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THE CORNHU@ t4 Description -H-ii- ' ' Price _ a. ORNHUSKER V Q r. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA John R. Connelly Harold Ger ' hart, Jr. Richard V. Kuska Hobart V. H s f.QAt, ysuViA. (DinL Wjimohisidu I I E R E I S your- I 949-50 college year at the Univer- sity of Nebraska. The gatherings in the Union . . . the athletic victories . . . the annual balls and occasional brawls. Even nnore we recall efforts in scholarship . . . friendships and memberships . . . organizations and school activities. In the 1950 CORNHUSKER we have attempted to present a photographic record of YOUR life in college. No attempt to interpret the past or to predict the future has been made. May our camera ' s work in future years serve to recall memories of college life and perhaps stir that old feeling that " ilwrc is no plmv liLc XchmsLn. ' THERE PLAtI ym . K " ! ■ - V J! 1 f .:f : •ji; T ' - Ti v ■ " SIWp ::r? ' :r; , I. rr- - J i « " »f. t? i _ ' ». I ' r..,- ' l S:; ,• 9 .im A E e ' t« l4 VC t II _ s ' HV f ■ i ■ r — Ia P l Bk TU h K H H 1 Br H Vlk V v fl rl ' l rl I- 1 oLlIIHI « s;. . ' F i ., .im 1;. .•- % .4 . u 1 . ■ ' . g? t ' - ? V ' ■ ■ .. l -. ; V . • ■ f f ■■ ' i ' . -r . . : t .- s - " .9 • - 1. . U ' " L : - :s .W?f : -y ' . i ■JSii — ii. v ■ 1 " t iaJ Sl SSS raSZ! . fPW m - ' v i 4- a . fl ' f ;4cUKUtoU%cttC(M ( OOCI ' ' X ■ p StudcHt Scene ' Reia c M Or xiKcjati m icti(Actce w 1 " ! - ' M- " " ' " Chancellor Governor Board of Regents Deans Alumni Association Office of Admissions Colleges Associated Departments Foundation Dr. Reuben G. Gustavson, Ph.D., D.Sc, L.H.D. Chancellor of the University of Nebraska. Administrative duties keep Chancellor Gus- tavson very busy, but he is never too busy for a friendly chat. Chancellor and Mrs. Gustavson don ' t get an evening at home very often; outside activities keep them too busy. i Poqe 22 ' ovu mjoA, and. oaJvcL o iRaqsmiA, Frederick Valdemar Eras+us Peterson has served as Governor of Nebraska since November 1946. He works In coordination with the Board of Regents to direct the policies and affairs of the University. The Board of Regents was created in 1875. Six leading citizens of the state serve on the board furthering its aim of higher education In Nebraska. Regents supervise the faculty, administration, student body, buildings, and disbursements of funds. It Is a duty of the board to select the chancellor and deans. Frederick " Val " Peterson, Governor o Nebraska Left to right: Charles Y. Thompson, president, West Point: Jame, L. Welsh, Omaha: Stanley O. Long, Grand Island: George Liggett, Utica: Robert Devoe, Lincoln: Franic M. Johnson. Lexington. Pa9« 23 Miss Marjorie Johnston, M.A. Dean of Women Mr. T. J. Thompson, Ph.D., L.L.D. Dean of Sfudent Affairs CDhohSl. Mr. W. C. Harper, B.S., M.A. Director of Commercial Enterprises Dean of Student Activities Dean of Men ' s assistants: Lee Chatfield. Myron Cavender, Frank Hallgren, assist- ants in charge of men ' s housing and em ployment. Miss Elsie Ford Piper, A.B. Assistant Dean of Women Poqe 24 hntz Daly, ' 29 Secretary-Treasurer, Nebraska Alumni Association Editor, Nebraska Alumnus CUumnL ChAjocLcdwrL Five University of Nebraska alumni were presented Distinguished Service Awards by the Alunnnl Association and the University at the annual Round Up luncheon. The honor is presented each year to the five graduates of the University for serv- ice of distinction to their University and professional public life. This years recipients are Wlllard J. Turn- bull, Dr. John D. Clark, Miss Maud Wilson, Mr. Max Meyer, and Mrs. Ruth Bryan Rhode. v ' viiiara J. Turnouii, 25 Vicksburg, Miss. Miss Maude Wilson, ' I 3 Corvallis. Ore. Ma Meyer, 06 Lincoln, Neb. Mrs. Ruth Bryan Rohde, 05 Ossining, N. Y. Dr. John Clark, ' 05 Washington, D. C. Paqr 2S O fksL o dcbni AwnA, George Walter Rosenlof. Ph.D., LL.D. Registrar University Examiner Director of Admissions Secretary of the Faculties Upper Left: Registration is perhaps the most important function of the Offic e of Admissions. Left: The Office of Admissions keeps very extensive records of ail students. Lower Leff: One of the main stays in the office is Miss Kate Field, Informational Clerk. Page 26 CoUsuc SL o ChfikuUtWiiL fv S William Vincent Lambert. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Dean of the College of Agriculture Upper Right: One of the many phases of Agricultural College is the breeding of dairy cows. Right: The fundamentals of cooking are an important part of the Home Economics department. Lower Right: The poultry division of Agri- cultural College has acquired some new equipment for the testing of eggs. Poqe 27 QothxpL of CbdtA, and, ScicnceA hfV J Charles Henry Oldfather, Ph.D., LLD. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Upper Left: Mr. Wimberly of the English department is discussing some of the finer points of English literature. Left: These students in Geology lab. are studying the elements of the earth. Lower Left: Dr. Arnold is explaining the importance of experimental psychology. Paqe 28 dAAjocLcdbuL (bspwdmsmiA. Left: The soil conservation district tree-planting crew is caught in action. Right: The Public Relations department, headed by Mr. George Round, handles all publicity. Below right: The exhibits in the museum interest many students. During the summer the museum sponsors geological field trips. Lower right: The " home " for intellects and the " social spot " for those so inclined is Love Me- morial Library. Below: Students in the photographic laboratory are testing their skill in taking action shots. Poqe 29 QoUsii}SL D SuAjbiQAA. (MmrnhdhcdiDyL Earl Stanfield Fullbrook, A.M., Ph.D. Dean of the College of Business Administration Upper Left: Professor Karl Arendt is hav- ing an informal discussion with some of tha more eager Bus. Ad. students. Left: Accounting lab. is one of the more popular aspects of the college. Lower Left: Bill LeRoy is working quite dil Jj gently on his advertising layout. Paqe 30 CoikqsL D (DuniJjdhJLj Upper Right: These students are working with model dentures. Right: Dental surgery is one of the im- portant phases of the College of Dentistry. Lower Right: Dentistry students get many hours of practice work on fellow student ' Paq« 31 Qo UsqsL D nqinsisUibhq Upper left: Don Augustine seems to be pondering over something. However, It couldn ' t be along the intellectua ' lines. Left: These three engineering students are attempting to master the finer points of the drill press. Lower left: At first glance you might pre- sume these students were playing with tinker-toys but they ' re really not; it ' s a testing meter. Pace 32 £xJtsinAjuoiv cuucL SsjwIxjl CbspwdmsinL . • ' - ' Knute Oscar Broady, Ph.D. Director of University Extension Division Mrs. Donna B. Warner, Instructor in high school social studies, spends many hours correcting papers. Harry Garvin Gould, B.Sc. In Agriculture Director of Agricultural College Extension Service H. E. Huston, L D. Wiley, Clyde ni,e.. and J. T. Ross discuss the Agricultural Ex- tension program. fa9 33 ( oilsiqsL o 3 ' insL CbdA. Upper left: Mr. David Foltz is giving one of the music students the finishing touches for her voice lesson. Left: One of the more difficult studies which an art student must master is human anatomy. Lower left: Many long hours are spent by the music student in practice hours. Poge 34 " AadujaisL ( oUsiqsL Robert Whitmore Goss, Ph.D. Dean of the Graduate College Upper right: Emmett Hyde and Chester F. Cole give each other a little assistance on their geography assignment. Right: Charles Snnith is doing his gradu- ate work in the field of zoology. Lower right: Bill McCarty is finding that graduate work in chemistry is no snap. junioA, CDwUdDK, Upper left: Donald G. Charles is consult- ng with a student on his aptitude test. Left: One of the valuable services offered by the Junior Division is vocational apti- tude tests. Lower left: These students don ' t seem to worry over taking their entrance exams. P«g 3t ( oUsuqsL o jUAnaUArrL William F. Swindler, Ph.D. Director of the School of Journalism Upper right: Jim Van Burgh, Marii Moo- berry, and Jack Swynn are doing some outside work in the reading room. Right: Learning the fundamentals of type and type setting is an important phase of journalism. Lower right: These three students are hav- ing a little discussion about the finer points of journalism. Poqc 37 ( oUsiqsL o 3Loujo i L Edmund O. Velshelm, .A. in Jurisprudence, B.C.L., J.S.D. Dean of the College of Law Upper left: Law College Is nof all study. At least these students don ' t seem to be too worried about the study of law. Left: Moot Court gives law students good experience in court room procedure. " Judge " Beutel seems to be enjoying this case. Lower left: The law library is the scene of many hours of study. These future barristers seem to be quite engrossed. Poqe 38 CoikqsL ol TrkdkmiL Harold Charles Leuth, Ph.D., M.D. Dean of the College of Medicine Superintendent of the University Hospital Upper right: University Hospital is the home ground for all medical students. Right: Dr. Edward Holyoke and Dr. Stan- ley Bach are examining material before presenting it to the anatomy class. Lower right: Learning agglutination tech- nique in bacteriology laboratory is one of the many phases of medical school. Poqt 39 CoihqsL D TLuAAm c Sko Irma Maurine Kyle, P.Sc, G.N., S.M. Director of the School of Nursing Upper Isff: Students and staff of the Coi- ege of Medicine and School of Nursing enjoy an informal tea In Conkllng Hall. Left: Senior nurses Bibiana Vanis and Beverly Orcutt get experience in the care of Infants In pediatrics class. Lower left: A " Can-Can " dance Is given by student nurses at the Gay Nineties party. Page 40 QoU qsL o (phwimjcmf Joseph Bell Burt, B.Sc. in Pharmacy, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Pharmacy Upper right: Precision is very important in Pharmacy lab. Jim Cox is working to get the correct elements of this test tube. Right: FilTng prescriptions gives students the advantages of practical application. iiiociZ Lower right: These lab. students are in the process of measuring the reaction time of the muscles of a frog. Pag« 41 JsjoudhsihA, QolkqsL Frank Ernest Henzlik, L.L.B., Ph.D. Dean of the Teachers College Upper leff: Jerry Shulkin is pointing out a few important details to these students. Left: Joyce Griffiths and Pat Pischel are cadeting at Bancroft. Both teacher and pupil look very happy. Lower left: Miss Gamble and Robert Mohl- man are talking over the value of the American Observer with Alice Van Brunt. Pa9 42 linwsoi ihj o TbibhcuJwL J ' OiindcdwrL Perry W. Branch. Director-Secretary University of Nebraska Foundation. The Foundation works in conjunction with the Alumni Association to plan and execute the gifts to the university. Pa9« 43 The Ralph Mueller Carillon Tower, which was dedicated November 4, is perhaps the most beautiful of all the campus structures and one of the most noteworthy and generous gifts to the university. - tf t k ,,tv -. AWS Student Council Engineering Exec. Board Ag. Exec. Board Pan-Hellenic Inter-Fraternity Council Student Union Board BABW d. (x .S- The AWS is the governing body of the wonnen stu- dents at the University. The organization, functioning through an elected board, enforces house rules and carries out any task assigned by the Dean of Women. President Janet Stratton and Vice Presi- dent Mary Ellen Schroeder discuss the merits of the activity point system. Sally hlolmes Secretary Marilyn Moomey Treasurer Senior Board members The officers and seniors compose the AWS Court which tries and penalizes vio- lators of the rules. The AWS Board regulates the women ' s ac- tivity point system. Pag 46 njqinssiJujnjq xac iBoahd, Donald Cochran PrAc.irJpnt Oi p M - " Lv Bock row: L Marin. A. McK«l«i , G. Halltr, W. WriqM. Second row. E Btrry. D. Cropptr. T. Ntuman. J. Kluck. K. Till«r. Front row: E Marmo. J. Stoddart. 0. Cochran. J. S«h», Carlborg. The Engineering Executive Board Is composed of the presidents and secretaries of all depart- mental organizations. It was organized to sponsor the activities of the College of Engineering. =:3f The officers of the Engineering Board take time out for a picture. Without their " slip-sticks, " the Board plans for the coming Engineers ' Week — the mam activity for the year. Pa9 47 Roswell Howard President ShjudsinL QouwdL The newly reorganized Student Council has a dual purpose this year. It will direct regular stu- dent affairs, such as the migration and elections, and will write a new Student Council constitution. Louise McDill Vice President Nornna Chubbuck Secretary Robert Raun Treasurer The 1949-1950 Student Council members. Credit is due the faculty advisers of the Student Council, Miss Mary Mielenz and Dr. Curtis Elliott. Poqe 48 Bob Parker, Betty Green, and Harry Kenyon handle the details of campus elections. Student relations are supervised by Roswell How- ard and Louise McDill. Bruce Kennedy and Bob Raun direct publicity and finances for the council. Jim Stoddart, Phyllii Cadv allader, Mayer Mo ' :g- vitz, Shirley Allen and Vladimir Lavko compose the committee on campus improvements. The judiciary committee consists of Rod Lindwall Fred Chael, Ray Simons and Don Stern. Supervising student activities are Janet Carr, Gene Berg, Alice Jo Smith, Janice Cochran, and Ben Wall Page 49 Ojq £x£XL (BdWuL Back row M. Chace, J. DeWulf, L. Wirth. D. Knebel, J, Raun. Front row: M. Guthrie, R. Crom, S. Bjorklund. R. Raun, N- Baxter, I, Statha- way. The Agricultural Executive Board is composed of student representatives of the College of Agriculture and faculty sponsors. The Board acts as a governing body and serves as a close contact between the student body and the faculty. Robert Raun President Board officers are Robert Raun, president; Rex Crom, secretary; Sue Bjorklund, treas- urer; and Neal Baxter, vice-president. Informal discussions by the Board lead to the solution of many Ag. campus problems. Poqe 50 panhsdismJui, Back row: P Larson, L Aimui, M Bdtt v. R Sandiiodl V Koch. P. Mc Cormick., B. Durland, M. Maupin. Second row: R. Garrop, W. Young. D. Kiachal, G. Pinney, D. Corbvtt, S Bockev W. Clark. J. Nordgran. B. Graan. B. FInlay Front row: D Daggett, P Nordin, B Sawyer. B Yoder. D Lovegrova. B. Dunn. N Jensen The Panhellenic Council Is composed of representatives of the various sororities on the campus. It promotes unity and controls rushing, pledging, and initiation procedure. 1 r - : i wt 1 L r L m II 1 De-;, I oder President The Junior Panhellenic, composed of presidents or sorority pledge classes, present a riotous sitit at the annual Panhellenic banquet. Dav n Daggett, president of Delta Delta Delta, re- ceives the Elsie Ford Piper Trophy for her sorority, which showed the most improvement during the last year. Page 51 Qnisihpvcdsihniii ( ounciL Bock row: C Soc ily, 5 -a -2. R. Kc ly, B Costeilo Third row: W. Bock, E. Kantor, R. Raun, J. Troester, L. Geier, G. Hanson. Second row: W. Bates, J. Drullner, F. Eastafarooks, W. Cartmell, C. Robak, R L ' nawa ' l, H. Gerhart. Front row: C, Und, D. Klllion, D. May, D. Stem, M. Elberqe ' , S. Lambert, Derald May President The Interfraternity Council is composed of the presidents and alternates from all member fra- ternities at the University. They sponsor events and regulate many of the procedures of the fra- ternities. Discussing current problems are Interfraternity of- ficers Dick Rosenblatt, Derald May, Don Stern, and Darrel McCabe. Actions of the Interfraternity Council are super- vised by the faculty advisers Colon el Frankforter, Mr. Schramm, and Dr. Weaver. Poge 52 I a SiJudnKt lAnijDJv iBoahiL from rm: I. Heeear A. Wabifv 1 KixHilund. M.n McSrv . P. W« tc ak, The Shidenf- Unton Governing Board is com- posed of facuHy, Union directors, alumni, and stu- z --: - sponsors and directs the many functions of the unions on the city and agricultural campuses. TTie Union ActfvfKes Cc — ---- -cids ar ' - ' ' meetrng to furrfier tfie : jf +ie : tn cteasant surroundings. 53 iB.CLM.U). i Back row: J Stoppkotte, N, Raish, F. Rodgers, L. Mues, N. Tonjes, J. Lehl, L. Hoff Front row: A. Stoppkotte. P. Geisman, N. Peterson, J. Learning, N. Chubbuck, A. Kuncl. The BABW promotes Barb activities for un- affiliated women on the university campus and encourages Barb women to take part in extra- curricular activities. afe r f ► i ' . h Joann Learning President BABW members pause a moment before entering the home of Barb Activities in the Student Union building. These busy looking officers are Phyllis Siesman Norma J. Peterson, Joann Learning, and Annette Stoppkotte. Poqe 54 u r= Dr. Roger Shumate Chairman Back row: Gardld M«tik«, L«on Pfaifftr. Front row: Bruc Nichols. Pro tior Clifford M. Hicki. Dr. Ro9«r Sliumafa, W. C. Harptr, M. J. Mdick. fijuJbIjucjcdwii (Boahd. The Publications Board appoints the business and editorial staffs of all the publications on the University campus. It also supervises the expenses and awards contracts. Three students and four faculty mennbers connprlse the Board. Leon Pteiffer, M. J. Melick and Gerald Matzke look over the publication staffs ' reports. Faculty nnembers of the Pub Board direct the se- lection of new staffs in the spring. Pa9« SS (Wi Junior-Senior Prom Mortor Boards Innocents Commencement Chancellor ' s Reception Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen imJUDJL-S nJUOJL fflADJfL Above: Dave Haun and his newly en- larged orchestra provided music for dancing at the 1950 Prom. Right: Dancing was order of the evening as a record number of students pac ked the Union Ballroom to dance to the smooth music of Dave hHaun and his bH. orchestra. For the first time in University of Nebraska history, the Junior- Senior Prom v as planned, super- vised, and sponsored by an active Junior Class Council. H eaded by President Herb Reese, the new ten-member coun- cil obtained permission from the Innocents Society, previous Prom sponsors, to take over the dance, persuaded leading campus organi- zations to underwrite the project, and engaged Dave Haun ' s orches- tra to provide the music. Another innovation in Prom procedure was the presentation of the six 1950 CORNHUSKER Beauty Queens at the dance. The Junior Council hopes to make its sponsorship of the Prom a yearly tradition. Page 58 Above: R : j Lindwall. John Connelly and Fritz ; son, mennbers of the Innocents Society Pronn Com- nnittee. discuss turning the dance over to the Junior Class Council. Above: Leo Gler, Inter-fraternity Council pre , ■■■ one of the many seniors to attend the final social event of the year and of his college life. Below: Members of the first Junior Class Council pose for pictures while formulating plans for the Junior-Senior Prom. From left to right, top row, they are Bob Waters, Bill Dugan, Dicit Kuska, Knox Jones, Bob Russell, and Ben Wall. Seated members are Betty Green, Secre- tary: Herb Reese, President; Shirley Allen, and Sue Allen. Paqc S9 TyioAiaA, BoahjdA, Dorothy Borgens Vice President Mary Ellsn Schroeder Secretary La vet no Atker Historian Janet Nutzmann Eugenie Sannpson Janet Fairciiild Treasurer Kathryn Rapp Jan Cochran Gwendolyn Monson Mary Helen Mallory Janet Stratton Marilyn Boettger Jean Eckvall Pacrc 60 Marcla Tepperman Kushner President a Kushner with gavel in hand conducts the weekly Mortar Board meetings. Amid cheers of enthusiasm, Mary Ellen Schroeder is masked by the Mortar Boards on Ivy Day. Close observation will show many smiles on these faces of the new Mortar Boards as they begin their reign as dignitaries on the campus. At the annual luncheon for the new Mortar Boards, Joan Farrar is explaining the duties of office to Marcia Tepperman, Mortar Board president. foqt 61 (JjtfW CCjdA. Leo Geier Vice-President Merle Stalder President Harold Gerhart, Jr. Treasurer I I Rex Pettijohn Bob Axteli Paul Weltchek Poge 2 Upper life: Monday nights find the 13 In- nocents in their weekly meetings. Upper right: The Dad ' s Day Luncheon is one of the functions the Innocents sponsor. Right: On Homeconning Day the Innocents appear in their hoods and robes to assist in the presentation of the Pep Qusen. Lower right: Merle Stalder, Innocents Presi- dent, presents the Homecoming trophy to the Gamma Phi Betas. Lower left: Ed Trumble, past Innocent, gives the well-ltnown tacUe to Rodney LIndwall. Chancellor Gustavson sits by as Milton Eisenhower, president of Kansas State College, looks over his notes before addressing the Commencement audience. ommanxjunjinL Proud parents and relatives take their eyes from the bell tower construction long enough to watch junior on his way to graduation. Above: Band memoers pur aown their hornb onu take a breath between numbers as they listen to the Commencement speeches. Poqe 64 (Rjioiliiuon. Righf: Chancellor Gusta vson and Dean Thompson are two of the dignitaries at the Chancellor ' s Reception and Student Union Open House. Center: The Mortar Boards, donned in their cowles, serve at the reception. It looks as If Jan Cochran is going to snitch a cookie. Below Right: On your mark — get set — every one shake hands. Is everybody happy? Below: " May I take your coat? " " I beg your pardon. Take your hand off my el- bow! " P09« AS Bill " Rocky " Mueller, Senior class presi- dent, is a little camera shy so the photog- rapher caught him in the mirror. SsuniDh. CloAA. of 1950 ' Sit fflni The Phi Gams seem to have Nancy Glynn and Patty Nordin very well trained. How- ever the girls do look happy with thei ' ' work. Pat Larson and Marian Battey are pining for their younger days. They caught Ai Abramson as their victim. Bob Sim, Cay Worcester, Keith O ' Bannon, Louise McDIII, Paul Weltchek and Jeanne Malone are keeping up with their title, " Senior Wheels. " Poqe 66 jLj t ' e L _, oi. ' t: v■c• ooys. Ajoo Fflrber, Oscar O ' Bannon, Kent Miller and Dick Stehley prepare their own refreshments in the " Crib. " Marge Arendt and Sue Holland seem lo oe picic- ing their own graduation gift. A nice selection, too. Jan Nutzman and By Hooper have picked up a during their four years at the University, haven ' t they? The two inseparables, Bus Whitehead and Hank Cech asume identical positions to call each other from the Student Union. faqt 67 ABBOTT, GEORGE; Tecumseh; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Pst. IS A. ABBOTT, MARILYN: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Towne Club. Coed Coun- selors ABRAMSON, ALVIN; Omaha; Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau, Corn Cobs, Alpha Phi Omega, Corn Shucks Business Manager. ABRAMSON, HAROLD: Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Alpha Mu. ACKER, LAVERNA; Bridgeport; Agriculture, Mortar Board. Omicron Nu, Phi Upsllon Omicron. A.UF- Advisory Board. Student-Faculty Council, Homt Economics Club ALBERTS, DALE; Hastings. Business Administration. ALBRECHT. SIDNEY; Lincoln; Business Administration. ALEXANDER, JOE; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. ALLEN, HAROLD: David City; Agriculture. ' ALLEN, LEW: Lincoln; Business Administration. Pi Kappa Phi. Gamma Lambda, Alpha Kappa Psi. R.O.T.C, Band. ALLEN. NEIL; Lincoln; Dentistry. Xi Psi Phi. ALLEN. ROBERT: Lincoln; Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. ALLGOOD, ROBERT: Stella; Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. AMIOT. STERLING; Lincoln; Dentistry, Xi Psi Psi. Regents Scholar. ANDERSON, ROLAND; Lincoln; Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, ANDERSON, ARTHUR; Pender; Arts and Sciences. ANDERSON, CLARENCE; Grand Island; Business Administration. ANDERSON, DALE; Atlantic, la.; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Chi, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Gamma Lambda. ANDERSON, HELEN: Lincoln; Teachers, Alpha Xi Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, Delta Omicron, Y.W.CA. ANDERSON, JACQUELINE; Arapahoe; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Kappa. i I ANDERSON, KENNETH; Nehavrka; Agriculture. Tri-K. ANDERSON. MILTON; Lincoln; Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi. ANDERSON, SHIRLEY; Halsey; Teachers. ANDERSON, VAYDEN; Stromsburg; Engineering. Sigma Chi, Sigma Tau. ASC E n ANDREAS. THOMAS; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Tau Kappa Epsilon. ANDRESEN, JOHN; Plainview; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon. APPLETON, ARTHUR: Manhattan, Kans.; Dentistry. Xi Psi Phi. Poqe 68 ARENDT, MARGE: Fdlll City: Tt ch»ri, 0«lt G mma. Cl erl «d r ARENSON. ELAINE: Lincoln; AqrIcuDurt, Amikita. Iota Siqma Pi Hom» £_i-o ;i C -b ISA Y W C A, ARM8RUST. HERBERT: Omaha; Ar«i and Sciancat. That Xi. ARMSTRONG. DALE: Si Paul; Agricultura. Siqma Phi Eptilon. ARMSTRONG. DEAN: St Paul; Builnaii Adminiitralion. Thata Xi. ARROCHA. AOOLFO: Panama Citf. Panama; Law, Tau Kappa Epiilon, 0. • ---•. - ARTER WILSUR: Nt.porl; Taachan. Dalta Sigma Phi. ARTER8URN, KEITH: Imparial; Aqricultura. Aq Man ' t Club. ATHET. CHARLES: Takamah; Agricultura. Aq Man ' s Club. Farmarl ' Fair Boa ' d ATKINSON. NEIL: Lincoln; Buiinatt Administration. Bala Thala Pi. Corn Gobi ATKISSON. JAMES: Omaha; Buiinati Adminiitralion. Oalla Sigma Pi. AUGUSTINE. DONALD: Kancia»; Enginaaring, Sigma Alpha Eptilon, Scjoej-3 j -J Blada- AXTELL. ROBERT; Sidnay, la.; Businats Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon, --;;«- ' . oimat Klub, StudanI Union Board. AYERS. JOHN; L«iington; Butinass Administration. Phi Kappa Psi. AYRES WILLIAM: Darlon. Ohio; Danlislry; Xi Psi Phi. BA6COCK. DAN: Lincoln; Businass Administration, Sigma Nu. BAKER. EDWIN; Omaha; Businass Administration. BAKER. GEORGE: Fairfiald. la.; Pharmacy. BALLARD. DON: Norfolk; Taachars, Mans Dorm. BARKER. JAMES; Lincoln; Businass Administration. Datia Tau Delta BARNASON. DUANE: R«d Cloud; Enginaaring, Sigma Alpha Epiilon ASA E BARNELL, LEO; Bankalman; Enginaaring. BARNES. ALVIN; Lincoln; Enginaaring. A.I.Ch.E., Raligious Walfara Cou C ' BARRIBO. PHYLLIS: Lincoln; Fina Arts, Towna Club. BARTELS. EDSEL; Elk Crtak; Agriculture. Gamma Oalla. BARTON. MARY: Pa»naa City; Taachars, Woman ' s Rasidance Halls. Delia Omicron Y W C A BARTON. SILAS: Creighlon; Engineering. AS C.E. gM m r Page 49 BATCHELDER. DEAN; Cheyenne, Wyo.; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Nu. BATES. ROBERTA; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Signna Ela Chi. BATES. TIM; Lincoln; Engineering. Phi Gamma Delta. A.I.E.E. BATES. WILLIAM; Lexington; Business Administration, Sigma Nu. BATTEN, NEWTON; Lincoln; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi, ROT C , Phdian. BATTEY. MARIAN; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Kappa Gamma President BAUER. FRED; Lincoln; Arts i Sciences, Pershing Rifles. BAUER, MARTIN; Fairbury; Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi. BAUERMEISTER, GILBERT; Norfolk; Agriculture, Tri-K Club. BAUMANN, MARJORIE; West Point; Teachers, International House Adelphi, Cosmopolitan Club, Swimming Club, I.S.A. BAUMGART, NORMAN; Humphrey; Engineering, Acacia, A.S.C.E. BAXTER, WILLIAM; St. Paul; Agriculture. Farm House, Alpha Zeta Tri-K, Block and Bridle, Ag Executive Board, Coll-Agri Fun Board, Corn Cobs, Ag Y.M C.A, II BAY, JEAN; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta, Red Cross. BAYREUTHER, WILLIAM, JR.; Chatham, N. J.; Arts and Sciences, Phi Kappa Sigma, BEACH. ALTA; Schenectady, NY.; Business Administration. Phi Chi Theta, Adelphi BEAVERS, MONA; Bennet; Agriculture, Amikita. Home Economic! Club. BECKER. SARA; Papillion; Teachers. Kappa Kappa Gamma. BECKLER, HOWARD; Rising City; Engineering; Sigma Tau, Ela Kappa Nu, A I E E . Gamma Delta. BEERS, ROSEMARY; Hartington; Agriculture. Amikita. BEHRENS, ARLENE; Mead; Teachers, Kappa Delta. BENDER. FREDERICK; Sutton; Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon. BENNETT, WALTER; Milford; Arts and Sciences, Nu-Med BENSON, RODNEY; Omaha; Engineering, Beta Theta Pi, Scabbard i Blade Vice President. BERGE, PAT; Norfolk; Teachers, Gamma Phi Beta, Beauty Queen BERGESON, MERLE; Platte, So. Dak.; Engineering, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Gamma Lambda, A S M E-, Varsity Band. BERGOFFEN, CHARLES; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Mu Epsilon BERKSHIRE, ROBERT; Omaha; Arts Sciences. Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha, N-Club. Page 70 I KTl BfST. LURA: B ' okan Box; Ttacheri. Kapea DttU gETKA. EUGENE: Fairmont: Aqricullura BEVER. NORMAN: Virginia; Agricullure, A9 Man ' i Club BEYER. MARILYN: Omaha; Arlt and Sciancai. Alpha XI Dalta. Phi i,qma lola, W A A.. Y.W.C.A. BEYNON. ESTHER: I ncoln; Fint Arti. Dtlta Gamma. ■lEMOND. RAYMOND: Ord; Builnaii Administration. Slqma Phi Epiilon . ■ lERBOWER MARY LOU; Giltnar; Agricultur . Horn Economlci Club, ArT i.,!j BJORKLUNO. SUE: North Platta; Agrlcultura, Sigma Kappa. Phi Upii- lon Omicron. Ag Eiacutlva Board, Tastalt, Studant Union Board, Horn Economlci Club Council. Y.W.C.A. BLAHA. JEAN; Ord; Taachcrs. Woman ' i Rasidanca Halls, Tasials, Newman Club S»; ' .i ■ ILAHA. WILLIAM: Ord; Agriculture, Newman Club. BLOBAUM, ROBERT; Fairbury; Buiinass Adminiilratlon, Beta Sigma Pii, Alpha Kappj Pn BLUMEL, JOSEPH; Nebrasha City; Busineii Adminittration, Alpha Kappa Pii. Brown Palace, Newman Club. BLUMER. PAUL: Lincoln; Builneti Admlnlitrallon. Phi Delta Thela. BOBERO, J. ELLIOT: Lincoln; Engineering, PI Tau Sigma, Gamma Lambda, ISA BOCK, WILLIAM: Omaha; Business Adtninistralion, Beta Theta Pi. BOCKES. SUZANNE: Omaha; Teachers, Alpha Phi President. mm BOOINSON. VIRGINIA: Kearney; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta. BOETTGER. MARILYN: Omaha; Agriculture. Mortar Board BOLANO. DOROTHY: Bloomdeld; Agricullure. Chi Omega. SOOTHE. BETTY: Fremont; Teachers. Alpha Omicron Pi. BORGENS DOROTHY: Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega, Mortar Board, lc« r-.- • ' Ldnnbda Theta, Coed Counselors, president. BORNHOLDT. LORNA; Wausa; Teachers, Chi Omega, treasurer. PI La ' " D.:j ' " o ' j BOROWSKI. EDMUND; Shenandoah. Pa ; Arts 1 Sciences. Delta Sigma Phi, Siqma Delta Chi, BOTSFORD. VIRGINIA: Rushyille: Teachers. EOWEN, WILLIAM: Le.lngton; Engineering. Sigma Nu. A S C E. eOWHAY. MARVIN; Liberty; Business Administration. Sigma Chi. BRAASCH. NORMAN; Pierce; Teachers. Delta Sigma Phi. Gamma 0«;ta. Poge 71 BRADNEY, WILLIAM; Cheyenne. Wyo.; Business Administration, Sigma Nu BRADY, JOHN; Lincoln; Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. BRAGDON, KATHRYN; Sioux City, la.; Teachers, Alpha Phi. BRAINARD, OWEN; Lincoln; Agriculture, Farm House, Alpha Zeta Trl-K, Block Bridle, N-Club. BRATT, EDWARD; Crawford; Business Administration, Sigma Theta Epsilon. BREETZKE, HAROLD; West Point; Teachers, Delta Tau Delta. BREHM, ADAM; Lincoln; Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. BRIDGMAN, JANE; Fremont; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Omicron Pi. BRINKMAN, WILLIAM; Geneva; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. BROBERG, JAMES; Newman Grove; Teachers, Alpha Tau Omega. BROWER, THOMAS; Fullerton; Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon Vice President. BROWN, LOIS; Omaha- Arts and Sciences, Alpha Omicron Pi Y.W.C A . Red Cross. I BROWN, THOMAS; Hershey; Agriculture, Theta Xi, Block i Bridle, Tri-K. BROWNLEE, THOMAS; Omaha; Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. BRUCE. JANICE; Hastings; Teachers, Delta Gamma. BRUERE, EDWIN; Omaha; Business Administration. Phi Gamma Delta. BRUGGEMAN, DALE; York; Agriculture, Beta Sigma Psi. BRYANT. JACK; Tekamah; Teachers, Phi Gamma Delta, N-Club. BUCKNELL, DONALD; Hardy; Teachers. BUKACEK, CAROLYN: Omaha; Teachers, Alpha Omicron Pi. BULL, ROBERT; Elkhorn; Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi. BURCH, ALICE; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Phi Delta. BURCH, AUSTIN; Brule; Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon. BURGESS, ELAINE; McCook; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta. BURGESS, MARTIN; Lincoln; Business Administration. BURGESS, TWYLA; Lincoln; Agriculture, I.S.A., Home Economics Club. BURGESS. WARREN; O ' Neill; Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Page 72 SUKLET, JOHN. L ncoln; Engineering. Kdppd Sigme aURNS. JOHN; Lincoln, Dentlitry. XI P»l Phi. BUSH, ROBERT: Orr dKa; Butinaii Administration. Sigm« Alphe Mu. iUSSKOHL. DOrLE: Norfolk; Butlntti Adminiltr«tion, Aiptle Tau lUSTlf. JAMES: B ' odliedd. Wli ; Buiineti Adminittralion, Ttiata Xi BUTTERFIELD, WILLIAM: Norfolk: Arli nd ScitncM. Alpha T«u Omega. P ' « Ljo Aitocietion Secretery-Treaturer. BYERS. DWIGHT: Kennard; Sutinett Adminiitration. Sigma Phi Eptllon CALDWELL. VERNON: Mt Pleaiant. la ; Agriculture. Block ( Bridle CAILAN. THOMAS: Rapid City. So. Oak.; Busineit Adminiitration. New. jn Club CAMP. ROBERT: Wtit Point; Buiineis Administration. Kappa Sigma. CAMPBELL. JOHN: Lincoln; Business Administration. Sigma Alpha EpiiiQi Innocents. Kosmet Klub Business Manager. N Club. Scabbard A B 4d« Arnold Society. CANADAT. DONALD: Hagersto»n. Ind ; Arts and Sciences. Phalani CAPSET. NORMAN: Lincoln; Dentistry. XI PsI Phi. Sigma Phi Epsllon. :_. jfnfnj La " Ddj CARLBERG. DONNAL: Fremont; Engineering. Delta Chi. PI Tau Sigma. S.gme Tau Enqlneennq Eiecutive Board. A.S.M.E. CARLSON. NORMA: Lincoln; Teachers. Ta»ne Club. CARROLL ELAINE: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. To»ne Club. :aRTER CARROLL: Blair; Teachers. Sigma Alpha Epsllon. CARTER. EDWARD: Lincoln; Law. Sigma Phi Epsllon CARTER. LOUISE: Lincoln; Teachers. Kappa Kappa Gamma PI Lambda Th.-a CAITMELL. WILLIAM: Winter Park Fla. Engineering Delta Tau D i a ASE. NORMAN: Beatrice; Engineering. Phi Gamma Delta CASPER. DONALD. Trenton; Teachers. Arnold Society. CATES. WATNE; Stratton; Business Administration. Alpha Kappa PsI CATTLE. DOROTHY: Seward; Business Adminislratron. Delta Gamma 4YWOOD ALBERT: Wichita. Kans ; Dentistry. XI Psi Phi. CERNY. DARTL: Gordon; Engineering. Sigma Tau. A.S.A.E. CHAMBERS. CHARLENE: Fremont; Teachers. Sigma Kappa ' oge 73 CHANEY, ROBERT: Falli City; Arts and Sciences. Phi Delta Theta Scabbard I Blade CHANG. DONALD; Honolulu. Hawaii; Arts and Sciences. Law. Acacia, Delta Siqma Rho Secretary-Treasurer, Corn Cobs. CHILVERS, THOMAS: Pierce; Agriculture. Farm House. Alpha Zeta Tri-K, Block t Briale. CHRISTENSEN. C. JACK; SIromsburq; Pharmacy. Siqma Chi. CHURCH. MARILYN; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Lambda Delta. PI Mu Epsl- Ion, Pdlladian, I S A CHURCHILL. ROY: Philomath. Ore.; Teachers, Kappa Sigma CITA, FRANK; Omaha; Business Administration. CLAPP, ELSIE: McCook; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Phi Sigma lota. CLARK. GLEN; Pawnee City; Business Administration. Theta Xi, CLARK, NANCY; St Edward; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Chi Omega. CLARK. ROBERT; Lincoln; Business Administration, Beta Sigma P$i. Alpha Kappa Psi- CLARK. WILLISTINE; Humboldt; Teachers. Kappa Delta. CLEM, ALAN: Salina, Kans ; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Tau Omega. Sigma Delta Chi. Daily Nebraskan Editor, CLEMENT. KATHLEEN; Ord; Arts i Sciences. Alpha Omicron PI. CLINE. JAMES; Central City; Arts and Sciences. COBURN, PARK; Sloui City, la.; Business Administration. COCHRAN, DONALD: Columbus; Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsllon, Sigma ' Tau. Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsllon Secretary. Engineering Executive Board President, Al E E President, COCHRAN, JANICE: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Towne Club. Mortar Board. Student Council. Coed Counselors Vice President. COFFIN, WILLARD; Lincoln; Business Administration. Alpha Kappai PsI. Seta Gamma Slqma, COFFMAN. JAMES; Torrlngton. Wyo,; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Nu.. Sigma Gamma Epsllon. COGLEY. CATHERINE: Sloui Falls. So. Dak ; Teachers. Delta Gamma. COHEN. JEROME: Omaha; Business Administration. Zeta Beta T«»- COLE, SUNYA; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Chi Omega. COLGAN. GILBERT; McCook; Business Administration. Sigma Nu. Newman Club. COLLINS. ARLYN; Grand Island; Engineering. Sigma Tau. Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M E COLLOPY. FRANK: Scottsbluff; Teachers. Alpha Tau Omega COMERFORD. EARL: Lincoln; Business Administration. Sigma Nu. Poge 74 CONGER ROBERT; Elgin; Ttdchers. Siqma Theta Epsilon. CONNELLY. JOHN; Omaha; Busincii Adminiitration. Phi Kappa fit, innot " ' ! • ' " J » " ' Corn Cobi Vica Preiident. Cornhutkcr Editor. COOK. RICHARD. Dei Moinei. la ; Bulinatt Adminittration, Sigma Chi. CORBETT. DOROTHY; Mlnnaapolii. Minn.; Agriculture. Sigma Kappa, Homa Eeortomict Club. CORKIN WENDIE; Omaha; Taachari. Alpha Omicron Pi. CORNELIUS GRANT; Madrid; Agriculture. Farm Houi . COSAND. MARION: Lyman; Artt t Sciancai. Sigma Phi Epiilon. COSSAIRT. KEITH; Papillion; Engintarirtg Sigma Phi Epiilon A S M E COSTELLO. BERNARD; Omaha; Agriculturt. Pi Kappa Phi COUPE. GEORGE: Nebraika City; Pharmacy. Phi Gamma Oalta. Kappa P . KOI-C ' C .;0 CRAWFORD. FLORENTINE; Omaha; Taachari. International Houie. Tau«lt Alpha Kappa Alpha CROPPER. DAVIO: Nebraika City; Engineering. A SC E Preiidant. Engineering Executive Board. BKOMIE. CONNIE; Lincoln; Agriculture Gamma Phi Beta. Phi Upiilon Om!eror P Md fit Coll-Agri Fun Board. Home Economics Club Council. CUDA. JOSEPH: Bee; Engineering CULLEN. JOHN; Janeiville. Wis.; Busineti Adminiitration. Beta Thela p. CUNNINGHAM. BEVERLY; Lincoln; Arli and Sciences. Towne Club. PI S.gma Iota Vice President. :UNNINGHAM. FRANCIS: Omaha; Teachers. ISA.. Newman Club. CURTIS. JAM:S; Saguache. Colo ; Agriculture Alpha Tau Omega. Block DAGGETT. DAWN; Kearney; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta President, P Larwbda Thefa DAHLEIM. HAROLD; North Bend; Arts and Sciences. AMOUOE. DEAN; Aurora. Agriculture. Farm House OARST. DONALD; Ashland; Business Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon DAVIS. GEORGE: Lincoln; Engineering. Sigma Theta Epsiion A SC E OAVIS. LTLE; Craig; Agriculture. AVIS. MARGARET: Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Kappa DAVIDSON. JOANN: Houston. Teias Fine Arts Delta Delta Delta Delta ' »! D. i OAVIS. ELIZABETH; Plattsmouth; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta vice Presi- dent. Y W C A . Coed Counselors. f . o v L u li4k , i i ' ir I i) Po9c 75 DAVIS. HARVEY; Grand Island; Uw. Sigma Phi Epsilon DAVIS, HELEN; Beatrice; Teachers DAY, LOIS; Campbell; Agriculture. DEALEY, ROBERT: Blue Hill, Agriculture, Tri-K. DECKER, MARTIN; Byron; Engineering, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, DECKER, WILBUR; Alma; Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, A S ME DEERSON, OELMAR; Fremont; Teachers, Tau Kappa Epsilon. DEIBLER, DANIEL; Norfolk; Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. DEMAREE, NORMA: Norfolk; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta. DENNISON, JOHN; Omaha; Teachers DEUCHLER, AUGUST; Falls City; Business Administration, Kappa Sigma. DEVISH, ERWIN; Mason City; Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. DEVORE, CARMEN; North Platte; Business Administration DEWULF, JACK; Cedar Rapids; Agriculture. Farm House. Innocents. Alpha Zeta, Eligible Bachelor. Newman Club. Tri-K. Block i Bridle. Corn Cobs, Ag Executive Board. DIEDRICKSEN, LLOYD; Fremont; Dentistry. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Xi Psi Phi DIERKS, JOHN; Nebraska City; Business Administration, Phi Gamma ' Delta. DIERS, ROBERT; Ulysses; Business Administration, Kappa Sigma. DILLON MOZEOL; Langston, Okla.; Engineering, Alpha Phi Alpha. DISHNER, PATRICIA; Omaha; Teachers, Alpha Chi Omega. DODSON, KATHLEEN; Beatrice; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi. Pi Lambdar Theta. nOERR. HOWARD; Lincoln; Business Administration. DOLENCE. FREDERICK; Rock Springs; Teachers, Newman Club. DOMMAN. CALVIN; Hastings: Pharmacy, Kappa Psi. DONEGAN, LAWRENCE; Lincoln; Business Administration, Phi Delta Thetd President, Interfraternity Council. I DOSEK, JEROME; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Delta Tau Delta DOSEK, MARY ALICE; Lincoln; Teachers. Delta Delta Delia, Cheerleader. DOUGLAS, SHIRLEY; Omaha; Teachers, Gamma Phi Beta. Page 76 1 DRULINER. JEROME; 8«nk«lmAn; Buiinest Adminiitration, Kdppa Siqmj ORTER. ROBERT: Grind lildnd; Agricultura. Men ' i Rttideno H ll, TrlK DUOEX. JOYCE: Lincoln: Teachari. Townt Club DUERSCHNER. VERA. l)oi«i:«. Teachari Orcheiii. ISA DUET. OOUOLAS; CheiOr. Aqr. ' cullura OUNKLAU. RUPERT; Arlington: Tiachgri. Bild Sigma Pii. DUNN. BARBARA; Hditinqi; Tcacheri, Kappa Kappa Gamma. OUTEAU. YVONNE: Lincoln: Taachari. Kappa Kappa Gamma OUTTON. JAMES: Uniontown, Pa.; Enginearinq, Men ' i Rasidanca Hall. Pi ' jj S g- j Sqf a Tau, Pi Mu Epiilon, AS M.E. EARLL. JERRY: Howa ' dar. la ; Pharmacy. Dilla Chi EASTON. WILLIAM: Maion City, la.: Enqinaerinq. Phi Kappa Phi. Pi TjL Siqr ij Pi Mu Eptilon. Siqma Tau. ECKVALL, JEAN: Holdrtqa: Arti aid Sciancai, Kappa Delta Mortar Board Alpha Kappa Dalta, Y.W C.A Vict President, A.W S. EOMISON. LYLE: Columbui; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Siqma. EOMONDSON. WILLIAM: Peru; Arts and Sciences, Men ' s Residence Halls, NUCWA r-.i:d.nt EDWARDS. EUGENE; Benkelman; Business Administration, Kappa Siqma. EOOERT. CHARLENE: Johnstown: Aqriculture. Love Memorial Hall, Pn. Uptiron Omicron Treasurer. EGCERT. ROBERT: Aurora: Aqriculture, Aq Men ' s Club. Alpha Zeta. Block AS-:! EHRMANN. BERTRAND: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Delta Tau Delta. EINUNG. ROBERT; Wayne; Arts t Sciences. Phi Delta Theta. ELLEN, LYNN: Stratton; Business Administration, Siqma Alpha Epsilon. ELLIOTT. CATHERINE: Scoltsbluff; Teachers, Alpha Phi. Siqma Alpha lota. ELLIOTT. DONALD: Beatrice: Arts and Sciences. Theta Xi. ELLIS, PEGGY: Lincoln; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta ELM, RONALD: Genoa, Business Administration. ELWELL. LOIS; Sidney; Aqriculture. Alpha Phi, Home Economics Club. ENOORF, LOREN: Western; Business Administration. Delta Siqma Pi. ENGDAHL HENRY: Cralq; Aqriculture, Tri-K. Alpha Zeta. ? Q Poqe 77 tfiii ENGLAND, GERALDINE; Mission. Kans : Teachers. ERIKSON. LOIS: Omaha; Teachers. W.A.A, Vice President. ERNST. JOHN; Lincoln; Engineering. Alpha Tau Omega. ESHELMAN. RICHARD: Riverton; Engineering. A S A E ESTES. MARJORIE; Lincoln; Teachers. Towne Club. Sigma Eta Chi. EVANS. JACK: Lincoln; Engineering EVANS. ROBERT: Brohen Bow; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Sigma. EVNEN. EVERETT; Lincoln; Business Administration. Zeta Beta Tau. EYTH. WILLIAM: Beatrice; Agriculture. Phi Kappa Psi. Tri-K. FACE. KNOLEN; Stratford. So. Dak.; Business Administration, Theta Xi. FAIRCHILD. JANET; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Delta Delta Delta, Mortar Board Treasurer, Phi Sigma Chi Vice President, Tassels Secre- tary, A W.S FAIRCHILD, ZANE; Lincoln; Engineering, A.S.A.E. FAIRLEY, CHARLES: Fairbury; Agriculture, Farm House, Alpha Zeta. Varsity Dairy, FARBER, AJON; Omaha; Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau, Pershing Rifles, Phalan«. EARNER. ROBERT; Omaha; Business Administration, Phi Gamma Delta. FARRIS, DONALD; Newman Grove; Engineering. Sigma Tau. Eta Kappa Nu. A.IEE,. IRE, FEDDE, CHRIS; Omaha; Engineering, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E. FEHRS. MARY JANE; Omaha; Teachers, Delta Delta Delta. FIGGE, ANNE; Lincoln; Alpha Omicron Pi. FINSTROM, DON; Kearney- Business Administration, Delta Upsilon, N R O TO FISHER. ILO; Ravenna; Business Administration. FISHER, JOE; Norfolk; Business Administration. Alpha Tau Omega. FISLAR. JUNE: Lincoln; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta. FLANSBURG. STEPHEN; Lincoln Arts and Sciences Beta Theta PI. N-Club FLETCHER, RODERICK; St. Joseph, Mo.; Arts and Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Delta Chi FLEMMING, JOHN; Siou Falls, So. Dak.; Delta Phi Delta. FLOWERDAY. ALBERT; Seward; Agriculture. Farm House, Alpha Zeta, TrI-K., Block Bridle, Farmers ' Fair Board Treasurer, Page 71 fOL2. LfLA; C«rion City, N«v.; Enqin««ring. Am«ric«n Inttitut of Archi- •«c ' i FOICK. CHACLES: Cliicago. III.; Aqricullure. Aq Man ' i Club. FOIMAN. JACK; St. Joiaph, Mo.; luiintti Adminittr«tion. Sigma A ph4 Mw FORTNA. LLOYO: ScottiblufI; Aqricullura. Alpha Gamma Kho. Va ' ilti Oa. ' f Club FOSTEI JOHN: Sapulpa. Okia ; Taacliart. Alpha Phi Alpha FOSTER. ROBERT; Gordon. Butinait Adminiitration. Alpha Kappa Pti. FRANZ. CHARLES: Lincoln; Buiintii Admlnittration, Dalta Sigma Pi- FREEBUR . DENNIS; Patariburg; luiinaii Adminiitration FREED. PERCY; Lir coln; Butinasi Administration, Sigma Nu. FREEMAN, DOUGLAS; Niligh; Lao, Sigma Phi Epiilon; Phi Dalta Phi, •and KECMAN. ROBERT: Tulalaka. Calif; Buiinaii Adminiitration, Dalta Sigma Pi FRENCH. MERWYN; Paga; Agrlculturt, Farm Houit, Alpha Zaia. Bloa ( t ' Idia T ' i-K. Ag Y.M.C.A. FRIESEN. CARL: Handarion; Denllilry, Xi Pii Phi. FRY, CHARLES: Scdtrlcc; Businetl Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FUCHSER, CLEG; Irwm; Enginaaring, A I E.E FUCHSER, FAY; Irwin; Enginaaring, Pi Mu Epiilon, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappd Nu FULLER. FRED: Lincoln; Enginaaring, Alpha Tau Omiga, A I Ch E. CAEBLER. WALTER; Winside; Businass Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon. GALLAGHER, DONALD; Lincoln; Enginaaring, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa He ? Mu Ecilon A I E E. GARD, DON; Baavar Crossing; Agricultura, Farm Houia, Alpha Zata, Block t Bridla. Ak-Sar-Ban Scholarship, Ag Y.M.C.A., 4.H Club. GARDNER. ROBERT: Anil.,. Enginaaring. Kappa Sigma. A IE E. GANZ. CHARLES: Lncoln; Alpha Tau Omaga GARRISON. MARY; Union; Taachars. Tassals. GEALY, GERTRUDE; Gordon; Agricultura. Y WC A Prasbytarian Houia Cabintt. Horna Economics Club. GEIER LEO; Lincoln; Arts and Sciancas. Phi Gamma Dalta. Innocants. Kappa Alpha Mu. Sigma Dalta Chi. GELBER. CAROL: Abardaan, So Dak Arts and Sciancas. Pi Bala Phi N»«mar Club GENGENBACH. CARL; Euslii; Arts and Sciancas. Alpha Epiilon Rho Pag. 7» t GENGENBACH. GLORIA; Lincoln: Arts and Sciences. Alpha Epsilon Rho. GERHART. HAROLD; Newman Grove; Business Administration. Alptia Tau Omega President, Innocents Treasurer, Corn Cobs. U.N. Builders Treas- urer. Cornhusker Business S ianaqer. GESSNER, SHIRLEY; Lincoln; Business Administration. Delta Delta Delta, Phi Chi Thcta GIBBS, MARYLOIS; Custer. So, Dak.; Pharmacy. Sigma Kappa, Kappa Epsilon. A. Ph. A.. Newman Club. GIBSON. ROBERT; Randolph; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho. Block t Bride, GIBSON, WILLIAM; Randolph; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho. Block ( | Bridle, Theta Epsilon, GIESEKER. LYLE; Lincoln; Arts i Sciences GILBERT, ARTHUR; New York, N. Y.; Teachers, Phalan«, Newman I Club. ISA. GILL. CHARLES; Bellaire. Ohio; Teachers GILMORE, PHILIP: Omaha; Business Administration, Sigma Nu. GILPIN, ALICE; Rock Springs, Wyo.; Teachers. Palladian, I.S.A. GISSLER, BERNARD, Osceola; Arts and Sciences. Beta Sigma Psi, ISA GLESMANN, HERBERT; Papillion; Engineering. A S.A E, GLOYSTEIN, ELROY: Waco; Engineering. Beta Sigma Psi. Innocents, Sigma Tau. A I E E-. Baseball. N-C!ub, Corn Cob Advisory Councll, GLYNN, NANCY; Lincoln; Teachers, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Ph Delta. A,W,S GOGAN, RICHARD; Arcadia; Agriculture. TriK. Ag Men ' s Club, Newman Club J GOOD. LOREN; Merino. Colo.; Agriculture. Sigma Theta Epsilon. Wesley Foundation j GORHAM, THOMAS; Franklin; Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi. ; GOTSCHALL, ERNEST; Atkinson; Agriculture, Alpha Tau Omega, Block I Bridle GOTTSTEIN. STUART: Des Moines, la ; Business Administration. Zeta Beta Tau, GOTTULA, KENNETH: Steinauer; Engineering. Sigma Tau. Pi Mu Epsilon. A SC E GRAHAM. DAVID; Perclval. la.; Business Administration. GRAHAM. JOAN; Elgin; Agriculture. Alpha Xi Delta. Y.W C.A . Home Economics club GRAHAM, MARY: Lincoln; Teachers. Chi Omega. Y W.C A.. Corn- husker. GRAUL. LOREN: Roca; Alpha Kappa Psi. GREEN. JOHN; Indianola; Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GREENWALT. DOLORES: Ord; Teachers. Newman Club. Page 80 mi GRIFFIN, IDEN; Odvid City; Enginaerlnq. Phi Gdmm« Deltd. AS M E GRIFFITHS. EUGENE; Omdhtf, Enginearinq, Enqlnaerinq Eiccutivt Bo«rd. GfllSWOLD. OWIGHT; Gordon; Artt And Sci«nc«t. Alphd Tau Omaqd. GROBECK. JACK; Omaha; Buiinell Admirlilralion ;R0THE NORMA; Ganava; Taacha ' », Alpha Fhi GRUBER. ROBERT; Ord; Arts and Sciancai. Cotmpolitan Club. GUHIN, RICHARD: Abardaan. So Oak ; Butinail Adfflinitlralion. Naw- msn Club GUSTAFSON. CARLTON: Gothanburq; Arli t Sclanca; Slqm Dalla iUSTAFSON, MYRON: PhlMlpt; Aqricultura. Alpha Zaia. Slqma Oalta Chi, Daily NaDrjtkjn Aq Editor, Cornhulkar Countryman Manaqinq Editor. GUSTAFSON, PHILIP: Phillipi; Aqricultura. Alpha Zata. InlarVarllly Ch ' iitian Feilowi p Praiidant. HAARMANN. BEVERLY; Omaha; Taachari, Alpha Omicron Pi. HAASE. MARVIN; Lincoln; Buiinass Administration, Dalla Siqma Pi. HACKBART. ROBERT: Saward; Arts and Sciancas. N.R.O T C. HAGEMAN. ROBERT: Ithaca; Aqricultura. HAGEMAN. VIRGINIA; Lincoln; Aqricultura, Towna Club. HAGEN, FLORENCE: Omaha; Aqricultura. Alpha Omicron Pi. HALE, RUSSELL: Hardy: Enqinaarinq. Siqma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Eta Kapci Nu HALL. GERALD: Farraqut, la.; Businass Administration, Siqma Chi. HALL, ROBERT; Piarca; Taachars. HALLSTROM, DAVID; Wabstar, So. Dak.; Businass Administration, A phj KdPPa Pi HALTER, GERALD; Lincoln; Enqinaarinq. Siqma Tau. Pi Tau Siqma. ASMS E q •crlnq Eiacutiva Board. HAMMEL. DONALD: Lyons; Aqricultura. Block I Bridla. Aq Man ' s Club, Tri.K HAMMES, LEONARD: Omaha; Law. Thata Xi, Dalla Siqma Rho. HANCOCK, WILLIAM: Carson City, Nav.; Arts and Sciancas, Alpha Tau Omaqa HANISCH. RICHARD; St Paul; Arts 1 Sciancas, Siqma Alpha Epsilon HANNEMAN. DONALD; Albion; Businass Administration, Alpha Kappa P«i. HANNEZO. CLAUDE: Nancy, Franca; Graduata, Man ' s Rasldanca Hall. Hall. Pa9« 1 :- f ' ft Mi 11 I 1 r A p p HERSE, BJORN; Oslo. Norway Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi. A.S.M.E., Cosmopolitan Club. HEINE, EMILY; Hooper; Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Tau Alpha HEIDENREICH. DONALD; Lincoln; Business Administration. Delia Sigma Pi, HAZELRIGG. DON. Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Delta Phi Delta, HAYWARD. GLENN; Humboldt; Agriculture. Ag Men ' s Club. HAYS, BYRON; Kansas City. Mo.; Agriculture, Sigma Nu. Kappa Alpha Mu HAYKIN. MARTIN; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Alpha Mu. HAYKIN, DORIS; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Kappa Delta. HAWES, RICHARD; Omaha; Engineering. Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, A S ME HAVELKA, JOSEPH; Weston; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Alpha Zeta, Block i Bridle, Tri-K, HAUGE, MYRA; Meadow Grove; Teachers, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Alpha lota, Y,W,C,A Cabinet, Gamma Delta. HASEGAWA, CARL; Puunene. Maui, Hawaii; Arts and Sciences. i HARTZ, SALLY; Mitchell; Agriculture, Phi Upsilon Omicron. HARRISON. WARREN; Naponee; Agriculture HARRISON, NANCI; Norfolk; Teachers, Chi Omega. HARRIS, WILLIAM; Cheyenne. Wyo ; Arts and Sciences. Delta Up- silon HARRIS, HARRY; Fairbury; Business Administration. Sigma Nu. HARRIS, BETTY; Hastings: Arts and Sciences HARRINGTON, HARLAN; Riverton; Engineering. A SC E HARNISH, JOHN; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Pi Kappa Phi. i I HARMS, ALICE; Lincoln; Teachers, Sigma Alpha lota. HARM, ROBERT; Bloomfield; Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma A S M E HARDY, J. WARREN; Omaha; Business Administration. Delta Sigrr HARDING, JAMES; Kearney; Law, Delia Theta Phi. Tau. a Pi. HANSON, GERALD; Osceola; Engineering. Delta Upsilon. A.S.C.E HANSEN. EARL; Clay Center; Engineering. Sigma Tau, A.S.A.E. HANSEN. CONRAD; Elba; Teachers. Pag 82 HERSHORN. HELEN: OrT«h : Art] nd Scitncti. Sigm DtIK T u. HERZOG. FREDERICK: Lincoln; EnqInMrlng. Phi »mmt 0«ll . HEWITT. CAYLE; Shelby: Butinoi Adminiilrjtion. Oall4 Sigmj Pi. HIATT. KENNETH: Stwtrd, tulintii Adminiilr«tion. D»ll Th«l4 Epi.lon HIOH. RICHARD: Bloomfiald: EnqinMring. Phi D«IU Th«ta. HICLET, ROBERT: Omiha; Bulinaii Adminiitr lion. HIIDEBRAND. ROBERT: York; Pharmacy, Daita Upiilon, Koimal Klub. KdpcJ Pi HINOERAKER. CAROLYN: Ailoria. Thetj Tdiieli So Dak.; Taachars, Phi Lambda MINER, OEWARLD: Wymora; Businesi Adminiilration, Alpha Kappa Psi HISCHIER, MARY; Billinqi, Mont.; Butinais Administration, Gamma Phi Be ' a. Ph Chi Thtia HITE, BETTY; Centralia. III.; Arts and Sciencai, Sigma Kappa. HODDER, DONALD; Lincoln; Enqinaaring, Phi Gamma Delta. Pi Tau Siqma. Pi Mu Eptilon, Scabbard and Blade. HOEKSTRA. BARBARA; Omaha; Teachers. Kappa Alpha Theta. HOFFMANN. JESS: Omaha; Teachers. HOFFMAN, LAVERNE; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Lambda Delta. Ph- Beta Kappa. Kappa Alpha Delta, Psi Chi. HOFFMEISTER. REX; Imperial; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Sigma. Corn Cobs. Alpha Phi Omega. HOHENSEEN. GWENDELL; Gladstone; Teachers. HOLCOMB. CHARLENE; Broken Bow; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Kappa Gamrr- J HOLDER. ROBERT: Imperial; Engineering, Sigma Chi. Pi Mu Epsilon, A S C E , Mdioni HOLDHUSEN. GERALD; Houghton, So. Dak.; Business Administration. HOLLAND. SUE: Lincoln; Teachers, Delta Gamma President HOLLIOAY, PATRICIA; Hebron; Teachers, Siqma Kappa. HOLLSTEIN, DELILA; Hay Springs; Agriculture, Delta Delta Delta, Gamrra Alpha Ch HOLLINGSHEAO, HAROLD; Riverton; Teachers, Phi Mu Alpha HOLMES. ROCKNE; Canon City. Colo.; Business Administration, Sigma Chi. HOLMQUIST. HAROLD: Oakland; Phi Gamma Delta. HOLZE, EDITH: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Towne Club. 1 1 ' J " f U J " i-« Q Page 83 Wf thiki HOOPER, BYRON: St. Louis, Mo.; Business Administration. Sigma Nu. Stu- dent Union Board Chairman. Activities Committee. HORACEK, ROY: David City; Business Administration. Pi Kappa Phi. HORNBACHER. KENNETH; Nevada, la.; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Siqma, Trident HORNBY. JUNE: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Towne Club President. HORWITZ, RUTH; Denver, Colo.; Teachers, Sigma Delta Tau. HOSEA. VERA; Leiington; Agriculture. Home Economics Club HOUSEL. RAY: Broken Bow; Dentistry, XI Psi Phi. HOWARD. ROSWELL; Omaha; Engineering. Beta Theta Pi. Innocents. Student Council President. Kosmet Club, A.S C.E. HOWE. JEAN; Wymore; Agriculture. Amikita. Phi Upsilon Omicron. Coll- Aqri-Fun Board President. HRUBY, AL; North Platte; Arts t Sciences. Phi Delta Theta. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. HUFF, ELDON; Omaha; Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. HUGHES, CLAYTON: Lincoln; Teachers. Kappa Sigma. Alpha Phi Omega, Red Cross. HULL. BENJAMIN; Omaha; Agriculture, Newman Club HUMBERT, GORDON: Crawford; Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. HUNT. WILMER; Holbrook; Engineering. Sigma Tau. AS. C.E. HURLBERT. LOYAL: Ord; Engineering. Siqma Phi Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, A I.E.E., N-Club. HUTTON. LYNN; Norfolk; Law, Sigma Nu. Delta Theta Phi. Cheerleader INNIS. DAVID: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Phi Sigma lota. IRVIN. CHARLES: Alliance; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Phi Omega. ISHAM ROBERT; Chadron; Agriculture. Sigma Nu. JACKMAN, HERBERT; Grant; Law, Phi Kappa Psi Gamma Lambda, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinlonia JACKSON. LELAND; Oshkosh; Engineering. Scabbard and Blade. AS. C.E. JAPP. LYLE; Kennard; Business Administration. I.S.A. JEFFREY, STANLEY: Gretna; Arts and Sciences. Nu Meds. ISA.. Cosmopolitan Club. JENKINS. JOHN; Omaha- Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Tau. Pi Mu Epsilon, A S.C.E JENSEN. GENENE; Fremont; Teachers. Alpha Omicron Pi. Theta Sigma Phi Dally Nebraikan Society Editor. News Editor, Y.W.C.A. JENSEN, CHARLES; Scotia; Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Architec- tural Society. Page 84 JENSEN. FRANCES: Sarqtnl; Aqricullurt. Amikila. Ham Economlct Club JEPPSEN. KENNETH; Dinn.broq; Ph«fmacy. JOCHUM. JOHN: Sulharland: Pharmacy. TKala Xi. Ntwman club. JOHANSEN. PAULINE:Narlli Platta; T«ach ri. L S A JOHNSON. ARTHUR; Lincoln; Buiinaij Adminillration. JOHNSON. BRUCE; Holdraqa; Arti and Sciancai. Alpha Tau Omaqa Pi M J E p I on JOHNSON, CYRUS; Aintworlh; Businasi Adminiitration, Sigma Alpha Epiilon. D«baf« JOHNSON. DONNA LU; Nawman Grova; Agricullura. Phi Upiilon Omicron. A W S , Home Gconomict Club. JOHNSON. HARRT: Central City; Engineering. A.S.C.E. JOHNSON. HARTRICE; Nawman Grove; Teachers. Chi Omega. Y.W C A . Red Crois JOHNSON. LLOYD: Oakdala; Teachers. JOHNSON. LUTHER: Valley; Arts and Sciences. Phi Delta Theta. Phaijni JOHNSON. MARJORIE Siou City, la ; Teachers. Pi Beta Phi. Y.W C A. JOHNSON. MOLLER; Flandreau. So Oah ; Law. Phi Delta Phi JOHNSON, PAUL; Oakland; Law. Sigma Nu. Phi Delta Phi. Phalani. Provost Corps JOHNSON. ROBERT: Fremont. Business Administration. Tau Kappa Eps ' lon JOHNSON. ROBERT H,; Fremont; Business Administration, Tau Kappa Eps ' on JOHNSON, RUTH; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Gamma Mu Theta. Or- chests Secretary. Swimming Club. Nu Meds. Newman Club. JOHNSON, SALLY ANN; Madison; Arts and Sciences. Delta Gamma Treasurer. Alpha Kappa Delta. Y.W C.A.. N U. Builders Board. JONES, DANIEL; Lincoln; E.ngineering. Sigma Tau. PI Tau Sigma. Pi Mu Epsllon. A.S.M.E. JONES. ONEDA; Omaha; Agriculture. Alpha Kappa Alpha JONES. ROBERT; Omaha; Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. JOYCE. CAROL; Syracuse; Teachers. Kappa Phi. PI Lambda Theta. AdeipH:. Rei gous Welfare Council. Wesley Foundation. JURACEK. EDWIN; Niobrara; Business Administration. Delta Sigma PI. JUSSEL. ALFRED; Wauneta; Teachers. Sigma Nu KAILEY. KENNETH; Holdrege; Engineering. Beta Theta PI. KALIN. MARGARET: Lincoln- Arts and Sciences. Towne club Newman Club. Page BS Lit S KALIN, MARILYN: Lincoln: Arts and Sciences. Towne club. KALLHOFF, MARGARET; Sutherland; Teachers. International House. KAMPRATH, EUGENE. Seward; Agriculture. Alpha Zeta. KANTOR, EDWARD: Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Zeta Beta Tau Presi. dent. Phi Chi President. KASIK, WILSON: Madison; Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. KASMAREK. ROBERT: Janesville, Wis.; Engineering. Beta Theta Pi. KATZMAN. CHARLOTTE: Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Delta Tau. KECK. JAMES: Rapid City. So. Dak.; Alpha Tau Omega. KEITH, CARL: Cambridge; Arts and Sciences. KELLER, FRANCIS: Grafton; Business Administration. KELLER. ROBERT: Lincoln; Delta Tau Delta. Phi Delta Phi. KELLNER. C. DEANE: Malvern, la.; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi. KELLNER, ROBERT: Malvern, la.; Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi. KELLOGG, RALPH: Danbury, Teachers KELLY, EUGENE: Lincoln; Engineering. Sigma Nu. Sigma Tau. Pi Mu Epsilon. Eta Kappa Nu. KELLY. ROBERT: Wichita Falls. Te«as; Arts and Sciences. Acacia. Phi Eta Sigma. KELSEY, RAY: Hay Springs; Engineering. A.S.C.E. KEMNITZ, HERSCHEL; Columbia. So. Dak.; Business Administration. Theta Xi. KERL, DON: Lincoln; Agriculture, Farm House, Tri-K. Block t Bridle. KERR, WILLIAM: Central City; Arts and Sciences KIECHEL, DONNA: Superior; Teachers. Pi Beta Phi. Pi Lambda Theta. KIELTY, DOUGLAS: Madison; Engineering. A I E E KILLION, MARLIN: Fairfield; Teachers. Sigma Chi. Pi Mu Alpha. Gamma Lambda KIMBALL, ROSEMARY: Lincoln; Teachers. Kappa Kappa Gamma. KINCANON. RAYMOND: Albion; Teachers. KINSEY, WILLIAM: Shubert; Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. Air R OTC Cadet Colonel. KIRKPATRICK, HELEN; York; Arts and Sciences. Poge 86 i KLEIN, DONLEY: Omdhd: Engineering, Pi Kdppd Phi, A I E E. KLEMME. HERBERT: Murdock; Teachari. KLINE. JOHN; Lincoln; Arti and Sciencai. Sigma Thata Epiilon. KLUCK, EMIL: Aurora; Butinait Adminiitration, Alpha Kappa Pii. KLUCK. JAMES: Aurora; Enginaaring, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu. Pi Mu Ept ' io " KNAPPIE. MARGARET; Omaha; Taacharj, Kappa Alpha Thata. KNE8EL, DONALD; Norfolh; Ag ' icullura, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha le ' A V K B - • Bridia, Ag Eiacutiva Board. KNOBLOCK. HARVEY; Lincoln; Bulinail Adminiitration. KNUDSEN. MARY LOU: Ft. Lupton, Colo.; Taachars, Delta Delia Delta. Stud»nt Union Committee. KNUTH. WILLIAM; Loington; Agriculture. Alpha Zeta. Tri-K. KOEHLER. MELISSA: Sidney; Arh and Sciences. Phi Sigma lota. Kappa Ph. KOEHN. WILLIAM; Lincoln; Pharmacy. Sigma Nu. KOHAN. RICHARD: Omaha; Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau. KOHTZ. WESLEY; Scotlsbluff; Business Administration. Sigma Chi. Phi Epiilon P KOKJER. CARTER; Sidney; Law, Delta Upsilon. Phi Delta Phi. KOKJER. THOMAS: Sidney; Bulineil Adminiitration. Delta Upiilon. KOLESZAR. DOLORES: Omaha: Teachers, Alpha Phi, Phi Theta Kappa. KOSAKEWICH, PAUL: Alberta. Canada; Pharmacy. KOONTZ, HARRY; Omaha Engineering. Pi Tau Sigma, A S ME . Sigma KORFF, DON: Hebron; Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. KOS. THOMAS; Po;t Springs, Wyo.; Busincil Adminiitration. KOSKAN. DALPHYNIE; Anoka; Agriculture, Amikila, L S A KOUPAL, HOWARD: Lincoln; Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta KRASNE. BYRON: Fremont; Arli and Sciencei, Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Epiilon Rho Phi Mu Alpha. KRAUSE. ARNOLD: Lincoln; Arti t Sciences. KRAUSE. HAROLD; Futlerton; Buiineis Administration, Kappa Sigma. KROSH KENNETH: Blair; Teachers. Kappa Alpha Mu. [■: -nr f ' f , if.... Poge 87 !T KRUGER. EVELYN; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Lambdd Delta Pii Chi KRUGER. WILLIAM; Lincoln. Business Adnninistraticn. Alpha Kappa Psi. KRUMWIEDE, NEAL; Minden; Engineering. A S C E KRUSE, JOHN; Omaha; Business Administration. Phi Kappa Psi, KUCIREK. RICHARD; Omaha; Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. KUHL. RICHARD; Ashland; Business Administration. Phi Gamma Delta. KUIPER. OARLINE; Lincoln; Teachers. Towne Club. Newman Club. KUNCL, ANN; Omaha; Teachers, Adelphi; B.A.B.W. Board, Comenius Club. KUSEK, RICHARD; Columbus; Engineering, A. I. A., Newman Club. KUSHNER, MARCIA TEPPERMAN; Lincoln; Teachers, Sigma Delta Tau. Mortar Board President; Tassels Vice President. A W.S. KUTA, ARNOLD; Loup City; Business Administration, Newman club. LAIRD, RUSSELL; Des Moines, la.; Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsiion President, Inter-fraternity Council. LAMBERT, STANLEY; Ewing; Agriculture. Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Tri-K, Block I Bridle. Aq Y W.CA. President. LANE, ROBERT; Decker, Ind.; Agriculture, Voc. Ag. Association. LANGENHEIM, FRED; Lincoln; Business Administration, Sigma Nu. LANGIN, EDWARD; Imperial; Agriculture, Alpha Zeta, Tri-K. LANSPA, MYRON; Brainard; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Chi. LANGSTROTH, AURELIE; Needham, Mass.; Arts and Sciences LARKIN, SHIRLEY: North Platte; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi. LARSEN, KENNETH; Omaha; Business Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, Phalan , LARSEN, PATRICIA; South Siou« City; Teachers, Alpha Chi Omega Presi- dent. Y W C A Treasurer. Student Council. Panhellenic representative. LARSON, ERNEST; Jamestown, No. Dak,; Arts and Sciences. Acacia, LARSON, WILLIAM; Blair; Englnc ' ring, Phi Gamma Delta, A, I, A, LATHROP, DOROTHY; Crawford; Teachers, Alpha Chi Omega. LAUBER, DONNA; Yates Center. Kans,; Agriculture. Alpha Omicron Pi. LAUER, ELAINE; Coiad; Agriculture, Amikila LAUGHLIN, EARL; Elm Creek, Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi Poge 88 LAWSON. EDWIN. Gonod; Buiinati Adminiitrdtion, Siqma Phi Epttlon. LEAMINC, JOANN; Lincoln: Arti t Sci«nc«i. Townt club I A B W pr«l d«nt. ISA. ice-pr«tid«nt. LEARY. FRANK; Lincoln: Arit nd Scienco Delt T u Dolld LEGGE. MARILYN: Frimonl: T»ch«rt, PI B«ta Plil LEHL. JOYCE; Raymond; Tadcheri. Physical Education club. pr©tid«nl LEISY, JEAN; Wiinar; Taachari. Alpha Xi Delta. Sigma Alpha lota, prsti- d»n ' f Ljmbd.1 Theta LEM3RICH. DERALO; Hay Springi; Arts and Sciancat. LENTZ. DONALD; Baatrice; Buiinasi Administration, Delta Tau D«tld LERNER. SANFORD; Kansas City, Mo.; Business Administration, Sigma Alpha M. LESS, GERMARDT; Akron, la.; Eigineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau. " i Mu Epiilor LEVINGER, HAROLD; Ya.ikton. S. D ; Eiglneering, Ze!a Beta Tau. PI Mu Eoillon A S M.E- LEWIS. BUELL; Mllnor, N D ; Xi PsI Phi LIBERSHAL. MARY; Plaltsmouth; Teachers, Chi Omega. LIDOLPH. ALVIN; Roca; Agriculture, Tri-K. LIDOLPH. DOROTHY; Roca: Teachers, Pi Lambda Theta, president. Phi Sigma Iota Aiphj Lambda Delta. LIAKOS, ANGELINE; Bayard; Teachers. LIEBER. NANCY; Papillion; Teachers, Alpha Xi Delta. LIEN. NORMAN; Platte. S. D.; Engineering. LIGGETT. JAMES; Lincoln; Engineering. Sigma Phi Epsilon. LIGHTNER. NORMA; Orraha: Teachers International House LILLY. JOHN; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Chi. LINCH. LAUREL; Morrill; Teachers. Kappa Del ' a. LIND. CHRISTY; Sutherland; Business Administration. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Prfl.drnt LINDAUER. MARY ANN; Omaha. Agriculture, Gamma Phi Beta. LINDSTROM. CHARLES; Holdrege; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Delta Chi. LINOWALL, RODNEY; Omaha; Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, presi- dent. Innocents, Corn Cobs, president. Delta Sigma Rho, A.S.C.E. Student Council LOEPP. DAVID; Slou. City, la ; Arts and Scle c-s. Delta Chi. ' ik Page S9 LOHRENZ, CARL; Buhler, Kans.; Engineering. Sigma Theta Epsilon. A.I.E-E. LOISEL, THOMAS; Welt Point; Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epiilon LONG. DARWOOD; Humboldt; Teactiers. Kappa Sigma LONG, NORMA; Ord; Agriculture, Amikita, Y.W.C.A., Cabinet t em- ber. LONG. ROBERT; Norfolk; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Theta Nu. LORD, GLADYS; McCcol Junction; Teachers. International House. W.A.A.. Council LUDLOW, POLLY; Red Cloud; Agriculture, Y.W C.A., Secretary. LUERS. LEROY; York; Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. Phi Delta Theta. LUHRS. GORDON; Imperial; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho- LUKENS. ISAIAH: Tekamah; Arts and Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta. LUNDAHL, GLENN; Wakefield; Agriculture, Beta Sigma Psi. LUTA, DANIEL; Arcadia; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Delta Chi. LYLE. JAMES; Omaha; Business Administration. Phi Delta Theta. Scabbard and Blade McCLURE, PAUL; Howard; Engineering. A.I.E E. McCORMICK. MARILYN: Moutain Lakes. N. J.; Arts and Sciences. Pi Beta Phi McCORMICK. JACK; Madrid; Arts and Sciences McCORMICK, PATRICIA: Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta, president, Psi Chi McCRACKEN, GERALD; Lincoln; Engineering. Theta Xi. McDILL, LOUISE: Lincoln; Agriculture. Chi Omega. Omicron Nu. president. Phi Upsilon Omicrcn. Student Council, vice-president. Farmers Fair Board, secretary. McDonald, LEWIS; Beatrice; Business Administration. McDONALD. RICHARD; Wood River; Arts and Sciences. Theta Xi. Theta Nu. Mcdonald. ROBERT; Wallace; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Delta Chi. McGEACHIN, MARGARET: Orleans; Agriculture, Kappa Alpha Theta. Gamma Alpha Chi. Home Economics club. McGEACHIN. THOMAS; Lincoln; Engineering. Phi Gamma Delta. A S M E , N Club McGILL. HUGH; Madison; Engineering. AS ME McKINNEY. RAYMOND: Lincoln; Agriculture McLaughlin, JEAN; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Xi Delta. Phi Sigma lota. Poge 90 4cMASTER. ROBERT: Lincoln: Enqin« rlng. Sigma PKi Epiilon, PI Mu Epii- McMlCHAEL. BRUCE: Omaha; Arts and Sciancai, Phi Gamma Dalta. McNARE. ROBERT: Allianca; Butinaii Adminillration, Alpha Kappa Pli. MocCUAIG, JANE; Omaha: Arfi and Sciancai, Gamma Phi Bata .tACKET, ALAN; North Plattt: Aqricultura, Alpha Gamma Rho. Block 1 I ' idia MADISON. EDWARD: Oakdala. La : Agriculture. Alpha Phi Alpha MADURA. VICTOR: Omaha; Enqinatrinq. Nawman club. MAISEL. MILTON: Lot Anqelat Calif ; Arti and Sciancat. ZaIa Bata Tjg Phalani MALLORT. MARY; Lincoln; Arti and Sciancat, Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Board. Alpha Epiilon Rho. ' 48 Pep Queen. Tasseli, Coed Counselor Board, UF Adviio ' Y Board chairman. MAIMBERG. OORIS; Allan; Aqricultura, Love Memorial Hall, president, Y W C A . Home Economics club. MALONE. JEANNE: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Y.W.C A., secretary MANN, JEAN; Lincoln; Business Administration, Alpha Chi Omeqa. MANSFIELD. ROT; Malvern, la.; Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon. MARKS. CHARLES: Omaha; Business Administration, Mqr.. Wrestlinq S3. J.- MARKS, ROBERT: Ord; Pharmacy, Kappa Siqma. MARSHALL. ANNE: Windom, Minn.; Teachers, Gamma Phi Beta MARTIN. DEAN: Hancock, la.; Business Administration. Delta Siqma Pi. MARTIN. RICHARD; Foley. Ala ; Arts and Sciences. Pi Kappa Phi. MARTMEE. OELORES: Bladen; Teachers, Kappa Phi. MASON, ROBERT: North Platte; Enqineerinq, Pi Tau Siqma. Siqma Tau. P. Mu Epsilon. A.S.M.E. MATTHEWS. REGINALD;Natick. Mass.; Teachers, P.E Club MAUPIN. MYRA: Nc-th Platte; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Chi Omaqa. MAXWELL, DOROTHY: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Alpha Theta. MAXWELL. JOHN; Weehawken. N. J.; Teachers. Siqma Chi. Student Council. Baseball MECKE. MARY; Oqallala; Teachers. Alpha Xi Delta. Phi Ch! Theta. MEEHAN, PATRICIA: Lincoln; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta MEISINGER. DONNA: Plattsmouth; Teachers. Kappa Delta. Poge 91 f ii: - ) f) ' MELICK, MARY; Neligh; Arti dnd Sciencei. Chi Omega. N U. Bullden ' Board, Y W C A , Cabinet Member. MENUET. RAYMOND: Hastlngj; Buslneis Administration. , METZ, FRED: Idaho Springs. Colo.; Dentistry. Xi Psi Phi. MEYER. GEORGE: Emerson; Engineering. Tau Kappa Epsilon. A.I.E.E MILLER. KENTNER: North Platte; Arts and Sciences. Delta Upsilon. I MILLER, LORER: Parrbury; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Nu. Sigma Gamma ' Epsilon MILLER, MARILYN: Papillion; Teachers. Chi Omega Pi Lambda Theta. MILLER, RICHARD: Kenesaw; Business Administration. Tau Kappa Epsilon. MILLER. ROBERT; Grand Island; Business Administration. ' MILLIKEN, THOMAS; Fremont; Business Administration. Phi Kappa Psi. ' MILLMAN, MAURICE: Van Nuys, Calif.; Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Mu MINNICK, BILLIE; Crete; Teachers. ' MINNICK, STEWART: Cambridge; Business Administration. MIX. GRETA: Linden, la.; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Phi. MLADY. FLOYD: Siou Falls. S ; Arts and Sciences. MOENCH. DENNIS: Snyder. Pharmacy MONSON, GWEN; Satonville. Agriculture. Mortar Board, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron. Omicron Nu, Home Economics club. MONSON. MARVIN: Satonville. Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho. Alpha Zetd, Block I, Bridle, Tri-K. MONTEITH, ROLAND: Newcastle. Agriculture. Alpha Zeta MOOK. WILLIAM: Lincoln. Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pershing Rifles. Arnold Society. MOOVE, JACK: Lyons. Agriculture. Sigma Theta Epsilon. Cadet Officers Association. MOORE, KAYE: Lincoln, Teachers, Gamma Phi 6e!a, Orchesis. secretary- treasurer MOREHEAD, PHYLLIS; Republic, Kans., Teachers. MORGAN. JOHN; Lincoln. Engineering. A.S.C E. MORIN. ROBERT; San Francisco. Calif.. Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi MORROW. ANDREW: Fremont. Fine Arts. Men ' s Dormitory. Delta Phi Delta MORROW. THOMAS: Alliance. Arts and Sciences. Sigma Chi. Poqe 92 OIROW. WILLIAM: Ail.anc . L4». Siqm Chi. MUELLER. WILLIAM; Omdhd; Butinaii Adminiitr«tion. Siqma Chi, N- MULDER. WILLIAM; Adami: Bulineii Adminiilration. 0 lt Sigmt Pi. MULLEN. ROBERT; Conndlivillt, P«nn.; T 4ch«ri. Sigm« Chi. N-Club. I Nawmdn club lULLER. RAYMOND; Norfolli: Bulintii Adminitlration, Alph Kappa Pii. MULLIKEN. ADELE: Nicktrion; T«ach ri. Orchaiii. MUNOELL. BILL; Gothtnburq; Art and Sciancat, Dalta Sigma Phi. Pi Mu Epiilon. Alpha Phi Omaqa, Pratbytarian Studant Houia Eiacutiva CommiHaa MYERS. DAVID; Weaplnq Watar; Buiinait Administration. Siqma Phi E r ■. o 4TERS. HAROLD; Laquna Baach, Calif ; Arts and Sciancai. MYHRE. LELAND; St Edward; Businait Administration MYHRE. MOLLY; St Edward; Aqricullura. Alpha Chi Omeqa, Homa Econom.Ci C.