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mM n - 51 If hi :i Jh j M - - ' ' 11 1 Jjki re IS no place nice L • • tlie Cbrnlius ker 7 1948 Joanne Ackerman editor Delphine Ayers bus. mgr. Dana Rasmussen art editor I tlie Cornliusli X. : ' 7 1948 foreword The 1948 CORNHUSKER is a permanent record of student life at the University of Nebraska — its failures, successes, friend- ships, and activities during the school year. No attempt to interpret the past or to predict the future has been made. This volume has been prepared to present a detailed word and pictorial record of the year ' s events. In future years, it will serve to recall the memories of college life during the year 1947-1948. contents tool? 1 alma mater tool? 11 student scene •oo kill men took IV women boob V orqanizcition Buildinp Photo t Nomuiii Cn-f :V- W ss « rRA f) ' » t j : ■; .- - fcfe ■ .»■ ' HtmK ' tit. iJif t mmm irV ' Mf 1 AVte xiM(b «» , ' i ' -ym zzrswi-. : mdd ukMm ME ailiFkiiliiiirall (emslfini©®™ :b . 1 1 :. u — » .9h A ' n L .v-o» ' ■ ■ • ■ .i • .4 - s i ' . ' 1- Jk.v j H 1 ■ iM ■tf -V - • ■ ■ n ' LV !«« : . i fm . x rt i ' Si » , 4«- -T. I J : € eir -»- }- ■ w - f 1 1 1 1 w " ■ .■-. " •• " 1 1 ■ ■ ' ; L fc ? ' s: ■J J - ' -.V m. ■ ' • Vi vT -- . T7 ' ■ ' M ' ■ Ta » nv -gli esf - love memdirial lilDrary aiiii(tiir(gm iMii s ,.;l studeiH union boob 1 alma mater Governor and Board of Regents Governor Val Peterson, a native Nebras- kan, was elected governor of Nebraska in November, 1946. Previous to this time. Gov- ernor Peterson was a known leader in the field of education. Through his experience in World War II, Governor Peterson has gained the confidence of the people of Ne- braska, both for his past actions and his foresight and confidence in the future. At the head of the University of Nebraska is the Board of Regents. Composed of six leading state citizens, the board supervises the policies and activities of the university; selects the chancellor and the deans; and supervises the faculty, administration, student body, buildings, and the disbursement of ■ funds. ■ IKtliKRICK " VAL " PETERSON (iovernor of Nel)ra ka Page 18 Till ' Hoard of Rcficnls wi-rc. Irll la riglit: ( ' . . ThDiiipMin, Wfsl Poiiil: Jaini-v W cMi. Onialia: Stanley Lonj;. (;ranil Ulan. I. I ' ll? pir-iilinl : Cimh;;! ' I.ijigctt. rii a: Holit-rl 1). l)(noi ' . Eininln: and Erank M. Jolinson, Lexington. 1948 president. DR. REUBEN G. GUSTAVSON, Ph.D-, D.Sc, L.H.D. Chancellor of the University Chancellor Gustavson As a delegate from the United States to the UNESCO conference held in Mexico City last fall, Chancellor Reuben G. Gustavson continued to put into active practice his theory of helping international students of today. Dr. Gustavson, a bio-chemist of national reputation, completed his second successful year as head of the University of Nebraska. Former dean of faculties at the University of Chicago, the chancellor accepted his position at Nebraska with determination to build a university with a reputation for leadership in education in the western states. One of his first duties was to undertake the present expan- sion program. As head of the largest facultv and student enrollment in the history of the university. Dr. Gustavson has proved his lead- ership in the education field by his scholarly attitude, professional leadership, and modern ideas. Chancellor ami Mr . Gu ta son spend a i|uiet evening al home. Page 19 Dean of Women MISS MARJORIE JOHNSTON. M.A. Dean of Women Focusing her attention on scholarship and higher standards for UN women. Miss Mar- jorie Johnston has shown great skill as the dean of women. Besides heading the women on campus and finding part-time employment and housing facilities for them. Dean Johnston acts as advisor for the AWS hoard and fills the office of secretary to the faculty committee on student organizations. The assistant dean ol uonicn is Miss Elsie Ford Piper. She handles the housing for women, and during the last twenty-three years, has had charge of all sorority houses and dormitories huilt or purc ' hased. Miss Piper considers her greatest uoik the co- operative houses which she staitcd mi the campus. MISS EI.SIK KOKI) PII KK. .l!. Assistant Dean of Woiniii Page 20 Dean of Student Affairs ' DR. T. J. THOMPSON. Ph.D.. L.L.D. Dean of .Student .Affairs r? WILLIAM C. HARPER. AM Assistant Dean of Student Affairs A strong believer in liberal edncation. Dr. T. J. Thompson fills the position of dean of student affairs. He also acts as chairman of the university curriculum and scholarship committees. Dean Thompson directs student affairs, awards scholarships, and authorizes new courses. In addition, he supervises occu- pational placement for all graduates except teaching positions. Dean Thompson ' s em- phasis todav is upon good courses, good teaching, and good citizenship. Dean W. C. Harper is the assistant dean of student affairs and student activities agent. He manages student functions on the campus, is faculty advisor for the Interfraternity council, and validates social activities on the campus. Page 21 Above: Gave tea? for the stmlenls each week . Rishl: Performed llnir iliilir- clicerfully at Coninieneemeril Right: Used their talents to entertain tlie canipu- and city Brinii: Mel and diseu ' ed old times at the Homecoming dinner . . . e» .aft Pape 22 The Faculty Above: Dineil at tlie Faculty Danciny clulj kunial Page 23 Old friends met and reminisced at the association ' s Homecoming buffet luncheon, so successfully inaugurated last fall. In pic- ture above, the Alumni Association President, Clyde B. Dempster, ' 17, and Mrs. Dempster, Beatrice, relax after the luncheon before going to the game. The 1947 Round Up luncheon set a record for attendance. Shown registering, below, before the rush were Woodrow Magee, ' 34, Lincoln, Executive Committee member; Earl M. Marsh, ' 07, San Francisco, a member of the 40-year honor class; John V. Cortelyou, president of the .50-year honor class of ' 97, Lincoln; and Arthur A. Dobson, " 11. retiring Association president (left to right). Nebraska alumni gathci- in cities across the nation to observe tlic university ' s birth- day, February 15. Below, Dean and Mrs. (Mildred Downs, x29) Earl Fullbrook listen carefully while Miss Verneda Whitney, assist- ant secretary of the association, checks regis- tration at the Lincoln Alumni Club ' s dinner with Mrs. (Delia Ladd, " 13) Sam Waugh. chairman of the dinner and Past Association President and Mrs. (Helen C. Hovland. ' 22) Clarence Swanson, " 22, (left to right). The 1947 Lincoln (iinnci- ums the tory. argest in his- Al)Ove. Football Coach iJcrnie Masterson, " 3.5, gets the allcniion ol Clianccllor {. G. Gustavson; Omaha Alumni Club President Kermit Hansen. " .39; Mrs. (Alice vonBergen. " 19) Fred T. Dawson; and Dean H. C. Lueth of the (College of Medicine (left to right) at tlic Onialia liirlliday party. Page 24 Alumni The University of Nebraska Alumni Asso- ciation is completing its seventy-fourth year of existence to foster a spirit of loyalty and friendship among former students and, in an organized, co-operative effort, to do anything which will add to the development, achieve- ment, and honor of Nebraska. Each year at Commencement time, the alumni RoundUp is held. Former students who have done nuich for Nebraska are hon- ored with Distinguished Service Awards. Each February, the thirty-six charter Uni- versity of Nebraska alumni clubs across the nation gather to observe the university ' s birthday. The organization is the tie of former stu- dents with their university. The " Nebraska Alumnus published monthly except July and August, the football tabloid, and other association publications bring news of the university and old friends to the alumni. The Association is responsible for main- taining records on the more than 70.000 for- mer Nebraska students. On cards like these on the right, the story is told Ijv classes, alpha- betically, and geographically. Fritz Daly. ' 29. Alumni association secretary and editor of the Alumnus. DoDSOQ Arthur Allan A.lice M Pe ' ersen fa-. ' C li Dobaon Wife: Arthur Kllaa Alice K Petersen 3U0 S ierH »n Blvd Lincoln Vetw Greeic Mlaalon Diplorjitic Poucn 3er a x: ' r pt BUg Vaahtngton D C Jttel Crnnd© BreVigne At.i na Crerce R citlent i ' Ma lnguiahed Senrlee A«%rri (TI of S Aluaol Aes ' D) 19X2 Dobtoa Arthur Allan fflfi-i: Alice U pfltenCD 3140 Sheridan Blvd tincola Babr (Bes) 810 riret Batlooal Bank Bld« Lincoln Hi U15 J ' lrloi, Ave iJraveralty Ve (=-- ' IM ' Mr.. ' , . ' jt..r iooai Bor.k. Bldg Llrc Vl?pl.;in Llflcmistic Fouc Si-r Dept 31(ig Veuhlngton D C ji .» i, • Hotel Grande Brcr.agne Athens Greece » .T.Lc ' - ?.r- o-stin.ftl ' ;.r. ' ■ Contractor Arthur k Dobaon Co It Col U 3 ArnQF -., ' ■ " ' ' ' ° ' !=obert " s[ ' -Waran ' r iVim. fcr fte ' iO For covers like these on the left, the Alumnus, the association ' s monthly publica- tion, received an Award of Merit for out- standing editorial achievement in publication of an alumni magazine in the 1947 magazine awards competition sponsored by the Ameri- can Alumni Council. Page 25 Office of Top: The Office of Admissions, located in llie Administration Hall, has charge of all admissions, registrations, and the accrediting of all collegiate institnlions and secondary schools in Nebraska. Bottom: The long hours of registration are now a thing of the past. With the assist- ance of the new IBM class cards, a student now iills out his schedule, has it checked by a supervisor to see I ha I his sections are not closed, and is issued class cards, thus com- pleting the registration process in the average time of ten minutes. Above: It is said llial tlii o 1 t i c e is the Alpha and the Omega of all students entering the University of Nebraska. It is the one office lesponsible for keeping complete and personal informalion on c ( rv sludcnl. The staff, numbering more than l cnty-fi e pci- sons. i rcsponslMc lor ihc editing iyid pub- lishing of all official catalogues and bulletins, determining advanced standing credit, and passing upon all a|)plications for diplomas and certificates. Page 26 Admissions DR. G. W. ROSENLOF. Ph.D.. L.L.D. Registrar I niversity Examiner Dirertor of Adniission.s Secretary of the Faculties Right: The last contact a student has with the Registrar ' s Office is the graduation ceremony. Before tlie student can receive his degree, the office must certify his credits and check to see that he has completed all re(|uire- ments for graduation. Left: Many revolutionary developments have changed the University of Nebraska be- cause of machines such as the one shown in this picture. From scoring exams to making cards for registration and preparing class rosters and students ' term reports, Interna- tional Business Machines have developed the Admission ' s Office into an efficient and speedy organization. Seniors GLEN liLlNDE senior class president pholu by Norman Case iN Klioiles scholar Elmer Sprague is on liis way again! Elmer may be on his way to class, or he may be on his way to meet the other object of his time and affection, (irelclien Biiriiham. Ag carnpii- wheel Kulh I ' etcr- mana eil love Hall with an iron hanil and hit lho e books hard. Activities were her meal, attending all llie meetings at " Silo Tech. " Il -ipliirir! What make oui bi lica l so hard? It ' s chuck full of little num- bers-big ones. loo. COHiNHliSKER business manager is no small job. (iarl Leonard iliaK thai all-itiipoi tan! number — evidently engineers have some free lime even when they are members of ihe Engineer Executive council ami Sigma Tau. Page 30 Maiy Ann (lanipliell. Mortar Board and president of BABW. gazes over the llnion liallrooni. Probably cooking up another l)arh dance, or is it just the music ' . ' ' .Mary .Ann is also a member of Mu Phi Epsilon, musical sorority. -Nebraska . lasi|uers President Dean Graunke is busy as usual in the theater. Dean is a member of the Order of the Purple -Mask, National Collegiate Play- ers and YMCA cabinet. . nd, perhaps most important. Dean was recently married ! One (it the oulslandiny livestock judges in the country. Rick Wahlstrom branched into all i-anipus activities, taking time out to marry LaRayne Steyer, Senior Class of 1948 There they go — the aristocracy of campus life — the seniors. Four years have aged them considerably; no longer do they feel bound to go out for activities or to hit the books. They ' re somebody now, nuts to the kids " stuff. Liberal education was their goal; " how liberal " is the question. Many girls, realiz- ing their goal — marriage, have settled back to a quiet non-existence. Many fellas have learned all there is to know, how to cool cokes in the bathtub. Modern education has taken its toll. The seniors are being graduated; and with faith and hope in themselves, success is their only alternative. I ' emininity plus. Joyce Geddes, Mortar Board prexy, could let down her hair and really go to work. Her many activi- ties were Student Foundation vice- president. Tassels, Home Ec club. Phi L ' psilon Omicron and on and on and on . . . Page 31 College of Top: The College of Agriculture, estab- lislied in 1872. has had to overcome many obstacles and prejudices against " hook farm- ing " in developing into one of the outstand- ing Ag Colleges in the country. Students now learn modern farming and planting as is shown al)ove in an agronomy class. Bottom: By studying farm machinery and agricultural engineering, student farmers are now aliif to i)etter the management of their prospective farms. They carry on practical work and research pertinent to the study of their choice in fields, greenhouses, shops, and laboratories. Top: In the Home Economics building the girls of the Agricultural College study in scientificallv equipped lal)oratories where future dietitians may obtain a modern educa- tion in the fields of food and nutrition. Here they have made a science of the old adage: " The wav to a man ' s heart is though his stomach. " Bottom: The men on Ag. campus have the opportunitv of taking such courses as agron- omy, animal husbandry, dairy husbandry, rural economics, and vocational education. By working with animals pictured above, Ag students carrv out ihc ])racti(al work In the field of their choice. Page 32 Agriculture WILLIAM WESLEY BURR. B.Sc. in Agr. Dean of ihe College of Agriculture Director Agricultural Experiment Station Right: Starting as a small study of tlie dif- ferent types of tractors, the college now pos- sesses a tractor testing station that is world famous for its test of every make of tractor. The approval of the Nebraska Testing Station has become so valuable that every tractor company now sends its latest models to the testing station to receive an approval and the valuable conniients accompanying the test. i Left: The research in farm science has gained national prominence through the work of such men as Dr. H. 0. Werner. In pre- paring and distributing information about ■i()|)s, soils, animal and poultry products and e(|iiipnient, the farm business and the farm home, this type of men seeks solutions to the proltlems of agriculture in Nebraska and the entire nation. Page 33 1 C.ornhushcr Countryman Editor Mari- anne Sri) had the lighter side of her life — pinned, that is — to Uirk Folda. an Innocent hoy. Mortar I5oard. lierself. Marianne was a |iiTpcliial exeiutixe on Ag campus. Agriculture Seniors M.UIxACHr. JAMES: Meadow Crovc. lpha (;aninia Kho. Bl WilsonviUe. Alpha Gamma Rho. • AMJEKSON. RONALD; Co • ANDERSON. SHIRLEE; Grand Island. Kappa Kappa Gam Zeta. Block Bridle. TriK. Ag Mens club. • BAMESBERGER. • BARNEY, MARJORIE; Friend. Alpha Phi, Home Ec coun Zeta, Block Bridle. Tri-K. Gamma Delta, Corn Cobs. • BI MARGARET: St. Joseph. Mo.. Graduate. Pi Lambda Theta. H DORIS; Gering. Chi Omega. • CHALOUPKA. MARILYN: B Hesperia. Home Ec club. • CHAMBERLIN. ANN: Lincoln. Al vice-president. Phi Upsilon Omicron. • CHMELIR. IRVIN; Lin Varsity Dairy club. • CLEAL. HAROLD; Ainsworlh, Block B dub. • CROWNOVER, PATRICIA; Sargent, Home Ec club, Ardmore, Penn., Chi Omega, Swimming club. • DENNISON, MA • EBERLE, LLOYD: Sumner. • ELLIS. EDWIN; Clarkson. • Phi. • ERVIN. JOHN; McCook. Alpha (;anmia Rho. Block Countryman. E.SSMAN. ROLLAND; DeWitl. Block Bridle. k Bridle. 1-H club. Newman club. • ANDERSON, RALPH; ncord. Farm House. Alpha Zeta. Tri-K. Treasurer. Block Bridle, ma. vwcA. Home Ec club. • BAIER. DWIGHT; Avoca. Alpha ELSIE; Hampton. Gamma Delta. Home Ec club. 4-H club, ywca. cil, V!CK. • BEDKE. LEO; Ravenna, Beta Sigma Psi, Alpha NDER. FORRE.ST; Table Rock, Theta Xi, Tri-K. • BROWN. ome Ec. • BIJRBANK, VAUNIA; Madrid. Amikita. • CAREY. ilon Omicron. lota .Sigma Pi. Foster, Tassels, AWS hoard. Alpha Zeta. Tri-K. • CHR1.STEN.S0N. DONALD; Lincoln. • C0L(;AN. JULIA; McCook, Delta Delta Delta, Newman ridgeport, Omicron Nu. Phi Upsi pha Phi. • CHILQlilST. JEAN oln ridl« 4-H club. • DAVIS. DARRELL; Alma. ' DECKER, ARLEA; RILYN; Omaha, Alpha Chi Omega. Ag ywca. Home Ec club. ELSON, WILMA: Curtis, Home Ec club, council, ywca. Kappa Bridle, Tri-K, Varsity Dairy club, Pershing Rifles, Cornhusker All ra lit Aiuiers.iii K. Aiuleist.n. Ron Anderson, S Buier Bamesberger Barnt-y Bedk - Bin.ier Brown Burbank Carey Ciialoupka Chamberlln ChilquisI Chnielir Christenson Cleal Colgan Crownover Davis Decker Detmisim Eberle Ellis EUon Ervjn Essman Page 34 fjk 1 .Jill Faes Farmer Fidel Filler Fishwood Flagg Fuote Freiii-h Fuller Geddes Coin Gri ' sserode Hanson Hartnian Helt Holmes Jensen Johnson Kp|lot;t; Kess King Kinney Klane. ' kv Kovarik Kroger Laiili- Lewien Lind FAES, ROBERTA: Lincoln. Alpha Omicron Pi, president Panhelleiiic council. Home Economics council, YWCA. • FARMER, GRAYDON, Burr. • FIDEL, VODIS; North Platte, Tassels. Aniikita. Home Ec club. • FILTER, KATHRYN: Norfolk, ywca. Home Ec club. • FI. HWOOD. MARGARET; Dawson. Phi Upsilon Omicron. Omicron Nu. Alpha Lambila Delta. 4-H club, Home Ec club. YWCA, Ag Religious council. • FL.AGG. PRlSCILL- ; Lincoln. .Alpha Phi. Mortar Board. Phi L ' psilon Omicron. Home Ec club president. Ywc. . • FOOTE. DL ' .ANE; Genoa. .Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zela. Block Bridle. Tri-K. Varsity Dairy club, 4-H club. YMCA. • FRENCH. BURTON; Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Rho, Block Bridle. • FULLER. ER.MA; Omaha. Alpha Chi Omega, ywca. Home Ec club. w aa. Student Foundation. • GEDDES, JOYCE; Grand Island, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board president. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Student Foundation, Home Ec club vice-president, ywca. • GOIN, EUGENE; Wymore, Ag Men ' s Social club, YMCA. • GROSSERODE. PAUL; Tilden, Alpha Gamma Rho, Block Bridle, 4-H club, Newman club. • HANSON, GENE; Emerson, Alpha Zeta. • HARTMAN, DONNA; Lincoln, Alpha Xi Delta. • HELT. .MARY; Fremont, ywca. Home Ec club. Religious Welfare council. • HOLMES. ROBERT; Oshkosh. Ag Alpha Gamma Rho, Block Bridle, Pershing Rifles, Dairy club. • JENSEN. DON.ALD; Newman Grove. Farm House, .Senior Meat Judging team. Livestock Judging team. Block Bridle, Varsity Dairy. • JOHNSON, RALPH; Stamford, ymca. Block Bridle club, Ag Religious council, Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship. • KELLOGG, DONALD; Edgemont, S. D., Farm House. • KESS, CLAIR; Lincoln. • KING. NANCY; Falls City, Kappa Alpha Theta. • KINNEY. LORRAINE; Elgin. Alpha Xi Deha. Phi Upsilon Omicron. • KLANECKY. EDWIN; Sargent, Ag Men ' s Social club. Newman club. • KOVARIK. VIRGENE; Schuyler, Phi Upsilon Omicron president. Home Ec club, 4-H club, ywca cabinet, babw vice-president. Student Union board. KROGER. JOHN; Rosalie. Sigma Chi, Block Bridle club. • LANTIS, MELVIN; Franklin. Dairy club. • LEWIEN, LaVERNA; Har ard. Amikita. Home Ec club. ywca. • LIND. JOHN; Ashland. Brown Palace co-op. Ganmia Lambda, Varsity band. Agriculture Seniors " You must ha e been a beautiful baby " — Ned Raun takes time out from studies and activities at Ag to admire his " new girl. " An Innocent, Ned was also president of Alpha Zeta, a member of Block and Bridle, and Tri-K. Page 3.5 Poor Duane Muiiler had to give up fverylhing — except llie liirt off his hack and his wife — in order to be pre iident of holh Corn Cohs and Ag Exec hoard. ' I ' liing are liHit;h all over. Agriculture Seniors LO RY. FRANK: Mason City. • Ll ' EBS. RALPH; Grand Island. Farm House. Alpha Zeta. Tri-K. • McDlLL. ROISERT: Lincoln. Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta. Tri-K. Block Bridle, Wterans organization. • McNAL ' GHT. MARIAN: Parks. Home Ec club. Coed Counselors. • MADDOCKS. CLYDE: Pawnee, Farm House. Alplia Zeta. Block Bridle. Tri-K, 4-H clul). • MANNING, LUCILLE: Central City. Student-Faculty council. Student Lnion board, ywca cabinet. Farmer ' s Fair hoard. Home Ec club, 4-H club. • ME ' iER. ELDO: Hill City, Kan.. Farm House, Alpha Zeta. Block Bridle. • MINTHORN. MARJORIE: Washington. D. C, Deha Delta Delta, ywca. Home Ec club. • MOORE, CLYDE: BrownviUe. • Ml NTER, 1)1 ANE; Coleridge. Alpha Gamma Rho, Innocents, Alpha Zeta, Corn Cobs president, .Ag Exec board president, Kosmet Klub. Men ' s Point board. Rally committee. Block Bridle, Ag Fun board. • NAHRSTEDT, DALE; Madison, Alpha Gamma Rho. Alpha Zeta. Block Bridle. Varsity Dairy club. 4-H club. • NELSON. DOUGLAS: Wausa, Phi Delta Theta. N club. • NELSON. RODOLA; AxtelL Amikita. • NIELSEN. ALDON; Ansley. • NOERENBERG. BETH; Ithaca. Mortar Board. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Upsilon Oniicron. Omicron Nu. Ai F. ywca. • NORDGREN. MARILYN; Grand Island. Chi Omega, ywca. • OTTO. ELAINE; Seward. Home Ec club. Gamma Delta. • PALMATEER. JOAN: Madison. Pi Beta Phi. • PETERS. RUTH: West Point. Omicron Nu president. Iota Sigma Pi vice-president. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Student Council. 4-H club. • RAUN, NED; -Minden. Alpha Gamma Rho, Innocents, Alpha Zeta. Block Bridle, Tri-K. • RIEKE. CHARLOTTE: Weeping Water, Amikita, Home Ec club. YWCA, 4-H club. • RINGLER, WILBER; Staplehurst. • ROBERTS, JEAN; Farragut. la., Chi Omega, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Coll-Agri Fun board. Home Ec club, waa. • ROW, MERWYN; Davenport. Ag Men ' s Social club, lsaa, ymca. • SANDSTED, ROGER: Holdrege, Alpha Gamma Rho. Alpha Zeta. Block Bridle. Tri-K. • SAUTTER, HOWARD; Lincoln. Ag Men ' s . ' Social club. • SCHICK. ROBERT; Curtis. Alpha Gamma Rho, ' arsity Dairy, Block Briille, Pershing Rifles. • SCHLUETER, CARL; Lincoln, Theta Epsilon. Lowry Minttiorn NooriTiliprt; Ringler l-iirlis Moore .Nonigren Huberts lLDill Munter Otto Row .McNauglit Nalirsledt Palmateer Sandslcd Mail ,la - lis .Nelson Peters Sautter Maniitng JSelson Raiin Schick Meyer -Nielsen Ritke Sclilueter 0% ' % .- ' = ' % P h- «v A A Page 36 €V v, i Schniadeke Schoenleber S.utt Sears Secord Si-rieht Shafei- Sim Srb Sleeker Striekler Siryson Siilli aii TaliiKin Teagiic Tilus Tuliiian Vlcau « alilslrum, L. tt.ililslruiii, R. WrB.n.T Wolfe VoiiiiB Zemer SCHMADEKE, CARL; Alliion. • SCHOENLEBER, PAUL; Lincoln, Beta Sigma Psi. • SCOTT, JANE; Omaha, Clii Omega. • SEARS, JAMES; Decatur, Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Tri-K, Cornhusker Countryman managing editor. • SECORD, JEANNE; Omaha, Amikita, Home Ec club, wca. • SERIGHT, ELEISE; Lincoln, Alpha Chi Omega. • SHAFER. JACK; Oxford, Alpha Zeta. • SIM. EUGENE; Nebraska City, Alpha (lamina Rho, N club. • SRB, MARIANNE; Dwight, Alpha Omicron Pi, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Mortar Board. Home Ec club, Ag Executive board, VWCA. • STECKER, LESTER; Trenton, Ag Men ' s Social club. • STRICKLER, JOEY; Skidmore. Mo.. Home Ec club, vwca, Amikita. • STRYSON, LUCILLE; Seward, Alpha Phi. • SULLIVAN. BARBARA; Palo Aho, Calif.. Kappa Alpha Theta. • TATMAN. DONNA; Lincoln, Alpha Xi Delta. • TEAGUE, HOWARD; Nisland. S. D., Delta Tau Delta. Tri-K. Alpha Zeta, Block Bridle. • TITUS, JOAN; Holdrege, Kappa Kappa Gamma. • TOLMAN, .MARTHA; Indianola, Amikita, ywca. Home Ec club. • VLCAN, PAUL; Monowi, Phalanx, Block Bridle, Newman club. Cadet Officers association, Ag Men ' s club. • WAHLSTROM, LARAYNE STEYER; Exeter, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 4-H club president, Coll-Agri Fun board. Farmer ' s Fair board, ywca. Home Ec club. • WAHL.STROM, RICHARD; Craig, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Block Bridle president, Farmer ' s Fair board manager, 4-H club. • WEGENER, CLIFFORD; Norfolk. Beta Sigma Psi. • WOLFE. CATHERINE; Lincoln. Home Ec club council. • YOUNG. BERNICE; Beatrice, Chi Omega, Mortar Board. Omicron Nu secretary. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, Ag ywca president, Student-Faculty council. Home Ec club. • ZEMER, B. RB R. : Lincoln. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Coed Counselors. Home Ec club. Agriculture Seniors One of the most likable Ag seniors is Innocent Charlie Brim. Majoring in technical science, Charlie also found time to serve on the Ag Exec board, Tri-K. Alpha Zeta. and Block Bridle. Page 37 College of Above: The College of Arts and Sci- ences was established in 1871. It claims the distinction of being the first college of the iini eisity. Today tliis college ii])liolds the same liindamental concejit on wliicli it was founded seventy-six years ago. Believing that the well-versed citizen of the future world must know and understand foreign peoples, two years of language are re(|iiire(l. Below: In science, the college offers a wide and varied curriculum from which to choose. Classes are availabh ' in everything from chemistrv and biology to geography and astrononu ' . In science research, the college is nationally famous for its work in bacteri- ology and chemistry. Top: Tiie essential chaiacteristic of the College of Arts and Sciences, which sets it apart from all other colleges of the univer- sity, is that it does not aim to prepare the stu- dent for any paiticular profession. It is the only non-vocational college in tlie university. Arts and Sciences prepares the student for the rapidly changing world about him whicli necessitates instruction in many fields. Below: The subjects of stiidv offered by the college fall into four main groups. To be assured of sufficient breadth in his educa- tion, a student of the liberal arts is expected to study one or more subjects from each of the groups. Pae.- ?.8 Arts and Sciences CHARLES HENRY OLDFATHER. Ph.D.. LL.D. Dean of the College of Arts and .Sciences Right: One of the most important groups of the many departments of the col- lege is the natural and physical science group. Study and investigation in this group is an aggregate of material things, animate and inanimate, organic and inorganic, of which tlie world and man himself are composed. In laboratories such as this one, students study the many science subjects. Left: With sixteen departments from which to choose, the student is surrounded by a wealth of knowledge. In addition, he is expected to pursue a program of concentrated study in two or three of the departments in which the work of the college is organized. One of the most important phases in the attainment of a broad liberal education is the study of mathematics shown at left. Page 39 . v Bondarin just gleams slyly as he cooks up some more profits for the Kosmet Klub. By the by, it ' s one of iho-e " Innocpiit " gleams. Arts and Sciences Seniors ACKERMAN. JOANNE; Sidney, Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Boanl vice-presideni, Siu.lenl Coumil serretary, Coknhuskkk ed. • ADAMS, ELIZABETH: Lincoln. • ALEXIS, MAKJORIE; Lincoln, Pi Beta Phi, vwca, ).s , vv. • ALLEN, BECKY; Lincoln, Alpha Chi Omega, Coed Counselors, ywca. Religion Welfare council. • ANDERSEN, HENRY; Omaha, Alpha Tau Omega, Corn Cobs, YMCA. • ANDER.SON. PHILIP: .lamestown. N. Y.. Nu-Med, Intervarsity Christian fellowship. • ANDREWS, JACKIE; Lincoln, Delta Delta Delta, ywca. • ARMOLD, FLORENCE; Scotia. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Ag ywca vice-president. At f. • ARROCHA, ADOLFO; Panama City, Republic of Panama, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • ATWATER, ROBERT; Kearney, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Inter-Fraternity council. Architectural society. • AYERS, DELPHINE: Lexington, Kappa Alpha Thela. Cornhi skkh business manager. • BAHADURSINGH, RAI; Edinburgh, Chaguana, Trinidad, B. W, I.. Cosmopolitan club. • BAHENSKY, BETSY; St. Paul, Alpha Chi Omega. • BAILEY, PRISCILLA; Omaha. Pi Beta Phi, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Tau Alpha, CoRNHisKEH, YWCA. • BALL. PHYLLIS; Fremont. Delia (iammi. Yv c cabinet, • BALOWS. ANNE; Colorado Springs. Colo. • BARELMAN, LOIS; Wakefiel.l, Alpha Omicron Pi, ywca. • BAUER, JOAN; Omaha, Alpha Phi. • BAUM, ADELINE; Tecumseh, ywca cabinet. • BECK, JANICE; Minden, Pi Mu Epsilon, Coed Counselor board, ywca cabinet, babw board. • BEEZLEY, NATHANIEL; Lincoln, Sigma Tau, American Society of Civil Engineers. • BELL, RICHARD; York. Beta Theta Pi. • BENGT.SON, HELEN; Albion, Alpha Lambda Delia, lota Sigma Pi, Ywc . • BENSON. MARJORIE; Omaha. Kappa Alpha Theta. • BERGSTROM, JOHN: Chappell, Sigma Nu, Sigma Delta Chi. • BERN. ' TEIN, SELMA; Omaha. Sigma Delta Tau. Gamma Mu Thela. Nu Med. • BEYER. MONNA; Bridgeport. Hesperia, • BLOOD. DOROTHY; Lin.nbi. Towne Club. Ackerman Adams Alexis Allen Andersen Anderson Andrews Armol.I Arrdclirt Atwater Avers Baha iursin;, ' h Baliensky Bailey Ball Balows Barclmaii Bauer Baiim Beck Beezlev Bell Beii[;l9oii Benson Beif;str..m Bernsleiii Bever BIixmI §f % Page 40 Bondarin Brackney Bradley I). BradK-y 6. Catnpen Carson Case Chantry Chapin Clem Coffey Coleman Compton, B. Conipton. S. Cook Corcuran Cowan Curley Dalthorp Davis, M. Davis, Marvin Davis, Mary Dctweilor Drexler Dworak Dworsky Eb Etice BONDARIN. AVRUM: Omaha. Zeta liela Tau. Alpha Epsilon Rho. Innocents. Masquers. Corn Cobs, Kosniet Klub business manafier. • I ' .RACKNEY. ELIZABETH; Lincoln. Townc Club. • BRADLEY. DOROTHY: Lincoln. Town Club. • BRADLEY, SIDNEY; Lincoln. Sigma Delta Chi. • CAMPEN, MARION: Omaha, Gamma Phi Beta, ywca, orchestra. • CARSON, JOHN; Lincoln, Phi Gamma Delta. • CASE. ELIZABETH; .Moses Lake. Wash.. Chi Omega, ywca. • CHANTRY. LOIS; Osceola, Delta Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Iota, Psi Chi, waa. ywc . • CHAPIN, DOROTHY; Casper, Wyo., Chi Omega, Psi Chi, Newman club. Cornhisker. • CLEM, CHARLES: Scottsbluff, Phi Kappa Psi. • COFFEY. RAY; Phillips, Phalanx. • COLE.MAN, MARTHA; Kansas City, Mo. • COMPTON. BONNIE; Lincoln. Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delia, orchestra KOTC band. • COMPTON. SHIRLEY; Lincoln. Psi Chi president. • COOK. WINIFRED; Sabelba. Kan., Kappa Alpha Theta. • CORCORAN. MARYJEAN: Lincoln. Towne Club. Delta Phi Delta. Newman club. • COWAN. SAM; Falls City. Phi Delia Tbela. • CURLEY, ELIZABETH; .Seward. Alpha Chi Omega. Mortar Board. Aws president. .Student Union board. • DALTHORP, M. RY ; Pierre. S. D.. Alpha Chi Omega. • DAVIS, M. RILYN; Lincoln, Orchesis, Alpha Epsilon Rho vice-president, Towne Club president. • DAVIS. MARVIN; Lincoln. Sigma Nu. • DAVIS, MARY; David City, ywca. • DETWEILER, ELINOR; Omaha, Delta Gamma. • DREXLER. FREDDIE; Fairbury. Graduate. • DWORAK, PHYLLIS; Schuyler. • DWORSKY. BAR- BARA; Lincoln. • EBY. CHARLOTTE; Leigh. • EDEE. FRANCES; Pawnee City. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Arts and Sciences Seniors On the air — the friendly voice of Mortar Board B. J. Holcomb often can be heard. Rehearsing a skit, B. J. is de- voting her time to only one of her many activities. Page 41 Hi;;!! on the windy steps, pert Mims W Vetli lii ' ads home leaving the Union in a stale of uproar from her many " funny " pranks. Vice-president of WAA anil Mcirtar Board. Mims is an avid (lying enthu-iast. Arts and Sciences Seniors IDLI.NC. GRACE; L ' nvoln. ToHiir Clul). i»t:v Coed Counselors. • ELWON(;EK. CLAKENCE; Hundjoldt. • EMER.SON. OKIN : Oakdale. • ENGSTROM. M RGIE; Lincoln, Chi Omega, Psi Chi. ywca. • ERICSON. DOLORES: Lincoln, Delta Phi Delta. v(: . " FSTES. ELIZABETH; Lincoln. Towne Club, Sigma Eta Chi president, ywca. Coed Counselors. • FARMER. JAMES; Harlan. Sigma Nu. • FIDDOCK, N ' ALORA; Omaha, Alpha Omicron Pi, Theta Sigma Phi, Daily Nebraskan, Coed Counselors, vw( A, • FIETH. DORIS; Lincoln. • FI.SCHER. PHYLLIS; Shickley. Alpha Xi Delta. Alpha Lambda Delta. Sigma Alpha Iota. • FORD. HOWARD; Omaha. Alpha Sigma Phi. • FORSYTHE, AUDREY; North Platte. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Student Foundation. FRANKLIN. RODNEY; Omaha, Kappa Sigma. Innocents. Interfraternily council pre-idenl. Corn Cobs. Alpha Phi Omega secretary. Men ' s Point board. University Theater, Masquers. Pershing Rifles. • GALLAGHER. DONNA; O ' Neill. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Newman club. • GEMBUL, ROBERT; Columbus, Sigma Phi Ejisiion. • GILLAN, LILA; Lincoln, Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Sigma lota. • GILLESPIE. HELEN; Omaha, Kappa Alpha Theta. • GILMORE, ANNIS; Omaha, Pi Beta Phi, Coed Counselors, Swimming club. • GORDON, JACQUELINE; Lincoln. Sigma Delta Tau. Panhellenic council. Tassels, ws. Coed Counselors. Religious Welfare council. • GORMAN. JOHN; (Jrand Pass. Mo. • GROTHE. GLADYS; Geneva, Alpha Phi. • GRAVES. HARRIS; Lincoln. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GRE(;ER. GEORGE; Stuart, Delta Phi Delta, Newman club. • GUNNER.SON. JAMES; Lincoln. • HAHN. MlMl; Columbus. Delta (;anuna. Alpha Epsilon-Rho. ywca. • HALLIGAN, JEAN ; North Platte, Alpha Phi. • HAM. CATHERINE; Lincoln, Gamma Phi Beta. Iota Sigma Pi, Coed Counselors, ywca, Panhellenic council. • HANCOCK, ERNEST; Lincoln. Theta Nu. Nu Med. Ediing Elwonger Emerson Engstroni Ericsun Esles Farmer Fiddock Fieth Fischer Ford Forsythe Franklin Gallaglicr Ceinbol Cillaii Gillespie Gilmore Gordon Gorman Grollic GriiNrs Greger Giiniierson Hahn Halligan Ham Hiinrn.k p Page 42 MOk Hansen Hanson HaKorth Henm k ' dii Heuspr Hiatl Hill HnVomb Holechok H..lmes Hope Hiibke Hunter Uliinaga Jackson Jeffrpv J.-nkin. G Jenkins P Jensen Johnson B. Johnson J. Johnson L. Jnhnsnn S. Kali II Kano Keebler K- hn Keller HANSEN, ROBERT; Omaha. Delta Phi Deha. • HANSON, JAMES: Wakefield, hand, lsa. • HAWORTH. COLLEEN: Lincoln. Coed Counselors. • HENRIK.SON. MARJORIE: Loveland. Colo. • HEUSER. LOIS: Lincoln. Towne Cluh. • HIATT, HARR ' i ; Lincoln, Phi Gamma Delta. • HILL. JACK: (Jiicago. 111.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Innocents, Daily Nebraskan editor. Corn Cobs, Student Foundation board, Cornshuck-. HOLCOMB, BETTY: Kearney, Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Rho president. Delta Sigma Rho president. Mortar Board, Coed Counselors, Masquers, L ' niversily singers. • HOLECHEK. ROBERT: Humboldt. Nu Med. • HOLMES. JOAN; Lincoln. Delia Gamma. Newman club. • HOPE, BILL; Nebraska City, Sigma Delta Chi. • HUBKE, LEWIS; Humboldt. • HUNTER, LEWIS; Rock Port. Mo. • ICHINAGA, DOROTHY; Tulare, Calif., w. a Sports board, ywca, eabw. • JACKSON, BEVERLY; Lincoln, Towne Club, Mortar Board, Coed Counselor vice-president, ywca. Student Foundation board. • JEFFREY. ROBERT; Omaha. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Deha Chi. aif. • JENKINS, GORDON; Madison, Wis., Phi Gamma Delta. • JENKINS. PATRICIA; Sioux City, Ia„ Sigma Kappa, ywca. Student Foundation, Presbyterian club. • JENSEN, MARY: Washington, D. C. Alpha Omicron Pi. • JOHNSON, BARBARA; Omaha, Gamma Phi Beta. • JOHNSON, JAMES: Lincoln, Sigma Chi, asme. Scabbard Blade. • JOHNSON, LOREN; Oakland, Sigma Nu. • JOHNSON STANLEY; Friend. Phi Kappa Psi, Innocents president. Men ' s Activity Point board president. Student Council, Nu Meds, Theta Nu. • KAHM. EDWARD; Portland. Ore. • KANO. ADELINE; Scottsbluff, ywca. • KEEBLER, BETTY; Omaha, Delta Delta Delta, vwcA, Daily Nebraskan. • KEHN. IMOGENE; Butte, Kernels. KELLER, PAUL; Ainsworth. Arts and Sciences Seniors Jack Hill, editor of the Rag, looks snazzy in his Innocent ' s jacket as the mellow Hill looks up over his usual afternoon cup of coffee. Page 43 Stan Johnson, Innocents president, leads a busy life keeping up with the many activities of the boys in the red lialhrobes. Mailman being good to you. Si an ' . ' Arts and Sciences Seniors KELl.V. CHARLOTTE: N.-l-..,,. - u. . • KFXLV. MARCIA; Wichiia Falls. Tex.. Sij;ma Kappa. • KERSEY, JAMES; Grand Uland. Sigma Gamma Ep- ih.n. • KIl.LIAN. JACK; North Plalte, Phi Gamma Dt-lla. Siiifonia, Varsity band. • KILLIAN, V RKEN; North Platlr. Phi (;amma Deha. Varsity band. • KLEIN, RALPH; Burr. Theta Xi. • KONTNY, MERLE; Julesburg. Colo.. Nu Med. Newman club. • KOOP, DORTHEA; Louisville. • LANCASTER, SUSAN; Lincoln, Kappa Alpha Theta. • LANDERVOU. LORRAINE: Omaha, Delta Gamma, Mortar Board, Psi Chi. Student Foundation president, ywca. • LEHMAN, THEODORE: Lincoln, Zeta Beta Tau. Psi Chi, Nu Med. • LEMON. GEORGIA: Lincoln. Kappa Alpha Theta. • LEONARD, LONA: Ainsworth. Sigma Kappa. Kappa Phi. ywca, Stud -nl Foundation. • LIEBER. DEAN: Papillion. • LILLY, HARRIET: Lincoln. Kappa Kappa (;amma. • LISILS. ESTHER: Juniata. Ywc . (;amma Delta. • LUNTEV, ROBERT; Buhl, Ida. • . 0N. WILLIAM: Warren, Pa.. Sigma Chi. • McCULLOli(;H, EDWARD; Omaha. Alpha Sigma Phi, Masquers, Dniversity Theatre. Interfraternity • McELWAIN, JAN; Sloan, la.. Alpha Chi Omega. • McFARLAND. PHYLLIS; Omaha. • McGRATH, BETTY; (;rand Island. • McKENZIE, ROBERT: Hebron. Pi Mu Epsilon, Palladian Literary society, Newman club. • McNEELY, HAROLD: Wahoo, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MARSHALL. MARY; Verdigre. Chi Omega. Delta Phi Delta. YWCA. Coe l Counselors. • MASER. WESLEY: Lincoln, Phi Delta Theta. N club. • MERRITT. JACKIE: Lincoln. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • METCALFE, MARILYN: Omaha. Kappa Alpha Theta. Krllv. C- K.. .,. Ullv Mr(;ratli Keily. M Lani-astei Lisius McKrnzie Kersey Landeryoii Luntey McNt-ely Killian. J. Lehman Lyon Marshall Killian. tt. Lemon McCulloiigh Maser Klein Leonard Me El wain Merritt Konlny Lieber McFarland Metcalfe Page 44 Miller, C. Miller. P. Mills Mofkelt Morgan Mortl ' K-k Moss Miimforil Nelson Nordin Norval Novotny Oilj OliiisleJ Palmer Panka Papeniy Parsons Peterson Phelps Preslia Purtlliam 0.1 iglcy Qiiinn Ra.l.Iiffe MILLER. GEORGE; Papillion. Dt-la Tliela Pi. Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha. Innocents, Daily Nehraskan. Newman club. • MILLER, PHYLLIS; Shenandoah. la.. Chi Omega, ywca. • MILLS, ELAINE; Youngstown, O. • MOCKETT, MARCIA; Lincoln. Mortar Board. Tassels. Psi Chi. ywca, auf. • MORGAN. DONAL: McCook. Phi Gamma Delta. • MORTLOCK, PHYLLIS; Lincoln. Kappa Alpha Theta. Theta Sigma Phi. • MOSS. RODNEY: Oakdale. Palladian Literary society. • MI ' MFORD. WILLARD; Council Bluffs. la.. Alpha Sigma Phi. Varsity band. • NELSON. ROBERT; Aurora. • NORDIN, CHARLES; Omaha. • NORVAL. I IAN; Buffalo. Wyo.. Kappa Alpha Theta. • NOVOTNY, EDWARD; Lawrence. Kan., Beta Theta Pi. Sigma Delta Chi. Student I ' nion board. Daily Nebraskan editor, Men " s Point board. • OITA. AILEEN, Watsonville. CaliL. Psi Chi, ywca. • OLMSTED. LOIS; Ogallala.. Delta Phi Delia, ywca. • PALMER. WILLIAM; Omaha. Kappa Sigma. Kosmet Klub, .Student Council, Masquers. Daily Nebraskan. • PANKO. WALT; Sterling. Sigma Delta Chi. PAPERNY. BERNICE; Omaha. Sigma Delta Tau. • PARSONS. CONNIE; Harrison, ywca, babw, auf, usa. • PETERSON. DA TD; Omaha. Delta Upsilon. • PHELPS. MARY; Fremont, Varsity band, ywca. • PRE.STIA, ROSS; Connellsville, Pa. • PURDHAM. VIRGINIA; Omaha. Alpha Phi. Delta Phi Delta. • QUIGLEY. COLL; Omaha. Kappa Alpha Theta. • QUINN, HARRIET; Gothenburg. Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Tassels, AUF. • RADCLIFFE, BARBARA; .Sidney. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Arts and Sciences Seniors Active Jackie Gordon curls up in the Union lounge — spying for the AWS board, no doubt, to see if all the campus cuties are being good girls. Page 45 . l k -V, Harrie tjuinn. pioidcnt of Tassels ami a Mortar Hoanl, had a l)usy scheti- ulf for tilt ' past four years; hut slie v a nf fi too hu-y ju l lo drop in and ■•a " howily. " Arts and Sciences Seniors ROBKRTSOiN. WILLIAM; I ' lalNnK.iiih, D.iia Ipsilon. • SCHAEFER. LOLS; Tekamali. • SCHAL MBERG. EUW AKD; Liiuoln, Bfia Tl.ria Pi. • SCHxMIEDlNG. ORVILLE: Cresham. Beta Sigma Psi. N club. • SCHULTZ. BETTY; Lincoln. • .SCOVILLE. ROBERT; Hartington. . igma Alpha Epsilon. Pi Mu Epsilon. • SLOAN. HELEN; Belle Fourche. ,S. D.. Hesperia. • SMITH. JANICE: Ralslon, Kappa Alpha Theta. • S.MITH, NANCY: Lincoln. Alpha Omicion Pi. • SMITH. RICHARD; Omaha. Beta Thela Pi. • SMITH. RUTH: Belle Fouirhe, S. D., Newman c!uh. • SPLICHAL. MARION; Lincoln. Towne Chih. Orchesis. Newman cluh. • SPLRGEON, RUTH; Louisville. Ky.. Kappa Delta. • STAVA. ARDIS; RushviUe. Theta Sigma Phi. • STEVENS. WILLA: Lincoln. • STEWART. RALPH; Alliance. Phi Gamma Delta. Sigma Delta Chi, Daily Nehra kan. • .STODDART. JA.MES; Lincoln. Beta Theta Pi. .STOESZ. LliROY : Lincoln. Phi Gamma Delta. Sigma Gamma Delta. STORZ. SUSAN: Omaha, Kappa Alpha Thela, Theta Sigma Phi. • .STRAIN. JEANETTE; Lincoln. Pi Beta Phi. Coed Counselors, 1WCA. • .STRAIN. JO ANN; Lincoln. Pi Beta Phi. • SVOBODA, RICHARD; Lincoln. Sigma Nu. • SWAN, ELDONNA: Tecumseh. lpha Chi Omega, ivvca. Student Foundation. • SWANBOM, CAROL; Scottsbluff. K. lM ' rli . ii Sloan Spurgcim Slcirz Srliaefcr Smilli. J. Stava Strain. J. Scliaunibere Smith. N. Stevens Strain, Jo SctiniiedinK Smith. R. Stewart Svoboda Sclmltz Smith. R. Stoddart Swan Sroville Splichul Stuesz Swanbom Page 46 JrMd S»il..r Temple Tiionipsoii. J. Tlioiiipsnn, R. Toot Waldrcin Wallaie Ward Warrpn Weible Weiland Weinslpiii Welborn White WilkinB Willman Winer Woodworth YerkcB Yost Znlui Zinimernian Zorinsky SWILER, SALLY: Omaha. Alpha Theta. • SWOBODA, GRETCHEN; Omaha. Pi Beta Phi. iwca. Student Foundation. • TEMPLE. DOROTHY; Limoln. Iota Sigma Pi. • THOMPSON, JEAN; Lincoln. Alpha Phi. • THOMP.SON. ROBERT. Omaha. Pi Mu Epsilon. • TOOK. RICHARD; Dalton, .Sigma Delta Chi, ymca. • WALDRON, BARBARA; Omaha. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Student Foundation. • WALLACE. AUDREY- Lincoln. Delia (;amma. Delta Phi Delta. • WARD. RICHARD; Lincoln. • WARREN, SAMUEL; Lincoln. Sigma Nu. Phi Sigma Iota. Corn Cohss secretary. Daily Nebraskan, Student Council, ymca. • WEIBLE, BETTY; Winside, Theta Sigma Phi, Adelphi president. • WEILAND, DOROTHY; Lincoln. Towne Club. lsa. • WEINSTEIN, MIRIAM; Omaha, .Sigma Delta Tau, iwca. • WELBORN, AURETTA; Lebanon. • WHITE, ROBERTA; Loup City, Hesperia, • WILKINS. WILLIAM; Geneva. Delta Upsilon. Daily Nehraskan. • WILLMAN. RUTH: AxtelL Theta Sigma Phi. • WINER. HERBERT: Omaha. Sigma Alpha Mu. Nu-Med, ai F, Religious Welfare council. • WOODWORTH. CHARLES; Lincoln. Plii (;amma Delia. • YERKES, WALTER; Lincoln. • YOST. HOWARD; Grand Island. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ZAHN. LORRAINE; .Syracu-e, Tassel vice-president, ywca cabinet. • ZIMMERMAN. WARD: Omaha. Alpha Sigma Phi. • ZORINSK ' i. EDWARD; Omaha, Sigma Alpha Mu. rotc, Nu-Med, Cadet Officers " club. Arts and Sciences Seniors Head charts are nothing new to George ' - ' - ' ' V- ' % ' « ' Miller. Born and raised a journalist. ? v " ' - ■ -. Innocent George was managing editor of the Rag and also pinmate of a Pi 1 Beta Phi. Page 47 College of Top: The College of Business Adminis- tration emerged from one of its heaviest and most successful years. Under the a Me lead- ership of Dean E. S. Fullhrook, the students turned the Social Science huilding into a vir- tual i)eehive of activity. Here students were instructed in the fundamental aspects of busi- ness and social leadership. BoUoni: The college also directed tiie course of cultural instruction in such a man- ner as to develop and discipline llic desiiahlc i|ualitics of the students. Sucli courses as this history course under Dr. Sellers were not forgotten in providing all students with a well-rounded education. Top: " Dear Mr. So and So " added to the noise of liie tvpewriters and calculating ma- chines in llie accounting laboratories and stenographic classes. One of the primary aims of the college is to produce students that will lie alilc to stand above other people in ihc business world. Botlom: Today tlie im])()rlaiicc of the cai ablc business person is growing continu- ally. In accordance with this the college is developing more completely the capacity of its students to ascertain the fads, to organize and arrange them, to analyze them in accord- an c will: scicniil ' ic standards, and finally to icacli judgments. I " a " .! 48 Business Administration •« EARL STAr HELL) 1- ILLBKtKJK. A.M., Ph.D. Dean of the College of Business Administration Right: The graduate study in this de- )aitnient is never forgotten in the work of the Bureau of Business Research which has gained national recognition. This depart- nent also makes it possiljle for graduates to )econie familiar with the most extensive type f research. Through the extensive training low given the l)iisiness administration stu- lent, he can feel confident to ent er the ever- :hanging Ijusiness world. . Left: The college not only instructed in the fundamentals of business, hut also pre- sented the legal side through its business law course and other such courses. Continuing its policy of moving with new developments, courses in air transportation were also pre- sented to the students. Many Bus. Ad. stu- dents take, as an elective, shorthand classes in anticipation of being stenographers. Page 49 w ' rHfi Hulli iin Fiiikli-. AOPi prexy, just il» anil lliiiik of all she has lo do in W ( Mini Coed Counselors as well a llir cilliir campus activities. Business Administration Seniors AGNEW, RICHARD: Sidney, Delta Upsilon. • ALEXANDER. FRED; Lincoln. Delta Upsilon. • APPEL. DA ID; Dannehrog. • HAA.S. JOHN; West Point. Delta Tau Delta. • BARRON, HERMAN; Omaha, Sigma Alpha Mu. • BARTLE. EDWARD: St. Paul Delta Tau Delta. • BALERMEISTER, JOHN: Omaha. Beta Sigma Psi. • BAUMANN. ROBERT: West Point. Beta Si!;ma Psi, Gamma Delta. • BAUMGART. LAVERN; Humphrey. Delta Sigma Pi. • BESSIRE, HOWARD; Lincoln. Delta Sigma Pi. • BILES, GEORGE: Pender. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • BIRKMANN. MADISON; Lincoln. Sigma Nu. Pershing Rifles. • BLINDE. GLEN: Johnson, Beta Sigma Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi. • BLUE. KATHLEEN: Lincoln. Chi Omega. Student Council. • BRATT. NEIL; Pawnee City, Delta Sigma Pi. • BROWN, SPENCER; Kansas City, Mo., Sigma Alpha Mu. • BliM.STEAD. JOHN; New Orleans. La.. Deha Upsilon. • BUSBOOM, WENDAL; Glenvil, Delta Sigma Pi. CABBACiE. GUY; Omaha. • GARY. DONALD; Lincoln. CATTLE. WALTER; -Seward, Delta Upsilon. • CHRl.STENSEN, HERMAN; Columhus, Delta Sigma Pi. • CLEVELAND, THOMAS; Lincoln, Sigma Alpha Epsilnn. • CLOIDT, GERTRUDE: Plattsniouth, Pi Beta Phi. Masquers, Newman cluh. • COBB. ELVA; Waverly. Sigma Kappa. Student Foundation. ' COLE. STEN ' E: North Platte. Alpha Tau Omega. • COMPTON. JEAN; Seward. Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, wvs. Studcni Council. • CORNISH. THOMAS; Omaha. Phi Gamma Delta. Agnew Bauinann Bralt Chrisleiihen Alexander Bauni(:art Brown Cleveland Appel Bessire BiimBtead Cloidt Baas Biles Biifiboom Cobb Barron Birkniann Cabbage Cole Barlle Blinde Cary Conipton Banernieister Blue Cattle Cornish W ' , ' if l Page 50 Ciaiii Critrhfield Croiil Daniel Daviilson Deffenbaugli Delaslimiitt Deneke Diers Donnelly Draper Eaton EJge.-.M.ib Ericksun Feclian Finkle Flagg Foster raiikri Fi sl F.. ■ Fn tun Cable GalUi,, Glebe CRAM, CHARLES: Lyons. Plii Camma Delta. • CRITCHFIELD. WILLLA.M: Teciimseli. Kappa Sigma. ' CKOM. HOWARD: Lincoln. • DANIEL, EDWARD: Aurora . Sigma Nu. • DAVIDSON. LORRAINE: Lincoln. Sigma Delta Tau. • DEFFENBAUGH. ROSEMARY; Lincoln. Sigma Kappa. Coed Counselors, Newman club. • DELASHUTT, LESLIE: Burwell. Sigma Nu. • DENEKE. LOIS: Lincoln. Phi Chi Theta, Masquers. • DIERS. BERNARD: Scottsbluff. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DONNELLY. ELDON: Grand Island. Alpha Kappa Psi. • DRAPER. RICHARD: Beldon. N club. • EATON, GENE: Broadwater. Alpha Tau Omega. • ED(,Et:OMB. WILLIAM: Lincoln. Alpha Tau Omega. • ERICK.SON. CONRAD; Ericson. • FEEHAN. ' ILLIAM: Clarks. Alpha Kappa Psi. • FINKLE. RUTH; Lincoln. Alpha Omicron Pi. Phi Chi Theta. Psi Chi. iwca. Coed Counselors. • FL. CG. GOllLD: Lincoln, . lpha Tau Omega. Innocents. Varsity Swim team. Rag business manager. Kosmct Klub. • FO.STER, CHARLES: Waterloo, ymca. • FRANKEL. STUART; Omaha. Zeta Beta Tau. Pershing Rifles. • FROST. WAYNE: Arapahoe. • FLLLER. RICHARD; Omaha. Sigma Nu. Pershing Rifles. University singers. • FULTON. ROBERT: St. Joseph, Mo., Alpha Kappa Psi. • GABLE. BEVERLY; Scottsbluff. Alpha Chi Omega. • GALLUP. DON; Lincoln. Alpha Tau Omega. • GLEBE, MA.XINE; .Scottsbluff. Business Administration Seniors Van Westover, one of the key hole lioys, kept occupied this year gathering gos- sip for Campus Chatter and coking in the Crib — nice work if you can get it. Page .51 k l tM Bonnie Voss comes dreamily down the steps on her way to another class, or maybe one of the many meetings that kept her busy. Judging from the ex- pression on Bonnie ' s face, it must be spring Business Administration Seniors GLOVER, LOYD; Ansley. • GREENBERG, BARTON; Omaha, Zeta Beta Tau. • GREENBERG, BRUCE; Omaha. Zeta Beta Tau, Cornhusker. • GREENE, JOHN; Lincoln. • GREENGARD, CHESTER; Minot, N. D., Zeta Beta Tau. • HAAS, DUANE; Lincoln, Delta Tau Delta. • HA nLTON, FREDRIC; McCook, Alpha Sigma Phi. • HANSON, HARRISON; Lincoln. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HAYS, JOHN; Omaha, Delta Upsilon, Student Council. • HECKENLIVELY, BETTE; Lincoln, Kappa Alpha Theta. • HEILIGER, LOWELL; Lincoln, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • HERMANN, ROLAND; Falls City. • HEUSER, MARTHA; Lincoln, Towne club, Ywc. , waa, babw, lsa. • HILL, PAUL; Burlington. la.. Alpha Kappa Psi. • HINMAN. CHARLES; Wymore, Delta Sigma Pi. • HINZE, ' BARREN; Lincoln, Delta Sigma Pi. • HUFF, DONALD, Scottsblulf, Alpha Kappa Psi. • HUFFMAN, DONALD; Louisville, Alpha Kappa Psi, Varsity band. • HUGHES, JACK; Grapeland, Tex., Phi Gamma Delta. • HYLAND, TOM; Lincoln. Beta Theta Pi. Alpha Kappa Psi. • INGRAM. EUGENE; Louisville, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • JAHDE, WILLIS; Albion. Beta Sigma Psi. • JIRACEK, EDWARD; Verdigre. • JOBES, KEITH; Lincoln, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Clover Hamilton Hcuser Hughes Creenburg. Bart. Hanson Hill llvlaiul Creenburg Hays Hinman Ingram Greene Heckenlively Hinze Jahde Greengard Hpjliger Huff Jiracek Haaa Hermann Huffman Jobes , 1 Page 52 dkA M Johnston Keckley Koehne Lang Jones Kenner Koenig Langenheini Kaderli Kent Kuhlman Larson Kalin Klienkauf Lagman Laurie Karsjens Klopp Lahr Livingston Katzman Knudsen Landon Loudon JOHNSTON, JAMES; Lincoln. Sigma Chi. • JONES, PHYLLIS; Pilger. .Alpha Omicron Pi. • KADERLL EDWIN; Kimball, Alpha Kappa Psi. • KALIN, K. THRYN; Lincoln, Newman club, Towne Club. • K. RSJENS, JAMES; Fort Dodge, la. • KATZMAN, DANIEL, Omaha, Sigma Alpha Mu. • KECKLEY, JOYCE; Lincoln. Kappa Kappa Gamma. PhiChiTheta. • KENNER, JAMES; Hebron, Phi Kappa Psi. • KENT, JACK; Humboldt, Alpha Kappa Psi. • KLIENKAUF, BRUCE; Grand Island, Delta Sigma Pi. • KLOPP, RICHARD; Omaha, Beta Theta Pi, University singers. • KNUDSEN, HARRY; Ft. Lupton, Colo., Phi Gamma Delta. Kosmet Klub. • KOEHNE. CAROLYN; Lincoln. Sigma Kappa. • KOENIG. ROBERT; Lincoln, Alpha Kappa Psi. • KUHLMAN, PAUL; Bloomfield, Alpha Kappa Psi. • LAGMAN, ALBERT; Omaha, Sigma Alpha Mu, Daily Nebraskan, Interfraternity council. • LAHR. RICHARD; Lincoln, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kosmet Klub, Student Council. • LANDON, ARTHUR; Lincoln, Alpha Kappa Psi. • LANG, HUGH; Tecumseh, Kappa Sigma. • LANGENHEIM, FREDERICK; Lincoln, Sigma Nu. • LARSON, ROBERT; Dakota City, Delta Sigma Pi. • LAURIE. JOHN; McCool Junction, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • LIVINGSTON, ELOISE; Fremont, Chi Omega, ywca. Coed Counselors. • LOUDON, CARROL; Lexington, Alpha Tau Omega, Kosmet Klub, University singers. Business Administration Seniors Jean Compton. AWS president and Mortar Board, lets up for a little music. In addition lo keeping busy all year, Jean spent much of her time looking forward to March and Dick! Page 53 Shan Sclinillkfr. ' WCA president, flames o er some iniporlant business il ihr " V office, . lian was kept mighty iiL] this year ronimiilinj; hetween Ellen Sniilh ami Ag. where llie pinrnale spends lii lime. Business Administration Seniors I.O AN. 0 EN: .Salina. Kan.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. .Scabbard Blade. Alpha Kappa Psi. • McCORMICK. LEONARD; ladriil. University singers. • McDANlEL. RICHARD; Lincoln, Alpha Kappa Psi. • McLEAN. MELVLN; Fairbury. Delta Sigma Pi. MALOWNEY, JIM; Kearney. Phi Gamma Delta. • MARGOLIN, PEGG : Deadwood, S. D.. Sigma Delta Tau. • MARLOWE, LOREN; Atwood. Kan. • MARTIN. HOWARD; Lincoln. • MARTIN. RICHARD; Lincoln. Delta Upsilon. • MATSON. WARFIELD; Fremont. Beta Sigma Psi. MEYER. MILTON; Lincoln. Delia Lpsilon. Interfralernily council. MILES. RICHARD; Lincoln. Beta Tlieta Pi. • MILLER. HERBERT: Omaha. Sigma Chi, N club. Pershing Rifles. • MILLER. RAYMOND; Plainview, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MOOMAW. ROBERT: Bayard. Tau Kappa Epsilon. ymca. » MOORF;. (;ERAL1); Wahhiil. Sigma Chi. N club. MOORE. KENNETH: Omaha, lpha Kappa Psi. • MORRIS. RUTH: .Scottsbluff. Newman club. Swimming club. MOSE.MAN. VERNE; Lincoln. Gammi Lambda. Varsity band. • NEILL. DEAN: Omaha. Beta Theta Pi. Corn Cobs, Alpha Epsilon Rho. Masquers. • NELSON. JEANETTE: Hastings, Hesperia. • NEWELL. LOUIS; Alexandria, • NICKERSON, ROBERT: Lincoln. Phi (;amma Delta. • NIEM AN. LAUREN : Marysville. Kan.. Delta Sigma Pi. Lovan MfConnifk Mc Daniel Mr Lean Malnwnev Mar{;ulin Marlt.wr Marlin. H. Martin. R. Mataon Mever Miles Miller. H. . lill.M. K Mooniaw MoDVp, G. Moore, K. Morris Moscman Ncill NeUon Nrwoll Nickerson Nieniaii Page 54 Nm.ik Olson Owen Pcery Peterson Pfl„c Philli],s Polski Polasli Powell Pressly Qiiinn Raetz Rains Ramer Ramsay Bees Rosenbhim RueJe R illih Sack Samuelson Seoll NOVAK, RALPH: Howells. Delia Sigma Pi. • OL.SON. WILLARD; Kansas City, Mo., Beta Tlieta Pi. • OWEN, SUZANNE; Lincoln, Pi Beta Phi, Ywc. . PEERY. GENE: Lincoln. Sigma Nu. • PETERSON, MAX; Osceola. Sigma Nu, N club. • PFLUG, JOHN; Lincoln. .Sigma Chi. University singers. • PHILLIPS. M. R.: Leigh. Sigma Chi. • POLSKI, GEORGE; St. Paul. Delta Sigma Pi. • POTASH. VALE. Omaha, Sigma Alpha Mu. • POWELL. TETON; Lincoln. ' PRESSLY, DEAN; College Springs, la. • PURDY, CHARLES; North Platte, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • QUINN, THOMAS; Lincoln, Alpha Kappa Psi. • RAETZ, JACK; Brady. Alpha Kappa Psi. • RAINS, EARNEST: Broken Bow. • RAMER, LEO; Omaha. Phi Gamma Deha, Delta Sigma Rho. • RAMSAY. THELBERT; Omaha, Phi Delta Thela. • REES. WILLIAM; Amelia. • ROSENBLUM, HUBERT; Omaha, Zeta Beta Tau. • RUEDE, GEORGE; Omaha. • RUDOLPH, MARVIN; Eagle. • SACK, CLAYTON; Plattsmouth, Delta Sigma Pi. • SAMUELSON. WALTER: Omaha. Sigma Nu. • SCOTT, EDWIN; Lincoln, Alpha Kappa Psi. Business Administration Seniors BMOC Dick Lahr checks his coat, and takes of! for another meeting. With his impressive titles, secretary of Innocents and Kosmet Kluh president. Dick was well occupied during his senior year. Page 55 N-inan ami frosh coach, Chick Story was one of those smooth Simon ' s em- ployees. And rumor has it, he spent his evenings putting out fires, when he wasn ' t studying. Business Administration Seniors SAMUELSON, WILLIAM; Friend, Delta Sigma Pi. • SARGENT, RUTH; Alliance, Alpha Chi Omega. • SCHEVE, HAROLD; Beatrice, Beta Sigma Psi. • SCHLEIGER, ROBERT; Omaha, Phi Gamma Delta, N club. • SCHNITTKER, SHIRLEY; Lincoln, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Mortar BoanI, ywca president. Coed Counselors. • SCHOETTGER, THEODORE; Springview, Alpha Kappa Psi. • SCHWARTZ, BENJAMIN; Omaha, Sigma Alpha Mu. • SEARS, RALPH; Lincoln. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pershing Rifles. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Alpha Epsilon Rho. • SEIBOLDT, WILLIAM; Lincoln. Beta Theta Pi. • SHUMOW, DUKE; Chicago, 111.. Zeta Beta Tau, Interfraternity council president. • SIMPSON, PHIL; Lincoln, Deha Sigma Pi. • SMITH, REMY; Grand Island, Alpha Kappa Psi. • STEPHENS, WILLIAM; Ulysses, Deha Sigma Pi. • STEVENS, MARILYN; McCook, Delta Deha Delta, Phi Chi Theta. • STEVENSON, JOHN; Scoltsbluff, Alpha Tau Omega, N club. • STEWART. ROGER; Lincoln, Beta Theta Pi, Kosmet Klub. • STORY, CHARLES; Lincoln, Alpha Tau Omega, N club. • SULLIVAN, RICHARD; Fairbury, Phi Sigma Kappa. • SWANDA, ARCHER; Ulysses. • SWANSON, GRACE; Hastings, Alpha Phi. • SWANSON. JAMES; Lincoln, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. nrotc. • ,SWAN.SON, WALLACE; Geneva, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • THEGE, WAYNE; Wahoo. Detla Sigma Pi. • THOMAS, GERALD; Omaha, Sigma Nu, University singers. Sattiuelson Sargenl Scheve Schleiger Schnittker Schoettgpi Schwartz Sears Seibolt Shuraow Simpson Smilli Stephens Stevens Stevenson Stewart Story Sullivan Swanda Swan son , G. Swanson, J. Swanson, W. Thege Til. .mas Page 56 . f 5 w k j fTT ' t Touwsma Trautwein Turkel Vlcek Voss Walberg Ward Walt. C. Watt. M. Weekly Wefso Wehrnian Welton Weslover Weyenberg Wilkinson Williams Wilson Wise Wolsleger Yakal Young Zimmerman Zoiibek TOUWSMA, GEORGE; Flushing, N. Y. • TRAUTWEIN, HENRY; Winside. Theta Xi. • Tl RKEL. NORMAN; Omaha, Sigma Alpha Mu. • VLCEK. WILLIAM; Wahoo, Delta Upsilon. • VOSS, BONNIE; Millard, Sigma Kappa, Student Foundatio n board. • WALBERG, JOHN; Colorado Springs, Colo, • WARD, PATRICIA: Crete, Delta Delta Deha. • WATT, CATHERINE; Allentown, Pa. WATT, MARLIN; North Bend. • WEEKLY, RICHARD; Auburn, Delta Sigma Pi, Gamma Lambda, Varsity band. • WEFSO, ROBERT; Rushville, Alpha Tau Omega, • WEHRMAN, JAMES; Nelson, Delta Sigma Pi. • WELTON, RICHARD; Omaha, Beta Thela Pi. • WE. TOVER, VAN; Lincoln, Phi Gamma Delta, Corn Cobs, Kosmet Klub, Masquers, • WEYENBERG, NORMALEE; Fairfield, Chi Omega, Phi Chi Theta, Swimming club, Coed Counselors. • WILKINSON, DONALD; Curtis, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAMS, DWAIN; Polk, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • WILSON, JOHN; Columbus, Phi Kappa Psi, Kosmet Klub, Varsity band. WISE, ELDON; Norfolk, Phi Gamma Delta. • WOLSLEGER. MARGUERITE; Snyder, Phi Chi Theta. • YAKAL, PHILIP; Lincoln, Alpha Kappa Psi. • YOUNG, JANE; Red Cloud, Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Chi Theta president, YWCA, Coed Counselors. • ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES; Beatrice, Alpha Tau Omega. • ZOUBEK, JAMES; Stanton, Vets organization, CYo, Newman club. Business Administration Seniors Fig Flagg is all dressed up and on his way to take a spin in his famous " Blue Beetle. " Could be Fig is taking the afternoon off! Now that spring is here. Casanova Flagg has " Innocent " plans in mind. When he wasn ' t relaxing. Fig kept busy as business manager of the Kng and member of tlie swiniming team. Page 57 College of Tnj): llio College of Dentistry, under llie direction of Dean B. L. Hooper, finished the year rated as one of the finest in the coun- try. The college continued to improve with the addition of new equipment and cunicula tliat is designed to keep abreast of the pro- gressive strides taken by the dentistry pro- fession. Bottom : The college is made up of a dental infirmary, surgery r o o m s, labora- tories, class rooms, dental libiary. and execu- ti r oil ices wliicli are all located on ihc third floor of Andrews Hall. Here students are engaged in actual work under the close su|)er- vision of instructors. Top: One of the high spots in ihc pa t year for the faculty of the college was the citation given by the Alumni Association of the University of Nebraska. This is the sec- ond straight year for the award, which was presented at ihe annual alumni reunion ami bani|ucl held vearly in the tall. Bottom: The laboratorio. MipplyiTig the students with the latest and best c(|Mipmciil for practical and ciiemical work, make it ])os- sible for them to perform the nianv tisual dental services and also to handle a nundier ol iIk ' more dill icult cases. Page 58 Dentistry BERT LESLIE HOOPER. D.D.S. Dean of the College of Dentislry Right: In the iiifiniiary. s lii- dents work with the dental e((uip- nient which is found in most mod- ern dental offices. The advanced students work witli dental patients. The faculty is looking forward with renewed interest and enthusiasm to the coming years. Plans are under way to improve faculty organiza- tion and to better the job of teach- Left: For the students of the college, the library facilities are unlimited. The stu- dents not only are permitted to use the dental library in Andrews Hall, but they also have full access to the Lancaster County Medical Society Library and the Love Library. Through the continual work of the librarians, the future dentists always have access to the latest publications in the dental field. Page 59 College of Top: The College of Law. under the direction of Dean F. K. Beutel. continued the new program of instruction designed last year to integrate law and the social sciences. Be- cause of the long hours of study required, the third floor of the law building has been com- pletely reorganized and is set aside for the use of the students. Bottom: The law faculty has attempted to hold down the largest enrollment on record i)y the use of aptitude exams now required of all students planning to enter law. Despite this selective way of deciding who shall enter the school, the class rooms are still crowded. The faculty continues to offer one of the finest legal backgrounds in the nation with- out regard to the crowded conditions. Top: In remodeling the law building, the designers realized the need for a club room where students could gather to discuss in an informal manner the different problems that arise. Both students and faculty use this room, and in this manner, faculty mem- bers get to know their students and their thoughts outside of the class room. Ihittom: Nothing is forgotten in giving the students a well-rounded study of law. In the annual moot court trials, students learn the practical application of the material they have gathered in both lectures and research. I The students not only gain by this method, but they also leaiii how to j)resent cases in the most successful manner. Pagp 60 law FREDERICK K. BEUTEL, A.B., S.J.D. Dean of the College of Law 1 " , i:f it I " Right: With the post war ac- celerated course, these sober faced students leaving the college typify the average law students at the end of the day. Loaded down with volumes of hooks, the students jour- ney home to continue studies of legal problems long into the night. i Left: A laboratory study of litigation and legislation has been added in the final year of college. This work, which is de- signed to aid graduates who enter directly into practice, serves some of the purposes of office apprenticeship. For the first time, students entering law must have only two years undergraduate preparation before com- pleting four years in the Law College. Page 61 College or Top: With Dean J. B. Burt completing his second year and with an all-time high in enrollment, the College of Pharniaoy con- tinued its revision of the curriculum. Stu- dents receive a well-rounded professional education as future practicing pharmacists. Bottom: The profession has also de- manded an increasing nund)er of scientific workers with training represented hy the ad- vanced degrees, Mastei- of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. This college has gained na- tional iccognition in its research done hy hoth undergraduates and professors. Top: In spite of misguided ideas that all a pharmai ' ist does is give out |)ills from l)ot- tles. the prolcssion still remains liighly tech- nical. In model lahoratories the students learn all |)hases of chemistry, hiology, phys- ics, and other important sciences. Bottom: Added to the fact that a phar- macist of todav must he skilled in the sci- ences, he must lie ahle to mix compounils. he very familiar with medical terms, and he ca])al)le of mixing any prescription that a doctor requires. Page 62 Pharmacy J() l•: ll I;KLL IUKT, I!,.V. u, I ' haim.. Ph.D. Dean of the College of Pharmacy Right: Horizons are unlimited in the new College of Pharmacy. Students are trained in tliis college to become capable of leading the pharmaceutical society to higher standards and reeo2;nition for their society. Left: Tlie newly organized Student Uranch of the American Pharmaceutical Association is open to all students in the col- lege. One of the features of this organiza- tion is the official monthly puldication. the Scruple, which is distributed to all students and alumni of the college, and, on an ex- change basis, to all member colleges of the American Association of Colleges of Phar- macy. Page 63 ■ Rah! Rah! Nebraska! YeU King Mailin Pesek kept the students in the proper spirit. Smiling Martin was a " busy boy " what with Corn Cobs, Men ' s Point board and Student Union board. Not to mention Phi Mu Alpha and Innocents. Dentistry Seniors AARDAPPEL. NORRIS; Armour, S. D., Delta Sigma Deha. • BENTFIELD, BAYARD; Stearns, Ky., Delta Sigma Delta. • BINDER. MELVIN; Lincoln, Deha Sigma Deha. • CHERNICK, HARRY; .Seattle. Wash., Sigma Alpha Mu, Deha Sigma Delta. • COGGIN. D. I.; Corpus Christi. Tex., Delta Sigma Delta. • CRELLIN, JAMES; Lyons, Delta Sigma Delta. • EHLERS, GORDON; Columbus, Xi Psi Phi. • FORD, JAMES; Chattanooga. Tenn., Delta Sigma Delta. • GREEN, ROBERT; Seward, Xi Psi Phi. Phi Kappa Psi. • HECOX, FREDERICK; Cozad, Xi Psi Phi. • HAGEE, CARL; Nemaha, Delta Sigma Delta. • HAViKI.N.S BILL; Filer. Ida.. Xi Psi Phi. • HOLMAN, DONALD; El Dorado. Kans.. Delta Sigma Delia. Phi Mu Alpha. Phi Delia Kappa. • KRA.MER. WILLIAM; Hastings, Delta Sigma Delta, Phi Delta Thela. • KRENZ, ROBERT; Los Angeles, CaliL, Xi Psi Phi. • LEWIS. BENJAMIN; Rockville. Ind.. Xi Psi Phi. • LIGGETT, GEORGE; Lincoln. Xi Psi Phi. Delta Upsilon. • LUKE, KARL; Greeley, Colo. • MOSER, MEARL; Grant, Xi Psi Phi. • MUNSON, PHILIP; Gardner, Xi Psi Phi, Phi Kappa Psi. • NOVICKI, THADDEUS; New Haven, Conn., Xi Psi Phi, Newman club. Lambda Chi Alpha. • O ' BRIEN, CYRIL; Lincoln, Xi Psi Phi. • PACKARD, EDWARD; Marion, Ind., Delta Sigma Delta. • PESEK. MARTIN; Detroit. Mich.. Sigma Chi. Sin- fonia. Innocents, Corn Cobs. Student L ' nion board. Yell King. Rally committee. • RYAN, EVELYN; Tonica, III. • SMEDLEY. JOHN; Denver. Colo., Beta Tbeta Pi, Xi Psi Phi. • SPECK, DAVID; San Marcos. Tex., Beta Theta Pi. Xi Psi Phi. • STONE, JOHN; Kansas City, Mo., Delta Sigma Delta. • TANGE.MAN. ROBERT; Gietna. Xi Psi Phi. • ULRICH. (;EORGE; Lincoln. • VARVEL, EDWARD; Greeley. Colo., Xi Psi Phi. • WINDLE, ROBERT; Salem. Alplia Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Delta. . arJappri Green Liggett Ryan Bentfield He cox Liike S medley Binder Hagee Moser Speck Chernick Hawkins Munson Stone Coggin Holman Novicki Tangeman Ciellin Kramer O ' Brien llrich Ehlers Krenz Packard Varvel Ford Lewis Pesek Windle fs o P Q Page 64 Dingw. 11 Lutlier Einkopf Ledyard Longfellow Van Norman DINGWELL, MAURICE: Burchard, Law. Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Theta Phi. • EINKOPF, JACK; Oakland. Pharmacy. • LEDYARD, LEWIS; Elwood, Pharmacy, ymca. • LONGFELLOW, FRANCES; Ansley. • LUTHER. ERNE.ST; Hooper, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • NELSON, RALPH; Holdrege, Law, Delta Tau Deha, Delta Thela Phi president. • RUSE, DOLORES; Plattsmouth, Pharmacy. Delta Deha Delta. Coed Counselors, ywca. • ULLOM, HELEN; Hastings, Pharmacy, Alpha Xi Deha, YWCA, • VAN, NORMAN; Bassett. Law. Delta Tau Deha. Phi Delta Phi. Law and Pharmacy Seniors Page 65 Above: Ralph Nelson braves the coM as he struggles on to class. Ralph, a struggling law student, was president of Delta Theta Phi. and was the treas- urer of the Law School association. Tt was a tough grind, ma, but I made it! " Below: Dolores Ruse has an important claim to distinction, she is one of the few girls to graduate from Pharmacy college — what a lovely life she must lead! Her membership in Coed Coun- selors, YWCA and Kappa Epsilon all kept fun-loving ' " D " well occupied. Teachers Top: Tlirou li work in every field of edu- cation, Teacliers College has maintained a large high school within its walls where stu- dent teachers conduct classes. The faculty of the Teachers College has developed a sound philosojihy and program of profes- s ional preparation. Bottom: The faculty of the college has long maintained llial llie art of teaching is by ex- perience before an actual classroom, as well as in study. The work of student teachers is shown by this class in music. Top: The college carries on in seven depart- ments. It prepares superintendents, princi- pals, supervisors, and educational specialists, as well as competent teachers for the kinder- garten, elementary, and secondary schools in the state. I ' lilloni: Student Icaclicrs inslriict classes in athletics, music, and primary studies held in conjunction with the university and the vari- ous schools in the city. Every opportunity is provided to lc;irn tlic bcllcr techniques of teaching experiences. I ' aiif 66 College v= FRANK ERNEST HENZLIK. L.L.B.. Ph.D. Dean of the Teachers College Right: Through the work of several of the professors, new courses and work have been started in educational psychology, visual aid, shop training, and aviation education. Many visual education films are made by working in conjunction with the extension division and other colleges. I.rft: The graduates of this college are now serving as administrators, teachers, and edu- cational specialists in the public and private schools of Nebraska and many other states throughout America. Page 67 I ' l ' lip) Mui) Dye givf!? out with lier best " Coed Counselor " sales approach thi ' i limp it ' s more tickets! Keeping liii? Miili I lie Coed Counselors and Morlar Hoard didn " l cramp Mary ' s style look closely, and you can spot the diaiiiiiricl iiri " lliiiil-(iii};er. left hand. " Education Seniors . DAMS, JOHN: Geneva. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Epsilon Pi, University singers. • . LLEN. . L1CE; Malcolm. Kernels, Phi Lambda Theta. waa. • . MEND, MARGARET; Lincoln, Chi Omega, Delta Omicron. Lniversity singers, ywca. Coed Counselors. • ANDERSON. ELINOR: Omaha, ywca. • ANDERSON. ELIZABETH: Newman Grove. • BENNETT, RUTH: Omaha. • BOHNER. MARY LOU: Lincoln. Alpha Omicron Pi, Deha Phi Delia. • HRECK. BRENNIE; Waverly, Delta Omicron. • BRON.STEIN, FRIEDA: Lincoln. • BROWN. OBBIE; Lincoln, vmca. • BRUCE, JOHN: Omaha, Kappa Sigma. • BRUTZKE, HAROLD; West Point. Deha Tau Delta. • BUCHFINCK, JANE: Alliance. Pi Beta Phi. ■iwcv. • BUSBY, BETTY; Burr, Alpha Omicron Pi. • CAMPBELL. MARY; Lincoln, Towne Club, Mortar Board, babw president. Mu Phi Epsilon. • CHANEY, MARY; Falls City, Alpha Chi Omega, Newman club. • CHAPPELL, MARY: Lincoln, Psi Chi, Cosmopolitan club. • CIVIN, MARCIA; Omaha, Sigma Delta Tau, Panhellenic, yv c:a. Coed Counselors. • CLAUSEN, REID; Pender. • CLEMENTS, NORMA; Elmwood, Gamma Phi Beta, ywca. COLLINS, MARION; Knoxville. la.. Pi Lambda Theta. Kappa Phi, Adelphi, isa council. • CONGER. LORIS: Grand Island. Phi Theta Kappa. Zeta Sigma Pi, Delta Tau Kappa, Alpha Gamma Mu. • COOKE. HUGH; Omaha, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Gamma Lambda. • COTTINGHAM, MARY; Hastings, Delta Delta Delta, ywca. Adams. J. Allen Xiiifiid Anderson. Klinor i,dtTsnii. tli abelli Beiincll Boliner Breck Bronsti ' in Brown Bruce Brelzke Buchfinck Busby Campbell Chaney Chappell Civin Clausfn Clempnts Collins Conger Cooke Cottingbani Page 68 kL . Dalrymple Eaton Fisher Carey Dank " r Emery Flies Cass De Bolt Engdahl Frankfort er Cast al Failoon Freeman Crasmick Dovle Dye Fankhauser Farrell Fritz Fry Craunke Creene DALRYiMPLE. JANET: Lincoln. Sigma Alpha Iota. Pi Lambda Tlieta. University singers. • DANKER, DONALD: Campbell • DEBOLT. RAY: Blair, pi, club. lioxc. • DOLEZAL. BETTY: Wahoo. Newman club. • DOYLE. MARJORIE: Lincoln, Delta ;amma. vvvr . • DYE. MARY: Lincoln. Alpha Omicron Pi. Mortar Boarfl. Alpha Epsilon Rho, Delta Sigma Rho ice-president. Pi Lambda Theta, Coed Counselor president. Varsity Debate squad. • EATON. RJORIE: Lisco, Alpha Phi. • EMERY. WARREN: Lincoln. • ENGDAHL. LILLA: Lexington. Pi Lambda Theta. Alpha Lambda Delta. Kernels. Kappa Phi. • KALLOON. L RIAN: Falls City. Pi Beta Phi. Orchesis president. w a. • FANKHAUSER. JOAN: Humboldt. Kappa Kappa (iamma. Mortar Board. Sigma Alpha lota. Student Council. Coed Counselor board. Corn Shucks editor. FARRELL. MARY; Madison. University singers. • FISHER. LEO: Potter, pe club. • FLIES. THELMA; Auburn, ywca. • FRANKFORTER, REBANIS: Friend. Pi Lambda Theta. ywca. • FREEMAN. LUCILLE: Lincoln. Towne Club. • FRITZ. LOIS: Bartley, Alpha Omicron Pi, Pi Lambda Theta. • FRY. JANE: Beatrice, Delta Gamma. wca. • GAREY. NANCY: Lincoln, Delta Gamma, Student Union board vice-president. • GASS, ROSEMARY: .Seward. Kappa Alpha Theta. Pi Lambda Theta. • CAST. JUNE: Plainview. Alpha Xi Delta. Masquers. Pi Lambda Theta. • GRASMICK. JO ANN: Lincoln, Alpha Xi Delta, Orchesis, ywca. • GRAUNKE. DEAN; West Point. Masquers president. Univer-ity theatre. y ica cabinet. • GREENE. GLADYS: Loup City, (iamma Phi Beta. ywca. Education Seniors Little Jern- Jacupke hides himself in the Book Nook to keep away from all those pursuing women. The original " shy guy. " Jerry trained strictly and won that big " N " for his prowess on the gridiron. Page 69 Not only can Marion Falloon, Orchesis president, dance, but she also socializes in her spare time. Flashing that Ipana niilc, Marion wails in line for a booth in ihi ' I ' nion. Education Seniors GROSSERODE, M. RY: Tilden. • GROTRL N. EILEEN; Sterling, vwca. lsa. • GUECK, MARY; .Scoilsbluff. Alpha Chi Omega. • GUENDEL. .MARY: Grand Island. Kappa Alpha Thela. • HAGAMAN. MARJORIE: Bennet. Alpha Epsilon Rho. YWCA, ISA. AiF, Kappa Phi. • HAGENSICK. HELEN: O ' Neill. Pi Lambda Theta. • HAROT. LORRAINE: Hayard. lf. Coed Counselors. • HAY.S, BETTY; St. PauL • HELD, ARIS; Fullerton. • HOFFMAN. JOAN : Wilber. P. E. club. waa. • HOKE. PHYLLIS; Lincoln, Gamma Phi Beta, P. E. club, waa council. • HOLLIN. . KENNETH: Valley. N club. • HUNT. JEAN; Denver. Colo. • HUNT. WENDELL; North Platte. • JACOBS. ANNETTE: Lincoln. Sigma Delta Tau. Sigma Alpha Iota. University singers. • JACUPKE. GERALD: Fremont. Alpha Tau Omega. N club. • JESCH. DOLORES; Siralton. Newman club. • JONES, JAIN; Fort Riley. Kan.. Gamma Phi Beta. • KARSTEN. NELLIE; Omaha. w k. P. E. club preside-nt. • KASAL, GLADYS; Schuyler. • KEENAN. BETTY; Grafton. • KELLY. ETHEL; (;rand Mand. • KENT. Fl.NA: Tccumseh. Kappa Phi. • KINDER, MARLYN; Cambridge, Delta Upsilon, N club. Hunt. J. Kiiraten Crotriiin Havs Hum. U. Kasal Gueck Held Jacobs Keen an Guendrl Hoffman Jaciipkc Kellv Hagaman ttayciisii ,k Hoke Hollins Jescli Jones Kent Kiriirr K». iCP k Sh| Sv i 1 V ' K X. ■ leriK M [ I? J 1 O fk mk Page 70 Qj m :.:mram Kindsclier Leeka Logan McKfnna Kjelson Leonard Lowe Mason Koslal Lierk Luca§ Medlcv Krey Line Lyberis Merc IT Lamb Llewellyn Lyon Meshier Lantz Lock MacQiieen Mines KINDSCHER, DONALD; Guide Rock, ymca. • KJELSON. LEE: Slromsburs, Si ina Chi. Phi Mu Alpha. Sinfonia. Gamma Lambda, University singers. University band, University orchestra. KOSTAL. . RLENE; Ravenna, Sigma Alpha Iota, Newman club. University singers. • KREY, CAROL; Murdock, Kernels, Gamma Delta. P. E. club, waa. • LAMB, ESTHER; Diller. ywca, Coed Counselors. • LANTZ, HAROLD; Tecumseh, P. E. club. • LEEKA. SHERRY: Thurman. la.. Pi Beta Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, vwc . • LEONARD, GLENDINE; Sidney, Kernels. • LIERK, SHIRLEY; Omaha, Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LINE. PATRICIA; Broken Bow, Mu Phi Epsilon. • LLEWELLYN, PHYLLIS; LaGrange, 111. • LOCK, JEAN: Imperial, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota, University singers. • LOGAN, PATRICIA; Springview, ywca, t ' sa. • LOWE. MARILYN; Omaha, Deha Delta Delta. • LUCAS. EVELYN; Omaha, Alpha Omicron Pi. • LYBERIS, NENA; Lincoln, Towne Club. • LYON. MARGARET; Ogallala, Alpha Xi Delta, ywca. • MacQUEEN, MARGARET; Silver Creek, la.. Phi Sigma Iota. • McKENNA, SHIRLEY; Sioux City, la.. Delta Delta Delta. • MASON, NAHALIE; Fremont, Pi Beta Phi, ywca. • MEDLEY, GENE; Lincoln, Kappa Phi, Kernels. • MERCER, ELLIS; Broadwater, Kappa Sigma. • MESHIER. DOROTHY ; Tecumseh. Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Upsilon Omicron. • MINES, NANCY; Wayne, Alpha Phi. Education Seniors Jo Fankhauser, Cornshucks editor and Mortar Board, is befuddled — for the first time in her life. Kept very busy this year, Fank still had time to smile that mischievous grin and pop lliaf in- evitable gum. Page 71 Ruth Noimaii, active in Teachers ' col- lege and campus activities, relaxes during her spare time by playing the piano or listening to a selection from her record collection. An ardent boogie fan. Ruth is really a kitten on those kevs. Education Seniors MINNICK. PAUL. ; Cambridge, Alpha Xi Delta, ywca. • MOLTHAN. LEILA; Lincoln. Kernels. Kappa Phi. • MORRIS, MARY ELLEN; Scottsbluff. Newman club. • MULVANEY. MARY; Omaha. Alpha Chi Omega. Pi Lambda Theta. • Ml ' RPHY. VIRGINIA; Plainview. • NEBERGALL. JOYCE; Omaha. Alpha Phi. • NEWMAN. CLARK; Hebron. Theta Xi, Newman club. • NICHOLSON, KATHLEEN; Red Cloud, Pi Lambda Theta, aws, ywca cabinet. • NOR.MAN, RUTH; Omaha. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Coed Counselors, ywca cabinet. • O ' SHEA. SARA; Lincoln, Kappa Alpha Theta. • OSTERGAARD, ALBERT; Omaha. • OSTERLOH. VERNELL; Hooper, Alpha Xi Delta, ywca. • PAGE, OLIVE; Lexington. Kernels. Kappa Phi, babw board. • PARKS. GERALD; Omaha. Newman club. • PATTERSON, ARLIS; Lincoln. Pi Beta Phi. Alpha Epsilon Rho. Mortar Board. Student Council treasurer. PHILLIP. LOIS; Red Oak. la.. Kappa Kappa Gamma. PIERSON, ,IEAN; Lincoln, Sigma Alpha Iota, University singers. • PRETZER. HELEN; Beatrice. Kappa Phi. • RECKEWEY. NADINE; Adams. Pi Lambda Theta. • RECKEWEY. REX; Adams. • REMILLARD, ROBERT; Chadron. • REUTER. WILLIAM; Fremont. Masquers, ymca cabinet. • REYNOLDS. MARJORIE; Lexington, Chi Omega, ywca, • REYNOLDS, ROSEMARY; Fremont, Pi Beta Phi. Pi Lambda Theta. Minnick Newman Page Reckewey. N. Molttian Nicholson Parks Rei-kpwpv, R, Morris Miilvaney Murphv Neberpall Norman O ' Shea Ostergaari il Osterlnh Patterson Pllillip Pierson Pretzer Remillanl Renter Reynolds. JI. Kpvi.oI.U. R fl :: Page 72 Saunders Schorr Srhwartzk..i.f Seidel Smith Sparkrs Srb Stephens Slenger Stork Striblinc Strickler Stuhi Swan son Taylor Timperley ToHfnhnll Tool Tram Tranm Van Home Vorlnian Wagpman Warren William. V iUnn WinHJp Wittier SAUNDERS, ALICE; Lincoln, Towne Club. Delta Omicron. • SCHORK, MARGARET: May wood. 111.. Sigma Kappa. University band, VeterAnns. • .SCHWA RTZKOPF. EDWARD: Lincoln. Delta Tau Delta. N club. • SEIDEL. PATRICIA: Wahoo. Kappa Alpba Tbeta. Pi Lambda Tbeta. vwca. • SMITH. ANNETTA: Lincoln. Alpba Kappa Alpha. • SPARKES. I5ETTV: Burlington. la.. Alpba Phi. • SRB. JO: Omaha. Alpba Omicron Pi. Coed Counselors. YWCA. • .STEPHENS. (;LORIA: Grand Island. Delta Gamma. • STENGER. BABETTE: Imperial. Alpba Pbi. • STORK. FLOYD: Arlington. Beta Sigma Psi. N club pe club. • STRIB- LING, NORMALEE; Omaba. Alpha Phi, Alpba Lambda Delta. • STRICKLER. P. TRICIA: Lincoln. Towne Club. • STUHT, MARY: Omaha. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pi Lambda Theta. ywca. • SWANSON, JEANICE; Omaha, Delta Delta Delta. • TAY- LOR. GWENDOLYN: Pawnee City. Alpba Pbi. Sigma Alpha lota. • TIMPERLEY. DORIS: Norfolk. • TODENHOFT. CHARLES: North Platte, .Sigma Chi, Gamma Lambda, University orchestra. University band. • TOOF. P, TRIC1A: Dalton, Gamma Pbi Beta, Pi Lambda Theta. Orcbesis. Coed Counselors, ywca. • TRANT, VIRGINIA: Colorado Springs, Colo.. Pi Beta Pbi. ywca. • TRAUM. JO: Fairbury. Delta Gamma. • ' AN HORNE. JOLINE; Kearney. Delta Gamma. • VORTMAN. RUTH: Carleton. • WAGENMAN, DONNIE: Seattle. Wash.. Alpha Omicron Pi, Pi Lambda Theta, Sigma Alpha lota. • WARREN. PHYLLIS: Lincoln. Gamma Phi Beta. Beta Gamma Sigma president, Pi Lambda Tbeta. ywca. • WILLIAMS, EUNICE: Martell. Towne Club, Kappa Phi. • WILSON. JANICE; Stuart. Delta Delta Delta. • WINDLE. BARBARA; Falls City. Delta Gamma. • WITTLER. ARLENE: Brock. Hesperia, University band, ywca. Education Seniors Relaxing after his return from the Christmas North-South game between outstanding football players of the two sections of the country, is Fred Lorenz. Prominent on the gridiron and an ac- tive member of the N club. " ' Fritz " also found time to exercise the ol ' vocal cords in Uni ersit singers. Page 73 College of Top: Many veterans were convinced by their experiences in the service that they should enroll in the College of Engineering. The enrollment of the college has swelled to its highest peak. Bottom: With the increased enrollment, the expansion program of the college has caused many classes to be held in new tem- porary barracks. These, plus the four luiild- ings on the city campus and the one on the agricultural carni)us. have been able to handle all students with engineering aspirations. Top: Under Dean Green and his staff, the college has prepared for this increased enrollment. The curriculum has expanded to make possible the study of non-engineering subjects which the student and his advisor may consider beneficial. One of the most important subjects studied in engineering is typified bv this class in advanced mathe- matics. Holloni: The electrical engineering lab- oratories arc located in the Electrical En- gineering building where the student can gain actual experience in many branches of en- gineering. Tn classes and laboratories, stu- dents study all matters pertinent to this field, from simple dry cell radios to large dynamos. Page 74 Engineering and Architecture LINUS BURR SMITH. M. Arcli. (Chairman of DeparlmenI of Archileclure ROY MEl.VIN GREEN. M.Sc. in Hwy. Eng. Dean of llif College of Engineering Right: Students in every phase of en- gineering are now able to thoroughly study the field they intend to make their life work. Mechanical, civil, chemical, and agricultural engineering are but a few of the wide range of courses offered. Left: On the second floor of Architec- tural Hall is housed the department of archi- tecture which includes offices, drafting rooms, and a department library arranged so that the student can work with maximum effi- ciency. Drafting rooms are also included in Bancroft Hall where students study in six drawing rooms and work with modern equip- ment. Page 75 Skiji Slalil is hard at work, as any fool ran plainly see. Business manager of ornshiK-lxs. Skip and liis pipe proved lliemselves indispensable lo tile pul)li lafion an l campus polilics. Engineering Seniors HHt;.M)S. STANLEY: Uiller, Beta Sigma Psi. Student Council. • ALMQIIST, .MARTIN: Central City. Sigma Phi Kpsilon. • BAILEY. MAX; Oregon. Mo., Scabbard Blade. • BARKER. FRANCIS; Aurora, aiek. • BECKER, JOHN; Plymouth, Beta Sifima Psi. aiee. • BELL, JAMES; Pierce, a.sce. • BETTENHAUSEN. DON; Lincoln. Kappa Sigma, asmk. • BEVINS. ROBERT; Cedar Rapids, asce. • BLANCHARD, FLOYD; Friend. Sigma Phi Epsilon. asmk. • BLOMSTROM, DALE; Limoln. Sigma Tau. Pi Mu Epsilon, aichk. • BRESEE. DICK. Fremont. Pi Mu Epsilon. Pershing Rifles, asche. • BROWNELL, JAM ES; Omaha. Sigma Tau. ii:i.. • CARTER. LYLE; Lincoln. Sigma Phi Epsilon. aichk. • COLE, HAYWARD; Lincoln, asck. Engi- neer Exec board. • COLE. RAYMOND; Worcester. Sigma Phi Epsilon. asme. • CORKE. CHARLES; Hoxil. Kan., asae presi- dent. Engineer Exec board. • COVER. JOHN; .Alliance. Phi Gamma Delta. Sigma Tau. Kappa Mu Epsilon. asme. • CRANDALL. DON; Lincoln. Sigma Tau. Phalanx, asme. same. • DAVIS. DALLAS; St. Paul. .Sigma Clii. aiek. • DELISL SIMON; Lincoln. Theta Xi. Pi Mu Epsilon. Newman club. • DODSON. NORMAN; Venango. Sigma Tau. sMK, • DUNBAR. JEAN; Nebraska (!ity. Kappa .Sigma. .Student Lnion board. Architectural society. • EKBLAD. WILLIAM: Lincoln. Gamma Laiubda. liniversiiy ban.!. sc K. • FLEBBE. GEORGE; North I ' lalie. Pi Tau Sigma, ymca. asme. Ah rends Bpttptihaii " -!! Carl PI Davis Mlliqill t ie ins Cole. H. Tlflisi Bailev Blanrhari Cole, R. nn.hmi Barker Bloin»trom Corke Dunbar Becker Bresee Cover Kkhlit.I Bell BrowiirU Crandall KM.hp Page 76 ' M.kL l iM 1 r r Frost Kukuhara Funk Gardner Gavennian Gessner Gettys Gillette Greusel Grimes Guiou Hale Her.drickf on Jensen Johnson, A. Johnson. J. Jones, H. Jones. M. Kaczmarek Kahler Kais er Kersey Kreuzien La Belle taiighlin FROST. HAROLD: Lowfll. Wyo.. Pi Mu Epsilon. Sigma Tau. H.i.. Blur Prim. • FLIRUHARA. HARRY; Arroyo Grande, Calif.. AIEE, YMCA. • FUNK, JAY; Maywood. • GARDNER, MARK; Harvard, aiek. • GAVENMAN, LAWRENCE; Si. Louis, Mo., Zeia Beta Tau. • GESSNER. ROBERT: Lincoln. Phi (;amma IVIta. smt;, Newman cluli. • GETTYS, WILBUR; St. Paul. AIEE, Vets ' organization. • GILLETTE. EDWARD; Holdrege, Per.4iing Rifles, Ag Exec board, aiee. Varsity debate. • GREUSEL. FRED; Omaha. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, asme. • GRIMES. CHARLES: Lincoln, Newman club, Palladian Literary society. Architectural society. • GUIOU. WILLIAM; Grand Island, Sigma Tau. • HALE. T YLOR: Lincoln. Kappa Sigma. • HENDRICKSON, DONALD; Lake Charle-. La.. Phi Gamma Delta. Sigma Tau. ucuK. Blue Print editor. Cadet Officers association. • JENSEN, JAMES; Osmond, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma. SM :. JOHNSON. ARNOLD: Madison, asce secretary. Engineering Exec board. University vets. • JOHNSON. JAMES; Lincoln. Sigma Chi. asmi;, .Scabbard Blade. • JONES, HENRY; Valentine, Gamma Lambda, afee. • JONES, MARTHA; Tacoma, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Lembda Delta, Pi Mu, Epsilon president, lota Sigma Pi. aiche. ywca cabinet. Kappa Phi. • K. CZM. REK. LEO; Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; Newman club, asme. • KAHLER. MARVIN; Fairbury. KAISER, EDWARD; Grand Island, Beta Sigma Psi, Architectural society. University band. • KERSEY. EVERETT; Grand Island. Sigma Tau. asme. • KRENZIEN. CARL; Norfolk. Beta Sigma Psi, asme. • LA BELLE, ELMER; Flint, Mich, asme. • LAUGHLIN, MERLE; Lincoln, aiee. Engineering Seniors The " cover " boy in person. John Cover sprawls in an easy chair for a little outside reading. John, active in the mechanical engineering department, filled all his spare time — almost all. that is — as a member of honoraries Sigma Tau and Kappa Mu Epsilon. Page 77 " Slnin;; hiil -ili ' iil " Don lli-riilr ickson is im Ills way Id aiiolliiT session witli the nine I ' lint. A cliiiiiical rngincer, Uoii I ' llili ' il the Hliie I ' rint this year anil was a iiienihei of Sijinia Tau. engineers " honorar . Engineering Seniors l.KONARl). CARL: I.incohi, Sigma Tau. Engineer Exec eouncil. Aicm:. Rhie Prim. • MeCARTH ' l. DONALD; Nebraska City. vrcHK. • .McCORMICK. XILL1A I; York. Deha Upsilon. • MANION. JOHM: Colhenhurg. Theia Xi. Engineer Exec l oartl. aikk. • MILLS, ORMAN: Culherlson. University orchestra. University hand. ymca. aichk. " MOZER. HARCtLD: Omaha. Zeta Beta Tau. Student Council president. Corn Cobs. Men ' s Point board, AtEii. • MULDOON. SYLVESTER: Chadron. • MURFIN, PAUL; V abash, Sigma Tau. Sigma Xi. aii;k president. Engineer Exec Imard president. • NAKANISHI. SHKiEO; Cleveland, O., asme. Engineer Exec board. • OHMAN. LACHLAN; Lincoln. Kappa Sigma. Sigma Tau. Pi Tau Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, asmi:. • OL. ON. ORVIN; Omaha, ymca, aiee. • OSTERLOH, BYRON; Hooper. Architectural society. • PIPHEK, GERALD: Lincoln, ASME, Blue Print. • REIS, IRVTN; Lincoln, Blue Print, asme, Engineer Exec board. Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilon. • SCHERICH, ERWIN; Inland, asce. • SCHMECHEL, FRANK: Falls City. Sign.a Chi. • .SCHMIDT. BERDEAN Chapman. Beta Sigma Psi, ASAE. • SEAGREN, RICHARD; Omaha. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pershing Rifles. Scabbard Blade, aichi; seretary. SA.ME. Engineer Exec board. • SEHNERT. PALL: Lincoln. • SENG, HUBERT; York, Thela Xi, asce. • SEYMOUR, RICHARD; Madison, asme. Leonard .Vlurfin Scherich McCarlliy ak.anislii S. IU.1.-.I..1 MfCormifk Oilman S.l.llMlIt Manion Olson Seagren Mills OM.rl.ili S.-lin.-it VI, . .r ripluT Muldoon Rris Si- ' iiiour o o Page 7ft Sitllm Stulheit Wagoner Slajcherl Tcninie Theisen Slahl Tomek Stech T recce ttadJlc Zlonike SUTLER. DOYLE: Marlell. ikk. • SLAJCHERT. GEORGE: Lincoln. Religious Welfare council. • SPENCER. ROBERT: Corry, Pa., aichk. • STAHL. GAVLE; Omaha, Delta Lpsilon, Daily Nebraskan. Giiuvm sktu. Cornsliucks business manager. ar- sity debate. .4SCE. • .STECH, GENE; Omaha, aichk. • STRAUSS " WILLIAM: North Plane. aii;e. • STUTHEIT. ARTHUR: North Platte. Sigma Tau. asmi:. Pi Tau Sigma. • TEMME. HERBERT: Wayne, Beta Sigma Psi, Sigma Tau, aiee. • THEISEN. CASPER: Osmond, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ascii, Kosmet Klub. • TOMEK. CHARLES: Butte. Sigma Tau, Gamma Lambda vice- president. University band. • TREECE. TED; Grand Junction. Colo., Kappa Sigma, aichi;. • WADDLE, CRAIG: Lincoln. • WAGONER. DAVID: Hastings, asce. • WHITE. LEE; Omaha, Sigma Alpha Mu. Innocents. • WILMOT. DUANE: Albion, aiche. Delian union. • WOLFE. DON; Lincoln, aiee. • WRENN. WILLIAM: Omaha, aitle. • YEN. ROBERT: North Platte, Beta Sigma Psi. ASCE, LS . • ZLOMKE. CLAYTON: St. Paul. Sigma Tau. asme. Engineering Seniors Max Bailey rests from the labors of mechanical engineering. It was a rare occasion when there was time for Max to relax this year. His membership in Scabbard and Blade, honorary, and A.SME kept him busv between classes. Page 79 Schools of Wll.l.lWI F. SWINDLER. Fh.U. Director School of Journalism Left: Under the direction of Dr. Wil- liam Swindler, the School of Journalism de- veloped every field of journalistic writing, including radio which helped the student in- terested in the " fourth estate. " Students re- ceived training in all phases of news report- ing from ropy reading, as is shown in the pic- lure, to the actual piiuting of a story. Right: Because of the jncr-cascd ernoll- nicul in this school, a new huildinj; is iiciuii constructed lor ihc joiirnalisin ilc|)arlmciil. With this new l)uilding will come relief from crowded class rooms and overworked instruc- tors. When Burnett Hall stands complclcd, the school will continue to |)roduce some of the finest graduates in this field. Page 80 Journalism and Fine Arts Right: The close cooperation u ii d e i which the school works was clearly shown in the production of " " Carmen. ' " With the art department working on the pLd)licity and scenery, the school of music preparing and presenting the musical selections, and the theatre training the actors, the three depart- ments of the school coordinated for a liigldv successful presentation. ARTHUR E. WESTBROOK. Mi. .l).. L.H.D. Director School of Fine Arl- Left: The School of Fine Arts is com- posed of the department of music and the department of art, located in Morrill Hall. The school gained renown from the several plays which were presented to the final pro- duction of the entire school, the opera " Car- men. " During the year, many unsung people carry on tlie back stage work as is shown at the left. Page 81 Graduate College KOliEKT WHITMOKIC (.OSS. rii.D. Dt-aii of ihe Giailuate College Left: Tlie Graduate College provides coiii- ]ilt ' te courses for all graduates who are inter- ested in furthering their education beyond the Bachelors degree. With the aid of a com- petent staff. Dean Goss is able to provide work in all lields ot graduate endeavor. Right: Graduate students are allowed unre- stricted use oi the l.ove I.iiirary slacks and sludv rooms k no w n as " carrels. ' ! inc metnlxns oi the graduate college are ap|)()iul- ed hy the dean and a])pr()ved l)y the facull to serve as the administrative hods lor this college. Page 82 Extension Service Division KNUTE OSCAR BRO ADV. PH.D. Director University Extension Division WILLIAM H. BROKAW Director . gricultural College Extension .Service Right: All efficient office staff is necessary to handle tlie various activities included iiiuler the division ' s services. Sending study |)iograms, grading students ' papers, and han- dling the steady flow of mail are the duties which keep this busy staff occupied. Left: Faculty menihers look over the sub- jects covered by the division ' s film library. An evidence of the modern trend toward visual education, the library grows constantly — keeping up to date with new developments which occur faster than textbooks about them can be published. Page 83 WENDELL L. HOFFMAN. A.B. Manager of Piiotogiapliir Laboratories FRANK ARTHl R II Nin A.B.. Cert, in Lil). Director of Libraries GEORGE EVERET CONDRA B..Sc.. A.M.. Ph.D. Chief of Division Stale Geologist in Conservaliim ami .Survey Associated Departments Above: The Pliotogiapliic l.almratory is a department iinrler the division of Piirclias- ing and Procurement. Located in the west stadium, its facilities are housed in ten rooms. The laboratory vork in close conjimction with all parts of the university and is respon- sible for a large pari of ihc piitiires released for university puljlicalion.s. I he deparlmeiit is under the direction of W. 1,. llotiiiiaii. I ' aiie VA Beloii: One of tlie neuer additions to the university c a m p u s is Love Memorial Lilirar which is under the direction of Pro- fessor F. . Lundy. Every student, during his college life, utilizes the complete line of reference material available in the library. Attendants are always on hand to tender prom])t and etlicient service to the studcttt. (.EDKOt LdlT KUliND. B.Sc. in Agr. Director liniversily Puhlic Relalion?