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UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA LINCOLN NEBRASKA o ilV£ ' o NeBP ASKA YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT LINCOLN ADM IN ISTRATION 8 ST. GOVERNMENT ZL COLLEGES •••32 MILITARY 142 UNDERCLASSMEN- 160 ACTIVITIES 190 ST. SCENES 224 ATHLETICS 252 RELI6IONdndART5 •286 HOUSES and HALLS • • 304 GREEKS 524 ADVERTISING AOZ m ■ y .■5?- 1 I he changes that have occurred over the University ' s cam- pus this year can be contributed to the special 10-year build- ing program initiated by the State Legislature last year. Combining efforts with the Governor, and the Board of Regents, the Legislature has continued its work to moke the University of Nebraska one of the greatest Universities in the country, and more than ever make the saying " There Is No Place Like Nebraska " true to its fullest meaning. 1952 State Legislature Governor Vol Peterson i ' -- •r- i KTION CHANCELLOR BOARD OF REGENTS DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS DEAN OF WOMEN FACULTY FACULTY ACTIVITIES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Chancellor The Chancellor is the manager of the University of Nebraska aca- demic and administrative staff. He is directly responsible to the Ne- braska Board of Regents and speaks to the board in behalf of the Uni- versity. Determining the Univer- sity ' s financial needs is one of his major duties. Chancellor R. G. Gustavson acts as the University ' s official public speaker. Early this year he spoke at an all-University Convocation, pre- senting his views on many Univer- sity problems. Chancellor Reuben G. Gustavson Ph.D., D.Sc, L.H.D, Administration Building In the Administration Building are housed the various administrative de- partments of the University of Ne- braska. The Chancellor ' s office, the office of the Comptroller, the Dean of Faculties, and the Dean of Student Affairs ore among the main offices in this building. The Dean of Admissions and Inter- Institutional Relationships, the Acting Director of Registration and Records, the General Business Manager, and the Director of Student Activities are also located in this building. Poge 10 University Board of Regents Directors behind the scene. The Board of Regents The Board of Regents is the executive governing body of the University of Ne- braska. It was created in 1875 to promote and stimulate higher education within the state. The board is composed of six leading Nebraska citizens, who are elected for six year terms. These men work in coordina- tion with the governor and the chancellor to direct the affairs and formulate the poli- cies of the University of Nebraska. The present officers of the board in- clude George Liggett, president, and Charles Y. Thompson, vice president. John K. Selleck, comptroller of the University, serves as corporation secretary of the board. The present Board of Regents is com- posed of George Liggett, Utica; J. L. Welsh, Omaha; Robert W. Devoe, Lincoln; Dr. Earle Johnson, Grand Island; Charles Y. Thompson, West Point, and Dwight Gris- wold, Scottsbluff. Chancellor R. G. Gus- tavson and Comptroller John K. Selleck also serve as members of the board. These men supervise the faculty, the divisions of administration, the government over the student body, the buildings and upkeep, the curriculum, and the disburse- ment of all University funds. Included in their duties is the selection of the chancel- lor and the deans of each college. Page 1 1 m .- Dean of Student Affairs T. J. Thompson Dean of Student Affairs Myron R. Cavender Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs Lee W. Chatfield Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs Page 12 of Women Marjorie W. Johnston Dean of Women Mary H. Augustine Assistant to the Dean of Women Administration and Supervision Women ' s affairs are regulated by this staff. Page 1 ' . Registration and Admissions George W. Rosenlof Dean of Admissions end Inter-Institutional Relationships One Phase of Registration Hint of the future. Floyd W. Hoover Acting Director of Registration and Records The Dean of Admissions and Inter-Institutional Relationships and the Director of Registration and Records are two newly formed offices. These offices were formerly combined under the Registrar and Director of Admissions. The Dean of Admissions and Inter-Institutional Relationships is responsible for enforcing all requirements for admissions to the University, the Junior Division and undergraduate colleges. He conducts all exams given to students applying for admission to the University. The Director of Registration and Records has general jurisdiction over all student registration and procedures. The Director keeps all University academic, personal and credit records. Arthur A. Hitchcock Director of the Junior Division John K. Selleck General Business Manager Comptroller of the University Administration Carl W. Borgmann Dean of Faculties The efficient functioning of the University is the responsibility of the vorious administration departments. The Director of the Junior Division has charge of students with less than fifteen University credits. The finances of the University are supervised by the Comptroller. The Dean of Faculties promotes unity in the curriculum of the University. The Director of the Personnel Department hires all em- ployes of the University and places stu- dents in jobs best suited to their abil- ities. The Director of Purchases and Procurement secures the necessary equipment and needs of the University. George S. Round Director of Public Relations Frank A. Lundy Director of University Libraries Administration Knute O. Broody Director of University Extension Division C. Bertrond Schultz Director of University Museum Edward W. Janike Associate Director of Agricultural Extension Service Administration Robert W. Goss Dean of the Graduate College Carl A. Donaldson Director of Purchases and Procurement Samuel 1. Fuenning Director of Student Health Center Supervising student activity on the campus and the University ' s financial profits and undertakings is the Di- rector of Student Activities and of Commercial Enterprises. The Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds is respon- sible for all contracts and improvements concerning ad- ditions to the University. The Directors of the Libraries, the Museum, and Art Gallery help to increase the interest and knowledge of the students. In charge of publicity for the University is the Director of Public Relations. These departments ore all vital links to a bigger and better University of Nebraska. y-. William C. Harper Director of Commercial Enterprises Director of Student Activities Clarence M. Molzer Personnel Director Frank E. Sorenson Director of Summer Session Pace 17 Chancellor ' s Convocation Student problems aired. Spring Recital A musical farewell. Faculty Activities Chancellor ' s Reception Introductions to new students. University of Nebraska Foundation Mueller Tower Beautified Landscaping — ground improvement. Cancer Research Aided Experimentation l eads to discovery. Perry W. Branch D i recto r-Sec reto ry The University of Nebraska Foun- dation secures gifts from both alumni and friends of the University and from corporations for beneficial aid to the University. These gifts are distributed in accordance with the wishes of the donors. The money is allocated for the support of scholarships, loan funds, research projects, and building and landscaping funds. This year the work of the Founda- tion has centered in scholarship aid and loon funds. A portion of the money has been advanced toward the Uni- versity cancer research. Page 19 Fritz Daly Secretary Editor of Nebraska Alumnus Alumni Association The Alumni Association strengthens ties of loyalty between former students and the University. One means of furthering this aim is the Homecoming luncheon sponsored by the Association. The Aluwniis, a magazine which brings to the graduates news of the University and old friends, is published monthly. The Executive Committee is composed of eight directors selected from the five Ne- braska districts. The Association keeps complete records of all University graduates who have attended the University for one or more years. They also establish alumni clubs and organizations throughout Ne- braska and the United States. Alumni Office Staff Members Records kept and news circulated. Alumni Homecoming Luncheon Old friendships renewed. Percy C. Spencer President of Sinclair Oil Company Daniel Gutleben Sugar Industry Engineer Alumni Association The Distinguished Service Award was given to five Nebraska University alumni for service of distinction to their University and in professional and public life. The five people were chosen jointly by the Alumni Association and the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. Recipients of this award were L. R. Blanchard, general executive director of the Gannett Group of papers, and Percy C. Spencer, ' 16, president of Sinclair Oil Com- pany. Mary Ann Rokohr, ' 14, outstanding leader in the United States Department of Agriculture, Daniel Gutleben, ' 00, rated as dean of sugar house engineers, and Samuel C. Waugh, chairman of the Association ' s Finance Committee, were also honored. Mary Ann Rokahr Agriculture Specialist L. R, Blanchard Gannett Publications Editor Samuel C. Waugh Outstanding Civic Leader Page 21 HVAENT AWS BABW STUDENT COUNCIL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL PANHELLENIC COUNCIL AG EXEC BOARD ENGINEERING EXEC BOARD AWS Loudon, S. Fritzler. Third row: S. Hell, P. Kort, J. Steffen, G. Carey, M. Clark, V. Koehler. Second row: M. Bornell, M. Moomey, M. Wiedmon, N. Buttori. Front row: H. Morrison, H. Wenke, 5. Holmes, M. Bamesberger, J. Rediger. Through regulation and enforcement of house rules, the Associated Women Stu- dents board governs women students in organized houses. The board works with the Dean of Women to enforce quiet hours, closing hours, and special permis- sions. The AWS court is held on Friday to hear girls who have not observed AWS rules and regulations. Punishment given is dependent upon the seriousness of the misdemeanor. A revision of the women ' s point system was completed by the AWS board this year. In the new plan, an Appeal court has been formed. Individuals who have more points than the maximum number allowed may appeal their positions to the board mem- bers. Under President Nancy But ton, Vice President Marilyn Moomey, Secretary Marilyn Bamesberger, and Treasurer Sue Holmes, AWS sponsored the Activities Mart, Coed Follies, and the Ivy Day Sing. Members View Booth at Activities Mart An idea turned into a reality. AWS Officers Confer Planning makes perfect. BABW Front row: J. Hoff, M. Enckson, E. Kechely, L Lawi Bock row: G. Huloc, M. Softley, G. Walker, C. Alma Officers Joan Hoff, president; Eldean Kechely, vice president; Gertrude Carey, secretary; and Marjorie Erickson, treasurer, were chosen by BABW members to lead the board in the governing of the indepen- dent women ' s organizations. They sought to interest independent women to partici- pate in various campus activities and to strive for a high scholarship standard. The annual " Hello " dance was spon- sored early in the fall as the first project of the year to promote friendship and fel- lowship among independent students at the University. Climaxing the evening ' s entertainment was the presentation of this year ' s Hello Girl, Dorlene Goodding, by Lois Larson, the recipient of the honor last year. Lois Larson Presents Hello Girl, Darlene Goodding The title passes on. BABW Officers Their job — supervision Nebraska Represented at Big Seven Convention Council delegates gather a host of ideas. Student Council The Student Council, working through four main committees, serves OS the student governing board of the University. Receiving special interest were the by-laws of the new constitu- tion which were written during the school year. Before the additions will be declared valid, they must be ap- proved by the student body and the Faculty Senate. The Activities Work- shop, a new project designed to aid officers of campus groups, held con- ferences to discuss student activities and organizations. Officers were George Cobel, presi- dent; George Wilcox, vice president; Peggy Mulvaney, secretary, and Wayne White, treasurer. Back row: J. Mead, D. Larson, J. Cohen, D. Cargo, J. DcMarco, J. Adorns, G. Cobel, G. Wilcox, W. White, D. Linscott, R. Messersmith, I. Epstein. Front row: D. Noble. E. Esch, G. Huloc, D. Code, B. Young, M. Flaherty, M. Mulvaney, N. DeBord, 5. Fritzlor, M. Willey. Page 26 Committees Page 27 Interfraternity Council Cj. O 9: p. « rt i ft ms 04S 9i%l §s fk ' ► Bock row: R. Smith, W. Pfeiler, A. Blessing, A. Stern, C. Widmoier, E. Wohlner. Second row: G. Nelson, J. Stephenson, D. Link, B. Anderson, R. Londer, L. Seaton, C. Yeutter. Front row: R. Buls, C. Johnson, C. Andersen, H. Myers, L. Nordin, C. Burmeister, Added to men ' s Rush Week was " Open House, " which the Interfraternity Council introduced this year. The council was led by President Hod Myers, Vice President Bob Reichenbach, Secretary Charles Andersen, and Treasurer Glenn Rosenquist. Members of the council strove to co- ordinate and unify fraternity spirit. Organ- izing and supervising various fraternity functions, such as the annual Interfrater- nity Ball which climaxed the IFC year, were other duties of the council. Officers Leave for National Convention Virginia, here we come. IFC Mennbers Inspect Open Houses during Rush Week Something new hos been added. Panhellenic Council Bock row: J. Ringle, J. Cornck, A. Frampton, M. Hughes, B. Bredthauer, M. Ireland, Third row: M. Oehrle, F. Robinson, M. Grundmon, J. Chompine, 5. WaU. Second row: S. Krasne, J. Schneider, M. Moyle, J. Stockshli, E. Moodie, S. Ransdell. Front row: J. Rediger, M. Moomey, B. Young, C. Melvin, J. Hoss. The Panhellenic Council is the con- trolling organization of the campus which promotes unity and cooperation among the sororities. The president and a delegate from each sorority assisted President Bar- bara Young, Vice President Catherine Melvin, and Secretary Marilyn Moomey. The council sponsors, each year, the Panhellenic Workshop during which train- ing schools are held for sorority officers. Highlighting the workshop week are the dinner and presentation of the Elsie Ford Piper Award and the new Panhellenic Scholarship Cup. Officers Discuss Panhell Workshop Cooperation promotion among Greeks. Junior Panhell Meets for Hair Styling Lotest views to campus cues. Board Members Cast First Ballots Voters today — candidates tomorrow. Officers Discuss Proposed Amendments Constitution under observation Ag Exec Board The main responsibility of the ten mem- bers of the Ag Exec Board is the governing of Ag campus. Elected by Ag students, they were under the direction of the 1951- 1952 officers. President Wayne White, Vice President Dave Olson, Secretary Janet Ross, and Treasurer Mildred Athey. The board hopes to promote coopera- tion and coordination among students on city and Ag campuses. In addition to striv- ing for campus improvements and spon- soring student elections, members pre- sented the Farmers ' Formal early in the fall and the annual Christmas program. a. J.. Back row: E. Robinson, k. Coffmon. Second row: R. Loun, J. Raun, A. Anderson. Front row: M. Athey, J. Ross, W. White, D. Olson. Page 30 Engineering Exec Board Engineering Executive Board Meeting Business of the day — convention plans. Exec Officers View Machinery E Week is around the corner Promoting coordination and supervis- ing octivities among the various engineer- ing schools ore the aims of the Engineer- ing Exec board. This year the Nebraska board was host to the Engineering Exec convention. Delegates from neighboring colleges were sent to discuss mutual engin- eering problems. An annual function sponsored by the board was Engineers ' Week. Discussions, exhibits, and demonstrations made the week interesting and educational. Officers guiding the Engineering Exec board were Howard Duncan, president; Dale Caddy, vice president, and John Lliteras, secretary- treasurer. Bock row: K. Von Borgen, P. O ' Dea, P. Chismor, C. Johnson, R. Phelps. Second row: W. Zochorios, N. Koutman, B. Kleinschmidt, D. Nelson. Front row: E. Meier, D. Caddy, H. Duncan, J. Lliteras, G. Cobel. Pago 31 , .._.,i , m ' ' C JL .% •dm N rT AGRICULTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DENTISTRY ENGINEERING LAW MEDICINE PHARMACY TEACHERS FINE ARTS JOURNALISM NURSING New Agronomy Building Enlarges Agriculture Campus Facilities for Instruction Further plans for the extension of Ag deportments ore being made. Book farming and homemaking ' ' prejudices overcome; Ag College work divided in three major divisions Established in 1872, the College of Ag- riculture has had to overcome many ob- stacles and prejudices against " book farm- ing " in developing into one of the outstand- ing agricultural colleges in the country. The three major segments of work at the College of Agriculture are resident in- struction leading to a BS degree in agricul- ture or home economics, agricultural ex- periment stations conducting experiments throughout the state and agricultural ex- tension service concerned with the educa- tion of farm people throughout the state. Many activities are included in the Col- lege of Agriculture. Some of these are Home Ec club for home economics majors, Varsity Dairy club for dairy industry ma- jors, 4-H club for 4-H club alumni. Alpha Zeta, a professional fraternity for out- standing male students. Block and Bridle for animal husbandry majors, and Voca- tional Agriculture club for vocational agri- cultural majors. At the present time the vocational edu- cation department is forming an organiza- tion which will closely parallel the activities of Vocational Agriculture club. Page 34 Home Ec Department Relaxes with Coffee Proof that faculty practice what they teach. W. Vincent Lambert Dean of the College of Agriculture. Faculty Forms Weed Eradication Plans Part of extension services. Once a Month Ag Faculty Convenes Plons formulated for future work. Achen Allen Anderso 1, A. Ander Behle Berke Bishop Bobst Carler Cheriiy ClQvlon Coder Bolderston Bals Barker Bornel Burnham Burrows Canaday Coppe Cooney □ ohlke Donielson Davis Agriculture Seniors Above PATRICIA ACHEN, Ord. BARBARA ALLEN, Tekamah. ALICE ANDERSON, Wilsonviile. MARY ANDER- SON, Fremont. DAVID AUSTIN, Lincoln. BUELE BALDERSTON, Omaha. DALE BALS, Loup City. HAR- LAN BARKER, Omaha. MARY JANE BARNELL, Benkelman. DONALD BEHLE, Valley. ROBERT BERKE, Elwood. DELAINE BISHOP, Osceola, Iowa. WILLIAM BOBST, Aurora. MARY BUCK, Woyne, LESTER BURNHAM, Kearney. GEORGE BURROWS, Adorns. JULIAN CANADAY, Bloomfield. DOROTHY CAP- PELL, Plattsmouth. JANICE CARTER, Omaha. CAROL CHERNY, North Bend. EMMET CLAYTON, Coun- cil B uffs, Iowa. GEORGE CODER, WeHtleet. REX COFFMAN, Stuart. LUELLA COONEY, Wolthill. JAMES DAHLKE, Benedict. DAVID DANIELSON, Aurora. ARNOLD DAVIS, Lincoln. Below JAMES DINKEL, Omaha. ADOLPH DLOUHY, Tobias. JOHN DURR, Nebroska City. STEVE EBERHART, Bassett. MARILYN ELSEMAN, Omaha. JOANNE ENGELKEMIER, Louisville. ELEANOR ERICKSON, Ban- croft. DOLORES ESTERMANN, North Platte. GERALD FELLOWS, Sargent. CLARICE FIALA, Ord. DONALD FOX, Genoa. MILTON FREI, Fremont. LAWRENCE FUCHS, Stanton. DILLARD GATES, Broken Bow. KAYE GAUGER, Eustis. MARY GIESEKER, Lincoln. DOROTHY GISSLER, Osceola. MARY ANN GRUNDMAN, Nebraska City. Otilslaiiilinii St iiior Jerry Johnson Dinkel DIouhy Erickson Estermann Fuchs Gates Fellows Gauger Eberhart Fiala Elsemon Fox Gissler Above DONALD HALDEEN, Brule. CHARLES HAMMOND, Hazard. RALPH HANSEN, Collawoy. WAYNE HAN- SEN, Red Cloud, MARVIN HANSON, Bladen, JEAN HARGLEROAD, Tekamah. PATTY HASSON, Fremont. JOHN HAYE, Lyons. CARL HAYWARD, Hyonnis. DARRELL HEISS, Page. LEO HENG, Nebraska City. LOGAN HEUSEL, Gibbon, RALPH HILD, Plottsmouth, RUTH HOFFMEISTER, Irrperial, GENE HOLSCHER, Ogallala. CLINTON HOOVER, Utica. RICHARD HOVENDICK, Craig. HELEN HOWARD, Lincoln. THOMAS HRUZA, St. Paul. DONNA HYLAND, Lincoln. TED JEARY, Lincoln. EVERETT JENNE, Holmesville. JERRY JOHNSON, Red Cloud. SHIRLEY KEEVERT, Ploinview. ELIZABETH KELSO, Minotore. ADRIAN KLUNA, Ord. C. KRISHNAMURTHI, Madras, India. Agriculture Below THOMAS LAMBERT, Ewing. JOHN LARSON, Lyons. LOIS LARSON, Lincoln. JOANNE LASHELLE, Omoha. DALE LINK, Ravenna, MYRON LONGMORE, Sargent, ANETTE LUEBBERS, Fort Dodge, Iowa, KENNETH MacLEAY, Redlands, Colif, REX MESSERSMITH, Allionce, SHIRLEY MILES, Elwood, CHARLES MINER, JR., Graf. LEVONDA MURDOCH, Nehowko. MARILYN MYERS, York. GLENN NELSON, Pork Rapids, Minn. LARRY NORDIN, Omaha. GENE NORTON, Elgin. PHILIP OLSEN, Aurora. JO OWEN, Abilene, Texas. Seniors Outstandiiiji Senior Joan Raun Agriculture Above LOWELL OWENS, CarroM. HAROLD PEDERSEN, Craig. LARRY RALLENS, Big Springs. LEURETTA RALLENS, Grant. DARWIN RANSOM, Stratton. JOAN RAUN, Minden. DON REEVES, Central City RICHARD REGIER, San Luis Obispo, Calif. RITA RENARD, Arlington. ROLAND REYNOLDS, St. Paul. MARVIN RHODES, Mason City. MARY RICHARDS, McCook. BERNADINE ROBB, Lewellenn. EUGENE ROB- INSON, Oshkosh. JANET ROSS, Lincoln. RICHARD RUSSELL, Fullerton. ROBERT SAND, Nehawko. JOHN SCHARF, Curtis. NORMA SCHICK, Elmwood. WILLIAM SCHNEIDER, Lincoln. LEONARD SEATON, Emery, S. D. JOAN SEDLACEK, Ord. JOAN SHARP, Lincoln. PATRICIA SHELDON, Lincoln. FRANK SIBERT, Inavale. JOANN SKUCIUS, Chester. JAMES SMITH, Omaha. Seniors Below JULIA SNYDER, Dayenport. RUTH 50RENSEN, Lincoln. WILLIAM STEPHENS, Lincoln. VERA STREITZ, Valley. CHARLES STUBER, St. Michael. VERNON SWAN50N, Shickley. ARTHUR SHOTKOSKI, Arcadio. MARGARET TEFFT, Avoca. NORVAL UTEMARK, Wakefield. HARRY VINCENT, Lincoln. WILLIS VOGEL, Seward. RICHARD WALSH, Utica. JEROME WARNER, Waverly. ELIZABETH WAY, Decotur, GERTRUDE WENDORFF, Lincoln. VIRGINIA WEST, Oconto. MYRNA WESTGATE, Lincoln. EVERETT WILKENS, DeWitt. Oulstdiidiiii Senior Clayton Yeutter M t : 3 I ' Snyder Shotkoski Warner Sorensen Tefft Woy Stephens Utemork Wendorff Streitz Stuber Swonson Vincent Vogel Welsh West Westgofe WMkens 4mt ' mmmm Anderson, B. Bouermeister Carter Anderson, E. Becker, A. Donnchl Above CLAYTON YEUTTER, Eustis. ROMONA YOUNG, Juniata. HOWARD ZEILINGER, David City. DARRELL ADAM50N, Cherokee, Iowa. RICHARD AMACK, Red Cloud. BARBARA ANDERSON, Lincoln. BETTI AN- DERSEN, Ord. DONALD ANDERSON, Elm Creek. ELIZABETH ANDERSON, Hartington. FRANK ANDREESEN, Filley. MARLENE ANDERSON, Lincoln. ROLAN ANDERSON, York. BETTY BAIRD, Archer. MARILYN BAMESBERGER, Hampton. RICHARD BAUERMEISTER, Omaha. JAN BEACHLER, Chicago, III. DOYLE BEAVERS, Bennet. ARTHUR BECKER, Albion. PHYLLIS BECKER, Hershey. JULIA BELL, Chester. AVERIL BIERMAN, Holdrege. DALE BUNSEN, Bertrand. GUILLERMO CAJIAO, Popayan, Colombia. BURTON CARTER, Chappell. JEWEL CLAUSSEN, Holdrege. MARILYN COOK, Ord, LAVERN DANNEHL, Bertrand. Below HERMAN DINKLAGE, Wisner. JERRY EA5TIN, Madrid. BERT EVANS, Bloomfield. JOAN FOLLMER, Colorodo Springs, Colo. WAYNE FROST, St. Paul. DOLORES GADE, Ashland. RAY GARD, Beaver Cross- ing. GARY GAREY, Beaver City. ELIZABETH GASS, Seward. ROBERT GEBHARD5, Rock Port, Mo. LELAND GEORGE, South Sioux City. RICHARD GOLL, Tekamah. FRANCIS GOWIN, Chadron. CHARLAN GRAFF, Grond Island, JAMES HAGGART, Grand Island. BETTY HALL, Lincoln. ARTHUR HANSEN, Ne- howko. KARL HANSEN, Sargent. Agriculture Seniors and Juniors Outstanrliiiii Senior Dick Hovendick t- Ha rian Mormon Hathaway Haverly Hedden Hickey Mines Holmes Hueftle, D Hu eftle, D. Hutchins Jocobsen Johnson Jones Kahn Karges Knotts Kreiei Kr ■utz Krueger Kruger Kuehl Lambert Lammers Laun Lawritson Leising Agriculture Juniors Above NEAL HARLAN, Hickrran. MARGARET HARMON, Elgin. BETTY MATMAWAY, Lincoln. HARRY HA- VERLY, Omaha. MERRITT HEDDEN, Geneva. CINDY HICKEY, Lincoln. JOAN HINES, Morse Bluff. JEAN HOLMES, Albion. DORA HUEFTLE, Eustis. DORIS HUEFTLE, Eustis. RICHARD HUTCHINS, Lincoln. DOROTHY JAC085EN, Silver Creek. BERNARD JOHNSON, Louisville. DAVID JONES, Hastings. JOE KAHN, Omaha. GILBERT KARGES, Albion. JOANN KNOTTS, North Platte. ALLAN KREJEI, Schuyler. BARBARA KRUETZ, Giltner. DONNA KRUEGER, Plymouth. PAUL KRUGER, Fort Calhoun. JOYCE KUEHL, Millard. CAROL LAMBERT, Lincoln. ANNA LAMMERS, Lexington. RAMONA LAUN, Geneva. MARY LAWRITSON, Trenton. DONALD LEISING, Oxford. Below DEAN LINSCOTT, Beatrice. JANET LYNCH, Tecumseh. GLENN MARSH, Archer. JOEL MEAD, Lincoln. JOAN MEYER, Phillips. CLARICE MILLEN, Albion. RICHARD MONSON, Soron- ille. MARY MORRISSEY, Tecumseh. GEORGE MYERS, Gibbon. WILMA McNAUGHT, Parks. MARGARET NELSON, Stromsburg. TED NELSON, Cloy Center, Linscott Lynch Marsh Meod Meyer Millen Monson Morrisscv McNought Myers Nelson, M. Nelson, T Oiilstaridinfi Senior Frank Sibert Page 40 m-. Above LOWELL NEUMEYER, Bennington. JAMES NISSEN, Wayne. STERLING OLSON, Minden. MARVIN PANE- ITZ, Foirbury. EDWARD PAYNE, JR., Ogallala. ELTON PERRY, Malcolm. JAMES PETTIJOHN, Oregon, Mo. DONALD PLUCKNETT, DeWitt. DARLENE PODLESAK, Milligon. SHIRLEY POSSON, Chadron. OREN RAWLINGS, Central City. ALTA REINKE, Chester. RICHARD RICE, Neligh. DARCY ROUSE, Tekamah. JOHN SCHADE, Enolo. JOYCE SCHROEDER, Elwcod. PAUL SHEDD, Scottsbluff. WARDER SHIRES, Eliott, Iowa. BILLY SHOULTZ, Schuyler. DONALD SJOGREN, Axtell. KATHERINE STEINAUER, Steinauer. MARY TAGART, Tecumseh. MARY TAYLOR, Falls City. PRISCILLA TELLMAN, Fremont. DONNA TINKHAM, Johnstown. DORIS VANCE, Pawnee City. JEANNE VIERK, Lincoln. Below IMOGENE VICKERS, Hemingford. GLEN VIEHMEYER, North Platte. RALMOND VLASIN, Crete. CLIN WADDILL, Gordon. PATRICIA WAINSCOTT, Lincoln. LOWELL WALDO, Gordon. ROBERT WEHRMAN, Nelson. ARTIE WE5TC0TT, Holdrege. WAYNE WHITE, Auburn. FERN WILKERSON, Coleridge. GENE WIL- KINS, Arlington. MARY ANNE WITTROCK, Falls City. PHYLLIS ZEILINGER, David City. Agriculture Juniors dickers Viehmeyer Vlas n Waddill Woinscott Waldo Weh rn:an Westcott White Wilkerson Wilkins Wittrock Zeiling Oiilstaiidinp. Senior Mary Ann Grundman =3 Page 41 Home Ec Club Smorgasbord Showed Colorful Costumes Foreign foods from many lands. Home Ec Club Home Ec club members helped them- selves and others working as both an Ag social and service organization under Jo Roun, president. As a service, they sponsored a foreign student, Kiko Terashima. They put on a Bar-B-Q during frosh week, sponsored Hos- pitality Day for high school girls, and re- decorated the lounge in the Home Ec building. Socially, they held the Ellen H. Richards dinner, smorgasbord, style show and Christ- mas tea. They won the curtain act of Coll- Agri-Fun with " Cutie Coeds on NU Cam- pus " . Bock row: A. Ochsner, M. Gieseker, M. Moronde, V. Moncrief, Y. Cook, B. Kreutz. C, Melvin, B. Roun, D. Tinkhom, B. Kunc. Seventh row: A. Luebbers, J. Sharp, C. Gierhan, J. Selk, M. Harmon, J. McNaught, M. Matthews, M. Slagle, M. Good. Sixth row: M. Elseman, J. Sedlacek, L. Pierce, M. Winkle, R. Laun, C. Gregersen, L. Kieckhafer, D. Podlesak, E. Anderson, L. Murdoch. Fifth row: B. Baird, J. Schroeder, A. Smith, E. Steavenson, F. Wilkerson, J. Holmes, M. Sehnert, S. Reed, J. Follmer, J. Fosha, C. Cherny. Fourth row: M. Buck, D. Coppell, J. Hines, B. Tank, S. Sukstorf, M. Bomesberger, P. Zeilinger, H. Hecht, R. Stiffler, J. Rippe. Third row: M. Grundman, E. Millen, K. Huston, V. Barnes, W. Horn, L. Pfister, J. Calvin, E. Lauritzen, S. Eckerson, M. Peterson, D. Hueftle. Second row: A. Wescott, S. Posson, M. Erwin, B. Wahlstrom, M. Rainforth, D. Muller, M. Cook, J. Kuehl, A. Reinke, D. Grobbe. Front row: L. Larson, M. Niehaus, B. Spilker, J. Ross, J. Raun, J. Engelkemier, J. Vierk, D. Hueftle, M. Lawritson. Dessert Table Features Tempting Food for Guests Home ec knowledge at its best. Faculty are Special Guests at Annual Smorgasbord Tempting food — cheerful service. Bock row: D. Braunsrofh, D. Goff, J. Schade, L. Waldo, R. Bell, K. Kreycik. Fifth row: L. Roth, M. McCreight, M. Po- neitz, L. Johnson, D. Honson, B. Car- ter, R. Schelkopf. Fourth row: C. Minteer, G. Busboom, G. Quick, D Leising, D. Plucknett, K. Hansen. Third row: B. Dulton, A. Becker, R. Sandy, H. Kumpost, G. Karges. Second row: C. Cook, H. C. Wood, O. Lindell, J. I Deems. Front row: N. Utemork, G. Nelsi kens, D. Heiss, M. Honson, U. Wen- dorff. K ' t. ' neyer Wil- Vocational Agriculture Newest group on Ag campus is the Vo- cational Agriculture association. It is a professional activity for Ag students major- ing in vocational education. They stimulated interest in Ag college by sponsoring high school FFA judging contests. A fall picnic at Peter Pan Park and a spring banquet, planned by Darrel Heiss, were social activities. Back Sku M, Harmon, M. Grundmon, J. 13, M. Borrcjbergcr, J, Meyer, J. Phi Upsilon Omicron Omicron Nu and Phi Upsilon Omicron are honorary and professional home economic organi- zations respectively. Together they sponsor a scholarship tea. Omicron Nu members must be in the top ten per cent of their class. As a special project, Phi Upsilon Omicron members prepared home economic slides. Myrna Westgate and Joan Sharp were presi- dents. Koehl, Fifth row; J. Horglerocd, C, Meston, G. Wendorff, R. Loun, J. Holmes. Fourth row: D. Cappell, C. Fiolo, J. Vierk, R. Renard, M. Cook, S. Miles. Third row: A. Westcott, L. Murdoch, E. Enckson, M. Buck, J. Roun, J. Hines, A, Luebbers. Second row: D. Hylond, M. Togort, D. Tinkham, J. Engelkemier, A. Reinke, D. Estermann. Front row: F. Brown, B. Kelso, M. West- gote, J. Sharp, R. Hoffmeister, R. Ruth. Home Ec Majors A gome for relaxation. Back row: J. Lemon, F. Sibert, W. Frost, S. Olson, W. Johnson, J. Warner. Sixth row: P. Kruger, R. Meyer, D. Anderson, S. Eberhort, R. Hild. Fifth row: C. Beam, W. Hansen, M. Paneitz, D. Nelson, D. Reynolds, D. Austin, R. Card. Fourth row: A. Torrico, C. Yeutter, N. Horlon, N. Haverly, T, Leisy, J. Conadoy. Third row: J. Smith, L. Engier, L. Smith, B. Wollman, G. Engel, G. Ehler. Second row: W. Burrows, J. Edwards, R. Viasin, W. Moody, K. Stone, C Kusko. Front row: L. George, R. Messersmith, P. Olsen, R. Coffman, J. Beachler, C. Adams. Block and Bridle The Jr. Ak-Sar-Ben stock show is one of the chief projects of Block end Bridle, animal husbandry depart- mental club. At the show college stu- dents and professional men participate. President Phil Olsen conducted the fall initiation, at which twenty-three boys became members. The club also sponsors annually the inter-collegiate judging contest held each spring at the Ag college. They raised funds to pay a part of the livestock judging team ' s ex- penses to the American Royal, Denver, Fort Worth and Chicaoo contests. Block and Bridle Trophy A goal to achieve. Block and Bridle Officers Study Plans Junior Ak-Sar-Ben — major project. Marvin Hansen Winner of Hog Showman Class orl Deitemeier of Nebraska Farmer presents trophy. Clyde Jensen Taking a Jump at Junior Ak-Sar-Ben Received first piece in jumping class. Junior Ak-Sar-Ben Features Beef Showmanship Class Porticipants wait while judges determine. Bob Watson Named Grand Champion Showman Highlight of Junior Ak-Sar-Ben. 4-H Business Under Review Plans presented by President Robinson. 4-H A new money-making project of Uni- versity 4-H club was the maintaining of a food booth at the Nebraska State Fair. Former 4-H members join together at the University to help carry on club work among younger groups in the state. This is accomplished by encouraging enrollment and assisting the extension service with club week and the fair. They are vital to Ag campus in helping with Farmer ' s Fair and advertising the college during 4-H club week. President Gene Robinson arranged for speakers such as 4-H ' er Wayne Bath, who told of his farm youth exchange trip to Ireland. Back row: R. Hild, G. Myer, B. Horgleroad, R. Meyer, V. Markuiscn, D Novotny, W. Moody, G. Madsen, H. Zeilinger. Sixth row: M. Elsemon, M. Roinforfh, Y, Cook, K. Stone, J. Ronney, C Yeutter, J. Weber, G. Ehler. Fifth row: M. Heuermann, J. Hines, H. Lomox, S. Sukstorf, B. Kunc, A. Ochsner, R. Condon, H. McMohon, H, Hecht. Fourth row: 1. Rippe, M. Smith, J. Selk, J. Calvin, K. Huston, B. Tank, G. Berns, L. Siiane. Third row: M. Watson, M. Patterson, J. Vech, M. Pedersen, E. Lai-ritzen, S. Eckerson, M. Peterson. Second row: M. Erwin, B. Wahlstrom, W. Horn, D. Mullor, M. Cook, J. Kuehl, D. Brackmon, D. Grobbe. Front row: D. Holstein, A. Fuhrman, C. Klosek, T. Leisy, V. Kromper, M. Bomesberger, J. Edwards, P. Zeilinger. Members with Ability A flare for ping pong. Members with Talent A moment for music. Back row: D. Ransom, R. Amack, J. Eastin, R. Hansen, R. Berke, R. Monson, V. Swonson. Third row: E. Cloyton, H. Zeihnger, M. Lindsey, A. DIouhy, C. Stuber, H. Vincent. Second row: J. Johnson, W. Hansen, D. Danielson, R. Anderson, D, Holl, D, Haldeen, F. Cox. Front row: E. Robinson, O. Rowlings, R. Sand, T. Hruzo, D. Sander. Last Suggestion Entertained A motion to adjourn. The Kernel and Klod Klub, known as Tri-K, sponsored the crops judging team which placed third in each of the national intercollegiate grain judging contests at Chicago and Kansas City. President of the agronomy depart- mental club was Robert Sand. The group sponsored a spring crops judging contest and a spring awards banquet. . - . O-M Alpha Zeta Alpha Zeta serves as a scholastic goal for men students on Ag campus to attain. In order to join the honorary, a boy must be in the upper two-fifths of his class and be approved by ninety percent of the members. President Clayton Yeutter presented the fresh- man scholarship award at the annual scholarship convocation. Bock row: R. Vlasin, T. Hruza, M. Rhodes, A, DIouhy. Fifth row: J. Eastin, P. Kruger, D. Monson, B Berke, L. George, F. SIbert. Fourth row: R. Schelkopf, P. Olsen, R. Han- sen, D. Danielson, O. Rowlings. Third row: G. Nelson, M. Hanson, J. Warner, C. Stuber, W. Hansen, R. Hild. Second row: J, Johnson, R. Gord, D. Heiss, R. Gebhards, A. Kluna. Front row: E Robinson, R. Hostermon, C. Yeutter, S. Eberhart, V. Swanson. A Pledge Paddle Not for use, only show. Bessey Hall Includes Classrooms and Laboratories for Study of the Natural Sciences Arts and Sciences students attend biology, botany, zoology, bacteriology classes here. College of Arts and Sciences was beginning of University; Its courses offer students of all colleges a liberal education When the University of Nebraska opened its doors in 1871, the College of Arts and Sciences constituted the entire University. While other colleges have been established within the University, the Arts and Sciences College has continued to carry on its fundamental function. It dif- fers rodically from the other colleges in the University in that its first function is not to prepare the student for a specific vocation, but to initiate him in the spirit and content of liberal education. The College of Arts and Sciences ' dis- ciplines were designed, and continue to be designed, to develop the student ' s mental powers and to give him his bearings in the universe of nature and in the study of man and man ' s institutions. In its curriculum are found those subjects which have for centuries been regarded as embodying the best cultural traditions of the western world — a study of foreign languages and English, mathematics, natural and social sciences, history and political science. Page 48 Mr, Sakai Reviews Topic for Next Lecture Subject — current European history. Charles H. Oldfother Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Miller Sets Up Display for Class Teaches biology, zoology courses. Modern Language Assistants Discuss Teaching Problems Staff of language department includes graduate students. Benjamin Catlen DeWitt Chisholm! Duryeo Arts and Sciences Seniors Above BEVERLY ALDRICH, Oshkosh. JOHN ANDERSON, Lincoln, PAUL ARMITSTEAD, Keene, N. H. KENT AXTELL, Beatrice. ANNE BARGER, Lincoln. WILLIAM BARRETT, Grand Island. THOMAS BEAL, Omaha. NANCY BENJAMIN, Lincoln. WILLIAM BETZ, Bellevue. LEE BLAIR, McCook. EARL BLUE, Russell, Iowa. ANDREW BORIS, Amsterdam, N. Y. LARRY BOSLEY, Holdrege. MARJORIE BRATT, Pawnee City. FRANK BURNHAM, Lincoln. FREDERIC CADY, Colorado Springs, Colo. ANNEBELL CALLEN, Lincoln. LESLIE CHISHOLM, Lincoln. ARVED CHRISTENSEN, Hurley, S. D. MARTHA CUMMINGS, Holdrege. CHARLES CURTISS, Geneva. RICHARD CUTTS, Lincoln. MARY DAILY, Loup City. ROBERT DAVIS, David City. HOWARD DENNIS, Scottsblutf. CAROLE DeWITT, Lincoln. LADD DURYEA, Comstock. Below LEO EISTETTER, JR., Mexico City, Mex. KENNETH ELLIS, Lincoln. JERRY EWING, Nebroska City. FARIDA FALLAH, Teheran, Iran. RICHARD FENSLER, Omaha. WALTON FERRIS, Lincoln. ED FRANZEN, Lyons. JOE GIFFORD, Lincoln. RUANN GILLESPIE, Weston. CARYL GILTNER, Fessenden, N. D. WILLIAM GRIFFIN, Lincoln. HENRIETTA HAGELBERGER, Lincoln. HOWARD HAIGHT, York. MARTHA HAMILTON, Lincoln. VAL HAMMOND, Nebroska City. DORIS HANSEN, Lincoln. JACK HART, Cozod. VIRGINIA HART- MAN, Lincoln. Outstanding Senior Nancy Benjamin d Eistetter Franzen Haight Gifford Hamilton Ewing Gillespie Fallah Fensler Giltner Griffin Ferris Hagelbergi W ' nston nson Above BRUCE HENDRICK50N, Holdrege. WILLIAM HENKEL, Norfolk. JEAN HERMAN, Alliance. MYRON HOLM, York. MARILY HOLMQUIST, Ookland. DONALD HOUSER, Malvern, Iowa. MARY HUBKA, Beatrice. RUTHE JEWETT, Lincoln. GENE JOHNSON, Holdrege. JAMES JOHNSTON, Central City. GRACE JONES, Lincoln. WARREN JONES, West Point. WARREN JOY, Exeter. WILLIAM KEEBLER, Omaha. DAVID KNAPP, Lincoln. NANCY KOEHLER, Sidney. BEVERLY LAR5EN, Central City. JEANETTE LAZEAR, Cheyenne, Wyo. ELIZA- BETH JOHNSON, Ookland. MARIE LINDGREN, Dixon. JEAN LOOMIS, Omaha. JOHN LOUDON, Lincoln. AUDRE LOWE, Sheridon, Wyo. CHARLES LUELLMAN, Bloomfield. BARBARA MANN, Lincoln. PEGGY MAR- BLE, Omaha. JEAN MARSH, Rochester, Minn. Below GERALD MATZKE, Lincoln. TATIAMA MAZURO, Detroit, Mich. JOANNE MELLEN, Omaho. ROGER MET- CALF, Lincoln. ARTHUR MEYEROTT, Coleridge. MARJORIE MILLER, Lincoln. RICHARD MILLER, Leaven- worth, Kons. MARILYN MOOMEY, Hastings. DARREL MORELAND, Simla, Colo. DAVE MOSHER, South Sioux City. CLARK MUELLER, Lincoln. JEANETTE MUNDHENKE, Seward. DONNA MURPHY, Lincoln. DARWIN McAFEE, Tolmoge. JOAN McAVIN, Omaho. JAMES McCOY, Omoho. ROY McCOY, Omoho. STEPHEN McKENZIE, Hebron. Hubka Jewett Johns. Koehler Lorsen Lozeor Mann Marble Morsh Arts and Sciences Seniors atzke iller, R. Mozuro Moomey Mellen Morelond McAvin MetcQif NAosher McCoy, J. Miller, M. Mundhenke McKenzie JH| jl ?) C5 Oiitslaiiding Senior Helmut Sienknecht J J V T Nelson, E. Nelson, J. Nilson Nuss Patterson Petersen, D. Peterson, D. Prescott Rische Robertson Robinson Roessler Okomoto Olsen Polme Palmer Rauch Rediger Reitter Riordon Schild Sell Shopoory Sheets Arts and Sciences Seniors Above EDWIN NELSON, Murray. JEAN NELSON, Choppell. LYLE NILSON, Aurora. TOM NUSS, Sutton. KEN- NETH OHMAN, Lincoln. TED OKAMATO, North Plotte. HERBERT OLSEN, Brooklyn, N. Y. ROBERT PALME, Lincoln. WALLACE PALMER, Steele City. MARILYN PATTERSON, Lincoln. DEXTER PETERSON, Los Angeles, Colif. DON PETERSON, Keystone. DONNA PRESCOTT, Mendota, 111. NAOMI RAISH, Knox- ville, Iowa. ROBIN RAUCH, Holdrege. JUANITA REDIGER, Tekamah. JOHN REITTER, Lincoln. JAMES RIORDAN, Omaha. THOMAS RISCHE, Lincoln. GERALD ROBERTSON, Lyons, FRANCES ROBINSON, Lin- coln. ELIZABETH ROESSLER, Fremont. HARMON RULIFFSON, Lincoln. WAYNE SCHILD, Columbus. BAR- BARA SELL, Torrington, Wyo. MAHAMMAD SHAPOORY, Tehron, Iron. ANDREW SHEETS, Edinboro, Penn. Below RUSSELL SIDER5, Omoho. MARY SIDNER, Lincoln. JERRY SIEGEL, Lincoln. JOHN SINCLAIR, Hollywood, Calif. DOROTHY SMILEY, Omaha. JACQUELYN SORENSEN, Lincoln. LOUISE STAM, Lincoln. RONALD STERKEL, Lincoln. MARTHA STRATBUCKER, Fort Calhoun. VIRGINIA STRYKER, Mitchell. HELEN SU, Foochow, Fukien, China. RAYMOND SUNDELL, Wisner. KATHRYN SWINGLE, Lincoln. NANCY SWOBODA, Omaha. BONNEY VARNEY, Broken Bow. DONALD WAHL, Omaha. KEN WALTERS, Wymore. NAVAJEAN WASHINGTON, St. Joseph, Mo. Oulslaiitliiiii Senii r Ronnie Sterkel Siders Sidner Siegel Sinclair Smiley Sorensen Stom Sterkel Strat backer Stryker Su Sundell Swingle Swoboda Varney Wahl Walters Washing! Yos Berg Corveth Biemond Chambers Alberts Bunten Clark Anderson, C. Bredthauer Clouse Anderson, J. Boehr Brown Cody Cootmon Colling Above EDITH WEEKES, Nebraska City. MARGARET WIEDMAN, Sidney. GEORGE WILCOX, Lincoln. JERROLD YOS, Lincoln. SALLY ADAMS, Aurora. PHILLIP ALBERTS, Omaha. CORY ANDERSON, Ord. JOHN ANDERSON, Omoho. MAX BAEHR, Long Beach, Calif. WILLIAM BA5LER, Omaha. PATRICIA BECHAN, North Platte. PAUL BECKER, Lincoln. WALDO BERG, Beatrice. C. BIEMOND, Ord. ANDREW BUNTEN, Cheyenne, Wyo. BARBARA BREDTHAUER, Grand Island. MARION BROWN, Papillion. WINSLOW CADY, Colorado Springs, Colo. ANN CARLSON, Lincoln. DORIS CARLSON, Omoho, FRANK CARVER, Foils City. STEVE CARVETH, Lincoln, MARY CHAMBERS, Linco ' n. JIMMIE CLARK, Ravenna. DELORIS CLOUSE, Fremont. SIMON COAT- MAN, Fairbury. JERRY COLLING, Wilsonville. Below CATHERINE CORP, Lincoln. NANCI DeBORD, Omaha, JOSEPH DENNIS, Republican City. JOHN DICK, Fremont. KATHLEEN DILL, Alexandria. DIANE DOWNING, Superior. BERNARD DOYLE, North Platte. LOIS EDDY, Lincoln. IRA EPSTEIN, Omaha. ELAINE ESCH, Skokie, III. NANCY FARNSWORTH, Lincoln. BILL FARMER, Falls City. SYDNA FUCHS, Omaho. JOHN GASKILL, Superior. LOIS GERELICK, Omoho. ROBERT GILMORE, Omoho. BERNARD GOODMAN, Almo. HILE GOODRICH, Crowford. Arts and Sciences Juniors and Seniors Corp Doyle DeBord Eddy Gaskill Dennis Epstein Gerelick Dick Esch Fornsworth Goodman Downing Farmer Goodrich Outstanding Senior Tom Rische f p. 9 1 Graham Jackson, J. Krievs Greene Jackson, J. Krueger Gruntorod Johnson Lawrence Gustafson Koestner Lindell Hancock Korrer Logie Hansen Koth Lowe Kelley Lucas Hortmc Kjeldga Melchei Krasne Michelet Arts and Sciences Juniors Above THOMAS GRAHAM, Lincoln. HELENE GREENE, Omaha. ELAINE GRUNTORAD, Ulysses. PAUL GUSTAFSON, Gothenburg. GEORGE HANCOCK, Lincoln. HERBERT HANSEN, Nebraska Cify. MARYANNE HARRIS, Omaha. MARY HARTMAN, Omaha. CHARLOTTE HERVERT, Lincoln. JANE JACKSON, Omaha. JEAN JACKSON, Wahoo. JULIE JOHNSON, Lincoln. PETE KAESTNER, Dearborn, Mich. FREDERICK KARRER, McCook. STERLING KATH, Kimboll. KENT KELLEY, Beaver City. JOANNE KJELDEGAARD, Big Springs. SYVIA KRASNE, Fremont. VIVITA KRIEVS, Lincoln. JOAN KRUEGER, Norfolk. LOIS LAWRENCE, Alliance. NANCY LINDELL, Omaha. ELIZABETH LOGIE, Saint Paul. JOHN LOWE, III, Kearney. BARBARA LUCAS, Omaha. WILLIAM MELCHER, Omaha. ALLEN MICHELET, Sonta Barbara, Calif. Below JOANN MICKELSON, Lincoln. ANN MOCKETT, Lincoln. WILLIAM MOONEY, Omoho, JOHN MOORE, Lincoln. SHIRLEY MOORE, Omaha. FLOYD MOREHEAD, Omaha. PHYLLIS MOYER, Fremont. JAMES MUNGER, Lincoln. JACK MUNSON, San Bernardino, Calif. MARGARET McCOY, Lincoln. ROBERT McCOY, Springview. JOHN McELHANEY, Lincoln. PATRICIA MclLNAY, Central City. MARY JEAN NEELY, Lincoln. BARBARA NELSON, Oakland. Outslniidinji Senior Pat Wiedman Mickelson Mockett Mooney Moore, J. Moore, S. Morehead Meyer Munger Munson McCoy, M McCoy, R. McElhonev McMnoy Neely Nelson Pieper Potts Rosenquist Roth Tolliver Trobert Above SUE NEUENSWANDER, Lincoln. CLARK NICHOLS, Minotore. EILEEN OELRICH, Omaha. ROBERT OSBORNE, Omaha. ROBERT OTNES, Lincoln. WINNIE OWEN, Lincoln. PATRICIA PETERS, Omaha. DONALD PIEPER, Omoho. RUTH POTTS, Dallas, Texas. CLAIRE RAISH, Omaha. JANE RANDALL, Kearney. RUTH RAYMOND, Scottsbluff. THOMAS RECHT, Edgar. BARBARA REINECKE, Lincoln. VINCENT ROBINSON, Kearney. CAROLINE ROGERS, Lincoln. GLENN ROSENQUIST, Lincoln. ROBERT ROTH, McCook. DALE SASS, Benning- ton. JOAN SAVAGE, Omaha. BEVERLY SMITH, North Platte. LENNIE STEPANEK, Lincoln. ANDREA SVOBODA, Cozad. JAMES TERRY, Waterloo, Iowa. BONNIE TIANCO, Lincoln. MARY TOLLIVER, Lin- coln. NEIL TRABERT, Lincoln. Below PATRICIA VINSANT, Summerfield, Kans. DON WARNKE, Sterling. WALT WEAVER, Lincoln. NANCY WEIR, Golesburg, III. HOBART WILT5E, Falls City. LEO WINEY, Shelton. JOHN WOOLLEY, Omaha. RICHARD WORRALL, Wahoo. MARY WORRALL, Wahoo. MARILYN WRIGHT, Hastings. BARBARA WYLIE, Lincoln. BARBARA YOUNG, Omaha. JANYCE KLONE, York. Arts and Sciences Juniors VinSant Wornke Weaver Weir Wiltse Winey Woolley Wor oil, R Wor roll, M. Wright Wylie Young Klon Outstandinf; Senior Richard Miller Phi Beta Kappa National Honorary Scholastic Society in the College of Arts and Sciences Lyie Dee Altrnan William Avon Barrett, Jr. Nancy Benjamin Marjorie Ellen Bratt Andrew Paul Boris Beulah Beam Richard Cutts Ladd LaVerne Duryeo Howard Dinsdale Ralph Bruce Emmons Joe Nielsen Gifford Lois Bryson Griffith Hallet Gildersleeve Alice Joy Heiss Dick Henry Hoize Ralph Kilb Nancy B. Koehler Chris E. E. Kuyatt Jean Elizabeth Loomis John Edwin McReynolds Barbara Mann Raymond Glenn Marvin Marilyn Moomey Albert Mark O ' Dell, Jr. Marilyn Ruth Olson R. Thomas Rische Andrew Sheets Dorothy Ellen Smiley Jacquelyn Sorensen Ruth C. Sorensen Mary Sidner Donald Eugene Thockrey Lucy Bonny Varney Marilyn Weber Jack Welsh Margaret P. Wiedman Miriam Stewart Willey Jerrold Moore Yos Page 56 Sigma Xi National Honorary Science Society in the College of Arts and Sciences Buele Balderston William Avon Barrett, Jr. George Bassett Cobel Richard Cutts Ralph Bruce Emmons Harvey W. Headley Myron James Holm Ralph Kilb Chris E. E. Kuyatt Narendra P. Loomba Richard J. McNamee Richard Kenneth Mohler Richard Byrd Murray Lyie Wilbur Nilson Roger Swanson Norall Marvin B. Rhodes Eugene Edwin Robinson Robert F. Sand Andrew Sheets John F. Stone Janice Ester Teter Lucy Bonny Varney Roy Eugene Walker Jerrold Moore Yos Winifred C. Zacharias Page 57 Pi Mu Epsilon National Honorary Mathematics Society in the College of Arts and Sciences 1 Nestor E. Acevedo C. B. Ackerman John W. Adams Philip Armstrong Amis R. Aumalis John H. Blozek William A. Barrett Dean T. Buckingham Paul H. Chismar George B. Cobel Robert G. Crook Richard Cutts Bruce R. Emmons F. Dale Flood Robert C. Haight Myron C. Holm Richard H. Holtze Hans Jeans Charles Harvey Emerson Jones Chris E. Kuyott Ralph W. Kilb Norman G. Lind John J. Lliteras Narendra P. Loomba John A. Marks Richard J. McNamee Herbert A. Meyer Richard K. Mohler Donna M. Murphy Don J. Nelson Burton E. Persell Donald W. Procter Richard T. Pusateri Thomas A. Reed Marvin 6. Rhodes A. Kellam Rigler Clyde L. Ruthroff William L. Sowrey Andrew T. Sheets David P. Sheetz Robert C. Tefft John T. Warren Norman D. Williams Dale R. Winder James C. Wolford Jerrold M. Yos Winfred C. Zacharias Class Informal: Tests are Made in Physics Laboratory Students record results of experiment. Love Library Has Study Lounge on First Floor Students can coke and smoke while they learn. Maps, Globes Aid Study of Geography Reveal natural features of the earth. Lens Problem is Considered by Physics Class The camera is a subject for laboratory work. Class Informal Chemicals Mixed in Basement of Bessey Hal Supplies, equipment stored and used here. Language Students Attend Meeting of Spanish Club Opportunity for practice in speaking the language. Social Sciences is Headquarters for Business Administration Classes and Activities Students learn application of techniques in the various phases of business. Biz Ad enrollment above 900 first semester of 1951-52; Highlight was a banquet honoring outstanding students The American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business was formed in 1916 with fourteen charter members; Nebraska was one. The College of Business Administration at Nebraska is one of the larger colleges of the University. It had an enrollment over 900 for the first semester of 1951-52. All graduates receive a general education plus a basic training in business, and, in addi- tion, hove the opportunity to specialize in different fields such as advertising, finance, insurance, personnel, money and banking or retailing. One of the most important occasions in this college is the Bus Ad banquet at which the members to Beta Gamma Sigma, notional honorary scholastic fraternity for seniors, are announced. Ten scholasticolly outstanding freshmen of the previous year are awarded gold keys by Mr. Nathan Gold, Lincoln businessman. This banquet is sponsored by the Col- lege of Business Administration with the help of the professional honorary organi- zations in the college. Phi Chi Theta, a women ' s group, and Delta Sigma Pi, a men ' s group. Page 60 Earl S. Fullbrook Dean of the College of Business Administration. Faculty Seminar Meets Once a Month Dean Fullbrook conducts discussion. Faculty and Students Attend the Annual Biz Ad Banquet Freshmen awarded gold keys; seniors, honorary memberships Poge 61 ' ■ ' ' " ' r iiiJl Anderson Bridges Capmon Andn B roe ken n M Ankeny Bruening Cohen Babcock Bryant Cooper Behrens Buls Cornish Business Administration Above LYLE ALTMAN, Salina, Kons. DONALD ANDERSON, Stromsburg. REX ANDREWS, Lincoln. ROBERT ANKENY, Lincoln. DALE BABCOCK JR., Lincoln. DEWAYNE BEHRENS, Muscatine, Iowa. GEORGE BERIGAN, Omoha. RICHARD BILLIG, Omaha. ALFRED BLACKETT, Omoho. RICHARD BLUNK, Lin- coln. MARVIN BRIDGES, Omoha. HARLAN BROEKENMEIER, Columbus. FRED BRUENING, Harfington. ARTHUR BRYANT, Beatrice. RICHARD BULS, Seward. CHARLES BURMEISTER, Wohoo. LEONARD BUSH, Omaha. EDWARD BYGLAND, Albion. JOHN CAMP, Lincoln. JAMES CARMAN, Brookings, S. D. ROBERT CHURCH, Central City. JACK COHEN, Omaha. ALBERT COOPER, Scottsbluff. JAMES COR- NISH, Omaha. ROBERT COTTINGHAM, Grand Island. W. COURTNEY, St. Paul. DOUGLAS DALE, Ord. Seniors Below VERNON DAVIDSON, Lincoln. JOHN DEAN, Hastings. HAROLD DIBELKA, Omaha. JAMES DOWNEY, Scottsbluff. ROBERT ESPEGREN, Omoha. ALICE FRAMPTON, Lincoln. FRED FREEMAN, Bellevue. JOHN FULLER, Snyder, N. Y. LOREN GAETH, Fremont. WILLIAM GANGEL, Nebraska City. HERBERT GIFFEN, Monrovia, Calif. VINCENT GOERES, Lincoln. JOHN GRASMICK, Lincoln. GEORGE GREEN, Redfield, S. D. JOHN GREVICH, Cold Springs, N. Y. ROLLAND HAAS, Lincoln. JEROME HAMMANG. Fremont. RONALD HARDT, Lincoln. Outstanding Senior Bob Reichenbach Davidson Freeman Grasmick Dean Fuller Dibelka Gaeth Grevich Downey Gangel Haas Espegren Giffen Hammang Frampton Goeres Hordt Above 5EVERIN HARKSON, San Mateo, Calif. JOHN HECKENLIVELY, Omaha. PHYLLIS HEECKT, Lincoln. JOHN HENDERSON, Beotrice. OWEN HOCK, Smithfield. DONALD HOFFMAN, Omaha. BILL HOLM- QUIST, Oakland. JUSTIN HORWICH, Omaha. MARGUERITE HUGHES, Seward. SAM HUSTON, Grand Island. SHELDON JACOBS, Deodwood, S. D. DALE JOHNSON, Hastings. ROBERT E. JOHNSON, Omaha. ROBERT W. JOHNSON, Lincoln. ROLAND KASPAR, Prague. DALE KING, Lincoln. RICHARD KIZZIER, Hcldrege. LLOYD KNAPP, Kearney. KENNETH KRITNER, Lincoln. PAUL KUGLER, Bridgeport. RICHARD LANDER, Cleveland, Ohio. EDWIN LANE, Council Bluffs, Iowa. RICHARD LAU, Lincoln. JOAN L ' HEUREUX, Hastings. PHYLLIS LICKEI, Lincoln. DARRYL LUKASIEWICZ, Farwell. NORMAN LUEDTKE, Omaha. Below DAVID MAJOR, Storm Loke, Iowa. PAUL MARQUART, West Bore, Mo. DARRELL MARSHALL, Fair- bury. JAMES MEDLIN, Albion. HUGH MEYER, Lincoln. WILLIAM MICHELSON, Grand Island. EUGENE MILLER, Sidney. KEITH MILLS, Lincoln. DENNIS MITCHEM, Elwood. RAY MLADOVICH, Omaha. CALVIN MODISETT, Omaha. JOHN MONTGOMERY, Lincoln. GLENN MOORE, Grand Island. ROBERT MOSHER, Lincoln. HAROLD MYERS, Weeping Water. MARY MCCARTHY, Unadilla. EUGENE McKAY, Uniontown, Penn. LEON NOVAK, Brainord. Business Administration Seniors Major Marguart Marshall Medlin Meyer Michelson Miller Mills Mitchem Mladovich Modisett Montgomery Moore Mosher Myers McCarthy McKay Novak Outstanding Senior Joan Peters ■■ ' --,. - , g : M Oakeson O ' Brien Ockander Olson Ostdiek, A. Ostdiek, G. °arker Patterson Peters Pierce Poulos Rajewicn Rauh Relchenbach Roeder Rohon Romive Rosenqc Rolhell RLiback Sauo! tad Schontz Schrceder Schierir.ever Scott Sherman Shulthe Business Administ-ration Seniors Above DWAYNE OAKESON, St. Paul. PATRICIA O ' BRIEN, Lincoln. DONALD OCKANDER, Wahoo. RICHARD OLSON, Omoho. ALFRED OSTDIEK, Lawrence. GLEN OSTDIEK. Lawrence. WALTER PARKER, Hastings. ROBERT PATTERSON, Lincoln. JOAN PETERS, Lincoln. EARL PIERCE, Lincoln. JOHN POULOS, Lin- coln. CHARLENE RAJEWICH, Grand Island. DON RAUH, Solino, Kons. ROBERT REICHENBACH, Lin- coln. ROBERT ROEDER, Lincoln. PAUL ROHON, Bystricko, Czechoslovokio. WILLIS ROMJVE, Red Cloud JAMES ROSENQUIST, Omaha. GEORGE ROTHELL, Tecumseh. NORMAN RUBACK, Omaha. DENNIS SAUGSTAD, Beresford, S. D. GEORGE 5CHANTZ, Fairfield, Iowa. JOHN SCHROEDER, Omoho. JERRY SCHIERMEYER, Beatrice. RONALD SCOTT, Corning, Iowa, ROBERT SHERMAN, Omoho. DON SHULTHEIS, Wayne. Below BRUCE SIEVERS, Lincoln. KEITH SKALLA, Beatrice. HOWARD SORENSEN, Fremont. MARVIN SUVALSKY, Council Bluffs, Iowa. DELMAR TOEBBEN, Nickerson. MYRON TRACY, Mitchell. ROBERT UMPHENOUR, Beatrice. LLOYD UNDERBRINK, Gering. CURTIS VENELL, Shickley. CECIL VOILS, Lincoln. DONALD WAG- NER, Lincoln. WALTER WALTER, Onowo, Iowa. HARRISON WARD JR., Plainfield, Ind. NEAL WEDDLE, Falls City. WILBORN WHITEHEAD, Beaver Crossing. SAMUEL WHITEMAN JR., Hastings. CHARLES WIDMAIER, Hastings. LAWRENCE WIEDMAIER, Falls City. Otitslaiiduig Senior Jack Cohen Sievers Skalla Sorensen Suvolsky Toebben Tracy Umphenour Underbr nk Venell Voils Wogner Walter Word Weddle Whitehead vVhitemon vVidrnaier vViedmoie r wi ' n Battey Brydl Above JOHN WIRTH, Lincoln. DONALD WOOD, Curtis. ETHEL WOODWARD, Leigh. PAUL WOOLWINE, Proft, Kons. WILLIAM ADAMS, West Point FRANK ALLEN, Norfolk. LARRY ANDERSEN, Grand Island. PAUL ANDERSON, Lincoln. MAX ANDREWS, Lincoln. RICHARD AXTELL, Beatrice. VANCE BAKER, Burton. ROBERT BALE, Sioux Fal ' .s, S, D. ROBERT BARCHUS, Scottsbluff. CHARLES BATTEY, Lincoln. JOHN BEECHAM, Lincoln. ALBERT BEHMER, Ceresco. WILLIAM BISH, Rocky Ford, Colo. ALAN BLAHA, Ord. MILO BRABEC, Geneva. WILLIAM BRANDT, Emerson. PHILIP BRE5LIN, Ashland, Penn. GERALD BROWN, Norfolk. MELVIN BRYDL, Wilber. ROBERT BUEHLER, Hinsdale, III. TED CANNON, Mitchell ROGER COOK, Gregory, S. D. THOMAS CONWAY, Madison. Below MAURICE COSTELLO, Tucson, Ariz. THOMAS CUSHING, Hosfings. DONALD DELLI PAOLI, New York, N. Y. LESTER DEMMEL, Norfolk. JOHN DESMOND, Lincoln. DONALD DEVRIES, Lincoln. LORENZO DCNARICO, Omaha. JOE DOYLE, North Platte. WAYLAND DUNCAN, Bedford, lowo. RICHARD DUNNUCK, Bloomington, III. JOHN ELWELL, Sidney GENE ENO, Lincoln. CARL ENG5TR0M, Dix. CHARLES ETTLEMAN, Tecumseh WALTER EVERETT, Lyons. ROBERT FAYMAN, Atchison, Kons. KEN FISHER, Omaha. GERALD FORD, Grond Island. Business Administ-ration Seniors and Juniors ostello onorico Cushing Doyle Delli Pooh Duncon Demmel Dunnuck Desmond Elwell Devries Eno Outstanding Senior ngstrom Ettlemon Foymon Everett Fisher Ford Lyie Altman Gangel Gass, E. Gass, G. Homon Hamann Hammang Hofgard Hoffman Horsfman Business Administration Above ROBERT GANGEL, Nebrasko City. EDWARD GASS, Columbus. GERALD GASS, Red Cloud. GORDON GAY, Lincoln. JAMES GIBBS, Custer, S. D. JERRY GOLDING, Lincoln. BERNARD GREENBERG, Omoha. PAUL GRIMM, Blair. JOHN GROW, Nenzel. OTTO HAMAN, Omaha. DONALD HAMANN, Lincoln. GERALD HAMMANG, Fremont. ALLAN HANSEN, Nehawko. DOUGLAS HANSON, Omoha, WILLIS HEIM, Hum.boldt. NORRIS HEINEMAN, Ainsworth. HOMER HOBBS, Beatrice. BILL HODDER, Lincoln. WILLIAM HOFGARD, Scottsbluff. FRANK HOFFMAN, Omaha. RICHARD HORSTMAN, Omaho. MARILYN HOUSEL, Madison. ROBERT HOWEY, Lincoln. EDWARD HUSMANN, Ogollala. LOLA HUTSHELL, Marquette. RICHARD JACKSON, Omaha. JOSEPH HERMAN, West Point. Juniors Below ELDON JOHNSON, Lincoln. ROBERT JOHNSON, Holdrege. SPRINGER JONES, Mitchell. WAYNE KINYON, North Salt Lake, Utah. CYRIL KOCIAN, Plattsmouth. MARILYN KRANAU, Blue Hill. HARVEY KROELLER, Lincoln. GORDON KROGH, South Sioux City, ROBERT KRUGER, Schuyler. JACK LADDS, Shenondooh, Iowa. ROBERT LaSHELLE, Omoha. WENDELL LAUBER, Geneva. JOHN LEACH, Omoha. GUS LEBSCCK, Lincoln. DONALD LEWIS, Bladen. MARTIN LEWIS, Omaha. WALLACE LOERCH, Tekamoh. RAY LOUC S, Grand Island. Outstanding Senior Leon Novak Johnson, E. Johnson, R. Jones Kinyon Kocion Kronau Kroeller Krogh Kruger Lodds LoShelle Lauber Leach Lebsock Lewis, D. Lewis, M. Loerch Loucks r " W - l ' erf, -J - m t«M iL«e9, S ' « ' leilsen, D. oynich Neilsen, R. Peck Matthews Noble, C. Pennock Noble, L. Phipps Mooney Noble, R Pollard Nakago Oslund Robe Above ELDON LOVELL, Beatrice. BURDETTE LUKERT, MEISINGER, Louisville. RICHARD MLINAR, Colum Rapid City, S. D. VALJEAN McCURDY, Tobias. NEILSEN, Moorheod, Iowa. ROBERTA NIELSEN, Lincoln. JOHN MATTHEWS, Aurora. KENNETH ous. ROBERT MOONEY, Plymouth. ROBERT MYERS, ARTHUR NAKAGAWA, Honolulu, T. H. DUANE Columbus. CLARK NOBLE, Omaha. DAVE NOBLE, Omaha. LESLIE NOBLE, Beatrice. ROGER NOBLE, Red Cloud. JAMES OCHSNER, West Palm Beach, Fla. JAMES OLIVER, Shelton. RICHARD OSLUND, Lincoln. GEORGE PAYNICH, Des Plaines, III. JO PECK, Columbus. LEVIS PENNOCK, Sioux Falls, 5. D. IRVIN PETERSON, Lincoln. DAVID PHIPPS, Lincoln. LARRY POLLARD, Nehowko. LAWRENCE POPPA, ColuTibus. JAMES QUINN, Omaha. MARILYN RABE, Befow RONALD RAITT, Ainsworth. NORMAN RASMUS5EN, Central City. FRED RAUCH, Grand Island. PHILIP REILAND, Randolph. WILLIAM RICKLY, Son Diego, Calif. LOUIS ROPER, Lincoln. JAMES ROSE, Auburn. MAX ROTHLEITNER, Beatrice. JAMES RUNYAN, Lincoln. ELDON SCHAFER, McCook. PAUL SCOTT, North Bend, ROBERT SHERWOOD, Orleans. PETE SIMMONS, Hobort, Okla. STANLEY SNYDER, Foirbury. ARNOLD STRASHEIM, Lincoln. RICHARD TAVIS, Lincoln. DOHN THEOBALD, Geneva. IRVING THODE, Loup City. Business Administration Juniors Outstanding Senior Glen Ostdiek Tolmon Ward Wiftstruck Tompkir Wellens Wo I pa Wade Wogn C. Wellensiek, P. Wilscc Woodruff Young Walker Winkelmonn Zveitel DAN TOLMAN, McCook. WALTER TOMPKINS, Marysville, Kans. RICHARD WADE, Norfolk. DAN WAGNER, North Bend. TILLiE WALKER, Elbowoods, N. D. JAMES WARD, Omoho. KARL WELLENSIEK, Grand Island. PAUL WELLENSIEK, Grond Island. JANET WILSCAM, Lincoln. DON WINKELMANN, Imperial. DOUGLAS WITTSTRUCK, Baltimore, Md. STANLEY WOLPA, Omaha. FOSTER WOODRUFF, Lincoln. JANICE YOUNG, Oak Park, III. JERRY KESSEL, Lincoln. MILROY ZVEITEL, Grand Islond. Beta Gamma Sigma Gold Key Winners E. Park, M. Bridges, J. Holden, H. Wenke, M. Housel, R. Johnson. Page 6? Bock row: J. Ullstrom, V. Robertson, A. Fran fon, C. Veto, M. Housel. Front row: M. Cripe, M. Kronou, P. Beck, Bourne. Phi Chi Theta ' s Check over Christmas Cards Profitable venture for Biz Ad students. Phi Chi Theta Women students in business administra- tion worked together in Phi Chi Theta, women ' s professional business administra- tion sorority. They work to help the college plan its annual banquets and awards and also to raise the standards of women in business. A speaker series on " Women in Business " and trips to business places helped to broaden their knowledge of the entire field. Most of the group ' s activitie s were planned by Pat Beck, president. Beta Gamma Sigma National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity in the College of Business Administration Lyie D. Altman Jack B. Cohen Douglas R. Dale Richard Hoover Jean J. Hunter Roland R. Kasper Kenneth A. Legg Paul F. Lienemann Dennis E. Mitchem Leon M. Novak Glen R. Ostdiek Robert E. Patterson Joan Peters John P. Pfann Robert R. Reichenbach Lester G. Smith William E. Sorensen Page 69 Boker Bryant Bygland Dibelka Heim Kinyon McCurdy Mead Medlin NoDle Ostdiek, A. Ostdiek, G. Pierce Skinner Sorensen Wode Wolter Whitehead Wirth Wittstruck First and Second Semester Officers Confer Procedure explained to new officers. Leon Novak President Howard Sorensen . . . Vice President Earl Pierce Secretary Paul Marquart Treasurer Greetings to Dr. Lancaster Discussion, feature on program. Alpha Kappa Psi Complicated business administration machines were kept busy by Alpha Kappa Psi members. The national business frater- nity was headed by Leon Novak. Meetings included professional speak- ers on problems in business. Industrial tours and a panel discussion on wage stabiliza- tion were other projects which they spon- sored. Professor E. B. Schmidt received the silver award for outstanding faculty adviser at the district convention at Denver. On the social side was the spring formal, picnics and smokers. Plans for the biz ad banquet were also made by Alpha Kappa Psi members. Actives Frank Allen, Norfolk, ' 53; Lyie Altman, Solino, Kons., ' 52; Vance Baker, Burton, ' 54; Marvin Bridges, Omaha, ' 52; Arthur Bryant, Beatrice, ' 52; Roger Cook, Gregory, S. Dok., ' 53; Harold Dibelka, Omaha, ' 52; John Fuller, Snyder, N. Y., ' 52; Donald Hoffman, Omaha, ' 52; Frank Hoffman, Omaha, ' 53; William Holmquist, Oaklond, ' 52; Richord Huebner, Plotts- mouth, ' 54; Dale King, Lincoln, ' 52, Wayne Kinyon, Salt Lake City, Utah, ' 53; Robert Kment, Omaha, ' 54; Lloyd Knapp, Kearney, ' 52; Gordon Krogh, South Sioux City, ' 53; Donald Leonard, Madrid, Iowa, ' 54; Wallace Loerch, Tekamah, ' 53; Paul Marquort, Westboro, Mo., ' 52; Val- jeon McCurdy, Tobios, ' 53; Kenneth Meisinger, Louisville, ' 53; William Michelson, Grand Island, ' 52; Robert Noble, Red Cloud, ' 53; Leon Novak, Broinard, ' 52; Alfred Ostdiek, Lav rence, ' 52; Glen Ostdiek, Lawrence, ' 52; Earl Pierce, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Reichenbach, Lincoln, ' 52; Don Schneider, Lincoln, ' 52; Paul Scott, North Bend, 53; Howard Sorensen, Fremont, ' 52; William Sorensen, Fremont, Grad; Curtis Venell, Shickley, ' 52; Richard Wade, Norfolk, ' 53; Walter Walter, Onawo, Iowa, ' 52; Wilborn White- head, Beaver Crossing, ' 53; John Wirth, Lincoln, ' 52; Douglass Wittstruck, Baltimore, Md., ' 53; Con Woolwine, Pratt, Kons., ' 52. Pledges F. Benedict, Lincoln, ' 53; Edson Bridges, Omaha, ' 54; Melvin Brydl, Wilber, ' 53; Howard Doty, Lincoln, ' 54, Paul Ely, North Platte, ' 54; Willis Heim, Humboldt, ' 53; Ed Husmann, Ogallalo, ' 53; Richard Mead, Scottsbluff, ' 54; Dwayne Ookeson, St. Paul, ' 52; James Skinner, Nebraska City, ' 54; Don Tolman, McCook, ' 53 Don vVagner, North Bend, ' 53; James Word, Omaha, ' 53; Frank Wells, Thayer, ' 54. Governor Peterson Guest Speaker Topic for evening, communism. Notional Alpha Kappa Psi Research Members study scholastic requirements. Page 71 Behmer Behrens Church Costello Cottinghon Courtney Dischner Engstrom Ettlemon Giffen Grevich Grow Haos Hock Johnson Kritner Kugler Lukert Marshall Meisinger Meyer Mills Mooney Ockonder Runyan Scott Simmons Sohl Switzer Tompkins Umphenout Voils Young Delta Sigma Pi Officers Relax for an Evening Bowling enthusiasts test their skills. John Grevich HeacJmaster Burdette Lukert Scribe Robert Church Treasurer Outstanding Member Gets Reward Nice going. Bob Potterson. Delta Sigma Pi High scholastic achievements were at- tained by members of Delta Sigma Pi, pro- fessional business fraternity. The biz ad students rated fourth in competition with all University organizations. A merit medal for service to the college and to the fraternity was awarded to Robert Patterson. At a spring banquet, the top business administration student and out- standing out-state citizen received similar recognition from Delta Sigma Pi. Other activities included making an in- dustrial tour to Kansas City and presenting the Rose of Delta Sig at their annual spring formal. John Grevich headed the fraternity. Harold Hesselfine, Linc oln, ' 53; Creston, lowG, ' 53; Carroll Johi Actives John Andrews, Lincoln, ' 52; Ernest Arrigo, Lincoln, ' 54; Albert Behmer, Ceresco, ' 53; DeWayne Behrens, Muscatine, Iowa, ' 52; Bert Bouquet, Jr., Lincoln, ' 54; Scott Brown, Jr., Waverly, ' 55; Bob Bruner, Fremont, ' 54; John Camp, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Church, Centrol City, ' 53; Maurice Costello, Tucson, Ariz., ' 54; Robert Cottinghom, Grand Island, ' 52; William Courtney, St. Paul, ' 53; Donald Dischner, Lincoln, ' 54; Carl Engstrom, Dix, ' 53; Charles Ettlemen, Lincoln, ' 53; Roland Fafeita, Ord, ' 52; Herbert Giffen, Monrovia, Calif., ' 53; John Grevich, Cold Springs, N. Y.. ' 52; John Grow, Nenzel, ' 53, Rolland Haas, Lincoln, ' 52; Clifford Harmatta, Lincoln, ' 55; lock, Smithfield, ' 52; Robert Jensen, incoln, ' 54; Eldon Johnson, Lincoln, ' 53; Jeriy Kessel, Lincoln, ' 53; Kenneth Kritner, Lincoln, ' 52; Paul Kugler, Bridgeport, ' 52; Jerry Lincoln, North Platte, ' 53; Burdetle Lukert, Lincoln, ' 53; John Lynch, Marysville, Kans., ' 54; Dorrell Marshall, Lincoln, ' 52; Jim Malson, Lincoln, ' 5 3; John Meisinger, Lincoln, ' 55; Hugh Meyer, Lincoln, ' 52; Keith Mills, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Mooney, Plymouth, ' 53; Bernard Nealy, Omaha, ' 52; Kenneth Neff, Lincoln, ' 54; Jomes Nelson, Kearney, ' 53; William Nicheloson, Phillipsburg, Kons. ' 55; Donald Ockander, Wohoo, ' 52; Robert Pattferson, Lincoln, ' 52; Anton Rasmussen, Lincoln, ' 55; Philip Reiland, Randolph, ' 53; Robert Roeder, Lincoln, ' 52; Rector Rubeck, Alli- once, James Runyon, Lincoln, ' 53; Ronald Scott, Cor.ning, Iowa, ' 52; Homer Simmons, Hobort, Okla.. ' 53; George Sohl, Wohoo, ' 54; Dan Switzer, Lin- coln, ' 54; Arthur Taylor, Naugatuck, Conn., ' 54; Walter Tompkins, Marys- ville, Kons., ' 53; Robert Umphenour, Beatrice, ' 53; Ray Van Buskizk, Lincoln, ' 53; Cecil Veils, Lincoln, ' 52; Lyie Young, Sargent, ' 54. Pledges Duone Larson, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 54; Don Lewii Visek, ' 54; William Wentworth, Fremont, ' 53. Bloden, ' 53; Richord Discussion around Bulletin Board The news of the day. Members Gather on Steps A local reunion. Page 73 Third Floor Andrews Occupied by Dental College, Classrooms, Laboratories and Clinic Future will bring new building entirely devoted to training and graduate work. 1952 is greeted with enthusiasm by College of Dentistry; Realization of hope for their new building draws near The College of Dentistry students and faculty greeted 1952 with enthusiasm be- cause it brought them nearer to realization of their hope for a new building and more adequate facilities. The present limited capacity of their facilities is strained. Many young men and women desiring to enroll in dentistry have been disappointed because only thirty-two freshmen can be accommodated each year. The laboratories and infirmaries are over- crowded with the present under-graduate program, and there is but one graduate course in the program today. This college is a member of the Amer- ican Association of Dental Schools and has full approval of the American Dental Asso- ciation. Many fine compliments have been received from professional authorities, but an even higher standard is the aim. Dental College is justly proud of the present training standards in their under- graduate course, and they are greatly grati- fied with the accomplishments of many of their graduates. The new building and adequate facili- ties, now on the proposed agenda for 1953, will help meet the challenge. Page 74 Faculty and Alumni Get Together Homecoming observed once o year. Bert L. Hooper Deon of the College of Dentistry Doctors Study Denture Example False teeth present problem. Dental College Faculty Have Dinner before the Business Meeting Discussion of problems takes place over after-dinner coffee. Dentistry Above CHARLES BARKER, Rising City. HARLEY BATIE, Omoha. RICHARD BRADLEY, Omaha. LESTER BULLER, Fairbury. JOHN BUSCH, Norfolk. ROBERT CRAIG, Mitchell. RALEIGH GIBSON, Fairbury. MELVIN GLANT2, Culbertson. JAMES GRIGGS, Scof ' sbluff. RICHARD HARVEY, Sioux Foils. S. D. HUBERT HATTAN, Nelson. ARTHUR HINMAN, Newman Grove. LOREN HOSCHOUER, Maywood. EDGAR HOSKIN, Calloway. DUANE HUNT, Lincoln. DONALD IRWIN, Lincoln. WAYNE LARRA- BEE, Norfolk. EDWIN LEBSACK, Lincoln. BERNARD LUNDBERG, Lincoln. GORDON MAGNUSSON, Wahoo. LEE MOHR, Tilden. HERBERT NELSON, Sidney. WILLIAM O ' KEEFE, Boyord. DAVID PORT- WOOD, Dovenport. CAROL SWANBOM, Scottsbluff. IRA VORHIES JR., Lincoln. WILLIAM ZIEGEN- BEIN, Ashland. Seniors and Juniors Below RICHARD BUSH, McCook. PHILIP CURLEY, Seward. FRANK EPPERSON, Denver, Colo. DOYLE GUS- TAF50N, Polk. GORDON MCKENZIE, Lincoln. FRED NOVAK, Howells. RICHARD OTT, Denver, Colo VERNON RINNE, Pawnee. HOWARD ROBSON, Thayer. WILLIAM RUTLEDGE, Wllsonville. JAMES THOMAS, Lincoln. DONALD WILLIAMS, Rocky Ford, Colo. Bush Curley Epperson Gustofso McKenzle Novak Ott Rinne Robson Rutledqe Thomas Williams Outslamliii Senior Loren Houschouer Page 76 All Patients Receive Competent Work Dental clinic is a busy place. Dental Students Apply Classroom Instruction Making a superior denture requires practice. College Informals Coffee-Coke Machine Frequented Regulorly Students take ten minute break from class. Research and Studying Necessary Basis for Work Library in Dent College source of information. ▼ Borker Bradlev Buller Busch Craig Gibson Griggs Hotton Hoskin Hunt Larrobee Nelson O ' Keefe Portwood Swonbom Vorliies Ziegenbein Xi Psi Phi ' s Try Talents in Game Room Skillful handling required here, too. William O ' Keefe Eugene McCleory Duane Hunt Les Buller . President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Day ' s End for Dental Students Off with the white jackets. Xi Psi Ph Male students enrolled in the College of Dentistry find social and professional companionship in Xi Psi Phi fraternity. Through weekly clinics end discussion groups, members learn some of the things they, as dentists, will have to practice. This includes both the technical and the public relations side of dentistry. The fraternity also provided social life for the members beyond class time. Ban- quets, smokers and picnics were planned by William O ' Keefe, president. The top social event was the spring formal. Zip ' s again topped scholastic ratings among organized groups this year. Actives Charles Barker, Rising City, ' 52; Dean Batchelaer, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 54; Walt Bennett, Milford, ' 54; Claire Bott, Los Angeles, Calif., ' 53; Richard Bradley, Omaha, ' 52; Jack Brown, Lincoln, ' 54; Les Buller, Fairbury, ' 52; John Busch, Norfolk, ' 52; Maynard Campbell, Lincoln, ' 53; Charles Cor- ofhers. Broken Bow, ' 54; Robert Croig, Scottsbluff, ' 52; George Dachs, Deer Lodge, Mont., ' 54; Vic Folhr, Gering, ' 54; Raleigh Gibson, Fairbury, ' 52; James Griggs, Scottsbluff, ' 52; Bob Grove, Alliance, ' 54; Willard Guard, Aurora, ' 53; Hubert Hatton, Nelson, ' 52; Art Hinman, Newman Grove, ' 52; Loren Hoschouer, Maywood, ' 52; Edgar Hosken, Callaway, ' 52; Bob Howard, Lincoln, ' 54; Duane Hunt, Lincoln, ' 52; Gregory Kallos, Falls City, ' 53; Bob Kelly, Wichita Falls, Texas, ' 54; Alvin Kleitsch, Chicago, III., ' 53; Gale Kloeffler, Manhattan, Kans., ' 53; Jack Knodle, Bozeman, Mont., ' 54; Robert Laird, Blue Hill, ' 53; Myron Lanspa, Brainard, ' 54; Wayne Larrabee, Norfolk, ' 52; Dale Little, Culbertson, ' 53; Charles MacDonold, Tekamah, ' 53; Milton Moisel, Omaha, ' 54; Bob Margrave, Wahoo, ' 54; Eugene McCleery, Denver, Colo., ' 53; John McReynolds, Ashland, ' 54; Ardie Means, Lincoln, ' 54; Bill Murphy, Nelson, ' 53; Herbert Nelson, Sid- ney, ' 52; John O ' Conner, Chappell, ' 54; Bob Odvarka, Clorkson, ' 53; Wil- liam O ' Keefe, Bayard, ' 52; Dick Oldfother, Kearney, ' 53; Wes Parker, Lincoln, ' 54; David Portwood, Davenport, ' 52; Billie Sonchez, Falls City, ' 53; Darvin Shoemaker, Scotia, ' 53; Vincent Soil, West Point, ' 53; Gordon Starbuck, Longmont, Colo., ' 54; Bob Stemm, Lincoln, ' 54; Doyle Sundberg, Polk, ' 53; Carol Swanbom, Scottsbluff, ' 52; Ira Vorhies, Lincoln, ' 52; Don Williams, Rocky Ford, Colo., ' 53; Jim Winchell, Lincoln, ' 54; Williom Ziegenbein, Ashland, ' 52. Pledges Robert Aarvig, Omaha, ' 55; Bill Best, Longmont, Colo., ' 55; Robert Crown- over, Sargent, ' 55; Victor Eastep, Livingston, Mo., ' 55; Gerome Evans, Lincoln, ' 55; Richard Harvey, Sioux Falls, So. Dak., ' 55; Ray Johansen, Columbus, ' 55; William Lippstreu, Lincoln, ' 55; Maurice Logan, Lincoln, ' 55; Dorrell McCabe, Missouri Valley, Iowa, ' 55; Harold Most, Lincoln, ' 55; Sidney Pattison, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 55; Chester Singer, Lincoln, ' 55; Lloyd Smith, Hastings, ' 55; James Thomas, Lincoln, ' 55; Glen Wood, Fair- bury, ' 55. Patient Receives Technical Care in the Lab Dental student Bill O ' Keefe does the job. Laboratory is Place for Practical Experience Three students apply their knowledge. Page 79 Botie Capek Corroles Curley Edwards Epperson Gilberr Gtontz Lawrence Lebsock Ludemon Ludwick Lundberg Mognusson Move McKee McKenztc McNamee MendenhaH Mohr Ott Peisor Roder Rinne Robson Rutledge Seale Vrtiska Wahlen Wiest Delta Sigma Delta With twenty new initiates and a calen- dar filled with meetings, clinics and social events, Delta Sigma Delta ' s combined so- cial and professional life. Members of the dental professional fraternity, headed by Frank Epperson, met twice monthly to hear such men as Dr. Mollis Askey, who spoke on the manage- ment of dental practices. The freshmen Welcome dinner in Sep- tember, the fall formal in November, the joint meetings with the Creighton chapter and the district conclave at Minnesota filled the social schedule. Caught in Midst of Lab Not much time to pose for pictures. Officers Gather in Department Library Essential resources conveniently located. Pint-Sized Patient Receives Care Students train in college clinic. Lab Includes Practical Aspects of Profession Instructor explains construction of dentures. College Informals Check-Out Desk for Equipment is Busy Place The dreaded " needle " is obtained here. Completed in 1950, Ferguson Hall was Needed Extension for Engineering College This modern structure is only a part of future University building plans. 