-D NASH. RICHARD; Cambridqa. III.; Arts and Sciancas. 4EAL. JOSEPH; Sarllay; Law; Oalla Chi. NEBELSICK. HAROLD: Alaiandria. S D ; Arts and Sciancas. Thata Xi. NEELY. HENRY; Omaha; Arts and Sciancas. Phi Dalta Thata. NEKUDA. LYOIA: Lincoln; Arts and Sciancas. Towna club. Alpha Epsilon Rho lELSON. DONALD: Randolph; Enqinaarinq. Pi Mu Epsilon. A. ICE NELSON, KEITH; Sarqant; Enqinaarinq. AS ME NELSON, MARY; Fremont; Aqricultura. Homa Economics club. Board NELSON. MURIEL: Wast Point; Aqricultura. 4-H Club prasidant. Homa Economics club. lELSON. RICHARD: Randolph; Enqinaarinq, A ICE NELSON, STUART: Pilqar; Enqinaarinq, Siqma Tau, A S A E. NETH. KEITH; Broken Bow; Business Administration. NEUMANN. TEMPLE: Wymore; EnqInerinq. Theta Xi. Kappa Alpha Mu A S M E Slgrria Thata Epsilon, Enqineerinq Eiec. Board lEWCOMB. ROBERT; Cambridqe; Teachers NEWCOMB, ROSS; Cambridqe; Teachers NEWCOMER. B. R.: Stromsburq; Aqriculture. Tri.K. A Mi mmimM . ik Poqe 93 NIDER. MARK; Plymouth; Engineering, Pi Mu Epsilon, A.IEE- NIELSEN, IVAN: Lincoln; Agriculture. Farnn Mouse, Alpha Zeta. Tri-I Block 8r Bridle. NOBLE, JOANNE; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Alpha Theta. NOBLE, RICHARD; Lincoln; Business Administration, Delta Upsilor Arnold Society. , NODGAARD, CALVIN; Omaha; Engineering, Scabbard i Blade, AS C.E. NORDIN, PATRICIA: Omaha; Teachers, Alpha Omicron Pi. president- Y WC A , Cabinet (Member. NOVAK, THOMAS: Omaha; Teachers. Delta Tau Delta. NCIub. NUSS. CALVIN: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. NUSS. MARILYN: Sutton; Agriculture, t-tome Economics club. NUTSCH. PATTI: Washington; Teachers, Orchesis. ISA. NUTZMAN. JANET: Nehawka; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Omicron Pi. Ivlortar Board. Y WCA , president, W.A.A. NYGREN. HAZEL: Concord; Agriculture. Home Economics club. O ' BANNON. KEITH: Scottsbluff; Business Administration. Delta Upsilon. OBERG. THOMAS; Campbell; Teachers, Men ' s Dormitory O ' DELL, MARY: South Sioui City; Teachers, Kappa Delta. OLDFATHER, CHARLES: Kearney; Arts and Sciences, Phi Kappa Psi, president. OLIVE, DAVID: Weeping Water; Engineering, Sigma Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I E.E. OLSON, ARLEY; Oakland; Agriculture, Adelphl. Home Economics club.: OLSON, DELMAR; North Platte; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. OLSON, EARL: Aurora; Business Administration. OLSON, RALPH; Ceresco; En-jincering, AS. ME ORCUTT, RICHARD: Doniphan; Agriculture, Ag Men ' s Club. OSTERMILLER, DONALD; Lincoln; Busines s Administration, Alpha Kappa Psl OSTERMILLER, GEORGE; Lincoln; Business Administration. OWENS, ORVID: Carroll; Teachers, Pi Mu Alpha. Gamma Lambda. OWENS. OWEN; Carroll: Agriculture. PARMENTER. WILLIAM: Omaha; Business Administration. Peg f4 PARTKIOGE. HAROLD: Alliano: Bulintll AdnMnntrjIion Phi tmmt D» lt PAULEY. WILSUR; H«rv«rd; Aqricultur . Alph« Gdmm« Rho. Alph4 Z td. B j; B ' iO » PAUSTtAN. ELOISE: Omjhi; Tt cti»ri. Chi Omag . Ddli Sigmi Rho. preiidcnt, Alphd Ldmbdd Dvltd. Pi Ldmbd« Th«f4. V«ritty Dabdta. Phi Bet4 KdPPd PAUSTIAN, JOHN: Sloui Cily. I« : Arli and Sciancal. Sigma Nu PEARCE GEORGE. Lncoln; Taachtri PECHA. SUZANNE: Omaha: Taachart, Alpha Xi Oalta PENNER. HAROLD: Baalrica; Enginaaring. Pi Mu Epiilon, Sigma Tau. E ' J Kjppj Nu A I E E PERINA. LAMBERT: Madiion: Agricultura. PERKINS. WILLIAM: Omaha; Enginaaring. Kappa Sigma PERRT. DONALD: Malcolm; Agricultura. Ag Man ' i Club, Block t Bridle. PETERS. JOHN; Omaha; Butinait Administration. PETERS, OVILLE: Janian; Pharmacy, Kappa Psi. PETERSEN. CHARLES: Omaha; Enginaaring. A.I.E.E. PETERSON. NORMA: Lincoln; Taacharj, Orchaslj, presidanl. BABW. c -p ' vap r w A.A.. Council. PETTIJOHN. REX; Spalding; Butinasi Administration, Innocents, Sigma Nu Co-n Cobs Kosmat Klub. PFEFFER, IVO: Jasper. Ind ; Pharmacy. PHILBRICK. CHARLES: Lincoln; Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. PHILLIPS. EVERETT, Belington. W. Va.; Pharmacy PHILLIPS. MARVEL: Hay Springs; Teachers. Kappa Phi PHILLIPS, RYLANO: Rapid City, S. 0.; Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Tau Omega. PHILPOT, DONNA: Weeping Water; Teachers. Alpha Xi Delta. PICKETT. JACK; Lincoln; Engineering. Phi Delta Theta, Pi Mu Epsilon. Siqmd Tau PIOERIT, RICHARD: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Phi Gamma Delta. N-Club. PIERCE, JANET: Lincoln; Agriculture. Gamma Alpha Chi. Sigma Eta Chi, Home Economics club. PIERCE. LUCY: Lncoln; Teachers. Sigma Eta Chi. PIERSON. DARWIN: Genoa; Business Administration. PINNEY, GLORIA; Hastings; Kappa Alpha Theta, president. » .mr Page 9S PISCHEL. PATRICIA: Verdel; Teachers. Kappa Delta. PLANK. MARYLOU; Pierre. S. 0.; Business Administralion. Alpha Phi. PLANK. WILLIAM; Pierre. S D ; Business Administration, I.S.A.. presi- dert PLOUZEK. RAYMOND: Dorchester; Engineering. A.S.M.E. POLLOCK. JAMES: Stanton; Business Administration. Sigma Nu. POLLOCK, ROBERT: Ulysses; Agricullure. Tri-K. POLNICKY, HAROLD: Red Cloud; Engineering, Delta Chi, AS A E, POLSKY. BURTON: Lincoln; Business Administration. Zeta Beta Tau. POLSKY, DON: Lincoln; Engineering, Zeta Beta Tau, Cadet Officers As- sociation POND, RICHARD. Lyons, Engineering, Sigma Nu, A.I.C.E. POPKEN, DONALD; West Point; Agriculture, Farm House, Alpha Zeta. Newman club. Block 8 Bridle. PORTSCHE, STANLEY: Lincoln; Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. POULSON, ROBERT: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. POWLEY, HARLAN: Pender Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon. N-Club PRESTON, RONALD: Burchard; Agriculture. PRINZ, RUDOLF: Grand Island; Business Administration. PURINTUN, ALAN; De Smet, S D.; Arts and Sciences. PUTENSEN, ELAINE; Bloomfield; Teachers, Sigma Kappa, Gamma Delta RACELY, ED; Walthill; Arts and Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta, N-Club. RALL, FRANK; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Delta Chi. RANCE. PATRICK; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Newman club. RAPP, KATHRYN; Waterloo; Teachers, Delta Gamma. Mortar Board, Tassels, president RARICK, THEODORE: Auburn; Teachers, Acacia. RASER. WADE: Gering; Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. RAWSON. NORMAN: Lincoln; Business Administration RAWSON. VINCENT: Orleans; Agriculture. Sigma Theta Epsilon. Tri-K. RAYBURN. BARBARA: Mitchell. S. D ; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Xi Delta Page 94 ■ IAD, ALVO: Lincoln; Fina Arti. Phi Mu Alpha REDELFS. MAX: Lincoln; Buiinait Adminiitration. Alpha Kappa Pti. REHMEIE . LYMON: Waapinq Walar: Aqricultura. Ag Man ' i Club. »_-._. i 8- die REID. ROBERT: Albion; Buiinati Adminittration. Kappa Siqma lEILLT. TOM: Waukaqan, III.; Aqricultura. REINMUTH. MOLLIS: Lincoln; Danlillry. Xi Pii Phi. REISKE WILLIAM: Dowaqiac, Mich ; lulinaii Adminiitralion REITAN. C. JOHN; Grand Island: Busintti Adminiilration, Phi Dtlla Thata lENNER. CARLA: Norfolk; Artt and Sciancat. Siqma Kappa. REYNOLDS. JOAN; Omaha; Taachars. Oalla Dalla Dalta. Siqma Alph,i lata REZAI. GUS: Tehran, Iran; Buiinais Admlniitration. RHOADES, CHARLOTTE: Blair; Taachari. Siqma Kappa RHODES, KATHRYN: Bankalman; Taachari, Kappa Dalta. RICE. CHARLOTTE: Norfolk; Taachart, Kappa Phi RICE. DON; Omaha. Arts ( Sciences. Zela Beta Tau RICE, FREDERICK: Omaha; Enqinarinq. Man ' s Dormitory, president, Siqma Tau, A.S.C E RICE, LAWRENCE: Omaha; Pharmacy. RICHNER. JOHN: Kansas City. Mo ; Business Administration. RICHTER. CHARLES: Lincoln; Dentistry, Dalla Siqma Delta. RieSERT, OUANE: Hosklns: Arts and Sciences, Beta Siqma Psi ROADS. WAYNE: ScotlsbluH. Enqineerinq. A SM.E. N-Club. ROASHAN, MOHAMMED: Kabul, Alqhanistan; Artt and Sciences. ROBAK, CLEO: Duncan; La», Thela Xi. president. ROBERTS, ERALD: Lincoln; Business Adminiilration. ROBINSON, MAGNUS: Norfolk; Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omeqa, N-Club R0DRI9UEZ, FRED: Houston, Tei.; Arts and Sciences. ROESLER, EDITH: Lincoln; Arts and Scitncas. Hf feMi ? ill Poqe ♦T Ai r J J iiii ROGERS. MAX: Stella; Agriculture, Tri-K. ROHE. ROBERT: Roca; Agriculture. Tri-K. ROSEN. BRUCE: Omaha; Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau. ROUSEK. ERNEST: Ord; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Tri-K. RUMP. WILLIAM: Fremont; Engineering RUPLINGER. PHILIP; Orleans; Arts and Sciences RUSSELL. JACK: Fullcrton; Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. RUSSELL. MARILYN; Fullerton; Fine Arts. International Hou » RUSSELL, RICHARD; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Phi Delta Theta. Scabbard S Blade, captain RUTTEN. JAMES; Cedar Rapids; Pharmacy RYMAN, JANICE: Rochester, N. Y.; Teachers. Kappa Kappa Gamma. SAHS. JOHN; Carroll; Engineering. Farm House. Sigma Tau, Gammd Delta. A S A E. SAMPSON. EUGENIE; Central City; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi. Mortar Board, PI Lambda Theta, N U. Builders, president. SAMUELSON, EUGENIA; Lincoln; Teachers. SANBONGI. FRED: Fresno, Calif.; Engineering. Pi Tau Sigma. Sigma Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, AS ME. SAULTS. CHARLES; Gordon; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Nu. SAUM. DONA; Lincoln; Teachers. Nebraska Masquers SAUTTER, EDWARD; Lincoln; Agriculture. Alpha Zeta, Tri-K. vice- president, Ag Men ' s Club SAWYERS, BETTY: St. Joseph. Mo.; Arts and Sciences, Delta Gamma. W A A , treasurer, SAYLOR, JOHN; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Sigma. SAYRE. NANCY; Longmeadow, Mass.; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Tau Alpha. SCHAFFER, SHIRLEY; ONeill; Teachers, Gamma Phi Beta SCHEER, DALE: Arlington; Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi. SCHEVE. ROBERT: Plymouth; Agriculture. Farm House SCHINDEL, FRED; Lincoln; Business Administration. Kappa Sigma. SCHLEIGER. RICHARD; Omaha; Engineering. Phi Gamma Delta, NCIub. SCHMIT. LORAN; Rising City; Agriculture. Ag Men ' s Club. Pooe 98 i SCHNEIDER. EARL: Snydar; Arti And Sci«nc«i. Siqm« Nu, Sigm« Gamma Epiilon N Club SCHNEIDER. ELIZABETH: Framonl; T»achari. Pi Bata Phi. Thala Sigma P | p ' «i d«r Kjppj Tju Alpha. Phi Sigma Iota. Pi Lambda Thata SCHNEIDER. ROBERT: Nabraika City: Buiinaii Adminiilration. Phi Kappj fi N Club SCHOEN. ESTHER; Valparaiio: Agricullura. SCHOLL HAROLD: Juiun Builnaii Adminiitration SCHOONMAKER. KATHRYN; Edgamonl. S ; Pharmacy. Sigma Kappa. Kappa Epiilon SCHORMANN. JEAN; Baamar; Arts and Sclancai. SCHREURS. RAYMOND: Lincoln; Arti and Sciancai. Sigma Gamma Epidon SCHROEDER. DALLES: Homar Businais Adminiilration. Dalta Sigma Pi. SCHROEOER. OAYBERT; Imparial: Bulinali Adminiitration, Phi Gamma D. M SCHROEDER. MARY ELLEN; Chappall; Arti and Sciancai. Alpha Omi. cfon Pi, Morta ' Board lacratary. A.W.S.. vica-praiidant. N. U. Buildari, vica-praiidant SCOTT. JA MES; Grand ttland; Buiintii Adminiitration. SCOTT, JANET: Tilden; Ttachari. SEACREST, KATHLEEN: Lincoln; Art! and Sciancai. Kappa Delta. SEATON. STERLING: Haminqford; Buiinaii Adminiitration. Sigma Chi Gamma Lambda SEILER, VIRGINIA; Lincoln; Teacheri. To»na club. SENFTEN. DOROTHY. Ganoa; Taachari, Alpha Xi Delta SERIGHT. SHIRLEY; Lincoln; Taachari, Alpha Chi Omega. Pi Lambda Thata Delta Phi Delta. SHANE. HAROLD: Atkinion; Buiinaii Adminiitration. Alpha Kappa Pii. SHEA. TOM: Omaha; Buiinaii Adminiitration. Phi Delta Theta SHEPAID. CARMEN; Lincoln; Arti and Sciancai. Sigma Kappa. Alpha Larrbdd Delta Ph. Sigma lota. SHERIDAN. MARJORIE: Omaha; Taachari. Chi Omega. SHICKLEY. JOAN: Lincoln; Teacheri. Delta Delta Delta. SHIELDS, EUGENE; Lincoln; Teacheri. SHIPMAN. CHARLES; Orchard; Teacheri, A.UF. SHOPP. BRYCE: Imperial; Arti and Sciencei, Kappa Sigma. SHORT, RICHARD: Omaha; Teacheri. Sigma Alpha Epiilon. NCIub. Pi Mu Epiilon Page 9f SHULKIN. JEROME: Sloji City, U : Teachers. Zeta Beta Tau SHUMWAY, ROBERT: Lyons: Business Administration. Sigma Ctii. SIM, ROBERT: Nebraska City; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho. Alpha Zeta, Trl-K. Block Bridle. Corn Cobs. Kosmet Klub president, Inter- fraternity Council SIMANEK, MARY: Dodge; Teachers. SIMMONS, ALEN: Lincoln; Business Administration, Kappa Sigma. SIMMONS, RAY; Lincoln; Law. Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Beta Kappa. Ne- braska Law Review, comment editor, Nebraska Law Association, Phi Delta Phi. Student Council- SIMON, ALDEN: Martell; Teachers. SIMPSON, FREDERICK; Atlantic, la ; Arts and Sciences, Phi Kappa Psi, Innocents, Sigma Delta Chi, A.U.F., Daily Nebraskan editor. SIPPLE, SALLY; Nebraska City; Teachers, Sigma Kappa. Red Cross SKINNER. JOHN; North Platte; Pharmacy, Phi Gamma Delta. Kappa Psi. Student LJnion Committee. SLAUGHTER. LEON; Rosilie; Business Administration. SMITH, DARLINE; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences SMITH. DONALD; McCook; Business Administration. Alpha Tau Omega. SMITH. KAYO; Bayard; Arts and Sciences. SMITH, ROBERT; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Chi. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. SMITH, WENDELL; Wall, S. D ; Arts and Sciences, Ps! Chi, Phi Beta Kappa. SMOLIK, MARY; Omaha; Business Administration, Tassels SNELL. ALETA; Lincoln; Teachers, Pi Lambda Theta, Sigma Alpha lota, Towne club, N U Symphony Orchestra. SNELL. VICTOR; Central City; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi. SNYDER, JOHN: Fremont; Arts and Sciences. SNYDER, JOHN: Aurora; Arts and Sciences, Le Cercle Francaise. SOBESLAVSKY, LENN; Clarkson; Arts and Sciences, Nu-Med. Comenius club SODER. LESLIE; Ceresco; Arts and Sciences. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Lutheran Student Association. SOFTLEY, DOROTHY; Fairmont; Teachers SOHL, STANLEY; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Alpha Mu. Delta Phi Delta, Y M C A SOLHJOO. REZA; Tehran, Iran; Arts and Sciences, Paltadian, Cosmo- politan Club. Page 100 STfHLY, RICHARD; Elgin; Busin«ti Adminittr«tion. D«lt« Upiilon, N«wm«n Club STEELE. JOYCE: Lincoln; Arti and Sciancei. Alpha Phi STEEK. EOGAR: Falli City; Aqriculturt. Tau Kappa Epiilon. STECH AROEN: Chadron; Pharnxacy. STATES, TERRY; Ravanna; Enqinttrinq, Siqma Phi Epiilon, Siqma Tau, A I E E STARK, MARILYN; Framonf; Taachtrs, Chi Omaqa, Rad Cro l Collaqa Un-r D ' eiident Aquaquattai, Y W.C A. STARCH. ELEOA; Lincoln; Arli and Sclancai. PraOrcheiis. STAPLETON, MARJORIE; Hickman; Taacharj, Alpha Ki Oalta. W.A.A., STALLINO. ESTHER: Baamar; Ttachari. Gamma Dalta STALKER, HARRY; Grand Island; Arts and Sciencai. Kappa Sigma, R C C U Nj Med STALOER. MERLE: Salam; Agricultura, Alpha Tau Omega. Alpha Zata. Innocants. pratident. Block A Bridla. Koimat Klub. STAKE. ROBERT; Adami; Arts and Sciancai, Pi Mu Epsilon. Tridant, Sigma Alpha lota. SRS. RICHARD; Lincoln; Arts and Sciancas. Sigma Uu. NCIub. SPRAGUE. PHILIP: Baalrica; Taachars, N Club SPLINTER. WILLIAM; North Platte; Engineering. Beta Sigma Psi. Sigma Tjj Neb dika Blue Print, editor. A.SA E, Lutheran Student Association. SPLICHAL. WILLIAM: Lincoln; Fine Arts. Gamma Lambda, Sinlonia SPENCER. SAMUEL: Pinon, Ne» Mei.; Agricultura. Alpha Tau Omega. Block A Bridle. Rodeo Association. SPELTS. DAVID: Slromsburg; Teachers. Arnold Society. SPELLMAN. JOHN; Adams; Business Administration. SPATZ. DALE: Lincoln; Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, A.I.Ch.E. SPALDING. JOHN; Gering; Engineering. A.S.M E SPALDING. DONN; Gering; Business Administration. SORENSON. WILLIAM; Fremont; Business Administration. Alpha Kappa PsI. Gold Scholarship Key. SOOK3E0. SONIA; Trinidad; Arts and Sciences. Cosmopolitan Club. I.S.A. SOMMERS. JOHN; Omaha; Business Administration. Dalta Sigma Pi. SOMER, BEN; Fremont; Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi, l J. o. f 1 " • ' Poge 101 STEINACHER. ALAN; Mlingan: Law STEINACHER, DONALD; Milligan; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Pil, Band STEINHOFF, ROBERT; Sargent; Arts and Sciences, Acacia. Scabbard and Blade STEPHAN, WILLIAM; Broolifield, III.; Business Adirilnistration, Cosmo- politan club. STEVENS, JANE; Fremont; Arts and Sciences. STEVENSON, RUTH; Lincoln; Teachers STICKNEY. MARGARET; Ashland; Teachers, Kappa Phi. STIEHL, R. THOMAS: Hay Springs; Arts and Sciences, PI Mu Epsilon, Palladlan Society. Alpha Phi Omega. Newman Club, IS. A. STILLINGER, ROBERT; Columbus; Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. ST. JOHN. ANTON; Rushville; Business Administration. STOCKHOLM, DONALD; Niobrara; Engineering. Tau Kappa Epsilon. A S ME STOLLER. RONALD; Indlanola; Agriculture. Ag Men ' s club. STOPPKATTE. JEAN; Grand Island Agriculture Home Economics club, Y W C A , B A B W . 4-H Club. STORY. JEROD; Maiwell; Graduate. Cosmopolitan club. STOWELL. WILLARD; Ord; Agriculture. Farm House, Tri-K. STRATTON, JANET: Grand Island; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Alpha Theta. Mortar Board, A.W.S., president. STRICKLER, ELMO; Lincoln; Engineering. AS. ME. STROM. LOUIS: Omaha; Engineering. AS ME. STRONG. CAROL; Denver. Colo ; Teachers, Kappa Delta. Y.W.C A., Co-ed Counselors. N U. Builders STRUEMPLER. ARTHUR; Leilngton; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho. STUCKEY. DAVID; Lexi ngton; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Nu. STURM, JAMES; Nehawha; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. SUH. SUK-SOON; Korea; Graduate. SULLIVAN. HAROLD; Tecumseh; Business Administration. Kappa Sigma, Arnold Society. SULLIVAN, JAMES: San Francisco. Calif.; Business Administration, Delta Upsllon, Corn Shucks, managing editor. SUNDBERG, ALICE: Osceola; Arts and Sciences. Paqe 102 5Uf, CLARENCE; Cldrkion; Buiinaii Adm!niitr«tion. Alphd Sigm« Phi, Co c ' ' ui Cub SWAN. JOAN; T«cumiflh. Arti and Sct«nc«i. Alpha Chi Om«qd SWANDA. EMIL; Sargent; Pharmdcy. Kappa Slqma. A Ph A SWANSON. CLARENCE; Columbui. Mo ; Arti ( Sciancai. Dalta Tau Delta SWANSON JERRY; North Platla; Builnaii Adminiitralion. Dalta Upiilon. SWETT. ROBERT; South Sloui City; Taachari. Alpha Tau Omaga, Pi Mu Cpi ' or , Arnold Sociafy TAYLOR. DOROTHY; Haitinqi; Taachari, Gamma Phi Bata. Y.W C A., Rad C ' ou TAYLOR. EUGENE; Fullarton; Agriculltira. Alpha Sigma Phi TEGTMEIER. EDGAR; Beatrica; Taachari. Bala Sigma Pii. Phi Mu Alpha. Snton J Gjmmj Lambda. Gamma Dalta. Band. TEMPLE. HOWARD; Wahoo; Agriculture, L.S.A.. Y.M.C.A. TEMPLIN. KENNETH; Maion City; Bulintu Adminiitralion. Alpha Kappa Pi. THACKER. OTHO; Vardon; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. THEODEOSEN. JOHN: Sioui Falli. S. D.; Law. Phi Delia Thela. Phi Alpha D« ' ' 3 THOMAS. EUGENE; Lincoln; Arti and Sciencei. THOMAS. HOWARD; Bellevue; Buiineli Adminiitralion, Tau Kappa EpKion Arnold Society. THOMAS, JANET: Bertrand; Agriculture, Alpha Xi Delia. Home Economic! Club. THOMAS. PATRICK; Omaha; Arti and Sciencei. Sigma Phi Eptilon. THOMAS. WARREN; Morrill; Engineering. Sigma Chi. THOMSEN. PHYLLIS; Lincoln; Chi Omega, Co-ed Counielori. THOMPSON, MARY LOU; Lincoln; Arti and Sciencei, Sigma Eta Chi. Nebraska Maiqueri, THORMAN. JACK; Ne» York. N Y.- Engineering Sigma Alpha Mu. A S M [ THRONBLAD. LLOYD; Oakland; Engineering. Pi Mu Epiilon. L.S.A., A 1 E E THORSON, HAL; Lincoln; Engineering. Delta Chi, A.I.Ch.E. TILLER. KENT; Alliance; Engineering. Sigma Chi. Sigma Tau. Ela Kappa Nu Garnrr a Lambda. Phi Mu Alpha. Sinfonia TIPTON. DON; Bailey; Arti and Sciencei. Acacia. TOBIN. BARBARA: Tekamah; Teacheri. Alpha Omicron Pi. Poge 103 TODD. CHARLES: Mllldrd: Agriculture. TODD. RICHARD: Mllldrd; Teachers. TOKHEIM. JAMES; Maynard, la.; Business Administration. TONJES, NEEDA: Wisner: Teachers, ISA.. B.A.B.W. TORCZON. RICHARD; Duncan; Engineering, Theta Xi. Newman Club, TONNER. JACK; Lincoln; Oenlistry. Delta Sigma Delta. TOUS, MARY; Fairmont; Business Administration. Phi Chi Theta. Band TRAVIS. DOROTHY; Omaha; Business Administration, Pi Beta Phi. Theta Sigma Phi. TRAVIS, MARY; Ord; Agriculture, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Econwmici club council, Y W C.A. council. TREBILCOCK, WILLIAM; Garden City, Kans ; Pharmacy TREMAIN. CHARLES; Beatrice; Engineering, Delta Tau Delta TREFZ. ERNAMARIE; Beatrice; Teachers. PI Beta Phi, Red Cross. Pi Lambda Theta TRIPP, WILLIAM; Blair; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Dairy club. TROESTER. JAMES: Hampton; Arts and Sciences, Beta Sigma PsI, Nu- Meds, Interfraternity council, TROUT. CHALMER; Scottsblutf; Engineering, Sigma Nu TROXELL, RUTH; Burwell; Teachers. Kappa Delta. Pi Lambda Theta. vice president. Y W C A. TRUE, THOMAS; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Phi Kappa Psi. TUBMAN, GERALDINE; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Towne club. Alpha Kappa Delta TYSON, FLOYD; Eaton. Colo,; Arts 1 Sciences, ISA. UHE, DELLA; Grand Island; Teachers. Psi Sigma lota. Alpha Kappa Delta UPTON. HUBERT; Adams; Engineering. A I E E VAN BRUNT. ALICE: Omaha; Teachers. Kappa Kappa Gamma VANOEL. THOMAS: Mitchell; Engineering. Delta Tau Delta. VANDERSLICE. ROBERT: Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Acacia. Scabbard and Blade VAN BURGH. JAMES; Minneapolis. Minn.; Business Administration. Sigma Chi VAN CLEAVE, ROGER; Callaway; Dentistry. Xi Psi Phi. Page 104 VAN DOVEK. EUGENE: Wtitporf, S : Butintlt Adminillr«tion VAN EVERT. BARBARA: Lincoln: TMchtri. W A.A . prtiident. Phylical EJu.J ' o " , .0 VAN LUNO. DUANE: Lncoln: Buiinoi Adminiltralion VAN NESTE. ROBERT: Ansalmo: Arti and Scitnoi. Acacia. Alpha Epillon Rho VAN NORMAN. RAYMOND; BaisatI; Buiineii Adminiitration, Dalla Tau Dalia VESTECKA. DOROTHY: Lincoln: Art and Scianeai, Towna club. N »fnan club VESTECKA. ROBERT: Lincoln; Arli and Sciancat. Nawman club. VON FANGE. EU ENE: Saward; Enginaarlng, Sigma Tau. Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epiilon. Gamina Dalta. A.I.E.E. VIOX. MARY: Talmaqa: Taachari. Coimopolilan club. N U C.W.A. VOELKER. WILLIAM; Stanton; Aqricullufe. Trl-K. VOOLER. ROBERT: Guida Rock; Law. Delta Theta Phi. VOORHEES. MARILYN: Waunata; Teachtrt. Delta Delta Delta. Sigma Alpha Iota VOSOBA. JOE: M:nrqan; Law. WAGNER. GEORGE: Culbertson; Agriculture. Alpha 2ela. WAHL, FRANK: Gothenburg; Agriculture. Trl-K. WAIT. ROBERT; Sidney; Business Administration. Delta Upsilon. WALKER. MARJORIE: Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Omicron Pi. WALLACE. ROBERT; Omaha; Teachers. Kappa Sigma. WALLERSTEDT. DONALD; Oakland; Arts and Sciences Delta Phi Delta WALSH. LAWRENCE; Ponca; Teachers. Sigma Phi Epsilon. WALTER. PEGGY LOUISE: Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Alpha XI Delta. Alpha Kappa DeM w A A . Red Cross. WARRICK. PATRICIA: Hastings; Teachers. Kappa Alpha Theta. Pi Lambda Th fa WASHINGTON. BONNIE: Hardy; Agriculture. Alpha Chi Omega. Kappa Phi. Home Economics club. WATERS. CAROLYN; Coiad Teachers. Delta Gamma Sigma Alpha Iota I Y.W C A I WATSON. ELOON; Pierce; Engineering. Sigma Tau. AS A E. WATSON. HARLAN: Campbell; Arts and Sciences. LfJdI. o I. M ■Jlfi Page I OS WAYMAN. KENNETH; Wilbur; Arts and Sciences, Beta Theta Pi WEBBER. MARY; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Towne Club. Alpha Lambda Deltd Phi Sigma lota, PI Lambda Theta WEBER, DONALD; Arlington; Business Administration. Delta Sigma PI, WELCH. JAMES: Lincoln; Arts Sciences. Band. WELCH. VERN; Fremont; Arts and Sciences. WELLMAN, JERRY: Guernsey. Wyo ; Business Administration. WELLS, EDWARD: K,1adison; Teachers. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia; Gamma Lambda, Band WELLS, RALPH: Lincoln; Business Administration, Delta Upsilon, Arnold Society, WELTCHEK. PAUL: Elizabeth. N, J ; Arts and Sciences. Zeta Beta Tau, Innocents, Vice President Student Union Board of Governors. Corn Cobs. Interfraternity Council WENDLER, GORDON; Ainsworth; Engineering. Sigma Tau, WENZ, ELMER: Waco; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi, WETENKAMP. MARIONNE; Plattsmouth; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta. WHITE. HARVEY; Lincoln; Business Administration. WHITEHEAD. MILTON; ScottsbluH; Teachers. Sigma Chi, NCIub. WHITMORE, DEAN; Wheatland. Wyo ; Agriculture. Alpha Sigma Phi, Varsity Dairy club WIAR, DORIS; Nebraska City; Teachers. Alpha Omicron Pi. Y.W.C.A. WIAR, GLENN; Coin, la ; Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi. WIBLE, ROBERT: Lincoln; Teachers, Sigma Nu WICKENKAMP, WAYNE; Dorchester; Law. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Scabbard and Blade WICKS, WILLIAM: Primrose; Business Adminislralion. Sigma Delta Chi. WIELAND, PATRICIA; Lincoln; Teachers. Kappa Kappa Gamma, WILES. DON; Bernet; Agriculture. Y.MC.A, Cabinet WILBURN, MARJORIE; Beaver City; Arts i Sciences, Phi Sigma Iota, Kappa Phi. Tassels. Y.W.C.A. WILKENS. MARILYN; De Wilt; Agriculture. Kappa Delta. WILKINS, WILLIAM; Geneva; graduate. Delta Upsilon, Scabbard and Blade WILLIAMS, BEVERLY; Fairbury; Business Administration, Chi Omega. Phi Chi Theta, Page 106 WIILIAMS. JOAN: Lincoln; TMclitri. Towna Club. Dtitt Plii D«lli. OtUan Uncon WILLIAMS. JOSEPH: Detroit. Mich.; PhiriTKcy. Phi 0«ll Thati. Rho Chi. Kappj Pi ' WILLIAMS. NORVILLE: Gibbon, tjiinan Adminiilr«tion. Siqmt Th»t Ept ' lon WILLIAMS. RICHARD: Lincoln; Enqinatrinq. WILSCAM, CHARLES; Lincoln; Enginsering. Kappa Sigma. WILSON, JOHN: Gi n«oad. la ; Law. Sigma Nu. Phi Dalta Phi. WILSON. LAWRENCE: Namaha; Buiinaii Adminiitralion. Dalta Sigma P WILMER. TALMADGE: Idaho Falli, Idaho; Agricullura. Alpha Zaia. WIRTH. LLOTO: Du nbar; Agricullura. Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha ZaIa, WITHEY. KATHERINE: Omaha; Arli and Sciaricas. Dalta Gamma. Y.W C A Pe-ihinq RiTei iponior. WOLFE, GEORGE: Grand liland; Arts and Scianco. Arnold Socialy. Slqma Delta Chi WOLPA. LEONARD: Omaha; Enginaering. Zata Beta Tau WORCESTER. CATHERINE: Lincoln; Teachers. Delta Gamma. Pi Lambda Theta Y W C A Boa d Aquaquettes. Theater. WOROEN. DOROTHY: Ogallala; Teachers. Alpha Xi Delta. Pi Lambda Thela WRABETZ. JOHN: Omaha; Bulinetl Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. WULFF. OPAL: York; Business Administration. Phi Chi Theta. Hesparia. WURTZ, WILLIAM: Fairbury; Teachers. Phi Mu Alpha. SInfonia. Gamma LaT bda Barid YODER. BETSY; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega. PI Lambda Theta. YORK. ROBERT: Liberty; Dentistry. Xi PsI Phi YOUNG. DALE: Barneston; Business Administration. Theta Xi. YOUNG. MARGARET: Chilllcothe. Mo ; Agriculture. YOUNG. WANDA: Beatrice; Teachers. Chi Omaga. president. PI Lambda Th.f) A c i Lartibda Delta ZABEL, VERNA: Cooh; Arts and Scianctt. ZAHN, NORMAN: Syracuse; Business Administration. Phi Gamma Delta ZIMMERMAN. ALITA: Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Delta. ZUROVSKI, LOUISE: St Edward; Arts and Sciences. Tassels. Poge 107 e_- ' . Junior class President Herb Reese surveys the ground where he will plant the Ivy. mwoh, C ikA, ol 1951 Wes Kohtz, Mardelle Buss, and Frank Ja- cobs are shown boning up for their finals. " First snow! " cry Pat Baldwin, Jack Barn hart, Nancy Porter, Sal hlolmes, and Frank Piccolo. " Work, work, work, " say Joel Bailey and Dick Kuska to Marcia Adams and Phil Grimm. Page 108 Charlie Toogood, Herb Reese, and Don Bloom carrying Phyl Campbell, Janice Hufford, and Jan Carr to class instead of books started a new fad on the campus. No, it isn t an ao tor buobie gum. it i |uit |unior " wheels " Shirley Allen, Nancy Noble, Harry Keep and Phil Neff taking timeout for a few rounds of bubbles. " Now they tell me! " says Peggy Judd as junior brainmen Kenny Johnson. Dick Miller, Jean Smith, and George Pinkerton say, " No junior carries books! " ' And they ' re all eating MY candy bar! " remarks Betty Green as Pat Hintz, Marilyn Campfield, Norma Chubbuck and Jean Fenster enjoy a treat by the columns. Poqe 109 nr Ackerson, Christine; Lincoln, Arts and Sciences. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Adams, Marcia; North Platte; Agriculture. Pi Beta Phi. Adams. Vincent; West Point; Business Administration. Delta Sigma PI Addison, John; Wayne; Business Administration. Phi Gamma Delta Albers, Joyce; WIsner; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega. Allen, Mary; Lincoln; Business Administration, Chi Omega Allen, Shirley; Tecumseh; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega. Anderson. John; Stromsburg; Teachers, Beta Sigma Psi. Anderson, Norman; Grand Island; Teachers. Delta Tau Delta, Anderson. Thomas; Grand Island; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Sigma. Andrews, John; Lincoln; Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Armstrong, David; Omaha; Agriculture, Kappa S!gma. , Delta Upsiton. Sciences, Delta Askey, Robert; Lincoln; Arts and Scienc( Asmussen, Richard; Norfolk; Arts and Upsllon. Auserod, Marylyn; Bartlett; Teachers. Axthelm, Norris; Gothenburg; Dentistry, Bach, Patricia; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Adelphi. Bahde. Irving; Fremont; Business Administration Kappa Epsilon. Bailey, Jane; Omaha; Teachers, Alpha Phi. Bailey, Joel; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. PI Beta Phi, BaVer, Robert; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau. Baker, Shirley; Omaha; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta Baldwin, Pat; Lincoln; Teachers, Gamma Phi Beta. Bancroft. Eleanor; Elsie; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega, Banghart, Lola; Scottsbluff; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Kappa. Barnhart, Jack; Omaha; Business Administration, Kappa Sigma Barrett, Donald; Casper, Wyo ; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega Barry, Doug; Norfolk; Business Administration. Alpha Tau Omega, Barry. Helen; Kansas City, Mo.; Teachers, Bartunek, Edward; Lincoln; Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Baskin, Virginia; Stapleton; Agriculture, Alpha Xi Delta. Bauer, Dorothy; Culbertson; Teachers. Bdugl, Kenneth; Oakland; Arts and Sclences- Beam, Arlen. Stapleton; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Beck, Jean; Fremont; Agriculture. Amikita, Beck. Robert; Fremont; Agriculture. Farm House. Becker, Jean; Ashby; Arts and Sciences. Pi Beta Phi. Becker, Wallace; Lincoln; Law. Becker. Wimam; Lincoln; Business Administration, Theta Xi. Bedell, Betty; Lincoln; Agriculture, Sigma Kappa. Behne. Ernest; Brainard; Teachers. Beideck, Harlan; Lincoln; Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. Beklns, Marcia; Omaha; Teachers, Delta Gamma. Bengston, Cherrle; Ponca; Teachers, Chi Omega. Benningto n, Robert; Chappell; Business Administration, Sigma Nu, Beran, Mary; Ord; Agriculture, Amiklta, Berg, Eugene; Omaha; Teachers, Kappa Sigma. Berggren, Clifford; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Poge 110 I«rgitr««tt«r, Kuth; Lincoln; Arft «nd Sci«nc l Town Crub- lilon, Oonnj; Grand l l«nd; Agriculture. K«pp« Alph« Th«U IUnch«rd. 8onit«: Millar, S. D.; Fin Arts. |l«nk«nthip, Jamtt; Lincoln; Artt «nd 5ci nc i. Phi K4PP4 Pii |loon . Don; Lot Ang«l«s, C«l!f.: Arft «nd Sc!«nc«i. Phi G«mm4 D«lt4 tobtt. Willljm; Aurora; Engin««ring. lon«bright. Dorii; Lincoln; Taachars. Kappa Dalta. Sorgaard. Mary Ann; Lincoln. Taachars. Ch! Omaga. Boiwall, Alica; Bankalman; Agricultura. Boitwick. Gaorga; North Platta; Taachari. Phi Dalta Thtta. Bott, Wanda; Lincoln; T«achar». Towna Club. Bowman. Dorothy; Albion; Agricultura. Br«m«r, Marilyn; Mullan; Taachart, Chi Omaga Brack. Batty; Wavarly; Taachart Bratiman, Char I at- Omaha; Arts and Sciancat. Phi Dalta Thata Bridanbauqh, Robart; Dakota City; Agricultura. Alpha Gannma Rho. Brookar, Josaph; Gracawood; Taachart, Sigma Phi Eptl- Ion. Brown, Josaph; Lincoln; Arts and Sciancat, Sigma Nu. Brown. Kan; Columbui; Englnearlng. Phi Gamma Dalta. B own. Marlon; Lincoln; Taachart. Towna Club. Buck, Nancy; Omaha; Bu 1 1 na tt Admlnlitration, Alpha XI Dalta. Buatha, L Chrli; Saward; Taachart. Buniar, n Kirk; Omaha; Engineering. Kappa Slgma- Surley Donna; Norfolk. Teacheri. Delta Delta Delta Bkirt. Kathleen; Bennett; Teacheri, Delta Gamma. Byorth. Donald; Fremont; Engineering. Kappa Sigma. Butt. MardeMe; Omaha: Artt and Selene at. Chi Omega. Caha. Joyce: Swedeburg; Artt and Sdencet, Alpha Chi Omega. Calder, Carol; Lincoln; Taachart. Alpha Phi Campbell. John; Omaha; Engineering, Phi Kappa Pii. Campbell, Phyllis; Kearney; Arts and Sciences, Alpha X) Delta. Campfield. Marilyn; Omaha; Taachart, Delta Delta Delta. Capek, Dale; Lincoln; Artt and Sdencet, Phi Delta Theta. Cariion. Bonnie; Omaha; Artt and Sdencet. Alpha Chi Omega Carnaby Harrlt; Omaha; Buti nest Administration. Sigma Alpha Epiilon. Carnahan. Annette; Lincoln; Agriculture, Chi Omega. Carothert, Charles; Broken Bow Arts and Sciancat. Sigma Nu. Carpenter, Harry; Sloui City, la.; Arts and Sciences, S ' gma Nu. Carr, Janet; Lincoln; Teachers, Towne Club. Carroll. Betty; Lincoln; Artt and Sciences. Carter, Glenn; Silver Creek; Engineering. Sigma Theta Epsllon Carveth, Joan; Lincoln; Artt and Sciences. Alpha Phi. Chace, Mary; Pilger; Agriculture. Chael. Frederick; Koutt, Ind. ' Engineering Beta Sigma Psi. Chamberlin. Margaret; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Phi. Childrett. Marlon; Lincoln; Teachers. Acacia. ChristoHel, Carmen; Omaha; Teachers. Alpha Phi. Chubbuck. Norma; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Towne Club. tpv n " o a " ) ii ' f. «L- .J.-33 I I f Pi rate in ' . ' Chuman, Theodore; Lincoln; Dentistry, Xi Psi Phi. Chupp. NormaT Fremont; Arts and Sciences, Church. John; Fairbury; Dentistry. Xi PsI Phi, Clark, Jean; Lincoln; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Clark Milton; Wawnee City; Business Administration, Theta XI. Clement, Donald; Ord; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho. Coble. Halcyon; Lincoln; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta. Colbert, Beverly; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Delta Delta Delta. Cole, Wendell; Weeping Water; Arts and Sciences. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Collier. L. D.; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Colllson, Charlyn; Holdrege; Teachers, Delta Delta Delta. Conner. George; McCook; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa PsI, Conner, Orval; Burwell; Teachers, Acacia. Conway, Patricia; Lincoln; Teachers, Towne Club. Cook. Donald; Rock Rapids, la.; Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. Cook, Edward; Lexington; Law, Alpha Tau Omega. Cook, Louise; Lancaster, Calif.; Arts and Sciences. Craft, Ruth; Osmond; Agriculture. Craig, Fritz; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Nu. Cramer, Adele; Wayne; Arts and Sciences, Delta Delta Delta. Creasman, Gary; McCook; Business Administration, Delta Sigma Phi. Crilly, Janis ' Superior- Arts and Sciences, Delta Delta Delta. Crom, Richard; Swanton; Agriculture, Ag. Men ' s Club. Cropper, Marilyn; Lyons; Teachers, Delta Delta Delta. Cummins. Mary; Lincoln; Teachers, Gamma Pi Beta. Curran, Jamie; Buenos Aires, Arg.; Arts and Sciences, Phi Delta Theta. Cuthbertson. Carolee; Omaha; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Daehnke, Sigurd ' Valparaiso. Ind. ' Pharmacy. Beta Sigma Psi, Dahike, James; Benedict; Arts and Sciences, Beta Sigma Psi. Dallam, Janet; Omaha; Teachers, Chi Omega. Damon. Virginia; Rapid City. S. D.; Fine Arts. Alpha Phi. Davis, Don. Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Phi Kappa PsI. De Long, Martha; Nebraska City; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma. De Jange. Lee; Hildreth; Teachers. Beta Sigma PsI. Denker, Gordon; PapIIIIon; Engineering. Dennis, Howard; Scottsbluff; Arts and Sciences, Delta Upsilon. Derieg, Eileen; Hastings; Agriculture, Chi Omega. Derrick, William; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Garrma Rho. Devereui, Joris; Omaha; Teachers, PI Beta Phi. Dickerson, Duane; Sumner; Business Administration, Delta Sigma Phi. Dickey, Art; Sioux Falls, S. D.; Engineering. Theta XI. Dlers, Joan; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta. DInkel, James; Omaha; Agriculture. Ag. Men ' s Club. Dinsdale, Howard; Palmer; Arts and Sciences. Phi Delta Theta. DInsmore, James; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Phi Delta Theta. Doolit+le, Marilyn; North Platte; Agriculture. Dorn, Byron; So. Sioux City; Arts and Sciences. Delta Chi. Dorn. Douglas; So. Sioux City; Engineering. Delta Chi. Page 112 m Doyl . Jam«i: Omdhd; Aqricultur , Alpha Gdmmd ftho Dranqtholt. Thomat; 0»lo, Norway; Dantiitfy, Xi Pit Phi- Ouckworth. Robert; Omaha; Taachart, Kappa Sigma. Du i Bob: Sidnay; Arfi and Sciancei. Phi Gamma Oalta. Duncan, Howard; Poola; Enginaarinq, Thata Xi. Duryaa. R lty: Dawton; Artt and Sciancat, Phi Dalta Thata. Dutton, Don; Lincoln; Butinesi Administration, Sigma Nu. Ouorah. Varna: Bamaston; Englntaring, Dalta Sigma Phi. Dv ' . Gana; Nabratka City; Arti and Sciancai. Eaitcrly Jack; Sldnay; Agricultura, Kappa Sigma. Ebaripochar. Dtan; Sttward; Agricultura, Farm Houst. Eckal, Donald; Baatrica; Enginaaring, Pi Kappa Phi. Edaa. Jamat; Pawnaa City; Enginaaring, Phi Dalta Thata. Eibargan, Maunas; King City, Mo.; Agricuttura, Dalta Sigma Phi. Elianhart, Wayna Culbartson; Agricultura, Phi Gamma Dalta Ekitrand, Marqarat; Stromiburg; Agriculture. Ely. Dorothy; Gulda Rock; Taachers, Alpha XI Delta. Engdahl. Herbart; Omaha; Builnett Administration, Sigma Nu. Enqler, Melvin; Stuari; Law. Dalta Tau Delta. E- qler. Paul; Bastett; Law. Delta Tau Delta. Esier. Robert; Napervill . III.; Business Administration, Phi Kappa Psi. Estes. Dorothy; Lincoln; Arts and Sclencas, Towne Club. Etmund. Don; Lincoln; Phi Delta Theta. Evans, Shirley; Broken Bow; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ewlnq. Jerry; Nebraska City; Arts and Sciences. Tau Kappa tpsllon. Fairas. Frank; Lincoln; Arts A Sciences. Theta Xi. Faulhaber. Glen; Lincoln; Business Administration. Delta Sigma Pi. Feldman. Madalon; Newman Grove; Teachers. Chi Omega Fanster. Jtan; York; Agriculture. Sigma Kappa. Ferichtman, Gloria; St. Louis; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau. Ficklinq, Joan; Plalnvlew; Teachers, Alpha XI Delta. Fika, Mary; Omaha: Arts and Sciences. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Finke, Walter; Scottsbluff; Agriculture, Sigma Phi Epsllon. Finlejr. Galen; Northboro, la.; Business Administration. Fleming. Georges; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Alpha XI Delta. Fletcher, Howard; McCook; Teachers, Sigma Nu. Flood. Audrey; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta. Flood. Bruce; Grand Island; Enginaaring. Follmer. Hugh; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Beta Theta PI. Ford, Glenn; Madrid; Agriculture. Forlnaih, Donald; Hartlngton; Arts and Sciences, Theta XI. Francke. Gervase; Walton; Agriculture, Farm House. Franklin. Marvin; Wallace; Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Freeman, Fred; Bellevue; Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsllon. Fritson. Lavon; Franklin; Business Administration. Beta Sigma PsI. Gallagher. Ellxabeth; O ' Neill; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Gardner, Barbara; Lincoln; Business Administration, PI Beta Phi. Gardner, Dwayne; Max; Teachers. Pi Kappa Phi. taD " £k li ji Ji. Mi j Paqe 1U Gdrey. Marjory; Edison; Teachers. Garon, Lamar; Omaha; Business Administration Zeta Beta Tau. Garrop, Rosalie; Omaha; Business Administration Sigma Delta Tau. Gass, Walter; Seward; Arts and Sciences, Phi Kappa Psi. Gates, Clarence; Omaha; Business Administration Phi Delta Theta, Gauger, t arlly,i; Eustis; Teachers. Gauger, Shirley; Eustis; Teachers, Gauger, Wendell; Madrid; Agriculture, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Gealy, Gordon; Gordon; AgricuHure, Phi Kappa Psi. George, Marcia; Brady; Teachers, Kappa Phi, Gillen, Donald; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Gilliland. Harold; Curtis; Teachers, Kappa Sigma, Girard, James; Alliance; Arts and Sciences, Glesmann, Carol; Papillion, Teachers, Glock, Barbara; Rising City; Agriculture Chi Omega Gloystein, Haroli: Waco; Engineering, Beta Sigma Psi Gohde, Arline; Linci,ln; Teachers, Kappa Delta Gowen, Richard; North Loup; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Graef, David; Chicago, III.; Teachers. Phi Delta Theta Graham, Rosemary; Lincoln; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi Green, Betty; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta, Greer, William; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Beta Theta Grobeck. Milton, Omaha; Teachers. Acacia, Grosse. Marilyn; Tecumseh; Fine Arts, Grosshans, Thomas; Central City; Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Guelker, Shirley; Lincoln; Teachers. Towne Club Guhin, Virginia; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega Gunderson, Gilbert; Chamberlain. S, D,; Business Ad- ministration, Beta Sigma Psi. Gundy, Pat, Norfolk; Teachers, Delta Delta Delta, Hagarity, Jaunita; Beatrice; Teachers. Kappa Delta, Hahn, Margaret; Scottsbluff; Teachers, Kappa Delta Hahn Shirley; Hartington; Teachers. Alpha Omicron Pi Haight, Howard; York; Arts and Sciences, Hale. Jane; Norfolk; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Phi Haley. Phyllis; Lincoln; Teachers. Kappa Alpha Theta, Hall, Joann; Lincoln; Teachers. Towne Club, Hall Terri; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Halper. Jordan; Brooklyn, N, Y,; Business Administration Sigma Alpha Mu. Handshy, Wayne; Los Angeles, Calif,; Business Administra- tion, Phi Gamma Delta, Hannaford, Janice; Beatrice; Teachers Chi Omega Hansen, Jack; Sherman Oaks, Calif,; Arts and Sciences Sigma Nu, Hansen, John; Mullen; Engineering, Hanson, Elinor, Oakland; Teachers, Sigma Kappa, Hanson, Frances; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega, Hayden, Jack; Falls City; Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Harley. Thomas; Lincoln; Pharmacy. Phi Delta Theta, Harman, Janet; Hooper; Teachers. Harman, Pauline. Trumbull; Teachers. Sigma Kappa. Pas 1M H«rmi Mdrilyn; Lincoln; Taachert. Sigma Kdppd. H«rich. Ruth; Stdnton; T«dch«rt. Hatch, Harold; Lincoln; Buiinast Administration, Delta Tak. Dalta. Hatttn, GayU; Lincoln; Agrlcultura, Acacia. Hayai. Spaad; Tulia. Okla.; Arts and Sciancas. Hacht] Harbart; Republican City; Agricultura. Hadttrom. J«an; Oaadwood. S. D.. Taachars. Dalta Gamma. Haabnt r, Gordon; Imperial; Arts and Sciencet, Kappa Sigma Heerman. Ted; Stanton; Engineering, Sigma Nu. Hein. William; Alliance; Law. Beta Theta Pi. Helti. Darrell; Page; Agriculture, Farm House. Hanhani. Kenneth; Fremont; Buslnats Administration, Tau Kappa Eptilon. Hankie. William; Lincoln; Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. Henrlchi Dolores; Hastings; Teachers, Gamma Phi Beta. Heyer, Dean; Gordon; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega. Hicks. Miriam; Lincoln; Teachers. Gamma Phi Beta. Hill Virginia; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Gamma Phi Beta Hinds Robert ' Lincoln; Business Administration. Beta Theta Pi. Hintt. Patricia; Fremont; Teachers, Alpha Omicron Pi. Hoffmalstar. Mary; Imperial; Agriculture, Alpha XI Delta. Hollingsworth, Katherlne; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Adalphl. Holmes, Salty; Kearney; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Alpha Theta. Holmqulst. Pat; Oakland; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Hoi thus. Burton; Bertrand; Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi. Hornstain, Marvin; Omaha; Engineering. Sigma Alpha Mu. Houiel. Mariio; Lincoln; Teachers. Towne club. Huebner, Carl; St. Paul; Agriculture, Beta Sigma Psi. Hufford. Janice; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Alpha XI Delta. Hughes, Charles; Lincoln; Business Administration, Kappa Sigma. Hulac. Frances; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Adalphi. Hunscota. Joyce; Clarks; Teachers, Chl Omega. Hunter. Irene; Nemaha; Teachers. Kappa Delta. Hunter, William; Omaha; Arts and Science, Sigma Chi. Huston. Carolyn; Salem; Agriculture. Huston. Sam; Grand Island; Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. Hyde, Lawrence; Comstock; Arts and Sciences. Acacia. Hyland. Jeanne; Lincoln; Teachers, Alpha Chi Omega. Iddlngs. Carter; Hammond; Business Administration. Phi Gamma Dtlta. Her. Louise; O ' Neill; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta. Irwin, Alice; Wymore; Teachers. Alpha XI Delta. Jaap. Matt; Omaha; Business Administration. Phi Gamma Delta Jacobs. Franklin; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Zeta Beta Tau. Jedllnskl. Henryk; Poland-Bldtystok; Agriculture, Farm House. Jeffrey, Marlon; Gretna; Arts and Sciences. Jeffries, Donald; Madrid; Fine Arts. Jenkins. Leslie; Lincoln; Business Administration, Delta Sigma PI. Jensen. Catherine; Washington. 0. C; Teachers. Jensen, Mariorle; Omaha; Teachers. Alpha Phi. 61 ' L il L I 1 4 d r z P- - ( f tatft IIS p 9i 1 ! i Jensen, Nancy; Fremont; Teachers. Alpha Omicron Pi. Jewett, Jane; Aberdeen. S. D.; Arts and Sciences, Pi Beta Phi. Johnson. Alfred; Omaha; Agriculture, Delta Sigma Phi. Johnson, Gardner; Sioux Falls. S. D.; Business Administra- tion. Delta Tau Delta. Johnson, George; Fairbury; Agriculture, Farm House. Johnson. Harry; Aurora; Business Administration, Delta Sigma Phi. Johnson, Janette; York; Teachers, Alpha Chi Omega. Johnson, Kenneth; Lincoln; Engineering. Theta XI. Johnson. Margaret; Tecumseh; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma- Johnson, Mark; Stromsburg; Agriculture, Delta Sigma Phi. Johnson, Mary; Fairbury; Agriculture. Johnson. Phyllis; Lincoln; Business Administration. Adel- phi. Johnson, Robert; Omaha; Business Administration, Delta Upsilon. Johnson, Robert L.; Gushing; Agriculture, Beta Sigma Psi. Johnson, Thomas; Alliance; Arts and Sciences, Beta Theta Pi. Jones, Knox; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega. Jones, William; Wymore; Teachers. Jones, Wilma; York; Agriculture. Jorn. Leattrice; Verdon; Agriculture. Judd, Peggy; Waterbury; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Chi Omega, Jungbluth, lla; Omaha; Teachers, Delta Delta Delta. Jung ! Robert; Julesburg, Colo.; Dentistry, Xr Psi Phi. Kaderli, Barbara; Kimball; Teachers, Sigma Kappa. Kahn, Janet; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Phi. Kamarad, Myron; Comstock; Teachers. Karel, Marilyn; Howells; Teachers. Karrer, Max; Wilmington. Del.; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Tau Omega. Keefe, Mary; Anoka; Agriculture. Keenan, James; North Platte; Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsllon. Keene, Peter; Lincoln; Engineering. Phi Delta Theta. Keep. Harry; Great Bend, Kans.; Engineering. Delta Upsi- lon. Kenyon, Harry; Mitchell; Agriculture. Kepler, Clifford; Broken Bow; Agriculture. Kappa Sigma. Kepner, Janet; Osceola; Arts and Sciences, Gamma Phi Beta. Kiolbasa, Edward; Grand Island; Arts and Sciences. Knapp, David; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Theta Xi. Koch. Ralph; Wahoo; Engineering. Kappa Sigma. Koch, Virginia; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Alpha Theta. Koehler, Suzanne; Geneva; Teachers, Delta Gamma. Krasne, Paul; Fremont; Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau. Krause. Sally; Albion; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi. Kroeger, Donald; Omaha; Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi. Kuhl, Margaret; Randolph; Agriculture. Kurinek. Donald; Dwight; Teachers, Sigma Phi Epsllon. Kurth, Dorothy; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Towne Club. Kuska. Richard; Omaha; Agriculture. Pht Kappa Psi. Lafler, Marilyn; Sidney; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Omicron PI. Lagerguist, Loralne; North Platte; Teachers. Page 116 Lamm«rt. Hanry; Sf. Joseph. Mo ; Buiintsi AdmlnttlrAtion. Alpha Tdu Omaga. Landgrcn Norman ' Shichlay: Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho Lannan. Pal; West Point; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta. Larien. Gloria; Central City; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi. Larson ' Marlene; Bloomfield; Teachen. Law, Joan; Chappall; Teachers, Ch! Omega. Lawson. Donald; Silver City, la.; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Lawson, LaVonne; Castana. la.; Teachers. Leadlay, Jean; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Gamma Phi Beta. Lemon. tHerbert; Ravtnna; Arts and Sciences. Theta Xi. Lens, Loren; Meadow Grov ; Teachers. Beta Sigma Pti. Levy, Sanford; Lincoln; Teachers, Sigma Alpha Mu. Lienemann, Paul; Paptllion; Business Administration. Beta Sigma Psi. Lindley. Joyce; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Gamma Phi Beta. Lindquiit. Janice; Grand Island; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Chi Omega. Lindstrom. Harry Holdrege; Engineering. Linn, Jant; Kimball; Teachers, Alpha Phi. Lisher, JoAnne; North Platte; Arts and Sciences. Loder, JoJen; Lincoln; Teachers. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Long, Phyllis; Scottsbluff; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Kappa Loudon, Janet; Lincoln; Business Administration. Gamma Phi Beta. Loy, Donald; David City; Arts and Sciences, Acacia. Lueth. Wesley; Lincoln; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi. Luikart. Gordon; Sioui City, la.; Arts and Sciences, Beta Theta Pi. Lundquist, Charles; Grand Island; Engineering, Acacia. Luther, Clyde; Hooper; Teachers. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Luther, Marylou; Cambridge; Arts and Sciences, Gamma Phi Beta. Lyon. Merry; Grant; Business Administration, Alpha Xi Delta. McCabe. Darrell; Missouri Valley, la.; Teachers. Farm House. McCann, John; Lincoln; Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. McClain, Shirley; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Adetphi. McClymonds, Neal; Lincoln; Arfs and Sciences, Delta Tau Delta. McDole. Herb; Glenwood. la.; Pharmacy, Tau Kappa Epsilon. McGlashan. Lois; Homer; Arts and Sciences. Mcllnay. Edward; Central City; Business Administration, Kappa Sigma. McLaughlin, Richard; Chadron; Business Administration, Aloha Kappa Psi. McMahon, Roberf; Arnold; Pharmacy, Theta Xi. McNaught. Clinton; Parks; Agriculture, Theta Xi. McQueen, George; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. McVay. Charles; Brookfield, Mo.; Fine Arts. Delta Tau Delta. McVicker. Dwight; Lincoln; Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. Maas. Doris; Pierce; Agriculture. MdcVey, George; Casper, Wyo.; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Tau Omega. Maqary. Barbara: Johnstown; T«ach?rs. Magid Bernard- Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Alpha Mu. Malm. Barbara; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Adelphi. Malone. Marvin; Fairbury; Pharmacy. Mangold, Marie; Gretna; Teachers. r ir ;a . ttfli o A •A Pas 117 . D, i . P?k e a - Q ' C!i « n ?j 9 « ■ O 9 a Mark. Sibyl; Delavan, Wise; Teachers. PI Beta Phi Marshall. Richard; Lincoln; Dentislry. Mathews, Shirley; Eyanston, III.; Teachers. Kappa Kappa Gamma. May. Thomas; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Meehan. Virginia; Lincoln; Teachers. Dcita Delta Delta Meissner. Richard; Omaha; Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Thcta. Metiger. Louise; Merriman; Arts and Sciences Meyers, Louis; Fremont; Arts and Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta. Miesbach. Neal; Unadilla; Business Administration Milder. Orvel; Omaha; Business Administration Zeta Beta Tau. Miller. James; Papillion; Arts and Sciences. Beta Thcta Miller. Nancy; Omaha; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta, Miller, Roger; Ord; Agriculture, Delta Upsilon Minnick. Donald; Fairbury; Business Administration Mohrman, Mary Ann; Lincoln; Teachers. Kappa Alpha Theta . Monahan, James; Hyannis; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho Monson, Warren; Clay Center; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Moore, Nancy; Omaha; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Morehead, Kenny; Falls City; Business Administration rhi Delta Theta. Moseman, Keith; Lincoln; Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon. Mosher, Robert; Lincoln; Business Administration Delta Upsilon. Moskoviti, Mayer; Omaha; Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Mu. Munson, Harold; Gardner, Mass.; Dentistry. Murphy, Francis; Exeter; Dentistry, Myers, Norma; Broken Bow; Teachers, Delta Gamma Neal, George; Lincoln; Business Administration Kappa Sigma. Neff, Phil; Bridgeport; Engineering, Delta Tau Delta Neilson, Lowell; Spalding; Teachers. Nelson, Charles; Stromsburg; Agriculture, Phi Delta Theta Nelson, Irma; Mitchell; Business Administration Nelson, James; Fremont; Engineering Nelson, Rudolph; Oakland; Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi. Nelson, Shirley; Fremont; Arts and Sciences Neville, Margaret; Fairbury; Agriculture Alpha Phi Nieveen Arnold; Adams; Agriculture, Ag. Men ' s Club Noble, Nancy; Lincoln; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta " ' ■phi ' ' " ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' " ■ ° ' ' ' - ' ' " i Sciences, Alpha Nooti, Joanne; Lincoln; Teachers; Towne Club Nordstrom, Virginia; Waverly; Teachers, Alpha Omicron Norsworthy, Joan; Gothenburg; Teachers. Delta Gamma. Nuckolls. Wiliam; Fairbury; Business Administration Delta Upsilon. Obi len. Leo; Lincoln; Business Administration Delta Upsilon. O ' Dea. Patrick; Omaha; Engineering, Theta Xi Oehrle, Charles; Lincoln; Business Administration Phi Kappa PsI. OIney, Richard; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Sigma Olson, Betty; Lincoln; Agriculture, Towne Club Oson, Eliiabeth; Bloomfield; Teachers, Sigma Kappa Olson, Patricia B.; Oakland; Teachers, Sigma Kappa Page 118 Olion, P4trici«: Omah«: T«dchtr«, Alpha Xi Oeltd. OUon. William: Liico; Buiin«ss Adminittration, Alpha Tau Omega O ' Neill. Elaine; Omaha; Busineit Administration. O Neill. Hugh; Chicago. III.; Arts and Sciancat, Pi Kappa Phi. O ' Shva Edward; Lincoln; Bustnait Administration, Sigma Chi Ovits, Grace; Whiting, tnd.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pdchman Leonard; Lincoln; Arts and Sciencas, Sigma Alphd Mu. Parchen, Roy; Lincoln; Butlnass Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Parher Robart; Dalhart. Tei.; Business Administration. Theta Xi Parsons. Marilyn; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Phi. Paulson, Mai; Stromsburg; Business Administration. Pearson, Donna; Lyons; Agriculture, Amlkita. Pearson. Wanda; Lyons; Agriculture. Amikita. Pedersen. Henry; Omaha; Law. Delta Tau Delta. Pandray, Paula; Lincoln; Teachers, Towne Club. Parry, James; Red Oak, la.; Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. Peter I. Jeannlne; Dodge; Agriculture, Alpha Xi Delta. Peters. Robert; Fremont; Business Administration. Bata Sigma Psi. Petersen, James; Omaha; Engineering, Acacia. Petersen, Marilyn; Atkinson; Teachers, Sigma Kappa. Peterson. Deiter; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Delta Upsi- ton. Pettliohn. Mai; Spalding; Teachers, Sigma Nu. Pfann. John; Nebraska City; Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi. Pfeiffer. Leon; Scribner; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Sigma. Pfeiler. Robert; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Sigma. Phelps. Robert; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Phi Delta Theta Phillip. Mary; Red Oak. la.; Fine Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Phillips. Christine; Lincoln; Teachers. Piccolo. Frank; Lincoln; Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. Pickett, Richard; Lincoln; Business Administration. Phi Delta Theta. Pierce, Robert; Lincoln; Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. Pinkerton, George; Beatrice; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Polack, Joseph; Omaha; Law, Sigma Alpha Mu. Polnicky. Patty; Red Cloud; Teachers. Gamma Phi Beta. Porter, Nancy; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Kappa Alpha Theta. Pratt. Marcia; Lincoln; Teachers, Delta Gamma. Pritchard. Gerard; Spalding; Agriculture. Farm tHousa. Pumphrey. Paul; Lyman; Agriculture. Farm House. Pyer. Lee; Nebraska City; Arts and Sciences. Radaker, Jane; Wisner; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega. Radln. Robert; Vero Beach, Fla.; Agriculture. Farm House. Randall. Mary; Omaha; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta. Randal. Beth; McCook; Arts and Sciences. Delta Delta Delta. Randolph. Ted; Lincoln; Businast Administration. Alpha Tau Omega. Rankin. Coleen; Nebraska City; Arts and Sclences. Rathje. Einora; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Raun. Robert; Minden; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho Rector. Gene; Taft. Calif.; Arts and Sciences. Theta Xi. fl ' O ft o O Po9e n9 r » k .l H Redlqer, Georqiana; Tekamah; Teachers, Gamma Phi Beta. Reed, Beverly; Lincoln; Agriculture. Reed. Richard; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Delta Chi. Reed. Susan; Deshler; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Reeve. Marjorie; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha XI Delta. Reinsch, William, Geneva; Agriculture, Kappa Sigma. Ren ken, Randall; Le Mars, la.; Arts and Sciences. Phi Gamma Delta. Reynolds. Jack; North Platte; Arts and Sciences, Phi Kappa Psi. Reynolds. Margaret; North Platte; Business Administration. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Reynolds, Thomas; Grand Island; Business Administration, Phi Kappa Psi. Rhodes. Joan; Spalding: Teachers, Alpha Omicron Pi. Rice, Mildred; Lincoln; Teachers, Towne Club. Richert, Mary; Clay C enter; Teachers. Riggs. Rodson; Des Moines, la.; Arts and Sciences. Alpha Tau Omega- Ritter. Roger; Kearner; Engineering, Delta Upsilon. Roberts. Carolyn; Lincoln; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi, Robinson, Robert; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Gamma Rho. Rochon. Felisa; Uraguay. S. A.; Arts and Sciences. Rockwell, Jane; New York, N. Y.; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Phi. Roger, Dorothy; Lincoln; Teachers, Towne Club. Rogers. Robert G.; Sioux City, la.; Business Administra- tion, Sigma Nu. Roberts, Robert; Albuquerque, N. M.; Law, Theta Xi. Roland, Barbara; Beatrice; Teachers, Towne Club. Rosenbaum. Audrey; Chicago, III.; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau. Rosenblatt, Richard; Omaha; Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau. Rosenlof, Elizabeth; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega. Rosenquist. Robert; Lincoln; Teachers. Rouser, Edward; Ord; Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho. Ruebel. John; ScottsbluH; Engineering. Ruff, Shirley; Papilllon; Teachers. Russel. Robert; Salina, Kans.; Teachers. Sigma Nu, Russell. William; Fullerton; Agriculture, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ryons, Mary; San Marino, Calif.; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sacks, Kenneth; Council Bluffs, la.; Business Administra tion, Sigma Alpha Mu. Samelson, Marilyn; Hartinqton; Teachers. Gamma Phi Beta. Samuelson, Earl; Stromsburg; Engineering, Beta Sigma Psi. Samuelson, Suianne; Long Beach, Calif,; Teachers, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sandels, Gloria; Falrbury; Teachers. Sandstedt, Ruth; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Kappa. Satterfield, Richard; Ord; Business Administration, Delta Upsilon. Sauder, Jack; Chappell; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Savage. Sally; Siour Falls. S. D.; Teachers, Alpha Phi. Schdberq, Ralph; Omaha; Business Administration, Kappa Sigma. Scharf, John; Curtis; Agriculture, Delta Sigma Phi. Scharmann, Darrell; North Platte; Engineering. Phi Gamma Delta. Scheldt, Shirley; Omaha; Agriculture, Alpha Chi Omega. Scherff. Laura; Stockham; Teachers. Alpha Omicron Pi. Schizas, Andy; Lincoln; Business Adminlstratron. Kappa Sigma. Po9e 120 SchUcht. Bdrbtfrd; Omdhtf: Arti and Sciences. Schmidt. Adron; Fremont; T«4ch«rt. Z«td 8«td Tdu. Schmitt. 6onni«; Omaha: Agrlcultura. Alpha Xi Dvlfa Schmitt, Rita: Gordon; Ttachtrs, Alpha Chi Omega Schnaidar. Donald; Norton. Kani.; Taachars. Siqma Chi Schoamaliar. Darvin; Scotia; Oantittry, Thata Xi. Schr«ib«r Harold; Denver, Colo.; Engineering Schultt. Robert; Seward; Buiinest Administration. Seta Sigma Pii Schurman. Joan; Fremont; Butinaii Administration, Alpha Omicron Pi Schutte. Joseph; Hartington; Arts and Sciencas. Schweser. Jeanette; David City; Fine Arts. Alpha Phi. Schweser. John; York; Business Administration. Scott. Tom; Shelby; Enginaaring. Acacia. Saaton. Leonard; Emery, S. D.; Arts and Sciences Theta Xi. Seas, Myron; Gordon; Engineering. Setbold, Patricia; Papillion, Agriculture. Saidet. Harriet; Wahoo; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta- Shepard, Donald; Oma la; Business Administration, Sigma Nu. Shinn. Richard; Dunning; Agriculture, Kappa Sigma, Shively. Janet; Norfolk; Teachers. Delta Delta Delta. Shtvely, Robert; Lincoln; Business Admlnistrailon. Delta Sigma Phi. Shykan, Herman; Omaha; Arts and Sciancas, Sigma Alpha Mu. Siagel. William; Stratton; Agriculture. SImonson, Richard; West Point; Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta. Sinclair, Donald; Central City; Engineering. SIndt, Charles; Naponea; Engineering, Beta Sigma Pil Sloan, William; Burwell; Pharmacy. Alpha Tau Omega. Slusher, David; Kansas City. Mo.; Teachers. Theta Xi. Smith, Alice; Lincoln; Teachers. Gamma Phi Beta. Smith, Harvey; Mo. Valley, la.; Business Administration, Beta Sigma PsI. Smith, Jean; Valley; Teachers, Delta Gamma. Smith, Joan; McCook; Teachers. Gamma Phi Beta. Smith. Marilyn; Sioui Falls, S. D.; Arts and Sciences. Smith, Marilyn J.; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega. Smith, Martha; Holdrage; Pharmacy. Snowdon. Curtis; Niobrara; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Snyder, Helen; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. To na club- Sokolof. Soralae; Omaha; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Delta Tau. Solomon. Neil; Culbertson; Teachers, Phi Gamma Delta. Speir, Meredyth; Falrbury; Teachers. Alpha Phi Springer. LaRoy; North Platte; Engineering. Delta Sigma Phi. Stannard. David; Wichita. Kans.; Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. States. Alfred; North Platte; Arts and Sciences. Acacia Stephens. William; North Platte; Alpha Gamma Rho, Stephenson. James; Ogallala; Dentistry. Stephenson Walter; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Phi Gamma Delta. Steven. Jean; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha Chi Omega. Sttvanson, Ann; North Platte; Pi Beta Phi. P09. 1:1 f 9 O imk liMiliifciiiiii Stewart, Anne; Edgar; Agriculture. Stewart, Charles; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Delta Upslton. Stewart. William; Leilngton; Law, Phi Delta Theta. Stollnski, John; Omaha; Engineering, PI Kappa Phi. Stoppkotte. Annette; Grand Island; Agriculture. Stoural, Pat; Verdigre; Teachers, Kappa Delta. Strain. Leaner; Lincoln; Agriculture. Towne Club. Stratton, Ivan; West Point; Teachers, Sigma Phi Epsllon. Stroud. James; Lincoln; Engineering, Kappa Sigma. Sturges. William; Le Mars, la ; Law, Phi Delta Theta. Sullivan. Mary; Greeley; Agriculture. Swain, Robert; North Platte; Engineering. Phi Gamma Delta. Swanson, Burnell; Lyons; Agriculture, Ag Men ' s Club. Swanson. Kathryn; Lincoln; Business Administration. Delta Gamma. Swanson. Norman; Waverly; Agriculture. Farm House. Swanson, Sven; W, Hartford. Conn.; Arts and Sciences, Tau Kappa Epsllon. Swartwood. Frances; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences. Swerre, Joanne; Omaha; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta Taylor, John; Grand Island; Arts and Sciences, Acacia. Tayor, Virginia; Kearney; Teachers. Delta Gamma. Taylor, Virginia L.; North Platte; Agriculture. Alpha Chi Omega. Thles, Barry; Scottsbluff; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Nu. Thomas, Elizabeth; Omaha; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta. Thompson, Beverly; Lincoln; Teachers. Alpha XI Delta. Thompson Vernon ' Wahoo; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho. Thone, Ma; Herman; Agriculture, Tllley. Albert; Hastings; Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsllon. Tllley, Ardlth; Goodhand, Kans.; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Omicron PI. Timmerman, Bill; Gretna; Agriculture, Beta Sigma Psi. Torrico, Amando; Cochabamba. Bolivia; Agriculture. Touvelle. Ann; Lincoln; Teachers, Alpha Omicron PL Transue. Alan; Lexington; Business Administration, Theta Xi. Traphagen, Jane; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Kappa Alpha Theta. Trabold. Jeanne; Omaha; Arts and Sciences. Tdutman, Ruth, Cleveland, N. D.; Arts and Sciences. Tritsch. Robert; Plattsmouth; Arts and Sciences. Phi Kappa Psi. Tully, Allen; Omaha; Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau. Tyner. Neal; York; Business Administration. Uhrig. Otto; Hemlngford; Agriculture, Ag Mens Club. Van Arsdol. Keith; Lincoln; Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi, Van Burg, Alyce; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, PI Beta Phi. Van Cleave, Verle; Callaway; Dentistry. Van Decar, Richard; Scottsbluff; Business Administration, Phi Kappa Psi. Vandel, Elmer; Mitchell; Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta Van Voorhies. Robert; Chadron; Fine Arts. Tau Kappa Epsllon. Velte. Luelle; Leilngton; Agriculture, Amikita. Vestal, Maney; Lawton, Okla.; Agriculture. Sigma Chi. Poqe 122 VatMt Ptrry: Ldwton, OMa.; Art} and Sclsncss, Dalta Tau 0«lta V«ta. Don; Ch«v«nn«. Wyo.; Arts and Sciancas, Siqnna Alpha Mu Viciiarv. Suiannt; Omaha; Arts and Sclencai, Kapp«i Kappa Gamma. Villart. Bruca; Lincoln; Enqinaering. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Vitah. Halan; Schuylar; Arti and Sciancat. Vogf. Nancy; Stanbarry, Mo.; Arts and Sctancat, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Vjn Kampan, William; Hastinqt; Englnaaring. Bata Sigma Pji Wagey, Nancy; Lincoln; Taachars, Gamma Phi Bata. Wagnar, Elliot; Gothanburg. Businais Adminiitration, Sigma Nu Wagnar, Donald; Lincoln, Butinats Adminiitration, Kappa Sigma Walkar. Jaan; Tobiat; Teachari. Gamma Phi Beta. Walth, Jamas; Wa tar bury; Taachars, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Walthar, N!la; Framont; Businais Administration, Tau Kappa Eptilon. Warmsky. Jamas; Ogalldia; Arts and Sciences, Phi Gamma Delta- War nar, Robert; Omaha: Arts and Sciences. Theta Xi. Warrtn, Margaret; Omaha; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi. Wartchow, Albert; Omaha; Engineering. Beta Slqma Psi Wdters, Robert; Scotia; Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma Wathins. Lou; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Xi Delta. Watson. Patricia; North Bend; Teachers, Delta Gamma. Wtatharhogg, Curtis; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega. Webster. Ann; Lincoln; Agriculture, Alpha Chi Omega. Weidner. Theodore ' Ravenna ' Engineering Phi Gamma Delta. Weisel, Herb; Lincoln; Dentistry. Weishel. Barbara; Lincoln; Teachers, Alpha Chi Omega. Wells. Iris; Sargent; Agriculture, Amikita. Werkmelster Helen; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Towne Club. Weyenberg, Donald; Glanvil; Arts and Sciences, Sigma Nu. Whitcomb, Kenneth; Wisner; Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. Widaner. Nancy; Corning, la.; Teachers, Pi Beta Phi. Wieskamp. Betty; Beatrice; Teachers. Wiest. Robert; Chappell; Arts and Sciences. Wilkinson. John; Auburn; Agriculture. Farm House. Williams, Beverly; Lincoln; Teachers, Kappa Alpha Theta. Williams, Don; Rockford. Colo.; Dentistry, Phi Kappa Psi. Williams, Dorothy; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta. Williams; James; Norfoth; Agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho Williams Mary Lou: Bellevue; Agriculture, Farm House. Wilson, Jack; Red Cloud; Agriculture. Farm House. Wittier. Delmar; Fairbury; Agriculture, Farm House. Woodward James; Lincoln; Arts and Sciences, Phi Delta Theta. Wright. Sidney; Lincoln; Engineering. Delta Upsilon. Wroth. James; Lincoln; Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi. Wyman, WInthrop; Kansas City. Mo.; Business Administra- tion. Kappa Sigma Yarwood, Robert; Omaha; Engineering. Phi Gamma Delta. Young, Keith; Lincoln; Agriculture, Kappa Sigma. Younkin. Carol; Newark; Teachers, Delta Delta Delta. P A H il .ii iM iu ( r ' O 1 ' x x , " Pe9 123 Don ' t you like water in your face Joan Alexander? Bunny Spradley and Ducky Rodin seem to enjoy the pranks of Jim Downey and Pete Peters. Another year, and the fight goes on between the Cornhusker and the Rag. Looks like the Cornhusker has 1hem this year. SophjomohSL ClcuuL ol 1952 Jackie Sorensen and Joe Slfford seem to be making some big plans over the telephone. Wonder what ' s brewing? Jean Loomis watches Harry Kimbriel fix that flat tire in preparation for an afternoon outing. Poq 124 1 IT " um u ' - s going to get a face full of hay from Dick Baker. ( iri ' 1_ Seems to be too crowded in the Campus Inn for coffee this morning. Hod, Bev, Pat, and Jack ap- pear to be quite exclusive. Tom Podaisky smiles with delight as Roxie Bias coaches the barber on that important haircut. Taking time off from the day ' s activities for a game of Canasta are Peg Mulvaney, Jackie Hoss, Ann 8 ' ' -! . ' d Jane Goers. Paqe 125 I jt MM. LJM ik Abdnor, Cleo; Presho. So. Dak. Achen, Patricia; Ord. Ackerman. Edward; Lincoln. Adie. Virqil; North Platte. Akeson, Berton; Chappell. Albln. Joan; Humboldt. Alden, John; Auburn. Alexander Joan; Omaha. Aleiander, Lei and; Plainview. Allen, Barbara; Craiq. Alma, Carolyn; David City. Altman. Lyie; Sallna, Kans- Andersen, Betty; SiouK City, la. Anderson, Alice; Wllsonville. Anderson, Bill; Ord. Anderson, John; Lincoln. Anderson. Lucille; Lincoln. Anderson. Paul; Lincoln. Anderson, Warren; Aurora. Andresen, Keith; Plainview. Andrews, Rex; Lincoln. Armstrong, Joan; Farwell Arnold, Marjorie; Sutherland. Asmus, Louise; Indianapolis, Ind Asmus, Robert; Friend. Augustine. Ann; Grand Island. Axtell. Kent; Beatrice. Baker, Richard; Holdrege. Baker, William; Salina. Kans. Barqer, Anne; Lincoln, Barker, Charles; Rising City. Bartoh, Donna; Gerlng. Bath. Wayne; Auburn. Bayer. Peqqy; Lincoln. Becker, Jacqueline; Lincoln. Becker. Leona; Exeter. Beckley. Marcia; York. Behrens. Gayle; Mead. Beldeck, Roland; Lincoln. Beindorff, Richard; Lincoln. Berg, Edward; Omaha. Berqh, Marilyn; Omaha. Berquin, Willam; Sioux Falls. So. Dak. Beriqan, John; O ' Neill. Berke. Robert Elmwood. Berkowitz, Eleanor; Denver, Colo. Benn, Cecele; Merriman. Betx, William; Bellevue. Bever, Donald; Vlrqlnia. Bickel, Erma; Lincoln. Bllliq. Richard; Omaha. Bishop, Delaine; Osceola, la. Blackett, Alfred; Omaha. Blessing, Alfred; Ord. Blunk, Richard; Grand Island. Page 126 A, Li f K iir ..