- Assistant Extension Agricultural Editor CHARLES P.ERTRAND SCHULTZ. H. . .. l.,- Director of Museum Ph.D. Right, top: The University of Nebraska State Museum, with Elephant Hall as its domi- nant feature, is noted throughout the world. During the past half-century, an outstanding collection of fossils of North American mam- mals has been assembled. Plans are now under way to present authentic and natural wild life exhibits of Nei)raska birds and mam- mals, according to Dr. C. Bertrand Schultz. director of the museum. Below: The purposes of the Conserva- tion and Survey Division of the university are to survey and describe the geology, topog- raphy, and conservation jiroblems of Ne- braska, and to serve as an information bureau giving information related to the development of the state resources. This department is under the direction of Dr. George E. Condra. Bottom: The Department of Public Rela- tions is under the direction of Mr. George S. Round. The department stresses three main activities: to publicize the university; to in- terpret and publish university research for use throughout the state; and to report events and stinuilate closer faculty cooperation. ft ' College of Top: An aerial view of the College of Medicine campus shows the University Hos- pital in the center; the North Laboratory hiiilding at the lower right; the South Labora- torv huilding just opposite to the left; Con- kiing Hall, the residence of nurses, immedi- ately behind the south building; and in right center behind the hospital may be seen the (Children ' s Memorial Hospital. Bottom: Junior and senior medical stu- dents have first hand opportunity to observe the effects of disease, treatment, and subse- quent progress of individual patients. Dr. George Pester, surgical resident, is explaining the details of the treatment of a patient to Lyle Milliken, senior student, while Helen Danielson assists. Top: Lectures, class denu)nslratiuns. and clinics are given in the Medical Amphitheater of the College of Medicine. Dr. Paul Cash is shown giving a lecture in p ychiatry to a class of junior medical Indents. Bottom: I5()lh uudcr-gradualc and graduate practicing physicians jjenefit from the clinical teaching given in the wards of the University Hospital. Dr. Alfred .L Brown is s hown giv- ing a ward clinic lo a group of doctors taking refresher courses. Page 86 Medicine HAROLD CHARLES LUETH. Ph.D.. M.D. Dean of the College of -Medicine .Superinleiiilent of ihe I ' niversity Ho |)ital Right: A campus canteen was e.stal)lislied last year at the request of the student Ijody who desired to have a place where they could purchase light lunches, beverages, and ineet and relax with their friends. Left: A wide variety of patients enter the University Hospital and afford the intern staff the opportunity to practice medicine under the supervision of the medical faculty. Dr. Roger Boulden is shown in the operating room applying a plaster of paris cast to a Page 87 School of Top: Capping is a significant event in each nurse ' s life. The successful completion of the pre-clinical training signifies the student ' s advancement in nursing and her right to wear the coveted white cap, which is a symhol of service and an enil)!eni of a proud profession. Bottom: The care ot lioth sick and well chil- dren is taught in the Pediatric Ward and Clinic. During the three months spent in the department, student nurses iiecome acquaint- ed with all phases of child care and develoj)- nient. Page 88 Top: Miss Hazel Sprague. Director of Diet- etics, is shown leaching Miss Dorothy Russell how to pr( ' |)arc a weighted, prescrihed special diet. Insliuction in preparation of noimal and special diets is a pari ol niiisini; educa- tion. This makes it possilih for the nurse to intelligcnilv consider liie dietary prohienis ol her patients. lloHoni : Skill in assisting ihe surgeon is re- quired of the student tnirse during the ten weeks s|)ent in the operating room of the Uni- versity Hospital. An aleit mind, accurate oliservations. and a knowledge of surgical techni(|ues make it possihle for the nurse to hecome an essential part of tlie surgical team. Nursing f IH I MMRINE KYLE. B.Sc. G.N., S.M. Director School of Nursing Right: In both woik and ] lay tlie student luirse enjoys a well- rounded currieuluni whicli covers a thirty-six month period. The course is divided into a pre-clinical and a clinical period with the faculty members of both schools working as the instructional staff. Through this concentrated work, university women are al)le to qual- ify for the R. N. and B. S. degree. Left: Social events, such as informal teas, give students the opportunity to meet other professional groups in the College of Medi- cine. The School of Nursing arranges par- ties, dances, athletic games, picnics, and other recreational events. Participation in these activities provide a wholesome respite from studies and work and help the student nurse develop poise, maturity, and professional standing. Page 89 Lejt: n.ui- lioff. ' M :in.l KM;. Mar kiilil |irr-iili- al i nr uf the iikmiIIiU ti-a-- lirM ill CunkliriL!: Hall. re iilfiic - hall lui wnriien in nursing. lif ' ou: Kilna AndtTMin. Ir-lt. ami l)(ni- I ' uokt ' tt take off for placrs unknown in some of the few spare minutes foun i in a luclrnt nurse ' s life. Nursing Seniors ALL ' l.N. MARY. Omaha. • BLRCHFIELD, ELSIE; ReHfield, la. • DICKMAN, DONNA ; Beatrice. • UILLMAN, MARJORIE; Lincoln. • DUNBAR. WILMA: Taylor. • FITCH. PATRICIA: Blair. • (iOODNlCK. DORIS; Chadron. • GUTSCHOW, MARYLIS; Blair. • HANN. VIRGINIA; Winner. S. D. • HOFFERT. DOKIS; Omaha. • HUGHES, MARILYN; Fairburj-. • KUHL. ELLA; Boone. la. • LAWSON, CAROLYN; Omaha. • LEE, PATRICIA; Adel, la. Allyl. Gutschow BiircliliclJ Harm ll,.ff.-il Dillm.Lii Hushes Kiilil Fitrh CnodWek Page 90 f L.TOSrlirn Margritz l ' ..lil Pu k.-lt Iippse Sackirh Shane Siiiilli Stennfcld Warwi ,k W ishburn ber Wicklian] Wright LOOSCHEN. MARY: Hooper. • MARGRITZ. GERALDINE; Aurora. • POHL. . ' HIKLEV: Hampton. • PICKETT. DORIS: Lincoln. • REESE. ARDITH: Omaha. • SACKICH. JENNIE; Rock Springs, Wyo. • SHANE. ZADA; Guide Rock. • SMITH, DARLINE; Lincoln. • STENNFELD. GRACE; Fremont. • WARWICK. MARJORIE: Osceola. • WASHBURN, MARY; Hastings. • WEBER. SUSAN; Norfolk. • WICKHAM. JOSEPHINE: .Salem. • WRIGHT. CAROLYN: Red Oak. la. Nursing Seniors Leil: And always to be found in sparkling white, a bydaw of a grad- uate or student nurse, is adequately illustrated by Marjory Warwick, left, and Carolyn Lawson. But even nurses get colfl. Below: There ' s nothing like the life of a nurse according to these students, li-fl to right: Marylis Gutschow. Mary llyn, Ella .Mae Kuhl, and Darline Jo Smith. Page 91 Underclassmen JKRin JOHNSTON jiininr class president [ilinlo by Norman Case Class of 1949 Lejl: ' I ' a M ' l Jackie Vif;liliiian and lianj-woi kiny W iiUMii- )er Nancy (Jish don ' t seem to mind being cornered by S(|uat Aleycrs, Husker halfback, and Corn Cob Bob Easter. Hrlinr: Krv Chesen of tbe RoK business staff and Barbie Turk. I ' oiiridalion wheel, gather a little kiiowie ihe) watch Weldon Kiinlierliiif;. L ' .SN. work on the Sono- ision in the L ' nion. CoiiNUL SKI-;!! staff member Kay Kinsey demonstrates some of that hidden talent at the organ for .Student Foundation Vice-President Greg Kallo . Junior life is never complete without that dirt as Cornhhskek managing editors Nadine Anderson and Jane Mc- Arthur and Foundation President Ce- nene Mitchell discuss that lalcsi liilbil. -Maril n Ljness. Lillian Loi k and Har- riet Bridenbaugh. Ag activity girls, start off to another cdass after a little relaxa- tion in the (]rib. «l ' Page 94 Ah, college life ami convertiljles! Hill Scliriik ami Joan Farrar, Kosmet Klub Sweetheart, in the front seat, and Shirley Sahin. vice prexy. and Owen Scott of the M waUh ihe passing campns parade. Who are liaiiyht) |)eo])le wlio keep liankers ' hoiiis on campus — up jiisl in time to make their ten o ' clocks. and ctitting all afternoon classes for spring picnics ? Yep, the juniors. Now upperclassmen, they really know how to take life easy. They yawn and say they are tired of attending university functions, and sedately slit each others ' throats wing for Mortar Board and Innocents. To he in trouhle with a jitofessor is a feather in the cap of any noble junior, and it is the law that he must always wear that superior expression. Truthfully, the juniors are a class in themselves — a very nolile lace which lhc all strive to iiiaiMtaiu. Above: Whence comes the fatal charm of Norm Leger? Here he is with just three of his many admirers — Pep Q)ueen Lois Gillette. Peggie Lawrie of the AlIF. and Jeanne Kerrigan. Rng managing editor. Below: What in tlie world could .Student Foundation ' s Marge Anthony have in her notebook to give such a charge to Al Amsden. journalism gold key winner ' . ' ' Na-ture study is very essential to a broad education — or so decided these three Cornhiskkk wheels. Uana liasmussen. Cherie Viele and Ray fJiemond. as they parked themselves on ihe I nion lawn. Page 9.5 Juniors • AASEN. BETTY; Fairhury. vxs, Chi Omega. • ADAMS. ANN; West Poiiil. Ed. • ALEXANDEK. .SAKA; Eall Cii . a«.5. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALFRE ' l. DONNA; Lincoln, a s, Towne Club. • ALLEN, PHYLLIS; Craig, Ed.. Alpha Phi. • LLEN. ROBERT: Limoln, Bus. Ad., Phi Delia Thela. • AMICK. ELLEN: Loup City, Ed.. Kappa Alpha ' Iheia. • ANDERSON. CHARLES; .St. Joseph. Mo.. Bus. Ad.. Beta Thela Pi. ANDER.SON, FRANK; Lincoln, Ag., Sigma Nu. • ANDERSON, JACK; Omaha, u is. .Sigma Nu. • A.M)KR.M)N, NADINE; .Scotlsbluff, A s. Alpha Phi. • ANDER.SON. NORKIE: Kearney, a s. Phi (;amma Delta. • ANTHONY. MARJORIE: Sidney, Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • APGAR, CHARLES; Lincoln, a s. Delta Tau Delta. • ARGABRIGHT. MELVIN; Auburn, Eng. • ARM.STRONG. DEAN; .St. Paul. Bus. Ad., Theta Xi. • ASKEY, DALE; Atlantic, la.. Bus. Ad.. Delta .Sigma Pi. • AlKERMAN, KENNETH; Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • AUTEN, DONALD; Ayr. Bus. Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi. • BACHENBERG, TRUMAN; Burchard, Ag. • BAHEN.SKY. MARIAN; St. Paul, Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • BAHR, NORMAN; Rapid City, .S. D.. Eng., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • BAILEY. AUDREY; Omaha, a«,s. • BALL, ALAN; Fremont, . s. Phi Kappa Psi. • BALLEW, JOHN; Lincoln. Pre-Med., Delta Tau Delta. • BAMESBERGER, LOIS; Hampton. Ag. • BARTON. SILAS; Creighton, Eng. • BATES, TIM; Lincoln. Eng., Phi (;amma Delta. • BAT.SON, ARLEI(;H; Waterloo. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Chi. • BATTEY, BEVERLY; Lincoln, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • BATTLES, RICHARD; Genda, xs, Sigma Phi Epsilon. BAl EK. HAROLD; Culbertson, Ed., Sigma Chi. • BAUER. THOMAS; Wray. Colo., a s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • BECKNER, BETT ; Holmsullc. Ag. • BELLOWS, RAY; Blair, Eng.. Delta Upsilon. • BENDER. FREDERICK; Sutton, Eng., Tau Kappa Epsilon. • BENNINCJTON. VIRGINIA; Chappell. Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • BENNISON, DOROTHY; Lincoln, Ed., Kappa Alpha Theta. • BEN.SON, RICHARD; Omaha, Bus. Ad., Phi Kappa Psi. • BERG, MARILYN; Mead. Ed. • BER(;H. AMY JO; Omaha, Ed„ Kappa Alpha Theta. • BERGMAN, JOANNE; Omaha, a s. Alpha Phi. • BERGSTRAESSER, WALTER; Lincoln, Eng., Beta .Sigma Psi. • BERKHEIMER, RICHARD; (;ordon. Law. Mpha Tau Omega. BERNSTEIN, MARNIN; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Mu. Aascn . la ins Alexander Mh. Allen Allen. R. i..i.k Mders..n. C. nderson. iiders..ii. J. Kiidersdil. N. Anderson. N. V illi..ii Apgai Artiahrit lil rnislri ii{; ske iikeriiian utfn Ba» henlnTg Batieiisliv Bah. Bailey Ball Ballew Bam. slierpiT Burton Bales BalS ' in Battev Hallh- Bauer Bauer. T. Beckner Bellows B.-iul.M tlrnnincloii BeniiUon B.-ns.,n B.TB Bergli Bergman HfTKstraessrr Berklieiiner Meriislciii : ' o P c W MS M i ' © . Page 96 Cj O - ' si li.. Be3sel Betke Bifrnian Bloiiiyren Bloom Bock Bohabuy Buker Bordy Borkenhagen Bolts Bo wen Bowman Boydston Boylston Branch Brand Brandvik Bratt Brideiiba.i::li Briese Brisco Brown, D. Brown. G. Brown, N. Bruning Buchfinck Bull Burlev Burmester Burr Burton Busch Busch Buss Capek Carlson Carroll Carter Cariney Cassman Castle Castner Chace Chambers BESSEL, BERNICE; Creston, la., A s, Sigma Delta Tan. • BETKE, ROBERT; Ravenna, Eng., Beta Sigma Psi. • BIERMAN, WALDEAN: Kensington. Kan., A s, Plii Gamma Delta. • BLOMGREN, THOM: Cambridge. 111.. Bus. Ad.. Delta Upsilon. • BLOOM. RICHARD; Lincoln, A s, Delta Tau Delta. • BOCK, MARJORIE; Omaha, Ed.. Delta Gamma. • BOHABOY, MAXINE; Prague, Ag. • BOKER. HAROLD; Omaha, a s, Theta Xi. • BORDY, MARVIN; Silver Creek, a s, Zeta Beta Tau. • BORKENHAGEN, ANNETTE; Omaha, a s. • BOTTS. JACK; Aberdeen, S. D., a s. • BOWEN, WILLIAM; Lexington, Eng., Sigma Nu. • BOWMAN, KIRK; Albion, Eng. • BOYD.STON, BILL; Warren 0., Eng.. Beta Theta Pi. • BOYLSTON, MARY; Chester, Ed. • BRANCH, JEANNE; Lincoln, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • BRAND, JOHN; Santa Rosa, Calif., Eng., Kappa Sigma. • BRANDVIK. AREL; Emerson. Pre-Med. • BRATT, MARY; Arapahoe. Ed., Sigma Kappa. • BRIDENBAUGH, HARRIET; Dakota City, Ag. • BRIESE, IRVIN; Bartlett, Bus. Ad., Beta Sigma Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi. • BRISCO, SHIRLEY; Douglas, Ed. • BROWN, DOROTHY; Verdon, a s. • BROWN, GEORGIA, Sutherland, Ed. • BROWN, NANCY; McCook, Ed., Deha Deha Deha. • BRUNING. FRANK; Bruning, Ag., Alpha Tau Omega. • BUCHFINCK. JULIE; AlHance, a s. Pi Beta Phi. • BULL, ERVIN; Elkhorn, Ag.. Beta Sigma Psi. • BURLEY, JOHN; Lincoln, Eng., Kappa Sigma. BURMESTER, LAMBERT; Lyons, Bus. Ad., Beta Sigma Psi. • BURR, GEORGE; Omaha, Law, Theta Xi. • BURTON, SHIRLEY; Arapahoe, Ed. • BUSCH, BARBARA; Omaha, A s, Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BUSCH, ORVAL; Hooper, Bus. Ad., Beta Sigma Psi. • BUSS, BETH; Scottsbluff, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • CAPEK, RICHARD; Lincoln, A s, Phi Delta Theta. • CARLSON, ROBERT; Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Kappa Sigma. • CARROLL, ELAINE; Lincoln, Ed., Towne Club. • CARTER, RUSSELL; Blair, A s, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CARTNEY. THOMAS; Twin Falls, Ida., a s. Beta Theta Pi. • CASSMAN, CLAIRE; Freeport, 111., a s, Sigma Delta Tau. • CASTLE. HELEN; Norton, Kan.. Alpha Xi Delta. • CASTNER. JEAN; Ashland, Law. Delta Upsilon. • CHACE, JACK; Pilger. Bus. Ad. • CHAMBERS. JOANNE: Fremont. Ag.. Sigma Kappa. Juniors I ' aj; Juniors CHEEK. PATRICIA: Miluauk.r. W i .. a. s. Pi Beta Phi. • CHESEN, IRWIN; Liiuoln. a s. Zeia Reta Tau. • CHILVERS, HORERT: Pierce. Ag.. Kami House. • CHRISTENSEN. FORREST; Lyon . K 1.. Sijima Phi Epsilon. • CHRISTENSEN, MAX; Krarney. s. • CHRISTIAN. SCOIT: Omaha. En ;., Kappa Sigma. • CKAKE. RALPH: Winneloon, Eng. • CLARK. KORKRT: Lincoln. Bus. Ad., Reta Sigma Psi. • CLAUSSEN, RRUCE; North Platte. a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • CLOW. .|()HN: Omaha, a s. Sigma Nu. • COCHRAN. JOE; Columbus. Eng.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • COKER. ROLAND: Suther- land. Bus. Ad. • COLBERG. HELEN: Forrest Park. HI., Ag., Pi Beta Phi. • COLLINS. MARIE: Stanton. E.I.. Alpha Phi. « CONLEY. EUGENE; Nebraska City, Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • CONWAY. KATHLEEN; Lincoln. Ag. • COPPLE. KATHERVN; Reno, Nev., a s, Chi Omega. • CORNELIUS. FLOYDE: Madrid. Bus. Ad., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • CORRICK, RRUCE: Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Sigma Nu. • COWLES. SHIRLEY; Wallace. Ed., Alpha Omicron Pi. • COX. JOHN; Sutherland, Eng. • COX, RODNEY: Arapahoe, Eng., Beta Theta Pi. • CROISANT. RAY; Osceola. Ed. • CROOK, MARIAN; Nebraska City, A s. • CULBERT. RICHARD: Sioux Falls. S. D., Bus. Ad.. Alpha Kappa Psi. • CULLEN. RICHARD; Ralston, Bus. Ad., Beta Theta Pi. • COMMINS, BEL A; Lexington. Ag. • CURTLS. MARVIN: Lincoln. Eng.. Alpha Tau Omega. • CV PREANSEN. BARBARA; Casper. Wye. Law. Pi Beta Phi. • l)AMKRO(;ER. HERL: DeWitt. Ag.. Farm Hou t. • DAVIS. HARVEY: Omaha. Bus. Ad., Sigma Alpha Mu. • DAVIS JOHN: Omaha. Eng.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. » DEDRlCK. JACK; Sidney, Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • DEETER. ElIGENE; Lincoln. Bu . d.. lplia Tau Omega. • DE JARNFTTE. BOBBE. Nebraska City, Ed.. Alpha Phi. • DEMAREE, DUANE; Norfolk, axs. IM.i Cannna Delta. • DENEKE. WILLIAM; Lincoln. Eng.. Phi Gamma Delia. • DENKINGER, JACK; Humphrey, Bus. Ad.. D.lia Sigma Pi. • DIERS. RICHARD; Scoltsbluff. Bus. Ad., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DIESTEL, MARILYN; Fremont. Ed., (;amma Phi Beta. • DIETRICH, PAUL; Hammond. Ind.. Ag.. Sigma Chi. •DILLMAN, ARCHIE; Lincoln. s, Sigma Uu. • DINSMORE. HELEN; Omaha. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • DIXON. ' ft ' ARREN: Mitclu-il. S. 1).. Eng.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • DOLEN. HOWARD: Lin.oln. Ihi . A. I.. Delta Sigma Pi. Cheek Clow Corrick Ciirlis Deneke Che sen Cochran Cowles Cypreaiiseii Denkinger Chilvcrs Coker Cox Dainkroyer Uiers (;iirtslcnsen, F. Colberg Cox Davis t)icslel Chrislcnsi Collins Croisant Davis DiPtrich Christian Cnnlcy Cruok Dr.irirk Dillnum Clare Conway Culbert Deeter Dinsmoie Clark Copple Cutlen De Janu-tle Dixon Claussen Cornelius Cnmmins Dfinaree Dolen o p o p a ©» p -i.-? Page 98 A tl p i H {? C " P - ' fl H ■ miM ■■■i.iiii Ibil mtimaikmmmmm ibb .. i4 Donovan iJuruthv D.try Douglas. V. Douglas, W. Dnvey Dunn Dyer Easter Echtenkamp Edwards Ehrmann Eller Elliott Ehvard Emmett Engslrom Erlewine, Eriewine, G. Ernst Erwin Eskilsen Etmund Everilt Ewing Fairchild Farber Farrar Fastcnau Flese Ferguson Fiala Firke Finlay Finnegan Firnliahcr Fischer Fisher Fiske Fitzmorris Flaherty Florell Foreshoe Fosler. B. Foster. L. DONOVAN, KATHLEEN; Lincoln, Ed. • DOROTHY, WALTER; Ravenna. Eng.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • DORY, DONALD; Grand Island. A s. Phi Gamma Delta. • DOUGLAS, VIRGINIA; Aurora, Ed., Delta Gamma. • DOUGLAS, WINNIE; Palmyra, Ag. • DOVEY, ADELE; Peoria, lU., Ed.. Gamma Phi Beta. • DUNN, BARBARA; Omaha, Ed., Delta Gamma. • DYER, EARL; Nebraska City, a s. • EASTER, ROBERT; Lincoln, Eng., Beta Theta Pi. • ECHTENKAMP, HARLAN; Fremont, Eng., Beta Sigma Psi. • EDWARDS, ROBERT; Omaha, Bus. Ad., Beta Theta Pi. • EHRMANN. JOCELYN; Lincoln. A s, Alpha Xi Delia. • ELLER. LYNN: Stratton. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELLIOTT. CATHERINE; Scottshluff, Ed.. Alpha Phi. • ELWARD. MELVIN; Geneva. Eng.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • E.MMETT. ROLAND; Arapahoe. Eng., Beta Theta Pi. • ENGSTROM. HAROLD; Lincoln. Eng.. Phi Kappa Psi. • ERLEWINE. DALE; Ogallala. Ag.. Farm House. • ERLEWINE. GALE; Ogalalla. Ag.. Farm House. • ERN.ST, DONA; KimbalL Ag. • ERWIN. DON; Laurel. Ag. • E.SKILSEN. SHIRLEY; Fremont, a s, Alpha Phi. • ETMUND. BETTY; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • EVERITT, EDWARD; Osceola. Bus. Ad., Delta Tau Delta. • EWING, RANDALL; Loretto, Bus.. Ad.. Kappa Sigma. • FAIRCHILD, WARREN; Endicott, Ag., Kappa Sigma. • FARBER, EDWIN; Lincoln, A s, Sigma Alpha Mu. • FARRAR, JOAN; Hyannis, Ed.. Kappa Alpha Theta. • FASTENAU, ARDEN; Lincoln, Bus. Ad.. Delta Upsilon. • FLESE. JOAN; Wymore, A s, Alpha Chi Omega. • FERGUSON. MARY; Lincoln, Ag., Towne Club. • FIALA. JOSEPH; Howells. Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. • FICKE. MYRNA; Pleasant Dale. Ed. • FINLAY. REGINALD; Kansas City, Mo., Eng., Phi Deha Theta. • FINNEGAN. LEONARD; North Platte. Eng.. Delta Upsilon. • FIRNHABER, ARNOLD; West Point. Bus. Ad.. Beta Sigma Psi. FISCHER. ARLENE; New York. N. Y.. a s. Sigma Delta Tau. • FISHER, LUELLA; Dawson. Ed. • FLSKE. PATRICIA; Lincoln, a s. Pi Beta Phi. • FITZMORRIS. RITA; .Scottshluff. Bus. Ad., Delta Gamma. • FLAHERTY, FRANCIS; Fullerton. a s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • FLORELL. ROBERT; Cortland. Kans.. Ag. • FORESHOE. MEL- VIN; Dakota City. Bus. Ad. • FOSTER, BETTY; Gordon. Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. • FOSTER, LOIS; Lincoln, a s, .Sigma Kappa. Juniors Page 99 Juniors FORSTER. FRANCES; Denver. Colo., a s. Kappa Delta. • FRANKE, ROBERT; Wooil River. Bus. Ad., Delta Sigma Pi. • FRANS. JAMES: Union. . s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • FRAZEE. MARY: Omaha, a s. Delta Gamma. • FLCHSER. CLEO; (;oriion, Eng. • Fl HR. WILLIAM; Spemer. Bus. Ad... Delta Sigma Pi. -FlINK. JEAN: Maywood. Eng. • (JALLOWAY, ROBERT; Lincoln, Eng., Beta Theta Pi. • (;ANZEL, DEWEY: McCook. a s. Sigma Chi. • CARD, GENE; Beaver Crossing, Ag.. Farm House. • GARDINER, PATRICIA; Omaha, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • (;ARDNER, GERALD; Massillon, 0.. Dent., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Xi Psi Phi. • (;ARDNER. JOHN; Overton. Eng. • GARDNER. ROBERT: Ansley. Eng.. Kappa Sigma. • (;AR0N, NORTON: Omaha. Bu.s. Ad., eta Beta Tau. • CARTON. PATRICLA; Lincoln, a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • GEiST. KATH- RYN: Lincoln, a s. Towne Cluh. • (;ELWICK. RICHARD: Falls City. a s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • (;EORGE. JOSEPHINE; Omaha. Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GEYE. DONALD: Aurora, III, Eng.. Beta Sigma Psi. • GIBSON. RALEIGH; Fairhury, A s. • GILLETT. LOIS; Lincoln, Ed., Towne Club. • GISH, NANCY; Fort Worth, Tex., a s. Delta Gamma. • GISSLER. LEONARD: Osceola, a s. Beta Sigma Psi. • GLASS. ORVILLE; Beatrice, a s. Beta Theta Pi. GLEN. CARL; Auburn. Pharm., Phi Kappa Psi. • GLOOR. ALVIN; Albion, Ed. • GOBAR, LOIS; Fullerton. Calif., Ed.. Kappa Delta. • GOODDING, BARBARA; Lincoln, Ed., Chi Omega. • GRAFF, MARY; Beatrice, a s. • GRAHAM. PATRICIA: Lincoln. Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • GRAUL. DALE: Roca, Bus. Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi. • GREEN, RICHARD; Bayard. Bus. Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi. • GREEN. ROBERT; Indianapolis, Ind., Eng.. Delta L ' psilon. • GREENE. EARL; Loup City, a s. Kappa Sigma. • GREENSTREET, WATSON; Amelia. Bus. Ad. • GRIFFIN, MARY; Lincoln, Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • GRIGGS, JAMES; Scottshluff, Ed., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GROBECK. GLORIA; Omaha, Ed. • GRUNGER, SAMUEL; Lincoln, Eng.. Sigma Alpha Mu. • GUHIN, PATRICIA; Superior, a s. Alpha Chi Omega. • GUILFORD, JOAN; Beverly Hills, Calif., a s. Alpha Phi. • GUSTAFSON. GLADYS; Cozad, a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • GUSTAVSON, RUSSELL: Lincoln, a s. Delta Tau Delta. • HAMILTON. VIRGINIA; Omaha. Ed., Gamma Phi Beta. Forsler Card George Gobar Griffin Fruiike Gardiner Geye Goodding Griggs Frans Gardner, G. Gibson Frazee Gardner, J. Gill -tl Graliam Granger Fiichser Gardner. R. Gisli Graul (; 11 hill Kuhr Garun (lissler Green (.iiilfor.l Funk Gurlun Glass Green, R. Giislafson, G. Galloway Geist Glen Greene Gii Iav i(in. K, Ganzel Gelwick Gioor (ireenstrcet H.iiiiill»n Page 100 SMd Miiiiiilh Hartimi Hrnsel Holhrn.ik III) ll;in»-n, D. Haseloh Hcppcrly Holliiiay Jai ' ujikc ll,in..M, 1 HasUm Hprmani Holm James Hansen, V. Hays HiTshman Hnlmqiiist James. Miir Hanson, G. Heins Hewett Horton Jenkins Harder Heller Hipli Howar.l Jensen Harris, H. Hemenway Hill Huff J.iiseii Harris, P. Hemniingcr Hinriehs Huston Jensen Harris. S. Hendriks Hoffman Hyland Jessup HAMILTON, ROBERT; Petersburg, Ag., Phi Kappa Psi. • HANSEN, DALE; Newman Grove, Eng., Alpha Tau Omega. • HANSEN, EARL; Clay Center, Eng. • HANSEN. VIRGENE: David City, A s. Pi Beta Phi. • HANSON, GEORGE; Grand Island. A s, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • HARDER. EVELYN; Springfield, Ed. • HARRIS, HARRY; Fairbury, Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • HARRIS. PHYLLIS; Lincoln, Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • HARRIS, SHELDON; Omaha, Law, Zeta Beta Tau. • HARTMANN, DOLORES; Lineoln, Ed., Towne Club. • HASELOH, MARY LOU: Harvard, Ag. • HASLAM, .lOHN; Fremont. Bus. Ad., Beta Theia Pi. • HAY,S, H. C; Lisco, a s. • HEINS, DONALD; Wauneta, A s. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HELLER, DORIS; DeWill, Ag. • HEMENWAY, DOUGLAS; Clearwater, Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • HEMMINGER, GRETCHEN; Deadwood, S. D., Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • HENDRIKS, HOWARD; Lincoln, Bus. Ad. • HENSEL. ELAINE; West Point, Ed.. Gamma Phi Beta. • HCPPEllLY. EILEEN; Fremont, a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • HERMAN, JACK; Weeping Water, A s, Phi Gamma Delta. • HERSHMAN, STEPHEN; Kansas City, Mo., Bus. Ad. • HEWETT, MARY; Rushville, Ed., Delta Deha Delta. • HIGH, GLORIA; Herlrand, Ag. • HILL. JACQUELYN; Lincoln, Ed.. Towne Cluli. • HINR1CH.S, WARREN; Beatrice, Bus. Ad., Delta Sigma Pi. • HOFFMAN. JEAN; Wilber, Ag. • HOLBROOK, JACK; Lincoln, a s. Phi Gamma Delta. • HOLLIDAY, PATRICIA; Hebron, Ed., Sigma Kappa. • HOLM, PAULINE; Sprague, Ed. • HOLMQUIST, HAROLD; Oakland, Law, Phi Gamma Delta. • HORTON, HELEN; Salem, Ag. • HOWARD, WARREN; Omaha, Eng., Phi Kappa Psi. • HUFF, MARGARET; Lincoln, A s. • HUSTON, TEDD; Grand Island, a s. Phi Delta Theta. • HYLAND. PATTI; Lincoln, Ag., Kappa Alpha Theta. • INGRAM, PAUL; Louisville. Eng., Tau Kappa Epsilon. • JACUPKE, ARLENE; Fremont. F:d. • JAMES, MELVIN; North Platte, Ag. • JAMES, MURIEL; Lincoln, Ed. • JENKINS, JOHN; Omaha, Eng.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • JENSEN, EUGENE; . ' t. Edward, Ag., Farm House. • JENSEN, HOWARD; Blair, Eng.. Kappa Sigma. • JENSEN, JEAN; St. Paul, A s, Alpha Xi Delta. • JESSUP, ROBERT; Bayard, Eng. Juniors Page 101 Juniors JOHANSEN, HOMER; Columbus, Bus. Ad. • JOHN.S, MAX; Herman, a s, Delia Tau Delta. • JOHN.SON, GORDON; Wahoo, A s, Delta Upsilon. • JOHN.SON, HAROLD; Ravenna, Ed., Beta Sigma Psi. • JOHN.SON. .MARJORIE: .Sioux City, la., Ed., Pi Beta Phi. • JOHNSON, RICHARD L., Burwell, Eng., Theta Xi. • JOHN.SON, RICHARD; Lincoln, Eng., Delta Upsilon. • JOHN. ' ON. R()(;ER: .Scandia. Minn.. Bus. Ad.. Delia Ipsilon. • JOHN.SON. ALUiHN; Omaha. Ag.. Sigma Chi. • JOHN.STON, (;i:ORGE; Galeshurg. 111.. Eil.. Phi Gamma Delta. • JONES, CAROLINE: Omaha, a s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • JONES. (;RAH AM: l.imoln. Eng.. Phi Gamma Deha. • JORDAN. ROBERT; Galeshurg. llh. a s. Phi Gamma Delta. • KALLOS. GRE(;OR " i : Falls City. . s. Sigma Chi. • KANTOR. JOHN: Fairhury. as.s. • KASE. JOSEPH: West Point, Bu.s. Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi. • KATZ. RHODA; St. Joseph. Mo., a s. Sigma Delta Tau. • KECK. JAMES; Rapid City, S. D., a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • KEENEY. PHILIP; Cedar Grove, N. J.. Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. KELLENBAR(;ER. JO; Anselmo, Ag. • KELLER. ROBERT; Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Delta Tau Delta. • KELLISON, MARY; Los Angeles, Calif., a s. Kappa Alpha Thela. • KELLY. JO: Atkinson, A s. Chi Omega. • KENNEDY. CLAY: Peru, Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • KENNEDY, ROBERTA: Columhus. s. Delia Deha Delta. • KENNER. WILLIAM: Nebraska City, a s. Phi Kappa Psi. • KENT. DOROTHY : Omaha, a s. (;amma Phi Beta. • KERRIGAN. JEANNE: Fremont, a s. Pi Beta Phi. • KETZLER. JANNE; Omaha, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • KIE.STER. KENNETH: Hemingford. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • KIMMERLING, MAX: Beatrice, Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • KING. CONRAD; Omaha. Ag.. Sigma Chi. • KING. SHIRLEY: Lincoln. Bus. Ad. • KINNIER, GRAY; Spalding. Ag.. Alpha (;amma Rho. • KINSEY, KAY; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Phi. • KINSEY. WILLIAM: Shubert, Bus. Ad., Phi Delta Theta. • KIRK. HELEN; Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Phi. • KIRKMAN. BONITA: Benkelman. Ed. • KLINGMAN. LAURA: Chappell. Ag. • KNERL. MARJORIE: Ravenna. Ed. • KOCH. RICHARD: Lincoln, a s. Phi Kappa Psi. • KOEHLER. ROBERT: Fremont. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • KOEHN. MLLIAM: Lincoln. Pharm.. Sigma Nu. • KOLPAL. HOWARD: Lincoln. Eng.. Phi Gamma Delia. • KRAFKA. BENJAMIN: alparaiso. Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. Johansen Johns Jolmsun. G. JiilMibcn, H. Johnson, M. Jolinson. Hie hard John o 11. li. J..lHison. K. Johnson. V, Johnston Jones, C. Jones, G. Jordan Kallos Kantor KaM- Kat Ke.k Keenrv Kellenbarger Keller Kellisnn Kelly Kenneily K. ' un. ' . Iv Ktn.ier Kent Kerrii;an Kelzler Kicsler Kiininerlin- King. G. King. S. Kinnit ' r Kiii e . K. Kins.-v, W. Kirk Kirknian Klingman Knerl Koch Kochli-r Korhn Ko„,,al Kralka r 0tf J Page 102 (r t ' pi Kraiitz Krasne K raider kiichniak Kiihlman Laflin Lallnian Lamb Lang Lange Larsnn Ldrsnn Latta Lawlor Lawrie Lawson Leathcriiian Lee Ley»_T Leigh Leininger Lenlz Lcvine l. ' iiiyt-r Lipgett Lighlner Lilly Lii iis Lit lie Littrcll Lock. L. Lock, N. I.MffTrl L..isel Long Longman Luoiiiis Lord Lotsprich Loudon Luclilci I.ii.lwi.-k Lundquist Liindin Lykke KRANTZ. LORIN: Hallam. A-. • KRASNE. STUART; Fremont, ass. Zt-la Beta Tau. • KRATZER. CHESTER: Lincoln, A s. • KUCHMAK, MICHAEL: Eklorena. Alberla. Pharm. • KUHLMAN. AL RILYN; Clarks. Ag. • LAFLIN, SHIRLEY; Lincoln, Ell.. Towne Club. • LALLMAN. MARIAN: Arlington. Ed. • LAMB. ALVIN; Farwell, Ag.. Farm House. • LANG, JEAN; Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi. • LANGE, VIRGINIA; Lincoln, Ed., Towne Club. • LARSON. BILL; Blair. Eng., Phi Gamma Delta. • LARSON. DWIGHT: Omaha, ass. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • LATTA, MARY; Tckamah. Ed., Kappa Alpha Thela. • LAWLOR. NANCY: Lincoln. Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LAWRIE. PECU ' .IE: Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Alpha Theta. • LAWSON. EDWIN; Genoa, a s. .Sigma Phi Epsilon. • LEATHERMAN. KEITH: Tecumseh, a s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • LEE. PATRICIA: Des Moines, la., A s, Kappa Delta. • LE(;ER. NORMAN; Sterling, a s. Kappa Sigma. • LEIGH. RONALD; Crystal Lake, 111., Bus. Ad.. Alpha Kappa Psi. • LEININGER, MARCIA; McCook, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • LENTZ, DONALD; Beatrice, Bus. Ad., Delta Tau Delta. • LEVINE, WILLIAM; Omaha, a s, Beta Theta Pi. • LEVINGER, HAROLD: Yankton, S. D., Eng.. Zeta Beta Tau. « LIGGETT. JAMES; Lincoln. Eng., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • LIGHTNER, NORMA; Omaha, Bus. Ad. • LILLY, DANIEL; Lincoln, a s. Phi Delta Theta. • LIPPS. ROBERT: Lincoln. Ed., Beta Theta Pi. • LITTLE. PAULA; Kearney, a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • LITTRELL, VIRGINIA; Nelson, Ag. • LOCK, LILLIAN: Lamar, Ag. • LOCK, NORMAN; Lincoln, Ag., Alpha Tau Omega. LOEFFEL. FRANK: Lincoln. Ag.. Farm Hou-e. • LOISEL. ROBERT: West Point. Bus. Ad.. Delta Tau Delta. • LONG. WALTER; Grand Island. Ag.. Phi Kappa Psi. • LONG.MAN. JAMES: Shenandoah, la.. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Chi. • LOOMIS. MARYANN: Omaha, a s. Delta Gamma. • LORD. DOROTHY, .McCool Junction, Ed. • LOTSPEICH, BERYL; Alliance, Ed., Delta Delta Delta. • LOUDON, PATRICIA; Lincoln, A s. • LUCHTEL, HAROLD; Milford, la.. Bus. Ad., Sigma Nu. • LUDWTCK. MA.XINE: ' i ork. 4 s. • LUNDQUIST, VERNIEL; Laurel a s. • LUNDIN, CORRINE; Allen, Ed. • LYKKE, ELINOR; Grand Island. Ed.. Alpha Phi. Juniors Page 103 Juniors LYLE, JAMES; Omaha. Law. Phi Drha Tlifta. • LYNESS. M. RILYN; Lincoln. A;;.. Townr Cluh. • McARTHLR, DONALD; Lincoln. A s. Sigma Alpha Ep lon. • McAKTHUR, JANE; Lincohi. a s. Delta Delta Delta. • McAULEY, DONNA; Wahoo, E 1. McBETH. LLOYD: Sironishurs;. a s. Phi Gamma Deha. McCONALlGHEY. ROBERT: Lincoln, a s. Beta Theta Pi. • McCRORY. JANET: Mound City. Mo.. s. • McCliRDY. MARY: Lincoln. 4 s. To«n.- Chih. • McDERMOTT. JOHN: Lincoln. Bu A.. Beta Theia Pi. McDILL. JOHN; Lincoln. Ag., Alpha (iamma Rho. • McEACHEN. EDMLND: Lincoln. Bu-. Ail.. Phi Delta Theta. • McELHANE " . MARIAN; Omaha. Ed. • McPHER.MJN. ALEXANDER : Highland Park. 111., a s. • MALASHOCK. STANLEY; Omaha, a s. Zeta Beta Tau. • MANSFIELD, ROLLIN: Alhion. a s. • MARCELL. JOAN; Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. MARSH. BABETTE; Kansas City. Mo., Ed., Pi Beta Phi. • MARTIN. RICHARD; Omaha. Bus. Ad., Sigma lpha Mu • M RTING. WILBERT; Seward. Bus. Ad., Beta Sigma Psi. • MARVIN, JOSEPH; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • MATHES. DONALD: Norton. Kan,. Bus. Ad., Deha Sigma Pi. • MATTLSON. PHYLLIS: Omaha. Ed. • MATTOX, MARY; Lead. S. D.. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Kappa. ALWIS. ALLAN; Omaha. Eng.. Sigma Nu. • MEANS. ROBERT: Lincoln. A s, Beta Theta Pi. • MELICK. LLOYD; Omaha. Eng., Delta Tau Delta. • MENKE. MARION; Lexington. Bus. Ad.. Delta Gamma. • MERRITT. HAROLD: St. Joseph. Mo.. Ed. • MERTEN. WALTER: Clay Center. Kan.. Bus. Ad.. Phi Gamma Delta. • METHENY. ROBERT; St. Joseph, Mo., A s, Phi Deha Theta. • METRAKOS. ROBERT: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • MEYER. PATRICIA; Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Alpha Omicron Pi. • MICKLE. WILLIAM; Nebraska City. a s. Phi Kappa Psi. • MILES. ANNE; Lincoln, Ed., Kappa Alpha Theta. • MILLER, ANDREW; Lincoln, Eng., .Sigma Nu. • MILLER. DOROTHYANN; Chadron. Pharm.. Kappa Deha. • MILLER. LOREN; Los Angeles. Calif., a s. Sigma Nu. • MILLER, MARILYNN; Omaha. x s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • MILLER. PHYLLIS; Kansas City. Mo.. Ed.. Sigma Delta Tau. • MITCHELL. GENENE; Omaha, a s. Pi Beta Phi. • MNl ' K. MAE; Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • MOHRMAN. CHARLES: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • MOLINE. HARRIETT; York. Ag. • MOLL. RUTH; Lincoln, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. Lylc LynesB Mc.Arthur, D. NUAnluir, J. McAuley MrBell. McConaughey McCrorv M. Mi-Dertnolt McDill McEachen MrElhani-y McPherson Malasho ck Manstielil Marcell Marsh Martin Marling Marvin Malhes Matlison Mallox Mavis Means Melick Monkc Merrill Merlen MclIlLMlV Melrakos tever Mickle Miles .Miller. A MilllT .Miller. L. Miller. M. Miller. P. Milchcll Mil ilk Muhrmuii M.iline Moll Page 104 -gfi fT Morgan Mozer Newbery Nosky Ogil n Moriii Miipnrhail Nii-odeniils jNiiIzniall VI corn Miiil9..n Nir..l( M.inrc. M. Miisgravc Nicisrn O.lisn.T Oil.. ' Morris Myers Noraii Oihsner. J. Osirr Morris, R. iNall Nordr-en O ' Cnnnrr Olli- M OSS Nelson Nordgren O ' Connrr, M. Olio Mover Neuenswaii Norman O ' llonn.ll I ' almer Moyle Nenniann jNorntan. Joy Ogden Patlon MORGAN. MAYNARD; Webster. Mass., Bus. Ad.. Alpha Kappa Psi. • MORIN. JOSEPH: Orleans, Bus. Ad. • MOORE, GEORGE: Lincoln, Bus. Ad.. Alpha Kappa Psi. • MOORE, MARJORIE: Laurel, Ed. • MORRl.S, GERALD; Wood River, Eng., Kappa Sigma. • MORRIS, RE.X; Comslock, Ag.. Kappa Sigma. • MOSS, JO: Ashland, Ag., Gamma Phi Beta. • MOVER, CHARLES; Johnstown. Pa., a,is, Sigma Nu. • .MOYLE, MARV ANN: Lincoln, Ed., Deha Delta Delta. • MOZER, SYLVIA; Lincoln, Ed.. .Sigma Delta Tau. • MUENCHAL. ORVILLE: Eagle. Bus. Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi. • MUNSON, BEN; Lincoln, . s. Alpha Tau Omega. • MUS GRAVE, MAVIS; Minden, Ag. • MYERS, JAMES: York, Ed., Phi Gamma Delta. NALL, ROBERT; Curtis, Bus. Ad. • NELSON, KEITH; Sargent, Eng. • NEUENSWANDER, CLAUDIA: Atkinson, A s. • NEUMANN, TEMPLE: Wymore, Eng., Theta Xi. • NEWBERG, LLOYD; Custer, S. D., Eng., Alpha Tau Omega. • NICODEMUS, JEAN; Denver, Colo., A s, Deha Delta Delta. • NIEDENTHAL, DORA; Russell, Kan., Ed., Gamma Phi Beta. • NIELSEN, DUANE; Ansley, Ag. • NORALL, MARION; North Platte, A s, Pi Beta Phi. • NORDEEN, HOWARD; Omaha, Eng., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • NORDGREN, STANFORD; Waterloo. Bus. Ad., Beta Theta Pi. • NORMAN, JACK; Chester, A s, Alpha Sigma Phi. • NORMAN. JOY; Whitney, Ed., Delta (iamma. • NOSKY. RICHARD; North Platte, Eng., Theta Xi. • NUTZMAN, MILDRED; Nehawka, a s. • NYE. CURTIS; Wayne. Bus. Ad., Tau Kappa Epsilon. • OCHSNER, HELEN; Madison. Ag. " OCHSNER. JACQUELYN; Deshler, Ag.. Gamma Phi Beta. • OXONNER. DARREL: St. Machael. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • O ' CONNOR. MARY: .South Sioux City. Pharm.. Kappa Delta. • 0 " DONNELL. ROGER: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • OGDEN. DOROTHY; Omaha, A s, Alpha Phi. • OGDEN. JOHN; Fairmont, a s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • OGLE, DONNA: Lincoln, Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • OHLRICH. HAROLD: Deshler. Bus. Ad.. Deha .Sigma Pi. OHSE. VIRGIL; Topeka, Kan., A s, Deha Upsilon. • OSLER. JOHN; Imperial. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • OTTE. MARCUS: Lincoln, Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • OTTO. DAREL; Lincoln. s. Beta Sigma Psi. • PALMER. JACK; Tekamah. Ag.. Phi Gamma Delta. • PATTON, DAN; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Kappa Psi. Juniors Page 105 Juniors PATTON. JOANNE: Omaha. EH.. Delia Canima. PAULEY. GORDON: Linroln, a s. Delta Upsilon. • PELTON, PHYLLIS; Lincoln. E.l.. Townr Club. • PERKINS. Wll l.iWI: Omaha. Eng.. Kappa Sigma. • PETERS, CHARLES; West Point, a s. Beta .Sigma P-i. • PETERSON. LLOYD: Coth.nlmrg. Bu. ' . Ad.. Beta Tlieta Pi. PKEIFEER. DONNA: Geneva. Ed. • PFEIFFER, K T1E: Cliapp.ll. E.I.. Mpha Clii Omega. • PICKETT, JACK; Lincoln. Eng.. Phi Delta Thela. • PIERSON, NANCY; Lincoln. Ed.. Alpha Plii. • PIPHER. EMMET I ' : Tekamah. Eng.. Phi Gamma Delta. • PLETCHER, . L RILOU: Alexamlria.. Ed. • PLOIZEK. RAYMOND; Dorchester. Eng. • POLANSKY HARRIET; Si. Paul, Ag., Chi Omega. • POLITE. BARBARA; Lincoln, ASS. Delta (lamma. • PORTER. JOY; Nebraska City, Ag.. Phi Kappa Psi. • POTASH. LEONARD; Omaha. Eng., Sigma Alpha Mu. • POTTER. HERBERT: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Beta Theta Pi. • POWELL, KENNETH: Hebron. Eng.. Alpha Tau Omega. PREMER. MARJORIE; Palisade. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • PROKOP. CAROLYN; Griswold. la.. Ed., Kappa Delta. • PROI ' ST. RjCllXRD; Plattsmouih. axs. Phi Delta Thela. • QLIGLE ' i. DEAN; Indianola. Eng. • Ol ' K l-KY. ELAINE; Indianola. Ag. • OL ISEN BERR ' i , KARL: Hvaltsville, Md.. AS.S. Farm House. • RAINS. EMBREE: Broken Bow, Ed. • R K() . NORMA: Ponca. Ed.. Delta Delta Delta. • RALSTON. ROBERT: Lincoln, ajcs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RANKIN, PERRY: Candiridgc. Bus. Ad.. Kappa Sigma. • RASMUSSEN, D N A : Omaha. Fine Arts. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RAYNARD, PHILIP; Slapleinn, g.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • REAGAN. DONA; Humboldt. Ed. • REA. ' ONER. ANNA; Dunning, Bus. Ad. • RECKE«EY. SHIRLEY; Lincoln, ass. • REECE, JACK; Ashland. Pharm.. Phi Gamma Delia. • REED, JAMES; Lincoln, A s. Phi (;annna Delia. REINS. DAVID: Omaha, Arch., Theta Xi. • REYNOLD.S. MARJORIE; Lexington. Ag. • RHYLANDER. GORGON: Plattsmouih. Bus. ,l. • RICE, DAVID; Omaha, ass, Zeta Beta Tau. • RICHARDSON, DOROTHY; North Platte, ass. Kappa Kappa (;amma. • RICKETT.S. WALTER; Palmyra. Ed. • RINGLER, DON; .Staplehurst. ass. Beta Sigma Psi. • ROAD.S. AYNE; Scollsbhiff. Eng. • ROBERTS. GER. LD; Lincoln. Bus. Ad. • ROBIN.SON. RICHARD: Lincoln. Eng.. Phi (iamma Delta. • ROCKWELL. LOIS; Homer. Ag. • ROLF ' SME ' t ER. ILLIAM: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Phi Delta Theta. • ROSENBERG. HOWARD: Omaha, ass. Zeta Beta Tau. • ROTH. DELBERT; Plymouth, Ed., Beta Theta Pi, • ROI ZE. (;ORl)ON; Imperial. Bus. d.. Phi Gamma Deha. • ROWLAND. I! RBARA; Farnam, A s, Gamma Phi Beta, • RL ' SSELL, JACK; Fullerton. ass, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • RUSSEL. MATTHE ; Lincoln, Eng. Palton I ' ierjinii Poxoll Keiiis Koliinsoi Pauley Pililii-i- Pirnirr Hiiiilciii lirMUpMs lt.l ' k s; ' II r.-iiiiii Pl. ' tclicr Proliiip t iisiTius-sen Klivlander lioitsmoviT I ' l-rkiiis Pl.mi c ' k Pr„,,ft HaviKird Hi,.- K„s,-iil„TB Peters Polanskv Quigley, D. Reagan Rieliardson Hoth Peterson Polite Ouigley. E. Reasoncr Kieketts Roiize Pfeiffer, D. Porter Quisenberry Rcelcewey Ringler llowlanil PteilTer, K. Potash Rains Reeee lionds K.ISsell. J. Piekett Potter Rakow Reed Roberts Russet ■ A% Page 106 Ryder Scheer Schneider Selzer Simon Sobtitka Sabata Schenck Schneider Shaner Skochdopole Sof ' nniihs Richard n. J. Subin Srhirmer Schott Sliannon Skorhdopo Socnn -brrt n. M. Samuelson Sclileiger Srbroeder Shaw Sinilh. B. Saults Schleusener Schw.irtz Sherman Smith. D. Sayles Schloss Schwinck Sherwood Smith, M. Schaefer Schlueter Scott Shoup Smith, 0. Sofllcy Speer Schaller Schmale Sehnert ShurtlefE Smith, R. Sciiarman Schmitt Seidel Sievers Snvder Spikes RYUER. DEL: Seattle. Wash.. Bus. Ad.. Phi Delta Tlu-ta. • S F5ATA. .JOANNE; Dwight. Ed. • .SARIN. SHIRLEY; Silver Spring. Md.. s. • SAMLELSON. RONALD; Franklin, a s. .Sigma Nu. • SAULTS, CHARLES: Gordon, a s, .Sigma Nu. • .SAYLE.S. HELEN; Overton. Bus. Ad. " SCHAEFER. LENORA ; Tekamah. Ed. • SCHALLER, JOHN: Lincoln, Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. • SCHARMAN. LOU; Stromsburg. a s. Chi Omega. • SCHEER. THOMAS; Madison. Bus. Ad., Sigma Chi. • .SCHENCK. WILLIAM: Red Cloud. Journ.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • .SCHIRMER, JACK: Bellflower, Calif., a s. Phi Gamma Deha. • .SCHLEIGER. RICHARD: Omaha. Eng.. Phi Gamma Delta. • SCHLEUSENER. RICHARD; Oxford, Eng.. Beta Sigma Psi. • SCHLOS.S. HANNAH; Sioux Falls. .S. D.. .Sigma Delta Tau. • SCiHLUETER. HENR ; McCook. Eng.. Sigma Nu. • .SCHMALE. MARY; Lincoln, Ed., Alpha Phi. • SCHMITT, PATRICIA; Omaha, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • SCHNEIDER. DOROTHY: York, Ed. • SCHNEIDER. ROBERT: Nebraska Ciiv. Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • SCHOTT. ELOISE; Osceola. Ed. • SCHROEDER. LkROY; Hooper. A s. Beta Sigma Psi. • SCHWARTZ. KATHRYN: olga. S. D.. Kappa Delta. • SCHWINCK. WILLIA.M; Neligh, Ed. • .SCOTT. OWEN; Cozad. a s. Sigma Nu. • SEHNERT. WALTER: Plainview. a s. • SEIDEL, JOANN; Seward, Alpha Phi. • SELZER, JOHN: Scottsbluff, Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • SHANER. DARRELL; Maxwell. Eng.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • SHANNON, SHIRLEY; Martin, .S. D.. Ed. • SHAW. GEORGE; Lincoln, a s. .Sigma Nu. • SHERMAN, BETTY; Council Bluffs, la., Ed., Pi Beta Phi. • SHERWOOD. JEANNETTE; Randolph. Ed.. Alpha Xi Deha. • SHOUP, NELDEA: .Sutherland. Bus. Ad. • SHURTLEFE. BRUCE: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • SIEVERS. BEVERLY; Roca, Ed.. Gamma Phi Beta. • SI.MON. WALTER: Lincoln, a s. Zeta Beta Tau. • SKOCHDOPOLE. RICHARD; Ravenna, a s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • SKOCHDOPOLE, ROBERT; Ravenna, a s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • SMITH. BONNIE: West Point, A s. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SMITH. DONALD: Cambridge. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • SMITH. .MIRIAM; Scottsbluff. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • SMITH. OPAL: Imperial. Ed. • SMITH. RICHARD; Osceola. Bus. Ad. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • SNYDER. JOYCE; Fairburv. Ed. • SOBOTKA. MARMN: Inman, Bus. Ad. • .SOENNICHSEN. JOHN; Plattsmouth. Bus, Ad.. Delta Upsilon. • SOENNICHSEN. MARY: Plallsmoulh. Ed.. Pi Beta Phi. • .SOFTLEY, HELEN: Kearney, a s. • SOLAR. BEVERLEE; Des Moines, la.. Ed.. Sigma Delta Tau. SOUCEK. IMOGENE: Verdigre. Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • SPEER, BARBARA; Lincoln, a s. Delta Delta Delta. • SPIKES. WILLIAM; St. Paul. Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. Juniors Page 107 Juniors SPROW, BARBARA; Clii. afio. 111.. . s. Delia Delta Delta. • STAHL. KLKANOR: Davi.l City. a s. Alpha Clii Omega. • STANLEY. VICTOR: Cral. Onlianl. Rii . Ad. • .STAPLETON. MARIAN: Hickman. Ed.. Alpha i Delta. • . TAl KEER. DALE; Page. Ag. • STEBIiliN.S. MAKIL ' lN: (iiillieidiiiig. .-is. Kappa Kappa (;anin.a. • STEEEEN. RICHARD; Diller. Ag., Farm House. • STEI.NAIER. PHYLLIS; l.iiuohi. Ed.. Mplia Tlula. • . ' TERNH ACKN, CARL; North Platle. Bus. Ad., Alpha Kappa Psi. • STEWART. 1AR(;ARET; Le.xington. ws Kappa Kappa (;amma. • .STONE, EDWIN; JiHerson, la., A s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • .STRAN.SKY, RARHARA; Madrid. Ed. • STUHT, SARA; Omaha, Ed., Kappa Kappa (iamma. SUN, JANE: Shanghai, China. Eng. • SLTTLE. DAMARIS; Eremont, a s, (iamma Phi lieta. • SUTTON, SUZANNE; McCook, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • SWAN.SON, ELEANOR; Omaha. E.l.. Pi Beta Phi. • SW N.SON. 0. LE.SLIE; Loup City, Pharm., Delta Upsilon. • SWAN.SON. RUTH: Minden. Ag. • SWANBER(;. IR(;INIA: Omaha. Ed.. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SWANSON, SHERRY; Omaha. Ed.. Kappa Kappa (;amma. S I(;(;ART. in RNE; Rnea. A s. Theta Xi. • TAIT. DEAN: Milhank. .S. D.. A«.s, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • TAI.LICHET. WILLIAM: l.inccdn. E,l. • TAM.OR. DONALD; Lincoln, a .s. Phi Camma Deha. • TEMME. DONALD; Wavnc, Eng.. Beta Sigma Psi. • TETER. WILLIAM: Bartlev. Ag. • THOM LkRO ; (;rand Island. Ag., Beta .Sigma Psi. • THOMAS. IKSS: Hoi Springs. S. D., Ais, Beta Theta Pi. • THO 1P.sON, RICHARD: Lincoln. «s. Phi Delta Theta. • THO.MSEN. CHARLES; North Platte. Eng., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • THOREINN-SON, LOIS: Lincoln. Ag.. Chi Ome ga. • THORNTON. WILLIAM; Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Alpha Kappa Psi. • TIDD. TOM; Greeley. Colo., Bus. d.. Sigma Chi. • TIEMANN. NORBERT; Camphell. Ag.. Beta Sigma Psi. • TOBIN, JOHN ; Tekamah, Ag. • TRACY, PARKER : MitcheU. a s, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • TRILINSKY. MILTON; St. Joseph. Mo., Bus. Ad., Sigma Alpha Mu. • TRIPP. MARGARET: Lincoln, Ag., Alpha Chi Omega. • TROE.STER. OTTO; Hampton, a s. Beta Sigma Psi. • TROMBLA, BILLETTE: Lincoln, Ed., Kappa Alpha Theta. • TROUT, CHALMER; .Scottshluff, vis. Sigma Nu. • TRUHLSEN, JOAN; Herman. Ed., Chi Omega. • TRUMBLE, EDWARD; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • TURNER, ROBERT; Chamhers, Eng. • TYLER, VARRO; Nehraska City. Pharm.. Phi Gamma Delta. • TYNER, JERRY; York, A s, .Sigma Phi Epsilon. • VON BER(;EN, SHERRILL; Lincoln, A s. Towne Cluh. • AN EATON. (;LENN: Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Sigma. • VAN HORN. GLENNA; Osceola, Ed. • VAN ORNAM. ROBERT; Hardy, ass. • VENABLE, ELIZA; Columbus, a s. Alpha Phi. • VERMAAS, HAROLD; Lincoln. Bus. Ad. • VIELE, CHERIE; Harrison, Pharm.. Chi Omega. Sprow Stahl Stanb-y SlapU ' ton SlaulTer Stfhbins Stelti-n Sleinauer Stcrnbag ' Stewart Slone Slraiisky Sliiht Sun Siitlle SuHon Swanson. E. Swanson Swansiiii. K. Swanbert: Swanson. S. Swiyyart Tait Taliifhct Tavb.r Teinmc Tetrr Tlioni Thomas Thnmpsnii Thuiiispn Tborfinnson Tbiirnton Ti.ld Tieniann ' lobin Inirv Trilinsky Tripp Trorgter Tronibia Trout TriibUrn Tninible Tiirn.-r ■lAlrr T ner von Bergen Van Katod Van Horn an Ornam rnilbl.- Vermaas i.-I.- Page 108 ii IS iS A t 9 Voigt Vosika Voss Vulava %dgn,r H. Wafiner. S. Waite Walker. D. Walker. M Walter Wallace Ward Ward War.- Warner Warwick Washburn Walkiii- Webb Webber Wehrs Weisenreder Wcnlz Wlierry White W hithani Whiliintre Wickhani Wicks Widows Wiese Wiygans Wightman Wilbourne Wilkerson Willev Wilscam «i8e Wiseman Witt Wiltenb erg Wittier Wolf Wolf Wnliert Wood W.iH Wytliers Yeatier Yost. E. Yost. W. Yonng Yonngson VOIGT. ROBERT: Davenport. Ag.. . lplia Gamma Rho. • VOSIKA. VIOLA; Wilher. Ag. • VOSS, JACQUELINE; Winner. So. Dak.. Ag.. Gamma Phi Beta. • VOTAVA. JOSEPHINE: Oma ' ia. axs. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WAGNER, HARRY; Oakland, Bus. A l.. Sigma Phi Ep. ilon. • WAGNER. SHIRLEE; Gothenburg. Bus. A. I.. Chi Omega. • WAITE. DONALD; .Scottshluff, Bus. Ad., Sigma Nu. • WALKER, DONALD; Alliance, Eng.. Sigma Chi. • WALKER. MARY: O ' Neill, a s. Delta Delta Delta. • WALTER, IVEN; Chambers, 4 s. Beta Sigma Psi. • WALLACE, SHIRLEE: Greeley, Colo.. Ed.. Alpha Phi. • WARD, JAMES; North Platte, axs. Delta Tau Delta. • WARD. MARIANNA; Bancroft, Ed., Sigma Kappa. • WARE, FREDERICK; Omaha, ajis. Phi Kappa Psi. • WARNER. KATHLEEN: Aberdeen. .So. Dak.. jis. Pi Beta Phi. • WARWICK. NORMAN; Osceola, Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. • WASHBURN, ELAINE; Lincoln. s. Alpha Xi Delta. • WATKINS, NANCY; Omaha. Ag. Delta Gamma. • WEBB. OLIN; Louisville, A s, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • WEBBER. HUBERT; Omaha, Bus. Ad., Alpha KaDpa Psi. • WEHR. . ROGER; Milford. aj;s. • WEISENREDER. EDWIN: Eureka. Calif., axs. Alpha Sigma Phi. • WENDT. SHIRLEY: Murdock. Ag. • WENTZ. BARBARA: Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Alpha Theta. • WHERRY. MARY; Tecumseh, Ed- Alpha Phi. • WHITE. NANCY: Minneapolis. Minn., a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • WHITHAM, ANNE; Omaha, Fine Arts, Pi Beta Phi. • WHITMORE. HAROLD; Exeter, Bus. Ad.. Alpha Kappa Psi. • WTCKHA.M. DONALD; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Delta Up.silon, • WICKS, WILLIAM; Primrose, a s. • WIDOWS, ROZELLA: Glenwoo.l. la.. Ed.. Gamma Phi Beta. • WIESE. WILLIAM; Lincoln. Bus. Ad., Beta Theta Pi. • WIGGAN.S. DONALD; Lincoln, a s. Farm House. • W IGHTMAN, JACQUELINE; Wayne, A s, Alpha Omicron Pi. • WILBOURNE, HARRIETT: Omaha. Ed., Delta (Jamma. • WILKERSON. SHIRLEY: Cole- ridge, Ed. • WILLEY. ROBERT; Linceln. a s. Kappa Sigma. • WILSCAM. CHARLES: Lincoln. Eng., Kappa Sigma. • WISE, JOH N; Fairburv, A s, Phi Delta Theta. • WISEMAN, WILLIAM; Omaha, s, Sigma Nu. • WITT, NORMAN; Nebraska City: Eng., Beta Sigma Psi. • WITTENBERG. I LARK; Lincoln, a s. Zeta Beta Tau. • WITTLER, LE ROY; Winside. Bus. Ad.. Theta Xi. • WOLF. MARION: Lincoln, Ed. • WOLF, WINIFRED; Omaha, a s. Delta Delta Delta. • WOLFERT, WALTER; Tecumseh. Bus. Ad.. Beta Sigma Psi. • WOOD. JOHN; Missouri Valley. la., A S, Sigma Nu. • WULF. DONALD; Eagle, Ag., Beta Sigma Psi. • WYTHERS, GEORGANN: Lincoln, a s. Alpha Phi. • YEAGER, JOHN; Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Beta Theta Pi. • YOST. ELWOOD: Lincoln. Bus. Ad. • YO.ST. WILLIAM; Coleridge, a s. • YOUNG. JOHN; Lincoln, a s, Sigma Nu. • YOUNG.SON, CHARLES: Minden, Bus. Ad., Sigma Nu. Juniors Page lOy Class of 1950 Left: Corn ( oljs Neil Alkinsori aiul John (lonnrlly lake a look at llie news of llie day with Dorothy Cattle, WAA, anil Lee Be-t. presiilenl of the newcomers. Kappa Delta. Helow: Tassel Jeanie Sampson uses her selling te{ ' hnii|ue on Jim Van Burg. Kosmel Klub. and Dick Mauch, student manager of the football team. Jo Delamatre, Pat Black and Ruth Stewart. Tassels, " step out " in the I ' nion to talk over the situation. Jo Wetherbee and Liz Schneider, YWCA, discuss what needs to be dis- cussed with Mary Jean Rademacher and Nancy Clynn. head of .Simon ' s College board. Page no Quarterliack Del Wiegand calls a few " plays " on the hooks with Jan Stratton, AWS hoard. Peg O ' Donnell, TNC, and Briire CofFman making |uite a team. Frilz Simpson. Don Stern. Rod Lindwall. Ben Creed, and Tom Milliken rally to take care of " wheel " trouhle. The Class of ' 50 gave their freshman beanies a toss and emerged last fall as sopho- mores. It was not long before this group was caught in that dilemma which has no respect for class or distinction, " sophomores. " Finding that it takes a lot of fire to keep social life, studies, and activities under hand, they kindled the flame in the fall, and class spirit burned jjrightly throughout the year. They held their own everywhere and kept posted on all campus events, while the rest of the student body witnessed their power. Watch this class — their possibilities are un- liiuited. Above: Even after trips to Kansas. Missouri, and Notre Dame to boost the pep of the Nebraska supporters there, and a busy schedule here. Cheerleaders Marge Cherney and Bud Oehlrich are still showing plenty of pep and smiles. Below: Between activities. " Torchy " Rediger of CORN- HIJSKER staff fame and Bud Gerhart. assistant business manager of Corn Shucks, take time out for a coke with pinmates Luana Nelson and Jim Sharpe. Page 111 Sophomores ABBOTT. MARILY.N: Liiuoln. a s. Town.- Cluh. • AliKAMSON, AlAIN; Omaha. Bii . A.I.. Zela Bela Tau. • ACKER. LA- VER.NA; Briilgeporl. Ag. • ACKERMA.N. ROBERT: . ' idnev. a s. Delta I ' psilon. • A(;NEW. KE.NNETH; Sidney. Bus. Ad.. Delta lipsiloii. • ALLEN. NEIL; Liiuoln. Dent. Zi Psi Phi. • ALL(;OOD, ROBERT: .Stella. Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. • ANDERSEN. KEITH; Pierce, Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. • ANDER.SON. BEVERLY: Omaha. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • ANDER- SON. DALE; Atlantic, la., a s. Sigma Chi. • ANDERSON, FRANK: Wilsonville. Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • ANDERSON. HELEN: Lincoln, Ed.. Alpha Xi Delta. • ANDERSON. JACQUELINE; Arapahoe, a«.s. Sigma Kappa. • ANDER.SON. VAY- DEN: Stromsburg. Eng.. -Sigma Chi. • ANDRESEN. JOHN; Planview. u is. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • ANKROM. NORMA: Falls City. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • ARENSON. LOIS; Lincoln, Ag. • ARM.STRONG. DALE: FarwelK Ag.. Sigma Phi Epsilon • ARP. JA(:K: Sutton. . g.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • . RRO(;H. . ENRIQLE: Panama City. Rep. of Panama. Eng.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • ARTERBl ' RN. KEITH: Imperial. Ag. • ASHBLRN. BOB; Tilden. E,l.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • ATKIN.SON. NEIL: Lincoln, Bus. Ad.. Beta Theta Pi. • ALGL.• TIN. DONALD: Kenesaw. Eng.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • A.XTELL. ROBERT: Sidney, la.. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • AYER.S HENRY; Broken Bow. Ajts. Kappa Sigma. • AYER.S JOHN; Lexington. Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • BAB.ST. l.iCE: Lincoln. ,s. (iamma Phi Beta. • BAKER. ROBERT: Salina, Kans.. a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • BARDSHAR. WILLA; Holdrege. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • BARNE.S. ALVIN: Lincoln. Eng. • BARRETT. JACK; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Delta .Sgnia Pi. • BARRIBO. PHYLLIS; Lincoln. Fine Arts. Towne Club. • BARTIZAL. JEANNE: Lincoln, a s. .Sigma Kappa. • BARTON. .MARY; Pawnee City. Ed. • BATCHELDER. DEAN; Cheyenne, Wyo.. a s. Sigma Nu. • BATES. RO- BERTA; Lincoln. A s. • BATES. WILLIAM; Lexington. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • BATTEY. .MARIAN: Linco ln, a s. Kappa Kappa (iamma. • BAl ' ER, DONALD; Goehner, Bus. Ad.. Beta Sigma Psi. • BAl ' .MANN. MARJORIE; West Point. Ed. • BAXTER. NEAL; St. Paul. Ag.. Farmhouse. • HEATTIE. RICHARD: Ainsworth. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • BECK- ER. PETER: Ashby, Ag., Kappa Sigma. • BECKER. SARA; Papillion. Ed.. Kappa Kappa (Jamma. • BEERS, ROSEMARY; Hartinglon, Ag. • BEHRENS, ARLENE; Mead. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • BENDLER. BETTY; Holdrege. Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • BER(;MEIER. MALRICE; DeWitt. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • BER(;OFFEN. CHARLES: New York City, N. Y., a s, .Sigma Alpha .Mu. • BERIGAN. JERRY; Omaha. Eng.. Phi (;amma Delta. • BERKSHIRE. ROBERT; Omaha, a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • BERMAN. EUGENE; Holvoke. Mass.. a .s. • BERN. ' TIEN. DONNA; Omaha. Ed.. Sigma Delta Tau. Allbnll Al.rulnsim rker . ikeriiiuii Agiiew Allen MlyoM.I Anilersen Anderson, B, ncJpr»nn. n. iulersi ii. K. .Anderson. H. Anderson. J. Amiersnii. . . ndre9en . nkruni renson Arnistrnng Ar,. AiT... lia .Vrlerburn ■Vshburn Atkinson Augiistin Axlell Avers, H. Ayers, J. Babst Baker Bardshar Barnes Barrett Barribo Barlizal Barlun Batehelder B«l,-». R. Bales. W. Ballev Bauer Bauniann Baxter Beatlie Becker, P. Becker. S. Belirens Bendler Bergmeier BeryolTen Berigan Berkshire Bcriiiaii Bern li.n SL Page 112 M © Bernstein Bittner Boekel Bomholdt Bricker Brubakei Be rq 111 St Bize Boeltger Botsford Bridenbaugh Bruggenian Best Bjorklund Bueltrher Boyd Bridge Bever Black Bohl Boydston, M. Brinkman Beynoii Biaha Bohlen Boydsto Brodie Bieniond Bloss Bohrer Bradley Brown, K. Bilon Bock Boker Bragdon Brown, P. Buckingham Birk Bocki ' s Bolyan Bradv Brown, T. -ll. V. Bi skull Bodinson Borgens Brehm Brownlee uell, W. BERNSTEIN. ELEANORE: Omaha. A s. .Sigma Delta Tau. • BERQUIST. WILLIAM; Lexington. as.s. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BEST, LURA LEE: Broken Bow. Unclass.. Kappa Delta. • BEYER. MARILYN: Omaha, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • BEYNON. ESTHER: Lincoln. Eine Arts, Delta Gamma. • BIEMOND. RAYMOND: Orel. Bus. Ail.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • BILON, THOMAS; Gran l Island. A s, Sigma Chi. • BIRK. ALLEN; Omaha. x.s. Beta Theta Pi. • BISKUP. FRANCIS; Orleans. Eng. • BITTNER. MORRIS; Omaha. Pharm.. Sigma Alpha Mu. • BIZE. DA ID; Lincoln. Bus. Ad., Phi Gamma Delta. • BJORK- LUND. THELMA ; North Platte. Ag. • BLACK. PATRICIA: Lincoln. Ed.. Alpha Xi Delta. • BLAHA. JEAN; Ord. Ed. • BLOSS. BETTY; Lincoln, ajis. Alpha Chi Omega. • BOCK. WILLIAM; Omaha, a s. Beta Theta Pi. • BOCKES. SUZANNA; Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Phi. • BODIN. ' ON. VIRGINIA; Kearney. Ed.. Delta Delta Delta. • BOEKEL. ROBERT: Greeley. Colo., a s. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BOETTGER. MARILYN: Omaha, Ag. • BOETTCHER. MARK; Columhus. Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • BOHL. JANET; Sioux Citv. la.. Ed.. Kappa Deha. • BOHLEN. MARIAN; Clay Center. Bus. Ad., Sigma Kappa. • BOHRER, .STORLA; Falls Citv. Bus. Ad. • BOKER. FLOYD; Omaha. Eng.. Theta Xi. • BOLYAN. LAWRENCE; Cobol. Alaska, a s. Theta Xi. • BORGENS. DOROTHY: Lincoln. Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. • BORNHOLDT. LORNA; Wausa. a s. Chi Omega. • BOTSFORD. VIRGINIA; Rushville. Ed. • BOYD. PATRICIA; Sioux City. la.. Ed.. Delta Delta Delia. • BOYDSTON. MARGARET; Ashland. Ed. • BOYD.STON. SHIRLEY; Ashland. Ed. • BRADLEY. REGINA; Columbus. Ed. • BRAGDON. KATHRYN; .Sioux Citv. la.. Ed.. Alpha Phi. • BRADY. JOHN; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • BREHM. ADAM; Lin- coln, Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. • BRICKER. CHARLOTTE; Lincoln, aj s. Sigma Delta Tau. • BRIDENBAUGH, ROBERT; Dakota Citv. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • BRIDGE. JOHN: Norfolk. Bus. Ad.. Phi Gamma Delta. • BRINKMAN. WILLIAM; Geneva, Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • BRODIE. JACK; Lincoln, Fine Arts, Tau Kappa Epsilon. BROWN, KENNETH: Columbus, Eng., Phi Gamma Delta. • BROWN. PATRICIA; Holdrege, a s. Kappa Delta. • BROWN. THOMAS; Hershey, Ag., Theta Xi. • BROWNLEE. THOMAS; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Phi Delta Theta. • BRUBAKER. DOROTHY; Beaver City. Ed. • BRUGGE- MAN, DALE; York. Ag.. Beta Sigma Psi. • BRUNKOW. LETHA; Murdock, Ed. • BRYANT, WILLADEAN; Fort Madison, la.. Ed. • BUCHFINCK. BETTY; Alliance, a s. Phi Beta Phi. • BUCKINGHAM, MARTHA; Glen Falls, N. Y., Bus. Ad., Alpha Chi Omega. • BUELL. VIOLET; Bassett. Ed. • BUELL. WANDA; .Murdock, Ed. Sophomores Page 113 Sophomores lU ' ETHE. I.ORAIN: S.-wanl. axs. • Bl LL. KOFiERT: Elkliorn, liu-. Ail., Una Siyma Psi. • Bl R(;E.SS. SUZAINE; Omaha. Ed.. Kappa Kappa (;ainiiia. • Bl RGESS. TWYEA : Lincoln. Ag. • BISH. BARBARA: Tnum eh. a s. Kappa Alplia • lU .- H. ROBERT; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. .Si ma Alpha , hi. • BYERS. DWIGHT; Krnnard. Bus. Ad.. Sigma I ' hi Epsilon. • B " ! ER.s. RITH: Einr.dn. Ed.. Delia Delia Delia. BYINGTON. WALTER: Bassell. Eng.. Alpha .Sigma Psi. • CADWAL- LADER. I ' HYLLIS; Lin. oin. xs. Gamma Phi Beta. • GALLAN. THOMAS: Rapid Cilv. .So. Dak.. s.s. Alpha Tau Omega. • CAMPBELL. JOHN; Lin.oln. Bus. All.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CAMPBELL. BRICE: I.ineoln. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Chi. • CARLSON, BETTY; Holdrege. Bus. Ad. • CARLSON. NORNLA ; Lincoln. Ed.. Towne Cluh • CARTER. CARROLL; Blair. . is. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CARTER. LOIUSE; Lincoln. Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CARTER. IRfilNlA; Columhus. Ed.. Mpha i Delia. • CARTMELL, 1LLL M; Indianapolis, Ind.. Eng.. Delia Tau Delia. • CASE. NORMAN: Lincoln. Eng.. Phi Gamma Delia. • CATTLE. DOROTHY; Seward. Bus. Ad.. Delta (;amma. • CAVE. DENISE; Lincoln, a s. Sigma Kappa. • CHAILLIE. (;ERALDINE; Dakota Citv, Ais. • CHAMBERS. CHARLENE; Fremonl. Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • CHANEY. ROBERT; Falls Citv. Eng.. Phi Delia Theta. • CHELF. RAY; Canon Cilv. Colo.. s.s. Sigma Kappa. • CHERNY. MAR(;Y: North Bend. Ed.. AJpha Chi Omega. • CHILVERS. THO.MAS; Pierce. Ag.. Farm House. • CHRI.STENSEN. CALVIN; Fre- monl. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • CHRI.STENSEN. JACK: .Siromshurg. Pharm.. .Sigma Chi. • CHRI.STENSEN. LINDLEY: Lincoln. Ed.. Delia Ipsilon. • CHLRCHILL. ROY; Philomath. Ore.. E.I.. Kappa Siuma. • CLAPP. ELSIE; McCook. a ., ' . Kappa Kappa (;amma. • CLARK, JANIS; Stella. Bus. Ad. • CLARK. I RJORIE; Marion. Eng. • CLARK. SARAH: Reserve. Kans., Ed. • CLARK. WILLI.STINE: Humholdl. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • CLEM. ALAN; Salina, Kans.. a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • CLE- MENT. l)ON LD: Ord. Ag.. Alpha (;amma Rho. • CLOUGH. WAYNE; .McCook. Pharm.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • COCHRAN. DONALD: Columbus, Eng.. .Sigma Phi Epsilon. • COCHRAN. JANICE: Lincoln, Axs, Towne Cluh. • CODlN(;TON. JACK; uhurn. Bu . Ad.. Delta I psilon. • COFF.MAN. JAMES; Torrington. W vo.. a s, Sigma Nu. • COHEN. JEROME; Omaha. Bus. d., Zeta Beta Tau. • COLE. LOIS; Emmet. Ag.. Gamma Phi Beta. • COLE. SUNYA: Lincoln, a s, Chi Omega. • COLGAN. JACK: Mct:ook. Bus. Ad., .Sigma Nu. • COLLINS. RALPH; Ainsworlh. Bus. Ad. • COMMINS. ROY; Lexington. Ag. • CONE. PHYLLIS: Lincoln. a».s. Delta Delta Delta. • CONNELLY. JOHN; Omaha. Bu . Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • COOK. CHARLEE; lliance. xss. Alpha Phi. • COOPER. DONALD: York. Bus. Ad.. Delta I psilon. Buethe Bull Burgess. S. Burjiess. T. Bush. B. Bush, R. Bvers. D. Bvers. R. Bvingtoii Cadwalladcr Gallon Campbell, J. Campbell, B. Carlson, B. Carlson, N. Carler. C. Carter, L. Carter. Carlmell Case CaUle Cove Chaillie Chambers Chaney CheK Chernv Chilvers Cbristensen, C. Cliristensen. J. Clirislensen, L. Chureliill Ciapp Clark, J. Clark. M. Clark. S. Clark. T. Clem Clement CliKigh Cochran. D. Cochran, J. Codington CotTman Cohen Cole, L. Cole, S. Colgau CIliM! Commiiis Cone Connelly Cook Cooper f. ' f ' ? f fl Page 114 © p Q ' Corbett Corkin Cornish Cusand Cossajrt Connce Coupe Cox Cra«foni Crosbie Crowlt-V Ciinnin liani Ciiplin. H. Cuplin, P. Curran Curtis Daggett Dahiyren DaMoiide Dana Danici Darsl Davidson Davis. D. Davis. E. Davis, H. Davis, J. Deal Dealev DeBa.ifrr DreiMjn DeLamatre Deniaree Dempster Denker Dennis Deui-bler DeVoip DPB.-V Dietrich Dissmever Dixon Donegan Dosek. J. Dosek. M, Dnii l;is Drbal ' lc Dudley, D. Dudley, C. DiilinK Dunklau Dunn Durkop CORBETT. DOROTHY: Minneapolis. Minn., Ag.. Sigma Kappa. • CORKIN, WENDY; Omaha, Ed.. .Mplia Omicron Pi. • COR- NISH, PATRICI.A: Omaha, s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • COSAND, MARION; Lvman. a s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • COSSAIRT, KEITH; Papillion, Eng., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • COUNCE, DWAYNE; Hayes Center, Bus. Ad., Alpha Sigma Phi. • COUPE, GEORGE; Nebraska Citv. Pharm., Phi Gamma Delta. • COX, THERON; Wood Lake, Bus. Ad., Delta Sigma Pi. • CRAW- EORD, BRYCE; Omaha, a s. Phi Kappa Psi. • CROSBIE, CONNIE; Lincoln. Ag.. Gamma Phi Beta. • CROWLEY, ANNE; Hartington, Ag.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • CLNNINGHAM, BEVERLY; Lincoln. s. Townp Club. • CUPLIN, HELEN; Wash- inmon. D. C, Ag. • CUPLIN, PAUL; Ainsworth, Ag. • CURRAN, SHEILA; Buenos Aires, Argentina, .4 s, Kappa Kappa (;ainma. • CURTIS, JAMES; .Saguache, Colo., Ag., Alpha Tau Omega. • DA(;GETT, DAWN; Kearney, a s. Delta Delta Deha, • DAHLGREN, ANNA; Lincoln, a s. Towne Club. • DaMOUDE. DEAN; Aurora, Ag.. Farm House. • DANA, IRVING; Lincoln, Eng., Alpha Tau Omega. DANIEL. LOUISE; Aurora. Bus. Ad. • DAR.ST, DON; Ashland, Bus. Ad., Sigma Phi Ep- silon. • DAVIDSON, JOANN; Evanston, 111.. A s. Delta Delta Delta. • DAVIS, DOROTHY: Fullerton, Ed., Kappa Delta. • DAVIS, ELIZABETH: Plattsmouth, Ed., Delta Delta Delta. • DAVIS. HARVEY: Grand Island, A s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • DAVI.S. JOHN: Lincoln. Bus. Ad. • DEAL. THEO: Omaha. Eng.. Theta Xi. • DEALEY. ROBERT; Blue Hill. Ag. • De BAUFRE, RUTH; Lincoln, Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • DEERSON. DELMAR: Bennington. Ed. • DeLAMATRE. JOAN; Omaha, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • DEMAREE, NOR.MA; Norfolk, Ed.. Delta Delta Delta. • DEMPSTER. RICHARD: Beatrice, Bus, Ad., Delta Tau Delta. • DENKER. WILLIAM: Elkhorn. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • DENNIS. BERNARD; Arnold, Ag., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • DEUCHLER. AUGUST; Falls Citv. pre-Law. Kappa Sigma. • DeVORE, CARMEN: North Platte, Bus. Ad. • DEWEY. THOMAS: Gates, a s. Alpha Sigma Phi. • DIETRICH. . TAN: Mitchell, a s. • DISSMEYER. VIRGIL; Holmes- ville. Bus. Ad.. Beta Sigma Psi. • DI.XON. MARILYN; Mitchell Ed., Alpha Phi. • DONEGAN, LAWRENCE: Lincoln, a s. Phi Delta Theta. • DOSEK. JEROME; Lincoln, a s. Delta Tau Deha. • DOSEK, MARY; Lincoln, Ed., Delta Deha Delta. • DOUG- LAS, SHIRLEY; Omaha, Ag., Gamma Phi Beta. • DRBAL, RICHARD; Lincoln. Eng.. Alpha Sigma Phi. • DUDEK, JOYCE; Lincoln. Ed.. Towne Club. • DUDLEY. DOUGLAS; Norfolk, a s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • DUDLEY. GEORGE; Norfolk. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ' DULING. VAN; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • DUNKLAU. RUPERT; Arlington, Ed., Beta Sigma Psi. • DUNN, BARBARA: Hastings, Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma. • DURKOP. EMILY; Papillion, Ed. Sophomores Page 115 Sophomores DiiTEAU. YVONNE: I.iii.oln. xs. Kappa Kappa {;amnia. • EAST. BETTY; Lincoln. Ed.. Townc Club. • ECKVALL. JEAN: Hohirtge, A s. Kappa Dtlia. • EDViARD.S. EUGENE; Benkelnian. Bus. Ad.. Kappa .Sigma. • EGGERT, CHARLENE; Ains- wortli. Ay. • E(;(;KRT. ROBERT: Phillips. Ag. • EIIRLICII. DWAIN: Lincoln. pre-Law. Tan Kappa Epsilon. • EHRMANN. BERTRANI); Lincoln, v. ' is. Delia Tan Delia. • EIDWl. MMillAN: Omaha. s..s. Alpha i Delia. • EISENHART. WARREN: Cul- l erl-on. Bns. A.I.. Phi (;amma Delia. • ELLIOTT. DONALD: Beairice. Ent;.. Thela Xi. • ERD.MAN. CAROL; .Sioux Falls. So. Uak.. Bus. Ad.. (;amma Phi Bela. EKICK.S)N. LAURA; Lincoln. Ed. • ERIK.SON. LOIS: Omaha. Ed. • ESTEP. RAY; Rockv Eord. Colo.. A s. • ESTES. .MARJORIE: Lincoln, l d.. Towne Cluh. • E ANS, DOVLE; Leon. la.. Bus. Ad. • EVNEN, EVERETT; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Zeta B ia Tau. • EYTH. WILLIAM; Beatrice. Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappi Psi. • FAGOT. FRANCIS; Lexinglon. Ag.. Alpha Tau Omega. • FAIRCHILD. JANET; Lincoln, s. Delia Delia Delia. • FARHER. AJON; Omaha. Bus. A.I.. Zeta Bcia Tau. • PARIS, .NiARliARET; Union, Ed. • EARNER. ROBERT: Omaha. Phi Gamma Deha. • FAW. BARBARA: Arapahoe. Ed. • FEHR.s. MARY: Omaha, Ed., Delia Delta Delia. • FEED. MARVIN; New York. N. Y.. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Mu. • FENSTER. .MARY; Hampton. Ag.. Sigma Kappa. • FESLER. BETTY; Omaha, Bus. Ad., Alpha Phi. • F1(;GE. ANNE; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • FINKELSTEN, SANFORl); Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Zeta Beta Tau. • FINK- NER. JOHN; Adams. A s. • FINSTROM. DON: Kearnev, Bus. Ad.. Delta Upsilon. • FISLAR. JUNE; Lincoln, Ed., Deha Delta Delta. • FLANSBURG. STEPHEN; Lincoln. as.s. Beta Thela Pi. • FLEU;. MARIAN; Cherokee, la., a s. • FLE.MMING. JOHN; Sioux Falls. So. Dak.. Ajis. • FLOWERDAY. ALBERT; .Seward. Ag.. Farm House. • FOFT. JOHN; Plainview. a s. • FOR.MAN. JACK; St. Joseph. Mo.. Bu.s. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Mu. • FORTNA. LLOYD: .Scoiisbluff, Ag., Alpha (;amma Rho. • FOSTER, ROBERT; Gordon. Bus. Ad. • FRANCIS. PATRICIA: Omaha, a s. • FRANDSEN. HERBERT; Omaha, a s, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • FRANKLIN. MAR IN: Wallace, Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • FREED. PERCY; Lincoln. Eng., Sigma Nu. • FREEMAN. DOUGLAS; Nehgh. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • FRENCH. MERWYN; Page, Ag., Farm House. • FRITZ. J. B.: Talmage. Bus. . d.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • FRUHBAUER. ERNEST: Humholdl. Bus. Ad., Delta Sigma Pi. • FRY, CHARLES; Beairice. Bus. Ad.. Sicma Alpha Epsilon. • Fl CHSER. FAY; Irwin, Eng. • FUNK, DUANE; Norfolk. Eng.. Phi Gamma Delta. • GAEBLER, WM.TER: Winside, Eng.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. D.iTeau East Krkvall tltlwarils Eggert, c. hg- rrt. R. Kliiir aiiii KmL.1.1 Kisenliarl KItiott Knlnian Erickson Erikson Estej) Estes Ewms Eviun Evih Fay..! Fairehiltl Karis Earner Faw Felirs Fel.l FensItT Fcsler Figge Firikelstein Finkn.-r Finstrui 1 Fislar Ftansbiirg Fleig Flenimiiiy FloweriIa F..ft Fnrniaii F irtiia Foster Francis Frnn.Nen Franklin Frrrd Freeman Frencli Fritz Friihbm Fry Fiirliser F,n,k (,;ie!.l.-r H il i tf Ilk .._ jilik. w Page 116 Galbraith. F. Gall.raith. W. GalU.wav Ganz Garnich Garrison Ganger Gav Geier Ger.les Gprharl Gerstenb.-r (IIT Gessner Gibbs, D. Gibbs. M. Gibson. R. Gibson, W. Gill Gilniore. E. Gilniore. P. Cisb Gis ler. B. Gissler, R. Clazer Glodowskv Gloystein Glvnn ;nl.lblart Gai.isiiiith Go 11 (inodwin Gotlstein (Jraftnn Graham. J. Graham. M. (irpenwalt (iripbliiit; Griffin Griswoltl Grothe Grumnierl Giienzel Gunderson Haarmanti Hair Hal SPY Haniiltun Hanimes Haniscb Hanson. G. Hanson, P. Harnsbergcr Harris, B. Harris, L GALB RAITH. FRAN: Beenier. E.l. • GALBRAITH, WILLIAM: Beemer. Ae.. Delta Lipsilon. • GALLOWAY. HARRY; Lin- coln. Bus. Afl.. .Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GANZ. CHARLE. ' ; Lincoln. Ag.. Alpha tau Omega. • GARNICH. JUDY: Ashland., Eel.. Delia Gamma. • GARRISON. L RY: Union. Eil. • GAUGER. WENDELL: Madrid. Ag., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • GAY, ROLLAND: Fairfield. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Kappa Psi. • GEIER, LEO: Lincoln. a .s. Phi Gamma Delta. • GERDES. LAWRENCE; Lincoln. Pharm.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • GERHART, HAROLD; Newman (;ro e. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • GERSTEN- BERGER. BONNIE: Itasca. 111.. Pharm.. Delta Gamma. • GE.SSNER. SHIRLEY: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Delta Deha Delta. • (;IBBS. DORIS; Nebraska City. Axs. Alpha Oniicron Pi. • GIBBS. .MAR : Cusier. .So. Dak.. Pharm.. Sigma Kappa. • GIB- .SON. ROBERT: Randolph. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • GIBSON. WILLIAM: Randolph. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • GILL. EDITH; .Stuart. Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • GILMORE. ELLIOTT: Omaha. Eng.. Phi Kapp a Psi. • GILMORE, PHILIP; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • GISH. HERBERT: Minneapolis. Minn., Eng.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GISSLER. BERNARD: Osceola. A s, Beta Sigma Psi. ' GISSLER. ROLLAND: Osceola. Eng.. Beta Sigma Psi. • GLAZER. JACQUELIN: Kansas City. Mo.. A s, Sigma Delta Tau. • GLODOWSKY. RITA; Scribner. Ed. • GLOYSTEIN. ELROY: Waco. Eng.. Beta Sigma Psi. • GLYNN, NANCY: Lincoln. A s. Delta Delta Delta. • GOLDBLATT. LeROY: Sioux Citv. la.. Law, Zeta Beta Tau. • GOLDSMITH, MARGARET: Falls Citv. Ed. • GOLL. JAMES: Tekamah. Bus. Ad.. Phi Gamma Delta. • GOODWIN, FRANCIS; Sidney, Bus. Ad.. Delta Upsilon. • GOTTSTEIN. STUART; Des Moines. la.. s. Zeta Beta Tau. • GRAFTON. NEVA; Lincoln, a s. • GRAHAM. JOAN; Elgin. Ag.. Alpha Xi Delta. • GRAHAM. MARY; Lincoln. Ed.. Chi Omega. • GREENWALT, DOLORES; Ord. Ed. • GRIEBLING. ETHELANN; Evergreen. Colo.. Pharm. • GRIFFIN. IDEN: David Citv. Eng.. Phi Gamma Delta. • (;R1SW0LD. DWIGHT; Gordon, a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • GROTHE. NORMA: Geneva. Ed.. Alpha Phi. • GRUMMERT. MIL- BERT: Plymouth. AS.S. Beta Sigma Psi. • GUENZEL. LOIS: Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GUNDERSON. TED; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HAARMANN. BE ERLY: Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • HALE. RUSSELL: Hardv. Eng.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HALSEY. LEWIS; Fairmont. Ag. • HAMILTON, DONALD; Norfolk, Bus. Ad., Beta Theta Pi. • HAMMES. LEONARD: Omaha, AJts. Theta Xi. • H.ANISCH. RICHARD: .St. Paul. s.s. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HANSON, GERALD; York, Eng., Delta Upsilon. • HAN.SON, PAUL; Lincoln. A s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • HARNSBERGER. DOROTHY; Ashland, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • HARRIS, BETTY; Hastings, Ai s. • HARRI.S. LEE: Omaha, Bus. Ad., Sigma Alpha Mu. Sophomores Page 117 Sophomores HVRRIS. WILLIAM: Clievenne, Wyo.. A s, Delta Upsilon. • HARTMAN, CEDRIC; Omaha, a s. • HARVEY, TED; Lexing- loii. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nn. • HASSELIJALCH, CMRTI.S; Omaha. Bus. AH.. Beta Thela Pi. • HAS.SELIiALCH. DUANE: St. Ld- ward. Bus. Ad.. Siyma Phi Epsilon. • HALOE. MYRA: Meadow (;rove. Ed.. Siynia Kappa. • HAl PT I . . HOMER: Sail Lake Citv, I ' lah, A s. Phi Kappa Psi. • HAWKIN.S. FRED: Omaha. Eng.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • H S. Ill RON; Kansas City, Mo., Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • HEFNER. FREDERICK; .Syracuse, 4fis, Beta Sigma Psi. • HEIKE.S, ALLEN; Dakota City, Ag., Phi Delta Theta. • HENDERSON. MAR " LOT; Auhurn. Ed., Delta Delia Delta. • HENE. BERT: Omaha. Eng.. Zela Beta Tau. • HENKEL. WILLIAM; Norfolk. Eng.. Beta Sigma Psi. • HERMAN. ALBERT: Edgemoni. .So. Dak., a s. • HERSE, ELEA- NOR; Laurel, v s, Sigma Kappa. • HERSHORN. HELEN: Omaha, a«.s, Sigma Delta Tau. HICKEY. PATRICIA; Omaha, Ed., Alpha Phi. • HICCINS. CAROL; Broken Bow. Ag. • HICH. RICHARD: Bloonifi.ld. Eng.. Phi Delta Theta. • HILDE- BRAND. ROBERT; ' l ork. I ' harm.. Delta Lpsilon. • HILL. EMMY I.Ol ; I.inroln. us.s. • HINTZ. RICHARD: Tecumseh, Eng.. Kappa Sigma. • HOBSON. CLMJE: Hardy. Pharm.. Delia lpsilon. • HOCK. NORM JEAN ; Lincoln, .)r. Div. • HOFF- MEISTER. REX; Imperial. A s. Kappa Sigma. • HOLLAND. MARY SUE: Linc(dn. Kd.. Delia Gamma. • HOLMES. ROCKNE; Chevenne. Vi yo.. Bus. Ad., Sigma Chi. • HOLZE. EDITH; Lincoln, ASS. • HOOPER. B " » RON : Norfolk, Ji.,s, Sigma Nu. • HORD. D0L(;LAS: Lakeside, Bus. Ad., Beta Theta Pi. • HORD. THOMAS: Lakeside, Eng., Beta Thela Pi. • HOR.ST. ESTHER: .Scotlsbluff, Ed.. Kappa Delta. • HORWITZ. RLTH: Denver. Colo., a s, Sigma Delta Tau. • HOUSE, HAZELLE: Lincoln, Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • HOUSEL. RAY; Broken Bow, Dent.. Xi Psi Phi. • HOWARD, ROSWELL: Omaha, Eng.. Beta Theta Pi. • HOWEY, NANCY; Lincoln, axs. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HUFF, ELDON; Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. HIFNAGLE, PATRICIA; St. Joseph, Mo.. Ed. • HUMBERT. GORDON; Crawford, Bus. Ad., Deha Sigma Pi. • IN(;WER.SON. DALE; Lodge Pole. A s, Sigma Chi. IRONFIELD. HAROLD: Omaha, a s. Beta Theta Pi. • IR IN. FAMES: North Platte. Bus. Ad.. .Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • IRWIN, FRANCES: Sidney, xxs. • IVENER. SALLY; .Sioux City. la.. A s. • ,IACK I N. HERBERT: Grant. Ed.. Phi Kappa Psi. • JACKSON, GEORlUA: Kearney. Ag. • JACOB- SEN. WARREN; Fremont. Eng., Alpha Tau Omega. • JEFFREY, STANLEY : Gretna, . s. • JENSEN, FRANCES; Sargent, Ag. • JOHANSEN, DOUGLAS; Columhus. Eng. • JOHANSEN. RAY: Columhus. a .s. • JOHNSON. BRUCE; Holdrege, a s. Alpha Tau Omega. H.trris Hartinaii Harvcv HasBcJljal ■li. r. Has 1. II. Haii .- H.,.,,.li„,„ Hj»kiii Ha - H.-(lUT Heikes H.-ii.l,T5un H.ii,- H iik.l H ' Tiiian Herse HerslHtm Mi, k. . Hiygi ' is Higli llil.l. ' l.raiul Hill Hinlz H..I.,.,.. H..rk H„flmei»ter Ih.lla id HalllifS Holzc H ' -r HorJ. D. Hor.l. T. Horsl HorMil House H...iM 1 Howard Howev Hull Hufnaglc Hunibrrl Iriywprson IronlielJ Irvin Irwin Ivener Jackman Jafksoii Jarnbsrn ,lcl(r.-v Jensen Johansen. D. Joliansrn. K. JnlMl- nn Page 118 f « f ' Jolinson. D. L. Johnson. D. R. Johnson. H. J..hiison, I. Johnson. J. J..hnson. P. Johnson. R. Johnson, R Ih Johnson. S. James Jones. D. Jones. G Jones. L. Jovee Kaaseh Ka.lavv Kahle Kaiinan Kalin, Margaret Kalin. M. Kalllioff Kane Karslen Kaswinef Katznian Krlherg Kell Kellner. D. Kellner, R. Kellv Kennedy Kenner Ken von Killioi] Kimball. 11. Kimball R Kineanon King Klcmme Klink K]ule Knehel Knudsen Kohan Kohlz Kokes Kokjer Kolcs ar Koinisor Kooni Kopeeky KopI KorIT Koskan JOHNSON. DONNA LV: Newman (;rove. Aj;. • .lUHNSON. DONNA R.: Suiion. E.l.. Kappa D.-lla. • JOHN. ON. HXRTRICE; Newman Grove. Ed.. Chi Omega. • .lOHNSON. IRENE: Hartington. Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • .lOHN. ON. JOYCE: Cohimhii . as.s. Delia Gamma. • JOHN.SON. PALMER: alley. AS.s. Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN.SON. ROBERT: Fremont. Bus. Ad., Tan Kappa Epsilon. • JOHNSON. RUTH: Lincoln, a s. • JOHNSON. .SALLY: Madison, as.s. Delta Gamma. • JAMES, NONA: Tabor, la.. Ans. Gamma Phi Beta. • JONES. DANIEL: Lincoln, Eng., Phi Gamma Delta. • JONES, GERALD; Wyinore. Eng. • JONES, LLOYD: Lexington. Bus. Ad. • JOYCE. CAROL; Syracuse, Ed. • KAA.SCH, JAMES; .Scottsbluff. Ag., .Sigma Nu. • KADAVY, DALE: Omaha. s. Delta Tau Delta. • KAHLE, JOHN; Oxford, a s. Beta Sigma Psi. • KAIMAN, MYRNA: Omaha, a s. Sigma Delta Tau. • KALIN. MARCIARET; Lincoln. A s. Towne Cluli. • KALIN, MARILYN: Lincoln, axs, Towne Cluh. • K LLHOFF. MARGARET: Sulhcland. E,l. • KANE. WILLIAM: Aberdeen. So. Dak., a s. Delta Tau Deha. • KARSTEN, HERBERT: Brooklyn. N. Y.. Ed. • KASW INER STOK. NINA: La Pai. Bolivia, a s. • KATZMAN. CHARLOTTE: Omaha, v s, .Sigma Delta Tau. • KELBERG, LOIS; Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Alpha Omicron Pi, • KELL. SHIRLEY: Omaha. Nursing. Chi Omega. • KELLNER. DE NE: Onawa, la.. Bus. Ad. • KELLNER. ROBERT; Onawa. la.. Bus. Ad. • KELLY, EUGENE: Lincoln, Eng., Sigma Nu. • KENNEDY, CHARLENE: Broken Bow. Ed.. Delta Gamma. KENNER, ANN: Hebron, a s, Kappa Kappa Gamma. • KENYON. HARRY: MitchelL Ag. • KILLION. MARLIN: Fairfield. Ed.. .Sigma Chi. • KIMBALL. BILL: Lincoln, Bus. Ad., .Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • KIMBALL. ROSEMARY: Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • KINCANON, RAYMOND: Albion. Ed. • KING. GAYLON; Crawford. Pharm.. Sigma Nu. • KLEMME. HERBERT; Murdock. Fine Arts. • KLINK, LEWIS; West Point, a s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • KLUTE. WAYNE; Seward. Arch.. Delta Upsilon. • KNEBEL. DONALD: Norfolk. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • KOHAN. RICHARD: Omaha. Bus Ad.. Zeta Beta Tau. • KNUDSEN. PRISCILLA; Benson. Minn.. ,s. Kappa Kappa (;amma. KOHTZ. WESLEY: Scottsbluff. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Chi. • KOKES. DOLORES; Ord, Ed- Delta Delta Delta. • KOKJER. THOMAS; .Sidney, Bus. Ad., Delta Upsilon. • KOLE.SZAR, DOLORES; Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Phi. • KOMI.SOR. LOUISE: Chevenne. Wyo.. as.s. Sigma Deha Tau. • KOOM. JOSEPHINE; Omaha, a s, Sigma Delta Tau. • KOPECKY.. LOUISE; .Schuyler. A s. • KOPF. HAROLD; Lexington. Ed.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • KORFF, DON; Hebron. Eng., Alpha Tau Omega. • KOSKAN, DALPHYNIE; Anoka, Ag. Sophomores Page 119 f i f Ji ) 1 5 P .3 . mk £ H I.ukens L.ise Lutton Lvman MaiCiiaig Mackev Mall. TV M.iii. JKSler ann Mansfield, R. Manslicld. T. M;irkt-son Markhani Marks Marshall Marlin. J. Marlin. R. aryniee Maryolt Mason Mastalir Mauch Mauk Mailpin Ujwell May aver McBride MrClain MiClanahan McCormick McCracken McDiU M.Keag McKenzie A . ' i.aughli n McMahon McMasler Meelian Meininger, K. Meininger. 0. Meisinger leli.k Mengshol ever. F. Meyer, G Mirkny Miller. D. Miller, K. Miller. M. Miller, M. A. Mill.T. R. . Miller. R. n. iller. R. Ih LUKENS, ISAIAH; Tekamah. A s. Phi Gamma Delta. • LUSE. BETTY; Lincoln, Ed.. Towne Club. • LUTTON. KATHERINE: Ashland. Ed.. Gamma Phi Beta. • LYMAN. JOY; Fremont. Ed.. Kappa Alpha Theta. • MArCUAlG. JANE; Omaha, axs. Gamma Phi Beta. • MACKEY. ALLAN; Eustis. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • MALLOin. MARY: Lincoln, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • MANCHESTER. DONNA: North Loup. a s. • MANN. JEAN; Limoin. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Chi Omega. • MANSFIELD. ROY: Malvern, Bus. Ad., Tau Kappa Epsilon. • MANSFIELD. TWYLA; Lincoln, Ed. • MARKESON, SILAS: Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Phi Kapoa Psi. • MARKMAM. WILLIAM; Savannah, Mo.. Bus. Ad., Phi Delta Theta. • MARKS, ROBERT; Ord, Pharm., Kappa .Sigma. • MARSHALL, ANNE; Windom. Minn., Ed., Gamma Phi Beta. • MARTIN, JAMES; Omaha, Eng.. Beta Theta Pi. • MARTIN. ROGER: Lincoln, a s. Phi Gamma Delta. • MARYMEE. DELORES: Bladen. Bus. Ad. • MARYOTT. CHARLES; Lincoln. Ag.. Phi (iamma Delta. • MA.SON, CLINTON: Palisaile, Bus. Ad.. Mpha Sigma Phi. • MASTALIR. CLARA; Pierce, Ed. • .MALCH. RICHARD: Bassett. Bus. Ad., Alpha Tau Omega. " MALK. ARTHUR; Tabor, Bus. Ad.. Delta I ' psilon. • M IPI . MYRA: North Platle, .-;s. lolia (hi Omega. • MAXWELL. John: Weekhawken. Ed.. Sigma Chi. • MA ' l . DERALD: (;othenburg. Ag.. Delta Ipsilon. • MA " ER. LEONARD; Cheyenne. Wvo., Bus. Ad. • McBRIDE. PATRICIA: Minden, Kd., Sigma Kappa. • .McCLAIN. RICHARD; Lincoln, axs, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • MrCLANAHAN. ROBERT: .Scottsbhiff. Bus. Ad., Sigma Nu. MiCORMlCK, PATRICIA; Omaha, aks. Alpha Xi Delta. • McCRACKEN. DALE: Lincoln. Bus. A. I.. Alpha Tau Omega. • McDILL. LOUISE; Lincoln. Ag.. Chi Omega. • McKEAG. DONNA: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Chi Omega. • MrKENZIE. MARY; Nebraska City. a. ' Is. • McLAlMMlLIN. JE N: Lincoln, Ag., Alpha Xi Delta. • McMAHON. JOAN: Falls Cilv. Ed.. Pi Beta Phi. • McMA.STER. ROBERT: l.inccdn. Eng.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MEEHAN. PATRICIA: Lincoln, Ed.. Delta Deli,-, Delta. • MELMN(;ER. KEITH; Cambridg, ' . s. Phi (iamma Delia. • MEININGER. OLIVER: Cambridge, Bus. Ad.. Mpha Kappa I ' m. IE1SIN(;ER, DONNA: Plaii m(.uih, Ed.. Kappa Delta. • MELICK. MARY: Neligh. A s. Chi Omega. • MEN(,SI10L. SIllRLK ' l: Hariington. Kd. • ME ' l ER. FR NK: Lincoln. Ed.. Phi Delta Theta. • MEYER. GEORGE: Emerson, Eng.. Tau Kajipa Epsilon. MICKEY. THOMAS: i.r.uu] Island. pred)enl.. Sigma Phi Ep.ilcn. • MII.LEK. DAVID: Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Phi Kapfia I ' m. • .MILLER. KKNTNER: North Platle. Delta Ipsilon. • MILLER. MARILYN; Tecumseh. Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. • .MILLER. MARILYN: Papillion. E.I., Chi Omega. • MILLER, RALPH: Omaha, as,s. Alpha Sigma Phi, MILLER, RliBEN; Sidney, a .s. Beta Sigma Psi. • MILLER. RUTH: Milfor.l, ass. Alpha Chi Omega. Sophomores Page 120 Sophomores KOVANDA. KEITH; Onl. s.s. Delia Upsilon. • KRAUSE. PATSY: Graham. Tex., a s. Pi Beta Phi. KREYMBORG. BONNIE: BrainarH. Efl.. Alpha Xi Deha. • KREYMBORCi. GA YLE: Gerin 6is. Alpha Xi Delia. • KRUGER. WILLIAM: Lincoln. Ed. • KRl.SE. JOHN: Omaha, a s. Phi Kappa Pm. • KUHL. RICHVRD: A-hlan.l. Bu . A,l.. Phi Gamma Delta. • KUIPER. DARLINE: Lincoln. Etl.. Towne Club. • KUNCL. FRANK: Lincoln, a s. B ta Theia Pi. • LAIRD. Rl SSELL: Des Moines. la.. Bus. Afl.. .Sigma Phi Epsilon. • LAMB. HELEN: Lincoln, ass. Towne Club. • LAMBERT. STANLEY: Ewing. Ag., Farm House. • LAMBORN. GEORGE: Palmyra. Ed.. Theia Xi. • LAMPSHIRE. VIRGINIA : Lincoln, Ag.. Towne Club. • LANDWEHRKAMP, JOAN: Omaha. Ed.. Gamma Phi Beta. • LANE. TERRY: .St. Louis. Mo., a s. Alpha Phi. • LANG.STROTH, AURELIE; Needham. Mass., Eng. • LAR.SON. MARY: Wolbach. Ed. • L- RSEN. PATRICIA: -South Sioux Citv. Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. • LAR.SON, ROGER: Dakota City, Bus. Ad., Delta Sigma Pi. • LATHROP, DOROTHY: Crawford, Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. • LAW, DAVIS: Lincoln, a s. • LAWRENCE, JAMES; Sioux Falls. S. D.. Eng.. Beta Theia Pi. • LAWRENCE. MARILYN: Tekamah. Ed., Chi Omega. • LEA.MING, JOANN: Lincoln, a s, Towne Club. • LEEDOM, JACK; Norfolk, Bus. Ad., Delta Tau Delta. • LEGGE. ALEX; Fremont, Bus. Ad., Beta Theia Pi. LEGGE. MARILYN: Fremont, Ed., Pi Beta Phi. • LEISY. JEAN; Wisner. Ed.. Alpha Xi Delta. • LEONARD, WILLIAM: Des Moines. la.. ASS. Tau Kappa Ensilon. • LEPINSKI. JOHN: Omaha, A s, Phi Delta Theia. • LEVANDFR, MELVIN; Sutton, a s, Tau Kappa Epsilon. • LEVENSON. DORIS; Omaha, a s. Sigma Deha Tau. • LEWI.S. JOAN; Shubert, A s. • LEWIS, KIRK; Ord, A s, Delia I ' psilon. • LIAKOS, ANGELINE; Bayard. A s. • LIBERSHAL. MARY; Plaltsmouth, a s, Chi Omega. • LICKEI, PHYLLIS: Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Towne Club. • LIEBER. NANCY: Papillion, Ed., Alpha Xi Delta. • LIMBAUGH. JACK: West Point, Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi, • LINCH. LAUREL: Morrill. Ed., Kappa Delta. • LIND. CHRISTY: Sutherland. Bus. Ad.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • LINDWALL. RODNEY; Omaha, Eng., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LOERCL, RUSSEL; Tekemah, Eng.. Phi ( amma Delta. • LOISEL, THOMAS: West Point, Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • LONG, NORMA: Ord, Ag. • LON(;. ROBERT: Norfolk, a s. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LORENSEN, KEITH: Pender, Bus. Ad.. .Sigma Nu. • LOVE, HOWARD: Collingswood, N. J.. Eng. • LOWE. RUTH; Huntley. Ed. • LOWRY, NANC " i : Toledo, 0., a s. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LUDLOW, POLLY; Red Cloud, Ag. • LliCAS. TRUDY; Denver. Colo., Ag., Gamma Phi Beta. • LUHRS. GORDON: Imperial. Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. OVdlH)il kraiise Kre nibi r; :. li. Kreyniborf:. C. Kriiger KriiM- Kulil Kuipcr Kiiml Laird Lamb Laniberl I aniborn Lampshirc Landwelirkami- Lane Langstrotli Larson, M. Larsen Larson, K. Lathrop Law Lawrence. J. Lawrence. M. Leaminp Leedoni Legge, A. Legge. M. Leisy Leonard Lepinski Levander Levenson Lewis. J. Lewis, K. Liakos Libershal Lickei Lieber Linibaugh Linch Lind Lind wall Loerch Loisel Long. N. Lnng. R. Lorensen Love Lowe Lowry Liuiln v Lucas Liihrs j Ir Page 121 Sophomores MM 1 IKF.N. THOMAS: Frenicmi. Hu . , .. I ' lii Kappa P i. • Mil. I. MAN. MMKICF.; Los Angeles. Calif.. lUi-. Ad., .Sigma lplia Mil. • MliNNlCK.. I ' All.: Canil.ridge. Bus. Ad., Delia Ipsilon. • MOATS. MVRON: Osmond. Eng. • MOHNSEN. OIIVKK- l.ei ' di Ag. • M()NSO . CViEN: Clav Center. Ag. • MO.NSO.N. 1AK I ; Clav Center. Ag.. Alpha (;amnia Rlio. • 100K. iLlJ -il: Lincoln. Rn ... Ad.. Sigma Plii Epsilon. • MOOME ' . lill.l.: ork. u s. Delia Ipsilon. • MOORE. .L CK: Uon . " . • MOORE. .NANC : Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Kappa. ° MOORE. WILLIAM: l!r. wnville. Ag. • MORROW. M)RE : Fremonl. Xiis. • MORROW. TMONLVS. Allianee. a s. Sigma Chi. • MOS.S. NA.NCl : Minatare. Ed. • MLELLER. WII.LIWI: Omaha. Bu.. A, I.. Sigma Chi. • MLLLE.N. ROBERT: ConnelUv ille. I ' a.. Ed.. Sigma Chi. • MLM)ELL. BILL; (.oihenhnrg. vjis. • MLRVWSKI. RALPH; Chicago. III.. a«.s. Sigma Nu. • - n ERS. I)A ID; Weeping Water. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • nHRE. LEL M): St. Edward. Eng. • MYHRE. MOLLY: St. Edward. Ag. • NAMA. BETTY; .Shellon. Bus. d • N SH. WILLIWI: Sioux Cilv. la.. Sigma .Mpha Eosilon. • NASTROM. MARCO: Holdrege. Ed.. .Sigma Kappa. N.Al.MAN. DON: Beatrice, Eng.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • NEBELSICK. H. ROLD: AleNandria. .S. D.. v s. Thela Xi. • NEDROW. ROBERT; Harl.ngton. Pharmr, .Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • NEKUD.A. LYDL ; Lincoln. iis. Towne Cluh. • NEL.SON. LL.ANA; Central City. ss. Camma Phi Beta. • NEL.SON. MARLENE; .Auburn. Bus. .-Vd., Alpha Omicron Pi. • NEL.SON. MURIEL: Oakland. Ag. • NEWELL. CHARLES: Omaha, axs. Siiima Nu. • NEWM. N. PAT: Lincoln, -v s. • NIELSEN. (IRACE: Omaha, a s. (;amma Phi Beta. • NILSON. ERICK: Aurora. Ag. • NOBLE. JO. NNE; Omaha. ss. Kappa Mpha Theta. • NOODELL. PALLINE: Omaha. Ed.. Sigma Delta Tau. • NORDIN. PATRICIA: Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. iNORh. KLSSELL; Alhion. Bus.. d. • NOaKIS. FLOri ; Plainview. Jr. I)i . • NORRIS. JOAi Nt: Aherdeen. S. I).. A s. Pi Beta Phi. NORVAL. OLIVER; Buffalo. W NO.. xs. Beta Theta Pi. • NITSCH. PATTl; Morrowville. Kan.. Ed. • NUTZ.MAN. .lANET: Nehawka. a s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • OBANNON, KEIIH; Scotlshluff. Bus. Ad.. Delta Upsilon. • BRIEN. MADELYN; Lincoln. Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • OCH.SNER, TOM: Deshler. A s. Sigma Chi. ODELL. MARY: South Sioux City. Ed.. Kappa Delta. 0 " DONNELL. PEGGY: Omaha. as..s. Alpha Omicron Pi. 0EI1LRK:H. HER.MAN; Columhus. a s. Delta Upsilon. • OHM.STEDE. ILA: Guide Rock, Ed.. Alpha i Drha. • OI..M.STEAD. KOItKHT; Lincoln. Eng.. Phi Gamma Delta. • OI.SEN. W ILLARD: (ieneva. as.s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Milllk.n Muurc. J. Murawski IVfidrow O ' nannon Milliii.iii M..„r,-. . . Myers NL-tciida Noodelt OBricii Mi .k .Mooic. W . Mylirc Nelsun. I.. N..n]in (). Iisii.r M.»il5 . lulluw, A. .Mylirc. M. Nelson. M. Nnr.-. R. O ' ndt M. 1U1SIM1 Murruw. T. Naina Nelson. Muriel Morris O ' Donncll lon Mo.» Nash Newell Norris. J Oelilrieh ., (;. M...1 M. M.i.ll.r Nastruni Newman Norvul Oliiiii teile M....k Mullen Nauniaii Nielsen Nutsch OlnisteaJ l.,..MI.- MliM.l. ' II NcbeUick Nilson Nulznian Olsen fi Page 122 % % Orr Owens Packard Parsons Pa.,stion Paviie Pearlnian Pejsar IVrrv Peterson. A. Peterson. c. Peterson. D. Peterson, M. Peterson. N. Pctlij, hn I ' tlug Philbrick IMiili ol I ' i.leril Pierce. J Pierce. N Pinnev Pischel Polskv B. Polskv. D. P.dskv- «. Pond Popken Portsciie Port wood Potter Powlev Pratt Putney Racelv Kadeniaiiicr Rankin Rapp Ravsor RebonI R-dieer Reed Regan Reid Renner Rentzsch Rruter Reynolds Rhoades Rhodes Rice Rice. D. Kice. W. RichariJ E. Richards. R. Ri.fciv Rist Robb Roberts Robinson Rockwell Rodin OLSON. DELMAR: North Plalle. . g.. Iplia Gamma Rho. • ORR. CHARLE. ' : Omaha. s. Phi Gamma Deha. • OWENS, BEVERLY: Lincoln. Ed.. Towne Club. • PACKARD. ROBERT: Lincoln, a s. Alpha Epsilon. • PARSONS. JO ANN; Wahoo. «.s. • PAUSTIAN. ELOISE: Omaha. Ed.. Chi Omega. • PAYNE. CRY. ' IAL: Ulvsses Ed. • PE RLMAN. PHILIP; Cranford. N. .1.. Bus. Ad.. .Sigma Alpha Mu. • PEJSAR. BARBARA: Western. E l. • PERRY. STAN: Sidney. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • PETERSON. ARLENE: Falls Citv. a .s. Kappi Delta. • PETERSON. CHARLES: Omaha, E l.. Phi Gamma Delta. • PETERSON. CHARLES: Omaha. Ed.. Phi Gamma D-lta. • PETERSO. . DONALD: Keystone, a s. • PETER.SON, MARALIE: Lincoln, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • PETER.SON. NOR.MA: Lincoln. Ed. • PETTIJOHN. REX: Beayer Crossing, 4S.S. Sigma Nu. • PELUG. FRED; Lincoln. s. Sigma Chi. • PHILBRICK. CHARLES: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • PHILPOT. DONNA: Weeping Water, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • PIDERIT. RICHARD: Lincoln, axs. Phi Gamma Deha. • PIERCE. JANET: Lincoln. Ag.. Towne Cluh. • PIERCE. NORMAN: Lincoln, ass. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • PINNEY. GLORIA; Hastings, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • PI.SCHEL. PATRICIA: Verdel. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • POLSKY. BURTON: Lincoln. Eng.. Zeta Beta Tau. • POLSKY. DON: Lincoln. Eng.. Zeta Beta Tau. • POLSKY. GLORIA: Omaha. as.s. .Sigma Delta Tau. • POND. RICHARD: Lyons. Eng.. Sigma Nu. • POPKEN. DONALD: West Point. Ag.. Farm House. • PORT.SCHE. .STANLEY: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Delta Tau Delia. • PORTWOOD. DAVID: Dayenporl. Pre-Dent.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • POTTER. ALAN: Ft. Dodge. la.. Bus. Ad.. Phi Delta Theta. • POWLEY. HARLAN: Pender. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • PRATT. DONNA: Osceola. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • PITNEY. MICK: Lincoln. Pre-Law. Phi Gamma Delta. • RACELY. EDWARD: Walthill. a s. Phi Gamma Delta. • RADEMACHER. MARY JEAN: York. Ei.. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RANKIN. PATRICIA ; Los Angeles, Calif.. AS.S. • RAPP. KATHRYN: Waterloo. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • RAYSOR. JOAN: Lincoln. Ais. Towne Club. • REBOUL, JACK; Lincoln. Bus. A. I.. Theta Xi. • REDIGER. GEORGANNE: Tekamah. 4 s. Gamma Phi Beta. • REED. .STEPHE; Deshler. A s. Sigma Chi. • REGAN. BILL: Lebanon. Kan.. s. • REID. ROBERT: Albion. Bus. Ad.. Kappa Sigma. • RENNER. CARLA: Norfolk, a s. Sigma Kappa. • RENTZSCH. PAT: Oshkosh. ass. Kappa Delta. • REUTER. FERDINAND; Syracuse. Pharm.. Theta Xi. • REYNOLDS. JOAN: Omaha. El.. Delta Delta Delta. • RHOADES. CHARLOTTE; Blair, Ed., Sigma Kappa. RHODES. KATHRYN: Benkelman. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • RICE. DON: Omaha, axs. Zeta Beta Tau. • RICE, DONALD: Stoiisblutf. a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • RICE. WILFRED: Omaha, ass. • RICHARD.S. ELIZABETH: Ashlaml. Ed. • RICHARDS. ROBERT: Chappell. x. s. Alpha Tau Omega. • RICKLA. POLLV : O ' Neill. a s, Chi Omega. • RIST. RUTH: Humboldt. Ag. • ROBB. PH ' lLLIS; Elwood. Ed. • ROB£RT.S. c:HARLES; Lewellen. Architecture. Delta Upsilon. • ROBINSON, BEN; Omaha, a s. Sigma Alpha Mu. • ROCKWELL. RANDALL; Grand Island. Pharm.. Theta Xi. • RODIN, HELEN; Sioux City, la., a s, Sigma Delta Tau. Page 123 Sophomores Sophomores ROKSLER. EDITH: Lincoln. A s. • ROLFSMEIER, DOLORES; Seward, a s. • ROMIG. HAROLD: Alhion. Pharm.. Theta i • RIPLINGER. PHllJP: Orlran . vks. • RUSSELL. L DELINE: Fulltrton. Ag. • RYMAN. JANICE: Rorliester. N. Y.. .vs. Kappa Kappa Camma. • SAKERSTELN. SARA: St. Joseph. a«.s. Sigma Delia Tau. • SALADEN. RICHARD: Re,l Clou.l. Ed.. Sigma lplia Epsilon. • SALSIURV JO ' lCE: Kansas City. Mo., a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • .SAMPSON. EUGENIE; Central Citv. Ed.. Phi lieta Phi. • SAMLEL.SON. MAE: Denver. Colo. A s. Sigma Delia Tau. • SAMUELSON. MYRNA; Denver. Colo., s. Sigma Delta Tau. SAWYERS. BETTY: St. Joseph. Mo., a s. Delta Gamma. SA ' i LOR. JOHN: Lincoln, A s. Kappa .Sigma. • .SCHAFFER. SHIRLEY ; O ' Neill, nxs. Gamma Phi Beta. • SCHEERER. MILT: Sutton. Eng.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • SCHK E. ROBERT: Plvmouth. Ag.. Farm House. • SCHINZEL. PH " i LLIS: Grafton. Ag. • .SCHLANKER. SHIRLEY: Elmwoo.l. Ed. • SCHMODE. CAROL: .S,.„tlsl,luff. Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • .SCHNEIDER. ELIZABETH: Fremont. Ed.. Pi Beta phi • SCHOEN. Esther: Valparaiso. Ag. • SCHOONMAKER. KATHRYN : Igloo. -S. I).. Phar.. Sigma Kappa • SCHORMANN. JE N: Beemer. Jr. Di . SCHROEDER, GAYBERT: Imperial. Bus. Ad.. Phi c;amma Delta. • SCHROEDER. MARY: Chappell. A s, Alpha Omicron Pi. SCOTT. CATHERINE. Greeley. Bus. Ad. • SCOTT, JANET: Stromsburg. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • SE CREST. KATHLEEN: Lincoln, a s. Kappa Delta. • SECHOVEC, GEORGIA; Dodge, a s. • SECORD. DIXIE; Sumner. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Sigma Phi. • SEEVER.S. ILA: Madison. Ag. • SEIG. ALICE; Omaha, a s. Delta Delta Delta. • SEILER, VIRGINIA; Lincoln, Ed.. Tov»ne Cluh. • SELLIN. DIANE; Norfolk. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • SENFTEN. DOROTHY; Genoa. Ed.. Alpha Xi Delta. • SERI(;HT. SHIRLEE: Lincoln, a s. Alpha Chi Omega. • SETZKORN, IRENE; Lincoln, Ed. • SHALLA, NORMA; Odcll. Ed. • SHAW, JEAN; Omaha, a s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • SHEPARD. CARMEN; Lincoln. Axs. • SHIPMAN. CHARLES; Orchard, ss. • SHOPBELL. MARY; Osceola, la.. A s. Gamma Phi Beta. • SHOPP, BRYCE: Imperial, vds. Kappa Sigma. • SHI LTZ. JOSEPH; .San Diego. Calif.. Bus.. Ad.. Kappa Sigma. • SHLMAN. BEVERLY; Omaha. Ed. • SHISTER, ARLENE: .Schuvler, a .s. • SHYKEN. SYLVIA: Omaha, a s. Sigma Delta Tau. • SIEVER.S, LOIS; Fort Calhoun, Jr, Div., Chi Omega. • SIM. ROBERT; Nebraska City. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • SI.MANEK. MARY; Dodge, Ed. • SIMMONS. GALEN; Lincoln, Eng., Kappa Sigma, • .SJMPSON. FAYE; Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • SIMPSON, FREDERICK: ilantic. la.. a , . Phi Kappa Psi. R..« slrr RnlfsiilcitT Romig KiipliiiytT Russell Rviiuiii Saferstein Saladeii Salsbiiry Sampson Samuelson, Ma.- SamuRlsoii Sawyers Savior Srhnffer Sheerer Srhevp Si-hinzi ' I Si ' lilaiikcr Sfhinode Schneider Schoen SchoonniakiT Schorinaiin Schroeder Sihroeder SLOtt C. Snitt Seacrest Sec hover Secord See vers Seig Seiler Sellin Senften Si r it; III Setzkorn Shalla Shaw Shepard Shipinan Shopbell Shopp Shultz 5hiini;in Shuster Shyken Sievers Sim Simanek Simmons Sinipsini, F. Simpson, F. €V i a f mtjJ . Page 124 f iL?a£ Shnpsnn Sohl Sipple .- lusiier Mmth. A. Smith, C. Smith Snuth. J. Smith. R. Smolik Solomon Spain Speer Spencer Sperling Splinter Srb, R. Srb. Rod Stalker Stapleton Starch Stark States Steele Sleenburg Stegenian Slehlv. B. Stehlv, R. Steinhauer Slenberg Stems Stewart F. Stewart Slillinger Stoppkotte Stowell Stratlon Strirkler Strong Strumpler Slutheit Sumptei Swan Swan son Swarl , Swett Tegtmcier Temple Tepperman Thelandt-r Thomas. G. Thomas Thomas. P. SIMPSON, PATRICIA: Mitchell, a s. Chi Omt-ga. • SIPPLE. SALLY; Nebraska City, Ed.. Sigma Kappa. • SLUSHER. DAVID: Kansas City. Mo., Eng.. Theta Xi. • SMITH, ANN: Lincoln, a s. Chi Omega. • SMITH. CATHERINE: Red Oak, la., Ed., Pi Beta Phi. • SMITH. CHARLES: Fremont, Bus. Ad.. Phi Kaopa Psi. • SMITH, JEANETTE: Lincoln, a s, Chi Omega. • SMITH ROBERT: Lincoln. s, Sigma Chi. • SMOLIK. MARY: Omaha. Bus. Ad. • .SOHL. STANLEY: Lincoln, a s, Theta Xi. • SOLOMON, JACK: Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Mu. • SPAIN, JO: Omaha, Ed.. Kappa Delta. • SPEER. NORMA; Lakeside. Ed.. Kappa Deha. • SPENCER, JA.MES; Lincoln, A s, Law. Sigma Phi Epsiloii. • SPERLING, EVELYN; Burwell, g. • SPLINTER. WILLIAM; North Platte. Eng.. Beta Sigma Psi. • SRB. RICHARD; Lincoln, ass, Sigma Nu. • SRB, RODNEY: Dodge. vs.s. Beta Sigma Psi. • STAKE. ROBERT: Adams. s. . " TALKER. HARRY; Grand Island. A s. Kappa Sigma. • .STAPLETON. MARJORIE: Hi.kman. Ed.. Alpha Xi Delta. • .STARCH. ELEDA; Lincoln, a s. • .STARK. MARILYN; Fremont. Ed.. Chi Omega. • .• TATES. TERRY: Ravenna. Eng.. .Sigma Phi Epsilon. .STEELE. JOYCE; Lincoln. A s. Alpha Phi. • STEENBliRG. HOLTZ; Aurora, a s. Kappa Sigma. • STEGE.MAN. .MARGARET; Chappell. Bus. Ad. • STEHL . BETTY; Elgin, a s. Alpha Chi Omega. • STEHLY. RICHARD; Elgin, a s. Delta Upsilon. • STEINHAUER, ROGER: Sutton. s. • STENBERG, BEVERLY; Omaha, a s. Alpha Chi Omega. STERNS. FLOYD; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • .STE ' ART. FRANK: North Platte, Bus. Ad., Alpha Sigma Phi. • .STEWART. RUTH: Omaha, a s. Alpha Phi. • .STILLINGER. ROBERT: Columbus. Bus. Ad., Deha Sigma Pi. • .STOPPKOTTE. JEAN: Grand Island, Ag. • STOWELL. WILLARD: Ord. Ag.. Farm House. • .STRATTON, JANET; Grand Island. 4 s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • STRICKLER, ELMO; Lincoln, Eng. • STRONG. CAROL; Denver. Colo., Ed., Kappa Delta. • .STRUMPLER. ARTHUR; Lexington. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • STUTHEIT. MARY; Lincoln, a s. Towne Club. • SUMPTER. CLAYTON ; Bassett, Eng., Alpha Sigma Phi. • .SWAN, lOAN. Tecumseh, A s. Alpha Chi Omega. • SWAN.SON, JERRY: North Platte, Eng.. Delta Upsilon. • SWARTZ. STEVE; Omaha. A s. Zeta Beta Tau. • SWETT. ROBERT. South Siouv Citv. s. Alpha Tau Omega. • TEGTMEIER, L ' MAREE; Omaha, A s. • TEMPLE. PATRICIA; Omaha. Ed. • TEPPERM N. MARCIA: Omaha, a s. Sigma Deha Tau. • THELANDER. STANLEY: Stromsburg, Bus. Ad., Sigma Chi. • THOMAS, GENE; Lincoln, a s. • THOMAS, JANET; Berlrand, Jr. Div., Mpha Xi Delta. • THOMAS, PATRICK; Omaha, . s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sophomores Page 125 Sophomores THOM S HOWARD: Bellevue. Tan Kappa Epsilon. • THOMAS. WARREN; Morrill. Eng.. .Sigma Chi. • THOM.SON. ELLEN- Limoln s. • TIENS 0L1). BONNIE; Ru liville. Ed. • TILLER. KENT: Alliance. Eng.. .Sigma Chi. • TIKRO. VRTHL ' r- Omaha En .. Sig.iia Phi Epsilon, • TOBIN. BARBARA; T.kan.ah. Ed., liiha Omi. ron Bi. • TOMKA. MCTOR: l ' il,.er En. ' lpha Si.-ma Blii, • TOMSIK. .|ERR ; Lincoln. Bns. Ad.. Bhi (;amnia Dcha. • TO()(;OOI). .IKRR ' l; North Plallc " Bn " All Svnna Bin Ep-ilon. • TORCZON. RICHARD; Dnncan. Eng.. riicla i. • lOl ELLE. ANN; Lincoln, Ed.. Alpha ' Omicron Bi TOLS. M R " l : Eairmonl, Bus. A.I. • TK IS. DOKOTIh ; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Pi Beta Phi. • TRAVLS MARY- Ord " TREMAIN. CIHARLES: Beatrice. Eng.. Deleia Tan Delta. • IRIBP. CLARAL NN; Blair, Ag.. Chi Omega. • TRoVvie ' r IaMES- Hampton, AS.S. Beta Sigma Psi. • TROXELL. RUTH; Burwell. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • TRLE. THOMAS; lin.dln A s Phi Kappa Psi. • TUBMAN, (;ERALDINE; Lincoln, Ed.. Towne Cluh. • Tl RNER. SALL1 ; Lincoln, a s. Kappa Kappa ' (;amma • TYNER. NEAL; York, a s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • UHE, DELLA; Grand Island. Ed. • NAN BIRCH. iWlY- - Minneapolis, Minn.. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Chi. • VAN CLEAX E. ADA; Beaver City, vks. • VANDEL. THOMAS; Mit.hill. En " Delta Tan Delta. • VANDERSLICE. ROBERT; Lincoln, a. is. • VAN EVER . BARBARA; Lincoln. Ed.. Towm- Cluh. • van " HORNE CAROLYN; Pawnee Cilv. A,s.s. Alpha Phi. • AN HORNE. DOROTIH ; Pawnee City. Ed.. Alpha Phi. • VAN NORMAN RX ' l; Bassett. a s. Delta Tan Delia. • VAN SANT. JOAN; Lincoln. s. Alpha Phi. EITZER, IR 1N(;; Omaha En- Si.Mna Alpha Mu. • ERZAM. ROBERT; Ponca. A«.s. • VIELE. DONALD; Harrison. Eng. • OGEL. MORRIS; ' Stanton Xiis • 0(;LER. ROBERT; Guide Rock. x s. • VOGT, WH.EY; O ' Neill, Pharm. • VOLENUNE. ROYCE; McCook. Ed Delta Delta Delta. • ()ORHEE.S, NLARIL1N: Wauneta, Ed.. Delta Delta Delta. • WAGONER, ELOI.sE; Hastmgs, Ag. • WAGONER RODERIC; Bradshaw. a s. Delia Lpsilon. • W IT. ROBERT; Sidney. Bus. Ad.. Delta Lpsilon. • WALKER. HOWARD- Alliance. Eng.. Alpha Tau Omega. • WALKER. .MARJORIE; Lincoln. Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • NVALLACE. DEAN- Edc-emonl, S. D., a s. Alpha .Sigma Phi. • WALLACE. ROBERT; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Kappa Sigma. • WALLERSLEDT, DONALD- Oakland, a .s. • WALRATH, JAMES; Gering, Ag., Sigma Nu. • WARNER. PHYLLIS; ; paldmg, a s. • WARREN. RU.SSELL: -St. Edward, Eng., Sigma Nu. • WASHINGTON. BONNIE; Hardy. Ag., Alpha Chi Omega. • WAT.SON, ELDON; Pierce, Eng. ' riiniiiaH. H. Tli.iiiias, W. Tlioiiis.iii Tit-nsvald Tiller Tirr.. Tnliin Tonika Tomsik Troester Tm.-mul r.iii v.-ii. ' I.IUS Travis. E). Travis. i l. 1 retnaiii Tripp rrnxftl True Tuliiiian Tiiriiei- Tvntr llie an Bnrgli Van Cleave an.lel Viele an Kv.TV aii H.MM.- an H.irn.. , 1). an Norman Van Sant eitzer erzani Vo " et i.l.?iitiile oorliees W.iS " ner. E. Wagoner Wail Wallttr Walla.-.-. 1). Walla.-.-, n. all.-rsl..,ll Walratli Warn.-r W arren Wasliinylon Uatson Page 126 W, hb.T W •.klv Weiiner WelKiisi. k, 1. « .Ijiusiek, P. Wells tt.luliek WenJler ft.Mlk Weiike W tlu-rbee Wheeler Whiteheail. M W hitihead, T. Whitmore Wihlc Wieland Wilburn Wilkens tt lliam?, C. Williams. J. Williams. N. Wi]s.,n. C. Wilson. R. Winilrum Woelfel Wolferl Wolford IS ,lph Woller Wnrrester Wright WulH WulUchleger Wurlz Wyss Y oiler Vuuilg Zabel Za hn Zer an Z mmerman Z hike Ziirovski WEUI3ER. MARY: Lincoln, a s. Towne Club. • WEEKLY. ELEANOR: Auburn. Eil. • WEIMER. ROBERT; Hailowlon. Mont.. A s, Delta Tau Delta. • WELLENSIEK, IRENE; Syracuse. Ag. • WELLENSIEK. PAUL; Grand Island, a s. Sigma lpba Epsilon. • WELLS. DEAN; Red Cloud. Ed. • WELTCHEK. PAl ' L; Elizabeth. N. J., A s. Zeta Beta Tau. • WENDLER. GORDON; Ainsworth. Eng. • UENK. WILLIAM; Madison. S. D.. Bus. Ad.. Delta Upsilon. • WENKE. BILL: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. .Sgma Alpha Epsilon. • X ETHERBEE. JO ANN; Omaha. Ed.. Alpha Phi. • WHEELER. JOHN; Lincoln. Eng.. .Sigma lpha Epsilon. • H1TEHEAD. MILTON; .Scottsbluff. Ed.. .Sigma Chi. • WHITEHEAD. THRESA; North Platte. A s. • WHITMORE. DEAN; Wheatland. Wye. Ag.. Alpha Sigma P-i. • WIBLE. ROBERT; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • WIELANU. PATRICIA; Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILBURN. MARJORIE; Hendley, A s. • WILKENS. MARILYN; DeWitt, Ag., Kappa Delta. • WILLIAMS, CHARLE- : Lincoln. Bus. Ad., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • WILLIAMS, JOAN: Lincoln, A s, Towne Club. • WTLLIAM.S. NORMAN; Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • WILSON. CHARLES: Lincoln. Fine Arts. Sigma Phi Epsilon. WILSON. REESE: Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Phi Kappa Psi. • WINDRUM. RICHARD: Dawson, Bus. Ad.. Delta Sigma Pi. WOELFEL. CLAIRE; Hammond. Ind., A s. Alpha Xi Delia. • WOLFERT. LELAND; Tecumseh. Bus. Ad., Beta Sigma Psi. • WOLFORD, JANICE: Shelton. Bus. Ad., Gamma Phi Beta. • WOLPH. EVELYN; Nehawka. a s. • WOLTER. (iERALD; Fremont. Bus. Ad.. Beta Sigma Psi. • WORCESTER. CATHERINE: Lincoln. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • WRIGHT. RICHARD: Sidney. Bus. Ad., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • WULFF, OPAL; York, Bus. A.I. • WULLSCHLEGER. JOHN: Leigh. Eng.. Alpha .Sigma Phi. • WURTZ. WILLIAM: Fairbury. a s. • WY.SS. SHIRLEY; Stanton, a s. Kappa Delta. • YODER. BET.SY; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Chi Omega. • YOliNG. WANDA; Beatrice. Ed., Chi Omega. • ZABEL. VERNA; Cook. a s. • ZAHN, EVELYN; Syracuse, Ed. • ZERZAN. RICHARD; Omaha, Bus. Ad., Phi Delta Theta. • ZIMMERMAN, ALITA; Omaha, a s. Kappa Delia. • Zl HLKE. ROBERT: Gurley, a s. Beta Sigma Psi. • ZURO SKI. LOUISE; St. Edward, a s. Sophomores Page 127 Class of 1951 Left: Perhaps Cornhusker band member Bob Hinds is explaining a snappy new tune lo Janice Ki(iuarlle and Su anne Samuelson, or perhaps not. H linv: Answering the CORNHLiSKER ' S call to arms are freshman workers. Larry ( onnealy. Pal Price. Jane Hale, and Marilyn eber. Uon Camp looks on enviously as Rich- ard .Anderson engages in that popular college pastime . . . cashing checks at the L nion office. Never a dull moment with this com- bination of college freshmen. Just ask Dick Rick. Kirk Lee. or Olive (ietlrnan. Energetic Nancy Jensen. . rt Rickey, and Joel Bailey beat the typewriter and their brains to meet that inevitable Rag deadline. 128 Annette Carnalian and Audrey Rosenbauni welcome a ride after a busy day of classes and Albert Brauer willingly obliges. Fieslimen, welcome to your period of con- fusion — to the long lines of registration, the medical exam, the myriad of activities that will keep you in a dither. Freshmen, it won ' t last forever — the lines will thin out, the schedule will eventually be understandable. You will find time for lunch, and these strangers will become acquaintances and friends. Freshmen, ' twas ever thus — a period of adjustment, a surge of overconfidence, the inevitable realization that you have a lot to learn. Then the final sense of quiet confi- dence which proves that you have arrived; that you have a long row to hoe. Freshmen, welcome to your campus career. Above: Rod Fletcher, sports editor of the CORNHL ' SKER, seems mighty pleased with that sack of popcorn and the smiling faces of Ruth Speer, Ginger Taylor, and Dorothy Speer. Below: Win or lose, a game of bridge is a welcome relaxa- tion for these potential Cornhu kers. Bru-e Perrine. Gerald Ferguson. Fritz Davis, and Jack Reynolils. This trio of industrious freshman girls, Ginny Guhin, Nancy Porter, and Betty Green, interest Bob Kreychk in one of their current projects. 129 Freshmen BBOTT, GEORGE; Tecumseh, Bus. Ail. • ABEL, MARILYN; Central Citv. Ag. • ABRA.MSON, HAROLD; Omaha, A s. Sigma lplia Mu. • ABTS. HENRY; Los Angeles, Calif., a s. Phi Delta Theta. • ADAMS, L RCIA; North Platte, Ag. • AGRON, ILEEN; Kansas Citv, Mo., a s, Sigma Delta Tau. • AINSWORTH, ELLEN; Fairmont, as.s. Alpha Xi Delta. • ALBRECHT, MDREY: Lincoln. Ed., Sigma Kappa. • ALLEN, SHIRLEY; Teeumseh. Ag., Alpha Chi Omega. • ALLEN, SUSAN; Peru, s • ALSDURF, KENNETH; Portlaiul, Ore., a s. • ANDERSON, JEAN; Omaha, a s, Kappa DeUa. • ANDERSON, SHIRLEY; Ord, ass, Alpha Chi Omega. • ARMSTRONG, DAVID; Omaha, Ag., Kappa Sigma. • ARMSTRONG, JOYCE; Big Springs, Bus. Ad. • ARTER, DEAN; Lincoln, Arch.. Delta Upsilon. • ASBYLL, JACK; Omaha, Fine Arts, Zeta Beta Tau. • ASKEY, ROBERT; Lincoln, a s. Delta Upsilon. • AULT, DONNA; Grand Island, ass. • AXELSON, GLORIA; Hooper, Bus. • d. • AYOTTE, ELMER; Van Buren, Me., a s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • BAACK, LEILA; Hampton, a s. • BAHEN.SKY. DELORES; Si. Paul. Ed., Alpha Chi Omega. • BAILEY, JOEL; Omaha. v«;.s. Pi Beta Phi. • BAIZER, SHARON: Sioux Citv, la.. Fine Arts, Sigma Delta Tau. BAKER, ROBERT; Omaha, ass. Zeta Beta Tau. • BALDWIN. PATRICIA; Lincoln, ass. Gamma Phi Beta. • BANCROFT. ELEANOR; Elsie, ass. Alpha Chi Omega. • BARNES. BETTY; Bruning, Ed. • BARRETT, DON; Casper, Wyo., Fine Arts. Alpha Tau Omega. • BARRY. DAW; Norfolk. Alpha Tau Omega. • BARRY, HELEN; Omaha, ass, Sigma Kappa, BARTH, DORIS; Rushville, Ed. • BARTUNEK. EDWARD; Lincoln. Eng.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • BA.SKIN, VIRGINIA; Stapleton, Ag.. Alpha Xi Deha. • BATES, BEVERLY: Lexington, ass. Alpha Phi. • BAUERMEISTER. RICHARD; Omaha. Eng., Beta Sigma Psi. • BAYLEY, BARCLAY; Lincoln, ass, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • BEAM, CLARENCE: Stapleton, Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • BECK, JEAN; Fremont, Ag. • BEDELL. ELIZABETH: Lincoln, ass. Sigma Kappa. BEERMAN. HOWARD; Dakota Citv. Ag. • BELLINGER. DAWN: Arcadia, Ed. • BELZER. MILTON; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Mu. • BENGSTON. CHERRIE; Ponca. ass. Chi Omega. • BENNINGTON. ROBERT; Chappell. Bus.. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • BERAN. MARY: Ord, Ag. • BERG. EDWARD; Omaha, Ed., Kappa Sigma. • BERG. EUGENE; Omaha, ass. Kappa Sigma. • BERGLUND. CAROLYN; Stromsburg. Ag. • BERNSTEIN, MARILYN ; Omaha. ss. Sigma Delta Tau. • BESSE. BARBARA: Lincoln. Fine Arts. Sigma Kappa. • BEST, MARVA; Broken Bow, a s. Kappa Delta. • BICK. RICHARD; Grand Island, ass. Alpha Tau Omega. Abbott Ah.-I Ahranison Abts Adams Agron Ainswortli AlbreclU Mien Allen Susan Ahchirr Anderson. J. Anderson, S. Armstrong. D. Xrinstrong Arter Asbyll Askev Auh Axelson A volte Baark Bahenskv Bailev Baizer Baker Baldwin Bancroft Karnt! Barren Barry, D. Barry, H. Barth Bartunek Baskiii Bates Bauermeister Bay lev Beam Beck Bedell Beermann Bellinaer Brlzer Bengston BeDoiogton HiTan Berg. F.a. Berg Berglund B.riistein Besse Best Birk Page 130 I k % 1 1 4 Bin ;hani Blankenship Blessing Bloom Bollinger Bonebright Honnewitz Boomer Borgaard Boschen Boswell Bowman Bracken Braraer Brannan Brauer Breck Brees BriR Bressnian Bricker B rod key Brooks Brown. J. Brown. M. Bryant Buck Biirlev Burnett Burt Buss Caha Calder Calhoun CalHes ( amp Campbell. J. Cdmpl.cU Campfield Canatiav Capek Carlson Caniahan Carothers (Carpenter Carson CdlVth Chael Chaillie Chamberlin Chandler Christenson Chubbu.k Clark BINGHAM, JOAN; Lincoln, Bus. Acl., Alpha Omicron Pi, • BLANKENSHIP, JAMES; Lincoln, a s. Phi Kappa Psi, • BLE,SSING, RICHARD; South Sioux City, Ag. • BLOOM, DON; Los Angeles, Calif., a s. Phi Gamma Delia. • BOLLINGER, DAVID; Omaha. A s, Alpha Tau Omega. • BONEBRIGHT, DORIS; Lincoln, Ed., Kappa Delta. • HONNEWITZ, MARILYN; Des Moines, la., Jr. Div. • BOOMER. JOHN; Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Phi Kappa Psi. • BORGAARD, MARY; Lincoln, a s, Chi Omega. • BOSCHEN, LENA; Bangor. Mich,, a s. • BOSWELL. ALICE; Benkelman, Ag. • BOWMAN, DOROTHY; Albion, Ag. • BRACKEN, PATRICIA; Omaha, Fine Arts, Chi Omega. • BRAMER. MARILYN; Mullen, Ed., Chi Omega. • BRANNAN, MAXINE; Central City. Ag. BRAUER, ALBERT; Norfolk, a s. Beta .Sigma Psi. • BRECK, BETTY; Waverly, Ed. • BREE.S, GEORGIA; Pierce, Ag. • BREFF. MARILYN; Omaha, a s, Sigma Delta Tau. • BRESSMAN. CHARLES; Omaha, s. Phi Delta Theta. • BRICKER. JERI; Lincoln, a s, Sigma Delta Tau. • BRODKEY. MARJORIE; Omaha, A s, Sigma Delta Tau. • BROOKS, BETTY; Merriman, a s. • BROWN, JOE; Lincoln, a s, Sigma Nu. • BROWN, MELVIN; Hebron, A s. • BRYANT. JACK; Tekamah. Ed., Phi Gamma Delta. • BUCK, NANCY; Omaha, Bus., Ad., Alpha Xi Delta. • BURLEY. DONNA: Norfolk, a s. Delta Delta Delta. • BURNETT. MARILYN; Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Deha. • BURT, K-4THLEEN; Bennet. Ed. • BUSS. MARDELLE; Omaha, Unclass., Chi Omega. • CAHA. JOYCE; Wahoo, a s. • CALDER, CAROL; Geneva, Ed., Al- pha Phi. • CALHOUN. JERRY; North Platte, Ag., Phi Gamma Delta. • CALLIES, DONALD; Leigh, Fine Arts, Alpha Sigma Phi. • CAMP. DON; Davenport, a s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • CAMPBELL. JOHN; Omaha. Eng.. Phi Kappa Psi. • CAMP- BELL, PHYLLIS; Wahoo, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • CAMPFIELD. MARILYN; Omaha, a s. Delta Delta Delta. • CANADAY, MARGIE: Lincoln, a s. Pi Beta Phi. • CAPEK, DALE; Lincoln, a s. Phi Delta Theta. • CARLSON, BONNIE; Omaha, a s. Alpha Chi Omega. • CARNAHAN. ANNETTE: Lincoln. Ag., Chi Omega. • CAROTHER.S. .MARY; Broken Bow, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • CARPENTER, HARRY; .Sioux City, la., a s, Sigma Nu. • CARSON, RICHARD; Lincoln, Bus, Ad., Phi Gam- ma Delta. • CARVETH, JOAN; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Phi. • CHAEL. FREDERICK; Kouts. Ind., Eng., Beta Sigma Psi, • CHAILLIE. RUTH: Dakota City. a s. • CHAMBERLIN. MARGARET; Lincoln, Ed.. Alpha Phi. • CHANDLER, MEL- VIN; Pierre, .So. Dak.. Bus Ad., .Sigma Alpha Mu. • CHRI. TIAN.SON. CLIFFORD; Chappell. Pharm.. . ' igma Chi. • CHUB- BUCK, NORMA; Lincoln, a s. • CLARK, BERNA; Lincoln, Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma. Freshmen Page 131 Freshmen CLEMENS, DONNA; Wallace, Ag. • CLIPSON, RICHARD; Silver City. la.. Ed.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • CLOUGH, DOLORES: Wallace. Bus. Ad. • CLOUGH, WANDA; McCook. Fine Arts. • COBLE. HALCYON; Lincoln, Ed.. Kappa Alpha Theta. • COFFEY, CHARLES; Beaver City, Bus. Ad. • COLBERT, BEVERLY: Lincoln, a s. Delta Delta Delta. • COLLISON, CHARLYN; Holdrege, Ag., Delta Delta Delta. • CONNEALY, LAWRENCE: Lincoln, a s, Sigma Nu. • CONNELLY, MARY; Lindsay, Ag. • CONNER, GEORGE; McCook, Bus. Ad. • COOK. DONALD; Rock Rapids, la.. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • COOKSLEY. ROLAND; Broken Bow, Eng., Kappa Sigma. • COPSEY. FRANCES; Alliance. . s. Pi Beta Phi. • CRA FORD. FLORENTINE; Omaha, Ed. CRISWELL. DON; Oshkosh. Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • CROM. RICHARD; Swanton, .Ag. • CROPPER. MARILYN; Lyons, a s. • CUMMINS. MARY; Lincoln, ax.s. Gamma Phi Beta. • CURTISS. JOHN; Geneva, Ed. • CURTI. ' S, RUTH; Lincoln, Fine Arts, Pi Beta Phi. • DAILEY, JEAN; Hardy, Ed. • DALLAM, JANET; Omaha. Ed., Chi Omega. • DALTON, CLAIRE; Plattsmouth, a s. • DAMON, VIRCUNIA; Rapid City, So. Dak., Fine Arts. Alpha Phi. • DARN- ER. JOHN; Holdrege, Pharm. • DA.SKN. ' KY, SARA: Hinton, la., as.s. Sigma Delta Tau. • DAVIS, DONN; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • DAVIS, FREDERIC; Lincoln, Eng., Phi Delta Theta. • DA SON. .MARILYN; Linwood. a s. • DEAN. DEVLIA; Tekamah. Ed. • DeLON(;. MARTHA: Nebraska City. Ed.. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • DENENBERG. HER- BERT; Omaha, a s. Sigma Alpha .Mu. • DENNY, JACQUIE; Mitchell, a s. Alpha Chi Omega. • DERRICK, WILLIAM; Lin- coln, Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • DEUSER, CHARLES; Omaha, Eng., Kappa Sigma. • DEVEREUX, JORIS; Omaha, A s, Pi Beta Phi. • DICKEY. ARTHUR: Sioux Falls, So. Dak., Eng., Theta Xi. • DIERS. DONALD; Fremont, Bus. Ad., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • DIETRICH, MARVIN; Alliance, Bus. Ad., Sigma Nu. • DINSMORE, JAMES: Omaha, a s. Phi Deha Theta. • DIVIS. JOAN: Bee. Ed. • DORWAY. JUDY; Omaha. Ed.. Kappa Kappa Gamma, • DOWNING DAVID: Superior, a s. Sigma Chi. • DUDLEY. MARVIN; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • DUGAN, WILLIAM; Lincoln. Eng.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DUIS, ROBERT; Sidney, a s. Phi Gamma Deha. • DUNCAN, HOWARD: Poole, A s, Theta Xi. • DUTTON, DON: Lin- coln. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • DVORAK, VERNE: Barneston, Ag. • DYER. GENE; Nebraska Citv, a s. • EBERHART. DORIS; Bassett, Ag. • EDEE, JIM; Pawnee Citv, Eng.. Phi Delta Theta. • EGAN. DAN; Hyannis. Eng.. Kappa Sigma. Clemens Clipson Clough, D. Clough Coble Coffey Colbert Collison Connealy Cod nelly Conner Cook Cooksley Copsey Crawford Criswell Crom Cropper Cummins Curtiss, J. Curtiss. R. Dailey Dallam Dalion Damon Darner Dasknsky Davis. D. Davis. K. Dawson Dean De Long Denenberg Denny Derrick Deuser Devereux Dickey Diers Dietrich Dinsmore Divis Dorway Downing Dudley Dugan Puis Duncan DuKon Dvorak Dyer Eberhart Edee Lg.n l.f Page 132 ,1- A M£k Egan Eiberger Ekstrand Eisner Ely Emmons Engdahl Engler E rick sun Eskilsen Esles Elmun.l Ewald Fa ires Falk. A. Falk. B. Fard Feldman Ferschtnian Fiala Finch Fischer, N. Fisrher, R. Fisher Fleishman Fleming Flicker Fltioil Forinash Fornev Foster Franklin Fredrickson Friedricksen Caddis Gaines Carcincr Garev Garretson Garrop Gartland Gass Cauger, M. Cauger, S Cealy Ges.ner OUman (;lebe Clock Guhdc Goldman Good Graham EGAN. RODGER: Ashby. s. Kappa Sigma. • EIBERGER, MAURUS: King Citv, Mo.. Ag. • EKSTRAND, MARGARET; .Stromsburg, Ag. • ELSNER. VIRGINIA: Loup City. Bus. Ad. • ELY. DOROTHY: Guide Rock, Ed., Alpha Xi Delta. • EM- MONS. JOHN: Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Tau Kappa Epsilon. • ENGDALL. HERBERT; Omaba. Bus. Ad., Sigma Nu. • ENGLER, MELVIN: Stuart, a s. Delta Tau Delta, • ERICK.SON. CAROLE: Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • ESKILSEN, DONA; Fre- mont. Ed. • ESTES. DOROTHY: Lincoln. Jr. Div.. Towne Club. • ETMIND, DON; Lincoln. Bus. Ad., Phi Delta Theta. • EWALD, BEVERLY: Omaba. Ag.. Delta Delta Deha. • FAIRES. FRANK; Lincoln, a s, Theta Xi. • FALK, ARNOLD: Fbillipsburg. N.J.. Bus. Ad.. .Sigma Alpha Mu. • FALK, BEULAH; St. Paul. Bus. Ad. • FARD, IRADJ; Tehran. Iran, Ag. • FELDMAN. MADELON; Newman Grove. Ed.. Chi Omega. • FERSCHTMAN, GLORIA; St. Louis, Mo., a s, Sigma Delta Tau. • FIALA. CLARICE: Ord. Ag. • FIDDOCK. ELLEN; Omaba. Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • FINCH, DONALD; Stuart, Ag- • FISCHER. NORMA; Lincoln, a s. Towne Club. • FISCHER, RUTH; Wakefield, Ag. • FISHER, LAVERNE; W ahoo, Ag. • FLEISHMAN. ALAN; Omaha. as.s. Zeta Beta Tau. • FLEMING. ANTONIA; Omaha, Unclass., Alpha Xi Delta. • FLICKER. ALICE: Omaba. a s. • FLOOD. AUDREY; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. FORINASH, DONALD; Hartington. A s. • FORNEY. LEWIS; Crete. Ed. • FOSTER. VIRGINIA; Lincoln, a s, Sigma Kappa. • FRANKLIN. DON; Omaha, A s. Delta Upsilon. • FREDRICK.SON. JOAN; Valley. Ed., Deha Gamma. FRIEDRICKSEN, BERNARD; Bennington, Ed. • GADDIS. PAT; Lincoln. Ag., Kappa Alpha Tbeta. • GAINES, MARY; Omaba, a s. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GARDNER, BARBARA; Lincoln, a s. Pi Beta Phi. • GAREY. MARJORY; Edison. Bus. Ad. • GARRETSON, RICHARD; Gering, Ed. • GARROP. ROSALIE; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Delta Tau. • GARTLAND. PATRICIA; Greeley, Ag. • GASS. WALTER; Sew- ard, a s. Phi Kappa Psi. • GAUGER. MARILYN: Eustis. Bus. Ad. • GAUGER, .SHIRLEY; Eustis, Bus., Ad. • GEALY. GOR- DON: Gordon. Ed.. Phi Kappa Psi. • GESSNER. GENE; Lincoln. Eng.. Phi Gam ma Delta. • GETTMAN, OLIVE; Lincob. Alpha Chi Omega. • GLEBE, WILMA: Scottsbluff. a s. • CLOCK. BARBARA: Rising City. a s. • GOHDE. ARLINE, Lin- coln. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • GOLDMAN. RICHARD; Omaba. Bus. Ad.. Zeta Beta Tau. • GOOD, ROBERT; Lincoln, a s, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GRAHAM. ROSEMARY: Lincoln, Ed.. Pi Beta Phi. Freshmen Page 133 Freshmen (.KWFS JANKT- Uevcrly Hills. Calif., ajis. Pi Beta Phi. • GREEN. I!ETT : Liii.-oln. a s. Delta Delta Delta. • GREER. II11 nV A s, Beta Tlieta Pi. • GREGG. (lERALDlNE: Vi alioo. Aj;. • (;RI(:KEL, GERALDINE: .Sargent. Ag. • (iROTEI.ll.SCHER. ROLAND; Columhiis. Ag.. Beta .Sigma Psi. • (iliELKKR. SHIRLEY; Lincoln. Ed. • (;UHIN. MRGINIA; Superior Ass Mpha Chi Omega. • (aUDINGER. BETTY; Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa D.lia. • GLNDY. PATRICIA: Norfolk, ajis. i)ella Delta Deha. • HALE. JANE; Norfolk. Alpha Phi. • HALEY. PHYLLIS; Limoln. Ed., Kappa Alpha Theia. • HALL. GERALD- Earragut. la., .Sigma Chi. • HAMILTON. MARIAN: Omaha. Ed.. (;amma Phi Beta. • HAMILTON. WILLIAM: Petershurg. Ag.. Phi Kappa Psi. • HANSEN. LLCILLE; Weeping Water. Ag. • HXNSEN. JO ANN: Eremonl. Ed. • HAN MIN ELINOR- Oakland. Ed. • HAKIiERT. WlLLE ' l ; Oakland. Eng. • HARDING. (;W EN ; Omaha, a s. Kappa Al|iha Thela. • H RJ)T, RONALD; Lincoln, x. ' is. Alpha Tau Omega. • HARLEY. THOMAS; Lincoln. Pharm., Phi Delta Thela. • HARM N. I NET- Hooper a. s. Alpha Xi Delta. • HARMON. JAMES; Gr.nna. Ag.. Farm House. • HARMS. GLENN; DeWitt, Bus. Ad.. Rela Sicma Psi. HARRLS. MARIE; Eullonville. N. Y.. ass. • HARTMAN, TR(;INIA: Lincoln, as.s. Alpha Xi Delta. • HVSKIN.S. (;RACE; Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Towne Club. • HAWORTH. .STANLEY; Lexington. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • HED STROM JE N: Deadwood, .So. Dak., a s. Delta (Jamma. HEEBNER. GORDON; lmj)erial. a s. Kappa Sigma. • HEER I NN Hli(;0; Stanton, Eng. • HEIN, DORIS; Culbertson, Bus. Ad. • HEIN. WILLIAM; Alliance, a s. Bet a Theta Pi. • HENKLE WILLIAM; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Phi Delta Theta. • HENSCHEL. DARLENE; Martin. So. Dak., a s. Sigma Kappa. • HERPOLSHEIMER. SHIRLEY; Limoln. a«.s. Towne Club. • HEY. NORMA: Falls Citv. a s. • HICKS. MIRIAM: Lin ((dn Ed. Gamma Phi Beta. • HILL. 1R(;INIA, Lincoln. A s. Gamma Phi Beta. • HILL. WILLIAM; Des Moines, la.. , ' is. • HINDS ROBERT: Lincoln. Law. l!.-la Theta Pi. • HINES. VIRGINIA; Lincoln, ass. Towne Club. • HOFFMEISTER. l in- Imperial. Jr. Div., Alpha Xi Dilla. • HOKAMP. ELEANOR; (n-ring, Ag. • HOLLANDER. DICK; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • HOLME.S, SALL ' l : Kearnev. ass. Kappa Alpha Theia. • HOLTHUS. BURTON; Bertrand. Pbarm.. Beta Si niia Psi. • HOR.STMAN, MARY; Creighton, Ed., Sigma Kappa. HOVENDICK. DONALD; Craig, Ag.. Phi Kappa Psi. • HUFFMAN. RICHARD; Elgin. ss. Beta Theta Pi. • HUFFORD. JANICE; Omaha, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • HULAC, FRANCES; Omaha, uts. • HI 1,1.. jKKRY; Ashland. Eng.. Phi Gamma Deha. Graves CunJy Harbert HaskJns Herpolslifinir Hollandpr Green Hate Harding Hawortli H.- Greer Haley Hard I H;;dstri Hirks H.dlhiis Gregg Hall Harley HeebiK-r Hill. V. Horstnmn Grickel Hamilton. M. Harman Heerniann Hill, Wm. Hovendick Groteltjsrlicr Hamilton Harmon Hein. U. Hinds Htiflmaii Giielker Hansen. L. Harms Hein. W. Hines Hiiffon! Guliin Hanst-n. J. Harris Henkle HorTin.-islei Hl.Uir Giiidinger Hanson. F " .. Hnrlmun Hens.hrl Hokamp Hill! ft 1 c. la Page 1.34 f f li 6 e ? i -10 %-. ©lili:, Hunt Hurlburl Huston. C. Huston. H. H viand Her Jacobs James Jensen, C. Jensen. F. Jensen. N. Johnson, A. Johnson. C. Johnson. D. Johnston C. Johnson. J. Johnson, J. Johnson, M Johnson. M. Johnson. M. Johnson, M. Johnson. P. Johnson. S. Johnston P. Jaines Jones, K Jones, N. Joneson Jiidd Kaderli Kdhn Kaiel Karlson Keefe Keene Kehl Kell Kennedy, A. Kennedy. B- Kepler Kepner Kidder Kilian Kinnier Koch K.»ehler Krajii-ek Krasnp Krause. E. Krause. H. Kreisler Kreuscher Kreyeik Kroeger HUNT, RICHARD: Panama, k s. • HURLBURT, JACK; Norfolk. Eng.. Delta Tau Delta. • HUSTON. CAROLYN; .Salem, Ag. HUSTON, HARRIET; Limoln. a s. Pi Beta Phi. • HYLAND. JEANNE; Lincoln. Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. • ILER, LOUISE; O ' Neill, A s, Delta Delta Delta. JACOBS. FRANKLIN; Lincoln, a s. Zeta Beta Tau. • JAME.S. MIMI; Crawford. Ed.. Al- pha Chi Omega. • JENSEN. CATHERINE; Washington. D. C, Ed.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • JENSEN. FERN; Randolph. Ed. • JENSEN. NANCY; Fremont, a s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • JOHN.SON. ANN; Tekamah. Ed. • JOHNSON. CAROL. Og.illala, Ed. • JOHNSON, DAKOTA, Bloomfield. Ag. • JOHNSON. GARDNER, Sioux Falls, So. Dak., Bus. Ad.. Delta Tau Delta. • JOHNSON, JACQUELINE; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • JOHNSON, JANETTE; York, Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. • JOHN- SON, MARGARET: Tecumseh. a s. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN.SON. MARJORIE; Lyons. Ag. • JOHNSON. MARY; Fair- hury. Ag. • JOHNSON. MARY: Lincoln, a s. • JOHNSON. PHYLLIS; Lincoln. Bus. Ad. » JOHNSON, STANFORD; Omaha, Eng., Beta Theta Pi. • JOHNSTON. PAUL; Lincoln. Ais. Delta Up.silon. • JOINES, OSA ; Oconto, a s. • JONES, KNOX; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • JONES, NOLAN; Gothenburg. Eng. • JONESON, RICHARD; Pawnee City, asls, Theta Xi. • JUDD. MARGARET. Waterbury. Ed. • KADERLI, BARBARA: Kimball, a s. Sigma Kappa. • KAHN, JANET; Omaha, A s, Alpha Phi. • KAREL. MARILYN; Howells. Ed. • KARLSON. NORMA; Lincoln, a s. Kappa Delta. • KEEFFE. MARY; Anoka. AX.,s. • KEENE. PETER; Lincoln. Eng.. Phi Deha Theta. • KEHL. LEONARD: Scottsbluff. a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • KELL. BARBARA; Omaha, a s. • KENNEDY. AUDREY; Falls Citv. a s. Kappa Delta. KENNEDY. BRUCE; Basin, Wye, A s, Alpha Tau Omega. • KEPLER, CLIFFORD; Anselmo, a s. Kappa Sigma. • KEPNER. JANET; Osceola, a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • KIDDER. JACK; Lincoln. Eng.. Kappa Sigma. • KILIAN. LEO: Eng. • KINNIER. ALTHEA: Albion, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • KOCH. VIRGINIA; Lincoln, a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. KOEHLER. SUZANNE; Geneva. Ed., Delta Gamma. • KR.VJICEK. ALTHEA: Scribner. Bus. Ad. • KRASNE. PAUL: Fremont. Bus. Ad.. Zeta Beta Tau. • KRAUSE. ELAINE; Lincoln, a s. Sigma Kappa. • KRAUSE, HAROLD; Fullerton, Bus. Ad.. Kappa Sigma. • KREISLER. WANDA; Valley, ass. • KREUSCHER. ALLEN: DeWitt, Ag. • KREYCIK, ROBERT; Wood Lake, Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • KROEGER, DONALD; Omaha. Bus. Ad., Beta Sigma Psi. Freshmen Page 135 Freshmen KUEHL. PEGGY; Millard. Ed. • KliGLEK. MARY: Crete. Bu . Ad. • KL ' SKA. RICHARD; Omaha. Ag.. Phi Kappa Psi. • LAELIN BOB: Lincoln, Ag.. l[.lia (;amma Rho. • LALLMAN. RTSSELL; Arlin«iton. a s. Beta Sigma Psi. • LAMMERS, HENRY- St. Joseph. Mo.. Bus. Ad.. Alpha Tau Omega. • LANDGREN. NORMAN; .Shirkley. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Kho. • L PP VIRGINIA; Kearney. Jts, Kai)pa Alplia Theta. • LARSEN. (;L0RIA: Central Citv. Fine Arts. Pi Beta Phi. • LAR- SON. MARLENE: Bloomfield. Ed. • LAW. .lOAN; Chappell Fine Arts. Chi Omega. • LAYTON. CHARLOTTE; Hastings, Ed • LE DLEY. JEAN; Lincoln. s. (;amnia Phi Beta. • LEAKY. FRANK: Lincoln, s. Delta Tau Delta. • LEHM- KCHL, HELEN: Minden. Bus. Ad. • LEINBERGER. ROBERL: Lincoln. s. • LEVY. SANFORD: Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Sigma lpha Mu. • LEWIS, EVELYN: Manitou Springs. Colo., a s. • LEWTON. BLRKE; Walthill, a s. Alpha Sigma Phi. • LINDLE . JOYCE: Lincoln, a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • LINN, JANE; Kimhall. a s. Alpha Phi. • LIPP. LELA: Franklin. Ed. • LISHER. JO NN: North Platte, a s. • LITZ. HELEN: Omaha, a s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • LODER. JO JEN; Lincoln, a s. Kappa Kappa (Jamma. • LONG. FERN; Madison, Ag. • LORD, GLADYS: McCool. Ed. • LOUDON. JANET: Lincoln, a s, Gannna Phi Beta. • LLEBBE. LAWRENCE: Seward. Eng. • LLEDTKE. KENNETH; Wisner, Ag. • LUIKART. GORDON; Lincoln. Beta Theia Pi. • LLTHER. CL DE; Hooper, a s. Sigma Phi Epsilon. • LUTHER, MAR LOU; Cambridge, a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • LYTLE. KEITH: (ioihenhurg. Bus. Ad.. Beta Theta Pi. • McCANN. JOHN; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Phi Delta Theta. • MrCLURE, JOAN: St. Paul. Bus. Ad. • McCLYMONT. PHILIP: Holdrege. Ag.. Phi Kappa Psi. • McCONNELL, LOU: Lincoln. s. Sigma Kappa. • McCYMONDS. NEAL: Lincoln. s. Delta Tau Delta. • McDERMOTT. THOMAS; Greeley, Bus. Ad. • McDowell, JAMES: Red Cloud, Eng. • McELHANEY. MARJORIE: O ' Neill. Ed. • McGEHEE. ROBERT: Lin- coln, Eng.. Phi Delta Theta. • McMEEKiN. JAMES; Lincoln, Eng.. Phi Gamma Delta. • McWHA. JOHN: North Platte. Eng.. Kappa Sigma. • MACKEY. GEORGE: Casper. Wye, a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • MACKLEM. GWENDOLYN: LaureL a s. Sig- ma Kappa. • MAGID. BERNARD; Omaha, a s. Sigma Alpha Mu. • MALONE, MARVIN: Fairbur ' , Pharm. • MANGOLD, M R1E; Gretna. Ed. • MAPES, JERRY: Lincoln, Bus. Ad., Alpha Tau Omega. • MARER, SALLY; Omaha, a s. Sigma Delta Tau. • MARQUART, PAUL; Westhoro. Mo., Bus. Ad. • MARTENS. WINSTON: Lincoln. Eng.. Beta Sigma P-i. Kiiehl Larsoii Lewton Luudon McClvnionl Ma.krv Kiiglf-r -v [.U.-I l.r M, :..nii.-]1 M.K kU-in Kuska Lav I on Linn Lii (ltke MrCvmonds LaHin Lcadley Lijip Litikart McDernu Ma I one Lallman Leary Lisher Lullier. C. MrDowfll Mangold Lammers Lehnikuhl Litz I-.ilher. M. MrEllianey Mapes Landgren Leinberger Loder Lytle McGehee Mar " r Lapp Levy Long McCann MrMeekin Mar |iiarl Laraen Lewis Lord MrCIure IrWha Martens P k C t m. • ' " JPm .P?gc 136 0 m f m Mathews Means. A. Means, R, Meehan Meier Meisinger Merritt, J. Merritt, L. Metcalf Meyer Michael Michalek Meisbach Milder MiUer, J. Miller, L. Miller. N. Mills . Iilow Minnick Monfort M on son Moon Morehead Mosher Moskovitz Motter Monitor Mounllor.l Mozer Murphy Muscheites Myers .Nalirstedt. M. NahrsteJt, Ma Neilson. I.. Neilson. M. Nelson, R. .Nelson, S. Nickolson Nordstrom Nerval OIney Olson, B. Olson. D. Olson, E. Olson, W. Olsson. J. Opheim Orniesher Pare hen Parker Parks MATHEWS, SHIRLEY: Omaha, a s. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MEANS. ARDEN; Lincoln, .as.s, Sigma Chi. • MEANS, RICH- ARD: Lincoln. A s. Beta Theta Pi, • MEEHAN, VIRGINIA: Lincoln, a s. Delta Delta Delta. • MEIER, LA RETA: DeWitt, A s. • MEISINGER. MILDRED; Plattsmouth, Ag. • MERRITT. JACK: Omaha, a s. Sigma Alpha Mu. • MERRITT. LOIS: Stapleton, A s, • METCALF. DON: Newcastle. Pharm, • ME ' ER. Rl ' TH: Lincoln, a s, Sigma Kappa. • MICHAEL. SHIR- LEY: Fremont. A s. • MICHALEK. RICHARD: Scottsbluff, Bus. A,!.. Delta Up ilon. • MICKELSON. GORDON: Lincoln, Eng., Sigma Nu. • MIESBACH. NEAL: Inadilla, Bus. Ad. • MILDER, ORVEL: Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Zela Beta Tau. • MILLER. JAMES; Papillion. a s. Beta Theta Pi. • MILLER. LA VERN; Hildreth. Ag. • MILLER, NANCY; Omaha, a s. Kappa Al- pha Theta. • MILLS, JOHN; Osceola, A S, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MILOW. L ' MARIE: Omaha, .a s. • MINNICK, BILLIE; Crete, A s. • MONFORT, MARILYN: Brooklyn, N. Y., Bus. A 1. • MONSON, WARREN: Clav Center, Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • MOON. MARION; Fairhurv, Fine Arts, Chi Omega. • MOREHEAD. PHYLLIS: Republic. Kan., a s. • MOSHER, ROBERT: Lincoln. Eng.. Delta Ijpsilon. • MOSKOVITZ. MAYER: Omaha, a s. Sigma Alpha Mu. • MOTTER, ROSE- MARY: Fremont, Ed.. Pi Beta Phi. • MOULTON. MARY; Red Cloud. Ed. • MOUNTFORD, ROGER: Davenport, Fine Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MOZER, FORREST; Lincoln, a s, Sigma Alpha Mu. • MURPHY, SHARON: Hardy, Ag., Alpha Orai- cron Pi. • MIISCHEITE.S, MARGARET; Pawnee City, Ed., Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MYERS, NORMA: Broken Bow, Ed., Delta Gamma. • NAHRSTEDT, MARGARET; Madison, Ag, • NAHRSTEDT, MARY; Madison, Ag. • NEILSON. LOWELL; Spalding, Ed. • NEILSON, MARILYN; Minden, a s, Alpha Omicron Pi. • NELSON, RUDOLPH; Oakland, Bus. Ad, • NELSON, SHIRLEY; Unadilla, a s. • NICHOLSON, LILLIAN: Grand Island, Ag. • NORDSTROM, VIRGINIA; Waverly, Fine Arts Ed. • NORVAL, PAT; Lincoln, Law, Kappa Delta. • OLNEY, RICHARD: Lincoln, a s. Kappa Sigma. • OL- SON, BETTY; Lincoln, a s. • OLSON, DUANE; Lincoln, Eng., Delta Upsilon. • OLSON, ELIZABETH; Bloomfield, a s. • OLSON, WILLIAM; Lisco, Bus. Ad., Alpha Tau Omega. • OLSSON, JOHN; Richmond Hill, N. Y„ Eng.. Phi Kappa Psi. • OPHEIM, CAROL: Hot Springs, So. Dak., Pharm. • ORMESHER, DORIS: Valentine. Bus. Ad. • PARCHEN, ROY; Lincoln, Bus, Ad., Tau Kappa Epsilon. • PARKER, ROBERT: Goodland. Kan., Bus. Ad. • PARKS. GENE: Edgemont, So. Dak., Eng., Alpha Sigma Phi. Freshmen Page 137 Freshmen PARSONS. MARILYN: Oinalia. a s. Alpha Plii. • PAULSON, CONGDON: Omaha, nu .. Ad,. Phi Kappa Ps-i, • PAl .STL N, FRKl): Omaha, . is, Sisima Nu, • PKKKCHLNF.. liARIiARA: {;rant. As- PERKINS. PAT: Lincoln. Ag„ Kappa Deha, • PKTKRS, JEANNINE: Dodge. u is. Alpha i Deha, • PETERSEN. MARILYN: Atkinson. Ag,. .Sigma Kappa. • PETERSON. IIXROLD: Chapp.-ll. liii?.. Ad.. Phi Ciamma Driia. • Pf:TER.SON. JLMMIE : Cfnlt-rvillr. S. I).. Eng.. Alpha .Sigma Phi. • ITIILLII ' S. CHRI.STINE; Omaha. s. • PHILLIP. DEI.MOND: North Plaltc. E.ig.. Sigma Phi E|iMlon, • PICCOLO, FRANK: Limoln, Bus, Ad.. Alpha Tau Omi-ga. • PIERCE. KOIiERT: Lincoln. Eng.. licta Thcta Pi. • PINKERTON. LEO: lieatrice. Ag.. Aijdia (;amma Rho. • PLITH. KENNETH: Linrohi. . :s. Delta Updlon. • POLACK. .lOSEPH; Omaha, a s. Sigma Alpha Mu. • PORTER. NANCV: Omaha, a s. Kappa Alpha Tlicta. • PRATT. MARCIA: Osceola. Bus. Ad.. Delta Gamma. • PRATT, MARION: Elmwood. Ag.. Alpha Omicron Pi. • PRICE, PAT: Lincoln. Ed,. Townc Cluh, • PUTJENTER. GERALD: Norfolk. Eng.. Alpha (;amma Rho. • QLACKENBllSH. PAUL: DeWilt. Ag.. Alpha Gamma Rho. • RAGAN. PATRICIA: Stratton, Ag. • RANKIN. COLLEEN: Nebraska City. Ais. • RATHJE. ELNORA: York. s. • UAYBURN. BARBARA: Mitchell. S. D.. s.s. Alpha Xi Delta. • RECTOR. EUGENE: Sioux Falls. S. I).. Bus. Ad.. Theta . i. • REED. BARBARA; Denver. Colo.. Alpha Phi. • REED. SU.SAN: Deshler. ax, . Kappa Kappa (;amma. • REESE. HERBERT: Omaha, aj s. Beta Theta Pi, • REEVE, M RJ0R1E: Limoln, Ed., Alpha Xi Delta. • RELPH. ROGER: Broken Bow. a s. Kappa Sigma. • RENARD. JOAN: Hooper. .s.s. • REQU RTTE. JANICE: Lincoln, a s. Kappa Deha. REYNOLD.S. JACK: North Platle. a s. Phi Kappa Psi. • REYNOLDS. MARGARET: North Platle. s. Kappa Kappa Gamma. RE ' i NOLDS. THOMAS: Grand Island. Bus. Ad.. Phi Kappa Psi. • RHODES, JOAN: Spalding, . s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • RICE. PHILLIP: Haves Center. Bus. Ad.. Kappa Sigma. • RICE. RICHARD: Creighton. Law. Sigma Chi. • RICHARDS. CHARLOTTE; Hebron, as.. ' .. Delta Deha Delta. • RICHARD.SON, BETTY; Rushville. Ed. • RILEY. WILLIA.M; Lincoln, a s. Kappa Sigma. • RINDER. JEAN: Grand Island. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • RITTER. ROGER: Kearnev. Eng.. Delta Upsilon. • ROBERTS, CAROLYN : Lincoln, a s. Pi Beta Phi. • ROBERTS. JOHN ; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Deha Sigma Pi. • ROCKWELL, JANE; New York. N. Y.. a s. Alpha Phi. • ROCKWELL. RICHARD; Edinboro. Pa.. Eng,, Alpha Sigma Phi. • ROGERS. ROBERT: Sioux Citv. la.. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • ROGERS. ROBERT; Ibuciuerque. N. M.. ASS. Theta Xi. • ROPER. CHARLES; Crawford. s. Sigma Nu. • ROSELINS. H ROI,I); Mliance, Pharm.. .Sigma Chi. • ROSEN. MYRTH; Denver, Colo.. A s, Sigma Delta Tau. Parsons Paulson Paustian ( ' eret:rine Perkins Pcler-s Petersen, M, Peterson, H, Pelcr . n. J. Ptiillips. C. Pliillips. D. Piccolo I .I ' ll e Pinkerton Plilh Polack Porter Pratt, Marcia Pratt Price Putjenter Quuctcenbi ish Ragan Rankin Ralhje Ravbiirn Rector Reed. B. Reed, S. Reese Reeve Relph llenard Requartte Reynolds, J. Kevnolds. M. Kcvnolds Rhodes Rice. P. Ri,e, R. Richards Richard! mn Rilev Hinder lijler R..berts. C. Roberts. J. Rockwell, J. K„,k»ell. I!. Rogers, R. Rogers, R, P, Rnper Roselins liM CII Page 138 % f M % Rosenblatt Samuelsoii Schlpcht Scofield Shuev Smith. MariNii .%w M Satterfield Schott Seidel Slonecker Smith. R. Kulf Saum Schreiber Seymour Smith, A. Smith. W. Ktimiiiel Savage Schropfer Shafton Smith. D. Sokolof RiisstI Scharf Schultz Shepard Smith, D. Soltow Scheldt Schweser Shinn Smith. H. Sookhdeo ROSENBAUM, AUDREY; Chicago. 111., a s. Sigma Delta Tau. • ROSENBLATT. RICHARD; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Zeta Beta Tau. • ROSENLOF. ELIZABETH: Goehner, Eel.. Alpha Chi Omega. • ROS.S, WILLIAM; Casper. Wyo., a s. Alpha Tau Omega. • ROUSEK. ERNEST: Burwell. Ag. • RUFF. .SHIRLEY; Papillion. Ed. • RUMMEL. JEAN; Seward, Ed. • RUSSEL. ROBERT; .Salina. Kan., a s. Sigma Nu. • RYONS. MARY; San .Marino. Calif.. as.s. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SACKS. KENNETH; Council Bluffs. la.. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Alpha Mu. • SAMUELSON. SUZANNE; Long Beach. Calif., a s. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SANDSTEDT. RUTH ANN: Lincoln, a s, Sigma Kappa. • SANLEY. PATRICIA; Ulysses. Ed. • .SATTERFIELD, RICHARD: Ord, Bus. Ad.. Delta Uiisilon. • SAUM, DONA JEAN; Lincoln. Ed. • .SAVAGE, SALLY; Sioux Falls. S. D., Bus. Ad., Alpha Phi. • SCHARF. JOHN; Curtis, Ag. • SCHEIDT, SHIRLEY; Omaha. Ag.. Alpha Chi Omega. • SCHERFF. LAURA; Stockham. a s. • SCHLECHT. BARBARA: Omaha, a s. • SCHMIDT. JOHNNY; San Francisco. Calif., a s. • SCHNEIDER, DONALD; Norton. Ed.. Sigma Chi. • SCHOTT, VALERIA; Osceola, a s. • .SCHREIBER. KATHLEEN; Lincoln. Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. SCHROPFER, JEAN; Milligan, A s. • SCHULTZ. ROBERT: Seward, a s. Beta Sigma Psi. • .SCHWESER, JEANNETTE; David City, Teachers, Alpha Phi. • SCHWESER. THO.MAS; Oakland. Calif.. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • SCOFIELD, ELEANOR; Neligh. a .s. • .SCOTT. JOAN; Brooklyn. N. Y., a s. Alpha Omicron Pi. • SEIBOLD. M. PATRICIA: Papillion, Ag. • SEIDEL. HARRIET: Wahoo. a s. Kappa Alpha Theta. • SEYMOUR. KATHRYNE; West Bend. Wis., a s. Pi Beta Phi. • SHAFTON. DONALD; .Sioux Falls, S. D.. Bus. Ad., Zeta Beta Tau. • SHEPARD. DONALD; Omaha. Bus. Ad.. Sigma Nu. • SHINN. RICHARD; Dunning. Jr. Div., Kappa Sigma. • SHOEMAKER, JOAN; Omaha. Ag. • SHUEY, MILTON; Crab Orchard. Pharm. • SIEGMUND. PAUL; White River. S. D.. Eng.. Alpha Sigma Phi. • SIGLER. MARY; Osceola, a s. Sigma Kappa. ■ .SLONECKER. ROGER; York. Bus. Ad., Sigmi Alpha Epsilon. • SMITH. ALICE JO: Lincoln, a s. Gamma Phi Beta. • SMITH. DONALD CHE.STER; Omaha, . s, Sigma Nu. • SMITH. DONALD WILLIAM; Lincoln, Bus. Ad.. Delta Tau Delta. " SMITH. HARVEY; Missouri Valley, la., Ed. • S.MITH. JEAN; Valley. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • SMITH. MARILYN; Lincoln, A s. Chi Omega. • SMITH. MARTH. ; Holdrege. Pharm. • SMITH, NANCY; Tecumseh. Ed.. Alpha Xi Delta. • SMITH. RAYMOND: Council Bluffs. la., a s. Beta Theta Pi. • SMITH. WILLIAM; Omaha. Bus. Ad., Beta Theta Pi. • SOKOLOF. SORALEE; Omaha. Jr. Div., Sigma Deha Tau. • SOLTOW, MRGINIA; North Platte, A s, Alpha Omicron Pi. • SOOKHDEO. SONIA; Trinidad, a s. Freshmen Page 139 Freshmen SORBY. VIRGINIA; Fremont, a s. • SPEER. DOROTHY: Lincoln. A s. Alpha Xi Dt-lla. • SPEER. Rl!TH; Lincoln, a s. Alpha Xi Delta. • STACY. DONALD: Omaha, Sigma Chi. • STANNARD. DAVID: Wichita. Kan.. Eng.. Alpha Tau Omega. • STARK. BEI:LAH: Cercsro. Ag. • STENSON. VIR(;1N1A: Hardy. Ag.. Sigma Kappa. • STEPHENSON. Walter: Omaha. A. ' is. Phi Gannna Delta. .STEVEN.S. ROBERT: Aurora, ass. Sigma Nn. • .- TEVENSON. ANN; North Platte, a s. Pi Beta Phi. • .STENENSON. MARY I.Ol ' : Palisade. Ed. • STEVENSON. RITA: Alma. Ed. • STEWART. WILLIAM: Lexington, ass. Phi Delia Theta. • STOCKH ViNL PHILLIP: Broken Bow. ass. Alpha Tau Omega. • STOPPKOTTE. ANNETTE: V.rand Island. Ag. • .STOl RAL. PATRICIA: erdigre. ass. • STRAHL. HARRY; Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. .Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • .STRAIN. LEANOR; Lincoln. ASS. Chi Omega. • STRAND. NORMAN; Centerville. S. I)., ss. Alpha Sigma Phi. • STROUP. .SAMUEL; Holdrege, Bus. Ad. • Sl ' LLlVAN. .MARY: Greelev. Ag. • Sl ' PP. GEORGE: Alhamhra. Calif., ass. Deha Upsilon. • SWANSON, lU ' RNELL: Lvons. Ag. • SWANSON. KATHRYN; Lincoln, ass. Delta Gamma. • SW ARTWOOD, FRANCES; Adams, A s. • S OBODA. IRMA; Emerson. Ag. • TAYLOR. VIRGINIA; Kearney. Ed.. Delta Gamma. • TAYLOR. VIRGINIA LEE; North I ' laiie. ss. Alpha Chi Omega. • THO.MAS. RICHARD; Custer. So. Dak.. Eng.. Alpha .Sigma Phi. • THOMASON, RICHARD Lincoln. Bus. Ad.. Delta Upsilon. • THO.MPSEN. BEVERLY: Lincoln. Bus. Ad., Alpha Xi Delta. • THONE, ILA; Herman, Ag. • TILLY. ARDITH: Goodland. Kan., ass. Alpha Omicron Pi. • TIMMERMAN. WILLARD: Gretna. Bus. Ad.. Beta Sigma PsL • TOMKA. JERRY: Pilger. Bus. Ad., Alpha Sigma Phi. • TRABERT. LETAMAE: Lincoln. Ed.. Alpha Xi Delta. • TRACY, FERNE: Lincoln. Ed.. Kappa Delta. • TRACY. PAUL: Lincoln. Bus. d.. Alpha Sigma Phi. • TRAPHAGEN. JANE; Lincoln, ASS. Kappa Alpha Theta. • TRITSCH. ROBERT: Plattsmouth. ass. Phi Kappa Psi. • TULLY. ALLEN; Omaha, Bus. Ad.. Zeta Beta Tau. • TURNER, SUSAN; Lincoln, ass. Kappa Kappa Gamma. ' A1D. JANET; Omaha, ass. • VAN BURG, ALYCE; Lincoln. ASS. Pi Beta Phi. • VANDEL. ELMER; -Mitchell. Bus Ad.. Delta Tau Delta. • VARNEY. THO.MAS; Broken Bow, Bus. Ad.. Beta Theta Pi. • VELTE. LUELLA; Lexington. Ag. • ITEK. HELEN; Schuyler, a s. • VOLLMER. ROBERT; Omaha, ass. • OSS. SHIRLEY; Millard. Fine Arts. Sigma Kappa. • WADDLE. BOYD: Lincoln. Eng.. Alpha Tau Omega. • WAGENER. JO ANNE; Lincoln. Ed., Gamma Phi Beta. • WAGEY. NANCY; Lincoln, ass. Gamma Phi Beta. • WAGNER, ELLIOT: Gothenburg, ass. Sigma Nu. Sorbv Speer. D. Specr, R. Stacy Stannard Stark Stenson Stephenson Stevens Stevenson. A. Stevenson, M. Stevenson, R. Stewart Stockham Sloppkotte Stoural Strahl Strain Strand St roup Sullivan Supp Swan son, B. Swanson, K. Swartwood Svoboda Taylor. V Taylor, Virginia L. Thomas Thomason Thompsen Thone Tilly Timmerman Tonika Trabert Tracy. F. Tracv. P. Traphagen Tritsch Tully Turner Vaid Van Burg Vandel Varney Vrltr Vitek Vollnier Voss Waddle Wagener Wagey Wagnf r K . Q Page 140 0 ' ' ' ' L£k Wallace Weber West. B. Williams, F. YarwooJ Walker Webster Wpst. J. WiiikholT Young Walters Weidenbacb Wevenbcrg Wirlh Ward Weinsheim Whitconib Wisbv Waring Weishel Wielage Wolf Wjrn-n Washington Watkins Wcllinscr Wells, E. Wells, 1. Wieskamp Wilcox Williams WiMj.lwunJ ttritht Wrolh Zolol orn i AGNER, ROBERT: Lincoln, Ed., Kappa Sigma. • WALLACE, FRANCES; Lincoln, Fine Arts, Alpha Chi Omega- • WALKER, REYNALDA; Tobias. Bu . Ad. WALTER.S. ROBERT: Lincoln. Bus. Ad., Phi Delta Theta. • WARD, BETTY; North Platte, A s, Alpha Omicron Pi. • WARING, ROBERT; Geneva, ass. Delta Upsilon. • WARREN, MARGARET; Omaha, A s, Pi Beta Phi. • WASHINGTON, VELMA; Hardy. Ag.. Alpha Chi Omega. • WATKINS, VEL.MALOU; Lincoln, ass, Alpha Xi Delta. • WEAVER, JOANNE; Lincoln. Ed., Kappa Delta. WEBER. MARILYN; Norfolk, ass, Gamma Phi Beta. • WEB.STER, ANN; Lincoln, Ag., Alpha Chi Omega. • WEIDENBACH, MARILYN; Minden, Ag. • WEINSHEIM, PEGGY; Lewellen, ass. • WEISHEL, BARBARA; Lincoln. Ed.. Alpha Chi Omega. • WELLINGER, JACK; Kansas City, Mo., Bus. Ad., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WELLS, EDWARD; Madison. Ed., Sigma Phi Epsibn. • WELLS, IRIS; Sargent, Ag. • WENDELIN, DONALD; Lincoln. Bus. Ad., Sigma Nu. • WE.ST, BETTY; Red Oak, la., ass. Gamma Phi Beta. • WE.ST, JACK; Herman, ass, Delta Tau Delta, • WEYENBERG, DONALD; (;ienvil, ass. • WHITCOMB, KENNETH; Wisner. Bus. Ad. • WIELAGE. JEANNE; Crete, Ag. " WIESKAMP, BETTY LOU; Beatrice, Ag. • WILCOX, ELIZABETH; Coleridge, Ag. • WILL1AM.S, BEVERLY; Lincoln, Ed.. Kappa Alpha Theta. • WILLIAMS, DOROTHY; Lincoln, ass. Alpha Xi Delta. • WILLIAMS, FLOYD; Lusk. Wyo., Eng., Alpha Sigma Phi. • WINKHOFF, MARGIE; Grand Island, Ed. • WIRTH. LLOYD; Dunbar, Ag., Alpha Gamma Rho. • WISBY. JANET; Grand Island. Bus. Ad. • WOLF. HAROLD; Pender, Bus. Ad., Sigma Phi Epsilon. • WOODWARD, JAMES; Lincoln, «ss. Phi Delta Theta. • WRIGHT, SIDNEY; Lincoln, Eng., Delta Upsilon. WROTH, JAMES; Lincoln, Bus. Ad. • WYNKOOP. JACK; Lincoln, ass. Delta Tau Delta. • YARWOOD, ROBERT; Omaha, ass. Phi Gamma Delta. • YOUNG, KEITH: Lincoln. Ag., Kappa Sigma. • YOUNKIN, C.4R0L; Alliance, Ed.. Delta Delta Deha. • YOUSEM, JOSEPH; Omaha, Bus. Ad., Zeta Beta Tan. • Z.ChN.S, NORMAN; .Syracuse, Bu . d. • ZOLOT, MARILYN; Lincoln, ss. • ZORN, JOAN; Benkelman. Jr. Div., Delta Delta Delta. Freshmen Page 141 ment HAKOI-D MOZKK StUflonI Coumil [ ' residciil plitito by Norman Cn ' o- ■ v President Harold Mozer Treasurer rlis Patterson ice-President Stanley Ahrends Secretary Joanne Ackerman Student Council The activities of the Student Council for " 47- ' 48 hegan hy sending delegates to the constitiilional convention of the N.S.A. in Madison, Wisconsin, in August and to the regional convention in Kansas City in Octo- ber. A committee was appointed to study the organization in respect to its effect on the Ne- braska campus and in respect to its national scope. The Student Council sponsored numerous projects ihroughoiit the year. The annual student migration trip to Missouri was spon- sored by the council under the direction of Frank Loeffel. The council supervised stu- dent elections, beginning with the election for Honorary Colonel, junior-senior class officers. Innocent ' s society nominations, and conclud- spring elections, and appointed members of the Union board, the honors onvocation committee, and the yell squad. f m£: ' mi Ned Kaun, (•■iiler. ( ' Iialiinun of llii- Judiiiaiy i ooiiiiillrc. lalkr. o ir jiidii-ial union wilii Sain Warnn. .lean Cioniplon. .ind Kutli Pelers. (Jiariiii; up mailers pertaining to llic ( iirislilulion aic cluiii niciii l!ol) Wcnke. willi Marue Aiilhonv. Hill Sclu-nck and Wall Dorolln. Pa(:e 144 Dale Ball. left, listen? to a suggestion for campus impro ements from John . ' oennichsen, wlvile Ricliard Schleusener. Joan Fankhauser. Wil- liam . ' elienck and Stanley Johnson await their turn. Treasurer. Arlis Patterson, holding ihe proposed budget for the council, is trying to impress upon the- nicrjiliprs of her committee the importance of " penny-pinching. " ( " hairman Betty Aasen. Owen Scott, and Jack Hayes discuss the publication of the student government handbook. This liandbook summarize- the council ' s constilulion. funclions. ajid lii-tory. " Rally Tonight " was the watchword of the rally committee, headed by Frank Loeffel. second from the left. This committee sponsored the sinilent migration trip to Missouri, and assisted at rallies. Ihr |iiildic]l conunillee. Bill Palmer and Hank Schleuter. kept the siudcnl liodv well informed of the council ' s actions. To promote interest in the first senior week at . ilirajka tas llu- job of Jo Fankhauser. .Stan Johnson. Jean l!ompton. and Sam Warren. Page 145 A vvdiiuin iif cli -tinilion was AW S pi.-iilinl Tibl)y Curley. Geltin;; a chuckle from licr notes is sec. Phil Harris. ice pres. .lean ( oniplon l)e- came .AWS prexy at niid-se- me ' ter. Looks as i( Jan . ' tratlon has the AW.S hooks in order. Above: The senior hoard members and oflirers make up ihr WVS court. Associated Women Students The purpose of the Associated Women Students board is to direct and guide the girls on campus that they may become better uni- versity women. This year " Til)l)y " Curley and the board concentrated on organization improvement. In the iall. the activities mart, under the direction of Mims Weeth, was held in the Stu- dent Union to acquaint all freshmen girls with the various campus activities. Coed Follies and the Ivy day sing were also directed by AWS. Something new in career conferences was added this year. This series of confer- ences on careers featured well-known speakers and lively discussions. College information was related to all incoming and freshmen women through the pamphlet, " NU and You. " %«» Hi ' linc: ' I ' hi ' AWS lioanl members descend llie steps of fjlen Smith Hall after a meelini:. Tage l ' U BABW The Barb Activity Board for Women is a well-organized council, highly effective in its purpose of interesting unaffiliated girls in par- ticipating in university activities and main- taining high scholarship. Socially active, the BABW started the school year with its Hello dance at which Lois Gillette was presented as " Hello Girl. " With similar social functions throughout the year, the board gave unaffiliated men and women an opportunity to become acquainted. A major project performed by the council last year and continued through this year was the organization of two new barb groups. Ker- nels and Adelphi. Climaxing a successful year, gold pins were awarded to outstanding activity girls who had earned at least one hundred activity points each semester. Ahore: The HABW ? work on the hoolh at ihe activities mart. Below: Mary Ann Caniphell. president of BABW. consults with other officers. Third run: M. Graff. I. Wcllpiisiek M. McElbaiiey. J. Sielaff. Si cond run : E. Lauer, B. Marsli. D. Bolyaii, L. Bamesberyer, O. Page. Front row : M. Travis. M- Campbell, ' . Kovarik, J. Leaming. Page 147 Men ' s PMJni Bfiard II . ■ ■ ■! I ' t- N . i iiam. Jt T TM ' T " Jt •naJ " r- In? - ( . M. ■ ' 5s,. ■■ " s " - Student Union Board Home away from home for many Ne- braska students is the Student Union, place for relaxation, refreshment, and conversation. The Union is under tJie direction of Mr. Duane Lake. Six faculty and administration members, three alumni, and twelve students make up the personnel of the board. The student representatives promote the majority of the Union activities, including jukebox and special dances, weekly convoca- tions, siesta films, coffee hours with organ- ludes, the Christmas carols concert, and the new variety matinee featuring local talent. Utmost in the Student Union board ' s re- cent accomplishments are the new rug in the lounge, the new Corn Crib furniture, and the new sound system for music in both the lounge and crib. Right: The officers of the hoard. Nancy Carey. Fritz Ualy. Mrs. F. Bales and Mr. Linus 15. Smitii fonmilate [dans for student activities in the Union. wk n» ii »9 ! L, M Top: The Student Union, where the students meet to eat, play and work. Its facilities are unlimited, from the fa- mous " Corn-Crih " to the siesta film hours every .Sunday, and convocations during the week. This is a second home to most university students. Bottom: The Ag Union before opening time. It is located in the .Student Activities building on Ag campus and has become a popular meeting place for Ag students. Lejt: The Student Union board, directed by Mr. Lake, take time out for a picture at one of their monthly meetings. 1 a - r P- Page 149 Third rou: hixtf T Rmi: „ KrIlot:f;. J. Os ' ey. StTOnd roiv: M. Roynolds. C M(in! nn, M. Musgrave, C Bii Frnnt row: F. I-im-ITcI. I.. I.ork, D. Miinlrr. R. Hainill.iii A Exec Board : ' ' ' i a5 ' l i0Kei Tlie Afi Executive l)oaid is the governing body of the Ag campus. In cooperation with the Student Council, the board promotes and supervises most of the elections and social activities " out Ag campus way. " Since its organization, tlie Ag Exec board, (■(imposed of twelve students and two faculty advisors, has been very successful in the |)er- forniancc ol its duties. This year llic board |)urchased a new curtain for the stage in the Student Activities building. The board works for the improvement of the Ag College and serves to bcltci the already close relationship betw( ' ( n the studcnl b()(l and the faciillv. Relaxing in llu luiin. ' ilnv li. Ip. .1 make possilile al are Frank LoefTel. Duiine Miinti-i ' . IJernirr oun i and Kuherl Hainihun Page 1.30 Engineering Exec Board The Engineering Executive board was organized as a body to sponsor the activities of the College of Engineering. Tliis board is composed of the presidents and secretaries of all departmental organizations, the col- lege ' s Student Council representatives, and the general manager of the Blue Print. The main activity of the year is Engineers week. During this week, an atmosphere of festivity exists throughout the college as the various departments prepare public displays. The program is climaxed by the traditional picnic and banquet. Paul Miirfin is relating some of the problems of the engineers to members of the Enaineering Exec board. Third tow: K. Srhlfusener. C Coikc. I. Reis, C. Loonard. Second row: J. Manion. ' . Dorotliy. W. Swift, S. N.Tkanislii, A. Jiilinson. front row: H. Cole Jr.. P. Murfin. J. .tonsen, R. Scagrpn. Page 151 Third row: M. Su-vrMi», M. Civiii. J. Cunlon, B. Foeler. Sfctmd row: S. I.rckii. 1). Travis. S. O ' Slira, B. Hckf nlivrly. R. A. Kinklv. Front row: C. Hani, A. Greene, R. Faes, J. McLlwain, J. Kcckley, 0. (ii Z : Panhellenic The Panhellenic cDimcil is the association of representatives, both active and alumnae, of the various sororities on the campus. The council ' s purpose is to promote a l)etter feel- ing of unity among the sororities and to aid in the development of each sorority woman. Tlic i ' anhellenic council, which contiols rushing. |)lcdging, and initiati on, docs a joli that would he impossil)le for one person alone. This fall a Panhellenic workshop was set up for one week. The purpose of the work- shop, which consisted of a group of meetings, was to discuss fraternal work and hecome better ac(|uainted with campus activities. The annual Gi ' eek dimicr concluded the woik liop. The council again recognized high scholarship among the sororities by giving awards at the end of each semester. Jiisl posing for this picliin; arc Kolieiia I ' aes, proidciii u I ' aii- licll(-iii(-. alon; with Jan MiKlwain ami F.llir I.yklic Pate 152 Interfraternity Council Regulating all matters that pertain to Nebraska ' s social fraternities is the job of tlie Interfraternity council. It has the task of l)ettering the relations among the fraternities theinselves, as well as with the rest of tlie student body- The council is composed of tlie president and one elected alternate from each fraternity. The rules of rush week, pledging, initia- tion, and social life of the fraternities are handled by this group. This year the council again jnil on its drive for the Ijetterment of safety concerning fire hazards in the frater- nity houses on the campus. Each house was investigated Ijy a connnittee and suggestions weie offered by the council. Rod Franklin, president, discusses Inlertralernity council affairs with three of his officers. John Binning. " W alt Dorothy, and Clyde Maddocks. third tow: D. Siiuntnw. A. Lafiman. R. Koebler. R. Folda. T. Hyland, D. Draeger. Sfcond rot -: D. Bloss. R. Schnpider. C. Gnesrh, M. Meyer, D. Gallup, R, Atwater, H. Traiitwein. Front ron : J. Ballew, W. Dorothy, R. Franklin, J. Binning. C, Maddocks. V. Nelson. Page 153 koolt 11 student scene File Miii i-r ily ' s only exchange sludenl is Paul Dzavik from Bratislava. O.eclioslovakia. Paul is in llic Graduate College, majoring in sociology and economics. The University of Nebraska has sent sent Marcella Slajchert to the University of Prague and Betty Rose Huhka to Bern University in . ' Switzerland. The university initiated exchange scholarships in the spring of 1947. and the Board of Regents appro ed the reconinn-nrialiitn of fi e such scholarships to he pid- idcd. Foreign Students This yeai-. for tlie first time, the CORN- HUSKER is ititiothicing the foreign students on the campus. The University of Neljraska is far removed from all foreign countries, but there are students here from every part of the world. The foreign population on the campus has been increasing steadily since before World War I. and today it has exceeded the one hundred mark. There are students from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Czecho- slovakia, Netherlands, and England. Turkey, China. Iran. Irati. Egypt. India, Cyprus, and Palestine; Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, British West Indies, Pan- ama, Honduras. British Guiana, Puerto Rico, Alaska. Hawaii, Canada, and Malaya are well represented, too. At present, there is a Cosmopolitan clul) on campus which sponsors activities for the foreign students. However, the university is looking forward to ll:c (la ulicti an Inter- national house for the l)enefit of foreign stu- dents will be established on the campus. By her dress, the lei. and the ukelele. it wouldn ' t be too hard to guess that Marlorie Morris came to the university from Hawaii. Beatrice Suiso (sitting) is also from Hawaii. Both Marjorii- and I ' calriie are in the Grailnali ' ( ' ollege. Three of the Canadian siudent.s seem to be lacking a " fourth " for the moment. They are (left to riphl): Joseph Kainer in Arts and Sciences. Paul Kosakewich in Pharmacy College, and Mirhacl Kainer in rt and Sciences. Page 156 ALiute lejt: There are eleven students from China on the campu?, and all eleven of them seem to be very much in a musical mood. The Chinese students have formed a cluh of their own and hold regular nieelinjis. Above right: From " south of the horder " (left to right) come Servando Munoz from Honduras, Elias Rodriguez from Panama. Enrique . yala from Venezuela. Aliides Ruiz from Colomhia, and Egmont IJarlen from Peru. Right: Mayhe this is a little " off the record. " hut these students came to the flniversity of Nebraska all the way from Asia. They are (left to right) : Hassan Shahinirzdj from Iran. Perihan Altinok from Turkey. . ' . M. Aljaz Husain frciin India, and Iradj . ' . Fardi from Iran. Trinidad. ISritish West Indies, is well represented at Nebraska by (left to right): Mahabooh Ali, Rambaran Ranidin. William .Shulto Berti. Paraman Ransarana. Rai liahadursing and Sumat Sookhdeo. These European students, indulging in the good old American custom of coffee drinking, are ( eft to right): Andreas Polemitis from Cyprus, John Kempers from Nether- lands, Josiane Kirehhoff from France, Maria Leipelt from Germany, and Thomas Drangsholt from Norway. Page 1 Things are rolling at ole I ' N, and activity is on the double according to the latest census reports. Rolling along together are the campus kids in the Kappa Sig 1929 Buick. Doubling up are Rex and Max Redelfs; applying the old theory that two heads are better than one, they beaver beneath the Nebraska sun. Double rhythm, too. courtesy of the Speer twins, Rullt and Dorothy, who help double up the population. .Starting out with a kick is Lloyd Wirth on his super-speed motor scooter which can do what a bicycle can ' t. However. Nan Lowry will stick to her convert, and. packed full, it is funbound to all points. «W ' The hats have it as Jim Kaaseh. left, and Jim Clough strike that " hail fellow well met " poise. Exciting as a lour-alaini fire was the impromtu Homecoming rally where the Jayhawk was prematurely burned. The only casualty was a " heckuva " lot of fun. Speaking of fun land who doesn ' t) Jo Wetherbee is on top of the world and enjoying it at an after-game open house. With places to go and things to see. Bill Denker. Kay Kinsey. Chuck Hemmingsen, Hack Lilly. Jake Jacobsen. and Dick Michalek start out the hard way. Phi Gam ' s kidnapped the Phi ' s as a climax to a bitter feud, and as things turned out, the Phi ' s did the dishes. SmmKMl m bD m ferys, Cr b waiters and campu. students, are prohablv the jollies, waiters ou . n run ,nto anywhere a. anytin,e. The person who really makes thUn on two otiue o,rl,, Dorothy Jean Brown, left, and Mid .e Kolar FU k ' The student ' s home away from home is the Student Union. Every spare mo- ment is spent within its sacred portals, and every bit of activity seems to commence within its walls. A truly soup to nuts place, there ' s a time and a nook for everything from studying to socializing in the lounge, relaxing in the Book Nook, and dancing in the Ijallroom. The music room is overflowing with records of all descriptions, and in the liuikUng is harbored the business offices of a myriad of campus activities. Dining rooms abound for the enter- tainment of groups and for just plain feeding your face. And never to be forgotten is the beloved Crib, crammed to overflowing with wheels, table hoppers, and just coffee drinkers. Of course various rooms and activities attract various people according to their tastes. Jazz or classic enthusiasts are harbored in the Music room. Van Westover, Winnie Wolf, Tom Callan, .lim Keck, Dick Mauck, Beanie Gallup. Gene Deeter, and Bobbie Kennedy pick out the discs and spin a few. Freshies Bill Ross, Redge Finlay, Bill Stewart, and Dick Bick try on the new beanies on the popular Union steps. Wheels Genene Mitchell and Jerry Johnston exchange a few chucks in the Book Nook, while John Cover, Bev Williams, Sally Holmes, and Marv Grimm take time out to coke in the Crib. And not to be neglected is the famous lounge where a buddy meels a buddy for a cozy but merry time. iii.!- al Girl. Girls, Girls! .Made of sugar and spice and everything nice, these UN coeds are no exception. The more there are, the more they learn, according to the UN women. So in pin curls and slippers, blue denim and sweat shirts, cold-cream-covered females settle down to a quiet evening of study. But. alas, there ' s one in every crowd. Patsy Krause wouldn ' t shell out the sweets to announce her pinning, so it ' s to the showers for her. Bright day in any girl ' s life is when she receives a package from home, and Esther Beynon is no exception. Gloria Stevens and Norma Ankrom wait anxiously for cast- offs. Sunday comes but once a week with its comic strips and feature pages. A big occasion for any red-blooded .American girl, coeds gather across the campus to catch up on Steve Canyon and society news across the state. Musically ours is Marian Crook entertaining the girls at the Dorm with an after-dinner concert. Never at a loss, " " Cookie " ranges from boogie to the classics, and the girls love it. Men. Men, Men! Made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, UN men make any girl ' s heart melt away. Keith Kovanda drags out Roberts ' Rules to keep order in his DU brothers ' bull session. An Esquire is necessary paraphernalia as far as men are concerned, and Marv Bernstein and Lee Harris agree wholeheartedly. All precedents are crushed when the little woman on the other end of the line can ' t stop Al Lagman ' s roving eye. Bathing beauties Phil Sprague, left, and Jack Kleinkauf don classic swim suits and strike that " Oh, what it used to be " pose. Then a few do study. An unusual Nebraskan with book in hand, but bunk close by, industriously attacks those books and is the exception that proves the rule. More in the prevailing pat- tern of men al UN. however, is Bobby Joe Farner who monopolizes the telephone until waiters-indine gel that evil gleam in their eyes and evil in their hearts. (Jlamour on tlie campus blossomed out during the annual winter formal season. illi swirling skirts and stiff collars, Nebraskans turned out en masse for the formal events. Food, as usual, was an important item on the dressed-up agenda, and Margaret Johnson, Hal Engstrom, Mardell Buss, and Dick Kuska made the best of it. John Connelly drags the boys out for a few tall ones during intermission. June Fislar and Ajax O ' Meara request " their number " from band leader Jean Moyer. Bill Leroy is being an awfully good boy considering he has never had a dale before. Mary Jo Hamilton holds that whip very convincingly. Each and every girl wore an orchid at the DU party, but confidentially. the look more like ihev would ralhcr eat. Party, party, parly! Tliree cheers, for a party. One word that coukl start more moving than any other on the UN campus was just plain old " party. ' Everyone said " I ' ll go. " . nd they did. too. After every football game, every- one gathered some place or another for a hearty open house. DG " s entertam with Rita Fitzmorris passing out the goodies, and guests providing the laughs. A highlight of any party year would be the ATO .Story Book hall, and that ' s exactly where Jerry Jacupke and Grace Smith are headed. Never to be out- done, however, i.s Walt Simon who coyly says, " If you don ' t laugh, I ' ll hang myself. " Poor Walt, and we loved him, too. Always a much-looked-forward- lo occasion is a hay ride in the fall. Climb aboard kiddies, and let ' s be on our way. But the poor Sigma Nu ' s sit at home and entertain company in that hilarious way that only they could get away with. .Adjourning from the state of affairs and catching a breather for a second wind are the Touchdown party crowds. Leisure minutes are few and far between, liut the bo find ihem to play a game of poker. Ben Creed sits placently by while- the- l)oy lose their chips, and Dana Ptasniussen just meditates. Chow time at the Tau house is dressed up by while-coated bus boys. " I " house girls peep out from behind the stair- case, and Mr. Lenlz. band director, loosens up at band practice and leads the boys through their paces. Back home again, the boys al the dorm talk over the evening ' s dates and hold a good old bull session. Leisure minutes also meant a quick snooze in the Book Nook, and it ' s the woman who always pays as she quietly studies on. Once in awhile the Rag did have something to say, and UN ' ers always read it religiously just to find out what was new. As there is no man shortage on campus. Rusty Binder, Dean .Armstrong, and Stan Porchy try to break things up and get into the swing of it. Snow comes and snow goes, but this is no snow — this is it. Snowball fights raged through the winter, and Jan Nutzman seems to be taking it in the face. Fashion conscious UN women went all out for the new long skirts much to the astonishment of the men including Alex Legge and Keith Lytle. who can ' t decide exactly what they do think about it all. Seniors are phenomenal. The campus lialcs lo see them go. but they are anxious to get away. Marcia Mockell. Mortar Board; Ralph Stewart and Sam arren of the Rag staff; and Dort Meshier. WAA prexy. are probably no exceptions; but ifs been nice. Lois Chantry. PBK. is in a big rush to .-et away to marry Bill Skog. Bill Palmer, a radio and journalism demon, woul.l probably just as soon stay lo " party. " Turning a little light on the subject Ags one and only Bernice Young decides she will leave. Hank and Dunk Andersen, however, have it over them all. Married since last sunmu-r th,-.,. two st.ll ha e that hne li.|„ burning and a long life ahead of them Nightmares aboumleii at the Art Department annual Beaux Arts ball. Ruth Rosenkrans in her dual personality costume can ' t figure out if John Kirsch and his " Studehaker look " are coining or going. Gruesome twosome Ginny Purdham. left, and Patsy Benson make modern art look sick. Kay Darlington and Roy .Stoesz don spook apparel and portray a Hallowe ' en hangover. The startled looks on the faces of Mary Campbell and Ed Becker make one think that they ' re looking into a mirror. June Hornby and Charles House assume this ruthless look and give an excellent portrayal of crime . . . " we was framed! " Mrs. Dwight Kirsch pictures herself hanging by her hair ... " I ain ' t got no body. " Hello Dance Abuic: Man llawuilb -i-iiii- quili ' eager lo show off llir- new " Hello (iirl " to an awaiting audience. Oilier con- leslants are Ixliinil the curtains. Hifihl: ( oiilcslaius up lor ■jlello Clirl " are the pi ' rlesl an l culesi of the liAHW girls. I.ois Gillett is in the hack row. fourth from the right. Hello! Hello! Hello! Creating an original theme, the BABW held its annual, " Hello Dance " in the Union hallroom. Be- sides dancing, there was entertainniet ]ilus cokes and lirownies for all. The Ijig event of the evening came with the announcement of Lois Gillett as this year ' s " Hello Girl. " Stan Haworth made the pre- sentation Ijefore eager spectators. I.fll: (.ration Lois (lillcll appears very happy alter having jusi heen presented as this year ' s " Hello Girl. " Hcldw: liAliW prexy. Mary nn Gampbrlj. help- Karl Mc(jdhiiii tiaiiscrihe records for the evening ' s dan i ' music. Aliiiic: l app aiul Mamiiiy okuiii lor rea- sonable facsimile) were a must for the Sadie Hawkins dance. This pair came complete with heard and high-top hoots. Sadie Hawkins Dance Right: " Daisy Mae " attended the dance in various forms. Short skirts were quite the rage, and all the time Paris says they ' re going down. — X ■:¥ i Above: Marrying Sam extends " wedded bliss " upon Daisy Mae and Li ' l Ahner as Stan Haworth stands by. Even if it can ' t happen in the funnies, it can happen here. F elt: Marrying Sam takes care of these matri- monial prospects, too. Betty Olson caught her man and plans to keep him. Page 171 Ivy Day The trumpets sounded and the pompous procession began. Two flower girls laid a carpel of Mossoius ioi- the May Queen. Shirley Hinds, as she ascended the stairs to her throne. There, surrounded by her court of campus licauties, she was crowned May Queen. Ill her honor, the Ivy day oration and poem were presented, and Donald (Jia|)in and Dale Novotny, senior an(i junior class presidents, planted the ivy. The " sing " and the revelation of the Mortar Boards and Innocents put the final touches on the momentous day ' s activities. " ■ tX MM .■lliiirc: (la oralor. Freil Stiner. spoke on ttie " clasli between eapilalisni anil coninuinisni " following tlie processional. Below: Uick Phipps delivers liis poem. " The Ivy. " ' wliich was judged the winner of the Ivy day poetry contest on the Ijasis of originality and relevance to Ivv la tradition and cerenionv. The KMMI llle fioni diiiiiii.-lralion l)uildinj;. ready to lake iheii place in ihe impressive processional, . llircd in pastel (urmals wirli perky hustles, these outstanding coeds added a dash of the denuiri ' to the ccdorful ilay ' s festivities. .And it ' s anollici Inimci ' iil! Dick I ' olda. campus wheel, is tackled in the Iraiiitional manner of the honorary ' s selection. (Tad in llie society ' s ri ' d robes, the thrower is more rulHcil than ihc thrown — but it ' s all so Innocent. Aboie: Masked Morlar Boards look for prey ami jilot the coming events of the day . . . Right: f pple blossoms surround the gracious May Queen, Shirley Hinds . . . Below: Alpha Phi ' s, under the direction of B. J. Olson, display their winning vocal talents . . . Far below: Auhrey Petlit leads the Kappa Sigs to first honors in the men ' s division of the Ivy day sing . . . Lower right: The queen reigns over her court chosen from the outstanding activity girls in each class. Homecoming Fireworks hailed the beginning of tliis year ' s Homecoming celebration at the " Best Homecoming Rally in History. " Cars jammed the " Row " as people stretched their necks to see the unique house decora- tions. Game day, a huge procession of floats moved down " 0 " street as a preliminary to the gridiron classic. That afternoon Husker fans watched their team battle the Jayhawks in the season ' s most exciting game. Half-time festivities saluted last year ' s pep (jueen, Phyl Harris. The students ended up at the Homecoming dance desperately attempting to dance, in a merry mob, to the nuisic of George Olsen. The day reached a grand climax with the crowning of the pep queen, Lois Gillette, and the announcements of the blue ribbon house decorations and floats. l pper: The poor old Jayliawk takes il in tlic neck a- iip llanos in front ol llie I ' nion. preliminary to the pre-ganie rally. Lower: Jerry Jacupke gives th the hysteria of a special " pre together, a- tile ,Ia hawk burns. ■I t1t. ' V % mm KUFLAT Atiove: . ' suspense — as .Shirley Wyss is suspeniled on the Kappa Delta float, which, ineidentally, won first plaee in tlie lloiiiocomin}; parade. I.eil: The homey touch in the Home- coming parade was the .Sigma Chis, who smoothed themselves into men ' s (ir l place lloat honors. Above: Flower-hetlecked. last year ' s pep ([ueen. Pliyl Harris, escorted by Martin Pesek. is presented lo the football fans by Dean liorjiinann at half-time festivities. Above, right: In sweetheart formation, the band serenades Pep Queen Phyl Harris, while the Mortar Boards and Innocents form a stately court of honor. Right: 1947 Pep Queen Lois Gillette beams as she is presented to the Homecoming dance throng by Yell King Martin Pesek and predecessor. Phyl Harris. Lower lejt: Jayhawks squawk as they cook in I he corn pone in I he winning Alphi Phi Homecoming iecorations. Lower right: Swinging and swaying to the Husker tune. Jayhawks are quite enticing in the Phi Gamma Delta first place mens Home- coming decorations. TO OUR W Mortar Board Ball December came, tlie twelfth came, the Mortar Board hall came; and the tal)les were turned on the gals, who escorted their dates to the most hilarious dance of the year. The fems called for the men, waiting im- patiently while they put on the finishing touches. Off to dinner they sped in convey- ances varying fiom amhulances to " shanks mares. " The fellas, all out for revenge, handed their dates all sorts of paraphernalia, and the mad antics continued through dinner. The poor gals sadly watched their bank accounts disappear. At the coliseum, the encumbered fellas appeared with ingenious corsages from live gold fish to Christmas wreaths. Sam Dona- hue ' s music faded while the Mortar Boards presented the eight eligible bachelors. It was a singular night for the male populace, and a singular night for all. Eat. drink, auci be merry, hoys, lor tomorrow you ' ll he looting the hill. Mortar Boards and their dates party helore the " hrawl. " h ' ar idioie: The weaker sex. men. went to all fxiremes to make things niiser- alde for the still weaker sex. Fran Copsey escorts Arch MihrlmlT Id lln- S. E hasemenl. Above: Not an emergency. ju l goin to the Mortar Board hall. And liili Ber [ui-t loesn ' t even look worried. Page 176 Most eligible liachelors on the Nebraska campus are (left to right): Al Poller. Jim Swanson. Byron Hooper. Dougan Doyle, Bob Wenke. Jolm Ayres, leBaron Goodwin, and Irving Dana. Sam Donahue beats out one of his famous spe- cially numbers and takes a peep at the audience on the dance floor. Dancing is the same, even if the girls did bring the dates. Cheek to cheek they whirl around the coliseum. Page 177 Military Ball Lejt: Cadet (iolmicl Kay Coffey i:li- ' -iii se darue plan with the cadets in charge of the Military Ball. Above: Dignitary meets dignitary as Governor Val Peterson shakes hands with (Colonel Johns while Chancellor Gustavson smiles approvingly. Anollier Ijig moment ot llie e ening after the pre-enlatioti of the Honorary Colonel — the colorful (irand March! i)nn ' Itiiidiam lakes time out lor lliat wrel liuinpcl -(dcj as only he can do it. Page 178 Standing on tip-toe. an eager crowd watched the ilhouette of the 1947 Honorary Colonel move toward the dooiT ay of a mini- ature castle, the symbol of the engineer corps. Suddenly, shafts of light revealed June Gast. An archway of sabers was formed as Cadet Colonel Ray Coffey escorted Miss Gast to the dance floor. Prior to the heralding of the Honorary Colonel, the Ak-Sar-Ben court was presented. The spectators then witnessed a flashy drill bv a Pershing Rifle team and, at the close of the ceremonies, moved onto the floor to dance to the music of Somiv Dunham. Above, right: As the entire crowd applauds the new Honorar - Colonel and Cadet Colonel, June Gast and Ray Coffey. they step down to an archway of sabers. Abote: Through the sparkling sabers held by the cadet officers march Ray and June. Xi as it the music of oaii) Liuiiiiariin orchestra or Donna Alfrey that put this happy expression on Bob .Metrakos ' face? Perhaps both! Page 179 .(• (; On lo llip imicli-awaiteil week-end. Kay Kin iey anil Cenrfjie Vi llirr lioaril llie train. liighl: Never a letdown in spirits as the Nebraska fans ilanced the Virginia reel en rnnlf lo ( ' ohinihia. Student Migration Class cutting, last minute packing, rallies, and great expectations — all highlighted the pre-game atmosphere around the NU campus as the time approached for the migration to the Missouri game. Cornhuskers flooded into Mizzou, riding the rods, hitch-hiking, and riding comfortahly in cars or on the special migration train. In s])ite of the heartbreaking defeat, the Huskers had a tremendous week-end, with grand jiarties and a roaring good time in Kansas City. Blooming romances with foreign dates, Missouri ' s wet weather, and a touch of the old South give a I)rief siunmary of life in Columhia. Even with all these good times, however, the Nebraska campus was a very welcome sight to the " migrators. " Ah. yes, Sosh and Andrews never looked so good. Ahiiif: tiarniony for the migrators as ineinlters of the hand keep the 1 riiw l ali e. and awake, on tile long trek. Hrliiir: liill V leek says, " .M-co-hol yon a little li([nor on. " and cheer- leader (lierle Viele smiles her assent. (!onld tlieie he plans hrewing for Kansas City? Page 180 " I ' m tired and I want to go home — " Sleep was the only answer for these loyal fans, as ihey started the long trip home. Ahore: The week-end smiles are those of the eheerleatl Tassels, and Cohs before the kickoff. Upper right: First off ttu- tiaiii ere the mendiers of the hand as they took formal ion lo |iarade. Lower right: Down the sireets of Colundjia marches the famous Nebraska band, while the envious Missouri students watch. Page 181 .. £. Farmer ' s Formal " W iiijoii wlu ' cls. wagon wlieels " ' reminds one ot a song and tlie theme of the Ag Farm- er ' s Formal, annual affair sponsored l)y the Ag Exec board. For old acquaintances " sake, it meant fine times for two hundred and fifty rustic-clad funsters, who danccil to the nuisic of Morton Wells. To carry out the theme of the formally informal evening, Bernice Young stepped from a covered wagon, in true pioneer spirit, to be presented as queen of the Farmer ' s For- mal. The new queen was attended by Pat Crownover, Marianne SrJj, Beth Norenberg. Sue Fishwood, LaRayne Steyer Wahlstrom and Ruth Peters. Below: The rommiltee responsible for the gala occasion take a breallier from llie festivities. o ?f 9 Above: Mortar Uoard anil Ag YWCA prexy. Bernice Young, emerges glowingly triumphant from the covered wagon, having just been chosen queen of the Farmers Formal. Below: The queen is greeted hy her attendants. Pat Crownover. Marianne Srb. Beth .Norenberg. . ' ue Fishwood. LaRayne .Sleyer Wahlstrom and Kuth Peters, and the crowd of " farmers, " ' join in a royal innovation. I.ejt: Corn shucks, wagon whri-l . ami a wing hand give atmosphere to the occasion as the ciueen says a few words to her admiring fans in the milling llirong. Coll-Agri-Fun One of the high points of Ag campus social life was the sixteenth annual showing of Coll-Agii-Fun, sponsored by the Coll-Agri- Fun board. The Farm House fraternity took the tra- ditional loving cup with their skit, " Pumpkin Hill Grammar School Graduation. " In the curtain act division, the YMCA and the Ami- kitas placed first and second with " The Bridge Club " and " Hay Seed Rhythm. " Stan Haworth, acting as master of cere- monies, kept the capacity crowd thoroughly interested and entertained with his jokes and comments. Above: Rural etlucation in a rallier different way was the theme of " Pumpkin Hill Grammar School Graduation. " A quartet of students portrayed a little school spirit and Berl Danikroger arlerl as the " matronly " school teacher. Below: A chorus line no douht i in ihe niakin;; from the looks of this scene of the VMCA ' s curlaiii act. " The Bridge Club. " Right: Coll-Agri Fun board. Bach row: P. Keeney. D. Munter. G. Erlewine Front row: R. .Swanson. M. lirunig. h. Wahlstrom. Below: Things seem to be in an uproar in this shot of the AGR ' s second place skit, " The Shooting of Dan McGrew. " It was a take-off on the U. N. Page 183 Penny Carnival PiayouRsuKT EETYOURSUKm -t - l.lai-i in seaweed, Marilyn .Nelson porlrays the jnelty nieriiiaiil in the AOPi winning booth. A sailor cutie fishes for a seashell from tier. Tlie caniival crowds moved into Grant Memorial hall and preparations began for the annual Penny Carnival. Joking; workers put up their booths; and in the afternoon, throngs of students ambled about, taking as much delight in this gay affair as a crowd of chil- dren. They pushed their way from booth to 1 til. taking in each novel sideshow and time out loi ' hotdogs and cokes. The AOPi ' s went home with lop lionois for their " By the .Sea " booth, Tovmi Club won second with " Face ' n Facts " ; while Alpha Chi followed close behind with their " Candy Shop. " Sponsored by the Coed Counselors, this was reallv " the greatest show on earth. " I ' ninnnm . . . the .Mpha Chis have lots and lots of eandv lo pass around. These petite girls look third place honors liy luring spectators into tlieir candy shop. ' " Face ' n Fads " won the Towne rluh inemhers second place. Curvacions girls clad in smocks turned artistic for the afternoon. " F ' enny (larnival is ([iiite an attraction " agrees this mass of humanity wlto attended it in Feliruary. Booths completely fill the gym . . . a ti it at its peak. I ' agf 184 Above: Fans crowd ihe banclstand as Warren Durrett leads the band through its paces in one of those hot novehy numbers. Below: With a swish and a swirl, formally attired couples round the floor dancing to the smooth melodies of Warren Durrett. Fraleniity crests displayed a b o i.i t the Union ballroom provided a unique atmos- phere for this year ' s " looked forward to " Interfraternity ball. Sorority and fraternity students bedecked in strapless gowns and tux- edos had a gala time dancing to the nuisic of Warren Durrett ' s orchestra. Highlighting the evening, the 1948 Corn- husker lieauty queens were presented. Spot- lighted from the balcony, they looked, indeed, the essence of loveliness. A good time was had by all, thanks to the members of the Interfraternity council, who sponsored the event. Interfraternity Ball Time out for a quiet chat and to rest those aching in the Union " patio. " feel Dace Bolyan and handsome escort crack a few wise ones as fellow parliers pan in the background. Page 185 Ever present was dear old Sania who greeled the holiday crowds al the door and look I heir Christmas orders. Donna Alfrey presided at the puneh howl giving guests overflowing Xmas cheer. Never forgotten al any I nion party is the governor " tummy. " Student Union Christmas Party ' Twas the week before Christmas, and all tlirough the Union, university students cele- brated at the annual Union o])en house and Christmas party. Lasting until the wee hours of 10:30 (and on a week night, too!), festivities featured a floor show and dancing to Johnny Cox ' s or- chestra. Jay Norris at the organ provided " mood music " for those wlio took time out from all the hilarity to dream awhile, and the guest of honor was Santa Clans himself. Lejl: Besides dancing and a movie, members of the talent show entertained Xmas funsters. Part of the show was a Latin American singer, genuine, loo. from Soulh America. Below, lejl: An important part of the festivities was just plain gahhing and gelling together while the entertainment commenced in the background. The " Cocabanana " has nothing on the l ' ni ersity of Nebraska Union parties. Below, right: For moot! music and atmosphere. Jay Norris presided at the organ in the lounge attracting (juite a crowd. Page 186 t fSS® Above: A meclianical engineering sluiienl tiemonstrales the use of steam power in the sieani lali al Meelianieal Enj;ineering hnilding. Above, right: John (lover, nieehanieal engineering senior, shows the intricaeie of wehiing in a nieelianieal engineering exhibit. Engineers Week Engineers week proved to be all it ever was and a little more this year. The purpose of Engineers week is to display the accom- plishments and developments of the College of Engineering. This year " The Week " con- sisted of an open house, a convocation, a field day, and as a grand finale, a Ijanquet at which awards were presented to outstanding students in the College of Engineering. Kennetli Tellt. center, from the agrjeuhural engi- neering department, points out the !)enefits of modern e |uipnient in farming. In the chemical engineering department. Dean Green of the Engineering College, left, watches the milling crowd of observers while a chlorine purification project proceeds in the background. The power of electricity is demonstrated by electrical engineering students. The point is the little ring which vibrates back and forth with the electric current. Page 187 5£5J8i iS9j riie aiiiiors were impressed with the importance of " Faith in the Atomic Age " hy Baccalaureate speaker. Ralilii Martin Weilz. Row upon row of graduating seniors stream across the mall toward the Coliseum for their final college achievement . . . diplomas. Commencement Gravely holding their hard-earned diplo- ma. ' ;, seniors enter into life ready to meet the world with the v is(lom, confidence, and faith they have acquired in these four college years. Many will create little stir . . . others are destined to renown . . . yet, each graduate will have his own special influence. Com- jined, these influences, great and small, are the hope of our world for the future. Page 188 Q . (ippcr leil: ( ' liancellor Gustavson makes a few last-minute arrangements with ( mmencement speaker. Arthur C.omp- m. ihancellor of a hingl(in University in St. I.ouis. l.tiHiT It ' ll : liiiii nii .lohnMiii. Mortar I ' .oard and I ' . I!. K., reeeivi-s congrululalions finin ( iKinrrlliii and Mrs. (iusLivson. Martin Pesek presiiles o er the Innocents in nialving plans for ifie Junior-Senior Prom. ( You doni look too husiness-like. fellas " Glen Blintle. senior class prexy. and Jerry Johnston, junior class prexy. escort the Juniorlsenior Prom Queen, Barhara Rowland. 