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CORNHUSKER • 19111 -wssr in SOUTH % — , — ' M ©AST ■ iewity iOHH4t M EDITOR-IN-CHIEF icui, vievptortct BUSINESS MANAGER PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR - — fc%e ettt ... ™ THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT LINCOLN i dr. louise pound b.l. nebraska ' 92 m.a. nebraska ' 95 ph.d. heidelberg ' 00 hen. d.l. smith ' 28 »l D ta ( U 6 tactile fc wc«td distinguished scholar, author, editor, {olklorist, teacher of english philology and literature at the university of nebraska for fifty years, gifted and versatile sportswoman and helpful friend of count- less devoted students miss pound was the only woman member of the lincoln tennis club in the ' 90s. besides her scholastic achievement, miss pound is an avid sports enthusiast. r i r « v- ■ ■M : ' : : fe : • ' ££ S •■■ e sv: i » i — i j i . i ■fffiinirr 1 •■ — •■ ' , uA eight decades have passed since the dream of nebraska ' s pioneers be- came a reality, in 1869 a humble uni- versity was established on the barren prairie, in eighty years it has grown into an influential educational institu- tion, numbering its graduates in the tens of thousands, we look to the fu- ture with proud reflections of the past — to a greater university — to a mightier nebraska. 1869-1879 1879-1889 1889-1899 i r ii i j iii 1899-1909 atudevtt cettc 1909-1919 1919-1929 activtfie4 1929-1939 1939-1949 J £ ti the university of nebraska in 1871 from 11th and 1 streets, the enrollment was twenty and the faculty was five. L_ K- Aa . 1 right: nckey-tick! the mandolin club boasted a repertoire of the latest song below left: one of the literary club rooms, popular with the students for social life below right: part of the first rote com- pany on the campus, (note the repeater water pistols). the 1898 football squad, that ' s jack best in the second row, right. the whole gang turned out for this one. a few young hopefuls sneaked in somewhere. above: the first world w two queens of 1916. short skirts and bob- bed hair were a thing of the future. below: ivy day, begun in 1901, has always been a beautiful and stirring day to every loyal cornhusker. left: bloody noses, torn jackets and muddy faces marked the annual Olympics, traditional freshmen-sophomore struggle. yBphs 1 t ' " above: organized in 1911, the kosmet klub presented its fourth production, " the knight of the nymphs " in 1916 at the oliver theater. 1941 : rcle) made the second touchdown lor the scarlet and cream at the rose bowl game. right: war! the astp took over the newly-finished love library and the campus took over the astp. left: the war show replaced the kosmet klub produc- tions for the duration, the fraternity presidents ' act stopped the show in 1945. • 1945 also saw a revival of an old tradition, the dandelion ■ on the can,: 1886 . . . the university cadet corps and military band rest in front of u hall, those are civil war uniforms and rifles. 4t 1869 . . . university founded, february 15 . . u hall corner- stone laid . . . regents named .. 1871 ... dr. a. r. benton, chancellor . . free tuition . . no afternoon classes . . chapel at ten . . four faculty . . twenty college students . . three courses of study . . palladian founded . . first student pub- lication, hesperian student . . 1872 . . . college of agriculture and mechanics founded . . 1873 . . . first graduates, j. stuart dales and william h. snell . . adelphian literary society founded, became union literary society three years later . . 1874 . . . ag campus established . . boarding houses charged three to five dollars per week . . alumni association begun . . 1876 ... dr. e. b. fairfield, chancellor . . military department organized . . 1877 . . . ellen smith becomes first woman faculty member. admaU tnatitot chancellor governor regent dean mi 11 i association registration colleges schools divisions dr. reuben g. gustavson, ph.d.,, l.h.d. chancellor of the university page 21 the governor having demonstrated his ability in charting a course of development in both the state and university, val peterson began his second term as governor of nebraska. the board of regents selects the chancellor and deans, supervises the faculty, admin- istration, student body, buildings and disburses funds. frederick " val " peterson governor of nebraska r e s page 22 left to right: Stanley d. long, grand island; carl w. borgmann, dean of faculties; charles y. thompson, west point; george liggett, utica; james 1. welsh, omaha; robert w. devoe, lincoln; frank rn. Johnson, president, lexington; John k. selleck, university comptroller. miss marjorie Johnston, ma. dean of women mr. t. j. thompson, ph.d., l.l.d. dean of student affairs cleans dean of mens assistants ' lee chatfield, frank hallgren and edward smith, assistant in charge of men ' s housing and employment. miss elsie ford piper, a.b. assistant dean of women page 23 fritz daly, ' 29, alumni association secretary ar.d editor of the " alumnus. " alumni association the university of nebraska alumni association, which exists to foster a spirit of loyalty and friend- ship among former students and in an organized, cooperative effort to do anything which will add to the development, achievement and honor of ne- braska, will observe its seventy-fifth birthday in June. up-to-date records of the more than 70,000 former nebraska students are maintained by the organ- ization. nebraska alumni gathered at buffet luncheons before each football game in 1948. are shov n as they pass through the luncheon line to fill their plates. former cornhuskers page 24 dr. bertha luckey, ' 10 Cleveland, ohio ilisi ingaished service award recip i« k nls each year five university of nebraska alumni are honored at round-up and commencement for service of distinction to their university and in professional and public life, pictured here are recipients of the 1948 distinguished service awards which were conferred by the alumni association and the university. in 1947 and 1948 the " nebraska alumnus, " alumni association publication, was cited for editorial achievement in the annual contest sponsored by the american alumni council. For Outstanding Editorial Achievement In publication of an alumni magazine AWARD DF MERIT In the 1947 Magazine Awards Competition sponsored by the American Alumni Council for alumni publications in the United States and Canada Director for Magazines W | - Presid nt. American Alumni Council John 1. riddell, ' 20 york, nebraska clarence e. swanson, ' 22 lincoln, nebraska kenneth s. wherry, ' 14 pawnee city, nebraska page 25 students labor over their schedules to avoid 8 o ' clocks, Saturdays and afternoons. registration left: a group of conscientious boys wait in line to have their classes, hours and credits checked so that all adds up. right: these boys have their class cards pulled to fill that memorable little yel- low envelope. george waiter rosenlof, ph.d., 1.1. d. registrar university examiner director of admissions secretary of the faculties page 26 health is essential to students so, as a fina step, tb x-rays are taken in one of the portable traveling units. page 27 fred teply and richard crom examine the bot- anical process of photosynthesis in the ag col- lege nursery. william vincent lambert, b.s.. m.s., ph.d. dean of college of agricultuie director of agricultural experi- mental station college of agriculture left: an instructor advises his students on the finer points of welding in the engineering lab. right: melvin wiescamp demonstrates the most modern manner of milkinq cows in ag ' s dairy. , page 28 the dance 1 grace, precision and co ordination ot I by orchesis members charles henry oldfather, ph d ., lid. dean of the college of arts and sciences college ok arts- sciences left: the accent is the thing as iane linn and lois kroehler do some prac- ticing in the Spanish lab. right: mr. oliver collins, marge knerl and norton marcos do their daytime work in astronomy lab. page 29 a conservation and survey division test-drill rig explores the subsurface formations for water-bearing materials. associated departments above: george round, public relation? head, circulates news. below: some honest cribbing is ac- complished in the library. right: these students study mammals in elephant hall, an outstanding part ot the state museum. left: in the photographic lab many pictures used for university publica- tions are prepared. page 30 " " " ' oparation fo: ellen mci i layout. earl stanfield fullbrook. a.m., ph.d. dean oi the college of business administration oll ' «»4 ' off business a lmiiiis4r«tliou left: mrs. marilyn Stewart indicates the calculator ' s finer points to a future statistician. right: the powers of concentration and exactness are essential in manipulating an ediphone. page 31 left: part of the preliminary procedure in a dental student ' s day is checking the instruments. right: ed seewald receives practical experience by filling a tooth in the uni- versity clinic. college of dentistry bert lesl ie hooper, d.d.s. dean of the college of dentistry in preparation for an x-ray, leroy luers adjusts the bite-wing film for a clinic patient. page 32 UikL . .. -A -•ctrical ei ib stud ' tual experience with equipment useci professional field. roy melvin areen, in highway enginee- dean of the college of engineering college of engineering left: well-equipped drafting rooms in- crease the student ' s efficiency in archi- tectural engineering. right: fledgling engineer, russ lurch sights the transit while bob orr takes down readings. r i page 33 extension service division harry garvin gould, in agriculture director of agricultural college extension service page 34 Bh arthur e. westbrook, mus.d., l.h.d. director of the school of fine arts in a studio equipped with sound effects and a live mike, radio classes have a chanco to produce their own shows. left: mr. emanuel wishnow prepares the symphony orchestra for one of the season ' s concerts, right: art students learn by observation as mr. hal wi!- meth demonstrates with water colors. school of fine arts page 35 graduate college left: child psychology is studied by grad student, beth ramey, as she ob- serves lenore at play. right: marriage consultation is held with avis kristensen as another service of social work. r a seminar is conducted by dr. alexander young jr. for students who are furthering their educa- tion in sociology. robert whitmore goss, ph.d. dean of the graduate college page 36 left: mrs. baker aids this student in selecting tests to reveal his interests and aptitudes. right: student receives aid in making the necessary adjustments for the right start in college. warren r. bailer, a.b., a.m., ph.d dean of the junior division junior division don charles makes an effort to help freshmen develop efficient study techniques and habits in study aids lab. page 37 marge cherny shows a special inclination and talent for photography as she prepares for a career in pictorial journalism. school of journalism left: lab work in the shop consists of practice in setting and printing various kinds of type. right: the reading room provides ma- terial for studying newspaper and magazine writing techniques. william f. swindler, ph.d. director of the school of journalism page 38 mr david dow, professor of law, meets wit: students in the law seminar to discuss l contract problems. fredericlc k. beutel, a.b., s.j d dean of the college of law college of s % I «i left: " there it is, line 25. " a law student proves his point at an informal bull session. right: law review editor, bill rundle, checks proof with the legislation and note editors. page 39 left: taking notes on her partner ' s ex- periment in bacteriology is no real job for coll quigley. right: this couple takes time to ponder on the results found on their micro- scope slide. college of medicine harold charles lueth, ph.d., m d dean of the college of medicine- superintendent of the university hospital research and experiments in well equipped labs play an important part in the develop- ment of keen medical minds. page 40 marion clhngston and ir.ary thomas find books in the ker library a relief from irma maurine kyle,, g.n., s.m. director of the school of nursing tt n. school of nursing left: student nurses receive five months experience in caring for newborn babies and their mothers. right: nursing students have the op- portunity to discuss problems with the director, miss irrr.a kyle. page 41 left: harry prouty demonstrates the precision of the polarimeter to analyze compound contents. right: lavonne lawson, martha smith and quin skiles combine their wisdom of the simple chemicals. college of pharmacy Joseph bell burt, in pharm., ph.d. dean of the college of pharmacy pharmacy student, bob waters, accurately weighs chemicals in preparation for a highly technical experiment. page 42 ItfHM UI " kindorgartners " at bancrolt closely lollov. story which manon hamilton, cadet tea. is reading them. frank ernest henzlik, lib, ph.d. dean of the teachers college teachers 4 0 1 lege left: pointing out the value of educa- tion courses, miss mielenz advises a teachers college student, right: a prac- tice teacher shows high school stu- dents the best way to use the school library. page 43 the girls ' hockey team pose at the end of the 1916 season. - «ii 1879 ... no public school dances . . 1880 . . . marching band begun . . electives introduced into curriculum . 1882 ... dr. h. e. hitchcock, acting chancellor . . 1883 . . . medical college opened . . 1884 . . . first year book, sombrero ..dr. i. j. manatt, chancellor . . 1885 . . . greek letter societies appear . . 1886 . . . pharmacy hall, grant memorial hall and nebraska hall built . . 1888 . . . jack best becomes university trainer . . medical college closed . . graduate school opened. yovennttoertt assoeialeil departments aus student council engineer! n« exec board ag exec board pau-bellenic iutei •-fra tcriiitr coinieil student ii 11 it» 11 board balm aw women ' s rules, activity point system, ivy day sing and coed follies are directed by the asso- ciated women students board. the aws court tries and penalizes violators of the rules. _- marian crook president phyllis harris vice-president nancy glynn secretary sally holmes treasurer members discuss problems affecting the women of the uni- versity of nebraska. the " all high and mighty " members of aws are the senior girls. page 49 dale ball president jack selzer vice president dick Johnson secretary harvey davis treasurer slmlrnl 4-oiiiM il the student council supervises campus elections, sponsors the yearly migration, ap- proves charters of university organizations and carries on other student govern- mental functions. campus constitutions are okayed by bill schenck, chuck thoene, and phyllis cadwal- lader. miss mary mielenz and mr. curtis elliott, fac- ulty advisors, help to see that all goes smoothly. jack de wulf and lloyd wirth seem to take [his business of ag elections quite seriously. page 50 I I I I nothing slips by paul weltchek, george coupe, louise mc dill, or by hooper of the inves ' tion committee. lloyd wirth, bob axtell, rod franklin, m. j. schlueter, pat larson, and jack de wulf, com- pose the elections committee. campus improvements are noticeable under dick srb, janet stratton, fred chael, don coch- ran, and " roz " howard. the judiciary committee consists of barbara speer, bill schenck, betty aasen, joan farrar and dick schleusener. the credit for this year ' s migration goes to dorothy borgens, harvey davis, rex hoff- meister, and pat black. the student council gets plenty of publicity through fritz simpson and louise mc dill. page 51 engineering exec board o £ ' -7 Bc» • " XI 1 K 1 k£fli L r At r " 3 " 1 r » V l 1 3 h K flr I J graham jones president back row: d cochran, w. koenig, f. feldhouser, r. brown, b. somerhalder. second row: w. rump, f. pelton, g. olive, c. kellogg, h. bienhoff, e. jarecki front row: j blackman, w. swift, g. jones, w. birdsall, b. clausen, d. temme the engineering executive board sponsors activities of the college of engineering, the high light of the year is engi- neer ' s week in which the various departments feature public displays. looks as if graham jones just cracked a funny. members of the board make plans for engin- eer ' s week. page 52 «ii» exec hoard john osier president back row: I loellel, j. dewulf, g pinkerton, p keeney, j. baird, I. wirth front row: b. beckner, m. guthrie, 1. mc dill, j. osier, n. baxter, a. boswell, g. monson. the ag executive board is in charge of elec- tions, promotes social activities and strives for improvements on ag campus. aq exec board officers are: louise mc dill, secretary john osier, president, neal baxter, treasurer; and marje reynolds, vice president. the group meets informally to discuss current ag campus problems. page 53 kay kinsey president back row: b. rowland, e. stahl, e. venable, r. fitzmorris, j. mac cuaig, b. green, k. schoonmaker, p. nordin. second row: k. pfeiffer, c. katzman, a. fischer, c. jones, h. anderson, j. stratton, m. ryons, b. lotspeich. front row: w. dark, a. herse, j. eckvall, b. yoder, k. kinsey, j. loder, j. votava. the panhellenic council represents the sororities on campus, " panhell " promotes better unity and cooperation among the sororities. panhellenic the fall panhellenic dinner attracts many sorority girls. " like a little coffee with your cream, strat? " page 54 I ' ' ' ft • back row: r nosky, f bender, d. peters, r. hollmeister, p. wellchek, r. coyne, -inthony second row: I. potash, w. norton, d. smith, c kokjer, c. thoene, f. loelfel, f. chael, c tremain front row: e. trumble, t huston, w. buckley, w. dorothy, 1. geier, p. dietrich, e. mc cullough the interfraternity council regulates all matters pertaining to nebraska ' s social fraternities, its purpose is to better relations among the fraternities as well as with the entire student body. k waiter dorothy president interfraternity eouneil interfraternity council members make plans for the annual ball. the executive committee, composed of students and faculty advisors, supervises action taken by the council. page 55 student union board " re== ; the student union governing board, composed of faculty, alumni, union directors and students direct the many details of the two unions. " make it yourself " is the motto of the union ' s craft shop. jukebox dances, movies, coffee hours and talent program keep the student union board " ticking " . It is no wonder that the union is the " mecca " for relaxation and refreshment. rwm «•»■«■. -„„„» students " get away from it all " in the ag unions ' card room. cribology majors spend happy hours in the union crib. page 56 J I I L hahtv prexy mc auley and the board make plans for the independent women students. babw officers are: seated, donna mc auley, presi- dent, lois kaminska, vice-president; mary ann graf, treasurer; and jo ann learning, secretary. the barb activity board for women has its fingers in every campus issue, the board interests independent girls in the many university activities and strives to further high schol- arship among the members. back row: j walker, m mc elhaney, m mc elhaney, p judd, :ppkotte, c. lundin front row: - : eterson, 1 kaminska, d. mc auley. j slewart. m. graft, j. learning donna mc auley president page 57 graduates gather in front of old u hall before the first world war. I 1 L id Q 1889 ... dr. c. e. bessey, chancellor . . central law college established . . 1890 . . . first football game . . first track meet at crete . . nebraska colors are old gold . . wheel club, bicycling club formed . . 1891 . . . dr. j. m. canfield, chan- cellor . . It. j. j. pershing, commandant of military depart- ment . . 1892 . . . second volume of sombrero published . . first summer school . . varsity rifles organized . . electrical engineering building constructed . . 1894 . . . observatory built . . 1895 ... dr. g. e. mac lean, chancellor . . library built . . pbk organized . . 1897 . . . museum obtains mummy . . mechanical arts building constructed . . 1894 . . . fresh- men-sophomore field day begun . . sigma xi founded . . nebraska joins state intercollegiate athletic association . . 1898 . . . domestic science department established, rosa bouton, head . . ivy day begun. I Ml clateeb chancellor ' s reception junior-senior prom commencement mortar hoard innocents seniors juniors sophomores freshmen J I ! I- chancellor ' s reception at the chancellor ' s reception dr. r. g. gustavson meets joan farrar, mortar board president, and norm leger, innocents president. hundreds of people are introduced to the campus dignitaries in the receiving line. . . . while others danc e and enjoy the general entertainment in the union. bingo proves interesting to the many who treasure their lucky numbers. enough of this chit chat, on with the food, as usual, the refreshment line attracts a large crowd. page 63 Junior-senior prom above: dorothy borgens and harlan pauley are presented as " prom king and queen " . above right: dancing ceases as the crowd be- comes engrossed in tex beneke ' s " bebop " ar- rangements. above: a novelty method of selecting royalty is initiated at the prom — an applause meter above left: here ' s a close up of the incompar- able tex. eft: the moonlight serenaders provide a mu- sical background for the presentation. page C4 J L _! i above, these seniors are anxious- ly awaiting the time to don their caps and gowns. above right, an annual event of commencement is the chancel- lor ' s reception. right, the traditional commence- ment procession is nearing the coliseum. Ik-. commencement dean mc allister, nebraska alumnus now resid- ing in Seattle, Washington, delivers the invo- cation. members of the 76th spring commencement are taking the final steps before receiving their diplomas. page 65 maricm crook vice president ieanne branch boman jo kellenbarger secretary marian mc elhaney treasurer lois mickle historian peggie lawrie Jeanne kerrigan shirley quisenberry lois gillett barbara speer Jackie wightman lillian lock leadership, scholarship, and service are the requirements for membership in mortar board, national honorary for senior women, they are chosen by a unanimous vote of the active chapter and are masked each ivy day. the mortar boards in caps and gowns present the homecoming queen. peg, barbara, Jeanne, and phyllis are about to put the eligible bachelors behind the G-ball. page 66 J L m nadine anderson genene mitchell phyllis harris jane mc arthur mortar hoard joan farrar president the m.b. ' s kept the crowd in laughter with their coed follies skit. 1921 marked the establishment of mortar board on the university of ne- braska campus, since that year they have been leaders in campus activi- ties, this year mortar board sponsored a loan fund, scholarships, the tradi- tional mortar board ball and ivy day. one of the many duties performed by the mor- tar boards was serving at the chancellor ' s re- ception. page 67 alex Cochrane vice president jack selzer secretary irwin chesen treasurer wait dorothy bob hamilton norbert tiemann John osier dick schleusener ed trumble frank loeffel in 1903 the innocents were established at nebraska to honor thirteen senior men who exhibited scholarship, leadership and service, these men are chosen from junior candidates and tapped each ivy day by the active members. innocent prexy, norm leger, conducts their weekly meetings, quite business-like aren ' t they! nobby tiemann is caught not only by the photographer but also by innocent, ned raun, on ivy day. page 68 J L dod easter dale ball illlMM ' 4 ' lllS norman leger president below left: these innocents aren ' t the only ones wondering if nebraska will gain posses- sion of the missouri-nebraska victory bell. below right: norm leger presents the second place award for homecoming decorations to annette camahan, representing chi omega. page 69 fritz hegwood, senior class president takes his job lightly. above: here ' s a touch of that nebraska spirit, " n " men buck buckley and bob lipps and tassel pat guhin. time out for a break finds these senior wheels discussing the latest on the library steps. seniors class of 1949 below: jim myers, amy jo bergh, ray simmons and mat collins seem to be enjoying the union menu, they ought to try the food some time. page 70 ■ I above left: there ' s nothing like a relax- ing game of ping pong, if you can get the net up that is. above right: ray biemond, and fritz ware take time out from their activities to escort donna mc auley to class. right: cletus fisher and John sedlacek, wearing hard earned " n " sweaters, seem equally at ease carrying books as carrying footballs. below: betty beckner and phil raynard are first in line to wait for the ag dairy store to open. page 71 aasen, betty; fairbury, fine arts, chi omega, president; delta phi delta, student council, cheer leader, abdnor, helen; presho, so. dak., music, sigma alpha iota, agnew, kenneth; Sidney, busi- ness administration, delta upsilon. ahlquist, ralph; omaha, mechanical engineering, a.s.m.e. albee, bob; grand island, mechanical engineer- ing, a.s.m.e. albert, dwyer; adams, animal hus- bandry, 4-h club, varsity dairy club, ag men ' s club, alien, phyllis; craig, physical education, alpha phi, w.a.a., swimming club, y.w.c.a. alien, robert; lincoln, economics, phi delta theta, bas- ketball. almquist, martin; central city, architectural engin- eering, sigma phi epsilon. amis, charles; omaha, civil engineering, a.s.c.e. andelt, melvin; dor- chester, business administration. anderson, charles; st. Joseph, mo., business administration, beta theta pi. anderson, John; lincoln, accounting, alpha kappa psi. anderson, nadine; scottsbluff, journalism, alpha phi, theta sigma phi, kappa tau alpha, mortar board, a.w.s. board, corn shucks, manag- ing editor, andrew, george; beatrice, personnel. anstine, jack; hastings, marketing, tau kappa epsilon. anthony, lavern; Sidney, journalism-sociology, sigma delta chi, alpha kappa delta, corn shucks, daily nebraskan. apgar, charles; lincoln, journal- ism, delta tau delta armstrong, dean; st. paul, law, theta xi. armstrong, janette; alliance, sociol- ogy-music, adelphi, b.a.b.w., y.w.c.a., university singers, pre-orchesis. armstrong, merlyn; auburn, electrical engineer- ing, a.i.e.e. arnold, maurice; geneva, business administration, atwater, robert; kearney, archi- tecture, tau kappa epsilon, architectural societv aukerman, kenneth; lincoln, merchandising, sig- ma phi epsilon. page 72 seniors aulen. donald: lyr, accounting, alpha kappa avorill. marvin: webb city, okla , petroleum geol ogy ayala. onrigue; Caracas, Venezuela, s. a . mal husbandry babbitt, harvey: cheyenne, wyo , architecture, architectural society. bachenberg, truman; burchard, vocational edu- cation, tri -k, alpha zeta bahensky, raarion; s! paul, elementary education, alpha chi omega, bahr. norman: rapid city, so. dak., mechanical engineering, sigma phi epsilon, asm e bailey, audrey; omaha, psychology, howard hall, a. baird. jack; archer, agronomy, farm house, alpha zeta, tri-k, block and bridle, ag executive bonrH, farmer ' s fair board baker, robert 1.; salina, kans , social studies-educational psychology, alpha tau omega baker, robert r.; lincoln, economics, ball, dale; fremont, business administration, phi kappa psi, innocents, student council, president. bamesberger, lois; hampton, clothing and textiles, wilson hall, phi upsilon omicron, home ec. club. gamma delta, bare, lyle: pilger, accounting, alpha kappa psi barker, jane; rising city, voca- tional education, omicron nu, home economics club, y.w.c.a., amikita. bartek, daniel; wahoo, chemical engineering,, newman club, comenius club. barth, warren; lincoln, pharmacy, phi delta theta, kappa psi. bartlett, joan; lincoln, elementary edu- cation, delta gamma, y.w.c.a barton, John; omaha, law, phi delta theta, phi delta phi batson arleigh; Waterloo, finance, sigma chi, kosmet kluk. bauer, hal; lincoln, economics, phi delta theta bauer, harold; culbertson, music, sigma chi, ohi mu alpha, sinfonia, university singers bauer, thomas; wray, colo., zoology, sigma phi epsilon, gamma lambda, nu-med, band baum. robert; lacrosse, wis , speech, phi kappa psi, alpha ep- silon rho, university theatre. page 73 ££L bean, floyd; elwood, electrical engineering, sig- ma tau, a.i.e.e. becker, leon; plymouth, electrical engineering, beta sigma psi, a.i.e.e. becker, betty; beatrice, clothing-child development, phi upsilon omicron, amikita, president; home eco- nomics club, vice president; agriculture executive board, student iaculty council, belgum, delaine; albion, business administration, beta sigma psi. bell, warren; Chester, science, sigma chi. bellows, ray; blair, mechanical engineering, delta upsilon, sigma tau, pi tau sigma, interfraternity council, a.s.m.e. bender, fred; sutton, agricultural engin- eering, tau kappa epsilon. bennington, Virginia; chappell, music, alpha chi omega, delta omicron. bennison, dorothy; lincoln, elementary education, kappa alpha theta. berg, elsie; wahoo, mathe- matics, howard hall, pi lambda theta, cosmopoli- tan club, berg, marilyn; mead, commercial arts, rundle hall, kernels, i.s.a. bergh, amy jo; omaha, education, kappa alpha theta, orchesis, presi- dent; w.a.a., y.w.c.a., auf. bergman, Joanne; omaha, english-radio, alpha phi, university singers, bergstraesser, waiter; lincoln, electrical engineering, beta sigma psi, sigma tau, pi mu epsilon, a.i.e.e. berkheimer. richard; gordon, law, alpha tau omega, phi alpha delta bernstein, marvin; omaha, business admin- istration, sigma alpha mu. berquist, lloyd; loomis, animal husbandry, ag men ' s club, y.m.c.a., intervarsity christian organ- ization, bessel, bernice; creston, ia., journalism sigma delta tau, cornshucks, coed counselor, y.w.c.a., inter-religious welfare council, hillel council, biemond, raymond; ord, economics, sig- ma phi epsilon, comhusker, business manager; cheerleader, university singers. b i e r m a n , waldean; kensington, kan., psychology, phi gam- ma delta. billesbach, dale; arapahoe, business organiza- tion, birk, alien; omaha, journalism, beta theta pi, phalanx bishop, barbara; winona, kan., ele- mentary education, terrace hall, i.s.a., y.w.c.a., kappa phi. blomgren, thomas; Cambridge, ill , busin ess administration, delta upsilon, corn- shucks. page 74 seniors bloom, richard; ness administration, delta tau dell I bock, marjorie; omaha. | education, delta gamma bodol. josoph; lew brunswick, i ncultural en ma phi. . newman i ib bohaboy. max- ine; prague, foods nutrition, amikita, y.w.c.a., home economics club, comenius club. boman. jeannc; lincoln, physical education-so- ciol pa alpha theta, mortar board, w.aa., president bomberger, Clifford; broken bow, busi- ness administration borkenhagen, annette; omaha, english, howard hall, y.w.c.a botts. jack; aberdeen, so. dak., journalism, sigma delta chi. bowman, kirk; albion, agricultural engineering, -op, boyd. frank; hastings, sociology, beta theta pi, student foundation boyd. patricia; sioux city, ia., speech correction, delta delta delta, masquers, y.w.c.a brand, John; santa rosa, calif., mechanical engineering, kappa sig- ma, sigma tau, as. me., cadet officers associa- tion. bratt. miriam; pawnee city, sociology-psychol- ogy, alpha lambda delta, alpha kappa delta, phi beta kappa breetzke, harold; west point, physi- cal education brickey. Jacqueline; kansas city, mo., history, briese, irvin; elgin, accounting, beta sigma psi, beta gamma sigma, alpha kappa psi, 1 s.a. brisco. shirley; douglas, music, university singers, brodman, earl; lincoln, civil engineering, a. see. brodkey, lawrence; omaha, law, zeta beta ' brookley, charles; ravenna, geology, sigma gam ma epsilon, phalanx, pershing rifles. brower. John; fullerton, law, sigma phi epsilon vice president; phi delta phi brown, dorothy; verdon, spanish-economics, kappa delta, co-ed ounselors, auf, y.w.c.a brown, don; colum v us, political science-speech, phi gamma delta, brown, eugenia; lincoln, music, alpha kappa alpha, y.w.c.a., university singers. page 75 Ml brown, nancy; mc cook, history, delta delta delta, pi lambda theta. brown, william; lincoln, business administration, cosmopolitan club, veterans or- ganization, i.s.a. bruce. robert; gordon, vocational education, alpha zeta, 4-h club, bruning, frank; bruning, animal husbandry, alpha tau omega, block and bridle. brunken, carrol; columbus, civil engineering, sigma tau, a.s.c.e. brunken, raymond; lincoln, electrical engineering, a.i.e.e. brunzell, mary; holdrege, vocational education-extension, ami- kita, home economics club, y.w.c.a. buckendahl, myna; lincoln, elementary education, towne club, sigma eta chi. buckley, winton; york, business administration, alpha tau omega, n club, budeit, helen; (alls city, bacteriology-chemistry, y.w.c.a., home econom- ics club, cornhusker countryman, i.s.a., religious welfare council, burley, John; lincoln, civil engin- eering, kappa sigma, n club, a.s.c.e. burton, shirley; arapahoe, commercial arts, rosa bouton hall, president. busch, barbara; omaha, art, kappa kappa gam- ma, busch, orval; hooper, economics, beta sigma psi. bush, donald; haigler, mathematics, buss, beth; scottsbluff, english, kappa alpha theta. byerly, richard; Pittsburgh, pa., economics, alpha sigma phi, band, cameron, grove; jay em, wyo., economics, newman club, capek, richard; lincoln, zoology, phi delta theta, nu-med. cappel, robert; independence, ia., business administration, beta theta pi. carlson, irving; omaha, importing-exporting, delta sigma phi. carlson, robert; lincoln, business ad- ministration, kappa sigma. chambers, david; Johnson city, tenn., pharmacy, sigma phi epsilon, kappa psi. chambers, joanne; iremont, home eco- nomics, sigma kappa, home economics club, newman club. page 76 chaney. russell; rnc cook, physical educa! chapman, william: n chase, helen; schuyler, engi: rac- bda del ' new cheson. irwin: lincoln, psychol i beta tau, innocents, treasurer, daily nebras- business manager, kosmet klub, secret ha phi omega, psi chi, nu meds, men ' s t board chilvers. robert; pierce, conservation, (arm he pershing Titles, y.m.c.a. chotena. Joyce; bury, elementary education, kernels, christel, pat- rick; valders, wise, psychology, newman club christensen. forrest; lyons, mathematics, sigmn phi epsilon. christensen. max; kearney, geology, sigma gam- ma epsilon christenson. maynard; omaha, geol- ogy, phalanx, christian, scott; omaha, mechanical engineering, kappa sigma, pi tau sigma, a.s.m e. Christiansen, jack; kimball, business administra- tion, delta chi, secretary. dark, betty; topeka, kan., english, alpha phi. dark, david; topeka, kan., zoology, dark, robert; lincoln, advertising, beta sigma psi, alpha kappa psi dark, thomas; mc cook, business administra- tion. claybaugh, glenn; lincoln, dairy, farm house, 4-h club, varsity dairy, cline, william; nebraska city, business administration, alpha kappa psi. coat- ney. loreru lincoln, psychology, phalanx, cochran. denny; columbus, electrical engineering, sigma phi epsilon, sigma tau, pi mu epsilon, eta kappa nu, a.i.e.e. coggs. granville; little rock, ark , chemistry, kappa alpha psi, nu-meds coker. roland; Sutherland, business administration coleman. raymond: naha, civil engineering, a.s.c.e collier, charlcs: grant, civil engineering, a.s.c.e. page 77 senior collier, Chester; smith center, kan., business ad- ministration collins, marie; stanton, physical edu- cation, alpha phi, swimming club, w.a.a., vice president, comerford, earl; lincoln, business ad- ministration, sigma nu. commins, belva; lexing- ton, home economics, amikita, 4-h club. conley, eugene; nebraska city, business admini:- tration, phi kappa psi. connor, james; bladen, geology, tau kappa epsilon, sigma gamma epsi- lon. conway, kathleen; lincoln, science, towne club, tassels, home economics club, newman club, agricultural religious council, cooley, gordon; albany, ore., dentistry. copple, katheryn; reno, nev., art, chi omega, delta phi delta, orchesis. copple, robert; lincoln, busi- ness administration. Cornelius, floyde; madrid, business administration, sigma phi epsilon. cor- rick, bruce; lincoln, business administration, sig- coulter, donald; ravenna, vocational education, band, brass choir, newman club, cox, John; Suth- erland, engineering, a.i.e.e. coyne, richard; omaha, law, phi kappa psi, president; phi d elta phi, interfraternity council, crook, marian; ne- braska city, languages, phi sigma iota, theta sigma phi, vice president; mortar board, vice president; a.w.s., president; Spanish club, presi- dent. crowe, donald; lincoln, mathematics-physics-phil- osophy, pi mu epsilon, y.m.c.a., alpha phi omega. crowell, delbert; wauneta, civil engineering, a.s.c.e. cuckler, virgil; broken bow, electrical en- gineering, sigma tau, pi mu epsilon. culbert, richard; sioux falls, so. dak., economics, alpha kappa psi. curtis, marvin; lincoln, chemical engineering, alpha tau omega, cusick, james; fremont, accounting cypreansen, barbara; casper, wvo., law, pi beta phi. dahlgren, jack; omaha, busi- ness administration, kappa sigma. page 78 dalke. harry: fairbury. il engineer dalthorp. mary ann: alpha chi omega, dnmkroger. borl; dewitt, nal husbanu ;house, tri-k. block and bridle davis. abraham: new york, n y , history davis. dallas: st. paul, electrical engineering, sigma chi, a i e e davis. eldon; burwell, bacter- iology-chemi ' : davis. harvey: omaha, econom- ics, sigma alpha mu, treasurer; alpha kappa delta, corn cobs, treasurer, student council, auf. davis, john; omaha, civil engineering, sigma alpha epsilon, a. see. deerson. delmar; fremont, science deininger. war- ren; st. paul, pharmacy, brown palace, a. ph. a. de jarnette. bobbie; nebraska city, elementary education, alpha phi, y.w. c.a., cornshucks. den- ning, verle; Hncoln, business administration, deltr sigma theta. dermis, everett; :r.iles city, mont., conservation, ag men ' s club, is. a dickey, jack; omaha, busine?s administration, phi delta theta didriksen. cora ann; kearney, special education diers, richard; scottsbluff, economics, sigma alpha epsilon. diestel. marilyn; fremont, elementary education, gamma phi beta, y.w. c.a. dietrich, paul; ham- mond, ind., business administration, sigma chi, president; interfraternity council, varsity dairy diller, Stanley; diller, civil engineering, cornhus- ker co-op, as c e dinsmore. helen jean; omaha elementary education, delta gamma, vice presi- dent; y.w c.a. dissmeyer. virgil; holmesville, accounting, beta sigma psi dolen howard; lincoln, economics, delta sigma pi, phalanx, dorothy, waiter; ravenna, mechanical engineering, sigma phi epsilon, inno- cents, interfraternity council, president dovey, adele; chicago, ill , chemistry, gamma phi beta, c.a., student foundation. ilMti page 79 K. dubester, samuel; passaic, n. ;., political science. dufphy. danny; battle creek, zoology, brown palace, duling, van; lincoln, economics, alpha tau omega, dunnell, mary; denver, colo., speech, kappa kappa gamma. dunning, duane; berwyn, vocational education, block and bridle, animal husbandry, tri-k, ag- ronomy club, durham, leonard; lincoln, account- ing, dzama, Stephen; Cleveland, o., psychology, delta sigma theta. earnest, ludean; Washington, d. a, psychology, rosa bouton hall, psi chi. easter, dawson; hastings, personnel management. easter, robert; lincoln, chemical engineering, beta theta pi, treasurer; innocents, corn cobs, student union board, aul ebner, warren; lincoln, english- journalism, beta sigma psi. echtenkamp, harlan; fremont, mechanical engineering, beta sigma psi, sigma tau, gamma delta, a.s.m.e. eckblade, james; stromsburg, electrical engineer- ing, pi mu epsilon, a.i.e.e. edwards, robert; omaha, business administration, beta theta pi. ehrmann, jocelyn; lincoln, psychology, alpha y. ' delta, y.w.c.a. einling, John; wayne, business ad- ministration, phi delta theta. eisenhart, russel; culbertson, soil conservation, phi gamma delta, ekstrand, james; stromsburg, electrical engineering, a.i.e.e., band, eller, lynn; stratton, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. ellingson, kathryn; holdrege, chemistry - mathematics, palladian, ag youth fellowship. ellis, John; lincoln, music, phi mu alpha, delian union, emmett, roland; arapahoe, civil engineer- ing, beta theta pi. engstrom, harold; lincoln, mathematics, phi kappa psi, architectural society. erlewine, dale; ogallala, agricultural economics, farm house, alpha zeta, block and bridle, corn- husker countryman, business manager. page 80 erlewine. gale; ogallala tltui il econon :i house, alpha ze ' .a, block and brid con. coll aqn fun board, nager emst. dona: • ill, commercial . y w ca orwin. don- ald; laurel, agronomy, alpha zeta, tn-k, block and bnu orwin. veora; palisade, home eco nomics, omicron nu, president, phi upsilon orri- cron, home economics club. etmund. betty; lincoln, philosophy-sociology, alpha xi delta everitt. dean; osceola, economics delta tau delta ewing. randall; loretto, business mistration, kappa si |m I fairchild, warren; endicott, technical science, kappa sigma, tri-k farbcr. edwin; lincoln, sociology, sigma alpha mu. farrar, joan; hyannis, elementary educa ' ion, kappa alpha theta, phi lambda theta, student council, auf board, mortar board, president; tas- els, vice-president, fastenau, arden; lincoln, business administration, delta upsilon feld, mar- vin; new york, n. y., business administration sigma alpha mu. fentiman. harold; burchard, pharmacy, kappa psi, rho chi, fiala, Joseph; howells, ac- counting, delta sigma pi, newman club, fim- haber, amold; rising city, accounting, beta sigma psi fischer. arlene; new york, n y , psychology, sigma delta tau, psi chi. fiske, patricia; lincoln, english, pi beta phi, corn- husker, y.w.c.a. fitzmorris, rita; scottsblufl, busi- ness administration, delta gamma, y.w.c.a flagg. gould; lincoln, business organization, alpha tau omega, n club, swimming, flaherty, francis; lerton. journalism, sigma phi epsilon. flora, john; gurley, general agriculture, alpha zeta, blue key, l.s.a , tri-k florell. robert; court- land, kan., vocational education, block and bridle, tri-k, Is a. flynn. waiter; blair rural economics, alpha gamma rho, varsity dairy, y.m.c.a. ford, howard; omaha, psychology, alpha sigma phi page 81 seniors (M •J - «. L v Wkik foreshoe, melvin; dakota city, economics, delta sigma pi. forster, frances; denver, colo., psychol- ogy-sociology, kappa delta, psi chi, y.w.c.a fouts, neil; seward, animal husbandry, block and bridle. fouts, ruth; seward, elementary education. fox, george; geneva, architecture, sigma tau, franke, robert; wood river, accounting, delta sigma pi. frankel, stuart; omaha, economics, zeta beta tau. frederick, darrell; kearney, mechanical engi- neering, pi tau sigma, sigma tau, a.s.m.e. fredericks, david; omaha, zoology, sigma alpha mu. frederickson, keith; alien, general agricul- ture, farm house, sigma delta chi. fritz, j. b.; tal- mage, business administration, tau kappa epsilon fruhbauer, ernest; humboldt, business organiza- tion, delta sigma pi, president; Spanish club, vet- eran ' s organization. fry, donald; lincoln, civil engineering, a.s.c.e., c s f. funk, jean; maywood, mechanical engineering, brown palace, furstenau, burnell; fremont, elec- trical engineering, newman club, gallagher, pat; omaha, pharmacy. ganzel, dewey. mc cook, english, sigma chi, mas- quers, gard, gene; beaver crossing, technical sci- ence, farm house, alpha zeta, block and bridle. gardner, gerald; massillon, a, dentistry, sigma alpha epsilon, xi psi phi, president; newman club. garey neal; edison, business organization. garon, norton; omaha, business organization, zeta beta tau. garrison, leroy; lincoln, architecture, architectural society, gay- rolland; [airfield, ar counting, alpha kappa psi. gelwick, richard; falls city, zoology, sigma phi epsilon. page 82 gorwick. devore: y, vocational educai geye. donald: gillott. lois: lil In cial arts, to ortar board nda theta, ywc.a, tassels, president gilmore. ruth: hncoln. socio; girard. Joseph: llliance, civil engineering, sigma gissler. lconard; osceola, psychology-eco- nomics, beta sigma psi glen, carl; auburn, phar- macy, rho chi good, loren: merino, colo., agricul- tural engineering, delta sigma theta. gobar. lois; fullerton. calif., Spanish, kappa delta, pi lambda theta, phi sigma iota, Spanish club, french club,, w.a.a. gorai. arthur; sea- brook, n. , chemical engineering, grabouski. philip; beatrice, technical science-animal hus- bandry, alpha zeta, block and bridle, varsity dairy, tri-k, poultry science club, 4-h. graff. mary; beatrice, chemistry, rundle hall, alpha lambda delta, iota sigma pi, pi mu epsilon, b.a.b.w, co-ed counselor board. graham, patricia; lincoln, education, alpha chi omega, graul, dale; roca, accounting, alpha kappa psi. green, richard; bayard, ac- counting, alpha kappa psi. grifiin. mary; lincoln, elementary education, sigma kappa, newman club, co-ed counselors. griifiths. eugene; cmaha, architecture, archi ' ec- tural society grobeck. gloria; omaha, commer cial arts, hesperia, president; co-ed counselors is. a. council gross, frederick; milford, ia., insur- ance ground, carl; lincoln. accounting. guhin. patricia; superioir, radio-speech, alph chi omega, alpha epsilon rho, vice president; tassels, secretary; guilford. joan; beverly hills, calif., psychology-sociology, alpha phi. guinan. mark; lincoln, geology, sigma chi, sigma gamma epsilon gustaison, gladys; cozad, journalism, gamma phi beta, theta sigma phi, page 83 gutschow, marylis; blair, pre-nursing, sigma kappa, y.w.c.a., student union, gwynn, james; lin- coln, accounting, phi gamma delta, hagen, rob- ert; crawford, business administration, alpha kappa psi. hahn, robert; fremont, economics, phi delta theta, pershing rifles, commander; n club, scabbard and blade, cadet officers ' association. haining, hazel: culbertson, business administra- tion, hakanson, John; edgar, soil conservation- technical science, halderman, patricia; norfolk, chemistry-mathematics, gamma phi beta, orch esis, student union, y.w.c.a. halstead, cecil; lorg beach, calif., economics. hamburg, patricia; marysville, kan., sociology howard hall, president; cosmopolitan club, alphi kappa delta hamilton, robert; Petersburg, ani- mal husbandry, phi kappa psi, innocents, corn cobs, president; block and bridle, president; men ' s point board, alpha phi omega hamilton, Virginia; omaha, primary education, gamma phi beta, new- man club, hansen, albert; council bluffs, ia., phar- macy. hansen, ramon; bloomfield, journalism, hanson, juell; Oakland, pharmacy, harder, evelyn; spring- field, social studies, howard hall, y.v .c.a. har- grave, mary; rochester, n. y., history-sociology. haring, norris; lincoln, educational psychology, kappa sigma harris, phyllis; lincoln, elementary education, alpha chi omega, mortar board, alpha lambda delta, pi lambda theta, a.w.s., vice- president hartmann, dolores; lincoln, chemistry, towne club, nu-meds, i.s.a., Is. a. haseloh, mary- lou; harvard, vocational education, hesperia. haslam, John; fremont, business administration, beta theta pi haugseth, jan; hollywood, ill., psy- chology, cornshucks, art editor, hayashi, ruby; north platte, zoology-psychology, international house, hoyden, elva; ord, secondary education, rundle hall, president. page 84 hayes. donald: iberdeen. so. dak , business stration hccht. boyd; istration, sigma phi epsilon. heins. donald: .■ neta, chemisl hcins. ros- co«: albany, ore , dentistry, bet i delta. O £5 P P hemminger. gretchcn; deadwood, so. dak., music education, alpha chi omega, sigma alpha iota, y,w ca henderson, lois; lincoln, elementary edu cation, alpha xi delta, y.w ca hendricks, harlan; loomis, conservation henkle, james; lincoln, arts- sciences, phi kappa psi. hepperly. eileen; fremont, bacteriology-zoology, qamma phi beta, y.w- ca., district representative; student foundation, hepperly, richard; fremont, ronservation, phi kappa psi hewitt, mary jane; rushville, commercial arts, delta delta delta, high, gloria; bertrand, vocational educa- tion, love memorial hall, i.s.a., home economic-: club,, i.s.a. high, Joanne; bertrand, commercial arts, terrcre hall high, richard; bloomfield, chemical engi- neering, phi delta theta, hill, jacquelyn; lincoln, elementary education, towne club, pi lambda theta, i.s.a. hinds, a. thurman; david city, accounting, phi gamma delta. hinrichs. warren; beatrice, business organization- economics, delta sigma p: hoffman, jean; wilber, home economics hohnstein, willard; giltner, jour- nalism, y.m.c.a. hosier, william; omaha, account- ing. houtz. marvin; naponee, speech, howard, george; lincoln, accounting, phi delta theta. howard, warren; omaha, mechanical engineering, phi kappa psi, kosmet klub, a.s.m.e. hoyt, John; mc cook, business administration, alpha tau omega. page 85 seniors m 1 hrdy, frank; lincoln, business administration, hrouda, robert; clarkson, history, brown palace. huff, lulu; weeping water, home economics, ami- kita, home economics club, hughes, clayton; lin- coln, journalism-radio, kappa sigma, alpha phi omega. hunt, bob; hastmgs, business administration, alpha tau omega, hunter, addie; guide rock, spe- cial education, rosa bouton hall hush, loraine; lincoln, business administration, phi chi theta, pal- ladian. huston, tedd; grand island, english, phi delta theta, interfraternity council, pre-law asso- ciation, porpoise club. hyland, patricia; l incoln, clothing-textiles, kappa alpha theta, w.a.a., newman club, home eco- nomics club. ingwerson, Joyce; lodge pole, mathematics, terrace hall, kappa phi, u.s.a., y.w.c.a. jacupke, arlene; fremont, physical edu- cation, orchesis, physical education club james, philip; lincoln, accounting, alpha kappa psi. jastram, edyth; fremont, zoology, nu-meds. Jen- kins, edward; carroll, civil engineering, cornhus- ker coop, a. see. Jenkins, gordon; madison, wise, architecture, phi gamma delta, architectural so- ciety. jenk!ns, John; omaha, civil engineering, tau kappa epsilon, sigma tau, pi mu epsilon, a.s.c.e., vice president. Jensen, eugene; st. edward, animal husbandry, farm house, block and bridle Jensen, eunice; st edward, vocational home economics, amikita, farmers ' fair board, home economics club, ag re- ligious council. Jensen, howard; arlington, chem- ical engineering, kappa sigma, jensen. milrae; minden, french-political science, alpha lambda delta, phi sigma iota. jensen, norman; cordova, accounting, phalanx, Is. a jensen, warren; plainview, electrical engi neering, sigma tau, a.i.e.e. jerauld, robert; au- burn, geography-history, jespersen, harry; lin- coln, accounting. page 86 jochons. losli. johnnson. hoko; coin iohnson. gordon; wahoo, psychology, delta upsilon. the meds. president, cathedral choir Johnson, hai- old: : tory, beta sigma psi, y.m.c.a johnson. paul: akland, law, sigma nu, phalanx, delta theta phi, pershinq nfles johnson. milton: irmacy, kappa psi,, rho chi john- son. otto: ncoln, engineering, asm e. johnson. richard; burwell, electrical engineering, theta xi, johnson. vaughn; denver, colo., animal husban- :na chi. johnson. waiter; flandreau, so. dak., pharmacy,, kappa ps: Johnston, dorothy; Hncoln, elementary education, palladian, ma eta chi Johnston, jerry; galesburg, ill , fine arts, phi gamma delta, delta phi delta, corn- shucks, comhusker. editor. jones. graham; lincoln, civil engineering, phi gamma delta, sigma tau, a.s.c.e., president; engi- neering executive board, president; nebraska blueprir. ' jones. roger; omaha, engineering, pi mu epsilon, a.i.e.e., radio club, jorgensen. ger- ald; weeping water, law, phi delta phi kahler. marvin; :airbury, architecture. kallos. gregory; falls city, medicine, sigma chi, mi- med, student foundation, vice president; corn- shucks, kaminska. lois; beatrice, sociology-phys- ical education, rosa bouton, orchesis, babw, vice president, w.a.a., physical education club, presi- der. ' kappelman. george; burton, soil conserva- tion kase. Joseph; west point, accounting, alpha kappa psi, beta gamma sigma. kay. harold; lincoln, business administration, alpha kappa psi keebler. betty; omaha, politi-al science, delta delta delta, y.w.c.a., rifle club, kee- nan. betty; irafton, english, terrace hall, keeney philip; cedar grove, n. j., dairy manufacturing, alpha gamma rho, kosmet klub, ag executive board, coll agri fun board. page 87 O O ft seniors i» £19 ' kegley. keith; kearney, vocational education, ag men ' s club, y.m.c.a ., i.s.a. keim, lynn; new Wind- sor, ill., agronomy, tau kappa epsilon. kellen- barger, jo; anselmo, textiles-clothing, wilson hall, phi upsilon omicron, mortar board, y.w.c.a., auf. keller, robert; altadena, calif., economics, delta tau delta. kellogg, charles; lincoln, mechanical engineering, sigma tau, pi tau sigma, scabbard and blade, a.s.m.e., engineering executive board, nebraska blue print, kellogg, donald; edgemont, so. dak , general agriculture, farm house, alpha zeta, block and bridle, kcnnedy, clay; peru, soil conserva- tion, alpha gamma rho, tri-k, block and bridle, alpha zeta. kennedy, donald; falls city, merchan- dising, alpha gamma psi. kennedy, neal; hastings, mechanical engineering, sigma tau, pi tau sigma, phi mu epsilon, scab- bard and blade, a.s.m.e kennedy, roberta; co- lumbus, sociology, delta, delta, delta, kent, dor- othy; omaha, dietetics, gamma phi beta, y.w c.a. kent, frank; red cloud, animal husbandry, theta xi , y.m.c.a. kerchal, raymond; ord, mechanical engineering, pi tau sigma, a.s.m.e kerrigan, jeanne; fremont journalism, pi beta phi, mortar board, theta sigma phi, kappa tau alpha, daily nebraskan, editor. kessel, John; lincoln, english, tau kappa epsilon. kettler, antheny; omaha, electrical engineering, newman club, a.i.e.e. kierstead. robert; lincoln, dentistry, xi psi phi. kimmerling, max; beatrice, animal husbandry alpha gamma rho, varsity dairy club, block and bridle, king, conrad; omaha, animal husbandry, sigma chi, block and bridle, n club, king, shir- ley; lincoln, business administration, phi chi theta, tassels, y.w.c.a., I.s.a., student union board, str dent council. kinnier, gray; spalding, agronomy, clpha gamma , block and bridle, tri-k kirkman, bonita; benkelman, elementary education, rundle ha ' V kappa phi, y.w.c.a., i.s.a. knerl, marjorie; ra- venna, mathematics, koch, richard; lincoln, pre- law, phi kappa psi. page 88 koohlor. robert; i jck and brict kochn. wllllama; irmacy. sigma kocrbor. joo: pen er. electrical engineer kokcs. leonard: ord, vocational education, al- .ma rho, alpha club, 1 and bridle. kokjcr. carter: iney, law, delta upsilon, phi delta phi kolar. robert; wolbach, technical science, ag men ' s club, tn -k korinek, harold; hncoln, soci- ology, kappa sigmo koupal, howard; hncoln, architecture, SOCl ' phi gamma delta, architectural koza, robert; clarkson, pre-med, commenius club, y.m.c.a. kragka. benjamin; Valparaiso, business administration, delta sigma pi kroehler, lois; hardin, mont., Spanish, international house, presi- dent, alpha lambda delta, phi sigma iota, vice president, pi lambda theta, vice president; Span- ish club, german club, kruse, richard; omahu, mechanical engineering, phi kappa psi, asm e. kubie, rayrr.ond; herman, soil conservation-agri- cultural engineering, beta sigma psi. kuhlman marilyn; clarks, home economics, ag y.w.c.a. cab- inet, home ec club, ag religious council, cornhus- ker countryman, is. a kuppinger, mary; omaha. history, gamma phi beta, y.w.c.a. kuster, dale; hickman, economics, alpha kappa psi. laflin. shirley; ...ncoln, music, towne club, delta omicron, pi lambda theta. lallman, rr.arian; ar- lington, commercial arts, kernels, rifle club lamb, alvin; st paul, animal husbandry, farm house, tri-k, block and bridle, lamb, howard; bassett, agricultural engineering, a.s.a.e. long, hugh; tecumseh, business administration, kappa sigma. lang. jean; business administra- tion, alpha kappa psi lange, Virginia; hncoln, music, towne club, mu phi epsilon langenheim. fred; Hncoln, economics, sigma nu. page 89 seniors 1 1 i ■ ■ 1 t ■ .) C- p larson, bill; blair, architecture, phi gamma delta, architectural society. larson, dwight; omaha, medicine, sigma phi epsilon, nu-meds. larson. francis; lincoln, business administration, larson, robert; shickley, business administration, alpha kappa psi. larson, roger; dakota city, accounting, delta sigma pi. lassen, robert; grand island, business admin- istration, alpha tau omega, latham, lilla; grand island, elementary education, alpha chi omega. lawlor, nancy; lincoln, elementary education, kappa kappa gamma. lawrie, peggie; lincoln, elementary education, kappa alpha theta, pi lambda theta, mortar board, auf, director; student directory, editor. lawson, edwin; genoa, business administration, sigma phi epsilon, cathedral choir. lazure, charles; omaha, electrical engineering, a.i.e.e. lee, patricia; des moines, ia., journalism, kappa delta, theta sigma phi, cornshucks, y.w.c.a. leger, norm; sterling, political science-english, kappa sigma, innocents, president; corn cobs, ne- braska masquers, daily nebraskan, auf advisory board, lehman, theodore; lincoln, psychology, zeta beta tau, psi chi, nu-med lehr, donald; wann, vocational education, alpha zeta, tri-k. lehr, milton; omaha, business administration, sigma alpha mu. leigh, ronald; crystal lake, ill., accounting, alpha kappa psi. leininger, suzanne, mc cook, soci- ology, kappa alpha theta, alpha kappa delta. lentz, don; beatrice, business administration, delta tau delta lewis, george; lincoln, philosophy, beta theta pi. lewis, rex; mc cook, accounting lewis, richard; lincoln, business administration, liggett, james; lincoln, chemical engineering, sigma phi epsilon, n club, lightner, norma; omaha, education, in- ternational house. page 90 seniors liljogren. ivan: lincoln, aaricultu ' men ' s club, block and br 1., corn- husker countryman lind. lois: howard hall little, paula; :■■ trney phil- osophy, gamma phi beta, y w c I littrcll. Vir- ginia: iolson, home economics, Ugious coun lock, lillian; lamar, vocational education-cloth textiles, love memorial hall, phi upsilon, mortar board, home ec club, president, lock, norman; lincoln, agriculture, alpha tau omega, n club lockman, John; waukesha, wis, civil ei neenng, delta sigma theta, religious welfare council, wesley foundation loeffel. frank; lin- coln, technical science, farm house, innocents, alpha zeta, corn cobs, treasurer, ag executive board, inter fraternity council, tri-k. block and bridle. long, darwood; humboldt, history-physical educa- tion, kappa sigma. long, waiter; jrand island, vocational education, phi kappa psi, block and bridle, alpha phi omega longman. james; shen- andoah, ia., accounting, sigma chi, beta gamma sigma. loomis. maryann; omaha, english-sociol- ogy. delta gamma,, w.a.a. loos, vema; lincoln, elementary education, lot- speich. beryl; alliance, english, delta delta delta, loudon. patricia; lincoln, social studies, newman club, swimming club, luchtel. harold; milford, ia., insurance, sigma nu, newman club. ludwick, maxine; york, chemistry- bacteriology, howard hall, palladian,, w.a.a., coed counselors, lundberg, verner; nehawka, mech- anical engineering, pi tau sigma, a.s.m.e. lundin, corrine; wakefield, elementary education, wilson hall, b.a.b.w.,, is. a lundquist, vemiel; laurel, english, residence halls for women, gover- nor; a.w.s. board, lutgen, marshall; auburn, zoology, lutrell. glen; central city, business administration, brown pal- ace mc arthur. donald; lincoln, psychology-eco- nomics, sigma alpha epsilon. mc arthur, jane; lincoln, sociology, delta delta delta, mortar board, a.w s . comhusker, layout-photography editor page 91 seniors mc auley, donna; wahoo, art, international house, delta phi delta, pi lambda theta, b.a.b.w., y.w.c.a., band, cosmopolitan club mc beth, lloyd; stroms- burg, chemistry, phi gamma delta, mc carty, william; lovell, wyo., advertising, phi gamma delta, mc conaughey, robert; lincoln, journalism, beta theta pi. mc coy, harlan; springview, vocational agricul- ture, mc crory, janet; mound city, mo., sociology, terrace hall, y.w.c.a., university singers, mc cul- lough, edward; omaha, speech, alpha sigma phi, inter-fraternity council, masquers, mc curdy, mary; lincoln, journalism, towne club, theta sigma phi, newman club, i.s.a. council. mc dermott, John; lincoln, business administration, beta theta pi. mc dill, John; lincoln, animal hus- bandry, alpha gamma rho, block and bridle tri- k. mc dill, robert; lincoln, agronomy, alpha gam- ma rho, alpha zeta, tri-k, president; block and bridle, vets organization, mc donald, philip; hor- ton, kan., entomology, alpha gamma rho, alpha zeta, theta epsilon. mc dowell, John; mc cook, advertising, mc eachen, edmund; lincoln, business administration, phi delta theta, beta gamma sigma. mc elhaney, marian; omaha, spanish-english, international house, mortar board, treasurer; phi sigma iota, pi lambda theta, president; b.a.b.w., senior board member; y.w.c.a., coed counselors, vice-president; alpha lambda delta, mc kay, william; water- town, so. dak., business administration. mc lafferty, charles; lincoln, physics-mathematics, sigma chi. mc master, archie; lincoln, soil con- servation, mc nabb, harold; lincoln, chemistry- botany, delta upsilon, alpha phi omega, presi- dent, red cross, student foundation, mc neely, harold; wahoo, psychology, sigma phi epsilon maedche, helmut; lincoln, chemistry mahaffey, paul; lincoln, accounting, delta sigma pi. mahr, marjorie; lincoln, dietetics, towne club, home eco- nomics club, y.w.c.a., sigma eta chi. malicky, marie; burwell, journalism, international house, theta sigma phi. page 92 seniors malono. edmund malone. jeanette: business administration, phi chi tt. •■■ marusfiold. rollin; hncoln. philosoj tian lellowship, cosmopolitan club, marian. roy: : n ; . electrical engineering, a.i.e radio club. markoson, silas: omaha, business administration, : a psi, kosmet klub marks, John; omaha, business administration marquardt. myron; erson, electrical engineering, pi mu epsilon, alee, marsh, babette; kansas city, mo , speech correction, pi beta phi martens, robert; lincoln, economics, alpha tau omega, phalanx, cadet officers ' association mar- tin, roger; lincoln, philosophy, phi gamma delta. martin, roy; osborne, kan., accounting, marting wilbert; seward, accounting, beta sigma psi. maser, kenneth; lincoln, economics, phi d-sltr- theta mason, gerald; palisade, accounting, alpha kappa ps: mathes, donald; norton, kan., accounting, delta sigma pi. matlock, mable; ans- ley, geography. mattison, phyllis; omaha, commercial arts, howard hall, alpha lamda delta, y.w.c.a mattox. mary; lead, so dak., advertising, sigma kappa, phi chi theta, tassels, y.w.c.a. maxwell, mae; omaha, english, alpha omicron pi, y.w.c.a., coed coun- selors may. waiter; crete, general agriculture. meade, robert; tocumseh, animal husbandry, farm house, alpha zeta. tri-k, block and bridle, varsity dairy, means, robert; lincoln, zoology-pre-med, beta theta pi. meehan, John; lincoln, business administration, phi delta theta, phalanx, r o I c cadet colonel, newman club meininger, oliver; Cambridge, economics, alpha kappa psi. frttii page 93 seniors a x n melton, frcmces; lincoln, business administration menke. marian; lexington, business administra tion, delta gamma, merrick, elinor; Sidney, busi- ness administration, phi chi theta. merton, wai- ter; clay center, lean., business administration, phi gamma delta. mestl, herman; schuyler, mechanical engineering, pi tau sigma, as. me., newman club metrakos, robert; lincoln, economics, tau kappa epsilon, stu- dent union, meyer, norman; lincoln, mechanical engineering, a.s.m.e. meyer, patricia; lincoln, business administration, alpha omicron pi, phi chi theta, president; y.w.c.a., orchesis. meyer, robert; wayne, journalism-history, beta sigma psi. meyer, robert; lincoln, civil engineer- ing pershing rifles, a.s.c.e. mickle, lois; lincoln, home economics, chi omega, vice president; mor- tar board, phi upsilon omicron, omicron nu, sec- retary; alpha lambda delta, y.w.c.a., president; cornhusker countryman, milby, robert; grand is- land, engineering, pi mu epsilon, a.s.m.e. miles, anne; lincoln, elementary education, kappa alpha theta. miller, andrew; lincoln, engineering, sigma nu, pi mu epsilon, sigma tau, a.s.m.e., ne- braska blueprint miller, dorothyann; chadron, pharmacy, kappa delta, kappa epsilon, a. ph. a. miller, kenneth; lyons, history, phi delta theta. miller, neil; davenport, general agriculture, ag men ' s club, block and bridle, student union, y.m.c.a., 4-h club, l.s.a. miller, phyllis; kansas city, mo., special education, sigma delta tau. mil- ler, richard; plainview, economics, sigma phi epsi- lon. minnick, jean; st. paul, journalism, alpha xi delta, theta sigma phi, newman club. mitchell, amy; humboldt, home economics, phi upsilon omicron, omicron nu, y.w.c.a., amikita, home economics club, mitchell, genene; omaha, radio-speech, pi beta phi, mortar board, student foundation, president. miyamota, arm; clovK calif., sociology, international house, coed coun- selor, mohrman, charles; lincoln, finance, alpha tau omega. page 94 moline. harriotl: . ork, vocational educatioi iculty council, studc; noard :ne econ monson. gwendolyn: " Cono mics, phi upsilon cecutive board, tassel moudio, robert. point, law, delta upsilon, delta sigma rho moorc ormond: electric: moorhouse, william: boulder, colo , geology, phi ;ma delta, kappa alpha mu, n club, track tean. cornhusker, photographer, cornshucks, photographer moran, robert; david city, law. morgan, maynard; webster, mass., accounting, alpha kappa psi, newman club morin, Joseph; Orleans, business administration, newman club, cornhusker co-op. morris, gerald; v ood river, electrical engineering, kappa sigma morrison, don; Washington, d. a, chemical engineering, alpha tau omega, n club, e moser. charles; grant, mechanical engi- neering, theta xi, sigma tau, a.s.m e moss, jo; ashland, clothing-textiles, gamma phi beta, home economics club, orchesis, y.w.c.a. } 9 « Br ' - moyer, charles; Johnstown, penn., economics sigma nu. moyle, maryann; lincoln, primary edu- cation, delta delta delta, y.w.c.a. muenchaw. orville; eagle, accounting, alpha kappa psi mul- der. richard; lincoln, business administration, delta sigma pi. munson. ben; lincoln, political science, alpha tau omega. murphy, kathleen; l:ncoln, dietetics, amikita, newman club, musgrave, marvis; min- den, vocational education, phi upsilon omicron, y w c.a., vice president, home economics club, myers. james; york, education, phi gamma delta, newman club, n club, physical education club. hall, robert; curtis, accounting, alpha sigma | helson, agnete; exeter, education nelson, duane; albion, speech-general agriculture, alpha epsilon rho. nelson, maxine; scottsbluff, commercial arts, terrace hall. page 95 seniors neuenswauder, claudia; atkinson, history, a.u.f., i.s.a., y.w.c.a. neumann, temple; wymore, me- chanical engineering, theta xi, nebraska blue print, general manager; delta sigma theta, engi- neering executive board, a.s.m.e. newberg, lloyd; custer, so. dak., civil engineering, alpha tau omega, niedenthal, dora; russell, kas., music, gamma phi beta, sigma alpha iota, y.w.c.a., i.s.a. nielsen, aniia; lincoln, commercial arts, adelphi. nietfeld, glen; grand island, electrical engineering, sigma chi, a.i.e.e. nootz, marguerite; lincoln, his- tory, pi