-J A . M L aJ l f 1 n a ftorcharding ShtM«r Lincoln ■ o ' l AricJfew A ' t ' ii»rTi N Y B ' cdsnbvq. Joanne M«rl«n, I4. Br«wit«r. M«rilyn; Ltficoln. Bro h mai«r. Harlan; Cotumbui B ' oon J«it(C«. Lincoln flruanmg, Fr d. Harfingfon. B ' unnar fhrllit. O«lton. Bryant Oonald. Lincoln. Breton. Loi». C4lla»«T. Buckingham, Daan; Lincoln. Bull. Battv. Millafd- Bgnn. John; Blair Buntan, Andy. Chayann . Wyo. Bgrch tt. Paarl, Salam Burklund. M rchia. Clay Cantar. Burmaiitar, Chartat; Wahoo Buth Chartat; Gf«nd Island. Buich John; Norfolk Buth Laonard; Omaha BuHo ' i. Nancy. Ogallala Cadr. Fradartc. Brohan Bow: Caha. Jaan; Wahoo CAldar, Chloa; W«vnt C«llan, Thomat; Odall. Campball, Janat. C«n1ral Ciff Cappall. Dorothy; PlaHtmouth. CargiM, Laonard; St faul. CaHion. Elmar; Lincoln. Carlton. Robarta; Waunata C«rlar, Janica. Omaha Cartar Jayna; Lincoln Ca ' tar. Robart. Chappall. Chaca. Joan; Pilgar Champina. Janat; Omaha Charny. Carol; North Band. Chithoim, Lat, Lincoln Chrittanian. Eltia; Kimball. Chriitanion, Dorii; Craig ChudacoH Phyiit. Omaha. Clark Ma lyft Lincoln. Clarka Patf ' ca North Piatt . Codar Gaorga. Wtltflaa . CoH«v William; Ruthvilla. CoHman. Rai. Stuart. Cohan. Jack; Omaha. Cokaf. Corrinna; Sutharland. Colfini Lawranca; St Edward. Coopar. Charlat; Clay Cantar. Cordali. Richard; Lincoln. Cornith. Jamat; Omaha. Poga 127 Cottingham. Robert; Grand Island. Coffman, Jack; Lincoln, Coupe, Marilyn; Nebraska City. Court, Evelyn; Lincoln. Cowles, Nanette; Stuart. Cox, Cathleen; Arapahoe. Coi. James; Sutherland, Craig, John; Minden. Crawford, Ann; Ornaha. Crawford, Bryce; Omaha. Crearner, Charlotte; Denver, Crom. Rex; Pawnee City. Crook, Robert; Lincoln. Croskary, Patricia; Lincoln. Colo. Cummings, Martha; Holdrege, Curtiss, Charles; Geneva. Curtiss. Harry; Hyannis. Dahlke. Jean; Benedict. Dale, Douglas; Ord. Dallam, Doris; Talmage. Danielson; Murray; Aurora Davidson, Vernon; Lincoln Davidson. Winifred; Lincoln. Davis, Nancy: Omaha. Dawson, Robert, Lincoln. Day. Mary; North Platte. Deal, Beverly; Omaha. Deitering, Duane; Columbus. Deuser, Charles; Omaha. Devoe, Sara; Lincoln. DeWitt, Carole, Lincoln. Discus, Martha; Fremont. Diers. Robert; West Point. Dixon, Nancy; Superior. Dittman, Mark; Lincoln. Doran, Donna; Sidney. Dorsett. Mary; Genoa- Doty, William; Broken Bow. Douglas, Thomas; Omaha, Downey, James; Scottsbluff. Doyle. Mary; Lincoln. Dudeck, Marybelle; Oregon, Mo. Durbury, Richard; Lincoln. Durland, Barbara; Norfolk. Dussell. Ernest; Columbus. Dutton, Patsy; McCook. Easterqard, Sue; Fremont. Eberha rt. Steve; Bassett. Ebner, Larry; Lincoln. Edee, Allen; Pawnee City. Egan, Rodger; Ashby. Eiias, Roxanna; Lincoln. Ellis, Kenneth; Lincoln. Elseman, Marilyn; Omaha. Emshoff, Lois; Kansas City, Mo. Page 128 Engl . Bruc«: Lincoln. Eng«lk«mi«r, Joanna; LouitvilU. Epttisn. Arthur; Omdh« Ericllion, 6l««nor; Wi»n«r Ericion. ftlchdrd; Elk Point Eip«qr«n. Kob«rt: Om«hd. Eiry P«trici«: Lincoln. E««ni, Bvrn din : Bloomflald. F«hn«itocli Lou; Scribntr. FAfb ' . Chi; Omaha. Fanilar, Richard; Omaha. Farrii, Walton; Lincoln. FinUy. B«rb4r«; Grand Uldnd. Firaitona, Phyllii; Omaha. Fitcut, D«rlt«n: Alm«. Fithar. John; Stantd Cruz. Calif. Flood. Odia; Grand Island. Fockan. Gtorgaan; Hallam. Foriyth. Loii; ScottvbluW. Fowltr, Jtan; Omahd. Foi, Alfrad; Omaha. Frampton, Alict; Lincoln. Francii. Gordon, Ballavua. Fradarick, Loii; Hay Springs. Fraya. CUrica; Martell. Fritilar, Sharon; Long Pina. Fugata. Joan; Omaha. Fullar, John; Snydar, N.Y. Fulton. Sarah; Lincoln Furuya. Claranca; Honolulu, Hawaii. Fusby. Joan; Banedict. Futby. Jaan; Bantdlct. Gaath, Loran; Framont. Gamarl, Norma; Omaha. Gaugtr, Loult; Eustit. Gaitart, Marjory: Ogalldld. Gaiinar, Gant; Lincoln. Gibion, Ralaigh; Fairbury. Gitrhan, Git; Ltiington. Giaiakar, Mary; Lincoln. Gitiman, Phyllit; Pawnaa City. Giaiialman, Harry; Arlington. Gilmora. Barbara; Kaarnay Giltlar, Dorothy; OscaoU Goarat. Jana; Siouv Fallt, So. Dak. Gorti, Paul; Omaha Grarngar. Sutan; Salinas. Calif. Graan. Gaorga; Radfiald. So. Dak. Graan, Richard; Lincoln. Griffiths. Joyce; Beatrica. Gross, Carol; Glencoa. III. Grovas. Carolyn; Chayanna. Wyo. Gruabar, Donna; Lincoln. Grundman. Mary; Nebraska City. Gurnatt. Joseph; Omaha. I, Mm s p X faqt 129 Gwynn, Jack; Lincoln. Haight, Robert; York. Hale. Arda; Omaha. Hamilton, Martha; Lincoln. Hammond, Charles; Litchfield. Hanlon, Patricia; Morrill, Hanneman, Ralph; Albion. Hansen, Ralph; Callaway. Harbert, Phyllis; Frankfort, Kans. Harqieroad, Jean; Tekamah. Harms. Marvin; Fairfield. Harris, Carol; Lincoln. Harrison, Janet; Lincoln. Haskell, Bruce; Stapleton. Hasson, Pat; Fremont. Havlik, Georgine; St. Paul. Hawley, Raymond, Dakota City. Heckenlively, John; Omaha. Heecht, Phyllis; Lincoln. Heffelfinger. Shirley; Lincoln. Heineman. Margaret; Platfsmouth. Hendrickson, Bruce; Holdreqe. Hertik, Adrian; New York, N.Y. Hertzler, Joan; Torrington. Wyo. Hild, Ralph; Plattsmouth. Hllker, Georgia; Omaha. Hill, Marlene; Kearney. Hillis, James; Lincoln. Hinds, JoAnn; David City. Hinds. Patricia; Lincoln. Hinds. Ruth; Weeping Water. HInman, Arthur; Newman Grove. Hite. Joanne; Kearney. HofF, Joan; Omaha. Hoffman, Donald; Omaha. Hoffmeister, Ruth; Imperial. Hohnstein. Robert; Glltner. Holmes, Laurence; Oconomowoi, Wis. Holmquist, William; Oakland. Holti. Robert; Lincoln. Horstman, Pat; Omaha. Horton, Alice; Salem. Horwich. Justin; Omaha. Hosfleld, Roger; Lincoln. Hosick, Walter; Central City. Hoss, Jacquelyn; Grand Island. Hosterman, Fred; Brownville. Hoyt, Joan, McCook, Hubka, Mary; Beatrice. r iHi m Hufman, Marian; Lincoln. Hughes. Marguerite; Seward. Hunt, Jan; Tecumseh. Hunter, Dortha; Guide Rock. Hunieker, Lloyd; Humboldt. Huston, Mary; Omaha. Page 130 HI ImlQ. Shirltv: S«wdrd: TtAchart. Ingr«m. Ff«nc«i: Laiinqton. Irwin, Oalorti; Sioui F«Mi. So. Oak. Irwin. Richdrd: Lincoln. Jdcobt, Shaldon. Dtddwood, So Dak. J«H«ri Jodnn, Omdhd J«nn« Ev«r«tt: HolmaivilU J«««tt. Ruth ; Lincoln. Johnion. Ch«rl«s, Onn«h4. Johnior. Oalt; Hditingt. Johnion. Erntit; Holdrcg . Johnton Jarry; R«d Cloud. Johnton, John; Pl«ttimouth. Johnton. Lola; MuHan. Jon«i. David; Haitin i. Jovca, Janic ; Waaping Watar. Katn. Jaanna; Laiinqton, Katitrom. Tad; Ogallala. KaHkaa. Alan; Lincoln. Kaul. Clo: Omaha. Kavanay, Patricia; Lincoln. Kaablar, William; Omaha. Kaaltr. Donald; Lincoln. Kaanay. William; Sioui City. la. Kaavart, Shlrlay; Plainviaw. Kalio, Elixdbath; Minatara. Kannady. Polly; BartlaH. Kimball, Susan; Lincoln. Kimbrial, Harry; Omaha. Kinna, Pamata; Sidnay. Kirschbaum. Jamai. Grand Island. Kiniar Dick; Holdraqa. Knapp. Lloyd; Tabia Rock. Knutian. Waltar; San Matao. Calif. KoahUr, Nancy; Sidnay. Kohll. Marvin; Omaha. Kopf, Dalbart; Laiington. Kostal. Jamas; Ravanna. Kraina. Lailia; Council Bluffs. Krabibach. Shirlay; Virginia. Kralla, Ardys; Omaha. Krauch, Virginia; Lincoln. Kritnar. Kannath; Lincoln. Kukhautan. Donald; Scotttbluff. Lafarld. Joa; Omaha. Laflin, Patricia; Lincoln. Lambart, Thomas Ewlng. Lamp, Mardall; tmarton. Landar. Richard; Birmingham. Mich. Larsan. Bavarly; Cantral City. Larsan. Hanry; Rawlins. Vi ' yo. Larson. Don; Decatur. Larson, Lois; Lincoln. La Shalls, Joanne; Omaha. Lau. Richard; Lincoln. ? Q 9 9 J l! o, ■ " ■ ' 1 c .. ry 9 C r (5 ( f a o r i Poq Ul (T, AlA | «a 9 ?. ae ' 1 A C ( a r 1 . . : " - ' lit i Lepp. Calvin; Leiington. Levinger, Charles; Yankton, So. Dak. Lickei. Phyllis; Lincoln. Liljedahl, Janice; Eessei. la. Lind, Rugh; Ashlanc. Linder, Boyd; Nehawka. Lippstreu. William; Nebraska City. Lock. Patricia; Beatrice. Locke, Rosanna; Independence, Kans. Lof. Pauline; Omaha. Lof. Pauline; Omaha. Lohrberg. Donald; Lincoln. Loomis. Jean; Omaha. Loucks. Richard; Falls City. Loudon, Jack; Lincoln. Lovegrove. Delores; Geneva. Luebbers, Annette; Fort Dodge, la. Lueder, Ann; Omaha. Luedtke, Norman; Omaha. Luti, Marilyn; Plattsmouth. Lux, Kenneth- Lincoln. Lyon, Gwen; Lincoln. Lyons. Robert; North Platte. McConnell, John; Lincoln. McCrory. Mary; Clay Center. McCune. Robert; Fremont. McCurdy. John; Lincoln. McElroy. Jim; Grand Island. McElwain, Barbara; Sloan, la. McKenzie. Stephen; Hebron. McKay, Donald; Lincoln. McGowan, Patrick; Columbus. McLeay, John; Lincoln. McNabb, Margery; Lincoln. McNally. Nancy; Omaha. McNaught, Wilma; Parks. Magdanz. Virginia; Grand Island. Maharry. Kathleen; Lenox, la. Maine. Joan; Blue Springs. Mann. Hattie; Boelus. Mann. Yvonne; Beatrice. Marble, Peggy; Omaha. Mark. John; Abilene, Kans. Marshall. Suzanne; Lincoln. Martin. Mary; Lincoln. Marx, Maria; Lincoln. Mastin, Robert; Kearney. Matteson, Sallie; Clay Center. Matthews. John; Aurora. Matzke. Gerald; Lincoln. Maycock, Elwyn; Omaha. MeMen, Joanne; Omaha. Messersmith. Rei; Alliance. Metcalf, Roger; Lincoln. Michelson. William; Grand Island. Page U2 ■I MIekl . Willi«fn: N«br«ftU City. Mtckt ' cK. Donnd; Scotttbluff. Michlln ften««: Omdhd. Milti. Shirley: Elwood. Millar, Euqtnt, Sidnay Miliar. MdMOria; Lincoln. Miliar. Sh rl«v. Pdpillion. Minnick. Kannath; Allidnct. Miiko, William; Lincoln. MUdo ' ich. (tdv: Orrdhd. Mochart. Robart; Lincoln. Mohr. Janaiia: ScoHibluff. Mohrman, J, H.; Nabrdtha City. Moob«rry, Marli; Mdryvilla. Mo. Moodia. Eltiflbath; Watt Point. Moomay. Marilyn; Haitings. Moora Glann; Grand lildnd. Morahaad, Floyd; Omaha. Moray. Kaith; Sidnay. Morgan. Joa; York. Morgan. Marilyn; McCook. Moriti, Glann; Ltiingfon. Morris, Ltwii; Lincoln. MutMar Clark; Lincoln. Muallar. Donal; Sidnay. Muiford. Charlas; Stuart. Mullar, Lloyd; Grand Island. Mulvanay. Margarat; Lincoln. Mundhtnka, Jannatte; Mllford. Munvon Jack; Arlington, Va. Myars, Hdrold; Weaplng Water. Myari, John; Nation. Myars, Marityn; York. Nabar. Albart York. Nabar. Htrbart; York. Naviaui. Armand; Omaha. NaitI, Don; Lincoln. Nation, Don; Pllgar. Nalion, Harbart; Sidnay. NaUon, Jtan; Chappall. Nalion. Loii; Hastings. Nauman, Carlton; Baatrica. Nawman, Alan; Omaha. Nawman. Dala Newman Grove. Ntwman. Manrin; Omaha. Noble. Leilia; Beatrice. NoodaM. Doris; Omaha. Nordqren, Dorothy; Waterloo. Nofdgren. Jean; Grand Island. Nordin, Larry; Omaha. Nortworthy, Mary; Gothenburg. Norton, Gene; Elgin, NorvdI. Loii; Lincoln. Novak. Leon; Brainard. Odkes. Frdnces; North Platte. !5 , f r , o. c r f s ry " -1 P09. 133 Oakeson, Janet; Lincoln. O ' Brien. Bernard; Omaha. O ' Brien. Pat; Lincoln. Ochsner, James; Boieman, Mont. Ohman. Kenneth; Lincoln. Olsen. Philip; Aurora. Olson. Gene; Springview. Olson, Richard; Omaha. Paap. Jack; Otoe, Packer. Jane; Sioux Falls. So. Dak. Panko, Marilyn; Cook. Parkison, Delores; Perclval. la. Parmenter. Rusty; Omaha, Patterson, Marilyn; Lincoln. Patterson, Robert; Lincoln. Pearion, Howard; St. Paul. Pecha, Burdette, Lincoln. Peden, Joan; Oakland, Pedersen, Donald; Lincoln. Pedersen, Gordon; Omaha. Pedersen, Mary Ann; Omaha. Penner, Helen; Beatrice. Peters, Nancy; Omaha. Peters. Peter; Omaha. Petersen. Clinton; Hardy. Peterson. Don; Omaha, Peterson, Nancy; White River, So. Dak Phelps, Richard; Lincoln. Phillip, Ralph; Red Oak, la. Pinney, Sally; Hastings. Pttlor, Robert; Omaha. Podhaisky, Thomas; Alliance. Pomeroy. John; Omaha, Portwood. David; Davenport. Poulos. John; Lincoln. Poulson, Marietta; Lincoln. Prang, Alice; Valentine. Prescot, Donna; Mendota, III, Pryor, Susan; Sioui Falls. So. Dak. Putt. Marjorie; Omaha. Raapke. Dorothy; Omaha. Ralsh, Naomi; Waco, Tex. Raiewlch, Charlene; Grand Island. Ransdell, Shirley; Lexington. Rasmussen. Joan; Lincoln. Rauch. Robin; Holdrege. Rauh, Don; Satlna, Kans. Raun, Joan; Minden. Raymond, Ann; Scottsbtuff, Redlger, Juanita; Tekamah. Reese, Richard; Omaha. Reeves, Don; Central City. Regier. Richard; San Luis Obispo, Calif, Reichenbach, Robert; Lincoln. Resi, Marlon; Glenwood. la. Poge 134 R«inh«rd. Mdry; Lincoln. ((•n rd. tit«: Arlington ft«nn«r. Luld. Denver, Colo laynoldt. Xoldnd; St P iul ftic . Frad«r ck. Omdhd Richdrdt. Shirlay: ChdppoM Rich«rdion, HjfUy; Sm;thfi«ld • Ichmond. Ruth. Lincoln. RIddall Sdndrd: Scottibluff Ro ct . Shirl.y; Sioui City. Id. «ob«rti. Ir«n«; Wdhoo. Rob«rtion. G«rdld: Lyoni. Robtnion. Euq nt; Osttkoih. Robinion, Frdncti; Lincoln. RobHon. Lucrll : Lincoln Rodin. Loii: Sioui City, la. Ro«t«r. Bob: Oqdildld. Ro«» l«r Eliidb«th: Fr«mont. Roon«y Mdry Jane; Grctlvy. Roi«n Roberta Omaha. Rotanbtrg, Gilbert; Chicago, Roianquitt. Jamas; Omaha. Rotaniwaiq, Jtan; Omaha. Rots, Janat; Lincoln. Rothaii, Gaorga; Ttcumiah. Rothcnbtrgar, Sarah; Beatrica. Rowtay. Elaina; Alliance. Ruback, Norman; Omaha. Ruddock, Donna; York. Rule. Witlard; Friend. Rwliffion, Harmon; Lincoln. Ruma. Sebaitian; Omaha. Ruiho. Mary; Taylor. Ruiiell, Jack; Kimball. Rutsall, Mary; Lincoln. Rusiell, Richard; Futlerton. Samuatton, Dale; Omaha. Schants, George; Fairfield, la. Schvpman. Carol; Tecumseh. Scherer, Ralph; Omaha. Schick. Norma; Elm wood. Schiermeycr. Jerry; Beatrice. Schmidt. Carl; Sidney. Schmidt. Kenneth; Dethler. Schmidt. Leo; Fremont, Schalz Jack; Chadron. Schmid. Marjorie, Sabetha, Kans. Schoyer, Joan; Nest City, Kans. Schulti, Robert; Columbus. Schumacher, John; Lincoln. Searles, Lois; Chicago, III. Sedlacek. Joan; Ord. Selleck, Joan; Lincoln. Shaner. Joyce; Maiell. Sharp, Joan; Lincoln. Sheffield. Charles; Ogallala. a c w o o Pose US If. lIlLttL Li i r . , . " ;3r ,T- ,«.ft Sheets, Andrew; Edinboro, Penn. Sheldon. Patricia; Lincoln. Sherwood. William, Oxford. Shestdk, Betty: Lincoln. Shotkoski, Arthgh; Arcadia. Shutthesis. Don; Wayne. SIbert. Frank; Iravale. Sidles, Shirley; Lincoln. Sidner. Mary; Lincoln. Siegel. Jerry; Lincoln. Sievers. Bruce; Roca. Simpson. Jane; Lincoln. Sisley. Marion; Alliance. Skalla, Keith; Beatrice. Sklenar, Eleanor; Ceresco. Skochdopole, Robert; Ravenna. Smailes, Bea; WIlkes-Barre, Pa. Smiley, Dorothy; Omaha. Smith, Joanne; Omaha Smith. Jo; Grand Island. Smith, Lois; Mason City. Smith. Richard; Omaha. Smith. Wlllard; Leiington. Snowdon. Don; Niobrara, Snyder, Julia; Davenport. Solfermoser, Aria; West Point. Soper. Joy; North Platte. Sorensen. Frank; Omaha. Sorensen, Jackie; Lincoln. Spati, George; Seward. Spencer. Mary; Plnon, N.M. Spradley, Anita; Tecumseh. Stall, Suzanne; Pierre, So. Dak. Stephenson, James; Nebraska City. Stockstill, Jeanne; Lincoln. Stoesi. Elliabeth; Lincoln. Stover, Raymond; West Point. Stratbucker. Martha; Fort Calhoun. Stryker, Ray; Omaha. Stuber, Charles; St, Michael. Suvalsky, Marvin; Council Bluffs, la. Suverkrubbe. Myrtle; Bennington. Swanson, Raynold; Lincoln. Swingle. Kathryn; Lincoln. Taylor, Ralph; Omaha. Taylor, Ruth; Guide Rock. Tefft. Margaret; Avoca. Teller, Gale; Lincoln. Teter, Janice; Bartley. Thomas, James; Lincoln. Thomas. Margaret; Valentine. Thompson, Charles; York. Thompson. George; Oshkosh. Thomsen. Elizabeth; Beatrice. Thomsen, Margaret; Lincoln. Tighe. James; Omaha. Page 136 rimmoni. 0« " «ll. Omaha To«bban. D«lm«r. NIckarion. Tomtik. J«jnn«M« Lincoln Tracy Myron. Mitchall TrimbI . Marqar«t: Lincoln. Turn ' . Gcorq : Lincoln, Uchlinq Imoqtnv; Oakland. 4n Palt. Marqa ' y: Lincoln. Varnay Bonnay; Brokan Bow. Vanali. Curtii. Shicklay Vinqan. Marilyn. Omaha. Voqiar. Shirlay: Kimball. Vollitina. Lila; Gordon. Vorhlat. Ira: Lincoln. Vfbka. Linut: Utlca Wada, Jayna; Plainviaw. Wahl Donald; Orr aha. Wakaman. Dick; Lincoln Wa kar. Roy; Blut Sprinqi. Walls, Jarry; Lincoln. Watth, Richard; Utica. Ward. Jaan; Lincoln Ward, Harrisoi; Plainfldd. Ind. Warkantitn. Paul; Huntinqton, Ind. rfn CharioMa; Omaha. Warren, Garald; St. Edward. Waiiarman, Jtroma; Omaha. Way Eiiiabath; Dacatur. WaitarhoH. Ardis; Ddlton. Wastarmark, Calaitina; McCook. Waitlinq. LaVarna; Omaha. Whitmaar. Roqar; Lincoln. Widmaiar. Chartai; Hastinqs. Wiadmaiar, Eugane; Falls City. Wiadmaiar, Lawrenca: Falls City. Wiadman, Marqarat; Lincoln. Wilcoi Gforqa Lincoln. Wilkans. Evaratt; Da Witt. Willay. Miriam; Lincoln. Winktiman. Shirlay; Nabraska City. Woltamath, Lorana; Sterling. Woods, Donald; Haiglar. Woodward. Ethal; Laiqh. Yaagar. Barbara; Lincoln. Yauttar Clayton; Eustis. Yes, Jarrold; Lincoln. Young, Colaan, Barnaston. Younq. Evtiyn; Baatrlca. Young, John; Blair. Young. Romona; Juniata. Younqman, Lloyd; Vallay. Younqton, Rtnaa; Mindan. Zallan. Marqarat; Atlantic, la. Ziarott, Joan; Long Beach. Calif. Ziarott. Ralph; Seward. Zlomka, Janat; St Paul. Pog M7 IB f -s i mi u Nothing lazy about these freshmen, Ray Loukes, Barb Hershberger, Dee Riddell and Max Andrews. ol 1953 J Buck Osborne, Bob Reynolds and Wayne hiandshy are relaxing over a quiet game of cards. , V ' ' 1 Above: Cornhusker workers are working r -A " 1 very diligently, as all good staff members J AJ do »• ' il Left: Under the table are Betty Stratton, r - u_. • Dale Fagot, Dolly McQuistan, Bob Tooley, and Kris Nelsen. Peg? 138 Ann Barlow is doing her best ticket to the Stan Kenton Concert. The cause for these long drawn faces is that another snow has postponed the anticipated spring " picnic " weather. The freshmen pep group was initiated this year by the Cobs and Tassels. At each football game you could find these freshmen form- ing an " N " with their red and white sweaters. Page 139 Abbuhl, Janice, Palisade. Adams, Sarah; Aurora, Adams. William; West Point. Aqnew, Etien; Sidney. Akeson, Marilyn; Avoca. Albers. Lynn; Roca. Alberts, Philip; Omaha. Alden, Beth; Kimball. Alexander, DeWayne; Holdreqe. Andersen. Betti; Ord. Anderson, Barbara; Lincoln. Anderson, Darlene; Holdreqe. Anderson, Doris; Lincoln. Anderson, Jerry; Grand Island. Anderson, John; Omaha. Anderson. Larry; Grand Island. Anderson, Richard; Mead. Anderson. Rolan; York. Andrews, Max; Lincoln. Anqle, Edward; Lincoln. Austin, Lorna; Lincoln. Axtell, Richard; Beatrice. Babcock. Georqe; Chadron. Bachmann, Orville; Omaha. Baird, Betty; Archer. Baird. Lenore, Denver. Colo. Baker. Kathryn; David City. Bamesberger. Marilyn; Hampton. Barber, Arlene; Lincoln. Barchus, Robert; Scottsbluff. Barlow. Ann; Omaha. Barnard. Allen; Lincoln. Barnell. Barbara; Benkelman. Baskin. Marybelie; Stapelton. Easier, William; Omaha. Battey. Charles; Lincoln. Bauer, Donna; Culbertson. Beachler. Janet; Chicago, III. BecHan, Patricia; North Platte. Beck. Sally; Lincoln. Becker, Athur; Albion. Beerline, Glenn; Alliance. Bell. Julia; Chester. Benda, John; Winner, So, Oak. Berg, Waldo, Beatrice, Best. Barbara; Broken Bow. Best Billy; Longmont, Colo. Betcke. Clark; Omaha. Bierman, Averil; Holdreqe. Bitner, Daniel; Lincoln. Black, Jon; Emerson. Black, Yleen; Emerson. Blaser, Lawrence. Columbus. Blelcher, Miriam; Omaha, Bockes. Patricia; Omaha. Pane 140 Hi Bohmont. Don; Lincoln. Bohnvr, janst; Lincoln. BoHan. Bdrbdra; Lincoln. Bott. Claire; Lot Anq«lai. Boyar. Carffltan; Lon Beach, Calif. Brammer, Hildrath; Bingham. Brata . Carl; Omaha. Brart, Dorii; Pawnee City. Bredthauer. Barbara; Grand Island. Bridenbduqh. Nita; Dahota City Brittenharr. Dean; Brady. Brirtin. Robart; Lincoln. Brodarian. Thomas; Spancar. B owi Gerjld; Norfotk. Brown , Marion; PapiHion. Burdic, Barbara: Omaha. Bur ' ord. Jean; Omaha. Butlar. Ron; Lincoln. Byqiand. Gladys; Albion. Cady, Win; Broken Bow. Cameron, Carolyn; Sioui Falls, So. Oak Campbell. Maynard; Lincoln. Canaday, Doree; Lincoln. Canaday, Ralph; Hastings. Cannon, Ted; Mitchell. Carey, Gertrude; Overton. Cary, Laura; Grant. Carlson, Doris; Omaha. Carney. Larry; Grand Island. Carvath. Steve; Lincoln. Chasanov, Adalla; Omaha. Charniss. LetaRae; Omaha. Cherny. Gertrude; North Band. Choyce, Thomas; Decatur, Ga, Christansen, Carroll; Red Cloud. Christensan. Katharine: Omaha. Christoffel, Kay; Omaha. Coad. Batty; Omaha. Colling. Jerry; Wilsonvill . Collins. Harry; Grand Island. Colson. Keith; So. Sioui City. Cook, Marilyn; Ord. Cooper, Virginia; Humboldt. Corkle, Charles; Norfolk. Corrick. Jamca; Lincoln. Coryell, Adela; Lincoln. Coy. Shirley; Waterloo. Crook, Donovan; Ainsworth. Coi, Frad; Sutherland. Curtis. Guy; Imperial. Dana. Norma; Lincoln. Davis, Paul; Kearney. Day. L. B.; Lincoln. DeBord, Nancl; Omaha. Decker. Harry; Ardmore. Penn. ky P H 1 1 r- ' ' r I I. ry A LI mk Page Ml - k ' i4 4lp ! f n, ? a o (4 w. r- ' i»i Bit r ; - o " ' prt a Deincs, Henry; Sidney Desmond, John- Lincoln Deter, Donald, Papillion Devries. Donald; Lincoln. Dick. John; Fremont Diers, Orville; West Point. Oillman. Barbara; Lincoln. Dillon, Barbara; Omaha Dinklage. Herman- Wisner Donarico, Lorenso; Omaha Douglass, Bill; Lincoln. Downing, Diane; Superior Drawbaugh, Shirley; David Citv Drbal, Betty; Lincoln Dreier, Joanne; Lincoln Dr ost, Barbara; Ogallala Dunning, Larry; Imperial Dunnuck, Richard; Bloomington III Dwiggins, Daniel; Gibbon ' Eckert, Duane; Stanton Eckert, Elizabeth; Omaha Eddy, Lois; Lincoln. Egaan, Edward; Omaha Eggerl, Richard; Fremont Eidam, Nancy; Omaha E.hausen, Joyce; Platte Center, tilers, Bonnalyn; Sterling Elder, JoAnn; Sioux Falls So Dak E enberger, Shirley; Tekamah tlliott, Dorothy; Scottsbluff Elliott, James; Mitchell Elliott, Leia; Lincoln, Else, Carol; Fairbury. Elwel ' , John; Sidney. Engdahl, Stewart; Omaha Engle, Norma; Omaha Epstein, Ira; Omaha Erickson, Joan; Coleridge Fagot, Dale; Lexington Fairchild, Jerome; Lincoln, Palb, Priscilla; Omaha Farmer, Carol; Ashland. Farnham, Phyllis; Lincoln Farns, James; Omaha. Farrow, Anne; Fremont Fayman, Robert; Atchison Kans t;enton. Jerry; Lincoln Field, Don; Omaha Fiene, Keith; Omaha Finigan, Dee; Waverly. Finney, Joann; Lincoln. Fisher, John; Valentine Fisher, Ken; Omaha, Fitl, Jim; Omaha. Flaherty, Mary; St. Edward Page 142 Flatchtr, Ratty: Lincoln. Flaihoiki. Roman; Fatit City. Foflarty, Jack: Lincoln Folay. Jim; Grand ttland. Ford, »icl ard: Fairbury. Folh Joyca; O ' d Franklin. WWliam; Omaha Franian. Larry; Holdraqa. Fraricht. Jantt; Lincoln. Fraudanburq. Arnatta; Norfolk. Fricka. Robart; Athland. Froit, Wayna: St Paul Fullarton, Janica: Ainiworth. Gada, Marjoria; Saward. . " 1} . ' Page 143 6anq«l. Robart; N«braikd City. Qsrd. Rdv: B dv«r Crotsinq. L ' S VW G«it. Etiidbvth; S«ward. HBili A . t G«rald: Rtd Cloud T " Gaarlis. Don; Lincoln. Gtii rt Richard; Ogallala Gcorq. L ldnd; So Stoui City- Garalicti, Loii; Omaha. GilltH, Doris; Lincoln. Gilmor . Robart; Omaha. Gintbvrq. Gloria; Sioui City. la. Glock, Jan«t; Riting City Goldinq, Jvrry; Lincoln. Goll, Richard; Tckamah. Good, Joi ph; Lincoln. Goodrich. Hilt; Crawford. Goodiit . Frances; Sioux Falls, So. Dak. Grainqtr. Shvtla; Lincoln. Gr««nb«rg. Btrnard; Omaha. Gratnwalt. Rita; Ord. Griffin. Carroll; Lincoln. Griffiths, Jackia; Beatric . Gross, Ed; Omaha. Grosihans, Gw«n; Aurora. Grubar, Barbara; Euitit. Gruntorad, Elaina; Ulysiat. Guard, Willard; Aurora. Guitafson, Paul; Gothtnburg. Haddii, Faya; Cantral City. Haqqar, Virginia; Sioui Falls. So Dak. Haqqart. Earla; Grand Island. Haqga, Kan; Ogallala Hall, Ann Jana. York. Haman, Otto; Omaha Hamann, Donid; Lincoln. Hammanq, Garald; Framont. Hammang, Jarome; Framont. Hancock, Gaorge; Lincoln. Hannon, Thomas; Omaha. Hansan, Allan; Nahawka. Hansan, Arthur; Nehawka. (] c .. ' J l J i J I !k. hi jkmuBL Hanson, Douglas; Omaha Hanson. Joan; Lincoln Harper, Karl; Lincoln Hartman. Mary; Omaha Hathaway. Betty; Lincoln Hdverly, Harry; Omaha Hawley. Patrice; Omaha Healey. Patricia; Creston. la. Heath, Lowell; Geneva Hedke. Ro anne; Lincoln Heln. Gretchen; Alliance Hedrick, Marqle; Lincoln Heim, Phyllis; Dawson Hein, Ginger; Wayne Henderson, Roger; Council Bluffs, Heniger, Lois; David City Herbst. Howard; Cheyenne. Wyo. Herrod. Judy; Sidney Hershberqer, Barbara; Seward i-ierzog. Patricia; Lincoln HIatt. Ruth; Lincoln Hill. Willa; Hebron Hodder, Bill; Lincoln Hoffman, Frank; Omaha Hoffman, Susanne: Lincoln Holm, Barbara; Winner, So Dak. Hokanson, Edwlna; Omaha Holm, Paul; Gothenburg Holmes, Jean; Albion Hook, Charles; Santa Monica, Calif Hopkins, Dooc ' ld, Omaha Horham. Charlea; Martel Horton, Marvin; Salem Howey, Robert Lincoln flruby, Charles; Wahoo Hudson. Shirley Plattsmouth Hueneke, Duane Grand Island Huff, Dan; Ord Hupfer, William; North Platte Hurlburt. Rita; Grant lienstat. Florence; Omaha Jackson. Jane; Omaha James, Jack; North Platte Jameson. Dean: Arnold Jensen. Alan; Fremont Jerman, Joseph; West Point Jesse, Beverly; Lincoln Johnson, Jeanne; Red Cloud Johnson. Julie; Lincoln Johnson, Morris; Valentine Johnson, Stephen; Lincoln Johnson, Suianne; Omaha Jones, Hobart; Lincoln; Jones, Prise ilia; Lincoln Jordan, Jane; Galesburg, III. Page 144 K««ttn«r. P«t«r; D«4rborn. Mich. K«rg«t, Gilbert; Albion K«rr«r. Fr d rick. McCook Ka ting. Mdry Lou; Crtlton. I«. K«ll«r. La«: Council Slufft. la. KaMv. Jamtt; Grand liland Kallogq. Mjrynn; Lincoln Kally, N wton; Onrtdha K mp«i. Sharon. Lincoln Kandl . Dont; Lincoln Kant, Carol; Allianca. KanUr, Mary: Suthtrland King. Carolyn; Lincoln Kirk, Garaldint; Lincoln Kjalton, Sally; Stromsburg, Klain, Nancy: Lincoln, Knotti, Joann; North Platta Koahlar, Virginia; Ganava Kohan. Gloria; Ornaha Kohiar, Janat; Wahoo Kopachy. Roma; Schuylar Kranau. Marilyn; Bladan Krauti, Barbara: Giltnar, Kraicik. Kaith; Wood Laka Krikac. Dannis; Comitock Kroallar, Harvay; Lintwin Krooia. Margarat; Cook Krottar, Donna; Stuart; Kruaqar Joan; Norfollr Krugar Robart; Schuylar Krugar. Paul; Ft. Calhoun Kruia. Charlana; Omaha Kubitichak, Robarf; Lincoln Kuahl, Joyca; Millard Kunkal. Carolyn; Waaplng Watar Lacy. Marjoria; Chapman Laird. Robart; Blue Hill Lamb. Alan; Wood Lak Lambart, Ann; Llncolrr Lammtn, Anna Laa; Laiington LaShattt. Robart; Omaha Laubar, Wandall; Ganava Laach, John; Omaha Labsock. Gui; Lincoln Ladinqham. Tommy; Mitchell Leonard. Ben; Alnsworth l.a»h. Da- ' ane; Omaha Lawii. Edwin; Palls City A mid o Lauqhiln, Jane Papinlon m Laun. Ramona; Ganava J y ' m ' j Lairrgnct. Loll; Allianca La-ranca. Lucy; ScoltibluH La»ion. Anlla; Macadonia la. Lawson. Lawii; Silver City la. Lavina, Ruthann: York Po9« US D a y r- A «L f .» ,0 i li ' o iki Lewis. James; Lincoln. Lewis, Philip; Omaha. Lewis. Vernell; Shubert, Lichtenberq, Lorene; Cedar Bluffs. Lichtenberger. Mary; Callaway. Lieber, Elizabeth; Pa pi 1 1 ion. Linch, Michael; Big Springs. Line, Marjorie: Loup City. Linscott, Dean; Blue Springs. Little. Dale; Culbertson. Littrell, Marian; Nelson. Loerch, Wallace; Tekamah. Loqie. Elizabeth; St. Paul. Long, Warren; Lincoln. Loomis, Mary; Lincoln. Loucks, Ray: Grand Island. Loudon, Jean; Lincoln. Lowe, John; Omaha. Lubker, James; West Point. Ludwickson, June; Lincoln, Lukert, Burdette, Lincoln. Lumbard. Shirley; Grand Island. McBrrde, Robert; Omaha. McCleery, Eugene; Denver. Colo. McCormick, Beverly; Madrid. McCormlck. Kathryn; York, McCoy, Margaret; Lincoln. McCray, Roberta; Fullerton, Mcllnay, Patricia; Central City. McKee, Bob; Lexington, McQuistan. Darlene; Pender. Mackie. David; Omaha, Maddlson. Betty; Sioux City. la. Mahaffie, Barbara; North Platte. Malashcck, Robert; Omaha. Mallat, Otto; Lincoln. Mallory, Stanley; Mullen. Mann, Beverly; Lincoln. Marsh, Derys; Har ting ton. Martin, Marilyn; Lincoln. Mecke. Marlene; Ogallala. Merritt, Gerald; Lincoln. Melander. Dan; Los Angetes. Calif. Melcher. William; Omaha. Menck, Harold; Grand Island. Mesner, Doris; Central City. Metrakos. Robert; Lincoln. Meyer, Joan; Phillips. Meyer, William; Bancroft, Meyers. Alice; North Loup. Meyers, Marvin; Omaha. Michaud. Gayle; Lincoln. Mickelion. Joann; Lincoln, Middleton. Mary; Gothenburg. Millen. Clarice; Albion. I A I Page 146 t Miliar. Bonit«. Sidney MllUr. J«nina Mdrytvill Kdni. MllUr. Jo«n: Ch4pp«U MilUr. Jo nn; G«n«v« Millar, St«ph«n: Culbertion Millar, V«rb4j«dn; Brokvn Bow Million, L wii, Sidney. Minlord. 6«orq« Murr«y. Mnuk. Frank; Omaha. Mockatt. Ann; Lincoln. Monton. Richard; Saronvilla. Mook. Marilyn; Lincoln. Moonay. William; Omaha. Morqan, Donald; Omdha. Morriion. Haitar; Baatrica Moyla. Mifiia; Lincoln. Mumby. Kaith; Harrison. Murphy, Jacqualina; Omaha. Mytrt. Robart; Rapid City. So Dak. Myhra. Milford; St Edward. Naab. Darrai Wood Rivar. Naqadorn, Clam; Valantin . Naaly, Mary Jaan; Lincoln. Naiman, Nancy: Omaha. Nation. Krii; Cantral City. Nalton; Marqarat: Stromtburq. Nalion, Mary Ann; Scottsbluff. Nalton, LaUfld; Omaha Navilla. Jtsntft : Bfokan Bow. Navin, Barnia; Lincoln. Nawman. Dorrit; Lincoln. Nialtan, Lorraina; Omaha. Niltton. Joan; Omaha. Noblt. Clark; Omaha. NobU. Dava; Omaha Noblt. Don; Holdraqa. Nobla. Virqinia; Lincoln. Norman, Nancy; Shanandoah, la. Novak, Frad; HowatU Novotny. Gladys, Clarkion. Nuftld. Milton; Scottsbluff. O ' Brian, Joann; Lincoln. O Connor, Marqarat; So. Sioui City. Oahrla. Mariana; Lincoln. Oqdan. Marilyn- Omaha Oldfathar. Alan. Kaarnay. Olson, Lois; Bloomfiald Olson. Starlinq; Mindan. Osborna. Allan; Abardatn, So Dak. Osborna. Robart; Omaha. Oslund. Richard; Lincoln Oft. Donna; Rtpublican City. Otta. Robart; Neliqh. Ovarqaard. Judith; Lincoln. Owan, Winnia; Lincoln. 1 ( % r .9 ' JHu fatte 147 fs, J? 1 :. liif T Paneitl. Marvin; Fairbury. Parmelee, James; Amarillo. Texas. Parsons. Robert; Grafton. Patiti, Kay; Bassett. Paulsen, Phyllis; Lincoln. Pearce. Richard; Lincoln. Pederson, Carrie; Broken Bow. Pells. Betty; Denver, Colo. Perry, Edwin; Lincoln. Perry. Nancy; Long Beach, Calif. Peters, Patricia; Onnaha. Peterson, Fred; North Platte. Peterson, Eleanor; Lincoln. Peterson. Ervin; Lincoln. Peterson, Joan; Omaha. Peterson, Marilyn; Omaha. Peterson, Susan; Lincoln. Pettijohn, Dixie; Scottsbluff. Phipps. David; Lincoln. Pickering. Doane; Lincoln. Pitcher, Donna; Omaha. Pinkerton, Cecelia; Beatrice. Pitterman, Mary; Cleveland. O. Plummer, Richard; Council Bluffs, la. Podlesak. Darlene; Milllgan, Ponder, James; Gering. Poppa. Lawrence; Columbus. Porter, Susan; Omaha, Potash, Merle; Omaha. Preston, Jim; Fairbury. Preusse. Marilyn; Lincoln. Pyle. Joanne; Gothenburg. Quackenbush. Ray; DeWitt. Quiqiey, Jean; Chathan, N.J. Racusin, Nan; Omaha. Rademacher, Frank; York. Raish. Claire; Omaha. Raitt. Ronald; Ainsworth. Randall, Jane; Kearney. Rasmussen, Noel; Omaha. Rasmussen, Norman; Central City. Rauch. Fred; Grand Island. Recht. Thomas; Edgar. Reckewey. Marilyn; Lincoln. Reed. Patricia; Hoxis. Kans. Reinecke. Barbara; Lincoln. Reinke. Alta; Chester. Reynolds, Bob; Grand Island. Rice, Richard; Neligh. Richmond. Mildred; Waverly. Rickly, William; San Diego, Calif. Riddell, Damaris; Scottsbluff. Rifenbark. Clifford; Sioux City, la, Robinson. Burton; Omaha Roeder. Ronald; Omaha. Page 148 Roqari. Cdroltn ; Lincoln, Roq«M Elii4b«(K; Albuqutrque, N.M. Kohd . John; Columbut. Hop ' . Louti, Lincoln. fto««nquitt. Gl«nn; Lincoln. Roiintky. J rry: Omahd Uo% , Alvin: Omahd Rolvhofit. GUnn; Columbut. Roth«nb«rq ' ' . C«rolint: B««fric«. llow«n. Norma; GurUy. Rump«lt«i. Sui4nn«; Lincoln. Ruii«H. Cdrol, Oqdlldla. ltuil«M Winifred; Pitrrt, So. D«k. Saq . S Ta. Btdtric . S«qq«u, Ch rUi; Om«ha. S«lt«r, Harrltttt; Lincoln. S«ndv, Roqar; York. S«ll. D«ldin«; Scribn«r. S«v4q«. John; Omdha. Sditon H«rb«rt; Lincoln. Sch«Ur. Eldon; McCook. Scharff, Mat; Sfockhdm. Schl«iq«r, Jamvi: Lincoln. Schlu«t r. Btdfta; Abia. Schmidt. Otto; Gibbon. Schmtdtmann, Janti; Plattimouth. Schmaidinq, La Vonna; Lincoln. Schonbarq. Shirlay: Omaha. Schroadar, Anna; Omaha. Schroadar, Joyca; Elwood. S hulti. Dick; Columbus. Schultia, Violat; Alamo. Taias. Scott, Frad: Baatrica. ScoH. Varl; Mitchall. Sahnart, Judith; Plainviaw. Saiboldt. Barbara: Victoria. III. Shainholt]. William; Omaha. Shadd. Paul; Scottibluff. ShaManbarqar. Hubart; AHianc . Sharwood. Jim; Albion. Sharwood, Marilyn; Randolph. Sharwood, Robart; Orlaans. Shuay. Eldon; Crab Orchard. ShutI, Patricia; Oraqon. Mo. Shirat. Wardtr; Elliott, la Sinclair. John; Loi Anqalat. Calif. Sitlar, Laural; HolmesviHa. Smaha. Robart; Grand Island. Smith. Bavarly; North Platta. Smith, Jamas: Bartlay. Smith. Marqarat; Lincoln. Snydtr, Jerry; Cheyenne. Wyo. Snyder. Thompion; Omaha. Solfarmoier. Mary; Wast Point. Sommarfald. E u q a n a ' Bantlasvilla Ohla. I ' I dkik M A f O Poqp 149 ■ N O ri ( i ( Sommers. Jim; Lincoln. Sorenson. JoAnn; Hardy. Speer, Wayne; Lakeside- Stanqe, Ronald; Inglewood, Stebbins, Nancy; Lincoln. Steecher. JoAnn; Omaha. Steele, JoAnn; Lincoln. Calif. Steffen, Marilyn- Omaha Stehly, Alice; Elgin. Sfeinauer, Katherine; Steinauer. Stepanek, Lennie; Lincoln. Stern, Arnold; Omaha. Stevens. Harry; Fremont. Stewart. Don; Alliance. Ohio. Sfieren, Mary; Orleans. Stone. Jerry; Weeping Water. Strasheim. Arnold; Lincoln. Stratton. Berry; West Point. Sundberg, Doyle; Polk, Svanda. Robert; Ravenna. Swanson. John; Omaha. Swart, Rita; Omaha Swedelson. Jack, Sioux Falls. So, Dak Taylor. Mary; Falls City. Tefft, Robert; Avoca. Tewell, Suzanne; Sidney. Thackrey, Donald; Valentine. Theisen, Lois; Denver, Colo. Theobald. Dohn; Geneva. Thibault, Hyle; Pe nder. Thode, Irving; Loup City. Thomas, Dorothy; Omaha. Thomson, Arthur; Lincoln. Tinkham. Donna; Johnstown. Tivey. Georgia; Silver Creek. Tolen, Thomas; Ord. Tolllver. Mary; Lincoln, Tooley, Bob; Columbus, Toops. Dale; Kahoka, Mo. Traum, Clarence; Merrill, la. Truman, Ernest; Lincoln. Tully, Stewart; Omaha. Turner. Martha; Conowingo, Md. Uhrig, Eleanor; Hemingford. Vance, Doris; Pawnee City. Van Hatten, Hugh; Lincoln. y n Lund. Jean; Canandaigua, N Y. Van Ness, Joseph; Valparaiso, Ind, an Valkenburg. Joan; Omaha. Van Wynqarden. Ramona; Scottsbtuff. Vlckers. Imoqene; Hemingford. Viehmeyer. Glen; North Platte. Vierk; Jeanne; Lincoln. Vin Sant; Patricia; Summerfield. Kans. Von Minden. Ann; Ponca. Page 150 Voo ' hMi. 5K fon: Waunat . Widlow. Richard: lincoln. Wagna ' . Mar»; lurwall. Waido. Lowalt; Gordon. Waqnar. Janica; Lincoln. WainicoH. Patricia; Lincoln. Wall. Sandra; Lincoln. Ward, lobarl; Crala Wamar. Jamai; Dakota City. Warnka. Don; Staring Warran, John; iaatrica. Wation. Donna; Sloui City la Watkini. Luanna; Curtii. Walton. Shirlay; Lincoln. Waakly, Bonnia; Na»all. So. Dak. Waavar. Batty; Callaway Waa ar. Wall; Lincoln. Wabar. Mary: Chappall Wahrman. Robart; Nalion. Wair Nancy; Galaiburg, III. Walll. Louiia; ScoHibluff. Walli. Stuart; Omaha. Walll. Willard; Lincoln. Warth Robart; Mindan. Wattcott. Artia; Holdraga. Waitptial, Lorraina; Grand liland. Whila. Wayna; Auburn. Wickankamp. Marilyn; Dorchaitar. Wialard. Clark; Mason City. Wilai. Dwight; Waaping Watar Williartii. Batty; Lincoln. Williamt. Tharasa; Bridgaport. Wilion. Tarry; Sioui City, la. Willj. Edward; Scottjbluff. WiUcam. Janat; Lincoln. Winch, Donna; Pilgar. WInqandar. Edmund; Omaha. Winkalmann. Don; Imperial. Wohlnar Eugana; Omaha. Wolpa. Stanlay; Omaha. Wood, Glan; Pairbury. WoodruH, Fostar; Lincoln. Woolay John; Orraha. WolH. Virgil; York. Wylia. Barbara; Lincoln. Valty, Roy; Garing. YaakUy Mildrad; ScotttbluH. Yoit. Larry; Framont. Yourq. Barbara; Omaha. Young. John; Rad Oak. la. Zabal. Loll; Cook. Zailinqar. Phyllij; Da»id City. lantnar. Lanora; Kansas City. Mo. Zorinsky, Esther; Omahj Zvaital, Milroy; Grand Island. P 1, rs o. 1 ,, Cp, C 9 " fl _ Page 151 $ c Frosh Hop Farmer ' s Fair BABW " Hello " Dance Coll-Agri. Fun Homecoming Huskerville Migration Union Activities Military Ball Mortar Board Ball NUCWA Co-ed Follies Inter-Fraternity Ball Penny Carnival Engineer ' s Week Ivy Day Farmer ' s Formal J ' JwAh, dhpL At the Frosh Hop this little group experiments with that new and different step: " Put your little foot right out. " Two eager couples get their requests In during intermission time — looks like there ' s a good one coming up! Dick Kuska, Susie Reed, and Janet Carr must be getting a big kick out of something that ' s going on In the Cob booth. Saturday night is party night for these frosh smoothies who are really whoopin ' it up at the Union. If their smiles are any indication, the 1949 Freshmen agree that their first big University dance Is a ter- rific one. Poqc 154 J ahmsihA. ' J ' jCUA, Mavis Musgrave, Goddess of Ag- riculture and Max Rogers, Whisker King. He ' s on for now and riding high, but Lavern Popken is heading for a fall as he tries to stay on the bucking Smokey. I Ride ' em, cowboy! As a preview to the after- noon ' s entertainment, an all-Ag College parade trots down O Street. Nancy Sayre is a little tired after dragging a calf to second place in the Co-ed Calf-Catching Contest. What goes up must come down, the old saying goes, and this rider seems to be going all-out to prove that fact. Ronao II (k Poqe 155 The identity of Hattie Mann, 1949 " Hello Girl, " is revealed to an expectant audience while her prede- cessor, Jean Blaha, stands by. Whether it ' s a rhumba or a two-step, this couple seems to be having a wonderful time at the annual " hiello " Dance. TP-r mi i 1 ,, • " Ksdlo " (DanoL Left: hiattie carries out her title well as she walks ' round campus, greeting everyone with her usual friendly " Hi! " Lower left: That " sitting-on-top-of-the-world " look on Dick Miller ' s face shows that he is justly proud of his pinmate. Below: Hattie gives the cameraman her vivacious smiles as she pauses for a moment before her pre- sentation at the Union. Page 156 It • •■ Agri-Fun Board is back in its favorite haunt again — the corner booth rn the Dell. The girls of Love Hall are on their way to win the top skit award with their hilarious presentation of " Exam Week. " ColL- Right: Professor " Paddy Pedal-Pusher " exhibits a ■ ' different " type of music in the first place YMCA curtain act. Below left: The Alpha Gamma Rho second place skit, " Missiori Bait, " tells of the evils that lurk be- hind those swinging doors. Below right: Three old maids from Lynn are out hunting for a man — any man — in the second place YWCA curtain act. Above left: Climaxing the dance, 1949 Pep Queen Shirley Allen receives her crown fronn her royal predecessor, Mary hielen Mallory. Above right: As Fiji Islanders, the Phi Ganns win first place in the Homecoming parade with their " Eat ' em Alive " slogan. Jiomjijcominj Shirley Allen, Homecoming Queen First-place winner, " Gonna Wash Those Hawks Right Out of Our Hair, " is number one on the Gamma Phis ' hit parade. The Sigma Nus are justly proud of their first-place house display centered (obviously) on a " Give ' em Heir theme. Paqe 1SS - ' ».,.. Above: At last, the freshmen happily fling aside their beanies after defeating the sophomores in the annual fug-of-war. Above: If pep and spirit are Lcnioyi. u ,, y . cheerleaders are responsible for the epidemic of enthusiasm at this rally. ?{om£comm Below: As part of the weekend ceremonies, the Chancellor shows his gratitude to Ralph Mueller, donor of the Carillon tower. O Above: The traditional burning of the Jayhawk highlights the big rally on the eve of the K. U.- N. U. Homecoming game. Pa9 1S« " Oh, to be back in those carefree days! " yearns papa as he diliqently avoids the distraction of his fascinated son. It ' s been a long day for these busy students and their wives, so they take time out for an evening of bridge. diuAhsOwUlsL Left: As poor father laboriously studies on, the rest of the family raids the icebox for a little mid afternoon snack. Below left: While the little ones enjoy a day of play, their parents give thanks to Huskerville for its handy day-nursery. Below right: Although bed-making is not an enjoy- able extra-curricular activity, this lad is becoming most adept at the art! Page 160 . ' . ifd wiuitie bottles in hand, the Nebraska band starts to get In good spirits for the lowa-NebrasIca ganne. Caught in the act! Dick Kuska looks a trifle oo, prised as he ' s trapped with tools in hand — good slogan, Dick. TyiLfLcdwn, Right: " Down by the station, so early In the mor- ning " the N. U. cheerleaders start pepping up that ole migration spirit. Below (eft: In the club car Jan Schweser and Paul Pumphrey take time out for the small pause that refreshes — tasty, huh? Below right: Party, party! Jo LIsher and this " happy " group of Cobs must be having a terrific time. What joke was it, fellas? Pa9r Ul SJbuudsmL linjuDiL CkiiviJdDA. 1 m »or Many countries were represented by the Univer- sity of Nebraska foreign students who attended the annual Friendship dinner. Left: At the Dads ' Day Luncheon, the proud fathers of the team look mighty solemn before the Nebraska-Oklahoma game. Below left: Marv Grimm plots the football plays for spectators who are enjoying the comfort of the lounge to hear the game. Below right: No, these aren ' t pre-meds in search ot tonsils — they ' re just some students examining Halloween decorations. Poqe U2 It ' s a Dira, IT i a turkey, it ' s the " Turkey Trot — and quite a dance! Take a look at the handsome door prize. SimdsunL %imjon, ChdtwiiisiA, With best hands forward, th:s ccup.e gst. ta.T.ped for the football dance — another event sponsored by the Union. 1 ■ 5 ■■ 1 W l«l .i. " H k w Above: It s a dance at the Student Union, and look at the party-goers! That ' s a mighty serious talk going on in the foreground. A big game ' s In full swing at the Ag Union, and everybody ' s working hard to get that last number for a bingo! A Christmas tree, an Interesting magazine, and a chat with an old friend make the Ag lounge a fa- vorite meeting place. Pag 163 • M » ScdL Below: Sharing the evening limelight is the honorea guest and sister of the late General Pershing, Miss Mae Pershing, who congratulates hlonorary Com- mandant Pat Berge. That smile on Tony Pastor ' s face shows that he en- joys playing his music for the dancers as much as they like dancin ' to it. Center: Looks a bit crowded down there! Some trip the light fantastic, while others lend an ear to the strains of Pastor ' s music. Pat Berge Honorary Commandant All salute Pat Berge, 1949 hHonorary Commandant, as she is escorted by Bill Mook, president of the Candidate Officers ' Association. Poqc 164 (BoahiL (Ball During intermission Jimmy Dorsey takes time out talk with some ardent music fans and to give ' em his autograph. With corsages on lapels and smiles on faces, these two men and their dates rest for the next dance that ' s coming up. On board for the Mortar Board Ball are the 1949 Eligible Bachelors: Bob Sims, Keith O ' Bannon, Ajon Farber, Bill Brinkman, Buss White- head, Don Bloom, Chuck Widmaier, and Tom Donohoe. Don ' t let ' em get away, girls, These two gals really have their men in tow as they escort them with ball and chain. Poqe us Sue Allen and the steering committee will have many long and tedi- ous hours of planning to tackle before the University of Nebraska Council of World Affairs gets underv ay. TlohJiaiJui, lAnivsA iJj Students catch up on the United Nations at a series of Union movies, while M. J. Meiick recovers a stitch as lights come on between films. Although the conference participants find their work interesting, they are faced with many per- plexing problems on the agenda for the March session. Board members discuss a current resolution before Congress in preparing a discussion for their next mass-meeting. Plans are underway for the cc Sue Allen and her board members pause a minute to let the photographer break in to the meeting. Page 166 r ' The big moment of the evening arri. -t Carr steps from behind the " Special Edition " and is revealed as Typical Nebraska Coed of 1950. Delta Gammas Ann Crawford, Marge Arendt, and Marilyn Vingers, dance away to Dreamland in their first place Coed Follies sicit, " Destination Dream- land. " 0:!owlng rne rraoi ' cna ' ru ' e-; ot me Follies, rnese two " lovelies " are courteously (?) escorted out the front door during the show. Pofc 167 The knee-slapping antics of Tambo, M. ' . Bonei, and a showboat chorus line add up to the winning Kappa Kappa Gamma curtain act, " Southern Syn- copation. " " Oh, you mean me? " asks one startled imposter, as an A.W.S. member politely encourages him to go elsewhere for his evening ' s entertainment. Nancy Dixon Inter-Fraternity Ball Sweetheart The music of Al Hudson seems to have set the mood — and it ' s a gay one — at Cotner Terrace. Leo Geier, president of the Inter-Fraternity Council, plays host to a group of party-goers at the dinner before the dance. (Bail 1950 Ball finalists are, left to right: M. J. Rooney, Poochie Rediger, Sue Samuelson, Joan Noble, Nancy Dixon, and Dottie Senften. Page 168 Above: Alpha Phis take first place at Penny Carni- val with their " Phi Gum " Booth. ' Just a drop of the coin, and a cutie conies sliding out of the machine. QahnwaL Below: " Why not test your luck at our booth, " cry the Gamma Phis, who tie for third place. Fish- ing proves to be an all-around sport for everyone. Above: Don ' t scream — it ' s only the Dragon Booth of the Chi Omegas, who win second place This lad is a victim of spider-webs and mystery. Below: Tying for third place, the Alpha Xis find that many N. U. men are quite skilliul with the lasso — quite a far cry from the old days, huh? Pa9e Uf Q engine College IsFullofNoliegc S o Bring Your Spouse To Open House Come one — come an! This poster, complete with the insignia of each department, invites specta- tors to the big opening. jnipjnsisihAl {jJssJl Dean Green and the student chairman arrange last- minute details for one of the most important events of the engineers ' year. Below: Departmental chairmen discuss a few of the major headaches which confront them during the laying of final plans. Above: " Two heads are better than one! " These committee heads firmly believe that expression as they join ideas and discuss procedures. Paqe 170 ■■■■■■■■■■■P Above left: Among their accomplishments, chemi- cal engineers list the ability to make their own glassware. Find your prospectlves, girls. Above right: Careful planning and construction fulfills the architectural display of a modern home. You, too, may live in this someday! Lower right: Attention, all " farmers of tomorrow! ' Ag students exhibit the most-recently-improved de- signs tor new tarm equipment. Upper right: Just watch the wheels go round — on the machine, that is. Among the displays were ex- hibits of lab equipment. Below: This even beats the hydrogen bomb. High school students are intrigued by a " mechanical man. " He walks — he talks — and he ' s almost human. Pogc 171 (jJbsJl At the banquet climaxing the big week, Dean Green receives the Signna Tau nnemorial plaque on behalf of the Engineering College. Below: The Chem. Engineers rise to new heights with the development of their sensational new bubble gum machine. All kiddies get free samples. Above: An engineering student explains the comp- icated mechanism of a modern automobile chassis to his bewildered audience. Below: Displaying the work of architects who plan our future buildings, the theme of this poster is, " Today ' s dream becomes tomorrow ' s reality. " Poqe 172 he conte.t between the six engineering depart- ments finally ends as Al Scheideler accepts the award for the Electrical Engineers. To the music of Johnny Cox. 226 engineers and their dates dance in the Student Union Ballroom at the finale of Engineers ' week. Right: After the open house and convocation, the engineering group picnics at Pioneer Park where Field Day events get underway. Lower right: Picnic activities Include sack races, a tug-of-war, soft ball, and the egg throwing contest. He looks a little worried, huh? Left: As champion of the sports evenls, Duane Morin receives the Field Day Award for the Chem. Engineers from chairman, Meno Wilhelms. Pofle 173 Beneath the spreading oak tree, Lynn Hutton ' s looking mighty solemn as he delivers that Ivy Day oration. That ' s Patsy Gaddis. really reaching as she pull those Theta ' s to first place inter-sorority sing honors. dvi (Djcuf Left: As her happy smile indicates, it ' s a big mo- ment for the 1949 Ivy Day Queen, Betty Aasen, as she sits, newly-revealed. Each year Ivy Day brings forth a bevy of beauty and brains, and this year the court displays a pic- ture of true reqalitv. A r Dressed in Cossack garb to really put them into the ol ' spirit, the D. Us sing out v ith " Meadowlands " to take winning laurels. Page 174 After a morning ' s waiting period of suspense and excitennent, fourteen Junior women find themselves new Mortar Boards. Photographers swarm even to trees for Ivy Day snaps. Here, Bill Leroy, boy acrobat, prepares foi a goodie. Looking mighty happy, Roz Howard flashes a big grin as he looks down ' n examines that brand new Innocent baldric. He ' s up: he ' s down; he ' s a new Innocent! And with a terrific lunge and tackle, another wheel hits the dust. Pa9« 175 Swen Monson, Farmers ' Forma! Queen of 1949. J cVimsiJibu ' JohmoL Above: Even cornstalks and a throne of hay be- come glamorous as a setting for the royal court of the Farmers ' Formal. Right: Why so glum, chum? It ' s harvest time and time to smile. Mary Lou Beran ' s friends shov her how to reap a grin. Above left: Hang on! Down the chute you go, feet first. What better way Is there to enter the dance floor and join the fun. Above right: Trying to stir up a little business, these Ag College boys and girls create quite a sensation In city circles. J ■i tvv Paqe 176 ea Six girls, outstanding in all details of appear- ance, were chosen to be the 1950 Cornhusker Beauty Queens by Henry Fonda, screen and stage star. The selection was made after repre- sentatives from Lincoln clothing stores had named twelve finalists from 52 candidates. Pa«( 171 QohnkuLAksA, QoWtL MiSS MARILYN BERGm Kappa Alpha Theta N .li i NANCY DIXON Alpha Chi Omega MiSb JEAN JEFFERlEb Kappa Alpha Theta MISS JOAN PEDEN Gamma Phi Beta ■vliSS VIRGINIA TAYLOR Delta Gamma Po je 179 (hi Omix.a faqe 1B0 I ' JJ 11 n UUeMter Alpha Chi Omtca Poqe 181 UJ anet i kampine Dn.TA Gamma Poqe 182 JJ J Iiiririi LjeJ Siner Delta Delta Delta Paqc 183 J ue S aynueUi Kappa Kappa Gamma Paqe 184 .5.5 _Atnii J tci ' cn Son Pi Beta Phi Poqe 185 " " CVU- : Aci Publications Service Groups Orchestra Masquers Band Theater Singers QohnhuAksih. No more waiting ' til after exams for the yearbook! The 1950 Corn- husker, with Editor John and Business Manager Bud as directors, hit the presses in time to reach students be- fore school ended, re-establishing SiX almost-forgotten tradition. Another innovation was the crea- tion OT two new posts, panel editor and copy-readers, both of which saved the staff ' s time and tempers (and the Pub. Board ' s money). The staff speaks, " It ' s been great fun, but we ' re sure glad its over! ' S s John Connelly Editor-in-Chief Dick Kuska Photography Editor Harold Gerhart Business Manager Poqe 188 Betty Green Managing Editor Joel Bailey Panel Editor Kathryn Swanson Managing Editor Jo Ann Lisher Layoul Editor Nancy Porter Managing Editor Sally Holmes Assistant Panel Editor Poqr 1S9 Mardelle Buss Assistant Business Manager Jack Barnhart Assistant Business Manager Beverly Larson Organization Head Although slightly outnumbered, these girls live up to the belief tha women can be as good business assistants as their male competitors. Marilyn VIngers Class Head Dick Bllllg Government Head Bob Gangel Sports Matt Japp Fraternity Head Sarah Fulton Sorority Head PoqB 190 Don Bloom Sports Jackie Sorenson Military Head Jeanne Stockstill Student Scene Head Pat O ' Brien Activities Head Jackie Hos., Arts-Religion Head " All out for activities — the Cornhusker needs you! " is the theme of this performance for the first AWS Freshman Orientation course. Famous quotation from Betty Green: " I ' ve got to clean this desk someday! " As usual, she ' s searching with a frenzied expression for her copy pencil. Bill Hunter George Turner Head Photographer Photographer Bob Duis Don Hamme! Photographer Photographer Paqe 191 Mary Sidner Jan Champine Marilyn Clark Senior Class Head Sophomore Class Head Freshman Class Head Paul Pumphrey Ag Activities Head Sally Rothenberger Index Head Bev Smith Copy Reader Nancy Porter and Betty Green relax for a while and eavesdrop on Tish Swanson ' s phone call. Naughty, naughty, girls! Pat Bechan Copy Reader Although they are never around when they are needed most, future staff members do a large part of the filing and typing for the managing editors. Page 192 Bud Gerhart- reports to John Connelly that the fi nancial status of the Cornhusker is well under cc trol. Good deal! Jeanne Stockstill, Pat O ' Brien and Dick Kuska take over the editor ' s office during one of his rare, bu- well deserved, absences. You can ' t work all the time. Even Santa Claus. with his pack full of presents, appears at the annual Christmas party. There ' s nothing like a new office to pick up one ' ; spirits. If you ' re in doubt, just ask Joel Bailey and Sally Holmes. Tom Johnson Sports Clo Ann Kaul Marli Mooberry Harris Carnaby Ann Lueder Assistant Military Head Houses and Halls Head Assistant Photgraphy Assistant Panel Editor Editor Paqr 19] U. of N. CtfXn Q u N U ZO Pag 194 Staff members work frantically — (oops, wrong cap- tion!) After a hard day at the office, everyone takes a small break. As A. orandishes his scissors gleeiuny. ifie leii l ' ihe staff registers horror at the first issue. (Hey. it ' s i wn, Tull ' . ' .•- " N ' i Jifll juiirvdn fog» 1»5 First Semester Managing Editor Bill Dugan Louis " Dutch " Meyers Second Semester Managing Editor Second Semester Managing Editor Alan " Cub " Clem Editor-in-Chief, First Semester Fritz Simpson Editor-in-Chief, Second Semester CDaihj. TbibhcuJuuL Lead the story about the return of pre-war size fo The Daily Nebraskan. Gone q,vq the days of the tabloid, whose only claim was that it could be easily read behind a book. Fit to space the extra sports coverage, more reports on student scene and campus activities, coverage of meetings and faculty doings. Follow copy on the " Rag ' s " first semester award to Tom Novak for outstanding achievement; on the second semester campaign against cheating and the exam system which has made it both possible and popular. Check the source of student agitation for an addition to the Union. Count the headlines that plug the need for more space and enlarged food facilities. Get the scoop on fifty years at dear old Ne- braska from the big anniversary edition, which celebrated the " Rag ' s " own birthday. Also find out the straight story on Student Council meetings from the paper ' s full coverage. Feature the photo record of the year ' s famous people — from queens and calendar girls through football heroes and convocation speakers. Give a byline to the flock of new reporters who were first exposed to printer ' s ink and type lice. It ' s worth a seven-column banner if the " Rag ' reports have set you thinking about school improve- ments. ' Write " 30 " on your story of the year ' s big achievements, and rush to get It Into type. It ' s news! Susan Reed Managing Editor, First Semester Associate Editor, Second Semester Poqe 196 First semestei (. :. editors Jerry Ewing, Poochie Redlger, Bruce Kennedy. Gene Berg and Norma Chubbuck fnish writing stories in ' ime for Bruce to take the copy down to the Journal. Gene Berg Bruce Kennedy First Semester News Editor First Semester News Editor Second Semester Managing Editor Second Semester Managing Editor Jerry Warren First Semester Sports Editor Second Semester News Editor Kimon Karabatsos Second Semester Sports Editor Arlen Beam First Semester Ag Editor Poijt 197 Jean Fenster First Semester Society Editor Second Semester Ag Editor Pat WIedman Second Semester Society Editor Emily Heine Second Semester Feature Editor Second semester news editors Kent Axtell, Jerry Warren, Poochie Redlger, and Norma Chubbuck correct copy and write headlines for tomorrow ' s issue. Kimon Karabatsos explains the art of writing a good sports story to Knox Jones, while Poochie Rediger gives her strict attention to a feature. Assignments take reporters Joan Krueger, Kent Ax- tell, Betty Dee Weaver and Don Bryant to every nook and crnny on the campus. HUK Bruce Kennedy asks Fritz Simpson and Susie Reed for their criticism of the lead story that will appear in the first edition. Paqc 1?8 Keith O Bannon Business Manager Jack Cohen Ted Randolph Chuck Burnneister Assistan t Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Wendy Gauger Circulation Manager r-% ! Five heads are better than one. and these five put their heads together on the facts, figures, and news of the Daily Nebraskan. Poqc m The complex operation of the Student Union is the subject of Betty Dee Weaver ' s interview with Director Duane Lake. Few people can accomplish ob much in such a short time as these " gotta meet that deadline " staff members. Reporters may come and reporters may go, but Night News Editor, Poochie Rediger, works on into the darkness. Page 200 Sports, features, and pictures! Students read all this and human interest, too, in the " Only Daily publication For Students At The University of Ne- braska. " Circulation Manager, Wendy Gauger, beams hap- pily as he nears the end of his long line of " Rag " deliveries. As the presses pound in the background, Managing Editor Berg makes sure that no mistakes will appear in tomorrow morning ' s issue. Poqe 201 QohnhuAksA, ( ounJjupnatL Keith Frederickson Edilor-in Chief Mike Gustafson Managing Editor L- ■Ml K J m • [ s . i l w - ' k lui H jj Bun ..O ' :;: How ' s this for the next Issue? Staff members search every c orner of the Ag Campus for the best ma- terial for their magazine. Jean Fenster Home Ec Editor Tom Chilvers Circulation Manager Poqe 202 Another busy day is over, and Mike Gustafson, Jean Fenster, and Keith Frcdcrickson leave the scene of writing and editing. V A typical day at the Countryman office finds busy reporters gathering and preparing stories and cap- tions for the next month issue. With persuasion from Dicic Walsh. Photographer Grant Cornelius consents to take a place on the other side of the camera for a change. Page 203 Figures, balance sheets ana ledgers are a few oi the phases of the magazine that the business staff has to deal with. Temple Neumann General Manager Bill Splinter Editor-in-Chief Donnal Carlberg Business Manager TLoh uxAkcL S1ju£ pjiint NEBRASKA I • OCTOBER 1949 MEMITP ENG:N!;(:ring COI.LEC!: magazines ASSOCIATrD On Iku ti«e OMAHA STEEL ETHICS FOR ENGINEERS AUTOMOTIVE SUSPENSION Smiles of these faculty advisors indicate that the staff members have the copy for the next month issue well in order. Monthly publication of the Blue Print occupies all of the spare time of these engineering students, but the result is worth the effort. Paqe 204 5 t SL t DIRECTORY U n ' •■MMlfMrFllMii. ' JL t D A, Audrey Flood Editor-in-Chief Poqe 20S Just before the uu j y ucb to the presses. Jo Fickling directs the freshman workers in that last-min- ute check. Mickie Pike, house sales manager, checks in Mary Hubka ' s money, while Manager Bob Mosher bal- ances the books. Prexy Eugenie Sampson keeps mighty busy supervising Builders activities. Here, she gives the book her okay. All Directory work doesn ' t drive its staff members to a snake pit status. Is it really that nerve-wrack- ing, Gene. Bob Mosher Business Manager Bock row; N Benjdmin, H Vitek, C Burmelster, V Koch, J Willidms, N Porter, Front row: R Mosher, S Holmes, M Schroeder, E Sampion. G Berg, A Flood, P Campbell. lAnjUDSMiiij of TlshhaikkcL SmLobAA, It ' s hard to decide which section of Builders to sign up for, but Sally Johnson, M. J. Melick and Phyllis Campbell help freshmen decide. Several board members and officers pose for the photographer with their sponsor Miss Mary Mie- lenz. Just one smile — then back to work. Representing the four publications put out every year, publication heads group around Vice Presi- dent Gene Berg and receive a few words of advice. Eugenie Sampson President Paqr 20i The student contributions received i. , ■■ " • o board memberj are seni- to people in war-torn countries throughout the world. M£7 Ted Gunderson Director cut lAnwafiAjUs J unci There are more than twenty organizations on cannpus that ask you to buy, but there is only one that asks you to sacrifice — this is the All University Fund. The AUF Is a conn- bination of the World Student Service Fund and the Lincoln Community Chest. By sac- rificing once during an AUF drive, the stu- den t contributes to both charitable groups and saves digging Into his pocket more than once for charity. Surprise at the AUF auction! Who would mind buy- ing a box with secret contents if it always contained a prize like this? Serving In the Advisory Council are June Hornby, Mary Helen Mallory, Fritz Simpson, and Neil Atkin- son, who were previous members of the executive board? All work and no play during one of the biggest weeks of the year doesn ' t decrease the efficiency of these division heads. a rx Back row; P Pumphrey, F. Picard, B, Holthus, B, Parker, B Rogers, B Gerhart, B Olson, A. Beam. Second row: W. Gauger, A. Abramson, R, Rosenblatt. J Wilson, P Gaiter, H. Gloystern, D. Kuska, B, Kennedy. Front row: B, Sim. R. Pettijohn, J, Connelly, R. Lindwall. W. Baxter, W. Kohti, J. Dewulf. Co-sponsoring the homecoming dance, provid- ing service for the campus and rallying spirit for the teams keep the Corn Cobs and their workers busy all year long. Colonel E. J. Frankforter Sponsor fiflfkr This smiling lady displays the old Husker spirit by wearing the conventional carnation adorned with a red " N " . Help! Murder! Police! Bruce Kennedy encounters difficulties from fellow Cobs on the migration train. Paqe 208 Rod Lindwall and the efficient officers of the Gov- erning Council relax for the photographer. Look efficient, don ' t they? Rod Lindwall President John Connelly Vice President Rex Pettijohn Secretary Neal Baxter Treasurer Buy a Cornhusker? A diligent Cob attennpts to in- fluence two unsuspecting students with his sales ability. Majority always rules! What else can a guy do when confronted with buying an " N " flower for his best girl? Poqe 209 Back row: J. Fenster. S. Fulton, S. Ruff. P Judd, S Bjorklund, M. Lutz. R. Seidel. D Hyland, J Hoss, M. Buss. Fifth row: H. Mann, J. ZIomke, M. Vingers, P Pendray, B. Roland. B, Durland. J Wape, J Linn. P. Selbold, B Reed, M. Snnohk. Fourth row: J. Blaha, J, Raun, J. Ross, L, Larson, F, Crawford, N. Jensen. S. Alien, J, Stianer, M, Coupe Third row: J. Lisher, A. Westerhoff, M. Chace, R. Rauch. A, Augustine. M, Garrison, L. Zurovski, J, Bailey, M, Wilburn. Second row: M. Clark, S. Heffelfinger, D Irwin, B. Larsen, C. Hinderraker, R, Bergstraesser, N. Long, L Hersohn Front row: P. Campbell. S. Allen, J. Carr, J. Fairchild, K. Rapp, M. Kushner, S. Reed, J. McCau. «4 Miriam McGrew Sponsor JjoaahIa Always busy waving pom-poms at games, sell- ing tickets, Cornhuskers and Cornshucks, Tassels work efficiently as a pep and service organlza- " It ' s our rep to have pep. " Here, the Tassel song proves itself in the snniles of these efficient officers. " Buy one for me, Daddy! " That ' s a big sale for a little fellow, but young Husker fans just can ' t pass up those balloons. Paqe 210 The sunrise work of these girls gives halt-time enter- tainment for football fans. (The folding-up process is part of the " fun. " ) President Katie Rapp and secretary Janet Fairchild carry on official business at a weekly Monday night meeting. Everyone is doing it! Dol the sky with red and white after the first big touchdown — please buy a balloon from me? Don ' t miss the boat! Marilyn Vingers sells a Mortar Board Ball ticket to Mig Loomis wKilp a gloating male looks on. Paqe 211 Hail to the team! These vivacious Tassels are on their way to lend pep and spirit to a Cornhusker rally. Back row: B Hildebrand. M, Stadler, ft. Raun, T. Randolph, T Gunderson. T. Donchoe. Second row: B Rogers, R. Pettijohn, K. Jones, Jr., F. Jacobs, J Mills, J. Blankenship, A Schmidt, Front row: R Howard, L. Pfeiffer. R. Sim, J. Campbell, B. Axtell. Cob Sims President Jack Campbell Business Manager Kosmet Klub was organized in 1911 to " provide entertainment " for University students. Throughout the school year, the club sponsors three main activities: the Fall Revue, Spring Show, and Ivy Day Inter-So- rority and Inter-Fraternity Sings. It is at the Fall Revue, an all-male presentation, that the Nebraska Sweetheart and Prince Kos- met are presented. Two shadows appear; the audience holds Its breath; and Nebraska Sweetheart, Roxy Ellas and Prince Kosmet Don Bloom step proudly onto the stage. Paqr 212 Who will be Nebraska Sweetheart? Finalists Roxie Bias. Jan Coch- ran. Jeanne Stockstill, Torchie Rediger, Sa!ly Holmes, and M. J. Rooney await the news. E ' kPAIX Nebraska was never like this? Glamorous, lovely, gorgeous Phi Gams cavort about in their winning skit, " There ' s Something About Paree. " Slightly terrific is the " History of Music " as these Sigma Alpha Mu choristers sing their way to second place. Father Time makes a mad dash off stage in the third-place ZBT skit, " How Music Came to the Uni- versity of Nebraska. " Handsome and charming are the only words that describe the six men competing for the enviable tiile of Prince Kosmet. Page 2)3 lAnwsUi Iij OhjdksAiJia, Violin Aleta Snell Kathleen Forbes Norman Split+qerber Jeanet+e Hause James Stevenson Alice Saunders Jane Goeres Irene Roberts Pamela Kinne Helen Murray Elinor Flanagin Gayle Henlcel Marilyn Hammond Donald Prusia Ruthann Levine Eileen Oelrich Virginia Lovejoy John Schwartz Viola Roma Johnson Marilyn Harms Russell Norman Janet Clarlc Martha Christiansen Robert Webster Arthur Murphy Cello Janice Llljedahl Ruth Bergstraesser Richard Guy James Christiansen Kathleen Burt Jeanette Dolezal Carol Puckett Ba;s Marjorie S. Farmer Keith Stephenson Dale Read Barbara Gilmore Beth Willclns Harold HoUingshead Flute Miriam Wiiley William Wurtz Piccolo John Thompson Clarinet William Elllottt Robert Harrison John Berigan Oboe Colette Donaly Eugene Tedd Bassoon Marilyn Naca Robert Stepp Elburn Cooper Truntpet Dennis Rohrs Maria Marx - Don Engle Dean Dellinger Trombone Carroll Brown Alfred Zimmer John Thorin Tuba Leonard Henry French Horn Louise Miller Walt Cole Fred Vanosdall Kathryn Baker Joel Waddill Harp Bonnie Weddel Dixie Pettijohn Percussion Joanne Smith Kent Tiller Catherine Elliott Don Noble Librarian James Stevenson In a practice session for the first concert of the year, Director Wishnow puts orchestra nnembers through their paces. Twice a week without fall! Intense practice Is the most important requisite of the successful Univer- sity orchestra. Paqc 214 TkbAjOAhcL TyioAqiWiA, M. Whittalcer, Sponsor T. SHmfig R. Richmond J. Deibler C. Denton, President The Nebraska Masquers is a dramatic honorary and service organiza- tion, and is affiliated with the National Collegiate Players. Students may become eligible for membership upon earning fifty quality points through participation in theatre activities. The Nebraska Masquers sponsor a national playwriting contest, an annual theatre banquet, and a dramatic program during the course of each year. The organization also co-op- erates with the theatre staff In determining play se ' ection and student participation policies. The picture shows a part of the dramatic activities and the awards given at the annual banquet sponsored by the Nebraska Masquers. D. Williams, Sponsor M. Shanahan D. Sa F. Jacobs M. Thompson Poqc 215 M. Sigler J. Thornburg Precision marching , perfecting intricate formations and planning band day are just a few of the University Band ' s duties. Members are busy all year providing music at sports events and celebrations such as Ivy Day, to say nothing of presenting excellent concerts. Flutes Bill Wurtz Virginia Nordstrom Robert Rosenquist John Swartz Louise Cook Piccolo Mary Lou Phelps Oboes Collette Donley Eugene Tedd Clarinets Eldon Cooper Aaron Schmidt V illiam Elliott Chris Kuyatt Robert Duis Mary Tous Martin Crandall Carl Lohrey John Berigan Leo Schmidt Emily Heine Robert Harrison Edgar Tegtmeier Norman Strand Joan Albin Aria Mae Solfermoser John Krogh Ruth Kennedy Joan Hoyt Betty Brecic Betty Roessler Loren Loy Glen Wood Robert Sandstedt Don Crook Alto Clarinet Donald Korlneic Bass Clarinets Henry Deines Vaughn Jaenike Bassoons Warren Rasmussen Patricia Kaveney Kathryn Elliott Nalda Watson Alto Saxophones Joyce Smedley Arthur Becker Kent Axtell Theodore Svoboda Tenor Saxophones Robert Parker Don Duryea Bill Nuckolls Baritone Saxophone Orvid Owens Cornets Len Allen Marlin Killian William Splichal John Curtiss Charles Hynek Ed Wells Herman Larsen Robert Hinds Denny Schneider Lewis Forney Donald Lentz Director Paqe 21« : ■f ' :5| U Mr r i u4:i ' I -Ikl jv;? . ■. ' .■ ■ ' • ■ ■ -. ' : " -y Sy y j- ■.•■--..■. i - « ■ - ■ - - ■ . - • »A5k6 Vi Under the direction of the Nebraska Band, all out- state high school groups participate in the half- time entertainment of the Oklahoma game. In perfect formations befitting their music, band members display a drill in colorful harmony for each game day. These trombone players, under the direction of Mr. Don Lentz, are trained experts that are near per- fection. Intensive and faithful practice is necessary for the success of any group, and the Varsity Band is no exception to that rule. Page 217 I i Hwrary Producer finalists group around Siynio Chi and Kappa Delta winners, Tom Donohoe and Virginia Seacrest. The famous dramatic Street Scene from " Faust " s typical of the fine acting ability displayed by the actors in the drama. hiighlighting the University Theatre production of Johann von Goethe ' s " Faust " was the presentation of the Honorary Producers. Poqe 218 lii their respect,, " o? , uu..; u., . ' . ' cphlstoph- eles, Jack Wenstrand sells his soul to Dwighf Smith. Geoffrey tells Sally that he no longer loves her ir, u highly emotional scene from " The Two Mrs. Car- The second Mrs. Carroll ' s French maid, portrayed by Jan Kepner. tells Mrs. Carroll of her earlier caller, evidently an unwelcome one. This scene from the Experimental Theatre ' s " Home of the Brave " illustrates the tenseness of the drama. The dramatic focus of another scene from " The Two Mrs. Carroll ' s " is turned toward Cella. Page 2)9 Back row: G. Ldrsen, E Berq. K. Henkens. G. Wllcoi. M. Melick. Front row: L. Rodin, D. Nordgren, R. Mosher, A, Rosenbaum. M. Stark, A. Figge. Just three years old, Red Cross is now a successfully-established organization on campus. The value of the group is ex- emplified in a list of its services: sponsor- ship of Christmas parties and Easter egg hunts for orphanages, entertainment for the Vet hospital, and campus tours for the D. P. ' s. A new entertainment program for Veterans ' Hos- pital and other subjects are the topics of conver- sation to be discussed by the board. Audrey Rosenbaum President Poqe 220 led Cross members begin their Yuletide trip to lelp promote the Christmas spirit with their caroling. loard members M. J. Melick and Gloria Larson mswer questions as fast as prospective freshmen activity girls can ask them. urnishing instructors for the county water safety nd University life-saving programs are a few of the srvices performed by the Water Safety committee. Kenny Henlcins Is responsible for registering repre- sentatives fro m six midwest states to the con- vention this fall. qe 221 Back row: B- Swanson. D. ef, J. Wilson. Second row; A. Boswell, J. Fenster, S. Bjork- lund, M. Hoffmeister. N. Lions. Front row: L McDill. D. Knebcl, C A!he». D Flowerday. Although making plans for the annual Farmers ' Fair takes a lot of time and effort, the board comes through with flying colors. 