1(1 ihe stage as Innocents stand by. Junior-Senior Prom Above: Maestro Lee William heals it out for the campus kids, featuring a vocal soloist doing Al Jolson imitations. Arriving in the midst of the formal season, this year ' s Junior-Senior Prom proved to be another success. Lee Williams and his or- chestra provided the music, while couples danced away the evening. Barbara Rowland, this year ' s prom queen, was cleverly presented in an Egyptian litter borne by the members of the Innocents. Stan Johnson, Innocents ' president, danced with Barbara in th( dance of royalty. Right: With an array of halloons ahove their heads, campus students ' " trip llie light fantastic " iluring the evening. Page 189 Above, rifilii: Cliailolli- Kal .iiiaii. fcaliui-tl a a l)ii(le seeking flowers for her hoiuiufl, is shown witli her hridesmaids clurinti the Sigma Delia Tail ■■Hea en ScenI KIohit Sliop " ' skil. wliiih was awanh-d llie gohl rup. Abuvr: AOPi. Pe-: O ' Donneli firaiioiisly receives llie honor of I ' ypiial Nebraska ( oed after having; heen chosen from Iwenty-two finalists by a sludenl-faeuhv board. Coed Follies Laughing voices could he lieard through- out the Nebraska theater, and the many seats went fast. Yet, there was something unusual al)oiit this audience — the voices were all those ol women. Yes, it was the night of the Coed Follies, an annual event in which only women may participate and women attend. The lights dinuned, and the audience be- came hushed; the crimson curtain slowly lifted, and the show began. Through the six skits, four curtain acts, and the style show, real enjoyme nt and laughter pervaded the audience. When all was over, Sigma Delta Tau was awarded first place for their win- ning skit, " Heaven Scent Flower Shop, ' " and Towne Club received first place in curtain acts for their " Choo Choo Chew Chew. " After the " new look " style show, Peggy O ' Donneli was selected as Typical Nebraska Coed for 1948. Page 190 Leit. nboie: " We (loul)le- dart- you lo chew Doublemint. " lorchy Iwiiis Margaret and Marilyn Kalin sing, helping to carry the Towne Cluli curtain act " Choo Clioo Chew Chew " to first place honors. Center, above: First man to ever officially pass the sacred portals of Coed Follies is Jack Carson, master of ceremonies. Posing as an old alum. Jack apparently frightened Marian Crook. Follies chairman, into a state of hysteria. Above, right: Chi Candy Shop placed second in curtain acts. Shir- ley Kell eagerly takes a lollipop instead of other taslies offered to her hy the candy shop owner. Right: Tri Dell ' s second place skit shows off Betty Hubka ' s curves in tomorrow ' s swim suit. " Not so bold " are gals in yesterday ' s swim suits. Beluw, right: W hal a lulie!! But . . . behind all this sex appeal is none other than a male trying to sneak in on this all-girl show. Page 191 Publications DAKE NOVOTNY Daily Nebraska!) editor filiotn liy Norman Ca»o ' . Jt— Cornhusker Top priitor for all limes is Jo Ackerman. When slip wasn " ! at Mortar lioaril iupctinys. our little " edi-Tor " studied at Lovp lil e. watelipd foothall games and coke dated in the (!ri!) willi ISaliiv (iooduiii. " Gotta keep ' em out of the red. " was the motto of Business Manager " Rusty " Ayers. And she did ju l that llirougli- out the year. •J P Trcarling on tin- worn path lirtween Morrill hall and the COKMllLSKER. rt Editor Dana Kasnuissen did justice to both. I ' agp I ' l lis Ray Biemond!! Looking not too energetic in this pic, he really did do a fine jol) asi assistant Imsiness manager. " We want an annual that will he fun to read, " proclaimed the 1948 CORNHUSKER staff. Accordingly, they planned a yearbook of pictures; and stories gave way to pages of snaps and photos. First, the CORNHUSKER skeleton was planned; and during the year, the staff put " meat " on its " bones. " Little " Husker Man " ran through the pages, adding interest to the book. Things were never dull in the confused atmosphere of the CORNHUSKER office. However, the united efforts of all staff mem- bers resulted in a coverage of a whole year of NU life squeezed between the CORN- HUSKER covers. Cherie iele. assistant business man- ager, the girl behind the sums, is not a math major, hut is certainly good with figures! ! Jerry Johnston. managing editor, pauses from his work a minute. Jerry keeps banker ' s hours around here and gets away with it. Managing Editor Nadine .Anderson could never find any matches, but was the only one who could find anything on her cluttered desk. Under stacks of copy sal Managing Editor Jane Mc. rlhur who spent office hours in the Crib moaning about how much she had to do. Page 193 ugu nBdl These lovelies and Skip Sta hl mix " primping " with business in the Union morgue — CORN- HIJSKER office, that is! (Left to right) are Barb Busch, M. J. Rademacker. Skip Stahl, Joan Guilford, Torchy Rediger and Jan Stratton. KesponMlde fur CORNHUSKER pix were staff members Bill Leroy. Phil Raynard, (lene Chris- tiansen. Matt Russel. Bill Poe. Hank Lamers. and George Shaw, who were kept on llie run taking shots of everything and anything. Aihiiini lrali(in laff iniinlur Hill Hates. By Hooper, .Mary .Mice Do-ek. Bruce Johnson ami Jolin Connelly can ' t even pose industri- ously, but they (lid haM- lun gelling acijuainted with the profs! Ili-;idi-il li (irnciic lililiill. r (lass ' eclidii slalf unilcrwiMil iiuincr- ous agonic-. Here arc Dot Itorgcns. liclty h ' c-lcr. I ' ri- i ' iailc . (Icncnc Milclicll. and l.iiu Carter (ihlainirig urw idea- from old COK.N- HUSKKR.S. Page 196 Si Markeson and [,ois Henderson investigate the picture files, while M. .1. Walker. Shirley Eskilsen and (Charlie Cook lend to their arious duties. " Where does all the money go ' . ' " This question was constantly on the minds of the assistant business managers. Ua e Miller. Harvey Davis. Dot Chapin. Art Tirro, Neil Atkinson. Kirk Lewis and Eames Irvin. Keeping up with the N-nien was Rod h ' lelcher. sports editor and local play- lioy. In the hunnning CORNHUSKER office. Janet Fairchild. Kay Kinsey and Jeanie Sampson look over the calendar of pictures to be taken, while Liz .Schneider and Rod Fletcher talk o ' er the innumerable jobs to he done. Joan Davidson, Betty Bloss and June Kislar try their journalistic talents as Dick Kuska and Marilyn Voorhees take a hand in censoring stories. Page 197 People, people, everywhere . . . that ' s what you ' ll find any lime yoii venture into the Rag, alias Daily Nebraskan, office. Paper, pencils. Inilihle gum, slang. etc. are exceedingly popular among veteran workers!! First semester managing eflitors Jack Hill and (Jeorge Miller " innocently " portray the ideal co- workers of I he Daily . ehra.shan. Take a look al a Rag for proof. News F.ililors Wailey Becker and .Norm Leger arc ohviously con- cerned over some very important matter . . . .lean Kerrigan doesn ' t seem to be bothered in the least. News F.dilor- Cub ( ' Iciii ami Tottie Fidilock check over a Iml news story. Toltie. Mrs. Slewarl. lays down ihc law to (iub. Iixt. (Ihuck lliiiuiiini;-en. socii-ly edi- tor. appcar to be getting the hilc l scoop ia phone for sports editor Ralph . tcwarl who found his " home " on the Rag slafl. Page 198 Lejt: Uniling ihcir efforts were George Miller and Jeanne Kerrigan, second semester managing editors. " The Rag must come out! " was their motto. Right: Retaining their first semester positions are Cub Clem and Tottie Stewart. " Keep up the good work " was their motto. Daily Nebraskan First semester editor was fire-brand Dake Novotny. Dake kept busy in his office but always had time for coffee with " the boys. " Center right: Second semester editor. Jack Hill, led the Rag through many a battle of campus opinion and always (■ame out in good form. Keith Fredrickson, Ag editor, and Sam Warren, special fea- ture editor, are experimenting with the " hunt and peck " system. Does it work, fellas? Pat I ordin. socici) eililor. drags herself from the phone to help Fritz Simpson, sports editor, with a few of the fletails which must be done. Page 199 Operating in the basement of the Student Union alongside the CORNHUSKER office, the Daily Nebraskan performed a great serv- ice to the campus by keeping it informed on vital current news. The chief object of the Rag was to represent, not a few particular groups, but the entire student body. It aimed incessantly at presenting all problems as fairly and as accurately as humanly possible, giving equal consideration to all viewpoints. In short, each issue proved to be a truly repre- sentative, newsworthy, student publication. The first semester saw Dake Novotny with the reins in his hands while Managing Editor Jack Hill held the whip. Jack took over the driver ' s seat the second semester, assisted by Managing Editors Jeanne Kerrigan and George Miller. These leaders, along with the rest of the staff, formed the essential cogs in a smooth-working machine, the Daily Nebraskan. I r% Silling still for a moment is Fig Flagg, business manager. Wheel Flagg was usually seen dashing off in his Ii " l blue convert with some campus beauty. Perturbed at what to do with all those Kags is Jack N l .t-r. circulation manager, (ictting up at four o ' clock each day i n ' l too iiuich fun. eh Jack ' : ' liill Wilkiiis. Irwin C.hesen and Merle Stalder. assistant bn inos managers, spent every spare niiimic in their office acting a indii lrinii as pos- iblc Page 200 Business staff assistants Don Coolc. Keitli Kovancla. an I Don Shafton kept the advertising rolling and got all tlie Rags out on time, which is quite an accomplishment to chalk up lor them. Bob Coonley and Lee Harris, news editors, force them- selves to finish their work; hut it ' s hard to do with cute Lou McDill, Ag editor, there. Right: Boh Duis. capahle photdg, checks negatives with Earl Katz while Norm Leger catche- up on a feature Lett: A group of faithful reporters gather around the hulletin hoard to find out " " what next? " Page 201 Marianne Sri), first semester editor, pauses outside the (Countryman office. Cornhusker Countryman Below: Workers Ernie Rousek. Al Laml). Dale Erlewine and Frank Anderson look over Keith Fredrickson. Don ( ' h-nienl and Berl Damkroger ' s shoulders. Sally Hartz (hecks the last ropy for ideas. Manajiinfi Edilor- Phil Kaynard and Jim Si-ars lune fcmnd themselves a coiiidr i l copy-nadin hearlaches. (Mrcidaliun Manaj ir lioii oijil and Home Ee Editor Lois ' I ' horlinnMiii c heck on " suhsrriplions to lale. ' " Page 202 For news of the Ag College, just turn to the Cornhusker Countryman. In this concise monthly magazine are found accounts of re- cent scientific experimentation in agriculture and news of classes and activities on the Ag campus. This magazine entered the publications scene in 1901 as a pamphlet entitled " Agri- culture. " After a period of nonexistence, it again appeared in March, 1947, and the magazine in its new form has met the zealous reception of the faculty and students of the Ag College. The Cornhusker Countryman, published by a capable staff of Ag College students appointed by the Ag pub ])oard. is under the supervision of Mr. Ralston Graham, faculty advisor. This staff prides itself in its success in publishing a magazine which touches every phase of the campus life. Pliil Raynard, second semester editor, spends his lime running from campus to campus, camera anil cony sheet in hand. Right: Not double talk, but the Erie- wine twins out after ads. They head the business end of the Countryman for second semester. Lvil: Ag and Home Ec Editors Bob Bruce and Lois Thorfinn.son make jokes while Stan Haworlh works on circula- ion. Page 203 Ahnie: INeMT wilhiiiil Ilis pipe or a girl on fitlier arm fully lescrihes Skip Slahl. business manager for (.unt Shiiiks. He (lid manage to balance tlie books tliougli . . . willi ibe proper amoiinl of " figures. " ,( ' (: Tbe smile, the pencil behinil her ear. and the drawling " ■yaah " identify Joan Fankhauser, Corn Shucks editor. Jo ' s sparkling sense of humor and constant friendliness ki-iil llu- (orn Shucks office happy throughout all ordeals. Abure: Managing editors " Jake " Jacobsen aiid Kod Wagoner appear bafllrd as to what to do with o nuirn Corn Shucks. ( Honc l iIhn did -idl llicm.i l.cit: I ' holdgraplicr Tom lilomgicii ndaNc with a jiinup |iii a fillciw arli-ls. Jnd Wolccill ami Janet llaiigselh ixainiiic i;iii(ii)ri on file. Worker (larric Van Home checks c(ip frfiiii llu- ptinlcrs. Page 204 Corn Shucks Last fall a new baby was born on campus — the Corn Shucks. Nobody claimed it, and it wasn ' t the Pub board ' s fault that it lived. But like Topsy, it just grew. The Corn Shucks finally made its first appearance with a leg contest, a demoralizing, scandalous, sexy leg contest. Also featured in the new baby were numerous spicy stories and jokes concerning the shadier side of life. Once in a while, just for " chucks, " the staff would stroll down to the baby ' s glass walled incubator to see how it was coming along. The Corn Shucks did manage to make it through the year. Six times in that period it came out with laughs galore for the campus kids. The big problem, however, was whether they were laughing over it or at it. But shucks, the staff loved it. Above: Corn Shucks staff member? re- sort to criminal tactics and force to keep the magazine on its feet. Chuck Hemingsen is the victim who is defi- nitely not on his feet. Below: Food for thought . . . that ' s what Corn Shucks is. But eating your own words could be distasteful . . . what he said ! Above: Rod Wagoner, Al Abramson. Hank Lammers. and Jack Hill check over the first Corn Shucks of the year. Lois Phillips and Ruth Stewart do the saine; but Jake Jacobsen eagerly starts on the next is ' iue. Right: Business managers. John . " lothower and Bud Ger- hart. calculate the returns of the day ' s business. Sure a lot of suckers on the campus. Nebraska Blue Print ,(■ (; Eililor lliis year was tall, blond Don Henilrickson. Tilt- diligent young man did his utmost to meet every deadline and eonsetjuently turned out a " super " publieation. Right: Wayne Swift, business manager, held up the finan- cial end and occupied himself with Sigma Tau. engineering lionorary. and Palladian. 9 iimPt The Nebraska Blue Print staff does the lull-time joli ol puMishing news of the field of engineering. Official publication of the Nebraska Engineering society, the Blue Print is published by a staff composed entirely of students. Once a month it reaches the hands of its readers, and between publications, the staff works diligently to prepare such regular fea- tures as " Enginews. " The Nebraska Blue Print is a member of Engineering College Magazines associated, and since 1901. it has been on campus, informing its suijscribers of new developments in engineering. I, ell t(i right: J. i.udwickson. advisor: 1. Keis. J. I ' ipher. I). Hendrickson. I). Carlberg. .1. Rogers. N. Bahr. W. Swift. T. Neumann. H. It. Frost. These figures rejire-ent " your " Blue Print -taflf. Page 206 Jeanie Sampson, Marge Anthony. Lee Harris. Bonnie Voss and Bud Gerhart were the staff meniliers o{ the " 48 Direi lo ' y. They appear liusy. hut the (|uestion is " are they always this husy? " Student Directory For the fourth consecutive year, the big- gest little book on the campus, the Student Directory, has Ijeen pulilislied jjy the Student Foundation. The Directory contains the name, address, telephone iuiml)er, college, and class of Nebraska ' s 1 0.000 students and faculty members. Editor Barbara Turk and Business Man- agers Genene Mitchell and Greg Kallos, Foundation board members, along with 200 workers had the book in the stuednts ' hands by the first of December. The book is fi- nanced by advertising and circulation, and any profits from the book are used in promot- The Student Directory receives a little last minute check-up by Editor Barb Turk. " Turk " is also a member of the Student Foun- dation board. Greg Kallo!.. publicity director, and Genene Mitchell, business manager, are deeply involved in checking lists from the printers. ing the university. Page 207 Publications Board Ur. Win. K. .Swiiuller, Pub boanl chairman, takes time out from his Ijusy day to flish the latent scoop to Rag News Editor Cub Clem. To appoint all members of the editorial and i)iisiiness staffs for the university publi- cations is the duty of the Publications board, which was organized in 1912. The Pub board meets monthly to discuss publication problems, to check the business managers ' reports, and to award contracts for publica- tion work. The faculty representatives on the board are the Director of the School of Journalism and three faculty members-at-large appointed by the chancellor. Student representatives from the senior, junior, and sophomore classes are elected by popular vote. In:.trunii-ntal in the decision tliat si-eni- tci he in the niakin}; here aie I ' nh hoard members (leil tu right): Professor II. K. I ' .radford. Hank nilii eii. Ur. V. K. .Swindler, .lack Sidonion. Chn Krnnrd , Di. ,1. K. VIdcii. and Dr. Kenneth Forward. I ' aije 2U8 Pub Prodigies at Play Jerry Johnston plays the role of " de boss " in directing eager CORNHUSKER workers. The girl with the gum is none other than Jo Fankhauser. Maybe this is how " Tank ' ' gets people to " stick " around the Corn Shucks office. Caught combing her hair is Barb Turk who edited the Student Directory. People know that Jane McArthur and Nadine Anderson are managing editors of the CORNHUSKER l)ut they don ' t know wliat football stars these versatile girls are. Rusty Ayers. financial genius of the CORNHUSKER. looks up from her work as business manager. Familiar figures at the pub luncheon are Doc Swindler, head of the Pub board: Dake Novotny, first semester editor of the Rag; and Fig Flagg. business manager of the Rag. John Connelly, M. A. Dosek, Bruce Johnson and By Hooper mock seniors in caps and gowns . . . Will these sophomores ever make the grade? Page 209 Music-Art-Speech HOB TANCEMAN Ijanil tiruiii major phol.. l.y Nurliiuii Co»r N Iiii:lilii:lit of llic I rii rrsit Tiieatrf- ' s yrar wert the major prodiu lions hailfd as lop collegiale plays of llie country. Ont- of the niosl outstanding; during the past year was " l mTialion. " riiilci the (liivdioii of Mr. Dallas I. Wil- liaiTis. iIk ' I iii cisil Tliralic lliis yeai |iif- seiilcil ' " .loan ol Loi laiiic. ' " ' ■The Man Who C,aiiie to Dinner, " " Petri lied h ' orest. " " IMay- hoy of the Western World, " ami Siiake- speare ' s " Tamin j; of the Shrew. " Other sections, ol the ihfalre are Experi- mental theatre and Actors lab. The Experi- mental theatre directed hy Clarence Flick, is a pte-re(|iiisite to partici|)ation in University Theatre ])rodiictions. presenting one and three-act inlays. In conjunction, the Actors lal) develops theories ol acting and directing prior to pcrlormancc in the Experimental theatre. University Tlieatre ,( ' : llilcii I ' rincc applies the luud louche ol make up pii ' liniinary lo the l)iy show. A principle of the ihealre, makeup le.-hni(|ue is furthered for . el)raska players. ( i ' fili ' i: ( " limax in " ' .[(►an of Lorraine. " one of ihe mo-t oul tanding (d the I niver ity Theatre prorluclions this year. Hifihl: Till- show is over and the lhes[iians relax hackslage and ha-h over ihe eveiiin V |]erforniance. l ' aKe212 Fijlh rou : W. Hughes. T, Brunstin. I). Korinek. W. Wurtz. J- Stevi nson. H. Jackman. R. Hoyt. E. Tegtnieier. H. Sienknecht. P. Austin. H, Larsen. Fourth rojf : D. Ganz, E. Wells. G. Flood. B. Gillliride. R. Garretson. L. Forney. J. Hoelst-her. D. Rohrs. F. Gorton. O. Owens, W. Goodbrod. R, Jnltnsoii. Third row: D. Callies. W. French. O. Voss. C. .Smith. J. Loroco. R. Pettijohn. S. Warren, E. Slnll. Rouch. R. Parks. Seconil roil : B. Krasne. D. Walker. C. Ti.denhf.fl. W. ?|.li, hal. D. Fredrickson . R. Srhaumburg. G. Gealy. R. Lowe. D. Killion. J. Ellis. R. Salyard. Fron: row: R. Stepp. H. Bauer. M. Hayes. S. Kelly. E. Wishnow. J. Snider. J. Priee. M. Ri.berls. . . Miirphv. K. Tiller, J. Kjelson. Sinfonia Good music is enjoyed by everyone. On llie campus. Sinfonia. which might well be called the " Student Music Bureau, " strives to acquaint the jnililic with Anieiican nuisic. Each year an All-American nuisical is given. Oil the basis of bi-aniuial contests, scholarship awards are made. Participation in the series of l)roadcasts. " Your University Speaks. " is one of Sin- fonia ' s activities. The members of Sinfonia also present an annual spring concert. Although quite busy with nuisical activities, Sinfonia sponsors several parties throughout the year. Lee Kjeliion helps direct a group of llie .Sinfonia singers al one of tlieir informal relicarsals. ■ Page 213 Third foil.- W. Davis. D. I.omon,!.. M. Slalilrr. I). C.riuH.k.-. J. R. PpMijnlin. D. « .11-. I. Wliillak.-r. J. Jn.k,.in. K. Blark. Srcnnit rou: I!. Ciimi.h.-ll. I.. Driickp. ( ' .. M.rr. I), Can rl, R. Ksprsfpil. B. K.iil. r, 11. C.iiiMniiiK». H. Spriirc. trnnt roll : M. Denton. J. Ca!.t. (;. Clair. R. Ci ' «I( ' r. S. Sabin. D. Rirhardson. Masquers From old Temple stage to a life on the " great white way " is the ultimate goal of energetic Nebraska Masquers. This organiza- tion encourages perfection in play writing, acting, directing, and stage design. Reactivated only recently, the Masquers sponsored a nation-wide three-act jday contest as one of llicir many activities. At the aniiii;il banquet, " Oscars " were awarded Ini the best actor and actres.s, and recognition was given for outstanding service to the university theater. Masquers Henry Lee, liarbara lierggren. Dean Graunke, and Herbert Spence arc mem- bers of the order of the I ' urple Mask, nalional honorary society. la-(|iiiTs li lcTi inliiilK 111 llic-ir ia|ialilc leader. Dean Graunke, as llir laimeli into new liusiness. Page 214 Tlie I ' nivpisily or(lu- lra under the capable haloii ol Mr. W ' ishnow perform at their annual winter concert held in the Union ballroom before a capacity crowd. University Orchestra Above: The orchestra practices indus- triously under the leadership of Mr. Wishnow. Below: A little relaxation between con- certs is taken by Russian violinist, Spivakovsky, right. i ■ ■■iM ii.iMiii ii aiiiiiiLJil ' Under the direction of Mr. Emanuel Wishnow, tlie university orchestra this year presented the best in orchestral music and the outstanding instrumental music of Amer- ican composers. The orchestra strives to stim- ulate cultural and educational interest on the part of the student body. Tossy Spivakovsky, violinist, appeared as guest artist at the fall concert. The orchestra also accompanied the University Singers in the presentation of the ' ' Messiah " during the Christmas season. The final concert by the orchestra featured senior soloists from the School of Music. FIRST VIOLINS Theodore Bninsoi Alice Saunders Aleta Snell Jeanelte Hause Patricia I ine Elvira MrCrory Helen u ay Kathleen Forbes Shirley LaFILn Auis Jedlicka SECOND VIOLINS James Stevenson Marilyn Harms Dorothy Schneider Joan Fredrickaon Ruth Sorensen Delorcs Deryke Margaret Kallhof Maria Leipelt Jean Halligan James Price Roma Johnson Norman Splitlgcrbcr Mary Alice Snider Donna Scott CELLOS Gretchen Buniliain L ' sler Harris Kathleen Burt Ruth Bergstraesscr Kathiyn Copple (Moria Pinney Rosemary Molter BASSES Ronnie Complon Marjiirie Squires Harold Hollinpshead Ilcrvon Snider FLUTES Ruth Ann Curtis Virginia Nordstrom John Thompson PICCOLO John Thompson Eugene Tedd hoKcr Barnard ENGLISH HORN Eugene Tedd CLARINETS Norman Todenhuf Marilyn Parks William Elliott TRUMPETS Eugene Stoll Marlin Killioii Herman Larsrn FRENCH HORNS Jack Snider John Wisner Lawrence Tagg Robert Kurtri TROMBONES Paul Austin John Freelhy Carroll Brown TUBA Hervon Snider PERCUSSION Kent Tiller Warnn Hui:hrs Max Clierringtun PIANO Roma Johnson LIBRARIAN Carroll Brown Page 215 The Singers under the ilireclion of Dr. West brook present their annual roneert in tile Union ballroom. Featured were several soloists from the members of the jifoup. . " sweet harmony issued from these over one hundred voices. University Singers Above: Intent upon the in- tricacies of the " Slessiah " are the Singers VN ' ith Dr. West- brook at the helm. Belou : u octet of Singers blenileil their voices in a little over-time practice. The University Singers, an a cappella choir under the direction of Dr. Arthur West- Itrook. this year participated in a diversified musical program. A selective group, mem- bers were chosen for musical ability from llie univefsity at large. Highlighting tlie holiday season, the sing- ers presented a Christmas carol program and Handel ' s famous oratorio. " Messiah. " The annual opera was outstanding along with the group ' s performance at the University Memo- rial services. In the spring, they presented two concerts, one in conjunction with the iiiii- versitv svin|)h()ii and a choial program. .Al nor. Helen Adams. Helen .Amend, Margaret . rnistrnn{:. Jeaneltc Bancroft. Eleannr Barlnn. Marv Benninylon. Virginia Buwnian, Kalhryn Brown, . udrey Bundv. Lois Cadwallader, fliyllis Campbell, Marv .Ann Case. Calhrvn Dalrympte. Janet Dotezal, Jeanette Donovan, Katlileen Duerseliner. Charlotte Farrell, Mary Fischer. Pliyllis Flood. .Audrey Forney. Cress Goldsmith. .Marv Grafton, Neva Hartman, ' iriiiniu Haiiye, Myra Hcniniinpcr. Greti-hen Jacobs, Annette James, Muriel Kinfi, Jueqiieliiie Kostal. Arlene Lanjie, iriiinia Lock, Jean l.ainl, l.aVeriie Major, llorolhy ll(_;lo . Jan.-I Mil, lull. Hosalie Myjire, Mollv Nerenherii, Fbtrenie Niedenthal, Dora I I ' etersen, Marian t ' iersoil. Jean I ' ulensrn. Klaiiie Kodin. Helen Saunders, .Aliie Scliarman, I.ou Ann Sievers. Beverlv Suiter. Kathleen Swanson. Kleant)r Summer. Mary Taylor, Dorothy Taylor, Gwenilohn Thomi)8on, Jean riMrinn, II.- Fav Wacenian. Donnii- Way, Jean Wtierry, Marv Worcester, ( alherinr .Adams. John Anderson, llol.eil Karnes. Honald Knoer. Harold Biemond, Ravine. nil Bentz, Harlan Brown. Ki.har.l Bronson, Bush, Richar.l D.-nipster, Richar.l Di " rs. Robert Diers, Harmon Diilini;. Henrv Kiscnarh. John Filer. I.vnn Fills. FI.....1, ;..r.l..ii Fr. ' ii. ' h. William Can . Dale Cilhri.le. R.di.rl (.1 t:aKin Haves. l.,rris II. .yl. Ralph Hii|. ' h. ' . Warren Ja.ktiian. Herbert J..I.Ms.,ii. Roy James Jones. Robert Klopp. Ri. ' hard K al. Richard Kroner, Walla.c l.allln. Robert Learned, Jack L. ).-. .-. I, Joseph McCollum, Earl .McCormiek. Leoiian McDonald, Garrelh Meininger, Keith Mnndell, William Mvbre, Lelan.l Nielsen, Rotiert Nielsen, Jess Owen, Lawrence Parks, Robert Trusia, F.liner Rouen, R.tberl Salyard, Ralph .S.-haunibnrt;. Hay Schcffel. Carl Scheffel. K..bert Shimonek, Nelson Shouse, Luther Smith, Cecil Svoboda, Clarence Tafiy. Lawrence Tait, Dean- Teglmcier, F.lcar Wichke. Donald Wittstriick, Robert I ' age 216 Monthly imisicals. an annual spring con- cert, and individual recitals constituted a busy year for Sigma Alpha Iota, national musical sorority. The oldest musical sororitv on campus, SAI was foinided in 1903 and has over 18,000 memijers nationally. The twenty-seven girls in the Nebraska chapter strive to maintain the highest ideals in musical education and to raise the stand- ards of productive work among women stu- dents. SAI w as active in university music circles this year, as Bonnie Compton and Phyllis Fischer were soloists with the hand. Miss Compton was also Student Union or- ganist. Roma Johnson entertains on ttie keys for Presiflent Donnie Wageman. center. anH Aiinete Jacobs. Si ma Alpha Iota Third rttw: R. Mitchell. J. Pierson. R. Johnson. J. Dalrymple. G. Taylor. M. Voorhecs, J. Lock, C. Case. Second row: G. Hemmineer, M. Hauge, P. Fischer, H. Ahilnor. D. Major, J. Leisy, D. Dayis. H. Murray. B. Coiiiplim. l-ronl nm: A. Jacobs. D. Schncidei, 1. F. ll-lr..iii. n. .iscman. M. L. Bochiii. A. Kostal. A. Siicll. D. L. Nicrlcnllial. P. Larseii. Page 217 Third row: K. Dran. M. Staplrton, M. Goldsmith. M. L. SmiimiT. N. Piprtton. Second rotv: E. Brehni. H. Anderson. A. Saunders, V. Beninnpltm. S. I.afliii, Vl . Huell. Front roii: B. Breck. M. Aim-iid. J. Kinc M. Jam.-,. M. Barr..ii. Delta Omicron Under llic liadci liip of Jaikii- Kin;;, lift, and wilh the assistance of Margaret Ainenil ir inia Henninston, Mar- jorie Stapleton, Mary .Sontnier anil Hilly lirerk look over a new score. Delta Omicron, women ' s national musical sorority, had a full schedule this year. Striv- ing to encourage appreciation of music among the students, the sorority sponsored a concert by Ruthabeth Conrad, renowned violinist. Proceeds from Uie concert were given to UNESCO. The Delta Omicrons presented their an- nual spring concert as well as recitals by four senior members. Founders day was ob- served by a lormal banquet on Decend)er ' A. with the national and province presidents as guests. This sorority celebrated McDowell dav ill honor oi th(» famous composer whose iiiii i(al roloiiN il supports. Page 218 Mu Phi Epsilon All things of note concern the nienihers of Mu Phi Epsilon. national professional mu- sical sorority. Women music students with outstanding nuisical aljility and high ideals who rank scholastically in tlie upper twenty- five per cent of the junior and senior classes are eligihle for memliership in the organiza- tion. Monthly recitals by members higldighted the year ' s activities. This year, Nebraska ' s chapter played hostess to the sorority ' s na- tional officers. A Founders day banquet and the traditional spring recital concluded an- other active year for Mu Phi Epsilon in campus music circles. Lalioring under llie theory that practice makes perfect, Pat Line. Kay Donovan. Virginia Lange, Mary Ann Camp- hell. Marilyn Parks, and liernice Zajicek, at the piano, put in a few hours of practice. Second rule: K. Brodslty, M. Campbell, V. I.ange, F. Nerenbcrg, P. Linp Front row: C. Davies, M. Parks, B. Zajicek, K. Donovan. Page 219 University Band iMaiiilaiiiiiiji its liigli iialional iatiii i. the Vaisiity Band this year again generated sjiirit from the first footljall lally iinlil (lonunence- ment ceremonies. State houses. haUoons, ])in- wlieels, and an alphabet of letters entertained speetators during half-times of football games. The marching Ijand. composed of men. took part in ]iarades as well as lornial ROTC retreats. hen the footltall season closed, the Symphonic Band, made up of Loth men and women, presented its winter series of con- certs and seasonal performances. Included were the Military Ball. Midwinter concert, and numerous broadcasts. • » . ' , 1 ; v FLITKS John Bi.lKTg Margaret Slmrr Joy e Salsbury Frances Swartwond Lciii . nn Shaniiaii KotuTl Roseriipiist Mary Sniilti Katliryn Srliwart PICCOIOS Bill Wirtz Mary Lou Phelps OBOES Jamrs Price F.iipene Tedd ( )lli;im Tliopn WalitT Palmer CL.AUl.NETS William KrIIv Norman Todcnlintt Eugene Johnson Tom Greene Eliza Venable William Ellioll Lambert Bnrineisler Cleo Austin Elmer Voss Donna McAuley Brvre Barnes KonoL-lh Nix Kirk Bowman Edward Opoeensky Arlene Whiller PhvIIis Fischer Mary Tons. Koherl Diiis DonaM Korinek Rene Webb Carl l. d. .• CLARINETS Donald bavaye Jo Ann Kelly Norman Strand Frank Skokan Donald Huffman John WiUon ALTO CLARINETS John Luebs Robert Mills BASS CLARINETS Ramona Middleton Robert Ressegiiie Dean Wallis BASSOONS Darwin Fredrickson Donald Collier ALTO SAXOPHONES ' illiam French Pete Keene TENOR SAXOPHONES Ed Jordon Gene Harding BARITONE SAXOPHONE Edgar Tegtmeicr CORNETS James Hanson Len Allen Robert Tomcc Jack Killian John Curtis Charles Hvnek Herman Larsen Ted Thompson Robert Hines .CORNETS Rex Webb Elmer Javorsky Byron Havlicek Dennis Rohrs Warren Thomas John Ellis I-ewis Forney John Foft James Klkstrand Oliver Meininger TRUMPETS Eugene Stoll Marlin Killian Walter Coodbred George OHve William Splichni BARITONES George Flebbc Hugh Cook Lee KjeUon Conrad Reneman Herbert Jackmaii Dean Whitla Walter Sehnert Edward Kaiser Robert Waters Warren Kelly HORNS Jack Snider Davis Kinsman James Wch-h Donald Boy.I Frank Stewart Uobrrt Knrth Ralph Salyard Al Smith William Lvon Donild Coulter Above: IJantl officers get togellier to di. ' icuss problem on band organization. The group is the administrative l)ody of tlie l and whose purpose is to keep things rolling .ihlv Beloiv: l fodlh;))! games, iht- ham! lu-rtntiiinl during the half ill hiiiiiatidiis. anil a?- an added allrailioii. a iiiimhcr ill whiili the hand vocalizes. TROMBONES Tom Bauer Phil Neff Richard Stone Paul Austin Marilyn Chaloupka Donald Steinacher S ' aIter Davis Embree Rains Warren Brannon Henry Jones Forrest Morris Donald Knebel Melvm Argabriglil Ramon Kune Dale Leonards PERCUSSION Kent Tiller Gerals Morris Harold Munsoii Robert Diers Harold Srhroeder W illiani AligfTt Harvev Knobloek Donald Loy Jack Tilton STRING BASS Bonnie Complon BASSES Hervon Snider John Lind AI Hein Cedric Conover David BordcD Verne Moseman Merle Bergeson Carl Zimmerman Richard Bylery Gordon Gealy r eonard Henry Richard Garrclson Gamma Lambda Alpha Epsilon Rho Alplia Chapter of Gamma Lanilida. band honorarv Irateinity. was formed on the Ne- Ijraska campu8 in 1912. Its purposes are to hrin about better organization of the l)and, to aid in increasing musical and marcliing efficiency, and to promote fraternity and l)and fellowship. During the year, the fraternity sponsored numerous smokers where band letters were awarded to Ijand members elected to receive the honor. The smokers were climaxed by the annual all-band banquet in the spring. Gannna Lambda memljers are chosen for musical ability, interest in the band, and attendance at practices and band functions. GAMMA LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON RHO Ahoiie: GA.MMA LAMBDA fifth rote: R. Diers, W. Davis, G. Flebbe. Fourth rou: H. Larsen. P. Austin, T. Bauer, V. Moseman, H. Jones, D. Borden. Third roH : D. Stone, J. Liii.I, C. Rennciiianii. D. Fredrickson, J. Welch. H. Cooke, K. Zimmermann. Stcond rou: M. Killion. K. Mx. W. f,. . ,ll,rn,l. ft. Kell . J. Snider, A. Ilein, E. Boberg. Front rou: N. Tudenhnlt. B. Tomek. F.. ,l.,ljeii, P. I.entz. K. Till.r. V. Palmer, G. Morris. Alpha Epsilon Rho, national honorary radio fraternity, was founded only two years ago on the Nebraska campus. AER ' s have as their goal to promote the highest standards of quality and quantity of radio work and to develop radio work in general. Outstanding people in professional radio are sponsored by the fraternity to speak to radio students. The purpose of this program is to encourage interest among these students and to broaden their knowledge of this rela- tively new subject of study. Active members of the fraternity work at local radio stations to supplement their college training. Brlou: ALPHA EPSILON RHO Third roir: D. .Nelson, W. Line. NL Vaggalis, R. Sears. Second rou: W. Denipsey, M. Hagaman, S. Eskilsen, NL Hancock, P. Bogen. From rou: P. Oil M. Davis. I!. ]. Holroinb. P. He nen Page 221 Debate The debate section ol the Sj)eeeh Depart- ment came throuj h the 1948 season with an outstanding record of thirty-four superior or first place ratings in the nine debate and dis- cussion conferences attended. Under the direction of Donald Olson and Mrs. Nancy Connell. assistant coach, interest in del)ate and discussion reached a new peak. Over forty schools attended the eighth annual Nebraska Deljate and Discussion con- ference held February 27-28. For the sec- ond year, the university was invited to the West Point Invitational conference held at West Point academy in June. Above: This year ' s debate squad was composed of, front row: Mrs. Connell, assistant coach, Elaine Paustian, 15. J. Holoomb, June Cast. Mary Dye. and Jackie Wiglitman. Back row: Dick Moody. Leonard Hammes, Dick .Shleu- sener. Ted Sorensen. Jack Solomon, Don Jensen, and Mr. Olson, coach. Below: Mary Dye puts her idea across to impressed spectators, Ted Sorensen, left, and Jack Solomon. Radio " On the air " again this year was the radio division of the speech department. This division made outstanding advances with the production of several programs. Some of the broadcasts were entirely the work of stu- dents. Others gave the students opportuni- ties to perform, write, and direct at different times. Included in these Ij r o a d c a s t s were " Authors of the Ages, " " Mid Country, " " Husker Highlights, " " Better Business Bu- reau, " and " Farm Facts and Fun. " " Per- sonality of the Week " had its initial perform- ance in September under Marv Dvc and Bill Palmer and proved to be a wortliwhilc |)roje(t. Above: " You ' re on the air! " Thai familiar radio sijiiial starts things moving in the uni er -ity pscudo elation Temple hasenienl. Below: in the limelight, stiidrnl pi)li li up mikr lerhniiiur in radio labs designed to produce llic luluri ' Kaiterdiorns, Wismers, and Rennvs. Page 222 Delta Si ma Rho Delta Phi Delta " Therefore, I firmly uphold this state- ment! " rings out in the Temple as future " Senator Claghorns " and lawyers vigorously defend their heliefs at a meeting of DeUa Sigma Rho, national forensic honorary. Nebraska chapter of Delta Sigma Rho, founded in 1906, is composed of students who are recognized for their excellence in forensics. Members show marked interest in debate, discussion groups, and oratory. Each year, the Delta Sigs sponsor an intramural extemporaneous contest, and awards are pre- sented to both group entries and individual aspirants. Art students who aspire toward future success, and who have a superior quality in art are eligible for membership in Delta Phi Delta, honorary art fraternity. The local chapter was active this year with teas, get-togethers, and monthly banquets featuring renowned speakers. The national president of the fraternity, Kady B. Falkner, is a member of the university art department staff. Big event of the year was the Beaux Arts ball. This annual event offered an opportu- nity for members to use their artistic ingenuity in preparing unusual and odd costumes. Ahoie: DKLTA SIGMA KHO Second row: L. Ramer, L. Laase. D. Kline. D. Olson. front row: B. Holconib, G. Grothe, M. Dye, J. Wighlman. Belou: DELTA PHI DELTA Fourth roiv: W. McDermand. D. Carlson. B. Hansen. J. Mai. .,1m. J. Johnston, J. Kirsch, G. Gregcr. Third row: R. Rosekrans. R. Siiiitli. D. Rasniussen. D. Ellis. J, Mc- Cracken. K. Darlington, A. Osternmn. R. Mills. Stcond run: B. . asen, K. Copple, J. Kelly, D. Alfrev, J. TliorsoD, I). McAuley. M. MarshalL Front row: V. Purdham. A. Wallace, V. Lowe, L. Olmsted. J. Andrews, P. Benson, M. Bohner. S. Cane. DELTA SIGMA RHO DELTA PHI DELTA Page 223 men ■ % . " v-:- UICK LAHR president AV BONDARIN business manager I Kosiiiet KInb Tlie Kosmet Klul). dramatic society, was founded for junior men who possess a talent for grease paint and lights. Witli their leg art, pony chorus lines, and make-up, the Kosmet Klub wowed the audience again last fall with a number of selected skits presented by the various frater- nities. Topping off the evening ' s festivities was the presentation of the 1947 Nebraska Sweet- heart, Joan Farrar, and Prince Kosmet, Ted Gunderson. This spring the club sponsored its annual contest for the best original musical comedy script. Upon the presentation of the annual show, an all-male cast delighted the audience with masculine pulchritude, wit, and dancing. Third roif: C. J. Theiscn. jN " . Ti.maiiii. A. H,il-..ii. R. I.. Johnsnn. H. K. Knii.h.n. S,iu,iJ rmi: P. Keeney. C. L..ii.i.,n. W. H,,«ar,l, W . Wjldi.-. J. SU.thou.r, K. Slrwarl. Fronr r«ii : W. Dorctlii. J. Wilsnii, K. B..ri(larin. I). Lalir. G. FlaSB, B. S.lieiuk. Page 226 i 3?% " m • »r Aliove: Joan Farrar and Ted Gunderson were presented to a capacity crowd as 1947 Nebraska Sweetheart and Prince Kosnit ' I. Leil: The Phi Gams copped first place honors in " She Was Only a PharaohV Daughter, But She Never Became a MuniMiy. " Cleopatra Carson " mugs " the camera. I lijmi M Right: Shapely DU gams and peroxided mops won second honors with " The Shooting of Dan McGrew. " Ajax " Per- sonality " McGrew delighted tlie audience with his piano rendition. , - ■■ i ' liJA ' m ,«K mQ Left; A " bunk " ending brought third place to the Beta ' s " Goldilocks and the Three College Wolves. " The torrid trio really wowed ihe audience. Page 227 filth rou : L. Cuiiiiin haiii. H. Fishwood, A. Kreuscher, M. Kow. L. Fusler. t. trifkson. C Lippitl. Fourth Totv: R. Blcssiiit;. K. Luedlke. H. Beerniann. G. Dinkel, L. Halsey. D. Sellin, W Kess. Third row: T. Chilvers, P. Skinner. H. Temple, J. Haeeman, R. Chilvers. D. Perry. N. Miller. J. Moore. Second rou: V. guackenbusli, W. Foster, J. Scharf, T. Bachenberg, H. Claasscn. K. Kegley. J. Havelka. K. K. lar. H. Hansen. first row: V. Can el. 15. Sn.ilh. R. Bri.leiibaueh. G. Marirle. D. Nielsen. K. C. Wagner, R J. iiii on. The ag college YMCA was organized in 1881. in conjunction with the YMCA on tlie city campus, to stimulate interest in Christian activities which appeal to students interested in agriculture; to make the " Y " an organi- zation which promotes the teachings of Christ and Christian thinking on our campus; and as a basis upon which students may build to make themselves better Christians. The YM and YW met separately the first meeting of each month; the next three were joint meetings. The last meeting of each month was divided into three joint commis- sion meetings, " Social Problems. " " Bible Study, " ' and " Know Your Community. " I Page 228 Top: Hilarity is llic keynote at one of the congenial YM-YW meetings which are hehl in the home eco- nomics parlor on the ag campus. Bottom: Kulnie jijans are discussed by ' 1 . I officers. Stiinilinf! an ' : Halph Johnson, district representative; Dale .Stautler, treasurer; and Keith Kredrickson, vice- president. Seated are: Virgil (ianzel, secretary; Duane Nielsen, president; and Gordon Lippitl. executive secretary. Y M C A Fourlh ro„ : R. Murrill. L. 1). Wilii.olli. li., R. Cl.. S): ,, e, W. Winkler. S. Beck, K. U.uiii, S. Minili.k. K. Pelers. Tliirit rou : N. Woilder, D. R. Beishline. R. Palme. R. Hum. B. Markfy. C. Swan, R. Nelson, E. Mizey, J. Eaill. Second roti : D. KindsL-her. A. Good. .M. K. Tan. C. Irvin. D. Bucknell. W. E. Broaden, L. Pachman, L. Parker. Front roir: L. J.ipp. D. Crai»nke. B. Reuter. T. Sorensen, D. Crowe. K. Quisenberry. D. Mesner. M. B. Ali. C. Lippilt. The Young Men ' s Christian association was founded on the city campus to unite its meml)eis in the desire to realize a full cre- ative life through a growing knowledge of God. This organization is part of a world- wide fellowship of men united for the pur- pose of developing Christian personality and building a Christian society. The " Y " not only participates in re- ligious activities, but also in cultural, recre- ational, and social activities of the univer- sity, as well as stimulating constructive thought in regard to personal and world problems. Leisure hours may be spent at the YMCA lounge. Tnp: A YM committee group holds one of their planning discussions. Phil Frandson conducts the proceedings. Bottom: Tlie officers meet to make big plans. From left to right are: Don Crowe, vice-president: Gordon Lippitt. executive secretary; Ted .Sorenson. president: and Rohert Borin. secretary-treasurer. Page 229 F t rJ- W...jL(JMillL,i mmint mm Tof Abuve: The Corn Cohs plan liig things for a forthcoming game. Everything went on from flower sales to ticket promotions at their regular meetings. Leit: The Cobs strut their stuff at a rally, seeing the team off with strong yells and lots of pep. fic uiv: Coh pledges endeavor to interest Mary Helen _ Ial- lory and Peg Lawrie in the purchasing of the CORN- HI SKKR. Above: Col pledges. Peters and Koht . picket the stu lents on campus urging Homecom- ing ticket sales. Beloir: Pawn breaks o er the hard-at- vork i.ohs anri Tassels who are husy preparing the many original card stunts seen at every home football game. Below: Irio of beauties. Jo .Strain. Marge Alexis and .let Strain, suicumb to Cob sale imau-bip and buy some " N " nuims for a football game. Page 230 Corn Cobs " How about a season ticket Have you bought your subscription to the CORN- HUSKER? " These were a few of the routine greetings of the Corn Colis. local chapter of Pi Epsilon Pi, national pep organization. Reorganized in 1946, this club has grown in pep and enthusiasm with each consecutive year. The Cobs, in their red sweaters, were not only the chief solicitors on the campus — selling everything from tickets to subscrip- tions of campus publications — but also did their share in rousing the spirit of the rally crowd at the Union, the railroad station, and the Stadium. The huge success of the home- coming dance, which is co-sponsored l)y the Tassels and the Cobs, was due in a large part to these boys and their untiring efforts. Uis uj-Miij: llir yrai arti ilit ?- ar - iob officers, Marliii Pesek, vice-president; Sam Warren, secretary; Lee White, treasurer; anil Duane Muiiter, presidenl. Third row: R. Ewing, R. Johnson. H. Andersen, R. Cunther. R. Hamilton. Second row: B. Jordan, B. Easter, D. Wiggans. F, Loeffel. P. Keeney, G. Otte. Front row: V, Westover, S, Warren, D. Munter, Col. Frankforter, M. Pesek, L. White, E. Lawson, Page 231 Top: Meeting for the formulation of plans are Keilli Kittle. president first semester; John Rigg, president second se- mester, and Richmond Case, vice-president. Bottom: Al one of the weekly meetings, the officers of the organizat ion are: M. Burgess, R. Case, A. Kuncl, J. Rigg. K. Kittle. N. Walker. R. Handren and G. Blatchford. University Veterans Organization The University Veterans Organization is the only local group on campus solely for vet- erans. Its activities included sports of all kinds, surveys on cost of living, and, during the second semester, a successful clothing drive for the collection of old G.I, clothes and other discarded articles. These clothes were shipped through CARE to those in need over- seas. To encourage donations, a dance was held with free admission to those giving old clothes. The slogan used in this drive was " Ask the Man Who Owns None. " The Veter-Anns, ex-service women now in the Uni-Vets, held monthly meetings during the school year and had a successful social calendar. Second row: I.. Kolicrt Dn, .1. Kigg. K. Case, IN. Walkir. First row: VV. lirown. C. Pappas, K. Kiltie. R. MciNannay. M. Burgess. Page 2.32 F,llh row: Q. Jones. R. Matthews. J. Walsh. Dr. V. W. Lapp. M Kinder. n. Carver, D. Gardner, D. Boltorff. Fourth row: H. Karslen, P. Sprague, R. Lipps. J. Jacupke. R. Clark. S. Larsen. G. Timmons, L. L. Lewis. Tlurt! row: W. Graham. A. Hillman. A. Dunavan. L. Nillais. D. Bloss. M. Sparano. G. Alexander, A. Ossino, F. Wilkins. Second row: L. Lamb. W. Teetor, R. Cummings, D. Sirasheiiii. 1). Tliie . U. Graef. C. Ewell. R. Higgins. First roiv: . Kailey, E. Higginbotham. C. Miller, R. ( lapp. J. Sandstei It. A. Cochrane Jr., E. Thompson, L. Means. H. Mack. Physical Education Club The Physical Education chib is a com- paratively new organization on the campus. Its roster is composed of men who are major- ing or minoring in health, physical educa- tion, recreation, and athletics. The purposes of the club are to coordi- nate and integrate both professional and social interests in the physical education departments, to foster an appreciation and understanding of health and physical edu- cation, to promote appreciation of the social significance and implications in the entire field of education, and to assist and cooper- ate with the department in all ways in order to elevate standards and spirit. Right, top: The three officers of the club confer on future plans. Left to right: Jim Sandstedt, secretary-treasurer; Alex Cochrane, president; and Edgar Thompson, vice- president. Bottom : One of the meetings in the " N " room seems full of bright prospects for ihc future. Page 233 A Men ' s Social Club Block and Bridle The A Men ' s Social club, loiinded in the fall of 1943, has as its purpose the pro- motion of social atid educational develop- ment of unaffiliated ag men and the pro- motion of the university intramural [)rof;ram. This yeiw the chil) again sponsored the annual Christmas party and the spring picnic on the ag camjjus. The officers of the organization for the year were: Jack Wright, president; Bob Perry, vice president: and Wayne Erickson, secretary-treasurer. Other officers were: Ralph Hill, publicity chairman: Bob Scheve, social chairman; and Gail Peterson and Norman Bever, sports chairmen. Founded by midwest agricultural col- leges. Block and Bridle is a national hon- orary organization composed of students in animal husbandry. The chief activities of the Block and Bridle were the sponsoring of the livestock judging team and the Junior Ak-Sar-Ben show. In addition to these, they also fostered the spirit of leadership and sportsmanship among their members. Richard Wahlstrom served as the head of Block and Bridle this year. Other offi- cers of the organization were: Dwight Baird, vice-president; Bob Hamilton, secretary- treasurer, and Archie White, historian. (; MKNS SOCIAI. CLIB Sft ' emh roil ' : D. Leht. N. Pflers. J. Lules, M. Row. I. Rrnard. L. Rehraeier, J. Baning, T. Wallpr, J. Wilson, E. Wageman. E. Erickson, C. Walstrom. Sixth row: I.. Ilalspy, . Kreiisrhrr. R. Twphons, R. Conimins, K. Hani, N. Miller, M. Burris, D. Baier, G, Hansen, R. Pearson, D. Pierson, G. Havward, P. Mecham. Fifth row: R. Eshelman, D. Finili, W. EekloS. H. Kenyon, V. Pctlell, R. Kahrs. V. Rawcon, M. Obermeier, G. Atliey, G. Lundalil. F. Maddnrks, W. Moore. J. Schal. Fourth row: I.. Uhric. D. Perry. K. Keeley. G. Terrill. J. Easterly. L. Good. B. Grimm. N. Cross. E. Coin. N. Beyer. . Nieveen, J. Havelka, F. Banner. Third row: R. Kubie, R. Post, R. Zaiin. M. Eibergen. W. Sandjll. C. M.wLean, K. . rlerbum, R. Ortult, . Gilbery. I. Skelto., D. Hamniel. H. Hansen. . Rolli. J. Nelson, P. VIean. . Burbank. R. Knlar. R. Eggert. R. Johnson. E. Saulter. D. May, J. Cuniniing. J. Tobin. B. Clough. W. Wood. Frnni m H. Ander nn. H. Allen. R. Perry. J. Wriaht, D. Fri. k»on. G. Peterson. C. Moore. H. Zeilinser. D. Mherl. T. Dinkel. iTond roll ' : C. Nelson. C. Smith. 1. Liljppren, BLOCK AND BRIDLE Fifth rou: D. Hiiffaker. J. Etvin, P, Crosserode, C. Kennedy, R. .Sehick. W. Teter, B. Damkroger. .1. Baird. P. K, enev. Fniinh rini : P. t rnhonski. G. Slahl, N. Raun. H. Cleal. E. Jensen. C. Kinnier, D. Smith. D. Foote. C. Brim, E. Meyer. Thin! rmv: B. French, li. Hcdnic, W. Lout. F. 1 Hel. D. Nahr It. K. McDill. H. Teagiie. R Voigt. R. Johnson. C. Maddocks. Second row: P. Raynard, R. Sandsted, R. Essman. K. Fr.d.-ri. k ..Ti. K. Kiester. J. Osier. J. Il.ra.hl. P. Mean. A. Svoboda. P. Skinner. Front ro„ : J. MrDill. D. Munler, R. Hamilt.m. D. Baier. M. Alexander, li. S lii K, Shite. D. Luther. E. Nay, R. An.lers,.o. AG MEN ' S SOCIAL CLl l{ Page 234 RI.OCK AM) HHIDLi: VARSITY DAIRY TRl K Top rn„ : I.. Bedke. K. Lueis. W. Fuitit. W. Rinsl.T. Second rou : D. Sylvester. M. Renard. R. M.Dili, n. F....I,-. H. Teocnr. front rou: W. . lbert. R. Sandsted. J. Ervin. V. J.,l.n-..n. K. .i,l.r-..n. N. Kiihlnian. VARSITY DAIRY riiirj rou: P. Kern. . D. Nalirsloill. R. HaBenian. J. Ki.sler. J. Arp. C. Radenbaiigh. (,. Olle. Second row: G. Clayhau(:h. D. (;hri te on. C Mnrpan. W . lbf-rt. P. (.ralxiiiski. R. Koeljler. F. Turner. front rou: P. Downs. F. Jpi:.i-n. D. Vberl. D. I.. rr..».-. R. Fossland. Tri-R The Klod and Kernal cliilj is an hon- orary agronomy club. The members are elected from second semester sophomores with an average of eighty or above who are interested in a g r o n o m y. Tlie club was founded to promote closer relations between faculty and students of this department. With Virgil Johnson as president, Tri-K sponsored the crops judging team which competes in the intercollegiate crops contest annually and the crop judging contest in which all students of the agricultural college compete. Varsity Dairy The Varsity Dairy, composed of agricul- tural students interested in dairy industries, was organized in 1915 for the purpose of developing a closer and friendlier relation- ship between students and leaders in the dairy field. The club sponsors such activi- ties as the Dairy Land Cafeteria during Agri- cultural week, student judging contest, and spring picnics. This year ' s officers were: Fred Turner, president; George Radenbaugh, vice-presi- dent; Max Kimmerling, secretary-treasurer; and Dwyer Albert, publicity. Page 235 ASME The American Society of Mechanical En- gineers offers many l)enefits to its iiiemhers. They have access to the ISO.OOO volumes in the engineering societies ' library. They can also use the personnel service, which provides applicants with summer work or a permanent position upon graduation. The society also sponsored many smokers and other informal events for its members. ASME was under the faculty sponsorship of Professor J. K. Lundwickson. The under- graduate officers were: James Jensen, chair- man; Keith Newhouse, vice-chairman; Shigeo Nakanishi. secretary; and Richard Steele, treasurer. ASCE The American Society of (j ' il Engineers is com])osed of two Nebraska branches; the student section, known as the University of Nebraska l)ranch, and the group composed of civil engineering graduates, called the Ne- braska branch. The organization i)rings to- gether students of different classes and at its meetings acquaints tlie men with nthcis in the same field of endeavor. ASCE continued its policy of sponsoring various films and lectures by practicing en- gineers at its monthly meetings this year. The president of ASCE for the year was Charles Cole, Jr. Page 2.% ASME S,-venlh row: L. W. Spiraiiilpl. M. H. B.iil. . K. J. Ha . ' lrif):, I.. E. Mla ka. 1,. . B r... I.liu|.. K. f. W.ii.ala. 1). T. Neivrnan. It. D. Ha»i . K. Van K.rrel.ri...k. Sl.v | rou: R. C. Seymour, li. N. S. Scli.-iill. I,. W. Hanrhorn. J. M. Sranlnn. I. L. Kci.-, J. n. While. T. Hale. E. E. Clopliani. fifth raw: G. V. Jaiiiisnn. K. N. Lantz. R. V. Clemeiils, N. B. Bahr. S. Hjiiel. I). Carlljeri;. H. J. MestI, C. G. Zlonike. L. Oilman, tnur ' li row: R. W. Voigl. 1. W. Prenier. D. F. Flesher, W. R. Roads. . . A. Walla. C. R. Dytert. D. L. Peleraim, K. E. Helmstadter. H. G. Bienhoff. Thiril raw: D. E. Walker. C. H. Krer.zien, W. R. Guiou. D. B. Crandall, R. Olson, A. A. Stutheit. C. H. S. B. Gruncer. !. C. Lino. W. R. Br arc. Second row: A. W. McClain. K. L. Nelson, H. E. Koontz. M. J. Russel. C. R. Craig. F. W. Blanchard, S. I). Wall. K. B. Killle, L. Potash, L. M. Melick. From row: O. B. Jensen. F. B. Gruesel. N. C. Dodson, J. E. Funk. R. W. Steele. S. Nakani.hi, J. K. Jensen K. N. Newhouse, J. K. Ludwirkson. G. R. Flebbe, C. E. Kelloiij. ASCE Fifrli row: A. F. Henry. C. R. Toniek. C. (). II. l.induall, I.. I ' ,. Jack cin, S. R. (.. . I.,«is. F. E. Sawyer, R. E. Guslafsun. Fourlli raw: H. E. Boomer, I.. W. Weaver. M. L. Klug. E. T. Scheriih, A, M. Lawson, J, D. Van Sanl. I). L. Hanson. K. (.1. Boyce. D. E. Sloan. Third row: C. R. Collier, R. L. Scoll, F. W. Rire. C. L. Veys, M. D. Bruikn.-r, C. H. West. C. J. Tlieisen. P. L. Sehnerl. Sicond row: M. L. Wilhelms. C. O. Brunken, J. H. Davis. U. A. Yen. H. L. Seng. R. W. Revins, J. G. Bell, N. 1). Bauii.garl. Fronl row: S. V. Diller, L. C. Kub iiek. J. C. Jenkins, H. C. Cole. A. 1. Johnson. P. E. Nvljn.l.r. 1. L. Thompson. ASME ASCE R. Spencer. P. Ruhl r, D. Spatz. Scronti rnu : R. PonrI, H. Banifs. M. Huiiiphrev. D. Bn-see, M. Curtis, D. Hfndrickson. D. Blonistroni. K. Je Front Tou : L. Tlionips..!!, M. J-mes. O. Krai. f. Sl .li. C. Lemiard. R. Green. E. Mills. E. Finle . IF.L Third Tou : H. fi nmu-. T. tt illman. J. Lckblade. IJ. Kirlianlsun. H. Fro I, F. Barker. W. Gett s. G. Mann. Second roil : W. Palmer. M. Wilder. J. Becker. W. Strauss, E. Collins. D. Messinger. W. Wrenn. D. Wolte. J. Ekstrand. front rou : G. Fr. deriek. R. Slon sifer. E. Geissinger. E. E:» onger. C. Rook. P. Mjrfin. W. Schmall. E. Gillette. J. Funk. D. Sitller, ichi-: AIChE AIEE The American Institute of Cheinital En- gineers is composed of cliemical engineering students chosen from the junior and senior classes. The discussion of recent chemical discoveries, lectures by prominent men in the field, technical movies, and smokers form the program of the society. A requirement for the formation of this society is to have one member of the faculty associated with the AIChE senior branch. With Carl Leonard as president; R. M. Green, vice president; Richard Seagren, secretary; and Gene Stech, treasurer; the society cli- maxed the year with its annual Engineers week display. The American Institute of Electrical En- gineers is composed of undergraduate stu- dents in electrical engineering. The organi- zation makes several yearly inspection trips to outstate electrical plants. These include trips to the Omaha and Lincoln power plants. Members also competed in national judg- ing contests on technical papers, attended smokers and entertained speakers already established in the field. The year was climaxed with the Engineers week display. Officers for the year were: Paul Murfin, chairman; Earl Elwonger, vice-chairman; John Manion, secretary; and W. A. Schmall, treasurer. Page 237 Architectural Society The Architectural society is composed of students majoring in architecture and having at least a sophomore standing. The two-fold purj)ose of this organization is to offer educational opportunities through various lectures and to present social oppor- tunities to its members through social events. This year Edgar Coleman was president; Roy Neuman, vice president: and Donald C. Reder, secretary-treasurer. H Engineers The American Society of Agricultural Engineers, student branch, is one of the old- est organizations on the campus. Founded in 1914, it is open to all students who have completed six hours in the department. Its purpose is to promote interest in the engineering field of agriculture through meetings, lectures, discussions, and motion pictures. Charles Corke served as presi- dent and Richard Schleusener was secretary. ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY .Sixth row: H. Sholund. I. Staldirr. R. McCaIit, M. Fc.iils. fi j i roii : R. Darr. H. Tiini|.kin. R. Milli-r. (;. Amlri-seii. N. S. . tl, S. AnJers in. R. row: I. Dana, D. Johanst-n. D. Skanuprup. K. Christensen, R. Owens. R. Turner. Third row: B. Allen. B. Sclilaebitz. G. Hauyse. F. Rii E. Criffilhs. D. Schniaedecke. Second row: J. Sun. L. Burnswilz. D. Roggenbach, R. Gibh. B. Oslerloh. E. Kaiser, R. Kusek, A. Ruiz. Front R. Neumann. E. C..leraan. D. Ri.ler. V. Gr.irt. H. Huh.v. AG ENGINEERS fourth row: K. Yung. C. Haas. M. Argabrigllt, H. Fi-h».....l, J. Overins. H. Bu.lua. A. l. kelvje. li. Br au. llur.l rnii : N. Ba. k.lnnu. Z. Fairfhil«i. J. Boilri. H. Lanih. E. Hansen. B. S€ nierhaitier. E. Watson. Second row: M. Arni . F. R. Cnrjey. K. BowinaM. R. .Milrhell. I " . Exslrum. trout row: C. Smith, M. Brunig. R. Schleusener. S. Liedtke, C. Corke, I.. Hurlbul. G. IVIerseu. M. Mc Crei|:lil. lwalet. J. Berrs. r. G. Glaytun. F. ..II . H. Babbill, R. J. S.hrunk. VI . F. l.i,l.l... ks. 1). Fourth Bisknp. Brown, ' plinter. ? .ARCHITECTIRAI. SOCIETY AG ENGINKKHS Page 238 lii, . B A P ' F W i w ' _ |H :., Jtt ' ' $M ' 2 ' " " I SB S V Pv ' ] fifth row: I.. W. Sl..rs2. A. E. Kerspy. G. J. Posllelhwaite. C. M. llauptnidri. M. A. Guinan L. M. T.iolwy, J. D. Kersey. tourlli rou: W. D. Frankforler. H. L. Bulhnian. L. M. Scofiel.l. A. L Baikluiid Jr.. K. 0. Vesper. B. D. Bulhman. Third raw: K. HariliiiB. P. C. Tyelisen, H. E. Stacy, L. J. Hiilika Jr., J, c:. Husby, H. ReiHer. W. K. Winkler. J. U. C..iin...r. Second row: W. H. HeiiUbrink Jr.. F. L. Ainalo. M. H. ChrisUnseii. H. B. Shirlry. L. Barrilt, J, J, Shipps, K, . Lunley. D, A, Porter, P. Sand. FronI row: C. B. Schullz. G. Llieninglp.ener. E. F. Sihraniiii. W. . Wa.le, T. M. N. A. Benclscn. C. J. Frankforler, 1.. Hewes. Si ina Gamma Epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national pro- fessional fraternity for the student of mining, geology, petroleum engineering, ceramics, and metallurgy. The purpose of this organi- zation is the advancement of its members in social, scholastic, and scientific schools. The Neljraska chapter, originally called the " Pick and Hammer Club, " Ijccam.e the Delta chapter when it joined the national organi- zation in 1917. A national magazine " The Compass " is pul)lished quarterly, and a national conven- tion is held every two years. Meetings of the Delta chapter are held twice monthlv. Above: Interest in an oil rig occupies a quartette of Sigma Gamma Epsilons. while a group of llieir hrotliers. below. are ijusy exploring the secrets of various types of fossils and minerals. Page 239 Men ' s Intramurals The University of Nebraska intramural program, under the direction ot Mr. I.oii Means, boasted of one of the largest number of participants in the history of the athletic department this year. The intramural ath- letics offer the entire student body an oppor- tunity to enjoy competition in the truly Amer- ican way. Organized to provide a tremen- dous range of activity, every student will find many events that will challenge his interest. Letl: Each year tfir Jack Best Trophy is awardeil In the learn having the highest numher of points in intramural contests during the entire season. Below: The winners of the 1947 Turkey race take a well- earned rest after their % mile run. Page 240 r r Above: A new intramural sport at NU is water basket ball, replacing water polo. The Farm House anil . " AEs l)attle out a wet game. Right: The ever-popular l)askethall competition ran a close race this year. Below, right: , ' si|uash members cause a " ractiuet " in one of tlieir fast games. Below, left: Boxing captured tlie sjiotligbt in Marcli. Aboie. Above, left: The intramural int right: Wrestling winner loor track competition saw hordes of fleet-footed aspirants on the red track under the East stadium. - for tile year flex their victorious muscles for the admiring camera. Page 241 Athletics niCK THOMPSON N club president ]iliiiU bv Norniflii Casi Give a Norm LfilgtT and .- m-i ' Iii Hhu-c ii ' ail tlie crowds for llie men of Nehraska L. Biul ( and IJirr].- u- - krip u|. the spirits at one of the iionie games. Head of the " rah-rah ' was Martin Pesek, Yell King for the year. lietly Aasen. Hill lirkle and Marge ClierneN |)iii all they ' ve got into a rally rheer in front of the Union. I ' asiejn Cheer! Leil: The rally commitlec gathers for another original idea. Sinnding: F. Loeffel. J. Farrar. H. Aasen. Seated: S. Malashock, M. Pesek. P. (;nhin. Above: The rallies in and out of the Union were howling successes. Torchlight parades, competi- tive cheers and home-made slogans made the rally year one of the best ever. Right: The large crowds at every football game lost their voices . nil their sanity under the leadership of the rail) i-ommittee and cheerleaders. Page 245 Wearers of the ROBERT ACKERMAN. Fnolbull DALE AllAMS. oolball J CK ADAMS. Wrcullinp ROBERT AVNER. Rifli- Tcuiu SAM AVNER. Kitli- Ti-ain KEiWKTH ANDERSON. Ila-k.clH • L ARTM N. Ha l.l■ll,illl WILBIK RA C,K. B.iseb»ll .NORVAI. BARKER. Track DON BARRY. Baskclhall HAROED BECKER. Ei.,.tl,all BOB BERKSHIRE, Tni.k DILttOHTH BEATCHFORl). Raw DALE RLOSS. Baskfll all HAROLD ROKER. W rrsilinv El.OVD BdKER. r.- lline JOHN BOTTORIE. Baskelball PERRY BRANCH. Swinimint: WILT.L M BRANDT. Rifli- Team JAMES RROCAN. Track JOSEPH BROWN. Basketball JACK BRYANT. Football WINTON BUCKLEY. Football JACK CADY. Toonis JACK CAMPBELL. Swimoiint ROBERT CERV. Ba«k,-tball, Ba».- ALEX COCHRANE. Football FRANK COLLOPY. Football ttlLLLAM CONNER. Track TOM COOK, Baaki-lliall DON COOPER. Track ED COPPLE. Wrestling ROBERT COSTELI.O. Football RODNEY COX. Basketball HARLAN CLl.WELL. Track RALPH DAMKROGER. Fo..tball J CK DEDRICK. Football WILLIAM DENKER, Baseball ROBERT DEVINEY. Football MIKF DI BIASE. Football. Wres DICK DRAPER. SwiiiiminB CHARLES Dl DA. Football WARREN EISENHART. Track KENNETH ELSON, Basketball CLE ' I ' US FISCHER, Football GAIL DAUE. Fo.,tbalI MORRIS GAITER. Football JOHN GEIER. Gymnastics LEO GEIER. Gymnastics TOM GILLASPIE. Football ELROY GLOYSTEIN, Baseball FRED GOLAN. F..otball BARTON CREENBERG. Swimnii MARVIN GRIMM. S»iniioiot ' BOB (iROGAN. Baseball BOB HAHN. Basketball GORDON HALL. Football KENNETH HARDING. Gvmo.iMi, HOB ART HAYS, Baseball ROBERT HAZEI.RIGG, S»iiomin JACK HAZEN. Football FRITZ HEGOOD. Baseball KEN HOLI.IS. Eo.itbal) ROBERT HOLMAN. S«iniinios REX HOY. Football LOYAL HLRLBERT, Track RICHARD HITTDN, Football, T GERALD JACUPKE. Football ROGER JOHNSON. Football HARRY JOHNSTON. Football WILLIS JONES. Track KARL KELLY, Wrcstlini; JACK KENNEDY. Tennis ARDEN KERSEY MONTE KINDER. Track CONRAD KING, Swiitimir.a RALPH KING, Tra, k HAIitlll) kOPF, Track DEAN KRATZ. Track ANTON LAWRY, Basketball CLARENCE I.EFLER. Gymnastics GENE l.EUmiON. Gymnastics JA.MES LI(;(,ETT, Golf ROBERT I.IPPS, Football DALE I.l ING.STON. Basketball FRED LORENZ. F ootball TOM Mc(;eACHEN. Track ROBERT McNUTT, Football JAMES .MARTIN. Track SIANLEY MARTIN. Track WARREN MARyi ISS. Basketball WES . 1ASER. Baseball ARDEN MEANS. Football HARRY MEGINNIS. Track FRED METHENY. Football HERBERT .MILLER. Rifle Team WILLIAM MILLER. Football BILL VinoMEY. Football. Track GERALD MOORE. Football ROGER MOORE. Swimming WILLIAM MOORHOUSE. Track DON MORRISON. Track WILLIAM MIEI.I.EK. F, JAMES MYERS, Fo.ilball PHILIP nERS. Track DOUG NELSON. Basketball TO.M NOVAK. Football ED NYDEN. Football ROGER O ' DONNELL, Baseli ANGEI.O OSSINO. Baseball WALTER PALMER. Rifle T. JOE PARTINGTON. Football ROBERT PATTON. Football JACK PESEK. Football MAX PETERSON. Track RICHARD PIDERIT. Track DEAN PORTER, Swimming .Iball all Eighth r,m: R. King. J. Deilrick. M. Kinder. R. Hazelrigg. B, Schleiger. W. R..ails, B. Holliiis, J. Camj.bcll. D, Sailors, K. Amlerson, D. Piderit, F. Golan. G. Wilkins. Seventh row: B. Brogan. D, Vollerlscn, J. Kennedy. A. Tbompson. P. Myers. H, Kopf. B. Grogan, R, Coslello, F, Stork. E. Cloysten. J. Sharp, G. Cade. Sixth tow: M. Peterson, W Buckley. W. Jones. G. Leighton. E, Habn, J. Cailv. W. Rollsioeyer. L. Geier. S. Vacant!, H. Hays. D. Blatehford, F. Collopy, D. Porter. Filth row: J. Steyenson, J. Selzer. M, ( rimni, R, Damkroger. B. Bcrksbiri . I., ll.Jrlbert. B. T. Gillaspic, S, Martin, R. Hoy. C. Toogoud, O. Scliniieding, W. Brandt, Fourth row: R. O ' Donnell. J. Martin, J. Bryant. J, Myers, B. Lin,.,. J. Moors. P. Yoiijig. A. lcan . I)., I). M.oisoo, J, Scdiac, k, H. Becker, B. Patton. Third row: W. Palmer. A. Ossi i:, L.llcr, K, Hading, M. Kcllv, P. S| F, Hegwood, D. Spomer. D. Stroh. P. Branon. E. Schwart k..|.(. D. Draper. F. Boki ' r. S. Avner. Second row: J. Jacnpke, C. Stor . E, l.cocn . B, A.kcriiian, D. Wicgand. D, Adams. D. Salestrom. J. Thomson. R, Skoebdopule, li. Cox. H. Miller. Front rotu: C. F ' ischcr, C. Samuelson, A. Cochrane, D. Thomjison, W, Maser, J. I ' csck, J, Pai liri;:lon. It. Airier, li. tircciilierg. Page 246 Iron N CLAl ' DF KKTHEKKOKI), Basknl.all WII.I.UM KdLFSMEYKR, F,.„tl,all PAT ROOiNEY. Fuolhall DARWIN SALESTROM. Fo.,il,all €AKL SAMl ' ELSON. Fi.olball JAMES SANOSTEDT, ' Baseball. Baski-lhall DON SAILORS. Fi.olball JOH.N SEDI.ACEK. Foolball JACK SELZER. Football RILH RD SCHI.EICER. Basketball HOBEKT SCHI.EICER. Foolball ORVILI.E SCHMEIUINO. Basketball ED SCHWARTZKOPF. Foolball JAMES SHARP. Baseball PAL ' L SHIELDS. Basketball RICHARD SKOCHDOPOLE, Foolbal! (.Manaeerl ROBERT SI.EZAK. Tennis PHILIP SPR Gl ' E, S«inirnins DON SPOMEK. Colt RICHARD SRB. Baseball JOH.N STEVENSO.N. Football FLOYD STORK. Basketball CHICK STORY. Track DONALD STROH. Golf JAMES H. sTUART. Rifle Iram JACK T M VI. Wrestline ALAN THOMPSON. Tra. k RICHARD THOMPSON. Football JOHN THOMPSON. Basketball JA.MES THOMSON. Football CHARLES TOOGOOD. Football DONALD VOLLERTSEN. Track DELBERT UTEGAND. Foolball MENO WILHELMS. F....tball FRANK WTLKINS. Football WALTER WILKINS Football THURMAN WRIGHT, Baseball ROBERT YAMBOR. W resiling The " N " Club was founded in 1916 at the University of Nebraska with the express pur- pose of promoting athletics at the university. Its 165 members are outstanding men and school leaders. During 1947-1948, the ' ' N " Clul) dance with Vaughn Monroe was held, along with a spring picnic, a stag party, and the serving of refreshments between halves at the football games to members and their guests. Other activities included the christening of the Nebraska Zephyr, the establishment of a YMCA memijersliip fund, and the sponsor- ing of the high school basketball and track meets. Above: The " N " Club officers gather before one of the monthly me etings to plan the club ' s business. They are, left to right. Carl Samuelson. sergeant at arms; Tom Novak, sergeant at arms; Dick Thompson, presitJent; Alex Cochrane, vice-president; and Jack Pesek, alternate sergeant at arms. Below, top: " N " Club secretary, Wes Maser. indoctrinates several new initiates in the serious rituals they are about tn undertake. Below, bottom: The " N " Club members j;ulp through one of their monthly luncheons, anxious to get on with the meeting to talk over arrangements for their dance that featured Vaughn Monroe. Page 247 . sua- - ' a {j 8 B A A, t-ii t Buskers on Left: BirH ' s eye view of the stadium, filled lo capacity, during one of Ne- liraslias exciting liome games. Kighi: The fans give a mighty shout for Kf Id ood as the Scarlet and Cream go over for a Mucker touchdown. Page 248 the Gri(liron-1948 Style awp sMTw-q Page 249 Above: The banc! forni one of their famed formations during the half of one of the games. The colorful spectacle always stirred the heart- of every loyal Husker fan. Left: Norm Leger and Bud Oehlrich present a floral " N " to the Nebraska team at the Husker-Notre Dame game. Below: Dick Mutton fights against a stronger Notre Dame team at one of the top games of the year. They Back the Team COVCIIKS MAWCF.US Above: The Nel)ra-ka roarhin!; staff included: Bernie Masterson, head coach; Tony Blazine. line coach: Roy Prohaska. end coach; and Dougal Russell, hackfield coach. Leit: Foolliall nianat;ei for llic year were, standing, N. Williams, E. Racelcy: kneelini;. 1). Mauch, D. Skochdopole. NUBBINS y.ifih roll : E. SUi-li-. (;. I ' rlcrscm. J, F .x. I.. Ki-inpkf.. [-. Iliriiiniiscn. Fourth row: H. Powlcy. E. Lupomci-h, S. LarnL-n. R. Sc-oviliir. H. Mccinnih, B. Munson. Third row: K. ArkLTinnn. D. FiriHtrom, II. I ' liKer. J. Sommcrs. O. Mnssinan, R. Harrinyton. Second row: Cnacli R. Dcbolt. R. Farner. R. Hulc. J. RiKK. L. Vlllars, W. Kane, B. V illars. I . Maurh. mnnapcr. frotit row, left to right: E. Rarely, monager; B. Kimball. F. Ilawkins. R. Cluin lull. II. n...rr. I). D iM..,..).-. H. Mi.i- ; ». J. l ■l.■r . N. W .Hi. Viii-C 250 » ' " ' JKM 4 .kfci ■- ate«M Bi6i»A; ' i ' «iil ifajJMiiltati lafcsK Aliine left: Hiilloii liits liani to race fifteen yards in the opening niinulo of tin- m-coihI hall. Highl: Racing around hi own right end. fleet Bill Mueller picks up four yards. Nebraska Indiana 17 . i Above: Partii ipatinn in Neltraska sinrc 19 kS lia? won .Ml- Bif Six acclaim for big John Scdiacek. John takes priJe in paradiog his three yonngun ' s. all of whom are outfitted with minia- ture letter sweaters. Right: Jim -Boho " ' Thompson, one of the most promising grid men for ' 47, was side-lined with a broken leg just before the Indiana game. Jim earned a letter last year ami would have been a great asset this season. Led by a great halfback, George Taliaferro, Indiana gave Nebraska its first defeat of the season. Bo McMilliii ' s powers-house eleven roared through the Scarlet and Cream to tally in every period except the first. Jagade scored in the seconds remaining in the first half. James " Squat " Myers pitched one into the arms of Ralph Damkroger on the two yard line, but the half ended before the next play started. Nick Sebek made the air luiiu with Indiana aerials to start the second half with a thrust to the Husker one yard line. Once again the fans witnessed one of the old goal line stands, as NeJjraska held for three downs, and on the fourth down. Rex Grossman booted the ball through the uprights for three points. In the final period. Del Russell flipped one from the thirty to Bartkiewicz in the end zone. Grossman con- verted to register the last point of the day. I r - ■■:- - ;: ;ii. 3ujj Ahave: Mike DiBiase left the tackle section in hard straits when an earl injury forced his retire- ment. iikc is reputedly the only niiiii on ram pus who can remove III " , hiil without unbuttoning the lolUii . I He has a Iwenty-incli neck.) Lfft : A graduate from six man football i. -Boldn " Coslello who won , VII -State arrlaim while attend- ing Cathedral high in Lincoln. A icious line backer point-afler- 1 one lid own kirker, his action for ibis se.i-on was cut short by a back injiirv in the tussle with Kan-iES State. Page 251 ■tbutc Icit: Slronji fllIa ka ilclrii r -pi-lli-il idujili iioing for llii- lauiil.d (loiihcr . Hif:lil: Kalpli 1 )aiiilsrcit;iT -narr- a Icimliilowii [las- Irniii Del Wieganfl for six of llic Huskers ' 18 points. Nebraska IB Minnesota 28 1 w The Scarlet ami the Cream Ijattled valiantly tlimuiih the first tu(i (|iuirter8 of play to hold a mighty Minnesota team to 14 points. A series of .short consistent thrusts netted tiie Gophers a touchdown in Ijoth the first and second ([uaiters. " Trainvvreck " Tom opened the second half, with a jariinj; tackle on the kick off. This might have been the spaik that the fighting Nebraska team sought. A series of passes car- ried the hall to the Minnesota seven yard line, where one more good one from Wiegand to Damkroger netted six |ioints. In the fourth (|uarter the Wiegand to Damkroger com- bination paid off again, this time Bobbie Costello ' s kick was good. With eight minutes left to play the scra])py Huskers were only one ])oint iiehind. It was at this point, however, tlial the Goplier ' s great offense started to roll again. IHI J ■ihotr: ■Dfl " ft i.-pirni in aiicth.-r N. U. mighty mite. Hr epiirkr-d Kearney hiijh to ihr sljiU- rtiain- IMonnhi]) Jii (iiiarlcrlitHk in 1911. Right: Stocky Fred Lorcnz hat- lilavrd Cornhufiker halt i 1911. More than onrr hr won .A II- Big 5ix iirrlaim. Thi» year he wax in- viln) In |ilay in ihr 1917 North- South loiirnaincnl at Mun I e ornery. .Alabama. :«• « S 51 .4liove: Hi. k lli.ll.,.., 11,. ., spp ' (i mirrliaiil. m.iii MlKIt: Six Iwilflul. ' k r ' r. einli..n ill I ' lUi. Hi, Hiisliv w. irk. lilts ml llii- ,| iiiit: .ill- .l.-r, ill III. ' (lO .111. 1 100 Mir.l .l.i,li If ' il s|i;iikl. ' I.I .i.jliiiiiii ri.lir.iii Pafir 2.S2 ■■TT. ' iii-ii.n.: -..; Nebraska 14 Iowa State 7 [ J p.1 4 A wild pass from center and a blocked punt provided the Hiiskers with their first victory of the 1947 footl)all season. Although statistically outclassed by an underdog Cyclone eleven, Nebraska made good use of the breaks that fell their way. The first Ineak for Nebraska occurred late in the third quarter deep in Iowa territory. A bad pass from center on the fourth down went over Ron Norman ' s head, and sailed toward the Cvclone goal; Norman was smeared by Pesek and Samuelson as he attempted to pick it up. Dick Hutton then provided the first touchdown as he went over from the three. Ralph Damkroger forced the second break when he blocked a punt that was recovered by Fred Lorenz on the Iowa State three yard line. Little Del Weigand drove the l)all over. Costello made both conversions good to run tlie Huskers ' counters to 14. Above: We nominate Kaiph Dani- krnger as I lie most improved player ni the year. " Dam " is a-; tut all without high s.h....l fui.ll.all ex- perience when he first eaine tn Lint- III n. yet liis deceptive end plav slacked twelve precious point against this year ' s Minnesnta powerhouse. Right : North Plalle ' s contrihii- lion. heftv CharJ.-si To..y..nd. started every K-i " " " durinii the 1947 season. His remarkable show- ing in spring hall merited a place un ttie varsity roster. Ahoi ' f: The kc positiun nii tlie Cornhiisker " T " was very ably fi licit hv Dick Thompson, who m.liidcs -Bird-legs " and " General " ainoii;: his titles. Dick was an- other victim of the early injiirv jinx, hilt he regained liis stride in the Oklahoma game. ,. ; K ' .fWf X ' ilkins has been H ic ulai sliirting guard since his ret urn to the Hiisker gridiron in 1946. Gene came here first, from Oinaha Benson, for the 1941 schedule. His defensive strength and precision blocking won for him a bid to this year ' s North- South fracas. Lower eft: IJill Moomey crack? the Cycloiif line tor seven yards in thf seeond halt. Hi hl: Dick Hiittun pro ide the first Hiisker touchdown as he crosses standing up. " .tf t iietiam»m . Nebraska Notre Dame H e3 2 A fired-iip Coniluisker eleven took the field against a powerful Irish team at South Bend. Indiana, to play the j iealesl {iame of the 1947 season. Dynamic Tom Novak was everywhere. He made tackle alter tackh ' . and more than once set tiie Irish for a loss. The rather lop-sided score does not tell a true story of the Huskers " valiant battle against an admittedly superior Notre Dame team. The scarlet-clad team had more than one •hance to score, hut each time the South Benders stiffened to the occurrence. Fumbles were costly to the hard charging Hnsker team, and also costly was Del Wiegand ' s inability to complete his passes. The entire Nebraska team played stellar ball throughout the game. Proof of this lies in the fact that the taunted Notre Dame eleven oiitrushed the Huskers by only a total of 284 to 20; vards. Ahovv: nirniiuili e Hill .Mueller, an aUini if Siuiix City Central, is (till- of I lit ' fastest and nuist du- re ptivc mcmbeis of tin- team. Bill )■«» had valuatiU- N.nv ).i-.-flit:ltt (•Tp» ri rn-c. Hig it : " IraiiiwrtTk Tniu " Novak was l)iF niit ilandin(; Scarlet and Cream pla er of 1947 : His awards inrludi : Assorialed I ' rt-ss linnor- ablc mention for ili - All- n)rriran lineup. hi» second smcessive All- Big Six rct-a| ni(ion. and n bertli on olre Dame ' s liy|tollieliraI all- opponent squad. Ahoie: Bill Muuinry is a fast and erv shifty broken field runner. In atldition to bi ' in(! able In run the century in 10 flat, Bill is a vocalist and arti-il of some r e- k n on n . Leil: iii.iii C.iil S.irmH-lson was sliilled iroiu tlie end posilion to bolster .1 »eak la. kb- srctjon. -Sam " was All-Stale .11 Wll. Mi- Big Six laekle in Ih.iIi the IMU. uiul 1917 s. aM.ns, .ind !..■ as on Ibe ■■inosl-teaied " ' list ol llie Ja ■ hawk?. Loner li ' lt: Kullltark John Panelli of Notre Daiiu- i --toppe.l cold by hard-tackling Gent- W itkin- ami ruin ak. Ri ht: " Train wreik " Tom intercepts a Johnny Lujack pass and returns it 18 yards to tlie Notre Dame . 7. ' ' 4 Mi Above right: Spmly all-arounti l atk. Jim " Squat " Myers, keeps liis feet to ■ rorr a mucli-ncfilfil Hu krr fotnhdown. Lrit: Hanl-charizinji Dale Adams i)urks over llie Kansas State line for eight yards. Nebraska 14 Kansas State 7 Once again the slow starting scarlet clads were held scoreless dnring the first half, after a 56 yard touchdown by Jim Myers was called l)ack on a clipping penalty by Tom Novak. The Kansas State Wildcats were charged and ready for their the Huskers a hard time. I Homecoming tilt and showed a lot of hustle to give s. Ill the second half the Husker machinery began to roll. Bill Moomey returned a K State punt from his own 25 to the Wildcat ' s 33 yard line. From there Jim Myers drove to the 15, and on the next play " Dubbie " Salestrom carried the ball across for the first Nebraska T D. Taking advantage of a Kansas lumble the scarlet and cream recovered on their foe ' s eleven, and three plays later Myers plowed around his own right end to put the game on ice. Bob Costello ' s sure toe made butli conversions good. Above: Harold Becker, a burly Lincoln ilc, gained a varsity berth by virtue ot his outstanding play in 1947 spring football. Right: " Ardie " Means. another man with a Navy gridiron back prounil. v rin his big " N " this year for fa ' it and rugi;ed work. Above : Jim " ' Squat " Meyers was inlrodiiced to colle-jiale football at Notre Dame. He was All- Slate at York high in 1942. " Coffin corner " boots are his specialty and he is Nebraska ' s best pass-defense back. f Left: Rex Ho returned to the Corn busker fold this fall after a two year absence to play a lot ol football. Rex has the distinction of owning the i hortest name ;ii tlie Big Six. Page 255 Nebraska 6 Missouri 47 .- ' - mm A mm Altuf: .Nt_-brabku Lil ' 5 c-otitiilju- lii n is 226 ])uiind Eugene Sim wliuse size um] uiit tundini: tackle play were slimii; Sfarl »t ami Crt-.Tiii as els. Htg ii: HuikImmiu- Otto C | " ' " l aKeii. a Piciliiiuiit. CulUoniiu. latl, started playing in the Iowa Stale tussle. " Cope " liuil plt ' iit V of experienre in 1914 Willi I he Ki-arnev .iir haff Twenty-two thousaiul fans, itiany of whom were part of the Nebraska migration party to C.olunil)ia- suffered through one of the worst of all Husker defeats of the season. The Tigers scored in every period, even their second and diird stringers rolled across three scores in the linal (piarter. Bus Entsminger put on a stellar performance of demon- strating the know-how of quarterbacking. It seemed like the hapless Huskers were never at the right place at the right time. With the exception of one play it was all Missouri and every Husker gridman knew il. Early in the third period Cletus Fischer, the day ' s game captain, ran off the Tiger right tackle, cut back, and found himself in the clear. He literally outran Mizzou tacklers on a 45 yard chase for the Cornhuskers " oidy touchdown. jp " . fl - - Ahove: " Lilllr Jut- " Partiiinluii. a top- rate line barker, was assigned tn qiiarterhat ' k from renter last autumn. Joe ' s aried pigskin career ranged from plav at Nebraska in 1942. Nortliw.-sl.Tii in im.l, and North Carolina Cre-Kli;:!.! in . to Nebraska again for I lie ' asl I wo seasons. Left: td . den is another team " papa. " His great age. 26 years, has given rise to the rumor! that he had a.sBisted in laying the corner stone of the ivy-covered stadium. Lower right: A swartn of Coriiliusktr tacklers close in mi Mi--iniii ' -- llrcl IJiiv Kiil-niiniirr. J.ejt: Ka t leppin on llie pari of Dii k Ilultn nets precious yards in tlie lilt with the Tigers. m X ,1 » 5 :t?l: L«FM 55i5fe Above lell: Dale Adams, tlie Husker 187-pouiul fullljack. breaks away from Ja lia»k lacklers to score on a 41-yard da li. Kighl: K. I . Fullljack, Forrest (Griffith, is crushed between tacklers Pesek. Samuelson, and F ' ischer. Nebraska? Kansas U 13 %■ g If v: • A determined revenge-seeking aggregation of Huskers trotted on the field at Memorial Stadium to play one of their most brilliant games of the season. The Scarlet and Cream, a heavy pre-game underdog, staged a terrific offensive and defensive fight throughout the game only to slacken in the last fatal 40 seconds. That was all Bill Hogan wanted, as he flipped one into the arms of Otto Schnellbacker to bury the long standing jinx held over K.U. on our field. A disappointed. I)ut morally victorious Nebraska team trudged off the field after the game. They had played great ball. The true glory of the game went to a hard fighting line, a line that paved the way for the fired up backfield. a line that crushed the best offense the Kansans had to offer. Ahur : I i.iiik ■-JiiiN..i " ' Cullu|.x was .1 nu-mh.-T ..f iho 1943 All- Slate aygifgaliiiii. He lias heronic tine of tlie best Cornliiisker de- fensive plavers si are lie came here J 11 I ' Jlb. R.ghf: JOl poiiriil J.-rr Janipke is another Nebraska iion man, dt spite his iiiekiianie, ' " Cupcake. " This viiitti{; iii.ui from Frenn»nt started ill (hi- Kansas University and Oklalioinu ((in test 9 and pi in ed tup- nutch crillegiale ball. Above: Dale Adams, N. L. ' s yuung- esl starting regular, was boosted to the senior eleven from last year ' s B sqtiad. J ay hawk all- opponenl recngnilion was his re ward for real eiide,ivor in the liaK- back spol. Left: Ken Fischer ' s play in the 1946 season was stymied by an early injury but fine offensive work as a halfback characterized his work this year. Although iO years younger than his brother, C let us. he is two inches taller. Page 257 Nebraska IS Oklahoma 14 A scoreless first (|iiaitei- was enlivened l)y spirited han- dling of tlie ball iietween the ()])posing teams. Uklalionia ' s Kapacz intercepted Th()ni|)s()n " s jiass for a ten yard return. Meyers intercepted a long Sooner flip on the next |)lay. A brilliant 60 yard rnn by Fischer in the second period chalked np six ])oints for Nebraska. The kick-off to Okla- lioina initiated a sustained Sooner drive which was climaxed li a touchdown and successful conversion. Score — Okla- homa 7, Nebraska 6. Nebraska lost the ball at tiie opening of the third (jLiarter to allow a 7 point Oklahoma tally five plays later. Before the quarter ended a toss from Thompson to Cochrane brought the score to 14-13 with the Cornhuskers lagging. The re- mander of the game was charatterizetl by nuich mid-field plav. none of which led to scoring action bs cither team. n ■Ihoi ' ' : CIrtiis H . -ipiirk- piii::£;fd " Potsy " Clark ' s aj-grega- lion at Ni-bra iku in 1945. • " Cletc " t- ' nacliL-d h it ' ll srliiinl leanis at St. F. 1 wards for I wo yrars hcforr nimiiit; hi Liiicolii, W ? ■ Anuic. Huh ill,- lu - I ' illun tirst jilayr-d for Nebraska in 194. ' i wliile only seventeen years o( age. He was U5ed lliis fall exrhisively ns a jioinl-nfler- touchdown man. Right: Sweaterlx. Ja.k P.-M-k is the Cornhiisker piiith-r. A Ravenna High aiuni and sun of Nebraska ' s perennial wresrler. " Tiger John " I ' esek, lie i-i r.itid among I In lop Irn kii-kio:: arti- ts i.f rlie nalioii. Lffl: Alex Cochrane from Ord was shifted to the right end po- sition to win blue ribbons as the fastest Cornhusker wing man and best pass receiver. Alex n-aehes six feel one ineh above terra firnia and weighs 180 pounds. J WR Lower right: Jim Myers streaks arouiul his own right end to gain four yards |iast the Sooners. Lclt: A prriect loss from Dick Tiiumpson to Alex Cochrane is good for six points. tb ir r V ' ' gr V tJI I Vpiier right: A slick block clears Ackciman (or a sulislanlial gain against On-tion Slate. Lett: Mueller slaws across the finish line just ahead of potential Deaver taggers. Nebraska 6 Oregon State 27 A greatly underrated Oregon State team made a trip half way across the country to prove that they had it in them. The Beavers had taken many had defeats all season, and it looked like the Huskers would he ai)le to add another game to their win column. The Scarlet and Cream was outrushed 190 yards to 42, and out-passed 2.54 yards to 31. A stellar performance was turned out on the part of 19 year old Dick Grey, who com- pleted eight passes out of nine attempts. A constant ham- mering at the Huskers hy the Beavers proved to he the right treatment for rolling across four touchdowns. Bill Mueller scored Nebraska ' s only touchdown. Boh Ackerman, fiery lightweight halfi)ack, kept alive the Corn- huskers ' chance to rally with his hrilliant running. Big Jack Pesek also afforded a thrill when one of his Imoming punts soared 68 yards downfield. i ■ i Abov, : Darwin " Dubbie " Sales- troiii was banilirapped this aiitiiinii by an early season shoulder in- jury. Like the Fiseher brotliers he also came from Si. Edwards. Right: " Diigie, " never John. Doyle is perhaps as wel! known for his thespian achievements as for his football prowess. The clown of the team shifted from fullback to the end spot during practice this fall. m f ' vwcviaMI Above : Bob Ackerman. at only I ' lX pounds, was the lightest Ne- braska halfback this fall. He rocketed up from the freshman and B teams lo the arsity in one Lffi: Twenty-seven year old Edgar Thompson is graduating this spring. Thompson, at 220 pounds, was a business-like tackle. Page 259 PAIL SHIKLDS Foi wanl MILTON WHITKHEM) Center HARRY GOOD Coach Varsity Basketball Climaxing liifi set ' oiitl successful year as head liasketball coach, Harry Good brought the Husker cagers in with ten wins and four- teen defeats to their credit. This repeat per- formance of the previous season ' s showing displayed not only a consistency in his coach- ing ability, jjut, due to the records broken and competition defeated. Coach Good showed a marked improvement. Never once did the Husker mentoi ' ) ut on a poor show for the crowd, nor did any of tlie competitors of the Scarlet and Cream have an easy time wresting a victory from them. Good ' s fast break was just what the Nebraska fans have been look- ing for during the past few years. Hi s abil- ity to make the break click was perfect to the letter. Coach Good ' s siiowing the past years has never been surpassed in the history of Nebraska ' s court action. liOIi C1CK Guard . K 1, l(l KK Guard HICK Ki; Center Page 260 RICHARD SCHLEICER Center CLAUDE RETHERFORD Forward BILL DENKER Guard ROD COX Forward HENRY CECH Guard Page 261 Top: Big Bus Whitehead tips one in again-l llii- liapliss (!oyotrs Center: Colorado just couldn ' t hold on to it. Bottom: A long Husker shot falls short. Huskers 56 Boilermakers 60 Harry Good ' s cagers dropped the basket- hall opener to the Purdue Boilermakers 60- 56. Torrid coiiipetitioii keynoted tlie game with I ' liidiit ' (iiR ' hing the victory t)idy in the dying moments. Nebraska ' s scoring artists were led by forward Claude Retherford with 1 5 points. Huskers 59 Gophers 63 Minnesota, the early season Big Nine favorite, topped Cornhusker scoring efforts 63-.59 in the tussle at Minneapolis. Sus- tained Husker tallying prevented the Minne- sota debut from being a gala affair. Ne- braska play was earmarked by determination which narrowed the score to 60-59, Nebraska trailing, in the last two minutes of play. HiLskers 65 Coyotes 38 21 Husker hoopsters entered the South Dakota fray for what looked like little more than a scrinmiage. The starting five hardly worked ii|) a sweat in the second half before being replaced by an equally tough reserve crew. The N. U. men nearly tripled their half time score to win 65-38. Huskers 67 Aggies 47 Yiiletide spirits ran high a nil st) did the Cornhuskers ' score, as they paced the Colo- rado Aggies with a 20 point margin. Ne- braska first stringers were benched most of the time, but the able substitutes racked up a 67-47 victory in their i|iic t lor experience. Page 262 Kansas City Tournaiiient With 40 seconds remaining in the game, six foot five incli Dick Schleiger slammed home a field goal to upset a strong Missoii team 46-44. Trailing 27-18 at the half, the Huskers came hack in the second half and really turned on the steam. Sparked by Joe Brown, who netted 12 points from the guard spot, the Scarlet and Cream finally jumped into the lead with seven minutes left to play. Three times in that seven miiuites the score was knotted before Schleiger dropped in the w inning tally. In the semi-final game against Oklahoma A. M., the tables were turned on the Husker men as they dropped their second tourney game 47-46. Tlie Aggies froze the Ijall for the last two minutes of play to squelch any possible N.U. score. K.U. ' s Jayhawkers beat the Huskers 64-60 in an overtime game in the consolation bracket. Huskers 51 Indians 47 Making their West Coast deliut in the San Francisco Cow Palace, an underdog Husker quintet beat the Stanford team from Palo Alto 51-47. Until the Cornhuskers crossed the Indians ' path, they had enjoyed a loss-free season. Joe Brown played a bang-up game offensively and defensively to add much life and 12 points to the Husker cause. Huskers 38 Spartans 39 Nel)raska. although rated the favorites, trailed San Jose State in a one mark upset 39-38. Forward Claude Retherford paced N. U. scoring with 11 points in the game at San Jose, California. The Huskers led three to five points for most of the contest until outrun by the Spartans in the closing five minutes. Top: South Dakota State cost this fall. Center: Brown attempts a steal from Sooners " Prion. Bottom: A long shot finds Mizzou and Nebraska waiting for the rebound. Page 263 Tiii : Srlilci iT drivr- llir(iii;;li liir Ti;;ci .lilrii-c tn -vnn-. linllnni: Srl ami ( os -iiii-ar I ' niil-cin al I In- Iriv ilnn« rin Ic Kilihl: Ha-kril.all. I)a-kclliall. win. ha- ll;.