiment from outstate shut off the issue. National publicity of the situation hurt the University. A. I. Lewandowski was appointed acting athletic di- rector to patch NU wounds. INIURIES AND CONDITIONING are the concern of Nebraska trainers George Sullivan, Paul Schneider. Iim Van Deusen, Gordie Siek, lack Ward. ,gm K if-mm Q W E. .x,. i. we ww E., 'H H577 Ms' sans imma i 'U an - E" mm if sw mm xm- -vi xi. w In strife is-'fi 21, THE WATCHFUL EYE oi Bill Glassford fol- lows team aspirants in pre-season drill. SM Elgar gg 'gfiw -is E Eeeeie KSQREE wx M me ,, .m. ,si B. we, 1 - in K, me 4 . Z xrgegxwe E.. if A... W' it W me a m H WW ,eggs H WWA masse in mm .eg ee sm is 3 sf:- NNW: awaits H' W a M--rm, is es UBS- sm Me L rr-in ,,.g,s sem, 'Eu mms Hwy ii H Wing miria- E552- .,. . ..-r..:. 287 wmv, .HQ M mkm QE A saga Oregon Illinois ..... , ...... Kansas State .. Pittsburgh Miami ..... Missouri Kansas ..... Iowa State Colorado . Oklahoma L.. HUSKERS HT HHLFTIME relax in the iieldhouse while trainers check tape and injuries: coaches check a Wit? .M ssMg-me swam-' his asa .ge 2 i plays. defenses, and individual assignments. The Colorado game halftime period is shown here. BQCK ROW: D. Brown, G. Lair, D. l-lewitt, T. Britt, M. Kitzelman, lf.. Bridges, K. Kunes. FIFTH ROW: I. McWilliams, D. Brandt, S. Harris, R. Weddle, D. Lux, D. Moore, Q. Anderson, B. Holloran, FOURTH ROW: R. Fischer, F, Reeves, D. Neal, I. Braley, D. Post, D. Glantz, M. Kennedy. THIRD ROW: L, Scherer, D. Korinek, I. Edwards K. Moore, B. Oberlin, B. Wagner, I. Korisko. SECOND ROW: C. Bryant, D. Griess, B. Smith, I Yeisley, R. Novak, I. Evans, I. Bordogna, D Ralston FRONT ROW: I. Paulson, I. Oliver, T. Connor I. Minnick, B. Schabacker, I. Yeager, I. Nlachisic G. Gohde. Varsity Footballers Survive Rugged Pigskin Schedule With 3-6-I Record Here are the men who carried the Nebraska football load in 1953. This current aggregation, which never quite played up to its potential, Wound up the season with arrecord oi three Wins, six losses, and one tie. The team itself was bulwarkecl around several players Who played most of the time and carried a good part of the load. These included all Big-Seven quarterback Iohn Bordogna, who Was chosen to play in the annual North-South gameg Bob Smith, a tough, hard- driving haltback who ranked llth in the nation in rushingg Ierry Min' nick, all-Big Seven tackle choice Who Was also honored on the INS all-Midlands Squad, and Ted Connor, another all-Big Seven tackle and a performer in the Shriners' East-West game. Other players Who saw starting action through the year and performed Well were Max Kitzelman, Andy Loehr, Bill Shabacker, Bob Oberlin, Iim Oliver, Dennis Korinek, lon McWilliams, Ray Novak and Rex Fischer. The 1954 edition of the team Will be Without the services of ll graduating seniors. The biggest spots to iill will be at tackle Where stalwarts Minnick and Connor will be gone and at quarterback where Bordogna's absence will leave a gap. The season saw much turnover of personnel as the starting lineup changed from week to Week. Beginning with the single-wing, Glass- iord abandoned it after the Oregon opener and stuck with the T the rest of the Way. With the new one-platoon system, it took a few games for team members to iit into the pattern. Looking ahead, it appeared to Husker fans that Nebraska football still has much rebuilding to do. 60-MINUTE MEN bulwarked the Huskers during the year. Here are iive of the toughest shown ready to leave for the Missouri game. ' 289 LET ME AT HIM appears to be Ierry Minnick's thought as he flies through the air in pursuit of a helpless Oregon Duck. From this opening game Mirmick played great ball. resulting in his selection as tackle on the all-Big Seven team. Ducks Spoil Opener, 20-I2 Lincoln, Sept. 19-With 19 days of practice un- der their belts, the 1953 Cornhusker football team met the Oregon Webfeet ior a 20-12 loss. lt was a tired group of battlers who found them- selves being pushed around by a not-too-sparkling Webfoot crew. Fischer scored one TD after sparking the only sustained drive the Huskers could mus- ter during the game. Korinek received Fischer's pass for the other six-pointer. Oregon scored two quick touchdowns by cap- italizing on mis-cues by the Glassford men early in the first quarter. A 55-yard off-tackle play set up the third Duck touchdown. Illini Tie Huskers, 2l-2l Champaign, Sept. 25-The Cornhuskers re- bounded trom their mediocre showing in the sea- son's opener to tie favored Illinois, 21-21. Coach Bill Glassford surprised everyone by running his team from the T formation instead of the expected single wing and by opening up a sharp passing at- tack. The Huskers led all the way, only to wilt in the last quarter and allow the Illini to overcome a 21-7 deficit and deadlock the game. Nebraska scoring came by Bordogna on a sneak in the second period while Smith scored twice in the second half on jaunts of tive and 27 yards. The entire team played aggressive and alert ball. A 'SHOESTRING TACKLE stops a Bob Smith run in Husker's fruitful third quarter. Bob's two TDs led the attack. Wildcats Shred Husker Defenses for 27-O Win Manhattan, Oct. 3-An aroused Kansas State team humiliated the lethargic Huskers 27-U for the Wildcat's first triumph over Ne- braska since a 19-U win in 1942. Fumbles again played havoc in the Husker attack with several of the bobbles resulting in K-State touchdowns. The Wildcat line completely out-charged the Huskers and opened the way for their hard- hitting backs. Kansas State scored twice in the second period and twice more in the fourth. The Cat's last touchdown saw end Ed Pence stroll through a bewildered Husker secondary to grab a pass from quarterback Whitehead and reach pay-dirt 15 yards away unchal- lenged. OUCH wails Bill as Huskers fumble on the one-yard line set ting up Kansas State's first TD and a beginning of NU defeat Nebraska Edged b Powerful Pitt in Tight Fra , I4-6 Pittsburgh, Oct. 15-Improved Nebraska was edged by powerful Pitt 14-B in a game marked by vicious line play. The Huskers gave the Pitt Home- coming crowd many uneasy moments. The score stood 7-B until the last play of the game when Pitt punched over another TD. Pitt started fast to score early in the first period, but Nebraska defenses stiffened and held until the last play of the game when the Panthers scored again. Bordogna squirmed over from the three-yard line in the third quarter for the Huskers' only score of the afternoon. 1 A SHORT FLIP over the line from all-Big Seven quarterback choice. Iohn Bordogna. to end Andy Loehr results in ct completion which nets Cornhuskers 16 yards and sets up a touchdown which came seconds later on a Bordogna sneak. 1 eq, .-,H 1' ,Q n Q .:. , ' x- Mn C gg, J 4 ,...X5f1 X ffm ww ,as 5' ' y 5 ff Tfffi ,xg Ms s 5 .Mm -.-.f b U., W-N125 rf -. i nm: ., V : . gfsggmj-MQ, G ' 3 Q 3' L A., M - W qi' X L+ T ifssf " ' me 2 2 i 'X 4-U, , , Q' f 5' wwezd. im ,IX I ' 4015 W L ,- ,Hs v Q 5 A f,Wl353gi.:, V B - 21z1ffng,mf 1 Y V 'jewel H , ass .L , -.':"zv,5y, 1 1-, V I .V 5.1 'fd , ,1 ,.,::: I wil si n' A . 45 0" .Wg in Y! All-v"'a!,L:1",'fi9 35 'v , ,W wa'-:,.r,', ' , wr ll . , I U :Q i ill .Lu -1 M l xxx 5 I P Its. 'D ki 1 --ax' V if 1 9 , 1 . fu 5 Ti 1 ' ' , . . , 1' Q . 1 1 A ,. A . fkj 5r . ,I 1 ' . Nebraska Knocks Jayhawks, 9-O ln Traditional Game of Rivalry Lincoln, Oct. 31-Nebraska annexed its second win of the season by upsetting favored Kansas 9-O in a game marred by fumbles. Each team rolled up over 240 yards rushing, but no score came until the third quarter when Smith broke through the line and raced 50 yards to set up the Husker TD. On the next play, Smith ran the ball over from eight yards out. With ll:l0 left, Novak kicked a field goal from the scrimmage line on the 22. This assured the "Big Red," and they fought oft several Iayhawk threats deep in Nebraska territory. Smith and McWilliams. led the Nebraska attack which sparked the Huskers' first defeat oi Kansas in Lincoln since 1945. Smith in I9 carries piled up lfll yards tor an impressive 7.4 average which car- ried him toward a high national position in rushing. AN AMOROUS IAYHAWK shuns duty ior a moment to become better acquainted , with Iocmie Pollard, Husker cheerleader. Always Tough Iowa State Cyclones Try g Hard But Lose, 27-I9 Ames, Nov. 7-Nebraska annexed its second Big Seven win by out-lasting Iowa State 27-19 in a spirited tussle. An ISC rally in the iourth period tell short as the Husker line performed with rugged efficiency. A one-yard sneak by Bordogna, two end runs by McWilliams and a sensational 89-yard re- turn oi a pass interception by Bordogna ac- counted tor Husker scoring. Smith set up the third Husker marker on a brilliant 54- yard trek. Nebraska's line performed effectively and paved the way for some of the best run- ning displayed by Husker ball carriers all year. G-lassford gave his reserves valuable experience in the final quarters of the game, and they responded by squelching the late Cyclone surge. The NU pass defense was tight and held the desperate Iowa State as- sault, while Husker ilippers picked up a few yards via the airlanes themselves. A STANDOUT SOPHOMORE, Ion McWilliams, above carrying the ball against the Cyclones. really cuts loose to lead the Husker ground game by scoring two TDs cmd gaining valuable yardage to aid NU win. 293 YE P , EES: ia- 'm a 5 ,. S, Q 'wa ' 'Lggvis u m 5.55, w t a ,sr it sd ONLY A FOOT separates hard-driving Ray Novak from' the Coloraido goal and victory as he is downed in the waning moments of this Homecoming fray. Magnificent Sooners Power to 30-7 Victory Lincoln, Nov. l9-Mighty Oklahoma, a pre- cision machine, rolled over Nebraska 30-7 without much trouble in the seasons finale for the Huskers. The Sooners, bound for the Orange Bowl and a New Year's Day fracas with Maryland, used between-the-tackle power plays with great effectiveness in hanging up their 37th straight Big Seven victory. With five minutes left in the second quarter, Smith scored for Nebraska to cap a 62-yard drive and end Husker scoring for the day. Three bad passes from center had a dam- aging effect on the Nebraska offensive. Okla- homa's line, with power and finesse, held the Nebraska offense to a net of l22 yards while clearing the way for a net of 432 yards gained by Sooner backs. Greg of Oklahoma sewed up the loop scoring title. For the Huskers it marked the last game for ll graduating sen- tors. 294 Colorado Takes NU Homecoming, I4-I0 Lincoln, Nov. 15-The Buffs ruined Nebraska's Homecoming by stopping the favored Huskers 14-10, with the aid of a spirited last-minute goal-line stand. A touchdown by Bordogna in the second period and a field goal in the third accounted for NU scoring. Nine plays after the field goal Colo- rado countered. They held stubbornly to stymie a late Husker drive which pushed to the CU one-foot line mo- ments before the game ended. Alumni and fans saw the Hus- kers fritter away many opportunities which might have given them their third straight victory. in-V15 A SOONER SUSPENDED is Oklohomds Robert Burris, who is pic- tured as he hurls himself through the air before being tackled. BHCK ROW: D. Marcy, T. Kaufman, I. Bayer, R. Yost, N. Kmoch, D. Blair, L. Torcion, L. Jones, T. Westervelt, W. Krommenhock, B. Spencer, D. Schmid, P. Montagano, I. Warren, I. Carr. THIRD HOW: D. Roelle, I. Moore, I. Strickland, W. Shaver, R. Noel, H. Iohnson, D Erway, W. Greenlaw, P. Neff, M. DeBoer, R. Hohensee, G. Eng- lart, R. Berguin, P. Hoyt. GIECEOND ROW: R. MacDonald, R. Walsh, I. Petersen, Fl. Delnes, I. Kob'za, I. Fleming, C. Smith, I. Murphy, D. Koile, I. Williams, D. Harkins, . rown. , FRONT ROW: I. Ward, V. Scott, P. Young, D. Strasheim, Pl. Partin, R. Faris. All-Staters Vie For l95-4 Varsity Berths As Freshmeng Fundamentals Stressed As Coaches Develop Material The Nebraska freshmen, under the able tutelage of coach Bob Faris, ex-Fremont High ' mentor, spent their first football year at the University learning fundamentals and the if Glassford system. The success secret of any good team lies in development, and frosh foot- ball aims to give the future stars polish and ex- perience. Who are the frosh who Will be the regu- lars a few years from now? The ones whom the coaches feel Will fare best are the following men: ends: LeRoy Butherus, Allan Dienes and Maurice DeBoer, tackles: Ierry Peterson, guards: Pat Hoyt and Iim Murphyy centers: Bob Berguin and LaVerne Torczong quarterbacks: Bob Walsh and Don Erwayg halfbacks: William Greenlaw, Dick Harkins and Don Comstock. These are the top prospects on this year's 48- man squad. Faris, as freshman coach, possesses an out- standing athletic record. A native of Fremont, he was an all-American basketball player at George Washington U in Washington. Faris is aided by Verl Scott, Don Strasheim and Al Partin. Scott and Strasheim are former out- standing Husker gridders, While Partin is a Cornell CIa.l graduate. FROSH CRACK HEADS in one of many inter- squad scrimmages where they show their stuff. 295 BQCK ROW: H. Good, W. Soelberg, W. Fagler C Ott W Iohnson G Renzelmcm R Pzokop F Seger D Weber FRONT ROW: E. Kaplan, C. Smith, W. Roy S Matzke I Hare W Westphal D Buel D Srl s N Coulal LI Title Contenclers Fade To Fourth ln Big 7 Battle A hard-driving, well-rounded 1953-54 Nebraska basketball team, after roaring past the first four Big Seven opponents in home games, folded on the road and dropped into a fourth- place tie with Kansas State in the race for title honors. The Huskers ended the season with a record of eight Wins and 13 losses. Riding in first place until they hit the road, the Big Seven contenders were dropped in seven out of the last eight games. Leading the team was Bill lohnson, a smooth, hard-Working post man who surprised everyone by emerging as one of the best pivot men in the conference. Iohnson hit at an 18.2 point per game clip. Fred Seger, an all-Conference choice, led the floor play and contributed a 14.1 average. Other team regu- lars were forwards Don Weber and Willard Fagler and guard Chuck Smith. Stan Matzke, the first-line reserve on a squad Without much depth, played an aggressive, fire-brand type of ball Which Was outstanding. The Scarlet finished the season with a total game offensive average of 70.0. Defensively they yielded an average of 74.0 points per game. COACH HHRRY GOOD. the Cornhuskers' veteran mentor. piloted the roundbcxll sport for the ninth time since 1946. 296 FIERY FRED SEGER cans a iump shot to aid a losing cause as Minnesoia raps Huskers. 75-54, in 1953-54 inaugural. THE SQUEEZE IS ON Cornhusker Duane Buel as he drives toward the basket during NU-Sooner fray. HCTION FROM KC finds Matzke active in NU 72-57 loss to Missouri. i HHWKEYES HND HUSKERS wrestle for ball during NU-Iowa U encounter. Sophomore-studded Hawks got nailed. 81-70, by improved Nebraska crew. BHSKETBHLL MHNHGERS E. Kaplan, C. Entsminger. L. Castner handled manager, equipment chores for '54. yi 2977 BILL IOHNSON MESHES a left-handed hook shot during Nebraskas 75 67 loss to Colorado. The loss bumped the Huskers from their role as cr Big Seven lille contender. Nebr Opponent Minnesota ..,.. ........... 7 5 Iowa .... . ......... . South Dakota Oregon State ..... .. 83 Oregon ..........,.. ....... E 4 Oregon .........,.,. ..,..., 7 4 Kansas State ,.... ..,,... 7 4 Oklahoma ...A... ...,... 8 6 Missouri ,,,., .. Iowa State 72 ,. ....... 60 Oklahoma .....,. ....... 7 2 Kansas Slate ..,., ....... 7 5 V Missouri ,..,,.. ..... ,. 72 Kansas Slate ...,. .,,..., 9 l Colorado ......,.. .,..... 7 5 Kansas ........,.,,. ....... 7 9 Oklahoma ...,... ,.,.... 7 6 Colorado Kansas lowa State Missouri ..,,... 83 67 .. ......, 65 B2 THE HUSKER BENCH supplied the FHMOUS PHOG BLLEN and towering B. H. Born regulars Wllh adequate replacements protest cz foul call for Kansas U in close contest. " BN UPSET VICTORY by Nebraska over touted Kansas Slate in 'NN . NAN-l'1 '-- if Harry C-ood Resigns Job Nebraska's chaotic athletic scene, of 1953- 54 also saw Coach Harry Good resign as head basketball coach. Good, Husker mentor since 1946, will assume a statf position in the physical education department. While coach at Nebraska, Good and his Husker teams Won 86 games While losing 99. In 1949 and 1950 his teams were co-champions of the Big Seven Conference. Good stated that "the pressures attached to coaching outweigh the satistactionsf' A new athletic director appeared on the Cornhusker picture. Bill Orwig, tormer Univer- sity of Michigan assistant athletic director took Qver the reins gf Potgy Clgrk, NEBRHSKITS STHRTING SOPHOMORE. Chuck Smith. drives up and under to score. but Kansas U edged NU. S7-62. 1 IOHNSON GRHBS A REBOUND during the NU- H LOOSE BHLL is snatched up by Stan Frahm of Iowa State K-State tilt. NU won. 88-75: Cats later won. 91-70. as Willard Fagler moves in to take him. Huskers won, 76-65. Big Seven pre-season meet at Kansas City PRE-GHIVIE HUDDLE gives Coach Hurry BIG BOYS THNGLE during intermission brought jubilant smiles. Good last chance to fire up his charges. in one of many entertaining halftime shows. 'SBR A SA "i,-'13 L57 75 f W1 fy, 4 . All CLIFF DHLE was only Husker to score a first in Conference. A . BQCK ROW W Whitaker H Osmera C Vondra K Reiners, L. Harris, W. Olson, E. Weir. FOURTH ROW R Prochaska I McWilliams I Skalla M Brestal, R. Rnderson, B. Steeve. THIRD ROW R Fischer I Hofstetter C Gibson B Hendrickson, L. Hanscom. SECOND ROW I Tangdall H Wray T Iames D Lindquist F. Doling, I. Hanscom. FRONT ROW C Dale r. Scott P Hexdelk C Hunley L Lathrop. Track Team Weak Sixth In Big 7 Nebraska, usually a power in Big Seven track, hit the skids during the 1953-54 indoor season. The Huskers ended up sixth in the cham- pionship race at Kansas City. Kansas, led by famous Wes Santee who set a new meet record with ct 4105.5 mile, annexed the crown as expected. Nebraska, Woe- fully Weak, could score only lllfg points. The only Husker Winner was Cliff Dale, winner in the shot put with a toss of 49 feet 8314 inches. Other point ge-tters were Ken Reiners, fifth in the shot put, Phil Heidelk, third in the high jump, Iim Hofstetter, third in the pole vault. ln season competition, NU took dual meets from Minnesota and Oklahoma, and lost to Iowa State and Kansas State. The 1953 outdoor track season tound Nebraska snaring third place in the conference race. Prospects for 1954 were not brightened by any hope ot a higher slot. A distinct Weakness in the track events which plagued the Husker indoor crew was also a weakness on the outdoor squad. Cliff Dale, Phil Heidelk, lim Hotstetter, Stan Matzke, Raymond Kelley and Brien Hendrickson were the vet- erans around whom Weir built his 1954 squad. Sopho- more strength Was promised by Rex Fischer, Hugh Osmera and Ion McWilliams. 1 Ed Weir is the Husker track coach. A native oi Superior, Nebraska, he Won letters in football and track three years at Nebraska. He was named all-American tackle in 1924 and 1925. Weir was assistant track VERSHTILE ATHLETE. Ion McWilliams. leaps 22 feet 93fg inches in a meet with Kansas State. coach at NU until 1939, when he became head coach. Since that time his teams have Won a total oi nine indoor and outdoor titles. HUSKER SPRINTEHS LRG as Kansas State sweeps the 60-yard dash. Track events were the Husker weak spots all season: track men failed to score in championships. l .. --.111 - ,,,--ul- 1 l- 1' 1--11- Indoor Track Record Nebraska Opponent Ian. 30 Iowa State ........ . ...,.. 58 45 Feb. S Minnesota ..,..., ..,.,... 4 B112 57112 Feb. 9 Kansas State ....,.. ...... 5 6 48 Feb. Z0 Oklahoma ,..,.,. ......., 4 8113 55213 Big Feb. Seven Meet 2627 ...,,.,.. Sth Kansas lst PHIL HEIDELK. Husker high jumper. picks up a third place in Big Seven Meet. Huskers finished in sixth place. -xi it BACK ROW: R. Norton, D. Hodge, K. Kohler, T. Kidd, M. Kennedy, B. McMaster, I. Geier. FRONT ROW: I. Hale, R. Fallstead, C. Sprague, R. Bevington, B. Linn, B. Riley, D. Fogel. H TERM PERF ORMHNCE between halves oi cz basketball game is always a treat for Husker fans. G m Team Wins IO, Loses The brightest spot on the Nebraska athletic horizon during the past year was the performance ot Coach lake Geier's outstanding gymnastics team. With 10 Wins against a single loss, the team came up with the performance expected of a squad that had all the previous season point-getters back. The suc- cess was a result of powerful depth in all events. Each event was manned by at least three capable Huskers. Co-captain Tom Kidd was the most outstanding ot all the performers. Kidd Worked four events and was the top point-getter on the squad. The Huskers won the All-College Invitational in Lincoln. The triumph marked the third straight year that NU has copped honors in this event. In the NCAA meet at Champaign, three Huskers placed in the competition. Bruce Riley, Max Kennedy and Don Hodge carried NU's colors in this nation-wide competition. This marked the first time in history that Nebraska gymnasts have placed in national competi- tion. GYMNHSTICS COHCH lake Geier checks the entry list with team captains and stars Max Kennedy and Tom Kidd. Swimmers Take 2nd In Big 7 An improved Nebraska swimming team splashed through the 1953-54 season with a record of five Wins and three losses. Coach Holley Lepley's tankers, after originally finishing fourth in the Big Seven tourney, were boosted into second place as Oklahoma, the win- ner, was disqualified for using ineligible performers. NU swimmers opened with Wins at Grinnell and Kansas, lost to Iowa State, beat Colorado, were de- feated by and then beat Kansas, were defeated by Colorado AGM, and topped Colorado in the season's finale. The individual standout of the season was Calvin Bentz Ir., a junior from Hastings. Bentz collected a huge share of the team's points and broke numerous records i.n the course of the year. Bentz was given able support from much-improved Dave Gradwohl and lack Trabert. Other lettermen who competed were Gordon Peterson, Lloyd Reed and Dick Hlidek. CAL BENTZ. RECORD BREHKER. sparked the Husker mermen with an outstanding record. HOLLIS LEPLEY, NU swim coach. directed FROM LEFT: H. Lepiey, H. Ene, R. sendetedi, 1. Trebeff, a. aehde, L, Husker spldshers for 7th time after years leave Iones, L. Reed, I. Lighlle, C. Be-ritz, G. Peterson, D. Hlidek, D. Gradwohl. lllllilllul , 'I' ,:A-! at I I ,.. r , H, P e COBCH HL PHRTIN directed Nebraska wrestlers in 1953-54 for the fourth time. BIG MHX KITZELMHN took Conference title. Here Max pinned Colorado's Sam Salerno in 7:16. Llnclermannecl Wrestlers Falterg Win 2, Lose Ten Coach Al Partin's wrestling team, an inexperienced crew with only two returning lettermen, won two regu- lar season matches while losing ten. In the Big Seven conference championships, the Huskers finished in fifth place. Max Kitzelman, Omaha junior, was the only indi- vidual champ. Max carried off the heavyweight crown at the conference tourney. Charles Bryantland Law- rence Goll were the other two returning lettermen. Squad members who competed in 1952-53 but did not letter, Bernard Gleason, Ierry Korisko and Arnold Mor- ton, added strength to the 1953-54 squad. Other squad members were Willis Brown, Chick Graham, Dick Shellenberger and lohn Crancer. Opening the season with wins over South Dakota State and Grinnell, the Huskers then dropped eight meets in a row to Colorado State, Wisconsin, Colorado, Cornell Cla.J, Mankato State, Minnesota, Iowa State and Kansas State. Al Partin tutored the Huskers for the fourth straight year. His teams have won 12, lost 17 and tied two in dual meet competition. They tied for fourth place in the Big Seven Conference in 1951 and again in 1953, taking fourth tor themselves in 1952. Partin is a gradu- ate of Cornell l1a.J College, and his coaching career began at NU. BRCK ROW: A. Partin, R. Strasheirn, I. Bryans, R. Dunn, K. France. SECOND ROW: Pi. Morton, C. Bryant, M. Kitzelman, L. Goll, I. Iirousek. FRONT ROW: G. Iorgensen, H. Deines, M. Nelson. Us s ,I BHCK ROW: W. Nelson, R. Novak, W. Giles, F. Seger, C. Wright, L. Dunning, Ft, Geier, Tony Sharpe. SECOND HOW: B. Sievers, N. Coutal, D. Brown, I. Shaw, R. Lohrberg, W, Thimgan, D. Korinek. A FRONT ROW: I. Cederdahl, D. Keiser, D. Becker, D. Rolston, V. Gottsch, M. Backhaus, D. Thimgan. THESE RETURNING VETERANS made diamond outlook bright for 1954 season. Pre-season chart picked well-rounded Huskers to take loop honors. r-'r' 'r'jK:f'j-rT'1li"'TT, '-"i',f1F?.I'r-1 " 5" ' . f ' '-5. .v 'WL . .j, q 'x ' fig IL: r H lffwhpj T if A . QW i Y l I ag 1 .su . v . 'I A Y V A . I 1 xllpx V 'Z' ji , ,LLL , , . 4. . u. ev' . 1 Qfilif' 5 X1-Q bl? N11 .y,, li' Baseball Squad Takes Zndg Prospects Bright For '5-4 The l953 Nebraska baseball team, with a record ot l0 wins and three losses, finished in second place in the race for the loop crown. Oklahoma snared the honor with a record ot seven Wins and two losses. Virgil Gottsch led the Husker hitters With a lusty .343 average. lim Cederdahl and Ray Novak also contributed above .300 averages. Coach Tony Sharpe also used Fred Seger, Dirkes Ralston, Murray Backhaus, Fran Hofmaier, Claire Mallette and Dennis Korinek, all ot Whom will be back for the 1954 season. Returning mound veterans who hurled during 1953 were Ray Novak, Fran Hofmaier, Charlie Wright and Claire Mallette. Novak led with a six-two record. The annual spring trip to the south opened the 1954 season. The Huskers faced Tulsa, Houston and Texas as they prepped tor the Hpril 19 Big Seven opener with Kansas. Htter Working out indoors and With a limited amount ot outdoor work, the Huskers appeared to be very strong. Twelve lettermen Were among 37 candidates battling tor squad berths. It pre-season speculators were right, NU would be champ. COHCH TONY SHHRPE is serving his eighth year as NU baseball tutor. Since coming to Nebraska his teams have won a total of 84 games. while losing 54 Ca .609 averagel. 305 ,Q spew If iii 535 - . 4 f.?fL?itf5f2 LETTERMEN Roy Colson and Iim Campbell, only vets on squad, bolster prospects for '54. Tennis Team Of '53 Was Prey For 9 Of II Foes Nebraskcfs netmen of l953, with nine losses and two wins, were anything but a powerhouse. Huskers took it hard from all opponents except Grinnell and Omaha University. Teams who tripped Coach Ed l-liggenbothom's netters were Pittsburgh State, Okla- homa, Southern Methodist, Oklahoma QSM, Omaha, Washburn, Kansas, Iowa State, Kansas State and Colorado. ln the Big Seven conference meet at lllmes, the Huskers fared no better and landed in sixth place in the race. Representing NU during the season were lim Campbell, Mike Holyoke, Warren Flndrews, Roy Colson and Frank Redman. Pls the 1954 season rolled around, prospects re- mained a little gloomy. Two letterrnen, lim Camp- bell and Roy Colson, were the only returning vet- erans. Freshman numeral-winners in '53, Marshall Becker and Norman Veitzer, were back and other squad members were Dick Grant, Roy Dill and Steve Sutton. Coach Ed I-liggenbothom is marking his fourth season as tennis mentor at the University. He is also assistant professor of physical education and supervisor of intramural sports. BHCK ROW: I. Campbell, R. Colson, M. Becker, S. Sutton, N. Veitzer. FRONT ROW: Pl. Steele, Pl. Ford, D. Moorehouse, 'I'. Stitt, G. Donnelson, I. Moran. ED HIGGENBOTHOM couches tennis, phys ed, heads intramurals. x s 1 W if if - is GOLF STHRS Moore and Hnderson led 1954 squad in early season meets. Here Moore checks Hndersonfs grip. GOLF TE!-IM: Tolen, Lauer, Iensen, Moore, Mayer, Qnderson. KE is-is Ss COHCH BOB HHMBLET handled golf team for third year. His teams have won second and fourth. U Golfers Fourth ln I953 Big 7 Golf Meet The 1953 Big Seven Golf Meet at Hines found the Nebraska swingers resting in fourth place after the final putt had been dropped. Coach l'lamblet's links crew finished the regu- lar season with a mark of four wins and eight losses. Leading the squad were members Louis Roper, I Benedict, Roger Gohde, Erv Peterson, Dick Lauer and Tom Tolen. Peterson was top man on the squad. The 1954 squad had 13 members competing for spots in the matches. Returning veterans were Dick Lauer and Tom Tolen. Roger Gohde, a 1953 squad member who failed to letter, was also back in addition to candidates Dick Hn- derson, Dick Beechner, I Benedict, Ted Iarnes, Chuck Iensen, Larry Krieger, Herb Mayer, lack Moore, Bob Russell and Don Sleezer. Nebraska has not won a golf title since 1937. The Huskers took second in l95l and 1952. The fairway fortunes of the University are in the hands of Coach Bob l-lamblet. Serv- ing his third year at the helm, his teams won second and fourth in the Big Seven Conference in 1952 and 1953. 307 N MEN REL!-IX for a moment from their jobs of selling concessions at football games. From left: I. Hoistetter, V. Gottsch, M. Backhaus. 1953-54 MEMBERSHIP Nicholas Qdduci Warren Andrews Murray Backhaus Chick Bclttey Calvin Bentz Ted Britt Dan Brown Edson Bridges Bob Berkshire Charles Bryant Plndrew Bunten Robert Camp lim Campbell Henry Cech lames Cederdahl Dick Christoph Wendell Cole Roy Colson Ted Connor Cliff Dale Robert Diers Ira Epstein Willard Fagler Kenneth Fisher Danny Fogel Leo Geier Don Glantz William Giles George Gohde Lawrence Goll loe Good Harvey Goth Virgil Gottsch David Gradwohl William Greer Tom Harley Pat Healey Phil Heidelk William Hein Brien Hendrickson Richard Hlidek Don Hodge Francis Hotmaier lames Hofstetter lames Hornby Charles Hunley Bill Iohnson Hobe Iones Ted Kanamine Raymond Kelley Max Kennedy Thomas Kidd Max Kitzelman Dennis Korinek Bert Linn Andrew Loehr Dave Mackie Pat Mallette Stanley Matzke Bill Maxe Richard McCormick lon McWilliams Flrden Means Terry Minnick Warren Monson Darrel Moreland Lowell Neilson Bill Nelson Bob Oberlin Iames Oliver Allan Paulson George Paynich Erv Peterson Gordon Peterson Ed Racely Ronald Rader Frank Redman Lloyd Reed Gary Renzelman Dirkes Ralston Bill Schabacker Ken Schroeder Verl Scott Fred Seger Robert Smith lames Sommers Dick Spangler Chuck Sprague Fred Swihart Iohn Tatom Tom Tolen lack Trabert Bob Wagner Don Weber Leo Winey Charles Wright jerry Yeager Iames Yeisley N Men Sell, Socialize Nebraska's letterrnen work together in N Club. This organization of Husker athletes is designed for service, social life and scholar- ship. Red-sweatered N Club members may be seen and heard hawking their goods at any athletic event on campus. Through these con- cession sales Husker athletes receive commis- sions Which help defray their school expenses. N Club social life features the annual tall dinner dance for members and their dates. Entertainment and relaxation are further en- hanced by N Club stag banquets during the year. To a high school letter club Whose mem- bers ranked in the scholastic upper ten per cent of the school Went a scholarship award. The 1953-54 N Club president was Bill Giles. He was assisted by officers lim Cederdahl and Cliff Dale. DINNER DHNCE of the N Club is the biggest annual social event that the members exclusively have. , l-. 4 v W. 29 N CLUB OFFICERS and dates at dinner dance. From left: Bill Giles, lim Cederdahl. Cliff Dale. BQCK ROW: D. Weber, W. Cole, B. Iohnson, F. Seger, W. Hndrews, R. Colson. FIFTH ROW: C. Wright, I. Oliver, S. Matzke, H. Goth, I. Campbell, B. Linn, B. Nelson. FOURTH ROW: D. Brown, C. Battey, L. Goll, I. Trabert, I. Hofstetter, M. Bczckhaus, C. Sprague, D. Hodge THIRD ROW: M. Brabec, L. Reed, T. Kidd, C. Bryant, B. Hendrickson, D. Korinek, M. Kennedy. SECOND ROW: I. Geier, T. Tolen, D. Graclwohl, C. Bentz, G. Peterson, V. Gottsch. FRONT ROW: D. Hlidek, I. Cedardahl, D. Fogel, B. Oberlin, M. Kitzelman, B. Giles, C. Dale. nn- js s -W ' - 5. , V IN THE BACKGROUND but most important to the coordina- tion of Jntramurals are C. Miller and E. Higgenbothom. HUGH OSMERH breaks the tape to insure Hcacia a first in the full cross country run. with Bill Poehling right behind. Intramural Participants Support Varied Program One oi the most avidly supported University recreational activities is the intramural sports program. Teams from nearly every organized men's house engage in the year-round schedule. This includes groups from both the city and ag college campuses. First begun in 1929, it is a non-gate sports activity, in which the only rewards are the en- joyment of physical recreation with the trophies awarded to championship teams and medals to outstanding individuals. Since its inception, stu- dent participation has grown so that at the pres- ent time, 4,719 participants are listed on the roster. Fairness is assured, by impartial otiicials and referees at all contests and by dividing the participants into leagues tor experienced and non-experienced players. Games are held in the Field House, the Coli- seum, and the Physical Education Building. Golf matches are played on the Pioneer Park golf course. The most popular sports are, in order, basket- ball, with more than one thousand participants, touch football, and softball. Other sports in the program are ritlery, handball, track, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, swimming, water polo, tennis and bowling. Competition is also held tor free-throw shooting. The program is being supervised at present by Ed I-ligginbothom and Charles E. Miller, act- ing chairman oi the Physical Education Depart- ment. SMHSHING H LOW ONE, lim Cederdahl of the Phi Delt duo I awaits Don Becker's powerhouse return in handball game. HN OLD-FHSHIONED GHME of horseshoes is new t l .ii H ' ! - E ,,.,2.,..:.5QQ , il g. L. , lf , P' Z ' Ei:-:--:-5 . 4' 2 3' m . .-: " . - , " y E v J if is ff 'V P1 w B V M B 3. W s K' 5a555::- M41 ff - 7 -. 1 1 rf E E E RS ....i:g.i.i... sf F H ... -' ' ...55Hl... ,..,, 1 . f -.. 'W A E fi , . . wwf , '- cr it . A ' ' V, f ..,, ' - .aw Was. as . li .l X f' if -rr: no Q l , 6 ,, we .,.. . V I , vw- ', 1 S44 an " - f L' f, , .it-si 5. it .ff P L 21. -.. ,. 'A H 1... ..:r..:.-as ""' N' 5 "" 5 """' E fEI"2:I."'IEIEf".. ,, F' IzZ2,:,..,. 51-fiii:-',-::::: murals, and D. Pickett and I. Miller get hot for YOU CHLL IT is th lard on a coin flip 4 e word from Leonard Sin er to- Gene Bal g . to see who kicks during football season. NO GUTTER BHLLS for H. Windeshausen or P. Kirkmcm as each score sheet proves Delta Sigma Pi the top bowling team. s . W UNLEHSHING 9. SET SHOT, Bob Pellegrino leaps over the heads of the opposing Sig Eps to score for the Dubbers, all-University basketball champs. HLL-UNIVERSITY CHHMPIONS were the men of Phi Kappa Psi football squad alter tangling with the Phi Delta Phis during the fall season. uH""'-ww.. .1 n. 9 -P- UNLIMBERING THE WOODS for competition. L. Roberts, C. Hunley, N. Iensen and H. Hnderson slow up a back-swing. SEHSON'S MEDHLISTS for the '53-'54 IM program were T. Houchen. L. Singer. I. Moore. B. Serr and H. Osmera. . W Exam K. a Intramurals fm 1.5 HLPHH THU OMEGH'S fin-masters claimed the ieam swim trophy from previous titlest, Sigma Nu. -,... NIM xA , VIEIHNSE EMERGING VICTORIOUS from the iall tennis matches. Sigma Hlpha Mu's racket men reign supreme. , ,.,.....,, U SCHEDULES IN ORDER, athletic chairmen of the organized houses light out to 1111 their team entry blanks INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Q11-University Football-Phi Kappa Psi "Pl" Football-Phi Kappa Psi "B" Football-Beta Theta Pi Fill-Universiiy Basketball-Independents Dubbers "Fi" BasketbalI-lnclependents- Dubbers "B" Basketball-Fllpha Gamma Rho Indoor Track-Phi Delia Theta Handball-Phi Delta Theta Individual-Leonard Singer Rifle Team-Phi Delta Theta Vllrestling-Sigma Chi Bowling-Delta Sigma Phi Swimming-Hlpha Tau Omega Individual-Tom Houchen Tennis-Sigma I-llpha Mu Individual-Lloyd Smith Free Throw-Sigma Chi Individual-Robert Serr Cross Country Run-Hcacia Individual-Hugh Osmera Fall Golf-Phi Delta Theta Individual-lack Moore THE GUILLOTINE HOLD, here applied to I. Lehere by I. Stark. proved a sure pin, thus crowning the HTO's wrestling champs. .l X :I ci"lv:,L . . ffm' BATTLING BEGINS as the ball goes into action for a game of field hockey. PE Department's Conventions, New Uniforms Show Progress SHOOTING STARS are taught their skills in basketball by Phyllis Loudon. Nebraska's centennial year brought progress to the Womens Athletic De- partment in the Way of two conventions and new phys ed uniforms. The De- partment was host to college Women from nine states in April. The uni- form change to navy shorts and White shirts was begun by freshmen in the fall. These events were important new developments in the Women's P.E. pro- gram. BULL'S EYE calls for I arching by Arlina Harte. MODERN MOVEMENT re- sults when P.E. dance groups take to the floor. x . u' 1 TEAMWORK DESCRIBES the net work of Linda Iacoby and Gail Katskee. She is u P.E. major and an assistant phys ed teacher in a Lincoln school. The Department, under the clirec- tion oi Dr. Dudley Ashton, strives for an athletic program with broad enough range so each girl may find sports ac- tivities to suit her interest, no matter what her major. Each student is trained in sports skills and also receives in- struction in group activities. Require- ments in phys ed insure all-around participation tor each coed. TURN YOUR PARTNER is the call for members of a square dance class. Individualized Sports Program Designed To Suit Coeds' Needs PERFECT POSTURE is reflected by students in a body mechanics class. IUMPING JANE Culwell executes trampoline skill. N Q: ,X X SOMETHING SPECIAL in the way of exercises is done in individual gym. 315 SPORTS BOARD members are: Chuck rowl G. Eyth, S. Dickey, C. Holyoke, H. Frank, M. Beczchler: and lfirst :owl M. Corenmun. B. Banks, and I. Krxudson. l'K WHH COUNCIL: K. O'D0nnell, G. Hulcxc, Dr. D. Hshton, M. Mulvaney, R. Ryder, I. Thomas, Q.. Yeakley, C. Noble, P. Loudon, K. Kelley, S. Jesse. WAA Highlights lntramurals With Co-recreational Sports Several new developments occurred in the sports activities ot the Womens Athletic Association. The changes were most- ly in the intramural program. For the first time, freshmen teams were able to enter sports competition in the opening six week period. WAA conducted a soccer baseball tournament which was open to girls from all of the organized groups on campus. Another change in WAA came with the addition ot archery and golf to the intramural program which now includes al- most every sport offered by the PE. Department. Combined rnen's and women's volleyball teams initiated co-recreation in a tournament sport when they competed this year for top honors in a tournament. WAA officers are Phyllis Loudon, presidentg Sally Mallory, vice-presidentg Katy Kelley, secretaryg Georgia Hulac, treas- urer, and Kathy O'Donnell, intramural coordinator. These girls work in co-operation with the Physical Education Department which sponsors WAA. UBATTER UP!" yells the umpire as the soccer baseball tournament begins. son, T. Riley. Krueger, V. Stueck. Harte. BHCK ROW: M. Sayer, S. Lehman, M. Rowley, P. Wells. THIRD ROW: I. Berggren, I. Hawthorne, B. Grow, I. Mathie- SECOND ROVV: C. Crowl, D. Frank, N. Kiely, S. Decker, I FRONT ROW: F. Cast, S. Iesse, S. Mallory, C. Holyoke, H. Soccer baseball Nebraska Ball Kappa Kappa Gamma 19 Delta Gamma lst Pi Beta Phi ll LSP! 2nd Freshman Soccerbaseball Swimming Qlpha Omicron Pi 13 EZREUGESITXDC? Gamma 213 FREE FOR ALL describes the sports tactics Kappa KGPPQ Gamma 7 Kqppq 911-,hc Them grfd when players compete for valuable scores m Volleyball archery the WAA intramural volleyball tournament. Womens Dormitory 48 pi Beta phi Delta Gamma 15 K gr1inChFgneTh lsi . appa p a t Duckpms Marilyn Stanleif G 2nd Delta Delta Delta lst Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Delta 2nd Iackie Switzer 3rd DUCKPINS DELIGHT is to make cr strike, and Dotty Or chard looks like she might be lucky in her efforts for cr high score. She is trying to help her Chi Omega tea mmates win a tournament game from the Gamma Phis. i , 1 I 9 if QQ 5' Q 5 , k Q . Q M. 5 gf 0 , QQ . .. -, ::.,, G.q.- .. . .v.,. 1.:. '55,..L - . A A 5 x 3 J xl K 1 y f , ' Q. ff 5 A 'Q if ' 3555 ., .,QQ.L., - - 5 2 'N .,., -' . X :fi X QNX! J J U Q 94 2 6 Saga Q 6 .bf 'Q J EQ? Q E, f : fm , if Au ,JAX , K 2 JV iii 9 5 if QV 37 lil? T. of Q 5 f P - ' ::5:-- 3? I Bili- 91 x N? , E 3.-' 2 '4 E 1 BECK ROW: I. Healey, S. Carveth, I. Beal, L. Holland, I. Taylor, D. Frank, B. Grow, L. Owens, P. Souser, S. Fldams. SECOND HOW: B. Drinkwater, M. Weir, L. Russell, I. Plansburg, I. Holden, Q. Kokjer, S. Reiniers, I. Zikrnund, C. Qnder- son, C. Lonsbrough. FRONT ROW: S. Smith, M. Dodson, C. Mingus, S. Smith, M. Gattis, L. Makepeace, K. Kerr, L. Thomassen, M. Taylor. PE Club Supplements nts' Class Work Furthering professional interest in physical education is the duty of the P. E. Club. Mem- Stucle bers are p ys ed majors and minors who at- tend informal discussions, get-acquainted par- ties and a senior banquet to supplement their regular class work in women's athletics. Club also convention at the WAA cabin for new mem- this year's PE. Club events. The A picnic bers began took part in the physical education Pres. Georgia Hulac directed the P.E. Club program this year. It was planned to benefit all students registered in the phys ed cur- riculum. BECK ROW: C. FIFTH ROW: M. FOURTH HOW: 'THIRD ROW: S. SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: Aquaqettes' Spring Show Follows Gershwin Theme Water ballet and synchronized swimming are on the practice agenda every Thursday night for mem- bers of Aquaquettes. The girls concentrate on tech- niques and formations in preparation for the annual Spring Pageant. This year's performance was staged in the Coliseum pool and featured music by George Gershwin. Colorful lighting and decorative costumes added to the artistic effect of the exhibition. An intramural swimmingand diving meet is also sponsored by Aquaquettes in co-operation with WAA. Aquaquettes president is Ioan Holden. Iudith Flansburg, Ann Kokjer and Elizabeth Russell are the other executive officers. Bausch, B. McCue, M. Mulvaney, B. Drinlcwater, L. Kolind, I. Shaffer. Sorensen, S. Lehman, I. Thomas, B. Grow, E. Berck CMrs.J, H. Bladon KMrs.J. M. Moore, D. Zanders, P. Loudon, C. Ogburn, E. Sabin, D. Stephenson, M. Fox. Mills, E. Schalter, P. Larson, M. Gebhordt, B. Pape, L. Faiman. V. Slueck, M. 