3 A, JfL SL 1 ' CL JL A, (B o CL A, jcL Junior members, elected by the Ag campus stu- dents, pose in the Ag Union for the photographer. " Everybody smile at the birdie! " Senior members chat over the plans for the 1950 Farmers ' Fair. The main problems of the day center around the rodeo and barbecue programs. Poqc 222 JsikiiMflDlflBI L V SL A, A, JL L s m L iL A, A, First Sopranos Peggy Bayer Betfy Jane Breck Janet Clartc Donna Doran Sue Eastergard Catherine Elliott Carol Johnson Pat Larsen Nancy Lieber Marilyn Peterson Mary Phillip Joan Reynolds Marilyn Voorhees Catherine Worcester Second Sopranos Patricia Baldwin Jean Bauer Wlllistine Clark Dorothy Davis Marjorie Parmer Alice Harms Marlene Hill Norma Keuten Lois Laflin Jean Leisy Virginia Nordstrom Jeannette Schweser Beverly Shuman Virginia Taylor Erna Marie Trefz Jeanne Wood First Alfos Helen Anderson Eleanor Bancroft Mary Barton Bonita Blanchard Jeannette Dolezal Marilyn Harms Gwen McCormack Isabel Macklin Patricia Olson Elaine Putensen Irene Roberts Carmen Shepherd Mary Lou Sommer Second Altos Nancy Button Kathleen Clement Audrey Flood Sheila Grainger M. Jo Ann Hansen Myra Hauge Gretchen Hemlnger Margaret Kallhof Lois Nelson Marian Porath Mary Ann Randall Charlotte Rhoades Eugenia Samuelson Dorothy Teichert Rurh Troxell Dorothy Williams First Tenors Donald Carlyon JeHery Delton William French Harry Geisselman Calvin Gloor Marlin Klllion Robert Martell Stanley Meyer William Mundell Robert Parks Richard Ridgev ay Dennis Rohrs Edward Wells Second Tenors Holmes Ambrose William Elliott Frank Gorton Donald Jefferies Robert Mastin Rex Pettljohn Dale Scheer Aaron Schmidt Sterling Seaton Robert Wallace Donald Wallerstadt Baritones Edward Bender Marlon Cossand Lewis Forney Milton Grobeck Robert Heitkotter Melvin King Jack Learned Lloyd Lotspeich Charles McVay Robert Rosenqulst Neil Solomon Eugene Sundeen Edaar Toatmpler Basses Bruce Campbetl John Curtiss Dean Dellinger Ajon Farber Gordon Flood Charles Grafft Phillip Gustafson Donald Korinek John Korowacki Noal Miesbach Leiand Myhre Carl Scheffel John Schwartz James Thompson Clarence Wurdinger William Wurtz The Yuletide season ' s here, so members make plans to spread a little Christmas cheer on their campus caroling tour. And it ' s back to class again! Singin ' Singers begin the long climb upstairs to begin practice for an- other eventful year. At d Athletic Department Cheerleaders N Club Football Gymnastics Basketball Track Wrestling Swimming Baseball Golf Intramurals Mary Alice Dosek, Jan Champlne, Poochle Redlger, Marge Arendt, Judy Loder, and Roxie Ellas lead a yell down the steps of the Student Union. Marge Arendt and Yell king Frank Piccolo show the spirit that makes 1949-50 the greatest of all rally years. QhsisijdsijDidiUi u Coach Glassford predicts a 20- 1 3 victory over Colorado — pretty close, Bill. Piccolo, and Jensen, hlutton, Kehl, and Paulson take five as the gals give with " Huskers Fight. " Poge 226 CWiLdixi. (DspWiimsinL George " Potsy ' Clark has the responsible task of heading and directing all Cornhusker athletics. Above left: L. F. " Pop " Klein assists Director Clark and is director of concessions and programs. Above right: A. J. LewandowskI has the strenuous job of trying to seat the over-capacity crowds. Tne wo ' " ; ot Puoiicity Director John S. Bentiv, n a good reason why attendance records are broken. Pag 227 (jJsjoUtsuiA, o ihsL (Jajo l 7L Nlclt Adduci, Football Esref Aydin, Track Norval Barker, Track Don Barry, Basketball Art Bauer, Football Richard Bell, Swimming Robert Berkshire, Track Dil Blatchford, Baseball Don Bloom, Football Floyd Boker, Wrestling Owen Bralnard, Track William Brandt, Rifle Joe Brown, Basketball Ken Brown, Wrestling Jack Bryant, Football Bill Buchanan, Football Duane Burkey, Football Jack Burley, Track Tracy Busch, Football Jack Cady, Tennis Robert Camp, Baseball Jack Campbell. Swimming Louis Caniglia, Wrestling Bill Case, Swimming Henry Cech, Basketball Robert Cerv, Basketball, Baseball Ron Clark, Football Frank Collopy, Football Tom Cook, Basketball Don Cooper, Track Robert Costello, Football Ed Craren, Swimming Harlan Culwell, Track Jamie Curran, Tennis Ralph Damkroger, Football Bill Denkor, Baseball Robert Devlney, Football John Dierks, Football Mike DiBiase, Football, Wrestling Al Dunavan, Gymnastics Gerald Ferguson, Football Alex Fink. Football Kenneth Fischer, Football Steve Flansburg, Golf Gail Gade, Football Leo Geier, Gymnastics Harold Gilliland, Wrestling EIroy Gloystein, Baseball James Godfrey. Football Fred Golan. Football Richard Goeglein. Football Bill Greer. Swimming Marvin Grimm. Swimming Robert Grogan, Baseball Bob Hahn. Basketball Tom Harley. Swimming Fred Hawkins. Football Don Hays. Baseball Hobart Hays. Baseball Jack Hazen. Football Jack Helmsing. Baseball George Hill. Swimming Jim Hornby. Football Art Hillman. Gymnastics Rex Hoy. Football William Hull. Swimming Loyal Hurlbert. Track Al Johnson, Wrestling Richard Hutton. Football, Track Ted Kanamine. Swimming Paul Kipper, Football Harold Kopf, Track Leonard Kehl, Track Anton Lawry. Basketball Norman Loch. Football Clyde Luther, Baseball Bill Maxe, Football Jim McConnell, Track Tom McGeachin, Track Joe Malecek, Basketball Ray Magsamen, Football, Tra Jim Martin, Track Stan Martin, Track Arden Means, Football Harry Meginnis, Track, Football Richard Meissner. Track William Miller, Football Bill Moomey, Football, Track Warren Monson, Track William Mueller, Football Robert Mullen, Football Fran Nagle, Football Tom Novak, Football, Baseball Roger O ' Donnell, Baseball Robert Patton, Football Bob Phelps. Swimming Richard Piderit. Track Bob Pierce, Basketball Harlan Powley, Baseball Ed Racely, Football Ted Randolph, Track Herb Reese, Football, Wrestling Dick Regier, Football Mack Robinson, Football Frank Rubino, Baseball Bob Russell, Wrestling Don Sailors. Football Darwin Salestrom. Football Richard Schleiger. Basketball Earl Schneider. Wrestling Wayne Sees, Track Paul Shields, Basketball Richard Short, Football Frank Simon, Football Bill Sloan, Football Mickey Sparano, Wrestling Walt Spellman, Football Don Stacy, Basketball Richard Srb, Basketball Don Strashelm, Wrestling Jim Stuart, Rifle Jack Tamai, Wrestling Jim Taylor, Football Charles Toogood, Football Don Vollertson, Track Milt Whitehead, Basketball Del WIegand, Football Robert Yambor, Wrestling Richard Yost, Football Phil Young, Football For many years the wearers of the Iron " N " have formed one of the most outstanding and honored organizations on the campus. Being a varsity letter winner has been, and will always be, a coveted goal. The traditions and principles set down by the Iron Men of years gone by make the " N " Club an organization to be respected. Page 228 Bill " Rocky " Mueller President 71 Chd Officers Henry Cech, Bill Mueller. Fred Golan, Dick Srb, and Bob Berksnire gather around the conference table with Track Coach Ed Weir. Ib., Left: Swimmer Bill Greer, caught during initiation week, is one of the 33 new members. J Right: Captain Tom Novak leads the way through the " N " Club spirit line. .£ !t» ' .r. Page 22? {BsihimL ihjL ,Scc t£4. The Cornhusker varsity coaching staff: kneeling, Head Coach Bill Slassford: standing, left to right. Marvin Franklin, end coach: Jim Deangelis, backfield coach: Bob Davis, backfield coach. Bill Glassford Head Football Coach Left: Student Managers for 1949-50 are, left to right: Bob Osborne, Dave Noble, Larry Franzen, Bob Tritsch, John Dierks, and Hugh Williams. Right: Head Trainer Blaine Rideout, on the right, and his assistants smooth out those sore muscles after hard workouts. Paqe 230 J ' waPl J ' OoiJbalL T- " ■ » ' 1 ' T . " Ti — f f T rs - r =o :i - «„■ . en: ' = - " - ' ' ' ' rr, 2 a - O o ' ' ' ? - ' - c •i W -. • -, t;- - • f ' -- . E - .4 O: « " r» " ' f p. ...- . o K " n- :X .- ' V f tf ■ ■ It ' X ' Back row: Miller. Peterson. Crabtree. Schneider, Vogle, Reynolds, HandshY, Andtrton, Menion, Carney, Harper. Seventh row: Ostdick. Kroenke, Winey, Brasee, Stanqe. Lamb, Kreycek. Scott, Sinclair, Gable. Moloneui. Slith row: Lundsgaard, Thibault. Boll, Levenduiky, Heacoi, Smith, Curt its, Meston. Close, Diers. Lorenz. Baker. Fifth row: Thode, Kussman, Ounn, Johnette, Younqquist, Paynich, Hueneke. Hann, Grimm. Hanson, Norton, Me- burn, Micek. Fourth row: Lear, Hodder, Benda. Greer, Mumby, Karges, Mutz, Fader, WaMIck, Rice. Choyee, Goll. Third row: Colson, Pickering, Carlson, Ladds, Gerlach, Naab, Marshall, Kiefus. Schroeder. Felne, Dinklage. Second row: Hamman, McBrlde, Henniger, Rifenbark. Lehmann, Moran, Prochaska. Osborne, Connor, Barchus. Front row: Wait, asst. trainer; Barger, trainer; Lerk. coach; Young, coach; CoHopy, coach; Janetos, coach; Prochaska, coach; Miller, coach; Hanscom, head coach. Left: Quarterbacks Heacox. Reynolds, and Lehrman and centers Scott. Rifenbarlc. and Soil will help run the T In future years. ■h%%mp ' Right: A full team of all-staters forms the nucleus of a great freshman squad. In a practice session they get set for the varsity freshman game. Page 231 TbbAoAkjcL 33 SouiL 0akoicL 6 First Downs Rushing — Passing Penalties U.N. .. 22 ..151 . 6 _ I .. 67 ..416 .. 45 ..371 Rushing (No. of Rushes) No. yds. gained No. yds. lost Net yds. gained Forward Passing No. Attempted 22 No. completed „ 8 No. had intercepted 2 Net gained 114 Total net yards gained 485 unts (No.) Average yds. Had blocked Interceptions (Returns) Yards Returned Fumbles (No.) Ball lost . Penalties (No.) ... Yds. Penalized S.D. 3 I 2 27 56 4 52 7 3 2 50 102 ? 40.3 2 I I 5 35 Under their new mentor, William Glassford, the Scarlet and Cream opened its season by taking early command of a hard- charging South Dakota eleven for a 33 to 6 conquest at Memorial Stadium. Scoring the first touchdown of the season was Don Bloom on a 9-yard jaunt, and later he added his second T.D. with a 7-yard sprint off tackle. Gerry Ferguson performed a spectacular 55-yard run, and Ray Magsamen also scored, via an aerial from quarterback Del Wiegand. hHigh-lighting the game was Ardie Means ' intercep- tion and fleet running for a 24-yard touchdown dash. Ted " Golden Toe " Britt converted three out of five times. f " Creo ' rtoort A Creo ' ' or Page 232 ThbhoAkcL 6 TyUnmADicL 2S W was a highly-favored Minnesota eleven which Invaded Hus- kerland with scents of roses from the Golden West. For sixty minutes, the Cornhuskers waged a fierce battle, only to be over- powered by greater weight and more material. The Gophers be- hind Tonomaker and Nomellini defeated the Huskers, 28 to 6; however, Nebraska had many bright spots in the game. The of- fensive passing of Fran Nagle connected with four out of four, with big Ralph Damkroger on the receiving end of an 80-yard touchdown march. Although out-weighed and out-manned. Glass- ford ' s squad played savage ball, such as Nebraskans had not seen for a decade In Memorial Stadium. Firtt Downt Ruihinq (No of Ruihct) N ■ Forward Pd»ing No. oftempted No. completed No. had tnfflrcopted Net gained Total net yardi gained Punli (No.) H,V3 tloclcd Interceptions (Raturni) Fu- tr: (N-J ! 8ai: :c-.t Panalliat (No.) Yd . Penalized 3a 48 22 12 2 194 206 B 30.9 ? 1 1 i 47 249 17 232 IS 8 3 97 329 S 29.9 7 33 3 2 10 M " ' on JT gOoW ° ' five ° . ' :nnl ' sk. ■y-rd C ' ° ' -. .s irne Page 233 TkbAjoAkjCL 13 JijarUiiUL. SicdjL 6 UN. K. State First Downs Rushing - Passing 8 8 13 12 1 Rushing (No. of Rushes) No. yds. gained No. yds. lost . Net yds. gained 50 236 9 107 52 202 158 Forward Passing No. attempted No. conipleted No. had intercepted Net gained 8 2 25 9 2 5 24 Total net yards gained 232 182 Punts (No.) AvOrJOC yd--. Had blocked 9 23.1 1 6 36 Interceptions [Returns) Yards Returned Fumbles (No.) Ball lost 5 67 Penalties (No.) Yds. Penalized 14 90 9 55 Only a few seconds after the kickoff, Ron Clark gathered in the ball and raced 100 yards for the opening counter. Rich Yost ' s conversion proved to be the winning point. The stands settled back for what they though would be a Wildcat rout, but they witnessed a tremendous battle that waged for the next twenty- eight minutes. Finally, Fran Nagle hit end Bob Schneider with a perfect bullet. Bob escaped three defenders to make N.U. ' s second and clinching touchdow n. Yost ' s conversion try was wide. Kansas State came back strong in the second half but could muster only one T.D., thus the game ended, I 3 to 6. ,s - ' % ton Of J,,, Kansas atf:p-- ' Poge 234 ThbAoAkcL 7 fiimnAiflvajiijcL StctbL 22 ' Twas a sad day in Huskerland when the NIttany Lions of Penn State crushed Nebraska, 22 to 7, at State College. The hluskers were completely out-classed with the exception of one well-exe- cuted play. Again, it was Ron Clark on a stupendous 82-yard punt return. Credit goes, too, to the excellent blocking that added a bright spot to the disnnal afternoon. Penn State scored on a series of short plays to build up an early I 3 to lead. Then Clark un- leased his brilliant run, but honors were over for the Huskers. A touchback and an intercepted pass set up the rest of the Lions ' scoring. U N P«nn Slate Firil Oownt 4 Rujh.nq (■-,.■.. " T 1 4 P.-, , , 1 1 KuiKinq (No of Ruthat) 3$ M i - i 81 77S 76 i 8 2 7 For» rd i. No. a ' - 17 18 No. cc J 10 No. had r -j .;j. ' tJ 4 3 Net gained 10 81 Total nat yardi g«tn«d IS 348 Punli (No.) 8 i Average vd-.. M.4 783 Had biocled Intarcopfiont (Roturni) 3 4 Ya ' dl Retufned t 6S F.-i ' -, ;n. ■ 2 3 3, I • 3 Penalliti (No. 8 5 Ydi. Penalized 0 45 the , Passes °nd „ ' pill in J ' AVet ° ' ret,,..- Pogc 235 TkbAoAkcL OklahomcL S First Downs Rushing _ Passing .... Penalties ... Rushing (No. of Rushes) No. yds. gained No. yds. lost Net yds. gained . Forward Passing No. attempted . No. completed . No. had interceptc : Net gained Total net yards gained . Punts (No.) Average yds Had blocked Interceptions (Returns) . Yards Returned .. Fumbles (No.) Ball lost Penalties (No.) . Yds. Penalized U.N. 6 •! I I 38 83 79 4 12 5 34 38 1 I 38.6 I I 6 50 Okld. 13 II I I 58 465 29 437 7 3 35 471 4 39 I The stands were packed, and the ringing echo of the na- tional anthem was still in the crowd ' s ears. The whistle was blown, the ball was kicked, and Nebraska played Oklahoma to a stand- still for the first quarter. In fact, the Huskers penetrated deep into Sooner territory, and it seemed that they would score. Then it happened! An untimely fumble, caught in mid-air and returned to N.U. ' s 20, set the stage for the Sooners. This was the fuel they had been waiting for. By the end of the game, Oklahoma had run the score up to 48 to for Nebraska ' s worst defeat between the two great rivals. It was a sad day for the Cornhuskers. •t4o ' .bu -« ' a ci - Poqe 236 TlebAoAkcL 20 WiAAoiod. 21 Missouri took early command on the Columbia field and marched 72 yards for a 7 to lead, thus setting the stage for the offensive battle the hHuskers awaited. Bloom and Mueller led the ground attack with Nagle scoring twice on quarterback sneaks. Yost split the bars one for two, and the half ended 13 to 7. In the third quarter, Rocky Mueller outraced the Missouri sec- ondary for a 48-yard touchdown dash. Yost converted, and N.U. led 20 to 7. A powerful drive netted Missouri 7 more points. Four plays later, another touchdown tied the score. The Tigers con- verted to end the Husker ' s mighty dream of an upset. Firit Downi U N Mo. 14 e 6 v 174 12 162 17 8 j J 1 2 C 4 Ruining , Pai ' .inq , Rushing (No of ftuthtt N 49 201 17 u- iSt Forward PdVlinq No. dtt " (V J No. compiel ; -i No. hod intercepted Net gained . 1, 1 10 Total not yardi gained Punft No. Average ydi. . l«6 Had blocked Intarcaptlont (ftaturnt) Yard! Returned Fu-nble-. (No Ball lo ' .t . 2 Panalliat (No.) 6 Ydi. Penaliied 40 P ' ay, usier-s T ' r pass ? " ' ' f hh " " ' ' ' eslX; P fhe Page 237 TbibhaikkcL 13 J{an aA. lA, 27 First Downs Kushing Passing Penalties Rushing (No. of Rushes) No. yds. gained No. yds. lost Net vds. gained Forward Passing No. attempted No. completed . No. had interceptc ] Net gained . Total net yards gained Punts (No.) Average yds. ._ Had blocked Interceptions (Returns) Yards Returned .. Fumbles (No.) ... Ball Lost Penalties (No. Ydi. Penalized U.N. Kans. U II 8 9 6 2 2 60 47 257 192 45 24 212 168 16 15 4 6 1 2 176 76 388 244 8 8 34.8 31.2 1 2 1 !5 1 1 1 4 1 9 30 62 The Cornhuskers met a highly-regarded Ka nsas eleven on even ternns, only to be out-scored 27 to 13, a loss due not to lack of opportunities but rather to lack of scoring punch. The Huskers lost the ball five times within the I 3-yard line. Big Ralph Damkroger caught Fran Nagle ' s 28-yard pass for the opening counter. Yost converted, and the hluskers led 7 to 0. The fans began to think of victory, but a blocked punt abruptly brought on a 7 to 7 tie. In the third quarter the Jayhawks went on a scoring spree. A plunge from the one-yard line made it 1 3 to 7, and two more touchdowns, one by ground, the other by air, ended the game, 27 to 13. .f.rv.: i. ■:- ' -■ CM , nt " t: " Page 238 TbibhoAkcL 7 QowcL Siabi It was a cold, rainy day at Ames at the beginning of the annual Nebraska-Iowa State contest. Punts were nunnerous, and fumbles were frequent as the first half ended. In the second half. Nebraska waged a tremendous defensive game while playing for the breaks. At last Iowa State was forced to punt, and Harry Meginnis, former Big Seven sprint champion, fielded the punt on Nebraska ' s 30-yard line. hHemmed in and apparently trapped, Harry faded back to his own 25, feinted to his right, pivoted, and raced 70 yards to a touchdown, the game ' s only counter. The ball then split the cross-bars for a 7 to lead. Minutes later the game ended another Cornhusker victory. First Downt Pail.nq Penal ' ir-, Ruthinq (No. of Ruthat) No. vdi. ga " - 1 No. veil. Ic-. ' Net ydv, qa ' ' -J Forward P«ttinq No. atte " ipte.J No. Attempted No. had intercepted Net geined Totet net yerdi gelned Puntt (No.) A»f!faqc yd . Had blocked Interceptions (Returns) Yard ' . Returned Fumble; (No.) Ball lost Penalties (No.) Yds. Penaliied M no 75 8S I I n 12 }2 I 4 6 3 II " 9 N gi .- ' cene ' -ya;;; ?- .o;:;t-ce;. P «. r..7 " ua ' - ' " ' i i . I Stele 7 Hi :] 230 17 7 I 2 232 32.7 C 4 2 9 ii O " the Poqe 239 TbibAjoAkcL 25 C lo iado. 7« U.N. Colo. First Downs i2 Rushing . t 3 Passing 2 7 Penalties 1 ■47 2 43 Rushing (No. of Rushes) No. yds. gained 309 IS3 No. yds. lost IS Si Net yds. gained 294 97 Forward Passing No. attempted . 7 20 No. completed - . 2 8 No. had intercepted . 1 83 130 Total net yards gained 382 227 Punts (No.) 7 9 Average yd; A2 37 Had blocked Interceptions (returns) 1 Yards Returned . 12 Fumbles (No.) . 3 2 Ball lost 3 2 Penalties (No.) 9 10 Yds. Penalized _ 75 80 Before 32,000 fans, Nebraska overpowered Colorado to cli- max the ' 49 season. At first, Colorado had a 7 to lead, but minutes later, hiarry Meginnis dashed 55 yards through the Buff line to score. Yost converted to tie it, 7 to 7. Then Nick Adduci sprinted around end and picked up a perfect block from Darwin Salestrom which paved the way for his 75-yard thriller, giving the Huskers 1 3 points. Nebraska fumbled on its own 26 to set up Colorado ' s second T.D., but Fran Nagle ' s 50-yard pass and Frank Simon ' s snare put the ball on the 6-yard line. Rocky Mueller skirted left end for a score, and Nagle scored on a quarterback sneak, ending the game, 25 to 14. V eq ' ::r.a e ,v.o 7 t cV e; ' ; aov " r ' W PO ' ' ;e. p - = v ciov bo " ! Page 240 L»H to right: Bob Yarwood. Bob Orr, Norm And«rion. Art Hillm«n. Captain L o G«i«r. Ed Crar.n, Cliff Currian. Al Duna»an. Paul Hughti. Coach Jak Gaiar. ' ipnmi JtjuzA, Nebra:. -J Unlven: ' , Nebraska S2 Colorado State Nebraska 0 Colorado • Nebraska. Second Place AII-CoMeqe Championjhipt March II, University of Illinois at Lincoln Coach Jake Geler irons out a few wrinkles in Norm Anderson ' s parallel bar hand stand. It ' s a difficult formation with Geier as brace. Hill- man as parallel, and Dunavan at a hand stand. Seniors Al Dunavan, Captain Leo Geier, and Art Hlllman. Page 241 Head Coach Harry Good was voted Big Seven Basketball Coach of the Year In 1949. SjOAlisdJbalL Tutored by Coach Good and driven by tremendous team spirit, the Scarlet and Cream returned from a seventh-place rat- ing in the pre-season Kansas City Tourna- ment to become Big Seven Conference Co- Champions. The outstanding player vvas " Bus " Whitehead, who scored a record breaking 360 points in 26 games, received All-American honorable mention, and was unanimously named All-Conference center. But team unity was the driving factor be- hind the quint ' s success. Whitehead, Cerv, Malecek, Lawry, and Buchanan teamed with Pierce, Gates, and Brown to form the most unified basketball machine in the university ' s history. Brown steals the ball from two South Dakota State Players as Whitehead and Lawry give assistance. Milton " Bus " Whitehead Center Henry Cech Guard PQfe 242 Hflra-ariving little Bob Gates is seen in action against Baylor. Bob Pierce awaits the toss. Buchanan scores two of his eleven points against Colorado as Hills, Whitehead, and Stokes look on. Norman Wilnei Forward Jo« Mdlacvh Forward Anton Ldwry Forward Bob ' Crct Forward Larry Walsh Guard Po9« 243 Jim Buchanan Guard Jo« Brown Guard Bob ate; Guard Biq SwsitL QonpiMmaL Qo-ChjompmnA. It ' s a foul! Busy Bob Gates goes in and Is blocked by Cook during the South Dakota State fray. Joe Brown hooks one in as Nebraska defeats Mis- souri Teachers 58 to 39. Nebraska (61) fq. 1. pf. f Malacek f. 4 12 9 Jussel, f. 10 2 Lawry. f. 2 3 17 Whiteheaa, c. 4 2 2 10 Pierce, c. 2 115 Fulford. c. 10 12 Cerv. g. 3 2 18 Brown, g. 3 C 2 6 Walsh, g. 10 12 Buchanan, g. ' 002 Gates, g. . 14 16 Cech, g. 10 2 Totals 24 13 13 t Half-time score: Nebraska 24, South Daltota State 17, South Dakota State (32) ' a- ft. pf. pts. Nelson, f 2 3 4 Blaess, f 10 Bartlett f. 2 10 5 Kool, f. C I Aaberg, c. 5 6 4 It Korstad, c. 2 Cook, c 10 12 Murphy, g, . 110 3 Buckley, g. 10 Bartling, g. 10 5 2 ToTals Rebounding Bob Pierce takes it off the boards at Peoria as towering Bus Whitehead lends a hand. Nebraska (58) Malacek. f. . Jussel, f Brandenberq, f. Lawry, f. Srb, f. Wilnes, f. Whitehead, c. Pierce, c. Cerv, g. . Brown, g Bunten, g. Cech, g. Walsh, g. Buchanan, g Gates, g pf. 4 2 I I I 2 4 1 4 3 2 I I I 2 pts. 2 8 2 19 4 3 2 2 2 2 4 Totals 23 12 28 58 Half. time score: Nebraska 28, Northwest Missouri State 2i. Northwest Missouri State Teachers (39) fg. f. Lyle. f. Vaudrin, f Woods, f, Coglenski Buckridge, f. Counter, f. , Henningsen, c Tenner, c. . Reynolds, g. Ramsey, g. Anderson, g. Jones, g. . Younger, q. Carmicheal, g Total pf. pts. 3 3 2 I 2 12 2 3 9 Nebraska (54) fg. ft. Lawry, f 2 Wilnes, f I Srb, f Whitehead, c. 3 4 Pierce, c. , 2 3 Gates, g. - 13 Brown, g. 6 1 Cech, g. 2 Buchanan, g. Walsh, g 10 Totals 21 12 Halftime score; Bradley 34, Nebraska 16. Bradley (64) (g. ft. Grover, f 6 1 Unruh f 6 Schelman. f Behnke Kelley. v 1 Mann, c. 4 Maltorre, q 6 2 Cheanekers, g Preece, a 4 4 pf. 2 I 3 3 2 3 pts. 4 2 10 7 5 13 4 2 pf. pts. 13 12 1 8 14 12 " " Poqe 244 Nebriika (60i Maldceh, f. " J- 2 tl. 2 2 1 1 1 1 prv -.% P B. , G - ' 0. . . Halt Ii ' T r . " r low« Statt T«a( J ' . ; 3 7 3 3 1 3 4 h«r (54) luwa B State Teach (t. 6 1 2 1 4 ers 2i. pts. 30 1 14 4 4 R.f., J. Kockncff. .1. c ■J Nabroka (6«) 1- ft. I 1 4 1 4 1 1 7 4 5 2 2 16 1 6 5 1 II W.lnti I. 2 Lawry t. 2 Ju ' .iCl. f. 1 Brandenberg. i S ' b. 1. 1 Whifthead c. Pie c?, c. 6 Bro» " . q. BuCjriaA q Ccc q. Gjfe., q. 1 2 2 Totals 23 Baylo ' g- 2 23 23. ft. 1 7 5 2 4 1 pts. 13 Q 13 10 8 1 Half-time score Baylor (SS) Hick ' Tiar . f. Heafh nq oi, ' . M u i 1 ! n -. ' . Nebraska rs 3 Prp ' Ton, C. 4 4 2 Johnson, c. Oewitt, q. Fleetwood, i. S ' ack. q. Cobb. g. C T 3 ' . Ntbraska (63) Malacek, f iq. 6 It. 2 1 1 2 1 3 2 1 P ' - pfs. 2 7 1 4 5 II 10 8 3 4 2 4 2 W.lnev r. 3 Fulfoi-d. t. Ldwry. • ' . Sfb. . 1 2 Wn tencjJ c. 4 4 B ' own, q. 4 Gj ' cs, q. Cec i. a. 1 2 1 2 1 Cei-v. q. Buchanan a, Walsh, q. Totals . 25 13 ado State 25 ft. 1 3 2 4 20 pf. 2 3 1 3 3 ? ] pts. M 13 2 k Half-time score- Colorado State W ' :qht ' ■. Nebraska 31, («) Color s Ho ' nec ' ie ' K Bevels, f. Cordes. i. s Koeppe. c. Saievic, q. Padfleld, n. ■: Drleth, q. Total ' . Nebraska {Ui Malacck. f. Fuifo-d. f. Brandenberq. ' . Lawry, f. It. 4 1 4 3 B 1 5 D C P». 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 1 1 4 P ' s 8 3 4 6 9 6 10 1 5 4 4 2 4 w;ines f. Ju-.iel ' . Wn;tch».a :) r C.rv. q. Buc anafi -:, J Gate$. q. Bfown q Wahh. q. Cecil, q. Total! , 20 26. 1 2 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 " i 5 1 5 1 4 5 2 1 S 1 8 5 3 2 8 4 1 1 4 4 Half-tiTie score: ld ho (4S) StaliwQcth, f. Irons, ' . P ' lckett, f. Diirnqer, •:. Wheeler, ' . Ncb.osLa U, Idaho ' n 3 Barker c. Jenkins :. Ra, q. Millard q. Gesler. q. Reed, g. . 2 Mead. g. Totals - - No one doubts Pierce s possession of this one. Iowa Teachers ' olayers stand by dunnbfounded. --. DC- an tries for a lay-up, but Pierce deflects it, as Jussel and Wilnes close in. Cordes covers the wrong hand, and Bob Cerv end ' up on top of the pile for two point Brandenberg and Walsh tie up Idaho ' s Barker in a squeeze play. Idaho yielded 66 to 45. Page 245 Cyclone Don Paulsen ouf-races Huskers Buchanan and Whitehead in a fight for the loose ball. Murray of Michigan controls the ball as Huskers Malacek, Pierce, and Sates hustle into position. Ball-stealing specialist Bob Cerv closes in on So. Dak. Jack Difendorfer, Nebrdskd (65) ' !• ft. pf. pts. M a 1 a c: ' • 2 1 8 La wry 3 3 2 Wilnes •. 1 2 Whitehead, c. 8 5 4 21 Pierce, c. 2 3 4 Buchanan, g. 6 2 12 Cech, g. ... 1 Cerv. g 6 4 4 16 Walsh, g. . Totals 2 .. 33 19 Slate 28. 17 85 Half-time score: Nebraska 33, Iowa Iowa State (67) fg. It. pf. pt5. Anderson, f. 3 1 7 Dunker, f. . 1 1 Paulsen, f. 3 1 7 McLeun, f 6 12 Youngblade, c Wilhelml, c 2 2 6 Stange. g. 3 3 9 Ruisch, g. 3 3 9 Jorgensen, q. 1 2 Ferguson, g. Totals 6 2 - 14 ... 27 13 30 67 Nebra:tta (65) fq. ft. pf. pts. Malacek, f. 2 Wilnes, f. 6 Lawry, f. . 6 Whitehead, c. 1 17 Pierce, c. . 6 12 Brown, g. . 1 6 Gates, q. Cerv, a. 3 1 1 Buclianan. g Totals - 6 .27 1 1 ;s 65 Half-time score; Michigan 32. Nebraska 30. Michigan (67) fg. ft. pf. pH. Supurnowicz. f 10 22 Mcintosh, f 5 12 Vanderkuy. c 4 1 1 19 Wisnieioski, c 1 Murray, g 3 10 Morrell. g. Totals 1 ? 1 23 2 Nebraska (47) In. ft. pf. pts. Malacek, f . 1 1 Lawry, f 1 4 6 Wilnes, f. , 1 1 Whitehead, c. ■I 3 1 1 Pierce, c. . 5 1 1 1 Cerv, g 3 1 7 Gates, q. . C Buchanan, g. 3 .1 10 Brown, g. ... Totals 14 IS 20 47 Half-time score: South Dakota 25. N ebraska 24. South Dakota (40) la. It. pf. pts. Diefcndorf f. 6 3 S IS He-r. f. 1 Mci oden, f. 2 1 s Roberts, f, " Hanson, c. 2 3 Hendersen. c. 1 2 Dean. q. 4 4 3 12 Carelton, g. } Traner. g. . Totals ' 14 12 23 40 Page 246 L. Maiacek ' . Law ' Y. i. 3 Wllnei I- Whitehead c. 12 Pierce, c 1 Cerv. q. ' Cech. q. Gdtei, q. Buchanan, q. Brown, q. Total! 23 H»U lime icore: Nebratta 34. Ksntai 2t KanMi (54) Houqland. t. Kinnev, f- Smith f. Llenfj ' t ' . Pe ' -- Lc ■ W 1 ' 0 5 l». S 2 Nebraika (Ml M.. 1 -. • WJnes f. Lawrv. . Whitehead, c. Pierce, c. Cerv. q. Cech, q. Gate! q. Buci anan d, B ' Own q- 21 22 Tie score: Nebraska 25. Iowa Slate 17. Iowa Stat («) McLe-- •. An:1 r en f Pj i ' .en, ■ ' . Ql.„ „r ■ W.lh-lm " , c Stanqe, c. Ferquion q. Jo ' qe» ' ,ei q. o:- 3 Pje ' : d Ru-.c " 3 Totai-. Ncb-ai J IS ' Mj dec - Lawrv, - Pierce. . Whitehead, c. Cerv. g. Buchanan, q. Brown, q. Gates, q. Cech. q. Wal ' .h. q. Totals 2 ' Half time score: Colorado 34, Nebraska 3J. Colorado (72) A ' r- jtai Stocei ' . Belt . Cijy c. Bese-.iin Roqe " . d TuOer q Froestad Kansas State (63 Stone. K Head, ■ " . HarTian ». Gibson ' , Brannurr c. Hitch c. Krone q. Lar-.qton q, Ba-r-tt d- UC ' On q. pf. 2 4 4 5 2 2 Total-. 24 Nebraska (42) Malacek. f. . 2 Lawry. f. Whitehead, c. t Pie-ce c. 5 Cerv q. Brown, g. 1 Gates q. S Buchanan q. , t i Cech. q. " 3 Totals 2o .3 22 Halt-time score: Nebraska 25. Kansas State 22. Enct o ' eo ' jlat ' on oame: Nebraska 57 Kansas State 57. pf. 4 2 4 2 5 2 2 5 2 4 I? 5 7 4 9 6 pts. 15 3 IB 3 11 5 2 2 pis. 21 12 Dt-.. 12 It IC 14 2 5 7 2 5 10 7 3 10 3 Dig Seven scoring star Lovellete li uut hone by Nebraska ' s Whitehead when the two meet in Lincoir Scrappy guard Bob Cerv pots a lay-up shot aiter 5 rran-. b " i ' ! the f- aaa ' n-t Sta+e. Nebraska ' s All-Conference center Milt Whitehr stops Art Stokes, flashy Colorado forward. It ' s a wild scrannble for the ball with Wildcat Barret and Husker Bus Whitehead gaining possession. Paqe 247 Nebraska ' s Bus Whitehead comes up with the ball after a wild scramble In the Missouri game. K.U. ' s big gun, Clyde Lovellette, drops in two points as Brown makes a futile attempt to stop the shot. ■■ i ■ m ■j ri ■ ri iS H P 5 Everybody Is after the ball and Nebraskant Whi+ehead while Sooner Waters and Pierce mix It up. Two points for the Scarlet and Cream! Fireball Bob Cerv scores against the boys from Boulder. Nebraska (50) Lawry. f. Pierce, f. T 3 ' 2 ' 4 2 7 2 Malacek. f. . 5 1 4 5 1 Whitehead, :, Cerv. g. 2 4 4 8 Cech. g. 1 1 C 3 Walsh, g. - 1 3 Buchanan, g 1 3 Brown, g. 2 5 4 9 Gates, g. Totals 15 20 19 50 Missouri (41) fg. ft. pf. pts. Heineman. f. 2 1 4 5 Wachter, f. 1 Gosen, f. Stauffer. f. 3 6 5 12 Robin, f. Street, c. 2 2 3 6 Fowler, c. . 3 1 6 Lafferty. g. 2 1 5 5 Shockley. Q- ...0 1 3 2 3 3 2 Adams. g. Witt. g. .0 1 5 1 Murrey, g. Totals . 1 2 1 13 7k ' - Half-time score- Ne ' braskari ' ; WIssour Nebraska (361 pf. pts. Malace , ' . a 3 Lawry. f. .. 1 4 3 6 Srb, f. Whitehead, c. 2 5 4 Pierce, c. 1 2 1 Wllnes, g. c Cerv, g, Walsh, g. 2 . 2 1 2 2 5 6 Brown, q. 1 3 2 Buchanan, g. . 3 7 3 ; Gates, g Totals - 12 12 25 36 Kansas (49) fq- ft. pf- pts. Leinhard. f [ 2 Kinney, f. - Heugland, f. 4 1 2 4 9 4 1 England, f. ... 1 2 Lovellette c. . 4 2 5 10 Petersen, c. Schaake. c .. 4 1 8 , . Houchin. g. , . 2 3 3 7 Waugh. g 3 1 3 Wells, g 1 1 2 1 3 Engel. g. .. Beuge, g . , 1 2 1 Mabry, g 1 Totals 18 7, 7Z -■• Half-time score Kansas 24. N ebraska Nebraska (57) «g. ft r ' . p ' :.. Lawry f. . 1 5 1 4 5 7 1 Malacek, f. Pierce, f. . 2 1 5 5 Wilnes. f. . Whitehead, c. 8 6 4 24 Cerv, g 2 2 4 6 Buchanan, g. .. ... 1 3 1 C 3 3 6 Gates, g. - Brown g. [ 2 1 Walsh, g. Totals Oklahoma (55) 19 fq. 1? ft. 28 pf. 57 pts. Glasgow, f ... 5 3 4 13 Speegie, f .. 3 7 13 Pugsley. f . 1 1 1 Waters, c ... 1 2 3 4 Frelberger. c. . 1 5 1 Merchant, g. - .... 3 4 5 4 3 10 1 1 Morris, g. . 3 Hughes, g. .. 1 2 2 Owens, g Totals ... 16 23 22 55 Half-time score: Oklahoma 33 N.K,,,. la 1 Nebraska (59) Lawry, f. .. 2 1 4 ' 5 Malacek, i. 1 Pierce, f. 2 1 2 5 Walsh, f 1 C Whitehead, c. 7 7 1 21 Buchanan, g. 5 2 10 Cerv, g. . 2 6 3 10 Brown, g. 3 Gates, g. 3 2 4 8 Cech. g. Totals , 21 17 21 59 Colorado (49) fq- ft. pf. pts. Hills, f. 6 2 5 14 Tucker, f. . 1 2 4 Bell. c. .. 3 3 3 9 Besseman, c. 1 3 2 5 Armatas. g. 2 Frelstad. g. 1 Stokes, g. Clay, g, . 1 k 3 2 8 7 : Johnson, g. Totals 3 2 ....14 21 19 49 Half-time score: Nebraska w! Colorado 24. Page 248 N brasha (Sbi Pierce, f. La«fy, i. Mabcek. i. Wllnoi, f. Whitehead, c. Cerv, J. Buchanan, g. Brown, g. Cech, q, Bgnten, q. To ' al ' . Missouri (48) Heinernan r. StauHer, t, Adami f. Fowler, f. Goicn. f. Stroot, c. Murrev, q. LaHerty, q, Shocklev, g. Zimmerrnon. g. Nebraska 3 fa. fn. 4 .. I . . . 5 I 5 Nebraska (M) Malacek. f. Lawrv ' - P.e-cc •. WaK t. Whitehead, c, Cerv. q. Buchanrian 13 Gates, p. Gates, q, Cech. q. Total Iowa Stale (S4) Pauli-n •. Clernent f. Anderson McLeun f. Wilnelfri; ,;. Stanqe, c. Ruisch. g Ferguson, g. Totals 18 18 Halflitne score: Nebraska 32, Iowa State 27. Nebraska (48) La.-, V Malacei. ' . Whiteneaa c. Pierce, c. Buchannan q. Gates, g. Cech. q. Cc ' - . q. Brown q. Wal-.h q. TDta!- Oklahonna (M) Glasgow, f. Spcegle. f. Fre ' berqer c. Wafe-s c. Me c lant q, Owens q. Morri ' .. q. Huqhes q. Totals 25 Half time score: Okiahome ?9 N,-, ' Nebraska (iO) Pierce, f. Lawry. f. Malacek. f. . Whitehead, c. Walsh, c. Brown, q. Gates, q. Cerv. g. Buchannan. g. Totals Kansas Stale (i3) Head. . Stone, f. Herman. K Gibson, f. Peck. «. Brannum ;. Hitch, c. Krone, g. Langton. :: Barrett, q. Upson. 0. Totals - 23 .; Half-lime score: Nebraska 2S. Kans. State 25. p(. 3 2 4 3 5 4 2 pf. 2 5 4 2 2 5 S 4 pf. 5 5 2 4 4 2 pf. 5 2 3 5 p:. I 4 2 4 5 s 3 10 pis. 7 10 2 IS 8 10 10 2 2 2 10 1 5 1 5 5 13 2 t 17 14 27 48 fg. It. P . pts. •■q. (t pf. pis. 10 t It 4 8 12 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 5 1 1 60 12 5 6 I 4 10 7 ■a »3 Spark plug Bob Cerv passes oH to Bob Pierce a the Huslcers down the Tigers during the final title drive. Blurring action-and-defensive ace Malacek get ' set for a rebound during the 56 to 54 Iowa State ♦hriller. Oklahoma fullback Waters is through the center for ' wo as the Sooners explode Nebraska ' s title chance. Clinch scorer Gates is up, and Whitehead covers for the rebound as both complete college competi- tion. Poqe 247 J y. _t " ' -- e J. 9 M (« ' ' , ' HCBBflSKfl IS J I • ' ■,, H -J Back row: C- Tooqood, T. Raidolph. R. Meissner, R. Sand, J. Perry, K. Jacobs. D. Bedker, L. Hurlbert. Second row: Coach V eir, T. Mead, W. Cote, R. Maqsamen. B. Eugle, J. McConnell, D. Cooper. B. Berkshire, H. Meginnis, Asst. Coach Prochaska, Asst Coach Hanscom. Front row: K. Jones. R. Reese. G. Robinson. J. Lyie, L. Moore. L. Kehl. W. Sees. O. Bratnard. L. Alexander. H. Kopf. JajOxJl Ed Weir Track Coach 1950 Outdoor Track Schedule April 18 Kansas at Lawrence April 22 Kansas Relays at Lawrence April 28 Drake Relays at Des Moines May 1 Colorado at Lincoln May 6 Missouri at Columbia May 10 Kansas State at Lincoln May 19 Big Seven Conference at Lincoln 1950 Irdoo Track Record Nebraska 79 Iowa State 7i Nebraska 55 Minnesota ) Nebraska 61 Kansas .. 43 Nebraska, ■»|i , Missouri . b7 ' , Nebraska 64 Kansas ... 40 Nebraska 60V, Oklahoma . 43 ' ,: March 3, 4 — Big Seven Meet at Kansas City, Mo. M ' K 1 i_ni;rr,-.. To-h p« 3Vf Page 250 4 Don Cooper, veteran vaulter, is on the way back after a year ' s lay-off. Dick Meissner soars over at 6 feet. V 2 inches to set a new Oklahoma duel mark. Leading conference pole vaulter Leonard Kehl owns a 13 feet, I I inch mark. Berkshire, Cole, Magsamen, and Bedker take a flight of highs during a workout. It ' s tough competition this time as " Tiger Bardot leads Bedker. Berkshire, and Magsa- Poge 251 Por leH: Harold Kopf Center: L«« Moore LcM; Chfli-i ! Toogood Bach row: B Patterson, coach; W. Jones, H. Reese, D Woods. H. Doerr, D. Raulh, L- Ganiglia. Second row: H, Collins, manager; C Mark, senior manager; R. Richardson. E. Schneider. J. Scharf. M. DfBiase. D Jameson, manager; W. Lauber. manage! . Front row: A, Johnson, E. Lane, H. GiHand, B. Russel, M. Sparano, K. Brown. (x)MAJdbu Nebral 1 3 South Dakota State Nebraska 9 Cornell College - 15 Nebraska 3 Iowa State Teachers 23 Nebraska 19 Iowa State . Nebraska 10 Minnesota 7 Nebraska 15 Wisconsin .. . 9 Nebraska 3 Oklahoma A M . 21 Nebraska. 8 Oklahoma ?n Nebraska. 20 Kansas State March 3-Col orado at Lincoln March 10. II- -Big Seven Meet at Kansas State March ?4, 25- -N.C.A.A. at Iowa State TeacHorr; f f 0 m 1 njM:j A I Back row: K Fisher, J. Moran, S. Schneider, E. Bdker, W. Coop, L. Hang, J. Tamai, coach. Second row: P, Leitel. M. Simpaon, D. Lorenx. D. Ferris. D. Mackie. Front row: D Beam. B. Burrows, D. Adamson, R. Jackson, H. Deines. Page 252 v .. ry|y ' u Bock row: B Phclpt. C. Thompson. M. Grimm, cocdptdin, Holl ' e Ltplvy. coach, J Campbttl. cocaptdin; B. Balderston, T Harlty. Front row: E. Crartn, G. Hiil, J. Barrvtl, T. Kjnamint, B. Gr«tr, P. Govtx, B. Pomtroy. Sju)immiiu J J 42 21 23 47 Colorado Iowa State tJ Minnesota 61 Colo-ado A M 36 Nec ' ji iO Colorado State 1 N«c-j J 29 Washington U. 6 Nvt ' j. Ncc-j ' 45 28 3a Oklahoma SI 28 Southern Methodist . . . . S6 Tom Harley takes a practice start !n preparation for the Big Seven Conference nneet. Goetz, Balderston, and Hill, 440 freestyle artists, get set in the Colorado A M swioi show. -o-captalns Grimm, fastest free- Ed Craren. Big Seven diving tyler in N. U. history, and Camp- champ was first in eight o ' nine bell, backstrolcer. Poge 2S3 Back row: B. Bdrger,. trainer; E. Gloystein. B. Jenkins. E. Behne. B. Schleiger, B. Oenker. B. Hays, T, Novak. B. Grogan. W. Branson. Front row: Coach Sharp, Asst. Coach A. Ossino. J. Benak. B, Hinde. F. Hegwood, B. Perrlne, B. Cerv. B. Bull, Don Hays, C. Luther, manager. Not pictured: D. Blatchford. B. Powley, Camp, and J. Sandstedt. BadJihcdL hi.- Southern Illinois — Carbondale, lii. April II. 12, 13 Washington University — St. Louis April 14. 15 Missouri — Columbia April 18. 19 Kansas State — Lincoln April 21,22 Lutheran College— Lincoln April 28,29 Oktahonna — Norman May 5.6 Kansas — Lincoln May 12. 13 Iowa State — Ames May 15. 16 Wichita— Lincoln Mov 19, 20 Colorado — Lincoln May 22. 23 Kansas State— Manhattan Spring workouts find ample space in the now-complete Henry F. Schulte Field House. B ob Grogan Short stop Linus Vrbka Pitcher Page 254 L ioii April 13 Crelghlon — Omaha April 21 Wichira-Wichita Ap ' il 22 Kanta — Lawrenco Ad ' II M Kaniai We-Jcyan— Lirvcoln Ap ' il 29 Kaniat Stale — Manhattan Mjv t Creighton — Lincoln . dv 6 Iowa State Lincoln Mjy 9 Kaniat— Lirvcoln May 12, 13 Invitational Tournament — Colorado Mjy i9, 20 Big Seven C ampionthipt — Lincoln LeH fo right: D. Ryder. V. Strauch, S. Flantburg, 0. Stroh. D Spomer, not pictured. JsmniA. At- 18 Kansai State— I Ac ' 22 Kansas — Laurence Ap ' 29 Kantai State — Manhattan May 6 Ic ' - :oln May 9 IC, May 12. 13 ln---a -.-■ urnament — Colorado May 19, 20 Big Seven Championthips — Lincoln Bock row : F. Leighton, 1949 coach; J. Cady, J. Curran, D, McArthur, B. Means. Front row: K, Moriarlty, B. SIczak, W. Ottergard. Slezak, 1950 coach. Poqe 25S Paul Goetz swims to victory in the 100-yard breast-stroke event. QnJthamjuUuxlA, Champion Andy Bunten, Sigma Nu, is congratulated by Phi Delt Walt Weaver, runnerup, after the All-University tennis finals. This year ' s All-University two-day golf tournament was won by these six golfers, representing Phi Delta Theta. VAere ..e P !Jte- . " •.onsV p :r-, ,e p - n, o« - ,d bo. a ' ■ eV re 3 " s ' ,,,..o , -o- mal,ve e - Poqc 2S6 Tom Johnson and Jerry Warren go to it in the Union Table Tennis The Phi Gam channpionship bowling teann poses for the cameraman. Tournament, while Bob Gangel stands by. Captain John Skinner (seated) holds the victor ' s trophy. Phi Delta Theta, intramural volleyball champions, went through the 1950 season undefeated. QnJMimjuAaJA, Some of the varsity wrestlers warm up for the 1950 mat season by participating in the intramural wrestling tourney. ZBTs Horwlcz and Stern get set to rebound a lay- up shot by Phi Psi Fritz Simpson. Pag- 257 0jii ROTC Officers Staff ROTC Companies ROTC Summer Camp NROTC Officers NROTC Companies Summer Cruise Military Societies Miss Pat Berge, Honorary Commandant Cadet Colonel Dwlght McVlcker, Cadet Captain Donald Finstrom, and Cadet Colonel William Kin- sey stand as symbols of the three Nebraska mili- tary units. Army ROTO Regimental Staff Back row: N. VIcek, P. Grimm, D. Hodder. Front row: R. Vdndersllce, 0. McVlcker, D. Meyers. When the first semester of the 1949- 1950 school year opened at the University of Nebraska, it found the Army, Air Corps and Navy in operation on an equal basis as a result of the national reorganization of the Armed Forces. This year ' s traditional Military Ball emphasized the unification of the three ROTC units by choosing that idea as its theme. lAni lcaiLon. Air Force ROTC Battalion Staff W. Mook, W. Kinsey. J. Campbell, B. Creed. •» ' - V U fL 41- m Navy ROTC Battalion Staff R. Schleiger, D. Finstrom. K. Hombacher. Page 260 I Above left. Thar ' she blows! Field Artillery sopho- mores in an Ag campus class wait for the bright flash and bang of a 105 mm Howitzer. Above right: " Where do we go from here? " pon- der these infantry students as the instructor over- sees the disassembling of a Browning automatic rifle. Left above: Trainees further their " seafaring " education by studying a five inch gun and director during ordnance and gunnery drill. Left below: Navigation is the order of the day. With parallel rules and compasses at hand, stu- dents chart courses to new horizons. Below left: Captain Eugene H. Wanner Is using a movable cross-section of a Wright engine to In- class in construction and usage. struct his air cl« Below Right: Ted Andros, HAM operator, checks the Air Communications class on a mock-up of the radio transmitter used In long range bombers. Poqe 261 Colonel James W. Clyburn Lf. Colonel John W. Thomas Cadet Colonel Dwight W. McViclcer Cbimij mJC When Colonel James Clyburn arrived to take over the command office vacated by Colonel Howard J. John, he found himself governing a superior Reserve Officers Training Corps. Colonel Clyburn and his staff of twenty-one United States Army officers and enlisted men offer basic instruc- tion and specialized training in the Corps of En- gineers, Military Police Corps, Coast Artillery Corps, Field Artillery, Ordnance, and Infantry. Until this year, the Air Corps was an inte- gral part of ROTC training, but Congressional ac- tion in 1949 gave it a new independent status. The ROTC program which is now in operation consists of an elementary and an advanced course, each lasting two years. Outstanding basic cadets may apply for advanced training which leads to a commission in the Officers Reserve Corps. Colonel James W. Clyburn and Cadet Colonel Dwight W. McVicker formulate top policies for ROTC cadets at the University of Nebraska. Poqe 262 L 1 ' ' BgTi Syjflfe hf Lt. „. ' _ine: vVarrt ' n K. Mng Waic " james i . rearman Mapr vVinston E. Wallace Captain John W. Davis Captain Chaimer u, ueeter Captain Robert L. Huffaker Captain James B. Kelly Captain Oren W. Bryant Captain Bryce C. Rowen C.W.O. Wllliann C. Gaer M. Sgt. Gordon K. Hanson M. Sgt. Lester J. Henderson M. Sgt. Virgil C. Perrin M. Sgt. Robert E. Phoenix Sgt. I cl. Herbert P. Benninger Sgt. I cl. Jonnes V. Dannbrell Sgt. I cl. Thomas M. Dunn, Jr. Sgt. I cl. George E. Jackson Sgt. I cl. Robert C. Monroe Sgt. I cl. Edward C. Keith Sgt. Roy W. Reneau Poige 263 J ihAL {BcdiaUon. Company A Infantry TO " " fl N %,, Company B Military Police 2b • " w • • w . Back row: L. Duryca, J. Snyder, R, Stover, J. Saskill, G. Sommerfeld, D. Anderson, J. Manek, R. Shot, R. Meston, I. Screw D. Biesendorfer. Eighth row: J, Fitl. D. Sobolik. R. Clark, G- Matike, W, Anderson. E. Doll, R Dickerson, F- Goff, C Stickels. J, Leach. R. Eqqert, N. Rasmussen Seventh row: R. Siders, E. Mitchell, J Jackson, N. Rasmussen, H. Wray. R Schnuclle, F. Pickering, P Gustafsen. H. Wllfse, J Walsh. C Tipton, W Barnds. Sixth row: B Cathro, J, Paap, T. Dalton, F. Winter. M. Dennis, J, Strasheim, P. Holm. G. Larson, R Anderson, D, Huenekc, D, Morgan, J. Norton. Fitth row: D, Kuxhausen. J. Warner. J, Dike, J. McLeay, W. Lippstreu, R. Johnson. R, Speak. R, Henderson. R. Roeder, W. Bunsen. B- Hyde. R- Conover. Fourth row: C. Bush, R, Beideck, M. Lindsey, C. McLadovltch, D. Gaeth, D. Williamson. B. Sherwood, D, Goll, J, Andersen, R. Harrison, C. Hill. C. Currin. Third row: J. Alkire. R. Butler, G. Prochaska, B. Stout. B, Newman, J Cornish, D- Schulti, B Lade. D. Nispel. H. Deines. J. Simonson, H. Vasina. Second row: J. Gudgel, J. Maher. M. Suvalsky. K, Gillespie, J. Ferris, L Wescott, A, Gilbert. R. Reid. L. Neilson. J. Taylor, D Alexander, R. McCurdy. Front row: D. Hamann. N. Schneider, M Potash, W. Epperson. Bock row: L Young. D. Yung. K. Jacobs. W Wlnqender. L. Massey. V. Kendoll. A, Blessing, F Simon, H Huston, S. Wells. Eighth row: J, Matson. C Thompson, D, Ma rtin, B Hodder. C. Smith. D- Siogren, D. Worrall, W Burnett. W. Cole. D. Hall, D. Maseman. Seventh row: C- Betcke. L, Cain. W. Rowan, J. Desmond. G. Johnson. D Oslund. J Kessel. R. RIvett, J. Christensen, J. Williams, B, Greenberg. Si«th row: A. Lamb, B. Hann, K. Kreyeik, D Summers, J, Gauger. M- Starch, D. Crook, T. Koeniq, D Buckingham, J. Smith, B, Reynolds- Fifth row: K Lu», D. Hciliqer, R. Otnes. C, Hook. B. Crawford, C. Schade, D Kraft, R, Mockett, J Russell, W. Basler, J. Dene ' fee. Fourth row: D. Austin, O. Haman, B. Lukert, D. Huff, R. Zlerott, H. Rowen R. Urban D. Christiansen F Smutniak J Young J Shull V Third row: N Muntz, J. Mullin, D, Borogar, D. Hollett. R, Holm. G. Wall, R. Sterkel, J. Ward. J. Hamilton. J. Tomasek, C. Lawso ' n, Second row: R, Ross. F. Cardinal, R, Greene, G. Blatchford. D. Rice, O. Milder, R, Beattie. R. Voglcr, J. Craig, G. Wilcoi, W Webster, Front row: R, Rosenblatt, S, Jones, N. Tyner. Davidson. I Wall, First Battalion Staff B. Show, R. Pfc er. R. Koch. P. Weftchek. Poq3 264 C). S-Viv» r iP., J ' iAAL Saitaliorv d f n t. r: »-v Battery C Field Artillery m . Al : j f. ' ■■ ■ ' f ,f r r? " ? " « ' 4 ' i? ' • • • • , • • • . . -Hk tiijiBSt ... • , - . Company D Enginccr-Ordranco •. ift ' . esp w lock row: K Mohlinq, J. Ho ' li. G Oaboodl. J GInqrIch, O Rawllnqi. M. Panti i B Waldo L Vrbh«. K Johnion. L Nordin Siith row: S M.huron. W froit. L Ptdrttt. J H«q9«r(. V BIfd, K La Grand. W Vo j.l. N Ultrrnrk. W. CoU G My.ri. R And«f»on. Fifth row: B Ahaion, E. Zabcl, A. Morrit. A Eltimdn. D- Corktt. R. Quacktnbuih. D. Wilts. 0. Tolman. C. Godhin. G Codar. F M ytr Fourth row: K. Ohman. R. Ruital. J. Waqncr Baavari. L. Taqart P. Stohaly. J Vtylupali, D Snowdon D Jonat. F Banaich. L. Saylar, D Foi. Third row: Raqiar. W Shiras. B McKaa, H Rabbin D Hulchint. R Hild B Applaby. K Whatltr R Gabhardt. C Hoo«ar L Collint. Second row: N Trowbridqa. D Finha. G Bthrani. J Buiiall L Hankal G Karqai. C Lundiqaard. R. Kaimarak. B Wallord. R Walih. A. Kraici. Front row: R Eqqar. D Gardnar. E Taylor. J. Lotipaich. P. Holrri, D Oallinqar. J Wilson. A, Johnion, W Jonai. Bock row: T Callan. R. Wood. R Owahui. A. Eqqart, I .Thoda, J. Llitarai. J. Marritt A. Baniamin. L. Day. R. Stonaman. G Albari Savanth row: N Adduci, D. Walkar, R. Crabtraa. A. Gaikill, G. Liqhtnar, W. Manton, J. Fulford. B. Laar. J. Sommari. C Buahrar Siith row: E Owans. J. Harkins, R. McCoy. E. Schafar. R. Yott, J. Buchanan. R McCormick. N. Princa, W Janiby. R Crownovar. G Roianbarq. Fifth row; Harandaan. B Laonard. V. Bathal. D Church. B Bird. A. Blakaly. D Mattoi. R. Swanion. K. Harpar. R. Hohnstain. J Mankamyar, L. Schmidt. Fourth row: J Snydar. R Brum, D Kaalar. G Norton. D. Richmond. R. Dunklau, P Sianknacht, R Chuman. R. Tavit. R Matkalt. H Muallar. Third row: B Howay J Graar C Curtii. G Yalkan K Faina. D Briltanham. J Siaqal. R Munqar. J Corniih. K Coltow W Waa«ar. L Million. R Balay Sacond row: S Garlach. N Acavado. J Hillii, C Moora. W Patanon. G Saiki. J Poniaiqo. B Gilmora, A Slam, W Barq. D Dalli Paoli. Prilchatl. Front row: W. Scamman, H Summart. R. Saidflnglani. G. Dankar H Gaorqa. M Radka. D Flathar. P Ranca. M McKannay. M O ' Oall F Claui An M-45 follows troops and the command tank into the smoke screen of a mocic battle, while reinforce- ments wait in the background. Poqe 265 S ccnjcL SaUatiorL Company A Infantry -J wv M •PV€ t J Company B Military Police t ' ' ' - £ ' «: ' t ' : ' f ' f ' Back row: G. Green. J. Camp, J. Rosinsky. N. Carleton, L. Roper. P. Davis. Seventh row: R. Irwin, H. Hobbs, J. Enqh, J, Downev. D. Larson. B, Kaubek, D Gelster, 0. Carlson, W. GriHin. Sixth row; W, Cady, M, Lawton, K. Morey C- Laird, B Schleqal, W Sherwood, J- Thornburq, A Haqensen, G- Fillmore, Fifth row: W Pester, J Havcf, H. Ncwville, A. Ostdiek, R. Burt, R. Lohrberg, W. Franklin, R Cutts, H Giesselman, E- Gross. Fourth row: D. Webb, H. Wasson. R. Tubbs, I. Simpson, R Ross, J. Walls, B Einspahr, D. Warnke, D. Mitchem, B Tooley Third row: F. Burnham, T. Hannon, K, Fisher, B. Ingram, C- Halber. G. Lawson, J Mark, T, Grosshans, W. Irby, D. Van Pelt, W Melcher Second row: P. Griffith, W. Fields, N. Smith, R. Brandt. T, Pitler, C, Furuya, R, Walker, L, Bischof, C. Kocian, H Bettenhausen, R Walter Front row: A. Lcavitt. W. Stewart, Hucstis, G. Luhrs, H. Schneider, D, Canady. J. Moore. R. Kellogg. G. Warkenlien. G. Pinkerton, H- Mateia, B- Lafleu. Back row: K. Nakagawa. B, McLaird, R. Andersen, S. Snyder. H. Gildersteeve. G. Davis. T. Irwin. R. Fricke. Seventh row: A. Jakubowski. D. McGregor, D, Jones, C. Wieland, R. Kline, T, Pope, C. Miller. M. Johnson. T. Choyce. Sixth row: J, Coffman, D. Hanson, D. DeWald, F. Bantin. W. Lorensen, W, Bath, D, McAfee, J. Rohde. Fifth row: H. Deford, K. Ellis, J. James, I. Slote, J. Petersen. D, Eicher. H Wesely, W. Relst, R. Rice, A. Barnard, T. Nelson, Fourth row: J, Lanqe. G, Hancock, G, Beerline, N. Ruback, C, Noble, B Best, D. Nelson, M. Moles, H. Goodrich, T Snyder. Third row: G. Machal, K. Bunjer, D. Wadlow, H. Slaqlc, F McReynolds, W. Smith, R. Ohnoutka, D Bean, J. Grasmick, D. Spilken, B Peterson Second row: C. Bressman, D. Jensen, M. Karrer. W, Hemke, G. Lopei. R. Rgssel, S. Zimmerman, A. Decker, B Bayley Front row: R Parmenter. A, Potter, B. Brinkman. R. Johnson, M. MaiscI, D, Myers, K, Oehrle, E. Petrasek, B Kimball, B. Hein. Second Battalion Staff H. Frandsen, R, Benson. Russell, Steinhotf, Poqe 2 6 Sii£DnjcL Scziijcdion. I- . . . .9: ■ . BaHery C Field Artillery . r r cs O :,|i,-%s.4vf.-t..-« " ' t. ' CoTipany D Engineer-Ordnance Back row: J«nt«n, D. Johni. L Youngman. B. Shoultx. C. Hdv ' d, D. Andvrton. S. GilltH, R. Barkt. D. Lvitinq J. Wdrncr. S«v n«h row: C Waqqontr. W. Whilt. Krabtl. C. Mulford, K. Schmldl. L. Rotlltr. L McManam«n J Calvin. C Cadwalladtr. J Andarlon. Siifh row: E Wilktni. f. Purrar, G Quick. M. Schmidt. R. Monton. J. Ourr L Knappncr. R. Chinnock. B. BaiUy, C. Hanitn. Fifth row: A Woltamalh. R Andra»i. P Kruqtr. J Allan, R Haai, L. H«n j. D Fill. J Strong. A Burr, Hovandick C Yaullar. Fourth row: H Havarly, J Pincknay, 6 Linicott, L. Smith, H. Kuanninq. R Faltin D Tobin. A Kluna. D Haldaan. D Young, J Bgnn. Third row: Fangmaiar. B Johnion, B. Wahrman, J. Morton. R. Hild, D. Harmon, Fagan, G Erickion, McKay. K Maclaay. Second row: E. Baiar, R. Gard, L. Kaittar. G. Minford. G. Burrows, R. Miyoihi, G. Gangwiih. C. Chrittanian. C Gammon, L. Cornaliul. Front row: E Pullan. L. Wilion. D Copal, R Torcion, J, Lilly. J. Chriilopuloi. Bock row: L Andarian. A. Thiallald. J. OaMarit J. Thomai, K. VonBarqan, W Kramar, J Walanlina, J Whaalock, F Mnuk Siilh row: R Mladovich. G Rotanquiil, W. Warth. R. Walkar. J Aldan B Kittla. A Gilmora, R Canaday. T Racht Muallar. Fifth row: P Shadd. B Baldarston. T. Tuckar. C. Fairlay. B. Karrar. E. Ahlamayar. B. Oiborna. R Andarton, J. Maimar, J GiHord. M Baahr. Fourth row; E. Swiggart P Haalay. R. McEwan, R, Kubitschak, J. Baacham. R. Hannaman, C Naumann, T Rainhardt. J Juitica, J. Yot, R. Kilb. Third row: R. Jackson, J. Lubkar. L. Hiagal. R Powar, 0. Laach, R. Flashoski, R Gifford. R Carson. E. Harnandax, K. Gilbart. G. Gada, Sacond row: 0. Varmillion R Egan, J Lafaria, C Snook. J. Stavan. P. Barry. D Rasmussan, C Moora. W. Maikall. L Doyla. J McElroy Front row: L. Cuaita-Pina, R. Hunt. R Krumwiada. W Muldar J Campbali C Wilscam, O Dackar, G Luikart, R. Packard. During a rigging course, the problenn of lifting a heavy autonnotive vehicle is overcome with the aid of the shears. Page 267 JhvuL (BaJthdLon. Company A Infantry Company B Military Police wood, rs. B. Lyberis. H Flshell, Second row: H- Yoshimi. L. Moier, J. Farris. W. King, R. Dolan. R. Frisble. H. Dennis. M. Zveitel, H. McDale, D. Schneider. D. Bak r. M Nufeld. Front row: O. Conner. G. M orris. R. Myers. F. Arvanette, R. Swanson. D. Lembrich, A. Schiias. C. Paulson, J Brogan, J. Good. J. Rosenquist. G. Franci Back row: W. Bartek. C. Trapp. R. Phipps, J. McConneM, W, Wilson. M Myhre, R Ford. J Norwich. C. Scott. R. Greine Seventh row: J, Runner, M. Rels, E, Shuey. D, Burns. F. Petersen. R HullocV. H Myers, D. Reid, R, Stauber, O Moreland, Sixth row: B. Sievers, E Brennan. D. Cargo, K, Wergin, K. Komarek. J, Foley, L, Wallace, K Heim, R. Rubeck, R Wescott. Fifth row: G. Rodehorst, R. Frogge. W. Mooney, H Wenolano. J. Waddill, D Cunningham, R Mercier, D. McKibbin, T Winey, G. Rothell. Fourth row: T, Wilson. E, Peterson, J Leitel, R Swanson. O. Diers. J. Berger, D Wood, N. Sutton, G Turner. R Carl Third row: R, Svanda. D. Krikac, A. Ross, G. Perry, J Swanson. G. Demaree, J Strok, W, Nelson. J RevolinskI, A Blaha Second row: D. Maret. P. McCarthy, T. Koerber. P. Johnson, R, Bass, R Camp, W. Wickenkamp. W Badtker, R WoM, N Landgren. F ' ont ' ow: H. Pedersen, A. TuHy, D. Duley, D. Jamieson. Third Battalion Staff R Rcnard. G. Elliot. W. Gelwick, L. Allen. Page 268 JkbucL (BaiJudiDn. BaHery C Field Artillery %: ' .m-. ' ?!m- M XM M f C !T r o r r ri Company D Engineer-Ordnance fl ' Bock row: R Sdnd. W Payn . Buiboom, R Eit«nach, A. Hanttn, E. Bdlti, A. Hdnicn, J. Bartoih. J. PvHijohn, H Sly S vrnth row: G Edion, D. Hanton. f Barquist, R. Waith. G- Giarhan. D. Canfiald. N. Harlan. Bohl. G. Viahmartr. J Haya. Sfith row: P Padarian, B. Phillips, D Braunsroth, M. Hanion. G- Laland, J. Stona. 0- Slaiqh. L Rallans. H Vincant. R Laittchuck. Fifth row: D Harlan. B Umbarqar. G. Johnson. R Stohlar, R SchaUopf. O Bachmann. C. Musil. D Glock, T. Schabarq. E Glock. Fourth row: K. Vartaw. W. Hanian, G. Carlson. D. Halvorsan, H. Zailinqar. R. Massarsmith. R Coffman. B. Rousa R Raynolds. P. Vrana. Third row: J Kroqh. J Wlltnas. C Farbar. C. Shana. G Lundaan. J Stava. Adamson. E Loch, V Slabbins. W Sa«illa. Second row: H. Colaman. M. Lonqmora, C. Lawis. 6. Faqot. A Mayars. H. Scott, G. Brost. F Adams. L. Haath. Front row: R Hahn. J. Ooyla. R. Bush. P. Macham. E. Gotschall, E. Staala, F. Bauar, J. Bish, J. Wroth, R. Maistnar. Bock row: C Baalty, G. Graana, W Dryar, E Truman. R Sattarfiald, R Coopar, C Hurst. J Fishar, B Hanrickson. M Kohll. L Korta Savaath row: E Waldan. L Holmas. U Rhodas. J McElhanay, J Maad. W K urphy. W Olson. R Sliahl. R Tockay G Hamilton. D Andarson. G. Eno Siith row: Nalion D Swaanay. P Brusnahan. B Spahr W Bailay, D Plucknatt D Erat, J Savaqa P Chasa. S Ebarharl D Bahta R Eno Fifth row: G Curtis. F Whitla. F Coi, R Sachalar. Hamad. B Cacil. A Haqalln. F Radamachar. Gaarka Ruby. B Banks E Chlldars Fourth row: D Bals. J. CoMlnq. 0. Pusatar!. K. Nawsom. R. Lanqdon. H. Kirk. R. Asmus. E Kandla. G. Fallows. C Matsqar. R Cappail. E Hubka Third row: L TIanqco. D. Graham. D. McLana. R. Clamant, J Phillips. D Phalps, N Trabart. C Burqass. C Hutchinqs. J Jarman, D Glovar D Lock. Sacond row: G Goarinq. 0. Richardson. K. Nalson. K. Harpar, J Prian, T. McCarthy. R Davis. S. tolallory. S- Jacobs, R. Struss, D. K urray, R. Padqat. Front row: H Kadavy. W Ralnsch W Wilson, J Wascott, R Raal, 0. Armslronq. W Voqt. Auqustin, G. Strom, L. Johnson. As a group of engineering studenls loolts on, a self- winding winch slowly pulls a light truck across a turbulent stream. .i.--. Poqa 269 QamfL The 105 mm Howitzer, basic gun of the Field Artil- lery, receives a thorough going-over in loading preparation on a mock-up flatcar. Right: Up they go! These hardy M.P.s are learn- ing that both muscles and brains are mighty essen- tial for success In their field. Below right: Infantry men get a chance to put their lessons into practical use as they advance with the protection of an M-26 tank. Below left: By watching a lie detector In action, the Corps of Military Police becomes assured that it ' s not so easy to " try to lie out of that one. " Look out, brother — that gun might be loaded! these ordnance trainees are inspecting an M4A3 tank before using It In practice combat. Paqe 270 ■j .■; . ' . J :. . Messmer Commander Richard P. Nicholson Ccidet Capiain Donald Flnstr Tlavij (ROJC The Nebraska Unit of the Naval Reserve Of- ficers Training Corps was established in the fall of 1945 as one of fifty-two like units operating in the United States. Its purpose is to increase the scope of the Naval Academy. During the first year that Naval training was offered collegiately, there were 189 students stationed by the Navy on the Nebraska campus, and the enrollment has remained at approximately the same number since that time. The student benefitting by the Navy plan at- tends college until he receives a Bachelors degree. He Is then required to serve two years in the United States Navy or Marine Corps as a commis- sioned officer. Augmenting naval class instruction during the school year are the summer cruises, which give students actual experience in duty aboard ship. Captain Williann L. Messnner and Captain Donald Finstronn make plans tor Naval operations to be carried on by the cadets. faqt 271 Major John P. Lanigan Lt. Kenneth V. Llndstronn Lt. James M. O ' Brien t. J. S. Daniel T. Wieland S.K.C. Joseph N. Bonadio Q.M.C. Benjamin G. hHopkins Y.N.C. Victor C. Johnston G.M.C. James H. McGee M. Sgt. Hugo F. Moeller F.C.C. Fred W. Nichol E.T3. Edward A. Vanderwagen Paqe 272 Company A Staff loch row; F Harioq H Gcrhdrt, M. Jon«t. Front row: G Paul«y. W B yriulh«r. R. Company B Staff Bock row: B Johnion. ft Chantr. J P«f«r- von Front row: L Oonvqdn, R. Barklhira, R. Below left: Trainees are learning tfie why and wherefore of firing a twenty millimeter gun during gunnery drill aboard ship. Below center: Midshipmen hit the beach at Little Creek, and a " duck " waits to take them back fo camp after a day on an LSI. Above right: " Shooting the sun, " these middies get practice in taking sun sight with a sextant, nautical device for finding direction. Poq 273 Qompam (L First Platoon Back row: M. Archerd, R. Mosher, A. Wilson, C. Ferquion. E. Saffel, P. Sregmund, K. Kelley, M. Ruebsamen. Second row: W. Stockton, D. Connett. R. Brittln. J. Keester. B. Aten. V. SedUcek, R Rockwell. Front row: C. Blair. J. Fisher, D. Innis, E. Racely, H. Gerhart. W. Nash, R. Moore, J. Plummer. O ft O it (f f Second Platoon Back row: L Short. H Close, P. Grimm, E Condon. H. Menck. A. Jensen, A. Landwer. Second row: N. Strand, H. VanHatten, V, Morrison, J. Gerqel. P. Kaestner. 0. Bylund, J. Dean, C. Andersen. R. Thomas. Front row: R. Rogers, R. Zwart, H- Schrelber, G. Powell, M. James, P. Reiter, J. Maloney. B. Holthus. Third Platoon Back row: S. Harbo, W Croft. L. Bosley, P, Oitwald. N. Campbell, j ' Wamsley. Second row: E. Johnson, E. Blue, J. Walsh, L. Lehmkuhl. R. Lodwig, D. Maunder, R. Plum- mer. Front row: K. Brown. W. Schltd. R. Farnham. R. Rogers, A. Allen. F. Herzog, D. Baker, S. Coatman. 1 % " ais n A ' j 3j ■ ' ■ • ii ' (ii»V ' i%V ' f • ' n ft 7 r . TT _ - »» - T ,- • ' •i-:-i : ' »• ' ' ». ' »» It ' s the Navy on review! Headed by Old Glory, the men of the Naval ROTC battalion hold a full-dress parade. Poqe 274 r O - ' •« Oi», O -K Ci Comparuf dS First Platoon Sock row: H. CtrptnUf. A. MichtUI. A. S-«rd. B And«rton, E. Fr«ni«n, f. •rray. Second row: L. Cantonton. M. Poorion f. Afm.lilaad. K. llndquilt. W K»ni(, J Good. S Johnion. Froat row: H. Smilh, N. Solh.n. W W.m.n B John«on. K. Sllulor, S. ll«rnoldl. D Fttgg ' Second Platoon Bock row: D Blln.r, A Bom K Mumb,, P Chavt A Tatum. Second row: H Larien. W Pdmer D Cook G Joielyn, Slulher, H Olltn Front row: W Coop. E Nefion • Chen.. T Krett. R Meilin. R. RiMer. Third Platoon Bock row: R Irwm, E LeBeeu. J Permelee. A Shf»n Second row: P Reed. G Starr. B Slake. J. Woodward, B. Lehman. Front row: J. Fuller. R. Lander. J Peterion. R. Andrewi. W. Lowe. T. Graham. How ' s the food, fellas ' ? Trainees stop for a K-ra- tion lunch during amphibious training at Little Creek, Virginia. Poqc 275 QhUUHkSL It ' s up, over, and away for these Marines scaling an obstacle course wall during practical training at Quantico, Virginia. Right: All tired out, five Nebraska junior midship- men take it easy after finishing three days of am- phibious training at Little Creek, Virginia. Below right: Swabbin g the decks of a Navy man-o- war, these NROTC midshipmen are learning through experience that It ' s not all play on a summer cruise. Below left: Receiving watch-standing instruction from competent engineering chiefs is all part of the senior training aboard ship. Refueling at sea is underway as sophomores and seniors observe the more experienced hands per- forming this major naval operation. mA " Paqc 276 y Lf. Colonel Alex C. Jamleson Cadet Colonel William f Major Laurence E. Gardner Last year, by congressional decision, the United States Air Force attained an independent status, and at the same time it gained a new posi- tion on the University of Nebraska campus. The new fields of Communication and Trans- portation were opened under the new ROTC train- ing program at the University. Previously, Air Force training was under the direction of the Army and open only to advanced ROTC students. Under the new program, however, underclassmen receive fundamental ROTC instruction until their fourth semester when specialized training actually begins for them. Prior to 1949, one hundred juniors and seniors were enrolled in Air Science. There are now 470 basic and advanced students studying under the new plan. Colonel Alex Jamleson discusses this years Air Science program with Cadet Colonel William Kinsey, as they malte plans for the future. Paqc 277 Captain John B. Sullivan Captain Eugene H. Wanner 1st. Lt. Woodrow J. Wilson M. Sgt. John E. Hagood M. Sgt. James M. hienry M. Sgt. Walter W. Jones 1st. Sgt. John A. Lovold S. Sgt. Charles C. Hood S. Sgt. Martin L. Pebler Page 27B Men from twelve colleges attended summer camp at Brooks. Here, a few of them prepare for an operational problem in a C-46. Right: Uniforms are issued to new cadets upon their arrival. Six hundred men from seven states attended camp here — some clothing problem! Below right: Cadets attending summer camp are getting the " know-how " in field stripping of a 45 caliber M-3 sub-machine gun. Below left: Photographers are on hand to see the company commanders present the important ath- letic awards to deserving cadets. i s. -. -»- - « - .» Down by the " ol ' swimming hole " at Camp Bullis, Texas, cadets cool off after a routine march and bivouac. f ' ' -- " mLt Pa qt 279 dlsiajdqjuuahbihA. SqModJwn. Flight I Back row: H. Engdahl. K. Johnson. L. Morris, K. Mlnnick, G. McQueen, D. Dickerson. R. Waring, V. Adams. Third row: B. Reichenbach, T. Podhaisky, B. Kfotter, 0. Osterman, D. Bloom, D. Stacy, J. Schumacher. Second row: L- Pfelffer, C. Mason, D. Wag- ner, Heidenreich, H. Thomas, D. Kroeger, W. Bauman, W, Greer. Front row: D. Casper, P. ODea. R. Wells. E. Brandt. Flight 2 Bock row: 0, Schneider, D. Hoffman, B. McCune, J. Weldon, M. James, H. Laughter, T. Heermann, G. Barney. Second row: J. Montgomery, R. Loudon, T. Morrow, R, McElravy, B. Nealy, F. Mulvey, J. Gillin, R. Shively. Front row: E Carter, A. Kuta. H, Doerr, S. Gottitein. j? O ( ft fi? O ft «-. ft ' «?) Flight 3 Bock row: T. Scott. R. Churchill, 0. Etmund, R Buli. A. Epitien, L. Bush, W. Doty, B. Schaberg, Second row: E Wagner, R. Casari W. Lien J. Edee. J, Tighe. W. Walter. L. Westllng. C. Hughes. Front row: M Sobollta. S. Dworsky, B- Ander- son. T. Andros, H Sullivan, R. Vollmer. l- ' -| ' -|W ' -f - --t fl , Off to the bivouac! Busy cadets at Scott Air Force base tote their duds and advance to the first field of action. Page 280 ' O f ScfK cidAo L CL Flighf I Back row: A Harlll. W. Frtdcrick 0. Wood W Handlhy. C. VeiU. W. iMry. Fiftk row: N W«ddl«. N H«in»n«n. L Hinkley H Ebit r. H Hugliti. r Hlnvon. R. Callarion. E H«lch. V Joy. Fourth row: J. Hald«nbr«nd, J«m«ion, W. Garbvr, C L«bioch, J. Crump, R. Hurt. R. Ebright, B. Robinton. Third row: R Klain. J. GvrUch, F. Fr««m«n, S Groolhuil. S Tully. J. Elotll. A. Groil. W. Janningt. R. Moor . Second row; J Bl«l«k. L Carnay, M Br«m r, D Congrdm. 0. NaUon, R. Brook, L. Hild. C Bohi. R Eggari Front row: R. S»«tt, F flug, B Btrgqulll. Flight 2 Back row: R K« nan. N Lind, J Nitd«rh«ui, G W«qn»r, V McCuray, D. Ptd«rt«n, J. Ldddv K McBrid . Flffh row: C Lundquitt. R Clark. L. Knapp, A Jvnian. E. Kimball, E Parry, R. Nkhalton, R Loucki. L. Kannay Fourth row: D NobU. D Warrttr, B L«- Shalla, C. Johnson, R Krugar, B. Long. D Kallar. L. Kallar, (.. Altman, K. Maiiingar. Third row: E- Lawlt, J. Lowa, L. Olmtfad. J. Nation, L. Higg!nt. J. Nicholi. R. Otta, H. K ' oatlar. G Krogh. Sacond row; R. Crook. H. Mayar. J. Lavlngar, R Malaihock. W. Laubar. P. Lawii, J LaZoMa. D Naab. J. Cochran Front row: G Bayar. J Kack, M King Flight 3 Bock row: M Brookiltin, J. M«Hht»t Totbbcn. B Wdrd. R. Youngquitt. Fifth row: F Scott. J. Van Nan, D Wlnkal- manr . J Whila, V. Scoll, D. Schnackal. B. Staan. J Swadalion. Fourth row: J Whillock, J Warran. J Walli. i. Schlaigar. W. Spach. D Robarti, P Ral- land. E Walllck. Third row: L Slalka. W Cook, B. Dawion. B. Collopy. C Clinton, B Stockfald, L. Yoit, D. Stiulthali. D Rauh Second row: Yodar. J Wolpa. J, Wordan. J Roctiman R Shonka, L. Poppa. D. Matulka. B Willay. A Siraihalm Front row: C Klina. C. Waatharhogg, R. Umphanour. Setting up pup tents on their bivouac, these cadets prepare for a good night ' s sleep after a hard day of training in the field. ' ♦ " Page 281 Squcudbwn, £ Flight I Back row: R. Johnson, J. Dier, P. Breslin. D, Schelerman. C. Baker, R. Anthony. J. Amgwert, R. Bloom. D. Davis. Fourth row: J. Deigan. L. Blaser, S. Carlson, W. Ferris. L. Franzen. R. Phillip, R. Dunnock K. Blank. Third row: C. Burnneister. W. Cozier, P. Butler. G. Babcock. J. Kostal. J. Fogerty. H. Mdskell. R. Foster, R. Cook. J. Anderson. Second row: D. Cullen, P. Boyle. D. Spang- ler. F. Blundon, A. Curtiss, D. Brown, H. Brockemeier. R. McGuire, M. Andrews, L. Donarico, H. Haight. L. Brandish. Front row: H. Hatch. N. Jones. K. Johnson. L. Chisholm. c .-l . ii i Lr ' v Flight 2 Back row: D. Rocke. L, Nellor. F. Major, C. Hruby. H. Hayes. T. Ledlngham. B. Seacrest, R. Peterson. Third row: J. Holper, J. Preston, R. Koch. R. Loucks, M. Neuman. K. Wellensick G. Gass R. Off. Second row: A. Peters. E. Miller. R. Krause B. Gangel B. Nevin. B. Rickly, G. Malloy. R Holling. C- Hayes. Front row: D. Ring. R. Brown, R. Olson. R. Geisert. Fliqht 3 Bock row: J. Schleiger. A. Spencer. D. Wil- son, B. Smitli. W. Wiegert, H. Selk. K. Patiti. C Talbot. R. Slump, Third row: R. Scliubert. C Staley, L. Tiede- man, J. Wirsig, R. Baker. N. Stumbaugti. C. Widmaler. R. Pearse. Second row: J. Raile, H. Slechta, R. Tetft, H. Wallace. R. Westmare. L. Wiedmaier P. Scott, R. Scheidt. Fron row; R Roeser. D. Spelts. R. Runyan. Religious training is part of the life of every summer camp soldier. After an inspiring service, the boys return once more to their duties. Poge 282 S iicutwy v Q Plight t Boch row: M H«dd«n. Dal . K. Mllli, I. E. ni J Carnal. M t» Fourth row. T Durm. T Eqan. D CtitndUr, 9 Anktny. W Adimt H BtlndUr. E Angia, D Holla Third row: Naill, E. Coniad. R OaVtiat. H Graca. C dt)ay, J B ' Own. F Allan. 0. Flood. R Halqht. Sacond row: J Boomar. G. Hammang. F. Bruanino. W Hacganradar. J Loudon, L. Gra- lopp. F. Condot, J. Battian, K. Blunk, T. Tuckar. Front row: C Duryaa. G Wolla. R NobI . J Hacbd. Flight 2 Bock row: R Lindgran E Janhini. R, Dui bufy. H Johnion. W Norrli. S OUon Fourth row: D. Phippi. E. Brajcha. R McCutn- bar. R. Johnson. F. Woodrufl, M. Milllkin. R. Janian. Third row: D Oldanburg. K. h4oul. R Whit. m«f. C Palarian. J. Minnick. 0. ktallat. D. Socofd, R Lawii. Sacond row: J. Lincoln. L. Kallar. L Otidiak. W. Juddl. R Nobla. J. LIkant. R. Stain- bargar, F. Okano. Front row: L. Pollard. R. OI ' i " :i " E Slavant, 6. Johnion. Flight 3 Back row: L Shvrrard. Wdkaman. J Rict. J Schiermtytr, D Pichtfinq. C. Muclltr. B Wdgntr. 6. Thompion. Third row: K. Johnion, J Jouv«n«f. R. Sandv B. Holmquitl. J. V«nct. J Smith, 0. Smith. D. Pott«r. W. LuUi. Second row: J. Poulot, F. Wood. H. S«rton. R Spdl C Softnttn. E. Sortnvvn. C. Warn«r. H Tracy E Yoit Front row: J Coi. L. Chitt«ndtn. T Jonti. Mm, Not so soft as the ones at home, fellows, but they ' ll have to do — they might be the least i ' the shortcomings! Pogc 283 Last minute Instructions for the Military Ball are drawn up by Bill Mook while other nnembers of the Association add their suggestions. QandidodsL OfgkMJL (XAAQci nilon Bock row: W Henkle; J. Peterson; C. Bress- man Second row: W. Kinsey; E. Canter; K. Horn- bacher; W. Bayfeuther; A. Potter; D. Meyers Fron row: D McVlcker; W, Mook; G. Pauley. For the thirty-seventh time, Candidate Officers Association planned and staged the Military Ball this year. All advanced students in Military and Air Science and sophomore students and above in Naval Science are members of this organization. Besides promoting the Ball, the group works for the comradeship of students In all three training groups. Above right: On the way to meeting, officers and laculty advisers pause on the Armory steps for the photographer. Right: At a final meeting of Military Ball commit- tees, officers check and re-check plans to make sure that all is in order. Page 284 lock row: B Raichonbdch. L. Wattlinq. J Tiqli B Scl ib«rg. G McQumk. J. Wddon 6 ti ' nti. W Baurrtdn W WilUr. Fmrfk row: R Shixly. B KroHar. It Bull. R Churchill. D HoHm n. T Htarmdnn, J. Mont qomery K Johnion Third row: E Brandt. D Waqntr. M So botkd. D Cdip«r. P. O ' 0 «. N. Jonsi. B Nttli. C Moon 6 Sp«ltl Socoad row: H Thomo, R Noblt. A. Kula R Swatt. G Wollt. H Sullivan. H. Hatch J Gillii. D Kfoaqar. Front row: C- Ouryaa. H K.niai. R Ohihaiiar. R. Walli Andarion. W Arnold Society Is a national organiza- tion which was founded in 1948 for Air Officers Corps cadets. It was established with the ainn of promoting American citi- zenship, creating a closer relationship among the members of the Air ROTC, and furthering the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the U. S. Air Force as a means of national defense. Above right: Officers wait for the members to as- semble so that the pound of the gavel can call the meeting to order. Center right: Every first and third Wednesday of the month, air cadet members and Colonel Alex Jamieson attend Society meetings. Below right: A new member signs the dotted line after the swearing in " of initiation. Think you ' d ever make it. fella? Congratulations! Poqf 285 Back row: H. Banderson, J. Wroth. E. Stevens, F. Arvanette. Front row: W. Kinjey R. Vanderslice W. Mock, S. McVicker. L. Wescott. TLcdhnaL During its fifty-seven years of exist- ence, Pershing Rifles has grown from a group of sixty members to a national or- ganization of nearly thirty-thousand men. The main headguarters of the fifty-five col- lege companies is located in Nebraska. It is here that all the organization ' s " paper work " is done under the direction of Na- tional Commander William R. Mook. Above left: Bill Mook, National Commander, seems pleased as faculty advisor, Major Winston Wallace, looks over a list of group accomplishments. Center left: Dick Reid and Jim Wroth, staff mem- bers of the Public Information Office, Inspect Parade, their national " Rag. " Left: The working staff relaxes for a moment at National Headquarters, Pershing Rifles, before be- ginning another day ' s work. Paqc 286 fisAAhina, (RighA What ' s the matter, fella ' ? Getting cokes beforo meeting seems to be a major problem for this soldier. Could be he forgot his nickel. • • 1 ■ . • . Jv • : K fc • • • ■ ■ ' ' ; ' Pershing Rifles, the oldest - known nnilltary fraternity In the United States, was founded at the University of Nebraska by the late General John J. Pershing fifty- seven years ago. The Crack Drill Squad, whose mennbers conne from the ranks of this organization, was begun In 1892 to " serve as an exannple for the rest of the military department. " Above left: Smile pretty, boys! These officers, while waiting for meeting to begin, relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the Armory lounge. Left: Commander Charles Bressman directs the Crack Squad in its practice drill for the traditional Military Ball performance. Poqe 287 phataivc Commander Roberf Bass and his governing board held consultation on an important question ot the constitution. p © Cp ifl). ■ m- ••: " V4;-t . ' »?. ( o f Back row: C. Deeter, C Wilscam, T Heer- mann. G. Morris. D. Canaday, J. Cralq. Third row: E. Wagner. L. Cuesta-Pina. S. Jones, T. Podhaisky, D. Duley. J. Ferris. Second row: R, Egger. G. Strom, H. Enq- dahl. M. Suvalsky. J. Christopulus. B. Laflln. D. Lembrich. Front row; R. Koch, R. Rogers, R. Bass, A. Gilbert. R. Swanson. Phalanx, a national honorary and pro- fessional military fraternity since 1934, has been successful in emphasizing the develop- ment of qualities necessary for military lead- ership. The wearers of the black and gold cord have always ranked high in the cadet corps as a result of the expert training which the men receive within their organi- zation. Pledges, grouped in a corner of the Armory lounge, await whatever might befall them in their pre- initiation roles. Caught by the camera ' s eye while lounging, photo- genic Phalanx staff members smile enthusiastically for the photographer. Page 2B Red Guidon Association has as its purpose the promotion of greater achieva- ment within the Field Artillery Unit. The organization, founded in 1937, has been inactive since 1943 but was re-established this year. On the campus for the first time thin year, the Legion de Fusiliers was founded to stimulate advanced Infantry students with the desire to become officers and to give the public a better understanding of the Infantry ' s importance. In front of their insignia, menDbers of the newly- organized Red Guidon chart their plans for the coming year. Staff officers look mighty official as they wait in their Armory meeting room for the flash of the photographer ' s bulb. Poqe 2S9 Red Guidon Bock row: W tuik W Jonii. It Hahn, E fullon, K M«itin f. G«rdn«r. Second row; P. M ch«m. C. F«rb«r. D ! no »d«n, E Robinton. D C«p«). J OoyI . Front row: H ((nnlngar. J. Kallr. W King J Dolli. E Golich ll. Legion de Fusiliers Bock row: G. Jtckion, R. Swanion, H. H - «id. J Roitnquiit, C. D««ttr. Second row: J. Good, G. Fr«nc!t, M. Suv«l- iky. J Moort, A. Gilbert, Front row: D. Lembrich. J. Gudgel, F. Arve. " lette. G. Morrit. Back row: T. Harley, G. McQueen. R. Chaney, B. Pierce. J. Roienquist, G. Luikart. G. Wilcox. R. Packard. Fourth row: E. Bartunek. C. Bressman. J, McCann, K Minnick, W. Henkle. D. Myers. W. Greer, B. Hein Third row: B. Phelps, K. Johnson. J. Edee, W. Mook, A. Potter, J. Lyie. D. Auqustin. Second row: W, Marbaker R. Steinhoff, G. Francis, R. Pfeiler, L. Wescott, D. Ehrlich. R. Real. D. Armstrong. D. Hodder. Front row: P. Grimm. A. Schiias. W Nash, R Benson. R, Russell. R. Vanderslice, R Frandsen, D. McVicker. H ,1 H 1 n B n ( • II I • t I S joihbaJuL and, {BladsL Scabbard and Blade was organized at this university in 1921. Since that time its purpose has been to unite the Military De- partment; to develop the essential qualities of an officer in cadets; to prepare officers as educated men with a greater influence in community military affairs; and, above all, to transfer military information to the nation. Above leff: Before a background of riflematch plaques and university medals. Captain Oren Bryant instructs his men in business procedures. Center left: In cooperation with faculty advisor Captain Bryant, officers keep all records of their organization and also conduct its meetings. Left: " Relaxation before work " could be the motto of these pledges who are about to take their pledge test, another step toward initiation. JhidsmL A few of the Trident boys gather in a corner of their Armory lounge to discuss their fraternity business Informally. Bock row: F Pil«r. J. Fulltr. R. Zwart, P. Armittt«4d. N. C«mpb«ll. E. Frdni«n. H. Ldr- S«cond row: J Woodward. H. Schrtibar. L L«hmhuhl J P f«rion. Connttt. E 8lu«. J Mdlonvy, J Mohrmdn. Front row: N Str«nd. J. Garqal. R. Rocliw«ll. K Hornb«ch«r. J Plummar. W, Wyman. J. w iih. l: o r- o .W . ' ift - Promotion of the United States Naval activities and the upholding of the custonns and traditions of the United States Navy are the stated duties of Trident fraternity. This honorary naval society was organized on the campus in 1948 and received its constitution one year later. Its members are men of the United States Naval Reserve Officers Corps. While prexy Ken Hornbacher (right on couch) gives instructions to fellow officers, two of the boys find that disc joclcey. At work as usual! Eager beaver members concen- trate feverishly on this game of skill. There ' s just one question — what is it? Pa9c 291 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Lutheran Student House Sigma Eta Chi Gamma Delta Methodist Student House Sigma Theta Epsilon Kappa Phi Christian Student Fellowship Cosmopolitan Club Newman Club Palladians J ' ' JsdiowAhifL Officers combine ideas during a special conference to get all ready for thaf next interesting meeting. ,Ts ' Bock row: E. Nllson, G Wagner, K. Mills. L, Wilior. D, Glover. Fifth row: K. Krogh. E. Wood D. Johnson. G. Glebe, M. Gustafson, P. Nelson. J. Meek- er,, P. Andreas. Fourth row; H. Hansen. L- Smith, L, Gee. B Wood, J. Moore. W. Berggren, C Ship- man. G. Baum. K. ButtenmiMer. Third row; R Johnson. H, Davis. R. Hanke, B. Zumhingst, D Hanke. A. Bierman. L. Nel- son, R. Gruber. Second row: H. Hamilton. G. Seward. E Sklenar, A. Liakos, M. Grosse. H, Nelson. D. Anderson, F. Swartwood, J. Hiatt. Front row: O. Richert, G. Carlson, M. Meyer, R. Meyers, P. Gustafson. M. Auserod D. Podlesak. N. Scotl. M. Meinke. intervarsity Christian Fellowship strives to present God ' s plan of salvation, to further Bible study and prayer, and to pro- mote recreation and fellowship among its members. The organization stresses the need of vital faith in Christ for a positive, successful way of life. IVCF is an inter- collegiate, inter-denominational, and inter- national organization. Above right: And a Merry Christmas to all! But enough of this talk — on with the presents, Santa I Right: Another important session for President Phillip Gustafson and sponsor Dr. S. I. Fuennlng. Page 2f4 At 1440 Q street !s the Lutheran Student House. Here Lutheran stu dents nneet, party, and worship. 