8-issue college magazine edited by engineering students; Training includes varied fields and covers extensive areas The College of Engineering and Archi- tecture offers curricular programs leading to degrees in architectural, agricultural, chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. The programs are designed to equip students for beginning work and to develop abilities for later progress in the profession. Several professional societies have au- thorized the establishment of student branches in this college. These groups jointly sponsor, through the Engineering Executive board, all Engineering College activities such as the annual open house. Other important student activities in- clude the Mebrnshn Blueprint, a magazine ed- ited and managed by the students of this college. The magazine is issued eight times during the school year to students in this college. Honorary societies within the college in- clude Sigma Tau, for which all engineering students are eligible. Election is based on scholarship, sociability and practicability. Pi Tau Sigma is a similar honorary organ- ization for mechanical engineers and Eta Kappa Nu for those in electrical engineer- ing. Poge 82 Noon Discussion Group Assembles Probfems ironed out informally. Roy M. Green an of the College of Engineering and Architecture. Prof. Hurlbut Confers with Student Schedule for Ag engineering stated. Decisions Made and Policies Formed in Faculty Lounge Dean Green and faculty take time out for picture. Adams Cobel Heldenbrand Amos Anderson Andrews Baumon Burgess Corstensen Chase Duncan Engler Gilmore Greene Haight Hall Heermonn Hunt Johnson, K. E. Johnson, K. H. Johnson, R. King Klein Kleinscnmid Engineering Seniors Above JOHN ADAMS, Doykin. JOHN ALDEN, Auburn. DOUGLAS AMOS, Lincoln. BILL ANDERSON, Ord. RAY ANDREWS, Omoha. WENDALL BAUMAN, Lincoln. CARL BURGESS, Lincoln. LEONARD CARSTEN- SEN, Odebolt, Iowa. PHILLIP CHASE, Schuyler. GEORGE COBEL, Lincoln. CHARLES DEUSER, Omaha. HOWARD DUNCAN, Poole. RICHARD ENGLER, Poxton. LYNN GILMORE, North Platte. GEORGE GREENE, Lincoln. ROBERT HAIGHT, York. GLENN HALL, Chicago, III. HUGO HEERMANN, Stanton. JIM HELDENBRAND, Lincoln. ELMER HUBKA, Virginia. RICHARD HUNT, Panama. KENNETH E. JOHNSON, Lincoln. KENNETH H. JOHNSON, Hostings. RAYMOND JOHNSON, S.oux City, Iowa. MELVIN KING, Lincoln. ROBERT KLEIN, Scotia. BILL KLEINSCHMIDT, Stratton. Below LELAND KORTE, Leigh. JOHN KROGH, Ruskin. JOSEPH LAFERLA, Omaha. CHARLES LETH, North Platte. JOHN LLITERAS, Hemingtord. GERALD MALLOY, Hooper. KENNETH MINNICK, Alliance. RICHARD MOHLER, Ruskin. RICHARD MOULTON, Lincoln. JAMES MURNANE, Omaha. GERALD McCRACKEN, Lincoln. RICHARD McNAMEE, Norfolk. ROGER NORALL, Bertrond. PATRICK O ' DEA, Omaha. M. PATEL, Bomboy, India. R. PATEL, Bombay, India. HOWARD PEARSON, Western Springs, III. DON PETERSEN, Marquette. Outstanding Senior George Cobel Krogh Mohler O ' Dea Laferlo Moulton Patel, M. Leth Murnc Patel, Lliteros McCrocken Pearson Molloy McNomee Petersen i dM " etersen Phelps Phillips Portug chroeder Scoville Sees Simon waim Taylor Thompson Tighe Roubol Schmeecl Spnck Stolinski Von Kompen Walker Above JOHN PETERSEN, Dannebrog. RICHARD PHELPS, Lincoln. JOHN PHILLIPS, Lincoln. ISRAEL PORTU- GALI, Kfar Gilodi, Israel. JOHN PRIEN, Ord. JOHN PRUSHA, Omoha. GEORGE REINHARD, Broken Bow. JIM ROUBAL, Central City. WILLIS 5CHMEECKLE, Cozad. BOB SCHROEDER, Grand Island. VERNON SCOVILLE, Nickerson. MYRON SEES, Gordon. LOUIS SIMON, Omoha. ROBERT SMITH, Sheridan, Wyo. HARLAN SPAULDING, Wallace. PHILIP SPICER, Red Oak, Iowa. WILLIAM SPRICK, Fremont. JOHN STOLINSKI, Omaha. ROBERT SWAIM, North Platte. RALPH TAYLOR, Omaha. DAVID THOMPSON, Omaha. JAMES TIGHE, Omaho. DARRELL TIMMONS, Omaha. STANTON VIERK, Lincoln. KENNETH VON BARGEN, Alliance. WILLIAM VON KAMPEN, Hastinas. ROY WALKER, Grand Island. Below ANTON WALLA, Clarkson. ALBERT WARTCHOW, Omoha. JAMES WEAVER, Omaha. REX WIESE, Den- man. WINFRED ZACHARIAS, Lisbon, N.D. CHARLES ANDERSEN, Alliance. WARREN ANDREWS, Ash- land. LETITIA BARRY, Smith Center, Kans. DONALD BRADLEY, Scottsblutf. ROBERT BRITTIN, Lincoln. JAMES BR0N50N, Mitchell. DEAN BUCKINGHAM, Lincoln. STUART CARLSON, Holdrege. KEITH C0L50N, South Sioux City. DICK CONGRAM, Newman Grove. WILLIAM COZIER, Washington, D. C. DONOVAN CROOK, Ainsworth. GEORGE DENNIS, Tekomoh. Walla ndrews Weaver Bradley Congram WIese Zocharios Brittin Bronson Cozier Crook Andersen Buckingham Dennis Engineering Juniors and Seniors Outstanding Senior Dave Richards Douglass Graf Gross Keller, L. Keller, L. Kessler Mallat Marks Marten Engineering Juniors Above WILLIAM DOUGLASS, Lincoln. JOHN GRAF, JR., Talmage. ARTHUR GROSS, Lincoln. JERRY GUINANE, Omoho. NELSON HARDING, Omaha. SCOTT HEDDEN, Toledo, Ohio, TOM HUNTON, Hastings, EVERETT JENKINS, Lincoln, JOEL JOUVENAT, Lincoln. LEE KELLER, Council Bluffs, Iowa. LLOYD KELLER, Morse Bluff. JOHN KESSLER, Ogallalo. THEODORE KRATT, Dearborn, Mich. ROBERT KRUM- WIEDE, Whittier, Calif. HENRY LARSEN, Rawlins, Wyo. LEWIS LAWSON, Silver City, Iowa. EDWIN LEWIS, ' Falls City. GENE LIGHTNER, Lincoln. OTTO MALLAT, Lincoln. JOHN MARKS, Nebraska City. WINSTON MARTENS, Lincoln. LESLIE MARTIN, Grand Island. DUANE MILLER, Hastings. JAMES McGEACHIN, Orleans. JOHN NICHOLS, Minatare. DORRANCE OLDENBURG, Gordon. PHIL OSTWALD, Below ROBERT PARSONS, Grafton. RUTH RICHMOND, Lincoln. DONALD ROBERTS, Tecumseh. JOHN SAVAGE, Omaha. HERBERT SAXTON, Rapid City, S.D. CHARLES SCHADE, Sidney, Iowa. DEAN SCHEER , Arlington. RICHARD SCHULTZ, Columbus. NORMAN SCOTT, St. Edward. STANLEY SCOTT, McCook. VICTOR SEDLACEK, Wahoo. MARION SISLEY, Alliance. RAYMOND SLAIDIN5, Latvia. CHARLES SMITH, Cambridge. JOHN WARREN, Beatrice. CHARLES WAYMIRE, Sterling. WILLARD WELLS, JR., Lincoln. DON YODER, La Grange, Wyo. Outstanding Senior Roy Walker ih Campus is Surveyed Many Times Part of lab work for students. Diversified Skills Required of Students Maze of instruments must be understood. College Informals Care Must be Taken to Operate Different Devices The " coggle sign " is a constant reminder. Sigma Tau National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity in the College of Engineering Nestor E. Acevedo John W. Adams Sidney J. Artt Joseph V. Benak Richard V. Bierman Dean T. Buckingham Dale T. Caddy Leonard Carstensen Phillip T. Chase Paul H. Chismar George B. Cobel Dick Congram Don Crook Gordon R. Denker William L. Drayer F. Dale Flood Gilford E. Gorker Thomas N. Grigsby Stanley E. Groothius Robert- E. Haight Allen Holm Robert G. Holtz Jack Hurlburt Raymond Jensen Everett E. Johnsen Norman E. Kaufman W. D. Kleinschmidt Theodore D. Kratt John D. Krogh Robert S. Krogh Robert J. Krotter Lewis E. Lawson Paul F. Leonard Charles Leth Max Littleton J. J. Lliteras Cletus E. Lorensen Burdette C. Low Richard J. McNamee K. L. Minnick Richard K. Mohler Don J. Nelson Robert E. Nielsen Roger S. Norall Robert L. Parsons Don W. Petersen Richard L. Phelps Donald W. Proctor Richard L. Pusateri Roger C. Ritter Ross D. Rash Herbert A. Saxton Norman L. Scott Stanley Scott Vernon B. Scoville Myron M. Sees Fikri O. Sekerci Paul J. Sienknecht William L. Sprick Robert C. Tefft Stanton Vierk Roy E. Walker John T. Warren John M. Whitlock Rex D. Wiese Clarence E. Wood Winfred C. Zacharias Page 88 Back row: F. Lohmonn, K, Johnson. Third row: W. Coffey, W. Schmeeckle, R. McWilliams, A. Dickey, M. Sisley. Second row: R. Kemp, S. Anderson, H. Lorsen, R. Beckenhauer, L. Ridenour, N. Acevedo. Front row: C. Deuser, H. Duncan, K. Christ- ensen, D. Richards, D. Pullen, J. Savage. Members Oversee Plans Draftsmen at work. AIA The American Institute of Archi- tects provides a contact with profes- sional men in the field. The group, led by David Richards, attended the conference at Tulsa. They also took a three day inspection tour of buildings at Kansas City. City planning and the E Week pro- gram were discussion topics at meet- ings. ASCE Sophomores who are outstanding in the civil engineering division are eligible for membership in American Society of Civil Engneers. Dale Caddy, president, conducted the group on their field trip to Columbus, where they studied pub- lic power, water sewage and flood control systems. Bock row: R. Walker, R. Mohler, D. Tim- mons, H. Wuif, R. Frogge, H, Headley. Second row: N. Wheeler, E. Somuelson, J. Simkovsky, W. Meredith, C. Smith, H. Ball, D. Snell. Front row: K. Minnick, A. Legault, D. Coddy, C. Johnson, D. Flood, J. Krogh, F. Dutton. Lounge Scene of Frequent Study Perfect calculations necessary. Pi Tau Sigma Engineer ' s caps and paddles were the official uniform of the fifteen Pi Tau Sigma pledges this fall. The new members were selected from the upper third of the junior and senior engineer- ing classes. Myron Sees was president of the mechanical engineering honorary. They honored the highest ranking soph- omore in mechanical engineering this spring. Back row: B, Kittle, P. Chismar, W. Von Kampen, R. Phelps. Third row: F. Sekerci, B. Low, G. Holl, R. Noroll, L. Carstensen. Second row: L, Hruzo, C, Lorensen, R. Nielsen, D. Petersen, Front row: H. Westgote, R, Jensen, E. John- son, M. Sees, R. Haight. Preparation for Initiation Hats appropriate for engineers. Bock row: E. Brejcho, R. Krogh, S. Groo- thuis. R. Kleinschmidt. Second row: D. Proctor, A. Holm, D. Nel- son, N. Loomba, R. Patel. Front row: V. Scoville, R. Wiese, W. Robi- New Experiments in New Field Television, a newcomer. Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu encourages high scholarship in the field of electrical engineering. The winner of this year ' s scholarship award was Curtis Sorensen. A tutoring service, technical papers and E Week, with President Rex Wiese and Don Nelson as co-chairmen, kept members busy. AIEE With the completion of Ferguson Hall, members of the American Institute of Elec- trical Engineering had the best equipment with which to work. They met jointly with the Institute of Radio Engineers to discuss technical topics and to hear speakers, such as James Miles, who explained magnetic amplifiers. Through E Week, the group advertised its particular department of engineering, as well as the University in general. Patrick O ' Dea presided over the group. Time out for Lunch Bull session with baloney. Bock row: A. Holm, E. Brejcha, R. Krogh, H. Spaulding, S. Groothuis. Fourth row: D. Yoder, J. Marks, P. Moseman, R. Kleinschmidt. Third row: D. Proctor, D. Loux, A. Larson, L. Luebbe, E. Eck. Second row: J. Chantry, R. Wiese, V. Sco ' ille, N. Loombo, R. Pctel. Front row: E. Ballard, W. Robison, P. O ' Deo, L. Giltnore, D, Nelson. EE Students Experiment Watch out for a spark. Valuable Knowledge from Practical Experience Lever thrown, watts counted. Bock row: J. Savaoe, C. Stahly, W. Flicker, F. Arndt, O. Weber, J. Krogh. Second row: R. Bevington, D. Modsen, L. Keller, J. Warren, W. Zacharias Front row: A. Wartchow, P. Ostwold, T. Barry, G. Cobel, I. Prien. Blue Print Engineers with a flair for writing published Nebraska Blue Print, the of- ficial publication of the College of Engi- neering. Eight issues were published this year. Publicity for the college and ar- ticles on current engineering develop- ments were included. A new addition this year was the directory of all engineering students. Five staff members attended the national convention of the Engineering College Magazines association in Oc- tober. Page 92 Staff Coordination Results show. ■UHU Iu Business Staff Theirs is a big job. ] ' AIChE Members of the American Institute of Chemical engineers, headed by W. C. Zacharias, took a fall tour to Kansas City and to Omaha. Besides having monthly speakers, members helped to organize regional meetings, carried on an extensive mem- bership drive and worked for a bigger E Week display from their department. Back row: J. Frost, R. McNomee, C. Ander- son, J. Whitlock, D. Bylund, J. Kehm. Fourth row: R. Holm, P. Sienknecht, F. Claus, W. Martens, O. Weber, C. Washburn. Third row: H. Tien, R, Miller, J, Sfolinski, G. Lightner, A. Hassner, G. Cobel, R. Pusateri, Second row: R. Ryan, W. Saad, R. Drbol, E. Lewis, D. Buckingham, J. Adams. Front row: H. Bates, S. Vierk, C. Leth, W. Zacharias, N. Kaufman, C. Bur- gess, M. Hobson, Department on Display Men and machines seen at work. •■ " f ' ' ir-iiHiiaitBriiilfiiiiHifii Bock row: M. Mumgaard, F. Yung, J Schrunk, G. Petersen, M. Beck. Fourth row: M. Arms, S. Nelson, W. Stout H. George, J. Reinhard. Third row: M. Brunig, D. Eret, W. Sindt, J Sohs, R. Haupt. Second row: R. Young, S. Kao, G. Johnson J. Nichols, L. Lowson, 5. Hedden. Front row: C, Smith, R. Sprick, B. Villars, J Lliteros, K. Von Borgen, L. Hurlbut. T m mi K % 4 v( , Ag Engineers The Agricultural Engineers displayed their de- partment to the public at a fall open house for freshmen and faculty members. They also held clinics on sprinkler irrigation and farm construction. Jack Lliteros planned the oyster feed, which was held at the tractor testing laboratory. A fall field trip took the group through tractor plants in Iowa. ASME The University branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers met with the Nebraska branch for a fall dinner meet- ing. Robert Crosby spoke on " The Hoover Commission — An Engineer ' s Report of the State of the Nation. " Paul Chismar presided over bi-monthly meetings which included technicolor mov- ies, student technical papers, E Week plans and speakers. Prof. Chorles Miller spoke on one occasion about supervision and man- agement problems. ASME Officers Plans for E Week under scrutiny. C 9ai ' S 05 Back row: W. von Kompen, C. Lorensen, R. Gettys, J. Hariien, J. Roubal, D. Broman, E. Barfels, R. Engler. Sixth row: D. Petersen, D. Keeler, R. Jensen, R. Holtz, R. Norall, M. King, E. Hubka, B. Kittle, A. Walla. Fifth row: C. Sindt, J. McBeth, T, Jones, T. Short, L. Carstensen, J. Beech, A. Gostomski, J. Worren. Fourth row: C. Stohly, R. Tetft, R. Haight, E. Johnson, S. Scott, D. Amos, R. Hensley. Third row: F. Sekerci, J. Heldenbrond, R. Hunt, J. Weaver, J. Guinane, H. Hall, A. Tilley, L. Zimmer. Second row: G. Vest, C. Hutchings, M. Hugins, W. Drayer, G, Hall, L. Hruza, M. Sees, N, Loomba, D. Thompson. Front row: B. Low, R. Wolken, K. Newhouse, R. Wilson, P. Chismar, R. Nielsen, R. Phelps. Moment Taken for Adjustment Operator checks machine ' s manuel. The Advantages of Excellent Equipment Table legs to rolling pins mode on lathe. Law College Students are fully prepared as lawyers. Law College has new look i nstallation of modern windows; Lectures delivered by the Honorable Arthur T. Vanderbilt The College of Low was established at the University of Nebraska in 1891. The original building has changed appearance this year with the installation of modern windows. The Law College offers distinct advan- tages to its students. The state legislature, the United States District Court, the State Supreme Court, and the municipal, district and county courts convene in Lincoln and are easily accessible. Additional experi- ence is gained in Moot Court competition, the writing of a brief and the arguing of a case. Several activities help to bridge the gap between law school and law practice. They are the Law Review, publication of material of interest to the legal profession, and Legal Aid. which furnishes advice and as- sistance to persons who are unable to pay an attorney ' s fee. In honor of Roscoe Pound, a former Dean and a later Dean of the Harvard Law School, a fund has been established to en- dow a series of lectures. This year the Hon- orable Arthur T. Vanderbilt, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, deliv- ered the series of lectures. Page 96 Two Members of Low Faculty Teachers do reference work, too. Edmund O. Belsheim Dean of the College of Law. Office Gathering of Faculty To look over new publications. Berquist Johnson Uggia Biehn Johnston White Dunlap, J Dunlap, P. Evans Hertik Ingram Norton Orshek Peters Russell Thompson Ackhe Conover Curtis Gaiter Hein College of Law Above DON BERQUIST, Lincoln. DON BIEHN, Chicago, III. CALVIN COULTER, Bridgeport. JAY DUNLAP, Douglas. PAUL DUNLAP, Douglas. BRUCE EVANS, Lincoln. ADRIAN HERTIK, New York, NY. ROBERT INGRAM, Franklin. CYRUS JOHNSON, Ainsworth. PAUL JOHNSTON, Lincoln. ROBERT LAMMERS, North Platte. JAMES NORTON, Osceola. ROBERT ORSHEK, Cedar Rapids. PETER PETERS, Omaha. FRED RUSSELL, Hastings. CHARLES THOMPSON, York. CLAUS UGGLA, Stockholm, Sweden. CHARLES WHITE, Lincoln. GLADWYN YOUNGS, Lincoln. DUANE ACKLIE, Norfolk. ROBERT CONOVER, Bridge- port. GUY CURTIS, Imperial. PAUL GALTER, Lincoln. WILLIAM HEIN, Alliance. Below ROBERT HOBBS, York. HERBERT JACKMAN, Grant. CHARLES LAWSON, Lincoln. KEITH MUMBY, Harrison. EDWIN PERRY, Lincoln. JAMES PONDER, Gering STUART REYNOLDS, Pipestone, Minn. GLENN RODEHORST, Columbus. ARNOLD STERN, Omaha. HOWARD TRACY, Aurora, III. EUGENE WOHLNER, Omaha. Jackman Ponder Lawson Reynolds Outstanding Senior Louis Pierce Page 98 First Floor Coke Machine Business is good between classes. Moot Court from the Judge ' s Bench Freshmen practice court procedure. Announcement Causes Absorbing Discussion ' Satirical cartoons ore also posted. 9 - O Bock row: R. Richards, R. Orshek, l| Youngs, C. Baker, R. Lommers. Fourth row: O. Kovar, P. Douglas, M. Fa. dis, E. Slier, H. Snyder. Third row: J. Oades, C. Coulter, L. Ha, sen, B. Johnson. Second row: R. Bosley, R. Conover, Blue, R. Dearden, L. Hammes. Front row: K. Cobb, B. Bump, K. Kovand W. Lichty, H. Prichard. Delta Theta Ph Delta Theta Phi law frate rnity celebrated its thirtieth year at the Uni- versity. A joint Founders Day lunch- eon was held with the Creighton chap- ter in Omaha. Members increased their law knowledge through senate meetings at which important legal subjects were discussed. Keith Kovanda was presi- dent. Future Lawyers, Friendly Chat Give and take of mutual advice. College Informal: Students Relaxing All work and no play . Studying is of Utmost Importance No notice of confusion in recreation room r- H.L- lock row: D. Duxbury, R. Laird, B. Nuern- berger, H. Jockman, D. Koukol. Third row: J. Norton, H. Pedersen, J. Pon- der, C. White, W. Sturges, D. Arm- strong. iecond row: C, Johnson, G. Fillman, D. Downing, D. Freeman, L. Kelly. Front row: R. Moodie, W. Berquist, W. Wenke, D. McArthur. Phi Delta Ph ' hi Delta Phi ' s Do Some Research on a Case Library stacks hold wealth of material. Scholarship is stressed in Phi Delta Phi, the oldest honorary legal fraternity. The law students worked for top grades, as well as dis- cussed law topics at meetings, presided over by Bill Berquist. On the lighter side, members went to Omaha for a football game and party with the Phi Rho Sigma medical fraternity. College Informals Important Class Session Over Completing lecture notes. Check-Out Desk in Law Library Many books are used each day. University of Nebraska Hospital Science advances — patients cared for. College of Medicine campus located in Omaha includes class buildings, a library, University Hospital, health center Nebraska legislatures since 1913 have appropriated over three million dollars for the University of Nebraska College of Medi- cine campus at Omaha. With these ap- propriations, the school has built eight buildings. There are teaching buildings, a hospital, a student health center, a library and maintenance buildings. In addition to the clinical facilities of the hospital, a psy- chiatric wing of forty beds at the Douglas County Hospital is being used as a teaching unit for the college. The course of study in medicine covers four years of 36 to 48 weeks each. Students applying for admittance to this college must have a scholastic record that places them in the upper half of their class. This and a student ' s score on personal inter- views decide his acceptance. Instruction on the campus includes all departments of the medical sciences, medical and surgi- cal specialties, laboratory and x-ray tech- nology and graduate and post-graduate study. Page 102 Students Examine Slides A helping hand. Harold C. Leuth Dean of the College of Medicine Dr. J. S. Latta A trained eye. Students Record Test Results Accuracy necessary. Medical Student in Nursery A welcome visitor. Class Informals Student Tests for Vision With an eye to the future. Students Check Patients ' Records Prerequisite for examinations. Patient Receives Careful Attention The rood to recovery. Daily Check of Patient ' s Chart Busy days ahead. Theta Nu Theta Nu, the honorary for poten- tial physicians, is the pre-med ' s scho- lastic goal. The group requires that its members be at least sophomores, mem- bers of Nu Med and scholars in the upper one-tenth of their class. President Charles Curtiss planned programs and speakers and arranged for the spring banquet and initiation. Back row: D. Porkison, W. Bosler, J. Christensen, T. Recht, J. Smith. Front row: L. Nilson, C. Curfiss, E. Powell, I. Shapiro, R. Morgan. A Glimpse of a Pre-Med Meeting. Old business is tabled. pw — ' ' ' . " «■ " . jil ' ' x -- i Bock row: W. Weover, T. Recht, W. Grif- fin, B. Burns. Fourth row: J. Smith, W. Pfeiler, L. Nilson, L. Chisholm, A. Boris. Third row: J. Dennis, D. Peterson, J. Pulec, M. Edwards, E. Lcurnen, R. Larson. Second row: M. Greeberg, R. Burr, M. Fried- man, R. Yekel, H. Weigel. Front row: V. Krievs, E. Carlson, E. Powell, I. Shapiro, B. Hendrickson. A Featured Speaker Benefit to pre-med students. Nu Med Nu Med kept members abreast of the latest medical developments. Students beginning in medi- cine, nursing or lab technology were members. President Irving Shapiro engaged these speak- ers this year: Dr. Harold Lueth, who spoke on gen- eral medical outlook; Dr. Roy Whitham, on medical opportunities; and Dr. Marshall Neely, on radiology. Alpha Omega Alpha National Honorary Medical Society in the College of Medicine Zone R. Boyd John R. Finkner Kennefh C. Hoffman Leo A. Hrnicek Benjamin K. Karas Philip S. King, III James W. Morrow Patricia J. Neely Ernest H. Price Hans Rath Dale C. Reynolds Clayton M. Shors Robert N. Smith Donald T. Stroy Page 107 Pharmacy Building College accredited by American Council on Pharmaceutical Education. Pharmacy Building was second on campus, built in 1885; Has one of superior teaching and research staffs in nation The College of Pharmacy has merited for itself, in the forty-three years since it was created as part of the College of Medi- cine, a respected position among the other colleges of the University. The faculty has grown from one part-time instructor in 1 906 to one of the more superior teaching and research staffs in the nation. Enrollment in the College of Pharmacy, of which ten to twelve percent are women, has increased markedly since 1945, giving an indication that Nebraska ' s Pharmacy College is be- coming more important. The college has made an outstanding contribution to Nebraska public health by training a large proportion of its practicing pharmacists. A practical course is offered for students expecting to enter retail hos- pital pharmacy. For graduate students training for careers in teaching, research or specialized work in the pharmaceutical sci- ences, a scientific course is designed. On the University campus, pharmacy students gain experience by working in a dispensary that provides prescription service for the Student Health service. Page 108 Pharmacy Dispensary Pills at a student rate. Joseph B. Burt Dean of the College of Pharmacy Registration Time What courses should I take? Time Out for a Conference nportant reports need studying n i Goodwin Grohon Hildebrond Hosick Kohll Russell Teller Tefer Thompson Wagey Farris Fisher Hollock Justice Klintworth Pharmacy Above WARREN ANDERSON, Aurora. LELAND CHEW, Polo Alto, Calif. ELIZABETH GARRETT, Sheridan, Wyo. RUSSELL GOODWIN, Genoa. DALE GRAHAM, Choppell. MILES HILDEBRAND, York. WALTER HOSICK, Central City. MARVIN KOHLL, Omaha. ALBERT NABER, York. HERBERT NABER, York. MARION REIS, Hamburg, Iowa. JACK RUSSELL, Fullerton. GALE TELLER, Lincoln. JANICE TETER, Bartley. GEORGE THOMPSON, Oshkosh. HAROLD WAGEY, Lincoln. HERBERT YOSHIMI, Honolulu, T.H. PAUL BARRY, Blair. JO ELLIOTT, Lincoln. JAMES FARRIS, Omaha. JOHN FISHER, Valentine. ROBERT HALLOCK, Burwell. JIM JUSTICE, Centrol City. THEODORE KLINTWORTH, Seword. Seniors and Juniors Below JANINE MILLER, Marysville, Kans. DON NOBLE, Holdrege. MARGARET O ' CONNOR, South Sioux City. PAUL PFLASTERER, Crete. ELIZABETH ROGERS, Albuquerque, N.M. GAYLE ROXBERG, Lincoln, WILLIAM SHAINHOLTZ, Omaha. ELDON SHUEY, Crab Orchord. DAVID SJOGREN, Genoa. ROBERT SVANDA, Ravenna. TOM WHITCOMB, Wisner. DONNA WINCH, Pilger. Outstanding Senior Miles Hildebrond Back row: W. Frosier, M. Lee, J. Fisher, G, Teller. Fourth row: W. Ross, C. Campbell, W. Bailey, R. Hallock., D. Graham. Third row: W. Shoinholtz, D. Ostendorf, W. Ellison, T. Klintworfh. Second row: L. Chew, J. Stephenson, P. Pflosferer, K. Deuel, W. Hosick, F, Whitlo. Front row: M, Reis, H. Wogey, J. Russell, W. Mickle, G. Demaree. Future Druggists Mix Potion Recipes are well learned. Kappa Psi " Pill rolling " became a daily prac- tice to members of Kappa Psi, pharma- ceutical fraternity. Students, graduates and teachers of pharmacy colleges approved by the American Association of Pharmacy, were eligible to join the group. Kappa Psi presented a skit at the annual pharmacy banquet at which scholarships were awarded. Jack Rus- sell led the group. Bock row: M. Motycka, E. Garrett, G. Rox- berg, J. Kociemba, M. O ' Connor. Second row: C. Riley, N. Fritz, J. Miller, M. Mulligan. Front row: J. Teter, D. Winch, E. Rogers. M. Siddens, P. Platz. Pharmacy Honorary Holds Tea Women hove place in field. Kappa Epsilon Women students in pharmacy were united through Kappa Epsilon, led by Liz Rogers. By pre- paring food for the pharmacy picnic, decorations for the banquet and open house displays, they carried out their purpose — to co-operate with the college in extra-curricular activities. Teachers College Supervises Teachers College High School. Varied six-fold course of preparation for Teachers College; Follow-up program determines success of teacher placement The primary responsibility of Teachers College is to prepare superintendents, prin- cipals, supervisors and educational special- ists, as well as competent teachers for kin- dergarten, elementary and secondary schools. Teachers College offers the prospective teacher and administrator a complete course of preparation. The basic part of this program is devoted to training in Eng- lish, history, science and social studies in order to gain a better understanding of the social and economic problems of life. A knowledge of human growth and development and the social, physical and mental characteristics of children is included in the program along with essen- tial classroom and management principles. The lost part of a teacher ' s training in- cludes the art of teaching, the placement of teachers in positions best fitted to them and a complete follow-up within four weeks of all teachers placed. The faculty of the Teachers College has developed a sound philosophy and pro- gram of professional preparation. I i, Page 1 12 [ Education Banquet Master of ceremonies entertains. Frank E. Henzlik Dean of the Teachers College Stenographer Takes Notes on Office Work Teaching isn ' t the only problem. Page 1 1 3 5 e»© Agnew Bedker Bell Benn Bryant Buchanan Bucy Teachers Seniors Above ELLEN AGNEW, Sidney. JOAN ALEXANDER, Omaha. CAROLYN ALMA, David City. LUCILLE ANDERSON, Lincoln. KEITH ANDRESEN, Plainview. JOAN ARMSTRONG, St. Paul. PEGGY BAYER, Lincoln. MARCIA BECKLEY, York. BETTY BEDELL, Lincoln. DONALD BEDKER, North Platte. MARLENE BELL, Lincoln. CECELE BENN, Merriman. MARILYN BERGH, Omoha. AL BLESSING, Ord. JANET BOHNER, Lincoln. SHIR- LEY BORCHERDING, Lincoln. KEN BROOKER, Grocewood, Ga. LORENE BROWN, Lincoln. GERALD BRYANT, Indianola. JAMES BUCHANAN, Avilla, Ind. DORIS BUCY, Tekamoh. BETTY BULL, Millard. MARCIA BURKLUND, Sutton. NANCY BUTTON, Ogallala. CHLOE CALDER, Woyne. KATHRYN CARL- SON, Fremont. ROBERTA CARLSON, Wouneta. Below MARY LOU CARR, Lincoln. JOAN CHACE, Pilger. JANET CHAMPINE, Cincinnati, Ohio. PATRICIA CLAPP, McCook. CATHERINE COAD, Nort h Plotte. LORRAINE COATS, Stuart. NED CONGER, Loup City. RALPH CONGER, Madison. ORVAL CONNER, JR., Burwell. MARILYN COUPE, Nebraska City. NANETTE COWLES, Stuort. CATHLEEN COX, Arapahoe. ROBERT CROOK, Lincoln. VIRGINIA CUM- MINGS, Lincoln. MABEL DAHLKE, Benedict. NANCY DAVIS, Omaha. BEVERLY DEAL, Omaha. DON- ALD DeCOSTA, Fessenden, N.D. Carr Chace Champine Clapp Coad Coots Outslaudinii Senior Conger N. Conger, R. Conner Coupe Cowles Cox Jim Buchanan Crook Cummings DahIke Davis Deal DeCosto, I Above HAZEL DeCOSTA, Fessenden, N.D, DUANE DEITERING, Richmond, Calif. SARA DEVOE, Lincoln. ROB- ERT DIERS, West Point. SHIRLEY DIFFEY, North Bend. MARY DORENBACH, Lincoln. THOMAS DOUG- LAS, Omaha. MARY ESTE5, Pacific Junction, Iowa. JOHN EWING, Nebraska City. ROBERT FICKE, David City. JOAN FIKE, Omaha. BARBARA FINLEY, Grand Island. PHYLLIS FIRESTONE, Omaha. MARGARET FISHER, Valentine. ELEANOR FLANAGIN, Bartley. JEAN FOWLER, Omaha. ORVAL FRANCE, Syracuse. CLIFFORD FREDRICKSON, Spencer. SHARON FRITZLER, Long Pine. WILLIAM FRY, Beatrice. SARAH FULTON, Lincoln. NORMA GAMERL, Omaha. RICHARD GARRETSON, Albuquerque, N.M. HARRY GIES5ELMAN, Arlington. PATRICIA GILBREATH, Omaha. DORIS GILLETT, Lincoln. BAR- BARA GILMORE, Kearney. Below MARILYN GOLL, Bayard. LESLIE GRAINGER, Salinas, Calif. ROBERT GREINER, Lincoln. BONNIE GRIES, Sutherland. LOIS GRIFFITH, Calloway. PAUL GRIFFITH, Colloway. RALPH HALL, Eiwood. BETTY HANSEN, Hastings. FRANCES HANSON, Lincoln. PHYLLIS HARBERT, Frankfort, Kans. PATRICIA HEEBNER, Nebraska City. BEVERLY HELLER, Chatham, N.J. LOU ANN HENKENS, Omaha. JOANN HINDS, David City. RUTH HINDS, Weeping Water. BRUCE H0LMQUI5T, Bertrond. PATT HORSTMAN, Omaha. JACQUELYN H0S5, Grand Island. Teachers Seniors Oulslanding Senior Miriam Willey i K . Teachers Above JOAN HOYT, McCook. ANN HUNTTING, Austin, Minn. DARLENE IMIG, Lincoln. FRANCES INGRAM, Lexington. WILLIAM IRBY, Alliance. DELORES IRWIN, Sioux Falls, S.D. THOMAS IRWIN, Wymote. VAUGHN JAENIKE, Gorrison. JOANN JEFFERS, Omaha. LORRINE JOHANNES, Schuyler. JOHN JOHN- ETTE, Stomford. LOLA JOHNSON, Mullen. DAVIDA KARTMAN, Omaha. ELDEAN KECHELY, Fremont. LOUISE KENNEDY, Ainsworth. POLLY KENNEDY, Bortlett. JOHN KESSEL, Lincoln. MARGARET KROESE, Cook. ALICE KRUGER, Fort Calhoun, PATRICIA LAFLIN, Lincoln. KENNETH LAGE, Hawarden, Iowa. MARDELL LAMP, Emerson. DONALD LARSON, Decatur. DON LEHMKUHL, Sidney. RUTH LEMKE, Walton. JANICE LILJEDAHL, Essex, Iowa. NORMAN LIND, Pilger. Seniors Below ROSANNA LOCKE, Independence, Kans. MARILYN LOLOFF, Kersey, Colo. MINA LORENSEN, Weeping Water. DELORES LOVEGROVE, Geneva. WAYNE LUBKE, Lincoln. ANN LUEDER, Omaha. VIRGINIA MAGDANZ, Grand Island. WILLIAM MARBAKER, Costo Mesa, Calif. MARIAN MARIENAU, Akron, Iowa. MARY MARTISON, Omaha. MARLA MARX, Lincoln. CLARA MIESSLER, Columbus. HATTIE MILLER, Boelus. SHIRLEY MILLER, Papillion. JANELLE MOHR, Scottsbluff. J. H. MOHRMAN, Lincoln. MARLI MOOBERRY, Maryville, Mo. ELIZABETH MOODIE, West Point. Oulstanding Senior Al Blessing Locke Loloff Lorensen Lovegrove Lubke Luede Magdanz Marbaker Morienau Mortison Marx Miess Miller, H. Miller, S. Mohr Mohrman Mooberry Mood 1p% 1 .4- JW s J J w 1 -r ) f A Nordq Raapke McKiG Nor5worthy Roder McKilhp Oakley Ronee McKinley Paynter Ransdell McVay Pendergast Rasmussen Above PATRICIA MOORE, Falls City. MARILYN MORGAN, McCook. MARGARET MULVANEY, Lincoln. ROB- ERT McCURDY, Lincoln. BARBARA McELWAIN, Sloan, Iowa. MARILYN McKIE, Red Oak, Iowa. WIL- LIAM McKILLIP, McCook. LIA McKINLEY, Omoha. CHARLES McVAY, Brookfield, Mo. ELFRIEDA NAUMANN, Smifhfield. MARGARET NEVILLE, Fairbury. LILA NEWBILL, Lincoln. KATHRYN NEW- HOUSE, Chambers. DOROTHY NORDGREN, Waterloo. MARY NORSWORTHY, Gothenburg. MILDRED OAKLEY, Ong. DOROTHY PAYNTER, Omaha. ELIZABETH PENDERGAST, Norfolk. ANN PENNER, Beatrice. ARNOLD PETERS, Rushville. NANCY PETERS, Omoha. THOMAS POPE, Sutton. DOROTHY RAAPKE, Omaha. RONALD RADER, Brunswick. MARY RANEE, Omoho. SHIRLEY RANSDELL, Lexington. WARREN RASMUSSEN, Central City. Teachers Be!ow ANN RAYMOND, Scottsbluff. MERRILL REAM, McCook. MARY REINHARD, Lincoln. SANDRA RIDDELL, Scottsbluff. IRENE ROBERTS, V ahoo. JOHN ROBSON, Lincoln. KATHRYN ROBSON, Lincoln. GER- TRUDE ROESLER, Lincoln. MARY ROONEY, Greeley. MARY RUSHO, Taylor. DELMA SARNES, Lexington. RICHARD SATTERFIELD, Springfield, JOHN SCHAUMBURG, Lincoln. CAROL SCHEPMAN, Tecumseh. LEO SCHMIDT, Fremont. AUDREY SCHULLER, Ravenna. DONNA SEIVER, Marquette. JOAN SELLECK, Lincoln. Seniors Oulstandins: Senior Marilyn Coupe Sheffield Shramek Sidles Suverkrubbe Swanson Taylor Warren Wcddel Widene Spatz Spradlev Steven Stockstill Stoll Van Pelt, D. Van Pelt, M. Von Voorhis Vingers Wade Willey Wilms Wilson Wood Wood Teachers Above CHARLES SHEFFIELD, Lincoln. EMMARIE SHRAMEK, Wilber. SHIRLEY SIDLES, Lincoln. JOANNE SMITH, Omaha. GEORGE SPATZ, Seward. ANITA SPRADLEV, Tecumseh. JACK STEVEN, York. JEANNE STOCKSTILL, Lincoln. SUZANNE STOLL, Franklin, Ind. MYRTLE SUVERKRUBBE, Bennington. RAY- NOLD SWANSON, Lincoln. RUTH TAYLOR, Guide Rock. MARGARET TRIMBLE, Lincoln. DWAINE Van PELT, Archer. MARGERY Von PELT, Lincoln. ROBERT Van VOORHIS, Chadron. MARILYN VINGERS, Omoha. JAYNE WADE, Tecumseh. CHARLOTTE WARREN, Omaha. BONNIE WEDDEL, Falls City. NANCY WIDENER, Corning, Iowa. BETH WILKINS, Genevo. MIRIAM WILLEY, Winnetka, III. HER- BERT WILMS, Sleepy Eye, Minn. JEAN WILSON, Des Moines, Iowa. MARY ANN WOOD, Curtis. DON WOODS, Hoigler. Juniors and Seniors Below PATRICIA YEARSLEY, Jacksonville, Flo. INA YOUNT, Lincoln. PATRICIA ADAMS, Dayton, Ohio. LYNN ALBERS, Roca. BETH ALDEN, Kimball. FRANCES ANDERSON, Hartington. WILLIAM ASH, Fremont. JOHN BAILEY, Omaha. ANN BARLOW, Omaha. ALLEN BARNARD, Lincoln. MARYBELLE BASKIN, Stopleton. NORMA BEASING, Rock Port, Mo. GLENN BEERLINE, Alliance. EDWARD BERG, Omaha. DON BOHMONT, Lincoln. CARMEAN BOYER, Long Beach, Calif. JESSICA BROWN, Lincoln. SUZANNE BRYANT, Tekamah. Outstanding Senior Sharon Fritzler Yeorslcy Ash Beerline Yount Adams Bailey Barlow Berg Bohmont Albers Barnard Boyer Bucher Burdic Burford Burkhart Chase Cherny Christoffel Coad Danly Davis Dempster Dillman Camp Canoday Carey Carnoby Corrick Coryell Coy Creasrran Elliott Else Enqle Eppard Above LLOYD BUCHER, Omaho. BARBARA BURDIC, Omoho. JEAN BURFORD, Omoha. IDONNA BURK- HART, Fairbury. CAROLYN CAMERON, S:oux Falls, S.D. DOROTHY CAMP, Dovenport. DOREE CANA- DAY, Lincoln. GERTRUDE CAREY, Overton. MARY CARNABY, Omoha. MATTIE CHASE, Omaha. GERTRUDE CHERNY, North Bend. KAY CHRISTOFFEL, Omaha. BETTY COAD, Omoha. VIRGINIA COOPER, Humboldt. JANICE CORRICK, Lincoln. ADELE CORYELL, Lincoln. SHIRLEY COY, Waterloo. LEE ELLEN CREA5MAN, McCook. MARJORIE DANLY, Axtell. JACK DAVIS, Kearney. PHOEBE DEMP- STER, Beatrice. BARBARA DILLMAN, Lincoln. BONNALYN EILERS, Sterling. DOROTHY ELLIOTT, Scottsbluff. CAROL ELSE, Fairbury. NORMA ENGLE, Omoho. JOANNE EPPARD, Eost St. Louis, III. Below NORMA ERICKSON, Fruitdole, S.D. CLAIRE EVANS, Toy!or, Texas. CAROL FARMER, Ashland. ANNE FARROW, Fremont. JOE FEENEY, Grond Island. JOANN FINNEY, Lincoln. HASKELL FISHELL, Hebron. MARY LOU FLAHERTY, Lincoln. JANE FLETCHER, St. Joseph, Mo. MARY FORELL, Chester. JANET FRERICHS, Lincon. LILA FRIEDLI, Beotrice. JANICE FULLERTON, Ainsworth. LOIS GEARHART, Malvern, Iowa. GRETCHEN GEESEN, Seward. , JANET CLOCK, Rising City. EILEEN GORMAN, Grond Island. KATH- RYN GRABILL, Lincoln. Teachers Juniors Erickson Evons Farmer Forrow Feeney Finney Fishell Floherty Fletcher Forell Frerichs Friedii Fullerton Georhort Geesen G:ock Gorman Grabill O ' .iJslaiKliiiii Senior Shirley Randsdell t. Greer Griffin Griffiths Grossfians Halker Hall Honson Hoskell Hatch Hedrick Heim Hein, G. Hein, V. Herbst He rshberger Herzog Hilger Ireland Jameson Jensby Jensen Jesse Jones Jordan Kellogg Kennedy King Teachers Above JOHN GREER, Lincoln. CARROLL GRIFFIN, Lincoln. JACKIE GRIFFITHS, Beatrice. GWEN GROSSHANS, Aurora. CARL HALKER, Elwood. ANNE HALL, York. JOAN HANSON, Lincoln. KATHRYN HASKELL, Omoha. EARL HATCH, Grant, MARGIE HEDRICK, Lincoln. KEITH HEIM, Dowson. GRETCHEN HEIN, Alliance. VIRGINIA HEIN, Wayne. HOWARD HERBST, Cheyenne, Wyo. BARBARA HERSHBERGER, Seward. PATRICIA HERZOG, Lincoln. LUCILLE HILGER, Hamburg, towa. MARICA IRELAND, Madison, S.D. DEAN JAMESON, Arnold. WESLEY JENSBY, Davenport. ALBERT JENSEN, La Crosse, Wis. BEVERLY JESSE, Lincoln. PRISCILLA JONES, Lincoln. JANE JORDAN, Golesburg, III. MARY ANN KELLOGG, Lincoln. ELIZABETH KENNEDY, Basin, Wyo. MAUREEN KING, Crawford. Juniors Below GERALDINE KIRK, Lincoln. SALLY KJELSON, Stromsburg. NANCY KLEIN, Lincoln. VIRGINIA KOEHLER, Genevo. JANET KOKJER, Wohoo. ROMA KOPECKY, Schuyler. ROBERT KROENKE, Dodge. DONNA KROTTER, Stuart. CAROLYN KUNKEL, Weeping Water, EDITH KUTILEK, Omaha. SUE KYNER, Long Pine. GERALD LARSON, Holdrege. RUTHANN LAVINE, York. ANITA LAWSON, Macedonia, Iowa. BRADLEY LEAR, Springview. ELIZABETH LIEBER, Papillion. MARJORIE LINE, Loup City. MARY MAR- GARET L00MI5, Lincoln. Outstandings Senior Jayne Wade Kirk Kroenke Lavine }udon Lowe Luce Maaske Mann Manning Martoson Maxv ell f ' AeckG eyer Meyers Middleton Miller Montgomery Moore Morphew Morrison Moyle urphy, J. Murphy, M. McDonald McEwen McQuistan Neilson Nelson, M. Nelson, M. A. Newman Above JEAN LOUDON, Lincoln. SALLY LOWE, Sidney. MARILYN LUCE, Fairbury. DONNA MAASKE, Bertrand. BEVERLY MANN, Lincoln. DIANE MANNING, Trenton. SALLIE MATTESON, Clay Center. MARY MAX- WELL, Glenwood, Iowa. MARLENE MECKE, Ogallola. MARLENE MEYER, Bertrand. ALICE MEYERS, North Loup. MARY MIDDLETON, Gothenburg. JOANN MILLER, Geneva. DARRELL MONTGOMERY, Central City. CLYDE MOORE, Lincoln. GORDON MORPHEW, Omoha. HESTER MORRISON, Beatrice. MITZIE MOYLE, Lincoln. JACQUELINE MURPHY, Omaha. MARILYN MURPHY, Glenwood, Iowa. MARILYN McDonald, Lincoln. RANDALL McEWEN, Lincoln. DARLENE McQUISTAN, Pender. LOIS NEILSON, Spalding. MARY NELSON, Ashland. MARY ANN NELSON, Scottsbluff. DORRIS NEWMAN, Lincoln. Teachers Below JOY NIXON, Stanton. NANCY NORMAN, Shenandoah, Iowa. DARLENE NOVOTNY, Diller. GLADYS NOVOTNY, Clarkson. JOANN O ' BRIEN, Lincoln. MARLENE OEHRLE, Lincoln. MARILYN OGDEN, Omaha. ONUZULIKE OKONKWO, Nnewi, Nigeria. ROSALEE OLSEN, Minden. LOIS OLSON, Bloomfield. JOAN OSTENBERG, Omaha. JUDITH OVERGAARD, Lincoln. JUDITH PALMATEER, Madison. AMY PALMER, Steele City. MARILYN PANKO, Cook. PHYLLIS PAULSEN, Lincoln. LESTER PERRY, Wichita, Kons. THOMAS PERS50N, Oakland. Juniors Outstanding Senior Delores Irwin Petersen Peterson Pilcher Pinkerton Pittermon Preusse Prochaska Quigley Rodaker Rademoche Rogers, C. Rogers, P. Rothenberger Schmidtmann Schonberg Riddell Schneider Teachers Juniors Above FRED PETERSEN, North Platte. MARILYN PETERSON, Omaha. DONNA PILCHER, Omaha. CECELIA PINKERTON, Beatrice. MARY PITTERMAN, Cleveland, Ohio. WILLIAM POLLUM, Foils Creek, Penn. SUSAN PORTER, Omaha. MARILYN PREUSSE, Lincoln. GEORGE PROCHASKA, Ulysses. MARY QUIGLEY, Omoho. KATHRYN RADAKER, Wisner. FRANK RADEMACHER, Omaha. GALE RANDEL, McCook. DAMARIS RIDDELL, Scottsblutf. CARLYLE ROGERS, Sheridan, Wyo. PATRICIA ROGERS, Plottsmouth. CAROLINE ROTHENBERGER, Beatrice. JANIS SCHMIDTMANN, Plottsmouth. SHIRLEY SCHONBERG, Omoho. JEANICE SCHOTT, Osceola. EDNA SCHNEIDER, Lincoln. Below ALAN SEAGREN, Wouso. JUDITH SEHNERT, Ploinview. MARILYN SHERWOOD, Rondolph. BARBARA SHIELDS, Falls City. JOHN SHULL, Topeko, Kons. PENELOPE SLOAN, Clarks. DIANE SMITH, Spolding. JEANNE SMITH, Lincoln. JAMES SNYDER, Winchester, Ind. THOMPSON SNYDER, Omaha. MURIEL SOFTLEY, Fairmont. Seagren Sehnert Sherwood Shields Shull Sloan Smith, D. Smith, J Snyder, J. Snyder T. Softley Oiilslandinp Senior Elizabeth Moodie Spohn Srb, A. Srb, G. Stebbins Stehly Stephens Stephenson Stocker Stratton Summers Swift Tewell Thibault Thompson Tolen Turner Vogeltanz Volzke Wagner Walt Wonek Above JOANN SPOHN, Friend. ART SRB, Lincoln. GWEN SRB, Omaha. NANCY STEBBINS, Lincoln, ALICE STEHLY, Elgin. BARBARA STEPHENS, Lincoln. DARLENE STEPHENSON, Omoho. JEANETTE STOCKER, Nebrasko City. BETTY STRATTON, West Point. DONALD SUMMERS, Cambridge. CARROLL SWIFT, Thedford. SUZANNE TEWELL, Sidney. HYLE THIBAULT, Pender. PAUL THOMPSON, Omoho. THOMAS TOLEN, Ord. JOAN TURNER, Conowingo, Md. ROSELLEN VOGELTANZ, Ord. LAVONNA VOLZKE, Waco. JANICE WAGNER, Lincoln. SANDRA WALT, Lincoln. LILA WANEK, Wilber. Juniors Teachers DOROTHY WATSON, Fairbury. SHIRLEY WATSON, Lincoln. LOUISE WELLS, Scottsbluff. LORRAINE WESTPHAL, Grand Islond. BETTY WILLIAMS, Lincoln. MARY WRIGHT, Genoa. MARLENE WYATT, Horrisburg. MILDRED YEAKLEY, Scottsbluff. Watson, D. Watson, S. Westphol Willioms Oulstaiiding Senior Peggy Mulraney SnwJt Yeokley Education Senior at Tea Faculty members serve. IQLLARS TO Project of Elementary Science Department Practice in preparing displays. Class Informals Student Teacher Gives Typing Lesson Demonstrates typing for class Learning Principles of Primary Teaching Methods of controlling young children. " ' m ?!-I.4g ■i Pi Lambda Theta Fifty Teachers College majors with a 6.7 average end a faculty recommendation were initiated into Pi Lambda Theta hono- rary this year. They helped publish a quarterly jour- nal of the latest educational trends, spon- sored a tea and an all-Teachers College banquet at which Dean Henzlik spoke. Elizabeth Moodie, president, attended the national convention. A Pi Lambda Theta Dinner Foreign students special guests. Sixth Fifth Fourth rov Third row: Second ro Front row P. Yearsley, B. Alden, M. Softley, D. Carlson, B. Hershberger, M. Panko, V. Lawrence. A. Borger, M. Morgan, N. Engle, M. Stratbucker, B. Bre dthauer, M. Mulvaney, P. Moore. C. Ranee, M. Coupe, S. Miller, M. VanPelt, M. Trimble, F. Miller, K. Robson. : K. Agnew, J. Hoyt, A. Palmer, H. Morrison, N. Norman, G. Carey. M. Porney, B. Wilkins, M. Sherwood, L. Anderson, G. Novotny, V. Cooper, N. Cowles. f. J. Fullerton, J. Hanson, M. Kellogg, P. Heebner, P. Jones, J. Loudon, B. McElwain. J. Murroy, M. Bergh, E. Moodie, A. Lueder, S. Ronsdell, J. Stewart. Officers Welcome Guests Smiles set the mood of the tea. Refreshment Table A popular spot at any tea. In Morrill Hall Artists Study Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry Making, Ceramics Student and professional art exhibits held here; modernistic furniture was displayed. Music, speech and art departments make up School of Fine Arts; 3000 students enrolled in its courses this year The departments of music, speech and art are included in the School of Fine Arts. Over 3000 students are enrolled in courses offered by these departments. The music department has 24 faculty members. Majors are offered in composi- tion, theory, piano, voice, strings, wood- winds, brass, organ and music education. Ensembles are University Singers, Univer- sity symphony orchestra. University sym- phonic bond. University brass choir. Mad- rigal Singers and University chorus, which is open to students of all colleges. The five areas of the speech depart- ment are public speaking, debate and dis- cussion, interpretation and theatre, radio production and broadcasting, speech edu- cation and speech-hearing therapy. Radio majors have a University radio station, KNUS, and speech correction majors help conduct a clinic for children who have speech and hearing defects. Included in the art department are courses in advertising, teaching, interior decoration, ceramics, painting and sculp- ture. Page 126 Mr. Roberts Teaches Organ and Theory Small class permits individual study. Arthur E. Westbrook Director of the School of Fine Arts Art Instructors Discuss Publication Nash, Meigs, Pozzatti, Keiler, Seylor. Radio Major and Instructors of Department Go Over Script Downing, Lee, Mrs. Ewing, Marr participate in rehearsal. Page 127 Learning New Songs Brings Sense of Achievement " The Best Things in Life Are Free. " Mu Phi Epsilon Musical ability and a six average are requirements for membership in Mu Phi Epsilon, professional music sorority. Members shared their musical talents by entertaining at the Dean ' s tea, Lincoln social groups, and two concerts. President Kathryn Newhouse led the group in studying composers and styles. As other projects, they sold tickets for Uni- versity concerts and helped sponsor a spring musical for Lincoln high school girls in- terested in music. Bock row: J. Clock, P. Bayer, C. Henry. Second row: M. Meyer, A. Spradley, E. Flanogin, M. Urbach. Front row: M. Schultz, K. Newhouse, D. Krotter, M. Fisher. Avid Listeners Relax to Their Favorite Records Music — a source of inspiration and relaxation. Proof Positive That Arranging Can Be Fun No discords evident in this harmonious group Delta Omicron National officers were on hand to cele- brate the 42nd anniversary of Delta Omi- cron, national professional music fraternity. Music majors or minors with a six av- erage are eligible for membership in this group. They strive for their own musical improvement as well as helping others through the scholarship fund. Barbara Gilmore led the group in plan- ning their annual bake sale, which was held at the School of Music. A joint concert with the other groups was also staged. DO ' s Sell Baked Goods at Music Hall Cupcakes, muffins — funds for chapter activities. Back row; M. Boyer, J. Hays, K. Dean, P. Neville, V. Cummings. Second row: H. Utterback, M. Irelond, J. Mohr, M. Robinson, P. Laflin, R. Costner. Front row; J, Smith, B. Gilmore, M, Danly, M. Kroese. Five Work on Music Score Music in the making. Practice to Develop Talent Strings and fingers in harmony. Capable Officers Combine Their Varied Talents Never too busy for their favorite posstime. Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota, founded in 1903, is the oldest and largest of all musical sorori- ties. Locally, as well as nationally, the mem- bers foster musical and scholastic achieve- ment. President Janice Liljedohl and 1 9 mem- bers displayed their musical ability at their scholarship concert and inter-fraternity concert given for all University students. On the social side, the girls held sev- eral dinner meetings and a Christmas pa- troness tec. Back row: I. Roberts, M. Preusse, A. Hall, M. Murphy. Third row: K. Robson, J. Orr, H. Swanson, J. Sehnert, P. Dempster. Second row: L. Brown, B. Weddel, M. Hammond, G. Novotny. Front row: R. Lemke, R. Lovine, J. Liljedohl, J. Fullerton, M. Waggoner. Music of All Kinds Skill on various instruments. Four Members Ploy Duet hands are better than two. Pi Mu Alpha Pi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was regional host to 70 delegates at the men ' s music fratern- ity convention. Beside the business meet- ings, the delegates attended a Singers ' re- hearsal for the Christmas concert. The group sponsored the concert ap- pearance of baritone Robert Anderson, NU alum. They also presented their own mem- bers in joint concerts with the other musical groups. President Denny Schneider presented the annual scholarship to a male music student. Sinfonia Members Relax after Singing Engagement Singing first, talking second. Bock row: J. Wells, R. Dunning, G. Renzelman, M. Myhre, B. Edwards, R. Olsen, C. Cowles. Sixth row: J. Berigan, W. Rasmussen, K. Loge, E. Kuyper, E. King, J. Chrisfensen, K. Eck, D, Corroll. Fifth row: L. Forney, H. Giesselman, R. Brodfuehrer, C. Klasek, W. Cole, E. Monismith, D. Kitchen. Fourth row: H. Sienknecht, J. Davis, V. Hruska, J. Nelson, K. Phillips, R, Chab, T. Satone. Third row: E. Schuman, J. Babcock, E. Mitchell, D. Mullin, J. McCoy, A. Hartley. Second row: D. Johnson, W. Reist, G. Machol, R. Zanger, R. Garretson, P. Thompson, P. Biebersteir Front row: V. Jaenike, 1. Schaumburg, D. Schneider, J. Moron, A. Barnard, J. Snider. Music Chosen for a Program Practice before performance. J ' • ■ 7 High Finance is Cheerfully Discussed by Musicians It ' s profitable to be talented. Alpha Epsilon Rho With the channeling of station KNUS through Program Service, Alpha Epsilon Rho members were confronted with an increased audience this year. Members of the national radio honorary, led by Jack Lange, helped produce University radio programs and also recognized outstand- ing workers at the spring banquet. Bock row: E. Jorgensen, J. Woodin, A. ChrJstensen. Second row: J, Hanson, D. Tolmon, J. Crump, J. Riordon. Front row: H, Ewing, J. Lange, J. Mellen. Radio Students Present KNUS Program Scripts, studio, sound — on the air. Class informals Librarians Pull Records for KNUS Broadcast Radio department has large record library. Art Majors Learn Fundamentals of Drawing Pictures show individual interpretation. Music Majors Listen to Practice Hearty approval of accomplishment. KNUS Staff Completes Script for Next Program Department sponsors University radio station. Students Apply Their Knowledge of Art Theory Experiment with techniques in painting with oils. Page 133 Burnett Hall Houses All Journalism Offices, Classrooms and Newspaper Reading Room Laboratories and equipment for photography and typography classes located in basement. School of Journalism graduates fill positions of large daily papers and wire services, are editors of Nebraska weeklies Top men and women in the three major American news services — editors and top- notch reporters on leading daily newspapers from coast to coast — editors and publish- ers of a number of Nebraska ' s own weekly and daily papers — owners of half a dozen major advertising agencies in the Middle West— These are some of the more spectacular accomplishments of graduates of the School of Journalism, which has turned out more than 800 professionally trained journalists since its founding in 1923. The school offers a general training program through the College of Arts and Sciences and specialized training programs for agricultural journalists through the Col- lege of Agriculture, for advertising and management students through the College of Business Administration and for radio journalists through the speech department of the School of Fine Arts. Most School of Journalism students spend part of their time in college earning while they learn with part-time jobs at local newspapers and radio stations. Page 134 Star Editor J. E. Lawrence Lectures Teaches class proofreading symbols. William F. Swindler Dean of the School of Journalism. Instructors Discuss Magazine Layout Crawford, Hice, Morgan confer. Page 135 Back row: P. Bechan, A. Mockett, G. Kirk. Second row: J. Krueger, D. Gissler, E. Erick- son, J. Randall. Front row: N. Beniamin, B. Lorson, M. Van Pelt, J. Rediger, J. Loomis. Girls File Reading Room Papers Press — backbending profession. Theta Sigma Ph Through the state high school press convention, Theta Sigma Phi members had a chance to gain journalistic ex- perience and to interest students in the School of Journalism. Margery Van Pelt presided over the members of the women ' s professional journalism fraternity. They composed and judged contests and helped to criti- cize high school publications. Bock row: J. Krieger, D. Houser, K. Ry- strom. Second row: H. Goodrich, M. O ' Dell, D. Fensler, C. Luellman. Front row: J. Hart, T. Rische, L. Duryea, D. Pieper. High School Students Register Press convention — SDX function. Sigma Delta Chi Hold the presses — hit that deadline! Sigma Delta Chi men learned the meaning of journalistic terms through discussions and through actual work on publications. The group, headed by Ladd Duryea, co-spon- sored the high school press convention. They also began a new award, a plaque to the outstanding news story writer on the Daily Nebraskan. row: M. Schurman, B. Reese, A. Carlson. eond row: G. Nelson, R. Sherwood, R. Palme, R. Axtell, A. Cromer. ont row: J. Luebs, N. Monarty, R. Morgan, P. Peck, D. Nielsen. Kappa Alpha Mu ' s Watch a Touching Up Job Added effects — photography must. Kappa Alpha Mu Talents were put to a practical use in Kappa Alpha Mu, photo-journalism honorary. Members " ca shed in " on their camera inter- ests by taking pictures of couples at the Mili- tary and Black Masque balls. The annual print show, with 43 exhibits, the picture-of-the-month project and work for student publications were KAM jobs organ- ized by President Duane Nielsen. Class Informal: Picture Arranged in Special Project Class Gears are subject for artistic photography. Journalism Students Hear Typography Lecture Majors get practical knowledge of printing. Conkling Hall Provides comfortable residence for nurses. 3-year training period prepares women for nursing carrer; Coveted white caps received after pre-clinical training In conjunction with the College of Medicine is the College of Nursing. A course in this college includes a thirty-six month period which is divided into a pre- clinical and clinical period. At the end of this time, University women ore able to qualify for RS and BS degrees. At the end of a student nurse ' s pre-clin- ical training she is qualified to wear the cov- eted white cap, which is a symbol of her profession and a proud emblem of her service to mankind. Every student nurse spends three months in the pediatric ward and clinic of the University Hospital. During this period she becomes acquainted with all the phases of child development. Nurses also spend ten weeks working as assistants to surgeons. This work requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and an alert mind. To compensate for the studies and work, there is a social program that includes picnics, dances, athletic games and parties. Page 138 Miss Kyle and Miss Janet Ayers Problems and solutions. Irma Maurine Kyle Director of the School of Nursing Nurse Supervises Blood Transfusion Practical application of knowledge. Dr. Violet Wilder Supervises Lab A watchful eye for chemistry. Future Nurses in Pediatric Ward Enjoyable experience. Class Informals Nurses Prepare Special Diets Necessary knowledge. Students Enjoy Moments of Leisure Talent not lacking. All Have Time to Relax in Canteen Friendships and memories formulating. Class Informals Good Use Mode of Kitchen Equipment A midnight snack. p ROTC AFROTC NROTC MILITARY BALL COA LEGION DE FUSILLERS RED GUIDON PERSHING RIFLES SCABBARD AND BLADE ARNOLD SOCIETY PHALANX TRIDENT GAMMA LAMBDA fc Eugene Robinson Cadet Colonel f Colonel James Workman ROTC PMS T Military and Naval Science Building Recently built it odds to campus scene. Ground Force Regimental Staff J. Prien, J. Kirschbaum, E. Robinson, J. Buchanan. Basic Infantry Students Practice Manual of Arms Master rifle for inspections and parades. ROTC The Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, the oldest of the three service units on the cam- pus, provides military training in conjunction with civilian courses to qualify students for commission in the regular army, or the Officers ' Reserve Corps. This program, under the command of Colonel James H. Workman, offers superior training and instruction be- sides experience in leadership and service. Students in Basic ROTC Study Principles of BAR Learning from the bottom up. ' n ■f Cadet Completes Six Weeks Training Graduates with honor. Artillery Units Fire Guns at Summer Camp Recoil — repercussion. ummer amp Advanced ROTC students attend a six week period of summer camp so that they may make practical use of their theoretical and technical knowl- edge. Last summer the infantry branch went to Camp McCoy, Wise; artillery to Fort Sill, Oklo.; engineers to Fort Lewis, Wash.; military police to Camp Gordon, Ga., and ordnance to Aberdine Proving Grounds, Md. Morning Inspection Conducted Official once-over. Engineers Construct Treadway Bridge Broadway, truck, heavy equipment used. Cadets Perform Parade Drills Attention — salutes held. Page 145 4f 0 Fred Bruening Cadet Colonel Lt. Col. Alex Jamieson Air ROTC Professoi Engine Discussed by Air ROTC Men Vital port of training program. Air ROTC Air ROTC, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Alex Jamieson, selects and trains young men to become Air Force officers and responsible citizens. These stu- dents ore trained to perform duties normally expected of o junior Air Force officer; they combine with their college education an edu- cation for a place in the United States Air Force. The group studies navigation, first aid, leadership and drill. Air Force Staff Back row: W. Schmeeckle, J. Sinclair, M. Bridges. Front row: J. Downey, F. Bruening, L. Chisholm. Advanced Officers Learn Drill Fundamentals Teach underclassmen their knowledge. Students Ratify Constitution for Command Squadron New group composed of basic students. Fighters, Bombers, Training Aircraft Viewed Center of attention — XC-99. Air-Minded Students Study Engines Look, listen, learn. Summer Camp After the first year of advanced training. Air Force ROTC students are required to attend a six week period of summer camp. While on duty, the men live as regular enlisted men, re- ceiving the same training, food and pay. In addition to specialized study, the men are trained to handle them- selves in combat. Cadet Checks Camp Uniform Preparation, two week ' s training. Boys Load Food Trays at Mess Hall K-rations — steak, roasting ears, mashed potatoes. Boys Relax between Camp Sessions At the old swimming hole. Pago 147 John Dean Midshipman Captain Capt Thomas Donovan NROTC Commandant Students Learn Fundamental Procedure Practice applied on summer cruise. F. Pilo Front row; J. Plu NROTC Regimentol Staff Mohrmon, A. Sheets, B. Ande NROTC The Nebraska NROTC unit, com- manded by Captain Thomas Donovan, is a source from which qualified offi- cers may be obtained for the Navy, Marine Corps, Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve. The program of instruction is conducted by officers and men of the regular Navy and Marine Corps during the student ' s nor- mal college career. The enrollment in the program is limited by quotas estab- lished by the Chief of Naval Personnel. ner, J. Dean, D. Johnson, G. Powell. Naval Education is Aided by Pertinent Training Films Part of the plan for officer training. Grade School Students are Conducted through Naval Lab Interest shown by avid attention. Midshipman Class Passes in Review Potential commissions in view. Midshipmen Gather for Training Flight Anchors oweigh — via air. bummer L ruise NROTC students, besides being offered an opportunity for travel, gain first-hand experience in seamanship and le adership on their summer cruises. As future officers in the Navy or Marine Corps, some students last summer visited Cuba, England, France, Portugal and Scandinavian countries, while others trained at Quantico, Va. and Pensacoia, Fla. ' ' t ' t " a v 7 " " ' -- v. J- Trainees Have Equipment Inspection Middies — future Marine officers. Navy Men Record Messages on Destroyer Summer cruise route — northern Europe. Some Nebraska Cadets Prepare for Flight Base — Pensacoia naval air station. Page 149 -• im M ' Military Ball The Military Ball opened the formal season at the University of Nebraska. With the assistance of the three depart- ments, the Candidate Officers Associa- tion presented the Military Ball on December?, 1951. The opening ceremony began with a concert by the ROTC mar ching band and precision marching by the Pershing Rifles crack drill squad. After the pre- sentation of the Honorary Com- mandant, Jacquelyn Sorensen, the officers and ladies performed the grand march. Lionel Hampton and his orchestra provided music for the eve- ning ' s dancing. 1952 Honorary Commandant Jackie Sorensen Jackie reigned over the Military Ball. Seven Honorary Commandant Finalists Presented at Tea Difficult decision for COA members. Leading Grand March were Cadet Commanders and Dates All eyes on the colorful formation. Military Ball Featured Xylophone of Lionel Hampton Good listening combined with dancing. Military Stands in Saber Formation at Military Ball COA President McAfee and date morching forward. ■ 3 ' mjL-m COA President of COA Confers with Adviser after Class Military Ball topic of discussion. Under the able leadership of President Darwin McAfee, the Candidate Officers Association determined the policies of all student military organizations and co- ordinated military functions. It is composed of junior and senior students in air and ground ROTC and NROTC upperclassmen. The COA works to further the aim of the advanced military students. Besides pro- viding traffic directors for the football games, the organization presented the Military Ball and organized Military open house for College Days. Back row: C. Stohly, R. Taylor, T. Irwin, K. LeGrand. Third row: G. Erickson, A. Osborne, E. Robinson. Second row: J. Prien, E. Lane, G. Albers, R. Gebhards. Front row: J, Plummer, D. McAfee, J. Anderson. Debate Sponsored on Universal Military Training Pros and cons uncover new problems. Cadet Officers Relax in the Armory Lounge A quick breather before drills. Back row: R. Frank, G. Eno, G. Larson, R. Anderson. Second row: J. Snyder, E. Trautman, J. Shull, J. Jackson, R. Chichester. Front row: J. Tanner, J. Golding, J. Rob- son, B. Lear, D. Bean. Legion de Fusiliers ' Officers Plan Military Ball banquet. Legion de Fusiliers The Legion de Fusiliers, organized for infantry students at the University of Nebraska in 1949, was founded to stimulate advanced and basic infantry men to become officers and to give the public a better understanding of the infantry ' s importance. Legion de Fusiliers meets annually for a banquet before the Military Ball. Red Guidon Red Guidon, honorary field artillery unit, stimulates and develops a high " esprit de corps " in the field artillery ROTC. The unit sponsors lectures, demonstrations and discussions concerned with field artillery. The association is under Commander Myron Longmore. Bock row: B. Waldo, D. Anderson, W. Payne, G. VJehmeyer, M. Poneitz, P. Kruger. Third row: G. Karges, D. Brounsroth, T. Nelson, M. Thompson, A. Krejci. Second row: M. Norton, K. LeGrond, C. Wieland, R. Sandy, J. Gofte, P. Butler. Front row: R. Bouermeister, T. Hruza, L. Heng, J. Durr, M. Longmore. Red Guidon Discussion Period Howitzer explained. Headquarters Contacts Chapters Head eighty-six companies. Nat ' l Pershing Rifles National Pershing Rifles, under the student command of Brigadier General Thomas G. Irwin, acts as the national head- quarters, base of operations and clearing house for supplies for the eighty-six com- panies of Pershing Rifles throughout the United States. It was founded at the Uni- versity of Nebraska in 1892. The purpose of this organization is to encourage, preserve and develop the high- est ideals of the military profession and recognize those cadets who show a high degree of military ability. Bock row: O Osborn, A. Osborn, C. Stahly, P. Butler. Second row: B. Quick, B. Mooney, J. Graf, J. Bailey, J. Gotte. Front row: R. Bauermeister, J. Hunter, T. Irwin, G. Albers, I National Headquarters Inspects Attention! It ' s top brass. National Pershing Rifles Shows Movies Audio-yisual aid benefits. Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles, an honorary fraternity for basic military students, was founded by General John J. Pershing. Fifty-nine years ago the group was assembled as a model crack drill squad. The original name of the organization was Varsity Rifles. When General Pershing left for other duties, the unit was renamed in his honor. Selection of members is based on scholarship, leadership, drill field perform- ance, appearance, attendance and the showing of interest in military activities. Color Guard Formally Opens 1951 Military Ball Ceremony begins as colors are presented. f ' p © f P K ' Mf ' ' v r Bl J m tr Bti Kli B . • «. ' S- ■ -t w - J l Back row: D, McCorkin, M. Scott, W, Homsa, R Ua cv, R. Petersen, W. Hording, J. Conner, C, Anderson. Sixth row: L. Irvin, G. French, G. Medley, V. Anderson, R. Faes, R. Bacon, D. Felton, J. Lomphere, R. Whitney. Fifth row: N. Pohlman, D. Chapman, L. Peterson, H. Diedrichsen, W. Underwood, D. Novotny, H. Neitzel, R. C Fourth row: G. Koberstein, R. Furman, F. Wilder, J. Hovendick, D. Prohasko, G. Dallam, J. Sullivan, R. Welsh. Third row: J. Keene, M. Smith, W. Cecil, M. Nielsen, V. Markussen, J. Carr, G. Doty, W. Wagemon. Second row: W. Wilson, S. Delisi, R. Wasser, R. Ahrens, R. Hilsobeck, L. MIeynek, R. Young, M. Norton. Front row: L. Keller, R. Shipp, J. Peormon, J. Sorensen, D. McAfee, J. Prien, J. Wirsig. Pershing Rifles Crack Squad Performs at Military Bal Polished performance by well-drilled men. The Rifle Team Improve Aims at Practice Session Skill acquired by continuous practice. Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University in 1921. It encourages closer relationships among the various military branches and departments and is intended to stimulate the soldierly qualities of the individual members. The selection for membership is on the basis of scholarship and leadership of students. Scabbard and Blade, national honorary military frater- nity, improves the standards of proficiency among ROTC students in American colleges and universities. Scabbard and Blade Actives Welcome Initiate Now let ' s get down to business. Bock row: W. Adams, D. Marti, R. Toylor, R. Phelps. Third row: L. Keller, J. Sovage, B. Mooney, D. Hanson, M. Baehr Second row: C. Yamate, D. Tolman, P. Butler, P. Chase. Front row: M. Bridges, J. Mesmer, R. Cottingham. Members are Attentive as Adviser Outlines Project Aim to bring together all branches of service. Officers Work Out Initiation Details Plan vigorous routine for pledges. Arnold Society Arnold Society, notional honorary Air ROTC organization, was established in 1948 to promote American citizenship, to create a closer relationship among the members of the Air ROTC and to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of notional defense. Provisions for scholar- ships ore made each year to the country ' s outstanding first year advanced Air ROTC students. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel James C. Downey directed the group ' s activities. business Meeting Conducted before Program Parliame ntary procedure affords training. cs dv - E Bf L l Bi- ' M i Bk. J BfiP Bt. - MR v ■ M! ' V ' ' BKwVu ' I ' Ib ' BN ' ' ! ■tf nS Hk— i ST - J S H ■ " " J. JB - " ' v " y B M J H ft K - H ' ' , HI n. I B JWrTB||- y. ' P ' ' ' I AMfln " j k J y mL i K.. . B ■ sv KjK itf , -r- ' B Hv y BB BBKNB JBB i[ j BL " J Hfl | BKa %A j R jflH Hi H| IuImUV ' - k |b9R l ' S Ir " " nl BBE -TJM ui lESBfiXSiKl IH lKli Bock row: L. Sherrord, J. Greer, C. Voils, V. McCurdy. Sixth row: J. Warren, D. Wagner, P. Reiland, S. Olson, R. Kruger. Fifth row: H. Sheilenberger, H. Saxton, D. Jameson, K. Johnson. Fourth row: D. Tolman, E. Peterson, R. Gangel, J. Gaskill, G. Krogh. Third row: M. Lewis, M. Hedden, C. Kocion, T. Cannon, P. Alberts, R. Noble. Second row: A. Hertik, T. Beal, R. Ankeny, J. Anderson, H. Haight. Front row: M. Bridges, F. Bruening, J. Downey, T. Phelan, G. Albers. Members Approach Adviser with Club Problems Academic and military advice given. Society Member Given Certificate of Recognition President Downey presents the award. H ii i Phalanx A national honorary professional military fraternity, Phalanx society promotes the interest of military train- ing, fosters the spirit of fellowship among military men, implants dis- cipline in its members and aids in the preparedness of our country. This year ' s program, under the command of James Jenney, included a fall smoker. Back row; D. Wolker, R. Merritt, R. Jock- son, B. Rowen. D. Leonard, J. Jen- ney, T. Nelson. Front row: R. Metcolf, H. Meyers. R. Dunklou, J. McElhoney. Checking Business Procedure To insure smooth running. Bock row: R. Reed, D. Switzer, W. Wright, J. VonAnne, R. Mayer. Fourth row: B. Whitlo, L. Kreiner, G. Al- len, K. Woolmon. Third row: L. Graff, R. Visek, D. Leonard, F. Mason, J. Skinner. Second row: F. Evans, W. Gregory, W. Wentworth, G. Karabotsos. Front row: J. Sullivon, R. McKee, F. Pilar, J. Rasmusson, D. Wolkensdorfer. Trident Members Sing at Naval Tea Mix enjoyment with work. % " Wy ' % ' ■ ' ■% " %. Trident Trident, organized in 1948, is the only active NROTC fraternity in the United States. The organi- zation, under the direction of President Frank L. Pilar, promotes the interest, scope and prestige of the NROTC. Members are selected from NROTC students with high military bearing and aptitude. Gamma Lambda Gamma Lambda, honorary band frater- nity established in 1912, is a service organi- zation. The primary function of this organ- ization is to promote musical and marching efficiency in the University band. Members are selected for their interest and achieve- ment in the ROTC marching band. Under the student direction of Aaron Schmidt, the members planned band activities through- out the year. Gamma Lambda organizes and directs card sections at football games and entertains visiting bands. Member of Gamma Lambda Sells " On Parade " Albums Honorary sponsors University band recordings. Bock row: W. Rosmussen, J. McElhaney, D. Huebner, J. Davis, B. Hendrickson, J. Berigan. Fifth row: K. Phillips, E. Mitchell, W. Cole, J. Ochsner, R. Church. Fourth row: P. Moseman, J. Nelson, T. Durm, W. Reist, V. Jaenike. Third row: J. Boettcher, N. Rosmussen, R. McEwen, L. Schmidt, B. VanVoorhis, M. Crondell. Second row: S. Shumwoy, G. Mcchol, L. Forney, R. longer, R. Gorretson, D. Noble, D. Schneider Front row: D. Lentz, R. Buls, A. Schmidt, R. Chob, K. Axtell, J. Snider. Members Get Together for Tuesday Meeting President Aaron Schmidt presides. Nebraska ' s Bands and Card Section on Band Day Another project for Gamma Lambda. IJ ?.. ' tal SSME r- -ir- ' j SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Cal Kuska Hits the Books for High Marks Good grades or grim greetings. Like the Carillon Tower and Ivy Day, Picnics ore an NU Tradition Fellow students enjoy fresh-air frolicking. Class of ' 54 Jackie Ullstrom Enjoys Classmates ' Costumes. Uncertain weather presents dressing problems. 