'l'illol:,on, S. Bazant, Pl. McMullen, C. Marx, D. Ridgley, P. Ormesher. D, Ilanpctcr, D. flshton, G. Hulac, I-l. I-latte, D. Frank, I. Mathis-sen. J .iii . i 1 I w w w 1 Y N PLEHSURE WITH BUSINESS seems to be the newest policy of the girls dorm council on their Monday night meetings. I-lllen, Claudia, Qllen, Stephanie, I-lnderson, Zoe, Flnstine, Kathleen, Bacon, Dorothy, Ball, Patricia, Beneisek, Betty, Beranek, Betty, Bereuter, Dorothy, Berns, Geneva, Berry, Marilyn, Bethscheider, Cathryn, Binderup, Marion, Brandenburger, Betty, Bratt, Carolyn, Britschge, Rheta, Broacly, Ieanne, Brooks, Carman, Brown, Elizabeth, Buck- ley, Dorothy, Casper, Constance, Cerveny, Zdenka, Christensen, Ianei, Clark, Neola, Cleveland, Edna, Colbert, Sue, Covalt, Elaine, Connerly, Dixie, Criss, Sharlyn, Daas, Ioanne, Daley, Sandra, Davis, Margaret, DeBerry, Mary, Dill, Barbara, Dobish, Helen, Dusek, Moneta, Eisenhauer, Kay, Pairnon, LaVera, Farley, Patricia, Firley, Darlene, Flarnmung, Pal, Frost, M. Constance, Furman, Sharlene, Gans, Norma, Garcia, Laura, Gendler, Goldie, Goosic, Shirley, Grause, Iolllnn, Halligan, Shirley, Hankins, Donna, Hicks, Nancy, Hilbert, Lorraine, Hinds, Doris, I-Iotovy, Rita, Houcler- sheldt, Chere, Hrabak, Ieanne, Hueftle, lean, Hurley, Patricia, Iohnson, Margaret, Iones, Hudie, Keller, Mary, Kimsey, MaryLou, Knerl, Ioyce, Koberstein, Sharon, Kart, Phyllis, McDaniel, Virginia, McDougall, Patricia, McGinnis, Sonya, Meyer, Elaine, Meyer, Virginia, Miller, Carol, Millsap, Iane, Morton, Miriam, Motycka, Muriel, Olson, Elaine, Panwitz, Lois, Pearson, Enid, Peiereit, Merna, Poore, Ianice, Ras- mussen, Marie, Reece, Hlice, Reineke, Marvalee, Relph, Carol, Rohrbaugh, Mary Sue, Rohrs, Sylvia, Runyon, Helen, Hutt, Lorna, Sabin, Ellen, Schobert, Ioyce, Shi- ruonek, Io!-inn, Siewert, Kay, Skinner, Katherine, Snyder, Mildred, Souser, Carol, Sparks, Donna, Speak, Carolyn, Spurrier, Mary, Stapelrrian, Rita, Stelling, Marilyn, Stevens, Marilyn, Stifiler, Iennie, Swift, Sharon, Switzer, Lucigrace, Templeton, Eliza- beth, Tenney, Geil, Thomas, Shirley, Thompson, Eddie, Thompson, Marilyn, Tupper, Donna, Vermeline, M. Elaine, Vollmer, Ruth, VonBargen, Eleanor, Wagner, Nancy: Watson, Lois, Wation, Polly, Wendt, Rosa, Wiggins, Ioy, Wilhelins, Marilyn, Wil- liams, Ida, Wilson, Joy, Wolf, Carol, Wolzen, Glenda, Wood, Doralee, Wullbrandt, Ioye, Zander-s, Dixie. EXERCISE ENTHUSIHSTS from the girls dorm try reducing the hard way. C is s Sr. Egg iii i H Q ,. Amy!-mB,. 1 is es is is ri it ri mf? . 1 .,. ' - E ,., my A x fe K5 W Sgr a ny .hh lx X, rf l TL 5 is 1 Hllen C. Hllen S. Flnderson Cerveny Chalupa Christiansen Frost Furman Gans Knerl Koberstein Kori Rohrbough Rohrs Runyon Tenney Thomas Thompson E. t -...f l , l 1 w , -5 ' ' H 4 . l j qi..-.L l S, X - - ref? Flnstine Bacon Ball Clark Cleveland Colbert Garcia Gendler Goosic McDaniel McDougall McGinnis Rutt Sabin Schobert Thompson M. Tupper Vermeline Bene Cov Gra Mey Shi Voll Residence Halls for Women Womens Residence Halls were honored with two finalists this fall: dorm vice-governor Mildred Snyder was a Homecoming Queen finalist, and dorm social chairman Helen Lomax was a finalist for "Hello" Girl. Phyllis Kort, governor of the girls dorm, and Charlene Pierce, dorm treasurer, were AWS board members. Coed Counselors Board mem- bers Were Sandra Daley and Liz Templeton. Shirley Lewandowski was president of Mu Phi Epsilon music sorority, and Muriel Motycka was president of Kappa Epsilon, pharmacy honorary. A winter formal, held at the Cornhusker Ho- tel in February, a Halloween Party with the men's dorm, and a dinner-dance at Cotner Ter- race in December were the dorm's main social functions. We Q' . L ' I - 4' V NF ' 2 I 1 .Q , -.T if ef " W 'L 15 W L+? C' , 4? ' .34 ' I , Q E K Ipiiwligqvggr .. .- l ' 'AX 'W'-' -J sa -- l I' Af, 3' .41 'Y' QQ , " 1'-1 - 1, Zi, ,V ' L. anek Bereuter Berns Berry Belhscheider Binclerup Brandenburger nerly Criss Daas Daley Davis DeBerry Dill ligan Hankins I-licks Hilbert Hinds Hoiovy Houdersheldt er V. Miller Millsap Morton Molycka Olson Panwitz er! Skinner Snyder Souser Sparks Speak Spurrier Bargen Wagner Watson Walton Wendt Wiggins Wilhelms 'SY Brati Dobish Hrahak Pearson Stcxpelman Williams PHYLLIS KORT. President Social Welfare, Hrts and Science. Blue Hill Britschge Brocrdy Brooks Dusek Eisenhauer Faimon Hueitle Hurley Iohnson Petereit Poore Rasmussen Stelling Stevens Stiffler Wilson Wolf Wolzen Brown Farley lanes Reece Swift Wood Buckley Firley Keller Reineke Switzer Wullbrcmdt Casper Flammung Kimsey Relph Templeton Zanders Cr, IOHN VEYLUPEK, President Business Hdministration, Omaha Residence Halls for Men With the theme NU TD in SD the Mens Dorm Won the 1953 Homecoming house display trophy Officers for the National Pershing Rifles were Dean Eckberg commander- Gerald Ad cock chief of staffs G-2 Phil Bridenbaugh ad jutant G-l and Loren Mleynek supply officer Don Madsen editor of the Blue lrinz was a member of Phalanx and ASME. Coe Kroese was a Student Council member On the sports side there were several mem bers on the Varsity football and basketball teams. Kappa Alpha Mu s members were Bob Pinkerton president and Iohn Terrill. Don Lind berg and Gordon. Kruse were members of Sigma Tau. , . , , ,,,,,. A 'l I 'Y 'H iPnmiP'3's1 'lfzff --'-f- . , l M r ts f , A ' t ' f X X Q fn 1 Q 7 g ig yy Q 1 --x i. 6 P M W TE' in f Q , L H W, ,.,,, - A - 2 uit :ff - 6 I :P Jill' " 'P . .. , , " SMH - H' 51" , W I 4 A Y 1 W its L Q . 5 N A L an 'E P D - e if y 4 5 A 5 ' A F li 5 si il- if M M A 1 311 5 'wld P . - is -.., m, i , W., ,Agni L .. .4-., ll 4:-Vu- s......-4-.- A ' P ,Pl P 'fWi7Q , H . I K f1 4 V ziz 1 FT" if N 2 .M 'A I. ' ' ' A' I A I .fini P . t ' ' QQEQ1 L Q yu . if . ,,gi:f,g 5 i -P 'f ' t I :-:net ' ' - - M! 1 til, A 'I kia 1- 1 .4 g W 1' .V , X Q If :-i ,ig -fifggtffgli' lzly, -A 'mil -7 ,. 1 .grit I ,lik A 6,5 ..,. 1 A, with 'Qty A - s -U it M 1--0 ...A ll IV" --A 'ks-' AQ Q! . A t ai l Q lg .ar vii " -ar- ,Eg ,Q ,. .i A fldcock Fllminas Qnderson Qtkinson Boesiqer Bridenbaugh Carr Fgenberger Ehlers Erickson Garber Hanna Hartlcrd Hillqren Karlberg Kautzman Kelly Kmoch Knotek Krcpol Kroenkr: Magnuson lvtleynek Nelson Nilson Nissen Penner Pinkerton Staullacher Strider Swenson Tadken Thomas Travis Tunniclitl 3 is is is mf HOMECOMlNG HEHDBCHES are the topics of discussion as dorm council members make big plans for their winning display. Cenovich Costner Cumberland Curtis Deines Echtenkarnp Holtmeier Hughes Hutchins lensen Iirovec Iohnsori Kroese Kruse Landholm Lindberg Linder McCullough Rasmussen Schropler Schuetz Segal Severson Sheets Vestal Veylupek Weakly Whitman Wolfe Wullschleger Fldcock, Gerald, Lincoln, '54, Qlminas, Kazys, Loup City, '56, Plnderson, Valjean, Wakefield, '55, Atkinson, lame-s, Brady, '54, Boesiger, Robert, Cortland, '55, Briden- baugh, Phillip, Dakota City, '54, Carr, Iames, Springview, '57, Cenovich, lohn, Omaha, '54, Casiner, Lloyd, Sidney, '57, Cumberland, Edwin, Auburn, '54, Curtis, Qlbert, Brady, '54, Deines, Hilrnere, Culbertson, '54, Echtenl-camp, Merlin, Wakefield, '55, Egenberger, James, Brady, '54, Ehlers, Merrell, Omaha, '55, Erickson, Norman, Holdrege, '54, Garber, Iames, Brownville, '55, Hanna, David, Cozad, '54, Hartford, Richard, Valley, '57, Hillgren, Victor, Ohiowa,, '56, Holtmeier, Ronald, Tobias, '56, Hughes, Bruce, Burwell, '57, Hutchins, Dale, grad, Iensen, Douglas, Boelus, '55, Iirovec, Richard, Leigh, '56, Iohnson, Duane, Nelson, '54, Karlberg, Donald, Wake- tield, '54, Kautzman, Richard, Madison, '56, Kelly, Richard, Schuyler, '55, Kmoch, Norbert, Leigh, '57, Knotek, Dale, Holdrege, '57, Krepel, Wayne, Schuyler, '55, Kroenke, Leon, Columbus, '56, Kroese, Coe, Cook, '55, Kruse, Gordon, Fort Calhoun, '54, Landholm. Wallace, North Platte, '55, Lindberg, Donald, Maxwell, '54, Linder, Eldon, Bradshaw, '56, McCullough, Miles, Brady, '56, Magnuson, Eugene, Emerson, '55, Mleynek, Loren, Omaha, '54, Nelson, Howard, Craig, '54, Nilsen, Edward, Mar- quette, '55, Nissen, Ierry, Oxiord, '57, Penner, Herbert, Trenton, '56, Pinkerton, Rob- ert, Kimball, '54, Rasmussen, Verlin, St. Paul, '54, Schropier, Len, Ottiowa, '57, Schuetz, Phillip, Dalton, '56, Segal, Richard, Omaha, '54, Severson, Gerald, Ord, '54, Sheets, Charles, Elgin, '57, Staullacher, Fredric, Webb City, '56, Strider, Fred, Ne' braska City, '55, Swenson, Donald, Wakefield, '56, Tacllcen, Don, Firth, '55, Thomas, Orrin, Gordon, '54, Travis, Richard, Lexington, '56, Tunnicliii, David, Burwell, '54, Vestal, Lowell, Pawnee, '54, Veylupek, Iohn, Omaha, '54, Weakly, Robert, Hyannis, '56, Whitman, Richard, Illuburn, '54, Wolfe, Warren, Cedar Blults, '56, Wullschleger, Kenneth, Madison, '57, HHLLOWEEN HOPPIN' at the girls dorm entertains the men's dorm members. Hagen fs BEE M . is mann N M M Emsms 3 CO-OPERATION is the key word for International House, as Mrs. Bradley, housemother. solves a problem with the girls. Bals, Ioan, Loup City, '55, Berggren, Barbara, Huiora, '54, Brehm, Donita, Harvard '56, Carey, Pat, Kansas City, Mo., '56, Chab, Marjory, Wilber, '56, Chen, Lichu, Formosa, China, '54, Chronopulos, Hndonea, Grand Island, '55, Clinkscales, Dolly Columbus, '55, DeVries, Gretchen, Cortland, '55, Erickson, Eileen, Hordville, '54 Erwin, Marilyn, Craig, '54, Frederick, Louise, Taylor, '55, Hill, Rose Marie, Giessen Germany, Kagawa, Elaine, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, '53, Kessler, Bonnie, Seward '56, Kolterman, Marianne, Red Oak, Iowa, '56, Kramer, Wilma, Minatare, '55, Langan, Glendora, Platte Center, '55, Lindgren, Marie, Dixon, '55, McCullah Phyllis, Hlliance, '54, Miner, Lois Hnu, Laurel '54, Muennich Ellriede West Point, '53, Owens, Louise, Lexington, '56, Paul, Marilyn, Beatrice, '54, Potash, Phyllis Omaha, '55, Rash, Ianet, Gordon, '55, Sears, Dottie, Seward, '55, Spangler, Darlene, Plattsmouth, '55, Takauye, Ianet, Kailua, Hawaii, '54, Urbaclc, Marion, Western, '54, Utterback, Helen lean, Shenandoah, Iowa, '54, VanCleel, Wilma, Fairbury, '55, Walker, Tillie, Elbowoocls, North Dakota, '54, Werner, Betty, Battle Creek, '56. INTERNHTIONHL HOUSE 1520 R H. Wei ' my Em -1 WEB E Bm!!-EB B E EHMKW mme, M Q H We H Q H 4 H 3' n Kim E 1 4 W Q r r H M if H 4 H 4 'ra - E in . n 1 1 1 fn Carey Chab Chen Chronopulos DeVries Erwin Kessler McCul1ah Owens Rash Sears Urbach Utterback Van Cleef Werner W' Ti' xi-lf International House Winning lirst place for their float in the women's division ot the Homecoming parade was International House. Mortar Board Marilyn Erwin was president ol Coed Counselors, a member ol Phi Upsilon Omircon, home ec honorary, Gamma Alpha Chi, advertising honorary, Home Ec Club and Student Council. Dottie Sears, president ot International House, was BABW treasurer, a member ot the YWCA cabinet and Student Council. BABW' vice-president was lean Utterback, who was also second vice-president ot Delta Omicron, music sorority. Alpha Lambda Delta members were Donita Brahm, Barbara Berggren and Marjorie Chab. l K?EiiR7'r1':f? -n'1"iii'Q'fI'9t' , li i it l A ...N 1 an new li ll L -Q il ' l Q D r l -T-Fl LW an 'L 3. '.. R K' I gig' - N , . .V. , , .. 1 , 1 , ' sms it-L' . it DOTTIE SEARS. President Business Hdministration. Seward na sim mum- ms E ml mm 'ws is n l I.. 5 ,,, Hs me n mi:-"nm . lm . H 2 . a , ' wif ' E 5 Z Q .ff 2:23 ' " . 44 S 1 t 6 V as ...,.e Nw gg E Wi -. .,. :.: 'f' ,, Towne Club Towne Club's president, Darlene Goodding, was masked Mortar Board. Active in BABW, Towne Club rated live board members headed by Darlene Goodding who was president. Nata- lie Katt was society editor of T he Nebraskan, a Bed Cross Board member and was chosen an outstanding Coed Counselor in 1953. Seven Towne Club girls were members ot Tassels. Student Council members lo Ioyner and Rita Dorn were both finalists for l953 "Hello" girl. "Supp-ressed Desire" was the theme ot their iall party. A slumber party, their annual Spring Pearl formal and a May Morning Breakfast were among Towne Club's main social func- tions. h V - 'I . . L 5' if we l t.: .1,-:-: Y V a is .:. t.: , , H. . .-- I Tn! was mia , ' , .1- sm sexe M Emil li VV !-A Mn, ,5, -.,...:.. E sm .,J -if--it - ., , Y .P x . - r tt.: .:. 1'..wg,- Q, ' H. ' ZZ . ' 1- 'H' if H . ,J :ff t at ...,a-1' .... . 521' -if 'al si .f. H' . .f. I. " it ,, r'IgZE.Zig1. 5 5- , v iit':g.pgEg3:3' 'lc S Barnes Baumgortner Brenneman Brown Bukin Burt Dorn Foster Frailey Gauqhan Glade Gooclcling Kali Keim Kelly Kvench Lorey Mach O'Rcilly Orput Pape Patterson Pierce Pon! Rosenberg Socks Schlegel Schniebcr Simon Stools Corag Crowl Cunningham Daniel Dale Green Hruza Humphrey Iackson Ioynei' Miller Morgan Nelson B. Nelson P. Ohermoyer Qualllocchi Rasmussen Riric Roby Roehrlcasso Stanley Stolz Synovoc Yates Zaiicek SUPPRESSED DESIRE, the theme oi Towne Club's fall party. reveals the secret ambitions ot its guests with costumes. QCTIVES Brehin, Carolee, Lincoln, '55, Brenneman, Ioan, Lincoln, '54, Carag, Dolores, Lin- coln, '55, Crawl, Carol, Lincoln, '56, Daniel, Barbara, Lincoln, '55, Dorn, Rita, Lincoln, '55, Doty, Carolyn, Lincoln, '56, Eddy, Elaine, Lincoln, '55, Frailey, lilene, Lincoln, '55, Glade, Ruth, Lincoln, '56, Goodding, Darlene, Lincoln, '54, Green, Ruth, Lincoln, '54, Heelan, Io, Lincoln, '56, Hruza, Rose, Lincoln, '56, Humphrey, Vera, Lincoln, '56, lackson, Beverly, Lincoln, '54, Ioyner, Ioan, Lincoln, '55, Katt, Natalie, Lincoln, '55, Keim, Phyllis, Lincoln, '54, Ki-each, Sharon, Lincoln, '55, Mach, Doris, Lincoln, '56, Mania, Lola, Lincoln, '56, Morgan, Sandra, Lincoln, '56, Obermeyer, Qnna Marie, Lincoln, '55, Orput, Genie, Lincoln, '55, O'Reilly, Mary, Lincoln, '56, Patterson, Maxine, Lincoln, '55, Pont, Mary Qlice, Lincoln, '56, Quattrocchi, Hnto- nine, Lincoln, '55, Rasmussen, Erma, Lincoln, '56, Rickel, Margaret, Lincoln. '56, Roehrkasse, Pat, Lincoln, '55, Schlegel, Mary Hnne, Lincoln, '55, Simon, Dorothy, Lincoln, '56, Stanley, Mary Qlice, Lincoln, '56, Stolz, Winilred, Lincoln, '55, Yates, Dorothy, Lincoln, '54, Zajicek, Betty, Lincoln, '56. PLEDGES Barnes, Marialice, Lincoln, '57, Baumgariner, Corliss, Lincoln, '57, Brown, Doris, Lincoln, '57, Bukin, Shirley, Lincoln, '57, Burt, Carolyn, Lincoln, '57, Cunningham, Mary Ellen, Lincoln, '57, Dale, Louise, Lincoln, '57, Foster, Glenda, Lincoln, '57, Gaughan, Sally, Lincoln, '57, Kelly, IoPlnn, Lincoln, '57, Lorey, Delores, Lincoln, '57, Miller, Marilyn, Lincoln, '57, Nelson, Betty, Lincoln, '56, Nelson, Patra, Lin- coln, '57, Pape, Barbara, Lincoln, '56, Pierce, lane, Lincoln, '56, Rine, Donna, Lin- coln, '57, Roby, Rosemary, Lincoln, '56, Rosenberg, Hanna, Lincoln, '57, Sacks, Shir- ley, Lincoln, '57, Schnieber, Donna, Lincoln, '57, Staais, Esther, Lincoln, '57, Synovec, Delores, Lincoln, '56. PRINTERS IoHnn Kelly and Sally Gaughan help construct Towne Club's 1953 Homecoming float. f B . iw ., ,M .., , ..,. E, .,.,.. LM . -Us , ms Tammy. ss... me ' N M M We 1 H l 'fs H W Us H E s ss masse :-. Y ,W it rams' EQXESQ EE si We M E NNW is Bs E K sms at ws me as . we E H I --:.:- :- H L . ai. . ,..... , .ggjrtstt . Mg? assi.. . M H it ,se we H we H.-ss .sw 253 3. is NW T? .,...,.,. . . mms A -- it we .,.,.,. it ' " 525 W R4 I-I' fi 5:5'..E5E..'.'fifi. EEE E Ag ..s.....s.............. f, 552555 1 E E E ix? E 1, .- -5... Q -E E - ggi?-3: 'iff'-3 ... ... , M .:a sas-:Q M :- - . 12193 QW, . ZS E H in md H is wg H A H " s ts E A 1 v :E E: f H K is H if H I Q ,. . , H Q H H H H 5-'I ri it H K H - H t. M " E E E 'i' H xi H - D6 :EI "'E :,I5IJ' , .. A : lj- -?,.,.,..,.,:..,., , . .- H is -1 I ses t .. - ' A . - i " .I. 's't' - . . . . J.-K 'f gk. . if .. . . - 'Z mils' . . E. jig., ...., l E E 155 , is K Nw- ? ' 5 ' i.. sian. Wt? W t' ' ... it -1 H I s ' r. -"'- -PM ' ' Zi . P5 if-w . ': ' A r s. . Norris House Norris House, an international co-op was organized in 1948. Its members include stu- dents from six different countries. Eight of the 27 members are foreign students. Bert Fukuda, a freshman from Hilo, Hawaii, was one of the last four in the intramural tennis tournament. Members of the Norris house basketball team Were Gordon Henke, lack Barkey, Bert Fukuda, Iohn Grensem, Duane Bergren, Del Marples, Harold Broker and Paul Iersild. An annual spring picnic, an informal house party and an alumni dinner in December were the main social functions. 330 Erickson Keeney Ode Olson Reeves Searl L. Searl V. Sears Sheldon Sides Single Loomis Hall Chloryce Ode, Winner of the BABW Activi- ties Award for 1953, was also an Outstanding Coed Counselor and an Ivy Court Page. She belonged to Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, home economics honorary, and Gamma Alpha Chi, advertising honorary. The annual Christmas Tea, the Christmas formal dinner and a spring picnic were in- cluded in social functions. House activities in- cluded a booth at the annual Estes Carnival, a skit and curtain act in Coll-Agri-Fun night and a float in the Farmer's Fair parade. One of the main extra-curricular activities for Loomis Hall was Ag YWCA. Among the participants in this activity were Chloryce Ode, who was program chairman, and Virginia Reeves, who was Worship chairman. BACK ROW: K. Kokuba, D. Robinson, D. Farmer, H, Cousin, T. Moore, R. Meleher, H. Braker, G. Henke, R. Breton, H. Ebanks. SECOND ROW: F. Tamm, S. Swcxrts, D. Bartlett, D. Davis, D. Burgen, D. Marples, I. Barkey, D. Travnicek, I. Grenseman. FRONT ROW: Y.'Tsou, U. Kaps, M. Bates, S. Hshida, Y. Hamshima, S. Shimada. Baker Balie Becker Benge Calvin Carlson Clarke Dunkel' Eberharl Fischer Golus Groqcrsen Hathaway Hecht H. Hecht L. Hlahlree Hrabik Iacobsen landa " E Iohnson Kinnier Koch Lees Lindau Lindquist 1 V Linqo 'F' Mader Malicky ' .H l 1 Masters "' mg Metzger "'. - H Love Memorial Hall "Hello Girl" for 1954 was a member ol Love Me- morial Hall, Betty Hrabik. Betty was also a member ol Phi Upsilon Omicron, Ag Executive Board, Vl-IEA, Tassels and was Home EC Club Treasurer. Mortar Board Barbara Spilker presided over Horne Ec Club and was an attendant to the Farmer's Formal Queen. She was also a member ol Phi Upsilon Omi- cron. Other Home EC Club participants were Madeline Watson, Bogene Bippe, Ianet Lindquist, Clara Gre- gerson and Helen Hecht. Three Alpha Lambda Delta members from Love Hall were Ianet Lindquist, Ioyce Splittgerber and I-lelen Hecht. PING PONG PHDDLERS Shirley Par- sons and Ioyce Benge compete in Love Hczll's first tournament finals. s is X as X s Q " H. me . -tt 't' . 1 H N 5 H -1 tt it is , H -:-:if H it at F tt 'A ' Ein 2 S 55 :Sf if it 5 :1:f:3'f.f::5lf2-r "5t'5?!!!!4!!!Q':f: "" s tt t" 51:2 -:E 't tt mt " J T5 4 . X l A5 - ..: at E r E E te- - -:I , e X V -:-1:-r, ..,. Rlchqfds it ' zi M H .... ' ' Riley E :E " y Hume - as , 5 fiat- """' r , H .. H ,:,,.,1f SS B S8 - 4-:S:::-I-'fit-E':l: 1:1 'I' A " I f .. lEl5',':"' H rf ' W ,Q E " tt tt RQ, ' H -5 E " ' H? ' l ' 'H 'MNH A' i"' ' , , L rss H :E gr i gg, ,sir W sl Y "RL B Sit ve " Y H H -- - i N err 1 it w e smith E .. Ht AUAK Y .:.:.:.--F-E.:. A, l' M -4- 'v v Sohol G. I r 5 i if 59 ,2 an 7.1 :-:ggi s k I -555-1' W I ' -'t H -. I-rr , Sohol M. ,Zvi i- -I :X Em. I. Q W LQ? II jj . 315- Y is " is-M ET ' 'F ' ' Q5 5 R - lifes sg, S, ------- jj, gi. gym, gggfimisg H ml? .. I-I ff 'V -gg' , If gm H H 52- .!':,f2. f" 1 "" 'L .:.,::.: 5: ' 3 A ..... 'e W H rzff l s l- Q ti .. . Spilker gs' , J :Z gig: ..,. 5" .. iff- H Q Svlittgefbef ' ' is " t ISE H -fe, . --is l Z If '- . Walberg s f V H , H 2 5 H 1 sw 3 ..,. ' 1 tit" .. r -r-------f "" . , . .Q .aft M ROIEHN RIPPE. President Home Ec, Hg College. York .M . Q ,' N. .- t Iii : r gags S E , for -li! 'E 5 'E' J' sn ?'i Beary Bussell David 4... Gollezs Inclzson mam ienscn lficlrioi' l HH 5' 'E Knecht Laberiz Lanqon Wa 7-TE f ORVHL WEYERS. President Soil Conservation, Hg College. Hay Springs Petersen Saults Stacey Vasincx Weyers Wohlers Lehman Lingo ' Lyman Mother Morris Pioneer House Winning top honors in league football, basketball and rifle shooting, Pioneer House excelled in sports participation this year. Lyle Wolfe won third place in the 1953 cross-country run. Ward David was a mem- ber of the Varsity basketball team, and Darrell Kriecht participated in freshman track. Ward Lingo was treasurer for Alpha Zeta, Ag scho- lastic honorary, and Don Iensen belonged to Alpha Kappa Psi, commerce fraternity. Pioneer I-louse's social functions included their an- nual spring formal and spring picnic. 332 THHNKSGIVING HOP is Pioneer House's and Mil- ler Hcz11's celebration for the coming vacation. l fi ' ss Baum -" 41- '. 'nf ,t "- Cadwallader - ' Clement 1 Cowain - Dane - Eule 'AA -:-:-:-f ' Th 1-vi' ml- il ' Golletz ---: , Q Gugaenmos 91 -' ' Humor 'E' A -A .32 Hamish . V - nb Hays . i i Sf . llesseltmc 11 1,718 ' A -,,,- hx Q 4 l-liqgs C F R Klinqcnbcrg McCormick ' McKee- i N Malpert ' Y -Q . Meyer '-ui Nelson Nielsen ! Paulsen 9. Pohl ' ' W' 'S Reece Schoen ' - -f-1 Brown Palace Co-op Recognition of scholarship was given to Brown Palace member Eldon Shuey who received a trophy for the highest men's average. He maintained an 8.2 average in pharmacy. Among those represented in activities was Louis Schoen, who was editor of the YM-YW Nelmrska Colle- gian and president oi the Inter-Co-op Council, and Wil- son Strand, who was president of YMCA, Inter-Co-op Council member Iohn Eule belonged to Pi Mu Epsilon, mathematics honorary and Theta Nu, medical ira- ternity. Del Snodgrass, president oi Brown Palace, Was the Sigma Delta Chi chairman of the Nebraska High School Press Convention. Snodgrass Scoble Strand Thompson DEL SNODGRHSS, President Ioumcxlism. Teachers College, Gordon DUCK HUNTIN' DHYS are here for Brown Palace, as a few members leave on their annual hunting trip. ASE ,. - 'Q Q15-r, J!! W e E Q an .Meg awww n sm - CONNIE Tessien Thies West LINDLEY, President Home Ec. Hg College. Rnselmo .m wt msgs rs 5. n M s rr s , if ' Abbuhl ,7 13 Bell Y 3 Corliss H H .1 W, E H Delninger V is 2 'i .V 5-3 Foley . M . H 2 5.5 -Mr, 2 2 :ii ,.,. 1 Y am 'rm 'r Bffrfgm 53533. HE H 'A H ,Q .g Fmh jg, Guilllcrtt 2 Iohnson Sf-' .fi Larson H M4159 Lindly Q 2 1 R Mm, Mathews Pasco Peterson Pratt Siepelmeier M Terrace Hall Winning titles for Terrace Hall were Kay Pasco, 1953 Calendar Girl, and Wilma Larson, who Was the honorary sponsor for Pershing Rifles. Terrace Hall YWCA members included Lois Iohn- son, Carol Auld, Eleanor Skelnar, Mildred Hanson, lu Lea Carlson, Margaret Hinda, Phyllis Corliss, Marita Siepelmeir and Barb Nay. Ellie Gulliatt was chosen as a member ot Masquers tor her outstanding Work in dramatics. Nancy Pratt was a staff member oi KNUS, the campus radio station. Dottie Mathews was president oi Sigma Eta Chi, Congregational-Presby sorority. Members of Kappa Phi, Methodist sorority, were Marion Deinninger, Dor- othy McDougal, Connie Lindley and Kathy Nakagawa. Terrace l-lall's spring formal and Easter party for orphans climaxed their house social function. BLIND DHTES bring smiles from Kay Pasco, Wilma Larson and Bar- bara Nay as they greet their escorts. . N Gy Aliabadi Hue Flyers Claassen Fcreh French Garret: , HPI- Gaswick I i lleumann ' " 'i Hoback L1-, , fl - 7 v 'ri Hellman 'W riubbqrd A i pf , Hyde ' .. Iensen Clit". -1 , Land Myers Olson Pedersen Ronne Shelqren Sonderup S Ag Men's Club Ag Men's Club was formed by a group of World War ll veterans in 1948 as an independent Ag Men's social organization. Since that time its members have been active in campus affairs. Ag Men's Club was Ag College intramural softball and basketball champions. Participating in activities was Iohn I-leumann who belonged to Ag Y, Voc-Ag, and was a staff member of the Ag Rag. Don Ayers was active in the Block and Bridle Club, while Miles Sonderup participated in Tri-K club. A steak try in the spring and a Christmas formal climaxed their house social functions. l BEHIND THE SCENES, pledges re- hearse their skit lines for Hg Men's Coll-Hgri-Fun night presentation. ,-.ef-ff.-1 ' 'Q 'Wil' Wifi t . I, W , .. tx v ' ' ' ' 1 w wg Y 'viii' timer'-riff" Swartz Tomlinson Wilkinson Zemanek GEORGE MYERS, President Extension, Hg College, Gibbon E i e H t W gig. it ' -: :.. Si -- i is l HBH HBH!! i l mi ggi msg K si was ,. tj - as t -R5 H B , ,X it H if E s Y" . 'M if v m I 1.1. Tevebau gh Walker' 4 LV IOHN REILING, President Hccounting. Business Hdministration, Lincoln 5 -is .513 , EH:-5,5-ia, ---- 4 .,, H his it mime M is tr W Eg 5 as ty s 9 , l ig if is ltt M: , 'E my I 'S 2 KE r i in 2 i ir H F 1 nu 1 'L ,A 'E A ln E NYSE Y Aw W 3 H ti is Baacle Byers Check Comstock Dennis Green Hansen Harris Herbek Y r Krueger D. Krueger M. Perkins l I H ,E ...,.. J - , V' ' - 'F I " Al Peterson . I f . l Polzkee ii: G 3 t V A g Bening y 9 Hobbit. E: , ' I "N Robb V. " ' 4 Roeder 5141 . ,il .Q J Rowley Simmons Adel phi Fay Preaut was the recipient of the Marion Carson pin award presented by Adelphi to their outstanding pledge. Pres. loan Reiling was chosen as typical Adel- phi girl of l953, and Gloria Peterson was Adelphi Sweetheart. Adelphi members were Well represented in campus honoraries. Margery Polzkill and Ioan Reiling were members of Phi Chi Theta, Womens business sorority and Hope Robb and Carol Swarts belonged to Nu Meds medical fraternity. Charlotte Mason was active in Pi Lambda Theta, education honorary, Delta Phi Delta, art honorary, and Hlpha Lambda Delta. Hour dances, a hayrack ride, a Christmas party and a Valentine party were among their social func- .tions. Climaxing their social activities was Adelphi's Sweetheart Ball, which was held in the spring. SINGING PLEDGES display their talent for Qdelphi cxctives at din- ner with cr skit given hill-billy style. Ji Wilson Hall The BABW scholarship plaque for having the highest scholastic average ot independent organized houses was awarded to Wilson Hall. Margaret Smith, who was vice-president of Kappa Phi, Methodist sorority, served as AWS' house representative. Gloria Harris, BABW board member, belonged to Adelphi, Kappa Phi, Tassels and Coed Counselors. Four Lu- theran Association members were Donna Beck- enhauer, Lovis Nyquist, Marilee Nyquist and Donna Solfermoser. Margery Polskill was a member of Adephi, Phi Chi Theta, business so- rority and Newman Club. Marilee Nyquist was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. The anual Christmas dinner party held at the house highlighted Wilson I-lall's social sea- son. ' L - . -- Hlberdung Hathaway Polzkill Burger Heuermcmn Hewlett Peterson Rice Thomsen , Emry G. Emry I. Griffiths Knerl Lauritzen Otto Rieben Salk Steavenson Wczhlstrom Weatherup Woodman Harris Nyquist M. Solfermoser Beckenhauer Berggren Gerihe Hickman Lorenz Nyquist L, Rhodes Rowley Smith Spencer Stueck Wenke M mikita Members of Amikita, a social organization tor unaffiliated Home Ec majors, Were Well rep- resented in Home EC activities. Martha Heuer- mann, who was president of Amikita, was also publicity chairman for Vl-IEA, corresponding secretary for Phi Upsilon Omicron, home eco- nomics honorary, and a member ot Home Ec Club. Home Ec Club claimed l2 members, While 10 girls belonged to Vocational I-lomemalcer's Education Association of which Barbara Wahl- strom Was president. Nancy Anderson, Evelyn Lauritzen, Carolyn Lux, Barbara Oliver and Barbara Wahlstrom were members of 4-H Club. Evelyn Lauritzen was on the Hg Union and Coll-Agri-Fun boards. Amikita's social functions included hour dances and an annual dinner-dance held in February. - 337 Cornhusker Co-op Inter-fraternity softball crown for i953 went to Cornhusker Co-op. Among the Co-op members who participated in engineer- ing activities were Pres. Iohn Marks, a member of American Electrical Engineers and Sigma Tau, engineering honorary, and Norman Scott, co-chairman oi '52-'53 E-Week and also a Sigma Tau member. An annual dinner-dance held in the tall teted Co-op mem- bers, alumni and their dates. RBJDERS are cxt work when Howard Hall girls help themselves to their late evening snack. BQCK ROW: W. Groothuis, N. Scott, I. Scxzamo, W. Bresiel, L. Wortli. ' THIRD ROW, I. Rasmussen, I. Vanclnn, D, Blauw D. Lindberg, Fl. Vrba, T. Soukup, H. Wolf. SECOND HOW: I. Lightner, H. Hofieber, G. Fried, D. Sjorgen, K. Frieclrichsen, B. Cecil, D. Dangberg. FRONT ROW: B. Walgren, I. Putters, F. Saathoft, D. Tunnecliit, I-I. Wray, I. Marks, D. Kamm. -xc.: TEHMWORK IS SCHEMEWORK for Iohn Ras- musson and Norman Scott when tiling cz floor. 'ffl Howard Hall Third prize tor house decorations at the Sadie Hawkins l-lop was awarded to Howard Hall. .13 I BQCK ROW: D. VanCura, K. Boning, I. Bishop. SECOND ROW: M. Langemeier, M. Duerr, I. Lorenz, P. Scudcier. FRONT ROVJ: E. Roesler,-M. Tillotson, L. Durner, P. Check, D. Krueger. Howard Hall is composed of freshman girls, who, because oi increased enrollment, were unable to live in the girl's dorm. Active Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship member, Lorabelle Durner, was president. Dorrene Krueger and Pat Check were members oi Adelphi. Howard Hall members were also active in BABW, YWCA, Red Cross, Gamma Delta, Lutheran Organization and Kappa Phi, Methodist sorority. H8 sa-svg ss- ssvgrrswggg E HAYNE S8-SEEKS BEE B M News with wr is 73 RTL' Vw GREEKS ff FEARLESS FRESHMEN get ye olde treatment at Acacia. High school alums enioy role of persecuted pledges at NU. RCTIVES Hnclersen, Robert, Westpoint, '56, Hnclerson, Charles V., Blenco, lowa, '55, Plplel- beck, Otto L., Willser, '54, Chappell, Iohn C., Minden, '55, Clay, Lawrence E., Broken Bow, '55, Collins, James D., South Omaha, '54, Drda, Larry, Lincoln, '55, Lammers, Robert, Lincoln, '55, Luethje, Iohn R., Lincoln, '55, Mattox, Donald D., Omaha, '55, Meyer, William D., Bancroft, '56, Osmera, Hugh, Lexington, '56, Pohlman, Neal E., Stanton, '55, Wedner, Robert, Lincoln, 'SB. PLEDGES Bannister, Gary L., Hurora, '56, Batie, I. R., Hay Springs, '57, Cole, Don C., Nebr. City, '57, Dawson, Ronald E., Exeter, '57, Goll, Carroll L., Bluehill, '57, Haywood, William H., Arcadia, '57, McEvoy, Frederic, North Platte, '57, Nickel, Ralph H., Alvo, '55, Osterloh, Warren R., Hooper, '57, Wertz, Vfondell R., Trenton, '57. ACACIA 334 North 13 Street Hnclers en Hnclerson Rplelbeck Bannister Dawson Drda Goll Haywood Nickel Osmera Osterloh Batie Chappell Clay Collins Lammers McEvoy Mattox Meyer Pohlman Wedner We-rtz l , Acacia Acacia's Night of the Nile party was their prominent affair of the year. The Orchid Lei formal was the season's other major social event. I-'lcacia men took to the track sports. Hugh Osmera, Robert Anderson and Wendell Wertz were all on the track team. ln activities lim Collins was a member of Corn Cobs, IFC, president of NUCWA and vice-president ot the senior class. Iohn Chap- pell Was on the YMCA cabinet, the business administration student council and in NUCWA. Carroll Goll Was in Red Cross and an ROTC band member. Gary Bannister was on the YMCA cabinet and in the ROTC band. Neal Pohlman was a member of Pershing Rifles. l IIM COLLINS, President Pre-Med, Arts and Science. Omaha Cv 1...-I M., :J-'fi MHRY BNN ZIMMERMRN. President Psychology. Arts and Science. Lincoln Alpha Chi Cmega Hard Work and harmony brought many top honors to the Hlpha Chis. Plwarded to them was the Elsie Ford Piper achievement cup, Mortar Board Scholarship-Illctivity Trophy and second place berth in Homecoming display. Donna Folmer reigned as 1953 Honorary Commandant, While calico-clad Ginny Barnes was Farmers Fair queen. Ivy Day revealed three Mortar Boards, They were Ioyce Iohnson, Red Cross presidentg Connie Karges, 1953 Typical Nebraska Coed and Tassel secretary, and Barb Crowe, Pig YWCH president. HW S member, Ioyce Ben- nington, was a Homecoming queen finalist. w: . .. .-me ' rut- W sc ',-'ffw' n Unit"-iii f x M Ami' jj- .. dj I ss .ry . -1 QQj., 'Z l jo ' - H K .,.N"' . H H". , '-ss, L - is my sa Hllen B. I-lllen H. Rngell Barnes Beideck Bennington Crowe Davis Daxon Desch Dickey En yeart Gerhart Haerer Harpstreilh Hartwig Hawthorne Hegstrom Karges Kluck Knudson Krause Krueger Lawritson Morrison Ohslund Osborn Pauley Peterson Reed Thompson Tooley Turner C. Turner L. Wagner Whitmore Zimmerman Boettcher Borgaard, Dixie Borgaard, Donna Cherny Cook Coryell Farnum Fehr Finke Flanagin Folmer French Heilman Humer Iohnson C. Iohnson I. Iohnson M. Iohnson S. Luchsinger McCullough Mann Marauesen Marshall Moore Reineke Reynolds Robertson Robinson Steward Stransky H SPINNER'S SANCTUM is the record room at the alpha Chi house. Music hath charms to sooth the nerves alter study. HCTIVES Hllen, Barbara, Valley, '55, Hngell, Rita, Seward, '55, Bames, Virginia, Pllbion, '54, Beideck, Marilyn, Lincoln, '56, Bennington, Ioyce, Chappell, '55, Borgaard, Dixie, ,Lincoln, '55, Borgaard, Donna, Lincoln, '55, Clover, Sherry, Fremont, '55, Cook, Har- riet, Grand Island, '54, Coryell, Lorraine, Lincoln, '54, Crowe, Barbara, Lincoln, '54, Davis, Beverly, Lincoln, '55, Desch, Williamette, Central City, '56, Dickey, Sanclra, Columbus, '55, Enyeart, Suzanne, Lincoln, '56, Farnum, lane, Council Bluffs, Ia., '56, Fehr, Rosemary, Oakland, Ia., '56, Finke, Phyllis, Mason City, Ia., '56, Flanagin, Shirley, Bartley, '54, Folmer, Donna, Lincoln, '54, Gerhart, Mary Ellen, Newman Grove, '54, Haerer, Carol, North Platte, '54, Harpstreith, Mary lean, Fremont, '56, Hawthorne, Ioan, Burwell, '55, Hegsirom, Nancy, Waverly, '55, Heilman, Iolflnn, Cambridge, '55, Jackson, DeLoris, North Platte, '56, Iohnson, Charlene, Ralston, '54, Iohnson, Ioyce, Lincoln, '54, Iohnson, Marlys, Newman Grove, '55, Iohnson, Sharon, Ralston, '56, Karges, Connie Clark, St. Edwards, '54, Knudson, Ioan, Lin- coln, '56, Larson, Marilyn, Dakota City, '54, Lawritson, Carolyn, Lincoln, '56, Mann, Virginia, Lincoln, '55, Marquesen, Mitzi, Fort Dodge, la., '55, Morrison, Martha, Carbondale, ill., '55, McCullough, Marlene, Central City, '55, Moore, Mickey, Lin- coln, '55, Pauley, Pat, Lincoln, '56, Peterson, Shirley, Lincoln, '56, Reynolds, Marilyn, Cozad, '54, Robertson, Virginia, Sioux Falls, S. Dak., '54, Stout, Iocly, Neligh, '55, Stransky, Marcia, Mitchell, S. D., '54, Thompson, Carol, Omaha, '56, Tooley, Barbara, Central City, '54, Turner, Lynn, Lincoln, '55, Whitmore, Mary, Lincoln, '54, Zimmerman, Mary Hnn, Lincoln, '54. PLEDGES Hllen, Harriet, Lexington, '56, Boettcher, Ianet, Wymore, '57, Cherny, Nancy, North Bend, '57, Daxon, Gerrie, Rome, Ga., '57, French, Norma, Central City, '57, Hart- wig, Dorothy, Lincoln, '57, Hunter, Martha, Storm Lake, la,, '57, Kluck, Ruth Irene, Richland, '56, Krause, Thea, Lake Manawa, Ia., '57, Krueger, Karen, Lincoln, '57, Luchsinger, Hnn, Schuyler, '57, Marshall, loan, Lincoln, '57, Ohslund, Colleen, Rockford, Ill., '57, Osbom, Dorothy, Council Bluffs, Ia., '57, Reed, Sharon, Osmond, '57, Reineke, Sharon, Lincoln, '57, Robinson, Sandra, Omaha, '56, Steward, Donna, Sidney, '57, Tumer, Colleen, Lincoln, '57, Wagner, Ioy, Lincoln, '57. HLPHH CHI OMEGH 716 North 16 St. AUTUMN LEAVES is the theme song oi these hard-working AGRS. Art Raun cmd Chuck Beam do the sidewalk supervising. QCTIVES Beam, Charles W., Stapleton, '54, Clement, Kenneth, Ord, '54, Cooper, Hal D., Con- rad, la., '55, Dawson, Qllan I., Gandy, '56, Ehler, Gerald H., Wisner, '54, Engel, Nolan E., Meridan, Conn., '54, Essrnan, Roger P., Claytonia, '54, Finke, Waller, Vlfichita, Kan., '55, Hall, Howard L., Scottsbluff, '55, Harman Ray, Loup City, 55, Hild, Gary L., Plattsrnouth, '55, Huckleldt, Ioe I., Gordon, '55, Kelly, Raymond E,, Danbury, '55, Kerr, Gene, Belwood, '55, Kiburz, Richard D., DeWitt, '55, Kleeb, Eddie, Broken Bow, '56, Kopf, Delbert, Lexington, '54, Kranau, Gerald, Bladen, '55, Langerneier, Gerald, Wahoo, '56, Lemon, lack, Lincoln, '54, Lindstrom, Dean, Holdrege, '56, Merritt, Delbert, Elkhorn, '55, Moritz, Glenn, Edclyville, '54, Novotny, Donald I., Clarkson, '55, Olsen, Dale Pl., York, '54, Olsen, Russel, Minden, '55, Peter- son, Robert, Broken Bow, '55, Pinkerton, Kenneth, Beatrice, '55, Raun, Ftrthur P., Minden, '55, Schmid, lllllan, Dawson, '56, Snyder, Hrza I., Davenport, '56, Spilker, Wayne, DeVVitt, '56, Woltemath, Flrlen, Sterling, '54, Young, Robert L., Beatrice, '54, Zabel, Edward H., Western, '55. PLEDGES Hlthcuse, Ivan, Waverly, '56, Beck, Donald, Fremont, '57, Clark, Mark, Gothenburg, '57, Ericson, Roger, Holdrege, '57, Iohnson, Iohn Bryce, Holdrege, '57, Iorgenson, Harvey, Curtis, '57, Lundeen, Robert, Minden, '57, Nierneier, Richard, DeWitt, '54, Moline, Roger, York, '57, Ranney, Elwin, Weeping Water, '57, Schelkopi, Stanley, Schikley, '57, Todd, Mel Ir., Union, '57, Waldo, Qrley, DeWitt, '57, Weiseler, William, I-lartington, '56, Underwood, Warren, Lincoln, '56. ALPHO GAMMA RHO 3605 Holdrege Street tillth ouse Beam Beck Clark Clement Cooper Finke Hall Harmon Harsh Hild Huckteldt Kiburz Kranau Langerneier Lemon Lindstrom Lundeen Olsen Olson Peterson Pinkerton Ranney Raun Todd Underwood Waldo Wieseler Dawson Ehler Engel Erickson Essman Iohnson I. Iohnson W Iorgensen Kelley Kerr Moline Moritz Niemeier Nordhues Novotny Schallert Schelkopl Schmid Snyder Spilker Woltemath Young Zabel 5h-Q 'VJ 3' Alpha Gamma Rho AGR Yell King Gary Hild led the Scarlet and Cream cheers throughout the sports sea- son. Bob Young, the AGR president, was president ot Kosmet Klub and a member ot In- nocents. Art Baun was a member of Student Council, Kosmet Klub, Builders and Corn Cobs. Don Novotny was president of the Ag Exec Board, on the Farmers' Fair Board, in Build- ers and a member of Corn Cobs. Gene Kerr was also a Corn Cob and a member of the Ag Union Board. As participants in intramural competition, the AGRS were B team champs in basketball. Members ot Alpha Zeta, agricultural organ- ization, were Dale Olson, Roger Essrnan, Don Novotny and Art Raun. BOB YOUNG. President Agricultural Engineering, Beatrice wr- 'vnu ,J -I 34- , Q-S ls. PY' 'a 4 Q H ' Vx ii 'I' J i ., rx Q' V. vii' .....l ,Y l , 3 , , ig A l 1 B -' ll 3 l if tl vu ll NHNCY WHITMORE. President Elementary Education, Mitchell Alpha Omicron Pi Legacy weekend took on a different slant when l3lOPis entertained NU boys Whose moth- ers Were HOPi members. Social honors Went to Paddy Wright when she Was selected as a Calendar Girl. On Hg campus Mary Ball Clearman was named Typi- cal Cowgirl at the Farmers Fair. Leading the HOPis in activities was Carol Gillet, secretary of Coed Counselors, a Red Cross Board member and a Tassel. Mary Fuelberth was also active in Tassels, Coed Counselors and Red Cross. Sophomore activity girls were Ginny Wilcox, who was a Red Cross Board member, and Shirley Iesse, who was an Union Committee Chairman. Aistrup Beattie Blessing Brown Browne Buell Carpenter Fuelberth Galley Garrett Gebhardt Gillett Gourlay Harris Ludi McPeck S. McPeck V. Medved McVeigh Mueller Mulligan Placek Ptak Rees Robertson Ruckman Samuelson Sanders Taylor Vanderhook West Whitmore Workman Wilcox Wright Yeiter I. Yeiter K. H W '-'WEE Emil ii- Burgess am HN HRGYLE SOCK SESSION inspires awe from the HOPi's as they absorb a lesson in knitting footwear for their boy friends. Christensen Christenson Dodson Eicke Ewing Farris Hussey Imm Iesse lohnson Kirkrnan Kleinert Nash Nelson E. Nelson V. O'Brien Pepler Philipsen Schacht Schuster Sisson Smith I. Smith S. Steven QCTIVES Barton, Kay, Grand Island, '55, Barton, Sylvia, Grand lslancl, '55, Beattie, Carol, Sutton, '56, Blessing, Charlene, Ord, '56, Browne, Beverly, Omaha, '55, Carpenter, Kathy, Omaha, '56, Clearman, Mary Ball, Des Moines, Ia., '54, Ewing, lamee, Lin- coln, '55, Fuelberth, Mary, Hartington, '55, Garrett, Delores, Minden, '55, Gillett, Carol, Lincoln, '55, Gourlay, Madeline, Lincoln, '54, Imrn, Sandra, Spalding, '55, Iesse, Shirley, Lincoln, '56, Kleinert, Ruth, Lincoln, '56, Kirkman, Sue, Tecumseh, '56, Ludi, Mary, Vlahoo, '56, McPeck, Virginia, Geneva, '56, Mueller, Marilyn, Lincoln, '55, Mulligan, Mary, David City, '54, Nash, Shirley, Omaha, '55, Nelson, Evelyn, Mitchell, '55, Nelson, Louie, Lincoln, '55, O'Brien, Helen, Valentine, '56, Pepler, Betty, Bayard, '55, Ptak, Pat, Tyndall, So. Dalc., '55, Rees, Marlene, Waverly, '54, Robertson, lanet, Imperial, '55, Ruckman, Barbara, Casper, Wyo,, '54, Sanders, Nancy, Oak- land, '54, Schuster, Martha, Hastings, '54, Sisson, Betty, Chappell, '55, Stratton lohnson, Pollyanna, Lincoln, '54, Vanderhoolc, Ioan, Pickrell, '55, West, Ruth, Creigh- ton, '56, Whitmore, Nancy, Mitchell, '54, Vtlorkman, Hnn, Lincoln, '55, Wilcox, Vir- ginia, Lincoln, '55, Winchester, Peggy, Lincoln, '54, Wright, Paddy, Lincoln, '55, Yeiter, Kay, Cozad, '55. PLEDG-ES Histrup, Iearine, Madison, S. D., '55, Brown, LaVon, Holdrege, '57, Buell, Sandra, Mitchell, S. D., '56, Christenson, Kay, Davey, '57, Christensen, Marilyn, Oakland, '57, Dodson, Maryclare, Omaha, '57, Eiche, Barbara, Rosalie, '57, Ferris, Dorothy, Omaha, '57, Galley, Carolyn, Omaha, '57, Geloharclt, Marcia, Cotesiield., '57, Harris, Karrnen, Dakota City, '57, Hussey, lanice, Lincoln, '57, McPeck, Shirley, Geneva, '57, McVeigh, Beverly, Herman, '57, Medved, Donna, Lincoln, '57, Philipson, Phyllis, Lincoln, '57, Placek, W'i1la, VVahoo, '57, Samuelson, Ianis, Trumbull, '55, Schccht, Carolyn, Tecumseh, '57, Smith, lanice, Chappell, '55, Steven, lane, York, '57, Taylor, Nancy, Omaha, '57, Yeiter, Rhe, Cozacl, '57. ALPHB OMICHON PI 1541 S St. All ,.. ,. ..... ., .,.,.,.,., , . ,E ,.,.,M .., W Q- J -rs e, . ,e,rieeEHg anmgu was B s E is E s SHNTH'S SLEIGH provides a theme for Homecoming decorations. Huskers and Raggedy Hnn dolls are seated as Phis iinish the paint iob. HCTIVES Bailey, Ianet, Omaha, '54, Bangston, lean, Omaha, '56, Basler, Marilyn, Omaha '56, Beck, Barbara, Omaha, '55, Biba, Barbara, Geneva, '54, Bohrer, Denise, Lau rens, Ia., '55, Brewster, Marilyn, Holdrege, '55, Buckner, lean, Sioux City, Ia., '54 Buckner, Ioan, Sioux City, la., '54, Carveth, Sara, Lincoln, '56, Chamberlin, Nancy Lincoln, '55, Cook, Sharon, Lexington, '54, Donarico, Dolores, Omaha, '54, Dunn Barbara, Omaha, '54, Ellis, Patricia, Lincoln, '56, Erickson, Kay, Lincoln, '56, Ernst Ruthann, Lincoln, '56, Gadd, Sandra, Lincoln, '55, Goding, Rita Hl, Hlliance, '55 Graham, Sally, Sioux City, la., '54, Hallam, Marnie, Lincoln, '56, Helmstadter, Ver: nita, Omaha, '54, Iohnson, Cynthia, Lincoln, '55, Iones, Barbara, Hastings, '55 Ioyce, ludy, Lincoln, '56, Keenan, Mary Pat, Torrington, Wyo., '56, Kuns, Marianne Kimball '55 Lan hu Shirle Lincoln '55 Ledin ham Sandi L an '56 Leclin , I Q 5' Y, . I Q 1 1 YU! 1 7 Q' ham, Shirley, Mitchell, '54, Loornit, Pat, Oshkosh, '56, Lothrop, Norma, Sioux City, Ia., '54, Lundt, Mary, Sue, Omaha, '55, Mader, Marlyce, Omaha, '56, McCormick Barbara, Omaha, '54, Mong, Glenna, Oshkosh, '56, Olson, Barbara, Lisco, '56 Reese, Marilyn, Nebraska City, '55, Scott, Shirley, Lincoln, '56, Tremain, Carol Sidney, '56, Vogt, Betty, Lincoln, '56, Wallace, Io Hnn, Greeley, Colo., '55, Weir: Mary lane, Sioux City, la., '54, Wells, Peggy, Greeley, Colo., '55, Wilhelm, Hrdell Nebraska City, '55, Yost, Ianice, Milford, '56, PLEDGES Campbell, Courtne, Lincoln, '57, Downs Poll' Finn Lincoln '57' Fahmbruch Y 1 5 1 . f . Melva, Grand Island, '57, Gordon, Marilyn, Lincoln, '57, Langner, Mary Lou, Seward, '57, Mastos, Chris, Omaha, '57, Mong, Mary, Oshkosh, '57, Nelson, Linda, Holdrege '57, Niess, Ianet, Grand Island, '57, Nixon, Pat, South Sioux City, '57, Ray, Iackie Torrington, Wyo., '57, Smith, Sylvia, Imperial, '57, Spelts, Flo Rae, Grand lslandl '57, Uehling, Pat, Lyons, '56, Unger, Karen, Ogallala, '57, Weir, Helen, Lincoln, '57, Yerk, Kay, Seward, '57. HLPHH PHI 1531 S St. 348 1 Bailey Bangs ton Basler Beck Biba Bohrer Dunn Ellis Erickson Ernst Fahrnbruch Gadd lones loyce Keenan Kuns Langhus Langner Mastos Mong G. Mong M. Nelson Niess Nixon Trernain Uehling Unger Vogt Wagner Wallace Buckner lean Buckner Ioan Carveth Cook Donarlco Downs Goding Gordon Graham Hallam Helmstadter Iohnson Ledingham Sandra Ledingham Shirley Loomis Lothrop Lunclt McCormick Olson Hay Reese Scott Smith Spelts Weir Wells Wilhelm Yerk Yost Alpha Phi Chinese lanterns lined the outdoor area for the Phis annual lawn party held in the spring. Back yard barbecues also filled their social calendar. The Phis activity program held a varied list of positions. Tassels vice-president Norma Lothrop Was chosen for the Ivy Day court. PBK Sharon Cook was secretary of Builders while tassels publicity chairman, Marilyn Brewster, served on the HWS board. lean Bangston, Nita Helmstadter and Shirley Scott were active in HWS, NUCWH and Builders re- spectively. Selected for Hlpha Lambda Delta member- ship were Glenna Mong, Mary Pat Keenan and Ianice Yost. Barbara Iones was president ol Sigma Hlpha Iota, music honorary. SHARON COOK. President Elementary Education. Lexington DEAN BUCKINGHAM, President Electrical Engineering. Lincoln Alpha Tau Cmega Innocents Society claimed ATO's Ernie Bebb and Mac Bailey. Ernie was also com- mander ot Arnold Air Society, vice-president of Corn Cobs, on Student Union Board, in Alpha Kappa Psi, business administration fraternity, and the regional president of the National As- sociation oi College Unions. Mac was presi- dent of COA, vice-president of Kosmet Klub advertising manager of the Nebraska Blueprint on the Engineering Exec Board, E-Week Board, historian of Sigma Tau, engineering scholastic honorary, and on Student Council. 