30udhsihj[ut, SiudnnJL Kduasl »i im Through their campus organization, the Lutheran Student Association, young peo- ple find fellowship and opportunity for Christian service at the University of Ne- braska. Pastor Alvin M. Petersen and his associate, Miss LaVonne Johnson, represent the Lutheran Student Foundation ' s spiritual ministry at the Lutheran Student hHouses on both campuses. Above right: Cooltie? There ' s nothing like an eve- ning snack to make those nightly socials a success. Center right: On your mark! Get set! Whose turn is it when three players have hands outstretched? Right: Back from church and ready for a Sunday dinner, Lutherans relax to catch up on the funnies. Poq» 11% SJbuudsunL Presbles proudly look over their past awards and decide where to put their new football trophy. A bit of old English style on the campus is Presby Student House, peaceful haven on busy 14th R. Under the direction of the Reverend Rex Knowles, the Presbyterian Student hlouse offers a combined religious, educa- tional, and social program to University men and w omen. Sunday evening forums, Bible studies, v eekly discussions, and parties are all part of the complete schedule of events presented by the Presby hlouse throughout the entire year. Above right: Service doesn ' t take long at the Presby hjouse during those Sunday night gatherings. Right: Dinner ' s over and everyone loves to help wiith dishes. C ' mon, men — it ' s time to get busy! - ' 1 " [ iTtfifJiT Poqe 296 Back row: E Hyd . J B«rl«lt, B G«org , J P.«fce Sffcend row; B Drbal, J Cardwalt, f-uh . P F«rnh«m. M Buckcndahl. Front row: D Ett«i. M. Rico. R. BaUi. M Evtei. Bock row: J. Sa t. D. Kro«9 r. R Schava R. Eqqart. J. Schoti, D Bruggaman. L Luabbt. E BarUls. G. Woltamath Third row: D Sati. B Br«dthauar. R. Dunh- iau. K. Schmidt, P Oitwald. N. GloyitaJn. F Schaifca C Huabnor Sc cond row: A Fraudanburg, M . Gad . M . Bamaibargar, M. Hauqa, E SUHing, E Roailar, J Engclkamlar Front row: J Schultia. A. Von Mlndan. D. MualUr, J Fanitar. Rav H. E ' ck, F. Chaal, E Erickton. E. TagtfTiviar. bigma bta Chi is a sorority for women who work together for a common goal. Under Congregational sponsorship, Sigma Eta Chi welcomes all religions, races, and creeds and stresses spiritual growth of the organization. Gamma Delta is an International as- sociation of Lutheran college and university students. The name Gamma Delta em- bodies the alms and purposes of the group, for " gamma " signifies Christian knowledge, and " delta " denotes Christian service. Above right: Got the right pitch, girls? And with that the Sigma Eta Chi trio is ready to entertain. Right: Mixed voices harmonize as the choir re- hearses hymns for its next devotional program. Poqr 217 mjdkodi t Siuihnt Both young and old take part in the singing as the Methodists of today chant hymns of long ago. The Methodist students find all the qualities of home at the vine- covered Methodist Student House. The Methodist Student House provides a home on campus tor students of Methodist faith. The Wesley Foundation seeks to make its schedule broad enough to serve the interests of all. Activities such as worship, drama, music, sports, social fellowship, and leadership training are examples of the numerous projects in which Methodists find both friends and fun. Above right: Ag activities are centered here. The house is always open for meetings and for parties. Right: Sunday afternoon finds student visitors and their families gaily reading the funny papers. Paqe 29B ' Mill. Bock row: W. Whi( ti «d. 0. Sfoqron. K Krttnar, J Mutton, H. Hachl. I. Iroadon. Tklrd row: W Vogt. R Kruqt ' . F M«ior, J Kl.nt. J Moora V Raaton. D Wtlkc Second row: C Ho»0, 6. Doil, I. W rd. G C«rt«f. C Lohrtns. L. Good. MifchoH. Front row; Ebart, W. lurbofth, R. Congor, B Grimm D F rril. N. WillUmi. W Dolby, Bock row: L Eddy. M. Philllpi, J. Ser«nt n, A P«rh. G Robvrtton, P Bvcktr, J. T«t«r. C. Kic«. I Kob« ' ' tion. M |riMfnh«m. M G orq« Third row: M M«rfin. M C«rr. J. Sh«rp. E 8rdkh4q«, P Horh«m. I Thont. L. R«nn«r. H. Mann. N. Ko«hl«r, M Cooper Second row: M. Wilburn. M. Burklund. G. Pochtn. D Gtll, P H«rmon, It Rottnquitt. W ZiaqUr. M Rutho. M Stlcknay. It Tr«u(. man, J Jon«t. Front row: B. V«n Lund. D M«rym««. J 0 id k. P Olton. B R td. C Joyct. K Schnvidvf. B Sm« ' Ui. G Mli Sigma iheta tpsilon is a religious fra- ternity for Methodist men throughout the United States. The goal of the organiza- tion is to appreciate further the need of a closer Christian fellowship annong Methodist men. Kappa Phi is an organization for Methodist girls. In 1949 and 1950 the Kappa Phi progrann included various reli- gious meetings, informal discussion groups, and social events with Sigma Theta Epsilon, fraternity for Methodist men. Above right: Such attentiveness! They seem eager to gain a little knowledge, but why the big grins? Right: Although this looks like a birthday party the candles are really part of the special meeting. rrr Here ' s an Intriguing game — wonder whose move It Is. There ' s just one question — what is it? ShjudbmL J ' sdloivAhipL Back row: J. Shull, J. Mclntyre, B. Rosen- quist. K. Stephenson, G. Smith. Third row: H. Dennis. G. Burns, M. Spaur, E. Johnson, R. Rasmussen, H. Elwood, J. Wood. Second row: L. Lawrence. J. Murray. R. Fair. M, Hammond. B. KHahaffie. S. McGrath. C. Shepard, L. Lagerquist. Front row: D. Benson, S. McClain, R. Ben- son, H. Kouns, P. Agee, G. McCormack, M. Willey. Students who are members of the Christian churches of Lincoln find a meet- ing ground in Christian Student Fellowship. The organization cultivates spiritual growth through campus religious functions such as discussions, meetings, and parties- Mrs. Ray Benson sponsors group activities at the Cotner hlouse, the scene of Christian Stu- dent organization. Above right: Step right up for a little ditty, folks. You name it, ' n the members will sing it. Right: " Fourth for bridge " is a common call during socials, while kibitzers await their opportunity! Poge 300 Coimopollt«n Club lack row: M l um«nn. D Von Ku ntib«fg. t Fard. M. G14I, f- Ptlcrion. C. H«nn«io. Solhloo. A Ay«li. C Willl mi. Third row: N. Sol. K Lm, T Crol. L.dolpK. M N««id. J. J«H tf. W. H«lni». M Burgsti. M. Pourx«n|«nl. Second row; L McGl«th«n. M Dodgoo, G G«ni«;. f G niai. D Ok«nlwo. I Znnlntr. L. Akmlinna. S Ja ' od. I E« ni, G. Kohlml. Front row: M Shiporrr G lt«i l E ouilin, J Hobit. J L«bl. M. Chapptll. II K»i«lid, M Dutton. A Torrico. Newman Club Bock row: J. Oellon, L Donarlco. R. Guhin, 3 Coitello. C. Hull. M. Elbtrgtr, H. Jod- liniki. Second row: H Barry. C Robak, R Walth. L Killer. A Kula. K. Slelnauer. Firit row: J. Blaha. G. Pritchard, R. Menuey, R Bradley. Father G. Schutter. ( oAmjopboUiaiL Qiuh Students representing all parts of the world meet weekly in the Cosmopolitan club to exchange ideas and interests in promot- ing international friendship and to become acquainted with other foreign students. The organization has various social activities during the year. TLoivrnjatL Qiuh Newman Club is a group for Catholic students on the campus and is a member of the international Newman Club Federation. Corporate communions, discussion studies, and picnics were all a part of the club pro- gram for 1 949 and 1 950. Above: Eager hands are raised for attention at the weekly meeting of the Cosmopolitan club. Below: Father Schuster takes the spotlight among Newman club members. Page 301 Andrew Bodor, Hungary; Joe KlJschuk. Ukraine; Alei Sonnewjrth, Rumania; Jane Abend, Czechoslovakia; Max Sklarciyk, Po- land; Amis Aumalis, Latvia; Louis Stur, Hungary; Henry Jedlrnski. Poland. Tlsiw OmsUikanA, This year, many displaced students from Europe have found a new home at the Uni- versity of Nebraska. Several were sponsored directly by the University while others were able to come through the action of various organized campus groups. All call them- selves New Americans. Although brought here principally to secure a higher educa- tion, the New Americans participate in other extra-curricular organizations, helping to give them an understanding of American college life. Above: New Americans are right at home on the campus as they get together for a social chat. Below: Roz Howard and Kathy Withey socialize In the Crib with Jane Abend and Max Sklaiczyk. Page 302 •ock row: f H«th«»«v. It V«n 0»d«ll. J Ktin . W Wood. E S««nton. R Roianquiit. ft H«rrtch. G Coray Third row: H Knoblock. ft L«llm«n. D. Innit, A Spencar, A Allan, ft StJahl. B Coon Second row: M Ehblad, B Johnton. P. Mora- h«ad. A Mayart. J. Rlnglar. M. M«H)iawt. N. Spomar, J. MarriH. front row: I Barnat. L Matigar. T Stiahl. J Gilpin. V Morriion. N KoahUf, ft Soltijoo fflaUajdian, The Palladian Society for unaffiliated students is honored by being the first stu- dent organization on the University of Ne- braska campus. The literary society provides social activities, promotes good fellowship, encourages high scholarship, and encourages its members to develop their talents. The organization holds Its meetings and social events in the Palladian hHall in the Temple. Above: Palladian members relax in the atmosphere of the Temple for a small-sized party. Below: Settling down to business, members of the Palladian Society tackle a game of bridge. Poqc 303 o J Ag Men ' s Club Adelphia Amikita Brown Palace Co-op Cornhusker Co-op Delian Union Cox Hall Howard Hall International House Loomis Hall Love Memorial Hall Men ' s Residence Halls Rosa Bouton Hall Wilson Hall Terrace Hall Towne Club Women ' s Residence Halls Pioneer Co-op Arterburn Behrens Bever Coffmon Crom Dinkel Eggert Forck Hammel Mulford Muller Nieveen Perry Rehmeier Sautter Schmit Uhrig Officers pass judgment on Esquire de- ciding In favor of the female pictures. na ii »» 1 • i B 1 Founded at University of Nebraska, 1943 Blue and White Page 306 Oq. msm ' A. C CHARLES ATHEY President NORMAN BEVER Vice President EARL HULTMAN Secretary E. BURNELL SWANSON Treasurer Charles Athey President Above: Ag men critically admire that artistic as- pects of a " scenic " photograph. Below: Members of the Ag Men ' s Club gather in the Ag Union for a quick coke between classes. Actives Keith Arterburn. Imperial. ' 50: Charles Athey. Tolamah, ' 50: Gayle Behrens. Mead, ' 52: Norman Bever, Virginia, ' 50; Rei Coffman. Stuart. ' SI; Richard Crom, Swanton, ' 51; G. Jamoi Dinlol. Omaha. " 51: Robert Eggert. Aurora. ' 50: Charles G. Forck. Jr.. Chicago. III.. ' 50: Richard J. Gogan, Arcadia. ' 50: Donald Hammel. Lyons. ' 50: Glenn Hayward. Humboldt, " 50: Gale Manh, Wymore, ' 51: Paul Mecham. Grand Island. ' 51: Lloyd Muller. G.-and Island. ' 52; Arnold E. Niveen. Adams, ' SI; Richard Orcutt. Madison, ' 50: Donald Perry. Malcolm. ' 50; Lyman Rohmoier. Weeping Water. ' 50; Edward Sautter, Lincoln, ' SO: Ronald Stoller. Indianola. ' 50; E. Burnell Swan- son. Lyons. ' 50: Otto Uhrig, Hamlngford, ' 52. Pledges Jerry K. Allen. McCook. ' 53; Lester Burnham. Kearney. ' 52: Allan Burr. Dunbar, ' 53: Richard L. Harmon. Gretna. ' 53: Richard A. Hutchins. North Loup, ' 52; Everett Jenne, Holmas- ville. ' 52: Bernard E. Johnson. Louisville. ' 53: John S. Larson, Lyons, °5I; Richard G. Leitschuck, Burchard, ' 53; Charles L. Mulford, Stuart, ' 52: Arthur W. Norris. Avoca. ' 53; Elton R. Perry. Malcolm. ' 53: Boyd Rouse. Telamah. ' 53: Lonnie D. Sawyer. Bloomfield. ' 53; Loran C. Schmit. Rising City. ' 50: William A. Walford. Grssham, ' 52: Edward Zabel. Western. ' 53. Poqe 307 Boch Breese Carroll Eddy Hollingsworth Hulae Johnson KuncI McCloin Malm -«it k S. v £ r-f ys t- r r -- ' 4 Martin Olson Rankin Sklenan Woodward Arenson Beavers Beck Beers Beron Bierbower Ekstrand Elseman Farnham Howe Ingram Jensen Kemper Koskon ddsdphL Maintaining a happy medium between academic and social life were the girls of Adelphi. They not only emphasized scholar- ship but took an active part in all campus activities. S cj ri dmikllcL Amiklta, an organization for unaffili- ated wonnen, ranked high In scholarship and was well represented in cannpus activities. The girls also promoted a well rounded social program. Lauer Long Maine Michaud Pearson, D. Pearson. W. Rowley Schick Sedlacek Steinaucr Vclte Wells Young Paqe 308 J I«ttl llymcl Sorowioh Bu«th« Cebum Coan«r Cm Ovale y Oy«r. C Oy«r. J. FucliMr. C. Fuchttfr, f. Gilbert HoiQiit. H. Hol kf, t. Honten. C. Haitten. E- Hanten. J. Hohnttein Hovck Knapp McDonald M« louder Porsoai M«ff«r SelM tber Sb(My Stoke Tohhetm Wr llmon e - » p 3i. c p rv o n n liM Ci f r f i(M li iiia £aojlo v (palajcsL C -opL Teamwork was the keynote again this year for the 52 nnennbers of Brown Palace. This men ' s co-op follows the principles of open membership, democratic control by the members, religious and political neutrality, constant education, and continuous expan- sion. Besides performing their regular " house " duties, the Twelfth Street boys earned laurels in sports and academic fields, and climaxed their social functions with an annual banquet. Above: Brown Palace men think bridge should be on every university curriculum. You ' d lil e the homework, men? Below: Brown Palace officers gather for a confer- ence. The subject is " Will the modern party replace exams? " Poqt 309 Back row: J. A. Marks, D. J. Wallerstedt. Third row: G. Hay, J. Sherwood, J. Foley, F- McReynolds. D. Flood, H. Wray. D. Quine. W. Wicks, D. Nelson. Second row: P. Rupllnger, D Tucker, R. Butler, J. Reed, H. Owens, B. Flood. H. Slagle, G. Waltemath, K. Bowman. Front Row: H. Hollingshead. R. Kincanon, L. Japp. J. McReynolds, Mrs. G. Read. G. Wendler. L. Neilson. S. Nelson. E. Aydin. Bock row: J. Schlecht, R. Cronin, J. Spease. W, Beery, M. Burris, A. C. Saint John. Third row: H. Lehman, J. Vance. D. Hanson, L Lewis, R, Olberding. Second row; B. Pierce, H. Vasina, J. Bjork- lum, A. Peters, C. Glover, L. Glover. Front row: F. Petersen, E. Sabatka, D. Pullen, Mrs. J. L. Jacobs, P. Kugler. N. Jones. Outside the field of study, Cornhusker Co-op men were active in band, intramurals and campus organizations, besides being represented In N Club. Social events were climaxed with the annual Co-op banquet. In an attempt to balance curricular and extra-curricular activities. Pioneer Co-op members took time off from academic duties to enter into the social and athletic events on campus. Above: Ah, what harmony! Cornhusker Co-op men join in for some not-so-sweet music. Below: Pioneer Co-op men brush up on their bridge. Or Is It canasta that Is causing such con- centration? I ?aqe 310 Coker Dovit Oorriton Olc«rnann Jocobton Lidolph Moqory NHHch O ' Neill n O Rothic Richcrt Trabold L f Qox. HcdL JiDwahd, dialL Cox Hall developed an outstanding scholastic and social program this year. The group, although active in several honorarles and campus organizations, still found time for house parties and bridge games. Howard Hall achieved nlgn scnolarship awards this year with a PBK and three hon- orary members in their ranks. A gay social life included many holiday dinners at which faculty members were present. Albin Bcoch Blonchord Brv « BurcKeH Cook Em ho Horfon Imiq Joyce Liokof Molm Mcfrqer Morrhrod PorkifOn Peterson Ronbin Sandels Smith Woodword Younq O V;, V 0 € I Poqc 311 Crowford Jeiwt Kollhell Lord RochoM RutMll Sookd«0 ViOi r r Busy officers for International House girls prove that bridge is the universal card favorite. responsibilities Music is a pastime in which all of the girls share a mutual Interest. Poge 312 Melehat Emirgil President QniGAnaJUjonjaL d(j)UASL MELEHAT EMIRGIL President SONIA SOOKDEO Vice President GLADYS LORD Secretary ELOISE JONES Treasurer Above: Conscientous International House students take to the books after dinner. Below: International House girls could be singing any song of many nations. Members Perihan Birsen Altinolc, Instanbul, Turkey, ' 50; Marjorie Bau- mann. Wosf Point, ' 50; Roxanna Bear, Potter, ' 50; Willeen Brown, Omaha, ' 53; Bonnie Bussee, Amboy, Minn., Grad.; Dorothy Chapman, Omaha. ' 51; Florentine Crawford, Omaha, ' 50; Charlene Dudley, Omaha, ' 51; Melehat Emirgil, Instanbul, Turkey, ' 50; Mildred Freeouf Dorchester, ' 51; Winifred Gil- son, Fresno, Calif., Grad.; Jan Haugsety, Hollywood. III.. ' 50; Tuan Ping Huang, Canton, China, ' 50; Eloise Jones. Oma- ha, ' 50; Margaret Kallhoff, Sutherland. ' 50; Celestlne Llght- ener, Omaha, ' 50; Gladys Lord, McCool Junction, ' SO: Lia McKinley, Omaha, ' 52; Maybelle Okawaki. ScoHsblufF. ' 53; Jo Ann Pokorsli, Scottsbluff, ' 52; Beanie PokorskI, Scottsbluff, ' SO; Naomi Raish, Waco. Texas, ' 52; Lula Renner, Denver, Colo.. ' 52; Felisa Rochon. Uruguay. S. A., ' 52; Marilyn Russell, Fullerton, ' SO; Ada Schmidt, Fremont, Grad.; Sonia Sookdeo, Trinidad. B.W.I., ' 50; Nina Stok La Paj, Bolivia, ' 50: Jane Sun, Shanghai, China, ' 50; Mary VIox. Talmage, ' 50; Barbara A aldron, Omaha, ' 51; Eleanor Wakefield, ' 50. Page 313 Croft Oo«liHW KvcvcH KaoHt Krcwti Moot SlioiMr S»«» arl o StoppkoH . A. Stopphot ' t . J. W»»tco»t Z«lllii9«r t ' Its ■ ■ o r 3[DomiA. t J " Never a dull moment, " was the slogan for Loomis Hall this year. September brought honors when the girls presented a skit in the Col-Agri-Fun show. In October, alums were entertained at a dessert luncheon and Christmas was celebrated with a tea and a formal dinner. February brought a taffy pull Valentine Party with a " hHearts and Lace " theme. Highlight of the year was an exchange dinner with the Farm House. Second semester Loomis Hall boasted the president of Home Ec. Club. Poqe 314 AcbcM AkesoA Andersen Anderson Bornell Boiwell Bowman 6ridenbau9h CKoce Cook Egqerf Eihouten Enqelkcmier Erickson. E. Erickson, J. Horglerood Holmes Huston Johnson Kelso Kuehl Lichtenberqer Lumbord Molmberq Mesner Meyer Miles Millen Nielsen Te t Tinkhom Tiv«y Travis Uhriq Vonce Woqner Weekly Westerhoff O O n i f? O A O ? vsL TybmwAioL diaiL Sewing, cooking and housekeeping con- stitute part of the daily routine of the girls at Love Memorial Hall. Residents of the dormitory were chosen on the basis of good scholarship, excellent character, and out- standing ability. The cooperation of all the Love Hall members was shown by their win- ning first place in Col-Agri-Fun. Even with these many activities, however, the girls found time for bridge games and parties. Love Hall officers are searching for just the right book before settling down to an evening of study. Poqe 315 ChHpp Edmoadton Houmvio Ob«r9 Foulioii Taylor Tbackrcy dk Founded af Universify of Nebraska, 1944. Men ' s Dorm residents relax on the front - ' -■-fore going to their next class. Poqe 316 ' ' S ' if TyUm ' A, dhAJLcbmoL dialL Neal L. Miesbach Council President Dormitory " A " Frank Allen Floyd Arvanette Don Ballard Fredrick Bantin Paul Barry William Basler William Betz Clair Bishop Wendell Bishop Alan Blaha Richard Blunli Norman Braasch Phillip Breslin George Brewster Robert Brown Ralph Canaday James Cline Charles Clinton Robert Chabb Norman Chupp Don Crook Roger Cook Don Cunningham Hilmere J. Deines Charles Dlllman Robert Duis Bob Dryer John Elwell Don Field Charles Forck Donald Fox William Franklin Fred Freeman Richard Frisbie John Futcher Gordon Greene Ralph Hall Dick Hanlsch Claude Hannezo Paul Hanson Paul Harkins Glenn Hatch Jack Hayden Dieth Heim Elmer J. Hubka Robert Ingram Arnold JakubowsJil Robert Kaczmarek Myron Kamarad Rollin Kaspar Kent Kelly Otto L Kovar Robert Krause Dennis Krikac Robert Kruger Dean Lambrecht Arthur Lawson Gerald Lawson Poge 317 Bradley Lear Lawrence Lee Don Leitschuck Norman Lind Roger Lindgren Ward Lindley David Loepp Burdette Low Charles Lundquist Robert McCoy John McElhaney Robert McMahon Frank McReynolds John Marks Ralph Maskell Jimmy Matson William Michelson William Miller Dennis Mitchem Barry Moore Vincent D. Morrison Gordon Morphaw Ken Nakagawa Earl Neff James Nelson Lyie Nelson Robert NIelson Noel James Gene Nutter Tom Oberg Lloyd Olmsted Larry Podrett Frank Pilar James PInkney Harold Ralston John Revolinski Thomas Recht Kenneth Reyner Fred Rice Richard Riley Blaine Runner William Seville Jack Schumaker Wllber Sindt David Sjogren Charles Smith James Smith Thompson Snyder Curtis Sorenson William Sorenson George Starr Leonard Stein Jack Steven Jarry Stevens. Jr. Bill Stout Roland Struss George Sullivan Arlle Tatum Carl Tipton Officers NEAL L. MIESBACH JOHN E. SPEAS . Council President Business Manager Don Thackery Jack Thornberg Dan Tolman Floyd Tyson Richard Urban Duane Van Pelt John Veylypek Joe Waddlll Leonard Wallace Richard Walker James Wamsley Neal Weddle Karl Wellenslch Lawrence Weidmel( Edward Wills Charles Wolfe Lester Woodward Alfred ZImmer Robert Zwart Dormitory " B " John Adams John Alden John Andresen Kenneth Baugh William Bayreuther William BIsh Wendell Boeslger Arthur Brandt John Brogan Charles Buehrer Donnal Charlberg Gene Carter Morman Case Gene Claussen William Coffey Phil Curley Jack Darner Douglas Dudley James Dutton Dale Ebers William Edmondson Robert Gelger Willard Gelwick Jack Hanson Phil Hatch Clinton Heine Ray Holllday Charles Jensen Robert Jensen Ed Jirak Donald Kelly James Kostal Raymond Larson Vlado Lavko Edwin Lawson John Lliteras Howard Maskell Robert Mason Dennis Moench Andrew Morrow James Mueller Robert Mueller Leslie Noble John O ' Neal Jack Paap Max Paulson David Petrowsky Glenn Phillips Richard Pond Dan Quine James Robb John Ruebel Dick Russell William Russell Edward Saad Wayne Sees Dick Schlleger John Sheedy William Sherwood Darvin Shoemaker Frank Simon Don Strashelm Gene Taylor Kenneth Von Bargen Don Wallerstedt Clarence Wood Norman Zahn Dormitory " C " ,, David Adams Earl Bartels Robert BIrdsell Sam Blattspieler Al Borchman Lee Carter Phil Chase Gordon Denker William Dill Harold George Russell Goodwin Robert Gruber James Harper Byron Hayes Stanley Hasterlo George Hill Arthur Hinman Layton Hyde Robert Dale Johnson Gary Joselyn Ted Kanamine Eugene Kirsch Robert Klein Robert Kretchmer Leiand Korte Willis Kroger John Krogh Robert Krotter Clyde Lebsock Fred Lohman Norman Luedtke Marvin Malone Tom May Don Metcalf Richard Meysenberg Cecil Mlddelton Dick Miller Neal Miesbach Franklin Mlze Floyd Morehead Bill Mundell Richard McDonald James McDowell Clinton McNaught John McReynolds John Overing Don W. Peterson Ed Prado Jay Dee Raile Dennis Rohrs Earl Schneider Robert Scott Don Sinclair Robert Steinhoff Don Tipton Allen Transue David Tobin Robert Van Neste Robert Vollmer Vern Welch Don Wayenberg Robert WIest Walter Willi Above: Even though it is picnic weather, conscien- tious men take to the dorm basement to study. Below: Athletically-inclined men ' s dorm residents play a fast game of ping-pong. ■oMr. D M ioM«r. 0. J- Irvck CopfMll Doblk DoM«m Di «rtch»«r FttCKt Horicli Lu«bb«rt Ponko Wilburn n (floACL (BoidoiL dialL With girls in Tassels, BABW, Coed Counselors and Orchesis, Rosa Bouton Hall is well represented in activities. Scholarship is still high, with several nnennbers qualifying for honoraries. (Vildjon, dialL A schedule full of activities, classes, and parties keep members of Wilson Hall In a constant whirl. The girls are represented in such groups as WAA, ISA, and Tassels. Aad«rt a tarkUad Irlktsa Foe baa GUtlar Horbarl Harmt Haakf Keaklar. M Keaklar, N. L«mp Llad Naliea Raaaro SoM S ' A ' •% 1 7 1 ( Page 318 Auterod Gorcy Orecnwalt Groiie Harmon Horris Hindoroker Hoivo Hglac Karcl Jensen Kceffe Kirkpatrick Larson Marymee Minnick Rice Ruff Schormonn Scott SoHley Sundberq Thon« Tonjes Vitek Wicshomp Wulff ' on ( D A O r L iL I ! Is it. ' ( O B o IlL u.h X ' a o L i JstJVvouJL dialL House parties, picnics, song fests, gab sessions, and bridge games make a wide variety of entertainment available for the members of Terrace Hall. At the same time, however, high scholarship is emphasized. Campus activities such as BABW, ISA, WAA, and Tassels found Terrace Hall well represented. Several girls maintained aver- ages high enough for membership in hon- oraries. Above: Te rrace Hall officers take their duties seriously as they plan a big social calendar. Below: Appetities take the upper hand at Terrace Hall as girls mob the sandwich man. Paqe 319 AbboH lorribo Iick«l tor char dinq ioH •rowa, J Irown. M Corlton Corr Corroll Chubbyck Cocliroa Conwoir CumiinqKofn Dwd«k CllioH ivy Ettvt. D. E«f«t. M. G««lh a Hoo«moa Holl H ft«Mnq«r Hvnoa HoyMl Kolia. Morqorrt Kolia. Morilyff Kaadk Krtfttcli KMrlh Lortoa LIckvi Mook Nakyda NooH OokvkON Olton Pvndroy Pi«rc« RIc Robiton Robert RoloMd Rump«lt«t Schni(«dliig S«ll«r Snydvr Tubmon V tt«cka Word Wotion W bb«r W«rkm«UHr Wltliamt F. a Towne Club Founded at University of Nebraska. 1938 Turquoise an6 Burgundy Page 320 JownsL QLuh JUNE HORNBY President RUTH BERGSTRAESSER Vice President JANET CARR Secretary VIRGINIA KRUECH Treasurer June Hornby President Above: Union booknook is headquarters for a casual meeting of Towne club officers. Below: Mothers are entertained at annual Towne club Mother-Daughter banquet. Members Marilyn Abbott, Lincoln. ' 50: Phyllis Barribo, Lincoln. ' 50 Marlene Bell, Lincoln. ' 53; Ruth Bergstraesser, Lincoln, ' 51 Erma BIclcel, Lincoln, ' 52; Shirley Borcherding, Lincoln, ' 52 Wanda Bott, Lincoln, ' 51; Jessica Brown, Lincoln. ' 52; Marian Brown, Lincoln, ' 51: Myna Buckendahl, Lincoln, ' 50: Janice Busboom, Lincoln, ' 52; Annebe ' l Callen, Lincoln. ' 52: Norma Carlson, Lincoln. ' 50; Janet Carr, Lincoln, ' 51; Mary Lou Carr, Lincoln, ' 52: Elaine Carroll, Lincoln, ' 50; Nornna Chub- buck, Lincoln, ' 51; Janice Cochran, Lincoln, ' 50: Pat Conway, Lincoln, ' 51; Norma Cook. Lincoln. ' 53; Beverly Cunningham. Lincoln. ' 50; Joyce Dudek, Lincoln, ' 50; Jo Elliot, Lincoln, ' 53; Pat Esry, Lincoln, ' 53; Dorothy Estes, Lincoln, ' 51; Marjorie Estes, Lincoln. ' 50; Roberta Flory. Lincoln, ' 51; Junie Greer, Lincoln, ' 52: Donna Grueber. Lincoln, ' 51; Shirley Guelker. Lincoln, ' 51; Henrietta Hagelberger, Lincoln, ' 52; Virginia Hagoman, Lincoln, ' 50; Jo Ann Hall, Lincoln. ' 52; Marilyn Hanneman. Lincoln, ' 52: Doris Heller, Lincoln, ' 50: Shirley Heffelfinger. Lincoln. ' 52; Pat Herzog. Lincoln, ' 53; Edith Holze. Lincoln. ' 50; Priscilla Horham, Lincoln, ' 51; June Hornby, Lincoln. ' 50: Marijo Housel, Lincoln, ' 51; Donna Hyland, Lincoln, ' 52; Margaret Kalin, Lincoln, ' 50; Marilyn Kalin. Lincoln, ' 50: Doris Kendle, Lincoln. ' 53; Virginia Kreuch, Lincoln,, ' 52; Darlene Kuiper. Lincoln, ' 50; Dorothy Kurth, Lincoln, ' 51; Helen Lamb, Lincoln. ' 50: Lois Larson. Lincoln. ' 52: Bernadette Lau«. Lincoln, ' 52; JoAnn Learning, Lincoln. ' 50; Phyllis Lickei, Lincoln. ' 50; Marilyn Maca. Lin- coln. ' 52; Shirley Mahr, Lincoln, ' 50; Marilyn Mook, Lincoln, 53; Lydia Nekuda, Lincoln. ' 50; Joanne Nootz, Lincoln, ' 51: Janet Oakeson. Lincoln, ' 52; Betty Olson, Lincoln. ' 51; Paula Pendray, Lincoln, ' 51; Marcelene Phillips, Lincoln. ' 52; Janet Pierce, Lincoln, ' 50; Beverly Reed, Lincoln, ' 51; Mildred Rice, Lincoln. ' 51; Velma Rebensdorf Lincoln, ' 52; Lucille Robinson, Lincoln, ' 52; Dorothy Rogers, Lincoln, ' 51; Barbara Roland, Lincoln. ' 51; Susanne Rumpeltes, Lincoln, ' 53: Bonnie Schmledlng, Lincoln. ' 53; Edna Schneider, Lincoln, ' 53; Virginia Seller. Lincoln, ' 50; Roberta Sharpies, Lincoln, ' 50; Elizabeth Ann Slaughter, Lincoln, ' 51; Aleta Snell, Lincoln, ' 50; Helen Snyder, Lincoln, ' 51; Ruth Sorenson, Lincoln, ' 52; Leaner Strain. Lincoln, ' 51; Geraldlne Tubman. Lincoln, ' 50; Dorothy Vestecka, Lincoln, ' 50; Jean Ward, Lincoln, ' 53; Lorena Woltemath. Lincoln, ' 52; Shirley Watson, Lincoln, ' 53; Mary Webber, Lincoln, ' 50; Helen Werkmolster, Lincoln, ' 51; Alleen Williams. Lincoln, ' 52: Joan Williams, Lincoln, ' 50: Shirley Wilson, Lincoln. ' 52; Ruth Younger, Lincoln, ' 53. Poqe 321 ADDwni AbdMT •oird lokcr Itvrmoa IWIclMr loyvr ■roMNMr troH lygload 1 Carvy Cbvrniti Chrl«t ii«on Difdvch Fini90ii Foth ow9«r. M. fS O rviO o (v Ir) 5 Orub«r Haqqar Hoff Johftvon Kranou Lawn Littrvll Mcllnoy Monqold Morth Middtcton MyndlMiik NvUon fvHiiohn PodlvMili SehUcht Skull Solf«rnio%«r SHfftn Tkomat Turiwr U«hlin ) Voii Mindvn Wotton € ; B ) P. T — 1 o h = Four ff ELIZABETH GASS . . President, Love Hal DORIS BRATT . . President, Raymond Hall JOAN KRUEGER . President, Heppner Hall Poqe 322 (Oomsun ' A, dhAJUcbmxjL HcdL SALLY MATTESON Governor NORMA SHALLA Vice Governor JEAN BRADLEY Secretary MARJORIE CLARK Treasurer Sally Matteson Governor Janict Abbuhl, Cito Abdnor, Jane Abend, Sarah Jane Adami, Kathleen Ag- new. Lynn Albert, Beth Alden. Patricia Allen. Sue Allen, Rosemarv Amos, Claire Anderjasha, Darlene Anderson, Frances Anderson, Patricia Anderson. Carol Ann BabcocV, Betty Baird, Lenore Baird, Kathryn Baker, Marilyn Bannes- berger. Norma Bargen, Anne Barlow, Jacquelin Bartels. Mary Belfe Baskin. Janice Bate. Norma Beasinq Patricia Becker Julia Bell, Janet Best, Rose Marie Beutler, YIeen Black. Jean Blaha. Barton, Mary Janet Beachlcr, Bechan, Phyllis Beran. Barbara Averil Bierman, Miriam Bleicher, Patricia Bockes, Marleno Bohlken, Virginia Botsford. Carmean Boyer, Jean Bradley, Hildreth Bramer, Doris Bratt, Barbara Bredthauer. Marion Brown, Phyllis Brunner. Barbara Burdic, Jean Burford. Gladys Bygland. Carolyn Cameron, Gertrude Carey, Doris Carlson, Laura Cary, Adella Chasanov, Leta Rae Cherniss, Gertrude Cherney. Bettie Christensen, Doris Christensen, Katherine Christensen. Betty Christiancy, Kay Christoffel. Betty Claassen, Marjorie Clark. Betty Ann Coad, Marilyn Cooper, Virginia Cooper, Shirley Coy. Marjorie Danly, Janet Day. Nanci De- Bord. Kathy Dill, Barbara Dillon, Jeanelte Doeial. Colette Donaly, Diane Downing, Shirley Draw ba ugh, Barbara Drost. Mary Ducy. Mary Belle Dudeck. Devonna Ebmeler, Elizabeth Eckert. Marlene Eldenmlller. Nancy Eldam. Bon- nalyn Ellers, Joanne Elder, Mariam Eisen- ach, Shirley Ellenberger, Dorothy Elliott, Elaine Elliott. Carol Else, Norma Engle. Norma Erickson_ Priscilla Falb ' Barbara Farley, Carol Farmer. Anne Farrow, Dee FInlgan, Mar- lene FIscus Mary Flaherty, Eleanor Flana- gln, Joyce Foth, Arnette Fruedenberg, Alma Fruehllng. Janice FuMerton. Beverly Gaddls, Delores Gade, Marjorie Gade, Elizabeth Gass. Marilyn Gauger, Shirlty Gauger, Lois Gerelick, Gloria Ginsberg, Janet Glock, Shirley Goering, Frances Goodsite, Rita Greenwalt, Bonnie Griet, Jacke. Griffiths. Gwen Grosshans, Barbara Gruber, Marilyn Gruessel. Elaine Gruntorad. Faye Haddli, Virginia Haggar, Anne Jane Hall, Shirley Hallowell, Marilyn HaTimond, Donna Hansen, Margaret Har- mon, Mary Hartman, Patricia Hawley. Patricia Healy, Phyllli Helm, Gretchen Hein, Virginia Hein, Alice Joy Heiss, Lois Henlger, Gayle Henkel. Judy Herrod. Bar- bara Hershberger, Dorothy Hlatt, WIHa Hill, Joan Hines, Joan Hoff. Edwina Hokanson. Barbara Holm. Elaine Hopp, Charlea Horham, Shirley Hudson, Dora Hueflte, Doris Hueflte, Rita Hurlburt. Elinor Hyde. Florence Izenstat. Jane Jackson, Dorothy Jacobsen, Barbara Johnson. Jeanne John- son, Phyllis Johnson, Suzanne Johnson, Gladys Jones, Jane Jordan, Mary Lou Keating. Carol Kent. Jane Kessler. Rachel Kirk- patrick. Sally Ann Kjelson. Virginia Koehler, Gloria Kohan. Janet Kokjer, Roma Kopecky, Doris Kops, Marilyn Kranau, Shirley Krebsback, Mildred Krem- Page 323 lacek, Margaret Kroese, Donna K rotter, Alice Kruger, Lenore Kruger, Charlene Kruse, Carolyn Kunkel, Sue Kyner. Marjorie Lace, Anna Lee Lammers, Jane Laughiin, Ramona Laun, Ruth Lavine, Lois Mary Lawrence, Lucy Lawrence, Anita Lawson, Darlene Lesh. Vernell Lewis, Eliza- beth Lieber, Lorene LIchtenberg. Nancy LIndell. Marjorie Line. Marion Littrell, Jean Livingston, Elizabeth Logle, Janet Lynch. Beverly McCormIck, Jane McCormick, Roberta McCray, Mary McCrory, Pat Mcltlnay, Darlene McQulstan, Donna Maaske, Betty Maddlson, Barbara Ma- haffle. Janice Mainquist Marie Mangold, Hattie Mann, Darys March, Alys Mason Sallle Matteson, Marlene Mecke, LaReta Meier. Marilyn Meinke. CoHetta Meyers, Lena Meyer, Marlene Meyer, Mary Middle- ton, Bonlta Meyer. Janlne Miller, Joan Dale Miller. Joan Miller, Verbajean Miller, Etheyin Mogenson, Hester Morrison, May Morrlssey. Jeanette Mundhenke, Jacque- line Murphy, Verna Mussman, Alice Myers, Marilyn Myers. Nancy Nieman, Helen Nelson, Margaret Nelson, Mary Ann Nelson., Shirley Nelson, Jeanette Neville, Joan Nilsson, Gladys Novotny. Darlene O ' Brien, Margaret O ' Connor. Eileen Oelick, Marilyn Ogden, Lois Olsen, Donna Ott. Amy Palmer, Luciejean Palmer, Julia Parrlsh, Patty Peck, Carrie Pederson. Betty Pells. Nancy Perry. Patricia Peters. Joan Peterson, Marilyn Peterson, Di»ie Petti- john. Donna Pitcher. Cecelia Plnkerton. Mary Pitterman, Mary Plumb, Darlene Podlesak, Susan Porter, Joan Pyle. Jean Quigley, Nan Racusin, Claire Ralsh. Jane Randall, Patricia Reed, Joan Richards. Mildred Richmond. Damaris Riddell, Margaret Ritchie, Irene Roberts, Lois Robinson. Elizabeth Rogers. Caroline Rothenberger, Norma Rowan, Carol Rus- sel. Winifred Russell. Sara Sage, Delaine Sass. Marcella Schacht. Sally Schel, Mae Ina Scherff, Barbara Schlecht, Beatta Schlueter, Shirley Schmidt, Janls Schmidtmann, V«rna SchoH. Shirley Schonberg. Anne Schroeder, Aud- rey Schuller, June Schultze, Mary Schwalm, Mary Scott. Judith Sehnert, Pat Selbold. Barbara Seiboldt, Donna Seiver, Monine Shaffer, Norma Shalla. Marilyn Sherwood. Emmarie Shramek, Donna Shrauger, Patricia Shull, Barbara Skinner, Joyce Snnedley, Beverly Smith, Joanne Smith, Martha Smi th, Wllma Smolik, Mary Solfer- moser. Joann Sorenson, Joanne Spohn, Joann Stecher, Marilyn Steffen, Alice Stehly. Mary Steiran. Betty Stratton, Vir- ginia Stryker. Suzanne Stoll, Harriet Swan- son, Rita Mae Swati Mary Tagart. Mary Taylor, Priscilla Tell- man. Suzanne Tewell, Lois Thelsen, Doro- thy Thomas. Mary Tous. La Von Troiel, Joan Turner, Imogene Uehling, Joan Van Valkenburg. Ramona Van Wyngarden, Imogene Vick- ers. Patricia Vin Sant, Nita Volzke, Ann Von MInden, Sharon Voorhees, Mary Ann Vreeland. Joanne Wallzer, Jane Waring. Donna Wasson, Luanne Watklns, Betty Dee Weaver. Wllda Weaver, Mary Lou Weber. Above: Futility reigns as dorm officers attempt to lift the curfew. Miss Schneider wins again. Below: Coeds sign out for the evening. Gallup poll predicts that sign-out sheets will always be un- popular. ,n » ' « Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Kappa Alkn Attdcfvcn ftoncroft IhHoii Cado. Jvan Coko, Jeirc Canodoy CorUOM CKcmy Ctork Crothory OiiOM OltliMr FlolMrty Fvtby. J«on Futby. J»on HoMtOII Horri« Hill Hyload Jachioa Johnion Judd Lo SK«II« Lofhrop Lowrenc Lindquitt Loudon Mann, B Monn, J. Morfot Moupin McClwoin McCormick Moodic Mvlvoiwy Myhre Rodoker Roiih Robinson 3o «nlof Sch«idt ScHepmon Schmid Schmitt S«rif|M Sop r SHhIy St«v n Swofi Taylor ThomMR TrimbI VUrh Wothinqton W«btt«r W«Uh«l Tod«r r I a o -1 ? ' •1 o ' o 1 -?) a ' f c% a a ' ' ' o a --S™, a JV Dpg-wig. Founded at De Pauw University Established at University of Nebraska, 1907 Xi Chapter Seventy-four Chapters Scarlet and Olive Green Page 32i v t dlfi icL ( kL Om£j[}jCL PATRICIA LARSEN President SHIRLEY ALLEN 1st Vice President BETSY YODER 2nd Vice President JANETTE JOHNSON Treasurer Patricia Larsen President Above: Smiling officers descend the stairs. Must have been a good n-ieeting, or are dates waiting? Below: Alpha Chis gather on their deck in a typical pose. Watch for bathing beauties in the spring! Atflves Shirley Allen, Tecumseh, ' 51; Betty Anderson, Siou« City, la., ' 52; Eleanor Bancroft, Elsie, ' 51; Nancy Button, Ogallala, ' 52; Jean Caha, Swedeburgh, ' 52; Joyce Caha, Swedeburgh, ' 51; Bonnie Carlson, Omaha, ' 51; Carol Cherny, North Bend, ' 52: Margie Cherny, North Bend, ' 50; Nancy Clarlc, St. Ed- ward, ' 50; Patricia Croskary, Lincoln, ' 52; Patricia Dishner. Omaha, ' 50; Virginia Guhin, Lincoln, ' 51; Carol Harris, Lin- coln, ' 52; Jean Hyland, Lincoln, ' 51; Janette Johnson, York, ' 51; Patricia Laflin, Lincoln, ' 52; Patricia Larsen, So. Sioux City, la., ' 50; Joan LaShelle. Omaha. ' 52: Dorothy Lathrop, Crawford, ' 50: Janice Lindquist, Grand Island, ' 51; Jean Man. Lincoln, ' 50; Peggy Marble, Omaha. ' 52; Myra Maupln, North Platte, " 50; Barbara McElwain, Sloan, la.. ' 52; Elizabeth Moodle. West Point, ' 52; Peggy Mulvaney, Lincoln, ' 52; Molly Myhre, St. Edward, ' 50; Shirley Pohl, Hampton. ' 50; Betty Posenlof. Lincoln, ' 51; Carol Schepman, Tecumseh, ' 52; Shirley Schledt, Omaha, ' 51; Margie Schmld, Sabetha, Kans., ' 52; Kathleen Schrelber, Lincoln, ' 51: Shirley Serlght, Lincoln, ' 50: Joy Lee Soper, North Platte, ' 52; Joan Swan, Tecumseh, ' 50; Virginia Taylor, North Platte, ' 51: Margaret Thomson, Lincoln, ' 52: Margaret Trimble, Lincoln, ' 52; Frances Wallace, Lincoln, ' 51; Bonnie Washington, Hardy. ' 50: Ann Webster, Lincoln, ' 51; Barbara Waishel, Lincoln, ' 51; Betsy Yoder, Lincoln, " 50. Pledges Joyce Albers, WIsner, ' 51; Doree Canaday. Lincoln. ' 53; Nancy Dixon. Superior. ' 52: Mary Lou Flaherty, St. Edward, ' 53; Jean Fusby. Benedict, ' 52; Joan Fusby. Benedict, ' 52: Frances Hansen, Lincoln, ' 51; Wllla Hill, Hebron, ' 53; Jane Jackson, Omaha. ' 53; Peggy Judd, Waterbury. ' 51; Lucy Lawrence, Scottsbluff, ' 53: Jean Loudon, Lincoln, ' 53; Beverly Mann. Lincoln. ' 53; Jane McCormick, York. ' 53; Jane Radakr. WIsner, ' 51: Clair Raish. Omaha, ' 53; Frances Robinson, Lincoln, ' 52; Rita Schmitt, Gordon, ' 51; Alice Stehly. Elgin, ' 53; Jean Steven, Lincoln. ' 51; Jean Vierk, Lincoln. ' 53. t- ' " li Poq« 327 Anderson Bohi»er ftOOtiM Iridqmon Brown Byhocffh Colder Chocc Clement Corhin Cob Oovil Oeol DeBord Downinq Fioge GilleH Hoqen Hohn Hole Hoormonn Heln Heniqer Hertiler Hilker Hinti Jensen, G. Jensen, N. Kennedy Kokjer Lofler Louber Low on Miller Neimon Nordstrom Nutimon Roopke Rouch Rhodes Rooney Scber , L. Scherff. M Schroeder Schurmon Smith Swfnqle Tilly TobJn Tomslh ToyVelle Voltintine Woqner Wolker Wior Witliomt 2t .. iSv i . 4 Q a ( Ci e e?k -vi " t IT k a A A r f " ! . 3ir. ii- . AOPi bin win ' npf the late ' Founded at Columbia University, 1896 Established at University ot Nebraska, 1903 Zeta Chapter Fifty-three Chapters Red Page 328 CUphjoL OmkhoK. PL PATRICIA NORDIN President JANE BRIDGMAN Vice President ANNE FIGGE Recording Secretary POLLY ANN KENNEDY . . Corresponding Secretary Patricia Nordin President Above: What a party! AOPis put on the charm and Allen Barnard is falling for it. Below: AOPi lovelies wave goodbye as they start off for an afternoon of partying. Actives Lucille Anderson. Lincoln, ' 52: Betty Boothe, Fremont. SO; Jane Bridgman. Frennont, ' 50: Lois Brown, Omaha, ' 50; Carolyn Bukacek, Omaha, ' 50; Chloe Ann Calder, Wayne, ' 52: Joan Chace, Pilger, ' 52; Kathleen Clement, Trd, ' 50; Wendie Corlcln. Omaha, " 50; Cathleen Cox. Arapahoe, ' 52: Nancy Davis. Omaha. ' 52; Beverly Deal, Omaha, ' 52: Anno Fiqge, Lincoln, ' 50: Doris Gillett, Lincoln, ' 52: Beverly Haar- mann, Omaha, ' 50; Florence Hagen, Omaha. ' 50; Shirley Hahn, Hartington, ' 51; Joan Hertzler, Verceran, Wyo.. ' 52: Patricia Hintz. Fremont, ' 51: Genene Jensen, Fremont, ' 50; Nancy Jensen, Fremont, ' 51; Roma Johnson, Lincoln, ' 50; Polly Ann Kennedy, Bartlett, ' 52; Marilyn Lafler, Sidney, ' 51; Donna Lauber. Yates Center, Kansas, ' 50; Jo Ann Miller, Lincoln, ' 52; Patricia Nordin, Omaha, 50; Virginia Nord- strom, Waverly, ' 51; Janet Nutzman, Nehawica, ' 50: Robin Rauch, Holdrege, ' 52; Joan Rhodes, Spalding, ' 51; Mary Jane Rooney, Greely, " 52; Laura Scherff, Stockham, ' 51: Mary Ellen Schroeder. Chappell, ' 50: Katherine Swingle, Lincoln, ' 52: Ardith Ann Tilly, Goodland, Kansas, ' 51: Bar- bara Tobin, Telamah, ' 50; Jeanette Tomsik, Lincoln, ' 52; Ann Touvelle, Lincoln. ' 51; Lila Vollentine. Gordon, ' 52: Marge Walker, Lincoln, ' 50: Doris Gibbs Wiar, Lincoln, ' 50. Pledges Janet Bohner. Lincoln, ' 53; Nancy DeBord, Omaha. 53 Diane Downing, Superior. ' S3; Arda Hale. Omaha, ' 52 Gretchen Hein, Alliance. ' 53: Lois Heniger. Nebraska City, ' 53; Georgia htilker, Omaha, ' 52; Janet Kokjer, Wahoo. ' 53 Anita Lawson, Macedonia. Iowa, ' 53: Bonita Miller. Sidney, ' 53: Joan Miller, Chappell. ' 53; Nancy Neiman, Omaha, ' 53 Dorothy Raapke, Omaha, ' 52; Mae Scherff, Stockham, ' 53 Joan Schurman, Fremont, ' 51; Beverly Smitti, North Platte ' 53; Janice Wagner, Lincoln, ' 53; Merry Lu Williams Bele vue, ' 51. Pa9 329 AM ii Allan tolky BoHon ••ckcr Bocktt Bow r« Brogdon Surf ord Colder Car c«k Chomlxrlla Chriftt«ilt«ll Ckrlitoffrl. C. Chrittoffel. K. Coup Court Cor Oomeii Eldor Eliot EllloH. C. EllloH. 0. Elwoll Fwoof Criflilki. J A. Griffilhi. J L. Groth Grovet Holf Ho ley Hvrthborgcr Hindi. J HIadt. R. Jonion Kohn Koyl Kootinq Kolvuor Llan Lof Molloo klohr Nolll Nolon O9 d«n Pockcr Por%on« Prcko Plonk Ronidcll Rvinhord RockwrM ovog Schwntnr Sidner Spoir Stall SHol Vaglor Wllloy P«;ty; - , - for lots of un with fc f , ' Tk i 9 a w 9 J w 4 Founded at Syracuse University, 1872 Established at University of Nebraska, 1906 Nu Chapter Forty-nine Chapters Silver and Bordeaux Page 330 i CUfihcL fihL ) y SUZANNE BOCKES President DELORES KOLESZAR Vice President CATHERINE ELLIOTT .... Recording Secretary KATHRYN BRAGDON Treasurer Suzanne Bockes President Above: Alpha Phi officers take time off fronn their house duties to stuff the Jayhawk for homeconning. Below: Jo Anne Mellen is " sent " by Jane Bailey ' s nnarimba technique as Phi sisters look on. Actives Jane Bailey, Omaha. SI: Donna Barton, Gering. ' 52; Jacque- line Becker. Lincoln. ' 52; Suzanne Boclces, Omaha, ' 50; Gretchen Bowers. Lincoln. ' 52; Kathryn Bragdon. Sioux City, la.. ' 50; Carol Calder, Lincoln, ' 51; Joan Carveth, Lincoln, ' 51; Margaret Chamberlin, Lincoln, ' 51; Elsie Christensen, Kimball. ' 52; Carmen Christoffel. Omaha, ' 51; Marilyn Coupe. Nebraska City, ' 52; Virginia Damon, Rapid City, So. Dak., ' 51; Ronanne Elias. Lincoln. ' 52; Catherine Elliott, Scottsbluff, " 50; Lois Elwell, Sidney, ' 50; Joan Fugate. Omaha. ' 52; Joyce Griffiths. Beatrice. ' 52; Norma Grothe, Geneva. " 50; Carolyn Groves. Cheyenne. Wyo., ' 52; Jane Hale. Norfolk. ' 51; Ruth Ann Hinds. Weeping Water. ' 52; Janet Kahn. Omaha, ' 51; Delores Koleszar, Omaha, ' 50; Jane Linn, Kimball, ' 51; Jo Anne Mellen, Omaha, ' 52; Margaret Neville. Fairbury, ' 51; Patricia Nolan. Tulsa. Okla.. ' 51; Jane Packer. Sioux Falls, So. Dak.. ' 52; Marilyn Parsons, Omaha, ' 51; Burdette Pecha, Lincoln, ' 52; Mary Lou Plank, Pierre, So. Dak., ' 50; Shirley Ransdell, Lexington. ' 52; Mary Relnhard, Lincoln, ' 52: Jane Rockwell, Long Island, N. Y.. ' 51; Sally Savage. Sioux Falls, Sd. Dak.. ' SI; Jeanette Schweser. David City, ' 51: Mary Sidner, Lincoln. ' 52; Joyce Steele. Lincoln. ' 50; Suzanne Stoll. Pierre, So. Dak., ' 53; Miriam Willey. Lincoln. ' 52. Pledges Beth Alden. Kimball. ' 53; Barbara Allen, Craig, ' 52; Patricia Bockes, Omaha, ' 53; Jean Burford. Omaha. ' 53; Kay Christof- fel. Omaha, ' 53; Shirley Coy. Waterloo. ' 53; Jo Ann Elder. Sioux Falls, So. Dak.. ' 53: Dorothy Elliott, Scottsbluff, ' 53; Jacqueline Griffiths, Beatrice, 53; Patricia Hawley. Omaha. ' 53; Barbara Hershberger. Seward. ' 53; Jo Ann Hinds. David City, ' 52: Marjorle Jensen. Omaha. ' 51; Clo Ann Kaul. Oma- ha. ' 52; Mary Lou Keating. Creston, la., ' 53; Janelle Mohr, Scottsbluff. ' 52; Marilyn Ogden, Omaha, ' 53; Meredyth Speir, Fairbury, ' 51; Shirley Vogler, Kimball. ' 52. Poqe 331 AndcrtOfi BoUin. M. Boiliin. V. »oy ••ochWr B«y«r •libop ■lock Buck Campbell CKcrny Dl«r« Droit Cldom liy Ficklin FWminq Flood Fr«fnpton Oviiert Groham Crotthont Htdrick Hoffmvitfer. M. Hoffmoitfer, R. Hufford Irwin K Hoqq Laiiy Li«b«r. M. LUbor, N. Lov«9rov Lyon Moqdoni McLaughlin M cke. J. Meckc. M. Mickvlion OUon Pffcho P«Nr» Philpof Royburn Rvckewry R««v SchmiH S«hn«rt S«nftcn SKffrwood Simpion Sprodlcy Sfopleton Toylor Thomoi ThompMR Wad WointcoH Woltor Wotkint Wcover Williomv B Williomv D Worden kids? Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Established at University of Nebraska, 1912 Rho Chapter Sixty-five Chapters Gold and Double Blue Fege 332 CllfikoL yi OsdijDL PATRICIA McCORMiCK President JEAN ANN McLaughlin vice President AUDREY FLOOD Recording Secretary DOROTHY SENFTEN Treasurer d Patricia McCormicIt President Above: Canasta ' s the game and poker-faced Phyllis Campbell is winning. Alpha Xi officers kibitz. Below: Everyone ' s a boss as Alpha Xis join the ranks by erecting a spider web homecoming decoration. Actives Helen Anderson. Lincoln, ' 50; Virginia Bsslin, Stapleton, ' 51; Jean Bay. Lincoln, ' 50; Marilyn Beyer, Onnaha, ' 50; Dalalne Bishop, Osceola, la.. ' 52; Pat Black. Lincoln, ' 50; Joyce Buck. Omaha, ' 51; Phyllis Campbell, Kearney. ' 51; Dorothy Ely. Guide Rock, ' 51; Jo Pickling, Plainview. ' 51; Tony Fleming, Omaha, ' 51; Audrey Flood. Lincoln. ' 51; Alice Frampton, Lincoln. ' 52; Jo Graham, Elgin, ' 50; Mary Hoffmelster. Im- perial, ' 51; Ruth Hoffmelster, Imperial, ' 52; Janice Hufford, Omaha, ' 51; Alice Irwin, Wymore. ' 51; Jean Lelsy, Wlsner. ' 50; Nancy Lieber, Fort Crook, ' 50; Delores Lovegrove. Geneva, ' 52; Pat McCormlck. Omaha, ' 50; Jean Ann Mc- Laughlin, Lincoln, 50; Mary Mecke. Ogallala, ' 50; Patricia Olson, Omaha, ' 51; Suzanne Pecha, Omaha, ' 50; Jeanine Peter, Dodge. ' 51; Donna Phllpot, Weeping Water. ' 50; Barbara Rayburn. MitYihell, So. Dak.. ' 51; Dorothy Sneften. Genoa. ' 50; Jane Simpson, Lincoln, ' 52; Anita Spradley. Tecumseh, ' 52; Marjorie Stapleton, Hickman. ' 50; Ruth Taylor, Guide Rock. ' 52; Janet Thomas. Bertrand. ' 50; Bev- erly Thompson. Lincoln. ' 51; Jane Wade, Plainview, ' 52; Peggy Walter. Omaha. ' 50; Lou Watkins. Lincoln, " 51; Dorothy Williams. Lincoln, ' 51; Dorothy Worden, Ogallala, 50. Pledges Marybelle Baskin. Stapleton. ' 53; Janet Beachler. Chicago. 111.. ' S3; YIeen Black, Emerson, ' 53; Trudy Cherny, North Bend, ' 53; Joan Dlers, Omaha. ' 51; Barbara Drost. Ogalalla ' 53; Nancy Eldam, Omaha, ' 53; Ruth Geisert, Ogallala, ' 52; Gwen Grosshans, Aurora, ' 53; Margie Lu Hedricks, Lincoln, ' 53; Mary Ann Kellogg, Lincoln, ' S3; Betsy Lieber, Fort Crook. ' 53; Merry Lyon. Grant. ' 51; Virginia Madanz, Grant, ' 51; Marlene Mecke, Ogallala, ' 53; Joann Mickleson, Lincoln, ' 53; Marilyn Reckewey, Lincoln. ' 53: Bonnie Schmitt, Omaha. ' 51; Judith Sehnert, Plainview, ' 53; Marilyn Sherwood, Ran- dolph, ' 53; Patricia Walnscott. Lincoln, ' 53: Betty Dee Weaver, Oconto, ' 53; Betty Williams. Lincoln, ' 53. Page 333 AlWn S«ch Bolond Boll«n Borgoord Bornholdt Bramvr Bun Cornohon Col Corrick Oollom D«ri«9 Ftfldmon Firetlon Fowl«r Gad Gloch. B. Gloch. J. Grohom Hanlon Hofinoford Horriion Hortmon Hoiton Hovlik M«tn« Hoyt Hg mon Hun cote Johnion. H. Johnton. L. KjvltOfi Lomm r» Low Lib«rihol Loch Lo9l Lyon McDill McNouqht Mann Mrljck Miller, M. Mill r. S. Morrison Nvlion Nordgrrn, D. Nordgren. J. Noriworthy PouUvn Pouitian f rry Plnh rfon Prvutt Ratmui««n Raun Sheridan Shetlok Smith Stark Thomien Van Volkvnburq Williamt. B. Williamt. T. Young ( IS m ( S |-v4 A K? O O ' ( a .. . a- crowa I ' fore h!ft to Founded at University of Arkansas, 1895 Established at University of Nebraska, 1905 Kappa Chapter One hundred-eight Chapters Cardinal and Straw Poqe 334 ( hL OmcqjCL WANDA YOUNG President ELOISE PAUSTIAN Vice President MARILYN MILLER Secretary LORNA LOU BORNHOLDT Treasurer Wanda Young President Above: Fond farewells from Chi O cuties are in order for George Hancock and Norm Zahn after AUF Carnival. Below: Cherrie Bengston gives the word to Chi O officers as they gather for a hen session. Actives Mary Anita Allen. Lincoln, ' 52: Cherrie Ann Bengston, Ponca, ' 51; Dorothy Boland, Bloonnfield, ' 50; Mary Ann Borgaard. Lincoln, ' 51; Lerna Lou Bornholdt, Wausa, ' 50 Marilyn Bramer. Mullen, ' 51; Mardelle Buss, Omaha, ' 51 Annette Carnahan, Lincoln, ' SI; Sunya Cole, Lincoln, ' 50 Janet Dallam, Omaha, ' 51; Madelon Feldman, Newman Grove, ' 51; Jean Fowler, Omaha, ' 52; Patricia Hasson, Fre- mont, ' 52; Barbara Glocit, Rising City, ' 51; Mary Lou Graham, Lincoln, ' 50; Jo Ann Hanson, Siou« Falls, So. Dak.. 51; Nanci Harrison, Norfolk, ' 50; Georgine Havlik, St. Paul, 52; Emily Heine, Hooper, ' 50; Marion Huffman, Lincoln, 52; Joyce Hunscote, Clerks. ' 51; Hartrice Johnson, Newman Grove, ' 50; Lola Johnson. Mullen, ' 52; Joan Law, Chappell, 51; Mary Libershal, Plattsmouth, ' SO; Gwen Lyon, Lincoln, 52; Louise McDill, Lincoln, ' 52; Jean McNaught, Parks, ' 52; Mary Jane Melick, Neligh, ' SO; Marilyn Ann Miller, Papillion, ' 50; Shirley Miller, Papillion. ' 52; Donna Jean Nordgren, Grand Island. ' 52; Dorothy Jean Nordgren, Waterloo, ' 52; Mary Ann Norsworthy, Gothenburg, ' 52: Elc " e Paustian, Omaha, ' 52; Joan Rasmussen, Lincoln, ' 52: Jean Rummel, Seward. SI: Marjorie Sheridan, Omaha, ' 50; Betty Shestak, Lincoln, ' 52; Jeanette Ann Smith, Lincoln, ' 50; Marilyn Smith, Lincoln, ' 51; Marilyn Jane Stark, Fremont, ' 50; Phyllis Thom- sen, Lincoln, ' 50; Beverly Williams, Fairbury, ' 50; Evelyn Young, Beatrice, ' 52; Wanda Young. Beatrice. ' 50. Pledges Marilyn Bamesburger, Hampton, ' 53; Sally Beck, Lincoln, ' 53 Barbara Bollen, Lincoln, ' S3; Janice Corrick. Lincoln. ' 53 Eileen Derieg, Hastings, ' 51: Carol Else. Fairbury. ' 53 Phyllis Firestone, Omaha, ' 52; Marjorie Gade, Seward, ' 53 Janet Glock, Rising City, ' 53; Pat Hanlon, Morrill, ' 52 Janice Hannaford, Beatrice, 52; Mary Hartman. Omaha, ' 53 Joan Hoyt, McCook, ' 52; Sally Kjelson, Stromsburg, ' 53 Anna Lee Lammers, Leiington, ' 53: Pat Locke, Beatrice, ' 52 Elizabeth Logie, St. Paul, ' 53; Yvonne Mann, Beatrice, ' 52 Hester Morrison. Beatrice, ' 53; Lois Nelson, Hastings. ' 52 Phyllis Paulson. Lincoln, ' 53; Nancy Perry, Long Beach Calif., ' 53; Cecilia PInkerton, Beatrice, ' 53; Marilyn Preusse Lincoln, ' 53; Joan Van Valkenberg, Omaha, ' 53; Theresa Williams, Bridgeport, ' 53. - . " « « Page 33S Aqncw loyvr Bodinion Surtoy CampA«ld Clark Colbvrt C 0 1 ion CoMrkt CrofTMr Crilly Cropper Oovidton Dovis Demore DoMk DuHon Ellii Foirchild Folb Fehri Lorton Fr«r(ch» Fritil«r Fullvrtoa ct A«r (ylynn Grocn Gundy HolltUin ll«r Junqbliith Knudten Lonnon McQu «fan M ehan. M. Mvvhon, P. Millvr NvvilU Nvlion Oehrlr Ovcrqoord Patter on Rondoll Randvl Reynolds Roach Roi«Rxwvi9 RowoR RutMll Schonb rq Sviboldt Shickky SKively Smiky Stocktiill S»o«u S fro Hon Tollivvr Voorh« t. S. Voorh«e«. M. Watkint W»tt«rmark Wvtcflkomp Younqton Tounktn (h r ' r 1 1 -■•0 A a %. M D f» No qcnuir. party, but everyone up " fun. Tri Delt " scared 1 y . f r ■ ' : ?| (!) f 9 a ..t I c a Founded at Boston University, 1888 Established at University of Nebraska, 1894 Kappa Chapter Ninety-one Chapters Silver, Gold and Blue Poq 336 CDoIicL (DqUjcl (bsdJta, DAWN DAGGETT President ELIZABETH DAVIS Vice President CAROL YOUNKIN Treasurer JANET FAIRCHILD Recording Secretary Dawn Daggett President Above: " Early to bed, early to rise. " Sounds nice, but it just doesn ' t work for busy Tri Delt officers. Below: Boom-Boom dies! Tri Delts pay tribute to a loyal Husker who brought them fame at home- coming. Actives Peggy Bayer, Lincoln, ' 52; Virginia Bodinson, Kearney. ' 50; Donna Burley. Norfolk, ' 51; Marilyn Campfield, Omaha. ' 51; Marilyn Clark. Lincoln, ' 52; Charlyn Colllson, Holdrege. ' 51; Beverly Colbert. Lincoln, ' 51; Nancy Cowles, Stewart, ' 52; Janis Crilly, Superior. ' 50; Marilyn Cropper, Lyons, ' 51; Dawn Daggett. Kearney. ' 50; Joann Davidson. Houston. Te«as. ' 50; Elizabeth Davis. Plattsmouth. ' 50; Norma Del Demaree. Norfolk. ' 52; Mary Alice Dosek, Lincoln. ' 50; Patsy Du. ' ton. McCook, ' 52; Peggy Ellis, Lincoln, ' 50; Janet Fairchild. Lincoln. ' 50; Mary Jane Fehrs, Omaha, ' 50; June Fislar, Lincoln, ' 50; Sharon Frit2ler, Long Pine. ' 52; Shirley Gessner. Lincoln, ' 50; Nancy Glynn. Lincoln. ' 50; Betty Green. Lincoln. ' 51; Patricia Gundy. Norfolk. ' 51; Delila Holsteln, Hay Springs, ' 50: Louise Her, O ' Neill, ' 51; Mary Lou Knudsen, Ft. Lupton. Colo., ' 50; Patricia Lannon. West Point. 51; Patricia Meehan, Lincoln, ' 50; Virginia Meehan, Lincoln. 51; Mary Patterson, Lincoln, ' 52; Mary Ann Randall, Omaha. 51; Joan Reynolds, Omaha, ' 50; Shirley Roach, Sioux City, la., ' 52; Joan Shickley, Lincoln, ' 50: Jeanne StocksHII. Lincoln, ' 52; Elizabeth Stoesz. Lincoln. ' 52: Marilyn Voorhees. Wauneta. ' 50; Celestlne Westermark. McCook. ' 52; Marianne Wetenkamp, Plattsmouth. ' 50; Renee Youngson. MInden, ' 52; Carol Younkin. Newark. ' 51. Pledges Kathleen Agnew. Sidney. ' 53; Adele Cramer, Wayne. ' 51: Prlscllla Falb. Omaha. ' 53; Janet Frerlchs. Lincoln. ' 53; Janice Fullerton. AInsworSh. 53: Ha Jungbluth. Omaha. ' 51; Janlne Miller. Marysvllle. Kans.. ' 53: Darlene McQuistan. Pender, ' 53; Margaret Nelson. Omaha. ' 53; Jeanette Neville, Ashley No. Dak., ' 53; Marlene Oehrle, Lincoln. ' 53; Judith Over gaard. Lincoln, ' 53; Beth Randel, McCook, ' 51; Jean Rosen sweig, Omaha, ' 52; Norma Lee Rowan, Gurley. ' 53; Care Russell. Ogallala. 53: Barbara Selbolt, Victoria. HI.. ' 53 Janet Shlvely. Norfolk, ' 51; Shirley Shonberg. Omaha. ' 53 Dorothy Smiley. Omaha. ' 52; Betty Stratton. West Point. ' 53 Mary Kay Tolllver. Lincoln. ' 53; Sharon Voorhees. Wauneta ' 53; Louanne Watkins, Curtis. ' 53. I : . V ' i V-v;,. Poqe 337 Adomt Arrndt Borqer Barlow Bekint BeynOA Brucr Burt Ca ' n«ron Cottle CKompin CoqWv Crawford Ooran DoyW Dilimon Dffvoc Ea ter9Qrd Forrow Gilmore Hed»trom Hcrrod Hill Hindi HIter Hybko Huqhei Jfwett Johnton Klffin Ko«hler. S. V. Loomli Lu«d r Mortin Myvrt Niltton Nonworthy P d«r%«n ProM Rojewjch Rapp Raymond Ridden. 0, Riddcll. S. !»awyer% Sidlci Smith. J. A. Smith. J. R. Swonion Taylor Von Pvit VonWynqordvn VInqvri Wotcrt Wotton Wetit Wltbcy Worcottcr T«olil«y fp 1 r 1 r J - leg } f V your job? Al Smith ' s i " at AUF Carnival. Founded at Lewis Institute, 1873 Established at University of Nebraska, 1888 Kappa Chapter Seventy-five Chapters Bronze, Pink, and Blue Poqr 33S CDsdJbcL ammcL MARY SUE HOLLAND President DOROTHY CATTLE Vice President KATHRYN SWANSON Secretary SALLY ANN JOHNSON Treasurer Mary Sue Holland President Above: " Tish " Swanson calls signals " 41-53-18 " as DG officers huddle at the line of scrinnmage. Actives Marjorle Arendt. Falls City, ' 50: Anne Barger. Lincoln. ' 52 Esther Beynon, Lincoln, ' 50; Janice Bruce, Hastings, ' 50 Kathleen Burt. Bennett. ' 51: Dorothy Cattle, Seward, ' 50 Janet Champine, Omaha. ' 52; Kay Cogley. Sioux Falls. S. D. ' 50: Ann Crawford. Omaha. ' 52; Sara Devoe. Lincoln. ' 52 Donna Doran. Sidney. ' 52; Mary Doyle. Lincoln. ' 52; Susanne Eastergard. Fremont. ' 52: Judith Sarnich. Ashland. Wis., ' 50: Jean Hedstrom. Deadwood. S. D., ' 51; Marlene Hill. Kearney. ' 52: Patricia Hinds. Lincoln. ' 52: ' 52: Mary Sue Holland. Lincoln. ' 50 ' 52; Marguerite Hughes, Seward. ' 52; " 52; Salty Ann Johnson. Madison. Joanne Hite. Mary Hublta. Ruthe Jewett. ' 50; Susanne Kearney. Beatrice. Lincoln. Koehler. Geneva. ' 51: Mary Ann Martin. Lincoln. ' 52; Marion Kay Menke. Lexington. ' SO; Norma Jean Myers, Broken Bow. ' 51; Mary Ann Pederson. Omaha, ' 52; Marsha Pratt. Lincoln, ' 51; Charlene Rajewich, Grand Island 52; Kathryn Rapp. Waterloo. ' 50; Sandra RIddell. Scottsbluff. ' 52: Betty Ann Sawyers. St. Joseph. Mo.. ' 50; Ann Scott. Stromsburg, ' 50; Shirley Sidles. Lincoln. " 52: Jean Smith. Valley, ' 51; Kathryn Swanson. Lincoln, ' 51; Virginia Taylor. Kearney. ' 51; Margery Van Pelt, Lincoln, ' 52; Marilyn Vingers, Omaha. ' 52; Carolyn Waters. Cozad. ' 50: Patricia Watson. North Bend. ' 51: Katharine Withey. Omaha. ' 50: Catherine Worcester. Lincoln. ' 50. Pledges Sarah Jane Adams. Aurora. Marcla Bekins, Omaha. ' 51: ' 53; Ann Barlow. Omaha. ' 53 Carolyn Cameron. Sioux Falls S. D., ' 53; Barbara Dlllman, Lincoln. ' 53; Anne Farrow, Fre mont, ' 53: Barbara Gllmore. Kearney, ' 52; Judy Herrod, Sid ney. ' 53; Viginia Koehler. Geneva. ' 53: Nancy Klein. Lincoln ' 53; Mary Margaret Loomis, Lincoln, ' 53; Ann Lueder. Oma ha, ' 52; Joan Nilsson. Omaha, ' 53; Joan Norsworthy, Gothen burg. ' 51; Ann Raymond. Scottsbluff. ' 52; Demaris RIddell Scottsbluff. ' 53: Jo Ann Smith. Grand Island. ' 52; Ramona Van Wyngarden. Scottsbluff. ' 53: Louise Wells. Scottsbluff, ' 53: Mildred Yeakley, Scottsbluff, ' 53. Below: Candy passing! Anne Barger beams while DG sisters guess whose poem Miss Margaret is reading. " f: Poqe 339 1 ■l Armttronq Baldwin Bechoil B«rqe Burch Cartion Cumxiint :i A A Durlond Eckvrt Eikrs Finney Frederick Gomert Homilton Honton a n n o a a % c Heine mon Henrichi Hickt Hill Hiichier Hoffmon Holm Hudiofi Huifon Johnton Koveney Kepner Kirk Krueqer Kunkel Loughlin Leodley Lilledokl LIndouer Lindley Loudon Luther MocCuoiq Moddivon Marshall Mori Moore Novotny O ' Brien Ookei Peteri Polnicky Peden Pilc).er Pittermon ' ' » ' • -X- - - - , I»«dl9.r. J. ' " ■■ ' Rxd Ro«t%lcr Sam«Uon Schoffer Smith. J. Smith. M. Sp«fic r Toylor Woqcy Wolker Way W lr Wyllf Younq CV a ' 1 ' d ' ' C « ( A . " o Samma Phi imilei. Founded at Syracuse University, 1874 Established at University of Nebraska, 1915 Pi Chapter Fifty-nine Chapters Double Brown Page 340 ammcL fiJui (BsJboL ALICE JO SMITH President GRACE NIELSEN Vice President JEAN LEADLEY Secretary PHYLLIS CADWALLADER Treasurer Alice Jo Smith President Above: " Heavy, heavy hangs over thy head, " as Barb Durland passes the buck to Poochie Rediger. Below: Look at this! Barb Durland smiles with pride as Gamma Phi officers look over ve ole ' scrapbook. Actives Joan Armstrong, St. Paul 52: Patricia Baldwin, Lincoln, ' 51: Pat Berge, Norfolk, ' 50; Phyllis Cadwallader, Lincoln, ' 50: Mary Alice Cummins, Lincoln, ' 51: Shirley Mae Douglas. Omaha, ' 50: Barbara Durland, Norfolk, ' 52; Lois Frederick, Hay Springs. ' 52: Norma Claire Gamerl. Omaha, ' 52; Martha Howe Hamilton, Lincoln, ' 52: Miriam Jane Hicks, Lincoln, ' SI; Elizabeth Hill, Lincoln, Srad.; Virginia Louise Hill. Lin- coln. ' 51; Mary Jane Hlschier. Billings. Mont., ' 50: Mary Joan Huston. Omaha. ' 52: Janet Louise Kepner, Osceola, ' 51; Patricia Kaveney, Lincoln, ' 52; Jean Louise Leadley, Lincoln, ' 51; Mary Ann Lindaur, Omaha, ' 50; Joyce Arlene Lindley, Lincoln, ' 5!; Janet Marion Loudon, Lincoln, ' 51; Marylou Luther, Cambridge. ' 51; Ann Marshall, Windom. Minn., ' 51; Jane Harriet MacCuaig. Pittsburg, Kans., ' 50: Maria Mabelle Mari, Lincoln, 52: Kaye Moore. Lincoln, ' 50; Grace Nielsen, Omaha, ' 50; Nancy Peters, Omaha. ' 52: Georgianne Rediger. Tekamah, ' 5 1; Shirley Schaffer, O ' Neil. ' 50: Nancy Wagey, Lincoln, ' 51. Pledges Patricia Bechan. North Platte. ' 53; Doris Carlson, Omaha. ' 53: Elizabeth Eckert, Omaha. ' 53; Bonnalyn Eilers, Sterling. ' 53; Joan Finney, Lincoln, 53; Delores Henrlchs, Hastings, ' 51: Joan Hanson. Lincoln, ' 53; Margaret Heineman, Platts- mouth, ' 52: Suzanne Hoffman. Lincoln, ' 53; Barbara Holm, Winner, S. D.. ' 53; Shirley Hudson. Plattsmouth. ' 53: Jeanne Johnson. Red Cloud. ' 53; Geraldine Kirk, Lincoln, ' 53: Joan Krueger, Norfolk. ' 53: Carolyn Kunkel, Weeping Water, ' 53; Jane Laughlin, Papillion, ' 53; Janice Liljedahl, Essex, la., ' 52; Betty Maddison, Sioux City. la.. ' 53; Gladys Novotny, Clark- son. ' 53: Frances Jean Oakes. North Platte. ' 52: Joan O ' Brien. Lincoln. ' 53: Joan Peden, Oakland, ' 52; Donna Pllcher. Omaha. ' 53; Mary Pitt«rman. Cleveland, Ohio, ' 53: Patsy Polnicky. Red Cloud. ' 51; Joanne Pyle. Gothenburg. ' 53; Juanita Rediger, Tekamah. ' 52; Patricia Reed. Ho»ie. Kans., ' 53; Elizabeth Roessler. Fremont, ' 52; Marilyn Samuel- son, Hartington. ' 51; Jeanne Smith, Lincoln. ' 53; Joan Smith, McCook. ' 51; Mary Spencer. Roswell. New Me«., ' 52: Dorothy Taylor. Hastings. ' 51; Jean Reynalda Walker. Tobias, ' 51: Muriel Way. Decatur. ' 52: Nancy Weir, Galesburg, III., ' 53: Barbara Wylle, Lincoln. ' 53: Barbara Youno Omaha, ' 53, Poqe 341 Aleiander And«rion AuQUltilM Bak«r B«r9h lilsn Boch Burdic Cart«r Clorkt CobI Orolngcr Hoky HtMkilro Holm«t Halt JtHtrt Koln Kent Koch Nnopple McGeochin Mollorr Moiw n Millar MockrH Mohrmon Morqon Murphy N iy NobI . J. Nobl . N. NobI . V. Penner Peterson Pifln»y Par« r, N. Port»r. S. Port»r. S. Pryor Roqert Ruddock Seorlet S«id l StroHon Swvrr Thomoi Trophoqen Wolt Warrick WllllaiTK Tffoqtr ZItraH (fa a a a I r M.. 1 . 1 o a ' •»- u " i " X ,C A 111 O 1 Thetas — first in scholarship. How those J. ,„„, „».., Q j„ study hall! Founded at De Pauw University, 1870 Established at University of Nebraska, 1887 Rho Chapter Seventy-three Chapters Black and Gold Paqe 342 r JiappjoL CUphcL Jhsdja GLORIA PINNEY President PATRICIA GADDIS Vice President JOANNE NOBLE Secretary VIRGINIA LAPP Treasurer Gloria Pinney President Actives Ann Augustine, Grand Island, ' 52: Shirley Baker, Omaha, ' 51; Marilyn Bergh. Omaha, ' 52; Mary Bock, Hastings, ' 52; Mary M. Carothers. Broken Bow, ' 51; Janice Carter, Omaha. ' 52; Halycon Coble. Lincoln, ' 51; Patricia Gaddis, Lincoln, ' 51; Sally Gardiner, Omaha. ' 51; Lesley Grainger. Salinas. Calif, ' 52; Phyllis Haley. Lincoln, ' 51; Barbara Hoekstra, Omaha. ' 50; Sally Holmes. Kearney. ' 51; Jacquelyn Hoss, Grand IsJand, ' 52; Jo Ann Jeffers. Omaha. ' 52; Jeanne Kain. Lex- ington, ' 52; Margaret Knapple. Omaha. ' 50: Virginia Koch Lincoln. ' 51; Virginia Lapp, Kearney. ' 51: Mary Helen Mai lory. Lincoln, ' 50; Margaret McGeachin, Orleans, ' 50 Dorothy Maiwell, Lincoln, ' 50: Nancy Miller, Omaha, ' 51 Marilyn Morgan, McCook. ' 52; Joanne Noble, Omaha, ' 51 Nancy Noble. Lincoln. ' 51; Gloria Pinney. Hastings. ' 50 Nancy Porter. Omaha. ' 51; Susan Pryor, North Platte. ' 52 Donna Ruddock. York. ' 52: Lois Searles, Chicago. ML. ' 52 Harriet Seidell. Wahoo. ' 51; Janet Stratton. Grand Island " 50; Joan Swerre, Omaha, ' 51; Betty Svsfift. Thedford, ' 51 Dianne Thomas, Omaha, ' 51; Jane Traphagen, Lincoln, ' 51 Patricia Warrick, Hastings. ' 51; Edith Weeks, Nebraska City, ' 51; Beverly Williams. Lincoln. ' 51; Barbara Yeager, Lincoln ' 52; Joan Zierott. Long Beach, Calif. ' 52. Pledges Joan Ale«ander, Omaha. ' 52; Barbara Anderson. Lincoln. ' 53; Donna Bllon, Grand Island. ' 51; Barbara Burdic, Omaha. ' 53; Paricla Clarke. North Platte. ' 52; Elizabeth Gass, Seward, ' 53: Carol Kent, Alliance, ' 53; Ann Mockett, Lincoln, ' 53; Mary Ann Mohrman, Lincoln. " 51; Jacqueline Murphy, Oma- ha. ' 53: Mary Jean Neely, Lincoln. ' 53; Virginia Noble, Lincoln. ' 53; Ann Penner. Beatrice. ' 52; Susan Peterson. Lin- coln. ' 53: Sally Pinney. Hastings. ' 52: Susan Porter, Omaha, ' 53; Caroline Rogers, Lincoln, ' 53; Sandra Walt, Lincoln, ' 53. Above: Oh, you beauties! Theta officers primp in the powder room preparing for a big event — their Cornhusker picture. Below: Happy day! Thetas shun the photographer In preference to their prize pledges. Poqe 343 Atfflut Austin Borb«r B«lir«n« B«fin U t. L. Boftvbriqht Chri%f«nv«n Cummiffii DvWitt Dillon Eckvoll Ellvnberger Fohnettocli fl«tch«r Gohd Hoqority HoKn Harriton Horhom Horitmon Hunt Hunter Joyce Kinit KroHer Lewit Linch Ludwlckion Luti McNolly Mol.orry Meitinqor Miller Norvol O ' Connor OOell Pitchel Prong 9uiql y Rliodei Schlueter Seocrett Stourol Strong Taylor TreiotI Wilhent Winhelmon Zimntermon Zlomke ' r- £ T Bv| a« p A p With tl- Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1873 Established at University of Nebraska, 1920 Pi Chapter Ssventy-six Chapters Olive Green and Pearl White Poqe 344 JiappJDL OslJbcL Willistine Clark President WILLISTINE CLARK President PATRICIA STOURAL Vice President KATHRYN RHODES Secretary ALITA ZIMMERMAN Treasurer Above: Culture hour finds high-minded KDs ab- sorbed in the funnies and magazine ads. Below: Hold that pose! KD officers pause a moment before leaving their duties to vacation at home. Actives Joan Maria Anderson. Omaha. ' 51; Louise Asmus. Indian- apolis, ind., ' 52; Arlene Behrens, Mead. ' 50: Cecele Ann Benn. Merriman, ' 52; Laura Lee Best Broken Bo . ' 50; Doris Bonebright Lincoln. ' 51; Jo Anne Buller, Odell. ' 51; Willis- tine Clark, Humboldt ' 50: Marttia Ann Cummings. Holdrege. ' 52: Claire Dalton, Plattsmo ith, ' 51; Carole De Witt. Lin- coln, ' 52; Joan Eckvall, Holdrege, ' 50; Arllne Gohde. Lin- coln, ' 51: Janet Harrison. Lincoln, ' 52: Patricia Ann Horst- man, Omaha, ' 52: Irene Hunter, Nemaha, ' 51; Audrey Ken- nedy, Falls City. ' 51; Pamela Kinno, Sidney, ' 52: Laurel Linch. Morrill, ' 50; Janet Loerch, Lincoln, ' 51; Marilyn Lutz. Platts- mouth, ' 52: Kathleen Maharry. Lennox. ' 52; Donna Meising- er. Plattsmouth. ' 50; Mariorle Miller, Lincoln, ' 52; Lois Norval, Lincoln. ' 52; Mary O ' Dell, So. Sioui City, ' 50; Patricia Pischel, Verdel, ' 50: Kathryn Rhodes, Benkelman. ' 50: Virginia Seacrest, Lincoln. ' 50; Patricia Stoural. Verdlgre, " 51; Carol Strong. Denver, Colo.. ' 50; Ruth Troxell. Burwell. ' 50; Shirley Wonkleman. Nebraska City. ' 52; Marilyn Wllkens, DeWitt, ' 50; Alita Zimmerman. Omaha. ' 50; Janet ZIomke. St. Paul, ' 52. Pledges Lynn Albers, Roca, ' 53; Lorna Austin. Lincoln, ' 53: Arlene Barber, Lincoln, ' 53; Barbara Best. Broken Bow. ' 53; Rose Marie Buetler. Dawson. 53: Kathryn Chrlstensen. Omaha, ' 53: AT i Dillon, Omaha, ' 53; Shirley Ellenberger. Tekam- ah, ' 53; Lou Anne Fahnstock. Scribner, ' 52; Betty Fletcher, Lincoln, ' 53; Juanita Hagarlty, Lincoln, ' 51; Margaret Hahn, Scottsbluff, ' 51; Charlea Horham. Martel. ' 53; Janet Hunt. Tecumseh. ' 52; Janice Joyce. Weeping Water, ' 52; Donna Krotter, Stuart, ' 53; Vernell Lewis. Shubert. ' 53: June Lud- wlckson Lincoln. ' 53; Nancy McNally. Omaha . ' 52; Margaret O ' Connor. So. Slou City. ' 53: Alice Prang. Valentine. ' 52; Beatta Schleuter. Abie. ' 53; Jean Quigley. Chatham, N. J., ' 53: Mary Taylor, Falls City. ' 53. Paqe 345 Ackerion Bechar Bcckky Br«dcfib«rq Brown Corter. J. Cortcr. L. Clapp Clark Good Coryell Cuthb«rtton DcLonq Dunn Ou Tcou Cvont Fortyth Fwtton Golloqher Grainger Holl Hedke Heln Holcomb Holmqui%f Johnton, J. Johnson. M. Kimboll Line Loder Loomii Mothews Mooberry Moore Moyle Newman Oviti Peter Petcrion Phillip PuM Reed Reynolds Rothenberger, C. Rothenberger, S. Ruiiell Rymon 1 1 r a i3 T r rs n a jH ' - ' a (3 a 5 f, Ryont SamueKon Soyre Schmidtmann Selleck Sorenften SUbbInt Theiten Thomten Von Brunt Vorney Vickery VInSont Vogt Worren Wieland I L U % O r - ir Mj d ■ • " q -uf iho Qolden Itey to Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 Established at University of Nebraska, 1884 Signna Chapter Seventy-six Chapters Light Blue and Dark Blue Page 346 Jiappa, JijajptpjoL ammcL MARIAN BATTEY President JANICE RYMAN Vice President PATRICIA WIELAND Secretary JEAN CLARK Treasurer Marian Battey President Actives Chrlsfin© Aclterson. Lincoln, 5I: Marion Battey, Lincoln, ' 50; Sally Becker, Papillion. ' 50; Jayne Carter, Lincoln, ' 52; Louise Carter, Lincoln, ' 50; Elsie Clapp. McCoolt, SO; Berna Jean Clarlc, Lincoln, ' 51; Martha Delong. Nebraska City, ' 51; Barbara Dunn, Hastings. ' 50; Yvonne Du Teau, Lincoln. ' 50; Sara Fulton, Lincoln, ' 52; Mary Gaines Hall, Lincoln, ' 51; Charlene Holcomb, Broken Bow, ' 50; Nancy Howey, Lincoln. ' 50; Margaret Johnson, Tecumseh, ' 51; Rosenrtary Kimball, Lincoln, ' 50; Jo Jen Loder, Lincoln, ' 51; Shirley Mathews, Evanston. III., ' 50: Marll Mooberry, Lincoln, ' 52; Mary Phillips, Red Oak, la., ' 51; Marjorie Putt, Omaha, ' 52; Susan Reed, Deshler, ' 51; Margaret Reynolds, North Platte. ' 51; Sally Rothenburger, Beatrice, ' 52: Mary Russell, Lincoln. ' 52; Janice Ryman. Rochester. N. Y.. ' 50; Mary Ruth Ryons. San Marino. Calif, ' 51; Suzanne Samuelson, Long Beach, Calif. ' 5 1; Nancy Sayre. Long Meadow, Mass.. ' 50; Joan Selleck. Lincoln, ' 52; Jacquelyn Sorenson, Lincoln, ' 52; Alice Van Brunt. Omaha, ' 50: Patricia Wleland, Lincoln, ' 50. Pledges Marcia Beckley. York, ' 52; Joanne Bredanburg, Harlan, la., ' 52; Marian Brown, Papillion, ' 53; Betty Coad. Omaha, ' 53; Adele Coryell, Lincoln, ' 53; Carolle Cuthbertson. Omaha. ' 51; Shirley Evans, Broken Bow, ' 51; Mary Pike, Omaha, ' 51; Lois Forsythe, Scottsbluff. ' 52: Elizabeth Gallagher. ONeil, ' 51; Sheila Grainger, Lincoln.. ' 53; RoseAnn Hedke. Lincoln, ' 53: Virginia Heln. Wayne, ' 53; Patricia Holmquist, Oakland. ' 51; Julie Johnson. Lincoln. ' 53; Marjorie Line. Loup City, ' 53; Jean Loomls. Omaha. ' 52: Nancy Moore, Omaha. ' 51; Mildred Moyle. Lincoln, ' 53; Dorris Newman, Lincoln, ' 53: Grace Ann Ovitz, Whiting. Ind.. ' 51; Patricia Peters. Omaha. ' 53; Marilyn Peterson, Omaha. ' 53; Caroline Rothenburger. Beatrice, ' 53; Janice Schmidtman, Plattsmouth, ' 53; Nancy Stebbins. Lincoln, ' 53: Lois Theisen, Denver. Colo.. ' 53; Eliza- beth Thompsen. Beatrice. ' 52; Suzanne Vickery, Omaha. ' 51; Bonney Varney. Broken Bow. ' 52; Patricia Vin Sent, Summer- field. Kans.. ' 53; Nancy Vogt, Stanbury. Mo.. ' 51; Charlotte Warren. Omaha. ' 52. Above: Kappa cuties and two stray Sigma Nus blow bubbles for the befuddled photographer. Below: Confusion reigns! Was it an invasion, a candy passing, or did Kappa Jeanie Clark lose something? Page 347 Adamt Baiky Becker 6r w%t«r Coinpb«ll Coop«r Doy Oevereui O.cvt OodwHi Flaky Gordn«r Oelber Gro ' xim Groti Grundmon Hall Hat:ioway Hcolry J«w»H Johnson Jordan Jonci K jmboll Kroutc Lomb«rt Lorkin Lorien. E Lort«n. G. McCormick McCoy Mark Morthall Milkr Moom y Norman Owvn Prdvrton Rondall Rtlneck Rob«rt« SonFipton Schn«ld«r Schro«d r St»pan»k S«»vtn%on T w»ri Trovit Tr»fi Van Burq Worrcn W»«tphal Widvnvr Wow. skit. t ■ 1 r • ( f? O k A Q m Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Established at University of Nebraska, 1895 Beta Chapter Ninety-four Chapters Wine and Blue Page 348 (pL SaicL fihL DONNA KIECHEL President JOANNE NORRIS Vice President CAROLYN ROBERTS Recording Secretary GLORIA LARSEN Treasurer Donna Kiechel President Above: Huskers win!! Ann Stevenson goes all ou! for athletics with Pi Phi sisters at NU football ganfie. Below: " Rusty " Motter knits industriously while Pi Phi officers relax. Argyles, " Rusty? " Actives Marcia Adams, North Platte. ' 51; Joel Bailey. Omaha. ' SI; Evelyn Becker, Ashby, ' 51; Nancy Benjamin, Lincoln. ' 52; Marilyn Brewster. Lincoln, ' 52; Ruth Ann Curtiss, Lincoln. ' 51; Joris Dovereux. Omaha. ' 51; Kathleen Dodson. Beatrice,, ' 50; Barbara Finley. Grand Island. ' 52; Barbara Gardner, Lincoln. 