lambda theta, student foundation board, y.w.c.a. cabinet, red cross advisory board, coed counselors, nordeen, howard; omaha, mechanical engineering, sigma alpha epsilon, a.s.m.e. nordgren, Stanford; Waterloo, accounting, beta theta pi. norman, jack; Chester, speech, alpha sigma phi. norman, joy; whitney, education, delta gamma, y.w.c.a. norris, frank; lincoln, architec- ture, architectural societv. norton, william; osceola, law, sigma alpha ep- silon, president; phi delta phi, interfraternity council norval, vivian; buffalo, wyo., english, kappa alpha theta. nosky, richard; north platte, civil engineering, theta xi, a. see., interfraternity council, nutzman, mildred; nehawka, bacteriol- ogy-chemistry, adelphi, y.w.c.a. nyquist, paul; omaha, engineering, a.s.c.e. ochs- ner, helen; madison, dietetics, love memorial hall, phi upsilon omicron, omicron nu, y.w.c.a., 4-h club, home economics club ochsner, jacquelyn; york, dietetics, home economics club, o ' connor, mary; south sioux city, pharmacy, kappa delta, rho chi, kappa epsilon, a. ph. a., a.w.s. board. ogden, john; fairmont, psychology, sigma phi ep- silon. ohman, lachlan; lincoln, mechanical engi- neering, kappa sigma, sigma tau, pi tau sigma, alpha phi omega, a.s.m.e ohlrich, harold; deshler, business organization, delta sigma pi. o ' keefe, robert; alliance, botany, newman club. page 96 olivo. george; w • j|er. electrical el ■psilon. siqma t i olson. james: wood river, econ olson. raymond: omaha, chei o ' moara. richard; idison, wise, business administration, delta upsilon, prince kosmet, newman club osier, john; imperial, agronomy, alpha gamma rho. innocents, alpha zeta, tri-k, block and bridle, corn cobs, ag executive board ossino. angelo; omaha. practical arts, n club, physical education club ostenberg. clive; scottsbluff, mechanical engineering, alpha tau omega ostergard. wood- row; omaha, business administration, tennis team. osterman, anita; denton, art, rundle hall, delta phi delta, gamma delta, y.w.c.a. otte, marcus; lincoln, technical science, alpha gamma rho, varsity dairy club otto, darel; lincoln, economics, beta sigma psi palmer, jack; tekamah, general agriculture, phi gamma delta. palmer, louise; madison, business administration, palmer, w. g.; westfield, n. j., electrical engineer- ing, gamma lambda, pershing rifles, n club, a.i.e.e , rifle team, parker, gayle; danbury, elec- trical engineering, parsons, phyllis; grafton, ele- mentary education, howard hall, y.w.c.a., educa- tion club. patton. dan; lincoln, accounting, alpha kappa psi. pauley. gordon; lincoln, economics, delta upsilon, phi beta kappa paustian, inez; bloomfield, art, delta phi delta, pearlman. philip; cranford, n. j., business administration, sigma alpha mu. pecha, suzanne; omaha, art education, alpha xi delta, swim club, student foundation, y.w.c.a pederson, john; omaha, history-greek, delta tau delta, canterbury club, president, peery, gene; lincoln, business administration, sigma nu peirce, marvin; red cloud, mechanical engineering, pi tau sigma, a.s.m e. page 97 seniors penn, william; sidney, ia., pharmacy, presby- terian student house, perkins, william; omaha, engineering, kappa sigma. peters, charles; west point, sociology, beta sigma psi, Is. a. peters, douglas; omaha, law, beta theta pi, president; phi delta phi. pettett. vance; elm creek, vocational education, ag men ' s club, tri-k. pettigrew, iloyd; carbondale, colo., architecture, sigma nu. pfeiffer, donna; geneva, elementary education, rosa bouton hall, secretary; kappa phi, president, pleiffer, kath- erine; chappell; primary education, alpha chi omega. pickering, benjamin; lincoln, ecnomics. pickett. jack; lincoln, mathematics, phi delta theta, sigma tau, pi mu epsilon. pierce, Virginia; grand island, psychology, cosmopolitan club, pierson, arnold; shenandoah, ia., accounting, delta sigma pi. pierson, nancy; lincoln, music, alpha phi, delta omicron. pipher, emmett; tekamah, mechanical engineering, phi gamma delta, a.s.m.e. pletcher, marilou; alexandria, commercial arts, hesperia, treasurer, poe, carson; omaha, economics, tau kappa epsilon, kappa alpha mu. pokarski, jo; scottsbluff, psychology-zoology, inter- national house, i.s.a., cosmopolitan club, y.w.c.a. polansky, harriet; st. paul, home economics, chi omega, rifle club, home economics club, polite, barbara; lincoln, art, delta gamma, newman club. porter, morton; nebraska city, animal husbandry, phi kappa psi, n club, block and bridle. potash, leonard; omaha, mechanical engineering, sigma alpha mu, pi mu epsilon, a.s.m.e., pi tau sigma. potter, alan; ft. dodge, ia., business admin- istration, phi delta theta, cadet officers associa- tion, scabbard and blade, pratt, donna; osceola, elementary education, kappa delta, y.w.c.a., coed counselor, student union board, prince, helen; grand island, radio, kappa kappa gamma, alpha epsilon rho. page 98 prokop. carolyn: dolt proper, ann; cial education, masq ers prossor, ernes!; ! ills city, accou: kappa psi quigloy. dean; indianola, electrical eenng, cornhusker co-op, a i e e. quigley. elaine; indianola, vocational education extension, amikita, home ec club, newman club, quisenberry. karl: yaitsville, md., physics, tarm house, pi mu epsilon, quisenberry, shir- ley: Jamaica, long island, ny , speech, mortar board, national collegiate players, alpha epsilon rho, y.w.c.a., vice-president, coed counselors board, unesco. rains, embree; broken bow, music, university band. rakow. norma; ponca, elementary education, delta delta delta rankin, waiter; Cambridge, business administration, kappa sigma rasmussen, dana; omaha, art, sigma alpha epsilon, delta phi delta, scabbard and blade, rathbone, Juliet; lincoln, sociology, delta gamma. raynard. phillip; stapleton, journalism, alpha gamma rho, cornhusker countryman, editor; corn- husker. kappa alpha mu, president; sigma delta chi, block and bridle, varsity dairy club, reagan, armond; humboldt, agronomy, reagan, dona; humboldt, english, rundle hall, alpha lambda delta, pi lambda theta, tassels, reasoner, anna; dunning, business administration, rundle hall, phi chi theta reece, jack; ashland, pharmacy, phi gamma delta reinsch, robert; shickley, animal husbandry reyn- olds, marjorie; lexington, textile and clothing-child development, amikita, phi upsilon omicron, omi- cron nu, ag executive board rice, david: omaha, chemistry, zeta beta tau. rice, wilfred; omaha, english-classics, pershing rifles, richardson, dorothy; north platte, speech- english, kappa kappa gamma, national collegiate players, masquers, ricketts, waiter; natchitoches, la., physical education, theta xi rieke, wesley; murdock, technical science. page 99 senior riggs, harold; shubert, political science, ringler, don; staplehurst, journalism, beta sigma psi. ritter, darlene; tilden, social studies, terrace hall, rob- ertson, Virginia; lincoln, philosophy-psychology, towne club, kappa phi, delian union. robinson, benjamin; omaha, pre-med, sigma alpha mu, theta nu, nu-meds. rockwell, lois; homer, food and nutrition, howard hall, y.w.c.a., home eco- nomics club, roessler, gerald; tobias, history. rolfsmeyer, william; lincoln, business administra- tion, phi delta theta, n club, scabbard and blade. rommel, charles; silver city, ia., business admin- istration, tau kappa epsilon. rosenzweig, norman; omaha, mechanical engineering, nebraska blue- print, ross, phyllis; lincoln, home eco- nomics, alpha omicron pi, phi upsilon omicron. rowland, barbara; farnam, journalism, gamma phi beta, theta sigma phi, president; y.w.c.a. rudeen, donald; ceresco, accounting, ruder, rob- ert; Syracuse, pharmacy, beta sigma psi, a. ph. a. runty, donna; de witt, clothing and textiles, amikita. russell, jack; fullerton, zoology-pre-med, sigma phi epsilon. russell, marilyn; fullerton, art, international house, cosmopolitan club, french club, ryder, del; grand island, business organization, phi delta theta. sabata, Joanne; dwiaht, english, y.w.c.a. sabatka, elaine; Valparaiso, speech. samuelson, donald; genoa, electrical engineering. samuelson, ronald; franklin, law, sigma nu. sam- uelson, william; friend, business administration, delta sigma pi, beta gamma sigma. sanchez, bill; falls city, zoology, sigma alpha epsilon. page 100 saults. charlos: lordon, chemistr. med schaberg. jun - delta, scharman. lou; rg, soci- olo ; me | I univer schaumberg, cdward; lincoln, zoology, beta theta schocr, thomas; madison, accounting, sigma chi. scheideler. albert; odell, electrical engineer ia tau, newman club, scheinost, charles; spearfish, so. dak , accountm i scheurich, william; imperial, business administration, phi " iraa delta. schirmer. jack; bellflower, calif., jouranlism, phi delta, sigma delta chi, cornshucks editor, schleiger, robert; omaha, business administration, phi gamma delta, n club, schleusener, richard; oxford, agricultural engineering, beta sigma psi, innocents society, pi mu epsilon, delta sigma rho, a.s.a.e., gamma delta schloss, hannah; sioux falls, so. dak., business administration, sigma delta tau. schmale. mary; lincoln, primary education, alpha phi schmieding. orville; gresham, speech, beta sigma psi, n club, schmitt, patricia; ornaha, bio- logical science, alpha xi delta, Schneider, dorothy; york, music, pi lambda theta, sigma alpha iota. schott. charlotte; bostwick, vocational education,, home economics club schott, eloise; osceola, elementary education, international house, is. a., newman club, cosmopolitan club. schrock, helen; holdrege, business administration, phi chi theta,, is. a. schultz, pearl; seward, home economics. Schwartz, kathryn; volga, so dak., english, kappa delta, coed counselors,, university band, schwinck, william; neligh, mathematics scott, frank; lincoln, bacteriology-chemistry, newman club scott, janet; stromsburg, elementary educa- tion, delta gamma. page 101 £ fv© i sehnert, waiter; plainview, anthropology, brown palace, selzer. John; scottsbluff, business, alpha tau omega, innocents, n club, kosmet club, student council, severson, donald; ord, pharmacy, a. ph. a. shalmirzady, hassan; tehran, iran, economics, cos- mopolitan club. shaner, darrell; maxwell, agricultural engineer, tau kappa epsilon. shaw. george; lincoln, jour- nalism, sigma nu, kappa alpha mu. shaw, joanne; shenandoah, ia., vocational educahon, amikita. shepherd, roland; lincoln, engineering mechanics, tau kappa epsilon, pi mu epsilon. cherman. betty; omaha, english, pi beta phi. sherman, thomas; peru, general agriculture, block and bridle, sherwood, gail; lincoln, social studies, christian student fellowship, sherwood, jeannette; randolph, commercial arts, alpha xi delta, alpha lambda delta, y.w.c.a. shipps, jeff; wood river, geology, sigma gamma epsilon. shoup, neidfa; Sutherland, business ad- ministration, rundle hall, kernels, i.s.a. sielaff, jeanette; long pine, psychology, adelphi, y.w.c.a. cabinet, coed counselor, i.s.a. sievers, beverly; lincoln, biological science, gamma phi beta, re- ligious welfare council, president; y.w.c.a. cabinet, student council, daily nebraskan. signor, philip; waterbury, conn., political science- history, alpha sigma phi. silver, leonard; loup city, conservation, tri-k, newman club, simmons, ray; lincoln, law, alpha tau omega, law review, phi delta phi. skinner, dolores; arlington, ele- mentary education. skinner, John; herman, poultry, alpha zeta. skin- ner, philip; alliance, general agriculture, farm house, alpha zeta, tri-k, block and bridle, corn- husker countryman, y.m.c.a. skochdopole, rich- ard; ravenna, chemistry, sigma phi epsilon, n club skochdopole, robert; ravenna, psychology, sigma phi epsilon. page 102 slaglo. william; shubert, accounting smith, charles; lmcoln. agriculture, ag men ' s club, y m c a , farmer ' s fair board smith, donald; Cam- bridge, aqronomy, alpha gamma rho, preset .a zeta, farmer ' s fair manager, block and bndlo tn k farmer ' s fair board smith, jack; calhoun, conservation, ag men ' s club. smith, miriam; socttsbluff, primary education, delta gamma, y wca smith, remy; grand island, accounting, alpha kappa psi smith, richard; osceola, accounting, sigma phi epsilon smith, shirley; south sioux city, commercial teaching, delta delta delta, , rifle club. smith, wauneta; clatonia, dietetics, soennichsen. jean; denver, colo , sociology, delta delta delta, soennichsen. John; plattsmouth, business adminis- tration, delta upsilon, student council, solomon, eugene; culbertson, conservation, farm house, tri-k, block and bridle. somerhalder, bertrand; red cloud, agricultural engineering, sigma tau, a.s.a.e. sorensen, william; lincoln, electrical engineering, sigma tau, eta kappa nu, a.i.e.e speer, barbara; lincoln, philos- ophy-sociology, delta delta delta, alpha lambda delta, mortar board, president, student council spikes, william; st. paul, accounting, delta sigma pi. stahl. eleanor; david city, fine arts, alpha chi omega, delta phi delta stahl. gerald; ansley, gen- eral agriculture, agronomy, tri-k, block and bridle Stanley, victor; crab orchard, retail mer- chandise, brown palace stapleton. marian; hick- man, music, alpha xi delta, delta omicron, stauffer. dale; page, general agriculture, alpha zeta, tri-k, y.m.c.a., block and bridle steenburg. houtz; aurora, zoology-pre-med, kappa sigma. stefien. richard; diller, dairy, farm house, alpha zeta, poultry club, dairy club, y.m.c.a. steinhour. jerold; rock springs, wyo., chemistry-zoology. page 103 senior stemhagen. carl; north platte, business adminis- tration, alpha kappa psi. stewart, bonnie; pawnee city, vocational home economics, amikita. Stew- art, margaret; lexington, political science, kappa kappa gamma, stewart, robert; mc cool junction, accounting, alpha kappa psi. stickney, harold; edgemont, so dak., accounting, alpha kappa psi. stone, edwin; Jefferson, ia., his- history, sigma phi epsilon. stransky, barbara; madrid, special education, kernals, kappa phi. strockey, roger; lyman, chemistry, tau kappa ep- silon. stroh, donald; lincoln, physical education, delta tau delta, n club, physical education club, stuht, sally; omaha, primary education, kappa kappa gamma, sullivan, timothy; omaha, mathematics, alpha sigma phi. sundberg, donald; aurora, civil engineering, sigma tau, a.s.c.e. sundberg, doyle; polk, science, sutton, suzanne; mc cook, sociology, kappa alpha theta, alpha kappa delta svboda, arthur; burchard, soil con- servation, farm house, block and bridle, tri-k. swanberg, Virginia; arcadia, calif., education kappa kappa gamma. swanson, eleanor; omaha, elementary education, pi beta phi, president, swanson, leslie; loup citv, pharmacy, delta upsilon. swanson, max; stroms- burg, accounting, swanson, ruth; minden, voca- tional education, love memorial hall, omicron nu, phi upsilon omicron, home economics club, coll agri fun board, y.w.c.a. swanson, sherry; omaha, education, kappa kappa gamma, y.w.c.a. swanson, wilma; bloomfield, clothing-textiles, amikita, home economics club, Is. a sweenie, james; nemaha, accounting. Syl- vester, donell; oxford, conservation, alpha zeta, tri-k. page 104 tallon. letitia: ;ton. pharmacy, kappa e] Ion, newman clui taylor. daniel; ponca, business adn 1 kappa psi, beta taylor. donald. lincoln, zoology, pi ma delta taylor. dorothy; red oak, ia., music edu- cation, rosa bow i iota, in singers. temme, donald; wayne, electrical engineer beta sigma psi, sigma tau, pi epsilon pi, pi mu epsilon, a i.e.e. president terrill, gene; page, ag- ronomy, ag men ' s club, tri-k, teter, Wil- liam; hartley, animal husbandry, brown palace, block and bridle theodosen, John; sioux falls, so. dak , law, phi delta theta. thoene, charles; hartington, law, phi gamma delta, phi alpha delta, student council, inter- fraternity council thomas, conrad; linwood, chem- istry thomas, jess; hot springs, so. dak., zoology, eta theta pi thompson. melvin; litchfield, civil en- gineering, a.s.c.e. thompson, william; red oak, ia., geology, sigma phi epsilon, sigma gamma epsilon. thomsen. charles; north platte, mechanical engineering, sigma phi epsilcn thomson, ellen; lincoln, sociol- ogy, towne club, y.w.c.a., i.s.a., cosmopolitan club thomton, william; omaha, personnel, alpha kappa psi. tiemann. norbert; imperial, agricultural extension, beta sigma psi, innocents, kosmet klub, president; block and bridle, phalanx, tilton, jack; lincoln, practical arts, gamma lambda, rote band tipton, don; valley, botany, acacia torczon. kenneth; columbus, animal husbandry, alpha gamma rho, block and bridle, newman club. toy, gerald; lincoln, mathematics, pi mu epsilon. tracy. parker; mitchell, psychology, tau kappa ep- silor. traudt, harry; lincoln, business administra- tion traudt, verne; eugene, ore., electrical engin- eering, sigma tau, a. i.e.e., treasurer. page IUj seniors trilinsky, milton; st. Joseph, mo., finance, sigma alpha mu. tripp. margaret; lincoln, child develop- ment, alpha chi omega, troester, otto; hampton, psychology, beta sigma psi. trott, ulrica; lincoln, elementary education. truhlsen. joan; herman, elementary education, chi omega, secretary; y.w.c.a., student founda- tion, trumble. edward; lincoln, economics, sigma nu, president; innocents, student union board, vice-president; newman club, treasurer; corn cobs, inter-fraternity council, turk, barbara; omaha, home economics, kappa kappa gamma. tyner, jerry; york, chemistry-psychology, sigma phi epsilon, y.m.c.a., nu meds, l.s.a., gamma delta. ullstrom, ila; lincoln, music, towne club, alpha lambda delta, pi lambda theta, sigma alpha iota, president, vanderkolk, tyler; david city, business administration, phi gamma delta, van eaton, glenn; lincoln, commercial arts, kappa sigma. van horn, glenna; osceola, commercial arts pi lambda the ' .a, adelphia. vasina, anthony; colon, business administration, pioneer co-op. venable, eliza; columbus, mathe- matics, alpha phi, president; y.w.c.a., band. versch, paul; atwood, kan., civil engineering, a.s.c.e., newman club, viele, cherie; harrison, pharmacy, chi omega, kappa epsilon, cheer leader, a. ph. a. vogel, shirley; lincoln, commercial arts, voigt, robert; davenport, technical science, alpha gam- ma rho, alpha zeta, block and bridle, tri-k, corn- husker countryman, von bergen, sherrill; lincoln, pre-med, towne club, nu-meds, gamma mu theta. vosika, viola; wilber, agricultural extension, love memorial hall, president; alpha lambda delta, 4-h, home economics club. votava, Josephine; omaha, e nglish, kappa kappa gamma, president, vucurevich, alexander; lead, so. dak., economics, brown palace waddle, craig; lincoln, mechanical engineering, pi tau sigma, a.s.m.e. wagner, harry; Oakland, accounting, sigma phi epsilon. page 106 wagner. shirlco: lothenberq. accountinq, chi omega waldie. william; i business or ; kappa psi, kosn walgren. la vomon; hay springs, vocational agricul ' walkor. donald c: latonia, eng tau v tn ca. walkor. donald j.: alliance, electrical engineer ma chi walker, mary; o ' neill, sociology, delta delta delta, student council, newman club walker, norman; clatonia, animal husbandry, pioneer coop, block and bridle, y m ca. wal- strom. cliiford; omaha, entomology, ag men ' s club, theta epsilon. waiter, iven; chambers, arts-science, beta sigma psi waiter, ted; waco, technical science, farm house, alpha zeta, block and bridle ward, mari- anna; bancroft, social studies-english, sigma kap- pa, y.w.c.a ware, frederick; omaha, zoology- chemistry, phi kappa psi, theta nu, nu-med, n club. wamer, kathleen; aberdeen, so. dak., sociology, pi beta phi, newman club Warwick, norman; osceola, marketing, delta sigma pi washbum, elaine; hncoln, philosophy, alpha xi delta wasik henry; canton, o., engineering, sigma phi epsilon, newman club, as. me. watt, Stanley; york, mechanical engineering, sig- ma tau, pi tau sigma, as me. webber, hubert; omaha, accounting, alpha kappa psi weisil, her- bert; lincoln, dentistry, xi psi phi. weisenreder, edwin; eureka, calif., journalism, alpha sigma phi. welch, vern; fremont, botany, men ' s dorm, inter- varsity christian fellowship, wells, John; fremont, business administration, alpha tau omega wendt, shirley; murdock, dietetics, amikita, tassels, home ec club wentz, barbara: lincoln, elementary edu- cation, kappa alpha theta, president page 1C7 seniors — , wherry, mary; tecumseh, music, alpha phi, sigma alpha phi, sigma alpha iota, y.w.c.a., university singers, whitacre, dorothy; polk, zoology, howard hall, y.w.c.a., inter-varsity christian fellowship. whitham, anne; omaha, art, pi beta phi, delta phi delta, a.w.s. board, whitla, dean; lincoln, elec- trical engineering, sigma tau, gamma lambda, phi mu epsilon. whitmore, harold; exeter, economics, alpha kappa psi. whitney, eddie; norton, kan., economics, delta sigma pi. wickham, donald; lincoln, business ad- ministration, delta upsilon. widows, rozella; glen- wood, ia., special education, gamma phi beta. wiggans, donald; lincoln, chemistry-mathematics, farm house, pi mu epsilon, phi lambda upsilon, corn cobs, wightman, Jacqueline; wayne, poli- tical science-english, alpha omicron pi, mortar board, delta sigma rho, co-ed counselor, presi- dent wilboume, harriett; omaha, elementary ed- ucation, delta gamma, y.w.c.a., w.a.a. wilhelms, meno; auburn, civil engineering, delta upsilon, n club, a.s.c.e. wilkins, william; geneva, economics, delta upsi- lon, scabbard and blade, wilkinson, donald; cur- tis, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. willey, robert; lincoln, law, kappa sigma. will- man, thayne; axtell, electrical engineering, a.i.e e. wilson, John; glenwood, ia., law, sigma nu wilson, robert; holdrege, law, phi kappa psi, delta theta phi windrum, richard; dawson, economics, delta sigma pi. winkler, william; fargo, no. dak., petro- leum geology, sigma gamma epsilon. witt, norman; nebraska city, mathematics, beta sigma psi, i.s.a. wittier, le roy; winside, account- ing, theta xi. wolf, albert; columbus, business ad- ministration, beta sigma psi. wolf, winifred; omaha, fine arts, delta delta delta, orchesis, y.w.c.a. page 108 wolpa. bcrnard: med, zeta beta I I association. ; woodworth. charles; line gamma delt I wopata. ougono; du bois, engineering, a a m.c.a., comenius club wythors. goorgann; lincoln, journalism, alpha yoshina. howard; Hawaii, Spanish, delian union. yost. william; coleridge, journalism, y. m.c.a. youngman, eugene: ames, agronomy, tri-k block and bridle, religious council youngson, charles; minden. economics, sigma nu, phalanx zednik, eugene: wilber, electrical engineering, zemer, Barbara; lincoln, clothing-textiles, kappa kappa gamma, rifle club zorinsky, edward; omaha, zoology, sigma alpha mu, cadet officers association, nu-med, phalanx, national It. com- mander caha. evelyn; ceresco, teachers,, comenius club, isa council, palladian. page 103 seniors junior class president, hill mueller, practices spring ivy planting. above: m. j. melick quizzes pat nordin and dot borgens for the rag. juniors class of 1950 bob axiell points out the spots while jack campbell, manlyn byers, and betty sawyers shine up the new car. above: irv dana, bill mickle and ted gunderson joke with liz Schneider about her tardiness. page 110 not fooling anybody, beth wilson and iean eckvall hide out with howard dennis in the " book-nook. " fulfilling that secret ambition are jane mac cuaig, marian battey and jean blaha. rex hoffmeister traps merle stalder and m. a dosek, as rex pettijohn stands guard. leo geier and mary helen mal- lory, torn brownlee and jan fairchild ride tandem. page ' ! I 9 ft n p pA n C I abbott, marilyn; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, abramson, alvin; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau. abramson, harold; omaha, arts- science, sigma alpha mu. acker, laverna; bridge- port, agriculture, love memorial hall, ackerman, robert; Sidney, arts-science, delta upsilon. alkire, eugene; lexington, arts-science, delta tau delta alien, harold; david city, agriculture, ag men ' s club anderson, frank; wilsonville, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. anderson, helen; lincoln. teachers, alpha xi delta, anderson, Jacqueline; arapahoe, arts-science, sigma kappa, anderson, John; lincoln, business administration, kappa sigma. anderson, milton; lincoln, business admin- istration, beta sigma psi. anderson, shirley; halsey, teachers, wilson hall. anderson, vayden; stromsburg, engineering, sig- ma chi. arendt, marge; falls city, teachers, delta gamma, arenson, elaine; lincoln, agriculture, amikita. armbrust, herbert; omaha, business ad- ministration, theta xi. armstrong, dale; st. paul, agriculture, sigma phi epsilon. arp, jack; sutton, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. arter, wilbur; newport, teachers, delta sigma phi. arterburn, keith; imperial, agriculture, ag men ' s club, arthaud, mary; Cambridge, agriculture, ami- kita ashburn, bob; tilden, teachers, sigma phi epsilon. askew, edward; thurman, ia., agriculture, delta upsilon. athey, charles; tekamah, agriculture, ag men ' s club, atkinson, neil; lincoln, business administra- tion, beta theta pi. augustin, donald; kenesaw, engineering, sigma alpha epsilon. axtell, robert; Sidney, ia., business administration, sigma phi epsilon. babst, alice; lincoln, arts-science, gamma phi beta bamesborden, robert; hampton, agricul- ture, beta sigma psi. barker, james; lincoln, business administration, delta tau delta, barnes, alvin; lincoln, engineer- ing, barnason, duane; red cloud, engineering, sigma alpha epsilon. barribo. phyllis; lincoln, fine arts, towne club batchelder, dean; cheyenne, wyo., arts-science, sigma nu. bates, william; lex- ington, business administration, sigma nu. batten, robert; parkersburg, w. va., business ad- ministration, battey, marian; lincoln, arts-science, kappa kappa gamma, bauer, martin; fairbury, business administration, beta sigma psi. bau- mann, marjorie; west point, teachers, adelphi. baumgart, norman; humphrey, engineering, acacia, baxter, neal; st. paul, agriculture, farm house. bay, jean; lincoln, arts-science, alpha xi delta, bayreuther, william; Chatham, n. j., arts-science, phi kappa sigma. beattie, richard; ainsworth, business administration, alpha tau omega, beav- ers, mona; bennet, agriculture, amikita. becker, sara; papillion, teachers, kappa kappa gamma. beers, rosie; hartington, agriculture, amikita. behrens, arlene; mead, teachers, kappa delta. bender, marvin; eagle, arts-science, theta xi. berge, pat; norfolk, teachers, gamma phi beta. bergquist, bruce; lincoln, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. berkshire, bob; omaha, arts- science, alpha tau omega, best, lura; broken bow, teachers, kappa delta. page 112 bovor. marilyn: :ence, alph I delt i boynon. esther; lincoln, line arts, d gcmim I bierdoman. Ihoodoro: 18 administration biomond. joan: I 1 iia chi bilon. thomas: island, artssci- : black, patricia; lincoln, teachers, alpha xi d- blaha, jean; ord, teachers, w n -sidence hall blatchlord. gerald; angeles, cal , arts- science, alpha si blobzum. robert: !air- bury, business administration, beta sigma psi. bloss. betty; winheld. kan , arts-science, alpha chi omega blumer. paul; lincoln, business adm tration, phi delta thet : bock, donald; storm lake, business administration, siuma alpha epsilon bockes. suzanne; omaha, teachers, alpha | bodinson. Virginia; kearney, teachers, delta delta delta boesiger. wendell; cortland, teachers, men ' s residence hall, boettcher, mark; columbus, busi- ness administration, phi kappa psi. boettger. marilyn; omaha, agriculture, love memorial hall. boland, dorothy; bloomfield, agriculture, chi omega. boothe. betty; fremont, teachers, alpha omicron pi. borgens, dorothy; lincoln, teachers, alpha chi omega, bornholdt, lorna; wausa, teachers, chi omega, borowski, edmund; shenandoah, pa., arts-science, delta sigma phi. botsford, Virginia; rushville, teachers, bowen, william; lex ngton, en- gineering, sigma nu. boydston. margaret; ashland, teachers, boydston, william; detroit, engineering, beta theta pi. brad- ney, william; cheyenne, arts-science, sigma nu. bradley, regina; columbus, teachers, women ' s residence hall, bragdon, kathryn; sioux city, ia , teachers, alpha phi brainard, owen; lincoln, ag- riculture, farm house. brandt, robert; wymore, engineering, brehm, adam; lincoln. business administration, delta sigma pi. bridgman. jane; wayne, arts-science, alpha omicron pi brim, jerome; spalding, agricul- ture, farm house brinkman, william; geneva, ag- riculture, alpha gamma rho brogan, John; tilden, l aw. men ' s residence hall brower, thomas; fullerton, business administra- tion, sigma phi epsilon. brown, kenneth; colum- bus, engineering, phi gamma delta brown, lois; omaha, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. brown, patricia; holdrege, teachers, kappa delta brown, thomas; hershey, agriculture, theta xi. brownlee, thomas; omaha, business administration, phi delta theta. bruce, Janice; hastings, teachers, delta gamma, bruere, edwin; alliance, business administration, phi gamma delta, bruggaman, dale; york, agri- culture, beta sigma psi brust, peggy; nebraska city, teachers, alpha omicron pi. bryant, jack; te- kamah, teachers, phi gamma delta buchfinck, betty; alliance, teachers, pi beta phi. bucknell, donald; hardy, teachers, bukacek, Caro- lyn; omaha, teachers, alpha omicron pi burgess, twyla; lincoln, agriculture, rundle hall, burstein. Joseph; omaha, engineering, bush, robert; omaha, business administration, sigma alpha mu byers, dwight; kennard, business administration, sigma phi epsilon. page 1 1 3 P I £ ft fi £ C " ' c ° , p D i - uniors P C ft 9 i . V 4% ft c a Jtkr £ y ® JL »i i 1 1 byington, waiter; bassett, mechanical engineer- ing, alpha sigma phi. cadwallader, phyllis; kear- ney, arts-science, gamma phi beta, camp, robert; west point, business administration, kappa sigma. campbell, bruce; lincoln, business administration, sigma chi. campbell, John; lincoln, business ad- ministration, sigma alpha epsilon. canaday, don- ald; hagerstown, ind., arts-science. capsey, norman; lincoln, dentistry, sigma phi ep- silon. cardinal, floyd; st. onge, so. dak., arts- science, men ' s residence hall, carlberh, dannal; fremont, engineering, carroll, elaine; lincoln, teachers, towne club, carter, carroll; blair, arts- science, sigma alpha epsilon. carter, louise; lin- coln, teachers, kappa kappa gamma. cartmell, william; indianapolis, ind., engineering, delta tau delta, case, norman; beatrice, engineer- ing, phi gamma delta, cattle, dorothy; seward, business administration, delta gamma, cave, den- ise; lincoln, arts-science, sigma kappa, chael, fred- erick; kouts, ind., engineering, beta sigma psi. chambers, charlene; fremont, teachers, sigma kappa. enemy, margy; north bend, teachers, alpha chi omega, chilvers, dorothy; callaway, agriculture, amikita. chilvers, thomas; pierce, agriculture, farm house, christenson, helen; axtell, arts- science, gamma phi beta, church, marilyn; lin- coln, arts-science, churchill, roy; philomath, ore., teachers, kappa sigma. clapp, elsie; mc cook, arts-science, kappa kappa gamma, dark, glen; pawnee city, business ad- ministration, theta xi. dark, nancy; st. edward, arts-science, alpha chi omega, dark, willistine; humboldt, teachers, kappa delta, clem, alan; salina, kan., arts-science, alpha tau omega. clement, kathleen; ord, arts-science, rundle hall. clough, wayne; mc cook, pharmacy, sigma phi epsilon. cochran, donald; columbus, engineering, sigma phi epsilon. cochran, Janice; lincoln, arts- science, towne club, coffing, willard; lincoln, bus- iness administration, alpha kappa psi. coffman. bruce; torrington, wyo., arts-science, sigma nu. cogley, Catherine; sioux falls, so. dak., teachers, delta gamma. cohen, jerome; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau. cohn, albert; Chicago, ill., business administration, zeta beta tau. colgan, gilbert; mc cook, business administration, sigma nu. com- mins. roy; lexington, agriculture, ag men ' s club. constantinides, maria; athens, greece, agriculture, love memorial hall, connelly, John; omaha, busi- ness administration, phi kappa psi. cooper, don; lemars, ia., arts-science, corbett, dorothy; minneapolis, minn., agriculture, sigma kappa, corkin, wendy; omaha, teachers, alpha omicron pi. Cornelius, grant; madrid, agriculture, farm house, cosand, robert; lyman, arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. coupe, george; nebraska city, pharmacy, phi gamma delta. cowles, harold; stapleton, arts-science, alpha sig- ma phi. craig, fritz; lincoln, arts-science, sigma nu. crawford, bryce; omaha, law, phi kappa psi. creed, bennet; hindale, ill., business administra- tion, sigma alpha epsilon. crilly, janis; superior, teachers, delta delta delta, cronan, william; cam- bridge, business administration, sigma alpha ep- silon. page 1 1 4 rv-WJi crosbie. connio: ■ gamm i luda, Joseph.- cunning ham. bevorly: curley. philip: ence, men ' s dence h ill curtis. jamcs: cul ' daggott. dawn; kear ney re, delta delta d dahlgron. anna; lincoln, arts-science, towne club dana. irving; alpha tau omega darrington. Virginia; omaha, arts-science, rosa bouton hall darst. donald; ashland, busi- ••tration, sigma phi epsilon davidson, joann; vanston, ill , arts-science, delta delta del- davis. dorothy; illerton, teachers, kappa delta. davis, elizabeth; | :ttsmouth, teachers, delta delta delta davis, harvey; ::and island, arts-science, :ia phi epsilon. dealey, robert; blue hill, a culture, brown palace, de bauire, ruth; lincoln, teachers-line arts, sigma kappa deeter. eugene; lincoln, business admin istration, alpha tau omega deibler, daniel; norfolk, business admin- istration, alpha tau omega. delamatre, joan; omaha, arts-science, alpha xi delta denker, william; elkhorn, business adminis- tration, alpha tau omega, dennis, bernard; ar- nold, agriculture, sigma phi epsilon deuchler, august; falls city, business administration, kappa sigma. devish, erwin; mason city, business ad- ministration, delta sigma pi. de vore, carmen; north platte, business administration. dewey, Lhomas; gates, arts-science, alpha sigma phi dewulf, John; cedar rapids, agriculture, farm house, dierks, John; nebraska city, business ad- ministration, phi gamma delta, dill, robert; belvi- dere, agriculture, farm house, dixon. marilyn; mitchell, so. dak., teachers, alpha phi. dodson, kathleen; beatrice, teachers, pi beta phi. donegan, lawrence; lincoln, business administra- tion, phi delta theta. dosek, jerome; lincoln, arts- science, delta tau delta doesk, mary; lincoln, teachers, delta delta delta, doty, joan; pasadena, calif , business administration, pi beta phi. dou- glas. shirley; omaha, teachers, gamma phi beta. douglas, winnie; palmyra, agriculture, amikita. drbal, richard; lincoln, chemistry, alpha sigma phi druliner, jerome; benkelman, business ad- ministration, kappa sigma. dudek, Joyce; lincoln, teachers, towne club, dudley. george; norfolk, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. dunklau, rupert; arlington, teachers, beta sigma psi dunn, barbara; hastings, teachers, kappa kappa gamma. dunning, earl; Seattle, wash., business adminis- tration, alpha kappa psi durkop, emily; papillion, teachers, terrace hall, du teau, yvonne; lincoln, teachers, kappa kappa gamma, eckvall, jean; holdrege, arts-science, kappa delta, edmison. lyle; columbus, arts-science, kappa sigma. ed- wards, eugene; benkelman, business administra- tion, kappa sigma. eggert, charlene; Johnstown, agriculture, love me- morial hall eggert, robert; phillips, agriculture, ag men ' s club ehrmann, bertrand; lincoln, arts- science, delta tau delta einung, robert; wayne, arts-science, phi delta theta. elliott, Catherine; scottsbluff, teachers, alpha phi. elliott, don; beat- rice, arts-science, theta xi. page 1 1 5 n 4 . • -liA ' M I " k iimors m -. P © £■ D r. !_ © jL M f) ellis, peggy; lincoln, teachers, delta delta delta. elwell, lois; Sidney, agriculture, alpha phi. endorf, loren; western, business administration, delta sigma pi endres, vondalie; palisade, teachers. engelbart, melvin; pender, agriculture, beta sigma psi. erikson, lois; omaha, teachers. ernst, John; lincoln, engineering, alpha tau omega. estes, marjorie; lincoln, teachers, towne club. evans, doyle; leon, ia., business administration, alpha kappa psi. evnen, everett; lincoln, business administration, zeta beta tau. eyth, william; beat- rice, agriculture, phi kappa psi. face, knolen; stratford, so. dak., business administration, theta xi. fairchild, janet; lincoln, arts-science, delta delta delta, fairchild, zane; lincoln, engineering, fairley, charles; fairbury, agriculture, farm house, farber, ajon; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau. fastenau, ruth; lincoln, business administra- tion, adelphi. fehrs. mary; omaha, teachers, delta delta delta. figge, anne; lincoln, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. finkelstein, sanford; lincoln, business adminis- tration, zeta beta tau. fisher, joe; norfolk, business administration, alpha tau omega, fislar, June; lin- coln, teachers, delta delta delta, finstrom, don; kearney, business administration, delta upsilon. flaherty, kathleen; st. edward, teachers, alpha chi omega. fletcher, roderick; st. Joseph, mo., arts-science, phi gamma delta, flowerday, albert; seward, agricul- ture, farm house, foft, John; plainview, arts-sci- ence, brown palace, forman, jack; st. Joseph, mo., business administration, sigma alpha mu. fortna, lloyd; scottsbluff, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. foster, robert; gordon, business administration, alpha kappa psi. fouts, ruth; seward, arts-science, frandsen, her- bert; omaha, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon. franz, charles; lincoln, business administration, delta sigma pi. frasier, vivian; ceresco, agricul- ture, amikita. freed, percy; lincoln, engineering, sigma nu. freeman, douglas; neligh, law, sigma phi epsilon. freeman, robert; tule lake, calif., business admin- istration, delta sigma pi. freiberg, Joyce; stanton, agriculture, love memorial hall, french, merwyn; page, agriculture, farm house, fry, charles; beat- rice, business administration, sigma alpha epsi- lon. fuchser, cleo; irwin, engineering, brown pal- ace, fuchser, fay; irwin, engineering, brown palace. fullaway, elizabeth; omaha, arts-science, kappa kappa gamma, fox, harry; lincoln arts-science, phi gamma delta, gaebler, waiter; winside, busi- ness administration, sigma phi epsilon. galbraith, frances; beemer, teachers, rundle hall, gard, don; beaver crossing, agriculture, farm house, gardner, robert; ansley, engineering, kappa sigma. garnich, judy; ashland, wis., teachers, delta gamma, garrison, mary; union, teachers, howard hall, geier, leo; lincoln, arts-science, phi gamma delta, gelber, carol; aberdeen, so. dak., arts-sci- ence, pi beta phi. gerhart, harold; newman grove , business administration, alpha tau omega, ger- hold, patricia; columbus, fine arts, alpha xi delta. page 116 juniors gos-snor. shirloy: oln, business administration, delta delta dolt i gibbs. marylois: pharmacy, siqma k .. i gibson. raloigh; fair bury, arts-s gibson, robert; dolt ma rho gibson, william; randolt ilture, alpha gamma rho. gillespio. kirk; ihts, ill, arts-science, phi. gilmore. elliott; omaha, business administration, phi kappa li gilmoro, philip; maha, business administration, sigma nu gissler, bomie; osceola, arts science, beta sigma psi gissler, rolland; osce- ola, teachers, beta sigma psi gloystein. elvoy; waco. ei Mg, beta sigma pa glynn, nancy; lincoln, teachers, delta delta delta. godfrey, james; cozad, engineering, phi gamma delt. r goll. james; kamah, business administra- tion, phi gamma delta gotschall. ernest; atkin- son, agriculture, alpha tau omega gottstein. stuart; des moines, ia., business administration, zeta beta tau graham, joan; elain, agriculture, alpha xi delt i graham, mary lou; lincoln, teach- ers, chi omega. graul. loren; roca, business administration, alpha kappa psi greenwalt. dolores; ord, teachers, Wil- son hall grewcock, william; omaha, engineering. brown palace, griegling. ethelann; evergreen, colo., pharmacy, rundle hall griggs, david; scotts- bluff, engineering, sigma alpha epsilon grimm, marvin; wilber, arts-sciences, sigma alpha epsilon. groteluschen. roland; columbus, agriculture, beta sigma psi. grothe, norma; geneva, teachers, alpha phi grummert. milbert; plymouth, arts-science, beta sigma psi gunzel, lois; lincoln, teachers, kappa kappa gamma, guhin, richard; aberdeen, so. dak., business administration, theta xi guinan, vivian; lincoln, teachers. gunderson, theodore; lincoln, business adminis- tration, sigma alpha epsilon haarmann, beverly; omaha, teachers, alpha omicron pi. haase, mar- vin; lincoln, business administration, delta sigma pi. hageman. leslie; ithaca, teachers, men ' s resi- dence hall, hagen, florence; omaha, agriculture, alpha omicron pi. haile, robert; nebraska city, business administration. hale, russell; hardy, engineering, sigma alpha ep- silon hall, gerald; farragut, ia., business admin- istration, sigma chi. hallstrom, david; webster, so. dak , business administration, alpha kappa psi. halsey, lewis; fairmont, agriculture, ag men ' s club, hammel. donald; lyons, agriculture, ag men ' s club hammes, leonard; omaha, law, theta xi. hancock, william; carson city, nev., arts-science, alpha tau omega, hanisch, richard; st. paul, arts- science, sigma alpha epsilon hanneman, donald; albion, business administration hansen, earl- clay center, engineering, brown palace, hanson, gerald; osceola, engineering, delta upsilon. han- son, paul; .ncoln, engineering, sigma phi epsilon. harkrader, james; norfolk, arts-science, alpha tau omega, harms, alice; lincoln, teachers, wilson hall harris, harry; fairbury, business administra- tion, sigma nu. harris, lee; omaha, business ad- ministration, sigma alpha mu. harris, william; cheyenne, wyo., arts-science, delta upsilon. hart- man, cedric; omaha, arts-science, delta tau delta. page 1!7 90 -1 r - AAil d aWa. (V v CD w n s ? £ 02 ,, . Mil Q c :0 O .m ■ mi ft 11 mors G (5 c o k ,• " ° ' ' I.J i I » ji hartman, Virginia; lincoln, arts-science, alpha xi delta, harrison, nanci; norfolk, fine arts, chi omega, harvey, ted; lexington, business adminis- tration, sigma nu. hauge, myra; meadow grove, teachers, sigma kappa, hause, jeanette; moscow, ida., teachers, terrace hall, havelka, Joseph; wes- ton, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. haykin, martin; omaha, arts-science, sigma alpha mu. hays, byron; kansas city, mo., agricultural, sigma nu. hayward, glenn; humboldt, agriculture, ag men ' s club, heidenreich, donald; lincoln, busi- ness administration, delta sigma pi. heine, emily; hooper, arts-science, chi omega, heineman, ed- ward; ainsworth, engineering, brown palace. hegwood, fred; omaha, business administration, phi gamma delta, helgeson, lloyd; los angeles, calif., teachers, heller, doris; lincoln, agriculture. herman, albert; edgemont, so. dak., arts-science, nu-meds. hermann, eric; woodland park, colo , agriculture, zeta beta tau. hene, bert; omaha, engineering, zeta beta tau. henkle, william; norfolk, engineering, beta sigma psi. henschel, darlene; martin, so. dak., arts-sci- ence, sigma kappa, herse, arm; laurel, arts-sci- ence, sigma kappa hershorn, helen; omaha, teachers, sigma delta tau hickey, patricia; omaha, teachers, alpha phi. higgins, carol; broken bow, agriculture. hildebrand, robert; york, pharmacy, delta upsilon. hiltner, John; lincoln, agricultural engineering, al- pha sigma phi. hinderaker, carolyn; astoria, so. dak., teachers, terrace hall, h ' ner, dev arld; wy- more, business administration, alpha kappa psi. hischier, mary; billings, mont., business adminis- tration, gamma phi beta, hite, betiy; centralia, ill., arts-sciences, sigma kappa. hoekstra, barbara; omaha, arts-science, kappa alpha theta. hoffmeister. rex; imperial, arts-sci- ence, kappa sigma holcomb, charlene; broken bow, arts-science, kappa kappa gamma, holm- quist, harold; Oakland, law, phi gamma delta. holland, mary sue; lincoln, teachers, delta gamma, holliday, patricia, hebron, agriculture, sigma kappa. hollstein, delila; hay springs, agriculture, delta delta delta, holze, edith, lincoln, arts-science, towne club, hooper, byron; st. louis, mo., business administration, sigma nu. horacek, frank; david city, business administration hombacher, ken- neth; nevada, ia., arts-science, kappa sigma. hornby, June; lincoln, arts-science, towne club. horwitz, ruth; denver, colo., teachers, sigma delta tau. howard, roswell; omaha, engineering, beta theta pi. howe, jean; wymore, agriculture, ami- kita humbert, gordon; ft robinson, business ad- ministration, delta sigma pi. huff, eldon; omaha, business administration, delta sigma pi. hurlburt, loyal; ord, engineering, sigma phi epsilon. ingwerson, dale; lodge pole, arts-science, sigma chi. irvin, charles; alliance, arts-science, irvin, eames; north platte, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. isham, robert; chadron, stu- dent at large, sigma nu. jackman, herbert; grant, arts-science, phi kappa psi. jackson, georgia; kearney, agriculture. page 118 Minors jacobsen. WCDMB! t, arts-science, alpha ome i i japp. lyle: kenn ird. business adi tion jarocki. eugone; iimbus, engineer brown palao- Jensen, charlos: .cotia, c: kappa epsilon | , tnitn francos; Jensen, robert: ■■ nont tea : alpha epsilon. jochum. john; lutherland, pharmacy, Ihel johanson. ray: lolumbus, arts-science Johnson, bruce: iioldrege, arts-science, alpha tau omeqa. Johnson, bryan; loomis, business administration. Johnson, cyrus; ainsworth, business administra- : ha epsilon Johnson, donna lu: newman grove, agriculture, love memorial I iohnson. harry: entral city, engineering. Johnson, hartrice; newman arove, teachers, chi om iohnson. jan; aberdeen, so. dak., teachers, alpha xi delta Johnson, robert; fremont, business ad- ministration, tau kappa epsilon Johnson, roma; lincoln, teachers, alpha omicron p Johnson, ruth; lincoln, arts-science. Johnson, sally; madison, arts-science, delta gamma jones. daniel; lincoln, engineerina, phi gamma delta jones. robert; omaha, business ad- ministration, delta sigma pi Joyce, carol; Syra- cuse, teachers, juracek. edwin; niobrara, busi- ness administration, delta sigma pi. kaasch. james; scottsbluff, agriculture, sigma nu. kahle, john; oxford, arts-science, beta sigma psi. kalin. margaret; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, kalin, marilyn; lincoln, arts-science, towne club kallhoff. margaret; Sutherland, teachers kamp- rath, eugene; seward, agriculture, ag men ' s club, kantor. edward; omaha, arts-science, zeta beta tau. kasik. wilson; madison, business administration, delta sigma pi. kasselman. william; kansas city, kan., engineering, theta xi kaswinerstok. nina; la paz, bolivia, arts-science, international house, katzman. charlotte; omaha, arts-science, sigma delta tau keck, james; rapid city, so. dak., busi- ness administration, alpha tau omega, kellner, deane; onawa, ia., business administration, delta sigma theta. kellner, robert; onawa, ia., business administra- tion, alpha kappa psi kelly. donald; Wallace, law. kelley. eugene; lincoln, engineering, sigma nu. kelly. robert; wichita falls, tex., arts-science, aca- cia, kelly. warren; atkinson, arts-science, alpha sigma phi keuten, norma; jansen, teachers. kiechel. donna; superior, teachers, pi beta phi. killion, marlin; fairfield, teachers, sigma chi. kim- ball, rosemary; lincoln, teachers, kappa kappa gamma kincanon, raymond; albion, teachers, comhusker co-op. king, gaylon; Crawford, phar- macy, sigma nu kingery, wayne; lincoln, engi- neering, sigma alpha epsilon. kinsey. bill; shubert, business administration, phi delta theta. kirk, helen ann; omaha, teachers, al- pha phi. klemme, hergert; murdock, fine arts, klink. lewis; york, teachers, sigma phi epsilon. kluck, emil; aurora, business administration, al- pha kappa psi. knapple, margaret; omaha, teach- ers, ka ppa alpha theta. £fc a a O p ts mM UM 41 dimm page 119 ii mors £ $ 1 II knebel, donald; norfolk, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. knudsen, mary lou; fort lupton, colo., teachers, delta delta delta, koehler, melissa; Sid- ney, arts-science, kokjer, thomas; sidney, busi- ness administration, delta upsilon. kohan, richard; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau. koleszar, dolores; omaha, teachers, alpha phi. komarek, phyllis; geneva, agriculture, kopf, har- old; lexington, teachers, alpha gamma rho. korff, don; hebron, engineering, alpha tau omega, kos- kan. dalphynie; anoka, agriculture, amikita. krantz, lorin; hallam, agriculture, brown palace. krasne, byron; fremont, arts-science, zeta beta tau. krause, harold; fullerton, business administration, kappa sigma. kroger, willis; rosalie, agriculture, acacia, kropp. sara; nehawka, arts-science, ter- race hall, kruse, John; omaha, business adminis- tration, phi kappa psi. kuhl. richard; ashland, business administration, phi gamma delta, kui- per, darline; lincoln, teachers, towne club. kunc. ramon; wilber, business administration, al- pha sigma phi. kuncl. arm; omaha, teachers, adelphi. laird, russell; des moines, ia., business administration, sigma phi epsilon. lamb, helen; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, lambert, Stan- ley; swing, agriculture, farm house, lambom, george; palmyra, teachers, theta xi. larkin, shirly; north platte, teachers, pi beta phi. larsen, patricia; south sioux city, fine arts-teach- ers, alpha chi omega, larson, ernest; Jamestown, no. dak., arls-science, acacia, lathrop. dorothy; Crawford, teachers, alpha chi omega, lauber donna; lincoln, agriculture, alpha omicron pi. lauer, elaine; cozad, agriculture, amikita. learning, joann; lincoln, arts-science, towne club. legge, marilyn; fremont, teachers, pi beta phi. leib, sonia; newark, n. j., arts-science, sigma delta tau. leisy, jean; wisner, fine arls-teachers, alpha xi delta lembrich, derald; hay springs, arts-sci- ence, lenz, mariam; beatnce, arts-science, terrace hall. lerner, sanford; kansas city, mo., business admin- istration, sigma alpha mu. levenson, doris; omaha, arts-science, sigma delta tau. levinger, harold; yankton, so. dak., engineering, zeta beta tau. lewis, joan; shubert, fine arts, kappa delta. liakos, angeline; bayard, arts-science, cox hall. libershal, mary; plattsmouth, teachers, chi omega. lidolph. dorothy; roca, teachers, howard hall. lieber, nancy; papillion, teachers, alpha xi delta. lien, norman; platte, so. dak., agricultural engi- neering, linch, laurel; morrill, teachers, kappa delta, lind, christy; north platte, business admin- istration, tau kappa epsilon. lindahl, douglas; tilden, pharmacy. lindwall, rodney; omaha, civil engineering, sigma alpha epsilon. lippold. lloyd; Syracuse, engineer- ing, beta sigma psi. loisel, thomas; west point, business administration, sigma phi epsilon. long, norma; ord, agriculture, amikita. long, robert; norfolk, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon. lonow- ski, raymond; ord, business administration, brown palace. page 120 uniors lostroh. ardis; :!colm. Ctrl lowry. nancy: hncoln, business administer ludlow. polly: red cloud, luhrs. gordon; lukcn isaiah; lutos. jamos: bron, aqncultur ' lux. ronald; • I mess administration, I hou mackoy. alan: nqnculture, alpha gamma rho mac cuaig jane; maha arts-science, .ma phi betu maddox, gerald: nel i: ness ad rli in maisel. milton; omaha science, zeta beta t malck, donald: osceola, beta sigma psi. mallory, mary: hncoln, arts-science, kappa alpha thet ; malmberg. doris; alien, agriculture, love memorial hall mann, jean; l:ncoln, business ad- ministration, alpha chi ome.: i mansfield, twyla; hncoln. teachers, kernels mansfield. r.; malvern ia.. business administration, tau kappa epsilon mapes. jerry; lincoln, business administration, al pha tau omega. marks, robert; ord. pharmacy, kappa sigma. mar- tin, dean; .ancock, ia., business administration delta sigma pi martin, james; omaha, business administration, beta theta pi. maryott. charles; macy, agriculture, phi gamma delta, marmee, delores; bladen, teachers, mason, clinton; pali- sade, business administration, alpha sigma phi. massie. Joseph; callaway. business administra- tion, alpha sigma phi. mauk, arthur; greenfield, ia., teachers, delta upsilon maupin, myra; north platte, arts-science, alpha chi omega, maurer. katherine; irand island agriculture, chi omega maxwell, dorothy; lincoln, arts-science, kappa al- pha theta may, derald; gothenburg, agriculture, delta upsilcn. mc cormick. marilyn; mountain lakes, n. j., arts- science, pi beta phi. mc cormick, patricia; omaha. science, alpha xi delta mc cracken, gerald; lincoln, engineering, theta xi mc dill, louise; coin, agriculture, chi omega mc geachen, peggy; Orleans, agriculture, kappa alpha theta. mc kel- vie. alan; fairfield, engineering, tau kappa ep- silon. mc kenzie. mary; nebraska city, arts-science, mc- laughlin. jean; Lincoln, agriculture, alpha xi delta mc master, robert; lincoln, engineering, sigma phi epsilon mc vicker. dwighi; lincoln, engineering, phi delta theta. mecke, mary; ogallala, business administration, alpha xi delta, meehan, patricia; lincoln, teachers, delta delta delta. meisinger. keith; Cambridge, arts-science, phi gamma delta, meisinger, donna; plattsmouth, teachers, kappa delta, melick. mary jane; neligh, arts-science, chi omega merritt, robert; lincoln, arts-science, alpha sigma phi. meyer, frank; lin- coln, teachers, phi delta theta. meyer, george; emerson, engineering, tau kappa epsilon. michelson. carla; cordova, teachers, mickle. wil- liam; nebraska city, arts-science, phi kappa psi. miller, david; omaha, business administration, phi kappa psi. miller, ray; los angeles, calif., arts- science, sigma nu miller, marilyn; papillion, teachers, chi omega, miller, richard; kenesaw, business administration, tau kappa epsilon. page 121 9 ft r ° f r c o e $ ft tiniors 9£ £ v r miller, james; ord, business administration, miller, ruben; Sidney, arts-science, beta sigma psi. milli- kin, norris; brule, engineering, alpha sigma phi. millman, maurice; los angeles, calif., business ad- ministration, sigma alpha mu. minnick, billie; crete, teachers, mix, greta; linden, ia., arts-sci- ence, terrace hall. moore, jack; lyons, agriculture, moore, kaye; lin- coln, teachers, gamma phi beta, monson, gwen- dolyn; clay center, agriculture, love memorial hall, monson, marvin; clay center, agriculture, al- pha gamma rho. monteith, roland; newcastle, ag- riculture, mook, william; lincoln, business admin- istration, sigma phi epsilon. moore, william; brownville, agriculture, ag men ' s club, moschel, charles; lincoln, engineering, sigma alpha epsilon. morrow, andrew; fremont, arts-science, men ' s residence hall, mueller, wil- liam; omaha, business administration, sigma chi. mulder, william; adams, business administration, delta sigma pi. muller, raymond; norfolk, business administration, alpha kappa psi. mundell, bill; gothenburg, arts-science, delta sigma phi. murawski, ralph; Chicago, ill., business administration, sigma nu. myers, david; weeping water, business administration, sigma phi epsi- lon. mykre, molly; st. edward, agriculture, alpha chi omega, nash. richard; Cambridge, ill., arts- science, nash, william; sioux city, ia., business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. nastrom, marge; holdrege, teachers, sigma kappa, nedrow, robert; hartington, pharmacy, sigma alpha epsilon. neely, david; omaha, arts- science, phi delta theta. nekuda, lydia; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, nelson, james; mitchell, agriculture, ag men ' s club, nelson, richard; bil- lings, mont., arts-science, delta tau delta. nelson, stuart; pilger, engineering, cornhusker co- op, newcomb, ross; Cambridge, teachers, newell, charles; omaha, arts-science, sigma nu. newman, jack; pattonsburg, mo., agriculture, alpha gamma rho. nielsen, grace; omaha, arts-science, gamma phi beta, nichols, donald; arlington, va., arts-sci- ence, sigma phi epsilon. noble, joanne; omaha, arts-science, kappa alpha theta. noble, richard; lincoln, business adminis- tration, delta upsilon. norall, marion; north platte, arts-science, pi beta phi. nordin, patricia; omaha, teachers, alpha omicron pi. norris, joanne; aber- deen, so. dak., arts-science, pi beta phi. nuss, marilyn; sutton, agriculture. nutsch, patti; morrowville, kan., teachers, howard hall, nutzman, janet; nehawka, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. o ' bannon, keith; scottsbluff, business administration, delta upsilon. o ' brien, madelyn; lincoln, teachers, sigma kappa, o ' dell, lynn; mc paul, ia., business administration, delta upsilon. o ' dell, mary; south sioux city, teachers, kappa delta. oehrle, charles; lincoln, business administration, phi kappa psi. olney, leonard; Stamford, business administration, delta sigma pi. olson, delmar; north platte, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. ol- son, don; omaha, business administration, aca- cia, opopocensky, edward; newman grove, arts- science, alpha sigma phi. on, charles; omaha, arts-science, phi gamma delta. page 122 Minors orr. robort; qamma delta osbomc, albort: :naha. arts-scienc • • phi epsilon owcns. orvid: carroll. teachers, corn- husker co-oj packard. robert; lincoln, arts ence. sigma pappas. clara; arts-science, adelphi parchon. roy: lincoln, t ■ ness administration, tau kappa epsilon parker. duane: danbury engineering ace partridge, bob: alliance, business administration, phi aamma delta paustian, eloise; omaha, teach- ers, chi omega paustian. Ired: omaha, arts ence, sigma nu paustian, john; sioux city, in , arts-science, sigma nu peck, john: •■ kamah, busi- ness administration, phi qamma delta. pejsar. barbara; western, teachers, women ' s resi- dence hall perry, donald; malcolm, agriculture. ag men ' s clul peterson. charles; omaha, engi- neer.:, peterson. donald: irthur, arts-science, delta sigma phi peterson. norma; lincoln, teach- ers, kernels pettijohn. rex; beaver crossing, busi- ness administration, sigma nu. philbrick. charles; lincoln, business administra- tion, alpha tau omega phillips. marvel: hay springs, teachers, kappa phi philpot, donna; weeping water, arts-science, alpha xi delta. picard, fritz; geneva, arts-science, delta upsilon. piderit, richard; lincoln, arts-science, phi gamma delta pierce, janet; lincoln, agriculture, towne club. pinney. gloria; hastings, arts-science, kappa al- pha theta pischel, patricia; verdel, teachers, kappa delta plank, mary lou; pierre, so. dak., administration, alpha phi plank, wi!- liam; pierre, so. dak , business administration, pohl, shirley; hampton, arts-science, polian, max- ine; omaha, arts-science, delta delta delta. pollock, james; stanton, law, sigma nu polsky. burton; Uncoln, business administration, zeta beta tau polsky. don; lincoln, engineering, zeta beta tau pond, richard; lyons, engineering, sigma nu popken, donald; ost point, agriculture, farm house, porter, sanford; omaha, engineering, sigma alpha epsilon. portis. gordon; north loup, agriculture, alpha sigma phi. portsche, Stanley; lincoln, business ad- ministration, delta tau delta, powell, kenneth; hebron, engineering, alpha tau omega powley, harlan: pender, business administration, sigma phi epsilon pruesse, wilbur; lincoln, engineering, delta upsilon putensen, elaine; bloomfield, teach- ers, sigma kappa. racely, ed; walthill, arts-science, phi gamma delta, rahn, carol; winner, business administra- tion, gamma phi beta, rapp, kathryn; Waterloo, teachers, delta gamma, rarick. theodore; auburn, teachers, acacia rayburn, barbara; mitchell, so. dak , arts-science, alpha xi delta, redfern. sharon; lincoln, teachers, sigma kappa. regan, bill; lebanon, kan , arts-science, acacia, reid. robert; albion, business administration, kappa sigma. reiman. frances; tecumseh, teach- ers, hesperia reitan, john; grand island, business administration, phi delta theta. renner, carla; nor- folk, arts-science, sigma kappa reynolds, joan; omaha, teachers-fine arts, delta delta delta. r n rv page 123 ii mors ,11 Q O «$ rhoades, charlotte; blair, teachers, sigma kappa. rhodes, kathryn; benkelman, teachers, kappa delta, rice, charlotte; norfolk, teachers, terrace hall rice, don; omaha, arts-science, zeta beta tan. rice, donald; scottsbluff, arts-science, alpha tau omega, rickly, polly; o ' neill, teachers, chi omega. roesler, edith; lincoln, arts-science, hesperia. ro- mig, harold; albion, pharmacy, theta xi. rosen, bruce; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau. rosenlof, Joyce; lincoln, teachers, kernels. rousek, edward; ord, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. rousek, emest; ord, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. rudisil, donna; palisade, agriculture, love me- morial hall, ruplinger, philip; Orleans, arts-sci- ence, cornhusker co-op. russell, richard; lincoln, arts-science, phi delta theta rutledge. robert; wilsonville, arts-science, ryman, janice; rochester, n. y., teachers, kappa kappa gamma, saferstein, louise; st. Joseph, mo., teachers, sigma delta tau. sahs, John; wayne, engineering, farm house, sals- bury, Joyce; kansas city, mo., arts-science, gamma phi beta, sampson, eugenie; central city, teach- ers, pi beta phi. samuelson, eugenia; lincoln, Hne arts-teachers, saum, dona jean; lincoln, fine arts- teachers, kernels, sawyers, betty; st. Joseph, mo., arts-science, delta gamma. saylor, John; lincoln, arts-science, kappa sigma. sayre, nancy; longmeadows, mass., arts-science, kappa kappa gamma, schaffer, shirley; o ' neill, teachers, gamma phi beta, scheer, dale; arling- ton, business administration, beta sigma psi. schleiger, richard; omaha, engineering, phi gamma delta. Schneider, elizabeth; fremont, arts- science-teachers, pi beta phi. Schneider, robert; nebraska city, business admin- istration, phi kappa psi. schoen, ester; Valparaiso, agriculture, wilson hall, schoonmaker, kathryn; edgemont, so. dak., pharmacy, sigma kappa. schormann, jean; beemer, arts-science schroeder, dalles; homer, business administration, delta sigma pi. schroeder, gaybert; imperial, business administration, phi gamma delta. schroeder, mary ellen; chappell, arts-science, al- pha omicron pi. schwarz, melvagene; humphrey, aqriculture, amikita schweikert, leland; hord- ville, engineering, alpha sigma phi. seacrest, kathleen; lincoln, arts-science, kappa delta, sea- ton, sterling; hemingford, business administration, sigma chi. seiler, Virginia; lincoln, teachers, towne club. sellin, duane; norfolk, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. senften, dorothy; genoa, teachers, alpha xi delta, seright, shirley; lincoln, teachers, alpha chi omega, shane. harold; atkinson, business admin- istration, alpha kap pa psi. sharpies, roberta; lin- coln, arts-science, towne club, shepard, carmen; lincoln, arts-science, sigma kappa. sheridan, marjorie; omaha, teachers, chi omega. shipman, charles; orchard, teachers, shopp, bryce; imperial, arts-science, kappa sigma. shul- kin, jerome; sioux city, ia., arts-science, zeta beta tau. shuman, beverly; lincoln, fine arts, kernels, shumway, robert; lyons, business administration, sigma chi. page 124 shusler. arlenc: arts-science, run 1 sikyta. fred: 1 ind, engineer::! i silverstoin, h«r- bert; brooklyn. n y . arts science, zeta beta tau sim. robcrl: • alpha simanck. mary lou: i i ;•■ ' I simmerman. harold: simmons. galon; hncoln. business administration, kappa simpson. frederick; ::itic. ia., arts science, phi kappa psi sipplo. sally arm; braska city, teachers, sigma kappa skiles. guino- vere; .