1 7 Dean Buckingham, ATO president, was a member of Sigma Tau, engineering scholastic honorary. Darrell Puls was president of Rho Chi, pharmaceutical honorary. E 33g3w::gg.,, - '- ' . r A gf y, , V - i .4 . w, , ly f . ,, e My-, ' -EE. fqfgiz ml f A I r 1, 2 sf ',-, " ,-,-- gigs 1 ie- 111. 5 i, . . 1 ,. rr it my . Q ' fi? 'fidlhv iii : W7 ' .Q N .1 'W A 0 - ' '1"'7f"'v , ' :x1al??W15'i 55 :2 - i . if if " t i: 'K - V ' gt ' lf' I l X A V H - M" -- W li . '- tw ' it " ' t' . i r'Efst.t5is. .. it 1? - Qtr. fi u Y. N 1 , :Lrg H H . , A mfr G , ja.-. "5 mt t 'H .1 , ,,:.f,f, V 15, V X E ws 35, , as E r, .y A -1 w , el: 1,9 B -' i N W' 5 I it H ., -mx .4 I R, - - , 1 49 J W 1... ,fd it far' , -4--"Lg is 1 ,N wif' -, ,,... . X, ' F. ' ' ,, K - lk .,,, .., . Ifl B., ' - ' ' W- vw In , , K ..., My , ,Q A A , X 1:88 KZ, ., -A --L 25, 552 ' 5315 ' ,ss Q? I: ,Fr 5 'EEE R g r 1 ' ,Z msgs' lj ' qw Q vt. bmi 1. . .we -, 49 -2 . -. X -' ' , I .V Q v,-:H -' Y xv. N. .,15.:,. - X Y i X 1 sw 'Frederic .H ifr11't'ft' fit' tt Q "TW ii W H stffti-Etfs - L ii s -r 'A H i . i ,K A. V h .... , , . . x I X I ' U w 1 1 , ' ' . V y : A P - A ' , y 1- .... -. fi iw- ' 2 . -1 Z r jx a ' E - - In :.: x f Bi ll Il . , 'Q , if 6, . J , .-.- A 4 . . MSS " f , TF 2 1 A ' ' ' L ff 1 - ' i V 5.5: ' Q H :F , S X iiffi :ji X h .- .::: :jp , Q i , - 1. 3 is A F 5525.-fi , 59 . 4 ' ' ' Q J' - ' 1' . V 1 "" , . ' 4 as -Q ' h 4 f I I .f?'s"""fff1"?T WET" ' 51'-Rita? .. z::..l-55' ,. QM," T' sw, ,H v 'W E sa A :W - rziii L3 :fc NHS: r A my ,- M " 'gi' tt i . - in , Elm- ffjyk ' :Syl P w ,i i , M, , ' I! is y a: ,, A Sign? xc, 3 N . r 1, V, I t J! , 5 , , -Q -Q 7 1 Aj it 'ff . -' '--2' it .. , , - " X " t " .. fi f ' 1 isa ' it P , .- , , , , '- -"- V A .-if '1' - ,.,, ' Q - - , . ' F , ,Fit 1.1. Wa, 5:22:52 J. , g 4 5 .. .,,,., Q g 1 ? if f ' f , S ..., : N ' 'Si ' " Q. ,. ,, , 4 ' 'L . ,,,,- m 8 W, N An dl' 3 tl F' in 5.09.1 ' x -- s z , F tty AT . in ' J i H , i, l . X ie- "iQ" - l 5' .' " . :fl "H V A ', . rnui i t ll I tty, ,pf ,I I 'J 'K ' 'L I ' gl , l in . . no . , ' ' L , ,Ji , lf' 'Sf ' Q A- H 9 'Aa ' ' ii' te? tg ' l c' 'I' il' Qndreasen Hnderson Qmos Flshley Bailey Barnwell Butterfield Chambers Christensen Christoph Claussen Crawlord Gohde G. Gohcle R. Golding Hasselbalch l-layne Hermsmeyer Iones Keenan Kelley Korff Kuxhausen Kreiner Niemann Oakes Olson Orr Parks Pecha Rowe Ryan Schaper Scherling Schneider Schoen Thornhy Trabert Tracy Trandal Watkins Bebb Beisner Bergsten Brown Brugmann Buckingham Des Enfants Dunn Edwards l, Edwards M. France Girard Hewitt Hack Hotacre Houchen Iames Iensen Langley Leeper Lippke Loncar Marr Munson Puls Pyle Rainforth Reesinan Robinson Rounsborg Schroeder Skinner Stark Stone Stoneman Sunde Weber Whiteside Wilson Winchell Zimmer FIRESIDE SESSIONS are alternoon funtests at the ATO house. Actives cmd pledges ioin in the spontaneous merriment. HCTIVES Hinos, Nick, Winnetka, Ill., '55, Bailey, Mac, Omaha, '54, Barnwell, Bob, Lisco, '54, Bebb, Ernie, Omaha, '54, Beisner, Bil, Hebron '55, Bergsten, Pete, Barrington, Ill., '55, Berkshire, Bob, Omaha, '56, Blessing, Bl, Ord, '56, Brown, Bob, Fairbury, '56, Brown, Bob, Sargent, '53, Buckingham, Dean, Lincoln, '54, Chambers, Iohn, Lin- coln, '55, Christensen, Gary, Hebron,-'56, Christgph, Dick, Glencoe, Ill., '54, Claus- sen, Dick, North Platte, '54, Des Entants, lack, orrington, Wyo., '56, Dunn, Doug, Omaha '55, Edwards, Iohn, North Platte, '56, Gohde, George, Lincoln, '54, Gohde, Roger, Lincoln, '55, Golding, Ierry, Lincoln, '53, Hasselbalch, Hal, Saint Edward, '54, Hewitt, Don, Sioux Falls, S.D., '55,,l-iobhs, Bob, Lincoln, '54, Hofacre, Bob, Lin- coln, '56, larnes, Ted, Denver, Colo., '54, Iensen, Ierry, Cozad, '55, Iones, Dave, Lincoln, '55, lanes, Hobe, Lincoln, '53, Kelly, Dick, North Platte, '53, Korft, Mike, Hebron, '55, Kreiner, Leon, Davey, '54, Kunes, Ken, Maywood, lll., '55, Lipplce, Bruce, Flberdeen, S.D., '56, Marr, Dale, Omaha, '56, McKillip Leo, McCook, '54, Munson, lim, Lincoln, '57, Oakes, Bob, North Platte, '56, Orr, Don, Lisco, '56, Pecha, Bob, San Bernardino, Calif., '54, Puls, Darrell, Elwood. '54, Reed, Wally, Norfolk, '55, Rees- man, Ward, Falls City, '56, Robinson, lim, North Platte, '56, Schaper, Iohn, Colo- rado Springs, Colo., '56, Schroeder, Rod, Elwood, '56, Scott, Verl, Mitchell, '53, Skinner, Fritz, Rinsworth, '55, Stone, Bob, Lincoln, '54, Trabert, lack, Lincoln, '55, Tracy, Iirn, Denver, Colo., '54, Trandal, Tom, Watertown S.D., Watkins, Norm, Lincoln, '56, Vfeber, Bill, Omaha, '55, Whiteside, lim Wilmington, Ill., '56, Whitney, Grant, Hinsworth, '55, PLEDGES Hnderson, Herman, Osceola, '57, I-lndreasen, lim, Omaha, '57, Hshley, Lynn, Grand Island, '57, Brugmann, Bruce, Rock Rapids, Iowa, '57, Butterfield, Iohn, Norfolk, '57, Crawford, lack, Lincoln, '57, Edwards, Mike, Lincoln, '59, France, Ken, Omaha, '56, Gerard, Tom, Hlliance, '58, Hayne, Dick, New Castle, Wyo., '59, Hermsrneyer, Dale, Grand Island, '57, Hock, Lauren, Smithville, '57, Houchen, Tom, Lincoln, '57, Keenan, Roy, Lexington, '57, Kelley, Gary, Morrill '57, Kuxhausen, Keith, Torring- ton, Wgo., '59, Langley, Larry, Tekamah, '58, Leeper, Steve, Hastings, '57, Nie- rnann, ob, Hebron, '5 , Olson, Tom, Lisco, '57, Parks, Dean, Lexington, '57, Pyle, Bill, Gothenburg, '57, Raintorth, Bob, Tekamah, '57, Rounsborg, Gerald, Oshkosh, '57, Rowe, Dean, Henry, '58, Ryan, Don, Lexington, '57, Scherling, Dave, Torring- ton, W o., '59, Schneider, Con, Lexington, '5, Schoen, Vic, Patte Center, '56, Stark, llerry, Loomis, '57, Stoneman, Dean, Lincoln, '58, Thornby, Harvey, Omaha, '60, Wilson, Larry, Pluburn, '55, Zimmer, Iohn, Lincoln, '57. ALPHA TAU OMEGA 1433 R Street SNOWED IN by her comrades-in-arms is Pat Moran. Hlpha Xis come out to greet the first snow oi the Nebraska Centennial year. HCTIVES Hnderson, Lois, Lincoln, '54, Bailey, Barbara, Omaha, '55, Benedict, Diane, Ief- ierson, Ia., '56, Benson, Karen, Lincoln, '56, Beutel, Bea, Lincoln, '56, Billerbeck, Doris, Scribner, '55, Blatchforcl, Ioan, Wakefield, '54, Craig, Fllice, Clarinda, Ia., '56, Curran, Sandra, Lincoln, '56, DeLarnatre, Marjory, Omaha, '54, Draper, Nancy, Bel- don, '56, Gerdes, Delores, Omaha, '55, Gould, Polly, Pierce, '55, Gutzmann, Fauneil, Norfolk, '56, Gutzmann, Ieannine, Norfolk, '55, Hall, Nancy, Geneva, '56, Iohnson, Ioilnn, Salt Lake City, Utah, '55, Kokrda, Barbara, Plainview, '55, Laase, lane, Lincoln, '56, Laase, loyce, Lincoln, '55, Low, Dorothy, Beatrice, '54, Maser, Flor- ence, Lincoln, '55, Medlin, Barbara, Hlbion, '55, Moran, Pat Pl., York, '56, Moran, Pat D., Randolph, '55, Pollock, Shirley, I-ltlantic, la,, '56, Reed, Sharon, Lincoln, '54, Rowley, Marilyn, Hebron, '56, Searcy, Betty, Wilber, '56, Sehnert, Aileen, Holdrege, '56, Sehnert, Marilyn, Holdrege, '54, Skift, Ian, Grand Island, '56, Spencer, Lea, Lincoln, '55, Splichal, Bonnie, Lincoln, '56, Sporn, Ioyce, Lincoln, '56, Wamberg, Donna, Wausau, '54, Watson, Larae, Omaha, '55, Wetzel, Donna, Lincoln, '54, Wright, Carol, Ietierson. la., '54. PLEDGES Baker, lanet, Holdrege, '57, Culwell, Iane, Lincoln, '57, Curtis, Marilyn, Imperial, '57, Deepe, Beverly, Carleton, '57, Gruber, Ianet, Cozad, '57, Harms, Ianet, Firth, '57, Kenny, Kay, Mission, Kansas, '57, Kroetsching, Carol, Fairbury, '56, Miller, Beverly, Lincoln, '57, Oehlerking, Pat, South Sioux City, '57, Peterson, Karen, Lin- coln, '57, Schumacher, Gladys, Grant, '56, Scott, Ruth, Lincoln, '56, Siren, Sheila, Lincoln, '57, Stout, Barbara, Grant, '57, Stout, Betty, Grant, '57, Zikrnund, Ianet, Wilber, '57, ALPHA XI DELTH. 1619 R St. 352 Hnderson Bailey Baker Benedict Benson Beutel Deepe DeLarnatre Draper Ely Gerdes Gould Kenny Kokrda Kroetsching Laase lane Laase loyce Low Pollock Reed Rowley Schlielert Scott Searcy Stout Barbara Stout Betty Voss Warnberg Billerbeck Blatchlord Craig Culwell Curran Curtis Gruber Gutzmann F. Gutzmann I. Hall Harms Iohnson Moser Medlin Miller Moran Patricia H Moran Patricia D Peterson Sehnert Siren Skill Spencer Splichal Sporn Watson Wetzel Wright Zikmund Alpha Xi Delta Pl little brown jug had a star spotlight at the I-llpha Xi house this year. It was the first place award in house decorations at the annual Sadie Hawkins Day Hop. Treasury positions in Tassels and YWCH were held by Io lohnson and Ioyce Laase respectively. lo Was a Homecoming Queen finalist and Coed Counselor Board member. Ioyce was active on Red Cross Board and at- tended the May Queen on Ivy Day. Their Western style Coed Follies skit afforded them third place position. . The pledge party with its deep sea theme was held in March. .Qlpha Xis entertained both their mothers and fathers at luncheons in the Spring. CHROL BNN WRIGHT, President Speech Correction, Teachers, Iefferson, Iowa PHIL OSTWALD, President Mechanical Engineering. Omaha Beta Sigma Psi A face-lifting project gave the Beta Sig house a bright new look. The renovation was completed during the summer months. Beta Sig Pres. Phil Ostwald led his house in activities. Phil was a member of IFC, Luth- eran Student Assembly, Sigma Tau, engineer- ing scholastic honorary and Pi Tau Sigma, mechanical engineering h o n o r a r y. Paul Scheele, Dick Huebner, Don Rosenberg and Paul Zucker were Corn Cobs. Kosmet Klub Worker Don Rosenberg was in Red Cross, AUP, on the Religious Welfare Council and in the University band. Dick Huebner Was in Gamma Lambda, band honor- ary, Alpha Kappa Psi, business administration honorary, IFC treasurer and in the University band. W J' A ' ., yn A is g,.s- 1 ,A WW", xx is fi, i Ei., li ,ls l 49 P 6 5 zlz :" ' I I I V 'N .V gf ,V ir,, , P, it -4 l ll , " 1 l Y l - " I :V 5 Q gl I if I 'V 5 .4 I3 ef, 'g-1. Hrndt F. Arndt K. Boldan Borcher Dannehl Dreessen Dunklau Ehner Eckert Einspahr Engellcemier Erwin Fangmeier Glesmann Harper Holst Horn Huebner Iohnson Knip peiibe rg Kuhlman Langenheim LaRue Lohrberg Luedke Mahrt Martin Mortvedt Onneri Ostwald Otto Pohlman Remmers Schlielert Simon Stahr Thiemann Vogeler Wallman Wamsat Warnke Weber Winter Zucker PIRATES AND PALM TREES decorate the Beta Sig house at their Barbary Coast party. Daggers melt to mellow music. HCTIVES Hlbert, Thomas, Weeping Water, '54, Plrndt, Fredrick, Platte Center, '55, Borcher. Victor, Scribner, '56, Condos, Frank, Lincoln, '56, Dahlke, lim, Benedict, '54, Danriel, LaVern, Bertrand, '54, Dunklau, Dick, Lincoln, '54, Ebner, Larry, Lincoln, '55, Eckert, Duane, Stanton, '56, Englekmeier, William, Louisville, '56, Fangmeier, Delmar, Lincoln, '54, Glesmann, Hrnold, Papillion, '54, Hahn, Ralph, Battle Creek, '54, Huebner, Dick Plattsmouth, '54, Knippenbert, Keith, Central City, '56, Kostbahn, Karl, Lexington, '56, Kuhlrnan, Donald, Gothenburg, '56, LaRue, Iim, Palisade, '56, Mortvedt, Bob, Dell Rapids, S. D., '55, Orinen, Rl, Gladstone, '54, Ostwald, Philip, Omaha, '54, Otto, Owen, Lincoln, '54, Rosenberg, Donald, North Platte, '56, Scheele, Paul, Lincoln, '55, Scholle, Wilber, Lincoln, '55, Simon, Duane, Falls City, '54, Thie- man, Otto, Deshler, '56, Weber, Oliver, Scottsbluff, '56, Wallman, Bernard, Filley, '54, Zucker, Paul, Scribner, '56. PLEDGES Hrndt, Keith, Platte Center, '57, Beckler, Tom, Deshler, '56, Boldan, Paul, Spring- tielcl, '57, Dreeseen, Bob, Millard, '57, Einsphar, Rodney, Imperial, '57, Erwin, Eugene, Fairbury, '56, Harper, Ralph, Beatrice, '57, Horn, Leo, Weeping Water, '56, lohnson, Ronald, Hcldrege, '57, Langenheim, Roger, Utica, '57, Lueclke, Willis D., Wisner, '57, Mahrt, Delmar, Wolback, '57, Martin, Edwin, Holbrook, '56, Puhlrnan, Donald, Stanton, '57, Remmers, Don, Beatrice, '57, Schliefert, Carl, Louisville, '56, Vogelar, Bob, North Loupe, '57, Wegner, Wallace, Scribner, '57, Winter, Iohn, Lin- coln, '57. BETA SIGMA PSI 348 North 14 Street THE BETA BEAT booms out as Rocky Yapp directs Kosmet Klub practice. Beta brothers put their hearts into the act. I-ICTIVES Flllen, Robert, Scottsbluff, '55, Plnderson, Donald, Lincoln, '56, Qvery, David, Scottse bluff, '55, Barger, Ted, Lincoln, '54, Bentz, Calvin, Hastings, '55, Camey, Larry, Grand Island, '55, Clark, Richard, Omaha, '54, Crarnond, Wallis, Chyenne, Wyo., '56, Erickson, David, Central City, '56, Gillespie, Tack, Hastings, '55, Glasford, Richard, Omaha, '56, Gosch, Hans, Nebraska City, 56, Gourlay, Iohn, Lincoln, 56, Grace, Dan, Columbus, '56, Harper, Tom, Omaha, '55, Healey, Thomas, Creston, Ia., '55, Hewitt, Iames, Hastings, '54, Holbert, Qllan, Lincoln, '56, Kampfe, Darryl, Omaha, '55, Keerans, Donald, Omaha, '55, Mammel, Carl, Omaha, '55, Meehan, Robert, Lincoln, '54, Pickett, Richard, Cheyenne, Wyo., '55, Place, Glenn, Nebraska City, '56, Riley, William, Fairbury, '54, Smaha, Clark R., Wilmette, Ill,, '54, Smith, Charles, Central City, '56, Stebbins, Iohn, Gothenburg, '56, Sullivan, Larry, Omaha, '56, Swingle, Charles, Lincoln, '54, Visek, Phil, Omaha, '55, Wakeman, Richard, Lincoln, '54, Weeks, Torn, Nebraska City, '54, Wiederspan, Harlan, Lincoln, '54, Wright, Charles, Scottsbluff, '54, Yapp, Rocky, Manhattan, Kan., '54. PLEDGES Baker, Charles, Falls City, '57, Bedwell, William, Falls City, '57, Brune, Dennis, South Sioux City, '57, Christensen, Gene. Grand Island, '57, Clemmens, Terry, Bridgeport, '57, Comstock, Don, Scottsbluff, '57, Costin, Dennis, Lincoln, '57, Daly, Fred, Torrington, '57, Epley, Gary, Omaha, '57, Pagan, John, Lincoln, '57, Heeb- ner, Dean, Nebraska City, '57, Hefflinger, Leroy, Omaha, '57, Henley, lack, Falls City, '57, Henkle, Roger, Lincoln, '57, Hoel, Hrvid, Falls City, '57, Holmquist, Larry. Omaha, '56, Horning, Walter, Omaha, '57, Kampfe, William, Omaha, '57, Klas, Wil- liam, Scottsbluff, '57, Iensen, Sam, Grand Island, '57, McGath, Iames, Emerson, '57, Miller, Ierry, Grand Island, '57, Mobley, Richard, Lincoln, '57, Moorehead, Ken, Omaha, 57, Reische, Richard, Beatrice, '57, Ruckman, Tom, Pllliance, '57, Schneider, Ron, Plattsmouth, '57, Stever, Gerald, Nebraska City, '57, Stitt, Thomas, Hastings, '57, Thornton, Melvin, Storm Lake, '57, VinSant, Peter, Summerfield, Kan., '57, Wachter, Ioseph, Lincoln, '57, Weingart, Philip, Hastings, '57, Weir, Iack, Ne- braska City, '57. BETA THETA PI 1515 R Street Flnderson Plvery Baker Barger Bedwell Brune Daly Epley Erickson Gillespie Cwourlay Grace Hoel Holbert Holrnquist Horning Iensen Kampfe Miller Moorhead Reische Riley Ruckman Schneider Sullivan Swingle Thornton Vinsant Visek Christensen Clemens Costin Cramond Cripe Heebner Helllinger Henkle Henley Hewitt Keerans Klas McGath Marnrnel Meehan Smaha Smith Stebbins Stever Still Wachter Weingart Wier Wriqht Yflpp .swam v' r- H .71 1 FEI gel it I , rx N R Q lr . ga txt J il' 43" ' it rl we , pi w I ' vt ' 1 t t . 1 , nl -.,,.: 'l' 1: H . , 2: i 'I Beta Theta Pi The Betas populated the activity annals of 1953. Rocky Yapp served as president of AUP' and Student Council, vice-president of Inno- cents and a member oi IFC and COA. Carl Mammel was the treasurer of AUP, a member ot Student Council, Kosrnet Klub and in COA. Iol'1n Gourlay was on the Cornhuvslcer staff, a member of IFC, on the Builders publication staff and a Union Committee chairman. Dave Erickson. was on the Builders Board, in AUP' and on Pub. Board. Sam Iensen was editor ot the Presby Post and a Nebraskan. reporter. Beta Theta Pi Was rated third in the scholar- ship and activities Ivy Day competition. The Beta sports spotlight was on intramural foot- ball and squash. i Y-'Sv Vx 'P' ff TED BARGER, President Mechanical Engineering. Lincoln .Fill CHROLYN GIERHHN, President Home Economics. Hgriculture. Lexington Chi Omega Cheering their turtle on to the finish line, victory and a gold cup, were the Chi Os at the first annual Phi Delt Turtle Race. Lura Finn Harden led in activities as a member ot Mortar Board. Marj Moran, Theta Sigma Phi president, was selected as a PBK. Other activity-minded Chi Os were Io Knapp, Cornhusker managing editor and YWCH cab- inet rnemloerg Beth Rohwer, Builders vice-presi- dent, and Dottie Orchard, who was editor oi Builders Student Directory and Nebraska Sweetheart finalist. Ianet Quinn took an ac- tive part in YWCH and Builders Work. Chi Os busied themselves in various other Hg and City campus activities. Qkeson Qndemon D, Flnderson M. Aunspaugh Banks Bartunek Corenman Decker Dewey N. Dewey S. Douglass Dubas Harden l-layes Hemphill B. Hemphill E. Hicks Hooper Kroeger Larson Lawrence Lingren Lora Lingren Lorna Logie Moran M. Moran Y. Niehaus Ochsner O'Donnell Orchard Swanson B. Swanson S. Talbot Taylor Thompson Timmons Benning Brode Brown Buck Castner Connell Edwards Feaster Felger Gattis Gierhan Hanlon Ingram Kelley Kiger Kissler Knapp Kraemer Mason McCullough Millen Mills Moon Moore Padley Patterson Person Quinn Scharman Sherman Westcott White Wiltse B. Wiltse S. Young RUSH WEEK brings good news to Nancy Kiger aslshe is greeted by Katy Kelley. Hn air of excitement prevails throughout the Chi O house. HCTIVES Hkeson, Barbara, Chappell, '54, Banks, Barbara, Fairloury, '54, Bartunek, Peg, Lin- coln, '54, Brode, lane, Hllentown, Pa., '55, Brown, Sheila, Lincoln, '54, Buck, Patricia, Broken Bow, '54, Castner, Rose Mary, Sidney, '54, Connell, Beverly, Lin- coln, '56, Core-nman, Marilyn, Omaha, '55, Decker, Shirley, Omaha, '56, Dewey, Shirley, Lincoln, '56, Dubas, I-ldeline, Burwell, '55, Feaster, Dianne, Omaha, '54, Gierhan, Carolyn, Lexington, '54, Hanlon, Io Finn, Morrill, '56, Harden, Lura Hnn, Lincoln, '54, Hayes, Marilyn, Lincoln, '55, Hemphill, Barbara, Tekamah, '54, Kelley, Kathleen, Fairbury, '55, Kissler, Barbara, Lincoln, '54, Knapp, Io.Hnn, Lincoln, '55, Kraemer, Sally, Colorado Springs, '55, Larson, Ioan, Kimball, '55, Lawrence, Iudith, Tekamah, '56, Lingren, Lora Lee, Lincoln, '56, Lingren, Lorna Lou, Lincoln, '56, Logie, Rlice, St. Paul, '56, McCullough, Mary lane, Brady, '54, Mason, Ioan, Minden, '56, Millen, Elaine, Hlbion, '55, Moon, Marjorie, Fairbury, '56, Moore, Margaret, Lin- coln, '55, Moran, Marjorie, Lincoln, '54, Moran, Yvonne, Scottsbluff, '55, Niehaus, Mary Iean, Holdrege, '54, O'Donne1l, Kathleen, Lexington, '55, Ochsner, Shirley, Sut- ton, '54, Orchard, Dorothy, Omaha, '55, Padley, Marbara, Gothenburg, '56, Patterson, Carol, Lincoln, '54, Quinn, Dorothy, Gothenburg, '54, Quinn, Ianet, Gothenburg '55, Rohwer, Elizabeth, Fort Calhoun, '54: Sharman, Paula, Stromsburg, '54, Sheri man, Phyllis, Tecumseh, '56, Swanson, Betty, Wcxusa, '54, Taylor, Ioyce, Lincoln '56, Timmons, Nancy, Omaha, '56, White, Gloria, Scottsbluff, '55, Wiltse, Barbara Falls City, '55, Young, Qrdath, Beatrice, '56. PLEDGES Hnderson, Doris, South Sioux City, '57, Qnderson, Marilyn, Wausa, '56, Flunspaugh Ianet, Gothenburg, '57, Benning, Iolene, Neligh, '56, Dewey, Nancy, Lincoln, '57 Douglas, Hnn, Lincoln, '57, Edwards, Margaret, Huburn, '57, Felger, lane, Lincoln '57, Gattis, Mary, Harvey, Ill., '55, Hemphill, Emily, Telcamah, '57, Hicks, Barbara Lincoln, '57, Hooper, Darleen, Hastings, '57, Ingram, Joyce, Lexington, '56, Kiger Nancy, Washington, Kaus., '57, Kroeger, Io Carolyn, David City, '57, Mills, Shirley, Edgar, '57, Person, Nancy, Tecumseh, '57, Swanson, Shirley, Wausa, '57, Talbot Marilyn, Broken Bow, '56, Thompson, Mary, Ord, '57, Westcott, Norma, Holdrege '55, Wiltse, Sarol, Falls City, '57. CHI OMEGB 480 North 16 St. Q E I 1 'T s s s is -s W. is-w .,,. IT'S DENTHL HND DRESSING time at the three D's house. The Tri Delts make elaborate preparations en masse. HCTIVES Botsiord, Susan, Lincoln, '56, Burdic, Mary, Malvern, la., '56, Burkhardt, Grace, Norfolk, '54, Cast, Phyllis, Lincoln, '56, Cunningham, Ioy, Dalphin, '55, Dahlgren, Nancy, Omaha, '54, Decker, Karen, Lincoln, '56, Delong, lean, Syracuse, '55, Egger, Sharon, Lincoln, '56, Ekstrorn, Marion, Newman Grove, '55, Gomel, lean, Fair- fax, Mo., '54, Grimm, Ianet, Blair, '54, Hamrnerstrom, Marilyn, Sioux City, Ia., '55, Hammond, Patricia, Lincoln, '54, Hansen, Mary, Qnn, Sioux City, la., '56, Helm, Claudette, Lincoln, '56, Hess, Elaine, Omaha, '55, Hill, Martha, Lincoln, '55, Hinman, Clare, North Platte, '56, Hinrnan, Diane, North Platte, '54, Hoile, Nancy, Norlolk, '55, Hompes, Valerie, Lincoln, '56, Horning, Sharon, Omaha, '54, Iohnson, Marilyn, O'Neill, '55, Lemmer, Vivian, I-ltkinson, '56, Pollot, Gloria, Cozad, '55, Raben, Margaret, Nebraska City, '56, Robinson, Mary, Holdrege, '54, Saulis, Gloria, Gor- don, '54, Schaberg, Helen, Omaha, '55, Schock, Phyllis, Lincoln, '54, Sick, Sandra, Lincoln, '56, Stanley, Nancy, Lincoln, '56, Tietjen, Deloris, Superior, '56, Villepigue, lean, Wichita, Kan., '54. PLEDGES Hxihelin, Gwendolyn, Des Moines, Ia., '56, Bauer, Virginia, Benklernan, '56, Bell, Diane, Lincoln, '57, Colgan, Margaret, McCook, '55, Drayton, Margaret, Orchard, '56, Good, Carolyn, Cozad, '54, Gotschall, Frances, Htkinson, '57, Hall, Sylvia, Red Cloud, '57, Halpine, Ie-an, Lincoln, '56, Haessler, Mary Lou, Leshara, '55, Hudson, Georgia, Lincoln, '56, Imig, Marilyn, Seward, '57, Isaacson, Mary lean, Stratton, '56, Iames, Mary, Nebraska City, '57, Ielinek, Rita, Omaha, '57, Leigh, Barbara, Hardy, '55, Masters, Shannon, Lincoln, '57, Newell, Carol, Lincoln, '57, Oeslager, lane, Grand Island, '57, Pettijohn, Betty Sue, Oregon, Mo., '56, Plymale, Marilee, Millard, '57, Reifschneider, Marcia, Omaha, '57, Shearer, Carolyn, Hebron, '57, Shelledy, Mary, Lincoln, '56, Staska, Marilyn, Lincoln, '57, Stratton, Genevive, West Point, '57, Syfert, Patricia, Hinsworth, '56. DELTH DELTR DELTR 1501 R St. Flxthelrn Bauer Bell Botsiord Burdic Burkhardt Egger Ekstrom Gomel Good Gotschall Grimm Helm Hess Hill Hinman C. Hinrnan D. Hoile Iohnson Leigh Lemmer Masters Newell Oelschlager Saulls Schaberg Schock Shearer Shelledy Sick Cast Cunningham Dahlgren Decker DeLong Drayton Haessler Hall Halpine Hammesstrom Hammond Hansen Horning Hudson Imig Isaacson lames Ielinel: Peltijohn Plymale Pollat Raben Heifsclineicler Robinson Stanley Staska Stratton Syieri Tietjer Villepique Delta Delta Delta The picture on the television screen flashed on and revealed the l953 Calendar Girl, Claudette Helm. Nineteen fifty-four marked the 60th year on the Nebraska Campus for the Tri-Delts. The anniversary was celebrated at their initiation banquet in the spring. Playing an active part in University music circles was Mary Robinson, who was president of Delta Omicron, music sorority, and a Madri- gals member. In activities, the Tri-Delts were represented in HWS by the board member Diane I-linman. Martha Hill served as notifications chairman of Tassels and member of the YWCH cabinet. Marianne Hanson was a Nebraskan copy editor, while Margaret Raben was a Corn- lmsker section head. SHARON HORNING, President Elementary Education, Omaha IERN PERRIN, President Elementary Education. Alliance Delta Gamma Ivy Day found the DGS proud of their tour Mortar Board members, Sue Reinhardt, Tassels president, Ioy Wachal, HUF and Union vice- president, lane Calhoun, Builders vice-presi- dent, and Sue Brownlee, Honorary Comman- dant finalist. In addition, the DGs took second place in the Ivy Day sing. For the second consecutive year, DGS re- ceived first place in Coed Follies. Chosen for the Ivy Day court was Eileen Mullarky, who held board positions on HUF, Builders and HWS. Presiding over WHF1 was Phyllis Loudon. Io Meyer was active in Tassels and Coed Counselors. The HUF auction revealed Cathy Olds as .Flctivities Queen. Nancy Mueller and Lynn Holland were selected as Calendar Girls. Qinscow Anderson Bartling Bedford Bergquist Bernet Detweiler Domingo Drahota Farrell Franks Futcher Heath Holland Hutton Koehler Koehnke Kuska Meyers Mingus Mueller Mullarky Munro Olds Hyder Schenken Scriven Snell Siroh Sveska Sally Walt Wells Weston White Vliebe I. Wiebe Pl. Willie Withey Yeakley Brownlee Bryans Calhoun Corcoran Coulter Hall Halverson Patricia Halverson Peggy Hamer Haslam Link Lou don Lucke McClung MoKamy Perrin Phillips Heavis Reinhardt Reynolds Sveska Susan Turner Unterseher Wachal Walling H GHMMH GHL gets pinned as the rest of the DGs look on. lane Bergquist and Tom Larsen forget they have an audience. HCTIVES Flinscow, Sally, Omaha, '54, Bartling, Sally, Omaha, '54, Bedford, Marymaud, Geneva, '55, Berquist, lane, Lincoln, '56, Brownlee, Sue Qnn, Omaha, '54, Calhoun, lane, Lincoln, '54, Coulter, Nancy, Bridgeport, '56, Domingo, Mary, Weeping Water, '56, Farrell, Colleen, Lincoln, '56, Franks, Virginia, Morrill, '55, Halverson, Pat, Seward, '56, Hamer, Marilyn, Omaha, '55, Haslam, Florence, Fremont, '55, Heath, Iacqueline, Omaha, '55, Holland, Lynn, Lincoln, '55, Hutton, Marilyn, Norfolk, '56, Koehler, Nancy, Geneva, '56, Koehnke, Cecilia, Hlliance, '54, Loudon, Phyllis, Lin- coln, '54, McKarny, Grin, Omaha, '55, Mathieson, lacy, Grand lslancl, '56, Meyers, Io!-lnn, Scottsblulf, '55, Mullarky, Eileen, Omaha, '55, Olds, Cathryn, Omaha, '56, Perrin, lean, Hlliance, '54, Reinhardt, Susan, Scottsbluff, '54, Reynolds, lulie, Omaha, '55, Ryder, Robyn, Grand Island, '55, Stroh, Marlene, Lincoln, '54, Sveska, Sally, Omaha, '54, Sveska, Susan, Omaha, '54, Turner, Barbara, Lincoln, '55, Unterseher, Carole, Lincoln, '56, Wachal, Ioy, Omaha, '54, Walt, Mickie, Lincoln, '55, White, lane, Hemingford, '54, Wiebe, Iuoly, Lincoln, '54, Wiebe, Ruth, Lincoln, '56, Willie, leflarlene, Bethesda, Md., '55, Withey, Paula, Omaha, '54, Yeakley, Finn, Htlanta, a., '5B. PLEDGES Hnclerson, Iudy, Omaha, '57, Bernet, Donna, Ravenna, '57, Bryans, Marilyn, Omaha, '55, Corcoran, Hnn, Sibley, Ia., '57, Detweiler, Susan, Omaha, '57, Drahota, Gail, Columbus, '56, Futcher, Rae, Omaha, '57, Hall, Mary, Gowrie, la., '57, Halverson, Peggy, Seward, '56, Kuska, Ianet, Omaha, '57, Link, Carol, Hinsworth, '57, Lucke, Ruth Plnn, Omaha, '57, McClung, Ianet, Omaha, '57, Mingus, Carolyn, Ravenna, '57, Mueller, Nancy, Lincoln, '55, Munro, lane, Kearney, '57, Phillips, LaBertc1, Grand Island, '57, Beavis, Virginia, Falls City, '57, Schenken, Janet, Omaha, '56, Scriven, Trudy, Scottsbluff, '57, Snell, Iudy, Omaha, '57, Walling, Gail, Omaha, '57, Wells, Phyllis, Omaha, '57, Weston, Pattie, Beatrice, '57. DELTH GAMMH 400 University Terrace ,4- BANIO IIVE keeps the Delta Sigs jumping during a drowsy afternoon. Books and boredom are iorgoiten. as strings sing. HCTIVES Hllington, Robert, Lincoln, '56, Hndersen, Charles P., Hlliance, '54, Carter, Lee F., Lincoln, '54, Chapman, David I., Norih Bend, '55, Crow, D. Bradley, Lincoln, '56, Eno, Robert, Lincoln, '56, Ficke, Roberi, Lincoln, '54, Garrison, Edgar, Oak- clale, '55, Gottberg, Gerry, Madison, '56, Hill, Richard, St. Paul, '55, Hurst, Wil- liam, Lincoln, '55, Iohnson, Robert, Omaha, '56, Kelley, Iohn, Beaver Cily, '56, Lawrence, Leon G., Craig, Mo., '55, Magill, Vernon, Curtis, '55, Nelson, Tim, St. Edward, '54, Parks, Charles, Lincoln, '56, Reed, Lloyd FL, Lincoln, '55, Short, Roberi, Craig, Mo., '55, Wendell, Paul, Lincoln, '55. PLEDGES Brown, Wilford, Cambridge, '57, Brozek, Thomas, Omaha, '57, Copp, James, Grand Island, '57, Cummings, William, Wymore, '57, Pyle, Charles, Hlliance, '57, Rasmus- sen, Paul, Si. Paul, '57, Starr, Flllan, Upper Montclair, N. I., '57, Woodward, Robert, Grand Island, '57, DELTA SIGMA PHI 1226 D 'Street 'x ,nfs ' r 4 .ol ' 'ill Crow Cummings Eno Ficke Garrison Gollberg Hill Hurst Hllington Hndersen Brown Brozek Carier Chapman Clear Copp Iohnson Iones Kapsi Kelley Lawrence Magill Nelson Parks Pyle Rasmussen Reed Starr Wendell Woodward Delta Sigma Phi The Nile green and White ol Delta Sigma Phi decorated their annual Apache, Carna- tion and Sailor's Balls. Green was also promi- nent at the Delta Sig Christmas party. Activity man Dave Chapman was program director of KNUS, an AUP worker and a mem- loer of Pershing Rifles. Tim Nelson was vice- president of the Religious Welfare Council, a Madrigal Singer and Provost Corps member. Lloyd Reed lettered for the second year in swimming. Bill Hurst, Charles Parks and Lloyd Reed were in the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Lee Carter and Vernon Magill be- longed to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. i. ,. ggi if J E-1-4-vw-5 'l DICK HILL, President Pre-Med. Hrts and Sciences. St. Paul 'Qi 1 My .- me 1-sw, '. v 7:- 61 Q '1 iiflf- Q 'Fl wg max, mswssw E ,tg ' s , it , as , . --H unit" 'Wi S' i- raw A K wwmsis ' sszss sf V mv. JERRY PHULSON, President Business Hdministration, Dell Rapids, So. Dak. H-E M- mx Q Z, gaps.. E, Delta Tau Delta Eldon Park led Delt activity men. Eldon was president ot Innocents, vice-president ol the Student Council, president ot Builders, Bat- talion Commander of NBOTC and a Beta Gam- ma Sigma, business administration honorary, member. Bob I-lasebroock, another Delt Inno- cent, was president of IFC, Lt. Commander of AFROTC and a member of Kosmet Klub. Ierry Paulson, Max Kitzelman, Max Ken- nedy and Don Glantz were the Delts' contribu- tions to the varsity football team. Other varsity sports participants were Brien Hendrickson, trackg Dick Hill, swimming, and Don I-lodge, gymnastics. Larry Green and Dick Tooley were intramural first team choices. Freshman sports participants Were Don Erway, Ioe Bayer and Charles Smith. wif?- ,,,,w me ses sting sgigjygk K ' 4 .i' B ses - me S ea is E. S?WR E mfigllfffi HEWEH 'im HKWWW KWSN e as s it Flden Hllen Hndreasen Bayer Beideck Bennett Bevington Cochran Cook H. Cook P. Cook R. Danek Decker Dewhirsit Hasebroock Hendrickson Hill Hodge Hove Iohnson Karabatsos Lowell McClure Madsen Mardis Nelson G. Nelson I. Noble Sack Sample Schade Schilling Serr Simonson Skalla Trupp Walker Warren Weber Bingham Bish Blevins Burnham Burns Carl Famer Erway Frandsen Grant Hanson Harvey Karschner Kennedy Kohl Krantz Lambert Lindgren Olson Park Parris Paulson Paynich Regan Smith Stratford Stump Thober Tom sen Tooley Winter Wright Zinnecker B. Zinnecker I. cdxxe E MAKESHIFT MUSIC flows from the Delt's bucket bass. Bill Harm strikes the chords and cadenzas for his attentive group. QCTIVES Flndreason, George, Fremont, '56, Bennett, Richard, Beatrice, '55, Berghel, Robert, Omaha, '55, Bevington, Robert, Beatrice, '55, Bingham, Ierry, Lincoln, '54, Bish, William, Rockg Ford, Colo., '54, Cook, Paul, Curtis, '55, Danek, Ronald, Lincoln, '56, Decker, harles, La Grosse, Wis., '55, Dewhirst, Milton, Grand Island, '55, Frandsen, Gary, York, '56, Fullerton, George, Hinsworth, '56, Glantz, Donald, Cen- tral City, '55, Grant, Richard, Columbus, '56, Hanson, Dou las, North Platte, '54, Harvey, Iames, Lincoln, '56, Harvey, Richard, Sioux Falls, D., '55, Hasebroock, Robert, West Point, '56, Harm, William, Lincoln, '56, Hendrickson, Brien, Lincoln, '55, Hill, Richard, Hastings, '56, Hodge, Donald, Beatrice, '55, Hove, Hndrew, Min- den, '56, Karabatsos, George, Fairbury, '54, Kennedy, Max, Beatrice, '54, Krantz, lerry, Omaha, '55, Latlin, Lewis, Lincoln, '54, Lowell, lim, Lincoln, '55, Mardis, Hal, Lincoln, '55, Mathiesen, Hans, Grand Island, '55, McClure, Edward, Wymore, '54, McMaster, Burrell, Beatrice, '56, Nelson, Glenn. Central City, '54, Ne son, Iohn, Sioux Falls, S. D., '55, Olson, David, Lincoln, '55, Park, Eldon, Lincoln, '54, Parris, Iohn, Lincoln, '56, Paulson, Ierry, Dell Rapids, S. D., '54, Pa nich, George, Des Plaines, Ill., '54, Regan, George, Madison. S. D., '55, Sample, Bert, First Madison, S. D., '54, Schade, Charles, Sidney, '54, Schilling, Dick, Lincoln, '55, Serr, Robert, Omaha, '56, Simonson, Ted, West Point, '56, Skalla, Iohn, Beatrice, '56, Stratford, Richard, Beatrice, '55, Taylor, Don, Lincoln, '56, Tomsen, Charles, Minden, '56, Tooley, Richard, Columbus, '56, Warren, Iohn, Beatrice, '54, Weber, David, Lin- coln, '56, Wells, Richard, Lincoln, '55, Wright, Walter, Onawa, la,, '55, Zinnecker, Bennett, David City, '55. PLED GES Hden, Hllen, Gothenburg, '55, Hllen, Tandy, Cozad, '57, Plrndt, Roland, Columbus, '56, Bayer, Ioe. Minden, '57, Beideclc, Iohn, Lincoln, '57, Blevins, Larry, I-linsworth, '57, Burnham, Robert, York, '56, Burns, Robert, Omaha, '56, Butherus, Le-Roy, Lin- coln, '57, Campbell, Richard, Wymore, '55, Carl, Thomas, Omaha, '57, Cochran, Terry, Omaha, '57, Cook, Herbert, Curtis, '57, Cook, Robert, Lincoln, '57, Erway, Donald, Lincoln, '57, Famer, Richard, Norfolk, '57, Fogerty, Richard, Lincoln, '5, Geier, Richard, Lincoln, '56, Green, Ierry, Lincoln, '57, Iohnson, Ronald, Lincoln, '57, Kangierser, Kenneth, Nebraska City, '5 , Karschner, Lloyd, Omaha, '55, Kitzelrnan, Max, Omaha, '54, Kohl, Hdam, Hastings, '57, Lambert, Gary, Keamey, '57, Lind- gren, Leonard, Wahoo, '57, Madsen, Rodney, Dell Rapids, S. D., '57, Neff, Benja- min, Lexington, '57, Noble, Iohn, Beatrice, '57, Sack, Roger, York, '56, Smith, Charles, Franklin, N. H., '57, Stump, Ralph, Beatrice, '55, hober, Qian, Beatrice, '57, Trupp, Richard, Scottsbluff, '55, Walker, Richard, I-lberdeen, S. D., '57, Winter, John, Lincoln, '57, Zinnecker, Iohn, David City, '57. DELTA THU DELTA 715 North 16 Street snow 'SE REST AND RELAXATION are the DUs orders of the day. Some apples and ashtrays add to that pause that refreshes. HCTIVES Barnard, Hugh, Finn Hrbor, Mich., '56, Barton, Ierry, Gering, '55, Beechman, lack, Lincoln, '54, Britt, Ted, North Platte,, '54, Burmeister, Charles, Wahoo, '55, Carl- son, Stuart, Holdrege, '54, Chiles, Scott, Omaha, '56, Gibbs, Iohn, Custer, S. D., '56, Harmon, Bill, Imogene, la., '56, Hotstetter, Iames, Kearney, '55, Iohnson, Bur- ton, Wahoo, '56, Iohnson, Robert E., Omaha, '55, Iohnston, Paul, Lincoln, '55, Krause, loe, Wahoo, '56, Loch, Robert, Sidney, '54, Lynch, Dick, Kearney, '54, Long, Dick, Lincoln, '56, McKee, Robert, Hxtell, '55, Miller, Fred, Tecumseh, '56, Minnick, Ierry, Cambridge, '54, Million, Lewis, Sidney, '55, Neal, Richard, Lincoln, '56, Nuckolls William, Fair-bury, '55, Oehlrich, Herman, Columbus, '56, Overden, Ron, Sidney, '55, Park, Robert, Kansas City, Mo., '55, Perrenoud, Don, Omaha, '55, Peters, Richard, Htlanta, Ga., '54, Peterson, Carroll, Kimball, '55, Pilasterer, Paul, Crete, '54, Soren- sen, Don, Ord, '55, Straka, Dewey, Omaha, '55, Robinson, Vincent, Kearney, '54, Thompson, Charles, Barrington, Ill., '55, Tolen, Tom, Ord, '54, Wager, Bernie Burwell, '55, Wells, Morgan, Hxtell, '56, Westcott, Dick. PLEDGES Bixler, Randall, Omaha, '57, Brox, Meredith, Ord, '57, Carroll, Daryl, Scottsbluff, '57, Deterding, Donald, Deshler, '57, Erilcsen, Donald, Ft. Morgan, Colo., '57, Glandt William, Omaha, '56, Herries, Henry, Pawnee City, '57, Iohnson, Claire, Tilden '55, Iohnson, Harold, Holdrege, '57, Iorgensen, George, Hurora, '57, Keiter, Bob Bostwick, '57, Krommenhoek, William, Sioux City, '57, Kubat, Flrnil, Omaha, '56 Ledvetter, Iohn, Kearney, '55, Lewis, Dale, Wall, S. D., '57, Lukes, Dick, Omaha '57, MacDonald, Robert, Bayard, '57, McNiece, Marvin, Bayard, '57, Mason, Mer- rill Ord '57- Meradith Dick York, '57, Merr man. Bill, Kearney, '57, Moyer, Edward 1 1 , 1 1 Y 1 Lincoln, '57, Nicholson, lohn, Grand Island, '57, Smith, Robert, Valley, '57, Smith, Robert, Sargent, '54, Smith, Kenneth, Lincoln, '56, Voils, Donald, Lincoln, '57, Wall, George, Glendale, Calif., '57. DELTA UPSILON 1701 E Street it .. ' 'V' - r tt. 19554, 'S llawll 1 1 1 1 Barnard Barton Bixler Brox Carlson Chiles Iohnson C. Iohnson H. Iohnson R. Iorgensen Keiler Krause Lynch MacDonald McNeice Mason Miller Million Peterson Smith K. Smith Robert B. Smith Robert D. Sorensen Deterding Eriksen Glandt Herries l-lofstetter Johnson B. Krommenhoek Leclbe l ter Lewis Loch Long Lu kes Moyer Nuckolls Oehlrich Park Perrenoucl Peters Thompson Voils Wall Westcott Delta Upsilon Nebraska's oldest fraternity, Delta Upsilon, celebrated its 56th anniversary as the Univer- sity observed its Centennial year. lim Hofstetter was treasurer of the junior class, on the track team and assistant business manager of The Nebraskan. Football star Ierry Minnick was voted an Eligible Bachelor. DU's president, Dick Westcott was assistant business manager of The Nebraskanv. Ken Smith served as associate editor of the Nebraska Blueprint. House social events included the DU Stable Stomp, the Orchid formal, a lawn party and the DU-Kappa Alpha Theta Christmas party for orphans. Ierry Minnick, Ted Britt and Dick Neal played varsity football. DICK WESTCOTT. President Business Administration, Burwell 11:5 WHYNE MOODY, President General Hgriculture, Huhurn 5 .. :- W sd .,.f - , y f he Farm House The fourth time proved to be the charm for Farmhouse fraternity, as for the fourth year in a row they Won the Innocents Scholarship and Activities Trophy on Ivy Day. Farmhouse was also awarded the Inter-fraternity Scholarship Cup. Farmhouse president, Wayne Moody, per- formed gavel duties in Alpha Zeta, agricultural honorary. Other Farmhouse men in Alpha Zeta are Kenneth Stone, Don Iohnson, Eldon Wesely, Fred Smiclt, Darren Nelson and Rolla Swanson. Dale Reynolds was vice-president of his house, sergeant-at-arms of Innocents, president of Ag Builders and a member of Alpha Zeta. Iunior Knobel and Carl Lemmon received the American Farmer degree. I - vi' . -, .J -. , ff 41-A My Burbank Carlson Clegg D. Clegg M. Coffey Connor Easlin Edwards Franken Erlewine Feather Gruber Iohnson lundt Knobel Lemmon Mcfieynolds Mannlein Olson Petersen Reinmiller Reynolds Dale Reynolds Don Schmidt Swanson Rolla Trenkle I'-1. 