51 ' : Carol Geiber. Aberdeen. S. D., ' 50; Rosemary Graham. Lincoln, ' 51; Nancy Green, Omaha. ' 52: Beverly Heller. Chatham, N. J.. ' 52; Connie Hovey. Omaha. ' 52; Marjorle Johnson, Sioux City, la., ' 50: Donna Kiechel. Super- ior, ' 50; Sally Jean Krause, Albion, ' 51; Shirley Larkin, North Platte. ' 50; Beverly Larsen, Central City, ' 52; Gloria Larsen, Central City. ' SI; Marilyn Legge, Fremont, ' 50; Sibyl Marie. Delavan. Wis., ' 51; Suzanne Marshall. Lincoln, ' 52; Marilyn McCormicl, Mountain Lakes. N. J.. ' 50; Marilyn Moomey. Hastings. ' 52; Rosemary Motter. Fremont, ' 51; Marian Norell. North Platte, ' 50; Joanne Norris, Aberdeen, S. D.. ' 50: Carolyn Roberts, Lincoln, ' 51; Eugenie Sampson, Cen- tral City, ' 50; Elizabeth Schneider, Fremont, ' 50; Ann Steven- son. North Platte. ' 51; Dorothy Travis. Omaha. ' 50; Erna- marie Trefz. Beatrice, ' 50; Alice Van Burg. Lincoln. ' 51; Margaret Warren, Omaha, ' 51. Pledges Janet Campbell, Central City, ' 52; Joan Corzine. Omaha. ' 50: Mary Elise Day. North Platte. ' 52; Martha Dicus, Fre- mont. ' 52; Carol Gross, Chicago, ML. ' 52: Mary Ann Grund- man. Nebraska City, ' 52; Ann Jane Hall. York, ' 53: Betty Hathaway, Lincoln, ' 53; Patricia Healey. Creston, la.. ' 53; Sarah Jane Jewett. Aberdeen, S. D., ' 51; Priscilla Jones, Lincoln, ' 53: Jane Jordan, Galesburg, III.. ' 53; Susdn Kimball. Lincoln, ' 52; Ann Lambert, Lincoln. ' 53; Nancy Lindell, Omaha, ' 53; Margaret McCoy. Lincoln. ' 53; Joan Miller, Fairmont. ' 53: Nancy Norman, Shenandoah, la.. ' 53; Winnie Owen. Lincoln. ' 53; Carrie Ann Pederson, Berwyn, ' 53: Ruth Frances Purney. Omaha, ' 51; Jane Randall, Kearney, ' 53; Barbara Relnlcke, Lincoln, ' 53; Ann Schroeder, Omaha. ' 53: Lennie Stepanek. Lincoln, ' 53; Suzanne Tewell. Sidney. ' 53; Lorraine Westphal. Grand Island. ' 53; Nancy Widener, Corning, la., ' 51. Poqe 349 Boird Chotanov Chudacoff Creamer Dovidton Go rr Op «r lick Ginsberg Goodtite Hoykln Herihorn Horwiti Itenttat Kotimon KoKoA Lovinv Locke Mfcklln Noodell Pelli Rocusin Rodin Ros n Roienbaum Sokoloj Sworfi Zorifttky - Av up m ' € M ! - 5 - ' Music hour finds interest high as SDTs listen to Cece Rottner play " Fiddle- Faddle. " Founded at Cornell University, 1917 Established at University of Nebraska, 1925 Theta Chapter Twenty-six Chapters Cafe Au Lalt and Old Blue Poqe 350 Gloria Fersch+man President SiqmjoL (DsiJboL Jan. GLORIA FERSCHTMAN President AUDREY ROSENBAUM Vice President RUTH HORWITZ Secretary ROSALIE GARROP Treasurer Above: SDTs slave on their prize-winning homecom- ing decoration. Work is the price of fame. Below: April showers — SDT officers smile brightly even though skies look dark and rain threatens. Aetlvej Eleanor Berltowitz. Denver, Colo.. ' 52; Phylliss Chudacoff. Omaha. ' 52; Charlotte Creamer, Denver, Colo., ' 52; Wini- fred Davidson, Lincoln, ' 52; Gloria Ferschtman, St. Louis, Mo.. ' 51; Rosalie Sarrop, Omaha, ' 51; Doris Haykin, Lincoln, 50; Helen Hershorn, Denver, Colo., 50; Lenore Hershon Atlantic City, N. J., ' 52; Charlotte Katiman, Omaha, ' 50 Marcia Kushner, Lincoln, ' 50; Rene Miclclin, Omaha, ' 52 Doris Noodell, Omaha. ' 52; Lois Rodin. Sioux City, la., ' 52 Roberta Rosen, Omaha, ' 52; Audrey Rosenbaum, Chicago, III.. ' 51; Louise Saferstein, St. Louis, Mo., ' 50; Soralee Solcolof. Omaha. ' 51. Pledges Lenore Baird. Denver. Colo., ' 53; Adele Chasanov, Omaha. ' 53; Lois Geralicl, Omaha, ' 53; Gloria Ginsborg. SiouK City, la., ' 53; Frances Goodsite, Sloun Falls, S. D., ' 53; Florence Uenstat, Omaha. ' 53; Gloria Kohan, Omaha. ' 53; Ruthanne Lavine. York, ' 53: Rosanna Locke, Independence, Kans., ' 52; Betty Pells, Denver. Colo., ' 53; Nan Racusin. Oma- ha, ' 53; Cecille Rottman, Denver, Colo.. ' 52; Rita Swartz, Omaha, ' 52; Esther Zorinsky, Omaha, ' 53. Page 351 And«r%oii, D. And«rton. J. BorH}har( B|orklund Brvdthowcr tryton ByM Clkomb«ri Dovit DrowboitgN Fvntftr lbbi Gi Mk r Crlffln Hoddii Honion Harmon Norm Houqe Hlott Hit Holtonieii Holliday Jetvc Koderli Krell Krui« Richmond, M. Sog SolHr SondiHdt Schoofimokvr Schylti SlMldon Sh«pord Sippl» Strotbuckvr Wiedmon Wlltcom Zvlkri o ' " o ' r ' o ' ? o a I O A a 5 a e» a Lof Long McCroy Mohaffi at Micklich " Miller -y O ' Brirn OKon. E. Olion, L. Olion. P. P tvr««n Pr««oM Puttnivn Rcnner Rhoodet R.chmond. R. c % a I o a a . ' n a • c r Pat O ' Brien sinq V r4c Withouf Musi. to entertain • appa sisters. Founded at Colby College, 1874 Established at University of Nebraska, 1923 Alpha Kappa Chapter Fifty-four Chapters Lavender and Maroon Poqe 352 SLqmjDL Jiappa, ' DOROTHY CORBETT President JEAN FENSTER I st Vice President MARY LOIS GIBBS 2nd Vice President BARBARA KADERLI Treasurer Dorothy Corbett President Actives Jacqueline Anderson, Arapahoe, SO; Lola Banghart, ScoHs- bluff. SI: Sue Biorklund. Waltefield, ' 50: Lois Bryson, Calla- way. ' 50; Betty Bull. Millard, ' 52; Charleno Chambers. Fre- mont, ' 50; Dorothy Corbett, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 50; Vir- ginia Davis. Omaha. ' 50: Jean Fensfer, York, ' 51; Mary Lois Gibbs, Custer, S. D., ' 50; Mary Gieseker, Lincoln, ' 52; Jane Goeres, Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 52; Elinor Hanson, Oakland, ' 51; Marilyn Harms, Lincoln, ' 51; Myra Hauge. Meadow Grove. ' 50; Betty Jo Hlte, Centralla, III.. ' 50; Patricia Holll- day, Hebron. ' 50: Barbara Kaderli, Kimball. SI; Elaine Krause. Lincoln, ' 51; Elaine Lot Omaha, ' 52: Patricia O ' Brien, Lincoln. 52: Elizabeth Olson. Bloomfield. ' 51; Patricia Olson. Oakland. ' 51; Marilyn Peterson. Atkinson. ' 51; Elaine Puten- sen, Bloomfield. ' SO; Caria Renner. Norfolk. " 50; Charlotte Roades, Blair, ' 50: Ruth Ann Richmond, Lincoln, ' 52; Ruth Ann Sandstedt, Lincoln, ' 51; Dorothy Schenk. Kansas City, Mo.. ' 52; Kay Schoonmaker. Edgemont, S. D., ' 50; Patricia Sheldon, Lincoln, ' 52; Carmon Shepard. Lincoln. ' SO: Mary Sigler. Osceola. 51; Sally Sipple, Nebraska City. ' SO: Martha Stratbucker, Fort Calhoun, ' 52; Patricia Wiedman, Lincoln. ' 52: Margaret Zellers. Atlantic City, la., ' 52. Bredthauer. Grand City, ' 53; Joanne Omaha. ' 53; Carol Central City. ' 53: Pledges Doris Anderson, Lincoln, ' 53; Barbara Island. ' 53; Shirley Drawbaugh, David Dreler. Lincoln. ' 53: Norma Jean Engle. Ann Griffin. Lincoln, ' 53: Faye Haddin, Pauline Harmon. Trumbull. ' 52: Ruth Ann Hiatt, Lincoln, ' 53; Edwina Hokanson. Omaha. ' 53; Beverly Jesse, Lincoln, ' 53: Mary Jane Kessler. Sutherland, ' 53; Ardys Krelle, Omaha. 52; Charlene Kruse, Omaha, 53: Darlene Lesh, Omaha, 53; Phyllis Long, Scottsbluff. ' 51; Roberta McCray, Fuller+on, ' 53; Barbara Mahaffie, North Platte, ' 53: Donna Mae Mich- lich. Scottsbluff. ' 52: Verbajean Miller. Harland. ' 53: Lois Jean Olson. Bloomfield. ' 53; Donna Prescott. Mendota, III., ' 52; Mildred Richmond, Waverly, ' 53; Elizabeth Rogers. Albuquerque. New Mei.. ' 53; Sally Sage. Beatrice, ' 53: Har- riette Salter, Lincoln, ' 53: Jane Sct ' ul ' ze Alamo, Texas, ' 53: Janet Wllscam, Lincoln, ' 53. Above: All the officers are In on this deal! Sigma Kappas hear Jane Goeres ' " business " conversation. Below: Off to work we go! Sigma Kappas prepare for hard work at the library. Forget your books, girls? Page 3S3 in Fti y-:- ' X - »■ . I i w Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Omega Beta Sigma Psi Beta Theta Pi Delta Chi Delta Sigma Pi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Farm House Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Xi Zeta Beta Tau Acacia Housemothers Urkm S«v r Brld i«bouqh Brlnkman Carter Clemefit Collint CorkI Donlvfton Derrick Doyle Forf no frott Gouqer Gibion. W. Cibton, R. Glerhon Gowcn Hagqorf Hatkell Hovelko Hco»h Holmet Hoiterman Johnion Knebel Kopf Londgrcn Lowton Lindrr LintcoH Mackey Minford Monohon Mon on. M. Monion, W. Morifi Olvcn OUon. D. Olton. S. Pouley ( inkerton Quockcnbuth Roun Robiflion RouMk. E. E. Routek, E. J. Souder Scherer Shirei Sibert Sim Stephent StOM Struempler Sturm Thocker Theobold Thompton Tripp Woldo Wilet Wllliomi Wirth Tounq AG r .n r their spirited ' version of " I ' m ■■ n Old Cow-Hand. " Founded at University of Illinois, 1904 Established at University of Nebraska, 1917 Kappa Chapter Thirty-two Chapters Green and Gold Page 356 RooerT Raun President CUphcL ' amma, dUw ROBERT LEE RAUN President ROBERT SIM Vice President LLOYD WIRTH Secretary DONALD LAWSON Treasurer Above: AGRs, itnown for their excellent study habits, find an item to put on their crib notes. Below: Taking their responsibilities seriously, of- ficers discuss party plans and paddling pledges. Actives Arlen Beam. Stapleton, ' 51; Donald Bever, Virginia, ' 52; Rober; Bridenbaugh, Dakota City, ' 51; William Brinlcman, Geneva, ' 50; Donald Clement, Ord, SO; Lawrence Collins, St. Edward, ' 52; James Doyle, Omaha, ' 51; Lloyd Fortna, Oc- tavia, ' 50; Kaye Gauger, Eus is. ' 52; Robert Gibson, Ran dolph, ' 50; William Gibson, Randolph. ' 50; Gilbert Gierhan. Loiingl ' cn, ' 52; Joseph Havelka, Weston. ' 50; William Holmes, Oconomowoc. Wis., ' 52; Jerry Johnson, Red Cloud. 52; Fred Kinghorn, Lewis on, ' 51; Donald Knebel, Norfolk, 50; Delbert Kopf, Lexington, ' 52; hiarold Kopf, Lexington, 50; Robert Laflin. Lincoln, ' 51; Norman Landgren, Schickloy, ' 51; Donald Lawson, Silver City, la.. ' 51; Gordon Luhrs. Im- perial, ' 50; Kent Mackey, Eustis, ' 51; Glenn Moritz, Lexing- ton, ' 52; James Monahan, Hyannis, ' 51; Warren Monson, Clay Center, ' 51; Delmar Olson, North Platte, ' SO; Wilbur Pauley, Harvard, ' 50; George Pinkerton, Beatrice, ' 51; Robert Raun, Minden. ' 51; Edward Rousek, Ord, ' 51; Ernest Rousek, Ord, ' 51; Jack Sauder, Chappell, ' 50; Robert Scherer, Omaha, ' 52; Robert Sim, Nebraska City, ' 50; William Steinkruger, Franklin, ' 50; Richard Stephens. Lin- coln. ' 52; Arthur Struempler, Lexington, ' 50; James Sturm, Nehawka, ' 50; Wendell Thacker. Dawson. ' 50: William Tripp, Blair. ' 50; Lloyd Wlrth. Dunbar. ' 50. Pledges Robert Berke. Eusfis, ' 52; Robert Carter, Chappell, ' 52; Richard Corkle, Norfolk, ' 53; Richard Curley, Craig, ' 51; •vlurray Danieison, Aurora, ' 52; Wayne Frost, St. Paul, ' 53; Richard Gowen, Lincoln, 5I; James Haggart, Grand Island, ' 53; Bruce Haskell, Stapleton, ' 52; Lowell Heath, Geneva. 53; Fred Hosterman, Auburn. ' 52; Boyd Linder. Nehawka, 51; Dean Linscott, Bearice, 53; Phillip Olsen, Aurora, ' 52: Sterling Olson. Minden. ' 53; Ray Ouackenbush, DeWitt. ' 53: Warder Shires. Elliott, la.. ' 53; Frank Siberf. Red Cloud. S2; Jerry Stone, Weeping Water, ' 53; William Waldo, Go ' don, ' 53; Dwight Wiles, Weeping Water, ' 53; James Williams. Norfolk, ' SI: Richard Young. Elliott, la., ' 53. Poq 357 BarrtH Barry Be I deck Berkshire Blettinq Brody BroM Broberq BucklniHom Butikohl 8uttrr«rld Cody. F. Cody. W. Clem Collopy Cook. b. Cook. E. Curtli Dole D«lbl«r CrictoN Emsf Faqot Fither Fuller Gonz ( oldinq GoHcholl Griiwold Homon Hancock Holm Hook Johnion JOMI. H. Jonet. K. Korrer Klmbriel Kreycik Lomb Lommers LoShelle Louckt Mockey Moor Otborne Pederien Perry PhJIbrick Phillip Phillips Piccolo Randolph Riqqt Robinion Soqqou ScoH Slmmoni Smith Sommerfeld Spencer Sf older Stonqe Stonnord SweH Weotherhoqq Winqender Harry Omaha Klmbfiei getb romantic with his date at the Dogpatch party. Who wouldn ' t? Mill Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Established at University of Nebraska, 1867 Samnna Theta Chapter One Hundred Two Chapters Gold and Blue Poqe 358 OIphjoL JaiL OmoqcL HAROLD GERHART President ROBERT BERKSHIRE ....:.. Vice President AL BLESSING Secretary DONALD KORFF Treasurer Harold Gerhart President Above: ATO officers react kindly to one of Bud Gerhart ' s subtle jokes. Subtle like a hammer, that is. Nortolk. ' 50: Sco tsbluff. SaKna. Kens.. Rapids, la.. Actives George Abbott, Las Vegas, Nev., ' 51; Dicit Armstrong, Grand Island. ' 51; Robert Baker, Sallna, Kans., ' 50; Don Barrett, Casper. Wyo., ' 51; Doug Barry, Norfolk, ' 51; Lee Baughan. Lincoln. ' 50; Dick Beattie. Ainsworth, ' 50; Bob Bierman. Chicago. III., ' 52; Harlan Beideck, Lincoln, ' 51; Dick Berkhelmer. Gordon, ' 51; Bob Berkshire, Omaha, ' 51; Don Berquist, Lincoln, ' 50: Dick Bick, Grand Island, ' 51; Al Blessing. Ord, ' 52; Larry Bosley, Holdrege. ' 52; Jack Brady. Lincoln, ' SO; Dean Buckingham, Lincoln. ' 53; Doyle Busskohl, Spencer Butterfield, Nortolk, ' 52; Frank Collopy, ' 50; Jack Cawood. Fremont, ' 51; Alan Clem, ' 50; Ed Cook. Lexingfon, ' 51; Don Cook. Rock ' 51; James Curtis. Saguache. Colo.. ' 50; Irvin Dana. Lincoln. ' 50; Douglas Dale. Ord. ' 52; Gene Deeter, Lincoln, ' 50; Bill Denker. Elkhorn. ' 51; Dan Deibler, Norfolk, 50; Dick Erikson, Comstock, ' 53; Jack Ernst, Lincoln, ' 50; Joe Fisher, Norfolk, ' 50; Charles Ganz, Lincoln, ' 50: Harold Gerhart. Newman Grove, ' 50; Ernest Gotschall, Atkinson, ' 50; Dwlght Griswold, Lincoln, ' 50: Bill Hancock. Carson City, Nev., ' 50; Dean Heyor. Gordon, ' 51; Knox Jones, Lincoln, ' 51; Bruce Johnson, Holdrege. ' 50: Max Karrer. Wilmington, ' ■■ ' ' 51: Jim Keck. Rapid City. S. D.. ' 50: Leonard Kehl. • bluff, ' 51; Bruce Kennedy, Basin, Wyo., ' 51; Harry r oriel. Omaha. ' 52; Don Korff. Hebron, ' 50; Don Kux- hausen. Scottsbluff, ' 52: Henry Lammers, St. Joseph. Mo.. ' 51; Dick Loucks. Falls City, ' 52; George Mackey. Casper, Wye.. ' 51; Mike Madden. Lincoln, ' 51; Lee Moore. Grand Is ' and. " 52; Benjamin Munson, Lincoln, ' 50: Dale McCracken. Lincoln, ' 50: Lloyd Newberg, Rapid City, S. D., ' 50; Bill ' 51; Don Pederson, Lincoln, ' 52; Jim Perry, ' 51; Frank Piccolo, Lincoln, ' 51; Bud Phillips, ' 52; Ryland Phillips. Rapid City. S. D.. ' 50: Lincoln. ' 50; Kenneth Powell. Hebron, ' 50; ' 52; Rodson Riggs, Des Moines, la.. Norfolk, ' 50; Ray Simmons. Lincoln. ' 52; Don Smith, McCook, ' 50; Sam Spencer. Tlnon, Mexico, ' 51; Merle Stalder, Salem, ' 50; Dave Stannard, Wichita, Kans., ' 51; Bob Swett, South Sioux City, ' 50: Tad Tucker, Lincoln, ' 52: Bob Wefsc, Rush- vllle, Grad.; Friti Wefso, Rushvllle, ' 51; Curtis Weatherhogg, Lincoln, ' 51; Sam Whiteman. Tulsa. Okla.. ' 52. Pledges Carl Brasee. Omaha. ' 53: Fred Cady, Broken Bow. ' 52: Winslow Cady. Broken Bow. ' 53: Donald Coupons, Alliance. ' 53, Dale Fagot, Lexington, ' 53; Jerry Golding. Lincoln. ' 53; Otto Hanam, Omaha, ' 53; Robert Hann, Lincoln, ' 53; Paul Holm. Golhenburg, ' 53; Hobart Jones, Lincoln, ' 53; Keith Kreycik. Valen ine. ' 53: Alan Lamb, Wood Lake. ' 53; Robert 0;borne. Omaha. ' 53; Donald Richardson. Ainsworth, ' 53: Charles Saggau, Omaha. ' 53; Verl Scott. Mitchell, ' 53; Ronald Stange, Los Angeles. Calif., ' 53; Eugene Summerfield. Bartlesville. Okla.. ' 53: Tom Tucker, Lincoln. ' 52: William Wingender. Omaha, ' 52. Below: Pledges are taught all the money-making tricks in card games so they can pay house bills. Olson. Lisco, Rod Oak, la.. Oak, la.. Philbrlck. Randolph, Magnus Robinson. Bill Sloan. Burwell. Red Joe Ted 51; 51; Lincoln, a f-n J Paqe 359 And«r«on, J. And«rion. M. Bauer fieidvch Bloboum Broekemcier Bruqgomon Byll Choel Clork Doffhfihe Dohlkr DeJonqe 0 »«r Dunklon SbMr Eekerf Eqqvrt FriHon Gi«i««lman Gloytfeift. E. GJ» l«r Gloyitvin, E. Cloyttein. H. Cundcrson Honiwman Holthut Huebncr Johnton Kro«q r Kro«ller L«ni Licncmonn Lohrb rq Lundahl Miller Morey Mueller Petert Riqqert SomueKon Sch««r Schmidt Schoti Schulfi Sindt Smith Splinter Teqtmeier Timmermon Toebben vonKomper Wortchow Werth Wulfl ZieroH Cs M .t - ft , , - a a mmmmi is k iii . i ii % f«K ' ' ' f mt ' lift . I)(- ' f:„ ' r- :. " 3 rr TJ? " 17 " ■■ Cj ' 2 p " HEY! Kiss her goodbye. I have t Dean « ' : ' wn slip. " Founded at University of Illinois, 1925 Established at University of Nebraska, 1929 Delta Chapter Nine Chapters Cardinal Red and White Poge 360 o, shoL Sii mjDL (PaL JAMES TROESTER President ERVIN WITTMAN 1st Vice President EARL SAMUELSON 2nd Vice President MILTON ANDERSON Secretary PAUL LIENEMANN Treasurer James Troester President Above: Little Beaver and his squav play cowboy and Indian at a " whoop-and-holler house party. Below: Beta SIg officers relax at their house and discuss the latest campus dirt. Actives Milton Anderson. Lincoln, ' 50; Arthur Bauer. Shuberf, ' 51; Martin Bauer. Gladstone, ' 50; Robert Blobaum, Falrbury. ' 50: Harlan Brockemier, Colunnbus. ' 52; Dale Bruggeman, York, ' 50: Robert Bull, Elkhorn. ' 50; Richard Buls, Seward. ' 52: Fred Chael. Kouts, Ind.. ' 52; Robert Clark. Lincoln. ' 50; Richard Ounklau. Lincoln, ' 52; Rupert Dunklau. Arlington. ' 50; Larry Ebner, Lincoln, ' 52; Lavon Frltson, Franklin. ' 51; Harry tilesselman, Arlington, ' 52; Bernard Gissler, Osceola, SO: Rolland Gissler. Lincoln, ' 50: EIroy Gloysteln, Waco, ' 50; ' 51; Richard Goeglein, Lincoln. Lincoln, ' 50; Gilbert Gunderson. Burton Holtus. Bertrand. ' 51; ' 51; Donald Kroeger. Omaha. ' 51; ' 50: Paul Llenemann. Paplllton, ' 50; Donald Lohrberg. Lincoln. Harold Gloystoin, Waco, SI: Roland Groteluschen, Chamberlain, S. D.. ' 51; Robert Johnson. Cushing, Loren Lenz. Meadow Grove, ' 51; Lloyd Llppold, Syracuse, ' 50; Glen Lundahl. Creston. la., 50; Eugene Miller, Sidney, ' 52; Keith Morey. Sidney. 52: Donald Mueller, Sidney, ' 52; Robert Peters, Fremont. ' 51; Duane Riggert. Hoskins. ' 50; Eart Samuelson. Stromsburg. ' 50: Kenneth Schmidt. Deshler. ' 52: Jack Scholz, Chadron, ' 52; Robert Schultz. Staplehurst, ' 51; Charles Sindt. Naponee. ' 51; Harvey Smith, Missouri Valley, la.. ' 51: William Splinter. North Platte. ' 50; Edgar Togtmeir. Beatrice, ' 50; William Timmermann. Gretna. ' 51: Delmar Toebben. Nickerson, " 52: James Troester, Hampton. ' 50; Ervin Wlttman. Winslow, ' 50: Gerald Wolfer, Fremont, SO; Ralph Zierott. Seward. ' 52; Robert Zuhlke. Gurley. ' 50. Pledges John Anderson, Stromsburg. ' 51; Roland Beideck, Lincoln, ' 53; Dale Runsen, Smithfleld. ' 53; Frank Condust. Lincoln ' 53; Sigurd Daehnke. Valparaiso. Ind., ' 52: James Dahike Benedict, ' 51: Donald Deter. Paplllion. ' 53; Lee DeYoung Hildreth. ' 51: Duane Eckert. Stanton. ' 53: Richard Eggert Fremont. ' 53: Ralph Hahn. Battle Creek, ' SI; Ralph Hanne man. Albion, ' 53: Marvin Harms, Fairfield. ' 51; Carl Hueb ner, St. Paul, ' 51: Harvey Kroeller. Lincoln, ' 53; Philip Ost wald, Omaha, ' 53: Dale Scheer, Arlington. ' 52: Fred Scheske Waukegan, 111., ' 52; Kenneth Schroeder. Davenport, ' 53 Richard Sievers, Fremont. ' 53; William vonKampen, Has tings, ' 52: Albert Wartchow. Omaha, ' 53: Robert Werth MInden. ' 53: Virgil Mulff. York. ' 53. Paqc 361 Andrews. M. Andrtws, R. Atkinion B«fiion Cullvn Corncy Collon Ed « Iqan Floniburq Foivy Follmcr GafH| l Gr««r Hvln Hindi Howord Howvy Hu«n«kr Johnson. E Johnson. T. Kolky Nosmorvk Ktaier Loucks Luikort Mochle McLcoy Michclson Miller Minnick Mumby Pierce Peters Pomeroy Reese Ruma Shultheis Shedd Shellenberger Siege I Thompson Wokemon Word Woymon 1 1 Partying Betas live up to their playboy rop- r-- - - p Founded in Miami, Ohio, 1839 Established at University of Nebraska, 1888 Alpha Tau Chapter Ninety-four Chapters Pink and Blue Page U2 SaicL JhsdjDL (pL William Bocit President WILLIAM BOCK President WILLIAM HEIN Vice President JAMES MILLER Corresponding Secretary NEIL ATKINSON Recording Secretary ROBERT KASMAREK Treasurer Above: Coach Lytle, warning the officers to " keep it clean, " casts a suspicious glance at Neil At- kinson. Below: The pride of the Betas is the nightmare of the pledges every Saturday morning. Acfives Re» Andrews, Lincoln. ' 52: Neil Atkinson, Lincoln, ' 50: Rod- ney Benson, Lincoln, ' 50: William Bock, Omaha. ' 50; John Cullen. Janesville, Wis.. ' 50: John Dean, Glenwocd. la.. ' 52: Stephen Plansburg. Lincoln, ' 50: hlugh Follmer. Omaha. ' 51; William Gangel, Nebraska City, ' 52; William Greer. Lincoln, ' 51; Lyie Hicks, Klamath Falls, Ore., ' 51; William Hein, Alliance, ' 51; Robert Hinds, Lincoln, ' 51; Douglas Hord. Lakeside, ' 50: Roswell Howard, Omaha, ' 50: Gene John- son. Holdrege, ' 52; Thomas Johnson, Berwyn, III., ' 51; Robert Kasmarek.. Janesville. Wis.. ' 50; Gordon Luikart, Sioux City. la.. ' 51; Keith Lytle. Lexington. ' 51: James Martin. Omaha. 50; James Miller, Paplllion, ' 51; Ken Mlnnlck. Alliance. ' 53; Samuel Packwood. St. Joseph, Mo.. ' 50; Pete Peters, Omaha, ' 52: Robert Pierce, Lincoln, ' 51; William Pomeroy. Omaha. ' 52; Richard Reese. Omaha. ' 52; Herbert Reese, Omaha. ' 51; Sebastian Ruma, Omaha, ' 52; Gerald Slegel, Lincoln, ' 52; Charles Thompson, York, ' 52; Ken Wayman. Wilber, ' 52; Samuel Whitworth. Lincoln. ' 52. Pledges Max Andrews. Lincoln, ' 53; Larry Carney. Grand Island. ' 53: Alan Edee, Pawnee City, ' 52; Ted Eagan. Omaha, ' 53; James Foley, Grand Island, ' 53; Robert Gangel. Nebraska City. ' 53; Jack Greer, Lincoln, ' 53: Thomas Harper. Omaha. ' 53; Robert Howey. Lincoln. ' 53; Duane Hueneke. Grand Island. ' 53; Richard Klnier, Holdrege. ' 52; Ray Loucks. Grand Island. ' 53: David Mackte. Omaha. ' 53; John McLeay. Lin- coln, ' 52: William MIchelson, Grand Island. 52; Keitti Mumby. Harrison, ' 53; Stuart Reynolds. Flandreau, S. D. 53; Wlllard Scammon, Rockport, Mo.. ' 53; Paul Shedd. Scottsbluff. ' 53; Hubert Shellenberger. Alliance, ' 53; Donald Shultheis. Wayne. ' 52; Nell Stumbaugh, Alliance, ' 53; Rich- ard Wakeman, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Ward. Crete. ' 53. ■ Page 363 Carlbcrq Dorn. B. Dorn. D. Douqiat Eorll Ellli Green Hammond Hotfteld Loepp Noviaul Neol Noble Pormentcr Polnichy Reed Sliley Thorton -.f py " Lebsc ' l- ' ' ' ' ' - ' " -■ -crsonality man, hoops oarty. Founded at Cornell University, 1890 Established at University of Nebraska, 1909 Forty-one Chapters Red and Buff Poqe 3kA (DsJJta. C FRANK EASTABROOKS President JERRY EARLL Vice President HAL THORSON Secretary HARRY HAYWORD Treasurer Frank Eastabrooks President Actives Dcnnal Cdrlberg, Fremont. ' 50: Byron O. Dorn. Jr.. South Sioua City, ' 51; Thomas Douglas. Omaha, ' 52: Jerry Earll. Hawarden. la.. ' 50; Frank Eas ' abroolis. Litchfield. ' 51: Ken- neth Ellis. Lincoln. ' 52; Frank Gorton. Lincoln, ' 51; Everett Sreon. Lincoln. ' 52; Charles Hammond. Litchfield. ' 52: Harry Hayward. Va lentine, SI; Roger Hosfield, Lincoln, ' 52: Kenneth Luckens. Lincoln. ' 51; Kenneth Macloay, Redlands, Calif., 52; A. L. Naxiaux, Omaha. 52; Joseph Neal, Bartley. ' 53; Leslie H. Noble. Beatrice, ' 54; Russell Parmenter. Omaha. ' 52; James Phillips. Lincoln. ' 51; Harold Polnicky. Red Cloud, ' SI; Richard Reed. Lincoln. ' 51: Charles Sharpe. Rushville. Ind., ' 52; Marion Sisley, Alliance. SI; Wallace Smith, Gordon. ' 52; Hal Thorson. Lincoln, ' 51. Pledges Robert Banks, Lincoln. ' 53: William Beti. Bellevue. ' 52: Doug las Dorn. South Sioui City, ' 52; George Gade. Ashland, ' 53 Carl Hayward. Hyannis. 52; Homer Hobbs. Beatrice. 53 John Huse. Hubbard. ' 51; Clyde Lebsock. North Platte. ' 52 David Loepp. Sioun City. la.. 51. Above: Delta Chi officers eagerly anticipate a bright future for their young fraternity. Below: Brothers analyze " Fraternity Blues " for a music aDDreciat ' cn course. Some homework! Paqe 36S Adamt Allqood And«rien Brchm Cottinqhom Crvoiman EndoH Foulhobvr From Gixti Hooi H«id«nreich Hrwitt HuW Humtxr Jtfnklnt Juroctk Koilh KritMr Kgcireh Mortin Morin Mulder Patterson Phillipt Schro«der Sommert Slillliiq r Wollt W«brr Whitcomb WHton Wrabitl 1 V Stag nighf with the Delta Sigs is one of sprawling ease and relaxation. Founded at New York University, 1907 Established at University of Nebraska, 1924 Alpha Delta Chapter Sixty-five Chapters Old Gold and Royal Purple Page 366 (DidicL SiqmjDL fiL ROBERT W. FREEMAN President ROBERT ALLGOOD Secretary DALLES SCHROEDER Treasurer Robert W. Freeman President Above: Delta Sigs wait for the finger bowls to be brought in at a Monday night dinner. Below: " Wheels " that run the Delta Sigma Phi ma- chine talk about talcing on new passengers. Acfivas Robert Algood. Stella, ' 50; Roland Anderson. Lincoln. ' 50; Adam Brohm. Lincoln, ' 50; Robert Cottingham, Lincoln, ' 52; Enwin Devlsh, Mason City, ' 50; Loren Endorf, Western, ' 50; Glen Faulhaber, Lincoln, ' 51; Charles Franz, Lincoln. ' SO; Robert Froennan. Tulare Late, Calif.. ' 50; Marvin Haase, Lincoln. ' 50; Don Heldenrich. Lincoln. ' 50; Gayle Hewitt, Shelby. ' 50: Eldon Huff, Omaha. ' 50; Gordon Humbert, Crawtord, ' 50; Leslie Jenkins, Lincoln, ' 51: Robert Jones, Lincoln, ' 50; Edwin Juracek, Niobrara, ' 50; Gene Kasllt, Madi- son, ' 50; Kenneth Kritner. Lincoln, ' 51; Dean Maret, Has- tings, ' 52: Dean Martin, Hancock, la., ' 50: Robert Morin, Lincoln, ' 51; William W. Mulder. Adams, ' 50; Dalles Schroeder. Homer. SO Louis Simon, Omaha, ' 52: John Som- Tiors, Omaha, ' 50: Robert Stillinger, Columbus, ' 50; Jerry Walls, Lincoln. ' 52; Don Weber, Arlington, ' SO: Kenneth Whitcomb. WIsner, ' 51; Lawrence Wilson, Nemaha. ' 50; John Wrabefz, Omaha. SO. Pledges Vincent Adams. West Point, ' 51; James Atklsson, Omaha. SO: Don A«e, Lincoln, ' 50; John Bartuska. Grand Island. ' 53: Gary Creasman. McCook. ' 51; Robert Garrett, Fort Smith, Ark.. ' 51; Paul Goeti. Omaha. 52: Warren Hardy. Omaha. ' 52: Tom Jenkins. Lincoln. ' 51; Warren Jennings. Kansas City. Mo.. ' 53; Leonard Jones. Western Springs, III., 51; Robert Kahm, Lincoln, ' 53; Richard Kucirek, Lincoln, 50; Kenneth Legg, Nantucket, Mass., ' 51; Les Lo Baugh, Los Angeles, Calif.. ' 51; Dick Michael. Lincoln. ' 51; Keith Mills. Lincoln. ' 53: Robert Patterson. Lincoln, " 51: Leo Rau. Lincoln, ' 50: Don Richards. Lincoln, ' 52; Riley Royse, Lincoln. 50: Don Stlne. Omaha. ' 51; Ray Van Busklrk. Beatrice, ' 51. Page 367 Adom« Andcrton Borlier 6 rq Blockrtt BrevHtke Otborne Crook Oos«k Brhrmonn £nqlcr. P Efiqicr. M. Georke Homonn Hotch Havvrly Irwin Johnson Kolttrom Keency Keller Lender Leory Lenfi Loudon Lubker Mork Mollory Mlodovich Mueller McClymond» McVoy Neff Nelion Novok OKon Potifi Pearson Pedencn Portsche Rlchordson Rosenqulst Soiton Scot Simonson Sliollo Smith Speer Stover Swanson Tooley Tremoln Truman Vondel, E. Vandel. T. Von Norman Vestal Warren Woods O, cx f ' a n n Oi o miM il f H ' yM Six aces, five kings and other rare cards are ignored by Delt jokers for a " queen. " ■ .- Founded at Bethany College, 1859 Established at University of Nebraska, 1894 Beta Tau Chapter Eighty-two Chapters Purple, White and Sold Poqc 368 i OsdhL J OIL (DsdicL WILLIAM HAMMOND CARTMELL .... President PHILLIP WARREN NEFF Vice President FRANK JOSEPH LEARY Secretary THOMAS EVERETT VANDEL Treasurer William Cartmeli President Above: Delt " sidewalk superintendents " offer the architect unwanted suggestions on their new house. Below: House-conscious officers plan the house- warming party. Originally, it was to last for two weeks. Actives Norman Lee Anderson. Grand Island. ' 52; James Barker. Lincoln, ' 51; Alfred Lee Blackett. Omaha. ' 51; Harold John Breetzke. West Point, ' 50; William Hammond Cartmeli, Winter Park, Fla.. ' 50; Jerome Joseph Dosek, Lincoln, ' 50; Bertrand Ehrmann, Lincoln, ' 51; Paul Engler, Bassett. ' 51; Harold Hatch, Lincoln, ' SI; Richard Irwin, Lincoln. ' 52; Gardner Johnson, Siou« Falls, S. D., ' 51; William Kane. J ' .. Aberdeen. S. D., ' 50; Robert Keller. Altadena. Calif., SO: Richard Lander, Birmingham, Mich., ' 52; Frank Leary. Lincoln, ' Si; Donald Lenti. Beatrice, ' 50; Robert Loisel, West Point, ' 50: Neal McClymonds. Lincoln. ' 51; Charles McVay, Brookfield. Mo.. ' 51: Clark Mueller, Lincoln, ' 52; Philip Neff. Bridgeport. ' 51; Howard Pearson, St. Paul. Minn., ' 52; Henry Pedersen, Omaha. ' 51: Stanley Portsche. Lincoln. ' 50: Harley Richardson, Smithfield. ' 52: Richard Simonson. West Point, ' 51; Keith Skalla, Beatrice, ' 52; Willard Smith. Le lnqton. ' 52: Clarence Swanson. Columbus. Mo., ' 50: Charles Tremain, Beatrice. ' 51; Elmer Vandel, Mitchell, ' 51; Thomas Vandel, Mitchell. ' 50; Raymond Van .Norman. Bassett. ' 50: Donald Woods. Curtis, ' 52. Pledges William Adams, West Point. ' 53: Waldo Berg, Beatrice. ' 53 Donald Crook. Ainsworth, ' 53: Keith Fiene, Omaha, ' 53 Donald Gearke, Lincoln. ' 53; Donald Hamann. Lincoln,, ' 53 Harry Ha erly. Omaha. ' 53: Theodore Kalstrom, Ogallala, 52: William Keeney, Jr.. South Sioujt City, la., ' 52;; James Lubker, West Point, ' 53; Stanley Mallory. Mullen, ' 53; John William Mark. Jr.. Abilene, Kans.. ' 52; John Minnick. Lin- coln. ' 53; Kris Nelson. Central City, ' 53: Thomas Novak. Omaha. ' 50; Gene Paul Olson. Springview, ' 52; Allen Os- borne, Aberdeen. S. D., ' S3; Kay Patiti, Bassett, ' 53; James Rosenquist, Omaha, " 52; Herbert Sa ton, Lincoln, 53: Fredrcch Scott. Beatrice, ' 53: Wayne Speer. Lakeside. 53: Raymond Stover, Jr.. West Point, ' 53: Robert Tooley Columbus. ' 53: Peter Vestal, Lawton. Okla., ' 53: John Warren. Bea rice. ' 53. Pa ]« 3A9 Akionrfer Aftkvy AtmuiMn Bok«r Bryofit Burmeitt r D«niil Finttrom Horris H«nd«rion Hildvbrand Johnton, R. Johnton, S. K«ll«y Kokivr, C. Kokjar. T. Low McK«« Miller. K. Millffr. R. Million Mother Neill Newmon Noble Nuckolli O ' Brien Peterien O ' Bonnon Peterion Rodemocher RiHer Rothelt SoHer eld Schmidt Stehly Stewart Strosheim Sullivan Swanton Tolen Wait Wellt. R. Weill. W. Wettlinq Wilkini Wriqht 1 n 1 ri ri D f O « O ( f C r f! r r 1 f rs n n D 2 tf MUk. ii i •P k r% o. r r e ML i . !1A jtik DUs Rotchell, Lowe and Peterson admire ' ' ' ' classical literature in Cornshucb. Founded at Williams College, 1834 Established at University of Nebraska, 1898 Tau Delta Omicron Chapter Sixty-eight Chapters Blue and Gold Paqe 370 OnUta, lAp Uoiv GERALD L. HANSON President THOMAS KOKJER Vice President ROBERT L. HILDEBRAND Steward ROBERT MOSHER Secretary Gerald L. Hanson President Actives Kenneth Agnew, Sidney. ' 50; William Alexander. Holdrege. 52: Dean Arter. Lincoln, ' 50: Robert Askey. Lincoln. ' 50; Richard Asmussen. Norfolk, ' 51; Dick Baker, Holdrege, ' 52; Theodore Brift, North Platte, ' 52; Charles Burmeister, Wa- hoo. ' 52; Lindley Chrisfensen, Lincoln, ' 51; Donald Cooper, York, ' 50; Howard Dennis, Scottsbluff, ' 51; Donald Flnstrom, Kearney. 50; Donald Franklin, Omaha, ' 51; Gerald Hanson, York, ' 50; William Harris, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 50; Robert Hildebrand. York. ' 50; Robert E. Johnson. Omaha. 51; Harry Keep, Great Bend. Kans.. ' 51; Carter Kokjer. Sidney. Grad.; Thomas Kokjer. Sidney, ' 50: Kirk Lewis. Ord, ' 50; Robert Lyons, North Platte, ' 52: Derald May. Gothen- burg. ' 50; Kentner Miller, North Platte. ' 50: Richard Michalek. Scottsbluff. ' 51; Paul Minnick. Cambridge. ' 50; Robert Moodie. West Point. Grad.; Bill Moomey. York. ' 50; Robert Mosher. Lincoln, ' 51; Mark Meyer, York, ' 50; Rich- ard Noble. Lincoln. ' 50: Keith O Bannon, Scottsbluff, ' 50; Leo O ' Brien, Lincoln, ' 51: Lynn Odell, Lincoln, ' 51; Gordon Pauly. Lincoln, Grad.: Frederick Picard. Geneva. ' 50: Wilbur Preusse. Lincoln. ' 50; Roger Rltter. Kearney, 51; Richard Satterfield, Ord. SI; Carl Schmidt. Sidney, ' 52; Dick Skog, Fargo. N. D.. ' 51; Gale Stahl. Helena, Mont.. Grad. Richard Stehly. Elgin. ' 51; Charles Stewart. Lincoln, ' 50 James Sullivan, San Francisco. Calif., ' 51; George Supp Alhambra, Calif,, ' 52; Jerry Swanson, North Platte, ' 50 Leslie Swanson, Loup City. ' 50: Robert Waring, Geneva. ' 51 Robert Waite. Sidney. ' 50; Del Weigand Kearney, ' 50 William Wenk. Madison. S. D.. ' 50; Ralph Wells, Lincoln ' 50; William Wllklns, Geneva. Grad.; Norm Wilnes, Sidney, 52: John Whitesides. Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 52; Richard Wor rail. Wahoo. ' 52: Sidney Wright, Lincoln, ' 51. Pledges Dewayne Alexander. Holdrege, ' 53; Lawrence Blaser, Colum- bus, ' 53; Donald Bryant, Lincoln, ' S3: Thomas David, Goth- enburg, ' 53: Roger Henderson. Council Bluffs, la.. ' 53; Dewayne Ingram. Lexington. ' 53; Robert Johnson, Lincoln, ' 52: Stephen Johnson, Lincoln, ' S3: Newton Kelly, Omaha. 53; Jake Lowe. Omaha. ' 53: Robert McKee. Lexington. 53; Byron McLalrd. Lincoln. ' 53; Lewis Million, Sidney, ' S3; Roger Miller, Ord, ' 52: Donald Neil, Lincoln. ' 52: Donald Nelson. Lincoln. ' 53: Dale Newman. Newman Grove. ' 52: William Nucklos. Beatrice. ' 52: Dexter Peterson. Omaha. 52: Donald Peterson. Omaha. ' 53: Clinton Peterson. Hardy. ' 52; Paul Pflaster. Crete. ' 52; Kenneth Plith. Lincoln. ' 51; Frank Rademacher. York, ' 53; George Rothell, Tecumseh, 52: Ivan Slote, Lincoln, ' 53; Arnold Strashelm, Lincoln, ' 53; James Sullivan. San Francisco. Calif., ' SI; Thomas Tolen. Ord.. ' 53: James Wells. Lincoln, ' 53; Duke Westling, Omaha, 52: Robert Willey, Lincoln, ' 53. Above: Stable Stomp connes to a happy, hazy end- ing with only the clean-up crew begrudging the evening. Below: Jerry hianson passes cigarettes and the officers ' council gets underway. vi C r -V V i§ -w ««. Poge 371 Aftdcrion Boiter B«ck 8«clier Sroinord Chilvert Cornelius Crom OoMoude Dcwulf Ebcrhort Ebcripoch«r Foirley Flowcrday Francke French Gard. D. ord. R. Han$«n Hild Johnson Jonci Korqci Kerl Kruqer Lambert Lui McCobc Mciter mith NieKcn Popken Pumphrey Poncifi Prjfchord Rodin Rcev « Reynolds Robinton Sohi Sondy Sch«v« Schmidt Stowell Stub«r Swonton Jedllntky Vithmeycr Vrbko Wolth White Wllkens Witkinton Wilton WiHWr YouHor Dean Eber Hoi C O. (? ' , C i Ij r ' rs fi 3 ! C P " P ■r y i fttote . )d to the ' Far Founded at University of Missouri, 1905 Established at University of Nebraska, 191 Nine Chapters Green, White, and Gold Page 372 J ' WmL Kduasl Tr - ' u ' f i STAN LAMBERT President JOHN SAHS Business Manager WILLARD STOWELL Secretary DON SARD Treasurer Stan Lamber President Above: Farm House officers take to the stairs for an after-dinner smoker. Below: Intermission entertainment is something special at the fall party. At least everyone stayed ' Acfives Neal Ba»ter. St. Paul, ' 50; Robert Beck, Fremont, 51: Owen Brarnard, Lincoln, ' 50: Jerome Brim, Spalding, ' 50; Thomas Chilvers, Pierce, ' 50: Grant Cornelius, Madrid. ' 50; Rex Crom, Pawnee City. ' 52; Dean Da Moude. Aurora. ' 50; Jack De Wulf. Cedar Rapids, ' 50: Steve Eberhart, Bassett. ' 52; Charles Fairley, Fairbury. ' 50: Dale Flowerday. Seward, ' 50; Keith Fredorickson, Allen, ' 50: Merwyn French, Jr., Page, ' 50: Don Gard, Beaver Crossing, ' 50; Ralph Hansen, Calla- way. ' 52: Darrel Heiss. Page, ' 51: Eugene Heuermann. Phillips, ' 51: David Jones, Hastings. ' 52; Donald Kerl, Lin- coln. ' 50: Adrian Kuna, Ord, ' 52; Stanley Lambert, Ewing, ' 50: Ronald Lux. Lincoln. ' 51: Stanley Lux. Lincoln. ' 50: Darroll McCabe, Missouri Valley, la., ' 51; Rex Messe rsmith, Alliance, ' 52; Ivan Wayne Nlelson, Wavorly, ' 50: Donald Popken, West Poin;, ' 50: Gerard Pritchard. Spalding, ' 51; Paul Pumphrey, Lyman. ' 51; Dor, Reeves. Central City, ' 52: Roland Reynolds, St. Paul. ' 52; Eugene Robinson. Oshkosh, ' 52; John Sahs. Wayne. ' 50; Robert Scheve. Plymouth. ' 51; Wlllard Slowell, Ord. ' 50; Norman Swanson, Waverly, Utlca 52; Everett Wilklns, De Witt, Auburn. ' 51; Jack Wilson. Red Cloud, Eustis. ' 52. ' 51: Richard Walsh. 52; John Wilkinson. 51: Clayton Yeutter, Pledges Rolan Anderson. York. ' 53: Arthur Becker. Albion, ' 53; Dean Eberspacher. Seward, ' 51; Francke Gervase, Walton, ' 50; Ralph Hild. Plattsmouth. ' 52; George Johnson, Fairbury, ' 51; Gilbert Karges, Albion, ' 53; Paul Kruger, Ft. Calhoun, ' 53; Thomas Lambert, Ewing, ' 52: Kenneth Lux. Lincoln, ' 52; Marvin Paneitz, Fairbury, ' 53: Robert Radin. Vero Beach, Fla.. ' 52: Roger Sandy. York. ' 5J; Otto Schmidt, Gibbon, ' 53; Charles Stuber, Ravenna. ' 52: Glen Vlehmeyer, North Platte, ' 53: Linus Vrbka. Utica. ' 52; Robert Watson, West Point. ' 53: Wayne White, Auburn, ' 53; Delmar Wittier. Fairbury. ' 51. dv V-i lit Poqe 373 Adl« Anderson Armstrong Bochmann Bornhort Boher B«indor Bcrq, E- Berg. G. Bunjvr Burivy Byorth Comp Corlson Curtis Curttss Churchill Coder Dovis Occker Oeuchlvr Deuser Diers Dotv Duckworth Easterly Edniison Edwords Egan Ford Evons Gardner Gllliland Grosshans Hogge Heebner Hoffmeister Hornbocher Hughes. C. E. Hughes. C. Kelly Kepler Koch Krous Long Marks Mench Mctlnay Naob Neal Nordin O ' Brien Ohmon Otney OMe Perkins Pfeiffer Pfeiler Reichenbach Reid Reinsch Rice Rolicie Saylor Schaberg Schindel Schlias Shinn Shopp SImntont Stolker Stroud Sullivan Swondo Swonson Wagner Wehrmon Wallace Waters Wilcot Witscom Wlnkelmann Wyman Young, J. Young, K. O: O: r: f , i o 1 11. f. a a » 9 o V Y 1; -.... ' O Q (f!! . q Bob Evans plays Churchill as Kappa Sig officers confer. Note the cigar! LU.V. i. tf.r. Founded at University of Virginia, 1869 Established at University of Nebraska, 1897 Alpha Psi Chapter One Hnudred Eighteen Chapters Scarlet, White and Green Poqc 374 r J(app£L Sit J n JEROME DRULINER President ROBERT EVANS Vice President ROBERT CAMP Treasurer CLIFFORD KEPLER Secretary Jerome Drullner President Actives Virgil Adie, North Platte, ' 52; John Anderson, Lincoln, ' 50 David Armstrong. Omaha. ' 51; Henry Ayers. Broken Bow, 5I; William Baker, Saiina, Kans., ' 53; John Barnhart, Omaha ' 51; Eugene Berg, Omaha, ' 51; Edward Berg, Omaha, ' 52 John Burley, Lincoln, ' 50: Donald Byorth, Fremont, " 52 Robert Camp, West Point, ' 50; Elmer Carlson, Lincoln, ' 51 Roy Churchill, Lincoln, ' 50; George Coder, Wellfleet, ' 52 Alan Curtiss, Hyannis ' 52; August Deuchler. Falls City, ' 50 Charles Deuser, Omaha. ' 51; Robert Diers, Ulysses, ' 49 William Doty. Broken Bow, ' 52; Jerome Druliner. Benkelman ' 50; Lyie Edmison. Columbus. ' 50; Eugene Edwards, Benkel man, ' 50; Rodger Egan, Ashby, ' 53; Raymond Swanson Lincoln, ' 52; Donald Wagner, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Wallace Omaha, ' 50; Robert Waters, Scotia, ' 51; Robert Willoy, Lin coin, ' 49; George Wilco«. Lincoln, ' 52; Charles Wilscam Lincoln, ' 50; Winthrop Wyman, Ka nsas City, Mo.. ' 51 Keith Young, Lincoln, ' 50. Pledges Thomas Anderson. Grand Island. ' 51; Orville Bachman. Omaha. ' 53; Richard Belndorff, Lincoln. " 51; Van Bunger. Omaha. ' 52; William Cozier. Washington, D. C. ' 53; Guy Curtis. Imperial. ' 53; Jack Davis. Kearney. ' 53; Harry Decker. Ardmore. Pa., ' 53; Robert Duckorth. Omaha. ' 53: Thomas Grosshans, Central City. ' 51; Richard Ford, Fairbury. ' 53; Thomas Easterly. Sidney, ' 51; Kenneth Hagge. Ogallala. ' 51; James Kelley, Grand Island. ' 53; Ralph Koch. Wahoo. ' 51; Donald Marti. Lincoln. ' 53; Harold Menck. Grand Island, ' 51; Edward Mcllnay. Central City. ' 51; Frank Mnuk, Omaha. ' 53: Darrel Naab. Wood River. " 53; Robert Otte. Neligh, ' 53: William Relnch, Geneva, ' 51; John Rhode, Columbus ' 53: Richard Rice, Neligh, ' 53; Andrew Schizas, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Wehrman, Nelson, ' 53: Donald Wlnkelman, Im- perial. ' 53: John Young. Blair. ' 53. Above: Clang, clang! Kappa Sigs are down their fire pole and off to the rescue! Below: " Poochie " glares into the cannera as " Purtchy " tips his hat western style at the Kappa Siq barn dance. Poqe 375 Atlen Anderson, J. H. Anderson, J. T. Anderson. P. Bottey Blumer Bostwick Brcssmon Britfenhom Brownlee Capck Corvcth Chancy CoKon Curran Dcvries Dinsmore Duryco Dinsdale Edee Einunq EtmunH Fayman Fisher Grocf Gotcs Gilmore Gustafson Harley Heckenlively Henkle Hodder HoHi Hruby Hiqh Huston Johnson Keene Kinsey Lau Ledinghom Lyie McBride McConn McKcnzie McVicker Mostin Meissncr MockcH Morcheod Morgan Nccly Nelson Phelps, D. Phetps. B. Pickett, J. Pickett. R. Reiton Rifcnbark Roper Russell Shea Sommers Stewart Stryker Sturqes Theodosen Thode Wohl Weover Williams Woodruff Woodword « ,p o o, ' -1 r p C3i • r " (T n o o fl, e o n a dMk % Jl .- i All .is TS ( 1 J -- O f! _ , . O O O, ' ' • ' " " . " Phi Delts celebrate the end of rush week with a smoke ' - " ' -- " - -i ' . Founded at Miami University, 1848 Established at University of Nebraska, 1875 Alpha Chapter One Hundred Eight Chapters Blue and White Page 376 PJiL (DsdJtcL JhsdjcL L. EDWIN DONEGAN President ALLAN POTTER Vice President ALEXANDER HRUBY Secretary THOMAS SHEA Treasurer Edwin Donegan President Above: Phi Delt party boys congregate in the living room to await spring ' s first picnic. Below: Exciting Phi Delt officers, the campus " per- sonality men, " display contagious enthusiasm. Actives Jrh Anderson. Lincoln, ' 52; Paul Anderson, Lincoln. ' 52: Pau B u ef, Lincoln. ' 50: George Bostwick. North Plalte. 51: Charles Bressman, Morehead, la.. ' 51: William Browne. Lincoln. ' 50: Thomas Brownlee. Omaha, 50: John Cady. Sutherland. " 49; Dale Capek. Lincoln. ' 51; Robe. ' t Chaney. Falls City. ' 50: James Curran. Buenos Aires. Argentina. ' 51: Donald Devoe. Lincoln. ' 50; Howard Dinsdale. Palmer. ' 50; James Dinsmore. Omaha, ' SI; L. Edwin Donegan. Lincoln. 50; Riley Duryea. Dawson, ' 51; James Edee. Pawnee City. 51; Robe Einung, Wayne. ' 50: Donald Etmund. Lincoln. 51: Clarence Gates. Omaha. ' 51; David Graef Chicago. III.. ' 51; Thomas Harley. Lincoln, ' 51; William Henkle. Lin- coln. ' 51: John Heckenlively, Omaha, ' 52: Richard High, Bloomfald, ' 50: Robert Hcltz, Lincoln, ' 52: Alexander Hruby, North Platte. ' 51; Samuel Huston. Grand Island, ' 51; Palmer Johnson. Valley. 50; Peter Keene, Lincoln. ' 51; Wi liam Kinsey. Shubert. ' 50: Richard Lau. Lincoln, ' 52: James Lyie. Omaha. ' 51; Robert Mastin. Kearney, ' 52: Harry Meginnis. Lincoln. " 50; Richard Meissner. Omaha. ' 51: Frank Meyer. Lincoln. ' 51: Robert Mockett. Lincoln, ' 50: John Morehead. Falls City, ' 51; Kenneth Morehead. Falls City. ' 51: Joseph Morgan. York. ' 52; John McCann. Lincoln, ' 51: Donald McKay. Lincoln. " 50: Steven McKenzie, Hebron, ' 52: John McMahon. Falls City. ' 52: Sidney McVicker. Lincoln, ' 51 David Neely, Omaha, ' 50; Charles Nelson, Stromsburg, " 51 Richard Phelps. Lincoln. " 51; Robert Phelps. Lincoln. " 52 John Pickett. Lincoln. ' 50; Richard Pickett, Lincoln. ' 50; Allan PoHer. Ft. Dodge, la.. ' 49; John Reltar. Grand Island. " 50 Richard Russell. Lincoln " 50: Thomas Shea. Omaha. " 51 Donald Spomer. Lincoln. ' 50; Virgil Stebbins. Gothenburg 52: Raymond Stryker. Omaha. ' 52: William Stewart. Leiing ♦on. ' 51; William Sturges Le Mars. la.. ' 51: John Theodosen Siou Falls. S. D, " 50: Char ' es Toogood. North Platte. " 51 Joseph Williams, Miami. Okla.. " 50; James Woodward Lincoln. ' 51. Pled9es John H. Anderson. Omaha ' 53; Charles Battey, Lincoln. " 53; Dean Brittenham. Brady. 53; Steven Carveth, Lincoln. " 53: Keith Cclson. South Sioux City, ' 53: Donald Devries, Lin- coln. ' 53: Robert Fayman. Atchison, Kans., ' 53: Kenneth Fisher. Omaha. ' 53: Robert Gilmore Omaha, ' 53: Paul Gustafson, Gothenburg. ' 53: William Hodder. Lincoln. ' 53; Thomas Ledingham, Mitchell. " 53: James Munger. Lincoln ' 53; Robert McBrlde. Omaha. ' 53: Louis Roper. Lincoln. ' 53; Donald Secord, Lincoln. " 53: James Sommers. Lincoln, " 53: Irving Thcde. Loup City. ' 53; Donald Wahl. Omaha. " 52; W, -or Weaver. Lincoln, ' 53; Foster Woodruff. Lincoln. ' 53. Poqe 377 Addlton Bornord Bat i B «rlift« BitMr Bloom Brucr Brown Bryonl Cannon Coie Choycc Co f y Corniih Coup Divrkt Duii Eiscnhort Elw«ll Purtfr Flo Id Flotchor Gcsiner Goll Griffin Grots Gwynn Hancock Hondshy Henoq Hodder Holmquiit, H. Holmquist. W. tddinqs Jaop James Johnson Jon«s Korrer Kceblcr Knutzen Koupal Kuhl Lorsen Lorson. 0. Larson. W. Luhens Mallnt Matihe Merritt Meyers. L. McConnetl McCurdy McGeaehin McMichael Mercher Meyers Mohrmon Olson Poop Portridqe Piderit Rocely RoiH Renken Robertson Rosenquisf Russell Sehormonn Schlejqer. J. Schleiqer. R. Schroeder Skinner Smith Solomon Stephenson Swolm Wadlow Wamsley Weidner Yorwood Zohn 1 f . C f ' J ' dk fSi - O ' ?!!l f v c - ifv o, ? -r cv C ik 1 %k . it o -. ( :? , : ' 9 9 Bob Duis fingers food to Susie Tewell at the Phi SflTi ' ' - fdntflstir fall frolic. Founded at Washington and Jefferson University, 1848 Established at University of Nebraska, 1898 Lambda Nu Chapter Seventy-nine Chapters Royal Purple and White Poge 378 c .. - PkL ' amincL (DsdicL LEGE. SEE- Pr sideni - ■ - :r- - - - - _ E Treasurer GAYBfcRT SC-- : rT ER Sec eta-, JOHN . iR Conresponding Secre+ary Above: .c ' ve Ge ' e- i " o " ' ■■=•39= —s i ' -, S ' g; e ce ' r.c ,ecc«rriinQ betaTU, WJao wjins? " Tf e Bea ' ot ccyurse. Bdow: Pfil Gam o ' icers fie- - - sn for a Hell Weei tha ali w ' 31 enjoy — S- rr.s irtives. that is- 4 » s " Jir.f ' Aiirf ' -, We»-? e, 53- A se ' -. - I ' 5e • 33: " : C- 5a- ' 53- -CC- 53- GUor E i Lot A- Mst- . • W ' -a- va--- S2- . - S- SI: 3T» Andersen, J. Andcrtcn, L. Aitcll Ayer BilM9 Blonkenihip Brittin Campbell Connelly Crawford Davit Dlch Etver Eyth F«nton FroRi«n Fricke Geoly Hrndrickson Jockman Johnion Kirt:hbaum Kru e Kutko Lewis Milliken Mitko Myeri Noble. D. G Noble. D D. Oehrle Oldfother. A. Oldfother, C. Phipp Rcqier Reynolds. B. Reynolds. J. Reynolds. T. Savcq Schiermeyer Schneider SchulH. D. Schulfx. R. Sherwood Simpson Slephonscn Trifsch Von Decor Van Ness Wells Williams Yost Li ' • c ift Phi Psi " ; never budge from their porch chair -ter sets in or the Thetas ■ie for Christmas. Founded at University of Washington and Jefferson, 1852 Established at University of Nebraska, 1895 Alpha Chapter Fifty-three Chapters Red and Green Poqe 380 phL J(appjCL PaL WILLIAM W. MICKLE President ROBERT I. REIDY Vice President JOHN E. OLSSON Treasurer WILLIAM A. EYTH Secretary lident Above: Phi Psi officers gloat over their scrapbook of outstanding men. Below: Phi Psis celebrate In great style at their fannous South Sea Island party. Actives John E. Ayers. Lexington, ' 50; Kent Axtell, Beatrice, ' 52; Richard Blllig, Omaha, ' 52; James Blankenship. Lincoln. ' SI; Mark A. Boettcher. Columbus. SO; John W. Campbell. Omaha. ' Si; John C. Connelly, Omaha, ' 50; Bryce Craw- ford, Omaha, ' 50: Donn Davis, Lincoln, ' SI; Howard Esser, Napervilla, III.. ' SO; William Eyth. Beatrice. ' SO; Walter Gass, Seward. ' 51; Gordon Gealy, Gordon, ' 51; Bruce Hendrick- son. Holdrege. ' 52; Richard Hollander. Omaha, ' 51; Donald Hovondlck. Craig. ' 51; Richard Hovendick. Craig, ' 52; Herbert Jackman. Grant, ' 50; James Kirshbaum, Grand Island, ' 52: John Kruse. Omaha. ' 50; Richard Kuska. Omaha. ' 51; William MicHe. Nebraska City. ' SO; David Miller. Oma- ha, ' SO: Thomas Milliken, Fremont, ' 50; Charles Oehrle, Lin- coln, ' SO; Charles Oldfather, Kearney, ' SO; John Olsson, New ' Vork. N. Y.. ' 51; Congdon Paulson. Omaha, ' 51; Morton Por er. Nebraska City, ' 50; Richard Regler. San Luis Obispo, Calif.. ' 52; Jack Reynolds. North Platte, ' 51; Thomas Reynolds. Grand Island, 51: Robert RIedy. Naperville. III., ' SO; William Scot , Ashland, ' 52; Jerry Schiermeyer, Beatrice,, ' 52; Robert Schneider. Nebraska City, ' 50; Robert Schultz. Columbus. ' 52; Fredrick Simpson, Atlantic, la.. ' 50; Charles Smith, Fremont, ' 50; James Stephenson. Nebraska Ci:y, ' 52; Robert Tritsch. Plattsmouth. ' 51; Russell Watts, Lincoln, ' 50; Donald Williams, Rocky Ford, Colo.. ' 52; Hugh Williams. Omaha. ' 52. Pledges Jerry Andersen Grand Island. 53: Larry Andersen. Grand Island. ' 53; Robert Brittln. Lincoln. ' 53; John Dick. Fremont, ' 53; Robert Esser. Naperville, III., ' 51; Jerry Fenton. Lincoln. 53; Larry Franzen. Holdrege, ' 53; Robert Fricke. AsJiland, ' 53; John Johnson. Plattsmouth, ' 52: Louis Lehman, El Paso, Tex., ' 53; Edwin Lewis, Falls City, ' 53: William Misko. Lin- coln, ' 52; Robert Myers, Rapid City. S. D.. " 53; David Noble. Omaha. ' 53; Don Noble, Holdrege, ' 53; Alan Old- father. Kearney. 53; David Phlpps. Lincoln. ' 53; Robert Reynolds, Grand Island, ' 53; John Savage. Omaha. ' 53: Richard Schultz, Columbus. ' 53; Robert Sherwood. Orleans, ' 53; Richard an Decar. Scottsbluff, SI; Joseph Van Ness, Valparaiso, Ind., ' 53: Pat Wells, Omaha, ' 53; Larry Yost, Fremont. ' 53. Paqe 381 Allen Anderson Berigon Brown Coram Costello Oeiterinq Gardner Horniih Hilllt Hoffman, D. Hoflman. f. Horacek Johnion Klein Loerch McGowon Martin Matthews Moycock Nober. A. Nober. H. Nelson Norton O ' Ndll Pearce Sheets Sheffield Spoti Stewort Stollnski Venell Wornke Wiedmaler. L. Wiedmaicr. E. Christmas spirit reigns as Pi Kappa Phis battle with cards for some alft money. Founded at Charleston University, 1904 Established at University of Nebraska, 1915 Nu Chapter Forty-four Chapters Gold, White and Blue Paqe 382 Do nald H. Eckel President (pL JJjappcL fihL DONALD H. ECKEL President ROY F. HORACEK Treasurer JERRY E. DIKE Secretary Above: A song is skillfully murdered by the Pi Kappa Phi " golden-throated " nine. Below: The nnen decide that this fraternity section will outshine last year ' s because they are in it. Actives Len W. Allen. Lincoln, ' 50; Warren I. Anderson. Phiiiipt, ' 52; John Berigan. O ' Neil, ' 52: Bernard W. Costello, Omaha, ' 52; Kenneth O. Davies, Altron, Ohio, ' 52; Duane J. Daitering, Richmond. Calif, ' 52; Jerry E. O. Dike. McCook, ' 52: Donald Eckel, Beatrice. ' 52: John Harnish, Omaha, ' 52; Donald E. Hoffman, Omaha. ' 52; Roy F. Horacek, David City. ' 50; Patrick T. McGowan, Columbus, ' 52: John V. Matthews. Aurora, ' 52; Albert J. Naber, York, ' 52; Herbert F. Naber, York, ' 52; Eugene R. Norton, Elgin, ' 52; Hugh J. O ' Neill, Chicago, III., ' 51: Andrew T. Sheets. Edinboro, Pa., ' 52; George F. Spatz, Seward ' 52: Curtis Venell, Schickley, " 52. Pledget Gerald R. Brown, Norfolk, ' 53; Leonard Cargeill, St. Paul, 52; John W. Detgan, Davey, ' 52; Dwane Gardner. Max, ' 52; Herbert Giffen, Lincoln, ' 53; James Hillis, Lincoln, ' 52; Frank C. Hoffman, Omaha, ' 53: Charles J. Johnson, Omaha, ' 52: Donley Klein, Omaha, ' 50; Wallaco W. Loerch, Tekamah, ' 53: Richard E. Martin. Foley, Ala., " 50; Elwyn F. Maycock, Omaha. ' 52; Thorwald L. Nelson. Omaha. ' 53; William Ordman, Grand Island, ' 52; Richard Pearce, Lincoln. ' 53; Charles W. Sheffield. Ogalalla, ' 52; John R. Stalinski, Omaha. ' 52; Donald Steward, Alliance, Ohio. ' 53; Donald R. Warnke, Sterling, ' 53; Alfred E. Wiedmaier. Falls City, ' 52: Lawrence Wiedmaier, Jr., Falls City, ' 52. Paqe 383 Augustln Bornason Benda Burqc-w Campbell Cornaby Carter Coi ElUr Fry Gats Good Green Hole Honisch Hannon Hoyden Johnson Keller Kubit chek Leach Leb ock Long Myers McCune Oslufld Pedersen Perry Peterson Rosmussvn. N. F. Rosmussen, N. D. Rickly Roeder Worrentien Word Yaley Slaves let " T. J. " Carnaby out to invesii- aate camous crimes in the Kosmet Klub hew. 13 mR TJ 1 Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 Established at University ot Nebraska, 1893 Lambda Pi Chapter One Hundred Twenty-four Chapters Royal Purple and Old Gold Paqc 384 SLqmjcL dlpkcL pAiLoK, RODNEY LINDWALL President CY JOHNSON Vice President JOHN MILLS Treasurer BILL DUGAN Secretary Rodney Llndwall President Actives Mendell Archerd, Lincoln, ' 52; Don Augustine. Kenesaw, ' 50; Max Baehr, Long Beach, Calif., ' 52; Duane Barnesen, Red Cloud, 52; Ray Beachly, Lincoln, ' 51; Bruce Berquist, Lin- coln, ' 50; Bill Berquist, Lexington, ' 52; Don Bock, Storm Lake, la.. ' 51; Larry Bourn, Lexington, ' 52; Warren Burgess, O ' Neill, SO: Bob Burhans. Omaha. ' 50; Jack Burris. Omaha, ' 51; Jack Campbell, Lincoln. ' 50; Harris Carnaby. Omaha, ' 51; Carroll Carter, Blair, ' 50; Henry Cech. Berwyn. III.. ' 50; Jim Cox. Sutherland, ' 52; Ben Creed. Hinsdale. III.. ' 50; Doug Dudley, Norfolk. ' Si; George Dudley, Norfolk, ' 50; Bill Dugan. Glenridge. N. J.. ' 51; Charles Dugan, Glenridge, N. J. 50: Don DuTeau. Lincoln. ' 50; Don Eicher, Lincoln, ' 52; Lynn Eller, Stratton, ' 50; Bruce Evans. Lincoln, ' 52; Jerry Evans, Lincoln, ' 52; Herb Frandsen, Omaha. ' 50; Charles Frye. Beatrice. ' 51; Joe Gifford, Lincoln. ' 52; Jack Green. Indianola. ' 50: Dave Griggs. Scottsbluff. ' 51: Phil Grimm, Wyomissing. Pa.. ' 50; Ted Gunderson. Lincoln. ' 50: Russ Hale. Hardy. ' 50: Val Hammond. Nebraska City. ' 52: Dick Hanisch, St. Paul. ' 50: Jack Hayden, Falls City. ' 51; Eames Irvin, North Platte. ' 50: Bob Jensen. Fremont ' 50: Cy John- son, Ainsworth. ' 50: Jerry Jouveneut. Lincoln, ' 52; Bill Kimball. Lincoln. ' 50: Wayne Kingery, Lincoln, ' 50; Dick Kinsey. Falls City. ' 53; Frank Kinsey, Omaha, ' 50; Cozier Kline. Lincoln. ' 51: Art Leavitt. Lynn. Mass.. ' 51; Bill Leroy. Scottsbluff. ' 50; Rod Lindwall. Omaha. ' 50; Bob Norfolk, ' 50: Tom Ludwick, Lincoln, ' 51; Clarence . Valentine. ' 51; Fred Mesmer. North Platte. ' 52; John Osceola. ' 51; Charles Moschel, Lincoln. ' 50: Bob ' 51; Phil Myers, Nelson, ' 48; Richard ' 52; Bill Nash, Sioux City. la.. ' 50; Don Nauman. Beatrice. ' 50; Bob Nedrow. Hartington. ' 50: Bill Norton, Osceola, ' 51; Jim Norton, Osceola, ' 51: Bob Packard. Lincoln. ' 51; Dave Peatrosky, Omaha, ' 51; Gordon Pederson. Omaha, ' 52; Bruce Perrine. Kansas City. Mo.. ' 52: Jack Phillips. Lincoln, ' 52: Sanford Porter, Omaha, ' 50; Warren Rasmussen. Central City, ' 52; Roger Runlon, Lincoln, ' 52; Bob Scoville. Hartington. ' 52: Jack Scoville, Hart- ington. ' 52; Bob Seacrest. Lincoln. ' 52; Eldon Seyler, Colum- bus, ' 52: Burt Sistek, Omaha, ' 51; Dick Short. Omaha. ' 51; Stan Sheet. Superior. ' 51; Dale Stark. Lincoln. ' 52: Dean Tait. Milbank. S. D.. ' SO; Neal Weddle. Falls City. ' 52: Karl Wellensiek, Grand IsJand, ' 52: Jack Wellinger, Kansas City. Mo., ' 51; Jim Winter. Hot Springs. S. D.. ' 52. Long. Mille Mills, Munger. Lincoln. Myers. Alliance, Pledges Ed Baker. Omaha. ' 53: Jim Bastian. Omaha. ' 53; John Benda. Winner. S. D., ' 53; Jim Buchanan, Fort Wayne. Ind.. ' 52: Jerry Desmond. Lincoln. ' 53; Jerry Gass. Red Cloud. ' 53: Joe Good. Lincoln, ' 53; Tom Hannon, Omaha, ' 53; Lee Keller. Council Bluffs, la., ' 53: Bob Kubltschek. Lin- coln, 53; John Leach. Omaha. ' 53; Gus Lebsock. Lincoln, ' 53: Bob McCune. Council Bluffs, la.. ' 53; Bill Meyer. Ban- croft. ' 53; John Meyers. Nelson. ' 52; Dick Oslund. Lincoln, 53: Ed Perry. Lincoln. 53: Erv Peterson. Lincoln, ' 53; Noel Rasmussen. Omaha. ' 53; Norman Rasmussen. Central City, ' 53; Bill Rickly. San Diego. Calif. ' 53: Ron R o e d e r, Omaha, ' 53; Bill Shainholtz, Omaha. ' 53; Bud Ward. Plain- field, Ind., ' 52; Paul Workentlen. Huntington. Ind.. ' 52; Roy " " ' alsy, Gering, ' 53. Above: After ousting from their block all Sig Alphs who brought dates, the brothers enjoy the game. Below: Sig Alph officers laugh off the nasty pledge rumor going around that they never speak lo anyone. ■Pf ' ' ■M ' C A V • Poqe 38S Abramfon Alberts B«r9oflen Buth. L. Bulh. R. Epifien, A. Epst in, I. For mo 11 Holpor Hoykin Hormtein Kohll Lerner Levy Moqid Millmon Moskoviti Newmon. A. Newman. M. Pochman Poloch Polosh Rosenberg Socks Shyken Snyder Swedelson Thormon Veto Wassermon Wohlner Zveitel Party! Party! F I except Don Veta. Did oj ea: a green appie, Don? Founded at New York City College, 1909 Established at University of Nebraska, 1926 Sigma Omicron Chapter Fifty-nine Chapters Purple and White Poqe 386 SiqmjOL alpha, Wjul LEE HARRIS President DONALD STERN Treasurer BERNARD MAGID Secretary President Above: Bob Bush tells other officers how he won the big trophy in the corner. Another fish story, Bob? Below: " I ' nn so tired, 1 couldn ' t even play marbles, " Bernie Magid says as he refuses some bowling with brothers Stern and Harris. Active? Harold Abramson. Omaha, " SO; Charles Bergoffen. New York N. Y., SO: Leonard Bush, Omaha, ' S2: Robert Bush. Omaha. ' 50: Jack Forman. St. Joseph. Mo.. ' 50: Paul Gaiter. Lincoln. ' 51; Jordan Halper. Brooklyn, N. Y., ' 51: Lee Harris, Omaha, ' 50: Marvin Hornstein, Omaha, ' 51; Sanford Lerner, Kansas City, Mo.. ' 50: Sanford Levy. " 52, Lincoln: Bernard Magid, Omaha, ' 51; Jack Morritt. Omaha. ' 50: Maurice Millmen. Van Nuys. Calif.. ' 50: Meyer Moskovitz, Omaha. ' 50: Forrest Mozer. Lincoln, ' 51: Leonard Pachman. Lincoln. ' 51; Joseph Polack. Omaha, ' 51; Kenneth Sacks, Council Blufts, la.. 51: Herman Shyken. Omaha. 51: Jack Solomon, Omaha. ' 50: Donald Stern, Omaha. SO; Jack Thorman. New York. N. Y., Irving Veitzer. Omaha. ' SO; Larry Veta, Cheyenne, Wyo., " 50. Pledges Phillip Alberts. Omaha, ' 53: Arthur Epstein. Omaha. ' 53: Ira Epstein. Omaha, ' 53; Marvin Kohll. Omaha. ' 52: Ma Miller. Lincoln, ' 53: Leonard Mozer, Lincoln. ' 52; Allan New- man. Omaha, ' 52: Marvin Newman. Omaha. ' 52: Merle Potash. Omaha. ' 53: Judson Rochman, Omaha. 53: Silbef Rosenberg. Chicago. III.. ' 52; Jack Swedlson. Sioui Falls S. D.. ' 53: Jerry Snyder. Cheyenne. Wyo.. 53: Donald Veta. Cheyenne. Wyo.. ' 51: Jerome Wasserman. Omaha. ' 52- Eugene Wnr:,-»f 0■ •» ' « S ' ' - M Ir y Zveitel. Grand Island 53. Poqe 387 Anderson, D. Anderson, V. Bohmont Bowhoy Christensen Collin9 Cook Cyrtiss Dowson Dunning Engel Espeqren Foqerfy Holl Holder Helmet Hunter Jensen KohH Lanspo Leonard Lilly Lonq Linch Maiwell Morrow, T, Morrow. W. Mueller Mullen O ' Shea Poulos Schofer Schneider Seoton Shumwoy Smifh Thomas, J. Thomos, W Tiller Vestal Whitehead WA •-• ' " ' Cs O f tJ i wl Just what could be a nicer ending for the Sigma Chi Halloween party? BPBfcji - V Founded at Miami University, 1855 Established at University of Nebraska, 1883 Alpha Epsilon Chapter One Hundred Eighteen Chapters Blue and Old Gold Paqe 38 Si cpn C MARLIN DEAN KILLION President GERALD DEITH HALL Vice President ROCKNE HOLMES Secretary ROBERT SHUMWAY Treasurer Marlin D. Killion President Above: After a successful rush week, Sigma Ctii officers discuss the necessity of raising house bills. Below: Wes Kohtz teaches Tom Donahoe and Bob Wenke a few card tricks from the old days of law- ful gambling. Actives Dale N. Anderson, Atlantic, la.. ' SO: John B. Anderson, Oma ha, " 50: Vayden R. Anderson. Stromsburg. 50: Clifton E. Baker. Superior, ' 52: Jannes A. Batson. Waterloo, la., ' 49; Darrel Brandenburg, Liberty, Ind., ' 51: Bruce Campbell. Lincoln, ' 50: Jack Christensen, Stromsburg, ' 50: Richard J. Cook, Des Moines, la.. ' 50: Robert C. Dawson. Lincoln, " 52; Thomas Donohoe. Scottsbluff, ' 51: David B. Downing. Superior. ' 51; James C. Downey, Scottsbluff, ' 52; David B. Engel, Lincoln, ' 52: Robert Espergren, Omaha. ' 52: Gerald Ferguson. Scottsbluff, ' 51; Fred Golan, Chicago, III.. ' 50: Gerald K. Hall. Lincoln, ' 51; Robert Holder. Imperial, ' 51; Rockne Holmes. Canon City, Colo.. ' 50: Edward W. Hornby. Lincoln, ' 52: Dale Ingwerson, Lodgcpole, ' 49; Marlin D. Killion, Fairfield, ' 50: Wesley Kohtz, Scottsbluff, ' 51; Russell D. Kugler, Culbertson, ' 51; Myron Lanspa. David City, ' 50; John R. Lilly, Lincoln. ' 50; Paul S. McKio. Red Oak. la.. ' 51; Thomas Morrow, Al- liance, ' 50; William Morrow, Alliance. ' 51; William P. Mueller, Omaha, ' 50: Ted O ' Shea, Lincoln, ' 51; Fred Pflug, Lincoln, ' 50: John S. Poulos, Lincoln. ' 52; Stephen Reed. Deshler. ' 50: Sterling Seaton. Hemingford, ' 51; Donald Schneider, Norton, Kans., ' 51; Robert V. Shumway, Lyons, ' 50: Dwight E. Smith, Falls City, ' 52: Richard L. Spangler. Jr., Lincoln. ' 52; Donald Stacy, Omaha. ' 51; Jack Terry, Glenellyn. III., Grad.; Stanley Thelander. Stromsburg. SO: James Edward Thomas. Lincoln, ' 52: Kent L. Tiller, Alliance. ' 50: James A. Van Burgh, Minneapolis, Minn., ' 50: Donald J. Walker, Alliance. ' 50: Milton E. Whitehead, Scottsbluff, ' 50. Pledges James Abernathy. Scottsbluff, ' 53: Robert Barchus. Scotts- bluff. ' 53; Donald Bohmont. Lincoln, ' 53; Gene Bruening, Hartington. ' 52: Jerry Calling, Wilsonville, ' 53; Ted Con- nor, Hastings. ' 53: Richard Cordell, Lincoln. ' 52; Richard Crabtree, Hastings. ' 53; Charles Curtis. Geneva. ' 52; John Dean, Hastings, ' 52; Lawrence Dunning, Imperial. ' 53; Jack Fogerty, Lincoln, ' 53: William Hunter, Omaha. ' 51; Allen Jensen. Fremont. ' 53; Warren Jensen, Cozad. ' 51; Benjamin Leonard. Imperial. ' 53; Warren Long, Lincoln, ' 53; Michael Lynch, Big Springs. ' 53; John W. Maher, Devils Lake. N. D., ' 51; Neal Prince, Scottsbluff, ' 53: Harold Roselius, Alliance. ' 51: Eldon Schafer, McCook, ' 53; Charles Stickels, Hastings. ' 53; Richard Tavls, Lincoln, ' 53: Gerald Thorne. Hastings, ' 53; Man Vestel, Lawton, Okla.. ' 52; James Waring, Stanton. ' 51; James Worden. Alliance. ' 52. Poqe 389 Ackcrmon Aitmon Ax tell Bobcoch. D. Bobcock. G. Botchclder B«nninqton Bett Bowcn Bradn«y Brown Bunten Butl r Corothvr Carpenter Coffmon Colqan Collini Comerford Croiq, F. Craig, J. Day Dinklaqr Douqios) Donnuck Dutton Ouibury Enqdohl, H. Enqdahl, S. Fletch«r Fr «d Ga«t»i G«l»«rt Gilmorc Goodrich Gurnett Hansen Harper Harris Hays Heerman Herbit Hooper Horton HuHon Ishom Johnson Jussel K elly Lanoenheim a, 1 , 3 o n k K u . r M ,j lUH Munson . BI H B H I H AT H HBBIBw Mn B i ' jt Nevin Paustian PeHijohn. M. Pettijohn. R. Pickering Podhaisky Pollock Pond Ponder Preston Rouch Rouh Recht Roeser Rogers Russel Somuelson Saults Schneider Schumocher Shepord Smoha Smith Sorensen Srb Stuckey Tbies Troum Trout Turner Von Hotten Woqner Worren Weyenberg Wible Wills Wilson ft " o : r :?. O r . O. 9 ' !?i a ,r f o. Sigmu Nus uphold their party-loving repu- tation with a big get-together at their house. Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Established at University of Nebraska, 1909 Delta Eta Chapter One Hnudred Three Chapters Black, White and Gold Paqe 390 WILLIAM B. BATES President REX E. PETTIJOHN Vice President WILLIAM H. BOWEN Treasurer GERALD L. WARREN Secretary William B. Bates President Actives Ed ' flfd Ackerman. Lincoln. S2; Lyie Ai ' man, Saina, Kons.. 52; Don Bacbcock. Lincoln. ' 50; Dean Batchelder. Chey- enne. Wyo.. 50; William Bates, Lenington. ' 50: Rober Bennington CHappell. " 51: William Bowen. Lexington, ' 50; William Bradney, Cheyenne, Wyo., ' 50; Joseph Brown, Lincoln, ' 51; William Bunten. Cheyenne. Wyo.. ' 52: Charles Carothers. Broken Bow, ' 50: Harry Carpenter, Sioux City, la.. ' 51; John Clow, Omaha. ' 50; James Coff- man. Torrington. Wyo., ' 50; Gilbert Colgan, McCoolt, ' 50; Earl ComerFord. Lincoln, ' 50; Friti Craig, Lincoln, ' 51; Archie Dlllman, Lincoln. ' 50: Donald Dutton. Lincoln, ' 51; Richard Duibury Lincoln. ' 52: Herbert Engdahl, Omaha, 51: Howard Fletcher, McCook, ' 51; Percy Freed. Lincoln, 50: Loren Gaeth. Fremont. ' 52: Philip Gilmore. Omaha, 50: Jack Hanson. Dodge, ' 51; Harry Harris, Falrbury. ' 50; Ted Harvey Lexington, ' 50; Byron Hays. Kansas City. Mo., 50; Gene Hinde, Salina, Kans.. ' 51: Robert Hinde. Sallna, Kans.. ' 50; Byron Hooper, St. Louis, Mo., ' 50: Lynn Hutton. Norfolk. ' 51; Robert Isham, Chadron, ' 50; Loren Johnson, Oakland, ' 52: James Kaasch, Scottsbluff. ' 50; Eugene Kelly, Lincoln. SO; Gaylon King. Crawford, ' 50: William Koehn. Lincoln. ' 50; Frederick Langenheim. Lincoln. ' 50; Donald McClanahan. Scottsbluff. ' 51; James McGInnls, Wisner, ' 51; Loren Miller, Los Angeles, Calif.. ' 50: Homer Munson. Arlington. Va., ' 52; Charles Newell Omaha, ' 50: John Paustian. Sioux City. la.. ' 50: Harry Peery. Lincoln, Grad.: Max Pettljohn. Spalding. ' 52: Rex Pettijohn. Spald- ing. ' 50; Thomas Podhaisky Alliance. ' 52: James Pollock. Stanton. ' 50; Richard Pond. Lyons. ' 50; Don Rauh. Salina, Kans.. ' 52: Robert Rogers. Sioux City, la., ' 51: Charles Roper, Crawford, ' 50: Robert Russel, Salina, Kans., ' 51; Joseph Saults, Gordon. ' 50; Dale Samuelson. Omaha. ' 52; Ronald Samuelson, Franklin. ' 52: Earl Schneider, Snyder, ' 51; John Schumacher, Lincoln, 52: Donald Shepard, Omaha. ' 51; Richard Smith. Omaha. ' 52: Frank Sorenson, Omaha. ' 52: Richard Srb, Lincoln. ' 50: Richard Svoboda Lincoln. Grad.: Barry Thles. Scottsbluff. ' 51; Chalmer Trout. Scottsbluff. ' 50: George Turner. Lincoln. ' 52: Elliot Wagner. Gothenburg, 51; James Walrath. Gerlng. ' 50: Gerald Warren. St. Edward, ' 52; Donald Weyenberg, Glenvll. ' 51; Robert Wlble. Lincoln, ' SO: John Wilson, Glenwood, la.. ' 52: John Young. Lincoln ' 50; Philip Young, Oakland 51. Pledges Richard Axtell, Beatrice. ' 53; George Babcock, Chadron, 53; Billy Best. Longmont, Colo.. ' 53; Ronald Butler. Lin. coin. ' 53; Harry Collins. Grand Island. ' 53: John Craig. Minden. ' 52; L. B. Day. Lincoln. ' 53; Herman Dinklage, Wisner, ' S3; William Douglass. Lincoln, ' 53; Richard Dunnuck. Normal. III., ' 53; Engdahl Stewart. Omaha, ' 53; Richard Geisert. Ogallala. ' S3; Hlle Goodrich, Crawford ' 53; Karl Harper, Lincoln, ' 53: Hugo Heermann, Stanton, ' 52; Howard Herbst. Cheyenne. Wyo.. 53; Marvin Horton. Salem. ' 53; Alfred Jussel, Wauneta, ' 50: James Lewis, Lincoln ' 53; William Maie, Brainerd, Minn.. ' 51; Homer Molyneaux. Broken Bow. 53: Donald Morgan. Omaha, ' 53; Francis Nagle. West Lynn. Mass.. ' 51; Bernard Nevln Lincoln. ' 53: Doane Pickering, Lincoln, ' 53; James Ponder Gering. ' 53: James Preston. Falrbury. ' 53: Frederick Rauch. Grand Island. ' 53: Thomas Recht. Edgar. ' 53: Robert Roeser. Ogallala ' 52: Robert Smaha. Grand Island. ' 53; David Stuckey, Lexington, ' 51; Clarence Traum. Merrill, la.. ' 53: Hukh Van Hattan. Lincoln, ' 53; Edward Wills, Scot+sbluff, ' 53. Above: Sigma Nu hospitality overwhelms a guest at the Christmas party as hosts help him off with his shoes. Below: Officers cooperate with the photographer and look intelligent and busy. Poqe 391 Aleiander Anderson Andreicn, J. A ndres«n. K. Angle Armstrong Aitell Bartunek Finke FitI Fronklin Freeman Goeblcr Gauger Honvcn, A. Hansen, A. Hopkins Hruby Huff Hupfer Hurlbert Jomeson Jermon Keenon KoHnek Kosfol Louber Lowson LewU LiggeH Lotsel Luther McMoster Myers. D. Myers. H. Petersen Powley Russell. J. Russell. W. Skochdopole Snowdon. C. Snowdon, D. Stratton Svando Teller Thfboult Thomas Thompson Walsh. J. Walsh. L. Wickenkamp Wielond Wells file mend Brooker Brower Byers Copsey _. - W -— V - " ' Carter Cochran Cole Cosond Cossairt Darst Davis Diers, O. Diers. R. Dussell Farris i ' V ' ! . ( 1 (f , i o. Q . Impressive Sig Ep officers pose with studied nonc halance. Founded at Richmond, Virginia, 1901 Established at University of Nebraska, 1911 Alpha Chapter Ninety-nine Chapters Purple and Red Poqe 392 " S «s • SiqmjoL (phL pAjilon, LI RUSSELL LAIRD President THOMAS BROWER Vice President DONALD COCHRAN Secretary DONALD DARST Treasurer Russell Laird President AeJives Leiand Alexander. Plalnvlew, ' 52; Bill Anderson, Ord. ' 52; John Andresen, Plalnvlew. ' SO; Keith Andresen. Plain- view. ' 52; Dale Armstrong. St. Paul, ' 50; Robert Antell. Sidney, la.. ' 50; Edward Bertunek. Lincoln. ' 51: Alan Bayley. Lincoln. ' 52; Barclay Bayley, Lincoln. ' 51; Raynnond Biemond. Ord, ' SO; Kenneth Booker, Atlanta. Ga.. ' 51: John Brower. Fullerton. ' 52; Thonnas Brower, Fullerton, " 50; Dwight Byers. Kennard. ' 51; Keith Cosairt, Tecumseh. ' 50: Edward OaT er, Lincon. ' 51; Donald Cochran. Columbus, ' 50; Wendell Cole. Weeping Water. ' 52 ; Marion Cosand. Lyman. ' 50; Donald Darst. Ashland. ' SO; Dewey Davis. Grand Island. ' 50; Robert Diers. West Point. ' 52; Bud Dussell. Columbus. 52: Marvin Franklin. Wallace. ' 51; Doug Freeman, Neligh, ' 50: Walter Gaebler, Wlnside, ' 50; Wendell Gauger, Madrid, ' 51; Loyal Hurlbert, Ord. ' 50: Lewis Kllnk. York. ' 50; Robert Krumwelde, Tuscon. Ariz.. 52; Donald Korinek. Dwight. ' 51 Russell Laird. Des Moines, la.. ' 50: Edward Lawson. Geonoa, ' 50; James Liggett. Lincoln. ' 50; Thomas Loisel, West Point. ' SO; Clyde Luther, Hooper. SI; Robert McMaster. Lincoln. ' 50: William Mook. Lincoln. ' SO; Dave Myers, Weeping Water. ' SO; Harold Myers. Weeping Water. 52; John Ogden. Fairmont. SO: Harlan Powley. Pender. ' SO; William Russell. Fullerton. ' 51; Robert Skochdopole. Ravenna. ' 51: Curtis Snowden. Niobrara, ' 52: Patrick Thomas. Omaha. ' SO: Charles Thomsen. North Platte, ' 50; Larry Walsh. Ponca. 51; Hank Wasik. Canton, Ohio. ' SO; Edward Wells. Madi- son. ' SI; Wayne Wickenkamp, Dorchester. ' SO. Pledges Edward Angle. Lincoln. ' 53; Ronald Clark. Ravenna, ' 52: Donald Christensen, Pender. ' S3; Clayton Curtis, Laurel. 53: Orville Diers, West Point. ' 53: Arlle Dicknite. West Point. ' 53: Tom Dorwart, Lexington. ' 52: James Ferrlss. Omaha. ' S3: Dick Flnke, Scottsbluff. ' S3; James FitI, Omaha, ' 53: Allan Hansen, Nehawka, ' 53: Arthur Hansen, Nehawka. ' 53: Donald Hopkins. Omaha. ' S3: Charles Hruby. Wahoo. 53; Dan Huff. Ord. 53; William Hupfer. North Platte. 53; Joe Jerman, West Point. Platte, ' SI; Joe King, North Ravenna. ' 52: Wendell Lauber. Omaha. ' S3; Glen Pecha. Omaha. ' 53: Fred Petersen. North Platte. ' 53: Edward Seivers. Scottsbluff, 53: Lewis Stukrath. Plalnvlew. ' 53; Ivan Stratton, West Point. ' 52; Robert Svanda. Ravenna. ' 53: Barry Thompson. Oshkosh. ' 52: Clark Welland, Mason City Cloud, ' 52. ' S3: James Keenan. North Platte, ' 51; James Kostal. Geneva. ' 53: Marty Lewis. Gale Teller. Lincoln. Hyle Thibolt, Pender. ' 53: Wayne Whitaker. ' 52: ' 53; Red Above: Keith Andresen inspires Sig Ep brothers with a " good " story. Below: Handsome Sig Ep men all try to crowd in the picture. Most succeeded! Poqe 393 Anderson Andreas Andrews Arrocha Bahdc Bender Conoday Decrson Dcines Ewing Fisher Freeman George Gillen Hammon ' 3, G. Hammang, J. Hawtey Henhens Herfik Jenkins Jensen Johnson, 0. Jol.nson, R. Luedtke Monsfield McDole McElroy Metrakos Meyer Miller Mooncy Morehead Moseman Noble Novak Ochsner Porchen Plummcr ReJs Sherwood Snyder Soder Spots Steele Stevens Stockholm Swanson Tilley Thomas Tracy Var.voorhls Villors Wolther Whitmer Widmaler Wilson ' Gef i ar i.lamt c- . Ti IM S -; . , — ' .. ' D f " . Ok ft A ' . jf M 6 • 1 f M ' JHi Hit •» ) miss lunch, " call-boy Kich Anderson warns. Founded at Illinois Wesleyan, 1899 Established at University of Nebraska, 1925 Phi Chapter Seventy-three Chapters Cherry and Grey Poqc 394 ( J OIL JiappjCL pAiloiL CHRISTY V. LIND President ROBERT METRAKOS Vice President DALE SPATZ Secretary HOWARD THOMAS Treasurer Christy V. Lind President Above: With ventilated costunnes, the TKEs wow the audience at the Kosmet Klub show. Below: Christy Lind outlines the individual duties to each of the TKE officers. Actives Thomas C. Andreas. Lincoln, ' 50; Fred G. Bender. Sutton. 50; Delmar Deerson, Fremont, ' 50; Jorry Ewing, Nebrasica City, ' 51; John Fisher, Paradise Park. Santa Cruz. Calif.. ' 52; Don Gillen, Lincoln, ' 51; Jerome Hammang, Fremont, ' 52; Roy Hawley. Dakota City, ' 52; Kenneth Henlcens. Fremont, 52; Adrian Hertil, New York, N. Y., ' 52; John Jenkins. Omaha. SO: Charles Jensen. Scotia, ' 50; Dale Johnson. Has- tings, ' 52: Christy Lind. North Plar+e. ' 50; Roy Mansfield. Malvern, la.. ' 50; Herbert McDole. Glenwood, la., ' 52: Robert Metrakos, Lincoln. Grad.; George Meyer. Lincoln, 50; Jack Mettlen, Gurley, ' 52; Richard Miller, Kenesaw, 50; Keith Moseman. Lincoln, " 51; Fred Novae, Rowells. ' 52; James Ochsner. Bozeman. Mont., ' 52; Roy Parchen, Lin- coln. ' 50; Marion Reis, Glenwood, la., ' 52; Dean Soder. Ceresco. ' 51; Dale Spatz. Lincoln, ' 50; Edgar Steele, Falls City. ' 50: Ronald Sterkel, Lincoln, ' 52; Donald S ockholm, Niobrara. ' 50; Howard Thomas. Jr., Bellevue. ' 50; Myron Tracy, Mitchell, ' 52: Charles Widmaier. Hastings, ' 52; William Wright. Creighton. ' 50. Pledges R.chard Anderson, Mead. ' 53; John Andrews. Norfolk. ' 51: Irv Bahde. Jr.. Fremont, ' 51; Ralph Canaday, Hastings, ' 53: Henry Deines, Sidney, ' 53; Leiand George, South Sioui City, 53; Gerald Hammang, Fremont, ' 53; Norman Luedtke. Omaha. ' 52; Floyd Morehead, Omaha, ' 52; James McElroy Grand Island, ' 52; William Mooney, Omaha. 