-,all . ' Pat»- 264 Hiiskers 58 Wolf Pack 63 111 addition to the 63-58 loss suffered at tlie hands of the University of Nevachi. the tussle at Reno was marred by the injury of star guard. Boh Cerv. Retherford staged an exeeptionallv stellar performance l)y Inlihing nine tallies in a string during the second period. Hiiskers 58 Aggies 54 ' ilie Liniversity of Nebraska played a photo finish tournament with the Colorado State boys at Greeley to emerge victors 58-54. Colorado led 28-27 at halftime. The score favored Nebraska .55-.54 as the seconds ran out in the last period. Hank Cech tagged a lay-up shot and Joe Brown nailed a charity toss for the Cornhusker margin. Huskers 44 Cyclones 55 The Iowa State Cyclones whirled over the Husker quintet 55-44 in the game at Ames. The final total gives no indication of the scrappv Nebraska play which evened the score three times during the first half. Nebraska ' s post-intermission tactics, although threaten- ing, fell before an accelerated Cyclone attack. Huskers 54 Tigers 66 An inspired Missouri i|uiiilet, pla ing on foreign maples, over-powered the Cornhusker cagers 66-54. The Tigers from old Mizzou were observed to i)e licking their ihops after avengiu ' j; an early season loss to Nebraska in the K. i . Tourney. Retherford. with 10 points. |)aced Husker scoring. Huskers 59 Buffaloes 55 The Coinhusker stalwarts handed the lliii- versity of Colorado its third successive loss by top])inji them 59-55. Retherford and Mosser iiekl scoriiij;; laurels with 11 points each. A sudden flash of power put Nebraska over the top after the score was locked at 51 with five nunutes reniainiu " . Huskers 45 Wildcats 64 Kansas State, 1948 Conference Cham- pions, jumped to a 10 to 1 lead in the first few minutes of play on the Huskers ' court. A mighty scoring surge on the part of Bus Whitehead was good enough to pace both clubs. Losing their third conference tilt, the Nebraska men never came within 16 points of the Wildcats in the second half. Huskers 66 Jackrabbits 56 For five minutes tlie two clubs battled on an even keel; from then on it was all N. U. Coach Harry Good used 17 men in this game that had all the characteristics of a practice tilt. During his short stay in the game, big Bus Whitehead racked up 13 points. Mosser was runner-up with 1 1 tallies. Huskers 61 Jayhawks 57 The Scarlet and Cream laddies edged out Kansas University 61-57 on the K. U. home court. The tussle was characterized by a scoring spree on the part of both teams during the second half. N.U. ' s Dick Schleiger copped scoring honors with a 16 point total. 7 " i»; ; alei-s and Srlileiger lialllc Inr iht- hall in tl)i- Oklalioma till. Unriiim: KofI Cox lie- up Higli PninI .layiiawker F. kriilar. I. fit: NhnlifTiy hie- hi -lup I ' ki ii. Page 263 Hiiskers 57 Sooiiers 79 C();i(li llanv Good used 12 men in an atteinj)! to stop the iatnl)ling Oklahonia men. All 12 hioke into the scorinji column, hut just couldn ' t seem to find the inside of the hooj) often enough. Boh Cer v not only put on a stellar ])eiformance on defense, hut cojiped poi it honors with 11 frood ones. Huskers 41 Tigers 47 The Huskers ' inahility to make their shots ood in the second half of the fracas at Columhia. Missouri, proved to he their down- fall. Am air-tight Tiger defense allowed only two field goals in 19 minutes of the second half. Shields and Mosser were the only Ne- hraskans able to net more than four points. Huskers 62 Cyclones 57 The Scarlet and Cream cagers pulled do«n an upset victory over Iowa State in a rough and tumble tussle here at Lincoln. Big Dick Srb and Claude Retherford tied for high point honors with 13 markers apiece. Trail- ing 30-23 at the half, the Huskers nearly tri|)led their score in the last half to win. Huskers 58 Buffaloes 53 After the first minute of play, the Huskers grabbed a lead and never fell behind during the rest of the game. Paced by Bob Cerv and Neal Mosser. the Husker courtmen found the range to make most of their shots good. This victory over the Buffs marked the fourth Big Seven victory for the Nebraskans. Toll: t ' ur(lur ' nun lifilit haul for po cssiiin of thr Ijall. Hultum: I ' crfrcl liniin;: paid olT a llainrs lakc the rrlionnd foi " I he Tigers. Right: TliiiM ' l!oil. rniakir- ccmMnl kiip U.lln-rfor.l (loni |icilliiit; this onr. l ' aj;c 26f. Huskers 49 Wildcats 56 Kansas State ' s Wildcats succeeded in clawing down the iron curtain of Cornhusker defense by the second half of the game at Manhattan. A brilliant scoring streak top- pled the Nebraska five from a ten point lead at the half to a 56-49 loss. Huskers 74 Sooners 81 Five scoring records were broken the night of the Husker-Sooner tilt here in Lincoln. A fighting Nebraska team struck hard in the closing minutes of the first half to come from behind and tie the game 35-35. Claude Retherford ' s unerring eye netted 20 points for the Huskers ' cause. Huskers 70 Jayliawks 64 A stellar performance turned in by Jay- hawker Jack Eskridge in the second half put the Kansas team back into the game. After trailing 32 to 18 at the half, K.U. had a scor- ing spree that nearly spelled disaster for the Cornhuskers. Retherford slammed through 23 points to break his own scoring record of last year. ' I 15 ' ' . ; V L;- ' . ' ' -J ■ ' ' ■■i(r Top: Cox scores from the key hole against Colorado A. M. Bottom: Cerv leaves the floor to score against South Oakota State. I.eit: Mosser is more than a match for this struggling Aggie. Page 267 Third rtiu : 11. 1, ;;jiiiiis, I). l ' ..«.-is. II. Ui.r. 1). France. D. Co.i|ior. B. Mnonicy. P. Hullcm. J. Burli-v. geconil run: A. Th,.m].i.Mi. J. Marliii. J. i:l.irk. It. Bfrkshiic. F. Kiinnl. P. Yoiins. W. J.mrs. H. Cisli. K. T..l,i from rou: B. Cinii. H. (.mlr. B. Conm-r. N. lliirkrr. H. «lroiuI, K. H..llin«. D. Pidprit. D. Morrison. E. Weir. Varsity Track main-lay in llir Hiiskcr fiflil piMfmriiro. Dirk F ' ideril (lemonstralcs llw (oini lliai nctlcti prpcioiis pninN fnr llir Srarli ' l iinil r.rpain rinrlermen. 1948 Outdoor Tiark Schedule April 3 Texas Relays at Austin April 10 Kansas at Lawrence April 17 Kansas Relays at Lawrence April 24 Drake Relays at Dps Moines May 1 Missouri at Columhia Ma 8 Colorado at Lincoln Mux 21-22 Riji Seven Conference at Liucoln 1Q48 Indoor Track Record NP:BR ASKA . . 62V-. Oklahoma 4IV2 NEBRASKA . .67 loua State 37 NEBRASKA . .40 1 .} Mis.souri 63 2 3 NEBRASKA. .73 Kansas State . . .31 NEBRASKA . . 68 Kansas 36 Bii; .ScM-M ' i ' liinl I ' huc I ' ane 268 Aboie: Big MoO!-e (hooper ilenionslrate.-. hi agilit in the pole vault as he clears the bar at fourteen feet. Above: Hulton. pouring it on In run the sixt in 6.2 econ ls. leads Missouri ' (iuth anil (lartijen in the dual meet at Nebraska. Helow. Lejl: Hank Srhlurter niake a last de perale lunge at the tape to try lo no e out hi Oklahoitia competitor. Below, (.enter: Coming in blind. Tiger cinderman Schusle poured on the coal to beat the Huskers Hurlburt. Ki hl: One of the .Scarlet and Cream ' s fastest. Dick Hutton adjusts his starling blocks in preparation foi the next dash. Page 269 Top right: Newl Copple turns the tables on Ed. This type liolil helped .Newt grab third place in the National Championships. Top: Ed Copple places a perfect leg splint on brother Newl. Ed placed second in the Big . " ix Championship. Hultvin: l!ob ambor demonstrates tlie know-liow that helped him defeat all opponents in the Big Six. Wrestling 1948 Wrestling Record NEBRASKA.. . Cornell ...28 NEBRASKA.. .19 Colo. U ...10 NEBRASKA.. . 6 Colo. State . . . ...20 NEBRASKA. . . 5 la. State Teh. . ...28 NEBRASKA.. .14 Iowa State . . . ...16 NEBRASKA.. .12 Minnesota .... ...14 NEBRASKA.. .17 Kansas State . . ... 9 NEBRASKA.. .11 Oklahoma .... ...14 NEBRASKA.. . 3 Okla. A. M. . ...25 NEBRASKA.. . 8 Mich. State . . . ...17 linrk tou: M. DiBia-..-. N. Cnpj.Ir. K. Copi-lr. I. C.JI 1). ).,U . 1). Hill. (. .,.], | ' atl.-r nii. Front row: J. HmuKhlnn, B. Y.nnilmr, J. Barmi, . . Miirinkovik. J. lamai. K. Hrnwn, M. . paraim Page 270 Third row: E. Craren, T. Harley, Coach Lepley, G. Hill, T. Kananilne. Second row: G. Boomer, F. Swiharl. P. Branrh. J. Campbell. M. Grimm. B. Pli- ' lps. Front rnu-: R. Muore. B. F nlon, B. AM.-n. C. King. G. FlapK- H. Hfins. D. Porlrr. Swimming 1948 SWIMMING RECORD NEBRASKA 23 Iowa State . . . 61 NEBRASKA 34 Minnesota . . . 49 NEBRASKA 48Vii Kansas .... . 351 NEBRASKA 27 Michigan State . 56 NEBRASKA 47 Kansas State . . 37 NEBRASKA 35 Oklahoma . . . 49 NEBRASKA 45 Colo. A. M. . 39 NEBRASKA 44 Colorado . . . . 40 NEBRASKA 43 Kansas State . . 39 Toi : Mainstays ' .I the Hu kfr disini; learn were: Bell. Flag,g and Moore. Middle: Fenton. Cornhiisker backstroke ace. did a great deal to aid the . ' scarlet and Cream ' s cause. Bottom: Branch dem- onstrates while Camphell. Lepley. Kanamine. Hill, Swihart. Allen and Harley look on. Far lejl: Grimm turned in a stellar record in the 50 and 100 yard free style events. Left: Flagg executes a perfect jackknife off the spring board. Page 271 Second row: S. Vaiivleck, J. Saiidstr.It, B. Crrv, B. Si-hleiger. H. Hayes. S. Malhrws. H. I ' awle . A. Ossiiio. W. Iaspi. B. Crosaii. T. Sharpe. Frnni raw: J. H.-lmsilii;. W. Braiis...i. O. S. Iiiiiri.lins. F. Hea».H.,I. ll. Hax.s. K. CL.x .-l.-ii,. B. Bull. J. .Sharp. B. Deriker. ..( pirlurfd: D. Blalclisford, T. Novak. ' W« Baseball 1948 Baseball Schedule March 29-30 SMU at Dallas April 2- 3 Okla. at Norman April 9-10 Minn, at Minneapolis April 16-] 7 Kansas State at Lincoln April 23-24 Mo. U. at Coliinihia April 26-27 ]ov a State at Ames May 3- 4 Kansas U. at i incoln May 7- H Okla. at Lincoln May 10-11 (:i)lora(lo at Lincoln May 17-18 Kansas U. at Lawrence Mav 24-25 Iowa State at Lincoln I hiii ' : riir Ixiys lake a wi ' ll-clr-er fcl rf l and iliscuss ihi l;ili- l Iiattin;: a rra ( . Hi-low: (!ri vwiii ' : a ini liU liat al f o lu-onitrig l all. Page 272 f- ourrb rote: t. Kremlacek. A. Heikes. rhir,l run: A. HiUman. A. Diinavan. W " . Abts. L. Garner. P. Bliimcr. D. Towip. Second row: W. Dnulhit. N. Anderson. C. Piirdy. C. Lefler, K. HardinR. W . Rankin. G. Alexander. l-roni ran: P. Spragiie. M. James. J. Gcier (assistant i-oach), C. E. Miiitr looach). J. Johnson. I.. Geit-r. Gymnastics 1948 Gymnastics Record NEBRASKA . . 48l • Illinois 78V- NEBRASKA.. 56 Illinois (Navy Pier) ......70 NEBRASKA. .421a, Minnesota 691 NEBRASKA . . 541 . Minnesota 9iyo NEBRASKA.. 82 Colorado State .65 NEBRASKA . . 70 Colorado 62 NEBRASKA. .731 2 Colorado State .501 , NEBRASKA.. 67 Montana State .36 " 1948 Gymnastics Record All College Invitational Championship NEBRASKA 37 Colorado 32 Colorado State 18 Montana State 13 Colorado A. M 8 Wvomino; 2 Leit: Sprague, high point team member, does a backward sault with a full twist. Right: Geier, second high point man, does a liandbalance on one bar. Above: The gym team performs at the half during one of the home basketball games. Page 273 Military ROTC cadet coIoiil-I nliulii bv Nurtiian Case Wmx ■« »fi ' ' - ROTC COLONEL HOWARD J. JOHN. FA Professor of Military Science and Tactics Commanding Officer The school year of 1947-48 was a mo- mentous one for the Military department of the University of Nebraska. Occupancy of the new Military and Naval Science building at last became a reality. This building was designed in accordance with the peculiar needs of the Military and Naval departments, and although the cadets found the interior not fully completed, it was a decided improve- ment over old Nebraska Hall. An attractive feature is the lounge on the third floor where the cadets may read and wait in comfortable surroundings. This lounge is being deco- rated and furnished by the Cadet Officers ' association. The year was a successful one for the ROTC with a gala Military ball holding the spotlight during the fall semester. The Na- tional Society of Scabbard and IJlade and the Society of Phalanx were again activated on the campus. The ten outstanding cadet offi- cers were presented on December 5, 1947, the night of the Military ball, as pledges of the Society of Scabbard and Blade. The Reserve Officers ' Training corps has expanded a great deal since the return of the advanced course in January 1946. After completion of the basic course or service in one of the armed forces, outstanding candi- dates may upon their application and recom- mendation of the PMS T receive advanced training leading to a commission in the Offi- cers ' Reserve corps. The Department of the Army offers training during the last two years of the course in Infantry. Field Artillery, Corps of Engineers, Corps of Military Police, Ordnance department, and the Medical corps for the students in the College of Medicine. The Air Force offers advanced training in Air Force Administration and Conmiunications. The ROTC Unit at the Lniversity of Nebraska was rated as excellent at the annual federal inspection in the spring of 1947. This was the highest rating given in that year and the air of enthusiasm that pervades the armory is evidence tliat the cadets are out to earn tlie liighest rating again in 1948. Page 276 COLONEL ROBERT W. BOAL. MC MAJOR ROBERT P. BRUST. Inf. 1st LT. OREN W. BRYANT, OD CAPTAIN CHALMER L. DEETER. Inf. CAPTAIN LAURENCE E. GARDNER, AF MAJOR JOHN P. HOWARD, CMP CAPTAIN JAMES B. KELLY, FA LT. COLONEL MERLE J. SENN, CE « ' M.AJOR LaRL ' E S. SORRELL, AF CAPTAIN JOHN B. SULLIVAN, AF Page 277 1st SCT JOHN A. l,() ()|.l) T SGT AARON A. LONG T SGT DUANE F. McSEATON M SGT .1 WIKS KIVEKO S SGT ALFRED R. ROBERTS l.fil: KdTC ■.niik-nls return from llii- liikc at the urnriu r ramp. V T SGT HERBERT P. BENNINGER S SGT REX A. BROWN T SGT ALLEN W. BULLOCK M SGT WARREN A. BIITLER M SCT n LE A. DEBES M SGT DUANE S. FAliSSE ' l " M SGT JOHN E. HAGOOD M SGT GORDON K. HANSON M SGT LESTER J. HENDERSON Page 278 CADET REGIMENTAL STAFF Ray W. Coffey. Cadet Colonel; Stanley N. Walter, Cadet Major; Leonard B. Koke?. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel; Neal Kennedy. Cadet Major. FIR.ST REGIMENTAL STAFF A bote: Harry 1). Matschullat, Cadet Lieutenanl (Colonel; Robert 0. Baumfaulk, Cadet Captain. SECOND REGIMENTAL STAFF Right: Donald L. Hendrickson, Cadet Major; William B. Brandt. (Jadel Lieutenant Colonel; Reuben E. Miller. Cadet Captain. THIRD REGIMENTAL STAFF Right: Nels B. Kleveland. Cadet Major; John W. Plantikow. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel; Stanley W. Ahrends, Cadet Captain. ROTC STAFF SPECIAL Left: Third row: E. Lingenfelder. D. Cotton. J. Steinbacher. Seconil row: O. Lovan. V. Robeson. E. INIonroe, G. Burr. Front row: R. DeBolt, R. Avner, W. Hammond, S. Avner, W. Norton. Page 279 COMPANY A COMPANY B f f - 1 COMPANY C ' . f. x ' i ' m-m t " - m m . m, ' , r„,.: J. .„ .. J. l-.llv. E. Kal..-. I). Kik-y. K. Lee.h. J. Su-ve„«.„, (.. J " h " « " " - " J. WaUl., A. Lidulph. D. Clau,s.-n. Eighth „m : R. Be„s„n, R T„r,«,.n. R. Ri- " k -,. Carver. D. Mi,h..l,k. C. F.rp.s,.,,. J. S.-11. SevMh ,ou : N. .M.p,.«h « . b,,, Chri».en.en. R. Oln.-y. M.,, W. Jo„e,. K Fil.h C. Bre«,,K,n. A.-«A ,„., F.bner. R. W. N,-l»..n. C. Mi.l.llrli.n. D. Insle-e. fi f i r«rt : I) Olson. L Neil.o„. H. Zrllrr. R. J. CirarJ. H. K„l.,.». Fourth , on : V NVwinan. K. Hr.krr. J.»pa. H. Barnard, F. Ri.knp. B. Byrr». Thi,d row Reid J W.i.idivard I). Walk.T. D. Myer«. M. Ki-nnedy. W. Map -«. Second II. Dalkc. S. Franki-I. C. Kepler. H. GiUiland, D. Slra»Iieiin, W, W. VoKt. (;. Jone«. C. Reeves. W. I ' izinger. I). Vernnn. Tieniani! Wilson. c.vak. J. MeCill. J. Sehunia. her. C. MeQueen. L. Boeck, S Dalier K. Sleele. M. Cosand. E. Barlels, J. Saylor. man. J. Hageman. E. Dodson. G. Jaeol.s. A. Ga.tor. „,. t l.uedke. J. r.aniphell. K. Filell. J. Mills. W. Jensen. Grael H Hav«. L. Hansen. T. Shires. Col. R. Cuniminps. Walers L. Harrison. R. Ban«hal, N. Tooker. G. Beavers. H. Krniise. R. Van Nesle. T. Daltmi. I.. Munson. G. Mackry. H. Philer. D. Smith. D. Ilullon. M. Brown. O. Meininger, R. Bradley. A. Walla. B. Kennedy. E. Cook. Hahn. Front rotv: ::Zh rou.: M. Rneder. A. F.Ik. E. Vi.lar,, H. F Lan.b.r, J MeCo,,nen, I. Evan. K S-.-MN-r. C;;; - , — ;■ J T:: G. Heebner, H. Hecnnann. R. Wilson. Siuh ,„, : R. H.Kpns E. ThnnBan E. " ™ ; ; " ■ ' p ' ' ™; J ' , " .YJ,,, ' ,,n.™.. K. Reils.bneider. . -rrs n-rb!;ie«Tiii,i: ,f Tn - - " " -; ' ' JV r " ' ' Sr ' s v : ;; ' :: rt;::;: i. :r . - . i : ; s::- k. ' w z:; ' i T.. %:Ti y=y I p • ■.J r:- rr i Jr " ■ ; ■•i :;r .«::r-. ' - . " X: A. Dederman. D. Pralher. J. Hull. R. MeNamee. P Carhn. J. MeWha. I.. K.rk B Z ' ™ " " „ " ™; " •„ ' Sehmidl, R. Spellman. C. I.iihr.. D. Jones. I). FiUpatrirk. I.. Herman.on. H. CrawlofJ, R. Hoiish. C. Kinc, J. S. hmn. U. Harp. .1,1. .enmi i , i Fage 280 p; Pc, " ..„n A. MTGill. W. MicheeU, F. Morri.. C. Huber. P. Vlcan. K. Cecil. J. S.a.ler. H. Peterson, R. Benn.ngton. l r l P. COMPANY E I ' tf ■f-- i;.$:f ' ' f COMPANY F COMPANY G Top: Seventh row: R. Miller, E. Wells, R. Koch. W. Bauman. W. Baumnn, F. Claus, T. Morrow, R. Hollander, W, Mader, R. Morrill, R. Miller, J. Asbee, A. Abramson. Sixth row: H. Danly, R. Rolie. H. Goodwin, J. Gettaohe. R. Meissner, B. Friedrichsen, G. Goede, H. Amen, D. Ouine. M. Putney. C. Waller, G. Gessner. Fifth row: J. Dusalko, T. Donohoe, T. Varney, R. Andersen, S. Fisher. A. Decker, O. Milder, J. Lotspeich. R. Shinn, H. Davey, T. Harley, L. Carter, R. Whitman. Fourth row: L. Wilson, J. Rossiniller, H. George, R. Kroner, J. Jeffrey. E. Berg, D. Osterman, J. Tyson, C. Jones, B. Lynch, R. Eyans. E. Bartunek. Third row: A. Dobesh. K. Baiigh, E. Kremlacck, H. Svoboda, D. Stacy tt. D ' lgan. N. Baumgart, D. Loy, B, Duis, J. Nelson. T, Peterson, G. Buchanan. Second rou; R, Carson, R. Askey, K. Van Arsdol, J, Liggett. R. Sliegelmar, R. Garretson. B. Edwards, D, Kroeger, P. Kubota, D. Bucknell. C. lodonce, J. Benak. Front row: J. Campbell, K. Sydney, S. Johnson, L. Curling, V. Carmichael. L. Gissler, R. Cunningham, J. Girard, C. Luther, V. Sutter, D, Egan, G. Luikart. Center: Seventh row: G. Dean, M. McDermott, E. Swenson, P. Curley. G. Denker. F. Holm, R. HolTmeister, N. Atkinson, D. Kellner, C. Mohr. Sixth row: J. Taylor, J. McCann, R. Schultz, M. Cheuvront, M. Thurber, E. Imlay, M. Grummert, E. Rupert, W. Wolf, F, Hefner, D. Smith. E. Maunder, G. Fixsen. Fitth row: P. Pegg, D. Rowen, S. Flansburg, R. Vanderslice. D. Deals. R. Shonerd, B. Rowley, J. Roth, M. Radke, M. Husa. B. Dennis, E. Thomas, R. Nelson, Fourth row: M. Peterson, D. Innis, R. Leinherger, D. Shafton. R. Smith, E. Sautter. P. Becker. R. Hunt, E. Jochum. R. Smith, P. Keene, P, Krasne, Third row: C. Bauerm eister, M. Turnquist, W, Smith, W, Kuhn, E. Miahara, C. Wood. N. McClymonds, O. Conner, J. Snyder, J. Yousem, D. Barrett. Second row : D- Osborn, D. Fox, R. Steinhoff, W. Holling, R. Beattie. A. Purinlun. 5chizas, N. Braasch. R, VoUmer, G. Sorensen, T. Browntee, V. Dalgas, E. Zorinsky, D. Bruggeman, H. Wilber, R, Cr. D. Schoemaker, llottont: Seventh row: R. Peters, J. Brown, W. Fricke, J. Jesperseng, R. Clark, J. Newcomb, R. Parker, W. Hodge. W. Edwards, D. Jeffries. S. Whilworlh, Boning, K. Miller. Sixth row: R. Hardt, H. Lammer, E. Groothuis. F. Mizc, W. Olson. K. Agnew. K. Moseraan, G. Elliott. J. Hansen. Woodhead. N. Case, W. Zieltlow, B. Shopp. Fifth row: W. Lanipshire. C. Dyer. A. Scheuneman, A. Christiansen, W. Douthit, M. Broadbenl, Carico, J. Arp. W. Scholle, J. Anderson, D. Litlrell. R. Sullivan, R. Orr. Fourth row: B, Norval, C. Pener. J. Miller. F. Mozer, B. Merrihew Stroud. J. Miller. M. Lullon, H. Engdall. D. Peterson. H. Lindstrom, D. Dickerson. Third row: J. Brundage, D. Ehrlich. F. Piccolo Kralochuil. D. Moomaw. J. Polack. A. Schulte. B. Tritsch. H. Armhrusl. M. Moats. J. Slalder. M. Belzer. Second row: A. Misle, R. Brunli ' Meysenburg, R. Conger. C. Creamer, L, Forney, V, Bunjer, F, Howland, D. Callies, L. Le Zotte, R, Cardwell, Front row: M. Moskovilz ' Sacks, R. Bush, H, Wytock, C. Olie, M. Chriatenson, M. Mcintosh, D. Polsky. F. Leyine, S. Kushner, L. De Jonge, Page 281 COMPAN ' I COMPANY K f COMPANY L Top: Seventh row: B. (iisslrr, A. W. F ' aulfv. L. Crmaii, I.. N. H..pfnir, ;. l)ink,-l. A. U ' iltniann, P. I ' iiniplirc R W. K. . ll Mi.rrow, D. Krost, S. Brehm. K. Johnson. W. Imlov. M. Cushine, P. S fll.hek. D. Finch. D. Forinash. R. (.PC. K. Marks, R. Kimhall. B. Du. k»iirlh. Sixth roll : R. Frirkle. R. Srhoellser. N. Svianson. M. Will. C. Miller. T. Hardiiie. W. Slepht-nscm. W. noter.linB. M. Srhniec.k. J. Wrotli. M. Chil.lrrss. . . Kreiisrher. Fifth roiv: C. Cerwick. ]. (irailwnhl. R. Herrmann. W. Dill. 1.. Kilian. D. Skiler. J Vance. F. Anderson. H. Hechl. A. Fluwerday. P. Holm. B. Lane. R. Twelnms, G. Hayward. B. Hnnslon. yaurlh roll : R. Merretl Sato. R. Sorenson. H. Cast. J. (Cummins. R. Sleeves. R. Kleppinger. R- Bridenbaugh. . Cross. 1). Bull. U. Baines. W. Stewart. Third row: i. Maloney. K. Youne. D. Knoell. L. Wirth. H. Dinsdale. B. Dorn. R. Post. R. EuBer. B. Clonph. R. Johnson, H. Hansen. F,. O ' Shea. B. Magid. Secoriil roii- : S. Parhman. (i. Hansen, J. Solomon, C. Nelson. D. Duey, ( " .. Reiehenhaeh. R. Hnnkins, D, Plugpe W. Morrow, R. Penlieo. D, Jensen. B. W .ill, W, Monke, R. Power. C. Berggren. front ri,u: I. I.nles. I). Cast, I.,, R. W. Yerkes, F. Anderson, H, Miller, ¥.. B.rf, V. Rawson, V. Karst. D, Hays, M. Bopp. Rosenquist, {(hernieier. R. Palme. Cnniming. R. Otteman. L. Halsev. D. Ratelifl, . W. Barlh. MeMasler. Ctnter : Seventh rou : R. Havnes. W. Mons D. Rhodes. R. Corliss. F. Pflui:. H R. Bohlini;. F. MeKinslry. I,. Kro. Fifth rou- R. Sedersten. I). Popken. F. Stone. D. Ansnstin S, McMahon, R. Newkirk, K. Lnedlke. J. Farll. O. Lundahl. Fourth rou: C MarLea (;, Hill, T. Kanamine, G. Warren, R, Cnrley, G, Pritehard, R. Graves, H. Wurt?, A J, Cronin,K. Tiekotler, I), Esehliinan, C, Mason, C, Keves, D. Sainnelson, K. Ha J. Sehnlte, Srconrl row: A, Tipton, F. Diedriehsen, R, Hndden. W. Jensen, D. Davi in. ;. Pinkerlon, K. lint kle Allen. T. Steinhour, 1). Ba sing. A. Diekev, I,. Popken. R. H, B eetniann , R. Stevens. . P. M, Kie. J. Braziel, W. Got?, V. John.., Sixth roll : Addison, C, R, Rosenbla , K. Gallnla, 1). Fli K. Lnehs, V. Ander, J. Neoell. R, I, . Bnrlrnt, K. Golsi slier, S. Maiinall, F. Davis. ion. D. Arlnstroni;, I). Bohl, Walker, J. Mills, T, Seotl. h.ill. H. Snllivan, W. Classen. I ' hrJR, J. Seliarf, P, Quarkenhiish, M. Berpmeier, J, Russiim, C, Gan«, R. Davie.. R. Hill, D. Van Winkle, C Athev, Johnson, W. Kekloff, H, Zeilinger, F. Crnreii. Gilh.rt. I.. Third rou: R. Orrutl. J. Harmon. n. I.. Wilmolh. J. Vant. R. Warren. E. Thomas. J. Blessing. . R. Dewald. R. Jones. D. Smith, H. Goldman. R. Hostiek. Monahan, N. Eandtiren, W. Johns S. Spancler. I.. Chittenden, F, De Kitlell. Bohs, I). Front row: Peterson. J. Christopulos. H. Hatch. Page 282 Bottom : Seventh rou: D. Casper. R, Hohn. B, Muleni-y, C, Thouhy. D, Van Dyke, R, Hildebrand. C, Sehleirher, D. Schleicher, J. O ' Connor, D, Be I., Cunnineham, G. Barret. D. Diers. D. Melka. C. Wilsram, Sixth row: J. Edec, N, Bless. D, Holnibere, R, Rocke, W, Dunn, D. S 1). Wallerstedt, R Ku.ka, I„ Pleine, W, Nelson, F, l.enrv, E. Tan.lil, E, Ross, H. RoseliiiB, D. Downinc. Fifth rou: J, Fasterlv. J. B R. Michael. P. Slockllani. G. Simmons. E. Taylor. D. Perry. I.. Macee. F. Reiman. S. Beeks. C, Conover, W. Carlson, E, Alherl. C. B R. Fhhers, F. Kay. Fourth row: H, Briiilheck, W. BerfBren, R. Cannon, P. J.dinston. E. Johnson. C. Bercotlen. W. Dickson. R. Ott. I.. Mi I). Fherspacher. A. Roth. N. (iros.. J. Moore. I.. Connealy. Third row: B. Coswell. C. Codev. G. Francke. H. Hansen. E. Wheeler. H. D J. Wilkinson, n. Knapp. B. I.nllin. J. O ' Neal. G. Marsh. R. Syeckhole. H. Thomas. M. Shnev, T. Renner. Srriind row: C. Marvotl. J. Blankcn, W. Peterson. J. Cern). P. Bentz. I ' . Nail. L. Krieter. G. Cornelius. I.. Mills. M. Knchmak. R. Shnlthcis. H. l.eviniier. J. Vosnha. Front H. Oehlrich, R. (iihson. D. Cochran, II. Bone.lcel. J. Kile, V. Johnson, G, Rnesler, P. Swan.ou, J. Dinsmorc, H, M. Hole. G. Phillips. lie. rim. Her, xon, hip. o . o ■ ' !»■ ' ..-•» t-t HfZADQUARTERS COMPANY ' fj z i on: J. Jones. C. Willey. J. Elliot. D. Kirrhhoff. W. Roads. L. Ja.kson. P. Gilmore. R. Howanl. founh rou: W. Eiseiiliart. J. Kleinkauf. P. Koiincdy. E. WiUmaiin. D. Rasinussen. M. King, H. Jpnse.i. L. Wiesm. R. Zr-rzaii. rliird row: W. Palmer. L. Bftkcr, M. Pin. c. P. W.-ii l, .1. Marlin. C. NodgaarJ, W. Moore. H. riol.ii. «. RoHsmeyer. J. Burlev. .Second row: D. Halversoii. J., W . Wilkin . K, Carver, t.. Roberts, R. Olson. G. Siliniunk. J. P.i.lin, R. Hininaii. G. Pan C. Yonngson. ro;i( row: C. Viersen. T. Irwin. K. W.ilL . C. Kellogj;. L. S al,Ki. M. Sparano. B. Wolpa. P. Hanson. Helow: ROTC stuilent! are undergoing a strafing altark at suniiiier ramp. Above: The University rifle team captured the senior championships of the indoor Camp Berry rifle matches in Booneville. Mo., this year. Team members are: H. Miller, with trophy. G. Rossler. W. Palmer. W. Brandt and Sgt. J. Lovold, faculty sponsor. Right, bottom: Infantry ROTC students undergo a gunnery examina- tion during the federal inspection. Page 283 TOM BROWM.KK Commanding officer Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles was founded at the Uni- versity of Nebraska in 1892, as an honorary military fraternity, by the commandant of the ROTC unit. Lieutenant John J. Pershing. The nationalization program, begun in 1925, grew under the capable leadership of such men as General Pershing, imtil, at pres- ent, it embraces companies in 32 of the lead- ing universities from coast to coast. Pershing Rifles aims at perfection in drill. The pride of the unit is the brilliant crack squad, connnanded by Second Lieuten- ant Farber, who presented their precision manual at the Military ball. Beverly Harmon made an ideal company sponsor and represented the fraternity at sev- eral social affairs. The rifle team placed second in the national meet. Captain Brown- lee represented the company at the national convention this year. Seventh row: E. ilarlunck, W. Bauman, K. Fitch, R. Voltmer. P. Russum, J. Jeffrey, R. Gibson, L. Wescott, M. Casand. R. Askey, Sixth row: I). Flesher, W. Baiinian. C. Denker. G. Goede, G. Morris. C. Bressman, W. Smith. P, Pegg. Filth roil : R. Rejph. N. Tyner, F, Mize. F. Roubicek. A. Decker. E. Kittell, R. Hunt, R. Jones, J. Newell, C, Coulter, Fourth roii: H. Dinsdale, I,. Helser, R. Wegner, R. Peters, L. Ciinningham, R, Miller, L, Kilian, C. Berggren, H, Elwood, R. Gahs. S. Levy. Thiril rati: C. DeBelly. K. Sullivan. R. Merritt, G. Barret. B. Wall. D. Weyenberg. B. Lynch. D. Vernon, D. Ralcliff, R, Smith. Second row; W. Johnson. R. Herrmann. L. Munsou. G. McQueen. W. Scholle. F. Phifer. C. Paulson, D. Bollinger. E, Ralie. K. Jolinson, I.. Russell. From roll : I). Smith. C. Ke e». W. Vogt, B. Shaw, R. Hi.uard, T. Br.jwnhe, A. Farhcr. K. Bauer. D. Lembrirh. P. Johnson. J. Dinsmorc. ).i.tiire i. R. Hahn. G, Schmunk. ne» rj .JPf J ' .9 nB C (« " -3W s I I ir « «• - _ LETI Above, left: The Pershing Rifles baslcethall quintet turned in a fine record in the University intramural competition. Back row: D. Ratcliff, R. Hunt, L. Russell; front row: D. Lembrich, G. Morris. Above, right: The ride team of the Pershing Rifles was in the top brackets in national competition between chapters. Left to right, back row: D. Flesher, W. SchoUe, W. Bauman. Front row: M. Radke, W. C. Bauman, R. Merritt. Right: Members of the Pershing Rifles gather in the lounge for a little fun. Amusement ranges from card- playing, music and chatting, to reading and discussing maneuvers. CRACK SQUAD Second row: L. Russeii. J. Yousem_ R. Baker, C. Keyes, D. Smith, J. Dinsniore. Front row: O. Milder, K. Johnson. S. Levy, D. Bollinger, C. Paulson, A. Farber. Page 285 National Pershinjj Rifles r l.rli. siantluiii: MSj l. Kobert X ' anderslice, Col. Sam Avner, lai. lliiil MrCill. and 1st Lt. Earl Monroe. Sealed: Brig. t.iii. KiiImti 11. .nii. Tlie reconstruclion problems that riiiilronleil ihc nucleus of active members in national head- cpiarlers tills year re(|uire l the fornialion of a special staff, in aildition Id llie rei;ular general staff. This delegation of work has pro ed a ioilunale decision, especially since the establish- ment of uiiil policies has required much preparation and fact- finding before being released as standard procedure. Above, seiiletl: Maj. John Plantikow. intelligence officer. Standing: Capt. Paul Hanson. Capt. Patrick Thomas, and 1st Lt. W ilfred Rice, assistant intelligence officers. The intelligence section of national headi|uarlers has as its principal tasks the coordination of expansion, the answering of special ini|uiries. and the compiling of facts and figures for Pershing RiHes " files and reports. This year the (;-2 " s have made great progress in the solving of reactivation problems of Pershing Rille companies throughout the I nited Slates. Left iihiivc. sealed: Maj. Thomas Avner. personnel and training officer. Stand- inn: Isl 1,1. Waller Palmer and Capt. Herbert Miller, assistant personnel and training officers. One of the most important and interesting departments of national headquarters is that of personnel and training, or G-3. Files on silent drill for crack squads arc kept up-to-date for use by any such squad in the Pershing Rifle organization. It is also the responsibility of this group to sponsor rifle meets, judge them, anti award the trophic, in lln- winner . Lejl. Iieliiw sealed: Iai. luliii Plantikow and Col. .Sam . ' Vvner. Standing: ( ' .a [. Paul llan-im and laj. llierl Mctlill. A special activity of national headtiuarter- " i llie pubiicalion and distrilnitiim of TIte I ' ershing Rifleman. This III annual magazine fealnies advances made in the fields of military science, and reports on the activities of the organization as it is represented at ariiHi- univei ' ilies and colleges tliroughou( the nation. Page 286 Scabbard and Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade has returned to the University of Ne- braska campus . after a six year absence. Identified by the shield with five silver stars, this national honorary military fraternity pledges only outstanding men in advanced ROTC. The ten pledges, presented at the Military ball in December, form the nucleus of the reorganized society. Scabbard and Blade is the only military society recognized by the United States Army. The purpose of the society is to educate its members and train them to be efficient offi- cers. Phalanx Feeling that there is a need for a military organization with its purpose directed toward the betterment of the interests of our country, university, and military department, the Pha- lanx, honorary and professional milit ary fra- ternity, was founded in 1935. Inactive dur- ing the war, it was reactivated this year with the initiation of twenty-nine members. Epsilon Morae, Nebraska chapter of Pha- lanx, participated in the inter-chapter rifle competition. To close their social season, Phalanx held a spring dance in the Georgian room in May. 1.. H. W,l„c-k. R. Olson. Top, hack row: L. Li.van, J. I ' laiitiknw , ' . Yerkes. O. Mr-ininger. V. Carniirhael. Front row: B. Brant. A. McGill. 1,1. Hr aiil. T. Brownlee. N. Kennedy. Btilloin. Ihiril row: L. Oissler. M. Chris G. Schmunk. G. Roberts. L. Wolpa. Second row: M. Sparanu. C. Youngson. C. Willpy, I. Veilzer. W. Moure, B. Wolpa. K. Larsen. P. VUan. Front row: B. C.ltoii. E. Monroe. IM. Tivniaiin. E. Z..rinsky. F. Ander- son. L. Harris, R, Coffey, SCABBARD AND BLADE PHALANX Page 287 Under the command of Captain Mitchell D. Matthews, USN, the Nebraska NROTC finished its third successful year on the UN campus. One of fifty-two similar units, the local corps was founded to augment the out- put of the U. S. Naval Academy. General Naval science courses consist of orientation, communication, tactics, ordnance, fire con- trol, electronics, piloting, navigation. Naval engineering, ship construction, ship stability, and Marine corps instruction. Upon gradu- ation, unless under special contract, a Navy student is commissioned an ensign in tlie regular U. S. Navy or a second lieutenant in the regular U. S. Marines and is placed on active duty. CAPTAIN MITCHELL D. L TTHEWS, USN Professor of Naval Science COMDR. WILLL M W. FITTS, USN Executive Officer LT. COMDR. JOHN A. WHITACRE, USN LT. COMDR. JOHN L. LANDRETH, USN LT. COMUR. GERALD E. PEDDICORD, USN CAPT. RICHARD J. BUCKLEY, USMC Page 288 Naval ROTC Climaxing the end of the second year of the Naval training program of Nebraska was the summer cruise which was offered to all Naval officer trainees. All NROTC students are required to participate in the summer training duty which is on board or at a Naval air station before graduation. Three separate groups sailed the high seas last summer. One group went on the summer-long cruise in the Atlantic with the Annapolis midshipmen; a second cruised during July and August in the Pacific; and the third sailed during July in the Pacific. Theory, actual practice, and shipboard procedure are thoroughly emphasized in this program, which also offers an unforgettable voyage filled with the thrills and excitement of foreign ports and peoples and adventure on the high seas. Expert training by care- fully picked Naval officers and ship ' s com- pany gave 4.0 instruction to well-developed Navy trainees who participated last summer. Above: Tlie forecastle of the USS Iowa, one of the battle- ships used in the training of NROTCs during the summer cruises. CGM J. H. BOHANAN, USN CSK G. J. COONEY, USN CFG R. M. GOFF, USN CQM J. C. LEE, USN SOS J. N. REFREGIER, USN GYN E. B. SORENSEN, USN M SGT. H. R. STRONG, USMC MISS THEODORA SCHORMANN Page 289 RIFLE TEAM Seionil row: R. Zwarl, R. Chaney. A. Allen. Front row: U. Maunder, M.James, G.Thomas, H. Schreiber. COLOR GUARD BATTALION OFFICERS The Na y color uaril [irouilly displays Old Glory and the Nebraska NROTC flag in front of old Navy Hall. The Navy battalion stall were, back: M. Byrne, C. House. R. Johnson, platoon conmiandcrs. and. front: H. Schleoler. midshipman battalion commander. Page 290 h S M. ■ - ' V « ' ' t .??; .T ' .V. FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON I THIRD : PLATOON 7 ' o y : Ihird rati: P. Christel. J. Swarison. H. Ab!s. R. Bull. R. Schleieer, N. Canivibell, K. Allison. L. Carstensen. Second row: K. Brown, K. Hnrnbarher, B. Johnson. D. Finstroni. R. Bick. R. Harkbart. A. Allen. Front row: E. Herzoy. A. Tirro, H. Carpenter. W. Nash, E. RaceK . R. Berkshire. J. A.lams. M. Ochsncr. Center : Third rotv: R, Nicholas. U. Lcwton. C. House, J. Gergtl. J. Pelersoii. S. Leshcr. E. LeBeaii. Second row: M. James, C. Iddings. D. Cook, E. Josclyn, C. Filzke. B. Holthus, D. Maunder, S. Harbo. front row: G. Godfrey, H. Gerhart. R. Jt-nsen. W. Chaney. R. Phelps. R. Irwin, P. Mulhern. Bottom : Third row: D. Slusher, N. Strand. P. SiegnmnJ. R. Shuler. G. Pauley. W. Wilson. R. Zwart. Second row: D. Kielty, E. Saflel, H. Smith. R. Thomas, G. Thomas. D. Sn der. R. Stake. L. Stauffer. Front rout: M. Byrne, L. Donegan Jr., R. Rockwell. R. Chaney, D. Bauer, R. G. Rogers. R. P. Rogers. H. Scliieiber. K Kiltf I ' age 291 Right: Each week juniors ri ' i ' ivi ' practical iiavij aliun instruction by working and plulliii i n actual maps. Classes and Summer Cruise Lett: Sophomore student Irani new dc cIopments in rocket construction and application from Lt. Comdr. Peddicord. l ejt: With nineteen years of sea duty. CQM Lee is well ([ualified to semi code. Here freshmen receive communica- linn instruction in code bv Hashing light. Page 292 mi Above: Navy students on one of the 1947 summer cruises are given the latest data on all types of naval organization. Being aboard ship was exciting and conducive to learning. Putting aside the gold buttons for awhile, above, right, the Navy boys learn to swab the decks. The Navy likes things clean, and with plenty of water, lots of soap, and NROTC muscle power, it wasn ' t a hard job. Above: The naval ROTC Macs are given expert instruction about a Twin-20 with the latest Mark 14 sight. Notes and concentration are a big help to future officers. On the Leil: The NROTC is no exception to the old Navy adage. " ' .V girl in every port. " A Canadian dance and extra entertainment provided welcome diversion from duties on the high seas. Above: Nebraska Navy students who cruised the high seas last summer on the U.S.S Iowa were, seated: D. Kielty, N. Roffman. R. Hackbart. A. Tirro. R. .lensen, USS Iowa ' s Commanding Officer, Mr. .Selleck, Captain Crombe. .1. Althouse. W. D. Chaney, D. L. Peterson. J. Godfrey. Stanrlinf;: V,. Warren. M. Ochsner, J. Lovell, H. Gerhart, E. Donegan. F. Picard. B, Berkshire, D. Finstrom, G. Pauley, B. M. Johnson, R. P. Chaney, D. L. Bauer, R. Schleiger. Page 293 women I YWCA Aboie: The YWCA was compelently run by (left to right) Janice I!eck. diflrict representative; Shirley Schnittker, president: Camilla Palmer, secretary: Mary Esther Ander- sen, vice-president : and Shirley Sabin, treasurer. First, last, and always. Christian endeavor marks the Ag and City campus YWCA and its many members. Keeping busy through the year in commission groups, weekly Vesper services, and district conferences, YW ' ers found time to lend a helping hand to AUF and other school drives. Every week-day found Ellen Smith buzz- ing with discussions and a cabinet meeting or two. Some weeks featured combined eve- ning meetings with YMCA cabinet officers. During November, the YWCA sponsored Re- ligion in Life week. Speakers appeared on the campus to lecture and confer on religion. From the " Hanging of the Greens " in Ellen Smith hall at Christinas to summer retreats in Estes Park. YWCA members ex- erted a vital force in advancing Christianity in their churches, homes, and on the campus. Beloii- (lelt to right): Marilyn Lyness. district representa- tive; Bernice Young, president; Lillian Lock, secretary; Florence Armold, vice-president: and Lois Thorfinnson, treasurer took chari;e of the Ag W. Nadine Anderson leads a spirited discussion in her I ' crxinal Rrlati uis conimis ion group. Page 296 Hi ht: Kay Worchester lias I hat professional look as she (lirecl-. the " l W choir at the weekly vesper serviee. Be on-: Members of the Inler-raeial Research group present a choral reading at an All-Membership meeting. Tfiirfl roiv: H. O.iisner, M. Nfii- urav. !. Wrllcnsiek. M. L. H-h. I.. Kiiiigman. Second rou : V. Kovarik, L. Arki-r. T. Schinzel. S. Fisliwoud. H. Mnlinc. B. CuoUding. front row: M. I- ness, L. Lotk, B. Young. F. ArnioIJ. L. Thorfinsoii. Fourth rou: C. Jackson. M. McEUianey. L. Sievers. B. Sievers, K. Nicholson, A. Oslernian. L. Zalin, E. Schneider. J. Kellenbarper. Tl.ird row: R. Norman. J. Maloiie. B. Speer, £. Stahl, K. Rapp. P. Ball. J. Johnson. V. Lundquist. M. Mockelt. Second rou- : S. Leininger. D. Niedenthal, E. Venable. N. Anderson, N. Grot he. E. Hepperly, C. Worrhester, A. Baum. Front ro:v: J. Nulzn:an, . . Gish. C. Palmer, S. Sabin, S. Silinitrkei, M. Andersen. J. Heck. L. Barelman. B. Bloss. AG CABINET CITY CABINET Page 297 TtilS IS A SIGN TO HVl YOU w IM. 8 me m Mary Sliopliell and Joan Farrar in truct an incoming sludent in tlie work of the Tassels at the Activity Mart. Above, right: linrina -Uaw slogans and ■N " feathers in-pire ihc .Noire Dame hound learn. Center: Donna Alfrcy is painting the town red with sister Tassels giving moral -upporl. Above: A few songs add cheer for the football team at the training table. ' ' tLC ' CH-: I. nana .Nelson needs a big push from Anne Whitham when it ' s her turn to foot the hill. " Ml work and no iday " is not their motto as Tassels party with tlicir new -iioiisor, " .Mickey " .McPherson. Page 298 Tassels Familiar flashes of scarlet and cream reveal the welcome presence of the Tassels, pep personified on the campus. Inexhaustible energy, an eighty average, and unanimous approval by the members of this women ' s national pep organization are the require- ments for membership in Tassels. Their prime objective being the promo- tion of school spirit. Tassels are out in front cheering at games and rallies and join with the Corn Cobs in Homecoming arrangements. Tassels is also a service organization, selling tickets and publications and ushering at uni- versity convocations. Last-minute instructions for Homecoming are relayed fron Presi(]enl Harriet Quinn to tlie oilier Tassel officers. iJU ' ' Fifth roic: D. Alfrey, P. Harris, J. Wighlman, A. 1 ' . Illj.k, H. I,,,is|,,.i, li. K. U,,p|.. l. Mjnc., , V. lii. k, . R. Slcwart. Fourth row: S. King, E. Sampson. P. Ross, K. Rhodes, J. FaircliiW, S. Sliyken, C. Viele, M. Shopbell, J. Cochran, M. Mattox, M. Gibbs. Third row: P. Guhin. L. Best, S. Hartz, L. Baraesberger, M. Reynolds, S. Wendt, C. Adams, C. Worcester, P. O ' Donnell, D. Reagan. Second row: E. Hepperly, D. Bolyan, B. Beckner V. Fidel, M. Ferguson, G. Monson. M. Tepperman, K. Geist, S. Burton. Front row: B. Faw, L. Carter, S. Alexander, L. Gillett, L. Zahn, H. Quinn, M. .Mockctt. J. Farrar. J. Kellenbarger, J, Delamatre. Page 299 w A A W A col NCIL Second row: M. Collins. M. Falloon. R. Bennett. M. Miller. From row: K. Rapp. C. Austin. D. Meshicr, M. Lee, J. Branrh. Left: WAA Sports board Second ran : P. O ' Donneli. 1). Borpens. Front rnu : B. Van Evrrv. | ' . Bla. k. P. H. ke Bi-lon : W liitiaiiiiiral r.-|»resciitatives Stvond ran : Hylanrl. B. Wiisliinylun. J. Sage. M. Bauniann. L. Eriks.m. From row: . I.ostroli. P. 0 " I)..nnell, P. Hoke. B. Van Every. J. S. hur- niann. Page 300 Lejt: Officers Katy Rapp, Dort Messier, Minis Weeth and Cleo Austin discuss plans for footljall concessions and the intramural schedule. Peanuts . . . pop corn . . . cracker jacks . . . and cokes, all these are furnished by the WAA at Nebraska football games to raise funds for an extensive intranuiral program. The Women ' s Athletic association is a sportswoman ' s activity, promoting women ' s sports with emphasis upon soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, and swimming. Teams from all organized houses participate to vie for the WAA cup. Representatives from WAA clubs, sports, promotional and intramural divisions of the organization, and elected officers make up the WAA council, the administrative division of the association. Right: It ' s a strike in the making as Jane Traphagen shows her versatility in sports. Below: Sports seem to agree with these aquaquelles as they display their legs as an extra attraction. It takes little coaxing for Mims Weeth and Katie Rapp to recruit new WAA members. iJ Page 301 ■ » ' ) " ' ' : Lcll: (irace and prccisiiiii an- iciiiiirrd Id pi ' rf«ct llii- claiiic pallfin. !! ■ , Ill : Marion Kalloon. president of Oreliesis. and (iiliii inindii-rs of llie group strike an intri- cate pose. Oreliesis Swimming Club Above: Poised for the lalce-ofi and ready fm the gun, these acpiaijuettes looli determined to win. I.eil: .Su ' ininiing elul jiieniliers form a snowflake drsijiii in their annual water pageant. Page 302 IOTA SIGMA PI PHI CHI THETA Ahove: Iota Sigma Pi Second roll-: D. Teinplp, M. Jones, C. Ham. Front rou .• M- Clialmtpka, H. Benglson, R. Pi-lers, Belou: Phi Clii TUcla Second row: L. Hush, . Berends. N Weyenberg. J. Maloiie. G. Swansi Front row: M. WoisU-ger, J. Young. I. Conley, C. Erdman. Iota Sigma Pi Plii Clii Tlieta Women definitely " in the know " on to- day ' s scientific data are nienibers of Iota Sigma Pi, women ' s national chemistry hon- orary. An eighty-five weighted average is necessary for eligibility to membership in this charmed circle. Speakers and timely laboratory tours highlighted bi-weekly meetings throughout the year. While Avery lab remained the favorite haunt of these feminine embryo sci- entists, interest was directed far and wide. Iota Sigma Pi members enthusiastically pre- pared for diverse careers in an age of previ- ously unconceived scientific possibilities. A woman ' s world is the business world as well as the home in the eyes of Phi Chi Theta members. " Bizad " women of sopho- more or higher standing are eligible for membership in this honorary business soror- ity which promotes training, high ideals, and cooperation for women in business. Plii Clii Theta members were busy this year assisting with the placement bureau, a special service of the Business Administration College. For their effort, a gold key is awarded each year to the member of the sorority who is most outstanding nationally in scholarship, leadership, and general ability. Page 303 Third row: M. Crook. B. Rowland, B. Weible. Second roiv: S. Storz, N. Ander son. J. Kerrigan, J. Jensen. Front ran: R. Willnuin. P. Mortlock, A. Stava. Theta Si ma Phi Uniting women in journalism, both under- graduates and those in the professional field, is the purpose of Theta Sigma Phi, women ' s journalism honorary. Theta Sigs constantly are striving toward l)etter working conditions and professional ciilhusiasni in their field. Theta Sigma Phi was founded in 1909 at the University of Washington and has gained liigh recognition nationally. Newly chosen pledges are jerked from bed Ivy Day morning and invited to membership at the annual Theta Sig breakfast. Abon ' -. V rr Mnillmk takes licr pn iiliiu -.crioiisly as -111- ilu-cks over Iwr Tlicla Sig irp(iri wliilr ileit to right) irlis Stava, lidlilic Kowlanil and Knili W illniaii look on. Ilrlo,,-: llifili mIhiuI -tuilcnl- al tin- MISI ' A c.inlrifnce rrici c a fi ' H xaliialili ' | iiinli-r- frdni ill. -la Si;; nwnil)ers. Page 304 Third row: L. Gillett, J. Branch, N. Lowry, M. McElhaney. Second row: J. Cochran, D. Borgens, S. Sabin, J. Wiyhtman, J. Malone. Front row: J. Fankliauser, N. Gish. M. Dye, J. Beck, B. Jackson. Coed Counselors A girl ' s best friend is her Coed Counselor. As early as last summer freshmen coeds were receiving letters about university life and acquainting them with the campus. One hundred and forty-five " Big Sisters " were on the job to assist during registration, sponsor Charm school and book reviews, and escort their charges to the freshman party. Friendship dinner, and Christmas tea. Headed by Mary Dye, the Coed Counselors climaxed the year by sponsoring the annual Penny Carnival. Above: Admiring " little sisters ' " take time out for a chat with Prexy Mary Dye. at the annual freshman party. Below: Coed Counselors Jeanie Sampson and Torchy Rediger relax after their registration duties to talk to Don Bloom and Joel Bailey, two new students at the university. Page 305 fnurlh row: L. Lewieit. M. Heit. H. Oclisner. M. Myhre. D. Pedersen, J. Jensen, D. Bowman. M. Castner. Third row: H. Horloii, M. Tolinaii, 1 ' . Koss. S. Bjorklund, M. Pratt, M. Cliace, E. Schoen. D. Riiilisil. Second row: M. Bohaboy, K. Conway, M. Feriiiison, M. Arthaiid. P. Ludlow. R. Fisclicr. M. Beran, G. High. E. Sperling. tront row: V. I.ainpshire. W. EUctii, D. Johnson. L. Lnrk, P. Flapp, M. Constantinidi-s. ' . Endres. M. Barney. Home Ee Club Development of leadership, cooperation, and a professional attitude among home ec- students is the purpose of the Home Eco- nomics club. This year ' s Foreign Fellowship student, sponsored by the " Club, " came from far-away Greece. In past years, students have c ome from Syria and Brazil. The Home Ec club also maintains a loan fund for students in this field. The one hun- dred-fifty members of this group sponsor an annual spring style show and the Goddess of Agriculture election. Page 306 lirluii: Willi Pris Klafifi at liie helm, anil with the assist- ance of Marianne Sri), vice-president; Lillian Lock, secre- tary; Ddiina Gorhaiii, treasurer; anil Donna Lu Johnson, lii-toriaii. llie honiemaking spirit is kept alive. Above: The memory of Ellen H. Richards is carried on as these Home Ec majors eat someone ' s cooking other than their own. of the Greens Christmas cheer heams from the fares of Marian iMcElhaney. Kay Worcester. Nancy Lowry. ami Mary Esther Andersen as they welcome Gloria Pinney and Liz Schneider to the Hanging of the Greens at Ellen Smith Hall where YWCA mem- bers and their guests decorate for the holiday season. .Shan Schnittker and Bernice oung con- verse with Fraulein Hulda Zarnack, president of the German YWCA. " Noel, Noel " echoes through the halls of Ellen Smith and lends more holiday spirit to the Hanging of the Greens. ; nne Figge. Dorothy Ichinaga. Dorothy Lord, Jean Malone. and Jan Nutzman know that the Christmas season is never complete without the traditional color- full) ' decorated pine tree. Page 307 _Beauty Quern of the NU beauties pliitUi by Norman Case I I.ejt: Jolin RoliiTl Powers, famous New ork model agency liearl. had llie final word in seleiting the Nebraska beauty ([ueens. Helow: Pondering over a diffirult decision are the judges. Ir. Lorenzo Donarico. Miss Lillian Anderson and Mr. Ben. Stepping from a huge heart to reign as queens of local pulchritude were the six beauty queens. Presented by their escorts at the Student Foundation Valentine Tea dance, these girls enjoyed a day of glory as the most beautiful coeds on Nebraska ' s campus. Forty-six girls representing tJie " cream-of-the-crop " were judged on carriage, poise, general appearance, and facial beauty by Mr. Lorenzo Donarico, well-known Omaha hair stylist. Miss Lillian Anderson, beautician at Gold ' s depart- ment store, and Mr. Ben, local hair stylist. Then there were twelve! John Robert Powers, head of the New York modeling agency, picked the six Nebraska beauty queens from unidentified photos of the twelve final- ists. Proud of their beauty, the University of Nebraska hails the 1948 beauty queens! Above: These twelve beauty (|ueen finalists are all smiles, and why -liuuldn ' t they he? Below. . the Valentine Tea dance, these lovelies were presented by the Student Foundation as Nebraska ' s l)eauty queens. Page .310 Cornhusker Court MISS HOISBE UkJARNETTE Neliiaska City, Nebraska MISS JANICE WILSON l.iiiroln. Nebraska MISS CAROLYN WESTERVELT Lincoln, Nebraska MISS NANCY GLYNN Lincoln, Nebraska MISS SHIRLEY WYSS Stratlon, Nebraska MISS KAY MENKE Lexington, Nebraska MISS ELINOR LYKKE Grand Island, Nebraska MISS SHERRY SWANSON Omaha, Nebraska MISS JOAN McMAHON Falls City, Nebraska MISS JOANNE PATTON Omaha, Nebraska MISS PRISCILLA KWUDSEN Benson, Minnesota book y organization Intervarsity Christian Fellowsliip Hjlli roti : I. Carlson. P. Anderson. V. Nilson. E. Nilson. R. Mi Is, H. t-u.lit. K. Andersen. fuurlh row: K. Nielsen. R. Mitchell. M. Ortegren A. Carlsson. B J.dnison. W. Bergeren, D, Holmberg. W, Ganeilish. Third rou: M. May, T. Mansfield. R. Mansfield. R. Johnson. C. Lohrenz. V. Guslafson. S. Copley, Second roif: I.. Cook, G. HauKarth, M. .Anserod. F. Forsberg, F. Swarlwoud. D. Henion, B, Ebbers, W. .Atkinson. Front row: V. Nelson, C. Shipman, N. CouU, .M. Gustefson, A Liakos. O. Olson, N, Holmberg. R. Mills, The IVCF is an inter-denominational religious group, organized for the sole pur- pose of stressing a vital faith in Christ as the only positive successful way of life. The Nebraska chapter was founded in the fall of 1945 and now has an informal mem- bership of sixty-five students. The group ' s activities included weekly meetings, monthly social events, and a week-end retreat to a summer camp in April. The officers for the year were: Myron Gustafson. president; Charles Shipman, vice-president; Angeline Liakos, secretary; and Orvin Olson, treas- urer. I.vit. l Jii: Willi tiiaiu I upalilt ' song inasleis. ihe 1 CK siii s enthusiastiralK al lliiir meetings. Bottom: Behind lliose masks lie many a smiling face. The costume party was hailed as a huge success hy all attending. Page 320 Lutheran Student Association Third row: L. Keini. V. lljssiiipycr, C. Klebbe, A. Pfterseii. K. Wilson. V. Larscn. Seconl rotv: G. Monson. I. Briese. L. Spease. G. Hanson. E. Jensen. D. Sellin. C. Cliaillie. Front row: t. Thornblail, I). Niedentlial. V. Damkrocer, A. Duerscliner. E. Bargman, R. Nelson, H. Nygren. R. Bridenbaugh. The Lutheran Student association is an organization for the 800 students from the churches of the National Lutheran council attending the University of Nebraska. Two such groups are active, with centers at 1440 Q, for main campus students, and at 1200 North 37, for ag students. Christian friendship is the key word that describes these LSA groups, which, in addi- tion to the regular Sunday evening meeting, promote fellowship in group discussions, parties, and Bible hours. The Lutheran student choir, men ' s and women ' s athletic teams, dramatics, and deputations offer a varietv of interests to LSA members. Above: A group around the piano adds an informal note at the Lutheran student house. Below: Vera Duerschner. June Koskan and Rudy Nelson recall pleasant memories as they leaf through the LSA scrapbook. Page 321 KAPPA I ' Hl f.illli ran: S. BroiiniM. M. M.ill..,k F. Norris. P. l ' .l,TS.-ii. I). M.-Aiil(%. (.. Cri.-li.-l. Fourlh rau : 1). l ' .-) ir, H. (.Innii.;. k. M. rliillips. 1 ' . Ku.ur. C. l.uraax. I). I)c»iy. 1). ri.ilf.r. riiirti run; B. .Slr.iii k . K. K.-iH. W. Yoiinc B. Ehbcrs, I ' . Ols.m M. Sielcr. J. Parscns, D. l Ii,-.l.i. Sfton. ' on; H. M.- .t. J. Diici.k. H. Pril L-r. C. Jovrc, A. H,ill. M. Bov.l.lim. M. Wilburii. From r m: M. C.iplliiis. K. Anilniira. G. M.iMiv, I.. Mi.hluiii, I.. Kn dahl, E. Williaiim. iMrs. Ccurec aponsur. 0. Paec Hpt " Methodist Student House The Methodist student house, the home of Reverend Richard Nutt. student pastor, and his family, is always open to students for social functions, jiroup meetings, or per- sonal coulerences. The |)n)gram of the Wesley foundation is planned and executed i)y the Methodist student coinicil. headed by Pat Neely. Regular functions were a " Friendly Friday " informal jjet-together and the " University of Life " at St. Paul ' s on Sunday evenings. Kappa Phi. Methodist girls ' cluli. meets at the Student House. It was lormcd in 1916 at Kansas University. The president this year was Leila Molthan. Left, tup: Tlic I iiliinrl iiiriii|]iT of llir r-lc Fouiidalion iiit ' c ' lo plan lln- " l iiiMr-il ol l.ilc " al !. faiil ' -. HnlUim: " Little Kill " pail ]Mi- aiU with appiopi iatt ' iiwluiur- tftr " lIu- ocia inn. I ' age 322 The l)cautifiil Presbyterian student houj e. located on the city eatn[ius. is always open to -tuilents for fun or work. Presbyterian Student House Presby house was full of laughter, woi ' k, thought, and worship this year. Sam Maier, the friendly university p astor, guided the students through this full program. Each Sunday evening fireside forums were held, followed by buffet suppers with outstanding speakers on world affairs, reli- gion, and marriage. The house was always open during the week for a quick game of ping pong, a chance to read the papers, or a chat with Sam and his new assistant, Jane Avery. The chapel was always a quiet place for meditation. Presby house was truly our " home away from home " ! Right, top: The students enjoy the refreshments served at one of the Sunday evening get-togethers at the Presby house. Bottom: A quartet of cooks makes mountains of sandwiches for hungry Presby students. Page 323 Newman Club Si ma Eta Chi Organized in non-Catholic colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, the New- man cluh emphasizes Catholic culture and fellowship. The first Newman club was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1934 and now i)oasts 350 active members. Purposes of the club are identical with its activities — religious, educational, cul- tural, and social, in order of importance. The Very Reverend Msgr. George Schuster is the chaplain and moderator. The meml)ers of Sigma Eta (]hi are women students whose ideals are in har- mony with the aims of the Congregational Christian churches. Under the leadership of president Elizabeth Jeanne Estes, the group planned and carried out such activi- ties as Luchnokaia, a candle lighting cere- mony held in the spring, the Silver tea, and a Founders ' day dinner. A national project fostered by tlie group is the Lottsbruh Community school in Ten- nessee. NEWMAN ClAB Fourth row: H. Luchlel. R. Bradley. P. Vcrsc-h. D. Josch, G. Fralto. J. Milli-r. Tliinl ,i„r: A.,1. S. Kniglil. M. ArlhuuJ. B. McDonald. M. Arlhaiid, iM. Conuraii. P. Crosseroile. Second row: K. J. Morris. H. Ferris, M. E. Morris, J, Brundge, E, S.lioll. M., J. J. Young, M, McCurdy. From row: 1 . Tninihle, J. UeWiiH, J, Foster, R. Menuey. M. E. Srhroeder. J. l)n«d. Mi r. G. Srliusler. SIGMA El A CHI Third row: J. Weaver, B, Easl, P. Burl, S. Bolen, E, Goree. M. Estes. L. Pierce. Second row: L. M. Brijnken. B. Maser, 1). lilies, J. Z,il..l. II. Oj- ' le. , I. Biirkcii.lchl. N. Grafton, Front roa : R. J. Bates. M. L. Thompson, E. J. Estes, D, Johnston, J. Pierce. J. Pickerel, NEWMAN CLUB t . . r IK " . ( 13. .- j-Jii C j iTjPJ Pv» L ' C cmL j[fm l - pyM Kt .SIGMA KTA cm f I ' age 324 Gamma Delta Cosmopolitan Club Gamma Delta, an international organi- zation for Lutheran students, was founded in 1928 by a synodical conference to train Lutheran students for Christian service in the church and the world, and to foster a thorough study of the Bible. The Nebraska chapter, headed by Dick Schleusener, was host to other members of Gamma Delta at the national convention held on the campus in Novemlier. Reverend H. Erck, university pastor, was sponsor for the group. Dedicated to the promotion of friendship and understanding among the different peo- ples of the world, the Cosmopolitan club was started on the campus in the spring of 1946. The club is open to all interested foreign and American students and has become a replica of world-wide cosmopolitan forces trying to integrate national groups. Fifty members, representing the four corners of the world, meet each week to exchange ideas and inter- ests. Programs are given to familiarize the group with once unfamiliar countries. GAMMA DELTA TMrd roil : V. Kamralh. A. Slruinpler. L. Buethc. H. CInystein. B. Hollhus. A. Brauer. R. Sloller. E. Tegtmeier. S,!con,l nm : R. Belke, R. Lallnian. E. Bamr,- licreer. E. Ou.j. M. Hause. L. Brunkow. A. OsHriiian. E. RnrgliT. E. Lisius. Fronr roH : R. Diinklau. D. Ceve. L. Bamrsberger. R. Schleusener. Rev. H. Erck, S. Wendt. H. Echtenkainp. D. Roltsmeier. R. Miller. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Third row: N. Scolt, V. Nilson, A. Pclemitis, E. Scholl. E. Cedeon, A. Ruiz, D. Innis. M. Tan. Second rou : M. All. P. Anderson, I. Sasali. M. Hagaman, R. Mans- field. H. Shalimirzady, S. Sookdeo, M. Navidi. J. Ranisaran. W. Berlie, C. Rezai. Ironl row: T. Turegun. J. Levi. R. R.ini.lin. M. Chappel). S. Reza. T. Mansfield. I. Fard. D. Lidolph. F. Ganjei. GAMMA DELTA COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Page 325 Innocents (Jiilslaiuliii oil llie taiiipns in scliolaisliip. leadersliip. and service aic llie Innocents, ■ J senior lionoraiy society for men. Chosen ■ ««f from junior candidates in an election hy ■ junior and senior men, thirteen meml)ers are w S j tapped each Ivy Day hy the active niemhers. M W j Instigated at Nebraska in 1903, the group is uniquely Nel)raskan. kiSH HS A The Innocents strengthen Nebraska tradi- ■mM tions and slimiilate school spirit by sponsor- s anley Johnson, president of ing the H o m e c o m i n g decorations and the the Innocents " society for ' 47- " 48. Junior-Senior Prom, and supervising student elections. It is the aim of this group to act as a connecting link Ijetween the university administration, the faculty, and the student body. Seionil row: Martin IVsek, Dick Lahr. Lee While. Rod Franklin. I)i k I ' ldiLi. llnndaraii. Fr wl row: Diiane Vlnnlcr. Ni ' d Kami. Cenrpr Miller. (:iiarle lirim. .lack 11111. Kif; Flan;;. jPage 326 .- ' Above: .Solemn and somber, the Innoeenl ' - society gather together for a pic- ture immediately after the Ivy day ceremonies at which thirteen new mem- bers were tapped. Above: Lee While takes a " liard fall " as he is tackled from behind by one of 1947 ' s Innocents. Below: Stanley Johnson, president, presides over the week- ly meeting of the " mysterious thirteen. " Page 327 Mortar Board Receiving the highest non-academic honor offered to women at the University of Ne- Y braska, twenty outstanding juniors, the maxi- IPl mum number, were masked in the annual Mortar Board ceremonies on Ivy day. Junior A— IP women are selected eacli year hy the active I T members of Mortar Board on the basis of l flMp scholarship, leadership, and service. A na- m tional honorary society for senior women, Mortar Board is represented on the university . Hi campus by the Black Masque chapter. Joyce Geddes. president ol the Black Masque chapter ol Mortar Board. The annual Mortar Board ball in the fall. a scholarship tea in the spring for women of high scholarship, and the presentation of the May Queen on Ivy day are the highlights of this active organization ' s work during the year. j Thud roil : J.niniit- A.:kerniun. Priwcillu FlanK. Murria Mocki ' tt. Betlv Jean Holconib. H. erh Jackson. Arli- PattL-iM.n. Second row: Mary Dye. Bctli NocrcnbPrK, Joiin Kuiikhaii«t r. Lorruint- l.undf ry mi, IliTiiii-t- Yininj;. Mary Esllicr AiidcTHOii. Front rate Shirley Schnittker. Marianne Srb. Mnry Ann Campbell. Marian Wecth. Jean Compton. Harriet Quinn, Elizabeth Ciirlr Page 328 ' ' iiHi tliiiir: I III- IVKi-Hn. in.iiiii.i- of Mortar Hciai.l ii-r with the 20 girls i-lio-.-n to wear llie black robe and mast|ue tor 1947-1948. Below: The Mortar Boarrls, also known as " Motor lioats. ilial «ith each other before going to their weekly meeting. Above: Both pleased and surprised! At Ivy day ceremonies Beth Noerenberg is revealed as another Mortar Board for 1947-1948. Page 329 Phi Beta Kappa Plii Beta Kappa, undergraduate honorary scholastic fraternity, was organized to encour- age high scholarship among the students and graduates in colleges in the United States. Only those in the upper one-tenth to the upper one-sixth of the senior graduating class are eligible for membership. Founded at William and Mary College in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest college society of its kind and has an unequalled national record of 70,000 acti ve members. It was the first honorary fraternity to appear on the Nebraska campus. Alpha chapter being organized in 1896. Edward Barrett Janice C. Beck Helen R. Bengslon Mildred R. Breuer Lois Chantry Mary J. Chappell l.illa 11. Knf; lalil Uelbert I). Fix E. M. Gershater Leslie A. Guildncr Ernest 11. Hancdik Robert W. Hansen Marjorie H. Harrison Lewis J. Hubka, Jr. Stanley L. Johnson Esther M. Lisius John McCorkle Elizabeth McHenry Patricia J. Neeh Asako A. Oita Donald C. Patterson Beth Ramey Hans Ratli Robert G. Scoville LeRoy E. Seaver Elmer D. Sprague, J r. Marilyn Stahl Norman D. Sundberg Dorothy M. Temple Robert G. Thoinpson Clarence D. Tunberg Ernest A. Yeck, Jr. Page 330 Si ma Xi Sigma Xi, organized at Cornell University in 1886, endeavors to encourage original investigation in pure and applied science. Eighty-two chapters now form the national organization. The Nebraska chapter was established in 1897. Members of the staff of the university who have shown noteworthy achievement as investigators in some branch of science, and students who have shown unusual aptitude for scientific research are eligible for election to active membership. New members are chosen from a list of names suggested by the several scientific departments of the university. Harvey L. Anderson Ronald E. Anderson Edward Barrett Helen R. Bengston Monna J. Beyer Dale C. Blomstroni Hugh D. Brvan Irvin C. Chmelir Charles Cook John W. Ervin Delbert D. Fix Harold B. Frost Harold D. Fuehring Catherine Ham Ernest W. Hancock Sherod A. Harris Jeo A. Hrnicek Lewis J. Hubka. Jr. Stanley L. Johnson Virgil A. Johnson Emerson Jones. Jr. Calvin J. King Otto A. Krai William S. Kramer Lewis A. Kremer Ralph Luebs Elizabeth McHenry Robert L. McKenzie Rodney D. Moss Patricia J. Neely Ned S. Raun Paul E. Ruhter Roger E. Sandsted Donald R. Scott Howard B. Shirley Leroy W. Stoesz Richard A. Stonesifer Howard S. Teague Robert G. Thompson Loren M. Toohey Richard T. Ward Wesley L. Williams Donald W. Zieeler Page 331 Beta Gamma Si ma Members of Beta Gamma Sigma, national lioiioraiy fraternity, are chosen from the up- per ten per cent of the graduating class in the College of Business Administration. The purpose of this society is to encour- age more students to enter the College of Commerce and Finance and to foster high ideals in business. Founded in 1913, this organization was originally restricted to men; however, in 1922, by joining with honorary business sororities, women became eligible for membership under the same requirements as men. John R. Baas Edward F. Bartle Norma L. Berends Glen M. Blinde David N. Borden Neil E. Bratt Irvin S. Briese James M. Cohen Leon i. Folh Barton II. (Jreenberg Holand K. Hermann Warren R. Hinze Edwin L. Kaderli Maribeth Kearney Robert R. Koudele Paul T. Kuhlman Arthur E. Landon Robert E. Larson William E. Millner Roi)prt A. Moomaw Kenneth V. Moore George E. Otte J ihn U. Pflug George R. Polski Charles R. Purdv Leo B. Ramer Harold R. Scheve Theodore L. Schoettger Benjamin Schwartz Blain C. Turley Joyce K. Tyson James E. Zoubek Page 332 Alpha Ome a Alpha To encourage honesty and the spirit of medical research is the aim of Alpha Omega Alpha, honorary medical society. Founded in 1902 at the University of Illinois, Alpha chapter was organized at the Nebraska Col- lege of Medicine in 1914. Fourth-year medical students, either men or women, who are in the upper one-sixth of their class and show promise of leadership in some phase of medicine may be admitted by a unanimous vote of the active chapter. The fraternity meets to discuss scientific information in an attempt to elevate medical standards. Charles G. Beede WilHam M. Fitch Charles LeRoy Hedberg Clarence R. Heidenreich Billv .1. Hill Robert B. Kalmaiisohii Russell J. Mclntire Murray Franklin Minthorn Clitus W. Olson George L. Schulnick Charles J. Tapper Page 333 Si ma Tau Tlie top students in the upper one-third of tlie JLinior or senior class of the College of Engineering form Sigma Tau, national hon- orary engineering fratei ' nity- These mem- hers are chosen on the liasis of scholarship, professional interest, and sociability, and upon the approval of three niemhers of the engineering iaculty. Service to engineering education was a motivating force in its foundation by a group of upper-classmen at the University of Ne- braska in 1904. Sigma Tau now has twenty- five chapters in the United States, and 12,650 members in its organization Harvey L. Anderson Fred H. Bailey Nathaniel Beezley Walter Bergstraesser James A. Biba Weston D. Birdsall Hale C. Blomstroni Dick P. Bresee Eldon E. Claphani Richard V. Clements Irwin Cone Robert Coonley John W. Cover Dun B. Crandall Norman ( ' ,. Dodson Cecil J. Doubt liarl D. Elwonger Ceorge R. Hebbe (fCoruc I ' ox Harold R. Frost Robert b. Gessner Richard M. Green William R. Guiou Raymond H. Heller Don Hendrickson Floyd H. Henson Paul H. Henson Inge Rolf Isaksen James K. Jensen Warren II. Jensen Fdvvard (i. Kaiser Charles C. Kellogg Everett S. Kersey Calvin Josejjh King Otto A. Krai Lewis A. Kremer Wilbur I,. Kroger Frank C. Kuska Wilbur E. Lehnert Carl L. Leonard Homer Leymaster Jack S. Manion Howard W. Mastalir Donald 0. McCarthy Lloyd Melick Paul E. Murfin Keith N. Newhouse Lachlan Ohman George A. 01iv ' Burman F. Olson Orvin H. Olson Robert A. ()ls,,ii Charles R. Patton John 1). Peck Frederick Leo Peitoii lr in L. Reis Diinald (). IxicliardsoM Robert D. Robinson Richard E. Rosenbaum Paul Ruhter Dale A. Schafersman Ralph N. Scheldt Wayne W. Scott Leo H. Soderholm Richard A. Stoiiesifer Arthur A. Stutheit Wayne B. Swift Donald H. Temme Herbert C. Temme Charles R. Tomek Edwin I ' hricli Albert A. Walla Robert W. Watson Jack D. White Jack L. Wilkins Joe Lee Wilson Cla ton G. Zldiiike Page 334 Alpha Lambda Delta Leading the freshman women scholasti- cally are the members of Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary scholarship sorority. Any freshman girl of high character enrolled in the University of Nebraska, carrying at least twelve credit honrs, and making, during the first semester or year, an average of 90 or above is eligible for membership. The organization strives to promote liigli scholarship among incoming freshman women and encourages its members to retain their high scholastic rating throughout their course. Upper right: anila Young, president of Alpha Lambda Delta, reads a letter to the rest of the officers. Lower right: The newly initiated members of Alpha Lambda Delta gather together for an informal meeting in Ellen Smith Hall. Third ,„„ : i. II,..,, 11. J. K,-a!;an. M. Gr.llf, M. Bratl. C. H.iirukson. M, Jon.-, I,. EnS ' iahl Second rnu : B. Noereiibtrs. E. Wolpli. P. Brown. M, Ceiilry, A. Lostroti, D. LiJolpli, M. iMiEtljanc Fir t row; .M. Webber, C, Stiepard, M, Church. W. Young. M. Stegeman, M. Eidam. E. Paustian. Page 335 Above: New idea-; are continually lieing aililed by lliese meniliers of Pi Lambda Thela lo their leaching methods. Helou: I ' hyllis Warren and Mary Dye take notes given lo them by the faculty advisor at a Pi Lambda Thela meeting. Pi Lambda Theta Jmiiui. senior, and graduate women are eligiljle for membership in Pi Lambda Theta, professional honorary organization for women in education. The purpose of this society is to foster cooperation among women in the teaching profession. This is accomplished by keeping its members informed of the progress in ed- ucation and helping them prepare to meet the problems which will confront them as teach- ers. This national sorority was established at the University of Missouri in 1917. The Omicron chapter was installed on the Ne- braska campus in 1923. riiinl r„u : 1.. tnl . A. H.iii..-. l. Mulw.ii.-y. K. Nicliolsoii. E. (..wi . Sfi-nnd low: P. Waiifinan, J. Dalryiiiplt-. N. Kcc-kcwcy. h. Eiit:(laiil. I . Wurrr-ii. M. AinliTKcn. f ' irat row: M. Dye, S. Leeka. K. Frankforter, M. Cullinn, H. HaKeimick, M. Marku!iHL-ii. C. Licdlkf. Page 336 Alpha Zeta Members of Alpha Zeta. national honor- ary agricultural fraternity, are chosen for leadership qualities, for high moral character, and for scholastic ability which placed them in the upper two-fifths of their class for three semesters. The purpose of this fraternity is to pro- mote interest in agriculture as a profession and to create and develop a spirit of friend- ship among its members. To become a member of this organization, a student must receive the unanimous ap- proval of the advisory council and the faculty members of the society. Psi Chi The Nebraska chapter of Psi Chi is a charter member of the national honorary psychology society. Founded at New Haven, Connecticut, in 1929, Psi Chi was originally a project of the American Psychological asso- ciation. Members are selected from graduate stu- dents and from capable juniors and seniors in psychology. The aim now is to foster high scholarship and perpetuate interest in psy- chology among its members. This is accom- plished by debating on current psychological issues, giving book reports, and presenting nationally-known speakers at their meetings. ALPHA ZETA PSI CHI ABOVE : Third rou : H. Teagiie, Second rotv: W. Furrei Front ruw: D. Syl e lei D. Baier. D. Nal.rstedl. D. Slaudfr. R. R. AnJersoi., C. Hanson, R. MiDill. V. . K. Walil5lr.,ni. L. MailJncks. N. Raiin. l.uebs, N. Kvililman, W, Alljcrl. 1. CliriK lii. Johnson. D. Fnote, W. En-in, J. Shafer. R. Saiidalt d. L. Bedke. C. Brim. J. Sears, E. Meyer. BELOW: Third ran: tt. J. Arnold. Second ruu : . Oita, M. Mockett, G. Crothe, L. Landeryou. front row: D. Chapin, M. A. Johnson, S. Corapton, C. Kepler, M. Page 337 J. Cliappc ll Phi Upsilon Omicron Omicron Nii Tops on the agiicultural campus are the national home efoiiomic honorary societies, Phi Upsilon Omicron and Omicron Nu. Se- lected hy faculty and ac tive members, stu- dents are admitted to memhership on the basis of high scholarship, pleasing personal- ity, and leadership ability. It is the aim of these two organizations to promote a professional spirit in their mem- bers and to prepare them for future careers in the vocation of home economics. Gamma Mu Theta Gamma Mu Theta, a local honorary so- rority for women in pre-med, was organized on the Nebraska campus in 1938. Eligibility is based upon scholarship and interest in the medical profession shown during the first year in college. During the year, the group took trips in Lincoln to tlie Orthopedic hospital, the State Hospital for the Insane, and the Lincoln clinic. In Onudia they visited the College of Medicine. PHI IPSILON OMICRON AND OMICRON NU GAMMA MU TIIF.TA Pagr 338 1) )VE; ritird rotv: M. Clialmipku. L. Ln.k. . J. Mii-snn. . J,, kiiinry. P. FlapB- Srcond coir: M. Lynt-ss, M. Rrynnlils, J. CiUJis. L. Wahlslroni. B. Yoiini:, J- Itc.lic-ils Front foir; I.. Tluirfinnson, F. Armohl, V. Kovarik. J. Cliilfiiiist. M. Ciiyg . DELOW: Second row: A. SliunliT. S. BiTmlcin. 0. liaac k. H. Midillctun, M. Smilll. front tow: P. Necly, R. A. Warner. SpuiiBur; D. Boylan, J. Smith, K. A. Pi Mu Epsilon Sigma Delta Clii The Nebraska Alpha Chapter of this national honorary mathematics fraternity was chartered in 1928. Any student who has shown distinction in the study of mathe- matics, and who has completed courses in- volving integral and differential calculus is eligible for membership. Each member, in his pledge, promises to give his best efforts to the improvement of his scholarship in all of liis studies and research, especially in mathematics. Prizes were given by the or- ganization for liigh scholarship in mathemat- ics. Martha Jones was president and Miss Lulu Runge was faculty advisor for 1947- 1948. Sigma Delta Chi is a professional jour- nalism organization for men. It was founded at DePauw University in 1909 for the purpose of helping journalism students equip them- selves to become members of the profession. Sigma Delta Chi had three main activities for the year. They co-sponsored the fall awards banquet with the Theta Sigma Phi ' s, and in the spring, the two organizations co- sponsored the high school journalism conven- tion. The third main activity for the year was to offer critical service to high school news- papers. PI MU EPSILON SIGMA DELTA CHI AliUVE; Tlnril rau.: L. Rile, K. Qiiisenbcrr) . U. AuJersuij, H. Kr.isl, D. Uloii.slium. R. Scheijl. D. Jlesnci. Second row: H. Leymaster, M. Monioda, J. Thompson, W. Bade, D. Wiggans. C. Frederiek, K. Newhoiise. C. Olive, D. Bresee, Front row: R. Thompson, M. Laniuree, M, Eh!ers, E. Pool, J, -Beck, M, Jones, S. Delisi. K. Leonard, R. McKenzie. BELOW : Third roiL.: W. Panko. R. Cribble. J. Bcrgslrom, C. Kaiilnian. Second row: D. Fahrnbrueh, R. Jeffrey, F. Rail. J. Larson, C. Speidel. Front row: R. Stewart, S. Bradley, C, Miller, B. Hope, B. Foshier. Page 339 Nu Med The forerunner of Nu Meil. the Nebraska Medical society, was louiuled in Ifi94. In 1913. when the Collet e of Medicine was moved to Omaha, the society ' s name was changed to Nu-Med. The purpose of this organization is to create and stimulate inter- est in the medical field and to ])rovide social contacts for pre-med students. The outstanding event of their year takes place each spring at the traditional banquet, when a gold key. known as the Nu-Med award, is presented to the outstanding pre- med freshman. 4-H With in( ' tnb( r lii|) limited to students en- rolled ill llic (]oi(lege of Agricutlure who be- longed to 4-H (lulls in high school, the Uni- versity 4-H (lull trains its members to be future leaders in other groups of its kind. The organization, named for the essentials in its motto — Head, Hand, Heart, Health — sponsors a 4-H club week for high school club members from all parts of the state in an effort to [iromote interest in the University of Nebraska and its 4-H club. ABOVK: Third row: E. Powell Adviser. A. Brauer, M. Mnskovitz. J. Tyner. P. Anderson. R. Koza. D. Frascr, R. Baker. Seroitd rou : S. Jrdinson, W. Bennett, P. Neely, L. Ziirovs Ki. H. Winer. N. Pierre. S. Dworsky, B. Magid. Front rote; R. Weltrs. 1. Chesen. S. VnnBercen. T. Lehinah, E. Hancock. S. Malaslmrk. R. Johnson. J. Smith. BELOW : Fiflli roic: M. Eiberger, D. Kiiska. P. Grabouski. E. Jensen. H. Beerniann. E. Jensen. L. Reliineier. L. Halsey. V. Ganzel. E. Ross. J. Mnnre. Fourlh row: R. Stoller. E. Quiclev. D. Perry. D. Smith. M. Pratt. S. Bjorklund. R. llri.lenl.augh. A. Stoppkolte. C. Rieke. D. Diiey. Third rou: I.. Velte. B. Con.niins J. Stoppkatte. R. Blessing. R. Crom. B. Gillespie, M. Arthaiid. .M. Arthand, M. Beavers. M. Nelson. Second row: B Peregrine, D. Duey, E, Sperling, M, Johnson, P, Ludlow. C. Fiala. B. Stark. D. Eberhart. V, Burbank. W. Foster. Front row: C. Hi..lon, «. Smith. D. Holslein, D. Sellin, L. Wahlstrom, L Liljegren, M. Boettgcr. H. Ochsner. C. Davis. S. Lux. Page 340 PI TAU SIGMA DELIAN UNION ABOVK: Third row: W. Birdsall, J. While. I. Ki-is. M. Bailey. C. Dygert, W. Lehnert, H. Mesll. Second row: J. K. Jensen, W. R. Guinu, A. A. Walla. S. Hanel. C. R. Patton. K. N. Newiumse, H. Leyiiiaslei. S. D Wall. Fron! row: B. Walker. E. Claplianu C. Flebbe. .N. Barnard. M. Pneschl. R. Watson. R. Srheidl. BELOW: Second roti : A. Johnston. J. Ellis. H. Johns. J. Wisner. front row: V. Robertson. W. Schultz. J. Lind. L. Hyde. 1. Ellis. Pi Tau Si ma Delian Union Pi Tau Sigma, honorary engineering fra- ternity, was reactivated last fall after three inactive war years. The object of the frater- nity is to foster high ideals in the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in co-ordinate departmental activities, and to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members. Members are chosen from junior and senior mechanical engineering students who have demonstrated sound engineering ability, scholarship, and personality. During the year the annual award for scholarship recognition was given to the sophomore with the highest average. The Delian Union Literary society is formed from two of the oldest non-fraternal organizations at the University of Nebraska. Originally the Delian society and Union society, they were merged in 1931. The society ' s aim is to promote more interest in writing. This past year the society spon- sored a short story writing contest for all un- affiliated students. Social life for Delian Union varied from a banquet sponsored by the alums to a picnic in the spring at which the active members were the guests. The liusiness meetings were presided over by Harold Johns, President, and David Moore, Vice-President. Page 341 tourlh rtm: S. C nc. H. Cr«ig. J. Tavlor. R. R.nrmuinl. li. I ' irrcf. W. Kvkir D. Jnlinslon. Thitd tow: L. Vruoli. G. Mcliuron. I.. IVursoii. R. Bnilcv. W. I xill. J. MiCnrklc R. Willii.anii. L. MoI bt. Srcond row: U. Ludwi.k. J. Gilpin. J. Uavi». L. Bruiikpii. M. Kkbln.l. R. Moj,. H. Mcyir. .M. FionI roil-: C. Grimes. E. Rlisli. M. Chun h. R. M.K.-i.«ir. K. B,.« I. Cm.-. J. Top: GalliercH arounil for an afternoon of nui-ii-. tlir Pallailians rrlax in some of llieir free monienls. Ihillnm: The annual spring formal adrleil lo llie Micial aclMties for Palladian. Palladian Founded two months after the university, Palladian Literary society is the oldest or- ganized groii]) on the campus. Their aim is not only to ■ " furnish social life and promote good fellowship " but to " encourage high scholarship and promote university citizen- ship. " The society is open to all interested students. Outstanding Palladian events this year have l)ccii the clianccllor speaking on aloinic energy. Chief Justice Sinnnons discussing llic judicial system of Hussia. the winter dinnci dance, the spring formal, the Christmas jiarty. ihe sueclhearl dance, and the oratorical con- test. The hall, which was paid for and fur- nished by Palladians when the Temple was built, is used for studying, playing ping pong. )|- iiisl relaxini; bcluccn classes. I ' aKf 342 USA h n With a fall get-together held in the Student Union, the Unaffiliated Student asso- ciation initiated its program for greater cooperation among harb groups and greater social opportunity for unorganized students. In Octoijer the council sponsored an hour dance for member clubs, featuring the Miller combo. Highlighting November ' s activities was the Bum ' s Ball at Ag Union, with the Smith-Warren orchestra and guests costumed to show the effects of hard times. The Febru- ary Frolic and the aiuiual April picnic at Antelope park rounded out the calendar. The council sent observers to barb events, encouraged exchange parties, and carried on a continuous pid:)licity campaign. Top: Tiiis gallieiing of KAIjW antl USA representatives may be informal l)ul they get the job clone. lidtltun: The jtroii)) of new IJSA officers secnis happy with their ehoirr for president. Bill .Moore, sealeil third from rijihi. O n ti.ii.i ..,... C. Fi.iliscr. E. Laiigin. J. Bl,..,]ii. .1. . mI-.„. l. UnKliriim. L). Pfrifler, J. D.ivis. Second row: R. Bear. B. Cunningham. D. Rolfsmeicr. S. Bjorklund. M. Wells. P. Lcjillnw, S. Shannon. Front rotv: M. Hagainan, E. Schoen, D. May. E. Scholt, E. Berg. M. Collins. Page 343 Top: The AUF booth at the activities mart attracted many coeds who were eager and anxious to help in the careful planning of the AUF drives. Bnllom: (Ihancellor Gustavson does his hit for the l V tall drive. Receiving his check and extending the thanks of the AUF coniniittee members is Peg Lawrie, treasurer. AUF III 1944 the War cotiiicil foimded tlie- All UiiiveisitN Fund. lis ] iiipose was to com- hiiic (he iiiiiiicioiis minor campus drives into two major lampaigiis. one during each semes- ter. The fall diive included the Community Chest ami the World Student Service Fund. The ohjcrt of the AUF " was to secure $2.00 from each student. To ol)taiii solicitations, lepresentatives were sent from every organi- zation on the campus. Team captains, selected from this group, along with their team mem hers contacted all students. The director was Beth Noerenherg, assist- ed hy Jo Kellenbarger, Peg Lawrie, Norman Leger and Bob Easier. X tifih luu: 1). Kii.l.ri. 1. Wellensiek. C. t;;;; cii, M. Mvlirc. N. Atkinson, J. Nut man. J. C;uii(il.. 11. K. lliiui . Fourth rotv: U. Brown. C. Parsons, J. Wielage, M. MacQuccn, V. V t.sika. I. Panstian, H. Ocliencr. E. Schocn. M, Mctlliiiiii . Third row: M. Weiilcnbarh, C Hiislon, R. Lowe, J. Jrnsen. M. BoetlKPr, D. JnlinKon, E. Scoficlil, I,, iiroiiski, M. 11 1- run. 1 ' . Anderson, M. Ailams. Second roii:: M. Bolmbuy. D. AMrey, L. Tliorfinn»on. M. Travis. F. Arnold. J. HoM-a. M. M. llratin.ui. A. Bo.urll. H. Hlos«. S. Srhlankfr. Front rou: J. KclI -nLarK.T, M. Mockclt. R. Easter, P. I.awri.-. B. Noercnlu-rp. . Lpiicr. M. {.)oinii. M. P.-srk. J. Farrar. J. Osl.-r. Page 344 student Foundation To pulilish a better Student Directory, aiul a hiilletiii explaining activities of the school to high school students, to entertain many of the high school students here for special events, and to lie of service to the uni- versity — these were but a few of the accom- plishments of the Student Foundation. Under the direction of Lorraine Lander- you, president; Joyce Geddes, vice-president; Greg Kallos, secretary; and Genene Mitchell, treasurer; the foundation continued to pub- licize the university. To accomplish this task, the counties of Nebraska are grouped into districts. Each district has a chairman who directs the sub-chairmen whose duties are to send university and student news to high schools and papers throughout Nebraska. Above, lop: The Stuclenl Foundalinn activily booth al the annual mart atlracleil many workers. Genene Mitchell is issuing the call to a wayward freshman. Bottom: A trio of workers, which number 17.5, are busy compilini; new- to he sent to the oullyin;; counties of Nebraska. Third row: U. Jatksoi.. R. Huliues, H. Gcrluirt, E. Sampson. Si-ion,l rot, : M. Anlhon , B. Turls. B. Voss. P. Caitwallader, E. Heppertv from ro- : C. Mit. Iietl. L. I.anilervou, J. G.-diles, G. Katlus. Page 345 Halls-Houses-Activities MARIAN CROOK Wnnieirs Residence Halls c-hairTiian phulu bj Norman Case 1 A 5 s 1 f 0 9 0 ?V ® © 9 fi I , i ,t,,« f£ a 1 - 1 £k 3 f» f _fk ©|A|; 0 ' ? Y 1 £ j i f» f | MIrn. Siir iiMT...I, Marilv Aiilt. Ddnna xclsun, Gloria Raark, Lpila It irth. n..r)s KoM h.-ii. l. .uiM Kntsford. ircinii Bra.ll.-v. J.-ai. Brr-. ' s. (;.-,. ici.i Br .„ki,. »rtl% I.. Burl. Katlil..-M Lit-iiitiis. iKiiiiia Clnugh. I).-I..r. ' s CtniiRli. Waixia Onok, Marion Dallon. Clair.- Uaws.m. MarilMi Fii lipr. I.a . ' iiii Flicker. All. V Calbrailh. Fran. .-« Garcv . Marjiiri. ' (iarllanil. Palri.-ia Ganger. Marilyn Glark. Jaiiis Criebel, (ifrai.liiii- Hansen, Jnaii, Haseluh. Marv l.uii Hrin. I)..ris Jensen. Fern Johnson, Ann Joliii-.ini. ( arol J..liiiM,n. Dak. .la Johnson. Mar L. J. lines, (l a krajicek. Allli.a Kugler, Mary Kiiehl. Peeny Btrolh, Aiireli. Larson. Marlem- Lelnnkiihl. H.len MaM.iiii. I..-.- Manpin. lv ra Meier, I. a Rela Meisinger. Mihln Milow. L ' Marie Minni.h. Rillie Nahrsleih, Mary Nurdstruin, Virgii Olson, Elizabeth Ornieslier. Dori? Pejsar. Barbara Pratt, Marion Hi t. Itulii Ann Huff. Shirlev Kunnnel, Jean Sabin. .Shirle Sanley, Palriria, Shirle .Sifl ..l.l. Palri.-i Shdila, ..rnia Sh...-niak.T. J. .a Mj;ler. Mary Smith, Martha Soltovt , V ' iriiiini; [irns „|.l. B..Lin I ' ou ., Marv ilek. Helen Weekly, Flean.n V,-insh.-ini. Prpi Harlon, Mar Bellinper, Daun Rerglund, Carolyn Btaha. Jean Honnewitz. Marily Cuba, Joyee Carlson. Beti Chaill ' -. Kuth Clark. Marjorie Clark, .« « .lh He l)e .,re. (.ariiien hivis. Joan Flnner, Virginia Eskilsen. Donna F.-iH. Barbara Cancer. Shirley Glebe, Wilma (;i...k. Barbara GohlHmith. MurKar.-l GrecK. Geral.line H.11,1. D-.riv H.x. Norma Higf-ins. Carol Hiifnagle. Palri.-ia Hnlac, Franees hrn.r. Salh Jil.ld. Peggy Karel, Marilyn KeelTe, Marv Ann Kell. Barbara Krpner. Janet K..stal. Lew i , KveKn Lisher, Jo Ann l.onp. Fern laindqiiiet, V ' erniel M.Elhanev, Marjori Mangold. Mari.- l..nfort. MariU.i Morehea.l. Phvlli- Monlton, Marv Nelson. Shirley Walker. Jean ahr-l.dl. M.ntiai.l Kanken. Colleen Ranken. I ' atriria Rathje, Elnora Renanl, J.ian Ki. ', Elizabeth Kiehardson. Bett; S. herif . Lanra S.-hlerhl, Barbara S.-hott. Valeria Seliropfer. Jean S.-ofiel.l, Eleanor Se.-hovec. Geor(;ia Mew-n ...n. Mars I Stevens.. n, Rita Stotiral, Patrieia Svnbada, Irnia Temple. Palriria Thonr. Ila Wh.tehea.l. leret K ieskanip. Betty Wisby, Janet Zable. Verna ahn, Lorraine orn. Joan Chairman Marion (!rook Secretary Marifl .Swanson Treasurer Norma Slialla Lo r Hall President . . Marilyn (JanipfHl.J -Northeast Proidenl i cggy Weinslmiin Raymond Hall Prr-id.iii . . Marjorie MrElhaney Page 346 Women ' s Residence Halls . Aurtm .1. Hansen M. Newton t. Ain«wiiirti E. Hanson V. Nordslrcoii M. Allen G. Harding E. Olson Shirlpy ADpii J. Harman P. Olson Siiaan Allen M. Harris i:. 0-Neil K. Anderson M. Haseloli C. Opheim S. Anderson G. Haugarth 1). Ormesher J. Armstrong J. Hause M. Parks C Arrocha J. Hedstrom G. Paroulek D. Ault E. Hcgarlv B. Pejsar M- Auserod D. Hein M. Parsons G. Axelson D. Heller J. Peters L. Baack D. Henion I. Peterson D. BahenBk t-. Higgins i:. Phillips J. Bailey S. Hill 1. Pierce S. Baizer I. Hoffmelstcr M. Pierce N. Balderson S. Holmes . Porter A. Balows M. Horstnian M. Pratt E. Bancroft J. Hufford N. Prstt D. Barth F. Htilac P. Ragan M. Barton L. llcr C. Rankin V. Baskin F. Irwin P. Rankin B. Bates S. Ivener E. Rathje R. Bear M. James B. Reed L. Becker B. Jeffreyes S. Reed D. Bellinger C. Jensen J. Renard C. Bengston N. Jensen M. Reynolds P. Bennett R. Jensen J. Rhoades C Bergland A. Johnson J. Rhodes M. Bernstein C. Johnson B. Richards J. Biemond D. Johnson C. Richards J. Blaha J Johnson B. Richardson (Mr L. Boschen Joan Johnson M. Richer! V. Botsford Marcia Johnson J. Binder J. Bowling Marjorie Johnson R. Rist I). Bowman Margaret Johnson P. Robb P. Bracken S. Johnson J. Rockwell P.. Bradley 0. Joines yl. Rosen M. Branier M. Judd A. Rosenhauni C. Brees B. Kaderli E. Rosenlol M. Breff J. Kahn S. Ruse M. Brodkey B. Kaliji M. Ryona B. Brooks M. Karel S. Sabin L. Brown N. Karlson S. Samuelson N. Buck M. Keelfe C. Sanders J. Buller B. Kell P. Sanley D. Burley A. Kennedy S. Savage M. Buss J. Kepner S. Scheldt J. Caha J. Kinnier L. Scherll R. Caha E. Knapp B. Schlecht P. Campbell S. Koehler C. Schmode i I. Campfield L. Kopecky V. Schott B. Carlson A. Kostal J. Schropfer M. Carothers A. Krajicek J. Schweser M. Chace W. Kreisler E. Scofield 0. Cliaille L. Krickbaum J. Scott B. Chamberlain M. Kugler G. Sechovec B. Christiancv L. Lagerquist P. Seibold M. Clark A. Langstroth H. Seidel S. Clark V. Lapp K. Seymour A. Clausen G. Larsen N. Shalla U. Clerains M. Larson J. Shallcross B. Clements J. Law E. Shapiro W. Clough L. Lawson J Shoemaker K. Cogley J. l.awton P. Shubert C. Connelly H. I.ehmkuhl M. Sigler 1.. Cook B. Levin J. Smith F. Copsey Eleene Lewis M. Smith E. Crawmer Evelyn Lewis N. Smith M. Crook B. Lincoln S. Sokolof M. Cropper VI. Lincoln V. Soltow J. Dallam J. Linn V. Sorby C. Dalton J. Lisher V. Stenson V. Cainon J. Litz . Stevenson S. Daskoyskx G. Lomax M. Slevensoi. E. Davidson F. Long R. Stevenson M. Dawson G. Lord P. Sloural D. Dean S. Lcwe . Streitz M. DeLong L. Lowry 1. Sonde J. Denny . LuodquisI 1. Svoboda .1. Devereux M. Luther M. Swanson C. DeVore L. Lyman F. Swartwood D. Dewey E. Lymber V. F. Taylor J. Dill N. McAllister V. L Taylor J. Davis B. McCoy P. Temple J . Dorway M. McElhanev 1. Thone E. Durkop M. McKenzie B. Tiensyold V. Eisner G. Mackleni M. Tons D. Elv B. Malm J. Trabold D. Eskilsen M. Mangold V. Trienies B. Ewald S. Marer S. Tuma B. Falk M. Markusson D. Uhe B. Faw C. Mastalir 11. Vitek l. Fcldman S. Matthews R. Vortman E. Fiddock L. Meier S. ' oss k. Filter I. Meisinger t,. Wagoner C Fleming L. Merritt J. Walker F. Forsberg L. Metzger T. Walker R. Fouts N. Miller M. Warren ,1. Fredericksoii I. L ' Marie V . Washington M. Gaines B. Minnich M. Weber K. Galbraith M. Monlorl E. Weekly i . Garcia M. Moon p. W ' einsheim M. Garey M. Moore 1. Wells R. Garro|i P. Morehead B. W est T. Whitehead P. Gartlan.i 1. Gauyer R. Motter L. Mueller » . Glebe S. Murphy n. Whorton P.. (ilock M. Muscheites It. W ieskamp 1. Goldsmith 1.. Myers J. Wilberger . Gralton N. Myers . Winkhotf J. Graves M. Nahrstedt J. Wisby E. Griffiths M. E. Nahrsle.h J. Withers i. Grosse L. Nelson 1. Yeager . Cuhin M. Nelson C. Younkin P. Gundv N. Nelson V. Zabel J. Hale R. Nelson E. Zahn M. Hamilton S. Nelson L. Zahn Til the liriglit and hlisterinji fall, came the freshmen one and all. . . . They were greeted and were guided, in a way the halls have prided. . . . The eighteen counselors led the way, helping them witli do and say. . . . Their counselors were really grand, but they needed helping hands. . . . So nominations and campaigning filled the halls with witty sayings. . . . Election now had come and gone, the first hour dance. The Rubicon. ... Pajama parties for the girls, and they came in pins and curls. . . . Ten-thirty meant a festive spree, gals filled the parlors for coffee. . . . Wednesday ' s etiquette by Miss Witt, on how to eat and talk and sit. . . . Homecoming came November 8th. with headstones for the Jayhawk bait. . . . Then off the social season started, first the Date Dance was charted. ... A Christmas party in high gear ushered in a brand new year. . . . Then arrived the winter formal, the Easter Hop, the season vernal. . . . And suddenly ' twas Ivy day. the gay school year had passed away. . . . Top: Miss Joan Will lias a idiifpiviicf vvilli four of tlie ilorni cduii rlors. Bottom: Suiulay niorniiit; usually finils the girls reading the funnies in llieir spacious lounge. Page 349 f iK -i 9 m v . l- » % « 1 r President Donna Diiknian id--I ' resi(lcnl Wilnia Dunliar Secretary Su an W ' elier Treasurer Zada Shane (li ilie (;liairrnan Elsie Bunlifielil Juriifjrs: I ' resiilenl Iaxine Cook iie-Presidenl Helm (ireen Seerelary lielly Kllin!;son Treasurer Melly Hnlt.runeier elivilies {.liairnian Donna Scliullz f ' rcshnifii : I ' n-siilenl Donna MillU ' ce Vice-President UeM-rly Orcult Secretary Donna Gilg Treasurer Jolin Acord Activities (Jliairman Joan (iradoville Page 350 V ..r.l. Juan KIImi, Mjrv Ml. ' i.. K.i )irl Ai.irn. J„v,,- Ansiin. Fsllicr B.iiril, Dnlorc-s ]l..r. lili.l.l. F.Uip I1.