• .lsonville. pharmacy skinner, John: platte, pharmacy, phi qamraa delta slama, don; lincoln. arts-science, alpha sigma phi. slusher. david; kansas city, mo., engineer! theta xi smith, charles; tremont, business admin- istration ppa psi smith, darline; lincoln. arts-science smith, donald; mc cook, business ad- ministration, alpha tau omega, smith, jeanette; lincoln, arts-science, chi omega smith, robert; hncoln, arts-science, sigma chi. smolik. mary; omaha, business administration, hespena sobotka. marvin; inman, business ad- ministration, brown palace, soder. leslie; ceresco, arts-science, tau kappa epsilon softley, dorothy; fairmont, terrace hall solomon. jack; omaha, law, sigma alpha mu speer, norma; lakeside, teachers, kappa delta. sperling. evelyn; burwell, agriculture, amikita. splinter, william; north platte, engineering, beta sigma psi. spomer. don; hncoln, business admin- istration, phi delta theta squire, marjorie; ash- land, teachers, howard hall srb, richard; lincoln, arts-science, sigma nu. stalker, harry; grand is- land, arts-science, kappa sigma. starch, eleda; lincoln, arts-science, stake, robert; adams, arts-science, brown palace stalder, merle; salem, agriculture, alpha tau omega stapleton, marjorie; hickman, teachers, alpha xi delta stark, marilyn; fremont, teachers, chi omega Steele, ed- gar; falls city, agriculture, tau kappa epsilon. Steele. Joyce; lincoln, arts-science, alpha phi. stehly. richard; elgin, business administration, delta upsilon steinacher. donald; milligan, busi- ness administration, alpha kappa psi. steinhoff, robert; sargent, arts-science, acacia stem, don; omaha, law, sigma alpha mu. Stevenson, ruth; lincoln, teachers. Stewart, ruth; omaha, agriculture, alpha phi. stiehl, thomas; hay springs, arts-science, alpha phi omega, stillinger, robert; columbus, business administration, delta sigma pi. Stockholm, donald; niobrara, engineering, tau kappa epsilon. stohl- man, robert; bethesda, md., law, beta sigma psi. stoller. ronald; indianola, agriculture, ag men ' s club. stowell. willard; ord, agriculture, farm house, stratton. janet; grand island, arts-science, kappa alpha theta strong, carol; denver, colo., teachers, kappa delta strumpler, arthur; lexington, agri- culture, alpha gamma rho. stufft, dorothy; ains- worth, business administration, sturm, james; ne- hawka, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. page ' 25 PMJ.Z °£ r I - .It a r f. o «ft £ ? i P G £ O ft 6 fT C f$ a stutheit, mary ann; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, sullivan, james; san irancisco, calif., busi- ness administration, delta upsilon. swan, joan; tecumseh, arts-science, alpha chi omega, swanda, emil; sargent, pharmacy, kappa sigma. swanson, clarence; columbus, arts-science, delta tau delta. swanson, jerry; north platte, business administra- tion, delta upsilon. swanson, lois; hooper, fine arts, delta omicron. swett, robert; south sioux city, teachers, alpha tau omega, taylor, eugene, fullerton, agriculture, alpha sigma phi. tegtmeier, edgar; beatrice, teacher, beta sigma psi. templin, kenneth; mason city, business administration, tenney, mae; te- kamah, teachers, howard hall. tepperman, marcia; omaha, teachers, sigma delta tau. teter, phyllis; wolbach, teachers, alpha xi delta, theisen, robert; osmond, engineering, sigma phi epsilon. thelander. Stanley; stromsburg, busi- ness administration, sigma chi. thoene, cliff; hart- ington, teachers, phi gamma delta, thomas, how- ard; bellevue, business administration, tau kappa epsilon. thomas, janet; bertrand, commercial arts, alpha xi delta, thomas, patrick; omaha, arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. thomsen, phyllis, lincoln, arts- science, chi omega, thorman, jack; new york, n. y., engineering, sigma alpha mu. tiller, kent; alliance, engineering, sigma chi. tobin, barbara; tekamah, teachers, alpha omicron pi. tobiska, joe; ft. collins, colo., arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. tokhein, james; maynard, ia., busi- ness administration, brown palace, tomsik, jerry; lincoln, business administration, phi gamma delta, tonjes, nelda; wisner, teachers, terrace hall, toogood, jerald; north platte, business ad- ministration, sigma phi epsilon. torczon, richard; duncan, engineering, theta xi. tous, mary; fairmont, business administration. travis, mary; ord, agriculture, love memorial hall. trefz, ernamarie; beatrice, teac hers, pi beta phi. tremain, charles; beatrice, engineering, delta tau delta, tripp, william; blain, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. troester, james; hampton, arts- science, beta sigma psi. troxell, ruth; burwell, teachers, kappa delta. truxell, robert; genoa, arts-science, theta xi. tubman, geraldine; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, tucker, dan; bassett, engineering, cornhus- ker co-op. uhe, della; grand island, teachers, phi sigma iota, van brunt, alice; omaha, teachers, kappa kappa gamma. van burg, james; minneapolis, minn., business ad- ministration, sigma chi. van cleave, ada; beaver city, arts-science, rosa bouton hall, vandel, thomas; mitchell, electrical engineering, delta tau delta, vanderslice, robert; lincoln, arts-science. van every, barbara; lincoln, teachers, van neste, robert; anselmo, arts-science, acacia. van norman, raymond; bassett, business adminis- tration, delta tau delta, vanore, ralph; leonih, n. j., arts-science, zeta beta tau. vanosdall, fred; ger- ing, arts-science, veitzer, irving; omaha, engin-, eering, sigma alpha mu vermoas, harold; lin- coln, business administration vestecka, dorothy; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, veta, lawrence; cheyenne, wyo., business administration, sigma alpha mu. page 126 vidlak. anion: ;eers, alpha sigma vichmoyor. joyc - plalte, arl terr vogl. wiley: so . daV volentino. royo-: iok. teachers, d ' delta del ' I voorhoos. marilyn Wallace, robert; omn: kappa walsh. larry; ponca, teachers, sigma phi epsilon. waiter, peggylouise; omaha. arts-sciences, alpha xi delt warrick. patricia: hastings, teachers, kappa alpha theta. Washington, bonnie; hardy, agriculture, alpha chi oi waters, carolyn; cozad, arts-science, delta gamma watson. eldon; pierce, engineering. watts, russell; lincoln, business administration, phi kappa psi webber. mary; lincoln, arts science-teachers, towne club weber, donald; ar- on, business administration, delta sigma pi. weidner. theodore; ravenna, engineering, phi ma delta, wellensiek, paul; grand island, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon wells, ralph: lincoln, business administration, delta upsilon. wehchek. paul; elizabeth, n. j., arts-science, zeta beta tua wetherbee. jo arm; omaha, teachers, alpha phi whitehead, milton; scottsblufl, teach- ers, sigma ci; whitmure. dean; wheatland, wyo., agriculture, alpha sigma phi. wiberg, eleanore; wakefield, arts-science, wieland. patricia; lincoln, teachers, kappa kappa gamma. wilburn. marjorie; beaver city, arts-science, rosa bouton hall wilkens. marilyn; de witt, agriculture, kappa delta williams, barbara; omaha, teachers, alpha phi. williams. beverly; fairbury, business administration, chi omega williams. donald; rocky ford, cola, arts-science, phi kappa phi. williams. joan; lincoln, teachers, towne club. williams. Joseph; joplin, mo., pharmacy, phi delta theta wilscam. charles; lincoln, engineering, kap- pa sigma wilson, beth; burwell, business admin istration, kappa kappa gamma, wilson, lawrence; nemaha, business administration, delta sigma pi. wilson. reese; lincoln, business administration, phi kappa psi. wirth. lloyd; dunbar, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. withey. katharine; omaha, arts-science, delta gamma witkowski, harold; beatrice, engineering, alpha sigma ph; wittmann, erwin; winslow, en- gineering, beta sigma psi. wolford, Janice; shel- ton, business administration, gamma phi beta, wolpa. leonard; omaha, engineering, zeta beta tau wolter. gerald; fremont, business administra- tion, beta sigma psi. Worcester. Catherine; lincoln, teachers, delta gam- ma, wordew, dorothy; ogallala, teachers, alpha xi delta wright. jack; genoa, agriculture, ag men ' s club, wright. sidney; lincoln, engineering, delta upsilon wulff. opal; york, business admin- istration, terrace hall wullschleger. John; leigh, engineering, alpha sigma phi. yoder. betsy; lincoln, teachers, alpha chi omega, young, dale; barneston, business administration, theta xi young, margaret; chillecothe, mo., agri- culture young, wanda; beatrice, teachers, chi omega zabel. verna; cook, arts-science, women ' s residence hall, zuhlke. robert; gurley, arts-science, beta sigma psi. zurovsld. louise; st. edward, arts- science, wilson hall. page 127 i o -. ? o : of, r. r g o £ ? f m ° • ' Jfhirl umors upper left: activity girls, shirley alien, carol calder, and letamae trabert are troubled de- ciding whether to take time for cokes or finals, upper right: jody loder eagerly checks out a book while bev williams looks on. sophomores class of 1951 above: bob yarwood and bill hein are doing their best to interest jane linn and gloria lar- sen in a golf game. right: pat lannon and gardy Johnson seem quite pleased with nancy porter ' s and frank Jacob ' s talent. page 128 above: jerry ferguson, jo lisher, george mackey, donna burley and leonard kehl are ready for a party. right: marcia pratt and don dutton spread Hal- loween dance propaganda to marilyn camp- Held and bud downing. lower right: susie reed, bruce kennedy and gene berg spare a few minutes from rag office duties to smile at the birdie. lower left: social circle at the dell finds ag wheels marcia adams. dick kuska, jean wiel- age and arlin beam relaxing comfortably. page 129 Hj. fTi O £j. a ? J " sophomores abts, henry; los angeles, calif., arts-science, phi delta theta. ackerson, christine; lmcoln, arts- science, kappa kappa gamma, adams, marcia; north platte, agriculture, pi beta phi. addison, john; wayne, business administration, agron, aileen; kansas city, mo., arts-science, sigma delta tau. ainsworth, ellen; geneva, arts-science, alpha xi delta. alien, shirley; tecumseh, teachers, alpha chi omega, armstrong, Joyce; big springs, arts- science, women ' s residence hall, armstrong, rich- ard; grand island, engineering, alpha tau omega. arnot, leland; lincoln, business administration. asbyll, jay; omaha, teachers-arts-science askey. robert; lincoln, arts-science, delta upsilon. asmussen, richard; norfolk, arts-science, delta upsilon. axelson, gloria; hooper, business admin- istration, women ' s residence hall, bach, patricia; lincoln, arts-science, adelphi. bahensky, delores; st. paul, teachers, alpha chi omega, bailey, jane; omaha, teachers, alpha phi. bailey, joel; omaha, arts-science, pi beta phi. baker, robert; omaha, arts-science, zeta beta tau. baker, shirley; omaha, teachers, kappa alpha theta. baldwin, pat; lincoln, teachers, gamma phi beta, ballou, Jessie; lincoln, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. bancroft, eleanor; elsie, arts-science alpha chi omega, banghart, lola; scottsbluff, arts- science, sigma kappa. baragar, barbara; lincoln, agriculture, barnhart, jack; omaha, business administration, kappa sigma. barry, doug; norfolk, business administra- tion, alpha tau omega, barry, helen; kansas city, mo., teachers, sigma kappa, bartlett, vie; lincoln, arts-science, phi delta theta. bartunek, edward; lincoln, engineering, sigma phi epsilon. baskin, Virginia; stapleton, agriculture, alpha xi delta bayley, barclay; lincoln, arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. beam, clarence; stapleton, agricul- ture, alpha gamma rho. beamis, jane; lincoln, arts-science, sigma kappa, beck, robert; fremont, agriculture, farm house, beck, jean; fremont, ag- riculture, amikita. becker, jean; ashby, arts-science, pi beta phi. bedell, betty; lincoln, agriculture, sigma kappa. beermann, howard; dakota city, agriculture. behne, ernest; brainard, teachers, cornhusker coop beekly, bill; tulsa, okla., arts-science, delta upsilon. beideck, harlan; lincoln, business admin- istration, alpha tau omega. behne, ernest; brainard, teachers, cornhusker coop, bengtson, cherrie; ponca, teachers, chi omega, bennington, robert; chappell, business ad- ministration, sigma nu. benson, ronald; polk, bus- iness administration, beran, mary; ord, agricul- ture, berg, eugene; omaha, arts-science, kappa sigma. bernstein, marilyn; omaha, arts-science, sigma delta tau. blankership, james; lincoln, arts- science, phi kappa psi. blessing, james; lincoln, engineering bloom, donald; omaha, arts-science, phi gamma delta, bonebright, doris; lincoln, teachers, kappa delta borchman, alfred; omaha, engineering. page 130 borgaard. mary: bostwick. goorge bo ■•••■•, -11. alice; bowman, dorothy: hramer, marilyn: chi om I brock, betly: brossman. charles; omaha, arts-science, phi delta theta bricker. jeri: Lincoln rrta science, ma delta I brown, Joseph; lincoln. cu science, sigrna nu brown, marion; lincol: science, towne club buck, nancy; omaha, b ness administration, alpha xi delta buller, joannc; odell, teachers, kappa delta. burley, donna; norfoll teachers, delta delta delta burris, jack; I business administration, ma alpha epsilon burt. kathleen; bennet, teach- ers-fine arts, delta gamm : burt, william; ton. business administration, delta sigma pi buss, mardelle; omaha, arts-science, chi omega byorth, donald; iremont, engineering, kappa sigma calder, carol; lincoln, teachers, alpha phi callan, thomas; odell, engineering, beta theta pi camp- bell. John; : maha, engineering, phi kappa psi. campbell, phyllis; ..ahoo, arts-science, alpha xi delta campfield, marilyn; omaha, arts-science, delta delta delta canaday. margie; lincoln, arts- science, pi beta phi. capek, dale; lincoln, arts-science, phi delta theta. carbon, bonnie; omaha, arts-science, alpha chi omega, carlson, elmer; lincoln, engineering, kap- pa sigma. carnaby, harris; omaha, business ad- ministration, sigma alpha epsilon. carnahan, an- nette; lincoln, agriculture, chi omega carothers. charles; broken bow, arts-science, sigma nu. carpenter, harry; sioux city, ia., arts-science, sig- ma nu carr, janet; lincoln, teachers, towne club carroll. betty; lincoln, arts-science-fine arts, adel- phi carveth, joan; lincoln, arts-science, alpha phi. chace, mary; pilger, agriculture, love memorial hall chamberlain, barbara; herman, junior di- vision, women ' s residence hall. chamberlin, margaret; lincoln, teachers, alpha phi christoffel. carmen; omaha, teachers, alpha phi chriestenson. cliiiord; chappell, business ad- ministration, sigma cl chubbuck, norma; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, dark, jean; lincoln, teachers, kappa kappa gamma dark, lois; Hast- ings, teachers, kappa alpha theta clarke, anthony; iremont, arts-science, men ' s resi- dence hall, clement, donald; ord, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. coble, halcyon; lincoln, teach- ers, kappa alpha theta. coen, margaret; creston. ia., arts-science, pi beta phi. coker, corinne; Suth- erland, pharmacy, colbert, beverly; lincoln, arts- science, delta delta delta. collison, charlyn; holdrege, teachers, delta delta delta connelly, marg; lindsay, agriculture. Con- ner, george; mc cook, business administration, brown palace conway, patricia; lincoln, teachers, cook, donald; rock rapids, ia., business adminis- tration, alpha tau omega, cook, edward; lexing- ton, arts-sdence, alpha tau omega. page 1?1 J$ phomores W£ Cj if 1? " = O O i f Hi 1 f C- £L i i a p §ODhomore§ cook, louise; lancaster, calif., arts-science, cris- well, donald; oshkosh, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. crom, ric hard; swanton, agriculture cropper, marilyn; lyons, teachers, delta delta delta, cum- mins, mary alice; lincoln, arts-science, gamma phi beta dainton, beverly; sargent, teachers, rosa bouton hall. dallam, janet; omaha, teachers, chi omega, da- mon, Virginia; rapid city, so. dak., fine arts, alpha phi darling, dean; hooper, arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. davis, donn; lincoln, arts-science, phi kappa psi. delong, martha; nebraska city, teach- ers, kappa kappa gamma, denenberg, herbert; omaha, arts-science, sigma alpha mu. denker, gordon; papillion, engineering, men ' s res- idence hall, derrick, william; lincoln, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. deuser, charles; omaha, en- gineering, kappa sigma. devereux, joris; omaha, teachers, pi beta phi. dickey, art; sioux city, so dak., engineering, theta xi. diedrichsen, earl; scribner, agriculture, ag men ' s club. diers, tracy; fremont, business administration beta theta pi. dinkel, james; omaha, agriculture, ag men ' s club d.nsdale, howard; palmer, arts- science, phi delta theta docekal, joan; wahoo, agriculture, amikita donohoe, thomas; scotts- bluff, arts-science, sigma chi. doolittle, marilyn; north platte, agriculture. doyle, james; omaha, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. dudley, douglas; norfolk, engineering, sigma alpha epsilon. duis, robert; Sidney, arts-science, phi gamma delta, duryea, riley; dawson, arts- science, phi delta theta. dutton, don; lincoln, busi- ness administration, sigma nu. dvorak, veme; barneston, engineering, delta sigma phi. dyer, gene; nebraska city, arts-science, brown palace, dyer, lee; nebraska city, arts-science, brown palace, easterly, jack; sidney, agriculture, ag men ' s club, eberspacher, dean; seward, agri- culture, farm house, edee, james; pawnee city, engineering, phi delta theta. demondson, william; peru; arts-science, men ' s residence hall. egger, rolland; lincoln, arts-science, eiberger. mauvus; king city, mo., agriculture, delta sigma phi. eisenhart, wayne; culbertson, agriculture, phi gamma delta, eistetter, anthony; mexico city, mexico, arts-science, phi gamma delta, ely, doro- thy; guide rock, teachers, alpha xi delta, engdahl, herbert; omaha, business administration, sigma nu. engler, melvin; stuart, arts-science, delta tau del- ta, engler, paul; bassett, agriculture, delta tau delta, erickson, carole; lincoln, teachers, kappa delta, erickson, eldon; lyons, agriculture, ag men ' s club, erickson, wayne; belle fourche, so. dak., engineering, sigma alpha epsilon. espegren, robert; omaha, engineering, sigma chi. estes, dorothy; lincoln, arts-science, towne club. etmund, don; lincoln, business administration, phi delta theta. ewing, jerry; nebraska city, nrts- science, tau kappa epsilon. iaiaes, irank; lincoln, english, theta xi. talk, arnold; phillipsburg, n. j., business administration, sigma alpha mu. goul- hober, glen; lincoln, business administration, delta sigma pi. page 132 wsmm (eldman. madolon: teachers, chi omf : fenstor. jean: kappa forschlman. gloria: lis, mo. fiala. claricc love m fickling. joan view, tcac I fiddock. ollcn: omaha. art - micron finch, donald; Mart, agriculture, delta Sigma fischbach. eugene: omaha, engineering, acacia, fishe r la vorne: .ahoo, fleishman. alan: its-science, zeta beta fleming, goorges: inaha, arts-science, alpha xi delta llosher. beverlee; omaha, arts-science kappa delta. flctcher. howard: mc cook, teachers, sigma nu flood, audrey; i.ncoln, arts-science, alpha xi delta, flory. roberta: iincoln, arts-science, towne club, forck, charlos; .hicago, ill , agriculture, ag men ' s club foster, patricia; hncoln, arts-science, to clur franklin, don; omaha, arts-science, delta upsilon. fredrickson. joan; valley, teachers-fine arts, 1 1 gamma freitag. edith; ; ncoln, arts-science, towne club fritson. lavon; franklin, business administra- tion, beta sigma phi gaddis, pat; Iincoln, agricul- ture, kappa alpha theta. gaines. mary; omaha, arts-science, kappa kappa gamma gardener sally; omaha, teachers, kappa alpha theta. gardner, barbara; hncoln, arts-science, pi beta phi garey. marjory; edison, teachers, women ' s residence hall, garon, lamar; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau. garrop, rosalie; omaha, business administration, sigma delta tau. gartland, patricia; greeley, aqriculture, wilson hali gass. waiter; seward, arts-science, phi kappa psi. gauger, marilyn; eustis, business administration, women ' s residence ha!! gauger. shirley; eustis, business administration, women ' s residence hall gauger. wendell; madrid, agriculture, sigma phi epsilon gealy. gordon; gordon, teachers, phi kappa psi gelwick, willard; falls city, business administration george, harold; mason city, agri- culture, men ' s residence hall. george. marcia; brady, teachers, kappa phi. gessner. gene: Iincoln, engineering, phi gamma delta gettman, olive; Iincoln, teachers, alpha chi omega gibson. richard; kansas city, mo., engin- eering, theta xi gilbert, alo; scottsbluff, agricul- ture, tau kappa epsilon gilliland, harold; stock- ville, teachers, kappa sigma. girard. james; alliance, arts-science, glock, bar- bara; rising city, agriculture, chi omega, gloy- stein. harold; waco, arts-science, beta sigma psi goldman, richard; omaha, business administra- tion, zeta beta tau gowen. richard; north leup, agriculture graham, rosemary; Hncoln, teachers, pi beta phi. graves, janet; ceverly hills, calif., arts-science, pi beta ph: green, betty; Iincoln, arts-science, delta delta delta greer, william; Iincoln, arts-science, beta theta r gregg, geraldine; wahoo, agricul- ture, wilson hall, griffith. paul; callaway, teach- ers grosse, marilyn; tecumseh, teachers-fine arts. page 133 l r : ( o a tit £oyM $ f) ?s £L?fl sophomores Amm f -• o p 9 6 £ © |v O 111 A 4£fc i bii ill sophomores guelker. shirley; lincoln, teachers, towne club. guhin, Virginia; superior, arts-science, alpha chi omega guidinger, betty; lincoln, teachers, kappa delta, gundy, pat; norfolk. delta delta delta hahn, shirley; hartington, teachers, alpha omicron pi. haight, howard; york, arts-science, brown palace. hale, jane; norfolk, arts-science, alpha phi haley, phyllis; lincoln, teachers, kappa alpha theta. halper, Jordan; brooklyn, n. y., business adminis- tration, sigma alpha mu. hansen, jack; dodge, arts- science, sigma nu. hansen, jack edwin; omaha, business administration, tau kappa epsilon. han- sen, joann; fremont, teachers-fine arts, chi omega. hanson, elinor; Oakland, teachers, hanson, fran- ces; lincoln, teachers, alpha chi omega, hording, gwen; omaha, arts-science, kappa alpha theta. hardt, ronald; lincoln, arts-science, alpha tau omega, harley, thomas; lincoln, pharmacy, phi delta theta. harms, glenn; de witt, engineering, beta sigma psi. harr, charles; ainsworth, arts-science, delta sigma phi. harris, marie; fultonville, n. y., arts-science. haskins, grace; lincoln, business administration, towne club, hatch, harold; lincoln, business ad- ministration, delta tau delta, hattan, gayle; lin- coln, agriculture, acacia, hattan, robert; lincoln, business administration, acacia. hoyden, jack; falls city, business administration, sigha alpha epsilon. hedstrom, jean; deadwood, so. dak., arts-science, delta gamma, heebner, gordon; imperial, arts-science, kappa sigma. hein, william; alliance, arts-science, beta theta pi. heiss, darrell; page, agriculture, farm house. helleberg, rex; kearney, architecture, tau kappa epsilon. helser, lawrence; mitchell, pharmacy, henkens, kenneth; fremont, business administration, tau kappa epsilon. henkle, william; lincoln, business administration, phi delta theta. hennek, eugene; lexington, arts-science, alpha tau omega, heuer- mann, eugene; phillips, agriculture, farm house. hicks, miriam; lincoln, teachers, gamma phi beta. hintz, patricia; fremont, teachers, alpha omicron pi. hipke, dale; Johnstown, arts-science, delta sigma phi. hoffmeister, mary; imperial, teachers, alpha xi delta, hokamp, eleanor; genng, agricul- ture, amikita. hollander, richard; omaha, business administration, phi kappa psi. holloway, emory; burwell, pharmacy. holmes, sally; kearney, arts-science, kappa alpha theta. holmquist, harold; Oakland, arts-science, phi gamma delta holihus, burton; bertrand, busi- ness administration, beta sigma psi. hornstein, marvin; omaha, engineering, sigma alpha mu. horstman. mary; creighton, teachers, sigma kap- pa, housel, marijo; lincoln, teachers, towne club. houston, bob; beverly hills, calif., engineering, theta xi. hovendick, donald; craig, agriculture, phi kappa psi. hruza, lavern; guide rock, engineering, alpha sigma phi hufford, janice; omaha, arts- science, alpha xi delta, hughes, charles; lincoln, business administration, kappa sigma. hulac, frances; omaha, arts-science, women ' s residence hall. page 134 Ml hunscoto. Joyce: ness administration, ornega hunter, irene: maryville tn arts, kd] huston. carolyn; salem, a cult:;- huttnor, nova; 1 :.v a delta I . hydc. lawronce; comstock, acacia hyland, jeanne; hncoln. teao • ga iddings. cartor: anmond, ind , business admin i delta iler. louise; o ' neill teachers, delta delta del! I irwin, alice; wymore, business administration, alpha xi delta Jacobs, franklin; lincoln. english, zeta beta tau james. mimi: i .-. ford, teachers, alpha chi om- Jeffries, donald; niadrid, teachers. Jeffrey, marion; :: tna, arts-science jenik, janet; lodge pole, teachers, gamma phi beta Jenkins, leslie; lincoln, business administration, delta sigma pi. Jensen. Catherine; Washington, d.a, teachers jensen. nancy: remont, arts-science, alpha omicron Johnson, alfred; omaha, delta sigma phi, agriculture Johnson, carol; ogallala. teachers Johnson, gard- ner; sioux falls, so. dak., business administration, delta tau delta Johnson, janette; york, teachers, alpha chi omega Johnson, kenneth; lincoln, archi- tecture, theta xi Johnson, margaret; tecumseh, teachers, kappa kappa gamma Johnson, mark; stromsburg, agriculture, delta sigma phi. Johnson, mary; fairbury, agriculture, love memor- ial hall Johnson, morris; lincoln, business admin- istration, kappa sigma. Johnson, phyllis; lincoln. administration Johnson. Stanford; omaha, business administration, beta theta pi. iohnson. thomas; berwyn, ill., arts-science, beta theta p: jones, nolan; gothenburg, engineering, judd, margaret; waterbury, commercial arts, kaderli. barbara; kimball, teachers, sigma kappa, kahn, janet; omaha, arts-science, alpha phi kalin, barbara; steinauer, arts-science kant, doneene; cody, wyo., line arts, karel, marilyn; howells, teachers. kaufman. kathleen; ashland, teachers, sigma kappa, keeffe, m.; anoka, agriculture keene. peter; !;ncoln, engineering, phi delta theta. kehl. leonard; scottsbluff, arts-science, alpha tau omega, keith. barbara; riverside, calif., agricul- ture keel, barbara; omaha, arts-science, chi omega. kennedy, bruce; basin, wyo., arts-science, alpha tau omega, kent. katherine; alliance, arts-science, kappa alpha theta. kepler, Clifford; anselmo, agri- culture, kappa sigma kepner, janet; osceola, arts- science, gamma phi beta kinnier. althea; albion, teachers, alpha xi delta kistler. sarah; lincoln, teachers, towne club. kittelson, lois; sioux falls, so. dak., arts-science, klein. bemard; scotia, agriculture, cornhusker co-op knapp, david; lincoln, arts-science, theta xi koca, james; milligan, agriculture, alpha sigma phi koch. 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Joseph, mo., bus- iness administration, alpha tau omega, landgren, norman; shickley, agricultur3 alpha gamma rho. lannon, patricia; west point, teachers, delta delta delta. lanphear, elaine; randolph, teachers, v ilson hall. lapp, Virginia; kearney, arts-science, kappa alpha theta. larsen, gloria; central city, fine arts, pi beta phi. larsen, ken; omaha, business adminis- tration, phi gamma delta, larson, marlene; bloom- field, teachers, women ' s residence hall law, John; chappell, fine arts, chi omega. lav son, donald; macedonia, ia., agriculture, alpha gamma rho. lawson, lavonne; castana, ia , pharmacy, lawton, jean; ra :nond, arts-science, rundle hall, leadley, jean; lincoln, journalism, gamma phi beta, leary, frank; lincoln, arts- science, delta tau delta, lee, kirk; fremont, teach- ers, alpha tau omega. leech, keith; humboldt, agriculture, ag men ' s club. lehmkwhl, helen; minden, business administra- tion, women ' s residence hall, lemon, herbert; ravenna, arts-science, theta xi. levin, bette; 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marvilla, ia., business administration, delta sigma pi. lundberg, norman; nehawka, engineering, brown palace, luther, clyde; hooper, teachers, sigma phi epsilon. page 136 » • « luthor. marylou: arts-science phi bet! mackcy. goorgc; wyo , science, alp maddem. gwendolyn; lair ' i-sdence maddon. michael: magid. bezmand: mchood. clli-n; malm, barbara; omaha, arts-scieno malonc. marvin; s reside: mangold, mario dence h il mark, sibyl; delavan, wis., teac ' pi beta | marsh, gale: w .more, agriculture martras. winatoo; lincoln, engineer- psi. mathews. shirlcy; bethesda, md . teachers, kappa kappa gamma matthews, magdalon; lincoln, arts-science, adelphi may, thomas: omaha, science, acacia, mc cabe, darrell; :: souri valley, ia.. arts-science, farm house mc cann. jack; lin- coln, business administratior. phi delta theta rrc earthy, philip; (nend, business administration, alpha siama phi. mc clair, shirley; lincoln. arts-science, adelphi mc clymonds, neal; lincoln, arts-science, delta tau delta mc connell, lou; 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north platte, business administration, miesbach, neal; unadilla, business administration, delta sigma pi. milder, orvel; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau miller, james; papillion, arts- science, beta theta pi miller, jo aim; lincoln, teachers, alpha omicron pi. miller, nancy; omaha, teachers, kappa alpha theta. mills, john; osceola, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon mize, franklin; david city, business administration, men ' s residence hall monahan, james; hyannis, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. monson, warren; clay center, agriculture, alpha gamma rho moseman, keith; lincoln, business administration, tau kappa epsilon. mosher, robert; lincoln, engineering, delta upsi- lon moskovitz, mayer; omaha, arts-science, sig- ma alpha mu motter. rosemary; fremont, teach- ers, pi beta phi. mozer, forrest, .incoln, arts- science, sigma alpha mu murphy, sharon; hardy, teachers, alpha omicron pi. muscheites. margaret; pawnee city, fine arts-teachers, kappa kappa gamma. page 137 % fr r o ? a r. rj Q fll o t fS O P P c f) 4 " l sophomores myers, norma; broken bow, arts-science, delta gamma neal, george; lincoln, business adminis- tration, kappa sigma. neff, phil; bndgeport. en- gineering, delta tau delta, nelson, charles; stromsburg, agriculture, phi delta theta. nelson, james; fremont, engineering, men ' s residence hall. nelson, leroy; bertrand, agriculture. nelson, marilyn; minden, teachers, alpha omicron pi. nelson, rudolph; Oakland, business adminis- tration, delta sigma phi. neville, margaret; fair- bury, agriculture, alpha phi. newman, patricia; lincoln, arts-science, nieveen, arnold; adams, aa- riculture, ag men ' s club, noble, nancy, lincoln, teachers, kappa alpha theta. nolan, patricia; tulsa, okla., arts-science, alpha phi. nordstrom, Virginia; waverly, teachers, alpha omicron pi oldfather, charles; kearney, arts science, phi kappa psi. olney, richard; lincoln, arts-science, kappa sigma. olson, betty; lincoln arts-science, towns club, olson, elizabeth; bloom- field, arts-science, sigma kappa. olson, patricia; Oakland, teachers, rundle hall. olson, patricia; omaha, teachers, alpha xi delta olson, william; lisco, business administration, alpha tau omega, orr, robert; needham, mass., arts-science, theta xi. pachman, leonard; lincoln, arts-science, sigma alpha mu. parker, robert; dalhart, tex., business administration, theta xi. paroulek, gladys; omaha. arts-science, interna- tional house, parsons, rrarilyn; omaha, arts- science, alpha phi. paulson, congdon; omaha, business administration, phi kappa psi. peatrow- sky, david; omaha, arts-science, sigma alpha ep- silon. pedersen, henry; omaha, law, delta tau delta, pendray, paula; lincoln, agriculture, towne club. perrine, bruce; kansas city, mo., arts-science, sig- ma alpha epsilon. perry, jim; red oak, ia , arts- science, alpha tau omega peters, jeannine; dodge, agriculture, alpha xi delta, peters, robert, fremont, business administration, beta sigma phi peterson, jimmie; centerville, so dak., engineer ing, alpha sigrna phi. peterson, marilyn; atkinson, teachers, sigma kappa. peterson, thomas; omaha, business administra- tion, phi gamma delta, petrasek. elmer; business administration, alpha sigma phi. pfeiffer, leon; scribner, arts-science, kappa sigma. pfeiler, rob- ert; lincoln, arts-science, kappa sigma. phillips. Christine; lincoln, arts-science, teachers, piccolo, frank; lincoln, law, alpha tau omega. pierce, robert; lincoln, engineering, beta theta pi. pinkerton, george; beatrice, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. popken, lavern; west point, agricul- ture, farm house, porter, nancy; omaha, arts- science, kappa alpha theta. poulson, robert; elm creek, arts-science, power, tracil; gibbon, agricul- ture engineering. pratt, marcia; lincoln, teachers, delta gamma. pratt, nancy; south sioux city, teachers, women ' s residence hall, pritchard, gerard; spalding, agri- culture, farm house, pumphrey, paul; lyman, ag- riculture, farm house, ragan, patricia; stratton, agriculture, women ' s residence hall, randall, mary arm; omaha, teachers, delta delta delta. sophomores page 138 randolph. ted: alpha tau ( rankin. collcon: nebi art:. raun. rob- ert; minden roctor. eugeno theta xi reed. barbara: : river colo., agriculture, alpha reed, beverly; lincoln. agnci: -i. susan: appa kappa reeve, marjorie; lincoln. teachers, alpha xi delta reichenbach. george: 111 oln. agt ture, kapp: reiter. paul; the dalles, ore . business ad mon. norns house reinecke robert: siness administration, si phi epsilon reynolds. jack; north platte, science, phi kappa psi. reynolds, margaret: north platte, business admin- i kappa gamma rhodes. joan; spalding. arts-science, alpha omicron ; rice. mildred; lincoln teachers, towne club, richards, charlotte; i bron, arts-science, delta delta delta. riggs, rodsoru des moines, ia., engineering, alpha tau omega ritter, roger; kearney, engineering, delta upsilon. robinson. robert; lincoln. agriculture, alpha gam- ma rho rockwell. jane; new york, n. y., arts- science, alpha phi. rogers robert; sioux city, ia., business administration, sigma nu. rogers, rober paul; albuquerque, n. mex , arts-science, theta xi roper, charles; crawford, arts-science, sigma nu. rosenbaum. audrey; chicago, ill., arts-science, sigma delta tau. rosenblatt, richard; omaha, business administra- tion, zeta beta tau rosenlof, elizabeth; lincoln, teachers, alpha chi omega ross, william; casper. wyo.. arts-science, alpha tau omega, rothwell, william; hyannis, agriculture, kappa sigma rou- bicek. frank; verdigre, arts-science, ruff, shirley; papillion, teachers, women ' s residence hall. rummel, jean; garland, teachers, chi omega, rus- sel, robert; salina, kan, arts-science, sigma nu. russel, william; fullerton, agriculture, sigma phi epsilon sacks, kenneth; council bluffs, ia., busi- ness administration, sigma alpha mu. saffel. ed- ward; pierre, so dak , pharmacy, alpha sigma phi sailors, don; omaha, teachers, sigma nu samuelson, earl; stromsburg, engineering, beta sigma psi. samuelson, sue; long beach, calif., business administration, kappa kappa gamma, sandall, wesley; bassett, agriculture, delta sigma phi sandstedt. ruth; lincoln, arts-science, sigma kappa satterfield, richard; ord, business admin- istration, delta upsilon sauder, jack; chappell. agriculture. savage, sally; sioux falls, so. dak , business ad- ministration, alpha phi. schaberb, ralph; omaha, business administration, kappa sigma scharf, John; curtis, agriculture, delta sigma phi scheidt, shirley; omaha, agriculture, alpha chi omega, scherff. laura; stockham, arts-science, alpha omi- cron pi schlecht, barbara; omaha, arts-science. schlucter. christine; seward, teachers, women ' s residence ha:, schmidt. aaron; :remont, teachers, zeta beta ta . schmidt. myron; red oak, ia., science, alpha tau omega schneider, don; norton. kan , teachers, sigma chi schreiber. kathleen; coin, teachers, alpha chi omega schoettger, rich- ard; spnngview, business administration, alpha kappa psi. page 139 © P aro j • i M 9 G ft 4k % O fT) f O CM. sophomores jBBrm 1 ' P P sophomores schultz, robert; seward, arts-science, beta sigma psi. schweser, jeanetie; david city, fine arts, alpha phi. schweser, John; york, business administra- tion seaton, leonard; emery, so. dak., arts-science, theta xi. secord, doc; sumner, fine arts, alpha sig- ma phi. seibold, patricia; papillion, agriculture, women ' s residence hall. seidel. harriet; wahoo, teachers, kappa alpha theta shinn, richard; dunning, agriculture, kaopa sigma. shuey, milton; crab, business administra- tion, brown palace, shyken, harman; omaha, arts- science, sigma alpha mu. siegmond, paul; white river, so. dak., arts-science, alpha sigma phi sigler, mary; osceola, teachers, sigma kappa. simon, louis; omaha, architecture, delta sigma pi. simonson, richard; west point, arts-science, delta tau delta. Sinclair, donald; central city, engineer- ing, men ' s residence hall sindt, charles; naponee, engineering, beta sigma psi. slaughter, elizabeth; lincoln, fine arts, towne club, sloan, william; bur- well, arts-science, alpha tau omega. smiih, alice; lincoln, teachers, gamma phi beta. smith, don; spalding, business administration, sig- ma nu. smith, donald; omaha, arts-science, sigma nu. smith, harvey; missouri valley, ia., business administration, beta sigma psi. smith, jean; val- ley, teachers, delta gamma, smith, marilyn, lin- coln, junior division, chi omega. snyder, helen; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, sokolof, soralee; omaha, arts-science; sigma delta tau. solem, calvin; north platte, business admin- istration, phi gamma delta solomon, neil; culbert- son, teachers, farm house, soltow, Virginia; north platte, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. speer, dor- othy; lincoln, agriculture, alpha xi delta. speer, ruth; lincoln, arts-science, alpha xi delta. stacy, donald; omaha, business administration, sigma chi. steckley, harold; weeping water, business administration, sigma phi epsilon. steinkruger, william; franklin, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. Stephens, william; north platte, agri- culture-engineering, alpha gamma rho. Stephen- son, waiter; omaha, arts-science, phi gamma delta. stevenson, ann; north platte, arts-science, pi beta phi. stevenson, lou; palisade, teachers, women ' s residence hall. Stewart, charles; lincoln, arts- science, delta upsilon. steyer, maurine; exeter, agriculture, amikita. stoppkoite, annette; grand island, agriculture, stoural, patricia; verdigre, teachers, kappa delta. strain, leanor; lincoln, agriculture, strand, norman; centerville, so. dak., arts-science, alpha sigma phi. stroud, james; lincoln, engineering-architec- ture, kappa sigma. sturges, william; le mars, ia., phi delta theta. sunde, Joyce; papillion, teachers, women ' s residence hall, swanson, burnell; lyons, agriculture, ag men ' s club. swanson, harold; lincoln, engineering, alpha sig- ma phi. swanson, kathryn; lincoln, arts-science, delta gamma, swanson, norman; waverly, agri- culture, farm house, swartwood, frances; lincoln, arts-science, women ' s residence hall, swerre, Joanne; omaha, teachers, kappa alpha theta. swift, betty; thedford, arts-science, kappa alpha theta. page 140 laylor. Virginia f.: teachers, delta . taylor. Virginia I.. thi.-s. bcirry: thomas. dianno thompscn. boverly teachers, alpha xi dell i thonc ila: culture women ' s residence h till y - ardith: arts-science, al: limmerman, willard: administration, toler. russell; benkelman, arts-science, kappa sigma. toogood. charlos: eta trabert. letamae; . • oln, teachers, alpha xi d traphagen, jane; hncoln, arts science, kappa tritsch. robert; plattsmouth, arts-science, phi kappa psi tully. alien; omaha, business adminis- tration, zeta beta tau urbanok, william; clarkson, tine arts, alpha sigma phi van burg, alyce: coin, arts-science, pi beta phi velte, luella; lex- ington, agriculture, amikita vernon. dermis; david city, arts-science, acacia. veta, donald; cheyenne, v yo., arts-science, sigma alpha mu vitek, helen; schuyler, arts-science, women ' s residence hall voss, Wallace; harting- ton, business administration, phi gamma delta. wagey. nancy; lincoln, teachers, gamma phi beta, wagner. donald; lincoln, business administration, kappa sigma wagner, elliot; gothenburg, busi- ness administration, sigma nu. wagoner, glonnis; louisville, agriculture, walker. reynalda; tobias, ;unior division, women ' s resi- dence hall, wall, benjamin; arcadia, arts-science. Wallace, frances; hncoln, arts-science, alpha chi omega walsh, james; v aterburg, teachers, sigma phi epsilon waiters, joann; omaha, teach- ers, gamma phi beta. waring, robert; geneva, arts-science, delta up- silon warner, robert; omaha, arts-science, theta xi. warren, margaret; omaha, teachers, pi beta phi Washington, wilma; hardy, agriculture, alpha chi omega waters, robert; scotia, phar- macy, kappa sigma watk!ns, velmalou; lincoln, arls-science, alpha xi delta. v atson. marilyn; pierce, pharmacy, watson, pa- tricia, north bend, teachers, delta gamma, wat- son, wayne; darks, engineering, alpha sigma phi weatherhogg, curtis; lincoln, arts-science, alpha tau omega weaver, jo; lincoln, teachers, kappa delta, weaver, John; miller, so. dak., engineering, alpha sigma phi. weber. marilyn; norfolk, arts-science, gamma phi beta webster, arm; lincoln, agriculture, alpha chi omega, weekes, edith; nebraska city, arts-sci- ence, kappa alpha theta weishel, barbara; lin- coln, teachers, alpha chi omega wells, edward; madison, teachers, sigma phi epsilon. wefso. frederick; rushville, pharmacy, alpha tau omega. wellinger. jack; kansas city, mo., business admin- istration, sigma alpha epsilon. wellman, le noi; long beach, calif., teachers, delta gamma wells, wayne; ashland, arts-science, alpha sigma phi. west, elizabeth; red oak, ia., business administra- tion, gamma phi beta, west, jack; herman, pre- engineering weyenberg, donald; glenvil, arts- science, sigma nu. page 141 r r , a o a v o 1 ft sonhomores EBV £ £ ® ° €L © P O D P |? |P whitcomb, kenneth; wisner, business administra- tion, delta sigma pi whorton. bonita; scribner, agriculture, wielage. jeanne; crete, agriculture, love memorial hall, wieskamp, betty; beatrice, agriculture, wiest, robert; chappell, arts-science, mens residence hall. Wilkinson, John; auburn, agriculture, farm house. williams, beverly; lincoln, teachers, kappa alpha theta. williams, dorothy; lincoln, arts-science, alpha xi delta, williams, james; norfolk, agricul- ture, alpha gamma rho. wilson, jack; red cloud, agriculture, farm house wilson, joan; hooper, teachers. wilson, richard; gothenburg, arts- science. wolf, harold; pender, teachers, sigma phi epsilon. v oll. robert; kearney, engineering, phi gamma delta, woods, donald; omaha, junior division, sigma alpha epsilon. woodward, james; lincoln, arts-science, phi delta theta. wroth, james; lin- coln, business administration, alpha kappa psi. vvylie, william; elgin, agriculture. vvyman, winthrop; kansas city, mo., arts-science, kappa sigma. yarwood, robert; omaha, engi- neering, phi gamma delta, young, keith; lincoln, agriculture, kappa sigma. young, philip; oak- land, teachers, sigma nu. younkin, carol; newark, teachers, delta delta delta, yousem, Joseph; san fernando, calif., arts-science, zeta beta tau. zahn, norman; Syracuse, business administration, phi gamma delta, zolot, jo; lincoln, teachers. right: wonder if paul hartman ' s glove is any help in catching donna burley ? below: tony eistetter seems to be enjoying the prospects in " his " jeepster. page 142 upper left: claes or not is the question con- fronting qeorge randall, roxie elias, carol enemy and chuck true, upper right: just a little time out for poochy red.qer, phyllis fire- stone, shirley roach and bev larsen. b =- geiting another freshmen " must " are jan champine, doug dale, torn tucker and les grain- ger. lower left: ray stryker has no trouble finding female company like kathleen maharry, nancy davis and anita spradley. lower right: " high school was never like this, " says andy bunten . . . joe gifford, jackie sorenson and jackie hoss agree. freshmen la$s ot 19.52 page l43 - ov % 5 O £ ft ;. . ? f p freshmen abnor. cleo; presho, so. dak., teachers, ackerman, edward; lincoln, arts-science, sigma nu. adams, gloria; nebraska city, teachers, adams. richard; des moines, ia., arts-science, sigma phi epsilon adlc, virgil; north platte, teachers, kappa sigma. albers, guyard; crab orchard, pre-engineering. albin, joan; humboldt, business administration. alexander, leland; plainview, arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. alexander, william; holdrege, engi- neering, della upsilon. alien, rr.ary; lincoln, busi- ness administration, chi omega, anderson, alice; wilsonville, agriculture, love memorial hall, an- dersen, belly; sioux city, ia., teachers, alpha chi omega. anderson. bill; ord, engineering, sigma phi epsi- lon. anderson, james; beatrice, business admin- istration, alpha tau omega, anderson, John; lin- coln, arts-science, phi deLa theta. anderson, !u- cille; lincoln, business administration, alpha omi- cron pi. anderson, paul; lincoln, business admin- istration, phi delta theta. andresen, John; lincoln, arts-science, phi gamma delta. ar.dresen, keiih; plainview, arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. ankeny, robert; lincoln, business ad- ministration, delta upsilon. archerd, frederic; lin- coln, business administration, sigma alpha epsi- lon. armstrong, elizabeth; farwell, teacher, gam- ma phi beta, armstrong, jeanette; lincoln, teacher, alpha omicron pi. asmus, louise; lincoln, arts- science, kappa delta. asmus, robert; friend, agriculture, augustine, ann; grand island, arts-science, kappa alpha theta. austin, david; lincoln, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. axtell, harold; beatrice, arts-science, phi kappa psi. baer, charles; ashland, arts-science, phi delta theta. baehr, max; long beach, calif , arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon. baker, clifton; superior, arts-science, sigma chi. baker, richard; holdrege, engineering, delta upsi- lon. hale, robert; sioux falls, so. dak., business administration, theta xi. ballou, Catherine; ash- land, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. banner. Wallace; north platte, business administration, phi kappa psi. barger, Josephine; lincoln, arts-sci- ence, delta gamma. barnell, mary; benkelman, agriculture, love me- morial hall, barnell, Wallace; lincoln, arts-sci- ence, delta tau delta, barton, donna; gering, teachers, alpha phi. barton, bruce; lincoln, arts- science, phi gamma delta. Lath, robert; auburn, engineering, agriculture, bauer, delores; aurora, ill agriculture, love memorial hall. bauer, dorothy; culbertson, teachers, rosa bouton hall, bayer, peggy; lincoln, teachers-fine arts, delta delta delta, beck, jerry; whittier, calif., busi- ness administration, theta xi becker, Jacqueline; lincoln, agriculture, alpha phi bedker, donald; north platte, teachers, phi gamma delta, behrens, gayle; mead, agriculture. benjamin, nancy; lincoln, arts science, pi beta phi. benn, cecele; merriman, teachers, women ' s residence hall, bennett, richard; fullerton, busi- ness administration, berg, edward; omaha, busi- ness administration, kappa sigma. bergh, mari- lyn; omaha, teachers, kappa alpha theta. ber- quist, william; lexington, law, sigma alpha epsi- lon. page 144 MBSB3SBB8V« berkowitz. eleanor: lenver, cola, teachers, si ' i tau beyor. donald: . agriculture, alpha . biol. arlone; millard, culture bierman. robert: maha ad ministration, alpha tau onv . billis. richard; omaha. business administration, phi kappa bishop, delaine: osceola, ia., arts-science, alpha xi delta blackett. alfred; omaha, pharmacy, delta tau delta blayney. Virginia; ogallala, teachers, wo- n ' s residence hall blessing, al; ord, business administration, alpha tau omega blotcky. shir- ley; des moines, ia.. arts-science, sigma delta tau bock, mary: is, teachers, kappa alpha theta boschult. mervin; fremont, engineering, beta theta pi. bosley, larry; york, arts-science, alpha tau omega. boswell, harold; falls city, arts-science, kappa sigma bowers, gretchen; lincoln, teachers, alpha phi boyce. marvelle; mullen, teachers, braden. robert; layetteville, ark , teachers, alpha sigma phi bredenberg. Joanne; harlan, ia., teachers, kappa kappa gamma. breeze, eldean; fremont, teachers, women ' s resi- dence hall, brewster, marilyn; lincoln, agricul- ture, pi beta phi bridenbaugh, bernard; dakota city, agriculture broadstone, mary; falls city, teachers, women ' s residence hall brockemeier, harlan; columbus, business administration, beta sigma psi. brown, meredith; genoa, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. brown, robert; hershey, agriculture, theta xi. bruening, fred; hartington, business administra- tion, sigma chi. brunner, phyllis; dalton, agricul- ture bryson, lois; callaway, arts-science buch- anan, bruce; omaha, business administration, phi kappa psi. bull, betty; millard, teachers, sigma kappa. bunn. John; blair, engineering, bunten, william; cheyenne, wyo., arts-science, sigma nu. burchett, pearl; salem, teachers, women ' s residence hall, burmeister. charles; wahoo, business administra- tion, delta upsilon. bumett, wilbur; lexington, arts-science, delta tau delta busch, tracy; pen- der, teachers, sigma phi epsilon. bush, leonard; omaha, fine arts, sigma alpha mu. butler, phillip; Beatrice, business administration, theta xi button, nancy; ogallala, arts-science, alpha chi omega, cable, robert; pueblo, colo., business administration, delta upsilon caha, jean; wahoo, business administration, alpha chi omega, cain, Uoyd; homer, agriculture. calder, chloe; wayne, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. callies, donald; leigh, engineering, alpha sigma phi. carlson, clarine; omaha, arts-science, women ' s residence hall carlson, roberta; wau- neta, arts-science, carothers, paul; broken bow, arts-science, kappa sigma. carroll, jack; north platte, arts-science, kappa sigma. carter, Janice; omaha, agriculture, kappa alpha theta. carter, jayne; lincoln, agriculture, kappa kappa gamma, champine, janet; omaha, teach- ers, delta gamma, chemy, carol; north bend, arts-science, alpha chi omega, chisholm, les; lin- coln, arts-science, theta xi christensen, elsie; kimball, arts-science, alpha phi. page 145 s iiP 3£ £ £ o P . • if BBW ifc ' ; rife ' — •♦« «;■■ © " 1 4 a o eslime christensen. norma; hartington, teachers, chuda- coff. phylis; omaha, arts-science, sigma delta tau. dark, marilyn; lincoln, teachers, delta delta delta. dark, tracy; st. edward, agriculture, sigma nu. coder, george; wellfleet, agriculture, kappa sigma. cohen. jack; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau. cohn, ronald; omaha, business administration, zeta beta tau cole, wendell; weeping water, arts- science, sigma phi epsilon. collins, lawrence; st. edward, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. colnic, shirley; omaha, business administration, women ' s residence hall, cook, james; lincoln, business ad- ministration, kappa sigma. coon, beverly; brady, arts-science, women ' s residence hall. cooper, bruce; alliance, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon. cornish, james; omaha, business admin- istration, phi gamma delta, cornish, joel; omaha, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon. counce, rich- ard; hayes center, agriculture, alpha sigma phi. coupe, marilyn; nebraska city, teachers, alpha phi. cowles, nanette; stuart, teachers, delta delta delta. cox, cathleen; arapahoe, teachers, alpha omicron pi. cox, james; Sutherland, pharmacy, sigma alpha epsilon. crarwford, aim; omaha, teachers, delta gamma, creamer, charlotte; denver, colo., arts-science, sigma delta tau. crellin, gordon; lyons, fine arts, acacia cremeens, nancy; omaha, fine arts, alpha xi delta. crom, rex; pawnee city, agriculture, farm house. crockary, patricia; lincoln, arts-science, alpha chi omega, cummings, martha; holdrege, arts-sci- ence, kappa delta, currin, Clifford; omaha, teach- ers, curtis, glenn; lincoln, business administra- tion, phi kappa psi. curtis, harry; hyannis, arts- science, kappa sigma. cushing, richard; hastings, business administra- tion, sigma alpha epsilon. dale, douglas; ord, business administration, alpha tau omega, dar- llngton, dave; lincoln, junior division, davidson, vernon; lincoln, business administration, zeta beta tau. davidson, winiired; lincoln, arts-science, sigma delta tau. davis, nancy; omaha, arts-sci- ence, alpha omicron pi. deal, beverly; omaha, teachers, alpha omicron pi. dermis, frank; hastings, arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. devoe, sara; lincoln, teachers, delta gamma, de witt, carole; lincoln, arts-science, kappa delta, de wulf, bill; cedar rapids, agricul- ture, farm house, dirks, dorothy; martin, so. dak , agriculture. dissmeyer, harold; holmesville, agriculture, don- aly, lynda; kearney, arts-science, women ' s resi- dence hall, dor an, donna; Sidney, teachers, delta gamma, doty, william; broken bow, business ad- ministration, kappa sigma. downey. james; scottsbluff, arts-science, sigma chi. doyle, mary; lincoln, arts-science, delta gamma. draper, joann; sidney, agriculture, delta gamma. druliner, bemeice; benkelman, arts-science, wo- men ' s residence hall, dudeck, marybelle; Oregon, mo., teachers, women ' s residence hall, dunklau. richard; lincoln, engineering, beta sigma psi. dunn, doris; de witt, pharmacy, women ' s resi- dence hall, durland, barbara; norfolk, arts-sci- ence, gamma phi beta. page 146 duryea. ladd; :n;tock. journalism dussetl. ©most; luml U engine I phi epsilon dutton. patsy; tnc cook, arts-science, delta )■ delta duxbury. richard: lin ■ ' ■•■:. business admin ltion, sigma nu dyke, thereaa; malvern )unior division eastorgard. susanne; Iremont, teachers, delta gamma eastman. margaret: lincoln, arts-science, gamma phi beta eberhart. stove; bassett, agriculture obnor. larry; Lin :meering. beta sigma psi edmondson, Virginia; belle fourche, so. dak., arts- science, sigma kappa eicher, don; lincoln, science, sigma alpha epsilon elias, roxanna; lin- coln, teachers, alpha phi elliott. howard; hartinglon, law, phi delta theta elliott. richard; beatrice. arts-science, delta tau delta emshoff. lois; kansas city, mo., business ad- ministration, women ' s residence hall engeike- mier. joanne; louisville. agriculture, love memorial hall epp, rodney; beatrice, arts-science, phi delta theta erickson, eleanor; wisner, love me- morial hall. eriksen. martha; council bluffs, teachers, pi beta phi estes, barbara; lincoln. arts-science, towne club estrafa. barbara; omaha, business admin- istration, love memorial hall, farber, chiam; amaha, business administration, zeta beta tau. feldhacker. delores; south sioux city, fine arts fester, robert; iredonia, kan , arts-science, delta tau delta. finley, barbara; grand island, arts science, pi beta phi firestone. phyllis; omaha, arts-science, chi omega, fisher, marcella; plymouth, agri- culture, women ' s residence hall, fish, helen; scottsbluff, arts-science, women ' s residence hall fisher. John; Sidney, junior division, tau kappa epsilon flanagin. eleanor; bartley, fine arts- teachers. fleetwood. elaine; wakefield, arts-science focken, georgeen; hallam, teachers follmer, hugh; omaha, arts-science, beta theta pi ford, richard; ber- trand, agriculture, ag men ' s club, forst. milie; lincoln, arts-science, alpha chi omega fowler, jean, omaha, business administration, chi omega. frampton. alica; lincoln, business administra- tion, alpha xi delta frederick. lois; hay springs, arts-science, gamma phi beta freye, clarice; martell, teachers, fritzler, sharon; long pine, teachers, delta delta delta rugate, joan; omaha, arts-science, alpha phi fulton. sarah; lincoln, arts-science, kappa kappa gamma. gaeth. dale; fremont. business administration, sigma nu. gamerl. norma; omaha, teachers, gamma phi beta gangel, william; nebraska city, business administration, beta theta pi. gartland, mary; greeley, teachers, women ' s residence hall. gass, edward; columbus, business administration, phi kappa psi. gauger, louis; eustis, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. gibbons, waiter; comstock, agriculture, kappa sigma. gierhan. gilbert; lexington, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. gieseker. mary; lincoln. agri- culture, sigma kappa, giesselman. harry; arling- ton, fine arts, beta sigma psi gillam, elton; scotts- bluff, pharmacy, delta tau delta gillett. doris; lincoln, teachers, alpha omicron pi. page 147 £i tJk o £ O fy f ® i? Ul a n k Ml k.v reshmeii W " SL$G $ £ C freshmen gilligan, John; nebraska city, arts-science, phi gamma delta, gissler, dorothy; osceola, agri- culture, women ' s residence hall, glebe, betty; scottsbluff, commercial art, women ' s r esidence hall, goeres, jane; sioux falls, so. dak., teachers, sigma kappa gorelick, eddie; omaha, business administration, sigma alpha mu. gottsuh, bob; elkhorn, teachers, men ' s residence hall. cattlieb, charlotte; des moines, ia., arts-science, sigma delta tau. grainger, susan; salinas, calif., teachers, kappa alpha theta. grant, marshall; omaha, business administration, sigma nu. grasmick, John; lincoln, business administration, kappa sigma. green, nancy; omaha, arts-science, pi beta phi. griffin, Virginia; alexandria, teachers, women ' s residence hall. griffiths, Joyce; beatrice, teachers, alpha phi. gross, carol; glencoe, ill., fine arts, groves, Caro- lyn; cheyenne, wyo., agriculture, alpha phi. gwynn, jack; lincoln, arts-science, phi gamma delta hagelberger, henrietta; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, hall, jo arm; lincoln, arts-science, towne club. hamilton, martha; lincoln, arts-science, gamma phi beta hammond, val; nebraska city, arts- science, sigma alpha epsilon. hanlon, pat; morrill, agriculture, hansen, karl; sargent, agriculture. harper, kenneth; callaway, arts-science, harring- ton, janet; lincoln, arts-science, delta delta delta. harris, carol; lincoln, agriculture, alpha chi omega, harsch, ruth; madison, teachers, rosa bou- ton hall, hartman, paul; lincoln, business ad- ministration, phi gamma delta, haskell, bruce; stapleton, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. hasson, patty; fremont, business administration, chi omega, havlik, georgine; st. paul, business ad- ministration, chi omega. hayes, mariagnes; lyons, arts-science, women ' s residence hall, hays, kathery; qlenwood, arts- science, gamma phi beta, hayward, ellen; valen- tine, agriculture, love memorial hall, heineman, margaret; plattsmouth, arts-science, gamma phi beta, heller, beverly; chatham, n. j., arts-science, pi beta phi. henderson, jerry; scottsbluff, teach- ers, sigma alpha epsilon. hendrickson, bruce; holdrege, arts-science, phi kappa psi. hertzler, joan; veteran, wyo., arts- science, alpha omicron pi. hess, harvey; hebron, arts-science, phi gamma delta, heuser, phyllis; lincoln, arts-science, towne club, hey, donald; falls city, business administration, delta tau delta. heyer, dean; gordon, arts-science, alpha tau omega. hilker, georgia; omaha, arts-science, alpha omi- cron pi. hill, marlene; kearney, junior division, delta gamma, hinchcliff, william; omaha, busi- ness administration, sigma phi epsilon. hinds, patricia; lincoln, teachers, delta gamma, hinds, ruth; weeping water, arts-science, alpha phi. hite, joanne; kearney, teachers, delta gamma. hoberman, donald; omaha, business administra- tion, sigma alpha mu. hock, beverly; lincoln, fine- arts, sigma kappa, hoffmeister, ruth; imperial, argiculture, alpha xi delta, holmes, laurence; oconomowoc, wise, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. holmquist, william; Oakland, engineering, phi gamma delta, holtz, robert; lincoln, engineer- ing, phi delta theta. page 148 hopkins. thomas; vater, arts-science delta ' i horstman. patt; omaha, arts science, kappa delta harwich. Justin; nnaha business administration, zeta beta tau hoss jacquolyn- -.cience, kappa al hovendick. richard; I hovcy. constanco; naha, teach ers. pi beta i hubka. mary; beatrice, arts science, delta gamma, hulman. marian; . n oln. arts-science, chi omega hughes, marguerite; ■ ■■.«.• ird. business adminu tion, dell hultquist. dwight; Oakland, agncult ' hunter, doriha; nude rock, teacher huston. mary; omaha, line arts, gamma phi beta. ingram. francos; lexington, agriculture, amikita irwin. richard; lincoln, arts-science, delta tau delta Jacobs, darlene; sioux city, ia., arts-science, siama delta tau jaenike. vaughn; garrison, fine- arts jeary. ted; lincoln, agriculture, kappa sigma jeffers. joann; omaha. fine arts, kappa alpha theta. jenkinsen. barbara; canal point, fla., arts-science, alpha omicron pi Jensen, robert; creston, ia., busi- ness administration, beta theta pi Jensen, willard; cozad. business administration, sigma chi jewett. ruthe; lincoln, arts-science, delta gamma John, kay; grand island, arts-science, delta gamma Johnson, dale; hastings, engineering, tau kappa epsilon. Johnson, emest; holdrege, arts-science, beta theta pi. Johnson, jerry; red cloud, agriculture, alpha gamma rhc Johnson, John; plattsmouth, arts- science Johnson, lola; mullen, teachers, chi omega Johnson, robert; lincoln, business admin- istration, delta upsilon. jones, david; hastings, agriculture, farm house. jones, donald; david city, arts-science, jouvenat, joel; lincoln. arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon. Joyce, janice; weeping water, arts-science kain, Jeanne; lexington, teachers, kappa alpha theta. kamarad. myron; comstock, teachers, katskee. alan; lincoln, business administration, zeta beta tau. keebler, william; omaha, arts-science, phi gamma delta kelso, elizabeth; minataire, agriculture, kennedy, polly; bartlett, agriculture, alpha omi- cron pi kimbriel. harry; omaha, business admin- istration, alpha tau omega, kinghorn. frederick; lewiston, agriculture, alpha gamma rho kinne. pamela; Sidney, teachers, kappa delta. kinsey, robert; lincoln, business administration, phi delta theta. kirkman, paul; north platte, busi- ness administration, kappa sigma klone, janyce; york, arts-science, women ' s residence hall, klus- man, james; lincoln, fine arts, knapp. bert; ne- maha, business administration, knapp. lloyd; nemaha, business administration, brown palace. koehler, nancy; Sidney, arts-science, kopf, del- bert; lexington, agriculture, alpha gamma rho. korbelik, Joyce; nelson, fine arts, kostal james; ravenna, business administration, sigma phi epsilon. kramper, donald; dakota city, agricul- ture krasne, leslie; council bluffs, ia., business administration, zeta beta tau. J ' I mJ£ k 1 o i page 149 IZZ7- i O ft ft 4i Arte ,i » II $ jAn r ? freshmen kreuch, Virginia; lincoln, arts-science, towne club. krumwiede, robert; tucson, ariz., engineering, sigma phi epsilon. kuxhausen, donald; scotts- bluff, arts-science, alpha tau omega, lailin, pa- tricia; lincoln, teachers, alpha chi omega, lamb, mary; lincoln, arts-science, lamb, ruth; bassett, agriculture. lambert, thomas; ewing, engineering, farm house. lander, richard; birmingham, mich., business ad- ministration, delta tau delta, larsen, beverly; cen- tral city, arts-science, pi beta phi. larson, donald; decatur, teachers, phi gamma delta, larson, lois; lincoln, agriculture, towne club, la shelle, Joanne; omaha, agriculture, alpha chi omega. lau, richard; lincoln, business administration, phi delta theta. leth, charles; north platte, engineer- ing, kappa sigma. liljedahl, Janice; essex, ia., tine arts, lind, beverly; belle fourche, so. dak., women ' s residence hall, lippstreu, william; ne- braska city, arts-science, acacia, lof, pauline; omaha, fine arts-teachers, sigma kappa. loisel, dan; west point, arts-science, sigma phi epsilon. loucks, richard; falls city, business ad- ministration, alpha tau omega, loudon, jack; lincoln, arts-science, delta tau delta, lovegrove, delores; geneva, teachers, alpha xi delta, love- joy, Virginia; new york, n. y., agriculture, lutz, marilyn; plattsmouth, teachers, kappa delta. lyon, gwen; lincoln, arts-science, chi omega. lyons, robert; north platte, business administra- tion, delta upsilon. mc carty, daniel; york, busi- ness administration, phi gamma delta, mc con- nell, John; lincoln, arts-scien ce, phi gamma delta. mc elwain, barbara; sloan, ia., arts-science, alpha chi omega, mc kenzie, Stephen, hebron, junior di- vision, phi delta theta. mc lane, donovan; hastings, engineering, kappa sigma. mc mahon, jack; falls city, arts-science, phi delta theta. mc meekin, janet; lincoln, arts- science, pi beta phi. mc millan, richard; ogallala, pharmacy, mc nabb, margery; lincoln, teachers. mc naught, wilma; parks, teachers, chi omega. magdanz, Virginia; grand island, business admin- istration, women ' s residence hall, maharry, kath leen; lenox, ia.. teachers, kappa delta, mann hattie; boelus, teachers, women ' s residence hall margolin, faye; dead wood, so. dak., agriculture sigma delta tau. margolin, millard; omaha, arts science, zeta beta tau. marshall suzanne; lincoln teachers, pi beta phi. martin, marguerite; blue hill, teachers, women ' s residence hall, martin, mary; lincoln, business ad- ministration, delta gamma, marx, marla; lincoln, teachers, gamma phi beta, mason, don; palisade, agriculture, alpha sigma phi. mason, robert; fredonia, kan., arts-science, delta tau delta. mastin, robert; kearney, engineering, phi delta theta. matteson, sallie; clay center, teachers, matzke, gerald; seward, arts-science, phi gamma delta. mead, theodore; scottsbluff, agriculture, sigma phi epsilon. mellen, Joanne; omaha, arts-science, alpha phi. mesmer, John; north platte, engineer- ing, sigma alpha epsilon. messersmith, rex; al- liance, agriculture, farm house. page 150 mettlin. jack; hncoln. business administration kappa epsilon metzger. cecil; hncoln. science, phi gamma delta micklin. ronee; omaha, arts-science. Sigma delta tau miles, pcggy: mont, business administration, delta gamma miles, shirley: • ■Iwood, agriculture, love memorial hall miller, eugene; Sidney, business admmi tion. beta siqma psi miller, marjorie; hncoln, teachers, kappa delta, miller, shirley; ; apilhon. arts-science, chi omega, mockott. joan; hncoln, arts-science mockett. robert; hncoln. arts-science, phi delta theta mohr- man, j. h.; nebraska city, arts-science, phi gamma delta mooberry, marli; maryville, mo., arts- science, kappa kappa gamma. moodie. elizabeth; . ' .est point, arts-science, alpha chi omega moomey. marilyn; hastings, teachers, pi beta phi moran. John; david city, fine arts, moreland, otto; hncoln, arts-science, kappa sigma morgan, joe; york, business administration, phi delta theta morgan, larry; south sioux city, engi- neering, sigma nu. morgan, marilyn; mc cook, teachers, kappa alpha theta morgan, miriam; dakota city, arts-science moritz, glenn; lexington, agriculture, alpha gam- ma rho morris, lewis; lincoln, agriculture, sigma phi epsilon moss, bob; kearney, business ad- ministration, delta upsilon. mozer, leonard; lin- coln. business administration, sigma alpha mu. mueller, dark; lincoln, arts-science, delta tau delta, mueller, donal; Sidney, pharmacy, beta sigma psi. muller. lloyd; grand island, agricul- ture, ag men ' s club mulvaney, margaret; lincoln, arts-science, alpha chi omega mundhenke, jean- nette; milford, arts-science, mundhenke, virgil; sioux falls, so. dak., business administration, theta xi. munson, homer; arhngton, va., arts-science, sigma nu myers, harold; weeping water, business ad- ministration, sigma phi epsilon. myers, marilyn; york, agriculture, myers, richard; alliance, arts- science, sigma alpha epsilon nelson, lois; hast- ings, fine arts, women ' s residence hall neumann, carleton; beatrice, arts-science. newman, alan; omaha, business administration, sigma alpha mu newman, marvin; omaha, busi- ness administration, sigma alpha mu. noodell, doris; omaha, arts-science, hesperia nordgren. jean; grand island, agriculture, chi omega nord- gren. dorothy; Waterloo, arts-science, chi omega, nordin, larry; omaha, agriculture, kappa sigma norsworthy, mary; qothenburg, junior division. chi omega, norton. james; osceola, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon norval. lois; lincoln, teachers, kappa delta oakes, jean; north platte, arts- science, women ' s residence hall, obrien, bemard; omaha, business administration, kappa sigma. obrien, leo; lincoln, arts-science, delta upsilon. obrien, patricia; lincoln, business administration sigma kappa, ochsner, james; blackfoot, ida., arts-science ohman, kenneth; lincoln, agriculture, kappa sigma olsen. lois; omaha, arts-science. overturf, c. d.; bird city, kan.. agriculture, delta tau delta paap, jack; otoe, arts-science. page 151 £ . m ..Oft « LSi P £, f OQ freshmen — ppa M ft ftfc - T CO C » £ € £ i packer, jane; sioux falls, so. dak., arts-siecnce, alpha phi. parkison, delores: percival, ia., arts- science patterson, marilyn; lincoln, arts-science, delta delta delta, pearson, howard; so. st. paul, minn., engineering, delta tau delta, pecha, bur- dette; lincoln, teachers, alpha phi. pedersen, gordon; omaha, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon. pedersen, mary; omaha, agriculture, delta gam- ma, peirce, patricia; lincoln, arts-science, sigma kappa, peters, nancy; omaha, teachers, gamma phi beta peters, peter; omaha, business admin- istration, beta theta pi. petersen, clinton; hardy, teachers, peterson, nancy; white river, so. dak., business administration. pettijohn. max; spaldina, teachers, sigma nu. phelps, dick; lincoln, engineering, phi delta thekt. phillip, ralph; red oak, ia., arts-science, alpha tau omega, phillips, John; lincoln, engineering, sigma alpha epsilon. phillips, marcelene; lincoln, teach- ers, towne club, pitlor, robert; omaha, engineer- ing, zeta beta tau. podhaisky, torn; alliance, business administration, sigma nu. pollard, larry; nehawka, engineering, kappa sigma poulson, marietta; talmage, arts- science, pryor, susan; north platte, junior division, kappa alpha theta. putt, marjorie; omaha, arts- science, kappa kappa gamma, rajewich, char- lene; grand island, business administration, delta gamma. randol, george; omaha, arts-science, kappa sigma. ransdell, shirley; lexington, teachers, alpha phi. rasmussen, joan; lincoln, business ad- ministration, chi omega, rasmussen, warren; cen- tral city, arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon. rauch, robin; holdredge, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. raun, joan; minden, agriculture, chi omega. rediger, juanita; tekamah, arts-science, gamma phi be a reeves, don; central city, agriculture, farm house, regier, richard; san luis obispo, calif., junior division, phi kappa psi. reichenbach, bob; lincoln, business administration, kappa sigma. reinhard, mary; lincoln, teachers, alpha phi. reis, marion; glenwood, ia., pharmacy, tau kappa epsilon. relph, richard; broken bow, agriculture, renard, rita; scribner, agriculture, women ' s residence hall. reynolds, roland; st. paul, agriculture, farm house. rhoades, kenneh; blair, arts-science, richardson, harley; smithfield, engineering, delta tau delta. richmond, ruth; lincoln, engineering, sigma kappa. riddell, sandra; scottsbluff, arts-science, delta gamma, riley, james; mitchell, business admin- istration, roach, shirley; sioux city, ia., teachers, delta delta delta robb, bemadine; lewellen, aari- culture. rober, donovan; sioux falls, so. dak., fine arts, theta xi. robertson, gerald, lyons, business administration, phi gamma delta. robinson, eugene; oshkosh, agriculture, farm house, rodin, lois; sioux city, ia., arts-science, sigma delta tau. roessler, elizabeth; fremont, arts- science, gamma phi beta, rooney, mary; greeley, teachers, alpha omicron pi. rosen, roberta; omaha, arts-science, sigma delta tau. ross, robert; gordon, business administration, sigma nu. page ' 152 freshmen rothenberger. sarah: beatrice, arts-science, kappa kappa rowloy. claine; illj m ruback. norman; omaha. business a I la beta I rubin. sid: i alpha inn ruddock, donna; rk. business admini ruma. i ' obastian; omaha, engineennu. beta theta rusho. mary; ' iylor. arts-science rursell. mary; hncoln. teachers, kappa kappa gamma russell. richard; fullertot sallander. jeannine; arts-science, alpha omicron pi samuelson. dale; omaha, business administration, sigma nu schantz. george; (air- field, business administration, theta xi schepman. carol; tecumseh, teachers, alpha chi omega schenk. dorothy; lincoln, business ad- ministration, sigma kappa scherer. ralph; omaha, agriculture, alpha gamma rho schleusener. wil- lis; pender, engineering, sigma phi epsilon. schiermeyer. jerry; beatrice, business administra- tion, phi kappa psi. schmid. marjorie; sabetha, kan .. teachers, alpha chi omega. schmidt, carl; Sidney, teachers, delta upsilon schmidt. kenneth; deshler, arts-science, beta sigma psi schmidt, leo; fremont, business admin- istration, zeta beta tau schmidt, robert; lincoln, arts- science, kappa sigma Schneider, kathryn; lincoln, business administration, kappa phi. schoening, lois; glenwcod, ia., teachers, kappa delta. schroeder, John; omaha, business administration, phi pappa psi. Schumacher, John; lincoln, engi- neering, sigma nu scott, John; ashland, business administration, phi kappa psi scoville, jack; hart- ington, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon scoville. robert; hartington, law, sigma alpha epsilon. seacrest, robert; lincoln, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. searles. lois; Chicago, ill., teachers, kappa alpha theta. sedlacek, joan; ord, agriculture, love me- morial hall, selleck. joan; lincoln, teachers, kappa kappa gamma seyler. eldon. columbus, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. shaffer. monine; moorefield, teachers shatter, Clifford; columbus, arts-science, tau kappa epsilon. sheldon, patricia; lincoln, agriculture, sigma kappa sheridan, phillip; omaha, business ad- ministration, delta upsilon shestak, betty; lincoln, arts-science, chi omega, shonka, ronald; burwell, business administration, theta xi shramek, em- marie; v ilber, business administration, women ' s residence hall, sidles, shirley; lincoln, teachers, delta gamma. sidner, mary; lincoln, arts-science, alpha phi. sievers, richard; roca, arts-science, theta xi. sim- mons. harriet; page, business administration, women ' s residence hall, simpson. jane; lincoln, business administration, alpha xi delta sipp, winnie; scottsbluff, teachers, sigma chi. sklenar, eleanon ann; ceresco, teachers, women ' s resi- dence hall. skucius, joann; -rhester, agriculture, love menorial hall slama. dean; san diego, calif , arts-science, alpha sigma phi. smith, james; omaha, arts- science, acacia smith, joanne, omaha, teachers- fine arts, smith, mildred; weeping water, arts- science, smith, richard; omaha, business admin- istration, sigma nu. page 153 O - r ° SJSi i p o r o o kH V ! v " ) snyder. julia; davenport, agriculture, solfermoser, aria; west point, arts-science, women ' s residence hall, sorensen. frank; omaha, arts-science, sigma nu. sorensen, jackie; lincoln, arts-science, kappa kappa gamma, sothan. norman; geneva, engi- neering, tau kappa epsilon. soukup, darleene; brainard, agriculture, love memorial hall. speice, mar bon; columbus, agriculture, delta gamma, spencer, barry; st. Joseph, mo., arts- science, alpha tau omega, spradley, anita; te- cumseh, teachers, alpha xi delta, sprague, lois; fullerton, teachers, women ' s residence hall, stark, william; lincoln, business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. stava, Jeanne; douglas, fine arts- teachers. stebbins, virge; qotherburg, business admin- istration, phi delta theta. steinhauer, edmund; fort collins, colo., business administration, sigma alpha epsilon. Stephenson, james; nebraska city, engineering, phi kappa psi. stockstill, jeanne; lincoln, teachers, delta delta delta, stoesz, eliza- beth; lincoln, arts-science, delta delta delta, stoke- brand, Wallace; dewitt, engineering, beta sigma psi. stratbucker, martha; fort calhoun, arts-science, women ' s residence hall, stryker, ray; omaha, arts- science, phi delta theta. suverkrubbe, myrtle; bennington, teachers, women ' s residence hall. swanson, byron; omaha business administration, sigma nu. swanson, raynold; lincoln, arts-science, kappa sigma. sward, alfred; lincoln, engineering, theta xi. sweenie, richard; nemaha, business administra- tion, swingle, kathryn; lincoln, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. taylor, ralph; omaha, engineering, theta xi. taylor, ruth; guide rock, teachers, alpha xi delta, tefft, margaret; avoca, agriculture, love memorial hall, toebben, delmer; nickerson, busi- ness administration, beta sigma phi. thomas, margaret; valentine, teachers thompson, charles; york, arts-science, beta theta pi. thomsen, margaret; lincoln, teachers, alpha chi omega. tomsik, jeannette; lincoln, arts-science, alpha omicron pi. tracy, myron; mitchell, business ad- ministration, tau kappa epsilon. tucker, hayes; galesburg, ill., arts-science, phi, gamma delta. turner, george; lincoln, arts-science sigma nu. uehling, imogene; Oakland, arts-science, vandel, charles; mitchell, arts-science, delta tau delta. van pelt, margery; lincoln, teachers, delta gamma. van skike, claire; scotia, arts-science, versaw, keith; franklin, agriculture. vingers, marilyn; omaha, junior division, delta gamma, vorhies, jayne; lincoln, pharmacy, kappa delta, vreeland. mary; curtis, teachers, wade, jayne; plainview, arts-science, alpha xi delta. walgren, betty; platte center, agriculture, love me- morial hall, walsh, richard; utica, agriculture, farm house. warren, gerald; st. edward, arts-science, sigma nu. wasserman, jerome; omaha, business ad- ministration, sigma alpha mu. weber, warren; friend, agriculture, weddle, neal; falls city, busi- ness administration, sigma alpha epsilon. weeth, charles; abilene, tex., engineering, phi kappa psi. weiman, edward; Chicago, ill, agriculture. page 154 freshmen weir, marilyn; ' wollcnsiek. karl; ir ind island, business administration, siama alpha epsilon wendt. wayne; wabash. cultural engineering, alpha ga mma rho west. Virginia: oconto, aanculture. love memorial hall westorhoff. ardis; dalton, agriculture, love morial hall westermark. colestin ; mc cook, b ness administration, delta delta delta widmaier. charles; hastings, business admini tion. tau kappa epsilon wiedman. margaret; lincoln, arts-science, sigma kappa, wicman, beverly; staplehurst, teachers wilcox. ardath: lincoln. arts-science, towne club wilcox. georgo; lincoln. arts-science, kappa sigma wilhelm, elaine; lincoln, business administration wilhelms. roger; auburn, engineering, delta up- silon wilkens. everett; de witt, agriculture, farm house wilkins. beth; : neva, arts-science, wil- lard. leola; .