53; Clark Noble, Omaha, ' 53; Richard Plummer, Council Bluffs, la., 53: William Sherwood, 0«ford, ' 52; Thompson Snyder. Omaha, ' 53; Everett Stevens, Fremont, ' 52; Swen Swanson, West Hartford, Conn,, ' 51; Al Tilley, Hastings, ' 51; Robert Van Voorhls. Chadron, ' 52; Bruce Villars, Tecumseh. ' 52; Nile Walther. Jr.. Fremont. ' 51; Roger Whitmer. Lincoln ' 53- Terry Wilson. Sioux City, la., ' 53. Poqe 39S Armbrust Armstrong Becker Black Boris Brown Bush Bustle Chisholm Clark. G. Clark. M. Coffmon Crook Dickey Donarico Duncan Elliott Face Foires Forinash Green Guhin Hammes Hanson Jochum Johnson Kemniti Knopp Lemon McCracken McDonald McMahon McNouaht Motcolf Ncbelsick Neumann O ' Dea Porker Pormelee Poppa Rector Rogers Rodehorst Schanti Schoemoker Sectoii Slevers SIsUr Sluther Swanson Tighe Timmons Toreion Transue Warner Wool ley Yos Young n ' c 9 C [ 9 i v f5 ' -?I9 ' , f fS f With " ze " cigarette holder, George Schantz goes all out for the French party. Founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1864 Established at University of Nebraska, 1927 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Forty-six Chapters Blue and White Paqe 396 JhsdcL ja CLEO ROBEK President LEONARD HAMMES Vice President FRED J. BUCHHOLZ Secretary GLEN CLARK Treasurer Cleo Robek President Above: On windy days, Theta Xis crowd their front window to watch Tri Delts blow by. Below: " Legs " Parker shows off his hand-knit argyles to admiring fellow officers. Actives Herbert J. Armbrust. Omaha. ' 51; Dean R. Armstrong, St. Paul. ' SO; Floyd N. Boker, Omaha, ' 50; Thomas W. Brown. Hershey. ' 50; Fred J. Buchholz, Columbus, ' 50: James Bussel, Lincoln. ' 50; Leslie L. Chisholm, Lincoln. ' 52; Glen F. Clark, Pawnee City, ' 50; Milton D. Clark, Pawnee City. ' 51; Theo J. Deal. Omaha. ' 50; Arthur H. Dickey, Sioux Falls, S. D., ' 51; Howard G. Duncan. Poole. ' 51; Donald C. Elliot. Beatrice. ' 50: Knolen J. Face, Stratford, S. D.. ' 50; Frank F. Faires, Lincoln. ' 51; Donald J. FItzpatrick, Omaha, ' 50; Donald A. Forinash. Hartington. ' 51; Marvin Garber, Scotts- bluff. ' 51; Richard Guhin, Aberdeen. S. D., ' 50; Leonard Hammes. Omaha, ' 50; John Jochum, Sutherland, ' 50; Kenneth Johnson, St. Paul, Minn, ' 51; David Knapp. Lincoln, ' 51; Herbert Lemon, Ravenna, ' 51; Frederick Lohmann, Grand Island, ' 51; Gerald McCracken, Lincoln, ' 50: Richard Mc- Donald, Wood River. ' 51; Clinton McNaught, Parks, ' 52; Harold Nebolsick, Alexandria, S. D., ' 51; Temple Neu- mann. Wymore, ' 49; Robert Parker, Dalhart, Tex., ' 51; Eugene Rector, Taft, Calif.. ' 51; Walter Ricletts. Palmyra, ' 50: Cleo Robek, Duncan, ' 50: Robert Rogers, Albuquerque N. Mex., ' 51; Harold Romig, Albion, ' 50; Leonard Seaton, Emory, S. D., ' 51; George I. Schantz. Fairfield. ' 52; Darvin D. Shoemaker, Scotia. ' 52; Darvin Slusher, Kansas City. Mo.. ' 50; James Tigho, Omaha, ' 52; Darrel Timmons, Omaha, ' 52; Richard Torczon. Columbus, ' 50; Dale Young. Barnston, 50; Jerrold Yos, Lincoln, ' 52. Pledget William C. Becker. Lincoln, ' 52; Duane Black, Emerson, ' 53; Andrew P. Boris, Amsterdam. N. Y., ' 52; Charles E. Bush, Grand Island, ' 52; Jack O. Coffmen, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Crook, Lincoln, " 52; Lorenzo R. Donarico. Omaha, ' 53; George E. Green, Redfield, S. D., ' 52; Douglas Hanson, Omaha. ' 52; Hershel Kemniz, Columbia, S. D.. ' 50: Roger Metcalf, Lincoln, ' 52; Robert Orr, Needham, Mass., ' 51: Patrick O ' Dea, Lincoln. ' 51; James Parmelee, Jr.. Amarlllo. Tex., ' 53; Lawrence Poppa, Columbus, ' 53; Glenn Rodehorst. Columbus, ' 53: Bruce Sievers, Roca, ' 52: Laurel Slsler. Holmesvllle, ' 53; John Swanson, Omaha, ' 53; Alan Transue, Beatrice, ' 52; Robert Warner, Omaha ' 51. Poge 397 Abramion Boher Cohen, J. fi. Cohen. J. E. Davidson Forber, A. Forber. C. , - FOK Garon GoHstein Greenberq Horwich Jacobs, F. Jacobs. S. Katskee Kohan Krasne. B. Krasnc. L. Krasnc. P. Levingcr, J. Levingcr, H. D O f f ry fy O O MaiscI Moloshock Milder Nufcid Pitlor Polsky. B. Polsky. D. Rice Robinson Rosen Roscnblott Rosinsky Ross Ruback Schmidt. A. Schmidt, L. S: ulkln Stern Suvalsky Tully. A. Tully, S. Wellchek Wolpo. L. Wolpo, S. Ajon Farber waltzes trot. Tiulating fox Founded at City College New York, 1898 Established at University of Nebraska, 1922 Alpha Theta Chapter Forty-five Chapters Blue and White Paqe 398 sdjCL iBidjOL J OIL EDWARD KANTOR President LAMAR GARON Vice President HAROLD LEVINGER Secretary RICHARD KOHAN Treasurer Edward Kantor President Above: " Did you ever see such a handsome guy? " Ev Evnen asks, pointing modestly to his picture. Below: " Party Boy " Farber and " Teeth " Weitchetc let the boys in on tSe latest scoop. Actives Alvln Abramson. Omaha. ' 50: Robert Baker. Omaha, ' 51; Jack Cohen, Omaha, ' 52; Jerome Cheon, Omaha. ' 50; Vernon Davidson. Lincoln, ' 52; EvereH Evnen, Lincoln. ' 50; Ajon Farber. Omaha, ' 50: Chiem Farber. Omaha. ' 52; Al Foi, Omaha. ' 51; Lamar Garon, Omaha. ' 51; Stuart GotS stoln. Des Moines, la.. ' 50; Justin Norwich, Omaha, ' 52; Frank Jacobs, Lincoln. ' 51; Edward Kantor, Omaha. ' 50; Alan Katskee. Lincoln, ' 52: Richard Kohan, Omaha, 50; Byron Krasne. Fremont, ' 50; Paul Krasne, Fremont, ' 51: Leslie Krasne, Council Bluffs, la., ' 52; hHarold Levinger, Yankton, S. D.. ' 50; Milton Maizel, Omaha, ' 50; Orvel Milder. Omaha. ' 51; Robert PItlor, Omaha, ' 52; Burton Polsky, Lincoln, ' 50; Donald Polsky. Lincoln, ' SO; David Rice Omaha. Grad.; Don Rice, Omaha, ' 50; Bruce Rosen, Omaha. ' 50; Richard Rosenblatt, Omaha, ' 51; Norman Ruback, Oma- ha, ' 52: Aaron Schmidt. Fremont. ' 51; Leo Schmidt, Fremont, 52: Jerome Shulkin. SIoui City, la., ' 50; Allen Tully. Omaha. ' 51; Paul Weltchek, Elliabeth, N. J., ' 50: Leonard Wolpa, Omaha. ' 50. Pledges Bernard Greenberg, Omaha, ' 53; Sheldoon Jacobs Dead- wood, S. D.. ' 52: Charles Levinger, Yankton, S. D., ' 52: Robert Malashook, Omaha, ' 53; Milton Nufeld. Scottsbluff ' 53; Burt Robinson. Omaha, ' 53; Jerry Rosinsky. Omaha. ' 53; Alvln Ross. Omaha. ' 53: Arnold Stern. Omaha 53; Marvin Suvalsky. Council Bluffs. Ia„ ' 52; Ste flr» Tuily Omaha, ' 53; Jerry Wolpa, Omaha. ' 53. Poge 399 Boumgart Blunk Chon9 Childress Conner Grobeck Furuya HoHon Hyd Ktlly Larson Llpp treu Loy Lundquist Rorick ScoH States Stelnhoff Toylor Tipton Vanderslice Vonncste ChoadjcL ROBERT KELLY .... President ERNEST LARSON . . Vice President GAYLE HATTAN .... Secretary JOHN TAYLOR .... Treasurer Founded at Ann Arbor, 1904 Established at University of Nebraska 1905 Thirty-two Chapters Black and Old Gold Above: Brothers hold a strictly informal meeting with president Bob Kelly presiding. Below: Acacia officers harmonize on an old frat tune before digging into chapter business. Poqe 400 KxjiL smwthsJiA. M ' » Ch«it f Ag«f Siqm4 Chi Mrt. frtd Bcnnaft T«u K«pp« Epiilon Mri Edith Irjdlvy lnt«rn«tion4l Houit Mri. Ethclfn Irownton Alph« Omicron Pi Mrt Ltfurin Ch«t« Chi Om«q4 Mrs MjrthA Coddlnqton G«mm4 Phi B«U Mri Dorii Erlckion Alphd Xi D«lt4 Mri Aqnct Gdddit Th«tj Xi Mri E R Hcinv Phi Dtlt4 Th td Mrt V«rn« HuH Womcni Itttidtnc Hdlli Mn Bcttit Johnson Ros« Bouton Hall Mrs E F Milts T«rrac« H«ll Mrs Frances Ptlton Farrri Hous Mrs C. F Phillips Alph4 Phi Mrs E W Pric« Siqmj Kdppj Mrs CharUi ll4mtY K«ppa Dcltd Mrs. C. A Rvynoldi Siqma Phi Epsilon Mrs C E W«lroth Lovt Mtmorial H«M Mrs. H«Un W«rn r Loomis H4II Pag 401 College Societies Scholastic Honorories Departmental Societies Departmental Honorories Allan Barker Botten Blumrl Cate» Clark Coffin Conner Foster Gorhom Groul Hallstron Hanneman Miner Kellner. D. Kellner. R. Kluck Knopp Kruqer Licnemann Lueth McLaughlin Muller Novak Oitermiller P ann Redelfs Shone Shively Snell Sorensen Steinocher Templin Von Aridol Venell Wenz Wiar Wroth . ,fft Presenting the champs! This intramura basketball team won the league title. Foun ded at the University of New York, 1904 Established at the University of Nebraska, 1914 Zeta Chapter Sixty-nine Chapters Navy Blue and Gold Paqe 404 a CUphjcL JiaptpjoL PaL ROBERT C. McNARE President ROBERT E. CLARK Vice President EMIL J. KLUCK Secretary LOREN D. GRAUL Treasurer Robert C. McNare President Ac»lve» Len W. Allen, Lincoln, ' 50; Lyie L. Bare, Pllger, ' 50; Raleigh E. Barker, Pine Ridge, S. D., Grad.; Robert Batten, Parkers- burg, W. Va., ' 50; Robert E. Blobaunn, Fairbury, ' 50; Joseph C. Blumel, Nebraska City, ' 50; Arthur E. Brandt, Surprise. ' 50: Robert E. Clark, Lincoln, ' 50; Willard S. Coffin, Lincoln, ' 50; George B. Conner, McCook, ' 51; Robert M. Foster, Gordon. ' 50; Thomas J. Gorhanr), Franklin, ' 50; Loren D. Graul. Roca. ' 50: Donald Hanneman. Albion, ' 50: David L. Hallstrom, Webster, S. D., ' 50: Willlann D. Miner, Wymore, ' 50: Burton E. Holthus. Bertrand. ' 51: Robert L. Kellner, Malvern, la.. ' 50: Dean C. Kellner, Malvern, la., ' 50; Emil J. Kluck. Aurora, ' 50; Lloyd Knapp, Auburn, ' 52; William h. Kruger, Lincoln. ' 50: Paul Lieneman, Papillion. ' 51: Ray- mond Lonowski, Ord. ' 50: Wesley A. Lueth, Manilla, la.. ' 51 ■, Richard D. McLaughlin, Chadron. ' 50: Robert C. McNare. Alliance. 50: Raymond H. Muller. Norfolk. ' 50; Leon M. Novak, Brainard. ' 52: Donald J. Ostermlllor. Lincoln, ' 50, John P. Pfann. Nebraska City, ' 52: Ma« L. Redelphs. Lin. coin, ' 50: Richard P. Schoettgor, Springview, ' 50; Donald F. Schneider. Lincoln, ' 51: Harold D. Shane, Atkinson. ' 50, Robert Shively. Lincoln. ' 51; Milton Shuey. Orchard. ' 51: Harvey L. Smith, Missouri Valley, la.. ' 51: Victor W. Snell. Central City. ' 50; William E. Sorensen, Fremont. ' 51; Donald Steinacher, Milligan, ' 50: Kenneth E. Templin. Mason City. 50: Keith J. Von Arsdol, Lincoln, ' 51; Curtiss Venell. Shickley, ' 52; Elmer Wenz. Waco, ' 50: Harold H. Werner, Grand Island, ' 50: Glenn E. Wiar, Coin, la.. ' 50; James M. Wroth. Lincoln, ' 51. Above: Officers Clark, Kluck, Graul and McNare line up to be photographed. Must be tough being popular. Below: Governor Val Peterson Is initiated into Alpha Kappa Psi, biz ad. professional fraternity. Paqe 40S AHer Borowshi Braosch Dicherson DiHmon Ovorok Fensler F«rri4 Herse Johnson, A. Johnson, H. Johnson, M. Koestner Keeler Loferlo Mundcll Nplson Ruliffson Scharf Shivcly Springer Delta Sigs listen to Nebraska chalk up an- other basketball victory. Founded at City College of New York. 1899 Established at University of Nebraska, 1925 Alpha Phi Chapter Sixty-two Chapters Green and White Paqe 406 Maurus Eiberger President 0sdicL SiqmjDL fihL MAURUS EIBERGER WILBUR ARTER WILLIAM MUNDELL RUDOLPH NELSON President Vice President Secretary .Tre asurer Above: Delta Sig officers analyze their newest trophy. Is it gold or bronze? More likely bras:-! Below: Pianist Bill Mundell listens appreciatively tu the harmony. The sopranos were superb. Actives Wilbur After, Newport. " 51; Don Benson, Lincoln, ' 52; Earle Burnett, Lincoln, ' 52; Edmond Borowsli!, Shenandoah, Pa.. ' 51; Vern Dvorak, Barnston. ' 52: Maurus Eiberger, King City, Mo.. ' 53; Charles Harr, Ainsworth. ' 51; Bjorn Herss. Oslo. Norway, ' 52; Dale Hipke, Johnstown, ' 52; Harry Johnson. Aurora, ' 52: Mark Johnson, Stronnsburg, ' 52: Peter Kaestner, Dearborn, Mich., ' 52: William Mundell, Gothenburg, ' 51: Rudolph Nelson, Oakland. ' 52; Harold Petersen, Omaha, ' 51; Donald Peferson, Keys ' one, 50; Harmon Ruliffson, Eagle, ' 52; Robert Shiv-Iv llnrnin ' 52. Pledges Charles Anderson, Alliance, ' 53: Vance Arnold, Sutherland, ' 53: Clark Betcke, Omaha, ' 53; Norman Braasch. Callaway. ' 52: Robert Conover, Bridgeport, ' 53; William Davi Lin- coln, ' S3; Mark Dittman, Lincoln, ' 53; Gene Eno, Lincoln, 53: Richard Fensler, Omaha, ' 53: Walton Ferris. Lincoln. ' 53; Robert Hallock, Burwell, ' 53: Georg,e Hugenberg, Omaha, ' 53; Alfred Johnson. Omaha, ' 53; Donald Keeler, Lincoln, ' 53: Kent Kelley, Beaver City, ' 53; Ralph Kirsch, Spring- view, ' 53 Joe Laferia, Omaha, ' 53; Edwin Lane. Omaha. ' 52: Walter Miethke. Redfield So. Dak.. ' 53: Jim Peterson. Galesburg, 111., ' 53; John Scharf, Curtis, ' 53: Richard Skam- ser, Lincoln, ' 52; Leroy Springer, North Platte. ' 53; Edwin Wallick. Albion, ' 53; John Wright, Lincoln, ' 53. Page 407 Bach row: H. Robion, G. Magnusion, P. Curley. B. Rutltdqt. D. Htnoq, . McKtniie. D- Anderion. Third row: E. Wilkinson, F. Epperson, H. McKinty, C. And«r»on, R. Ott, E. Seewald, R. H«nke. Second row: V. Rinn , H Bstit, D. Guitaf- ion, J. Shaw, A. L. P«t€rien. C. Richler, A Sampack, L. Mohr. Front row: B. Lundberg. E. Lebsack. D. Irwin K. Canon. Dr. Edwards, R. Albrtcht, L. Hyland. (Dslia, SiqniDL (bsdioL KARL E. CARSON . Grand Master JACK SHAW . . . Worthy Master ROBERT L. ALBRECHT . . Treasurer DON IRWIN . . . . . . Scribe Foun.ded at University of Michigan, 1882 Established at University of Nebraska, 1913 Thirty-four Chapters Turquoise and Garnet Above: Delta Sigma Delta officers examine some of the newest equipment in the dental lab. Below: Long hours of work are required in the dental lab for men of Delta Sigma Delta. Poqe 408 Back row: R. Richardt, B. Bump. R. Orthtk, J Haien, E. GlMttt . B. Johnion. D. Liljtd«hl, A Arrocha. Fourth row: R Reed. H. Snydtr. R. Borin, L. Chandler. J Pondtr. S. Zimmtrman. M. Third row: Coopar. R Luadtka. W. Rundia, D. Ravanicroft. D. Brock, D, Raymond, H Prichard. Socond row: J Hardinq, C. Coultar, R. Voqiar. B Blua. R- Daardtn. R. Gruvar, S. Hdthawav. R Lockwood Front row: D Fahanbruch. J Moora. F. Fuqata J Jacobion. S. Scott. M. Powall. A. Toy, B Taylor. Morrow. (Dulia, J udcL fflhi STANLEY SCOTT Dean ANTON TOY Tribune MAX POWELL .... Vice-Dean WILLIAM ALLISON .... Bailiff Founded af Cleveland Law School, 1900 Established at University of Nebraska, 1922 Sixty-eight Chapters Green and White Above: Presiding at all meetings of Delta Theta Phi are these efficient officers. Below: After stowing away steaks with all the trimmings, future lawyers wait for more food. Poqe 409 Allen Amiot Appleton Aithelm Ayrei Barker BoH Burns Busch Campbell Capsey Coywood Chuman Church P O Q o Ck r 1 ij g Oiedrichsen Drongsholf Friescn Gibson Guard Hinman Housel Junq Lauqhiin Lewii Lilfle Luers McCleery Morsholl Met! Munson Murphy Nelson Portwood Roser R inmuth Sc oc maker Somer Stephenson Sundberq Von Cleove, Van Cleave, Vorhlei WeJsel Willioms Zip officers relax and talk over the day ' s assortment of cavities, molars, etc. Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1899 Established at University of Nebraska, 1905 PsI Chapter Forty-four Chapters Lavendor and Cream Poqe 410 yju pAi phi NORMAN T. CAPSEY President ROBERT JUNGE Vice President NEIL E. ALLEN Secretary ALBERT C. CAYWOOD Treasurer Above: The Xi Psi Phis take " pains " in their dental laboratory work. Below: Where are all the pearly smiles? There should be a tew teeth showing at a Zip banquet. Aetivei Neil Allen. Lincoln. ' 50; Sterling Amlot, Oakland, ' 50: Floyd Applegate, Cozad. ' 51: Arthur Appleton, Manhattan. Kans., 50: Norris A«tholm. Gothenburg. ' 51: William Ayres. Lin- coln, ' 50: Charles Barker. Rising City. ' 52: Dick Bell, York. 52: Richard Bradley. Omaha. ' 52: Les Buller. Falrbury. 52: John Burns, Lincoln. ' 50: John Busch, Norfolk, 52: Norman Capsoy. Lincoln, ' 50: Albert Caywood. Wichita, Kans.. ' 50: Ted Chuman, Lincoln, ' 51; John Church, Fairbury, ' 51: Robert Craig, Scottsbluff, ' 52: Lloyd DIedrlchsen, Fremont, 50; Thomas Drangsholt. Oslo. Norway. ' 51: Robert Dudley, Denver. Colo., ' 51: Carl Frlosen, Henderson, ' 50: Raleigh Gibson, Fairbury, ' 52: James Griggs, Scottsbluff. ' 52: Ralph Hansen. Talmage, ' 51: Hubert Hattan, Nelson, ' 52: Art Hinman. Lincoln, ' 52; John Holmes, Omaha. ' 51; Loren Hoschouer, Maywood, ' 52: Edgar Hoskin, Callaway, ' 52: Ray Housel. Broken Bow. ' 50: Duane Hunt. Lincoln. ' 52: Charles Jarratt. Lincoln. ' 51; William Jones, Grand Junction. Colo., ' 51; Robert Kierstead, Lincoln, ' 51; Robert Krejcl, Schuyler. ' 51; Wayne Larrabee. Norfolk. ' 52; tarl Laughlin. Kearney, ' 50: Leo Leurs, York. ' 50: Buell Lewis. Mllnor, N. D.. ' 50: Judd Llschke. Dakota City, ' 51; Dick Marshall. Lincoln, 5I; Jack Melson, Chandler, Okla.. ' 51; John Mess- more, Lincoln, ' 51; Fred Metz, Idaho Springs, Colo., ' 50; Earnest Moehnert. Loup City, ' 51; Harold Munson, Gardner, Massw, 51: Francis Murphy. E»eter ' 51; Herbert C. Q. Nelson Potter. ' 52: William O Keefe. Bayard. 52: Gilbert Phelps. Valentine. ' 51; Dave Portwood. Davenport. ' 52: Wade Raser, Gering. ' 50; Hollls Helnmuth. Lincoln. ' 50; James Stephenson, Ogallala. ' 51; Bon Somer, Fremont, ' 50; Carol Swanbom, Scottsbluff. ' 52; Wallace Thompson. West Point. ' 51; William Upton. Hastings, ' 51; Roger Van Cleave Calla- way, ' 50; Vearlo Van Cleave, Callaway, ' 51; Ira Vorhies, Lincoln. ' 52: Herbert Weisel, Lincoln, ' 51; Robert York. Liberty SO. Pledges Claire Bott. Los Angeles, Calif., ' 53: Maynard Campbell, Lincoln ' 53; Willard Guard, Aurora. ' 53; Gregory Kallos. Falls City. ' 53; Alvln Kleltsch. Chicago, III.. ' 53; Robert Laird. Blue Hill. ' 53; Dale Little. Culbertson. ' 53: Charles MacDonald. Tekamah. ' 53; Eugene McCleery Denver. Colo.. ' 53: William Murphy. Nelson. ' 53; Robert Odvarkd. Clark- son, ' 53; Dick Oldfather, Kearney, ' 53; Billie Joe Sanchez. Falls City, ' 53: Darvin Schoemaker, Scotia, ' 53; Vincent Soil, Fremont, ' 53; Doyle Sundberg, Polk. ' 53: Arthur Thomson. Lincoln, ' 53: Robert Tichnor, Omaha, ' 53; Donald Williams, Rocky Ford, Colo. ' 53. Paqc 411 6ock row: F. Cavdrretfd, W. Line, J. Oivis, L Chriitenten, I. Cordsr. L. Curling, W. Webiter. J Evdni. Second row: W, Barrny. H. Jonas, W. Har- b«rt. G. Oanielion, L. CSotena, J. Koerber. G. Flebig. E Babcock, D. Abbott. Front row: R. Berlihelmar, W. Bodtker, L. Gtrmar, R. Moran, J. Blake. R. Ba ' ley. J tJisUsn, C. Shoket. fflhl CUpha, (DdicL TOM McMANUS . Presidenf JOHN BLAKE . . Vice President JESS NIELSEN . . Secretary ROLLIN BAILEY Treasurer Founded at Northwestern University, 1902 Established at University of Nebraska, 1915 Sixty Chapters Reese Chapter Above: Ambitious Phi Alpha Delta officers line up modestly to be photographed. Below: The law honorary tabled its case till after the banquet picture had been taken. Poqe 412 CUphjcL OmsiqcL CUjpkcu HOWARD B. HUNT, M.D President MORRIS MARGOLIN, M.D Vice President A. LAWRENCE BENNETT, M.D. . Secretary-Treasurer Elvln Marlen Annen John Nolan Baker Frank James Brakel Fletcher Farley Conn Paul EIroy Crantz Loren Clifton Grubbs Mary Jo Henn Robert Ellsworth Holland Maynard Howard Porter Seynnour Rosenblatt Halbert Hernnan Schwannb Edward William Swenson Theodore Atherton Tristan Alpha Omega Alpha members are se- lected from those fourth-year medical stu- dents who are in the upper one-sixth of their class and show promise of leadership in their field. The honorary medical society was founded in 1902 at the University of Illinois, and established at the Nebraska College of Medicine In 1914. Meeting to discuss scientific information In an attempt to ele- vate medical standards, Alpha Omega Alpha encourages honesty and the spirit of medical research. ,.ii Pag 413 siJtjcL " SfammjcL SupruL PHILIP S. JAMES . . . President JUDSON O. BURNETT . Secretary-Treasurer Student Members Neil S. Atkinson Edwin R. Baker Lyie L. Bare William B. Bates Joseph C. Blumel Arthur E. Brandt John D. Campbell Edgar C. Chicoine Willard S. Coffin Lawrence E. Donegan, Jr. Robert Freeman Thomas J. Gorham Dewarld D. Miner Wilson G. Kasik Robert L. Kellner William P. Knight Ramon K. Kunc Edwin B. Lawson Ronald S. Lux Dean C. Martin Mary A. Marquiss Robert C. McNare Donald J. Ostermiller Paul J. Pittenger Welcome M. Retz Fred J. Schindel, Jr. Robert V. Shumway Margaret A. Turegun Richard Walla Kenneth J. Whitcomb Glen E. Wiar Warren R. Wise Opal H. Wulff Faculty Members Oscar J. Anderson Karl M. Arndt Forrest C. Blood Theodore T. Bullock Judson O. Burnett Dana F. Cole George M. Darlington Raymond C. Dein Curtis M. Elliott Earl S. Fullbrook Robert C. Guenzel Clifford M. Hicks James E. LeRossIgnol Clarence E. McNeill Edgar Z. Palmer Katherine K. Schiefen Edward B. Schmidt John W. Stewart George O. Virtue Willard H. Young Fostering high ideals in business Is the principal aim of Beta Gamma Sigma. Char- tered at Nebraska in 1913, the fraternity chooses its members from the upper ten per- cent of the graduating class in the College of Business Administration. This national honorary fraternity encourages students to enter the world of commerce. When first founded, Beta Gamma Sigma was open to male students only, but In 1922, women members were also admitted on the same qualifications as men. Paqe 414 (phi £sdjoL DiappcL Charles R. Berghoffen Marilyn E. Church Margie G. hiineman David J. Innis LaVerne E. Laird Dorothy E. Lidolph Robert W. Long Ardis J. Lostroh BENJAMIN BOYCE President HAROLD MANTER Vice President CLIFFORD M. HICKS Secretary LAURIE ROBERTSON Treasurer LENORE LAYMON Historian Ruben B. Miller Elolse L. Paustian Benjamin Robinson Carmen I. Shepard Wendell W. Smith Edwin L. Stone Robert W. Vanderslice Mary D. Webber Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest college schol- astic society, is made up of members in the upper tenth or upper sixth of the senior graduating class. National active members total 70,000, a number unequalled by any other college honorary. Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was the first national hon- orary to be established on the University of Nebraska campus. Members of the or- ganization encourage high scholarship among college students. Paqv 415 SiqmjoL J OIL KENT L. TILLER President LAUREN MORIN . . . Vice President DAN S. JONES . Recording Secretary CHARLES L. VEYS Corresponding Secretary DONALD C. GALLAGHER . Treasurer DAVID W. OLIVE .... Historian Ivan B. Altnnanshofer Vayden R. Anderson George C. Andreasen Edward A. Bartunek Kenneth L. Bishop Myron M. Blume John E. Boberg Axel C. Boileson Harold R. Bonness Marlin L. Bopp Billy B. Bryan Donnal L. Carlberg Robert Casari Daryl D. Cerny Donald Cochran Earl M. Colquitt Clarence V. Cunningham Martin T. Decker Wilbur A. Decker Cecil J. Doubt Jannes A. Dutton William L. Easton Allen R. Edison James V. Erwin Donald J. Farris Chris D. Fedde Myron L. Fleckenstein Bruce Ford Everleigh W. Foster Fay E. Fuchser EIroy E. Gloystein Kenneth J. Gottula Robert J. Grogan Gerald R. Halter E. Deane Hansen D. James Harm Richard D. Hawes Fred H. Hawkins Malcolm H. Higgins Richard W. High Robert H. Holder Wilmer A. Hunt Loyal L. Hurlbert Nolan T. Jones Eugene E. Kelly Ray A. Kensey Bill D. Kleinschmidt James H. Kluck Mervin L. Klug Harry E. Koontz William E. Larsen Norman W. Lundberg Robert W. McMaster Dwight S. McVicker Clifford F. Magnuson Francis L. Marks Robert J. Mason Alvah Miyamoto Marvin D. Nelson Stuart O. Nelson Harold C. Penner William S. Pierce Rex V. Plumb Dale B. Raitt Elliott A. Recht Fred W. Rice Ralph R. Ruhter John A. Sahs Dale E. Schoenleber Willis W. Selk Robert E. Shillington Curtis B. Sieck Wilbur L. Spradley Terry W. States James P. Stoddart Kenneth J. Sughroue Clayton D. Sumpter Edward G. Swenson Richard A. Toler Richard L. Torczon Eugene K. Von Fange Eldon C. Watson William F. Wendland Gordon M. Wendler Donald L. Wiebke William R. Wild Clifford W. Williams Members of Sigma Tau, national honor- ary engineering fraternity, are selected from the upper third of the junior and senior classes of engineering on the basis of pro- fessional Interest, practicality, and socia- bility. Each year this organization recog- nizes and makes awards to two scholastically outstanding seniors at the annual spring banquet. Siqma, Jd FRANK E. MUSSEHL FERRIS W. NORRIS . LESLIE HEWES . . DONALD M. PACE . FRANK L. DULEY . President Vice President Secretary Treasurer . Councilor Arnold O. Allen Lewis V. Belcher Robert B. Casari Frank P. Dall Robert O. Eis Jannes V. Erwin Albert D. Flowerday Sten J. Freeland Donald C. Gallagher George E. Gorker A. Robert Harm Willard W. Heiser J. Felix Herbst John C. Jenkins Daniel S. Jones Eugene J. Kannprath Dwight L. Kaster Nels B. Kleveland Mary I. Larson Ardls J. Lostroh Glenn W. Lowrey Robert J. Mason Billy B. Michael Lauren L. Morin Gerald G. Mueller Ruth E. Nelson Jannes W. Newell Thomas T. Powell Elmer E. Remmenga Leonard R. W. Smith R. Thomas Stiehl Robert E. Swett Robert E. Truxell Roy H. Waite Alita A. Zimmerman Organized at Cornell University in 1886, the Sigma XI fraternity encourages Investi- gation In pure and applied science. Both members of the University faculty and stu- dents In some branch of science who have made outstanding achievements in research are eligible for membership. New members are chosen from names submitted by heads of the various departments of the Univer- sity. The roster of the Nebraska chapter, established In 1897, numbers about sixty members this year. Ps4« 417 Alpha Eps lon Rho Bock row: E. Gengenbdch, C. Hartman, B. J.nlini, M Shanalia.T, D. M«y«rj. A. ChrisUn- i»n. F. Jacobs. C. Luther. Second row: fl. Rayburn, G. Genqenbach. M. Mallory. J. How. J. Barley, B. Bootha. S. Sokolol, W. Davidson. Front row: L. Nekuda. S. Cola, L. Nalson. B. VanNaste, E. Jorqensen. C. Johnson, B. Krasne, N. Portar, E. Bancroft. Alpha Lambcia Delta Bock row: D. Gruebar. D. Loveqrove, J. Skuclus, P. Moore, J. Wade, J. Stockstill. Second row: B. Mann. M. Pedersen, M. Marx. N. Koehlcr, J. Enqclkemier, A. Luebbers. Front row: M. Moomey. R. Sorensen, N. Benjamin, M. Willey, M. Schroeder. J. Hoss, J Murray, C, Donaly. 0 A national honorary radio society, Alpha Epsilon Rho promotes interest in high stand- ards of radio broadcasting. The fraternity, founded in 1946, on the Nebraska campus, holds regular meetings to discuss current developments in the field of radio. CUpJuL bumhdcL (Dsdicu Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary scholastic sorority for freshmen women who make an av erage of ninety or above, was installed on the Nebraska campus in 1931. Members are encouraged to maintain a high scho- lastic average throughout their college years. ! Above: You ' re on the air! Members of Alpha Ep- silon Rho display their talents. Below: Alpha Lambda Delta officers confer. Are funnies really the way to a ninety average? Poqe 411 fti ' a - ' 0 ' 5 419 aiphjDL sdjDL Founded at Nebraska In 1904, Alpha Zeta is composed of men with high schol- astic averages In the School of Agriculture. As a service organization, the society pro- motes leadership, scholastic ability, and im- provement among its members. J hi JC Tri-K, honorary agronomy club, was founded in 1931 as the Klod and Kernel Klub. Members are chosen from those in- terested or majoring in agronomy who have a second semester standing, and an aver- age of eighty or above. Above: Visiting speaker readies his equipment to show Alpha Zeta members some slides on soil conservation. Below: Tri-K members hang a screen in preparation Tor a movie. Alph« Zeta Bock row: R N. P.l.r,. W. Paul.y J McDow.ll. E. Nil.on. G. W.q.r C Fairl.y. T. Chlveri. ' ' FIMh row: M Ed.n. R. Sim. D, Kx.bcl G Lo,r,, E. L«ng,n. W Ri.k., P. OBri.n K Fr.d.ficklon. L Ntlion Afh.v, A N,.»,,n, D. Brunk.n. P. Guitaf.on: N Wil ,arni W McR.ynoldi, D. Kail,,. H Erigdahl. J. Hav.lka. E. Htu.rmann. Fronf row: O. Brainard. D. Dean S J Wilkmion. D Gard. R. Epp. Tri-K Boek row: D. R Roh, E E Nilion. W. Sieq.r. K. And.rion. C. Stubtf! Fiffh row: G Lowr.y, L. Batt.rman. W. Voolker. J McDow.ll. E. Lanqin. J D.WuH w. Thacker. G. Bauermeliter. R. Hild F w anl. Fourth row: Nelson. W. A Lidolph. N. Swanson. L Monson, D. Hammel. E. Kampralh. R. High. J. Leql.r, T. Chllv.n. Third row: L. Uhrig. H. Relm. D. DaMoud. M. Hanson, V. Larson, H. Temple, W. Knuth A. Nie»een. N. Banter, R. Johnson. Second row: N. Williams. W. McReynolds G Baum. J Johnson. L. Wirth. J. Wilkinson D Flowerday. M. Rogers. O. Brainard e ' Meucrmann, Front row: J. Overing. R. Crom. V. Rawson ?K J ' . " " f Sautter. W. Nielsen. L. Sheffield. H. Engdahl. R. Pollock. D. Kaster T Back row: D- Bonebriqht. B. Breck, V. Taylor W. Clark. Second row. H. Andefson, N. Button, P. Laflin. J. Goeres. J. Smith. Front row: M. Farmer, S. Easterqard. J. Wood M Sommer. M. Barton. (Dsilia, OmWwJfL In order to be a member of Delta Omi- cron, a girl must be a music major with an eighty average and musical ability in some field. The group participates in all functions of the School of Music besides holding vari- ous programs of their own throughout the year. Highlights of the year are the annual fall and spring concerts in which the Delta Omicron members participate. Above: Miss Dean prepares to call the Delta Omi- cron meeting to order. Below: Delta Omicron members practice for their extra-special Christmas program. Poqe 4J» Delta Sigm Rho Bocli row: J Gr«dwolil. R. Ui dw ll. K. Filch, C Oid «thtr. B K nd ll. D. Klin . L. Hammtl. Front row: W Nit . L Loot . J. Solomon, t. Pauttian. Ch«-ig. W Morris, D. Ol»on. Debate Squad Bock row: W. Nit . J. Solomon. R. Hunkins, R Lindwali. K. Fitch, N. Rasmuttcn, J. Grad- wohl, D. Chang. Front row: J. Kru g«r, 0- Carlton. D Klin . D Olton. B. Kendall, E. Pauitian. N. Santu !- ton. (bsihcxisL SqjULcuL Students exhibiting the greatest poten- tialities at tryouts are selected by Director Donald Olsen to be members of the Debate Squad. Activities of the organization in- clude inter-collegiate debates, discussions, radio newscasting, oratory and extempor- anious speaking. (DsJicL SupnjoL (Rho Delta Sigma Rho, national forensic hon- orary, is made up of students with an in- terest in debate, discussion groups, and oratory. The organization sponsors an intra- mural extemporanious speaking contest each year giving awards to both individual and g ' oup entries. Above: Boise Paustian chects over the results of a recent debate with other Delta Sigma Rho officers. Below: Joan Krueger presents her argument to other Debate Squad members. Poqr 421 Back row: A. Beam, R. P.aun, E Rousek. L. Rehmier. D. Kuska. L. Nelson. Second row: D. Poplen, D. Clement. V. Cald- well, M Stalder. A. Strumpler. P. Olsen. J. Doyle Front row: R. Eqqert, J. Havelka. C. Adams, W. Pauley, J. Monahan, F. Kinghorn. Shdc and, (BAidliL Sponsoring the Junior Ak-Sar-Ben show and various livestock and nneat judging teams are the nnain functions of Block and Bridle throughout the year. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship, personality, and interest in livestock from students in animal husbandry. Ne- braska delegates attend the national meet- ing of Block and Bridle held each year dur- ing the International Livestock Exposition. Above: Members of the judging team eye the camera is If they were grading choice beef. Below: Hamburgers taste good to Nebraska ' s fu- ture farmers. Paqc 422 The nationally honored Block and Bridle judging team beanns over its newly won recognition. A proud rider graciously accepts a blue ribbon for her prize-winning mount. Members take an active interest in many livestock shows, gaining valuable experience as judges. Retiring officers pass the hat to collect the ballots cast for the new candidates. Down to serious business, members of Block and Bridle hold their bi-weekly meeting on the Ag campus. Poqe 423 Delta Phi Delta Bock row: B. Biihop, J. Srodie. T. Schmitt. H Hayi. J. Trabold. Third row: f B«teman. A. Morrow. K. K«n- rt«dr C Jontt, J- WilliAmi. P. Bach. J Dvibler Second row: S Tinql . D- Sharp, B. Lory, N Glynn. C Rankin, K Clament. 0. Wallerstcdt Froot row: M. Woodbridqe, J. Flamming, D Haralrigg, E. Lauqhttr, S Sohl. £i£L J(app£L TLl tJDsJiicJL fihl CDsdicL Eta Kappa Nu, national electrical engi- neering honorary, is the newest honorary at the University of Nebraska. Established here in 1949, it selects its members from out- standing engineering juniors and seniors. Members of the Delta Phi Delta honor- ary fraternity are chosen from those stu- dents with superior scholarship in the field of art. Together they study the apprecia- tion and understanding of art. Delta Phi Delta artists gather in their own Green- wich Village, the Union, for the annual art banquet. George C. Andreasen Bernard F. Bandur Howard E. BecUer Kenneth L. Bishop Harold R. Bonness Donald G. Cochran Clarence V. Cunningham Martin T. Decker Allen R. Ed ' son Donald J. Farris Chris D. Fedde Everliegh W. Foster Ray E. Fuchser Donald C. Gallagher George E. Gorjter Russell S. Hale Malcolm H. Higgins Loyal L. Hurlburt Ralph E. Husband Marvin L. Ingaisbe Nolan T. Jones Harrison G. Kati Eugene E. Kelly E. Eugene Kirsch Bill D. Kleinschmidt James H. Kluck Robert A. Mason Edward R. Maunder Ronald R. McWilllams Yale A, Meyer David W. Olive Harold C. Pen-er Elliott A. Recht Ralph R. Ruhter Willis W. Selk Curtis B. Sieck Kent L. Tiller Robert L. Vollmer Eugene K. Von Fange Donald L. WIebke Clifford W. Williams Poqe 424 n» .v « O ,V t LC ' ' .- 1 It rnk ' -K K y. H Back row; W lt«imutifln. It. Roienquilt. H. Jaoman 0. Andoion. D Johni, t H nrv. Fourth row: A Slalti. ■ Htndricliton E T«gtm.i.r. W Divli D WhilU. E Bobtrg. C Curfisi. Third row: P N.H. 0. Sctintldtr. S. SmIok E W.lli. B. Dull, W. Wurfi. D Korlnak W. Eliioit Second row: R W«iflall. W Spllchal D. Klllion. L Forn«,, f Sliolian. M Btrqaton, J. W.lch. K. Tlll.r, O Ow.nj. Froii row: G Morrii. R. Hindi. R Pirktr L.nti, L. All.n. 0. Boyd. F a! Schmidt. " S jcimmjCL tamJbdcL Gamma Lambda honorary band fraternity promotes musical and maching efficiency In the University band. The society was estab- lished in 1912 on the Nebraska campus to promote fellowship among the bandmen on the University campus. Left: Planning the card section is quite an en- gineering feat, according to Jerry Morris. Above: Planning the card section is quite an en- gineering feat, according to Jerry Morris. Mu Phi Epsilon Bock row: I. Maclilin. D. Ooran, P. Bdv«r. E Putcmen . K. Bdrn«i. Front row: K Ntwhout . C- Johnson, E. Hdmon, M. Thomai. J. Hansen. Phi Chi The»o Bock row: M. M ck«, P. O ' Brien, P. John- ion. A Frampfon. M. Hischi«r, J. Buck M. Allan, G. Havlik. Front row: O. WulH. 0. Sfufft. M. Toui. R. Bournt, A. Baach, S. Gessner, B. Williams. Mu Phi Epsilon, national professional music sorority, is open to junior and senior women in the upper fourth of the class who have outstanding musical ability. Members help sponsor several musical activities and display their talents in an annual concert. fihL Qhl JhsdcL Phi Chi Theta prepares its members, who are women in business administration with high scholarship, for worthwhile careers after graduation. The organization awards a key each year to an outstanding student of commerce. Above: Feminine musicians get together for a Mu Phi Epsilon meeting. Below: Phi Chi Theta officers socialize for a few minutes before planning the next meeting. Paqe 42i Omlcron Nu And Phi Upsiton Omicron Back row: N. Spomar, D. Rudittl. S. Biorklund. J. Corzlnt, B. Road. 0. M lmbtrg. Second row: M. Chdct, D. Bowman. S. Harti, R Pitchtr. M. Johnson. Front row: A. Stoppkotte, C. Eqqerf. D. Johnion, C. Crotbie. G. Honton. I. MaricI . Kcippa Aipha Mu Bock row: R Pond, D Nielian, N. C«». N. Shieldl. J. Wroth. Second row: T. Reynolds, G. Turner, D. Scdli. R Kudlacek. R. Scott. L. Geler. Front row: N. Moridrty, B. Duts, R. Morqan, S Sohl. B. Hjys. OmixJwiL 9hL ami (phi lApAjUorL The home economics honoraries, Phi Up- silon Omicron and Omicron Nu, select their members on the basis of scholarship, per- sonality and leadership. The organizations, active on the agricultural campus, sponsor several social functions during the year. Kappa Alpha Mu encourages high stand- ards in photography. Members of this photography honorary are chosen from those with exceptional ability and interest in this particular field. The organization en- courages the development of photography as a profession. 3qe 427 Bock row: L. L ii«f. W. Young. J Wood. G. H ndtrdk«f. L. Bornholdt, C. Joyce. Second row: H. Andtnon. D. Ki«ch«l. A. Sn H K Dodton. E. Pauttidn. C. Baldridge, E Tr«fz. N ShdMd Front row: D. Wordan. S Arbuthnot. E. Schntidtr. D. Lidolph, R. Troidl. M. W«bb«r. P Larton, G. Hemmingar. fiL tamJbdcL Jhsda, ■L,, A professional honorary for junior, senior, and graduate women in education who have achieved high scholarship, Pi Lambda Theta promotes cooperation among women in the teaching profession. By Informing Its mem- bers of advancements in education and by analyzing the problems sometimes found in teaching, Pi Lambda Theta is a great serv- ice organization. Above: Pi Lambda Thefa officers pause for refresh- ments while preparing for an inspiring Christmas program. Below: Coffee time finds Pi Lambda Theta mem- bers enjoying a casual meeting. Paqe 428 fil TyiiL pAiLon. John W. Addmj Arnold O. Allen Phillip Armstrong William Bade Gordon Bale N. G. Barker Keith R. Barket Charles Bergoffen William R. Blank Dale C. Blomstrom Harold R. Bonness John E. Brill Frances E. Buell Anthony L. Bueltel Robert B. Casari Berwyn B. Caswell Marilyn Church George B. Cobel Donald G. Cochran Charles J. Cook Donald E. Dau Martin T. Decker Wilber A. Decker Cecil J. Doubt Ed F. Dudek Jr. Richard A. Dudek James A. Dutton W. Locke Edston Harold O. Eckvall Alley R. Edison Ralph O. Eis Glenn W. EIIIoH Walter G. Elwell Metahat Emlrgil James L. Erwin Chris Fedde M. L. Fleckenstein Sfen J. Freeland Fay E. Fuchser Gene R. Fuller Donald G. Gallagher Adrian E. Glandon George E. Gorker Kenneth J. Gottuta Mary A. Graff R. B. Grear Russell S. Hale Richard G. Hanisch Robert A. Harm Wilbur D. Hat+an Malcolm H. Higgint Donald W. Hodder James R. Hoiden Robert H. Holder Loyal L. Hurlbert Marvin L. Ingalsbe Dale R. Ingwerson Robert C. Irwin Barbara Isaacson John C. Jenkins Edwin T. JipF- Bruce M. Johnson John C. Johnson Daniel S. Jones Mervin L. Keedy Eugene E. Kelly William D. Kerr E. Eugene Kirsch Robert E. Kleppinger N. Bernum Kleveland James H. Kluck Melvin L, Koehler Roy 8. Kriegh William A. Kuser W. G. Leavitt Edward C. Le Beau Gerhardt Less H, L. Levinger Eugene C. Luschei Ronald S. Lui Robert J. Mason James McAllister Richard J. McNamee Lawrence R. Megill Robert McMaster Yale A. Meyei Billy B. Michael Lauren L. Morin Forrest S. Mozer Gerald G. Mueller William Mundell Donald Nelson Marvin D. Nelson Keith N. Newhouse Mark E. Nider David W. Olive James D. O ' Rourke Louis R. Pascal Fred C. Pelton Harold C. Penner Jack D. Pickett F. Elolse Pool Donald W. Proctor James W. Reinders Irvin L. Reis Conrad Rennemann, Jr. Robert L. Robertson R. R. Robinson Donald E. Rhodes Ralph R. Ruhter L. Runge Robert C. Rupert Clyde L. Ruthrotf Edward T. Saad Fred S. Sanbongi Robert G. Scoville Willis W. Selk Curtis B. Sieck Richard R. Short Mary K. Smith Robert R. Smith John W. Snow Robert E. Stake Tom Stiehl John H. Stockwell Edward G. Swenson Robert Swett Donald H. Temme Lloyd Thornbidd John B. Thompson Richard A. Toler Linsfred L. Vrana E. Von Fange Howard E. Westgate Donald R. Weyenberg Donald L. Wiebke William R. Wild Wilber W. Wright Norman R- Zaoel Carol H. Zabel Richard Sill The Nebraska Alpha chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, national mathematics honorary, was chartered in 1928. Membership is limited to those students who have shown scholastic distinction in the study of mathematics and who have completed courses involving inte- gral and differential calculus. Annual p rizes Qre awarded by the society to those with exceptional scholarship in mathematics. Poqe 439 Sigma Delta Chi Bock row: Wilton. E. Borowski. P Bi l k. W WIcki. J. L«rion. Second row: L. G«i«r. F Simpson, G. Wolf . M Gullafton, R. Soderqrtn. K Prederickion. Front row: K. Biuqh. B. McDonald. A. Clom. C Guitdfion. 0. Lindstrom. Pi Tau Sigma Bock row: W. D«cktr. J. Forman. B. Caswell. L Berkheimer, A. Collins. B. Nelson. J. P«t«rion. F. Marks, N. Nelson. Fourth row: D. Auqustin. R. McMaster. R. Hdwcs. C. Sumpter. M. Bergeson. D. Adams. R. Mason. D. Carlberq. Third row: D Olson. N Kleveland. H. Koonti B. Ford W. Kilqard. R. Simon, R. CasatI W. Eaiton. W. Wright. Second row: H Ralsten, F Vitiello. I. Altmanshofer. R. Dudek, M. Nelson. E. Boberq. E Jacket . J. Westcott. H. Kadavy. Front row: J. Nelson. J. Outton. R. Frans. G. Halter. W. Kuser. R. Eis. F. Sanbonqi. R Perlenfein. R. Harm. G. Less. ■ I H HHKl ' ' V 1 Ttli HVHBHBVj n r xjEHMrvJ ■ , H Hh I BS .- hB ii PH| | 1 ■ " - Siqma, (Dsdia, QhL A journalism honorary for men, Sigma Delta Chi helps journalism students equip themselves to become better members of the profession. The organization offers a critical service to high school newspapers and co-sponsors the high school journalism convention. PI Tau Sigma members are junior and senior mechanical engineers. During the year they try to promote and coordinate departmental activities. Members are se- lected on the basis of scholarship and per- sonality. Above: Pi Tau Sigma members prepare for a serious meeting concerning engineering problems. Below: Prexy Cub Clem has everything under con- trol, as usual, when Sigma Delta Chi officers meet. Poqe 430 Bock row: L. Brown, J. Liljadahl, P. K!nn«, L. Badiinq. J. Doleidl. M. Voorh««t. R. John ton. K. Forb«i. Second row: C. Waten. K. Mdharry. J. Reynoldi. G. Sdndalt, K. Burt. A. Harmi, M. Hdfmi. Front row: S. Koshlar. G. McCormack. P. OUon. J. Ltiiy. A. Sn«ll. M. Haug . D. Davis. SLqmjoL CUpPia, QoJtcL The oldest and largest musical sorority in the United States, Signna Alpha lota is also honored as the oldest such organiza- tion on the Nebraska cannpus. Its mennbers are represented in the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, String Ensemble, and annual Messiah and Elijah presentations. They are music majors selected on the basis of talent and high scholarship. Nationally known members include such notables as Gladys Swarthout, Grace Moore, Kirsten Flagstad, and Lily Pons. Above: SAIs love music, love to sing. So they make their own music as often as possible. Below. Jean Leisy runs through the old business so the girls can begin practicing for their next concert. Poq 431 Sinfonia Bock row: J Thorin. J B.riijan. J. Korowackv D «»4d L. Lotlptich, R Ronnquilt. M. Folti M McK»nn»y. H. Holllnqlttad. Fourth row: J Scliaumburq. F. Gorton. D Roltro J Stt»«nior. R Harriion. H Ambrose. A Miirptiy. E Mitchtll. C Curtlll Third row: R P« ' ki. T. McVay, B Krain.. D Ko ' ln«k. V J«nik«. D. Dtllinq.r. M. Grobeck. W Miliar. Second row: B VanVoorhii. O. Owtns, B. Klllion. W. Splichal. R. W.bitar, J. Otiton. W Elliott. Schaldar. D. Ainlay. Front row: H. Jacktnan. E. Teqtm.ier. L. Fofnay A Schmidt, E. Wiihnow. G. Flood, E Walls. R. Guy. p © 9 © 9 Varsity Dairy Bock row: C Brouqhion, D. Beck. M. Harms. B Sleinkruqer. K. Johnson. Sacond row: G. Myers, L. Fortna, D. Beavers. B Sinqh. Front row: C Fairley. R Epp G Barnes. Sinfonia members, male music majors with an eighty average, plan the annual spring concert, sponsor faculty concerts, and sell tickets to musical functions that appear in Lincoln. The purpose of Sinfonia Is to ac- quaint the public with American music. Varsity Dairy Is an organization for stu- dents Interested in dairy Industries. The group tries to promote a friendly relation- ship between students and faculty in the dairy husbandry department. During the year practical problems are brought before the club for solution. Above: SInfonians hash It all over during a casual get-together. Below: This obviously isn ' t a bull session as Varsity Dairy men gather around to study a cow. ■ ?j-; ' J: » " The«« Nu Bock row; E. Larson, J Welih, A L ri»n, D. Ldir. P. McGowdn. Socond row: J. J«ffr«y. E. Cl«aner, R. Mc- Donilj. J Milli, P. Jontl. Front row: E. Kiotbdsa, B. Maqid, J. Btankvn- ihlp. B. Long, A. Krauit. C. N«» ll. Theta Sigma Phi Bock row: J. Backar, M. Campfiald. B. Schlecht, S. Holmas, M. Luthar. Front row: E. Helna. M. Battay, E. Schnaldar, D. Travis. N. Sayra. JhsdcL Thu Theta Nu, medical fraternity, promotes high scholarship among those enrolled In the pre-medlcal course. Those people in the upper tenth of their class are admitted to the Order of the Skull and Crossbones. Jhsda, SlqyncL fihL Theta Sigma Phi, a national journalism honorary for women, was established in 1909 at the University of Nebraska. The group strives to organize the women in undergraduate and professional iournalism and to promote fellowship in this field. Above: President Bob Long talks over medical school openings with other Theta Nu officers. Below: Potential female reporters get orders from Elizabeth Schneider. ' oge 433 . ■ « r(. Engineering Societies Coed Counselors Home Economics Club ISA 4-H Nu Meds Orchesis Aquaquettes P. E. Club Delian Union WAA YWCA YMCA A9 Engineers Bock row: L B rnall. H. WiHmul. W. Splint • r. B VllUri. 0- BarnAion. H. Polnicky, J Ovsrinq W. Ballty, L. Kath. F«ur4ll row: D Tuckar. KirchoH. R Bullar K Von Bargan. Z Falrctiild, W. Sindt. L Kalina. B Bryan. G Woltamalh, J. BonduranI Third raw: C Panton, L. Paarca. D Sandahi J llitarai. G Johnion. 0. Erat. L. Woipa, 8 Somarhaldar, 0. Carny. S. MarcoHa. Second row: J. Broughton. M Armt. B. Lar- ton. B. Curry, K. Suqhroua. E. Hanian. C Glatmann, C. Jaracki, E. Wation, G. Santot Front row: F Yung, G. Palarian, J Senrunk. J Sahi. A McKalvia, S. Nalion. R. Eihalman, C Smith. M. Brunlg. AlChE Bock row: C Willav, S Viark, R. Kudlik. F L.ttl. Fourth row: G Cobal. 0. Nalion. F. Claui. N Caia, E Swanion. E Fandar. R. Rupart, J. Stoliniki Third row: W. Wild, W. Spradlay. H. Crouch Auganitain. E. Colquitt, C. Doubt. C Villari. D Nalion. Spati. Socond row; R. Carlton, R. McNamaa. D- Rundquitt, L. Rodqars, J. Adarnt. C. Waih- burn, H. Thorton. R. Huritad, G. Davis. B. Bamat. Front row: D Wakaman. J. Erwin. G. Muallar. J Stoddarl. L. Morin, D. Corkill. R Williarrti. H Balai. J. Wabar. , .J t ? 1 -j The Agricultural Engineering Society meets twice a month to help men who are interested In this field to become better acquainted with the work. They strive to further their knowledge of agricultural en- gineering and sponsor an annual party. mch£ Juniors and seniors majoring in chemical engineering compose the American Insti- tute of Chemical Engineers. The programs at the monthly meeting Include speeches by prominent men in various fields and movies concerning chemistry. Above: Chow time finds ag engineers devouring huge quantities of food. Below: Engineers patiently await the beginning of a chemistry confab. Poqe 436 slnlsi Bock row: B Hobbi. W. Kalltr, L. Bock, A Wartchow. R. Huiband, H. B cklar. D. Fdrrli C Fadde B. B«A)y. Fifth row: S. Butl«r, A. Edison, H. Bonnats. Wiobkt, P. O ' Dm, J. Reind rt, W. HuH, C Cunningham. Fourth row: C. Fuchier, M. Inqaltbe, M. P.nnef, W. Hill. W. Erny. M. L«nti, H Schroeder. P. McClure, C- Willidmi. Third row: J Jdcobion. J. Cuda. H. Sch«nk. T Sl )ev B McViy, R. Lanqtton, L. Hurlberl, B KUinichmidI, D. Olive, D. Upton. Second row: G. Gorker, A. Mitchnick, E. Gloyltein. N. Jone). G. Butt. K. Tiller. E. Kirsch. D. Wilson. G Koppert. Front row: W. Jentby. E. Von Fenqe. T- Bdtes R. Southworth, D. Cochrao. D. Gellegher. J. Kluck. M. Nider, E. Kelly. aass Members of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers are undergraduate stu- dents pursuing careers in this field. AIEE tries to better acquaint its members with the most recent electrical developments by sponsoring for them several inspection tours of outstanding electrical plants in the state, hiighlighting the organization ' s pro- gram for the year is their annual display for Engineer ' s Week. Above: Typical scene shows EE " power men of the future " working with complicated equipment. Below: Electrical engineers work in the " barn " while waiting for the completion of Ferguson hall. Page 437 K " t ■jm- m,,- i UvWillltmt. I .« ■ H ii » «. J I ' m . 1 S I ■ ' •Hw. M A - l m U biM J ZMM . ( Cot .Mt. I Kntl. ' Arclitt«c(iir«l : oci« •Mk r« l I ftolM . I CkrIiXfiwa. • 0. w» W«llM. D Olw . Unl. « MM r« ' -T I HaUbMk. I. CalMMn Vl «- A »o r,... L •OK ' MII. L KotKkl. V A ' t« W HalUa Tklr4 rawi ■ Moklw. I krmciito. (. A m ■f» « I rieod. F Dvtte . S «r«eii, M t,« H HaT ' 4. W HllKl. J H«lMCt J ' ' Un I. Grur, L. ' l ' M tf. C V Tt. N. McVlctw. F4»»l r»«» I M •q.i ft T omji, A. Mtftnr A L ! - ' [ •• " I C ' op • Fynk. G dAchltQctiiAoL SocMi Students in architecture with sophomore standing are eligible for membership in the Architectural Society. Monthly meetings often include lectures by practicing archi- tects, decorators and construction men, be- sides educational films. aSC£ The American Society of Civil Engineers is the largest and most highly organized honorary engineering fraternity in the United States. The society limits its mem- bership to those studying to become civil engineers. Above: Architects look over their paper work while planning the next meeting. quet night for ASCE shows high Interest In food and companionship. Poqc 438 Back row: B Caiwell. A. Collins, R. GcHyt. D Bromdn. C. Sumptar. J. Harm, J. P«t«rion, O Hdger. D. Sincldir. Fifth row: J. Forman. W. Kilgard. L. B«rk- heimvr. D. Pdrker, V. Glee, N. Nelion. E. Hughes, R. Wolken, D. Olton. Fourth row: W. Decker, D Auguitin. V. Cdrmichael. V. Koenig, J Luft. R. McMaitar, Adams, 6. McDondld. J. Beech. W. Eaiton. Third row: E Witlmann. R Plouiek, F. Sdnbongi. M. Nelson, B. Ford, J. Nelson. T. Dedl, C Johnson, C. Cade, E. Strickler. Second row: E. Rhoades, R. Craig. R. Dudek, R Rice, H. Raltten. D. Plugge, H. Levinger, E Boberg, J. Spalding, R. Frans. Front row: R. Simon, R. Krefschmer. L. Padgett. H. Jespersen, F. Marks. G. Less, R. Eii. R. Hdrm. R. Plumb, W. Kuser. Back row: R Olson. H. Koontz, H. McGIII, W. Rodds, R. Reinig, D. Thomsen, R. Eno, L. Wright. Fifth row; C. Hinei. R. Dieti. D. Jacobsen, C. Dickey. L. Strom. N. Klevcland. W. Krioger, M. Shell. J. Heldenbrand. Fourth row: H. Amen, R. Haight, A. Larsen. D. Ldnqe, R. Hawes, B. Nelson. D. Carlberg, A Morris, I. Altmanshofar. Third row: J. Keuchel, D. Taylor, M. Sees, T. Sekerci. R. Casari, J. Dutton. R. Mason. E. Jdckett, J. Westcott. Second row: R. Rystrom. K. Cossairt, H. Kdddvy, W, Hickok, H. Lindstrom, C. Maqnuion, K, Barker, F. Vitiello. H. Mer- chant Front row: J. McClain. K. Nelson. E. Lind- berq, G. Halter. M. Bergeson, W. Wright, T. Cheuvront. R. Mills, R. Perlenfein. E. Pontlllo. dsm The American Society of Mechanical En- gineers on the Nebraska campus is a branch of a large national organization. This group offers many benefits to its members. They have access to the 15,000 volumes in the engineering societies ' library and enjoy a personnel service which provides applicants with summer work or a permanent position upon graduation. Above: A cigarette between classes seems to satisfy this group of mechanical engineers. Below: Mechanical engineers develop a new method of brewing coffee. Poqe 439 ■ J J M I«M. C Coi. M ' MlM. 1. WIlliM. J 0. loc ai, M. Cwnp QdsxL QomibjdDhA, Coed Counselors, the " Big Sister " organ- ization, works continuously throughout the year to acquaint freshmen women with campus life by making available to them the friendship and guidance of upperclass- men. Each freshman girl is assigned a big sister and is contacted periodically by her. The counselors sponsor book reviews, charm schools, a penny carnival, and hold an an- nual fall banquet which each little sister at- tends with her counselor. Above: Unsuspecting counselor officers and dig- nitaries are caught by a photographer at the Friendship dinner. Below: President Borgens presents an award to one of the outstanding counselors at the annual Christ- mas tea. Paqe 440 Back row: A. Lambtrf. B. Hathdwav. J. Fenttvr. J. Mayar, J. Hoi mat. J. Viark, M. Andonon, Fourth row: J. Ball. C. Babcock. M. Giasakar, J Shdrp, S. Biorklund. M. Grundman, V. Streitz, D Mdlmbarg. E. Kn!ffan. Third row: B. Allan, H. Braamar, M. Schlankar. J. Schroadar, M. Hoffmaittar, J. Graham, R. Hoffmaittar. E. Darj«g, Second row: A. Stewdrt, J. Sadlacak, E. Rowley N Schick. V Haqaman. J. Piarca. N. Lonq. T Burqass, P. Tall man. Front row: A. StoppkoHa. J. R6un. M. Chdce, G. Monson, J. StoppkoHa, J. Rots, P Hanlon. V Batkm. Kx)msL jcorwmLcA, Qluh The Home Economics club is completing a year busy with sponsoring style shows and a smorgasborg, besides a full schedule of teas and dinners. Any home economics student is free to join the club, which is a branch of the National Home Economics Association. The purpose of the organiza- tion is to promote vocational guidance and provide opportunity for fellowship among the girls on agricultural campus. This year the group consists of about 200 members. Above: Pass the hamburgers! Ag campus is the scene for the annual Home Ec club picnic. Below: Home Ec clubbers turn into P. E. majors as they display their talents at baseball. Paqe .441 I Ctxsll. M L W«b« ' . M fklllipt. H mt r «: I U«ti9« , Jol»no«. J Laam- .•4 W Pi at Kalk. Mn Qulnton. dsa The Independent Students Association sponsored an extensive membership drive in an effort to organize unaffiliated stu- dents. The membership goal this year was 2,000 students, with plans to increase the number each year. Members are encour- aged to participate in campus activities and social life. Each spring the club sponsors a dance at which the ISA sweetheart is chosen. Above: The ISA roll is called and the meeting gets underway. Below: Representing the Barb organizations on the campus, ISA delegates settle down to real business. Poqe 442 4-H Bock row: D. WiUs. D. Eb«rtpach«r. E. Jdnike. L. Youngman. D. Hdvendick, E. Ptrry. O. Cddwalladar. D. Laitlng. D. Tinhham, W. Ant«s. Third row: J Maytr. J. Allan, D. Parry. C. Stub«r. L. MulUr. P. Zailinqar. V. Rawton. J. Schroader. M. Wagnar. Second row: D. Huaftla. L. Wild. H. Haht, R Crom. T. Burgatt, P. Ludlow, K. Stainauar, G Ganqwiih, Front row: C. Kirwan, J. Skuclus, E. Roblnion, M. Nalion. H. Boattgar. P. Hanlon, C. Yaultar. R. Hild. D. Holttain. Nu Meds Bock row: B. Hendrickson, D. Lambracht. J. Scholi. L. Nilion. R. Flajkoskl. Third row: J. Colling, R. Hannaman. G. Sobeslavsky, W. Basler, L. Hyda. J. Gaskill. Second row: D. Parklson, H. Dahlhaim. J. Jeffrey, M, Moikovitl. A, Krauia. C. Hdjeqawd, M, Zveftel. Front row: J FItl. D. Podlaiak. K. Maray. J. Blankenship, R. McDonald, M. BraH, E. Powell. l -dL " Head, Hand, Heart, and Health " club- bers are enrolled in the College of Agricul- ture and have been fornner mennbers of high school 4-H clubs. One of the club goals Is to create a closer bond between sinnilar organizations on other cannpuses. Each year the Nu Meds, organization for pre-medical students, present a golden key to the outstanding pre-med freshman at their spring dinner. Members hold monthly meetings to discuss current medical ad- vancements. Above: President Clayton Yeutter wields the gavel at a 4-H meeting second semester. Below: Nu-Meds take part in a questlon-and-an- swer period with the guest speaker giving the answers. Poqe 443 •Mk FMii S. Cliiib«ll, L KamluU. i SIdIx J t.M. M UMb- S c W r««: • TksmiMM. A. Till . V ' —. UMmop. M Imv . W. 0 vld • rM r««: A MollitM, N NloMX H OrcKatit ' - ' t ' «wt J NalkOA. C Ack«rton. A Angut l M. I G ' aingx. A Mock lt. f i DaIIaivi. I. Young, C. Il«iih. tMr« r w: C C ld . I El»«ll. M Haut«i •, r.«» ,. J M n»afo d. M J N «lr. M M lo«»»t. M K fo ' MH. J. ImcMc. $ Rini dtll V f --W I. Shyman, M. t4um«nn. J 0««. V. L T«irlor, A. Cr«wford J SmINl. L EiUion ••f r w: ■ S«id«i M Ph.ll p, « A Stnd it d O Robv ' tiofi W Bf|«nf, P Wicdmdr- J LOrfdoA. B Wfli I Aidttfton .! .?»|.||» . H dquaquBJUjiA, At the weekly meetings of Aquaquettes, the members perfect their formations for the water pageant, the most important of their activities. The girls belonging to this swim club are selected for their outstanding swimming ability. Poise and dancing ability are the main re- quirements for membership in Orchesis. This modern dancing club meets weekly to plan and practice for their Christmas and spring programs. Above: Aquaquettes hold watery meetings as they practice up on the latest water formations. Below: Practicing that " modern theory " of expres- sion. Orchesis members dance on. p r: ' Ail Phyiic«l Education Club Back row: J. Van Valkenburg, K. Moor . M. Chjmb«rtin, M. Oqden, M. Cropp«r, G. Robertson, F. Rochon, M. Goorga. G. Guitaf- lon, J. Bohner. Fourth row; D. Irwin. M. Krutgar, D. Prat- coll M Richart. D. Shrauqar. M. O ' Oall. J. Frjnke M Vraaland. S. t ahr. P. Dutton. Third row: R. Amot. V. Duartchnar, B. ' an Every. L Erikion. A. Mullihan. M. Britlanham, B Roland. W. Bryant. U. Graar. V. Coopar. Second row: L. Kaminika, B. Sawyars. N. Patarion. K. Christoftal, M. Baumann. S. RuH. M. t angold. L. tHogIa, P. Wilkint. Ft. Jacobi. Front row: D Thompioi, H Marlin. C. Rautch. E Chriitianion. J Lahl. M. Laa. R Schallbarg. N. Donovan, E. Wav- Dclran Union Bock row: C. Raysor, M. tvtalona, C. Gustin, C Moore, J. Burgin. Front row: R. Baavers, M. Carson. M. Web- ber. J. Williamj. fihi AifooL £duc£djuoji , ( lub The Physical Education club was founded in 1924 on the Nebraska campus. Students nnajoring in physical education may belong. The group promotes fellowship and recrea- tion and holds various parties and discus- sions throughout the year. (Dsdlan, lAnjLon The Dalian Union Literary Society was formed by combining two groups, the Delian and the Union, in 1931. The organiza- tion tries to develop and promote an in- terest in writing in its members. Various so- cial functions are provided during the year. Above: P- E. club girls take part in a lively game of volleyball. Below: Intermission at Delian Union party finds thirsty members gathered around the puncn bowl. Page 445 «• ' • 6 lo ' O J ' KsRxsa.Kt ' . « Ka . M. M«» ' titnoi. W. •»»• " ' Spertt iMfd •Mk r w: N Mr« ' t. M Cropper. J Nobla. f —t r«M : W Irnaiit. N. rcUrton. 1. McEI- «• ' •« I 4r4l»«r a; The Women ' s Athletic Association is active in most of the sports events on the Nebraska campus. Not only do they spon- sor the women ' s intramural soccer, basket- ball, tennis, badminton, swimming, and base- ball tournaments during the year, but they sell concessions at varsity football games to raise funds to carry on the many activities of their association. All women are invited to participate In the WAA. Above: WAA officers congregate In their lounge and talk about the latest sports events. Below: " The bullet goes here. " Members of Rifle club are shown the mechanics of a gun. IntrdmurdI Rapraiantativat Bock row: K- Moore. N Bridenbaugh, M. Britlenhdm, B SchltchI, A. Framplon M. O ' Dell. J. Htditrom. Second row: D. Chapmon, R, Garrop. C Jan- i«n. N. Butlon. C. Alma. M. RIchtrt. V. Duertschner. D. Hollltain. Front row: J Sallacli. M. Rainhard. J Tom- ilk. M Noriworlhy. A. Slawart, B. Roaiilar, R. Rlihmond. W. Botf. Coeds crowd around the WAA booth at the AWS activity mart, eager to sign up for some recreation. During their spare minutes, WAA members can be found talking to the gang in the club room. Newcomers to the Rifle club listen intently as they learn how to shoot and care for a gun. Poqe 447 l C. I C«biM« f J J HabU. i J Fktiing ' c««t« . A Flood, K J Nuttnun. J MaloM, A9 CabliMi •Mk r«w: A $)oppkoH C Egg rl. J StiK ' wi. RttdittI, A Andarion. in»»d r w: M HirfiiMli. J. Enqtltamitr. E fxctw E towl f. »»«irt row: E ro»«g, I Mjtklt. D Jowmin A »oi «ll. . Udlo». M Johnion. yu e Teaching Christian ideals in everyday liv- ing, the YWCA is a link between the school, home and church. The YW ' ers keep busy through the year with comnnission groups, weekly Vesper services, and special pro- granns. This year thhe YW again sponsored Religion in Life week. The traditional Christ- mas ceremony, " hianging of the Greens, " was yet another feature of their program. With groups on both ag and city campuses, any girl interested in the work of the YW can join. Above: " Let ' s go. " YW officers pause before leav- ing on official business. Below: Photographer catches efficient Jan Nutzman as she leads a Y meeting. Poqe 448 Treasurer Jan ZIomke Isn ' t taking in much money, so Jean Smith pleads for a sale. Frosh women sign up for YW membership at " ye old headquarters, " Ellen Smith Hall. YM and YW members hold a stimulating discus- sion to get a variety of opinions. Above: New YW officers are told what is expected tf of them as they meet with Ruth Shinn, sponsor. Below: Frosh women learn about the functions of YWCA by means of a skit. Poqe 449 Back row: W. Barnds. R. Hannemdn. Second row: A Good, R. Pond. J. Ellinqson, B. MundeM. Z. Fairchild. D. Keene. Front row: C Kemp, R. Nelson. H. Nabelsick, B. Reufer. J. Young, N. Williams. Bock row: R. Gebhards, R. Anderson, G. Wyef. R. Preston, P. Fenske, H. Temple, P. Main, W, White. Third row: R. Crom, D. Heiss. R. Morse, G. Quick, R. Monson, C. Yeutter, W. Baxter. Second row: L. Smith. D. Gard. O. Bralnard, D. Flowerday. S. Eberhart, L, Halsey, T. Chilvers, R. Craft. Front row: C. Kemp, H. Kenyon. W. Monson, M. French, S. Lambert, T. Lambert, N. Williams. V. Ganzel. yTncci th groups on both the city Tipuses, is open to all men int promotion of the life. Member- encourage participatio ' of the - ' uh. 1 ' qh dis- cus- ■-es. The «.i with the in sponsor- ing socidi iu ICt ions and religious councils. Abov , r»- n,n Mme cnsues in the Temple »n congregate. Below " ■ combine meetinq . ' ir. j ' iVr.G debak. for a t UR ADVERTISERS Po9» 451 Thfcu h thU ad ettiMw Mcthh . . . These Nebraska businesses are helping to give you a better yearbook. Support these organizations on every possible occasion Banker ' s Life Insurance Co. Bloom Typewriter Company Boyd Jewelry Brown Service Station Central Electric and Gas Co. Cheaper Drugs Continental National Bank Co-op Book Store John Deere Plow Company Eastman Kodak Stores Elgin Watch Company Charles Elce and Son East Hills Evans Laundry Fairmont Foods Company First National Bank First Trust Company Harold ' s Steak House Harvey Brothers Hotel Capital Hotel Cornhusker Fontenelle Hotel Lincoln d Island Italicjn Village I _ L ._ r- I ber Co. • I J o I a ' 1 1 J n jdio St- Ir Krause Roofing others Lincoln Telephone Company Magee ' s Midwest Life Insurance Co. Miller and Paine National Bank of Commerce Nebraska Book Store Nebraska Typewriter Company Nepho Camera Store Nix Steak House Jacob North Printing Company Omaha Crockery Omaha Stock Yards O ' Shea Rogers Motor Company Overton Drug Store Piller ' s Pharmacy George Randol Studio Roberts Dairy Robertson Grocery Rosewell Florists Vic Schroeder Agency Sherwin-Williams Paint Store Siegle Office Equipment Co. Smith Baking Company S. K. Smith Cover Company Standard Market State Journal Printing Co. State, Varsity and Capital Theatres Tyrrell Florists Uni Sundries WOW Radio Station George H. Wentz Inc. Woodman of the World Life Ins. Co. Poqe 452 I The ne t time you need greeiing cards, th!nlc of LATSCH ' S. Here Madelyn Feldman, Mary Hartmen and Don Peterson pick a card ' o suit their needs from the complete collection. LATSCH BROTHERS a ' 1124 O Street also have a complete collection of school supplies. For a Saturday night of good times, these UN students go to EAST HILLS. With ample space for all, there is music that makes you want to dance. Located at 72nd and Sumner. EAST HILLS ■ ' ' place to go for real enjoyment. anything from small lunches to formal dinners. NIX STEAK HOUSE is the place to go. Here Betty Anderson, Gene Johnson, Peggy Marble, a ' ' d Harris Carnaby order one of NIX ' S famous steaks. Page 453 . g ' ct lorvlcs and good sundaas h«lp Bill Perlins, Pat Boyd d ' a Hou St« nb«r9 rslai !n tha chaarful atmosphere a: PILLAR ' S DRUG .■■ . .v through their drug dapartmor PILLAR ' S can alio larve you. Calendar o ' f Events May 7, 1949 Ivy Day Eleven Innocents and fourteen Mortar Boards tapped Phi Kappa Psi wins Innocent trophy for high in activities and scholarship May 10 Kosmet Klub initiates ten new men Trench mouth sends hundreds of stu- dents to Student hiealth May 12 Constitutional Assembly passes pro posed student Bill of Rights May 13 Lou Means resigns as NU physical edu cation director Orchesis presents 22nd Annual Dance Concert May 15 John Connelly and Bud Gerhart ap- pointed to head 1950 Cornhusker May 18 Roswell Howard selected to preside over new Interim Council ■ill alwa- . -1 -, u: IK welcome awaiting you at 7- ..7£ ' ,i i.iC4:. First TRusT G)MB wir LINCOLN, NEBRASKA YOUR SECURITY IS OUR CONCERN Poqe 454 Ai, Jr u University students Jackie Hoss. Jean Stockstlll and Klmon Karabafsos explore and try out sonde ol the many fine appliances at the GEORGE A. WENTZ PLUMBING CO. At WENTZ ' S, 1620 N Street, everyone can satisfy their plumbing, air conditioning and heating problems. Come in at your convenience and look over the ne Plumbmg Appliance Show Room. ' ne best In school supplies and the most for your Trade-in on old books. " This Is the motto o Tom Brownlee arcj Al rotter - is time to start the semester. From their approving smiles, it is easily seen that they pre ' er LONG ' S NEBRASKA BOOK STORE, which o ers the f nest in onaineering supplies iexi books, art supplies, trade books, and zipper note books. Page 4SS v casos at EASTMAN ' S ar© filled with o ■ photographic equipment. Qulclt and cour+e- ui n .--.v j .. 3r,ot. ' .or ipacialty. So taio a hint from Bob Phelps and Joan C«rv»fh and tot EASTMAN ' S devotop f lms tof you May 20 Don Knebel announced manager of the 1950 Farmer ' s Fair William Mueller elected N-Club presi- dent May 22 " Cub " Clem and Keith O ' Bannon named to head Daily Nebraskan Daily Nebraskan names Phyllis hHarris and Jerry Johnston top seniors June 2. 1949 School closes June 7 University of Nebraska gives 1,410 de- grees to largest graduation class in his- tory Kansas State President Milton Eisen- hower speaks at commencement exer- cises June 8 Summer school begins with enrollment of 3,700 students June 10 Coaches award letters to 43 outstand- ing baseball, track, golf, and tennis men HARVEY ' S COLLEGE BOARD ■V, Honry Cech. Bill Sloan, Bill Doty. Don Dutfon. Front row Mary Alice Dosek Tom Dona hue, Roiy Elias. Don Finstrom, Barbara Dunn. Paqe AS6 The SMITH cread an happily presents some oi his samples to Cub Clam, Adele Coryell, Mary Jean Neely and Julie Johnson. The ATO house is just one of nnany organized hcuse5 served delicious rolls and pastry daily by the SMITH BAKING COMPANY. ROSEWELL ' S beautiful flowers are inspected by these three pro- specrive customers. While Charles Deuser watches, Anne Lauder and Betty Green try an orchid on for size. Remember. ROSEWELL FLORISTS located at 133 South 13th Street. July 16. 1949 Short term classes end July 26 Two hundred and sixty scholarships awarded for I 949-50 term July 30 NU graduates 440 students; largest summer term class September 15, 1949 The University enrollment drops to 9,000 as registration closes Sororities pledge 346 girls in rush week Fraternities pledge 425 men in fall rush- ing September I 8 Farm tHouse and Kappa Alpha Theta top Greeks in scholarship September 24 Nebraska 33, South Dakota 6 in first football game of year October I, 1949 Nebraska 6, Minnesota 28 Dad ' s Day BABW elects Hatty Mann 1949 hiello Girl October 5 Late registration reaches 9,400 M Mi Uit Paqe 457 Sportsman green and beautiful chartreuse are the new and ex- clusive colors of the 1950 Ford convertible coupes. These new creations are now on display at O ' SHEA-ROGERS showroom in Uncoln. These are the aristocrats cf convertibtes that will satisfy the most discriminating. cif Jeu eit Co. DIAMONDS— WATCHES SILVERWARE GIFTS FOR EVERY PURPOSE " 1144 OSl. Lincoln I I I Kappa Sig kibitzers garner arcund t- e ca- ' o ' ac e tor wnat see s to be an interesting game. OMAHA WORLDS SECOND LARGEST LIVESTOCK MARKET AND MEAT PACKING CENTER ,111 iirniT rill ,„, % CSsi ' Page 4! S ' ? ' ik S ' " ' ■?, Because We Love You — Love you for yourself, your patronage, your discriminating tastes. We Qive Fair Warning — That Miller ' s won ' t he the same in years to come. Your demands change ... we dote on meeting those demands. So we ' re ambitious, and we ' re telling you — if you return ten years from now and find Miller ' s just as you left it (except for the same superior merchandise, and outstanding service) we ' ll eat our most fashionable chapcaux! 1960— is It a date? ' r . mULER PAinE Poqe 459 filu;aif tuif • ICECREAM • MILK • BUTTER Vr FROZEN FOODS FAIRMONT FOODS CO. October 7 Gwen Monson presented as 1949 Farm- er ' s Formal Queen October 8 Nebraska I 3, Kansas State 6 Delta Delta Delta wins the Piper Cup for the most improved sorority of 1949 at Panhellenic banquet October 14 NU World Affairs Group holds initial meet October 15 Nebraska 7, Pennsylvania State 22 October 17-23 UN Week October 22 Nebraska 0, Oklahoma 48 Band Day features 3,000 marching par- ticipants from Nebraska hiigh Schools October 27 M. J. Melick, Leon Pfeiffer, Jerry Matzke appointed to Pub Board October 29 Nebraska 20, Missouri 2 I NATURAL GAS AND MANY OTHER RESOURCES PROVIDE OPPORTUNITY FOR NEBRASKANS IN NEBRASKA CENTRAL ELECTRIC AND GAS COMPANY a® . otnpa u Page Ai OOH . mJ -dneMidi xJ fy UJtLj ijvvy IkC atat£ ajojauiWiey W OtOvr u ceAtotnlM dj eAA QdU JULIE W r LSO N, oj Stage an J radio » i «• W ELIMINATES 99% OF ALL REPAIRS DUE TO STEEL MAINSPRING FAILURES uf " ElKimv " n]4 lfti. 1 ' [oJlle. w nvive uca«. irlow r.xlra proud yimll In- to ivr an KIgin — or to wear one vourself! Elgin Watches are .styled ,« mi| itIiI that thrv arc the choice of America ' s " l)cst-dressed " men and uomen. And how rioiihlv thrilling these new KIgin Watches arc! Sharing honors with their fashion- correct heauty are such exclusive technical advancements as the DuraPower Mainspring. This is the most drprniiahlr poiicr for accurate tinwkif iing ever put into a natch! It eliminates 99% of all repairs due to steel mainspring failures. For every gift occasion — hirthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation — give the watch you know will give years of happiness. See the fashion-correct Elgins at your jeweler ' s now. Poq 4i1 Mi4i ' on. C ool, 3ttons are the answer to a hot Nebraska su mmeri n s fashion-minded college board voices Its enthusiastic approval of the current crop. ... See this attractive collection In hl.S. Junior and Misses Shop, second floor! Abo»«: M«ry Ryon, Gmny Davit, Jane Hale, Nancy Peters. Marilyn Beyer. Donna 8url y, Gloria Fenchman. Nancy Klein Lee tlest Page 44}ls Charii Cdlllson, Jane Fehrs, a-d Marianne Wetenkamp ioin the be tween-clsss crowd at the popular UNI Drug. KEEP TUNED TO THE STARS ON NBC WOW Radio Station . . . 590 on Your Dial Permits you to keep in tune with • Studio One • Curtain Time • Fibber McGee • Phil Harris • Dennis Day • Bill Stern • Meredith Wilson • Night Beat And Many, Many Others . . RADIO WOW OMAHA WOW-TV FIRST IN TELEVISION TOO CHANNEL SIX John J. Gillin, Jr., President PURVEYORS OF QUALITY MEATS to the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, HOSPITALS, RAILROADS THE STANDARD MARKET Wholesale Meats 1535 " O " STREET 4 3 . n , , , I- fuMMtf « ' ' ' »■ . Ji ' f Am - 4 i;«.Htii corn wiih .VII 111% UN ;;,k u ii j C04I ' ■ mvri«. ' «ii " ,ti I iii«rs . «1 4 wtMcrnc s iniu Uiul i l opiHiriunkiy (tmi fircM dccxtrnplisKtucitis. Havk ii) 185 " , )i hn IVrrr ' s ilrtMius aiul ilojj- i; -vl JcirriuiDctiUM) k;a c fhc wimIiI (he (irsc stio irsNtiil sircl pU . This nrw pUn uiiKivkcil (he vr tl(h ol (he prairie .mmI — irea(eil a new ajjri- uiUurdl empire. I ' ltUdy, (he Joho IVere orj-ani- idiioi) is pit neeriHj; iiew lron(iers — workinj; (u mitke (he An eri«. ' (ii dream o( a well-leU world A re!ili( . l " (»rel ' ul prep4ra((on and lius ol perspiriKton s(ill make dreams . ' me (rue in . merica. For in this Iree land. Ills- i « liii i»u make ii — (he luiure is unlimi(cd. John Deere October 31 " Faust " begins University Theater sea- son Virginia Seacrest and Tom Donohoe revealed as Honorary Producers November 4, 1949 Dedication of Carillon Tower by Donor Ralph S. Mueller November 6 Homecoming Nebraska 13, Kansas 27 Shirley Allen announced as Pep Queen Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Nu take house decorations honors Parade winners revealed as Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship and Phi Gamma Delta Joe Sanders and orchestra featured at Homecoming dance November i 2 Nebraska 7, Iowa State November 13-17 Religion in Life Week SIEGEL OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO Sure, Its SIEGEL ' S for Reconditioning Typewriters 228 No. 13 2-2666 IF It is SERVICE You Want It is QUALITY You Want It is VARIETY You Want STOP AT UNI SUNDRIES 500 No. 14 2-3771 2626 No. 48th Street Phone 6-3224 CHARLES ELCE AND SON UNCOLN. NEBRASKA CERTIFIED LIBRARY BOOKBINDERS We Make School, College and Public Library Work a Specialty GREETINGS FROM AN OLD NEBRASKA ORGANIZATION FOUNDED 1906 offering 4 5 BLOOM TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Next to the Campus at 323 North 13 TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE • RENT • AND REPAIR THE STUDENT ' S STORE HOTEL YANCEY The Third City ' s Finest For . . . • BANQUETS • CONVENTIONS • DANCES GRAND ISLAND, NEBR. lERE E. CRRLSON, Manager Smiling faces surround Ed Racely on the threshold of the ivy covered Phi Gam house. KEEP TUNED TO 1110 3heBIG station with the B b4hom Page ' Di PHONE BUS HEADQUARTERS FOR 2-7071 FOR BUS SERVICE Everywhere AIR CONDITIONED BUSSES • • 320 South 13th Street UNION BUS DEPOT l , m h . Lincoln, Nebraska • ALL BUSES STOP AT THIS TERMINAL! • ., ' aqt 4 7 The CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK of LINCOLN Friendly Bonking Service Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. November 18 Don Bloom and Roxie Elias elected Prince Kosmet and Nebraska Sweet- heart at Kosmet Klub Fall Revue Phi Gamma Delta wins honors in " That ' s What I Like About Paree " November 19 Nebraska 25, Colorado 14 November 2 I A.U.F. nets $4, 1 76.02 in annual drive November 22 Phi Beta Kappa chapter names 15 new members November 24-28 Thanksgiving vacation November 30 N-Club initiates 32 men December 2. 1949 Military Ball opens formal season with Tony Pastor ' s orchestra Pat Berge named hlonorary Comman- dant December 3 Nebraska 61, South Dakota State 32 in basketball opener l aiH . . . CORNHUSKER COVERS BY THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVE.. CHICAGO 18, ILL. Page 4« ' i| When Friends or Family Come to Town Park Them at HOTEL CAPITAL Nearest to Nebraska " U " Newest in the Nebraska Capital For Room Reservations Phone Harold Goodwin, Manager iS OUR BUSINESS AN INDEPENDENT COMPftN? SERVING THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH- EAST NEBRfiSKft WITH EFFICIENT, DEPENDABLE TELEPHONE SEBVICE,,,, SINCE 1904. Getting up ear., .r. rr.e .T. .r...