-.H.T. I ' .ir ll.-M, k. J,in. Jean I. lark. BrO. Dickiiian. Doiiiiu Dillinaii. Marjoric W ihiM Edwards. Bflh Kilch. Palriiia (.ilg. Donna i:iicKlnii ' k. Doris Gradovillf. Joan (iiitsi-hon. Marylis Hann. irginia M,., k. Elaiii,- Hoffeit. Doris Hiifilies, Marilyn Johnson. Donna Ki-nnedv. .Marilyn kuhl. Ella Ma.- I.awson. CaroK n l.i-e. Palri.ia Liiosrhen. Mary Margritz, (ieralilinp l. Illcc. Dorolhv Ml Plirrson. Jrari Miller. J..y,e Crcutt. Beverly l ' a%oiieek. Elsie IVnner. Helen I ' olil. .Shirley Piiekell. D.iris Heese. . riiilh S.i.-kicli. Jennie Shane. Sinilli. Darlene Sleniifehl. liraee I honiasse-i. Cera I ee Vanis. Itihiana arvwek, Marjorit Washbnm, Mary .Miee V. eher, Snsan W iikhani. Josephine ..lfe. Jeanne W righl. (aroKn Conklin Hall Joan Acord. Cheyenne, Wyo Mary AUyn. Omalia Rachel Allen, McCook . Joyce Amen, Cherokee, la. Esther Anson, Creston . . Dolores Baird, Carroll . . Elsie Burchfielil. Retlfield, la Pat Heckler, Deshler . . June Besock, North Platte Joan Cable. Lincoln . . Betty Clark, Omaha . . Donna Dickman, Beatrice Marjorie Dillnian, Lincoln Wilma Dunbar, Taylor . Beth Edwards, Omaha . . Patricia Filch, Blair Donna Gilg, Newport . . Doris Goodnick. Chadron Joan Gradoville, Plattsmoulh Marylis Gutschon, Blair . Virginia Hann, Winner. S. D Elaine Heck. Lincoln . . Doris Hoffert. Omaha . . Marilyn Hughes, Fairbury Donna Johnson, Cambridge Marilyn Kennedy, Avora, la Ella Mae Kuhl, Boone, la. Carolyn Lawson, Omaha . Patricia Lee, Adel, la. . Mary Looschen, Hooper . Geraldine Margritz, .Aurora Dorothy Mclllece, Bladen Jean McPherson. Lincoln Joyce Miller, Storm Lake, la Beverly Orcutt. Custer, S. D Elsie Pavoucek. Omaha . Helen Penner. Lushlon . Shirley Pohl. Hampton Doris Puckett. Lincoln . Ardith Reese, Omaha . . Jennie Sackich. Rock Springs, Wy Zada Shane, Guide Rock . Darlene .Smith, Lincoln . Grace Stennfeld, Fremont Cora Lee Thomassen, David City Bibiana Vanis, David City Marjorie Warwick, Osceola Mary Alice Washburn, Hasting .Susan Weber, Norfolk . . Josephine Wickham, Salem Jeanne Wolfe. Deshler . . Carolyn Wright. Red Oak. la " 51 ' 48 ' 51 •51 ' 51 " 51 •48 •51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 •48 ' 48 ' 48 •51 ' 48 ' 51 ' 48 ' 51 ' 48 ' 4« ' 51 ' 48 ' 48 ' 51 ' 49 ' 48 " 48 ' 48 •48 ' 48 •51 ' 51 ' 49 " 51 ' 49 ■51 •48 •48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ■4S ' 48 ' 49 ' 51 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 51 ' 48 Upon the arrival of a new class of twenty- five pre-cliiiical students in August, the en- rollment of student nurses residing in Conk- ling Hall totaled one hundred thirty-nine. . . . With a heavy schedule of studies and floor duty, these girls still found time for play and relaxation. . . . Monthly teas, Christmas par- ties, dinners, class parties, cokes in the can- teen, bridge, knitting, and dates kept the social calendar filled. . . . The Mexican Fiesta offered one and all a liilarious evening. . . . The nurses ' formal dance held at the Field Club in January and the all-school formal at Peony Park were the highlights of the social season. . . . Great progress has been achieved with the organizing of the nurses ' Student council. . . . Traditional candy passings and the hour dances made great news. Top: Lots of laughs must have accompanied these gay costumes at Conkling Hall. Bottom: Bedtime grooming provides the incentive for nuiih interesting chatter at Conkling Hall. Page 351 Aiiaiiis, Ann Crawfnnl. riurt-iitiiK Kraiikfcirtcr. Rchnnin nn;:.Mri..M. M.(ri..r.r il..N..sli.. Kl.t.V lrh ' inai;u. Dornlliv Kano, AdcliriL- Sink, Nitlu KasHJiii-r li-|Llliaiii . Marian Mnrris. Marjorif Norman. Kiilli (lila. Filecn nk;i»aki. K..S.- Iiutt, Eloisc Snokdeo, Sonia Suisii. Beatrice Sun. Jane Sorlman. Kulti I ' li-.-uicnl I)(ii()lli l(liiiiaj:a Vice-PresiHenl Kulli INoniiaii Secn»!ary Kiiliy liayashi Treasurer Iihv. I austian House Chairman . . . Krliani Kraiikliirtt-r Page 352 International House Ann Adam-. West Point .... " 48 Perilian Birsen .•Vltinak, Istanl)ul. Turkey 51 Dorothy Chapman. Omaha ... " 51 Florentine Crawford, Omaha . . " 51 Melahat Emirgil. Istanbul. Turkey " 51 Frances Everingham, Sidney . . " 49 Rebanis Frankfurter, Friend . . ' 48 Ruby Hayashi, North Platte . . " 49 Dorothy Ichinaga, Tulare, Calif. . " 48 Eloise Jones, Omaha ' 50 Adeline Kano, Scott-bluff ... " 48 Nina Kaswiner, La Paz, Bolivia , ' 50 Lois Kroehler, Lyman 49 Maria Leipelt, Hamburg. Germany ' 50 Celestine Lightner, Omaha ... ' 49 Dorothy Lord, McCool Junction , ' 49 Ruth Lowe, Huntley ' 50 Virginia Lowe, Huntley .... ' 48 Helen Lu, Shanghai. China ... G Marie Malicky, Burwell .... ' 49 Donna Mc Auley, Wahoo .... " 49 Marian McElhaney, Omaha ... ' 49 Elizabeth McHenry, Plainview . . ' 48 Ann Miyamoto, Rochester, Minn. . ' 48 Marjorie Morris, Kahuiui, Maui, Hawaii G Ruth Norman, Omaha 48 Aileen Oita, Watsonvilie, Calif. . " 48 Rose Okawaki, Mitchell .... ' 51 Inez Paustian, Bloomfield ... ' 49 Ramdaye Ramdin, Trinidad, Br. West Indies ' 49 Eloise Schott, Osceola ' 49 Sunmat Sookhdeo, Trinidad, Br. West Indies " 50 Beatrice Suiso, Honolulu. Hawaii . G Jane Sun. I hanghai. China . . . " 50 % SetfHetmlnd Ci Top: International house members are kept occupied reading litera- ture from their respective countries. Below: Always popular and welcome are four girls available at the same lime for a bridge game. Page 353 AIhI. Marilyn Ackfi . l.iiv«Tiia Ailunii, Mur -ia Itcran. Mary l.uii Boellncr. iarilyll Bohabnv, Maxiiic Botiwctl. Alirr Brannan, Maxiiic Briili-nbaiigli. Juan Crownovcr. Pntriria EBKcrl. Charlfiu- EkMlruiiil, Marjiarrl EUun. Wilinu Fialu. Clariro Fislu-r. Kiilh Fishwood. Sue lligli. Gloria Huston. Carolyn Jensen, Jacqueline Johnsioa. Donna Lnu Julinson, Mary Fraiu ' cs Klin man. Laura Kovarik. Vireinr Lock. Lillian Lone, Norma LuJlow, Polly Ann M»n»i n, Gwcn Musprave. Mavis Myhrr. Molly NickUon, Lillian Osilmt r. Hcirn Peregrin -. Barbara Pelers. Rulh Reynolds, Marjorie Sffvers. I la Slarit, Rfiilali Swanson, Biilh Travis. Marv Vosika, iula U ' eidenbach, Marilyn U ' ellensiek. Irene Wiclaee, Jean Wilcox, Elizabeth Top: What coiilil lir more plcasanl lliaii a frifiuily dial around llie fireplace at Lo e Hall. ' Bottom: Soft music and interesting magazines provide welcome relaxation for this group of Love Hall girls. fiO Love Memorial Hall Love Memorial Hall on Ag campus was the home of forty-eight ambitious home eco- nomic majors — and they weren ' t just home ec. majors, for they devoted many hours to extra-curricular activities. . . . President Ruth Peters was active in Student Council and four honor societies — Alpha Laml)da Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicrou. Omiiion Nu, Iota Sigma Pi. . . . Gwen Munson and Marge Reynolds were loyal members of Tassels, while Sue Fishwood was another Love Hall gal belong- ing to honorary societies. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, and Omicron Nu. Virgene Kovarik was president of Phi Up- silon Omicron, while Lillian Lock presided as president of the Home Economics club. Among the fond memories these gals will iiave about th( school vear are the good times they had iti phiiiniiig the CoU-Agri-Fun skit and also one of their olth ' . l traditions . . . the annual Valentine tea and open liotise. Page 354 1 1 An.Ierson, Elinor ArnioIJ, Florence Brown, Dorothy Brown, Georgia Chilquist, Jean Davis, Mary Beth Dvorak, Phyllis EircMian. Charlnlt.- Ernst, Jean Clebe. Maxine Crobeck, Gloria Hardt, Lorraine Kelly, Charlotte Kuop, Dorotht-a Logan. Patricia Loniffclluw, Frances Mac Queen, Margaret Nelson, Jeanette Newenswander, Claudia OInistead, Lois Parsons, Connie Phelps, Mary Lou Fletcher, Marilou Siava, Ardis W ' erhle. Betty Wendt, Shirley Witlnidn. Kuth Wittier, Arlene Wulsleger. Marguerite Terrace Hall " Terrace Hall girl, I love you " ... A familiar strain heard again as ' 48 brought Terrace Hall into its second year on the campus. The seven honoraries represented were proof of the scholastic ability of Tenace Hall girls. Jean Chilquist headed the activity list as a member of the AWS Board, Tassels and vice-president of Phi Upsilon Omicron. . . . Maggie Huff had the lead in " Pygmalion " . . . Shirley Wendt was a Tassel, secretary of Gamma Delta, and a member of the Home Ec club. . . . Florence Armold was vice-president of Ag YWCA, a member of Phi Upsilon Omi- cron and AUF. Social events which made the year unfor- gettable were hour dances, exchange dinners, holiday parties, and the annual spring party. Page 355 Top: Florence Armold heads the rush down to dinner at the hall. Bottom: The fountain proves a sunny spot for Phyl Dvorak and Terrace Hall girls. ' 7 " " ' T Ci f n Haik-y, Audrey HaniesbergPF, Lois Bt ' IT. [o na Borilenha en. Annette Chitloupka, Marilyn Karis. Elizabeth Garrison, Marylou Grosserode. Mary Agnes Holm, Pauline Hiighef, Dorothy Jpsrh, Dolores Kasal, Gladys X.ent, EIna Murjjhy, Birgiuis Welborn, Aurctla White. Roberta Howard Hall sessions picnics For the coeds at Howard Hall, 1947-1948 light gah hieakfast brought its share of fun midnight gab exchange din- . . bridge any oV time . afternoon teas . . . ners . . . candy passings ... all added that extra " sparkle " to college life. Not disre- garding the more serious side of campus life, the girls set up goals of high scholarship and faithful participation in such activities as BABW, USA, Hesperia. Cosmopolitan club, intraniurals, and dramatics. Rosa Bouton There was never a dull moment for the Rosa Bouton girls, with a Halloween party, hour dances, and exchange dinners throughout the year. . . . They were all represented in activities with Tassel Shirley Burton as super- saleswoman . . . Joan Schormann as BABW representative . . . Donna Beth Pfeiffer a member of USA, and Helen Hagensick a member of Pi Lambda Theta. . . . These activities filled the days but still left time for gossip sessions, bridge games, and maintain- ing the lequired above 80 average. Anderson, Prudence Bruhaker, Dorothy Biiell, Wanda Burton, Shirley Erickron, Laura Lee Erikson, Lois Frances, Patricia Ha{;«-ii!-ick, Helen Pfriffei, Donna Beth SayU-r. Helen Srhormann. Jean Srhelenher, Shirley Tet;lnieipr. LMaree Van Cdcave, Ada Lue Warner. Phyllis Wilbnrii, Jajorie Wilkention, Shirley Wiilff. Opal Page 356 RLiNDLE HALL Berg. Marilyn Burgesg, Twyla Graff, Mary Ann GriebUng, Ellielan Kirkman, Bonita Lamb. Esther Lisiiis, Esllipr Manchester, Donna Page, Olive Belle Parsons, Jo Ann Payne, Crystal Reagan, Dona Reasoner, Anna Rolfsmeier, Dolores Sabfltka, Elaine Shuster, Arlene Rundle Hall Wilson Hall Books, activities, and fun all played an important part in the lives of eighteen coeds living in Rundle Hall. . . . They were repre- sented in many campus activities. . . . Pat Rolfsmeier was active in Coed Counselors, YW, Gamma Delta, and BABW board. . . . Mary Ann Graff was a senior board member of BABW and belonged to Alpha Lambda Delta. . . . Esther Lisius brought home PBK honors for the hall, and Dona Reagen cheered away in Tassels. . . . Parties galore were evi- dent during the school year ... a Christmas dinner and party . . . box suppers, and cli- maxing the year was the picnic following the Ivy day ceremonies. Wilson Hall girls had their fingers in more than one campus pie. . . . Representative and officer in USA were Louise Zurovski and Esther Schoen respectively. . . . Addie Baum led a YW commission group. . . . Opal Smith and Carol Blatter could be found in Pre- orchesis and Cathedral choir respectively. . . . Jo Kellenbarger held offices in Tassels, AUF, and YW. . . . Maxine Ludwick was a Coed Counselor and a member of Palladian. . . . Eileen Grotrian, Phyllis Mattison, and Addie Baum were house officers this vear. WILSON HALL Batini. Adelene Marie Benglson. Helen Rosalind Blatter, Carol La Vonne Fisher. Luella B. Oreenwalt, Dolorus Grotrian. Eileen C. Harder. Evelyn J. Kellenbarger. Jo Ludwirk. Maxine Louise Liiiidin. Corine A. Mattison. Phyllis J. Rorkwell. Lois Elizabeth Sehoen. Esther L. .Scott. Catherine Ann Smith. Opal M. Softley. Helen Zurovski. Louise Page 357 AMIKITA Fourth TOW : M. Russell, V. Fiilel, J. Koskan, E. Arenson, E. Laiier, D. Kolbo, M. Pierce. Third row: M. Scliwarz, L. Velte, H. Horlan, M. Tolman, D. Birkman, M. Bereuler, W. Douglas. J. Strickler. Second row: L. Manning. E. Sperling. R. Beers. L. Lewien, M. Riechers, B. Marsh, D. Eslerniann, W. Swanson. P. Kirliofrr. First row: C. Rieke. L. Keim, H. Nygren, B. Cummins. E. Quigley. J. Secortl, E. Jensen, B. Beckner. Amikita Kernels Amikita girls led by President Elaine Quigley, spent a busy year working in activi- ties, doing book work to maintain the all- important average, and planning various social functions which enabled the members to become acquainted. . . . Betty Beckner worked as a Tassel while Lila Keim kept busy as the USA representative. . . . Hazel Nygren was nominated for " Hello " girl and Mary Louise Helt was active on the Ag Religious council. A social organization for independent women, Kernels provides an important social function for its thirty-six meml)ers. ... As president of the group, Kathleen Donovan kept the gals busy in activities and planning for parties. . . . Ardis Lostroh was a member of Alpha Landjda Delta. . . . One of the most important functions of the year for the Ker- nels was the Christmas party for the children at Tabitha Home. . . . The girls also hold fond memories of their annual spring quel and formal. nan- KERNELS ■% ' T, V llcM. Wn-c Bert;. Mjirilyn Briinkiiw. Litliu Brvanl. Willa.!.-a Donovan, Karhlo Knt: liihl. LilU J.uiipk.-. Arleni- Jiiincs. Muriel Ki ' lm. Iitmgene Krcv, (iarol I..)llrnan, Marian MrKciizie. Glendinr Mailsfiri.I. Twila Mrillev. r.ene Mottluin. Leila Moss. Nanrv Taye. Olive P ottTson. Nornin Sunn), Dona Jeun Setzkorn, Irene Shannnn. Shirlpy Sliouji, Nelda SnvdfT. Jnvcr -Stranskv. Barbara Page 358 Loomis Hall A cooperative hall with fourteen coopera- tive members added up to a successful year. . . . Spokesman and leader, able Harriet Moline was very busy as president and also as a member of Student Union board, YWCA cabinet, Home Economics club and Ag Youth Fellowship cabinet. . . . Loomis Hall girls had many social dates to meet during the year. . . . Most memorable were hour dances, exchange dinners, the Christmas tea, Valen- tine Date party and, as a climax, the May Day breakfast with Love Hall. Hall Bagley Hall, a cooperative house for upper classwomen, is just getting into the swing of things. . . . Participating in YWCA, Orchesis and Pre-orchesis, BABW, University Singers and Orhcestra, and WAA acitvities, the girls still managed to maintain a high scholastic average. . . . One of the favorite pastimes was gathering around the piano and giving full sway to the abundant vocal and instrumental talent. . . . Showers, parties, and weddings added a gay touch to the daily grind and a good time was had bv all. Attoves Third rou-: S. W. Pearson, D. Pearson, j, Hakaiiip. Siconrl row: A, Sloppkotte, G. Jai-kson, M. Arthaud, M. Arlliaud, J. Beck. ftrsf row: S. Bjorklund. J. Stappkotte. H. Moline, E. Wagoner, P. Babcock. Be oii : TInrii row: L. Earnest, E, Reinian. B. ,Arnold. M. Kallhoff, M. Nelson, J. Kropp, J. Ingwerson, Serand row: i. High. G. Skiles, J. Blal.a. J. Layton. M. Lenz, E. Lange, B. Nama. From row: B, Tajigdall. H. Sloan. L. Kaminska, D. Taylor, £. Wolph, P. Nulsch. LOOMIS HALL BAGLEY HALL Page 359 imm %Mi President Marilyn Davis Vice-president Betty Brackney Secretary Virginia Lanjie Treasurer (icraldine Tiilmian Abbott. Marilyn Alice Aifrt-y. Donna B. Barribo, Phyllis Jean Bergslraesser, Ruth Irene Blood, Dorothy Ann Brackney, Elizabeth L. Bra(ll(-y, Dorothy M. Campbell, Mary Ann Carlson. Norma Jean Carr, Janet Marian Carroll, Elaine Dolores Cochran, Janice Concoran. Maryjean Maxine Cunningham, Beverly Anne Dahlgren. Anna Belle Davis. Marilyn Dudek, Joyce Elaine East. Betty Louise Edling, Grace Eileen Estes, Dorothy BIythe Estes. Elizabeth Jeanne Estes, Marjorie Ann Ferguson, Mary Lon Fischer, Norma Jean Freeman, Lncille Mortiz Ceist, Kalhryn Marie Gillett, Lois Ann Guelker. Shirley M. Hartnian, Dolores Haskins, Grace Edith Herpolsheimer, Shirley Jran Heuser, Lois M. Henser, Martha Jane Hill, Jacquelyn Mines, Virginia Mary Hock, Normajean Jackson. Beverly Ann Kalin, Kathryn Louise Kalin, Margaret Ann Kalin. Marilyn Ann Kiiiper, Darline Mar Lafiin. Shirley Lamb, Helen Elizabeth Lampshire, Virginia M. Lange, Virginia Ann Learning, JoAnn Alice Lickei, Phyllis L. Luse. Betty Jane Lybeirs, Nena Lyness, Marilyn McCurdy, Mar E. Malone, Jeanelte Kathryn Mockett, Marcia Nekuda, Lydia M. Olson, Betty L. Owens, Beverly Ann Pelton, Phyllis Ann Pierre, Janet E. Price. Pal Raysor. Joan Gilmer Richmond, Lois Jean Saunders, Alice Florine Seller, Virginia Lee Smith, N. Jeanne Sorensen, Ruth Splichal, Marion .Stiitheit, Mary Ann Temple. Dorothy Mae Tubman, (Jeraldine Genene ' an Every. Barbara Von Beryen, Sberrill L. Webber, Mary D. W ' eiland, Dorothy Mae Viillianis, Eunice C. U ' illianis. Joan May founded at Vniversily of l ehrnsha. ! )3S Turquoise and Burgundy Page 360 Towne Club ACTIVES Marilyn Abbott. Lincoln . . . ' 49 Donna Alfrey, Lincoln . . . . . ' 49 Phyllis Barribo, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Ruth Bergstrassen, Lincoln . . ' 51 Dorothy Blood, Lincoln . . . ' 48 Betty Brackney, Lincoln . . . ' 48 Dorothy Bradley. Lincoln . . . " 48 Mary . " Vnn Campbell. Lincoln . . ' 48 Norina Carlson. Lincoln . . . ' 50 Janet Carr, Lincoln . . . . . ' 51 Elaine Carroll, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Ruth E. Chestem, Lincoln . . ' 49 Janice Cochran, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Maryjean Corcoran, Lincoln . . ' 48 Beverly Cunningham. Lincoli 1 . . ' 50 Ann Dahlgren. Lincoln . . . ' 50 Marilyn Davis. Lincoln . . . ' 48 Joyce Dudek, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Betty East, Lincoln . . . . . ' 50 Grace Edling. Lincoln . . . . ' 48 Dorothy Estes, Lincoln . . . ' 51 Elizabeth Jeanne Estes. Line oln . ' 48 Margorie Estes, Linco ln . . . ' 50 Mary Lou Ferguson. Lincoln . . " 50 Norma Jean Fischer. Lincoln . . ' 51 Kathryn Marie Geist. Lincol 1 . . ' 49 Lois Gillett, Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Shirley Guelker. Lincoln . . . " 50 Dolores Hartmann, Lincoln . . ' 50 Grace Haskins, Lincoln . . . ' 51 Shirley Jean Herpolsheimer, jincoln ' 51 Martha Heu er. Lincoln . . . ' 48 Jacquelyn Hill, Lincoln . . . " 50 Virginia Hines, Lincoln . . . " 51 Normajean Hock, Lincoln . . ' 50 Beverly Jackson. Lincoln . . . ' 48 Kay Kalin, Lincoln . . . . . ' 48 Margaret Kalin. Lincoln . . . " .50 Marilyn Kalin. Lincoln . . ' 50 Darlene Kuiper. Lincoln . . . ' 50 Shirley Laflin. Lincoln . . . ' 49 Virginia Lampsbire. Lincolr . . ' 50 Virginia Lange. Lincoln . . ' 49 JoAnn Leaming. Lincoln . . . ' 50 Phyllis Lickei. Lincoln . . . ' 50 Betty Luse. Lincoln . . . . . ' 50 Neua Lyberis. Lincoln . . . . ' 48 Marilyn Lyness, Lincoln . . . " 49 Jeanette Malone. Lincoln . . . " 49 Mary E. McCurdy. Lincoln . . ' 49 Marcia Mockett. Lincoln . . . ' 48 Patriica Neely. Lincoln . . . ' 48 Lydia Nekuda. Lincoln . . . ' 50 Betty Olson. Lincoln . . . . ' 51 Beverly Olson, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Phyllis Pelton, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Janet Pierce, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Pat Price. Lincoln . . . . . ' 51 Joan Raysor. Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Lois Richmond. Lincoln . . ' 49 The year 1947-1948 marked the tenth year of Towne Club on the University of Nebraska campus. . . . Promoting scholarship and activities, the chd) is composed of Lincoln girls, not living in an organized house. Under the leader- ship of President Marilyn Davis, Towne Club members were seen in various campus activities. . . . Treasurer of Tassels, Lois Gillett was chosen as the year ' s " Pep " queen. . . . Three activity minded members, namely Beverly Jackson, Mary Ann Campbell, and Marcia Mockett were masked Mortar Boards. . . . Bev was vice-president of Coed Counselors and a member of the YWCA cabinet. . . . Mary Ann was president of BABW, while Marcia carried on the secretarial duties for Tassels. Outstanding social functions of Towne Club for the year were their annual fall party and, for a climax, their Pearl party, a spring formal celebrating their ten successful years at UN. ,- «,f»S«Kii iiE; :«f. Top: Elizabeth Brackney and Prexy Marilyn Davis supervise the business activities of the club. Bottom: The gals wait patiently for the weekly Monday night dinner. Page 361 Hesperia Now in its fourth year of existence, Hes- peria, a social group for unaffiliated women, started the year off with a tea to welcome the freshmen and new students. . . . The Hesperia calendar was marked by such activities as business meetings, dinners, hour dances, pic- nics, and a formal dance. . . . An already well- established tradition is the annual Christmas party at which toys are donated to a local orphanage. . . . Hesperia is associated with campus activities with the help of two able representatives, Mary Ann Wells, USA, and Marilou Fletcher, BABW. Tf i : fm nT t-nlerlain at a tea Wflconiing freshman women interested in Hesperia. Bottom: Six menil ers of Hesperia gather in Ellen Smith after one of tlieir meetings. Beyer, Monna Chaloupka, Marilyn Dtirkop. Emily Emsl. Jean Groberk, Gloria Hnseloh, M.iry Lo Hufnagle. Pat Irwin, Frances Knerl. Marjoric Konctkv. Louise Nelson, Jeanette Pletchcr, Marilou Roesler. Edith Rolfsmeier, Dolores Serhovec, Georgia Shunter. Arlene McCluin, Helen Srtiolik, Mary Weekly. Eleanor White. Roberta Wittier. Arlenr f - -i Page 362 Men ' s Dorm B The opening of Dorm B, in the middle of the first semester, marked the first large attempt of the university to provide adequate housing facilities and better living conditions for its male students. Eleven such units have been proposed, three of w h i c h are to be opened for residence this year. Dorm B ' s activities during the first year have mainly ijeen conducted by Proctor Henry Buthman. Due to its late opening, as yet no officers have l)een elected; however, next year a proposal has been made for a complete slate of officers and an activities committee which will attempt to set up a well- rounded plan for extra-curricular work for those wishing to participate. Tofi: Tliis ! ooksalesman i n ' t goin«i In take " no " for an answer as lie high pressures Doug Duillpy. Bottom: Dick Schleiger. left, looks to see if his buddies are actually studying, or ju4 daydreaming. Fourth row: W, Boesiger, J. Goodlellow. C. Blackmail. R. Rutledge, W. Russelt, P. Curley, D. DickersoD. H. Zeller, D. Peterson. Third row: G. Biggs, B. Dennis, P. Dzavik, D, Slrastieim, D. Breunsbach, D. Carlberg, A. Morrow, J. Kroger. Second row: H. McNeely, C. Brunken, C. Getter, W. Bisli. D. Kelley, R. Larson, A. Brandt, R. Yen, K. Leatherman. First tow: J. O ' Neat, C. Zimmerman, T. McDermott, N. Zalin, H. Butliman, R. Pond, I. Brie se, E. Lawson. Page 363 .:3-j ' Tup: A ilash of colH water and an Ipana smile slarl the flay oul right for the boys at Dorm C. Hotloni: Two of the l)oys seem lo lie having a free-for-all wrestling match. Men ' s Dorm C Dormitory " C " opened two months behind schedule, hut nevertheless the transfer from Husk- erville and the field house was a very welcome move for some of the sixty-four occupants. . . . Everyone met Max (Dormitories, Inc.) Polsky and Proctor Leonard. . . . Roesler, Joselyn, and May were social and athletic chairman and treasurer, respectively. . . . Despite the shortages which plagued them the first semester, such as no tele- phone, lounge or post office. Dorm C seemed luxurious. . . . They entered the intramural pro- gram in time for basketball and participated in most of the subsequent sports. . . . The spring dance and the numerous picnics were enjoyed by all. Fourth row; R. CuDliinghatn, F. Mi o, D. Dory. C. Rocslcr, I). Sinclair. J. Ovcrin . Third row: N. Hoefner. L. Hyde, H. Ccorgc, E. Dodeon. N. Jont-s, V. Welcli, R. Gnibcr. Second row: S. Dillcr. R. SlcintioH, R. Von Note, E. Prado. R. Kiinek. O. Olson. B. Mundill, W. Kroger. Fir%r rniir: J. Ros mitler , R. WicBt, T. May, C. Joselyn, R. Leonard, D. Mctcalf, M. Malonc. Page 364 Brown Palace Brown Palace, Inc., men ' s co-op house, had the largest membership since it was organized in 1942, with 45 men, all living in the two houses operated by the organization. Brown Palace follows the Roch- dale principles of co-operation: open membership, democratic control by the members, neutrality in religion and politics, constant education, and con- tinuous expansion. Brown Palace has been active in the regional organization for campus co-ops, and Earl Dyer, dele- gate to the Central League of Campus Co-ops, is presi- dent of that organization. Brown Palace members on the board of directors of the newly-formed Uni- versity of Nebraska Student Co-operative association were Fay Fuchser, vice-president of UNSCA; Ray Lonowski, treasurer; and Earl Dyer. President Dean Pressly Vice-president Tom Miya Treasurer Louis Newell Secretary M Cooper steward Victor Stanley Top: Chris Buethe can get all his weekly studying done in the time it takes Bob Stake to do his weekly pressing. Bottom: Since Loren Krantz holds such long drawn-out telephone conversations with his girl, the rest of the fellows at the Brown Palace don " t get a chance to use the phone. f P ( f - ( O- P P n- r ' -- fP ' - o Argabright, Melvin Berman, Eugene Buclhc, Cris Bunker, Frank Clare, Ralph Conner. George Cox, John Dealey, Robert Dyer, Gene Dyer. Earl Feehan, William Finkner. Ridiard Foh. William KiM-hser. Ck-o I nrliser. Fay Funk, Jean lInk, Jay Hiiiisen, E. Deane Hciffniaii. Don Kranu. L.tit. l-ii ' bcr. Dean Lin.i, Jnhn D. McCormick, Lconaril Miya. Tom Moals, Myrtm NcwL-Il, Louis Nore. Russell Pressly, Dean Schnert, Waller Shuey, Milton Sitller. Dayle Suhotka. Marvin Slake. Robert Stanley, Victor Teter, William Page 365 Btskuj). Francis Bowman. Kirk Det-Tsun, Delinur Dietrk-ii, Ernest Einkupf. Jac-k EnUT!i( ll, Juliii Eiiirrson. On Kririlricliscn. BtTii-iril Grffiislrt ' ct, Kritli HtTinuiin. Koland Jtniir . Mclvhl Kiiu ' aiion, Eugene McrriM. Haml.i Mctrin. Jcm-pli Moss. Kmhiey Ni-ilson. Lowell Quigk-y. Dean Ruplingcr. Philip Wcndler, (Gordon Vicle. Donald icks. Williiim Cornhusker Co-op Top: " Susie " gets plenty of attention from Ben Friedriik- sen, Harold Hollingshead. anil Delniar Deerson. Bottom: Study time at Cornhusker Co-op finds Holland Lowe. Dean Quigley. and Don ' iele busy willi the hooks. fr- The Cornhusker Co-op continued in its own way through the maze of tiie university ' s social life. . . . The usual hour dances made up the fall en tertainment. . . . The season was topped with the annual dinner and dance. . . . The athletic teams participated in nearly all sports. . . . They were well represented in activities too. . . . Hoyt Wells was finalist for Prince Kosmet. . . . Stan Marten was a mem- ber of the track squad, and also an N Club man. . . . Butch Neilson participated in fresh- man football, while he apjjeared to be the most hated man on campus, as intramural official. President Ernest Dietrich Vice-President Jack Einkopf Secretary Dean Quigley Treasurer Keith Grecnstreet Steward Harold Merritt Page 366 -n Pioneer Co-op Tradition is a strong force around Pioneer Co-op. ... As representatives of the oldest co-op on the campus, these men know they have a moral responsibility to maintain the reputation for leadership. ... It was no acci- dent that Norm Sundberg became a Phi Beta Kappa . . . that James and Warren Jensen were members of Sigma Tau . . . and that numerous others were active in various pro- fessional and honorary societies. . . . Realiz- ing the benefits afforded by student coopera- tives, they continued to work for the extension of the co-op idea on the campus and actively participated in the Central League of Campus Co-ops. President Lyle Chotena Vice-President Lloyd Glover Treasurer Robert Olberding Secretary Willard Hohnstein , ft Top: The boys must be reading the latest issue of Corn Shucks. Aw, come on boys, laugh. Bottom: This corner of the co-op house seems to be very popular, as evidenced by the crowded couch. et P « n t ' oufth row: L. Kraus, R. Patterson. D. Flesher, J. Spease, H. Brown, J. Christensen, D. Walker. Third row: I,. Clover, J. Nielsen. R. Steele, J. Slava, J. Schleeht, S. McCoy, L. Lewis. A. Vasina. Second row: G. Acosta, J. Jensen, J. Lehman, J. Bell, C. Swan, N. Walker, W. Jensen. P. Sano. First row: A. St. John, M. Hanson. N. Wodder, L. Chotena, Mr«. J. Jacobs, B. Flesher, R. Olberding, W. Hohnstein. Page 367 Fraternities-Sororities ROD FRANKLIN inlrrfralernily council president photo by Norman Case Rush Week (Sorority) d smiles, williiil wiles and new styles . . . this was rush week. The bewildered i;irls tramped from house to house looking everyone over. . . . The parties were fun for everyone . . . even tiie actives. Upper left: rushees and Tri Delts get acquainted at open house. . . . Center left: AOPi ' s provide a " hot time ' ' at their " Fireman ' s Ball " party. Lower left: Pots and pans furnish the music as the Theta ' s " strike up the band " for the rushees. Opposite page: Starting lower left, read- ing clockwise. . . . Root beer and pretzels keep the rushees busy at the Phi ' s " Gay Nineties Revue. " . . . The Kappa Delt ' s entertain " orien- tally " at their party featuring " Chinatown. " . . . A gypsy fortune teller predicts the future at a Gamma Phi party. . . . DG bathing beauties from Vogue ' 27 provide the laughs at their " Anchor party. " . . . Piano playing and sing- ing make an informal afternoon of it at the Pi Phi house. . . . " Well, it ' s all over now, " shout the happy pledges as they are greeted at the houses of their choice. Paye 370 t) ' e - President Jan McElwain First Vice-President .... EUlonna Swan Second Vice-Prrsidciil . . . Mary Chaney Treasurer June Gable Fnunded at Del ' auw University, 1885 Established at Nebraska University, 1907 XI Chapter Seventy Chapters Allen. Becky Alleu, Shirley Aruicrson, Shirlry iithony. Margc hiihensky. Belay Balicnsky. Dclures Rahensky, Marion Bancroft, Eleunor Bt-nnin lnn, Virginia Bios ' !!. Betty Bnrcfn , Dorothy Biirkitii:)iam, ]urtliu (liirlsKin. Bfinnic Cluiney. Mary C;h( ' rn . Marce CurU ' v, Tibby Dallborp, Mary Ann Dcnison, Marilyn Denny, Jacqueline P " cL-se. Juan Foster. Betty Kuller, Erma Grace (iable, June ( etttiian, Olive Ann Graliani. Pat (lueck.Mary B. Gubin. Pat (iiihin. Virginia Harris, Phyllis Heniniinger, Cretchen House, Hazelle Hylan.l, Jean James, Minii Lou Jn)insun. Janette Lursen, Pat Lathrop, Dorothy Mann. Jean McElwain, Janice McKaeg. Donna Jei Meshier, Dorothy Miller, Marihn Miller. Ruth Mulvaney, Mary Jean Pfeiffer, Katherine Kosenlof, Elizabeth Sargent, Ruth Ann Scheldt, Shirley Schniude, Carol Schreiber, Kathleen Seright, Eleise Seright, Shirley Slahl, Eleanor Stehly. Belly Stenberg, Beverly Swan, Eldonna Swan, Joan Taylor. Virginia Tripp. Margaret Ann Wallace. Fran Washington, Bonine Washington, Wihna Webster. Ann Weishel, Barbara Yoder. Betsy Page 372 Alpha Chi Ome a ACTIVES Becky Allen. Lincoln . . Marge Anthony. Sidney . Betsy Bahensky. St. Paul . Marion Bahensky. St. Paul X ' irginia Bennington. Chappell Betty Bloss, Lincoln . . Dorothy Borgens. Lincoln Martha Buckingham. Glenn N. Y Mary Chaney. Falls City . Marge Cherny, North Bend Tibby Curley. .Seward . . Mary Ann Dalthorp. Pierre. Marilyn Denison. Omaha . Erma Grace Fuller. Omaha Betty Foster. Lincoln . . June Gable, Scottsbluff . Pat Graham, Lincoln . . Mary B. Gueck. Scottsbluff Pat Guhin. Superior Phyllis Harris. Lincoln . Gretchen Hemminger, Deadwood, S. D Fall Hazelle House. Lincoln Pat Larsen. .South .Sioux City Dorothy Lathrop, Crawford Jean Mann. Lincoln . . Gloria McCullough. Central Jan McElwain. .Sloan. la. Donna Jean McKaeg. Lincoln Dorothy Meshier, Tekamah Marilyn Miller. Tecumseh Ruth Miller. Milford . . Mary Jean Mulvaney. Omaha Katherine Pfeiffer. Chappell Ruth Ann Sargent, Alliance Eleise Seright, Lincoln . Shirley Seright, Lincoln . Eleanor .Stahl. David City Betty Stehly. Elgin . . . Beverly .Stenberg. Omaha Eldonna .Swan. Tecumseh Joan .Swan. Tecumseh . . Margaret Tripp, Lincoln . Bonnie Washington. Hardy Betsy Yoder. Lincoln . . ity PLEDGES Shirley Allen. Tecumseh . Shirley Anderson. Ord . Delores Bahensky, St. Paul Eleanor Bancroft. Elsie . Bonnie Carlson. Omaha Jacqueline Denny. Mitchell Joan Feese. Wymore . . Olive Gettman. Lincoln . irginia Guhin. .Superior . Jeanne Hyland. Lincoln . Mimi Lou James, Crawford Janettc Johnson. Y ' ork . . Elizabeth Rosenlof. Goehner Shirley Scheldt. Omaha . . Kathleen Schreiber. Lincoln Virginia Taylor. North Platte Frances Wallace, Lincoln . Wilma Washington, Hardy , Ann Webster, Lincoln . . . Barbara Weishel, Lincoln . ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' .50 " 50 ' 4S ' .SO ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 •48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 •48 •49 •49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 •50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ■49 •.50 ' .50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' .30 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ■51 ■51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 •51 •51 ' 51 •51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 Wide awake and full of pep, the Alpha Chi ' s again had a bang-up year. . . . Marge Cherny and Skeeter House were out front leading cheers, while Phyl Harris headed the Tas- esls ' Homecoming decoration committee, and kept busy as AWS secretary. . . . Witty pledges had the actives hopping during a " turn-about is fair play " skit at one of those " slum- berless " parties. . . . Til)l)y Curley was AWS prexy and a Mortar Board. . . . Dorothy Borgens rushed about from the CORNHUSKER office to the Coed Counselor board meetings. . . . Marj Anthony found time to serve on Student Council and act as Student Foundation secretary. . . . Energetic Dort Meshier kept not only intramurals at the house, but also her duties as WAA president rolling right along. . . . Highlight of the season was the annual Red Carnation ball at the Lincoln hotel. . . . Happy pledges took second place honors with their clever booth in Penny Carnival. . . . Parties and candy passings were also in evidence to complete the Alpha Chi ' s busy year. . . . Top: The .Apha Chi ' s find amusement in watching Tibby Curley in a free moment between classes. Bottom: Magazines seem to be a diversion during the long, hard days of studying. Page 373 i - f Al ' . :, liC: Darlpman, l.niH ninghani. Juan Buhn.r. Mar% I. Biisbv. B.n Corkiii, W -n.l C.wlcs. Shirlr.• Crnw Irv. Annr I) r. Marv Faes. Kobcrla Figg ' ' . Annp FidclDck, Amu- Stewart. V ' alura FJiikle, Ktith Ann Frit .. I... is Cilibs, Doris Gillan, Lila Haarmann. Bevfrlv Ji-nsen. Catiit-rinr Jdhnson. J»iun Jensen. Nani Jensen. Mary l.uii Jones, (-aroline Jones. Phvllis Kclberg. I.ois I,it , Jnan l,ui-N!i. ' lvn Miireell. Jminni- M.ver. Palri.ia Miller.M.irilMi Mnuk. Mae Nelson. Mariiynn Nelson, Marlene Nordin, Patriria Muriihy. Sharon Niit nian. Janel O ' Dnnnell. Mai[;;i. Pratt. Mariiiii Rhu.U ' S. Joan S.-hroe.ler, Marv Ellen Srotl. J(tan Shaw. Jean Simpson, Ka; e Smith, Nanrv Lee ' I ilK. Anlith Annr Tohin, Barbma Tou pile. Ann- ' Srb. Jo Anne Srb, Marianne Wflpenien. Donnie alker. Marjurie Ward, Belly ii;lilrnan. Ja- Mnelinr President Hulli nn Kinklr Vice-President Phyllis Jones Recording Secretary .... Jackie Tobin Corresponding Secretary . Nancy Lee Smith Founilril at Hamartl CoUege 1896 hstahlishvd (it . ebrasha (hiircrsity, J906 Zeta (.ha{)ter Fortyjour (Chapters Page 374 Alpha Omicron Pi D. C. ACTIVES Lois Barelman, Wakefield Mary Lou Boliner. Lincoln Betty Lou Busl)y. Lincoln Wendie Corkin. Omaha . Shirley Cowles, Wallace . Ann Crowley, Hartington Mary Dye, Lincoln . . . Roberta Faes. Lincoln . . Ann Figge. Lincoln . . . Ruth Ann Finkle. Lincoln Lois Fritz, Rartley . . . Doris Gibhs, Nebraska City Lila Gillan, Lincoln . . Beverly Haarman. Omaha Mary Lou Jensen, Washington, Jo Ann Johnson, Hartington Roma Johnson, Lincoln Caroline Jones, Omaha Phyllis Jones, Pilger Lois Kelberg, Omaha . Evelyn Lucus. Omaha . Joan Marcell, Omaha . Patricia Meyer. Lincoln Marilynn Miller, Omaha , Mae Mnuk, Omaha . , . Marlene Nelson, Auburn . Patricia Nordin, Omaha Janet Nutzman, Nebawka Peggy O ' Donnell. Omaha . Myrtis Rider, Lincoln . . Mary Ellen Schroeder. (_;happel Faye Simpson, Omaha . . Nancy Lee Smith. Lincoln Jo Ann Srb, Omaha . . Marianne Srb, Dwighl , Tottie Stewart, Omaha . Jean Theisen, Osmond Jacquelyn Tohin, Lincoln Ann TouVelle, Lincoln . Donna Wageman, Seat tle, Was Marjorie Walker, Lincoln . Jacqueline Wighlman, Wayne PLEDGES Joan Bingham. Lincoln .... Ellen Ann Fiddock, Omaha . . . Catherine Jensen. Washington. D. C. Nancy Jensen, Fremont .... Joanne Litz, Omaha Sharon Murphy, Hardy .... Marilyn Nelson. Minden .... Marian Pratt, Elniwood .... Joan Rhoades, .Spalding .... Joan Scott, Bellerose. Long Island, N. Y ' 49 " 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' m ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 •49 ' 49 ' 49 ' ,50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' .50 " 49 ' 51 " 51 " 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 " 51 Jean Shaw, Omaha Ardilh Ann Tilly, Goodland. Kan. .Barbara Tobin, Tekamah . . . . Betty Ward, North Platte . . . ' 51 ' 50 " 51 " 50 ' 51 Friendly, energetic AOPi ' s found an outlet for their pep in campus activities. . . . The two Mortar Boards, Mary Dye and Marianne Srb, served as Coed Counselor prexy and Cornhusker Countryman editor respectively. . . . Jackie Wightman and Peg O ' Donnell worked ever so hard in Tas- sels. . . . Bobby Jo Faes graduated in three years and served as president of Panhellenic council. . . .Tottie Fiddock Stewart and Pat Nordin tried their journalistic talents on the Rag. . . .Janet Nutzman divided her time between YW cab- inet and Student Foundation. . . . Roma Johnson ' s fingers flew over the keyboard in the Lincoln Symphony orchestra. . . .Then there was the memorable Monday night, followed by an evening of handshakings, when five girls passed the candy. . .and never to be forgotten was the Deep South party in the fall. . , ,or the magnificent job the pledge class, diretc- ed by Marian Pratt, did in taking first place in Penny Car- nival. . .slumber parties and popcorn and lots of fun... Plans for many weddings wound up the year as pins and rings changed hands with growing frequency. Top: AOPi sisters arc keeping in harmony with Jackie Wightman ' s piano playing. Bottom: The stairs are the gathering place for those who are lacking in musical ability. Page 37S a i ( € Allen, Phyllis AndrrBon. Narlin - Barney. Marjnrie Bat " !. BeM ' rW HiiurT, Joan llt-rnman. J Ann llMfkffl. Surannr i{raK lon, Kalht ' rini Calder, Carol arvpth. Joun Chanibtrlin. Anne rhamberlin. Marpaiet Collins, Marie Cook. CliarU.tle Daniiui. Virginia IVjarnettr, B-.bbe Dixon. Marilyn tllliol. Katberiiif Kukilsen. Shirley fViilpr, Bettv Flacg. Prisrilla Grolhe, Gladys Groihe. Norma Guilford, Joan Hale. Jane Halligan, Jean Hirkey. Patrliia Kahn. Janet Kirk. Helen Kolezar, Delnres Lane, Terry Linn. Jane Lykke. Elinor Mines, Naney Nebergall. Joyce Ogden, Dorothy Parsons. Marih ii Pierson. Nancy Piirdham, Virginia Reed. Barbara Rockwell, Jane Savage, Sally Srhniale, Mary Jo SrliHeser. Jeanelle Seidel, Jo Ann Sparks. Belty Steele. Joyce Stenger, Bahelle Stewart. Ruth Siriblinp, Norma 1-e Str son. Lncille Swanson, Grace Taylor. Gwen Thompson, Patricia .111 Hnrnc. Carrie Van Home, Doroth ' an Saiit, Joan nabie, tliza Wallace. Shirley ftelherbee. Jo Ann herry. Mary Wylhers. Georgann President Gladys Grolhe Vire-President .... Gwendolyn Taylor Secretary Norma Lee Stribling Founded at Syrtiruse University, IS72 Established at . ebraska University, l Wh Nil Chapter Forty-five Chapters Page 376 Alpha Phi ity ACTIVES Nadine Anderson, Scottsbluff Marjorie Barney, Friend . Joan Bauer, Los Angeles. Calif Suzanne Bockes. Omaha . . Ann Chamberlin. Lincoln . Marie Collins, . ' lanton . . . Charlotte Cook. Alliance . Bobbe De Jarnelle. Nebraska C .Marilyn Dixon. Mitchell, S. D Betty Fesler, Omaha Priscilla Flagg, Lincoln . . Gladys Groihe, Geneva . . Norma Grothe, Geneva . . lean Halligan, North Platte . Patricia Hickey. Omaha . Kay Kinsey. Lincoln . Helen Kirk. Omaha .... Terry Lane. . ' t. Louis. Mo. Eleanor Lykke. (irand Island Nancy Mines. Wayne . . Joyce Nebergall. Omaha . . Nancy Pierson, Lincoln Virginia Purdham. Omaha . Jo Ann Seidel. Seward . . Mary Jo . ' chmale. Lincoln . Betty Sparks. Burlington. la. Joyce .Steele. Lincoln . . Babette Stenger. Imperial . Ruth Stewart, Omaha . Norma Lee .Stribling. Omaha Lucille Stryson. .Seward Grace .Swanson, Hastings . . Gwen Taylor. Pawnee City Pat Thompson. Lincoln Carolyn Van Home. Pawnee City Dorothy Van Home. Pawnee City Eliza Venable. Columbus . . Shirley Wallace, Greeley, Colo Jo Ann Wetherbee, Omaha Georgann Wythers, Lincoln . Joan an . " anl. Lincoln " 49 ■48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' .50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 •50 •49 •49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 •49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 •50 •48 ■50 •48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' .50 ' .50 ' .50 PLEDGES Phyllis Allen. Craig . . . Beverly Bates. Lexington . . Jo Ann Bergman. Omaha Katherine Bragdon. .Sioux City. Carol Calder. (Geneva ... Joan Carveth, Lincoln ... Margaret Chamberlin. Lincoln Virginia Damon. Rapid City, S. Catherine Elliot. .Scottsbluff . Joan (iuilford. Beverly Hills, Calif Jane Hale, Norfolk .... Janet Kahn, Omaha Delores Kolezar, Omaha Jane Linn, Kimball .... Dorothy Jean Ogden. Omaha Marilyn Parsons. Omaha . . Barbara Reed. Denver, Colo. Jane Rockwell, Syracuse, N. Y Sally Ann .Savage. Sioux Falls, S. D Jeanette Schweser. David City Mary Wherry. Tecumseh . ' 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 49 •51 •51 •51 •51 •49 ' 49 •51 •51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 •51 •51 •49 The Phi ' s began a promising year, possessing two cups . . . and they copped the last cup, winning Homecoming . . . Ivy day. Coed Follies, and Homecoming; but the Phi ' s didn ' t stop there. . . . They had another year of activity with every- one participating. . . . Pris Flagg was a Mortar Board, Home Ec club prexy and finalist for Honorary Colonel. . , . Nadine Anderson slaved as luanaging editor of the CORNHUSKER and a meml)er of the YW cabinet. . . , Mac Collins presided over Swimming club; the Phi ' s had two lieauty (jueen finalists in EUie Lykke and Bol)ijie De Jarnette; Suzanne Bockes was active in Student Foundation, and Tassels were Pat Hickey and Ruth Stewart. . . . The pledges this year " took a powder " pulling off an active kidnapping at East Hills. . . . Never a dull moment over in the Phi house, but there was always time for candy passings and spare moments in which firmer friendships were formed. Top: The Alpha Phi ' s entertain at a tea which honored Miss Joan Witt, assistant director of the dorm. Bottom: Smiling with pride by their picnic grill, the Phi ' s will remember its advantages during the picnic season. Page 377 ice I ' rcsiilcTil Recording Serretar Corresponding Seintary . . . jiint ' (iasi . . . Pcj; Lyon Jeaiifllf Sherwood lletiv Klimind Treasurer J ' an Jm-eti Foundrd al Lonihard C.oJlcfie, JH ' t. ' i Estahlishvd at JSvbruskii V ' nivcrsity, 1 12 Rho (chapter Sixty-four Chapters Ainsworlh. EMon Amlrrsrin. Helm Raskin. Virpinia Beyer. Marilyn Blark. Palriria Buck, Jovcf Campbell. Phylli- ( artpr, Virginia Castle. Jo fe Delamatre. Joan Ehrmann, JoreK ii Eidam, Maiih n Ely. Dorothy Elniiind, Betlv liM-ti.-r, Hhvlli F ' li-ming. Ttmi FInnH. Audrpy Cast. Junt " Crahani, Joan (ira imirk. Jn Ann Harniun. Jani-t Harlniati, Donna Hartrnan. Virginia Hoffnieisler. Mary HnlTord. Janice Jensen, Jeanne Johnson. Jarkie Jones. Martha Kinney, Lorraine Kiiinier. Jean Kreyniborg, Bonni» kreymbnrt;, Gayle Leisy, Jean I.ieber, Nanry Lyon. Peggy MeCormick. Patricia MeLaiighlin, Jean Ann Minnick, Paula Ohnistede. Ila Mae Osterloh, Vernell Peters. Jeannine Pliilpot, Donna Ravburn. Barbara Reeve, Marjorie Sihmitt, Patricia Senftun. Dorothy Sherwood. Jeanitlc Smith. Nancy Speer. Dorothy Speer, Ruth Stapleton. Marian Staplelon, Marjorie Tatman, Donna I ' homus, Janet Thompson. Beverly Trabert, Lctaniae iJllom. Helen Washburn. Elaine Watkins, Vcinia Lou Williams. Dorothy Woelfel. Elaine Page 378 Alpha Xi Delta oln ACTIVES Helen Anderson. Wausa . Marilyn Beyer, Omaha Pat Black, Lincoln . . . Joan Uelamatre. Omaha . Marilyn Eidam, Omaha . Betty Elmund. Lincoln . Phyllis Fischer, Schickley June Cast, Plainview . . Joan Graham, Elgin . . Jo Ann Grasmick, Lincoln Donna Hartman, Lincoln . Lois Henderson, Lincoln . Jean Jensen, St. Paul . . Martha Clark Jones, Tacoma, Lorraine Kinney, Elgin . Bonnie Kreymhorg. lirainari Nancy Lieber, Papillion . Margaret Lyon, Ogallala . Jean Ann McLaughlin, Line Paula Jean Minnick, Cambridge Vernell Oslerloh. Hooper Donna Mae Philpot, Weeping W Jeannetle Sherwood, Randolph Marion Staplelon, Hickman Donna Tat man, Lincoln . Janet Thomas, Bertrand . Helen UUom, Hastings . Elaine Washburn, Lincoln PLEDGES Ellen Ainsworth, Fremont . Virginia Lee Baskin, .Slapleton Joyce Buck, Omaha . . Phyllis Campbell, Wahoo Virginia Carter, Columl)Us Joyce Castle, Norton, Kan. Dorothy Ely, (iuide Rock Jocelyn Ehrmann, Lincoln Toni Fleming, Omaha . . Audrey Flood, Lincoln Janet Harman, Hooper . Virginia Hartman, Lincoln Mary Hoffmeister, Imperial Janice Huflford, Omaha . Jackie Jolinson. Lincoln . Jean Kinnier. . lbion Gayle Kreymborg, Gering Jean Leisy, Wisner . . . Pat McCormick, Omaha . Ila Mae Ohmstede, Guide Rock Jeannine Pelers. Dodge . Barbara Rayburn. Mitchell, Marjorie Reeve, Lincoln . Pat Schmitt, Omaha . . Nancy June Smith, Tecumseh Dorothy Speer, Lincoln Ruth Speer, Lincoln . Marjorie Stapleton, Hickman Beverly Thompson. Lincoln Letamae Trabert, Lincoln Velma Lou Watkins, Lincoln Dorothy Williams, Lincoln . Claire Woelfel, Hammond, Ind ish. ater S. ' 50 ' .SO •50 ' .lO ' .50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 •49 ' 48 ■49 ' 48 " 48 ' .50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 " 48 ' 48 ' .50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' , ' 0 ■49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 •51 ' 51 •51 ' 50 Rush week was over and Alpha Xi actives found them- selves at the mercy of thirty-one pledges. . . . First surprise of the year was the summer secret pinning of Jo Delamatre and Beta Ken Kailey. . . . Following a week ' s romance. Vice- president Peg Lyon passed the candy with fly-hoy Jim Way. . . . Fall festivities were highlighted by a Halloween hay- rack ride. . . . Active Tassels were Pat Black and Jo Dela- matre. . . . Donning their diving suits. Alpha Xi pledges gave the campus a deep-sea party in November. . . . Military Ball time, and sisters cheered for Prexy June Gast as Honorary Colonel. . . . June also served as vice-president of Nebraska Masquers and was seen in several theater productions. . . . Excitement was high when Sig Alphs took the Alpha Xi Christmas tree, ornaments and all. . . . Alpha Xi legacies were treated by a tall l)lond DU Santa Clans. . . . Courtesy was extended by pledges when answering the phone — " Greetings to voii from Alpha Xi. " . . . School closed, but memories of the traditional Rose formal and a successful year lingered on. Toil: linnnir and tJayle Kreymborg look longingly oul ihc window for someone while Alpha Xi sisters chat with them Bottom: Jus! a liltle between-class play for the quill gals in their living room. Page 379 Aaaen, Bflly Amend. Margaret Bcngston. Cherie Blue. Kathleen Borgaard. Mary Aim Barnlioldl. l.orna I " u Bra.k.-n. Pat Bremer, Marilyn Bliss. Mardelle Carey, Doris Carnahan. Annelle Case. Elizabeth Chapin. Dorothy Cole. Sunya Copple. Kalheryn Dallam. Janet Decker. Arlea Engstrom, Margaret Feldman, Madelon Goodding, Barbara Graham, Mary Lou H.d.nmb, Belly Jenn Johnson. Hartricc Kell. Shirley Kelly, Jo Anne Law, Joan Lawrence. Marilyn Libcrshal. Mary Livingston, Eloise McDilL Louise Marshall, Mary Ann Melick, Mary Jane Miller, Marilyn Miller, Phyllis Moon. Marion Nordgren, Marilyn Paiistian, Eloise Polansky. Harriet Quinn, Harriet Reynolds. Marjorie Birkly. Polly Ann Roberts. Jean Ann Scharman, Lou Ann Scott. Jane Sievers, Lois Simpson, Pal Smith Ann jeanette Smith, Jeannettc Smith. Marilyn Stark, Marilyn Strain. Leanore Tborfinnson. Lois Tripp, Claralynn Triihlsen, Joann Veile, Cherie Wagner, Shirlce Wcyenberg, Norniab-i Yoiiiip. Bernice Yi ' iniK- Wanda President ' l ' " " ■ " ' ■ ' ' ' ' ■ ' • Vice-President Mermcr ounn Secretary ■I ' - " " • ' " ' ' • " ' " ' ' ' Treasurer Kathleen Blue Founded at University of Arkansas, 1895 Eslnhlishrd at Nebraska University, 1905 Kappa Chapter Ninety-nine Chapters Page 380 Chi Ome a ACTIVES Betty Lorraine Aasen. Fairbury Margaret Ann Amend. Lincoln Kathleen Blue. Lincoln , Lorna Lou Bornlioklt. W au a Katheryn Lou Copple. Albuquerque N. M Doris Ella Carey, Gering . . Dorothy Mae Chapin, Casper, Wyo Elizabeth Ann Case, Blair . . Arlea Hazelann Decker, Ardmore, Pa Margaret Engslroni. Lincoln . Sue Golden. Lincoln .... Barbara Goodding, Lincoln . . Mary ' Lou Graham, Lincoln . Betty Jean Holcomb, Lincoln . Gladys Jackson, Lincoln . . . Hartrice Vera Johnson. Newman Grove Shirley Kell, Omaha .... Jo .Anne Kelly, Atkinson . . . Marilyn Lawrence, Tekamah . Mary Irene Libershal, Plattsiiiouth Eloise Livingston, Fremont . . Mary Ann Marshall, erdigre . Louise McDill, Lincoln Marilyn . nn Miller. Papillion . Phyllis DeAnn Miller. Shenandoah la Marilyn Nordgren, Grand Island Harriet Polansky, St. Paul . . Harriet Lou Quinn, (iothenberg iMarjorie Reynolds, Lexington . Jean .■ nn Roberts, Farragut, la. Lou Ann Scharman, Slromsburg Jane Scott, Omaha Lois Sievers, Fort Calhoun . nn Jeannette Smith, Lincoln . Jeanetle .Ann .Smith, Lincoln Lois Thorfinnson. Lincoln Claralynn Tripp. Blair .... Joan Truhlsen, Herman . . . Cherie N iele, Harrison .... Donna Wagner, Lincoln . . . Normalee Weyenberg, Glenville Cernice Young, Beatrice . . . Wanda oung. Beatrice PLEDGES Cherrie Bengston. Ponca . . Mary Ann Borgaard. Lincoln Patricia Bracken. Omaha . Marilyn Bremer. Mullin . Mardelle Buss, Omaha Annette Carnahan, Lincoln Sunny Cole, Lincoln . . Janet Dallam, Omaha . . Madelon Feldman, Newman Grove Joan Law, Chappell . . .Marion Moon, Fairbury Mary Jean Melick. Neligh Eloise Paustian. Omaha . Polly Ann Rickly, O ' Neill Patricia Simpson, Mitchell Marilyn Smith, Lincoln Marilyn Stark, Fremont Leanor Strain, Lincoln . Shirley Wagner, Gothenberg " 49 ■49 " 48 ■.SO ■49 " 48 ' 48 " 48 " 48 ■49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 " 48 ' 49 " 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 •50 ' 50 •48 ' 48 •49 " 4« ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 " 50 •50 " .50 ■49 ' 50 ■49 ' 49 " 48 " 48 " 48 ' 48 •51 •51 ' 51 ' 51 •51 •51 ' 50 •51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 " 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 Rally, Rally! . . . Cheerleaders Betty Aasen and Cherie Viele gave foothall weekends that " certain something, " mak- ing the Chi O open houses remembered events. . . . Music and mistletoe ushered in the Christmas formal, which competed with the spring dance at the Cornhusker for " highlight of the year. " . . . Wielding the gavel effectively for a wonderful year of top honors in fun, scholarship, and activities, Prexy Arlea Decker managed to subdue vivacious Mortar Boards Harriet Quinn, B. J. Holcomb, and " Bee " Young for almost three hours every Monday night. . . . Hidden talent was the pledge class ' watchword . . . with Polly Ann Rickly repre- senting the theater, M. J. Melick explaining the working of Student Foundation to Ijefuddled actives, and El Paustian debating with the varsity. . . . An exciting year promised big things for tlie future. Toj): The Chi O ' s have a gab fest in Mary Ann MarshalTs room, while Mary Ann puts a finishing touch to her makevip. Bottom: The girls catch up on the latest swing records. Page 381 f. €l0Cv i i Andrews. Ja " qiifliiie- BoiliiiHon, Virginia H..yd. Patricia Hr " wn. Nanry Biirlcv, Duiiiia Bvers. Kiith CunipfieUi, Marilyn Colbert. Beverlv 0 lgari. ( Ta)(linf Collif on, Charlvii Cm.-. I ' Inllis ( ntlinf ham. Mary Da ertl. Dawn DavidBon. Jo Havis. Kli abi-lli I) -niarpe. Nnrnia D» ' l DDSfk, Mary Alicc Kwald. Beverly FuiM ' hil.I. Janet Keltr;.. Murv Jane Ki«lar. Jnne ( " .( ' ssner. Shirley ( Unn. Naney (.rei n. Bf Ity Giiiidv . Palriiia Hfnilerson, Mary Lou llewelt. Mar Jane llcr. Louise Ann Kr. M,.r. Betl Kt-niieilv. Roberla K .kf . Pelores I .itsiM ' iih. Ber Ie, Marilyn lr rtluir, Jane McKeiina. Shirley Mfclian, ir inia |.-,-l,.,„. Patri ia l iTilliiirn. Marjorie Muvb-. Mary Ann Nicliolson. Kathleen Niro.lenuis. Betty Kaknw. Norma K.-vn..! ls. Joan Rii ' hard!i. Charlotte Kiise. Pelorr? SiJinittker. Shirley S.-it:, Ali.e Sjiecr. Barbara Sprow. Barbara Sleveiis. Marilyn Snuntioii, Jeanice ..|.nline. Bovre o..ihees. Marilyn Walker. Mary Jewell W ad. Patricia W iUon, Janiee ; i, Winifred unkin. Carol Zurn, Juan Pre i)lcnt Maril n Stovriis ice Prf-iiU ' iil Norma Kaktiw Secrelary Uathaia S|ircr Founded at Hoston i ' nirersity, IH8H Established at Nebraska Unirersity, IH ' )4 Kappa (Jmpter Sinety Chapters Page 382 Delta Delta Delta ACTIVES Jacqueline Andrews, Lincoli ' 48 Virginia Bodinson, Kearney . •50 Patricia Boyd, Sioux City. la. ' 50 Nancy Brown, iMcCook . . " 49 Ruth Byers, Lincoln . . •50 Geraldine Colgan, McCook ' 48 Phyllis Cone, Lincoln . . •50 Mary Cottingham, Hastings •48 Kay Darlington. Lincoln . ' 49 Mary Alice Dosek, Lincoln •50 Janet Fairchild, Lincoln •50 Mary Jane Fehrs, Omaha . •50 June Fislar, Lincoln . . •50 Shirley Gessner, Lincoln . •50 Nancy Glynn, Lincoln . . •50 Mary Lou Henderson, Auburn ' 50 Mary Jane Hewett. Rushville •49 Betty Huhka, Virginia . . . •48 Betty Keebler, Omaha . . . •48 Roberta Kennedy, Columbus •49 Dolores Kokes, Ord .... •50 Beryl Lolspeich, Alliance . . •49 Marilyn Lowe, Omaha . . . ' 48 Jane Mc.Arlhur, Lincoln . . •49 Shirley McKenna, Sioux City, la •48 Patricia Meehan, Lincoln ' 50 Marjorie Minthorn, Washingtoi D. C •48 Mary Ann Moyle, Lincoln •49 Kathleen Nicholson, Red Clou ■48 Betty Nicodemus, Denver, Colo ' 49 Norma Rakow, Ponca . . . ' 49 Delores Ruse, Plattsmouth •48 Shirley Schnittker, Lincoln ' 48 Barbara Speer, Lincoln . •49 Barbara Sprow. Evanston, II ' 49 Marilyn Stevens, McCook ■48 Jeanice Swanson. Omaha . •48 Royce N ' olenline. McCook " .50 Marilyn Voorhees, Wauneta •50 Mary Jewell Walker, . ruba. Netherlands, W. I. . . •49 Patricia Ward, Crete . . •48 Janice Wilson, Stuart . . •48 Winifred Wolf. Omaha . •49 PLEDGES Uonna Burley, Norfolk .... ' 51 Marilyn Campfield, Omaha ' 51 Beverly Colbert, Lincoln . •51 Cliarlyn Collison, Holdrege ' 51 Dawn IJaggett, Kearney . " 50 Joann Davidson, Evanston, III. ' 50 Elizabeth Davis, Plattsmouth •50 Norma Del Demaree, Norfolk •50 Beverly Ewald, Omaha . . •51 Betty Green, Lincoln . . •51 Patricia Gundy, Norfolk . ' 51 Lou Ann Her, O ' Neill . . •51 irginia .Meehan, Lincoln ' 51 Joan Reynolds, Omaha . ' 50 Charlotte Richards. Hebron ' 51 Alice Seig, Omaha . . . ' 50 Carol Younkin, Alliance . ' 51 Joan Zorn, Benkelman . . ' 51 They borrowed an ATO for their Hard Times Scavenger Hunt. . . . Met all the pledges at an early-fall tea. . . . Worked fo rthe Homecoming prizes, and welcomed alums.... Re- joiced when Nancy Glynn and Jan Wilson were finalists in the Beauty Queen contest. . . . Backed YW prexy and Mortar Board Shan Schnittker. also a finalist for Honorary Colonel. ....Knitted and worked in YWCA wi th Kathleen Nichol- son and Barbara Speer, who was also a member of the Stu- dent Council, as was Mary J. Walker. . . . Knocked them- selves out in the CORNHUSKER office with Jane McArthur, managing editor. . . . Were proud of Nancy Glynn. Kathleen Nicholson, and Jane McArthur again as members of the AWS board .... Bought myriad objects from Beryl Lot- speich and Janet Fairchild, who waved the pompoms of the Tassels. . . . Passed the candy . . . danced at their Valentine prom .... Followed prexy Marilyn Stevens through a glori- ous year. . . . Who? . . . Beauties, brains, busy girls the Triple Talented Triple Deltas! Above: The-e lovelies from the Tri-Delt hcu e Iske time out of their l)u y day to relax and sharpen up their bridge game. Below: The girls looked pleased after their Xmas visitation from Santa . . . P. S. : It ' s a hair dryer . . . Page 383 i ft Ankrom, Norma Hall. Phvlli B.-vn..ii. KstiT Marjurie Cuttle. Durtilhy Oliaiilry, Lois Dftweiler, Elinor Dinsiiiorc. Helen Jean l)iiii;{luH, Virginia DiiiiM, Bartiam Kitzniorriit, Kila Frazee, Mar ' KreilrickHun, Joan Fry, Jane .i (iarev, Nanry ( urnii«li. Judy fierslenhercer, Bonnie Lou tiisli. Njinr Halm. Miriaui Hedwiroin, Ji u Hullan.l. Mury Sue Holmes, Joan Johnson. Joyce Johnson, Sally Ann Kennedy, Charlene Kuehler, Sue l.ander oa, Lorraine Looniis. Mary Ann iMenke, Kav Meyers. Norma Je Norman, Joy Falton. JoAnne Hoiite, Barliara Pralt. Matiia Kapp. Katherine Kiniler, Jean Saw ers. Bett Ann Scott, Ann Smith, Jean Smith, Miriam Slejihens, Gloria Swanson, Kathrya Taylnr, N ' irginia I ' rauni, JoAnn Van Home. Joline Wallace. Barbara ( ' atktnH. Nancy Wilbnriie. Harri«l Vl ' indle, Barbara Vtorcesler, Catherine Prrsitlcnl Nancy Carey Vice-President Miriam Halin Secretary Juliet Rathbone Treasurer Lois Chantry Founded til Lewis hnUtutt ' , 1873 Estdblished at Svhriisha University, ]8H8 Kapjiu chapter ixty-six iha ter$ Page 384 Delta Gamma ACTIVES Mary Esther Anderson, Huntington, Ind " 48 Phyllis Ball, Fremont ' 48 Esther Bcynon, Lincoln .... " 50 Marjorie Bock, Omaha .... ' 49 Dorothy Cattle, Seward .... ' 50 Lois Chantry, Osceola ' 48 Elinor Detweiler, Omaha ... " 48 Pauline Dickson, Kearney . . . ' 48 Virginia Douglas, Aurora ... ' 49 Marjorie Doyle, Lincoln .... ' 49 Barbara Dunn, Omaha .... ' 49 Rita Fitzmorris, Scoltshluff . . . ' 49 Mary Frazee, Omaha ' 49 Mary Jane Fry, Beatrice .... ' 48 Nancy Garey, Lincoln ' 48 Nancy Gish, Fort Worth, Texas . ' 49 Miriam Hahn, Colunihus .... " 48 Joan Harrison, Omalia ' 49 Patricia Heynen. Columhus ... ' 48 Joan Holmes, Lincoln ' 48 Joyce Johnson, Columbus ... " 50 Charlene Kennedy, Broken Bow . " 50 Lorraine Landeryou, Omaha . . ' 48 Mary Ann Looniis, Omaha ... ' 49 Barbara Polite, Lincoln .... 49 Kathryn Rapp, Waterloo .... ' 50 Juliet Rathbone, Lincoln .... ' 49 Betty Ann Sawyers, St. Joseph, Mo. ' 50 Ann Scott, Stromsburg .... ' 49 Miriam Smith, Scottsbluff ... " 48 Gloria Stephens, Grand Island . ' 48 Jo Ann Traum, Fairbury .... ' 48 Joline Van Home, Kearney . . . ' 48 Audrey Wallace, Lincoln .... ' 48 Nancy Watkins, Omaha .... ' 49 Marion Vieetb, Abilene, Texas . . ' 48 Harriett Wilborne. Omaha . . . " 48 Sally Barbara Windle. Falls City . " 48 Catherine Worcester. Lincoln . " 50 PLEDGES Norma Ankrom, Falls City . . . ' 50 Helen Jean Diiisniore, Omaha . ' 49 Joan Fredrickson, Valley .... ' 51 Judy Garnish, Ashland, Wis. . . ' 50 Bonnie Gerstenberger, Itasca, 111. . ' 50 Jean Hedstrom, Deadwood, So. Dak. ' 51 Mary Sue Holland, Lincoln . . ' 5- Sally Ann Johnson, Madison . . ' 50 Suzanne Koehler, Geneva .... ' 51 Marian Kay Menke, Lexington . ' 49 Norma Jean Myers, Broken Bow . ' 51 Joy Norman, Chadron ' 49 Joanne Patton, Omaha .... ' 49 Marcia Pratt, Osceola ' 51 Jean Binder, Scottsbluff .... ' 51 Kathryn Swanson, Lincoln . . . ' 51 Jean Smith, Valley ' 51 Virginia Taylor, Kearney ... ' 51 The Hannah ' s of ' 47- ' 48 showed plenty of versatility. . . . From Lois Chantry, PBK, to the Mortar Boards, Larry Landeryou, Dunk ( Mrs. Hank Andersen ) , and Minis Weeth. . . . But those honors hardly weighed heavily on the old DG spirit. . . .The third floor midnight " parties " seriously hin- dered all thoughts of studying throughout the year. ... To add to the festivities were the nightly 2:00 A.M. serenades by certain nameless parties. . . . Monday nights were full of surprises with the numerous announcements of new pinnings and impending marriages . . . also with ingenious plots of mischief from the pledge class. . . . The big achievement of the year, was the installation of a new buzzer system, an event which brought an uncoiiMnon quietness to the house, and call- ers who had previously excelled in long-distance conversa- tions now were limited to a calmer method of message relay. Top: The " Hannah- " Hnd ihe lialcony a good place lor hil-chat. Bottom: The fall house parly al 400 Terrace provided a good beginner for the social season. Page 385 ill i f5 Presidenl Viff-Prc-iflrnl Sccrt ' lar) . . . Treasurer . . . ilt ' lr (iicciic Marion ( ianiprii i ' aliicia I im1 Kilcfti llc(ipL-rly Founded at Syracuse University, 1894 Established at Nebraska University, 1915 } i Chapter hijtyjour Chapters Babst. Alire Baldwin, Put Caiiipen, Marinn Clfriients. Nonna Luis Crnsbie, Connip Ciimnnns. Mary A. Diestcl. Marilyn Douglas, Shirl«. ' y Dovey, Adele Krdman, Carul (iarinn, Pal (irnene. Aiiek (■iistufsun. Glailvii Il.irn, { atlifrine Hamilton, Mariun llaiiiiltnn, Virginia 1 li-nsel. Elaine H.|.iktI . Eileen Mirks. Miriuiii llitl. irginiu Hoke, Phyllii, James, Mercedes Jolinsun. Barbara Jones. Jain Kent. Durotby kejiner. Janet L.indwehrkanii ' . Joan Lrddle , Jean Liiidley. Joyce I.iltle, Pania Luiidun, Janet Lncas, Trudy Luther. Maryluu Lntton, Kae McCuag, Jane Marshall. Ann Moss. Jo Nelson, Luana Niedenthal, Dora Lee Nielsen, Crare 0 cIlne . Jackie Ki ' d iyer. (ieorgianne Ifowland, Barbara Salsbury, Joyce Srhaffer. Shirley Shopbell. Mary Sievers. Beverly Smith, Alice Jo Sutlle, Damaris Toof. Pat Voas, Jackie W ' aeener, Jo Wagey, Nancy W arrtii, Pliyllis .l,.r. Marihn West. Bettv W hit.-. Nancy Widdows. Ro ella ViuKord. Janice Young. Jane Page 386 Gamma Phi Beta ACTIVES D Alice Babst, Liiuolii . Phyllis CacJvvallader, Lincoln Marion Campen, Omaha- . . Norma Clements, Elmwood . Constance Crosbie, Lincoln . Marilyn Die?tel. Fremont . Carol Erdman. Sioux Fall Patricia Carton. Lincoln . Adele Greene. Loup City . Catherine Ham, Lincoln . . Virginia Hamilton, Omaha . Elaine Hensel. West Point . Eileen Hepperly. Fremont . Phyllis Hoke. Lincoln . . . Mercedes James, Tabor, la. . Barbara Johnson. Omalia . . Jain Jones, Fort Riley. Kan. Mary Kuppinger. Omaha . Jo Landwehrkamp. Omaha . Ann Lomax, Broken Bow . Trudy Lucas. Winner. S. D. Katherine Lutlon. Ashland . June McCracken. Lincoln Ann Marshall. Windoin. Minn. Katherine Moore. Lincoln Jo Moss, Ashland .... Luana Nelson, Central City . Dora Lee Niedenthal, Russell, Kan. Jacquelyn Oscbner. Deshler . Georgianne Rcdiger. Tekamah Barbara Rowland. Farnam . Joyce Salsbury. Kansas City, Mo Beverly Sievers. Roca . . Damaris Suttle. Fremont . Patricia Tool, Dalton . . Janice Thorson. Lincoln . Jacquelyn Voss. Lincoln . Phyllis Warren. Lincoln . Mary Jean Way. Decatur Carolyn Westervelt. Lincoln Nancy White. Minneapolis. Min Rozella Widdows. Glenwood. la. Janice Wolford. .Shelton Jane oung. Red Cloud PLEDGES Pat Baldwin. Lincoln . Lois Ann Cole. Emmet Mary Alice Cummins. Lincol Shirley Douglas. Omaha . Adele Dovey. Peoria. III. . Gladys Gustafson. Cozad . .Marian Hamilton. Omaha Miriam Hicks. Lincoln . Virginia Hill. Lincoln . Dorothy Kent. Omaha . . Janet Kepner, Osceola . . Jean Leadley. Lincoln . . Joyce Lindley, Lincoln . Paula Little. Kearney . . Marylou Luther. Cambridge Janet Loudon. Lincoln . . Jane McCuaig. Omaha . Grace Nielsen. Omaha . . Shirley Schaffer, O ' Neill . Mary Shopbell. Osceola, la. Alice Jo Smith. Lincoln . Jo Ann Wagener, Lincoln Nancy Wagey. Lincoln . Marilyn Weber, Norfolk . Betty West, Red Oak, la. " 50 " 50 " 48 ' 48 ' 50 " 49 " 49 " 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ■4« ' 48 •48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 " 50 •48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' .50 •49 •.50 •49 ' 49 ' 48 •48 " 49 G " 49 " .5U ' 49 •49 " .50 •49 ' 51 •50 •51 ■50 ' 49 ' 49 •51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ■50 ' 50 •50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 •51 Not only the crescent moon, Ijut the sun shone for the Gamma Phi ' s this year. . . . For the " most accomplishments in the past year in the ideals of fraternity life, " the Elsie Ford Piper Cup came Gamma Phi way at the Panhellenic bancjuet. . . . Rosa Weatherfield and Catherine Ham brought home the Silver Gavel as winning intramural orators. . . . Proud Gamma Phi ' s claim Jane Young, president of Phi Chi Theta, women ' s business honorary fraternity. . . . Wearing the white caps of Tassels, Eileen Hepperly and Mary Shopbell bobbed about campus while they sold tickets and rah-rahhed at football games. . . . Torchy Rediger covered student activities for the CORNHUSKER, was a member of Coed Counselors, and scooted back to the house for meals. . . . Quiet hours! . . . Pledge on the phone! Escaping these words, the pledges went under the sea for their Marine Myth party without dampening anyone ' s spirits. Despite tlie small front porch, the Gamma Phi ' s had a big year, again proving that the crescent moon never sets. Top: Gamma Plii ' s gather to learn the late-st and to discuss the momentous problems of ihe day. Boltum: The " ho-pilalil) mimled " gals enlerlain al one of iheir popular open houses. Page 387 e c ao ©i 0i O 0 0 Prf itldiit Betlf Hct kcnlivcly Vice-President Jackie Carolhers Secretary Susan Leininger Foundetl at DePaiiw University, 1870 Established at Sebraska University, 1887 Hho Chapter Sixly-nine Chapters i-kLTiiian. Jnaniio Amirk, Ellen Ayers. Delphinr Baltiry. Beverly Bcnnisori. Dorothy BfiiHon, Mariory BcFK. Aniv Jo Br;inrti. J.-ailiic BiihIi. Barbara Bii»s. Brtii CarotliiTs. Mary Marllia (ioblc. Hall-) oil r.Mok. U ' inifreil ( iniitih, Patrii-ia Karrar, Joan (lii.t.lis. i at- Gardiner. Patricia Gass, Rosemary Gillespie, Hrlen Har liiie, Gwen (;iien lrl. Marv Helen Haley. Phyllis Harnsherger, Dorothy Hefkeiilively, Bette Holmes Sallv Hylaiid. Patti Kellison, Virginia Ketj k-r. Janne King, Nancy Koch, Virginia Lancaster, Susan Lapp, Virginia Lalta. Mary Lawrie. Peggy Leininger. Susan Lemon, Georgia Lyman. Joy Mallory, Mary Helen Metcalfe, Marilvn Miles. Ann Miller. Nancv Moll. Kiilh Mortlock. Phyllis Nobler. Joanne Norval, Vivian O ' Shea. Sally Peterson. Marilee Pinney, (iloria Porter. Nancy Quigtey, Coll Seidel. Harriet Seidel. Patricia Smith. Janice Steinauer, Phyllis Storz. Susan Strattnn, Janet Sullivan, Barbara Sutton. Suzanne Swiler, Sally Traphagen, Jane Tronihlii. Billetle Wentz, Barbara X ' illianl9. Beverl Page 388 Kappa Alpha Theta Calif ACTIVES Joanne Ackerman. Sidney . . Delphine Ayers, Lexington . Beverly Battey, Lincoln ... Dorothy Bennison. Lincoln . . Marjory Benson. Onialia . . . Amy Jo Berg. Omaha .... Jeanne Branch. Lincoln . . . Barbara Bush. Tecumseh . . . Shirley Campbell, Lincoln . . Jackie Carothers. Broken Bow . Winifred Cook, Sahetha. Kan. . Joan Farrar. Hyannis .... Patricia Gardiner. Omalia . . Rosemary Gass, Seward . . . Helen Gillespie, Omaha . . . Mary Helen Guendel, Grand Island Dorothy Harnsberger, Ashland . Bette Heckenlively, Lincoln Patti Hyland. Lincoln . Virginia Kellison, Inglewood Nancy King. Falls City . Susan Lancaster, Lincoln Mary Latta, Tekamah . . Peggy Lawrie, Lincoln . .Susan Leininger, McCook Georgia Lemon, Lincoln . Joy Lyman. Fremont . . Mary Helen Mallory. Lincoln Marilyn Metcalfe, Omaha Ann Miles, Lincoln . . . Ruth Moll. Lincoln . . . Phyllis Mortlock, Lincoln Vivian Nerval. Buffalo, Wyo Sally OShea, Lincoln . . Marilee Peterson. Lincoln Coll Quigley, Omaha . . Patricia Seidel. Wahoo . Janice Smith. Ralslon . . Phyllis Steinauer. Lincoln .Susan .Storz, Omaha . . Janet Stratton, Grand Islanil Barbara Sullivan. Palo Alto. .Sally Swiler. Omaha . . Billie Trombla. Lincoln Barbara Wentz. Lincoln . PLEDGES Ellen Amick, Loup City . Beth Buss, Scottsbluff . . Mary Martha Carothers. Brok Halcyon Coble. Lincoln . Pat Cornish. Omaha . Patricia Gaddis. Lincoln . Phyllis Haley, Lincoln . . Gwen Harding. Omaha . .Sally Holmes, Kearney . Sally Ann Johnson, Los Angeles. Calif Janne Ketzler, Omaha . . Virginia Koch, Lincoln . Virginia Lapp, Kearney . Nancy Miller, Omaha . . Joanne Noble, Omaha . . Gloria Pinney. Hastings . Nancy Porter, Omaha . . Harriet Seidel, Wahoo . . Suzanne Sutton, McCook . Jane Traphagen, Lincoln . Beverly Williams, Lincoln Calif, Bow " 48 " 48 ' 49 ■49 " 48 ' 49 " 49 ' .50 ' 49 ' 49 " 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 " .50 ' 48 ' 49 " 49 " 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 " 50 " 48 ' 49 " 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 " 48 " 48 " 49 " 48 " . " ,0 " 48 " 48 ' 49 " 49 " 49 " 49 " 51 " 51 ' .50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 " 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 The Theta ' s had a year crowded with honors and its members rightfully grin with pride in Nebraska ' s Rho chap- ter. ... Jo Ackerman was vice-president of Mortar Board and CORNHUSKER editor. . . . Red-headed Joanie Farrar was crowned Nebraska Sweetheart at the fall Kosmet Klub show along with being a Tassel, Student Council member and AUF advisory board member. . . . Another red-headed Tassel was Mary Helen Mallory. . . . Jeanne Branch filled the posi- tion of intramural co-ordinator on WAA, while Peg Lawrie was the Student Directory head on the Student Foundation Board. . . .Rusty Ayers wrestled witli yearbook finances as business manager. . . . Lovely Pat Gaddis was chosen Sigma Chi Pledge Sweetheart and Bobljie Bush a beauty queen finalist. . . . Never to he forgotten was the traditional feud with their Phi Psi neighbors across the street, and the annual Black Kat Kabaret held on February 6. . . . They copped the scholarship cup, which gave the pledges something to work for. . . . Guiding Theta ' s work and play time this year was President Bette " the grin " Heckenlively, unanimously voted as most efficient in many moons. Top: In the spring and fall the KAT ' s spend their lime between cla -c- on the porch. Bottom: On rainy days the Theta gals take to the house for a bridge game or something quieter. Page 389 i f ' B a Andrrsoii, Beveily Anderson, Jean hi-hri ' iis. Arlpiie Besl. I, lira Lee Bnhl. JanrI Hdiiphriplit, Doris Rardshur. Willa Ha I ' .iiti BiiniPlt, Marilvii Clark. WillisliiH- Davis. Dnrolhy Eckvall. Jean P irkfiiin, Carole ForstiT, Frances (;o1.;m. I.uis Coli.l.-, Arliii.- (Hiitliiiticr. Belly Hor«t. Esther Johnsiin. Donna Karlsnn, Norma Kennedy. Audrey I..f. I ' M IJnili. Laurel MeisinKer. Donna Milier. Dorthyann Norval. Pat O ' (;onnor, Marv O ' DelL Mary Perkins. Pal Peterson. Arlene Pat Pratt. Donna Prenier. Marjory Prokop. Carnlvn Rent srii, Pal Ur.,„aillr. Jaril.T Hlio.lrs. Katll n Silnvarlz. Katlirvn ScarrrsI, Viryiniii Spain. Jo Speer. Nornui Spiiryi ' on. Rulli Strong. Carol Traiv. Feme Troxrll. Kutl. V, ' ri IT, Jo Ann W ilkens. Marilyn Wyse, Sliirley Zininiernian, Alila Av-S Pri ' sidcnl I, lira l-i ' c lic-l Vice-President lean Kckxall Secretary W ilia Kay llard-liar Treasurer Marv {) " (!onnor Founded at Virginia Slate Muriiiiil. IH ' iT Established at Nelirasl.ii IJniiersity. I ' I ' IO I ' i (Jiaptrr Seienty-ttvo (.hiipters page 390 Kappa Delta ACTIVES Beverly Anderson. Omaha . Willa Ray Bardshar. Holdrege Lura Lee Best. Broken Bow Janet Bohl. Sioux City. la. . Patti Brown. Holdrege . . Willistine Clark. Hundioldt . Jean Eckvall. Holdrege . . Frances Forster. Denver. Colo Lois Gobar. FuUerton. Calif. Donna Johnson. Sutton . . Laurel Linch. Morrell ... Mary O ' Connor. South Sioux C Donna Pratt, Lincoln ... Marjoric Premer. Palisade . Kathryn Rhodes. Benkelnian Kathryn Schwartz, Volga, .S. D Virginia Seacrest, Lincoln . Frances Smith, Broken Bow Ruth . ' purgeon. Louisville. Ky Ruth Troxell. Burwell . . . Marilyn Wilkens. DeWitt . . Alita Zimmerman, Omaha . •.50 " 50 " .SO " .SO ' SO ' 50 ' .SO ' .50 " 49 ' .50 ' .50 ' 49 " .50 ' 49 ' .SO •49 ' .50 ' .50 C. •.50 •.50 ' .50 The Kappa Delia diamond again sparkled on the NU campus. . . . The KD " s rememljer ' 47- ' 48 l)ecause of a newly decorated house to " oh and ah " over. . . .The fire depart- ment called Homecoming eve to inquire who wanted to burn up the house ... it seems the phosphorus smoke was too real- istic. . . . They copped first place in the Homecoming float contest, featuring Shirley Wyss perched on a huge champagne glass. . . . The celebration of the fifty years of Kappa Delta was climaxed at their Golden Anniversary tea. . . . Activities were important for the Kappa Delta ' s. . . .Lee Zimmerman was appointed new A ' Book editor. .. .Jean Eckvall and Willie Clark were YW board members .... Lois Gobar was initiated into Phi Sigma Iota, honorary romance language group. . . . Patti Brown wore the Carrie Belle Raymond pin for high scholarship. . . . Their social events varied . . . from a Backwards party ... a Christmas party for Whitehall orphans ... to a grand clima.x . . . the gala spring formal . . . KD ' s, remember. PLEDGES Jean Anderson. Omaha .... Sl Arlene Behrens. Mead .50 Rae Best. Broken Bow .... ' .51 Marilyn Burnett. Lincoln .... ' 51 Doris Bonebright. Lincoln . . . " 51 Dorothy Davis. FuUerton .... .50 Carol Erickson. Lincoln .... ' .51 Arlene Gohde. Lincoln ' 1 Betty .Ann Guidinger. Lincoln . . ' 51 Esther V. Horsl. ScottsblufI . . . ' -50 Norma Karlson. Omaha .... 51 Audrey Kennedy. Falls City . . . ' . ' 1 Pat Lee, Des Moines, la ' 49 Dorothy -Ann Miller. Chadron . . " 49 Donna Meisinger, Plattsmouth . . ' .50 Jean Millane. Lincoln .50 Pat Norval. Lincoln ' 51 Mary O ' Dell. . ' outh Sioux Cily . " .50 Arlene Peterson. Falls Cily . . . " .50 Pat Pischcl. Verdel " . 0 Carolyn Pro.kop, Griswold. la. . . " 49 Pat Perkins. Lincoln " 50 Pat Renlzsch. Oshkosh " 50 Janice Requartte. Lincoln . . . " 51 Jo Spain. Omaha .50 Carol Strong. Denver. Colo. . . . " 50 Norma Speer. Lakeside .... .50 Feme Tracy, Lincoln ' 51 Shirley Wyss, Siratton ' 50 Joan Weaver. Lincoln ' 51 Top: Norma Karl on take- time out from a phone call to let the sisters in on the news. Bottom: KD ' s are always pleased with mail whether it be letters from home, grades or invitations. Page 391 fs O f ft» • w «.fc ¥ ■ iffeif y» i - I? ■fl € a A4 ) i 4 ' i ' Alexander, Sara Sup ri.i.T-nn. Sllirl.-.- Batley. Marion Bprker. Sara Burgess, Siizaine Biisrh, Barbara Carlcr, Loiiisp C.lapp, KUif Clark. Bt ' rna Joan Curran, Slieilo DcLony. Martha Dorway. Judy Dunn, Bailiara DuTcau, Yvonne Edee. Frances Fankhaii cr. Joan Fursvlhp, Audrey Caines. Mary ( allai:her. Donna Geddes. Joyce George, Jose|»Iiine Gunizel, I.ois Hiiwey, N. ' inry Jtdiiisnii, Mart:an ' t Keckley, Joyce Keiiner. Ann Kimball. Rosemary Knudsen. Prisrilla I.awlor. Nancy Licrk. Sliirlev Lilly. Harriel Lodrr, Jo Jen Lowry, Nancy lallieu ' -i. Sliirlev Mr.riri. Ja.que lvM Musriieiles. Mart;aret IMiillip, Lois Rad.liffe, Barbara Hadeniacber. Mar Jean Keed. Susan Reynolds. Peg-jy Ricliardsun. Dorolhv iii Uynian. Janice Kw.ns. Marx Sainuclson. Suzann Sniilli. Bonnie Stebbins, Marilvn ShMvarl, MargartI Stnht, Mary Stuht, Sally Swanherg. V ' irgiTiia Swanson. Sherry Titns, Joan Turner. Sally Turner, Susan Votava, Josephine Vl ' aldroii. Barbara Wielaiid. Pally Zccnier, Barbara President lof-rpliine olava Vice-President Frances Edee Secretary .Shir Irr Xndrrson Founded at Monmouth (.o lcfic. IH70 Established at Nebraska I ' nivrrsity, IHHl Sigma Chapter Seventy-six (.hapters Page 392 Kappa Kappa Gamma ACTIVES Sara Sue Alexander. Fall City " 49 Shirlee Antler«on. Grand Inland " 48 Marion Battey. Lincoln . . . •.iO Sally Becker. Papillion . . . •50 Suzaine Burgess. Omaha . . . " 50 Ella Burket. Lincoln .... " 48 Barbara Busch, Omaha . . . " 49 Loui. ' e Carter. Lincoln . . . " .50 Sheila Curran. Buenos Aires, Arg ' 50 Barbara Dunn. Hastings . . . " 50 Yvonne DuTeau. Lincoln . . . ' 49 Frances Edee. Pawnee City . . " 48 Joan Fankhauser. Humboldt " 48 Audrey Forsylhe. North Platle . " 48 Donna Gallagher, O ' Neill . . " 48 Joyce Geddes. Grand Island . . ' 48 Josephine George. Omaha . . ' 49 Jo Ann Guenzel. Lincoln . . . ' 48 Lois Guenzel, Lincoln .... ' .50 Pollyanne Hare. (Irand Nland . ' 49 Nancy Howey, Lincoln . . . " 50 Joyce Keckley, Lincoln . . . " 48 Nancy Lawlor. Lincoln . . . ' 49 Shirley Lierk. Omaha .... ■48 Harriet Lilly. Lincoln .... ' 48 Nancy Lowry. Toledo. 0. . . ' 50 Jacquelyn Merritt. Lincoln . . ' 49 Lois Phillip. Re,l Oak. la. . . ' 48 Helen Prince. Grand Island . . •49 Barbara Radcliffe. Sidney . . ' 48 Mary J. Rademacher, York . . ' ,50 Dorothy .Ann Richardson. North Platte ' 49 Janice Ryman. Rochester, N. Y. ' 50 Bonita Smith, West Point . . ' 49 Margaret .Stewart. Lexington . ' 49 Mary J tuht. Omaha .... ' 48 Sally Stuht. Omaha .... ' 49 ' irginia Swanberg. Omaha . . ' 49 Joan Titus. Holdrege .... ' 48 Barbara Turk, Omaha .... ' 49 Josephine Votava, Omaha . . ' 49 Barbara Waldron. Omaha . . ' 48 Patty Wieland. Lincoln . . . ' 30 Barbara Zemer. Lincoln . . . " 48 PLEDGES Elsie Clapp, McCook ' .50 Berna Jean Clark. Lincoln ... ' 51 -Martha DeLong. Nebraska City . ' 51 Judy Dorway. Omaha ' 51 Mary Gaines, Omaha ' 51 Margaret Johnson, Tecumseli . . ' 51 Ann Kenner, Hebron " 50 Rosemary Kimball, Lincoln . . " 50 Priscilla Knudson. Benson. .Minn. " 50 Jo Jen Loder. Lincoln " 51 Shirley Mathews. Hyattsville. Md. ' 51 Margaret Muscheites. Pawnee City ' 51 Susan Reed, Deshler ' 51 Peggy Reynolds, North Platte . . ' 51 Mary Ryons. San Marina. Calif. . ' 51 Suzanne Saniuelson. Long Beach. Calif " 51 Marilyn Stebbins. Golhenberg . . ' 49 .Sherry Swanson, Omaha .... " 49 . ' ally Turner, Lincoln ' 50 .Susan Turner. Lincoln ' 51 Last fall, the Kappa ' s were found in possession of the key to a year of fun, and activities of Kappa Kappa Gamma got off to a big start . . . footljall games, open house parties, excitement plus . . . pledges surprised the actives with a picnic one Sunday, and later the situation was reversed when the actives gave a tremendous party for the pledges. Aside from the social gaiety, there were classes, and the books came first at the Kappa house. . . Joyce Geddes was president of Mortar Board. . . . Joan Fankhauser. also a Mortar Board member, was editor of Corn Shucks, while Barb Turk made the wheels go ' round at Student Foundation by editing the Student Directory. . . . Again this year the wearers of the key came out on top boasting two beauty queens. . . . Priscilla Knudsen and Sherry Swanson. At the aiuiual formal in March, a favorite admirer of the Kappa ' s was presented as their Key King. . . . Parties, books, activi- ties . . . life proved to be a Ijang-up affair at the Kappa house this year. Top: KKG " s relax with President Joyce Keckley in their redecorated recreation room. Bottom: A successful open house- -including dancing, punch and doughnuts. Page 393 fk ? B, iv| fti S A Q lrxis. tar|. rip Bailr-v. Jopl Bailey. PrierilU Buchfinrk. Elizahpth Buchfinrk. Jane Buchfinck. Julie Cana ia , Marjorie Cheek. Palriria Cloidt. GerlriiHr Colberc, Helen Complim. Jean Copsey, Franres Curliss, Rutli Ann Cypreansen, Barbara Devcreiix, Juris Falloon. Marion Fiske, Palricia Gardner. Barbara Cilmore. Annis Graham. Rosemary Craves, Janet Hansen. Virgeoe Husliiii. Harriet Johnson, Marjorie Kerrigan. Jeanne KrauBc, Patricia Laraen. Gloria Leeka, Sherry LegKc. Marilyn MrMalion. Joan Marsh, Babette Mason. Nathalie Mitrhell. Genene Mutter, Rosemary Norall. Marian orriB. Joan Owen, Suzanne Palnialeer, Jnan Patterson, Arlis Reynolds. Rosemary Robert . Carolyn Sampson, Eugenie Srhneider, Elizabeth Seymour, Kalherine Sherman. Betty Smith. Catherine Soennichsen. Mary Stevenson, Ann Strain. Jranelte Strain. Joan Swoboda. Grelf hen Swanson, Eleanor Tront, Virginia Travis, Dorntliv Van Hurg. Alyre Kflrncr. Kathleen X ' arren, Xfargaret l ' hithani, Anne l ri ' -iflf ' rit . . . . ite-Prcsidrnl . RfTorHirm Scrrrtan Slieriy Lt-eka W ' iese Barbara (! i)rcaiis( ' n . Jean rotnploii Founded at Monmouth (,o ege, 1867 Estdhlished at NebrasUa University, 1893 iieta (.hapter I inety Chapters Page 394 Pi Beta Phi ACTIVES - Marjorie Alexis. Lincoln . . Priscilla Bailey. Omalia . . Jane Huchfiiiri . .Mlianee . Gertrude Cloidt, Plaltsnioulli Helen Colberg. Fore t Park, III Jean Compton. Seward . . Barbara ( preansen. Casper. Marion Falloon. Falls City . Patricia Fiske. Lincoln . . Annis Gilmore. Omaha . . Virgene Hansen. David Cily -Marjorie Johnson. .Sjoux City, Jeanne Kerrigan. Fremont Patricia Krause. (Jraham. Te Sherry Wiese. Tluirman. la. . Marilyn Legge, Fremont . Nathalie Mason, Fremont Joan McMahon. Falls City . Genene Mitchell. Omaha . . .Susan Owen. Lincoln . . . Joan Palmaleer. Madison . Rosemary Reynolds. Fremont Eugenie .Sampson. Central Cily Elizabeth, Schneider, Fremont Mary Soennichscn, Plattsmonll Jeannetle Strain, Lincoln . . Joan Strain, Lincoln . . . Eleanor .Swanson. Omaha . Gretchen .Swoboda. Omaha . irginia Trant. Colorailo . " sprin Colo Dorothy Travis. Omaha . . Anne Whitham. Omaha . . Joan Wolcott. North Platte PLEDGES Joel Bailey. Omaha Betty Buchfinck, .Alliance . . Julie Buchfinck, Alliance ... Marjorie Canaday. Lincoln . . Patricia Cheek. Milwaukee. Wis Frances Copsey. Alliance ... Ruth Ann Curtiss. Lincoln . . Joris Devereux, Oniaha ... Barbara Gardner. Lincoln . . Rosemary Graham. Lincoln . . Janet Graves, Beverly Hills. Calif Harriet Huston. Lincoln ... Crloria Larsen. Central City . . Babette Marsh. Kansas. Mo. . Rosemary Molter. Fremont . . Marion Norall. North Platte . Joanne Norris, Aberdeen, S. D. Carolyn Roberts, Lincoln . . . Kathy Seymour. West Bend. Wis. Betty Sherman, (Council Bluffs, la Katherine .Smith. Red Oak. la. .Ann .Stevenson. North Platte . Alyce Van Burg. Lincoln . . . Kathleen Warner, Aberdeen, S. D Margaret Warren, Omaha . . Paula Woody, Lincoln .... ' 48 ' 48 " 48 ' 48 " 49 " 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 •48 " 49 " 49 " 49 " .SO ' 48 ' 50 " 48 ' .50 " 49 ' 48 " 48 " 48 " .SO " 50 " 49 " 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' .SO ' 49 ' 49 " 51 " .SO " 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 " 51 " 51 ' 51 " 51 " 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 " 51 " .SO " 50 " 51 ' 51 ' .50 ' .SO " 51 " 51 " 49 ' 51 ' 49 Pointing tlieir anovvs ahead to another successful year, the Pi Phi " Misses " were led by Sherry Leeka Wiese. . . . They welcomed itack Mother Wheeler, and danced in a " Frozen Fantasy " at the Christmas Formal. . . . Mortar Boards, Jean Compton and Arlis Patterson headed the activi- ties, while Genene, " Student Directories " Mitchel l, was a walking phonel)ook. . . . Jeanne Kerrigan was news editor of the Rag. . . . The Tassels were Ann Whitham and Jeanne Sampson. . . . Marion Falloon was president of Orchesis, and Liz Schneider worked long and hard hacked by the wine and blue supporters. . . . Steadies and pinnings were the order of the day. . . . Beauty queen Jo McMahon graced the house. . . . Those fuimv. funny pledges kept the actives laughing, espe- cially the morning of the memorable football game. . . . The spring formal . . . picnics, parties and dances ... all these made the year a liappy one for the Pi Beta Phi ' s. Top: Artist Jody Wolcolt gives directions to Pi Phi sisters as they pose for sketches. Bottom: It " s lea lime at the Pi Phi house, but nol for two. Page 395 0 . 5 0 a k PrP!-i(lrnI lackir (iorrlon Vice-PrcsirlrnI Mania (!ivin Secretary Pc gy Marj olin Treasurer Lorraine Davidson Fiiunded at Cornell University, 1017 Kstublished at Nebraska University. 1925 Theta (.hapter Twenty- five Chapters Agrnn. Aitren HaJ tT. Sharnn Ilfrnsrcin. Dnnna Bcrnsifin. Eleanorc Bcrnslfin, Marilyn Rnrnslein, Selma Br«spl. BprniiL- Mr.-IT. MariKri Brii kpr. Charlotte BrirkfT. Jfri Brnilkry, Vlarjorii CasflDiaii, Claire Civin. Marria Daskuvsky, Sara Joy DiiviHsuii. I,orraiii Fisi-liiT. Arleiie Fprsrhtnian. Gloria Garrop, Rosalee ( lazer. Patsy (Gordon, JarqucUn Hersliorn. Helen Horwitz. Rutli Jacobs. nnf ' tte Kainiaii. Mvrna Kalz. Kat inaii. Charlotte Kooni, Josppliine Levenson, Doris Marer. Sally Margolin. Peggy Miller. Phylis Mozer. Sylvia Niiodel, Pauline Paperny, Berniec Polsky. Gloria Rodin. Helen Rosen, Myrlh Rosenbaun, Aiidry Saferslein. Louise Saniiielson. Mae Sanmrlison, Myrnn Schloes, Hannah Shyken, Sylvia Sokolof, Soralee Teppermari. Martia Weinstein. Miriam Page 396 Si ma Delta Tau N. S. D. Mo. . ACTIVES Eleanore Bernstein. Omaha Selma Bernstein, Omaha . Donna Bernstien. Omaha . Bernice Bressel, Creston . Claire Cassman. Freeporl, III. Charlotte Brieker, Lincoln Marcia Civin, Omaha . . Larraine Davidson, Lincoln .4rlene Fischer, New York, Jackie Gordon, Lincoln Helen Hershorn, Omaha Ruth Horwilz. Denver, Colo. Annette Jacobs, Lincoln .Myrna Kaiman, Omaha Rhoda Katz, .St. Joseph. Mo. Charlotte Katznian, Omaha Louise Komisar, Cheyenne, W ' yo. Josephine Koom, Omaha Doris Levenson, Omaha Peggy Margolin, Deadwood. Phyllis Miller, Kansas City. .•Sylvia Mozer. Lincoln . Florence Nerenherg, Omaha Pauline Noo lel, Omaha Bernice Paperny . . . Helen Rodin, Sioux City, la. . . Louise Saferstein, St. Joseph, Mo. Mae Samuelson, Denver, Colo. . . Myrna Samuelson, Denver, Colo, , Hannah Schloss, .Sioux Falls, S. D. Sylvia Shyken, Omaha Beverlee .Solar, Des Moines, la. . Marcia Tepperman, Omaha . . . Miriam Weinstein, Omaha PLEDGES Aileen Agron, Kansas City, Mo. Sharon Baizer, .Sioux City, la. . Marilyn Brell, Omaha Jeri Brieker, Lincoln Margie Brodkey, Omaha .... Marilyn Bernstein. Omaha . Sara Joy Daskovsky, Hinton . . Gloria Ferschtman, .St. Louis, Mo. Rosalee Garrop, Omaha .... Patsy Glazer. Kansas City, Mo. . Betty Levine, Omaha Martha Lincoln, Omaha .... Sally Marer, Omaha Gloria Polsky, Omaha Myrth Rosen, Denver, Colo. . . . Audrey Rosenbaum, Chicago, 111. . Estelle Shapiro, Kansas City, Mo. Soralee Sokolof, Omaha . , . . ■. ' 50 " 48 ' .50 ■49 ' .SO " .SO ■48 ■48 ■4y ■48 ■.SO ■.50 " 48 ■.50 ■49 ■.50 " 50 " 50 " 50 ■48 ■49 ■49 " 50 " .50 " .50 ■.50 ■50 " 50 ■49 ■50 ■49 ■50 ■48 ■51 ■51 ■51 ■51 ■51 " 51 " 51 ' .50 " 51 " 50 " 51 ' 51 ■51 ■.50 ' 51 ■51 •51 ' 51 Post-war housing troubles? . . . Not for the Sigma Delta Tau ' s, as girls from Texas to New York moved into a new- house. . . . Interior decorating became the project of the year when the pledges turned 464 North 16th into a " Black Flame " for the pledge dance and actives re-did the chapter room. . . . Sig Delts traveled on into the lives of the frat men and moved into campus activities. . . . Jackie Gordon was a senior l)oard memijer of AWS. . . . Charlotte Brieker, Mae and Myrna Samuelson were active in Coed Counselors. . . . Sylvia Shyken and Marcia Tepperman attended athletic func- tions regularly as Tassels. . . . Flo Norenberg and Helen Rodin danced away in Orchesis. . . . In Decemljer the SDT ' s had a bang-up baby party. . . . Their dates came dressed up in their favorite kids ' costumes. . . . Everything from baby rattles to colored balloons were given for prizes. . . . Not only were they interested in activi- ties, scholarship, and social life, but also in world affairs. . . . They have become the " foster-parents ' " of a little refugee girl overseas, and are helping support her. . . . Wherever the torch moved, the Sig Delts were in the heart of UN this past year. Top: Three SDT ' s look pleased with that long awaited letter from home. Bottom: " " X ere having an hour dance. First roll the rugs, then move the furniture. " Page 397 1£ ' SRW? President Pxninie o s ice-Presidenl .Nam v Moore Secretar) ' I.ona Kar- Li-onanl Trea-urer Kl a (!oI)1p Fonnt cd at (.olby (lo!k ' fit IH74 ilstablishfd at : ehra.ska (J niversity, }92. ' i Alpha Kappa (.hapter hijty-jour (Chapters Albrecht, June Anderson. Jacqueline Biirry, H» " lcu Bartizal, Jeunne B.-d.-ll, Betty Bendlcr. Joan Beese, Barbara Bolhen, Marion Bratl, Mary Lou Cave, Denise Chambers, Charlene Chambers, Joanne Chelf, Roy Cobb, Etva Corbett. Dorothy DeBaufre. RiilJi Dcffrnbaiigh. Rosemary Fcnster. Jean Foster, Jeanne Foster, Virginia Cibbs, Maryloia Gill. Edith Criffin, Mary Pal Hauge, Myra Hensrhcl, Darlene Herse, Anne Holliday, Pal Hor tnian, Mary l.o Jenkins, Pat Kaderli, Barbara Kelly, Marcia Koehne, Carolyn Krause, Elaine Leonard, Lona Kae Lock. Jean Macklem, Gwen Matlox. Mary McBride, Pat MoCunnell. Lou Meyer, Ruth Moore, Nancy Mastroni, Margo O ' Brien. Ma.lelyn Ogle, Donna Peterson, Marilyn Renner, Carla Rlioadee. Charl-.tle Sandstedl, Ruth Ann Sclioonniaker, Kay Schorr, Margaret Sigler, Mary Gayle Sipple, Sally Soucek, Imogene Stenaon, Virginia Vo89, Bonnie Voss, Shirley Ward. Marianna Page 398 Si nia Kappa ACTIVES Jackie Anderson. Arapahoe . . . Jeanne Bartizal. Lincoln . . . . Joan Bendler, Holdrege . . . . Mary Lou Bratt, Arapahoe . . . Denise Cave, Lincoln Roy Chelf, Canon City. Colo. . . Elva Col)b. Waverly Dorothy Corbetl. Minneapolis Min. Ruth DeBaufre, Lincoln . . . . Rosemary DefTcnhaugh. Lincoln . Marylois Gibhs, Custer, S. D. . . Edith Gill, Stuart Myra Hauge, Meadow Grove . . Ann Herse. Laurel Patricia Jenkins, . ' ioux City, la. . Marcia Kelly. Wichila Falls. Tex. Carolyn Koeline. Lincoln . . . . Lona Rae Leonard, Ainsworth . . Jean Lock, Lamar Mary Mattox, Lead, S. D. . . . Lois McCoy, Lincoln Nancy Moore, Lincoln Margo Nastrom. Holdrege . . . Elaine Putensen, Bloomfield . . Carla Renner. Norfolk Charlotte Rhoades. Blair . . . . Kay .Schoonmaker, Igloo, .S. D. . Margaret Schorr, Maywood, 111. . Sally Sipple. Nebraska City . . . Imogene .Soucek. erdigre . . . Bonnie oss. Millard Marianna Ward. Bancroft . . . PLEDGES June Albrecht. Lincoln . . Helen Barry, Omaha ... Belly Bedell. Lincoln ... Barbara Besse, Lincoln . . Charlene Chambers. Fremont Joanne Chambers, Fremont . Jeanne Foster, Lincoln irginia Foster, Lincoln . . Mary Pat Griffin. Lincoln . Darlene Henschel, Martin. .S. D Patricia Holliday. Hebron . . Mary Louise Horslman, Creiglito Barbara Kaderli, Kimball . . . Elaine Krause. Lincoln . . . Gwendolyn Macklem, Laurel Patricia McBride, Minden . Lou McConnell, Lincoln . . Ruth Meyer. Lincoln . . . Madelyn O ' Brien, Cheney Marilyn Peterson, Atkinson . Ruth Sandstedt, Lincoln . . Mary Gaile Sigler. Osceola . Virginia Slenson. Hardy . . Shirley Voss, .Millard . . . " .50 ' .50 " 50 ' 49 ' ,50 ' 50 " 48 " 50 ' 50 " 48 " 50 ' .50 ' 50 " 50 " 48 " 48 " 48 " 48 " 48 " 49 ' 50 " 49 " 50 " 49 " 50 " 50 " 50 " 48 " .50 " 48 " 50 " 49 ' 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 5,0 " 49 " .50 " 50 " 51 " 50 49 51 51 51 " 51 " .50 " 51 " 51 " .50 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 The Sigma Kappa ' s started this year with a new house on fraternity row . . . rush week was true to its title but was real fun and netted a grand pledge group . . . with trusty actives and ambitious pledges, they worked hard, but found time for such things as fireside chats, coke dates, picnics, and parties. . . . Busy in activities were Bonnie Voss, board member of Student Foundation; Pat McBride and Kay Schoonmaker were also working diligently for Student Foun- dation. . . . Able Tassels were Marylois Gibbs and Mary Mattox. ... The ainuial Saint and Sinner party brought all the girls together once more, and a grand time was had by all. . . . Working together on Homecoming. Penny Carnival, Coed Follies, and house projects were fun too. . . . The traditional Violet Formal in May brought another year to a close . . . then off to vacation and planning another glorious year. . . . Top: A popular spot al llie . ' ignia Kappa liou-e is the victrola provided by these five smiling faces. evidence Bottom: A lucky photographer caught these three lasses before the mirror in the Sigma Kappa house. Page 399 Rush Week (Fraternities) Liiik}i witli the D U " s . . . evening witli the Beta ' s . . . tomorrow the ATO ' s and Phi Gam ' s. . . . Such thoughts kept the minds of hewildered fellas busy as they plotted their way through men ' s rush week. . . . After nine " get-togethers, " even fra- ternity men began to wonder just how many parties one could take. . . . Upper left: Gordon Gealey is all smiles as future Phi Psi i)rothers give him " the word. " Center: Dick Folda! Don ' t you know it ' s impolite to point, even when giving out Sig Ep strong points? . . . Lower Left: Those Sigma Nu boys seem to have an ear for rliythm. Page 400 Page 401 - f n Above: The SAE band has the attention of rushees Bruce Pireene and John Mills, as well as the fraternity boys. Center: Friendly and smiling . . . yes, these are ihc Phi Delt boys! Loiver Left: Note the happy smiles of Sigma Chi brothers as they add another pledge to the fold. Lower Right: Never say that the Theta Xi ' s don ' t have a strong grip. But after the hard week is over and done, every riishee is happy, because now he ' s a FRATERNITY man. 1 P P O Mlirai ' hl. Jaiiu-s Vinicrpiiii. Frank iiilrrai(n. Kalpli Arji, Jack Hcain, (Clarence BtTtrim-icr, Maurire Robert Urinkinaii. W rlliar ( liristciisfn. ( uh-i Clciiienl, Donald Crisw -ll. Donald D.