-cottsbluff, pharmacy, women ' s resi- dence hall willey, miriam; lincoln, teachers, alpha phi. william, hugh: omaha, arts-science, phi kappa psi. williams, george; bridgeport, arts-science, delta tau delta wilnes, norman; Sidney, teachers, delta upsilon wilson. william; lincoln. engineering, sigma phi epsilon. winkelman. shirley; nebraska city, agriculture, kappa delta winter, james; hot springs, so. dak. arts-science, sigma alpha epsilon winterberg, marlene; omaha, arts- science. wisnieski, irances; dodge, fine-arts, woodworth. james; imcoln, arts-science, phi gamma delta won-all, dick; wahoo, business administration, delta upsilon wortman. victor; bancroft, engi- neering, sigma phi epsilon. yates, gloria; lincoln, fine arts, sigma kappa, yeager, barbara; lincoln, teachers, kappa alpha theta. yeutter. clayton; eustis, agriculture, farm house. yos. jerrold; lincoln, engineering, theta xi young, coleen; barneston, teachers, women ' s residence hall young, evelyn; beatrice, agriculture, chi omega, young, romona; luniata, agriculture, love memorial hall youngman. lloyd; valley, agri- culture. youngston. renee; minden, teachers, delta delta delta zellers, margaret; atlantic, ia., teachers, sigma kappa, zierott. joan; long beach, calif., arts-science, kappa alpha theta. zierott. ralph; seward, business administration, beta sigma psi. zlomke, janet; st paul, arts-science, kappa delta 1 i ! page 155 freshmen _ fB this gay crowd celebrated at the farmer ' s formal in 1932. i w •■ 1899 . . . newspapers, nebraskan and hesperian, combine to become the nebraska-hesperian . . basketball begun . . 1900 ... dr. e. b. andrews, chancellor . . 1901 . . . nebraskan, daily newspaper started . . cornhusker countryman pub- lished . . senior day replaces ivy day . . 1902 . . . vikings, junior honorary begun . . nebraska blue print issued . . 1903 . . . innocents established . . 1904 . . . brace hall built 1905 . . . black masque started . . 1906 . . . nebraska cham- pion at intercollegiate cross-country meets in Chicago lor three years . . temple, former museum and administration constructed . . silver serpent, junior honorary established . . new football rules introduced, forward pass and open game . . 1907 . . . first cornhusker . 1908 ... dr. s. avery, chancellor . . mechanical engineering, ag women ' s build- ing and law college building are constructed . . teachers college, school of pharmacy established . first successful " olympics " held. RjP» student ce te farmer ' s fair roll-as; ri i ' nii farmer ' s formal ivy day h omrr om i ng v 11 sjji iieers week union elirisimas party hrovli hop migration hnskerville in Hilary ball mortar board hall dri-nite rlub hahw " Ik ' IIo " dance interfrateriiity ball co-ed follies inicsco union activities penny carnival beauty t|iicriis I farmor ' s lair non-conlormist gets dunked in the brine. crowds jam the midway on rodeo day s i the open house exhibits show hard work and origin- ality. dr. louis skidmore displays his treasures at the animal pathology exhibit. above: they ' ve got the bull by the tail in this contest. below: this rider doesn ' t look too secure in the calf- rig contest. above: jack wilson tries his luck at throwing the bull, (or vice versa), below: a barbecue in the evening climaxes the farmer ' s lair. the 1948 coll-agri-fun ' s outstanding curtain act is the ywca presentation of " the lion hunt " . . . the agrs go " all out " in tuxes to win second place in the skit division. above: farmhouse sells " free gas at the grocery below: ag men ' s club composes a chorus line. above: farmhouse sells tree gas ai store. " below: ag men ' s club composes above: a clever presentation of " you too can be af- filiated " is given by the amikitas. below: " chalk one up " for the planning board; c. eggert, m. bru- nig, c. crosbie, n. baxter, p. keeney and g. erlewine. farmer ' s formal ;.ieen, marg reynolds, and her date start the dancing. the traditional attire for the ag social is gingham dresses and jeans. bales of hay appeal to many of the tired dancers and here are the ones that couldn ' t find any. above: the queen and her court with their dates dance after the presentation, below: climaxing the evening is the presentation of marg reynolds, out- standing ag senior, as farmer ' s formal queen. above: corn shocks, hay and a canopy give the occasion atmosphere, below: queen reynolds and her court make a pretty picture in the hay. ivy day starts with the traditional melody " who will bear the ivy? " glen blinde and jerry Johnston, senior and junior class prexys, plant the ivy. above: introducing pris flagg, who reigns over the 1948 festivities, below: queen pris doesn ' t have stage fright before her debut. above: marian collins narrates her winning poem, below: the queen reigns over her court, chosen from the outstanding activity girls in each class. the black spooks and red goblins search all morn- tor new members and all afternoon the hunt goes on. " l the phis rate their name on the sorority sing cup for the second year. bob adams leads the dus to first place honors in the men ' s ivy day sing. zr=i above: whew! new mortar board, jane mc arthur, breathes a sigh of relief, below: only six chairs re- main to be filled in the mortar board line-up. above: it ' s now innocent jack selzer. below: norm leger and alex Cochrane are tapped head moguls of the senior men ' s honorary. !T above: homecoming throngs acclaim mary helen mallory as pep queen, below: the poor old bruin causes a true nebraska riot. while the pigskin toters are introduced to the cheering rally crowd. phi gams take the laurels in the lloat parade with ' potsy ' s laundry " . high up in the bird nest the gamma phis cheer the huskers. above: first place in men ' s homecoming tions goes to phi gamma delta with their version of ucla falls, below: ghosts are prominent in the winning theta decorations. above: seen sipping cider at simpson and jo davidson. below: climaxing evening is the crowning of mary helen mallory, pep gueen, by her predecessor, lois gillette. engineers week activities are planned by richard green, mr. j. s. blackman, dean roy m. green, and max baily. after speaking at the convocation, mr. francis curtis, principal speaker, poses with engineer " brass " . the boys gobble food at their annual " field day " . there are Softball games between the departments of the engineering college at the field day. above: the electrical engineers are working on a maze of wires, below: music in color is demon- strated by electrical engineering students, above: others watch the civil engineers ' model train, while, below: the naval engineers display technical equipment used in battleships. V V as ag engineers display the latest development in farming. if -s V» engineers week demonstrations include the me- chanical engineers ' metal spraying . . . what a blast! the foundry exhibit attracts a large crowd. above: a mech e ' instructor operates a " miller " while, below: the chemical engineers ' " bubble tower " intrigues many. above, the 440,000 pound testing machine is ex- hibited, below: window displays help to spread in- terest during engineers week. pr " ' 1 ) tfm ' i i v iv - m! mi the union christmas party iinds doorman skinner checking ident cards. christmas carols lend a holiday note to the lounge while santy claus takes time out for a quick snort in the crib. above: chow down! and of course there ' s bob orr reaching for ten or twelve doughnuts, below: dancers sway to the sweet melodies. above: it ' s ir the bag and bingo! look who won the set of pyrex. below: give im the ax — but who ' s that peeking around the corner? fresh hop tickets are sold to clamoring freshmen. kenny robertson and his " one and only mug me camera. ; stag line comments on the general shape of things. chats in ib, for some, serve as entertainment above ' i others dance to gene moyer ' s hep music, below: campus activities are satirized dur- ing the skits. above: norm leger, innocent prexy. awards the agrs the scholarship-activities cup. below: the phi psis cop the city campus award. m the ku migration starts off with a six a.m. bridge game . . . while nadine anderson and jo lisher lead a spirited yell. a jayhawker police escort awaits the nebraska rooters. the cheerleaders give their all to the pre-game rally. m. i above: bill norton and dean tait find car fenders the ideal way to ride to the game, below: thousands of huskers cheer on the scarlet and cream. above: people, people and more people fill law- rence streets, below: tired photographers, nadine anderson and torn blomgren, snatch a quick rest before the sentimental journey home. above huskerville. un vet village, is a complete town in itself. below: the first thrill of a slide produces a " grim look " on this four year old. just like pop, the kids return to their huskerville homes after a hard day at school. above: playground facilities are enjoyed by moth- ers as well as children, below: two little reasons for smiling at huskerville. the janitor shovels fuel for that dirty ol ' furnace. the steam plant makes it " hot " for huskerville. red leather desks and plush curtains in the offices glorify the work. us P °ST OFFICE headquarters for the community ' s extensive postal department is this four by five cubicle. above: from the looks of the shelves, everyone ' s favorite food seems to be in cans, below: when the cats are away, the mice will play. above: " don ' t want a haircut. " below: movie goers buy tickets at the huskerville theater. f be il ever so humble . each home is different. above: on the scenic side of the home-maker ' s life, below: mr. and mrs. take a break from their studies. " blue monday " comes once a week for every housewife. above: a man ' s work is never done, below: " eeny, meeny, mieny, mo, which garbage can shall i choose? " % h the military ball presents phil harris as honorary colonel. another big moment of the evening . . . the colorful grand march. above: spectators watch from the balcony, below: colonel howard John, cadel colonel jack meehan miss may pershing, mrs. r. g. gustavson and mrs. john meet the honorary colonel. above: crowds jam the coliseum listening to jimmy dorsey ' s sentimental sax. below: ed donegan, " chick " chamberlain, dorris thomas and " dutch " meyers pause for the camera. 1948-49 eligible bachelors are: r. pettijohn, j. de wulf, e. donegan, t. gunderson, b. mueller, b. means, r. ackerman, b. axtell. girls spend the better part of november nights dreaming up such corsages as these above: while John peck and bill leroy wonder i they were wise taking girls with such ideas, below come on gals . . . let ' s be gentlemen. above: everyone agrees . . . gene krupa is the only band for the year ' s biggest ball, below: " motor boats ' and dates grin happily " after the ball is over fhill 5 come later) .1 rv the dri-nite club doorman holds shirlee wagner ' s hand . . . notice the evil eye of her handsome escort. ring side tables are filled by such dignitaries as h walker, 1 calvert, and j. beam. check the sophisticated expressions. an haugseth and Stanley Jeffreys of cornshucks and ' crib " fame are among the clubbers. above:, a lack, of " cigarettes, .. .. and wild, wild women " ! retains the dignified atmosphere, below: jerry shulkin, m.c, provides the evening ' s humor,) while para devoe tinkles the ivories. ■ above: another successful dri-nite club ends at 1 1:30. below: the cards never lie . . . especially, when they ' re hearts. I v.. the 1948 " hello dance " , sponsored by babw, is held the union ballroom. contestants for hell the per cutest of the babw girls everyone has a fine time dancing to the latest music above: intermission finds the gang discussing their choice for hello girl " . below; and here she is . . . iean blaha above: with a swish and a swirl, couples round the floor dancing to smooth melodies, below: all aather around for the presentation another queen is born. . .wait dorothy, president of interfraternity council, presents marilyn weber, ball queen. the interfraternity ball displays the various frater- nity crests of the campus. above;, these two couples enjoy the music of " eddie had-it and his omaha oboe operators. " below: there are smiles that make you happy. . .and these smiles signify a successful party. the queen finalists are an example of the beauty that typifies sorority girls. above: marilyn and date, jim pollock, dance til the end of the party. . .below: 12:00 and the ball is break- ing up ' til next year same time, same place. Hi w ■HBMH behind all this sex appeal is none other than a male . . .and out he goes. activity girl, betty green, is chosen as " typical ne- braska coed " for her popularity on the campus, ac- tivities and scholastic achievements. above: the alpha phis cop first place for the evening, below: the tn delts parade their way through a host of toys to win second place. above: kappa delts win second by going " on a slow boat to china. " below: alpha chi wins first place curtain act honors for a " scene in the cards. " the model unesco conference is organized by shirley sabin and bill nicolls. archibald mac leish, a unesco founder, opens the university conference. interested spectators attend the opening session of the model conference. ted sorensen, conference moderator, listens to a petition for admission to unesco. above: dr. waiter rosenthal from denver renders invaluable aid to the conference, below: dr. laase and dr. rosenthal advise marian crook, the exec board prexy. above: lillian roach reads a report on unesco ' s program, below: this is the third session of the conference, the press box is in the foreground. I. t I members of the delegations sit behind their coun- tries ' representatives. bill edmundson, a belgium delegate, proposes an amendment to a resolution. pat meehan, tish swanson and katie rapp lend an ear to a speech. tony eistetter, representing mexico, gives the re- sponse to the opening delegation. above: the delegations are made up of well in- formed assistants below: the art department ' s unesco exhibition features international art. above: gus reidy and herb jackman discuss unesco aims on the air below: a pageant by members of the fine arts department ends the conference the union committee sponsors various dances throughout the year . . . this one is formal. pretty girls, pretty songs are all characteristic of the mu phi epsilon concert. bill schenck is presented a scroll for outstanding leadership. the auf faculty auction is the source of many laughs. above: " buss " whitehead, star basketball player, toasts the alma mater to high school students, be- low: dwight griswold is one of the many guest speakers at the union convocations. above: members of the cosmopolitan club relax in the union ballroom before meeting, below: isa holds an important social function in the union. KEENER« THRO 3 BETTER v SHO X penny carnival starts off with the whole gang clam- oring to see the booths. on XSHQWB OAT above: the alpha chis are all smiles after taking first place with their show, below: kkg displays a bit of spring for third place. above: the showboat " wins second place for the girls from the aopi house, below: the gqxnma phi booth is a display of shapely legs. judqab j«ilin lyeon university of ii «;i ■arnien christoi fel jnaiiiir noble Virginia bodinson page 186 Illlllcill li l M llClU I I -l.itr ii»II i;i- i li.ii It - rn-rii I cli ll 1 1 • 1 ■ % ir-ii ill miHgouri Kill UllllM I university •! Colorado .nil rnirk i II mi iv • i «il v ..I i i ill ii. 1 1 In in order to see co-ed beauty through the eyes of college men, a new method of selecting beauty queens was initiated this year, the six 1949 beauty queens were judged in person by five men representing neighboring college yearbook staffs. ii. mi v iavn i hoi page 187 vanita brown r miss margarei J||4 III|»S4 ' II w T miss laverna ac kt i miss i° bergman E - the union society was one of the top literary groups in the 90 ' s. t Q ID 1911 ... medical college established in omaha . . " jumbo " stiehm first all-year football coach . . first homecoming day . . university night begun . . kosmet klub founded . . 1912 . . . awgwan appears . . 1913 . . . nebraska alumnus published . . office of the executive dean established . . the " dance question " raised, centers around the tango and the cactus . . 1914 . . . lincoln votes to retain the city campus . . 1915 . . . college of pharmacy established . . 1916 . . . farmer ' s fair begun . . avery lab built . . 1917 . . . student council established . . bessey hall and dairy in- dustries built . . rote established . . 1918 . . . student loan fund started . . ag engineering, college of medicine hos- pital and social science are constructed, the latter becomes a barracks for the sate. o iy UzatuMt4, honoraries professionals clubs religious organizations social clubs halls houses dormitories snaps sororities fraternities housemothers back row: • ighih tow: ■ nlh row riBth row Illth row ■ fourth row: h rnstein ; rtlor»«n h h tpann thud row: mark ■ hurman m nhnll o stricklei ••cond row: • :hl, d twarton s « mas lront row: v -denck holl, w nowhouse back row: I. hOWG d p«terson .tockholm i -on. g spradling. d worth. er, f sanb ■ •▼•nlh row: kusor, m bergeson, p. weber r casan. |. evans. a walla, c. hel- i jacobsen i overtoil, d newman. a walla sixth row: scanlon. a miller j brand. d hodder. 1 potash. veitier. j ihorman, • laymon o lensen r trans, w mc cor- phillips lifth row: pederson. d. plugge, w ku- mc master, 1 kneger. f. sikyta. r. olson, k nelson, w roads, a. tillotson fourth row: j ervin, h mease, m russel. b barnes. r kruse. m knapp d koop, : ton 1 ahmanshofer, r plumb, g. halter third row: h nordeen, h koontz. ) dutton, i isaksen. d olson, c dantzler. m cos- ludwickson, j buxton. r. bellows. w novotny second row: k kittla ' neumann. t deal 1 mlaska. ) nelson, w imlay, b. caswell, hal. e. wopata, p. lawson h-ont row: i mc dowell, g. wagner, j pro- olson. c dygert. « guttenberg. o shev, r. dudek a sine the american society of mechanical engineers at the university is a studc-:nt branch of the national parent organi- zation of mechanical engineers, this year ' s record membership is 225. never a dull moment at this mechanical en- gineers meeting, as John carson scores again in laughs. luckina carson, members concentrate on the solving of some mechanical engineering prob- lems. page 199 ag engineers back row: schrunk, z. fairchild, w. bai- ley, w. splinter, m. petersen, h. polnicky, s. marcotte, j- sahs. d. tucker fourth row: j. sulek, 1. barnell, d. cerny, h. dutton, 1. jochens, r. schleusener, a. mc kelvie, i. bender, h. danly third row: c. penton, m. brunig, d. mc gee, n. lien, h. buchta, j. bodri, s. nelson, b. bryon, r. curley, b. villars second row: j. broughton, m. arms, d. curry, d. sandahl, r. meysenburg, d. shaner, k. bowman, k. sughroue, e. watson front row: 1. hurlbut, h. lamb, d- hansen, b. somerhalder, e. jarecki, c. smith, g. Petersen, f. yung aiche back row: p. branch, g. mueller, r. bern- tng, j. kiewit, m. curtis, c. doubt, r. nel- son, r. wilhams, h. bates third row: w. pierce, t. harding, 1. morin, r. struebing, e. thompson, b. barnes, j. weber second row: r. pond, h. Jensen, k. ridg- way, d. bartek, j. stolinski, r. mc namee, h. crowch, f. feldhouser front row: c. villars, e. finley, d. morin, w. koenig, b. buntz, a. stokefy, d. morri- son, d. spatz, r. jessup Ai A i ag engineers the student branch of the american society of agricultural engineers pro- motes interest in the field of ag engin- eering, six hours completed in this de- partment are required for membership. aiche members of the american institute of chemical engineers are selected from junior and senior students majoring in that field, meetings feature speakers and movies on chemical discoveries. above: ag engineers examine farm machinery below: new experiments interest chemical engineers. page 200 P y c ■ - r 1 3 5 - te iV ■V 1 1 1 M j B ,-l -jt aie© back row: I lourth row: thud row: ■ •cond row: Iron! row architectural society back row: ; m. a borchman. f chael, h ©ngstrom sixth row: bourn, w rudeen, ■ fifth row: - noumann onsen, h duncan. h. runty, |, ernst, b schroeder, 1 smith fourth row: irtl e. eastman, o coleman, • 1 smith third row: I garrison, w hahn, 1 folz. ensen, :-er, I smith socond row: ;eorge. a knutson, b sorensen. ) ruebel ■ bunker, g goldschmidt, j. beers front row: porter, n scott, w rump, m baker, r brown, i mundhenke, j. sun, 1 norns, j joyce aiee undergraduate students in electrical engineering may become members of the american institute of electrical en- gineers, founded in 1904, aiee spon- sors an engineers week display. a r «• li i i eel lira I society the architectural society is an organi- zation for architecture students with at least a sophomore standing, the so- ciety offers its members educational and social opportunities. above, electrical engineers often meet for lunch, below: prexy of architectural engi- neers, bob brown, notes timely business at an officers ' council. back row: - raeyer, k. boyce. j. hossack, m. wilhelms, e. berry, r. peterson, c. hill, c. west, d. raitt fifth row: r. scott, d. smith, r. coleman, r. buresh, s. barton, n. krumwiede, n. lawson, c. collier fourth row: r. orr, a. henry, h. hayward, f. bowarman j peterson. d. cropper, 1. kuibeck, d. sloan, r cox third row: 1 bonneau. i. burmeister, b. flood, e brodman, 1. bereuter, d. sund- berg, w. hunt, w. wendland, g. haitt second row: p. nyquist, r. nosky, w. ran- johnson. c. veys. d. fry, c. amis, b shaw, e. Jenkins front row: a. dederman. a tipton. p versch, c. brunken, g. jones, j. Jenkins, b. clausen, a- johnson, m thorn pson, d. wiles varsity dairy back row: j. nebelsick, m. otte, c. fainley, r meade, 1. iortna front row: d. popken, w. sauder, m. moh- ler, g. claybaugh, p. grabouski, 1. kokes a.w c k !W the american society of civil engineers has two branches- the student or uni- versity section and the graduate or nebraska branch sophomores are eligible for membership in the organi- zation. varsity dairy the varsity dairy, organized in 1915, attracts students interested in dairy industries. it attempts to promote closer relations between students and leaders in the dairy field. above: a prominent engineer speaks at a meeting, below: modern equipment is exam- ined by varsity dairy members. page 202 nu mod back r« ■•cond rowi ■ lioni row 4-h beck row: fifth row: r.charf. ■ b«hle fourth row: io, a si third row: tefft. j sny: - hayward b. robb second row: m. nelson, d eber- souku; r.chick, p. bornemeiei front row: k, c. huston, .-n. boottger, d selhn, d. holstem 1111 med monthly meetings stimulate knowledge of the application of medicine in the nu med society, at the traditional spring banquet a gold key is presented to the outstanding pre-med freshman. l-ll students in the college of agriculture who belonged to 4-h clubs in high school are eligible to participate in the university 4-h club which trains its members to be future 4-h leaders. above, a visiting doctor chats with nu med of- ficers, below: 4-h officers revise the club ' s ex- tensive schedule. page 203 pi mil epsilon in promoting scholarship in mathe- matics, pi mu epsilon, national hon- orary, selects for membership those students showing proficiency in higher mathematics. arnold o alien wilma atkinson william bade keith r. barker lloyd a. bean warren g beery waiter bergslraesser max w. blank dale c. blomstrom Irances e. buell david m. carstens robert casari donald cochran j. denny cochran william a. compton donald w. crowe virgil a. cuckler robert h. davis martin t. decker cecil doubt ed f dudek, jr. iames eckblade harold o. eckvall alien r. edison ralph o. eis glenn w. elliott james erwin frederich j. feldhousen lester v. Ireeburg sten j. freeland fay fuchser donald c. gallagher ephraim gershater jerome gill kenneth j. gottula mary anne gralf jack c. guhin 1. a. guildner russell s. hale robert a. harm wilbur d. hatten carl e. hellerich carol i. henrickson malcolm h. higgins willard e. hohnstein james holder loyal 1. hurlbert marvin ingalsbe barbara isaacson inqe rail isaksen John c. Jenkins warren h. Jensen leslie w. jochens maurice b. Johnson ralph w. jollensten roger c. jones eugene e. kelly neal d. kennedy bernum n. kleveland warren w. koenig roy b. kriegh marlin g. kroger william kuser wilbur e. lehnert robert leonard ernest j. louvar alvin lugn eugene c. luschei ronald s. lux myron d. marquardt howard w. mastalir robert w. mc master lawrence r. megill yale a. meyer billy b. michael robert milby andrew miller ruben b. miller duane morin lauren morin gerald mueller donald a. nelson keith newhouse david w. olive george a. olive fred 1. pelton jack d. pickett melvin poeschl leonard potash everett w. purcell karl s. quisenberry irvin 1. reis donald e. rhodes robert 1. robertson fred s. sanbongi donald schaufelbcrqcr flovd r. schlechte richard schleusencr earl schmieding robert scoville willis w. selk lloyd c. shalla roland p. shepherd curtis sieck r. thomas stiehl John h. stockwell kenneth n. tefft donald h. temme John b. thompson lloyd h. thornblad gerald toy eugene k. von fange dean k. whitla donald wiggans robert worsing wilber w. wright norman zabel mu phi epsilon to be eligible for membership in mu phi epsilon, national professional music sorority, women students must have outstanding musical ability, high elinor hanson entertains mu phi epsilon sis- ters with some piano music. ideals and rank scholastically in the upper fourth of the junior or senior class. back row: e. hanson, s. brisco, p. bayer, c. Johnson, d. doran, e. putenson. front row: j. hansen, k. barnes, v. large, c. davies, m. thomas, k. newhouse. Iri k back row third row lecond row: CO I Iront row: U«1. pi lau sigma back row: . d h odder, j w ilk ins j buxton r p«rl«tv ■ fifth row: m blank, s christian, d olion. w compton. c waddk v robeson. r bellows, d jones fourth row: d fredenck. a son, w provost, d maser, d koop, c dygert, r harm, w easton third row: v lundberg. f marks, n kleve- tand. 1 potash, k nowhouse, m p«irce. r (rans, d walker, j ludwickson second row: e clapham, h btenhoff, d pearson, w kuser. a ervin. ) kuser, j. keuchel. w foxwell, p slaymaker, j. boberg front row: h wells, r. brandt. 1 ohman. a walla, c kellogg, 1 mehck, m poeschl. w lehnert, f kuska. s watt h mestl iri k the klod and kernel klub, society for second semester agronomy students with an eighty average, was founded to promote closer relations between faculty and students of this depart- ment. |ii lau sigma pi tau sigma, honorary engineering fraternity, stimulates interest in its col- lege, members are chosen from junior and senior mechanical engineering students. above: tri-k officers and faculty adviser out- line the meeting program, below: engineers meeting gets underway. page 205 sinfonia sinfonia practices in preparation for a performance. h. jackman, e. wells, r. hoyt, 1. lotspeich, r. rosenquist, d. Johns, c. smith filth row: h. ambrose, o. voss, j. hoelscher, t. brunson, r. guy, j. Stevenson, e. tegt- meier, w. wurtz, w. hughes, w. french fourth row: r. stepp, f. gorton, d. rohrs, g. flood, d. bushnell, r. porter, n. Solomon, d. dellinger, j. lococo, w. goodbrod third row: g. doolittle, b. krasne, I. forney, d. korinek, a. Schmidt, r. barnes, v. jaen- ike, c. sharpe, j. berigan, h. giesselman second row: j. bednar, j. ellis, b. kelligar, r. lowe, j. delton, d. law, w. smith, r. gil- bride, g. lamborn, j. moran, w. elliott front row: a. murphy, h. bauer, j. snider, c, brown, r. parks, e. wishnow, e. stoll, r. pettijohn, m. killion, o. owens, d fjed- rickson the annual spring concert and several out-of-town appearances highlighted the ' 48- ' 49 season of sinfonia. the male group, featuring string, woodwind and vocal guartets besides the chorus, con- sists of music majors with an eighty- average. above: the woodwind quintet rehearses for a concert, below: a trombone trio plays at the spring concert. page 206 delta oiiii rou informality marks tliis delta omicron get- together. back row: m. squire, b. brick, n. smith, k. dean, v. taylor, m. sommer, w. dark second row: v. bennington, b. de boer, d. bonebright, j. fredricksofi, 1. swanson. m. barton front row: i wood, m. james, s. laflin, m. stapleton, h. anderson delta omicron, national professional musical sorority for women, was or- ganized on the nebraska campus in 1921. a scholastic average of eighty, musical ability in some field, and a professional interest in music is re- quired for membership. above: officers plan a delta omicron musical program, below: members of the musical hon- orary gather at the piano for a few songs be- fore meeting. pa ye 207 sigma alpha iota members make final plans for their spring concert. back row: m. wherry, m. grosse. r. paul, c. elliott, m. voorhees, r. Johnson, j. law third row: }. reynolds, p. olson, v. nord- strom, j. ieisy, k. forbes, g. mc cormack, m. hauge second row: m. dark, d. taylor, s. koehler, a. jedlicka, g. hemmmger, m. harms, j. dolezal front row: p. larsen, h. murray, d. Schnei- der, a. snell, i. ullstrom, h. abdnor, d. niedenthal founded at the university of michigan in 1903, sigma alpha iota, national mu- sic sorority, is the oldest musical honor- ary on the nebraska campus. This so- ciety is active in university music circles and strives to promote high ideals in musical education. above: sigma alpha iota sisters arrange a few bars of piano music, below: the string quar- tet notes some difficult places in its selection. page 208 l»l M k and hritllt 1 officers discuss details of business for the next mee! back row: m. stalder, b. sixn, j. baird. e solomon. n. louts, k. mackey. e. rousek. e youngman, r. florell fourth row: w. pauley, a. white, n. walker, n baxter. d. sellin. r. mc dill, m. french. d. dunning, j. mc dill third row: d popken. a svoboda, e nay. j. de wulf, j. osier, r. voigt, 1. nelson, j. sauder, k. anderson second row: p, raynard, g gard, m porter, w long, g stahl, d- luther, d. kellogg. o brainara front row: curds, i. hljegren, w teter. r hamilton. e Jensen, a. clawson, n mil- ler, g. irancke block and bridle is a national honorary for students in animal husbandry, the members are chosen on a basis of scholarship, leadership, and interest in liv estock, the club sponsors the livestock and meats judging teams and junior ak-sar-ben show. senior meats judging team is adams, hcrri 1 ton, damkroger, kellog. six block and bridlers and coach dunlap are livestock judgers page ?C9 P 1 lambda ilicla officers have discussion with prexy peg mul- vaney. back row: h. hagensick, g. van horn, c elliolt, 1. gobar second row: e. berg, s. laflin, 1. gillelt, p. lawrie, j. farrar, m. nootz iron! row: n hansen, j. hill, 1. kroehler, m. mc elhaney, i. ullstrom, m. mc alister pi lambda theta, an honorary society, is open to junior, senior, and graduate women in education, the group pro- motes cooperation among women in the teaching profession. founded at missouri in 1917, omicron chapter was installed at nebraska in 1923. committee holds a confer ence on some edu cational ideas. speaker of the evening entertains informally before addressing the group. page 210 «i«j»ma Camilla 4 ' |»siioil looking ior minerals in samples of soil is regu- lar laboratory work lor geology majors. BHBBH IEEE 4 j 1 ■ T " 1 1 j HiVlllVHI Hfll ■■■■■■■ back row: : smith harris. m guinan. d. andrews. m. mendenhail w wmkler sixth row: becker. b. smith, e. reider, d. bieber, w. lebsack, w. ramsey fifth row: w. thompson, e. jochens. m. christenson, r. vesper, d buthman, h. stacy, c. nearhood. a. danforth, w. bran- dorfl, m. miller fourth row: r welty. s. woods, a koop, a g raff ham third row: w. chapman, g. elias, j shipps, k. har : la roy, g. graham, c. brookley, r. miller, d. nichols second row: | stC ; - ' wail .ohnson, s. dietnch, t. pegram, f. ama ' o, 1. hubka, m christensen, p. tychsen, h. hill, c. schultz front row: h reider, m. elias, a. lugn, I deffenbaugh. a honkala. a. backlund, w. heidtbrink, e. Schramm, b. burma, g. lueninghoener sigma gamma epsilon, national pro- fessional honorary, endeavors to ad- vance the fields of mining, geology, ceramics, metallurgy and petroleum engineering. this fraternity, estab- lished on the nebraska campus in 1917, assists its members in social, scientific and scholastic fields. members of sigma gamma epsilon relax in their chapter rooms while waiting for the meet- ing to begin. officers deffenbaugh, heidtbrink, honka la and backlund discuss meeting plans with faculty advisor, e. Schramm. page 21! phi beta kappa to be eligible for membership in phi beta kappa, undergraduate honorary scholastic fraternity, students must be in the upper tenth or sixth of the senior graduating class, this society, the old- est college honorary, with an un- equalled national record of 70,000 ac- tive members, encourages high scho- larship among students and gradu- ates. alan b. amsden wilma atkinson alvin 1. backlund, jr. william lemoine bade inez isabel baker forest odie bell jack chester botts miriam lucile bratt lester daniel buller james h. carmel helen anne chase granville coggs donald w. crowe robert houser davis ludian s. earnest lois j. gobar mary anne gralf mark alien guinan phyllis ann harris carol joy henrickson mildred m. hodwalker willard hohenstein james h. howard gladys mae jackson milrae e. jensen gordon f. Johnson harold louis Johnson Caroline s. jones milton lee kaiser lois j. kaminska john kirsch lois kroehler edmund mc eachen marion mc elhaney harold matthews charles moyer gordon ludwig pauley Irederick pelton lester petri karl s. quisenberry raymond james roth theodore sorenson barbara ann speer charles v. swan max r. swanson dana c. tisthammer gerald toy frederick ware, jr. herbert k. weisel donald sherman wiggans kellogg van note wilson DBK » i j t=y page 212 Kigma i organized at Cornell university in 1886, sigma xi attempts to foster original in- vestigation in pure and applied sci- ence, students who have displayed outstanding aptitude in research are eligible for election to active member- ship, new members are chosen from names submitted by heads of the vari- ous departments of the university. alvin 1. backlund, jr. william 1. bade jack v. baird waiter a. bergstraesser weston d. birdsall robert e. brandt carrol o. brunken robert c. busby glenn a. claybaugh joe d. cochran granville c. coggs donald w. crowe robert h. davis lester j. dreesen donald c. erwin frederick j. feldhousen ardrian e. glandon arthur s. gorai mary anne graff mark a. guinan jack guttenberg carol j. hendrickson rex c. higley inge r. isaksen leslie w. jochens warren w. koenig roy b. kriegh marlin a. kroger roy c. lipps frank a. loelfel eugene c. luschei robert 1. mc dill harold s. mc nabb. robert j. meade lawrence r. megill james b. mickle donald f. moore duane e. morin dean a. murphy george a. olive john h. patterson, jr. frederick 1. pelton melvin r. poeschl karl s. quisenberry, jr. james p. ramsaran irvin 1. reis wesley w. rieke rolland r. ritter donald e. schaufelberger richard a. schleusener john 1. skinner donald 1. smith william n. sorenson lauren e. spar.gler richard r. steffen jerold f. steinhour merle r. teel varro e. tyler frederick ware donald s. wiggans page 213 1 beta gamma sigma students in the upper ten per cent of the graduating class in the college of business administration are eligible for membership in beta gamma sigma, national honorary business fraternity, founded in 1913, this society encour- ages students to enter the college of commerce and finance and aims toward high ideals in business. melvin andelt donald auten lee adams kenneth anderson glenn anstine forrest c. blood (faculty) alan d. ball dana f. cole (faculty) george m. darlington (faculty) virgil dissmeyer curtis m. elliott (faculty) john eilers rita fitzmorris robert franke dale graul thelma grush robert hagen phillip james Joseph kase junior larabee ronald leigh james longman terence mc clary daniel mc curdy William mc kay edmund mc eachen gerald mason james moore donald mathes arnold peirson ernest prosser richard rundquist edward b. schmidt (faculty) william samuelson max swanson page 214 al|»lia ohm n;;i alpha alpha omega alpha, honorary medical fraternity, was founded at the univer- sity of illinois in 1902. this society strives to promote honesty and raise the standard of the medical profession, senior medical students who are in the upper one-sixth of their class and show promise of leadership in some phase of medicine are eligible for member- ship. irvin bernard braverman robert henry butler iames william chappell lee darrell gartner leroy edward groshong robert charles jones nick levitsky henry gerhard penner bernard frederick wendt page 215 sigma Ian founded at the university of nebraska in 1904, sigma tau is a national engi- neering fraternity, members are se- lected scholastically from the upper third of the senior and junior class of the college of engineering, further selection is made on a basis of practi- cality and sociability. paul w. albro floyd a. bean howard e. beckler ray f. bellows waiter a. bergstraesser robert f. berning herman g. bienhoff weston d. birdsall max w. blank perry w. branch, jr. John a. brand robert e. brandt earl t. brodman carrol o. brunken hilbert g. buchta billie j. buntz james h. buxton robert b. casari eldon e. clapham joe d. cochran charles r. collier william a. compton rodney t. cox virgil o. cuckler cecil j. doubt harlan m. echtenkamp george f. ervin frederick j. feldhausen darrel d. frederick burnell w. furstenau don c. gallagher jerome j. gill arthur s. gorai ronald b. grear earl d. hansen gerald r. halter alfons g. hamersky ted p. hording wilbur d. hattan carl e. hellerich kenneth e. helmstadter donald i. inghram inge rolf isaksen merlin 1. james page 216 eugene a. jarecki john c. Jenkins oraar b. Jensen warren h. Jensen leslie w. jochens richard I. Johnson daniel s. jones graham d. jones charles c. kellogg eugene e. kelly neal d. kennedy raymond g. kerchal warren w. koenig marling g. kroger john d. kuser williarn a. kuser frank c. kuska norman w. lawson wilber e. lehnert ernest j. louvar howard mastalir james h. mc donald lloyd m. melick billy b. michael andrew miller duane e. morin lauren 1. morin charles h. moser, jr. gerald g. mueller lachlan ohman david w. olive george a. olive dale e. olson john h. patterson dwight h. pearson fred 1. pelton russel a. perlenfein jack d. pickett melvin r. poeschl John d. provost irvin 1. reis keith q. rice vernon s. robeson jack 1. robinson michael i. rudloff fred s. sanbongi albert 1. scheideler paul d. schluckebier earl g. schmieding lloyd c. shalla darrell e. s ' .oan leo h. soderholm bertrand r. somerhalder william n. sorenson wayne b. splinter alan 1. stokely rob. v. struebing donald m. sundberg wayne b. swift donald temme kent 1. tiller verne m. traudt charles 1. veys william r. walker albert a. walla Stanley d. watt hoyt m. wells charles h. west dean k. whitla jack d. white jack 1. wilkins delta phi delta bock row: jiynn ■ •cond row: a whitham. I .• i-.t fi e liam», k « 1 Ironl row: in». r crono ' :arUon, radio amateurs society back row: r brabo, a odisrr stratbw - n. r. scott second row: r mas. r jonos, p jonee, I. norma n. I mlaska. e gloystein (ront row: a robertson, r southworth, v. cuckler. r manan. r wesslund. b witt delta phi delta outstanding students of superior abil- ity in art are eligible for membership in delta phi delta, honorary art frater- nity, the appreciation and under- standing of art are its goal. radio amateurs soeietv a quest for knowledge and experience in radio work led to the foundina of the amateur radio society in 1948 the grouo combines educational and so- cial functions at monthly meetings. above: artists rest while hanging an art show below: amateurs work with radio controls. £[ US page 217 theta sigma phi back row: m mc curdy, s. kropp, c. pap- pas, m batley, j. viehmeyer front row: d. travis, g. gustalson, m. crook, b rowland, n. anderson, e. Schneider sigma delta chi back row: w. panter, b. mc donald, d. fahrnbruch third row: 1. anthony, j. larson, f. simpson, a thompson, a. clem, d. hndstrom eecond row: b. wicks, c. gustafson, r. lebbs, j. botts, r. baade, r. munger, r. metheny front row: p. raynard, I. rail, c. kaufman, 1. geier, b. berkshire, g. abboit theta sigma phi since its founding in 1909, theta sigma phi, nationally recognized journalism honorary for women, has been work- ing to unite women in undergraduate and professional journalism. sigma delta ehi sigma delta chi, professional journal- ism honorary for men, was founded in 1909 to help journalism students bet- ter equip themselves to become mem- bers of that profession. above: theta sigs wait patiently for president rowland to show up for the meeting, below: members of sigma delta chi discuss their latest dates (publication, that is). page 218 alpha lambda delta back row: | -nt r and- cote Ironl row: , iohn»on. n port«r. m hicki. alpha epsilon rho back row: n porter, e. gengenbach. c hartman. d anderson. p harnngton, b. krasne, m. mallory front row: . m neste, o gettman, I. nekuda, w. lucas. m. vaggahs. s. quisen- berry alpha lambda delta freshmen women making a ninety average or above are eligible for membership in alpha lambda delta, this freshmen women ' s scholastic hon- orary encourages high scholarship among its members throughout their years in school. alpha epsilon rho to promote high standards of radio work and to encourage interest in radio, alpha epsilon rho, national hon- orary radio society, was organized on this campus in 1946. above: officers of alpha lambda delta go over meeting plans, below: radio fundamentals are reviewed by alpha epsilon rho members. kappa alpha inn bill leroy, stem sohl and george shaw take care of kappa alpha mu business. back row: w. yost, w. poe, r. orr second row: e. hoaglan, h. fine, w. moor- house, r. munger, b. hays, a. albert (root row: t. reynolds, r. farris, s. sohl, P- raynard, r. morgan, w. le roy, g. show completing its first year on the nebras- ka campus, kappa alpha mu, photo- graphy honorary, encourages high standards in photography, member- ship is based on scholarship, interest and ability. above: judges arrange photographs in the order they will be displayed, below: kappa alpha mu head, bill leroy, selects another pic- ture to show. page 220 back row: gamma lambda fourth row: neider. cook . -nermann third row: i stomacher b «!! w goodbrod. I alien ■•coad row: il • stoll • opoconu I skokan. o VOII Iroot row: H iavis, h larscn k tiller, d lentx, w palmer, • bo berg c rtnnt- II todenhoft thela nu back row: evana j kahle r sautter. h dinsdale, r speckhals ■•cond row: r. long. j. blankenship. j milts, a herman, t ochsner. j o ' neal front row: m. moskovitz, r waggoner, b robinson, d marples, g Johnson, f ware, b. phelps gamma lambda gamma lambda, honorary band fra- ternity, functions to increase musical and marching efficiency of the band, formed at nebraska in 1912, it attempts to promote band fellowship. lli« k fUi nu theta nus aims to promote high scholarship among pre-medical stu- dents, this order of the skull and cross- bones, admits pre-medics in the upper tenth of their class. above: gamma lambda members lunch to- gether, below: pre-meds gain experience with medical equipment. page 221 alpha zeta back row: : otto, j skinner, j king, r. meade. m. holhngshead, g. gard, r. voigt third row: m. stalder, 1. nittler. e. goin, d erwin, d. sylvester. p. grabouski, d. smith, j. osier second row: r bruce. a. white, p. skinner, r. mc dill, d. stauffer, 1. kokes, g. erlewine Iron! row: 1. erlewine, p vlcan, j. havelka, j baird. d lehr, 1. loeffel. p. mc donald phi chi theta back row: d. stufft, h haining, h. iehm- kuhl. m. mattox, m. blomendahl, m. ekblad iront row: j, malone, i conley, e mernck, p. meyer, a. reasoner, 1. hush alpha zeta membership to alpha zeta, honorary agricultural fraternity, is based on leadership, moral character and schol- arship, this society promotes interest in agriculture as a profession. phi chi theta training, cooperation, and high ideals are the aims of phi chi theta, honorary society for sophomore women of high standing in business administration. above: a lively discussion holds the attention of alpha zetas. below: phi chi thetas hear about business opportunities for women. page 222 phyncal •ducation club back tow: i Irwin w mc IMS lourlh low: m Ihlrd tow jr««r second row: b du«r«ct r • lohl, k moor s h«li« Ironl tow: rautch m leo ) moll m •chuiur d moshiar n holliday © © D phi upsilon omicron omicron nu back row: w uhrig w vol ka m lux. h ochsner. 1 bamesborger, d johnson. g monson Ironl row: 3 mitchell. m nielsen. m reyn- olds p. ross I. acker. 1 wellensick. c eggert physical ethical ion chili physical education club, a local organ- ization, was founded in 1924. the group promotes professional fellow- ship and recreation through parties, discussions and play days. |»lii upsilon omi 1011 omicron nn I scholarship, personality and leader- ship are the bases of election to home economics honoraries, phi upsilon omi- cron and omicron nu. their purpose is preparation for home economics careers. above: phys ed club members plan future events for an active year, below: officers of phi upsilon omicron and omicron nu combine tor a conference. page 223 back row: n. Schick, i. thone, e. erickson. s wmkelman, j. Jensen, j. snyder, h. how- aid, g. jackson, j. skucius, c. eggert, e. arenson, b. kelso, m. doolittle, s. bjork- lund, w. pearson sixth row: ! deshayes, p ludlow, r. hay- ward, r. kirkpatrick, m. kuhlman, c hus- ton, m. myhre, d. malmberg, m. tefft, a westerhoff, n. thomas, d. pearson, j. hosea tilth row: m. couse, m. young, p. giesman d. Johnson, e. rowley, r. fischer, m. wil kens, e. miles, v. west, m. fischer, r. lamb e. hschke, b. robb fourth row: p. sheldon, d. boland, a biel j. engelkemier, r- young, d. bauer, j. sed lacek, m. westgate, g. high, j. freiberg m. marshall, e. quigley, c. schott, m elseman third row: e. young, j. sharp, 1. larson b. stark, a. luebbers, r. hoffmeister, r renard, v. lovejoy, m. nebelsick, b wal gren, d. bowman, m. myers, a. stoppkotte j raun, m. gntzner second row: i, stoppkotte, e. kniffen, m nelson, i. wells, m. beran, m. chace, p brunner, h. budeit, t. burgess, j. pierce b. keith, j. mc laughhn, m. arthaud, m ramey, j. howe, k. conway front row: j ross, m. constantinides, j wielage, m. fedde, b. beckner, 1. lock ra. boettger, g. monson, j. maine, e. de rieg, p. hanlon home economics rliih the home ec. club, branch of the na- tional home economics association, promotes professional leadership and cooperation, the group sponsored a style show and a foreign student. home ec club officers enjoy a discussion of current plans and ideas. home ec club members relax a few moments before the meeting begins. members compare important notes and sched- ules received at meeting. page 224 coed roiiKisriois coed counselors, the ' big sister " or- ganization, acquaints freshmen wo- men with university life, they also sponsor charm school and book re- views and entertain their charges at several parties. - v the coed counselor board makes plans at weekly luncheon. ticket sellers find business good at the penny carnival. interested freshmen stop at the counselors booth at the activities mart. back row: j cochran. m. mallory, m camptield. m grail, k burl, I. dark front row: I games. j. malone. m. mc el- haney. j wightman, d. borgens, p. nordin page 225 waa the lively basketball games rated high as a favorite w.a.a. sport. back row: b. gardner, m. mulvaney, v. zabel, p. alien second row: b. shuman, j. sand, n. smith, b van every, a. bergh, k. rapp iront row: m. lee, j. stratton, j. boman, d meshier. m. collins, 1. erilcson the women ' s athletic association pro- motes women ' s sports emphasizing soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton and swimming, by selling conces- sions at nebraska football games, the group raises funds for its extensive in- tramural program. above: intramural representatives meet weekly lor game schedules below: it ' s a strike every time when w.a.a. bowlers step up the alley. page 226 : T ' H er (or a few laughs before 1 games beg explains some badminton tactics :c players. Softball teams get final instructions before beginning one of their hard-hitting games. when waa rifle club members take over the firing range, it ' s a direct hit every time. above badminton enthusiasts wait for courts, be- table tennis champs talk over their tourney games above: scrappy softball teams go into action low: the birdie flies fast in this badminton game aquaquettes back row: m. parsons, j. wetherbee, b- pecha, 1. grainger, p. neville, p. alien, ra. collins fourth row: c. colder, a. augustine, g. rob- ertson, m. chamberlin, r. sandstedt, p. wiedman, m. myhre third row: s. maser. r louts, j. lehl, j. tat- man. 1. spikes, b. gardner, s. devoe. d. lerdrup second row: 1 elwell, 1- erikson, p, loudon, m. baumann, a. mulhken, e. krause, c. Worcester, a- crawford, r. elias front row: c. cox, t. gaines, r. seidel, b. shuman. g. ferschtman, b. burgess, w. bryant, j. mott orchesis back row: v. duerschner, n. peterson, 1. kaminska, w. wolf, a. jacupke, d. lathrop, p. nutsch, p. king second row: b. mulliken, k. moore, p. meyer, m. bergh, p. halderman, k. copple front row: m hamillon, a bergh, a. lock- hart, r Johnson, m. lamb, j. woodworth aquaquettes selected for their swimming ability, members of aquaquettes, girls ' swim club, meet weekly to perfect their formations for the water pageant, the climax of the year ' s activities. orehesis orchesis, modern dancing club, selects its members on the bases of poise and dancing ability, after weekly prac- tices, the group presents christmas and spring programs. above: aquaquettes achieve perfection in a water formation, below: members of orchesis demonstrate true artistry in the christmas pageant. page 228 university ymca back row: n cn i| «grov» e brn Ihud row: barn»ll d milchom c soodt ■ lohnion. a »horl. r pond ■ •cond tow: m rn-inglon h r nelson, w. hal ;oot by bucknell, I burnham lionl row: w broaden w muter d Cf ■ willnmr. t sorenaon aq ymca back row: w sandall. m. ironch. 1. ber- : lippitt. I. nelson Iron! row: r, epp. s. lamberl, t. bachen- berg, d. stauffer, g. wagner Tinra through a full-time discussion pro- gram, the ymca teaches a fuller under- standing of life and its problems, it encourages the highest development of a christian personality. groups on the agricultural and city campuses make ym accessible for all interested men. above: ym discussions on city campus have many participants, below: yw members at ag college turn out for a big meeting. page 22° university ywca bade row: rv lieber, a palmer, p. larsen, j malone, k. rapp third row: b. sievers. w. clarlc. f. arnold, w. young, d. borgens, b. bloss, 1. barelman second row: m. raelick, a. Zimmerman, ra maxwell, a. flood, e. Schneider, j. fred- riclcson, p. seibold front row: c. Worcester, j. nutzman, e. hep- perly, b. speer, s. sabin, p. cadwallader, j delamatre. r. speer ag ywca back row: p ludlow, m. kuhlman, i. wel- lensiek, c eggert, a. mitchell, a. carnahan second row: m. Johnson, n. long, m. boett- ger, m. nelson, a. bos well, d. bowman, c. schott iront row: h ochsner, 1. acker, 1. mickle, m. musgrave, r. swanson, j. wielage vwea ywca is a link between school, home and church for girls, through commis- sion groups, vesper services and spe- cial programs, yw teaches christian ideals in everyday living. with groups on agricultural and city campuses, girls in yw are kept busy throughout the year. above: a yw group on city campus discusses various summer projects, below: girls in ag yw get acquainted at an informal get-together page 230 coeds formulate tactics for getting this large Christmas tree into ellen smith hall. making table decorations for the traditional may morning breakfast is more play than work for these yw-ers. girls in yw inspect and sort clothing collected in various drives for the people in europe. yw frequently invites speakers to talk on timely subjects in various discussion groups. SrT it ' v page 231 intervarsity christian fellowship a trio leads caroling at the ivcf christmas party. Q es ft back row: g. glebe, i. carlson, k. mills, r. lucht, r. gasion, 1, berquist, e. nilson fourth row: r, meyers, r. mansfield, d. gus- tafson, p. nelson, w. anderson, b. Johnson, r. andersen, r. nilson third row: n seow, 1 akinfenwa, g. carl- son, j. messersmith, m- may, h. hansen. p. andreas, r. gruber, I. nelson second row: t mansfield, e sklenar, 1. rundt, m. rolph, a- liakos, e. plett, m. aus- eroa, g. haugarth front row: m gustafson. n holmberg, w. berggren, f- swartwood, c- shipman, p. gustafson, d. whitacre, g. wagner, r. mills at 108 universities and colleges, the intervarsity christian fellowship em- phasizes the need for a vital christian faith for a positive, successful way of life, the interdenominational group was founded on the nebraska campus in 1945. above: movies frequently highlight the ivcf meetings during the year, below: everyone has fun at the extra special christmas party page 232 I lit lie ran students association coffee hour is a highlight at the tutl house. back row: | lind, j. Campbell, w. splinter, k. wilson. c. peters, b. gissler, 1 stautfer, r. sodergren, a. holz. r. tloreli, m. decker second row: I lindberg, g. high, e bishop, e wiberg, r nelson, 1. snyder. d. grueber. a otterness. j. koskan. g. lundahl front row: i stopkotte, h nygren e koop. r hscher. s kistler. d. Johnson, g challhe. v duerschner. 1 barrelman, j. hanson- the lutheran student association aims to win for and sustain students in the christian faith and to offer a christian social life, two groups, at ag college and on the main campus, offer sunday evening fellowships, a student choir, discussions and social events. lutheran students sing out en masse at the george Washington party. games make a big hit at this successfu. theran student party. page 233 presbyterian students house to provide a " church away from church " and a " home away from home " for students at the university, the presbyterian student house offers a religious, educational and social program, the group is under the di- rection of the reverend rex knowles. all students listen attentively to a forum speaker at a Sunday program. the presbyterian quartet sing out with a carol at the christmas party. students enter eagerly into the fun at a presby- terian student party. page 234 nigrna Ma chi back row »aun- d«n, b •»! • ' : oit»t n Ironl row: kvndahl. d Johnston, r bat«t. m o»te». | pi«rc« gamma delta back row: a tels, d bruggeman, e bartels. f. chaol. e. tegtmeier. g wollemath fourth row: r dunklau, k schmidl, h beck- chlcusener. h gloystetn. n lonias. a oslerman. ) sahs third row: d toebben. i heinteke. e kamp- rath. w. stokebrand, j lenster. e putensen, c schlueter, j. rosenlof. e erickson second row: h giessetman. b bermng. I. endorf, 1. wendt. m hauge. I. boschen. ) engelkerr.ier. j wilson front row: i mundhonke. n volzke a strumpler, h echtenkamp, h ©tck. e roes- roteluschon, b wteman, e miller si lima el a elii sigma eta chi, congregational sorority for women, promotes spiritual growth during a college career, the group welcomes girls of any religion, race or creed to its membership. ga in ma delta international organiation for lutheran students, gamma delta fosters the training of its members for christian service in the church and world, and the thorough study of the bible. above: smiling sigma eta chis wait for meeting time below: gamma deltas gather in the union lounge. page 235 with reverends anderson, nutt and Sylvester directing, the methodist student houses run smoothly. the methodist student council plans and co- ordinates the extensive program of the two student houses. methodist student house the methodist student houses at ag and city campus supply students with the means to make their college life suc- cessful religiously, intellectually and socially, a program of worship, dis- cussion and recreation is offered by the wesley foundation. the friendly methodist student house, 1417 " r " street, welcomes students at all times. ag students find the methodist student house, 3357 holdrege street, an inviting place for study or play. page 236 dalta ngma Ihela bock ir.K Ihird row: ■l«l r ■•cond row: lionl row: [ € ' 1-1 I) 5 7 V| ft kappa phi back row: b smailes. b ludden. 1 renner. i i hone. I. meter j ingwerson. g mix d marymee. j rasmussen, c rice, c payne lourth row: , i ner. m carr. e brakrage j walker, n neverve, m burklund. b ball. ) sharp, d dunn third row: h mann ; vanskike. t dyke, m koehler. n koehler. r. rosenquist, p olson, j. lawton. b. bishop, j armstrong second row: b slransky. e ward, m wil- dudek, g. lomax. g axelson c. rajewich, m boydston k Schneider front row: e howland, c. Joyce, d stuilt, d. pteifier m. philhps, b. reed, b ebbers. e andresen. r meterhenry delta si gma iheta delta sigma theta, national methodist men ' s fraternity, tries to provide religi- ous training and social activities, and to develop methodist leaders kappa phi organization for methodist girls, kappa phi is co-ordinated with the methodist student houses in developing religious, social and cultural growth. above: new ideas are developed by methodist men. below: inlormality keynotes kappa phi meetings. page 237 back row: r. torczon, j. duggan, b. hull, a. scheideler, 1. kotecki fourth row: j. schulte, j. stolinski, 1 vrbka. d walsh, 1. popken, e. weiman third row: g. wiedmaier p. ranee. 1. schmit. a. kettler, g. pntchaid, j. rutten, c. torczon second row: w. waiter, 1. tallon, p. con- way, m. matt hews, k con way, h barry, m. o ' brien, p. vlcan front row: m mc corrmck, j de wuli. p nolan, g. schuster, r. menuey, g. sechovec, j. Jacobs newman club through discussion hours, dances and parties, the newman club strives to promote social, religious and intellec- tual activities for the catholic students at the university, organized in 1931, the group stresses catholic culture and fellowship. interesting discussions are important to new- man club ' s informal program. father schuster and newman club officers set- tle details in council. newman club members find meetings educa- tional as well as interesting. page 238 back row: ) schmidt k bish- obertson. c schleicher «cond row: d benson s krebsbach, c shopard. e samuelson, g adams, j tat- man. s kling, w coMin Iront row: i mc clam, d schleicher. b. barnes. r benson. a mc cormack. k templin, a shirwood christian student fellowship the christian student fellowship enlists students in the fellowship of the chris- tian churches in lincoln. in cultivating spiritual growth by promoting campus religious activities, the organization sponsors parties and discussions. the christian students hold frequent informal discussions during the year students spend a friendly hour by the christian fellowship fireplace with a fire blazing, students relax for a com- fortable afternoon. pag£ 239 albert alien arterburn athey behrens berquist commins crom dennis diednchsen dinkel easterly eggert enckson (orclc lord halsey hammel hayward hultquist kamprath kegley kolar leech liljegren marsh messner miller moore, j. moore. w muller nelson nieveen perry pettett smith stoller swanson terrill walslrom wnght U £ O . . yL lk.kk keith 1. arterburn president arnold e. nieveen vice-president charles g lorck secretary page 240 ill Ill4 k ll 4 I lib actives 49 harold alien, david city SO harold anderson. york 50 keith alln. il SO charles athey. lekamah SO norma SO vern chmer. pender SO roy comi: aton SO rtchard crom. swanson SI iohn davis, genoa 49 earl diedricksen. scribner 51 tames dinkel. omal SI jack easterly. Sidney SI robert eggert, philhp.; SO eldor. enckson. lyor... SI charles lorck, Chicago, ill .51 wayne loster. bradshaw 50 halsey, lairmonl 50 donald hammel. lyons SO glen hayward. humboldt 50 ralph hill, )r . lincoln 50 eugene kamprath. seward 50 keilh kegley, kearney 49 robert kolar. wolbach 49 keith leech, humboldt 49 ivan liliegren. lincoln 49 charles mac lean, lexington 51 paul mechan, grand island 50 neil miller, davenport 49 William moore, brownville 50 jack moore. lyons SO james nelson, mitchell SO arnold neveen, adams .... ... SI donald perry, malcolm 50 vance alien pettett, david city 49 lymen rehmeier, weeping water 50 edward sautter, lincoln 50 ronald stoller, indianola 50 gene terrill. page 49 Clifford walstrom. omaha .49 lack wright, genoa 50 pledges donald andres, Cambridge . 