1 Adcock Ainscow Armstrong Athey Barger Barnes, T. Akeson Ashbough Barnes, V, Aldrich Ayers Barnwell Anderson, R. Bailey, W. Beach Above BARBARA ADAMS, North Platte, Arts and Sciences. GERALD ADCOCK, Bancroft, Business Administrction. SALLY AINSCOW, Omaha, Teachers. BARBARA AKESON, Chappell, Agriculture. WILLIAM ALDRICH, L incoln, Business Administration. GALEN ALLEN, Ord, Engineering. NICHOLAS AMOS, Winnetka, III., Business Administration. LOIS ANDERSON, Lincoln, Teachers. RON ANDERSON, Hyannis, Agriculture. NORMAN ANDERS, Lexington, Agriculture. OTTO APFELBECK, Wilber, Engineering. PHYLLIS ARMSTRONG, Omaha, Teachers. MILDRED ATHEY, Tekomoh, Agricul- ture. GARY A5HBAUGH, Plattsmouth, Business Administration. RANDALL AYERS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. BOB BACHMAN, Grond Island, Business Administration. JAMES BAHM, Lincoln, Engineering. JANET BAILEY, Omaho, Teachers. WILLIAM BAILEY, Omaho, Engineering. PATRICIA BALL, Ord, Arts ond Sciences. NORMA BALLINGER, Alliance, Teachers. THEODORE BARGER, Lincoln, Engineering. THERESA BARNES, Holdrege, Agriculture. VIRGINIA BARNES, Albion, Agriculture. ROBERT BARNWELL, Lisco, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT BARTIZAL, Lincoln, Business Administration. SALLY BARTLING, Omaha, Teachers. MARGARET BARTUNEK, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. OWEN BEACH, Lincoln, Pre- Law. NANCY BEAL, Lincoln, Teachers. Anders Ball Beal, N. Soph omores Below BEVERLY BEAL, Lincoln, Teachers. CHARLES BEAM, Stopleton, Agriculture. ERNEST BEBB, Omaha, Business Administration. BARBARA BELL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. GILBERT BENEDICT, Jefferson, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. CAROL BENN, Ord, Teachers. PETER BERGSTEN, Winnetka, III., Business Administration. GENEVA BERNS, Bladen, Agriculture. JO BERRY, Lincoln, Teachers. CHARLES BETZELBERGER, Tecumseh, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA BIBA, Geneva, Business Administration. JEAN BLICKENSTAFF, Stamford, Teachers. JAMES BOETTCHER, Wymore, Engineering. DENISE BOHRER, Cenferville, Iowa, Teachers. MARTHA BOYER, Alliance, Teachers. DONNA BRAKHAGE, Lincoln, Teachers. DAVID BRANDON, North Plotte, Arts and Sciences. ELIZABETH BREDTHAUER, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. JOAN BRENNEMAN, Burwell, Teachers. JOHN BRESTEL, Chappell, Agriculture. MARY BREWICK, Sioux City, Iowa, Teachers. PHILLIP BRIDENBAUGH, Dakota C ' ty, Arts and Sciences. EDSON BRIDGES, Omaha, Business Administration. ELIZABETH BRINKMAN, Geneva, Teachers. RAYMOND BROOKS, McCook, Business Administration. RAYMOND BROWN, Omaho, Arts and Sciences. SHEILA BROWN, Lincoln, Teachers. DELORIS BROWN, Long Pine, Teochers. DONALD BROWNING, Omaha, Engineering. SUE BROWNLEE, Omaha, Teachers. Beam Bebb Blickerstaff Boettcher Bridenbaugh Bridges Benedict Benn Bergsfen Berns Berrv Betzelberger Boyer Brakhage Brandon Bredthauer Brenneman Brestel Brooks Brown, R. Brown, S. Brown, D. Browning Brownlee h. Page 163 dl Burkhordt Carlson Christensen Above JAMES BRUBAKER, New Carlisle, Ohio, Business Administration, JANICE BULL, Millard, Teachers. WILLIAM BUNDY, Gretna, Agriculture. GRACE BURKHARDT, Norfolk, Teachers. RICHARD BUSCH, Omaha, Business Administration. BEVERLY BUSH, McCook, Teachers. JOAN BU5HER, San Francisco, Calif., Arts and Sciences. ELAINE CADWALLADER, Lincoln, Teachers. LORIN CALEY, Springfield, Business Administration. JANE CAL- HOUN, Lincoln. Teachers. JAMES CALLIN, Omaha, Business Administration. DALE CAPEK, Lincoln, Dentistry. CHARLENE CAMPBELL, Omaha, Teachers JOAN CARLSON, Sumner, Agriculture. MARY CARHART, Woyne, Teachers. CHARLES CAROTHERS, Broken Bow, Dentistry. JANE CARPENDER, Lincoln, Agriculture. ALLAN CARPER, Plattsmouth, Business Administrotion LEE CARTER, Lincoln, Engineering. ROSE CASTNER, Ashland, Teachers. LOIS CHARLESTON, Holdrege, Teachers. ADELLE CHASANOV, Omoho, Teachers. JOAN CHICOINE, Volentine, Business Ad- ministration SUE CHRISTENSEN, Fremont, Business Administration. RICHARD CHRISTOPH, Glencoe, III,, Business Administration. PHYLLIS CHUB- BUCK, Lincoln Arts and Sciences. CAROLE CHURCH, Lincoln, Teachers. CONNIE CLARK, St. Edward, Agriculture. RICHARD CLARK, Omaho, En- gineering RICHARD CLAUSSEN, North Platte, Business Administration, Soph omores Below DENZIL CLEGG, Gothenburg, Agriculture. KENNETH CLEMENT, Ord, Agriculture. THEODORE COFFIE, Omaha, Business Administrotion. DAVID COHEN, Rock Port, Mo., Arts and Sciences. DONALD COLLINS, Lincoln, Engineering JAMES COLLINS, JR., Omoho, Arts and Sciences. JAMES COLLMAN, Beatrice, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA COLWELL, Pawnee City, Teachers. DOROTHY CONGER, Genoa, Teachers. HARRIET COOK, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. SHARON COOK, Lexington, Teachers, DIANE COOPER, Omaha, Teachers, PHYLLIS CORLISS, Hebron, Agriculture. WILLIAM CORRALES, Lowton, Okla., Dentistry. MARLENE CORN, Des Moines, Iowa, Teachers, LORRAINE CORYELL, Lincoln, Teachers. MAURICE COSTELLO, Tucson, Ariz., Business Administration. GENE COTTER, Lincoln, Teachers. GRETA CRAIG, Clorindo, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. ALAN CRAMER, Wavne, Arts and Sciences. MARK CRAWFORD, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MARY CRIPE, Lincoln, Business Administration. CORA CRITCHFIELD, Tecumseh, Arts and Sciences. LEROY CROSBY, Omaha, Business Administration. JOANN CROSSWELL, Scottsbluff Teachers. BAR- BARA CROWE, Lincoln, Agriculture, HARRY CURTISS, Hyonnis, Law, NANCY DAHLGREN, Omoho, Teochers, CLIFFORD DALE, Falls City, Teach- ers, SANDRA DALEY, Broken Bow, Arts and Sciences, Clegg Clement Cook, S. Cooper Crawford Cripe Coffie Corliss Critchfield Cohen Corrales Crosby Collins, D Corn Crosswell Collins, J. Coryell Crowe Collmon Costello Curtiss Colwell Cotter Dahlgren Conger Craig Dale Cook, H. Cramer Daley SkM.M Pnqp 1 64 ? fa )Qnnkroger Dane Dark Davis, J. Davis, Y. Davison Day Deininger Delamotre Dehsis Devore Dierks Diestel Dischner Donaldson Doole Doty Douglas Down s 5rda Dunbar Dunn, G. Dunn, B. Duxbury Due Dworkin Eatherton Eckerson Edward Above EUNICE DAMKROGER, DeWitt, Agriculture. LAWRENCE DANE, Clay Center, Business Administration. NANCY DARK, Lincoln, Teachers. JEAN DAVIS Lincoln Teachers. YOLANDA DAVIS, North Platte, Arts and Sciences. DEAN DAVISON, Ainsworth, Engineering. THOMAS DAY, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARION DEININGER, St. Paul, Teachers. MARGERY DELAMATRE, Omaha, Teachers. SIMON DtLISI, Lincoln, Engineering. JANE DEPPEN Lincoln, Teachers. NORA DEVORE, Omaha, Teachers. MERTON DIERKS, Ewing, Agriculture. PEGGY DIESTEL, Fremont, Business Administration DONALD DISCHNER, Lincoln, Business Administration. LEAVENS DONALDSON, Auroro, Engineering. WILLIAM DOOLE, Lincoln, Engineering. GREGG DOTY, Lincoln, Business Administration. DEAN DOUGLAS, Palmyra, Agriculture. DONALD DOWNS, Colorado Springs, Colo., Dentistry. LARRY DRDA, Wilber, Engineering. DONALD DUNBAR, McCdoK, Arts and Sciences. GRACE DUNN, Harrison, Teachers. BARBARA DUNN Omaha Arts and Sciences. RICHARD DUXBURY, Lincoln, Law. BETTY DUE, Sioux Falls, S.D., Arts and Sciences. EMANUEL DWORKIN, Merrick, N. Y., Business Administration. LARRY EATHERTON, Grand Island, Pharmacy. SHIRLEY ECKERSON, Aurora, Agriculture. JOSEPH EDWARDS, Auburn, Agriculture ft Soph omores Below RICHARD EGGERT, Fremont, Pharmacy. GERALD EHLER, Bancroft, Agriculture. JAMES EHRET, DeRuyter, N. Y., Teachers. PAUL ELY, North Platte, Business Administration. EUGENE ENGEL, Chanute, Kans., Agriculture. PATRICK ENGEL, South Sioux City, Business Administration. LAWRENCE ENGLER, Atkinson, Agriculture. MARJORIE ERIKSEN, Craig, Teachers. MARILYN ERWIN, Craig, Agriculture. ROGER ESSMAN, Clatonia, Agriculture. JOHN EULE, JR., Ainsworth, Arts and Sciences. FRANKLIN EVANS, Wisner, Engineering. PHILIP EYEN, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. GRACIA EYTH, Beotrice, Teachers. DIANE FEASTER, Omaha, Teachers. GERRY FELLMAN, Omaha, Business Administration. RICHARD FENSLER, Omoha, Arts and Sciences. JAMES FERGUS, Falls City, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT FICKE, Lincoln, Business Administration. RONALD FISCHER, Lincoln, Business Ad- ministration. ROGER FITCH, Lincoln, Engineering. JAMES FITZGERALD, Storm Lake, Iowa, Business Administration. JOHN FITZGERALD, North Platte, Engineering. WALTER FLICKER, North Platte, Engineering. MARY FLYNN, Omaha, Teachers. DONNA FOLMER, Lincoln, Teachers. DONALD FREI, Grand Island, Business Administrotion. CARROL FRENCH, Page, Arts and Sciences. SHIRLEY FRIES, Geneva, Teachers. DWIGHT FRITTS, Omaha, Business Administration, Ehret Ely Engel, E. Engel, P. Engler Ericksen Erwin Essman Even Eyth Feaster Fellman Fensler Fergus Ficke Fischer Fitzgerald, J. Flicker Flynn Folmer Frei French Fries Fritts K J) M . fil f i2 Page 165 Gardner Gotes Gauger George Ginn Gittelmon Glesmonn Gohde Gotte Groff Graham, F. Grohorr Above JOYCE FUHRMAN, Cortland, Agriculture. JACK GARDNER, Ansley, Business Administration. RUTH GATES, Plainview, Teachers. NORMAN GAUGER, Gront, Business Administration. NAOMI GEORGE, South Sioux City, Agriculture. MARY GERHART, Newman Grove, Teachers. JOHN GIBBS, Custer, S.D., Arts and Sciences. RUTH GIBSON, Lincoln, Teachers. CAROLYN GIERHAN, Lexington, Agriculture. ANN GILLIGAN, L incoln, Teachers. JOHN GILMORE, Omaha, Engineering. MARY GINN, Council Blutfs, Iowa, Teachers. REVA GITTELMAN, Lincoln, Teachers. ARNOLD GLESMANN, Popillion, Engineering. GEORGE GOHDE, Lincoln, Teachers. CHARLES GOMON, Norfolk, Arts and Sci- ences. DARLENE GOODDING, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. MILDRED GOODMAN, Hastings, Teachers. SYLVIA GOODMAN, Wichita, Kons., Arts ond Sciences. CONSTANCE GORDON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. SUE GORTON, Tecumseh, Arts and Sciences. JACK GOTTE, Dix, Agriculture. LLOYD GRAFF, Dolton, Agriculture. FAYE GRAHAM, Belleville, Teachers. KEITH GRAHAM, Lincoln, Engineerindg. LORENE GRAVER, Ainsworth, Teachers. RUTH GREEN, Lincoln, Agriculture. RUTH GREER, Woverly, Agriculture. AisN GRIFFIS, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. CLARA GREGERSEN, Norfolk, Agriculture. Soph omores Below JANET GRIMM, Blair, Business Administration. JODIE GROGAN, Fort Worth, Texas, Arts ond Sciences. ALAN GROVE, Dell Ropids, S.D., Business Administration. CAROL HAERER, North Platte, Teachers. RONALD HAGEN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT HALE, Lincoln, Engineering. SALLY HALL, Holdrege, Arts and Sciences. WANDA HAM, Cloy Center, Agriculture. CLIF HAMILTON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. SHIRLEY HAMILTON, North Platte, Arts and Sciences. MARILYN HAMMERSTROM, Sioux City, Iowa, Teachers. DONALD HAMMES, Omoho, Arts and Sci- ences. PATRICE HAMMOND, Lincoln, Teachers. MARY HANCOCK, Lincoln, Teachers. JAMES HANING, Forrogut, lowo. Teachers. HOWARD HANSON, Herman, Business Administration. LURA HARDEN, Lincoln, Agriculture. WILLIAM HARRIS, JR., Harmon-on-Hudson, NY., Engineering. HARRIETT HARVEY, Logon, Iowa, Teachers. RODNEY HARVEY, Wouneto, Agriculture. ROBERT HA5EBR00CK, West Point, Arts ond Sciences. HAL HA5SELBALCH, St. Edward, Arts and Sciences. JAMES HAYS, Glenwood, lowo. Agriculture. JOYCE HAYS, Lincoln, Teachers. BETTY HEARN, Lincoln, Teachers. ROSS HECHT, York, Business Administration. PHIL HEIDELK, Fairbury, Business Administration. DONNA HEIER, Greenwood, Teachers. VERNITA HELMSTADTER, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA HEMPHILL, Tekamoh, Teachers. Hagen Hale Hall Honing Hanson Harden Hearn Hecht Heidelk Page 166 Hcrbcr ' Holn Horning Hermann Hcthenngto Holmes, S. Holmes, S. Houdersheldt Howard " M rf Holtht Hubki Hide Hook Hudson Hoover Huebnei Above JANICE HENNINGSEN, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. JAN HEPPERLY, Denver, Colo., Teachers. HERB HERBERT, Sidney, Agriculture. MONTE HER- MANN, Colorado Springs, Colo., Agriculture. JANE HETHERINGTON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. KEITH HEUERMANN, Phillips, Agriculture. DON HEWITT, Sioux Falls, SO., Arts and Sciences. DONALD HIDE, Hastings, Engineering. DIANE HINMAN, North Platte, Teachers. JOYCE HOCK, Lincoln, Agriculture. JOAN HOLDEN, Grand Island, Business Administration, BRUCE HOLLANDER, Brooklyn, N.Y., Arts ond Sciences DON HOLMES, Gothenburg, Business Administration. SONNA HOLMES, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. SUZANNE HOLMES, Kearney, Teachers CAR- ROLL HOLTHUS, Bertrand, Agriculture. MICHAEL HOLYOKE, Pasadena, Calif., Engineering. ROBERT HOOK, Rushville, Arts and Sciences. JAMES HOOVER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DEL0RE5 HOPP, Hastings, Teachers. SUSAN HOPPE, Lincoln, Business Administration. PETE HOPLEY, Atlan- tic, Iowa, Agriculture. SHARON HORNING, Omaha, Teachers. CHERE HOUDERSHELDT, Wayne, Teachers. ROBERT HOWARD, Omaha Business Administration. LAWRENCE HUBKA, Virginia, Teachers. SUE HUDDLE5T0N, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA HUDSON, North Loup, Agri- culture. RICHARD HUEBNER, Plattsmouth, Business Administration. GEORGIA HULAC, Omaha, Teachers. Soph omores Below CHARLEY HUNLEY, Falls City, Arts and Sciences. WAYNE HUNT, Lincoln, Business Administration. DONALD IMIG, Seward, Business Administra- tion. ARLITA INGWERSON, Lodge Pole, Teachers. BEVERLY JACKSON, Lincoln, Teachers. THEODORE JAMES, Dundee, III., Business Administra- tion. RICHARD JISKNA, Swanton, Agriculture. BUD JOHN, Grond Island, Business Administration. ALAN JOHNSON, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. CHARLENE JOHNSON, Ralston, Teachers. DON JOHNSON, Albion, Agriculture. GLADYS JOHNSON, Omoha, Arts and Sciences. JOYCE JOHN- SON, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT JOHNSON, Council B luffs, Iowa, Business Administration, SALLY JOHNSON, Stanton, Business Administration. WILLIAM JOHNSON, Fremont, Agriculture. GARY JONES, Hastings, Engineering. BEVERLY JOOS, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. ANN JOUVENAT, Lincoln, Teachers. GEORGE KARABATSOS, Foirbury, Arts and Sciences. RONALD KARNETT, Omaha, Business Administration. DAVID KAUF, Has- tings, Arts and Sciences. PHYLLIS KEIM, Lincoln, Business Administration. MAX KENNEDY, Beatrice, Teachers, DON KOESTER, Alliance, Engineer- ing, LOIS KIECKHAFER, Plainview, Agriculture. CHARLES KIFFIN, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. KARMA KIMBALL, Lincoln, Teachers. WILMA KINDHART, Ooklond, Iowa, Teochers. ELIZABETH KINNIER, Spolding, Agriculture. Hunt Imig Johnson, G. Johnson, J. Kauf Keim Ingwerson Jackson James Jiskna John Johnson, A. Johnson, C Johnson, W. Johnson, R. Johnson, S. Jones Joos Jouvenot Korabatsos Kennedy Koester Kieckhafer Kiffin Kimball Kindhort l- ' innif-r f O g Kuhl Lorson, M Kusko, C Lowrence Konegni Kort Krampcr Krumwicde Laflin Lane Longelett Larsen Ledrnghom Lee Lees Leese Above MARY KINSINGER, Lincoln, Teachers. BARBARA KISSLER, Lincoln, Teachers. CHARLES KLASEK, Wilber, Teachers. PHYLLIS KNERL, Rovenno, Arts and Sciences. JAMES KNISELY, North Plotte, Business Administration. JOSEPH KOCH, Lincoln, Pharmacy. MARGARET KONEGNI, South Sioux City, Teachers. PHYLLIS KORT, Blue Hill, Arts and Sciences. VINCENT KRAMPER, Dakota City, Agriculture. ROBERT KRUMWIEDE Whittier, Calif., Engineering. ARTHUR KUHL, Randolph, Agriculture. BEVERLY KUNC, Lincoln, Agriculture. KENNETH KUNES, Moywood, ML, Business Administration. MARSHAL KU5HNER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. CALVIN KUSKA, Omoho, Agriculture. DANNY KUSKA, Chadron, Engineering. LEWIS LAFLIN, Lincoln, Agriculture. ROBERT LANE, Lewellen, Agriculture. JERRIE LANGELETT, Sioux Falls, S.D., Teachers. TOM LARSEN, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARILYN LARSON, Dakota City, Agriculture. RICHARD LARSON, Rochester, N.Y., Arts end Sciences. LEON LAUVER, Norfolk, Engineering. MIKE LAWLOR, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. LOIS LAWRENCE, Alliance, Arts and Sciences. GERALD LAWSON, Superior, Business Administration. SHIRLEY LEDINGHAM, Mitchell, Arts and Sciences. HELEN LEE, Brownlee, Teochers. DONALD LEES, Morse Bluff, Agricultuie. STANLEY LEESE, Lincoln, Engineering. Soph omores Below JOAN LEGGE, Omoho, Teachers. MARILYN LEHR, Lincoln, Teachers. TOM LEISY, Wisner, Agriculture. RICHARD LEITSCHUCK, Burchord, Agricul- ture. BETTY LESTER, Grand Island, Teachers. TI NG LILLY, Lincoln, Teachers. PATRICIA LINDGREN, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. CONNIE LINDLY, Anselmo, Agriculture. JACK LINTZ, Johnson, Pharmacy. ROBERT LOCH, Sidney, Engineering. PATRICIA LODER, Willmette, III., Arts and Sciences. NORMA LOTHROP, Sioux City, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. PHYLLIS LOUDON, Lincoln, Teachers. DOROTHY LOW, Beatrice, Teachers. CHARLEY LOWRY, Columbus, Business Administration. DWIGHT LUBKEN, Neligh, Engineering. THOMAS LUDWICK, Lincoln, Dentistry. EARLENE LUFF, Lincoln, Agriculture. RICHARD LYNCH, Keorney, Pharmacy. BEVERLY LYNGHOLM, Sidney, Teachers. SHIRLEY LYSINGER, Grond Island, Business Administration. DICK MACK, Big Springs, Arts and Sciences. DON MAHANNAH, Butte, Pharmacy. PAT MALLETTE, Hooper, Teochers. SALLY MALLORY, Lincoln, Teachers. CAROL MALSBURY, Bostwick, Teachers. DONNA MALSBURY, Bostwick, Teachers. VADA MONCRIEF, El- wood, Agriculture. MARILYN MANGOLD, Bennington, Arts and Sciences. MARY MARONDE, York, Agriculture. Legge Lehr Leisy Leitschuck Lester Lilly Lindgren Lindly L.ntz Loch Loder Lothrop Loudon Low Lowry Lubken Ludwick Luff Lynch Lyngholmj Lysinger Mack Mohannah Mollette Mallory Malsbury, C. Malsbury. D. Moncncf Mongold Moronde |! Page 168 Matthews Mottox Maupin Moxcy Mead Meehon Meisinger Melville Miller, B. Miller, E. Miller, J. Miller, L. Miller, M, Miller, S. Miller, T. Miller, V Monismith Moody Moron Morgan Morrov Moshier Motycko Mulligon Above FLOYD MASON, York, Business Administration. DON MATTOX, Omaha, Teachers. MARILYN MATTHEWS, Logon, lowo. Agriculture. MYRON MAUPIN, North Platte, Engineering. DON MAXCY, Lincoln, Teachers. RICHARD MEAD, Scottsbluff, Business Administration. ROBERT MEEHAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JOHN MEISINGER, Lincoln, Business Administration. WILLIAM MELVILLE, Broken Bow, Business Administration. CATH- ERINE MELVIN, South Sioux City, Agriculture. REX MEYER, Phillips, Agriculture. BILL MILLER, Sterling, Colo., Business Administration. ELIZA- BETH MILLER, Sioux Falls, S.D., Arts and Sciences. JOYCE MILLER, Omaha, Teachers. LOIS MILLER, Chadron, Teachers. MARTHA MILLER, Lin- coln, Teachers. SHIRLEY MILLER, Norfolk, Teachers. THOMAS MILLER, Columbus, Business Administration. VADEN MILLER, Palisade, Teachers. LOIS MINER, Lowell, Teachers. FRANK MNUK, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. ELTON MONISMITH, Lincoln, Teachers. WAYNE MOODY, Auburn, Agriculture. MARJORIE MORAN, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. JUDITH MORGAN, South Sioux City, Teachers. JACK MORROW, Allionce, Engineer- ing. FRED MOSHIER, Omaha, Business Administration. MURIEL MOTYCKA, Leigh, Pharmacy. MARY MULLIGAN, David City, Pharmocy. SHIR- LEY MURPHY, Lincoln, Teachers. Sophomores Below AUDREY McCALL, Red Cloud, Teachers. ALBERT McCLURE, Wymore, Agriculture, BARBARA McCORMICK, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. CAROL McCOWN, Beatrice, Teachers. MARIAN McCULLOUGH, Scottsbluff, Teachers. MARY McCULLOUGH, Brody, Teachers. MARIE McDUFFEE, Nor- folk, Teachers. WILLIAM McGARRY, Norfolk, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT McKEE, Lexington, Agriculture. THOMAS McKEE, Price, Utoh, Den- tistry. ROSANNE McLaughlin, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. RONALD McMASTER, Wisner, Business Administrotion. KATHLEEN McMUL- LEN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT McPHERSON, Neligh, Arts and Sciences. SHARON NEFF, Bridgeport, Teachers. BICKY NEDROW, Hort- ington, Teachers. GLENN NELSON, Central City, Arts and Sciences. HOWARD PALMER NELSON, Bertrand, Agriculture. HOWARD PAUL NELSON, Craig, Arts and Sciences. JOHN NELSON, Nebraska City, Teachers. TIM NELSON, Son Leandro, Calif., Arts and Sciences. WILLIAM NELSON, Millard, Business Administration. DICK NEWELL, Pender, Teochers. JOHN NIEHAUS, Superior, Arts and Sciences, MARY NIEHAUS, Holdrege, Agriculture. RICHARD NIEMEIER, DeWitt, Agriculture. LAWRENCE NORDHUES, Randolph, Agriculture. MILTON NORSWORTHY, Gothenburg, Engi- neering. MAURICE NORTON, Elgin, Agriculture. JANET NUSS, Sutton, Teachers. McClure McCormick McCown McCulloch McCullough McDuffee McGorry McKee, R. McKee, T McMoster McMullen McPherson Neff Nedrow Nelson, G. Nelson, H. Nelson, H. Nelson, T Nelson, W. Newell Niehaus, J. Niehaus, M. Niemeier Nordhues Norsworthy Norton Nuss Nyquist Ozenberge Paulson Pape Pedersen, H. Ogden Park Pedersen, M. Patterson, C. Potterson, P. Pou Peterson, M. Above VIRGINIA NYE, Keorney, Teachers. LOVIS NYQUIST, Craig, Agriculture. Alene OCHSNER, Modison, Agriculture. NEALA O ' DELL, South Sioux City, Teachers. CARL OFE, Plattsmouth, Business Administration. MARLENE OGDEN, Lincoln, Agriculture. DALE OLSON, York, Agriculture. JAC- QUELINE ORR, Dakota City, Teachers. OWEN OTTO, Lincoln, Engineering. RONALD OVENDEN, Sidney, Engineering. DONALD OVERHOLT, Omaha, Business Administration. LARRY OZENBERGER, St. Joseph, Mo., Business Administration. JERRY PALMER, Tekamch, Agriculture. MARILYN PANKO, Cook, Teachers. MARJORIE PAPE, Ponca, Agriculture. ELDON PARK, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARY PASEK, Beatrice, Arts and Sciences. CAROL PATTERSON, Lincoln, Teachers. PATRICIA PATTERSON, Norfolk, Teachers. MARILYN PAUL, Beatrice, Teachers. GLENN PAULSEN, Omoho, Engineering. ALLAN PAULSON, Dell Rapids, S.D., Business Administration. RICHARD PEARSON, Papillion, Arts ond Sciences. ROBERT PECHA, San Bernardino, Colit., Business Administration. HENRY PEDERSEN, Omaha, Law. MARILYN PEDERSEN, Lincoln, Teachers. JEAN PERRIN, Allionce, Teachers. JEAN PETERS, Fremont, Agriculture. RICHARD PETERS, Atlanta, Go., Business Administration. MAXINE PETERSON, Amelia, Agriculture. Soph omores Below JANET PETERSON, Fremont, Teachers. NANCEE PETERSON, Omaha, Teachers. JAMES PETTYGROVE, York, Phormocy. WILLIAM PFEILER, Lin- coln, Arts ond Sciences. JOAN PFLUG, Norfolk, Arts and Sciences. SUZANNE PFLUG, Norfolk, Teachers LARRY PHILLIPPI, Lexington, Agri- culture. KENT PHILLIPS, Lincoln, Teachers. MARTHA PICARD, Geneva, Arts and Sciences. LOIS PIERCE, Fullerton, Agriculture. EUGENE PIOU- ZEK, Dorchester, Engineering. CHRISTINE PIVONKA, Lodge Pole, Teachers. JUDY POLLOCK, Stanton, Teachers. VIRGINIA POPPE, Kansas City, Kons., Teachers. RAMON PRED, Lyons, Business Administration. DARRELL PUL5, Elwood, Pharmacy. NANCY PUMPHREY, Wisncr, Arts and Sciences. RAY QUACKENBUSH, DeWitt, Agriculture. DOROTHY QUINN, Gothenburg, Agriculture. MARGARET RAINFORTH, Doniphan, Agricul- ture. JOAN RAMBOUR, Columbus, Teachers. CAROLEE RAMEY, Aurora, Teachers. BARBARA RAUN, Denison, Iowa, Agriculture. GEORGE READY, Hartington, Business Administration. BEVERLY RECKEWEY, Lincoln, Teachers. MARY REED, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. SHARON REED, Lincoln, Agriculture. JOAN REESE, Farragut, Iowa, Teachers. JOAN REIFSCHNEIDER, Omaha, Agriculture. SUSAN REINHARDT, Scottsbluff, Arts and Sciences. Peterson, J, Peterson, N. Pettygrc Piouzek Pivonka Pollock Rombour Ramey Roun Quockcnbush Quinn Roinforth Rccsc Rcifschneider Reinhardt Page 170 af £a -J emington Reynolds, D. ingle Roach ossow Rudloff Reynolds, M. Robb Rhea, J. Robertson Ryan Roelle Rystron Rhynalds Rohwer Rzeszotorski Rice Robinsor Sample Richards Rochman Sampson Riepe Roddy Sanders Above NANCY REMINGTON, Lincoln, Teachers. DALE REYNOLDS, St. Paul, Agriculture. MARILYN REYNOLDS, Cozod, Teachers. JANET RHEA, Quimby, Iowa, Agriculture. JANIS RHEA, Quimby, Iowa, Agriculture. GENE RHYNALDS, Dorchester, Pharmacy. MARILYN RICE, Norfolk, Agriculture. ROGER RICHARDS, Holdrege, Agriculture. LEON RIEPE, Arapohoe, Agriculture. VIOLA RILEY, Pierce, Pharmacy. JANICE RINGLE, Omaha, Teach- ers. PAT ROACH, Sioux City, Iowa, Teachers. HOPE ROBB, Lewellen, Arts and Sciences. VIRGINIA ROBERTSON, Sioux Falls, S.D., Business Ad- ministration. WAYNE ROELLE, Litchfield, Engineering. ELIZABETH ROHWER, Fort Calhoun, Agriculture. MARY ROBINSON, Holdrege, Teachers. BARTON ROCHMAN, Omaha, Business Administration. MARILYN RODDY, Omaha, Teachers. CAROLINE ROSS, Lincoln, Agriculture. CHUCK ROSSOW, Norfolk, Arts and Sciences. HOWARD RUDLOFF, Omaho, Business Administration. ROBERT RUSSELL, Fusselton, Business Administration. ROBERT RYAN, Newman Grove, Engineering. KENNETH RYSTROM, Bayard, Arts and Sciences. PHYLLIS RZESZOTARSKI, Emmet, Business Admin- istration. BERTRAND SAMPLE, Madison, S.D., Teachers, DONALD SAMPSON, Central City, Business Administration. NANCY SANDERS, Oakland, Teachers, GLORIA SAULTS, Gordon, Teachers. Soph omores Riley Ross Saults Below DUDLEY SAVILLE, Lincoln, Engineering. ELDON SCHAFER, McCook, Business Administration. PAULA SCHARMAN, Stromsburg, Teachers. BER- NARD SCHEER, Seward, Engineering. EDWARD SCHMITT, Mansfield, Engineering. JOYCE SCHNEIDER, York, Teachers. PAUL SCHNEIDER, Ains- worth, Arts and Sciences. PHYLLIS SCHOCK, Lincoln, Teachers. SYLVIA SCHOLZ, Chadron, Arts and Sciences. FLORA SCHRIER, Lincoln, Teachers. CHARLES SCHUERMAN, Clatonio, Agriculture. MARVIN SCHUMAN. Minatare, Arts and Sciences. MARGIE SCHURMAN, Madison, Arts and Sci- ences. MARTHA SCHUSTER, Hastings, Teachers. JOSEPH SEDLACEK, Paxton, Agriculture. FRED 5EGER, Omaha, Teachers. MARILYN SEHNERT, Holdrege, Agriculture. GLORIA SELL, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. STANLEY SHUMWAY, Lyons, Teachers. SALLY SIECK, Lincoln, Teachers. MAR- ITA SIEPELMEIER, Syracuse, Agriculture. DONALD SILVERMAN,, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. DUANE SIMON, Falls City, Engineering. STANLEY SIPPLE, Nebraska City, Business Administration. ILARS SIRK5, Riga, Lafvio, Engineering. JAMES SKINNER, Nebraska City, Business Administra- tion. MARY ELLEN SLAGLE, Lincoln, Agriculture. CLARK SMAHA, Wilmelte, III., Business Administration. FRED 5MIDT, Firth, Agriculture. LORALEE SMITH, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. Saville Schofer Scharman Scheer Schn- Iff Schneider, J. Schneider P. Schock Scholz Schrier Schuermon Schuman Schurman Schuster Sedlc cek Seger Sehnert Sell Shumwoy Sieck Siepelmeier Silverman Simon Sipple Sirks Skinner Slagle Smoha Smidt Smith, L. t!W !k Page 171 Smith, P Sprague Stelzer Srb, J Stephenson Sohl Sommers Sorenson Spear Stake, D. Stake, M. Stascn Stebb Stiffler Stone Stransky, M. Strans Speidel Spilker Steffen Stehl.k Stratton Street Above MELVIN SMITH Clatonio Teachers. MARGARET SMITH, Omaha, Business Administration. ROGER SMITH, Lincoln, Business Administration. ELAINE SMITHBERGER Stanton, Teachers. GEORGE SOHL, Wahoo, Business Administration. KAY SOMMERS, Lincoln, Business Administration. FRANK bORENSON Lincoln Teachers. ROBERT SPEARMAN, Ainsworth, Arts and Sciences. JEAN SPEIDEL, Wilcox, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA SPIL- KER Minden Agriculture JEROME SPITZER, Omaho, Arts and Sciences. BERNARD SPRAGUE, Red Cloud, Arts and Sciences. JOSEPH SRB, Oma- ho Arts and Sciences LOIS SRB Lincoln, Teachers. DONALD STAKE, Adams, Teochers. MARVIN STAKE, Burchord, Agriculture. MARY STASCH, Kilgore Agriculture WESLEY 5TEBBINS, Gothenburg, Arts and Sciences. JANET STEFFEN, Norfolk, Teachers. SHIRLEY STEHLIK, Wilber, Teach- ers ELEANOR STEAVENSON Fontanelle, Agriculture. HERBERT STELZER, Seword, Business Administration. JAMES STEPHENSON, Nebrosko City, Pharmacy JUSTIN STERN, Omaha, Business Administration. ROSE STIFFLER, Loui5ville_,_ Agriculture. KENNETH STONE, Lyons, Agriculture. MARCIA STRANSKY, Mitchell, S.D., Teachers. MARY STRANSKY, Lincoln, Teochen STREET, Omaha, Engineering. POLLYANNA STRATTON, Holdrege, Teacher GEORGE Soph omores Below MARLENE STROH Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. LUCILLE STROHM, Lincoln, Agriculture. SHIRLEY SUKSTORF, Colon, Agriculture. JOHN SULLI- VAN Erie Penn Arts and Sciences. SALLY SVESKA, Omaha, Teochers. SUSAN 5VESKA, Omaho, Teachers. BETTY SWANSON, Wauso, Teoch- ers DALE SWANSON Omaha, Business Administration. CHARLES SWINGLE, Lincoln, Business Administration. DAN 5WITZER, Holmesville, Busi- ness Administration BONNIE TANK, Fremont, Agriculture. CHARNEY TAUB, Omaha, Teochers. BARBARA TEMPLETON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences JEAN THOMAS, Lincoln, Teachers. LEE THOMPSON, Fremont, Arts and Sciences. MARVIN THOMPSON, Laurel, Agriculture. BLYTHE THOMSEN, Beatrice, Arts and Sciences. MARLENE TILLER, Alliance, Agriculture. JOHN TILLY, Goodlond, Kans., Arts ond Sciences. CHARLENE TIMMONS, Benedict, Agriculture. JOANN TODD, Lincoln, Teochers. WILLIAM TOMEK, Table Rock, Agriculture. City, Teochers. ROBERT TOOLEY, Columbus, Pharmocy. DALE TOOPS, Lincoln, Agriculture. JANIS TRABERT, Lii Denver, Colo., Teachers. CARR TRUMBULL, Scottsbiuff, Arts and Sen TURKQUIST, Wood Lake, Teachers. BARBARA TOOLEY, Centrol )ln. Agriculture. JAMES TRACY, Wa ' RREN TURNER. Allodeno, Calif., Arts and Sciences. MARILYN Page 172 ) .0£ Ullstrom Utterback VonAuken VanVleck Vech Veto Wallman Walston Word Warren Warrick Wear Weir Wells Wenke Wesely West West Visek Volz Wochai Weber, J. Weber, W. Weekes Wetzel Whalen Wielond Above MARIAN UHE, Grand Island, Teachers. JACKIE ULLSTROM, Omaha, Busines JEANIE VAN AUKEN, Lexington, Teachers. DALE VAN VLECK, Clearwater, Ac Torrington, Wyo., Business Administration, RICHARD VISEK, Sorgent, Business WACHAL, Omoha, Teachers. BARBARA WAHL5TR0M, Oakland, Agriculture, once, Teochers. JO WARD, Silver Creek, Teachers. SALLY WARREN, Lincoln istrotion. SHIRLEY WEAR, Friend, Teochers. JAMES WEBER, Holdrege, Agrici Nebrosko City, Teachers. LETA WEINER, Omaha, Teochers. MARY WEIR, ! ti HARRIETT WENKE, Lincoln, Bu mess Administrotion. ELDEN WESELY, Cedar Bluffs Agricuitu RICHARD WESTIN, Omoho, Business Administrot on. DONNA WETZEL, Lincoir 1, Teacher istrotion RICHARD WIELAND, Lincoln, Arts and Sci ences. , Administration. HELEN UTTERBACK, Shenondooh, lowo. Teachers. nculfure, JOAN VECH, Cedar Bluffs, Teochers CHARLOTTE VETA, Administration. ROBERT VOLZ, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences, JOY BERNARD WALLMAN, Filley, Agriculture. MYRNA WALSTON, Alli- Engineering. JACK WARRICK, Meadow Grove, Business Admin- Iture. WILLIAM WEBER, Wilmette, III., Engineering. TOM WEEKES, loux City, Teachers. FRANK WELLS, Auburn, Business Administro- Soph omores Below JANE WHITE, Hemingford, Teachers. MILLER WHITHAM, Omoho, Arts ond Sciences. RICHARD WHITMAN, Auburn, Business Administration. MARY WHITMORE, Lincoln, Teachers. NANCY WHITMORE, Mitchell, Teachers. GRANT WHITNEY, Ainsworth, Engineering. JUDITH WIEBE, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. HARLAN WIEDERSPAN, Lincoln, Business Administrotion ROBERT WIEST, Choppell, Dentistry. DON WILLIAMS, Lincoln , Business Administration. KATHLEEN WILSON, Wolboch, Teachers. PEGGY WINCHESTER, Lincoln, Teachers. MARGARET WINKLE, Wilber, Agriculture. PAULA WITHEY, Omoho, Teachers. TOM WITTY, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. GUS WOLF, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. DANIEL W0LKEN5D0RFER, Herndon, Kons., Engineering. PEGGY WOOD, Chatham, N,J,, Arts and Sciences, CLEMENTINE WOSTER, Plottsmouth, Teachers. CHARLES WRIGHT, Scottsbluff, Arts ond Sciences. ROCKFORD YAPP, Manhattan, Kons., Agriculture. DOROTHY YATES, Lincoln, Agriculture. ostings. Agriculture. JOANNE YEAGER, Omoho, Teachers. LYLE YOUNG, Sargent, Business Administration. ROBERT YOUNG, ig. MARY ZIMMERMAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JOANNE ZUCKER, Scribner, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA FRITCHIE, CHARLES LOWRY, Columbus, Engineering. Whifmon Whitmore, M. Whitmore, N. Winkle Withey Witty Yeoger, Jerry Yeager, Joanne Young, L. JERRY YEAGER, Beofnce, Engine Omoho, Teacher Whitney Wiebe Wiederspan Wiest Willion- Wolf Wolkens dorfer Wood Woster Wright Young, R. Zimmermon Zucker Fntchie Lowry i-: £ Student Sportsmen Have a Field Day Hunting. Two-Legged Deer Forsaken for Web-Feet Ducks. Freshmen Hear Lecture on Campus Dating Tips. Sophomore operators divulge trade secrets. Underclassmen Outdoor Register Relieves Coeds ' Wintery Chills. The pause that refreshes. Campus Old-Timers Undermine Studious Intentions. Problem — to socialize or to study. V - f . Back row: M. Moron, J. Davis, J. Steffen, M. Kinsinger, 5. Reinhordt. Second row: C. Critchfield, C. Clark, S. Gorton, J. Calhoun, D. Brown. Front row: M, Mulligan, L. Harden, J. Fos- ter, J. Holden, B. Adams. Frosh Get Study Help from ALD ' s, Tutoring — experience as a teacher. Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman women striving for scholostic ochievement were honored with membership in Alpha Lambda Delta. A 7.5 average is the requirement. Joan Holden, president, planned the spring and fall initiations and the spring tea for all freshmen women on the honor roll. Members talked to freshmen about study habits and offered tutoring services to those who needed help. Exchanging Cars is the Aim of Martha Lee Miller. Watch out for the ways of women! Eager Eyes Follow the Trail of Pat Nellis. Spirited sophomores stamp their approval. Puzzled Newcomers Ponder Which Way to Go Bewilderment — characteristic of all freshmen. Sports Lovers Demonstrate their Motorcycling Techniques. One way to lick the transportation problem. Class of 55 A Friendly Group Finds Time for Frequent Chat: Familiar conversation topic — finding a man. Dorm Girls Buy Some Needed " Strength " during Study Hours Their creed — food for thought and relaxation. . B i l 1£ £1 G 9 a kerman Ackerson Acklond Adams, J. Adorns, S. Ahlgnm Albers Alden Alkire Allen, B. en, F. Anderjaska Anderson, A. Anderson, A. Anderson, C. E. Anderson, C. V. Anderson, D. Anderson, J, Anderson, S. Anderson, derson, W. Angell Arendt Armstrong Arndt Aschwege Atchison Atkinson Babcock Bockhaus Above BRUCE ACKERMAN, Fairbury, Arts ond Sciences. HARRIETT ACKERSON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. LAURENCE ACKLAND, Genevo, Arts and Sciences. JAMES ADAMS, Aurora, Arts and Sciences. SUZANNE ADAMS, Omoha, Teachers. DOROTHY AHLGRIM, Lincoln, Teachers. ROBERT ALBERS, Roca, Agriculture. RICHARD ALDEN, Auburn, Agriculture. DAVID ALKIRE, Lexington, Engineering. BARBARA ALLEN, Valley, Arts and Sciences. FRED ALLEN, Auburn, Agriculture. JANICE ANDERJASKA, Culbertson, Business Administration. AGNES ANDERSON, Lincoln, Teochers ALLAN ANDERSON, Lincoln, Business Administration. CHARLES E. ANDERSON, Hermon, Engineering. CHARLES V. ANDERSON, Blencoe, lowo, Teachers. DONALD ANDERSON, Hastings, Arts ond Sciences. JANET ANDERSON. Lexington, Teachers. SUE ANDERSON, Miltord, Arts and Sci- ences. VALJEAN ANDERSON, Wokefield, Business Administration. WENDELL ANDERSON. Potter, Agriculture. RITA ANGELL, Seward, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA ARENDT, Falls City, Teochers. CHARLES ARMSTRONG, Omaha, Business Administration. FRED ARNDT, Platte Center, Engi- neering. JACK ASCHWEGE, Palmer, Agriculture. ROBERT ATCHISON, Cozad, Agriculture. GERALD ATKINSON, Falls City, Engineering. ROBERT BABCOCK, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. MURRAY BACKHAUS, Millard, Engineering. Fresh men Below GEORGIA BAKER, Lincoln, Teochers. MARYBELLE BALDWIN, Lincoln, Agriculture. JOANNE BAL5, Loup City, Teachers. BETTY BARBER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. RALPH BARD, Waverly, Arts and Sciences. LEONARD BARKER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MARY BARNDS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD BARNHART, Omaha, Business Administration. JERRY BARTON, Gering, Business Administration. KAY BARTON, Grand Islond, Teachers. JACK BAUGHER, Waterloo, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA BECK, Omaha, Teochers. MAXINE BECKER, Auburn, Arts and Sci- ences. MARYMAUDE BEDFORD, Geneva, Teachers. MARY BEERMANN, Dakota City, Teochers. SAMUEL BELL, Chester, Teachers. WILLIAM BELTZER, Grond Island, Business Administrotion. JOYCE BENNINGTON, Chappell, Teachers. HOWARD BENSON, Scottsbluft, Business Administra- tion. CALVIN BENTZ, Hastings, Teachers. EMIL BERAN, Howells, Agriculture. ROBERT BERGHEL, Omaha, Business Administration. CLAUDE BERRECKMAN, North Plotte, Business Administrotion. CATHRYN BETHSCHEIDER, Hebron, Teochers. BEATRICE BEUTEL, Lincoln, Arts and Sci- ences. ROBERT BEVINGTON, Beatrice, Engineering. DAVID BEYNON, Lincoln, Engineering. PAUL BIEBERSTEIN, Lincoln, Teachers. BARBARA BLACKBURN, Lincoln, Teachers. ARLEY BONDARIN, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. Baker Boldwin Bols Barber Bard Barker Bornds Bamhart Borton, J. Borton, K Bentz Bougher Beck Becker Bedtord Beermann Bell Beltzer Bennington Benson Beron Berghel Berreckman Bethscheider Beutel Bevington Beynon Bieberstein Blackburn Bondorin t f kE§. AJsMJ Page 177 Borgaard, D. Borgaard, D. Bourck Boyle Brc ckmon Bradley Br okhoge Bree Brehm Brewster Bricker Broody Brode Bro wn, A. Brown, P. Br own, R. Browne Brym Bugenhogen Burcum Burke, G. Burke, W. Bu ns, B. Burns, R. Bu sh Calvin Campbell Above KATHRYN BONNESS, Archer, Agriculture. DIXIE BORGAARD, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DONNA BORGAARD, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MARI- LYN BOURCK, Plottsmouth, Arts and Sciences. TED BOYLE, Lincoln, Engineering. DOT BRACKMAN, Minatare, Agriculture. PATRICIA BRAD- LEY, Scottsbluff, Teachers. DOROTHY BRAKHAGE, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARLIN BREE, Norfolk, Arts ond Sciences. CAROLEE BREHM, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. ROGER BRENDLE, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARILYN BREWSTER, Holdrege, Agriculture. BEVERLY BRICKER, Ashland, Teachers. KAREN BROADY, Lincoln, Teachers. JANE BRODE, Wyomissing, Penn., Arts and Science. AMY BROWN, Norfolk, Teachers PHYLLIS BROWN, Lincoln, Teachers. RICHARD BROWN, Lexington, Phormocy. BEVERLY BROWNE, Omaha, Teachers. DON BRYM, Grond Island Business Administration. JOAN BRYSON, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. CHARLES BUGENHAGEN, Norfolk, Business Administrotion. KAY BURCUM, South Sioux City, Arts and Sciences. GILBERT BURKE, Rock Port, Mo., Engineering. WILLIAM BURKE, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. BERNARD BURNS, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. RONALD BURNS, Norfolk, Arts and Sciences, ELBERTA BUSH, Omaha, Teachers. JACQUELYN CALVIN, Ravenna, Agriculture. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Lincoln, Business Administration. Fresh men Below BILL CANNON, Mitchell, Business Administration. JERRY CARNAZZO, Omaha, Agriculture. JON CARPENTER, Missouri Volley, lowo. Business Administration. JOHN CARR, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences. BARBARA CARTER, Lincoln, Teochers. JOSEPH CARTER, Lincoln, Business Administra- tion. NORMA CARSE, Palisade, Teachers. JOAN CASEY, Oshkosh, Agriculture. HELEN CERNY, Rogers, Teachers. NANCY CHAMBERLIN, Lin- coln, Agriculture. CHUCK CHAMLEY, Flondreou, S.D., Teachers, FRANK CHAPMAN, Grand Island, Engineering. RICHARD CHARLESTON, Hold- rege, Arts and Sciences. MARSHALL CHRISTENSEN, Minden, Teachers. MARY CHRISTENSEN, Kimball, Business Administration, JIMMIE CLARK, Choppell, Engineering. ROY CLARK, North Platte, Teachers. RAYMOND CLEMENT, Fremont, Business Administrotion. JEAN CLOUATRE, Gothen- burg, Agriculture. SHERRY CLOVER, Grand Island, Teachers. CAROL COCKERILL, Gretna, Business Administration. RICHARD COFFEY, Rushville, Arts and Sciences. GEORGE COGAN, Omoho, Arts and Sciences. CATHERINE COHEN, Wallace, Teachers. PHYLLIS COLBERT, Lincoln, Agriculture. THOMAS COLBERT, Foils City, Engineering, DON COLLINS, Hyonnis, Agriculture, BURBANK COLOMY, Poso Robles, Calif,, Arts and Sciences. PAUL COOK, Curtis, Engineering. YVONNE COOK, Arlington, Agriculture. Cannon Cornazzo Chomley Chapman Cockcnll Coffey Page 178 Above DONITTA COOKSLEY, Broken Bow, Agriculture. DONALD COOPER, Oshkosh, Agriculture. MARY COOPER, Lincoln, Engi ENMAN, Omaha, Teachers, CAROL CORNELIUS, Madrid, Teachers. GARY CRAM, Lyons, Agriculture, ALAN CROUNSE, Or taring. MARILYN COR- aha, Engineering. RAY id Sciences, BILL CUT- CUNNINGHAM, Tekamah, Law, JOANN CUNNINGHAM, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences, ROY CURTIS, TER, Shenandoah, Iowa, Architecture, BARBARA DANIEL, Lincoln, Arts end Sciences, MATILDA DAVENPORT, Aurora MERWYN DAVIDSON, Lincoln, Agriculture, BEVERLY DAVIS, Lincoln, Teachers. JACK DAVIS, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT DAY, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. BOB DEBORD, Foirbury, Business Administrotion. CHARLES DECKER, Lincoln, Business Administration. DARYL DEDIC, Pot- ter, Student at Large. JEAN DELONG, Syracuse, Teachers. JOHN DENKER, Valley, Arts and Sciences. LYLE DENNISTON, Nebroska City, Arts and Sciences. SHIRLEY DEVIER, Torrington, Wyo., Business Administration, WILLIAM DEVR ' ES, Lincoln, Business Administration. MILTON DEW- HIRST, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD DICKENMAN, Beotrice, Engineering. HOWARD DIEDRICHSEN, Bancroft, Business Administra- tion. JAMES DONELAN, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences. THOMAS DONOVAN, Lincoln, Engineering. Freshmen Below RITA DORN, Lincoln, Business Administration. JOHN DOUTHIT, Clorindo, lowo. Engineering. DONALD DOWNS, Colorado Springs, Colo., Dentistry. ROLLIN DREAMER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ADELINE DUBAS, Ord, Agriculture. PHYLLIS DUDLEY, Lincoln, Agriculture. ROY DUEN5ING, He- bron, Agriculture. CAROL DUEY, Foils City, Teachers. RICHARD DULING, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARLENE DUMKE, Lincoln, Business Administration. MIMI DUTEAU, Lincoln, Teachers. BROCK DUTTON, Melbeta, Agriculture. MARILYN EATON, Fremont, Arts and Sciences. STAN EBNER, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARION EKSTROM, Newman Grove, Teachers. RUTH ELLENWOOD, Lincoln, Teachers. MARY ELLER- BROCK, Bellevue, Business Administration. DONNA ELLIOTT, Mitchell, Teachers. LEE ELLIS, St. Edword, Agriculture. ELIZABETH EMRY, Firth, Agriculture. JANICE EMRY, Firth, Agriculture. LEROY ENGELBART, Pender, Agriculture. DOROTHY EVERT, Clorkson, Arts and Sciences. RICH- ARD FAES, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DAVID FAHRBACH, Indionapolis, Ind., Arts and Sciences. FRANK FALLOON, Falls City, Arts and Sci- LIANNE FARRALL, Grand Island, Teachers. ALISON FAULKNER, Lincoln, Teachers WALTER FINKE, Wichita, Kons., Agriculture. JOYCE FINNEY, Lir Teachers. Douthit Dutton Engelbart Downs Eaton Evert Drean Ebner Dubas Dudley Ekstrom Ellenwood Fahrbach Folloon Duey Elliott Faulkner Dumke Emry, E. Finney iM?ii Flaherty Flonsburg Fogel Forke Frank Franks Frotes Frazie Fuhrman Furman Fusselmon Gadd Fosha Foster Fox Frailey Friedman Fritz Fritzler Fuelberth Gardels Garrett Garrison Gotes Above JERRY FLAHERTY, Linco ' n, Agriculture. THEODORE FORKE, Lincoln, Business Ad Agriculture. JANICE FOSHA, Manhattan, Kans., Agrjculfu IILINE FRAILEY, Lincoln, Teachers. BRUCE FRANK, Shoshon JUDITH FLAN5BURG, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. DANNY FOGEL, Omaha, Business Administration. inistration. JOHN FORSYTH, Eroken Bow, Business Administrotion. PATRICIA FORSYTHE, North Platte CLIFTON FOSTER, Benedict, Engineering, GORDON FOX, Crawford, Pharmacy! Wyo., Engineering. VIRGINIA FRANKS, Mitchell, Arts ond Sciences. WAYNE FRATES, Brule, Engineering. JON FRAZIER, Eustis, Agriculture. JEANNINE FREI, Fremont, Arts and Sciences. FRANCES FRICKE, Ashlond, Teach- ers. MARVIN FRIEDMAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. NONA FRITZ, Talmage, Pharmacy. RAYE FRITZLER, Long Pine, Teachers. MARY FUEL- BERTH, Hartington, Teachers. ARDIS FUHRMAN, Wilber, Teachers. DUWAYNE FURMAN, Hemingford, Business Administration. GARY FUSSEL- MAN, Bristow, Teachers. SANDRA GADD, Lincoln, Agriculture. GERALD GAER, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. JAMES GARBER, Brownville, Arts and Sciences. GARY GARDELS, Beemer, Agriculture. DELORES GARRETT, Minden, Teachers. EDGAR GARRISON, Oakdale, Agriculture. MARIAN GATES, Arcadia, Business Administration. Fresh men Below PARKER GEESEN, Seward, Engineering. JAMES GENOVA, Cheyenne, Wyo., Arts and Sciences. RICHARD GERLACH, Lincoln, Business Administra- tion. HELEN GERMAN, Cozad, Teachers. JOHN GIBBONS, Comstock, Agriculture. RONALD GIBSON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. WILLIAM GIE5LER, Kearney, Engineering. KEITH GILBERT, Nampa, Idaho, Dentistry. JACK GILLESPIE, Hastings, Business Administration. CAROL GIL- LETT, Lincoln, Teachers. ROSE GINGERY, Adams, Arts and Sciences. DON GLANTZ, Central City, Engineering. KEITH GLORFIELD, Sioux City, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. RITA CODING, Alliance, Arts and Sciences. HELEN GODTEL, Clay Center, Agriculture. FLOYD GOFF, Burwell, Law. ROGER GOHDE, Lincoln, Business Administration. STANLEY GOHLINGHORST, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. MARVIN GOODDING, Lin- coln, Engineering. NORMA GOODRICH, Omaha, Teachers. PRI5CILLA GOULD, Pierce, Arts and Sciences MADELINE GOURLAY, Lincoln, Teochers. DOROTHY GRABBE, North Platte, Agriculture. PATRICIA GRAHAM, Lincoln, Agriculture. ROBERT GRANT, Lincoln, Teachers. SHELDON GREEN, Chicago, III., Arts and Sciences. MICHAEL GREENBERG, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. JANE GROTELUESCHEN, Creston, Arts and Sciences. DON GRUBER, Agriculture. DOUGLAS GRUBER, Cozad, Agriculture. Geesen Geneva Gerlach German Gibbons Gibson Giesler Gilbert Gillespie Gillett Gingery Glantz Glorfield Coding Godtel Goff Gohde Gohlinghorst Goodding Goodrich Gould Gourlay Grabbe Graham Grant Green Greenberg Grotclueschen Gruber, D. Gruber, Poge 180 £f ?m£f i .fnts...n Hogarity Hogcmon Hohn D. Hahn, W. Halbur nd Hondelman Hannemon Hanst n Harmon, C. Hormon rrison Hart Haupt Horns a Hawthorne Hayes Horper Healey Harrington Heofh Above DON GUSTAFSON Gothenburg, Pharmacy. KAREN HAGARITY, Beatrice, Agriculture. MAXINE HAGEMAN, Bayard, Arts and Sciences. DALE HAHN Hartington, Business Administration. WILMA HAHN, Falls City, Arts and Sciences. BILL HALBUR, Grand Island, Engineering. HOWARD HALL Scortsbluff Agriculture MARGIE HALLAS, Omaha, Teachers. MARILYN HAMER, Omoho, Teachers. JOHN HAMILTON, Pierre, S.D., Engi- neering BEN HAND Bellevue, Arts ond Sciences. ED HANDELMAN, Omaha, Business Administration. JANET HANNEMAN, Lincoln, Agriculture RICHARD HANSEN Sargent, Agriculture. CHARLES HARMON, Loup City, Agriculture. JERRIS HARMON, Loup City, Agriculture. GAYLE HARMS, DeWitt Teochers JOHN HARPER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. THOMAS HARRINGTON, York, Business Administration. CHARLES HARRIS, Lebanon Agriculture JANICE HARRISON, Fremont, Arts and Sciences. DAVID HART, Omoho, Arts and Sciences. CHARLES HAUPT, Lincoln, Business ' Administrotion WILLIAM HAMSA, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences. JOAN HAWTHORNE, Burwell, Business Administrotion. MARILYN HAYES Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. JANE HAYLETT, Scottsbluff, Teachers. THOMAS HEALEY, Creston, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. JACKIE HEATH, Omohol Teachers. HELEN HECHT, Chapman, Agricult ure. Freshmen Below NANCY HEGSTROM, Woverly, Teachers. DONNA HEINZ, Fairmont, Teachers. ELINOR HEISER, Lincoln, Business Administrat Lincoln, Agriculture. BRIEN HENDRICKSON, Lincoln, Business Administration. LAWRENCE HERSHBERGER, Omoho, MARTHA HEUERMANN, Phillips, Agriculture, GARY HILD, Plattsmouth, Agriculture. MARTHA HILL, Lincoln, Busin! HILL, St. Paul, Arts ond Sciences. JEANETTE HILYARD, Mitchell, Agr culture. JOYCE HOBBS, Lincoln, Teachers. Business Administration. BARBARA HOF, Lincoln, Teachers. MARVIN HOFFERBER, Geneva, Business Administration, ney. Business Administration. REX HOGAN, Cody, Wyo., Business Administration. NANCY HOILE, Norfolk, Teochei Island, Agriculture. LYNN HOLLAND, Lincoln, Teochers. AUGUST HOLMQUIST, Ookland, Business Administration NANCY HEMPHILL, ess Administration. strotion. RICHARD DONALD HODGE, Beotrice, JAMES HOFSTETTER, Keor- ELAINE HOLDEN, Grand BETTY HRABIK, Meadow, Agriculture. ROSE HROUDA, Stonton, Agriculture. JANET HULL, Grafton, Business Administration. RICHARD HUNT, Blair, Engineering. ELVIS HUNTER, Torrington, Wyo., Arts and Sciences, WILLIAM HURST, Lincoln, Engineering. RICHARD HUSMANN, Ogallalo, Business Administrotion. KATHRYN HUSTON, Salem, Agriculture. DALE HUTCHINS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. legstrom lilyard lolmquist Heiser Hodge Hrouda Hemphill Hof Hull Hendrickson Hofferber Hunt Hershberger Hofstetter Hunter i A. 4t Hild Hoile Hill, M, Holden Huston Hill, R Hollonc Hutchir Lg. 2 Page 181 Hutchins Ickes Ingold Iverson Jackson Joco Jacobs Jeonnoutat Jeffre Jensen, J. Jensen, M, Johnson D. Johnson, B. Johnson, C. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Johnson, M. Johnstone Jones, D. Jones, G. Jones, J Jordan, C. Jordan, P. Joyner Juilfs Jundt Kahm Above UEAN HUTCHINS, Lincoln, Teachers. JANET ICKES, Oakland, Iowa Teachers. LESTER INGOLD, Columbus, Engineering. GARY IVERSON, Ponco, Business Administration. MARILYN JACKSON, Hampton, Teachers. JANICE JACO, Hastings, Teachers. DORAN JACOBS, Deadwood, S.D., Busi- ness Administration. DONALD JEANNOUTAT, Lincoln, Agriculture JOHN JEFFREY, Omaha, Engineering. WILLIAM JEFFRIES, Madrid, Teachers. JERRY JENSEN, Cozod, Business Administration. MARILYN JENSEN Sutherland, lowo, Teochers. DENNEY J0HN5EN, Lincoln, Engineering. BRUCE JOHNSON, Holdrege, Engineering, CYNTHIA JOHNSON, Lincoln Teachers. JOANN JOHNSON, St. Paul, Minn., Teachers. MARILYN JOHN- SON, Norfolk, Teachers. MARLYS JOHNSON, Newman Grove, Teachers. SHELBY JOHNSTONE, Sioux City, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA JONES, Hastings, Teachers. DAVID JONES, Lincoln, Business Administration. GRANT JONES, Sondpoint, Idaho, Arts ond Sciences. JEAN JONES, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. CHARLEEN JORDAN, Lincoln, Business Administration. PAUL JORDAN, Lincoln, Engineering. JOAN JOYNER, Lin- coln, Arts and Sciences. DOROTHY JUILFS, Sterling, Teachers. DWIGHT JUNDT, Creighton, Agriculture. DOROTHY KAHM, Lincoln, Business Ad- ministration. BERNARD KAMARAD, Comstock, Arts and Sciences. Fresh men Be!ow DARRYL KAMPFE, Omaha, Business Administration. CHARLENE KATZ Lincoln, Teachers. DONALD KEERANS, Omaha, Engineering. KATH- LEEN KELLEY, Fairbury, Teachers. RAYMOND KELLEY, Danbury, Agricultu ' e. PETER KELLOWAY, Atlantic, Iowa, Agriculture. BRUCE KENNEDY, Ainsworth, Agriculture. GENE KERR, Columbus, Agriculture. TED KIEKHAEFER, Falls City, Arts and Sciences. K AY KINSEY, Falls City, Teachers THOMAS KISSLER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JO KNAPP, Lincoln, Business Administration. JUNIOR KNOBEL, Fairbury, Agricu ' fure. DENNIS KNODIK, Ord, Arts and Sciences. GARY KOBERSTEIN, Lewellen, Engineering. JOANN KOCIEMBA, Ravenna, Pharmacy. KEN KOENIG. Linco ' n, Business Administration. JAMES KOEPKE, Blue Hill, Business Administration. ANN KOKJER, Sidney, Arts ond Sciences. BARBARA KOKRDA, Ploin- view, Teachers. PHIL KOOPMAN, Mt. Pleasont, Mich., Engineering. KARL KOSTBAHN, Lexington, Arts and Sciences. GERALD KRANAU, Bladen, Agriculture. GERALD KRANTZ, Omaha, Business Administration. RITA KRANTZ, Omaha, Teochers. DONNA KRAUSE, Omaha, Teachers. CAROL KREU5CHER, Beatrice, Teochers. RICHARD KROELLER, Lincoln, Business Administration. JANET KROTTER, Palisade, Business Administration. JOAN KRUEGER, Firth, Business Administration. Kompfe Kotz Kissler Knapp Koopman Kostbahn Keerans Knobel Kelley, K. Kelley, R. Knodik Koberstein Krontz, G, Krantz, R. Kelloway Kennedy Kociemba Koenig Krause Kreuscher Kerr Kiekhaefer Kinsev Koepke Kokjer Kokrdo Kroeller Krotter Krucqc Page 182 Lorson, K. Lawrence, Larson, L. Leacock Loose Larson, W Ledbetter Lohnei Latter Leffler Lomphere Lancaster Longhus Larabee Larsen Laun Louner Lauritzen Lournen Lavine Leggett Lemkuhl Leikam Lemmon Lewis Above JERRY KRUPIN5KY, Omaha, Business Administration. CHARLES KUNCL, Omaha Sciences. JOYCE LAASE, Lincoln, Teochers. RONALD LAHNERS, Grond Islar ences. CHARLES LANCASTER, Kearney, Engineering. SHIRLEY LANGHUS, I ELSIE LARSEN, Omaha, Agriculture. EVELYN LARSON, Dakota City, Teachers. Teachers. WILMA LARSON, Broken Bow, Arts and Sciences. DENNIS LATTER ences. ANN LAUNER, Grand Island, Business Administration. EVELYN LAURITZEN, Weeping Water, Agriculture. EDWIN LAURNEN, Rock Springs Arts and Sciences. LUCILLE LAVINE, York, Teachers. KENNETH LAWRENCE, Detroit, Mich., Arts and Sciences. LEON LAWRENCE, Croig, Mo., Agriculture. FRANCES LEACOCK, Lincoln, Teachers. JOHN LEDBETTER, Kearney, Engineering. DONALD LEFFLER, Holdrege, Engineering. KER- RY LEGGETT, Ord, Arts and Sciences. MARJORIE LEMKUHL, Minden, Business Administration. PAT LEIKAM, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. CALVIN LEMMON, Crawford, Agriculture. DEALTON LEWIS, Lincoln, Engineering. Business Administration. MARIANNE KUNS, Kimball, Arts and I, Arts and Sciences. JOHN LAMPHERE, Lincoln, Arts and Sci- ncoln. Arts and Sciences. JARED LARABEE, Lincoln, Teachers. KENNETH LARSON, Lincoln, Teachers. LOIS LARSON, Kimball, Lexington Pharmacy. VIRGINIA LAUN, Geneva, Arts - Agr Fresh men Below DONALD LIND, Lincoln, Engineering. BERT LINN, Kimball, Teachers. HAROLD LINSTROM, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. MAURICE LIPTON, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. CARMEN LLITERA5, Hemingford, Business Administration. FRANCES LOCKE, Independence, Kons., Teachers. HELEN LOMAX, Memo, Agriculture. GENE LOMME, Ogallolo, Agriculture. HOWARD LONG, Rapid City, 5.D., Arts and Sciences. JAMES LOWELL, Lincoln, Engi- neering. DARRELL LUDEMAN, Springfield, S.D., Arts and Sciences. MARY LUDI, Wohoo, Teachers. JOHN LUETHJE, Waco, Business Administra- tion. EUGENE LUNDEEN, Minden, Agriculture. ANN LUNDY, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT LUNNER, York, Arts and Sciences. CAROL LUNDBERG, Lincoln, Arts nnd Sciences. MARY SUE LUNDT, Omoha, Arts and Sciences. NEY LUSE, Sparks, Agriculture. JANIE MADDEN, Oma- ha, Teachers. PATRICK MADDEN, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. MARLYCE MADER, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. GEORGE MADSEN, Dakota City, Arts and Sciences. VERNON MAGILL, Curtis, Engineering. ROBERT MALSTER, York, Engineering. VIRGINIA MANN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MARY JANE MAPES, Lincoln, Teachers. JACK MARCH, Wayne, Business Administration. HAL MARDIS Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MITZI MAR- QUESEN, Mitchell, S.D., Arts ond Scieces. Linn Linstrom Lipton Lliteros Ludi Luethje Lundeen Lundy Mader Modsen Mogill Molster Locke Lomax Lomme Lunner Lundberg Lundt Mann Mopes March Long Lowell Luse Madden, J Mardis Morquesen Page 183 Mars Marshall Morten G Martin, W. Morx Moser Mathiesen Matzke Moye Mead, Mead, S. Means Medlln Meissner Melin Mendenhoil Mesner Messmer Metcalf Meyers Millen Miller, E. Miller, James A iller, Jayne Miller, Jerry Miller, John Miller, Robert Miller, Ronald Miller, T. Milroy Above RONALD MARS, Potter, Agriculture. CHARLES MARSHALL, Verdigre, Business Administration. GARY MARTIN, Sioux City, Iowa, Engineering. WILBUR MARTIN, Venango, Engineering. AUDREY MARX, Lincoln, Teachers. FLORENCE MASER, Lincoln, Teachers. HANS MATHIESEN, Grand Island, Engineering. STANLEY MATZKE, Lincoln, Agriculture. WILLIAM MAYE, Brainerd, Minn., Dentistry. DON MEAD, Omoha, Engineering. SHIRLEY MEAD, Gothenburg, Arts and Sciences. CECIL MEANS, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. BARBARA MEDLIN, Albion, Teachers. HERBERT MEISSNER, Omaha, Business Administration. BARBARA MELIN, Oaklond, Teachers. KEITH MENDENHALL, Valentine, Dentistry. PHILIP MES- NER, Central City, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT MESSMER, Omaha, Engineering. GORDON METCALF, Lincoln, Engineering. JOANN MEYERS, Scottsbluff, Agriculture. ELAINE MILLEN, Albion, Agriculture. ELAINE MILLER, Falls City, Arts and Sciences. JAMES MILLER, Omaha, Arts ond Sciences. JAYNE MILLER, York, Teachers. JERRY MILLER, Chappell, Arts and Sciences. JOHN MILLER, Omoha, Business Administrotion. ROBERT MILLER, Lincoln, Low. RONALD MILLER, Pender, Arts and Sciences. THOMAS MILLER, Pocahontas, Iowa, Arts and Sciences. CAROL MILROY, North Platte, Business Administration. Freshmen Below JANET MINER, Grand Island, Arts and Sciences. GEORGE MINK, Omaha, Business Administration. RONALD MINKIN, Omaha, Arts ond Sci- ences. BOB MITCHELL, Hebron, Arts and Sciences. WILLIAM MOATES, Red Oak, lowo. Engineering. JOANN MOHLER, Lincoln, Teachers. LOUIS MOLLICA, Omoho, Engineering. CAROLE MOLSTAD, Lincoln, Teachers. MARGARET MOORE, Lincoln, Teachers. GERALD MOORHEAD, Stroms- turg. Arts ond Sciences. PATRICIA MORAN, Randolph, Dentistry. YVONNE MORAN, Scottsbluft, Teachers. JOHN MORROW, Columbus, Engi- neering. ROBERT MORTVEDT, Dell Rapids, S.D., Engineering. MARILYN MUELLER, Lincoln, Agriculture. DON MUENSTER, Omoha, Teachers. EILEEN MULLARKY, Omaha, Teachers. DARLENE MULLER, Grond Island, Agriculture. BEVERLY MURRAY, Wolloce, Agriculture. JOY MUS- GRAVE, Minden, Agriculture. DORIS MYERS, Atlantic, Iowa, Teachers. KEITH McBURNEY, Rogers, Agriculture. JEAN McCLURE, St. Poul, Teach- ers. MARY McCOY, Norfolk, Engineering, MARLENE McCULLOUGH, Central City, Teacners. JEANNE McDUFFEE, Broken Bow, Agriculture. SALLY McGLASSON, Minneapolis, Minn., Arts and Sciences. JOHN McGREER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ANN McKAMY, Omoho, Teochers. RITA McKENZIE, Lincoln, Teachers. Miner Moron, P. Myers Mink Minkin Moron, Y. Morrow McBurney McClure Mitchell Mortvedt McCoy Page 184 Ifll l Above RON Mckenzie, Omaha, Business Administration. ELAINE MCLAUGHLIN, Tecumseh, Arts and Sciences. ROBERT McNAMEE, Gothenburg, Den- tistry. SHIRLEY NASH, Blojr, Teachers. WILLIAM NEEF, Omaha, Engineering. HERMAN NEITZEL, Lincoln, Business Administration. PAT NEL- LIS, Lincoln, Teachers. DANIEL NELSON, Potter, Agriculture. EVELYN NELSON, Scotfsbluff, Teachers. FAYE NELSON, Red Cloud, Teochers. JACK NELSON, Sioux Falls, S.D,, Business Administration. JOAN NELSON, Polter, Teachers, JOY NELSON, Aurora, Agriculture. LOU NELSON, Lincoln, Business Administration. LYLE NELSON, Sutton, Arts and Sciences. MARJORIE NELSON, Ashlond, Teachers. CHERYL NERENBURG, Omoho, Teachers. DALE NITZEL, Central City, Agriculture. BEVERLY NORRIS, Lincoln, Business Administration. JOHN NORRIS, Weeping Wafer, Agriculture. JAMES NORSWORTHY, Gothenburg, Business Administration. DONALD NOVOTNY, Clarkson, Agriculture. DONALD NUSS Sutton, " MARY ANN O ' BRIEN, Alliance, Teachers. SHIRLEY OCHSNER, Sulton, Teachers. CHLORYCE ODE, Grand Island, Agr and DON ODEN, Council Bli OLNEY, Oxford, Business Adrr Adrr iistratK strafion. NANCY ODUM, Schuyle Chen BARBARA OLIVER, Shelfon, Agriculture. SUSAN Fresh men Below DAVID OLSON, Lincoln, Engineering. DOROTHY ORCHARD, Omaha, Arts and Sciences, DENIS OSBORN, Tolmoge, Agriculture. NADINE OS- BORN, Lincoln, Teachers. OAKLEY OSBORN, Dolton, Agriculture. ROBERT OTTE, Neligh, Arts and Sciences. KEITH OTTO, Pierce, Arts and Sciences. SHARIE OTTO, Phillips, Agriculture. SHEILA OVERGAARD, Lincoln, Teachers. VIVIAN OWEN, Hooper, Teachers. NANCY RAILING, Byron, Agri- culture. JAMES PARRISH, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MAXINE PATTERSON, Lincoln, Agriculture. ROBERT PATTERSON, Scoftsblutt, Arts and Sciences. DONNA PAYNE, Seward, Agriculture. GEORGE PEARCE, Lincoln, Teochers. GLENDA PEARSON, Red Cloud, Teachers. HALCYON PECK, Minden, Teachers. MARILYN PEDERSEN, Fremont, Teachers. STEVEN PEDERSON, Berwyn, Agriculture. GORDON PEJSOR, Lincoln, Dentistry. MARILYN PELIKAN, Lincoln, Agriculture. BETTY PEPLER, Bayard, Teachers. DONALD PERRENOUD, Omaha, Engineering. DOROTHY PERRY, Lincoln, Teachers. BARBARA PETERS, Mitchell, Business Administration. ELIZABETH PETERSON, Craig, Arts and Sciences. GORDON PETERSON, Auburn, Business Administration. ROBERT PETERSON, Broken Bow, Agriculture. TED PETERSON, Holdrege, Arts and Sciences. Orchard Osborn, D. Osborn, N. Osborn 0. Otte Otto, K. Otto, S. Overgaard Porrish Patterson, M. Patterson, R. Payne Pearce Pearson Peck Pedersen Pehkan Pepler Perrenoud Perry Peters Peterson, E. Peterson, G. Peterson, R Pickett, R. Pinkerton Plotkin Pohlman Pollaf Porter Posey Post Prucka Ptak Ouinn Rader Roitt Ralston Randall Randecker Randolph Ronney Rash Rauch Raun Ray Reece Reed Rees Reese Regan Reichstein Reiser Above MURIEL PICKETT, Schuyler, Teachers. RICHARD PICKETT, Cheyenne, Wyo., Arts and Sciences. KENNETH PINKERTON, Beatrice, Agriculture. DAVID PLOTKIN, Omaho, Business Administrotion. NEALE POHLMAN, Stanton, Agriculture. GLORIA POLLAT, Cozad, Teachers. PATSY POR- TER, Lincoln, Teachers. JOSEPH POSEY, Hubbell, Agriculture. MARILYN POST, Omaha, Teachers. FRANK PRUCKA, Omaha, Business Ad- ministralion. PAT PTAK, Tyndall, S.D., Business Administration. JANET QUINN, Gothenburg, Teachers. WILLIAM RADER, Poison, Mont., Den- tistry. CHARLES RAITT, Ainsworth, Engineering. RICHARD RALSTON, Geneva, Business Administration. NANCY RANDALL, Kearney, Teachers. KARL RANDECKER, Lexington, Agriculture. RUTH RANDOLPH, Lincoln, Teachers, JOHN RANNEY, Weeping Water, Agriculture. JANET RASH, Gordon, Arts ond Sciences. ARTHUR RAUCH, Grand Island, Arts ond Sciences. ARTHUR RAUN, Minden, Agriculture. MARGARET RAY, Omaha, Agriculture. ALICE REECE, Simeon, Teachers. LLOYD REED, Lincoln, Engineering. MARLENE REES, Waverly, Teachers. MITZI REESE, Nebroska City, Teachers. GEORGE REGAN, Madison, S.D., Engineering. SHIRLEY REICHSTEIN, Hastings, Business Administration. MATTHEW REISER, Butte, Agriculture. Fresh resnmen Reissener Roe, J. Below JAMES REISSENER, Bertrond, Arts and Sciences. WILLIAM RENNER, Lincoln, Engineering. PAMELA RHOADES, Blair, Arts ond Sciences. BAR- BARA RHODES, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. RAYMOND RIDER, Wichita, Kans., Business Aaministration, ROGENE RIPPE, York, Agriculture. DOUGLAS ROBERTS, Lincoln, Engineering. LESLIE ROBERTS, Tecumseh, Teachers. RODNEY ROBERTS, Kearney, Business Administration. RICHARD ROBINSON, Omoha, Business Administration. JERRY ROE, Bennington, Arts and Sciences. JOAN ROE, Bennington, Arts and Sciences. DONALD ROGERS, Honolulu, T.H., Business Administration. LAWRENCE ROSE,, Auburn. Business Administration. BERNE ROSENQUIST, Lincoln, Teachers. CHARLES ROTHELL, Tecumseh, Agriculture. BOBBIE RUSSELL, Lincoln, Teachers. ROBERT RYAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ROBYN RYDER, Grand Is- land, Teachers. JERRY SANDY, York, Agriculture. DONALD SARNES, Lexington, Agriculture. PATRICIA SAVAGE, Omaha, Business Administration. DON SCANLON, Lincoln, Teachers. HELEN SCHABERG, Omaha, Teachers. RICHARD SCHAFFERT, Dalton, Agriculture. PAUL SCHEELE, Lincoln, Arts ond Sciences. NYLANNE SCHEIDEGGER, Pawnee City, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD SCHILLING, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ROGER SCHIMM, Moyville, Wis,, Business Administration. MARY SCHLEGEL, Lincoln, Teachers. Renner Roe, J. Rhoades Rogers Rhod es Rose Schoberg Rider Rosenquist Schoffert SmSm kMMM Roberts, D. Roberts, L. Roberts, R. Russell Ryan Ryder Scheidegger Schilling Schimm Robinson Sandy f Jd Page 186 - P: P . Schmid Schmitl Schobert Schwedhelm Scranton Scale Shellenberg Sherman Shilhan Schreiber Schner Schuiz Schuize, C. Schuize, C. Sears Sehnert Seifert Shade Shafer Shumwoy Sieler Sievers Siewerf Simmerman Above ADRIAN SCHMELZER, Fremont, Agriculture. PAT SCHMID, Columbus, Pharmacy. PETER SCHMITT, Lincoln, Engineering. JOYCE SCHOBERT, Papillion, Arts and Sciences. LOUIS SCHOEN, Valparaiso, Arts and Sciences. JOHN SCHREIBER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. SEYMOUR 5CHRIER, Lincoln, Business Administration. MARLENE SCHULZ, Yutan, Agriculture. CHARLES SCHULZE, York, Arts and Sciences. CLAUDETTE SCHULZE, Des Moines, Iowa, Agriculture, ROBERT SCHWANTJE, Columbus, Engineering. KAY SCHWEDHELM, Bancroft, Agriculture. GENE SCRANTON, Tekcmoh, Arts and Sciences. ELMER SEALE, JR., Fort Worth, Texas, Dentistry. NELSON SEARCY, Wilber, Business Administration. DOROTHY SEARS, Seward, Business Administration. CONNIE SEHNERT, Kearney, Teachers, JOLENE SEIFERT, Sioux City, Iowa, Teachers. PHILIP SHADE, Franklin, Business Administration. LARRY SHAFER, Aurora, Business Administration. KATHLEEN SHANK, Milwaukee, Wis., Arts and Sciences. RICHARD SHELLENBERG, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Pharmacy. HELENE SHERMAN, Lincoln, Teachers. GENEVIEVE SHILHAN, Lincoln, Agriculture. ROBERT SHORT, Craig, Mo., Arts and Sciences. JERRY SHUMWAY, Lyons, Engineering. MARILYN SIELER, Butte, Agriculture. CAROL SIEVERS, Fort Calhoun, Business Administration. KAY SIEWERT, Kimboll, Teachers. LOIS SIMMERMAN, Lincoln, Teachers. Fresh men Below DEE ANN SIMMONS, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. THEODORE SIMONSON, West Point, Engineering, LEONARD SINGER, Omaha, Business Admin- istration. JAMES SIRE, Butte, Teachers. MORRjS SKINNER, JR., Ainsworth, Arts and Sciences. ANN SKOLD, Kearney, Business Administration. nacy. DONNA SMITH, South Sioux City, Business Administration. DON- FRANK SMITH, Omaha, Business Administration. JOE SMITH, Omaha, Business Administratiron. RONALD SMITH, Albuquerque, N.M., Teachers DRED SNYDER, Hastings, Agriculture. WILLIAM SOELBERG, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Adn Teachers. SALLY SOLOMAN, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. RUTH SORENSEN, Tecumseh, Arts a ers. RICHARD SORKIN, Kansas City, Mo., Engieering. CAROL SOUSER, Clarks, Arts and Scienci tion. DARLENE SPANGLER, Plattsmouth, Arts and Sciences. DWAIN SPATZ, Plainview, Arts SYLVIA SPEIR, Fairbury, Te Cher; LEONE SPENCER, Lincoln, Teochers. CLARK SPRINGMAN, Palmyra, Engineering. DELBERT 5NODGRAS5, Gordon, Teachers. MIL- inisfration, DONNA SOLFERMOSER, West Point, id Sciences. BARBARA SORENSON, Lincoln, Teach- s, THOMAS SPAHN, Lincoln, Business Administra- id Sciences. SALLY SPEICHER, Omaha, Teachers. Stamm Stanley Steele Stoehr Stolz Stone Totom Toylor Terash Steinberg Stelling Steptienson Steuhe Stevens Stratford Stromer Sullivon, J Sullivan, S. Swanson Thomossen Thompson, C. Thompson, T. Tincher Tobin Above LEE STALNAKER, Choppell, Arts and Sciences. MARGARET STAMM, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. MARILYN STANLEY, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. GENE STEELE, Grand Islond, Business Administration. JEAN STEFFEN, Norfolk, Teachers. MARVIN STEINBERG, Omaha, Business Administration. MARILYN STELLING, Omaha, Arts and Sciences. SARA STEPHENSON, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. PAUL STEUHE, Omaha, Business Administra- tion. WILLIAM STEVENS, York, Agriculture. JACK 5T0CKSTILL, Lincoln, Business Administration. SUSAN STOEHR, Omoho, Teachers. WINI- FRED STOLZ, Lincoln, Art; and Sciences. JOHN STONE, Weeping Water, Agriculture. GEORGE STRASSLER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. RICHARD STRATFORD, Beatrice, Engineering. MARVIN STROMER, Hastings, Teachers. JAMES SULLIVAN, McPherson, Kans., Pharmacy. SHIRLEY SULLI- VAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ROLLA SWANSON, Woverly, Agriculture. JACKIE SWITZER, Omaha, Teachers. JOHN TATOM, Omaha, Engi- neering BEVERLY TAYLOR, Lincoln, Teachers. AKIKO TERA5HIMA, Tokyo, Japan, Agriculture . LILLIAN TEWS, Hastings, Teachers. MARILYN THOMASSEN, David City, Arts and Sciences. CHARLES THOMPSON, Barnngton, III., Arts and Sciences. TOM THOMPSON, Ponco City, Oklo., Arts and Sciences. PATRICIA TINCHER, Liberty, Teochers. THOMAS TOBIN, Tekamoh, Agriculture. Fresh men Below ROYCE T0NJE5, Pender, Business Administration. JACK TRABERT, Lincoln, Business Administration. BEVERLY TRACY, Lincoln, Teachers. JON TUNING, Grand Islond, Business Administration. BARBARA TUREK, Omaha, Teachers. BARBARA TURNER, Lincoln, Teochers. LYNN TURNER, Lincoln, Teachers. JAMES TYE, Kearney, Agriculture. MARILYN TYSON, Murray, Teachers. ROBERT VANDEL, Mitchell, Engineering. MARJORIE VANDERHOOK, Pickrell, Teachers, ROBERT VENCILL, North Platte, Arts and Sciences. EVELYN VISEK, Comstock, Agriculture. STEPHEN VISEK, Omaha, Business Administration, VERNON VRTISKA, Pawnee, Dentistry. ROLAND WAGNER, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences, WILLIS WAKELY, Mul- len, Engineering. CARLIN WALKER, Lincoln, Teachers. BILL WALLA, Fremont, Arts and Sciences, JO WALLACE, Greeley, Colo,, Teachers. MICKEY WALT, Lincoln, Teachers. JAMES WALTON, Lincoln, Teachers. MARY WALTZ, Lincoln, Business Administrotion. DENNIS WAMSLEY, Sidney, Business Administration, LEON WANEK, Wilber, Arts and Sciences, BLAINE WARD, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. CARL WEBER, Kearney, Agricul- ture DAVID WEBER, Lincoln, Business Administration. OLIVER WEBER, Scottsbluff, Engineering. JANET WECKER, Ploinview, Teachers. Tonjes Trabert Tracy Tuning Turek Yurner, B. Turner, L. Tye Tyson Vandel Vonderhook Vencill Visek, E. Visek, S. Vrtiska Wagner Wokely Wolker Wollo Wolloc Walt Walton Waltz Womsley Wonek Word Weber, C. Weber, D. Weber, 0. Wecker Page 1 Wells, P. White, A. Winsemon Wells, R. White, R. Wisby Wendell Whiteman Wittrock Wendt Whitney Witiuk Above HARRY WEIGEL, Omaha, Arts and tion. KATHY WELCH, Linco[n,_Teac ; : Greeley, Colo., Teachers. NEIL WENKE, St. Paul, B CARET WESTON, Beatrice ture. ANNIE WHITE, Lint WHITNEY, Omaha, Busine tion. DOUGLAS WILCOX ices. SOL WEINBERG, Omaha, Business Administration. MORSE WEI5GURT, Lincoln, Business Administra- GAIL WELLENSIEK, Grand Islond, Teachers. GENE WELLS, Auburn, Business Administration. PEGGY WELLS, RICHARD WELLS, Lincoln, Engineering. PAUL WENDELL, Lincoln, Pharmacy. IRMA WENDT, Madrid, Teachers. FAU- ness Administration. WILLIAM WENZLAFF, Sutton, Engineering. NORMA WESTCOTT, Holdrege, Agriculture. MAR- Krts and Sciences. DONALD WE5TPHAL, Gran d Island, Business Administration. JAMES WEYENBERG, Glenvil, Agricul- n. Teachers. ROBERT WHITE, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JOSEPH WHITEMAN, Hastings, Arts and Sciences. RALPH Administration. RAY WIEGERT, Wahoo, Business Administration. WALLY WIIG, Grand Island, Business Adininistro- .incoln. Arts and Sciences. ARDELL WILHELM, Nebraska City, Teachers. LEONARD WILSON, Grand Island, Business Administration. BARBARA WILTSE, Falls City, Teachers. ALBERT WINSEMAN, Stella, Teachers. JOHN WISBY, Grond Islond, Business Adminis- tration BETTY WITTROCK, Falls City, Business Administration. JOHN WITIUK, Newark, N.J., Teachers. Fresh men Below GLADYS WITTWER, Palisade, Teachers. GLEN WOOD, Fairbury, Arts and Sciences. THOMAS WOODWARD, Beatrice, Arts ond Sciences. K. D. WOOLMAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. ANN WORKMAN, Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. JIMMIE WORTH, Dalton, Teachers. CAROL WRIGHT, Jefferson, Teachers. WALTER WRIGHT, Ongwo, Business Administration. MARVIN WYMAN, Grant, Agriculture. KAY YEITER, Cozod, Teochers. ROBERT YEKEL, Boyard, Arts and Sciences. JULIE YOST, Fremont, Arts and Sciences. DUANE YOUNG, Columbus, Arts and Sciences. RUSSELL YOUNG, Venango Business Administration. CHARLES YUNGBLUT, Lincoln, Engineering. LETHA ZALKIN, Omaha, Teachers. JAMES ZARO- BAN, Hastings, Business Administration. LLOYD ZELEW5KI, Omoha, Arts and Sciences. BEN ZINNECKER, David City, Liberol Arts. DONNA BECH- ENHAUER, West Point, Teachers. ittwer Wood Woodward Woolman Workman Worth right, W. Wyman Yeiter Yekel Yost Young, D. Yungblut Zaikin Zaroban Zelewski Zinnecker Wright, C. Young, R jchenhouer Page 189 T ES INNOCENTS MORTAR BOARD CORNHUSKER CORNHUSKER COUNTRYMAN DAILY NEBRASKAN PUBLICATIONS BOARD TASSELS CORNCOBS KOSMET KLUB BUILDERS COED COUNSELORS AUF RED CROSS NEBRASKA MASQUERS STUDENT UNION BOARD FARMERS FAIR BOARD UNIVERSITY SINGERS UNIVERSITY BAND UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA ALPHA PHI OMEGA DEBATE SQUAD Richard Billig Secretary Gene Johnson Treosurer Del Kopf Sergeant-at-Arms Jerry Johnson President Bob Reichenbach Vice President Innocents Selection for membership in the Inno- cents society is based on scholarship, lead- ership, character and participation in extra- curricular activities. The Innocents are concerned with the promotion of welfare and interests of the school and with the organization of con- structive student spirit and activity. In the fall Governor Peterson appointed the Innocents Admirals in the Nebraska Navy. A member and officer, Del Kopf en- listed in the Air Force during the summer. The Innocents organized the half-time ceremonies for the Colorado-Nebraska football game as a special event this year. Throughout the year the Innocents were active selling frosh beanies, sponsoring the Frosh Hop and Dads ' Day, checking foot- ball tickets, assisting at the Chancellor ' s Reception and presenting the Homecoming display awards. In addition to the thirteen student members. Dr. George W. Rosenlof and Bill Glassford were tapped on Ivy Day as hon- orary Innocents. A Buffalo Head is Exchanged by Schools Colorado-Nebraska Innocents meet. Executives Work Out Details of Ivy Day Everything must be kept secret. yiiiiiHji Plj Governor Peterson Appoints the Innocents Admirals They ' re in the Navy now. ►►x ■ r i . The Innocents Check I. D. ' s at the Game Are you a student? Jack Cohen Kent Axtell George Wilcox Rex Messersmith Al Blessing Page 193 Sharon Fritzler President Sarah Fulton Vice President Jackie Hoss Secretary Marilyn Moomey Treasurer Anne Borger Historian Mortar Board Nancy Button Marilyn Coupe Joanne Engelkemier Eleanor Erickson Mary Hubka Mortar Boards Welcome Colorado Girls The friendly Nebraska spirit. Masking ceremony on Ivy Day was the be- ginning of a year filled with service for the University by the Black Masque chapter of Mortar Board. Chosen for leadership, scholarship and service qualities, the Mortar Boards provided cooperation between societies and promoted college loyalty. To advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University stu- dents and to recognize and encourage leader- ship, Mortar Boards co-sponsored with the Innocents a spring leadership conference. In the fall they sponsored the annual Black Masque Ball. They assisted at the Chancellor ' s reception and at the Dean ' s tea. They held the annual Scholarship tea in Feb- ruary and, again, sponsored Ivy Day. Officers Plan the Spring Leadership Conference Each Mortar Board participates. Mary Hubko and Joan Raun Make Black Masks The annual ball requires work. Jackie Sorensen Marilyn Vingers Jayne Wade Pat Wiedman Miriam Willey Page 195 1952 Cornhusker Photographers Discuss Problems The pictures are important. Joyce Bennington, Nancy Odum, Beth Rohwer, Barbara Bell, Barbara Hemphill, Terry Barnes, Sue Brownlee, Joyce Johnson, Col Kuska 1 Pat Bechan Layout Editor Dorris Newman Layout Editor The CORNHUSKER staff aims each year to produce a yearbook which will present a story of University students, life and activities. Heading the 1 952 staff was Editor-in-chief Richard Billig. Jackie Sorensen held the asso- ciate editor ' s job. Julie Johnson, Adele Coryell and Mary Lou Flaherty filled manag- ing editors ' positions. Richard Paschal was in charge of the art work while Robert Downing took care of the photography. Pat Bechan and Dorris Newman drew the layout. Jackie Hoss was in charge of panel work. The 1952 staff with the necessary aid of the willing sectionheads presented to the students the forty-sixth edition of the Uni- versity yearbook. Harriett Wenke, Nancy Pumphrey, Jane Calhoun, Diane Hinman, Ann Jouvenat, Muriel Pickett, Ginny Franks, Barbara Adams, Nancy Hemphill IrM w-n .1 a§ - Cornhusker Business Staff Gene Johnson Business Manager Martin Lewis Assistant Business Manager Don Noble Assistant Business Manager The business staff of the 1952 CORNHUSKER decreased the indi- vidual picture price and held stu dents expenses at a minimum. Gene John- son was business manager. Through an extensive advertising program sales increased almost five hundred copies. The total amount of organizational space was increased. The staff also provided a larger section for advertising with copy running throughout. The workers in the business office solicited the ad- vertisements. A picture of each ad- vertising firm appears. Martin Lewis and Don Noble served as assistant business man- agers. The Business Staff Discusses on Advertising Project Many heads solve the problem. Page 198 Art Raun, Ken Pinkerton, Bill Johnson Business staff is at work. Cornhusker Countryman The Cornhusker Coiiutryman serves the University by publicizing the Ag campus and keeping the University and Nebraska high school students informed as to agri- cultural activities. An interest in journalism and a willing- ness to work are essentials for Couniryman workers. Rex Messersmith, editor, and Frank Sibert, business manager, headed the staffs. Clayton Yeutter and Russell Schel- kopf assisted them. The Countryman is published once a month. It is the only Ag college publication distributed among students, faculty and pupils of Nebraska high schools. The Cornhusker Countryman Staff pub- lished the programs for the 1952 Junior Ak-Sar-Ben as a service to the Block and Bridle club. .inscott and Reynolds Discuss Executive Problems The Couniryman goes to press. Editorial Staff Works on Copy for Pictures Is It Newsworthy? Page 199 Joan Krueger Editor Second Semester News and Managing Editors It ' s a busy day. Ruth Raymond Associote Editor A ' W Rag Photographers Finish Darkroom Work The proof is in the negotive. The Columnists Finish Their Work on Time Deadlines must be met. Daily Nebraskan This was the fifty-first year of publica- tion for the Daily Nebraskan. It is published by the students of the University to express student news and opinions. The paper appears daily on the campus during the regular school periods. A change in appearance this year was due to the ad- dition of a new black type called Spartan. Tom Rische served as editor for the first semester. Joan Krueger was his associate editor and headed the staff during the second semester. Her associate editor was Ruth Raymond. Assisting them were man- aging and news editors: Sue Gorton, Don Pieper, Sally Adams, Sally Hall, Hal Hasselbalch, Shirley Murphy, Ken Rystrom and Jan Steffen. Other members of the staff included the sports and special editors and columnists. During the school year, the Rag took an active part in various campaigns to stim- ulate student interest. Glenn Nelson, Marshall Kushner, Bob Banks The sports desk wos always busy. y Jack Cohen Business Manager Daily Nebraskan Business Staff In charge of the finances of the Daily Nebraskan. the business office was headed by Jack Cohen. The staff solicited subscrip- tions and advertising. The advertising in- cluded local, national and classified advertisements. Through these methods and student subscriptions received from tuition fees, the paper is financed. Members of the staff are chosen by the Board of Student Publications. The basis for selection is previous work, scholastic record and personal character. Assistant business managers this year were Stan Sipple, Arnold Stern and Pete Bergsten. George Wilcox was in charge of circulation. Assisting the staff were work- ers who helped to solicit advertising and aided in the performance of the general duties of the business office. Pete Bergsten Helps a Circulation Worker Mail subscriptions must go out. Stan Sipple, Pete Bergsten and Arnold Stern Assistant Business Managers. Page 202 Board of Student Publications Appointing paid staff members to the CORNHUSKER and Daily Nebmskan is the function of the Board of Student Publica- tions. Selection of the Daily Nebraskan employees is done biannually; the CORN- HUSKER staff is chosen yearly. The board consists of faculty and stu- dent members. Dr. Roger V. Shumate served as chairman this year. W. C. Harper and Miss Mary Guthrie were the other faculty representatives. Ken Keller, assist- ant director of public relations, was adviser to the board. Students representing their classes on the board were Juanita Rediger, senior; Glenn Rosenquist, junior; Charles Kiffin, sophomore. Student membership on the board is determined by the Student Council on the basis of an interview. The Daily Nebraskan is Discussed Have you heard the news? W. C. Harper, W. J. Arnold, Juanita Rediger, Roger V. Shumate, Glenn Rosenquist, Mary E. Guthrie, Charles Kiffin. Pago 203 fe if m B Back row: P. Stratton, G. Dunn, M. Enksen, B. Hershberger, N. Engle, J. O ' Brien, D. Podlesak, L, Harden. Sixth row: S. Schonberg, D. Goodding, J. Johnson, J. Hetherington, M. Bell, D. Coppell, E. Gruntorod, F. Anderson. Fifth row: J. Dunn, B. Bell, 5. Holmes, J. Nines, P. Ball, S. Allen, A. Bierman, J. Ullstrom. Fourth row: L. Gerelick, 5. Krasne, J. Jackson, R. Stiffler, M. McDonald, N. O ' Dell, N. Devore, C. Woster, Third row: B. Tiongco, M. Erwin, V. Barnes, C. Clark, M. Cripe, G. Hulac, S. Reinhardt. Second row: P. Farley, P. Kort, B. Hearn, S. Daley, D. Gade, J. Knotts, J. Follmer, N. Lofhrop. Front row: J. McCaw, C. Pinkerton, A. Westcoft, B. Lorsen, M. Vingers, J. Wade, M. Kellogg, L. Weaver. Tassel: The job of the Tassel chapter of Phi Sigma Chi is to promote pep and good sportsmanship on the campus. Founded at Nebraska in 1924 by Mortar Board, the Tassels became affiliated with the national sorority in 1931. The Tassels co-sponsor Home- coming activities with the Corn Cobs. They are also responsible for rallies, selling CORNHUSKERS and tickets to University sponsored events. Marilyn Vingers was president of Tassels. Other officers were Beverly Larsen, Jayne Wade and Mary Ann Kellogg. Plans are Formed for National Convention Pep groups meet at Nebraska. Tassels Relax before Football Game Time off from work. Tassels Sell Tickets to Military Bal He needs to be convinced. Barbara Bell Sells Colliers to Fan Reynolds is featured. The Officers Plan the Fall Selling Program The treasury is bare. The Homecoming Float Requires Much Effort Tassels are industrious. a IBM f m !