-rrirk. William V.T ill. Jiilui Fuotf. Duane Fortna. Lloyd French, Burton Gibson, Robert Gibson, William Grosserode. Paul Haworlh. Stanley Hi-nienway. Douglas Holmes, Robert Keeney. Pbilii) Kennedy. Clay Kiester, Keniirtli Kimmerling. Max Kinnicr, Gray Knebel. Donald Koebler, Robert Kopf, Harold Kreycik, Robert La din. Bob Landgren, Norman Liilirs. Gordon MrDill. John MrDill. Robert Markey. Allan Monson, Marvin Monson. Warren Miinter. Duane Nahrstedt. Dale Olson, Dclniar Osier. John Oltc, Marcus I ' iiikerton. George Putjentcr, Gerald Quackenbush. Paul Raun. Ned Raynard, Philip Rousek, Ernest Snndstcd. Roger Schick, Robert Scllin. Ihiane ;Siin. Eugene S:ni. Rcdiert Smith. Dimald Sii iimplfT. Arthur oit;t. Robert Walilslroni. Rirlianl W inh. LIomI President Robert W. Kochlcr Vice-President Ned S. Kaun Secretary Rol)ert L. Schick Treasurer Rolieri Lee Voigt Founded at University of Illinois, 1904 Established at University of Nebraska, 2917 Kappa Chapter Thirty-one Chapters Page 402 Alpha Gamma Rho ACTIVES James J. Albracht, Meadow Grove Frank N. Anderson, Wilsonville Howard R. Anderson, Wilsonville Jack Arp, Sutton Morris Bergmeier, DeWitt . . . Robert L. Bridenbaugli, Dakota City William K. Brinkman, Geneva . . Calvin J. Christensen, Fremont . Donald G. Clement, Ord .... J. Willis Ervin, McCook .... Duane Foote, Geneva Lloyd L. Fortna, Scottsbluff . . Burton L. French, Page .... William S. Gibson, Randolph . . Paul J. Grosserode, Tilden . . . Stanley C. Haworth, Lexington . D. C. Hemenway, Clearwater . . Robert J. Holmes, Oshkosh . . . Philip G. Keeney, Cedar Grove, N. J. Kenneth R. Kiester, Hemingford . Clay W. Kennedy, Peru . . Max E. Kimmerling, Beatrice Gray Kinnier, Jr., Spalding . Donald E. Knebel, Norfolk . Robert W. Koehler, Fremont Harold Kopf, Lexington . . John G. McDill, Lincoln . . Robert L. McDill, Lincoln . Marvin Monson, Clay Center Duane R. Munter, Coleridge Dale P. Nahrstedt, Madison Jack V. Newman, Pattonsburg, Mo. John Osier, Imperial . . . M. Gordon Otte, Lincoln . . Gerald H. Putjenter, Norfolk Ned S. Raun, Minden . . . Philip N. Raynard, Stapleton Ernest J. Rousek, Ord . . Roger F. Sandsted, Holdrege Robert L. Schick, Curtis . . Duane E. Sellin, Norfolk . . Eugene F. Sim, Nebraska City Robert W. Sim, Nebraska City Donald L. Smith, Cambridge . Robert Lee Voigt, Davenport . Richard C. Wahlstroni, Craig . Lloyd W. Wirth. Dunbar . . . ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 46 ' 4fi ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 51 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 •50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 •50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 ' 48 •49 ' 51 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 51 PLEDGES Arlen Beam, Stapleton . . Don Criswell, Oshkosh . . William M. Derrick, Lincoln Robert C. Gibson, Randolph Bob Kreycik, Wood Lake . Bob L. Laflin, Lincoln . . Norman Landgren, Shickley Gordon Luhrs, Imperial . . Kent Mackey, Eustis . . . Warren Monson, Clay Center Delmar J. Olson, North Platte George E. Pinkerton, Beatrice Paul A. Quackenbush, DeWitt Arthur Struempler, Lexington ' 51 ' 51 •51 ' 50 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 •50 •51 ' 50 ' 51 •51 •50 Alpha Gamma Rho is a social fraternity restricted to students attending Ag College. . . . The 36th and Holdrege boys combined classes and activities by scoring second in scholarship and by having two Innocents, Ned Raun and Duane Munter. ... In campus activities AGR was well repre- sented w ith President Munter and two members of Corn Cobs, president and two members of Ag Executive board, president of Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Farmers Fair board, and Tri-K, and two members of the Kosmet Klub. ... In addition, AGR had two members of Student Council, two members of Coll-Agri-Fun, a member of the Men ' s Point board, and managing editor and circulation manager of Cornhusker Countryman. . . . Track star Harold Kopf and tackle Gene Sim were the " N " men. . . . AGR also had Var- sity livestock judges and one dairy judge. . . . The highlight of the social season was the annual Founder ' s day banquet followed by the AGR ' s annual spring party. Top: Ned Raun signs Don Smith ' s Alpha Zeta paddle as John 0.s Bob Koehler. and Bob .Sim look on. Bottom: Pictures of past AGR greats look down on a group actives — and what does Kent Mackev see in the back? of Page 403 P 9 9 Q Aulrn. Dnnal.l lilindi ' . (;l ' ii Hri.-sr. Irvin Clark. Hohrrl ;Mm.-. W illiuni Ciill.rrl. Kfcliuril 1 i. ' lh. KlUmi Frrli.iii. William hn Icr. K.ihcrt hull. .11. l ..l rrT Guy. Knlluiul Craiil. ' Gri fii. lii liaril HjB.n, U..l.rrl HMI. l ' .Mil Hull. Donal.l lliilTman. Di.nalil Hylun.l. T.ini Ka.lrrli. KiUin Kase, J„» -|,1, Keiil. Jack Koenig. Roberl KMhIiiian. Paul Lanildii. Arthur Lan;:. Jrau L. ' ieli, Hninil.l Lii au. Ohi ' m MiDanipl. Kicliard Meiriinger. Oliver MilliK-r. WilliuiM Moun-. Georpp M mre. Keiinplli M(ir{!uii. Muynard Murix-liau. Orvilh- Newell. Lewis Pallon. Dan Qiiiiiii. Tlutnias RaetK. Jack Sclloellger. Tllendo Scott. Edwin .Suiilli, Keiuv Slcrnliageii. ( ' arl ' riionitoN. W illiani Hul.crl W hituiorr-. Harold W.illert. Walter Vakal. IMiili|, President Kiiliard MiDanifl Vice-Prcsiilfiil Halt- (iiovu Secretary Kobc-rl Koeiiig Treasurer Kdwin Kaderli I ' liiiiiilcil III llif I liiirisil III fw )iir .. l ' H)t l:slulilisheil III llir I iiircr.tily ui vlirasl.ii. I ' llf f} ' i (.hapliTs rill ( liiijilfi Page 404 Alpha Kappa Psi ACTIVES Donalil Aulen, Ayr Glen BlincJe, Johnson .... Irvin S-. Briese, Bartlett . . . Robert E. Clark, Lincoln . . William S. Cline. Nebraska City Richard L. Culbert, Sioux Falls, .S. D Eldon E. Donnelly. Lincoln William Feehan. Clarks . Robert M. Foster. Gordon Robert Fulton, St. Joseph. Mo, Rolland L Gay. Fairfield Gerald M. Gosnell, St. Joseph, Mo Dale E. Graul. Roca . . Richard R. Green, Bayard Robert L . Hagen, Crawford Paul W. Hill. Burlington, la Donald V. Huff. Scottsbluff Donald F. Huffman. Louisv Tom Hyland, Lincoln . . Edwin L. Kaderli. Kimball Joseph Kase, West Point Jack J. Kent, Humboldt . Robert Koenig, Lincoln . Paul Kuhlman. Bloomfield .Arthur E. Landon, Lincoln Jean R. Lang, Lincoln . Ronald R. Leigh, Crystal Lake, 111 Lee O. Lovan. .Salina. Kan. Richard McDaniel. Lincoln Frederick Meyer, Grand Isl William Millner, Lincoln . (ieorge W. Moore, Lincoln Kenneth Moore, Omaha . Maynard Morgan, Webster. M Orville Muenchau, Eagle . Louis A. Newell, Alexandria Daniel H. Patton. Lincoln Tom Quinn. Lincoln . . Jack E. Raetz. Brady . . Ted L. .Schoettger. Springview Edwin Scott, Norfolk . . . Remy D. Smith, Grand Island Carl P. Sternhagen. North Platte Hubert E. Webber, Omaha . Harold N. Whitniore. Exeter Walter Wolfert. Tecumseh Philip Yakal. Lincoln . . . PLEDGES John Anderson, Lincoln Loren D. Graul. Roca .... DeWald Hiner. Wymore . . . Oliver K. Meininger, Cambridge Harold D. .Stickney. Inavale . William Thornton, Omaha . . Harold Voss, Omaha .... •49 " 48 " 49 •50 " 49 •49 •48 •48 ' 50 ' 48 •49 •48 ■49 " 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 •48 •48 ' 48 ' 49 •48 ' 48 ' 48 " 48 ' 49 •49 " 48 ■48 ■49 ' 49 •49 ■48 •49 •49 •48 •49 •49 •48 " 48 " 48 •49 ■49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 •50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 Inactive since 1941, Alpha Kappa Psi, College of Busi- ness Administration professional fraternity, was reactivated in April, 1946, and under the able guidance of President Ronald Leigh, has returned to its former prominence in cam- pus activities. . . . Al])ha Kappa Psi is a professional organi- zation for those students wliose main course of study is busi- ness administration, and who expect some day to play a lead- ing role in the commerce of our coimtry. ... It combines pro- fessional activities with social events in such a way as to create a maxinunn of fellowship in the furtherance of its main purpose, the promotion of higher ideals in business. . . . Members of Alpha Kappa Psi are selected for character, scholarship, and their interest in commerce. . . . Included in the activities of Alpha Kappa Psi this year was the building of a strong professional program in which Harold Whitniore, Art Landon, and Dick McDaniel took an active part. . . . Many of Lincoln ' s leading business men have addressed the fraternity tlnoughotit the year and have helped continue the education of the memljers where the school l)ooks leave off. ... In addition. Alpha Kappa Psi also took an important part in joint sponsorship of the traditional College of Business Administration baiKiuet, and m promotnig and advancing the College of Business Administration. Top: Ronald Leigh, second from the left, served as president of Alpha Kappa Psi. Here he is discussing a meeting with his officers. Bottom : Monday nights find the Alpha Kap ' s in the Student Union where they held weekly meetings. Page 405 " ' - ■ ' ' f ff5- JT- ' 1 y- =»;-, n. a p fi ©f ITl 1 Wir-iilciil .... Edward K.. McCullough Vicr-PrK.sidcnl .... Willard I!. .Mumford . ' (•rrptary Howard Ford TreasiiriT F. Dean Hamilton Correspondinj; . ' pcrclary flHim IJiJLi Fdwin B. Wrisrnreder 2SO ' - ' — bounded nt Yale University, 1845 ,, .„, Established at Nebraska University, 1913 J «g« Xi Chapter Fifty-two (Chapters Biilhnian, David Ruthman, Hrnry Byingtun, Walter Callies, Donald Counce, Dwayne Dpwey. Thomas Drbal. Richard Ford. Howard Hamilton, Fredric Lpwton, Burke M.CuUoiigh. Edward Mason, Clinton Mumford. Willard Norman, Jack Parka. Gene Peterson, Jiniinie Rockwell, Richard Secord, Dixie Siegmund, Paul Stewart, Frank Strand. Norman Sumpler. Clayton Thomas, Richard Tomka, Jerry Tomka, Victor Wallace. Dean VSeisenreder, Edwin V ' !)itmore. Dean Williams. Floyd Tomka, Victor Ziniiiicrnian, X ' ard Alpha Si ma Phi ACTIVES David B. Butliman. Omaha ... ' 49 Henry Lewis Buthman. Omaha . G Richard E. Bylerly, Pittsburgh, Pa. ' 49 Waher W. Byington, Bassett . . " 50 Howard Ford, Omaha ' 48 Dean F. Hamilton, McCook ... ' 48 Edward E. McCuUough, Omaha . ' 48 Willard G. Mumford, Council Bluffs, la ' 48 Stanley R. Scott, Shelby . . . . G Edwin B. Weisenreder, Eureka, Calif ' 50 Ward E. Zimmerman, Omaha . . ' 48 The vigor of pioneers was displayed by the men of Xi Chapter, Alpha Sigma Phi, who faced the task in ' 47 and ' 48 of reinstating their chapter on the Nebraska campus. . . . It had lost its house and men during the war. ... So the returning Alpha Sig veterans contacted the alumni, initiated two pledge classes, entered into activities, and worked con- tinually to restore the chapter to its former social, scholastic, and athletic status. ... In August the Alpha Sig ' s staged a picnic at Antelope park. . . . During the Christmas season, the pledge class went on their traditional Yule-log serenade. . . . On December 13 the chapter held a Christmas party for the alums. ... At this time plans for a new house were insti- gated. . . . March 19 saw the memorable " Black and White " formal of Xi Chapter. . . . The orchestra played a specially arranged Alpha Sig song for the dancers. . . . The Alpha Sig ' s had seven men in the university band. . . . Two of them became members of Gamma Lambda, men ' s national band fraternity. « PLEDGES Don Callies, Leigh Dwayne E. Counce, Hayes Center Thomas Dewey, Gates .... Richard M. Drbal, Lincoln . . Burke Lewton, Walthill ... Clinton Mason. Palisade . . . Jack Norman, Chester .... Gene A. Parks, Edgemont, S. D. Jim Peterson, Cenlerville, S. D. Richard Rockwell, Edinboro, Pa. Dixie Secord. .Sumner Paul .Siegmund. White River, S. D Frank Stewart. North Platte . Norman Strand, Centerville, S. D Clayton Sumpter, Bassett . . Richard Thomas, Custer, S. D. Jerry Tomka, Pilger .... Victor Tomka. Pilger .... Dean Wallace, Edgemont, S. D. Dean Whitmore, Wheatland, Wyo, F. D. Williams, Lusk, Wyo. . John Wwllschleger, Leigh . . ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 •51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 Top: President Eddie INIcCullough discusses future frater- nal plans with two of his aides. Bottom: The Alpha Sig ' s were well known for their after- dinner sings. Page 407 iiTJi ll. J p ft « ' p c. p President DonaM Gallup Vice-President Jack Selzer Treasurer Jack Dedrick Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Established at University of Nebraska, 1897 Gamma Theta Chapter Ninety-jour Chapters Ainlrr ni. Ilmrv H.ikrr. Hol.rrr Hurrcll. Dun Barrv. Uniii; Barlirll. KolM-rr npnltir ' , RirlmnI Hi-rkhriin.T. Ki.-liunl B(-rk»liJr. . Kolirrt Birk, Kirhar.l Bolliniirr, I)avi l Brady. John Briming. F ' raiik Burkloy, Wiiilon Biixtnn. Jariirn Cailaii. Tlionias Cawnod. Jack { laiisscii. BriHT Clciii. Alan Coir. Sicvo Cook. Dunald Curtis. JaiiU ' S Curtis. Marvin DainiMi, Krnnctli Dana. Irvini; Drdrirk. Ja.k Dpeler, Fnefiic Ornkrr. William n. v..r. R-.l)frt Onliiit:. aii Kdgrromh. Willi;irii Ernst. Jrdin Fagiit. Fraiii ' is Flaiii:. ;. uld Fo lncr. Hill Fullrr.Fr.-.l (;allijp. l ..ii Canz. Charirs Gerhard. Harry Cerharl. Harnid (•riswold, Dwiglit Haniin ?rquist. I ' aiil Hanspn. Dalr Hardt. Boiuild H.d. .)ar.,hs. -n. arr.-ii Janipkr, (;.Tald Johnson. Bruce Jones, (rrillith Jones, Knox Keck. James Kchl. I.r.mard Kennedy. Bruce KorfT. Don I.aiiiiners, Henry Layben, Koherl Lock. IVornian Luudon, CarrrdI M Cracken, Dale Maekrv. George Mapps, Jerry Marvin, Joscpli Muucli. Rirhard Midirnian. Charles Munson, Ben Miinson. Williaui Newl.erg. IJoyd Oli on, William Oslcnherg, Cliye IMiJlhrick. Charles Piccolo, Frank Powell. Kenneth Bice. Donald Biehards, Kubert Boss-. Uilliaiu i-l er, John bhiirtlcff. Bruce Simmons. Ray Slaiinard. David Stevenson, Joliu Stockliain. Phillip Slor , C)iarle?« Swell. Robert X addle. Bnvd Wiilker. Howard .fs, . Knl.ert Winchcll. James Zitninernian, Charles Page 408 Alpha Tau Ome a ACTIVES George W. Abbott, Casper, Wyo . ' 51 Henry Andersen, Omaha . " 48 Don Barry, Norfolk .... . ' 48 Lee Baughan, Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Don Bergquist, Lincoln . . . ' 49 Richard Berkheimer, Gordon . " 51 Robert Berkshire, Omaha . ' 50 Frank B runing, Bruning . . . ' 49 Winton Buckley, York . . . . ' 49 James Buxton, Lincoln . . . ' 49 . " .50 Bruce Claussen, North Platte . ' 48 Alan (Cub) Clem, Salina. Kan . " ,50 Steve Cole. North Platte . . . 48 Frank Collopy, Jr., .Scottsbluff . ' 49 Marvin Curtis, Lincoln . . . ' 49 Kenneth K. Damon, Rapid C ity. S D . ' 51 Irvin Dana, Lincoln .... . " 50 Jack Dedrick, Sidney . . . . ' 49 Eugene Deeter, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Robert Devor, Omaha . . . . ' 48 Van Duling, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Gene Eaton, Broadwater . . ' 49 William Edgeconib, Lincoln . . ' 49 Jack Ernst, Lincoln .... . ' 49 Gould Flagg, Lincoln . . . . ' 48 William Foshier, Omaha . . . ' 48 Fred Fuller, Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Donald Gallup, Lincoln . . . ' 48 Charles Ganz, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Harry Gerhard, Lincoln . . . ' 49 Harold Gerhart, Newman Grove . ' 50 Dwight E. Griswold. Jr., Gordon . ' 49 Paul Hammer [uisl. Rapid City, 5. D. ' 49 Robert Hunt, Hastings . . . ' 50 Warren Jacobsen. Fremont . . ' 50 Jerry Jacupke, Fremont . . . ' 48 Bruce Johnson, Holdrege . . . ' ,50 Griff Jones, Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Don Korff, Hebron .... . ' 50 Robert Lassen. Grand Island . ' 49 Norman Lock. Lincoln . ' 49 ( ' arroll Louden. Lexington . . ' 49 Joe Marvin. Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Richard L. Mauch. Bassett . . ' 50 Charles Mohrman. Lincoln . ' 49 Don Morrison, Washington, D. C. ' 49 Ben Munson, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 . ' 51 Charles Neal, Lincoln . . . . ' 48 Clive Ostenberg, Scottsl)luff . . ' 48 Joe Philbrick, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Kenneth Powell. Hebron . . . ' 50 Don Rice, North Platle . . . ' 50 Bob Richards, Cbappell . . . ' 49 Carrol Schraeder. Niobrara . . ' 48 John R. Selzer. Scottsbluff . . ' 49 Bruce Shurtleff. Lincoln . . . ' 49 Ray .Simmons, Lincoln . . . . ' 51 Merle .Stalder, Salem . . . . ' 50 John Stevenson. .Scottsbluff . . ' 49 Charles Story. Lincoln . . . . ' 48 Robert Swett. .South Sioux City . ' 50 Boyd Waddle, Lincoln . . . ' 51 Howard Howard, Alliance . . ' 50 George Walton, Scarsdale, N. Y . ' 48 Bob Wefso, Rushville . . . . ' 49 Sid Wells, Fremont .... . ' 49 Jerry Whelen. Hastings . . . ' 50 Jim Winchel. Rapid City, S. D . ' 49 Robert Windle, Salem . . . ' 49 Charles Zimmerman, Beatrice . ' 48 Moving into their fiftieth year at Nehraska, the " hang- together Taus " again led the campus activities parade. . . . The " rah rah " boys staged their fiftieth anniversary for over 300 alums from all over the United States and Canada and topped off the celebration with a surprise ATO card section at the Minnesota football game. . . . The Tau fortress boasts an Innocent in Fig Flagg, an Eligible Bachelor in Irv Dana, four Daily Nebrnskan staff members, a Corn Cob, three Corn Shucks staff meiiil)ers, two Kosmet Kluljbers, Pub- lication Ijoard and Student Council members, dramatists, musicians, scholars, and thirteen N Clubbers. . . . Also nuiubered in their group are three members of last fall ' s varsity footljall team, two varsity jjasketball players, three members of the track squad, a swimming letterman, and other assorted athletes . . . not to mention a strong well-rounded intramural team which was one of the five leading squads in all-season play. . . . From their gala winter formal (their famous " Story Book Ball " is held every other year) the ATO ' s danced into the spring semester and picnics. . . . End- ing a wonderful season with their traditional " Fiji-Tau- Tussle. " the Taus completed two more semesters of campus leadership. PLEDGES Robert Baker, Salina, Kan. . . . ' 50 Don Barrett, Casper, Wyo. . . . ' 51 Doug Barry, Norfolk ' 51 Hob liartletl. Lincoln " 51 Richard L. Beattie, Ainsworth . . ' .50 Richard Bick, Grand Island . . ' 51 Dave Bollinger. Omaha .... " 51 Jack Brady, Lincoln ' .50 Doyle Buskohl. Norfolk .... ' .50 Tom Callan. Rapid City, S. D. . ' .50 Don Cook, Rock Rapids, la. . . ' 51 Edward Cook, Lexington .... ' 51 Jim Curtis, Saguache, Colo. . . . ' 50 William Denker, Elkhorn .... ' 51 Francis Fagot, Lexington .... ' 50 Walter Gardner, Lincoln .... ' 50 Dale Hansen, Newman Grove . . ' 49 Ron Hardt, Lincoln ' 51 Gene Hennek, Lexington .... ' 51 Richard Jones, South Sioux City . ' 51 Knox Jones, Lincoln ' 51 James Keck. Rapid City, S. D. . ' 49 Leonard Kehl, Scottsbluff ... ' 51 Bruce Kennedy, Basin, Wyo. . . ' 51 Henry Lammers. St. Joseph, Mo. . ' 51 Kirk Lee. Fremont ' 51 George Mackey, Casper. Wyo. . . ' 51 Sam Manatt, Lincoln 51 Jerry Mapes. Lincoln ' 51 Dale McCracken, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Dub Newberg, Custer, S. D. . . ' 49 Bill Olson, Lisco ' 51 Jack Pesek, Ravenna ' 50 Frank Piccolo, Lincoln .... ' 51 Bill Ross. Casper, Wyo ' 51 Harry Spencer, Lincoln .... ' 51 Dave .Stannard, Wichita, Kan. . . " 51 Phil Stockham, Broken Bow . . ' 51 Top: Kenny Powell plays a rugged accompaniment to a little " ditty, " while a few of the " rah-rah " boys try to larmonize. lidtlum: Most of the Tau ' s seem to be having an event- ful evening al iheir winter formal. Page 409 r P P 1 5? i;- mi. . t, it AJi .. W£ V l4tb tj p n t ' P , p jf P !!f1 " " ' P p D O cv r o ,D c mP% - f!s O p p Ci C 1 9 Prt ' sidcnt (iliarlcs C. (ioesch Vice-Pre ' sident Htiiry Hardt Secretary Robert Clark Treasurer Walter Wolfert Founded at University of Illinois, 1925 fCslahlished at University of Nebraska, 1929 Delta Chapter Eight Chapters Ahremla. Stanley Baurr, Donald Bauernieister, John BautTincistcr, Richard Bnuniann. KdbTt lU-.k.T. Jnhll Bcrkrr. Lc-on Bcdke. Leo Bctkc. Robert Bi-lgiim. Delaine Bcryslracsscr, Walter Blindr. GI. n BrautT. AlbiTt Briesr, Irvin Bniggeman, Dale Bull. Bull. Robert Biirniester. Lambert Bu ih. Orval Chael, Frederick Clark. Robert Dissmeycr. Vireil Diinklaii. Rupert Ebner. Warren Eclitrnkanip, Harlan Firnhaber, Arnold Ceye, Donald Cissler. Bernard Gissler, Lmnard Cissler. Rutland Gloystein, Flroy Cloyslein. Harold Coescli. Charles (irnlchisrhen. Roland Crumnierl, Milberl Hardt, Henry Harms, Glenn Hefner, Frederick Heins. Rosroe Henkel, William Hewke. Raymond Holthus. Burhm Jahde. Willis Johnson, Harold Kahle. John Kaiser. Edward Krenzien. Carl Krocger. Donald Laltman, Russell Malek. Donald Martens. Winston Marling. WJlbert Malson. Warfield Miller, Ruben Morloek. Ray Otto, Darel Peters, Charles Ringler, Don Ruder. Robert Scheve. Harold Schleusener, Richard Schmidt, Berdean Sctunicding, Orville Schoenleber, Paul Schrocdcr, LcRoy Sehultz, Robert Splinter. William Srb, Rodney Stork. Flo d Tcmme, Donald Temme, Herbert Thom. LeRoy Tiemann, INorbert Tiniinernian. Willard Troisier. James Troesler, Olio Waller, Ivcn Wegener, Clifford Witt, Norman Withnann. Erwin W olf. Albert W olferl. Lrland Wolf.Tl. Walter Wnll.T. GeraM Wulf. Donald Yen. Robert uhlkr, Robert Page 410 Beta Si ma Psi ACTIVES Stanley Ahrends, Dilelr Waco Alhert, Adams . . John Bauermeister, Omaha Boh Bauman. West Point Leo Bedke, Ravenna . . Waher Bergstraesser. Lincoln Glen Blinde, Johnson . . Arthur Boye, Lincoln Irvin S. Briese, Bartlett Ervin Bull, Elkhorn . . Robert Bull. Elkhorn . . Orville Busch, Hooper . . Lambert Burmester, Lyons Robert Clark, Lincoln . . Valgene Claussen. Ames . Virgil Dissmeyer, Holmesville Carl Drenzien, Norfolk . Rupert Dunklau. Arlington Warren Ebner, Lincoln . Harlan Echtenkanip, Fremon Donald Geye, Aurora. Ill Leonard Gissler, Osceola Rolland Gissler. Osceola Elroy Gloystein. Waco . Charles G. Goesch, Chadron Roland Groteluschen. Columbu: Henry Hardt. Seward . . Gene Haugse, Omaha . . Roscoe Heins, Albany. Ore. Raymond Heuke. Tecumseh Willis Jahde. Albion . . Harold Johnson. Ravenna John Kahle. Oxford . . Edward Kaiser, Grand Island Carl Krenzien. Norfolk . Donald Maaske. Bertrand Donald Malek. Osceola . Wilbert Marling. Seward . Warfield Matson. Fremont Ruben Miller. Sidney . Wilfred Oelrich. Omaha . Darrel Otto. Lincoln . . Carl Pebler. Crete . . . Charles Peters. West Point Don Ringler. Staplehurst Robert Ruder. Syracuse . Harold Scheve. Beatrice . Richard Schleusener, Oxford Berdean Schmidt, Chapman Orville Schmieding, Gresham Paul Schoenleber. Lincoln William E. Splinter. North Louis Sprandel. Beatrice . Floyd Stork. Arlington . Donald Temme, Wayne . Herbert Temme, Wayne . LeRoy Thom, Grand Island Norbert Tiemann. Campbell Saeger Troester. Hampton Iven Walter. Chambers . Clifford Wegener. Norfolk Norman Witt. Nebraska City Erwin Wiltmann. Winslow Albert Wolf. Columbus . Leland Wolferl, Tecumseh Walter Wolfert, Tecumseh Gerald Wolter, Fremont . Robert A. Yen, North Platte PI ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 " 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 " 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ■48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 51 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ■49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 " 49 ' 48 " 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 " 50 ' 48 " 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 •49 ' 48 ' 49 ■49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 •48 ' 50 •4S Retiiining in the fall, the Beta Sig ' s were faced with the problem of housing the largest iiiiniber of members to swell the ranks since the war. . . . This problem was solved par- tially by the opening of the annex next door. ... In true Beta Sig pomp, the annual Husker party was held at the Corn- husker in November. ... To beat Petrillo ' s deadline, " Beta Sig Girl " was recorded at this party by the orchestra. . . . The Lincoln Hotel was the scene of the spring formal. ... In all activities. Beta Sig ' s were doing their jjest. Glen Blinde, as senior class president, looked forward to planting the hallowed ivy. . . . Herb Temme and Bill Splinter teamed up to do picture stories in the engineer ' s publication Blue Print. . . . Richard Schleusener, the Oxford orator, did his bit on the debate team. ... In intramurals, the Beta Sig record speaks for itself, the best showings being made in football, bowling, and softball. . . . On the serious side, the mortgage burning ceremony at the annual Charter day dinner was the highlight of the year. . . . Open house drew many parents and friends of all the members for a pleasant day. . . . The school year closed with a mass migration to Linoma Beach. PLEDGES Don Bauer. Goehner ' 50 Richard Bauermeister. Omaha . . ■51 John Becker. Plymouth .... ' 48 Leon Becker, Plymouth .... " 49 Delaine Belgum. All):on .... " 49 Albert Brauer, Norfolk .... ' 51 Dale Bruggeman. York .... ' .50 Fred Chael, Kouls. Ind ' 52 Arnold Firnhaber. West Point . . ' 49 Bernard Gissler. Osceola .... ' .50 Harold Gloystein, Waco .... " 51 Milbert Grummert, Plymouth . . " 49 Glenn Harms, DeWitt " 51 Frederick Hefner, Syracuse . . . " 49 William Henkel, Norfolk .... ' .50 Burton Holthus, Bertrand . . . " 51 Donald R. Kroeger. Omaha ... ' 51 Russel Lallman, Arlington . . . " 51 Winston Martens. Lincoln ... ' 51 Ray Morlock. Columbus .... ' 50 Merle Reiling. Seward ' .50 LeRoy Schroeder. Hooper ... ' 49 Robert Schultz. Staplehurst ... ' 51 Rodney Srb. Dodge ' 50 Willard Timmerman. Gretna . . ' 51 Don Wulf. Eagle ' 49 Robert M. Zuhlke. Gurley ... ' 50 Top: Don Bauer, left, and a few of the " Sigs, " take a well earned rest to listen to a few new records. Bottom: The Beta Sig Masquerade Ball was one of the outstanding parties of the year. Page 411 LIMM .ii. P ; f! D f.i i !;J ifimm D P i c: C L.-. rl |» .f .i t- President Thomas Hyland Vice-President Dale Novotny Treasurer (lliarles Hoeken Reeordins Se relar [olin liailey Corresponding Seerelary . Ho);er Sliwart Fuiin lcit at Miami Universily, 18.i9 EstahlisheJ at Universily of Nebrask a, i889 Alpha Tail Chapter Ninety-one (Chapters AiiHcrsuii. Cliailt Atkinson. Nfil Hail.-V. J.ihn B.-ll. Hi, lianl Kcick. William Royjslcm. Bill Brownt-II. Janii-jt Ciis. li.Mlnrv C.ullcM. Kirliar.l KinliT. R.,1j,tI KohiTl Kn -It. Rolan.l Flanslicry. Slt ' |.lii-n Calloway. Robrri ClaM. Orvillc- Grrer. William Hamilton. Donald Haslam. John lla,i..-llial. h. Ciirti. Hi ' in. William Himls. Robert Hord. Douelas H..r.l. Thomas H..»ar.l, Roswrll HiilTman. Hvlan.l. Tom Iionfii-lcl, Harold Jolinii in, Stanford Kailry. Kenneth Klopp, Ricliard Kunrl. Frank J. l.awrenee, James Legge, . lex Levine. William Lipps. Robert l.oikarl. (: irdoTi I.vtie. Keith MiDermoll. J. dm MeConanghey. Robert Martin. James Means. Richard Means, Robert Miles. Richard Miller. Cenrge Miller. James Neill. W. Dean Nordgren. Stanford Nerval. Oliver Novotny. Edward Olson. Willar.l Peter, (ieorge Peterson, f.lovd Pierre, Robert Potter, Herbert lleise. Herbert Holh. f)elbert Seha iiinberg. Eilward Sciboldt. William feinedley. Jolin Smith. Raymond A. Smith, Rieliard Smith. William Speek, David Stewart, Roger Sloddart. James ' I ' homas, Jess .irnev. Thtmias Well. in. Richard W M-,-, William Page 412 Beta Tlieta Pi ACTIVES Charles Anderson, St. Joseph. Mo Neil Atkinson. Lincoln John Bailey. Omaha . William Barrett, Lincoln Ralph Beckwith. Alliion Richard Bell. York . . Allen Birk. Omaha . . William Bock. Omaha . Charles Bocken. Harlan, la William Boydston, Warren. James Brownell, Omaha . Richard W. Calvert, Oxnard, Robert Cappel, Malvern, 1 Myron Caven ler, Lincoln Robert Coonley, Beatrice . Rodney Cox. Arapahoe . Richard Cullen. Ralston . John Dean, Glenwood, la. Robert Easter, Lincoln . Roland Emmett, Arapahoe Roy Farris. Fremont . . Stephen Flansburg. Lincoln Robert Galloway, Lincoln Orville Glass. Beatrice . . Donald Hamilton. Norfolk John Haslani. Fremont . Curtis Hasselbalch, Omaha Robert Hicks, Hastings . Douglas Hord, Lakeside . Thomas Honl. Lakeside . Richard Howell, Albion . Paul Hyland, Lincoln . . Thomas Hyland. Lincoln . Kenenth Kailey, Holdrege Thomas Kemp, Kansas City Richard Klopp. Omaha Lee Knight. Omaha . Frank Kund, Lincoln . Richard Levine. Omaha William Levine. Omaha George Lewis. Lincoln . Robert Lipps. Lincoln . James Martin. Omaha . Roberl McConaugliey. Linco John McDermolt. Lincoln Robert Means, Lincoln . Richard Miles, Lincoln . George Miller, Papillion . Dean Neill, Omaha . . Stanford Nordgren, Waterloo Dale Novolny, Lawrence. . Willard Olson. Kansas City, George Peter. Kenesaw Douglas Peters. Omaha . John Peters, Omaha . . Lloyd Peterson, Gothenburg H. Woodworth Potter. Linco Del Roth, Plymouth . . John Rushton. Omaha . . Edward Schaumberg. Lincoln Robert Schulte. Syracuse . William .Seiboldt. Lincoln John Smedley, Denver, Colo Richard Smith, Omaha . David Speck, San Marc os, T Roger Stewart. Lincoln . James Stoddart. Lincoln . Jess Thomas. Hot .Springs, S, Alan Thompson. Omaha . William Wiese. Lincoln . Richard Welton. Omaha . Eugene Woodhead, Lincoln John Yeager. Lincoln . . In " 49 . ' 50 . ' 49 . " 50 . ' 49 . ' 48 . ' 50 . ' 50 . •4« . ' 49 . ' 48 if. " 50 . ' 49 . ' 48 . " 48 . ' 49 . ' 49 . ' 49 . ' 49 . ' 49 . ' 4S . ' 50 . ' 50 . " 49 . ' 50 . ' 49 . ' 49 . ' 48 . ' 50 . ' 48 . ' 49 . ' 49 . ' 48 . ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ■50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 " 49 ' 51 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 47 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 " 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 Mo. The " New Look " to Beta Theta Pi appeared in the form of a complete house redecorating plus extensive landscaping of the grounds surrounding the Diamond and Thi ' ee Stars stronghold at 1515 R Street. . . . But there was a hearty dash of the old as well, for Betas kept the chapter in its accustomed high place among fraternities in activities, social life, and athletics. . . . Traditionally famed for their parties, the Betas lived up to expectations with their annual Crud party and Honeymoon Hotel gatherings. . . . Lincoln mothers treated the chapter to another yearly event, the Christmas huffet dinner. . . . The Daily Nebraskan was edited by Dake Novotny, for- mer prexy of the junior class, while Innocent George Miller served as managing editor. . . . Other Betas were active in Pershing Rifles, varsity hand, university singers, Kosmet Klub, Corn Cobs, and Student Foundation. ... On the athletic front, Rod Cox held down a regular jjerth on the Cornhusker basketball team, Jim Martin and Al Thompson appeared with the track team, and Bob Lipps served as an assistant fresh- man football coach. PLEDGES John Baker. 0 " Neill .... •50 Robert Edwards. Omaha . . . ' 49 William Greer. Lincoln ' 51 William Hein, Alliance . . . ' 51 Robert Hinds. Lincoln .... ' 51 Roswell Howard, Omaha . . . ' 50 Richard Huffman. Elgin . . . ' 51 Harold Ironfield. Omaha . ' 50 Stanford Johnson, Omaha . . ' 51 James Lawerence. Sioux Falls, S. 1 ). ' 50 Alexander Legge, Fremont . . " 50 Frederick Levine, Omaha . . ' 51 Cordon Luikart, Lincoln . . . ' 51 Keith Lytle. Gothenburg . . . ' 51 Richard Means. Lincoln ' 51 James Miller, Papillion . . . ' 51 Gray Norval, Buffalo, Wyo. . ' 51 Ted Patkwood, Si. Joseph, Mo. ' 50 Robert Pierce. Lincoln . . . ' 51 Herbert Reese, Omaha . . . " 51 Raymond Smith, Council Blufls, I a. ' 51 William Smith, Omaha . . . ' 51 Thomas Varney. Broken Bow . ' 51 .Samuel Whitworth, Lincoln . . ' 50 John Whitten, Lincoln .... ' 50 Top: Chuck Anderson seems amused al the remarks of his brothers in this Bela " bull " " session. Bottom: Spring fever hits the Betas and their girls as they relax " en masse " in front of the house. Page 413 yKfj ty J ' m © (3 » i r r p p ft @ p c r». © C; ?5 Q cti JO Oi Presijcnl . . . Herman i.. Clirisleiifcii. Jr. Senior Warden .... Harry S. Campbell Junior Warden Clayton Sack t « .Scribe Norman W. Warwick m K H llM Treasurer Donald J. Mutbes ft B ltW JS ' Chancellor James li. Wehmian utmS S tS ' U iR ' Historian Neil E. Rrati BB l Jtl—T Founded at . ew York University, l ' J07 Established at University of Nebraska. 1924 Alpha Delta Chapter Forty-nine Chapters Page 414 Allgood, Robert Andersen. Keith Askey, Dale Barrett, John Baumfiart, Lavem Bessirc, Howard Bratt. Neil Brcliin, Adam Biisboi ni. Wendal Gary. Donald Chrislrnsen. Ht nii Cox. Theron Denkingor, John Dolan, Howard Fiala, Joseph Franke. Robert F ' ruJibaiUT. Ernest Fuhr. Bill Hinnian. Charles Hinrichs, Warren Hinze. Warren Huff. Eldon Humbert. Gonlon Kleirikauf, Bruce Krafka, Benjamin Larson. Bob Larson. Roger Limbaugh, Jack Malhes. Donald McLean. Melvin Nieman. Lawrence Novak. Ralph Ohlrich. Harold Thege, Wayne Polski, George Roberts. William Sack, Clay Samuelson, Willian Schaller, John Simpson. Phil Spikes. William Stephens. Bill Slillinger. Robert Warwick. Norman Weekly. Dick Wchrman. James W indruiii. Richard Delta Sigma Pi ACTIVES Robert M. Allgood. Stella . . . ' 50 Keith Andersen, Pierce . . . . ' 50 Francis Andersen, Jr., Lincoln . ' 49 Dale H. Askey, Atlantic, la. . . ' 49 Jack S. Barrett, Omaha . . . . ' 50 Lavern C. Baunigart, Humphrey . ' 48 Howard D. Bessire, Jr., Lincoln . ' 48 Neil E. Bratt, Pawnee City . . . ' 48 Adam Brehm. Lincoln . . . . . ' 50 Wenday L. Bushoom, Glenvi! . . ' 48 Donald V. Cary. Jr., Lincoln . . ' 4S Herman C. Christensen, Jr., Columbus . . ' 48 Theron A. Cox, Wood Lake . . ' 50 Jack Denkinger, Humphrey . . ' 49 Howard Dolen, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Joseph W. Fi ala, Howells . . ' 49 Robert S. Franke, Wood Rivei ■ , ' 49 Ernest F. Fruhbauer, Humbold . ' 49 William F. Fuhr, Spencer . . ' 49 Charles R. Hinman, Wymore . ' 4S Warren W. Hinrichs, Beatrice . ' 49 Warren R. Hinze, Lincoln . . ' 4S Eldon Huff. Omaha . ' .50 Gordon L. Humbert, Crawford . ' 49 Bruce E. Kleinkauf, Grand Isl md ' 48 Benjamin G. Krafka, Valparaisc . ' 49 Robert E. Larson, Dakota City . ' 48 Roger T. Larson, Dakota City . ' 49 Jack L. Limbaugh, West Poin . ' 49 Donald J. Mallies, Norton, Kan . ' 49 Melvin L. McLean, Fairbury . ' 48 Richard G. Mulder, Lincoln . ' 49 Larry Nieman, Marysville, Kan . ' 48 Ralph M. Novak, Howells . . ' 48 Harold Ohlrich, Deshler . . . ' 49 George R. Polski, St. Paul . . ' 48 Clayton .Sack, Plaltsmoulh . . " 48 William 0. Samuelson, Friend . ' 49 John H. Schaller, Lincoln . . ' 49 Phil Simpson, Lincoln . . . . ' 48 William F. Spikes, St. Paul . . ' 49 William M. Stephens, Ulysses . ' 48 Robert H. Stillinger, Columbus . -50 Wayne Thege, Wahoo . . . . ' 48 Norman W. Warwick, Osceola . ' 49 Richard W. Weekly, Auburn . ' 48 James B. Wehrman, Nelson . , ' 48 Dick Windrum, Dawson . . . ' 50 PLEDGES William Roberts, Lincoln ' 5] Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity, offers to its commerce student members a meeting ground of common interest. . . . The fraternity ' s aim is to promote a closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. ... To further this purpose, the chapter ' s activi- ties are centered around professional meetings and industrial tours. . . . Leading business and professional men of the state are invited to address the members at bi-monthly dinner meetings, and periodic tours of the community ' s industrial enterprises are made. . . . Thus, members enjoy the benefits of fraternal association while furthering their education in their chosen field. . . . Heading the group this year was Presi- dent Herman Christensen. . . . The other officers assisting him throughout tlie year were Harry Campbell, senior war- den; Clayton Sack, junior warden; Norman Warwick, scribe; and Don Mathes, treasurer. f sr ' m ,«SJ« Top: The officers of Delta .Sigma Pi gallier after one ul their bi-monthly dinners at the L ' nion. Bottom: Lois Kaminska appears to be having a good time serving dinner to the Delta Sigs. Page 415 ' i ' M A § . OT i President Hill Hallrw Vice-Prt ' si)lenl Hob Loisel Treasurer Max JoIiiin Recording Secretary lim Wan! Corresponding Sfcrrtary . Dick Drrnp-irr Founded at Bethany (College, IH59 Established at University of Nebraska, JH94 Beta Tail (Chapter Seventy seven Chapters Apgar, Charlr-s Baas, John Ballew. Juhn Bartle, Edward Bloom, Richard Breel ke, Harold Cartiiii;!!, Williuiii DeriipHter, KirhaxI Do»t?k, Jfriinir Kliriiiatin, Bi-rlraml Engler, Mel in Evcrilt. Edward Guslavson, Riis pII Haas. E. Diiaii - Halcli. Har.dd Hurllmrt. Ja k J. liii», Max JohiiMiiii. (iardrifr Kadavv. l ;iU- k,-II.T. li.dMTt LeKuv Krll.T. K..l..-rl J Leary, Frank Leedom, Jark Lentz, Donald I.oisel. Robert M :Clvmonds N al Melic ' k. Llo d Neff. Phil Nelson. Ralph Nelson, Walter Pcffernian. Donald Porlsc ' he, Stanley St ' hwartzkopf, Edward Stroh, Donald Teague, Howard Trernain. ( harlt-s Vandel, Elincr Vandel, Thiinias Van Nonnaii. Wurrcn Ward. Jaiiif.s W.-inuT, R.d.erl Wrsl. Jark Wynk.H.p. Jark Page 416 Delta Tau Delta ACTIVES . Eugene Alkire. Lexington . . ' 50 Charles Apgar, Lincoln . . . " 49 John Baas, West Point . . . " 48 Frerl Ballentine. Omaha . . . ' 50 Bill Ballew. Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Edwara Bartle. St. Paul . . . " 48 Al Bloom, Lincoln .... . " 49 Bill Cartmell, Indianapolis, Ind . -50 Dick Dempster, Beatrice . . . ' 50 Boh Dickenman, Beatrice . . ' 49 Dean Everitt, Omaha . . . . ' 48 Jack Guenzel. Lincoln . . . . " 48 Russ Gustavson, Lincoln . . . " 49 Duane Haas, Lincoln . . . . ' 48 Dick Haggart. St. Paul . . . " 49 Max Johns, Herman . . . . " 49 Ralph King, Waterloo . . . . ' 4S Don Lentz, Beatrice . . . . ' 49 Bob Loisel, West Point . . . " 49 Bob J. Keller, Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Bob L. Keller, Lincoln . . . . " 49 Cal McKibbin, Alliance . . . ' 48 Harry Mease. Omaha . . . . ' 48 Loyd Melick, Omaha . . . . ' 48 Ralph Nelson, Holdrege . . . ' 48 Don Peffernian, Beatrice . . . ' 49 Lee Phelps, Lincoln . . . . ' 49 .Stan Portsche, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Bob Ruby. Lincoln .... . ' 48 Etl Schwartzkopf, Lincoln . ' 48 Jim Sharp, Omaha .... . ' .50 Don Stroh. Lincoln .... . ' 49 Howard Teague, Wisland, S. D . ' 48 Charles Treniain, Beatrice . . ' 50 Ray Van Norman, Bassett . . ' 48 Warren Van Norman, Bassett . ' 48 Jim Ward, Lincoln .... . ' 49 Gordon Eblers, Columbus . . G Bob Havens. Omaha . . . . G PLEDGES Harold Breetzke, West Point . . " 48 Jack Bruce, Beatrice ' 51 Jerry Dosek, Lincoln ' 48 Bert Ehrmann, Lincoln .... ' 50 Mel Engler. Stuart ' 51 Harold Hatch. Lincoln .... ' 51 Jack Hurlburt, Norfolk .... ' 51 Gardner Johnson, Sioux Falls, S. D. ' 51 Dale Kadavy, Omaha ' 50 Bill Kane, Aberdeen, S. D. . . . ' 50 Frank Leary, Lincoln ' 51 Jack Leedom, Norfolk ' 50 Neal McClymonds, Lincoln ... ' 51 Phil Neff, Bridgeport " 51 Walt Nelson, Herman ' 51 Bill Smith, Lincoln " 51 Tom Vandel, Mitchell ' 51 Bob Weimer, Harlowton, Mont. . ' 50 Jack West, Herman ' 51 Jack Wynkoop, Lincoln .... ' 51 The Purple, White, and Gold of Delta Tau Delta shown brightly on the intramural gridiron last fall. . . . The Delts found themselves at the top of their league, but were nudged out of the championship flight by a narrow margin. . . . Jim Sharp did a yeoman jo!) in guiding his fraternity football team to its high standing. ... As football gave way to bas- ketball, the Delts succeeded in rounding out a successful season. . . . From the sports events to the social events, Delta Tau Delta enjoyed complete success. . . . The two formals, one during the first semester and the Spring formal, were standouts in the fraternity ' s social history. ... In line with its social events, the Delts gave a Christmas party for the boys from a Lincoln orphanage. . . . Each boy was presented with a gift from the members of the active chapter and pledge class. . . . The boys from the orphanage had a grand time as the Delt Christmas spirit lodged in each of them. ... A new Delta shelter is hoped to be completed by the fall of ' 48. . . . The alumni has started the house ball rolling by the purchase of two lots on fraternity row. . . . Hopefully, the Delts slogan for the new house is " The date is the fall of forty-eight. " Top: Bob Keller, second from right, nmst not like havijig his picture taken, but the mascot seems willing. Bottom: The Delt mascot is the object of much attention. Page 417 i V y . 9 C ' P ( i« = ' r £i « ' t. ' j £r«i 1 " ,» ' -,-- O j 9 £ J M.ikMJ i- President Milton Meyer Vice-President Kay I " . Hello ws Steward I. F. ( astner Recording Secretary W illiarn V.. Robertson Corresponding Secretary , Robert J. Ackerman Founded at WiUiums College 1834 Established at University of Nebraska, 1898 Nebraska (Chapter Sixty-two Chapters Arkerman, Robert A lani9. Robert Afincw. Keiint-Ih Agiifw, Richard Alexander, Fred Arter, Dean Askey, Robert Bellows, Ray Hliinifircn, Thomas Bunistfad. John Castncr. Jean Cattlp. Walter Cii(lini;lon, Jark Christ t-nsen. Lindley Cooppr. Donald Fastcnau, Ardcn Finnepaii. Leonard Finstrom. Don Franklin, Don Galliraith. William Goorlwin. leBaron Green, Robert Hanson. Gerald Harris, S ' illiani Hays, John Hildebrand, Robert Hobson. Clyde Johnson, Gordon Johnson. Richard Johnston, Paul Johnson. Roger Kinder, Marlyn Klute, Wayne Kokjer, Carter Kokjer. Thomas Lewis. Kirk MrCormick, Willian Martin, Richard Maiik. Arthur May. Herald Mever. Millon Mifhalek. Richard Miller. Kenlner Minnick, Paul Moodie, Robert Mooniey, Bill Mosher. Robert O ' Bannon. Keith O ' Dcll. Robert Oehlrich. Herman Oehrle, Kenneth Ohse, Virgil Pauley. Girdon Petersen. David Plith. Kenneth Killer. Roijers Roberts. Charles Robertson, William Satterfield, Richard Soennichsen. John SlahL Skip Slehly. Richard Sullivan. James Swanson. Jerry Swanson. Leslie Thomason. Ricluird Vlcek. William Waf-oner. Roderic Wait. Robert Waring. Robert Wenk. William W iikhani. Donald Wilkins. William Tif;lii. Sidney Page 418 Delta Upsilon ACTIVES Robert J. Ackerman. Sidney Robert Adams. Lincoln . . Ricbard L. Agnew. Sidney . Kennetb M. Agnew. Sidney . Fred A. Alexander. Lincoln . Dean Arter. Lincoln ... Robert C. Barger. Greeley. Colo Ray F. Bellows. Blair . . . John Bumstead. New Orlean J. R. Castner. .Ashland alter Cattle. Seward . Don Cooper, York .... Arden Fastenau. Lincoln . Leonard L. Finnegan. North Platte Don Finstrom. Kearney William Galbraith. Beenier Robert E. Green, Indianapolis. Ind Gerald L. Hanson. York . William Harris, Cheyenne. Wyo. .John . . Hays. Omaha Cdiarles Hemmingsen. Auburn Edwin Hiber. Plattsmouth Robert Hildebrand. York . . Gordon F. Johnson. Wahoo . Richard Johnson. Lincoln . Roger Johnson. Scandia. Minn Monty Kinder. Cambridge . Dean Kratz. Sidney .... Cater Kokjer. .Sidney ... .- llen L. Lawson. Sidney . . Kirk Lewis. Ord illiani McCormick. York . Richard F. Martin. Lincoln . Graydon Mauk. Taber. la. . .Milton W. Meyer. Lincoln . Paul .Minnick, Cambridge . Robert D. Moodie. West Poini William G. Moomey. York Rol)erl C. ODell. McPaul. la. Virgil Ohse. Falls City . . Gordon Pauley. Lincoln . . David Petersen, Lincoln Charles Roberts, Lewellen William G. Robertson, Plattsmouth Don L. Shaneyfelt. Long Pine John Soennichsen. Plattsmouth James .Sullivan. Omaha . Leslie . vanson. Loup ( itv William R. Meek. ahoo Rod Wagoner. York . . Robert Wait. Sidnev . . William B. Wenk. Madison. S. D Donald J. Wickham. Lincoln William W. Wilkins, Geneva PLEDGES Robert Askey. Lincoln . Thoman Blomgren. Lincoln Lindley Christensen. Lincoln Jack (Codington. Auburn . Don T. Franklin. Omaha . le Baron Goodwin. Sidney Paul Johnston. Lincoln . Clyde Hobson. Hardy . . Wayne Klute. .Seward . Thomas Kokjer. .Sidney . Keith Kovanda. Ord . . Derald May. Gothenberg Richard Michalek. Scottsbluff Kentner .Miller, North Platte Robert Mosher, Lincoln . , Keith 0 " Bannon, Scottsbluff Herman D. Oehlrich. Columbus Kenneth F. Oehrle. Lincoln Duane Olson. Lincoln . . Kenneth Plilh. Lincoln . Roger Rilter, Kearney . . R. W. .Satterfield. Ord . . Gayle Stahl. Omaha . . Richard Stehly. Elgin . George Supp, .•Vlhambra. Calif. Gerald .Swanson. North Platte Richard Thomason. Lincoln . Robert Waring, Geneva . . Delbert Weigand. Kearney . Sidney Wright, Lincoln . . " 49 G ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ■.50 •49 •49 ' 48 ' 49 G ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 " 49 ' 50 ' 50 G ' 49 G " 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 G G ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' .50 •48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 G ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 •48 G ' 48 •50 •49 " 49 ' 50 ' 49 " .SO ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 " 50 ' 51 ' .50 " 51 ' 50 •50 " 50 " 50 " .50 " 51 " 50 ' 50 " 51 " 50 " 50 " 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 48 ' 51 ' 51 ' ,50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 With a firm belief that the foundation of a fraternity rests upon intensive cooperation among its members, Delta Upsilon this year contiiuied to be outstanding in athletics, activities, and campus social life. ... It boasts varsity ath- letes Bill Moomey, Bob Ackerman, Dick Hutton, and Del Weigand in football, Neil Mosser in basketball, Don Cooper, Monte Kinder, and Bob Wait in track, plus aggressive intramural teams. . . . Campus activities claimed Eligible Bachelor Lee Goodwin; John Sloiithower, managing editor, Skip Stahl. btisiness manager, and Rod Wagner, assistant business manager of the Corn Shucks. . . . Assistant business manager of the Daily Nebraskan was Will Wilkins. Don Franklin represented DU on the Student Union connnittee while Darrell May was active on the Ag campus. ... In addi- tion the DU ' s had representatives in Corn Cobs, Kosmet Klub, and the Student Council. . , . At the traditional Orchid party, an orchid w ' as presented to each date. . . . The annual spring Lawn party clima.xed another successful year for Delta Upsilon. Top: First semester prexy Milton Myers, left, seems to be enjoying this gathering of the " station wagon boys. " Bottom: glimpse of the weekly pledge-active get together. Page 419 C fl- i " ' ■= " Anderson, Ronald K. lluirJ. Jark Baxter. W. Neal Hrainard, Owen Brim. Charles Brim. Jerome Chilvers. Koberl Cliiliers. Tli,.ma (Mavbailgll. Glenn ( oruelins. Grant DaMoiide. Dean Daiokri.eer, Berl DeWull. John Hill. Koherl Kriewine. Harry trk-wine. L. Dale Ho»er.lay. Albert Krederiikson. Keith Kreri. h. M,r»iii ;ai.l. l)..n Gard. Gene (iillelte. Ed«ar,l Ilarmao. James Jensen. Donald Jensen. Dualie Jensen. Eugene Kellogg. Dmial.l Lamb. .Alvin Lambert. Slanlev I ffel. Frank l.uebs. Ralph Lux. Konald Lux. James Maddoeks. Clyde Meade. Robert Mi -kle. James -Meyer. Eldo titlo. Roger I ' opken, Donald I ' lipken. Layern rritrhard. Gerald l.loi eiiheir . K.11I Seheve. Ilcdiert Sears. James Skinner. IMiilip Stellen. Riehai.1 St..»ell. Willanl Arthnr Walter. T.d W iggaos. lluoald President Clyde E. Maddoeks Secretary Gale Kriewine Treasurer Artluir .Svohoda Business Manager Kalpli l.tnlj- Founiled at University of Missouri, I90S Established at University oj Nebraska, 1911 Eight Chapters Page 420 Farm House ACTIVES Ronald E. Anderson, Concord . Jack V. Baird. Archer .... Neal W. Baxter. St. Paul , . . Owen W. Brainard. Lincoln . . Charles A. Brim, Spalding . . Robert A. Chilvers, Pierce . . Thomas C. Chilvers, Pierce . . Grant L. Cornelius, Madrid . . Berl E. Damkroger, DeWitt . . .lohn A. DeWulf, Cedar Rapids Robert Dill, Belvidere .... Gale H. Erlewine, Ogallala . . Dale L. Erlewine, Ogallala . . Keith A. Frederickson, Wakefield Merwyn G. French, Page . Don I. Gard, Beaver Crossing Gene A. Gard, Beaver Crossin: Edward H. Gillette. Lincoln Donald D. Jensen, Newman Grove Donald W. Kellogg, Edgemont, S. D Alvin A. Lamb, Farwell . . Stanley J. Lambert, Ewing , Frank A. Loeffel, Lincoln . Ralph E. Luebs, Grand Island Ronald S. Lux, Lincoln . . Stanley J. Lux, Lincoln . . Clyde E. Maddocks, Pawnee City Robert J. Meade, Tecumseh . Eldo H. Meyer, Hill City, Kan. James B. Mickle, Lincoln . . Roger C. Otto, Phillips . . . Donald H. Popken, West Point Karl S. Quisenberry, Hyattsville, Md Robert R. Rauner, .Sidney . John A. Sabs, Carroll . . . James A. .Sears, Decatur . . Philip Skinner, Alliance Eugene A. .Solomon, Culbertson Richard R. Steffen, Diller , ' illard Stowell, Ord . . . Arthur E. Svoboda, Burchard Rudolph E. Tomek, Table Rock Donald S. Wiggans. Lincoln PLEDGES Jerome F. Brim, -Spalding . Glen Claybaugh, Lincoln . . . Dean DaMoude, Aurora . . . Albert Dale Flowerday, Seward James L. Harnian, (Jretna . . Duane L. Jensen. Newman Grove Eugene M. Jensen, St. Edward Laverne J. Popken. West Point Gerard Pritchard, Spalding . . Robert J. Scheve, Plymouth . Glen L. Sherf, Minneapolis, Minn WiUard L. Stowell, Ord . . . Ted Walter, Waco •48 " 49 " .50 ' .50 •48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 " 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 " 50 " 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' .50 ' 49 ' 48 ' .50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' .50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ■49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' .51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 " 50 Cilniaxing a liusy year at Farm the Interfraternity scliolarship cup once again adorned tlie mantel at this ag fraternity . . . which is restricted to men interested or engaged in agricuhural subjects. . . . Campus activities took a high spot in the cuiriculum as usual. Farm House representa- tion was found in Alpha Zeta, Ag Exec board. Daily Ne- braskan, Cornhusker Countryman, Student Council, Inter- fraternity council and Corn Cobs. . . . Honoraries were also important as evidenced by participation in Block and Bridle, Tri-K and Poultry club. . . . Charlie Brim carried on as an Innocent. . . . Social life was not neglected amid the scho- lastic race. . . . The Sweetheart dinner and fall party were annual affairs of interest. . . . Athletics provided a ready outlet for the steam worked up in the classroom, as they were represented in all major intramural sports. . . . The spirit of the house is exemplified in Mother Pelton, who is serving her twelfth year with the fraternity. In addition to her excellent supervision of the house, she provides a living contact between the alunmi and the active chapter. Top: President Clyde Maddocks, lower right, watches two of the boys as they prepare to spend the evening ice skating. Bottom: Mother Pelton is found in the living room dis- cussing everything from politics to the problems of the day. Page 421 §. f c O . -. ' ' ' A , ArnislronK. David B. rker. 1 Ut Bfry. Eilwaril Berg. Eiieenc Bellenhauseii. Di»ii Brand, John Bruce, John Burley, Jtjlin Carlson. K..l.crt Christian, Srott Churchill. Roy Coukslev. Kolani! Crilchfield. Williai Dahlgrt ' n. Jat-k Ucurlilcr. August Dcus ' cr, Charli s DiLTs. Kob.Tl nniliinT, Jerome Edwards. Eugene Egan. Dan Egan, Rodger Ewing. Handal) Fainhild, Warren Franklin, Rodney Gardner. Robert Greene, Earl Hale, Taylor Hfchiicr, Gordon Hintz. Richard HolTmeister. Rex Hornbarher, Kenneth Hughes. Clayton Jensen, Howard Kepler. Clifford Kidd.-r. Jack Krause. Harold Lang, Hugh Legcr. Norman Marks. Robert MrWha. John Mercer. Ellis Morris, (icrald Morris. Rex Mulbern. Paul Ohnian. Lachlan Ohic . Hi.hard Palmer. illiam Perkins. Kankin. Perrv Reid, Robert R-lph Ko- r Rice, Pliillip Rilcv, William Savior. John .Shim:, Richard Sho|i| . Bryce SIniltz, Jo ejdi Simmons, Ga!en btalkcr. Harrv Slaenburg. Hout2 Tangenian, Stewart Tyson, William Van E;ilon. Glenn Wujiiicr. Robert Wallace, Robert Wille . R.dnrl Wilscam, Charles Wilson. Robert Young. Keith Fresiclenr Karl 0. Green. Jr. Vice-PresiHcnl Taylor Hale Secretary F!ugene (i. Edwards Treasurer Ilu-ili Lan; Founded tit Univtrsily oj Virginia, 1H6 Established at University of Nebrasha, JS97 Alpha Psi Chapter One Hundred Thirteen Chapters Page 422 Kappa Si ina ACTIVES Robert Anderson, Lincoln ... ' 48 Henry Ayers, Broken Bow . . . ' 50 William Brennan, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Robert Camp, West Point ... ' 50 Robert Carlson, Lincoln .... ' 49 Roy Churchill, Lincoln .... ' 50 William Critchfield, Tecumseh . . ' 48 Jack S. Dahlgren, Omaha . . . ' 50 Robert Diers, Ulysses ' 49 Jerome A. Druliner, Benkelman . ' 51 Eugene G. Edwards, Benkelman . ' 50 Randall W. Ewing, Loretta ... ' 49 Warren D. Fairchild, Endicott . . ' 49 Rodney L. Franklin, Omaha . . ' 48 Earl G. Greene, Jr., Loup City . ' 49 Joseph J. Gutschow, Blair . . . ' 48 Taylor Hale, Lincoln ' 49 Robert Harris, Arnold ' 51 Rex Hoffmeister, Imperial ... ' 50 Kenneth D. Hornbaclier, Nevada, la. ' 50 Clayton Hughes, Lincoln .... ' 49 Hugh E. Lang, Tecumseh . . . ' 49 Norman Leger, Sterling .... ' 49 Darwood Long, Humboldt . . . ' 49 William B. Mapes, Norfolk ... ' 50 Ellis R. Mercer, Broadwater . . ' 48 F. R. Morris, Comstock .... ' 50 Gerald G. Morris. Wood River . ' 49 Paul G. Mulhern, Cheyenne, Wyo. ' 50 Lochlan Ohman, Lincoln .... ' 49 William Orr, Lincoln ' 48 William Palmer, Omaha .... ' 48 William C. Perkins, Omaha ... ' 49 Stanley D. Premer, Benkelman . ' 49 Howard E. Purdy, Benkelman . . ' 49 Walter P. Rankin, Cambridge . . ' 49 Harry H. Richardson. Broken Bow ' 48 Lowell Saylor, Lincoln ' 50 Bryce G. Shopp. Imperial . . . ' 50 Raymond J. Shultz, San Diego, Calif. ' 50 Ed Shurtlefl, Lincoln ' 49 Galen Simmons, Lincoln .... ' 50 Houtz G. Sleenburg, Aurora . . . " 50 Richard J. .Stone. Comstock . . . ' 48 Richard W. Streitwieser, Broken Bow ' 50 Stewart E. Tangeman, Gretna . . ' 48 William Tyson. Cambridge . . . ' 51 Glenn R. Van Eaton, Lincoln . . " 49 Robert Willey, Lincoln .... ' 49 PLEDGES John R. Anderson, Olean, N. Y. . ' 50 David Armstrong, Omaha . . . ' 51 Peter Becker, Hyannis .... ' 50 Ed F. Berg, Omaha ' 51 Eugene Berg, Omaha ' 51 Donald Bettenhausen. Lincoln . . ' 49 John A. Brand, Santa Rosa, Calif. " 50 John H. Bruce, Omaha .... ' 48 Jack Burley, Lincoln ' 51 Scott 0. Christian, Omaha ... ' 50 Paul D. Coder, Wellfleet .... ' 50 Roland L. Cooksley, Broken Bow , ' 51 Starting off the year full tilt, the Kappa Sig ' s led the fraternities in the number of men pledged. . . . When these pledges took their sneak to Iowa State, they brought back a number of trophies. . . . The boys had trouble keeping track of their loot — even tlie Gamma Phi ' s got away with their victory bell. Last Ivy day, the Sig boys captured first place in the Inter-fraternity sing competition. . . . The same day, Rod Franklin, president of the Interfrateniity council, was tapped as sergeant-at-arms of the Innocent society. Norm Ledger was a news editor on the Daily Nebraskan and a cheer leader. . . . Bill Palmer was a member of the Kosmet Klub and originated two radio shows of his own over a local sta- tion. . . . Social high lights of the year included a hayrack party, the annual Barn Dance — the old house was full but there was even some room for a few Kappa Sigs to get in . . . the winter formal at the Cornhusker, and the spring pledge party. . . . The boys rejoice tliat the alums plan to build them a new house on Si.xteenth and S within a year. August L. Deuchler. Falls City Charles W. Denser, Omaha . . Jean Dunbar, Nebraska City . Dan Egan, Asbby Rodger L. Egan. .(Vshby . . . Robert W. Gardner, Ansley . Gordon C. Heebner, Imperial . Richard M. Hintz, Tecumseh . Howard Jensen, Blair .... Loyd W. Kelly, Jr., Grand Islan Clifford Kepler, Lincoln . . . Jack B. Kidder, Lincoln . . . Harold P. Krause, Fullerton . Robert E. Marks, Ord .... John McWha, North Platte . . Robert Neal. Lincoln .... Richard Olney, Lincoln . . . George W. Reichenhach. Lincoln Eugene W. Rabe, Jr., Omaha . Roger T. Relph, Broken Bow William J. Riley, Lincoln Robert E. Reid. Albion . Phillip Rice, Hayes Center Richard Schinn, Denning Dan .Sullivan, Tecumseh . Harry Stalker, Grand Island Robert D. Wagner, Lincoln Robert Wallace, Omaha . Charels Wilscam, Lincoln Robert C. Wilson, Lincoln Keith Young, Lincoln , . ' 50 " 51 ' 49 " 51 ' 51 " .50 " 51 " 50 " 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 " 51 ' 51 ' 51 " 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 Top: With spring comes yard work so these Kappa Sig pledges are busy with rakes and bare hands under the guidance of Houtz Steenburg and Russ Taler. Bottom: Bob Carlson ' s card game is interesting to Bill Critchfield and Gene Edwards but Randy Ewing prefers to just take life easy. Page 423 r i f ' € ' P 1 XT " ' pop P P C!5 ,. D f r Abtp, Hrnry Beck. Leo Brcssman, Charles Brownlee. Thuinas Capck, Dair Capek. Rirhanl Chancy, Rnbrrl Cowan. Sain Davis. Frederic Dinsdalc, Hfiwartl Dinsdale. Roy ninsmore. Jaiiirs Dom-pan. l-awrenrc Draeger. Drtnalil E lee. Jim Kliniind. Donald Finlay. RejiinaM Harlt ' v. Thomas Hrikes. Allen H.-ittrrass. Ralph IL-nklr. Willjaiti High. Ri.hard Huston. Tedd Johnson. Palmer Keene. Peter Kiiisey. Williani Lepin ki, John Lilly, Daniel Lyle. James MfCann, John MrEaehen. Kdmiin.I M. Vi.ker. Sidnev ra kha ). William Maser. Wesley Meissner, Richard Mrllieiu. Hohert Me er. Frank Mp er. Dede Miller. Kenneth Moore, James Murehtad, John Nelson, D-mplas Ph Ips. Robert Pi.keit. Ja.k Poller, Al.T. Prnpst, Richard Kdni«.av. Thelbcrt Ri.h. James RoHsniever. Willia Rj ' iicr, Del Scliroeder. Fred Shea. Tom Stewart. X ' iltiani Theodosen, John Thompson. Ricliard Walter. Robert Wise. John Woodward. James Zerzan, Richard President . . . Vice-PresidenI . Treasurer . . . Donald E. Draeger William Schlaebitz , Finley Helleberg Founded at Miami University 1848 Established at Nebraska University, 2875 Alpha Chapter One Hundred Six Chapters Page 424 Phi Delta Theta ACTIVES Calif. D. ty .lark Ailains, .San FranciscO: Bruce .Allen. Lincoln . Paul Allen. Lincoln . Robert .Mien. Lincoln . .Mien .Anisden. Omaha Carl Banks. ausa . . Warren Bartli, Lincoln ictor Bartlett. Lincoln John Barton. Omaha . Charles Baskins. North Plat Harold Bauer. Lincoln Leo Beck, Lincoln . . . rthur Birk. North Platte .lohn Blumer. Lincoln . John Boman. Lincoln William Browne. Lincoln Thoman Brownlee, Omaha Newman Buckley, Lincoln Jack Cady. Lincoln . . . Richard Capek. Lincoln . Roller! Chancy. Falls City Lee Chapin. Lincoln .Sam Cowan. Falls City . Verne Daniel, Fremont . Robert Danley. DeWitt . Robert Deviney. Lincoln . Jack Dickey. Omaha . . Roy Dinsdale. Palmer . . Ed Donegan. Lincoln . Donald Draeger. Siou.x Falls. John Einung, Wayne . . Robert Einung. t ayne . Virgil Falloon, Falls City Robert Glenn, Lincoln . . James Hacker. Lincoln . Robert Hahn. Fremont . Ed Hall, Lincoln .... James Harley. Lincoln . . Robert Heinke. Nebraska Cil Rems Heiny, Lincoln . Finley Helleberg, Wayne . Richard High. Bloomfield George Howard. Lincoln . Tedd Huston, (iranil Islani Palmer Johnson, ' aliey William Kinsey, Shubert . Norris Leamer. Lincoln . George Lee. Lincoln . . John Lepinski. Omaha . . Daniel Lilly. Lincoln . William Luce. Sioux City Lee Luers. York .... James Lyle, Omaha . Elmer Masser. Lincoln Kenneth .Maser. Lincoln . Wesley Maser. Lincoln . James McDermott. Lincoln Ed McEachen. Lincoln Donald McKay, Lincoln . David McShane, Lincoln . .Sidney McVicker. Lincoln Harry Meginnis, Lincoln . Jack Meehan. Lincoln . Clifforn Meir. Lincoln . Fred Metheny. Lincoln . Robert Metheny. St. Joseph. Dede .Meyer.. .Sheridan. X ' yo. Kenneth .Miller. Lyons William Monroe. South Sioux City James Moore. Omaha . James Nebelsick. Lincoln Douglas Nelson. Wausa . .Joseph Partington. Lincoln Robert Penner. Beatrice . Jack Pickett. Lincoln . . Dick Pickett. Lincoln . . Alan Potter. Fort Dodge. Iowa Ted Ramsey. Lincoln . . John Reitan. Grand Island Williatn Rolfsmeyer. Lincoli Richard Russell, Lincoln Del Ryder, Seattle, Wash. William .Schlaebitz. Lincoln Fred . chroeder. Curtis Chalmers Seymour. West Bend, Wis. Mo, ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 •49 ' .SO ' 49 " 49 " 49 ■49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 " 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 •49 •4S ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 •49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 " .50 ' 50 ' .50 " 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 " 49 " 50 ' 50 •49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 " 50 ' 49 ' 49 " 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 " 49 " .50 " 49 " 49 ' 49 ' 50 " 48 " 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' .50 " 48 " .50 " 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 With the lyrics ringing " Old Miami, " the Phi Delts com- memorated 1948. As they gathered for the national cen- tennial, Nebraska Alpha had completed its seventy-third year, remaining outstanding in scholarship, athletics, and activi- ties as Nebraska ' s oldest social fraternity. . . . Phi Delts num- bered thirteen in the " N " Club including two officers — Dick Thompson, president, and Wes Maser. secretary. On var- sity teams were Partington and Thompson in football; Heiny and Allen in swimming; Ryder and Spomer in golf; Abts in gymnastics; Cady in tennis; Meginnis in track; Maser in baseball; and Allen in basketball. . . . The Pershing Rifle corps was ably commanded by Tom Brownlee, and Bill Luce was kept Inisy on the Corn Shucks. . . . Al Potter brought honor to old Phi Delt as an Eligible Bachelor. . . . Finishing second in the 1947 Jack Best race, the " castle boys " ac- counted for championships in swimming and golf at the end of the first semester, thus aiming toward the 1948 trophy. . . . Other highlights were the fall and spring house parties, the " Annex Boys " and their " Omega Party, " and the home- coming of the plec: year for Phi Delta Theta es on sneak night- -all made it a Ijanner Thomas .Shea. Omaha Donald .Spomer. Lincoln .... Al Taylor. North Platte .... John Theodosen. Sioux Falls. S. D. Richard riiompson. Lincoln . Joseph W illiams. Joplin. Mo. .lohn ise. Fairbury Richard Zerzan. Omaha .... PLEDGES Henr ' W illiain Abts, Los Angeles, Calif Charles M. Bressnian. Omaha . . Dale Capek. Lincoln James Curran. Lincoln .... Fritz Davis, Lincoln Howard Dinsdale. Palmer . . . James Dinsmore. Omaha .... David Doyle. Lincoln Paul Duryea, Dawson James Edee, Pawnee City . . . Donald Etmund. Lincoln .... Reginald Finlay. Kansas City. Mo. Tom Harlev. Lincoln Al Heikes. Dakota City .... Ralph Heitgrass, Kansas City, Mo. Jack Heckenlively. Lincoln . . . Bill Henkle. Lincoln Pete Keene. Lincoln Bill Markham, Savannah, Mo. . . Jack McCann. Lincoln .... Dick Meissner. Omaha .... Dutch Meyer, Lincoln John Morehead, Falls City . . . Robert Pbelps. Lincoln .... James Rich. Columbus .... Bill Stewart. Lexington .... Robert Walters, Lincoln , . . . James Woodward, Lincoln . , . " 50 " 49 " .50 " 49 " 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 " 51 ' 51 ' 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 ' 51 " 51 •51 ' 51 ' 50 " 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 Ton: Don Draeger. president, keeps an eagle eye on the boys during a card game. Hottoni: Don .Spojner proudly shows oft the Jack Best tiophy lo Bill Luce and Dick Pickett. Page 425 o r c a p. O t 9 $. i. MlliUir p C- ' c- o r p P p p - lili[i£ £i i P r- o o c o o p. p n - p P - J o Lj i«j If!) .o .0 £ o ( Q P - ' f ' , - ' ' Anderson, Norrie Bloom, Don Bates. Tim Brown, Don Berigan, Jerry Brown, Kenneth Biernian, Walilt ' an Bryant, Jack Binning, Jolin Callioiin. Jerry Bizc. DaviJ Carson, John Cowles. Ralph Carson. Rirhan! Cram, Charles Case, Norman Demaree, Duane Cornish, Alfred Denekc. William Coupe. George Dierks, John Cover. John Dingwell, Maurice Fagcrberg. George Dory. Donald Farner. Robert Duis. Robert Kiel. her. Roderick Durrie. George l-ox. Harry Eisenhart, Warren Funk, Duanc Eisenharl, ( ' ayne Geier. Leo Hendrickson, Donald Gessner, Gene Herman, Jack Gessner, Robert Herzog, Frederick Goll, James HiatI, Harry Griffin. Iden Hinds, Thurman Heency, Barney Hodder, Don Jenkins, Gordon Holhrnok. Jack Johnston, George Hidniquist. Harold Jones, Daniel Hughes. Jack Jimes, Graham Hull, Jerry Jordan. Robert Iddings, Carter Kennedy. Ralph Kul.l. Richard Killian. Jack Kurk. George Killian, Warren Larson. Bill Kleinschmidt. Donald l.oerch. Russe! Rnudsen, Harry Lukens, Isaiah Koupai, Howard McBeth. Lloyd Martin. Roger McCarty. William Maryott. Charles McGeachin, Thomas Meininger, Keith McMeekin. James Merten. Walter McMichael. Brute Moorhouse, William Malownev, Jim Morgan, Donal Partridge, Bob Myers, James Peck. John Nickerson. Robert Peterson, Charles Olmstead. Robert Peterson, Harold Orr. Charles Piderit, Richard Palmer, Jack Putnev, Mick Reed. James Racely. Ed Renkcn, Randall Raitt, Dale Robertson, Ralph Ramer. Leo Robinson. Richard Reece, Jack Roiize, Gordon Scheurich, William Skinner, John Schirmer, Jack Stcplienson, Walter Sclileiger. Richard Stewart. Ralph Schleiger. Robert Stoesz, LeRoy Schroeder, Gayherl Taylor. Donald Thoene, (Javlr Westover, Van Tomsik. Jerry Wise. Eldon Tvler. Varrn Woodworlh, Charles Vanderkolk. William ' orcester. Evaits Weidner. The.xlore Yarwood. Robert l ' rf i(lenl John IJinning Trrasurcr A. T. Hinds Secretary Hill IrCarly Historian Hill Moorluju-c Corresponding Secretary . HdI) .Ionian Founded at Washington and Jefferson University, 1848 Established at . eljrasl;a University, 1898 Lambda I ' u Chapter Seventy-six Chapters Page 426 Phi Gamma Delta Wis ACTIVES Norris Anderson. Kearney . Allen Artnian. Kearney . . Tim Bates, Lincoln .... Bud Biernian. Kensington, Kan John H. Binning. Kimball . Bill Bridge. Norfolk ... Donald Brown. Columbus . Jack Bryant, Tekaniah . . Squash Campbell. Lincoln . Norman Case. Lincoln ... Tom Cornish. Omaha ... John Cover. Alliance . . . Ralph Cowles. Wallace . . C. Ivan Cram. Lyons . . William Deneke. Lincoln . . Dee Devoe. Lincoln .... John Dierks. Nebraska . . Maurice Dingwell. Burchard Don Dory, (Jrand Island . . Bob Durrie. Omaha .... George Durrie, Omaha . . Warren Eisenhart. Culbertson Bob Earner, Omaha .... Harry Fox. Lincoln .... Leo Geier, Lincoln .... Bob Gessner. Lincoln . . . Ken Greenwood. Lincoln . . James Goll, Tekamah . . . Bill Griffin, David City . . James Gwynn, Lincoln Barney Heeney. Beattie, Kan. Don Hendrickson. Lake Charles Jack Herman. Weeping Water Ered Herzog. Lincoln Harry Hiatt. Lincoln A. Thurnian Hinds, David City Jack Holbrook, Lincoln . Jack Hughes, Lincoln . . Merlyn James, Lincoln . Gordon Jenkins, Madison, Bud Johnson, Kearney . Jerry Johnston. Galesburg Dan Jones. Lincoln . . . Graham Jones. Lincoln . Bob Jordan, (lalesburg. 111. Jack Killian. North Platte Warren Killian. North Platte Don Klein chniidt. Grafton Buil Koupal. Lincoln . . Harrv Knudsen. Eort Lupton. Dick Kuhl. Ashland . . George Kurk. Lincoln . . Bill Larson. Blair . . . Kim Lukens. Tekamah . Jim . Ialowney, Kearney . Roger Martin. Lincoln . Ed Maryolt. ,Macy . . . Lloyd McBeth. Stromsburg Bill McCarty. Mitchell . Tom McGeachin, Lincoln John McMeekin, Lincoln . Jim McMeekin. Lincoln . Bruce McMichael. Omaha Walter Merten. Clay Center. Hal Moore. Lincoln . Bill Moorhouse. Boulder, Colo Don Morgan. McCook . . Karl Mueller. Columbus . Buck Myers, York . . . Jim Myers, York .... Bob Nickerson. Lincoln . Bob Olmsted. Lincoln . . Charles Orr. Omaha . . Jack Palmer. Tekamah . Charles Peterson. Omaha . Bob Phillips. Lincoln . . Richard Piderit. Lincoln . Emmett Pipher. Tekamah .Mick Putney. Lincoln . . Dale Raitt, .Mnsworth . . Leo Ramer. Omaha . . . Jack Reece, . shland . . Jim Reed. Lincoln . . . Dick Robinson, Lincoln . Ralph Robertson, Lyons . Bill Ross, Curtis .... La. Colo. ' 51 ' 47 ' 50 ' 47 ' 45 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 47 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 47 ' 47 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 47 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 47 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 47 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 47 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ■49 Phi Gamma Delta won the liomecoming decoration con- test, with their unusual carnival show, placed second in the float parade, won the Kosmet Klub show, and were champs in intramural wrestling, . . . Phi Gams Squat Meyers and Bobo Thompson were on the varsity eleven. Bob and Dick Schleiger were mainstays on NU ' s basketball team, and Leo Geier was a star of the gymnastic team. . . . Bill Moor- house, Dick Piderit, and Tom McGeachin were prominent members of the cinder team. . . . Junior class president Jerry Johnston was a managing editor of the CORNHUSKER, Don Hendrickson was editor of the Nebraska Blue Print, and John Binning was vice-president of the Interfraternity council. . . . On the journalistic side Rod Fletcher and Ralph Stewart worked on the CORNHUSKER and Daily Nebraskan respec- tively. . . . The Pig Dinner, winter formal, spring party, Fiji- Tau tussle, and the Jefferson Duo with the Phi Psis were the highlights of the social year. . . . This year was truly a Fiji- honeymoon, but the Phi Gams are looking for better things with the coming of their fiftieth year at Nebraska. Gordon Rouze, Imperial . . . Larry .Scharmann. North Platte Bill . " cheurich. Imperial . . . Jack . chirmer. Bellflower. Calif. Bob Srhleiger. Omaha .... Dick Schleiger. Omaha . . . Gaybert . ' ichroeder. Imperial . Bob . ' outbworlh. Lincoln . . . Ralph .Stewart. Alliance . . . Leroy .Stoetz, Lincoln .... Don Taylor. Lincoln .... Chuck Thoene. Hartington . . Jim Thompson. Lincoln . . . Tip Tyler. Nebraska City . . Ty Vanderkolk, David City . . Eldon Wise. Washington. D. C. Van Westover. Lincoln . . . Chuck Woodworlh. Lincoln . . Jim ' orcester. Lincoln PLEDGES Don Bloom. Lo-; Angeles. Calif. Jerry Berigan. Omaha .... Dave Hize. Lincoln Lyle Bobs. Blair Dick Carson. Lincoln .... John Carson. Lincoln Jerry Calhoun. North Platte . George Coupe, Nebraska City . Duane Demaree, Norfolk . . . Bob Duis, . ' idney Wayne Eisenliart. Culbertson . George Fagerburg. Lincoln . . Rod Fletcher. St. Joseph. Mo. . Duane Funk. Norfolk .... Gene Gessner. Lincoln .... Don Hodder. Lincoln .... Harold Holnuiuist. Oakland . . Jerry Hull. .Ashland .... Carter hidings. Hammond. Ind. Duane Kennedy. Ainsworth . Russ Loerch. Tekamah . . . Keith Meininger. Cambridge . John Peck. Tekamah .... Harold Peterson. Chappel . . Tom Peterson, Omaha .... Bob Partridge. Alliance . . . Ed Raceley. Walthill .... Randy Renken. Lincoln . . . John Skinner. North Platte . . Walt Stephenson. Omaha . . . Jerry Tomsik. Lincoln .... Ted Weidner, Ravenna . . . Bob Yarwood, Omaha .... ' 49 ' 47 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 48 " 49 ' 48 ' 49 " 50 ■48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 51 " .50 " 51 " . " 1 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 " 51 " 51 " 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 Top: Bob Jordon breaks his bread while the rest of the Phi (iams shovel it in. Bottom: Bill .Scheurich and Don Bloom demonstrate a shoulder stand, while others await the fall. Page 427 mMmMt Ayers. John Ball. Dal- Benson. Kit-hard Hlankrn»hip, James M. rjottfcht-r, Mark A. lioonier. J ihn F. Hroisn. Roh.Ti ( anii)b ll, John Clem, Charles t ' nnley, Eiipenf Connelly, John Coyne, Rirhard L. Crawford. Brycp Havis. Donn K. Knestrom. Harol.l 1). Esscr, l lowanl A., Jr. Kxlh. WUIi.nii Cass. Walter R. (iealy, Coninn (;ilninre. Eillott E. Clen. Carl M. Hamilton. Robert K. Hiiniiltnn. William HiiiiidiiKMi. Homer HollaiKier. Dirk Hovendifk. Donald Howard, Warren Frank Jarkman, Herbert Johnson. Stanley L. Kenner. James R. Kenner. William Koch. Rirhard Arthur Knise, John S. Knise. Rirhard W. Knska, Rirhard V. Long, Walter E. McClymont. Philip R. Markeson. Silas B. Metz, Walter R. Mi.kle, Williani W. Miller, David J. Milliken. Thomas J. (J.-hrle. Charles R. Olsson, John E. Paulson, Conydon E. Porter, Joy M. Reynolds, Jaek C. Reynolds, Thomas (;. Romine. Llovil E. Srhneider, Robert V. Sriuiltz, John W.. Jr. Simjison, Frederick H. Smith. Charles F. Trit rh. K-d.-rl W . True, Tlionias (). Waldie, William A. Ware, Frederick Williams, Norman S. Wilson. John C. Wilson, Reese D. Wilson, Robert W. I ' rfsitlent Holi Sclinfi ler i.-f-Presiilrnl Waller Met . St ' crctarv (Jarl (ilfii Founded at II ashirifiton and Jefferson Uniiersity, }8 ' y2 Estah ished at Ncbrasfai University, JH95 Nebraska Alpha (.hapter Fijty-two Chapters Page 428 Phi Kappa Psi ACTIVES John Avers. Lexington .... ' 50 Dale Ball. Fremont ' 49 Robert Bauin. LaCross, Wis. . . ' 49 Robert Brown. Evanston. 111. . . ' 48 Charles Clem. Scotlsbluff .... ' 50 Jean Conley. Nebraska City . . . ' 49 John Connelly, Omaha .... ' 50 Richard Coyne. Omaha .... ' 48 Bryce Crawford. Omaha .... ' 50 William Dickson. Lincoln . . . ' 50 Harmon Diers, New York, N. Y. . ' 49 Howard Esser. Naperville, 111. . . ' 49 Paul Evans. Seward ' 48 William Eyth. Beatrice .... ' 50 Carl Glen. Auburn ' 49 Robert Hamilton. Petersburg . . ' 49 Homer Hauptman. Salt Lake City, U. ' 50 James Henkle. Lincoln .... ' 49 Warren Howard, Omaha .... ' 49 Rex Jones. Alliance ' 49 Joseph Johnson. Tecumseh . . . ' 50 Stanley Johnson, Friend .... ' 48 James Kenner, Hebron .... ' 48 William Kenner. Nebraska City . ' 49 Curt Knudson. Lincoln .... ' 48 Richard Koch. Loncoln .... ' 48 John Kruse. Omaha ' 50 Richard Kruse. Omaha .... ' 49 Ted Liggett, Utica ' 49 Walter Long, Grand Island ... ' 49 Richard Loomis. Lincoln .... ' 49 Milton Mack. Omaha ' 48 Silas Markeson. Omaha .... ' 50 Walter Metz. Alliance ' 50 William Mickle, Nebraska City . ' 50 David Miller. Omaha ' 49 Thomas Milliken. Fremont ... ' 50 Charles Oehrle. Lincoln .... ' 50 Morton Porter. Nebraska City . . ' 49 Robert Riedy. Naperville. 111. . . ' 50 Lloyd Romine. Palisade .... ' 49 Robert .Schneider. Nebraska City . ' 49 John Schultz, Columbus .... ' 49 Fred Simpson. Atlantic. la. . . . ' 50 Charles Smith. Fremont .... ' 50 Tom True. Lincoln ' 49 William Waldie. Omaha .... ' 49 Fredrick Ware. Omaha .... ' 49 Norman Williams. Omaha . . . ' 50 John Williams. York ' 48 John Wilson. Columbus .... ' 49 Reese ilson. Lincoln ' 50 Robert Wilson. Holdrege .... " 48 REPLEDGES Willard .Anderson. Holdrege . . ' 50 Mark Bottecher. Columbus . . . " 50 Gene Gilmore. Omaha ' .50 PLEDGES Richard Benson. Omaha . Jim Blankenship. Lincoln John Boomer, Lincoln . . John Campbell. Omaha . Donn Davis. Lincoln . . John Engstrom. Lincoln . Walter Gass. Seward . . Gordon Gealy. Gordon . Bob Hamilton. Petersburg Dick Hollander. Omaha . Donald Hovendick. Craig Herbert Jackman. Grant . Dick Kuska, Omaha . . Philip McClymont, Holdrege John Olsson, New York, N. Y Brick Paulson, Omaha . . . Jack Reynolds, North Platte Tom Reynolds, Grand Island Robert Tritch, Plattsmouth . 49 51 51 51 51 49 51 51 51 51 51 50 51 51 51 51 51 ' 51 51 Friendly Phi Psis, sitting on their front steps watching the passing parade, continue to be a familiar sight through the fall and spring. . . . Among those seen on the steps greet- ing the passersijy were president of the Innocent society, Stan Johnson; Fritz Simpson, sports editor of the Daily Nebras- kan: president of Nu-Meds, Fritz Ware; Dale Ball, chairman of the All University week program and a member of the Stu- dent Council; J. C. Wilson. Bill Waldie, and Buzz Howard of the Kosmet Klub, Corn Cob member Bob Hamilton, three varsity letter winners, two football managers, and many others of importance in campus life. . . . The pledge class redeemed itself for an untimely skip night by presenting a Christmas program and treats to the orphanage and Lincoln Orthopedic hospital and also by putting on the Hollywood ball for the active chapter. . . . The social activities ranged from picnics at the Phi Psi gulch to the animal Candle Light formal dinner-dance at the Lincoln hotel. Toil: Smiling Reese Wilson is unaware of the sly work on the other side of the table. Butlom: Taking a brother from studying are Dick Koch and a few of the boys. Page 429 r) ftr a n P --• P t r? - ' 1 li:4i ' IJl4 fi l.ik Aiit- ' iisliii. Donald Bcaclily, Ramey Bt ' r(|iiist. William Rook. ' ]. Rolu-rt Caiiiphi-II, John { ' urtiT. Carroll Cart«?r. Russell H.-nry Oifvclaml, Tlmmas C»[»(;niiaii n, Otln Davis. Juliii Diers. BL-rnard DirrH, Richard Dudley, D. Douglas Dudlt-y. Ceorpc Dugan, William Ellcr. Lynn Frandsen, Herbert Fry. Cliarles Calloway. Harry Cardner. Gerald Cisli, Ht-rbcrl (Jciod, Robert Craves. Harris (ireuspl, Fred Crieys. James Hale. Russell Hanisi ' li. Richard Hanson, Harrison Hawkins, Fred Heins, Donald Irvin. Fames Jeilrey, Robert Kimball, Bill Kingery, Wayne Kline, Cozier Lahr. Riebard Lindwall. C. O. Rodne Lont:. Robert Lovan. Owen MrArlhur, Donald McBride. James Me er. Fri-derirk Mills, J d)n Myers. I ' bilip Nasb, William Maiiman. Don Ntdrow, Robert Nelson, ernon Norlon. William Nye, Packard. Robert Ralston. Robert Rasniiissen, Dana Ree l. Robert Saladen. Rirbard Sanchez. Billie Joe Scoville. Robert S.h.-nck. W illiain Sisick, Burton Sterns. Flo d Siralil. Harry Swan!-on, James H. Walla.- Tait. Dean aa-e. Rnfus X clb-nsi.k, Paul W cuke. Bill W heeler. John W ilkinr...!). Donald Vosl, Howard President Vernon W. Nelson V ice-Presidcnl ' rii( ' o lore L. Gunderson Treasurer H. Wallace .Swanson .Secretary Hol)rrt JriTrey Founded at (University of Alal ama, 1856 Established at Nebraska University, 1893 Lambda Pi Chapter One Hundred Twenty-eight Chapters Page 430 Sigraa Alpha Epsilon ACTIVES Lowell Ankrom, Falls City . . . ' 49 Donald Augustine. Kenesaw . . . ' 50 Ramey Beaclily, Lincoln . . . . SO James Bearil, Lincoln . . . . . ' 48 Robert Boekel. Greeley. Colo. . . ' 49 Robert Burhans. Omaha . . . . ' 50 William Berquist. Lexington . . ' 49 Bruce Berquist, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Russell Carter, Blair . . . . . " 49 John Campbell, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Thomas Cleveland. Lincoln . . . ' 48 Ale.x Cochrane. Ord . . . . . ' 49 Bennett Creed. Hinsdale, 111. . . ' 50 William Cronan. Cambridge . . ' 50 John Davis. Omaha . ' 50 Dean Dellinger, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Bernard Diers, Scottsbluff . . . ' 48 Carl Dilldine, Falls City . . . . ' 50 Charles Dugan. Hinsdale, 111. . . ' 50 Peter Durland, Norfolk . . . . ' 48 Lynn Filer, Stratton . . . . . ' 48 Herbert Frandsen. Omaha . . . ' .50 Gerald Gardner. Massilon. 0. . . ' 49 Herbert Gish. Lincoln . . . . . ' 50 Harris Graves. Lincoln . . . . ' 48 Fred Greusel. Omaha . . . . . ' 49 Theodore Gunderson. Lincoln . " 51 James Griggs. Lincoln . . . . ' 48 Richard Hanisch. Lincoln . " 49 Harrison Hanson. Lincoln . . ' 48 John Harrington. Wayne . . . ' 48 Fred Hawkins. Omaha ... . ' 50 Donald Heins. Lincoln . . . ' 49 Richard Hanisch. St. Paul . . ' 49 William Hewit. David City . . ' 48 Robert Jeffrey. Omaha . . . ' 48 Wayne Kingery, Lincoln . . . ' 49 William Kimball. Lincoln . . ' 50 Richard Lahr, Lincoln . . . ' 48 Dale Lawrence. Lincoln . . . ' 49 Robert Long. Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Rodney Lindwall, Omaha . . . ' 50 Lee Lovan. Salina. Kan. . . . ' 49 Donald McArthur. Lincoln . . ' 50 Gene McKenna O ' Neill . ' .50 vjnr inr a ' xv xx Illicit V- ii»_iiM • Arch Mehrhoff. Carrollton, 111 . ' 49 Robert Mills. Osceola . . . . ' 48 Philip Myers. Nelson . . . . ' 48 Charles Moschel. Lincoln . . ' 48 James Nash, Sioux City. la. . ' 50 illiam Nash. Sioux City, la . ' 50 Donald Naunian. Lincoln . . . ' 49 Robert Nedrow. Hartington . . . ' 50 Wayne Nelson. Sioux City. la. . . ' 48 Howard Nordeen. Omaha . . . ' 49 William Norton. Osceola . . . . ' 49 William Nye. Omaha . . . . . ' 49 Robert Packard. Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Willis Polite. Lincoln . . . . . ' 51 Sanfnrfl Porter Omaha . . ' 50 Robert Ralston. Lincoln . . . . ' 48 Dana Rasmussen. Omaha . . . ' 49 Robert Reed. Falls City . . . . " 50 Lewis Reinhardt. Scottsbluff . . " 49 Richard Saladen. Red Cloud . . ' 49 William Schenck. Red Cloud . . ' 49 Raymond .Scholtz. Hastings . . . ' 48 Robert Scoville. Hartington . . . ' 48 Joseph Sanchez. Falls City . . . " 48 Floyd Sterns, Lincoln . . . . . ' 50 Wallace Swanson. Geneva . . . ' 48 James Swanson. Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Dean Tait. Millbank. S. D. . . . ' 49 James Taylor. Garden City. Kai 1. . ' 48 Rufus Vaage. Newman Grove . . ' 50 Norman Walt. Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Paul Wellensick. Lincoln . . . . ' 50 William Wenke. Lincoln . . . . ' 50 John Wheeler. Lincoln . . . . ' 49 Donald Wilkinson. Curtis . . . ' 49 If every year to come is as successful as ' 47- ' 48, the Sig Alphs will be well satisfied. . . . After winning the Jack Best trophy in the spring of ' 47, they started off the following fall as the leader in intraniurals, picking up the cross-country and ping-pong tropliies at the start. . . . They produced Prince Kosmet, Ted Gunderson and a most eligible bachelor, Jim Swanson. . . . Innocent Dick Lahr was prexy of the Kosmet Klub. . . . Rod Lindwall led the winning varsity debate squad; while gridder Alex Cochrane, cagers Claude Retherford and Hank Cech, and swimmers Marv Grimm and Jack Campbell ran up many a point in Nebraska athletic contests. . . . Arch Mehrhoff, whose Marine service was narrated on a nation- wide radio broadcast, planned the highly impressive Military ill ceremonies. Sig Alphs saw more of their active eight in all. brotliers married this year than ever before . . . . Parties, both planned and impromptu, were carried off in the true SAE fashion, including the Bowery ball (held for the 30th time), the French party, and something new in open houses . . . Alphs combined with the TKE ' s and Phi Belts in " to be repeated stag parties. " ... A great pledge class, win- ning teams, and successful social efforts combined to make it one of SAE ' s greatest years. PLEDGES William Bnekel. Greeley. Colo. . " 51 Larry Bourn. Lexington .... ' 51 Carroll Carter. Blair ' 51 Henry Cech. Berwin. Illinois . . ' 51 Otto Copenhagen. Piedmont. Calif. ' 51 Richard Diers. Scottsbluff ... ' 49 Doug Dudley. Norfolk ' 51 George Dudley. Norfolk .... ' 51 William Dugan. Lincoln .... ' 51 Don DuTeau. Lincoln ' 50 Don Fiske. Kansas City. Mo. . . ' 51 Harrv tJalloway. Lincoln .... ' 50 Gordon Hamilton. Norfolk ... ' 49 Charles Fry. Beatrice ' 51 Robert Good. Lincoln ' 51 Jack (Jreen, Indianola ' 49 Marvin (Irimm. Lincoln .... ' 51 Philip ( rimm. Reading. Pa. . . ' 51 Russel Hale. Hanly ' 50 Fames Irvin. North Platte ... ' 50 James Jeffrey. Omaha ' 51 Cozier Kline. Lincoln ' 51 Richard Kinsev, Falls City ... ' 50 William LeRoy. Scottsbluff ... ' 50 Thomas Ludwig. Lincoln .... ' 51 James McBride, Minden .... ' 51 Fred .Meyer. Grand Island . . . ' 50 Clarance Miller. Valentine ... ' 50 John Mills. Osceola ' 51 Carleton Noyes. Valley .... ' 51 Bruce Perrine, Kansas City, Mo. . ' 51 Burton Sistek. Omaha ' 51 William Strahl. Lincoln .... ' 51 Jack Wellinger. Kansas City, Mo. ' 51 Howard Yost. Grand Island ... ' 51 Top: " Sig, " the SAE ' s mascot seems to be the center of attention in this picture. Boltom: " Buzz " ' Diers seems to be expounding a few theories while the housemother and brothers listen patiently. Page 431 m M Abramson. Huroli! Barron, Hermmi Belzer, Milton Bergnffcn, Charles Bernstein. Murvin Billner. Mnrri Brown. Spencer Bush, Robert ChaniJIer, Melvin Chernick. Harr Davis. Hur ' cy Dcnenberg. Herbert Falk. Arnol.l Farber. Donal.l Farber. Edwin Feld. Marvin Furnian, Jack Cruager. Samuel Harris, Lee Katznian. Daniel ICuklin, Flnyd Lagman, Albert Levy. Sanfortl -Magid. Bernar.i ' M Mi Prior A I l.a rnaii Kxchetiiicr a ' v Harris Rt ' corder Mai in liernstein Fuunded at City (.olfv e oj Mew York, I ' W Estahlished at Vniiersity oj Nebraska. I f ' Jh Sigma O micron (Jiapter Forty (.hapters Martin. Kirhard Merritt. Jack Millman. Maurice Moskovitz, Mayer Mozer. Forrest Pearlnian. Philip (Nda.k. Joseph Polasli, Leonard Potash, Yale Knbinson, Ben Sacks. Kenneth Schwartz, Benjamii Solomon. Jack Stern, Donald Thorman. Jack Trilinsky, Milton Turkel, Morniun Veitzer. Irving White, Lee Winer. Herbert Ziirinsk) . Eduard Page 432 Si ma Alpha Mu Wash ACTIVES Herman Barron, Omaha . Marvin Bernstein, Omaha Morris Bittner, Omaha . Bob Branison. Omaha . . Spencer Brown. Kansas City, Robert Bush. Omaha . . Bob Chandler. Pierre, S. D Harry Chernick, .Seattle, Harvey Davis. Omaha . . Don Farber, Lincoln Edward Farber, Lincoln . Jack Forman. St. Joseph, Mo Bernard Goldware. Denver, Sam Granger. Lincoln Lee Harris. Omaha . Dan Katzman. Omaha Floyd Kuklin. Omaha Al Lagman. Omaha . Richard Martin. Omaha Maurice Millman, Los .Angeles, Benjamin Novicoff. Lincoln Leonard Potash, Omaha . Yale Potash, Omaha . Benjamin Robinson. Omaha Benjamin Schwartz, Omaha Jack Solomon, Omaha . . Donald Stern. Omaha . . Jack Thorman. New York, N Norman Turkcl. Omaha . Irving Veitzer. Omaha . . Lee White, Omaha . . . Herbert Winer. Omaha PLEDGES Harold Abranison. Omaha . Milton Belzer. Omaha . . . Charles Bergoffen. Brooklyn, N Melvin Chandler, Pierre, S. D, Herbert Denenberg. Omaha Arnold Falk, Phillipsburg, N. J Marvin Feld, New York, N. Y Paul Gaiter, Lincoln . . Sanford Levy, Omaha . . Bernard Magid. Omaha . Jack .Merritt. Omaha . . Mayer - Ioskovitz. Omaha Forrest Mozer, Lincoln . Philip Pearlnian. Cranford, N. J Joseph Polack, Omaha . . Kenneth Sacks, Council Bluffs, Milt Trilinsky, St. Joseph, Mo Edward Zorinsky, Omaha Mo, Colo, CaUf. Y. la ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 G ' 45 ' 50 G Dent. ' 49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 G ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 , ' 50 G ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 51 " 51 ' 50 •51 " 51 " 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 . ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 48 " To foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of frater- nity for the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy, and humanity " . . . Following these ideals, Sigma Omicron of Sigma Alpha Mu, on its twenty-first birthday, moved into its newly constructed home, a long cherished dream. . . . Continuing their long outstanding record in scholarship achievement, SAM kept in its stride, holding a high position among the social fraternities on our campus. . . . Sammies were also very prominent in campus activities with Lee White, treasurer of Innocents, Corn Cobs, and AIEE; Lee Harris, editor of the Student Foundation Bulletin; Harvey Davis, business manager of the Foundation Bulletin, and Corn Cob beaver; Jack Solomon, winner of the Long Debate trophy, and sophomore member of the Publications Board; and Ed Zorinsky, Commander of Phalanx. . . . SAM said goodby to the old house with a barn dance — very country style, com- plete from live chickens to square dances. . . . The social year was topped off with their spring formal. . . . Cornhuskers will always remember the " Grand Old Gang " and will later see them as businessmen — engineers — radio announcers — professional men — and outstanding citizens. Top: Samie Al Lagman is evidently getting a laugh out of one of those famous study hall jokes. Bottom: Walls rattle and furniture bounces as the " Samies " warm up on a new song. Page 433 ; ? r r " J P O: .f e., p a 1 ' a 0-- f I? k- P n p p f? President Dale P.loss » - ' ' m ' JLW- ' V Vice-Presidenl Robert Wenke , f j UtUi ,» " . N Secretary (Jlen Nielfeld f ■ln ?A ' Treasurer Thomas Tid.l liS v " 111 V ' Ift ' J jV Founded at Miami University, IS55 WmS - -V - Established at Nebraska University, 1883 innillllli ' Alpha Epsilon Chapter , _ « 35rB?P " If Orj ? Hundred Three Chapters ' " - mZ Page 434 AlliiiTSoil, Dale Anilersnri. Vayd« n Ralscin. Arleiuli Bailor. Harnld Biloii, Tlinnia« Canipbpll. Bruce Chri lfnsun, ClilTord Chrislfiihcn, C. Jack Davis. Dallas Dietrich. Paul Dovi ' ninc, Daviil Gun el, Dcwev Hall. ;.Tal.i HnliiU ' . Ku.-kiie IiiywiTsoti, Dale Jiiinisiiii. JaiiiPii Jiiiinslcin. Jill) Jr.hnx.m. Vaiiglm Kallas. GrcBnrv Killicm. Marlin K iiiy, Conrad Kj.lsoll. I,«M ' KolUz. Wesley K rogcr, John l.aiispa, J. Myron l.iint;niiiii. James Lvons. Bill Max%Nell. Jack Means. Arden V. Miller, Herbert Moore. Gerald Morrow. Tlnmia? Mueller. William Mullen. Rol.crl Ochsner. Tom Pesek. Martin Pflue. Fred PfluK. Julin Phillips. M. R. Reed. Stephen Rice. Richard Roseliiis. Harnld Scheer. Thomas Srhinechel. Frank Srlineidcr. Donald Shiiniwav. Robert Smith. Robert Starv. DmiuiM Thclamlcr, Stanley Thomas. Warren Tidd, Joy Tillpr. Kent Todenhoft. Charles Van Bur(ih. James Walker. Donald Wenke. Robert Whitehead, Milton Si ma Chi ACTIVES John Anderson. Omaha .... ' 50 Vayden Anderson, Stromsburg . . ' 50 John Ballard, Beatrice .... ' 49 Arleigh Batson, Waterloo . . . ' 49 Harold Bauer, Culbertson . . . ' 49 John Bell, Chester ' 48 Warren Bell, Chester ' 48 Hubert Benn, Kadoka, S. D. . . " 49 Tom Bilon. Grand Island . . . ' 49 Dale Bloss. Wayne ' 48 Roy Brown, Grand Island . . . ' 49 Jack Christensen, Stromsburg . . ' 50 , llen Dale, Kearney ' 48 Dallas Davis, St. Paul ' 48 Paul Dietrich, Hammond, Ind. . ' 49 BiJl Dovey. Sioux Falls. S. D. . . ' 48 Dick Espergen, Omaha .... ' 50 Bill French. Scottsbluff .... " 49 Dewey Ganzel, McCook .... " 49 Stanley Hathaway, Scottsbluff . . ' 48 Rockne Holmes, Cheyene, Wyo. . ' 50 Dwight Houseman, Beatrice . . . ' 48 Dale Ingwerson, Sidney .... ' 49 Bill Johnson, Lincoln ' 48 James Johnson, Lincoln .... ' 48 James Johnson, Lincoln . , . . ' 48 Vaughn Johnson, Omaha .... " 48 Gregery Kallos, Falls City ... " 49 Bill Keifer, Superior " 49 Jack Kelliher, Omaha ' 48 Conrad King, Omaha ' 49 Lee Kjelson, Stromsburg .... ' 48 Wesley Kohtz, Scottsbluff ... ' 50 John Kroger, Rosalie ' 48 .Myron Lanspa, David City . . . " 50 John Lilly. Lincoln " 50 Jim Longman, Lincoln " 50 Bill Lyon, Warren, Pa ' 48 Pal Mack, Scottsbluff ' 49 Fran Mandula. oungstown, 0. . ' 49 Charles McLafferty, Lincoln . . " 48 Ardie Means, Lincoln ' 50 Herb Miller, Omaha " 49 .Maynard Miller. Lincoln .... ' 49 Tom Morrow. Alliance .... .50 Gerry Moore. Walthill " 49 Glen Nietfeld, Grand Island . . " 49 Tom Ochsner, Deshler ' 50 Martin Pesek. Detroit, Mich. . . ' 48 Frank Parker, Wilsonville . . . ' 50 Fred Pflugh. Lincoln ' 50 John Pflugh, Lincoln ' 48 Spence Phillips. Leigh .... " 49 Stephen Reed. Deshler .... ' 50 Richard Rogers. Kearney ... ' 49 Thomas Scheer. Madison .... ' 49 Frank Schmechel. Falls City . . ' 48 Bob . ' humway. Lyons " 50 Jack Simpson, Greeley, Colo. . . Bob Smith, Lincoln ' 50 Stan Thelander, Stromsburg . . ' 50 Warren Thomas, Morrill .... " 50 Tom Tidd. Greeley. Colo. . . . " 49 Kent Tiller, Alliance ' 49 Charles Todenhoft. Denver. Colo. ' 48 Jim Van Burgh, Minneapolis, Minn. ' 50 Sigma Chis have a new feather in their caps. . . . This one is marked ' 47- ' 48, for that period has certainly been an eventful and outstanding one for the boys at 1510 Vine. . . . They demonstrated remarkable versatility and led the way in campus politics, social life, athletics, and campus affairs in general. . . . Innocent Martin Pesek, Interfraternity and Stu- dent Council member Bob Wenke, varsity athletes. Bus Whitehead, Bill Mueller, Arden Means, Fran Mandula, and Fred Golan prove the truth of this statement. . . . After win- ning first place with their Homecoming float and gaining possession of the Kansas Jayhawk which they had hanging in front of their house, they swung into the social season as the pledges presented the traditional party for the actives. . . . The pledges elected Pat Gaddis. Kappa Alpha Theta, as their Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. . . . The actives followed through with the Hard Times and Cassino parties, both of which will be long remembered on the campus. ... In short, the wearers of the cross were perfect characterizations of the typical col- lege " Joe " . . . This included originality — ingenuity — recre- ation — relaxation — and laughter. Donald Walker. .Mliance . . Milton Whitehead. Scottsbluff Bob Wenke. Lincoln Gus Poulos, Kearney . , . Norman Zabel. Lincoln . . PLEDGES Dale Anderson. .Atlantic, la. . Darren Brandenberg. Liberty. Ind Bruce Campbell. Lincoln . . . Clifford Christensen, Chappel . Thomas Donehoe, Scottsbluff . David Downing, Superior . . John Evans, Cincinnati, O. . . Gerald Ferguson. Scottsbluff . Jack Ingwerson. Scottsbluff . . Warren Jensen, Cozad .... Marlin Killion. Fairfield . . . John Maxwell. eehawken, N. J. William Morrow, .