52 rex coffman, Stewart ... .52 richard ford, bertrand .... ... 52 clyde mesner. jr , garland 51 everybody ' s making good use of a lazy sun- day to read n ' rehash the week ' s events — but who ' s got the funnies ' look at that confident grin! a slam bid seems to be in the offing for the one happy man at this table. a big test ' s coming up, and it ' s going to be a roughie 1 notice those industrious frowns — concentration plus! a little training in high finance for future ex- ecutives — besides, what ' s more fun than pitch- ing pennies page 241 abbott barribo bergstraesser brown buckendahl carr carroll chubbuck cochran conway Cunningham dahlgren dudek esies. b. esles, d. estes, m. flory toster freitag gillett guelker hagelberger hall hartmann has kins heuser hill holze hornbv housel kalin, margaret kalin, manlyn kistler kreuch kuiper latlin lamb lange larson learning mc curdy mahr nekuda olson pendray phillips pierce rice robertson seller sharpies slaughter snyder sorensen stutheit thomson tubman ullstrom vesteuka von bergen webber wilcox Williams 0Of) jacquelyn hill president lydia nekuda vice-president shirley lallin secretary sherrill von bergen treasurer founded in 1938 on university of nebraska campus page 242 -4 lOtVIH ' 4 1 III) CKttVM nlyn cibbolt. Iincoln 50 phyl oln 50 Town. Iincoln 51 myna buckenrlahl. Iincoln SO norma cu i]n SO lane? iln SI elaine carroll, Iincoln 50 ruth chestem. Iincoln 49 norma chubbuck. Iincoln SI lamce cochran. Iincoln 50 katie conway, Iincoln 49 bevorly c hncoln SO ann dahlgren, Iincoln 50 loyce dudok. Iincoln 50 belty east. Iincoln 50 barbara estes. Iincoln . 52 dorothy estes, Iincoln 51 manorie estes. Iincoln ... 50 roberta (lory, Iincoln . . 50 pat loster. Iincoln . 51 edith Ireitag, Iincoln . 51 lois gtllett. Iincoln 49 shirley guelker, Iincoln 51 henrietta hagelberger, Iincoln 52 jo ann hall, Iincoln 52 grace haskins. Iincoln .49 beverly henneck. Iincoln .52 phyllis heuser, Iincoln .52 Virginia hageman, Iincoln ... SO dolores hartmann. Iincoln . . 49 jacquelyn hill. Iincoln ... 49 edith holze, Iincoln ... 50 iune hornby, Iincoln 50 marijo housel. Iincoln 51 margaret kalin, Iincoln 50 marilyn kalin. Iincoln 50 sarah kistler, Iincoln . . 51 Virginia kreuch, Iincoln 52 darlene kuiper. Iincoln 50 shirley lallin. Iincoln 49 helen lamb. Iincoln 50 Virginia lange, Iincoln 49 lois larson, Iincoln 52 10 ann learning, Iincoln ... .50 marjorie mahr, Iincoln 49 shirley mahr. Iincoln ... 51 mary mc curdy, Iincoln 49 barbara mitchell, Iincoln 51 lydia nekuda, Iincoln 50 betty olson, Iincoln 51 paula pendray, Iincoln 51 marcelene phillips, Iincoln 50 janet pierce, Iincoln 50 loan raysor, Iincoln 50 mildred rice, Iincoln .51 Virginia robertson. Iincoln 49 Virginia seller, Iincoln .... .50 roberta sharpies, Iincoln 50 elizabeth ann slaughter, Iincoln . . .52 aleta snell, Iincoln 50 helen snyder, Iincoln 51 ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 51 50 49 ruth sorenson, Iincoln mary ann stutheit, Iincoln ellen thomson, Iincoln geraldine tubman. Iincoln 50 ila laye ullstrom, Iincoln . sherrill von bergen. Iincoln mary Webber. Iincoln ardath wilcox, Iincoln loan Williams. Iincoln dorothy vestecka. Iincoln 49 49 50 52 50 50 officers take time out to combine business and pleasure while they have a board meeting and make future plans. it hits the spot!— and the girls hit that coffee line, always a popular place immediately after dinner. the meeting ' s just about to begin, but everv- one has to spend that last minute for a bit of socialization. come and get it!— and everybody ' s eager for the restful dinner hour after a long day of classes and studies. page 4tfL? arterburn burgess caja carroll gartland grobeck holze Johnson, m. Johnson, p. learning Iiakos mc curdy middleluii moore pettelt plank reiter schwarz stoppkutle wall isa UM ' S 1ALL the independent students association promotes social life lor unaffiliated students and encourages them to par- ticipate in campus activities, a new- organization, the isa enlisted over 700 members, and elected a national can- didate for isa sweetehart at their spring dance. everyone has to take time out for a joke once in a while, and busy isa officers are no ex- ception to the rule. " unhand me, sir! " (he ' s only fooling, honest!) two " hoodlums " make their grand entrance to the traditional bum ' s ball. page 244 -■Y palladia ii officers gather around, discussing future plans for one of palladian ' s extensive activities. back row: j. ellingson. t. stiehl. v. norn- son. r. rosenquist, r. harrsch, r. garretson, r. bailey, g. mehuron fourth row: f. vanosdall, f. rogers, b. barnes f. rupert. r. bennett, d. mitchem, m navid, r. pfeiler third row: m boswell. n. spomer, b. bret- zer. m church, j. gilpin, j. nngler, m. matthews. m. myers. r. Collins second row: m. weir, n. koehler, p. more- head, m. ekblad, b. olson, 1. hush, 1. craig, m. baykton, g. corey front row: w. swift, m. ludwick, j. davis, d Johnston, r. craig, 1. metzger, e. blish indicative of the wide horizon of inter- ests encouraged by the palladian liter- ary society are its endeavors to furnish a social life, promote citizenship and provide opportunities for its members to develop their talents in many fields. getting acquainted at the valentine formal, palladians fill programs for exchange dances relaxing between dances, couples pick their favorite records and finish signing dance pro- grams. page 245 arenson arthaud baragar barker beavers beck beckner beers bohaboy brunzelf chilvers commins docekal douglas fisher frasier hokamp howe huff Ingram jensen, e. jensen, f. koskan lauer long mitchell moline murphy quigley reynolds runty schwarz shaw sperhng Stewart steyer swanson velte wendt a f V§ r oo i w OOA I amikita an organization for unaffiliated women living in independent houses, amikita, promotes scholarship among its mem- bers and urges active participation in campus life. the amikita " sweetheart " and her two attend- ants look very happy after their presentation at the sweetheart ball. the music lovers of the group take time out for a small jam session before they hear that meeting bell ring. those dreamy eyes indicate that it ' s reminis- cing time, as the girls glance over their scrap- book of years gone by. page 246 adelphi latt«na i I melson nutzman pap] n stelaff van horn kernels brunner chotena kohn lallman lostroh mansfield peterson rosoniot saum shoup stranaky wiilard aclelplii throughout the year, members of adelphi, organization for unaffiliated women, were kept busy planning social activities, including a spring dance and a party for orphans. kernels through monday evening meetings and several parties, the members of kernels, a social organization for un- affiliated women, are encouraged to enter campus activities. cosmopolitan club back row: w brown, n. walker, e. barten, v. lavko. m. Jeffrey, w. willi third row: r. van ornam, g. jackson, e. berg, k roashan, i. mumr, r. johnson, m. ponrzanjani, c. hannezo second row: g. rezai, j. ayres, i. sasati, t. mansfield, m. kuchmok, e. ayala, 1. metzger, !. ferreyra, m. burgess front row: r. solhjoo, d. lidolph, j levi, e. schossberger, 1. sepahpur-fard, v. pierce, h. shahmirzady, e. schoen comenius club wopata, srb. back row: j kucera, w- urbanek second row: a. kuncl, r. dudek, d. spatz, d. bartek, i. reiman, e. caha front row: a. semenec, e. stanek, c. smrha, r. drbal, f. hulac, m. bohaboy cosmopolitan club in promoting world-wide friendship and understanding, the cosmopolitan club, composed of members from dif- ferent parts of the world, meet weekly to exchange ideas and interests. comenius club re-activated in 1947, comenius club is again fostering the acquaintance of students of czech extraction. the group, founded in 1904, was originally known as the komensky klub. above: dances highlight the cosmopolitan club social calendar, below: comenius officers pre- pare movies. page 248 loomis hall back row: • cord row: tow: ; I ir ■ •»•. a tlo; m marshall delian ■union back row: ■ Tham. e coha second row: ellis. d motcalf. h johns, h yoshina. i e His front row: c raysor. 1 kugler d moore. j wisner, m malone, w stocking, J. sielaff l€M»mis hall loomis hall, a cooperative house for university women, encourages in its members an interest in extra-curricular life, including campus activities and social functions. clelian union to promote interest in writing, the delian union literary society was formed in 1931. it was originally two separate non-fraternal groups, the delian and the union societies. above: loomis hall girls give guests a smiling welcome, below: waiting for meeting to begin, delians relax. page 249 rosa bouton hall bauer brack burton dointon damngton earnest harsch hunter kaminska ktttelson neuenswander pfeilter taylor van cleave wiberg wilkurn Howard hall bailey berg borkenhagen garrison hamburg harder hdolph lind ludwick mattison nelson nutsch r arioni reiman rockwell squire tenney whitacre ffi ff iiiff V £1 t ' h rosa ImmiIoii rosa bouton girls filled the days with campus activities and classes, but left sufficient time for parties, bridge games and an 80 average. Howard coeds of howard hall participated in campus activities and maintained their standards of high scholarship throughout the year, besides these services, the girls entertained at their fall tea and spring party. wilaon hall -.on mcgi: scho«n Hchormann ■ •ski rundle hall J " S8 clomont galbranh grail griebhng hoyden kirkman lawion olson reagan reasoner shuster wilson the girls of wilson hall paid special attention to the arts by participating in dramatic and musical groups, as well as waa, tassels and isa. members set a standard of scholarship, partici- pation and frie ndship on the campus. rundle girls of rundle hall had a well-rounded year, participating in many activities and social events but still maintaining averages high enough for member- ship in several honoraries. •I acker anderson bowman chace mtinides eager! engel. emier enckson liala hscher Ireiberg hayward high huston johnson. d ohnson, m kelso lock ludlow malr . miles monson musgrave ochsner robb rowley rudisii sedlacek skucius snyder soukup swanson teift travis vosika walgren weir west westerhoif wtetage young 0£ £) $% i ' ) rtOOfl© . 1 9 f $$n y love memorial the girls in love memorial hall lead a unique and useful life as they attend classes and carry out those domestic duties of sewing, cooking and keeping house, the girls are very proud, and justly too, that they have been selected to live together because of their out- standing abilities, scholarship, charac- ter and their individual means, yes, they are truly remarkable girls! even during the famous " blizzard of ' 49 " , the girls could well boast of the beauty of love memorial hall. everybody pauses in the lounge before gath- ering energy for that long climb upstairs to (awful thought) studying. ■ mc • ■• oka a paroulek pokorski russell scholl international house the girls of international house repre- sent many different countries, organ- ized into an active campus group, the girls maintain high scholastic averages as well as foster interest in activities, the members receive many advant- ages from their inter-national and inter-racial atmosphere. this time it ' s a tapestry that everybody s ad- miring — one of the many souveniers from the girls homelands. judging from the looks, the officers are enjoy- ing president lois kroehler ' s display of musical ability. page 253 Armstrong bishop chase durkop ernst grobeclc house high hinderaker ingwerson jackson keenan kropp lenz mc crory michelsen mix nelson nutzman pletcher nee fitter softley tonies viehmeyer wultf Icrr.M ' C liiifil high scholarship was an important part of terrace hall girls ' campus life with many members represented in honoraries. the girls were active in campus organizations and sponsored a fall tea for miss elsie ford piper. officers get together to make plans and decide policies. latest styles are always fascinating! here, the recent vogue is the center of attraction among style-wise girls. page 254 rs r A Mi t iar«cki cnapp koerb«r i roubicek sohn«rt shuey sobotlra stake itanley teler tokheim VUCU ' ' broM ii palace co-op with the guidance of their officers and board of directors, members of brown palace successfully managed the two houses operated by the organization, active participation in campus activi- ties and honoraries was carried throughout the year. their huge stairway accommodates most all the residents of the palace — now smile for the photographer, men! the officers call their board meeting to order in one of the fella ' s rooms, ya ' say you ' re talk- ing business, boys ' page 255 Va M+.h+A behne bowman deerson diller japp Jenkins kincanon klein maixner morin nelson owens quigley ruphngei tucker wells men of the cornhusker co-op were well represented in both the univer- sity band and orchestra, and put em- phasis on their athletic teams which took part in intramural sports, mem- bers also found time to manage their house and entertain at their spring party. cornhu§ker co-op officers scan the sports page to get the scoop on nebraska ' s most recent victories — how ' re we coming, men? the ivy day sing is drawing nigh and every- body starts to exercise the vocal cords in a good ol ' sing-fest. page 256 the officers forget their many duties for a little while and take time out to concentrate over a card table studies are neglected a few minutes while everyone enters the apparently fascinating conversation. the couch seems to be a favorite reading spot, especially for those who want to study or look at the " rag. " members of the pioneer co-op upheld their reputation for leadership as the oldest co-op on the campus, active in campus organizations, sports and honoraries, the men climaxed the year with a campus-wide co-op banquet. back row: : kugler. r. krogh, h brown. d dullen, j mc coy, t. vasina third row: r cronin, c. house, b. pierce, r damkroger. m. hanson, w. hohnstein second row: w irby, a peters, j. bjorklun. r olberding. r logan. t Petersen, c glover Iront row: c swan, n Jones, a. st. John. I Jacobs, d tlesher. m burns, d. walker pioneer co-op page 25? -n albin annstrong axelson blaha blayney bradley breese broadstone christensen -.ett colmc carlson, c. coon ook chamberlain donaly ciuaeck dunn crnsho!! eolrada garlland gauge: m. gauger, s gissler glebe hulac hunler jensen johnson judd larson hncoln lind mc elhaney nzie magdanz mangold mann ; etcrson pierce pratt ragan rankin shramek Simmons ■ smith solfermoser tish tleetweed iocken Ireye garey gnlfin gross nanson ha yes heller Irarel klone koehler. m. koehler. n. kugler lomax lovejoy lowry lundquisl mc coy martin meier nelson oakes pejsar renard cabin schlecht : eibold sprague Stevenson stratbucker sunde suverkrubbe Ewartwood v ai thone willard tous winte;berg uohling young vitek rabel f frft 1 o fj 9 o ft i «n o £) € O £ c verniel lundquisl governor norma shalla vice-governor mary barton secretary mary mc kenzie treasurer barbara durland love hall president cathleen cox raymond hall president evelyn bargen hepner hall president page 258 women ' s i € k itl k ii« 4 k luills cteo abdnor jeann - betty |o alien illen betty andrrson norma anderaon umatrong ■ ann augusti i n auterod ■ on evelyn baraen i r M barton ne ballou vn bergh cecela benn eleanor berk arlene biel delaine bishop leannr blah a Virginia btayney shirley blotcky mary bock Virginia botsford roarvelle boyce gettie boyer regina bradley joanne bredenberg eldean breese georgia breese rita brennan mary broadstone joyce brookstein marilanne bronnor mendeth brown vamta brown phylhs brunner lots bryson betty bull pearl burcheM 1 burkland bonny burgess nancy button jean caha chloe ann calder clanne carlson roberta carlson janice carter marjone carston barbara chamberlain janet champine myrna chosen carol cherny betty chnstancy dons christensen elsie christensen norma christensen phy His chudacoti martone dark emily cloyd shirley colnic louise cook beverly coon manlyn ann coupe manlyn couse nanette cowles cathleen cox ann crawford charlotte creamer nancy cremeens manan crook nancy davis beverly deal marcia dennis dorothy dirks jeanette dolezal cotette donaly donna doran jo ann draper druliner mary belle dudeck dons dunn barbara durtand patsy dutton theresa dyke suzanne eastergard i edmondson lots en: martha eriksen barbara est delores (eldhacker - ftrestone helen tish ©lean elaine fleet georgeen lo ' retl lean lowler grace tox loan tranke lots Ire clanc ' sharon (ritzier maxtne lueh toan tugate norma gamerl marjone garey mary gartlana manlyn gauger shirley gauger clare gilbert dorothy aissler betty globe lane goeres charlotte gottelieb susan I grainger nancy green bonnie gries Virginia gntfin loyce gnfhths carol gross manlyn grosse carolyn groves bonnie hale elinor hanson ann harber phylhs harbert patty hasson georgine havtik managnes hayes kathryn hays margaret heineman alice joy heiss beverly heller ardello hengen lenora hershon joan hertzler patncia hervert georgia hilker marlene hill ruth ann hinds joanne hite joan hotf ruth holtmeister patt horstman jacquelyn hoss Constance hovey mary hubka marguerite hughes trances hulac janet hunt dortha hunter mary huston ann inman haze) Isaac delores uwm darlene Jacobs joanne jetfers betty jeffryes barbara jenkinson Catherine jenson kay john carol johnson ehzabeth johnson lola johnson margaret judd jeanne kain manlyn karel polly ann kennedy mable king pamela kinne joan kinsel louise kirchbauro rachel kirkpatrick janyce klone Caroline koci mehssa koehler - koehler Joyce kor«: ! kosenke shirley kerbsback ruth kreycik irons ■ beverly larson ■no larson loanno la shelle Helen tehmkuhl barbara hncoln beverly lind ruth lind janice liljedahl elanor lischke elaine lot gretchen lomax tane lorensen delores tovegrove Virginia lovejoy ruth lovitt laura lowry annette luebbers Vermel lundquist marlyn lutz Virginia magdanz kathleen manarry Virginia malicky barbara malm mane mangold hattie mann taye jean margolin dorotny martin marguerite martin sallie matteson la reta meter jo ann mellen margaret metcall rennee micklin peggy miles lorraine miller shirley miller virgmia milli ehzabeth moodie manlyn moomey mariam morgan manlyn morgan jean- nke nelen musselman manlyn j myers mary mc earthy bonnie mc coy mary mc crory marjone mc elhaney barbara mc elwain mary mc kenzie jean mc naught lois nelson shirley nelson kathryn newhouse dons noodel mary ann norseworthy dorothy nordgren jean nordgren jean oakes patncia o ' bnen lois olsen elaine o ' neill peggy or: jane packer luciejean palmer delores parkinson mary ann pederson barbara pejear nancy peters taith peterson nancy peterson Virginia peirce bernadine pokorski nora ann pokraka lorna powers ahce prang nancy pratt susan pryor marjone putt patncia ragan charlene rajewich norma coleen rank in raish shirley ran . eleanor ralhieo a ratlitt luch ' i rediger nta renard shirley nchards sandra rtddell shirloy roach ' berts lois rod in betty roessler land mary jane rooney roberta rosen ruth rosenquist sarah rothenberger donna ruddock shirley ruff mary max rusho shirley sabin natalie samuelson carol schepman norma schick barbara schlecht marjone schmid lois schoening joan schroyer naomi schreiner lots schultz betty schupback lois searles f r " tncia siebold Ivdia seletoes snirley seward marcella sexton monine shaffer norma shalla emmarie sharamek tane siebras larriet Simmons peggy simonson eleanor sklenor joanne smith lois smith martha smith mildred smith aria mae soliermoser mar bon speice anita spradley lois sprague mary stevensen martha stratbucker Virginia stryker Joyce sunde myrtle suverkrubbe trances swartwood ruth taylor janice teter margaret thomas Ua thone mary trances toaus imogene uehling joan van sk manlyn vingers helen v nita volzke mary ann vreeland jayne wade reynalda walker celestine westermark beverly wieman beth wilkens leola willard betty Williams shirley winkelman marlene wtnterberg trances wtsmeki ethel woodward colleen young evelyn young renee youngson verna zable margaret zellers joan zierott janet zlomke five dorm-ees get together in the lounge for a good old gab session miss duly, dorm director, greets the girls and their dates at the formal. long skirts and black bow ties were evident at their annual winter formal. the rajah must have been overcome by all that pulchritude in the dorm ' s coed follies skit page 259 bare benson boesiger brogan brunken cardinal cl irke cotfey curley denker denms edmondson gelwick george gottsch hageman hansen hipke hyde kelky kostal kroger lawson mc neely malone may metcalt miesbach miller mize morrow mundell nelson, j. nelson, r. paap peterson pond roesler russell sandall schleiger short Sinclair steinhoff tyner van neste welch weyenberg wiest zahn o o (St c$.. c$ .. Bl O. O .p ft O P O £ . O p O £5 C c n. o » i» norman zahn John speas president residence halls council business manager page 260 Ill 4 ' II S VV siilr ■ !«•« ' hall s robert ale earl baker ronald benson marion bentz Willi •. wendel boesiger marltn bopp norman braasch irvin briese john brogan carrol brunken lloyd cardinal donnal carlberg trving carlson phillip chase anthony dark william cofley william compion :d craren richard culbert phillip curley gordon denker william dill charles dillman james dutton dale ebers william edmondson theodore elkin donald forinash futcher charles geller willard gelwick harold george harold gilliland russell goodwin robin gotlsch robert gruber leslie hageman ralph hall robert hancock ramon hanson lames harper phillip hatch clinton heine william hess george hill art hinman dale ' layton hyde :ise .Lien robert jessup gary loselyn ted kana: donald kelly leland k Willis kroger lohn krogh robert krotter richard kusek joe laferla howard lamb raymond larson edwin lawson dean laudenschlager norman lind jack lliteras marvin malone robert mason clinton mc naught john mc reynolds lames meeker richard meysenberg neal miesbach dick miller dennis mitchem david mize franklin mize andrew morrow robert mueller hill mundell james nelson gene nutter william nutter thomas oberg lohn o ' neal robert ottman john overing jack paap max paulson peter peatrowsky clinton peterson donald r peterson loh: ido dan q harol kenneth r« fred rice jack robson gerald roc lack russell william russell robert d rutlc william rutledge blain runner ronald rystrom wesley sandall richard sautter richard schoettger jack scholz robert scott darvin schoemaker bill shalfer robert sherman don Sinclair richard Stanley robert steinholl werner stoeflel ralph taylor carl tipton don tipton jerry tyner lloyd tyson Jerome vance robert van neste dwaine van pelt kenneth von barger donald wallerstedt vern welch robert werner robert wiest david wiles don wiles jerry young norman zahn howard zeller robert zwart it must have been a good one, boys! brief interlude — then back to studies! the paper boy makes his weekly rounds looks like intramural preparation! page 261 ladies, be seated -- the busboys are ready, and dinner ' s about to be served for the mon- day night dinner meeting. gather ' round, chillun — the girls hold a " casual " meeting, and what could be handier than the stairway? " oh, the weather outside is frightful, " but in front of their cozy fire place the girls have no trouble keeping warm. no one knows who ' s going to get the bid, but you ' d better watch those kibitzers, girls — they ' re peeking! above: looks like a busman ' s holiday for these gals doing a bit of " pleasure reading. " below: all phases of family life are practiced at the home management house above: " we ' re all pals together " is a good theme for this friendly group, below: isa sweetheart can- didates typify " babw cutie pies " . south american si b " as much as the homestead ' strates her ability on ts. students come to un from all corners of the earth. -.senlof addresses the international friendship dinner. above: friendly relations are prevalent among stu- dents of the foreign countries . . . below: as the flag of areat britain signifies. above: foreign students learn about america through discussions, below caracha south american theme is carried out in this d an - : . • m party, party, party, the ol ' un gang enjoys getting together informally. . .the more the merrier. four kappa pledges do their song and dance act at the penny carnival. .. v ginger meehan, fag in mouth and eyes crossed, is a typical nebraska " queen, " incognito. gay marr presents his review to the un theatre crowd. above: " yea, there ' ll be 12:30 week nights for the coeds, " announces marion crook, a.w.s. prexy. be- low: " i now pronounce you man and wife " . . .remi- niscent of the beta honeymoon party. above: convertible tops go down at the first sign of spring, below: could this be fiji-tau tussle 7 the grinning phi gams, mud. and all, come through vic- toriously, (as usual). ik iiHiiimiiiii the formal Season and here they are the rockettes of £1. A cornhusker beauty queens add " that certain some- thing " to hospitalized vets. rally, rally, rally . " potsy and his gang " give the crowd a word. above: bill moorhouse, shoot urn up date — as eager party goers look on . below: while chi os play santa claus to the alums ' children. above: from behind the iron curtain comes carla renner at the penny carnival " peep " show, below the girls check on last minute details before the dance alien anderson cahensky o. bahensky, m. bancroft biemond bloss borgens button caha Carlson cherny, m. chemy, c. dark croskary dalthorp Maherty forst get ' man graham guhin, p. guhin. v. nanson harris, c. harns, p. hemminger hyland lames johnson laflin larsen la shelle latham lathrop lmdquist mann maupin mc el wain moodie mulvaney myhre pfeiffer rosenlof scheidt schepman schmid schreiber soright stahl swan taylor thomsen tnmble tnpp wall i ■-.- Washington, b. Washington, w. webstei weishel yoder IV € « ■ rr r i m o p i% O O i% katherine pfeiffer president phyllis harris first vice-president eleanor stahl second vice-president dorothy lathrop treasurer founded at de pauw university, 1885 established at university of nebraska, 1907 xi chapter seventy-one chapters scarlet and olive green page 266 iilpha 4-lii oiiK ' Hii actives delores bahe: | ml marion bahensky. st paul eleanor bancroft, elsie i Bennington, chapp«ll ■ dorolhy borgens. lincoln bonnie carlson, omaha margy chemy. north bend nancy dark, st edward •• ann dalthrop. pierre, so dak kay llaherty. st edward pat graham, lincoln olive gettman. lincoln Virginia guhin. superior pat guhin. superior phyllis harris, lincoln gretchen hemminger. dead wood, so dak Jeanne hyland. lincoln mimi lou james. Crawford janette Johnson, york pat larsen. south sioux city Iilla latham. grand island dorothy lathrop. crawlord jean mann, lincoln myra maupin, north platte katherine pleifler, chappell betty rosenlof. lincoln shirley scheidt. omaha kathie schreiber. lincoln shirley seright. lincoln eleanor stahl, david city joan swan, tecumseh Virginia taylor, north platte margaret tripp, lincoln fran Wallace, lincoln bonnie Washington, hardy ann webster. lincoln . . barbara weishel, lincoln betsy yoder, lincoln ... pledges betty anderson, south sioux city jo biemond. ord nancy button, ogallala jean caha. swedburg carol cherny, north bend pat croskary, lincoln rrullie forst, lincoln fran hanson, lincoln carol harris. lincoln pat laflin. lincoln joan la shelle, omaha Janice lindquist. grand island . . barbara mc elwain, sloan elizabeth moodie. west point peggy mulvaney. lincoln millie myhre. st. edward carol jean schepman, tecumseh margery schmid, sabetha, kansas margaret thomsen, lincoln . . . margaret trimble, lincoln 51 49 51 50 50 51 50 50 49 50 49 51 51 49 49 49 51 51 51 50 49 50 50 50 49 51 51 51 50 49 50 51 49 51 50 51 51 50 52 50 52 52 52 52 52 51 52 52 52 51 52 52 52 50 52 52 52 52 alpha chi wheels pose on their unique sun- porch, it ' s for certain the sun must shine on this happy group of celebrities. the real work and organization of a chapter can only be successful, if it is handled by such officers as these. at the moment it ' s music, fun and laughter for the lovable alpha chis. the title? oh yes, " so tired. " one of the biggest, and best events of the year ... a candy passing, this time the lucky guy captured the affections of an alpha chi. J on a page 267 underson arp uustin beam bever brinkman clement colhns cnswell doyle derrick flynn forna gauger gibson. r gibson. w. gierhan naskell havelka holmes Johnson keeney kennedy kinnier kimmerling tmghorn knebel koehler kokes kopl. d kopf. h. Icreycik lafl.n landgren lawson luhrs mackey monahan monson, m monson. w. montz mc dill, j mc dill, b mc donald newman olson osier otte pinkerton rohn raynard robinson rousek, edward rousek. ernest scherer sellin sim smith steinkruger Stephens strumpler sturm torczon tnpp voight Williams wirth fc3 fa t5 fi p D P Q S3 Q 65 ■ ' :-? fey ' •? ?9 C-; P « l donald smith president philip keeney vice-president John osier secretary robert voight treasurer founded at university of Illinois, 1904 established at university of nebraska, 1917 kappa chapter thirty-one chapters green and gold page 268 alpha i» anderson. wilsonvill. ' •on pO clarence beam, stapleton 50 donal i oshkosh 51 lincoln 51 eugene llynn. blau 49 loyd lorlna. mitchell 50 robert gibson. randolph 50 im gtbson. randolp: 50 philip keeney, cedar grove, n i 49 clay kennedy. peru 49 rltng. beatnce 50 gray kinnier spalding donal norfolk 50 robert koehler, fremonl 49 leonard kokes. burwell 49 harold kopl. lexington 50 robert kreycick. wood lake 51 gordon luhrs, imperial 50 alien mackey. eush.s 51 )ohn mc dill, lincoln 50 robert mc dill, lincoln .49 philip mc donald. horton 49 lames monahan. hyanni.s 51 marvin monson, clay center 49 warren monson. clay center .51 lack newman. pattonsburg, mo ... 50 john osier, imperial ... 49 gordon otte. lincoln .... 49 george pinkerton, beatrice .51 robert raun. minden .51 philip raynard, stapleton 49 edward rousek, ord 51 ernest rousek, ord .51 duane sellin. norfolk 50 robert sim, nebraska city 50 donald smith, Cambridge 49 arthur strumpler, lexington 50 lames sturm. nehawka 50 kenneth torczon. columbus 49 robert voight, davenport 49 lloyd wirth, dunbar 50 pledges: david austin, lincoln .... 52 donald beaver, Virginia 52 donald clement, ord .... 51 lawrence collins. st edward 52 james doyle. omaha 51 kay gauger. eusti. . 52 gilbert gierhan, lexington 52 bruce haskell, stapleton 52 william holmes, oconomowoc, wis 52 lerry Johnson, red cloud 52 (red kinghorn. lewiston 51 delbert kopf. lexington 52 robert lallin, lincoln . . .... 51 norman landgren, shickley 51 donald lawson. silver city, ia 52 glenn moritz. lexington .... 52 delmar olson. north platte 50 robert robinson. lincoln .... 51 robert scherer. omaha ... 52 william steinkruger, franklin 51 richard Stephens, lincoln .... .51 william tripp, blair 50 wayne wendt, wabash 52 lames Williams, norfolk .51 " that trophy ' s so big we could use it for a silo, " quips John osier. caught turning over the outhouse, annette carnahan is reprimanded. this year ' s farmer ' s fair is going to be bigger and better than ever. " says chairman don smith in his pep talk 7 " innocent " osier is doing it again here he is gathered with the officers. iiiiima Hio ige 259 anderson auten bare briese dark cline coffin Conner culbert dunning foster graul. d. graul, 1. green naaen haflstrom harvey hiner tames lease kay kellner kennedy kluck kuster lang larson df. IHIk ri£ll dud iAM • Atfc «« Ail «▲«» L -,-» J«J O -P O ?i AJ l v l .3 .. . " nchard 1. culbert president CJKJi maynard morgan vice president m William s. cline treasurer I r harold d. stickney secretary founded at the university of new york, 1904 established at the uinversity of nebraska, 1914 69 chapters zeta chapter page 270 alpha kappa psi aclivoa lohn d and» r:u donald h. aut«i lyle I bare, pil raleigh •• robert e cl - ■ollm. lincoln george b. Conner, rnc cook richard I c 10. dak earl w. dunnir. : robert m losler. gordon roland 1 cj Id dale e. graul, roca loren d graul. roca richard : gioen. bavard robert 1 hagen, crawlord david 1 hallslrom, webster, so dak orley o harvey, milchell William d hiner. wymore burton e holthus, bertrand philip d james. lincoln Joseph kase. lincoln harold kay. mc cook robert 1. kellner. onawa, ia donald g kennedy, falls city emil kluck, aurora dale k. kuster, hickman jean r. lang, lincoln ray lanowski, ord robert c. larson. shickley ronald r. leigh. crystal lake, donald mc laughlin, ardmore, so. dak richard d. mc laughlin, ardmore, so. robert mc nare, alliance . . gerald mason, palisade Oliver k. meininger, Cambridge Irederick meyer, grand island maynard morgan, webster. mass, orville muenchav, eagle . raymond h. muller, norfolk daniel h. patton, lincoln ernest prosser. (alls city dwayne f pullen. lincoln richard p. schoettger, burton harold d shane, atkinson harvey 1. smith, missouri valley, ia remy d. smith, grand island ernest sokol. ansley William e. sorenson, iremont donald d. steinacher. milligan carl p sternhagen. north platte rubert a. Stewart, mc cool junction harold d. stickney. edgemont, so dak daniel v. taylor. ponca .... william thurton, omaha frank r. tipner, grosse puinte. mich hubert e. webber. omaha paul v. weingart. lincoln harold n. whitmore, exeter james m wroth, lincoln . . dak 49 49 50 50 50 49 50 49 50 51 49 50 50 49 49 50 49 49 50 50 50 51 49 49 50 50 49 50 49 49 50 49 49 50 51 50 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 50 50 51 49 49 51 50 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 51 alpha kappa psi officers bob larson, harold stickney, dan patton and gerald mason are poised for action. here is one way to get a new car — wait at the end of the assembly line. checking up on the price of wheat at kansas city these biz ad students learn about the " selling pits. " the boys are learning to put economics 1 1 and 12 theories into practice here. page 271 anderson armstrong ballon ballou boothe bridgman brown. I. brown, m. brust bulcacelc calder corkin cox davis deas hddock ligge gilfett haarmann hagen hann herlzler hilker hintz jenkinson jensen i ' ohnson :ennedy latler lauber Ittz maxwell meyer miller m J : f h y nelson nordtn nordstrom nutzman rauch rhodes ross sallander scherii schroeder sottow swingle lilly tomsik tobin wig htm an f -0C 0 ?«? $ ® ft ft Q$ QQQ candy jones president phyllis rose vice-president shirley cowles recording secretary mary ellen schroeder . . . corresponding secretary founded at barnard college, 1896 established at university of nebraska, 1903 zeta chapter forty-seven chapters red page 272 ill !»!■«• omirroii pi actives lois barelman. wakefield ' 19 lois brown, omaha SO peggy brusl. underwood, 30 dak 50 wendy corkin, omaha 50 -y cowles. wallac- 49 ann liddock. omaha 51 ann ligge. lincoln 50 doris gibbs, nebraska city 50 beverly haarman. omaha SO nancy fensen. Iremont 51 jean Johnson, hartington 50 roma Johnson, lincoln 50 candy jones. omaha 49 loan litz. omaha 51 mat mnuk maxwell, omaha 49 patricia meyer. lincoln 49 •can miller, lincoln 52 sharon murphy, hardy 51 ■ n nelson, minden 51 patricia nordin, omaha 50 Janet nutzman, nehawka 50 ioan rhodes. spalding 51 phyllis ross, lincoln 49 laura scherfl. stockhan 51 mary ellen schroder. chappell 50 Virginia soltow, north platte 51 ardith anne till y. goodland, kan. 51 barbara tobin. tekamah .50 marjorie walker, lincoln 50 Jacqueline wightman, wayne 49 pledges lucille anderson, lincoln 52 ieanette armstrong. lincoln 52 Catherine ballou. ashland 52 jess ballou, lincoln 51 betty boothe. fremont 50 jane bridgman. wayne 50 meredith brown, genoa .52 carolyn bukacek, omaha 50 chloe ann calder. wayne 52 cathleen cox. arapahoe 52 nancy davis, omaha .52 beverly deal, omaha 52 doris gillett, lincoln 52 " florence hagen, omaha ... SO shirley hahn, fremont 51 jean hertzler, veteran, wyo 52 georgia hilker, omaha . . 52 pat hintz, fremont 51 barbara jenkinson. coral point, fla 52 polly kennedy, bartlett 52 marilyn kieck. lincoln .... 52 donna jean lauber, alabama ... 50 marilyn laufler. Sidney . . 51 Virginia nordstrom, waverly 51 robin rauch, holdrege 52 jeannine sallander, lincoln 52 kathryn swingle, lincoln 52 leannette tomsik. lincoln 52 it ' s been a long busy day for the aopi activ- ity girls, but they still look as peppy and pretty as before. merry Christmas! but even the holidays are busy for sorority officers the aopis take charge around the tree. tonight is the night! " is my hair all right? " or, " my nails are a sight! " the aopis help each other out, and the results are . . . well . . . look. " proof of the pudding, is in the making, " and the aopis hard at work on penny carnival are sufficient proof! . =■ As " 5 page 273 alien anderson bailey barton becker bergman bockes bowers bragdon calaer carveth chamberlain chnstensen christoffel collins coupe dam on de jarnette dixon elias elliott elwell Jugate griffiths grethe groves guilford hale hickey hinds kahn kirk koleszar linn mellen neville nolan packer parsons pecha pierson plank ransdell reed reinhard rockwell savage schmale schweser sidner Steele Stewart venable wetherbee wherry willey williams wythers ■a p eliza venable president suzanne bockes vice-president nancy pierson secretary kathryn bragdon treasurer founded at Syracuse university, 1872 established at university of nebraska, 1906 nu chapter forty-five chapters silver and bordeaux page 274 alp] ; 49 o anderson. s 49 : SO SI margarot :.coln ■ bob be do milchell so dale Catherine ellioll. sc norm : loan : everly hill lane hale, norfolk patricia hickey. omaha SI janel kahn, omaha SI Hncoln 49 helen kirk, omaha SO delores koleszar, omaha SO lane linn, kimball SI ,n parsons, omaha SI nancy pierson, lincoln 49 barbara reed, denver, colo. SI jane rockwell. new york 51 sclly savage, sioux falls, so. dak SI jeanette schweser, david city 51 Joyce Steele, lincoln SO ruth Stewart, omaha 50 ehza venable. columbus 49 10 weatherbee, omaha 50 mary wherry, tecumseh 49 georgann wythers, lincoln pledges jane bailey, omaha . 51 donna rae barton, gering 52 lacqueline becker, lincoln gretchen bowers, lincoln elsie christensen. kimball carmen christollel, omaha marilyn ann coupe, nebraska city roxanna elias. lincoln 52 lois elwell, Sidney . . SO Joan fugate, omaha 52 loyce grilfith, beatrice 52 Carolyn groves, cheyenne, wyo. 52 ruth ann hinds, weeping water jo ann mellon. omaha peggy neville, fairbury 51 patricia nolan, tulsa. okla SI jane packer, sioux falls, so. dak burdette pecha, lincoln . mary lou plank, pierre, so dak SO shirley ransdell, lexington 52 mary reinhard, lincoln 52 mary sidner, lincoln miriam willey, lincoln 50 these activity girls of alpha phi appear fascin- ated by the photographer, but maybe it ' s just the glaze we all acquire after an especially hard day. fun and friends are the tonics for even a bad bridge hand at the alpha phi house. 1 11 be right down 1 " but what date wouldn ' t wait for one of these lovely alpha phis 7 a prettier picture couldn ' t be found, nice frame too! it ' s music straight from heaven, the alpha phis, at the phi bop session for penny carnival. page 275 blatchford braden byerly byington callies counce cowles dewey drbal ford gitlespie hiltner hruza kelly koca kunc mason, c. mason, d. massie mc earthy mc cullough merntt millikin nail norman opocensley peterson petrasek portis sailel schweifert secord siegmond signor simmerman slama, d. e. slama, d. c. strand sullivan swanson taylor watson weaver weisenreder wells witkowski whitmore wullschleger urbane k vidlak • » ' . _ i±M ii ± w ■ 3 h i ' ' ' ' fe edward e. mc cullough president John weaver . . vice-president eugene e. taylor secretary edwin b. weisenreder treasurer founded a! yale university, 1845 established at university of nebraska, 1913 xi chapter fifty-two chapters cardinal and stone page 276 alpha ttigma |ilii actives gerald I blatchford, los angeles. calit SO i e byerly. Pittsburgh, pa 49 waiter w byington. bassett 50 donald d calhes. lotgh 51 thomas » dewey. gates SO richard m drbal. Iincoln 50 howard lord, omaha tohn h hiltner. Iincoln 51 ramon k kunc, wilber 50 clinton o. mason, palisade SO edward e mc cullough. omaha 49 robert g merritt, Iincoln SO norns h milhkin. brule 50 jack norman, Chester 49 jimmy j peterson. centerville. s dak SI dixie secord. sumner 50 paul siegmund. white river, s dak SI norman a strand, centerville. s dak SI harold swanson. Iincoln 50 eugene e taylor. lullerton 50 William 1 urbanek. clarkson .50 John weaver, miller, s dak 51 edwin b weisenreder. eureka, calif 50 dean b whitmore. wheatland. wyo 50 lohn r wullschleger. leigh 50 pledges robert braden. Iincoln 52 richard e counce. hayes center 52 h dean cowles. stapleton 50 kirk gillespie. arlington heights, ill SO la vern hruza. edgemont, s dak 52 warren s kelly, atkinson 51 lames koca, milligan .50 don j mason, palisade 52 ioseph massey. callaway 50 phillip mc earthy, friend 51 james moore, friend 51 r. bruce nail, curtis ... 49 edward opocensky, newman grove 50 elmer petrasek. friend 51 gordon k. portis, north loup 50 edward a saffel, pierre. s dak 51 leland schweikert, hordville 51 don g slama, omaha 50 phillip w signor. waterbury. conn 49 harold simmerman. north platte .51 timothy j sullivan, omaha 50 wayne watson, clarks 51 wayne b, wells, mt vernon, ia 51 harold witkowski. beatrice 50 anthony vidlak, bennet 51 " this thing saved my life, " — just another war story (note mothy uniform) looks as if some of the brothers are eager for dessert at the big formal. prexy ed mc cullough leads the pack down stairs after a rule session. " what ' s for dessert tonight? ' ask some of the boys in the alpha sig house. page 277 anderson armstrong baker barry beatlie beideck berquist berkheimer berkship bierman blessing bosley brady brumng bucklev busskanl clem cook, b. cook, e. curtis. j. curtis, m. dale dana deeter denker devor deibler duling ernst fisher flagg fuller gerhart gotschall gnswold hancock hardt harkrader hennek heyer hoyt hunt jacobsen iohnson keck kehl kennedy kimbnel korff kuxhausen lammers lassen lee lock loucks mackey madden mapes martens mohrroan morrison munson newberg olson ostenberg perry piccolo philbrick phillip powell randolph rice nggs ross schmidt selzer Simmons sloan smith spencer stalder stannard swett weatherhogg wefso wells " p C " r o o c Cs O C5 O f 9 fi Q ,!r St P R o p c fefC winton buckley president eugene deeter vice-president robert lassen treasurer founded at Virginia military institute, 1865 established at university of nebraska, 1897 gamma theta chapter one hundred two chapters gold and blue page 278 iilplia Ian oiik 14a actives georci )it, caap - norlolk douglas barry, norlolk leroy baugtuin lincoln don barrett. casper, wyo lordon ieck, lincoln richard bick. grand island lohn ncoln winlon buckley. york doyle busskohl. norlolk robert baker ■ in joe brown, lincoln donald berquisl. lincoln robert berkshire. omaha richard beattie. ainsworth Irank bruning. bruninq alan clem, salina, kansas Irank collopy, jr . scottsblull edward cook, lexington james curtis. saguache. colo ' .incoln William denker. elkhorn robert devor. omaha irvin dana. lincoln . . eugene deeter. lincoln van dialing, lincoln . . lohn ernst, lincoln gould flagg. lincoln Ired fuller, lincoln charles ganz, lincoln harold gerhart. newman grove dwight griswold. gordon lohn hoyt, mc cook . . . William hancock. reno, nev. dean heyer, gordon . . bob hunt, hastings warren jacobsen. fremont bruce johnson. holdrege I knox )ones. lincoln . . leonard kehl, scottsblull bruce kennedy. basin, wyo. donald korll, hebron robert lassen. grand island kirk lee. fremont george mackey, casper, -wyo robert martens, seward jerome mapes. lincoln . . dale mc cracke n, lincoln charles mohrman, lincoln donald morrison. wash , d ben munson, lincoln . . charles neal, lincoln clive ostenberg, scottsblufl William olson, lisco charles philbrick. lincoln frank piccolo, lincoln . . kenneth powell, hebron theodore randolph, lincoln rodson riggs, des moines, ia donald rice, north platte magnus robinson, norfolk 51 48 SI 49 SI SI SI SI SO 49 SO 50 SO 49 50 50 49 SO 49 51 50 49 SI 48 50 50 SO 49 48 49 50 50 49 49 50 51 50 SO 50 51 51 51 50 49 51 51 50 51 50 49 49 50 48 48 SI 50 51 50 52 51 50 50 lohn selzer. ray In merle st 1 I stannard. wi charles story, lincoln bruce sh . jln robert swell, south sioux city george walton. scarsdal robert wefso, r . lohn stdni Iremont paul hammerq I city so dak bob richards, chappell norman lock, lincoln pledges lim anderson. bealrice dick armstrong. grand island bob bierman. omaha larry bosley, york al blessing, ord jack carroll. mc cook bob cook, gering don cook, rock rapids, ia dan deibler, norfolk .... doug dale, ord gene everett, grand island . joe fisher, norfolk .... ernie gotschall, atkinson )im harkrader, norlolk ron hardt, lincoln . . bob hartsock, Iremont . . gene henneck, lexington lim keck, rapid city. so. dak harry kimbriel, omaha don kuxhausen. scottsblulf henry lammers. st. Joseph, mo dick lott, south sioux city dick loucks. falls city . . mike madden, lincoln . . jim mikklesen, lincoln lee moore. grand island gene morris, mc cook . dub newberg. custer. so. dak don pederson, lincoln . . jim perry, red oak, ia. bud phillip, red oak, ia lee pulley. 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Iincoln . 51 Janice Johnson, aberdeen, so dak . 50 delores Iovegrove, geneva 52 beverly low, beatrice 51 mary mecke. ogallala 50 pat olson, omaha 51 lane simpson, Iincoln . 52 anita spradley. tecumseh 52 ruth taylor. guide rock 52 phyllis teeter, wolbach . . 51 jayne wade, plainview . . 52 50 the smiles of the alpha xis are due partly to the elsie ford piper cup of achievement, but we like to tell ourselves the photographer was wonderful too! alpha xi officers check over their scrapbook of the year ' s events, before making that an- nual report to the chapter. this needs no explanation 1 it ' s surprising what the spirit of homecoming can do! alpha xis find that a good game of bridge is the best way to relax after a busy day. 1 P 7 LS-i I I ■ySQj WE ' RE ] LAYtN W Jm puy e 281 anderson bamesberger bauer becker belgum bergstraesser blobaum briese broekemeier : iman busch chael dark dissmeyer dunklau. r. i aunklau, r. 1. ebner echtenkam p englebart firnhabei giesse gissler. b. gissler. 1 gissle: gloystein e gloystein, h. groteluschcn gruramert harms hems henkel holthus Johnson kahle troeger kubie lienemann lippold malek martens martmg rnever miller, e. miller, r. mueller otto peters, c. peters, r. ringler ruder samuelson scheer schleusenei schmidt schmieding schultz sindt smith splinter stokebrand stohlman tegtmeier temme tieman timmerman toebben troester, o. troester, j. waiter will wittmann wolt woller zierott zuhlke U» S 1L iT ' , -W « Ml R o fi Li£ R 5Lf ' Jwk ifc£ £ J » © r © ft p £L %mjLSUL richard schleusener president charles peters vice-president arnold firnhaber secretary gerald wolter treasurer lounded at university of Illinois, 1925 established at university of nebraska, 1929 delta chapter eight chapters cardinal red and white page 282 lu ' ia sii»iiia psi activei: milton anderson. 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SO dale scheer, arlington .... 52 kenneth schmidt. deshler ... 52 bob stohlman, bethesda, md . 52 wally stokebrand, dewitt . . 52 ed tegtmeier, beatrice .... 50 delmer toebben. nickerson . . 52 ralph zierott, seward ... 52 lo the sweat shops for beta sig go gloystein, tiemann and schleusener. ' jose " ringler bangs out an old frat tune for the after dinner session. it ' s a raw deal all round the table. mrs burhans seems guite proud of the accom- plishments of her boys on campus. page anderson atkinson birk boschult boyd boydston callan cap pell cullen diers easier edwards emmetl follmer gangel greer has lam hein howard Jensen Johnson, e Johnson, s. Johnson, I. lewis mc conaughey mc dermott martin means miller nordgren peters, d. peters, p. pierce ruma schaumberg thomas thompson A. It . , ft O jp J 4 1 douglas peters president lloyd peterson vice-president neil atkinson secretary robert easter treasurer founded at miami university, 1839 established at university of nebraska, 1888 alpha tau chapter ninety-four chapters pink and blue page 284 Im l;i llifla pi actives: charles anderson. si |oseph. mo 49 neil atkinson. Iir.coln 50 irrett. Itncoln 50 alien birk. omaha 50 wilham bock, omaha 50 wilham boydston. delrott. mich 51 robert cappet. malvern I 49 rodney cox. arapahoe 49 richard cullen. ralslon 50 lohn dean, glenwood. la 49 robert easier, hncoln 49 robert edwards. omaha 49 roland emmett. arapahoe 49 roy larris. Iremont 51 Stephen flansburg. lincoln 50 robert galloway, lincoln 49 orville glass, beatrice 49 William greer. lincoln 51 John haslam. 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Johnson, 1. Icell law lebershal lyon mc dill mc naught mahood maurer melick mickle miller, m. miller, s nordgren, d. nordgren, j. norsworthy paustian polansky rasmussen raun rickly rummel scharman shendan shestak smith, j. smiih, m. stark thomsen truhlsen viele wagner Williams young, e. young, w. C 3C C r v - 4 r M O P C w £ €) ® J.- ' 0 0 - betty aasen president lois Ihorfinnson vice-president joan truhlsen secretary louise mc dill treasurer founded at university of arkansas, 1895 established at university of nebraska, 1905 kappa chapter one hundred and six chapters cardinal and straw page 286 lii omega grove actives betty cherrie ann bengston, ponca mary arm borgaard. hncoln lorna lou I mardelle I annette carnahan. lincoln j cole, hncoln kalheryn lou copple. reno, lanet dallam. omaha madelon feldn an grove mi, lincoln hncoln hartnce Johnson, newman barbara kell. omaha loan law. chappell mary libershal. plattsmouth louise mc dill, hncoln ■one mehclc. neligh manlyn ann miller, papillion eloise paustian, omaha . harriet polansky. st paul polly ann rickly. o ' neill iou ann scharman, stromsburg leanette ann smith, hncoln manlyn smith, lincoln marilyn iane stark. Iremont lois thorhnnson. hncoln loan truhlsen. herman cherie viele, harrison shirlee wagner, gothenburg wanda young, beatrice pledges mary anita alien, lincoln dorothy boland, bloomfielJ marilyn bramer, mullen phyllis lirestone. omaha jean fowler, omaha barbara glock, rising city jo ann hanson, fremont nanci harrison. norfolk patricia hasson. Iremont georgine havlik. st paul emily heine, hooper marian huflman. lincoln loyce hunscote, clarks lola Johnson, mullen gwen lyon. lincoln ellen mahood. neligh kay maurer. grand island wilma jean mc naught, parks shirley miller, papillion . . donna jean nordgren, grand island dorothy jean nordgren, Waterloo mary ann norsworthy. gothenburg loan rasmussen, hncoln jean rummel, seward marjorie sherid an, omaha betty shestak. lincoln phyllis thomsen. lincoln beverly Williams, fairbury evelyn young, beatrice . . 49 51 51 50 51 51 SO 49 51 51 50 49 50 51 51 50 50 50 50 50 49 50 49 50 51 50 49 49 49 49 50 52 50 51 52 52 51 51 52 52 52 52 52 51 52 52 52 50 52 52 52 52 52 52 51 50 52 50 50 52 peppy chi os give evidence to their busy life, activity girls give forth with those pep- sodent smiles. homecoming promised the " bare facts " along with some changes, lighting up the house for a night of fun. hey, girls . . . listen to this! " the gang catches up on dick tracy before that welcome dinner bell. party, party, everywhere! this time it ' s an en- joyable evening of good dates, and good fun. page 287 bayer bodinson boyd brown burley camptield dark colbert col lis on cowles crilly cropper dag gelt davidson davis dosek dutton elite fairchild tehrs hslar tntzler gessner glynn green gundy harrington hewett hollstein ller keebler kennedy knudsen lannan lotspeich mc arthur meehan, v. meehan, p. moyle patterson pohan rakow randall reynolds richards roach schaberg schleuter smith speer slockstill stoesz volentine voorhees westermark wolf youngslon you n kin ® G beryl lotspeich ........ president janet fairchild vice-president mary jane hewett treasurer elizabeth davis recording secretary founded at boston university, 1888 established at university of nebraska, 1894 kappa chapter ninety-one chapters silver, gold and blue page 288 delta clt ' lla tlclla actives no bodmson. kear- boyd. sir nancy brown, mccook donna burley. norlolk marilyn campliold. oma beverly colbert. hn :yn collison. holdrege dawn daggett. kearney loan davidson. evanston. ill •lizabeth davis. plallsmoulh mary alice dosek. Itncoln peggy ellis. lmcoln ianot tairchild. Iincoln mary iano tohrs. omaha nine lislar. Iincoln shirley gessner. Iincoln nancy glynn. Iincoln betty green, Iincoln patricia gundy, norlolk mary iane hewett. rushville louise iler. o ' neill belly keebler. omaha roberta kennedy. columbus beryl lotspeich. alliance jane mc arthur. Iincoln patriciq meehan, Iincoln Virginia meehan, Iincoln mary ann moyle, Iincoln norma rakow. ponca loan reynolds. omaha charlotte richards, hebron delores ruse, plattsmouth shirley smith, so sioux city barbara speer, Iincoln royce volentine. mc cook marilyn vorhees. wauneta wintred wolf, omaha carol younkin, newark pledges peggy bayer, Iincoln marilyn dark, Iincoln nanette cowles. stuart janis cnlly, superior . . marilyn cropper, lyons patricia dutton. mc cook sharon Iritzler, long pine . . lanet harrington, Iincoln delila hollstein, hay springs mary low knudsen, fort lupton, colo patricia lannon, west point marilyn patterson, Iincoln maxine polian, omaha mary ann randall, omaha shirley roach, sioux city, ia iune shaberg, omaha iean stockstill, Iincoln . . elizabeth stoesz, Iincoln celestine westermark, mccook renee youngson, minden sn 49 49 51 SI SI SI so so so so so 49 SO SO SO SO 51 SI 49 51 49 49 49 49 50 SI 49 49 SO SI 49 49 49 50 50 49 51 52 52 52 50 51 52 52 52 50 50 51 52 50 51 52 g 52 52 52 52 all a part of homecoming, but that dreamy -ornhusker must be thinking of a delta delta delta girl. this array of lovelies are activity girls, celeb- rities include yw prexy, cheer leader, mortar beards and important others. posters, bills and announcements! all a part of officers ' duties, here chapter heads confer before meeting. recipe for fun: a piano, musician, the chapter house and some fun-loving tri delts to carry the tune. page 289 arendt barger bartlett beynon bock bruce burt cattle c ham pine cogiey crawiord devoe dinsmore doran doyle draper eastergard iitzmorns jrednckson garnich nedstrom sawyers scott sidles smith, j. smith, m. speice swanson taylor van pelt vingers waters watson wellman wilbourne withey worchester rita fitzmorris president helen jean dinsmore vice-president ann scott treasurer Catherine Worcester secretary founded at lewis institute established at university of nebraska, IE kappa chapter seventy-eight chapters bronze, pink and blue page 290 flcli.i activca lody bartlett. lincoln manorie bock, omaha esther beynon. lincoln dorothy caltlo. sewaM kaye cogley. sioux falls, to dak helen lean dinsmor " . omaha rita litzmorn.v scottsbluli loan frednckson. valley jean hedstrom. deadwood, so dak mary sue holland. lincoln sally ann Johnson, madison suzanne koehlr: judy garnish, ashland. wk; maryanne loomis. omaha kay menke. lexington norma jean myers, broken bow joy norman. chadron barbara polite, lincoln marcia pratt. lincoln . kathryn rapp, Waterloo luhet rathbone. lincoln betty ann sawyers, st loseph. mo jean smith, valley miriam smith, scottsbluit gloria Stephens, mccook ann scott, stromsburg kathryn swanson, lincoln Virginia taylor. kearney . . . pledges marjorie arendt, falls city anne barger, lincoln . . janice bruce, hastings janet champine. omaha ann Crawford, omaha sara devoe. lincoln . . 49 49 50 50 SO 49 49 51 51 50 50 51 50 49 49 51 49 49 51 SO 49 50 51 49 49 49 51 SI 50 52 SI 52 52 52 donna doran. Sidney 52 mary doyle. lincoln 52 jo ann draper, Sidney susanne eastergard, fremont marlene hill, kearney patricia hinds, lincoln . Joanne hite, kearney . mary hubka, beatrice marguerite hughes, seward ruth jewett, lincoln kay John, grand island mary ann martin, lincoln peggy miles, fremont mary ann pederson, omaha charlene rajewich, grand island 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 sandra riddell, scottsbluff 52 shirley sidles, lincoln .52 marbon speice, columbus 52 margery van pelt, lincoln .52 marilyn vingers, omaha carolyn waters, cozad patricia watson. north bend le noi wellman, long beach, cali katherine withey, omaha 52 50 50 Si SO activity girls smile at the photographer — it ' s the same old trick, " smile at the birdie. " dg officers take time out on monday night to play a rousing game of bridge. " hurry down, it ' s another candy passing 1 " Juliets look over the balcony to catch a glimpse of romeo. rat-a-ta-tat . . bee bop! it ' s never too late to discover hidden talent:, as delta gammas re- alized here! gamma 1111 page 291 all good brehm burt cody devish dolen endorf faulhaber hala foreshoe (ranke franz treeman fruhbauer haase heidenreich hewitt hinrichs hull Humbert tones juracek kasik krafka larson lueth mahaffey martin mathes mtesbach muider, r. mulder, w. ohlnch olney pierson samuelson schroeder simon somraers spikes stilhnger Warwick weber whitcomb whitney Wilson windrum a t ft p C : ,„, O f- £% IS O I? D l£ p £ 5 O r o P r. p i ji ' , _« t ij ernesl fruhbauer president ' . ' , V » JL roger larson vice-president LI J - ' . tXR fc Joseph fiala secretary L DnTX. ' m benjamin krafa treasurer . 2 . _ ». founded at new york university, 1907 ( » ■» I established at university of nebraska, 1924 . I ffi i HT alpha delta chapter 4|fefl tt sixty-seven chapters J W 1M old gold and royal purple page 292 clHfa si«»m«i pi active n 50 hoWir loseph w liala, how.!! 49 robert 49 50 erne ' 49 . 50 n w hinrl 49 eldon ih i 50 rd 49 n 49 benjamin g krafka, Valparaiso 49 roger 1 dakota city 49 jack limb: il point 49 mahalfey, lincoln 49 donald j mathes. norton, kan 49 richard mulder. lincoln 49 harold w ohlrich. deshler 49 leonard c olney, stamlord 50 keith a pierson. shenandoah. ia 49 wilham o ;;amuelson. Iriend 49 john schaller, lincoln 49 dallas schroeder, homer 50 john sommers. omaha 50 william spikes, st paul 49 robert stillmger, columbus 50 norman Warwick, osceola 49 lawrence wilson, nemaha 50 richard windrum, dawson 49 pledges william burt. lincoln 50 eugene cody , lincoln . . . . 51 erwin devish, mason city ... 50 loren endorl. western ... 50 alen faulhaber, lincoln ... 50 charles Iranz, lincoln 50 marvin haase, lincoln 50 donald heidenreich, lincoln 50 leslie Jenkins, lincoln 51 robert jones, lincoln 50 edwin luracek. niobrara . . . 50 wesley lueth, lincoln 50 dean martin, hancock. ia. 50 neal miesback, unadilla 51 robert morin. lincoln 51 william mulder, adams 50 roy way. wichita, kan. 51 donald weber, arlington 50 kenneth whitcomb, wisner 51 edward whitney, norton. kan . 50 three men get to meeting in time for the vote on some of the new pledges. raising a little of the old " nick " , delta sigs eat their noonday meal. a large but efficient body of officers descend the stairs for a meeting. the delta sigma pi president shakes an empha- sizing finger at the brothers. page 293 alkire apgar barker barnett blackett bloom breetzke burnetl cartmell dosek ehrmann elliott engler, m. engler, p. eventt fester hartman hatch hey hopkins irwin Johnson keller lander leary lentz loudon mc clymonds mc vay mueller nefl nelson overturf pearson pedersen, J, pedersen, n. portsche richardson simonson stroh swanson tremain vandel, c. vandel, t. van norman Williams d JTA ] ' ! " ' 1 V? i r C) f ■ ... .-.. « JV- w « r d i swat A charles tremain president william cartmell vice-president phil nefi recording secretary don lentz treasurer lounded at bethany college, 1859 established at the university of nebraska, 1894 beta tau chapter seventy-seven chapters purple, white and gold page 294 iliJla lam ilHfa UkllfM euge: 50 ta apgar. lincoln 49 richard bloom, lincoln harold i broetzku. west point winter | 50 leromo i dosek. lincoln 50 In b enqi 51 paul I engler 51 edmund d everitt. lincoln 49 richard i haggert. lincoln 49 harold h hatch, lincoln 51 gardner r lohnson. sioux falls, s d 51 william i kane. aberdeen, s d 50 robert 1 keller. altadena. calil 49 robert j keller, lincoln 49 Irank i leary. lincoln 51 donald f lentr. beat " . -•• 50 neal e mc clymonds. lincoln 51 harry v mease, omaha 49 charles t mc vay. brooklield, mo 52 lloyd v melick. omaha 49 phil w not ' , bridgeport 51 john c. pedersen. omaha 49 Stanley 1 portscho, lincoln 50 James t sharp, omaha 50 donald 1 stroh, lincoln 49 charles tremain, beatrice 50 thomas e vandel. mitchell 50 raymond van norman. basset! ... .50 james 1 ward, north platte . . . ... 49 robert j weimer. harloweton. montana .... 50 pledges james barker, lincoln 50 Wallace barnett, lincoln 52 Ired blackett, omaha .52 wilbur burnett, Iexington 52 bert ehrrr.ann, lincoln 51 richard elliott, beatrice 52 robert fester, fredonia, kansas 52 elton gillam, scottsbluff 52 donald hey. falls city 52 thomas hopkins, weeping water 52 richard irwin, lincoln 52 richard lander, birmingham. mich 52 )ohn loudon. lincoln 52 dark mueller, lincoln 52 richard nelson, billings, mont 50 david over ' urf, bird city, kan 52 howard pearson, st paul. minn 52 henry pedersen, omaha 51 harley richardson, smithfield 52 donald w smith, lincoln 52 richard simonson, west point 51 clarence swanson. columbus, mont 50 charles vandel, mitchell .52 elmer vandel, mitchell .51 george Williams, bridgeport 52 " what a ioker, " growls delt mascot at the cornhusker photographer. " — and this will be the dining room, " a definite point of interest in their new house to these " expecting " delts. dignified dappers delightfully demonstrate a daring delt ditty. " we ' ll cut the deck to see who gets to air the dog tonight. " says Johnson. page 295 ackerman agnew alexander ankeny askew askey asmussen baker beekley beekly bellows blomgren burmeister cable finstrom franklin hanson Harris hildebrand Johnson, g. Johnson, richard iohnson, roberl :eep kess kokjer, c. kokjer, t. lewis lyons mc nabb mauk may meyer michalek miller moodie mosher moss, bill moss, bob noble o ' bannon o ' bnen, 1. o ' dell oehrle o ' meara pauley picara preusse ntter satterfield schmidt shendan stahl stehly Stewart sulhvan swanson, j. swanson, 1. thomason waring wells wickham wilhelms, m. wilhelms, r. wilnes wilkins worrall wnght Q ft , o. p P Pi n ft J t ft £ ft p a ifj ft r p. ft ft ft .3 n ; o ft 1-1 v a-m t ;±l c carter h. kokjer president robert hildebrand vice-president leslie swanson steward derald may secretary founded at Williams college, 1834 established at the university of nebraska, 1898 sixty-two chapters blue and gold page 296 flclla upsiloii ac U t i roberl ackerman. ;iidney kenneth I | nchard agnew, Sidney dean arler. lincoln edward I roberl askey. lincoln nchard asmussen. norlolk ind bell Ihomas blomgren, cam: ill donald cooper, york don linstrom. kearney donley franklin omaha William galbraith. beer le baron goodwin. 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" hey! get off my hood, ' ' yells du chuck hem- mingson to tex sullivan. page 297 baud baxter beck brainard brim chilvers, r. chilvers. t. ciaybaugh Cornelius crom damkroger de wull, ' ). de wulf, w. dill eberspacher erlewine, h. erlewine, 1. fairley ilowerday frederickson irench gard. d. gard, g. neiss heuermann Jensen jones kellogg lamb lambert, s. lambert, t. loeifel, a. lux mc cabe meade messersmith popken, d. popken, 1. pritchard pumphrey quisenberry reeves reynolds robinson sahs skinner solomon, e. solomon, n. sieften slowell svoboda swanson walsh waiter wiggans wilkens Wilkinson wilson yeutter » . ju2 t l f-- fTj C3l £-r f? CM A liti ill P a 9 p ,3 . s frank a. loeffel president jack v. baird vice-president karl s. quisenberry jr treasurer robert j. meade business manager founded at the university of missouri, 1905 established at university of nebraska, 1911 nine chapters green, white, and gold page 298 farm active lack v baird. archer 49 50 owen w brainard ilncoln 50 terome I brim, spatdlng 50 robert a cl l«res 49 Ihomas c chilvers, pierce 50 glenn a claybaugh. lincoln 49 grant 1 Cornelius, ma lr: i 50 berl e damkroger. dewill 49 dean w demoude. aurora 50 lohn a dewull. cedar rapi Is 50 robert r dill, belvidere 50 h gale erlewing. ogallala 49 1 dale erlewine. ogallala 49 charles n lairley. lairbury 50 dale a llowerday. scward 50 keilh a fredenckson. alien 49 merwyn g Irench ir . page 50 don i gard. beaver crossing 50 gene a gard. beaver crossing 49 eugene m heuermann. phillips 51 eugene m lensen. st edward 49 donald w kellogg. edgemont, s dak 49 alvin a. lamb, st paul 49 Stanley j lambert. ewing 50 (rank a. loeffel. lincoln 49 ronald s lux, lincoln .51 Stanley lux, lincoln .50 darrel j mccabe, missouri valley, ia. 51 robert j. meade. tecumseh 49 james b. mickle, lincoln ... 49 roger c otto, phillips 49 donald h popken, west point .... 50 lavern j popken, west point 51 gerard a pritchard, spalding 51 paul h pumphrey. lyman 51 karl s quisenberry jr., hyatsville, md 49 John a. sahs, wayne 50 philip e skinner, alliance 49 eugene e solomon, culbertson 49 richard r steffen, diller 49 willard 1 stowell, ord 50 arthur e svoboda, burchard 49 norman r swanson, waverly 51 ted 1 waiter, waco 50 donald s wiggans, lincoln 49 John f Wilkinson, auburn 51 jack I. wilson, red cloud 51 pledges robert e beck, fremont .51 rex e. crom, pawnee city 52 steve eberhart, bassett .... 52 e. dean eberspacher, seward 51 bill dewull. cedar rapids 52 ralph hansen, calloway 52 darrell heiss, page 51 david 1. jones, hastings 52 don e kerl, lincoln 50 torn lambert, ewing 52 rex g messersmith, alliance 52 don t reeves, central city 52 roland e reynolds, st paul 52 eugene e robinson, oshkosh 52 neil w. solomon. culbertson 51 linas j. vrbka, utica 52 richard g walsh, utica 52 c everett wilkens. dewitt 52 clayton k yeutter, eustis 52 farmhouse activity men talk over a prosperous " harvest " on campus. the old gray mare ain ' t what she used to be claim these f h judges. ag wheels roll around the cornhusker ball- room at annual farmhouse dance. look at that, will ya. he really can swing his partner farmhouse style. house page 299 armstrong babst baldwin berge cadwallader christenson crosbie cummins dieslel douglas dovey durland eastman frederick gamerl gustafson halderman hamilton, m. hamillon. v. hays hememan hepperly hicks hischier huslon lenik kent kepner kuppiuger leadley lindley little luther mac cuaig marx moore moss nielsen niedenlhal peters rahn rediger roessler rowland salsbury schaffer sievers smith wagey waiters weber west widows wolford P i G$ ; to ) Ben page 300 jo moss president dora lee niedenthal vice-president eileen hepperly secretary barbara rowland treasurer founded at Syracuse university, 1874 established at university of nebraska 1915 pi chapter fifty-five chapters brown and mode " annua plii Uvin activ»a alice babst. lincoln pal: Lincoln phyi »In Constance cr ■i adele dov- : , ill glady zad patricia haldorman. norfolk •on. omaha lion, omaha eileen hepperly. 