-. d dr. r dui! rhe enthusiasm of these football fans on their way to Iowa State. NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER CO. When You Think of Typewriters Think of ROYAL 130 No. 12 2-2157 " For -the Paint That Covers the Earth " THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO. • Wall Paper • Paints • Linoleum 1333 O Street • Artist Materials • Picture Framing • Framed Pictures 2-6641 , «• » OMRHfl ' S FINEST-BY FAR HOTEL FONTENELLE Bombay Room — A Magnet for Miles The residents of 480 N. 16th leave the Chi Omega house for class. «, Ti •% SHEILA y For THREE GENERATIONS TheyWe REACHED FOR . . . MILK THERE MUST BE A REASON Poqe 470 M . iet ' c- mi " L I n c ol n Made " ENVELOPES Wh oiesaie — Ret ail y](inn aclurcd by The Lincoln Envelope Co. ASSOCIATED WITH JACOB NORTH CO. 471 And another section of a school annual goes to press. For over 60 years discrinninating buyers of printing have been conning to NORTH ' S, " The House of Jietlpr School Anniutls . Jacob North Co. Printing • I I I 8 M Street Offsetting Lithographing Lincoln, Nebraska % j % JOIN YOUR FRIENDS For a Po wWiM at the new Teepee Room or J Ue IclvicK . f ! ai c ii ar HOTEL CORNHUSKER a 0. SCHIMMEL Managing Director a. L. LEW Resident Manager IN OMAHA HOTEL BLACKSTONE Visit the New Orleans Room Nebraska ' s Newest Dining Rendezvous UNDER SCHIMMEL DIRECTION Pago 472 FOR OVER 50 YEARS UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA Students have been assisted in purchasing their BOOKS SUPPLIES by connpetent sales persons at nnoney saving prices AT December 4 Dick Regier named to Big Seven Sopho- more All-Star Team Annual Christmas Carol Concert with I I 2 sinaers December 5 " The Two Mrs. Carrols " second Uni- versity Theater production December 7 Tom Novak receives Frank Palumbo Player ' s Player of the Year trophy December 8 Bill Mueller and Herb Reese elected senior and junior class presidents Nebraska 58, Northwest Missouri Teach- ers 39 December 9 Mortar Board Ball with Jimmy Dorsey ' s orchestra Most Eligible Bachelors revealed as Bus Whitehead, Charles Widmaier, Bob Sim, Keith G ' Bannon, Ajon Farber, Tom Donahoe, Bill Brlnkman, and Don Bloom Colonel Mook escorts Paf Berge. Honorary Comrnandant of fhe Armed Services on the university campus. IF IT ' S A ROOF WE HAVE IT THE KRAUSE CO 75 Years In Lincoln Roofs, Sidings, Sheet Metal Work and Air Conditioning BUY FROM AN OLD ESTABLISHED AND RELIABLE FIRM Lincoln 2-4413 Grand Island 473 For the Freshest of Flowers horn Our Own Greenhoxise CALL TYRRELL FLORISTS Home of " DELL ' Flowers 1133 No. Co ' .ner Blvd. G-2357 ROBERTSON GROCERY 1406 " S " Street Lincoln QUALITY FOODS OUR SPECIALTY Phone 2-1504 Ear ' , ncrning ' Rallyers " gather around yell ting Frank Piccolo tor some pre-ganne yells. December I I School of Fine Arts presents Handel ' s The Messiah " Leo Geier elected president of Inter- fraternity Council December 12 Nebraska 55, Bradley 69 December I 3 Dici ves Rhodes Scholarship ' -■ " ' " y Queen candidates honors keqistratio d semester begins December 14 Nebraska 6 ' - ' ,-. Teachers 54 December 17 Nebraska 6 Christmas vacation begins Der ' 10 • -43 January 3, 1950 Ch acation ends January lu N.-nraska " " ■-«- January I I Phi Delta Theta takes intrarr r track ' ■ ' ! ? u It Good Lumber NEBRASKA ' S BEST SUPPLY Direct from Our Own Oregon Mills JOHNSON CASHWAY OMflHfl GRAND ISLAND HASTINGS GERING Page 47 THE CORHHUSKER 1950 - ' ® i -! i ;- i Editor John Connelly and staff check sports pictures before releas- ing them to The Journal Photo-engravers of the Cornhusker for many years. When quality counts, it ' s The State Journal Printing Company, experts in Photography, Printing, Lithographing, Photo- engraving and Bookbinding, for many college and high school year books. STATE JOURflflL PfilllTlllG CO. 900 P, STREET LINCOLN 1, NEBRASKA J Jul (JcVtlkiii SiaiiL and. dhiAksiA. JhsudMA. WISH TO THANK THE STUDENTS of the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA FOR THEIR PATRONAGE January 12 Sue Allen elected president of City YWCA; Dorothy Bowman elected presi- dent of Aq. YWCA Annette Stoppkotte elected Home Ec club president January 18-28 Final Exams January 28 Mid-semester commencement exercises with Dr. Phillip Bail, Omaha university president, as speaker January 29 Nebraska 65, Kansas State 63 January 30 Fritz Simpson heads The Daily Nebras- kan Frank Jacobs manages Cornshucks February I, 1950 Ralph hHanneman becomes City YMCA president; Virgil Ganzel leads Ag. YMCA 11 ; - f ,:r, rr; (jy THE HOME OF COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE TlaJtionaL Sank. DnunoAOL 13th and O Street UNCOLN, NEBRflSKfl Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page 47i On the Migration train to Iowa State, these students are full of spirit(s). KOLN Complete Sports Coverage and Your Favorite Record Shows o Time and Tempos — 6:45-8:00 A.M. Disc Jockey — Bob Lundberg •Gloom Busters— 3:05-4:30 P.M. Disc Jockey — Lynne Reed • Paul ' s Platter Party— 11:00-12:00 P.M. Disc Jockey — Paul Jensen IX I k I Your Mutual IXWLIN Voice 1400 Puqe 477 We hope that in fiilure years, whenever yon pass the corner oF 12th and O. you II drop in and pay us a visit . . . just as you used to do bacK in 50. For nearly a half century, we. here at Magee s. have been sersing NeurasKa men £Uid women. If s an association we re proud of . . . and one c lioiic will (oniiniic lor llir next two score and ten. MAGEE ' S CHINfl - GLASS - SILVER LAMPS, PICTURES, MIRRORS ' ■i.;r:-. and Glass for FRATERNITY and :- ITY HOUSES — Monogrammed in any pattern desired. Omaha Crockery Co. OMAHA, NEBRASKA Jackie Hoss happily reminisces by looking through old Cornhuskers. February 2 Coach Bill Glassford announces plans to remain at Nebraska February 4 Interfraternity Ball presents Nancy Dixon Sweetheart February 6 Nebraska 50, Missouri 4! Nebraska 55, Minnesota 49 in dual track nneet February 8 Oqden Nd ,, .aks at convocation February 9 Henry Scott c February 10 ■ ' " ' Easterqa " -- ' - " ■ ' irdi Gras February I I Nebraska 36, Kansas 49 February 15 Nebraska university ' s 81st Anniversary February 18 ir Girl Revue ■my rnival ?d Queen of " Om hance OfcheMtaj " Eddy Haddad Skippy Anderson Morton Wells Hank Winder Jack Swanson Lee Barron Jack Ross Paul Moorhead Mai Dunn Jack Cole Dell Clayton Jules Herman 848 Insurance Bldg., Omaha, Nebr. Phone: Webster 5373 Poqe 4 ' What do you dream your future will be ... a career, a business of your own, a family? No matter what that future may be, life insurance can help you make it brighter and more secure. Someday — soon perhaps — you will sit down with a representative of a life insurance company and he will want to talk with you about YOUR FUTURE. That is his business ... to help you find a way to assure that the future you want . . . will come true. Since 1887 — Huildins Family Security BANKERS LIFE INSURANCE CO OF NEBRASKA LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 47» 1 In Actio Looking Ahead Th: gr .!ure is largely a secret. .• Irup of the new college .g man, ready to embark on protection against financial IS important. Important, too, is . ,,.,ding of strong friendships. ' , ' .■: Woodman goes his way alone. His Woodmen life insurance safeguards him against want. Woodcraft ' s fraternal, so- cial and civic activities help him to build enduring friendships. WOODMEN OF THE WORLD Life Insurance Society WORLD S STRONGEST FHflTERNflL SOCIETY Fairar Newberry, Pres. W. C. Braden, Secy. February 18 Nebraska 59 — Colorado 49 Missouri wins over Nebraska in dual track meet 621 2 to4|l 2 Nebraska takes K.U. 45-38 in swimming meet February 20 " The Glass Menagerie " by The Uni- versity Theater Nebraska 55 — Missouri 48 February 22 Stan Kenton Concert Nebraska wallops Kansas State 64 to 40 in dual meet Gene Berg named new president of the University of Nebraska Builders with Nancy Porter and Phyllis Campbell vice presidents February 24 The I 0th Annual Debate Meet draws 55 universities v_ ■Jfies " drojs up tor the Soturdo, mofr.Ing Home cc ilng parade. PHOTOS . . BY GEORGE For finished copies of your Cornhusker Portrait call at ROSE MANOR STUDIO 1421 O Street Telephone 2-2247 Page 41 Hotel Lincoln ' s EXCITING PARTY SETTINGS The Grand Ball Room • The Gay Terrace Room The Exotic Chinese Room • The Rustic Garden Room The Classical English Room • The Festive Renaissance Room The Mezzanine Galleria An entire floor dedicated to the art of private entertainment HOTEL LINCOLN Ever the favorite of University Students R. L. (Bob) Watkins, Manager 481 HAROLD ' S STEAK HOUSE Charcoal Broiled Steaks and Chicken 3441 Adams St. Phone 6-5035 R. J. Brown Service 14th and Q St. SKELLY PRODUCTS TELEPHONE 2-7882 FOR SERVICE OPEN 7 fl. M TO MIDNIGHT Junior Pepsters go all the way to boost Nebraska bchool spirit. February 25 Nebraska 56 — Iowa State 54 in Big Seven Basketball race Nebraska 6OI 2, Oklahoma 43I 2 in the fifth indoor meet of the year February 27 Delta Gamma and Kappa Kappa Gam- ma win firsts in Coed Follies Janet Carr elected Typical Nebraska Coed March I. 1950 Basketball team ranked 16th in the na- tion by the Associated Press March 2 ■ ' " " al Friendship Dinner •agates of 40 nations particip. March 3 Nebraska ' s Bu ' ehead inivted to play in Annual tdij.-vVest All-Star bas- ketball game First B ' q 7 1 onference begin MEET ON THE BALCONY AT OVERTON DRUGS • PRESCRIPTIONS • FOUNTAIN SERVICE • SUNDRIES • LUNCHES Lincoln ' s Downtown Drug Store Stuart Building 2-7037 Poqe 4B3 March 4 Nebraska loses to Oklahoma 48 to 64 in last home basketball game Nebraska takes second behind K.U. in Big Seven Indoor Track Meet March 7 Shirley Allc-n new Tassels President March 9 Jo LIsher appointed to direct All Univer- sity Fund for 1950-51 school year April 7-12 Spring vacation April 25. 1950 Honors Convocation May 6, 1950 Ivy Day THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF UNCOLN 10th and O St. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ITALIAN VILLAGE Dial G-2396 O Street at 58th TELEVISION ROOM flCCOMMODaTIONS FOR ALL Fiesta Room 70 Guests Baldo Room 200 Guests Luna Room 30 Guests Total Accommodations 380 Guests Open 7 Nights a Week 5 P.M. to 1 A.M. Daily The Dominos Welcome You D e 483 Abramton, of •_■ the union for tfie last time. From left to right are: John Connelly, editor of the Cornhusker; Al of Corn Shucks: Keifh O ' Bannon, business manager of the Daily Nebraskan: Bud Gerhart, business " Cub " Clem, first semester editor of the Daily Nebraskan. LAUNDERERS V ; ij» CLtANEPS ' UtPHONI J6941 333 NO ' J ' - SUttl LINCOLN 8. NEBRASKA Located Near The Campus For Your Convenience Pick-up and Delivery Service Throughout Lincoln 333 North 12 St. 2-6961 Drugs Toiletries Sundries CHEAPPER SYSTEM, INC. Cheaper in Price Only! 1325 O STREET LINCOLN, NEBRflSKfl Telephone 2-3225 No need to be puzzled ... no need to wonder where to buy . . . the best place in Lincoln is your " Cheapper Drug Store " where prices are rock-bottom everyday . . . where you get the last drop of value from your dollar . . . and where the merchandise you buy, whether it be Drugs, Cosmetics, Sundries, Cigars, or Tobacco, is always Quality Merchandise! WHY PAY MORE? Paqe 48 O t janl jcdLon. QndsDc Acacia Adelphi Agricultural College Ag. Engineering .,..««..„«„. Ag. Executive Board ..... , Ag. Men ' s Club „ AlChE _ AIEE Athletic Deparfnrient Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Epslton Rho Alpha Gamnna Rho . Alpha Kappa PsI Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Omicron PI Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Tau Omega Alpha XI Delta Alpha Zeta A ' umni Association Amiklta Aquaquettes Arch. Society Arnold Society Arts Sciences College ASCE _ ASME Associated Departments A.U.F. A.W.S. B BABW BABW ■Hello " Dance Baseball Basletball. Varsity Beauty Queens Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Slqma PsI Beta Theta Pi Block i Bridle Board of Regents Brown Palace Business Administration College C Cadet Officers Association Chancellor Gustavson Chancellor ' s Reception Cheerleaders Chi Omeqa Christian Student Fellowship Coaches Coed Counselors C ' •d Follies Coll-AqrI-Fun Commencement Corn Cobs Cornhusker Cornhu Ver Co-op Cornhiisker Countryman . ' irn Shucks C ' vsmoDolitan Club Co. Hall D Dally Nebraskan Deans Delta Chi Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma . Delta Omicron Delta Phi Delta Delta Sigma PI Delta Sigma Rho Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Dentistry College Engineering Engineering Executive Board Engineers Week 400 308 27 -.436 50 306 436 .... 437 .. 227 326-7 418 ..356-7 . 404 418 328-9 .. 413 .330-1 358-9 332-3 419 _... 25 308 444 438 284 28 438 439 29 207 46 54 156 254 242-9 178-185 414 360-1 362-T 422-3 23 309 30 285 22 65 226 334-5 300 230 440 167 157 64 208-9 I88-I9 ' » 310 202-3 194-5 301 311 196-201 24 364-5 336-7 338-9 420 424 366-7 421 368-9 370-1 31 32 ... 47 .170-3 Eta Kappa Nu .— 424 Extension and Service Division 33 F Farm House 372-3 Farmers Fair 155 Farmers Fair Board 222 Farmer ' s Formal 176 Fine Arts College 34 Frosh Football 231 Frosh Hop 154 Frosh Informals 130 Fuslleer 289 G Gamma Delta 297 Gamma Lambda 425 Gamma Phi Beta 340-1 Golf ._ 255 tA XA College 35 Gymnastics 241 H 4-H 443 Homecoming 158-9 Home Ec. Club _ _ 44! Howard Hall _ 31 I Huskervillc I60 I Innocents 62-3 Inter-Fraternity Ball 168 Inter. Fraternity Council 52 International House 312-3 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 294 Intramurals 256-7 ISA 442 l y Day 174-5 J Journalism 37 Junior Division 36 Junior Informal 106-7 Junior-Senior Prom 58-9 K Kappa Alpha Mu 427 Kappa Alpha Theta 342-3 Kappa Delta 344-5 Kappa Kappa Gamma 346-7 Kappa Phi 299 Kappa Slqma 374-5 Kosmet Klub 212-3 L Law 38 Loomis Hall 314 ' ove Memorial Hall 315 Lutheran Student House 295 M Masquers 215 Medical College 39 Men ' s Residence Hall 316-7 Methodist Student House 298 Migration 161 Military Ball 164 Mortar Board 60- 1 Mortar Board Ball 165 Mu Phi Epsllon 426 N National Pershing Rifles 286 N-Club 228-9 Nebraska Blue Print 204 Ncbr. Unl. Council for World Affairs 166 New Americans 302 Newman Club .301 Nu Meds 443 Nursing 40 o Office of Admissions 26 Omicron Nu 427 Orchesis 444 Orchestra 214 P Palladians 303 Panhellenic 51 P. E. Club :..._. Penny Carnival Pershing Rifles „ 445 169 „ 287 Phalanx „ Pharmacy „. Phi Alpha Delta Fhi Beta Kappa Phi Chi Theta Phi Delta Theta _J88 41 „ .412 .415 426 376-7 378-9 Phi Kappa PsI Phi Upsilon Omicron PI Beta Phi 380-1 427 348-9 382-3 PI Lambda Theta PI Mu Epsllon PI Tau Sigma 428 _ 429 430 Presbyterian Student House ... 296 55 R Red Cross „ 220-1 Red Guidon „ Rosa Bouton 289 _.3I8 Scabbard and Blade _ „ 290 Senior Informals « 66-7 Slqma Alpha Epsilon 384-5 Sigma Alpha lota „ 431 Sigma Alpha Mu 386-7 Sigma Chi _ 388-9 Sigma Delta Chi 430 Sigma Delta Tau „ 350-1 Sigma Eta Chi „ „ _ 297 Sigma Kappa _ 352-3 Slqma Nu 390-1 Sigma Phi Epsllon 392-2 Sigma Tau _ 416 Sigma Theta Epsilon 299 Sigma Xi 417 Sinfonla 432 Singers _ „ „ .223 Sophomore Informals 124-5 Student Council 48-9 Student Directory 205 Student Union Board „ 53 Swimming 253 T Tassels 210-11 Tau Kappa Epsilon 394-5 42 Terrace Hall Theta Nu ._ 319 433 Theta Sigrna Phi 433 Theta Xi 396-7 320-1 Trldenl Tri-K — 291 419 Union Activities Id on Ba r u 162-3 Unl. of Nebr. Bu U. of N. Foundat University ROTC srs nd 206 43 216-7 University Theate 218-9 Varsity Dairy Varsity Football Varsity Track V 432 232-40 250-1 W A. A w ...„ 446-7 Wilson Hall 318 Women ' s Residence Wrestling XI Psi Phi Y.M.C.A Y.W.C.A. Zeta Beta Tau Halls X Y Z 322 ._ „ 252 _ 410 450 448-9 398-9 Paqe 485 SiiudsmL nxisx. AbboH. G«org« Abbott, Mtfrilyn Abbuhl, J«nic« Abdnor. Cl«o Abrtmion. Alvin Abr«mion, H«ro d Ach«n, Fatrici Acfc» ' . L«v«fft« Acktrm n, Edward Acharion. E Chrlitln. Ad«rni. M«rci« Adjmt. S«f«h Ad«m», Vincent Ad«mi. Willi«m Addifton. John AdI . Virgil Aqn«w. Eilan Aktton. Bvrton Akaion. Marilyn Alb«rt. Joyc Alb«ri, Lynn Alb«rti. 0«t« Albvrtt Phillip Albin. Jo«n Albracht. Sidnay Aldan. Bath Aldan. John AUfandtr. Da Wayna Alatandaf, Joan Alaiandar. Joa Alatandar. Laland Allan. % t t ikilan, Harold Allan. Law Allan. Mary Allan, Nail Allan. Robart Allan, Shirlay Allqood, Robart Alma. Carolyn Altman. LyU Amiot. Starling Andanan. Batly Andartan. Roland Andarton, Alica Andarion. Arthur Andarion. Barbara Andarton. Batti Andarion. Bill Andarton. Claranca Andarion, Dala Andarton, Darlana Andarton, Dorii Andarion, Hatan Andarton. Jacqualina Andarion. Jarry Andarton, John H Andarton. John R Andarion, John T Andarton, Kannath Larry Lucilla Milton Norman Paul Richard Rolan Shifl.y Thomai Thomai John Kaith John Mai Ra Maraa N, EuUa Andarton, Andarton, Andarton, Andarton, Andarton. Andarion, Andarion, Andarton. Andarion. Andarion, Vaydan Andarton, Wan Andraat. Andratan. Andratan, Andrawi, Andrawt Andrawt. Angla. Edward Applalon, Arthur Arvndt, Aranton. Armbrutt. Harbart Armitrong, Dala Armitrong. Dav ' d Armttrong. Daan Armit ' T ' T P JoJin Arr- Arr Art Aft«rb J--, » ' N Allay, Robart Aimul trtlir AiT A»r AtK,. Atkinion. N» 1 Alkiiton, Jam«i Auguttina. Ann Auguitina, Ronald Autarod. Marytyn Auttin. Lorna Attalt, Kant Artall, Robart Artall. R;chard Arthalon, Norrli Ayart. John Ayari, Willim M Babcocli, Dan i8 Bibcock, George 140 Bdch, Patricia 126 Bactcman, Orville ta Bahde, Irving 66 Bailey. Jane 126 Bailey. Joel 61 Baitd. Betty 126 Baird. Lenora no Baker. Edwin no Baker. George MO Baker. Katliryn no Baker. Richard 140 Baker. Robert no Baker, Shirley 126 Baker, William 140 Baldwin. Pal 126 Ballard, Don 140 Bamesberger. Marilyn no Bancroft. Eleanor 140 Banghart. Lola 68 Barber. Arlene 140 Barchus. Robert 126 Barger, Ann 68 Barker, Charles 140 Barker. James 126 Barlow, Ann 140 Barnard, Allen 126 Barnason, Duane 68 Barnell, Barbara 126 Barnell, Leo 126 Barnes, Alvin 68 Barnharf, Jack 68 Barrett, Donald no Barribo, Phyllis 68 Barry, Douglas 68 Barry. Helen no Bartels. Edsel 68 Barton, Donna 126 Barton. KHary 126 Barton, Silas 68 Bartunek, Edward 126 Baskin, Marybelle 68 Baskin, Virginia 126 Basler, William 68 Batcheldcr, Dean 140 Bates, Roberta 140 Bates, Tim 126 Bates, William 68 Bath, Wayne 68 Batten, Newton 140 Battey Charles 140 Battey, Ma-ian 68 Bauer, Donna 68 Bauer, Dorothy 140 Bauer, Fred 140 Bauer, Martin no Bauermeister, Gilbert 126 Baugh, Kenneth 68 Baumann, Marjorie 140 Baumgart, Norman 126 Ba«ter, William 68 Bay, Jean no Bayer, Peggy 126 Bayreuther, William 140 Beach, Alta 140 Beachler, Janet 68 Beam, Arlen no Beavers, Mona 66 Bechan, Patricia 126 Beck, Jean 68 Beck, Robert 68 Beck, Sally 126 Becker, Arthur no Becker, Jacqueline 140 Becker, Jean 126 Becker, Leona 140 Becker, Sara 68 Becker, Wallace 6? Becker, William 69 Beckler, Howard 69 Beckley, Marcia 69 Bedell, Betty no Beerline, Glynn 69 Beers, Rosemary 126 Behne, Ernest 126 Behrens. Arlene 69 Behrens, Gavie 69 fieideck, Harlan 69 Btideck, Roland no Beindorff, Richard I2( Bekins. Marcia no Bell, Julia 136 Ben, Cecele 69 Benda, John 69 Bender. Frederick 69 Bengtson. Cherrie 126 Bennett Waller 69 Bennington. Robert no Benson, Rodney 140 Beran, Mary 126 Berg. Edward 62 69 Berg. Euqene 140 Berg, Waldo -r, Berge, Pat o Bergeson, Merle ' 1 Berggren, Clifford . 69 140 no 140 no no no 140 140 69 69 140 126 no no 126 no 69 140 no no 140 140 126 126 69 140 140 69 140 69 69 no no 69 no no 69 126 69 69 no 140 no 140 70 70 70 70 126 70 140 70 140 no 70 70 70 no 70 70 70 70 126 70 70 140 no 70 140 no no 140 140 126 no 126 70 no no 70 126 no 140 70 no 70 126 no 126 126 no 140 126 140 70 no 70 no 70 no 126 no 140 70 70 no Bergh, Marilyn Bergoffen, Charles Bergstnaessen, Ruth . Berguin, William . Berigan, John Berke, Robert Berkowitz, Eleanor Berkshire, Robert Best, Barbara Best, Billy Best, Laura Betcke, Clark Betka, Eugene Beti,, William Bever, Norman Beyer, Marilyn Beynon, Esther BIckel, Erma Biemond, Raymond , Bierbower, Mary Bierman, Averil Billiq, Richard Bilon, Donna Bishop, Delaine Bitner, Daniel Bjorklund, Sue Black, Jon Black, YIeen Blackett, Alfred Blaha, Jean Blaha, William Blanchard, Bonita Blankenship, James Blaser. Lawrence Bleicher, Miriam Blessing, Alfred Blobaum, Robert Bloom, Don Blumel, Joseph Blumer, Paul Blunk, Richard Boberq, Elliot Bobst, William Bock Mary Bock, William Bockes, Patricia Bockes, Suianne Bodlnoon, Virginia Boettger, Marilyn Bohmont, Don Bohner, Janet Boland, Dorothy .„ „ Bollen, Barbara Bonebrlqht, Doris Boothe, Betty Borcherdinz Shirley .... Borqaard, Mary Borqens, Dorothy Boris, Andrew Bornholdt, Lorna Borowlak, Bernard Borowski, Edmund Bostwlck, George . Boswell, Alice Botsford, Vlrqinia Bott, Claire Bott, Wanda _.... Bowen, William _ Bowers, Gretchen Bowhay, Marvin Bowman, Dorothy Boyer, Carmean Braasch, Norman Bradney William Brady, John Braqdon, Kathryn Brainard, Owen Bramer, Marilyn Brammer. Hildreth Brasee Carl Bratt, Doris Bratt, Edward Breck, Betty Bredenberq, Joanne Bredthauer, Barbara Breese, Etdean Bretike, Harold Brehm, Adam Bressman, Charles Brewster, Marilyn Brldenbauqh, Nlta Bridenbauqh, Robert Bridqman, Jane Brinkman, William Brittenham, Dean Britlon, Robert Rroborq, James Broderson Thomas Broekemeier, Harlan Brooker, Joseph Rrower, Thomas Brown, Gerald Brown, Jessica Brown, Joseph Brown, Ken Brown, Lois Brown, Marlon Brown, Marlon L, Brown, Thomas Brownlee, Thomas 126 70 III 126 126 126 126 70 140 140 71 140 71 126 71 71 71 126 71 71 ._,..I40 126 1 1 1 126 .....140 71 .._...I40 ... 140 126 71 71 1 1 1 1 1 1 .._... 1 40 140 126 71 III 71 71 126 71 III 127 71 140 71 71 71, 61 Ml 141 71 141 Ill 71 127 III .71,61 127 71 127 71 III III 71 141 111 71 127 71 III 141 71 72 72 72 72 III 141 141 141 72 III 127 141 127 72 72 III 127 141 II I 72 72 141 141 72 141 127 III 72 141 127 III III 72 141 Ill 72 72 Page 48i Bru««. J«nic Brgvninq. Fred Bru«rl. Edwin Bruqqvmdn, D«U Brunnvr, PhyHil Brydnt, Donjld Brydnt. J4ck Bryton, Loil Buck, Ndncy Buchinqham, 0«dn Bucknall. Ooodid Buath. Chrii Buk4c«k. Carolyn Bull B«Hy Bull. Robert 8unj«r, Jan Bunn. John Bunttn, Andy Burch, Alic Burch, Aultin Burchtlt. P«arl Burdic. Barbara Burford, Jtan Burqcsi, Elaina Burqcii, Marfin Burqttl. Twyla Burqait, Warren Burktand. Marcia Burlay. Donna Burlay. John Burmaijtar. Charltl Burnt. John Burt, Kathlaan Buich, John Buih, Charltl Buth, Leonard Buih. Robart Bull. Mardall Buiikohl. Doyla Buitla. Jamat ButUr Ron BuHarntld. William Button. Nancy Byari. Dwiqht Byqiand, Gladys Byor h, Donald 77 127 7J 72 127 127 72 127 III 127 72 III 72 127 72 III 127 127 72 72 127 141 Ml 77 77 72 72 127 III 77 127 77 III 127 127 127 72 III . 77 77 141 72 127 72 141 III l?7 Cady Win 141 Caha Jaan 127 III Gaidar, Carol III Gaidar. Chloe - - 127 Caldwall. Vernon 71 Callan. Thomai J 71 Callan. Thomai R. 127 Gambell, Janet 127 Cameron. Carolyn 141 Camp. Robert 73 Campbell. John D. 73.42 Campbell. John W. III Campbell. Maynard 141 Campbell. Phyllii III Campfield Marilyn III Canaday. Donald 73 Canaday. Doree 141 Canaday. Ralph 141 Cannon. Ted 141 Capek Dale III Caopell Dorothy 127 Capiey. Norman 73 Carey. Gertrude 141 Carqill. Leonard 127 Carlberq Donnal 73 Carlion, Bonnie III Carlion, Dorii 141 Garlion. Elmer 127 Carlion. Norma 73 Carlion. Roberta 127 Carnaby. Harrii III Camahan, Annette III Carney. Larry 141 Carotheri. Gharlei Ml Carpenter, Harry III Garr. Janet III Carroll Betty Lou III Carroll Elaine 73 Career. Carroll 73 Carter, Edward 73 Carter Glenn III Carter Janice 127 Carter Jayne 127 Carter, Louiie 73 Car+er. Robert 127 Cartmell. William 73 Carveth, Joan III Carveth, Stephen 141 Gary. Laura 141 Case. Norman 73 Caiper Donald 73 Gates Wayne 73 Cattle Dorothy 73 Gaywood. Albert 73 Cerny, Daryl 73 Chace. Joan 127 Chace. Mary III Ghael. Frederick III Ghamberi Charlene 73 Ghambartin, Margaret III ChAmpin . J«nat Ch4n«y, Robert Chang. Donald Ch«tdnov, Ad«ll Charniii, L«td Chtrny. Cdrol Charny, Gartrud Childrais. M«rlon ChiUtn. Thomat Chiiholm. L«t .-— - Chovce. Thom«t Christ ni«n. Carroll Chriitenian. C. Jack - Chrittanian, Eiti Chrittanian, Kath«r!n Chriitansen, Doris ChriitoHal, Carman ChriitoHel. Kay Chubbuck. Norm« ___.. Chudacoff. Phytit .... ... Chu man. Thaodof Chupp, Norman Church. John Church, Marilyn Churchill, Roy Cita. Frank Clapp. Elsia _.„ Clark. B. Jaan Clark, Glan -__.._„ Clark. Marilyn .. Clark. Milton _... Clark. Nancy Clark, Robert Clark. WMIiitina Clarke. Patricia Clem. Alan Clement, Donald Clement, Kathleen Cline, Jamet Coad. Betty Coble, Halcyon Coburn, Park Cochran, Donald Cochran, Janice Coder. George Coffey. William Coffin, Willard Coffan. James Coffman. Rex Cogley. Catherint Cohen, Jack ...__ Cohen, Jerome „. Coker, Corinne Colbert, Beverly Cole. Sunya Cole. Wendell Colqan. Gilbert Collier. L. D. Colling, Jerry . Collins. Arlyn Collins. Harry , Collins. Lawrenca CoMIton, Charlyn CoMopy. Frank Colion. Keith Comerford. Earl Conger, Robert Connelly, John Conner, George Conner, Orval Conway Patricia Cook. Donald Cook, Edward Cook, Louise Cook. Marilyn Cook. Richard Cooper. Charles Cooper, Virginia Corbett, Dorothv Cordell, Richard Corkin, Wendie Corkle. Charles Cornelius, Grant Cornish. James Corrick. Janice Coryell. Adel Cosand. Marion Cossairt, Keith CosteMo. Bernard Cottlngham, Robert Cottman. Jack Coupe. George Coupe. Marilyn Court. Evelyn Cowles Nanette Cot, Cathleen Cor, Fred Cot. James Coy. ShirUy Craft. Ruth Cralq. Frit! Craig. John Cramer. Adele Crawford. Ann Crawford. Bryce Crawford. Florentine Creamer. Chralotte Creasman. Gary Crilly. Janis Crom. Ret Crom, Richard Crook, J. Donovan Crook. Robert Cropper, David Croppar. Marilyn Crosbie, Connie Croskary, Patricia Cuda. Joseph CuMan. John Cunningham, Beverly Cunningham. Frances Cummlngs, Martha Cummins. Mary Alice Curran, Jamie Curtis, Guy Curtis. Jamet Curtiti, Charles Curtiifl, Harry Cuthbartton. M. Carolee ..._„... 112 75 12B 75 75 75 75 I2B 112 112 141 75 I2B I2B (12 Daehnkt S ' qurd _ 117 ._. . 75 Oahleim, HarnlH 75 112 Dahlke. Jean I2« Dale, Douglas 128 Dallam, Dorii 128 Dallam. Janet 112 Damon. Virqinia 112 Da Monde. Dean 75 Dana. Norma 141 Danielion. Murray I2B Darit, Donald 75 Davidson, Joann 75 I7t DAvirHtrin, WinifreH I7» 117 Davit, Eiiiabeth , ,, ■K Davis, Georqe 75 Davii, Harvey 7t Davii, Helen 7« Davis, Lyie 75 Davis. Marqarat 75 Davis. Nancy 128 Davis. Paul „„. .- 141 Dawson Robert 128 Day. L B. 141 Day Lois 74 Day, Mary I2» Deal, Beverly IM Daaley. Robert Ti De Bord. Nanci . . _.. „... .._ 141 141 74 n.rk.r Wilhur 74 74 74 147 D !t«r:ng DuaH 1711 De lonqe 1 e " ,, _ 117 De Long Martha 117 74 112 117 74 Dereig, Eileen 112 Derrick, William 112 Desmond. John 142 Deter Donald . 142 Dauchler. August 74 Deusar, Charles 128 Oevareauf, Jorit 112 74 Devoe. Sara _ 128 DeVore. Carman 74 Devrlas. Donald MJ Da Witf. Carole 128 Oewulf. Jack , 74.42 142 Oickerson, Duau .- 112 Dirkey Art 112 Dicus. Martha 128 Diedrichsen, Ltord 74 Dierki. John 74 Diers, Joan 112 Diers Orvllle 142 Diers, Robert 128 Diers. Robert R 74 Olllman. Barbara 142 Dillon, Barbara 142 Dillon, Mozeol 74 Dlnltel. Jamas 112 DInklage, Herman 142 Dinsdaie. Howard 112 Dinsmore. James 112 Dishner. Patricia 74 DIttman Mark 128 Dtion, Nancy 128 Dodson Kathleen 74 Ooerr, Howard 74 Dolence. Frederick 74 Domman Galvin 74 Donarico. Lorenso 142 Doneoan, Lawrence 74 Doolittle, Marilyn 112 Ooran. Donna 128 Dorn Byron 112 Dorn, Douglas 112 DorseH, Mary 128 Doielr. Jerome 74 Dolek. Mary 74 Doty William 178 Doualas. Shirlav .- .- - — -.. 7 4«7 Ou«rtcnn«r. V«r« Du«ir. Dougtai Ou-i. Bob Ounc«n. Howard DunhlAn Rupvrt Dunn, B«rb«r« Dunnina, L rrT Dunnuci. Itich«rd Durbury, Rich«rd OurUnd. B«rb«r« OurfVA. Rilty Duit«l. Ern«»t Ogt«ju, Yvonn Dutton, Don Dutton. J«m«i DuHon. P«Mv Dwiggint. D«ni«l Dvorak, Varn Drc«. G«n Uril. Jtrrv E4iUrg4rd. Sua E«lt rly, J«ck E«iton. Wil)i«m Eb fh«rt. Stave £b«ripoch«f. 0«dn Ebn«r. L«rrT Eck«l. Donald Eckari. Duana Eckart. Eliiabtth Eckvall. J««n Edia. Allan Edia. Jamai Eddy, Loii Edmiion. Lyia Edmondton, William Edwardi Eugana Egaan, Edward Eqan. Rodgar Eggart. Charlan Eggart. Richard Eggart, Robart Ehrmann, Bartrand Eibargan, Maunai Eidam, Nancy Eihouian. Joyca Eilart. Bonnalyn Einung, Robart Eiianhart, Wayna Ekttfand. Marqarat Eldar. Jo Ann Eliat. Roianna Ellaflbargar. Shirlay Eilar. Lynn Elliott Catharina Elliott. Don Elliott. Dorothy Elliott, Jamai Elliott. LIU EMlt. Kannath Ellii. Paggy Elm, Ronald Elta. Carol Eltama n. Marilyn El«all. John Elwall, Loll Ely. Dorothy EmthoN, Loll EndoH. lo ' n Engdahl Engdoht Engdohl Engal Brg i« Engalkamiar. Joanna England Garaldina Enata, Norma Englar, Malvln Englar. Paul Eoitian. Arthur Eottlan. tra Er: . E ' • Er. Ernif. John Eiay. Patricia Ethalmon, Richard Eip«gran. Rob ' Eti«r, Robart Ettat. Dorofh Ettai M Edmund. ' Evani B» ' I2B 142 128 142 113 128 113 142 142 142 142 76 77 113 128 77 77 77 113 113 77 n 142 142 128 128 113 128 77 113 77 126 142 113 113 Evans, Jack Evani, Robart Evant. Shirley Evnan. Everett Ewing, J«rry Eyth. William Face, Knolan Fagot, Dale Fahnettock, LouAnn Fairchitd, Janet Faifchild, Jerome Fairchild, Zane Fairei, Frank Fairley, Charlei Falb, Patricia Farber, Ajon Farber, Chi Farmer, Carol Farmer, Robert Farnham, Phyllli Farrit, Donald Farris, James Farrow, Anne Farschtman. Gloria Faulhaber. Glen Fayman. Robert Feddc, Chris Fehrs, Mary Jane Feldman. Madelon Fensler, Richard Fenster, Jean Fenton. Jerry Ferris, Walton FIckling, Joan Field. Don 77 Fiene. Keith 128 Fiqge. Anne 113 Fike. Mary 77 Finigan, Dee 126 Finke. Walter 1 13 Finley, Barbara 128 Fintey, Galen 113 Finney, Jo Ann 142 Finstrom, Don 142 Firestone, Phyllis 61 77 Fiscus. Darleen 128 Fisher. Ilo 113 Fisher, Joe 142 -Fisher, John 77 Fisher. John 77 Fisher. Ken 77 Fislar. June - 142 Fith. Jim 128 Flaherty, Mary Lou 77 Flansburg, Stephen 142 Fleming. Antonia 77 Flemming, John 77 Fleskoski. Roman 113 Fletcher, Betty 142 Fletcher. Howard 142 Fletcher. Roderick 142 Flood. Audrey 77 Flood. Bruce 113 Flood, Francis 113 Flowerdav. Albert 142 Focken. Gflorqeen 126 Foqerty. Jack 142 Foley. Jim 77 Follmer. Hugh 77 Foil Leale 77 Forck, Charles 142 Ford, Glenn 142 Ford, Richard M2 Forinash, Donald 126 Forman. J ck 77 Forsythe. Lois 77 Fortna. Lloyd 142 Foster. John 128 Foster, Robert 142 Foth Jo«ce 77 Fowler. Jean 113 Fox Alfred 128 Framnton, Alicia 77 Francis, Gordon 142 Franrke. Garyasa 77 Ffflnklln M-%rvin 113 Franklin William 129 Frani. Charles 129 Franian, Larrv 78 Fradarlck. Lois 142 Ffaaburn. Dennis 113 Freed. Parcv tn Fraaman, Douglas 129 Freeman. Fr«d 142 Freeman. Robert 129 Franch. Marwvn 142 Fraricht Janat 78 Freudanbufo. Arnatta 129 Frwva. Clarice 78 Fficka, Robert 129 Fri «san. Carl 78 FrJtson, Lavon 129 Fritilar Sh iron 1(3 Frost Wavne 113 Fry Chafl-t 78 F.irh tr, Cleo 113 Fuchs«r Fay 179 Fuqate, Joan 8 Fuller. Fred 8 Fuller, John 3 Fullerton, Janice 8 Fulton, Sarah 3 Furuya, Clarence 8 Fusby, Jean „ Fusby. Joan 78 142 Gade. Marjone 129 Gaebler, Walter 1 , 78 Gaeth, Loren 142 Gallagher. Donald 76 Gallagher, Elizabeth 113 Gamerl, Norma .. 78 Gangel. Robert 142 Ganz. Charles 78 Gard. Don 129 Gard. Ray 142 Gardner, Barbara 78 Gardner. Dwayne 142 Gardner, Robert 78 Garey. Marjory 142 Garon, Lamar 142 Garrison. Mary 1 13 Garrop, Rosilie 1 13 Gass, Elizabeth 142 Gass. Gerald 78 Gass, Walter 78 Gates, Clarence 1 13 Gauqer, Louis 129 Gauger, Marilyn 113 Gauger, Shirley 142 Gauger, Wendell 129 Gealy, Gertrude 1 13 Gealy, Gordon 142 Gearke. Don 142 Geler, Leo 78 Gelsert, Marjory I 13 Gelsert, Richard 142 Gelber, Carol 113 Genqenbach, Carl 129 Genqenbach, Gloria I I 3 Georq, Leiand 142 Georqe. Maria 78 Gerelick, Lois 129 Gerhart, Harold 129 Gessner, Gene 78 Gessner. Shirley 76 Gibbs. Marylois 142 Gibson, Raleiqh • 29 Gibson, Robert 142 Gibson. William 78 Giekhan, Gill 142 Gieseker, Lyie ' . " .IA2 Gieseker, Mary 78 Glesman. Phyllis 113 Giesselman. Harry 78 Gilbert. Arthur 143 Gill, Charles 143 Glllen. Donald 113 Gillett, Doris _... 78 Gilliland, Harold . 1 13 Gilmore, Barbara 113 Gilmore. Philip 129 Gilmore, Robert 78 Gilpin. Alice 129 Ginsberg. Gloria 143 Glrard, James 143 GIssler. Bernie 113 GIssler. Dorothy 79 Glesmann, Carol 79 Glesmann, Herbert 1 13 Glock. Barbara [43 Glock. Janet 113 Gloysteln, EIroy 79 Gloystein, Harold 129 Glynn. Nancy 79 Goeres, Jane 79 Goetz. Paul 79 Gohde, Arllne 143 Goldinq, Jerry 129 GoM, Richard 129 Good. Joseph 129 Good. Loren 129 Goodrich. Hlle 113 Goodsite, Frances 113 Gooqan. Richard 143 Gorham, Thomas 79 Gotschall. Ernest 143 Gottstein, Stuart 129 Gottula, Kenneth 79 Gowen, Richard 79 Graef. David 79 Graham, David 113 Graham, Joan 79 Graham, Mary 79 Graham. Rosemary 141 Grainger, Shetla 143 Grainger, Susan 129 Graul, Loren Ml Green, Betty 79 Green, Georqe 1 13 Green, John 179 Green, Richard 141 Greenberq. Bernard 79 Greenwalt. Delores 79 Greenwalt Rita 79 Greer. William 129 Griffin. Caroll .. 79 ..129 ..143 ..129 .129 .129 .129 143 79 129 79 113 129 143 ... 79 79 143 113 113 . 79 114 114 79 114 143 143 114 114 129 114 114 114 79 114 143 79. 62 129 143 79 79 80 143 114 143 ...80, 62 129 80 80 129 80 80 129 80 129 129 129 80 80 114 143 114 .129 80 143 80 143 114 80 129 114 . 80 114 143 ...80, 62 114 80 129 129 114 143 143 143 80 143 143 80 80 80 114 114 114 143 129 60 114 129 80 129 143 80 143 114 ..143 Griffin, ld«n Griffithi, Euqtn« Griffilht, Jiclli Griffithi, Jove Grilwold, Dwiqhf Grob«ck, Jdck Grobech, Milton Gronst. Ctfrolyn Grotl, Cdrol Groil. Ed Gross . Marilyn GroSshans, Gw«n Grosshdni, Ttiomat Groth . Norma Grubar, Barbara Grubar. Robart Gruabar. Donna Grundman, Mary Gruntorad. Elaina Guard, Willard Gualkar. Shlrlay Guhin, Richard Guhin. Virginia Gundarson, Gilbart Gundy, Pat Gurnatt, Josaph Gustafson, Carlton Gustafson. Myron Gustafson, Paul Gustafson, Philip Gwynn, Jack • I • I 143 II 81 114 12 I2» 143 114 143 114 Bl 143 81 129 12? 143 143 114 81 114 114 114 12? 81 81 143 81 130 Haarmann. Bavarly Haasa. Marvin 81 81 Hachbart. Robart 81 Haddir, Faya 143 Haqarity, Juanlta 114 Hagaman, Robart 81 Hagaman, Virginia Rl tHagan, Flo ranca .._ „. 8! Haggar. Virginia ■43 Haggart, Earia 143 Hagga. Kan Hahn, Margarat __ _. _.M3 114 Hahn, Shirlay 114 Haight, Howard 114 Haight, Robart 130 Hala. Arda 130 Hala. Jana 114 Hala. Russall 81 Malay, Phyllis 114 Hall, Ann Jana 143 Hall, JsAnna 114 Hall. Garald 81 Hall. Robart 81 Hall. Tarri 114 Hallstrom, David 61 Halpar Jordan 114 Haltar, Garald 81 Hamann, Donald 143 Hamilton, Martha 130 Hammang. Garald 143 Hammang, Jtroma 143 Hammal, Donald 81 Hammas, Laonard 81 Hammond, Charlas 130 Hamon Otto 143 Hancock, Gaorga 143 Hancock, William 81 Handshy, Wayna 114 Hanisch Richard 81 Hanlon. Patricia 130 Hannaford. Janica 114 Hannaman. Donald 81 Hannaman. Ralph 130 Hannayo. Clauda 81 Hannon. Thomas 143 Hansan. Allan 143 Hansan. Arthur 143 Hansan. Conrad 82 Hansan, Earl 82 Hansan. Jack 114 Hansan. John 114 Hansan. Ralph 130 Hanson. Douglas 144 Hanson. Elinor 114 Hanson. Francas 114 Hanson. Garald 82 Hanson, Joan 144 Harberl, Phyllis 130 Harding, Jamas 82 Hardy, J Warran 82 Hargleroad. Jaan 130 Hariay Thomas 114 Harm. Robart 82 Harman. Janat 114 Harmon. Paulina , 114 Harms. Alica - , .. KJ Harms. Marilyn 114 Harms, Marvin iin Harnish. John ,____ 82 Harper K rl 144 H rrlngtr n HArUn 82 Harris. Betty 82 Harris. Carol 130 Harris H trry 82 Harris. William 82 Harrison. Janet 130 Harrison. Nanci 82 Harrison. WAtfn Harsch. Ruth Hartman. Mary Hartl. Sally Hasagawa. Carl Haskell. Bruce Haiion. Patty Hatch. Harold Hathaway. Batty Hattan. Gayla Hauge. Myra Havelka. Joseph Haverly, Harry Havlik, Georgine Havres, Richard Hawlay, Patricia Hawley, Raymond Haydan. Jack Hayes, Speed Haykin, Doris Haykin, Martin Hays, Byron Hayward, Glenn Haialrigg, Don Healy, Pat Heath, Lowell Hecht, Herbert Heckenlively, John Hedke. Rosanne Hedrick. Margie Hedstrom. Jean Heebner. Gordon Heeckl. Phyllis Heermann. H. Ted Heffelfinger. Shirlay Heidenraich, Donald Heim, Phyllis Hein, Frances Hein. Ginger Hein. William Heine. Emily Heineman. lUargaret Heiss. Darrell Henderson. Roger Hendrickson. Bruce Henizer. Lois Henkens. Kenneth Henkle. William Henrichs. Dolores Herbsl. Howard Herrod. Judy Herse. Bjorn Hershberger. Barbara Hershorn. Helen Herlik. Adrian Hertiler. Joan Heriog, Frederick Herioq, Patricia Hewitt. Bayle Meyer. Dian Hiatt. Kenneth HIatt, Ruth Hicks. Miriam High. Richard Highlev Robert Hild. Ralph Hildebrand. Robert Hilker. Georgia Hill. Marlene Hill. Virainia Hill Willa Hillis. James Hinderaker. Carolyn Hinds. Jo Ann Hinds. Patiicia Hinds. Robert Hinds. Ruth Hiner, Deworld HInman, Arthur HInti, Patricia HIschier, Mary Mile, Betty Hite, Joanne Hodder, Bill Hodder, Donald Hoekstra. Barbara Hoff Joan Hoffman, Donald Hoffman, Frank Hoffman, LaVerne Hoffman, Susanne Hoffmeister, Mary Hoffmeister, Rei Hoffmeister Ruth Hofmann, Jesse Hoheniee, Gwendell Hohnstein, Robert Hokanson, Edwina Holcomb Charlene Holder, Robert Holdnusan, Gerald Holland, Sue Holliday. Patricia HoMingshead. Harold Hollinasworth Katharine Hollstain. Delia Holm, Barbara Holm. Paul Holmes. Laurence Holmts. N. Jean Holmes, Rockne Holmes. Sally Holmquist. Harold Holmquist. Pat 82 IIS 144 82 82 130 130 IIS 144 IIS 82 82 144 130 82 144 130 IIS IIS 82 82 82 82 82 144 144 IIS 130 144 144 IIS IIS 130 IIS 130 82 144 144 144 IIS 82 130 IIS 144 130 144 IIS IIS IIS 144 144 82 144 83 130 130 83 144 83 IIS 83 144 IIS 83 83 130 83 130 130 IIS 144 130 83 130 130 IIS 130 83 130 IIS 83 83 130 144 83 83 130 130 144 83 144 IIS 83 130 . 83 83 130 144 83 83 83 83 83 83 IIS 83 144 144 130 144 83 115 83 lis Holmquist. William Holthus. Burton Holti. Robert Holle. Edith Hook. Charles Hooper, Byron Hopkins, Donald Horacek. Ray Horhan. Charlia Hornby, June Hornbacker, Kenneth Hornstein, l« arvin Horstman, Pat Horfon, Alice Horton, Marvin Horwich, Justin Horwiti, Ruth Hosea, ra Hosfield Roger Hosick, Waller Hoss. Jacquelyn Hosterman. Fred Housel. Marijo Housel. Ray Howard. Roswell Howe. Jean Howey. Robert Hoyt. Joan Hruby. Al Hruby. Charles Hubqa. Mary Hudson, Shirley Huebner. Carl Hueneke, Duane Huff. Dan Huff. Eldon Hufford. Janice Hufman, Marian Huqhes, Charles Huqhes, Clayton Huqhes. Marquerlte Hulas, Frances Hull, Benjamin Humbert, Gorden Hunscote, Joyce Hunt. Jan Hunt. Wllmer Hunter. Dortha Hunter. M. Irene Hunter. WlMiam Hunxeker. Lloyd Huofer. William Hurlbert. Loyal Hurlburt. Rita Huston. Carolyn Huston. Mary Huston. Sam Hutton. Lynn Hyde. Lawerence Hyland. Jeanne Idd nqt. Carter Her . Louise Imi q. Shirley Inq ram, Frances Inn s. David Ifvi n CKarles Irwin. Allies Irw n, Delores Irw n. Richard Ijham, Robert Izenstart. Florence Jackman. Herbert Jackson. Jane Jackson, Leiand Jacobs. Franklin Jacobs. Sheldon James. Jack Jameson. Dean Japp. Matt Japo. Lyie Jedllnski. Henryk Jeffers. Joann Jeffrey. Marlon Jeffrey. Stanley Jeffries. Donald Jenkins. John Jenkins. Leslie Jenne. Everett Jensen. Alan Jensen. Catherine Jensen. Charles Jensen. Frances Jensen. Genene Jensen. Mariorle Jensen. Nancy Jepoesen. Kenneth Jerman. Joseph -Usse Beverly Jewett. Jane Jewett. Ruthe Jochum. John Johansen. Pauline - 130 IIS 130 83 144 84 [«■•■ 84 144 84 84 IIS 130 130 144 130 84 84 130 130 130 130 IIS 84 84. (2 84 144 130 84 144 130 144 IIS 144 144 84 IIS 130 IIS 84 130 IIS 84 84 IIS 130 84 130 IIS 115 ' 30 144 84 144 IIS 130 IIS 84 IIS IIS IIS lis 131 131 84 84 IIS 131 131 84 144 84 144 84 IIS 131 IIS 84 IIS 131 IIS 84 IIS 84 lis 131 144 IIS 84 8S 84 IIS IK 85 144 144 Mi 131 85 85 |»9« 48» Johftton, A1fr d Jo Jc Jo- Johftion. Crui Johflton. D«l« JoHnton, Oonnj JoHnton, Ern«it Johnion, G rdft«r Jo nio -_-«or q« Jo- . Jo- Jo ;• J«r.«»f« Johnton. J «nn« Johnion, Jtrry Johnton. John Johnton. Julia Johnson. K«nn«th Johnson, Lloyd Johnton. Lol« Johnton. Luthtf Johnion. Johnton, Johnion, Johnton, Johnton. Johnion. Johnton, Johnton. M«rjoM« M«rh M«rv Molltr Morrii Pdul Phyllii Jontt. Jon«i, Jon«i, Jonai. Jon«i. Jon«i. Jontt, Johnion. Robert Johnton. Kob«rt Johnion, Robtrt Johnton. Rufh Johnton, Sally Johnton. Sl«ph«n Johnton, Sui4nn« Johnton. Thom«i Jonti. 0«nl«l Jontt. D«vid Hobart Knoi On«d« Priicilla Robert W;ili«m w;im« Jordan. J«n« Jorn. Lt«ttric Joyc . Carol Joyc , Janic Judd. Pagqv Junqbluth, tla Junqa, Robtrt Juracah. Edwin Jutsal. Alfrad Kadarii, Barbara Kaattnar. Patar Kahn Janaf Kailay. Kannath Kain, Jaanna Kalin, Margarat Kal!n. Marilyn KallhoH. Marqarat Kalitrom. Tad Karnarad. Myron Kamprath, Euqana Kantor. Edward Kar«l, Marilyn Karqat. Gilbart Karrar. Fradarick Karrar. Mai Katib, Wilton Katmarak. Robart Katiha, Alan Katiman. Charlotta Kaul. Clo Kavanay. Patricia Kaatinq. Mary Kablar, William Kacb. Jamai KaeHa. Mary Kaalar. Oona ' d Katnan. Jamat Kaana, Patar Kaanay WJtIiam Kaap, Harry Kaavart. Shirtey Kaith. Carl Kallar, Robart Kallar. Francit Kallar, Laa Kalioqo. Baiph Kally, Euqana KaMr. Jamai tr«l1y. Robart Kattay. R«y K. K- Ke- . - ... Kannarlv. Potly Kent. C«rcl Kmnynn Harry tu 85 85 131 85 tai 85 131 116 IK 85 116 85 116 144 131 131 144 116 65 131 65 116 65 116 116 es 144 65 116 116 65 116 6S 65 144 144 116 65 131 144 116 65 144 65 116 116 144 116 65 131 116 116 116 65 65 116 145 116 85 131 65 66 86 131 116 66 66 116 145 145 116 86 86 131 86 131 131 145 131 66 116 131 116 116 131 It6 131 86 66 86 14S 145 86 66 145 86 66 MS 86 66 131 86 145 145 131 145 116 Kapler, Clifford Kepnar, Janet Karl, Don Kerr. WilllAm Katilar. Mary Kiechel. Donna Kialty. Douglds Killion, Marlin Kimball. Roiemary Kimball. Sutdn Kimbrel. Harry Kincannon. Raymond King, Carolyn Kinne Pamela Kintey, William Kiolbasa, Edward Kirk, Garaldlne Kirkpatrick, Helen Kirschbaum, James Kiziler. Dick Kjelton, Sally Klein, Donley Klein, Nancy Klemme. Herbert Kline, John Kluck, Emll Kluck, James Knapp, David Knapp, Lloyd Knapple, Margaret Knebel, Donald Knoblock, Harvey Knotts. Jo Ann Knudson. Mary Knuth. William Knufien, Walter Koch. Ralph Koch. Virginia Koehler. Melissa Koehler. Nancy Koehler. Suzanne Koehler, Virginia Koehn, William Kohan, Richard Kohll, Marvin Kohti, Wesley Kokier. Carter Kofcier. Janet Kokier. Thomas Koteszar, Delores Koontz, Harry Kopecky, Roma KopI, Delbert Korff, Don Kos, Thomas Kosakewich, Paul Koikan, Dalphynie Kostal James Koupal, Howard Kranau. Marilyn Krasne, Byron Leslie Paul Arnold Harold Satly Krebsbach. Shirley Krevcik, Keith Krelle. Mary Kreuch. Virginia Kri utx. Barbara Krikac, Dennis Kritner, Kenneth Kroeaer, Donald Kroeller. Harvey Kroese. Margaret Kroah, Kenneth Krotter. Donna Krueger, Joan Kruger, Evelyn Kruger, Paul Kruger. Robert Kruger. William Krumwiede. Neal Kruse, Charlene Kru e, John Kubltschek, Robert Kucirek. Rudyard Kuehl, Joyce Kuhl, Margaret Kuhl. Richard Kuiper, Darline KuncI Ann Kunkal. Carolyn Kurinek Donald Kurth. Dorothy Kutek, Richard Kushner, Marcia Kutka, Richard Kuta. Arnold Kuihausen. Donald Lacy. Mariorie Laferia, Joe Laflar. Marilyn Laflln. Patricia Lagerguist, Lorraine Laird. Robart Laird, Russell Krasne Krasne Krause, Krause, Krause, Hi L.imb AUn MS i i Lambert. Carol „ „ I4S Si Lambert, Stanley __ 88 I4S l mhert Thomas 111 Lammefs, Anna 145 Si Lammers, Henry 117 Si Lamp. Mardell 131 8i 8i Lanber. Wendell 145 Lander, Richard - _. 131 131 131 Landgren, Norman 117 Lane, Robert Langen, Edward 88 8i 88 145 Langenheim, Fred 88 131 Langstroh. Aurelie 88 8i Lannon, Patricia 117 Hi Lanspa. Myron 88 145 Larkln, Shirley 88 8i Larsen Kenneth 88 131 Larsen, Patricia B8 131 Larson. Beverly 131 145 Larson, Don Larson. Ernest 131 87 145 88 Larson. Gloria 117 87 Larson, Henry 131 87 Larson. Lois 131 87 Larson. Martene 117 87 Larson. William 88 116 LaShelle. Joanne 131 131 LaShelle, Robert 145 87 Lathrope, Dorothy 88 87 Lau, Richard Laiiher Dnnn , . 131 87 145 88 Lauer, Elaine 88 87 87 Laughlin. Earl „. „. „ 88 Laughtln, Jane „„...„„.. 145 131 Lavlne, Ruth 1 ; iin Rnm, n,i 145 Hi 145 Hi Law. Joan ,., ,., , , 117 87 Lawrence. Lois . „. 145 131 Lawrence, Lucy 145 Hi Lawson, Anita I4S 145 Lawson, Donald 117 87 Lawson, Edwin „ „.. B» 67 1 w nn 1 Vnnno 117 131 Lawson. Lewis ...„..._„.,„.....„.,....„ „„_„ " :;. " 145 87 87 145 87 87 87 1 PArh Jnhn 145 1 p idley Jp n 117 Learning Joann _ . 89 Leary. Frank 87 Lebsock. Gus 145 Ledingham. Tommy 145 145 Legge, Marilyn 89 131 Lehl, Joyce 89 87 87 Leisy, Jean 89 Leman, Herbert 117 87 Lembrich, Derald B9 87 Lentz. Donald 89 131 Leni, Loren 117 87 Leonard. Ben 145 145 Lepp, Calvin Lerner, Sanford 132 87 89 131 Lesh, Darlene 145 Hi Less, Bernhardt 89 87 Levlnger, Charles Levinger. Harold 132 87 89 Hi Levy. Sanford 117 131 Lewis, Buell 89 145 Lewis. Edwin 145 131 Lewis, James I4i 131 Lewis, Philip I4i 145 145 Lewis. Vernell I4i Liakos. Angeline 89 131 Libershal, Mary 89 Hi Lichtenberg, Lorene I4i 145 Ltchtenberqer, Mary I4i 145 87 Llckei. Phyllis 132 Lidolph. Alvin 89 145 145 Lidolph. Dorothy 89 Lleber, Elizabeth I4i 88 Lieber. Nancy 89 145 Lien, Norman 89 145 88 Lienemann, Paul 117 Liggett. James 89 88 Liqhtner, Norma 89 145 Liliedahl, Janice 132 88 Lilly. John 89 145 Llnch. Laurel 89 88 Linch. Michall I4i 145 Lind, Christy 89 Hi Lind, Ruth 132 88 LIndauer Mary 89 88 Linder, Boyd 132 88 LIndley, Joyce 117 145 Lindquist. Janice 117 Hi Lindstrom, Charles 89 Hi Lindstrom. Harry 117 88 Lindwall. Rodney 89 88 Line. Marjorie Linn. Jane Linscott. Dean I4i Hi 117 88 I4i 131 LioDstreu, William LIsher, Joanne 132 117 Little, Dale I4i Littrell. Marian _ I4i Lock. Patricia 132 Locke. Rosanna 132 Loder. JoJen 117 145 Loepp, David 89 131 Loorch. Wallace I4i Hi Lot, Gwen Lot. Pauline 132 131 132 Hi Logle. Elizabeth Lohrberg. Donald I4i 145 132 88 Lohreni. Carl „ 90 Loilal. Thomdt Long, Dtfrwood Long, Norma Long. Phyllit Long. Robert Long. Wdrrtn Loomii. Jtan Loomii. Mary Lord. Gladyt Loucki. Ray Loucki. Richard Louden. Jack Louden. Janet Loudon. Jean Lovegrove. Oelores Lowe. John Loy. Donald Lubker. Jamei Ludlow. Polly Ludwickion. June Luebberi, Annette Lueder. Ann Luedtke. Norman Lueri. LeRoy Lueth. Welley Luhri, Gordon Luikart. Gordon Lukeni. Iiaiah Lukert. Burdette Lumbard, Shirley Lundahl. Glenn Lundquitt. Charlei Luther. Clyde Luther, Mary Luti. Daniel Luti. twtarilyn Lui. Kenneth Lyle. James Lyon. Gwen Lyon. Merry Lyons. Robert McBflde. Robert McCabe. Oarrell McCann. John McClaJn. Shirley . McCleary. Eugan McClure. Paul McClymondt. Ntll McConnell. John McCormick. Beverly McCormick. Marilyn ,_ McCormick. Jack McCormick. Kathryn McCormick Patricia McCoy. Margaret McCracken. Gerald McCray. Roberta McCrory. Mary McCune, Robert McCurdy, John McDill, Louiie McDole. Herb McDonald, Lewii McDonald. Marilyn McDonald. Richard McDonald, Robert McElroy. Jim McElwain. Barbara McGeachin. Margaret McGeachin. Thomai .„ McGill. Hugh McGlaihan. Loil McGowan. Patrick Mcllnay. Edward Mcllnay, Patricia McKay. Donald McKee. Robert McKeniie, Stephen McKinney. Raymond McLaughlin. Jean McLeay. John McMahon. Robert McMaiter, Robert . .. McMichael, Bruce McNabb. Margery McNally. Nancy McNara. Robert McNduqht. Clinton McNauqht. Wilma McQueen, George McOuistan. Darlene McVay, Charlei McVicker. Dwight Maas. Doris MacCuaig. Jane Mackey. Alan Mackey. Georgt Mackie, David Maddison, Betty Madison, Edward — ,— Madura. Victor Magary. Barbara Magdani. Virginia Magid. Bernard Mahaffie. Barbara Maharry. Kathleen Maine. Joan Maisel. Milton W W ?0 117 w i l]2 I4« »0 I4« 132 132 117 4i 132 i 117 ..tu .. M lU 132 132 132 90 117 ?0 _II7 . M ..lAi U 10 117 117 117 »0 132 132 .. M ..132 _II7 132 .I4« _II7 ..117 _II7 . Ai .. 90 ..117 .132 .. U .. 90 90 I4i 90 . I4i - 90 ..I4« -132 ..132 .132 . 90 -117 - 90 .. Ai - 90 - 90 -132 -132 _ 90 90 90 .117 132 117 Mi 132 I4i 132 - 90 .. 90 .132 117 91 -. 91 132 132 91 117 132 117 m 117 117 117 ._. 91 91 117 -I4i „l4i _ 91 . 91 .117 .132 -117 -I4t -132 .132 . 91 Malashack, Robert Mallory. Mary Mallory. Stanley Mallot. Otto Malm. Barbara Malmberg. Doris Malone. Jeanne Malone. Marvin Mangold. Marie Mann, Beverly Mann. Hattie Mann. Jean Mann. Yvonne Mansfield, Roy Marble. Peggy Mark. John Mark. Sibyl Marks. Charles Marks. Robert Marsh. Derys Marshall. Anne Marshall. Richard Marshall. Suxanne Martin, Dean Martin. Marilyn Martin. Marilyn Martin. Mary Man, Maria Marymee. Delores Mason. Robert Mastin, Robert Mathews, Shirley Matteson. Sallle Matthews. John Matthews, Reginald Matzke, Gerald Maupin, Myra Maxwell. Dorothy Maiwell. John May. Thomas Maycock. Elwyn Mecke, Marlene Mecke, Mary Meehan, Patricia Meehan, Virginia Melsinger, Donna Meissner, Richard Melick. Mary Melander. Dan Melcher. William Mellen, JoAnne Menick, Harold Menuey. Raymond Merritt, Gerald Mesner, Doris Meiserimith. Rex Metcalf. Roger Metrakos. Robert Meti. Fred Metzger. Louise Meyer. George Meyer. Joan Meyer. William Meyers. Alice Meyers. Louis Meyers. Marvin Michaud. Gayle Michelson. William Mickelson. Joann Mickle. William Micklich. Donna Micklin, Renee Middleton. Mary Miesbach. Neal Milder. Rovel Miles. Shirley Millen. Clarice Miller. Bonlta Miller, Eugene Miller, James Janine Joan Joann Kentner Lorer Miller. Marilyn Miller. Marjorie Miller. Nancy Miller, Richard Miller, Robert Miller. Roger Miller, Shirley Miller. Stephen Miller, Verbaiean Mllliken. Thomas Million. Lewis Millman. Maurice Minford. George Minnlck. Billie Minnick. Donald Minnick. Kenneth Minnick. Stewart MIsko. William Mix. Greta Mtadovich, Ray Mlady, Floyd Mnuk, Frand Mockett Ann Mockett, Robert Moench, Dennis Mohr, Janeiie Mohrman. J. H Mohrman, Mary Monahan, James M Miller Miller. Miller. Mille 14t 91 Ui 117 91 91 117 117 14t 132 91 132 91 132 132 118 91 91 Mi 91 IIS 132 91 14i 91 132 132 91 91 132 IIB 132 132 91 132 91 91 91 118 132 I4i 91 91 118 91 IIB 92 14i I4i 132 146 92 I4i Mi 132 132 Mi 92 118 92 Mi Mi Mi 118 I4i I4i 132 Mi 133 133 133 Mi 118 118 133 Mi 147 133 118 147 147 147 92 92 92 133 118 92 92 118 132 147 147 92 147 92 147 92 118 133 92 133 92 133 92 147 147 133 92 133 133 MB 1 18 Monson, Gwen Monson, Marvin Monson, Richard Monson. Warren Monteith. Roland Mooberry. Marli Moodie. Eliiabeth Mook, Marilyn Mook. William Moomey, Marilyn Mooney, William Moore. Glen Moore. Jack Moore, Kaye Moore. Nancy Morehead. Floyd Morehead. Kenny Morehead. Phyllis Moray. Keith Morgan. Donald Morgan, Joe Morgan. John Morgan. Marilyn Morin. Robert Moritz. Glen Morris. Lewis Morrison. Hester Morrow, Andrew Morrow, Thomas Morrow. William Moseman. Keith Mosher. Robert Moskovitz. Mayer Moyle. Mltiie Mueller, Clark Mueller, Donal Mueller, William Mulder. William Mulford, Charles Mullen. Robert Muller. Lloyd Muller. Raymond Mulllken, Adele Mulvaney, Margaret Mumby, Keith Mundell, Bill Mundhenke, Jeanette Munson, Harold Munson. Jack Murphy. Francis Murphy, Jacqueline Myers, David Myers, Harold Myers, Harold Myers, John Myers, Marilyn Myers. Norma Myers. Robert Myhre. Leiand Myhre. Milford Myhre, Mollie Naab. Darrel Naber, Albert Naber, Herbert Nagedorn, Clem Nash. Richard Naviaux. Armand L. Neal. George Neal. Joseph Nebelsick. Harold Neely. Henry Neely. Mary Neff Phil Neill. Don Neilson, Lowell Nelman, Nancy Nekuda. Lydia Nelson. Charles Nelson. Donald A. Nelson. Don J. Nelson. Herbert Nelson. Irma Nelson, James Nelson, Jean Nelson. Keith Nelson. Kris Nelson. Lois Nelson. Margaret Nelson. Mary A. Nelson Mary E. Nelson. Muriel R Nelson. Richard C. Nelson. Rudolph Nelson. Shirley Nelson. Stuart Nelson. T. Leiand Neth. R Keith Neuman. Temple Neumann Carleton Neville. Jeanette Neville. Margaret Nevin. Bernle Newcomb. Robert Newcomb. Ross Newcomer. B. R. Newman. Alan Newman. Dale Newman. Dorris 9J 92 M7 IIB 92 133 133 147 92 133 147 133 92 92 MB 133 lit 92 133 147 133 92 133 92 133 133 147 92 92 93 MB MB MS 147 133 133 93 93 133 93 133 93 93 133 147 93 133 MB 133 118 147 93 93 133 133 133 118 147 93 147 93 147 133 133 147 93 133 MB 93 93 93 147 118 133 MB 147 93 lis 93 133 133 118 MB 133 93 147 133 147 147 93 93 93 118 118 93 147 93 93 133 M7 IIB 147 93 93 93 133 137 147 491 Nawm«n, Ninin Nidtr. M rk NitlKK. Ixn Ni«lt«n. Lorr«in« Nitvatn. Arnold Niltion, Joan Nobla. Clark Nobla. Oa a Nobia, Don Nobla. Joanna Nobla Lailia Nobla. Nancy Nob ■ R t ' .i-d Nr • N N; Noooa:-, Do. ' Ji Nooflt, N Joanna Nordgran. Dorlhy Nordgran. Jaan Nordin. Larry Nordin. Patricia Nordltrom. Virginia Norman. Nancy Nortworthy. Joan Nortworthy. Mary Norton, Gana Norval, Loil No ak. Frad Novak, Laon Novak. Thomas Novotny. Gladys Nuckolls. William Nufald. Milton Nuss, Calvin Nuss. Marilyn Nulsch. Patii Nutxman, Janat Raa Nygran, Haial Oakas, Francas Oakason, Janat O ' Bannon, Kath Obarg. Thomas O ' Brtan. Barnard O ' Brian, Jo Anna O ' Brian, Lao O ' Brian, Patricia Ochsnar, Jamas O ' Connor. Margarat O ' Daa. Patrick O ' Dall. Mary Oahrla. Charlas Oatirla. Mariana Ogdan. Marilyn Ohman, Kannath Oldfathar, Alan Oldfathar, Charlas Oliva, David OInay, Richard Olsan, Philip Olson. Arlay Olson Batty Olson. Dalmar Olson. Earl Olson. Elilabath Olson, Gana Olson, Lois Olson. Patricia B Olson. Patricia R. Olson. Ralph Olson. Richard Olson. Starling Olson. William O ' Nail Elaina Rutti O ' Nalll. Hugh John OrcutI Richard Eldan Osborna. Robart Gaorqa O ' Shaa. Edward Michaal Oslund Richard Daan Ostarmillar, Donald J. Ostarmitlar. Gaorga J. OtI. Donna Lo Raa OHa. Robart 0 -T.i iM Judith Ann f Ann r - Jay Owani. Ooan Haydn Paap. Jack Parmai»a. Jamas Parmantar, Rusty Parmantar. William Parsons. Marilyn Parsons. Robart Partridga. Harold 133 94 94 147 MB 147 147 147 147 94 133 118 94 147 94 118 133 MB 133 133 133 94 118 147 118 133 133 133 147 133 94 147 IBS 147 94 94 94 h , 94 94 133 134 94 94 134 147 IIS 134 .134 147 MB . 94 MB 147 147 134 147 . 94 94 118 134 94 118 94 . 94 lis 134 147 118 119 94 134 147 119 119 119 94 147 119 147 94 94 147 147 147 119 147 94 94 134 119 134 148 134 119 119 134 148 134 94 119 148 95 Patterson, Marilyn Patterson. Robart Patiti. Kay Pauley. Wilber Paulson. Mai Paulson, Phyllis Paustian, Eloise Paustian, John Pearca, George Pearce. Richard . Pearson, Donna Pearson, Howard Pearson, Wanda Pacha. Burdette Pecha, Suzanne - Peden, Joan . Pedersen, Donald Pedersen, Gordon Pedersen, Henry Pederson. Carrie Pederson. Mary Pells. Betty Pendray, Paula Penner, Harold Penner, Helen Perina, Lambert Perkins, William Perry, Donald Perry, Edwin Perry, James Perry, Nancy Peters, Jeannine Peters, John Peters, Nancy Peters, Orville Peters, Patricia Peters, Pete Peters, Robert . Petersen, Charles Petersen, Clinton Petersen, James Petersen, Marilyn Peterson, Dexter Peterson, Donald Peterson, Eleano ' Peterson, Erwin Peterson, Fred Peterson, Joan Peterson, Marilyn Peterson, Nancy Peterson, Norma Peterson, Susan Pettijohn, Dixie Pettijohn, Max Pettiiohn. Rex Pfann, John Pfcffer. Ino Pfeiffer, Leon Pfeiler, Robert Phelps, Richard Phelps. Robert Philbrick. Charles Phillip, Mary Phillips, Christine Phillips. Everett Phillips. Marvel Phillips. Ryland Philpot. Donna Phlpps. David Piccolo, Frank Pickering, Doane Pickett, Jack , Pickett, Richard Piderit, Richard Pierce. Janet Pierce, Lucy Pierce. Robert Pierson, Darwin Pilcher. Donna Pinkerton. Cecelia Pinkerton, George Pinney. Gloria Pinney. Sally Pischel. Pat Pitlor. Robert Pittcrman, Mary Plank, Mary Plank, William Plouiek. Raymond Plummer, Richard Podhaisky, Thomas Podlosak, Darlene Polack, Joseph Pollock, James Pollock, Robert Polnicky, Harold Polnicky, Patty Polsky, Burton Polsky, Don Pomeroy, John Pond, Richard Ponder, James Popken, Donald Poppa, Lawrence Porter, Nancy Porter, Susan Portscha, Stanley Portwood, David Potash, Merle Poulos, John Poulson, Marietta Poulson, Robert . Powley, Harlan Prang, Alice -134 .134 148 95 .119 148 95 . 95 95 148 119 134 .119 134 95 134 134 134 119 148 134 148 119 95 134 ... 95 _ W ... M 148 119 148 119 95 .134 . . 95 ...148 .134 119 95 134 119 119 119 ....134 ...148 ... KB 148 148 148 134 95 148 148 119 95 119 95 119 119 134 ...119 .... 95 ...119 119 95 95 95 95 148 134 148 95 119 95 95 95 119 95 148 148 119 95 134 94 134 148 96 96 96 K8 134 146 119 96 96 96 119 96 96 134 96 148 96 148 119 148 96 134 148 134 134 96 96 134 Pratt. Marcia Prescott, Donna - Preston, Jim Preston. Ronald . Preusse. Marilyn .-- Prim, Rudolf Pritchard, Gerald . Pryor, Susan Pumphrey, Paul Purintun, Alan Putensen, Elaine . Putt, Marjorie Pyer, Lee Pyle, Joanne , puackenbush, Ray, Wm. Quigley, Jean Douglas RaapVe, Dorothy Racely, Ed Racusin, Nan Raddker, Jane - Rademacher, Frank Radin, Robert Raish, Claire Raish, Noami Raift, Donald Rajewich, Chartene Rail, Frank Ranee, Patrick Randall, Jane Randall, Mary Randel, Beth Randell, Shirley Randolph, Ted Rankin, Colleen Rapp, Kathryn Rarick, Theodore Raser, Wade Rasmussen, Joan Rasmussen, Noel Rathie, Elnora Rauch, Fred Rauch, Robin Rauh, Don Raun, Joan Raun, Robert Rawson, Norma Rawson, Vincent Rayburn. Barbara Raymond, Ann Read, Alvo Recht, Thomas Reckeway, Marilyn . Rector, Gene Redelfs, Max Rediger, Georgianne Rediger, Juanita Reed, Beverly Reed, Patricia Reed, Richard Reed, Susan Reese, Richard Reeve, Marjorie ., Reeves. Don Regier, Richard Rehmeier. Lyman Reichenback, Robert Reid. Robert Reilly. Tom Reinhard. Mary Reinecke. Barbara Reinke, Alta Reinmuth, Hollis Reinoch, William Reis, Marion Reiske, William Reitan, John Renard, Rita Renken, Randall Renner, Caria Renner, Lula Reynolds, Bob Reynolds, Jack Reynolds, Joan Reynolds, Margaret Reynolds, Roland Reynolds, Thomas Reiai, Gus Rhoades. Charlotte Rhodes. Joan Rhodes. Kathryn Rice. Charlotte Rice. Don Rice. Frederick Rice, Lawrence Rice, Mildred Rice, Richard Richards, Shirley Richardson, Harley Richert, Mary Richmond, Mildred Richmond. Ruth Richmer. John 119 134 148 96 148 96 119 134 119 96 96 134 119 148 148 1 48 134 96 148 119 148 119 148 13 148 134 96 96 148 119 119 134 119 119 I, 96 96 96 134 148 119 148 134 134 134 119 96 96 96 134 97 148 148 119 97 120 134 120 148 120 120 134 120 134 134 97 134 97 97 135 148 148 97 120 134 97 97 135 120 97 135 148 120 97 120 135 120 97 97 120 97 97 97 97 97 120 148 135 135 120 148 135 97 RicKtar, Chdrlat (ickUy. William Riddall. Oamarii Riddall. Sandra Rifanbark. Clifford Riqqart. Ouana Riqqi. Ranior Rittar, Roqari Roach. Shirlay Roadt. Wayna Roa»ban. Mahommad Robak. Clao Robartt, Carolyn Robarti Garald Robarti rtnt Robartion. Garald Robinion, Burton Robinion, Eugana Robinion. Francai Robinson. Magnut Robinson. Robart Robiion. Lucilla Rochon. Falisa Rockwall. Jana Rodin. Loii Rodriquaz, Frad Roadar. Ronald Roasar. Bob Roailar. Edith Roatilar. Elizabath Rogar. Carolina Roqars. Dorothy Roqari, Elizabath Roqari, Mai Roqari. Robart Rogart. Robart P Rohda. John Roha. Robart Roland. Barbara Roonay Mary Ropar. Louil Roian. Bruca Rosan. Robarta Roianbaurn. Audray Roianbarg. Gilbart Roianblatt. Richard Roianlof. Elizabath Roianquitt, Glann Rotanquiit. Jarr as Rotanquitt. Robart Roianzwaiq. Jaan Rosiniky. Jarry Roti, Alvin Roil, Janat Rotahorst. Gtann Rothalt Gaorqa Rothanbarqar. Caroline Rothanbarqar. Sarah Rouiak. Ernait Rouiar. Edward Rowan. Norma Rowlay. Elaina Ruback, Norman Ruddock. Donna Ruabal. John Ruff Shirlay Ruia. Willard Ruliffson. Harmon Ruma. Sabattion Rump, William Rumpaltai, Susanna Ruplinqar, Philip Rulho. Batty Rutsal. Robart Ruiial. Jack RutsaM. Carol Ruiiall. Jack Rutiall, Marilyn RutsaM, Mary Russall, Richard Russall, Richard P Russall William Russall. Winifrad Ruttan. Jamas Ryman. Janica Ryons, Mary Sacks. Kannath Saqa. Sara Saqqar Charlas Saltar. Harriatta Samalson, Marilyn Sampson. Euqanie Samualson. Dale Samualson. Earl Samuelson. Euqenia Samuelson, Suzanne Sanbonqi. Fred Sandels Gloria Sandstedt. Ruth Sandy. Roqer Sass, Delaine SaHerfield. Richard Sauder, Jack S«ulls. Charles Saum. Dona Sautter. Edward Savaqe. John Savaqa, Sally Sawyers, Betty »7 I4B 148 US 148 »7 120 120 I3S n 97 97 120 97 I3S I3S 148 I3S I3S 97 120 I3S 120 120 I3S 97 148 I3S 97 135 149 120 149 98 120 120 149 98 120 I3S 149 98 135 120 135 120 120 149 135 120 135 149 149 I3S 149 135 149 135 98 120 149 135 135 135 120 120 135 135 135 98 149 98 135 120 98 149 135 98 135 135 98 120 149 98 120 149 149 149 120 98 135 120 98 120 98 120 120 149 149 120 120 98 98 98 149 120 98 Saiton, Herbert Saylor, John Sayre. Nancy Sctiaberq, Ralph Schafer. Eldon Schaffer. Shirley Scharf. John Scharmann, Donell Scheer, Dale Scheidt, Shirley Schepman. Carol Scherer, Ralph Scherff. Mae Scherff. Shirley Sheve. Robert Schick. Norma Schiermeyer. Jerry Schindel, Fred Schizas, Andy Schlecht, Barbara Schlaigar, James Schleiqer. Richard Schlueter, Beatta Schmidt, Aaron Schmidt. Carl Schmidt. Kenneth Schmidt, Leo Schmidt, Marjorie Schmidt. Otto Schmidtmann. Janie Schmeidinq, LaVonna Schmitt, Bonnie Schmttt, Lorea Schmitt. Rita Schneider, Donald Schneider, Earl Schneider. Elizabeth Schneider. Robert Schoemaker. Darvin Schoen, Esther Scholl. Harold Scholz, Jack Schonberq, Shirley Schoonmaker. Kathryn Schorman, Jean Schreiber, Harold Schreurs. Raymons Schroeder, Ann Schroeder, Dalles Schroeder, Gaybert Schroeder, Joyce Schroeder. Mary Ellen Schroyer, Joan Schulte, Joseph H. Schulti. Dick W. Schultz. Robert Allen Schultz, Robert D. Schultie, Violet Schumacher, John Schurman, Joan Schweser, Jeanette Schweser. John W. Scott, Fred William Scott, James Alvin Scott, Janet R. Scott Tom W. Scott. Verl I. Seacrett, Kathleen Virqinia Searles, Lois V. Seaton. Leonard Edwin Seaton, Y Sterlinq Sedlacek, Joan Janis Sees. Myron M. Sehnert. Judith Anna Seibold, M. Patricia Seiboldt, Barbara Ann Seidel. Harriet Seller. Virqinia Lee Selieck. Joan Senften. Dorothy M. Seriqht. Shirley Lee Shainholtz, William E. Shane, Harold Davis Shaner. Joyce Elaine Shantz. Georqe Sharp. Joan Laverne Shea. Tom S. Shedd, Paul Spencer Sheets. Andrew T. Sheffield, Charles Warren Sheldon. Patricia Shellenberqer. Hobert Shepard. Carmen Shepard. Donald C. Sheridan. Marjorie Sherwood. Jim Lynn Sherwood. Marilyn Sherwood. Robert Sherwood. William Shestak. Betty Shickley. Joan Shields. Euqene Shinn. Richard Shipman, Charles Shires. Warder Shively. Janet Shively, Robert Shopp. Bryce Short, Richard ShotkoskI, Arthur Shuey, Eldon Shulkin. Jerome Shull, Patricia Shultheis, Don 149 98 98 120 149 98 120 120 98 120 135 135 149 120 98 135 135 98 120 121 149 98 149 121 135 135 135 135 149 149 149 121 98 121 121 99 99 99 121 99 99 I3S 149 99 99 12! 99 149 99 99 149 99 135 121 149 121 135 149 135 121 121 121 149 99 99 121 149 99 135 121 99 135 121 149 121 149 121 99 135 99 99 149 99 135 135 I3S 99 149 lU I3S U 149 99 121 99 149 149 149 I3i 136 99 99 121 99 149 121 121 99 99 I3i 149 100 149 I3 Shumway. Robert Shykon, Herman Sibert, Frank Sidles. Shirley Sidner. Mary Siaqel. Jerry Sieqel, William Sieners. Bruce Sim. Robert Simanek, Mary Simmons. Galen Simmons. Ray Simon, Aldan Simonson, Richard Simpson, Frederick Simpson, Jane Sinclair. Donald Sinclair, John Sindt, Charles Sipple, Sally Sisler. Laurel Sisley, Marion Skalla, Keith Skinner, John Sklenar. Eleanor Skochdopole, Robert Slauqhter, Leon Sloan. Wiliam Slusher. David Smaha, Robert Smailes, Bea Smiley, Dorothy Smith, Alice Beverly D. Joanne Darlene Donald Harvey Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith. James Smith, Jean Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Joan Jo Ann Kayo Lois Margaret Marilyn Marilyn Jane Martha Richard Robert Wendell Willard Smolik, Mary Snell, Alela Snell, Victor Snowden, Curtis Snowdon. Donald Snyder, Helen . Snyder, John Snyder, John W. Snyder. Julia Snyder, Jerry Snyder. Thompson Sobeslavsky. Glenn Soder, Leslie Softley, Dorothy Sohl, Stanley Sokolof, Loralee Solfermoser, Aria Solfarmoser, Mary Solhios, Reza Solomon, Neil Somer, Ben . Sommerfield, Allen Sommers, Jim Sommers. John Sookdeo. Sonia Soper. Joy Sorensen, Frank Sorensen, Jackie Sorensen. Joanne Sorensen, William Spaldinq, Donn Spaldinq. John Spati. Dale Spatz, George Speer. Wayne Speir. Meredyth Spellman, John Spelts. David Spencer, Mary Spencer, Samuel Splichal, William Splenter. William Spradley, Anita Spraque. Philip Springer, Leroy Srb. Richard Stake. Robert Stalder. Merle Stalker, Harry Stall. Suzanne Stallinq. Esther Stange. Ronald Stannard. David Stapleton, Marjorie Starch. Eleda Stark, Marilyn states, Alfred States. Terry Stebbins, Nancy Stech. W. Arden Stecher. Jo Ann Steek. Edqar 100 121 13 134 J3 U 121 136 100 100 100 100 100 121 100, H 136 121 149 121 100 149 136 136 100 136 136 100 121 121 (49 136 136 121 149 136 100 100 121 149 121 121 136 100 136 149 121 121 121 136 100 100 136 100 100 100 121 136 121 100 100 136 149 149 100 100 100 100 121 136 149 100 121 101 149 I5« 101 101 136 136 136 ISO 101 101 101 101 136 ISO 121 101 101 136 101 101 101 136 101 121 101 101 101. 62 101 136 10! ISO 121 101 101 101 121 101 ISO 101 150 101 4f3 Jo Ann Jl. ' Si ' St. Si. St. St. d St. ' ' " • St. St. St. St.. ' .! St.; ' " •» St pt ' .-io ' ' . J m«» t Staphanion, W«lt«r Starn. Arnold Stavan. Jaan Stavant, Harrf Sfavant, Jana Stavanion. Ann Stavanion, Ruth Stawart. Anna Stawarl, ChaHat Stawart, Don Slawarl. William Sticknay. Margaraf Sl!ahl, k. Thotnai Stiaran, Mary Stillanqar, Robart St John. Anton Stockholm. Donald Slo kitlll. Jaanna Stoatt. Eliiabath Stoliniki. John Stollar. Ronald Stona. Jarry Stoppkatta. Annatta Stoppkatta. Jaan Story. W Jarod Sloural. Patrkia Raymond Slo»all. Wlllard Strain, Laanar Straihaim. Arnold Stfalbuckar. Martha Siralton. laity Stratton, Ivan Stratton, Janat Siricklar, Elmo Strom, Louii Strong, Carol Stroud, Jamat Struamplar. Arthur Stfirkar, Ray Stubar. Charlai Stuckay. David Sturgai, William Sturm, Jamai Suh, Suk • Soon Sullivan, Harold Sullivan. Jamai Sullivan, Mary Sundbarg, Alica Sundbarg. Doyla Sup. Claranca Suvaltky, Marvir. Suvarkrubba. Myrtia Svanda. Robart Swain, Robart Swan, Joan Swanda, Emil Swanton, Burnall Swanion. Claranca Swanton. Jarry Swanion, John Swanton, Kathryn Swanton. Norman Swanton. Raynold Swanton, Svan Swartwood, Francat Swartt. Rita Swadalton, Jack Swarra. Joanna Swalt. Robart Swingia, Kathryn Taylor, Dorothy Taylor, Et gana Taylor, John Taylor, Mary Taylo- Ralph Ta , T., t Ta, r. T. " T... T.i TaMar. ' .-,! ' . Tampla, Howard Tamplin, Kannalh Tatar, Janica Tawall, Suianna Thackar, Otho Titackray, Donald Tttaiian Loii Thalll, Irit T)iarbald. Dohn Tliaodotan. John Thibaull, Hyla ISO 101 ISO ISO 101 102 102 ISO 102 ISO 102 121 121 I3« 121 ISO 121 ISO 102 121 102 122 122 ISO 122 102 102 ISO 102 102 102 I3i I3i 122 102 ISO 122 102 102 122 I3i 102 122 ISO I3i ISO 122 102. tl 102 102 102 122 102 I3i 136 102 122 102 102 102 102 122 102 ISO 103 I3i I3i ISO 122 103 103 122 102 103 lEO 122 122 I3i 122 122 ISO ISO 122 103 I3i 103 103 122 ISO lU 13 122 122 I3t ISO 103 I3t 103 103 lU ISO 103 ISO ISO 122 ISO 103 ISO Thoda, Irving Thomat, Dorothy Tliomai, Elizabath Thomai, Eugana . Thomat, Howard Thomat, Jamat Thomai, Janat Thomai, Margaret Thomai, Patrick Thomai, Warran Thomplan, Beverly Thomten, Elizabeth Thomien. Marqartf Thomten. Phyllii Thompion, Charlat Thompton, George Thompton, Mary Lou Thompion, Vernon Thornton, Arthur Thone, Ha Ann Thorman, Jack Thornblad, Lloyd Thorion, Hal Tighe, Jamet Tiller, Kent Tilley, Albert Tilly, Ardith Timmerman, Bill Timmoni. Darrell Tinkham, Donna Tipton, Don Tivey, Georgia Tobin, Barbara Todd, Charlet Todd. Richard Toebben. Delmar Tokheim, Jamei Tolen, Thomai Tolliver. Mary Kay Tomtik, Jeannette Tonjei, Nelda Tonner, Jack Tooley, Bob Toopi, Dale Torcion, Richaro Torrico, Armando Tout, Mary Touvelle, Ann Trabold. Jeanne Tracy, Myron Trantue, A. Alan Traphagen, Jane Traum, Clarence Traufman, Ruth Travit, Dorothy Travit, Mary Trebrkock, William Trefi, Ernamarie Tremain. Charlel Trimble, Margaret Tripp, William Trittch, Robert Troetter, Jamei Trout, Chalmer Troiell, A. Ruth True, Thomat Truman, Erneit Tubman, Geraldine Tully, Alan Tully, Stewart Turner, George Turner, Martha Tyner, Neal Tyion, Floyd Uahling, Imogane Uha, Delia Uhrig, Eleanor Uhrig, Otto Upton, Hubert . Van Aridol, Kailh Van Brunt, Alice an Burg, Alica Van Burgh. Jamat Vance, Dorit Van Cleave. Varle Van Cleave, Roger Van Decar, Richard Vandal, Elmer Vandal. Thomai Vandertlice, Robert Van Dover, Eugene V an Every, Barbara Van Hatlen, Hugh Van Lund, Duane Van Lund, Jean Van Neit, Joieph Van Neite, Robert Van Norman, Raymond Van Pelt, Margery Van Valkenburg, Joan Van Voorhit, Robert Van Wyngarden, Ramona ISO ISO 122 103 103 lU 103 I3i 103 103 122 I3i 136 103 136 136 103 122 ISO 122 103 103 103 136 103 122 122 122 137 ISO 103 ISO 103 104 104 137 104 ISO ISO 137 104 104 ISO ISO 104 122 104 122 .122 .137 .122 .122 .150 .122 104 104 104 .104 .104 .137 104 122 104 104 104 104 ISO 104 122 ISO 137 ISO 122 104 .137 104 ISO 122 104 122 104 122 104 ISO 122 104 122 122 104 104 I OS 105 ISO 105 ISO ISO 105 105 137 ISO 122 ISO Varney, Bonney „ _ „ 137 Velte, Luella - - 122 Vencll, Curtis 137 Vestal, Maxey 122 Vestal, Perry . 123 Vettecka, Dorothy 105 Veitecka, Robert 105 Veta. Don 123 Vickers, Imogene , 150 Vickery, Suzanne 123 Viehomeyer. Glen ISO Vierk. Jeanne ISO Villari, Bruce 123 Vingers, Marilyn 137 Vin Sant, Patricia ISO Vio«, Mary 105 Vitek Helen 123 Voelker, William 105 Vogler, Robert 105 Vogler, Shirley 137 Vogt Nancy 123 Vollintinc, Lila 137 Von Frange, Eugene 105 Von Kampen, William 123 Von Mindcn, Ann ISO Voorhees, Marilyn 105 Voorhees, Sharon 151 Vorhies, Ira . 137 Voioba, Joe 105 Vrbka, Lenus „ 137 W 137 W; Hlr.w RirhArH ISI 171 Wrtf nor Elliot l?1 105 123 151 ISI Wahl, Donald 137 Wahl Frank lOS Wainscotf, Patricia .. .. _. ._ .._ Wait, Robert ISI lOS Wakeman, Dick - _ WAlHr, 1 nwAlI 137 ISI 173 105 Walltor Rny 137 W.:ilUrp Rnh«»rt IDS Wallerstedt, Donald Wjlk Jerry 105 117 Walsh, James ... 173 Walsh Lawrence __ 105 Wakh Rirh;.rrf 117 Wjit fiiinHrj 151 Waller Por|ijy 105 Wjl»h»r Nil. 171 W m loy .Umi s ,. 171 Ward, Harrison : , , WiirH .Icn 137 137 W,,rH Rnhert 151 Warkentien Paul .._ 117 151 121 Warnke, Don 151 Warren, Charlotte . 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Edmund Winkalman. Don Winkalman. Shirlay Wirlh. Lloyd Wilhay. Kalharina Willlar. Dalmar Wohlnar, Euqana Wolfa. Gaorqa Wolpa. Laonard Wolpa. Slanlay Wollamath. Lorana Wood. Glan Woodruff. Foster Woods, Donald Woodward. Ethal Woodward. Jamas Woollay. John Worchester, Catharina Worden, Dorothy Wrabeti. John Wriqht. Sidney Wroth, Jamas Wullf. Opal Wulff, VirqII Wurti. William Wylia, Barbara Wyman. Winlhrop 123 107 107 123 107 107 ISI ISI 107 ISI 123 107 107 ISI 107 ISI ISI ISI 137 107 107 123 ISI 107 107 151 137 ISI ISI 137 137 123 151 107 107 107 123 123 107 151 107 151 123 Yalay. Roy Yarwood. Robert Yaaqar, Barbara Yaaklay. Mildred Yeultar. Clayton Yoder, Betiy York. Robarl Yoi. Jerrold Yoit, Larry Younq. Barbara Younq. Colaen Younq. Dale Younq. Evelyn Younq, John R Younq. John W Younq, Keith Younq. Marqarat Younq. Romona Younq. Wanda Younkin, Carol Younqman, Lloyd Younqion. Ranaa Zabal. Lois Zabal, Varna Zahn. Norman Zailinqer. Phyllis Zelleri, Margaret Zenlnek, Lanore Zierolt. Joan Zierotl. Ralph Zimmerman. Alita ZIomko. Janet Zorinsky, Esther Zuroskl. Louise Zveitel. Milroy ISI 107 107 ISI 137 ISI 137 137 107 137 151 107 ISI 9fL dppMnaiion. Many days and months have been spent in publishing this 1950 CORNHUSKER. Despite the many difficulties, the spirit of cooperation has never been lacking among the people who made this book possible. To these people and to everyone who helped with the book go many sincere thanks. JACOB NORTH PRINTING CO. STATE JOURNAL PRINTING CO. NEPHO LABORATORIES THE S. K. SMITH CO. BRUCE NICOLL. PUBLICATION ADVISER THE WARREN PAPER CO. HENRY FONDA CHANCELLOR R. G. GUSTAVSON ROSE MANOR STUDIOS JOHN SAVAGE, OMAHA WORLD-HERALD The following offices and departments of the University: STUDENT UNION STAFF UNIVERSITY PUBLICATIONS BOARD PHOTOGRAPHIC LABORATORY EDITORIAL AND PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT PURCHASING DEPARTMENT THE DAILY NEBRASKAN MANAGING EDITORS Betty Green Nancv Por+er Kathr n Swanson PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Dicit Kusica 1950 CohnkuAhsuv John R. Connelly, Editor Harold R. Gerhart, Jr., Business Manager ADMINISTRATION— FRATERNITIES Harris Carnaby Matt Japp ACTIVITIES Pat O ' Brien ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS Mardelle Buss Jack Barnhart ART EDITOR Hobert Hayes PANEL EDITORS Joel Bailey Sally Holmes LAYOUT EDITOR J; A-. L;s!-e ' ARTS— RELIGION Jackie Hoss CLASSES Marilyn Vingers Janet Champine Marilyn Clark GOVERNMENT— ORGANIZATIONS Richard Billig HOUSES— HALLS MarIi Mooberry MILITARY Jackie Sorenson Clo Ann Kaul SORORITIES Sara Fulton SPORTS Bob Gangle Tom Johnson STUDENT SCENE Jeanne Stockstill INDEX iqa 4»S i J

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