'Trenkle P. Trumble Turner Wesely Wright Damkroger Davidson DeWull Discoe Dutton Hargleroad Harris I--fartrnan l-leuermann Hoffman Maunder Mever Moody Nelson Nitzel Scott Smidt Starr Stone Swanson BUFFALO BUILDERS construct the Farmhouse Homecoming dis- play. Chicken wire. cr saw. hammers and hands do the job. QCTIVES Coffey, Marvin, Phillips, '56, Clegg, Denzil, Gothenburg, '54, Davidson, Merwyn, Lincoln, '55, Dutton, Brock, Melheta, '56, Edwards, Ioe, Pluburn, '54, Erlewine, Keith, Ogallala, '55, Gruber, Don, Cozad, '55, Hargleroad, lames, Tekamah, '55, Hartman, George, Paxton, '56, Harris, Charles, Lebanon, '55, Heuermann, Keith, Phillips, '55, Hoffman, Ierry, Pawnee Ciiy, '56, lohnson, Don, Hlbion, '54, Iundi, Dwight, Creighton, '55, Knobel, Iunior, Powell, '55, Lemmon, Calvin, Crawford, '55, Mannlein, Bill, St. Paul, '56, Maunder, Bruce, Lincoln, '56, Meyer, Rex, Phillips, '54, Moody, Wayne, Huburn, '54, Nelson, Darren, Raymond, '54, Nitzel, Dale, Pitcher, '55, Petersen, Marx, Central City, '56, Reynolds, Dale, St. Paul, '54, Rein- zniller, Ronald, Staplehurst, '56, Smidt, Fred, Firth, '54, Stone, Kenneth, Lyons, '54, Swanson, Rolla, Waverly, '55, Wesely, Eldon, Cedar Bluffs, '54, Wright, Bob, Chappell, '5B. PLEDGES Carlson, Merlyn, Chappell, '57, Connor, Larry, North Platte, '56, Clegg, Max, Gothen- burg, '57, Damlcroger, Leo, DeWitt, '57, DeWoli, Bill, Cedar Rapids, '57, Discoe, Bob, Paxton, '57, Eastin, Iohn, Madrid, '56, Feather, lim, Vfaverly, '57, Franken, Bill, Roscoe, '56, Matzke, Stan, Lincoln, '55, McReynolds, Ed, Hshland, '57, Olson, lohn, Sargeant, '56, Reynolds, Don, St. Paul, '57, Schmidt, Walter, Gordon, '57, Scott, Eugene, Belgrade, '56, Swanson, Rodney, Overton, '57, Trumble, Charley, Papillion, '57, Turner, lim, Fairbury, '57. FARMHOUSE 4013 Holdrege Street rgsvf nas ia I ri w if FOOTBHLL FESTIVITIES excite the cheers of Gamma Phi ians. Excursions to Memorial Stadium become a habit. HCTIVES Qnderson, Plgnes, Lincoln, '55, Eastwood, Shirley, Mullen, '56, Entry, Doris, Shelton, '56, Hallis, Margie, Omaha, '55, Hamilton, Shirley, North Platte, '54, Hansen, Hlice, Hastings, '55, Hicks, Marolyn, Lincoln, '56, Holden, Ioan, Grand lsland, '54, House, Mary, Grand Island, '56, Iacohy, Linda, North Platte, '56, Keister, Patricia, Grand Island, '54, Kiely, Nancy, Lincoln, '56, Langelett, Geraldine, Sioux Falls, S. D., '54, Larson, Peggy, Fremont, '56, Lentz, Shirley, Beatrice. '55, Lindgren, Patricia, Grand Island, '54, Mangold, Marilyn, Bennington, '54, Mangold, Sharon, Bennington, '56, Mapes, lane, Lincoln, '55, McCown, Carol, Beatrice, '54, McGlasson, Sally, Lincoln, '55, Nosky, Kay, North Platte, '56, Odum, Nancy, Schuyler, '55, Olson, Sue, Nor- iolk, '56, Hamey, Sue, Lincoln, '56, Rosenquist, Berneta, Lincoln, '55, Schurman, Margie, Madison, '54, Steffen, Ianet, Norfolk, '54, Steffen. lean, Norfolk, '55, Switzer, Iacqueline, Omaha, '55, Uran, Gwen, Rapid City, S. D., '55. PLEDGES Plnderson, Mary Ftlice, Oakland, '57, Bachrnan, Iune, North Bend, '57, Beach, Ianet, Lincoln, '57, Bricker, Lorrayne, Norfolk, '55, Cody, Zoe, Chicago, Ill., '57, Cum- ming, Karen, Sioux Falls, S. D., '57, Dedrick, Nancy, Beatrice, '57, Dunn, Nadine, Omaha, '57, Finnerty, Sharon, Lincoln, '57, Fleming, Nancy, Lincoln, '57, Frank, Sharon, Sioux Falls, S. D., '57, Holcomb, Shirley, Hastings, '57, Hooks, Margie, Blair, '56, Hudson, Virginia, Lincoln, '57, Iacohs, Beverly, Lincoln, '57, Iensen, Sharon, Fremont, '57, Keys, Mary, Lincoln, '57, King, Carolyn, Cambridge, '56, Lonsbrough, Cynthia, Omaha, '57, Mittelstadt, Marianne, Norfolk, '55, Novotny, Dorothy, Clark- son, '57, Olson, Betty, Oakland, '57, Olson, Mary, Lincoln, '57, Pawley, Shirley, Fremont, '57, Purcell, Patricia, Fremont, '57, Buegg, Harriet, Omaha, '56, Schaffer, Elizabeth, O'Neill, '57, Scott, Ioyce, Norfolk, '57, Shinn, Lou, Dunning, '55, Smith, Donna, Pender, '56, Tews, Lillian, Hastings, '55, Timm, Carole, Eustis, '56, Way, Fturelia, Decatur, '57, Weeks, Rosemary, Kearney, '57. GHMMH PHI BETH 415 North 16 St. H S it s 372 new Flnclerson A Anderson M. Bachman Beach Bricker Butler Fleming Frank Hamilton Hansen Hicks Holcomb Iacoby lensen Kiely Keister Keys King McGlasson Mangold M. Mangold S. Mapes Mittelstadt Nosky Pawley Rosenquist Rams-y Purcell Ruegg Schaffer Cody Dedriclc Dunn Eastwood Emry Holden Hooks House Hudson Iacobs Langelett Larson Lentz Lonsbrough McCown Novotny Odum Olson B. Olson M. Olson S. Schurrnan Scott Shinn Smith Steffen lanet Steffen lean Switzer Tews Timm Uran Way Weeks Gamma Phi Beta Plfter classes were over, Gamma Phis found their schedules filled with campus activities. Taking the activity limelight was lanet Steffen who was president oi both Mortar Board and QWS. Builders Board member Nancy Odum' and HUF board member Ianey Mapes both held Cnrnlmsker- managing editor positions While Berne Rosenquist was,sker layout edi- tor. Nebraska Sweetheart finalist, lean Stef- fen, held Builders, YWCH and HUF board positions. Gutstanding sophomore Sharon Mangold was chosen for the Ivy Day Court and Flctivity Queen iinalist. Kay Nosky was a Nebraskan copy editor an.d Sue Olson was selected as outstanding HUF Worker. Hggie Hnderson was among the twelve Calendar Girls. SHIRLEY HHMILTON, President Spanish. Hris and Sciences. North Platte a si s GRHCII-X EYTH. President Elementary Education. Beatrice Kappa Alpha Theta Scholastically, the Thetas proved tops by Winning the scholarship cup for 1953-54. Thetas also claimed Homecoming honors as Phyl Colbert Was crowned queen and their golf theme house display rated first place. Campus activities kept many Thetas occu- pied. Mortar Board Harriet Wenke served as HUF vice-president, while WHH and Hqua- quettes vice-preside-ncies were held by Sally Mallory and Iudy Flansburg, respectively. Hnn Skold Was active in Builders. Sue Muelhaupt was chosen as a calendar girl, and Cynthia Holyoke was a finalist for both Nebraska Sweetheart and Honorary Com- mandant. Ivy Day found the Thetas winning third place in the womens sing and Sue Holmes CI member of the court. 4 l .1, , n QI nn' 158' fe-2, ,.-rw V V l .v a -I . 1 - lr' -'r'--1 " 'K'-1 'ir' ' ir '- fi., . Q- ' N. V - ,. t 5 t 4 5 VP - A ' r y , , 5.5 1 35 . V V ' .1 .47 l , ' 'aff' ', l J 'r 'Nl' l r 5 it P L T Q' ,Q , i- r Vp-V M- 1 V ,if 1 I ., ,, r , tee, ' f tr 553 '15 F" 5 F , gf 1 v iq, ,I 1 , ,rr I 1 - V 7 I .' ,T ,A L gl I i 1 .. . YF? I t5f"" .- VE ki-K Y A , . ., - 1 A -J ' V fl" l x 7' i' f r J 'F' 5,7 kg . 'tl J It . l 'S ,L tif A I , -a' ' A 5-,l Bachman Beachler Bock Bost Campbell Carpcnder Carr Elliott Eyth Finney Flansburg Flynn Foote Goetz lohnson Keenan Kinsey Keithley Kerr Kilfin Kitzelman Miner E. Miner I. Morgan Muelhaupt Srb Peterson Pickett Stevens Stoehr Slohlman Swerre Teigeler Cartwright Claussen Colbert Danielson Dovriendt Dinsmore I-iarclio Hodder Holmes Holyoke Howalt Icllrey Legge Lindley McCandless McLaughlin Miller Minor Roe Saylor Sidner Soderberg Sprague Siallord Thomas Towne Watson Wenke TV TIME is time for a KRT session at the Kappa Hlpha Theta house. H11 oi the casual KHTS join in the noon viewing. HCTIVES Beachler, Mary Kay, Grand Island, '56, Campbell, lane, Lincoln, '56, Carpender, lane, Lincoln, '54, Claussen, Ioan, Holdrege, '54, Colbert, Phyllis, Lincoln, '55s Dinsmore, Ianet, Omaha, '54, Elliott, Donna, Mitchell, '55, Eyth, Gracia, Beatrice, '54, Flansburg, Iucly, Lincoln, '55, Flynn, Mary, Clare, Omaha, '54, Foote, Rachel, Hastings, '55, Goetz, Carolyn, Omaha, '56, Hardie, Hnn, Lincoln, '56, Holmes, Sue, Kearney, '54, Holyoke, Cynthia, Pasadena, Calif., '54, Iones, Dolores, Omaha, '56, Keithley, Patricia, Sabetha, Kan., '56, Kerr, Kathleen, Hastings, '56, Kitlin, Char- lene, Lincoln, '54, Kinsey, Kay, Falls City, '55, Legge, Ioan, Omaha, '54, Lindley, Hnn, Omaha, '56, Mallory, Sally, Lincoln, '54, McLaughlin, Roseanne, Grand lsland, '54, Miller, Martha Lee, Lincoln, '54, Miner, Hope, Grand Island, '55, Morgan, Cynthia, Lincoln, '56, Noble, Cynthia, Omaha, '55, Pickett, Ellen, Lincoln, '56, Roe, Ioan, Bennington, '55, Sidner, Hnn, Fremont, '55, Skold, Hnn, Kearney, '55, Srb, Lois, Lincoln, '54, Stanley, Marilyn, Omaha, '55, Stevens, Sandra, Omaha, '56, Stoehr, Susan, Omaha, '55, Stohlman, Shirley, Hppleton, Wis., '55, Swerre, Ingrid, Omaha, '55, Thomas, lean, Lincoln, '54, Towne, Marilyn, Lincoln, '56, Watson, Bridget, Lincoln, '55, Wenke, Harriet, Lincoln, '54. PLEDGES Bachman, Carolyn, Grand Island, '57, Bock, Elizabeth, Hastings, '57, Bost, Indy, Grand Island, '57, Carr, Io Hnn, Seward, '57, Cartwright, Leigh, Omaha, '55, Daniel- son, Roberta, Omaha, '57, DeVriendt, Diane, Lincoln, '57, Finney, Mary lean, Lin- coln, '57, Flanagan, Earl:-ara, Hastings, '56, Hodder, Catherine, Lincoln, '57, Howalt, Willa Beth, Sioux Falls, S. D., '56, Howard, Hlice, Omaha, '57, lelfrey, Kyle, Smith- lield, '57, Iohnson, laroline, Sioux Falls, S. D., '57, Keenan, Beth, Kearney, '57, Kitzleman, Lillian, Beatrice, '55, McCanclless, Dorothy, St. Iohns, Kan., '57, Miner, Plnn, Tecumseh, '56, Minor, Gloria, Hlliance, '57, Muelhaupt, Sue, Des Moines, la., '55, Peterson, Diane, Fremont, '57, Saylor, Sandra, Lincoln, '57, Soderhurg, Beverly, Fremont, '57, Sprague, Mary Kiley, Red Cloud, '56, Stallord, Patricia, Lincoln, '57, Tiegler, Kathrine, Fremont, '57. KHPPH ALPI-IH THETR 1545 S St. DRAWING DEVILS for "KD's Hades" is the project oi the pledge class. H foreboding atmosphere envelopes the annual fall house party. HCTIVES H Hbbott, Carolyn, Omaha, '56, Hntes, Margie, Lincoln, '56, Beermann, Mary Lou, Dakota City, '55, Brewick, Pat, Sioux City, la., '54, Burcum, Kay, So. Sioux City, '55, Carter, Barbara, Lincoln, '55, Clark, Barbara, Lincoln, '55, Dingman, Ioey, Lincoln, '56, Dudley, Phyllis, Lincoln, '55, Ellerbroek, Mary, Bellevue, '55, Engel- brecht, Beverlee, Hastings, '56, Fangman, Ioyce, Omaha, '56, Felton, Ioanne, Lin- coln, '56, Fries, Shirley, Geneva, '54, George, Naomi, So. Sioux City, '54, Glantz, lean, Central City, '56, Glock, Martha, David City, '56, Graham, Pat, Lincoln, '55, Harvey, Grace, Logan, la., '56, Ioos, Beverly, Omaha, '54, Kennedy, Marilyn, Lin- coln, '54, Kruse, Corliss, Omaha, '55, Luli, Earlene, Lincoln, '54, Maronde, Mary Ellen, Lincoln, '54, Morgan, Iudy, So. Sioux City, '54, Morgan, Pat, Elwood, '56, O'Dell, Neala, Wayne, '54, Pelikan, Marilyn, Lincoln, '55, Piister, Linda, Steinauer, '54, Roddy, Marilyn, Omaha, '54, Boss, Caroline, Lincoln, '54, Roxberg, Carolyn, Lin- coln, '56, Schuck, Carol, Lincoln, '56, Slagle, Mary Ellen, Lincoln, '54, Sorensen, Ruth Ellen, Tecumseh, '55, Sorenson, Barbara, Lincoln, '55, Stephenson, Sara, Lin- coln, '55, Taylor, Mary, Omaha, '56, Thurman, Betty, Broken Bow, '55, Turnquist, Marilyn, Wood Lake, '54, Ullstrom, Iackie, Lincoln. '54, Vollmer, Ieannette, Lincoln, '56, Walton, Dorothy, Lincoln, '56, Wilson, Kathleen, Wolbach, '54, PLEDGES Eeerman, Marlene, Dakota City, '57, Clauss, Roberta, Omaha, '57, Conkling, Carolyn, Nebraska City, '56, Davis, Imogene, Inman, '56, DeBrunner, Catherine, Lodge- pole, '57, Evans, Gladys, Wisner, '57, Gealy, Mildred, Gordon, '56, Irwin, Shirley, Sidney, '57, Iacobs, Elizabeth, Lincoln, '57, Jensen, Genelle, Lincoln, '57, Kennedy, Cleo, Sidney, '57, Lang, Kathleen, Litchfield, '56, Mahaiiey, Sandra, Dcrrance, Kan., '57, McMullen, Dorine, Lincoln, '56, Morgan, Dian, So, Sioux City, '57, Pagel, Beverly, Lincoln, '57, Sabin, Ellen, New York City, N, Y., '57, Simmons, Sue Flnne, Hooper, '57, Srnets, Karen, Ord, '57, Smith, Patricia Buffalo, Wyo., '57, Sorenson, Betty, Lincoln, '57, Sorenson, Mary, Davenport, '57, Stephenson, Donna, Lincoln, '57, Thurman, Barbara, Broken Bow, '57, Webb, Sharon Sue, Mitchell, '57, KHPPH DELTH. 504 University Terrace Flbbott Beerrnann Marlene Beermann Mary Brewick Burcum Carter DeGraw Dingrnan Dudley Ellerbroek Engelbrecht Evans Graham Harvey Irwin' Iacobs lensen Ioos McMullen Mahafiey Maronde Morgan D. Morgan I. Morgan P. Roxberg Simmons Slagle Srnets Smith Sorensen M. Thurman Barbara Thurman Betty Turnquisi Ullstrom Clark Clauss Cookling Davis DeBrunner Fangman Felton Gealy George Glock Kennedy C. Kennedy M. Kruse Lang Luif O'De1l Pagel Pelikan Roddy Ross Sorensen R. Sorenson Barbara Sorenson Betty Stephenson Taylor Vollmer Walton Wilson Qntes Kappa Delta H Mortar Board and a musical comedy star shared the KD activity spotlight during the past year. Mortar Board secretary, Neala O'Dell, was YWCQ president and NUCWH secretary. Masquer Marilyn Lehr Kennedy had the com- edy lead in the Kosmet Klub spring show. The KD curtain act took second place in Coed Follies. Individual honors went to Mary Taylor, Calendar Girl, and Ioan Kjelgaard, Navy ROTC Queen. Carol Dill was TKE Sweet- heart. Sara Stephenson Worked as editor of Build- ers special edition. Hg YWCH vice-president was Mary Ellen Maronde, who was honored as attendant in the lvy Day court, Three KDS, Kay Burcum, Carlis Kruse and Pat Graham, were YWCQ cabinet members. E 5 ,,- E BEVERLY IOOS, President Medical Technology, Hits cmd Science, Omaha is H SUE GORTON. President Ioumulism, Arts cmd Science. Tecumseh Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappas sang their way to first place honors on Ivy Day While Iulie Iohnson, May Queen, reigned over the day's festivities. Sporting new Black Masques that day were Barb Bell, vice presidentg Sue Gorton, publicity chairman, and Barb Raun. Working on publications were Barb Bell, associate editor ol the Cornhusker and Sally Hall, editor of The Nebrasklm. Elaine Smith- berger and Phyllis Plrmstrong Were secretaries ot YWCH and HUF respectively. Iunior girls outstanding in activities were Ian Harris-on, Nebraslcan, and Finn Laurier, NUCWH. Second place honors Went to the Kappa's Coed Follies skit, While Iancy Carman and Daphne Young were chosen as Calendar Girls. P-r ivri- , l1Yi'5it. . Wig l . pa."- .i i-' ' ' l- v ..:wY- rv, .qw u - -A . V 'J J lr W ,,' , l r ti t..l .U . . l ,, ,r I 5 , I ,. F , . vp-1. ,-. . r -' Y 1 i . 1 ' - ' it ,fd . "' t ' JTTT i . 1' ' I' f"L'1 -' F. 'lil V ' "'lQ,.-w i ' -. ' l' ., f . -a -. - r 2 A 1 .J N" 3 cl l " l . i . is lla, Y 1 i it 4 352 Y 74 7 -sl A , M' t- it , par. I' iii' i' 'W' .H ,sas-it l i 4. ' .Y 34- K""-J, .,, ,.,. 1, H, 'u A- -9, s, ' f l i llclcerman Adams Hitkon Rrinsliong Bell Bosley Du'l'eau D, Du'l'eau M. Egan lllliott lifnalcr Gardiner Grow llall llarrison Hawkins llaythorn Healey Lilly K. Lilly 'l'. Loder Madden Makeneace Matzke Recd l, Heed M. Rhodes liussell B. Russell iii. liystroxn Tyson Warren Weiss Wollensiel: Whilwartli Bremer Brillhart Buthrnan Carman Cook Good Gorton I. Gorton S. Gralicm Grillis Henderson I-lulac letlrey Kokier Laurier Opilz Paterson Pollock liaun B. Haun L. Srnilliborgcr Speicher Sally Speicher Sandra Spencer' 'l'olt Wright Wyatt Young Daphne Young Diane BOWLING THEM OVER are these Kappa pledges in their bowler hats. Entertaining actives is a pleasant pledge duty. HCTIVES Rclcerman, Hlana, Foirloury, '56, Fldams, Sue, Omaha, '55, Qrmstrong, Phyllis, Omaha, '54, Bell, Barbara, Lincoln, '54, Carman, Iancy, Omaha, '56, Cook, Martha, Beatrice, '54, DuTeau, Mimi, Lincoln, '55, Egan, Mary, Omaha, '56, Engler, Nan, Omaha, '55, Faulkner, Hllison, Lincoln, '55, Gardiner, Nancy, Omaha, '54, Good, Sue, Lincoln, '56, Gorton, Iayne, Tecumseh, '56, Gorton, Sue, Tecumseh, '54, Gritiis, Finn, Omaha, '54, Grow, Barbara, Geneva, Ill., '56, Hall, Sally, Holdrege, '54, Harrison, Ian. Fairbury, '55, Haythorn, Pat, Maxwell, '54, Healey, lanet, Lincoln, '56, Henderson, Cynthia, Lincoln, '56, Hulac, Georgia, Omaha, '54, Kokjer, Ann, Sidney, '55, Launer, Ann, Grand island, '55, Lilly, Ting, Lincoln '54, Loder, Pat, Wilmette, Ill., '54, Madden, lane, Omaha, '55, Peterson, Nancee, Omaha, '54, Pollock, ludv, Stanton, '54, Raun, Barbara, Denison, Ia., '54, Reed, Mary Ianet, Lincoln, '54, Russell, Bobbie, Lincoln, '55, Russell, Libby, Lincoln, '56, Smithberger, Elaine, Stan- ton, '54, Speicher, Sally lo, Omaha, '55, Thompson, Hun, Omaha, '56, 'l'l'1omsen, Blythe, Beatrice, '54, Tait, Marilyn, Omaha, '56, Tyson, Marilyn, Murray, '55, Warren, Barbara, Beatrice, '56, Weiss, Diane, Lincoln, '55, Wellenseik, Gail, Grand Island, '55, Whitworth, Marion, Lincoln, '54, Young, Daphne, Omaha, '55, Young, Diane, Omaha, '55, PLEDGES Hitken, lean, Lincoln, '57, Bosley, Nadine, Palisade, '57, Bremer, Pearl, Stanton, '57, Brillhart, Sue, Columbus, '55, Buthman, Linda, Falls City, '57, DuTeau, Daisy, Lincoln, '57, Elliott, Iearine, Scottsbluff, '57, Graham, Suzanne, Omaha, '55, Hawkins, Nancy, Omaha, '55, Ieffery, lane, Lexington, '57, Knorr, Mary, Lincoln, '55, Lilly, Kitty, Lincoln, '57, Makepeaco, Lucette, Lincoln, '57, Matzlce, Sis, Lincoln, '57, Opitz, Sue, Omaha, '55, Raun, Luanne, Walthill, '57, Reed, Iackie, Des Moines, la,, '55, Rhodes, Caroline, Osceola, '57, Rystroni, Barbara, Bayard, '57, Spencer, lane, Nebr. City, '55, Speicher, Sandra, Omaha, '57, Wright, Marial, Scottsblull, '57, Wyatt, Pat, Rcdington, '56, KRPPH KHPPH GHMMH 816 North 16 St. its .W K ACES TAKE ALL must be the KS philosophy behind Ian Pickard's smile. Kibitzer Dick Seymour seems a bit skeptical. RCTIVES Barton, Walter W., Grand Island, '55, Boyle, Ted E., Lincoln, '55, Browning, Donald G., Omaha, '54, Bunier, Van K., Omaha, '56, Chubbuck, Robert M., Lincoln, '56, Curtiss, Harry H., Hyannis, '54, Doty, Howard McGregor, Lincoln, '54, Ebner, Stan G., Lincoln, '55, Everett, Walter B., Lyons, '54, Faist, Lauren G., North Bend, '56, Franklin, Maury Pl., Omaha, '56, Fusselman, Gary R., Bristow, '55, Gibbons, Iohn B., Comstock, '55, Gibson, Ronald D., Lincoln, '55, Gohlinghorst, Stanley G., Council Bluffs, Iowa, '55, Harper, Iohn L., Lincoln, '56, Heebner, Gordon C., Lin- coln, '54, Hohl, Robert I., Lincoln, '54, Kiflin, Charles W., Omaha, '54, Kissler, Frederick T., Lincoln, '55, Koch, Ioseph L., Lincoln, '54, Lahners, Ronald, '55, Laurnen, Edwin L., Rock Springs, Wyoming, '55, Lawson, Gerald L., Superior, '55, Lind, Donald H., Lincoln, '55, Mead, Richard D., Scottsbluff, '54, Moreland, Darrell G., Simla, Colorado, '56, Morris, Franklin, Omaha, '56, Mnuk, Frank I., Omaha, '54, Niebaum, Maurice I., Fontanelle, '55, O'Brien, Bernard W., Omaha, '57, Oden, Don- ald W., Council Bluffs, Iowa, '55, Olsen, Roger B., Iohnstown, '56, Otte, Robert E., Neligh, '55, Overholi, Donald R., Omaha, '54, Pickard, David I., Lincoln, '57, Rystrom, Kenneth F., Ir., Bayard, '54, Seger, Fred, '54, Smith, Robert, '55, Strassler, George D., Lincoln, '57, Tiernan, Iames C., Lincoln, '54, Vanderslice, Iames C., Lin- coln, '56, Wagner, Robert D., Lincoln, '55, Warrick, Iohn W., Ill, Meadow Grove, '54, Wengert, Iarnes W., Fremont, '56, White, Robert Pl., Lincoln, '57, Winsernan, I-llbert W., Stella, '55. PLEDGES Hshley, Donald R., lndianola, '57, Badura, Roman F., Plshton, '57, Beclner, Billy D., Marysville, Kansas, '56, Bruhn, Iohn G., Norfolk, '56, Donald G., Omaha, '56, Green, Ronald E., Scottsbluff, '57, Monette, Donald R., Stella, '57, Scott, Douglas B., Lincoln, '57, Seymour, Richard B., Norfolk, '57, Shelton, Robert G., Council Bluffs, Iowa, '56, Smith, Herman G., Grand Island, '56, Softly, Kenneth R., Kearney, '57, Warrick, Robert H., Meadow Grove, '57, Wehrman, I. Philip, Nelson, '57, York, Douglas, Wilber, '57. KAPPA SIGMA 1141 H Street Ashley Badura Barton Bednar Berge Boyle Drake Ebner Everett Faist Franklin Fusselman Kiliin Laurnen Lind Mead Monnette Niebaurn Seymour Shelton Softley Tiernan Wagner Warrick I. Browning Bruhn Bunjer Chubbuck Doty Gibbons Gohlinghorst Green Harper Hohl O'Brien Oden Overholl Pickard Rystrom Warrick R. Wehrman Wenger! Winsernan York Kappa Sigma Kappa Sig Ken Rystrom kept the Wheels turning on The Nebrnskan. Ken was editor of the paper and a member of the Innocents So- ciety. He was also in Kappa Tau Alpha, Sigma Delta Chi, journalism fraternity, and Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa Sig men held high official positions in ROTC. Charles Kiftin was Lt. Colonel of AFROTC, an executive officer in the Arnold Air Society and a national officer in Pershing Rifles. Don Overholt Was Lt. Colonel in AFROTC, adjutant in the Arnold Air Society and a national officer in Pershing Rifles. Gregg Doty was a Distinguished Military Student. Don Winkelmann received the Alpha Kappa Psi senior award in biz ad college. tl S3 IHCK WHRRICK. President Business Administration, Meadow Grove CHHRLES BHTTEY, President Business Hdministration, Lincoln Phi Delta Theta The tirst annual turtle tournament was held by Phi Delta Theta during the University's Centennial year. Chi Omega's turtle snared first place honors. The Phi Delts participated in two Tri-Phi get-togethers, one here at Ne- braska with the Phi Psis and Phi Gams and the other at Topeka, Kansas, with the Kansas State and Washburn chapters of Phi Delta Theta. Bill DeVries was junior class vice-presi- dent, on the Builders Board and assistant treas- urer of AUP. Al. Anderson was a member ol Kosmet Klub and on the Bed Cross Board. Bill Giles Was president of the N-Club. Phi Delt Pres. Chick Battey was president ot the biz ad student council and IFC rush chairman. , . .rev 1. 3 l- ... ' Cf.. Q ag, T 1 l +0 V... 0' x sd' yn, Anderson Flndersen Flyer Battey Beach Becker Folk Gerlach liamsa Harris Haupl Healey Larkin Gibson McClymont McKenzie Mastin Norsworthy Roberts Ross Schock Schreiber Sloan Smith Beeclmer Carr Carter Devries Falloon Feeso Hlidek Hunley Iensen Korisko Lair Lancaster Oliver Ozenberqer Peterson Plumei' Post Reissener Stuart Talsrna Thrapp Van Pelt Welk Wielancl HEIGH HO TURTLE! And away they crawl at the Phi Delt turtle race. Time keeper Pederson almost used a calendar. HCTIVES Iilnderson, Fil, Lincoln, '55, I-lnderson, Pete, Omaha, '56, Flyer, Randy, Norwalk, Conn., '54, Baitey, Charles, Lincoln, '54, Beach, Owen, Lincoln, '56, Becker, Don, Lincoln, '55, Calhoun, Iohn, Burlington, la., '56, Carr, lohn, Des Moines, Ia., '55, Carter, Ice, Lincoln, '55, Cederdahl, lim, Lincoln, '55, Colson, Keith, South Sioux City, '54, Devries, Bill, Lincoln, '55, Donelan, Iim, Omaha, '55, Falloon, Frank, Falls City, '55, Feese, lim, Tecumseh, '56, Gerlach, Dick, Lincoln, '55, Giles, Bill, Pllliance, '55, Gothard, Fil, Omaha, '56, Hamsa, Bill, Omaha, '55, Harris, Bill, C,roton-on4Hud- son, N, Y., '54, Haupt, Charles, Lincoln, '55, Hlidek, Dick, Omaha, '55, Hunley, Charles, Falls City, '54, Korisko, Ierry, Omaha, '56, Lair, Gale, Omaha, '56, Larkin, Fred, Omaha, '56, Lancaster, Bill, Kearney, '55, Meissner, Herb, Omaha, '55, McClyrnont, Paul, Holdrege, '56, McKenzie, len-y, Hebron, '56, Norsworthy, Iim, Gothenburg, '55, Oliver, lim, Shelton, '54, Ozenberger, Larry, St. Ioseph, Mo., '54, Peterson, Gordon, Fluburn, '55, Post, Doran, Shelton, '56, Roberts, Lee, Omaha, '56, Reissner, lim, Holdrege, '55, Roper, Reclge, Lincoln, '56, Shock, Dick, Falls City, '56, Schreiber, Iohn, Lincoln, '55, Seldon, Bob, Lincoln, '55, Sloan, Dean, McCook, '56, Smith, Ron, Omaha, '55, Stuart, Chuck, Lincoln, '56, Von Gillern, lack, Lin- coln, '56, Wieland, Dick, Lincoln, '54, Winey, Tony, Shelton, '54. PLEDGES Benham, Derald, Fremont, '57, Ellis, Sam, Lincoln, '57, Furhman, Ierry, Wilber, '57, Gibson, Douglas, Falls City, '57, Haberlan, Iim, Lincoln, '57, Healey, Terry, Goth- enburg, '57, Iensen, Nelson, Pawnee City, '57, Knapple, Bob, Omaha, '57, Leikam, lack, Lincoln, '57, Mastin, Jack, Kearney, '55, Morehouse, Iohn, Fremont, '57: Ozenberger, Nelson, St. Ioseph, Mo., '57, Plumer, Charles, Glenwood, la., '57, Ross, Bill, Gibbon, '57, Skold, Dick, Lincoln, '57, Talsma, lack, Omaha, '57, Thropp, Howard, Lincoln, '57, Van Pell, Sam, Lincoln, '57, Wells, Bill, West Baden, Ind., '57, Willman, Ron, Grand Island, '57. PHI DELTA THETA 1545 R Street H H ,E we FXS- . H ss if is 49 is Hs. .sig isctltlll' EDE oSriET' W r H2ANrl1N5r Sprfxkm Cl-IUC PLEDGE POWER AND POSTERS seem to be the essential in- gredients in Phi Gam campaign capers. The prayers help. too. QCTIVES Fllexander, Ierry, Omaha, '56, Hnclerson, Quinlan, Oakland, '56, Backhaus, Murray, Millard, '55, Beal, Charles, Broken Bow, '56, Brown, Bart, Fltwood, Kan., '55, Baucher, Fred, Lincoln, '56, Caley, Clark, Springfield, '54, Campbell, Bill, Idaho Falls, Idaho, '56, Cannon, Bill, Idaho Falls, Idaho, '55, Chapman, Frank, Grand Island, '55, Chedester, lack, Omaha, '55, Collee, Dick, Ptushville, '55, Davidson, Dean, Plinsworth, '54, Eyen, Phil, Lincoln, '54, Ferguson, Charles, North Platte, '56, Fischer, Rex, Oakland, '56, Hanscom, Ladd, Lincoln, '55, Kirkendall, Bob, Grand Island, '56, Larson, Barry, Omaha, '56, Linn, Bert, Kimball, '55, Mallott, Dick, Lin- coln, '54, Maupin, Murl, North Platte, '54, Melvill, Bill, Broken Bow, '54, Morton, Qrnold, Oberlin, Kan., '56, Nelson, Bill, Millard, '56, Nuss, Don, Hrlington, Va., '55, Patterson, Phil, Omaha, '56, Pederson, Charles, Blair, '54, Peterson, Iohn, Nebraska City, '54, Poynter, joe, Kearney, '56, Raitt, Charles, lflinsworth, '55, Roe, Ierry, Ben- nington, '54 grad., Scherer. Leo, North Platte, '56, Schmitt, Ed, Mansiield, Ohio, '55, Scott, Emerson, Denver, Colo., '54, Soder, lack, Fairloury, '54, Stewert, Charles, Omaha, '56, Tobin, Tom, Telcarrrah, '55, Tompson, Tom, Ponca City, Okla., '55, Wad- low, Dick, Lincoln, '54, Wallace, Harry, Kearney, '54, Wolkensdorter, Dan, Herndon, Kans., '54, Woolrrran, Kay, Lincoln, '55. PLEDGES Rnderson, Ron, Grand lsland, '57, Plrrasmith, Kaye, Valentine, '57, Benter, Bob, Walt Hill, '57, Blore, Walt, Lincoln, '57, Burdic, Rllen, Malvern, la., '57, Busch, leli, Sidney, '57, Chase, Bill, Broken Bow, '57, Doggett, Flllan, Kearney, '57, Detwiller, Tom, Kearney, '57, Dierks, Ierry, Nebraska City, '57, Eisenhart, Fred, Omaha, '57, Gerlach, Walt, Omaha, '57, Hart, Phil, Tekamah, '57, Hodder, Iett, Lincoln, '57, Kenagy, Wyman, Lincoln, '57, Kirkwood, Don, Omaha, '57, Kottrnan, Harold, Kansas City, Mo., '57, Lightner, Linn, St. Edward, '56, Mayberry, Dick, Kearney, '57, McConnell, lim, Lincoln, '57, Merritt, Dan, Lincoln, '57, Morrow, lohn, Kearney, '57, Morrow, Tom, Omaha, '57, Nathan, Ron, Denver, Colo., '57, Nelsen, Marshall, Kimball, '57, Newcomer, Walt, Omaha, '56, Babb. Doug, Sidney, '57, Scott, Bob, Villisca, la., '57, Spencer, Berl, Broken Bow, '57, Stirtz, Ierry, Wayne, '57, Thompson, Dick, Lincoln, '57, Van Wie, Gene, Grand Island, '57, Vesteca, Wallu, Lincoln, '57, Wagner, Milton, Columbus, '57, Vlfheeler, lim, Plinsworth, '57, Wolcott, Kaye, Omaha, '56, Wothrnann, lohn, Louisville, '57, PHI GAMMA DELTA 1425 R Street Ptlexander Hnderson Q. Hndersan R. Backhaus Beal Benter Chapman Colley Doggett Detwiler Dierks Ferguson Larson Lightner Linn McConnell Maupin Mayberry Patterson Pedersen Poynter Racely Raitt Roe Stirtz Thompson B. Thompson T. Tobin Van Wie Blore Brown Bush Caley Campbell Cannon Fischer Gerlach Hart Hodder Kenagy Kirkwood Melville Morrow Morton Nathan Nelson Nusa Sader Scherer Schmitt Scott E. Scott R. Stewart Wagner Wallace Wolcott Wolkensdorler Woolman 4 'uw Phi Gamma Delta Be-bop's history as connected with the French Revolution won the Kosrnet Klub first- place trophy tor the Fijis. Charles Ferguson was the Phi Gam skit-master. The Fijis' Rex Fisher reigned as Prince Kosrnet. Murl Maupin was a member ol Kosmet Klub, NUCWA, Nebraska lilueprint Stall and Sec- retary of the senior class and American Insti- tute of Chemical Engineers. Bert Linn was a member of the Student Council, YMCA, N- Club, Gamma Lambda, band honorary, Uni- versity Band, varsity gymnast and treasurer of the Young Republicans. Bill Melville was sec- retary of Corn Cobs, in NUCWA and Builders. Charles Bean was a varsity football manager. Rex Fischer, Leo Scherer and Quin Anderson were varsity footballers. DHN WOLKENSDORFER. President Mechanical Engineering, Herndon, Kansas J I l 1 ' -Q., by --- iv LHRRY YOST. President Law, Fremont QU ii: - . x s 'Wy li' sm it w :I ms is rss B 4 HBH , , I B. 3 W is H Bran m is - fs 1 I I H .w ss' Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Psi received the Iirst place tro- phy for their l953 Homecoming float. In Kos- met Klub, the Phi Psis were runners-up with their skit, "Iazz Ieopardyf' Cal Kuslca was an Innocent and president of Corn Cabs. Cal was also vice-president of Sigma Delta Chi, journalism honorary and a member of Alpha Zeta, ag organization. Mike Shugrue was assistant business manager of the Cornhuslcer and a member oi Corn Cobs. lack Fitzgerald was a member of Kosmet Klub and president of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. In intramurals the Phi Psis snared, first place honors in A team football competition. lack Moore Was the all-University golf champion. is 39' ' -.up -- E -av wk 2 1 wg: 'Q- l is iw I an I ig LQ-n ' uw Allen Pllkire Andersen Hrmbrust Bochman Betzelberger Coover Day Ellison Pike Fitzgerald Frills lrwin Iohnson Iollillz- Kimmel l'Cnisely Kuska Noel Olson Paschal Pepper Peterson Ptanrt Shuarue Smith Stocker Sweeney Thompson Welch Billings Brittin Charleston Chiles Collins Cool: Gay Gratlon Haessler Hare Hebard Hill Lewis Lundsirom Martin Mayer Moore Miller Polk Pollard Rankin Remington Saville Shaver Westervelt Willmarth Yost Young D. Young R. SHIPWRECKED AND STRANDED, the Phi Psi crew happily walks the plank. Those iolly smiles are for their pretty dates. QCTIVES Alkire, Dave, Lexington, '55, Gllen, Iohn, Valley, '54, Qndei-sen, Ierry, Grand Island, '54, Hrmbrust, Fred, Omaha, '56, Bachman, Bob, Grand Isand, '54, Betzle- berger, Charlie, Tecumseh, '54, Brittin, Bob, Lincoln, '54, Charleston, Dick, Holdrege, '55, Chiles, Bob, Omaha, '56, Clement, Ray, Fremont, '55, Collins, Don, Lincoln, '54, Day, Tom, Lincoln, '54, Denni-sion, Lyle, Nebraska City, '55, Ellison, Burns, Columbus, '56, Fitzgerald, lack, North Platte, '54, Fritts, Dwight, Omaha, '56, Gay Larry, Grand Island, '56, Gratton, Geody, Omaha, '56, Harding, Nelson, Omaha, '54, Hare, Ierry, Grand Island, '56, Knisely, lim, North Platte, '54, Kuska, Cal, Omaha, '54, Lewis, Ed, Falls City, '54, Mayer, Herb, Grand Island, '56, McGreer, Iohn, Lincoln, '55, Miller, Tom, Columbus, '54, Moore, lack, Grand Island, '56, Olson, Warner, Holdrege, '56, Paschal, Dick, Vinton, la., '54, Peterson, Peter, Omaha, '56, Ptann, Bob, Nebraska City, '56, Polk, Ben, Percival, la,, '56, Rankin, Duane, Lin- coln, '55, Saville, Dudley, Lincoln, '54, Severs, Bob, Lincoln, '54, Shugrue, Mike, Lincoln, '56, Schultz, Iarnes, Columbus, '56, Smith, Ioe, Omaha, '55, Sweeney, lerry, Grand Island, '56, Thompson, Dick, Fremont, '54, Welch, Gene, Omaha, '56, Yost, Larry, Fremont, '54, Young, Duane, Columbus, '55, Young, Russel, Benton- ville, Flrk., '55. PLEDGES Billings, Kern, Omaha, '57, Cook, Dan, Lincoln, '57, Coover, Iohn, Lincoln, '57, Pike, Charles, Omaha, '57, Haessler, lohn, Leshara, '57, Hebard, Tom, Nebraska City, '57, Hill, Bill, Omaha, '57, Irwin lack, Beatrice, '57, lohnson, Harry, Valley, '51, Iollitte, Dick, Ft. Morgan, Colo., '55, Kimmel, Larry, Lincoln, '57, Lunclstrorn, Mack, Holdrege, '57, Martin, Bill, Omaha, '57, Mclieone, John, Lincoln, '57, Noel, Ron, Grand Island, '57, Pepper, Bill, Grand Island, '57, Pollard, larnes, Lincoln, '57, Rem- ington, Dick, Lincoln, '57, Shaver, Bill, Grand Island, '57, Shrader, loe, Omaha, '57, Stooker, Keith, Nebraska City, '57, Westervelt, Ted, Scottsbluff, '57, Willmarth, Iohn, Omaha, '57. PHI KAPPA PSI 1547 S Street sign si Q it ,, was , Bgmtmaa CHRISTMHS CHEER is reflected at the pledge formal. Santa's stuck. but his plight goes unnoticed as Pi Phis and their dates glide by. QCTIVES Fldams, Barbara, North Platte, '54, Histrope, lane, Glenwood, la., '55, Hnderson, Ianet, Lexington, '55, Flndreasen, Qnn, Omaha, '56, Barnes, Theresa, Holdrege, '54, Bourck, Marilyn, Plattsmouth, '55, Brinkman, Elizabeth, Geneva, '54, Calwell, Barbara, Pawnee City, '54, Croft, Billie, Fremont, '55, Deppen, lane, Lincoln, '54, Devore, Nora, Omaha, '54, Dosek, Philomene, Lincoln, '56, Eatherton, Shirley, Grand Island, '54, Eaton, Marilyn, Fremont, '55, Greving, Ieanne, Central City, '56, Hansen, lane, Sioux Falls, S. D., '54, Harte, Flrlina, Sidney, '56, Healey, Patricia, Creston, Ia., '54, Hemphill, Nancy, Lincoln, '55, Hot, Barbara, Lincoln, '54, Hunt, Margot, Lincoln, '55, Iones, Sally, Bassett, '54, Iouvenat, Plnn, Lincoln, '54, Kin- singer, Mary Elizabeth, Lincoln, '54, Kruger, Betty, Schuyler, '56, McCormick, Mary Lou, York, '56, Mitchell, Marilyn, Omaha, '56, Nelson, Natalie, Lincoln, '56, Nuss, Ianet, Sutton, '54, Pickett, Murial, Schuyler, '55, Pollard, Ioan, Falls City, '56, Ran- dall, Nancy, Kearney, '55, Sanchez, Lou, Falls City, '56, Scott, Marian, Beatrice, '55, Skalla, Beverly, Council Bluffs, Ia., '54, Smith, Sabra Io, Gothenburg, '54, Svoboda, Qndrea, Cozad, '54, Svoboda, Ellen, Cozad, '55, Todd, Qlice, Falls City, '56, Uhe, Marian, Grand Island, '54, Warren, Sally, Lincoln, '54, Webb, Mary Lou, Maywood, lll., '55, Yost, Iulie, Fremont, '55. PLEDGES Flllen, Nancy, Valley, '57, Beal, Iulianne, Omaha, '55, Berry, Glenna, Onawa, Ia., '55, Boyd, Ianet Io, Superior, '57, Burton, Iacqueline, Shenandoah, Ia., '57, Elliott, Carolyn, Fremont, '57, Hackman, Elizabeth, Grand Island, .'57, Hord, Geraldine, Hlliance, '55, Iohnson, Ioyce, Omaha, '57, Iouvenat, Sue, Lincoln, '57, Kauffman, Ianet, Fremont, '57, Knotek, Diane, Lincoln, '57, Madden, Barbara, Oakland, '57, Mathers, Peggy, Lincoln, '57, McMullen, Mary Hnn, Stella, '55, Olson, Myrna, Omaha, '57, Stanton, Iacklyn, Stromsburg, '57, Stephenson, Elizabeth, Lincoln, '55, Swanson, Gerayne, North Platte, '57, Upholt, Lorna, North Platte,"57, Winkler, Gretchen, Ftlliance, '57, Winkler, Karen, Hlliance, '5'7. PI BETH PHI 426 North 16 St. Fldams Flistrope Hllen Anderson Qndreasen Beal Colwell I Croft Deppen Devore Dosek Eaton Healey Hemphill Hoi Herd Hunt Johnson Knotek Kruger McCormick McMullen Madden Mathers Pollard Randall Sanchez Scott Smith Stanton Berry Bourck Brinkman Boyd Burton Elliott Grevina Hackman Hansen Harte Tones Iouvenat A. Iouvenat S. Kauffman Kinsinger Mitchell Nelson Nuss Olson Pickett Stephenson Svoboda Swanson G Swanson M Todd Uhe Uphotf Warren Webb Winkler G. Winkler K. Yost Pi Beta Phi Flrrows and hearts went hand in hand tor the second consecutive year as Nancy Hemp- hill was named Nebraska Sweetheart. Hdded to this honor was first place in Coed Follies curtain act and third in Homecoming display. Scholastic and social honors Went to Barb Colwell, PBK, and Gerdi Hord, Calendar Girl. Versatile Pi Phis were in a wide range ol activities. Mortar Board Barlo Hdams was edi- tor ot the Cornhusker. SHI vice president, Murt Pickett, was a Builders Board member. Three peppy Pi Phis, Marilyn Eaton, loan Pollard and Lou Sanchez, led the cheers at sporting events. Marion Scott was a Home- coming Queen finalist. NORH DEVORE. President Elementary Education. Omaha. scsi-t is my jew M We M Us 'XFN sr B its s sw mamma -- is B s E . 'fi i"'i1':f Hash M H , E Q ggdttrffr 'rm giiawa Muay? gmt. sn... 5 H l DON LEONHRD, President Business Hdministration. Madrid. Iowa Pi Kappa Phi Nebraska's Gov. Robert B. Crosby was given the honor of choosing the Pi Kappa Phi Rose Queen at their annual Rose Formal. In activities Marv Stromer was the junior class president, a member of Kosmet Klub, a Corn Cob, past president of the campus YMCA, a member of National Collegiate Players and Nebraska Masquers. Athletic activities were handled by Bill Schabacker who was co-cap- tain of the 1953 football squad. The Pi Kaps Won their league's intramural championship in touch football and Were run- ners-up in bowling. Don Leonard was a member of Alpha Kap- pa Psi, business administration honorary. WF' L i- fl k1.v , . i . t l L' . lk ,hx .kv i Y ny. h 1 an P ' ...i is 1 vi- .-Y wfmlrf, Boling Davis Henry lnqold Innes D. Leonard Lucore Mann Mason Pelton Hoqers Schultz Scranton Shalier Smith Svohocla Walton D. Walton I. Waymire Williamson Innes R. Innes V. Kolb Kroll Pierce Rank H. Rank V. liippe Springman Steinmeyer Stevens Stromer Wright Charles Wright Clayton Yost Zieg A RUDE AWAKENING is the fate of late rising Pi Kaps. It's hard to desert pillows and pajamas for an eight o'cloclc. HCTIVES Henry, Doug, Omaha, '57, lngold, Lester, Columbus, '56, Innes, Doug, Phillips- burg, Kan., '55, Innes, Von, Phillipsburg, Kan., '56, Krall, Keith, Omaha, '55, Leon- ard, Don, Madison, la., '54, Mason, Floyd, York, '54, Rank, Virgil, York, '55, Rippe, Rodney, York, '55, Rogers, lim, Lincoln, '56, Schabacker, William, Minden, '54: Schultz, Dick, York, '55, Scranton, Gene, Tekamah, '55, Smith, Don, Winner, S. D., '56, Springman, Clark, Palmyra, '56, Stevens, Gene, Omaha, '55, Stromer, Marvin, Hastings, '55, 'Walton Dori, Lincoln, '56, Walton, Bill, Lincoln, '54, Waymire, Charles, Sterling, '54, Wright, Clayton, Scottsbluff, '56, Yost, Dick, LaCrosse, Wis., '54. PLEDGES Boling, lim, Topeka, Kan., '57, Davis, Larry, Lincoln, '56, Dixon, Don, Hastings, '57, Innes, Rod, Phillipsburg, Kan,, '57, Lucore, Gary, Omaha, '57, Pierce, Gary, Lincoln, '57, Kolb, Bruce, Lincoln, '57, Mann, Norman, Gothenburg, '56, Pelton, Wade, Cheyenne, Wyo., '56, Rank, Harold, York, '57, Rulitteson, Wayne, Lin- coln, '57, Schaffer, Butler, Lincoln, '57, Steinmeyer, Ierry, Columbus, '57, Svoboda, Francis, Schuyler, '55, Williamson, Ken, Scottshlutf, '56, Wi'ight, Charles, Lincoln, '57, Zeig, William, Des Moines, la., '57. PI KAPPP. PHI 229 North 17 Street DERRIERE DUSTERS at the Sig Alph house practice their art on a brother. Pillows on chairs are the consequences. QCTIVES Bartizal, Bob, Lincoln, '54, Bechenhauer, Bob, Wayne, '54, Campbell, Bill, Lincoln, '55, Carson, lim, Norfolk, '56, Crosby, Leroy, Omaha, '54, Davis, lack, Omaha, '54, Duling, Dick, Lincoln, '54, Eifline, Don, Omaha, '55, Fagler, Willard, Harvard, '55, Geesen, Parker, Seward, '55, Good, Ioe, Lincoln, '54, Guinane, ferry, Lincoln, '54, Hauserman, I. C., Central City, '55, Harris, lim, Omaha, '55, Hoover, lim, Lin- coln, '54, Ieflre , Pete, Omaha, '54, Iohnson, Bob, Council Bluffs, la., '54, Lange Y l Pat, West Ftllis, Wis., '55, Larsen, Torn, Lincoln, '54, Lebsock, Gus, Lincoln, '54, McLean, Iirn, Scottsbluff, '56, McCune, Bob, Council Bluffs, la., '54, Mesmer, Ioe, North Platte, '56, Meyers, Dick, Pllliance, '55, Miller, Bill, Sterling, Colo., '55, Often, lohn, Omaha, '55, Norton, lim, Plinsworth, '55, Oslund, Dick, Lincoln, '54, Poley, Harris, Omaha, '55, Ready, George, Hartington, '55, Reed, Dick, Newburg, New York '54- Rice, Dave, Wa ne, '54, Roberts, Tom, Lincoln, '56, Sampson, Don, Central l 1 Y City, '54, Scow, Roger, Shelby, '55, Shaw, lerry, Mitchell, So. Dak., '56, Smith, Den- nis, North Platte, '56, Vance Larry, Fairbury, '56, Vrzal, lerry, Norfolk, '56, Weller, Richard, Mitchell, So. Dak., '54, Yates, Bill, Doniphan, '56, Yeisley, Iirn, Coin, Ia., '55. PLEDGES Qdams, Gary, Norfolk, '57, Flndreson, Richard, Bloomfield, '57, Berguin, Robert, Sioux Falls, So. Dak., '57, Calder, Michael, Lincoln, '57, Calder, Tom, Lincoln, '57, Christollerson, Gary, Norfolk, '57, Conrad, lack, Osceola, '57, Cox, ferry, Suther- land, '57, Edquisf, Thomas, Omaha, '56, Englert, Gordon, Sioux Falls, So, Dak., '57, Ford, Hlvin, Sioux City, Iowa, '57, Gaddie, Chester, Stanton, '57, Gakle, Paul, Nor- folk, '57, Garden, Richard, Norfolk, '57, Hervey, David, Grand Island, '57, Howey, Earl, Beatrice, '57, Iewett, Gray, Lincoln, '57, Iohnson, Phillip, Stanton, '57, Iones, Leland, Gothenburg, '57, Kohtz, Iohn, Bloomfield, '57, Kubitschek, Dave, Lincoln, '57, Locke, Guy, Seward, '57, Marshall, William, Rushville, Ind., '57, McGlassen, Bruce, Lincoln, '57, Neff, Philip, Huntington, Pa,, '57, Ray, Bill, Shelby, '57, Rhudy, Clark, Norfolk, '57, Bamberg, Pat, Omaha, '57, Sommers, Noel, North Platte, '57, Truman, lim, Lincoln, '57, Wear, lack, Sioux Falls, S. D., '57, Wenz, Rod, North Platte, '57, Wisenstine, Iohn, Norfolk, '57. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 535 North IB Street Fldams Flndresen Bartizal Beckenhauer Berguin Calder M. Crosby Davis Duling Edquist Elfline Englert Good Guinane Havsermen Hervey Hoover Hawey Kubitschek Larsen Ludwicl: McCune McGlasson McLean Peters Foley Heed Rhudy Rice Roberts Truman Vance Vrzal Wear Weller Calder T. Campbell Carson Christofferson Conrad Cox Evans Ford Gaddie Gakle Garden Geesen lohnson P. lohnsori ll. lones felfrey lewetl Kohtz Marshall Mesmer Miller Neff Oslurid Otten Flomberg Sampson Scow Shaw Srnith Sommer Wenz Vffisenstine Yates Yeisley ,Q . it yu if ln Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bob Iohnson was the winner of the S500 biz acl scholarship. I-le was on the business ad- ministration honor roll and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, business administration fraternity. Other biz ad men, Larry Vance and Bob Barti- zal were also on the honor roll in that college. Dick Reed was a member of Sigma Tau, engi- neering honorary, and Bill Campbell was a member of Kosmet Klub. Varsity sports participants were Don Sirles and Willard Fagler in basketball and lim Yeis- ley in football. By "Giving Alms to Caesar" at the Roman Toga Party and by giving up their meals for two days, the Sig Alphs were able to reach their lUU'X, AUP goal. SAE also held a barbe- cue at Fremont and their annual formal. IOE GOOD. President Physical Education, Teachers, Lincoln , , T, ,V 21 is Is il K. ,. i, L E.. if GERRY FELLMHN, President I-uw, Omaha Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Alpha Mu received an honorable mention for iheir Rube Goldberg Homecoming display. Sammy Activity man Danny Fogel Was a member of the yell squad, a gymnastics let- terman and a member of the Student Council. Norm Veitzer Was a cheer-leader. Marv Fried- man Was vice-president of NUCWA, a Corn Cob, a member oi the Religious Welfare Coun- cil and on the AUP Board. Academic honors Went to Ierry Weinberg who was the head of his class in Arts and Sci- ences and Allen Garfinkle who topped the freshman class in Law College. Sammie social sessions included the Gandy Dancers ball, an Ivy Day party, a Homecoming dinner and No Theme party. Fibrarnson Becker Broslow Colnic Crounso Fellman Foqel Friedman Gaer Garber Gilman Heeger Harwich Kahn Kenyon Krivosha Kuklin Lipton Maqid Marcus Phillips Pocras Poska Rosen Schrier Shyken Spitzer Sliss Slrickler Veitzer Woisqurl Wishnow Wohlnor Zelen . l '4 . H ti., . ef- ,, -W-2 N M M-a.,,,,,, FOOD PILFERS raid the Sigma Alpha Mu kitchen in hopes oi be- ing given pre-dinner snacks. Simmering iood teases appetites. HCTIVES Becker, Marshall, Omaha, '56, Crounse, Qlan, Omaha, '55, Epstein, Ira, Omaha, '54, Fellman, Gerry, Omaha, '54, Fogel, Danny, Omaha, '55, Friedman, Marvin, Lin- coln, '55, Gaer, Gerald, Omaha, '55, Gariinkle, Hllan, Leavenworth, Kan., '54, Hur- wich, Melvin, Omaha, '56, Kahn, Ioe, Omaha, '54, Kenyon, Hllan, Beresford, S, D., '56, Kuklin, Ptrlen, Omaha, '56, Lipton, Maurice, Omaha, '55, Magid, Stanley, Omaha, '56, Marcus, Earl, P-lshland, '54, Phillips, Norman, Omaha, '56, Rosen, Leon- ard, Omaha, '56, Shyken, Norman, Omaha, '54, Spitzer, Ierry, Omaha, '54, Stiss, Sol, Omaha, '56, Sirickler, Ierry, Paccaic, N. I., '56, Veitzer, Norman, Omaha, '56, Wein- berg, Ierald, Omaha, '55, Weisgurt, Morse, Lincoln, '55, Wishnow, Bernard, Lin- coln, '55, Wohlner, Eugene, Omaha, '55, PLEDGES Flbramson, William, Omaha, '57, Breslow, Marvin, Lincoln, '57, Colnic, Gerald, Omaha, '57, Garber, Dick, Huron, S. D., '56, Gilman, Marvin, Omaha, '57, Heeger, I-Ilan, Omaha, '57, Krivosha, Norman, Detroit, Mich., '56, Pocras, Richard, Lincoln, '57, Poslca, Forrest, Lincoln, '57, Schrier, Stanley, Lincoln, '57, Zelen, Sam, Lincoln, '57. SIGMH HLPHH MU 733 North 16 Street POGO PAINTERS convert the living room carpet into a swamp- land. Pogo paid oft: Sigma Chi placed with their display. HCTIVES Ball, Ronald, McCook, '56, Balantyne, Byron, Norfolk, '55, Bartels, Ed, Greeley, Colo., '55, Batty, Bob, Lincoln, '56, Bell, Samuel, Chester, '55, Bridges, Edson, Omaha, '54, Catrper, Hl, Murrclriy, '54, Clausen, Verl, Columbus, '55, Connor, Ted, Hastings, '54, Crowley, Keith, arlington, '56, Dawson, Robert, Lincoln, '54, Demp- ster, Richard, North latte, '56, Ditus, Stan, McCook, '55, Duerr, Dick, Otturnwa, Ia., '54, Dunbar, Donald, McCook, '54, Dunning, Larry, Falcon Heights, Tex., 54, Ely, Paul, North Platte, '54, Gallion, Larry, Chester, '56, Hahn, Dale, Hartington, '55, Hansen, Mel, Omaha, '54, Hawke, Robert, Lincoln, '56, Heidelk, Phil, Fairbury, '54, Holloran, Bill, Schuyler, '55, Iohnson, Dave, Hartington, '55, Klasek, Charles, Wilber, '54, Lawlor, Mike, Lincoln, '54, March, lack, Wayne, '55, Marti, Doug, Lin- coln, '56, Marshall, Charles, Verdigre, '55, Martin, Bruce, Lincoln, '56, Moore, Ken, Mt, Vernon, la., '55, Moore, Dick, Mt. Vernon, la., '56, Moran, Ioe, McCook, '56, Niehaus, Iohn, Superior, '54, Oberlin, Bob, West Hllis, Wis., '55, Ole, Carl, Platts- mouth, '54, Peck, Bob, Greeley, Colo., '55, Ralston, Dick, Geneva, '54, Rasdal, Dan, Ogallala, '55, Russell, Fritz, Harrison, '54, Schneider, Stan, Lincoln, '56, Sherman, Gary, Lincoln, '55, Shumway, Ierryi, Lyons, '55, Shumway, Stan, Lyons, '54, Sloan, Dick, Lincoln, '56, Smith, Roger, incoln, '56, Smith, Bil, Plainview, '55, Snyder, Stan, Fairbury, '56, Sorenson, Frank, Lincoln, '54, Spearman, Robert, Qinsworth, '54, Stephens, Robert, Rlliance, '54, Sweet, Sid, Sioux Falls, S. D., '53 grad, Tavis, Dick, Lincoln, '54, Todd, lack, Plattsrnouth, '56, Tolman, Dan, McCook, '54 grad, Trumbull, Carr, Scottsblull, '55, Wanek, Don, Wilber, '55, Wells, Frank, Huburn, '54, Wells, Gene, Quburn, '55, Wood, Fil, Fairbury, '55. PLEDGES Plnderson, Iohn, Lincoln, '57, Barnard, Roaer, Lincoln, '56, Birchard, Dennis, Gibbon, '57, Birkle, Lane, David City, '57, Blair, Darwin, Cozad, '57, Bosley, Rex, Holdrege, '57, Bottortt, Roger, Lincoln, '57, Burhans, Dwayne, Omaha, '57, Caha, Don, Scotts- blutt, '57, Carper, Iohn, Plattsmouth, '57, Christiansen, Warren, Lincoln, '57, Coufal, Norm, David City, '56, Dawson, lon, McCook, '57, Dougherty, Gary, Scottsbluff, '57, Dworak, Don, David City, '57, Duey, Hllen. Chester, '57, Gray, Iohn, Lin- coln, '56, Harris, Lee, Columbus, '56, Hancock, lim, Wahoo, '57, Hawkins, Iohn, Gering, '55, Iacobson, Bob, Superior, '57, Iohnston, Dick, Omaha, '57, Iones, Larry, Sidney, '57, Lehr, lohn, Scottsbluff, '57, Merrigan, Gene, Scottsbluff, '55, Moore. lack, Mt, Vernon, la., '57, Mulligan, Pat, Lincoln, '57, Nittler Ted, Omaha, '57, Oclum, Dick, Schuyler, '57, Raymond, Donn, Scottsbluff, '55, Robinson, Phil, Hartington. '57, Rucker, Bill, Pine Blutf, Hrk., '57, Sabin, Dick, Lincoln, '57, Schafer, Larry, McCook, '56, Schmeokle, Mark, Cozad, '57, Sears, Iohn, Colby, Kan., '57, Vosi an, Ken, Vfilber, '57, SIGMA CHI 1510 Vine Street is-me Finderson Ball Ballantyne Barnard Battey Bell Bridges Burhons Caha Carper Fl. Cctrper I. Christensen Dougherty Duerr Duey Dunbar Dworak Harris lohnston Iones Klasek Lawlor March Marshall Ote Peck Rasdal Robinson Rucker Sabin Shumwoy S Smith B. Smith R. Snyder Sorenson Spearman Birchard Birkel Blair Bosley Bottorll Clausen Crowley Dawson I. Dawson R. Ditus Hawke Hawkins Heidclk Iacobsen johnson Moore Mulligan Niehaus Nittler Odum Schafer Schmeecklo Sears Sherman Shumway I. Todd Trumbull Vosikc Wells F. Wells G. , Y-, f '.Q.':f'1:': W 5, 1 LL. . -,Q i -:-2-2 5 ' . l. ' , . wh, , I , i Sigma Chi Singing Sigma Chi won the lvy Day Sing for the third consecutive year. On the same day, Carr Trumbull was tackled for Innocents. During the year he served as secretary-treas- urer of the Society. Dan Rasdal was the secre- tary-treasurer of the Engineering Executive Board, a Corn Cob and on Student Council. Verl Clausen was on the Student Council. Sigma Chi supplied the University football team with five of its players: Bob Oberlin, Ken Moore, Dick Moore, Bill I-lolloran and Ted Con- nor. Ed Bridges was the head football man- ager and president of Alpha Kappa Psi, busi- ness administration honorary. Trackman Phil I-ieidelk was the Big Seven indoor high jump champ. In intramurals Sigma Chi was first in the free throw. ' DONHLD DUNBHR. President Pre-Med, Hrts and Sciences, McCook 3 LETS. WEINER, President Elementary Education, Omaha Sigma Delta Tau H wide range of activities from C0l'lllIflliSk!?l' to University Symphony kept the SDTS repre- sented on campus. Leading the Way in activities Was Red Cross vice-president Connie Gordon who was also Gamma Hlpha Chi, advertising honor- ary, president. She was chosen as a member of the Ivy Day court. Outstanding sophomores in activities were Gail Katksee, YWCH cabinet and Student Council member, and Ianet Gordon, Cornliusker section head. Both Gail and Ianet belonged to I-llpha Lambda Delta. Hnother Hlpha Lambda Delta was Shirley Rosenberg. Iunior, Fran Locke was selected as out- standing HUF Worker and also served on ihe Red Cross Board. Helene Sherman was on the YWCH cabinet. r i J' p xifzhvv A ' Bronstein Chasanov Fineberg Gittleman Golding Gordon C Gordon I. Kaminsky Kaplan Katskee Kroli Lavine Lehman Locke Marx Fl. Marx C. Nauen Pinsker Ralainer Rohler Rosenberg Shapiro Sherman Shulcert Swartz Turchen Weiner SIG DELT SOCIHLIZING occurs on the stairs before the dinner bell chimes. Patient pledges exchange news and views while they wait. HCTIVES Bronstein, Trudy, Lincoln, '56, Chasanov, Hdelle, Omaha, '54, Gordon, Connie, Lin- coln, '54, Gordon, Ianet, Lincoln, '56, Katskee, Gail, Lincoln, '56, Lavine, Lucy, Lin- coln, '55, Lehman, Sara, Lincoln, '55, Locke, Frances, Independence, Kan., '55, Marx, Pludrey, Lincoln, '55, Marx, Carole, Lincoln, '56, Rabiner, Mickey, Storm Lake, Ia., '56, Rosenberg, Shirley, Lincoln, '56, Sherman, Helene, Lincoln, '55, Swartz, Zoe, Los Qngeles, Calif., '56, Weiner, Leia, Omaha, '5-1, Smith, Mona, Laramie, Wyo., '56, PLEDGES Fineberg, Beth, Lincoln, '57, Gitielman, Leah, Lincoln, '57, Golding, Tammy, Kansas City, Mo., '57, Kaminsky, Zelda, Denver, Colo., '57, Kaplan, Phyllis, Omaha, '57, Kraft, Iudy, Kansas City, Mo., '57, Nauen, Edith, Sioux Falls, S. D., '57, Pinsker, Iulie, Tulsa, Okla., '57, Rhoter, Renee, Milwaukee, Wis., '56, Shapiro, Gloria, Kansas City, Mo., '57, Shukert, Gloria, Omaha, '57, Smith, Mona, Laramie, Vfyo., '56, Tur- chin, Phyllis, Sioux Falls, S. D., '57. SIGMH DELTH THU 464 North 16 St. TOUCHDOWN THCTICS are conversation topics at a Sigma Kappa open house. Cotfee hours climax the football lestivities. HCTIVES Flndreason, Mary Io, Pludubon, '55, Bramer, Lois, Harlan, la., '55, Bull, Ianice, Mil- lard, '54, Carse, Norma, Palisade, '55, Coleman, Carole, Bloomington, lll., '55, Cunningham, Ioann, Lincoln, '55, Davis, lean, Lincoln, '54, Evers, Ianice, Hickman, '56, Fitch, Theola, Hlliance, '55, Frost, Itha, Wolbach, '55, Goldsberry, Hnn, Fuller- ton, '56, Hahn, Patricia, Scottsbluff, '54, Harvey, Harriet, Logan, Ia., '54, Hedges, loan, Waverly, '56, Herse, Marilyn, Rlbion, '56, l-lock, Ioyce, Lincoln, '54, Hollo- way, Virginia, Lincoln, '54, Lee, Carolyn, Brownlee, '56, McKeone, Margaret, Lin- coln, '56, Moly, Shirley fMurphyl, Lincoln, '54, Prielert, Clarlce, Lincoln, '56, Rich- mond, Ruth Finn, Lincoln, '54, Roxberg, Gayle, Lincoln, '54, Sayer, Marianne, Cam- bridge, '56, Stamm, Margaret, Lincoln, '55, Thomassen, Marilu, David City, '55, Tiller, Marlene, Hlliance, '54, Wood, Vtfanda, Grant, '56. PLEDGES Benson, Charlotte, S. D., '57, Enyeart, Sandra, Lincoln, '57, Eipperly, lane, Benning- ton, '57, Frost, Dorrene, Wolbach, '57, Glanclt, I-lnnette, Omaha, '57, Hammond, Rosalie, Lincoln, '57, Hanson, Ieanne, Stanton, '57, Hiebenthal, Mary L., Omaha, '57, Lee, Florence, Brownlee, '57, Muhle, Ianice, Leigh, '56, Odvarka, Mae, Clarkson, '57, Ogburn, Claramae, Lincoln, '55, Villm, Ianet, Grant, '57, Wallin, Leona, Tilden, '56. SIGMH KHPPH 626 North 16 St. ! Anderson Plndreasen Benson Bramer Brinkman Bull Enyeart Evers Fitch Frost D. Frost I. Glandt Hedges Herse Hiebenthal Hoclc Lee C. Lee F. Prieiert Richmond Roxberg Sayer Carse Coleman Cunningham Davis Eipperle Goldsberry Hahn Hammond Hansen Harvey Mclieone Maly Muhle Odvclrka Ogburn Thomassen Villm Wallin Wood , 1, Sigma Kappa Mortar Board Shirley Murphy kept her ac- tivity schedule well filled the past year. Be- sides sporting her black and gold colors-, Shirley was the HWS vice-president and Red Cross secretary. Hnother Sigma Kappa engaged in activity work was lean' Davis, who was president ot Panhellenic and Pi Mu Epsilon, math honorary. Ruth Hnn Richmond played an active part in University theater productions. She was a Masguer and member of Purple Masque, theater honorary. Besides keeping busy in activities, the Sigma Kappa social schedule was Well filled. Saints and Sinners joined forces at a house party. The Violet formal was held in the spring. NORMH CARSE, President Elementary Education, Palisade STANLEY SIPPLE. President Business Hdministration. Nebraska City Sigma u The Nebraslnan, claimed the services of two active Sig Nus. Stan Sipple, Innocents Society member, handled the financial chores as busi- ness manager. Stan was also on the Student Union Board oi Managers. Tom Woodward took the job ot Nebraskan news editor. l-le was a Corn Cob and secretary of the junior class. Third place laurels in the Kosmet Klub Re- vue went to Sigma Nu for their skit, "Captain Cook Discovers Nigma Su." Sigma Nu re- ceived honorable mention in Homecoming competition. ln intramurals the Sig Nus took second place in softball. Andy Bunten and lim Camp- bell were members ol N-Club. Al Dienes and Ian Strickland played on the freshman foot4 ball team. ..., , Tir ,rf ,. M V .- k w ry. . it . - I ., til Ill' " 7. ,li ' , ,. i N fi Yr' 1 A 1.iiltC'T': ' . Irmrrfl X .i 't' i Q 3 l f it 5' ' t l l f . , .. T 1 X ' .. l g , 't' 1-, Q l t", A 1 i ' if, xl F , I V 4, Q' l- ' 'H-'fa +. ' 1 lt it - 'if' N A- ' 3, .i vu ' ll Ballard Barnette Blomstrand Brand Daniel Brand David Btinteri Clouatre Curtis Dobson Douglass Duxbury Eklund Iohn Largen Ledebur Lindgren Loeltz McMullen Rader Rasmussen Robinson Roeser Ryan Sass Soeder Strickland Stuckey Sutton Turner Campbell D. Campbell I. Carlson Carothers Chilcoat Christensen Graves Haley Hanson Hays lrleermann Horst Mangelsen Martin Murphy Neet Norsworthy Pejsar Shafer Shellenberg Sick Sievers Sipple Smith Tyson Williams Woodward K. Woodward T. l x SIG NU SUNDAY 'SNOOZERS are the most relaxed, to say the least. Early risers chuckle over their dormant brothers. PICTIVES Flyers, Ramond, Lincoln, '54, Ballard. Eugene, Grand Island, '56, Barnette, Earl, Holdrege, '56, Best, William, Longmont, Colo., '55, Blomstrand, Robert, Hurora, '56, Bunten, Hnclrew, Cheyenne, Wyo., '53, Campbell, Donald, Cresham, '56, Campbell, Iames, Grand Island, '54, Christensen, Marshall, Minden, '55, Clouatre, lean, Goth- enburg, '55, Curtis, Richard, Grand Island, '56, Dobson, Hrthur, Lincoln, '56, Douglas, W. D., Lincoln, '53, Dutton, Don, Lincoln, '56, Eatherton, Larry, Grand Island, '54, Graves, Howard, Omaha, '55, Haley, Thomas, Lincoln, '56, Hanson, Howard, Her- man, '54, Heerman, Theodore, Stanton, '54, Horst, Ronald, Scottsbluff, '54, Hunt, Vlfayne, North Platte, '54, lohn, Clinton, Grand Island, '54, Loeltz, William, Red Oak, Ia., '54, Martin, Gary, Billings, Mont., '55, Merritt, lack, Lincoln, '55, Meyers, Mick, Lincoln, '54, Neet, William, Omaha, '55, Norsworthy, Milton, Gothenburg, '54, Pejsar, Roderick, Franklin, '56, Rader, Vllilliarn, Conrad, Mont., '55, Richardson, Francis, Sheridan, Wyo., '54, Roeser, Richard, Ogallala, '55, Ryan, Robert, Lincoln, '55, Sass, Donald, Bennington, '55, Shafer, Larry, Hurora, '55, Shellenburg, Rich- ard, Council Bluffs, Ia., '55, Sick, Gordon, Blair, '54, Sipple, Stanley, Nebraska City, '54, Smith, Rod, Ogallala, '54, Sorrell, Mitchell, Syracuse, '56, Sutton, Steve, Blair, '56, Tyson, George, Herman, '56, Vlfalla, William, Fremont, '55, Williams, Donald, Lincoln, '54, Woodward, Thomas, Beatrice, '55. PLEDGES Hnderson, Robert, Lexington, '55, Brand, Daniel, Bellevue, '57, Brand, David, Bellef vue, '55, Carlson, loe, Fremont, '56, Chilcoat, Donald, Pilger, '57, Conis, Thomas, Plattsrnouth, '57, Deines, Flllen, Scottsbluff, '57, Eklund, Gregg, Osceola, '57, Hayes, Charles, West lrlarttord, Conn., '57, Largren, Fred, Creighton, '57, Ledebur, Hllen, Fairmont, Minn,, '57, Lindgren, William, Grand Island, '55, Ludwick, Lanny, Weep- ing Water, '56, Mangelson, Richard, Grand Island, '57, McMullen, Richard, Stella, '57, Menelee, Gerald, Lexington, '56, Meyers, Richard, Omaha, '57, Norrison, Wil- liam, Crawford, '57, Murphy, Robert, Nebraska City, '56, Rasmussen, Richard, Grand Island, '57, Robinson, Bruce, Fremont, '56: Sievers, Bryan, North Platte, '56, Smith, lack, Greeley, '57, Soeder, Nicholas, Omaha. '57: Strickland, Ian, Villisca, la., '57, Stuckey, Dave, Lexington, '57, Sutton, Steve, Blair, '56, Woodward, Kirk, Beatrice, '57. SIGMA NU 625 North 16 Street E nb' K' L it sr. an :nn it n well iv it Sis K i ri? df: if 5, . H :VQ ,,E,,.. was was ,, E W ,.s.ffsg. . s s 'H gf EL ,, w if fi., .-1 : A DOWNY DOOM is in store for the Sig Ep who receives the brunt of this battle. Pillowless people have hard dreams. QCTIVES Qden, Iohn, Milford, '56, Qlexander, Bill, Lincoln, '56, Qrmstrong, Chuck, Omaha, '55, Benedict, I,, Ietferson, la,, '54, Brabec, Milo, Geneva, '54, Brandan, Dave, North Platte, '54, Cole, Wendy, Weeping Water, '54, Crain, Bob, So, Sioux City, '56, Faes, Dick, Lincoln, '55, Farris, lim, Omaha, '57, Gauger, Norm, Grant, '54, Gordon, Ioe, Lincoln, '55, Graf, lack, Talmadge, '54, Gustafson, Leighton, Bennet, '56, Grahleer, Marlin, Pender, '56, Hamann, Don, Lincoln, '54, Hamilton, Tip, Pierre, S. D., '55, Hamilton, Tim, Pierre, S. D., '56, Hagaman, lim, Bennett, '56, Iensen, Bill, Fremont, '54, Iefteries, Bud, Madrid, '55, Kidder, Fred, Lincoln, '56, Kirkpatrick, Dan, York, '56, Konegni, lack, So, Sioux City, '56, Lawson, Chuck, Lincoln, '54, Mackey, Bruce, Lincoln, '55, Mallette, Pat, Hooper, '54, Mead, Don, Omaha, '55, Newell, Dick, Pender, '54, Oehlerking, Dean, So. Sioux City, '56, Otteman, Merlin, Pender, '56, Roath, Dorsey, Franklin, '55, Russel, Bob, Fullerton, '54, Schneider, Lee, Geneva, '56, Shade, Phil, Franklin, '55, Shreck, Bill, Bertrand, '56, Sorensen, Pete, Bancrolt, '56, Thompson, George, Oshkosh, '54, Tonjes, Royce, Pender, '55, Tracy, Howard, Hurora, Ill., '55, Uehling, Russ, Uehling, '56, Warren, Rod, Lincoln, '56, Weigert Ra Lon mont Colo. '55- Wenzlaft Bill Sutton, '55, Whittaker, Wayne, Red Cloud Yi Q 1 i I . 1 . '54, Wright, Dean, Chanute, Kan., '56, Yowell, lim, Omaha, '55, Sim, Lancy, Lin- coln, '55, Heddin, Gene, Geneva, '54. PLEDGES Pldams, Mel, Brute, '56, Hppleby, Dan, Valley, '57, Bull, Curtis, Elkhorn, '55, Christen- sen, Caroll, Red Cloud, '56, Cotton, Bob, Omaha, '57, Engle, Corky, So. Sioux City '57, Fitzekam, Doug, Nebraska City, '57, Fitzekarn, Gordon, Nebraska City, '55i H her Bill Scotia '57' Ha ward Ral h York, '57, Hill, Bob, Superior, '57, Hock atc , . . , Y . XJ i , Iohn, Lincoln, '57, lensen, Bob, Wash. D. C., '55, Kidder, Bob, Lincoln, '57, Leigh- ton, Dave, Omaha, '57, Linquist, Chuck, North Platte, '57, Mason, Rick, Superior, '57 McCammon, Dave, Lincoln, '56, Miller, Bruce, Pender, '57, Munderloh, Royce, Wisner '57, Mutzebaugh, Don, North Platte, '57, Nielsen, Russ, Lincoln, '57, Parmelee, Iohn, Omaha, '57, Peters, Don, Talmaclge, '57, Pekorny, Ierry, Schuyler, '57, Rasmussen Bud, So. Sioux City, '57, Robinson, lim, Oshkosh, '57, Schmeling, Duane, Mapleton la., '57, Shaw, Van, Lincoln, '57, Simmons, Steve, Denison, la., '57, Sivil, lim, So Sioux City, '57, Svanda, Don, Ravenna, '57, Wiedrnaier, Dick, Falls City, '57. SIGMA PHI EPSILON 601 North 16 Street s Y Adams Flden Qlexander Hppleby Hrmstrong Benedict Crain Engel C. Engel L. Faes Fitzekarri D. Fitzekam G. Hamilton I. Hamilton T. Hatcher Hayward Hill Hedden Lawson Leighton McCarnmon Mackey Mason Mead Parmelee Peters Pokorny Robinson Russell Schmeling Svanda Thompson Tonjes Tracy Uehling Warren Brabec Bull Caurcli Christensen Cole Cotton Gauqer Gordon Graf Gralheer Hagarnan Hamann Hook lensen Kidder F. Kidder R. Kirkpatrick Konegni Miller Munderloh Mutzebaugh Nielsen Oehlerking Ottemari Schneider Shade Shaw Shreck Sorensen Roath Wenzlail Whitaker Wiegert Wright Yowell NU urn' -v-fit nur g-nas 93,21 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon dominated intramural competition by capping the bowling champion- ship, taking second in basketball and placing in football and 'Water basketball. Varsity sportsmen were divers lim Farris and Tipp Hamilton, baseball pitchers Pat Mal- lete, Fran Hofmaier and Ray Wiegert, and trackmen Wendy Cole, Wayne Whittaker and Dan Kirkpatrick. I Benedict, Cornhusker business manager, was an Innocent, secretary oi Corn Cobs and a member of Kosmet Klub. Phil Shade was assistant business manager of the Cornlurslcer and a Corn Cob. Ugliest Man. on Campus laurels went to the Sig Eps' Tim Hamilton, in a popular election. fa as 4 n mf' 511 i' Q ..,, f' , Q, l can Q I .4 L 1-ps 'Z' Qk iwi 5 Q T1 Y H I 1 BHRRY THOMPSON. President Pharmacy, Oshkosh n If .ex me - -Fl-,mf m:NA,...fN GHRY IONES, President Mechanical Engineering, Hastings Tau Kappa Epsilon Music-minded TKES lent their talents to the University band. Members were Duane Mil- ler, Darrel Grothen, Dana Eurich, Byron Thompson and Ierry Humphrey. Duane and Darrel were members of American Society oi Mechanical Engineers, Sigma Tau, engineer- ing scholastic honorary, and Pi Tau Sigma, mechanical engineering honorary. Tom Hunton and Roger Whitmer were in the American ln- stitute of Architects. The Alumni Goose Dinner highlighted Tau Kappa Epsi1on's Homecoming festivities. Other social functions were the Red Carnation Ball and the Cocoanut party. Active Tau Kappa Epsilon Pres. Gary Iones was a member of Kosmet Klub, Corn Cobs, American Society of Engineers and IFC. an W ' ,QL,'fJ" r, 1" I 4. 'L ' A,-,-Tig' . l. r - . luv - , w . Hi, ,, QI :unle- .1., RHI: ,.,n rv' and 5 r 2 Benzing Bobst Brooke Eusterwiemann Enrich Iinclra lanes Kuncl Lewis Mooney Siekman Spain Tews Thompson B. Thompson R. I, Grothen Hall Honnen Hu nton Osborn Pargett Reyman Rogers Tritsch Tyler Wolfe Wynne COCOANUTS AND COMBOS mean it's time for a TKE party. Shady palms are favorite relaxation haunts for the islanders. QCTIVES Donovan, Thomas, Coronado, Calii., '55, Eurich, Dana, Omaha, '56, Eusterwiemann, Richard, Howells, '55, Grothen, Darrel, Iuniata, '55, Hall, Victor, Holdrege, '56, Horstman, Richard, Omaha, '54, Hunton, Thomas, Salina, Kan., '55, Iones, Gary, Hastings, '54, Kuncl, Charles, Omaha, '55, Miller, Duane, Hastings, '54, Mooney, William, Omaha, '54, Osborn, Denis, Talmadge, '55, Rogers, Donald, Honolulu, T. H., '55, Spain, Iames, Bellevue, '56, Thompson, Byron, Omaha, '56, Whitmer, Roger, Lincoln, '55, Tritsch, Marian, Murray, '56. PLEDGES Benzing, Larry, McCook, '57, Berger, Roger, Hastings, '57, Brooke, Gary, Hastings, '57, Bobst, Barry, Lincoln, '57, Greene, Gary, Lincoln, '57, Holler, Gordon, Omaha, '57, Honnen, Dean, Iohnstown, '57, Houlek, Ioe, Clarkson, '57, Humphery, Ierry, Pluburn, '56, Iindra, Dale, Clarkson, '57, Lewis, James, Lincoln, '57, Lindstrom, Frank, Grand island, '57, McCorkinda1e, Bruce, Emerson, '55, Mosher, Ralph, Huburn, '57, Pargett, Russell, Omaha, '57, Renwick, David, Lincoln, '57, Reyrnan, Claude, Hinsworth, '57, Rhodes, William, Omaha, '57, Siekman, Kenneth, Hastings, '57, Spain, Frances, Bellevue, '56, Tews, Richard, Hastings, '57, Thompson, Robert, Hastings, '57, Tyler, Robert, Hinsworth, '57, Wolfe, Ierry, Clay Center, '57, Wynne, Flllan, Wichita Falls, Tex., '57. TAU KAPPA EPSILON 410 North 17 Street PIN-POINTERS rack up the strikes during TXs intramural bowl- ing match with Sigma Nu. Splits and spares mean success. HCTIVES Pllexander, Norman Dale, Lincoln, '56, Gleason, Bernard Flllen, Pacific Iunction, la., '56, Kavan, Iohn Martin, Red Oak, la., '55, Krejci, Ronald Ioseph, Schuyler, '56, Longacre, Fred Herman, Schuyler, '55, McCubbin, Dudley Kays, Scottsbluff, '56, Nichols, Iohn Baxter, Minatare, '54, Patterson, Robert Culver, Scottsbluff, '55, Rams- dell, Gerald Richard, Sutton, '54, Rosendal, Harold Eugene, Geneva, '57, Rurnery, Kenneth Ray, Omaha, '55, Schuman, Marvin Dale, Minatare, '54, Selk, Raymond Ioseph, Omaha, '55, Svoboda, Ward Ray, Schuyler, '56, Wrobleski, Charles Francis, Omaha, '54. PLEDGES Engquist, Keith Duane, Red Oak, la., '55, Garst, Charles Miles, Watson, Mo,, '57, Haley, Iohn Edward, Valley, '57, Murray, Iames Walter, Scottsblutl, '57, Otradovsky, Fred Iohn, Schuyler, '57, Otradosky, Iames Walter, Schuyler, '57, Payn, Walace Baldwin, Lincoln, '56, Sigerson, Bart, Valley, '57, Yost, Ronald, Lincoln, '57. THETH CHI 831 North 13 Street Pllexander Bauman Engquist Garst Gleason Lungacre McCubbin Murray Nichols Otradovsky Ross Schuman Selk Sigerson Haley Hartford Kavan Krevci Patterson Payn Ramsclell Rice Svoboda Yost Wrobleski Theta Chi Wesleyan and Omaha University Theta Chi chapters journeyed to the Nebraska Campus to participate in the fraternity's annual Tri- Chapter Stag. Bernie Gleason, president oi Theta Chi, was a member of IFC and on the varsity wrestling team. Music major Ken Rumery was a mem- ber oi the University orchestra and Sinfonia, men's honorary music fraternity. Another music man, Bob Patterson, was in the orches- tra, Singers and Sinfonia. John Kavan and Ron Yost were ROTC band members. Norman Alexander was on the varsity debate team, in NUCWA, Builders and AUP. Ron Krejci and Marv Schumman were members oi the Inter- iraternity Council's publicity committee. Theta Chi participated in all intramural sports. BERNARD GLEHSON, President Teachers, Pacific Iunction, Iowa 96 x ml sm Q an E - WK: is LHRRY POPPH. President Business Hdministration, Lincoln Theta Xi Theta Xi members took part in a variety ot campus activities. Leonard Barker served as vice-president of the house, a member of the University band and Gamma Lambda, band honorary. lack McKie, Roger Brendle, Bill Doole and Wendel Friest were also University oi Nebraska band members. lack and Roger were members ot Gamma Lambda, band hon- orary and Phi Mu Alpha, music honorary. In theater Work, Wes Iensby Was a member of Nebraska Masquers and Morrel Clute acted in University Theater productions. Theta Xi took part in intramural sports com- petition. Theta Xi Bill Solberg earned his letter on the varsity basketball team. "il l K Fllbers Atchison Barker Berkenstock Blackburn Blue Cutler Denbow Doolc Ifcklund Evans Friest Kelley Loese Loxterman Mathews Miller Norman Russell Schmitt Schwalm Spahn Sutter Bree Brenclle Brownell Castonguay Clute Crevtz Genge I-fammis Huffman Ibsen Iensen Iorgensen Parmelee Parratt Placke Ploq Roberts Rodehorst 'Thorson Weise Wisby Zelewski - 'eg THE CARPENTER CORPS at Theta Xi brandish their tools in a unified effort to repair the TV set before program time. QCTIVES Hlbers, Robert, Roca, '55, Pltchison, Robert, Cozad, '55, Barker, Leonard, Lincoln, '55, Blaha, Pllan, Ord, '54, Blackburn, Burge, Rhineland, Wis., '56, Bree, Marlin, Nor- folk, '55, Brendle, Roger, Lincoln, '55, Buclcow, Stanley, Lincoln, '56, Castonguay, Roger, Swansea, Mass., '56, Davey, Robert, Lincoln, '55, Denbow, Duane, Parker, S. Dak., '56, Doole, William, Lincoln, '54, Evans, Frank, Wisner, '54, Huffman, Dennis, Omaha, '56, Iensby, Wesley, Davenport, '54, Iensen, Robert, Grand Island, '55, Iohnson, Hlan, Omaha, '54, Kelley, Robert, Grand Island, '57, Knapp, Dave, Lin- coln, '53, Laase, Paul, Lincoln, '54, Leese, Stanley, Lincoln, '54, Loxternlan, Charles, Pittsburg, Penn, '57, Miller, Vaden, Palisade, '54, McCoy, Mark, Norfolk, '55, Mcliie, lack, Lincoln, '56, Parinelee, Iames, Omaha, '53, Poppa, Lawrence, Columbus, '54, Roberts, Donald, Tecumseh, '54, Rodehorst, Glenn, Columbus, '54, Russell, Iohn, Fullerton, '54, Schmitt, Pete, Lincoln, '55, Soelberg, William, Sioux City, Ia., '55, Spahn, Tom, Lincoln, '55, Sutter, Charles, Grand Island, '55, Thorson, Iames, DeSmet, S. Dak., '56, Wiese, Edwin, Greenfield, Ia., '56, Wislcy, lack, Grand Island, '55, Zelewski, Lloyd, Omaha, '55. PLEDGES Berkenstock, Roy, Garden, Mass., '57, Brownell, Iesse, Wakefield, '57, Clute, Morrel, Rochester, Mich., '55, Creutz, Norman, Wausa, '55, Cutler, Iarnes, Telcarnah, '57, Davis, Steve, Omaha, '57, Dawty, Tom, Wakefield, '57, Eckland, Norris, Elwood, '55, Friest, Wendell, Plattstnouth, '57, Gaver, Iames, Columbus, '56, Genge, Robert, Kansas City, Mo., '57, Hall, Vernon, Lincoln, '57, Hunker, George, Falls City, '57, Ibsen, Edward, Layton, N I., '55, lacks, Todd, Tekamah, '57, Iorgenson, Ellsworth, Lincoln, '57, Mathews, Robert, Hastings, '56, Norman, Gerald, Wausa, '57, Parrott, Harry, Concordia, Kan., '57, Placke, Iames, Grand Island, '57, Plog, Kenneth, Wausa, '57, Schwalrn, l.7Villiam, Omaha, '57, Seberg, Iohn, Elwood, '57, Storkan, Robert, Lin- coln, '57, Sunclquist, Dale, Omaha, '57, Trauman, Gary, Winside, '56. THETA XI 1535 R Street THE NORTH VVIND doth blow but the ZBTs Homecoming dis- play goes up. Chattering teeth keep time with hammer beats. HCTIVES Bondarin, Hrley, Omaha, '55, Green, Sheldon, Chicago, Ill., '55, Greenberg, Mike Omaha, '54, Hollander, Bruce, Brooklyn, N. Y., '54, Iacohs, Doran, Deadwood, S. D. '55, Krupinsky, Ierry, Omaha, '55, Kushner, Marshall, Lincoln, '54, Maisel, Milt Los Pingeles, Calif., Miller, Neil, Kansas City, Mo., '56, Minkin, Ron, Omaha, '55: Rosinsky, Sol, Omaha, '55, Singer, Lenard, Omaha, '55, Steinberg, Marvin, Omaha '55, Stern, I-lrnold, Omaha, Vann, Howard, Omaha, '55, PLEDGES - Belmont, Ben, Omaha, '57, Bercovici, Harlan, Omaha, '57, Dandy, Donald, Omaha '57, Dwoskin, Ioseph, Omaha, '57, Fellman, Richard, Omaha, '57, Linda, Calvin Omaha, '57, Small, Maynard, Kansas City, Mo., '57, Steinberg, Ted, Sioux Falls S. D., '56, ZETA BETA TAU 1345 R Street ., 7 1' 1 V Q gi W x F' ual l 1 H f' 'H W felis- i ' f E , 4 I s 3- . -- 5,---f A - , -L s W sa, wma ,M i mn Sinai! HH , l A E ,, .il 2 E, , ,-,- 3 Km ll ,, l ' - " B , . LE QEEYH :x g :Q an I Belmont Bondarin Dandy Dwoskin Fellrnan Green Greenberg Hollander Iacohs Krupinsky Kushner Maisel Miller Minkin Rosinsky Singer Small Steinberg M Steinberg T Stern Vann Zeta Beta Tau For the fourth time in the past four years, Zeta Beta Tau won the second place trophy for scholarship and activities. Alter the Miami football game, the ZBTS held their annual Club Zebra party. Whoopee Daze was held during Ivy Day Weekend. The ZBTS pursued publications during Ne- braska's Centennial season. Marshall Kush- ner Was a columnist for The Nebraskan, secre- tary ol Kosmet Klub and on Pub Board. Doran Iacobs was assistant business manager of The Nebraslcan, a Corn Cob, on the AUP Board, a cabinet member of YMCA and in charge of Homecoming publicity. Baton-twirling Neil Miller was University drum major. SHELDON GREEN. President Law. Chicago, Ill. MERTON DIERKS, President Agriculture. Ewing Alpha Gamma Sigma Nebraska's Centennial anniversary year Was the founding year of the University's new- est fraternity, Alpha Gamma Sigma. Merten Dierks reigned as the first president of this pro- fessional agriculture lraternity which was cre- ated to promote fellowship and to provide iraternalistic environment for students oi agri- culture. These Ag men turned activity men as Well as fraternity men. Dale Van Vleck was vice- president of the Farmers Fair Board, a mem- ber of Alpha Zeta, agricultural honorary, and Commissary-treasurer of Alpha Gamma Sigma. President Merten Dierks was also on the ag livestock judging team and an Ag Union Corn- rnittee Chairman. Maurice Norton was secre- tary of Red Guidon. Bell Dierks Eberspacher Filkins Knudson Kuhl Lathrop Lees Schiermeyer Schuerman Slammer Thompson French Iacobrneier Iensen Iiskra Miller Nielsen Norton Heed Van Vleck Watson Wiggins Wrasse COBWEBS AND CORNER DUST disappear beneath the in- dustrious hands of these Alpha Gams. Co-operation counts. QCTIVES Bell, Pllois, Bloomfield, '55, Dierks, Merton, Ewing, '54, Eberspacher, Stanley, Beaver Crossing, '56, Filkins, Dale, Fremont, '54, Fitz, Donald, Lincoln, '56, French, Carroll, Page, '54, Iacobmeier, Vern, Eagle, '55, Iensen, Ierry, Lincoln, '54, Iiskra, Richard, Swanton, '54, Kuhl, Hrthur, Randolph, '54, Lathrop, Lloyd, Los Hngeles, Calif, '54, Lees, Donald, Morse Bluff, '54, Miller, Philip H., Campbell, '55, Nielsen, Lee, Elba, '55, Norton, Maurice, Elgin, '54, Reed, Norman, Crab Orchard, '55, Sander, Donald, Creston, '54, Schiermeyer, Gerald, Superior, '57, Schuerrnan, Charles, Clatonia, '54, Stammer, Iohn, Lyons, '54, Stuhr, Boyd, Bradshaw, '56, Van Vleck, Lloyd Dale, Clearwater, '54, Vllatson, Charles, Pierce, '55, Wiggins, Kaye Don, Lebanon, '56, PLEDGES Blomstedt, Oscar E., Palmer, '56, Knudson, Kay, Bloomfield, '57, Wrasse, Lonnie, Hnsley, '55. ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA 3256 Holdrege Sireet 2'-'IIB ning Perfect pair from THERE"s a made-for-each-other look about these Elgins you'll want to be part of . . . to share with tl1e very special one in your life. fOf course, you don't have to pair them-but what a wonderful idea it is U And these superb Lord and Lady Elgins more than look alike. They are alike in the years and years of amazing performance they will give you, too. Each was made by the only watchmaker in the world who has made over 50 mil- lion fine watches . . .timed to the stars by Elgin,s own observatory. But most important, each has the same heart-Elgin's heart that never breaks. This is the exclusive DuraPower Main- spring, that's guarauteezl to never break. Neither can it rust nor lose its power. Surely you know somcone with whom you would like to share the pleasure of owning a Lord and Lady Elgin? Why not visit your Elgin jeweler soon? Elgin National WVatch Company, Elgin, Illinois. atElGINaa,aMaa,taiat 7' i Y 1 1: 1 -git. -' ..-V ,. -l1q 91 X A. . w .Q 1 J. LZ. O 'Q sf.. - ' -' " F f .3 1 - 'Q n'9:' ' 1 , I Q ' ' I -l. 139 f l' " -I ,gr J' a' ' - -.' 'A' 1 f I 5 m ITIILLER PAiIlEi' LINCOLN Jim Siv K Quallf' Iwi Jpflaahw' fgfi ggggg Co-eds of '54 . . . We'll remember you briskly shopping in our store -5 : 5 . . . Selecting that all-important party dress, a new cashmere sweater, Jffgifa' or a hat from our Hal Bar to complement your new suit. With your 5 fresh viewpoints and lively enthusiasm you have stimulated the fash- 7 - ion shows and other programs ln our active fourth floor auditorium. 134 iz I , . UU 1,5 Men of '54 . . . We'll remember you doing that last minute shopping for a formal shirt in our Men's Shopg C just inside the east entrancel or buying an important gift for that '4Certain Someonev at our Candy Counter, in our Jewelry or Cosmetic departments, or one of the many other shop-wise departments in our store. BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN A VITAL PART OF US, WE OFFER V CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES M4444 Book srokf 1135 R' SI. A Lincoln 8, Nebr. V' For The best prices on oll engineering supplies,' text books, ort supplies ond 'rrode books go to the NEBRASKA BOOK STORE ond 'rake od- vontoge of their fine offers. H35 R ST. 2-l227 HOVLAND SWANSON SP01'tSW9C11' Department 2626 No. 48 sf. 6-3224 ge Board, Marilyn T? p in h N31 ?2S53:?5i3'f2?'?53: CHARLES ELCE AND SON Lincoln, Nebraska CERTIFIED LIBRARY BOOKBINDERS GILMOUR-DANIELSON DRUG COMPANY Established 1927 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Federal Sec. Bldg. Medical Arts Bldg. 142 SO. 13 Ph. 2-1246 800 So. 13 Ph. 2 9351 i l HOTEL Jfwhfddvl C A P I T A L Featuring: U 0 Fountcun X 'A Barb-B-Q-Ribs X 0 Stecxkburgers 4 i X X l 341:15 "5 ' . . '-,'f--.,-s,,f.::..- 2 " - '--::f.'!-' : 12 ' ef-ik' alig? 15. slfff Wx '1 lm 4: , -Z iff! :lf ,ai WA.: ,Q ,gl -1,gl- ll -asf -'M " 1,1 I5 I Z, ,S l we ' 48 cf o sf ,Qs 1' ,f'?f 42 ' Il ll - ,fgfef,e2f .. 'il' Egffgg' fi ll -.1 :ai 'Jay' QZSI' ll 1,. 1. 42" ll '-71 5? ,e2f' ,Q U 2-3, igef' ga ll ,I -1 .- .34 efffq, - Q i 'i 17? u gi "Ei 2625 d r. -ff? - -S .. ':f.f '-5 l :Q i'-DE - ,,- .. :air gc li e . l -5 HUNTS WAYSIDE EEE where it's easy to shop. Select your carpet at Parking space has been provided for HOME OF THE HUDDLE YW' Convenience Store Hours Nine till Nine' 545 LIN COLN 'S good listening . i. .o KFOR RADIO 1240 "For That Lote Evening Snack" BENNETT HOTEL 81 CAFE 712 P sf. Open 24 Hours a Day SIEGEI IIFFIIIE EIIUIPMENT CII. Agents for: 0' Edison Voicewrifers 0' Underwood Typewriters O' Underwood Sunstrond Adding Machines 0' Webster Inter-office Communicating Systems 228 No. 13th Lincoln, Nebraska GREETINGS FROM AN OLD NEBRASKA INSTITUTION IIJIIIIIWIII I SULLIVAN TRANSFER cmd STORAGE MOVERS-STORERS-PACKERS Fireproof buiidings, separate locked roomsg your goods ore sofe in our core. Office 301 North Eighth Street Phone 2-2737 Lincoln and Grand Island, Nebraska CAL KUSKA "Lets get in this long one . . . They're either lined up for CI 'snap' course or or good teacher." x,g44f , , S T 9 X 4 W f xxkmckraw A ,, , , ,, . ,,.r ., I I I sl I Il 1906 ly Iii . -A - - ENGHSH. I I5 .. '--Er- S is - A - - . ' .W EZEESZTHISIEIQ IIII I we III sozimevhn 415041 5 5'--I I p 7 IU I I II , mmrst ' ehomy 1 " fm ' IIIII I K ,f 9 ., Q C2 C A ,O U Q f :I . I f Q, ' i . . - Q11-jg -, -35 ,z r'- . f, lp . L ' ' A .,... - I - I 'Ir' I I . 2 .Zl':':'L:22If'I'I-:ZZ I I-N5 5959? I I, - .- em . ,4:.- ref.-e...1.J H4 - I -A mu f.zi I I II ' f- - iiiii' I . 'serum '-I I 'I I- I I II li I , , II IL - e . I I , I 'I I m io I I ' ' QM, offering ,,n.Im,u I,.-- H' IJ! -T 21 :- 33:31, , E I 1 isa-I .' ' - - I - ff ff I - 'f+:'.a f 4- -- - -,...,., ' ' - I if , I 1 . W N Lu ' 1 S ' 4 "" '- ' " 1 I e III III I I 1 nl-I Accident IIIII I -' XI A ' "" "'i H. " A I I "fix if 5' V.. I , f.43,1.,.. Health E I I ,A wa' In 'W Hospitalization , I Z 6 6 sp 41 f ,Y f .ff ',6?. -' "Z" "1-'L "ls-. 23' f 1 . f A.. .N ...X ...l oi. .. The Midwest ff --1 1 . ef -' " zestf:.e-.-z-zgrfas-z-xefzehV4-QI..-Q , was Life Insurance Co. 2 4 peg..seawsffxp-:':.:f:2:r,4i.f.'mfmQ:,.Q . I I fiiiifiiif. iV'W'iS.4' of Lincoln Nebraska I 11- . "III "4-1-su'.2':-s-fe. MIN. ' Iff,5i!lIitimi1!'l!2:: n'.v.g.g.j.fg.,f',-I '.,g.ggL,,g-2313253.34-I-21 ,531 9, -. ,441 .'-7' aj- - Say, Coach, some of the boys feel you're g Tug-IE FooTBAl.L TEAM makin' 'em 'Warm up' too long." .- ? V :F-L fr 'Qs-J ' Rea y or 1 e s mnees L1fe brmgs chances, both good cmd O . . Lfigx- S Xexz . -- 4 - 2 ' ' I Q bod. Good chances are opporturutles for Lis: -3 -sh . fx 7 C' 9 ? -'1...?.5, self-lmprovement. Bod chances are emer- -'-f::gl' X -2 gs a+- R gencxes ccxlhng for reserve resources. A li,-, i? iq Qs --T g -,,TL::r'-A -- if -f xg we 3 Thousands of youths are ready to meet :t.ii'i N , - . ji . life's chances through college training fi- fiffrg A . N Y . "RN . . '-S' " . , X ,. ' "4"- '- nanced by Woodmen Llfe msurolnce pro- .f X Q f . il tectlon. Throughout hfe they beneflt from E A I P lm . . . . . . " Q,",V,5 I ' J ' ' ' 'I -v 'foxy'-,gli ' ,I thls hnonclol SGCUTITY and bulld frlend- U Ib' - af V 7X dj il I' . . . . . , S .r..,,.L, . , ,,,, shlps by partlclpcxhng ln Woodcraft s fra- fmf f 1. W U VW'yy - :"I6i1,','if11l . .. .-,- . .qt-:H-'1 terncll, SOCICII and C1v1c oct1v1t1es. - P' ffffff VU! If m p- M U ' 'H HxlJf1, ' ' X g " y fi .14'.Q '- ,LJ 'ij C U "f1,!f'x ' ' 1' ' .. ,xii " T . - s law- I if W Wy! -1 if vii? r-Hi! i 9 5 I ' ' as fig' Iii, , Ill- " ,,f.,.. ,N N , x, V- ' .' ' . A 5 , Nl Mil Mull? A 1 -I ' ,C r 'El - 1 f . - -i'1":-1 .JUIUV - fs.. .ss rr -, T 1 X- . X , 1 E 3 -' N , A' its Q . 10 . , .., 4 ,v ,I 11 if ,' Life Insurance Society Qigglxxgg-Q " H rf . .- . www, -. . x . am.-.a-:'7.o:-cn--9 -M... .4 M-ff '+A 1 WnrId's F inancinlly Strongest lurk rQc'U.g., -," .",,'ig-.H'.:'l"W ., ... - "Q Frulerrmi Benefit Society Hi?AiIX'3.x-"Q-H5''r,"i'1r.":"ifi "x"x"i" """' . - .1,.fx1lbjX5 A-,lfr.sNf-G -le'xQ5:.Q.3.. 4w.v,9, ge' " -wr: snr!-.c,,l,-wx! ic..A-Y-fvwvx 'ff'-'.4,'.' ' 25' F"i"'3'r1 'T"" . , , T X ". 33 ...A ,i?f9f4e!:!.4-2.1 NATIONAL BANK SIDLES OF COMMERCE Lincoln, Nebraska NATIONAL I3Tll 8: 0 STS l.lll00lll IEBII 1. . ,B .K A. A if if NH DF COMMERCE T' ' Pontiac Cadillac Co. Sales Q Service 1328 P St. Phone 2-7677 A Convenient Stopping Place OVER 51 YEARS AT 13TH 81 O MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION "Stop for o snack!" Gretna - On Highway 6 423 ISTORIANS have a way of wrapping the past in a sparkling coat of glory that often casts a dullness on the present. Time, like distance, lencls enchantment and the heroes and heroines of the history books take on new color with each passing year. T he era itself, of a century ago or longer, sometimes seems to us to have embraced broader vistas of opportunity for greatness and fame. But when we pause to give it thought, we know this isn't true. There Will Always Be a Frontier! We reahze that Irontlers aren t hrmted to wilderness and prairie and that the garb of the pioneer isn't limited to buckskin and calico. We realize that in a hundred different directions lie new worlds to dis- cover, new lands to explore. We realize that these new worlds and new lands lie hidden in the untrod depths of modern science, modern business and industry, and modern government . . . that these fields offer opportunities just as challenging and just as rewarding as any wilderness or any prairie. Then it is that we remark with the great man who once said, "So little done, so much to do!" So, equipped with the axe of knowledge and the powder horns ot courage, the youth of today faces the horizon of the future-prepared to carve a place in it, determined to "find a way, or make one!" JOHN DEERE a a gg . a a a ia a a a a a x-x a a a E a a H. a a aa a a Ig. ear- ..a-ae-ra-.Q-sam: .aaa aai '---1-'xv' """-fs-4--"wwf-f 'a7"""r:r -- Wwffyer -5 W' -as - gg Mfaafastfggg Wa a-aaa ttmggmmhwam aaaaa fm an--rr asia aaagmggggflgl as a aag W . g a aaaa aa a , aa g aa gg g aaa ggg ma ax gg aaa aa gggggxisaif KNEW Ziiaaagg EEmEa: gg e maaliialgaggggg SIZES WW- aa' aaaama WM' aaaaaa M Mmawaafa M wat-raaaa-aa MMM Mvaaamvrem - amaaa , M atm MM aa aar- -aaaaza MM Faaama MM aaaamaaaag aa , SS .. SS K BBB E BWBSSDG -A B 55,388 SS -A BSS B- Q WEEKS la .ff a Ig ms aa ms aa ms was a ms aaa E aa E 7 a' ' aa ms a.a Em aa Emma xa a ms aaa ami aww B va " aa a E was aa aaa BEE azaaaaawwms ga-a aag Magix F-a aagmi 35 aaaaa '55 ll aaa gMI, aaaaag Ma aagaaaaaaaaa gagaaagg Maga aaagaa aawa aaa aaaa g .aa an H w aaaaa " E amaaa W5 mmfaaa-a Engl a-Eaaaagkmamawa alxila ll 'Us aa, ax g aa gg aaa agg ggga aaa ggg a aaa? gg aaa M-gg! 