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SO SI SO so SI 49 50 49 49 49 SI 49 49 SI 49 SI 49 SI 49 SI SO so 49 49 SO 49 50 50 49 51 50 51 51 49 SO 52 50 50 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 50 52 51 51 52 52 50 51 friendly gamma phis summon all their wheels for a chat, the bevy of beauties includes many campus personalities. " swing that pretty girl! " is exactly what every- one is doing at the gamma phi formal. officers glance through the chapter ' s scrap book ... a treasure along with cups and trophies. another penny carnival skit, but this time, " a little bird told me " that it ' s the gamma phis. page 301 augustine baker bennison bergh, a. berqh, m. bock boman buss barbara wentz president patli hyland vice-president mary helen mallory secretary beth buss treasurer founded at de pauw university, 1870 established at the university of nebraska, 1887 rho chapter seventy-three chapters black and gold page 302 kappa alpha llida activea dorothy I ' -riniaon, lincoln amy 10 bergh. omaha leann© bowman, lincoln both buss, scottsbl . m carolhors. broken bow halycon coble, lincoln winilred cook. :;abetha. k r loan larrar. hyanni . patricia gaddis. lincoln phy Hi;-, haley, lincoln gwen harding. omaha sally holmes, kearney patli hyland. lincoln lanne ketzler. omaha Virginia koch. lincoln Virginia lapp. kearney peggie lawne, lincoln susanne lenininger, mc cook roary helen mallory, lincoln anne miles, lincoln nancy miller, omaha loanne noble, omaha vivian norval. bullalo, wyo gloria pinney. hastings nancy porter, omaha harrietl Seidell, wahoo janet stratton, grand island suzanne sutton, mc cook jane traphagen, lincoln billette trombla. lincoln barbara wenlz, lincoln beverly Williams, lincoln . . . pledges ann augustin,e, grand island shirley baker, omaha . . . marilyn bergh, omaha . . . mary bock, hastings .... janice carter, omaha lois dark, hastings . sally gardiner, omaha lesley grainger, salinas. calif barbara hoekstra, omaha lackie hoss. grand island jo ann jeflers. omaha Jeanne kain. lexington . . . sue kent, alliance margaret knapple, omaha margaret mc geachin. crleans dorothy maxwell, lincoln . . marilyn morgan, mc cook nancy noble, lincoln susan pryor, north platte donna ruddock, york . . lois searles, Chicago, ill. janet stearnes, grand island joan swerre, omaha .... betty swift, thedford ... dianne thomas, omaha patricia warrick. hastings edith weeks, nebraska city barbara yeager, lincoln joan zierott, long beach, calif. 49 I ' 51 SI 49 49 51 51 51 51 49 50 51 51 49 49 50 49 51 50 49 50 51 51 50 49 51 49 49 51 52 51 52 52 52 51 51 52 50 52 52 52 51 50 50 50 52 51 52 52 52 51 51 51 51 51 51 52 52 celebrities include mortar boards, waa and orchesis presidents, auf director, pep queen and on into the night! time out to chew the fat! " all work and no play makes a theta a dull girl " so a get-to- gether is in order. ringleaders, or officers, chat about important business to take up on monday nights. watch that jam session! thetas liven up the day with music and laughter, but where do they play those records ' page 203 asmus behrens best bonebnght brown, a. brown, p. buller dark cummings dalton ciavis de witt dill eckvalt erickson ilesher torster gobar yuicinger harnson horstman t.untor Linne lee lewis linen lutz c.aharry rr.eisinger miller, d. miller, m. norval o ' connor o ' dell pischel pratt prokop rhodes schoening schwartz seacrest speer Qioural strong troxefl vorhies weaver wilkens winkelman Zimmerman zlomke ' -a v ? £ $ jean eckvall president mary o ' connor vice-president kathryn ochwartz secretary_ mary o ' dell treasurer founded at Virginia state normal, 1873 established at the university of nebraska, 1920 pi chapter seventy-three chapters olive green and pearl white page 304 kappa tlt ' lla activai orient- lura lee best, brok- 50 ..■oln dorot: : 50 dorot. ' lean eckvall. holdro.j-- SO carol lincoln 51 frano 49 lois gobar. tullerton calif • gohde. lincoln belly guiding-- 51 nnedy. la 51 patricia lee. d 49 jo ann It •• 50 laurel linch. morrell .50 donna meisinger, plattsmoulh SO dorothy ann miller, chadron 49 mary o ' conner. south sioux city 49 mary o ' dell, south sioux city 50 patricia puchell. verdell 50 donna pratt. lincoln 49 Carolyn prokop, griswold, ia 50 kathryn rhodes. benkelni.i:. 50 kathryn Schwartz, volga. so. dakota 49 Virginia seacrest. lincolr. 50 norma speer, ru.-hville 50 ruth spurgeon. louisville, ky. . . g patricia stoural. verdigre 51 carol strong, denver, colo 50 ruth troxell, burwell 50 Joanne weaver, lincoln SI marilyn wilkens. dewitt 50 shirley wyss, stratton 50 alita Zimmerman, omahci 50 pledges jean anderson, omaha 51 louise asmus. lincoln 52 loanne buller, odell 51 anne cummings. holdrege 52 claire dalton. plattsmouth 51 carole dewitt. lincoln 52 jean dill, belvidere 51 beverlee llesher, omaha . . 51 janet harrison, lincoln 52 pat horstman. omaha 52 irene hunter, maryville, mo 51 pamela kinne. Sidney 52 mary larson, lincoln 50 marilyn lutz, plattsmouth 52 kathleen maharry, lenox, la 52 marjorie miller, lincoln 52 lois norval, lincoln 52 lois schoening, glenwood, ia . 52 layne voorhies, lincoln 52 shirley wenkleman. nebraska city 52 janet zlomke. st. paul . . .52 activity girls rest in gracious living room, while photographer snaps this pretty picture. ):d sisters size up chapter picture before giving it place of honor along with prized treasures. officers proudly display newest trophy, this is one of the nicer jobs they have, huh, girls? " without a song, the day would never end, without a song a gal ain ' t got a friend ' , but kds have both. page 305 akerson battey becker bredenberg busch carter, carter, $ $ $ Josephine votava president barbara turk vice-president nancy lawlor secretary founded at monmouth college, 1870 established at university of nebraska, 1884 sigma chapter seventy-six chapters light blue and dark blue page 306 kappa kappa gamma uenvM marion bailey, lincoln SO sally becker. papillion SO barbara bunch, omaha 49 louiso carter, lincoln 50 elsie clapp, mc cook 50 berna i«an dark, lincoln 51 marlha de long, nobraska cily 51 barbara dunn. hastings 50 mary dunnell. denver. colo 49 yvonne du teau, lincoln SO (ranees edee, pawnee cily g mary gaines, omaha 51 lois guenzel, lincoln 50 margarel tohnson. lecumseh .... 51 rosemary kimball. lincoln 50 nancy lawlor, lincoln 49 jojen loder, lincoln 51 nancy lowry. scarsdale, n y 50 shirley mathews, belhesda. md 51 margarel muscheites, pawnee city 51 helen prince, grand island . 49 susan reed, deshler 51 margarel reynolds, north plalle 51 dorothy ann richardson, north platte 49 lanice ryman, rochester, n y 50 mary ryons, san marine calif 51 suzanne samuelson. long beach, calif 51 nancy sayre, lincoln SO margaret Stewart, lexington 49 sarah stunt, omaha 49 sherry swanson, omaha 49 Virginia swanberg, omaha 49 barbara turk, omaha 49 Josephine votava, omaha 49 patricia wieland, linco ln 50 barbara zemer, lincoln 49 beth wilson, burwell 50 pledges Christine ackerson, lincoln 51 joanne bredenburg, harlan, ia 52 jayne carter, lincoln 52 elizabeth fullaway, omaha 50 sarah fulton, lincoln 52 charlene holcomb. broken bow 50 marli mooberry. lincoln 52 marjorie putt, omaha 52 sally rothenberger, beatrice 52 mary russell, lincoln 52 joan selleck, lincoln 52 Jackie sorenson, lincoln 52 alice van brunt, omaha 50 kappa activity girls smile into the cameras, they make a pretty picture plus being busy girls. even studying isn ' t so bad, when you have sorority sisters to ease the pain of cracking ye ' ole books. " in your easter bonnet ' ' was one of the star attractions at penny carnival, the kappas were on spring parade! no rest for the wicked, and no rest for sorority officers, there ' s always another job to be done! adle anderson barnhart berg, e. berg, eugene boswell brand burley byorth camp carlson. e. Carlson, r carothers carroll christian churchill coder cook curtiss dahlgren deuchler deuser dolv druliner edmison edwards ewing lairchild gardner gibbons gilliland grasmick ganng geebner holfmeister hornbacher hughes, charles hughes, ctayton jearg jensen Johnson kepler kirkman konnek krause lang leger left long mc lane marks moreland morris neal nordin o bnen ohman, k. ohman, 1. olney perkins pfeilter pfeiler pollard randol rankin reichenbach, g. reichenbach, b. reid rothwell saylor schaberg schmidt shinn shopp Simmons stalker steenburg slroud swanda swanson toler van eaton wagner Wallace waters wilcox willey wilscam wyman young - 3 R ft M .-•. A? ' " ■ £5 O d V, .-J » k ■k. L i L tit O n ft O j!5 C f t C- . " d iT .O Ct Cl « i. -« f . o c f a a £5 o o q a n p « q c t fata - : i i , , t y ; , • r £». o £? £} p O- p rex t. hoffmeister president jack dahlgren vice-president hugh lang treasurer bryce shopp secretary founded at university of Virginia, 1869 established at university of nebraska, 1897 alpha psi chapter one hundred eighteen chapters scarlet, white and green page 308 kappa «i« ma active lohn and ' In henry ayers. broken bow edward borg. omaha eugene bora, omaha nta rosa. calif john burley. lincoln donald byorth. Iremont robert camp, west point roberl carlson. lincoln scolt roy churchill. lincoln . . . paul coder, welltlo-l jack dahlgren, omaha . august deuchler. falls city charles deuser, omaha lerome druliner. benkelman eugene edwards. benkelman randall ewing, loretto . . . warren fairchild. endicott robert gardner. ansley . gordon heebner. imperial rex holtmeister. imperial kenneth hornbacher, nevada. i albert hughes, lincoln howard Jensen, blair Clifford kepler, anselmo harold krause. fullerton hugh lang. tecumseh . . . norman leger, sterling darwood long, fairbury . . robert marks, ord ... gerald morris, wood river robert neal. lincoln . . . . lachlan ohman. lincoln william perkins, omaha . . waiter rankin. Cambridge george reichenbach, lincoln robert reid, albion john saylor. lincoln . . (red schindel, lincoln richard shinn. dunning bryce shopp. imperial . galen simmons, lincoln harry stalker, grand island houtz steenburg, aurora james stroud, lincoln emil swanda. sargent SO SI SI 49 50 52 SO 49 49 50 50 49 50 51 50 SO SO 49 SO 51 50 50 49 SO 51 50 49 49 50 50 50 51 49 49 49 51 50 SO 50 SI SO SO SO so 51 50 van eaton. lincoln 49 .cam. lincoln robert willay, lined-, mcoln pledges adlo, no: m ih i haroM carlson, lincoln 51 low 52 john carroll, north platte 52 george coder. wellllcH james cook, lincoln S?. alan curtiss, hyanni s 52 william doty, broken bow . . 52 lyle edmison, columbus .50 waiter gibbons, comstock . . 52 harold gilliland, curti ; 51 lohn grasmick. lincoln . .52 richard haring. kearney . g charles hughes, lincoln ... 52 ted jeary, lincoln 52 morris Johnson, lincoln ... 52 paul kirkman, north platte . . 52 harold korinek, lincoln ... 50 charles leth. north platte ... 52 donald mc lane, hastings . . 52 otto moreland, lincoln .... 52 larry nordin, omaha 52 bernard o ' brien, omaha ... 52 kenneth ohman, lincoln ... 52 leon pfeiffer, scribner .... 51 larry pollard, nehawka ... 52 george randol, omaha .... 52 robert reichenbach, lincoln . . 52 william rothwell, hyannis . . 51 ralph schaberg, omaha ... 51 robert schmidt. lincoln 52 ray swanson, lincoln .... 52 donald wagner, lincoln ... 52 robert waters, scotia . . . 51 george wilcox, lincoln 52 winthrop wyman, kansas c mo 51 ledger and Wallace, campus moguls, supervise a pitch game at the house. loyal kappa sigs cheer at a football game — oops, it ' s their homecoming decoration last fall. " you ride a horse! — who do you think you ' re kiddin ' , " laughs k sigs date. the waltz you saved for me — at the annual kappa sigma formal dance. page 309 albee backman baker, j. c. baker, j. n. beattie beckwith bogue bo yd bucher calkins chappell chnstensen claussen cobb cranny davies fletcher groshog hamlin hansen jastram kaiser morgan morris mueller nakashima niederluecke nywall olsen platt reed ronald schroeder Wilson t) Q Q Q- q ft H ft Ci (1 C5 ft ' i- WJ .1 Tj ' l U 4 v- 4 Jl ' Ffe f n f james a. cobb president wendell hamlin vice-president george davies secretary harold mueller treasurer founded at university of michigan, 1882 established at university of nebraska, 1906 forty-two chapters garnet and pearl page 310 mi i gin a mi actirea burrell albie. oshl 51 arthur bachman. harnson 50 lohn c baker, lincoln 51 lohn n. baker, lincoln SO lohn I beatlie. ainsworlh 50 richard beckwith. central city 49 charles bogue. Seattle, wash 49 donald f bucher. hatton. n dak 49 robert calkins, beatrice 49 tames chappell. lincoln 49 robert christensen. stromsburg .49 lames cobb. spokane. wash. . . 49 robert cranny, omaha . . .49 george davies. sebring, o 50 donald lletcher. walla walla, wash 49 charles graham, cedar rapids, ia 49 leroy groshong. portland. ore 49 wendell hamlin. valley 49 w gordon hansen, sioux city, ia 51 rupert jastram. fremont 51 robert c lones, north platte 49 robert 1 jones, Sidney 51 milton kaiser, humboldt 51 william lear, ainsworth 51 Irancis morgan, lincoln 50 harold mueller, kearney 50 donald nakashima, honolulu, I. h. . . .51 dean nywall, st. edward 50 robert olson, duluth, minn 51 robert parry. Cleveland, o 50 henry penner, beatrice 49 otis b platt, north platte 50 donald reed, upton, wyo 51 lee rice, odell 49 douglas ronald. clear lake, s dak 50 rupert schroeder. Cleveland, o 50 rodney sittorius, gothenburg 50 neil terhune. north platte 51 Wallace vnuk, schuyler 51 alan zempel, new england 49 pledges carl aschoff, burlington, ia 52 zane r boyd. ainsworth 52 bruce claussen. north platte 52 robert gillespie. sioux city, ia 50 keay hachiya. san Irancisco. calif 52 charles hamilton, wilsonville 52 george hoffmeister. imperial 52 robert Johnson, norlolk 52 iames morrow, columbus 52 leland wilson. bloomlield 52 george davis is explaining the workings of the sacroiliac to the men. " bid high, men, i ' m working my way through medical school this year. " " here ' s one my dog found, " jokes r. jastram during a " skull " session. " let ' s see you get it over the net, grandma. " kibitizes bernie wendt. page ? 1 1 abts alien anderson, j. anderson, p. baer hartlett barth barton bauer blumer boslwick bressman browne brownlee capek, d. capek, r. chaney dickey dinsdale dinsmore donegan draeger duryea edee einung, j. einung, r. elliott epp etmund gates nahn harley henkle high holtz howard huston huston Johnson keen kinsey, t. kinsey, w lau luers mc cann mc eachen mc kenzie mc mahon mc shane mc vicker maser mastin meehan meissner meyer, d. meyer, f. miller mockett moo re morehead morgan neely nelson phelps phelps pickett potter reitan rolfsmeyer russell ryder shea spomer stebbms Stewart stryker sturges theodosen toogood Williams woodward zerzan r ■ P C i 4 k A r, -a. 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" setting this one out " at a cozy Saturday eve- ning house party. a front page story is what this homecoming display of the phi delts rated. page 313 andresen brown, k. barton bruere bedker bryant bierman case bloom coffey brown, d. cornish eisenhart, r. coupe eisenhart, w. cowles eistetter darlington " " tcher dierks lox duis geier griffin s»ejsner, g. tjwynn, jack gessner, r. , cr.-es gilligan godfrey harcson hartman goll hedgwood iddings hess jenkins hinds johnston hodder jones, d. holmquist. h. jones, g. hoimquisi, w Jordan keebler larson, d. larson, k. koupal lukens kreizinger r.ic beth kuhl mc carty larson, b. rac carty, w. maryolt mc connell malzke mc geachin meimnger mc meekin merten mc michael metzger martin meyers palmer mohrman partridge moorhouse peck myers, j. petei son orr, c. piderit orr, r. pipher robinson racely rouze reece scharmann reed scheurich robertson, g. schirmer roberUon, r. schleiger, dick Stephenson schleiger, r. taylor schroeder thoene. skinner charier solem thoene, cliff tomsik tucker woodworth. c vanderkolk woodworlh, j. voss Worcester weidner yarwood wolf zahn -... fa 1 ? y t? p ft p f? 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C T n I i r C £: ff o. richard coyne president frederick simpson vice-president william waldie treasurer richard koch secretary lounded at university of Washington and Jefferson established at university of nebraska, 1895 alpha chapter fifty-four chapters green and red page 316 phi kappa psi activ K lohn ayers. lexington dale ball. Iremonl i lankenship. lincoln mark boettcher, columl robert baum. la cross lohn campbell, omaha gene conley. nebraska cily lohn connelly. omaha nchard coyne, omaha bryce crawford. omaha donn davis. hncoln wilham dickson, lincoln harold engstrom, lincoln howard esser. naperville. ill paul evans. seward William eyth. beatrice waiter gass, seward gordon gealy. gordon robert hamilton. 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SO bruce hendrickson. holdrege 52 richard hovendick, craig .52 james kirschbaum, grand island 52 charles oldfather, kearney . 51 richard regier, san luis obispo. cal 52 jerry schiermeyer, beatrice . . 52 John schroeder, omaha .52 robert schultz, columbus ... 52 william scott, ashlond .... 52 lames Stephenson, nebraska city 52 robert tritsch. plattsmouth . .51 charles true, grand island . . 52 russell watts, lincoln .... 50 charles weeth, abilene. texas 52 donald Williams, rocky ford, colo. 51 hugh williams, omaha . ... 52 mason zerbe, omaha 52 the officers haunt those notorious front steps of the " old plantation. " " can ' t study on an empty stomach, " say these food bent phi psis. activity men galore look over the trophy they helped achieve last fall. phi psis wade in the desert island sawdust at the shipwreck party. i page 317 — adams bailey becker benjamin brewster buchfincle canaday W ' . i ft $ © ■■■■ £ eanor swanson president elizabeth Schneider vice-president marjorie Johnson recording secretary eugenie sampson .... corresponding secretary Joanne norris treasurer founded at monmouth college, 1867 established at the university of nebraska, 1895 beta chapter ninety-two chapters wine and blue page 318 _ j»i Im ' Iji □ C(1T»» ioel bailey, omaha SI betly buchfinck. alliance SO mariorie canaday, lincoln 51 palricia chouk. milwaukeo. wi . 49 frances copsey. alliance SI ruth ann curtiss. lincoln 51 barbara cyrpreason, casper, wyo 49 joris devereux, omaha 51 patricia liske. lincoln 49 barbara gardner. lincoln 51 rosemary graham, lincoln SI Janet graves, beverly hills, calif SI harriett huston, lincoln SI marjorie lohnson. sioux city SO jeanne kerngan. iremont 49 donna kiechel. superior 50 gloria larson. central city .51 marilyn legge. Iremont 50 babette marsh, kansas city, mo 49 genene mitchell, omaha .49 rosemary motter, Iremont 51 marian norall. north platte ... 49 Joanne norris. aberdeen. so dak 50 carolyn roberts, lincoln 51 eugenie sampson. central city 50 elizabeth Schneider, Iremont 50 betty sherman. omaha .... .49 ann Stevenson, north platte 51 eleanor swanson, omaha 49 dorothy travis. omaha 50 alice jean van burg, lincoln 51 kathleen warner, aberdeen. so. dak 49 anne whitham, omaha 49 joan wolcott. north platte 49 pledges marcia adams, north platte 51 evelyn jean becker, alliance 51 nancy benjamin, lincoln 52 marilyn brewster, lincoln 52 margaret coen, preston, iowa 51 kathleen dodson, beatrice 50 joan doty, pasadena, calif 50 martha erikson, council bluffs, ia 52 barbara finley, grand island 52 carol gelber, aberdeen, so. dak 50 nancy green, omaha 52 beverly heller, chapen, n. j 52 Constance hovey, omaha 52 katherine kollmeyer, fremont 51 sally krause, albion 51 shirley larkin. north platte 50 beverly larson, central city 52 janet mc meekin, lincoln 52 sibyl mark, delavin, Wisconsin 51 suzanne marshall. lincoln 52 marilyn moomey, hastings 52 ernamarie trefz, beatrice 50 margaret warren, omaha 51 activity girls read " the good book. " probably importants like these will find their pictures among the famed. coffee was served in the living room and a " jolly good time " was had by all the golden arrow girls. " has she got everything? that un coed of fame 7 " from all appearances the pi phis had something too, at coed follies. blacksmiths and lovely legs are rarely synon- omous, but the pledges combined both uniquely at penny carnival. iitki page 319 Icuhn kindwall long mc arthur mesmer mills moschel mouhon meyers nash nedrow nordeen norton, j. norton, w. packard peatrowsky pedersen perrine phillips porler rasmussen, d. rasmussen, w sanchez scoville, j. scoville, r seacrest seyler stark steinauer tait weddle wellensick. k wellensiek. p. wellinger Wilkinson winter woods William h. norton president jack campbell vice-president russell hale secretary william . berquist treasurer founded at alabama university, 1856 established at university of nebraska, 1893 one hundred nineteen chapters purple and gold sigma alpha mu page 320 _ — ttigma alpha j»sil »n actives: donald augu ••saw low- I beard bruce b- William berqu jton robert boekel. greeley, colo roberl burhans, omaha oln irter. blair fix, ill cochranne, or i ■■.ell creed, hr wilham cronan, Cambridge lohn davis. omaha george dudley. norfollt rles dugan, chicagc iugan. Chicago, ill peter durland, norfolk donald du leau. lincoln lynn eller, slralton wayne erickson, bellelouche, ' . ik herbert Irandsen. omaha . beatrice gerald gardner, massillon, o marvin grimm, Wilbur theodore gunderson. lincoln russell hale, hardy richard hanish. lincoln Ired hawkins. omaha donald heins, wauneta eames irvin. north platte . robert Jensen, fremont wayne kingery, lincoln cozier kline. lincoln im kimball. lincoln richard kinsey, falls city . •: kinzie. omaha dale lawrence, lincoln rodney lindwall. omaha robert long, norfolk . . thomas ludwick, lincoln donald mc arthur, lincoln gene mc kenna. o ' neill clarence miller, valentine lonn mills, osceola . cherries moschel, lincoln phillip myers, nelson james nash, sioux city, ia. william nash. sioux city, ia donald nauman, beatrice robert nedrow, hartington an norton, osceola howard nordeen, omaha robert packard, lincoln sanford porter, omaha . dana rasmussen, omaha robert reed, falls city richard saladen, red cloud billie joe sanchez. falls city william schenck, red cloud robert scoville, hartington 51 49 49 50 SO 50 50 50 50 SO 50 SO 49 50 50 51 49 50 SO SI 50 50 49 50 SO SO SO 50 49 50 51 50 51 50 51 51 49 50 50 51 SO SO 50 51 50 48 50 50 50 50 49 50 51 SO 49 49 50 49 51 51 50 SI Willi 50 donald p wilkr lack wellinger. kansas city, mo 51 harold yo 49 clau lord, Irench lick, . 49 pledges: mendell archerd. lincoln 52 baehr, long beach, calif . 52 duane barnesen, red cloud .51 donald bock, storm lake, la. . 50 larry bourn, lexington .... 51 lack burris. omaha 51 carnaby. omaha .51 carroll carter, blair 52 bruce cooper, alliance ... 52 joel cornish, omaha 52 lames cox, Sutherland .52 richard cushing. hastings 52 richard diers, scoltsbluff ... 52 douglas dudley, norfolk .51 donald eicher, lincoln .... 52 bruce evans. lincoln .... 52 jerry evans, lincoln 52 joe gifford, lincoln 52 dave griggs. scottsbluff 51 phillip grimm, wyomissing, pa 51 robert good, lincoln 52 val hammond, nebraska city 52 jack hayden, falls city ... 51 jerry henderson, scottsbluff . . 52 james Jeffrey, omaha .... 51 cy Johnson, ainsworth .... 50 jerry jouveneut. lincoln .52 william kuhn, clarks .... 51 mark martin, lincoln .... 52 fred mesmer, north platte 52 richard moulton, lincoln ... 52 richard myers, alliance .52 james norton, osceola .... 52 david peatrosky, omaha ... 52 gordon peterson, omaha ... 52 bruce perrine, kansas city, mo. 51 jack phillips, lincoln .... 52 dan raasch, fairbury .... 52 warren rasmussen, central city 52 charles reed, falls city ... 50 robert rump, fremont .... 52 roger runion, lincoln .... 52 jack scoville, hartington ... 52 robert seacrest, lincoln ... 52 eldon seyler, columbus ... 52 dale stark, lincoln 52 edward stienauer, lincoln . . 52 neal weddle. falls city ... 52 karl wellensiek, grand island 52 james winter, hot springs, s. d. 52 donald woods, omaha ... 51 donald yost. red cloud ... 52 the saes are rushing out to get their porch chairs back from the kappas. looks as ii all these " jail boids " are in stir, it ' s the prison party. rulers with wisdom and humor as can be at- tested by those broad smiles. these wide-eyed sig alphs are eagerly await- in santa ' s belated arrival. page 32! abramson bernstein bush. I. bush, r davis denenberg falk farber ield torrnan Iredreclcs gorehck alper harros haykin hoberman hornstein lehr lerner levy magid merntt millman moskovitz mo2er, f. mozer, 1. newman, a newman, m. M pachman In pearlraan potash robinson • rubin 1 sacks 1 shyken a stern thorman L _ M irtlinsky WQ ' veitzer veta, d. veta, 1. wasserman zonnsky m la Vinson ft ft ft fl o tits O £ ■ !0 P P ' « vP ft IF ' fit leonard potash president harvey davis treasurer benjamin robinson secretary founded in new york, n. y., 1909 established at university of nebraska, 1926 forty-four chapters purple and white page 322 ttigma nlplia mil deli harold abramson. omaha marvin bernstein. omaha charles borgotfen. new york. n y robert bush, omaha harvey davis. omaha herbert denenberg. omaha arnotd talk phillipsburg. n i edwin larber. lincoln marvin leld. new york. n y david Iredncks. omaha lack lorman. si loseph. mo paul gaiter, lincoln lee hans. omaha martin hayken. omaha milton lehr. omaha sandiord lerner. kansas city, mo bernard magid, omaha iack merritt. omaha maurice millman. van nuys. calil mayer moskovitz, omaha lorrest mozer, lincoln philhp pearlman, cranford. n j loseph polack. omaha leonard potash, omaha . . benjamin robinson, omaha kenneth sachs, council blulls, ia lack solomon. omaha donald stern, omaha jack thorman, new york. n y milton trilinsky. st loseph, mo irving veitzer, omaha lawrence veta, cheyenne. wyo . edward zorinsky. omaha . . . pledge leonard bush, omaha blaine carp, omaha arthur epstien. omaha richard lertil, omaha lordan halper. new york, n y donald hoberman, omaha ... marvin hornstein, omaha . . . earl katz. omaha . . . . sandford levy, omaha millard margolin, los angeles, calil leonard mozer. lincoln alan newman, omaha marvin newman. omaha david raznick. omaha Sidney rubin, tecumseh robert schiller. omaha herman shyken, omaha donald veta, cheyenne. wyo lerome wasserman, omaha 51 49 SO 50 49 51 51 49 51 50 50 51 50 51 50 50 51 51 50 51 51 50 51 49 50 51 50 50 50 51 50 50 49 52 52 52 52 50 52 51 51 51 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 men of distinction — and action headed by lee hams they bring honor and glory to the Sam- mies. beethoven or be-bop ? the boys like both harv davis plays disc jockey while others search out their choice what a football line up! but also some excellent officers are Karris, davis, solomon, polac k and abramson grab yourself a partner, one or two, it ' s a barn dance by sigma alpha mu hey-hey, it ' s omaha day for sammies. page 323 cmderson baker batson bauer bell bilon bruenig campbell christenson davis dietrich donohoe downey espegren ganzel hall holder ingwerson jensen johnson kallos killion king kohtz kugler longman mc latterly mueller nietfeld scheer Schneider seaton shumway sipp smith stacy thelander tiller van hmgn walker whitehead a ry ftin O ft I ' I " %yl " ' " " " " ' i dikmtm V;fl f rt D C) £ !) p £ r r r paul e. dietrich president dallas davis vice-president james r. longman secretary thomas o. scheer treasurer founded at miami university 1855 established at nebraska 1883 113 chapters colors blue and old gold page 324 M!»ma aclivea dale n anderson. ol )ohn anderson. omah i vayden and gem •■■rloo hare: bell, chesler thomas bilon. g dale q indenburg, lit ind roy brown, lincoln Campbell, lincoln ;en. chappell lack christense- I urg richard cook, des moine alien dale, kearney dallas davis, st paul paul e dielrich, hammo: thomas donohoe, david downing, superior robert espegran, omaha gerald lerguson, scottsb! wilham irench. scottsblull dewey ganzel, mc cook Ired golan. Chicago, ill richard hahn. david city . . gerald hall, farragut, ia Stanley hathaway, scottsblull robert holder, imperial rockne holmes, cheyenne, wyo dale ingwerson, Sidney vaughn Johnson, omaha William Johnson, lincoln gregery kallos, falls city jack kelliher, omaha marlin killion. lairlield conrad king, omaha wesley kohtz, scottsblull russell kugler, culbertson myron lanspa, david city lohn lilly. lincoln james r longman, shenandoah William lyon. warren, pa . . John c maxwell, weekhawken, i 50 50 SO 49 49 49 49 50 51 49 50 51 50 50 49 49 49 51 51 51 51 49 49 50 50 50 49 51 50 49 49 49 49 49 50 49 51 51 50 50 49 50 charles mc lallerty, lincoln 49 arden means, lincoln ... 50 maynard miller, lincoln 51 kan : ln lincoln richard rice, creighton thomas o idison donald Schneider, norton, oaton. heminglord robert shumway, lyon;. jack simpson, greeley, colo . robert smith, lincoln donald stacy, omaha jack terry, glenellyn, ill ley thelander. stromsburg •■ ill thomas j tidd. greeley, colo. kent tiller, alliance russel twiford. gillette, wyo james van burgh, minneapolis, minn donald walker, alliance robert wenke, lincoln milton whitehead, scottsbluff norman zabel, lincoln . . . pledges clilton baker, superior Ired bruening. hartington robert dawson, lincoln . . John dean, hastings james downey, scottsbluff william eddy, lincoln . . bruce engel, lincoln . . edward hornby. lincoln wesley hulquist, david city merritt jenison, ord warren Jensen, cozad . . willard jensen, cozad . . paul mc kie, red oak, ia John poulos, lincoln dwight smith, falls city richard spangler, lincoln winnie supp, scottsblulf james thomas, lincoln . . james worden, alliance " baby face " donohoe and " fuzz " mc kie just retrieved the waylaid trophies. " let ' s go boys! there ' s a fire at pen woods, " yells fire-chief wes kohtz. warren jensen presents pat laflin with sweet- heart of sigma chi cup. sig chi officers get some tips on government from esquire magazine. 50 49 51 50 50 49 50 51 i 50 49 50 50 50 50 50 50 g 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 51 52 51 52 51 52 52 52 52 52 52 page 325 agron berkowitz bernstein bessel blotclcy bricker chudacoft creamer davidson lerschtman lischer garrop gottlieb hershorn hoewitz huttner Jacobs katzman leib levenson levin margohn micklin miller noodell rodin rosen rosenbaum saterstein schloss sokolot tepperman o 4® 0 V V$0O S " arlene iischer president gloria lerschtman vice-president marcia tepperman secretary ruth horwitz treasurer founded at Cornell university, 1917 established at university of nebraska, 1925 theta chapter twenty-five chapters cafe au lait and old blue page 326 Sigma actives ailoen agron. kansas city, mo marilyn berstein. omaha bernic bessel. crouton brickar, lincoln gloria lerschtman. st louis. mo arlene Iischer. new york city, n rosalie garrop, omaha helen hershorn, omaha ruth horwitz. denver, colo neva roan huttner. denver. colo charlotte katzman. omaha dons levenson, omaha bette levin, hollywood. calil phyllis miller, kansas city, mo audrey rosenbaum, Chicago, ill louise salerstein, st Joseph, mo hannah schloss. sioux falls, so dak sora lee sokolof. omaha . . marcia tepperman, omaha pledges shirley blotcky, des moines. ia phylis chudacoll, omaha charlotte creamer, denver. colo . . Winifred davidson, lincoln . . . . charlotte gottlieb, dss moines. ia lenore hersohn, atlantic city. n. j. . darlene Jacobs, sioux city, ia laye margolin, deadwood, so dak 51 51 49 51 51 49 51 50 50 50 50 50 51 49 51 50 49 51 50 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 renee micklin. omaha 52 lois rodin. sioux city, ia 52 roberta rosen, omaha . 52 activity girls strike a pose for photographer, tassels look all set for a game or somethin ' . look at that muscle! it ' s only an act ... all part of the sdts travellog at penny carnival. the mailbox is a favorite meeting place for all. but it seems to hold a special attraction for chapter officers. " having a good time 7 " sdts and their dates aren ' t putting on a show, they ' re really en- loying themselves! page 327 cmderson banghart barry beamis bedell bull cave chambers, c. chambers, j. corbett de bauire edmondson fenster gibbs gieseker goeres gutschow harms hauge henschel herse hile hock holhday horslman kaderli kaulman krause lof mc connell macklem maltox nastrom o ' bnen, m. o ' brien, p. olson peirce Petersen putensen redlern renner rhoades richmond sandstedt schenk schoonmoker sheldon shepard sigler sipple ward wiedman yates zellers ann herse president kay schoonmaker vice-president jean fenster secretary mary mattox treasurer founded at colby college, 1874 established at the university of nebraska, 1923 alpha kappa chapter fifty chapters lavender and maroon page 328 i« ma kappa acliv»» 50 50 tit 50 loann doroti mlnn 50 ruth ■ In 50 jean ■ 50 o dak ncoln 49 Mieadow grovr 50 •io honschel, marlm. so dak ann I 50 mary louise h oighton lorgensen. lincoln 49 ■ iderh. kimb ill .51 . n koehne. lincoln 49 lincoln 51 lona rae leonard. ainswonh 49 mary mattox, lead, so dak 49 gwen macklem, laurel 51 lou mc connell, lincoln 51 margo nastrom, holdrege 50 in, atkinson 51 elaine pulensen. bloomlield 50 carla renner. norfolk 50 charlotte rhoades. blair 50 ruth ann sandstedt. lincoln 51 kay schoonmaker. igloo, so. dak 50 mary g sigler, osceola 51 sally sipple. nebraska city 50 marianna ward, bancrolt 49 pledges lola j banghart, scottsblull 51 helen barry. kansas city, mo 51 jane beamis, lincoln .51 betty bull, millard . . . 52 Virginia edmondson, belle fourche, so. dak ... 52 mary gieseker, lincoln 52 jane goeres. sioux falls, so dak. . 52 marylin gutschow, blair ... .49 marilyn harms, lincoln . 51 betty jo hite, centralia, ill 50 beverly hock, lincoln 52 pat holliday, hebron 50 kathleen kaulman, ashiand 51 pauline elaine lof. omaha .52 nancy montgomery. lincoln 52 madelyn o ' brien. lincoln 51 patricia o ' brien. lincoln .52 elizabeth olson, bloomlield . . .51 patricia peirce. lincoln ... 52 " women of the world " was the title of the sigma kappa ' s penny carnival skit . . . nothing more need be said. hold that pose! activity girls pause for a min- ute, then on their way again. it ' s music time for the sigma kappas, and en- tertainment time for the little kiddies. " how does this look? " sorority officers take on all odd jobs as part of the day ' s work. page 329 achercnan anderson batchelder bates bennington bowen bradney brown bunten carpenter carothers dark coffman colgan comerford corrick craig dulton duxbury engdahi fletchcr freed gaeth gilmore grant hansen harris harvey hays hooper hutton isham Johnson kaasch keily king koehn langenheim luchtel miller, a. miller, 1. morgan moyer munson murawski newel! paustain, f. paustain, j peery pettigrew pettijohn, m. pettijohn, r . podhaisky pollock pona rogers rooer ross russel sailors samuelson, d. samuelson, r. saults Schumacher shaw sh epard smith, d. r. smith, r. sorensen srb swanson thies trout trumble turner wagner warren weyenberg Wilson young youngson 1 p p a a L £S f£$ s l p r- e £A:f ft e Oi a ft O p .p ft. P edward p. trumble president joe saults vice-president rex e. pettijohn secretary william b. bates treasurer founded at Virginia military institute 1869 established at nebraska university 1909 one hundred three chapters colors black, white and gold V- page 330 sis; iii a mi active : lack p anderson. omaha 49 dean I batchelder, cheyenne. wyo 50 lohn d balos. lexington SO william b bates, lexington 50 robert h benmngton, chappell 51 im h bowon loxington 50 william » bradney. cheyenne, wyo 51 toseph i brown, hncoln 51 william I Campbell, omaha 49 charles e carothers. broken bow 51 harry u carpenter, |r . sioux city. la 51 john a clow, omaha 50 lames b coflman. torrington. wyo 50 gilbert r colgan. mc cook 50 earl a comerford. lincoln 50 bruce 1 corrick, lincoln 49 Iritz craig. lincoln 50 archie r dillman. lincoln 50 donald a dutton, lincoln 51 herbert a. engdahl. omaha 51 ho ward e fletcher. mc cook 51 percy w freed, lincoln 50 philip 1 gilmore. jr. omaha 50 harry d harris. lairbury 50 tack d hansen. dodge 51 ted m harvey. lexington ... 50 byron g hays, ir , kansas city, mo 50 robert r hinde, |r , salina. kas 50 robert e holman. lincoln 49 byron g hooper, jr.. st louis, mo 50 lynn d hutton, jr., norlolk . 51 robert w isham, chadron 50 paul 1 Johnson. Oakland 51 lames 1 kaasch, scottsblull 50 eugene e kelly. lincoln .50 gaylon 1 king, crawlord 50 william a koehn. lincoln 49 trederick a langenheim, lincoln 49 harold j luchtel, millord, ia. 49 andrew miller, lincoln 49 loren r. miller, los angeles. calif 50 charles e moyer. Johnstown, pa 49 ralph j murawski. Chicago, ill. 50 charles h newell, omaha . . 50 frederick f paustian. omaha 50 )ohn e paustian, sioux city, ia 50 harry e peery, lincoln . . grad floyd pettigrew, lincoln ... 49 rex e pettiiohn. beaver crossing 50 richard 1 pond, lyons .50 robert g rogers. sioux city, ia 51 charles h roper, robert 1 runnel, .inlina. kan don f sailors, omaha ronald k samuelson. franklin waiter s samuelson. or I i saults. gordon owen m scott. cozad ■ a shaw. lincoln ■I ' ipard. omaha lincoln ,; i omaha lincoln iboda, lincoln chalmer e trout, scottsblull edward p trumble, lincoln wagner. gothenburg ■ omaha wilson. malver- ■•man, omaha young, lincoln donald donald donald richard richard elliot e richard lohn e william lohn s charles w youngsen, minden 51 51 49 49 50 49 51 50 51 50 49 IS SI so 52 ri so 49 pledges: edward s ackerman. lincoln 52 lyle d altman. salina. kan 52 robert d anderson, lexington 51 william a bunten. cheyenne, wyo 52 tracy 1 dark, st edward 52 richard m duxbury, lincoln . 52 loren d gaeth. fremont 52 marshall d grant, omaha 52 Joseph I gurnett, omaha 52 donald e mc clanahan, scotts- bluff 52 larry I morgan, south sioux city 52 homer c munson, arlington. va 52 max 1 pettijohn, beaver crossing 52 donald j pilkington, scottsblull 52 torn c podhaisky, alliance james h. pollock, stanton don k rauh, salina, kas robert d ross, gordon dale a. samuelson. omaha john Schumacher, lincoln don r. smith, spalding . . richard r smith, omaha Irank c sorenson, omaha byron r swanson. omaha arthur 1 srb, lincoln barry h thies, scottsblulf george h turner, lincoln gerald 1 warren, st. edward jerome v. weiler, lincoln don g wells, lincoln donald r weyenberg. glenvi philip b young. Oakland 52 52 52 52 52 52 51 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 51 50 house prexy ed trumble presides over a gab- fest between the activity men it ' s root, root, root for the home boy as sig nus listen to progress of their basketballer dick srb a salty " homecoming decoration. the joint was really rockin when the sigma nu pig dinner got under way. page 331 adams alexander almquist andresen, j. andresen, k. anderson, r. anderson, y armstrong ashburn aukerman axtell bahr bartunek bauer bayley, a. bayley, b. biemond brower Grower bush byers capsey chambers christensen clough cochran, d. cochran, donald cole cooke cornehus cosand darling darst davis dennis, b. dennis, f. dorothy dussell Haherty folda Ireeman gaebler gauger hall hanson hecht hinchcltff hurlbert khnk korinek kostal krumwiede laird larson lawson liggett loisel, d. loisel, t. luther mc master mc neely meade missman miller mook morns myers, d. myers. h. nicholls ogden osborne powley reinecke russell, j. russell, r. russell. w. schleusener skochdopole, r theisen skochdopole, rbt. thomas smith, r, thompson, w. stechley thomson stone tobiska toogood tyner v agner v. olsh, i- walsh, 1. wasik wells wilson wolfe wortman U b O C •-• , k V P fl C (? £? |ft O C! ft £ " -. e n e p fc e P ,f5 Pi P if f) , C Ci (T: p J p ft p i ■ i p OP p if O C Ci ? O O P ft tf ■5 o t ft a n p p .! waiter w. dorothy president John m. brower vice-president donald g. cochran secretary, recording harry h. wagner comptroller founded at richmond, Virginia, 1901 established at university of nebraska, 1911 eighty-six chapters purple and red alpha chapter tau kappa epsilon page 332 sii»m«i phi gisilop actives: rober 50 49 roger o richard anderson, tilden 51 lohn ogden. ! M SO 49 50 bob a 1 1 50 ken a lincoln 49 bob a ' 50 49 rick avotte. v ■ 49 bob skochdopole, ravenna 49 ed bartunek. Uncoil 51 •h, osceola 49 lorn bauer. wray, colo 49 barclay bayley. lincoln 51 ed stone, jell i 49 bob theisen, osmond ken brooker, allanla. ga 51 pat thomas, omaha 50 lohn brower, lullerton 49 charles thompsen. north platte 49 lorn brower. fullerton 50 bill thompson, red oak. ia 49 austin burch. brula 50 joe tobiska. lort collins, colo. 50 kennard 50 y toogood, north platte 49 norm capsey, lincoln 50 jerry tyner. york 49 ed carter, lincoln 51 harry wagner. Oakland 49 dave chambers, david city, tenn 49 Itm walsh, waterbury torrest christensen, Oakland . 49 henry wasik. canton, o 49 wayne clough, mc cook 50 ed wells, madison 51 denny cochran. columbus 49 wayne wickenkamp. dorcheste 49 don cochran, columbus 50 harold wolle, pender 51 hugh cooke, omaha 49 tloyde Cornelius, madrid . 49 pledges: marion cosand. lyman 50 adams, des moines, ia 52 don darst, ashland 50 leland alexander, plainview 52 dewey davis, grand island 50 bill anderson, ord ... 52 bernard dennis. arnold 50 keith andresen, plainview 52 wait dorothy, ravenna . 49 al bayley, lincoln 52 melvin elward. geneva 49 tracy busch, pender . . 52 Irancis flaherty, fullerton 49 wendell cole, weeping water 52 dick lolda, schuyler 49 dean darling, hooper . . . 51 douglas Ireeman, neligh 50 Irank dennis, lincoln . . . 52 waiter gaebler. winside 50 bob diers. west point . . . 52 wendel gauger, madrid 51 bud dussell, columbus . . . 52 bob gembol. columbus 49 bill hinchclilf, omaha 52 John golden, lincoln . . 49 bob horstman, grand island 52 don hall, neligh . . 50 loyal hurlbert, ord .... 50 paul hanson, lincoln 50 don korinek, dwight 51 lew klink, york 50 bob krumwiede, tucson, ariz. 52 russel laird, des moines, ia 50 dan loisel, west point . . 52 dwight larsen, omaha 50 ted mead, scottsbluff . . . 52 ed lawson, genoa 49 duane messman, bruning 51 jim liggett, lincoln 49 bud morris, lincoln .... 52 torn loisel, west point 50 harold myers. weeping water 52 clyde luther, hooper 51 bob reinecke, schuyler . . . 51 keith mauck, plainview . . 50 dick russell, fullerton . . . 52 bob mc master, lincoln 50 willie schleusener, pender 52 harold mc neeley. wahoo 49 gardner steckley, weeping wate 51 torn mickey, grand island 51 dave way, decatur ... 52 dick miller, plainview . . 49 larry walsh, ponca .... 51 bill mook, lincoln ... 49 bill wilson, lincoln .... 52 dave myers, weeping wa er 50 dave wortman, bancroft . . 52 cornered by the camera man these sig eps and their dates can ' t do anything but smile, who wins? " wha hoppen ' , " is the comment of innocent wait dorothy who was caught in the midst of studies. runs like a refrigerator — no moving parts — except for the moving crew. at least the rushees look happy, (we take for granted that they are the ones sitting dc andreas anstine atwater bender connor ewing fisher fritz gilbert hansen hawley hellberg henkens jenkins jensen johnson. d. Johnson, r. keim kessel lind lutes mc kelvie mansheld metrakos mettlen meyer miller moseman parchen poe reis rommel shatter shaner sheperd soder sothan Steele Stockholm sirockey thomas tracy, m tracy, p. widmaier 2f Ifvfc a - ■ 1 I A n. o Ired bender president roy mansiield vice-president j. Iritz secretary robert johnson treasurer tau kappa epsilon lounded at Illinois wesleyan, 1899 established at university of nebraska, 1925 alpha epsilon chapter sixty chapters cherry and gray page 334 Ian kappa opsilon active thomas andreas. hncoln SO lack an:;lino. hasting 49 adollo arrocha. panama city, pan D g robort atwaler. kearney 49 tred bender, sulton SO wally bender, sulton SO lames connor. bladen 49 herbert crouch. lincoln SI warren dixon, mitchell. so 49 marvin dudley. lincoln lohn emmons. lincoln SO l b fritz, talmagn 49 eugene hammang. Iremont SO lack hill, appleton. wis 49 lohn lenkins, omaha SO robert Johnson. Iremont SO christy lind. north platte SO 49 49 melvin levander. sutton SO roy manslield, malvern. ia SO richard mc clain. lincoln SI robert metrakos, lincoln 49 george meyer, emerson SO roger moore. miami. Ha 49 curtis nye. wayne 49 roy parchen. lincoln SI carson poe, omaha . . 49 charles rommel. silver city, ia 49 milton scheerer. sutton SO darrell shaner. maxwell 49 dale spatz. lincoln . SO edgar Steele, lalls city SO don Stockholm, niobrara SO roger strockey. lyman 49 howard thomas. bellevue SO Darker tracy. mitchell 49 olin webb. louisville . . . 49 William wright, creighton . SO pledges richard clipson, silver city, ia SI robert curley, craig 52 52 52 52 51 ray hawley. dakota city 50 rex helleberg, kearney 50 ken henkens. Iremont 52 52 51 50 50 SI keith moseman. lincoln . . 52 morion reis, glenwood. ia 52 cliff shafler, columbus 52 rolland shepherd, lincoln ... a ronnie sterkel, lincoln ... S2 norm sothan, geneva 52 52 52 50 lack mettlen, gurley 52 president fritz bender gets his staff organized for another tke meeting. they all wanted their picture taken, so here it is for all to gaze upon taking time out from their activities are j ewing. c. widmaier and r metrakos it ' s after initiation so these old hands have to mail their own laundry page 335 armbrust armstrong bale beck bender brown, r. brown, t. butler chisholm dark dickey duncan elhott face faires fitzpatnck gibson guhin nammes houston jochum johnson, k. Johnson r. kasselman kent knapp lamoorn lemon lohmann mc cracken moser mundhenke neumann nosky orr parker rector ricketts robak rober rogers romig schantz seaton shennan shonka sievers slusher sward taylor thompson torczon truxell warner wittier yos young it) I Mi I ft C {-: ff? l 111: Jk, H m ft «ft ft « 1 f? £ I " ft ,s .4bl A?. C O £• J? , ilk; . dui?M»l m, O t O f?r O .O fT- « i.iii« tit ,rifc 1 A richard j. nosky president harold a. romig vice-president cleo f. robak treasurer founded at rensselaer polytechnic institute, 1864 established at nebraska university, 1927 alpha epsilon chapter lorty-three chapters blue and white page 336 activea dean r armstrong. at paul marvm i bender, eagle lloyd m boker. omaha lawrence m bolyan. cobal. alaska thomas w brown hershey Ired | buckholtz. columbus glen p dark, pawnee city verne I dalgas. gr theo e deal, omaha arthur h dickey, sioux lall.i, so dak howard g duncan. poole donald c elliot. beatricc Irank I faires. lincoln donald c. lilzpatrick. omaha marvin 1 garber. scoltsblull leonard a hammes. omaha richard c hill, lincoln robert m houston. beverly hills, calif lohn e. jochum. Sutherland richard 1 |ohnson. burwell William r kasselman. kansas city, kan frank s kent, red cloud . george w. lamborn, palmyra herbert c lemon, ravenna ivan mac donald. lincoln gerald d mccracken, lincoln charles h. moser, lincoln harold p nebelsick, alexandria. so dak temple w neumann, wymore . . . . richard j. nosky, north platte . . . . eugene w. rector, tail, calif . . cleo f robak, duncan randall rockwell. grand island . . . . robert p. rogers, albuquerque, n mex . harold a romig, albion david 1 slusher, kansas city, mo leo b. swiggart, roca lohn e thompson, north platte , . . . richard 1 torczon, columbus robert e. truxell. genoa le roy f. a wittier, winside dale worth, lincoln dale young, barneston pledges herbert j armbrust, omaha . . . . robert b bale, sioux falls, so. dak jerry 1 beck, whittier, calif . robert w. brown, hershey phillip butler, beatrice leslie 1. chisholm, lincoln knolen j. face, Stratford, so dak. . . richard e gibson, omaha . . richard w. guhin. aberdeen, so dak kenneth e Johnson, lincoln . . david r knapp, lincoln . . frederick a. lohman, grand island virgil mundhenke. sioux falls, so dak robert w orr, needham. mass donald ostendorf, barneston robert c. parker, dalhart, tex. . . waiter p ricketts, palmyra . . . donovan c rober. sioux falls, so. dak george i. schantz, fairfield. ia leonard e. seaton, emery, so. dak. ronald m shonka, burwell .... bruce r. sievers, roca alfred w sward, calvert .... ralph h. taylor. omaha robert c. warner, omaha jerrold yos, lincoln " hey, ' ' yells parker, " there ' s santa claus more activity men. " a black book always lends dignity. a wham-bang homecoming decoration " oui! oui!, monsieur 9 yes, excuse me. " page 33 " abramson baker brodkey chesen cohen, jack cohen, jerry cohn cohn, r. daviason evnen farber, a. iarber, c. fmkelstein fleishman irankel garon, 1. garon, n. goldman gottstein Harris hene hermann horwich jacobs Icantor katskee kohan krasne, b. krasne, 1. krasne lehman levinger maisel margolin milder pitlor polsky, b. polsky, d. rice, david rice, d. rosen rosenblatt ruback schmidt, a. schmidt, 1. shulkin silverstein tully vanore weltchek wolpa, b. wolpa. 1. yousem fe C ft ft O ft ft ft p ft O. ft o o o o D ft ft ft T . ft ft ft O ft £S. O f. -■ Is ■ ■ I BLflH O Q ft ft p jft ©l £? A «p P § O - um£ M JM+i±tii±dfrk paul weltchek president don rice vice-president alvin abramson treasurer byron krasne secretary bud polsky historian founded at new york, 1898 established at university of nebraska, 1922 forty-three chapters colore blue and white page 338 « ' i«i lid a liin dcttvM alvin omaha roborl lee baker, omah i laurence brodkey. omah i irwin che II .- cohen, omah i albert cohn. everett evnen. Iincoln aion larber, omah i sanlord (1 Iincoln alar. m, omaha omaha norton garon. omaha lamar garon. omaha . richard goldman. omaha stuart gottstein. des moines, ia sheldon harris. omaha burt hene. omaha Iranklin iacobs. Iincoln richard kohan. omaha edward kantor. omaha byron krasne, Iremont . . paul krasne. Iremont harold levmger. yankton. so dak ted lehman. Iincoln orvil milder, omaha . donald polsky. Iincoln . . bud polsky, Iincoln don rice, omaha dave rice, omaha bruce rosen, omaha ... richard rosenblatt, omaha aaron schmidt. Iremont Jerome shulkin, sioux city, ia. . alien tully. omaha .... paul weltchek. coolidge elizabeth, n j bernard wolpa, omaha .... lenard wolpa, omaha Joseph yousem. san lernando, ca hi pledges ronald cohn, omaha vernon davidson. Iincoln . . chiam larber, omaha . . lustin horwich, omaha eric hermann. woodland park, colo leslie krasne. council blulls, ia alan katskee. Iincoln . milton maisel. omaha robert pitlor, omaha norman ruback, omaha leo schmidt, Iremont herbert silverstein, brooklyn. n y. jack cohen, omaha . SO 51 50 50 50 50 51 49 50 51 50 SO SO SI so so 50 51 50 49 51 50 49 50 49 SO 51 SI SO 51 50 49 50 51 52 52 52 52 50 52 52 50 52 52 52 50 52 zbt activity men pause to show off some of the fruits of their labor. nort garon thought he had a date with eliza- beth taylor tonight. the officers are happy with the fact that all the boys are behaving. " is that right, irv? " asks one of the brothers of supersalesman chesen. page 339 tit- y • ' ' " 4l4 baumgart crellin fischbach hattan, g. hattan, r. hyde kelly kroger larson lippstreu loy may olson palmer parker rarick regan -• ' . k A±± 4ife di smith steinhoff tipton van neste vernon «i «i ' i«i founded in michigan, 1904 established at university of nebraska, 1905 thirty-one chapters black and gold don tipton, iowa state transfer, is instigator of the new un chapter. a little nip after the meeting is just what these acaciaites need. page 340 arl»r bodn borowskt rarlaon dvorak hnch hipk tohiucn a johnson. m mundell nelson p«t rson sandall schart fi C; P ft ft ft ilk 4 A j£: , C! Ofi ft ft delta sigina phi founded at city college of new york, 1899 established at university of nebraska, 1925 sixty-two chapters colors, green and white the ag. delegation comes down to the union for the monday night ritual. president bill mundell gets the ok. on the fu- ture plans of expansion for the fraternity on the un campus. page 341 delta sigma delta back row: b lundberg, g. weisel, 1 owens, c. richter, d. irwin, h. batie. third row: a magnusson, 1. hyland, w. newcomb, e. Collins, j. shaw, 1. spangle, e. weiler. second row: k. carson, r. reinhardt, d. barta, a. draughon, j. tonner, h. andersen, d, anderson, c. anderson. tront row: w. dean, h. stone, j. alien, d- edwards, 1. mohr, e. lebsack, r. heins founded at university of michigan, 1882 established at university of nebraska, 1913 thirty-four chapters colors, turquoise and garnet some of the men are trying to figure out how this new fangled thing works. delta sigma delta officers can always be de- pended upon to meet and meditate. to belong to a fraternity you still have to keep up the payment of dues. page 342 ft t t ' f t. _ » 0fr ♦ V i»V %T back row: luckens, h. thor- parmenter, m sisley, k. »• hayward. j earll Iron) row: i hinffi m i bartlett, (. easta- brooks. r. baado, j chr lang. 1 noble delta € hi founded at Cornell, n y, 1890 established at university of nebraska, 1909 forty chapters red and buff jim sitar. un instructor, had much to do starting delta chi here. charter officers of a charter chapter discuss future operations at un. a monday evening meal always comes before the delta chi mef back row: h. snyder, p- barber, t. vrana b. bump, j. hazen, d. bykerk, a. castle c. rothrock fifth row: k. cobb, r. richards, j. harding j. stong, m. powell, d. brock, s. Zimmer- man, r, orshek, b. taylor fourth row: 1. jacobson, c. hohnstein, c coulter, r. Jensen, a toy, d putman r. anderson, r. gruver, r. strahle, r. price third row: r. bosley, 1. hutton, d. ells r. luedtke, r. wilson, j. smith, d morrow w. Zimmerman, j wolf second row: r. vogler, r. dearden, w. ginn 1. moore, k. elson, f. fugate, e. zimmer man, w. blue, g. birch front row: d fahrnbruch, j. jacobson, j ganz, t. gaines, r. conrad, j. higgins, s lowe, b allison. delta theta phi founded at Cleveland law school, 1900 established at university of nebraska, 1922 sixty-eight chapters colors, green and white ambitious delta theta phi officers leave the club room for " moot " court. cokes and cards are the mediums of relaxation — in the building that is. these men are discussing a case that is " under the table " at the present, page 344 back row: w 1m I bailry I heiBO. nderaon. 1 dirnm. d janowski. I ehriil»n»«n thud row: | vans w barney, i stroh, g hupp. I mc aneny. j nielson. w luhr aacond row: 1 germer. c thoene. w dick son I mc manus. I curling. 1 cliolena I blake Ironi row: w grossman, d kroger. d. mundl. r harper, r berkheimer. h grolhor. r bock phi alpha delta founded at northwestern university, 1902 established at university of nebraska, 1915 sixty chapters don kroger tells the story about the " traveling " lawyer and the " client ' s " daughter to phi alpha delta brothers. here judge a. 1. edmonds delivers the I speech at the convention alum dignitaries are honored at the regional convention of the fraternity. page 345 housemothers mrs c ager sigma chi mrs f bennett lau kappa epsilon mrs e I. bradley international house mrs e brownson alpha omicron pi mrs m buckingham alpha chi omega mrs. j burhams beta sigma phi mrs. r. davidson chi omega mrs e dooley women ' s residence ha mrs 1 gottstein zeta beta tau mrs b. Johnson rosa bouton hall mrs. v. hull women ' s residence halls mrs a hyland theta xi mrs ] isreal sigma delta tau mrs i levinson sigma alpha mu mrs e miles terrace hall mrs h pendarvis delta sigma pi mrs c phillips alpha phi mrs 1 poole howard hall mrs f ramsay phi kappa psi mrs c remy kappa delta mrs I scott beta theta pi mrs n searl wilson hall mrs. h strickler kappa sigma mrs. h. warncr loomis hall mrs. e wiebusch alpha gamma rho tft ▲ - " S-r iL ;1 Vi . . ■ page 346 atmosphere ' spells the theme of this beta party wine, women and song, but no men for the girls in the foreground. featuring our gal winnio wolf " not only does she dance, but look at those !■ theatrical gals. . alpha phis with canes , tuxes, mas- cara and personality plus. a high light of the pi phi social calendar is entertain ing the alums ' little tots at yule time. above: when the cats are away, the mice will play. below: the source of all this foot trouble is the " raspa, " un ' s notorious dance routine. above: dancers relax during intermission, below: rex knowles advises a group of men during religious welfare week. girls were especially athletic around the turn of the century. 1919 . . . colleges of dentistry, business administration and education begun . . semi centennial celebration postponed by flu . . 1920 . . . first nurses graduate in omaha . . ellen smith hall purchased . . first dorms for women established in six houses . . 1921 . . . student life section of cornhusker arouses wrath of students and faculty . . nebraska beats notre dame . . black masque becomes mortar board . . corn cobs begun . . 1922 . . . iron fence removed . . dad ' s day begun . . 1923 . . . stadium dedicated . . military ball revived . . school of journalism started . . 1924 . . . university radio station, wfav, broadcasts . . tassels established . . 1925 . . . top two floors of u hall and third floor of nebraska hall removed . . coliseum built . . 1926 . . . morrill hall and ag activities constructed . . 1927 ... dr. e. a. burnett, chan- cellor . . 1928 . . . missouri-nebraska bell begun . . andrews hall built . . first i. d. cards issued. activities publications publications board theatre orchestra singers band I radio-debate au i service groups QUSHA ' SK jack schirmer editor-in-chief managing editors nadine anderson and thorn blomgren plan the next issue as a mortar board and innocent listen in. 4 OI ll shiir the new baby, corn shucks, was one year old last fall, its new glass-walled incubator, an addition to the old office, aided its growth, the staff ' s pet was the beauty queen issue introducing nebraska ' s lovelies. top: bob mosher, assistant business man- ager, relaxes in a typical corn shucks staff po- sition. center: the " shucks " cartoonists gather with jan haugseth and her typical nebraska coed. middle: a private secretary is the thing, but how do you rate with luscious beth wilson, jack ' bottom right: al abramson, with the aid of the staff, checks the last issue of the corn shucks to see if anything has been excluded. below: the busy staff members compile the corn in their fall office, the corn crib. I eornhn§ker jerry Johnston editor-in-chief 1 1 " jane mc arthur photographic editor bob duis photographer kathryn swanson class section head ray biemond business manager Ieo geier athletics head by hooper managing editor John connclly managing editor jeanie sampson managing editor dick kuska Joanne lisher dick kuska student scene head fraternity head jane linn administration head betty green organization head jody loder activities head neil atkinson assistant business manager bud gerhart assistant business manager the cornhusker business staff crowded into one room have the appearance of a ku klux klan. tony eistetter administration head bob orr photographer bill le roy photographer torn reynolds photographer nancy porter military head the industrious cornhuslcer staff does work sometimes, so they say! freshman workers with their trusty typewriters do the dirty work. bill le roy, photographer, helps jan graves, beauty queen head, to her seat which may be on the floor. marilyn weber joel bailey marilyn campfield sally holmes donna burley government head sorority head junior class head freshman class head sophomore class head the nebraska blue print staff, com- posed of engineering students, does the tremendous job of publishing the monthly news in the field of engineer- ing, a member of engineering college magazines association, the nebraska blue print, has been functioning since 1901. this efficient editor is temple neumann. his sheer genius puts out a terrific publication. professor ludwickson, faculty advisor, and wayne swift, general manager, discuss the publication. the blue print staff consists of c. kellogg, n. bowen, n. rosenzweig, and b. splinter. Daily Rag Will Live Forever! ••In colleges and universities today, the college paper is the one Institution which cannot be killed. " The October 4, 1912 issue Oi the Daily Nebraskan was positive on this point and earnest in its explanation of the news; pi. ice at the university Gems of Literature " When the last freshman has hazed, when the las! sopho- more has been flunked, when the last junior has made his promen- ade, and when the last lonesome senior is finally married, histor- ians will commence to search for something to say in favor of those who at one time held a place in the destinies of the race. They will examine archives to find any possible gems of literature. They will dig about the ruins of uni- versities and colleges in an at- tempt to discover any good traits and characteristics of the former inhabitants. They will work for long years to find cause for giving the once respected student a place in history. " But they will search in vain, their efforts will bo wasted, until some day the last discouraged historian will find a disintegrated-looking volume, clumsy in form and poorly pi hardly distinguishable from the clinging debris — and he will hold in his hand a file of the college paper. At one glance the heart of the old follow will commence to jolt a little faster, the second look will call forth an exultant cough, and at the third turn of a page the place of the student in history will be secure. Can ' t Be Killed " In colleges and universities today the college paper is the one institution that cannot be killed It may be on the verge of bank- s ' , its promoters may be ex- pelled from school and the editor m.iy have to run to preserve his life, and yet the old paper still comes out on time. The students may not subscribe for it. the ad- vertiser- may refuse to give any longer to charity, and the may be the object of urn ridicule, but there is always some fellow who will work all night, flunk in classes, and give his last cent to keep the paper alive. Newspaper Reports All Campus Affairs r .11: i: KlltKK. AN First Semester Editor NORM LEG1 i: Second Semester Kclitor Editors Kerrigan, Leger Led Rag Through ' 48- ' 49 Editor Jeanne Kerrigan kept strut journalistic stylo ,is she L;ed her stall first semes; nne was one ol most efficient and thorouj l the weako! n is ever had. Under her tion, the Rag empha campus improvements with the parking situation and new build- ings of prime impi I itei on in the semester, fast and fur- ious reports submerged the in a fmht tor more and better it scats .it football g A complete coverage of characterized the Daily N kan under Miss Kerrigan ' s i • • • nne was kept busy, but found tune, nevertheless, to be an outstanding member of the school ot Joura ilism. M Board nd Pi Phi. not to n i |ueez- : a few moments of socializ- ing with a Phi Psi. Second semester editor, Norm Leger. was an influencing force on the Rag long before he took over p in Febi faced difficulties in print- operation of the p but he managed to too the and continue publishing the Daily in its original form. The usual complete coverage of nous was to be found in I editions, but of special int was the crusading spirit prevalent throughout the semester. The I to clear up poli- tics on the campus, and showed tment of false, unfair poli- cies. Leger is to be commended for his attempts to accomplish something worthwhile through the medium of the press. Par- tly noticeable events in the this seme the Miss i aii Nebraskan contest, and the ■ iiit- 11 t news column. Norm be- • iy promii ire on the campus through his with the Rag. However, his membership in innocents, Corncobs, partici- pation in A U.F., ind in K ippa Sigro . kepi hint m hi ' :me. FRITZ SIMPS " in Managing 1 rlitor CUB CLEM Managing I ditor Boastl Complete ( " vrrajr Through the are d domic, social, rein.;, phil- . ' .tiire I one of the taking pride • porting. ■ of a well-balai lumn ei " From the Fmnt Page " siimma- items of importance. made during the year enh the general appeal of the | One addition is a column during the Student Council mem- ind the Nebraskan st iff A plan to familiarize the students with the university bu oiest for a 20 per cent inert ite funds, was also put into effect. A detailed coverage •■■ . the student ' s mock UNESCO conference. IRWIN CHESI N Bnsinesi Manager Business Side . . . The serene office at the left of the hub of activity in the I • is the home of the bus- managers. Silently gu over by Irv I nd Keith O ' Bannon. the office is a sanc- tuary for the funds and impor- tant I I the monetar;. advertising, the life blood of a newspaper, is bought and sold by these men. Black Not Red There was not a time during the year when bloody cries could be heard issuing from the business office, for these two efficient gen- tlemen kept their books alwa the black, just as all aspects of the rag shied away from the " red. " JhsL (Dcrikf VbibhcuJiayL Intercollegiate Press Member IlillTV-SKVKXTH YEAR The Dall) Nebraskan is published b] Hi. students of the Unlversitj of Nebraska as an expression i f students news ami opinions only. According to Article II ol the B Laws governing t mi -n t publications ami administered bj the Board of PobUcations: ••II i the declared pollcj " i the Board iimt publications umhr its Jurisdiction shall he free from editorial Censorship on the part ni the Hoard, or on the part of any member ol the facult] oi the university: hut members of me staff of The i aii% Nebraskan are personal]! responsible for what they sa or do or cause to be printed. " Subscription rates are tX.OO per semester. $2,611 imt semester mailed, or S3. 00 for the college year, mailed. Single cops 5c. Publlrhed dally during the school year except Mondays and BaturdaySi vacations and examination periods, bj the Universfts of Nebraka under the supervision of the Puhliration Board. Entered as Second ( las- Hatter at the Posl office in Lincoln, Nebraska, under Act of Congress, March :l. I87S, and at special rate of postage provided tor in section 1103, Act of Ortoher i. 1SI7. aiithori e.i September 10, 1922. . I. ■: M STAFF Editor Jeanne Kerrisan Managing K.iitors Norm Leger, Cob Clem .»