■ ' ■ • ; .- , ff» i i!iNi V ' .» Bock row: E. Wohlner, R. Hciluck, A .forn, P. Ostwold, B. LaS helle. Second row: M. Lewis, D. Linscotr, D- Noble, E. Schofer, D, Tolman, J. Johnson. Front row: G. Schontz, E. Robinson, C. Frankforter, G. Johnson, J. Downey. orn Cobs In 1921 the Corn Cobs organiza- tion was founded on the University campus. The following year it banded together with other pep clubs to form the national fraternity, Pi Epsilon Pi. This year the Cobs enlarged the pepster section and ushered at basket- ball games. They also sold a special edition of C.omhusker Greats. Other duties, similar to those of Tassels, are selling CORNHUSKERS, student dance tickets and tickets to University sponsored events. Cob president was Gene Robinson. Jim Downey, Gene Johnson and George Schantz aided him as officers. Corn Cobs Point Signs for Homecoming Rally It ' s that Husker spirit. Breakfast at the Railroad Station The " early riser rally. " It ' s a Struggle to Collect the Cards Strength is needed. Officers Discuss the Fall Program There is work to be done. The Fire Warms Hands on a Cold Morning The cord section must be set up. I ' V- Savage, K. Axtell, A. Stern, 5. Kath, T. Snyder. Second row: T. Podhaisky, K. Kelley, J. Elwell, E. Schofer, D. Devries, C. WidmoK Front row: R. Billig, J. Matzke, J. Johnson, C. Burmeister, W. Adams. Kosmet Klub The Kosmet Klub brings to the University and surrounding community entertainment of a theatrical nature. Under the leadership of President Jerry Johnson, they presented a Fall Revue, a spring musical and the Inter- fraternity Sing on Ivy Day. This year they formed a relation- ship with the University Theater for the benefit of both organizations. Through cooperation of the two, George Gershwin ' s " Girl Crazy " was presented in the spring. Kosmet Klub was organized on this campus in 1911 by junior men. Ballots are Counted for the Royalty Check for accuracy. Nebraska Sweetheart and Prince Kosmet Adele Coryell and Jim Buchanan. Make-up is Applied to a Member of the Cost Is it or isn ' t it a girl? Kosmet Klub Officers Plan the Spring Musical Many problems ore solved. Bock row: D. Linscott, J. Dovis, D. Reynolds, P. Bechon. Third row: P. Loudon, J. Sfeffen, J. Vierk, B. Raun, S. Coy. Second row: M. Flaherty, J. Krueger, C. Pinkerton, L. Kennedy, G. Hein, A. Wcstcott. Front row: F. Sibert, A. Borger, M. Coupe, J. Wade, M Mielenz. Bock row: J. Wachol, K. Stone, S. Brownlee, B. Bell. Front row: T. Lilly, N. Devore, B. Brinkmon, J. Calhoun, S. Rein- hardt. Build ers " To build a greater University " is the motto of the University of Nebraska Builders. The Builders, headed this year by Marilyn Coupe, contact and entertain high school students for the University. The group was formerly known as the Student Foundation. The Builders promote and publicize the University and act as a service organization. They publish the Sliuleul Directory, act as a student public relations board, publish the Special Edition. First (ildiicc. Scarlet ami ( ' ream. and help at conventions. A district chairman program was a port of the plan for contacting high schools. The Ag Builders is a division of the or- ganization located on Ag campus. Builders Feed the StLidents on Band Day The bands are hungry offer practice. The Officers Hold an Executive Meeting Informality is the rule. Disguised Boys Entertain Marilyn Coupe They can ' t fool her. Builders Hold a Christmas Party Eggnogs for everyone. Students Buy Studeul Direclory in the Fall The campus telephone book. Workers Make Menus for Press Convention Exactness is necessary. Page 211 Bock row: D. Murphy, J. Hepperly, D Goodding, M Donly Second row: J, Loudon, D. Code, G- Dunn, J. Follmer, S. Reinhardt. Front row: N. DeBord, P. Mulvoney, M. Hubko, E. Goss, S. Gorton, H. Miller. Coed Counselors Events highlighting the Coed Coun- selors ' year were the Christmas tea, Friendship dinner and Penny Carnival. These activities and others helped freshman women become acquainted with upper classmen. During the sum- mer, counselors wrote welcome letters to their " little sisters " introducing them to University life. Coed Counselors, led by President Mary Hubka, served as student leaders during New Student Week and helped with registration. Campus-Know-How, get-acquainted parties and freshman parties were sponsored by the group. Friendship Dinner Features Style Show Counselors escort " litt ' le sisters. " Camp ' js-Know-Hows Orient New Coeds Knowledge about college life. AUF The motto of the All University Fund, " Help us to help others, " illus- trated that to which the organization was dedicated. AUF protects students from excessive solicitation by combin- ing all campus drives. All students desiring to help others who are less for- tunate than they are encouraged to join. Popular events of the year were the Kick-off banquet, Kangaroo Kourt, UMOC contest, auction and Charity ball. President Sarah Fulton led in the organization and promotion of all solicitations of monev. Kangeroo Kourt Follows the Rules Marilyn Coupe is sworn in. Pledge Classes ore Auctioned Off Auctioneer Bachman entertains. Back row: P. Lindgren, H. Wenke, R. Yapp, M. Lawlor, M. Yeakley. Third row: M. Kellogg, J. Johnson, S. Brownlee, S. Gorton. Second row: M. Lewis, B. Bell, J. Calhoun, L. Gerelick, 5. Krosne. Front row: J. Hanson, A. Coryell, S. Fulfon, A. Borger, H, Wiederspan. Page 213 Second Front ro W. Hofgard, F. Mnuk, J. Dovis, C. Trumbull. w: P. Dempster, P. Lindgren, D. Pilcher, M. Stransky, J. Berry, V. Poppe, S. Neff. J. Johnson, R. Raymond, W. Adams, J. Hanson, N. Whitmore, P. Woll. Red Cross Work projects, entertainment, safety courses and safety measures kept busy the members of the Red Cross college unit. Important project this year was the Red Cross blood program. Executive duties were performed by President Joan Hanson and officers, Pat Wiedman, Nancy Whitmore and Bill Adams. Aiding the safety, well-being and edu- cation of University students, Lincoln residents and the armed forces was achieved by entertainment at hospitals and the state penitentiary. Handicraft classes, water safety, and first aid courses were also given by the college unit. Entertainment is Provided at Vets Hospital Another Red Cross project. Workers Make Teddy Bears for Orphans Hondicroft provides clever objects. Nebraska Masquers Since 1926, when Nebraska Masquers was established on this campus, it has en- couraged dramatic art, stimulated an ap- preciation of drama, fostered a discrimina- tion of that which constitutes good theater and promoted cultural values developed by participation in dramatic activities. To further their aims, Masquers spon- sored a play writing contest, Masquers show, Junior League show and the Masquers award banquet. They published the Uni- versi ' y Theatre A ' euy Letter, Officers Debate over Plans for Masquers Result is well-laid program. .-ar- f!r-: ■sjMafts ' : .Miller, M. Miller, M. Morgc Williams, R. Garretson, M. Whittaker, W. Jensby C. Peterson, C. Phillips, N. Erickson, Players Provide Entertainment for Audience The dramatic climax. Masquers Present Play Arena Style Suspense in the air. Chalk Talk Accompanies Saturday Football Games Broadcast simplified by diagrams. Student Union Board Social, cultural and recreational activ- ities for University students were provided by the Student Union activities committee through the 1951-52 leadership of Charles Widmaier. Acting as a governing board of the Student Union is the Student Union board of managers. This board consists of twelve students, six faculty representatives and four alumni. During the year, the Student Union brought both the First Drama Quartette and the First Piano Quartette to the Uni- versity. Greer, Front row: Goodding, D. Lake, C. Widmaier, J. Burnc . Blockmcn, R. Larson. Holmes, N. Weir, M. McCoy, G. Knie, B. Roessler LaShelle, F. Sibert, F. Doly, M. Ander ' Bridge Lessons are Sponsored by the Union Experience is the best teacher. Doily Lunch in the Student Union Round-Up Food served western style. Union Workers Decorate the Christmas Tree The holiday spirit. The Union Handicraft Shop is Popular Talent and Tools. The Grimm ' s Enjoy a Baked Bean Supper A Union tradition. ar » i ' M ' k- . 4 L Tf } Tttman, D Lci5ing, w. Woldo, O. Rowlings. Second row: A, Westcott, J Meyer, E. Gass. Front row: L. Larson, F. Sibert, R, Messersmith, J. Ross. Farmers ' Fair Board The annual Farmers ' Fair, held in the spring, publicized Ag college by giving students, parents and interested outsiders a chance to visit a campus open house. Included in the fair were a barbecue, parade, rodeo and the Cot- ton and Denim dance. The celebration was planned and carried out by the members of the Farmers ' Fair board, who were selected in a spring campus election. The board consisted of twelve Ag college students of the senior and junior classes. Frank Sibert served as president this year. Farmers ' Fair Board Officers Plan Fair Thoughtful looks — many plans. Board Members Discuss the Final Plans Unusual ideas for spring fair. The Madrigals Prepare for a Recital, It is a formal occasion. Dr. Westbrook Directs the Singers in Practice He listens for tone and quality. University Singers Study and presentation of choral litera- ture are the projects of the University Singers under the direction of Dr. Arthur Westbrook. During the first semester, the group furnished music for the annual University memorial service and presented a Christmas carol pro- gram. The Singers gave a public concert on Palm Sunday. They joined others in a choral group to present the Messiah and an annual choral concert during the year. The University Singers meet as an organ- ized class in the University, and credit is re- ceived for membership. Although the membership is limited to one hundred, the group is open to all students on the merits of a try-out. Some Singers Practice for the Carol Concert The joyous season brings smiles, Donald Lentz Conducts Band at Military Boll Music for the grand march. University Band The University of Nebraska ROTC Band consists of one hundred and forty students representing all colleges. During the fall months, the one hundred fourteen piece marching band provided half-time enter- tainment at football games. They migrated to the Kansas State and Minnesota games. University functions at which the band performed were the Military Ball, Ivy Day and Commencement. Lew Forney served as president of the band, which was directed by Donald Lentz. Univerbiiy Band in Full Regalia on the Field Music for the football fans. Sixty Bands on the Field for Band Day High schools participate. The University Band Forms a Star Half-time entertainment. t.;- ' .;, i t? i -i.i vi University Orchestra Special events for the University Sym- phony Orchestra this year were a concert with featured piano soloist, Samuel Sorin, the spring orchestra concert and the Messiah. Each spring, senior instrumental stu- dents are selected to appear with the University Symphony Orchestra, which is led by Emanuel Wishnow. The group provides knowledge of liter- ature and performance as well as musical experience for the music student. The Orchestra Practices for Its Concert Music from the strings. Concert Presented in Union by University Orchestra A program for easy listening. Orchestra Member Prepares for Practice Off comes the cose. Clarinet Section Works for Blending Concentration is necessary. Boy Scouts Instruct Swimmers in Safety Be prepared in water. Alpha Phi Omega With the motto, " Be o leader, be a friend and be of service, " Alpha Phi Omega conducts campus service projects. This year they aided in the handling of registration, orientation and boy scout swimming classes. The purpose of the organization is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the scout oath and law and to promote service to humanity. James Chapman served as president and was assisted by Letand Adams. f l! Bock row: G, Eno, R, Mills, R. Ankeny. Third row: E. Brezina, R. Mills, J. Stone, W. Easier. Second row: K. Philbrick, F. Wells, J. Bischof, K. Nokagawa, D, Meod, Front row: R. Davis, L. Adams, J. Chapman, G. Kruse. Officers Form Plans for the Year New projects ahead. Coffee Hour Follows Business Meeting Refreshments for all. ! tf£k. Debate Squad For all interested students the Univer- sity of Nebraska debate squad offers prac- tical training in research, analysis, selection and use of evidence, effective speaking and debate and discussion techniques. Thirty-four students were participating in twenty audience debates during the school year. The squad took part in clinics in Kan- sas, Missouri and Nebraska. Members also attended major conferences held in sur- rounding areas. Don Olson Gives Pointers to Students Advice from an expert. Olson, Wohlner, L. Pierce, D. Cunningham, Cowles, D. Carlson, J. Krueger. Enke, C. Klasek, B. Kendall, J. Word. Second row: K. Philbnck, W. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Loose, D. Billerbeck. Front row: C. Gomon, M. Friedman, P. Means, H. Kenison. Bock I Fourth Third Star Debaters Practice for Debate Trip Perfection is essential. Freshman Debaters Learn Fundamentals Time stops for no one. cCENES ENGINEERS ' WEEK FARMERS FAIR KOSMET KLUB SPRING SHOW COLLEGE DAYS IVY DAY GRADUATION KOSMET KLUB REVUE HOMECOMING MIGRATION COED FOLLIES PENNY CARNIVAL COLL-AGRI FUN UNIVERSITY THEATER INFORMAL CAMPUS EVENTS BEAUTY QUEENS Mechanical Engineers Fire Noisy Ram Jet Another E Week demonstration. Design for Tomorrow Architect ' s Dream. Chemical Engineers Display Water Purification Machine Labeled " Lemon Drop. " Carillon chimes echoed over campus to introduce annual Engineers ' Week with initial College Days Ugh! Tug-0-War Teams Compete for Field Day Honors Electrical engineers pull a victory. Slip-Sticks and T-squares were set aside as engineering students and alums joined to hear the sound of the s iren of Engineers ' Week. The tradi- tional signal signified the official opening of the three-day April event incorporated with College Days. Spotlight of the annual E-Week ceremonies beamed on Ferguson Hall, the new electrical engineering build- ing, Open houses featured such proj- ects as the robot or mechanical man, electric chair and a model community. Co-chairmen of the event for 1951 were Clayton Hanson and Glenn Johnson. Goddess of Agriculture and Whisker King The way they ' re grown in Nebraska. Figures behind the Fair Plans, patience and progress. Farmers ' Fair festivities provided campus guests with remembrances of wild west barbeques, rodeos Sunshine! Sunshine! No rain came down this year to pelt the merry-makers of Farmers ' Fair. A fourth annual Ag college rodeo high- lighted Farmers ' Fair celebrating, as Le- land " Buck " Keister won the title of Ail- Around Cowboy. Gayle Gutherless was Rodeo Queen. Jeans-clad cowboys and calico-skirted girls filled the Coliseum during the Cotton and Denim dance to honor Goddess of Agriculture Eileen Derieg and Whisker King Burnell Swanson. Bar-B-Que, pie-eating contest, parade and open houses were added festivities under the supervision of Don Bever, Farm- ers ' Fair manager. Bronc Busting — Highlight of Afternoon Show " Whoa hossie! " Page 227 In Style with Coon Coat Who said, " Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear? ' Line Keeping Time To " Varsity Drag. " Kosmet Klub ' s musical added to light-hearte Sienknecht, Koehler, Willianns Hints for hands. presentation of " Good News d festivities of College Days For the first time in ten years, the Kosmet Klub spring musical featured coeds. Billed as one of the highlights of College Days, the " Good News " cast prepared a snappy musical comedy typifying the college antics during the 1 920 ' s, the age of raccoon coats, skull caps and speakeasies. Suzanne Koehler and Hal Sienk- necht were cast in the leading roles. Other prominent parts were played by Richard Marrs, Janis Crilly, Lois Nel- son, Bob Swain, Jack Moore, Jack Wenstrand, Jack Chedester and Louis Meyers. The light-hearted song and dance show was directed by Dallas S. Wil- liams. Colleges Hold Open Houses nteresting art, interested spectators. Winners in Parade, Sorority Division Lovely ladies on a favorite float. College Days parade and open house displays added to visitors ' conception of University life Following the theme, " Husker Holiday, " fifty-four floats combined with the Univer- sity ROTC band and Farmers ' Fair Rodeo horses to enter in the College Days parade. Float winners in the four divisions were Gamma Phi Beta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Wes- ley Foundation and Vocational Agricul- tural association. Dick Kuska was parade chairman. Opera rehearsals, " Campus Carnival, " activities mart and mock debates high- lighted complex open house schedules. Re- sponsibility for departmentally planned ex- hibits and active classroom demonstrations was assumed by Susan Reed, open house chairman. Gene Berg was general chair- man. College Days Planning Board Charter members chatter plans. Page 229 First Ivy Day Queen Featured oration. Presidents Plant Ivy Help from alumni. Virginia Koch Reigns as May Queen Down the aisle with royalty. May Queen Virginia Koch led fiftieth Ivy Day court to throne, climaxing another year of NU activities The trumpets sounded and the pompous procession began down the long white path. Two flower girls laid a carpet of blossoms for the fiftieth annual May Queen, Virginia Koch, as she ascended the steps to the throne. She was crowned by Susan Reed, maid of honor. The queen ' s royal court was composed of class attendants and two freshmen pages. Sigma Chi ' s Win Race for Interfraternity Sing Cup " ' Zekiel Sow Do Wheel. " The traditional ivy was planted by class presidents, Aaron Schmidt and Charles Bur- meister, assisted by W. L. Hall and Fred Deweese, presidents of the classes of 1901 and 1902. Following the announcement of Ivy Day sing winners, the Innocents society citation was awarded to Farm House. The masking of Mortar Boards and tapping of Innocents climaxed the day. Alpha Chi Victorious in Sorority Sing Competition Music for springtime. The Court Reigns An occasion meriting royalty. Page 231 Dr. Charles E. Wilson " Individuals and Incentives " — 1951 address. Dr Robert E Wilson addressed 80th annual Graduation exercises As graduating seniors donned caps and gowns, relatives and friends jammed the Coliseum for the eightieth annual commence- ment exercises held on the morning of June 4, 1951. Fanning themselves with programs and mopping moist brows, spectators craned their necks to get a glimpse of a son or daughter, as 1 1 80 graduates marched to the platform in a long procession of black-robed figures. Veterans ' wives, with bouncing youngsters balanced on their knees, smiled with joy and relief as their husbands shook hands with Chancellor R. G. Gustavson, received degrees and left the stage. Nearly one-fourth of the graduating class were World War 1 1 veterans. Preceding the ceremony Dr. Robert E. Wilson of Chicago spoke on " Individuals and Incentives " , and honorary degrees were given to five former Nebraskans. The men thus honored were Samuel R. McKelvie of Valentine; Dr. Cornelius B. Philip of Hamilton, Mont.; Dr. Warren S. Thompson of Oxford, Ohio; Harvey M. John- son of Omaha and Harold O. Peterson of New York City. 1180 Graduating Seniors Form Processional past Carillon Tower Universil-y degrees to eightieth class. Page 232 March of Time " Brings Victory to Sigma Chi ' s Witch doctors, voodoo end hungry natives. MC Target for Fun Hank wearing pajamas and pie. Sigma Nu ' s " Perry Homo " Show Hollywood at NU. KK crowned Adele Coryell and Jim Buchanan with regal honors after " Hello Hollywood " revue Nebraska Sweetheart Adele Coryell and Prince Kosmet Jim Buchanan stepped out to be crowned Nebraska royalty as the curtains of another hilarious Kosmet Klub Revue were pulled. The annual fall revue used " Hello Hollywood " for the year ' s theme. Each of the six participating fraternities was in some way connected with the film world. " The March of Time, " produced by Sigma Chi won first place. Their film re- lease portrayed dark continent natives jazzing a war ceremonial dance while cap- tured white men reclined in a boiling pot. Winning second and third place honors v ere Phi Gamma Delta and Sigma Nu. Phi Gam ' s Take Second " Flicker Flashbacks. " Page 233 Homecoming Pep Queen of 1952 Barbara Hershberger. Hal Mclntyre Orchestra played for annual dance. With " Welcome Alums ' ' posters over every entrance pigskin fans joined whirling events of Homecoming Tassels ' Candidates for Pep Queen Finalist ' s brave cold winds for convertible riding. Homecoming, 1951, got off to a roaring start Wednesday when a burn- ing jayhawk effigy spun to the Union steps rousing cheers from an all-Uni- versity rally crowd. Thus the spirit- stirring formation of Homecoming ral- lies, football, dancing and returning alumni was unveiled. Friday evening cars jammed fraterity row to see unique house decorations . . . quickly demol- ished by Saturday ' s violent winds. But the strong breezes did not destroy Homecoming vigor. Men ' s houses and campus organizations assembled floats — featured in the morning parade. Students, Alums Watch Homecoming Orchestra Jazz a Number Fitting climax to roaring weekend. Alpha Xi Delta ' s Find Gambling Does Pay Winning wheel of fortune. Winning Sigma Chi Homecoming Decorations Hawk that gets it in the end. Page 235 Queen Jayne Wade, ROTC band and cheering section added color to Homecoming Roses for Jayne Wade Chancellor honors Pep Queen. Delta Sig ' s Win Award " Room for But One. " ,-,HEff ' r cion yo . MT f fi Jayne Vv ' ade, 1951 Pep Queen, reigned at half-time ceremonies during the Kansas-Nebraska football tussle. Cold winds again hindered the Corn- huskers as they fell to Kansas, 27-7. Suspense of many competitions came to an end at the Roaring Twenties Homecoming dance held in the Col- iseum Saturday evening. Barbara Hershberger was presented as 1952 Pep Queen by Yell King Don Devries. Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Chi received house decoration awards, and Delta Sigma Phi won first in float competi- tion. Beta Display Draws Crowds Flashing lights contrasting chunks of ice. Rally, Rally— Rally, Rally With stiff muscles, cheerleaders create pep. Migrators at Snack Bar Food for fons. Girl Meets Boy Boy eats opple. K-State migration train carried loyal husker fans to Kansas with band, yell squad, Cobs and Tassels Streamers were waving and students were cheering as the migration train, carry- ing loyal Nebraska fans to the Kansas State football game, arrived in Manhattan. Nearly five hundred students burdened with pom-poms, rally signs and cow-bells stepped off the decorated train cars onto muddy Kansas streets. Following the full- uniformed ROTC band, they paraded through downtown Manhattan to partici- pate in a mass rally, in spite of drizzly weather terms. After seeing the Huskers tie the K- Staters, 6-6, exhausted migrators used free time to view the campus, resting only to eat snatches at each open house. A Train Manhattan-Bound Packed with fun and frolic. Page 237 Winning SDT Atoms Last minut ' e tune-up. Joan Hanson Typical Nebraska Coed Delta Gamma ' s Win with " Hannah in Havana " Man-hunting girl falls for hot tomale man. AWS sponsored Coed Follies skits were interrupted as police tried to control raid of uninvited boys On the Way Out Police officer nearly kissed by disguised boy. History repeated itself when more than three hundred University boys made the traditional raid on Coed Follies, all-girl musical revue. The uninvited guests drew nearly as much attention as Delta Gamma ' s winning skit named " Hannah in Ha- vana. " Choral-speaking atoms por- trayed by Sigma Delta Tau ' s won first with their curtain act, " Up and Atom. " Kappa Kappa Gamma and Love Memorial Hall placed second and third in skit competition. Second place in curtain act division went to Alpha Chi Omega. Climax of the evening was the pre- sentation of Joan Hanson, Typical Ne- braska Coed. A AIM new A n " Chez Kappa " KKG ' s show style. Delta Gammas Talent tells. Roulette wheels, slot machines and can-can girls lured spectators to festive Penny Carnival booths Carnival crowds moved from booth to booth amidst an air of confusion, gaiety and excitement to win penny prizes or candy kisses at the annual Penny Carnival, sponsored by Coed Counselors. Toy pop guns loaded with red and white marshmallows were used as rifles in the first place booth, entitled " Aim High for an Alpha Chi. " Delta Gamma and the " Delta Gamma Gamble " booth won second honors. Their booth contained a giant slot machine; the jackpot combined candy with a free tap dancing act. " Chez Kappa " fashion revue booth won third with novel twists of the latest fads. The Carnival Midway Side shows in review. Page 239 " Cowlege Knowledge " YW ' s interpretation of higher learning. Wayne White, Manager Honors to Love Hail. Love Hall, Three Time Winner in Four Years Portrait of a " Blue Monday. " " Blue Monday " was theme of winning Coll-Agri-Fun entertainment, as Love Memorial Hall took award Home Ec Club Presents Winning Curtain Act " Cutie Coeds on NU Campus. " Love Memorial Hall regained the Coll-Agri-Fun skit plaque with their take-off of a house meeting, " Blue Monday. " Winning first place in the curtain act division, Home Economics club pre- sented a sparkling comedy, " Cutie Coeds on NU Campus. " Recognition went to YWCA and Loomis Hall for second place skit, entitled " Cowlege Days, " and curtain act, " The Trying Hour. " Emcee Rollie Reynolds helped com- plete the evening of fun with his be- tween act witticism. Coll- Agri- Fun managing duties were undertaken by Wayne White. Players Interpret " Othello " " Well meJ- at Cyprus! " — Shakespeare. Mathis, Lester, Star in " Idiot ' s Delight ' " What was the name of that hotel? " Ghosts Talked in " The Innocents " " Oh Miles, you ' re so clever. " Campus tradition returned with opening of Theatre; as University Students staged three famous plays % F 1 SKl 1 = k -v -- f l I - - 1 - f l p ■■ ■■ Y i I ' I ' ' •«fl m d ' k. K j " 2? . afl 4 v wr v}jmL f iw s. m Wfs -. ' A t l rl " pr .y ife: ' ' fe3 F li B IJ F Ll : k6A 2 I ••- — ' -PI With the reopening of the University Theatre, students and faculty became familiar with the theatre and its work in the field of dramatic art. The Honorary Producers contest was also revived to show appreciation for or- ganizational support. Kappa Delta and Sigma Chi won the ticket campaign race. " Othello " marked the billboards open- ing OS the first production. Leading roles in Shakespeare ' s tragedy were played by Pat Loder and Jack Wenstrand. Assigned the leading roles in " Idiot ' s Delight " were Betty Lester and Les Mathis. Mary Sidner, Marian Uhe and Les Mathis appeared in the Pulitzer Prize winner, " Street Scene. " Honorary Producers Shirley Fries, Dan Tolman win ticket honor. Kappa Sigma Stardust Ball Formal season relieves classroom monotony. TX Hi Ml Smiling Sig Ep ' s Party theme, Hawaii. Theta ' s and DU ' s Give Christmas Party Holiday provisions for the underprivileged. Coke dates and movies, formals and house parties helped to relieve the monotony of classroom routine Fraternity Sweetheart Pinmate formally introduces new Delt queen. Today ' s the day or tonight ' s the night — it seems that almost every day or weekend on campus represents something special. From rush week to graduation each semester is spotlighted with calendar dates such as Farmers ' Formal, pep rallies, AUF Charity ball, receptions, Religion-in-Lite week and honors con- vocation. Winter at Nebraska University is not only vacation and final time; it is the period when formal dances like the Military Ball reign supreme. But to many students formal social events are incomparable to blithe cos- tume house parties. Students Like Movie Stars ' Publicity Stunt Union center of campus activity. Farmers ' Formal Queen Joan Raun Gene Robinson opens gate to Ag royalty. Honeymoon Hotel Mock wedding prerequisite to Beta party. Page 243 Beauty Queens Martin and Lewis Sail Out To Sea Six Queens left behind. The comedy-duo of Dean Martin end Jerry Lewis selected the CORN- HUSKER Beauty Queens for 1952. Out of a field of 52 girls representing the organized houses, a hair dresser, danc- ing instructor, and a clothes stylist narrowed it to 12 finalists. The finalists were presented with the Eligible Bachelors at the Black Maque Ball in December. Six girls, outstanding in all details of appear- ance, were chosen by Martin and Lewis as the 1952 Queens. Page 244 Preliminary Judges Confer with Contest Chairman Choose 12 beauty finalists. Marilyn Brewster Agriculture Freshman Alpha Phi JL Lee Ellen Creasman Teachers Junior Kappa Alpha Theta Joann Finney Teachers Junior Gamma Phi Beta Finalists Dorris Newman Teachers Junior Kappa Kappa Gamma Patricia Gilbreath Teachers Senior Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Carhart Teachers Sophomore Delta Delta Delta Jrcj WicCJl Teachers Sophomore Alpha Xi Delta Beauty Page 246 Queens .UJamanS f iddeli Teachers Junior Delta Gamma Page 247 Beauty Wadjn niuJL Agriculture Freshman Alpha Omicron Pi Page 248 Queens Teachers Junior Kappa Alpha Theto Page 249 Janice aco Teachers Freshman Alpha Phi Beaut y Page 250 Queens . y dete L o Teachers Junior Kappa Kappa Gamma i .i. «i Page 251 v v i-« p CS ATHLETIC BOARD CHEERLEADERS N CLUB FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK SWIMMING GYMNASTICS WRESTLING BASEBALL GOLF TENNIS SPORT STARS INTRAMURALS WAA PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB AQUAQUETTES ORCHESIS PRE-ORCHESIS Back row: A. Lewondowski, W. Mueller, Dr. Irelond, G. Clark. Front row: J. Selleck, Dean Fullbrook, Dr. Beggs, Dr. Militzer. Not pictured: D. Noble, W. vVjtte. All athletic expenditures and the intercollegiate athletic program under control of Athletic Board 1 tif W 1 ii k W 1 . : Controlling and directing the large inter- collegiate athletic program of the University, the Athletic board acts as a connecting link between the Board of Regents and the ath- letic department. This year a large share of the board ' s program dealt in direct contact with the students. Such policies as the use of athletic buildings and the status of athletes eligible for scholarships were part of the varied pro- gram Another phase of their work is the con- stant supervision of all athletic expenditures, gate receipts, seating and the general smooth functioning of the athletic department. Athletic Directors Act as Coordinators of Policy Lewandowski, Bentley, Clark, Klein. J. Calhoun, J. Wiebe, D. Devnes, I. Epstein, J. Berry, G. Hancock. Yell King Don Devnes led activities of yell squad; appearance of coed yell leaders helped boost school spirit University students were happy again this year as the coed returned among the ranks of the cheerleaders. At the spring tryouts Don Devries was chosen Yell King. Assisting Devries was the alternate yell king, George Hancock. Other members of the squad were Judy Wiebe, Jo Berry, Jack Chedester, Ira Epstein, Jerry Tubbs, Dick Claussen, and alternates, Jane Calhoun and Marshall Kushner. Coached by Jake Geier, training periods were held each Tuesday during the fall and winter seasons. The big trip of the year was, of course, to the migration, where rallies and organized yells rocked Manhattan, Kansas. First Rally of Season Tests Student Spirit Cheerleaders lead yells at Coliseum. Bock row: B. Yarwood, D. McCormick, G. Yelken, B. Pierce, P. Grimm, B. Fitzgerald, T. Winey. Fifth row: D. Voder, D. Tolman, G. Dunn, E. Husmann, D. Bunsen, K. Curtis, B. Barchus, P. Healey. Fourth row: J. Munson, D. Bedker, R. Mladovich, F. Simon, V. Scott, B. Reynolds, P. Hughes. Third row: D. Spongier, E. Lone, H. Ward, J. Desmond, C. Brassee, I. Peterson. Second row: G. Prohosko, J, Shull, J. Good, J. Gifford, D. Rauh, A. Bunten, I. Epstein. Front row: W. Hondshy, G. Poynich, G. Beerline, B. Mullen, J. Buchanan, J. Geier. Esref Aydin Buele Balderston Bob Barchus Don Bedker Glenn Beerline Don Boll William Brandt Carl Brasee Kenneth Brown Jim Buchanan Dale Bunsen Andy Bunten Don Cooper Clayton Curtis Doug Dole Jerry Desmond Bob Diers Al Dunavan Gerald Dunn Ira Epstein Kenneth Fisher William Fitzgerald Joe Gifford Richard Goll Joe Good Jack Greer William Greer Paul Grimm Wayne Hondshy Tom Harley Pat Healey Bill Hein Rex Hoy Carl Hopt Paul Hughes William Hull Ed Husmann Ted Konomine Leonard Kehl Bob Kruger Ed Lane Perry Leitel David Mackie Bill Moxe Richard McCormick Arden Means Ray Mladovich Bill Mueller Robert Mullen Homer Munson Bob Pierce George Poynich Irv Peterson George Prohosko Ron Roder Don Rauh Richard Regier John Rego Robert Reynolds Harley Richardson Dale Schnockel Verl Scott Jack Shull Frank Simon James Snyder Dick Spongier Don Strosheim Irving Thode Dan Tolman Gerald Tubbs Harrison Ward Norm Wilnes Tony Winey Robert Yarwood Gene Yelken Donald Yoder Page 256 Bob Mullen Guides N Club as President Top position requires much time and effort N Club sponsored activities to encourage future athletes; activities organized by President Bob " Moon " Mullins The Varsity N club, under the reign of Presi- dent Bob " Moon " Mullen, added several new ac- tivities this year. Among those were the January dinner dance, an All Sports Day high school dance and open houses at the Student Union during the high school track and basketball meets. Other highlights were the monthly noon luncheons and the spring initiation. Verl Scott Shows Interest N men help finances, sell at games. Club Plans Halftime Entertainment Gymnastics show skill to thrill fans. Page 257 Huskers score on line smash but touchdown recalled on five yd. penalty. Next ploy brings only tally against invader TCU. TCU spread formation stuns Huskers in 28-7 win; Migration takes Huskers to Manhattan and a 6-6 tie The opening gun of the 1951 season sow the Cornhuskers loaded with talent, but all of it young, inexperienced and untried. Texas Christian gave the Huskers their first taste under fire by monopolizing on sev- eral timely Nebraska fumbles to collect a 28-7 win. The southern invaders operated most of their running plays off the now- famous TCU spread formation which com- pletely baffled the Husker defense. The lone Nebraska score came in the opening quarter when fullback Nick Adduci plunged across from the one yard line. The Husker backfield could not seem to find the openings or down- field blocking to match the speed and re- sourcefulness of the Horned Frogs. Migration day took several thousand Husker followers down to Manhattan to watch a 6-6 tie with Kansas State in the Huskers ' first Big Seven clash. Hampered all day by a rain-soaked field, the spirited Ne- braska offense got rolling in the first minutes of ploy with a 65 yard goalward march. Soph back Tom Carodine did the honors by scoring on an 11 yard drive for a 6-0 lead. After that it was a different story as the Wildcats came to life, knifing deep into Husker territory frequently in the remainder of the game. After being halted five times within the Nebraska 17 yard line, K-State fin- ally tallied late in the third quarter to knot the final score 6-all. Big Don Vogt picks up yard- age for valuable first down at Manhattan. Bordogna, Pro- haska, Brosee provide able blocking. Almost blocked by a Penn State player, the pigskin bounces into the waiting fin- gers of Frank Simon wearing No. 81. Cornhuskers snared by Nittany Lions in 15-7 loss; Gophers push ahead in first play of second half 39-20 After a thorough shaking-up in the Hus- ker squad, the Glassford men set out to snare the Nittany Lion but fell before a well- coached Penn State squad 1 5-7, However, the Band Day crowd was much encouraged as they watched a vastly improved and spirited team in Memorial Stadium. An early TD set the Penn Staters ahead 6-0, but not for long as transplanted quarterback Johnny Bor- dogna moved the ball over after a 53 yard sprint from his halfback slot. Another " almost " came when Bob Smith, 165 pound fres hman, raced 61 yards downfield, only to be stopped by a one-handed tackle. Jerry Minnick, Don Boll and Dick Goll sparked the Husker defense. For all but three minutes in the first half, Nebraska looked as though it might grab its first victory, but those three minutes meant a 39-20 win for the Minnesota Gophers. The score was tied 7-7 after a brilliant pass from Don Norris to Frank Simon had netted the Huskers their first tally. But Minnesota was able to gain a quick first down on the Ne- braska 14 yard line and then to score. An intercepted pass and another flip gave the men from the northlands a 26-7 halftime lead. The Huskers were good for two TD ' s of their own after halftime, but even the advent of 1950 All American Bob Reynolds wasn ' t enough to quell the brilliant Minnesota offense. Picking up eleven yards in his debut against Minnesota, Bob Reynolds skirts his right end behind blocker Prohoska. Page 259 Scardino of Missouri falls victim to duo of Nebraska tacklers, Goll, No. 78, and Husmann, No. 77. Victory bell lost to Missouri by Husker defeat 35-19; Chalking up first win, NU defeated Iowa State 34-27 The Missouri-Nebraska Victory Bell made its long jaunt back to Columbia as the " hard luck Huskers " fell into another fatal second quarter jinx which handed the Tigers their first win 35-19. Deadlocked 7-7 in the second quarter, Missouri pulled two quick touch- downs out of the bag while capitalizing on a Nebraska penalty and an intercepted pass. Bob Smith grabbed a Missouri kickoff in the final minute of play and dodged a field full of tacklers to score on a sensational 90 yard jaunt and to provide Nebraska with one of the few bright spots of the day. In excellent physical condition, the Cornhuskers took the defeat without an injury. The downtrodden Cornhuskers, meeting Iowa State, finally did some stamping to add the first win to their scoreboard 34-27. Pat- terned after the Texas Christian formation, the spread used operated smoothly with John Bordogno in the slot providing most of the passing attack which netted three of the five Husker scores. One of the more spectacular plays of the season came when All Big Seven, Jerry Minnick, gathered in a pop-up fumble on the dead run for the first Nebraska score. The Husker secondary picked off six Cyclone passes and recovered both of their own fumbles. Ray Novak gathered in honors for three of the Husker tallies. " » . Tackier Bob Mullen provides spectator thrill by intercepting a pass intended for Iowa State ' s receiver Vo etberg With head down, Husker halfback Ray Novak rams the center of the heavy Kansas line to set up a TD. On the next play Novak again carried the football to bring to the school and fans eager for scores the only Nebraska touchdown. Homecoming saw Nebraska outscored by Kansas 27-7; Jayhawks pushed through hard fighting Huskers to win Homecoming filled the Memorial Stadium with alumni, Pep Queens, color, excitement and fumbles, fumbles, fumbles! Behind a 35 mile an hour gale, the Kansas Jayhawks swept up five of six Nebraska bobbles to spank the Huskers 27-7 in a hard played, gruelling contest. Statistics showed the Jay- hawks made 13 first downs for 303 net yards, while Nebrasko showed ]2 first downs for 239 yards. Yet there was a 20 point scoring dif- ference. Ray Novak, stellar halfback, scored the one tally for the Huskers. In both the Missouri and Kansas games a timely fumble on the opponent ' s 4 yard line seemed to be the turning point which denied almost certain Husker scoring. .;;Kik M Get that ball! That ' s the cry as a Husker and a Jayhawk fight for a fumble during the KU-NU Homecoming tilt held at Memorial Stadium. The determined Huskers went down in defeat 27-7. Page 261 Within three minutes of the kickoff Bordogna scores from the one foot line. Reynolds, Ponseigo and Giles watch play. Colorado, freezing weather, and 36-14 trouncing; Cornhuskers shone defenisvely in 27-0 Oklahoma loss Freezing 25 degree temperatures, a hec- tic display of long runs, fine passes and punts plus an array of 31,000 bundled fans saw the Cornhuskers fall back into their dismal second quarter jinx as Colorado defeated NU 36-14. Bobby Reynolds broke into some of that last season form by scampering 60 yards to the Buff 19. Driving further to the 4, the Scarlet elected to pass, but Don Norris was smeared on the 25 where Colorado took over on downs. Johnny Bordogna, key man of the spread formation, was injured, and shifting back to the T, the Huskers were only able to pick up 225 net yards and to complete 8 of 25 passes, while the Buffaloes showed them- selves par excellence. Smarting from a 6 defeat, 1 tie, 1 win record, the Huskers took the field for the last home game of the season. But giant-killing wasn ' t in the forecast as mighty Big Seven champ Oklahoma sputtered for three quar- ters against a valiant Nebraska defense be- fore they racked up two TD ' s in the fourth to win 27-0. The Sooners, however, were forced to punt 10 times, more kicking than they had done all year. Most of the Oklahoma squad agreed that the Huskers were " a lot better than we expected. " Dennis Emanuel, Bill Shabocker, Ed Husmann, Don Boll, Carl Brassee, Jim Sommers and senior tackle. Bob Mullen, put in their best game of the year on the Husker defensive unit. Scat — halfback Jim Cederdahl looks for opening, then goes for eight yards in second quar- ter against Oklahoma. 1 5: Almost, but not quite — Husker Dick Regier is brought down on the 1 yard line in last play of the game. Near tally brings Cornhusker migrators to their feet in exciting lost minute climax at Miami. Last game of season took Huskers to Miami, Florida; Hurricanes advance in second half to win game 19-7 Stepping off the plane at the Lincoln airport after a full weekend at the Shorehom Hotel in Miami, trainer Bob Holmes, gridder Verl Scott and A. J. Lewandowski return to Huskerland. Nebraskans dared not think that the down-trodden Huskers, as a finale, could ever show the powerful Miami eleven a game of it. Soon not one spectator doubted the reasons why Bobby Reynolds was All American in 1950. The Rambler scored the only touch- down, carried the ball 26 times for 174 yards, tossed 4 passes for 57 yards and punted 8 times for a 36 yard average. The Huskers led 7-6 at the end of the usually fatal second quarter even though the Hurricanes won the hard-played game 19-7. So for injured Bobby Reynolds as well as the six graduating seniors, Bob Mullen, Dick Regier, Frank Simon, Joe Ponseigo and Wayne Handshy, it was a fitting way to end on otherwise drastic season with that wonderful weekend in Miami. Page 263 West Bound Gridders Leave for Curtis Last time for these five senior Huskers. Curtis pre-season camp held for third consecutive year; players, managers, trainers cooperated for improvement For the third consecutive year the varsity foot- ball team journeyed to Curtis, Nebraska, for a pre- season two week workout before school began. Hampered by rain, this year ' s session was not as successful as the last two, but the plan has proved ideal for team spirit and the avoidance of injuries later in the season. It always takes someone to do outstanding work to make anything successful. Much can be said for trainers Blaine Rideout, Paul Schneider, Bob Holmes and George Sullivan, as well as head man- agers Larry Franzen and Dave Noble. Trainers Watch Physical Conditioning Sullivan and Rideout aid athletes. Franzen and Noble Examine Pads Head managers invaluable to Huskers. KAi Hliiim iKiij Back row; Rolph Fife, Bob Davis, Bill Glossford, Marvin Franklin, Fran Nagle. Front row; Pete Janetos, Al Partin, Neal Mehring. Coaching staff manned by head coach Bill Classford; handled varied duties besides tough football season With the gruelling 1951 season behind them, the football staff is looking forward to a much more successful year in 1952. Faced with the constant worries of eligibility and the draft situation, head coach Bill Glossford sometimes wondered if he would have eleven men on the field. Besides their many direct duties in the coaching positions, the football staff has the added worries of interviewing prospective athletes, speaking at banquets and meetings, handling the Curtis camp and many other jobs including the teaching of their regular physical education classes. This year ' s staff included Bob Davis, Mar- vin Franklin, Ralph Fife, Ray Prohaska, Al Partin, Ike Hanscom, Neal Mehring and Pete Janetos. Fran Nagle and Don Strasheim assisted the staff. Hard Working Head Coach Bill Glossford Demonstrates new formation on blackboard. Varsity Football Bock row: B. Decker, T. Jomes, B. Giles, T. Conner, J. Minnick, G. Paynich, K. Curtis, T. Winey. FiHh row: C. Hopp, G. Cifra, J. Levendosky, D. Boll, K. Schroeder, V. Scott, J. Yeisley, D. Westin. Fourth row: J. Bordogno, B. Thayer, J. Poulson, J. Yeager, R. Goll, R. Novak, B. Shabacker, J. Somm Third row: J. Cederdahl, J. Jones, M. Kennedy, A. Loehr, D. Emanuel, C. Dale, E. Husmann, G. Proh Second row: H. Goth, D. Morris, G. Mink, R. Reynolds, C. Brasee, J. Oliver, B. Smith. Front row: J. Ponseigo, W. Handshy, R. Mullen, F. Simon, R. Regier. Nick Adduci Don Boll John Bordogno Carl Brasee James Cederdahl George Cifra Ted Connor Clayton Curtis Cliff Dale Bobby Decker Dennis Emanuel Bill Giles Richard Goll Horry Goth Wayne Handshy Cliff Hopp Ed Husmann Ted James Jim Jones Max Kennedy Jim Levendosky George Mink Jerry Minnick Robert Mullen Don Norris Ray Novak Jerry Paulson George Paynich Joe Ponseigo Bob Oberlin George Prochoska Richard Regier Robert Reynolds Bill Schobacker Verl Scott Frank Simon Ken Schroeder Jim Sommers Bob Smith Bill Thayer Dick Westin Tony Winey Jim Yeager Jim Yeisley Page 266 B Squad Football Bob Arnold John Arnost Frank Barrett George Bauer Don Becker Jerry Bingham Dan Brown Charles Bryant Charles Chamley Bill Devries Jim Evans Walter Finke Don Gabriel Edmund Gazinski Don Glantz Lowrence Goll George Gohde Ben Hand Ladd Hanscom Bill Holloran Bud John Dennis Korinek Tom Kripal Pat Lange Larry Lanik Pat Lee Don Leffler Bill McGuire Gordon Mills Kenny Moore Russ Morgan Herschel Morton Ken Osborn Emil Rodik Duane Rankin Ken Reiners Jim Reissener Les Roberts Bob Russell John Schreiber Emerson Scott John Sebold Leonard Singer Don Sterba John Stone Jim Tangdall Ralph Thomas Stuart Thorell Roy Troyer Dick Watson Grant Whitney Back row: P. Lee, B. Holloran, D. Ralston, D. Rankin, G. Mink, D. Brown. Sixth row: D. Sterba, T. Kripal, E. Rodik, P. Lange, J. Tangdall, R. Morgan, K. Osborne, J. Sebold, C. Chamley, W. Taylor, B. Thayer. FiMh row: J. Welch, B. McGuire, L. Singer, D. Watson, L. Roberts, E. Gazinski, K. Moore, K. Reiners, J. Evans. Fourth row: D. Leffler, F. Barrett, Roy Troyer, D. Korinek, D. Gabriel, R. Thomas, J. Stone, J. Reissener, B. Devries. Third row: B. Hand, G. Whitney, S. Thorell, B. Arnold, W. Finke, T. Cannon, L. Lonik. Second row: G. Gohde, G. Mills, D. VanCleave, B. Russell, J. Arnost, D. Becker. Front row: P. Schneider, B. Mueller, R. Prohosko, I. Hanscom, T. Novak, D. Strasheim. Page 267 Coach Harry Good and Team Leave for Southern Trip Early season jaunt gives Huskers four games away. Husker basketball fought a long up-hill battle this season as their twenty-one game slate showed only seven wins against four- teen defeats. With returning letternnen Jim Buchanan, Joe Good, Jim Snyder and Bud Word, Coach Harry Good rounded out his squad, for the most port, with freshmen and sophomores. Buchanan, in completing his career, clipped two Nebraska records by scoring four hundred points in one season and 821 points in three. Playing at both guard and forward, Joe Good sparked both defensive and offensive play and is the most promising letterman to return next season. Centers Bill Johnson and Willard Fagler, forwards Stan Motzke and Paul Fredstrom and guard Fred Seger were other outstanding m.en who will be back for next year ' s squad. Inexperience dominated in 1951 Cornhusker basketball; Senior Jim Buchanan ' s high scoring broke two records Page 268 atzkc, B. Soclberg, W. Fogler, R, Smaha, R. Tonics. Second row: L. Exstrom, J. Snyder, B. Johnson, D. Weber, G. Sondbulte. Front row: J. Good, F. Seger, P. Fredstrom, 1. Buchonan. Northwest Missouri Guard Tied Up Fredstrom and Matzke on the move. Coach Harry Good Checks Slate Given NU many excellent squads. Team Hurries from Dressing Room Ready for action in third quarter. Freshmen Cagers Pick Up Pointers from Coach Good Fogler, Renzelmon, Kremke, Fredstrom discuss season. Seger Drives by KU ' s Lovelette for a Two Pointer Jayhawks test Husker strength but win, 69-66. Husker Guard Jim Buchanan Pots Jump Shot Scores most points to break two NU records. Weber, Good and Ott Fight for Possession Fresno State offers stiff competition. Freshman Forward Stan Matzke Drives In for Set Up Good-men breeze by South Dakota Coyotes, 82-59. Hands and Heads Fly in Missouri Game Seger and Good grab for the rebound. Page 270 Freshmen and sophomores were major components of Nebraska ' s ' 52 cage squad Tony Sharpe ' s B Team Eyes Basket Nubbins develop varsity potential. 1951-52 Cornhusker Cagers Basketball captures mid-winter Nebraska spirit. Don Weber Grabs Ball from Colorado Big Seven tournament at Kansas City. Toe Dance by Center Bill Johnso n Husker antics baffle Minnesota. Page 271 Back row: J. Sommers, B. Fairchild, B. Kruger, C. Chomley, G. Smith, D. Schnackel, B. Sand, P. Heidelk, K. Moore, C. Scott, J. Hofstetter, R. Kelley. Second row: R. Prohoska, G. Yelken, H. McCue, J. Hurley, D. Bedker, P. Grimm, T. Stoup, D, Lindquist, B. Seldon, D. Wilcox, J. Denny, E. Weir. Front row: J. Woodward, S. Jacobs, D. Tolmon, B. Borchus, B. Cathro, D. Moreland, B. Hendrickson, H. Sompson, G. Beerline, D. Sterbo, N. Mehring. Bedker copped high and low hurdle events in K.G; Season injuries plagued the promising cinder squad Plagued by late season injuries, Ed Weir ' s Nebraska cindermen started off with three brilliant showings in conference competition and then lost to Big Seven champion Kansas and Oklahoma in their final dual meets. At the tournament in Kansas City, Husker hurdler Don Bedker won every heat he ran to win both the sixty yard high and low hurdles. Third places in their events went to high jumper Phil Heidelk, broad jumper Irv Thode, shot putter Paul Grimm and 880 yard man Lee Moore. Besides these stalwarts, Dan Tolman and Glenn Beerline deserve much credit for their excellent performances during the season in spite of injuries and hard luck. Freshmen Bob Fairchild, Brien Hendrickson and Hoppy McCue gave the Huskers valuable points in their first year showings. Track Films Help to Correct Errors Weir points out running difficulties. Mentor Ed Weir Leads cindermen. Top Point Man Don Bedker Flies the Hurdles Gains valuable points for cinder squad. Freshman Sprinter Bob Fairchild Paces squad :06.3 effort. Bock row: J. Greer, P. Slusar, B. Bolderston, H. Lepley, J. Desmond, B. Douglass. Second row: J. Munson, H. Stelzer, L. Lafhrop, C. Bentz, L. Reed. Front row: D. Grodwohl, P. Healey, D. Hlidek, G. Peterson, Balderston was high point man and captain of squad; NU took third spot in Big Seven meet at Coliseum Varsity swimming was handed several hard luck losses this season as the Husker mermen, coached by Hoi lie Lepley, won four dual meets and lost seven. Five of the defeats were within a four point margin, which indicates that the Nebraska swimmers may have been a potential but unlucky crew. The Cornhuskers also placed third in the Big Seven meet held in the Coliseum pool. Buele Balderston ted the squad as team captain and high point man. Freshman Dick Hlidek was second high scorer and showed excellent form in the breaststroke. Another freshman, Cal Bentz, proved to be a consistent point getter. Returning lettermen this year were Buele Balderston, Jerry Desmond, Pat Healey and Homer Munson. Ready for the Plunge are Husker Sprinters Greer, Balderston tense for the gun. Bock row: L. Geier, J. Geier, M. Brabec. Second row: D. Behrens, T. Kidd, R. Yarwood, B. Norton. Front row: P. Hughes, J. Tubbs, I. Epstein. Gymnastic squad took first in All College Invitational; 1951 team ranked as one of the outstanding in Midwest Under able Jake Geier, the 1952 gymnas- tics squad added laurels and one of the most successful seasons in Nebraska history. At the big All College Invitational in Colorado Springs, Nebraska held all honors by outscoring five other middle-western schools and placing Paul Hughes and Tom Kidd as the first and second high point men respectively. Sophomore Kidd also was the season ' s high point man for the Huskers. In addition to these two outstanding men. Max Kennedy, also a sophomore tumbler, scored high in most of the meets. Bob Yarwood and Ira Epstein were other returning lettermen from last year, and senior DeWayne Behrens added other valuable points. Promising among the fresh- men were Don Hodge and Dan Fogel. Team Captain Paul Hughes on Parallel Bars High point man for Husker gymnosts. m n Back row: A. Partin, L. Golle, D. Sommers, D. Boll, M. Kitzelman, E Second row: N. Heng, D. Becker, J. Clinkenspar, E. Lone, D. Mackie, J. Schorf. Front row: D. Adamson, J. Carnazzo, J. Wolpa, J. Forris, P. Leitell, H. Deines. Husmann and Lane led matmen in nine match slate; Prospects good for next year with only one graduating Al Partin ' s Husker wrestling squad faced stiff competition this season and failed to win a single match in their nine starts. The matmen lost their first and last matches by only one point, but found it im- possible to break into the victory column dur- ing the remainder of the season. Heavyweight Ed Husmann and 1 57 pound Ed Lane led the Huskers in most of the meets. Dave Mackie, Perry Leitel and lightweight Don Bean added valuable points in their weights. Darrel Adamson is the lone graduating senior this year. As far as exper- ience goes, the squad can look forward to a better season in 1953. Mackie and Adamson, All Arms and Legs Practice holds in doily workout. Back row: B. Diers, H. Mullen, W. Fitzgerald, R. Mlodovich, J. Leach, R. McCormick, J. Snyder, A. Benionmn, D. Kopf, D. Bunsen, B. Anderson. Front row: R. Rader, T. Shorpe, J. Shull, J. Rego, R. Reynolds, B. Jensen, J. Dunn, W. Lowe, G. Nutt, B. Lohrberg. 1951 baseball team was third in Big Seven conference; McCormick, Kopf, Bunsen helped in pitchers ' duties Finishing third in Big Seven competition, Nebraska baseball again enjoyed a success- ful season in 1951. With returning lettermen Bob Diers, Ray Mlodovich, Bill Jensen and Del Kopf, head coach Tony Sharpe led his Huskers to a 10 win-5 loss record. Diers, v ho led the squad at the plate, was chosen on the third team All American at cen- ter field. Second baseman Bob Reynolds led the hitting in conference play. The Husker pitching corps was paced by Dick McCormick who started most of the Big Seven tilts. Del Kopf and Dale Bunsen assisted with the pitching chores. Most of the squad was back in 1952, ex- cluding Bill Jensen, who graduated, and Kopf, who was lost to the draft. Center Fielder Bob Diers Limbers Arm Chosen on third team All American. Golf D. Spongier, I. Peterson, J. Gifford, D. Dale, A. Blessing. Ten nis Limited experience and a late sea- son start gave Ed Higgenbotham ' s 1951 tennis squad a no win record in their six game schedule. Sparked by returning lettermen, Bob Radin, Andy Bunten and Jamie Curran, the Huskers added Walt Weaver, Jeff Delton, Frank Redman and John Schroeder to the squad as the season progressed. In the Big Seven tournament Rodin was head man for the Nebroskons and probably the most outstanding com- petitor of the season. Weaver, a junior, proved valuable as second man and returned for the 1952 meets. Nebraska golf again enjoyed an- other successful season in 1951 as the Husker par shooters finished second in the Big Seven and won eight dual meets while only dropping three. In the an- nual Colorado Springs Invitational, Nebraska tied for third with Colorado College on the famed Broadmoor course. Coached by Marvin Franklin, the five man team consisted of Dick Spongier Jr., Joe Gifford, I rv Peterson, Al Blessing and Doug Dole. Spongier, a consistent low scorer, paced the squad in the majority of the meets. All five men return for the 1952 season which looms as another top year in Husker golf. W. Weaver, J. Collins, J. Tafum. Page 278 Joe Good — top returning letterman. Jim Buchanan — High Point Cager Dennis Emanuel Chosen on AP third team. Big Seven Punt Champ Cederdahl With Bob Reynolds — two sportsmen. Sprinter Lee Moore — High and Low Hurdler, Don Bedker Outstanding track veteran — shotputter Paul Grimm Top Senior Gridder Award to Frank Simon Nebraska representative to East-West tilt. All-University Football Chomps Sigma Phi Epsilon. Favorite Midwinter Sport Men ' s dorm vs. ROTC. The University intramural department offered great variety; Ed Higgenbotham and staff, coordinators for program Providing the most varied program in its his- tory, the University intramural department offers almost every possible athletic activity from football to table tennis. This year even rifle competition was added to the program. Under the able leadership of Ed Higgenbotham and his staff, male students on both city and Ag campuses are offered the chance to participate in some sort of competitive activity. in Tedious Water Basketball Test of endurance. Fall Tennis Playoffs Phi Delt ' s subdue Theto Xi ' s. f %- Fall Golf Medalist Chick Battey Sig Alph ' s win team title. Ed Higgenbotham Directs huge prograr All University Champ Ping pong king — Eddie Sarkissian. Wrestlers Grunt and Groan Sigma Chi grabs first. Co! Bentz and Dick HIidek Point out their new intramural records. ;NTMMUMr£HLET Intramural Staff Helps plan many activities. Kappa Sig Stalwarts Capture diamond laurels. Watch the Bird Badminton very popular in spring. Down the Alley Phi Gam ' s grab top honors. Page 282 lOWIWI Intramural Rifle Tourney Brings new competition. Chuck Marshall Winds Up Helps Sig ' s take free throw. Handball in Frenzy Top Winter Posstime. Bill Greer Ready to Let Go Volleyball entertains many. M Intramural Man Makes Varsity Phil Heidelk scores most points in tournament. I I ISI -i? ' Bock row: K. Agnew, J. O ' Brien, M. Miller, C. Roish. Third row: R. Amos, A. Cummings, T. Walker, J. Brown, M. De Second row: C. French, L. Zobel, M. Yeakley, J. Pollock. Front row: J. Speidel, R. Olsen, B. Roessler, D. Low. WAA The Women ' s Athletic Association cooperates with the Physical Education Department for Women in the promo- tion of sports and recreational activi- ties. Membership automatically includes all University women, how- ever, certain requirements are neces- sary for voting privileges. In addition to providing the many sports clubs, WAA owns an outing cabin and bicycles which are made available to all campus groups. Heading the ad- ministrative council this year was President Delores Irwin. WAA Administrative Body — The Council Sponsors intromurol sports progrom. Executive Officers Meet Informally Discuss women ' s new athletic field. Basketball is Popular Sport with Coeds Teamwork is key in sorority competition Badminton Offers Chance for Individual Honors Bailey-Bohrer team practices for big gome. Intramural Program includes Variety of Sports Duckpin alley provides much enjoyment. ' 9. s- Physical Education Club The Women ' s Physical Education Club, composed of physical education majors and minors, strives for professional cooperation with the faculty. At their meetings they acquaint themselves with various sports and sports personalities. Under the leadership of President Mary Ann Wood, the club prepared a sports and dancing exhibit for United Nations Week. Bock row: H. Hogelberger, J. Sweeney, M. Ogden, M. Wood, K. Chnstoffel, C, French, A. Cummings. Fourth row: M. Moxwell, D. Bohrer, H. Ookes, V. Noble, B. Wrkins, D. Irwin. Third row: K. Crawford, J. Sovoge, N. Sefzkorn, J. Bailey, G. Hulac, R. Amos. Second row: K. Askey, M. Cripe, C. Duff, E. Way, H. Martin, R. Levinson. Front row: C. Rousch, M. Mulvoney, E. Christiansen, M. Lee, R. Schellberg, L. Weaver. Club Officers Make Plans Include social activities. Turner, O ' Brien, Bock row: L. Holland, A. son, J. Sandstedt, Sehnert. Fourth row: M. Baldwin, Pedersen, B. Kunc, Adams. Third row: B. Russell, J. Brode, E. Gor- man, D. Krouse, H. Cook, M. Weston, P. Loudon. Second row: J. Flansburg, M. Mopes, D. L. Borgaard, D. Perry, D. D. Borgaord, S. Fa Front J. Raben, S. Mallory, C. Ro Preparation for Spring Show Practice makes perfect. Aquaquettes In the fall, any University girl may try out for membership in Aquaquettes, a recreational swim- ming club for those interested in graceful swimming in group formation. The president for this year was Joan Raben. The annual spring water ballet show high- lighted the year of supervision of swimming intra- murals. Orchesis and Pre-Orchesis The Orchesis and Pre-Orchesis modern dance groups offer opportunities for all boys and girls of the University to participate in a creative experience through individual and group dancing. Tryouts are held in the fall and are based on skills in techniques and original dances. The clubs present two programs yearly, one at Christmas and another in the spring. Shirley Sidles led Orchesis in its twenty- fifth year on the University of Nebraska campus. Orchesis Displays Creative Dance Forms Men take part in group for first time. T f f f i % ifX mt Back row: S. Sidles, S, M. Sveska, S. I. Sveska, P. Wood, M. Oehrle, M. Duteou, B. Bell, M. Pattison, D. Irwin. Front row: G. Hulac, J. Henningson, C. Katz, L. Olson, T. Lilly, N. Norman, H. Hagelberger, W. Botf, K. McMul- ••v. H ' ' mt m Ba J. Sweeney, Barber, J. zer, F. Fncke. Second row: J. Peterson, D. Smith, A. McKomy, L. Nelson, E. Mullarky. Front row: L. Weaver, A. Anderson, M. Mopes, L. Charleston. Page 287 :- - ' 7 ' - ' ' . -m. •w YMCA YWCA PRESBYTERIAN-CONGREGATIONAL HOUSE NEWMAN CLUB METHODIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP KAPPA PHI SIGMA THETA EPSILON GAMMA DELTA CANTERBURY CLUB LUTHERAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP CHRISTIAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP LUTHERAN CHAPEL CHOIR PALLADIAN DELIAN UNION COSMOPOLITAN CLUB O Bock row: C. French, S Gibson, W. Weore, D. Furmon. Fronf row: P. Mesner, D. Corgo, W. Barnds, R. Crownover. Bock row: D. Heiss, H. Fink, C. Stuber, A. Becker, G. Myers. Fourth row: J. Edwards, J. Aschwege, D. Gruber, E. Ibsen, K. McBurney, G. Gardels. Third row: L. Messersmith, C. Cook, D. Nitzel, C. Yeutter, R. Anderson. Second row: W. Hansen, B. Carter, W Moody, J. Weyenberg, M. Paneitz, E. Wesely. Front row: D. Monson, O. Rowlings, 5. Eberhart, D. Reeves, S. Gibson. YMCA The YMCA encourages a strong feeling of unity between students re- gardless of their religious denomina- tions. A varied program of activities is sponsored throughout the school year. Included in this program is a foreign movie series which is presented once a month in Love Library. At Christmas and Easter the YMCA and the YWCA hold an all-campus church service. Weekly Bible and worship services are sponsored jointly by Ag and City YMCA. An interest in world affairs is stimulated by current discussions of international problems. Page 290 YMCA Luncheon Group Relaxes with Coffee These boys meet to chat and chew. Bock row: V. Cummings, J. Jackson, A. Hall, B. Hershberger, V, Koehler, R. Raymond, S. Cook. Fourth row: 5. Schonberg, N. Wejr, B. Raun, M. Sidner, 5. Coy. Third row: S. Krasne, F. Grohom, G. John- son, B. Bredthouer, V. Helmstadter, K. Dill. Second row: E. Moodie, S. Neuenswander, P. Wood, H. Morrison, V. Cooper. Front row: D. Carlson, B. Wilkins, D. Love- grove, M, Willey, S. Rondsdell. Back row: M. Peterson, C. Ross, M. Nie- haus. Third row: A. Lambert, S. Eckerson, A. Orhsner, R. Laun, C. Fiola. Second row: V. Barnes, B. Hathaway, M. Richards, J. Knotts, J. Schroeder, G. Berns, Front row: B. Crowe, M. Cook, A. Ander- son, E. Erickson, D. Tinkhom. YWCA Hanging of the Greens Opens Holidays Christmas adorns Ellen Smith Hall. Personal growth, Christian herit- oge, higher education, and national and world affairs were the bases for both city and Ag campus YWCA pro- grams this year. The Hanging of the Greens, to which all presidents of campus organi- zations were invited, initiated the Christmas season and was sponsored by the YWCA. Another annual event was the May Morning Breakfast held for all girls and their mothers. Co- operation between city and Ag officers promoted higher Christian ideals. The outstanding summer feature of the YWCA program was the Estes Park Carnival. Page 291 Congregational-Presbyterian Student House An inviting place for student fun and worship. Congregational-Presbyterian Fellowship Disregarding the fact that it has in- creased its activities to include students of Congregational faith, the Congregational- Presbyterian Student House has retained the name of Presby House. Under the di- rection of Reverend Rex Knowles and Miss Mary Lou Hawk, Presby House offers to young people of the University and their friends opportunity for fellowship, study and service. The motto of Presby House is as quoted; " Through faith in God with the gift of His Church, we have builded for the glory of God in the lives of our youth this House, a Christian Home, where the lonely m ay find friends, the perplexed, guidance, the troubled, peace, the weak, strength, the dis- heartened, courage, where they may laugh or weep, work or rest, worship or serve, doing all to the glory of God. " Reverend Knowles Guides Executive Group Student-pastor plans for year ' s program. Onlookers Join in Fun of Foursome Presby House means enjoyable times. Wednesday Vespers Bring Fellowship Faith strengthened at weekly services. Speaker Shares Convictions at Sunday Forum. Sabbath gatherings stimulate discussion. The program of religious, educational and social events is planned for 1700 Presbyterian and Congregational members. A full schedule, including Sunday evening forums, early morning discussion groups, Bible study, vespers, intramural athletics, service projects and counselling, is provided for all who wish to participate. An organization established by the Congregational Church, Sigma Eta Chi, welcomes to membership women of all re- ligions, races and creeds, stimulating in them a spiritual growth to keep pace with their academic growth. The group meets weekly for social activities, service projects and study. Congregationoily Organized Sigma Etc Chi Welcomes extended to all women desiring membership. Page 293 Bock row: V. Sedlacek, D. Dischner, B. Kroenke, P. Engel, M Reiser, A, Tornco, D. Clifford. Fifth row: J. Wilscom, H. Cerny, C. Lliteras, P. Ptak, J. Rose, R. Kelly, C. Bethscheider. Fourth row: R. McKenzie, J. Anderjaska, J. Spohn, R. Coding, A. Kuhl, S. Delisi, S. OIney. Third row: B. Tiongco, B. Due, J. Mellcn, N. Osborn, S. Lewandowski, P. Neville, A. Dubas, D. Evert. Second row: R. Vogeltanz, M. Cripe, M. McCulloch, C. Griffin, M. Moron, J. Chicoine, R. Murphy. Front row: G. Dunn, L, Nordhues, Msgr. G. Schuster, B. Griffin. W. Walter, E. Gruntorod. Newman Club The Newman Club promotes fel- lowship among Catholic students of the University. It stimulates interest in religious, intellectual and social events. The club held discussion groups every Tuesday night and an ethics class on Friday afternoons. Special projects were the Com- munion breakfast held on the first Sunday of every month and publication of their monthly bulletin for all Catholic students. Msgr. George Schuster provides spiritual leadership for Newman Club members. Newman Club Members Relax in Club Rooms Msgr. Schuster suggests a good book. Catholics Exchange Ideas and Views Discussion to learn and to understand. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation, through the city campus student house and Ag student center, provides a home for those of the Methodist faith. The foundation seeks to make its schedule brood enough to serve the in- terests of all. Activities such as wor- ship, social fellowship, and leadership training ore examples of the numerous projects in which Methodists find both fellowship and fun. President Lester Smalley and Rev. Richard Nutt cooperated in carrying out this year ' s program. Methodist Student House Home away from home — faith and fun. Costume Party Part of Program Devils leer over unknowing couple. Back row: A. Meyers, M. Good, W. Croft, D. Bohl, W. Whitehead, J. Teter. Second row; A. Neilson, E. Eddy, R. Nutt, M. Deininger, S. Wear. Front row: J. Bell, M. Wright, L. Smalley, L. Eddy, D. Brown. Page 295 ' Wb ' ' ( Back row: J. Clopper, K. Wilson, C. Hou- dershe!dt, E. Noumonn, S. Keevert. Fifth row: C. Rarrey, M. Smith, J. Soren- sen, J Srhobert, i. Brenneman, S. Stohler Fourth row: A. Reece, N. Railing, M. Hatzenbueh!er, M. Deininger, M. Monenau, M. Urbach. Third row: A. Neilson, S. Doley, J. McDuf- fee, H. Lomax, J. Schroeder, M. Erik- sen. Second row: M. Snyder, D. Sears, M. Pat- terson, E. Peterson, D. Brown, M. Wrighl-, M. Mortin. Front row: J. Teter, J. Bell, J. Shorp, M. Sadie, L. Eddy, R. Greer. President Speaks to Pledges Spiritual, social development. Kappa Ph Kappa Phi is the national Meth- odist club for girls. It is open to any girl of Methodist membership. The club combines social and spiritual life for Methodist women at the University and strives to develop Christian leadership. Meetings, at which are planned future discussions and social events, are held twice a month. Bock row: A. Trautmon, F. Major, P. Rei- land, K. Kntner, L. Smalley, C. Bob- bel. Yost, D, Fourth row: C. Tenhulzen, Siogren, P. Swonson, M. Smith, H. Kenison. Third row: D. Walker, W. Gregory, D, Bohl, D. Hedges, F. Stridor, L. Hu- Second row: H. Grober, D. Kitchen, W. Cecil, J. Niday, D. Hogg, L. Good, D. Pntts. Front row: Rev. R. Nutt, H. Meyer, J. Rodgers, W. Whitehead, W. Crott, R. Satterfield, F. Benedict. Officers Talk Over Program Post national officer advises. ' ;-%:-- Sigma Theta Epsilon Sigma Theta Epsilon promotes a closer Chris- tian fellowship among Methodist college men. A service organization, the fraternity sponsors a Gra-Y boys ' club for the YMCA and a deputation program for the churches throughout the state. The group meets bi-monthly for study and discussion of impor- tant current topics. Ba k ro H. w: M. Diedri Panoi :hsen. z, R. Eg gert, F. A rndt, Th rd r Dw: J. Enge Ikemier, J. Frei, D. Bil erbeck R. Pearson , R. Be U3r- rr.e ster. Second row: E Oeir ich, B. Bredthauc r, E. Bre dfhaue r, P. Farley. Front re w; P, Korf, W. von Kampen, Rev, A, Norden, R. Dunklou , D, Toebben. Time for Sunday Supper ' He shall feed His flocks. " lamma Delta Gamma Delta is the international association of Lutheran college and university students. Singing Christmas carols at hos- pitals in and near Lincoln is an annuo! service performed by Gamma Delta. Every Sunday evening the pastor. Reverend Alvin Norden, presides at a supper meeting. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club, founded by the Episco- pal Church Society for College Work, presents a program of worship, study, and recreation to stu- dents of all faiths. Directed by the officers, Russell Siders, Charles Huestis, Henry Larson, Cathleen Cox and Althea Blunn, the club sponsors monthly square dances. Back row: R. McNamee, R. Sider: Meyer, C. Bright. Front row: M. Hofferber, J. Browr Lundberg, J. Tubbs. Canterbury Members Relax Ping-pong practice prevails. Back row: F, Andreesen, R. Madison, L. Stouffer, B. Barrett, G, Monguson. Third row: R. Morfvedt, D. Morin, P. Hcin, P. Olson, T. Graham, D. Lind. Second row: V. Johnson, D. Solfermoser, E. Anderson, J. Kuehl, J. Hetherington, D. Beckenhouer, C. Graff, W. Barrett, I. Roberts. Front row: P. Johnson, A, Solfermoser, M. Solfermoser, A. Mortvedt, D. Rohrs, C. Michaelson, E. Steaven- son, M. Kuehner. Lutheran Student Association The Lutheran Student Association of the University of Nebraska invites students to share in a varied program of worship and Christian fellowship. In addition to participation in intramural sports, service projects, and social af- fairs, the group organizes a student choir, which presents Sunday concerts throughout the state. A new student house will be com- pleted by the next school year. Weekly Christianity courses were conducted by Reverend Alvin M. Petersen, Student Pastor. Construction of Student House Is Begun Reverend Peterson lays cornerstone. Lutheran Students Gather for Meeting Spiritual guidance builds faith. Christian Student Fell owshii The Christian Student Fellowship strives to cultivate spiritual develop- ment in personality and character by promoting equal progress in religion and scholastic growth. The Cotner House is the center of the discussions, worship programs, and parties. Every Sunday, Richard Frogge presided at the group meeting. All stu- dents who are attending the University of Nebraska and are of Christian faith ore invited to become active in CSF. E.xecutive Council Plans Year Services and social events. World Problems ore Discussed Students prepare for future. Back row: C. Halker, R. Hirner, W. Weare, H. Bergmonn, T. McGrath. Third row: F. Houchen, R. Frogge, R. Refior, C. Kofoid, R. Fisher, R, Shields. Second row: S. McGrath, M. Ginn, I. Feldhohn, E. Adams, R. VonSfrom. Front row; R. Gary, L. Lawrence, J. Murray, R. Frogge, G. Burns. i lM Page 299 Back row: R. Larson, R. Rutz, L. Nilson, D, McCu chcn, E ,., Third row: P. Andreas, L. Hiegel, G. Holmberg, J. McPeck. Second row; A, Miller, M, Lindgren, R. Willits, H. Atkins, M. Meyer. Front row: L. Friedli, J. Carlson, W. Jones, E. Schafer, H. Nelson. Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship The purpo se of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship group is to pro- vide fellowship in Christian living through prayer, Bible study, and social activities. IVCF chapter at the University of Nebraska is one of nearly five hundred groups in the United States and Can- ada, inter-denominational and evan- gelical, formed to help all who are interested in investigating the claims of Christ as they apply to the problems and experiences of their daily lives. Officers Discuss Coming IVCF Events Discussion, deliberat ' ion, decisions. Students Gather for Weekly Meeting Christian companionship for all. Bock row: K. Kostbohn, R. Berke, R. Eg- gert, W, Flicker. Fourth row: R. Pearson, D. Toebben, L. Roberts, J, Koepke, H. Brockemeier. Third row: M. Stelling, M. Mofycko, B. Bredthauer, E. Bredthauer, E. Oelrich, D. Billerbeck, Second row: G. Wittwer, L. Schneider, M. Tegtmeier, P. Forley, M. Wiftrock. Front row: P. Kort, W. vonKampen, Rev. A. Norden, H. Giessetman. Sunday Services, Tours on the Agenda Sponsor, officers meet to plan. The Lutheran Chapel Choir, composed of fifty members, presents programs over the state and as part of the Missouri Synod Lutheran services every Sunday at the Student Union. Three tours, each composed of three concerts, were planned for this spring. Harry Giesselman was director of the choir. Caroling during Christmas holidays and visiting the Veterans Hospital were only a few of their special activities. Lutheran Chapel Choir Choir Members Depart for Caroling Tour A welcome break from practice. Temple Building Scene of Practice Choir prepares for Sunday service. o o Back row: C. French, J. Ellingson, T. Jones, F. Strider. Third row: A. Meyers, R. Kelly, W. Under- wood, Second row: D Imig, H. Frederick, J. Longe, M, O ' Brien. Front row: D. Morrison, N. Koehler, D. Innis, E. Woodward. Palladians Hold Songfest Students exhibit talents. Pallad lan The Palladian Literary Society is established to promote literary develop- ment and high scholarship. The society sponsors yearly essay, poetry, and short story contests. Palla- dian awards the Avery Memorial Lectureship each year to an outstand- ing member of the science or profes- sional fields. Bock row: C. Gustin, O. Meyer, N. Meyer. Front row: M. Molone, J. Burgin, R. Sha- President Pours Punch Culture mixed with fun. Delian Union To develop literary and dramatic talents is the purpose of the Delian Union. Each year they sponsor a short story contest which is open to all University students. The union holds monthly social affairs. Weekly meetings were presided over by Clark Gustin. Back row: R, Luti, W. Brown, J. DeMarco, P. Ham, L. Desta. Third row: M. Asano, D. Peterson, P. Olson, M. Payinda, H. Tien, M. Solhjoo. Second row: T. Seimiya, L. Otiey, A. Hossner, D. May, A. Torrico, A. Abens. Front row: O. Okonkwo, L. Miner, W. Sood, F Fallah, C. Bright. Cosmopolitan Club The Cosmopolitan Club is composed of foreign and American students with similar and mutual interests. The club establishes an interchanging of ideas to promote better world understanding. Members are instrumental in helping with the International Students Friendship Dinner. Officers Confer on Coming Club Events Students of all nations gather together. Inter-Denominational Intramurals Friendly competition — closer relations. Cosmopolitan Club Members in Dress International Friendship Dinner. • hM-ls 1 A .—1 1 4 1 J 9 MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS INTERNATIONAL HOUSE TERRACE HALL BROWN PALACE CORNHUSKER CO-OP WILSON HALL AMIKITA ADELPHI AG MEN ' S CLUB TOWNE CLUB PIONEER HOUSE LOVE MEMORIAL HALL LOOMIS HALL Acklie Anderson Basler Biemond Dedic Demmel Denker Ehret Ellis Fox France Garber Goodwin Hall Kocian Lind Lliteros Moos Nelson, D. Nelson, E. It is Mail Time at the Boys ' Dorm News from home is welcome. Frank Pilar President Paul Wellensiek .... Vice President Victor Sedlacek Secretary Les Demmel Treasurer Assistance is Needed in the Phone Booth Just check that number again. Men ' s Residence Halls Robert Aorvig, Duone Acklie, John Adorns, Gerald Adcock, Galen Allen, William Alstadt, Marvin Anderson, Robert Anderson, Voijeon Anderson, Wendell Anderson, Tonis Anvelt, Goylord Apfel, William Apking, Bruce Appleby, Kendell Atkins, James Atkinson. Morlyn Borlow, Paul Barry, Williom Easier, George Bauer, Robert Beckenhouer, Loren Betz, Richard Beyer, Cornelious Biemond, James Bischof, Clair Bishop, Wendell Bishop, Richard Blinn, Robert Boesiger, Clayton Borg, William Brandt, Carl Brosee, Philip Bridenbough, Rob- ert Brown. Vance Carothers, William Cecil, John Cenovich, Fronk Chapman, Philip Chase, William Clork, Charles Clinton, Richard Coffey, Clar- ence Cook, William Croft, Beryl Cropley, Fred Cull, Edwin Cumberland Albert Curtis. Derrell Dovey, John Dovies, Doryl Dedic, Hilmere Deines, Lester Demmel, John Denker, John Denny, Harold Diehm, Raymond Dieringer, Charles Dillman, Jay Dunlap, Paul Dunlap. Cloyd Ecklund, Norris Ecklund, James Ehret, Floyd Eitemiller, Dean Ekberg, Lee Ellis, Franklin Fvons. Rollond Fofieto, Willord Fogler, Guy Ferry, Walter Finke, James Fitzgerald, Don Fox, Richard Fox, Orval France, William Franklin, Richard Frisbie, Keith Godwoy, James Gorber, John Gaskill, Edmund Gozinski, Donald Geesomon, Harold George, Lawrence Goll, Conrad Good, Rus- sell Goodwin, Thomas Gorhom, Hersche! Grober. Ralph Hall, Tipps Hamilton, James Honing, Poul Hanson, Earl Hatch, Scott Hedden, Keith Heim, Adrian Hertik, Homer Hobbs, Deon Hoppens, Donald Houser, Elmer Hubka, Lawrence Hubka, Chorles Huestis. Richard Jackson, Douglas Jenson, Bruce Johnson, Worren Jones, Bernard Kamorad, Andrew Kominski, Donald Kelley, Richard Kelly, Bill Kennedy, Richard Kiburz, Robert Kieck, Robert Klein, Gory Kober- stein, Cyril Kocion, Don Koester, Keith Kohrs, Leiand Kor te, Wayne Krepel, Everett Kretz, Dennis Krikoc, Coe Kroese, John Krogh, Gordon Kruse. Duane Lorson, Kenneth Larson, Bradley Lear, Jerry Lee, Kerry Leggett, Donald Lewis, Normon Lind, Donald Lindberg, Ward Lind- ley, John Lliteros, Fred Lohmon, Fred Longocre, Ronnie Longocre, Burdette Low, Normon Luedtke, Dorryl Lukasiewicz. Ronold Moos, Don Modsen, John Marks, James Mossey, Donald Mottox, Charles McAfee, Ralph McClintock, Dean McConnell, Bruce McCorkindole, Edgar McCoy, Joe McDonold, Richard McKee, Clinton McNaught, Douglos McPherson, John McReynolds, James M ' Geochen, Loren MIeynek, Louis Mollico, Berry Moore, Kenneth Moore, Floyd Morehead, Poul Morgan, Vincent Morrison, Robert Mueller, Chorles Munn. Kenneth Nokogawo, Ramon Nosr, Daniel Nelson, Edwin Nelson, Howard Nelson, Lyie Nelson, Richard Newell, John Niday, Martin Nielsen, Robert Norton. Robert Oberlin, Kieth Otto, Robert Potterson, Carroll Peterson, Don Peterson, John Peterson, Jock Phinney, Frank Pilor, Robert Pinkerton, James Plihol, John Prien, Williom Putters. Joy Roile, William Rosdol, Verlin Rosmussen, Elve rn Rothke, Tom Recht, Bud Reese, Gory Renzelman, James Riley, Bill Robson, Donald Rohren, Rodger Rosenquist, Recter Rubeck, John Ruebel, Dick Russell, Robert Russell. Franklin Sazomo, Robert Schuetz, James Schumon, Keith Schwortz, Clayton Scott, Verl Scott, John Sebold, Victor Sedlocek, Danny Seibold, Howard Selling, Ceroid Severson, Jerry Shorpnack, Wilbur Sindt, David Sjogren, Robert Smith, William Smith, Curtis Sorenson, Don Sorenson, Thomos Soukup, James Sponn, Horlon Spaulding, Richard Spence, George Starr, Paul Stoddard, Don Strider, Rolland Struss, James Sullivon, Roy Svehlo, Francis Svobodo, Don Switzer. Donovon Todken, John Totom, Paul Thompson, Don Tolman, Bill Tomek, David Tunnicliff. Donald Venhaus, John Veylupek, Kenneth VonBorgen, Jerry Vrzol, Kenneth Walker, Richard Walker, Leonard Wallace, Jock Wat- kins, Carl Wellensiek, Poul Wellensiek, Richard Welsh, Dick Whitman, Marvin Wicker, Lowrence Wiedmeier, Roy Wiegert, Robert Wiest, Donny Wolkensdorfer, William Wolph, Lester Woodword, Morvin Wymon, James Yeisley, LyIe Young, Jay Ziegler, Darrell Zimmer. A Ping Pong Ganne is in Full Swing Relaxation from studies. Television Provides Entertainment for the Boys An educational pastime. Page 307 % Mini J- First row: Janice Andorjaska, Patrn Beckenhouer, Phyllis Becker, Julia Martha Boyer, Patricia Bradley, Bev row; Helen Cerny, Lois Charleston, ( a Boll, Norma Bollinger, JoAnne Bals, Donna iell, Cothryn Bethschncider, Jean Blickenstoft, riy Bricker, Laura Erode, Deloris Brown. Second □ rol Cockerill, Catherine Cohen, Donitta Cooks- ley, Phyllis Corliss, Carol Cornelius, Sondro Doley, Eunice Damkroger, Morjorie Danly, Marion Dciniger, Shirley DeVier, Shirley Diffey, Grace Dunn. Third row: Janice Emry, Betty Enghotf, Joonne Eppord, Morjorie Eriksen, Dorothy Evert, Jconine Frei, Nona Fritz, Delores Gade, Morion Gotes, Helen German, Rose Gingery, Mildred Goodman, Ruth Greer, Bonnie Gries. Fourth row: Jodie Grogan, Elaine Gruntorod, Maxine Hogemon, Wilmo Hahn, Gayle Harms, Joan Hawthorne, Donno Heier, Donna Heinz, Jan Heppcrly, Jeonette Hilyard, Chore Houdersheldt, Rose Hrouda, Georgio Huloc, Janet Hull. Fitth row: Arlito Ingwcrson, Delores Irwin, Dorothy Juilts, Phyllis Knerl, Margorct Konegni, Roma Kopecky, Phyllis Kort, Borbaro Kreutz, Joon icrueger, Alice Kruger, Sue Kyner, Wilmo Lorson, Virginia Laun, Helen Lee. Sixth row: Helen Lomax, Donno Moaske, Dionnc Manning, Jean Marsh, Mory McCarthy, Jean McClure, Jconne McDuftee, Elaine McLaughlin, Barboro Medlin, Morlenc Meyer, Hattie Miller! Joyce Miller, Carol Milroy, Muriel Motycka. Seventh row: Jeonette Mundhenke, Beverly Murray, Joan Nelson, Joy Nelson, Morjorie Nelson, Dorlcnc Novotny. Mary O ' Brien. Suson OIney, Vivian Owen, Nancy Polling, Morjorie Pope, Marilyn Paul, Donno Poyne. Marilyn Pedersen. Eighth row: Barbaro Peters, Elizabeth Peterson, Dorlene Podlesok. Jonet Rash, Margaret Roy, Alice Reese, Joan Reese, Shirley Reichstein, Janet Rhea, Jams Rhco, Marilyn Rice, Glorio Soults, Nylonno Scheidegger, Joyce Schobert. Ninth row: Marlene Schuiz, Cloudette Schuize, Marilyn Sieler, Morito Siepelmeier, Joanne Smith, Margoret Smith, Mildred Snyder. Tenth row: Donno Soltermoser, Carol Souser, Darlcne Spongier, Joon Spohn, Mory Stasch, Morilyn Stelling, Virginia Stryker Eleventh row: Shirley Sukstorf, Lillion Tews, Marilu Thomossin, Chorlenc Timmons, Patricio Tincher, Joon Turner, Joan Vcch, Lovono Wolzkc. Twelfth row: JoAnn Word, Bonnie Weddel, irmo Wendt, Founeil Wenke, Borboro West, Glodys Wittwcr, Morilyn Wright, Jonice Young. Women ' s Residence Halls When a Fella ' Takes a Girl Home After the date is over. Activities, entertainment and studies filled the schedules of the girls at the Women ' s Residence Halls. Particularly active in activities were the eleven Tassels; Marge Danly, Grace Dunn, Deiores Gade and Jan Hepperly, who worked on the Coed Counselor board; AWS member, Hattie Miller, and members of Student Coun- cil, Georgia Huloc and Deiores Gade. Deiores Irwin led the list as president of WAA and was a member of Mortar Board. Along the intramural sports line, the dorm won the championship in the volleyball tour- nament, and Betty Scoville was individual bowling champion. Dorm officers for the year were Marge Danly, president; Pat Peck, vice president; Pat Ball, secretary, and Sandra Daley, treas- urer. Relaxing to the Strains of the Radio Making good use of the lounge. Girls Enjoy a Snow Fight at the Dorm Winter has come. The Girls Stir Up Some Suds for Washing This is the day we wash our clothes. 1 61 1 a ' ' ' iM - - Vfi wH I H 1 1 Ih m HP I Carey Carlson Dili Fuhrman Johnson Mazuro McKinley Miner Ufterback Walker Washington Two of the Girls Chat while Ironing. A sharp pressing job. Kay Carlson President Betty Johnson Vice President Lia Mae McKinley .... Secretary Helen Su Treasurer An Early Morning Smile before Classes Then some heavy studying. International House Achieving a high degree of success in democratic cooperation were the girls in In- ternational House. Girls from many different countries enjoyed a busy year together. Many girls were outstanding in activities, organizations and honoraries. Cosmopolitan Club was of special interest in International House. Gertrude Corey was notifications chair- man of AWS board, secretary of BABW and a member of Pi Lambda Theta, education honorary. Marilyn Erwin was a member of Tassels, Home Economics club and Coed Counselors, while Kathleen Dill spent her extra-curricular hours as vice president of the Religious Welfare Council. Social events featured the Foreign Stu- dents party and receptions held during the year for visiting foreign students. Members Jeanette Burema, Appmgedam, Holland, Grad.; Gertrude Carey, Overton, ' 53; Kothryn Carlson, Fremont, ' 52; DeLoris Clouse, Fremont, ' 53; Con- stance Decker, Battle Creek, 53; Kothleen Dill, Alexandrio, ' 53; Ando Dimze, Vilavio, Latvia, Grad.; Marilyn Erwin, Craig, ' 54; Farida Fallati, Teheran, Iran, Grad.; Juanita Fells, Hebron, ' 53; Joyce Fuhrmon, Cort- land, ' 54; Mary Jane Hill, Scottsbluff, ' 54; Elizabeth Johnson, Oakland, ' 52; Elaine Kogawa, Kahului, Maui, T.H., ' 53; Thomasine Longware, Chi- cago, III., Grad.; Adelaide Mackey, Ansley, ' 54; Tatiana Mozuro, Detroit, Mich., Grod.; Jams McCow, Omaha, ' 54; Lia Mae McKinley, Omoha, ' 52; Lois Miner, Laurel, ' 54; Mayb elle Okawaki, Mitchell, ' 53; Tokuyo Seimiya, Tokyo, Japan, Grad.; Sobra Jo Smith, Gothenburg, ' 54; Helen Su, Kearney, Grad.; Helen Utterbock, Shenandoah, Iowa, ' 54; Tillie Walker, Elbowoods, N.D., ' 53; Elizabeth Wall, Savannah, Go., Grad.; Navejean Washington, St. Joseph, Mo., ' 52. The Girls Take Time to Read the Paper The stocking feet help concentration. Such Nice Weather Demands a Short Outing The car provides the transportation. Page 31 1 Dohlke Estes Flanogin Friedli Giltner Harmon Hilger Hines Lindgren Luebbers Maxwell Myers McNought Nelson Newhousc Oakley Oelnch Olsen Pendergost Potts Roberts Schuller Shromek Winch Wcttrock Terrace Hall Music seemed to predominate as several residents of Terrace Hall became members of University Singers. They were Mary Louise Estes, Eleanore Flanogin, Kathryn Newhouse and Irene Roberts. Eleanore and Irene were also members of the University Orchestra as was Rachel Kirkpatrick. Their activities were many, including AUF, Home Ec club, Ag Builders, Tassels, Newman club, WAA, Presby House board, YWCA, Red Cross and BABW. Social events were not neglected as the girls held a spring picnic, a date dinner and a party for the children of an orphanage. Art of Packing is Aptly Demonstrated Terrace anticipates vacation time. Free Afternoons Mean Bridge Foursomes Anyone feel up to a slam? ; .., ' » ' !F " «•- ; " 1 Brown Palace Co-op Honoraries took up most of the time at Brown Palace this year. Myron Sees and Robert Haight were members of Sigma Tau and Pi Tau Sigma honorary fraterni- ties. Ross Rash and Bill Kleinschmidt be- longed to Sigma Tau and Eta Kappa Nu. Robert Haight and James Holm were mem- bers of Pi Mu Epsilon. Lloyd Knapp be- longed to Alpha Kappa Psi. Their annual semi-formal dinner dance was held in April. A turkey dinner was given in November for the members. They gave a Christmas party for the state or- phanage. A party was given before Christ- mas for all the members. Walter Hosick presided as president. i J %. i The Boys Enjoy the Good Old American Gome Bridge for the Brown Palace men. Morning Mail Time Causes Daily Anticipation Maybe it ' s money from home! Haight, H. Hoighf, R. Kleinschmidt Knapp Montgomery Oldenburg Page 313 Cornhusker Co-op Cornhusker Co-op men were active in Sigma Tau, Engineering Exec board and Engineers ' Week. Others belonged to Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon and the Professional Engineers Society. In the spring was their annual dinner-dance. They also found time for football and the other intramurals. Presiding officers for the year were Jack Lliteras, president; Dale Flood, vice president; Kenneth VonBargen, secretary, and Don Nelson, treasurer. W mmimm Anderson Benn Carlson ForcM Morienou Noumann Burklund Coppell Heeckt Lamp Noilson Nelson Wright Back row: L. Owens, R. Beckenhouer, J. Ziegler, L. Demmel, D, Lukosiewicz, Fourth row: H. Single, W. Alstodt, H. Deines, J. Sazomo, D. Dangberg, J. Rosmusson. Third row: S. Nelson, W. Putters, D. Sjo- gren, J. Medlin, N. Loombo. Second row: W. Sprick, N. Kapur, R. Visek. J. Bisctiof, B. Appleby, D. Acklie. Front row: J. Marks, D. Nelson, Mrs. G. Read, J. Lliteras, D. Flood, K. Von Bargen, Cornhusker Co-op Men Anxiously Scan the Paper Keeping up on the news is a must. Wilson Hall Keeping up on the campus schol- astically, socially, and, in activities, provided a full year for the girls at Wilson Hall. Frances Anderson led the girls in activities. Frances was a Tassel, a member of BABW and a Coed Coun- selor. Gail Henkle worked in AUF. Secretary of Lutheran Students Asso- ciation was Mary Lou Solfermoser. Gail Henkle was a pledge to Mu Phi Epsilon, music honorary. Wilson Hall girls captured the title of duckpins champions. Socially, hour dances and the an- nual Christmas party provided enter- tainment. Page 314 Amikita Keeping busy was no problem for the girls in Amikita, the social organization for unaffiliated home economics majors. Activity-wise girls included the two Tassels, Jo Ann Mines and Averil Bierman, and Janet Ross, who worked on Ag Execu- tive board and Farmers ' Fair board. Honorable mention in the Homecoming float parade in the women ' s division was awarded to Amikita. The top social event, which was held in February, was the annual Amikita Sweet- heart ball. Much of the planning was un- der the direction of the officers, Janet Ross, Dorothy Jacobson, Julia Snyder and Janet Lynch. Andersen Harmon Hines Jocobsen Ross Sedlacek Snyder Steinouer Tagart Vance Wilkerson Young Adelphi Topping the Adelphi list of social functions were the Heart Sister cele- bration and the annual Spring dance. Other social highlights were the hour dances, hobby groups, instructive lec- tures and a hayrack ride. For officers they chose girls who were interested in helping them to maintain a happy medium between academic and social life and were able to hold additional positions. Eldean Breese Kechely was vice president of BABW; Ann Carlson belonged to Kappa Alpha Mu, photography honor- ary, and Charlotte Mason and Grace Hines were members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Kechely Krueger Jones, G. Jones, J. Jordan Lliteros Robb Strohm Woodward Page 315 Bobst Bundy Coffman Dierks Dinkel Evans Fellows Garrison Gowin Hansen, K. Honsen, R. Hoover Jenne Jiskra Johnson Krejcj Larson Lees Leising Leitschuck Motsushimc Nelson Payne Richards Riepe Rouse Shotkoski Shoultz Smidt Smith Stoke Utemark VonVleck Vogel Ag Union Lounge is Favorite Place to Relax Rex Coffman, president, and members meet. Rex Coffman President Nerval Utemark .... Vice President Ted Nelson Secretary Bill Bobst Treasurer Member Gets Snow Shower A refreshing incident. Ag Men ' s Club Working industriously on Ag campus this year were the members of Ag Men ' s club. While promoting social and athletic activities and striving for higher levels of scholarship, the Ag Men ' s club stimulates friendship among Ag students. President Rex Coffman led the group in activities as a member of Farmers ' Fair board, Ag Executive board. Block and Bridle, Red Guidon, military honorary and Rodeo club. Active in the Soil Conservation Society of America were Gerald Fellows, Clinton Hoover, William Payne, Dale VanVleck and Willis Vogel. Norval Utemark, Don Leising, Gordon Quick, Dwain Everett and Karl Hansen were members of Vocational Agriculture club. Tri-K and Ag Exec club also claimed some Ag Men ' s club members. Socially, the Christmas formal was tops. Actives Dole Bals, Loup City, ■52; James Barfosh, Dodge, ' 53; Don Behle, Valley, ' 52; William Bobst, Aurora, ' 52; Lester Burnham, Keorney, ' 52; Rex Coffmon, Stuart, ' 52; Harold Coleman, Beatrice, ' 53; Paul Deremiah, West Baden Spring, Ind., ' 53; James Dinkel, Omaha, ' 52; Lawrence Engler, Atkinson, ' 54; Gerald Fellows, Sorgent, ' 52; Wayne Foster, York, ' 52; Karl Hansen, Sargent, ' 53; Everett Jenne, Holmesville, ' 52; Bernard Johnson, Louisville, ' 53; Allan Krejci, Schuyler, ' 53; John Larson, Lyons, ' 52; Don Leising, Oxford, ' S3; Richard Leitschuck, Burchord, ' 54; Ted Nelson, Clay Center, ' 53; John Obermire, Stuart, ' 54; Carl Olson, Burwell, ' 53; Williom Payne, Ogallola, ' 53; Elton Perry, Malcolm, ' 53; Gordon Quick, York, ' 53; Dorwin Ransom, Stratton, ' 52; Boyd Rouse, Tekomoh, ' 53; Louie Rudemon, Clarks, ' 52; Williom Schneider, Lincoln, ' 52; Norval Utemark, Woketield, ' 52; Dale VonVleck, Cleorwater, ' 54; Willis Vogel, Seward, ' 52; Anthony Woolman, Omoho, ' 53; Chorles Woten, Shelton, ' 54; Christian Yamate, Kappa Kauai, T. H., ' 53; Howord Zeillinger, David City, ' 52. Pledges Dennie Boyer, Mullen, ' 55; Williom Bundy, Gretna, ' 54; Merton Dierks, Ewing, ' 54; Bert Evans, Bloomfield, ' 53; Duane Everett, Lincoln, ' 53; David Fitz, Lincoln, ' 53; Gene French, Mullen, ' 55; Edgar Garrison, Ookdole, ' 55 Milo Goskins, Ainsworth, ' 54; Richard Gleichenhaus, Greot Neck, N. Y., ' 54 Francis Gowin, Cnodron, ' 53; Richard Hansen, Sargent, ' 55; John Haye Lyons, ' 52; Clinton Hoover, Utico, ' 52; Gordon Hyde, Comstock, ' 54 Richard Jiskra, Swanton, ' 54; George Land, Loup City, ' 54; Donald Lees Morse Bluff, ' 54; Marvin Moore, Howells, ' 54; George Myers, Gibbon, ' 54 Ralph Olson, Burwell, ' 54; Roger Richards, Orleons, ' 54; Leon Riepe Arapahoe, ' 54; Arthur Shotkoski, Arcadia, ' 52; Billy Shoultz, Schuyler, Fred Smidt, Firth, ' 54; Jomes Smith, Omaha, ' 52; Marvin Stake, Burchord, ' 54; Robert Welch, Ashlond, ' 52. Coffee Drinking is Port of Dally Schedule Proof that college is not all work. Ag Men ' s Club Members Leave for Classes Time to learn about agriculture. Page 317 Ahlgrim Baker Bell Borcherding Brokhage, Donna Brokhage, Dorothy Brehm Brennemon Brown, J Brown, L. Calten Carr Dorenbach Eddy Elliott Follmer Frailey Goodding Green Hogelberger HeJser Herzog Hetherington Harbert Hyland Jackson Joyner Keim Larson Leacock Molstad Murphy Newbill Norris Ogden Osborn Porter Roesler Schlegel Schneider Sell Sharp Stolz Ticnco Trobert Waltz Watson Welch Yates Younf w f p fV iPv i : r f ( © a f) f M - Towne Club Candy Passing Causes Excitement All eyes ore centered on the ring. Shirley Borcherding . . President Shirley Watson . . Vice President Annebell Callen Secretary Jane Hetherington . . Treasurer mm Meeting Plans are Discussed by Officers President and vice president confer. Towne Club First place in the women ' s division of Homecoming parade went to Towne Club this year. Other activities and social functions kept these unaffiliated Lincoln girls busy. A fall hayrack ride, Christmas dinner and a spring Pearl party were only a few of them. New officers are revealed annually at a May Morning breakfast at which the girls ' mothers are guests. Jo Follmer was a member of Coed Coun- selor board, Junior Class Council and Gamma Alpha Chi. Lois Larson was secretary of the Farmers ' Fair board and was on the Home Ec council. Darlene Goodding was chosen the 1951 Hello Girl last fall. She was also on the Coed Counselor board. Joan Sharp was the presi- dent of Kappa Phi. Donna Murphy was on the Coed Counselor board. Members Dorothy Ahlgrim, ' 55; Georgia Baker, ' 55; Marlene Bell, ' 53; Elizabeth Blozier, ' 54; Shirley Borcherdiny, ' 52; Moy Boyd, ' 55; Donna Brakhage, ' 54; Dorothy Brakhage, ' 55; Corolee Brehm, ' 55; Joon Brennemon, ' 54; Jessica Brown, ' 53; Lorene Brown, ' 52; Phyllis Brown, ' 55; Annebell Callen, ' 52; Mary Lou Carr, ' 52; Kafhryn Crawford, ' 55; Barbara Daniel, ' 55; Mary Dorenbach, ' 52; Elaine Eddy, ' 55; Lois Eddy, ' 53; Jo Elliott, ' 53; Joan Follmer, ' 53; lilene Froiiey, ' 55; Darlene Goodding, ' 54; Ruth Green, ' 55; Henrietta Hagelberger, ' 52; Jean Herbert, Frankfort, Kans., ' 52; Dorothy Harper, ' 52; Elinor Heiser, ' 55; Patricia Herzog, ' 53; Jane Hetherington, ' 54; Donna Hyland, ' 52; Beverly Jockson, ' 54; Joan Joyner, ' 55; Natalie Kott, ' 55; Phyllis Keim, ' 54; Shoron Kreuch, ' 55; Lois Larson, ' 52; Fronces Lea- cock, ' 55; Pot Leikom, ' 55; Phyllis Lickei, ' 52; Marlene Meinke, ' 55; Carole Molstod, ' 55; Marilyn Mook, ' 52; Donna Murphy, ' 52; Lilo Newbill, ' 52; Morylyn Newbill, ' 54; Beverly Norris, ' 55; Anno Morie Obermeyer, ' 55; Marlene Ogden, ' 54; Nadine Osborn, ' 55; Patsy Porter, ' 55; Trudy Roesler, ' 52; Mory Anne Schlegel, ' 55; Edna Schneider, ' 53; Gloria Sell, ' 54; Normo Setzkorn, ' 54; Joan Sharp, ' 52; Winifred Stolz, ' 55; Bonnie Tianco, ' 53; Betty Topliff, ' 54; Jonis Trobert, ' 54; Mory Waltz, ' 55; Shirley Watson, ' 53; Kathy Welch, ' 55; Dorothy Yates, ' 54; Ina Yount, ' 54. Towne Club Members Collect Coffee or Milk The line forms to the rear. The Girls Gather ' Round for After-Dinner Songs Talent pooled for mellow harmony. Page 319 Back row: H. Lehman, J, Bong, G. McCue, R. Krogh, D. Pullen, P. Kugler, P. Lehman. Third row: L. Wolfe, W. Jackson, O. Weyers, G. Bjorklun, J. Babcock, R. Murhpy, R. Smith. Second row: H. Glanzer, B, Lingo, J. Busscll, D. Dutcher, R. Ridgwoy, M. Littleton, W. Lingo. Front row: K. Kloasmeyer, K. Rystrom, W. Beery, D. Hanson, Mrs. J. Jacobs, W. Irby, H. Hesseltine, A. Peters. H. loneer nouse Striving high in scholarship and athletics, but still finding time for social life kept the Pioneer House busy this year. Varied honoraries were represented in business administration, education, engineering and journalism. Ken Rystrom spent much of his time as news editor of the Ihiilv f- hraskan. Honorable mention in the Home- coming parade, hour dances, the an- nual Spring picnic and March formal banquet rounded out the year. One of the Boys Distributes Loundry to the Rooms Cooperation is a Pioneer House Policy. Pioneer House Men Construct a Model Airplane The engine presents o problem. Achen Anderson Athey Bornell Casey Cook Coonoy cngelkemic Erici son Fiola Godfel Gratf Gregersen Ham Hargleroad Hecht Hrabik Kelso Kieckhafer Kinnier Kuehl Muller Murdoch Musgrove Oliver Peters Reinke Rippe Smiley Spilker Sfiffler Tefft Visek Wahlstron West Westcott ££ £22 ££s Love Memorial Hall Rating commendation in activities this year were the Love Hall girls. Leading the list were two Mortar Boards, Eleanor Erick- son and Joan Engelkemier. Attending the 1951 May Queen were Mary Frances John- son, Alice Anderson and Joan Skucius. First place in Coll-Agri-Fun night skits, under the direction of President Mildred Athey, was awarded to Love Hall. Three Home Ec club officers, two active Ag YWCA members and two busy Tassels completed the activity list. Social events included a Valentine tea and the annual Spring formal. The Girls Clean Up the Dining Room Applied practice for homemaking courses. The Sign-Out Line at Memorial Hall is Crowded Looks like a busy week-end for coeds. Loomis Hall Activity participation was high in Loomis Hall this year. Girls were busy in Home Ec Club, University 4-H, Cornhusker Countryman staff, Ag YWCA and Ag Builders. Some of the outstanding girls were Artie Westcott, member of the YWCA cabinet, Ag Builders board and Phi Upsilon Omicron; Delores Estermann, also YWCA cabinet and Phi Upsilon Omicron; Phyllis Zeilinger, Home Ec club council and program chairman for University 4-H; Barbara Hudson, secretary-treasurer of Ag Country Dancers, and Shirley Eckerson, member of the YWCA cabinet. Anderson Cook Eckenson Estermann Grobbe Lauritzen Lowritson Ode Steavenson Westcott Winlkle Zeilinger Loomis Hall Girls Enjoy a Room Cleaning Session Creating a conducive study atmosphere. Setting the Table for Special Dinner Occasion Attractive decorations add to the effect. Page 322 Chuckling over the Funny Papers on Sunday Complete relaxation is evident. Decorating the Christmas Tree is Always Fun Careful of the fragile ornaments. Informals Boys Congregate in Dorm Room for Campus News Essential for a well-rounded college life. Residence Halls Sign-Out Line is Always Crowded AWS requirement for all the coeds. Page 323 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA PHI ALPHA XI DELTA CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA GAMMA PHI BETA KAPPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA PI BETA PHI SIGMA DELTA TAU SIGMA KAPPA ACACIA ALPHA GAMMA RHO ALPHA TAU OMEGA BETA SIGMA PS! BETA THETA PI DELTA CHI DELTA SIGMA PHI DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA UPSILON FARMHOUSE KAPPA SIGMA PHI DELTA THETA PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI KAPPA PSl PI KAPPA PHI SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA CHI SIGMA NU SIGMA PHI EPSILON TAU KAPPA EPSILON THETA CHI THETA XI ZETA BETA TAU r ' . ; . {l££gg. . 3 CV Allen Angell Bool Bennington Borgaord Donr Borgaord, D xie Broody Button Conoday Cherny Chicoine Clark Clover Cook Coryell Critchfield Crowe Dovis Farroll Flaherty Folmer Frifchie Gerhort Hoerer Hanson Hegstrom Holmes Jackson Johnson, C. Johnson, M Johnson, J. K rouse Kunc Loflin Larson LaShelle Loudon McCullough McKie Mann, B. Monn, V. Morble Morquesen Miller McElwoin Moodie Mulvoney Nellis Nelson Owen Pedersen Robe Rode ker Ro sh Rer nington Reynolds Robertson Robinson Schepmon Stehly Strons ky Too ley Tri nb e Tur ner Vie k Vogcltonz Whitmore ZImmcrmon Founded at De Pauw University, 1885 Established at University of Nebraska, 1907 Xi Chapter Seventy-six Chapters Scarlet and Olive Green Page 326 Actives Nancy Beol, Lincoln, ' 54; Nancy Button, Ogollalo, ' 52; Jean Coha, Wahoo, ' 52; Carol Cherny, North Bend, ' 52; Connie Clark, St. Edward, ' 54; Harriet Cook, Grond Island, ' 54; Snooky Coryell, Lincoln, ' 54; Barbara Crowe, Lincoln, ' 54; Mary Lou Flaherty, Lincoln, ' 53; Donna Folmer, Lincoln, ' 54; Mary Ellen Gerhort, Newman Grove, ' 54; Frances Hanson, Lincoln, ' 52; Jean Holmes, Albion, ' 53; Jone Jackbon, Omaho, ' 53; Peggy Jensen, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 54; Joyce Johnson, Lincoln, ' 54; Beverly Kunc, Wilbcr, ' 54; Patricia Lofhn, Lincoln, ' 52; Marilyn Larson, Dakota City, ' 54; Joanne LaShelle, Omaha, ' 52; Jean Loudon, Lincoln, ' 53; Beverly Mann, Lincoln, ' 53; Peggy Marble, Omaha, ' 52; Barbaro McElwain, Sloan, Iowa, ' 52; Marilyn McKie, Red Oak, Iowa, ' 52; Elizabeth Moodic, West Point, ' 52; Margoret Mulvoney, Lincoln, ' 52; Barbara Nelson, Oakland, ' 53; JoRetta Owen, Abilene, Texas, ' 52; Marilyn Pedcrson, Lincoln, ' 54; Kathryn Rodaker, Wisner, ' 53; Claire Raish, Omaha, ' 53; Nancy Remington, Lincoln, ' 54; Frances Robinson, Lincoln, ' 52; Carol Schepmon, Tecumsch, ' 52; Alice Stehly, Elgin, ' 53; Morcio Stronsky, Mitchell, S. D., ' 54; Borbara Tootey, Central City, ' 54; Margaret Trimble, Lincoln, ' 52; Jeonno Vierk, Lincoln, ' 53; Mary Whitmore, Lincoln, ' 54; Mary Ann Zimmerman, Lincoln, ' 54. Pledges Borbara Allen, Valley, ' 55; RWa Angell, Seward, ' 55; Joyce Bennington, Chappell, ' 55; Dixie Borgaord, Lincoln, ' 55; Donna Borgaord, Lincoln, ' 55; Karen Broody, Lincoln, ' 55; Joan Chicoine, Valentine. ' 54; Sherry Ann Clover, Grand Island, ' 55; Cora Lee Critchfield, Tecumsch, ' 54; Beverly Dovis, Lincoln, ' 55; Lionne Farroll, Grand Island, ' 55; Barbara Fritchic, Chicago, III., ' 53; Carol Hoerer, North Platte, ' 54; Nancy Lee Hegstrom, Waverly, ' 55; Charlenc Johnson, Ralston, ' 54; Marlys Johnson, Newman Grove, ' 55; Donno Lee Krouse, Omaha, ' 55; Virginia Mann, Lincoln, ' 55; Mitzi Morquesen, Mitchell, S. D., ' 55; Morlene McCullough, Centrol City, ' 55; Jayne Miller, York, ' 55; Potncio Nellis, Lincoln, ' 55; Morilyn Rabe, Omaha, ' 53; Marilyn Reynolds, Cozed, ' 54; Virginia Robertson, Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 54; Lynn Turner, Lincoln, ' 55; Rosellen Vogeltonz, Volentine, ' 54. Elizabeth Moodie . Frances Robinson Nancy Button . . Mary Ellen Gerhart . . President Vice President . Secretary . . Treasurer Alpha Chi ' s won Ivy Day Sing two Mortar Boards; Others worked to gain prominent board positions Alpha Chi ' s Gaily Get Ready for Santa Claus Getting in the holiday mood. Putting on the Traditional Wedding Rush Party All smiles for all important rushees. Alpha Chi ' s took pride in winning many Ivy Day honors. First place was awarded to their chorus in the sorority sing contest, and Nancy Button, AWS president, and Peggy Mulvaney, Coed Counselors vice president, were masked Mortar Board. Pre- sented in the court were Barbara Crowe, freshman page, and Jean Holmes, sophomore attendant. Th Alpha Chi float took second place in the College Days parade. Working as a Student Council representative, Mary Lou Flaherty was also busy with her duties as managing editor of the CORNHUSKER and as a Builders board member. Other all-around girls sharing prominent board positions were Jean Loudon, Joyce Johnson, Jeanne Vierk, Kathryn Radaker and Jean Holmes. Scholarship was not neglected at the Alpha Chi house as Eleanor Bancroft was a Phi Beta Kappa, and Connie Clark and Mary Ann Zimmer- man were pledged to Alpha Lambda Delta. Mem- bers of Pi Lambda Theta were Elizabeth Moodie, president, and Margaret Trimble. Their social functions included a Christmas party for the children of the alumnae and the annual Carnation Ball held in January. Toooti ■un Li Cathleen Cox President Kathryn Swingle . Vice President Robin Rouch Secretary Nancy Davis Treasurer AOPi DeBord chosen for Student and Class Councils; Kokjer elected president of the modern dance group Stuffings, Sandwiches Lend to Industrious Air ' Twas the night before Homecoming. Girls Hold Coke Hour for Dotes at AOPi House On a Saturday Afternoon. AOPi ' s claimed one of the six 1951 outstanding seniors in the School of Music — Virginia Nordstrom. Janet Kokjer shared fine arts honors as president of Orchesis. Active in University Theater produc- tions was Dianne Downing. Several honoraries were represented at the AOPi house; Marilyn Lafler and Chloe Colder were members of Delta Phi Delta, and Kathy Swingle belonged to Phi Sigma Iota. Mary Mulligan was o member of Alpha Lambda Delta, while Dianne Downing held the historian position in the freshman honorary sorority. Nanci DeBord topped the AOPi activity list as a member of Student Council and Junior Class Council. She also served as secretary of Coed Counselors. Not to be forgotten were campus queens. Joan Pflug was chosen Theta Xi Dream Girl; Bev Deal became attendant to the Junior-Senior Prom Queen, and Marilyn Mueller was a CORNHUSKER Beauty Queen finalist. Heading the list of AOPi social functions were their annual dote dinner and the dinner for sons and brothers of Alpha Omicron Pi actives and alumnae. 1 S2££§ H E ' Andersor Davis Gourlay Melin Nelson, E. Rouch Stratton Anderson, Deal Jackson Miller, E. Nelson, F. Rees Swingle Barton Downing Bohner DeBord Kennedy Mohler Rhodes Tracy Nelson, M. Rooney Vanderhook Browne Fuelberth Kokjer Mueller Neuenswander Pepler Quigley Sanders Wogner Wolston Bryson Garrett Lawson Mulligon Pflug Schuster Whitmor Gibson Ludi Choce Gillett, C. McDonald Nedrow Roopke Srb Workman Cox Gillett, D. Mead Neff Randolph Stephenson Yeiter Actives Lucille Anderson, Lincoir Pilger, ' 52; Corrine Clorc Deal, Omaha ' 52 Nanci ' 54; Doris Gillett, Lincoli Wohoo, ' 53; Anita Low ' 52; Janet Bohner, Lincoln, ' 52; Chloe Ann Colder, Wayne, ' 52; Joon Chace, , Lincoln, ' 54; Cothieen Cox, Arapahoe, ' 52; Nancy Davis, Omaha, ' 52; Beverly DeBord Omoho, ' 53; Diane Downing, Superior, ' 53; Ruth Ann Gibson, Lincoln, I, ' 52; Gretchen Hem, Alliance, ' 53; Polly Kennedy, Bortlett, ' 52; Jonet Kokjer, son, Mocedonia, Iowa, ' 53; Marilyn McDonald, Lincoln, ' 53; Elizobeth Miller, Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 54; Mary Ann Mulligon, David City, ' 54; Bicky Lou Nedrow, Hartington, ' 54; Shoron Neff, Bridgeport, ' 54; Mary Ann Nelson, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Sue Neuenswander, Lincoln, ' 53; Joan Pflug, Norfolk, ' 54; Dorothy Roopke, Omoho, ' 52; Robin Rauch, Holdrege, ' 52; Mary Jane Rooney, Greeley, ' 52; Nancy Sanders, Oakland, ' 54; Martha Schuster, Hastings, ' 54; Beverly Smith, North Plotte, ' 53; Gwen Srb, Omoho, ' 53; Dorlene Stephenson, Omaha, ' 53; Pollyonna Stratton, Holdrege, ' 54; Kathryn Swingle, Lincoln, ' 52; Janice Wagner, Lincoln, ' 53; Myrno Wolston, Allionce, ' 54; Nancy Whitmore, Mitchell, ' 54; Margaret Winchester, Lincoln, ' 54. Pledges Cory Anderson, Ord, ' 53; Kay Barton, Grand Islond, ' 55; Beverly Browne, Omaha, ' 55; Joan Bryson, Omaha, ' 55; Mary Fuelberth, Hartington, ' 55; Delores Garrett, Minden, ' 55; Carol Gillett, Lincoln, ' 55; Madeline Gourloy, Lincoln, ' 55; Jeon Jackson, Wohoo, ' 53; Mory Ludi, Wohoo, ' 55; Shirley Mead, Gothenburg, ' 55; Borboro Melin, Oakland, ' 55; Shirley Miller, Norfolk, ' 54; JoAnn Mohler, Lincoln, ' 54; Marilyn Mueller, Lincoln, ' 55; Shirley Nosh, Blair, ' 55; Evelyn Nelson, Scottsbluff, ' 55; Foye Nelson, Red Cloud, ' 55; Lou Nelson, Lincoln, ' 55; Betty Pepler, Bayard, ' 55; Pot Ptak, Tyndoll, S. D., ' 55; Mary Quigley, Omoho, ' 53; Ruth Randolph, Lincoln, ' 55; Morlene Rees, Waverly, ' 55; Barbara Rhodes, Omaha, ' 55; Beverly Tracy, Lincoln, ' 54; Joan Vanderhook, Pickrell, ' 55; Ann Workmen, Lincoln, ' 55; Kay Yeiter, Cozad, ' 55. Founded at CoiunnbiQ University, 1897 Established at University of Nebroska, ]903 Zeta Chapter Sixty Chapters Red Page 329 12 M i ; k IB LM 1 M I1 Alden Aldrich Allen Bailey Beck Biba Blackburn Bohrer Brewster Burford Bush Busher Cadwalloder Chamberlin Chambers Chrisfoffel Cood Cook Coupe Coy Due Dunn Elliott Fornsworth Gadd Gilligan Goding Griffiths Hagarity Hays Heebner Helmstrodter Hershbergcr Hinds, J. Hinds, R. Ireland Joco Johnson Jones Krievs Kuns Longhus Lodingharr) Lothrop Lundt McCormick Moder Mellen Miller Mohr Neville Ogden Peck Randsdell Reese Re nhard Sidner Spei Stoll Walloce Weir Wells Wilhelm Willcy Founded at Syrocuse University, 1872 Established at University of Nebrosko, 1906 Nu Cinapter Fifty-two Chapters Silver and Bordeaux Actives Beth Alden, Kimball, ' 53; Beverly Aldrich, Oshkosh, ' 52; Barbaro Allen, Tekomah, ' 52; Janet Bailey, Omaha, ' 54; Borbara Biba, Geneva, ' 54; Joan Burford, On ' aha, ' 53; Joon Busher, Son Francisco, Colif., ' 54; Elaine Codwollader, Lincoln, ' 54; Kay Christoffel, Omaha, ' 53; Katie Cood, North Platte, ' 52; Sharon Cook, Lexington, ' 54; Marilyn Coupe, Nebraska City, ' 52; Shirley Coy, Waterloo, ' 53; Betty Due ' , Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 54; Barbaro Dunn, Omaha, ' 54; Dorothy Elliott, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Ann Gilltgon, Lincoln, ' 54; Jacqueline Griffiths, Beotrice, ' 53; Joyce Hays, Lincoln, ' 54; Patricio Heebner, Nebraska City, ' 52; Vernito Helmstodter, Omoha, ' 54; Barbara Hershberger, Seward, ' 53; Jo Ann Hinds, David City, ' 52; Ruth Ann Hinds, El Reno, Oklohomo, ' 52; Marcia Ireland, Modison, S. D., ' 53; Shirley Ledingham, Mitchell, ' 54; Norma Lothrop, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 53; Borboro McCormick, Omoho, ' 54; Jo Mellen, Omoho, ' 52; Lois Miller, Chadron, ' 54; Janelle Mohr, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Margaret Neville, Foirbury, ' 52; Morilyn Ogden, Omoho, ' 53; Jo Ann Peck, Columbus, ' 53; Shirley Ransdell, Lexington, ' 52; Mory Reinhord, Lincoln, ' 52; Mary Sidner, Lincoln, ' 52; Suzanne Stoll, Fronklin, Ind., ' 53; Mary Jane Weir, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 54; Miriam Willey, Winnetko, III,, ' 52, Pledges Borbora Beck, Omoho, ' 55; Barbara Blackburn, Lincoln, ' 55; Denise Bohrer, Centerville, Iowa, ' 54; Morilyn Brewster, Holdrege, ' 55; Beverley Bush, McCook, ' 54; Nancy Chamberlin, Lincoln, ' 55; Mory Ann Chambers, Lincoln, ' 53; Nancy Fornsworth, Lincoln, ' 53; Sandra Gadd, Lincoln, ' 55; Rita Al Goding, Alliance, ' 55; Karen Hagarity, Beotrice, ' 55; Janice Joco, Hostings, ' 55; Cynthia Johnson, Lincoln, ' 55; Borboro Jones, Hastings, ' 55; Vivita Knevs, Lincoln, ' 53; Marianne Kuns, Kimball, ' 55; Shirley Longhus, Lincoln, ' 55; Mory Sue Lundt, Omaha, ' 55; Marlyce Moder, Omoho, ' 55; Marilyn Reese, Nebrosko City, ' 55; Sylvia Speir, Foirbury, ' 55; Jo Wolloce, Greeley, Colo,, ' 55; Peggy Wells, Greeley, Colo., ' 55; Ardell Wilhelm, Nebraska City, ' 55. Page 330 Shirley Ransdell President Marilyn Coupe . . . Vice President Margaret Neville .... Secretary Beth Alden Treasurer Elsie Ford Piper Achievement cup awarded to Phi ' s; Tassel Hershberger crowned ' 52 Homecoming Queen News from Home is not Always the First Read Popularity poll via the postman. Phi ' s Inspect Newly Won Elsie Ford Piper Cup For sorority improvement — reward. The Alpha Phi ' s worked together to win the Elsie Ford Piper achievement cup for the most improved sorority. A well-rounded activity, scholas- tic and social program helped them win the award. Mortar Board Marilyn Coupe was president of Builders. Miriam Willey, YWCA vice president, was the other Phi masked Mortar Board on Ivy Day. The members ' singing gave them third place in the Ivy Day sing. The Phi ' s claimed one of the top campus titles. Pep Queen, Barbara Hershberger. Sophomore Tassel member was Norma Lothrop. Shirley Coy served on the Builders board as membership chairman. In campus honoraries were Jo Mellen, Alpha Epsilon Rhi; Jo Peck, Phi Chi Theta, and Shirley Ransdell ond Miriam Willey, Pi Lambda Theta. The Phis entertained their dates at chapter house by giving a spring lawn party. Their social calendar was topped by the annual formal dinner dance. Phi Beta Kappa Mary Sidner was publicity chairman for the theater. She also had a supporting role in the University Theater ' s production of Idiot ' s Delight. _ Alice Frampton President Virginia Magdanz . . Vice President Barbara Mann Secretary Ruth Taylor Treasurer Alpha Xi ' s took honors in Homecoming decorations; Mortar Board Wade active in Tassels and Builders Enjoying a Few Laughs Along with Studying Homework does have a funny side. Alpha Xi ' s Perform the Nightly Beauty Ritual Soap and water does the trick. Homecoming again meant achievement for the Alpha Xi Delta ' s this year. Their wheel-of-fortune display took first place honors among the women ' s organizations. Jayne Wade, masked Mortar Board on Ivy Day, was vice president of Builders and secretary of Tassels. Pih Beta Kappa Barbara Mann brought scholastic honors to the Alpha Xi house. Members of Pi Lambda Theta honorary included Marilyn Sherwood, Mary Ann Kellogg and Ruth Hoffmeister, who was also chairman of Hospitality Days on Ag campus. Delores Lovegrove, YWCA president, was a junior Ivy Day attendant. Junior Mary Ann Kellogg worked on AUF and College Days boards. She was also treasurer of Tassels. Others in activities were Louise Kennedy, Stitdrnt Directory editor; Alice Frampton, WAA vice president; Shirley Stehlik, Scarlet and Cream editor, and Janet Beochler, Block and Bridle member. The year ' s social schedule included the annual Rose formal held in April, a Dad ' s Day dinner, a Mother ' s Day luncheon. State Day dinner, pledge party and a Christmas party for children of Alpha Xi Delta alumnae. Anderson Baskin Beachler Beufel Bishop Brown Cherny Chubbuck Craig Daily DeLamatre Frampton Gates Gould Graver Grosshons Hall Hedrick Hobbs Hoffmeister Huddleston Jensen Johnson, G. Johnson, J. Kellogg Kennedy Kokrda Krotter Laase Larson Lieber Lovegrove Low McDuffee McCall Magdanz Mann Maser Mecke Mickelson Miller Moron Pearson Picard Post Reckewey Reed Schneider Sehnert, C. Sehnerf, J. Sehnert, M, Sherwood Spencer Sprodley Stehlik Stransky Toylor Vickers Wade Woinscott Wetzel Williams Wright Actives Lois Anderson, Lincoln, ' 54; Morybelle Baskin, Stopleton, ' 53; Jonet Beachler, Chicago, III., ' 53 Delaine Bishop, Osceola, Iowa, ' 52; Gertrude Cherny, North Bend, ' 53; Phyllis Chubbuck, Lincoln, ' 54; Mary Ann Doily, Loup City, ' 52; Margery De LoMotre, Omaha, ' 54; Alice Frampton, Lincoln, ' 52; Ruth Ann Gates, Ploinview, ' 54; Gwendolyn Grosshons, Auroro, ' 53; Betty Hall, ' 53; Margie Lu Hedrick, Lincoln, ' 53; Ruth Hoffmeister, Impend, ' 52; Sue Huddleston, Omaha, ' 54; Gladys Johnson, Omoha, ' 54; Mary Ann Kellogg, Lincoln, ' 53; Louise Kennedy, Ainsworth, ' 52; Elizabeth Lieber, Papillion, ' 53; Delores Lovegrove, Geneva, ' 52; Dorothy Low, Beatrice, ' 54; Virginio Magdanz, Grond Island, ' 52; Barbara Mann, Lincoln, ' 52; Audrey McColl, Red Cloud, ' 54; Marlene Mecke, Ogollola, ' 53; Jo Ann Mickelson, Lincoln, ' 53; Mortho Picard, Geneva, ' 54; Beverly Reckewoy, Lincoln, ' 54; Sharon Reed, Lincoln, ' 54; Joyce Schneider, York, ' 54; Judith Sehnert, Ploinview, ' 53; Marilyn Sehnert, Holdrege, ' 54; Marilyn Sherwood, Rondolph, ' 53; Anita Spradley, Tecumseh, ' 52; Shirley Stehlik, Wilber, ' 54; Mary Lou Stransky, Lincoln, ' 54; Ruth Toylor, Guide Rock, ' 52; Imogene Vickers, Hemmingford, ' 53; Joyne Wade, Tekomah, ' 52; Patricia Woinscott, Lincoln, ' 53; Betty Dee Weaver, Oconto, ' 53; Donno Wetzel, Lincoln, ' 54; Betty Willioms, Lincoln, ' 53. Pledges Beatrice Beutel, Lincoln, ' 55; Amy Brown, Norfolk, ' 55, Margoreto Craig, Clarindo, lowo, ' 54; Priscillo Gould, Pierce, ' 55; Lorene Graver, Ainsworth, ' 54; Joyce Hobbs, Lincoln, ' 55; Mo rilyn Jensen, Sutherland, Iowa, ' 55; Jo Ann Johnson, St. Paul, Minn., ' 55; Barbara Kokrda, Ploinview, ' 55; Janet Krotter, Palisade, ' 55; Joyce Loose, Lincoln, ' 55; Evelyn Lorson, Dokoto City, ' 55; Florence Maser, Lincoln, ' 55; Marie McDuffee, Norfolk, ' 54; Patricio Moron, Randolph, ' 55; Glendo Pearson, Red Cloud, ' 55; Marilyn Post, Omaho, ' 55; Constance Sehnert, Kearney, ' 55, Leone Spencer, Lincoln, ' 55; Carol Ann Wright, Jefferson, Iowa, ' 55. Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Established ot University of Nebraska, 1912 Rho Chapter Sixty-seven Chapters Gold and Double Blue Page 333 %99 Akeson Bamesberger Bartunek Becker Brown Buck Burkhar Castner Corenman Corrick Davis Dubas Else Feaster Firestone Fowler Gierhan Clock Horden Hortmon Hasson Hayes Hemphill Hopp Hoyt Johnson, L. Johnson, S. Kelley Kissler Kjeison Knapp Lcmmers Larson Logie McCullough Middleton Millen, C. Millen, E. Mille , E. Miller, S. Moore Moron, M. Mo ran. Y. Mor rison Niehous Nordgren Norsworthy Ochsner Orchard Pasek Patterson Pflug Pin kerton Preusse Quinn, D. Quinn. J. Raun Rhoades Rohw er Savoge Schcrman Scholz Sieck Siev ers Swonson Wiltse Foundeci at University of Arkonsos, 1895 Estoblished at University of Nebrosko, 1903 Koppo Chapter One Hundred Twelve Chapters Cardinal ond Stravi Page 334 Actives Barbara Akeson, Chapel), ' 54; Rosemary Amos, Kansas City, Kans,, ' 53; Marilyn Bamesburgor, Hampton, ' 53; Margaret Bartunek, Lincoln, ' 54; Mary Ann Buck, Wayne, ' 52; Rose Mary Castner, Ashland, ' 54 Janice Corrick, Lincoln, ' 53; Diane Feaster, Omaha, ' 54; Phyllis Firestone, Omaha, ' 52; Jean Fowler Omaho, ' 52; Carolyn Gierhan, Lexington, ' 54; Janet Clock, Rising City, ' 53; Luro Ann Harden, Lincoln ' 54; Mary Hortmon, Omaha, ' 53; Patricio Hosson, Fremont, ' 52; Barbara Hemphill, Tekomah, ' 54; Joan Hoyt, McCook, ' 52; Lola Johnson, Mullen, ' 52, Sally Johnson, Stanton, ' 54; Barbara Kisslcr, Lincoln, Solly K|e!son, Stromsberg, ' 53; Elizabeth Logie, St. Paul, ' 53; Ellen Mohood, Nehgh, ' 52; Mary Middleton Gothenburg, ' 53; Shirley Miller, Papillton, ' 52; Marjoric Moron, Lincoln, ' 54; Hester Morrison, Beatrice, ' 53 Mary Jean Niehaus, Holdrege, ' 54; Dorothy Nordgren, Waterloo, ' 52; Mary Ann Norsworthy, Gothenburg ' 52; Mory Ann Posek, Beatrice, ' 54; Carol Patterson, Lincoln, ' 54; Cecelia Pinkcrton, Beatrice, ' 53 Monlyn Preusse, Lincoln, ' 53; Joon Raun, Minden, ' 52; Elizabeth Rohwer, Fort Calhoun, ' 54; Joon Savoge Omaha, ' 53; Poulo Jean Scharmon, Stromsberg, ' 54; Sally Sieck, Lincoln, ' 54; Betty Swonson, Wousa, ' 54 Pledges Moxinc Becker, Auburn, ' 55; Sheila Brown, Lincoln, ' 54; tdonno Burkhordt, Foirbury, ' 53; Marilyn Corenman, Omaha, ' 55; Yolondo Davis, North Platte, ' 54; Adeline Dubas, Ord, ' 55; Carol Else, Foirbury, ' 53; Marilyn Hayes, Lincoln, ' 55; Delores Hopp, Hostings, ' 54; Kathleen Kelly, Foirbury, ' 55; Jo Ann Knopp, Lincoln, ' 55; Ann Lammers, Lexington, ' 53; Lois Joon Larson, Kimball, ' 55; Mary Jane McCullough, Brady, ' 54; Clorice Millen, Albion, ' 53; Elaine Millen, Albion, ' 55; Morgoret Ann Moore, Lincoln, ' 55; Yvonne Moron, Scottsbluff, ' 55; Shirley Ochsner, Sutton, ' 55; Dorothy Orchard, Omaha, ' 55; Suzanne Pflug, Norfolk, ' 54; Dorothy Quinn, Gothenburg, ' 55; Janet Quinn, Gothenburg, ' 55; Pomelo Rhoodes, Bloir, ' 55; Sylvia Jeanne Scholz, Chodron, ' 54; Corol Sievers, Fort Calhoun, ' 55; Barbara Wiltse, Falls City, ' 55. Jean Fowler . . Joan Raun Elizabeth Logie Phyllis Firestone . . President Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer Gold Key, honoraries were pride of Chi Omega ' s; M, B» Raun claimed Farmer ' s Formal Queen title The News of the Day is Posted for Reading A word from the wise old owl. Chi O ' s Gather around Piano for Songfest All ' s well — except for the pianist. Farmers ' Formal Queen, Mortar Board, Home Ed club president, and Ag Exec board were the activities and honors claimed by Chi O ' s versatile senior, Joan Raun. All-around activity girls were Marilyn Bames- berger, secretary of AWS and Home Ec club council member; Hester Morrison, NUCWA, YWCA cabinet and AWS board member; Cecelia Pinkerton, Build- ers board and Tassel member; Mary Jean Niehaus, co-historian of Home Ec club council and YWCA cabinet member; Lura Ann Harden, Home Ec club council and Tassels member; Rosemary Amos, WAA board member, and Beth Rohwer and Barbara Hemphill, CORNHUSKER sectionheads. Chi O ' s worked together to win honors by placing second in the organized women ' s scholastic ratings. High ranking Ag senior, Mary Ann Buck, was initiated into Omicron Nu, while Marjorie Moron, also winner of the journalism Gold Key and Lura Ann Harden earned Alpha Lambda Delta laurels. Three girls were represented in music hon- oraries. Again this year the Mothers ' club prepared the meal for the date dinner held in March. Their social calendar was topped with the spring formal in April. Jeanne Stockstill .... President Marilyn Clark . . . Vice President Diane Hinman Secretary Kathy Agnew Treasurer Tri Deltas well represented in University honoraries; Sharon Fritzler presided as Mortar Board president Actives Spend Long Work Hours on Homecoming Bird ' s eye preview of Delta display. Tri Delt ' s Corral Dotes for the Western Party Yippee-ti-yi-yo — college style. Mortar Board President Sharon Fritzler was the leader among Tri Delt activity workers. Sharon was a senior member of the AWS board and received one of the Outstanding Nebraskon awards. Mary Kay Tolliver and Nancy Dark, both members of Alpha Epsilon Rho, radio honorary, helped with radio productions, while Mary Kay led the Tri Delt ' s to one of the three Honorary Producer awards by selling season tickets to University Theater productions. Tina Woster, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Shirley Schonberg devoted their time to Tassels, and Marilyn Clark worked with the AWS board. Tina and Shirley also belonged to Red Cross board and YWCA cabinet respectively. Active in Union projects were Peggy Wood and Kothy McMullen. Six Tri Delt ' s were chosen for Orchesis. Janice Fullerton, recipient of the Tri Delt plaque for outstanding senior, represented them in Madrigals and Sigma Alpha Iota. Other honorary memberships included Delta Phi Delta, Jan Frerichs; Mu Phi Epsilon, Peggy Bayer; and Pi Lambda Theta, Kathleen Agnew, Marilyn Clark, Nan Cowles, Patricia Clopp, Sharon Fritzler, Janice Fullerton, Marilyn Goll and Dorothy Smiley. Agnew Bornds Boyer Seal Burkhardt Carhort Church Cowles Dahlgren Dork DeLong Ekstrom Frerichs Fritzler, R. Fuilerton Goll Grimm Hamme stror n Hammond Henningsen Hill Hinman Hoile Horning Housel Johnson Kennedy Lowe Manning McMullen McOl ISt □n Miller Mu phy Nelson Oehrle Overgoard, J Patterson Pollat Reifs chn eider Roach Rob nson Rogers Schaberg Schock Shank Smiley Speidel Stockstill Strotton Tolhver Wood Wester Clapp Fritzler, S. Hilger Luce Overgaord, S, Schonberg Zucker Actives Kathleen Agnew, Sidney, ' 52; Peggy Bayer, Lincoln, ' 52; Beverly Beal, Lincoln, ' 54; Grace Burkhardt, Norfolk, ' 54; Mary Carhart, Wayne, ' 54; Carole Church, Lincoln, ' 54; Patricia Clapp, McCook, ' 52; Marilyn Clark, Lincoln, ' 52; Nanette Cowles, Stuort, ' 52; Janet Frerichs, Lincoln, ' 53; Sharon Fritzler, Long Pine, •52; Janice Fuilerton, Ainsworth, ' 53; Marilyn Goll, Bayard, ' 52; Janet Grimm, Blair, ' 54; Patrice Hammond, Lincoln, ' 54; Diane Hinmon, North Platte, ' 54; Sharon Horning, Omaha, ' 54; Elizabeth Kennedy, Basin, Wyo., ' 53; Audre Lowe, Sheridan, Wyo., ' 52; Kathleen McMullen, Lincoln, ' 54; Darlene McQuistan, Pender, ' 53; Jonine Miller, Marysville, Kan., ' 53; Margoret Nelson, Stromsburg, ' 53; Jeonette Neville, Broken Bow, ' 53; Marlene Oehrle, Lincoln, ' 53; Judy Overgoard, Lincoln, ' 53; Marilyn Patterson, Lincoln, ' 52; Joan Reifschneider, Omaha, ' 54; Patricio Roach, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 54; Mory Robinson, Holdrege, ' 54; Phyllis Schock, Lincoln, ' 54; Shirley Schonberg, Om,aha, ' 53; Dorothy Smiley, Omaha, ' 52; Jeon Speidel, Wilcox, ' 54; Jeanne Stockstill, Lincoln, ' 52; Betty Strotton, West Point, ' 53; Mary Kay Tolliver, Lincoln, ' 53; Peggy Wood, Chatham, N. J., ' 54; Clem.entine Woster, Plottsmouth, ' 54; JoAnne Zucker, Scribner, ' 54. Pledges Mary Ida Bornds, Lincoln, ' 55; Nancy Dohlgren, Omaha, ' 54; Nancy Dork, Lincoln, ' 54; Jean DeLong, Syracuse, ' 55; Marion Ekstrom, Newman Grove, ' 55; Raye Rita Fritzler, Long Pine, ' 55; Marilyn Hammer- strom, Sioux City, lowo, ' 55; Janice Henningsen, Omaha, ' 54; Lucille Hilger, Hamburg, Iowa, ' 53; Martha Hill, Lincoln, ' 55; Nancy Hoile, Norfolk, ' 55; Marilyn Housel, Modison, ' 53; Marilyn Johnson, Norfolk, ' 55; Morilyn Luce, Foirbury, ' 53; Diane Manning, Trenton, ' 53; Sally Murphy, Glenwood, Iowa, ' 53; Sheila r-. 1 1 ; 1_ .cc. -,..;_ poiiaf Cozod, ' 55; Patricio Rogers, Plottsmouth, ' 53; Helen Schaberg, Overgoard, Lincoln, ' 55; Glor _ . Omoha, ' 55; Kothleen Shank, Milwaukee, Wii ' 55. Founded ot Boston University, 1888 Established at University of Nebraska, 1894 Kappa Chapter Ninety-four Chapters Silver, Gold and Blue Page 337 Q a 9 0 € f § f V ' Nye Ryder Wochol Ainscow Cameron Geesen Koehler Oste nberg Seifert Walt Anderson Chompine Gilmore Loomi; Perrin Sidles Watson Bartling Bedford Brownlee Farrow Franks Fricke Hubka Moyer Hughes Mullorky Jewett McKomy Re.n hardt Riddell, 5. Riddell, D VanAuken VanPelt Vingers Wilk ns Withey Yeokley Founded at Lewis School, 1 873 Established at University of Nebraska, 1888 Kappo Chapter Seventy-seven Chapters Bronze, Pink and Blue Page 338 Arendt Barger Barlow Devoe Dillman Esch Homer Heath Hollond Loudon Lueder Meyers Poppe Rojewich Raymond, A. Raymond, R. Stroh Sveska, Solly Svesko, Suson Turner Wells Weston White Wiebe Actives Solly Adams, Aurora, ' 53; Sally Ainscow, Omaha, ' 54; Anne Barger, Lincoln, ' 52; Ann Borlow, Omaha, ' 53 Sally Bartling, Omaha, ' 54; Sue Ann Brownlee, Omaha, ' 54; Jane Calhoun, Lincoln, ' 54; Carolyn Cameron Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 53; Janet Chompine, Cincinnati, Ohio, ' 52; Soro Devoe, Lincoln, ' 52; Borbaro Dillman Lincoln, ' 53; Elaine Esch, Skokie, III., ' 53; Anne Farrow, Fremont, ' 53; Sydna Fuchs, Omoho, ' 53, Gretchen Geesen, Seward, ' 53; Barbara Gilmore, Kcorncy, ' 52; Mary Hubka, Beatrice, ' 52; Marguerite Hughes, Seward, ' 52; Ruthe Jewett, Lincoln, ' 52; Nancy Klein, Lincoln, ' 53; Virginia Koehler, Geneva, ' 53, Mory Margaret Loomis, Lincoln, ' 53; Phyllis Loudon, Lincoln, ' 54; Ann Lueder, Omaho, ' 52; Potricio Mayer, Grand Island, ' 53; Phyllis Moyer, Fremont, ' 53; Virginia Nye, Kearney, ' 54; Joan Ostenberg Omaha, ' 53; Virginio Poppe, Konsos City, Mo., ' 54; Chorlenc Rajewich, Grand Islond, ' 52; Ann Raymond Scottsbluff, ' 52; Ruth Raymond, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Susan Reinhordt, Scottsbluff, ' 54; Domaris Riddell Scottsbluff, ' 53; Sandra Riddell, Scottsbluff, ' 52; Shirley Sidles, Lincoln, ' 52; Marleno Stroh, Lincoln, ' 54 Jeon Von Auken, Lexington, ' 54; Margery Von Pelt, Lincoln, ' 52; Morilyn Vingers, Omoha, ' 52; Joy Wochol, Omoho, ' 54; Louise Wells, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Judy Wiebe, Lincoln, ' 54; Beth Wilkins, Gencvo, ' 52, Poulo Withey, Omoho, ' 54; Mildred Yeokley, Scottsbluff, ' 53. Pledges Sue Anderson, Milford, ' 55; Barbora Arendt, Falls City, ' 55; Morymoude Bedford, Gencvo, ' 55; Virginia Franks, Morrill, ' 55; Fronces Fricke, Ashland, ' 55; Marilyn Homer, Omoho, ' 55; Jacqueline Heath, Omoho, ' 55; Lynn Holland, Lincoln, ' 55; Ann McKomy, Omoho, ' 55; Jo Ann Meyers, Scottsbluff, ' 55; Eileen Mullorky, Omoho, ' 55; Jeon Perrin, Allionce, ' 54; Robyn Ryder, Grand Island, ' 55; Jolene Seifert, Sioux City, lowo, ' 55; Solly Svesko, Omoho, ' 54; Suson Sveska, Omaha, ' 54; Borbaro Turner, Lincoln, ' 55; Mory Wolt, Lincoln, ' 55; Dorothy Watson, Foirbury, ' 53; Morgoret Weston, Colorado Springs, Colo., ' 55; Jone White, Hemingford, ' 54. Marguerite Hughes Sara Devoe Margery Van Pelt . Elaine Esch . . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Three Delta Gamma Seniors masked Mortar Boards; Raymond was managing editor of Daily Nebraskan DCs Have a Midnight Snack after Studying Studying really increases the appetites. Delta Gamma ' s Honor National Officer with Tea Experienced alumna — house coordination. The Delta Gamma ' s stole the Ivy Day show with their three Mortar Boards and freshman attendant, Susie Reinhardt. The girls who were masked were Mary Hubka, Coed Counselor president; Marilyn Vingers, Tassel president; and Ann Barger, 1950-51 Builders vice president and AUF vice president. Heading their list of queens was Marcia Bekins, Ak-Sar-Ben Queen; Sandra Riddell, Delt Sweetheart; Damaris Riddell, Interfraternity Ball Queen for 1951 and Beauty Queen finalist claimed other titles for the house. Jane Calhoun and Judy Wiebe displayed their Husker spirit as cheerleaders. Ruth Raymond was associate editor of the Daily Nebraskan. Sophomore girls who worked hard in activities were Sue Brownlee, CORNHUSKER, Builders and AUF board member in charge of or- ganized houses; Jane Calhoun, Builders, CORN- HUSKER, and AUF board member in charge of de- nominations; Phyllis Loudon, Builders board, and Susie Reinhardt, Coed Counselors board and an active Tassel. Those in Red Cross were Virginia Poppe, Paula Withey, and Jane White. A Dads ' dinner in November and an annual formal held in January filled out the social calendar. Juanita Rediger President Doris Carlson Vice President Joan Hanson Secretary Nancy Weir Treasurer Gamma Phi ' s held many campus executive positions; Juanita Rediger chosen Mortar Board on Ivy Day Coed Follies Goes into a Strenuous Rehearsal Practice does make perfect. A Pleasant Afternoon of Bridge with Friends Woman against beast. The Gamma Phi ' s began the year with a girl in an executive position in every major campus activity for women except one. Juanita Rediger, member of AWS and Publications boards, was masked Mortar Board to complete activity honors. Outstanding junior class workers included Joan Krueger, Daily Nehtnshui; Pat Bechan, CORNHUS- KER and Builders secretary; Joan Hanson, AUF and Red Cross College Unit president; Doris Carlson, YWCA and president of NUCWA; Nancy Weir, Union; Jo O ' Brien, Tassels; Jeanne Smith, YWCA, and Barbara Young, president of the Panhellenic Council. Sophomores who kept activities in the air were Janet Steffen, Ihiily Sfhraskun and AWS; Joon Holden, Tassels; Jo Berry, cheerleader and Red Cross board; Pat Lindgren, AUF, and Pat Patterson, Builders. The versatile Gamma Phi ' s worked together to win first place in the College Days float contest and to place second in the Ivy Day sing. Scholarship was not neglected, for they had members in ten campus honoraries. Joan Krueger and Joan Hanson were chosen as two of the 1951 Ivy Day court attendants. yi v33i s»r Actives Joon Armstrong. St. Poul, ' 52; Potncio Bcchon, North Plotte, ' 53; JoAnn Berry, Lincoln, ' 54; Doris Carlson, OmoKo, ' 53; Virginia Cumffiir gs, LirKoln, ' 52; Peggy Oiestel, Fremont, ' 54; Bonnalyn Eilers, Sterlir g, ' 53; Joonn Finney, Lincoln, ' 53; Lois Frederick, Hoy Springs, 52; Normo Gcmerl, Omoho, 52; Martha Hamilton, Lincoln, ' 52; Shirley Homilton, North Platte, ' 54; Betty Lou Hon en, Hostings, 52; Joon Honson, Lincoln, ' 53; Joan Holden, Grand Island, ' 54; Suson Hoppe, Lincoln, ' 54; Geroldine Kirk, Lincoln, ' 53; Joan Krueger, Norfolk, ' 53; Carolyn Kunkel, Weeping Woter, ' 53; Janice Liljedohl, Essex, Iowa, ' 52; Potricio Lindgren, Grand Islond, ' 54; Marilyn Loloff, Kersey, Colo,. ' 52; Marilyn Mangold, Bennington, ' 54; Morlo Morx, Lincoln, ' 52; Corol McCown, Beatrice, ' 54; Roberto Nielsen, Columbus, ' 53; Glodys Novotny, Clarkson, ' 53; Joan O ' Brien, Lincoln; ' 53; Jocqueline Orr, Dakota City, ' 54; Patricia Potterson, Norfolk, ' 54; Nor cy Peters, Omaho, ' 52; Donna Pilcher, Omoho, ' 53; Mory Pittermon, Cleveland, Ohio, ' 53; Juanita Rediger, Tekomoh, ' 52; Betty Roessler, Fremont, 52; Jeanne Smith, Lmco ' n, ' 53; Kath ' een Sommers, Duluth, Minn., 54; Janet Steffen, Norfolk, ' 54; Muriel Woy, Decotur, ' 52; Nancy Weir, Golesburg, III., ' 53; Mor ' ene Wyatt, Harrisburg, ' 53; Borbora Wylie, Lincoln, ' 53; Potricio Yeorsley, Jocksonvilfe, Flo., ' 52; Borboro Young, Omoho, ' 53. Pledges Agnes Anderson, Lincoln, ' 55; Mary Belle Baldwin, Lincoln, ' 55; Sue Christensen, Fremont, ' 54; Joyce Finney, Lincoln, ' 55; Ardis Fuhrmon, Wilber, ' 55; Morgoret Ann Hollos, Omaha, ' 55; Eloine Holden, Grond Islond. ' 55; Janet Lee Ickes, Oakland, lowo, ' 55; Corol Kruescher, Beatrice, ' 55; Jerrie Longelett, Sioux Falls, S. D , ' 54; Mory Jane Mopes, Lincoln. ' 55; Solly McGlosson, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 55; Noncy Odum, Schuyler, ' 55; Dorothy Perry, Lincoln, ' 55; Bemito Rosenquist, Lincoln, ' 55; Pot Schmtd, Columbus, ' 55; Morgoret Ann Schurmon, Modison, ' 54; Donno Dee Smith, South Sioux City, ' 55; Loro Lee Smith, Omoho, ' 54; Jean Steffen, Norfolk, ' 55; Jocqueline Switzer, Omoho, ' 55. v XN«1 ; X p Anderson Armstrong Baldwin Bechan Berry Corison Christensen Cummings Diestel Eilcrs Finney, Joonn Finney, Joyce Fuhrmon Gomerl Hollos Hamilton M. Homilton, S. Honsen, B Honson, J. Holden, E. Holden, J. Hoppe Ickes Kirk Krueger Kreuscher Kunkel Longelett Liljedohl Lindgren Loloff Mongold Mopes Morx McCown McGlosson Nielsen Novotny O ' Brien Odum Orr Potterson Perry Peters Pilcher Pittermon Rediger Roessler Rosenguist Schmid Schurmon Smith. D Smith. L. Smith. J. Sommers Stcff en, Jonet Steffen, Jean Switzer Woy Weir Wye tt Wylie Yeorsley Young Founded at Syracuse University, 1 874 Established at University of Nebraska, 1915 Pi Chapter Fifty-Six Chopters Mode end Brown Page 341 H pi Alexander Anderson Bergh Burdic Campbell Cornaby Corpender Carter Claussen Colbert Creasman Davenport Elliott Eyth Flansburg Fletcher Flynn Gass Georhort Gorman Grainger Greene Haskell Haylett Hervert Holmes Boss Jeffers Kinsey Legge Lowe Lucas Mallory Martison McLaughlin Miller Miner Mockett Moore Morgan Murphy Neely Paynter Penner Porter Roe Rogers Savage Skold Sloan Srr lith Srb Stonley Stoehr Swift Swoboda Thomas Wolt Weekes Wenke Worrall Founded at De Pouw University, 1870 Estoblished at University of Nebraska, 1887 Rho Chapter Seventy-seven Chapters Block ond Gold Actives Joan Alexander, Omaha, ' 52; Barbara Anderson, Lincoln, ' 53; Marilyn Bergh, Omaha, ' 52; Borboro Burdic, Omaha, ' 53; Mary Lu Cornaby, Omaha, ' 53; Jane Corpender, Lincoln, ' 54; Janice Corter, Omoho, ' 52; Grocio Eyth, Beatrice, ' 54; Jane Fletcher, St, Joseph, Mo., ' 53; Elizabeth Goss, Scword, ' 53; Leslie Grainger, Solinos, Calif., ' 52; Helene Greene, Omaha, ' 53; Sue Holmes, Keorney, ' 54; Jacquelyn Moss, Grand Island, ' 52; Joanne Jeffers, Omaha, ' 52; Joan Legge, Omoho, ' 54; Solly Lowe, Sidney, ' 53; Solly Mallory, Lincoln, ' 54; Mory Ellon Martison, Omaha, ' 52, Martha Lee Miller, Lincoln, ' 54; Ann Mockett, Lincoln, ' 53; Mary Ann Mohrmon, Lincoln, ' 52; Marilyn Morgan, McCook, ' 52; Jacqueline Murphy, Omaha, ' 53; Mary Jean Neely, Lincoln, ' 53; Virginia Noble, Lincoln, ' 53; Dorothy Paynter, Omaha, ' 52; Ann Penner, Beatrice, ' 52; Sue Porter, Omaha, ' 53; Caroline Rogers, Lincoln, ' 53; Lois Srb, Lincoln, ' 54; Nancy Swoboda, Omoho, ' 52; Anne Tcigelor, Fremont, ' 52; Jean Thomas, Lincoln, ' 54; Sandra Walt, Lincoln, ' 53; Edith Weekes, Nebrosko City, ' 52; Harriet Wcnke, Lincoln, ' 54. Pledges Charlenc Campbell, Omoho, ' 55; Jewel Claussen, Holdrege, ' 53; Phyllis Colbert, Lincoln, ' 55; Lcc-Ellen Creasman, McCook, ' 53; Mofyldo Davenport, Aurora, III., ' 55; Donna Elliott, Mitchell, ' 55; Judy Flansburg, Lincoln, ' 55; Mory Clare Flynn, Omaha, ' 54; Lois Georhort, Malvern, Iowa, ' 53; Eileen Gorman, Grand Island, ' 53; Kothryn Haskell, Omaha, ' 53; Jane Haylett, Scottsbluff, ' 55; Charlotte Hervert, Lincoln, ' 53; Kay Kinsey, Falls City, ' 55; Borbora Lucas, Omaha, ' 53; Roseonne McLaughlin, Grand Island, ' 54; Hope Miner, Grand Island, ' 55; Shirley Moore, Omoho, ' 53; Joan Roe, Bennington, ' 55; Pot Savage, Omoho, ' 55; Ann Skold, Kearney, ' 55; Penelope Sloan, Clerks, ' 53; Diane Smith, Spalding, ' 53; Marilyn Stanley, Omoho, ' 55; Suson Stoehr, Omaha, ' 55; Carroll Swift, Thedford, ' 53; Bridget Wotson, Lincoln, ' 55; Mary Ann Worroll, Wchoo, ' 53. Page 342 Jackie Hoss President Ann Penner .... Vice President Mary Ann Mohrman . . . Secretary Leslie Grainger Treasurer Theta ' s made plans for new addition to their house; Jackie Hoss was elected as secretary to Mortar Board Hopes for a new house addition kept the Theta ' s busy making plans. The building program included space for a first floor dining room and kitchen and also more space for bedrooms on second floor. Ivy Day held two honors for the Theta ' s. Vir- ginia Koch reigned over Ivy Day ceremonies as 1951 queen, and Jackie Hoss, panel editor and past managing editor of the CORNHUSKER, was picked as secretary of Mortar Board. The outstanding sophomore activity workers were Sue Holmes and Harriett Wenke. Sue, chosen AUF Activity Queen at the AUF auction, was on AWS board, Union board and was a member of Tassels. Harriett was on the AUF board, AWS board and was a CORNHUSKER sectionhead. Junior Elizabeth Gass was active on both Ag and city campus in Coed Counselors and Home Ec club. Mary Jean Neely was a Tassel and assistant panel editor of the CORNHUSKER. Jane Fletcher and Lee Ellen Creasman were Beauty Queen finalists. Social life was not forgotten. The Black Kat Kabaret, annual Theta formal, was held in February. They also held an exchange picnic with the Alpha Phi ' s in the spring. Theta ' s Make Short Work of Front Yard Trees Much better view from the porch now. National Officer Visits Theta Birthday Party Celebration with burning candles. i ii imiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ™ Pat Mel Inay hAary Taylor Cece Benn Judy Morgan . . President Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer Shirley Fries won Honorary Producer title for K D s; Carole DeWitt was Junior-Senior Prom Queen of ' 51 Going Back Home after a Hard Semester ' s Work A helping hand. Off to Class for Another Afternoon of Study A little knowledge goes a long way. Kappa Delt ' s were well represented in a cross section of campus Mfe. Titles, honoraries, musicals and house parties kept them busy. First in line was Carole DeWitt who reigned as Junior-Senior Prom Queen. Shirley Fries won the Honorary Producer title among sororities by selling the most University Theater season tickets. Also active in theater pro- ductions were Marilyn Lehr and Jean Simmerman, who danced in the ' 51 spring musical, ( rooil eirs. Nealo O ' Dell, was a member of the YWCA representative council, and Jackie Ullstrom kept busy in Tassels, while Pat Mcllnay worked in ac- tivities as YWCA conference leader. Five Kappa Delt ' s were chosen for honoraries. Lorraine Coats and Donna Krotter were in Mu Phi Epsilon; Betty Garrett and Margaret O ' Connor, Kappa Epsilon, and Marilyn Kranau, Phi Chi Theta. The pledges prepared the house for a Circus party in November with three-ring entertainment. The actives returned the favor with a Western party. The Kappa Delt ' s and their dates donned western togs for the spring affair. d MmmtKS 2fii Albers Barber Beermann Benn Brewick Burcum Camp Corter Crosswell Coots Cummings DeWitt Dudley Eilerbroek Fries Garrett George Graham Hansen Menkens Horstman Joos King Kjeldgoord Kranou Krotter Laun Lehr Luff Moronde Matteson Matthews Melvin Miller Morgan Myers Mcllnoy O ' Connor O ' Dell Polmer Pelikon Pivonko Roddy Ross Schott Slogle Sorenson, B. Sorensen, R S tephenson Taylor Todd Tur nquist Ullstrt m Wanek Wilson Actives Lynn Albers, Roca, ' 53; Cecile Benn, Merrimon, ' 52; Pat Brewick, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 54; Lorraine Cootes, Stuart, ' 52; Ann Cummings, Holdrege, ' 52; Carole DeWitt, Linco!n, ' 52; Shirley Fries, Genevo, ' 54; Betty Garrett, Sheridan, Wyo., ' 52; Doris Honsen, Lincoln, ' 52; Lou Ann Menkens, Omoho, ' 52; Pat Horstman, Omaha, ' 52; Beverly Joos, Omaha, ' 54; Morilyn Kronau, Blue Hill, ' 53; Donna Krotter, Stuart, ' 53; Marilyn Lehr, Lincoln, ' 54; Eorlene Luff, Lincoln, ' 54; Mory Ellen Maronde, York, ' 54; Marilyn Matthews, Logan, Iowa, ' 54; Potricia Mcllnoy, Central City, ' 53; Kathy Melvin, South Sioux City, ' 54; Morjorie Miller, Lincoln, ' 52; Judy Morgan, South Sioux City, ' 54; Margaret O ' Conner, South Sioux City, ' 53; Neola O ' Dell, South Sioux City, ' 54; Amy Polmer, Steele City, ' 53; Christine Pivonko, Lodge Pole, ' 54; Marilyn Roddy, Omaha, ' 54; Caroline Ross, Lincoln, ' 54; Mary Ellen Slogle, Lincoln, ' 54; Mary Taylor, Falls City, ' 53; Jo Ann Todd, Lincoln, ' 54; Marilyn Turnquist, Valentine, ' 54; Jackie Ullstrom, Omaha, ' 54; Lilo Wanek, Wilber, ' 53. Pledges Betty Barber, Lincoln, ' 55; Mary Lou Beerman, Dakota City, ' 55; Koy Burcum, South Sioux City, ' 55; Dorothy Camp, Davenport, ' 53; Borboro Carter, Lincoln, ' 55; Joann Crosswell, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Phyllis Dudley, Lincoln, ' 55; Mary Eilerbroek, Bellevue, ' 55; Naomi Libbie George, South Sioux City, ' 54; Potricio Graham, Lincoln, ' 55; Moureen King, Crawford, ' 53; Joanne Kieldgoord, Big Springs, ' 53; Romono Laun, Genevo, ' 53; Sollie Matteson, Cloy Center, ' 53; Doris Meyers, Atlontic, Iowa, ' 55; Marilyn Pelikon, Lincoln, ' 55; Jeonice Schott, Osceolo, ' 53; Borboro Sorenson, Lincoln, ' 55; Ruth Ellen Sorenson, Tecumseh, ' 55; Sora Stephenson, Lincoln, ' 55; Kath ' een Wilson, Wolbach, ' 54. Founded at Virginia Stote Normol, 1897 Established at University of Nebraska, 1920 Pi Chapter Eighty Chapters Olive Green and Pearl White Page 345 Ackerson Adams, P. Adorns, S. Armstrong Beckley Bell Boyer Coad Coryell Dempster Du Teau Evans Faulkner Fike Gilbreath Gorton Griffis Hall Harrison Hein Holmquist Kokjer Louner Lilly Line Loder Loomis Madden Moyle Newman Nixon Peters Peterson, M. Peterson, N. Pollock Reed Rothenberger Russell Sch nidtmonn Sell Sell eck S •nithbe rger Sorensen Stephens Stocker Thomsen Tyson Varn ey Vin San Warren Wellensie Brown Forsythe Huntting Miessler Pumphrey Speicher Wilson Bryant Fulton Johnson Mooberry Roun Stebbins Yeoger Founded ot Monnnouth College, 1870 Established at University of Nebrasko, 1884 Sigma Chopter Eighty-one Chapters Light Blue end Dark Blue Actives Phyllis Armstrong, Omaha, ' 54; Morcia Beckley, York, ' 52; Borboro Bell, Lincoln, ' 54; Cormeon Boyer, Los Angeles, Calif., ' 53; Morion Brown, Popillion, ' 53; Betty Coad, Omoha, ' 53; Adele Coryell, Lincoln, ' 53; Phoebe Dempster, Beatrice, ' 53; Claire Evans, Toy lor, Texas, ' 53; Joan Fike, Omaha, ' 52; Sarah Fulton, Lincoln, ' 52; Pot Gilbreath, Omoha, ' 52; Sue Gorton, Tecumseh, ' 54; Ann Griffis, Offutt Field, ' 54; Satly Ann Hall, Holdrege, ' 54; Virginia Hein, Woyne, ' 53; Morily Holmquist, Ooklond, ' 52; Ann Huntting, Austin, Minn., ' 52; Julie Johnson, Lincoln, ' 53; Teresa Lilly, Lincoln, ' 54; Marjorie Line, Loup City, ' 53; Potricia Loder, Milmette, III., ' 54; Jean Loomis, Omoho. ' 52; Cloro Ruth Meissler, Columbus, ' 52; Morli Mooberry, Maryville, Mo., ' 52; Mitzie Moyle, Lincoln, ' 53; Dorris Newman, Lincoln, ' 53; Patricia Peters, Omaha, ' 53; Marilyn Peterson, Omoho, ' 53; Nancee Peterson, Omoho, ' 54; Judy Pollock, Stonton, ' 54; Noncy Pumphrey, Wisner, ' 53; Borboro Roun, Dcnison, lowo, ' 54; Corolyn Rothenberger, Beotrice, ' 53; Jonis Schmidt monn, Plattsmouth, ' 53; Borboro Sell, Torrington, Wyo., ' 52; Joan Selleck, Lincoln, ' 52; Jocquelyn Sorensen, Lincoln, ' 52; Noncy Stebbins, Lincoln, ' 53; Borboro Stephens, Lincoln, ' 53; Betsy Thomsen, Beotrice, ' 52; Bonny Vorney, Broken Bow, ' 52; Potricia Vtn Sont, Summerfield, Kons., ' 53; Chorlotte Worren, Omoho, ' 52; Jean Wilson, Dcs Moines, Iowa, ' 52; Joonn Yeoger, Omoha, ' 54. Pledges Horriett Ackerson, Lincoln, ' 55; Patricio Adorns, Dayton, Ohio, ' 53; Suzanne Adams, Omoho, ' 55; Suzanne Bryont, Tekomoh, ' 53; Mimi Du Teou, Lincoln, ' 55; Alison Faulkner, Lincoln, ' 55; Potricia Forr,ytho, North Platte, ' 55; Janice Horrison, Fremont, ' 55; Ann Kokjer, Sidney, ' 55; Ann Louner, Grond Island, ' 55; Jone Madden, Omoho, ' 55; Joy Nixon, Stonton, ' 53; Ruth Potts, Dollos, Tex., ' 53; Mary Janet Reed, Lincoln, ' 54; Roberto Russell, Lincoln, ' 55; Elaine Smithberger, Stanton, ' 54; Solly Jo Speicher, Omoho, ' 55; Jeonette Stocker, Nebraska City, ' 53; BIythe Thomsen, Beatrice, ' 54; Ann Marilyn Tyson, Murray ' 55; Gail Wcllcnsiek, Grand Islond, ' 55. Page 346 Ann Huntting President Joan Fike Vice President Bonny Varney Secretary Charlotte Warren .... Treasurer Kappa s excelled in queenship, scholarship honors; Jackie Sorensen, Sarah Fulton became Mortar Boards Tau Pledges Challenge KKG Football Players Damsels on the defense. Open House Entertainment after the Game. Coffee — to cut Saturday game chill. Activities reigned supreme at the Kappa house with CORNHUSKER editors heading the list. Jackie Sorensen, Mortar Board, was associate editor. Julie Johnson, Tassel and AUF board member, and Adele Coryell, AUF vice president of solicitations, were managing editors. Barbara Bell and Nancy Pumphrey were sectionheads. Following the lead in activities were Sarah Fulton, Mortar Board vice president and AUF president; Sue Gorton, news editor of the " Rag " and Coed Counselor board member; Marii Mooberry, WAA Council member; Sally Hall, AWS board member, and Ting Lilly, AUF and Builders board member. Three Kappa 1950 pledges, Judy Pollock, Nancy Pumphrey, and Sue Gorton, were initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta; there were seven Kappa ' s sleeted to membership in Pi Lambda Theta. Not only the girls in honoraries worked for scholarship; Kappa was first in organized women ' s scholastic ratings for 1950-51. Queens were also prevalent in the Kappa house. Adele Coryell steppd out as Nebraska Sweetheart, Jackie Sorensen was presented as Honorary Com- mandant, and Patsy Peters became Interfraternity Ball Queen. Mary Ann Grundman Beverly Larsen . . Mary Elise Day . . . Barbara Reinecke . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Pi Phi Lester active in University Theater productions; Marilyn Moomey, Bev Larson masked Mortar Boards Pledges Chuckle Over Plans for Christmas Party Planning helps to unite the pledge class. Phi Psi ' s Invited to Buy Food at Box Supper Auction proceeds — to AUF. The Pi Phi ' s marked up scholastic achievement with this record; four Alpha Lambda Delta ' s, Bar- bara Colwell, Mary Elizabeth Kinsinger, Betty Lester and Barbara Adams; thirteen members of campus honoraries, and Phi Beta Kappa Nancy Benjamin. Barbara Adams was also one of the five winners of the journalism gold key. Marilyn Moomey, vice president of AWS and Union board member, and Beverly Larsen, vice president of Tassels, were Mortar Boards. Outstanding sophomore workers included Terry Barnes, Coed Counselor board, Builders board, CORNHUSKER, and Comhuskpr Countrymnn; Bar- bora Adams, Builders board, CORNHUSKER; Nora DeVore, Tassels, Builders board, CORNHUSKER, and Betty Brinkman, YWCA. Barbara Adams ' out- standing activity and scholarship record merited her the position of attendant in the 1951 Ivy Day court. University Theater attracted other Pi Phi ' s. Betty Lester and Morion Uhe both had leads in major productions, and Kothy Grabill, Nancy Widener, and Janet Peterson played minor roles. Six Pi Phi ' s were in the cast of Good News, presented in the late soring of 1951. This year Nancy Norman was Miss Iowa and competed in the Miss America contest held annually in Atlantic City. r ' 9 1 f f.f pf Jones L ' Heureu) Paimafeei Shields Actives Barbara Adams, North Plotfe, ' 54; Mary Ellen Anderson, Fremont, ' 52; Theresa Barnes, Holdrege, ' 54; Nancy Benjamin, Lincoln, ' 52; Betty Brinkman. Geneva, ' 54; Janet Campbell, Central City, ' 52; Barbara Colwell, Pawnee City, ' 54; Virginia Cooper, Humboldt, ' 53; Catherine Corp, Lincoln, ' 53; Mary Elise Day, North Plotte, ' 52; Jone Deppen, Lincoln, ' 54; Nora DeVore, Omaha, ' 54; Barbara Finley, Grand Island, ' 52; Kathryn Grabill, Lincoln, ' 53; Mary Ann Grundmon, Nebrasko City, ' 52; Ann Jone Hall, York, ' 53; Betty Hathaway, Lincoln, ' 53; Patricio Healey, Creston, lowo, ' 53; Beverly Heller, Chatham, N. J., ' 52; Cindy Hickey, Lincoln, ' 53; Lorrine Johannes, Schuyler, ' 52; Priscilla Jones, Lincoln, ' 53; Jane Jordan, Galesburg, III., ' 53; Mary Elizabeth Kinsinger, Lincoln, ' 54; Ann Lambert, Lincoln, ' 53; Beverly Lorsen, Central City, ' 52; Jeannette Lozear, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 52; Betty Lester, Grand Island, ' 54; Nancy Lindell, Omoha, ' 53; Shirley Lysinger, Grand Island, ' 54; Margoret McCoy, Lincoln, ' 53; Joon Miller, Fairmont, ' 53; Marilyn Moomey, Hastings, ' 52; Nancy Norman, Shenandoan, Iowa, ' 53; Janet Muss, Sutton, ' 54; Winnie Owen, Lincoln, ' 53; Jane Randall, Kearney, ' 53, Barbara Reinecke, Lincoln, ' 53; Delmo Sarnes, Lexington, ' 52; Barbara Shields, Falls City, ' 52; Olenka Steponek, Lincoln, ' 53; Suzanne Tewell, Sidney, ' 53; Marion Uhe, Grand Island, ' 54; Gwen Weisner, Omoho, ' 53; Lorroinc Westphall, Grand Island, ' 53; Nancy Widener, Corning, Iowa, ' 52. Pledges Janet Anderson, Lexington, ' 55; Marilyn Bourck, Plattsmouth, ' 55; Carol Duey, Falls City, ' 55; Marilyn Eaton, Frerr.ont, ' 55; Mary Ann Harris, Omaha, ' 53; Nancy Hemphill, Lincoln, ' 55; Borbara Hot, Lincoln, ' 55; Sonne Holmes, Grand Island, ' 54; Kothryn Huston, Salem, ' 55; Ann Jouvenct, Lincoln, ' 54; Ruth Lemke, Wolton, ' 52; Joan L ' Heureux, Hastings, ' 52; Judith Polmoteer, Modison, ' 53; Halcyon Peck, Minderi, ' 55; Janet Peterson, Fremont, ' 54; Muriel Pickett, Schuyler, ' 55; Joan Rambour, Columbus, ' 54; Nancy Randall, Kearney, ' 55; Andrea Svobodo, Cozod, ' 53; Ellen Svoboda, Cozad, ' 55; Sally Worren, Lincoln, ' 54; Betty Wittrock, Falls City, ' 55; Julie Yost, Fremont, ' 55. Randall, N. Widener Colwell Grundman Huston Lemke Nuss Reinecke Wittrock Cooper Hall Johannes Lester Owen Sarnes Yost Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Established at University of Nebraska, 1895 Beta Chopter Ninety-eight Chopters Wine end Silver Blue Page 349 Bush Chosonov Cooper Corn Gereltck Gittelman Goodman Goodrich Gordon Kortman Katz Krontz Krosne Lavine, L. Lavine, R. Locke, F Locke, R. Marx Nerenberg Ringle Shermon Solomon Stom Taub Turek Veto Weincr Zaikin EAT Founded ot Cornell College, 1917 Established at University of Nebroska, 1925 Theta Chapter Twenty-eight Chapters Cafe au Loit and Old Blue Actives Marlene Corn, Des Moines, lowo, ' 54; Lois Gerelick, Omoho, ' 53; Revo Gittelman, Lincoln, ' 54; Connie Gordon, Lincoln, ' 54; Davida Dartmon, Omaho, ' 52; Syvia Krasne, Fremont, ' 53; Ruthann Lavine, York, ' 53; Rosanne Locke, Independence, Kon., ' 52; Janice Ringle, Omaha, ' 54; Louise Stom, Lincoln, ' 52; Chorncy Taub, Omaha, ' 54; Charlotte Veto, Torringlon, Wyo., ' 54. Pledges Elberto Bush, Omaho, ' 55; Adelle Chosnov, Omaha, ' 54; Diane Cooper, Omoho, ' 54; Sylvia Goodman, Wichita, Kan., ' 54; Norma Goodrich, Omaha, ' 55; Chorlene Katz, Lincoln, ' 55; Rita Krontz, Omoha, ' 55; Lucille Lovine, York, ' 55; Frances Locke, Independence, Kon., ' 55; Audrey Marx, Lincoln, ' 55; Cheryl Nerenberg, Omaha, ' 55; Holcne Sherman, Lincoln, ' 55; Sally Solomon, Omoha, ' 55; Borboro Turek, Omaha, ' 55; Leto Weincr, Omaha, ' 54; Lctho ZaIkin, Omaha. ' 55. Page 350 Syvia Krasne President Davida Kartman . . Vice President Rosanna Locke Secretary Louise Stam .... Treasurer Four Sigma Delta Tau ' s kept busy in AUF positions; Krasne excelled in work to lead activity-minded girls Penny Carnival Brings Added Pledge Duties Rembrandt rides again. SDT ' s Kibitz at the Daily Game of Bridge Everybody wants to get into the act. Four Sigma Delta Tau ' s held AUF positions. The board members were Lois Gerelick, honoraries solicitations; Syvia Krasne, sorority solicitations, and Connie Gordon, newspaper publicity. Charlotte Veto was an assistant. Lois was also a Tassel and vice president of the Spanish club. Syvia was a Tassel, YWCA cab- inet member and Ivy Day attendant. Sophomore Connie Gordon was a feature editor of the Daily Nehraskan, Coed Counselor, a mem- ber of AWS board, and a Union committee worker. Musical talent was plentiful at the SDT houes. Ruthann Lavine was in the University Orchestra, University Singers, and Sigma Alpha Iota, music fraternity, of which she was vice president. Also an honorary member was Louise Stam, secretary of Alpha Kappa Delta. Charlene Katz worked on modern dance as a member of Orchesis. The pledges gave a house party in November entitled " Spirits of ' 51 . " A touch of spring provided atmosphere at the annual formal given in Mar-ch. SDT ' s took their dates to dinner and then spent the evening dancing. Barbara Bredthauer Elizabeth Rogers Patricia Sheldon . AAartha Stratbucker President Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer Sigma Kappa ' s Richmond, Phillips held Masquers ' offices I Morta r Board activities shared by Patricia Weidman Sigma Kappa ' s Relax while Talking over Phone And there ' s only two phones, too. Sweeping Away the Continuous Snow that Falls Gosh! It ' s cold outside. Sigma Kappa ' s were well represented in Uni- versity Theater productions. In the dramatic or- ganization, Masquers, Ruth Ann Richmond, who was treasurer of the honorary, was presented with the Masquers Service Award. Next in line for theater recognition was Christine Phillips, secretary of Masquers. A new member of the group was Norma Erickson. In activities, Pat Weidman, Mortar Board, served on the AWS board, while Faye Graham, Jean Davis, and Barbara Bredthauer worked on the YWCA cabinet. Pat was also student chairman of Religion in Life week. Shirley Murphy, member of Gamma Alpha Chi honorary, was news editor of the Daily -lir(isk(in, while Tish Berry edited ' hr(iska liliif print, the en- gineering magazine. Summer Activities Coordinator Barbara Bred- thauer worked hard in Alpha Lambda Delta activi- ties. New member of the freshman honorary was Jean Davis. The Sigma Kappa social calendar was topped with their frolicking Saints and Sinners costume party and the annual Violet forma! held in January. Barry Cooper Farmer Hearn Lorsen Richmond Stratbucker Bedell Cunningha Gieseker Jackson Lehmkuhl Rogers, C. Toy lor Bredthauei Davis Ginn Jesse Lundberg Rogers, E. Templeton Graham Kahm McCulloc Roxberg Tillen Ellenwood Griffin Kindhart Murphy Sheldon Wecker Corse Christiansen Engle Erickson Grotelueschen Harvey Kociembo Kutiiek O ' Brien Olson Siewerf Stamm White Wiedmon Actives Tish Borry, Smith Center, Kan., ' 53; Betty Bedell, Lincoln, ' 52; Borbara Bredthouer, Grand Island, ' 53; Elizobeth Bredthouer, Grond Island, ' 54; Janice Bull, Millard, ' 54; Jean Davis, Lincoln, ' 54; Norma Engle, Omaha, ' 53; Norma Erickson, Fruitdale, S. D., ' 53; Corol Former, Ashlond, ' 53; Mory Gieseker, Lincoln, ' 52; Foye Groham, Belleville, Kan., ' 53; Carroll Griffin, Lincoln, ' 53; Harriett Harvey, Logan, Iowa, ' 54; Betty Hearn, Lincoln, ' 54; Beverly Jesse, Lincoln, ' 53; Wilmo Kindhart, Ookland, Iowa, ' 54; Edith Kutiiek, Omaha, ■53; Jacqueline Lee, Brownlee, ' 54; Marian McCulloch, Scottsbluff, ' 54; Shirley Murphy, Lincoln, ' 54; Patricia O ' Brien, Lincoln, ' 52; Lois Jeon Olson, BIcomfield, ' 53; Christine Phillips, Lincoln, Grod.; Ruth Ann Richmond, Lincoln, ' 53; Carlye Rogers, Sheridan, Wyo., ' 53; Elizabeth Rogers, Albuquerque, N. M., ' 53; Goyle Roxberg, Lincoln, ' 53; Potricia Sheldon, Lincoln, ' 52; Martha Strotbucker, Fort Calhoun, ' 52; Morlene Tiller, Alliance, ' 52; Patricia Wiedmon, Sidney, ' 52. Pledges Norma Corse, Palisode, ' 55; Mary Jean Christiansen, Kimball, ' 55; Mary Lou Cooper, Lincoln, ' 55; Joann Cunningham, Lincoln, ' 55; Morlene Dumke, Lincoln, ' 55; Ruth Ellenwood, Lincoln, ' 55; Mary Lou Ginn, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 54; Jane Grotelueschen, Creston, ' 55; Marilyn Jackson, Hampton, ' 55; Dorothy Kahm, Lincoln, ' 55; Elsie Lorsen, Omaha, ' 55; Moriorie Lehmkuhl, Minden, ' 55; Corol Lundberg, Lincoln, ' 55; Kay Siewert, Kimboll, ' 55; Margaret Stamm, Lincoln, ' 55; Beverly Taylor, Lincoln, ' 55; Barbara Templeton, Lincoln, ' 54; Janet Wecker, Ploinview, ' 55; Anne White, Lincoln, ' 55. Founded at Colby College, 1 874 Established at University of Nebraska, 1923 Alpha Kappa Chapter Seventy Chapters Lovender and Maroon Page 353 Beavers Drdo Koopmon Pohrmon Youngs Founded at University of Michigan, 1904 Estojiished at University of Nebrosl a, 1905 Forty one Chopters Block and Old Gold Actives Frank Allen, Norfolk, ' 53, Richard Blunk, Lincoln, ' 52; Jomes Collins, Omotia, ' 54; Orval Conner, Jr., Burwell, ' 52; Donold Cunningham, Tekamoh, ' 53; John Ewing, Nebrosko City, ' 52; Floyd Goff, Burwell, ' 53; Herbert Hansen, Nebrosko City, ' 54; Robert Lommcrs, North Platte, ' 52; William Lippstreu, Lincoln, ' 55; William Morbaker, Costo Meso, Colif., ' 52; Charles Miner, Jr., Elmhurst, III., ' 52; James Word, Omaha, ' 53; Donald Yodcr, LoGronge, Wyo., ' 53; Glodwyn Youngs, Lincoln, ' 52. Pledges Ackland, Genovo, ' 55; Charles E. Anderson, Hermon, ' 55; Charles V. Anderson, BIcncoe, Iowa, ' 55; Otto Apfelbcck, Wilber, ' 54; Doyle Beavers, Bennet, ' 53; Melvin Brydl, Wilbcr, ' 53; William Chin, Omaha, ' 55; Larry Drdo, Wilber, ' 54; Neol Harlan, Hickman, ' 53; Donold Hilkemeier, Crcighton, ' 55; Marvin Hof- ferber, Genevo, ' 55; Philip Koopmon, Lincoln, ' 55; Allon Lozier, Omaha, ' 55; John Lueth e, Waco, ' 55; Don Mottox, Omoho, ' 55; Neol Tohlmon, Stonton, ' 55; Paul Scott, North Bend, ' 53; Nelson Searcy, Wilber, ' 55; Russell Siders, Omaha, ' 52. Page 354 Orval Conner . John Ewing . Glodwyn Youngs Herbert Hansen President Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer Sidles and Young presented with top military honors; Annual Lai Formal topped social events of Acacia Acacia ' s Enjoy Sitting on Their New Porch New view — and a better one, too. The Boys Talk Over Important Problems This beets studying. Acacia ' s were prominent in military circles this year. The Association of the U.S. Army awarded the artillery medal to Gladwyn Youngs and Russ Siders for being outstanding juniors in ROTC for the 1950-51 school year. They are both Cadet Captains in ROTC Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles claimed Jim Ward and Bill Marbaker, and Orval Conner was a Phalanx member. Connor was also named outstanding Nebraska Acacian for 1950-51. Frank Allen and Disk Blunk were members of Alpha Kappa Psi, business administration honorary, and Allen was chairman of the speaker ' s bureau for NUCWA. President of Delta Sigma Rho, Forensic honorary, was Donald Cunningham, also a member of the debate squad. Bob Lammers and Gladwyn Youngs were members of Delta Theta Phi, law fraternity. Doyle Bevers and Bill Marbaker played in the University band, and Bevers participated in Varsity Dairy club. Jim Collins worked in Corn Cobs and AUF, and Donald Yoder was an N club and AIEE member. The annual Lai formal highlighted the Acacia ' s social season. Glenn Nelson Frank J. Sibert Robert R. Berke Lewis E. Lowson . . President Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer Jerry Johnson tapped president of Innocents Society; ACR Olsen was elected president of Block and Bridle Trying to Explain the Workability of the Sweeper And then just turn the switch. An Afternoon of Bridge In Store for the AGR ' s One requirement — deep concentration. Leading the list of activity men at the Alpha Gamma Rho house were Innocents President Jerry Johnson and Del Kopf, who was sergeant-at-arms of Innocents before leaving for the service. Not only one presidency kept Johnson busy, but being presi- dent of Kosmet Klub also took time, besides being a member of Corn Cobs and the Ag Executive board. An outstanding junior. Dean Linscott was elected Builders treasurer, participated on Student Council, was a Corn Cob member, treasurer of Coll- Agri-Fun board and Countryman circu- lation manager. President of Tri-K was Bob Sand, while Phil Olsen was president of Block and Bridle. Frank Sibert was manager of the Farmers ' Fair board and 1951 president of Ag Builders. Dale Olsen served as vice president of the Ag executive board, secretary of Varsity Dairy club, was on Ag Builders and the Ag Union committee. Russell Schelkopf was high individual man at the International Livestock judging contest in Chi- cago. Don Boll played varsity football. Social functions throughout the year included the Rho Rendezvous, Christmas party and the formal Pink Rose dinner dance. rji. : Anderson Engel Haggart Johnson, W Lundeen Olson, S. Schwedhelm Actives Donald Anderson, Elm Creek, ' 53; Charles Beam, Stapleton, ' 54; Robert Berke, Elwood, ' 52; Kenneth Clement, Ord, ' 54; David Danielson, Aurora, ' 52; Arnold Dovis, Lincoln, ' 52; Gerald Ehlers, Bancroft, ' 54; Nolan Engel, Chanute, Kans., ' 54; Robert Essman, Wilber, ' 54; Fredrick Frost, St. Paul, ' 53; Louis Gauger, Eustis, ' 52; Leiand George, South Sioux City, ' 53; James Haggart, Grand Island, ' 53; Frederick Hosterman, Brownville, ' 52; Thomos Hruzo, St. Paul, ' 52; Jerry Johnson, Red Cloud, ' 52; William Johnson, Fremont, ' 54; Lewis Lowson, Silver City, lowo, ' 53; Jack Lemon, Lincoln, ' 54; Dean Linscott, Beatrice, ' 53; Joel Mead, Lincoln, ' 53; Richard Monson, Cloy Center, ' 53, Glenn Nelson, Park Rapids, Minn., ' 52; Philip Olsen, Aurora, ' 52; Dale Olson, York, ' 54; Sterling Olson, Minden, ' 53; Lovelle Plucknett, DeWitt, ' 53; Ray Quackenbush, DeWitt, ' 53; Warder Shires, Elliot, Iowa, ' 53; Frank Sibert, Inovale, ' 52; Williom Stephens, Lincoln, ' 52; Jerry Stone, Weeping Water, ' 53; Dohn Theobald, Geneva, ' 53; Lowell Waldo, Gordon, ' 53; Robert Young, Beatrice, ' 54. Pledges Donald Boll, Scribner, ' 53; Roy Duenzing, Hebron, ' 55; Wolter Finkie, Wichita, Kons., ' 55; Jon Frazier, Eustis, ' 55; Douglas Gruber, Cozod, ' 55; Howard Hall, Scottsbluff, ' 55; Wayne Hansen, Red Cloud, ' 52; Charles Hormon, Loup City, ' 55; Gary Hild, Ploftsmouth, ' 55; Peter Hopley, Atlontic, Iowa, ' 54; Richord Hutchings, Lincoln, ' 53; Raymond Kelly, Donbury, ' 55; Gene Kere, Clarkson, ' 54; Vincent Kromper, Dakota City, ' 54; Gerald Kronau, Blue Hill, ' 55; Tom Leisy, Wisner, ' 54; Eugene Lundeen, Minden, ' 55; Lawrence Nordhues, Randolph, ' 54; John Norris, Weeping Water, ' 55; Donald Novotny, Clarkson, ' 55; Steven Pederson, Berwyn, ' 55; Robert Peterson, Sargent, ' 55; Kenneth Pinkerton, Beatrice, ' 55; Joseph Posey, Hubbell, ' 55; Arthur Roun, Minden, ' 55; John Rodekohr, Meodow Grove, ' 54; Robert Sand, Nehowko, ' 52; Key Schwedhelm, Boncroft, ' 55; John Stone, Weeping Water, ' 55; Olin Waddill, Gordon, ' 53. Founded at University of Illinois, 1908 Established at University of Nebraska, 1917 Kappa Chapter Thirty-seven Chapters Green ond Gold Page 357 l£M c? o o, ' fel Jls J ' Amos Atchison Atkinson Bailey Bo nw ell Bebb Berqulst Bergsten Berreckman Blessing Bosley Bu -ki ighcm Cody, F. Cody, W. Chrisfoph Cloussen Cogan Cooper Cotter Dole Ford Gohde, G. Gohde, R. Golding Homon Hordt Hasselbolch Hoys Hewitt Hobbs Hook James Jensen Jones Kennedy Kunes LoShcllc Lintz McKilllp Moore Osborne Pec ha Puis Scanlon Scheer Skinner Tatom Trabert Tracy Weber Whitemon Whitney Yungblut Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1 865 Established at University of Nebraska, 1897 Gommo Theta Chapter One Hundred Fifteen Chopters Plue and Gold Page 358 Actives William Bailey, Omaha, ' 54; Robert Barnwell, Lisco, ' 54; Ernest Bebb, Jr., Omoho, ' 54; Peter Bergsten, Winnetko, III., ' 54; Alfred Blessing. Ord, ' 52; Carl Brosce, Omoho, ' 53; Robert Brown, Sargent, ' 53; Dean Buckingham, Lincoln, ' 54; Fredric Cody, Broken Bow, ' 52; Winslow Cody, Broken Bow, ' 53; Richard Christoph, Glencoe, III., ' 54; Richard Cloussen, North Plotte, ' 54; Douglas Dole, Ord, ' 52; Ceroid Ford, Grand Island, ' 54; George Gohde, Lincoln, ' 54; Jerry Golding, Lincoln, ' 53; Otto Homon, Omoho, ' 53; Ronold Hordt, Lincoln, ' 52; Hal Hasselbolch, St, Edward, ' 54; Robert Hobbs, York, ' 54; Robert Hook, Rushville, ' 54; Theodore James, Nopersviilc, III., ' 54; Walt Korff, Hebron, ' 54; James Kreycik, Wood Lake, ' 53; Robert LaShcllc, Omoho, ' 53; Lee Moore, Grand Islond, ' 51; Robert Osborne, Omoho, ' 53; Donald Petersen, Lincoln, ' 52; Dorrell Puis, Elwood, ' 54; Donald Rose, North Plotte, ' 54; Vcrl Scott, Mitchell, ' 53; William Sloan, Burwell, ' 52; James Tracy, Denver, Colo., ' 54; William Weber, Omoho, ' 54; Somuol Whitemon, Jr., Hostings, Grod; Grant Whitney, Ainsworth, ' 54. Pledges Nicholas Amos, III, Winnetko, III., ' 55; Robert Atchison, Cozod, ' 55; Gerald Atkinson, Foils City, ' 55; Cloudc Berreckmon, North Platte, ' 55; Lyie Blue, Lincoln, ' 54; Jon Carpenter, Missouri Valley, lowo, ' 55; John Chambers, Lincoln, ' 55; George Cogan, Omoho, ' 55; Donold Cooper, Oshkosh, ' 55; Gene Cotter, Lincoln, ' 54; Roger Gohde, Lincoln, ' 55; James Hoys, Glenwood, Iowa, ' 54; Donald Hewitt, Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 54; Jerry Jensen, David Jones, Lincoln, ' 55; Richord Kelly, North Platte, ' 54; Bruce Kennedy, Ains- worth, ' 55; Leon Kreiner, Dovey, ' 54; Kenneth Kunes, Moywood, III., ' 54; Jock Lintz, Johnson, ' 55; Williom McKillip, McCook, Grod; Robert Pecho, Son Bernardino, Colif., ' 54; Don Scanlon, Lincoln, ' 55; Bernord Scheer, Seward, ' 55; Morris Skinner, Jr., Ainsworth, ' 55; John Totom, Omoho, ' 55; Jack Trobcrt, Lincoln, ' 55; Richard Watson, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 55; John Welch, Omaha, ' 55; Gerald White, Omaho, ' 55. Alfred Blessing President Richard Claussen . Vice President Robert Osborne Secretary Douglas Dale Treasurer New 1951 ATO pledge program emphasized " Help Week " ; The annual Fiji-Tau Tussle was won by Alpha Tau ' s again The Combo Has Jazz Get-Together for Relaxation Accentuate that down-beat. ATO ' s and Dates Pose in Their Original Costumes The party theme — a Commie Rally. MHimiuii Rush week motto of the ATO ' s was a change from " Hell " to " Help " week. Pledge work helped them to win second place in the Homecoming decorations with the theme, " ATOmize the Jayhawks. " The Tau ' s athletic ability won the Fiji-Tau tussle for the second consecutive year. They cele- brated at the Commie Rally party and formal dinner dance. The top biennial event of the fraternity, the Story Book ball, will be held in ' 53. The ATO ' s showed their campus spirit by being prominent in activities. Union honors went to Corn Cob Bob LaShelle, who was awarded the Union achievement award, and Ernie Bebb, an outstanding worker. Kosmet Klub workers were Mac Bailey and Pete Bergsten, who was also assistant business manager for the Dnily Nehrnsknn. ATO President Al Blessing was tapped Innocent. Honoiary membership included Doug Dale, Delta Sigma Pi, business administration honorary, and Dean Buckingham, Sigma Tau, engineering honorary. Prominent in athletics were Verl Scott, Carl Brasee, George Gohde, Ted Jomes, Bill Weber, Dick Christoph, Al Blessing, Doug Dale, Dick Watson, Ken Kunes, Mac Bailey, Lee Moore and Gene Cotter. Richard Buls President Albert Wartchow . Vice President Kenneth Meisinger . Secretary Del Toebben Treasurer Beta Sig ' s rated the outstanding national chapter; Darwin McAffe headed Cadet Officers Association The Boys Watch the Television Programs Intently This could get to be a habit. Beta Sigs Concentrate on Their Books Busy minds apply themselves. mu m) PHI mwvv ' n - v, ' m Delta chapter of Beta Sigma Psi was named as the outstanding chapter of the year by the national office of Beta Sigma Psi. Musical influence was strong at the Beta Sig house. John Nelson end Dick Huebner were mem- bers of the ROTC band. Harry Giesselman, Ken Schmidt and Elton Monismith were University Sing- ers, and Richard Buls was a member of the marching band and vice-president of Gamma Lambda, band honorary. Membership in Sinfonia was also claimed by many of these men. Editor Bert Warchow and Assistant Editor Phil Ostwald worked hard on the ( ' l rasli(i lihw Print. Warchow was also on the Engineering Executive board, and Ostwald was a Corn Cob member. Darwin McAfee served as president of Cadet Officers Association as well as Pershing Rifles head. Bert Holthus and Kenneth Meisinger were chosen for membership in Alpha Kappa Psi, business administration honorary. The Beta Sig Homecoming float captured the second place title. The Barbory Coast party, Christmas party and Sweetheart ball were enjoyed socially. Andreesen Anderson Arndt Bauermeister Broekemeier Buls Bunsen Dahike Dannehl Diedrichsen Ebner Eggert Flicker Giesselman Glesmann Gront Henkel Holmquist Holthus Huebner Koenig Koepke Kostbahn Kroeller, H Kroeller, R. Larabee Larson Mack Martens McAfee Meisinger Miller Monismith Mortvedt Neitzel Ne son Ostwald Otto Pearson Phillippi Renner Roberts 5c h eele Schee r Schuize Simon Sirks Sjogren Toebben vor Karr pen VVollr nan Wartchow Weber Actives Don Anderson, Stromsburg, ' 52; Richard Bauermeister, Omaha, ' 53; Roland Beideck, Lincoln, ' 53; Harlon Broekmeier, Columbus, ' 52; Richard Buls, Seward, ' 53; Dale Bunsen, Bertrond, ' 53; James Dahike, Benedict, ' 52; Lavern Dannehl, Bertrond, ' 54; Richard Dunklau, Lincoln, ' 53; Richard Eggert, Fremont, ' 53; Walter Flicker, North Platte, ' 54; Harry Giesselman, Arlington, ' 52; Arnold Glesmonn, Papillion, ' 54; Williom Wilfred Henkel, Norfolk, ' 52; Bruce Holmquist, Bertrond, ' 52; Kelly Holthus, Bertrond, ' 54; Richard Huebner, Plottsmouth, ' 54; Kroeller Harvey, Lincoln, ' 53; Darwin McAfee, Tolmoge, ' 52; Rich- ord Mack, Big Springs, ' 54; Winston Martens, Linco ' n, ' 53; Kenneth Meisinger, Louisville, ' 53; Eugene Miller, Sidney, ' 52; Elton Monismith, Lincoln, ' 54; John Nelson, Nebraska City, ' 54; Phil Ostwald, Omoho, ' 53; Owen Otto, Lincoln, ' 54; Richard Pearson, Papillion, ' 54; Larry Philippi, Lexington, ' 54; Dean Schei;r, Arlington, ' 54; Duane Simon, Foils City, ' 54; Charles Sindt, Naponee, ' 52; lllors Sirks, Lincoln, ' 53; Willard Speck, Ashland, ' 52; Delmer Toebben, Arlington, ' 52; William VonKompen, Hastings, ' 52; Albert Wortchow, Onioha, ' 52. Pledges Frank Andreesen, Filley, ' 52, ck Arndt, Platte Cent. 55; Howard Diedrickson, Bancroft, ' 55; Stan Ebner, Lincoln, ' 55; Robert Gront, Lincoln, ' 55; Ken Koenig, Lincoln, ' 55; James Koepke, Blue Hill, ' 55; Karl Kostbahn, Lexington, ' 55; Richard Kroeller, Lincoln, ' 55; Jored Lorabee, Lincoln, ' 55; Gerald Larson, Holdrege, ' 53; Robert Mortvedt, Dell Ropids, S. D., ' 55; Herman Neitzel, Lincoln, ' 55; William Renner, Lincoln, ' 55; Leslie Roberts, Tecumseh, ' 55; Paul Scheele, Lincoln, ' 55; Charles Schuize, York, ' 55; Howard Selk, Chodron, ' 53; Don S|ogren, Axtell, ' 53; Bernard Wollmon, Filley, ' 54; Oliver Weber, Scotts- bluff, ' 55; John Willoch, Lincoln, ' 55, Founded at University of Illinois, 1925 Estoblished at University of Nebraska, 1929 Delta Chapter Five Chapters Cardinal Red and White Page 361 £££5il Bentz Hornngton Johnson Malster Peters Swonson Founded at Miami University, 1839 Established at University of Nebraska, 1i Alpho Tau Chopter Ninety-six Chopters Pink ond Blue Page 362 Actives Mox Andrews, Lincoln, ' 53; Rox Andrews, Linco ' n, ' 52; Theodore Borger, Lincoln, ' 54; Edward Egon, Omaha, ' 53; James Foley, Grand Island, ' 53, Hugh Follmer, Omaha, ' 52; Robert Gongel, Ncbrosko City, ' 53; William Gongel, Nebraska City, ' 52; John Greer, Peru, ' 53; Williom Greer, Peru, ' 55; ' William Hem, Alliance, ' 53; Robert Howard, Omaha, ' 53; Robert Howey, Lincoln, ' 53; Gone Johnson, Holdrcgc, ' 52; Dave Kauf, Hastings, ' 54; Richard Kizzier, Holdroge, ' 52; Raymond Loucks, Grand Island, ' 53; Gordon Luikart, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 52; David Mackie, Omoha, ' 53; Robert Meehon, Lincoln, ' 54; William Michelson, Grond Island, ' 52; Kenneth Minnick, Alliance, ' 52; Keith Mumby, Harrison, ' 53; Jomes Nisscn, Wayne, ' 52; Peter Peters, Omoha, ' 52; John Pomcroy, Omaha, ' 52; Stuart Reynolds, Pipestone, Minn., ' 53; Paul Shedd, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Hubert Shellenberger, Allionce, ' 53; Donald Shultheis, Wayne, ' 52; Jerry Siegel, Lincoln, ' 52; Ronald Smoho, Wilmettc, III., ' 54; Neil Stumbaugh, Alliance, ' 53; Dole Swanson, Omaho, ' 54; Charles Swingle, Lincoln, ' 54; Chorles Thompson, York, ' 52; Thomas Wcckcs, r-lebraska City, ' 53; Miller Whithorn, Omaha, ' 54; Harlan Wiedcrspan, Lincoln, ' 54; Chorles Wright, Scottsbluff, ' 54; Rockford Yapp, Manhattcn, Kos., ' 54. Pledges Don Anderson, Hastings, ' 55; Col Bentz, Hastings, ' 55; Chuck Chomiey, Flondrcou, S. D., ' 55; Dick Clork, Omaha, ' 53; Jock Gillesr c, Hastings, ' 55; Tom Harrington, York, ' 55; Tom Healy, Creston, Iowa, ' 55; Larry Horshberger, Omaha, ' 55; Mike Holyoke, Pasodena, Calif., ' 54, Darrell Kompfc, Omoha, ' 55; Don Keerons, Omaha, ' 55; George Madsen, Dakota City, ' 55, Bob Malster, York, ' 55; Ron Mc- Kenzie, Omaha, ' 55, Dick Pickett, Cheyenne, Wye, ' 55, Doug Roberts, Lincoln, ' 55; Jon Tuning, Grand Island, ' 55; Phil Visek, Omoho, ' 55; Don Westphol, Grond Island, ' 55; Joe Whitemon, Hostmgs, ' 55. William Hein . Keith Mumby . William Michelson William Greer . . President Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer Betas won third place with Homecoming decoration; Johnson named innocent, Cornhusker business head AM Set for a Ride in the Beta Truck " Our Gem " won ' t start. Hunting Fever Storms the Beta House Results — 100 pheasants. Innocent Gene Johnson led the Beta house in activities, holding down the positions of treasurer of Innocents, business manager of the CORNHUSKER and treasurer of Corn Cobs. Jack Greer and Stu Reynolds worked for the junior class. Greer was junior class treasurer, manager of the Union board, a College Days board member and was voted one of the most Eligible Bachelors. Reynolds was AUF treasurer and a member of Corn Cobs. Sophomores Rocky Yapp and Harlan Wiederspan were head of Ag solicitations for AUF and assistant AUF treas- urer, respectively. Basketball, swimming, track, wrestling, base- ball and football were some of the many sports that were represented in the Beta house. President Bill Hein lettered in track, and Dave Mackie copped a wrestling letter. " We ' ve Got ' Em on Ice " was the slogan that won third place for the house in the 1951 Home- coming displays. In the social department the Beta ' s held their two successful annual parties, the Roaring Twenties and Honeymoon Hotel. Carl Hayward President Warren Andrews . Vice President Claus Uggia Secretary Robert Smith Treasurer Delta Chi ' s were active in Engineering organizations; October 14th marked annual affair for the chapter Some After-Dinner Socializing is on the Slate Piano is the place for gathering. Some of the Boys Prefer Bridge to Music Fourth for bridge is no problem at DX house. Activities, studies, classes and parties con- sumed the time of the Delta Chi ' s. Corn Cobs Ron Anderson and Glenn Paulsen worked hard in the organization. Clous UggIa was elected to Delta Theto Phi, honorary law fraternity. Kenneth Ellis was an- nounced as distinguished military student and be- came a member of the honorary psychology frater- nity, Psi Chi. Marion Sisley was a member of the Society of American Military Engineers and Amer- ican Institute of Architecture. Interested in another phase of engineering, Robert Smith belonged to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and helped to plan Engineers ' Week. Showing a loyal citizen ' s interest were Charles Hammond, who was a member of the Soil Con- servation Society of America, and Charles Parmen- ter, who was a member of NUCWA. Highlights of the year were the Christmas party and the annual spring formal. The Founders ' Day banquet, October fourteenth, was an annual affair with the chapter members, alumni, their wives and dotes attending a dinner dance. Leading the Delta Chi ' s as second semester president was Bill Betz. 0 ' " ' Sisley Cullins Douglas Ellis MacLeoy Noble Paulsen Street Uggla Wakely Actives Worren Andrews, Ashland, ' 53, Williom Betz, Bellvue, ' 52; Thomas Douglas, Omaha, ' 52; Kenneth Ellis, Lincoln, ' 52; Richord Green, Lincoln, ' 52; Charles Hammond, Hozord, ' 52; Corl Hoyword, Hyannis, ■52; Homer Hobbs, Beatrice, ' 53; John Huse, Hubbard, ' 52; John McKenzie, Fremont, ' 52; Kenneth MacLeoy, Redlands, Calif., ' 52; Joseph Neol, Bartley, ' 52; Leslie Noble, Beatrice, ' 53; Russell Parmenter, Omaha, ' 52; Merrill Ream, McCook, ' 52; Marion Sisley, Alliance, ' 53; Robert Smith, Sheridon, Wyo., ' 52; Clous Uggia, Stockholm, Sweden, ' 52. Pledges Roland Anderson, Hyannis, ' 54; Donald Collins, Hyannis, ' 55; Bob Lundberg, Lincoln, ' 52; Glenn Poulsen, Omaha, ' 54; George Street, Omaha, ' 54; Willis Wakely, Mullen, ' 55. Founded ot Cornell University, 1890 Established at University of Nebraska, 1909 Thirty-nine Chopters Red and Buff Page 365 Andersen Delli Pool Greiner Koesfner Linstrom Ruhffson Mogill Schade Cornazzo Carter Coatmon Ferris Ficke Fitch Hallock Hand Hills Loferia Lone, E. Lane, R. Nelson Peterson Pcttiiohn Pteiler Schorf Short Turner Wendell Founded ot City College of New York, 1 899 Estoblisheci at University of Nebrosko, 1925 Alpha Phi Chapter Seventy Chapters Nile Green ond White Actives Dorrell Adamson, Cherokee, Iowa, ' 53; Charles Andersen, Alliance, ' 53; Lee Carter, Lincoln, ' 54; Leroy Coatmon, Foirbury, ' 54; Robert Conover, Bridgeport, ' 53; Donald Delli Pooli, New York, N. Y., ' 53; Mark Dittmon, Lincoln, ' 52; Gene Eno, Lincoln, ' 53; Richard Fenslcr, Omaha, ' 52; Walton Ferris, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Ficke, Lincoln, ' 54; Roger Fitch, Lincoln, ' 54; Robert Greiner, Lincoln, ' 52; Ronola Hagen, Lincoln, ' 54; Robert Hallock, Burwell, ' 53; Peter Koestner, Dearborn, Mich , ' 53; Kent Kelley, Beaver City, ' 53; Joseph Laferia, Omaha, ' 52; Edwin Lane, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 52; Robert Lane, Lewellen, ' 54; Don Peterson, Keystone, ' 52; James Pettijohn, Oregon, Mo., ' 53; Williom Pfciler, Lincoln, ' 54; Harmon Ruliffson, Eogle, ' 52; John Schade, Enola, ' 53; John Schorf, Curtis, ' 52; Peter Slusor, New York, N. Y., ' 54; Dale Turner, Altodeno, Calif., ' 53. Pledges Ralph Bard, Woverly, ' 55; Jerry Cornazzo, Omaha, ' 55; Thomas Graham, Lincoln, ' 53; Ben Hand, Bellevue, ' 55; Richard Hill, St. Paul, ' 55; William Hurst, Lincoln, ' 55; L. G. Lawrence, Craig, Mo., ' 55; Harold Linstrom, Omoho, ' 55; Vernon Magill, Curtis, ' 55; Tim Nelson, San Leandro, Calif., ' 54; Lloyd Reed, Lincoln, ' 55; Robert Short, Craig, Mo., ' 55; Richard Wceden, Lincoln, ' 55; Paul Wendell, Lincoln, ' 55. Page 366 Charles Andersen .... President Mark Dittmon . . . Vice President Joe Laferlc Secretary Don Delli Paoli Treasurer Shively appointed to Beta Gamma Sigma honorary; Delta Sig ' s Apache Ball highlighted their social season The Delta Sigma Phi ' s began their social activities of the year with an Apache ball which is an annual costume party in the fall The theme of their formal party was the Carnation boll. The spring Sailors ' ball climaxed party life at the house. Activities were pursued by some of the Delta Sig ' s. Robert Hallock was a member of Corn Cobs this year. Dale Turner was a Kosmet Klub worker, while Kent Kelly was a Kosmet Klub member. Jim Pettijohn took pictures for the CORNHUSKER. Chuck Andersen served as secretary of the Inter- fraternity Council for the year. Robert Shively, a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, business administration honorary, received the Best Editor award of all Delta Sigma Phi chap- ters. Robert Hallock was named to Sigma Psi, pro- fessional pharmacy honorary. In the athletic limelight were three varsity wrestlers, Darrell Adomson, Ed Lane and John Scharf. Working for berths on the varsity swimming team were Pete Slusar and Lloyd Reed. Congratulations went to the Delta Sig ' s for their top ranking Homecoming float in the 1951 Home- coming parade. Delta Sig ' s Enjoy Their Sunday Night Supper Question is — are there seconds? The Boys Hammer Away on Homecoming Float This is a firm foundaf-ion. Bsm Richard Lander Donovan Crook William Adams Howard Pearson President Vice President Secretary . Treasurer Four outstanding engineers chosen for Sigma Tau honors; Five Delt athletes participated in 1951 varsity football Delt ' s and Dates Enjoy House Party They stoop to enter. Delt ' s Assemble Huge Cornhusker for Homecoming Paste, paper and wire — paper mache. Four Deit ' s were named to Sigma Tau, en- gineering honorary, this year. They were Jack Hurl- burt. Jack Warren, Don Crook and Herb Saxton. George Paynich, Max Kennedy, Jerry Paulson, Jerry Yeoger, Harvey Goth and Jerry Bingham all played varsity football. Freshman sprinter Brien Hendrickson helped spark the varsity track team. Playing his third year of varsity baseball was Ray Mladovich. Don Hodge and Max Kennedy per- formed nimbly for the varsity gymnastic team. Vice president of the junior class title went to Bill Adams, who was also named top Kosmet Klub worker of the year. President Dick Lander was voted one of the Eligible Bachelors. Bob Hasebroock spent his extracurricular hours debating, working on the speakers bureau for AUF and working on Builders. Builders also claimed the time of Eldon Pork who had charge of Siiidmi Directory distribution. Glenn Nelson spent his time on the sports staff of the Ihiily . cl)r( The Hangover and French costume party were successful events as was the annual formal. The fall banquet honoring the alumni and the Delt sister- daughter banquet in the spring were other big events on the calendar. m£. i. i3£.S.M. MMki 4. cs o. f . n. pw r 5 f . Adams, J. Adams, W. Allen Bee 1 B erg Berghel Bevington B sh Blockett Cook Crook Decker Dev vhirst F eke Glantz Grc ve H anson Hart Harvey, R chc rd Harvey, Rodney Hasebroock Haverly Hendrickson Hodge Karabatso Kennedy Krantz Loflin Lender Lightner Loudon Lowell McClure McVoy Mardis Mathiesen Means Mladovich Mueller Nelson, G. Nelson, J. Nielson Olson Park Paulson Paynich Pearson Pedersen Regan Rosenqtiist Sample Saxton Schade Schilling Simonson Skallo Sprague Srb Stratford Tooley Vondel Warren Weber Wells Woods Wright Yeoger Zinnecker Actives William Adams, West Point, ' 53; Thomas Beol, Omoho, ' 52, Waldo Berg, Beatrice, ' 53; Alfred Blockett, Omoho, ' 52; Don Crook, Ainsworth, ' 53; Bob Ficke, David City, ' 52; Don Gearke, Lincoln, ' 53; Harvey Goth, Lincoln, ' 54; Robert Hasebroock, West Point, ' 54; Richard Horvey, Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 54; Horry Haverly, Omaha, ' 53; George Korobatsos, Fairbury, ' 53; Bill Keeney, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 54; Max Kennedy, Beatrice, ' 54; Lewis Loflin, Lincoln, ' 54; Richard Lander, Ardmore, Penn., ' 52; Tom McVoy, Brookfield, Mo., ' 52; Raymond Mladovich, Omaha, ' 52; Glenn Nelson, Central City, ' 54; Duane Nielson, Moorhead, Iowa, ' 53; Eldon Pork, Lincoln, ' 54; Jerry Paulson, Dell Rapids, S. D., ' 54; George Paynich, Des Ploines, III., ' 53; Howard Pearson, Western Springs, ML, ' 52; Henry Pederson, Omaho, ' 54; Harley Richordson, Smithfield, ' 52; James Rosenquist, Omaha, ' 52; Bertrand Sample, Madison, S. D., ' 54; Herbert Saxton, Rapid City, S. D., ' 53; Keith Skallo, Beatrice, ' 52; Barney Sprague, Red Cloud, ' 54; Jack Warren, Beatrice, ' 53; Donald Woods, Haigler, ' 52. Pledges James Adams, Aurora, ' 55; Fred Allen, Auburn, ' 55; Robert Berghel, Omaha, ' 55; Robert Bevington, Beatrice, ' 55; William Bish, Rocky Ford, Colo., ' 53; Paul Cook, Curtis, ' 55; Charles Decker, Lincoln, ' 55; Milton Dewhirst, Grond Island, ' 55; Donald Glantz, Central City, ' 55; Alan Grove, Dell Ropids, S. D., ' 54; Douglas Hanson, Omoho, ' 53; David Hart, Omaha, ' 55; Rodney Harvey, Wouneto, ' 54; Brien Hendrickson, Lincoln, ' 55; Donald Hodge, Beatrice, ' 55, John Judd, Kankakee, 111., ' 55; Gene Lightner, Lincoln, ' 53; James Lowell, Lincoln, ' 55; Albert McClure, Wymore, ' 54 Hans Mothieson, Grand Island, ' 55; Hal Mardis, Lincoln, ' 55; Emry Mauch, Basset, ' 54; Paul Means, Omoho, ' 55; Jock Nelson, Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 55; Dovid Olson, Lincoln, ' 55; Ronald Pilgrim, York, ' 54; George Regan, Madison, ' 55; Charles Schode, Sidney, Iowa, ' 53; Richord Schilling, Lincoln, ' 55; Ted Simonson, West Point, ' 55; Joseph Srb, Omoho, ' 55; Richard Stratford, Beatrice, ' 55; Robert Tooley, Columbus, ' 52; Robert Vandel, Mitchell, •54; David Weber, Lincoln, ' 55; Richard Wells, Lincoln, ' 55; Walter Wright, Onowo, lowo, 55; Jerry Yeoger, Hastings, ' 54; Bennett Zinnicker, David City, ' 55. Founded at Bethany College, 1859 Established ot University of Nebraska, 1894 Beta Tau Chapter Eighty-five Chopters Purple, White and Gold Page 369 1 f Alden Giesler Ledbetter Ovenden Robinson Spicer Barton Gibbs Lewis Perrenoud Rose, J. Strasheim Baugher Hofstetter Loch Peters Rose, L. Beechom Johnson, R Lynch Pflosterer RotheM, C. Thompson Biehn Johnson, R McKee Rodemoche RotheM, G. Burmeister Johnson, R. W. Moore Rondecker lith Weber Dennis Johnston Mosher Rhynolds Sorkin Wells Founded ot WiMiams College, 1834 Estoblished at University of Nebroska, 1898 Tau Delta Omicron Chapter Seventy Chapters Gold ond Blue Actives Williom Alexander, Holdrege, ' 52; Richord Asmussen, Norfolk, ' 52; Don Biehn, Lincoln, ' 54; Charles Burmeister, Wahoo, ' 52; Donald Cooper, York, ' 51; Howard Dennis, Scottsbluff, ' 52; John Gibbs, Custer, S. D., ' 54; Robert D. Johnson, Holdrege, ' 53; Robert E. Johnson, Omoha, ' 52; Robert W. Johnson, Lincoln, ' 52; Paul Johnston, Lincoln, ' 52; Kirk Lewis, Ord, ' 52; Robert Loch, Sidney, ' 53; Richard Lynch, Kearney, ' 54; Robert Lyons, North Platte, ' 52; Robert McKee, Lexington, ' 53; Jerry Minnick, Cambridge, ' 54; Clyde Moore, Lincoln, ' 53; Robert Mosher, Lincoln, ' 52; Ronold Ovendon, Sidney, ' 53; Richord Peters, Atlanto, Ga., ' 53; Paul Ptlasterer, Crete, ' 53; Frank Rodemocher, Omoho, ' 53; William Rice, Lincoln, ' 53; Rogers Ritter, Kearney, ' 51; Vince Robinson, Kearney, ' 53; James Rose, Auburn, ' 52; George RotheM, Tccumseh, ' 52. Dick Sattcrfield, Ord, ' 51; Robert Scvcrson, Ord, ' 53; Philip Spicer, Red Oak, lowo, ' 53; Arnold Strasheim, Lincoln, ' 53; James Terry, Woterloo, lowo, ■53; Tom Tolen, Ord, ' 53; James Wells, Lincoln, ' 53; Norm Wilnes, Sidney, ' 52; Dick Worrall, Wohoo, ' 52. Pledges John Alden, Auburn, ' 52; Jerome Barton, Gering ' 55; Jock Baugher, Woterloo, Iowa, ' 55; Jock Beechom, Lincoln, ' 54; Stewart Corlson, Holdrege, ' 53; William Giesler, Keorney, ' 54; Max Hecht, Lincoln, ' 55; James Hofstetter, Kearney, ' 55; John Ledbetter, Keorney, ' 55; DeAlton Lewis, Lincoln, ' 55; Don Perrenoud, Omaha, ' 55; Tom Prettymon, Omoho, ' 55; Jock Rondecker, Lexington, ' 54; Gene Rhynolds, Dorchester, ' 54; Lorry Rose, Auburn, ' 55; Chorles Rolhell, Tecumseh, ' 55; Fronk Smith, Omoho, ' 55; Richord Sorkin, Kansas City, Mo., ' 55; Charles Thompson, Bornngton, IM., ' 55; Corl Weber, Kearney, ' 55. Page 370 Chuck Burmeister .... President Kirk Lewis .... Vice President Thomas Tolen Secretary Phil Spicer Treasurer World Herald selected Minnick All Big Seven; DUs placed in Ivy Day sing for the fourth year The Living Room Balcony Has Many Singing Sessions High altitude improves intonation. DU ' s Talking Things Over Early Saturday Morning Those sound like pretty tall tales. Sophomore Jerry Minnick ' s selection to the World Herald ' s All Big Seven football team and Don Cooper ' s outstanding pole vaulting performances in the Sugar Bowl and throughout the country were top athletic achievements out at the DU house this year. House President Chuck Burmeister led the DU activity list. Chuck was the Daily Nebraskan circu- lation manager, in Kosmet Klub, Corn Cobs and COA. John Gibbs was active in Builders and Red Cross. Jim Terry was named one of the Eligible Bachelors. Social events topped the DU fall calendar. Some one hundred alumni attended an Alum Roundup after the Penn State football game. The Stable Stomp highlighted the fall house parties, as the DU great hall was transformed into an authentic stable led by the KFAB Radio Rangers. The Orchid formal, complete with orchids flown from Hawaii, was very successful as well as the annual outdoor Lawn party in the spring. An award for the fourth consecutive year in the Ivy Day sing topped spring events. NROTC Com- pany Commander Bob Mosher led the chapter as second semester president. Clayton Yeutter Rex Messersmith Everett Wilkens Steve Eberhart . President Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer Innocents Messersmith, Robinson led activity roster; Ag scholastic honorary claimed 18 Farm House men Lost in the Daily Reading of the Daily Nehraskan Results — well informed men on campus. Settled Down for Some Good Record Playing Could be Bach or Beethoven. Farm House boasted eighteen men in Alpha Zeta, scholastic Ag men ' s honorary, this year with Clayton Yeutter as chancellor, Gene Robinson, censor, and Art Becker, chronicler. The Innocent interfroternity scholarship-activity trophy was again presented to Farm House. The group ' s outstanding activity men were headed by Innocents Rex Messersmith and Gene Robinson. Rex was active on Student Council and served as Conihusker Countryman editor. Block and Bridle vice president and assistant manager of the Farmers ' Fair board. Gene was president of Corn Cobs, the University 4-H club and was on the Ag Exec board. Treasurer of Student Council was Wayne White who was also a Corn Cob, Ag Exec board member and manager of Coll-Agri-Fun board. Clayton Yeutter was C.ornhusker Cimntrwuin managing editor. President and vice president of the Ag YMCA were Steve Eberhart and Don Reeves, Dick Walsh was president of the Ag Union board. Arthur Becker was Voc Ag club president, while Dale Reynolds was Ag editor of the Daily JSrhraskan. Fourteen Farm House men participated in Tri-K, and twelve men were busy in Block and Bridle. Anderson Aschwege Becker Carter Clegg Dovidson Eastin Eberhort Edwords Gard Gruber Hansen, R. Hanson M. Harris Heiss Heuermann Hild Johnson Jones Jundt Korges Kluna Knobel Kruger Lambert Marsh Messersmith Meyer Moody Nitzel Paneitz Rowlings Reeves Reynolds, D. Reynolds, R. Robinson Stone Stuber Swonson Viehmeyer VIosin Walsh Warner Weber Wesely White Wilkens Ycutter Actives Rolan Anderson, York, ' 53; Arthur Becker, Albion, ' 53, Burt Carter, Chappell, ' 53; Denzil Clegg, Gothenburg, ' 54; Rex Crom, Pawnee City, ' 52, Steve Eberhort, Bassett, ' 52; Joe Edwards, Stella, ' 54; Ray Gord, Beaver Crossing, ' 53; Ralph Honsen, Calloway, ' 52; Morvin Hanson, Red Cloud, ' 52; Darrell Heiss, Page, ' 52; Keith Heuermann, Phillips, ' 54; Ralph Hild, Plattsmouth, ' 52; Don Johnson, Albion, ' 54; David Jones, Hastings, ' 52; Gilbert Karges, Albion, ' 52; Adrian Kluna, Crd, ' 52; Paul Kruger, Fort Colhoun, ' 53; Thomos Lambert, Ewing, ' 52; Lee Messersmith, Allionce, ' 53; Rex Messersmith, Allionce, ' 52; Rex Meyer, Phil ' ips, ' 54; Wayne Moody, Auburn, ' 54; Marvin Paneitz, Foirbury, ' 53; Oren Row- lings, Central City, ' 53; Donald Reeves, Central City, ' 52; Eugene Robinson, Oshkosh, ' 52; Dale Reynolds, St, Paul, ' 54; Roland Reynolds, St. Paul, ' 52; Roger Sandy, York, ' 52; Kenneth Stone, Lyons, ' 54; Charles Stuber, St. Michael, ' 52; Roy Vlosin, Crete, ' 53; Glen Viehmeyer, North Plotte, ' 53; Richard Wa ' sh, Utico, ' 52; Jerome Warner, Waverly, ' 52; James Weber, Funk, 54; Elden Wesely, Cedar Bluffs, ' 54; Woyne White, Auburn, ' 53; Everett Wilkens, DeWitt, ' 52; Cloyton Yeutter, Eustis, ' 52. Pledges Jock Aschwege, Palmer, ' 55; Merwyn Davidson, Lincoln, ' 55; Brock Dutton, Gering, ' 55; Jerry Eostin, Modrid, ' 53; Keith Erlewine, Grant, ' 55; Don Gruber, Cozod, ' 55; Charles Harris, Lebonon, ' 55; Dwighl Jundt, Creighton, ' 55; Junior Knobel, Foirbury, ' 55; Calvin Lemmon, Crowford, ' 55; Glenn Marsh, Archer, ' 53; Dale Nitzel, Central City, ' 55; Rollo Swonson, Woverly, ' 55. Founded ot University of Missouri, 1905 Established of University of Nebroska, 1911 Eleven Chapters Green, Gold and White Page 373 Ijf , ' eK ' » ' = 4 Barnhort Cozier Gibbons Lahners Ncumeyer Rohon Warrick Bailey Crawford Gohlinghorst Lawson Nordin Schimm Wehrman Berg Curtis, Harper Lind Oden Seger White Beltzer Curtiss, t Jeary Lunner Ohman Strassler Browning Davis Kath McElhaney Otte Swanson Wilcox, G. Boyie Deuser Koch Mead Overhcit Sullivan Wilcox, D. Moreland Reichenbach Wagner, D. Witty Colomy Gordner Krogh Mnuk Rice Wagner, Wolf Founded ot University of Virginio, 1869 Established ot University of Nebraska, 1897 Alpho Psi Chapter One Hundred Twenty-five Chapters Scorlet, Green and White Page 374 Actives John Bailey, Omoho, ' 54; Edward Berg, Omoha, 53; Donald Browning, Onrioho, ' 53; George Coder, Well- fleet, ' 52; Williom Cozier, Washington, D. C, ' 53; Mark Crowford, Lincoln, ' 54; Allen Curtiss, Hyonnis, ' 52; Guy Curtiss, Imperial, ' 53; Jack Davis, Kearney, ' 53; Chorlcs Deuser, Omoha, ' 52; Dick Ford, Fairbury, ' 53; Jock Gardner, Ansley, ' 54; Ted Jeory, Lincoln, ' 52; Sid Kath, Kimball, ' 53; Chorles Kiffin, Omoho, ' 54; Joe Koch, Lincoln, ' 54; Gordon Krogh, South Sioux City, ' 53; Jock Manning, Cascode, ' 54; Richard Meod, Scottsbluff, ' 54; Frank Mnuk, Omaha, ' 53; John Montgomery, Lincoln, ' 52; Darrel Moreland, Simlo, Colo., ' 52; Lowell Neumeyer, Bennington, ' 53; Lorry Nordin, Omaha, ' 52; Kenneth Ohman, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Otte, Neligh, ' 53; Don Overholt, Omaha, ' 54; Larry Pollard, Nehawko, ' 52; Robert Reichenbach, Lincoln, ' 52; Richard Rice, Neligh, ' 53; Paul Rohon, Bystricko, Czechoslovokio, ' 54; Fred Seger, Omoho, ' 54; John Sullivan, Erie, Penn., ' 54; Roy Swanson, Lincoln, ' 52; Richard Tilly, Goodlond, Kos., ' 54; Donold Wagner, Lincoln, ' 52; Jock Warrick, Meadow Grove, ' 54; Bob Wehrmon, Nelson, ' 53; Don Winkelmonn, Imperial, ' 53; George Wilcox, Lincoln, ' 52. Pledges Richard Barnhort, Omoho, ' 55; William Beltzer, Grand Island, ' 55; Ted Boyle, Lincoln, ' 55: Williom Burke, Omoho, ' 55; Burbonk Colomy, Paso Robles, Colif., ' 55; Walter Everett, Lyons, ' 54; Gory Fusselmon, Bris- tow, ' 55; John Gibbons, Comstock, ' 55; Stanley Gohlinghorst, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 55; John Horper, Lin- coln, ' 55; Delbert Hunt, Lincoln, ' 55; Thomas Kissler, Lincoln, ' 55; Ronald Lahners, Grand Island, ' 55; Jerry Lawson, Superior, ' 54; Donald Lind, Lincoln, ' 55; Robert Lunner, York, ' 55; Donald Oden, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 55; Jerry Schrcph, Lincoln, ' 55; John Scbold, Grond Islond, ' 55; Roger Shimm, Mayvillo, Wis., ' 54; Robert Smith, Grand Islond, ' 55; George Strassler, Lincoln, ' 55; Rollond Wogner, Lincoln, ' 55; Robert White, Lincoln, ' 55; Douglas Wilcox, Lincoln, ' 55; Albert Winseman, Stello, ' 55; Thomos Witty, Lincoln, ' 55; Gus Wolf, Omaha, ' 54. Larry Nordin President Kenneth Ohman . . Vice President Jack Davis Secretary Allen Curtiss Treasurer Kappa Sigs again claimed two busy Innocents; Reichenbach also named to Beta Gamma Sigma Ye Olde Kappa Sig Quartet Entertains it ' s a smile and a song. Kappa Sigs Hold Their Annual Barn Dance Hi pardner — western style. The Kappa Sigs again claimed two Innocents. Bob Reichenbach put in many hours as Interfrater- nity Council vice president and chairman of the College Days board along with his Innocent ' s duties. Innocent George Wilcox was never idle with the work entailed with being director of the 1951 Fall Revue for Kosmet Klub and vice president of Student Council. Another activity minded Kappa Sig was Jack Davis, who was district chairman of the Builders board and a drum major for the University marching band. Charlie Kiffin worked in Builders, Corn Cobs, Kosmet Klub and was elected to the Publica- tions board. Doug Wilcox worked as a sports writer for the Daily Nehraskan. Freshman Bob Smith was outstanding in the backfield for the varsity football squad, and Fred Seger was an added spark to the basketball team. Darrel Moreland and Doug Wilcox were on the track and wrestling teams, respectively. The house took on a rustic appearance for the annual Barn dance with lots of straw and cowboy costumes. The winter formal was combined with the alumni banquet. Mothers and fathers of the boys were each honored at banquets. Stephen McKenzie Donald Wahl . . William Farmer Paul Gustafson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Six Phi Delts participated on varsity football team; Don Devries boosted pep squads as 1951 Yell King Phi Delts Indulge in Some Recreation Just passing some time. After Lunch Haircuts are on the Agenda Be careful with the ears. Sports highlighted most of the activities in the Phi Delt house this year. Walt Weaver was intra- mural singles tennis champion, while Chick Battey was intramural golf champion. Intramural football also interested the chapter, as the house played their way to become " B " team football champions. Varsity football lettermen included Tony Winey, Cliff Dale, Jim Oliver, Jim Sommers and Bill Giles. The Phi Delt freshmen shone this year, as George Mink played varsity football and Frank Falloon played basketball. Irv Thode, Charlie Hunley, Jack Anderson and Don Wahl contributed their talents to the varsity track team. In campus elections, Dick Phelps was elected senior class secretary, and Jim Munger was voted one of the most Eligible Bachelors. In Cadet Officers Association were Bob Gilmore, Bob Holtz, Dick Phelps and Steve McKenzie. Steve Carveth was elected president of the chapter for the second semester. Swinging doors and bowery costumes set the scene for the Phi Delt Bowery party. Springtime meant the Miami Triad, with its week-end of a dance and picnic. The annual Christmas and spring formals enjoyed their usual success socially. o n p A p ' a. C|4 f C . ' j - 4 £ ' f ,!p iT-N f--5 M " Alden Capek FoMoon Hamsa Lou Norsworlhy Thode Aldrich Carr Faymon Harris Leffler Oliver Ayer Carter Lovell Tberger Anderson, A. Carveth Fisher Heckenlive ' y McKenzie Peterson Phelps Anderson, J. Colson Gerlach Hodder Meissner Anderso Dale Gilrrore Hunley Mink Anderson, P. Devries, D. Glorfield Huston Mitchell Schreiber Wieland Bottey Devries, W. Gustofson, f Kiekloeter Muenster Smith Winey Beach Donelon Gustofson, P. Lancoster Munger Stebbins Woodruff Actives Bill Aldrich, Lincoln, ' 54; John H. Anderson, Omaho, ' 53; John T. Anderson, Lincoln, ' 53; Paul Anderson, Lincoln, ' 53; Randy Ayers, Lincoln, ' 53; Charles Battey, Lincoln, ' 53; Owen Beach, St. Joseph, Mo., ' 54; Dole Capek, Lincoln, ' 54, Steve Carveth, Lincoln, ' 53; Keith Colson, South Sioux City, ' 54; Jamie Curran, Buenos Aires, Argentina, ' 52; Cliff Dole, Falls City, ' 54; Don Devries, Lincoln, ' 53; Bill Farmer, Falls City, ' 53; Bob Foyman, Atchison, Kons., 53; Ken Fisher, Omaha, ' 53; Stcn Gerlach, Lincoln, ' 53; Bill Giles, Alli- ance, ' 54; Bob Gilmore, Omaha, ' 53; Paul Gustofson, Gothenburg, ' 53; William Harris, New York City, N. Y., ' 54; Jock Heckenhvely, Omoho, ' 52; Bill Hodder, Lincoln, ' 53; Charles Hunley, Falls City, ' 54; Som Huston, Grand Island, ' 52; Dick Lou, Lincoln, ' 52; Eldon Lovell, Beatrice, ' 53; Jock McCann, Lincoln, ' 52; Stephen McKenzie, Hebron, ' 52; Jim Munger, Lincoln, ' 53; Jim Oliver, Shelton, ' 54; Lorry Ozenberger, St. Joseph, Mo., ' 54; Richard Phelps, Lincoln, ' 52; Louis Roper, Lincoln, ' 53; Wink Stebbins, Gothenburg, ' 55; Irv Thode, Loup City, ' 53; Bob Volz, Omaho, ' 54; Donald Wohi, Omaha, ' 52; Wolf Weover, Lincoln, ' 53; Richard Westin, Omaha, ' 54; Chick White, Lincoln, ' 52; Dick Wieand, Lincoln, ' 54; Toney Winey, Shelton, ' 53; Foster Woodruff, Lincoln, ' 53. Pledges Dick Alden, Auburn, ' 55; Al Anderson, Lincoln, ' 55; Don Becker, Lincoln, ' 55; John Carr, Omaha, ' 55; Joe Corter, Lincoln, ' 55; Bill Devries, Lincoln, ' 5 5; Jim Donelon, Omaha, ' 55; Frank Falloon, Falls City, ' 55; Dick Gerlach, Lincoln, ' 55; Keith Glorfield, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 55; Don Gustofson, Gothenburg, ' 55; Bill Hamsa, Omaho, ' 55; Charles Haupt, Lincoln, ' 55; Ted Kiekhoefer, Foils City, ' 55; Bill Lancaster, Kearney, ' 55; Don Leffler, Holdrege, ' 55; Herbert Meissner, Omaha, ' 55; George Mink, Omaha, ' 55; Bob Mitchell, Hebron, ' 55; Don Muenster, Omaha, ' 55; Jim Norsworthy, Gothenburg, ' 55; Gordon Peterson, Auburn, ' 55; Jim Reissner, Bertrond, ' 55; John Schreiber, Lincoln, ' 55; Bob Seldon, Lincoln, ' 55; Lorry Smith, South Sioux City, ' 54; Ron Smith, Albuquerque, N. M., ' 55; Rolph Whitney, Omaho, ' 55. Founded at Miami University, 1848 Established at University of Nebraska, 1875 Alpha Chopter One Hundred Fourteen Chapters Blue and White Page 377 D O C) 1 O O P iM it M I ' M M, Q . 9 9 Coffey Gnmm Linn Mclcher Roitt, C. Swoim Bedker Cornish Hancock Lowe Melville Roitt, R. Thompson Harkson Madden Mohrmon Davison Holmquist,A Mallat Nelson Robertson V iiJfih Founded at Woshington and Jefferson University, 1848 Established at University of Nebraska, 1898 Lambdo Nu Chapter Eighty-one Chopters Royal Purple and White Actives Donald Bedker, North Platte, ' 53; George Berigan, Omaha, ' 52; Jerry Berigan, Omaha, ' 52; Ted Cannon, Milchell, ' 53; Richard Corson, Omoho, ' 52; William Coftey, Jr., Rushville, ' 52; Jomes Cornish, Omoho, ' 52; Leo Eistetter Jr., Mexico City, Mexico, ' 53; John Elwell, Sidney, ' 53; Eugene Gessncr, Lincoln, ' 52; Richard Coll, Tekomoh, ' 53; Edward Gross, Omaha, ' 52; Paul Grimm, Blair, 53; George Honcock, Lincoln, ' 53; Wayne Handshy, Hollywood, Calif., ' 53; Sevcrin Harkson, San Mateo, Calif., ' 52; William Holmquist, Ook- land, ' 52; Jock James, North Plotte, ' 53; Fredrick Karrer, McCook, ' 52; Williom Kcoblcr, Omaha, ' 53; Waldo Knutzen, Son Mateo, Calif,, ' 52; Donald Larson, Decatur, ' 52; Edward McCoy, Los Angeles, Cahf., ' 52; Otto Mallat, Lincoln, ' 53; Gerald Motzke, Lincoln, ' 52; Myron Moupin, North Plotte, ' 54; Williom Melcher, Omoho, ' 52; Williom Melville, Broken Bow, ' 54; David Minord, Omaha, ' 52; J. H. Mohrmon, Lincoln, ' 52; William Nelson, Millord, ' 54; Richord Olson, Omoho, ' 52; Jock Poop, Otoe, ' 52; Jerry Palmer, Tekomoh, ' 54; Donald Pederson, Omoha, ' 54; Jock Phinncy, Mitchell, ' 54; Ronald Raitt, Ainsworth, ' 53; Gerald Robertson, Lyons ' 53; Glenn Rosenquist, Lincoln, ' 53; John Sinclair, Los Angeles, Calif., ' 53; Walter Stephenson, Omoho, ' 52; Robert Swoim, North Platte, ' 53; Burkett Von Kirk, Woshington, D. C, ' 54; Daniel Wolkensdorfer, Herndon, Kons., ' 54; Con Woolwine, Pratt, Kons., ' 53; Robert Yorwood, Omoho, ' 52; Pledges Murray Bockhous, Millard, ' 55; James Bronson, Mitchell, ' 54; Richard Bush, McCook, ' 54; Lorin Caley, Springfield, ' 54; William Cannon, Milchell, ' 55; Frank Chapman, Grand Island, ' 55; Jock Chedester, Omaha, ' 54; Richard Cotfey, Rushville, ' 55; Gory Crom, Lyons, ' 55; Dean Davison, Ainsworth, ' 53; Phillip Eyen, Lincoln, ' 54; John Forsyth, Broken Bow ' 55; William Honscom, Lincoln, ' 55; August Holmquist, Ooklond, ' 55; Herbert Hrusko, Sidney, ' 54; Frank Linn, Kimball, ' 55; Dorrcl Lloyd, North Plotte, ' 55; John Lowe, III, Keorney, ' 54; James McGeochin, Orleans, ' 54; Patrick Modden, Lincoln, ' 55; Stanley Motzke, Lincoln, ' 55; Donold Nuss, Sutton, ' 55; Kenneth Osborne, Ainsworth, ' 55; James Porrish, Lincoln, ' 55; Dexter Peterson, Omaha, ' 53; Charles Roitt, Ainsworth, ' 55; Gole Rondel, McCook, ' 54; Jerry Roc, Ben- nington, ' 55; Edword Schmitt, Mansfield, Ohio, ' 54; Emerson Scott, Denver, Colo., ' 54; Tom Thompson, Ponco City, Oklo., ' 55; Thomas Tobin, Tekomoh, ' 55; James Tye, Kearney, ' 55; John Shull, Topeko, Kons., ' 53; Richard Wodlow, Lincoln, ' 53; Dennis Womsloy, Sidney, ' 55; Koy Woolman, Lincoln, ' 55. Page 378 Donald Larson President James Cornish Treasurer Glenn Rosenquist .... Secretary Wayne Handshy .... Historian Phi Gamma Delta took 2nd in Kosmet Klub Revue; Chedester, Hancock cheered as yell squad members Two important treasurers resided at the Phi Gam house this year. Bob Swaim was elected as treasurer of the senior class. Glenn Rosenquist was Interfraternity Council treasurer, besides working on the junior class council and on the Publications board. Jerry Matzke held down the job of Kosmet Klub vice-president along with his Innocents duties. The job of treasurer for the Nebraska University Council on World Affairs also took some time. The " Flicker Flashbacks " skit took second place honors in the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue. Con Woolwine was voted one of the most Eligible Bachelors. Jack Chedester and George Han- cock helped to boost school spirit as members of the yell squad. Don Larson participated in Student Council and was o member of the Cadet Officers Association. Lucky dates to the Rose formal each received one dozen roses. Phi Gams flocked to the annual Fiji-Tau tussle in the spring. Pledge Power Moves the Rugs and Chairs Whistle while you work. Phi Gam ' s Polish up Their Kosmet Klub Skit Hard work brings second place. 