'aa M 'ii aag Q3 aa: gh ia aa ' H mia ag it a: a aa aa Eaaawa g g ara aw- ggg aa-aa ggg awaaa g a aal agia E55 HBE aaamffgx Wallin Tmaaaax-:Hams SH a'-samxzaaimwswfis maaa-a E Ebiaaagfia aaa ai ggglga aa gggg' Eaaaaaaaggg mg a Za g gggg aaaaaa gggg aaa B SSN SSB BB BSS l 'H a a H aaa EEE asaa 'E aa aa Us aa as ' aaa g maaaa gMM aaafya afaaaaa W aa aaa aaaaa gM aagwaaa .M a M-ag Mg -ag aaa M IIaa a- aa a I g aa ggg aaaaaagggggg aaaaaaggggggg aaaagggggaa aaag gggg g aaa. gg gggg aaaa g a gg ana ggg aaa aag g' a- I ax aa aa a gg a aa :B ga gg a a a E Ea' ggg ZZ a 352 wgaaixs' msmaaaik rg a aa ggg aa - aa H aa, gg aa a gg gg ana ggsrggg aaaa gg gg aa ggg a aa g ggg g M a ag H za H :aa ' - 2: J 2 aa a E mf aaaaa 55 a a Q wx aa as aa a mx aa mBmMma-amaa- H35 it aa aE5d li ma aa a H W -a-a a 55 ggg aaamm ggga agggm gg gggaaa a g gg an aa gggg aaaaaaa aa, gg aia ggg aa aaa Hg a H a ggg E!-X -A HERE S8 USS BEE S8 am MM agg g I faaaaaa aqaa I aa I wgzgm :ara-aamgggglsgcg-a-amfa mmg E amja- Qggmsugaa a aa aff-a aaa I a aa aa a aa an a aa mga aaa agw' Egg aa Eggs aa ass 2 aa :W a aa' 53? aagaaaw aiaiaaaa -Qaa-:E H alla Hit as a a aa ,.a,a aa a aa ma ggg BSB B gggggggg wh-SSL-MW ggmg 885324 ,ggg SENSE!-XB ggg BEE iw g TZ gg lf aa gg 2 a ag 5 ma aa aa aaa aa aa 55 aaaaa EEE '?.a- aiu Wm a a Si E-a a a E Hana msgfwaaamsia imlbw 7aTa-a:EBmt'5a a a H955 'aiaaa awia WW aaa-aa aaaa gg awsa gf gat-x -as g new g., ggg aa ggg Wmaagg-as Eigmaaafa mmmfgs- azafa mmm! Eaaaaga- H E aa-aaami 5 aa aaaq, M aaaa- MM aa a aa Maa a a MM aa aaag ggg -aam,-ag gMa aa- g g gaa ag g ag-a-aag gg , g aaa g gga aaa X aaa g gg aaa ga 5 aa aa MM a-t-a aaI , g I a saga aaaaag aaa Ugg? a.,a gym aaa gga aaaagfggfgg aaaaaagg ggga aaaa a g gg a . a- .. ag :ga g H a at 5.11 aa ,aa tt aa tt ag aa , JZ..-' a - a a aw Bmwls as afi I-If' '..a1: aaa E ,gaa aaa gs 'gg as aaa,.a ,I,.,, I,,, I II Ig..,:.,,.. . an aa!! , aaaa I .. ,,I,.,I,I:I.,, I ..III ,III H III IEZ g g ma gg aa a g amass g g. g a gg ax ' 11:-'-'3 .. a- . X ma a a ,. ,.,.,. aa a a a W - - 1 ag., g a a a H E a a aa a Wggg -M- ,,jsa. ggg ga' gggg aa' Zagaseagsggg aag g a g Iga Eg: ggI ig E B g a - E BI aa g. S Q, gM a a a gg aa V g aaaa ggg a a'ggmg a .a., aa .a -a a a a - SS 'nt' .SS SS wi E S8 ., KBS SSH SS . a a a.a W aa a a a a t M , fag: iz amz- V M an aa IIIIIII 1 af? nigga ? Magma? a a g aa g - aiegqf aa I II HHH a .-g1 gi ., gg Ig aaaaaaaxgg ggg aw -I ws-mama M ' ' Dreams of future homes i111 the mmds of Larry Kneger, Gmny W11cox, Dorn Grace, and Ann Hardie as they l inspect smks and other hne hxtures at Wentz Plumblngi 1620 N. . l Get a WOW! from Radio WOW What music for dancing with the bestgirl... What platter programs ggglgiorthat real college covering What sports coverage with Ace Sportscaster Jack Payne . 1 What a way to follow the Cornhuskers A Meredith Station RGCIIO W 0 W 590 on the dial omaha W O W - Land Paul Winchell Wally Cox Eddie Cantor Jimmy Durante Martha Raye Donald 0'Connor Martin 6. Lewis Abbott 6. Costello Loretta Young Ralph Bellamy Jan Murray Melvyn Douglas Dave Garroway Dennis Day Ray Clark Kate Smith Jack Payne YOUR STATION Robert Montgomery John Cameron Swayze NBC'DUMUNT k AMEREDITH STATION Y wmi me STARS Dinah Shore Fred Allen Mal Hansen Jack Webb Bob Hope Connie Cook Eddie Fisher Sid Caesar "Uncle Tom" Chase Chuck Thomas "Jolly Joe" Martin Mark Stevens Roscoe Karns Paul Hartman Clete Roberts Gloria Swanson Roy Rogers Rod Cameron Hopalong Cassidy Imogene Coca Groucho Marx 425 NIX STEAK HOUSE AFTER THE sHow OR DANCE "Anything From ci Bite to CI Banquet" 17th and Von Dorn , Chinci - Glass -- Silver .742 .Slap of fl., 'lfllmf Chino cmd G-lcxss for FRATERNITY cmd SORORITY HOUSES- SMITH BAKING CO. Onlaha Crockery CO. Iohn Gourldly, Ingrid Swerre, Ben Polk? cmd Peggy Mort ers enjoy cm evening snack o OMAHAQ NEBRASKA Smith's brecxd cmd milk dt the Pi Phi house. Good Luck to All University Students and Alumni 4- fa., Z f E W0 -1 Lflhcz. 1. 1 oLAss T PAINT co. 143 South 'I0th St. Lincoln, Nebraska PURVEYORS OE QUALITY MEATS to the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA ERATERNITIES AND SORORITIES I-IOTELS, RESTAURANTS, HOSPITALS, RAILROADS THE STANDARD MARKET Wholesale Meats 1535 "O" STREET J. BENEDICT 61 CAROL WRIGHT "I didr1't soy 'bring CI case cm' we'd study' . . . bring cr "Case Study." ,vw I scrid S I'IOTEL FONTENELLE Omahds Welcome To The World 'I25 NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER COMPANY v, lFv i Home of ff' typewriters q""'44lZ-rag Royo I WorId's No. I No. 'Ilth 2-4285 7 . A -- -- ' ' ' ' ,ff Xu " ' -- ,Af li. 5- . - W3 -' . SN 4 I wi . My , . I Ku , ,,1, , f W-' f x like .I I " , If 1 xx g 3 6 f fy, ff' l 5 1 94 . "Kv.7"",'mxX-, I ff,-,,-'mlm' 1:1:5w,- -NRA-Q9 xg f.4Xwh'A -'ilaimgur ,-. :Ewa ,l,x-flak'-'-'fmwe 5 -ef .NX X f Ivlfpwn- fem QM- MQ. ge 2- :Fr If ' . '-N aux-ma. S.-' 4 ". 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To Practice or Learn to Drive Golf Balls at IIIIEAIJIJW ACRES DRIVING RANGE HEALTHFUL - BODY BUILDING - EXERCISE Good balls for driving Also for your enjoyment a unique I8 hole Miniature Course Clean Modern Rest Room 4400 South 14th Street East of Penitentiary Phone 3-8403 ..-z.-2:2:ea2fs32a2s:a:as:e:a:e:2 wg- 1-5.-5:153:35222215:g1351E1E21E1:3:E:"'2 .-.1:3- ,. . ,Zapp:Ei?E25E525E5:34:5:E:212'2:-Q55 -5: 251:32 A lkI:I:1:3:7:2'Q:2:EIfk2.5""S:E:' "iii 5 212:11 5:2723 ..,-.-.G:ii:.:2:2f:1: :E1:':2'15:1:25a:-'-:gy 1: 55:5 151:25 ...f.-:+c:I:k1:-:-:-.-:-:f:-211:2'-'-:.-:-'-:-::2:l: :iz 1- . -1+ :.::::1 ,1:::::51rs:-:ga-:-'--:::33:1.g. 1.,. 4' .g. 5 ., 151: :,::.1.: :g:::::9-'f" ,:-'--475' -4 1:5 2:2 !:5.,,:, 22222222 f:""':t' 21. 22? ,1:2:f:f- '1: :I:-.,.1:--.-zz:5:1:1:C:5:1:31:-:-::::::1'5'2"' 1::2zC:' ., 2: :5::.,,-:IS:f:I525:5:g:15eI:1:2:"-:2'2'5'' -:-11:5 :.:.:-: 1-:, ,3.....:,:,:,:::1:,:::::4:::-:NJ-'-'-" E2E2:2:2 3515, ,:2?E2:2:1:, :5:5:::g:::3::li9?'5""' :E5:22...,.,.g:g1:C:1:i:1:?:1:C:2:- 2:l:2:I:2'2" ' -- zz:5:5:5:2:2:1:5:::g:g:4-:-'-' ' LINCOLN'S 8. NEBRASKNS EXCLUSIVE LUGGAGE STORE PREBOL'S LUGGAGE-LEATHER Gooos AND GIFTS zoo so. 13th sharp slag. Convenient Terms With No Carrying Charge LincoIn's Hotel of Hospitality 9 0 0 HOTEL NEBRASKAN 230 N. 'llth Phone 2-6691 DR. ROBERT E. KNOLL "No, not tonite, Dr. Knoll has been temperamental, sullen, cynical, nasty, an' in a bad mood all day, so he thought held. better take advantage ot it and grade papers this evening." g L - ' fZf? '1 ' I - ref f ' f K A E I -- ,liet h K fe X , 1,4211- W l t- .-"Q 5 . 2 vf ifqf? I , v v - C ' H .ll . I N " T I Q55 I ,V I I '. 1 1-. . I r I P .. ti W if ,: ,. 'I ' , ' f M If ,Ii . I l - 'Z' 1' Il.. f Ai fa-:- f ' I 'I I 1 Q I- XX V Ky .I Q 'Wit uv ! A X g' mx R 2 so LEX w.. X AXXXNQR- I is in it Iiiziiif I I hllll eva Q :I I I3l'IaI'iI R f R -Q4 E 2 ll fffly REED! -I P.- n We "-12 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LINCOLN Charlie Betzelberger proves to Susie Enyeart that every banking facility is available to the university student at the First National Bank of Lincoln, 1001 O St. MEN'S CLOTHING for the Best Values in Sportswear and Clothing 1 'II3I O Sf.-Lincoln 50 000 I .t', ee: ,whit-Y iijg'.3'6 'Li fi css .7l1eB 4l'lafi0nwffl1fhp5'l6,4110w4 "The best root beer in town" THE MUG -- And snacks tool 33rd 8- 0 DRIVE-IN SERVICE Wall Paper 0' Artist Material -sa Linoleum , f E 0' Venetian Blinds Paints Siegel' 0' Rental Equip- A 4 A ment 'I'YRRELL'S FLOWERS co, Natalie Nelson and Mary lane Mapes olo- 1333 O S 2-6641 serve that flowers for any occasion can be ffeef found Qt Tyffeirs Flowers, ll33 N. comer. If it's a Roof . We have it 'A' SOME OF OUR IOBS Student Union, Coliseum, Andrews Hall, Morrill Hall, Carrie Bell Raymond Hall, and Love Hall, Ag College Love Hall, Love Memorial Library, Food and Nutrition Building, Field House, Armory, IVlen's Dormitories Buy from anlold established and reliable firm ROOFS-SIDING-SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL TYPES AIR CONDITIONING Gerald C. Krause THE KRAUSE CO. Lincoln Popular Choice Lincoln, elar. Good food, beautiful new air-conditioned sleeping rooms Call with circulating ice Waterl, two fine ball rooms and many at- tractive private dining rooms. These and other features help to make "Tl-IE LIN- COLN" Nebraska's Popular Hotel. OUTSTANDING I A V A R O O M ' GRAND BALL ROOM TERRACE ROOM ' THE CIRCUS 0 ENGLISH ROOM ' C HI N E S E R O O M 9 GARDEN ROOM ' ARBOR ROOM , 431 2-6851 1400 M sr. f ' f f f 'Z 2 if - ARAMUU NT ,Shares no planet, if 5 like HUME WL? L EMM fm furFnrd Service Ambulance 2-8543 7 Mfflgefgel' 5 0f'iU,al'g, .QUE- 1110 Que, Lincoln, Nebraska Pre-arrangement counsel. Your needs command our helpful and gracious service. cil, 837 South 27 Street Lincoln, Nebraska Morticians Assistants Mas. ROY a. SHERFF, pres. MRS. FLOYD UMBEHGER Tel- 3-2305 FLOYD UMBERGER. lrecrs. MHS. LOIS ROHRBHUGH ELLIOTT G. BOISEN DHROLD ROHRBHUGH, v.p. GERHLD H. DOW MRS. VERNH MHDSEN, sec. 2 COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Caught sampling cr box of Bauer's chocolate, the candy that is "taking America by the bite," are Io Knapp, lim Rogers, Carol Unterseher, and Herb Mayer after a pleasant meal at the Country Gentleman, 2420 O. lit .4 llllhl ,lil '. if-1 l b w ,-:-- tu ti' fH'?"f'L,, helm Mt. .,,, ,Mimi Html "llltllllllllftN1.AmfI" ftg A, In V, .F lt lllrlllltln twlw 23 ,BY ljyullf lt tltttltt Et " r mn tm lt L L W 'X L "l ,Lf " 'ttf THE CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK of LINCOLN Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp HOB NOB Fran Richardson, Wayne Hunt, and Ray Hyers enjoy a snack at the Hob Nob Coffee Shop, 1120 N, Linco1r1's off-campus student headquarters for re- freshment. "The wired music that satisfies" Let us take care of all your intercom 81 sound problems We repair tape recorders, movie projectors 81 record turntables Program Service Co. 2-1692 1213 M St. Fine Food All Day Long R W CAFE 1126 N And reasonable too! The Lincoln Liberty Life Offers A Career 'Q To Persons With Sales Abilityp. Security 15? y 3' 'Sig ' Pt' LQ 5 J t . J A' i t st 1 Y I l i For Those With Responsibility LINCULN LIBERTY LIFE Zzszzrazzve Cbllyllly LlNcoLN, NEBRASKA " ' . fQ.'fI?P3 Over a Tlzzrd of a Century of Service 4 LOOKHH3 yFORWARD NOW... AND X- S-X 4 ..I I el -e:""" K lf'-4gX"'N K . x THEN+qQ',GmQ V ' -.-f X ' .,ff7' A lf, ff ! N , fam l,Q'X l X..J-'J . I, lFii7l When you have as many years behind you as Bankers Life t ' Insurance Company of Nebraska . . . when you are nearing asf' 68 years of age, you'll still be looking forward unafraid ff xx , f - IF you began providing for that time now. gf I 'X Z As you go forward in life, there will be three threats W hovering over your earning power: Death, old age, and accident and sickness. Now, in your youth, is the time to protect yourself-and the family you hope to have - against those three threats. Look to Bankers Life of Nebraska for X f nl X 1 that protection . . . and you'll look forward now and later, without fc fr q Q f Bankers LW 'zszzixifqfjllabraska A CONFIDENT FUTURE FOR YOU AND YOURS i N Make Your Place In Nebraska . . . . team up with the state that's growing in industry . . . growing in opportunity. Nebraska's industrial growth is on the march! An important factor in this expansion is the state's abundant supply of natural gas, the versatile, low cost fuel which industry demands. l"2C'Z5'55I5'56' f1f1ff" Li..'fZI'.Ifl'.fi1Z.t.. In The 1930 'Cornhuskers In The 'I954 Cornhusker tor Health tor Health DRINK DRINK ROBERTS MILK ROBERTS MILK II lIl.Pl.-Sif 9 DP dblpd -Sif ,S ROBERTS DAIRY ROBERTS DAIRY COMPANY COMPANY KEN RYSTROM Gu. SALLY HALL "I'd better go in now, Ken- ,V ss.. I see th' housemother got bctckf' ,--:,. :hi Y , , Y. . -J V fi I f- Czafneg 5 edfauranf , - , -ff ,Z 4 ' ' ' ,emu A ,gy A W-JH ' ' ,, 'Q ' 11 ' ' W 1328 South St. '41, 101 - I L. - -, 52,- Wl: ' V ...I , .W 1 fllli ?I 1 iff? ' ' - f f' 11 2 A. -f . L19 12: 1 if X15 - 1 f:,zfff1f-422, f 1 f ' Two Fme Ploces to Eot 5 fif 1 1 , X ' ... Pl X - I ' x f , ,lr . 1 Z r 4 .f 1 X - I U lf" Q Ll unnggroolfe dak -My f I g A ,Q bv jf . 1 J - f 1 ' ' ff" 7 'sf f-- f,fv.1'!f1'. W' ' . fp o ' 'ff ' 5 'f1 5 ' ' 1 WM? I . '7. 1,1531 451: 1 f rf .5fi?'3'1f7 3 ' E I 1' f Ziff, 1 .35j'-gVfg,1,. I-1 'WL Q 1 1 -' .amfff 211 , f fdfz' - 1 ': xy fi -- 4f''2fEf4 4- ' 4- -L 1 -71160315 X .:7"" " ZX .- !f911,',.!4z1Wyf4 fwfmfim. , ,, fwyyfwf . 73 1 ' 2'?fi:441XT' ."'i21f?f ff 1, PHOTOGRAPH IC NEEDS 44-wf11fW.1,, f 1' 7 1 1 1. - - S " .. 11 '11-1 , ,. 'fii'4f7"fWDZbZf""ff .j:. '.i.56,U606ghnWt1 wx YI Q 1 VI 1 . . . . i'I"7f?," . 1'1" 'J "'1 , .---J, ---- 11. I ' '1 1. ".'- '31-F: Kodak Films - Photo Flmshmg V . f- . ' " 1 . ' A Q ' Black and White and Color :xx , 'f ' ggi- ' JV' 7"'23i1,5,r Tffsififfgf"l1Ma"'P"2"?'' 1 1 X1 ' hifi ji-':iF1:e,- ' f,"':,X" 17 ' 1 - '1 1 WT-fix X1 11 'ff -1 1 EASTMAN KODAK STURES ING. 1. 1 j 7 1 1 1 1221 0 Street Lincoln, Nebraska 5 .N flx ' --zfxjf ' 1.16 ii?5'?5 I X --1 -X ,' ' ' ffl-1-.f:':. . ' A P1 , 1' ff tfz .4 '22fL:.w:1- A U X fl- S . I, f , Q 1 Q 11 -f 1 1 1 ' ' '1 15 1 .1., .,,.., 1. Q. .1 ,. , ,,.. 1. .. , . 1 1 41,.1.4, .Wm .115?.1W..,15.1.,,f1335511311511 .Wm ,X 1 .15 Q 1 .w,.if.1, . 1' '1 f 1 ,.e, 1 . 1 f , .-1 . .fgiiffzzgiigffwiihgh?'?igW8ffi?1g.?3..5ffi.1E w1H w.11.f'H1' .1--ew' 1, 1- 1 , .f ' V51-f'a1111i:1W11-we1e111-Q31-1:111115131-1-55111511-511521-11511111 1g1iw1'w1w1Q.1Q,1s1EJ15Q1Q 151' If 'QT' '1 f ' - 1 f M - 'Y .1 11? 21.5 1 -1f1' v'-11.3 1.5 iw 7 f 1 I5- " .77 ,S-.ff ' l'1 f " e1 if". 1A'i1, Q1 11' -22:1 I t -1 "YN-"1'w'i'5Vi" 9911 ,ttf f?,.31i, 1t.21,,,?Jci1..c?i ,z?1?111,,..,,. N ,391 ,goats , .... 51.11 .,,, 111 E:o2ff1,..i,1x1.,.., .si .-asf ,ww..,s..1ssM,1ai1.,11,1Q,w1 ,1.,,,1.1, 11 14.1.1 , .1. 1 -1 11.1 1. 1.1 111.11 111. 1. 11 K -1 t-1 1 . .-i1.L11.-111-1-e1.,.-1., ..1 yr-K :Q-,yh31111,,,1.,1w: on ,1,,1- L Z.-1.1, L ,L .-.., ,, M, .14 ,iz -W V 1 ,11 Q11 - if- f if 5 1 1551. 111191513 1sf3W..1ss 3,1.z,sf11m,1 mmmfgfi - . ,.,, . .11 . . V iv- JQ11-sw:1's11fs1'12111f'1-Q1 1311,,11g11s1,1g.1.e1g1g,1Q1g.g,g.1g Mg, ,Q gi, 1 15 ,Q V 1111 W5 "T?"'.H .. :E iw Ei "Y 11 1 aw21,wf'iE1Qf'1.'s111Qfs'1s11?111Q,- 1-111 if 1' ' 11 715, 11 1.111711 111137 1 1,1, 1.1"1?.'5? 5' Wit?-2 '-,EW -'WH fw1.1LwghfgQP Q1 oaw-1.,1f,.,1-ff..fn111.f11 , , ,..g.,,.,- 4 ,K .wt . 'mam 1m, .317 ' mo . 1 , A - ef- f we coulcln 13: '?',f??fi?'3 4 ' A M ' 11 ei 2 . S 1,11 .1 .3 MM Q1 51. .'ig5kk -ggy. -If-Ev" A . ' it ,' j A ' 1 ' ."Z::, F mean If .P P' ' 1 1- 2 ., i if OZ ZA I x ,, Q?E.V, T?iQ:x-5 4192? 6 f S? gi," K 1jc'l- " . .j ynoye f 16250-lf. X ,J , '11 .f1L.J 1 1 1 -I 1 .- .5 ---'-' 1 :J 113. m,'1'. -."i1. tv 4 gf' V05 : . 1' .21-'f,.Siww1f 1' ' 1 .551 X 1 -' :cf .1 1' 1.13 ' . 4 X-. X 1 .1 i. 2 NT Q, - ,feefig f1 .1 1-.1J'?5 f 5+-ft' 51-L, Q X LN , lx? JT- ' QTY 2-11 ' 1- 2.151 'yr X - - -, 3 ' I '1 ' 'f1'i Wi,i',.i,-.,i,..,..1 fix' .- ' 1. X xbx 1: ,1 E 33.11 gc.w,g,w1:m.f-11, Y . ff, 'Q E' X 1-5 A 31' 2 ei" g5"llfgE'i-QZW ,Q x .Z - V I 7 Hug 3111?1:.r:m.7gsf..1. 'I . HOTEL CORNHUSKER l 11, -G0 . 1 X ' ' ' 'ff A 1F1.3,11,,f. H11 ..ALM,., Lincoln X- r- k I ..,L3g:1s3ibgu,1? ,ig 2954? I V fir- 'Q "' HOTEL BLACKSTONE 0 Omaha if V. My 1 1,:.fa2afff'g111 'P1f 55 1152-1 , ? 1 QQ :Mn THE TowN I-lousiz THE LASSEN II --I jg.. 1 Q-12 Kansas City, Kan. Wichita, Kan. 5 1 - 1 5 W' "" .. , M -- fi- f ff"1'i THE CUSTER THE LINCOLNfDOUGLAS A. Q. SCHLMMEL Managing Director EDWARD SCHIMMEL Galesburg, Ill. Quincy, Ill. Managing Director nde SCH M 1 c o U 1' IM EL D're tin WQLFGJLU if ITAllIAN VILLAGE Italian 8. American Cuisine Dynamic Shows! Dancing Nightly! Smart Set Says: In New York it's Leone'sg In St, Louis, its Ruggeris In New Orleans, if's Anfoine'sg In California it s S d l O h 't' S T' ' I D 't' ar is n mo a, 1 s pare ime, n enver, i s Navarreg ln Kansas City, if's Eddy'sj In Lincoln, it's lfalaan Village. 2-6651 Corner "O" Street at 58th Open Nightly jim, Qnmihols, Cdizlcomo, '74ou,! NATALIE NELSON i 2ui?I3l5FiZl,XfiZJfffffihili Siisiliiilfll bow Complefe Drug Service ALLEN DRUG STORE euauneeiM' rr? X " 4,7 ff 4715455 Post Office Fountain and Luncheonette 1400 South St. CANIGLII-YS PIZZARIA 'l'I'l4 So. 7th Welcomes you to "Omal'1a's Original and Most Famous Pizza and Steak House Also Seafoods" St. Omaha I.ll 437 Cathy Olds and Marilyn Bourck inspecting Aff cgfze ofatest cstyfes fn cspaorlswear 'E 3' 1 y 'f : "" for Goffege girls at '3 X1 " 2 EkiQZ!ZQQim3:a Th . T. Grant C fresh - Up with M ,ft o Q O ':,' 3 Sam Nisis SPARETIIVIE CAFE The Steak House of the Steak Capital 'I2'l'l So. Sth, Omah STEAKS ROCKY YAPP 61. THE BETAS "We'cl like to totke you upstotirs ond show you the reol grcxciousness ot fraternity lite, but it's sort of Cx .rule crround here to Wait until the rushee is pledged." ' ' 3 Q ' T , 'W ' - , 1 - tv , - e , 5 , Ls 727 A . , ' ' ,ff WQW ly ' ' -5 E'-: ' ' O A -4 4 t , 1' 2 lv 'U Q Y l I f X it J me ,qv 'i l i ., . ' f -- 4 -t - rfl-Ii TQ . ' l v i 7 4 'b Xl A .. 1 X 1 i 2- 'W' or f e Q3 f P, -l"A' 5 V . O-1. ? Q- :wgv--- I ff if l 1 f' l s 1 ' :Ml ll , . f l 'A V O ' ' z' lla? Q ' 2 X144 '-, . 77 l t I X get ': fl . ,f , . 9 .i , 515 J, f ,. 4. '- , ,T 'v iii A Q: A. A . 2 3 frr- -:gli-A :TM Z'- -Law.-rw-f - -.. e-ff-f, -. vkti ' L ' ' ,lg , V '- I 75:56 1 TRAI LWAYS H . - O' 5 l f' ...V -1K- -,gm UNION BUS DEPOT 320 South 13th Street 2-1071 TOURS - CHARTERS - SIGHTSEEING 439 American BOY'S DORMS "-Well, did you see that silly ad I put in yester- day's newspaper for a room mate?" fr K , -HM 2 4 ff PX T' S 2 Mil L, '91 :J If - ' -I t W - lf " xl! 'N . fu. ' f jf ..,:,r 3 ' -. v- , .N ' i Q53 ' i Q xx . ti if fl W . ri- fit ' f I I 7 v s ' I' ll, Al I 5 , ' ' L ' X ' . - 5 ki n..- h 1 'E' Y - N A X 5' I . . . gi. lhil A i , A, I .s,.,, y y p .W il in . ., f' R 'PHI 1 it Pri-.i'..w'3.' -. . or -N. mu. V',,.,5:g.3.3:3:2.. ' - .5-PFW vii-I'I'I'Z'.'IfI'Z'Z-. S - ,:.:,.t,L Aa 'Qing'-.gsbcoeo Q L P C fr33'5'1 Ea! ,Mfalrw SKYLINE FARMS DAIRY GOLDEN GU ERNSEY PRODUCTS Visit Our Retail Stores In Lincoln At 1433 South St 0 1417 N Sf- 4743 Holdrege 0 1845 R St. And Our Newest Drive ln 'IM1 miles South on Highway 77 440 YUM-YUM SANDWICH HUT A Popular Campus Drive-ln Fast Cheerful Service 29th 8. 0 For All Types of Photography EDHOLM-BLOIVIGREN 318 So. 12th 2-2520 ELDON PARK "-Then on th' other hand I never was sensitive about anyone seeing my term grades." l1l'l'l'l'l 7es it V6 D 3 , x.t 77 4 UQ ll n Nunn L ,Hiw-imit 1 ti ' 4149?-Zwfafaf' X f,. I V Q X F76 Q Q x Q fl 6 xms Q ,C il, eff ' f A ll fill! if 1 is ' A ilti , I Q i ' ' t I " i,itr ' EV!! 2 ZW? ir W fu PE fl 6 pi WI, i iw j 0 i l f ll' "1 LL ll 6 A! " :Q l gf flffriirf-if .... j 'fl'.iWA 4 fy 1 1' M r ff 49 f'E2:fS'5"fPf' 21.22552 lim 1 - '17-or '- ,JV '7f:7Z'5:i1-'Z ' r " W 'i2r2i1iEf ifliizflfffi . I WW! X ff. 100 sf.-.ff:1 , i - 'Q 1-471 ' -Zfliiizff 'Lfliliiiil 4 1 i wt W4 aifiarv i 1 R "-- f WW Www.. i- affrfssf ' 2 1' f KA ' 'ii iiri-i-.1 21112.21 :os-it f ' . , wi " ' ' ' J , Zglglgfj. - r, ' gi , , E. , ' " " , - ' 3 ' , -lXt,ign5W"'q' swf! :4- .SA .i A .' : f 2 'ii . yin. ' he , if R J Gio f-sf-1 'P P- 55246 T05 ?g y - 9 R The Journol-Stor Printing Co. Hos Been A Leoder In The Yeorbook Field, With Quolity Printing, Lithogrophing ond Photo Engroving. 0 0 o 0 o 0 JOURNAL- STAR PRINTING 00. 926 P STREET , LINGULN, NEBRASKA I 441 FIRST TRUST REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT . sells rents and manages all types of residen- tial and commercial property. INSURANCE DEPARTNEINT . . handles all types of personal and business insurance except life provides farm management service farm appraisals and makes farm sales. -. rw-lsr. :'-' 1., 1' VI I 3 -1-yu: rm I! Ei f .- III Jluvdwo MORTGAGE LOAN DEPARTMENT . makes all types of commercial and residen- tial loans INVESTMENT DEPARTMENT . advises on investment programs-sells mu- ' nicipal and corporate bonds preferred and common stock TRUST DEPARTMENT . provides complete trust and estate services First in Nebraska to use the Common Trust Fund which makes advantages of large trusts available to the small trust. A I?lIl'IlEtI maart III' 12:2 TRUST BUILDING QI? 10th and O ST. HNFOLN NIBR -.AI-I....::::s:::s:-:-I-,-:,. :V-e::g:a::, 5:--3 '::- ..... . :-s:s.:a.v'- wi-11:-f., p:,:::.:.::.:...: ,:, I, fgaZ:,:-.,:,- :.2:.::,..:s:.::.-:- L-1:1-': A 315fa-ass-wg.,:::,:::ye:a-:-E-Ev: g:E:E:25v: aeriva':2:-:ae-:A--.111,::5::..f:. 11. :I,' I 1-.:::..' 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'-iv xg i rf EQ N I-E III " '7' IIIIIIIIIIIIINQIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIWIII M S A ' I III Fl - f '.III IIII+II,' I 'IIIII I'I"!"I"A IIIIII I are 'I' 'I I IIIIII A , 'QL x ' ' IJ .I'I:-. f h5f'!x?v-"gc '.II-'III I ' 1 sm?" 'N . 'I-Ix M ff: -'5"."'Q BI-A 7f MI '- I 9 -',,,f'-13"-4.0 LQ, A ...... ........ J , 43 :Pls I flag:-f1',,"f.u f H -A 7555. .. ... II ,I . F. I I y-v3?f"IIIII',I,If 1: II II I I I I"IIII will II I' I7'IIIIII"IfII!II III A IIIIIIIIIIII Inns IIIIII II A JI wfffIIfI' IfIIIIII'III:II- I I IIIII L IfI'fffff UII"'III'I III IIIIIIIIIIII I I II .IIIIII IIIIII IIIIII I I III it IIIIIII' --- "l' 'trit' 2 ., 1 I w ...II I-. I X' :I-I 1 . IIIIII IIIIIII'IIIIf "NIMH ""' 'WMMZII' 1 AAFP K Q 5992 ,El E ?J!TfiQjfIfP3,Q'fS,p'gEB?- 'g 05155 N333 6,3355 f Cl 2 'gi 59-. Mi? A , - IIIII , I MI II I I IIIII II Hn HN -A WMmMWMim ' .. E iff: ' ALI?-'lilfl :X E A f I- E+-.nets '-- 'fe -e A W-. -i P ...Z "' - . ' I-I 4 . -f 'i- 5 ii -+., , Eg ' If I1-13. I - :ififi I , 2355 E 3 .4 - yt i is s ,' A I 'I f- lm. A i , MII A : To W- -f f-14.11 Y IIIII, III 6 es I T11 J I I I I I -. 1 -1 P OUR ADVERTISERS These businesses have supported the 1954 Cornhusker. UPPORT THEM! I-lllen Drug Store - - - Bankers Life Ins. Co. of Nebr. - Bennett Hotel ---- Caniglia's Pizzaria - - - Central Electric and Gas Co. - Circle Drive-In - - - Coatney's Sunnybrooke Rsts. - Continental Natl. Bank - - - Cornbelt Broadcasting Corp. KFOR Country Gentleman Restaurant - Eastman Kodak Stores lnc. - Bdholm 6. Blomgren - - Elce and Son - - - Elgin National Watch Co. - Fairmont Foods Co. - - First Natl. Bank of Lincoln - First Trust Co. ---- Gilmour-Danielson Drug Co. Harvey Bros. Inc. - - Hob Nob Coffee Shop - Hotel Capital - - Hotel Cornhusker - Hotel Fontenelle Hotel Lincoln - Hovland-Swanson - Hunt Carpet Co. 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Grant - Yum Yum Hut - Page 428 422 419 423 420 427 428 426 426 432 432 428 433 435 433 439 430 423 422 440 426 439 427 422 430 430 432 439 426 425 423 425 438 440 4-H A I-lcacia .........,..... , ,...,...,.,,,,,,, Adelphi .,.,....,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,4,,A.,,., ,, AFROTC ....,,.,....,,.,,x.,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,. Hgriculture, College ot ..,.,.,... Ag Engineers ........,....,.....,..,.,,... Hg Exec. Board ................ .. Hg Men's Club ....,...,.. I-lg Union ............,,.,....... Hgronomy Club ...A.....A,. HIH tlllrch. Societyl ....,... HICHE .......,..................,....,.. Pllumn Alpha ' RIEE ......,.,......A....,,..,..,... Chi Omega .......... G Rh Alpha Pllpha Alpha Hlpha Fllpha amma o ..i....... ......... Gamma Sign1a..., ...... Kappa Psi .............. Lambda Delta, .,...i... ...Y,., . . Omicron Pi .....,...... Hlpha Omega Alpha .......... .... v Hlpha Phi ..,.........,............... Pllpha Tau Omega .,,..... Alpha Xi Delta ............., Alpha Zeta ......,........ ' ....... i Association ........,. Nebraska Masquers Hmikita .........l...............-.- ...--.Y Qquaquettes .... ..,,,..........,.... .... ...... . . . .------- - 319 Hmold Society .......i.. ...... . ...l.............A-..- ---..---. 2 7 9 Qrts G Sciences, College of. ..,,...... ....,.... l 28 HSCE ................... BSME .........,..i...,..i............... Hthletic Board ......... RUF ......................w AWS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... T B BABW ..... Band ................. Baseball ............. .......... Basketball ............,.,..,.... Beauty Queens ...,............,. Beta Gamma Sigma ..,.,... Beta Sigma Psi .,.......,....,. Beta Theta Pi .................... Bizad Student Council ...,.... Block and Bridle ........,........... Board of Regents ..,..,........ Brown Palace .......,.,.............. Business I-ldministration ....,. C Chancellor ........... , ,..... Cheerleaders ..i.. Chi Omega ......,.... Class Oliicers .......... , CO9 ,... , ............,.......Y....... . Coaches, Football ....., Coed Counselors ,.... Coed Follies ........... Coll-Flgri Fun ......... Colleges .........i.,...,... Corn Cobs ......,..........., Cornhusker .................... . Cornhusker Co-op .......... Cosmopolitan Club ........ D Delian Union ..,...,,.,.,..... 287 W Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta ....... Gamma . ,.,. Omicron Sigma Delta ....... Sigma Phi ....... Sigma Pi .,,.,.... Sigma Rho ......... Tau Delta .,.,... Theta Phi .,,........... Upsilon ........... .... . .. Dentistry College ot ..... Distinguished Service 1i4fl5ErEQ"""A E E-Wee lc ..................................,...., Engineering, College ot ........,. ....,.... Engineering Exec. Board ....,. ......... Eta Kappa Nu .......,.................. F Farm House .....,....,.,....,........ Farmer's Fair Board ........ Farrner's Formal .,.,............. . Fine Rrts, School of .,.... Football ................,............. Qrganizational Index G Gamma llllpha Chi ,.,... ..... Gamma Lambda ..,,....... Gamma Phi Beta ......., Golf ..........,.................... Graduation .,.....,.,....... Gymnastics ....., Governor ..,.... .. H Homecoming ........ Home Ec Club ......, Howard Hall ..,..... .... I Innocents Society .....,..,.. lnterlraternity Council International House ...,.,.., Inter-Varsity Christian ....... Intramurals ..,...... ...........,,.,. lvy Day ...............,......,,... l Iournalism, School of ,........ K Kappa Hlpha Mu ..,.,,... Kappa Hlpha Theta ........, Kappa Phi .,,...,,,,,4,.,,,,,,.,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,.,,,A, Kappa Delta ................. Kappa Epsilon ...,..,.......,..,. Kappa Kappa Gamma ....... Kappa S gm ...,,...,..,,,,., Kappa Thu Elllpha ......... Kosmet Klub .................. L Law, College of ......,,.. ,. Legislature ................, Loomis Hall ....,,,.,...,.,,.......,. Love Memorial Hall .,........... Lutheran Student Ass'n M Managers, Football ......... Medicine, College of .,..... Migration .................,,,...., Military Ball ............... Mortar Board ........, Mu Phi Epsilon ......,....., N N-Club ,.,..,............,,. .... ,,....,..,.. National Pershing Rifles Nebraska Blueprint .,......... Nebraska Builders ,,,,....... N ebraskan ...,.....i............. Newman Club .....,......,,.,.,. New' Student Week .,..... Norris House . ,.,,,..,.,,... .. NROTC .,....,.,..... ........,, NUCWA ......,....,........,.. Nu Meds ..,................. .... Nursing, School ot ....... O Omicron Nu , ....... ........ Orch esis ............ Orchestra ...... ........ P Pallaclian ........,,,......,.,...,. Panhellenic ..........,....,. Penny Carnival .....,....,,. Pershing Rifles ................ Personalities ..........,.....,.......,. Pharmacy, College ol .,.,.... Phi Beta Kappa .,.,.........,.., Phi Chi Theta ...,.,...........,. Ph' D lt Ph' 1 6 C! l ...............,. Phi Delta Theta ....... Phi Gamma Delta .,i.... I ..,,.....196 Qf.11I1ll'5'f 4' 43 ......,-277 44 .,.,.....2l2 ........,133 .........l50 .......,.2OU ...,,....382 ....,....384 Phi Kappa Psi .,........,.... Phi Upsilon Omicron ..... Phys. Ed. Club ....,.........., Pioneer House .,......,,.. Pi Beta Phi ..,.......,... Pi Kappa Phi .,......,. Pi Lambda Theta ..,... Pi Mu Epsilon ......,,............... Pi Tau Sigma ......,..,................., Pre'Orchesis .....,...,.......,......,.,. Presbyterian Student House Provost Corps ........................,. Publications Board ............. Q Queens ....... ,....... R Rallies . ............... ..,....,.... . Red Cross .,..,...,..............,.......... Red Guidon , ,,... .......,..,............ Religious Welfare Council .. Residence Halls lor Men .... Residence Halls tor Women ROTC ........... .........,.,.............,...... S SHME ..... ,,..... . ..,..............., . . Scabbard and Blade .,.. Sigma Qlpha Epsilon ...... Sigma Fllpha lota ........,. Sigma Qlpha Mu .,.... Sigma Chi .................... Sigma Delta Chi ...,.. Sigma Delta Tau ...... Sigma Eta Chi ,,..., Sigma Kappa .......... Sigma Nu ,...,.......... .... . .. Sigma Phi Epsilon ........ Sigma Tau , ......,................... Sigma Theta Epsilon Sigma Xi ,......................,. Sinfonia .,......,.......,......... Student Council ........ Student Union ,...., Swimming , ........... ..... , .. T Tassels ..........................,,. Tau Kappa Epsilon ........, Teachers, College of ...., Tennis ........,.,...........,,....... Terrace Hall ,...... . Theta Chi .,.........,.,.... Theta Nu ...................... Theta Sigma Phi .,,,.. Theta Xi ..............,... Towne Club ,..... Track .................. ........ U Unde rclassmen .,.......,.,,.........,. University Foundation ..,....... University Lutheran Chapel University Singers ,..,.,,.. ......... University Theater , .............,. ., V VHEQ ........,,.....,. Voc Hg Club ...... ......,.... WHH ,.., .......... ,.,. ....,.............. Wesley Foundation ...... Wilson Hall .....,............ Wrestling ......,.....,....,.,,.... X xi Psi Phi ,.....,. .....,.. Y YMCQ ..,,, ........,...,.. YWCF1 ..,...... ....... Z Zeta Beta Tau ......,.........,.. A Iltbbott, Carolyn, 255, 376 Hbbuhl, lanice, 220, 334 Qbbuhl, Mary, 184 I-lbens, Hgita, 130 Flbramson, William, 249, 395 Flbts, Herbert, 235 Flckerman, Ftlana, 235, 379 Plcklie, Duane, 198 Adams, Barbara, 64, 68, 133, 192, 274, 388 1 Adams, Charles, 124, 125 Adams, Garey, 249, 392 Hdams, Harold, 135, 205 Rdams, Melvin, 235, 277, 404 Rdams, Robert, 178 Rdams, Suzanne, 227, 317, 379 Rdcoclc, Gerald, 144, 276, 278, 325 Rden, Hlan, 173, 175, 367 Flden, Iohn, 235, 404 Qdlcins, Nathan, 204 Qhrens, Rolland, 130, 133, 137, 141 Rinscow, Sally, 220, 363 lllistrope, lane, 235, 347, 388 Aistrup, Ieanne, 135 Hitken, Iean, 249, 379 Rkeson, Barbara, 114, 126, 359 Rkeson, Berton, 114 Qlber, Donna, 249 Hlberding, Ioanne, 235, 337 Qlbers, Robert, 121, 411 Qlb t P 220 Flllen er' 994711, Fllexander, lerry, 235, 384 Qlexander, Norman, 235, 408 Rlexander, William, 235, 404 Aliabade, Parvis, 46, 235, 335 Alkire, David, 175, 177, 387 Allen, Barbara, 135, 343 Hllen, Claudia. 249, 322 Flllen, Frank, 157 Hllen, Harriett, 235, 343 Rllen, Iohn, 121, 387 Flllen, Nancy, 249, 388 Flllen Stephanie, 114, 119, 322 Tandy, 249, 367 Qllington, Robert, 235, sea Fllminas, Kazys, 175, 235, 325 Rnd rease Fllthouse, Ivan, 235, 344 Amick, Robert, 169, 279 Amos, Nicholas, 46, 84, 144, 357 Anders, Norman, 114 Findersen, Charles, 168, 169, 364 Qndersen, Ierry, 144, 387 Qndersen, Peter, 235, 383 Qndersen, Robert, 235, 340 Flnderson, Planes, 107, 227, 372 Qnderson, Plllan, 82, 85, 135, 273, 3 Finderson, Carol, 317 Flnderson, Charles P., 34, 177 Anaerson, Charles V., 77, 227, 340 Anderson, Donald, 249, 356 Hnderson, Doris, 82, 249, 359 Hnderson, Eileen, 220 Finderson, Herman, 249, 351 Flnderson, Ianet, 227, 388 Qnderson, Iohn B., 249, 396 Qnderson, Iohn R., 137 Ftnderson, Iudy, 248, 363 Finderson, Lois, 107, 220, 352 Flnderson, Marilyn, 115, 235, 359 Hnderson, Mary, 249, 372 Anderson Myrtle, 86 Anderson: Nancy, 117, 249 Anderson Hnderson , Oscar, 86 Quinlyn, 288, 384 Hnderson: Ronald, 249, soo, 384 .Qnderson vsueqn, 152, 277, 325 Flndersoni Zoe, 249. 32 n, Hnn, 235, 388 Hndreasen, George, 173, 235, 367 Rndreasen, Iarnes, 249, 351 Andreasen, Mary, 227, 400 Andresen, Richard, 249, 392 Andrew, Harold, 144, 155 Flndrews, Warren, 173, 179, 308 Ftngeil, Rita, 135, 343 Flnstine, Kathleen, 249, 322 Flntes, Mariory, 115, 117, 235 Qplelbeck, Otto, 168, 340 Fippleby, Bruce, 174 lflppleby, Donald. 249, 404 Flrmbrust, Fred, 235, 387 Qrmstrong, Charles, 152, 404 95, 220 12, 384 Ftrmstrong, Phyllis, 80, 184, 220, 379 Arndt, Frederick, 173, 175, 355 Arndt, Keith, 249, 355 Arndt, Roland, 235 Rrnold, W. I., 71, 128 Hrrasmith, Kaye, 249 Hrrigo, Ernest, 144, 155 Flshida, Sashio, 330 Qshley, Donald, 249, 380 Ftshley, Lynn, 249, 351 Hshton, Dr. Dudley, 316, 317 lltchison. Robert, 21, 281, 411 Rtkins, Kendall, 121 Student lndex Qtkinson, Iames, 168, 170, 325 Aue, Robert, 117, 235, 335 Augustine, Mary, 1, 75 Auld, Carolyn, 227 Qumalis, Hrnis, 137 Flunspau h, Ianet, 249, 359 Rvery, G7en, 152, 356 Hxthelm, Gwendolyn, 235, 360 Flyer, Randall, 130, 133, 141, 383 Flyers, Donald, 114, 124, 335 Hyers, Richard, 137, 141, 177, 178 Beideck, Iohn, 367 Beideck, Marilyn, 82, 87, 235, 249, 343 Beisner, Bill, 235, 351 Bell, Alois, 121, 415 Bell, Barbara, 65, 68, 130, 192, 274, 379 Bell, Dianne, 249, 360 Bell, Glenadine, 114, 334 Bell, Robert, 118 Bell , Ruth, 19 Bell Samuel, 227, 396 Belrn Bene ont, Benjamin, 69, 249, 269, 412 dict Diann, 235, 352 Benedict: I,, 67, 70, 77, 35, 130, 193, 404 Braker, H., 330 Braley, Iack, 288 Bramer, Loid, 227, 400 Branch, Perry, 2 Brand, Daniel, 251, 403 Brand, David, 176, 403 Brandenburger, Betty, 236, 322 Brandt, Donald, 288 Bratt, -Mary, 236, 322 Bree, Marlin, 135, 411 Bremer, Pearl, 216, 250, 379 Brendle, Roger, 188, 227, 280, 411 Bzenneman, Ioan, 220, 225, 329 B Baade, Clarabelle, 220, 336 Bachman, Carolyn, 249, 375 Bachman, Iune, 249, 372 Bachman, Robert, 144, 273, 387 Backhaus, Murray, 152, 305, 308, 384 Bacon, Dorothy, 35, 263, 322 Badura, Boman, 205, 249, 380 Bailey, Barbara, 135, 352 Bailey, lames, 169 Bailey, lonet, 44, 220, 348 Bailey, William, 26, 67, 84, 157, 168, 273, 274, 351 Baker, Charles, 87, 249, 356 Baker, Ianet, 249, 352 Baker, lanice, 75, 115, 235, 331 Baker, Robert, 160, 161 Baker, Vance, 144, 157 Balderson, Frank, 198 Baling, Iames, 249 Ball, Iohn, 396 Ball, Patricia, 130, 322 Ball, Ronald, 235 Ballantyne, Byron, 235, 396 Ballard, Eugene, 169, 235, 311, 403 Baluch, Hessamuddin, 235 Bangston, lean, 28, 235, 348 Banks, Barbara, 220, 316, 359 Bannister, Gary, 235, 340 Barger, Theodore, 30, 168, 356, 357 Barker, Leonard, 26, 30, 77, 227, 411 Barkey, Iohn, 330 Barnard, Hugh, 176, 368 Barnard, Roger, 135, 396 Barnes, Marialice, 249, 329 Barnes, Theresa, 119 Barnes, Virginia, 114, 115, 119, 343 Barnette, Earl, 235, 403 Barnwell Robert, 130, 279, 351 Barrett, Lillian, 75 Barry, Imogene, 194, 195 B t l Ed 152 ar e s, gar, Bartizal, Robert, 144, 382 Bartlett, Cecil, 158 Bartlett, Donald, 330 Bartling, Sally, 220, 363 Barton, Ierome, 152, 368 Barton, Walter, 135, 380 Bartu, Bryce, 249 Bartunek, Margaret, 130, 192, 358 Basler, Marilyn, 235, 348 Bates, H., 1 5 Bates, Melvin, 330 Batie, Iames, 249, 340 Batie, Marilyn, 75, 115, 121, 126, 331 Bailey, Charles, 30, 144, 308, 382, 383 Bailey, Robert, 235. 396 Bauer, Virginia, 235, 360 Baum, Henry, 135, 333 Bauman, Elven, 408 Bauman, Keith, 249 Baumgartner, Corliss, 249, 329 Bayer, Ioe, 249, 295, 367 Bazant, Shirley, 249, 317 Beach, Ianet, 249, 372 Beach, Owen, 144, 383 Beachler, MaryKay, 235, 316, 375 Beal, Charles, 235, 286, 384 Beal, Iulianne, 235, 317, 388 Beam, Charles, 114, 124, 193, 344 Bean, Marcia, 178 Beattie, Carol, 347 Bebb, Ernest, 66, 77, 86, 87, 144, 147, 270, 273, 279, 351 Beck, Barbara, 227, 348 Beck, Donald E., 117, 249, 344 Beck, Donald G., 383 Beck, Ieanne, 26 Beckenhauer, Donna, 227 Beckenhauer, Robert, 34, 168, 170, 337, 392 Becker, Don, 152, 305, 310 Becker, lris, 115, 117, 126, 235, 331 Becker, Marshall, 235, 306, 395 Becker, Ronald, 91, 188, 280 Beckman, Beverly, 249 Bedlord, Marymaude, 225, 227, 363 Bednar. Billy, 235, 380 Bedwell, William, 249, 356 Beechner, Richard, 235, 383 Beerrnann, Marlene, 249, 376 Beerrnann, Mary Lou, 185, 227, 376 Beggin, lol-in, 170 Begfgs, W. K., 285 Benge, Dorothy, 115, 249, 331 Benisik, Betty, 117, 249, 322 Bennett, Richard, 135, 186, 367 Bennett, Walter, 160, 165 1 235 359 B ' , 1 , , 522212211013 eigfrcs, 26, za, 75, 225. 227. 343 Benson, Charlotte, 249, 400 Benson, Karen, 235, 352 Benter, Robert, 249, 384 Bentz, Calvin, 303, 308 Benzing, Charles, 249, 407 Berck, E., 317 Beranek, Betty, 322 Bereuter, Dorothy, 249, 322 Berge, Pete, 249, 380 Berger, Roger, 249 Berggren, Ianet, 227, 316, 337 Bergquist, Iane, 235, 363 Bergsten, Peter, 144, 351 Berguin, Robert, 249, 295, 392 Berkenstock, Howard, 249, 411 Berkshire, Robert, 200 Bernet, Donna, 249, 363 Berns, Geneva, 114, 322 Berry, Glenna, 235, 388 236, 322 Berry, Marylin, Berry, Wesley, 168, 332 Bethscheicler, Cathryn, 227, 322 Betzelberger, Charles, 144, 387 Beutel, Beatrice, 135, 352 Bevington, Robert, 152, 302, 367 Beymer, Bruce, 188 Beynon. David, 176 Biba, Barbara, 144, 348 Bicak, Ioseph, 170 Bihlmeyer, Earl, 277 Billerbeck, Doris, 227, 352 Billings, Kem, 249, 387 Binderup, Marion, 249, 322 Bingham, Norman, 220, 273, 367 Birchard, Dennis, 249, 396 Bird, Robert, 135 Birkel, Lane, 249, 396 Bischot, Richard, 170 Bish, William, 144, 367 Bishop, Bert, 133 Bishop,L Laurel, 338 Bitzes, Ioan, 133 Bixler, Harold, 249, 368 Blackburn, W., 236, 411 Bladon, Helen, 317 Blair, Dorwin, 249, 295, 396 Blank, Lavern, 158 Blatchlord, Ioan, 220, 225, 352 Blauw, Donald, 338 Blessing, Altred, 137, 273 Blessing, Charlene, 236, 347 Blevins, Larry, 250, 367 Blomstrand, Robert, 236, 281, 403 Blood, Forrest, 145 Blore, Walt, 69, 250, 384 Blue, Iohn, 250, 411 Blumberg, N., 71 Bobst, Barry, 251, 407 Bock, Betty, 250, 375 Bock, Frank, 90, 92 Boesiger, Robert, 227, 325 Boettcher, Iames, 280 Boettcher, Ianet, 250, 343 Bohrer, Denise, 227, 348 Boisen, Marylin, 108 Boldan, Paul, 250, 355 Boling, Iarnes, 391 Bondarin, Hrley, 135, 412 Bonduraut, I., 174 Boning, Karen, 338 Boomer, Iames, 169 Boomer, Iohn, 144. 155 Borcher, Victor, 176, 355 Bordogna, Iohn, 288, 291 Borgaard, Dixie, 121, 343 Borgaard, Donna, 121, 343 Bosley, Nadine, 38, 250, 379 Bcrsley, Rex, 250, 396 Bost, Iudith, 250, 375 Boswell, Wesley, 137, 144, 155 Botstord, Susan, 236, 318, 360 Bott, Claire, 160, 165 Bottortf, Roger, 250, 396 Bourck, Marilyn, 227, 388 Bowen, Iohn, 188 Boyd, Ianet, 250, 318, 388 Boyle, Ted, 227, 380 Brabec, Milo, 144, 308, 404 Brady, Lynn, 26 Breslow, Marvin, 250, 395 Biestel, Max, 300 Brestel, Walter, 236, 338 Breton, Bob, 330 Brewick, Mary, 220, 376 Brewster, Marilyn, 28, 75, 348 Bricker, Lorrayne, 152, 372 Bridenbaugh, Phillip, 130, 276, 278, 325 Bridges, Edson, 133, 144, 146, 147, 157, 286 288, 396 Brillhart, Deanna, 136, 379 Brinkman, Elizabeth, 184, 220, 388 Brinkman, Marian, 220, 400 Britschge, Rheta, 176, 322 Britt, Theodore, 288 Brittin, Robert, 168, 395 Broady, Ieanne, 250 Broady, Paula, 75, 181, 236, 322 Brockman, Harold, 170 Brode, lane, 26, 81, 225, 227, 359 Brong, Edward, 137, 168, 173, 177, 179 Bronstein, Gertrude, 236, 399 , Brooke, Gary, 250, 407 Broolg, Carmen, 250, 322 Brow , Barton, 236, 384 Brown, Dan, 288, 305, 308 Brown, Doris, 250, 329 Brown, Elizabeth, 100, 236, 322 B:own, lack, 160, 163, 165 Brown, LaVon, 250, 347 Brown, Robert G., 351 Brown, Robert G., 235 Brown, Shiela, 187. 220, 359 Brown Witord, 250. 295, 364 Browne, Beverly, 227, 347 Brownell, Iames, 250, 411 z Brownell, Herbert, 48 Browning, Donald, 144, 279, 380 Brownlee, Sue, 64, 80, 220, 225, 274, 363 Brox, Meredith, 250, 368 Brozek, Thomas, 250, 364 Brugmann, Bruce, 250, 351 Bruhn, Iohn, 236, 380 Brune, Dennis, 250, 356 Brunkhorst, Clarence, 169 Brunner, Duane, 250 Bruning, Marian, 174 Brunrueier, Richard, 160, 161 Bryans, Iohn, 250, 304 Bryans, Marilyn, 227, 363 Bryant, Charles, 288, 304, 308 Brydl, Melvin, 144, 147 Buchholz, Mark, 198 Buck, Patricia, 220, 225, 359 Buckbee, Dyle, 250 Buckingham, Dean, 30, 137, 141, 350, 351 Buckley, Dorothy, 236, 322 Buckner, lean, 44 Buckner, Ioan, 144, 348 Buel, Duane, 296, 297 Buell, Sandra, 236, 347 Bukin, Shirley, 250, 329 Bull, Curtis, 121, 404 Bull, Ianice, 220, 400 Bunjer, Van, 176, 380 Bunten, 'vVi1lian1, 130, 403 Burbank, Iohn, 250, 371 168 Burchtield, Gary, 250 Burcum, Kay, 107, 136, 376 Burdic, Mary, 75, 236, 360 Burgen, Edgar, 330 Burger, Bernice, 250, 337 Burgess, Glenn, 169 Burhans, Dwayne, 250, 396 Burkhardt, Grace, 220, 275, 360 Burmeister, Charles, 200 Burnham, Robert, 236, 367 Burns, Robert T., 250, 367 Burr, Bill, 204, 205, 280 Burt, Carolyn, 250, 329 Bury, Richard, 173 Burton, Iacauelin. 250, 388 Bush, Ietl. 188, 250, 384 Bush, William, 188 Buskirk, William, 136, 204, 205, 280 Bussell, Iack, 144, 155, 332 Butcher, Iohn, 121 Buthman, Linda. 