- fditors Lee Harris, Frits Simpson, Louise Mrlllll. Susan Reed, Boh Phelps As News Bdltor Keith Krederichson Sports Editor Harold Ahramson Special Features Editor Herbert Denenberg Societj Editor I ' at Nordin Photographer T « " » Reynolds in SINKS STAFF Business Managl r Irv (hesen ISSlstanl Business Managers Merle stal.lcr. Bob Avtell, Keith O ' Bannon Sight News E r Fritz. Simpson Nlghl News Editor .Ionise Mcinil The Unending Challenges . . . Throughout the year, students of the University of Nebraska met challenges of all kinds. They faced the challenge to do some- thing about the high prices of books; they were challenged by the inadequate seating at the football games. A year ago, they were challenged to meet the problem of parking space shortage. At every six weeks period and semester ' s end, students were confronted with the challenge to personal integrity: to take quizes and exams honestly instead of using alarmingly rampant methods of cribbing. In the spring, the Student Council was challenged to study its membership and method of election in order to arrive at what the faculty would feel was a representative Council. Student organiza- tions were asked to participate in a constitutional assembly to study the problems and complexities of student government. Here another challenge faced students: to approach the prob- lem objectively and arrive at a practical solution; or, at least, to present complete facts of the situation and illuminate the problem for the benefit of the entire student body. These challenges themselves have been a challenge to The Daily Nebraskan. The challenge has been one to investigate matters of stu- dent concern; present both sides of student problems; and always to make conclusions in the light of what is best for the majority of students and the entire university. During the ' 48- ' 49 year, The Daily Nebraskan strove to bring to its news and editorial columns all matters of student interest. It attempted, although it still was criticized as such, to be a great deal more than a bulletin sheet. While the editorials were the opinions of the editors or staff members, or both, the letterip col- umns were open to anyone who submitted a letter with signature. The Daily Nebraskan remained a free newspaper throughout the year and ended its year ' s activities with the conviction that its freedom was here to stay. SUE EASTERGARD Miss Daily Nebraskan Sweet Sue Miss Daily Nebraskan She ' s a Beauty! She is! She ' s Sue Eastergard, Miss Daily Nebraskan, the most beau- tiful freshman coed. That ' s the verdict of an all- campus poll conducted by the Daily Nebraskan. Miss Easter- gard was chosen from a group o, six finalists pictured in the Daily Nebraskan. She was selected by students, polled at random about the campus. Although the poll has declared that she is the most beautiful freshman coed, quiet, unassuming Sue would be the last person to agree. PATTY NORDIN Society Editor As I Was ayim ■» Petite Patty Nordin scooped the campus for her society column, a daily feature of the Rag. Per- haps the most widely read col- umn, any student could get caught up on the coming social calendar, or the rapid exchange of pins. This was one column which seldom lacked sufficient material for coverage. We won- dered many times how little Patty ever managed to keep such ef- ficient tab on this great big uni- versity? Assistants to the society editor could be obtained almost anywhere, for anyone who drop- ped in on the Rag during the afternoon was sure to be asked to contribute to the " dirt col- umn. " This was one part of the Rag we could all put our two cents in. Social Calendar Signa Delta Tau Easter Egg Hunt, Friday, 7:00. Betta Theta Pie Snow Shov- eling Contest, Tuesday, 4:00. Fi Delta Theta annual Keg Tapping Brawl, Saturday, 8:30. Big Sissy Club Get-Together. E. Smythe Hall. Thursday, 3:00. AAW Chess Tournament Playoffs Grunt Memorial Hall, Wednesday, 2:00. Reporter party, tea and cookies. Daily Blunder, Onion Basement, Thursday, 5:00. Zeta Betta Toe " Dri " Night Party, Satur day, 4:00. Taffy Pull, Dairy Barns, Ug Campus, Thursday, 6:00. Sigma Phew Oopsilon Be- hind the Parlor Curtain Party, Saturday, 4:00. Electrical Engineers ' Get-to- gether (promises to be a shocking party). Tuesday, 2:00. HERB DENENBERG Feature Editor First Semester EMILY HEINE Feature Editor Second Semester JhsL (Ray. Feature editor Emily Heine padded the Rag with special fea- tures throughout the year. The co-operation of her two assistants added to the interest and spirit many of the features aroused. " Chewing the Rag, " an added at- traction, was devoted to " lighting a match " underneath a few un- ambitious students, and to discus- sing or dissecting problems of in- terest to all. Miss Heine proved to be an intelligent observer of campus life and added much in the way of enjoyable reading to the Rag. Help Wanted . " Hi ho, hi ho, it ' s off to work we go. " Like the dwarves of Walt Disney, so the freshmen of Ne- braska march down to the rag office early in the fall. They type madly, rush to meet deadlines, cringe before the editor, and fin- ally drop by the wayside. True, some of them stay on to form the backbone of the Rag staff, the workers. Without these energetic enthusiasts to cover beats, pound out news, and do a good job of re- porting, the Daily Nebraskan might not make its expected ap- pearance quite so regularly. Next year these same workers will be persons of importance on the staff, we will write about them, take their pictures, and congratulate them on a job well done. Tennis Racket Uncovered Hie B ench- Y armer in .1 lata bulli mi athletii m h lollle heppley itated, i don ' t understand how It hap The ti-nnis racket i me I ' m .ill unstrui ped from the new ph: iration building, hepple | out mornfull that this will drag mj name through th Memtx the athletic bored imment 1 1 end rtated ins vie ■ I lm I i ■ Lilly investigated tins racket and these •■ " • m fin groui broke mi " the building during exam week and absconded with .ill the tennis equipment by mistake m much equipment on their hands they could never hop . the black-mailli heppley A .1 Spew sitting In his gold plated office, moaned, " Well neva make a net profit now. " Chicago Host to Big 7 II ROI.I) ABRAMSON Kir t Semester Sports Editor NU Bulletin Board HOU fill I PS Seronil Semeslrr s p ,, r is I gHot Sport Splashes In .ill s, the • staff is tf i he ( omphmented. I the management of Harold Ab- ramson, the first seme of sports nev and reported sports U ill the loyal Nebraskan suppor ' . ball, tntermurals, ami kept the editor busy writ- ing up news. Abramson ' s col- umn, " the Benchwarmer " 9 vital addition to thi Second semester found • -ports lust week. Their Hall. iNieison, who aiso Bob Pnelps indulged in a flood «rand slam in tin- chug-slugging copped the mumble-peg ljuire tacular basketball achicve- st netted the Red Dot coun- ; in November, js the onlyjlouble ments swimming, and mtermur- . i Is. not to mention track and ••Player coach Judge ' eight-ball ' Thoene has announced and his squad «iii travel this weekend to Barkfes pool emporium of Chica side to complete in the NCAA snooker and billiard championships. Thoene will carry a six man crew to the national event. iding scoring ice for the Huskera all se The rluskers ended their all-victorious season last Saturday with a 214a to 1938 decision over Char- Place ol Kansa City, Mo annexing the Big Seven title, the Nebraska sharks i won the central states tourn- ament, the southwestern h tional and the Lincoln champion- ship. TNE, leading scholastic ternity, continued their sweep of .lark Best events by taking firsts Gracie Nielson rode to the in- tramural tiddly-Wink champion- ship with her outstanding per- formance Monday afternoon in the towel room of Grunt Me- I Hall. Nielson. who also Kappa Awful Moo in November, is the only double terpar 5,000 points toward the winner in the history of the uni- i Jack Best trophy, an- versity. other 6.000 points were added Displaying a developed form baseball. Phelps covered the accurately and wisely, and »ill t ike nhre in the eallows of when TNE ' s took a first place and polished technique. Nielson w;is followed relic, sports will take place in tne gaiiows oi v,.,„i,„ t h.,ii n i » n ffc .; i i„ ,..i u a ft« .- wink into the f™.. r.. m intepra nart Morrill hall 2:30 p. m. Wednes- day. Everyone is envied. Slabber and Bleed meeting will take place in the lung of the Armoury at 7:30 p. m. M.-ctin!; of the prospecting teachers at 4:00 p. m. in Memory of Love Auditorium. Typical Nebraska Pig candi- dates will be judged at 6:00 a. m in the beer basketball playoffs Johnnv Walker, half pint sprint- er, took a fifth in the open bonded inn .ard dash at the re- cent Schenley invitational, to rack up some more valuable points for the campus WCTU rep- resentatives. 1919 Cornhusker Fakes Ovei Rag tiddled wink after wink into the fans. Certainly, an integral part scoring cup. edging out her op- f any university paper, the ponent. Miriam Crick. A. W. O. L. Daily Nebraskan was fortunate board prexy, with an overwhelm- m having two such capable and ing score of 401-2. thorough editors to constantly 9 sponsoring house, keep the 3rd page up to date on Gamma Klip, lost all hope of vie- sports. tory. Friday, when it was discov- ered that she had a hang nail on her tiddling thumb, but uni- versity trainer. Back Burger. shaped her up nicely and she was in excellent condition. Indoor Sports All work and no play is hard on anyone, so naturally, the Rag After receiving the round-trip staff forgot the whip and took in the main hogshed of the Ag The Cornhusker has taken or Ashland as grand time out for some fun once in a ru w will v™. worn " the Rag! Yes. the Rag staff prize. Miss Nielson said " I m very while. They feuded with the campus. Clothes will be worn. ™ inner s office glad „•, over . Please hand me Cornhusker and Cornshuck s The Ladies John on the first m oved out for a day of fun. It a Chesterfield. " floor of the Onion, which has wasn ' t the best in the journalistic been closed for renovating is now- open for business. The Ambulance Chasers honor- ary will have its monthly meet- ing in the back room of Don ' s Pool Hall at 7:30 p. m. Ag fillies will have their week- ly meeting in the Foods an trition building at 7:45 p. m. L W.O.I will have a guest speaker at its regular meeting Dale Harnigie will speak on field of achievement, but it proved to be one of the most talked about issues of the Down to the littlest filler, the abused issue afforded many a laugh to subscribers. April Fools! What ' s this ' Can it be true How We were all stunned for a mo-! to Pin Friends and Indict Peo- m ent. but soon realized that April P le - Fool ' s Day would naturally Stoogent Council will hold its for a gpecial edition of the Rag. meeting regularly Investigations Thp startling headlines and the will be discussed. The Honorary Root-Beer Chug- A ' -Lugging society will meet Fri- day afternoon in the usual base- ment. riotous news dreamed up by the versitle Rag staff was sufficient proof that it ' s fun to work for if s a p.iru Where " In the Ra office, complete with hats and the Daily Nebraskan. -ill erins. not to mention the staff. First semester news editors: Suzie Reed, Fritz Simpson, M. J. Members of Editorial Staff: Norma t ' hubback, Emily Heine, Bruce Melick, Louise McDill and Lee Harris. Kennedy, M. J. Melick, Frank Jacobs. Business staff: Keith O ' Bannon, Merle Stalder and Bob Axtcll. Freshman workers, the hardest workin ' contingent in the rag office, ponder over copy. Daily Nebraskan Thanks Hice for Help As we all know, the suc- cess or failure of an activity is often due to the advice, assist- ance, and influence of the faculty adviser. Perhaps then, one of the biggest reasons for the unqualified success of the Rag is the friendly, intelligent advice and help of Mr. Hice, better known as " Bill. " • • • Mr. Hice is a native of York, Nebraska, and attended York Colleg3 and University of Iowa. During his not too long career. tor he is still young and good looking, he has worked on Grand Is:anJ and Lincoln newspapers, taught Journalism at Fremont High School, and been a valuable part of the University ' s School of Journalism for four years. • • • Any journalism student knows how much fun it is to be in one Mr. William Hice, assistant professor of journalism of Mr. Hice ' s classes, and any Rag adviser of the Daily Nebraskan. worker knows how truly helpful he is at all times. Besides these page 364 and faculty journalistic achievements. Mr. Hice is a versatile man. Not only does he " cut a fine figure " even at eight o ' clock in the morning, but he also plays a " mean tune " on the piano. We ' ve been wondering all year what the piano in the Rag office was for, and now we know ... to keep Mr. Hice enter- tained when he drops in to help out. Another noticeable character- istic of " Bill ' s " is his quick, ap- preciative sense of humor. Always willing to enter into the spirit of things, Mr. Hice donated his serv- ices as a bus boy for the A.U.F. unction and thoroughly amused and entertained his purchasers with his antics that evening the girls will never forget. • • • Mr. Hice has contributed not only to the Rag, but to the entire University, and in all sincerity we all say. " Thanh you for helping us all, and being such a line sport. " student director the student directory, published by the student foundation, contains the name, address, telephone number, college and class of nebraska ' s 10,000 students and faculty members. top: nancy porter, head of the bulletin phyllis campbell, head of house sales, dr plans for the directory. middle: pat hinds, student directory wo ' ker sells Joyce griffiths one of the publicatior bottom: representatives from sorority houses sell directories katherine kollmeyer makes a sale. page 365 1st semester associate editors ed rousek, keith frednckson and myron gustafson think this Ihing over! duke albert, photographer, and clarise filalla, art editor, for the 1st semester beam with suc- cess. the 2nd semester business managers and cir- culation staff take time out to read the maga- zine. assistant home ec editor, ruth fisher, assistant art editor, barbara keith, and photographer, grant Cornelius, check on this month ' s issue. the 2nd semester editorial staff is checking copy, looks like the editor supervises just about everything! page 366 7kc goun: -7 llui. Ma dlt fl Utioe l iGA4f St Uf. • . phil raynard 1st semester editor I keith frednc- 2nd semester editor jear edit ag 1st semester copy. dr. william f. swindler, head of the pub board holds a meeting with other members: r. ritter, dr. k. forward, e. trumble, professor j. burnett and dr. j. alden. the publications board ' s primary aim is to encourage student participation on the publication staffs, to secure the publications for as little cost as possible to the students and to award contracts for publication work. top: paying more attention to the camera than the problem at hand are dr. k. forward, dr. w. swindler, professor j. burnett and dr. j. alden. bottom: student members like the camera too. they are: r. ritter, e. trumble and j. van burgh (not pictured). page 368 hack row! m he : front row: Ihompaon | propor. JOS bright lights, backstage experience and fame are the ambitions of the energetic nebraska masquers, this year ' s progress was hindered by the closing of the temple, but masquers, who claimed that " the show must go on, " crusaded for a new theatre and continued to encourage perfection in all phases of their art. the bowery is one of the more colorful places visited by the masquers in their revue scandals " . nebraska masquers president, claire dc conducts a weekly meeting, dejecied facer " no ' eatre page 369 above: the work behind the scenes means the success or failure of the play, here mr. black helps students build sets. above, left: details must be perfect before the show goes on. with the aid of mr. black this student is measuring a door. university theatre margie zellers receives a trophy for her achievement from mr. whittaker. miss zellers is an honorary producer. the spotlight picks out the honorary producers of the university theatre, margie zellers and byron krasne. " winterset " was one of the best of the university productions, the scene pictured portrays the excellent acting character- istic of the play. the rollicking comedy, " dream girl, " was the first of university productions to use the new revolving stage. the actors went back to the days of the wild west for this production by the university theatre, " playboy of the western world. " the conflicting emotions of two brother: were ably portrayed in this production " beyond the horizon " this tense, dramatic moment was in- corporated in petrified forest, a univers- ity theatre production. - ?-i . «. c orchestra violin theodore brunson aleta snell jeanette hause kathleen forbes norman splittgerber helen murray avis jedlicka james Stevenson jane goeres paul penno joan fredrickson pamela kinne irene roberts william klamm shirley laflin cyra cahn eleanor llanagin eldeen breese nancy pratt viola roma Johnson jay williams arthur murphy marilyn harms janet dark russell norman mary alice snider raymond casey page 372 cello Janice liljedahl ruth bergstraesser carol puckett richard guy kathleen burt rosemary motter mary kettelhut eleanor bancroft bass marjorie squire harold hollingshead julius cahn hervon snider flute miriam willey Virginia nordstrom piccolo jack thompson oboe james price colette donaly ardelle hengen english horn james price clarinet william elliott robert duis emily heine bass clarinet emily heine bassoon darwin fredrickson marilyn maca joan docekal trumpet charles stasenka eldon engle marla marx trombone paul austin John freethy carroll brown french horn jack snider robert porter John wisner robert kurth irederick vanosdall charles sharpe tuba hervon snider harp bonnie weddell percussion kent tiller Joanne smith warren hughes librarian carroll brown above: orchestra members tune up their in- struments at rehearsal for concert. below: the big ones may be hard to handle, but the orchestra has everything! O p ,A ft r o 1$ w o university singers university singers group themselves around the piano to do some informal rehearsing. a small practice session takes place under the direction of dr. westbrook. 1st soprano peggy bayer shirley brisco jean eckvall Catherine elliott carol Johnson patricia larsen dora niedenthal joan reynolds marilyn voorhees mary wherry Catherine Worcester 2nd soprano dorothy jean bauer willistine dark alice harms muriel james Virginia lange jean leisy nancy pierson jeanette schweser beverly shuman dorothy taylor Virginia taylor ila faye ullstrom martha wilson jeanne wood 1st tenor peter andersen donald carlyon jeff delton William french harry giesselman calvin gloor ralph hoyt dean killion Stanley meyer William mundell robert parks myron ridgway dennis rohrs edward wells 2nd tenor holmes ambrose robert gilbride donald hays h. p. krause lawrence owen rex pettijohn aaron schmidt sterling seaton clarence svoboda robert Wallace Is altos helen anderson janette armstrong eleanor bancroft mary barton Virginia bennington eugenia brown janet mc croy ruth padgett rosalie paul elaine putensen dorothy Schneider carmen shepard 2nd altos helen abdnor :inia damon jeanette dolezal audrey flood merilyn hansen marilyn harms myra hauge gretchen hemminger margaret kallhoff shirley laflin marian petersen shirley quisenberry charlotte rhoades eugenia samuelson patricia schroyer mary sommer agnes troxell baritones harold bauer john curtiss john eisenach gordon flood lewis fomey warren hughes melvin li jack learned norman leger lloyd lotspeich paul marquart niel solomon edgar tegtmeier basses ronald barnes Joseph bednar alfred brookhardt bruce campbell glayne doolittle henry duling phillip gustafson robert heitkotter john korowacki garreth mc donald ralph mead keith meininger neal meisbach leland myhre carl scheffel james thompson delmar toebben clarence wurdinger page 373 ilutes John boberg Joyce salsbury frances swartv ood robert rosenquist Virginia nordstrom louise cook piccolos bill wurtz robert kelligar oboes james price william shoen collette donley clarinets norman todenhoft aaron schmidt william elliott liza venable cleo austin robert duis mary tous kirk bowman carl lohrey edward opocensky chris kuyatt John berigan edgar tegtmeier leo schmidt joan albin norman strand frank skokan john krogh janet dark betty roessler loren loy aria mae solfermoser page 374 university band alto clarinets elmer voss betty breck emily heine bassoons darwin fredrickson patricia raveney kathryn elliott alto saxophones william french warren rasmussen theodore svoboda bob kenney tenor saxophones robert parker don duryea baritone saxophone orvid owen comets james hanson len alien eugene stoll marlin killian John curtiss charles hynek ted thompson dean bushnell lewis forney richard guy trumpets william splichal ed wells herman larsen robert hinds baritones conrad reneman herbert jackman hugh cook charles curtiss robert westfall horns jack snider don boyd james welch fred vanosdall robert kurth charles sharps byron havlicek john woodin trombones thomas bauer paul austin don Schneider phil neff don steinacher al zimmer warren brannon embree rains basses al hein ben henry merle bergeson paul moseman charles Jensen percussion kent tiller qerald morris jack tilton harold schroeder harvey knoblock bruce hendrickson charles mc vay harold holmquist donald loy ed gass above: school spirit was increased by the band s precision and pep on the field. below: under the direction of mr. lenz, band members practice for perfection. r« leaving to attend the delta siqma rho conven- tion in Chicago are top debaters from nebraska university. debaters hold a practice debate with the same fiery enthusiasm that brought them success in conferences. radio-debate the university debaters were recog- nized as one of the top five schools represented at the nine conferences they attended this year, besides main- taining their fine record, the debaters held the largest debate conference in the midwest at the university in march. the radio section of the university progressed to bigger and better things this year under the direction of mr. william dempsy. something new was added when the department started broadcasting over kfab. jo anne bergman and dale anderson share a good joke at the annual radio banquet. sound effects play an important part in radio here lois nelson supplies paul revere ' s hoof beats. future radio professionals gain practical ex- perience by producing shows in a studio. page 375 peggy lawrie director ted gunderson head solicitor university fund this year the all university fund com- bined all campus drives into one cam- paign, this included world student service fund, national infantile paral- ysis fund, united negro college fund and community chest. auf colonels: r. Stewart, j. bailey, g. koch, j. loder, 1. acker, k. swanson, t. gunderson, j. Connelly, r. lindwall, j. lisher, b. Wallace, a. abramson, j. campbell. middle: freshmen flock to the auf booth at the activity mart to sign up as workers. page 376 bottom: the board members gather for a re- freshing drink after a hard day at the office foundation recognized as the outstanding activity on the campus, the student foundation has successfully supported and boosted the university during the year, the many duties of the organization include publications and entertain- ment of high school visitors. freshmen flock to the activities mart to sign up for student foundation. president genene mitchell goes over the accounts with bud gerhart. treasurer bud gerhart dictates a report to nancy porter, while jan nutzman and ginny koch carry on with other founda- tion work. back row: i holm«« Bocond row- front row: | page back row: b schenck, r. pettiiohn. s. mar- keson. b. sim, d. miller second row: r. howard, m stalder, p. keeney. b. hildebrand, g. coupe, j. selzer Iron row: j. campbell, i. chesen, n tie mann, w. howard, b. axlell, t. gunderson T ' i%osni4 I klub the kosmet klub, dramatic society, was founded for junior men with a talent for grease paint and organization, every year kosmet klub members pre- sent a bevy of masculine charms in their fall revue, not to mention the nebraska sweetheart and prince kos- met. in the spring the klub sponsors its annual contest for the best original musical comedy script, which always wows the audience with its all male cast. norbert tiemann president warren howard business manager kosmet klub members charge out of meeting ready and willing to get on with the kk revue. page 378 corn cobs the " wheels " of the organization! bob easter, frank loeffel, norm leger, and bob hamilton. back row: r. petlijohn, r. hoflmeister, b. gerhart, n. alkinson, w. kohtz, r. lind- wall, 1. harris, j. Connelly second row: n. baxter, e. trumble, b. sim e. gloystein, p. wellchek, j. de wull, h. davis front row: I loellel, n leger, c frank- iorter, r. hamilton, r. easier, j. osier the corn cobs, local chapter of pi epsilon pi, national pep group, is an energetic organization, besides cheer- ing at rallies and games, they are one of the chief solicitors on campus, the homecoming dance is co-sponsored by the cobs and tassels. feature event of the year is a combination banquet, meeting where the various coaches stress " spirit " . page 380 .ly I ■ A back row: m. judd, s. ruff, p. pendray. e. freitag, t gaines, s. bjorklund, s. alien, m. mallory, r stewart, p. seibold, c. rich- ards fourth row: p black, j. cochran, m. smolik, d. reagan, m. chace, 1. zurouski, s. reed, j fenster, ) bailey, g. nielsen third row: f Crawford, r bergstraesser. j. carr, s wendt, n long, g. monson, k. rhodes, m. garrison, c. hinderaker. k. conway second row: 1 best, r oka wake, m. wil- burn, g ferschtman, n. jensen, v. soltow, e paustian, m matlox, j. linn, c. Worcester front row: j blaha, s king, j fauchild p guhin, 1 gillett, k- rapp, m. tepperman, j. delamatre, m buss tassels the main function of tassels is to pro- mote school spirit by cheering at games and rallies, tassels is also a service organization, as the girls sell tickets and publications and usher at university convocations. president lois gillett checks with other tass-il officers on future plans. tassels are on hand for the freshman activitv mart in the fall. J m. m the cadet officers association in 1886 was small but military. ■ 1929 . . . freshman day started . . Olympics disbanded . . women ' s point system introduced . . 1930 . . . aws grants 12:30 week-end nights . . red frosh caps replace former green ones . . school of music established . . heating plant built . . agitation for student union arises . . carrie belle raymond begun . . 1933 . . . homecoming decorations dis- banded due to depression . . 1935 . . . first woman corn- husker editor elected . . 1937 . . . grad school of social work established . . cornhusker countryman re-established . . 1938 . . . ag love hall started . . union opened . . dr. c. s. boucher, chancellor . . men ' s point board started . . campus date bureau established. milUwiu rote off icers staff s ii in in er camp battalion staffs companies headc|iiarters companies eadet officer ' s associations ii role officers I platoons in formats summer cruises ■•« «• in 1948 nebraska rote men retui i a fully-completed military and naval science building, training began in earnest for ap- proximately 1,600 university men enrolled in the course and was highlighted by the festive military ball, december 3. 1948, where jimmy dorsey held guest band honors. highlighting the spring of 1948 was the fed- eral inspection, at that time the nebraska rote unit was awarded the best possible, or " ' superior, " rating. upper right: the signal corps really learns to climb those poles in summer camp at ft. mon- mouth, n. j. right: engineers put their lessons into pra as they assemble a portion of a temporary bridge. it ' s the m-26 tank again, this time in a tred stress test, is everything all right, boys? aloft in a c-47 above lowry field, thes - fellas hold those little cups re page 389 right: colonel John and his assistant, lieutenant colonel thomas, make plans for the university of nebraska rote unit. captain laurence e. gardner captain John b. sullivan m sgt John e. hagood page 390 or|»s of I ' BlijilMri ' S It. colonel John w. thomas m sg! gordon k hanson it lester ) hend ' after finishing either the basic rote course or service in one of the armed forces, outstanding candidates may apply, upon recommendation of the pms t, for advanced training leading to a commission in the officers ' reserve corps, during these last two years of the course, the department of the army offers specialized training in corps of engineers, military police, field artillery, infantry, ordnance department and the medical corps, air force administration and communications are offered for men desiring advanced air force training. scabbard and blade, phalanx and pershing rifles are honorary military societies open to outstanding rote men. m sgt waiter w. jones m sgt james rivero 1st sgt John a. lovold s sgt rex a. brown page ?9l military police corps coast artillery corps major winston e. Wallace captain John w. davis captain james b. kelly ■HKHkJ sgt 1 cl herbert p. benninger field arlillerv ordnance 1st It. oren w. bryant sgt 1 cl aaron a. long page 392 colonel John ' s smile shows that congratulations are in order for 1948-1949 cadet colonel jack meehan. racial ioIoim I jjark mm linn infantry major robert p. brust captain chalmer 1. deeter page 393 s er camp above: everyone ' s getting ready for a trip in those b-25s as the pre-tlight briefing is given these men. upper right: signal corps men relax after a long day and par- take of a little night life and relaxation. above: ordnance men test everything! this time it ' s the trial run for the big amphibious tractor. above: m. p.s have a tactical problem in riot control formation during summer training at ft. monmouth, n. j. right: an unusual pic— the 4.5 " rifle in recoil right after firing by summer artillery campers. page 394 first battalion staff p. sprague. j. kennedy. r. rutledge. s. larsen third battalion staff r. olson, m. peircc. e. hansen battalion and regimental stack ' s second battalion staff m. klug, p. hanson, r. kohan. h. dickerson regimental staff j. meehan. r. batten, j. jones. r. strahle page company a — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: d. davis, r. sund. 1. gleason, m, fohs, m. hemmingsen, t. brenner, k. le grand, b. moss. fifth row: d. capek, r. winchell, d. jones, g. wegner, 1 noble, r. bale, k. mc cor- mick. t. pope, k. tiekotter. fourth row: w voss, r. rase, b. dobber- stein. j- mc mahon, b. friednchsen, j. liebst, r. dunklau, r. leibee, r. hild. third row: e bourg, ] cornish, j. newell, r, schmidt, r. otteman. b. spahr, b. Shaf- fer, f. simon, r. cardwell. second row: r margrave t kanamine, r. johnscn, !. hamann. a. gaskill. r. craig, r. beck, r. crook, r. mc guire. h. broeke- meier. front row: d. Stacy, r, askey, r. dark, w wendt. e. edwards. j. martin, t. avner, c. Johnson, r. steeves, k. Jacobs, v. ham- mond. company b — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: w. schleusener. h. richardson, m king, j. thomas. b. russel, d. benson, h. blohm, r. nggs. fourth row: j. brown, r. regier, f. moritz, r rosenblatt, t effken, r. reynolds, j. duggan. j. norton, j. lliteras. third row: j. cohen. c. rohan, h. myers, w. scholle, w. spellman, j. addison, j. toma- sek, j iolsom, c. brock, r. sand. second row: g. cramer, r. becker, h. shyken, 1. pollard, r. werner, r. rump, c. buehrer, b. koyen, c. hutchings. front row: r. sherman, m. newman, g. Johnson, r. tame2. p. gilmore, j. elliott, p. sienknecht, d. veta, ). mills, n, landgren. company c — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: w stokebrand, k. mohling, 1. germer, r. dawson, m. shuey, c. voils. fifth row: s. detter. m. reis, w. monson, c. mueller. 1. altman, a. bunten, j. mun- son, b. griebel, r. berry, b. morrow. fourth row: r. coba, w. jones, r. hollander, r. phelps, d. ruby. c. thompson, j. beas, j. schiermeyer, c. neumann, third row: r. fafeita, k. Johnson, d. scheier- man, v. joy, k. mumm, v. davidson, a. tully, r. pitlor. w. russell, r. peters. second row: r krotter, w. griffin, k. schmidt, 1 neumann, j. scott, j. jackson, j turner, c miller, r. meysenburg. front row: r. mc clain, r. lucht, 1. pfeilfer, w. roods, w. palmer, j. Connelly, d. tim- mons, j. thomas, e. miyahara, j. tighe. ft m k " ■? ' ■■ fit r f - • " T- • • page 396 ' tenshun! a platoon of pershing rifles men dis plays its excellent military training. fi ft ' • ' i . : • ' •■ i ' i A ► a gmk % a «, •• « ■ i • . nd ro ■ front tow: company b— 3rd and 4th platoons back rowi w slew k». b b«- myers. k reev - lourlh row: Bid - ion, | bra i ' bird row: klusman. g girom. h george second row: r -i.:.- h mask :: son. ■win front row: ■ ; t col. i lar) iwish 1 al ' - ' -jon. r ah : B ' fe ft »feAS.LfiLr« - ' M f : ■!£». ' ! ? • « ft Hh ik f company c— 3rd and 4 th platoons Ironl row: « ones, d bloom. mc cauley c Maria wellinger, i luikart. r. lav, k. lee. ••cond row: . chisholm. cole, d woods third row: I hof tins ] downey. h tie : or. v Stevens a. arms, L leary. t scolt. lourlh row: t. noral ;jeth r elliott. c debood ' betdeck tilth row: sen g olson m mills ellis. p |onts back row: novai o ' m $£j the infantry takes to water as summer camp men in an assault boat cross the republican river. page 397 company d — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: c tipton. w. sipp, n. heinz, d. hall, h. fencl, I. bruening, w. smith, 1. duryea, j. hull. fourth row: b. good, d. eret, r. morfey, ensen d weyenberg, j. Johnson, j. jones, a. thiesfeld, a. transue. third row: c. sharpe, b. akeson, r. cappell, j. guard, j. ponseigo, h. Williams, m. crouch, h. heikes, w. greer. second row: j. bunn, j. perry, n. adduci, j. murphy, c. overture, h. hergenrader, k. rhoades, j. robb, 1. waldron. front row: w. ziettlow, r. smith, j. warner, d. wenzl, c. youngson, r. zerean, e. lane, j doyle, d. graei, r. miller. company e — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: h amen, e. brune, r. patterson, r. eho. g. carter fifth r ow: r. frickle, p. goetz, c. cooper, w sherwood, d. heuton, r. sjulin, b. eno, b. bayley, t. doowant. fourth row: d. vermillion, r. mladovich, j. Stephenson, d. dolejs, c. petersen, c. coiiey, 1- pachman, r. zierott, d. hoberman. third row: j. koser, d. andrews, b. per- rine, c- beeman, w. hansen, s. rac kenzie, g. matzke, g. peters, j. gifford. second row: e. cook, s. gerlach, r. tun- nictilf, r. ford, c. heine, b. de wulf, r. goldman, j. coffman, g, behrens. front row: p. Johnston, a. clarke, g. baum, c- bressman, h. hendrieks, a. farber, j. kleinkauf, d. stine, d. benson, r. curley. company f — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: d finch, w. goff, d. rohrs, r. cutts, w. stilwell, b. deklotz, d. nelson, b. runner, d. bull. fourth row: c. cook, 1. roads, n. ruback, m. longmore, d. hopkins, 1. garon, d. ras- mussen, v. jaenike, j. cummins. third row: j snyder, d. wells, j. meisinger, h. beermann, I. harnson, 1. roubicek, r. hutchins, j. lattman, d. bushnell, g. walton. second row: d- dale, r. phillip, r. benson, h. gloystein, n. lind, c. torczon, b. briden- baugh, w. wylie, 1. youngman. front row: h, heermann, b. hein, w. bau- man, r. van ornam, 1. harris, w. moment, r. scherer, c. geller, g. alo, g. pedersen. ■fd$. ' h $ t . . .. y • • • u ■ • ' ■ c . . ■ r . , . I |J e i -...-.. . f. o . i A S f m page 398 these air force men are " pulling through " a prop on a c-47 at their lowry field summer camp. , • " j • • • jp . , » . • 4 •♦ «♦• t « if __- .. i w » " • • T K 1 - third re (root ro« i ' company e 3rd and 4th platoons back iow • •••iy. h iourlh row kin ' . buic third row - " •cord IOWI cock. C larbe- Iron! row I p Sib A i „ t T t.%i : i f t . . . f • • •fMJ ' « VV |kH« M company (—3rd and 4th platoons back row: hay . loutlh row: third row: bc manaman I sny l ' ♦ yi«n- ••cond tow: ■ i«v«nn . kouto«k Ironl ran junior infantry students use a sand table to work out a tough problem in offensive ta- page 399 company g — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: d. lukasiewicz, v. junkin, h. haight, f. tyson, s. eberhart, 1. halsey, w. holling, r. walker, r. childs, m. kelley. fourth row: d. gelster, r. counce, g. yocum, r. steinberger, w. hahn, m. moderow, e. seyler, r. shonka. third row: h. Johnson, c. luther, t. dark, t eisenach, j. fristoe, e. gass, w. holm- quist, i. schmoo, g. gessner, w. gass. second row: r. ialtin, g. fellows, g. men- denhall, c. luedke, k. van arsdol, d. Christiansen, d. black, d. brunton, f. faires. front row: h. pedersen, s. reese, k. mose- man, w. wilkins, r. howard. r. hinman, c. gerwick, j monahan, j. miller, 1. boeck. company h — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: a. walla, d. osterman, b. wall, g. randol, r. wilhelms, h. summers, j. mc evoy. fourth row: d. smith, w. olson, j. flesk- oski, r. orr, 1. schmidt, w. vogel, h. curtiss g rippe, w. barrett. third row: r. duxbury, e. loch, k. versaw 1 mills, f. burnham, e. childers, r. rohrs. w. barnett, j. jouvenat. second row: j le zotte, w. drayer, g. Cur- tis, j. miles, k. wellensiek, d. hultquist, e. acherman, r. mc mil Ian, r. vollmer, j. lomdon. front row: v. laughlin, d. smith, m. grant, 1. jackson, r. hahn, r. martens, g. mc- queen, r. taylor, m. turnquist, n. tooker. company i — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: m. brinkman, r. wilson, j. yos e weiman, h. cast, j. camp, j. greiner r. moogey, d. leach. fourth row: w. nelson, b. haskell, j. a! kire, 1. young, w. byers, d. mc afee, ; thornburg, j. reynolds, r. winchell. third row: d. roben, j. fulford, w. warrei g. thornburg, t. mc earthy, j. moore, v. erickson, p. cooney, j. cochran, g. gier- han, p. rledel. second row: r crom, v. stebbins, r. schei- bel, j anderson, n. bless, j. west, w. roth well, e. ahlemeyer, t. Johnson, d. kramper. front row: r. pentico, h. lindstrom, b. lew- ton, p. thomas, t. turner, ). hurley, s. harkson, w. classen, w. berggren. $ ' ' ■$ 1 ' ' , .. ' " f ' J ' i " i J ' f ° : f if «• • % €fr 4ii dk page 400 " honesty is the best policy, " learns the corps of military police in a lie detector test. J te A fcl il.M.:||i4|f 5 « Jjfljl T7 %» 4 • f ft L sons b Mt third in ■ ■ •fond tow lionl ro ■ company h — 3rd and 4th platoons back row: her ' ik fourth row: mullor r v , -i r d bals ihird row: «b«rspach«r. I kovta rasmussen. r mutll ' ' sey.. n utermark, r sattsrheld, c c- tenson second row: -■ c :(■ - .. ••■ toebben, d : ?nson t mostman. r wolf a stoppkottel, d reevM. b. bio- « front row: r klepptnger. ! mc vicko - I your hangse, d ras ts«fi, t dragoun. t ichmit w buhm. n tyi Jh • • • •« company i — 3rd and 4 th platoons back row: -?ast rly I lens, d haldeen. n smith, r hornby. • brojcha, r en 3 fourth row: 1 bosley j Stewart b hyde tck c shatter h denenberg. third row: • i««. thorn as c ram old. : ohle. sconlan b akromts. r sea rtchnond. second row: dyer, r b- mc leay c vandel, m scb :k«r, mtyosht front row: : l«a bofc«f w ■y h krause ! here ' s the test firing of a 90 mm. anti-aircraft gun at the aberdeen, md., proving grounds. page 40! company k — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: w. novotny. r. speckhals, d. pusateri. p. butler, j. dike, f. mozer. liith row: r. epp, r. hovendick, c snow- don, h- sieler, c. wilkens, r. Walsh, b. meyer, 1. vrbka. fourth row: d. schoemaker, w. wilmes, h Vincent, h. wendland, j. reigert, d. sullivan, d. herss, i wheelock. third row: i, hatanaka. r. eydo. r. lott r. stiegelmar, r. Johnson, g. turner, m. hoyt. s. hughes, 1. reemts. second row: a decker, 1 springer, k. ax- tell, g. mc lane, i. ingold c widmcrii d. simonson, j. blessing, r. nicholls. Iront row: j. nelson, c. buster, g denker, r. wait, c. nodgaard, w. gisenhart, c. forck. j. prusha, a. newman- company 1 — 1st and 2nd platoons back row: b. kenney, i berigan. d. mur- phy, e. baltz, b. packard, b. mountford, d- wunderlick, c. burmeister, 1. christenson, I. nollman. lourth row: n. chupp, 1. helser, a. zimmer, 1. ebner, 1. keister, j. woodin. r. purdy, j wasserman, d. raznick, c. kuyatt, m. kamarad. third row: d. fiske, g. crellin, h. hansen h. ciesselman, j- blankenship, p. moseman, h. yoshimi, p. pedersen. c. yeutter. second row: i howland, 1. kilian, e. kay, j. maxcy, j. mapes, b. magid, t. hruza, t. wells, g. thompson. front row: b. kennedy, d. kent, w. bauman, 1. wiegert, n. Jensen, d. halverson, j. wroth, j. benak, r. egger. ' ' ft . Or ft - • J? • t % company m— 1st and 2nd platoons back row: c. metzger, b. lundberg, t. schlaebitz, r, schinzel, g. marsh, j. mc- connell, d. Johns, d. stack, j. worden, m. jemson, w. imlay. third row: r. swanson, g. coder, j. cook, w holmes, e. hultman. m. boshchult, t. diers, a. kluna, w. collopy, j. krogh. second row: e. heineman, k. kalal, j. bauer, r. cotlman, d. mize, w. murphy, e. kantor, r. davis, g. saiki, j. mihara. front row: e dean, g. goede. j. evans, e bartunek, b pierce, w. rollsmeyer m. moskovitz, o. Conner, b. caswell. r. braziel- H ft© ... «_ A 4 • 4 m page 402 engineers are always working! here they assemble a pontoon bridge at ft. belvoir Vir- ginia. t ' pt ' l $9 i .kt M, v " • • . i ff k bach i i (OUflb IOW! ■ Iron! - - ■ company 1— 3rd and 4th platoons back row: ■ ■ r 5 1 ■ louith rowi non third row: • on. w ■•cond row: ;od- front row: b. ha mar. i»n. mac loan. company m — 3rd and 4th platoons back row: h J " .io d wornor. motlMwi nelson lourth row: • aoodwin a carUor •jol third row: hornstotn p kraan-- lee ' ••ll«r. w homko tocond row: Iron! row the inspection of an m-26 tank seems mighty interesting to a group of ordnance soldiers page back row: b. creed, t. morrow, r. koch, j. keck, 1. wilson, r. benson, m. radke, j. westcott, 1. Johnson, j. lutes fourth row: c. paulson, c. wilscan, f pflug, w. gelwick, s. dworsky, m. sobotka, j. lyle, d. mc vicker, e. Steele, h. Schneider third row: b. bergquist, d. flesher, s. Jacobs, 1. chittenden, w. mook, n. jones, w. brinkman, j. ferris, v. kamrath second row: w kimball, r. loudon, a. kuta, h. doerr, f. bauer, j moore, b show, w. vogt, h. thomas, p. mecham front row: r. kellogg, r. smith, r. swan- son, p. o ' dea, j. jones, 1. hutton, j. wil- son, w. mulder, c. huestis back row: p weltchek, d. canaday, w. wilkins, h. sullivan, d. myers, g. luhrs, r. hoffmeister, j. Ully fourth row: g. elliott, e. thompson, r. torczon, c. mason, j. blalctford, r. drbal, r. camp, s. gottstem third row: r. ohlheiser, d. ehrlich, k. Johnson, p. grimm, w. marbaker, r. beat- tie, r. swett, w. wickenkamp second row: w. white, p. ranee, a. gil- bert, j yousem, r. vogler, s. harris, m. maisel, p. sheridan, v. goeres front row: r steinhoff, d. rice, j. christopu- los, r. real, r. mc elravy, f. phifer, d. Stan- ley, r. bush, 1. vela back row: d. lembrich, r. vanderslice, c. duryea, h. hatch, 1. wescott, j. holman fourth row: w. kinsey, w. Zimmerman, w. moment, 1. alien, k. gillespie, d. heiden- reich, p. Johnson, g. wolfe third row: r. noble, r. reid, e. petrasek, d. copes, e. taylor, k. oehrle, e. brandt second row: d. augustin, r. vollmer, d. armstrong, d. kroeger, n. vlcek, d. spelts, t. koerber front row: h. beideck, r. wells, h. frand- sen, f. cardinal, d. casper, o. milder, t. andros, d. hodder headquarters companies page 404 it ' s a big moment for these rifle team men as their work and skill are recognized at the presentation of awards. page 405 pershing rifles delegates to the 1948 national assembly in new york city enjoy themselves at a dinner conference. these men form the national headquarters of pershing rifles, there are fifty-five companies in the country. national pershing rifles 9 r r T " i ir national pershing rifles was organized " to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military pro- fession, to promote american citizen- ship, to create a closer and more efficient relation, and to provide ap- propriate recognition of a high degree of military ability . . . " among rote cadets. national commander paul hanson and chief- of-staff torn turner busily confer over national pershing rifles policy affairs. national pershing rifles has many functions. here the publications committee consults with its editor-in-chief. page 406 |»«rrsliiiii» rifles ■ - 4 ...... I . l • • • • . . • ... • . • u a 3 g 3 • J • •v.cilh CO . ■ ixlh low: ■ » I ■ tilth co lourth cow: TOC« Ihlcd cow: ••cond cow: Icont cow: thaw. the local chapter of pershing rifles, honorary military fraternity, strives to carry on the ideals and traditions of its founder, the late general John j. pershing. the group was founded at the university by pershing, then com- mandant of the rote unit, in 1892. it is the pershing rifles company which spon- sors the crack squad, a group famed fc perfection in precision dr pledges of pershing rifles are selected outstanding rote students in th vo years of basic rote trair page 407 scabbard and blade scabbard and blade accepts as members only those rote men who have proved themselves outstanding in their field. I r f .ft | back row: j lyle w. marbaker, r. vander- slice, 1. wescott, r. benson. fourth row: k. Johnson, f. phifer, w. wick- en kamp, w. kinsey, a. potter, s. mc- vicker. third row: r. gibson, d. augustin, h. frand- sen, w, nash, e. askew, j. westcott, r. russell. second row: r zerzan, h. Jensen, w. rolfs- meyer, w. mc cauley, w. palmer, p. han- son. front row: r. hahn, d. rasmussen, j. martin, r. howard, m. klug, 1. jackson, c. nod- gaard. the only military society recognized by the united states army, the national society of scabbard and blade was organized to educate and train its members to be efficient officers, ten new men are taken as pledges of scabbard and blade each year. recognized by their shield and five silver stars, these advanced rote students work hard for their training. as one of their special activities in 1948-49, scabbard and blade men obtained a military lecture series. page 408 phalanx ■ W¥: ja " " » 9 A xl m back row: w wilkins. h anderson. c John ston, |. woodward, h. carpenter, h abts m maisel lourth row: -i smith I irwin. | holman, t i r bass, d dutton, r. rogers, i Connelly lhird row: p johnson. h schneider. h beideck. r koch, I. lohnson. m sobolka. r swanson. second row: kohan 1 wolpa, r batten, r. mart ' front row: - olson. c deeter, j meehan ' ;}son, b. wolpa. founded in 1935, the national honor- ary and professional military society, phalanx, has a threefold purpose! it strives to supplement and to better the interests of the university military department, of our university and of the country as well. phalanx men also participate in their inter- chapter rifle competition and hold a formal dance in the spring. only advanced students in the upper third of their class are eligible for epsilon morae, ne- braskan phalanx chapter. page 409 a captain william 1. messmer, usn nrote the university of nebraska naval re- serve officers ' training corps was formed to enlarge the scope of the united states naval academy and is one of fifty-two similar units located throughout the country, besides their regular class training, all nrotc men are reguired to take part in summei cruises, these are to train them in theory, practice, and shipboard pro- cedure, at graduation, unless under special contract, navy men are com- missioned ensigns in the u. s. navy or second lieutenants in the regular u. s. marines and are placed on active duty. comdr. richard p. nicholson, usn It. comdr. John a. whitacre, usn It. james m. o ' brien, usn major John p. lanigan, usmc company staff and platoon leaders back row: Terry b I I Iront row: ; ■■ skc Joseph m. bonadio, usn fee ralph m. goff, usn qmc benny g. hopkins. usn gmc me gee so2 jaques n. r r usn m sgt. huber .smc pagr ■ " i-4 first platoon shuler, b- Johnson, n. sothan. back row: r. e. condon. third row: j dean, j. cutcher, e. franzen, p. armitstead, a. alien. second row: d. cook, g. joselyn, n. camp- bell, d. Johnson, b. andersan, a. michelet, front row: r. hackbart, p. christel, e. racely, r 3. askew, zwart, h. w. nash, larsen. JJ .«?• %. 1 : - :: : : . ' fr .... P f » O DJ?. second platoon back row: b. phelps, r. larnham, d. fin- strom, b. gerhart, b. stake, j. peterson. second row: j maloney, h schreiber, r. thomas, j. walsh, r. nicholas, w. bay- reuther, k. davies. front row: r. chaney w palmer, j. gergel, t. blomgren, w. abts, r. schleiger. ; : I : : l ■■ I . : ; f m • a symphony in sextants as three summer cruis- ing lads shoot position, those navy men are engineers, too! paae 412 o © n wc bock ra • •eond row: i lioni rati ' ' 4 ' - $ = §Tf: ' : f : : It fourth platoon back row: b«au. e saltsl. a ihnt . ••coad row: h Iron! roA I moh " » ' ' " V ' » ' • ' ' Jh % • looks like a mighty interesting ship model! dreaming of the summer cruise, or studying for the next test, boys? page right: it ' s that first big step for this group of potential nrotc lads taking their oath into the navy. above: the navy ' s on parade! nebraska color guard men lead the nrotc companies in a sa- lute to navy day. left: practical training in the navy! navy boys get the straight scoop on big guns during their lab period. i emit upper left: liberty time is here at last! husker gobs wait to hit shore. upper right: on board ship navy men study the big quad-mount 40 mm. right: how the " swabbies " got their name — or hey, fella, get to work there. right: it ' s those sextants once again, as these sailing nrotc ' ers learn how the navy charts and shoots posi- tion from old sol. ' ■!. 1 Wl- a football game excites the crowd in the days before the memorial stadium. 1939 . . . junior division begun . . men ' s point system re- vised . . new women ' s dorm additions built . . 1940 . . . " cheers for miss bishop " filmed at un . . . a wg wan-flash published . . 1941 . . . love library started . . un goes to the rose bowl . . sorority quota system inaugurated . . 1942 . . . student foundation established . . awgwan dis- continued . . 150 tons of scrap collected for homecoming . . no cokes in crib until after 3 p. m. . . engineer ' s week cancelled . . fieldhouse begun . . 1943 . . . astp uses love library as barracks . . kosmet klub disbanded . . law college closed . . 1944 . . . v, i " house established . . 1945 . . . mock peace conference succeeds . . nrotc unit founded . . 1946 ... dr. r. g. gustavson, chancellor . . huskerville houses vets . . campus activities re-organize . . 1947 . . . men ' s dorm opens . . 1948 . . . burnett hall and military science buildings constructed . . u hall razed . . 1949 . . . unesco conference held . . 2,000 courses, 466 faculty and 8,900 students at city and ag campus. tm atM Ucb cheerleaders rallies 11 club football basketball track swimming gymnastics wrestling baseball tennis golf in Ira murals 4 Im ' ci leaders rah! rah! rah! . . nebraska. the peppy cheerleaders are the backbone of " ye ol husker spirit. ' ' there was new pep, new enthusiasm, new cheers — and in back of it all was the tireless efforts of the scarlet and cream clad cheer- leaders. firvl- ' " 7 ' bill n yell cheerlean jody loder. pa betty aa? dosei: - 4?1 r left: two ku rooters hang one on un in the shadow of the union. above: the n club spirit line gives the boys a boost before each home game. husker spirit left: cheerleaders, under yellking mickle ' s direction, spark tho rally crowd into showing the ol ' spirit. bottom left: amid cheers and applause, nebraska ' s popular coach, potsy dark, puts spirit into the street dance crowd. bottom, right: all that pep and no crowd to cheer . . . nebras- ka ' s cheer crew gathers to plot the next yell. page 422 above: and here we find the beauty section cheering for dear of un. ow peppy can you get? " and mcu ing editor sampson gives with an enthur shout! rah. below left: there ' s a hot time at the rallv this time with mickle threatening to jump into the flames if nobody yells, below right: ne- braska ' s renowned marching band fills the air with its stirring music. 3» Wi ' ii I lib robert ackerman, football jack adams, wrestling kenneth anderson, basketball robert avner, rifle sam avner, rifle al artman, basketball wilbur baack, baseball norval barker, track art bauer, rifle harold becker, football don barry, basketball dick bell, swimming duane burkey, football bob berkshire, track dilworth blatchford, baseball dale bloss, basketball floyd boker, wrestling harold boker, wrestling John bottorff, basketball perry branch, swimming william brandt, rifle james brogan, track Joseph brown, basketball jack bryant, football bill buchanan, football winton buckley, football John burley, track manager jack cady, tennis jerry calhoun, wrestling jack Campbell, swimming henry cech, basketball robert cerv, basketball, baseball alex Cochrane, football frank collopy, football torn cook, basketball don cooper, track robert costello, football, basket- ball rodney cox, basketball harlan culwell, track ralph damkroger, football jack dedrick, football william denker, baseball robert deviney, baseball mike di biase, football, wrestling kenneth elson, basketball william fenton, swimming gerald ferguson, football alex fink, football cletus fischer, football kenneth fischer, football gould flagg, swimming howard fletcher, football gail gade, football morris gaiter, football Jacob geier, gymnastics leo geier, gymnastics elroy gloystein, baseball james godfrey, football richard goeglein, football fred golan, football barton greenberg, swimming marvin grimm, swimming bob grogan, baseball bob hahn, basketball kenneth hording, gymnastics fred hawkins, football, wrestling hobart hays, baseball robert hazelrigg, swimming jack hazen, football, track fritz hegwood, baseball robert holman, swimming rex hoy, football loyal hurlbut, track richard hutton, football, track melvin james, gymnastics james Johnson, gymnastics roger Johnson, football harry Johnston, football John c. Johnston, football willis jones, track karl kelly, wrestling conrad king, swimming harold kopf, track dean kratz, track anton lawry, basketball clarence lefler, gymnastics gene leighton, tennis coach james liggett, golf robert lipps, football dale livingston, basketball norman lock, football jim mc connell, track torn mc geachen, track robert mc nutt, football ray magsamen, football, track warren marquiss, basketball andrew marinkovich, wrestling james martin, track Stanley martin, track arden means, football harry meginnis, track fred metheny, football herbert miller, rifle william miller, football bill moomey, football, track gerald moore, football roger moore, swimming william moorhouse, track don morrison, track Cornelius mosser, basketball william mueller, football robert mullen, football james myers, football philip myers, track doug nelson, basketball, track torn novak, football, baseball roger o ' donnell, baseball angelo ossina, baseball waiter palmer, rifle robert patton, football jack pesek, football richard pideret, track dean porter, swimming mort porter, football harlan powley, baseball charles purdy, gymnastics ed racely, football, manager william rankin, gymnastics ted randolph, track herb reese, football, wrestling claude retherford, basketball mack robinson, football william rolfsmeyer, football don sailors, football darwin salestrom, football james sandstedt, baseball, bas- ketball richard schleiger, basketball robert schleiger, baseball, foot- ball henry schlueter, track orville schmeiding, baseball, basketball bob Schneider, football John sedlacek, football wayne sees, track jack selzer, football james sharp, baseball paul shields, basketball richard skochdopole, football manager robert slezak, tennis bill sloan, football mickey sparano, wrestling don spomer, golf philip sprague, gymnastics richard srb, basketball John Stevenson, football floyd stork, basketball chick story, football vern strauch donald stroh, golf james stuart, rifle fred swihart jack tamai, wrestling bob tangeman james d. taylor alan thompson, track james thompson, football charles toogood, football donald vollertsen, track fritz ware, track milton whitehead, basketball delbert wiegand, football meno wilhelm, football waiter wilkens, football robert yambor, wrestling phil young, football n club officer congratulates " uncle " bob a man on a new future n man. coaches and team members are forever dis- cussing new ideas and theories. the n club spirit line gives the huskers a lift before each home football go after dinner bull sessions rehash business pleasure. page 425 football football coaches; n. mehring, d. russell, 1. f. klein, t. blazine, g. dark, j. Johnson, i. handskom, r. prohaska, m. miller. george " potsy " dark head football coach director of athletics ♦ looking back on one of the most successful athletic seasons nebraska has ever seen, cornhusker fans were convinced that if fighting spirit could make winning teams this year ' s football sguad would have been big 7 champs, although the score board often showed nebraska on the short side of the score, husker fans left the stands convinced that every player who wore the scarlet jersey played his heart out from the kickoff to the final gun. nebraska started its season with a 19-15 victory over iowa state, dropped five games before walloping kansas state 32-0 and lost the last three, win or lose, " potsy " dark built his team around the spirit that made it great. • iska lb ucla 27 t d •d pass •.ties ilty yard i nebraska 13 nunner.ota 30 t down cards gained passing yards gained rus: total yards gained passes attempted intercepted by punts tumbles penalties penalty yardage nebraska 19 iowa state 15 k downs ards gained passing yards gained rushing total yards gained passes attempted passes completed intercepted by punts punt average fumbles penalties penalty yardage nebraska 6 Colorado 19 t downs brds gained passing yards gained rushing total yards gained passes attempted passes completed intercepted by punts punt average fumbles penalties penalty yardage 8 60 n 10 66 238 280 6 3 10 38 10 90 n 9 77 73 150 12 3 1 8 5 50 2 8 8 88 !31 238 21 8 38 2 5 65 c 250 13 1 5 30 f - c. toogood, t. dick hutton field howard hansen to se ' fred haw- geraJd ferguson radoans up= t boula V ' . nebraska 7 kansas 27 fc n k st downs 12 6 yards gained passing 154 167 yards gained rushing 87 100 total yards gained 241 257 passes attempted 24 18 passes completed 11 5 intercepted by 3 1 punts 10 7 punt average 32 36 fumbles 2 2 penalties 10 6 penalty yardage 105 58 nebraska 32 kansas state fc n ks Bst downs 15 8 yards gained passing 154 41 yards gained rushing 232 118 total yards gained 370 125 passes attempted 17 14 intercepted by 1 punts 4 8 punt average 39 37 tumbles 2 6 penalties 8 2 penalty yardage 60 20 nebraska 13 notre dame 44 | n nd P-st downs 8 16 yards gained passing 83 119 yards gained rushing 111 528 total yards gained 171 621 passes attempted 16 !1 passes completed 6 9 intercepted by 1 punts 9 4 punt average 32 17 fumbles 2 5 penalties 3 20 penalty yardage 25 170 phil young drives for a first down deep in kansas ter- ritory. phil young rams across from the four yard line to score the first touchdown against kansas state. cletus fischer stiffarms notre dame ' s lawrence coutre who tried to get in the way of fischer ' s 18 yard run. nobraska 12 orogon •tat« 28 m w yard yards total yards pass. ted passes completed cepted i 1 1 punts punt average les pena. ' 3 penal 35 nebraska 6 misaouri 33 fc n m Hi downs 14 yards gained pas 116 69 yards gained rusl 154 435 total yards gained 243 455 passes attempted 22 13 passes completed 8 3 intercepted by 2 4 punts 5 punt average 36 24 tumbles 1 2 penalties 5 4 penalty yardage 35 40 nebraska 14 oklah oma 41 fc n o W ' - downs 27 yards gained passing 60 154 yards gained rushing 22 395 total yards gained 169 629 passes attempted 23 13 passes completed 5 8 intercepted by 1 punts 13 punt average 29.2 33 tumbles 1 5 penalties 12 17 penalty yardage 75 153 junior collopy moves in to stop Oregon sta ' fen carpenter on a muddy field in portland (oregc: photo) del wiegand makes a v pt to stop a pass to bob wren !c: cletus fischer okl-i i wiegand. b. torn, g. j. sedlacek. b. r. Schneider, e _« 6lA 7 C CUH frtOK4 claude retherford, high scorer for nebraska ' s big 7 champ?, drops in two points against missouri. " that ' s a foul! " shout fans as bob cerv collides with a Colorado player in a race for the ball. harry good head basketball coach baskclliall ken anderson drives in for a shot against Oklahoma a m in the ncaa playoffs in kansas city. Hts off to one of the greatest basket- ball teams nebraska has ever had. in three years at nebraska coach harry- good has built a real championship team, it was 1937 when nebraska won its last championship, and 1916 before that. This year, after a slump in pre- conference games, the scarlet lads came to life, won the championship and went into the ncaa playoffs, husker standout this year was claude rether- ford who led the conference scoring column with 311 points for 26 games, breaking nebraska ' s scoring record for the third straight year. bob cerv guard anton lawry forward dick schleiger center rodney cox forward bob cer of Oklahoma ' s waters. the hands C me intyre. .ia.4:u 59 n.w missouri state teacL 39 sead nebraska 52 inesota 61 center nebraska 63 iowa state teachers nebraska 47 purdue 64 nebraska 46 Cincinnati 64 nebraska 49 duquesne 55 nebraska 83 western reserve 80 nebraska 52 kansas nebraska 48 wash in louis) nebraska 71 iowa state 50 nebraska 72 south dak 50 nebraska 70 kansas state 48 nebraska 45 Colorado 43 nebraska nebraska nebraska 49 45 44 kansas Oklahoma iowa state 39 17 joe malecek forward nebraska 47 missouri nebraska 56 Colorado 45 nebraska 28 kansas state 53 nebraska 49 Oklahoma 56 kenneth anderson nebraska 52 missouri 48 guard nebraska 57 Oklahoma nebraska 35 Oklahoma a m claude retherford guard henry cech guard srb forward bob pierce center ■ 1 (U 7 c64rtrfU Mt4, bac ' .t rov-: w mountford, 1 r. reece, j. benak. third row: j. burley,, o. baynard, j. mc connell, w. mon- son, c. toogood, 1. hurlbert, h. meginnis, w. hein. second row: 1. f. klein, asst. coach, d. vollertsen, t. mc geachin, agsamen, a. thompson, t. randolph, b. berkshire, e aydine. ironl row: w. moorhouse, f. ware, w. jones, r. piderit, r. hutton o. glass, d. morrison. track indoor track scores nebraska 82V 2 iowa state 21l o nebraska 62 minnesota 42 nebraska 79» 2 kansas 241 2 nebraska 41V3 missouri 622 3 nebraska 791 2 kansas state 241 2 nebraska 66 1 2 Oklahoma 37 ' 2 nebraska, winner ol big 7 indoor track championships two mile scores nebraska 28 Colorado 11 nebraska 26 kansas 10 nebraska 24 missouri 12 nebraska 14 kansas state 22 1949 outdoor track schedule april 2 texas relays — austin april 9 Colorado — boulder april 16 kansas relays — lawrence april 22, 23 drake relays — des moines may 7 missouri — lincoln may 20, 21 bic 7 championships— lincoln meginnis, hutton, thompson and ware, ne- braska ' s 1949 440-880-yard relay team. back row: h. lepley, coach, b phelps, m. grimm, j. campbell j. harley, c. king. front row: t lcanamine, e. craren, b greer, g. hill, g. Ilagg. swimming nebraska 54 kansas 39 nebraska 53 Colorado state 22 nebraska 40 Colorado 31 nebraska 54 Colorado a Sm 30 nebraska 27 iowa state 56 nebraska 41 Oklahoma 43 nebraska 34 minnesota 50 nebraska, third place big 7 conference championships left to right: m. grimm, t. kanamine, campbell, j. harley, g. hill, p. branch " swimmers take your mark " in sta r ti position are breaststrokers. fig flagg, husker diver, in a front sw eddie craren, 1949 big 7 high board d ing champ. -1 r c f c r bach 10 bollom row P « in nasi ic s nebraska 41 Colorado state 39 nebraska 46 Colorado 48 nebraska 42 Colorado a Sm 37 nebraska 35 minnesota 61 nebraska Illinois {navy pier) nebraska. second place all-college championships. nebraska Colorado nebraska 40 ' 2 Colorado state nebraska 60 montana state 20 kenneth he- al dunavan clarence lefler leo geier yd helgeson phil sprague hillman P ® ,«-v back row: b. r. patterson, coach, d. strasheim, k. brown, h. reese, m. di biase, j. tamai, m. sparano, h. gilliland. front row: e. Schneider, a. Johnson, 1. caniglia, b. yambor, b. russel, j. scharf, h. doerr. wrestling Hbraska 5 Oklahoma a m 23 Nebraska 17 Colorado state 12 nebraska 19 Colorado 9 nebraska 14 Colorado a m 12 nebraska 8 minnesota 19 nebraska 14 iowa state 14 nebraska 20 kansas state 8 nebraska 22 Oklahoma 5 nebraska 5 iowa state teachers 24 nebraska 12 Cornell 14 nebraska 22 st. ambrose 8 nebraska. winner of 1949 big 7 championship reese, sparano and doerr lead the teum scholastically. these four lead the squad for the position cj the year ' s most improved wrestler. fca 7 c a KfrC MA Irk row ll fit r HW»J| Ifonl low: V ' M n t -r hegwood grogan l»«IS4 ' l».lll 1 4, 5 1 6 1 7 1 8. 9 1 15. 16 1 22, 23 1 25, 26 1 29, 30 may 6, 7 may 9, 10 may 16, 17 may 23, 24 apr apr apr apr apr apr apr apr 1948 big seven champions 1949 schedule baylor — waco, texas hardin — wichita falls, texas southwestern tech — weatherford, okla Oklahoma — norman Colorado— bou lder kansas state — lincoln iowa state — ames kansas — lawrence Oklahoma- -lincoln kansas state— manhattan missoun — lincoln iowa state — lincoln ■■- ' " ' 0% r • Ugp - f ? . back row: f leighton, coach, j. cady, j. curran, d. mc arthur, b. means, front row: fc, moriarty, b. slezak, w. ostergard. golf 1948 golf scores ■braska 16 Colorado a m 2 nebraska 18 1 2 kansas 91 2 nebraska 4 V2 missouri 13% nebraska 7V2 Wichita IOV2 nebraska 8 kansas state 10 nebraska Oklahoma 18 nebraska 3 Oklahoma a m 15 nebraska 13V2 wichita 41 2 nebraska 15 Colorado 3 nebraska, second in big 7 championships. tennis 1949 tennis and golf schedule 5ril 8 Oklahoma — norman april 9 Oklahoma a Sm- -Stillwater april 23 Colorado — lincoln april 26 kansas state — lincoln april 29 wichita — lincoln (golf) may 2 Oklahoma — lincoln may 9 kansas — lawrence may 10 kansas state- -manhattan may 14 iowa state—ames may 20, 21 big 7 conference championships in lincoln june27-july2 ncaa championships 1948 tennis scores nebraska 3 Colorado a Sm 4 r- ' - - ' -t 3 Colorado 4 nebraska kansas 7 nebraska missouri 7 nebraska 3 iowa state 4 nebraska 5 wichita 2 nebraska 3 kansas state 4 nebraska Oklahoma 6 nebraska 5 wichita 1 nebraska, sixth in big 7 championships. page 438 ft A i I | -iveted ii above: sigma nus won th the winners of the volleyball tourney is bet I c c c i handball champions, meginnis and huston, battle it out with dudley and tate. O c 0 n ••V A beta football champs were undefeated and un- scored upon in season play. deibler, moore, belssing, hartsgrader and busskohl are the ato golf champs. above: sigma nu wins the bowling honors, below: water basketball is played and played hard in the intramural swimming pool. CLctv itcWid feti iftde page 442 77i ls ls our College Advisory Committee Miller ' s guides to collepe fashions in our popular Sportswear c+ l I and Modernage Shops f) what ' ll it be ' a hamburger or shall we splurge and have one cf those " delicious " steaks that make college students like ncil atkinson. jo selleck, Jackie sorenson. bruce buchan- an, mary russell and bill scott flock to spencer ' s at 1425 south st. if it ' s friendly service and tasty pastry goods you want, look for the omar man in his shiny truck, taking this advice are hungry students mary lou graham, jack barnhart, and nancy porter. the next time you borrow typing paper from your roommate, make a note to run down to latsches and stock up on all your school supplies poochie rediger, bud gerhart and marilyn diestel found everything they needed. win wyman, dorothy worden. duane messman ond nancy noble are only four of the many u. of n students who hurry off to the state theater after classes or for an evening date. Ihe state theater, at 1415 o st., is consistently tops in lincoln ' s entertainment field. page 444 H ■: ' m- is " f ' p 1 J I 1 quality count u are purchasing jewelrv mr. gardner gardnor ' s jewelry »tor« assure;) u i marihall : mitu rac- meelcin :hat they can ' t go wrong with one of gardner ' s fine watches gardner ' :.