11. James Stephenson Robert Myers Donald Noble . . Jerry Schiermeyer President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Phi Psi ' s celebrated their 1 00th year anniversary; Innocents Axtell and Billig led campus activities Phi Psi ' s Construct Their Homecoming Display It ' s details that take time. When the Boys Arise for a Dinner Announcement Good times together at meals. Highlighting the Phi Kappa Psi year was the celebration of their one hundredth anniversary on Founders Day, February 19, 1952. The Phi Psi ' s were proud of their football letter- men, 1951 All-American Bobby Reynolds and Rich Regier. Freshman Duane Rankin also played varsity football. Their prominence in campus activities was evidenced by their two Innocents, Dick Billig, secretary, and Kent Axtell. This year ' s CORNHUS- KER Editor Billig also wrote the minutes for Kosmet Klub, while Kent Axtell was on the Student Council, a Kosmet Klub member and former associate editor of the Daily Nebraskan. Don Noble was busy as a College Days board. Student Council and Corn Cobs member and as assistant business manager of the CORNHUSKER. Larry Anderson, Dick Hovendick and Jim Kirsch- baum were Corn Cobs, and Cal Kuska was a CORNHUSKER sectionhead and Corn Cobs worker. Tom Miller and Jack Fitzgerald were Kosmet Klub workers. Rich Regier was voted one of the most Eligible Bachelors. The Shipwreck and Ubangi costume parties in the fall were popular campus events. In December they held their formal winter banquet. Alkire Andersen Axtell Bachm an Betzelberge Billig Brestel Brittin Charleston Clement Collins Day Denniston Dick Fitzger □ Id Frei Fritts Gass Harding Hendrickson Hovendick Jackmc Karnetf Kniselv Kusko. D Kusko, C. Lodds Lewis Long McGreer Miller Mor row Myers Noble, David Noble, Donald Peterson Regier Ph pps Sarnes Sov lie Savage Schiermeyer Schroeder Schultz Sherwood Sm ith Stephenson Thompson Vencill Williorr s Young, D. Young, 1 Active s Larry Andersen, Grand Island, ' 53; Kent Axtell, Beatrice, ' 52, Robert Bochmon, Grond Island, ' 54; Rich- ard Billig, Omaha, ' 52; Robert Brittin, Lincoln, ' 53; William Cambridge, Omaha, ' 55; Donald Collins, Lin- coln, ' 54; Bruce Crawford III, Omaha, ' 52; Don Dovis, Lincoln, ' 54, John Dick, Fremont, ' 53; LeGront Ex- trom, Holdrege, ' 54; Jerry Fenton, Lincoln, ' 53; John Fitzgerald, North Platte, ' 54; Larry Fronzen, Hold- rege, ' 53; Donald Frei, Grand Island, ' 54; Dwight Frittz, Jr., Omaha, ' 54; Edward Gass, Columbus, ' 52, Nelson Harding, Omaha, ' 53; Bruce Hendrickson, Holdrege, ' 52; Richard Hovendick, Craig, ' 52; Herbert Jockman, Grant, ' 52; Ronald Kornett, Omaha, ' 54; Calvin Kusko, Omoha, ' 54; Daniel Kuska, Chodron, ' 54; Jock Lodds, Shenondooh, Iowa, ' 53; Louis Lehman, Jr., El Paso, Texas, ' 53; Edwin Lewis, Falls City, ' 53; James Mossey, Grond Island, ' 53; Thomas Miller, Columbus, ' 54; Robert Myers, Rapid City, ' 53; Donald Nobel, Holdrege, ' 53; David Nobel, Jr., Omaha, ' 53; Richard Paschal, Des Moines, lowo, ' 53; David Phipps, Lincoln, ' 53; Richard Regier, Son Luis Obispo, Calif., ' 52; Robert Reynolds, Grand Island, ' 53; John Sav- age, Omaha, ' 53; Dudley Seville, Lincoln, ' 53; Jerry Schiermeyer, Beatrice, ' 52; John Schroeder, Omaha, ' 52; Richard Schultz, Columbus, ' 53; Robert Sherwood, Orleans, ' 53; James Stephenson, Nebrosko City, ' 53; Charles Talbot, Broken Bow, ' 53; Richard Thompson, Fremont, ' 54; Jonathan Wallace, Jr., Minneapo- lis, Minn., ' 54; Donald Willioms, Rockey Ford, Colo., ' 53; Lawrence Yost, Fremont, ' 55. Pledges Dovid Alkire, Lexington, ' 55; Charles Betzeibergei Charleston, Holdrege, ' 55; Roy Clement, Fremont, ' 54; Lyie Denniston, Nebraska City, ' 55; James Knis ■55; John McGreer, Lincoln, ' 55; John Morrow, Cok Rankin, Lincoln, ' 55; Donald Son Platte, ' 55; Duane Young, Columb , Lexington, ' 55; Joseph S ' 55; Russel Young, Grant Tecumseh, ' 54; John Brestel, Chappel, ' 54; Richord Robert Day, Lincoln, ' 55; Thomas Day, Lincoln, t, t lorth Plotte, ' 54; Keith Long, Rapid City, S. D., bus, ' 54; Theodore Peterson, Holdrege, ' 55; Duane ' 55 nth, Omaha, ' 55; Robert Vencill, North Founded at Washington and Jefferson University, 1852 Established at University of Nebraska, 1895 Alpha Chapter Fifty-eight Chapters Cardinal Red end Hunters ' Green 55. Page 381 Jf , , f . Anderson Armitstead Brown Deitering Hoffman, D. Hoffman, F. Husmonn, E. Husmann, R. Jeonnoutt Loerch Lowry Mason Matthews Nober, A. Naber, H. Nelson Norton Novak Palmer Prochosko Reinhard Riordon Romiue Schneider ■ cronton Sheets Sheffield Spatz Springmon Steube teven Stol nski Venell Walton Wornke Woym re Wiedmoier Founded at Chorleston College, 1904 Estoblishcd at University of Nebraska, 1915 Nu Chapter Fifty-three Chapters Gold ond White Actives Warren Anderson, Phillips, ' 52, Paul Armitsteod, Keene, N. H,, ' 52; Duone Dietering, Richmond, Calif., ' 52; Donald Hoffman, Omaha, ' 52; Frank Hoffman, Omaha, ' 53; Edword Husmonn, Ogollalo, ' 53; Donold Leonard, Madrid, Iowa, ' 54; Wallace Loerch, Tekamah, ' 53; John Motthews, Aurora, ' 52; Albert Naber, York, ' 52; Herbert Naber, York, ' 52; Leiond Nelson, Omaha, ' 53; Gene Norton, Elgin, ' 52; Leon Novak, Broinard, ' 52; Wallace Palmer, Steele City, ' 52; George Prochaska, Ulysses, ' 53; George Reinhard, Broken Bow, ' 53; Willis Romiue, Red Cloud, ' 52; Andrew Sheets, Edinboro, Penn., ' 52; Charles Sheffield, Ogollola, ' 52; George Spatz, Seward, ' 52; Jack Steven, York, ' 52; John Stolinski, Omoho, ' 52; Curtis Venell, Shickley, ' 52; Donald Wornke, Sterling, ' 53; Charles Waymire, Sterling, ' 53; Lawrence Wiedmoier, Falls City, ' 52. Pledges Jerry Brown, Norfolk, ' 53; Dick Husmann, Oqallalo, ' 55; Donald Jeonnoutt, Lincoln, ' 55; William Kolb, Lexington, ' 54; Chorles Lowry, Columbus, ' 54; Floyd Moson, York, ' 54; Robert Parker, Omaha, ' 55; James Riordan, Omaha, ' 52; Gene Scranton, Tekamoh, ' 55; Bill Schobacker, Mindcn, ' 54; Paul Schneider, Ains- worth, ' 54; Clark Springmon, Polmiro, ' 55; Paul Steube, Omoho, ' 55; Donald Vodehnol, Loop City, ' 55; Fronk Wright, Philadelphio, Penn,, ' 52; Bill Walton, Lincoln, ' 55. Page 382 Curtis Venell President Wallace Loerch .... Secretary Leon Novak Treasurer Business administration honors bestowed to Pi Kap ' s; Three men helped strengthen varsity football line Pi Kap Cord Sharks Play on Intensive Game Who said " Time out for a coke? " The Boys Toke Advantage of a Cold Winter ' s Day One of the boys prefers the books. Andrew Sheets and Mort Novak shared scholastic honors this year. Sheets was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Mu Epsilon, mathematics honorary. Novak served as president of Alpha Kappa Psi in business administration and was elected to Beta Gamma Sigma, highest scholastic honorary in business administration. The Pi Kap ' s ranked fifth in scholarship in the men ' s division. Ed Husmann, George Prochaska and Bill Shabacker were standout performers on the varsity line of the football squad. In another phase of athletics, the pledges upset the actives in the annual pledge-active basketball game. The chapter claimed a wide variety in the ages of their men this year. Taking honors for the oldest was Warren Strand, forty-four, and the opposite extreme was Clark Springman, sixteen. Leon Novak, Earl Dunning and Curtis Vennell also served as officers in Alpha Kappa Psi, business administration honorary. Andrew Sheets was hon- ored for receiving the outstanding Naval Science junior award given by the National Bank of Commerce. The Harbor Lights costume party and annual Rose formal were tops on the Pi Kap social calendar for the season. Cy Johnson President Joe Gifford .... Vice President Jim Buchanan Secretary Jim Norton Treasurer Sig Alph Gifford president of Senior class; Jim Buchanan crowned as 1952 Prince Kosmet Window Washing Time at the Sig Alph House Inspiration — must be fall weather. Sig Alph ' s and Kappa ' s Get Set for an Hour Dance Roll out that " welcome " mat. Royolty and officers were plentiful in the Sig Alph house. Jim Buchanan reigned as Prince Kosmet of 1951 and was also president of Sigma Epsilon Kappa, physical education honorary. President of the senior class was Joe Gifford. Bud Ward was elected UMOC, ugliest man on campus. The SAE ' s captured top intramural golf honors and second in the A football intramural league. Jim Buchanan, Joe Good, Jim Snyder and Bud Ward were all returning varsity basketball players. Golf, basketball, football, plus swimming, track and baseball kept the Sig Alph ' s athletically interested. Socio! life at the house continued throughout the season. A Western party in the fall and a Bowery party in the spring were on the costume party list. At Christmas time the Sig Alph ' s entertained the Cedars Home for children at a party. Giving up three meals to help raise money, the chapter boasted one hundred percent contribution to the AUF charity drive. Prominent in activities were Fred Mesmer, president of Scabbard and Blade, Tom Larsen, AUF board member, Don Sampson, Corn Cobs worker. Bill Dugan and Norm Rasmussen. n |! .p rj TH 5 f Q P Pi f ' Q 0) J O ( f Lf. ? f . - rt. Jr:M£ O P Q Bobcock Baehr Bartizal Beerline Bradley Brubaker Buchan Cramer Crosby Cashing Davis Desmond Duling Evans Fry Goss Geesen Gifford Guinane Hamilton Homme Jeffrey Johnson, C. Johnson, R. Jouvenot Keller Koester Lorsen Ludwick McGorry Miller Mlinor Modisett Moulton Norton Peterson Phillips Prucka Quinn Rasmussen N Rosmussen, W. Ready Sampson Shainholtz Snyder Stockstill Ward Weddle Leach Oslund Rickly Lebsock Perry Roberts Wellensiek, K. Wcllensiek, P. Actives Max Baehr, Long Beach, Calif., ' 52; Robert Bartizal, Lincoln, ' 54; Glenn Beerline, Alliance, ' 53; Larry Bourn, Lexington, ' 52; Don Bradley, Scottsbluff, ' 53; James Brubaker, New Carlisle, Ohio, ' 54; James Buchanan, Fort Wayne, Ind., ' 52; LeRoy Crosby, Omaha, ' 54; Jerry Desmond, Lincoln, ' 53; William Du- gan, Glenn Ridge, N. J., ' 52; Bruce Evens, Lincoln, ' 52; Jerome Evans, Lincoln, ' 52; William Fry, Beatrice, ' 52; Gerald Goss, Red Cloud, ' 53; Joe Giftord, Lincoln, ' 52; Joe Good, Lincoln, ' 53; Clif Hamilton, Lincoln, ' 54; Vol Hammond, Nebraska City, ' 52; James Horns, Omaha, ' 54; James Hoover, Lincoln, ' 54; William Huber, Omaha, ' 53; Donald Imig, Seward, ' 54; Cy Johnson, Ainsworth, ' 50; Robert Johnson, Council Bluffs, lowo, ' 54; Jerry Jouvenot, Lincoln, ' 52; Lee Keller, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 53; Ro bert Kubitschek, Lincoln, ' 53; Tom Lorsen, Lincoln, ' 54; John Leoch, Omaha, ' 53: Gus Lebsock, Lincoln, ' 53; Fred Mesmer, North Platte, ' 53; William Miller, Sterling, Colo., ' 54; Richord Mlinar, Columbus, ' 53; Col Modisett, Omaha, ' 52; Richard Moulton, Lincoln, ' 52; James Norton, Osceola, ' 52; Richard Oslund, Lincoln, ' 53; Ed Perry, Lincoln, ' 53; Irvin Peterson, Lincoln, ' 53; Jock Phillips, Lincoln, ' 52; James Quinn, Omoho, ' 53; Noel Rosmussen, Omaha, ' 53; Norman Rosmussen, Central City, ' 53; Warren Rosmussen, Central City, ' 52; George Eugene Ready, Hortington, ' 54; William Rickly, San Diego, Calif., ' 53; Ron Roeder, Omaha, ' 53; Roger Runion, Lincoln ' 52 Don Sampson, Central City, ' 54; Jack Scoville, Hortington, ' 52; Robert Seacrest, Lincoln, ' 52; William Shainholtz, Omaha, ' 53; James Snyder, Winchester, Ind., ' 53; Harrison Ward, Ploinfield, Ind., ' 52; Neal Weddle, Falls City, ' 52; Karl Wellensiek, Grand Island, ' 52; Paul Wellensieck, Grand Islond, ' 52; James Winter, Hot Springs, S. D., ' 53. Pledges Robert Arnold, Grand Island, ' 55; Robert Bobcock, Line Jerry Brown, Steubenville, Ohio, ' 54; Charles Bugenhoger Al Cromer, Wayne, ' 54; Tom Cushing, Hastings, ' 53; Jc n, ' 55; James Brown Norfolk, ' 54; Willian :k Davis, On Ohio, Steubenville Compbell, Lincoln, ' 55; ' 55; Richard Duling, Lincoln, ' 55- Louie DuTeou, Lincoln, ' 55; Ted Forke, Lincoln, ' 55; Edmund Gazinski, West Allis, Wis., ' 55; Parker Geesen, Seward, ' 55; Jerry Guinone, Omaha, ' 53; Pete Jeffry, Omaha, ' 55; Donald Koester, Alliance, ' 54; Pot Long, West Allis, Wis., ' 55; Pot Lee, Grand Island, ' 55; William McGorry, Norfolk, ' 54; Rus Morgan, Elwood, ' 54; Robert Oberlin, West Allis, Wis., ' 55; Hi Prucha, Omoho, ' 54; Rodney Roberts, Kearney, ' 55; Jock Stockstill, Lincoln, ' 55; Jim Yeisley, Coin, Iowa, ' 55. Founded at University of Alabama, 1 856 Established of University of Nebraska, 1893 Lambda Pi Chopter One Hundred Twenty-nine Chopters Purple ond Gold Page 385 Fogel Lipton Spitzer Bush Friedman Major Stern Cohen Crounse Goer Goiter Plotkin Pred Weinberg Dworkin Hondelmon Rochman Weisgurt Epstein Kahn Schrier Wohlner Fellmc Kohll Founded at City College of New York, 1 909 Established ot University of Nebrosko, 1926 Sigma Omicron Chapter Fifty-nine Chapters Purple and White Actives Phillip Alberts, Omaha, ' 53; Leonard Bush, Omoho, ' 52; David Cohen, Rock Port, Mo., ' 54; Emonuel Dwor- kin, Merrick, N. Y., ' 54; Iro Epstein, Omoho, ' 53; Gerry Fellmon, Omoho, ' 54; Paul Goiter, Lincoln, Grod.; Allon Gorfinkle, Leavenworth, Kons., 54; Joseph Kahn, Omaha, ' 54; Marvin Kohll, Omoho, ' 52; Borton Rochman, Omoho, ' 54; Donald Silverman, Omoho, ' 54; Jerome Spitzer, Omoho, ' 54; Justin Stern, Omoho, ' 54; Gerald Weinberg, Omoho, ' 54; Eugene Wohlner, Omoho, ' 53; Milroy Zveitel, Grond Island, ' 53. Pledges Alan Crounse, Omoho, ' 55; Donny Foget, Omaha, ' 55; Morvin Friedmon, Lincoln, ' 55; Gerald Goer, Omoho, ' 55; Edword Handlemon, Omoho, ' 55; Mourice Lipton, Omoho, ' 55; Dovid Mojor, Storm Loke, Iowa, ' 55; David Plotkin, Omoho, ' 55; Romon Pred, Lyons, ' 55; Symour Shrier, Lincoln, ' 55; Earl Schuman, Fort Worth, Texos, Grad.; Sol Weinberg, Omoho, ' 55; Morse Weisgurt, Lincoln, ' 55; Bernord Wishnow, Lin- coln, ' 55. Page 386 Leonard Bush Eugene Wohlner Paul Gaiter . . President Secretary Treasurer Sammies played host at 1952 national convention; Three PBK ' s revealed: Magid, Moskovitz, Mozer Sammies Decide to Substitute Talk for Books Time for relaxation and conversation. The Trophies Take on an Even Shinier Appearance Industrious pledges show good results. Activities and scholarship sparked the Sammies during the last year. Listed among the Phi Beta Kappas were to be found the names of Mayer Moskovitz, Barnard Magid and Forrest Mozer. Forrest Mozer was also elected to Sigma Xi, national science honorary. Activity men included Corn Cobs Len Bush, Gene Wohlner and Ira Epstein. Joe Kahn was a member of Block and Bridle. Athletics also came to the front with Ira Epstein and Dan Fogel as members of the varsity gymnastics team. Ira also served as a cheerleader and participated in N club activities. In spring sports, Bart Rochman attained a berth on the freshmen tennis team. Dave Cohen was music editor of the Daily Nebraskan and, therefore, by-lined a weekly column, " Cords and Discords. " Other Sammie journalists included Len Bush and Gerry Fellman, who were editor and assistant editor of the Husker Handbook. " Omaha and you in ' 52! " was the keynote as Sigma Omicron chapter at Nebraska played host to the 1952 national convention of Sigma Alpha Mu in the fall. Social activities were manv and varied. Charles Curtiss President Gene Bruening . . . Vice President Dan Tolman Secretary Eldon Schafer Treasurer Homecoming, Kosmet, Ivy Day Ists to Sigma Chi ' s; Industrious Sig ' s rated high military, sports honors Monday Night Means a Sigma Chi Serenade The Sig ' s are marching. Pledges Plus Work Equals Homecoming Display Efforts bring first place. Trophies were plentiful at the Sigma Chi house this year. First place in the Ivy Day Sing went to the Sig ' s. " We ' ll Get ' Em In The End " was the slogan on the winning Homecoming display decora- tions. The " March of Time " skit rated top honors in the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue. All this and second place in the Homecoming parade were won by the industrious Sig ' s. Th house also rated many activity men. Don Pieper was managing editor of the Daily Nebraskan, Jim Downey was vice-president of Corn Cobs and president of Arnold Air Society, and Dan Tolman was elected secretary of the junior class. Eldon Schafer, Carr Trumbull and Mike Lawlor also worked in activities, with Lawlor as a CORNHUSKER sectionhead and AUF board member. In the sports department, " Moon " Mullen, Ted Conner, Dan Brown, Bill Holoran and Kenny Moore played varsity football. Dan Tolman and Bob Barchus were N men in track and Dick Spongier in golf. John Dean and Gene Bruening were battalion commander and cadet colonel in the Navy and Air Force ROTC, respectively. Socially, there was the Sig Woodchopper ' s ball and Sigma Chi Sweetheart formal. Boettcher Curtiss Hahn Marsholl Ralston Snyder Wells, F. Bohmont Dean Heidelk Miller, James Rudloff Sorenson Wells, G. Bridges, E. DeBord Hofgard Miller, John Russell Spearman Wood Actives James Abernothy, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Robert Barchus, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Allen Bomard, Lincoln, ' 53; Don Bohmont, Lincoln, ' 53; Edson Bridges, Omaha, ' 54; Morvin Bridges, Omaha, ' 52; Frederick Bruening, Hart- ington, ' 52; Allan Carper, Plottsmouth, ' 54; Jerry Colling, Wilsonville, ' 53; Ted Connor, Hastings, ' 53; Richard Cordell, Lincoln, ' 52; Charles Curtiss, Geneva, ' 52; John Deon, Hostings, ' 52; James Downey, Scottsbluff, ' 52; Richard Duerr, Liberol, Kons., ' 54; Donald Dunbor, McCook, ' 54; Lowrence Dunning, Rio Grande, Texas, ' 53; Robert Espegren, Omaha, ' 52; Dovid Enqel, Lincoln, ' 52; Phil Heidelk, Fairbury, ' 54; Williom Hofgord, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Williom Hunter, Omoho, ' 51; Allen Jensen, Fremont, ' 53; John Koveney, Columbus, ' 53; Charles Klosek, Wilber, ' 54; J. Myron Lanspa, Broinard, ' 50; Mike Lowlor, Lincoln, ' 54; Benjamin Leonord, Ainsworth, ' 53; Warren Long, Lincoln, ' 53; Bennett Martin, Lincoln, ' 54; Jack Morrow, Alliance, ' 54; William Morrow, Alliance, ' 53; Robert Mullen, Connelsville, Pa., ' 52; Henry Mullen, Connels- ville, Po., ' 53; John Niehous, Superior, ' 54; Carl Ofe, Plottsmouth, ' 54; Donald Pieper, Omaha, ' 53; John Poulos, Lincoln, ' 52; Fred Russell, Hastings, ' 54; Eldon Schofer, McCook, ' 53; Denny Schneider, Lincoln, ' 53; Stonley Scott, McCook, ' 53; Stanley Shumway, Lyons, ' 54; Roger Smith, Lincoln, ' 54; Frank Sorenson, Lincoln, ' 54; Richord Spongier, Jr., Lincoln, ' 52; Bob Spearman, Ainsworth, ' 54; Sidney Sweet, Hortington, ' 54; Richard Tovis, Lincoln, ' 53; Jim Thomas, Lincoln, ' 52; Don Tolman, McCook, ' 53; Carr Trumbull, Scottsbluff, ' 54. Pledges Bruce Ackerman, Fairbury, ' 55; Gory Ashbough, Plottsmouth, ' 54; Sam Bell, Chester, ' 55; Jomes Boettcher, Wymore, ' 54; Roy Brooks, McCook, ' 54; Don Brown, Sioux Foils, S. D., ' 55; Robert DeBord, Foirbury, ' 55; Paul Ely, North Plotte, ' 54; Joseph Feeny, Grond Islohd, ' 54; Rex Hogon, Mitchell, ' 55; Dole Houn, Hort- ington, ' 55; Bob Hoig, Linco ln, ' 54; William Holloron, Schuyler, ' 55; David Johnson, Hortington, ' 55; Peter Kellaway, Atlantic, Iowa, ' 55; Patrick McNolly, Omoho, ' 54; Jock March, Wayne, ' 55; Charles Marshall, Verdigre, ' 55; James Miller, Omaha, ' 55; John Miller, Omoho, ' 55; Kenneth Moore, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, ' 55; Richard Ralston, Geneva, ' 55; Howard Rudloff, Omoho, ' 54; Gary Sherman, Lincoln, ' 55; Jerry Shumway, Lyons, ' 55; Stanley Snyder, Fairbury, ' 53; Donald Wonek, Wilber, ' 55; Brad Wornomunde, Wisner, ' 53; Gene Wells, Auburn, ' 55 Frank Wells Auburn, ' 54; Allen Wood, Fairbury, ' 53. Founded at Miami University, 1855 Established at University of Nebroska, 1883 Alpha Epsilon Chapter One Hundred Sixteen Chapters Blue ond Gold Page 389 k JA M i tg Altman Axtell Brym Bunten Corothers Christensen Clark Clouatre Dickenman Dinklage Dougloss Dunnuck Duxbury Eatherfon Frei Gaeth Genova Gilmore Gomon Goodrich Hale Hanson Heermonn Henderson Herbst Hunt Iverson John Johnsen Jones Martin Miller Aunson Neef Norsworthy Ponder ROL ch, A. Ro Jch, F. Rouh Recht Ryan OSS Shofer Shellenberg Sipple Wa la Wo rd Wiig Wlllioms Woodward Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 E ' tablished at University of Nebraska, 1909 Delta Eta Chapter One Hundred Ten Chapters Black, White and Gold Page 390 Actives Lyie Altmon, Solino, Kan., ' 52; Richord Axtell, Beatrice, ' 53; Roy Ayors, Lincoln, ' 54; Bill Best, Long- mont, Colo., ' 53; Andrew Bunten, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 52; C. E. Corothers, Broken Bow, ' 52; Herman Dinklage, Wisner, ' 52; William Douglass, Lincoln, ' 53; Richord Dunnuck, Bloomington, III., ' 53; Richord Duxbury, Lin- coln, ' 52; Lorry Eothcrton, Grand Islond, ' 54; John Follys, Blair, ' 52; Milton Frei, Fremont, ' 52; Loren Gaeth, Fremont, ' 52; John Gilmore, Omaha, ' 54; Charles Gomon, Norfolk, ' 54; Hile Goodrich, Crawford, ' 53; Robert Hole, Lincoln, ' 54; Howard Honson, Heimon. ' 54; Ted Heermonn, Stanton, ' 52; John Henderson, Beatrice, ' 52; Mike Hickey, Lincoln, ' 54; Wayne Hunt, Lincoln, ' 54; Howard Herbst, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 53; Bud John, Grond Island, ' 54; L. Paul Johnson, Oakland, ' 52, Springer Jones, Mitchell, ' 53; Bill Knudsen, Lincoln, ' 52; Homer Munson, Son Bernardino, Calif., ' 53; Milton Norsworthy, Gothenburg, ' 54; Thomas Podhoisky, Lincoln, ' 52; James Ponder, Gering, ' 53; Fred Rouch, Grand Islond, ' 53; Don Rauh, Solino, Kon., ' 52; Thomas Recht, Edgar, ' 52; Fran Richardson, Sheridan, Wyo,, ' 54; Bob Rocscr. Ogollolo, ' 52; Stan Sipple, Nebraska City, ' 54; Dick Smith, Omaha, ' 52; Rod Smith, Ogollolo, ' 54; Jerry Warren, St. Edward, ' 52; Don Williams, Lincoln, ' 54; Edward Wills, Scottsbluff, ' 53. Pledges Don Brym, Grand Island, ' 55; Morsholl Christensen, Minden, ' 55; Roy Clark, North Platte, ' 55; Jean Clou- arte, Gothenburg, ' 55; Dick Dickenman, Beotrice, ' 55; James Genova, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 55; Lorry Hickev, Lincoln, ' 55; Gory Iverson, Ponco, ' 55; Jerry Johnson, Lincoln, ' 55; Nick Kozos, Sioux City, iowo, ' 53; Gory Mortin, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 55; Herschel Morton, Lincoln, ' 55; Bill Ncff, Omoho, ' 55: Irving Peterson, Fremont, ' 54; Thomas Woodward, Beatrice, ' 55; Jock Pollock, Stanton, ' 54; Art Rouch, Grand Island, ' 55; Robert Ryan, Lincoln, ' 55; Dole Soss, Bennington, ' 53; Robert Solyers, Malvern, Iowo, ' 53; Richord Shel- lenberg, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 55; Lorry Shofer, Aurora, ' 55; Robert Miller, Lincoln, ' 55; William Wollo, Fremont, ' 55; Bloine Ward, Lincoln, ' 55; Wolly Wiig, Grand Island, ' 55. Jim Ponder President Don Rouh Vice President Stan Sipple Secretory Lyie Altman Treasurer Sigma Nu ' s took 3rd place in Kosmet Klub show; Goodrich given journalism key for outstanding work Sigma Nu ' s Speculate on the Driveway Traffic Cars don ' t look like this. The Boys Enjoy Some Recreational Sport These things do happen. Outstanding in military ranks were Phi Beta Kappa LyIe Altman, colonel in the Air ROTC, and adjutant of Phalanx, Fred Rouch. Serving on the executive council of Cadet Officers Association was Bill Knudsen. Activity-minded Stan Sipple presided as chair- man of the Union publicity board and held the title of assistant business manager of the Daily Nebraskan. The Perry Homo TV show brought third place laurels to the Sigma Nu ' s in the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue. Frank Simon, who played on the varsity foot- ball team, participated in the East-West Shrine game held in San Francisco. For outstanding work in journalism, Hile Goodrich received the journalism Gold Key award. LyIe Altman was elected president of the house for the second semester. A variety of parties marked the Sigma Nu social season. The South Sea Island party, with grass skirts and coconut favors, the Circus party, with lollipop favors, and the White Star formal were highlights. The Gold Rush party was a big success as was the Christmas party for orphans. Bill Anderson Martin Lewis Hyle Thibault Ted Kratt . . . President Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Meyers, Lewis presidents of IFC and junior class; Sig Ep ' s boasted many intramural championships " Sig Ep, " the Parakeet, Learns New Tricks Now watch the birdie. Sig Eps Take Advantage of Nice Fall Weather Car won ' t run — can ' t have fun. Sigma Phi Epsilon claimed two presidents this year. Hod Myers held the title of Interfraternity Council president; while Marty Lewis was elected junior class president. Hod and Marty also kept busy as Corn Cobs, and Marty served as assistant business manager for the CORNHUSKER and fraternity solicitations head of AUF. Tall center for the varsity basketball team was Chuck Ott. Bob Diers was picked on the district NCAA All-Stars baseball team. Lee Alexander set the 220 record at the Big Seven meet at Kansas City, and Bob Kruger was a two-mi ler for the track team. Jim Farris participated on the varsity wrestling team. Along the intramural sports side the Sig Ep ' s won the A football tournament, the A and B basket- ball championship, placed second in golf and track and rated a third place in the free-throw tourna- ment. Ted Kratt was named to Sigma Tau, engineer- ing honorary and Pi Tau Sigma, mechanical en- gineering honorary. Several Sig Ep ' s were members of Alpha Pi Omega, service fraternity. Socially, the Blue party and Breakfast dance, which had Dave Haun ' s orchestra and breakfast at 7 o ' clock were tops. Allen Anderson Andresen Armstrong Barry Benedict Brabec Brandon Brandt Brooker Buehler Carver Clark Curtis Diers Donaldson Doyle Engel Engelhort Foes Farrls Gaskiil Gauger Gibbs Graf Hamann Hamilton Honing Honsen, Allan Hansen, Arthur Hecht Hedden Ingram Jameson Jeffries Jerman Korinek Krott Krumwiede Kruger Lauber Lawson Leggett Lewis Mollette Mallov Moxcy McMoster Mead Miller Morphew Mosher Myers Newell Pete rsen Rider Robinson Russell, Richard Russell, Robert Smith Spotz Srb Sundell Svando Teller Thibault Thom pson Tonjes Tracy Weigel Wenzloff Whitcomb Actives Golen Allen, Ord, ' 54; Bill Anderson, Ord, ' 53; Keith Andresen, Ploinview, ' 52; J. Benedict, Jefferson, Iowa, ' 54; Milo Brabec, Geneva, ' 52; Dave Brandon, North Platte, ' 54; Ken Brooker, Gracewood, ' 52; Bob Buehler, Hinsdole, III., ' 53; Frank Carver, Foils City, ' 53; Jim Clark, Rovenna, ' 53; Bob Diers, West Point, ' 52; Bernie Doyle, North Plotte, ' 53; Pat Engel, South Sioux City, ' 54; Jim Forris, Omaha, ' 53; Doug Freeman, Neligh, ' 52; John Goskill, Superior, ' 53; Norm Gauger, Gront, ' 54; Jim Gibbs, Custer, S. D., ' 53; Don Homonn, Lincoln, ' 53; Al Honson, Nehawka, ' 53; Art Honson, Nehowka, ' 53; Merritt Hedden, Genevo, ' 53; Bob Ingram, Franklin, ' 52; Dean Jameson, Arnold, ' 53; Joe Jerman, West Point, ' 53; Don Konnek, Dwight, ' 52; Ted Kratt, Dearborn, Mich., ' 53; Bob Krumweide, Whittier, Calif., ' 53; Russ Laird, Des Moines, Iowa, ' 52; Wendy Lauber, Geneva, ' 53; Chuck Lawson, Lincoln, ' 52; Marty Lewis, Omaha, ' 53; Pat Mollette, Hooper, ' 54; Jerry Molloy, Hooper, ' 52; Don Moxcy, Lincoln, ' 54; Dove Mosher, South Sioux City, ' 52; Hod Myers, Weeping Woter, ' 52; Al Osborne, Omoha, ' 54; Fred Peterson, North Platte, ' 53; Bob Russell, Fullerton, ' 54; Dick Russell, Fullerton, ' 53; Curt Snowden, Niobrara, ' 52; Louis Stur, Lincoln, Grod,; Ray Sundell, Wisner, ' 53; Bob Svando, Ravenna, ' 53; Gale Teller, Lincoln, ' 52; Hyle Thibault, Pender, ' 53; Borry Thompson, Oshkosh, ' 52; Howard Tracy, Aurora, III., ' 52; Tom Whitcomb, Wisner, ' 53; Gordon Morphew, Omoho, ' 53. Pledges Chuck Armstrong, Omaha, ' 55; Paul Barry, Blair, ' 54; Bill Brandt, Emerson, ' 54; Roy Curtis, Danville, III., ' 55; Lev Donaldson, Auroro, ' 54; Leroy Englebart, Pender, ' 55; Dick Foes, Lincoln, ' 55; Joe Gordon, Lincoln, ' 54; Jock Graf, Tolmoge, ' 53; John HamiMon, Pierre, S.D., ' 55; James Honing, Fcrrogut, Iowa, ' 55; Ross Hecht, York, ' 53; Bud Jeffries, Modrid, ' 55; Bob Kruger, Schuyler, ' 53; Ronald McMoster, Wisner, ' 54; Don Meod, Omoho, ' 55; Ron Miller, Pender, ' 55; Dick Newell, Pender, ' 54; Chuck Oft, Lincoln, III., ' 55; Ray Rider, Wichita, Kons., ' 55; Dick Robinson, Omoho, ' 55; William Smith, Ploinview, ' 55; Dwoin S potz, Plain- view, ' 55; Art Srb, Lincoln, ' 54; Royce Tonjes, Pender, ' 55; Jim Von Duesen, Hooper, ' 55; Horry Weigel, Omoho, ' 55; Bill Wenzloff, Sutton, ' 55. Founded at Richmond College, 1901 Established at University of Nebrosko, 1911 Alpha Chopter One Hundred Eight Chopters Purple and Red Page 393 u ' } w G (? ' ?5 Donovan Ewing FitzgcTold Freeman Goodman Hide Horstman Hunton Johnson Jones Lehmkuhl Luedtke Morquart McEwen Michelet Morehead, F. Moorhead, G. Moshier Nokagowa Noble Osborn Otnes Reis Rogers Rothleitme Trc cy Van VoorhJs Zarobon Widmaier Founded ot Illinois Wesleyan University, 1899 Estoblished at University of Nebrosko, 1925 Phi Chapter Ninety-six Chapters Cherry and Groy Actives C. Lee Bloir, McCook, ' 52; Phil Breslin, Ashlond, Penn., ' 53; Jerry Ewing, Nebrosko City, ' 52; Fred Freemon, Bellevue, ' 52; Gerald Hommong, Fremont, 53; Jerome Hammong, Fremont, ' 52; Adrian Hertik, New York, N. Y,, ' 52; Richard Horstman, Omaha, ' 54; Tom Hunton, Sioux City, Iowa, ' 55; Dole Johnson, Hastings, ' 52; Gory Jones, Hastings, ' 54; John Kessel, Lincoln, Grad.; Don Lehmkuhl, Sidney, ' 53; Normon Luedtke, Omaha, ' 52; Poul Morquort, Westboro, Mo., ' 52, William Mooney, Omaha, ' 53; Floyd Moreheod, Omaha, ' 53; Ken Nokagowa, Honolulu, T. H,, ' 53; Clark Noble, Omoho, ' 53; Fred Novak, Howells, ' 53; Herb Olson, New York, N. Y., ' 52; James Ochsner, West Palm Beach, Flo., ' 53; Robert Otnes, Lincoln, ' 53; Morion Reis, Hamburg, Iowa, ' 52; Thorn Snyder, Omaha, ' 53; Ron Sterkel, Lincoln, ' 52; Myron Trocy, Mitchell, ' 52; Bob VanVoorhis, Chodron, ' 52; Charles Widmaier, Hastings, ' 52. Pledges Tom Donovon, Lincoln, ' 55; Jomes Fitzgerald, Storm Lake, lowo, ' 54; Bernie Goodmon, Almo, ' 53; Don Hide, Hastings, ' 54; Charles KuncI, Omoha, ' 55; Jock Lamphere, Lincoln, ' 55; Randal McEwcn, Lincoln, ' 53; Allen Michelet, Santo Barbara, Colif., ' 53; Duone M iller, Hostings, ' 54; Tom Miller, Pochohontas, Iowa, ' 55; Gerald Moorhead, Stromsberg, ' 55; Fred Moshier, Omoho, ' 54; Donis Osborn, Tolmogc, ' 55; Don Rogers, Honolulu, T. H., ' 55; hAax Rothleitncr, Beatrice, ' 53; Poul Thompson, Omoho, ' 54; Jomes Zarobon, Hastings, ' 55. Page 394 Charles Widmaier Adrian Hertik Fred Novak . . Fred Freeman . . President Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer TKE ' s changed appearance of house this year; Varied honoraries claimed the time of these men And with This the Boys are Off for a Big Evening Looks like an oil important date. TKE ' s Turn Tropical at Miami House Party Moon over Miami — Nebraska style. The Tau Kappa Epsilon house took on a new appearance this year. Minus the old porch and shining with a new coat of paint plus a parking lot, the house added much to the campus. The TKE ' s claimed the winning float in the 1951 College Days parade. President Chuck Widmaier was also kept busy as head of the Union activities board and a member of Corn Cobs, Kosmet Klub and Cadet Officers Association. Thom Snyder was also a member of Kosmet Klub. Many honoraries claimed the time of these men. Bob Van Voorhis and Jim Ochsner belonged to Gamma Lambda, band fraternity. Paul Mar- quand was a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, business administration honorary, Fred Novak, of Delta Sigma Delta, dental fraternity, Adrian Hertik, of Delta Theta Phi, professional law fraternity, and Ron Sterkel was o member of Delta Phi Delta, art hon- orary. Arnold Air Society took the time of Fred Freeman and Adrian Hertik. Socially enjoyed were the Homecoming goose dinner for the alumni, the annual spring picnic, and the most important event, the annual Red Carnation ball. Dale Link . . . Dwaine VanPelt John Nichols Robert Gebhords . . President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Fraternity brother, Sammy Kaye, visited Theta Chi ' s; Intramurals and honoraries kept these men occupied THe Bo s Talk. Things Over with ' ■ ' e Housemother Mother Chris is very understanding. Time for Inspection of the Kitchen Crew I con almost see mv foce there. The top social event for the Theta Chi ' s last year was a visit by Sammy Koye, a Theta Chi brother, May 18, 1951. After a dinner at the house, the chapter went to the Turnpike where Sammy Kaye and his nationally known band were playing. The annual Fugitives ' Frolic party was also top social news. Theta Chi was well represented in campus ac- tivities. Jack Nichols served as co-chairman of Ag Engineers ' E Week. Chuck Luellman was an active participant in Sigma Delta Chi, men ' s journalism honorary. The military situation, too, hod its influence in the fraternity. Bob Gebhords was commander of the Sabre Guard at the Military Ball. Jim McCoy participated as a member of the ROTC marching band. Nearly half of the active chapter was in advanced ROTC. Trident, Alpha Zeto, Pershing Rifles, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Theta Phi, and Nu-Med all had Theta Chi representatives. Jack Fuller, who was also busy with the Student Union activities board, found time to be in charge of intramural bowling. The intramural football team was unbeaten until the second round of play-offs. N-C ' ::s. J. Wilms Actives George Burrows, Adorns, ' 53; Julian Conodoy, Bloomfield, ' 52; Roger Cook, Gregory, S. D., ' 53; Calvin Coulter, Bridgeport, ' 52; Haskell Fishell, Hebron, ' 53; John Fuller, Snyder, N. Y., ' 52; Jotm Futcher, Omoho, ' 52; Robert Gebhords, Rockport. ftAo., ' 53; Arthur Gross, Lincoln. 53; Rolar d Kaspor, Progue, ' 52; Dole Link, Ravenna, ' 52; Charles Luellmon, Bkxjmfield. ' 52; Jon ' es McCoy, Auburn, ' 52; John Nichols. Minotore, ' 53; Robert Palme, Lincoln, 52; Marvin Schumon, Minotore. ' 54; Dwoine Von Pelt, Archer, ' 53; Herbert Wilms, Sleepy Eye, Minn., ' 53. Pledges Gilbert Burke, Rockport, Mo., ' 55; Guillermo Cojioo, Popoyon, Coluiiibio, ' 53; Cliff Foster. Benea.ct, 55 Richard Larson, Rochester, N. Y., ' 5-4; Donald Mohonnoh, Butte, ' 54; Jerry Miller, Choppell, ' 55; Jock Needhom, Rockport, Mo., ' 53; Clark Nichols, Minotore, ' 53; Lee Stolnoker, Choppell, ' 55. Founded at Norwich University, 1 856 Estoblished at University of Nebroska, 1924 Alpho Upsilon Chapter One Hurvdred Seven Chopters Red and White Page 397 1 " " ( • ? fJ - f v Bale Burns, B. Jordan Mitchcn Barker Chisholm Green Knopp Moore Schantz Tighe Becker Crook O ' Deo Schmitt Timmons Biebersteir Donorico Jenkins Leese Pennock Seoton Wisby Bloha Doole Jensby McCoy Perry Sherman Woolley Boris Dreamer Jensen McCrocken Poppa Sievers Yos Founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1864 Established at University of Nebraska, 1927 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Fifty-one Chapters Blue and White Actives James Bohm, Lincoln, ' 54; Robert Bole, Sioux Foils, S. D., ' 53; Alon Bloha, Ord, ' 53; Andrew Boris, Amsterdam, N. Y., ' 52; Les Chisholm, Lincoln, ' 52; Milton Clark, Pawnee City, ' 54; Robert Crook, Lincoln, ' 52; Arthur Dickey, Lincoln, ' 52; Larry Donorico, Omoha, ' 53; William Doole, Lincoln, ' 54; Jim Fergus, Foils City, ' 54; George Green, Rcdtield, S. D., ' 52; Donald Hommes, Omaha, ' 54; Leonard Hammes, Omaha, ' 50; Wesly Jensby, Davenport, ' 53; Albert Jensen, LaCrosse, Wis., ' 52; Alon Johnson, Omaha, ' 54; Kenneth Johnson, St. Paul, Minn., ' 52; Dove Knopp, Lincoln, ' 52; Paul Loose, Lincoln, ' 54; Rex Lotto, Omoho, ' 54; Gerald McCrocken, Lincoln, ' 52; Roger Mctcolf, Lincoln, ' 52; Voden Miller, Palisade, ' 54; Dennis Mitchem, Elwood, ' 52; John Moore, Bcrco, Ohio, ' 53; Pot O ' Deo, Omoha, ' 52; Levis Pennock, Sioux Foils, S. D., ' 53; Lester Perry, Wichita, Kans., ' 53; Lawrence Poppa, Columbus, ' 53; Thomas Rische, Lincoln, ' 52; Cleo Robok, Duncan, ' 52; Donald Roberts, Elmhurst, III., ' 53; Glenn Rodchorst, Columbus, ' 53; George Schontz, Fairfield, Iowa, ' 52; Leonard Seoton, Emery, S. D., ' 51; Boo Sherman, Omoho, ' 52; Bruce Sievers, Roco, ' 54; Jere Stockwell, Hortington, ' 53; Jim Tighe, Omaha, ' 52; Dorrcll Timmons, Cmoha, ' 52; Allan Tronsue, Lexington, ' 53; John Woolley, Omaha, ' 52; Jerrold Yos, Lincoln, ' 52. Pledges Robert Albers, Roca, ' 55; Robert Banks, Lincoln, ' 55; Leonard Borker, Lincoln, ' 55; Foul Becker, Lincoln, ' 55; Paul Bieberstein, Lincoln, ' 55; Mariin Bree, Norfolk, ' 55; Roger Brendle, Lincoln, ' 55; Bernard Burns, Omoho, ' 55; Ronald Burns, Norfolk, ' 55; Rollin Dreamer, Lincoln, ' 55; Fronklin Evans, Wisner, ' 54; Keith Graham, Lincoln, ' 54; Everett Jenkins, Lincoln, ' 55; Shelby Johnstone, Sioux City, lowo, ' 55; Poul Jordan, Lincoln, ' 55; Leon Louver, Norfolk, ' 55; Stonley Leese, Lincoln, ' 54; Mark McCoy, Norfolk, ' 55; Gordon Metcolf, Lincoln, ' 55; Charles Rossow, Norfolk, ' 54; Ceroid Sandbulte, Sioux Center, Iowa, ' 55; Peter Schmitt, Lincoln, ' 55; Louis Simon, Omoho, ' 52; William Soelberg, Sioux City, lowo, ' 55; Thomas Spahn, Lincoln, ' 55; Gene Steele, Lincoln, ' 55; John Wisby, Grand Island, ' 55; Lloyd Zelewski, Omoho, ' 55. Page 398 Leonard Seaton Gerald McCracken Andy Boris Denny Mitchem . . President Vice President . . Secretary Treasurer Theta Xi Rische edited 1st semester Daily Nebraskan; Duncan Elected Engineering Executive board head Theta Xi ' s Start Out for Their 1 O ' clock Classes Refreshed and ready for work. One of the Boys Tells a Fabulous Story You see, it happened like this. Tom Rische headed the list of Theta Xi activity workers serving as first semester editor of the Daily Nebraskan. Head photographer for the Daily Nebraskan was Bob Sherman. Wes Jensby was a member of Nebraska Masquers, while Paul Loose and Chuck Rossow worked hard on the debate squad. George Schontz served as secretary of Corn Cobs, and Glenn Rode- horst was a Kosmet Klub worker. Howard Duncan was elected president of the Engineering Executive board. Dennis Mitchem be- came a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, business administration top scholastic honorary. Leonard Hammes was announced as winner of the Allen Moot Court Memorial competition. The Theta Xi ' s were fourth on campus this year in scholarship. Members of the varsity basketball squad were Bill Soelberg and Jerry Sandbulte. Highlighting the Theta Xi social season were the French and Roman Toga parties. The Theta Xi formal marked the presentation of the Theta Xi Dream Girl, Joan Pflug. The chapter joined the Alpha Xi Delta ' s in singing Christmas carols at the Veterans Hospital this year. Leo Schmidt President Justin Norwich . . . Vice President Arnold Stern Secretary Norman Ruback .... Treasurer Innocent Cohen handled Daily Nebraskan business; ZBT ' s Kushner, Stern also held publication titles ZBT ' s Answering the Second Call for Lunch Food smells mighty good now. The Boys Gather ' Round for a Rousing Chorus Harmonizing hits the spot. The Daily Nebraskan took up most of the time of three ZBT activity men. Innocent Jack Cohen spent his afternoons as Daily ehraskan business manager; Marshall Kushner served as both assistant and head sports editor, and Arnie Stern was assist- ant business manager for the publication. Stern was also very active in Corn Cobs and was a Kosmet Klub member. The ZBT ' s rated second to the Innocents schol- arship trophy winner for Ivy Day in 1 951 . Jack Cohen, Lamar Caron and Allen Tully were all members of Beta Gamma Sigma, business administration honorary. The Schmidt brothers, Leo and Aaron were members of Gamma Lambda, band honorary. Aaron served the group as president. He was also head major in the University marching band. Freshman Leonard Singer played defensive guard for the B football squad. The Zeta Beta Tau ' s bowled their way to first place in the spring league. The always successful house parties included a No Theme party and Esquire party. The annual dinner before the Military Ball was held. Finishing off the year was the Whoopee Daze celebration. ■ ( c dj r . ' v- 1 3 ' i w k M«Mlk Bondarin Greenberg, M. Krupinsky Singer Brown Hermann Kushner Steinberg Cohen Davidson Hollander Horwich Minkin Stern Jacobs, D. Ruback Suvalsky Actives Raymond Brown, Omaha, ' 54; Jack Cohen, Omaha, ' 52; Vern Dovidson, Lincoln, ' 52; Bernard Greenberg, Omaha, ' 53; Monte Hermann, Colorado Springs, Colo., ' 52; Justin Horwich, Omaha, ' 52; Sheldon Jacobs, Deodwood, S. D., ' 52; Marshall Kushner, Lincoln, ' 54; Norman Ruback, Omaha, ' 52; Aaron Schmidt, Fremont, Grod.; Leo Schmidt, Fremont, ' 52; Arnold Stern, Omaho, ' 53: Marvin Suvalsky, Council Bluffs, Iowa, ' 52; Stanley Wolpo, Omaha, ' 53. Pledges Arley Bondarin, Omaho, ' 55; Sheldon Green, Chicago, III., ' 55; Michael Greenberg, Omaha, ' 55; Bruce Hollander, Brooklyn, N. Y., ' 54; Doran Jacobs, Deodwood, S. D., ' 55; Jerry Krupinsky, Omaho, ' 55; Ronald Minkin, Omaha, ' 55; Leonard Singer, Omaho, ' 55; Marvin Steinberg, Omaha, ' 55. A f Founded at City College of New York, 1898 Established at University of Nebrosko, 1922 Aloha Theta Chapter Forty-five Chapters Blue and White Page 401 iNG ADVERTISERS ADVERTISING INDEX ORGANIZATIONAL INDEX STUDENT INDEX Beneath the beauty of every Elgin is the heart that never breaks You ONLY HAVE to see ail Elgin Wattli to be cariietl away by its beauty. But there ' s more to an Elgin than meets tlie eve. There ' s the heart that never breaks: the DuraPower Mainspring. Elgin guarantees that this mainspring will never break. Neither will it rust nor lose its power. Is this important? Well, mainsprings are the main cause of watch failure. And every new Elgin, and only Elgin, has the DuraPower Mainspring. Doesn ' t all this add up to a trip to your Elgin jeweler ' s? Very soon? Elgin National Watch Com- pany, Elgin, Illinois. WATCHES The Beautiful Way to Tell Time Page 404 Miller ' s is on RECORD with you Coeds! Let ' s glance tkrough your ' ' N ' ' Book Dates: —Wed. 4. p.m.— meet Jane at Miller ' s to pick housemother ' s gift —Sat. 12 :. ' 50— Lunch in Miller ' s Tea Room . . . hungry for a chici en pie! -Men. 2 p.m.— Pick up a Bermuda sweater in Miller ' s sportswear . . . need n l(.n hose, too — Thurs. 3 i).m.— Look for a Military Ball formal at Miller ' s . . . some dreamy ones in the window! — Tues. 12 — Take noon hour to find a hat at Miller ' s for new suit . . . something dramatic! Quick snack in Downstairs Luncheonette —Wed. 2:30— Meet Bob at Miller ' s to hu gift for his mother, prohahly silver— look on that beautiful china floor, too and lets crystal gaxe at your after College ' ' daily reminder ' ' ' book , . , —Tues. 10 a.m.— Meet Marjorie for lunch at Miller ' s, then order draperies made for living room . . . see the Auditorium display —Sat. 1 p.m. — Go to Miller ' s fashion show, then look for a dress for Helen ' s wedding . . . send fur coat to Miller ' s storage — Mon. 3 p.m.— Call Miller ' s book department and order some good reading sent to Jane at hospital . . . have gift-wrapped, of course — Fri. 9:30 a.m. — Finish out my Lenox set in Miller ' s china section, with m birthday money — Wed. 10 a.m. — Pick up Green and Orchid cream wafers and the salted nuts at Miller ' s candv counter ... get some " extras " for the luncheon at Gourmet shop . . . TODAY, TOMORROW part of you life r lire miLLER C PATflE Page 405 FIRST NATIONAL BANK J Benedict and Harriet Wenke seem well pleased with their inspection of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK. For the best in bonking convenience stop at the FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Lincoln WHY BE HALF SAFE ARBOR MANOR These Pi Phi ' s and their dates seem to like the atmosphere at ARBOR MANOR, after a gay night of dancing. For the finest in dancing and food drop in at the ARBOR MANOR. Page 406 A s the famous saying goes, or at least it does at Nebraska, it ' s the people that make up this school. So . . in honor of and be- cause of these students, the following car- toons? and student scenes are devoted and dedicated to the campus personalities who make life so interesting and so hectic! i hroughout the year, many events both interesting and timely, happen that should be recorded in some way. Also the people who contribute to the campus humor seem to remind everyone of cartoon characters. I herefore, in looking through this section we have tried to catch some of these events and name some of these characters for you to enjoy. Support the advertisers and hap- py glancing. TONY LUIGIS Bob Mullen, and Dick Regier seem to ap- prove of the surroundings at TONY LUIGI ' S. For a good dinner and evening of entertainment, stop in at TONY LUIGI ' S, located at 5140 O Street. ROSEWELL ' S Need any flowersi ' ROSEWELL ' S beautiful flow- ers are inspected by these prospective customers. Remember, if it ' s flowers you need, ROSEWELL FLORAL COMPANY at 133 S. 13th Street will fill the bill. SMITH BAKING COMPANY These Kappa Sigs are happy with a meal of SMITH bread SMITH BAKING COMPANY has been serving the fraternities and sororities of the Nebraska campus for a long time. Their spe- cialty is the finest in pastry and quick, efficient service. Left— NEPHO LAB— THE CAMERA STORE Want a good camera; ' Visit the CAMERA STORE for the best quality at the best price. Take a tip from these students and stop in at NEPHO LAB— THE CAMERA STORE for your photo- graphic equipment. Remember, the CAMERA STORE, located at 1 1 22 N Street in Lincoln. Right— THE CHUCKW AGON The CHUCKWAGON is situated just a few blocks from campus to accommodate the University stu- dents. Take advantage of their fine service and drop in at the CHUCKWAGON, 133 S 13th Street. vac i...8.i.iis4»; . s««B.,i. ' -. . ' . ;—. Left— KOLN Nancy Peterson, Nancy Pum- phrey, and Marg Line seem to enjoy watching the action in a KOLN studio. For the best in all kinds of entertainment, tune into KOLN, 1400 on your dial. JOIN YOUR FRIENDS ) For a PomtWAw at the new Teepee Hooiti n- f or ! i- jUe iafn cAwidirli A. Q. SCHlMMEt Managing Director HOTEL CORNHUSKER IN OMAHA HOTEL BLACKSTONE Visit the New Orle ' ans Room Nebraska ' s Newest Dining Rendezvous UNDER SCHIMMEL DIRECTION Mid-Wesl ' s newest hole! TOWN HOUSE, Kansas City, Kansa. Page 409 TYRRELL ' S Flowers for all occasions, that ' s TYRRELL ' S specialty. These Nebraska students show good taste in looking at this beautiful white carna- tion. Buy your flowers at TYRRELL ' S, located at 1 133 North Cotner in Lincoln. DEDICATED TO NEBRASKA FACULTY " Ya can ' t say these Profs don ' t take o special interest in ya — every one of ' em thinks he ' s the only one yer taking a course from. " HOVLAND-SWANSON Judy Wiebe, Charney Taub, and Jody L ' tteureut, three girls on HOVLAND-SWANSON ' S College Board, display some typical coed-minded fashions in HOVLAND ' S sparkling Sportswear depart- ment, street floor. HOVLAND ' S is your campus Headquarters for co-ordinated wardrobes! Page 410 ITALIAN VILLAGE Ann Kokjer, Jack Gardner, Jan Harrison, and Garry Fusselman are just finishing a delicious dinner at the ITALIAN VILLAGE. For the finest in Italian and American dishes, plan an evening engagement at the ITALIAN VILLAGE, 5730 O Street. STATE SECURITIES The STATE SECURITIES COMPANY is famous for its prompt and reliable service, as these stu- dents realize. For loans, insurance, and real estate visit STATE SECURITIES at 132 South 13th Street. GEORGE WILCOX " Okay, okay, enough of the preliminaries, George — let ' s get started with your speech. " LATSCH BROTHERS These smiling faces are admiring the new " Dopp Kit " which LATSCH BROTHERS fea- ture. All school supply needs can be fur- nished at LATSCH ' S, and low prices and good quality moke this a must for the semester stock up. L i ' ■ ' r H t i . ' ' L l w p " ) SPENCER ' S STEAK HOUSE How about Q good steak ' These students know where to go for the best in food. SPENCER ' S are well known for their delicious steaks and home made food The next time you go out, visit SPEN- CER ' S STEAK HOUSE, 1425 South Street, and taste the steak of a lifetime. U These University students are quite satisfied with the many articles of clothing found in the Sportswear department at J. C. PENNEY ' S located at 13th and O Streets. Drop in and see this new modern building and choose your clothes for school. Page 412 JOURNAL-STAR PRINTING CO. 926 P Street Lincoln, Nebr. Page 413 r , ;i e COTNER TERRACE This group of students is busily engrossed with a fine meal at the COTNER TERRACE. For an evening of pleasure, both food and dancing, visit COTNER TER- RACE located at 225 North Cot- ner in Lincoln, Nebraska. Come on out and meet your friends at COTNER ' S. WENTZ PLUMBING COMPANY Murl Maupin, Arnie Stern, and J. Benedict examine part of the complete line of many appliances found at WENTZ PLUMBING COMPANY. Plumbing, air conditioning, and heating p roblems can be solved at WENTZ ' S, 1620 N Street. Page 4 1 4 Left— CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK For quick and reliable service it ' s THE CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK of Lincoln, Nebraska These students are among the many who enjoy the friendly banking service at THE CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK located at 1100 O Street. Right— HOB-KNOB CAFE These campus wheels are seen enjoying a coke at the HOB-KNOB. For the best in atmosphere and refreshments, visit the HOB-KNOB CAFE, 11 20 N Street. ifl Left— EASTMAN KODAK STORES, INC. Many Nebraska Students choose EASTMAN KODAK STORES, INC., for all their photographic supplies. Trained salesmen are always available to answer questions and help with photographic problems. Expert photofinishing serv- ice too. . ..Jtiiii m p l [7J_ n Right UNI SUNDRIES Mary Lou Flaherty, Lynn Kunkel, Bill baker, Bob LaShelle, and Harriett Wenk joy between class refreshments at UNI DRIES, located right in the heart of the pus. Don ' t forget UNI ' S service to you th their complete drug department. Shall- e en- SUN- cam- rough m " i ! i ' » f i k.. T i 11 ..».. vmmm mi Page 416 P V ' ii 3h_ Sm 1 -• ' w HOTEL FONTENELLE mgi H jH m ] Omaha ' s Welcome B B - . .i2 B To The World FILLER ' S DRUG Sally Jo Speicher, Marshall Kushner, investigating the confection counter and Cal Kusko ore at FILLER ' S DRUG. OMAHA, NEBR. Just a few blocks from the campus FILLER ' S is ready to serve you for all your department store need S. JIM " SPEED " FOLEY " I went to sleep in one of his classes once — it ' s really quite a terrifying experience, " Paramount -n . 837 South 27 Street Lincoln, Nebraska Tel. 3-2306 Page 417 PHONE BUS HEADQUARTERS FOR 2-7071 FOR BUS SERVICE Everywhere AIR CONDITIONED BUSSES Buslines UNION BUS DEPOT 320 South 13th Street Lincoln, Nebraska • ALL BUSSES STOP AT THIS TERMINAL! • Page 418 2626 No. 48 St. 6-3224 CHARLES ELCE AND SON Lincoln, Nebraska CERTIFIED LIBRARY BOOKBINDERS China — Glass — Silver DL Qifi SLp of tL Wed China and Glass for FRATERNITY and SORORITY HOUSES— Omaha Crockery Co. Omaha, Nebraska RICH OLSON— MATT JAAP " They ' re all fraternity houses around here with one exception. " A vote of thanks to the man who invented the shower curtain. Time and Labor Saving Appliances For Home and Business GASOLINE AND ELECTRIC MOWERS SNOW-BLO MACHINES FLOOR CONDITIONERS SENSATION MOWER INC. RALSTON, NEBR. Page 419 " Plus " Benefits for Youn Woodmen The complete, diversified portfolio of Woodmen life insurance certificates provides young men sound present protection and future security. There are valuable " plus " benefits, too, in a Wood- men membership. Young men building their careers derive pleasure and profit from Woodcraft ' s fraternal and social activities. They also benefit from the lifelong friendships they form with their fellov Woodmen. WOODMEN OF THE WORLD LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY Omaha, Nebraska FARRAR NEWBERRY. President W. C. BRADEN, Secretary World ' s Financially Strongest Fraternal Society NATURAL GAS A FAST GROWING INDUSTRY Offers Opportunity For — Nebraska and Nebraskans CENTRAL ELECTRIC GAS CO I Page 420 Drugs Toiletries Sundries CHEAPPER SYSTEM, INC. Cheaper in Price Only! 1325 O STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Telephone 2-3225 No need to be puzzled ... no need to wonder where to buy . . . the best place in Lincoln is your " Cheapper Drug Store " where prices are rock-bottom everyday . . . where you get the last drop of value from your dollar . . . and where the merchandise you buy, whether it be Drugs, Cosmetics, Sundries, Cigars, or Tobacco, is always Quality Merchandise! WHY PAY MORE? NEW LOCATION Complete Alterotion Department laqs 228-230 SO. (New Car-Park BIdg 1 Lincoln Nebr. THEY FIT YOU! " titc place to go . . . for the names you know ' ' ' ' m isy % " where famous names . . . mean finest quality " Page 421 Advertising Calendars Novelties Gifts Franklin Specialty Co. 342 N. 27th St. 2-8444 " The Food is Best By Stockmen ' s Test " JOHNNY HRUPEK ' S CAFE 3050 L St. MA. 9710 Omaha, Nebraska GARY SHERMAN MOON MULLEN There ' s only one thing to do when everything goes wrong. " OK, Gary, now what ' s the answer to number six? " Steaks Chicken Sea Foods at THE STEAK HOUSE On Cornhusker Highway 3441 Adams St. 6-2472 Lincoln, Nebraska Page 422 Popular Choice IN Lincoln, Nebr. Good food, beautiful new air-conditioned sleeping rooms (all with circulating ice water), two fine ball rooms and many at- tractive private dming rooms. These and other features help to make " THE LIN- COLN " Nebraska ' s Popular Hotel. HOTEL LINCOLN OUTSTANDING JAVA ROOM • GRAND BALL ROOM TERRACE ROOM • THE CIRCUS • ENGLISH ROOM • CHINESE ROOM • GARDEN ROOM • ARBOR ROOM Page 423 GREETINGS FROM AN OLD NEBRASKA ORGANIZATION KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA " — And the traveling salesman said, ' I ' m the dumb so-and-so who slept in the barn, ' " Style show? D Ua 2-6961 LAUNDRY-CLEANING Student Headquarters for Quality Laundry and Dry Cleaning We Call and Deliver 10% Discount Cash and Carry 333 North 12 St. Page 424 SHARON FRITZLER CON WOOLWINE Joanie Hanson informs Freshman Mike Lawlor of the new A. U. F. goal. " Sharon! Con ' s here! ' NEBRASKA BOOK STORE For the best prices on all engineering supplies, text books, art supplies and trade books go to the NEBRASKA BOOK STORE and take ad- vantage of their fine offers. 1135 R ST. 2-1227 Page 425 THE ARTIST AND THE ARTISAN The bust of Beethoven, shown here, was carved by Theodore J. Erdman, pat- ker and designer, John Deere Van Brunt Com pany, Horicon, Wis There ' s a kind of magic about some men, a sort of wondrous wizardry that empowers them to search out Beauty in its most secret hiding place and bring it within the reach of folks like you and me. It ' s the kind of magic that enables the com- poser to hear a melody in the silence of the night, and to turn it into sound . . . that permits the artist to lure a landscape from the spectrum, and fasten it to canvas . . . that enables the artisan to see an image in a block of oak, and to free it from its prison. And you and I are quick to recognize the gifted ones, to offer ready pedestal to the Beauty they create. But, then, we must remind ourselves that much the same skills belong to some who create func- tionary things. We remember that the designer must have the artist ' s eye, that the pattern-maker must have the sculptor ' s touch , . , that all, in art and industry, who aspire to excellence must have two things in common — pride in their work and an " infinite capacity for taking pains. " An artisan in his own right, John Deere, more than a century ago, set the standard of craftsman- ship for those who have carried on his work, when he said: " I shall never place my name on an implement that hasn ' t in it the best that ' s in me, " JOHN DEERE - MOLINE, ILLINOIS Page 426 BOYD JEWELRY CO. Diamonds Watches Silverware 1144 O St. 2-2498 Complete Service For Your Car VAN HORN SERVICE Station No. 1 Station No. 2 14th i N St. 12th Q 2-4955 2-3955 Station No. 3 Station No. 4 West Lincoln 3300 N. 41 St. 2-9918 6-2770 The day after the night before. DICK " BAA BAA " BILLIG IT " It ' s all th ' way to back, buddie. " Want Better Grades? Keep yourself informed. Make a regular daily habit of hearing one complete radio newscast EVERY DAY. Radio WOW offers complete accurate news service daily . . . AT . . . 6:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon 7:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. 8:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. LISTEN AND LEARN! RADIO WOW 590 On Your Dial Page 427 50 Years Serving Lincoln and Nebraska AT 13TH " O " STREETS MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION BILL GREER No news is good news. " Say prof! How many ' cuts ' we allowed in this course- ' " Page 428 JANET PETERSON— JIM TERRY " Let ' s put it this way then Janet — I ' m on AC- TIVE and you ' re a PLEDGE. " Pi Phi ' s limber up for the picnic season. Parsons Construction Company ESTABLISHED 1885 EARL G. HAWKINS Class 1915 KENNETH J. HAWKINS Class 1922 WILLIAM C. HAWKINS Class 1946 EARL G. HAWKINS, JR Class 1948 FRED HAWKINS Class 1950 512 Grain Exchange Bldg. Omaha 2, Nebr. Builders of Your Stadium A TRULY " CORNHUSKER " FIRM Page 429 lagee ' s College Committee 1951-1952. Front row (left to right) Bev Smith, Ann Gilli- gon, Pot Mayer, Alice Stehly and Mary Robinson. Standing: Ron Hardt, Dick Lander, Gene Bruening, Irv Thode, Jim Snyder, Les Demmel, Charley Talbot, Bob Mosher and Mark Crawford. ENGINEERS Which one is the teddy bear. " Now that we ' ve worked the first problem in class — take the next 19 for tomorrow ' s assign- ment. " Page 430 A GOOD MAN TO KNOW BETTER " If a man does not provide for his children, if he does not provide for all those de- pendent upon him, and if he has not that vision of conditions to come, and that core for the days that have not yet dawned, which we sum up in the whole idea of thrift and saving, then he has not opened his eyes to any adequate conception of human life. We ore in this world to provide not for ourselves, but for others, and that is the basis of economy. " — Woodrow W ilson Your Bankers Life Man is a good man to know better because he con help you plan your future — plan for the financial security of yourself and those who will be dependent upon you. Welcome the opportunity to talk to him. Build ' inf! Family Security — Since 1887 HOME OFFICE— LINCOLN. NEBRASKA Page 431 HOTEL CAPITAL HOME OF THE HUDDLE LINCOLN ' S HAMBURGER HEAVEN " Ladies and gentlemen — the forty-first man just went out of this boll game on ' personal fouls ' ! " They lock the merchandise up every night. Page 432 Furniture for Many, many Homes at Prices to fit Many, many Budgets Orchard 6l Wilhelm Co. OMAHA. NEBRASKA GUS LEBSOCK " How many times must I tell you that this room doesn ' t have any plumbing — anyway, you don ' t look like a plumber to me! " Operation escavation PURVEYORS OF QUALITY MEATS to the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, HOSPITALS, RAILROADS THE STANDARD MARKET Wholesale Meats 1535 " O " STREET Page 433 Congratulations from THE DAILY NEBRASKAN THE ONLY DAILY CAMPUS PUBLICATION FOR 6,000 STUDENTS CORNHUSKER COVERS BY THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVE., CHICAGO 18. ILL. Page 434 GEORGE COBEL ' Dear, 1 flunked Biology aga in. " Flying CONGRATULATIONS Where in Omaha Can You Find: 300 HREPROOF ROOMS Built For Your Comfort 24-HOUR COFFEE SHOP SERVICE With The Best in Food WESTWARD-HO! Beverages That Sparkle Door-Step AUTO PARKING FACILITIES Colorful and Functional PRIVATE DINING AND PARTY ROOMS In All of Which STUDENTS, ALUMNI AND FACULTY of the University of Nebraska Find Comfort, Convenience and Pleasure GEORGE A. PAPINEAU Manager YES, ALL THIS IS AT THE CASTLE HOTEL (A Boss Hotels Unit) OMAHA 16th Street at Jones Ph: AT. 8750 Page 435 OlwaijA. (Biuj ,yv»Nvot Ice Cream Frozen Foods Milk Butter FAIRMONT FOODS CO. TRAINING TABLE H. P. Smith Motors Inc. Sales ' V Service 2309 M St. Passenger Cars Ma 6761 27th L St. Truck Division Used Cars Ma 8811 2412 M St. Ma 2133 " How do you like the cafeteria since they started serving ' family sfyle ' ? " Is this room soundproof? For All Types of Photography- Weddings Candid Shots Portraits COLVIN-HEYN STUDIOS 220 So. 13 St. 2-2426 Car-Park Bldg. Page 436 ONLY ONE TO A CUSTOMER THERE ' S ONLY ONE SELLING COST TO A CUSTOMER WHEN YOU INSURE YOUR CAR WITH STATE FARM MUTUAL. For information on this and other money-sav- ing practices pioneered by State Form Mutual, call your friendly State Form agent — simply look up " State Farm " in your local classified telephone directory. STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INS. CO. STATE FARM LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY STATE FARM FIRE CASUALTY COMPANY Innocent bell bearers. WALT WEAVER ' Whad you learn in pre-med to-day, Walt? ' Open Sundays SERVING DINNERS 11 A. M. to 9 P.M. Comer 13th LSts. Home of Fine American and Italian Foods TELEPHONE 2-2673 Ned I. Domino, Owner and Manager Page 437 arm Management, and Mortgages insurance %,eal Estate Sales and Management ecurities m rusts and Estates The First Trust Company OF LINCOLN. NEBRASKA Page 438 MfdtLon, . . . These Nebraska businesses are helping to give you a better yearbook. Sup- port these organizations on every possible occasion. Page Arbor Manor 406 Banker ' s Life Ins 431 Boyd Jewelry 427 Castle Hotel 435 Charles Elce Son 419 Cheapper Drugs 421 Colvin-Heyn 436 Continental Nat ' l Bank 415 Cornhusker Hotel 409 Cotner Terrace 414 Eastmans Camera Store 415 Elgin Watch Co 404 Evans Laundry 424 Fairmont Foods 436 First Nat ' l Bank 406 First Trust Co 438 Fontenelle Hotel 417 Franklin Specialty Co 422 Hoys Hays 421 Hob-Knob 415 Hovland-Swanson 410 Hotel Capital 432 H. P. Smith 436 Italian Village 41 1 J. C. Penney ' s 412 John Deere Plow Co 426 Johnny Hrupeks 422 Journal-Star Printing Co 413 KFAB 416 Kitty Clover 421 KOLN 408 Latsch Bros 41 1 Lincoln Bus Depot 418 Page Lincoln Hotel 423 Magee ' s 430 Midwest Life Ins 424 Miller Paine 405 Nat ' l Bank of Commerce 428 Nebr. Book Store 425 Nebr. Clothing Co 421 Nebr. State Farm Mutual 437 Ned ' s 437 Nepho Lab — The Camera Store 408 Omaha Crockery Co 419 Orchard Wilhelm 432 Paramount Laundry 417 Parson ' s Construction Co 429 Pillar ' s Pharmacy 417 Rosewell ' s 407 Sensation Mower Co 419 S. K. Smith Co 434 Smith Baking Co 407 Spencer ' s Steak House 412 Standard Market 433 State Securities 41 1 The Chuckwagon 408 The Gas Co 420 The Steak House 422 Tony Luigis 407 Tyrrell ' s 410 Union Stock Yards 416 Uni. Sundries 415 Van Horn Service 427 Wentz Plumbing Co 414 Woodmen of the World 420 WOW 427 Page 439 Organizational Index Acacia 354 Activities 1 90 Adelphi 315 Administration 8 Advertising 402 Agriculture, College of 34 Ag Engineers 94 Ag Exec Board 30 Ag Men ' s Club 316 AlChE 94 AIEE 91 Alpha Chi Omega 326 Alpha Epsilon Rho 132 Alpha Gamma Rho 356 Alpha Kappa Psi 70 Alpho Lambda Delta 175 Alpha Omicron Pi 323 Alpha Omega Alpha 107 Alpha Phi 330 Alpha Phi Omega - 222 Alpha Tou Omega 353 Alpha Xi Delta 332 Alpha Zeto 47 Alumni Association 20 Amikita ■315 Aquoquettes 286 AIA (Arch. Society) 89 Arnold Society 157 Arts Sciences, College of 54 ASCE go ASME I ' !!I!!;! 95 Athletics 252 AUF ::::::::::::::::::z::2i3 AWS 24 BABW 25 Baseball 277 Bosketboll 268 Beauty Queens 244 Beta Comma Sigma 69 Beta Sigma Psi 360 Beta Theta Pi 352 Block and Bridle ! ' " . " !! " 44 Board of Regents " ] 1 Brown Poloce 313 Business Administration 60 Canterbury Club 299 Chancellor Gustavson 10 Cheerleaders 255 Chi Omega 334 Christian Student Fellowship 299 coA :;;,52 Coaches, Footboll 265 Coed Counselors 212 Coed Follies 333 Colleges 32 College Days 229 Coll-Agri Fun 240 Corn Cobs 206 Cornhusker ]96 Cornhusker Co-op 314 Cornhusker Countryman 199 Cosmopohton Club 303 Doily Nebroskan 201 Debote Squad 223 Delion Union 302 Delta Chi ZZ " 364 Delta Delta Delta 336 Delta Gamma 333 Delta Omicron 129 Delta Sigma Delta 80 Delta Sigma Phi 366 Delto Sigma Pi 72 Delta Tou Delta !. " 368 Delta Theta Phi 1 00 Delta Upsilon 370 Dentistry, College of 74 Engineering, College of 82 Engineering Exec Board 31 Engineer ' s Week 226 Eta Kappa Nu 90 F Faculty Activities 18 Form House 372 Farmers ' Fair 227 Farmers ' Fair Board 218 Fine Arts, School of 126 Football 258 Fraternities 354 G Gammo Delta 297 Gamma Lambda 159 Gamma Phi Beta 340 Golf 278 Graduation 232 Gymnostics 275 Governor 7 H 4-H ...__ 46 Homecoming 234 Home Ec Club 42 Houses end Halls 304 I Innocents Society 192 Interfroternity Council 28 International House 310 Inter-Varsity Christian 300 Intromurols 280 Ivy Day 230 J Journalism 134 K Kappa Alpha Mu 137 Kappo Alpha Theta 342 Kappa Delta 344 Kappa Epsilon Ill Kappa Kappa Gamma 346 Koppo Phi 296 Kappa Psi Ill Kappa Sigma 374 Kosmet Klub 208 Kosmet Klub Spring Show 228 Kosmet Klub Fall Revue 233 L Law, College of 99 Legion de Fusiliers 153 Legislature -- 7 Loomis Hall 322 Love Memorial Hall 321 Lutheran Chapel Choir 301 Lutheran Student House 298 M Medicine, College of 102 Men ' s Residence Hall 306 Methodist Student House 295 Migration 237 Military 142 Military Boll 150 Mortar Board 194 Mu Phi Epsilon 128 N Notional Pershing Rifles 154 N-Club 256 Nebrosko Blueprint 92 Nebraska Mosquers 215 Newman Club 294 Nu Meds 106 Nursing, School of 138 o Omicron Nu 43 Orchesps 287 Orchestra 221 P Pallodian 302 Panhellenic 29 P. E. Club 286 Penny Carnival 239 Pershing Rifles 155 Pholonx 158 Pharmocy, College of 109 Phi Beto Kappa 56 Phi Chi Theta 69 Phi Delta Phi 101 Phi Delta Theta 376 Phi Gamma Delta .378 Phi Koppa Psi _ 380 Phi Upsilon Omicron 43 Pioneer House 320 Pi Beta Phi 343 Pi Kappo Phi 323 Pi Lambda Theto 125 Pi Mu Epsilon 58 Pi Tou Sigma -- 90 Pre-Orchesis 287 Presbyterion Student House 292 Publications Boord 203 Red Cross 214 Red Guidon 153 Registrotion 14 Religion and Arts 288 Scabbard and Blade 156 Sigmo Alpha Epsilon 334 Sigma Alpha Iota 130 Sigma Alpho Mu 334 Sigmo Chi _ 388 Sigma Delto Chi )36 Sigmo Delta Tou .....350 Sigma Eta Chi ..._ " 293 Sigmo Koppa " .352 Sigma Nu 390 Sigma Phi Epsilon 392 Sigmo Tau 38 Sigma Theta Epsilon ! " 296 Sigma Xi 57 Sinfonio !!!!l31 Sororities ' 325 Student Council _ 26 Student Government 22 Student Scenes 224 Student Union 216 Swimming ..........274 Tassels 204 Tou Kappo Epsilon 394 Teochers, College of 112 Tennis 278 Terrace Hall 312 Theta Chi 394 Theta Nu _ 106 Theta Sigmo Phi 136 Theta Xi 398 Towne Club 313 Track 272 Trident 158 Tri-K _ 47 u Underclassmen 160 University Builders 210 University Foundation 19 University Bond 220 University Singers 219 University Theoter 241 w WAA 284 Wilson Hall 314 Women ' s Residence Hall 308 Women ' s Athletics 284 Wrestling 276 Xi Psi Phi 78 Y Z YMCA 290 YWCA 291 Zeto Beta Tau Page 440 Student Index Abens, Agito, 303 Acevedo, Nestor, 89 Achen, Patricio, 36, 321 Ackerman, Bruce, 177, 389 Ackerson, Harriett, 177, 346 Ackland, Lourence, 177, 354 Acklie, Duone, 98, 306, 314 Adams, Borboro, 163, 175, 197, 349 Adams, Elaine, 299 Adams, James, 177, 369 Adams, John, 26, 84, 94 Adams, Lelond, 222 Adams, Patricia, I 18, 346 Adoms, Sally, 53, 338 Adams, Suzanne, 177, 286, 346 Adams, William, 65, 156, 208, 214, 369 Adomson, Dorrell, 39, 276, 366 Adcock, Gerald, 163 Agnew, Kathleen, 114, 125, 284, 337 Ahlgrim, Dorothy, 177, 318 Ahrens, Rollond, 155 Ainscow, Sally, 163, 338 Akeson, Borboro, 163, 334 Albers, Gaylord, 152, 154, 157 Albers, Lynn, 1 18, 345 Albers, Robert, 177, 398 Alberts, Phillip, 53, 157, 386 Alden, Beth, 1 18, 125, 330 Alden, John, 84, 370 Alden, Richard, 177, 377 Aldrich, Beverly, 50, 330 Aldrich, Williom, 163, 377 Alexander, Joon, 1 14, 342 Alkire, Dovid, 177, 381 Allen, Borboro, 177, 326 Allen, Borboro J., 36, 330 Allen, Fronk, 65, 354 Allen, Fred, 177, 369 Allen, Galen, 158, 163, 393 Allen, Stephonie, 204 Almo, Carolyn, 25, 114 Altman, Lyie, 62, 65, 390 Altstodt, Williom, 308 Amack, Richard, 39, 47 Amos, Douglas, 84, 95 Amos, Nicholas, 163, 358 Amos, Rosemary, 284, 286 Anderjosko, Jonice, 177, 294, 308 Anders, Norman, 163 Andersen, Betti, 39, 315 Chorles, 85, 366 Lorry, 65, 381 Agnes, 177, 287, 341 Alice, 30, 36, 291, 321 Allon, 177, 377 Borboro, 39, 342 Charles E., 28, 94, Andersen Andersen Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 354 Anderson Anderson Anderson, Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Ander Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 155, Charles V., 177, 354 Cory, 53, 329 Donold C, 39, 44, 153, 357 Donold H., 62, 361 Donald P., 177, 362 Elizabeth, 39, 42, 298, 322 Frances, 25, 1 18, 204, 314 Janet, 177, 349 John, 53, 377 John T., 50, 152, 157, 377 Lois, 163, 333 Lucille, 1 14, 125, 329 Mary, 36, 349 Morlene, 39 Milton, 216 Paul, 65, 377 Roger, 152 Rolond, 163, 365 Rolan, 39, 47, 290, 373 Stanley, 89 Sue, 177, 338 Voljeon, 155, 177 Worren, 1 10, 382 Wendell, 177, 306 Williom, 28, 84, 148, 277, 393 Andreas, Paul, 300 Andreesen, Fronk, 39, 298, 361 Andresen, Keith, 1 14, 393 Andrews, Max, 65, 362 Andrews, Roy, 84 Andrews, Rex, 62, 362 Andrews, Warren, 85, 365 Angell, Rita, 177, 326 Ankeny, Robert, 62, 157, 222 Apfelbeck, Otto, 163, 354 Appleby, Bruce, 314 Arendt, Barbara, 177, 338 Armitsteod, Poul, 50, 382 Arms, Milo, 94 Armstrong, Charles, 177, 393 Armstrong, Dean, 101 Armstrong, Joan, 114, 341 Armstrong, Phyllis, 163, 346 Arndt, Fred, 92, 177, 297, 361 Arnold, Robert, 267 Arnost, John, 267 Asono. Mosanori, 303 Aschwege, Jock, 177, 209, 373 Ash, Williom, 118, 313 Ashbough, Gary, 163, 389 Atchison, Robert, 177, 358 Athey, Mildred, 30, 163, 321 Atkins, Hazel, 300 Atkinson, Ceroid, 177, 358 Austin, Dovid, 36, 44 Axtell, Kent, 50, 159, 193, 208, 381 Axtell, Richard, 65, 137, 390 Ayer, Randall, 163, 377 Babbel, Charles, 296 Bobcock, Dole, 62 Babcock, Joe, 131, 320 Bobcock, Robert, 177, 385 Bochmon, Bob, 163, 181 Backhous, Murray, 177, 378 Bocon, Richard, 155 Boehr, Mox, 53, 156, 385 Bohm, Jomes, 163, 398 Bailey, Janet, 163, 286, 330 Bailey, John, 118, 154, 374 Boiley, Wayne, 1 1 1 Boiley, William, 163, 358 Boird, Betty, 39, 42 Boker, Chesley, 100 Baker, Georgia, 177, 318 Boker, Vance, 65, 70 Bolderston, Buele, 36, 274 Boldwin, Morybelle, 177, 286, 341 Bole, Robert, 65, 398 Boll, Herbert, 89 Boll, Patricia, 163, 204, 308 Bollard, E. J., 91 Bollinger, Normo, 163, 308 Bols, Dole, 36 Sols, Joanne, 177, 308 Bomesberger, Morilyn, 24, 39, 42, 43, 46, 334 Bang, James, 320 Bonks, Robert, 201 Barber, Betty, 177, 287, 345 Borchus, Robert, 65, 256, 272, 389 Bard, Ralph, 177, 366 Barger, Anne, 50, 125, 194, 210, 213, 338 Borger, Theodore, 1 63, 362 Barker, Chorles, 74, 78 Barker, Horlon, 36 Borker, Leonard, 177, 398 Borlow, Ann, 118, 338 Bornord, Allen, 118, 131, 389 Bornds, Mary, 177, 337 Bornds, Williom, 290 Bornell, Mory Jone, 24, 36, 321 Barnes, Thereso, 163, 196, 349 Barnes, Virginia, 42, 163, 204, 291, 321 Bornhort, Richard, 177, 374 Barnwell, Robert, 163, 358 Borrett, Frank, 267 Barrett, Wondo, 298 Barrett, Williom, 50, 298 Barry, Letitio, 85, 92, 353 Borr, Paul, 1 10, 393 Bartels, Earl, 95 Bortizol, Robert, 163, 385 Battling, Solly, 163, 338 Barton, Jerry, 177, 370 Barton, Koy, 177, 329 Baskin, Morybelle, 1 18, 333 Basler, Williom, 53, 106, 222, 306 Botes, Herbert, 94 Botie, Horley, 74, 80 Bottey, Chorles, 65, 377 Borfunek, Morgoret, 163, 334 Bouermeister, Richard, 39, 153, 154, 297, 361 Bougher, Jock, 177, 370 Boumon, Wendell, 84 Boyer, Peggy, 114, 128, 337 Beach, Owen, 163, 377 Beachler, Janet, 39, 44, 335 Beol, Beverly, 163, 337 Beal, Noncy, 163, 326 Beol, Thomas, 50, 157, 369 Beam, Charles, 44, 163, 357 Bean, Donald, 153 Beosing, Normo, 1 1 8 Beavers, Doyle, 39, 354 Bebb, Ernest, 163, 358 Bechon, Patricio, 53, 136, 197, 210, 341 Beck, Borboro, 177, 330 Beck, M. E., 94 Beck, Patricio, 69 Beckenhauer, Donna, 189, 298, 308 Beckenhauer, Robert, 89, 314 Becker, Arthur, 39, 43, 290, 373 Becker, Donald, 267, 276 Becker, Moxine, 177, 334 Becker, Paul, 53, 398 Becker, Phyllis, 39, 308 Beckley, Morcio, 114, 346 Bedell, Betty, 1 14, 353 Bedford, Morymoude, 177, 338 Bedker, Donold, 114, 256, 272, 378 Beech, Joseph, 95 Beechom, John, 65, 370 Beerline, Glenn, 118. 256, 272, 385 Beermonn, Mary, 177, 345 Beery, Wesley, 320 Behle, Donald, 36 Behmer, Albert, 65, 72 Behrens, Dewayne, 62, 72, 275 Bell, Borboro, 163, 196, 204, 210, 213, 287, 346 Bell, Julio, 39, 295, 296, 308 Bell, Morlene, 1 14, 204, 318 Bell, Roger, 43 Bell, Somuel, 177, 389 Beltzer, Williom, 177, 374 Benedict, Francis, 296 Benedict, Gilbert, 163, 393 Benjamin, Al, 277 Benjamin, Nancy, 50, 136, 349 Benn, Corol, 163, 314 Benn, Cecele, 1 14, 345 Bennington, Joyce, 177, 196, 326 Benson, Howard, 177 Bentz, Calvin, 177, 274, 362 Beron, Emil, 177 Berg, Edword, 1 18, 374 Berg, Waldo, 53, 369 Bergh, Morilyn, 114, 125, 342 Berghel, Robert, 177, 369 Bergmonn, Heinz, 299 Bergsten, Peter, 163, 202, 358 Berigon, George, 62, 159, 378 Berigan, John, 131 Berke, Robert, 36, 47, 301, 357 Berns, Genevo, 46, 163, 291, 321 Berquist, Donold, 98, 358 Berquist, Williom, 101 Berreckmon, Claude, 177, 358 Berry, Jo, 163, 214, 255, 341 Bethscheider, Cathryn, 177, 294, 308 Betz, William, 50, 365 Betzelberger, Charles, 163, 381 Beutel, Beotrice, 177, 333 Bevington, Robert, 92, 177, 369 Beynon, Dovid, 177 Bibo, Borboro, 163, 330 Bieberstein, Poul, 131, 177, 398 Biehn, Donald, 98, 370 Biemond, Cornelius, 53, 306 Biermon, Averil, 39, 204 Billerbeck, Doris, 253, 297, 301 Billig, Richard, 62, 192, 196, 208, 381 Bischof, Jim, 222, 314 Bish, William. 65, 369 Bishop, Deloine, 36, 333 Bjorklun, Eugene, 320 Blockburn, Borboro. 177, 330 Blockett, Alfred, 62, 369 Bloho, Alon, 65, 398 Bloir, Closkey, 50, 394 Blessing, Al, 28, 114, 116, 193, 278, 358 Blickenstaff, Jean, 163, 308 Blue, Eorl, 50 Blue, Williom, 100 Blunk, Richord, 62, 354 Bobst, William, 36. 316 Boettcher, James, 163, 389 Bohl, Doryl, 295, 296 Bohmont, Donald, 118, 159, 389 Bohner, Jonet, 1 14, 329 Bohrer, Genise, 163, 286, 330 Boll, Donald, 266, 276 Bondorin, Arley, 177, 401 Bonness, Kothryn, 178, 321 Borcherding, Shirley, 114, 318 Bordogno, John, 266 Borgaord, Dixie, 178, 286, 326 Borgoord, Donna, 178, 286, 326 Boris, Andrew, 50, 106, 398 Bosley, Lorry, 50, 358 Bosley, Robert, 100 Bott, Wondo, 287 Bourck, Morilyn, 178, 349 Bourne, R. M., 69 Boyer, Carmeon, 118, 346 Boyer, Martha, 129, 163, 308 Boyle, Ted, 178, 374 Brobec, Milo, 65, 275, 303 Brockmon, Dot, 46, 178, 321 Bradley, Donald, 85, 385 Brodley, Potricio, 178, 308 Brodley, Richord, 74, 78 Brakhoge, Dorothy, 178, 318 Brokhoge, Donno, 163, 318 Brondon, David, 163, 393 Brandt, Williom, 65, 393 Brosee, Corl, 256, 266 Brott, Morjorie, 50 Brounsroth, Douglos, 43, 153 Bredthauer, Borboro, 29, 53, 125, 291, 297, 301, 353 Bredthouer, Elizabeth, 163, 297, 301, 353 Bree, Morlin, 178. 398 Brehm, Corolee, 178, 318 Breieho, Elmer, 90, 91 Brendle, Roger, 178, 398 Brennemon, Joan, 163, 296, 318 Breslin, Philip, 65, 394 Brestel. John, 163. 381 Brewick, Mary, 163, 345 Brezino, Erven, 222 Brewster, Morilyn, 178, 330 Bricker, Beverly, 178, 308 Bridenbough, Phillip, 163 Bridges, Edson, 163, 389 Bridges, Morvin, 62, 68. 146, 156, 157, 389 Bright. Cyril, 297, 303 Brinkmon, Elizobeth, 163, 210. 349 Bnttin, Robert, 85, 381 Broody, Koren, 178, 326 Brode, Jane, 178, 286, 308 Brodfuehrer, Richord, 131 Broekemeier, Horlon, 62. 301, 361 Bronon, D. E., 95 Bronson, Jomes, 85, 378 Brooker, Ken, 114, 393 Brooks, Raymond, 163, 389 Brown, Amy, 178, 333 Brown, Doniel, 267 Brown, Deloris, 163, 175, 295, 296, 308 Brown, Ceroid, 65, 382 Brown, Jessica, 118, 284, 297, 318 Brown, Lorene, 114, 130, 318 Brown, Marion, 53, 346 Brown, Phyllis, 178, 318 Brown, Roymond, 163, 401 Brown, Richard, 178 Brown, Sheila, 163, 334 Brown, W. E., 303 Browne, Beverly, 178, 329 Browning, Dono ' d, 163, 374 Brownlee, Sue, 163, 196, 210, 213, 338 Bruboker, Jomes, 164, 385 Bruening, Fred, 62, 146, 157, 389 Brunig, M. P., 94 Bryant, Arthur, 62, 70 Bryant, Gerald, 1 14 Bryant, Suzanne, 1 19, 346 Brydl, Melvin, 65, 354 Brym, Don, 178, 390 Bryson, Joan, 178, 286, 329 Buchonon, James, 114, 144, 233, 256, 268, 385 Bucher, Lloyd, 1 19 Buck, Mary, 36, 42, 43, 334 Buckinghom, Dean, 85, 94, 358 Buey, Doris, 1 14 Buehler, Robert, 65, 393 Bugenhogen, Charles, 178, 385 Bull, Betty, 1 14 Bull. Janice, 164, 353 Buller, Lester, 74, 78 Buls, Richard, 28, 62, 159, 361 Bump, Bevin, 100 Bundy, William, 164, 316 Bunsen, Dale, 39, 256, 277, 361 Bunten, Andrew, 54, 256, 390 Burcum, Koy, 178, 345 Burdic, Bgrboro, 1 1 9, 342 Page 441 Burford, lean, 1 19, 330 Burgess, Corl, 84, 94 Burgin, Jane, 302 Burke, Gilbert, 178, 397 Burke, Williom, 178, 374 Burkhordt, Grace, 164, 337 Burkhart, Idonna, 1 19, 334 Burklund, Marcio, 114, 314 Burmeister, Charles, 28, 62, 208, 370 Burnhom, Frank, 50 Burnham, Lester, 36 Burns, Bernord, 106, 178, 398 Burns, Gene, 299 Burns, Ronald, 178, 398 Burr, Bill, 106 Burrows, George, 36, 397 Burrows, Williom, 44 Busboom, Gordon, 43 Busch, John, 74, 78 Busch, Richard, 164, 394 Bush, Beverly, 164, 330 Bush, Elberta, 178, 350 Bush, Leonard, 62, 386 Bush, Richord, 74, 378 Busher, Joan, 164, 330 Bussell, Jock, 320 Butler, Phil, 153, 154, 156 Button, Nancy, 24, 114, 194, 326 Byglond, Edward, 62, 70 Bylund, Donald, 94 Caddy, Dale, 31, 89 Cadwallader, Elaine, 164, 330 Cody, Frederic, 50, 358 Cody, Winslow, 53, 358 Cajiao, Guillermo, 39, 397 Colder, Chloe, 114, 329 Coley, Lorin, 164, 378 Calhoun, Jane, 164, 175, 197, 210 213 255, 338 Collen, Annebell, 50, 318 Collin, James, 164 Calvin, Jocquelyn, 42, 46, 178, 321 Cameron, Carolyn, 119, 338 Comp, Dorothy, 119, 345 Camp, John, 62 Campbell, Chorlene, 164, 342 Compbell, Clyde, 1 1 1 Compbell, William, 178, 385 Conaday, Doree, 119, 326 Conodoy, Julian, 36, 44, 397 Cannon, Ted, 65, 157, 267, 378 Cannon, William, 178, 378 Copek, Dole, 80, 164, 377 Capmon, James, 62 Coppell, Dorothy, 36, 42, 43, 204, 314 Corey, Gertrude, 24, 25, 119, 125, 310 Cargo, Dovid, 26, 290 Corhort, Mary, 164, 337 Carlson, Ann, 53, 137 Corlson, Doris, 53, 125, 253, 291, 341 Carlson, Eorl, 106 Carlson, Joan, 164, 300, 314 Carlson, Kofhryn, 114, 310 Carlson, Roberta, 1 1 4 Carlson, Stuart, 85 Carnoby, Mary, 119, 342 Carnozzo, Jerry, 178, 276, 366 Carothers, Charles, 164, 390 Carpender, Jane, 164, 342 Carpenter, Jon, 178 Carper, Allan, 164, 389 Carr, John, 155, 178, 377 Carroll, Dennis, 131 Carr, Mary Lou, 114, 318 Corstensen, Leonord, 84, 90, 95 Carter, Borboro, 178, 345 Corter, Burton, 39, 43, 290, 373 Carter, Jonice, 36, 342 Carter, Joseph, 178, 377 Carter, Lee, 164, 366 Carver, Frank, 53, 393 Carveth, Stephen, 53, 377 Corse, Normo, 178, 353 Casey, Joan, 178, 321 Costner, Rose, 129, 164, 334 Cathroo, Blake, 272 Cecil, William, 155, 296 Cederdahl, James, 266 Cerny, Helen, 178, 294, 308 Chob, Robert, 131 Choce, Joon, 1 14, 329 Chamberlin, Nancy, 178, 330 Chambers, Mary, 53, 330 Chomley, Chorles, 178, 267, 272, 362 Chompine, Janet, 29, 114, 338 Chantry, James, 91 Chopmon, Dovid, 155 Chapman, Frank, 1 78, 378 Chapman, James, 222 Charleston, Lois, 164, 287, 308 Charleston, Richord, 178, 381 Chosonov, Adelle, 164, 350 Chase, Mottie, 1 19 Chase, Phillip, 36, 156 Cherny, Carol, 36, 42, 326 Cherny, Gertrude, 119, 333 Chew, Lelond, 110, 111 Chichester, Rex, 153 Chicoine, Joan, 164, 294, 326 Chisholm, Leslie, 50, 106, 146, 398 Chismor, Paul, 31, 90, 95 Christensen, Arved, 50, 132 Christensen, James, 106, 131 Christensen, Keith, 89 Christensen, Marshall, 178, 390 Christensen, Mary, 178, 353 Christensen, Sue, 164, 341 Christoffel, Koy, 119, 286, 330 Christoph, Richord, 164, 358 Chubbuck, Phyllis, 164, 333 Church, Carol, 164, 337 Church, Robert, 62, 72, 159 Ciffro, George, 266 Clopp, Potricia, 1 14, 337 Clapper, Joan, 296 Clark, Connie, 164, 175, 204, 326 Clork, Jimmie D,, 53, 393 Clark, Jimmie H., 178 Clark, Marilyn, 24 Clark, Richard, 164, 362 Clark, Roy, 178, 390 Clous, Fred, 94 Cloussen, Jewel, 39, 342 Cloussen, Richard, 164, 255, 358 Clovton, Emmet, 36. 47 Clegg, Denzil, 164, 373 Clement, Kenneth, 164, 357 Clement, Roy, 178, 381 Clifford, Donald, 294 Clinkenspor, James, 276 Cloatre, Jean, 178, 390 Clouse, Deletes, 53 Clover, Sherry, 178, 326 Good, Betty, 1 19, 346 Good, Catherine, 114, 330 Cootmon, Simon, 53, 366 Coots, Lorraine, I ]4, 345 Cobb, Kenneth, 100 Cobel, George, 26, 31, 84, 92, 93, 94 193 Cockerill, Carol, 178, 308 Coder, George, 36, 374 Coffey, Richord, 178, 378 Coffey, William, 89 Coffie, Theodore, 164 Coffmon, Rex, 30, 36, 44, 218, 316 Cogon, George, 178, 358 Cohen, Catherine, 178, 308 Cohen, Dovid, 164, 386 Cohen, Jack, 26, 62, 64, 193, 202, 401 Colbert, Phyllis, 178, 342 Colbert, Thomas, 178 Cole, Wolter, 131, 159 Colling, Jerry, 53, 389 Collins, Donald B., 164, 381 Collins, Donald E., 178, 365 Collins, James, 164, 278, 354 Collman, James, 164 Colomy, Burbonk, 178, 374 Colson, Keith, 85, 377 Colwell, Barbara, 164, 349 Condon, Robert, 46 Conger, Dorothy, 1 64 Conger, Ned, 1 1 4 Conger, Ralph, I 14 Congrom, Richard, 85 Conner, Jack, 155 Conner, Orvol, 1 14, 354 Connor, Ted, 266 Conover, Robert, 98, 100, 366 Conway, Thomas, 65 Cook, Clyde, 43, 290 Cook, Hornet, 164, 286, 326 Cook, Marilyn, 39, 42, 43, 46, 291, 321 Cook, Poul, 178, 369 Cook, Roger, 65, 397 Cook, Sharon, 164, 291, 330 Cook, Yvonne, 42, 46, 178, 322 Cooksley, Conitto, 179, 308 Cooney, Luella, 36, 321 Cooper, Albert, 62 Cooper, Diane, 164, 350 Cooper, Donald, 179, 358 Cooper, Mary, 179, 353 Cooper, Virginio, 119, 125, 291, 349 Corenmon, Marilyn, 179, 334 Corliss, Phyllis, 164, 308 Corn, Morlene, 164, 350 Cornelius, Carol, 1 79. 