250, 379 Butler, Iarie, 250, 372 Butt, G., 186 Butterfield, Iohn, 250, 351 Buttery, E., 281 Byers, Gloria, 250, 336 Byers, Paul, 160, 161 ' 445 C Cadwallader, Ioseph, 118, 236, 333 Caha, Donald, 250, 396 Calder, Michael, 250, 392 Calder, Thomas, 250, 392 Caley, Lorin, 144, 384 Calhoun, Iane, 64, 79, 133, 220, 225, Calvin, Iacquelyn, 121, 126, 331 Campbell, Courtney, 81 Campbell, Donald L., 236, 403 Campbell, lames, 144, 306, 308, 403 Campbell, lane, 236, 375 Campbell, Richard, 227 Campbell, William Fl., 85, 152, 392 Campbell, William G., 236, 384 Cannon, William, 198, 384 Capek, Dale, 160, 161 Carag, Delores, 87, 329 Carag, Iovita, 227 Carey, Patricia, 236, 326 Carl, H. Ioyce, 250 Carl, Thomas, 250, 367 Ioan, 114 Carson, Carlson, lohn, 331 Carlson, Ioseph, 236, 403 Carlson, Merlyn, 250, 371 Carlson, Carmen, Stuart, 168, 368 lanice, 75, 107, 236, 263, 379 Carothers, Charles, 160, 165, 403 Carpender, lane, 114, 375 Carpenter, Kathleen, 236, 347 Carper, I-lllan, 144, 278, 396 Carper, lohn, 250, 396 Carr, Iames, 250, 295, 325 Carr, Iolllnn, 250, 375 Carr, Iohn, 136, 383 Carr, W. F., 279 Carroll, Dennis, 188, 280 Carse, Norma, 227, 400, 401 Carson, Iames, 236, 392 Carter, Barbara, 136, 376 Carter, loseph, 152, 383 Carter, Lee, 364 Cartwright, Leigh, 136, 375 Carveth, Sara, 8, 236, 317, 348 Casper, Constance, 250, 322 Cast, Phyllis, 87, 236, 263, 316, 360 Castner, Clarence, 250, 325 Castner, Rose, 184, 220, 359 Castonguay, Roger, 236, 411 Cecil, B., 338 Cecil, William, 277 Cederdahl, lames, 305, 308, 309, 310 Cenovich, Iohn, 144, 325 Cerveny, Zdenka, 250, 322 Chab, Mariory, 236, 326 Chalupa, Io Hnn, 250, 322 Chambers, Iohn. 176, 351 Chandler, Leo, 198 Chapman, David, 136, 277, 364 Chapman, Frank, 176, 190, 384 Chapman Shirle 87 Chappell, Iohn, 144, 236, 340 Charleston, Richard, 85, 214, 387 Chasancv, Hdelle, 221, 399 Chatfield, Lee, 18 Check, Patricia, 250, 336, 338 Chedester, lack, 188 Chen, Lichu, 136, 326 Chemy, Nancy, 236, 343 Chichester, W. Rex, 130 Chilcoat, Donad L., 250, 403 Chiles, Iames, 236 Chiles, W. Scott, 73, 236, 368, 387 Chinn, Pon Ying, 170 Christensen, Carroll, 121, 404 Christensen, Gary, 236, 351 Christensen, Gene, 251, 356 Christensen, Ianet, 251, 322 Christensen, Kay, 251, 347 Christensen, Marshall, 188, 227, 403 Christenson, Marilyn, 251, 347 Christensen, Warren, 251, 396 Christiansen, Iames, 133 Christman, Ernestine, 251 Christoffersen, Gary, 251, 392 Christoph, Richard, 144, 351 Chronopulos, Plndonea, 227, 326 Chubbuck, Robert, 236, 380 Church, lames, 251 Cizek, Norman, 236 Claassen, Darrel, 251, 335 Clark, Barbara, 75, 195, 236, 376 Clark, Charles, 169 Clark, George, 285 Clark, Mark, 251, 344 Clark, Marlin, 236 Clark, Neola, 251, 322 Clarke, Ruth, 115, 117, 251, 331 Clausen, Verlyn, 26, 34, 171, 176, 39 Clauss, Roberta, 251, 376 Claussen, Ioan, 114, 375 Claussen, Richard, 144, 351 Clay, Lawrence, 236, 340 Clear, Thomas, 198, 364 Clegg, Denzil, 114, 371 Clegg, Max, 117, 251, 371 Clemens, Terry, 251, 356 Clement, Kenneth, 92, 114, 124, 344 Clement, William, 251, 333 Clements, Ioan, 132 Cleveland, Edna, 115, 117, 251, 322 Clinkscales, Lauretta, 75 Clouatre, lean, 130, 403 Clause, D., 195 -446 363 6 Clover, Sherry, 187 Clute, Morrel, 92, 136, 411 Cochran, Terrance, 251, 367 Cody, Zoe, 248, 251, 372 Colley, Marvin, 122, 236, 371 Coffey, Richard, 136, 384 Collin, lay, 155, 236 Colbert, Phyllis, 40, 41, 74, 75, 80, 119, 1 375 Colbert, Sue, 115, 251, 322 Cole, Wendell, 130, 308, 404 Coleman, Carole, 236, 400 C ll' Dr., 138 o in, Collins, Collins, Collins, Colnic, Colson Donald, 168, 387 Iames D., 30, 33, 88, 130, 340, Iames P., 130, 133, 141 Gerald, 251, 395 , Roy, 306, 308 Colwell, Barbara, 130, 133, 388 Comstock, Marilyn, 227, 336 Conkling, Carolyn, 236, 376 Connell, Beverly, 236, 359 Connerley, Dixie, 136, 322 Connor, Larry, 236, 371 Connor, Ted, 287, 288 Conrad, Edward, 169 Conrad, lack, 251, 392 Conrad, Richard, 170 Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook Daniel, 179, 251, 387 Harriet, 130, 343 Herbert, 251, 367 Martha, 221, 377 Sharon, 31, 79, 133, 221, 225, 348, Vlilliam, 168 Cooper, Hal, 236, 344 Coover, lohn, 251, 387 Copas, Howard, 204 Copenhaver, lohn, 277 Copp, lames, 251, 364 Corbin, Florence, 126 Corcoran, Rnn, 81, 91, 251, 363 Corenman, Marilyn, 228, 316, 359 Corliss, Phyllis, 114, 334 Corkill, Phil, 181 Corrales, William, 160, 161 Coryell, Lorraine, 130, 343 Costello, Maurice, 144, 155 Costin, Dennis, 251, 356 Cotton, Robert, 251, 404 Coufal, Norman, 296, 305 Coulter, Nancy, 236. 363 Cousin, Anderson, 330 Covalt, Elaine, 251, 322 Cowain, Dean, 122, 236, 333 Cox, Ierry, 251, 392 Craig, Alice, 236, 352 Crain, Robert, 236, 404 Cramond, Wallis, 236, 356 Crawford, lack, 251, 351 Crawford, R. P., 190 Cress, Sharlyn, 236, 322 Creutz, Norman, 236, 411 Cripe, Edward, 236, 356 Croft, Billie, 87, 185, 236, 388 Crosby, LeRoy, 147, 392 Crosby, Robert, 16, 144 Crounse, Hlan, 198, 395 Crow, Bradley, 237, 364 Crowe, Barbara, 64, 114, 119, 343 Crowe, Laurence. 123 Crowl, Carol. 237. 316, 329 Crowley, Keith, 237, 396 Cruse, Francis, 155, 251 Culwell, lane, 251, 315, 352 Cumberland, Edwin. 168, 177, 325 Cummings, Roaer, 251 Cummings, William, 251. 364 Cunningham, Iollnn, 195, 225, 228, 490 Cunningham, Icy, 75, 237, 360 Cunningham, Marv. 251. 329 Sandra, 237, 352 Curran, Curtus, Hlbert. 144, 325 Curtis, Guy, 198 Curtis, ludith, 251 Curtis, Marilyn, 251, 352 Curtis, Richard, 237, 403 Curtiss, Iohn, 198 Cutler, lames, 251, 411 D Daas, Ioanne, 251, 322 Dachs, George, 160, 165 Daggeti, Flllen, 251, 384 Dahlgren, Nancy, 221, 360 Dahlke, lohn, 118, 181 Dailey, Maurice, 144, 155 Daley, Sandra, 81, 130, 322 Dale, Clifford, 266, 275, 300, 301, 308, 3 Dale, Louise, 251, 329 Daly, Frederick, 251, 356 Damkroger, Loe, 117, 251, 371 Damon, Iohn, 277 Dandy, Donald, 251, 412 Dane, Lawrence, 144, 333 Danek, Ronald, 237, 367 Dangberg, Darrel, 171, 338 Daniel, Barbara, 136, 329 Danielson, Roberta, 251, 355, 375 Dannehl, LaVern, 114 Darst, George, 281 Davis, Larry, 155 David, Ward, 237, 332 Davidson, Merwyn, 118, 122. 281, 371 Davis, Beverly, 225, 228, 343 22, 341 349 09 Davis, Donald, 330 Davis, Gerald, 117, 237 Jack, 214, 392 Davis, Davisibgean Claire, 31, 130, 133, Davis, lmogene, 237, 376 Davis, Elizabeth, 322 Davis, Larry, 233, 391 Davis, Robert, 286 Dawson, Hllan, 237, 344 Dawson, Ion, 396 Dawson, Robert, 170, 176, 396 Dawson, Ronald, 251, 340 Daxon, Geraldine, 251, 343 Day, Thomas, 144, 278, 387 Debakker, Robert, 168, 173 DeBel1y, W. Dean, 174 DeBerry, Mary, 75, 237, 322 DeBoer, Maurice, 295 DeBrunner, Catherine, 251, 376 Decker, Charles, 148, 367 Decker, Karen, 237, 363 Decker, Shirley, 237, 316, 359 Dedrick, Nancy, 251, 372 Deems, H., 118 Deepe, Beverly, 186, 251, 352 Degraw, Darrell, 96, 237, 277 Degraw, Harold, 280 Degraw, Sara, 225, 228, 370 Deines, Flllan, 295 Deines, Hilmere, 221, 304, 325 Deininger, Marion, 228, 334 Del..amatre, Mar ery, 221, 352 Dells, Richard, 315 Delisi, Simon, 168, 169, 177 DeLong. lean, 46, 84, 91, 136, 360 DeMar, Edmund, 73, 193 Demarre, Gale, 216 Denbow, Duane, 237, 411 Denich, Louis, 130 Dennis, George, 171 Dennis, Marcia, 237, 336 Denniston, Lyle, 193 Deppen, lane, 221, 318, 388 DesEnlants, lack, 237, 351 Desch, Williamette, 194, 237, 343 Detterding, Don, 251, 368 Detweiler, Susan, 251, 363 Detwiler, Tom, 251, 384 Devor, Robert, 17 Devore, Nora, 221, 388, 389 Devriendt, Diane, 251, 375 DeVries, Gretchen, 107, 237, 326 Devries, William, 30, 33, 79, 85, 152, 383 Dewey, Nancy, 251, 359 Dewey, Shirley, 75, 132, 237, 263, 359 Dewhirst, Milton, 136, 204, 367 Dewalt, Bill, 251, 371 Dey, Glen, 221 Dey, Harold, 175 Dickey, Clarence, 148, 155 Dickey, Sandra, 152, 316, 343 Dierks, Capt., 88, 124 Dierks, Ierry, 251 Dierks, Merton, 114, 384, 414, 415 Dill, Barbara, 251, 322 Dill, lacqueline, 115 Dingman, Ioey, 107, 237, 318. 376 Dinsmore, lanet, 221, 225, 375 Dischner, Donald, 148. 155 Discoe, Robert, 252, 371 Ditus, Robert, 136, 396 Dobish, Helen, 237, 322 Dobler, Leland, 177 Dobry, Ronald, 133 Dobsen, Hrthur, 237, 403 Dodson, Maryclare, 252, 317, 347 Doehring, Norman, 237 Doling, Forrest, 300 Doleman, William, 147, 148 Doll, Edward, 175 Domingo, Mary, 237. 263, 363 Donarico, Dolores, 130, 348 Donnelson, G., 306 Doole, William, 137, 168, 177, 178, 279, Dorn, Rita, 144, 150, 152, 329 Dorwart. Robert, 205 Dosek, Philomene, 237, 388 Dostal, Robert, 175 Doty, Gregg, 130 Doty, 1-loward. 133, 380 Dotson, Leo, 252 Dougherty, Gary, 252, 396 Douglass, Rnn, 252, 359 Douglass. William, 168, 169, 403 Downs, Polly, 252, 316, 348 Dowty, Thomas, 252 Drahota. Gail, 80, 187, 237, 363 Drake, Donald, 237, 380 Draper, Nancy, 31, 75, 126. 237, 352 Drayton, Margaret, 237, 360 Drda, Larrv, 176, 340 Dreessen, Robert, 252, 355 Drehen, Iohn, 130 Drenker, Egan, 160 Drinkwater, Barbara, Dubas, Fldeline, 115, 122, 359 Duckworth, Richard, 237 Ducy, Hllan, 252 Dudley, Phyllis. 122, Duerr, Marie, 338 Duerr, Richard, 148, Deuy, Hllan, 396 Duling, Richard, 152, Dunbar, Donald, 30, Dunker, Carol, 115, 317 318, 376 281, 396 392 130, 279, 396, 397 237, 331 137, 141, Dunklau, Richard, 168, 173, 355 Dunn, Barbara, 130, 348 Dunn, Douglas, 152, 351 Dunn, Nadine, 237, 372 Dunn, Ronald, 304 Dunning, Larry, 305 Durner, Lorabelle, 338 Dusek, Moneta, 252, 322 DuTeau, Daisy, 252, 379 Du'l'eau, Mimi, 228, 318, 379 Dutton, Brock, 26, 77, 118, 122, Duxbury, Richard, 198, 200, 403 Dworalc, Donald, 252, 396 Dwoskin, loseph, 252, 412 Dzerk, Iohn, 148, 155 371 E Eagan, Iames, 173 Eastin, Iohn, 122, 237, 371 Eastwood, Shirley, 237, 372 Eatherton, Shirley, 157 Eaton, Marilyn, 8, 285, 388 Eatough, Charles, 177, 178 Ebanks, Harvey, 252, 330 Eberhart, Bettg, 126, 237, 331 Eberspacher, tanley, 124, 237, 415 Ebner, Larry, 152, 355 Ebner, Stanley, 228, 380 Echtenkamp, Merlin, 152, 325 Eckert, Duane, 237, 355 Ecklund, Norris, 228, 411 Edquist, Erhart, 152, 392 Edwards, Beverly, 252, 359 Edwards, lack, 171 Edwards, Iames, B0 Edwards, Iohn, 237, 288, 351 Edwards, loseph, 114, 281, 371 Edwards, Manis, 204, 351 Edwards, Mike, 252 Egan, Mary, 237, 379 411 Egenberger, Iames, 237, 325 Eager, Sharon, 237, 360 Ehler, Gerald, 114, 123, 124, 344 Ehlers, Morrell, 215, 325 Eicke, Barbara, 252, 347 Einspahr, Rodney, 252, 355 Eipperle, lane, 252, 400 Eisenhart, Carroll, 252 Eisinhauer, Day, 252, 322 Ekberg, Dean, 276 Eklund, Gregg, 252, 403 Ekstrom, Marion, 136, 186, 360 Elline, Donald, 237, 392 Ellerbroek, Mary, 107, 228, 376 Ellingson, lames, 108 Elliot, I. G., 12 Elliott, Carolyn, 252, 388 Elliott, Curtis, 152 Donna, 82, 228, 375 Harold, 148, 155 Ieanne, 379 Margaret, 96 Elliott, Elliott, Elliott. Eliott Ellis, Patricia, 237, 348 Ellison, Edward, 237, 387 Ellison, William, 160, 161 Elwell, Walter, 137 Ely, Barbara, 115, 252, 352 Ernbry, Georgann, 252, 318 Emery, Audrey. 148, 150 Rrnry, Doris, 237. 337, 372 Entry, Gloria, 237 Emry, Ianice, 115, 122, 126, Engel, Leo, 148, 404 Engel, Nolan, 114, 344 Engel, Raymond, 252, 404 Engelbrecht, Beverlee, 195, 237, 376 Engelbart, Leroy, 118 Engelkemier, William. 237, 355 Engler, Nan, 136, 379 Englert, Gordon, 252, 295, 392 Enqquist, Keith, 237, 408 Enke, Ernest, 147, 152, 186 Enyeart, Sandra, 252, 400 Enyeart, Suzanne, 237, 343 Epley, Gary, 252, 356 Eno, Gordon, 237, 364 337 Erickson, David, 71, 79, 80, 234, 238, 356 Erickson, Eileen, 228 Erickson, loan, 115, 238, 336 Erickson, M. Kathleen, 238, 348 Erickson, Roger, 252, 344 Ericson, Norman, 96, 131, 325 Eriksen, Donald, 252, 368 Eriksen, Gerald, 137 Erlewine, Keith, 32, 122, 371 Ernst, Robert, 88 Ernst, Ruthann, 238. 348 Erway, Don, 252, 295. 367 Erwin, Eugene, 136. 355 Erwin, Marilyn, 64, 65.81, 116, 119, 195, 326 Essman, Roger, 116. 344 Estes, lames, 168, 169 Eule, Iohn, 131, 133, 137, 141, 204, 280, 33' Eurich, Dana, 238, 407 Eusterwi emann, Richard, 170, 176, 407 Evans, Bruce, 198, 200, 392 Evans, Franklin, 170, 411 Evans, Gladys, 252, 376 Evans, lames, 288 Everett, Walter, 147, 148, 380 Evers, Ianice, 238, 400 Ewing, I ames, 238, 347 Eyth, Gracie, 221, 225, 316, 374, 375 F Faeh, Wendell, 252, 335 Faes, Richard, 147, 152, 404 Fagler, Willard, 296, 298, 299 Fahrnbruch, Melva, 252, 348 Faimon, LaVera, 252, 317, 322 Faist, Lauren, 188, 238, 280, 380 Falloon, Frank, 136, 383 Fallstead, Clarence, 302 Faltys, Iohn, 200 Fangman, Ioyce, 238, 376 Fangmeier, Delmar, 116, 355 Fangmeier, Delores, 252 Faris, Robert, 286, 295 Farley, Patricia, 221, 322 Farmer, Dale, 330 Farner, Richard, 252, 367 Farnum, lane, 238, 343 Farrell, Colleen, 238, 363 Farris, Dorothy, 252, 347 Faulkner, Alison, 225 Feaster, Diane, 221, 359 Feather, Iames, 252, 371 Feese, lames, 238, 383 Fehr, Rosemary, 238, 343 Hamer, Richard, 153, 155, 280, 333 Felger, lane, 252, 359 Fellman, Gerry, 198, 200, 394, 395 Fellrnan, Richard, 186, 252, 412 Felton, 1oFlnne, 238, 318, 376 Ferguson, Charles, 238, 384 Ficke, Robert, 148, 364 Fike, Charles, 252, 286, 387 Filkins, Dale, 116, 122, 415 Fineberg, Elisabeth, 252, 399 Finke, Phyllis, 238, 343 Finke, Walter, 122, 344 Finney, Mary, 252, 375 Firley, Darlene, 252, 322 Fischer, Doris, 115, 252, 331 Fischer, Rex, 84, 238, 288, 300, 384 Fitch, Roger, 169, 170, 172 Fitch, Theola, 79, 136, 400 Fitzekam, Douglas, 252, 404 Fitzekam, Gordon, 138, 404 Fitzgerald, John, 85, 170, 175, 177, 387 Flahert, Gerald, 122, 177 Flammang, Patricia, 252, 322 Flanagin, Shirley, 116, 126, 343 Flansburg, Iudith, 138, 317 Fleharty, Gerald, 174 Fleming, lack, 295 Fleming, lohn, 205 Fleming! Nancy, 248, 252, 372 Flohr, ictor, 160, 165 Flynn, Mary, 221, 375 Fogeg9?anny, 44, 152, 284, 285, 302, 308, Fogerty, Richard, 248 Foley, Marjorie, 29, 148, 150, 334 Foley, Newman, 170, 177 Folk, Robert, 238, 383 Folmer, Donna, 81, 221, 274, 343 Foote, Rachel, 228, 375 Ford, Alvin, 252, 306, 392 Foster, Glenda, 252, 329 Foth, Ioyce, 221, 334 Fowler, Iohn, 21 Fowler, Yvonne. 121 Fox, Margaret, 317 Frailey, lilene. 228, 329 France, Ken, 238, 304, 351 Francis, Norman, 277 Frandson, Gary, 72, 238, 367 Frank, Doris, 316 Frank, Dorothy, 316, 317 Frank, Sharon. 252, 372 Franken, William, 238, 371 Franklin, Mary, 238 Franklin. Maury. 238, 380 Franks, Mary, 238 Franks, Virginia, 79, 228, 363 Frantz, Wendell, 252 French, Caroll, 116, 122, 277, 415 French, Gene, 122, 335 French, Norma, 252. 343 Frerichs, Donald, 116 Freaul, Fan, 225 Fricke, Milton, 117, 252 Fried, Geoffrey, 338 Friedman, Marvin, 26, 77, 80, 88, 96, 138, 278, 395 Friedrichsen, Kenneth, 338 Friest, Wendell, 188, 252, 411 Fritts, Dwight, 148, 387 Frost, Dorrene, 252, 400 Frost, Itha, 238, 400 Frost, lohn, 175 Frost, Mary, 252, 322 Fuelberlh, Mary, 31, 75, 81, 225, 228, 347 Fuenning, Samuel, l Fuaate, Rodney, 169 Fullbrook, Dean Earl, 38, 142, 144, 285 Fullerton, Ian, 187 Furman, Sharlene, 96. 205, 238, 322 Fusslernan, Gary, 138, 380 Futcher, lohn, 198 Futcher, Rae, 252, 363 G Gadd, Sandra, 96, 138, 348 Gaddie, Chester, 252, 392 Gaer, Gerald, 138, 395 Gable, Paul, 252 Gager, Shad, 122 Gakle, Paul, 392 Galley, Carolyn, 253, 347 Gallory, Capt., 266 Gans, Norrna, 176, 322 Garber, Harlan, 238, 395 Garber, Iames, 138, 276, 325 Garcia, Laura, 75, 238, 322 Gard, Ray, 125 Garden, Richard, 253, 392 Gardiner, Nancy, 138, 379 Garlinkle, Hllan, 200 Garrett, Delores, 187, 228, 347 Garrett, Iohn, 117, 238, 335 Garrison, Edgar, 122, 364 Garst, Charlee, 253, 408 Gaswick, Iohn, 122, 277, 335 Gattis, Mary, 69, 138, 317, 359 Gauger, Norman, 148, 404 Gaswick, lohn, 238 Gaughan, Sarah, 253, 318, 329 Gaver, Iames, 238 Gay, Larry, 238, 387 Gealy, Mildred, 238, 376 Gebbhardt, Marcia, 253, 317, 347 Geesarnen, Don, 131, 133, 137 Geesen, Parker, 198, 392 Geier, lake, 302 Geier, Richard, 305, 308 Gets, Donald, 238 Gendler, Goldie, 221, 322 Genge, Robert, 253, 411 George, Naomi, 116, 376 Gerdes, Delores, 228, 352 Gerhart, Mary, 221, 225, 343 Gerike, Flnn, 138, 205, 337 Gerlach, Don, 96 Gerlach, Richard, 152, 383 Gerlach, Walter, 253, 384 Gerle, Carl, 280 Gheisari, Mohamad, 174 Gibbons, Doug, 253 Gibbons, Iohn, 122, 380 Gibson, Charles, 300 Gibson, Davy, 383 Gibson, Henry, 84, 92 Gierhan, Carolyn, 116, 358, 359 Gies, Shirley, 238 Gilbert, Flrt, 221 Gilbert, Keith, 160, 161 Giles, William, 305, 308, 309 Gill, Erma, 75 Gillespie, lack, 79, 152, 356 Gillett, Carol, 75, 81, 82, 224, 225, 228, 347 Gillett, Sherman, 118 Gilman, Marvin, 253, 395 Girard, Thomas, 253, 307 Girardot, lean, 216 Gittelrnon, Leah, 253, 399 Glade, Ruth, 238, 329 Glantz, Don, 288 Glandt, Rnnette, 400 Glandt, Margaret, 253 Glandt, William, 253, 368 Glasstord, William, 286, 287, 291 Gleason, Bernard, 238, 408, 409 Glesmann, flrnold, 238, 355 Glock, Martha, 238, 376 Gockley, Donald, 173, 273, 280, 281 Goding, Rita Rl, 138, 348 Goettsch, Richard, 188 Goetz, Carolyn, 238, 375 Gohde, George, 221, 288, 351 Gohde, Roger, 152, 351 Gohlinghorst, Stanley, 153, 380 Golding, Ierry, 148, 351 Golding, Tammy, 253, 399 Goldsberry, Hnn, 238, 400 Goll, Carroll, 253 Goll, Lawrence, 304, 308, 340 Golletz, Victor, 253, 333 Goltes, Gerald, 238, 332 Golus, Virginia, 115, 117, 253, 331 Gomel, Carlotta, 221, 360 Good, Carolyn, 221, 360 Good, Harry, 296, 299 Good, lackson, 158 Good, Ioseph, 30, 221, 392, 393 Good, Suzanne, 28, 80, 238, 379 Grahame, Patricia, 26, 31, 83, 107, 119, 122, Graham, Sarah, 131, 340 Graham, Suzanne, 136, 151, 228, 379 Gralheer, Marlin, 238, 404 Grant, Richard, 238, 367 Grant, William, 201 Gratton, George, 238, 387 Grouse, 1oHnn, 238, 322 Graves, Howard, 238, 403 Gray, Hrlene, 133 Gray, Donald, 253 Gray, Iohn, 276 Gregerscn, Clara, 331 Green, Margaret A., 221, 336 Green, Margaret R,, 116, 329 Green, Ronald, 253, 380 Green, Roy, 166 Green Sheldon 198 412, 413 Harlow, Cecil, 155 Harolow, Eldon, 239 Harm, Bill, 367 Harrnatta, Clifford, 148, 155 Harmon, Charles, 122, 344 Harms, Ianet, 253, 352 Harnish, Eugene, 170, 333 Harper, lohn, 138, 380 Harper, Ralph, 253, 355 Harper, William, 71 Harpstreith, Mary, 69, 239, 343 Harries, William, 254 Greenberg, Dr. IB. N., 17 Greenberg, Bernard, 157 Greenl-ierg,12Michae1, 77, 82, 131, 133, 204, 205, 4 Greenlaw, William, 295 Greenlee, Harriet, 216 Gregersen, Clara, 115, 116, 119 Grenseman, Ion, 330 Greving, lcanne, 238, 263, 388 Griess, Dernas, 281, 288 Grittis, Ann, 131, 379 Griifiths, Corene, 238, 337 Grimm, Ianet, 221, 360 Griswold, Dwight, 25 Groothuis, Wilbert, 338 Grothen, Darrel, 170, 173, 177, 179, 407 Grove, Raymond, 160, 165 Grow, Barbara, 239, 316, 317, 379 Gruber, Donald, 122, 124, 371 Gruber, Ianet, 253, 352 Guggenmos, Lloyd, 215, 333 Guilliatt, Eleanor, 138, 189, 334 Guinane, lerry, 170, 173, 392 Gunderson, Gilbert, 200 Gustavson, R. G., 48 Gutzmann, Fauneil, 239, 352 Gutzmann, Ieannine, 228, 352 H Haag, Robert, 205, 239 Haas, Phillip, 228 Hackman, Elizabeth, 253, 388 Haerer, Carol, 69, 186, 189, 221, 225, 34 Haessler, Iohn, 253, 387 Haessler, Mary, 138, 360 3 Harris, H. R., 25 Harris, Charles, 122, 371 Harris, Gloria, 29, 75, 239, 336, 337 Harris, Karrnen, 253, 347 Harris, Lee, 239, 300, 396 Harris, Sylvester, 288 Harris, William, 33, 170, 383 Harrison, George, 148 Harrison, lanice, 72, 81, 138, 379 Harsh, Delwyn, 122, 344 . 384 gglllellllllna. az. 239, 314, 316, 317, aaa Hartford, Richard, 325, 408 Hartman, George, 239. 371 Hagarnan, James, 239, 404 Hager, Frank, 174 Hahn, Dale, 92 Hahn, Patricia, 221, 400 Hahn, William, 170 Hale, Iohn, 302 Haley, lohn, 253, 408 Haley, Tom, 239, 403 Hall, Howard, 114, 118, 122, 344 Hall Ma a Sal Hall Hall ry, 253, 363 Hall: Nancy, 107, 131, 239, 352 H ll, ly, 72, 379 , Sylvia, 253, 360 V 239 , ic, , 407 Hallam, Margaret, 239, 348 Hallas, Margie, 187 Hallgren, Frank, 19. 71 Halligan, Shirley, 253, 322 Hallock, Bob, 214 Halpine, leanie, 253, 360 Halverson, Patricia, 239, 363 Halverson, Peggy, 239, 363 Hamann, Donald, 148, 404 Hamer, Marilyn, 26, 28, 79, 86, 228, 363 Hamilton , Barbara, 115, 239 Hamilton, lohn, 122, 404 Hamilton Hamilton , Lyle, 176 , Shirley, 30, 107, 131, 372, 373 Hamilton, Timothy, 44, 239, 404 Hamrnerstrom, Marilyn, 221, 360 Hammes, Donald, 41, 131, 205 Hammond, Patrice, 221, 360 Hartwig, Dorothy, 239, 343 Harushima, Yoshi. 330 Harvey, Grace, 150, 239, 376 Harvey, Harriett, 221, 400 Harvey, lames, 367 Harvey, ludith,d22E0 165 Harvey, Richar , 6 . Hasebroock, Robert, 30, 67, 85, 198. '200, 357 Haslam, Florence, 239, 363 Hasselbalch. Hal, 131, 351 Hatcher, William, 188, 253, 404 Hathaway, loan, 115, 253. 331 Hathaway, Mary, 131, 337 Haupt, Charles, 153, 383 Haupt, Robert, 174, 177 Hauserman. 101111. 239. 392 Hawke, Robert, 137, 239, 396 Hawkins, Kahn, 1535839379 Hawkins, ancy, , Hawthorne, loan, 150, 153, 195, 316, 343 Hayek, Harold, 276 Hayes, Marilyn, 138. 359 Hayne, Lee, 253, 351 1-lays, Charles, 253, 333 Hayes, Wayne, 117, 253, 403 Haytharn, Pat, 221, 379 Hayward, Ralph, 253, 404 Haywood, William, 253, 340 Hazen, Gene, 188, 280 Healey, lames, 253, 383 Healey, lanet, 69, 78, 239, 317, 379 Healey, Patricia, 200, 222, 388 Heath, lackie, 228, 363 Hebard, Tom, 253, 387 Hecht, Helen, 32, 123, 331 Hecht, Loretta, 115, 117, 253, 331 Hedden, Merrett, 116, 404 Hedges, loan, 239, 400 Heebner, Charles, 253, 356 Heeger, Hlan, 253, 395 Heelan, Iosynne, 276 Heermann, Hugo, 170, 173, 403 Helflinger, LeRoy, 253, 269, 356 Hegstrom, Nancy, 107, 225, 228, 343 1-leidelk, Phil, 148, 300, 301, 396 Dam is ei es, arry, 1-leilrnan, Ioflnn, 115, 126, 239, 343 Heimer, Roger, 96 Hein, William, 200 Heldencbfangl, Ricl"?grci23 f177 Helm, au ette, , , Helmstaclter, Vernita, 88, 131, 343 I-lelzer, Don, 173 Hemphill, Barbara, 131, 192, 359 Hemphill, Emily, 253, 359 Hemphill, Nancy, 28, 66, 80, 84, 87, 119, 123, 195, 388 Hendegson, Cynthia, 72, 80, 132, 195, 239, 3 9 Hendrickson, Brien, 153, 300, 308, 867 Henke, Gordon, 330 Henkle, Roger, 253, 356 Goodding, Darlene, 29, 64, 131, 328, 329 Goodding, Marvin, 173, 176 Gooding, Thomas, 86 Goodrich, Donald, 188 Goodrich, Hile, 195 Goodwin, William, 253 Goosic, Shirley, 253, 322 Gordon, Constance, 82, 131, 195, 399 Gordon, Iames, 169, 177, 178 Gordon, lanet, 69, 107, 132, 238, 263, 399 Gordon Ioe, 153, 404 Gordon, Marilyn, 253, 348 , Gorton, Sue, 65, 81, 131, 378, 379 Gorton, layne, 238, 379 Goth, Harvey, 198, 308 Gotschall, Francis, 253, 360 Gottberg, Gerald, 238, 364 Gottsch, Virgil, 148, 305. 308 Gould, Priscilla, 228, 352 Gourlay, lohn, 69, 87, 238, 356 Gourlay, Madeline, 225, 228, 347 Goucher, Ioel, 253 Graber, Herschell, 273 Grace, Daniel, 87, 238, 356 Gradwohl, Davis, 186, 308 r o n 7 4 Gaf,1h,10, 04 Graham, Keith, 141, 170, 171, 177 Hammond. Rosalie, 253, 318, 400 Hamsa, Hanke, William, 138, 383 Darlene, 221 Hankins, Donna, 253, 322 Hanlon, lo Hnn, 239, 359 Hanna, David, 148, 325 Hanpeter, Dorothy, 317 Hanscom, Wm. Ladd, 300 Hanscom, H. H., 286, 300 Hansen Hansen Hans en , Alice, 228, 372 , Gladys, 228. 336 lane, 131, 388 1-lansenf leanne, 253, 400 Hansen, Mary, 72, 234, 239, 263, 360 Hansen, Mildred, 228 Hanson, Douglas, 148, 367 Hanson, Howard, 148, 403 Hanson Larry, 87 Hqnwey. D. G,, 122 Harbert, Warren, 253 Harden, Lura, 65, 115, 116, 119, 359 Henley, lohn, 253, 356 Henry, Douglas, 238 Henry, Thomas, 391 Henson, Paul, 178 Henzlik, Dean, Frank E., 218 Herbek, Mary Sue, 254, 336 Hergenrader, Wilmer, 171, 173, 179 Hermsmeyer. Dale, 254, 351 Herpaisheimer, Charles, 173 Herries, William, 368 Herse, Marlyn, 184, 239, 400 Hervery, David, 254, 392 Hershberger, Phyllis, 75, 195 Hess, Elaine, 86, 138, 318, 360 Hesse, Eugene, 205 1-lesseltine, Richard, 254, 333 Heuermann, Bernard, 123, 371 Heuermann, Martha, 119, 123, 126, 337 Heurnann, Iohn, 118, 239, 335 Hewitt, Donald, 153, 288, 351 Hewitt, lames, 198, 356 Hardie, Finn, 239, 375 Harding, Wendell, 131, 194 Hare, Iarrett, 239, 296, 387 Hargleroad, Iames, 117, 122, 371 Harlcins, Richard, 295 Harley, Thomas, 160, 161, 162 Heyne, Bernard. 86 Hickenbcttom, William, 171 Hickman, Sally, 239, 337 Hicks, Barbara, 254, 359 Hicks, Marolyn, 239, 372 Hicks, Nancy, 254, 322 447 Q F' Hiebenthal, Mary, 254, 400 Higgenbothem, Ed, 306, 310 Higgs, Robert, 239, 333 Hightree, Ianet, 239, 331 Hilbert, Lorraine, 75, 239, 322 Hild, Gary, 44, 123, 124, 281, 285, 344 Hill, Mart a, 31, 75 153, 360 Hill, Robert, 254, 271, 404 Hill, Richard P., 30, 364, 365 Hill, Richard T., 138, 239, 367 Hill, William, 254, 387 Hillgren, Victor, 239, 325 Hinds, Doris, 254, 322 Hinds, Margaret, 222, 225 Hinds, Robert, 200 Hutchinson, Marlene, 115, 126 Hutton, Marilyn, 80, 240, 363 Hyde, Gordon, 116, 335 I Ibsen, Edward, 32, 123, 278, 411 lgon, Gerald, 186 Ilgen, William, 141, 171, 177 lmig, Marilyn, 254, 360 lrnm, Sandra, 240, 347 Ingold, Lester, 176, 391 lngram, Ioyce, 240, 359 Innes, Dougas, 132, 278, 391 Iones, David I., 392 lones, David, 153, 255, 357 Iones, Gary, 30, 85, 171, 406, 407 lones, Ioan, 119 lones, Larry, 255, 295 Iones, Robert, 240, 364 lones, Sally, 222, 388 Iones , Wayne, 255 Beverl 31 132 376 377 1005, , . . Iorgensen, llsworth, 255, 411 Iorgensen, George, 255, 304, 368 Iorgensen, Harvey, 255, 344 Iouvenat, Rnn, 69, 222, 225, 388 Iouvenat, Sue, 255, 388 lensen, Hinemann, Norris, 195 Hinman, Clare, 87, 239, 243, 360 Hinrnan, Diane, 28, 133, 222, 225, 360 1-litchock, Plrthur, 38 1-llidek, Richard, 228, 308, 383 Hoback, Ronald, 118, 239, 335 Hobson, Merk, 181 Hook, Iohn, 254, 404 Hock, Ioyce, 116, 400 Hook, Loren, 254, 351 Hodder, Catherine, 254, 375 Hodder, leflerson, 254, 384 Hodge, Donald, 153, 173, 302, 308, Hoel, Ronald, 254, 356 Hof, Barbara, 229, 388 Hofacre, Robert, 239, 351 Hofferber, Henry, 338 Hoffman, Ierome, 239, 371 Hoffman, Thomas, 254, 277, 335 Holler, Helen, 254 367 Hofstetter, Iames, 33, 73, 153, 300, 308, 368 1-logue, Bryce, 279 Hohensee, Roger, 295 Hohl, Robert, 148, 380 Hoile, Nancy, 229, 360 Halbert, Allan, 188, 239, 356 Holcomb, Shirley, 254, 372 Holden, Ioan, 133, 148, 157, 317, 372 Holland, Lynn, 229, 317 363 Hollander, Bruce, 131, 41 Holloran, William, 288 Holly, Eugene, 239 Holm, Richard, 177 Holmes, Suzanne, 28, 222, 225, 375 Holmquist, Iames, 239, 356 1-iolscher, Thomas, 160, 165 Holst, Gordon, 254 Holst, Henry, 355 Holstine, Dorthea, 117 Holtgrewe, Virgil, 123, 273, 276, 280, 325 Holtmeier, Ronald, 239 Holyoke, Cynthia, 222, 274, 316, 375 Hompes, Valerie, 91 Honnen, Dean, 254, 407 Innes, Ronold, 254, 391 Innes, Von, 240, 391 Ireland, R. L., 285 Irwin, lack, 254, 276, 387 Irwin, Lyle, 123 lrwin, Shirley, 254, 376 Isaacson, Mary, 240, 360 1 lackson, Beverly, 133, 222, 225, 329 Iaclcson. Ierry, 240, 332 Iacobmeier, Vern, 116, 415 Iacobs, Beverly, 254, 372 lacobs, Doran, 26, 73, 77, 153, 412 Iacobs, Elizabeth, 254, 376 Iocobsen, Edgar, 254 Iacobsen, Ellen, 115, 117, 254, 331 lacobsen, Robert, 254, 396 lacoby, Linda, 107, 240, 314, 372 lames, Mary, 254, 360 Iames, Ted, 30, 33, 48, 300, 351 Ianda, Marlon, 115, 254, 331 Ieltrey, Iane, 254, 379 leffrey. lennie, 254, 375 Ieffrey, Iohn, 153, 392 lelinek, Rita, 254, 360 lenkins, Ianet, 254 lensen, Charles, 153 Iensen, Donald, 153, 332 Iensen, Douglas, 138, 325 lensen, Genelle, 254, 376 lensen, Ierry I., 144, 153, 351, 415 lensen, Ierry L., 116, 122 Iensen, Margeanne, 263 Irinsen, Nelson, 254, 372, 383 Iensen, Robert, 170, 171, 411 lensen, Sharyn, 254, 372 lensen, Sam, 254, 356 Iensen, Stanley, 117, 254, 335 William, 149, 404 Ioyce, Indy, 78, 240, 348 Ioyner, loan, 26, 29, 75, 139, 329 lundt, Dwight, 72, 123, 124, 281, 371 K Kafonek. Richard, 273, 280, 287 Kohler, Ron, 240, 277 Kuhn. loseph, 118, 278, 395 Kahrs, Dougless, 255 Kaminsky, elda, 255, 399 Karnm, Richard, 338 Kamofe, William, 255, 356 Kanigiesen, Kenneth, 255 Kap an, Edward, 296 Kaplan, Phyllis, 255, 399 Kapsi, Uve, 153, 155, 330, 364 Kapustka, Herman, 240 Karabatsos, George, 132, 367 Kariges, Connie, 65, 75, 115, 118, 119, 343 Kar berg, Donald, 149, 325 Karr, Everett, 32 Karschner, Llowgd, 176, 367 Kashima, Seiic i, 229 Katskee, Gail, 26, 107, 240, 263, 314, 399 Katt, Natalie, 78, 82, 139, 195, 329 Kattler, Lois, 255 Kauf, David, 133 Kaufman, Thomas, 295 Kauffman, lanet, 255, 388 Kautzman, Richard, 240, 325 Kavan, Iohn, 240, 408 Keeler, R., 83, 126 Keenan, Beth, 116, 255, 375 Keenan, Mary, 205, 240, 263, 336, 348 Keenan, Roy, 255, 277, 351 Keene, Iack, 277 Keeney, Shirley, 75, 240 Keerans, Donald, 176, 356 Keifer, Bob, 255, 368 Keim, Phyllis, 149, 150, 329 Kenison, H., 144 Keiser, Don, 305 Keister, Patricia, 222, 372 lohnston Hooks, Margie, 239, 372 Hooper, Darlene, 254, 359 Hooper, Dean, Bert L., 158 Hoover, Iames, 131, 392 Hard, Geradine, 38, 239, 388 Horn, Leo, 239, 355 Homing, Sharon, 31, 222 360, 361 Horning, Walter, 254, 356 Horst, Ronald, 239, 403 Hotovy, Rita, 254, 322 Houchen, Torn, 254. 312, 351 Houchen, Francis, 96 Houdersheldt, Chere, 229, 322 Houfek, Ioe, 254 Houfek, Warner, 160 House, Mary, 75, 239, 372 Hove, Andrew, 144, 239, 367 Howalt, Willa, 239, 375 Howard, Qlice, 254 Howard, Robert, 160, 164, 165 Howey, Earl, 240, 392 Howland, Bernice, 69 Howlett, Frances, 337 Hoyt, Pat, 295 Hrabak, Ieonne, 75, 240, 322 Hrabik, Betty, 75, 115, 119, 123, 195. 331 Hruza, Rose, 240, 329 Hubbard, Bert, 240, 335 Hubka, Lawrence, 188, 280 Huckleldt, Ioe, 123, 124, 344 Hudson, Georgia, 240, 360 Hudson, Virginia, 254, 372 Heubner, Richard, 30, 147, 148, 355 Hueitle, lean, 254, 322 Huey, David, 161 Huffman, Dennis, 240, 411 Hughes, Charles, 198 Hughes, Charles. 240 Hughes, Bruce, 254, 325 Hulac, Georgia, 222, 316, 317, 316, 379 Hulme, Doyle, 117 Humphrey, Ierry, 188, 280 Humphrey, Vera, 240, 329 Hunker, Gecrige, 254 Hunley, Char es, 131, 300, 312, 383 Hunt, Margot, 240, 388 Hunt, Richard, 279 Hunter, Martha, 254, 318, 343 Hunter, Ronald, 201 Hunton, Torn, 170, 171, 407 ilurlbut, L., 174 Hurley, Patricia, 254, 322 Hurst, William, 176, 364 Hurwich, Melfin, 240, 395 Hussey, Ianice, 254, 347 Hutchins, Dale, 160, 155, 325 448 Iesse, Shirley, 87, 240, 316, 318, 347 Ievons, Elsie, 86 lewett, Greg, 392 Iindra, Dale, 254, 407 Iirousek, Iohn, 304 Iirovec, Richard, 240, 325 Iiskra, Richard, 116, 124, 415 Iohansen, Ray, 162 Iohn, Clinton, 149, 403 Iohns, Daniel, 170 Keithleyi Patricia, 240, 375 Keller, Keller, Keller, en, 71 Lloyd, 171, 175, 266, 275 Mary, 115, 117, 255, 322 Kelley, Gary, 255 Kelley, lohn, 240, 364 galley, Kathleen, 92. 229, 316, 359 126, 132, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Arthur, 170, 171 Bruce, 174, 176 Burton, 240, 368 Carroll, 149 Carolyn, 115, 117, 254, 331 Charlene, 222, 343 Claire, 198, 368 Iohnson, Cynthia, 229, 348 Iohnson, David, 123, 396 Iohnson, Dennis, 108 Iohnson, Don, 116, 123. 124, 371 Iohnson, Duane, 222, 226, 280, 325 Iohnson, Dr. Earle, 17 Iohnson, Ernest, 117 Iohnson, Gerald, 116 Iohnson, Harold, 255, 368 Iohnson, Harry, 255, 295, 387 Iohnson, Iaroline, 255, 318, 375 Iohnson, Ierold, 279 Iohnson, IoPlnn, 75, 81, 229 Iohnsori Iohn, 255, 344 Iohnson, Ioyce E., 255, 388 Iohnson, Toyce M., 64, 82, 132, 195, 3 Iohnson, Iudith, 255 Iohnson, Iulie, 47 Iohnson, Lois C., 229 Iohnson, Lois E., 334 Iohnson, Margaret, 255, 322 Iohnson, Marilyn, 255, 229, 360 Iohnson, Marlys, 107, 225, 229, 343 Iohnson, Mary, 222 Iohnson, Philip, 255, 392 Iohnson, Pollyanna, 347 Iohnson, Richard, 160, 255 Iohnson, Robert B., 198 Iohnson, Robert B., 149, 157, 240, 392 Iohnson, Robert E., 200, 364, 368 Iohnson, Ronald, 255, 367 Iohnson, Ronald D., 255, 355 Iohnson, Sharon, 240, 343 Iohnson, Wayne, 132, 133, 186 Iohnson, Wil iam Fl., 116, 124, 344 Iohnson, William B., 296, 298, 299, 308 lohnston, Marjorie, 19 , Richard, 286, 396 e ey, Raymond, 123. 344 Kelley, Robert, 124, 165, 240 Kelly, I H 255 9 O rm, , 3.9 Kelly, Richard F., 229, 325 Kelly, Richard H., 351 Kelly, Robert, 160, 411 Kenagy, Wyman, 255, 384 Kenison, Homer, 186 Kennedy, Cleo, 255, 376 Kennedy, Marilynn, 46, 84, 92, 222, 376 Kennedy, Max, 88. 222, 302, 308, 367 Kenney, S., 115, 352 Kenny, Ray, 255 Kenyon, Hllan. 91, 240, 395 Kerr, gene, 77, 123, 344 'err, at een, 317, 375 Kessler, gonnle, 240, 326 43 Kessner, Iames, 276 Kessler, Iohn, 169 Keys, Mary, 115, 255, 372 Kiburz, Richard, 123. 344 Kidd, Thomas, 302, 308 Kidder, Fred, 240, 404 Kidder, Iack B., 240 Kidder, lack R., 240, 332 Kidder Kiebor Kieckh Kiely, , Robert, 255, 404 , Don, 218 aler, Lois, 118, 126 Nancy, 107, 240, 316, 372 Kieny, Richard, 160, 161 Kiftin, Charlene, 222, 225, 375 Kiffin, Charles, 132, 380 Kiger, Nancy, 255, 359 Kimmel, Kay, 87 K' 1 L 255 387 imme, arrry, , Kimsey. Mary, 255, 322 King, Carolyn, 229, 372 Kinnier, Elizabeth, 118, 331 Kinsey . Kay, 222, 375 Kinsinger, Mary, 222, 225, 388 Kirby, Maurice, 132 Kirkendall, Robert, 285 lolliffe, Richard, 139, 387 Iones, Fludra, 255, 322 Iones, Barbara, 187, 229, 348 Kirkman. Paul, 149, 155, 311 Kirkman, Sue, 187, 240, 347 Kirkpatrick, Daniel, 255, 404 Kirkwood, Donald, 181, 255, 384 Kissler, Barbara, 222, 359 Kitchen, Donald, 188 Kitzelman, Lillian, 229, 375 Kitzelman, Max, 88, 304, 308 Kittle, Carl, 173 Klamm, William, 91 Klas, William, 255, 313, 355 Klasek, Charles, 186, 188, 194, 222, 28 Kleinert, Ruth, 240, 347 Klingenberg, Iohn, 255, 333 Kluck, Ruth, 240, 343 Kmoch, Norbert, 255, 295, 325 Knapp, lo151nn, 68, 96, 107, 153, 359 Knecht, Darrell, 332 Knerl, Ioyce, 255, 322 Knerl, Phyllis, 186, 222 Knerl, Shirley, 115, 255, 337 Kniesche, Victor, 240 Knippenberg, Keith, 240, 355 Knisel , Iames, 149, 387 Knobeli lunior, 32, 77, 79, 86, 88, 371 Knobel, Ralph, 123, 281 Knodle, lack, 160, 165 Knoll, Eleanor, 201 Knore, Iacquelyn, 108 Knotek, Dale, 325 Knoteck, Diane, 255, 388 Knudson, Ioan, 82, 240, 316, 343 Knudson, Kay, 255, 415 Kobersiein, Gary, 177, 178 Koberstein, Sharon, 255, 322 Kobza, I., 295 Koch, Marion, 115, 117, 255, 331 Koehler, Nancy, 240 Koehnke, Cecilia, 132, 363 Kohl, Fldam, 248, 255, 367 Kohler, Kenneth, 302 Kohtz, Iohn, 255, 392 Koile. Dave, 295 Kilcrda, Barbara, 229, 352 Kokjer, Qnn, 123, 317, 379 149, 330 Kekuba, Koken. Kolb, Bruce, 255, 391 Kolbo, Alvin, 118, 122 Kolind, Lucille, 317 Kollmorgen, Gloria, 263 Konegni, Iohn, 240, 404 Korll, Walter, 170, 171, 351 Korinek, Dennis, 88, 292. 805, 308 Korisko, Ierry, 88, 240, 383 Kort, Phyllis, 28, 132, 322, 323 Kottmann, Harold, 255 Kovanda, Norman, 149, 155 Kovar, Leopold, 240 llgowalski, Flnnette, 132 raeme., Sally, 139, 359 Kramer, Wilma, 225 Kranau, Gerald, 123, 344 Krantz, Gerald, 153, 367 Krause, loseph, 240. 368 Krause, Thea, 318, 343 Kreiner, Leon, 118, 351 Krepel, Wayne, 229, 325 Kreuch, Sharon, 153, 329 Kiejci, Ronald, 240, 408 Krievs, Vivita, 133 Krivosha, Norman, 240, 395 Kriz, Willis, 122 Kroeger, Io, 255. 359 Kroenke, Leon, 240, 325 Kroelsching, Carol, 229, 352 Kroft, lucly, 255, 399 Kroll, Keith, 171, 391 Krouah, Gordon, 157 Krornmenhoek. William. 255, 295, 368 Krosse, Coe, 26, 153, 325 Krueger, Dorrene. 255, 336, 338 Krueger, lanice, 229, 316 Krueger, Karen, 255, 343 Krueger, Marlys, 118. 336 Kruger, Betty, 78, 240, 388 Krupinsky, Ierry, 153, 412 Kruse, Corliss, 107, 141, 150, 241, 376 Kruse, Frnesi, 137, 171, 174 Kruse, Gordon, 177, 181, 325 Kubat, Rmil, 241 Kubitschelc, David, 256, 392 Kubota, Paul, 161, 162 Kucaba. loan, 263 Kuhl, Flrthur, 118, 122, 415 Kuhl, Barry, 241 Kuhlrnan, Don, 173, 241, 355 K h R 171 U Ui CY' Kuklin, Rrlen, 241 Kuklin, Reba, 395 Kuncle, Charles, 153, 407 Kuxhausen, Keith, 256, 351 Kunes, Kenneth, 88 Kuns, Marianne, 139, 348 Kuselc, Eugene, 241 Kushkaki, Savah, 256 0 Kushner, Marshall, 71, 84, 85. 132. 273, 412 Kuslca, Calvin, 67, 77, 118, 193, 387 Kuska, Ianet, 117, 256, 318, 363 Kuyatt, Chris, 137 L Laase, Irma, 241, 352 Laase, loyce, 82, 97, 225, 229, 352 Laase, Paul, 107, 133, 166, 411 Labenz, Iames, 241, 332 Lacy, Barbara, 318 Lacy, Donna, 222 Lair, Gale, 88, 241, 383 Lake, Duane, 22, 86 Lambert, Gary, 367 Lambert, Dean W., 112 Lamrners, Robert, 198, 340 Lancaster, C., 178, 383 Land, George, 118, 335- Landers, Rllan, 205 Landholm, Wallace, 139, 325 Lane, Marilyn, 229 Lang, Kathleen, 241, 376 Langan, Gerald, 256, 332 Langelett, Ierrie, 222, 372 Langemeier, Gerald, 117, 241, 344 Langemeier, Mary, 115, 338 Langerneir, I., 78 Langenheim, Roger, 256, 355 Langhus, Shirley, 96, 107, 139, 348 Langle y, Larry, 256, 351 Langner, Mary, 256, 348 Lauspa, l., 162 165 Larabee, Ioseph, 222 Largen, Fred, 256, 403 Larkin, Larsen Larson Larson Fred, 241, 383 Z Tom, 149 363 39 , Barry, 171, 181, 241, 384 Billy, 78, 96 Larsoni Ioan, 230. 359 Larson Larson , Peggy, 107, 241, 317, 372 Wi ma, 75, 144, 150, 153, 277, LaRue,'Iames, 198. 355 Lathrop, Lloyd, 118, 300, 415 Launer, Finn, 69, 75, 88, 150, 151, 153, Lauritz en, Evelyn, 117, 123, 337 Laurnen, Edwin, 139, 204, 205, 380 Lavine, Lucille, 187, 230, 399 Lavoie, Barbara, 241 Lawlor, lohn, 25 Lawlor, Iohn M., 85, 149, 396 Lawrence, 1-udith, 241, 359 Lawrence, eon, 123, 364 Lawritson, Carolyn, 241, 343 Lawritson, E., 86, 88 Mickelsen, Marcia, 194 Lawson, Charles, 149, 404 Lawson, Lewis, 174, 177 Leacock, Frances, 184 Lebruska, Robert 117, 256 Ledbeuer, iohn, 241, sea Ledebur, flllan, 256, 403 Ledingham, Sandra, 241, 348 Ledinaham, Shirley, 149, 318, 348 Lee, Carolyn, 241, 400 Lee, Florence, 256, 400 Leeper, Ste hen, 256, 351 3 379 Lees, Donalizl, 86, 88, 118, 123, 281, 415 Lees, Rogene, 115, 117, 256, 331 Lease, Stanley, 137, 169, 171 Legault, Fl., 171 Legg, Kenneth, 155. 198 Leqge, Ioan, 222, 375 Lehere, I. 313 Lehman, Philip, 132, 332 Lehman, Sara, 241, 316, 317, 399 Leigh, Barbara, 230, 360 Leighton, David, 256, 404 Leisy, Don, 124 Lemon, lack, 118, 344 Lemmer, Vivian, 241, 360 Lemmon, Calvin, 83, 124, 126, 281, 371 Lentz, Donald, 76, 94, 280 Lentz, Shirley, 126, 372 Lepley, Hollis, 303 Leonard, Donald, 147, 149, 390, 391 Lervig, Roaer, 230 - Levertan, Ruth, 112 Lewandowski, R., 285 Lewandowski, Shirley, 185, 225 Lewis, Dale, 256, 368 Lewis, Edwin, 172, 175, 273, 387 Lewis, Iames, 256, 407 Lichty, D,, 198 Lightner, Eames, 338 Lightner, ynn, 241, 384 Lilly, Katherine, 256, 379 Lilly, Teresa, 222, 318, 379 Lincoln, Amer, 91 Lind, Donald, 169, 178, 271, 380 Lindau, Bonnie, 241, 331 Lindber , Donald, 172, 174, 177, 325, 338 Linder, illdon, 175, 241, 325 Lindgren, Leonard, 256, 367 Lindgren, Patricia, 107 Lindgren, William, 241, 403 Lindley, Ann, 40, 81, 241, 375 Lindley, Connie, 29, 118, 334 Lindquist, Daniel, 118, 300, 331 Lindquist, David, 153 Lindquist, Ianet, 80, 115, 126, 241 Lindsay, Roye, 277 Lindsey, Norma, 241 Lindstrom, Dean, 241, 344 Lingo, Marilyn, 115, 117, 256, 331 Lingo, Ward, 118, 123, 332 Lingren, Lora, 115, 241, 359 Lingren, Lorna, 241, 359 Link, Carol, 256. 363 Linn, Bert, 26, 230, 302. 308, 384 Linson, 'l'., 124 Lippke, Bruce, 178, 273, 351 Lipton, Maurice, 139, 204, 395 Loch, Robert, 172, 177, 368 Locke, Frances, 82, 230, 399 Loder, Patricia, 91, 92, 132, 379 Loehr Qndrew, 291 Loses' William, 149, 403 Louis, Aran, na, 291 Loqie, Rlice, 241, 359 Lohrb er Robert 222 305, 355 Loncaniilark, 139, 351 Long, Richard, 241, 368 Longacre, Frederick, 230, 408 Lonsb Loomi rough, Cynthia, 256, 317, 372 s, M., 241, 348 Lorensen, Mary, 75 Lorenz, Donna, 132, 205, 337 Lorenz, lanis, 256, 338 Lorey, Delores, 256, 329 Lathrop, Norma, 40, 74, 75, 132, 348 Loudon, Phyllis, 222, 314, 316, 317, 363 Low, Dorothy, 222, 352 Lowell, James, 139, 367 Loxterman, Charles, 241, 411 Luchsinger, L., 115, 256, 343 Lucke, Ruth, 69, 241, 363 Lucore, Gary, 256, 391 Ludeman, Darrell, 161, 163 Ludi, Mary, 241 Ludwick, Lanny, 161, 392 Ludwick, Thomas, 162, 163 Luebs, lohn, 194 Lueclke, Willis, 256, 353 Lull, Earlene, 119, 195, 376 Lukes, Richard, 256, 368 Lundberg, Carol, 184 Lundeen, Robert, 117, 256, 344 Ludeman, Darrel, 162 Lundstrcm, Charlie, 256, 387 Lundt, Mary, 107, 230, 348 Lund , Frank. 20 Lux, Dean, 88 Lyman, Richard, 332 Lynch, Richard, 241 Lynch, Richard H., 215, 368 M MacDonald, Robert, 295, 368 MacGinnis, Songa, 100 Mach, Doris, 12 , 241, 329 Machisic, lohn, 88 Mackey, Bruce, 149, 404 Maclay, Robert, 171 Madden, Barbara, 388 Madden, lane, 230, 379 Macler, Lorene, 115, 331 Madsen, Donald, 34. 180, 181, 273, 280, 281 Madsen, Rodney, 257, 367 Magid, Stanley, 242, 395 Magill, Vernon, 178 Magneson, Robert, 257 Magnuson, Eugene, 178, 325 Magnuson, Gordon, 117 Magorian, W. Ray, 194 Mahatley, Sandra. 257, 376 Mahrt, Delmar, 257, 355 Maisel, Milson, 162, 164, 165, 412 Makepeace, Lucette, 257, 317, 379 Malicky, Ioanne, 126, 331 Maller, Charles, 215 Mallory, Sally, 316 Malpert, Darrell, 242, 333 Malsbury, Donna, 222 Mamrnel, Carl, 26, 80, 87, 153, 356 Mangelsen, Richard, 257, 392 Mangold, Marilyn, 132, 372 Mang??, Sharon, 80, 81, 88, 107, 186, 242, 3 Mann, Norman, 178, 273. 280, 391 Mann, Virginia, 139, 343 Mannlein, William, 242, 371 Mapes, Mary lane, 68, 80, 230, 372 March, Iack,l53, 396 Marcus, Earl. 149, 395 Marcy, D., 295 Mardis, Hal, 139, 367 Marqrave, Robert, 162, 165 Marks, lohn, 137, 177, 178, 338 Markussen, Valdean, 117, 277. 281 Marples, Robert, 330 Maronde, Mary, 32, 115, 119, 376 Marquesen, Mitzi, 126, 343 Marr, Dale, 92, 242, 351 Marrs, Richard, 46, 91. 132 Marshall, Carolyn, 343 Marshall, Charles, 279, 396 Marshall, William, 257, 392 Marti, Bette, 184 l Martin, Edwin. 188, 242, 355 Martin, Fred, 242, 387 Martin, Gary, 178, 403 Martin, Leslie, 177 Martin, Paul, 149 all, Iohn, 153 arx, Qudrey, 230, 339 Marx, Carole, 242, 317. 339 Maser, Florence, 230, 352 Mason, Charlotte, 133 Mason, Floyd, 149, 391 Mason, Ioan, 242, 359 Merrill, 257, 368 Marsh M Mason, Mason, Richard, 257, 404 Masters, Rm-i, 115, 257, 331 Masters, Shannon, 257, 318, 360 Mastin, lack, 153, 383 Mastos, Grisoula, 257 Matelski, Ray, 122 Mather, Larry, 242, 332 Mathers, Peggy, 257, 388 Mathews, Dora, 223, 334 Mathews, Robert, 242, 411 Mathiesen, lacy, 80, 316, 317, 318 Matson, lanice, 185 Mattox, Don, 230, 340 Matzke, Ella, 115, 257, 379 Matzke, Orville, 223 Matzke, Stanley, 277, 296, 298, 308 Maunder, Bruce, 122, 242, 371 Maupin, Murl, 34, 85, 172,' 384' ' Mayer, Herbert, 242, 387 M berry. lohn, 257, 384 Mglglee, Darwin, 69 Mcf-lndrews, Thomas, 172, 273, 280, 281 McCabe, Edward, 204 McCammon, David, 241, 404 McCandless, Dorothy, 256, 375 McClintock, Ralph, 32 McC1ung, Ianet, 256, 363 McClure, Fllbert, 119, 367 McClymont, Paul, 241, 383 McConnell, Iarnes, 256, 384 McCorkindale, Bruce, 241 McCormick, Barbara, 223, 348 McCormick, Larry, 256, 333 McCormick, Mary, 75, 241, 262, 388 McCown, Carol, 223, 372 McCreight, M., 118 McCnbbin, Dudley, 241, 408 McCue, Berry, 317 McCul1ah, Phyllis, 223, 326 McCullough, Marlene, 230, 343 McCullough, Miles, 241, 325 McCullough, Mary, 192, 195, 223, 359 McCune, obert, 149, 392 McCutchan, Duane, 132 McDaniel, Kay, 256 McDaniel, Virginia, 256, 322 McDermott, lohn, 205, 241 McDonald, Ioe, 204 McDonald, Stanford, 96 McDonnell, Donald, 256 McDougal, Dorothy, 223 McDougall, Patricia, 256, 322 McElvain, William, 256 McEvoy, Frederick, 256, 340 McGal ery, Iere, 256 McGath, Iames, 356 McGa1ter, I. 186 McGinnis, Sonya, 256, 322 McGlasson, Bruce, 256, 392 McG1asson, Sally, 139, 372 McGregor, Duncan, 137, 169 Mcl-largne, Leslie, 117 McKamy, Hrm, 230, 363 McKee, Richard, 172, 333 McKee, Thomas, 161, 162 Mclfeeplips, 5, 186 Carol, 256, 318 McKenzie, McKenzie, Gordon, 162 McKenzie, Donald, 215 McKenzie, lerry, 241, 383 McKeone, Mary, Margaret, 78, 241, 400 McKie, lack, 188, 280 McLaughlin, Rosanne, 132, 375 McLean, Iames, 241 McLean, lim, 124, 241, 392 McMaster, Burrell, 302 ' McMol1en, Richard, 256 McMullen, Dorine, 241, 376 McMullen, Mary, 241, 317, 318, 388 McMullen, Richard, 403 McNeice, Marvin, 256, 368 McPeck, G., 187 McPeck, Shirley, 256, 347 McQueen, Lt., 279 McReynolds, Edwin, 117, 256, 371 McReynolds, lohn, 162, 164, 165 McVeigh, Beverly, 256, 347 McWilliams, Ion, 288. 