-.o has a complete selec - 3nd wedding rings. ' be-bop or bali3i ; dave and Shirley houn •• ian hufford n bob moihw r examines one of the latest record album haun ' s music company. and all kinds of instruments for the mu bob Hamilton - ■ a dr. and mrs. swindler, alpha phis and their dates spend an enjoyable evening at the alpha phi formal in the hncoln hotel ball- room the lincoln hotel has been host to many formals and other events throughout the year. In addition to the ballroom, the hotel also has available lor student parties or dinners the exotic Chinese room, the rust.c g arden room, the clas Sl cal enghsh room, and the festive renaissance room more sleek, stunning lord conv. touch a button an 1 ug top goes up or down touch the accel- erator and you : laces ••■• oihra logon motor company, your lincoln d- " the best in school supplies and the most for your ' =m brownie n I a potter it is time to start the semester, from their aFF " «s it is o long • nebraeka book itor» the finest in engineering supplies text book art luppliM trod for the best in spring, winter or fall wear, visit magee ' s and consult their college board, pictured above are carl carson. darwin salestrom, roger pentico, gene cederdahl, j. b. coffman, lynn eller. les george, chuck tremain, jim van burg, george durrie. bev reed, beth wilson, georgie wythers. Shirley alien, helen schrader, phyllis haley, ginger meehan and kathy burt. marge sheridan. jerry ritthaler and don kuxhausen have traced t ' .e source of the satisfying wire music of program service which is heard by university students throughout the day. d g ' s ruth jewett. midge van pelt and esther beynon will all vouch for its convenience when it comes to dancing, or just plain relaxin ' to a little soft music. bruce buchanan n I bill scolt ::e probably deciding on cor- sages for the phi psi formal, in any event they know that the place to go for flowers, whether they be orchids or gard- i rosewell ' s. 133 so 13th st quick service and good sundaes : bill parkins, pat boyd and houtz stcenburg I) pillar ' s drug, pillars through their drug department dont spend long, tedious hours over that old cook stove 1 pat mssSan g»n» Johnson -he gas compar. . so. 12th, to look at the modern and efficient gas ranges while yc ool cottons in soit colors are a must in every women ' s wardrobe when she is planning for a hot nebraska summer, hovland s col- lege boa d wilma Washington, charlene holcomb. nancy miller, Jo wetherbee. hannah schloss. c.ara dalton. norma rakow po ly ricki.y and mari.yn beyer admire and try on a lew of their favorites which are priced to accommodate any college pocketbook. daw who.-tman. phalli, mm, boll n I !•■ al.«and»r fir.l national oln. like to play tennis, basketball or football, or are you in- terested in some other sport? whatever it may be. harry reed ' s sport shop has the equipment and sportswear to keep you active and lit pinkey byers. bruco ba rton and franlc Jacobs -an vouch tor that - - :r envious smii- bob hinds. bev colberl. ■ : hugh lollmor i lmir« the new 49 c sidUs pontiac cad iliac co. the smooth lines spacious interior and I matic drive ol the Cadillac make ■■ ' ' % dream come true gwen lyons and georgine havlik decide that every c student needs a camera to record the memories c many friends and good times at old u n nepho laboratories. 1122 n st.. offers a wide variety of come ment for both the amateur and professional photographer when you want to take your girl out for Sunday night dinner, your best bet is nix steak house, she ' ll love those tender steaks, however, if you are not in the mood for a big dinner, nix caters to many students after an evening of dancing, the u. of n. students pictured above also find it an excellent place for lunch. You will always find a friendly welcome awaiting you at 7 e - «ZL. First Trust Company LINCOLN, NEBRASKA YOUR SECURITY IS OUR CONCERN page 452 ■ the shelves and window cases at eailman ' i are tilled with a complete line ol finest photographic equipment quick and courteous service is another specialty so take a hint from bob phelps and joan carveth ir. i lot taitman ' i ) ■ velop your films lor you it you are planning ■ best place to g sigma alpha mu ». quick colonial cup party hou» " for deluxe dinners ( - smith ' s bread is our favc- ginny guhin. jan lindquist and jo swan, and to prove thai ' kidding they bring their housemother mis. bucking- ham down to perscr smith ' s. 1337 o St., handles many dous pa- BRANDEIS OMAHA, NEBRASKA page 454 OftVtfftB QQ0D1N5IE- T , STE W SELECTION OF FINE Goo :r « — . — Cocao— - . THAT IS NOT PB1CE CLOTHING THM PENALIZED C na OUR CUEEIOUEUM FA VORITES FROM OUR u STYLED YOUNG DES!GNS. oF HIGH STYLLU NEBRASKA LIRE WELCOME AT HOTEL CAPITAL Nebraska " U " s Nearest and Dearcsl Rendezvous " For a cuppa coffee or a convention " In Lincoln It : KFOR 1240 IC • KFQR.FM 1029 MEGACYCLES • Cream of the Air Shows ALL DAY -EVERY DAY • American Broadcasting Co. 9L 2pinq • luce 1 tth 1 Lebrai hd For sixty-nine years the Union Stock Yards Company of Omaha has played its part building of the State. Today as always, its plant c ck prod ers, a dependable and effiaent ranches of the west with the consum UNION STOCK V A II 1) S CO. of o: page r ii i : ii o m i i o s v i: i. o m i: y o i Make Your Next Party Something New and Different ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS FOR ALL it Fiesta Room 14 Years of Serving the Middlewest k Baldo Room the Very Choicest of Foods Luna Room if Booths for Drop-In Service Dial 6-2396 after 3 P.M. TOTAL ACCOMMODATIONS OPEN NIGHTLY 70 Guests 200 Guests 30 Guests 80 Guests 380 Guests Organ and Piano Combo For Your Dinner and Dancing Pleasure Something You Should Know About If Planning a Business Dinner Meeting or a Private Parly Dial 6-5015 after 3 P.M. page 456 PHONE BUS HEADQUARTERS FOR 2-7071 FOR BUS SERVICE Everywhere AIR CONDITIONED BUSES • • • UNION BUS DEPOT Burlington flWUMK American Buslines 320 South 13th Street Lincoln. Nebraska • ALL BUSES 5TDP AT THIS TERMINA • Over 10,000 Students Over $30,000,000 Spent by these Students while in school Reach them through page 458 i BLOOMS TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE TYPEWRITERS EOR SALE • RENT • AND • REPAIR The Student ' s Store HODGMAN-SP1 l MdliTI WA • • 1 - Lincoln Phoi l ..,l.l..|,r,l 188.1 ABEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONTRA CTOI 2-1281 895 North 16th St. Congratulations from . . . KFAB Your 50,000 Watt C.B.S. Station pag« Fairmont ihsL fl aL d£ Quality + Ice Cream Milk Butter + Frozen Foods FAIRMONT FOODS CO. Phone 6-2326 2823 No. 48th If it ' s a Roof.. We have it SOME OF OUR JOBS: Student Union, Coliseum, Andrews Hall, Morrill Hall, Carrie Bell Raymond Hall, and Love Hall, Ag College Love Hall, Love Memorial Library, Food and Nutrition Building, Field House, Armory, Men ' s Dormitories . Buy from an old established and reliable firm ROOFS— SIDING— SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL TYPES AIR CONDITIONING THE Lincoln 2-4413 KRAUSE CO. 75 Years in Lincoln Grand Island page 460 Keep Tuned to the STARS RADIO WOW ... 590 on your Dial Permits You To Keep In Tune With These Stars: HENRI MORGAN 1 1111 M l l I NBC THEATER FRED VI.I.KN III MH l DUX II GR II i I I n l JOLSON I I HI vin TIME VOICE OF FIRESTONE TELEPHONE HOUR DR. 1. Q. FRED W VKIN . PEOPLE iRE M n I ' .ll I STERN III ' (.(. l BIG K» N FIBBER McGEE BOB linn: RED -kl I ION ROBI i: I mi i. ' i.-n I (.1 LOMBARDO 1 1 I ddii mm; i in DENNIS 1 » V GDLDERSLEEVE DUFFY ' S TAVERN MR. DISTRH I M rORNEI JIMMII Dl RANTE TRI I II OR )N«.| Q1 I N I - K U M SI i; GR VM) »l i OPR1 II D ( Ml V pi ion ( omo I II I Ol KM I And many, many others Basic NBC Affiliate RADIO WOW • • - OMAHA JOHN | Ml I IN. JK.. PHI -11)1 N| : • ; . ■ Drugs Toiletries Sundries CHEAPPER SYSTEM, INC. Cheaper in Price Only! 1325 O STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Telephone 2-3225 No need to be puzzled ... no need to wonder where to buy . . . the best place in Lincoln is your " Cheapper Drug Store " where prices are rock-bottom everyday . . . where you get the last drop of value from your dollar . . . and where the merchandise you buy, whether it be Drugs, Cosmetics, Sundries, Cigars, or Tobacco, is always Quality Merchandise! WHY PAY MORE? The CONTINENTAL NATIDNAL BANK of LINCDLN Friandly Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. The Best Name in Clothing is proud to be of service to the finest Collegians in the country. 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No plow would turn the greasy, black loam — un- lock its fabulous wealth — after the first breaking. 1 he frontiersman was forced, therefore, either to grub an uncertain existence from the loose timber soil, in which an iron plow would scour, or to move on ever westward in search of virgin plow land. No wonder the fame of John Deere ' s new plow — the plow with a steel mold- board which shed the sticky prairie soil — spread like wildfire from the tiny set- tlement of Grand Detour, Illinois, until it engulfed the whole frontier. At last, in 1837, a man had tamed the wild prai- rie! At last, the pioneer farmer could unhitch his emigrant wagon and take- root in the fertile plains of the West. Times, methods, and machines hate changed, but John Deere Pious have never relinquished their century-old leadership. Today, John Deere offers a full line of pious — embodying the modern trussjrame design uith traditional John Deere quality construction. Come in soon and let us show you hou advantageous it u ill be to own c John Deere. JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY Sioux Falls, S. D. OMAHA, NEBRASKA Sioux City, Iowa Sidney, Neb, J JjQfi f JOHN DEERE QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT page 464 THE HOME OF COMPLETE BfU.T VICE TLaiionaL (BcuxIl 13th and O Slroot LINCOLN. NEBRASKA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The Student Supply Stor - THE CO-OP Devoted oly to the Interests of the University Students •k Now Books • Used Books ■k Paper Supplies Sundries School Novelties 124S R Si. 2 3474 PURVEYORS OF QUALITY MEATS to the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES HOTELS, RESTAURANTS. HOSPITALS, RAILROADS AND AIRLINES THE STANDARD MARKET Wholesale Meats 1535 " O " STREET pag« GREETINGS FROM AN OLD NEBRASKA ORGANIZATION FOUNDED CHINA - GLASS - SILVER J ul 5i$L SJwfL LAMPS, PICTURES, MIRRORS China and Glass for FRATERNITY and SORORITY HOUSES — Monogrammed in any pattern desired. Omaha Crockery Co. OMAHA, NEBRASKA 2626 No. 48th Street Phone 6-3224 CHARLES ELCE AND SON LINCOLN. NEBRASKA CERTIFIED LIBRARY BOOKBINDERS We Make School, College and Public Library Work a Specialty page 466 Omaha ' s Finest — By Far! HOTEL FONTENELLE Bombay Room — a Magnet for Miles! ' ' There ' s much more here than meets the eye ' . ) . i it » s sii I it I II n i i . ill Jul mil t I I. I S H Ub ll ' tit I .titnf riiii; ■ MS I •HfH II ■ tn tk jVl any of America ' s best-dressed men and women are nature by the smart, distinctive f the new 1 An.!, like Swarthout, their discerning choosini; an Elgin For bener ' remarkable svatchn achievement ... the DuraPowcr Mainsp- Never before has there been such an aid to v- ' this miracle mainspnnp eliminate r ch repair failures! A ation and even- other g ' vseler will now show you the finest 1 IgifU ever created. Be sure to sec them ELGIN TIMED TO THE STABS ' genius of Amth to it or on your wristl ■ page .. page 468 Compliments ol R. W. Warner N. B. 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The Midwest ' s Largest Yearbook 900 P, STREET LINCOLN 1, NEBRASKA Peblishers PHONE 2-3333 student - faculty index aalkire, eugene 112 aasen. betty - 72, 217, 286 abbott, george 218 abbott. marifyn 112, 2-12 abdnor, helen 72, 2CS ablquist, ralph - 72 abner, cleo ..144 abramson. alvin 112, 338, 354 abramson, harold 112, 3?2 abts, henry 130, 312, 409 acker, laverna 112, 223, 230, 252 ackerman, edward 144, 330 ackennan, robert 112, 296, 424 ackerson, Christine 130, 306 adams, duane 199 adams, gloria 144, 239 adams, marcia 130, 318 adams, richard 144, 332 addison, John - 130 adle, virgil 144, 308 ager, mrs 346 agnew, kenneth 72. 296 agron, aillen 130, 326 ahlquist, ralph 199 amsworth, ellen 130, 280 akiinfenwa, lasisi 232 albee, bob 72, 199 albers, gavard ..... 144 albert, duke 220 albert, dwyer 72, 240 albin, joan 144,258 alexander, leland 144, 332 alexander, william 144, 296 alkire, eugene 294 alien, arnold 204 alien, harold 112, 240 alien, John 342 alien, len 221 alien, mary 144, 286 alien, phyflis 72, 223, 226, 228,274 alien, robert 72 alien, shirley 130, 266, 382 allgood, robert - 292 allison, bill 344 almquist, martin _ 72, 332 altmanshofer, ivan 199 amato, frank 21 1 ambrose, holmes 206 amis, charles 12, 199, 202 andelt, melvin 72 andersen, betty 144, 266 andersen, henry 342 andersen, lucille 144, 272 anderson, alice 140, 203, 252 anderson, bill 144, 332 anderson, carl 342 anderson, charles 72, 284 anderson, dale 219 anderson, delbert 342 anderson, frank 112, 268 anderson, harold .409 anderson, helen 54, 112, 207,280 anderson, jack 330 anderson, jackqueline .. 112, 328 anderson, james 144, 278 anderson, John _ 72 anderson, John d 270 anderson, John r 112, 308 anderson, John t 312 anderson, kenneth 209 anderson, milton 112, 282 anderson, nadine 72, 218, 274 anderson, paul 144, 312 anderson, richard 232, 332 anderson, roy 344 anderson, shirley 112, 251 anderson, vayden 112, 324 anderson, warren - 232 andreas, paul 232 andreas, thomas 334 andresen, elaine 237 andresen, John m 314 andreson, john _ 144 andreson john i 332 andreson, keith 144, 332 andrew, george ... 72 andrews, donald _ 211 ankeny, robert 144, 296 anstim, paul _ 221 anstine, jack 72, 334 anthony, jack 55 anthony, lavern 72, 218 apgar, charles 72, 294 archerd, mendell . 144,320 arendt, marge 112, 290 arenson, elaine 112, 225, 246 armbrust, herbert 112, 336 armold, florence 230 arms, milo _ 200 armstrong, dale ... 112,332 armstrong, dean m 72, 336 armstrong, elizabeth 144, 300 armstrong, janette ... 57, 144, 249, 254 armstrong, jeanette 72, 272 armstrong, Joyce 130, 237, 258 armstrong, merlyn 72 armstrong, m. m 201 armstrong, richard 130, 278 arnold, maurice 72 arnot, leland 130 arp, jack 112, 268 artt, Sidney _ 201 arter, Wilbur 112 arterburn, keith 112, 240, 244 arthaud, mary 112, 203, 225, 246 asbyll, jack . 369 asbyll, jay 130 ashburn, bob 112, 332 askew, edward 112, 296, 408 askey, robert 130, 296 asmus, louise 144, 304 asmus, robert 144 asmussen. richard 130, 296 athey. charles 112, 240 atkinson, neil 112, 284, 380 atkinson, wilma 204 atwater, robert 72, 334, 201 augustin, donald 112, 320. 408 augustine, ann 144, 302, 228 aukerman, kenneth 72, 332 austin, david 144,268 auserod, marylyn _ 232 auten, donald .73, 270 avenll, marvin 73 avner, robert 424 avner, sam 424 axelson, gloria 130,237,258 axtell, harold 144, 316 axtell, robert 112, 332, 378 ayala, emrigue 73, 248 ayres. jo .... 248 b baade, russel d 218, 343 babbitt, harvey 73 baberg, elliot 221 babst, alice 112,217,300 bach, patricia 130, 249 bachenberg, truman 73, 229 backlund, alvin 211 bade, William 204 baehr, max 144, 320 baer, charles 144, 312 bahensky, delores 130, 266 bahensky, manon 73, 266 bahr, norman 73, 199, 332 bailey, audrey 73, 250 bailey, jane 130. 274 bailey, Joel 130. 318, 382 bailey, richard 245 bailey. William 200 baird, jack . ..S3. 73. 205. 209, 222. 298 baker, chiton 144, 324 baker, richard 144, 296 baker, robert 1 73, 278, 338 baker, robert r 73, 130 baker, shirley 130. 302 baldwin. pat 130, 300 bale, robert 144, 336 ball, beverly 237 ball, dale 73, 316 ballou, Catherine 144, 272 ballou, Jessie 130. 272 bamesberger, lois 73, 223, 251 bamesborden, robert 112, 282 bancrolt, eleanor 130, 266 banghart, lola 130, 328 banner, Wallace 144, 316 barager, barbara 130, 246 barber, paul 344 bare, lyle 73, 260, 270 barelman, lois 230 barger, anne 144, 290 barker, james 112, 294 barker, jane 73, 246 barker, keith 204 barnason, duane 112, 320 barnekkm, richard 229 barnell, leo 200 barnell, mary 144, 252 barnes, alvin 112 barnes, bernie 200, 239, 245 barnes, bryce 199, 221 barnes, ronald 206 barnett, Wallace 144, 294 barney, william 345 barnhart, jack .... 130,308 barrelman, lois 233 barribo, phylhs 112,242 barry, doug 130, 278 barry, helen 130, 238, 328 barta, dean 342 bartek, daniel 73. 200, 248 bartels, earl 235 bartels, edsel 235 barten, egmont 248 barth, warren 73, 312 bartlett, joan 73, 290 bartlett, John 343 bartlett. victor 130. 312 barton, bruce 144, 314 barton, donna 144,274 barton, john 73, 312 barton, mary 207 barton, silas 199, 203 bartunek, edward - 130, 332 baskin, Virginia 130, 280 bass, robert 409 batchelder, dean 112, 330 bates, herbert 200 bates, roberta 235 bates, william 112, 330 bath, robert 144, 255 bane, harley 342 batson, james 73, 324 batten, robert 112, 409 battey, manan 112, 218, 306 bauer, art 424 bauer, delores 144, 252 bauer, dorothy ... 144, 250 bauer, hal ,73, 312 bauer, harold 73, 206, 324 bauer, martin 112,282 bauer, thomas .73, 221, 332 baum, robert 73, 316 baumann, marjone.112, 223, 228, 249 baumgart, norman ........112, 340 baxter, neal 53. 112, 209, 298, 380 bay, jean ............. 112, 280 bayer, delores 225 bayer, peggy _ 144, 288 baykton, mary 245 bayley, alan _ 332 bayley. barclay 130. 332 bayreuther, william 112 beabers, mona 112, 246 beach, bruce 316 beam, clarence 130, 268 beamis, jane 130, 328 bean, floyd 74 beattie, richard .. 112,278 beck, jean 130. 203, 246 beck, jerry 144, 336 beck, roberl 130, 298 becker, ed .217 becker. evelyn 130, 318 becker, Jacqueline 144 274 becker, leon 201, 282 becker. robert 74,211 becker, sara 112,306 beckler. howard 235 beckner, betty 53, 74, 225. 246 bedall, betty 130 328 bedker, donald 74, 144, 314 bednar, joe 206, 237 beekly, bill 130, 296 beerman, howard 130. 203 beers, jack 201 beers, rosie 112, 246 beery, warren 201, 204 behne. ernest 130, 256 behrens, arlene 112, 304 behrens, gayle 144, 240 beideck, harlan 130, 278, 409 belgum, delaine 74, 282 bell, warren 74, 324 bellows, ray 74, 199, 205, 296 bender, frederick 55, 74, 200, 334 bender, marvin 112, 336 bengston, cherrie 130, 286 benjamin, nancy 144, 318 benn, cecele 144, 258 bennet, leda 346 bennett, richard 144, 237, 245 bennington, robert 130, 330 bennington, Virginia 74, 207, 266 bennison, dorothy 74, 302 benson, don 239 benson, mrs. raymond 239 benson, ronald 130, 260, 408 beran, mary 130, 225 bereuter, lynn 199, 202 berg, edward 144, 308 berg, elsie 74, 210, 248, 250 berg, eugene 130, 308. 377 berg, marilyn 74, 144, 288. 247, 251. 302 berge, pat 112, 300 bergeson, merle 199 berggen, warren 232 bergh. amy 74. 226. 228. 302 bergman, Joanne 74, 274 bergstraesser, ruth 242, 382 bergstraesser, waiter 201, 282 berigan, jerry 201 berigan, john 206 bergquist, bruce 74, 112, 320 berkheimer, e 199 berkheimer, leland 199 berkheimer. richard 174. 278, 345 berkowitz, eleanor 145, 326 berkshire, bob 112, 218, 278, 424 berning, robert 200, 235 bernstein, marilyn 130, 326 bernstein, marvin 74, 322 berquist, don 27e berquist, lloyd 74, 229, 232, 240 berquist, william h 74, 114, 320 berry, edward 199, 202 berstraesser, waiter 74, 204 bessel, bernice 74, 326 best, lee 112, 304, 382 betts. edith 223 bevm, bump 344 bever, donald 268 beyer, donald 145 beyer, marilyn 113, 280 beyon, esther 113, 290 bieber, donald 211 biel. arlene 145, 225, 258 biemond, joan 113, 266 biemond. ray 74. 332, 356 bienholl, herman 52, 199, 205 bierdeman, theodore 113 bierman, robert 145, 278 bierman, waldean 74, 314 biller, james 284 billesbach, dale 74 billig, richard 145,316 bilon, thomas 113.324 birch, guy 344 birdsall, weston _ 52, 199 birk, alien 74, 284 birros, artom 257 bishop, barbara 74, 237, 254 bishop, elaine 145, 233, 280 bishop, kenneth 201,239 bjorklun, John 257 bjorklund, sue 203, 225, 249, 382 black, pat 113. 280, 382 blackett. allred .... 145. 294 blackman, j 52 blaha, jean 113,258,382 blake, john ......... 345 blank, max 199. 204. 205 blankenship, james 130. 221, 316 blatchford, dil 424 blatchlord, gerald 113, 277 blayney, Virginia 145, 258 blessing, al 145, 278 blessing, james 130 blish, ervin 245 blobaum, robert 113, 282 blomendahl, m 222 blomgren, thomas 74, 296 blomstrom, dale .... 204 bloom, donald „ 130, 314 bloom, richard 75,294 bloss, betty 133, 230, 266 blotcky. shirley 145. 326 blue, william 344 blumer, paul 113 312 boberg, elliot 199 boberg, John 205 bock, donald 75, 113, 320 bock, marjorie 75, 290 bock, mary 145, 302 bock, rudy _ 345 bockes. suzanne 113. 274 bodel, Joseph 75 bodinson, Virginia 113,288 bodri, Joseph 200 boesiger, wendell 133, 260 boettcher. mark 113. 316 boettger, marilyn 113. 203.225, 230, 252 bohaboy, maxine 75. 246, 248 boker, harold 424 boker. marshall 201 boland. dorothy 113. 225, 286 bols, dick . 235 bomberger, Clifford 75 bonebright, doris 130. 207, 304 bonnean, leo 199,202 boothe, betty 113,272 borchman, alfred 130, 201 borgaard, maryann 131, 286 brogan, john 260 borgen. dorothy 133, 224, 230, 266 borkenhage. annette 75, 250 bornemeier, phyllis 203 bornholdt, lorna 113,286 borowshi, edmund 113 boschult, mervin 145 bosley, larry 145, 278 bosley, robert 344 bostwick, george 131, 312 boswell, alice 53, 131, 230, 252 boswell, harold 145, 308 boswell, marian 245 botsford, Virginia 113 bolts, jack 75, 218 bottum, robert 199 bouhen, louise 235 bourn, larry 101 bower, John 75 bowerman, fay 199, 202 bowers, gretcnen 145, 274 bowman, dorothy ...131, 225, 230, 252 bowman, Jeanne 75, 226, 302 bowman, kirk 75, 200, 256 boyce, kieth 199, 202 boyce. marvelle 145 boyd, don 221 boyd. frank 75. 284 boyd, patricia 75, 288 boydston, margaret 113, 237 boydston, william 113.284 brabo, raul 217 braden, roberts 145, 277 bradley, edith 346 bradley, regina 113, 258 bradney, william 113, 330 biady, john 278 bragdon, kathryn 274 brainard, owen 113, 209, 298 brakhage, evelyn 237 bramer, marilyn 131, 286 branch, perry 200, 424 brand, john 75, 199. 308 brandorff, William 211 brandt, robert 113, 199, 205 bratt, edward 237 bratt, miriam 75 braucher, charles 229 breck, betty 131,250 bredenberg, Joanne 145, 306 breese, elaean 145, 258 breetzkee, harold 74, 294 brehm, adam 113, 292 bressman, charles 131, 312 bretzer, barbara 245 brewster, marilyn 75, 145, 318 brick, betty 207 bridenbaugh, bernard 145 backer, jen 131, 326 brickey, Jacqueline 75 bridgman, jane 113, 272 briese. irvin 75, 270. 282 brim, ierome 113. 298 bnnkman, william 113, 268 brisco, shirley 75 broaden, william 229. 237 broadstone, mary 145, 223, 258 brock, donald 344 brockemeier, harlan 145, 282 brodley. lawrence 75, 338 brodman. earl 75, 199, 202 brogan, john 113 bronner, phyhss 258 brookley, charles 75, 211 broughtin, john 200 brounson, ethel 346 brower, John 332 brower, thomas 113, 332 brown, Carroll 206 brown, don 75, 314 brown, dorothy 75, 304 brown, eugenia 75 brown, harvey 257 brown. Joseph 131. 330 brown, kenneth 113, 314 brown, lois 113, 272 h«!en buresh burgesr M burmeister. charles burme burnett. wilber . burn ' :: I burnstein, joseph burns i burt. burt. William burton. shirley busch. barb busch busch I bush, dona! I bush. teor. - ■ obert bushnell, dean buss, beth buss, mardo busskohl. doyle buthir. butler philU] button buxton. lames byerly byers byerth. don : byinaton waiter bykuc ion cable, robert cadwa caha. evelyn vd calder. carol calder, chloe calhes, dona. I 306 199. 205 1. 300 2U. : i 1, H caps- carlb- carls- car!-. ■ carls - carls - - carls : Carlson to: carlson re: carothors carothers carpenter I4S X 330. 409 114 ' homas clem 306 206 208 306 302 288 crosbie. conni crosk : crossarov . roger crossq dunnell. mary - 80. 306 dunning, duane 80. 205. 209 dunning. earl 115, 270 durham, leonard . 80 durkop, emily 115.254 durland, barbara 146.300 duryea, donatd 132.312 duryea, ladd 147 dussell. ernest 147, 332 duteau, yvonne 115,306 dutton, don 132, 330, 409 dutton, harlar. 200 dutton. james 199 dutton, John 201 dutton it! 147. 288 duxbury, richard 147, 330 dvorak, verne 132 dyer, gene . 132, 255 dyer, jasper 132, 255 dygert, charles .... 199. 205 duke, theresa 147, 237 dzama. Stephen 80. 237 earnest, ludean 80, 250 easter, dawson 80 easier, robert . 80, 284, 380 eastergard, susanne 147,290 easterly, jack 132, 240 eastman, earl 201 eastman. margaret 147, 300 eastobrooks, hank ...343 easton, William ... 199, 205 ebbers, bernice 237 eberharl, dons 203 eberhart, Steve 147, 203 eberspacher, dean 132, 298 ebner, larry .147, 282 ebner, warren 80 ebright, William ....199 echtenkamp, harlan .80, 199. 235, 282 eckblade, james 80, 201, 204 eckvall, harold 204 eckvall, jean 54, 115, 304 edee. james 132.312 edison. alien 204, 217 edmison, lyle 115, 308 edmondson, Virginia 147, 328 edmondson, William 132, 260 edwards, dr. don 342 edwards, eugene 115, 308 edwards, robert 80, 284 egger, rolland .....132 eggert, charlene 115, 223, 225,230, 252 eggert, robert 115, 240 ehrmann, bertrand 115,294 ehrmann, ilorence _. 80, 280 ehyken, harman 140 eicher, don 147,320 einling, John 80 einung, John 312 ; robert 115, 312 eis, rait h .199, 204, 205 eisenhart, russell 80, 314 eisenhart, wayne 132, 314 eisenreich. John . .199, 203 eislelter, anthony 132, 314 ekblad, marian 222, 245 ekslrand, james 80, 201 elberger, mauvus 132 elias, gregory 211 elias, maxim 211 elias, roxanna 147, 228, 274 eller, lynn 80, 320 eilingson, jim 245 ellinqson. kathryn 80 Catherine 115,208,210,274 lor 115,336 qlenn 204 elhott, howard 147, 312 james 409 nchard 147, 294 elliolt, William .. 206 lonold 217 ellis, lona ... 247 ellis, john .80, 206, 247 elhs. ken 343 ellis. peggy 116. 288 ells, dav.d 344 inn, manlyn 203, 225, 249 elson, kennelh Iter, anthony 1 3! lois lit. 228,274 ely. dorothy 132. 280 emmett, roland . 80. 284 emsholf, lois 147. 258 endorl, loren 116 235, 292 endres, vondalie 116 engdahl, herbert 132, 300 engeikemier, Joanne . 147, 225, 235, 252 engelbert, melvin 116,282 engler, melvin .. 132, 294 engler, paul 132, 294 engstrom, harold 90, 201, 316 epp. rodney 147, 229. 312 erch, rev. h 235 enckson, carole . 132, 304 erickson, eldon ...132,240 enckson, eleanor ....147, 225, 235, 252 erickson. loii 116, 226,228, 251 erickson, wayne 132, 320 eriksen, martha 147, 318 erlewine, harry 81, 205, 222, 298 .90, 222, 298 erneri 116,201,278 ernst, dona .81,249 ervin, george 199, 205 erwin, donald . ..81, 222 erwin, eames ... erwin, veora I espegren, robert 132, 324 estes, barbara 147, 235, 242 estes. dorothy 132, 235, 242 estes, marjone 116,235,242 estip, ray 237 estrada, barbara 147,258 etmund betty 81.280 etmund, don 132. 312 evans, bruce 320 evans, doyle 116,270 evans, jack . - 199. 345 evans, jeiry ' »». ■ " " evans, robert 2U3, III everitt, dean 81, 294 ewing, jerry I3f. ; " « ewing, randall ,fi ' «5 eynen, everett " °. s° eyth, William 116, 31b f lace, knolen 1}6. 336 iahrnbruch, dale 218, 244 iaiaes, frank ' • " lainley, charles ........ ™ ■ " 116.288, 382 lairchild, warren -81, 3U8 fairchild. zane 116, 200 faires, frank ,Te ' ijo5 fairley. charles 16, 298 folk, arnold 32, 322 farber, ajon 11°. JJ° farber, chiam 147, 338 farber, edwin 81, 322 iarrar, ioan 81, 210, 302 farris, don 237 larris. roy 223 fastenau, arden 31 iastenau. ruth 116, 249 laulhaber. glen 292 fedde, margaret 225 lehrs, mary 116,288 feld, marvin -81, 322 feldhacker, delores 147 feldhousen, Irederick 52, 200, 204 feldman, madelon 133, 286 fenster, lean 133, 235, 328. 382 fentiman. harold 81 lerreyra. fernando 248 ierschtman, gloria... 133. 228, 326, 382 iester, robert 147, 294 iiala, clarice 133, 203, 252 iiala. Joseph 81, 292 fickling, joan 133, 280 fiddlock, ellen 133, 272 field, don 217 iigge, anne 116, 272 finch, donald 133 fink, alex 424 finkelstein, sanlord 116, 338 finley, barbara 147, 318 finley, edwin 200 fins, h. 1 220 iinstrom, don 116, 296 firestone, phyllis 147, 286 firnhaber, arnold 81, 282 iischbach. eugene 133, 340 fischer, arlene 54, 81, 326 fischer, marcella 225 fischer, ruth 225, 233 fish, helen 147, 258 fisher, joe 116,278 fisher, john 147, 334 fisher, laverne 133, 246 fisher, marcella 147, 225 fiske. patncia 81, 318 fisler, June 116, 288 fitzmorris, rita 54. 81, 290 fitzpatnck, donald 336 flagg, gould HI, 278, 424 flaherty, francis 81 flaherty, kathleen 116, 266 ilanagin, eleanor 147 fleetwood, elaine 147, 258 lleishman, alan 133, 338 fleming, georgees 133, 280 flesher, beverlee 133, 304 llesher, donald 199, 257 lletcher, howard 133, 300 fletcher, roderic 116, 314 flood, audrey 133, 230, 280, 377 flood, bruce 199,202 flood, gordon ilora, John Bl florell, roberf 81,209,233 flory, roberta 133, 242 flowerday, albert 116,298 Ilynn, waltei ...81, 268 focken, georgeen 147, 258 loft, john 116, 255 folda, richard 332 iollmer. hugh .147, 284 foils, melvin 206 folz, leale . 201 forbes, kathleen 208 lorck, charles . 133, 240 ford, bruce 199 ford, howard 81,277 lord, richard 147, 240 loreshoe, melvin . 82, 292 lorman, jack 116, 322 forney, lewis 206 forst, milie 147, 266 lorster, frances 82, 304 fortna, lloyd ...116,202.268 foscjer, marcella 252 foster, patncia . 133, 242 foster, robert 116.270 louts, neil 82, 209 louts, ruth 82, 116,228 fowler, jean 147, 286 fox, george . fox, harry 116, 314 loxwell, william .........205 lrampton, ahce 147,280 francke. gervase 209 frandson, herbert 116, 320, 408 iranke, robert 82, 292 frankel, Stuart 82, 338 frankforter. c. j. ... 380 franklin, don 133, 296 Irons robert 199.205 frasier. vivian 116, 246 iranz, charles 116, 292 Irederick, darrell 82. 199.205 Irederick, lois 147, 300 fredricks, dnvid 82, 322 fredrickson, darwin 206 fredrickson, david 221 fredrickson, joan 133, 207, 230, 290 fredenckson, keith 82, 298 freeburg, Iester 204 Ireed, peicy 116, 300 freeland, sten 204 freeman, douglas .... 116,332 freeman, robert 116, 292 Ireiberg, Joyce 116, 225, 252 freitag, edith 133, 242, 382 french, merwyn 115. 116,209,298, 299 Irench, william ;S " " ??§ Ireye, clarice 147, 258 fritson, lavon 133, 282 fritz, john 82, 334 fritzler, sharon 147, 288 fruhbauer, ernest 82, 292 fry donald 82, 199, 202. 239 fry, charles 116.320 fry, freda 239 fuchser, cleo 116, 255 luchser, fay 116. 201, 204. 225 fugate, forrest 344 fugale, joan 147, 274 iuhr, william 345 lullaway. elizabeth 116, 306 fuller, Ired 278 lulton, sarah 147, 306 funk, jean 82, 199, 255 lurstenau, burnell 82,201 g gaddis, patricia 133, 302 gaebler, waiter 116, 332 gaines, mary .133, 224, 228, 306, 382 games, tyler 344 gaith, loren 147, 300 galbraith, frances 116, 251 gale, gang wish 203 gallagher, donald 201,204 gallagher, pat 82 gamerl, norma 147, 300 gangel, william 147, 284 ganz, james 344 ganzel. dewey 82, 324, 369 gard, don 116,298 gard, gene 82, 209, 222, 298 gardiner, barbara.... 133, 226, 228, 318 gardiner, gerald 82, 320 gardiner, robert 116, 308 gardiner, sally 133, 302 garey, marjory 133, 258 garey, neal 82 garner, elizabeth 237 garnich, judy 116,290 garon, lamar „ 133, 338 garon, norton 82, 338 garretson, richard 245 garrison, leroy 82, 201 garrison, mary 116, 250, 382 garrop, rosalie, 133, 219, 326 gartland, mary helen 147, 258 gartland, patricia 133, 244, 251 gass, edward 147, 316 gass, waiter 133, 316 gas ton, robert 232 gates, clarence 312 gattlieb, charlotte 148 gauger, louis 147, 268 gauger, marilyn 133, 258 gauger, shirley ]33, 258 gauger, wendell 133, 332 gay, rolland -82, 270 gealy, gordon ijj, jid geier.lio 55, 116,218,318,424 gelber, carol 116. 318 gelwick, richard 83, 203 gelwick, willard 133, 260 gengenbach, edward 219 george, harold 133, 260 george, marcia 133, 223 qeorge, william .... 201 gerhart, bud 116, 278, 377, 380 gerhold. patricia 116, 280 germer, leonard 345 gershater, ephraim 204 gerwick, devere 83 gessner, gene 133, 314 gessner, robert ... 314 gessner, shirley 117, 288 gettman, olive 133, 219, 266 geye, donald 83 gibbons, waiter 147, 308 gibbs, marylois 117, 328 gibson, raleigh 11? gibson, richard 133, 336, 408 gibson, robert 117, 268 gibson, william 117, 268 m, gilbert . 147, 268 gieseker, mary 147, 328 giesman, phvllis 225,249 giesselman, harry 147, 206, 282 gilbert, alo 133, 334 gilbride, robert 20b gill, Jerome gillam, elton 147, 294 gijlespie, kirk 17.277 ai ett dons 14 , HI gillett! lois h3. 210, 242, 382 gilligan, john - 148, 314 gilliland, harold 133, 308 gilmore, elliott 117. 316 gilmore, philip 117, 330 gilmore, ruth 83 gilpin, jean 245 ginn, william 344 girard, james - 133 girard, Joseph 83 girgenti, quentin ... 201 gissler. bernie 117, 233. 282 gissler, dorothy 148, 258 gissler, leonard 83, 282 gissler, rolland ... 117,282 glebe, betty 148 glebe, glen 232 glen, carl 83 glene, betty 258 glock, barbara 133, 286 glover, charles 257 gloystein. elroy 117, 217, 282. 380. 424 gloystein. harold 133, 235, 282 glynn, nancy 117, 217, 288 gober, lois 83, 210, 304 godfrey, james 117, 314 goeres, betty 148 goeres, jane 328 goin, eugene 222 goldman, richard 133 goldschmidt, gerhard 201 goll. james 177 good, anthony 229 good, loren 83, 237 good, robert 320 goodbrod, waiter 206 goolsby, charles 229 goldman, richard 338 goll, james 314 gorai, arthur .... 83 goralski, edwin 199 gorelick, eddie 148,322 gorton, (rank 206 gotschall, ernest 117, 278 gottlieb, charlotte 326 gottstein, lillian 346 gottstein, stuart 117, 338 gottsug, bob 148, 260 gottula, kenneth 204 goulhober, glen 132 go wen, richard 133 grabduski, philip 83, 202, 205, 222 graft, mary 57, 83, 204, 224, 251 graffham, alien 211 grafton, neva 235 graham, graydon 211 graham, jesse _ 247 graham, joan 117, 280 graham, mary 117, 286 graham, patricia 83 graham, rosemary 133, 318 grainger, susan 148, 228, 302 grant, marshall 148, 330 grasmick, john 148, 308 graul, dale 83, 270 graul, loren 117, 270 graves, janet .133, 318 green, betty 54, 133, 288 green, nancy 148, 318 green, richard 83, 270 greenwalt, dolores 117, 251 greer, marilyn 223, 235 greer, william 284 gregg, geraldine 133, 251 grether, henry 345 grewcock, william ... 117, 255 gnebhng, ethlann 117, 251 griffin, iden 314 griffin, mary 83,328 griffin, Virginia 148, 258 griffith, paul 133 griffiths, eugene 83, 201 grilliths Joyce 148, 274 griggs, david H ' - J U grimm, bill 237 grimm, marvin 117,320,424 grinshaw, bob 201 griswold, dwight 278 gritzner, marion 225 grobeck, gloria 83, 244, 254 grogan, robert 424 gross, carol 148, 258 gross, Irederick ..... -.83 grosse, marilyn 1JJ. zuo grossman william ... 345 groteluschen, roland 11 , 235. tat grothe, norma sn ground, carl rJowM groves, carolyn 148, 274 gruber, robert " 3, zjz grueber, donna . {Worn grummert, milbert 11 ' , zoz gruver, richard 344 guelker, shirley 134, 242 guhin, jack — ■ — -204 guhin, patricia 83, 266, 382 guhin, richard 117, 336 guhin, Virginia 134, 266 guidinger, betty 134, 304 guildner, leslie -.204 guillord, joan 274,83 guinan, mark 83, 211 Xso ' . ';32d;376; 8 gunderson, william --■■•™ gundy oat 34, 288 gunzel.lois U7 ' oVo gustafson, carlton zl° gustalson, delores -.-.. gustalson, gladys 83, 218, JUU gustalson, myron 23Z gustafson, phil zJZ guthrie, m - --53 gutschow, marylis 84, jza guttenberg. jack 199 guy, richard i,i ' a " ai5 gwynn, jack 148, 314 gwynn, james 84, 314 hansor harac ' r harrr,: harms harmi, ma ■ 406 302 114 308 has?: hask hosi 3 . karel. marilyn 135. 258 lease, Joseph 87. 270 kasik, wilson 119, 292 kasselman, William 119 kaswinerstok, nina 119, 253 katskee, alan 149. 338 katzman. chalotte 54, 119, 326 kaufman, clarence 218 kauiman, kathleen 135 kay, harold 87, 270 keck, james 119. 278 keebler. betty 87. 288 keebler. William 149, 314 keefe, maryanne 135 keel, barbara - 135 keene, dave 229 keene, peter - 135, 312 keep, harry 296 keeney, philip 87, 268, 378 kegley, keith 88, 240 kehl, leonard 135. 278 kehn. imogene aSmA keim, lynn ■■« . jWJ keith, barbara 135, J« kelky. donald 260 kell. barbara ..-__.2Bg keith, barbara 135. 225 kellenbarger, jo 88, 251 keller, robert 88, 294 kelley. donald 11° kelligan, bob 206 kellogg, charles 52, 88, 199, 205 kellogg. donald 88, 298 kellner. deane 119,237 kellner, robert 119, 237,270 kelly, eugene 119, 201.204, 330 kelly, robert 119. 340 kelly. steven 119. 277 kelso. betty - 203. 225 kelso. elizabeth 149, 252 kennan, betty - 87, 254 kennedy, bruce 135, 278 kennedy, clay 88, 268 kennedy. donald - 88, 270 kennedy. neal 88, 204 kennedy. polly 149. 272 kennedy, roberta 88, 288 kenney, phil 53 kent. dorothy 88, 300 kent, frank 88, 336 kent, katherine 135 kent, sue 302 kepler, Clifford 135, 308 kepner, janet 135, 300 kerchal, raymond 88, 199 kerrigan, Jeanne 88, 318, 361 kess, vince 296 kessel. John 88, 334 kettler, anthony - 88, 201, 238 keubeck. 1 202 keuchel, John 205 keuten, norma 119, 251 kiechel, donna 119, 318 kierstead, robert 88 kiewit, jack 200 killion, marlin 119, 206, 221, 324 kimbail, rosemary 119, 306 kimbriel, harry 149,278 kimmerling, max 88, 268 kincanon, raymond 119, 256 king, conrad 88, 119, 324 king, gaylon 330 king, jack 205, 222 king, pat 228 king, shirley 88, 382 kingery, wayne 119, 320 kinghorn, frederick 149, 268 kinivier, gray 268 kinne, pamela 149, 304 kinnier, althea 135, 280 kinsey, kay 54 kinnier, gray 88 kinsey, robert 149 kinsey, norbert 312 kinsey, William 312, 408 kirk, helen 119,274 kirkroan, bonita 88, 251 kirkman, paul 149, 308 kirkpatrick, rachel 225 kirsch, John 217 kirschbaum, james - 316 kirwan, Catherine 203 kistler, sarah 135, 233, 242 kittelson, lois 135, 250 kittle, keith 199 klein, bernard 135, 256 klemme, herbert 119 kleveland, bernum 204 icieveland, nels 199, 2U5 kling, shirley 239 klink, lewis 119, 332 klone, janyce 149, 258 kluck, emit 119, 270 kluck, james 201 klug, mervin 408 klusman, james ... 149 knapp, bert 149 knapp. david 135. 336 knapp. lloyd 149, 255 knapp, milton 199 knapple. margaret 119,302 knebel, donald 120, 268 knerl, marjorie kniffen, edna _ 225, 249 knudson, mary lou 120, 288 knutson, andre 201 koca, james 135, 277 koch, ralph koch, richard .88, 316 koch, Virginia 135, 302 koehler, melissa 120, 237, 258 koehler nancy 149. 245, 258 koehler, robert 89, 268 koehler, suzanne 135, 208, 290 koehn, William 89,330 koenig, warren 52, 200, 204 koerber, thomas 255 kohan. richard 120, 338, 409 kohtz, wesley 136, 324. 380 kokes, leonard ..89, 202, 205, 222, 268 kokjer, carter 55, 89, 296 kokjer, thomas 120, 296 kolar, robert 89, 205, 240 kolezar, delores 120, 274 kollmeyer, katherine 136, 318 komarek, phyllis 120 komprath, eugene 235 koontz, harry 199 koop, albert 211 koop, delmo 199, 205 koop, evelyn . " iXneo kopf, delbert 49, 268 kopf. harold - 120, 268 korbelik, Joyce 149 korff. don 120,278 konnek, donald 136. 206, 221, 332 korinek, harold 89. 308 kokan, dalphynie 120, 246 kostal, james 149, 233, 260, 332 kotecke, laurence 238 koupal, howard 314 koza. robert 89, 203 krafka, benjamin 89,292 kramper, donald 149 krantz, lorin 120, 255 krase, richard 89 krasne, byron 120, 206, 219, 338 krasne, leslie - 149, 338 krasne, paul 136, 338 krause, arnold 203 krause, elaine 136, 228, 328, 377 krause, harold 120, 308 krause, sally 136, 318 krebsbach, shirley 239 kreizinger, harold 136 kreuch, Virginia 150, 242 kreycik, robert 136, 268 krieger, louis 199 kriegh, roy 204 kritner, kenneth 229, 237 kroeger, donald 136, 282 kroehler, lois 89, 210, 253 kroger, donald 345 kroger, marlin 201, 204 kroger, Willis 120, 260. 340 krogh, roberts 257 kropp, sara 120, 218, 254 krumwiede, neal 199, 202 krumwiede, robert 150, 332 kruse, John 120, 316 kruse, richard 199, 316 kubicek, lumir 199 kubie, raymond 89, 282 kublman, marilyn 225 kucera, John 248 kuchmok, michael 248 kueizinger, harold 314 kugler, lourene 136, 247, 251 kugler, mary 136, 258 kugler, paul 257 kugler, russell 136, 324 kuhl richard 120, 314 kuhlman, marilyn 89, 230, 249 kuhn, William -■-■•■■ 320 kuiper, darline J20. 24 kunc, ramon l U. ' kuncl, ann . -120, 248. 249 kuppinger, mary o=. Juy kusek, richard ■■■••• 20 ' kuser, John 199, 20b kuser, William 199, 204, 205 kuska, frank 199, 205 kuska, richard 136, 316 kusselman, William 336 kuster, dale 89. 270 kuxhausen, donald 150, 278 1 laller, marilyn 136, 272 laflin, bob }?S ' 2i§ laflin, patricia ™ i?9 ' £% laflin, shirley 89, 210, 242 laird, russell 120, 332 lallman, marian --89, 247 lamb, alvin 89, 205, 298 lamb, helen 120, 242 lamb, howard 89, 200 lamb, mary jane 150, 228 lamb, ruth 150, 225 lambert, Stanley 120, 229, 298 lambert, thomas 150, 298 lamborn, george 120, 206, 336 lammers, henry 136,278 lander, richard 150, 294 landgren, norman 136, 268 lang, clayton 343 lang, hugh 89, 308 lang, jean 89, 270 lange, viginia 89, 242 langenheim, fred 89, 33 lannan, patricia 136, 288 lanphear, elaine 136, 251 lantz, kenneth 199 lapp, viginia 136, 302 larkin. sTiirley -.120, 318 larsen, arthur 199 larsen. beverly 150, 318 larsen, gloria 136, 318 larsen, herman 221 larsen, ken .....136, 314 larsen, patricia 120, 230, 266 larsen, Virginia 136, 208 larson, bill .96. 314 larson, donald 150, 314 larson, dwight 90, 332 larson, ernest 120, 340 larson, francis -90 larson, james ,„...._218 larson, lois 150, 225, 242 larson, marlene 136. 258 larson, robert 90, 270 larson, roger . - 90, 292 la shelle, Joanne 150, 266 lassen, robert 90, 278 latham, hlla 90, 266 lathrop. dorothy 120, 228. 266 lau, richard 150, 312 lauber, donna 120, 272 lauer, elaine 120,246 laulman, kathleen 328 lavko, vladimir 248 law, dave — -- -- - 206 law, joan 136, 208, 286 lawlor, nancy 90, 306 lawrie oeggie 99. 210, 302, 365 376, 377 lawson, donald 136, 268 lawson, edwin 90, 260, 332 lawson, lavonne 136 lawson, norman 199, 202 lawson, paul 199 lawton, jean 136, 237, 251 laymon, e 199 laymon, francis 199 lazure, charles 90,201 leadley, jean 136, 300 learning, jo ann 57, 120, 242, 244 leary, frank . 136, 294 lebbs, richard 218 lebsach. edwin 342 lebsack, wilber 211 lee. kirk 136. 278 lee, mabel 223, 226 lee, patricia 90, 304 leech, keith 136, 240 leger, norm 68, 90, 308, 361, 369 373, 380 legge, marilyn 120, 318 lehl, Joyce 223, 228 lehman, theodore 90, 338 lehmkuhl, helen 136. 222, 258 lehnert, wilber 199. 204, 205 lehr, donald 90, 205, 222 lehr, milton 90, 322 leib, sonia 126, 326 leigh. ronald 90, 270 leininger, marcia 90, 302 leisy, jean 120, 208, 280 lembrich, derald 120 lemon, herbert 136, 336 lentz, donald 90, 221, 294 lenz, miriam 120, 254 leonard, robert - 204 lerdrup, delores 228 lerner, sanford 120, 322 leroy, William 211, 220 less, gerhardt 199. 205 leth, charles 150, 308 leuth, wesley 136 levenson, doris 120, 326 levi, Jacques 248 levinger, harold 120, 199, 338 levinson, ida mrs 322, 346 levis. bette 136, 326 levy, sanford 136, 322 lewis, george 90, 284 lewis, joan 120, 304 lewis, kirk 136, 296 lewis, rex 90 lewis, richard 90 hakos, angeline 120, 232, 244 libershal, mary 120, 286 lidolph, dorothy 120, 248, 250 lieber, nancy 120, 230, 280 lieh, robert - 201 lien, norman 120, 200 lienemann, paul 136,282 liggett, james 90, 332 lightner, norma 90, 253 liljedahl. donald 229 hljedahl, Janice 150, 258 liljegren, ivan ...91, 203, 205, 209, 240 lillie, carleton 201 linch, laurel 120, 304 lincoln, barbara 136, 258 lind, beverly 150,258 lind, Christy 120, 334 lind, John 233 lind, lois 91, 250 lindahl, douglas 120 lindberg, 1, 233 lindley, Joyce 136, 300 lindquist, Janice 136, 266 lindstrom, don 218 lindwall, rod 120, 320, 380 line, William 345 linn, jane 136, 274, 382 lippitt, gordon 229, 299 lippold, lloyd 120,282 lipps, bob 424 lippstreu, william 150, 340 lischke, eleanor 225 lisher, Joanne 136, 357, 376. 421 little, paula 91, 300 littrell, Virginia 91 lite, Joanne 136, 272 lock, lillian 91, 225,252 lock, norman .91,278.424 lockhart, aileene 223, 228 lockman, dick 237 lockman, John 91 lococo, Joseph 206 loder, jo jen 54, 136, 306 loeffel, frank 53. 55, 91, 205, 222, 298. 380 lof, pauline 150, 328 loflin, shirley 207 logan, roger 257 lohmann, fred 136, 336 lohrenz, carl 237 loisel, dan 150, 332 loisel, thomas . 120, 332 lomaz, gretchen 136. 237, 258 long, darwood 91,308 long, norma 120, 230, 382 long, robert 120,221,320 long, waiter 91,209,316 longman, james 91, 324 lonowski, raymond 120, 255, 270 Ions, norma 246 loomis, maryann 91, 290 loos, verna 91 lord, gladys 136, 253 lostroh, ardis 121, 247 lotspeich, beryl 54. 91. 288 lotspeich. lloyd 206 loucks. richard 150, 278 loudon, John 150, 294 loudon, pat 91, 228 louver, ernest 199, 204 lovegrove, delores 150, 280 lovejoy, Virginia 150. 225. 258 low, beverly 136, 280 lowe, robert 206, 344 lowry, laura 136, 258 lowry, nancy 121, 306 loy, donald 136. 340 lucas, William 219 lucht. ray 232 luchtel. harold 91, 330 lucke, leland 136, 316 luckens, kenneth 343 luckey, leland 136 ludlow, polly .121, 203, 225, 230, 252 ludwick, maxine 91, 245, 250 ludwickson, j 199. 205 luebbers. annette 225 luedtke. roland 344 lueninghoemer, g 211 luers, le roy 312 lueth, wesley 136,292 lugn, alvin 204, 211 luhrs, gordon 121, 268 lukens, isaiah 121, 314 lundahl, glen 233 lundberg, bernard ... :342 lundberg, norman 136, 255 lundberg, verner 91, 199, 205 lundin, cornne 57, 91, 251 lundquist, verniel 91, 258 luschei, eugene 204 lutes, james 121, 334 lutgen, marshall 91 luther, clyde 136, 332 luther. dale 209 luther, marylou 137 300 lutrell, glen 91,255 lutz, marilyn 150, 304 lux, margaret 223 lux, ronald 121,204, 298 lyle, james .408 lyon, gwen 150, 286 lyons, robert 150 296 mc mc alister, mary 210 mc aneny, Joseph 345 mc arthur, donald 91, 320 mc arthur, jane 91, 288 mc auley, donna 57, 92, 217, 253 mc beth, lloyd 192 314 mc cabe, darrell 137] 298 mc cann, jack 137 ' 312 mc earthy, philip 277 437 mc carty, daniel 150i 314 mc carty, william 92, 314 mc cauley, william .408 mc clain, shirley 137, 239, 249 mc clymonds, neal 137 ' , 294 mc conaughey, robert 92, 284 mc connell, John 150, 314 mc connell, lou 137, 328 mc cormack, gwen 208, 239 mc cormick, marilyn ,. 121,238 mc cormick, patricia 121, 280 mc cormick, william 199 mc coy, bonnie 137, 258 mc coy, harlan 92 mc coy, james 257 mc cra cken, gerald 121, 336 mc crory, janet 92, 254 mc cullough, edward .55, 92, 277. 369 mc curdy, mary 92, 218, 242, 244 mc dermott, John 92, 284 mc dill, John 92, 209, 268 mc dill, louise 121, 286 mc dill, robert 53, 92, 205. 209, 222, 268 mc donald, bob 218 mc donald, philip 92, 222, 268 mc dowell, John 92 mc dowell, paul .. 199 mc eachen, edmund 92, 312 mc elhaney, marian 57, 92, 137, 210, 224, 253 mc elhaney, marjorie 57, 258 mc elwain, barbara 150, 266 mc geachin, peggy 121, 302 mc geachin, thomas 314, 424 mc gee, donald 200 mc gill, hugh .... 199 mc glashen, lois 137, 251 mc gowan, patnek 203 mc kay. william 92 mc kelvie, alan 121, 200. 334 mc kenzie, mary 121, 258 mc kenzie, Stephen 150, 312 mc lallerty, charles 92, 324 mc lane, donovan 150, 308 mc laughlin, jean 121, 225, 280 mc mahan, jack 150, 312 mc manus, thomas 345 mc master, archie 92 mc master, howard .................204 mc master, robert 121, 199, 3JZ mc meekin, james 137, 314 mc meekin, janet 150. 318 mc michael, bruce 314 mc millan, richard oo " 6oc mc nabb, harold 92, 296 mc namee, richard ........200 mc nare, robert .137, 270 mc naught, wilma 150, 223, 28b m 204. 3X 94. 304 235. 282 marks |ohn : b«rl marquardt myron marsh bab- marsh gale marshal! . rr, i marshall su . : n martens, re: ns Winston ... 408 424 ■ " oger martin mart-.r . • maryme© delores mary ' mas. robe- maser. kenr maser mason chnton ■ masc: mason, rob " mason mass 150 199 loan mas!! obert _ mathes dc- mathews sh matlc ■ matteson sal ' ■ mattisor matte 328. 382 rnaxw- maxwi 1 ' • parsons, marilyn - 138, 228, 274 parsons, phyllis 97,250 partridge, bob _ 123. 314 patterson, marilyn 152, 288 patton, dan -9 ' . 270 paul. rosalie .-gW pauley, gordon ... ' onq pauley, Wilbur ,« 316 paulson, congdon 138. Jib paustian, eloise 1 " . «ft, °fr 07 017 paustian, inez . 719 pauter, wayne £ ' ° payne. crystal .... -■-■• •« ' pearlman phihp bos ' 949 pearson, donna •£ . «| pearson, dw ig ht 3». 3 pearson, howard W|. £» n wanda • . «» peatrowsky, david jE» " is{ ' £74 pecha. burdette 152, z78. V4 pecha, suzanne . -W. .flJU peck. John ..... g, J.4 sen. gordon W. " pedersen, henry d. Uo, 133 pedersen. henry f ...... 4 pedersen, ]Ohn ■■» ' . £» pedersen, mary a 13A «u peery, gene 3 ' . j " " pegram, " tex " 07 " fqq peirce, marvin ■-» ' . ij " patncia .. ...ioi, J o peitan, John isY ' vSR £ ? " ! :lo4 pendray, paul 1 138, 242, 382 pendvis J ™ penn, wilham -=° penton, c f™ pepken, lavern ... - - " 8 perkins, wilham •-». JUB perlentein, russel 33, ZU3 JS ffj ST : perry, jim _. ....«», o peters, arnold ... qq oqi 282 peters, Charles 9 ?t qq 904 peters, douglas bb ' ,Qo ' oon peters, jeannine { . «U peters, nancy peters, peter peters, robert Petersen, clinton Petersen, ired Petersen, gail Petersen, John Petersen, merle .... Petersen, charles . ...... ........ - peterson, donald UJ, IMS. ou peterson, douglas .199 peterson, jimmie 1JB. UZ, peterson, joe M. $5 peterson, marilyn lco oS 152, 300 152, 284 138, 282 152 257 200 199 200 peterson, nancy ,152,258 pe terson, norma 57, 123, 223, 247 peterson, robe:( 202 peterson, russell i ' oq ' qiS peterson, thomas oq ' 0-77 petrasek, elmei ; " „«? ' Hn pettett, vance 98, 20b, 24U pettigrew, floyd ... 98, 330 pettijohn, max ' j . «« petti ohn, rex 330, 378, 380 pleifier, donna - 9 ?; 2 ' ?52 pleifier, kathenne 54 ,§§ ' ?§§ pieiffer, leon 138,308 pfeiler. robert L38, 203, 245. 308 phelps, robert 221, 312 pniler, ired . ......... 408 philbrick, charles 123, 2 8 phillip, ralph 152, 278 ... chnstine 138 . mrs. cliilord - 346 343 phillips, John 320 phillips. marcelene ... 52, Z42 phillips, marvel .. [jw. f-j philpot. donna ... 23. 280 picard.fnl [U ' ljl plCCOio, tank qq 01c niamin 98, 316 picket iacl 9 204,312 piderit, nchard 123, 314, 424 pierce, janet 123, 225, 235, 242 pierce, m |99 205 pierce, robert 138, 284 pierce- 98, 248, 258 pierce, william ... " qo ' oqS pierson, arnold 98, 292 pierson, nancy . 98. 274 pinkerton, george 53, 138, 268 pinney, glona 1 3, 302 pipher.emmeM ,98, 199, 314 pischel, patricia . 123, 304 pitlor. robert 152, 338 plank, mary 123, 274 plank, william 123,244 her, manlou 98, 254 ' ■)■• ' 232 plouzek, raymond 199 plugge, dale 99 plumb, rex 199 podhaisky, torn 152, 330 poe, sybil .. ...247 poe, wilham ,98,220, 334 poeschl, melvin 199, 204, 205 pohl, shirley 123 ske, io 98, 253 polansky, harriet 98, 286 pohan, maxine 123, 288 polite, barbara . .98,290 pollard, larr-. 152, 308 pollock, james 123, 300 polnicky, harold 200 polsky, burton 123, 338 polsky, don ... 123, 338 pond, nchard ....123, 200, 229, 260, 330 poole, mrs. laurel 346 popken, donald _ 209, 298 popken, lavern 238, 298 porter, james 201 porter, john 98, 209, 316 porter, nancy 138, 219, 302 porter, robert ...206 porter, sanford 123, 320 portis, gordon 123, 277 portsche, Stanley ..... 123, 294 potash, leonard - 55, 98, 199, 204. 205, 322 potter, alan -98, 312,408 poulson, marietta 152 poulson, robert 138 pourzamjami. m 248 powell, eugene 203 powell, john »9» powell, kenneth 123, 201, 278 powell, max 344 power, tracil 138 powley, harlan 123. 332, 424 pratt, donna 98, 304 pratt, marcia 138, 290 pratt, nancy 138, 258 premer, 1 199 preusse, wilbur 123, 296 robert , , 344 prince, helen 98, 306 pntchard, gerard 138, 238, 298 prokop, carolyn 99, 304 proper, anne 99, 369 prosser, ernest 99, 270 provost, john 199, 205 pryor, susan 152, 302 pullen, donald 257 pumphrey. paul 138, 203, 298 purcell, everett 204 putensen, elaine 123, 235, 328 putman, dale 344 putt, marjorie 152, 306 quigley, dean 99, 201, 256 quigley, elaine 99, 225, 246 quisenberry, karl 99, 207, 229, 298 quisenberry, shirley 99, 219 racely, ed 123, 314 ragan, patricia 138, 258 rahn, carol 123. 300 raines, william 199 rains, embree 99 raitt, dale _ 199, 202 rajewich, charlene 152, 237, 290 rakow, norma 99, 288 rail, frank - 218 ralsten, harold 199 ramey, mary 225 ramsey, mrs 346 ramsey, william 211 ranee, patrick 238 randall, mary ann 138, 288 randol, georqe .152, 308 randolph, ted 139, 278. 424 rankin, colleen 139, 258 rankin. waiter .. 99, 308 rankin, william .199, 202 ransdell, shirley 152. 274 rapp, kathryn ..123, 226, 230. 290, 383 ranck, theodore 123, 340 rasmussen, dana 99, 320, 408 rasmussen, joan 152, 237, 286 rasmussen, warren .152, 320 rathbone, Juliet 99, 290 rauch, robin 152, 272 raun, joan 152, 225, 286 raun, robert 139,268 rausch, clara 223 rayburn, barbara 123, 280 raynard, phillip 99. 218, 220, 269 raysor, cecily 247 reagan, armond 99 reagan, dona 99, 251,382 reasoner, anna 99, 222, 251 rector, eugene 139, 336 redfern, snaron 123,328 rediger, juanita ..... 152, 300 reece, jack 99,314 reed, barbara 139, 274 reed, beverly 139,237 reed, james 314 reed, susan 139, 306, 382 reeve, marjorie ... 139, 280 reeves, don 152, 298 regan, bill . 123, 340 reichenbach, bob 152, 308 ■ nbach, george 139, 308 oberi 123,308 reider, eugene 211 reider, henry .211 fier, richard 152, 31b reiman, irances 123, 248, 250 reineke, robert 139, 332 reinhard, mary ... 152, 274 reinhardt, richard 342 reinke, robeit 332 reinsch, robert ... ■■- ..--99 reis, irvin . 199,204. 205 reis, manon 152, 334 reiten, john r-I?? reiter, paul 139. 244 relph, nchari 152 remy, mrs charle: 346 renard, rita .152, 225, 258 rennemann, conrad 221 renner, carla ..123,328 renner, lula renolds, joan 123, 208, 288 reuter, william 229 reynard, phil 367 reynolds, jack 139, 316 reynolds, marjorie 99, 223, 246 reynolds, peggy 139. 306 reynolds, roland iol, zso reynolds, torn 220 rezai, gus .........248 rhoades, charlotte 124, 328 rhoades, kenneth 152 rhodes, donald oa " " o§o rhodes, joan 139, 272 rhodes. kathryn 124, 304. 382 rice, charlotte 124, 237, 254 rice, david ..... 99, 338 rice, dona alan 124, 338 rice, donald 124, 278 rice, fred --■■- 201 rice, keith 199. 205 nc e.mildied _ 139,235, 242 rice, wilfred - 99 richards, charlotte 139, 288, 382 richards, robert n " 3nc richardson, d. ann 99, 306 richardson, harley 152, 294 richmond. ruthann 152, 328 richter, charles 342 ricketts, waiter 99, 336 rickly. polly ann 124, 286 nddell, sandra 152, 290 ndgway, kenneth 200 rieke, wesley 99 riggs, harold 100 riggs, rodson 139, 278 riley, james 152 ringler, don 100, 282 nngler, janet ...„_245 ritter, darlene 100. 254 ritter, roger 139, 296 ritter, rolland 201 roach, shirley 152, 288 roads, wayne 199 roashan, khalid 248 robak, cleo 336 robb, bernadine 152, 203, 225. 252 rober, donavan 152, 336 robertson, arthur 217 robertson, gladys 223, 228 robertson, gerald 152, 314 robertson kenneth 314 robertson, marilyn 239 robertson, ralph 314 robertson, robert 204 robertson, Virginia 100, 242 robeson, vernon 199, 205 robinson, benjamin. .100, 203, 221, 322 robinson, eugene 152, 298 robinson, robert 139, 268 robinson, richard 314 robson, john 237 rockwell, jane 139, 274 rockwell, lois 100, 250 rodin, lois 152, 326 roesler, edith 124, 235 roesler, gerald 100 roessler, elizabeth 152, 300 rogers, f ranees 245 rogers, Joseph 201 rogers, robert 139, 330, 409 rogers, robert 139, 336 rohrs, dennis 206 rolbicek, frank 139 rolfsmeyer. william 100, 312, 408 rolph, marion 232 romig, harold 124, 336 rommel, charles 100, 334 rooney, mary 152 root, clyde 201 roper, charles ... 139, 330 rosekrans, ruth .. 217 rosen, bruce 124, 338 rosen, roberta 152, 326 rosenbaum, audrey 139, 326 rosenblatt, richard 139, 338 rosenlof, elizabeth 139, 266 rosenloi, Joyce 124, 235, 247 rosenquist, robert 206, 245 rosenquist, ruth 237 rosenzweig, norman 100, 199 ross, janet 225 ross, phyllis 100, 223. 272 ross, robert douglas 152, 330 ross, william 139,278 rossler, gerald 260 rothenberger, sarah 153, 306 rothrock, cecil 344 rothwell, william 139, 308 roubicek, frank 255 rousek, edward 124, 268 rousek, ernest 124, 209, 268 rouze, gordon ... 314 rowland, barbara 54, 100, 218, 300 rowley, elaine 153, 203, 225, 252 ruback, norman ..... 153,338 rubin, sid 153, 322 ruddock, donna 153, 302 rudeen. donald 100 rudeen, waiter 201 ruder, robert 100, 282 rudisil, donna 124, 252 ruebel, jack 201 ruff, shirley 139, 223, 258, 382 alcides 201 ruma, Sebastian 153,284 rummel, jean 139, 286 rump, william 52, 201 rundt, lillian 232 runty, donna 100, 246 runty, harold ... 201 245 ruplinger, philip 124,256 rusho, mary 153 russell, jack ...100, 260, 332 russell, marilyn . 100, 253 russell, mary 153, 306 russel, matthew 199 russell. richard 1 332 russell, richard p 124, 153, 312, 408 russell, robert lee 139, 330 russell, wilham 139, 332 rutledge, robert 124 rutten, x 238 ryder, del 100, 312 ryman, Janice 124, 306 ryons, mary 54, 306 S sabatka, elaine 100 sabatka, Joanne 100 sabm, shirley 230, 258 sacks, kenneth 139,322 saferstein, louise 124, 326 saffel, edward 139, 277 sahs, john 124, 200, 235 sailors, don _ 139, 330 salestrom, darwin _ 424 sallander, donna 153, 272 salsbury, Joyce 124, 300 sampson, jeannie 124, 318, 377 samuelson, dale 153,330 samuelson, donald e 100, 237 samuelson, donald 1 201 samuelson, earl 139, 282 samuelson, eugenie 124, 239 samuelson, ronald 100, 330 samuelson, sue 139, 306 samuelson, william 100, 292 sanbongi, fred 199. 204 sanchez, billie 100, 320 sand, jean .226 sandahl, dean 200 sandall, wesley 139, 229, 260 sander, david 205 sandstedt, ruth 139, 219, 228, 328 sasati, iskender 248 satterfield, richard 139, 296 sauder, jack 139, 202, 209 saukup, darleene 252 saults, charles 101, 330 saum, dona 124,247,369 sounders, ruth 235 sautter, richard 221 savage, donald 199 savage, sally 139, 274 sawyers, bette 124, 223, 290 saylor, john 124, 308 sayre, nancy 124, 306 scanlon, john 199 schaberg, June 101, 288 schaberg, ralph 139,308 schaffer. shirley 124, 300 schantz, george 153, 336 scharf, John 139,203 scharman, lou 101, 286 scharmann, darrell 314 schaufelberger, donald 201, 204 schaumberg, edward 101, 284 scheer, dale 124, 282 scheer, thomas 101, 324 scheideler, albert 101, 201, 238 scheidt, harlan 229 scheidt, shirley 130, 266 scheinost, charles 101 schenck, bill . 378 schenk, dorothy 153, 328 . schepman, carol 153, 266 scherer, ralph 153 scherff, laura .... 139, 272 scheurich, william .101, 314 scheusener, willis 153 schick, norma 203, 225 schiermeyer, jerry 153, 316 schirmer, jack 101, 314, 354 schlecht, barbara - 139, 258 schlecte, floyd 204 schleicher, charles 239 schleicher, duane 239 schleiger, richard ...124, 260, 314, 424 schleiger, robert 101, 314, 424 schleusener, richard 101, 200,204,235, 282 schleusener, willis 332 schleuter, walker 288 schloss, hanna 101, 326 schlucter, christine 139, 235, 251 schmale, mary 101, 274 schmid, marjorie 153, 266 schmidt, aaron .139, 206, 338 schmidt, carl 153, 296 schmidt, john 239 schmidt, kenneth ... 153, 203, 235, 282 schmidt, lee 153, 338 schmidt, myron 139, 278 schmidt, robert 153, 308 schmieding, earl . .-.----.. 204 schmieding, orville 101. 282, 424 schmit. leo .. 238 schmitt, patricia iui. «u schneider, bob -■••- -424 schneider, don 139, 22 , 324 schneider, dorothy 101, 208 schneider, elizabeth «•■-• ■_ 124,218, 230, 318 schneider, howard 409 schneider, kathryn 237 schneider, robert 124, 316 schoen, ester 124, 248,251 schoening, lois - 153, 304 schoettger, richard 139, 270 schoonmaker, kathryn 54, 124, 328 schormann, jean 124, 251 schossberger, emily 248 schott. charlotte 101, 225, 230 schott, eloise 101,253 Schramm, e. f 211 schreiber, kathleen 139, 153, 266 schrock, helen 101 schroeder, bob - 201 schroeder, caybert 124, 314 schroeder, dallas 124, 292 schroeder, john 153, 316 •«nh«i sepa- - ■ shane - sharr- - 1 u uehling, imogene 154, 258 uhe. della 126 uhrig, winola 223 ullstrom, ila laye ....106, 208, 210. 242 upton, hubert 217 urbanek, William . 141,248 urbsnelc, William 277 vaggalis, mike 219 vallertsen, don ,: ' ' ' ; van brunt, alice ■»• t " van burg, alyce ' 41. Jl» van burgh, James «2 van burgin, james -JJ " van cleave, ada |S vandel. Charles .. M, % vandel. thomas ... «■ r vanderkolk, tyler 06, 3.4 vandersl.ce, robert 26. 408 van eaton. glenn -_ 106, 308 van every, barbara 26. 223, b van horn, glenna 106, 1U, Z4M van horn, harold ■■■■■- „„ ' van neste. robert . -213. 2bU. 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Clifford 107, 240 waiter, lven 107, 282 waiter, peggy 127, 280 waiter, ted 107, 298 waiter, waiter 238 waiters, jo ann Ml, 300 ward, elizabeth 237 ward, ivan 237 ward, marianna 107, 328 ware, frederick .107, 203, 221, 316, 424 waring, robert Ml, 296 worker, robert 203 warner, helen 346 Warner, kathleen 107, 318 warner, robert 141, 336 warren, gerald 154, 330 warren, margaret 141, 318 warrick, patricia 127, 302 Warwick, norman 107, 292 washburn, elaine 107, 280 Washington, bonnie 127, 266 Washington, wilma Ml, 266 wasik, henry 107 wasserman, Jerome 154, 322 waters, carolyn 127, 290 watkins, velmalour 141, 280 watson, eldon 12 7, 200 watson, marilyn 141 watson, patricia Ml, 290 watson, wayne 141, 277 watt, Stanley 107, 199, 205 watts, russell 127, 316 weatherhogg, curtis 141, 278 weaver, jo anne 141, 304 weaver, John 141 weaver, John k 277 webber, hubert 107, 270 webber, mary 127, 242 weber, donald 127, 292 weber, james 200 weber, marilyn 141, 219, 300 weber, paul 199 weber, warren 154 Webster, ann 141, 266 weddle, neal 154, 320 weekes, edith 141, 302 weeth, charles 154,316 wefso, frederick 141, 278 wehahek, paul 127 weidner, theodore 127, 314 weiler, eugene 342 weiman, edward 154, 238 wemgart, paul 270 weir, marilyn 155, 203, 245, 252 weisel, george 342 weishel, barbara 141,266 weisenreder, edwin 107, 277 weisil, herbert 107 welch, vern 107, 260 wellensiek, irene 223, 230 wellensiek, karl 155, 32 0 wellensiek, paul .....127, 320 wellinger, jack 141, 320 wellman. lenoi 141,290 wells, dean 369 wells, edward 141, 206, 332 wells, hoyt 199, 205, 256 wells, iris 225 wells, john 107,278 wells, ralph 127, 296 wells, wayne 141,277 weltchek. paul 55, 338, 380 welty, roger 211 wendland, william 199, 202 wendt, lois 235 wendt, shirley 107, 246, 382 wendt, wayne 155, 268 wentz, barbara 107, 302 wescott, lester 408 wesslund, robert 217 west, charles 199. 202 west, elizabeth .... 141, 300 west, jack 141 west, Virginia 155, 225, 252 westcott, John 408 westerhoff, ardis 155. 203. 225. 252 westermark, celestine 155, 288 westgate, myrna 225 wetherbee, jo ann 127, 228, 274 weyenberg, donald 141, 260, 330 wherry, mary 108,208,274 whitacre, dorothy 108, 232, 250 whitcomb, kenneth 142. 292, 294 white, archie 205, 209, 222 white, jack 199, 205 whitehead, milton 127, 324 whitham, anne 108, 217, 318 whitla, dean 108, 201, 204, 221 whitmore, dean -277 whitmore, harold 108, 270 whitmure, dean 127 Whitney, eddie 108, 292 whorton, bonita 142 wiberg. eleanore 127, 233, 250 wickerkamp. wayne 408 wickham, donald 108, 296 wicks, bill - 218 widmaier, charles 155, 334 widows, rozetta 300 wiebusch, eunice 346 wiedmaier, gene 228 wiedman, eugene 203 wiedman, margaret 155, 228, 328 wiegert, lester 409 wielage, Jeanne 142, 203, 219, 225, 230, 252 wieland, patricia 127, 306 wieman, beverly „ 155, 235 wieskamp, betty 142 wiest, robert 142, 260 wiggans, donald 108, 204, 298 wightman, Jacqueline ...108, 224, 272 wilbourne, harriet 290 wilburn, marjorie ....127, 237, 250, 382 wilcox, ardath 155, 242 wilccx, george 155 wiles, don 199, 202, 203 wilh elm, elaine 155 wilhelms, meno 108, 199, 202, 296, 424 wilhems, roger 155, 296 wilkens, marilyn 127, 225, 304 wilkins, beth 155 wilkins, jack 199 wilkins, William 108 Wilkinson, donald 108 willey, robert 108 Williams, beverly ...127, 142, 286, 302 Williams, donald 127, 316 Williams, dorothy 142, 280 Williams, george 155, 294 Williams, hugh 316 Williams, james 142, 268 Williams, joan 127, 217, 242 Williams, Joseph 127, 312 Williams, neal 229 Williams, richard 200 willman, thayne 108, 201 wilnes, norman 155, 296 wilscay, charles 127, 308 Wilson, beth 127, 306 Wilson, jack 142,298 wilson, joan 142, 235 wilson, john 108, 330 wilson, kenneth 233 wilson, lawrence 127, 292 wilson, reese 127, 316 wilson, richard 142 wilson, robert 108, 316, 344 wilson, william 155, 332 windows, rozella 108 windrum, richard 108. 292 winkelman, shirley 155, 225, 304 winkler, william 108,211 winter, james 155, 320 winterberg, marlene 155, 258 wirth, lloyd 53. 127, 268 wishnow, emmanuel 206 wisner, john 247 wisnieski, frances 155 withey. kathanne 127, 290 witkowski, harold 127, 277 witt, byron 217 witt, norman 108,282 wittier, leroy 108, 336 wittmann, erwin . 127, 282 wolf, albert 108, 282 wolf, harold 142.332 wolf, jean 344 wolf, robert 142.314 wolf, Winifred 108, 228, 288 wolford. Janice 124,300 wolpa. bernard 109. 338, 409 wolpa, leonard 127, 338, 409 wolph, alice 251 woltemath, gerald 235 wolter. gerald 127, 282 wood, Jeanne 207 woods, donald ..... 142. 320 woods, Stanley 211 woodward, james 142, 312, 409 woodworth, charles 109, 314 woodworth, james 155, 314 woodworth, Jeanne 228 wopata, eugene 109, 199, 248 worrall, dick 155, 296 Worcester, Catherine 127, 228, 230. 282, 290 Worcester, e. j 314 worden, dorothy 127, 280 worsing, robert 204 worth, d 199 wortman, victor 155, 332 wnght, jack 127, 240 wright, Wilbur 199, 204 wriaht, Sidney 127,296 wroth, james 142, 270 wulff, opal 127, 254 wullschleger, john 127, 277 wurtz, william 200, 221 wylie, william 142 wyman, winthrop 142, 308 wythers, georgann 109, 274 Y yarwood, robert 142, 201, 314 yates, gloria 155, 328 yeager, barbara 155, 302 yeutter, clayton 155, 203, 298 yocum, gordon 203 yoder, betsy 54, 127, 266 yos, jerrold 155, 336 yoshina, howard 109, 247 yost, william 109, 220 young, coleen 155,258 young, dale 127, 336 young, evelyn 155, 225, 286 young, keith 142, 308 young, margaret 127, 225, 249 young, philip 142, 330 young, romona 155, 225, 252 young, wanda 127, 230, 286 youngman, eugene 205, 209 youngman, lloyd 155, 203 youngsen, renee 155. 288 youngson, charles 109, 330, 409 younkin, carol 142, 288 yousem, Joseph 142, 338 yung, dale 200 Z 2abel, norman 204 zabel, verna 226 zahn, norman 142, 260, 314 zednik, eugene 109 zeek, andy 247 zellers, margaret 155. 328 zemer, barbara 109, 306 zerzan, richard 312,408 zierott, joan 155, 302 zierott, ralph 155, 282 Zimmerman, alita 230, 304 Zimmerman, edward 344 Zimmerman, karl 221 Zimmerman, sam 344 zimmermath, ward 344 zlomke. janet ... 155, 304 zolot, io 142 zorinsky, edward 109, 322 zuhlke. robert 127, 282 zurovski, louise 127, 251, 382 zwart, robert 199 l!H!) coniliuskor managing editors eugenie sampson byron hooper jonn connelly assistant business neil atkinson bud gerhart administration jane linn tony eistetter managers classes kathryn swanson sally nolmes donna burley marilyn campfield government marilyn weber organizations betty gr on jerry Johnston, editor ray biemond, business manager jane mc arthur, photography editor sororities-activities joel bailey fraternities dick kuska ag activities paul pumphrey military — houses and halls nancy porter student scene joanne Usher in appreciation sports leo geir torn Johnson photographers bob duis bob orr torn reynolds bill le rov bill moornouse art staff jo davidson business staff mardelle buss jack barnhardt ianice hufford nod myers harry kimberial bob hinds torn brownlee harris carnaby jack reynolds paul gaiter darref may torn donahoe many days and months have been spent in publishing the 1949 cornhusker. de spite many difficulties, the spirit of cooperation has never been lacking among the people who made this book possible to these people and to everyone who helped with the 1949 cornhusker go many sincere thanks state journal printing co. the s. k. smith co. mr. alvin duis ward crocktt eastman kodak stores, inc the warren paper co. charles rosenieldt john tyson warner medlin studios milton eisenhower, jr. bill giltner miss ruth odell the following offices and departments of the university: student union staff editorial and publicity department corn shucks university publications board purchasing department fritz daly photographic laboratory the daily nebraskan alumni office " I NORTH W£ST (ft °- t ' xt ' V ■ ©AST

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University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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