308 Cornish, James, 62, 378 Corp, Cotherine, 53, 349 Corroles, William, 80, 164 Corrick, Janice, 29, 119, 334 Coryell, Adele, 119, 196, 213, 233, 346 Coryell, Lorroine, 164, 326 Costello, Maurice, 65, 72 Cotter, Gene, 164, 358 Cottinghom, Robert, 62, 72, 156 Coulter, Calvin, 98, 100, 397 Coupe, Marilyn, 114, 117, 125, 194, 210, 330 Courtney, W., 62, 72 Cowles, Clifton, 131 Cowles, Nanette, 114, 125, 253, 337 Cox, Cathleen, 1 14, 329 Cox, Fred, 47 Coy, Shirley, 119, 210, 291, 330 Cozier, Williom, 85, 374 Craig, Margoreto, 164, 333 Craig, Robert, 74, 78 Crom, Gory, 179, 378 Cromer, Alan, 137, 164, 385 Crondell, Martin, 159 Crawford, Kofhryn, 286 Crawford, Mark, 164, 374 Creasmon, Lee Ellen, 119, 342 Gripe, Mary, 164, 169, 204, 286, 294 Critchfield, Coro, 164, 175, 326 Croft, William, 295, 296 Crook, Donovan, 85, 369 Crook, Robert, I 14, 398 Crosby, Leroy, 164, 385 Crosswell, Jo Ann, 164, 345 Crounse, Alan, 179, 386 Crowe, Borboro, 164, 291, 326 Crownover, Robert, 290 Cummings, Martha, 50, 284, 286, 345 Cummings, Virginia, 1 14, 129, 291, 341 Cunningham, Joonn, 179, 353 Cunningham, Ray, 179, 253, 354 Curley, Philip, 74, 80 Curtis, Charles, 50, 389 Curtis, Clayton, 256, 2 66 Curtis, Guy, 98, 374 Curtis, Roy, 179, 393 Curtiss, Charles, 106 Curtiss, Horry, 164, 374 Gushing, Thomas, 65, 385 Cutter, Bill, 179 Cuffs, Richard, 50 Dohlgren, Nancy, 164, 337 Dohike, James, 36, 361 Dohike, Mabel, 114, 312 Doily, Mary, 50, 333 Dale, Clifford, 164, 266, 377 Dole, Douglas, 62, 278, 358 Doley, Sondro, 164, 204, 296, 308 Dallam, Ceroid, 155 Domkroger, Eunice, 165, 308 Done, Lawrence, 165, 313 Dongberg, Dorrel, 314 Doniel, Barbara, 25, 179, 318 Donielson, Dovid, 36, 47, 357 Danly, Morjorie, 119, 129, 212, 308 Donnehl, Lovern, 39, 361 Dork, Nancy, 165, 337 Davenport, Motyldo, 179, 342 Dovey, Bob, 155 Davidson, Merwyn, 179, 373 Davidson, Vernon, 62, 401 Davis, Arnold, 36, 357 Davis, Beverly, 179, 326 Davis, Jack, 119, 159, 210, 214, 374 Davis, Jack E, 131, 179, 385 Davis, Jean, 165, 175, 353 Davis, Nancy, 1 14, 329 Davis, Robert, 50, 222 Davis, Yolondo, 165, 334 Davison, Deon, 165, 378 Doy, Robert, 179, 381 Day, Thomas, 1 65 Deal, Beverly, 1 14, 329 Dean, John, 62, 148, 389 Dean, Kofhryn, 129 Deorden, Ralph, 100 Debord, Robert, 179, 389 Debord, Nonci, 26, 53, 212, 329 Decker, Bob, 266, 369 Decker, Charles, 179 Decosto, Donald, 1 14 Decosto, Hozcl, 1 1 5 Dedic, Doryl, 179, 306 Deems, H. W., 43 Deincs, Henry, 276, 314 Deininger, Morion, 165, 284, 295, 296, 308 Deitering, Duone, 115, 382 Delomatre, Margery, 165, 333 Delisi, Simon, 155, 165, 294 Delli Pool!. Donald, 65, 366 Delong, Jean, 179, 337 Demoree, Gale, 1 1 1 DeMorco, Jim, 26, 303 Demmel, Lester, 65, 306, 314 Dempster, Phoebe, 119, 130, 214, 286, 346 Denker, John, 179, 306 Dennis, George, 85 Dennis, Howard, 50, 370 Dennis, Joseph, 53, 106 Denniston, Lyie, 179, 381 Denny, John, 272 Deppen, Jane, 165, 349 Desmond, John, 65, 256, 274, 385 Desto, Lisbon, 303 Deuel, Keith, 1 II Deuriss, Donold, 65 Deuser, Charles, 84, 374 Devier, Shirley, 179, 308 Devoe, Soro, 115, 216, 338 Devore, Nora, 165, 204, 210, 349 Devries, Donald, 208, 255, 377 Devries, William, 179, 267, 377 Devser, Charles, 89 Dewhirst, Milton, 179, 369 Dewitt, Carole, 50, 345 Dibelko, Harold, 62, 70 Dick, John, 53, 381 Dickenmon, Richard, 179, 390 Dickey, Arthur, 89 Diedrichsen, Howard, 155, 179, 297, 361 Dierks, Merton, 165, 316 Diers, Robert, 115, 277, 393 Diestel, Peggy, 165, 341 Diffey, Shirley, 1 15, 308 Dill, Kathleen, 53, 291, 310 Dillman, Barbara, 119, 338 Dinkel, James, 36, 316 Dinkloge, Her man, 39, 390 Dischner, Donald, 72, 165, 294 Dissmeyer, Harold, 43 DIouhy, Adolph, 36, 47 Donaldson, Leavens, 165, 393 Donorico, Lorenzo, 65, 398 Donelan, James, 179, 377 Donovon, Thomos, 1 79, 394 Doole, Williom, 165, 398 Dorenboch, Mary, 115, 318 Dorn, Rito, 179 Doty, Gregg, 155, 165 Douglas, Paul, 100 Douglas, Thomas, 115, 365 Douglass, William, 86, 274, 390 Douthit, John, 179, 313 Downey, Jomes, 62, 146, 157, 206, 389 Downing, Dovid, 101 Downing, Diane, 53, 329 Downs, Donold, 165 Downs, Donald H., 179 Doyle, Bernard, 53, 393 Doyle, Joe, 65 Droyer, William, 95 Drbal, Richard, 94 Drdo, Lorry, 165, 354 Dreamer, Rollin, 179, 398 Dubos, Adeline, 179, 294, 334 Dudley, Phyllis, 179, 345 Duensing, Roy, 179, 357 Due, Betty, 165, 294, 330 Duey, Carol, 179, 349 Duling, Richard, 179, 385 Dumke, Morlene, 179, 353 Dunbor, Donold, 165, 389 Duncan, Howard, 31, 84, 89, 398 Duncan, Woylond, 65 Dunklou, Richard, 297 Dunlop, Paul, 98 Dunn, Barbara, 165, 330 Dunn, Ceroid, 256, 277 Dunn, Grace, 204, 212, 294, 308 Dunn, Jo, 204 Dunning, Robert, 131 Dunnuck, Richard, 65, 390 Durm, Thomas, 159 Durr, John, 36, 153 Duryeo, Lodd, 50, 136 Dutcher, Donold, 320 DuTeou, Mimi, 179, 287, 346 Dutton, Brock, 43, 179 Dutton, Fronk, 89 Duxbury, Richard, 101, 165, 390 Dworkin, Emanuel, 165, 386 Eostin, Jerry, 39, 47, 373 Eotherton, Lorry, 165, 390 Eaton, Morilyn, 179, 349 Eberhort, Steve, 36, 44, 47, 290, 373 Ebner, Ston, 179, 361 Eck, Eugene, 91 Eck, Keith, 131 Page 442 Eckerson, Shirley, 42, 46, 165, 291, 322 Eddy, Elaine, 295 Eddy, Lois, 53, 295, 296, 318 Edwords, Bernard, 131 Edwords, Joseph, 44, 46, 165, 290, 373 Edwards, Morris, 106 Eggert, Richard, 165, 297, 301, 361 Ehler, Gerald, 44, 46, 165, 357 Ehret, James, 165, 306 Eilers, Bonnalyn, 119, 341 Eistetter, Leo, 50, 378 Ekstrom, Marion, 179, 337 Ellenwood, Ruth, 179, 353 Ellerbrock, Mary, 179, 345 eilingson, James, 302 Elliott, Donna, 179, 342 Elliott, Dorothy, 1 19, 330 Elliott, Jo, 110, 318 Ellis, Kenneth, 50, 365 Ellis, Lee, 179, 306 Ellison, Warren, 1 1 1 Else, Carol, 119, 334 Elseman, Marilyn, 36, 42, 46 Elwell, John, 65, 208, 378 Ely, Paul, 165, 389 Emanual, Dennis, 266 Emry, Elizobeth, 179 Emry, Janice, 179, 308 Engel, Eugene, 44, 165, 357 Engel, Patrick, 165, 294, 393 Engelbort, Leroy, 179, 393 Engelkemier, Joanne, 36, 42, 43, 194, 297, 321 Enghoff, Betty, 308 Engle, Norma, 119, 125, 204, 3 53 Engler, Lawrence, 44, 165 Engler, Richard, 84, 95 Enke, Ernest, 253 Eno, Gene, 65, 153, 222, 366 Engstrom, Carl, 65, 72 Eppord, Joanne, 119, 308 Epperson, Frank, 74, 80 Epstein, Ira, 26, 53, 255, 256, 275, 386 Eret, Donald, 94 Erickson, Eleonor, 34, 43, 136, 194, 291 321 Erickson, Gustove, 152 Erickson, Marjorie, 25 Erickson, Norma, 165, 204, 296, 308, 119 215, 353 Eriksen, Marione, 165, 204, 296, 308 Erwin, Morilyn, 42, 46, 165, 204, 310 Esch, Elaine, 26, 53, 286, 338 Espegren, Robert, 62, 389 Essman, Roger, 62, 357 Esterman, Dolores, 36, 43, 322 Estes, Mary, 115, 312 Ettleman, Charles, 65, 72 Eule, John, 165, 313 Evans, Bert, 39, 316 Evans, Bruce, 98, 385 Evans, Claire, 119, 346 Evans, Franklin, 158, 165, 398 Evens, James, 267 Everette, Walter, 65, 374 Evert, Dorothy, 179, 294, 308 Ewing, Harriett, 132 Ewing, Jerry, 50, 394 Ewing, John, 1 15, 354 Exstrom, Arthur, 268 Eyen, Philip, 165, 378 Eyth, Gracio, 165, 342 Foddis, M. W., 100 Foes, Richard, 155, 179, 393 Fagler, Willord, 268 Fohrboch, David, 179, 385 Foirchild, Robert, 272 Fallah, Foridoh, 50, 303, 310 Folloon, Frank, 179, 377 Farley, Patricia, 204, 297, 301 Farmer, Bill, 53, 377 Farmer, Corol, 1 19, 353 Farnhom, Solly, 286 Farnsworth, Nancy, 53, 330 Forrall, Lianne, 179, 326 Forris, James, 1 10, 276, 393 Forrow, Anne, 1 19, 338 Faulkner, Alison, 179, 346 Foyman, Robert, 65, 377 Feoster, Diane, 165, 334 Feldhohn, Inge, 299 Feeney, Joe, 1 19, 389 Fellman, Gerry, 165, 386 Fellows, Gerald, 36, 316 Felton, Don, 1 55 Fensler, Richord, 165 Fensler, Richord F., 50, 136 Fergus, Jomes, 165, 398 Ferris, Walton, 50, 366 Fiolo, Clarice, 36, 43, 291, 321 Ficke, Robert, 1 15, 369 Ficke, Robert D., 165, 366 Fike, Joan, 1 15, 346 Fillmon, Gordon, 101 Fink, Howard Wendell, 290 Finke, Walter, 179, 267, 357 Finley, Barbara, 1 15, 349 Finney, Joann, 119, 341 Finney, Joyce, 179, 341 Firestone, Phyllis, 115, 334 Fischer, Ronald, 165 Fishell, Haskell, 119, 397 Fisher, John, 110, 111 Fisher, Ken, 65, 377 Fisher, Morgoret, 115, 128 Fisher, Richard, 299 Fitch, Roger, 165, 366 Fitzgerald, James, 165, 394 Fitzgerald, John, 165, 381 Fitzgerald, William, 256, 277 Floherty, Jerry, 180 Flaherty, Mary Lou, 26, 119, 196, 210, 326 Flonagin, Eleanor, 115, 128, 312 Flonsburg, Judith, 180, 286, 342, Fletcher, Jane, 1 19, 342 Flicker, Walter, 92, 165, 301, 361 Flood, F. Dole, 89, 314 Flynn, Mary, 165, 342 Fogel, Danny, 180, 386 F mer, Joan, 39, 42, 204, 212, 318 Folmer, Donno, 165, 326 Ford, Gerald, 65, 358 Forell, Mary, 119, 314 Forke, Theodore, 1 80, 385 Forney, Lewis, 131, 159 Forney, Mory, 125 Forsyth, John, 180, 378 Forsythe, Patricio, 180, 346 Fosho, Janice, 42, 180 Foster, Clifton, 180, 397 Foster, Jane, 175 Fowler, Jean, 115, 334 Fox, Donald, 36, 306 Fox, Gordon, 180 Frailey, liline, 180, 318 Frompton, Alice, 29, 62, 69, 333 France, Orval, 115, 306 Frank, Bruce, 180 Frank, Robert, 153 Franks, Virginia, 180, 197, 338 Franzen, Ed, 50 Frasier, Bill, 1 1 1 Frotes, Wayne, 1 80 Frozier, Jon, 43, 180, 357 Frederick, Herman, 302 Frederickson, Clifford, 115 Fredstrom, Paul, 268 Freeman, Douglas, 101 Freeman, Fred, 62, 394 Frei, Donald, 165, 381 Frei, Jeannine, 180, 297, 308 Frei, Milton, 36, 390 French, Gene, 155 French, Caroll, 165, 284, 286, 290, 302 Frerichs, Janet, 119, 337 Fricke, Frances, 180, 287, 338 Friedli, Lilo, 119, 300, 312 Friedman, Morvin, 106, 180, 253, 386 Fries, Shirley, 165, 345 Fritchie, Borbaro, 119, 173, 326 Fritts, Dwight, 165, 381 Fritz, Nadine, 308 Fritz, Nona, 111, 180 Fritzler, Roye, 180, 337 Fritzler, Sharon, 24, 26, 115, 118, 194, 215, 337 Frogge, Richard, 89, 299 Frogge, Robert, 299 Frost, John, 94 Frost, Wayne, 39, 44, 257 Fry, William, 1 15, 385 Fuchs, Lawrence, 36 Fuchs, Sydna, 53, 338 Fuelberth, Mory, 180, 329 Fuhrmon, Ardis, 46, 180, 341 Fuhrmon, Joyce, 165, 310 Fuller, John, 65, 397 Fullerfon, Jonice, 119, 125, 337 Fulton, Soroh, 115, 194, 213, 346 Furman, Duwoyne, 180, 290 Furman. Robert, 155 Fusselmon, Gory, 180, 374 Gobriel, Donald, 267 Godd, Sandra, 180, 330 Gode, Delores, 26, 39, 204, 212, 308 Goer, Gerald, 180, 386 Goelh, Loren, 62, 390 Goiter, Poul, 98, 386 Gamerl, Norma, 115, 341 Gongel, Robert, 66, 157, 362 Gongel, William, 62, 362 Gorber, James, 180, 306 Gord, Roy, 39, 44, 47, 373 Gordels, Gary, 180, 290 Gardner, Jock, 166, 374 Gorey, Gory, 39 Garretson, Richard, 115, 131, 159, 215 Garrett, Delores, 18, 329 Garrett, Elizabeth, 110, 111, 345 Garrison, Edgar, 180, 316 Gary, Richord, 299 Goskill, John, 53, 157, 393 Goss, Edward, 66, 381 Goss, Elizabeth, 39, 212, 218, 342 Goss, Gerald, 66, 385 Gates, Dillord, 36 Gates, Marion, 180, 308 Gates, Ruth Ann, 166, 333 Gouger, Koye, 36, 357 Gouger, Norman, 166, 393 Gay, Gordon, 66 Gazinski, Edmund, 267 Georhort, Lois, 1 19, 344 Gebhords, Robert, 39, 47, 152, 397 Geesen, Gretchen, 119, 338 Geesen, Parker, 180, 385 Genova, James, 1 80, 390 George, Harold, 94 George, Leiond, 39, 44, 47, 357 George, Naomi, 166, 345 Gerelick, Lois, 53, 204, 213, 350 Gerhort, Mary, 166, 326 Gerloch, Richard, 180, 377 German, Hele n, 180, 308 Gettys, R. E., 95 Gibbons, John, 180, 374 Gibbs, James, 66, 393 Gibbs, John, 166, 370 Gibson, Roleigh, 74, 78 Gibson, Ronald, 180 Gibson, Ruth, 166, 329 Gierhon, Carolyn, 42, 166, 334 Gieseker, Mary, 36, 42, 353 Giesler, William, 180, 370 Giesselmon, Horry, 115, 301, 361 Giffen, Herbert, 62, 72 Gifford, Joe, 50, 256, 278, 385 Gilbert, Keith, 80, 180 Gilbreoth, Patricia, 115, 346 Giles, William, 266 Gillespie, Jock, 180, 362 Gillespie, Ruonn, 50 Gillett, Carol, 180, 329 Gillett, Dons, 115, 329 Gilligon, Ann, 166, 330 Gilmore, John, 166, 390 Gilmore, Lynn, 91 Gilmore, Robert, 53, 377 Giltner, Caryl, 50, 312 Gindt, Wilbur, 94 Gingery, Rose, 180, 308 Ginn, Mory Lou, 166, 299, 353 Gissler, Dorothy, 36, 136 Gittelmon, Revo, 166, 352 Glontz, Don, 1 80, 369 Glantz, Melvin, 74, 80 Glonzer, Harlan, 320 Glesmonn, Arnold, 166, 361 Glock, Janet, 1 19, 128, 334 Glorfield, Keith, 180, 377 Goding, Rita, 180, 294, 330 Godtel, Helen, 180, 321 Goeres, Vincent, 62 Goff, Dale, 43 Goff, Floyd, 180, 354 Gohde, George, 166, 267, 358 Gohde, Roger, 180, 358 Gohlinghorst, Stanley, 180, 374 Golding, Jerry, 66, 153, 358 Goll, Marilyn, 1 15, 337 Goll, Richard, 39, 266, 378 Gomon, Charles, 166, 253, 390 Good, Joe, 256, 268 Good, Loren, 296 Gooa, Marjorie, 42, 295 Goodding, Dorlene, 166, 204, 212, 318 Goodding, Morvin, 180 Goodman, Almo, 53 Goodmon, Bernie, 394 Goodman, Mildred, 166, 308 Goodmon, Sylvio, 166 Goodrich, Hile, 53, 136, 390 Goodrich, Norma, 180, 350 Goodwin, Russell, 110, 306 Gordon, Constance, 166, 350 Gorman, Eileen, 120, 286, 342 Gorton, Sue, 166, 175, 212, 213, 346 Gostomski, Arnold, 95 Goth, Horvey, 266 Gotte, Jack, 153, 154, 166 Gould, Priscillo, 180, 333 Gourloy, Madeline, 180 Gowin, Francis, 39, 316 Gpegersen, Clara, 42 Grobbe, Dorothy, 42, 46, 180, 322 Grobbill, Kathryn, 120, 349 Graber, C. Herschel, 296 Grodwohl, David, 294 Graf, John, 86, 154, 393 Graff, Chorion, 39, 298, 321 Graff, Lloyd, 158, 166 Graham, Dale, 110, 111 Graham, Faye, 166, 291, 353 Graham, Keith, 166, 398 Graham, Patricio, 180, 345 Graham, Thomas, 54, 298, 366 Grainger, Susan, 115, 342 Grant, Robert, 180, 361 Grosmick, John, 62 Graver, Lorene, 166, 333 Green, George, 62, 398 Green, Ruth, 166, 318 Green, Sheldon, 180, 401 Greenberg, Bernard, 66, 401 Greenberg, Michael, 106, 180, 401 Greene, George, 84 Greene, Helene, 54, 342 Greer, John, 120, 157, 216, 274 362 Greer, Ruth, 166, 296, 308 Gregersen, Clara, 166, 321 Gregory, Wayne, 158, 296 Greiner, Robert, 1 1 5, 366 Grevich, John, 62, 72 Gries, Bonnie, 1 1 5, 308 Griffin, Corroll, 120, 294, 353 Griffin, William, 50, 106 294 Griff is, Ann, 166, 346 Griffith, Lois, 115 Griffith, Paul, 1 1 5 Griffiths, Jockie, 120, 330 Griggs, James, 74, 78 Grimm, Janet, 166, 337 Grimm, Paul, 66, 257, 272, 378 Grogon, Jodie, 166, 308 Groothuis, Stanley, 90, 91 Gross, Arthur, 86, 397 Grosshons, Gwen, 120, 333 Grotelueschen, Jone, 180, 353 Grove, Alan, 166, 369 Grow, John, 66, 72 Gruber, Don, 180, 290, 373 Gruber, Douglas, 180, 357 Grundmon, Mary Ann, 29, 36, 41, 42, 43 Gruntorod, Elaine, 54, 204, 294 308 Guinone, Jerry, 86, 95, 385 Gustofson, Donald, 181, 377 Gustofson, Doyle, 74, 80 Gustofson, Paul, 54, 377 H Hoos, Rolland, 62, 72 Haerer, Carol, 166, 326 Hogority, Karen, 181, 330 Hogelberger, Henrietto, 50, 286, 287, 318 Hogemon, Maxine, 181, 308 Hogen, Ronald, 166, 366 Haggort, James, 39, 357 Hohhos, Donold, 166 Hohn, Dole, 181, 389 Hohn, Wilmo, 181, 308 Height, Howard, 50, 157, 313 Hoight, Robert, 84, 90, 95, 313 Ham, Philip, 298, 303 Holbur, William, 181 Holdeen, Donald, 37, 47 Hole, Robert, 166, 390 Holker, Carl, 120, 299 Hall, Ann, 120, 130, 291, 349 Hall, Betty, 39, 333 Hall, Dale, 47 Hall, Glenn, 84, 90, 95 Hall, Harold, 95 Hall, Howord, 181 Hall, Ralph, 115, 306 Hall, Solly, 24, 166, 346 Hollos, Margie, 181, 341 Hollock, Robert, 110, 111, 206, 366 Page 443 ( Horn, Wanda, 42, 46, 166, 321 Haman, Otfo, 66, 358 Homann, Donald, 66, 393 Homer, Marilyn, 181, 338 Hamilton, Clif, 166, 385 Hamilton, John, 181, 393 Hamilton, Martho, 50, 341 Hamilton, Shirley, 166, 341 Hammang, Ceroid, 66, 394 Hammong, Jerome, 62, 394 Hommerstrom, Marilyn, 166, 337 Hammes, Leonard, 100, 398 Hammond, Chorles, 37, 365 Hammond, Marilyn, 130 Hammond, Patrice, 166, 337 Hammond, Vol, 50, 385 Hamso, William, 155, 181, 377 Hancock, George, 54, 255, 378 Hancock, Mary, 166 Hand, Ben, 181, 267, 366 Hondelman, Ed, 181, 386 Hondshy, Woyne, 256, 266 Honing, James, 166, 393 Hannemon, Janet, 181 Hansen, Allan, 66, 393 Hansen, Arthur, 39, 393 Honsen, Betty, I 15, 341 Hansen, Doris, 50, 345 Hansen, Herbert, 54, 354 Hansen, John, 95 Hansen, Karl, 39, 43, 316 Honsen, LaVerne, 100 Hansen, Ralph, 37, 47, 373 Hansen, Richard, 181, 316 Honsen, Ward, 44 Hansen, Wayne, 37, 47, 290, 357 Honson, Donold, 43, 320 Hanson, Douglas, 66, 156, 369 Hanson, Frances, 115, 326 Honson, Howord, 166, 390 Hanson, Joan, 120, 125, 132, 213, 214, 238, 341 Hanson, Morvin, 37. 43, 47, 373 Horbert, Phyllis, 1 15 Harden, Luro, 166. 175, 204, 334 Hording, Nelson, 86. 381 Hording, Wendel, 155 Hordt, Ronald, 62, 358 Harglerood, Jean, 37, 43, 46, 321 Harkson, Severin, 63, 378 Horlon, Neol, 40, 44, 354 Hormon, Chorles, 181, 357 Hormon, Jerris, 181 Harmon, Morgaret, 40, 42, 43, 312, 315 Harms, Goyle, 181, 308 Horper, John. 181, 374 Harrington, Thomas, 181, 362 Harris, Charles, 181. 373 Harris, Morvonne, 54, 349 Horris, William, 166. 377 Harrison, Jonice, 181. 346 Hart, Dovid. 181, 369 Hart. Jack. 50, 136 Hartley, Allen, 131 Hortman, Mary, 54, 334 Hartmon, Virginia, 50 Horvey, Horriett, 166, 353 Horvey, Richard, 74, 369 Harvey, Rodney, 166, 369 Hosebroock, Robert, 166, 369 Hoskell, Kothryn, 120, 342 Hosselbalch. Hoi, 166, 358 Hossner, Alfred, 94, 303 Hosson, Potricio, 37, 334 Hatch, Eorl, 120, 306 Hathowoy, Betty, 40, 349, 291 Hotton, Hubert, 74, 78 Hotzenbuenler, Marion, 296 Houpt, Charles, 181, 377 Houpt, Robert, 94 Hoverly, Horry, 40, 44, 369 Hawthorne, Joan, 181, 308 Haye, John, 37 Hayes, Morilyn, 181, 334 Hoylett, Jone, 181, 342 Hoys, Jomes, 166, 358 Hoys, Joyce, 129, 166, 330 Hoyward, Corl, 37, 365 Heodley, Harvey, 89 Heoley, Patrick, 256, 274 Heoley, Thomas, 181, 362 Heorn, Betty, 166, 204, 353 Heath, Jacqueline, 181, 338 Hecht, Helen, 42, 46, 181, 321 Hecht, Ross, 166, 393 Heckenlively, John, 63, 377 Hedden, Merritt, 40, 157, 393 Hedden, Scott, 86, 94 Hedges, David, 296 Hedrick, Margie, 120, 333 Heebner, Patricia, 115, 125, 330 Heeckt, Phyllis, 63, 314 Heermonn, Hugo, 84, 390 Hegstrom, Nancy, 181, 326 Heidelk, Phil, 166, 272, 389 Heier, Donna, 166, 308 Heim, Keith, 120, 306 Heim, Willis, 66, 70 Hein, Gretchen, 120, 210, 329 Hem, Virginia, 120, 346 Hem, William, 98, 362 Hememon, Norris, 66, 313 Heinz, Donno, 181, 308 Heiser, Elinor, 181, 318 Heiss, Dorrell, 37, 43, 47, 290, 373 Heldenbrond, Jim, 84, 95 Heller, Beverly, 1 15, 349 Helmstodter, Vernito, 166, 291, 330 Hemphill, Borboro, 166, 196, 334 Hemphill, Noncy, 181, 107, 349 Henderson, John, 63, 390 Hendrickson, Brien, 181, 272, 369 Hendrickson, Bruce, 51, 106, 159, 381 Heng, Leo, 37, 153, 276 Henkel, William, 51, 361 Henkens, Lou Ann, 1 15, 345 Henningsen, Janice, 167, 287, 337 Henry, Carol, 128 Hensley, Richard, 95 Hepperly, Jon, 167, 212, 308 Herbert, Herb, 167 Herbst, Howard, 120, 390 Hermon, Jean, 51, 313 Hermann, Monte, 167, 401 Hershberger, Barbara, 120, 125, 203, 234 291, 330 Hershberger, Lawrence, 181, 362 Hertik, Adrian, 98, 157, 394 Hervert, Charlotte, 54, 342 Herzog, Patricio, 120, 318 Hesseltme, Horold, 320 Hethermgton, Jone, 167, 204, 298, 318 Heuermonn, Keith, 167, 373 Heuermonn, Mortho, 46, 181 Heusel, Logan, 37 Hewitt, Don, 167, 358 Hickey, Cindy, 40, 349 Hide, Donald, 167, 394 Hiegel, Lee. 300 Hild, Gary, 181, 357 Hild, Rolph, 37, 44, 46, 47, 373 Hildebrond, Miles, 1 10 Hilger, Lucille, 120, 312, 337 Hill, Martha, 181, 337 Hill, Richord, 181, 366 Hilsoback, Robert, 155 Hilyord, Jeonette, 181, 308 Hinds, Joonn, 1 15, 330 Hinds, Ruth, 1 15, 330 Hines, Joon, 40, 42, 43, 46, 204, 312, 315 Hinman, Arthur, 74, 78 Hinmon, Dione, 167, 197, 337 Hirner, Rudolf, 299 HIidek, Richard, 274 Hobbs, Homer, 66, 365 Hobbs, Joyce, 181, 333 Hobbs, Robert, 98, 358 Hobson, Mark, 94 Hock, Joyce, 167 Hock, Owen, 63, 72 Hodder, William, 66, 377 Hodne, Donold, 181, 369 Hof, Borboro, 181, 349 Hoff, Jo, 25 Hofferber, Marvin, 181, 297, 354 Hoffman, Doold, 63, 382 Hoffmon, Frank, 66, 382 Hoffmeister, Ruth, 37, 43, 333 Hofgord, Williom, 66, 214, 389 Hofstetter, Jomes, 181, 272, 370 Hogon, Rex, 181, 389 Hogg, Donold, 296 Hoile, Noncy, 181, 337 Holden, Eloinc, 181, 341 Holden, Joan, 68, 167, 175, 341 Hollond, Lynn, 181, 286, 338 Hollander, Bruce, 167, 401 Holloron, William, 267 Holm, Allen, 90, 91 Holm, Myron, 51, 313 Holm, Richord, 94 Holmberg, Gerald, 300 Holmes, Don, 167 Holmes, Jean, 40, 42, 43, 216, 326 Holmes, Sonne, 167, 349 Holmes, Suzanne, 24, 167, 204, 342 Holmquist, August, 181, 378 Holmquisf, Bruce, 1 15, 361 Holmquist, Morily, 51, 346 Holmquist, William, 63, 378 Holscher, Gens, 37 Holstein, Dorotheo, 46 Holthus, Carroll, 167, 361 Holtz, Robert, 95 Holyoke, Michael, 167, 362 Hook, Robert, 167, 358 Hoover, Clinton, 37, 316 Hoover, James, 167, 385 Hopp, Clifford, 266 Hopp, Delores, 167, 334 Hoppe, Susan, 167, 341 Hopley, Pete, 167, 357 Ho.-ning, Sharon, 167, 337 Horstman, Pot, 1 15, 345 Horstmon, Richard, 66, 394 Horwick, Justin, 63, 401 Hoschouer, Loren, 74. 76, 78 Hosick, Walter, 110, 111, 313 Hoskin, Edgar, 74, 78 Hoss, Jocquelyn, 29, 115, 194, 197, 342 Hostermon, Fred, 47 Houchen, Francis, 299 Houoersheldt, Chere, 296, 308 Houdersheldt, Woye, 167 Housel, Marilyn, 66, 68, 69, 337 Houscr, Donald, 51, 136, 306 Hovendick, Jomes, 155 Hovendick, Richard, 37, 39, 381 Howard, Helen, 37 Howard, Robert, 167, 362 Howey, Robert, 66, 362 Hoyt, Joon, I 16, 125, 334 Hrobik, Betty, 181, 321 Hroudo, Rose, 181, 308 Hrusko, Herbert, 378 Hrusko, Vol, 131 Hruzo, La Vern, 90, 95 Hruzo, Thomos, 37, 47, 153, 357 Hubko, Elmer, 84, 95 Hubko, Lawrence, 167 Hubko, Mary, 51, 194, 212, 338 Huddleston, Sue, 167, 333 Hudson, Borbora, 167 Huebner, Richard, 159, 167, 361 Hueftle, Doro, 40, 42 Hueftle, Doris, 40, 42 Hughes, Marguerite, 29, 63, 338 Hughes, Paul, 256, 275 Hugins, Merritt, 95 Hulac, Georgia, 25, 26, 167, 204, 286, 287, 308 Hull, Janet, 181, 308 Humonn, Lyman, 296 Hunley, Chorles, 167, 377 Hunt, Duone, 74, 78 Hunt, Richard A., 181 Hunt, Richard D., 84, 95 Hunt, Wayne. 167, 390 Hunter, Elvis, 181 Hunter, Jean, 154 Hunton, Tom, 86. 394 Huntting, Ann. 1 16, 346 Hurlbut, L. W., 94 Hurley, Jomes, 272 Hurst, Williom, 181, 366 Husmonn, Edword, 66, 256, 266, 276, 382 Husmonn, Richard, 181, 382 Huston, Kothryn, 42. 46, 181, 349 Huston, Sam, 63, 377 Hutchings, Clay, 95 Hutchins, Dole, 181 Hutchins, Dean, 182 Hutchins, Richard, 40, 357 Hutsell, Lolo, 66 Hylond, Donna, 37, 43, 318 Ibsen, Edward, 290 Ickes, Janet, 182, 341 Imig, Dorlene, 116, 302 Imig, Donald, 167, 385 Ingold, Lester, 182 Ingram, Frances, 1 16 Ingram, Robert, 98, 393 Ingwerson, Arlita, 167, 308 Innis, Donold, 302 by, Williom, 1 16, 320 eland, Morcio, 29, 120, 129, 330 vin, Lyie, 155 win, Delores, 116, 121, 286, 287, 308 win, Donold, 74, 80 win, Thomos, 116, 152, 154 Ivcrson, Gary, 182, 390 jQckmon, Herbert, 98, 101, 381 Jackson, Beverly, 167, 318 Jockson, Jane, 54, 204, 291, 326 Jockson, Jean, 54, 329 Jackson, Jim, 153 Jackson, Marilyn, 182, 353 Jackson, Richard, 66, 306 Jockson, Warren, 320 Joco, Jonice, 182, 330 Jacobs, Doron, 182, 401 Jocobs, Sheldon, 63, 272, 401 Jacobsen, Dorothy, 40, 315 James, Theodore, 167, 266, 358 Jameson, Dean, 120, 157, 393 Jeonike, Voughn, 131, 169, 186 Jeonnoutot, Donald, 182, 382 Jeory, Theodore, 37, 374 Jeffers, Joonn, 116, 342 Jeffrey. John, 182, 385 Jeffries, Williom, 182, 393 Jenkins, Everett, 86, 398 Jenne, Everett, 37. 316 Jensby, Wesley, 120. 215, 398 Jensen, Albert, 120, 398 Jensen, Jerry, 182. 358 Jensen, Marilyn, 182. 333 Jensen, Raymond, 90, 95 Jensen, William, 277 Jermon. Joseph. 66, 393 Jesse, Beverly, 120, 353 Jewett, Ruthe, 51, 338 Joikro, Richord, 167, 316 Johonnes, Lo ' rine. 116, 349 John. Bud, 167, 390 Johnette, John, 1 1 6 Johnsen, Denny, 182, 390 Johnson, Alan, 167, 398 Johnson, Bernord, 40, 316 Johnson, Bruce, 182 Johnson, Bvron, 100 Johnson, Chorlene. 167, 326 Johnson, Charles, 31, 89 Johnson, Cynthia, 182, 330 Johnson, Cyrus, 28, 98, 101, 385 Johnson, Dole, 63, 148, 253, 394 Johnson, Donald, 167, 373 Johnson, Duone, 131 Johnson, Eldon, 66, 72 Johnson, Elizobeth. 51. 310 Johnson, Ernest, 51. 192, 198, 206, 362 Johnson, Everett, 90. 95 Johnson, Glodys, 167, 291, 333 Johnson, Glen, 94 Johnson, Jerry, 36, 37, 47, 192, 206, 208 357 Johnson, Joonn, 182, 333 Johnson, Joyce, 167, 196, 214, 326 Johnson, Julie, 54, 196, 204, 213, 346 Johnson, Kenneth E., 84, 89, 398 Johnson, Kenneth, 84 Johnson, Leo, 43 Johnson, Lola, 116, 334 Johnson, Marilyn, 182, 337 Johnson, Morlys, 182, 326 Johnson, Phyllis, 298 Johnson, Raymond, 84 Johnson, Robert B, 68, 167, 385 Johnson, Robert D., 66, 370 Johnson, Robert E., 63, 370 Johnson, Robert W., 63, 370 Johnson, Solly, 167, 334 Johnson, Vivian, 298 Johnson, Wovne, 253 Johnson, William, 44, 167, 199, 268, 357 Johnston, Jomes, 51, 313 Johnston, Poul, 98, 370 Johnstone, Shelby, 182, 398 Jones, Barbara, 182, 330 Jones, David K., 18, 358 Jones, Dovid L , 40, 373 Jones, Gory, 167, 394 Jones, Grace, 51, 315 Jones, Grant, 80, 182 Jones, Jomes, 266 Jones, Jeon, 182, 315 Jones, Priscillo, 120, 125, 349 Jones, Springer, 66, 390 Jones, Terry L., 302 Jones, Tom, 95 Jones, Warren, 51, 300 Joos, Beverly, 167, 345 Jordan, Chorleen, 182, 315 Jordon, Jone, 120, 349 Jordan, Poul, 182, 398 Jorgensen, Eriing, 132 Jouvenot, Ann, 167, 197, 349 Jouvenot, Joel, 86, 385 Joy, Worrcn, 51, 313 Joyncr, Joan, 182, 318 Juilts, Dorothy, 182, 308 Jundt, Dwight, 182, 373 Justice, Jomes, 1 10, 313 Page 444 K Koestner, Peter, 54, 366 Kohm, Dorothy, 182, 353 Kahn, Joe, 40, 386 Komarod, Bernord, 1 82 Kampfe, Darryl, 182, 362 Kao, Shih-Chien, 94 Kopur, Nowal, 314 Korabotsos, George, 158, 167, 369 Korges, Gilbert, 40, 43, 153, 373 Karnett, Ronald, 167, 381 Korrer, Frederick, 54, 378 Kartman, Davida, 116, 350 Kaspar, Roland, 63, 397 Kath, Sterling, 54, 208, 374 Katz, Charlene, 182, 287, 350 Kouf, David, 167, 362 Kaufman, Norman, 31, 94 Kechely, Eldeon, 25, 116, 315 Keebler, William, 51, 378 Keeler, Donold, 95 Keene, Jack, 1 55 Keerans, Donald, 182, 362 Keevert, Shirley, 37, 296 Kehm, John, 94 Keim, Phyllis, 167, 318 Keller, Lee, 86, 156, 385 Keller, Lloyd, 86, 92, 155 Kelley, Kathleen, 182, 334 Kelley, Kent, 54, 208, 366 Kelley, Raymond, 182, 272, 357 Kellogg, Mary Ann, 120, 125, 204, 213, 333 Kelloway, Peter, 182, 389 Kelly, Lloyd, 101 Kelly, Richard, 294, 302 Kelso, Elizabeth, 37, 43, 321 Kemp, Robert, 89 Kenison, Homer, B., 253, 296 Kennedy, Bruce, 182, 358 Kennedy, Elizabeth, 120, 337 Kennedy, Louise, 116, 210, 333 Kennedy, Max, 167, 266, 369 Kennedy, Polly, 116, 329 Kerr, Gene, 182, 357 Kessel, John, 1 16, 394 Kessler, John, 86 Kidd, Thomas, 275 Kieckhofer, Lois, 42, 167, 321 Kiekhoefer, Ted, 182 Kiffin, Charles, 167, 203, 374 Kimball, Karma, 167 Kindhort, Wilma, 167, 353 King, Dale, 63 King, Edwin, 131 King, Maureen, 120, 345 King, Melvin, 84, 95 Kinnier, Elizabeth, 167, 321 Kinsey, Kay, 182, 342 Kinsinger, Mary, 168, 175, 349 Kinyon, Wayne, 66, 70 Kirk, Geraldine, 120, 136, 341 Kirschbaum, James, 144 Kissler, Borbora, 168, 334 Kissler, Thomas, 182, 374 Kitchen, Donald, 131, 296 Kittle, Bernard, 90, 95 Kitzelmon, Max, 276 Kizzper, Richard, 63, 362 Kjeldgaord, Joanne, 54, 345 Kjelson, Sally, 120, 334 Kloosmeyer, Keith, 320 Klasek, Char ' es, 46, 168, 253, 389 KIdsek, Charles, 131 Klein, Nancy, 120, 338 Klein, Robert, 84 Kleinschmidt, William, 31, 84, 90, 91, 313 Klintworth, Theodore, 110, 111 Klone, Janyce, 1 1 6 Kluna, Adrian, 37, 47, 373 Knapp, David, 51, 398 Knopp, Jo, 182, 334 Knopp, Lloyd, 63, 313 Knerl, Phyllis, 168, 308 Knisely, James, 168, 381 Knobel, Junior, 182, 373 Knodik, Dennis, 182 Knotts, Joonn, 40, 204, 294 Koberstein, Gary, 155, 182 Koch, Joseph, 168, 374 Kocion, Cyril, 66, 157, 306 Kociembo, JoAnn, 111, 182, 353 Koehler, Nancy, 51, 302, 338 Koehler, Virginia, 24, 120, 291 Koenig, Ken, 182, 361 Koepke, James, 182, 301, 361 Koester, Donald, 167, 385 Kohll, Morvin, 1 10, 386 Koifoid, Charles, 299 Kokjer, Ann, 182, 286, 346 Kokjer, Janet, 120, 329 Kokdra, Barbara, 182, 333 Konegni, Margoret, 168, 308 Kopf, Del, 192, 277 Koopmon, Phil, 182, 354 Kopecky, Roma, 120, 308 Korinek, Dennis, 267 Korinek, Donald, 393 Korf, Phyllis, 24, 168, 204, 297, 301, 308 Korte, Leiand, 84 Kostbahn, Karl, 182, 303, 361 Koukol, Dan, 101 Kovondo, Keith, 100 Kovar, Otto, 100 Kromper, Vincent, 46, 168, 357 Kranau, Gerald, 182, 357 Kronou, Marilyn, 66, 69, 345 Krontz, Gerald, 182, 369 Krantz, Rita, 182, 350 Krosne, Sylvia, 29, 54, 204, 213, 291, 350 Krott, Ted, 86, 393 Krause, Donna, 182, 286 326 Kreiher Leon, 158 Krejci, Allan, 40, 153, 316 Kreuscher, Carol, 182, 341 Kreutz, Barbara, 40, 42, 308 Kreyctk, Keith, 43 Krieger, Jerry, 136 Krievs, Vivito, 54, 106, 330 Kripal, Thomos, 267 Krishnomurthi, C. R., 37 Kritner, Kenneth, 63, 72, 296 Kroeller, Horvey, 66, 361 Kroeller, Richard, 182, 361 Kroenke, Robert, I 20, 294 Kroese, Margaret, 116, 129 Krogh, Gordon, 66, 157, 374 Krogh, John, 84, 89, 92 Krogh, Robert, 90, 91, 320 Krotter, Donna, 120, 128, 345 Krotter, Janet, 182, 333 Krueger, Donna, 40, 315 Krueger, Joon L., 54, 136, 200, 210, 341 Krueger, Joan R., 1 82, 308 Kruger, Alice, 1 1 6 Kruger, Paul, 20, 44, 47, 153, 373 Kruger, Robert, 44, 66, 157, 272, 393 Krumwiede, Robert, 86, 168, 393 Krupinsky, Jerry, 183, 401 Kruse, Gordon, 222 Kuehl, Joyce, 40, 42, 43, 46, 298, 321, 398 Kuehner, Marie, 298 Kugler, Paul, 63, 72, 320 Kuhl, Arthur, 168, 294 Kumpost, Henry, 43 Kunc, Beverly, 42, 46, 168, 286, 326 KuncI, Charles, 182, 394 Kunes, Kenneth, 168, 358 Kunkel, Carolyn, 120, 341 Kuns, Marianne, 183, 330 Kushner, Marshal, 168, 201, 401 Kuska, Colvin, 44, 168, 196, 381 Kuska, Danny, 168, 381 Kutiiek, Edith, 120, 353 Kuyper, Eugene, 131 Kyner, Sue, 120, 308 Loose, Joyce, 183, 253, 333 Lodds, Jock, 66, 381 Loferla, Joseph, 84, 366 Laflin, Lewis, 168, 369 Laflin, Patricio, 116, 129, 326 Lage, Kenneth, 116, 131 Lohners, Ronald, 183, 374 Laird, Russell, 101 Lambert, Carol Ann, 40, 349 Lambert, Thomas, 37, 373 Lammers, Anno, 40, 334 Lammers, Robert, 98, 100, 354 Lamp, Mardell, 116, 314 Lamphere, John, 155, 183, 394 Lancaster, Charles, 183, 377 Lander, Richord, 28, 63, 369 Lone, Edwin, 63, 152, 256, 276, 366 Lone, Robert, 168, 366 Longe, Jack, 132, 302 Longe, Patrick, 267 Longelett, Jerrie, 168, 341 Longhus, Shirley, 183, 330 Lonik, Larry, 267 Lorobee, Jored, 183, 361 Lorobee, Wayne, 74, 78 Lorsen, Beverly, 51, 136, 195, 204, 349 Lorsen, Elsie, 183, 353 Lorsen, Henry, 86, 89 Lorsen, Tom, 168, 375 Larson, Albert, 91 Larson, Donold, 26, 116, 378 Lorson, Evelyn, 183, 333 Larson, Gerald, 120, 361 Larson, Joon, 183, 334 Larson, John, 37, 316 Larson, Kenneth, 183 Larson, Lois, 42, 37, 218, 318 Larson, Marilyn, 168, 326 Larson, Richord, 106, 168, 216, 397 Larson, Roger, 21 6 Larson, William, 300 Larson, Wilma, 183, 308 Lo Shelle, Joanne, 37, 326 La Shelle, Robert, 66, 206, 216, 358 Lothrop, Lloyd, 274 Latter, Dennis, 1 83 Lou, Richard, 63, 377 Louber, Wendell, 66, 393 Loun, Ramono, 30, 40, 42, 43, 291, 345 Loun, Virginia, 183, 308 Launer, Ann, 1 83, 346 Launtzen Evelyn, 42, 46, 183, 322 Lournen, Edwin, 106, 183 Louver, Leon, 168, 398 Loux, David, 91 Lovine, Lucille, 183, 350 Lavine, Ruth Ann, 120, 130, 350 Lowlor, Mike, 168, 213, 389 Lawrence, Kenneth, 80, 1 83 Lawrence, Leon, 183, 366 Lawrence, Lois, 168 Lawrence, Lois M., 25, 54, 299 Lawrence, Virginia, 125 Lowritson, Mary, 40, 42, 322 Lawson, Anita, 120, 329 Lowson, Charles, 98, 393 Lawson, Gerald, 168, 374 Lawson, Lewis, 86, 94, 357 Lozeor, Jeonette, 51, 349 Leach, John, 66, 277, 385 Leocock, Frances, 183, 318 Lear, Brodley, 120, 153 Lebsock, Edwin, 74, 80 Lebsock, Gus, 66, 385 Ledbetter, John, 183, 370 Ledingham, Shirley, 168, 330 Lee, Helen, 168, 308 Lee, Maurice, 1 1 1 Lee, Pat, 267 Lees, Donald, 168, 316 Leese, Stonley, 168, 398 Leffler, Donald, 183, 267, 377 Legault, A. R., 89 Legge, Joan, 168, 342 Leggett, Kerry, 183, 393 LeGrond, Kenneth, 152, 153 Lehman, Herbert, 320 Lehman, Phil, 320 Lehmkuhl, Donald, 1 16, 394 Lehr, Marilyn, 168, 345 Leikom, Pat, 183, 318 Leising, Donold, 40, 43. 218, 316 Leisy, Tom, 44, 46, 168, 357 Leitel, Perry, 276 Leitschuck, Richord, 168, 316 Lemke, Ruth, 1 16, 130, 349 Lemkuhl, Morjorie, 183, 353 Lemmon, Calvin, 183, 313 Lemon, Jock, 44 Lentz, Donald, 159 Leonard, Donold, 158 Lester, Betty, 168, 349 Leth, Chorles, 84, 94 Levendosky, James, 266 Lewondowski, Shirley, 294 Lewis, Deolton, 183, 370 Lewis, Donald, 66 Lewis, Edwin, 86, 94, 381 Lewis, Phillip, 66, 157, 198, 206, 213, 393 L ' Heureux, Joan, 63, 249 Lichty, Worren, 100 Lickei, Phyllis, 63, 318 Lieber, Elizabeth, 120, 333 Lightner, Gene, 86, 94, 369 Liljedahl, Janice, 116, 130, 341 Lilly, Ting, 168, 210. 287, 345 Lind, Donold, 183, 298, 374 Lind, Norman, 1 16, 306 Lindell, Nancy, 54, 349 Lindell, Orvol, 43 Lindgren, Morie, 51, 300, 312 Lindgren, Potricia, 168, 213, 214, 341 Lindly, Connie, 168 Lingo, Byron, 320 Lingo, Word, 320 Lindquist, Daniel, 272 Lindsey, Marvin, 47 Line, Morjorie, 121, 346 Link, Dale, 28, 37, 397 Linn, Bert, 183, 378 Linscott, Dean, 26, 40, 199, 206, 210, 357 Linstrom, Harold, 183, 366 Lintz, Jack, 168, 358 Lipton, Maurice, 183, 386 Littleton, Max, 320 Lliteras, Carmen, 183, 294, 315 Lliteros, John, 31, 84, 94, 306, 314 Loch, Robert, 168, 370 Locke, Fronces, 183, 350 Locke, Rosanna, 1 1 6, 350 Loder, Patricio, 168, 346 Loehr, Andrew, 266 Loerch, Wallace, 66, 382 Logie, Elizobeth, 54, 334 Lohmann, Fred, 89 Lohrberg, Robert, 277 Loloff, Marilyn, 1 16, 341 Lomax, Helen, 43, 183, 296, 308 Lomme, Gene, I 83 Long, Howord, 183, 381 Longmore, Myron, 37, 153 Loomba, Narendro, 90, 91, 95, 314 Loomis, Jean, 51, 136, 346 Loomis, Mary Margaret, 121, 338 Lorensen, C. E., 90, 95 Lorensen, Mino, 116 Lothrop, Norma, 168, 204, 330 Loucks, Raymond, 66, 362 Loudon, Jean, 24, 121, 125, 212, 326 Loudon, John, 51, 369 Loudon, Phyllis, 168, 210, 286, 338 Lovegrove, Delores, 116, 291, 333 Lovell, Eldon, 67, 377 Low, Burdette, 90, 95 Low, Dorothy, 168, 284, 333 Lowe, Audre, 51, 337 Lowe, John, 54, 378 Lowe, Solly, 121, 342 Lowell, James, 183, 369 Lowry, Charles, 168, 382 Lubke, Wayne, 1 16 Lubken, Dwight, 168 Lucas, Barbara, 54, 342 Luce, Marilyn, 121, 337 Ludeman, Darrell, 80, 183 Ludi, Mory, 183, 329 Ludwick, Thomas, 80, 168, 385 Luebbe, Lawrence, 91 Luebbers, Annette, 37, 42, 43, 312 Luebs, John, 137 Lueder, Ann, 116, 125, 338 Luedtke, Norman, 63, 394 Luellman, Chorles, 51, 136, 397 Luethie, John, 183, 354 Luff, Earlene, 168, 345 Lukasiewig, Darryl, 63, 314 Lukert, Burdette, 67, 72 Lundberg, Bernard, 74, 80 Lundberg, Corol, 183, 353 Lundeen, Eugene, 183, 357 Lundy, Ann, 183 Lunner, Robert, 183, 374 Lundt, Mory Sue, 183, 330 Luse, Ney, 183 Luti, Ricordo, 303 Lynch, Jonet, 40 Lynch, Richard, 168, 370 Lyngholm, Beverly, 168 Lysinger, Shirley, 168, 349 M Maas, Ronold, 306 Maaske, Donno, 121, 308 Mochol, Godfrey. 131, 159 Mock, Richard, 168, 361 Mockie, David, 276 MocLeoy, Kenneth, 37, 365 Madden, Jone, 183, 346 Madden, Patrick, 183, 378 Mader, Morlyce, 183, 330 Modison, Russ, 298 Madsen, Donold, 92 Madsen, George, 46, 183, 362 Magdonz, Vtrginio, 116, 333 Magill, Vernon, 183, 366 Mognusson, Gordon, 74, 80, 298 Mohonnoh, Donald, 168, 397 Mojor, David, 63, 386 Major, Frank, 296 Mollot, Otto, 86, 378 Mollette, Pat, 168, 393 Mallory, Solly, 168, 286, 342 Malloy, Gerald, 84, 393 Molone, Morvin, 302 Malsbury, Carol, 168 .Molsbury, Donno, 168 Malster, Robert, 183, 362 Mangold, Marilyn, 168, 341 Mann, Barbaro, 51, 333 Page 445 Monn, Beverly, 121, 326 Monn, Virginio, 183, 326 Monning, Diane, 121, 308, 337 Mopes, Mary Jane, 183, 286, 287, 341 Marbaker, William, 116, 354 Marble, Peggy, 51, 326 Morch, Jock, 183, 389 Mordis, Harold, 183, 369 Morienau, Marion, 116, 296, 314 Morks, John, 86, 91, 314 Morkussen, Valdean, 46, 155 Moronde, Mory, 42, 168, 345 Morquort, Poul, 63, 394 Morquesen, Mitzi, 183, 326 Mors, Ronold, 184 Marsh, Glenn, 40, 373 Marsh, Jeon, 51, 308 Marshall, Charles, 184, 389 Marshall, Dorrell, 63, 72 Martens, Winston, 86, 94, 361 Morti, Donold, 156 Mortin, Gory, 184, 390 Martin, Leslie, 86, 313 Mortin, M orilyn, 296 Mortin, Wilbur, 184 Mortison, Mary, 116, 342 Morx, Audrey, 184, 350 Morx, Morlo, 116, 341 Moser, Florence, 184, 333 Mason, Floyd, 158, 169, 382 Motteson, Sollie, 121, 345 Mothiesen, Hons, 184, 369 Motthews, John, 67, 382 Matthews, Marilyn, 42, 169, 345 Mattox, Donald, 169, 354 Motzke, Gerald, 51, 193, 208, 378 Motzke, Sfonley, 184, 268, 378 Moupin, Myron, 170, 378 Moxcy, Don, 169, 393 Moxwell, Mory, 121, 286, 312 May, Jean, 303 Maye, William, 80, 184 Moyer, Morlene, 308 Moyer, Robert, 158 Mozuro, Totiono, 51, 310 McAfee, Darwin, 51, 152, 155, 361 McArthur, Donald, 101 McAvin, Joon, 51 McBeth, John, 95 McBurney, Keith, 184, 290 McCall, Audrey, 169, 333 McCarthy, Mary, 63, 308 McCow, Joy, 204 McClure, Albert, 169, 369 McClure, Jean, 184, 308 McCorkin, Dale, 155 McCormick, Borbora, 169, 330 McCormick, Richard, 256, 277 McCown, Corol, 169, 341 McCoy, James, 51, 131, 397 McCoy, Margaret, 54, 216, 349 McCoy, Mark, 184, 398 McCoy, Robert, 54 McCoy, Roy, 51, 378 McCracken, Gerold, 84, 398 McCreight, M. G,, 43 McCue, Eugene, 272, 320 McCulloch, Morion, 169, 294, 353 McCullough, Morlene, 184, 326 McCullough, Mary, 169, 334 McCurdy, Robert, 1 17 McCurdy, Voljeon, 67, 70, 157 McCutchon, Duone, 300 McDonold, Morilyn, 121, 204, 329 McDuffe, Jeanne, 184, 296, 308 McDuffee, Morie, 169, 333 McElhoney, John, 54, 159, 374 McElwoin, Borboro, 117, 125, 326 McEwen, Rondoll, 121, 159, 394 McGorry, Williom, 169, 385 McGeachin, James, 86, 378 McGlosson, Solly, 184, 341 McGroth, Soro, 299 McGroth, Tom, 299 McGreer, John, 184, 381 McGuire, William, 267 Mcllnoy, Patricio, 54, 345 McKomy, Ann, 184, 287, 338 McKay, Eugene, 63 McKee, Robert, 158, 169, 370 McKee, Thomos, 80, 169 McKenzie, Gordon, 74, 80 McKenzie, Rito, 184, 294 McKenzie, Ron, 185, 362 McKenzie, Stephen, 51, 377 McKie, Marilyn, 117, 326 McKillip, William, 117, 358 McKinley, Lio, 117, 310 McLoughlin, Eloine, 185, 308 McLaughlin, Rosonne, 1 69, 342 McMahon, Helen, 46 McMoster, Ronold, 169, 393 McMullen, Kothleen, 169, 285, 337 McNomee, Richord, 84, 94, 297 McNamee, Robert, 80, 185 McNought, Wilmo, 40, 42, 312 McPeck, John, 300 McPherson, Robert, 169, 313 McQuiston, Darlene, 121, 337 McVoy, Chorles, 1 17, 369 McWillioms, Roger, 89 Meod, Don, 184, 222, 393 Meod, Joel, 26, 40, 357 Meod, Richord, 70, 169, 374 Mead, Shirley, 184, 329 Meons, Cecil, 184, 223, 253, 369 Mecke, Morlene, 121, 333 Medley, George, 155 Medlin, Borboro, 184, 308 Medlin, James, 63, 70, 314 Meehon, Robert, 169, 362 Meier, E. B., 31 Meisinger, John, 72, 169 Meisinger, Kenneth, 67, 361 Meissner, Herbert, 184, 377 Mclcher, William, 54, 378 Melin, Borbora, 184, 329 Mellen, JoAnne, 51, 132, 294, 330 Melville, Williom, 169, 378 Melvin, Cotherine, 29, 42, 169 345 Mendenholl, Keith, 80, 184 Meredith, Williom, 89 Mesmer, J. F., 156 Mesner, Philip, 184, 290, 313 Messersmith, Lee, 290 Messersmith, Rex, 26, 37, 44, 193, 21 i 373 Messmer, Robert, 1 84 Meston, Corrie, 43 Metcolf, Gordon, 184, 398 Metcalf, Roger, 51, 398 Meyer, Hugh, 63, 72, 296 Meyer, Joan, 40, 43, 218, 321 Meyer, Morlene, 121, 128, 300 Meyer, Norbert, 302 Meyer, Ormond, 297, 302 Meyer, Rex, 44, 46, 169, 373 Meyerott, Arthur, 51, 313 Meyers, Alice, 121, 295, 302 Meyers, Joonn, 1 84, 338 Meyers, Robert, 67 Michelet, Allen, 54, 394 Michoelson, CorTa, 298 Michelson, William, 63, 362 Mickelson, Joonn, 54, 333 Mickle, William, 111 Middleton, Mory, 121, 334 Miessler, Cloro, 116, 346 Miles, Shirley, 37, 43, 321 Millen, Clarice, 40, 334 Millen, Elaine, 42, 184, 334 Miller, Arlene, 300 Miller, Duone, 86, 394 Miller, Elaine, 184, 334 Miller, Elizabeth, 169, 329 Miller, Eugene, 63, 361 Miller, Frances, 125 Miller, Hottie, 1 16, 212, 308 Miller, James, 184, 389 Miller, Jonine, 110, 111, 337 Miller, Joyne, 184, 326 Miller, Jerry, 184, 397 Miller, Joan, 121, 349 Miller, John, 184, 389 Miller, Joyce, 169, 308, 333 Miller, LOis, 169, 330 Miller, Marjorie, 51, 215, 345 Miller, Mortho, 169, 284, 342 Miller, Richord, 51, 55, 215 Miller, Robert, 184, 390 Miller, Ronald, 184, 393 Miller, Ruben, 94 Miller, Shirley M., 1 16, 125, 334 Miller, Shirley R., 169, 329 Miller, Thomas, 169, 381 Miller, Thomos L., 184, 394 Miller, Vaden, 169, 398 Miller, Williom, 169, 385 Mills, Gordon, 267 Mills, Keith, 63, 72 Mills, Robert, 222 Mills, R. W., 222 Milroy, Carol, 184, 308 Miner, Chorles, 37, 354 Miner, Janet, 184, 342 Miner, Lois, 169, 303, 310 Mink, George, 184, 266, 267, 377 Minkin, Ronald, 184, 401 Minnick, Jerry, 266 Minnick, Kenneth, 84, 89, 362 Minteer, C. C, 43 Mitchell, Eorl, 131, 159 Mitchell, Robert, 184, 377 Mitchem, Dennis, 63, 398 Mlodovich, Roy, 63, 256, 277, 369 MIeynek, Loren, 155 Mlinor, Richord, 67, 385 Mnuk, Frank, 169, 214, 374 Moates, William, 184, 313 Mockeft, Ann, 54, 136, 342 Modisett, Calvin, 63, 385 Mohler, Joonn, 184, 329 Mohler, Richard, 84, 89 Mohr, Janelle, 116, 129, 330 Mohr, Lee, 74, 80 Mohrmon, J, H., 116, 148, 378 Mollico, Louis, 184 Molstod, Corole, 184, 318 Moncrief, Vado, 42, 168, 321 Monismith, Elton, 131, 169, 361 Monson, Richard, 40, 47, 290, 357 Montgomery, Dorrell, 121, 313 Montgomery, John, 63, 374 Mooberry, Morii, 1 16, 346 Moodie, Elizobeth, 29, 117, 122, 125, 291, 326 Moodie, Robert, 101 Moody, Woyne, 44, 46, 169, 290, 373 Moomey, Marilyn, 24, 29, 51, 194, 349 Mooney, Robert 67, 72 Mooney, William, 54, 154, 157, 394 Moore, Clyde, 121, 370 Moore, Glenn, 63, 358 Moore, John, 54, 398 Moore, Kenneth, 267, 272 Moore, Margaret, 184, 334 Moore, Potricio, 117, 125 Moore, Shirley, 54, 342 Moorheod, Gerold, 184, 394 Moron, John, 131 Moron, Moriorie, 169, 175, 294, 334 Moron, Patricio, 184, 333 Moron, Yvonne, 1 84, 334 Morehead, Floyd, 54, 394 Morelond, Dorrel, 51, 272, 374 Morgan, Judith, 169, 345 Morgon, Marilyn, 117, 125, 215, 342 Morgan, Rolond, 106 Morgon, Russ, 267 Moriorty, Nodine, 137 Morin, Donold, 298 Morphew, Gordon, 121, 393 Morrison, Deon, 302 Morrison, Hester, 24, 121, 125, 291, 334 Morrow, Jock, 169, 389 Morrow, John, 184, 381 Mortvedt, Audrey, 298 Mortvedt, Robert, 184, 298, 361 Mosemon, Paul, 91, 159 Mosher, Dovid, 51, 393 Mosher, Robert, 63, 148, 370 Moshier, Fred, 169, 394 Motycko, Muriel, 1 1 1 , 1 69, 301 , 308 Moulton, Richord, 84, 385 Moyer, Phyllis, 54, 338 Moyle, Mitzie, 29, 121, 346 Mueller, Clork, 51, 369 Mueller, Marilyn, 184, 329 Mueller, William, 254, 267 Muenster, Don, 184, 377 Mullarky, Eileen, 184, 287, 338 Mullen, Henry, 277 Mullen, Robert, 256, 266 Muller, Darlene, 42, 184, 321 Mulligan, Mary, 111, 1 69, 175, 329 Mullin, Dovid, 131 Mulvoney, Morgoret, 26, 117, 123, 125, 195, 212, 326 Mumby, Keith, 98, 362 Mumgoard, M. L,, 94 Mundhenke, Jeonette, 51, 308 Munger, Jomes, 54, 377 Munson, Jock, 54, 256, 274, 390 Murdoch, Levonda, 37, 42, 43, 321 Murnone, James, 84 Murphy, Donna, 51, 212, 318, 353 Murphy, Jocqueline, 121, 342 Murphy, Marilyn, 121, 337 Murphy, Marjorie, 130 Murphy, Robert, 320 Murphy, Rosemary, 294 Murphy, Shirley, 169 Murray, Beverly, 184, 308 Murroy, Jessie, 125, 299 Musgrave, Joy, 184, 321 Myers, Dons, 184, 345 Myers, George, 40, 46, 290, 381 Myers, Horold, 28, 63, 393 Myers, Marilyn, 37, 312 Myhre, Milford, 131 N Nober, Albert, 1 10, 382 Nober, Herbert, 110, 382 Nokogowo, Arthur, 67, 222, 394 Nosh, Shirley, 185, 329 Noumonn, Elfnedo, 117, 296, 314 Nedrow, Bicky, 169, 329 Neef, Williom, 185, 390 Neely, Mary Jean, 54, 342 Neff, Sharon, 169, 214, 329 t Ieilsen, Duone, 67, 369 Neilsen, Roberta, 67 Neilson, Lois, 121, 295, 314 Neitzel, Hermon, 155, 185, 361 Nellis, Potncio, 185, 326 Nelson, Barbara, 54, 326 Nelson, Doniel, 185, 306 Nelson, Dorren, 44 Nelson, Donold, 31, 90, 91, 314 Nelson, Edwin, 52, 306 Nelson, Evelyn, 185, 329 Nelson, Foye, 185, 329 Nelson, Glenn E., 28, 37, 43, 47, 357 Nelson, Glenn H,, 137, 169, 201, 369 Nelson, Herbert, 74, 78 Nelson, Howard Palmer, 169 Nelson, Howord Poul, 169, 300, 306 Nelson, Jock, 159, 185, 369 Nelson, Jeon, 52, 314 Nelson, Joan, 185, 308 Nelson, John, 131, 169, 361 Nelson, Joy, 185, 308 Nelson, Lelond, 382 Nelson, Lou, 185, 287, 329 Nelson, Lyie, 185, 306 Nelson, Margaret, 40, 337 Nelson, Morjorie, 185, 308 Nelson, Mory Alice, 121, 312 Nelson, Mary Ann, 121, 329 Nelson, Stuart, 94, 314 Nelson, Ted, 40, 153, 316 Nelson, Tim, 169, 366 Nelson, Williom, 169, 378 Nerenburg, Cheryl, 185, 350 Neuenswonaer, Sue, 55, 291, 329 Neumeyer, Lowell, 41, 374 Neville, Margaret, 117, 129, 294, 330 Newbill, Lilo, 117, 318 Newell, Richord, 169, 393 Newhouse, Kothryn, 117, 128, 312 Newhouse, Keith, 95 Newmon, Dorris, 121, 197, 346 Nichols, Clark, 55, 397 Nickols, John, 86, 94, 397 Nidoy, John, 296 Niehous, John, 169, 389 Niehous, Mory, 42, 169, 291, 334 Nielson, Duane, 137 Nielsen, Mortin, 155, 341 Nielsen, Robert, 90, 95 Niemeier, Richard, 169 Nilson, Edward, 300 Nilson, LyIe, 52, 106, 300 Nissen, Jomes, 41, 362 Nitzel, Dale, 185, 290, 373 Nixon, Joy, 121, 346 Noble, Clark, 67, 394 Noble, Dovid, 67, 381 Noble, Donald, 26, 1 10, 159, 198, 206, 38 ' Noble, Leslie, 67, 365 Noble, Roger, 67, 70, 157 Noble, Virginia, 286 Nordgren, Dorothy, 117, 334 Nordhues, Lawrence, 169, 294, 357 Nordin, Lorry, 28, 37, 374 Noroll, Roger, 84, 90, 95 Normon, Noncy, 121, 125, 287, 349 Norris, Beverly, 185, 318 Norris, Donold, 266 Norris, John, 185, 357 Norsworthy, Jomes, 185, 377 Norsworthy, Mary, 1 17, 334 Norsworthy, Milton, 169, 390 Norton, Gene, 37, 382 Norton, James, 98, 101, 385 Norton, Mourice, 153, 155, 169 Norton, Robert, 275 Novok, Fred, 74, 394 Novak, Leon, 63, 66, 382 Novok, Roy, 266 Novotny, Darlene, 121, 308 Novotny, Donald, 46, 155, 185, 357 Novotny, Gladys, 121, 125, 130, 341 Nucrnbcrger, William, 101 Nuss, Donold, 185, 378 Nuss, Janet, 169, 349 Nuss, Thomos, 52 Nutt, George, 277 Nye, Virginio, 1 70, 338 Nyquist, Lovis, 170 Page 446 Oades, Jack, 100 Ookes, Helen, 286 Oakeson, Dwayne, 64 Oakley, Mildred, 1 17, 312 Oberlin, Robert, 266 O ' Brien, Joann, 121, 204, 284, 286, 341 O ' Brien, Mary Ann, 182, 302, 308 O ' Brien, Patricia, 64, 353 Ochsner, Alene, 42, 46, 170, 291 Ochsner, James, 67, 159, 394 Ochsner, Shirley, 185, 334 Ockander, Donold, 64, 72 O ' Connor, Morgoret, 110, 111, 345 O ' Dea, Patrick, 31, 84, 91, 398 Ode, Chloryce, 185, 322 O ' Dell, Mark, 136 O ' Dell, Neala, 170, 204, 345 Oden, Don, 185, 374 Odum, Nancy, 185, 196, 341 Oehrle, Morlene, 121, 287, 337 Oelrich, Eileen, 29, 55, 297, 301 312 Ofe, Carl, 170, 389 Ogden, Marlene, 170, 318 Ohman, Kenneth, 52, 374 Okamoto, Ted, 52 O ' Keefe, William, 74, 78 Okonkwo, Onuzulike, 121, 303 Oldenburg, Dorrance, 86, 313 Oliver, Barbara, 185, 321 Oliver, James, 67, 266, 377 OIney, Susan, 185, 294, 308 Olsen, Herbert, 52, 394 Olsen, Philip, 37, 44, 47, 357 Olsen, Robert, 131 Olsen, Rosalee, 121, 284, 312 Olson, Dole, 30, 170, 357 Olson, David, 185, 369 Olson, Lois, 121, 287, 353 Olson, Paul, 298, 303 Olson, Richard, 64, 378 Olson, Sterling, 41, 44, 157, 357 Orchard, Dorothy, 185, 334 ' Orr, Jacqueline, 130, 170, 341 Orshek, Robert, 98, 100 Osborn, Denis, 185, 394 Osborn, Kenneth, 267 Osborn, Nadine, 185, 286, 294, 318 Osborn, Oakley, 154, 185 Osborne, Allen, 152, 154 Osborne, Robert, 55, 358 Oslund, Richard, 67, 385 Ostdiek, Alfred, 64, 70 Ostdiek, Glen, 64, 67, 70 Ostenberg, Joon, 121, 338 Ostendorf, Donald, 1 1 I Ostwald, Phil, 86, 92, 93, 206 361 Otiey, Louro, 303 Otnes, Robert, 55, 394 Ott, Richord, 74, 80 Otte, Robert, 185, 374 Otto, Keith, 185, 306 Otto, Owen, 170, 361 Otto, Sharie, 185 Ovenden, Ronald, 1 70, 370 Overgoard, Judith, 121, 337 Overgaard, Sheila, 185, 337 Overholt, Donald, 170, 374 Owen, Jo, 37, 326 Owen, Vivian, 185, 308 Owen, Winnie, 55, 349 Owens, Lowell, 38, 314 Ozenberger, Larry, 170, 377 Palling, Nancy, 185, 296 308 Polmateer, Judith, 121, 349 Palme, Robert, 52, 137 397 Palmer, Amy, 121, 125, ' 345 Palmer, Jerry, 170, 378 Palmer, Wallace, 52, 382 ' ' ° " 373 ° ' ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 290. 297, Panko, Morilyn, 121, 125, 170 Pope, Marjorie, 170, 308 ' Pork, Eldon, 68, 170 369 Parker, Walter, 64 Parkison, Donald, 106 Parrish, James, 185, 378 Parsons, Robert, 86, 313 Paschal, Richard, 197 Pasek, Mary Ann, 170, 334 Potel, M., 84 Potel, Ranchmolbhai, 84, 90 91 Patterson, Carol, 170, 334 Patterson, Marilyn, 52, 337 Patterson, Maxine, 46, 185, 296 Patterson, Patricia, 170, 341 Patterson, Robert C, 185 Patterson, Robert E., 64, 72 Pattison, Mory, 287 Paul, Marilyn, 170, 308 Paulsen, Glenn, 170, 365 Poulsen, Phyllis, 121 Paulson, Allan, 170, 266, 369 Payindo, Mohammad, 303 Payne, Donna, 185, 308 Payne, William, 41, 153, 316 Poynich, George, 67, 256, 266, 369 Paynter, Dorothy, 1 1 7, 342 Pearce, George, 185 Pearson, Glenda, 185, 333 Pearson, Howard, 84, 369 Pearson, Richard C, 170, 297, 301, 361 Pecha, Robert, 170, 358 Peck, Halcyon, 185, 349 Peck, Jo Ann, 67, 330 Peck, Patricia, 137 Pedersen, Harold, 38 Pedersen, Henry, 101, 170, 369 Pedersen, Marilyn. A., 170, 326, 286 Pedersen, Marilyn J., 46, 185, 308 Pederson, Steven, 185, 357 Pejsor, Gordon, 80, 185 Pelikan, Marilyn, 185, 345 Pendergost, Elizabeth, 117, 312 Penncr, Helen, 1 17, 342 Pennock, Levis, 67, 398 Pepler, Betty, 185, 329 Perrenoud, Donald, 185, 370 Perrin, Jeon, 170, 338 Perry, Dorothy, 185, 286, 341 Perry, Edwin, 98, 385 Perry, Elton, 41 Perry, Lester, 122, 398 Persson, Thomas, 122 Peters, Arnold, 117, 320 Peters, Barbara, 185, 308 Peters, Jean, 170, 321 Peters, Joan, 63, 64 Peters, Nancy, 117, 341 Peters, Patricia, 55, 346 Peters, Peter, 98, 362 Peters, Richard, 170, 370 Petersen, Don, 84, 90, 95 Petersen, Fred, 122, 393 Petersen, G. M., 94 Petersen, John, 85 Petersen, Richard, 155 Peterson, Charles, 215 Peterson, Dexter, 378 Peterson, Don, 52, 106, 303, 366 Peterson, Elizabeth, 185, 296, 308 Peterson. Gordon, 185, 274, 377 Peterson, Irvin, 67, 157, 256, 278, 385 Peterson, Janet, 170, 287, 349 Peterson, Lloyd, 155 Peterson, Marilyn, 42, 46, 122, 346 Peterson, Maxine, 170, 291 Peterson, Nancee, 1 70, 346 Peterson, Robert, 185, 357 Peterson, Theodore, 185, 381 Pettygrove, James, 170, 313 Pettijohn, James, 41, 366 Pfeiler, William, 28, 106, 170, 366 Pfister, Linda, 42 Pflasterer, Poul, 110, III, 370 Pflug, Joan, 170, 329 Pflug, Suzonno, 170, 334 Phelon, Truman, 157 Phelps, Richard, 31, 85, 90, 95, 377 Philbrick, Kenneth, 222, 223 Phillippi, Lorry, 156, 170, 361 Phillips, Christine, 215 Phillips, John, 85, 385 Phillips, Kent, 131, 159, 170 Phipps, David, 67, 381 Picard, Martha, 170, 333 Pickett, Muriel, 186, 197, 349 Pickett, Richard, 186, 362 Pieper, Donald, 55, 136, 389 Pierce, Earl, 64, 70 Pierce, Lois, 25, 42, 170 Pierce, Louis, 98, 123 Pierce, Robert, 256 Pilar, Frank, 148, 158 Pilcher, Donna, 122, 214, 341 Pinkerton, Cecelio, 122, 204, 210, 334 Pinkerton, Kenneth, 186, 199, 357 Piouzek, Eugene, 1 70 Pittermon, Mary, 122, 341 Pivonka, Christine, 170, 345 Platz, Phyllis, 11 1 Plotkin, David, 186, 386 Plucknett, Donald, 41, 43, 357 Plummer, James, 148, 152 Podhoisky, Thomos, 208 Podlesak, Darlene, 41, 42, 204, 308 Pohlman, Neole, 155, 186, 354 Pollard, Larry, 67, 374 Pollat, Gloria, 186, 337 Pollock, Judy, 170, 284, 346 Pollum, William, 122 Ponder, James, 98, 101, 390 Ponseigo, Joe, 266 Pope, Thomos, 1 I 7 Poppa, Lawrence, 67, 398 Poppe, Virginia, 170, 214, 338 Porter, Patsy, 186, 318 Porter, Susan, 122, 342 Portugoli, Israel, 85 Portwood, David, 74, 78 Posey, Joseph, 186, 357 Posson, Shirley, 41, 42 Post, Marilyn, 186, 333 Potts, Ruth, 55, 312 Poulos, John, 64, 389 Powell, George, 148 Pred, Ramon, 170, 386 Prescott, Donna, 52 Preusse, Marilyn, 122, 130, 334 Prichard, Harold, 100 Prien, John, 85, 92, 144, 152 306 Pritts, Dale, 296 Prochaska, Dorrel, 155 Prochasko, George, 122, 256, 266, 382 Proctor, Donald, 90, 91 Prucka, Frank, 186, 385 Prusha, John, 85 Ptok, Pat, 186, 294, 329 Pulec, Jock, 106 Pullen, Donald, 89, 320 Puis, Darren, 170, 358 Pumphrey, Nancy, 170, 197, 346 Pusateri, Richord, 94 Putters, Williom, 314 Ouockenbush, Ray, 1 70, 357 Ouigley, Mary, 122, 329 Quick, Bob, 154 Quick, George, 43 Quinn, Dorothy, 170, 334 Quinn, James, 67, 385 Quinn, Janet, 186, 334 R Roapke, Dorothy, 117, 329 Robe, Marilyn, 67, 326 Roben, Joan, 286 Radaker, Kothryn, 122, 326 Rademocher, Frank, 122, 370 Rader, Ronald, 1 17, 277 ' Roder, William, 80, 186 Radik, Emil, 267 Roinforth, Morgoret, 42, 46, 1 70 Raish, Claire, 55, 284, 286 326 Raish, Naomi, 52 Raitt, Charles, 186, 378 Raitt, Ronald, 67, 378 Rajewich, Charlene, 64, 338 Rallens, Lorry, 38 Rallens, Leuretta, 38 Ralston, Richard, 186, 267, 389 Rombour, Joan, 170, 349 Romey, Corolee, 170, 296 Ranee, Collette, 1 17, ' 125 Randall, Jane, 55, 136, 357 Rondoll, Nancy, 186, 349 Randecker, Karl, 186, 370 Rondel, Gale, 122, 378 Randolph, Ruth, 186, 329 Rankin, Duone, 267 ' Ronney, John, 46, 186 " " " iSo ' " ' ' ' " ' ' " ■ ' 25, 291 Ransom, Darwin, 38, 47 Rash, Janet, 186, 308 Rasmussen, Norman, 67 159 335 Rosmussen, Warren, 117, 131 1 59 38s Rasmusson, John, 158 3|4 ' Rouch, Arthur, 186, 390 Rauch, Fred, 67, 390 Rouch, Robin, 52, 329 Rauh, Donald, 64, 256, 390 Roun, Arthur, 186, 199 357 Roun, Barbara 42, I 7o ' , 210, 291, 346 334°° " ' ° ' ' ' " 2 ' 195, 243, Rowlings, Oren, 41, 47, 218, 290 373 Roy, Morgoret, 186, 308 Roymond, Ann, 1 17, 338 Raymond, Ruth, 55, 200, 214 291 338 Ready, George, 170, 385 Reom, Merrill, 117, 365 Recht, Thomas, 55, 106, 390 Reckeway, Beverly, 170, 333 Rediger, Juonita, 24, 29, 52, 136, 195 203 341 Reece, Alice, 186, 296 Reed, Lloyd, 186, 274, 366 Reed, Mary, 170, 346 Reed, Richard, 158 Reed, Sharon, 42, 170, 333 Rees, Morlene, 186, 329 Reese, Alice, 308 Reese, Bud, 137 Reese, Joan, 170, 308 Reese, Mitzi, 186, 330 Reeves, Don, 38, 290, 370 Refior, Robert, 299 Regan, George, 186 369 Regier, Richard, 38, 266, 381 Rego, John, 277 Reichenboch Robert, 62, 64, 192, 374 Reichstein, Shirley, 186, 308 Keifschneider, Joan, 170 337 Reilond, Philip, 67, 72, l ' 57, 296 Reinecke, Barbara, 55 349 Reimers, Kenneth, 267 Reinhord, George, 85, 382 Reinhard, Jerry, 94 Reinhord, Mary ' , 1 1 7, 330 Reinhordt, Susan, 170. 175,204,210,212 Reinke Alto, 41,42, 43, 321 Reis, Morion, 110, 111, 394 Reiser, Motthew, 186 294 Reissener, James, 186, 267 377 Reist, Wesley, 131 1 9 ' Reitter, John, 52 ' Remington, Nancy 171 to , Renord, Rifo, 38 43 ' ' 26 Renner, Wilhom, ' 186, 361 Kenzelmon, Gory, 131 Reynolds, Dole 46 171 ion „. Reynolds, Monlyn ,71326 ° ' " ' Reynolds, Robert, ' 256, ' 266 277 Reynolds, Rolond, 38 373 Reynolds, Stuort, 98, ' 362 Rhea, Janet, 171, 308 Kheo, Jonis, I7| Rhoodes, Pomelo, 186 334 Rhodes, Barbara, 186,329 Rhodes, Marvin 38 47 R ' ce, Marilyn, 171, 308 R ' ce, Richard, 41, 374 Richards, David, 85, 89 R ' chords, Mary, 38, 291 Richards, Robert, 100 Richards Roger, 171, 3I 6 Richmond, Ruth, 86, il 5 353 Rickly, William, 67 385 R ' ddell, Demors 122 33B « ' ddell, Sandro, ' |,7 " ' 338 ' Ridenour, Leon, 89 Rider, Raymond, 186, 393 Ridgewoy, Dick, 320 Riepe, Leon, 171 -iw R.ley, Claire, II, ' ' " Riley, Viola, 171 Ringle, Janice, 29, ,7, 350 rZ° " ' " ' " " ' 52. 132 382 RiPPe, Jeon, 42, 46 Rippe, Rogene, ,86, 321 R ?ch ' tI ' " ° " ' ' ' - 80 Kische, Thomos 52 ■;-i !: „ , Rooch, Pot, 171 337 ' ' ' ' ' 99,398 Robb, Bernodine, ' 38 Robb, Hope, 171 3,5 Roh ' ? ' ?.° " ° " ' ' « " ■ 398 Robers, ,ene, ,,7, ,30,298 312 Roberts, Leslie, 186, 267 301 ,ai Roberts, Rodney, 1 86, 38 ' 5 ' " Robertson, Ceroid, 52, 378 Robertson, Virginio, 69, 171 3,6 Robinson, Eugene, 30 38 47 ,.. ' 93, 206 373 ' ' ' ■ ' " , Robinson, Fronces, 29, 52, 326 Robinson, Mory, ,29, 171, 337 Robinson, Richard, 186 393 Robinson, Vincent, 55 ' 370 Robinson, W. C, 90 91 Robson, Howord, 74, ' 80 Robson, John, 1 17, 153 Robson, Kothryn, 117, 125 130 Rochmon, Barton, 171, 386 Roddy, Morilynn, 171, 345 Rodehorst, Glenn, 98, 398 Rodgers, James, 296 Roe, Jerry, 186, 378 Roe, Joan, 186, 342 Page 447 Roeder, Robert, 64, 72 Roelle, Wayne, 171 Roesler, Gertrude, 117, 318 Roessler, Elizobeth, 52, 216, 284, 341 Rogers, Corlyle, 122, 353 Rogers, Caroline, 55, 342 Rogers, Donold, 186, 394 Rogers, Elizabeth, 110, 111, 353 Rogers, Patricia, 122, 337 Rohon, Paul, 64, 374 Roh wer, Elizabeth, 171, 196, 334 Romjue, Willis, 64, 382 Rooney, Mary, 1 17, 329 Roper, Louis, 67, 377 Rose, James, 67, 29-i, 370 Rose, Lawrence, 186, 370 Rosenquist, Berne, 186, 341 Rosenquist, Glenn, 55, 203, 378 Rosenquist, Jomes, 64, 369 Ross, Caroline, 171, 291, 345 Ross, Janet, 30, 38, 42, 218, 315 Ross, William, 1 1 1 Rossow, Charles, 171, 398 Roth, Lyie, 43 Roth, Robert, 55 Rothell, Charles, 186, 370 Rothell, George, 64, 370 Rothenberger, Caroline, 122, 346 Rothleitner, Max, 67, 394 Roubal, Jomes, 85, 95, 313 Rouse, Darcy, 41, 316 Roxberg, Gayle, 110, 111, 353 Rubock, Norman, 64, 401 Rudloff, Howard, 171, 389 Rulitfson, Harmon, 52, 366 Runyan, James, 67, 72 Rusho, Mary, 1 1 7 Russell, Bobbie, 186, 286, 346 Russell, Fred, 98, 389 Russell, Jack, 110, 111 Russell, Richard, 38, 393 Russell, Robert, 171, 267, 393 Rutledge, William, 74, 80 Rutz, Robert, 300 Ryan, Robert D., 94, 171 Ryan, Robert G., 186, 390 Ryder, Robyn, 186, 338 Rystrom, Kenneth, 136, 171, 320 Rzeszotarski, Phyllis, 171 Saad, William, 94, 303 Sahs, John, 94 Sample, Bertrand, 171, 369 Sompson, Donold, 171, 385 Sampson, Harold, 272 Samuelson, Emrys, 89 Sand, Robert, 38, 47, 272, 357 Sandbulte, Ceroid, 268 Sander, Donald, 47 Sanders, Nancy, 171, 329 Sondstedt, Jean, 286 Sandy, Jerry, 186 Sondy, Roger, 43, 153 Sarnes, Delma, 1 17, 349 Sornes, Donald, 186, 381 Sass, Dole, 55, 390 Satorie, Ted, 131 Satterfield, Richard, 117, 296 Saugstad, Dennis, 64 Saulfs, Gloria, 171, 308 Savage, Joon, 55, 286, 334 Savage, John, 86, 89, 92, 156, 208, 381 Sovoge, Patricio, 186, 342 Soville, Dudley, 171 381 Saxton, Herbert, 86, 157, 369 Sozama, Jed, 31 4 Scanlon, Donald, 186, 358 Schobacker, Williom, 266 Schoberg, Helen, 186, 337 Schode, Charles, 86, 369 Schode, John, 41, 43, 366 Schafer, Eldon, 171, 206, 208 Schafer, Eldon L., 67, 389 Schafer, Elsie, 300 Schoffert, Richard, 186 Schantz, George, 64, 206, 398 Scharf, John, 38, 276, 366 Schormon, Paula, 171, 334 Schaumburg, John, 117, 131 Scheele, Paul, 186, 361 Scheer, Bernord, 171, 358 Scheer, Dean, 86, 361 Scheidegger, Nylanne, 186, 308 Schelkopt, Russell, 43, 47 Schepmon, Carol, 1 1 7, 326 Schick, Norma, 38 Schiermeyer, Jerry, 64, 381 Schilling, Richard, 186. 369 Schilo, Wayne, 52 Schimm, Roger, 186, 374 Schlegel, Mary, 186, 318 Schmeekle, Willis, 85, 89, 146 Schmeizer, Adrian, 187 Schmid, Pot, 187, 341 Schmidtmonn, Jams, 122, 346 Schmidt, Aaron, 159 Schmidt, Leo, 117, 159, 401 Schmitt, Edward, 171, 378 Schmitt, Peter, 187, 398 Schnackel, Dale, 272 Schneider, Dennis, 131, 159 Schneider, Edna, 122, 318 Schneider, Joyce, 29, 171, 333 Schneider, Lois, 301 Schneider, Paul, 171, 267, 382 Schneider, Williom, 38 Schobert, Joyce, 187, 296, 308 Schock, Phyllis, 171, 337 Schoen, Louis, 187, 313 Scholz, Sylvia, 171, 334 Schonberg, Shirley, 122, 204, 291, 337 Schott, Jeanice, 122, 345 Schreiber, John, 187, 377 Schrier, Flora, 1 71 Schrier, Seymour, 187, 386 Schroeder, John, 64, 381 Schroeder, Joyce, 41, 42, 291, 296 Schroeder, Kenneth, 266 Schroeder, Robert, 85, 313 Schrunk, J. F., 94 Schuerman, Charles, 171 Schuller, Audrey, 117, 312 Schultz, Marilyn, 128 Schultz, Richard, 86, 381 Schuiz, Morlene, 187, 308 Schuize, Charles, 187, 361 Schuize, Claudette, 187, 308 Schumon, Eorl, 131 Schuman, Marvin, 171, 397 Schurman, Margie, 137, 171, 341 Schuster, Martha, 171, 329 Schwontie, Robert, 1 87 Schwedhelm, Kay, 187, 357 Scott, Clayton, 272 Scott, Norman, 86 Scott, Paul, 67, 354 Scott, Ronald, 64, 72 Scott, Stanley, 86, 95, 389 Scott, Verl, 256, 266 Scoville, Vernon, 85, 90, 91 Scranton, Gene, 187, 382 Seagren, Alan, 1 22 Seole, Elmer, 80, 187 Searcy, Nelson, 187, 354 Sears, Dorothy, 1 87, 296 Seaton, Leonard, 28, 38, 398 Sebold, John, 267 Sedlacek, Joan, 38, 42, 315 Sedlocek, Joseph, 171 Sedlacek, Victor, 86, 294 Sees, Myron, 85, 90, 95, 313 Seger, Fred, 171, 268, 374 Sehnerf, Connie, 187, 333 Sehnert, Judith, 122, 130, 286, 333 Sehnert, Marilyn, 42, 171, 333 Seifert, Jolene, 187, 338 Seimiya, Tokuyo, 303, 310 Seiver, Donna, 1 1 7 Sekefci, Fikri, 90 Seldon, Robert, 272 Selk, Jeonette, 42, 46 Sell, Barbara, 52, 346 Sell, Gloria, 171, 318 Selleck, Joan, 118, 346 Setzkorn, Norma, 286 Shode, Philip, 187 Shofer, Lorry, 187, 390 Shoinholtz, William, 110, 111, 385 Shank, Kathleen, 187, 337 Shapiro, Irving, 106 Shapoory, Mohammad, 52, 302 Shane, Lee, 46 Sharp, Joan, 38, 42, 43, 296, 318 Shedd, Paul, 41, 362 Sheffield, Charles, 1 18, 382 Sheldon, Patricia, 38, 353 Shellenberg, Richard, 187, 390 Shellenberger, Hubie, 157 Sherrord, Lloyd, 157 Shermon, Helene, 187, 350 Shermon, Robert, 64, 398 Sherwood, Marilyn, 122, 125, 333 Sherwood, Robert, 67, 137, 281 Sheets, Andrew, 52, 148, 386 Shields, Barbara, 122, 349 Shields, Rollond, 299 Shilhon, Genevieve, 187 Shipp, Raymond, 1 55 Shires, Warder, 41, 357 Short, Robert, 187, 366 Short, Ted, 95 Shotkoski, Arthur, 316 Shoultz, William, 41, 316 Shramek, Emmarie, 118, 312 Shuey, Eldon, 110, 313 Shull, John, 122, 153, 256, 277, 378 Shultheis, Donald, 64, 362 Shumwoy, Jerry, 159, 187 Shumway, Stanley, 171, 389 Sibert, Frank, 38, 40, 44, 47, 210, 216, 218, 357 Siddens, Meredith, 1 1 1 Sidles, Shirley, 1 18, 287, 338 Sidner, Mary, 52, 215, 291, 330 Sieck, Sally, 171, 334 Siegel, Jerry, 52, 362 Sieler, Marilyn, 187, 308 Sienknecht, Helmut, 51, 131 Sienknecht, Paul, 94 Siepelmeier, 171, 308 Siesselmon, Harry, 131 Sievers, Bruce, 64, 398 Sievers, Carol, 187, 334 Siewert, Kay, 187, 353 Slier, Elmer, 100 Silverman, Donald, 171, 386 Simkowsky, James, 89 Simmermon, Lois, 187 Simmons, Dee Ann, 187 Simmons, Pete, 67, 72 Simon, Duane, 171, 361 Simon, Frank, 256, 266 Simon, Louis, 85, 398 Simonson, Theodore, 1 87, 369 Sinclair, John, 52, 146, 378 Sindt, Charles, 95 Singer, Leonard, 187, 267, 401 Sipple, Stanley, 171, 202, 390 Sire, James, 187 Sirks, Mars, 171, 361 Sisler, Dave, 215 Sisley, Marion, 86, 89, 365 Sjogren, David, 110, 306, 314 Sjogren, Donald, 41, 296, 361 Skallo, Keith, 64, 369 Skinner, James, 70, 158, 171 Skinner, Morris, 1 87, 358 Skold, Ann, 187, 342 Skucius, Joann, 38, 43, 321 Slogle, Harold, 314 Slagle, Mary Ellen, 42, 171, 345 Slaidins, Raymond, 86 Sloan, Penelope, 122, 342 Slusor, Peter, 274 Smaho, Ronald, 171, 268, 362 Smolley, Lester, 295, 296 Smidt, Fred, 171, 316 Smiley, Dorothy, 52, 337 Smiley, Marilyn, 187, 321 Smith, Beverly, 55, 329 Smith, Ardyth, 42 Smith, Charles, 86, 89, 94 Smith, Diane, 122, 342 Smith, Donna, 187, 287, 341 Smith, Donald, 187 Smith, Edgor, 187, 313 Smith, Frank, 187, 370 Smith, Gaylord, 272 Smith, Gerald, 106 Smith, James, 38, 44, 316 Smith, Jeanne, 122, 341 Smith, Joanna, 308 Smith, Joonnell, 118, 129 Smith, Joseph, 187, 381 Smith, Lorry, 377 Smith, Lowell, 44 Smith, Lorolee, 171, 341 Smith, Margaret, 46, 172, 296, 308 Smith, Melvin, 155, 172, 296 Smith, Robert, 266, 320 Smith, Robert D., 85, 365 Smith, Roger, 28, 172, 389 Smith, Ronald, 187 Smith, William, 187, 393 Smithbergcr, Elaine, 172, 346 Snell, Donald, 89 Snider, Jock, 131, 159 Snodgross, Delbert, 187, 313 Snyaer, Horns, 100 Snyder, James, 122, 153, 268, 277, 385 Snyder, Julio, 38, 315 Snyder, Mildred, 187, 296, 308 Snyder, Stanley, 67, 389 Snyder, Thompson, 1 23, 208, 394 Soelberg, William, 187, 268, 398 Softlcy, Muriel, 25, 123, 125 Sohl, George, 72, 1 72 Solfermoser, Aria Moe, 298 Solfermoser, Donna, 1 87, 298, 308 Solfermoser, Mary Lou, 298 Solhjoo, Morteza, 303 Solomon, Solly, 187, 350 Sommers, James, 266, 272 Sommers, Kay, 172, 341 Sorensen, Howard, 64, 70 Sorensen, Jo Anne, 296 Sorensen, Jacquelyn, 52, 150, 155, 195 197, 346 Sorensen, Ruth E., 187, 345 Sorensen, Ruth Elaine, 38 Sorenson, Barbara, 187, 345 Sorensen, Frank, 172, 389 Sorkin, Richard, 187, 370 Souser, Carol, 1 87 Souser, Elaine, 308 Spahn, Thomas, 187, 398 Spongier, Darlene, 187, 308 Spongier, Richard, 256, 278 Spotz, Dwoin, 1 87, 393 Spatz, George, 118, 382 Spaulding, Harlan, 85, 91 Spearman, Robert, 172, 389 Speicher, Solly, 187, 346 Speidel, Jean, 172, 284, 337 Speir, Sylvia, 187, 330 Spencer, Leone, 1 87, 333 Spicer, Phiiip, 85, 370 Spilker, Barbara, 42, 172, 321 Spitzer, Jerome, 172, 386 Spohn, Joann, 123, 294, 308 Sprodley, Anita, 118, 128, 333 Sprogue, Bernard, 172, 369 Sprick, Williom, 85, 94, 314 Spnngman, Clark, 187, 382 Srb, Art, 123, 393 Srb, Gwen, 123, 329 Srb, Joseph, 172, 369 Srb, Lois, 172, 342 Stahly, Conrad, 92, 95, 152, 154 Stake, Donold, 172, 313 Stoke, Marvin, 172, 316 Stolnaker, Lee, 188, 397 Stom, Louise, 52, 350 Stomm, Margaret, 188, 353 Stanley, Marilyn, 188, 342 Stasch, Mary, 172, 308 Stauffer, Lee, 298 Steavenson, Eleanor, 42, 172, 298, 322 Stebbins, Nancy, 123, 346 Stebbins, Wesley, 172, 377 Steele, Gene, 188, 398 Steffan, Janet, 24, 172, 175, 210, 341 Steffon, Jean, 188, 341 Stehllk, Shirley, 172, 333 Stehlv, Alice, 123, 326 Steinouer, Kothenne, 41, 315 Steinberg, Morvin, 188, 401 Sfelling, Marilyn, 188, 301, 308 Stelzer, Herbert, 172, 274 Steponek, Lennie, 55, 349 Stephens, Borbora, 123, 346 Stephens, William, 38, 357 Stephenson, Darlene, 1 23, 329 Stephenson, Jomes, 172 Stephenson, James P., 28, 110, III, 381 Stephenson, Sara, 1 88, 345 Sterba, Donald, 267, 272 Sterkel, Ronold, 52, 394 Stern, Arnold, 28, 98, 202, 206, 208, 401 Stern, Justin, 172, 386 Steube, Paul, 188, 382 Steven, Jack, 1 18, 382 Stevens, William, 188 Sfiffler, Rose, 42, 172, 204, 321 Stocker, Jeonette, 123, 346 Stockstill, Jock, 188, 385 Stockstill, Jeanne, 29, I 18, 337 Stoehr, Suson, 188, 342 Stohler, Shirley, 296 Stolinski, John, 85, 94, 382 Stoll, Suzanne, 1 18, 330 Stolz, Winifred, 188, 318 Stone, Jerry M., 222 Stone, John, 188, 267, 357 Stone, Kenneth, 44, 46, 172, 210, 373 Stoup, Thomas, 272 Stout, Williom, 94 Stransky, Morcio, 172, 214, 326 Stransky, Mary, 172, 333 Strosheim, Arnold, 67, 370 Strossler, George, 188, 374 Strotbucker, Martha, 52, 125, 353 Strotford, Richard, 188, 369 Sfrotton, Betty, 123, 337 Strotton, Pollyonno, 172, 204, 329 Street, George, 1 72, 365 Strcitz, Vera, 38 Strider, Fred, 296, 302 Page 448 Stroh, Marlene, 172, 338 Strohm, Lucille, 172, 315 Stromer, Marvin, 188 Stryker, Virginia, 52, 308 Stuber, Charles, 38, 47, 290, 373 Sturges, William, 101 Su, Helen, 52, 310 Suksforf, Shirley, 42, 46, 172, 308 Sullivan, James, 155, 188 Sullivan, John, 158, 172, 374 Sullivon, Shirley, 188 Summers, Donald, 123 Sundell, Raymond, 52, 393 Suvolsky, Marvin, 64, 401 Suverkrubbe, Myrtle, 118 Svonda, Robert, 110, 393 Sveska, Solly, 172, 287, 338 Svesko, Susan, 172, 287, 338 Svoboda, Andrea, 49, 349 Swoim, Robert, 85, 378 Swanbom, Carol, 74, 78 Swanson, Betty, 172, 334 Swonson, Dole, 172, 362 Swanson, Hornet, 130 Swanson, Poul, 296 Swanson, Roynold, 118, 374 Swanson, Rollo, 188, 373 Swanson, Vernon, 38, 47 Sweeney, Jean, 286, 287 Swift, Carroll, 123, 342 Swingle, Charles, 172, 362 Swingle, Kathryn, 52, 329 Switzer, Don, 72, 153, 172 Swoboda, Nancy, 52, 342 Swotkoski, Arthur, 38 Tagart, Mary, 41, 43, 315 Tongdoll, James, 267 Tank, Bonnie, 42, 46, 172 Tannor, John, 153 Totom, John, 188, 358 latum, James, 278 Taub, Chorney, 172, 350 Tovis, Richard, 67, 389 Taylor, Mary, 41, 345 Taylor, Ralph, 85, 152, 154, 156 Taylor, Beverly, 188, 353 Toylor, Ruth, 1 18, 333 Taylor, Woyne, 267 Tefft, Margaret, 38, 321 Tefft, Robert, 95 Tegtmeier, Marjorie, 301 Teller, Gale, 110, 111, 393 Tollman, Priscilla, 41 Templeton, Borbora, 172, 353 Tenhulzen, Cloyton, 296 Teroshima, Akiko, 188, 321 Terry, James, 55, 370 Teter, Janice, 111, 295, 296 Tewell, Suzanno, 123, 349 Tews, Lillian, 188, 308 Thayer, William, 266 Theobald, Dohn, 67, 357 Thibault, Hyle, 123, 393 Thode, Irving, 67, 377 Thomos,, 74, 389 Thomas, Jean, 172, 342 Thomas, Ralph, 267 Thomossen, MoriLue, 188, 308 Thompson, Charles K., 98, 362 Thompson, Chorles Y., 188, 370 Thompson, Dovid, 85, 95 Thompson, George, 110, 393 Thompson, Lee, 172, 381 Thompson, Morvin, 153, 172 Thompson, Paul, 123, 131, 394 Thompson, Tom, 188, 378 Thomsen, BIythe, 172, 346 Thorell, Stuort, 267 Tiangco, Bonnie, 55, 204, 294 318 Tien, H. Ti, 94, 303 Tighe, James, 85, 398 Tiller, Marlene, 172, 353 Tilley, Albert, 95 Tilly, John, 172, 374 Timmons, Charlene, 172, 308 Timmons, Darrell, 85, 89, 398 Tincher, Patricio, 188, 308 Tinkham, Donna, 41, 42, 43, 291, 321 Tobin, Thomas, 188, 378 Todd, Jo Ann, 172, 345 Toebben, Delmer, 64, 297, 301, 361 Tolen, Thomas, 123, 370 Tolliver, Mary, 55, 337 Tolmon, Dan, 68, 132, 156, 157, 206, 256 272, 389 Tomek, William, 172 Tompkins, Walter, 68, 72 Tonjes, Royce, 188, 393 Tooley, Barbara, 172, 326 Tooley, Robert, 172, 369 Toops, Dale, 172 Torrico, Armando, 44, 303 Trobert, Jack, 188, 358 Trobert, Jonis, 172, 318 Trabert, Neil, 55 Trocy, Beverly, 188, 329 Tracy, Howard, 98, 393 Tracy, James, 172, 358 Tracy, Myron, 64, 394 Trautmon, Arnold, 296 Trimble, Margaret, 118, 125, 326 Troyer, Roy, 267 Trumbull, Carr, 172, 214, 389 Tubbs, Jerry, 275, 297 Tuning, Jon, 188, 362 Turek, Barbara, 188, 350 Turner, Barbara, 188, 286, 338 Turner, Joan, 123, 308 Turner, Lynn, 188, 326 Turner, Worren, 172, 366 Furnquist, Marilyn, 172, 345 Tye, James, 188, 378 Tyson, Ann, 168, 346 u Ugglo, Clous, 98, 365 Uhe, Marian, 173, 349 Ullstrom, Jackie, 69, 173, 204, 345 Umphenour, Robert, 64, 72 Underbnnk, Lloyd, 64 Underwood, Warren, 155, 302 Urboch, Marion, 128, 296 Utemork, Nerval, 38, 43, 316 Utterbock, Helen, 129, 173, 310 Von Anne, John, 158 Von Auken, Jeanie, 173, 338 Vance, Dorio, 41, 315 Van Cleave, Lawrence, 267 Vandel, Robert, 188, 369 Vanderhook, Joan, 188, 329 Von Pelt, Dwoin, 1 18, 397 Van Pelt, Moriorie, 118, 125, 136, 338 Von Strom, Roseonel, 299 Von VIeck, Dale, 173, 316 Van Voorhis, Robert, 118, 159, 394 Varney, Bonney, 52, 346 Vech, Joan, 46, 173, 308 Vencill, Robert, 188, 381 Venell, Curtis, 64, 382 Vest, Glenn, 95 Veto, Charlotte, 69, 173, 350 Vickers, Imogene, 41, 333 Viehmeyer, Glen, 41, 153, 373 Vierk, Jeonne, 41, 42, 43, 210, 326 Vierk, Stanton, 85, 94 Villars, Bruce, 94 Vincent, Horry, 38, 47 Vingers, Marilyn, 118, 195, 204, 338 Vinsont, Patricio, 55, 346 Visek, Evelyn, 188, 321 Visek, Phil, 188, 362 Visek, Richard, 158, 173, 314 Vlossin, Raymond, 41, 44, 47, 373 Vogel, Willis, 38, 316 Vogeltonz, Rosellen, 123, 294, 326 Voils, Cecil, 64, 72, 157 Volz, Robert, 173, 377 Volzke, Lovonno, 123, 308 Von Borgen, Kenneth, 31, 85, 94, 306, 314 Von Kompen, William, 85, 90, 95, 297, 301, 361 Vorhies Iro, 74, 78 Vrtisko, Vernon, 80, 188 w Wochal, Joy, 173, 210, 338 Wade, Joyne, 1 18, 120, 195, 204, 210, 236, 333 Wade, Richord, 68, 70 Wagemon, Bi ll, 155 Waddill, Olin, 41, 357 Wagey, Harold, 1 1 1 Wagner, Don, 68 Wagner, Donald, 64, 157, 374 Wagner, Janice, 123, 329 Wagner, Roland, 188, 374 Wahl, Donald, 52, 377 Wahlen, Vernon, 80 Wahlstrom, Barboro, 42, 46, 173, 321 Woinscott, Patricia, 41, 333 Wokely, Willis, 188, 365 Waldo, Lowell, 41, 43, 153, 218, 357 Walker, Corlin, 188 Walker, Donald, 296 Walker, Roy, 85, 86, 89 Walker, Tillie, 69, 284, 310 Wollo, Anton, 85, 95 Wollo, William, 188, 390 Wallace, Jo, 188, 330 Wallmon, Bernard, 44, 173, 361 Walsh, Richard, 38, 373 Wolston, Myrno, 173, 329 Wolf, Mickey, 188, 338 Walt, Sandra, 29, 123, 342 Walter, Walter, 62, 70, 294 Walters, Ken, 52 Walton, Bill, 382 Walton, James, 188 Waltz, Mory, 188, 318 Wamsley, Dennis, 188, 378 Wanek, Donald, 188, 389 Wanek, Lilo, 123, 345 Ward, Bloine, 188, 390 Word, Horrison, 64, 256, 385 Ward, James, 68, 223, 354 Ward, Jo, 173, 308 Warner, Jerome, 38, 44, 47, 373 Wornke, Donald, 55, 382 Warren, Charlotte, 118, 346 Warren, John, 86, 92, 95, 157, 369 Warren, Sally, 173, 349 Warrick, Jack, 173, 374 Wortchow, Albert, 85, 92, 361 Woshburn, Carleton, 94 Washington, Novaiean, 52, 310 Wasser, Ronald, 155 Watson, Dorothy, 123, 338 Wotson, Madeline, 46 Watson, Richard, 267 Wotson, Shirley, 123, 318 Way, Elizabeth Muriel, 38, 341 Waymire, Charles R., 86, 382 Weor, Shirley, 173, 295 Weore, Wilfred, 290, 299 Weaver, James, 85, 95 Weaver, Lois, 204, 285 Weover, Walt, 55, 106, 278, 377 Weber, Carl, 188, 270 Weber, David, 188, 369 Weber, James, 46, 173, 373 Weber, Oliver, 92, 94, 188, 361 Weber, William, 173, 358 Wecker, Janet, 188, 353 Weddel, Bonnie, 118, 130, 308 Weddle, Neol, 64, 385 Weekes, Edith, 53, 342 Weekes, Thomas, 173, 362 Wehrmon, Robert, 41, 374 Weigel, Horry, 106, 189, 393 Weinberg, Sol, 189, 386 Weiner, Leto, 173, 350 Weir, Mary Jone, 173, 291, 330 Weir, Nancy, 55, 216, 341 Weisgurt, Morse, 189, 386 Welch, John, 267 Welch, Kotherine, 189, 318 Wellensiek, Goil, 189, 346 Wellensiek, Karl, 68, 385 Wellensiek, Paul, 68, 385 Wells, Frank, 173, 222, 389 Wells, Gene, 189, 389 Wells, Jock, 131 Wells, Louise, 123, 338 Wells, Peggy, 189, 330 Wells, Richard, 189, 369 Wells, Willord, 86, 370 Welsh, Richard, 155 Wendell, Paul, 189, 366 Wendorff, Gerrrude, 38 Wendt, Irma, 189, 308 Wenke, Foumeil, 189, 308 Wenke, Harriett, 24, 68, 173, 197, 213, 342 Wenke, William, 101 Wentworth, William, 158 Wenzloff, Williom, 189, 393 Wesely, Elden, 173, 290, 373 West, Barboro, 173, 308 West, Virginia, 48, 321 Westcott, Artie, 41, 42, 43, 204, 210, 218, 322 Westcott, Norma, 189, 321 Westgate, Myrno, 38, 43 Westin, Richord, 173, 266, 377 Weston, Margaret, 189, 286, 338 Westphol, Donold, 189, 362 Westphol, Lorraine, 123, 349 Wetzel, Donno, 173, 333 Weyenberg, James, 189, 290 Weyers, Orvol, 320 Wholen, Michoel, 173, 313 Wheeler, Norman, 89 Whitcomb, Tom, 1 10, 393 White, Annie, 189, 353 White, Charles, 98, 101, 377 White, Jane, 173, 338 White, Robert, 189, 374 White, Wayne, 26, 30, 41, 373 Whitehead, Wilborn, 64, 70, 295, 296 Whitemon, Joseph, 189, 362 Whiteman, Somuel, 64, 358 Whitham, Miller, 173, 362 Whitio, Bryce, 158 Whitia, Foy, 1 1 1 Whitlock, John, 94 Whitman, Richard, 173 Whitmore, Mory, 173, 326 Whitmore, Nancy, 173, 214, 329 Whitney, Grant, 173, 267, 358 Whitney, Ralph, 155, 189, 377 Widener, Nancy, 118, 349 Widmaier, Charles, 28, 64, 203, 216, 394 Wiebe, Judith, 173, 255, 333 Wiederspon, Horlon, 173, 213, 362 Wiedmoier, Lawrence, 64, 382 Wiedmon, Patricio, 24, 53, 54, 195, 353 Wiegert, Roy, 189 Wielond, Clark, 153 Wielond, Richard, 173, 377 Wiese, Rex, 85, 90, 91 Wiest, Robert, 80, 173 Wiig, Wolloce, 189, 390 Wilcox, Donald, 272 Wilcox, Douglos, 189, 374 Wilcox, George, 26, 53, 193, 374 Wilder, Fronk, 155 Wilhelm, Ardell, 189, 330 Wilkens, Everett, 43, 373, 399 Wilkerson, Fern, 41, 42, 315 Wilkins, Beth, 118, 125, 286, 291, 338 Wilkins, Gene, 41 Willey, Miriam, 26, 115, 118, 195, 291, 330 Williams, Betty, 123, 333 Willioms, Donald L., 74, 381 Williams, Donald S,, 173, 390 Willits, Reno May, 300 Wilms, Herbert, 1 18, 397 Wilscom, Janet, 68, 294 Wilson, Jean, 1 18, 346 Wilson, Kathleen, 173, 296, 345 Wilson, Leonard, 189 Wilson, Robert, 95 Wilson, W.lliom, 155 Wiltse, Barboro, 189, 334 Wiltse, Hobart, 55 Winch, Donno, 110, 111, 312 Winchester, Margaret, 173, 329 Winey, Leo, 55, 256, 266, 377 Winkelmonn, Don, 68, 374 Winkle, Morgaret, 42, 173, 322 Winsemon, Albert, 189, 374 Wirsig, John, 155 Wirth, John, 65, 70 Wisby, John, 189, 398 Withey, Paulo, 1 73, 338 Witiuk, John, 189 Wittrock, Betty, 189, 349 Wittrock, Mary Anne, 41, 301, 312 Wittstruck, Douglas, 68, 70 Wittwer, Gladys, 189, 301, 308 Witty, Thomos, 1 73, 374 Wohlner, Eugene, 28, 98, 206, 223, 386 Wolf, Gus, 173, 374 Wolfe, Lyie, 320 Wolken, Robert, 95 Wolkensdorfer, Doniel, 158, 173, 378 Wolpa, Stonley, 68, 401 Wood, Donald, 65, 369 Wood, Chorles, 43 Wood, Glen, 189, 389 Wood, Mary Ann, 118, 286 Wood, Peggy, 173, 287, 291, 337 Woodin, John, 132 Woodruff, Foster, 68, 377 Woods, Donald, 1 1 8 Woodward, Ethel, 65, 302, 315 Woodword, Thomos, 1 89, 390 Woolley, John, 55, 398 Woolmon, K. D., 158, 189, 378 Woolwine, Paul, 65, 378 Workman, Ann, 189, 329 Worrall, Mary Ann, 55, 342 Worroll, Richard, 55, 370 Worth, Jim, 189 Woster, Clementine, 173, 204, 337 Wright, Carol, 189, 333 Wright, Charles, 173, 362 Wright, Morilyn, 55, 308 Wright, Mary, 123, 295, 296, 314 Page 449 Wright, Walter, 158, 189, 369 Wulf, Henry, 89 Wyott, Morlene, 123, 341 Wylle, Barbara, 55, 341 Wyman, Morvin, 1 89 Yamate, Chris, 156 Yapp, Rockford, 173, 213, 362 Yarwood, Robert, 256, 275 Yates, Dorothy, 173, 318 t ' eager, Jerry, 173, 266, 369 Yeager, Joann, 1 73, 346 Yeakley, Mildred, 123, 213, 284, 338 Yearsley, Potricia, 118, 125, 341 Ycisley, James, 266 Yeiter, Kay, 189, 329 Yekel, Robert, 106, 189 Yelken, Gene, 256, 272 Yeutter, Cloyton, 28, 38, 44, 46, 47, 290, 373 Yoder, Don, 86, 91, 256, 354 Yos Jerrold, 53, 398 Yost, Gene, 296 Yost, Julie, 189, 349 Young, Barbara, 26, 29, 55, 341 Young, Duone, 189, 381 Young, Janice, 68, 308 Young, Lyie, 72, 173 Young, Robert, 94, 155, 173, 357 Young, Romona, 39, 315 Young, Russel, 189, 381 Youngs, Glodwyn, 98, 100, 354 Yount, Ina, 118, 318 Yung, F. D., 94 Yungblut, Charles, 189, 358 Zobel, Lois, 284 Zochonos, Winfred, 31, 85, 92, 94 Zolkin, Letho, 189, 350 Zonger, Robert, 131, 159 Zaroban, James, 189, 394 Zeilinger, Howard, 39, 46, 47 Zeilinger, Phyllis, 41, 42, 46, 322 Zelewski, Lloyd, 189, 398 Ziegenbein, William, 74, 7 8 Ziegler, Joy, 314 Zimmer, Loren, 95 Zimmerman, Mary Ann, 173, 326 Zinnecker, Ben, 189, 369 Zucker, Joanne, 1 73, 337 Zveitel, Milroy, 123, 386 In Appreciation lieauty Queen judging Martin and Lewis I ' rinter and engraver Journal-Star Printing Company Cornhusker covers S. K, Smith Company of Chicago Individual pictures Beauty Queen photography Colvin-Heyn Studio Mr. and Mrs. Ed Zobel Athletic action pictures Mr. Richard Huffnagle Publicity Omaha World-Herald Lincoln Journal-Star University Hublications advisor Mr. Kenneth Keller In addition National Bank of Commerce University departments Board of Student Publications Photographic laboratories Public Relations department Purchasing departments Office of Student activities Page 450 1952 Cornhusker Staff RICHARD T. BILLIG . GENE JOHNSON . . JACQUELYN SORENSEN Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Associate Editor Managing Editors Adele Coryell Mary Lou Flaherty Julie Johnson Assistant Business Managers Martin Lewis Donald Noble Art Editor Richard Paschal Photography Editors Robert Downing Duane Neilson Photographers Dick Barnhart Calvin Kuska Nadine Moriarty Larry Ozenberger Jim Pettyjohn Wilda Weaver Gus Wolf Panel Editor Jacquelyn Hoss Layout Editor Pat Bechan Layout Editor ' s Assistants Dorris Newman Ann Jouvenot Nancy Odum Lora Lee Smith Copywriter Sally Jo Speicher Section Editors Activities Harriett Wenke Administration Nancy Pumphrey Athletics Mike Lawlor Beauty Queens Military Calvin Kuska Colleges Barbara Hemphill Diane Hinman Beth Rohwer Fraternities Barbara Bell Organizations Barbara Adams Joe Whiteman Religion and Arls Jane Calhoun Sororities Nora Devore Student Government Sue Brownlee Student Scenes Terry Barnes Underclassmen Joyce Johnson Women ' s Athletics Kathy Haskell Business Assistants Jim Adams J. Benedict Dwight Fritts W orkers Shirley Moore Barbara Lucas Jo Johnson Sally McGlasson Marlys Johnson Muriel Pickett Mary Jane Mopes Ann Skold Nancy Hemphil! Marilyn Eaton Dorothy Orchard Berne Rosenquist Page 451

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