293, 300 Madden, Barbara, 256 Mead, Don, 153, 404 Meder, Lorene, 256 Mead, Richard, 147, 149, 380 Medley, George, 277, 281 Medlin, Barbara, 153, 352 Medved, Donna, 257, 347 Meehan, Robert, 86, 87, 149, 356 Meierhenry, Melvin, 257 Meierhenry, Paul, 257 Meierhenry, Stanley, 257 Meierhenry, Wesley, 22 Meisiflgef, lohn, 149, 155, 278 Meister, Ronald, 257 Melclier, sgaert, 330 evi e. i iam, 77, 146, 147, 149, Mendenhall, Keith, 161, 162 384 Meradith, Richard, 257 Merritt. Delbert, 117 Merryman, William, 257 Mesrner, Theodore, 392 Messner, Theodore, 242 Methusela, lohn, 132 Metzger, Marilyn, 257, 331 Meyer, Hllan, 139, 333 Meyer, Elaine, 230, 322 Meyer, loan, 46 Meyer, Martin, 119 Meyer, Rex, 107, 119, 281, 371 Meyer, Virginia, 242, 322 Meyer, William, 340 Miller, Ioyce, 257, 319 Miller, Marilyn, 257, 329 Miller, Martha, 223, 375 Miller, Neil, 94, 242, 412 Miller, Phillip, 126, 415 Miller, Roma, 242, 263 Miller, Thomas, 84, 85, 149, 157, 387 Miller, Vaden, 223, 411 Milligan, Walter, 286 Million, Lewis, 153, 368 Mills, Delores, 359 Mills, Shirley, 357, 317 Mills, Richard, 118 Millsay, lane, 257, 322 Miner, Elizabeth, 242, 375 Miner, Ianet, 139, 375 Mingus, 257, 317, 363 Minkin, Ronald, 139, 412 Minnick, lerry, 279, 285, 287, 288, 290 Minor, Gloria, 257, 375 Minteer, Bruce, 118 Mitchell, Marilyn, 195, 242, 388 Mittelstadt, Marianne, 230, 372 Mleynelc, Loren, 134, 325 Mobley, Richard, 257 Mohr, Gerald, 242 Moline, Roger, 257, 344 Molzer, Clarence, 25 Mong, Glenna. 242 Mong, Mary, 257, 318 Monismith, Elton, 188 Monnette, Don, 257, 380 Montagno, Philip, 295 Moody, Wayne, 30, 119. 123, 125, 370, 371 Moon, Mariorie, 242. 359 Mooney, William, 198, 200, 407 Moore, lack, 242, 257, 312, 387 Moore, lohn, 295 Moore, Kenneth, 288 Moore, Mary, 230, 343 Moore, Margaret, 230, 317, 359 Moore, Richard, 396 Moore, Ted, 330, 276 M head Agnes 44 1' 1 1 Mggrliead, Kenneth. 257, 356 Moorehouse. D., 306 Moran, lohn, 306 Moran, Mariorie, 133, 134, 192, 195, 359 Moran, Michael, 170 Moran, Patricia H., 242, 352 Moran, Patricia Pl., 230, 352 Moran, Yvonne, 184, 230, 359 Morgan, Cynthia, 242. 375 Morgan, Dian, 257, 376 Morgan, Patricia, 28, 150, 242, 376 Morgan, Roland, 133 Morgan, Sandra, 242, 329 Morgan, Iudith, 223, 225, 376 Morgan, R, E., 194 Moriaty, Thomas, 161, 162 Moritz, Francia, 119, 344 Morris, Louis, 149 - Morris, Lynn, 223 Morris, Thomas, 257, 332 Morrison, Martha, 242, 263, 343 Morrow, lohn C., 257 Morrow, Iohn C., 286, 384 Morrow, lohn C., 286 Morrow, Thomas, 257, 384 Morton, Qrnold, 242, 304, 384 Morton, Miriam, 257, 322 Mortvedt, Robert, 230, 355 Moser, Robert, 257 Mosher, Ralph, 161, 162 Motogawa, Ralph, 279 Motycka, Muriel, 215, 216, 322 Moyer, Edward, 257, 368 Mueksch, Edwin, 217 Muelhaupt, Sue, 230. 375 Mueller , Marilyn, 230, 347 Mueller, Nancy, 231, 363 Muennich, Eldriede, 216 Muhle, Mullark lanice, 242, 400 y, Eileen, 28, 46, 79, 80, 231, 363 Mulligan, Mary, 215, 216, 347 Milligan, Pat, 257, 396 Mulvaney, Mary Jean, 316, 317 Munderloh, Royce, 186, 257, 404 Munn, Ianis, 242 Munro, Iane, 257, 363 Munson, Elroy, 242, 351 Murphy, Iames, 295, 408 Murphy, Ianet, 242 Murphy, Robert, 153, 403 Murphy, Shirley, 28, 65, 82, 195, 222, 400 Murray, Iames, 257 Musil, Dick, 257 Mutzebauqh, Donald, 257, 404 Meyers, George, 119, 335 Myers, Richard, 200 Meyers, Mielenz, Mary 79 Miles, Merle, 242 Militzer, Walter, 128 Millen, Miller, Elaine, 83, 115, 119, 126, 359 Beverly, 257, 352 Miller, Bill, 153, 392 Miller, Bruce, 257, 277, 404 Miller, Carol, 242 322 Miller, Charles, 310 Miller, Donald, 173, 177, 179 Miller, Duane, 173, 177, 179 Miller, Frederick. 242, 368 Miller, Iames, 310 Miller. Terry, 257, 356- ' ' IoAnn, 75, 81, 119, 126, 195, 363 N Nash, Shirley, 231, 347 Nathan, Ronald, 257, 384 Nauen, Edith, 257, 399 Nay, Barbara, 257, 334 Neal, Richard, 288 Neel, William, 175, 178, 281, 403 Nell, Philip, 258, 295, 392 Neilson, George, 161 Nelson, Betty, 242, 308, 329 Nelson, Darren, 119, 124, 371 Nelson, Evelyn, 231, 347 . 449 177, Peterson Pierce, Nelson , Glenn, 134, 367 Nelson, Howard, 119, 134, 325 Nelson, lohn C,, 153, 367 Nelson, John E., 258, 333 Nelson, Linda, 248, 318, 348 Nelson, Lyle, 134, 205 Nelson, Marshall, 258, 304 Nelson, Natalie, 69, 80, 242, 388 Nelson, Patra, 329 Nelson, Tim, 96, 134, 364 Nelson, Louise, 242 Nelson, Vaugn, 347 Nelson , William, 305, 384 Newcomer, Walt, 258 Newell , Carol, 258, 318, 360 Newkirk, Mason, 258 Newman, Dale, 149 Nichols, John, 172, 174, 271, 408 Nicholson, lohn, 258 Nickel, Ralph, 242, 340 Nickerson, Marion, 225 Niebaum, Maurice, 188, 242, 280 Niehaus, Iohn, 83, 149, 396 ' 380 Niehaus, Mary, 83, 115, 119, 329 Nielsen, Flrthur, 258, 276, 333 Nielsen, Duane, 118, 126, 271, 281, 4 Nielsen, Russell, 258, 404 Niemann, Robert, 258 Niemeier, Richard, 119, 344, 351 s ge S, loner, 258, 348 Nigro, loseph, 173 Nilson, Edward, 139, 325 Nilson, Charles, 258 L le 1 Nilson, y , 33 Nissen, lerry, 258, 325 Niitler, Edwin, 258, 395 Nitzel, Nixon, Noble, Noble, D 1 . 32, as, 122, 12 Pgtgcia, 259, 348 6' 371 c mms, va, 316 lolm, 258, 367 Noel, Ronnie, 258, 295, 387 Nolan, Lloyd, 44 Nordhues, Lawrence, 119, 344 Norman, Gerald, 258, 411 Norman, M., 170 Norris, Glenn, 169, 178 Norris, lohn, 271 Norton. Maurice, 123, 277, 281 Norsworthy, lames, 231, 383 Norsworthy, Milton, 172, 403 Norton, lames, 200 Norton, Maurice, 119, 415 Norton, Robert, 302 Noski, Kathleen, 28, 72, 242, 243 Nova , Raymond, 288, 294, 305 ' 372 Ormesher, Phylis, 317 Orput, Carol, 231, 329 Orr, Donald, 243, 285, 351 Osborn, Denis, 126, 407 Peterson Peterson , Robert, 122, 126, 344 , Robert E., 34, 35, 67, 171, 172, 180, 181 , Shirley, 187, 243, 343 Pettijohn, Betty, 243, 360 Pt , I h 2 Rausch, Clara, 317 RaY. lacqueline, 259, 348 Reavis, Virginia, 259, 363 Reclden, Wayne, 118 Redman. Iesse, 223, 273, 279 Reece, Charles, 259, 333 NOVOSH. Donald, 32, 77, 83, 117, 124, 126, Novotny, Doroth , 115, 2 Nuckolls, Williarlfi, 149, :169 372 Null, George, 149, 155 Nuss, Donald, 139, 204, 205, 384 ltluss, lanet, 195, 223, 399 Nrberq. Iohn, 161. 162 Nyquist, Lovis, 119, 337 Nyquist, Marilee, 242, 263, 337 O Oakes, Robert, 242, 351 Oberlin. Robert, 288, 308 Obermeyer, Flnna, 231, 329 Obermire, Iohn, 119, 281 Obriecht, B., 149, 155 O'Brien, Bernard, 198 O'Brien, Helen, 243, 318, 347 O'Brien, Sam, 198, 380 Ochsner, Flrlene, 120 Ochsner, Shirley, 184, 225, 231, 359 O'Connor, lohn, 162, 165 Ode, Chloryce, 81, 83, 119, 125, 336 O'Dell. Neala, 65, 88, 107, 223, 225, 376 gain, DHn,K15fil279, 380 onne . at een, 92, 139, , Odrarka, Mae, 258, 400 316 359 Odum, Iohn, 258, 396 Odum, Nancy, 68, 79, 192, 225, 231, Oehlerkin , Dean, 243, 404 Oehlrich, ilerman, 153, 368 Oelschlager, lane, 258, 360 Ote, Carl, 149, 396 Ogbern, Claramae, 139, 317, 400 Ohslund, Colleen, 258, 343 Olds, Cathryn, 78, 80, 243 263, 363 Oliver, lames, 147, 149, 279, 288, 308, 3 Olsen, Donald, 83 Olsen, Russell, 117, 243, 344 Olson, Barbara, 243, 348 Olson, Elaine, 243, 322 Olson, Elizabeth, 258, 372 Olson. Dale, 32, 33, 120, 123, 344 371 Olson, David, 243, 367 Olson, Donald, 186 Olson, Gerald, 120, 124, 335 Olson, lanice 117, 118, 258, 336 Olson, lohn, 243 Olson, Mary, 258, 372 Olson, Myrna, 258, 318, 388 Olson, Richard, 122, 126, 279 Olson, Susan, 243, 372 Olson, Thomas, 258, 351 Olson, Warner, 175, 243, 300, 387 Onnen, Rllred, 149, 355 Opitz, Susanne 231, 379 ofchmd, Dmitry, 79, 231, 317, 859 O'Rei11y, Mary, 75, 243, 329 Q . 4,50 372 83 Osborn, Doroth , 107, 258, 343 Oslund, Richardi 149, 392 Osmera, Hugh, 243, 300, 312, 340 Ostdiek, Linns, 147, 149, 157 Ostdiek, Marion, 223 Osterjoh, Warren, 258, 340 Ostwald, Phillip, 172, 176, 177, 354, 35 Otradovsky, Fred, 258, 408 Ott, Charles, 296 Otteman, Merlin, 243, 404 Otten, Iohn, 243, 392 Otto, Owen, 172, 173, 355 Otto, Sharie, 126, 337 Ottoson, Howard, 123 Overcash, Allen, 186 Overholt, Donald, 149, 279, 380 Owens, Louise, 243, 317, 326 Ozenberger, Lawrence. 85 Ozenberger, Nelson, 258, 383 P Pace, Dr. Donald, 23 Packett, Bernard, 200 Padley, Marbara, 243, 359 Pagel, Rrmin, 198 Pagel, Beverly, 258, 376 Pohl, lames, 333 Paley, Harris, 198 Palme, Carol, 258 Palmer, Charles, 188, 231 Panwitz, Lois, 258, 322 Pape, Barbara, 243, 317, 329 Pargett, Russell, 258, 407 Park, Blaine, 178, 368 Park, Eldon. 26, 66, 79, 149, 157, Parker, Katherine, 150, 157 Parks, Charlie, 243, 364 Parks, Dean, 258, 351 Parmelee, lames, 198, 411 Parmelee, Iohn, 258, 404 Parratt, Harry, 258, 411 Parris, lack, 243, 367 Parson, Shirley, 331 Partin, Rl, 286, 295. 304 Paschal, Richard, 178, 387 Paschall, Kenneth, 157 Pasco, Kav, 150, 156. 338 Patel, D. C., 169, 172 Patel, Sugndra, 172, 173, 177 Patterson, Carol, 233, 225. 359 Patterson, Maxine, 120, 329 Patterson, Phil, 234, 243. 384 Patterson, Robert, 188, 231, 408 Paul, Marilyn, 185 Pauley, Patricia, 243, 343 Paulsen, Flndrew, 30, 258, 333 Paulson, Qllan, 150. 288. 366, 367 Pawley, Shirley, 258, 372 Payn, Baldwin, 408 Payn, Wallace, 243 Payne, Viola, 115 Paynich, George, 72. 150, 367 Pearson, Enid, 243, 322 Pecha, Robert, 150, 351 Peck, Patricia, 195 Peck, Robert, 231, 396 Pedersen, Charles, 134 5 275, 367 ann o n, 00 Ptann, Robert, 243, 387 Philipsen, Phyllis, 258, 347 Philbrick, Kenneth, 169, 177, 178, 186 Phillips, lames, 134 Phillips, Kent, 223, 280 Phillips, LaBerta, 258, 363 Phillips, 243, 395 Pickard, David, 198, 380 Pickard, Ian, 380 Ellen, 243, 375 Pickett, Muriel, 26, 46, 69, 79, 187, 231, Pickett, 388 Pickett, Richard, 310 Pierce, Charlene, 28, 318 Pierce, Gary, 258, 391 Pierce, lane, 243, 329 Lois, 120 Reece, Alice, 231, 322 Reed, Iacqueline, 136, 231, 379 Reed, Lloyd, 179, 308, 364 Reed, Mary, 134, 379 Reed, Norman, 118, 127, 415 Reed, Richard, 172, 193, 195, 273, 392 Reed, Sharon R., 120, 259, 343 Reed, Sharon L., 352 Rees, Marlene, 225, 231, 347 Reese, Marilyn, 231, 348 Pinderton, Kenneth, 122, 126, 344 Pinkerton, Robert, 134, 194, 325 Pinsker, Iulie, 258, 399 Pittenger, Iames, 24, 86 Pitts, arry, 277 Placek, Willa, 259, 347 Placke, lim, 186, 259, 411 Platz, P., 216 Plog, Kenneth, 259, 411 Plumer, Charles, 173, 259, 383 Plye, Charles, 259, 277, 364 Plymale, Marilee, 259, 360 Pocras, Richard, 259, 395 Poehling, William, 310 Pohl, lames, 259 Pohlman, Donald, 259 Pohlman, Neal, 118, 126, 340, 355 Pokorny-i Ierry, 259, 404 Paley, arris, 392 Polk, William, 243, 387 Pollard, Iames, 259, 387 Pollard, Ioan, 243, 285, 293, 388 Pollat, Gloria, 231, 360 Pollock, ludy, 223, 379 Pollock, Shirley, 225, 243, 352 Reesman, Ward, 244, 351 Reeves, Franklin, 288 Reeves, Virginia, 115, 244, 263, 336 Regan, George, 156, 367 Reid, Richard, 133, 134 Reifschneider, Marcia, 259, 360 Reighard, Lyle, 155, 244 Rei ing, Ioan, 150, 336 Reimers, Sandra, 186, 317 Reineke, Maralee, 259, 322 Reineke, Sharon, 259, 343 Reiners, Kenneth, 300 Reinert, Carroll, 244 Reinhardt, Susan, 65, 75, 133, 134, 363 Reinmiller, Ronald, 244, 371 Reinmuth, Vernon, 169 Reische, Richard, 259, 356 Reissener, Iames, 139, 383 Relph, Carol, 259, 322 Remrners, Donald, 259, 355 Remington, Richard, 259, 387 Renzelman, Gary, 188, 296, 298 Reyrnan, Claude, 259, 407 Reynolds, Dale, 32, 67, 79, 120, 123. 124 125, 367 Reynolds, Donald, 117, 259, 367 Reynolds, girlie, 139, 363 Reynolds, arilyn, 223, 343 Rhodes, Caroline, 115, 259, 379 Rhodes, Marcella. 29, 244, 337 Rhudy, Clark, 139, 392 Polzkill, Margery, 244, 336, 337 Pont. Mary, 243, 329 Poore, lanice, 259, 322 Pop, Daniel, 243 Pvppu, Lawrence, 410 Porter, lames, 86 Rice, Rice, Rice, Richards, David, 231, 392 Kenneth, 259, 408 Rice, Lawrence, 69 Marilyn, 126, 127, 337 Shirley, 115, 117, 259, 331 Poska, Forrest, 259, 395 Post, Doran, 243, 288, 383 Pow, Marilyn, 259 Powell, E., 204 Powell, William, 205 Poynter, Ioseph, 244, 384 Pratt, Nancy, 231, 334 Priefert, Clarice, 244, 400 Prochaska, Ray, 286, 300 Prokop, Robert, 296 Ptak, Pat, 231, 347 Puls, Darrell, 141, 215 Purcell, Patricia, 259, 372 Pursick, B., 186 Putters, lohn, 338 Pyle, Bert, 259, 277, 351 Q , 384 Pedersen, lohn, 117, 243, 335 Richmond, Ruth, 172, 399 Rickel, Margaret, 75 Ridgley, Darlene, 317 Rieben, Marlene, 259, 337 Riley, Bruce, 302 Riley, Twila, 75, 115, 117, 126, 244, 316, 331 Riley, William, 150, 356 Donna, 259, 329 inline' L ' 177 1 , 111 . pc lleall-, 32, 331 Rinse. Rippe, Rodney, 179, 391 Rippe, Rogene, 32, 83, 115, 126, 127 Roach, Robert, 150, 155 Roath, Dorsey, 156, 404 Robb, Hope, 134, 336 Robb, Roger, 259 Robb, Vivian, 244, 336 Roberts, Donald, 172, 411 Roberts, Lee, 244, 312, 383 Roberts, Thomas, 244, 392 Robertson, Janet, 231, 347 Pederson, Donald, 200 Peiper, Don, 33 Peek, Charles, 174 Peison, Rod, 243 Peisor, Gordon, 403 Pelikan, Marilyn, 115, 126, 318, 376 Pellegrino, Robert, 311 Pelton, Wade, 243, 391 Penke, Betty, 115 Penner, Herbert, 243, 325 Pepler, Betty, 231, 347 Pepper, William, 387 Perez, Ferdinand. 114 . Perkins, Nancy, 243, 336 Perrenoud, Donald, 178. 368 Perrin, lean. 223, 362, 363 Perry, Edwin, 200 Person, Nancy, 258, 359 Person, Robert, 258 Petereit, Merna, 258, 322 Peter Quattrocchi, Qntoine, 139, 329 Quick, R Qvigg, obert, 204 Robert, 150, 155 Quinn, Dorothy, 359 Quinn, lanet, 78, 79, 107, 225, 231 R Rabb, Douglas, 259 Robertson, Virginia, 150, 343 Robinson, Bruce, 244, 403 Robinson, Donald, 330 Robinson, lames C., 259, 404 Robinson, lames L., 244, 351 Robinson, Mary, 184, 224, 360 Robinson, Max, 244 Robinson, Philip, 259, 396 Robinson, Sandra, 244, 318, 343 Rob Rosemary 244,329 Roclre, Donald, 200 1 s, Don, 174, 243, 404 Peters, Gary. 258 Peters, K., 88 Peters, Leroy, 258, 392 Peters, Richard, 150, 368 Petersen, Rllen, 126, 332 Petersen, Fllan, 118, 170 Petersen, Gerald, 174 Petersen, lim, 295 , Petersen, Mary, 78, 243, 371 Peterson, Betty, 26 Peterson, Carroll, 156, 368 Peterson, Diane, 258, 318, 375 Peterson, Gloria, 223, 336 Peterson, Gordon, 156, 308, 383 Peterson, lohn, 170, 172 Peterson, Karen, 258, 352 Peterson, Lloyd, 156 Peterson, Marilyn, 258 Peterson, Maxine, 120, 126, 337 Peterson, Nancee, 223, 379 Peterson, Peter, 243, 387 Peterson , Charles, 91, 92, Raben, Margaret, 69, 244, 360 Rabiner, Maxine, 244, 399 Racely, Edward, 134, 384 Rader, William, 161, 162, 403 Rafat, Hbolghasem, 173 Raintorth, Margaret, 120 Rainlorth, Robert, 259, 351 Raitt, Charles, 156, 384 Ralston, Richard, 288 Ramey, Carolee, 223 Rainey, Sue, 75, 244, 372 Ramsdell, Gerald, 223, 408 Randall, Nancy, 231, 388 Rank, Harold, 259, 391 Rank, Virgil, 156, 391 Rankin, Duane, 231, 387 Rcmney, Elwin, 117, 259, 344 Rasda l, Don, 34, 169, 396 Rasdal, William, 26, 177, 178 Rasgorshek, Ioseph, 259 Rash, lanet, 187, 231. 326 Rasmussen, Erma, 244, 329 Rasmussen, lohn, 171, 177, 180, 181, 338 Rasmussen, Marie, 259, 322 Rasmussen, Paul, 259, 364 Rasmussen, Richard, 259, 403 Rasmussen, Verlin, 150, 157, 325 Rasmusson Iohn, 34 Hmm, Anhtir, 26, 32, 77, 79, 123, 124, 126, 344 . Raun, Barbara, 65, 107. 119, 120, Raun, Luanne, 259, 379 1 379 Roddy, Marilyn, 224, 376 Rodehorst, Glenn, 198, 411 Roe, lerry, 384 Roe, Ioan, 198, 231, 375 Roeder, Elizabeth, 231, 336 Roeder, Robert, 198 Roehrkasse, Pat, 231, 329 Roelle, Dean, 295 Rcelle, Wayne, 169, 177, 280 Roeser, Richard, 156, 403 Roesler, Elinor, 338 Rogers, Donald, 156, 407 Rogers, lack, 26, 96, 186. 280 Rogers, Iarnes, 205, 244, 391 Roh, Victor, 34, 169, 177, 178 Rohrbaugh, Mary, 259, 322 Rohrs, Sylvia, 259, 322 Rohter, Renee, 244, 399 Rohwer, Elizabeth, 28, 79. 192, 195 Rolotson, Marjorie, 115, 259 Rolston, Dirkes, 305 Romberg, Pat, 259, 392 Ronis, Aivars, 277 Rcnne, Max, 244, 335 Rosen, Leonard, 244, 395 Rosenberg, Donald, 96 Rosenberg, Hanna, 259, 329 Rosenberg, Shirley, 75, 195, 244, 399 Roseniuist, Berne, 69, 87, 195, 232, 372 Rosins y, Sol, 244, 412 Ross, Caroline, 32, 83, 86, 88, 120, 376 Ross, Rox, 150, 194 Ross, Walter, 259, 408 Ross, William, 259, 383 Rother, Frederick, 127 Rounsborg, Gerald, 260, 351 Round, George, 22 Rowe, Dean, 244, 351 Rowen, Richard, 96 Rowley, Marilyn, 244, 316, 352 Rowley, Veronica, 244, 336, 337 Roxberg, Carolyn, 107, 185, 244, 376 Roxberg, Gayle, 96, 215, 216, 400 Roy, William, 296 Rozanck, Karen, 232 Rozman, Irene, 275 Rucker, William, 260, 396 Ruckman, Barbara, 224, 347 Ruckman, Thomas, 260, 356 Rudinkow, Benjamin, 173, 177, 179 Ruegg, Harriet, 244, 372 Rumbolz, Richard, 155, 244 'U Schuman, Marvin, 134, 408 Schurman, Margaret, 224, 372 Schuster, Martha, 224, 347 Schutte, Roger, 170 Schwalm, William, 260, 411 Schwant'e, Robert, 179 Scoble, Willard, 245, 333 Scott, Emerson, 120, 278, 300, 384 Scott, Eugene, 245, 371 Scott, Iohn W., 157 Scott, Ioyce, 260, 372 Scott, Marian, 75, 139, 186, 195, 388 Scott, Monte, 133, 141 Scott, Norman, 171, 177, 338 Scott, Paul R., 157 Scott, Robert, 260, 384 Scott, Ruth, 260, 352 Scott, Shirley, 78, 245, 348 Scott, Verl, 95 Scow, Roger, 245, 392 Runyon, Mary! 260, 322 Russell, Eliza eth, 244, 317, 379 Russell, Fred, 200 Russell, Helen, 232 Russell, Iohn, 134, 411 Russell, Robert, 150, 278, 404 Russell, Roberta, 379 Ruth, Stephen, 244 Butt, Lorna, 244, 322 Ryan, Iohn, 260 Ryan, Robert, 156, 403 Ryder, Rob n, 186, 232, 316, 363 Ryne, Ronald, 277, 351 Rvstrom, Barbara, 260, 379 Rystrgga, Kenneth, 67, 73, 133, 134, 193, 195, S Saathoff, Frederick, 338 Sabin, Ellen, 260, 317, 322 Sabin, Richard, 260, 396 Sack, Roger, 244, 367 Sacks, Shirley, 260, 329 Sample, Bertrand, 224, 367 Sampson, Donald, 198, 392 Samuelson, lanis, 232, 247 Samuelson, Reid, 169, 172, Sanchez, Lou, 39, 244, 285, Sander, Donald, 124, 281 Sanders, Nancy, 224, 347 Sandstedt, lean, 92 San., Filippo, 155, 156 Sass, Donald, 244, 403 Saulls, Claude, 260, 332 Saults, Gloria, 244, 360 Saunders, Iohn, 171 Savageugohn, 170 Savile, udley, 172, 175, 177, 273, 387 Sayer, Marianne, 244, 316, 400 Saylor, Sandra, 260, 262, 375 Sazama, Franklin, 338 Schabacker, William, 288 Schaberg, Helen, 232, 360 Schacht, Carolyn, 260, 347 Schade, Charles, 172, 173, 367 Schaf, loseph, 120 Schafer, Laurence, 260, 396 Schaffer, Mary, 260, 317, 372 Schaffert, Richard, 118, 127, 344 Schaper, Iohn, 198, 200, 351 Scharman, Paula, 224, 359 Schwabouer, 170 Scheele, Paul, 186, 278 Schelkopt, Stanley, 117, 260. 344 Schenken, Ianet, 244, 363 Scherer, Leo, 244, 288, 384 Scherhing, Dave, 260, 351 Schiermeyer, Gerald. 260, 415 Schilling, Richard, 162, 165, 367 Schilling, Robert, 260 Schlegel, Mary!-lnne, 29, 74, 75, 224, 329 Schliefert, Carl, 244, 355 Schliefert, leanine, 244 177 388 Scranton, Gene, 91, 139, 391 Scriven, Trudy, 363 Scudder. Patricia, 338 Searcy, Betty, 245, 352 Searl, Lois, 260, 336 Searl, Verna, 115, 260, 336 Sears, Charlotte, 117, 260, 336 Sears, Dorothy, 29, 107, 150, 155, 325, 327 Sears, Iohn, 260, 286, 396 Seberg, Iohn, 260 Segal, Richard, 134, 325 Seger, Fred. 77, 296, 297, 298, 305 Se nert, Qileen, 245 Sehnert, Marilyn, 352 Solk, Ieanette, 88, 127, 337 Selk, Ra , 171, 174, 408 Selleck, lohn, 17 Seriven, Trudy, 260 Serr, Robert, 245, 312, 367 Severson, Gerald, 134, 325 Seymour, Richard, 260, 380 Shade, Philip, 70, 77, 147, 155, 156, Shafer, Ianette, 317 Shafer, Larry, 156, 403 Shaffer, Butler, 260, 391 Shaner, Donald, 245 Shanks, Glenn, 260 Shapiro, Gloria, 69, 260, 399 Shapnack, Gerald, 134 Sharp, Tony, 305 Shaver, William, 260, 295, 387 Shaw, lerald, 245, 305, 392 Shaw, Paul, 260 Shaw, Van, 404 Shearer, Carolyn, 260, 360 Sheets, Charles, 260. 325 Sheldon, Marilyn, 127, 336 Sheldon, Ruth, 25 Shelgren, Glenn, 120, 122, 335 Shel edy, Mary. 245, 360 Shellenberg, Richard, 224, 403 Shelton, Robert, 245, 380 Sherman, Gary, 140, 396 Sherman, Helene, 31, 75, 232. 399 Sherman, Phyllis, 107, 245, 359 Sherwood, Don, 260 Shields, Rolland, 134 Shilhan, Genevieve, 115, 126, 127 Shimada, Seiei, 158, 330 Shimonels, loann. 245, 322 Shinn, Lou, 232, 372 Shirck, Lawrence, 34, 173, 174, 179 Shreck, William, 156, 404 Shugrue, Michael, 70, 245, 387 Shukert. Gloria, 260, 399 Shull, Hollis, 174 Slama, Ierry, 161, 162 Sloan, Dean, 245, 383 Srnaha, Clark, 150, 356 Small, Maynard, 260, 412 Smets, Karen, 260, 376 Smidt, Fred, 120, 122, 123, 371 Smith, Flrdyth, 78, 115, 119, 120, 126, 331 Smith, Charles H., 245 Smith, Charles L., 356 Smith, Charles W., 174, 260, 367 Smith, Denis, 245, 392 Smith, Donald, 171, 181, 245, 391 Smith, Donna, 245, 372 Smith, Hal, 277 Smith, lanice, 232, 347 Smith, Ice, 154, 387 Smith, Iohn, 261, 403 Smith, Kenneth, 245, 368 Smith, Margaret, 127, 337 Smith, Patricia, 261, 376 Smith, Robert B., 150, 368 Smith, Robert D., 261, 368 Smith, Robert G., 288, 292, 293 Smith, Roger, 198. 200, 396 Smith, Ronald, 232, 383 Smith, Sabra, 224, 388 Smith, Sondra, 261, 317, 347 Smith, Sylvia, 261, 317, 348 Smith Smith Wendell, 193 396 , William, 156, Smithberger, Elaine, 107, 224, 225, 379 Snell, Iudith, 261, 363 Snodgrass, Delbert, 193, 232, 333 Snowdon. Iohn, 171, 177 Snyder, Arza, 245, 344 Snyder, Helen, 18 Snyder, D., 118 Snyder Snyder Soder, , Mildred, 75, 127, 322 , Stanley, 198 lack, 150, 384 Steinberg, Marvin, 85, 156, 412 Steinberg, Ted, 245, 412 Steinmeyer, lerry, 261, 391 Stelling, Marilyn, 74, 75, 140, 322 Stelzer, Herbert, 150 Stemm, Robert, 162, 165 Stenbeok, Claire, 173, 174 Stephenson, Donna, 261, 317, 318 Stephenson, Elizabeth, 232, 388 Stephenson, Sara, 74, 75, 79, 376 Stern, Arnold, 198, 278, 412 Steven, Stevens Stevens lane, 261, 347 , Marilyn, 245, 322 , Gene, 156, 391 Stevens, Kenneth, 245 S d 245 375 Stevens , an ra, , Stever, Gerald, 261, 356 Stewart, Charles, 245, 384 Steward, Donna, 261, 343 Stiehl, lack, 137, 175, 177 Siiffler, Iennie, 245, 322 Stiffler, Rose, 120 Stirtz, lerry, 198, 384 Still, Sol, 395 Stith, Forest, 100 Stitt, Thomas, 261, 306, 356 Stoehr, Susan, 232, 375 ,. Stohlman, Shirley, 246, 375 Stokely, Harry, 83 Stolz, Winifred, 29, 75, 81, 140, 329 Stone, Charles, 25 Stone, Kenneth, 120, 123, 124, 281, 371 Stone, Robert, 150, 351 Stoneman, Dean, 261, 351 Stocker, Keith, 261, 387 Stout, Barbara, 261, 352 Stout, Betty, 261, 352 Stout, Bill, 174, 177 Stout, Iosephine, 31 Strand, Wilson, 135, 333 Soderbera, Beverly, 261, 375 Soeder, Karl, 261, 276, 403 Soelberg, William, 296 Sottley, Kenneth, 261, 380 Sohl, Lowell, 96, 169 Sohlioo, Morteza, 179 Sokol, Gertrude, 115, 117, 261, 331 Sokol, Shirley, 261 Sokol, Marion, 115, 117, 261 Solfermoser, Donna, 232, 331, 337 Sommer, Noel, 261, 392 Sommerhalrler, Delphin, 144, 150, 155 Stransky, Marcia, 224, 343 Strasheim, Ierrold, 200 Strasheim, Rolland, 295, 304 Strassler, George, 163 Stratford, Richard, 173, 179, 367 Stratton, Genevieve, 261, 360 Strickland, Darwin, 261, 295, 403 Strickler, lerry, 246, 395 Strider, Fred, 140, 325 Stroh, Marlene, 135, 363 Strcmer, Marvin, 26, 33, 77, 82, 91, 273, 391 92, 140 Sonderup, Milo, 245, 335 Sorensen, Curtis, 34. 169. 177, 17 Sorensen, Donald, 156, 368 Sorensen, Harold, 245. 404 Sorensen, Martha, 317 Sorensen, Mary, 261. 376 Sorensen, Robert, 127, 281 Sorensen, Ruth, 140, 376 Sorenson 8, 181 Barbara, 232. 376 Sorenson, Betty, 261, 376 Sorenson, Frank, 224, 273, 396 Sothan, Harod, 170 Soukup, Thomas, 338 Stuart, Charles, 246, 383 Stuben, Richard, 261 Stuckey. David. 156. 403 Stueck, Vona, 232, 316, 317, 337 Stuhr, Boyd, 122, 246. 281 Stukenholtz, Dale, 246 Stukenholtz, Louis, 118 Stukenholtz, Rollan, 118 Stump, Raloh, 156, 367 Sukstork, Shirley, 120 Sullivan, George. 287 Sullivan. Larry, 261, 356 Sullivan, Marion, 261 Souser, Carol, 232. 317. 322 Spahn, Tohrnas, 156, 411 Spain, lames, 245, 407 Sparks, Donna, 261, 322 Speak, Carolyn, 261. 322 Spearman. Robert, 135, 396 Spearon. Howard, 261 Speicher, Sally, 80, 379 Speicher, Sandra, 38, 81, 261, 379 Spelts, Flo, 261, 348 Spencer, Berl, 261, 295 Sunde, Dean, 351 Sunde, Willis, 150 Sundquist, Dale, 261 Sutton, Steve, 156, 306, 403 Sutter, Charles. 127, 411 Svanda, Don, 261, 404 Sveska, Sally, 226, 363 Sveska, Susan, 226, 363 Svoboda, Ellen, 31, 140, 388 Svoboda, Francis, 140, 194, 391 Svoboda, Ward, 246, 408 Swanbom, Deryl, 162, 165 Shumate, R., 71 Shumway, ferry, 169, 179, 280, 396 Shumwayf Stan, 188, 224, 280, 396 Shycken, oi-man, 173. 174, 177, 179, 395 Sic , Gordon, 135, 403 Sick, Sandra, 245, 360 Sides, Qlyce, 117, 260, 336 Sidiki, Flbdul, 260 Sidner, Qnne, 232, 375 Siebenaler, Richard, 245, 260 S' k G d' 287 Spencer, lane, 140, 379 Spencer, Lee, 140, 352 Spencer, Marlys, 245, 337 Spilker, Barbara, 115, 119, 120, 124, 331 Spi lrer, Wayne, 3 Spitzer, lerorne, 135, 395 Splichal, Bonnie, 245, 352 Splittgerber, Ioyce, 115, 245, 331 Sporn, Ioyce, 245, 352 Sprague, Charles, 302, 308 Sprague, Mary, 245. 375 Swanson , Betty, 226, 359 Swanson, Gerayne, 261, 388 Swanson, Margaret, 261, 388 Swanson, Richard, 261 Swanson, Rodney, 117, 261, 371 Swanson, Roland, 127, 137 Swanson , Rolla, 122. 123. 281, 371 Swanson, Ronald, 150, 173, 179 Swanson Shirley, 261, 359 swims, Cami, 140, 205. ass Swartz, Marvin, 117, 261, 335 Schrier, Schliefert, Mervyn, 277 S h 'd P 1 287 c net er, au. Schmeeckle. Mark, 244, Schmelina, Duane, 260, 396 404 Schmid, Fllfred. 344 Schmid, D., 295 Schmidt, Hllan, 78, 244 Schmidt, Walter, 260, 371 Schmitt, Edward. 84, 172, 384 Schmitt, Peter, 171, 179, 411 Schmoker, Iames, 244 Schneider, Conrad, 260, 351 Schneider, Lee, 244, 404 Schneider, Ronald, 260, 356 Schnieber, Donna. 260. 329 Schobert, loyce, 232, 322 Schock, Phyllis, 186, 224. 360 Schock, Richard, 244, 383 Schoen, Burdette. 122 Schoen, Louis. 139, 333 Schoen, Victor, 244, 331 Schott, Iohn, 245 Schreiber, Iohn, 162, 165, 383 Flora, 224 ie , or ie, Siekman, Kenneth, 260. 407 Siepelmeier, Marita, 120, 126, 334 Sievers, Brian, 232, 305, 403 Siewert, Kay, 232. 322 Sigerson, Bart, 260. 408 Simmerman, Lois, 87. 323 Simmons, Roxana, 260. 336 Simmons, Sue, 260. 376 Simon, Dorothy, 245, 329 Simon, Duane, 174, 355 Simonson, Theodore, 245. 367 Singer, Leonard, 156, 311, 312, 412 Sippl263Stanley, 67, 73, 86, 147, 150, Siren, Shiela, 260, 352 Sirles, Donald, 296 Sisson, Betty, 31, 115, 126, 245, 347 Slorgen, David, 338 Skift, lanice, 245, 352 Skalla, Iohn, 245, 300. 367 Skinner, Katherine, 115, 260, 322 Skinner, Morris, 140. 351 Sklenar, Eleanor, 107, 224 Springman, Clark, 179, 391 Spurrier, Mary, 245, 322 Srb, Lois, 224, 375 Staats , Esther, 261, 329 Stacey, Sidney, 261, 332 Stafford, Patricia, 261, 262, 375 Stahly, Conrad, 173, 174, 177, 179 Stahly, Gerald, 276 Stahlnarer, E., 124 Stahr, Verie, 261, 355 Starnmer, lohn, 114, 120, 122, 415 Stanley, Mary, 245. 329 Stanley, Nancy, 245, 360 Stanton, Iacklyn, 261, 388 Stapelman, Rita, 127, 195, 322 Stark, lerry, 245, 313, 351 Starbuck, Gordon, 165 Starnes, Robert, 177 ' Starr, Flllan, 205, 261, 277, 364 Starr, Wendell, 261, 277, 371 Staska, Marilyn, 216, 261, 360 Starnes, Robert, 169, 177, 178 Stauffacher, Fredric, 245, 325 Swarts, Stanley, 330 Swartz, Zoe, 246, 399 Sweeney, George, 246, 387 Swenson. Don, 246, 325 Swerns, Kathryn, 108 Swerre, Ingrid, 75, 78, 246, 375 Swift, Sharon, 261, 322 Swindler, W. F., 192, 193 Swingie, Charles, 150, 356 Switzer, lackie, 233, 372 Switzer, Lucigrace, 261, 322 Syfert, Patricia, 246, 360 Synovec, Delores, 75, 246, 329 Szydlowski, 95 Svehla, Ray, 200 T Tadken, Donavan, 156, 279, 325 Takauye, Ianet, 225 Talbot, Marilyn, 246, 359, 383 Schrier, Stanley, 260, 395 Schroeder, Rodney, 245, 351 Schropfer, Len, 260, 325 Schuerman, Charles, 120, 415 Schuetz, Philip, 245, 325 Schultz, Richard D., 156, 391 Schultz, Wesley, 141, 173, 174, 177, 179 Skochdopole, Robert, 200 Skold, Finn, 69, 79, 87 Skucius, Elaine, 107 Slagg, Harold, 198 Slqgle, Mary, 120, 376 Slagle, Shirley, 115, 117, 245, 336 Slaidins, Raymond, 170, 174 Staevnson, Eleanor, 120, 337 Stebbins, Iohn, 87, 242, 245, 356 Steele, H., 306 Steeve, Bernard, 156, 300 Steffen, Ianet, 26, 28, 31, 47, 64, 80, 133, 224. 225, 372 Steffen, lean, 79, 107, 372 Talsma, lack, 262 Tamm, F., 330 Tangdall, Iames, 300 Tarr, Harold, 170 Taylor, Qrthur, 150, 155 Taylor, loyce, 115, 246, 317, 359 Taylor, Mary, 246, 317, 376 5151 Thurman' West, Barbara, 226, 334 Taylor, Nancy, 262, 347 Taylor, Robert, 179, 273, 280 Teigeler, Katherine, 262, 375 Templeton, Elizabeth, 31, 187, 246, 263, 322 Tenney, Geil, 262, 322 Terebaugh, Evelyn, 262 Terrill, Iohn, 194, 240 TeSelle, Duane, 179 Tesslen, Marynell, 233, 334 Tcvebaugh, Yvonne, 336 Tews, David, 198 Tews, Richard, 262, 407 Tews, Lillian, 233, 372 Thatcher, loan, 225 Thaut, Samuel, 173, 174, 177, 179 Thiemann, Otto, 246, 355 Thies, Rose lean, 233, 334 Thimgan, Richard, 305 - 1 1 U Uden, Harold, 277 Uden, Wayne, 117 Uehling, Patricia, 246, 348 Uehling, Russell, 246, 404 Uhe, Marian, 92, 226, 388 Ullsirorn, lacklyn, 150, 376 Umphenour, Dan, 155, 246 Underwood, Warren, 124, 246, 344 Unger, Karen, 263, 318, 348 Unterseher, Carole, 69, 187, 246, 363 Upholf, Lorna, 263, 388 Uran, Gwendolyn, 107, 156, 372 Urbach, Marion. 185, 226, 326 Utterback, Helen, 29, 184, 226, 326 Watson, Madeline, 26, 28, 32, 195 Watson, Lois, 262, 322 Watton, Polly, 247, 322 Way, Aurelia, 115, 262, 372 Waymi re, Charles, 175, 391 V2'ealcly, Robert, 247, 325 Wear, lack, 262, 392 Wear, Shirley, 133, 218, 226 Weatherup, Helen, 121, 337 Webb, Mary, 156, 388 Webendorfer, Douglass, Winkler, Karen, 263, 388 Winsemon, Pllbert, 233, 380 Winter, lohn E., 263, 367 Winter, Iohn R., 263, 355 Wipperman, Carl, 247 Wisby, Iohn, 157, 411 Wisenstine. Iohn, 247, 392 Wishnow, Bernard, 198, 395 Wishnow, Emanuel, 95, 184 Withey, Paula, 226, 363 Witt, Denny, 247 Thirngain, William, 305 Thober, Elan, 262, 367 Thomas, Gilbert, 246 Thomas, lean, 226, 316, 317, 375 Thomas, Iohn, 133 Thomas, Orland, 188 Thomas, Orrin, 34, 173, 174, 177, 179, 325 Thomas, Shirley, 29, 75, 246, 322 Thomas, William, 277 Thomassen, Marilu, 82, 140, 317, 400 Thompson, Hnne, 78, 88 Thompson, 262, 407 Thomps on, Bryon, 280 ' Thom Th omg? Thompson on, Carol, 80, 81, 107, 246, 343' on, Charles, 127, 415 V Vanilnne, lohn, 150, 338 Vance, Loren, 246, 392 Van Cleef, Wilma, 233, 326 Van Cuia, Doris, 115, 338 Vanderhook, Ioan, 233, 347 VanDeus en, I. L., 287 Van Hatten, Hugh, 173 Vann, Howard, 85, 156, 412 Van Pelt , Sam, 262, 383 Van Vleck, Dale, 281 Van Vleck, Lloyd, 83, 120, 123, 124, 415 173 Weber, David, 156, 296, 298, 367 Vleber, Donald, 77 Weber, Oliver, 179, 355 Weber, William, 175, 351 Weddle, Ralph, 288 Wedner, Robert, 247, 340 Weeks, Rosemary, 262, 372 Wehrman, lack, 262, 380 Weigel, Harry, 204, 205 Weiland, Richard, 165 Weiner, Leia, 31, 225, 226, 398, 399 Weingart, Philip, 262, 356 Weir, Ed, 300 Weir, Mary lane, 226, 274, 317, 348 Weise, Edwin, 247, 411 Weisgurt, Morse, 233, 395 Weiss, Dianne, 247, 379 Welch, Eugene, 247, 387 Welch, I. L., 17 Welch, lim, 181 Welch, Kathy, 184 Wellensiek, Gail, 184, 233, 379 Wittson, Dr. Cecil, 202 Wohlers, Ronnie, 247, 332 Wohlner, Eugene, 198, 395 Woll. Carol, 263, 322 Wolfe, lerry, 263, 407 Wolle, Warren, 247, 281, 325 Wolkensdorier, Daniel, 30, 175, 384, 385 Wolcott, Kaye, 247, 384 Woll, Harold, 338 Woltemath, Hrlan, 121, 122, 344 Wolzen, Glenda, 263, 322 Vlfood, Daryl, 198, 263 Wood, Doralee. 171, 322 Wood, Glen, 164 Vlood, Wanda, 75, 247, 400 Woodman, Patzy, 117, 263, 337 Woodward, Kirk, 263, 403 Woodward, Leland, 157 Woodward, Robert, 263, 364 Vlloodward, Thomas, 33, 71, 73, 77, l Vlloolman, Kay, 140, 384 Workman, Qnn, 140, 349 C. Y., 17 Thompsonl Charles, 127, 368 Thompson, Dick, 198, 387 Thompson, Eddie, 262, 322 Thompson, George. 215, 404, 405 Thompson, Lee, 135 Thompson, Marilyn, 246 Thompson, Marilyn Y., 205, 322 Thompson, Marvin, 120. 276, 277, 281 Thompson, Mary, 262, 359 Thompson, Ralph, 246, 407 Thompson, Richard, 384 Thompson, Tommy, 140, 387 Thompson, Worth, 262, 333 Thomsen, Shirley, 262, 337 Thornby, Harvey, 262 Thornton, Melvin, 262, 356 Thorson, lames, 246, 273, 411 Thrapp, Howard, 262, 383 Elizabeth, 127, 376 Van Wie, Eugene, 262, 384 Vasina, Richard, 246, 332 Vehling, Gary, 171 Veitzer, Norman, 30, 144, 246, 285, 306, 395 Vermeline, Elaine, 262, 322 Vest, Glenn, 173, 175, 177, 179 Vestal, Lowell, 246, 325 Veylopek, lohn, 150, 324, 325 Villepigue, lean, 226, 360 Villm, Ianet, 262, 400 Vinsant, Peter, 262, 356 Visek, Phil, 356 Visek, Richard, 150 Visek, Stephen, 156 Vogeler, Robert, 262, 355 Vogt, Betty, 26, 348 Voils, Don, 262, 368 Vollmer, leannette, 246, 318, 376 Vollmer, Ruth, 75, 246, 322 Volzke, Roy, 262 Von Bargen, Eleanor, 246, 263, 322 Weller, Richard, 150. 392 W ll e s, Frank, 147, 150, 279, 280, 396 Wells, Gene, 156, 396 Wells, Peggy, 233, 316, 348 Wells, Phyllis, 262, 363 Vlfells, Richard, 137 Wells, lames, 34, 35, 171, 175 Wells, William, 262 Welsch, Delane, 83 Wendell, Paul, 157, 364 Wendortf, U., 118 Wendt, Rosa, 263, 322 Wengert, lames, 247, 380 Tiernan, lames, 215, 380 Tietien, Deloris, 246, 360 Tillotson, Mary, 262, 317, 338 Timm, Carole, 246, 372 Timmons, Nancy, 217, 246, 359 Tincher, Patricia, 225 Tipton, Carl, 141 Tobin, Thomas, 127, 279, 286, 387 Tockey, Robert, 137, 141, 178 Todd, Hlice, 69, 78, 246, 388 Todd, lack, 246, 396 '1'odd, .Me1vin, 117, 262, 344 Toit, Marilyn, 246, 376 Tolch, Iohn, 90, 92 Tolen, Thomas, 308 Tollman, Iames, 202 Tomahrge, lohn, 34, 169, 177, 178 Tomlinson, Richard, 246, 335 Tomsen, Charles, 246, 367 Tonjes, Royce, 147, 156, 404 Tooley, Barbara, 226, 343 Tooley, Richard, 246, 367 Torczon, L., 295 Towne, Marilyn, 246, 375 Trabert, lack, 156, 308, 351 Tracy, Howard, 198, 200, 404 Tracy, Iarnes, 226, 351 Trahau, Donald, 137 Trandal, Thomas, 246, 351 Traudt, Thomas, 277 Travis, Richard, 181, 246, 325 Travnicek, Edward, 330 Trernain, Carol, 234, 246, 348 Trenkle, Flllen, 124, 246, 277, 371 Trenkle, Leo, 124 Trenkle, Paul, 246, 277, 371 Tritscl-i, Marion, 246, 407 Truman, lames, 262, 392 Trumble, Charles, 117, 200, 262, 371, 396 Trumbull, lames, 66, 198 Vondra, Carl, 247, 300 Vonderschmidt, Terry, 181 Vosika, Kenneth, 262, 396 Voss, Ernest, 277 Voss, Mary, 247, 352 Vossler, Geneviere, 247 Vrba, Plllan. 338 Vrtiska, Vernon, 163 Vrzal, Gerald, 150, 392 W Wachal, Icy, 44, 65, 80, 86, 226, 363 Wachter, loseph, 262, 356 . 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Kenneth, 118 Walker, Richard, 262, 367 Wall, George, 262, 368 Wallace, Harry, 156, 384 W'allace, lo, 31, 233, 348 Wallin, Leona, 247, 400 Walling, Gail, 262, 363 'Wallman, Bernard, 121, 124, 355 Vfenke, Harriett, 64, 80, 133, 150, 157, 375 Wenz, Donald, 133, 135, 137, 141, 277 Wenz, Rodney, 263, 392 Wenzlali, William, 173, 179, 404 Werner, Betty, 247, 326 Wertz, Wendell, 263, 340 Weseley, Elden, 83, 121, 123, 275, 281, 371 West, Ruth, 187, 247, 347 Westbrook, Arthur, 93 Westcott, Patricia, 26, 263 Westcott, Norma, 32, 75, 127, 359 Westcott, Richard, 30, 157, 368, 369 Westervelt, Ted, 263, 295, 387 Weston, Pattie, 263, 363 Westover, Richard, 18 Westphal, Wayne, 296 Wetzel, Donna, 31, 226, 352 Vlfeyers, Orval, 127, 332 Whalen, Michael, 150 Wheeler, Duane, 247 Whitaker, Wayne, 226, 300, 404 Whitaker, Max, 92 White, Gloria, 225, 233, 359 White. lane, 225, 226, 363 Whiteside, Iames, 247, 351 Whitman, Richard, 152, 278, 325 Whitmore, Mary, 135, 195, 343 Whitmore, Nancy, 226, 346, 347 Whitney, Verneda, 24 Whitworth, G., 185 Whitworth, Marion, 135, 379 'Nidman, Gary, 186 Wiebe, Iudith, 226, 285, 363 Wiebe, Ruthie, 247, 363 W' H. 83 iegers, , Wiegert, Ray, 157, 404 Wieland, Richard, 162, 383 Wier, Emmet, 263 Wier, lack, 356 Wiese, Richard, 121, 122 Wieseler, William, 247, 344 Wiest, Robert, 161, 162 Wiggins, Ioy, 115, 117, 263, 322 Wiggins, Kaye, 124, 127, 415 Wi cox, Virginia, 82, 247, 347 Wilhelm, Hrdell, 233, 348 Wilhelms, Marilyn, 263, 322 Wilkinson, larnes, 247, 335 Williams, Dallas, 92 Tunnicliii, Trupp, Richard, 246, 367 Turner, Robert, 277 Tryon, Douglas, 262 Tsou, Ying, 135, 330 Tubridy. Elizabeth, 262 Tuers, Richard, 277 Tupper, David, 171, 174, 325, 338 Walsh, Bob, 295 Walt, Mary, 233, 363 Walton, Bill, 92 Walton, Donald, 247, 391 Walton, Dorothy, 247, 376 W'a1ton, Iames, 226, 391 Wamberg, Donna, 121, 352 Williams, Donald, 152, 403 Williams, G. E., 174 'Williams, lirnmy, 295 Williams, Kenneth, 247 Williams, lda, 263, 322 Williams, Norman, 137 Williams, Richard, 108 Worth, Worth, limmie, 233 Larry, 263, 338 Worthman, Iohn, 263 wrasse, Lonnie, 127, 415 Harold, 233, 300, 338 Wliglit, Carol, 224, 225, 227, 352, 353 Ch 1 E. 19 Vlright, ar es , 8, 305 Wrioht Charles R., 263. 308, 391 Wright, Clayton, 247, 391 Wright, Marial, 263, 379 Wright, Patricia, 247, 347 Wright, Robert, C., 122, 247, 371 Wright, Robert D., 247, 404 Wright, Walter, 71, 84, 85, 157, 367 Wrobleski, Charles, 171, 179, 408 Wu I lbr Wullsc anclt, Ioye, 121, 247, 322 hleger, Kenneth. 263, 325 Wyatt, Patricia, 247, 379 Wynne, lilllen, 263, 407 Y Yapp, Rockford, 26, 33, 66, 80, 121, 3 Yates, Dorothy, 121, 126, 329 Yates, Robert, 247 Yates, William, 127, 392 Yeager, Ierry, 288 Yeakley, Rnn, 247, 263, 316, 363 Yeisley, lames, 233, 288, 392 Yeiter, Iames, 263, 347 Yeiter, Kay, 150, 157, 347 Yekel Yerk, York, , Robert, 204, 205 Kay, 263 Douglas, 263, 380 Yos, lerrald, 137 Yost, Yost, Yost. Gene, 137, 169, 175, 280 Ianice, 107, 247, 263 Lawrence, 30, 198, 386, 387 Y:-st, lulie, 157, 388 Yost, Richard, 391 Yost, Richard G., 135 Yost, Ronald, 263, 295, 408 Young, Flrdath, 115, 126, 247, 359 Young, Bonnie, 85, 247 Young, Daphne, 233, 379 Young, Diane, 233, 379 Young, Duane, 140, 387 Young, Philip, 295 Youzggg Robert, 30, 67, 77, 84, 175, 1 Young, Russel, 157, 387 Youngman, Vern, 122, 127 Yowell, lames, 157, 404 Yung, F. D., 174 Z Zabel, Edward, 127, 344 Zabel, Norman, 137 Zajicek, Betty, 247, 329 Zanders. Dixie, 263, 317, 322 Donna, 262, 322 Turchen, Phyllis, 262, 399 Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner Barbara, 31, 233, 363 George, 150, 403 Iames, 117, 262, 371 Lynn, 186, 233, 343 Colleen, 262, 343 Turnqiiist, Marilyn, 226, 376 Tussey, William, 150. 155, 278 Tyler, Robert, 262, 407 Tyler, U. E., 212 Tyson, Finn, 140, 379 Tyson, George, 246, 403 Tyson, Marilyn, 101 452 Wamsat, Virgil, 170, 175, 355 Ward, lack, 287, 295 Warnke, Larry, 262, 355 Vfarren, Barbara, 247, 379 1iVarren, lohn, 137, 175, 295 Warren, Rodney, 247, 367, 404 Warren, Sally, 170, 179, 388 Warrich, Iohn, 30, 150, 169, 177, 380, 381 Warrick, Robert, 262, 380 Watkins, Norman, 247, 351 Vlatley, Orlin, 169, 177, 178 Watson, Bridget, 140. 375 Watson. Charles, 124 127, 415 Vfatson, Larae, 140, 352 Williamson, Kenneth. 72. 247, 391 Willie, Marlene, 78, 233, 363 Willmarth, lohn, 263, 286, 387 Wilson, Gerald, 263 Wilson, lohn, 200 Wilson, Ioy, 263, 322 Wilson, Kathleen, 185, 226, 376 Wilson, Lawrence, 198, 351 Wilson, Neal, 277 VViltse, Barbara, 233, 359 Wiltse, Carol, 263, 359 Winchell, Iames, 162, 164, 165, 351 Windeshausen, Horace, 152, 155, 311 Winkler, Gretchen, 263, 388 Zelen, Samuel, 395 ' Zelewski, Lloyd, 171, 179, 411 Zemanek, Lewis, 118, 247, 335 Zenen, Golden, 170 Zieg, William, 263, 391 Zikmund, Ianet, 263, 317, 352 Zimmer, Iohn, 263, 351 Zimmerman, Dean, E., 247 Zimmerman, Mary, 133, 135, 342, 343 Zinnecker, Bennett, 157, 367 Zinnecker, lohn, 85, 263,367 V Zucker, Paul, 247, 355 ' 40. 403 56 81, 344 v l954 Cornhusker Staff BARBARA ADAMS . . . ..... EDITOR-IN-CHIEF I BENEDICT . . . .... BUSINESS MANAGER BARBARA BELL . . . . .ASSOCIATE EDITOR MPINHGING EDITORS Io Hnn Knapp Mary lane Mapes Nancy Odum RSSISTRNT BUSINESS MFINAGERS Philip Shade Michael Shugrue HRT EDITOR Carol Haerer PHOTOGRHPI-IY Photographic Productions Edholm-Blorngren STUDENT PHOTOGRFIPHERS Darwin McHfee Larry Rice Maynard Small PHNEL EDITOR Finn Iouvenat ASSISTHNT PHNEL EDITOR Flnn Skold LFIYOUT EDITOR Berne Rosenquist HSSISTRNT LHYOUT EDITOR Muriel Pickett COPYWRITER Hnn Laurier ADVISER Ken Keller SECTION EDITORS FICTIVITIES Carole Unterseher HDMINISTRHTION Alice Todd HG HCTIVITIES Nancy Draper HTHLETICS Iohn Gourlay BERUTY QUEENS Ken Pinkerton COLLEGES HND CLHSSES Iayne Gorton Ieanne Greving Sue Olsen Margaret Raben FRFITERNITIES Ianet Gordon HOUSES 6. HALLS Mary lean Harpstreitli MILITHRY Gene Christensen ORGANIZATIONS Sue Ramey RELIGION HND RRTS Dinney Weiss SORORITIES Natalie Nelson STUDENT GOVERNMENT Walt Blore Janet Gordon STUDENT SCENE Ianet Healey WOMEN'S HTHLETICS Ioan Knudsen WORKERS Ianet Io Boyd Perri Bremer Linda Buthman Iean Elliott Elizabeth Hackman Sylvia Hall Bernice Howland Jack Irwin Mary Iarnes Sue Iouvenat Carol Link Ruth Lucke George Madsen Peggy Mathers Ioan Marshall Dick Odum Betty Olson Mary Olson Nancy Person Dick Reische Gloria Shapiro Sue Simmons Sandy Speicher Lou Stephenson Ioyce Stratton Margie Swanson Mary Thompson Carol Tremain Lorna Uphoff Pat Weston Karen Winkler' N APPRECIATIO BEAUTY QUEEN IUDGING Mrs. Neil Hall Dick Blomgren Ben Meyer Iim Pittenger W. R. Wylie Broderick Crawford Alfred Stern PRINTER AND ENGRAVER Iournal-Star Printing Company CORNHUSKER COVERS Durand of Chicago INDIVIDUAL PICTURES BEAUTY QUEEN PHOTOGRAPHY Edholm-Blorngren Studio PHOTOGRAPHY Photographic Reproductions Nebraska Historical Society PUBLICITY Omaha World-Herald Lincoln Iournal-Star UNIVERSITY PUBLICATIONS ADVISOR Kenneth Keller IN ADDITION National Bank of Commerce University departments Board of Student Publications Purchasing departments Office of Student Activities Yr' 'g- 1, 1. ,fi ff I -fff' ' .J km if ' ' k A 5' " YT? A Q 1 vf Hi.-ff . 'B B PYY. 5, N Rv , In ,., .. ff " V 1, F M W nw if - 5 ng '4 X "' .f S J 1 w- 1. fffjkj . . 1 1 vs ' - X Li ., N 2 ' xiii r . bf 1 T' , , 3, 3 JE Q Q i I 'Su Jie, 'Ji' I I x A ig! V344 -, .,,, L . if '50 55 ' 4 sg . r fl.,-1 gf? I ,v V J' , 5,1-. FWQ :fn 'F f, f 0 r ,. 1, . ve. ' 4 'I 'D ' Q . I . . H 3. r . Q 0 ? 5 A. 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Suggestions in the University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) collection:

University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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