-Mliance . . illiam Mueller, Omaha . . . Robert Mullen, Connelsville, Pa. Richard Nelson, Scottsbluff . . Edward O ' Shea, Jr., Lincoln . Harold Roselius. Alliance . . Mark Schmeekle. Cozad . . . Donald Stacy. Omaha .... Donald Schneider. Norton. Kan. " 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 G " .50 " 51 " 50 " 51 " 51 ' 51 " 50 " 51 " 51 " 51 ' 50 ' 50 " 51 " 50 " 50 " 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 Top: Bob Mullen and llu- ivy- are glad they ' re indoors, because it ' s so cold outside. Bottom: . ny nice day will find these Sig Chi ' s playing football on their front lawn. Page 435 C O Oi 1 :: V (T; r 1 ii Hi p c P ■X i. -ti O C: ' ft f J - Mdlikgi t£gMii 1 Anderson. Frank Andrrson, Jack BatcheMer. Dean Butps, John Bales. William Benningloii. Robert Bergstrom, John Birkniann. Madison Boweii. William Brown. Jo.- Carpenter, Harry Clow, James Clow, John Coffman, James Colgan. Jack Comerford. Earl Conealy, Lawrence Corrirk, Briire Daniel, Edward Davis, Man-in De Lashmult, Leslie Dietrich, Marvin Dillman, Archie Dutton, Don Engdahl, Herbert Farmer. James Freed, Perry Fuller. Richard Gilmore, Philip Harris. Harry Harvey, Ted Hays, Byron Hooper, Byron Hutton. Lynn Johnson, Loren Kaasch, James Kelly, Eugene King. Caylon Koehn, William Langenheim. Frederick Lorensen, Keith Luchtel, Harold McCIanahan, Robert Mavis. Allan Mickelson, Gordon Miller. Andrew Miiler, Loren Moyer. Charles Miirawski, Ralph Newell. Cliarles Paustian, Fred Peery, Gene Peterson, R. Max Pettijohn. Rex Pond. Richard Rogers, Robert Roper, Charles Russel, Robert Samuelson. Ronald Saniuelson, Walter Soulls, Charles Schlueter, Henry Schweser, Thomas Scott, Owen Shaw, George Shepard, Donald Smith. Donald Srb. Richard Stevens, Robert Svohoda. Ricliard Thomas, Gerald Trout, Clialmer Trunible, Edward Wagner. Elliot Waite, Donald Walralh. James Warren, Russell Warren. Sam Wendelin, Donald Wible. Robert Wiseman. AX ' illiam Wilson. John Wood. John Young. John Youngson. Charles President Richard F. Svoboda Vice-President Donald J. Waite Treasurer John E. Wilson Recorder William B. Bates Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1S96 Established at Nebraska University, 1908 Delta Eta Chapter Ninety-nine Chapters Page 436 Si ma Nu ACTIVES Frank Anderson, Lincoln . . Jack P. Anderson, Omaha . Donald E. Barker, Alliance . John D. Bates, Lexington . William B. Bates. Lexington John F. Bergstrom. Chappell Madison G. Birkman, Lincoln W illiam H. Bowen. Lexington illiam F. Campbell, Omaha James B. Coffman, Torrington, Wyo Earl A. Comerford, Lincoln . Bruce L. Corrick, Lincoln . Edward G. Daniel, Aurora . Marvin E. Davis, Lincoln . Archie R. Dillman. Lincoln . James E. Farmer. Harlan, Ky. Percy W. Freed. Lincoln . Richard L. Fuller. Omaha . Joseph B. Girard. Alliance . Harr) ' D. Harris, Fairbury . Ted M. Harvey, Lexington . Robert R. Hinde, Salina, Kan Thomas J. Irwin. Omaha . Paul L. Johnson, Oakland Eugene E. Kelly, Lincoln W illiam A. Koehn, Lincoln Frederick A. Langenheim, Lincoln W illiam E. Lucas, Old Greenwich, ( onn Harold J. Luchtel, Milford, la Robert D. McClanahan, Scottsbluff Andrew Miller. Lincoln Harry Pagels, Beatrice Charles H. Newell. Omaha Harry E. Peery. Lincoln . R. Max Peterson. Osceola Lynn B. Reed. Torrington. Wyo Robert T. Ross. Sioux City. la Ronald K. .Saniuelson. Franklin Walter S. Samuelson. Omaha Charles J. Saults, Gordon . Donald L. .Sharp, Lincoln . George A. .Shaw. Lincoln . Henry F. Schlueter, McCook Owen M. Scott. Cozad . Richard F. Svoboda. Lincoln Gerald E. Thomas. Omaha Edward P. Trumble. Lincoln Donald J. Waite, Scottsbluff Russel J. Warren. St. Edward .Samuel B. Warren, Lincoln . Richard B. Weir, Omaha . Robert T. Wible. Lincoln . John E. Wilson. Malvern, la. Richard H. Williams. Lincoln William L. Wiseman. Omaha John .S. Young. Lincoln Charles W. Youngson, Minden . PLEDGES Dale A. Adams. Randolph . . . Dean L. Balchelder. Cheyenne, Wyo Robert H. Bennington, Chappell Joseph J. Brown. Lincoln . . Elmer L. Brune, Chappell . . Harry U. Carpenter. Sioux City. la James W. Clow. Omaha . . . John A. Clow, Omaha .... •49 •49 •50 ' 50 ' 50 •48 ■48 ■49 •48 •50 " 50 ' 49 ' 48 •48 " 50 ' 49 " 50 •4fi •49 " 50 " 50 •49 •50 •4« •50 •49 " 48 •49 •49 ' 50 ■49 ' 49 •50 G ' 48 •48 " .50 •49 •48 ■49 ' 50 •49 •49 •50 G •48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 •50 •49 •49 " 49 ' .50 ■50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 50 The White Star gleamed bright this year as the boys remembered the good old days. . . . They brought back their pre-war housemother, Mrs. O. J. " Moms " Fee, and then set- tled down to the books and college life. ... As usual, the annual Pigge Dinner took the limelight of formal affairs as couples dined and danced to the music of Eddy Haddad. . . . The White Rose Ball in the spring was also widely acclaimed. . . . Those attending the many house parties were entertained by the famous Sigma Nu Combo. . . . Starting fullback Dale " Reezo " Adams represented Sigma Nu in athletics, as did basketballer Dick Srb and swimmer Andy Miller. . . . Activity man Ed Trumble worked on the Student Union board. Corn Cobs, Corn Shucks business staff, Interfraternity council, and Newman club. . . . Rex Pettijohn was busy with the University theatre. Kosmet Klub, Corn Cobs, and Masquers while Sam Warren was active as a Student Council member. Rag feature editor, and secretary of Corn Cobs Eligible Bachelor Byron Hooper worked on the CORN- HUSKER staff, and student activities committee. . . . Pha- lanx Adjutant Frank Anderson, Student Councilmen Bill Koehn, Hank Schlueter. and Owen Scott completed the list of the men about the campus. Mo. Gilbert R. Colgan. IMcCook . Larry A. Connealy. Lincoln . Marvin L. Dietrich. Alliance Leslie DeLashmutt. Burwell . Donald A. Dutlon. Lincoln . Herbert A. Engdahl. Omaha Dale J. Filzmorris. Scottsbluff Howard E. Fletcher. McCook Phillip L. Gilmore. Omaha . Byron G. Hays. Kansas City. Byron G. Hooper. .Norfolk . . . Lynn D. Hutton. INorfolk .... James L. Kaasch. Scottsbluff . . Gaylon L. King. Crawford . . . Keith Lorensen. Pender .... Allan W. Mavis. Omaha .... Gordon W. Mickelson. Lincoln . Loren R. Miller. Fairbury . . . Charles E. Moyer. Johnstown. Pa. Ralph J. Murawski. Chicago, 111. . Frederick F. Paustian. Omaha . . Rex E. Petlijohn. Beaver Crosing Richard L. Pond. Lyons .... Robert G. Rogers. Sioux City. la. Charles H. Roper. Crawford . . Robert L. RusseL Salina. Kan. . Thomas H. .Schweser. Oakland. Calif. Donald C. .Shepard. Omaha . . . Donald C. .Smith. Omaha . . . Richard F. Srb. Lincoln .... Robert A. Stevens, Aurora . . . Chalmer E. Trout, Scottsbluff Elliot E. Wagner, Gothenburg . . James G. Walrath, Gering . . . Donald E. Wendelin. Lincoln . . John W. Wood. Missouri Valley, la. " 50 " 51 " 50 " 48 " 51 ' 51 " 50 " 51 " 50 " 50 " .SO " .50 " 50 " .50 " 50 " 49 " 51 " 50 " 48 ' 50 ' 50 " 50 " 50 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 " 51 " .50 " 51 " 49 •51 " 50 •51 ' 48 Top: Archie Dillman smiles as Gaylon King and other Sig Nu ' s try to tell some funny stories. Bottom: Prexy Dick Svoboda keeps the fellas up to date on the latest rulings and regulations. Page 437 i P P 9 (? t ' C C O P f O (! p C: !: ' -■ " . ff p p o f r» : p p c ( p p. c . O O fp c p p p g ' ' f ( C ' President Vice-Presiilenl . . . . Comptroller Kecorcling Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Richard Folda . Walt Dorothy F.rnest Luther Ki-iih Mauck David Portwood Jam». John Alig. Robert Mniqiiit t, Martin nder9on. Richard ndresen, John AnrisIronK. Dale A hburn, Boh Aukernian. Kenneth Axtell. Bob Ayolle, Elmer Bahr, Norman Hartiiiiek. Kd Bauer. Thomas Bayley. Barclay Biemond. Raymond Biles, George Blanrhard, Floyd Burch. Austin Brower. J.din Byer . Dwii-hl Camp. Don Capsey, Norman Carter. Lyle Christensen. Forrest Clough. Wayne Corhran, Don Cochran, Joe Cole, Ray Cooke. Hugh CorneliHB, Floydf Cosand. Marion Cossairt. Keith Darsl. Don Davis. Harvey Dennis. Bernard Dirrs, Don Dorothv. Walt F.lward, Melvin Falirliinder. John FIdhertv, Francis Folda. Richard Franklin, Marvin Frans. James Freeman. Douglas Gaebler. Walter Gauger. Wendell Gelwick. Richard Gembol, Robert Hanson, Paul Hasselbalch, Duane Jobes. Keitli Kiink. Lewis Laird. Russell Larson. Dwight Loisel, Thomas Lawson, Edwin Leatherman, Keith Liggett. James Lindahl, Douglas Luther, Clyde Liilher. Ernest McMaster. Bob McNeely. Harold Mauck. Keith Myers, David Mickey. Thomas Miller. Raymond Miller. Richard Mook. William Mountford, Roger Nichols, Don O ' Connor, Darrel 0 " Doriuell. Roger Ogden. John Olscn. Willard Perrv.Stan Pliihr. Fred Phillips. Delmond fierce. Norman Portwood. David Powley. Harlan Rilev. James Rm-.I1. Jack Seagren. Richard Sears. Ralph Skochdoptde. Richard Skochdopolc. Robert Slonecker. Roger Smith. Richard Spencer. James States, Terry Stone, Edwin Theisen. Casper Tliumas. Patrick Thompson. Williuni Tliomsen. Charles Tirro. Arthur Toogood. Jerry Tyncr. Jerry Tyner, Neat Wagner. Harr Wasik. Henry Wells. Edward Williams. Charles Williams. Dwain Wilson. Charles Wolf. Harold Wright. Richard Founded at Richmond (College, 1901 Established at Neliraska University, 1911 Alpha (Chapter Seventy-three (Chapters Page 438 ma Phi Epsilon ACTIVES Mo John Adams. Geneva . . John Andresen. Plainview Robert Alig. Kansas City. Robert Ashburn. Tilden . . Elmer R. Ayotte. Van Buren Kenneth Aukerman. Lincoln Norman Bahr, Rapid City, S. D Kenneth Barta. DeWitt Richard Battles. Genoa Thomas Bauer. Wray, Colo. Raymond Biemond. Ord . Gordon Biles. Pender . . Floyd Blanchard. Friend . John Brower. Fullerton . Austin Burch, Brule . . Dwight Byers, Kennard . Norman Capsey. Lincoln . Lyle Carter. Lincoln . . David Chambers, David City Tenn Forrest Christiansen, Oakland Wayne Clough. McCook J. Denny Cochran. Columbus Donald Cochran, Columbus Craig Cole. Worcester, Mass, Robert Conrad. Schuyler . (Charles Cook. Lincoln . . Hugh Cooke, Omaha . . Floyde Cornelius. Madrid Dewey Davis. Grand Island Bernard Dennis. Arnold . Carson Doering. Davenport Walter Dorothy. Fullerton Melvin Elward. Geneva . John Farlander. Brule . . Francis Flaherty. Fullerton Richard Folda. .Schuyler . Kenneth Fovsler. Pittsburg. Kan, Marvin Franklin. North Platte James Frans. linion . Walter Gaebler. Winside Wendel Ganger. Madrid Richard Gelwick. Falls C Robert Gembol, Columbus John Golden. Palmer . . Paul Hanson. Lincoln . . Duane Haasselbach. St. Edward Boyd Hecht. York .... Keith Jobes. Lincoln Russel Laird. Des Moines. la. Dwight Lar en. Omaha . . Edwin Lawson. Genoa . . Keith Leatherman. Tecumseh James Liggett. Lincoln . . Thomas Loisel, ' est Point . Ernest Luther. Hooper . . V illiams Lyons. Nelson . . Keith -Mauck. Plainview . . Robert McMasters. Lincoln . Harold McNeeley. Wahoo . Thomas Mickey. Grand Island Raymond Miller. Plainview . Richard Miller. Plainview . tt illiani Mook. Lincoln . . Donald Moore. Columbus . esley Morrison. Lincoln Roger .Mountford. Davenport John Mueri. Plainview . David Myers. Weeping Water Donald Nichols. Arlington. , Darrel O ' Connor. Ravenna John Ogden. Fairmont . David Portwood. Davenport James Riley. Panama . . Jack Russell. Fullerton Richard .Seagren. Omaha . Ralph Sears. Lincoln . . Richard .Smith. Osceola . Terry States. Ravenna . . Edwin Stone. Jefferson. la Me. ity .asper Tbeise en. Os nd . Patrick Thomas. Omaha (iharles Tliomsen. North Platte William Thompson. Red Oak, la Jerry Toogood. North Platte Jerry Tyner, York .... ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 •49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 4fi ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 4« •50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 4S •48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 •48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 •50 •49 •50 ' 48 ' 48 •50 •50 ' 48 ' 51 ■48 •48 ' 49 •48 •.50 •51 •.50 ' 50 •49 •49 •49 ' 50 ' 4a ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 •49 ' 50 ' 50 " 48 ■50 ' 49 ' 49 •49 ' 48 The call to classes was somewhat eased this fall by a com- pletely redecorated chapter house. Under the able hand of Innocent Dick Folda, the Sig Eps took part in numerous campus activities. . . . Walt Dorothy was in Student Council, Engineering Executive board, and Kosmet Klub; Ed Lawson was active in Corn Cobs ; Cap Theisen participated in Kosmet Klub: and Ray Biemond was assistant business manager of the CORNHUSKER. There was also the N Club and vari- ous honoraries. . . . Second straight championship in intra- mural boxing, and the bowling trophy were added. . . . The big breakfast dance before Homecoming. . . . The annual Blue Party highlighted the formal season on the campus. . . . Spring and picnics produced many pinnings. Innovations of the year. . . . Tri-Sig party. Military Ball, and the " Flam- ing Heart " on pinning serenades gained positions on the annual calendar. . . . But it was not all fun; books were not forgotten. The year 1947-48 will be long remembered by the " Brothers of the Heart. " Harry agner. Oakland . . . .Addis Ward. Bancroft .... Henry Wasik, Canton, 0. . . John Wedilel. .Arcadia .... Wayne W ickenkamp. Dorchester Charles Vi illiams. Lincoln . . Duane Williams. Polk .... Charles Wilson, Lincoln . . . PLEDGES Martin Almquist. Central City . Richard .Anderson. Tilden . . Dale Armstrong. St. Paul . . Robert Axtell. Sidney. la. . . Edward Bartunek. Lincoln . . Barclay Bayley. Lincoln . . . Junior Borcher, Sidney . . . William Buchanan. Ralston . . Thomas Brower. Fullerton . . Don Camp. Davenport .... Marion Cosand. Lyman . . . Keith Cossairt. Papillion . . . Donald Darst. Ashland . . . Donald Diers. Fremont . . . Douglas Freeman. Neligh . . Louis Klink. York .Arlan Koubek. .Arnold .... Douglas Lindahl. Tilden . . . Clyde Luther. Hooper .... illiam Olsen. Geneva . . . Roger ODonnell. Lincoln . . .Stanley Perry. Sidney .... Fred Phifer. Wheatland. Wyo. . Delmond Phillips. North Platte Harlan Powley. Pender . . . Dwayne Riley. Panama Ted .Schulz. Lincoln .... Richard .Skochdapole. Ravenna . Robert Skochdapole. Ravenna . Roger Slonecker. ork . . . James Spencer. Lincoln Robert Theisen. Osmond . . . .Arthur Tirro. Omaha .... Neal Tyner. York James Walsh. Waterbury . . . Edward Wells. Madison Richard Wright, Sidney . . . Harold Wolf, Pender .... ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 48 51 50 50 51 51 51 50 50 51 50 50 50 51 50 50 50 49 51 50 50 50 51 ' 51 •50 51 50 49 50 51 50 51 50 51 51 51 51 ' 51 Tofj: Rick Ayotte receives a few pointers about current happenings from .Sig Ep brothers. Boltom: Dick Folda, the man behind the smile, has a leisurely chat with Walt. ( urly. and Floyde. Page 439 ' (H n a 9 Q)f -- ' I S f l fe W Vl ' a- S -J .,,7 ii f f - ' n ' v " " ' ' -1 I ' V! P ' ' ' f - PrrsidKnl Kolitrl {. AlwatiT V Vice-President Parker E. Tracy Secretary Robert A. Mooniaw Treasurer Robert H. Johnson ■■ ' [m ' - Mi Founrlrfl at Illinois Wi ' slvyan, 1899 ' lj F ' " i Established at Univrrsity of Nebraska, 1925 Knolfl P Phi (Chapter Sixty-one (Chapters Page 440 Arr.Klia. Adulfu Arrucha, Enrique Aiwaler. Robert Beiuier, Frederick Bemler, Wallace Brmiir. Jark Cliiisiiii, Rii)iard Dixiiii, % arre-ii Ehrlkli. Dwain Emmons, John Frirz. J. B. Gerdes. Lawrence Hanmianfi:, Eugene Hanson, George Heiliger, Lowell Hill. Jack Ingram, Eugene Ingram, Paul Jenkins, John Johnson, Kohert Kessel. John Laurie. John Leonard. U illiam Levander. Mehin Lind, Christy MeClain. Richard Mansfield, Roy Metrako , Robert Mf er. Geort:e Moiimaw. Robert Newcomb. John Nye, Curtis Parchen, Art Poe. Uilliam Purdy. Cliarles Rommel. Charles ScheerL-r, Milt Shaner, Darrell Thomas, Howard Tracy. Parker Webb. Olin Writ:ht. Wi!Iiam Tau Kappa Epsilon ACTIVES Robert H. Atwaler. Krarney . . ' 48 W. Earl Beardsley. Lincoln . . ' 50 Fred G. Bender, Sulldii . . . ' 50 Wallace Bender, Sutton . . . ' 51 Jack Brodie, Lincoln . . . . ' 50 Herbert Crouch, Lincoln . . . ' 50 Marvin L, Dudley, Lincoln . ' 50 J. B. FriU, Talmage . . . . ' 50 Lawrence C. Gerdes, Lincoln . ' 50 Eugene Hammang. Fremont . . ' 50 George E. Hanson, Grand Islan d . ' 49 Lowell E. Heiliger, Lincoln . . ' 48 Jack Hill, Chicago, 111. . . . ' 48 Eugene 0. Ingram, Louisville . ' 48 Paul S. Ingram, Louisville . ' 49 Robert H, Johnson, F ' remont . ' .50 W. W. Leonard, Lincoln . . . ' 49 Melvin L. Levander, Sutton . . ' 50 Roy D. Mansfield, Malvern, la . ' 50 Robert A. Moomaw, Bayard . ' 48 Curtis A. Nye, Wayne . . . . ' 49 R. A. " Art " Parchen, Lincoln . ' 51 W. Carson Poe, Jr., Omaha . . ' 49 Charles A. Rommel, .Silver City la. ' 49 Milt Scheerer, Sutton . . . . ' 50 Howard W. Thomas, Bellevue . ' 50 Parker T. Tracy, Mitchell . . ' 49 Olin L. Webb, Louisville . . . ' 49 PLEDGES .Adolfo J. Arrocha. Panama City Panama Enrique E. Arrocha. Panama City Panama Rich ard W. Clipson. .Silver City. la. Dwain H. Ehrlich, Lincoln John W. Emmons, Lincoln John C. Jenkins, Omaha . John G. Kessel, Lincoln John S. Laurie, jr.. Mctjool Junction Christy V. Lind, North Platte Richard D. McClain, Lincoln Robert A. Melrakos, Lincoln George H. Meyer, Emerson . Frank Newcomb, Lincoln . Roland Purdy, North Platte Darrell Shaner, North Platte William E. Wright, Creighton " 48 " 50 " 51 " 50 ' 50 •50 ' 49 " 48 ' 50 ' 51 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 Completing their first full year on the U.N. campus since 1935, Tau Kappa Epsilon fulfilled the hopes of their alumni who desired their fraternity once again to be represented at their alma mater. . . . Endeavoring to live up to the high position which Phi Chapter held on the campus in years gone by, the Tekes made themselves well known in activities in school life. . . . Led by Prexy Bob Atwater, the Tekes filled their niche in campus activities. . . . Bill Poe served on the Student Union board and was chief photographer for the CORNHUSKER. . . . Innocent Jack Hill kept busy as man- aging editor and editor of the Daily Nebraskan, along with being an N.S.A. delegate and Homecoming pul)licity chair- man. . . . Bob Metrakos was a worker on the Student Union board and a Kosmet Klub pledge. . . . Corn Cob pledge Bob Johnson also reported for the Rag. . . . Highlight of the year was the Founder ' s day lianquet when alums, actives, and pledges gathered to celebrate Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s 49th anni- versary. . . . The Tekes at Nebraska will long remember 1947-1948 as a year of growth with hopes for bigger and better things for them in the future. Top: TKE ' s gather to adjust their sign to be sure of its working ability for their annual formal. Bottom: Art Parchen receives congratulations from brothers on his pinning to Marilyn Davis. Page 441 ft ft f» 9 I ' l ' f -iilciU Ilciiry (i. ' I " raut M.-in Vice-President . . . Donald C. Fitzpatrick Treasurer George T. Hurr Hoii?-c Manager Jack S. Manion f inindt ' d (It Rennssvhwr Po ytvchnir Institute, 1864 Established at Nebraska University 1927 Alpha Epsi on Chapter Thirty-eight Chapters Armstrong, Dean Ro Binder, Forrest Duane Boker, Marshall Boker, Harold Cene Bolyan, Lawrence M. Brown, Thomas W. Buckholz. Fred L. Burr, George T. Deal, Theo E. Delisi. Simon Anthony Dickey. An Duncan, Howard C. Elliott, Donald C. Faires. Frank Field Hammes, Leonard Allan Johnson, Richard Lee Joneson, Richard Douglas Klein, Ralph Nicholas Lambom. George Robert McCracken, Gerald D. Manion, John Sheridan, Jr. Nebelsick, Harold P. Newman, Clark Robert Neumann. Temple W. Nosky. Richard J. Reboul, Jack R. Rector, Eugene Wilson Reins, David Fritz Reuter, Ferdinand Gerald Robak, Cleo Frank Rockwell. Randall Dee Rogers, Robert Paul Romig, Harold A. Seng. Hubert Leonard Slusher, David Linden Swiggarl, L. Byrne Sohl. Stanley D. Thompson, John Etnio Torczon, Richard Lee Trautwein, Henry George, Jr. Wittier. LeRoy F. Page 442 Theta Xi ACTIVES Dean R. Armstrong. St. Paul . . ' 52 Marvin J. Bender. Eagle .... ' .50 Forrest D. Binder, Table Rock . ' 48 Thomas W. Brown. Her liey . . ' 50 Frederick J. Buckholz. Columbus ' 50 George T. Burr. Omaha .... ' 49 Verne L. Dalgas. Grand Island " 49 Simon A. Delisi. Lincoln ... " 49 Donald C. Elliott. Beatrice . . . ' .50 Donald C. Fitzpatrick. Omaha . . ' 49 Robert E. Gravatt. Brock ... ' 48 Richard L. Johnson. Burwell . . ' 49 Ralph N. Klein. Burr ' 48 Fred E. Kohler. Lincoln .... ' 48 George R. Lamborn. Palmyra . . ' 49 Frank R. Little, Central City . . ' 48 Jack S. Manion, Gothenburg . . ' 48 Gerald D. McCracken, Lincolit , ' 50 Temple W. Neumann. Wymore . ' 49 Richard J. Nosky. North Platte . ' 48 Jack R. Reboul. Lincoln .... ' 50 Cleo F. Robak. Duncan .... ' 49 Randall D. Rockwell. Grand Island ' 50 Harold A. Romig. Albion ... ' 50 Leon D. Sample, Sioux City, la. . ' 48 Hubert L. Seng, Lincoln .... ' 48 Leo B. Swiggart, Roca .... ' 49 Leroy A. Thompson. Omaha . ' 48 Richard L. Torczon. Columbus . ' .50 Henry G. Trautwein. Winside . . ' 48 Leroy F. Wittier, Winside ... ' 49 Dale R. Worth. Lincoln .... ' 49 PLEDGES Floyd M. Boker. Omaha .... ' 50 Harold G. Boker, Omaha ... ' 50 Lawrence M. Bolyan, Cobol, Alaska ' 50 Theo E. Deal, Omaha ' 50 Arthur H. Dickey. Sioux Falls. S. D. ' 52 Howard G. Duncan, Poole . . . ' 52 Frank F. Faires, Lincoln .... ' 51 Leonard A. Hammes. Omaha . . ' 50 Frederick A. Hodek. Nampa. Ida. ' 49 Berkley E. Holmstedt. Sutherland ' 49 Richard D. Joneson, Pawnee City ' 51 Alvin D. Kent, Table Rock . , , ' 51 Frank S. Kent, Red Cloud ... ' 49 Bill B. Michael. Lincoln .... ' 50 Charles H. Moser. Lincoln ... ' 49 Harold P. Nebelsick, Alexandria, S. D ' 51 Clark R. Newman. Hebron . ' 48 David N. Pickerill. Unadilla . . ' 48 Jack K. Powers, North Bend . . ' 49 Eugene W. Recter, Sioux Fals, .S. D. ' 51 Ferd G. Reuter, Syracuse . . . ' 50 David F. Reins, Omaha .... ' 50 Robert P. Rogers. Albuquerque, N. M ' 51 David L. Slusher. Kansas City. Mo. ' 51 Stanley D. Sohl. Lincoln .... ' .50 James F. Sullivan. Hartford. Conn. ' 51 J. Ehno Thompson, North Platte . " 50 Theta Xi got off to a fine start with the national conven- tion of the fraternity in Lincohi last August. Another honor was conferred on the local chapter at that time with the elec- tion of one of its alumni as national president. The dedi- cation for the new chapter house and the open house which were held in October officially opened Theta Xi activity in its new location. . . . Many parties were held during the first semester, but the social season really got underway with the animal winter formal held at the Cornhusker Hotel. The dance was preceded by a banquet at the chapter house and the entire affair was considered a complete success by all. . . . Theta Xi was also in there pitching at Homecoming and walked off with second place in house decorations. . . . One of the greatest privileges that could be afforded any chapter was given the local group recently when they installed a new chapter of the fraternity at the University of South Dakota. . . . Theta Xi again was well represented in the list of UN graduates and as usual had its share in the membership of the honorary societies. Top: The Theta Xi ' s seem to be enjoying a few spare moments in their new R street house. Bottom: Randy Rockwell is explaining the finer points of football. Page 443 ' A a Pre--i(lrnt Irrry (iardiicr Vice-Prcside-nt Ll) (l Dirdricli cm Secretary Hicliard akehain Treasurer (iordon (looley Scribe Neil Allan Founded at l-nircrsity of Mirhigan, 1889 Established at Nebraska l. ' niviTsity, 1905 Psi Chapter Forty-jour Chapters Allen. Neil Bums, John Caps " , Nfirnian Chumari, TIumhIdi Ehlers, Cordon Gardner, J«Tr Green, Robert Hawkins, Bill Krenz. Rnb.-rt Lewis, Bi-njaiiiin Liggett, (ienrge Moser, Mearl Munsoii, riiilip Novicki, ThadJeus O ' Brien, Cyril Pesck, Martin S medley, Jolin Speck, David Tangeman. Robert Varvel, Edward 3tVis.-l, H.Tb Page 444 Xi Psi Phi ACTIVES Neil Allen, Lincoln .... Sterling Amiot, Linroln . . Arthur Appleton, Lincoln . William Ayers, Lincoln . . Jack Burns, Lincoln . . Norman Capsey. Lincoln . . Albert Caywood. Lincoln . . Gordon Cooley. Albany, Ore. Lloyd Diedrichsen, Grand Island Gordon Ellers. Columbus . Carl Friesen, Henderson . Jerry Gardner, Massillon, O Robert Green, Seward . . William Hawkins, Filer, Ida Fred Hecox, Cozad ... Ray Housel, Broken Bow . Robert Junge, Julesburg, Colo. Robert Krenz, Mendota, 111, Earl Laughlin, Elm Creek Ben Lewis, Rockville, Ind Buell Lewis, Milnor, N. D George Liggett, Lincoln Lee Luers, Lincoln . . Merle Moser, Lincoln . Phil Munson, Gardner, Mass. Thaddeus Novicki, New Haven, Conn Cyril O ' Brien, Lincoln . . . Everett Parminter, Lincoln . Martin Pesek, Detroit, Mich. Phillip Pyles, Lincoln . . . Wade Raser, Gering . . . Mollis Reinmuth, Lincoln . John Smedley, Denver, Colo. Ben Spomer, Fremont . . . Dave Speck, San Marcus, Tex, Robert Tangeman, Gretna . Roger Van Cleave, Galloway George Ulbrick, Nebraska City Bud Varvel, Greeley, Colo. Richard Wakeham, Lincoln Robert York, Liberty . . PLEDGES Floyd Applegate, Lincoln . Norris Axlhelm, Gothenburg Theodore Chauman, Lincoln John Church, Lincoln . . . Thomas Drangsholt, Elverum, Norway Robert Dudley, Lincoln Merle Hansen, Lincoln Ralph Hanson, Lincoln John Holmes, Lincoln . Charles Jarrett, Lincoln William Jones, Grand Junction Robert Kierstead, Lincoln . Robert Kregci, Lincoln . . Judd Lischke. Dakota City . Richard Marshall, Lincoln . Jack Melson, Chandler, Okla. John Messmore, Lincoln . . Ernest Moehnert, Loup City Harold Munson, Garnder, Mass Francis Murphy, Lincoln . . Gilbert Phelps, Valentine . James Stephenson, Ogallala . Wallace Thompson, West Point William Upton, Hastings . . Vearle Van Cleave, Galloway Herbert Weisel, Lincoln . . Colo. •50 ' 50 ' 50 •50 •50 ' 50 ' 50 •49 •50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 49 ' 47 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 •50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 •49 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 •51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 •51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 Xi Psi Phi fraternity was founded at the University of Michigan, April 4, 1889. ... It now has twenty-eight active chapters and forty-nine ahinini chapters. . . . Xi Psi Phi takes its place as one of the leading dental fraternities in the world, and many of its members have become famous in the field of dentistry. . . . Psi chapter at the University of Nebraska has at present sixty-five active members and an alumni chap- ter of more than .500 throughout the United States. . . . The activities of Psi chapter have been both social and aca- demic. . . . Because it is a professional fraternity, its activi- ties are designed for the betterment of its members in the dental profession of today and tomorrow. . . . Some of this year ' s activities have included the fall banquet, the winter formal, the spring banquet, and several picnics. .. .Clinics and lectures by some of the leading porfessional men of the community were held every two weeks. . . . Psi chapter has endeavored to broaden the education of its members by extending these clinics into other fields of learning such as medicine, insurance, chemistry, and bacteriology. .. .With another year written into the records, the Zips look forward to even better days. Top: The Xips are discussing important questions before their meeting. President Jerry Gardner, second from right, listens in. Bottom: Movies are a regular affair at the weekly Xip meetings. Page 445 P ft !!! f? D if! . . f i J L C C ; Abramson, Aivin Asbyll. Jack Boker, Kob rt Bondarin, Av Bordy, Marvin Brodkey. Lawrence Chesen, Irwin Cohen, Jerome Evnen, Everett Farber, Ajon Fiokelstein, Sanffoid Fleishman, Alan Garon. Norton Cavenman, Lawrence Goldblatt. Leroy Goldman. Richard Gottstein, Stuart Greenberg. Barton Greenberg, Bruce Creengard. Chester Harris, Sheldon Hene, Bert Jacobs. Franklin Koban, Ririianl Krasne. Stuart Krasne. Paul Lehman, Theodore Levinger, Harold Malashock. Stanley Mozer, Harohl Polsky. Burton Polsky. Don Rice, David Rice, Don Roscnbery. Howard Rosenblatt, Richard Roscnbiiirn, Hubert Shafton, Donald Shumow. Duke Frankel. Stuart Swartz. Steve Tully. Allen UVinbiTi:, Robert Weltchek, Paul Wittenberg. Mark Youseni. Joseph President Duke B. Shumow Vice-President Harold M. Mozer Secretary Chester Creengard Treasurer Norton Garon Mi Iorian Irwin (ihesen Founded at City Collefie of New York, 1S08 Established at Nebraska University, 1922 Alpha Theta (Chapter Thirty-seven Chapters Page 446 Zeta Beta Tau ACTIVES Alvin Abramson, Omaha . Avrum Bondarin, Omaha . Marvin D. Bordy, Silver Creek Irwin S. Chesen, Lincoln . Jerome Cohen, Omaha Everett Evnen, Lincoln Sanford W. Finkelslein. Lincoln Stuart Frankel, Omaha Norton Garon, Omaha . . Lawerence Gavenman. St. Louis Leroy Goldblatt, Sioux City. la Stuart Gottstein, Des Moines. Barton Greenberg. Omaha Bruce Greenberg. Omaha Chester Greengard. Minot. N Sheldon Harris. Omaha . Bert Hene, Omaha ... Richard Kohan. Omaha . Theodore Lehman. Lincoln David Levin. .Sioux City. la Harold L. Levinger. Yankton Stanley J. Malashock. Omaha Harold M. Mozer. Omaha Burton P. Polsky, Lincoln Donald Polsky. Lincoln . David Rice, Omaha . Donald Rice. Omaha . . Howard Rosenberg. Omaha Hubert Roscnblum. Omaha Jerome R. Shulkin, Sioux City, Duke B. Shumow. Chicago. Ill Walter G. Simon, Lincoln . Steve Swartz, Omaha ... Paul Weltchek, Elizabeth, N. J Robert Weinberg. Fremont . Mark Wittenberg, Lincoln . PLEDGES Robert Baker. Omaha . . Lawrence Brodkey. Omalia Ajon F. Farber. Omaha . Alan Fleishman. Omaha . Richard Goldman. Omaha Franklin Jacobs, Lincoln . Byron Krasne, Fremont . Paul Krasne, Fremont . Orvel Milder, Omaha . . Richard Rosenblatt, Omaha Alan Tully, Omaha . . . Joseph Yousem, Omaha . Mo, la. ' 50 ' 48 ■49 ' 49 ' .50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 " 50 ' 48 ' 48 ' 48 ' 50 ' 50 ' 50 ' 4S ' 48 ' 49 ' 49 ' 48 ' 50 ' 51 ' 49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 " 50 ' 48 •49 ' 50 ' 50 ' 48 549 ' 51 ' 49 ' 50 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 49 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 ' 51 " My brother, here ' s my hand. " . . . With these words Zeta Beta Tau expre sses in its own song the spirit that makes ZBT a great fraternity. . . . Fire crackers, electric chairs, and gallows started the ZBT social season off with a real bang at the Prison Walls party held in October. . . . The warden, " Aunt Em " Erman held the prisoners in check while they stormed the gates to the smooth dance music. . . . Next came the annual Military Ball dinner in December acclaimed by all as " the greatest. " ... As in the past, ZBT this year was prominent in campus activities. . . . Av Bondarin proudly wore the Innocents cloak, while Harold Mozer, as president, helped inject new life into the Student Council. . . . The chap- ter was also well represented in most of the other men ' s activities on the campus. Top: Larry Goldblatt shows his strength while Sheldon Harris and two other brothers look on in awe. Bottom: Dave Levin helps one of the boys think by scratching his head, while Duke Shumow looks on. Page 447 Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Phi, an honorary law fraternity founded in 1900, is represented on the University of Nebraska by Max- well Senate. . . . The fraternity now has sixty-six senates and many of its members, who include three of the judges of the Nebraska Supreme Court, are nationally recognized leaders in the legal profession. . . . The senate held regular luncheon meetings, at which prominent lawyers and government offi- cials spoke on current legal problems. . . . The annual Found- ers ' day banquet was held in May. and other parties and smokers contributed to fraternal spirit. Members of Max- well Senate have taken an outstanding place this year in the activities of the College of Law. . . . Budd Bornhoft won the Allen Moot Court competition last spring, and Ralph Nelson was a finalist this vear. Tiiii: rill- officers of Delta Theta Phi, smile for the camera- man al tlirir lii-wcekly luncheon. Hollom: These future law ers get together and discuss that all-inijiortant moot court. FourlS tcic: A. Dtlnicr. M. Hooblcr. T. Coincii, J. Jacobion, W. Bundle, W. Olncy. F. Fugate. R. Cruvcr. Third row: D. Kralz, W. Cinn, R. Anderson. C. Cummings, M. Dingwcll, R. Rice. S. Hathaway. R. Wilson. Second row: C. Windrum. W. Urliom, C. Hucdlc, W. Allison, R. Price. D. Moirow. J. Ganz, R. Lucdtkc. C. Locltwood. First row; D. Ross, J. Moore, L. Hall, R. Nelson, V. Leininger, R. Lowe, R. Strahle, T. Luhe. Page 448 Phi Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta was founded as a national organization in 1902. Its primary purpose is to form a stronger bond between its members in the law school and to promote the discussion of inatters of professional interest to students of the nw.. . .Reese chapter was chaitered at the University of Nebraska in 1915. . . . Except for two world wars, the chap- ter has carried on its activities without interruption. . . . The Phi Alphas outstanding accomplishments during the past year consisted of their initiation ceremonies, several informal dances, the traditional dinner dance, and their weekly lunch- eons at which prominent members of the bar spoke. . . . This past year the Phi Alphas were led by their capable justice, William Dickson. . . . Prominent members of the fraternity include President Truman, William Douglas and Attorney General Tom Clarke. Top: Alums and active alit-mlrcl ilic annual |paiii|iit-l at the Cornhusker Hotel. Bullvni: Offict-rs. Don Miindl, Marlowe Olson. Bill Dick- son. William Line, and Royce Harper gallier lo form plans for the weekly meeting. Third row: F. E. Johnson, R. . Karper, L. A. CliuUiij. G. C- Hupjj. K. K. Djiuun, J. C. lliLc iialrtil. Second roic : ». M. Grossman. ]. C. Nielsen, R. L. Berkheimer, G. A. Ficbig. R. R. Veach, D. K. Mnn.n, D. J. Kroger. First row: J. H. Binning. J. H. Evans. R. F. Proud. W. G. Line, E. W. D ikson, M. B. Olson. W. H. Gunderson, W. W. Barney. Page 449 Delta Si nia Delta Since the estaljlisliineiit of Delta Sigma Delta at the Uni- versity of Michigan in 1882, it has grown steadily until today it boasts not only of being the oldest, but also the largest professional fraternity in existence. .. .Today, with thirty-four active chapters in the United States and Canada, the fraternity has a combined membership of 17,000. . . . Auxiliary chapters are located in Canada, Australia, Eng- land, Holland, Sweden, and France. ... Its program of activi- ties included fraternal professional progress, dental clinics and demonstrations, and social activities, as well as fraternal aid to fellow members in Holland and Denmark in the form of dental materials and supplies. ... In this way, Delta Sigs are helping to provide dental health treatment to the under- privileged of Europe. Toi : Nothing is so relaxing as an ' " after dinner " talk amonj; the " boys. " Bottom : Dr. Row Shaw, Supreme Grand Master of Delta Sigma Delta, seated third from the left, is honored at a luncheon. Fourth row: J. Stone, D. Holtiian, D. Antlc-Tson, M. Binder. C. Ricliler, S. Andcraun, D. Herzog. L. Spangler. C. Anderson. H. Stone. Third rou: C. Hauec, D. Keinlifirdt. G. Druughun, J. Hcrl ner. C. Weisel. J. Ford, G. Weiler. E. Seewald. C. Moliler, J. Unuclas. Second row: E. Kelln. B. Windle, W. Deun, J. Allen. II. Kramer. D. Barta. H. Cliernick. K. Luke. K. Ileuke. W. Kea«. front row: R. Hein«, J. Crellin. J. Show, N. Aardappel, B. Morun, Dr. D. W. Edwards, B. Benfield, J. Tonner. Page 450 Housemothers Mrs. Chester Ager Sigma Chi Mrs. Elhelyn Brownson Alpha Omicroii Pi Mrs. Marie Coddinglon Alpha Phi Mrs. M. I. Cushing Kappa Delta Mrs. O. A. Davison Chi Omega Mrs. Emma Ruth Erman Zela Beta Tan Mrs. O. J. Fee Sigma Nu Mrs. Hazel Hardin Delta Upsilon Mrs. E. R. Heiny Phi Delta Theta Mrs. Walter Hopewell Kappa Kappa Gamnia Miss Margaret Haubensak Delta Gamma Mrs. Verne Huff Residence Halls Mrs. Anna Hyland Theta Xi Mis Jean Israel Sigma Delta Tau Mrs. Emma Jacobs Brown Palace Mrs. Bessie Johnson Rosa Boulon Hall Mrs. E. R. Kasperson Phi Kappa Psi Mrs. Grace R. Mayo Alpha Xi Delta Mrs. Faye Meade Beta Sigma Psi Mrs. E. S. Miles Terrace Hall Mrs. Mae Minier Phi Gamma Delta Mrs. Frances Pelton Farm House Mrs. Harry Pendavis Delta Sigma Pi Mrs. Laurel Poole Howard Hall Mrs. Mattie S. Quick Gamma Phi Beta Mrs. Pauline B. Reynolds Sigma Phi Epsilon Mrs. Helen Robertson Delta Delta Delta Mrs. C. E. Rupp Sigma Kappa Mrs. Lucile Scott Beta Theta Pi Mrs. Nina M. Searle Wilson Hall Mrs. Stephanie Segard International House Mrs. Helen Strickler Kappa Sigma Mrs. Helen Warner Loomis Hall Mrs. R. H. Wheeler Pi Beta Phi Mrs. Eunice Weibusch Alpha Gamma Rho Miss Joan Witt Residence Halls Page 451 H. S. WILSON see page 4S-t .1. R. GAUGHENBAUGH see page 477 Page 4S2 W. M. BRANDES see page 468 VEP5ITY A. Q. SCHIMMEL see page 473 iti T. J. DOMINO see page 457 page 45. 9tli nfT buh hUfiiece ... to be reared in a land where young men and women are given the right to learn. ... to have the " right of choice " in determining how, and in what direc- tion, you will apply the talent and knowledge you possess. ... to live under a system whereby your success or failure will be princi- pally determined by your own efforts and ambitions. . ' ... to be living in a nation which respects the rights of the individual; where the state is the servant, not the master, of the people. ' • Page 454 QUALITY Has Been Our Mainstay for 67 Years Our devotion to Quality stands today as it has for 67 years. We hove found that no substitutes can be found for high standards, integrity, constancy of purpose. mULERcPAIflE Page 455 Ag Engincpriiig 238 Af: Exec Btiar l 130 An M.-ir» Soiial Club 231 AICl.E 237 AIEE 237 Alpha Chi Omcea 372. 373 Alpha KpttiKin Rhu 221 Alpha Caniiiia Khn 102, 103 Alpha Kappa Vfi 401. 105 Alpha D.lla 336 Alpha OincBa Alpha 333 Alpha OmUron Pi 374. 375 Alpha I ' hi 376. 377 Alpha .Sienui Phi 406. 407 Alpha Tail Omoca 408. lO ' l Alpha Xi Delta .378. 379 Alpha Zda 337 Amikita 358 Arrhilrcliiral Enpinecring 238 ASCE 236 ASME 2.36 AUF 3H AWS 146 BABW 147 HaBli-y Hall 3, ' ;8 Baseball 272 Baskrlball 260-267 Beta Caninia Si ina 332 Bila .Sieina Pai 410. 411 Beta Thrta Pi 412. 413 Block anil Briille 231 Blue Print 206 Brown Palace 365 Cheer Leaders 244. 245 Chi Omega .380. 381 Coed Counselors 305 Conkline Hall 350. 351 Corn Cobs .....230. 231 CORKHUSKER 194-197 Cornhusker Co-op 336 Cornhusker Coiinlryiiian 202. 203 Corn Shucks 204. 205 r a n i z a t i Debate 222 Delian Union 341 Delta Delta Delta 382. 383 Delta (;ainiua .384. 385 Delta Oniieron 218 Delta Phi Delta 223 Delta Sigma Pi 414. 415 Delta .Sigma Rho 223 Delta Tau Delta 416. 417 Delta Thela Phi 448 Delta Upsilon 418. 419 Engineering Exec Board 151 Farm House 420. 421 Football 248-2.59 l-H 340 Gamma Delta 325 Canima Lambda 221 Gamma Mu Theta .3.38 Gamma Phi Beta 386. 387 (.ymnasiuin 273 Hesperia 362 Home Ee Cluh ...306 Howard Hall 356 Innocents .326. 327 Interfraternity Couniil 153 International House 352. 353 Intervarsily Fellowship 320 Intramurals 240. 241 Icila Sigma Pi 303 Kappa Alpha Theta 388. 389 Kappa Delta 390. 391 Kappa Kappa Gamma 392. 393 Kappa Phi 322 Kappa Sigma 422, 423 Kernels 359 Kosmet Klub 226. 227 Loomis Hall 358 Love Hall 3-.4 Lutheran Students .Association 321 Masijuers 214 Mens Dorm B 363 on Index Men ' s Dorm C 364 Men ' s Point Board 148 Methodist Student House 322 Mortar Board 328. .32 9 Mu Phi Epsilon 217 National Pershing Rifles 286 N C.luh 246. 247 Nebruskan 198-201 Newman Club 324 NROTC 288-293 Nu-Med .340 Omicron No 338 Orehesis 302 Palladian 342 Panhellenic 152 Pershing Rifles 284. 285 Phalanx 287 Plii M|dia Delta 449 Phi Beta Kappa 330 Phi Chi Theta 303 Phi Delta Theta 424. 425 Phi Gamma Delta 426. 427 Phi Kappa Psi 428. 429 Phi Upsilon Omicron 338 Physical Education Club 233 Pi Beta Phi 394, 393 Pi Lambda Theta 336 Pi Mu Epsilon .339 Pioneer Co-op 367 Pi Tan Sigma 341 Presbyterian Student House 323 Psi Chi 337 Publications Board 208 Radio 222 Rally Committee 245 Rosa Boulen Hall 356 ROTC 276-283 Rundic Hall 357 Scabbard and Blade 287 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 430. 431 Cosmopolitan Cluh 325 Sigma Alpha lota 219 Sigma Alpha Mu 432. 433 Sigma Chi 434, 435 Sigma Delta Chi 339 Sigma Delta Tau 396, 397 Sigma Eta Chi 324 Sigma Kappa 398. 399 Sigma Nu 436. 437 Sigma Phi Epsilon 438. 439 Sigma Xi 331 Sigma Tau 334 Sinfonia 213 Student Council 14 1. 145 Student Directory 207. Student Foundation 345 Student Union Board 149 Swimming 270 Swimming Club 302 Tassels 298. 299 Tau Kappa Epsilon 440. 441 Terrace Hall i 355 Theta Sigma Phi 304 Theta Xi 442. 443 Theatre 212 Towne Club 360. 361 Track 268. 269 Tri K 235 University Orchestra 215 University Singers 216 USA 343 Varsity Band 220 V ' arsity Dairy 235 Vets ' Organization 232 WA A .300. 301 Wilson Hall 357 Women ' s Residence Halls 248, 249 Wrestling 271 YMCA 228. 229 YWCA 296. 297 Xi Psi Phi 444. 445 Zeta Beta Tau 446. 447 Men ' s Wear Memo (Bn (B. g. BioU,, , It ' s been a long, long grind through the land of education . . . and a well-earned degree for the graduating seniors ... a year fun-full of rallies, sports, dances, balls, parties and picnics . . . the year to be remembered by everyone as the year UN expanded into many big time operations . . . HARVEY BROTHERS has grown with the campus, and its men and women . . . wherever well-dressed men convened, HARVEY BROTHERS was there . . . wherever formal functions took the spotlight, HARVEY BROTHERS was there . . . sponsoring HARVEY BROTHERS " CORNHUSKER TOUR " PLAN to give away two round- trip tour tickets to the Notre Dame game at South Bend was our real pleasure . . . and the treat by a rally drawing went to John Adams, Geneva, and Floyd Stearns. Lincoln . . . through your paper The Daily Rag, Crib Notes and Men ' s Wear Memo brought you news and views on and about campus happenings . . . HARVEY BROTHERS is proud to announce that again next year the headquarters for the best dressed men on campus will sponsor these things for your enjoyment . . . the best name in clothing for the finest collegians in the country, HARVEY BROTHERS. ■ e » Page 456 Accoinniodations for Your Party Regardless of Size For Over Twelve Years It Has Been Our Pleasure to Serve the People of the Middlewest Dial 6-5015 58 a. O Sis. 9ud 6-2396 Fine Home Furnishings . . SHURTLEFF ' S 1532 O Street For the Best in STEAKS, CHOPS, SEA FOODS, SANDWICHES — FOUNTAIN SERVICE Spencer ' s Steak House 20 Blocks South of O Street Between 14th and 15th 1425 South St. Phone 3-8680 Student-Fac A Aardappel Norris 64. 450 Aa»en. Belly 96, 223, 380 Abholl. Ceoree •. 130 Abbott, Marilyn 112, 360 Abiinnr. Helen 219 Abel, Marilyn 130, 354 Abert, D 235 Abramson. Alviji 112, 446 Abramson, 130. 432 Abts, Henry 130 Acker, Layerna 112, 354 Ackerman, Joanne 40, 328, 388 Ackerraan. Robert 112, 246, 418 Acord. Joan 350 Acosta, Guillermo 367 Adams, Ann 352 Adams, Dale 246 Adams, Elizabeth 40 Adams, John 68, 438 Adams, Marcia .130, 354 Adams, Robert 448 Agnew, Kenneth 112, 418 Agnew, Richard 50, 418 Agron, Aileen 130, 396 Ahrends, Stanley 76, 410 Ainsworth. Ellen 130, 378 Albert, Duke 234 Albert, Waco 337 Albracht, James 34, 234, 402 Albrecht, Audrey 130, 398 Alexander, Fred 50, 418 Alexander, George 233 Alexander, M. A 234 Alexander, Sara 96, 392 -Alexis, Marjorie 40, 394 Alfrey, Donna 96, 223, 360 Allen, Alice 68, 359 Allen, Becky 40, 372 Allen, Bruce 238 Allen, Harold 234 Allen. J,.hn 448 ulty Index Allen. Neil 112, 444 Allen, Phyllis 96. 376 Allen. Rachel 350 Allen. Robert 96 Allen, Shirley 130. 372 Allen. Susan ' . 130 Allgood. Robert 112. 414 Allison. William 448 Allyn, Mary 90, 350 .Almquist, Martin 76, 436 Alsdurt, Kenneth 130 Amato, Francis 239 Amen. Joyce 350 .Amend. Margaret 68. 218. 380 Amick, Ellen 96, 388 Andersen, Henry 40, 408 Andersen, Keith 112, 414 Andersen, Mary 328, 336 Anderson, Beverly 112, 390 Anderson, Carl 450 Anderson, Charles 96, 412 Anderson, Dale 112 Anderson, Delbert 450 Anderson, Elinor 68, 355 Anderson, Elizabeth 68 Anderson, Frank 96, 402, 436 Anderson, Frank 112 Anderson, Harold 234 Anderson. Harvey 237, 339 Anderson, Helen 112, 218, 378 Anderson, Jack 96, 436 Anderson, Jacqueline 112, 398 Anderson, Jean 130, 390 Anderson, Kenneth 246 Anderson, Nadine 96, 304, 376 Anderson, Norrie 96, 426 Anderson, Philip 40, 340 Anderson, Prudence 356 Anderson, Ralph 34, 402 Anderson. Ronald. 34, 234, 235, 337, 420 Anderson, Roy 450 Anderson, S 448 )Theres no place like HOME for Ford Ssrvica 1 D ' SHEA-RDGERS MDTDR COMPANY Page 458 Wall Paper Paints Linoleum • Artist Material • Picture Framing • Framed Pictures The Sherwin-Williams Co. 1333 O Street 2-6641 Underwood Typewriters Sundstrcmd Adding Machines Sales and Service Rentals Supplies Underwood Sales Co. 125 No. 12th St. Phone 2-2535 Anderson. Shirlee 34. .■!92 Anderson. Shirley 130. 358. 372 Anderson. Stanley 238 Anderson, Vayden 112. 434 Andresen, Gordon 238 Andresen. John 112. 438 Andrews. Jackie 40, 223. 382 Anltrom, Norman 112, 382 Anson. Esther 350 Anthony. Marjorie t 96. 372 Apgar. Charles 96. 416 Appel. David 50 .Arenson. Elaine 359 Arenson. Lois 112 Agabright. Melvin 96. 365 Argabright. M. S 238 Armold. Florence 40. 338. 355 Arms, Milo 238 Armstrong, Dale 112. 438 Armstrong. David 130. 422 Armstrong. Dean 96. 442 Armstrong, Joyce 130 Arnold, Beverly 358 Arnold, W. J 337 Arp, Jack 112, 235. 402 Arrocha. Adolfo 40. 440 Arrocha. Enrique 112. 440 Arter, Dean 130. 418 Arterburn. Keith 112. 234 Arthaud. Margaret 340. 358 Arthaud, Mary 340 Asbyll, Jack 130, 446 Ashburn, Bob }12. 438 Askey. Dale 96, 414 Askey, Robert 130. 418 Athey, Charles 234 Atkinson, Neil 112, 412 Atwater, Robert 40, 238, 440 Angustin, Donald 112, 430 Aukerman. Kenneth 96. 438 Ault. Donna 130 Auserod. Marilyn 348 Austin, Paul 213, 221 Aulen. Donald 96. 404 Avner. Robert ; 246 Avner. Sam 245 Aselson. Gloria 130 Axlell. Robert 112, 438 Avers, Delphine 40. 388 . yers. Henry 112. 422 Ayers, John 112, 428 Ayers, William 444 Ayotte. Emer 130, 438 B Baack, Glenda 338 Baack, Lelia 130 Baas, John 416 Babbitt, Harvey 238 Babcock, Phyllis 3:8 Babst, Alice ' . 112, 386 Bachenberg. Truman 96 Backlund. Alvin 239 Backstrum. Norman 238 Bade. William 339 Bahadursingh, Rai 40 Bahensky. Betsy 40, 372 Bahensky, DeLores 130. 372 Bahensky, Marion 96, 372 Bahr, Norman 96, 236, 438 Baier, Dwight 34, 234. 337 Baiky, Audrey 96. 356 Bailey, Joel 130, 394 Bailey, John 412 Bailey, Max 76, 236 Bailey, Priscilla 40, 394 Bailey, Richard 342 Baird. Delores 350 Baird. Jack 234. 420 Baizer. Sharon 130. 396 Baker. Robert 130, 446 Baker, Robert 112, 340, 408 Baldwin. Patricia 130, 386 Ball. Dale 96, 428 Ball. Phyllis 40, 384 Ballew. John 96. 416 Balows, Anne 40 STANDARD BLUE PRINT CO. 1411 Harney Street Omaha, Neb. ENGINEERS ARTISTS MflTERIflLS ARCHITECTS SUPPLIES For a cuppa coffee or a convention HOTEL CAPITAL is Nebraska " U " s nearest and dearest rendezvous Lincoln ' s Newest Hotel and a Department Store of eating and entertainment Nebraska U ' re Welcome ai the Capital dleJiL . . . fl company alert to advanced methods with improved service to both its Policyholders and Representatives. Insurance Company Jos. Albin, President H. L. Schwenker, Vice-President Ralph Doty. Supt. of Agents LINCOLN, NEBRflSKfl Page 459 DIAMONDS ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING RINGS WE INVITE YOU TO INSPECT OUR MANY EXCLUSIVE STERLING SILVER PATTERNS Fred Gardner Sons Jewelers Since 1888 1220 O Bullilidml. DiUorlh 246 Bainrsborger, Elsie 34, 356 Bamcsbrrccr, Lois 96, 3. ' i6 B.lnrro[t, Klranor 130, 372 Barilsliar, Willa 112, 390 Bar.-lmaii. 40. 374 Barki ' iihiiKr-ii, Annrlla 356 Marker. Kran,i» 76. 237 Baniar.l. Nili-a 341 Barnes. Alvin 112 Barnrs. Brrinc 237 Bartirs. Betty 130 Bainey. Marjoric 34, 376 Barney, William 449 Barrett, D.Mi 130, 408 Barrett, Kilwaril 239 Barrett, Jack 112, 414 Barrih " , I ' liyllia 112. 360 Barron. Herman 50. 132 Barry, Davy 1,30. 108 Barry. Helen 130, 398 Baria, Dean 4.50 Barth, Doris 130, 348 Bartizal, Jeanne 112, 398 Barllr, Kilwaril 50, 416 Bartlett, Robert 408 Barton, Mary 112, 218, 348 Barton, Silas 96, 236 Barlunek, K.lwanl 130, 138 Baakiu, Vireinia 130, 378 Bass, John 50 Batebel.ler, Uean 112, 436 Bates, Beverly 1.30, 376 Bales. John 130 Bales, Roberta 112 Bales. Tim 96. 426 Bates, William 112, 435 Batson, . rieigh 96, 434 Baltey, Beverly 96, 388 Battey, Marian 112, .M2 Battles. Hi.haril 96. 438 Bauer. Donabl 112. 410 Bauer. Harold 96, 213, 434 Bauer, Joan ,,40, 376 Bauer. Thomas 96, 221, 438 Bauermeister, John 50, 410 Baliermeisler, Riehart] 130. 410 Baom, . delene 40, 3.57 Bauniann. Marjoric 112 Banniann. Robert 50. 410 Baumgart. l.avern 50. 414 Baunifart. N. D 2.36 Baxter. Neal 112. 420 Bayley. Barelay 130, 4.38 Bcachly. Ramey 430 Beam. Clarenee 130. 402 Beannan. Maxine 354 Bear. Roxanne 343 Beattie. Riehanl 112. 408 Beavers. Mona 340 Beck. Jani.e 40. 339 Berk. Jean 130. 3.58 Bc.k. I.eo 424 Brekeler. Pat 3.50 Beeker, Harold 246 Berker. John 76, 237, 410 Beeker, Leon 410 Beeker, Peter 112, 422 Becker, Sara 112, 392 Beekner, Betty 96, 359 Beekner, Joseph 4,50 Be.lell, Klizabeth 130, 398 Bedke, Leo 34, 235, 337. 410 Beerniann. Howard 130. 340 Beers. John 238 Beers. Rosemary 112, 3,59 Bcenley, Nathaniel 40 Behrens, Arlene 112, 390 Belguni, Delaine 410 Bell, James 76, 236, 367 Bell, Riehard 40, 412 Bellinper, Dawn 130, 348 Bellows, Ray 96, 418 Belzer. Millcm 130. 432 Bender, Frederick 96, 2,36, 440 Bender. Wallace 440 L ' istinctly Nebraskan, Consumers Public Power District is owned exclusively by the people it serves. It was organized under an act of the Nebraska Legislature, and is operated to provide increased benefits for Nebraskans through greater development and utilization of the state ' s power and water resources. Entirely self-supporting, Consumers Public Power District provides vital support for the development of irriga- tion and flood control and makes possible cheap electric power for greater industrial, commercial and agricultural development, and better living throughout Nebraska. It is a Public Utility in every respect, serving over 360 Nebraska communities electrically, and contributes to the support of these com- munities through its annual tax payments. SERVING NEBRASKA ELECTRICALLY Page 460 eeping LPace v( ith I Leorask rasna For sixty-eight years tj-ie Union Stock Yards Company of Omaha has played its part in the building of the State. Today as always, its plant offers to the livestock produc- ers, a dependable and efficient service in linking the ranches of the west, with the consuming east. UNION STOCK YARDS CO. . . OF OMAHA . . . Bendler, Betty 112, 398 Benfield. Bayard 61, «0 Benglson. Cherrie 130, 380 Beiigtsoii, Helen 40, 303 Bengslon, N. A 2i ' Benuell, Rulli (iS Bennett, Walter 340 Benniaon, Dorothy 96, 388 Bennington. Robert 130. 436 Bennington. Virginia 218. 372 Benson, Marjorie 40, 388 Benson, Patsy 223 Benson, Richard 96, 428 Beran. Mary 130, 354 Berends, Norma 303 Bereuter. Margaret 359 Berg, Edward 130, 422 Berg, Elsie 343 Berg, Eugene 130, 422 Berg, Marilyn 96, 357, 359 Bergh, Amy Jo 96, 388 Bergland, Carolyn 130 Bergman, Joanne 96, 376 Bergmeier, Maurice 112, 402 Bergoffen, Charles 112, 432 Bergstraesser. Ruth 360 Bergstraesser, Walter 96, 410 Bergstrom. John 40, 339, 436 Bergtson, Helen 357 Berigan, Jerry 112. 426 Berkheinier, Richard 96, 408, 449 Berkshire, Bob 112. 246. 408 Berman. Eugene 112. 365 Bernstien, Donna 40. 112. 396 Beinstein. Eleanore 113. 396 Bernstein. Marilyn 130. 396 Bernstein, Marvin 96, 432 Bernstein, Selma 338, 396 Berquist, William 113, 430 Besock. June 350 Besse. Barbara 130, 398 Bessel, Bernice 97. 396 Bessire, Howard 50, 414 Best, Lee 113, 390 Best, Marva 130, 390 Betke, Robert 97, 410 Bettenhausen. Don 76. 422 Bever, Norman 234 Beviiis. Robert 76, 231. Beyer, Marilyn 1 13, 378 Beyer, Monna 40, 356. 362 Beynon. Esther 113. 381 Bick, Richard 130, 408 Bieniond, Raymond 113, 438 BienbolT. Herman 236 Bierman, Waldean 97. 426 Biggs, Glenn 363 Biles, George 50. 438 Bilon. Thomas 113. 434 Binder. Forrest 34. 442 Binder. Melvin 64, 45U Bingham. Joan 131. 374 Binning. John 426. 449 Birdsall. Weslon 341 Birk. Allen 113. 412 Birkman, Dorothy 359 Birkiiiann. Madison 50. 436 Bish. Wiliani 363 Biskup. Francis 113, 238. 366 Bitlner, Merris 113, 432 Bize, David 113, 426 Bjorklund. Sue 340, 343. 358 Bjurklund. Thelma 113 Black. Patricia 113. 378 Black, Robert 214 Blaha. Jean 113. 358 Blanchard. Floyd 76. 236, 435 Btankenship, James 131, 428 Blatter, Carol 337 Blessing. Richard 131. 340 Blinde, Glen 29, 50, 404, 410 Blish, Ervin 342 Blomstrom, Dale 76, 237, 339 Blomgren, Tom 97, 418 Blood, Dorothy 40 Bloom, Don 131, 426 Drugs Toiletries Sundries CHEAPPER SYSTEM, INC. Cheaper in Price Only! 1325 O STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Telephone 2-3225 No need to be puzzled ... no need to wonder where to buy . . . the best place in Lincoln is your " Cheapper Drug Store " where prices ore rock-bottom everyday . . . where you get the last drop of value from your dollar . . . and where the merchandise you buy, whether it be Drugs, Cosmetics, Sundries, Cigars, or Tobaccos, is always Quality Merchandise! WHY PAY MORE? Page 461 ' Frey Frey 61 YEARS OF SERVICE Flowers cut from our own Green House • GIFT SHOP • HALLMARK CARDS LINCOLN, NEBRflSKfl 1338 O Street HODGMAN-SPLAIN MORTUARY 1335 L Street LINCOLN 8, NEBRASKA Bloom, John 343 Bloom, Richard 97. 416 Bloss, Betty 113, 372 Bloss, Dale 233. 246 Blup, Kathh-en 50. 380 Bork. Marjorie 97, 384 Bock, William 113. 412 Bocke9, Suzanna 113, 376 Bodinson, Virginia 113. 382 Bodri, Joseph 238 Boeberg, Elliot 221 Boehn, Mary 219 Boekel, Robert 113, 430 Boetlcher, Mark 113, 428 Boetlgcr, Marilyn 113, 340. 354 Bogen. Paul 221 Bohaboy. Maxine 97, 354 Bahl. Janet 113, 390 Bohlcn, Marian 113. 398 Bohner. Mary 68. 223. 374 Bohrer. Storla 113 BoVcr, Harold 97. 442 Boker, Marshall 113. 442 Bollinger, David 131, 408 Bolyan, Dace 338 Bolyan, Lawrence 113, 442 Bondarin, Avrum ' iO. 326, 4-16 Bonebrighl, Dori. 131. 390 Boning. John 234 Bonnewitz, Marilyn 131 Boomer, Hobert 2.36 Boomer. John 131. 428 Borden, David 221 Bordy, Mar -in 97. 446 Borgaard, Mary 131, 380 Borgens, Dorothy 113, 372 Borkenhagen, Annette 97 Bornholdt, Lorna 113, 380 Boschen. Lena 131 BoBchen, Louise 348 Boswcll, Alice 131, 354 Botsford, Virginia 113 Bottoroll, Don 233 Page 462 Botls, Jack 97 Bowen, William 97. 436 Bowman. Dorothy 131 Bowman, Kathryn 342 Bowman, Kirk 97, 238, 366 Boyce, Robert 236 Boyd, Patricia 113, 382 Boydston, Bill 97, 412 Boydston, Margaret 113 Boydston. Shirley 113 Boylston. Mary 97, 342 Brace, Walter 236 Bracken, Patricia 131, 380 Brackney, Elizabeth 40 Bradley, Dorothy 40 Bradley, Jean 348 Bra.llcy. Regina 113 Bradley, Sidney 40, .339 Brady, John 113. 408 Bragdon. Kathryn 113, 376 Brainard. Owen 420 Bramer, Marilyn 131. 380 Branch, Jeanne 97, 388 Branch, Perry 246 Bran.l, John 97, 422 Brandt. Arthur 363 Brandt. William 246 Brandvik. Arel 97 Brannan, Maxinc 131, 354 Bratt, Mary 97, 398 Bratt, Miriam 335 Bratt, Neil .50. 411 Brauer. Albert 131, 340, 410 Btcck, Betty 131 Brcck, Brennic 68, 218 Brer.. Georgia 131. 348 Brevtzke. Harold 416 Breff, Marilyn 131, 316 Brchm, Adam 113, 414 Brchm, Elizabeth 218 Bresee, Dick 76. 237. 339 Brcssman. Charles 131. 424 Rrcunsbach. Dale 363 Bricker. Charlotte 113, 396 Bricker, Jeri , 131, ,39j Bridenbaugh, Harriet 97, 354 Bridenbaugh, Robert 113, 340, 402 Bridge. John 113. 426 Bricse. Irvin 97, 363. 404. 410 Brim. Charles 234, 326, 337, 420 Brim, Jerome 420 Brinkman, William 113, 402 Brisco, Shirey 97 Broady, Knute 83 Brnan, Melvin 131 Brochlnip, Leo 236 Brodie, Jack 113, 440 Brokaw, William 83 Brodker, Lawrence 446 Brodkey, Marjorie 131, 396 Brodsky, Karell 217 Bronstein, Frieda 68 Brooks, Betty 131 lirolh. Arlan 234 Brown. Don 426 Brown, Dorothy 97, 355 Brown, Georgia 97, 355 Brown, H 367 Brown, Joe 131, 436 Brown, Kenneth 113, 426 Brown, Nancy 97, 382 Brown. Obbie 68 Brown. Patricia 113, 335. 390 Brown. Robert 238. 128 Brown. Spencer 50. 138 Brown, Thomas 113, 412 Brown, W. £ 232 Brownel. James 76. 412 Brownlee, Thomas 113, 424 Brozan, D 246 Brubaker, Dorothy 113, 356 Bnicc, John 68, 422 Bruckner. M. D 236 Bruggeman. Dale 113, 410 Brnnig, M. P 238 Bruning. Frank 97. 408 Brunken, Carrol 236, 363 Brunken, Luella 342 Brunkow, Letha 113, 359 Brunson, Ted 213 Brutzke, Harold 68 Bryan, Billy 238 Bryant, Jack 131. 246 Bryant. Willadean 113 Buchfinck. Betty 113. 394 Buchfinck. Jane 68. 394 Buchfinck. Julie 97. 394 Buchta. H. G 238 Buck. Nancy 131. 378 Buckholz. Fred 442 Buckingham. Martha 113. 372 Buckley. Winlon 246. 408 Buell. Violet 113 Buell. Wanda 113, 218, 356 Buethe, Lorain 114, 365 Bull, Ervin 97, 410 Bull, Robert 410 Bunistead, John 50, 418 Bunker, Franklin 365 Burbank, V ' aunia 34, 340 Burbank, Wayne 234 Burchlield. Elsie 90. 3.50 Burgess. Martin ..232 Burgess. Suzaine... 114, 392 Burgess, Twyla 114. 357 Burlcy. Ilimua 382 Burlcy. John 97. 422 Burmestcr. Lambert 97, 410 Buinctt, Marilyn 131. 390 Burns, George 97, 442 Burr, John 444 Burr, William 33 Burris, Martin 234 Burt. Kathleen 131 Burton, Shirley 97. 356 Busboom. Wcndol 50, 414 Busby, Betty 68. 374 Busby, John 239 Busch, Barbara 97. 392 ' ipH L J Dawn of a New Era! ' T HE sunrise looks no different . . . the apple blossoms smell the same . . . the chirp of the robin is unchanged, but we are living in an exciting new world. Our scientists have probed the secrets of nature to give us super crops, atomic energy, and other wonders that promise a more abun- dant life for all of us. Our statesmen are striving to transform the word " peace " into a way of life — to make all nations good neighbors. We are at the threshold of a new age in which all mankind may enjoy a fuller, happier life. John Deere is helping to shape this new world. Our factories are tempering a century of manufacturing experience with war-proved techniques and post-war developments to create and build new and better farm equipment. Our facilities are constantly growing — we ' re work- ing around the clock to help produce the flood of new implements the American farmer must have to feed our hopeful new world. JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY Sioux Falls, S. D. OMAHA, NEBRASKA Sioux City, Iowa Sidney, Nebr. Page 463 FOR ALL OCCASIONS DANIELSON FLORAL CO. 1306 N St. 2-7602 COMPLIMENTS OF The MIDWEST LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of LINCOLN, NEBRflSKfl Life - Accident - Health 1906—1948 You May Have Used the Rest Now Try the Best MIDGET SflLTINES HONEY GRflHflMS Baked by INDEPENDENT BISCUIT CO. OMflHfl, NEBRflSKfl fl. D. Speir, General Manager ll.,s, li, (lival «7, 110 liMsli. Hiirl.ara 114, 388 H.imIi. HubiTl 114, 432 Dins, Beth 97. 388 Husk, Manlclle 131. 380 Bulhiiian. David 239, 406 liulliiiiaii, Henry 239, 363, 406 lluxh.ii, James 408 Byers. Dwielil 114, 438 Dyers, Rulh 114, 382 Dyinslon, Waller 114, 406 C Cabbage, Guy 50 (:al)b-, Joan 350 r:a,lvialla.ler. Pliyllis 114, 386, Jark 246 Caba. Ji.yre 348 Cal.ler, Carol 131, 376 Calbo Jerry 131, 426 Callan, Tbonias 114, 408 Callies, Donald 131, 213, 406 Calloway, Robert 100 Camp, Di n 438 Campbell, Bruce 114, 214, 4,34 Campbell, Jobn 131, 428 Campbell, Jobn 114. 246. 430 Campbell, Mary 68, 217, 328, 360 Campbell. Hbyllis 131, 378 Canipeo. Marion 41. 386 Campfiebl. Marilyn 131, 382 Canailay, Margie Lee 131, 394 Cane. Sbirley 223. 342 Capek, Dale 131, 421 Capek, Riehard 97, 424 Capsey, Norman 444 Carey. Doris 34. 380 Carlbere. Donnal 236, 363 Cailson. Belly 114 Carlson. Bonnie 131, 372 Carlson. David 223 Carlson. Norma Ill Carlson. Roberl 97. 422 Carnaban. Annelte 380 Carolli,-r». Marv 131. 388 Carpenl.T. Harry 131. 430 Carr. Janet 360 Carroll. Elaine 97 Carson. Jobn 40. 426 Carson. Rirhurd ..131. 426 Carter. Carroll 114. 430 Carter. Louise 114. 392 Carter. Lyle 76. 438 Carter. Russell .......97. 430 Carter. Virginia 114. 378 Carlmell. William 114. 410 Cartney, Tliomas 97 Carveth, Joan 131, 376 Cary. Donald 50 Case, Catbryn 219 Cose. Eliiabetb Am 41. 380 Case. Norman 1 14, 426 Case. Rirbmond 232 Casman. Claire Helene 97. 396 Castle, Helen 378 Castner, Jean 97, 418 Cattle, Dorothy 114, 384 Cattle, Walter 50, 418 Cave, Denise Ann 114, 398 Cawood, Jack 408 Ceeh, Henry 430 Cbare, Jaek 97, 366 Cbael, Fre.lrick 131. 410 Cbaille, Ceraldine 114 Chaille, Rutli 131 Cbaloiipka, .Marilyn 34, 303, 338, 356, 362 Cbamberlin, Ann 376 Cbaniberlin, Margaret 34, 131, 376 Clianibers. Cbarlene Helen 114, 398 Cbambers, Joanne Marilyn 97, 398 Chandler, Melvin 131, 432 Cbanev, Mary 68, 372 Chaney, Robert 114, 424 Chantry, Lois 41, 384 Cbapiii, Dorothy 41. 337. 380 Ch.ipp.ll, .Mary 68. 337 ABEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONTRACTORS 2-1281 895 North 16th St. I ' agf U. evoeir Co. G[ is for Every Purpose DIAMONDS— WATCHES— SILVER 1144 O St. Cheek. Patricia 98, 394 Chelf. Roy Roberta 114. 398 Cheny, Margy 114. 372 Chernick. Harry 64. 432, 450 Chesen. Irwin 98, 340. 446 Chilquist, Jean 34. 338. 35.5 Chilvers. Robert 98. 420 Chilvers. Thomas 114. 420 Chntelir. Irvin 34, 337 Chotena, Lyle 367, 449 Christensen, Calvin 114, 402 Christensen. Forrest 98, 438 Chrislensen, Herman 50. 414 Chrislensen. John 367 Christensen. Keith 238 Chrislensen, Lindley 114, 418 Christensen, Mas 98, 239 Chrislenson, Clifford 131, 434 Christensen, Donald 34, 235 Chrislenson. Jack 114, 434 Christian, O. Scott 98. 422 Chubbuck, Norma 131 Chuinan, Theodore 444 Church, Marilyn 335, 342 Churchill, Roy 114, 422 Civin, Marcia Lee 68. 396 Clair. Gerald 214 Clapham. Eldon 236. 341 Clapp. Elsie 114. 392 Clapp. R. G 233 Clare. Ralph 98. 365 Clark. Berna Jean 131. 392 Clark. Betty 350 Clark. Janis 114 Clark. Marjorie 114 Clark. Robert 98. 233. 404, 410 Clark, Sarah 114 Clark, Willistine 114, 390 Clausen, Reid 68 Claussen, Bruce 98, 408 Clayhaugh, Glenn 235, 420 Clayton. George 238 Cleal, Harold 34, 234 Clem, Alan 114. 408 Clem. Charles 40. 428 Clemens, Donna 132 Clement, Donald 114, 402 Clements, Norma 68, 386 Clements, R, V 236 Cleveland, Thomas 50, 430 Cline. William 404 Clipson, Richard 132, 440 Cloidt, Gertrude 50, 394 Clough, Bill 234 Clough, Dolores 132 Clough, Wanda 132 Clough, Wayne 114, 438 Clow, James 436 Clow. John A 98. 436 Cobb. Elva 50. 398 Coble. Halcyon Lee 132. 388 Cochran. Donald 114, 438 Cochran, Janice 114 Cochran, Joe 98, 438 Cochrane, Alex J 233. 246 Codington. Jack 114. 418 Coffey. Charles 132 Colfey, Ray 41, 275 Coffman, James 114, 436 Coggin, Daniel 64 Coggs, Maud 338 Cohen, Jerome 114, 446 Coker, Roland 98 Colberg, Helen 98, 394 Colbert, Beverly 13 , 382 Cole, Craig 236 Cole, Hayward 76, 236 Cole, Lois Ann 114, 386 Cole, Raymond 76, 438 Cole, Steve 50. 408 Cole, Snnya 114. 380 Coleman. Edgar 238 Coleman. Martha 41 Colgan, Jack 114, 436 Colgan, Julia 34, 382 Collier, Charles 236 Co-ec s - - has the (clothes — i2t8 G St. The CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK of LINCOLN Friendly Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. All your school supply needs are available in Quality, Quantity, and Quickly at LATSCH BROTHERS, INC. 1124-26 O Street 2-6838 Page 465 J Jul JutuAsL 9a. I l I Wl dtxmdiL, . . . fiMM wsL 9L (jJiik. duqjuUkL OiipIamjL. Central Electric Gas Co. IN NEBRASKA Collins, E. L 237 Collins. Ralph 114 Collins. Marie 98, 376 Collins, Marion 68. 336, 343 Coltison, Charlyn 132, 382 Collopy. Frank 246 Comerford. Earl 436 Coniniins, Belva 340 Commins, Roy 114. 234 Complon, Bonnie 41, 219 Complon. Jean 50, 328. 394 Compton, Shirley 41, 337 Condra, George 84 Cone. Irwin 342 Cone. Phyllis 114. 382 Conjier, Loris gg Conley. Eugene 98. 428 Conley, Iiu-z 3Q3 Connealy, Lawrence 132. 436 Connelly. John 114. 428 Connelly, Mary 132 Conner. George 132, 365 Connor, James 239 Conway, Kathleen 93 Cook, Charlec 114 375 Cook. Donald 132, 408 Ojok, Winifred 41 338 Cooke. Hugh 68. 221. 438 Cookitley. Roland 132. 422 Cooper. Donald 114. 418 Copenhagen. Olio 430 Conple. Katheryn 98, 223. 380 Cop»ey. Frances 132. 394 Corhett. Dorothy 115, 393 Corcoran, Maryjean 41 Corke, Charles - Corke. Charles 238 Corkin. Wendy 115, 374 Cornelius, Floyde 98, 433 Cornelius. Grant 420 Cornish. Pat 115, 338 Cornish, Thomas 50, 426 Corrick, Biice 93. 430 Page 466 Cosaiid. Marion IIS. 438 Cosier, Rex 214 Cossairt, Keith 115. 438 Costello. Robert 246 Cottingham. Mary 68, 382 Counce. Dwayne 115, 406 Coupe, Gcorije 115. 426 Cover. John 76, 426 Cowan. Sam 41. 424 Cowles, Ralph 426 Cowles, Shirley 98, 374 Cox. John 98. 365 Cox, Rodney 98. 246. 412 Cox. Theron 115, 414 Coyne, Richard 428 Cram. Charles .51. 426 Crandall, D. B 236 Crandall, Don 76 Crawford, Bryce 115. 428 Crawford. Florentine 132. 352 Crellin. James 64. 450 Criswell. Don 132, 402 Crilrhfield. William 51. 422 Croisant. Ray 98 Cri m. Howard 51 Crom. Richard 32. 340 Crook. Marian 98. 304. 347 Cropper, Marilyn 132 Crosbie, Connie 1 15, 386 Crowe. Donald 235 Crowley. Anne 115. 374 Crownover. Patricia 34, 354 Culbert. Richard 98. 404 Cullen. Richard 98. 412 Cummint;, James 234 Cummings. Beverly 214 Cummings, C. G 450 Cummings. Richard 233 Cummins. Belva 98. 359 Cummins. Mary 132. 386 Cunningham, Beverly 115. 343 ( unniiighdiii. Raymond 364 Cuplin. Helen 115 2626 No. 48th Street Phone 6-3224 CHARLES ELCE SON LINCOLN, NEBRflSKfl CERTIFIED LIBRARY BOOKBINDERS We Make School, College and Public Library Work a Specialty Cuplin. Paul 11 " Curley. Elizaln-lh 41. 328. 372 Curley. Robert 238 Curraii, Sheila 115. 392 Currie. Orin 237 Curlis. James ll. ' i. 408 Curtis. Marvin 98. 237. 408 Curlis. Ruth 132. 394 C urlisN. Jdhii 132 Cvpri-.iu-.ii. Bacl.i.ra 98. 391 D l)ai:i:.ll. Dawn U. ' i. .382 Dahl ren. Anna W Dahlcrcii. Jack 422 Dniley. Jean 132 Dallam. Janet 132. 380 Dalryniple. Janet 69, 336 Dalthcrji. Mary 41. 372 Dallon. Claire 132 Daly. Fritz 2.5 Damkroger. Berl 98. 234. 420 Damkroper. Ralph 246 Uanion. Kenneth 408. 449 Daninn. Virginia 132, 376 Damoude. Dean 115. 420 Dona. Irving 115. 238. 408 Daniel, Edward 51. 436 Daniel. Louise U5 Danker. E tinald 69 Darlington. Kay 223 Darner. John 132 Darr. Rnhert 238 Darst. Don 115, 438 Daskovsky. Sara 132, 396 Davidson, Joan 115, 382 Davidson. Lorraine 51. 396 Davies. C 217 Davis, Dallas 76, 434 Davis, Darrell 34 Davis. Donn 13. ' . 128 Davis, Dorothy 115. 219. 390 Davis. Elizabeth 115. 382 Davis. Frederic 132. 424 Davie. Guy 340 Davis. Harvey 115. 438 Davis. Harvey 98. 432 Davis. John 98. 342. 430 Davis. John 115. 236. 343 Davis. Marilyn 41. 221 Davis. Marvin .-. . . 41. 436 Davis, Mary 41. 355 Davis. Walter 214. 221 Dawson. Marilyn 132 Deal. Theo 115. 442 Dealey. Robert 115. 365 Dean. Dealia 132 Dean. John 412 Dean. Kathryn 218 Dean. Wellington 448 DeBanfre. Ruth 115. 398 DeBolt. Ray 69 Decker, Arlea 34, 380 Deiirick, Jack 98, 246, 408 Deerson. Delntar 115. 366 Deeter. Eugene 98, 408 Deffenbaugh, Rosemary 51, 398 Dcjarnette, Bobbe 98, 376 DeLaniatre, Joan 115, 378 Delasbmutt, Leslie 51, 436 Delisi. Simon 76. 339. 442 DeLong. Martha 132. 392 Demaree, Duane 98. 426 Demaree. Norma 115. 382 Dempsey. William 221 Dempster. Richard 115. 416 Deneke. Lois 51. 214 Deneke. William 98. 426 Denonberg. Herbert 132, 432 Denk.-r. William 115, 408 FOOD you ' ll like CLOSE LOCATION FAST SERVICE CONVENIENT PRICES at CHRIS ' GOOD EATS 244 No. 13 Denkingcr. Jack 98, 414 Dennis, Bernard 115, 363, 438 Dennison, Marilyn 34, 372 Denny, Jacquie 132, 372 Denton, Margaret 214 Derrick, William 132, 402 Detmer. Albert 448 Delweiler, Elinor 41, 384 Deuchler, August 115, 422 Denser, Charles 132. 422 Devereus. Joris 132, 394 Devoe. Robert 18 Devor. Robert 408 Devore. Carmen 115. 348 Dewey. Thomas 115, 406 De WuK. John 420 Dickey, Arthur 132. 442 Dicknian, Donna 90. 350 Dickson. William 449 Dierks. John 426 Diers. Bernard 51. 430 Diers. Donald 132, 438 Diers. Richard 98. 430 Diers. Robert 221. 422 Diestel. Marilyn 98. 386 Dietrich. Marvin 132. 436 Dietrich. Paul 98. 434 Dietrich. Stan 115. 366 Dill, Robert 420 Diller. Stanley 236. 364 Dillraan. Archie 98. 436 Dillman. Marjorie 90, 350 Dingwcll. Maurice 65. 426. 450 Dinkel. James 234 Dinsdale. Howard 424 Dinsdale. Roy 424 Dinsmore. Helen 98. 384 Dinsmore. James 132. 424 Dissmeyer, Virgil 115. 410 Divis. Joan 348 Dixon. Marilyn 115. 376 Dixon. Warren 98, 440 Do.Uon, Dean 364 Dodson, Norman 76, 236 Dolen, Howard 98, 414 Dolezal, Betty 69 Donnelly, Eldon 51, 404 Donegan, Lawrence 115, 424 Donovan, Kathleen 99, 217, 359 Dorothy, Walter 99, 438 Dorway, Judy 132, 392 Dory. Donald 99. 364. 426 Dosek, Jerome 115, 416 Dosek, Mary 115, 382 Douglas, James 450 Douglas, Shirley 115, 386 Douglas. Virginia 99, 384 Douglas, Winnie 99, 359 Dovey, Adele 99, 386 Downing. David 434 Downs, P 235 Doyle, Marjorie 69. 384 Draeger. Donald 424 Drantz. Lorin 102 Draper. Richard 51. 246 Drasne. Stuart 102 Dratzer. Chester 102 Draughon. Arthur 448 Drbal. Richard 115. 406 Drexler. Freddie 41 Druliner. Jerome 422 Dudek. Joyce 115 Dudley. Douglas 115. 430 Dudley. George 115. 430 Dudley. Marvin 440 Duey. D. D 340 Duey, D. R 340 Dugan. William 430 Duis. Robert 426 Duling. Van 115. 408 Dunavan. Al 233 Dunbar. Jean 76 Dunbar. Wilma 90, 350 Duncan. Howard 442 Dunklau. Rupert 115. 410 Dunn. Barbara 115. 392 MAGEES 1947-48 COLLEGE COMMITTEE BACK ROW Bob Hinds, Bob Mosher, George Durrie, Dan Jewell, Bill Kramer, Rod Franklin, Karl Carson. Roger Pentico, Gene Cederdahl (Wesleyan), Dick Hunter. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Durrie, Bill Waldie, Don Draeger. Ralph King, Don McHrthur, Bill Vlcek, Bob Parker, Bob Trenchord. FRONT ROW: Georgann Wythers, Phyllis Haley, Martha Buckingham, Phyllis Mort- lock, June Gable, Jane Fry, Pat Fiske, Sally Hartz, Helen Schroder. Favorite Store with Collegians Page 467 ]0 Elgin ' s DuraPower Mainspring ! The DuraPower Mainspring eliminates over 99% of watch repairs caused by carbon steel mainspring failures. And it delivers a constant flow of power for greater accuracy. That ' s because this mainspring will not rust, nor set. It ' s made of an entirely new alloy — " Elgiloy. " Even after wound in a barrel, it will maintain its original shape indefinitely. Not since jewel bearings were intro- duced in 1704 has the science of watchmaking advanced in such a tremendous stride. All new Elgin Watches have the new DuraPower Mainspring. The mark dp is on each dial. Patenl pt ' nding ELGIN WATCHES ELGIN NfiTIONflL WATCH COMPANY Lincoln Division TIMED TO THE STARS Page 468 For . . . your dancing pleasure bring your friends to EAST HILLS 70th Sumner SIDLES Pontiac Cadillac Co. Sales Service 1328 P St. Phone 2-7677 Dunn. Barbara 99. 384 Durkop. Emily 115, 362 Durrie. George 426 Dutlon. Don 436 DuTeau. Yvonne 116, 392 Dworak. Phyllis 355 Dworsky. Barbara 41 Dworsky, Stan 340 Dve. Mary.. 69. 223, 328. 328. 336. 374 Dyer, Earl 365 Dyer, Earl 99 Dyer. Gene 365 Dygerl, Charles 236. 341 Dyuyhriy, Mary 360 Dzavil. Paul 363 E Earnest, Ludean 358 East. Betty 116 Easter. Robert 99. 412 Easterly, Jack 234 Eaton, Gene 51. 408 Eaton. Marjorie 69 Eberliart. Doris 340 Eberle. Lloyd 34 Ebner, Warren 410 Eby, Charlotte 41, 353 Eohtenkamp. Harlan 99, 410 Eckloff. Warren 234 Eckual. Jean 116, 390 Edee, Frances 41, 392 Edee, Jim 424 Edgecomb. William 51, 408 Edkblade, James 237 Edling. Grace 42 Edwards. Beth 350 Edwards, D. W 450 Edwards. Eugene 116, 422 Edwards, Robert 99. 412 Egan, Dan 422 Egan. Rodge 422 Eggert, Charlene 116, 354 Eggert. Robert 116. 234 Ehlers, Gordon 64. 444 Ehlers, Margaret 339 Ehrlick, Dwain 116. 440 Ehrmann, Bertrand 116. 416 Ehrmann, Jocelyn 99, 378 Eiberger. Maurus 234. 340 Eidam, Marilyn 116. 335. 378 Einkopf, Jack 65. 366 Ei sen hart. Warren 116 Eisenhart, Wayne 426 Ekblad, Marian 342 Ekblad, William 76 Ekstrand, Margaret 354 Eller, Lynn 99. 430 Elliot, Catherine 99. 376 Elliott, Donald 116. 442 Ellis. Don 223 Ellis. Edwin 34 Ellis, lona 341 Ellis. John 213. 341 Eisner, Virginia 348 Elson. Wilma 34. 354 Elward, Melvin 99. 438 Elwonger, Clarence 42 Ely, Dorothy 133, 378 Emerson, Orin 42. 366 Emery, Warren 69 Emmetl. Roland 99. 412 Emmons, John 440 Engdall. Herbert 133. 436 Engdahl. Lilla 69. 335. 336 Engler, Melvin 133, 416 Engstrora. Harold 99. 428 Engstrom. Margie 42. 380 Erdman. Carol 116. 303. 386 Erickson. Carole 133. 390 Erickson, Conrad 51 Erickson, Dewaine 234 Erickson, Eldon 234 Erickson. Laura 116. 356 Erickson, Dolores 42 Erickson, Lois 116. 356 Erlweine, Dale 99. 420 Erlweine. Gale 99. 420 Ernst, Dona 99, 355 Ernst, Jean 362 Ernst, John 408 Ernst, John 34, 234, 235, 402 Ervin. Willis 337 Erwin. Don 99 Eshelman, Richard 234 Eskilsen. Dona 133. 354 Eskilsen, Shirley 99. 221. 376 Espegren. Richard 214 Esser, Howard 428 Essnian, Rolland 34, 234 Eslep, Ray Hfi Eslermann. Dolores 359 Estes. Elizabeth 42. 360 Estes. Dorothy 133 Etniund. Betty 99, 378 Etmund, Don 133, 424 Evans, Doyle 116 Evans. John 449 Everitt, Edward 99. 416 Evnen. Everett Hfi Evnew, Everett 446 Ewald, Beverly 133. 382 Ewell, Charles 233 Ewing, Randall 99, 422 Exstrom, Paul 238 Eyth. Wiliam 116. 428 F Faes. Roberta 35. 374 Fagerberg. George 426 Fagot. Francis 116, 408 Fahrnbruch. Dale 339 Fairchild, Janet 116, 382 Fairchild, Warren 99, 422 Fairchild, Zane 238 Faires. Frank 133. 442 Falk. Arnold 133. 432 Falk, Beulah 133 Falloon, Marian 69. 394 Faiikhauser, Joan 69, 328, 392 Farber. Ajon 116, 446 Farber, Donald 432 Farber, Edwin 99, 432 Fard. Irad j 133 Faris, Elizabeth 356 Faris, Margaret 116 Farmer. Graydon 3.S Farmer, James 42, 436 Earner, Robert 116 Farrar, Joan 99. 388 Farrell, Mary 69 Fastenau, Ardin 99. 418 Faw, Barbara 116 Feehan. William 51, 365. 404 Feese, Joan 372 Fehrs, Mary 116, 382 Feld, Marvin 116. 432 Feldman, Madelon 133. 380 Fenster, Mary 116, 398 Ferguson, Mary 99 Ferschtman, Gloria 133. 396 Fesler, Betty 116. 376 Fiala, Clarence I33 Fiala, Clarice 340. 354 Fiala, Joseph 99. 414 Fiddock. EUen 133, 374 Fidel, Vodis 35, 359 Fiebig, Glen 449 Fiese, Joan 99 Fieth, Doris 42 Figge, Ann 116, 374 Filter, Kathryn 35 Finch, Donald 133, 234 Finker, John 116 Finkle. Ruth 51, 374 Finklesten. Sanford 116, 446 Finkner, John 365 Finlay, Reginald 99, 424 Finley, Edwin 237 Finnegan, Leonard 99, 418 Finstrom. Don 116, 418 Firnhaber, Arnold 99. 410 Fischer, Arlene 99, 396 Complete Line of Distinctive Men ' s Clothing NUNN-BUSH ANKLE FASHIONED OXFORDS WINGS SHIRTS— COOPER ' S U NDERWEAR STORRS-SCHAEFER CUSTOM MADE SUITS BOTANY AND WEMBLEY TIES ELLINGER ' S 12th and P Streets Dial 5-8040 HILTNER FLORAL COMPANY Fresh Flowers Daily from our Greenhouses 135 So. 12th 2-2775 CONTINUOUS SERVICE IN LINCOLN FOR 45 YEARS Page 469 Cl jcun The Cornhusker has chosen the David J. MoUoy Plant to furnish the covers for the 1948 edition. " C vcJidu Jbj TnjoUDjjJ ' The DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 N. WESTERN AVE. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS PHILLIPSBURG GROCERY COMPANY PHILLIPSBURG, NEW JERSEY DISTRIBUTORS OF EXQUISITE CANNED FRUITS and VEGETABLES C-verulhinq the name impliei Hsrlier. CletuB 246 Fischer. Phyllis 42. 219. 378 Fischer. Ruth 354 Fisher. LaVeme 133 Fisher, Leo 69 Fisher. Leulla 99, 357 Fisher. Norma 133 Fisher. Ruth 133 Fishwood, H. H 238 Fishwood, Margaret 35. 354 Fiske, Myrna 99 Fiske, Patricia 99. 394 Fislar. June 116. 382 Fitch. Patricia 90. 350 Fitzmorris. Rita 99. 384 Flagg. Gould 51. 326. 408 Flagg. Priscilla 35, 328, 338, 376 Flaherty, Francis 99, 438 Flansburg, Stephen 116, 412 Flebbe. George 76, 221, 236, 341 Fleig. Marion 116 Fleishman. Alan 133, 446 Fleming, Antonia 133, 378 Flemming, John 116 Flesher, Bruce 367 Flesher, Donald 236, 367 Fletcher. Roderick 426 Flicher, Alice 133 Flics, Thelma 69 Flood. Audrey 133. 378 Flon.l. (;ordon 213 Florcll, Robert 99 Flowerday. Albert 116, 420 Foft, John 116, .365 Folda. Dick 326 Foole. Duane....35. 234, 235. 337. 402 Ford. Howard 42. 406 Ford. James 64. 450 ForeslH»e, Melvin 99 Forinasli, Donald 133 Fornian, Jack 116, 432 Forney, I.ewi. 133, 213 Forsl.r, Francis 100, 390 Fors the, Audrey 42. 392 Fortna. Lloyd 116. 402 Foahier. Bill 339, 408 Fossland, Robert 235 Foster, Betty 99, 372 Foster, Charles 51 Foster, John 235 Foster, Lois 99, 398 Foster, Robert 116. 404 Foster, Virginia 133, 398 Foster, Wayne 340 Fonts. Harold 238 Fox. Harry 426 Francis. Patricia 116. 356 Frandsen. Herbert 116. 430 Franke. Robert 100. 414 Frankel. Stuart 51. 446 Frankforter. C. J 239 Frankfurter. Rebanis 69, 336, 352 Frankforter. W. D 239 Franklin. Don 133. 418 Franklin. Marvin 116. 438 Franklin. Rodney 42. 326. 369, 422 Frans. James 100. 438 Fraser. Duncan 340 Frazee. Mary 100. 384 Fredrick, Gordon 339 Fredrickson, Darwin 213, 221 Fredrickson, Joan 133, 384 Frederickson, Keith 234, 420 Freed, Percy 116. 436 Freeman. Douglas 116, 438 Freeman, Lucille 69 French, Bill 213 French, Burton 234, 402 French. Merwyn 116, 420 Friedricksen, Bernard 133, 366 Fritz, J, B 116. 440 Fritz. Lois 69, 336. 374 Frost. Harold 77, 237, 339 Frost, Wayne 51 Fnihbuuer, Ernest 116, 414 Fry, Charles 116, 430 Page 470 Fry. Mary 69. 381 Fuchser, Cleo 100. 3i3. 365 Fuchser, Fay 116. 365 Fugate. F. N 448 Fuhr, William... 100. 414 Fiikuhara. Harry 77 Fullbrook. Earl 49 Fuller, Emma 35. 372 Fuller. Fred 408 Fuller. Richard 51. 4,36 Fulton. Robert .,,.51. 404 Funk. Duane 116. 426 Funk. Jay 77. 237. 365 Funk. Jean 100. 236. .365 Furrer, Weston 235, 337 Cabar, Lois 100 Cable. June 51. 372 Caddis. Pal 133. 388 Cade. Gail 246 Caebler. Walter 116. 438 Caines. Mary 133. 392 Caines. Tyler 448 Calbraith. Fran 117. 348 Galbraith, William 117. 418 Gallagher. Donna 42. 392 Galloway, Harry 117. 430 Galloway. Robert 412 Gallup. Don 51. 408 Canz. Charles 117. 408 Ganz, Dale 213 Ganz, J. R 450 Ganzel. Dewey 100. 214. 434 Ganzel. Virgil 340 Card. Don 420 Card. Gene 100. 420 Gardiner. Patricia 100. 388 Gardner. Barbara 133. 394 Gardner, Dwayne 233 Gardner, Gerald 100. 430. 444 Gardner. John 100 Gardner. Mark 77 Gardner. Robert 100, 422 Carey. Marjory 133 Carey, Nancy 69, 384 Garland, Patricia 133, 348 Garnish, Judy 117, 384 Caron, Norton 100, 446 Carretson, Richard 133, 213 Garrison, Mary 117, 356 Garrop, Rosalie 133, 396 Carton, Patricia 100, 386 Carver, Dick 233 Gass, Rosemary 69, 388 Cass, Walter 133. 428 Cast. June 69. 214. 378 Ganger. Marilyn 133 Gauger. Shirley 133 Ganger. Wendell 117. 438 Cavenman. Lawrence 77. 446 Gay. Rolland 117. 404 Cealy. Gordon 213. 428 Ceddes. Joyce 35, 328, 338, 392 Ceier. Leo 117, 246, 426 Ceisl, Kathryn 100. 360 Celler. Charles 363 Gelwick, Richard 100. 438 Cembul. Robert 42. 438 Gentry. Margie 33-i George. Harold 364 George. Josephine 100. 392 Gerdes. Lawrence 117, 440 Gerhard. Harry 408 Gerhart. Harold 117. 408 Gerstenberger. Bonnie 117. 384 Cessner, Gene 426 Gessner. Robert 77. 426 Gessner. Shirley 117, 382 Celtman. Olive 131. 133. 372 Gettys. Wilbur 77. 237 Ceye. Donald 100. 410 Gibb. Robert 238 Gibbs. Doris 117. 374 Cibbs. Marylois 117. 398 Gibson. Raleigh 100 Gibson. Robert 117, 402 Gibson. William 117, 402 BLOOM TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE SALES REPAIR RENT The Sfudenis Store 2-5258 323 No. 13 PURVEYORS OF QUALITY MEATS to the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, HOSPITALS, RAILROADS AND AIRLINES THE STANDARD MARKET Wholesale Meats 1535 " O " STREET Page 471 If it ' s a Roof . . We have it SOME OF OUR JOBS: Student Union, Coliseum, Andrews Hall, Morrill Hall, Carrie Bell Raymond Hall, and Love Hall, Ag College Love Hall, Love Memorial Library, Food and Nutrition Building, Field House, Armory, Men ' s Dormitories Buy from an old esfabllshed and reliable firm ROOFS— SIDING— SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL TYPES AIR CONDITIONING THE KRAUSE CO. Lincoln 2-4413 74 Years in Lincoln Grand Island Gilbert, Alo 234 Gilbride, Robert 213 Gilg, Donna 350 Gill. Edith 117, 398 Gillan. Lila 42. 374 Gillaspie. Thomas 246 Gillespie. Barbara 340 GilleBpie. Helen 42. 388 Gillett. Lois 100, 360 Gillette, Edward 77. 237, 420 Gilmore, Annis 42, 394 Gilmore. Elliott 117, 428 Cilmore, Philip 117, 436 Gilpin, Jean 342 Ginn. William 450 Cish. Herbert 117, 430 Gish. Nancy 100, 384 Gisaler. Bernard 117. 410 Gissler, Leonard 100, 410 Gissler, Holland 410 Glass, Orville 100, 412 Glazer, Jacqueline 117, 396 Glebe. Maxine 51, 355 Glebe, Wilma 133 Glenn, Carl 100. 428 Glock, Barbara 133 GItidowsky, Rita 117 Cloor, Alvin 100 Glover. Loyd 52. 367 Cloy.tcin, Elroy 117, 246, 410 Cloyslein, Harold 410 Clozer, Jaciiucline 396 Clynn. Nancy 117, 382 Cobar. Lois 390 Coesch, Charles 410 Cohde, Arline 133, 390 Goin. Eiifene 35, 234 Golan, Fred 246 Goldblalt. LeRoy 117, 416 Goldman, Richard 133. 446 Coldsmilh, Margaret 117, 218 Coll, James 117, 426 Good, Loren 234 Page 472 Good. Robert 1.S3, 430 Goodbrod, Walter 213. 221 Gooding, Barbara 100, 380 Goodnick, Doris 90, 350 Goodwin, Francis 117, 418 Gordon, Jacqueline 42, 396 Gorman, J()hn 42 Gorton, Frank 213 Goss, Robert 82 Gottstein, Stuart 117, 446 Grabouski, Philip 234, 235. 340 Gradoville, Joan 350 Grael, Dave 233 GraR. Mary 100, 335, 357 Graff. Phil 238 Grafton. Neva 117 Graham, Joan 117, 378 Graham. Mary... 117. 380 Graham. Pat 100, 372 Graham, Rosemary 133, ,3,94 Graham, Wendell 233 Granz. Eleanor 336 Grasmick. JoAnn 69, 378 Graiil. Dale 100, 404 (iraunke. Dean 69, 214 Graves, Harris 42, 430 Graves. Janet 134, .194 Greeg, Geraldinc 134 Green, Betty 134, 382 Green, Robert 100, 404 Green, Robert 67, 444 Green, Robert 100. 418 Green, Roy 75 Greenbere, Barton 52, 246, 446 Greenbere. Bruce .52, 446 Greene, .Adele 386 Greene, Earl 100, 422 Greene, Gladys 69 Greene, John 52 GrcenBard, Chester ,52. 446 (;reenslrcet, Walson 100, 366 Greenwolt, Dolores 117, 357 Greer. William 412 Greger, George 42. 223 Gregg, Geraldine 348 Greusel. Fred 77, 236, 430 Gribble, Rex 339 Griebel. Geraldine 134 Griebling. Ethel 117. 357 Griffin, Iden 117. 426 GriUin. Mary 100, 398 Griffiths. Eugene 238 Griswold. Dwight 117, 408 Griggs, James 100. 430 Grimes. Charles 77. 342 Grimm. Bill 234 Grimm. Marvin 246 Grobeek, Gloria 100, 355, 362 Grogan, Robert 246 Grossd, Neal 234 Grosserode, Mary 70, 356 Grosserode. Paul 35, 234, 402 Grossman. William 449 Groleluscher, Roland 134, 410 Grothe. Gladys 42. 117. 337, 376 Grothe, Norma 223, 376 Grotrian, Eileen 70, 357 Gruber, Robert 364 Grummert, Milbert 117, 410 Granger, Samuel 100, 236. 432 Gruver, Richard 450 Gueck, Mary 70. 372 Guelker. .Shirley 134. 360 Guendel. Marv 70, 388 Guenzel. Lois 117. 392 Cuhin, Patricia 100, 221. 372 Guhin, Virginia .134, 372 Guidinger. Belly 13-4. 390 Guilford. Joan 100, 376 Guinan. Mark 239 Guiou. William 77. 236, 341 Cunderson, Ted 117, 430 Gunderson. William 449 Gundy. Patricia 134, 38i Gunnerson, James 42 (iu.laffou, Gladvs 100, 388 Gustafson, Robert 236 Gustavson, Reuben 19 Gustavson, Russell 100, 416 Gutschon, Marylis 90, 350 Gwynn, James 426 H Haarmann. Beverly 117. 374 Haas, Clarence 238 Haas. Duane 52, 416 Hagaman, Marjorie 70, 221. 343, 352 Hagee. Carl 64. 450 Hageman. Roberf 235 Hagen, Robert 404 Hagensick, Helen 70, 336. 356 Hahn. Mimi 42, 384 Hahn, Robert 246 Hale. Jane 134. 376 Hale, Russell 117, 430 Hale, Taylor 77, 236, 422 Haley, Phyllis 134, 388 Hall. Gerald 434 Hall. Lilla 4.50 Halligan, Jean 42, 376 Halsey, Lewis 117, 234, 340 Ham. Cay 42, 303, 386 Ham, Kendall 234 Hamilton. Donald 117, 412 Hamilton, Fred 52, 406 Hamilton. Marie 386 Hamilton. Marion 134 Hamilton. Robert 101. 298 Hamilton. Robert E 234. 428 Hamilton. Virginia 100. 386 Hamilton. Bill 428 Hammang. Eugene 440 Hammcniuisl. Paul 408 Hammcl. Don 234 Hamiues. Leonard 117, 442 Hancock. Ernest i 340 Hancock, Margaret 221 Hanel, Stanley 236, 341 Hanisch, Dick 117, 430 AROUND THE ATTHE From September to May — Formol or itt- formo I— -students in the know ofwoys mi- grate to the T jsty Pastry Shop when the " big doin ' s " is over! ■ft. A. Q. SCHiMMIX MftNAGING DTRfiCTOE A. t. LEW. UESIDEHJ MANAGER m OMi HA HaTEL BLACKSTONE Pa-e ' :: Hann, Virginia 90. 350 HanKD. Dale 101. 236, 408 HanacD. Earl 101. 238. 365 Hansrn. Gerald 234 Hansen. Harold 234 HaniMrn. Joan 348 Hannen, JoAnn 134 Hanaen, Lucille 134 Hansen. Robert 43, 223 Hansen. Vireene 101. 394 Hanson. Elinor 134 Hanson, Gene 35. 337 Hanson, George 101, 440 Hanson, Gerald 117. 418 Hanson. Harrison 52, 430 Hanson. James 43 Hanson. M 367 Hanson. Paul 117. 438 Hanlhorn. George 236 Harberl. Wiley 234 Harder. Evelyn 101. 357 Harding. Cwen 134, 388 Harding, Ken 239. 246 Hardl, Hinry 410 Hardl, Lorraine 70, 355 Hardl, Ronald 408 Harley. Tom 424 Harman. Janet 134, 378 Harmon, Jamea 420 Harms, Ada 336 Harms, Glenn 10 Hamsberger, Dorothy 117, 388 Harper, Royce 449 Harper, William 21 Harr Harr Harri Harr Harri Hair Harri Harri s. Belly 117 B. Don 430 s. Harry 101, 436 a. Lee 117. 432 !. Marie 134 s, Phyllis 101, 372 s, Sheldon 101, 446 B, William 118, 418 Hartman, Cedrir 118 Harlman, Donna 35, 378 Hartman, Virginia 134, 378 Hartmann. Delores 101 Har ey. Ted 118. 436 Haseloh. Marilyn 101 Haseloh. Mary 348, 362 Hdslam, John 101, 412 Ha»»elbalch, Curt 118. 412 Hasselbalch. Duane 118. 438 Hatch. Harold 416 Hathaway, Stanley 450 Hauge, Myra 118, 219, 398 Haugse. Gordon 238 Hauplman, Charles 239 Hauptnian, Homer 118, 428 Havelka, Joseph 234 Hawes. Richard 236 Hawkins, Bill 64, 412, 444 Hawkins, Fred 118, 430 Haworth, Colleen 43 Haworlh, Stanley 402 Hayashi. Ruby 352 Hays. Betty 70 Hays. Byron 118. 436 Hays. H. C 101 Hays, Morris 213 Hays. John 52. 418 Hays. Hobarl 246 Havward. Glenn 234 Hazelrigg, Robert 236. 246 Hebenstreit. James 449 Heckenlively. Bette 52, 388 Hecon, Fred 64 Hcdstrom, Jean 134, 384 Heebner, Gordon 422 Heeney, Barney 426 Heermann, Hugo 134 Hefner, Fred 118, 410 Hegwood, Friti 246 Heidtbrink, Werner 239 Heikes. Allen 424 Heiliger. Lowell 52, 440 Hein, Al 221 Heiii, Doris 131 Hein, William 412 Heins, Don 101 Heins, Roscoe 410, 450 Heilgrass, Ralph 424 Held, Aria 70 Heller, Doris 101 Helmsladler, Ken 236 Hell, Mary 35 Hemenway, Douglas 101, 402 Hcmminger, Gretchen 101, 219, 372 Henderson, Mary 118, 382 Hendrickson, Don 77, 237. 426 Hendricks. Howard 101 Hene. Bert 118. 446 Henkel. William.... 118, 410 Henkle, William E 424 Henrickson, Carol 335 Henrickson, Marjorie AA Henry, Alex 236 Henschel, Darlene 134, 398 Hensel, Elaine 101. 386 Henzlik. Frank 57 Hepperly. Eileen 101, 386 Herman, Albert 118 Herman, Jack 101, 426 Hermann, Roland 52, 366 Hersc, Eleanor 118. 398 Hershman, Stephen 101 Hershorn. Helen 118. 396 Herzog, Donald 448 Herzog, Frederick 426 Heuke, Raymond 448 Heuser, Lois 43, 360 Heuser, Martha 52, 360 Hewes, Leslie 239 Hewetl, Mary 101, 382 Hewke, Raymond 410 Hey, Norma 134 Heynen, Pat 221, 384 Hiatt, Harry 43, 426 Hick, Elaine 3.50 Hickey, Patricia 118, 376 Hicks, .Miriam 134, 386 Hiekes. Allen 118 Higgins, Carol 118 Higgins. Robert 233 Higginbothan, Ed 233 High, Gloria 354 High, Joanne 358 High. Richard 118. 424 Hildebrand. Robert 118. 418 Hill. Emra 118 Hill. Jack 43. 326, 440 Hill, Jacquelyn 101, 360 Hill. Paul 52, 401 Hill, Virginia 134, 386 Hill, William 134 Hillman, Arthur 2,13 Hinds, Thurman 426 Hinds, Robert 134, 412 Hines, Virginia 134 Hinnman, Charles 52. 414 Hinrichs. Warren 414 Hinlz. Richard 118. 422 Hinze. Warren 52. 411 Hobson. Clyde 118. 418 Hock. Noma 118, 360 Hodder, Don 426 Hoefner, Neal 364 Hoelscher, Jerome 213 Hoftert, Doris 90, 350 HoFFman, Jean 101 Hoffman. Wendell 84 Hoflmeisler, Mary 134, 378 HoBmeistcr, Rex 118, 422 Hokamp. Eleanor 134 Hokamp. Jane 358 Hoke, Phyllis 70, 386 Holbrook, Jack 101, 42 ' Holcomb. Betty.. 43. 221, 223, 328, 380 Holechek, Robert 43 Holland, Mary Sue 118. ,184 Hollander, Dick 134, 428 Holliday, Patricia 101, 398 Hollins, Kenneth 70, 246 Since 1886 Serving U. of N. Students with Fine Laundering — Dry Cleaning Just 1 2 Block South of the Campus 333 No. 12th 2-6961 ymn LAUNDRY CLEANING SULLIVAN TRANSFER and STORAGE MOVERS— STOKERS— PACKERS Fireprool buildings, separate locked rooms; your goods are safe in our care. Office 301 North Eighth Street Phone 2-6737 LINCOLN AND GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA Serving Nebraska Since 1871 The First National Bank OF Lincoln Page 474 Holm, Pauline 101. 356, 359 Holman, Donald 64, 448 Holmes, Joan 43. 384 Holmes, Robert 35, 234. 402 Holmes, Rockne 118. 434 Holmes, Sally 134. 388 Holmquist. Harold 101. 426 Holslein. D 340 Hotthus. Burton 410 Holze. Edith 118 Hoobler, M. V 450 Hoofmau, Joan 70 Hooper. Bert 59 Hooper. Byron 118, 436 Hope, Billy 339 Hord, Douglas... 118. 412 Hord, Thomas 118. 412 Hombacher, Kenneth 422 Horst. Esther 118. 390 Horstman. Mary 134. 398 Horten. Helen 359 Horton, Helen 101 Honvilz, Ruth 118, 396 Hope, Bill 43 Houendick, Donald 134 House. Hazelje 118. 372 Housel. Ray 118. 444 Hovendick. Donald 428 Howard, Roswell 118. 412 Howard. Warren 101. 428 Howey, Kancy 118. 392 Hoy, Rex 246 Hoyt, Ralph 213 Hubka, Lewis 43, 239 Hueftle, Gilbert 450 Huff, Donald 52. 404 Huff, Eldon 118, 414 Huff. Margaret 101 Huffaiker, Dillard 234 Huffman. Donald 52. 365. 404 Huffman. Rithard 134. 412 Hufford. Janite 134. 378 Hulnagle. Patricia 118. 362 Hughes. Clayton 422 Hughe?. Dorothy 356 Hughes. Jack 52 Hughes. Warren 213 Hughes. Marilyn 90. 350 Hulac . Franres 34 Hull. Jerry 134. 426 Hulvey. Henry 238 Humphrey, Micheal 237 Huudert. Gordon 118. 414 Hunt, Bob 408 Hunt, Jean 70 Hunt, Richard 13S Hunt, Wendall 70 Hunter. Lewis 43 Hupp. George 449 Hurlbert. Loyal 246 Hurlhurl. J.ick 416 Hurlhut. L. W 238 Hush, Loraine 303 Huston. Carolyn 135. 340. 354 Huston. Harriet 135, 394 Huston. Tede 101. 424 Hutton. Lynn 436 Hude. Layton 364 Hyde. Lois 341 Hvland. Jeanne 135. 372 Hyland. Patti 101 388 Hvland. Tom 52. 412. 414 lahgdall. Barbara 358 Ichinaga. Dorothy 43, 352 Iddings. Carter 426 Her. Louise 135. 382 Ingram, Eugene 52, 440 Ingram. Paul 101. 440 Ingwerson. Dale 118, 434 Ingwerson, Jovce 358 Ironlield, Harold 118, 412 Inin. James 118, 430 Irwin. Frances 118. 362 Ivener. Sally 118 J Jaekman, Georgia 118 Jackman, Herbert 118, 213, 428 Jackson, Beverly 43, 328 Jackson. Georgia 358 Jackson. Gladys 214 Jackson. Leland 236 Jacobs, . nnette 70. 219. 396 Jacobs. Franklin 135. 446 Jacobsen. Warren 118. 408 Jacobson. J. R 450 Jacupke. Arlene 101. 359 Jacupke. Gerald 70. 233. 246. 408 Jahde, Willis 52. 410 James. Melvin 101, 366 James, Mercedes 386 James, Mimi 135. 372 James. Muriel 101, 218. 359 James. Nona 119 Jamison. G. V 236 Jeffrey. Robert 43, 339. 430 Jeffrey. Stanley 118 Jemen, Duane 420 Jenkins, Gordon 43. 426 Jenkins, John 101. 236, 440 Jenkins, Patricia 43. 398 Jensen. Catherine 135. 374 Jensen. Donald.... 35. 420 Jensen, Eugene.. 101. 234. 235. 340. 420 Jensen. Eunice 340. 359 Jensen. Fern 135 Jensen. Frances 354 Jensen, Frances 118 Jensen, Howard 101. 422 Jensen. J. K 236. 341 Jensen. James 77. 367 Jensen. Jean 101, 304. 378 Jensen. Mary Lou 43. 374 Jensen. Nancy 135. 374 Jensen. Omar 236 Jensen. Warren 367 Jesch. Dolores 70, 356 Jessup. Robert 101, 237 Jiracek, Edward 52 Jobes, Keith 52, 438 Johansen, Douglas 118, 238 Johansen, Homer 102 Johansen, Ray 118 Johns, Harold 341 Johns. Max 102. 416 Johnson, Ann 135 Johnson, Arnold 77 Johnson, Barbara 43, 386 Johnson. Bruce 118. 408 Johnson. Carol 135 Johnson. Dakota 135 Johnson. Donna 350 Johnson, Donna 119, 354, 390 Johnson, Donna Lu 119, 354 Johnson, Frank 449 Johnson. Frank M 18 Johnson. Gardner 416 Johnson. Gordon 102, 418 Johnson. Harold 102 410 Johnson. Hartrice 119. 380 Johnson. Irene 119, 374 Johnson. Ivan 236 Johnson. Jacqueline 135, 378 Johnson, James 43, 77, 434 Johnson, Janetle 135, 372 Johnson. Joyce 119. 384 Johnson. Loren 43. 436 Johnson, Margaret 135, 392 Johnson, Marjorie 135, 340 Johnson, Marjorie 105, 394 Johnson, Mary Frances 135, 354 Johnson, Mary Lou 348 Johnson, Mimi 337 Johnson, Palmer 119, 424 Johnson. Phyllis 135 Johnson. Ralph 35, 234 Johnson. Richard 102, 442 Johnson. Richard L 418 Johnson. Robert L 234 Johnson. Robert 119. 440 Johnson. Roger 102, 418 FRED S. SIDLES MOTORS, INC. Biiick Sales Service 1400 Q St. Phone 2-7027 Sartor Jewelry Co. 120D O St., Lincoln it ' s o Gift of Quality we have it. DIAMONDS— WATCHES— SILVER " ALSO BUBBLE GUARDS " ■J ince 1888 . . . PRINTERS and BINDERS of BETTER School y nnuau ♦ ALL-AMERICAN CORNHUSKERS OF 1934 AND 1947 PRINTED AND BOUND IN OUR PLANT ... A RECORD OF WHICH WE ARE JUSTIFIABLY PROUD. Jacob r lortk tsf L o. 1118-1122 M STREET 2-2110 • LINCOLN PRINTING O F DISTINCTION Page 475 Johnson. Rnma 214 Johnson. Rov 213 Johnson, Kulh 119. 338. 318 Johnson, Sally 119. 381 Johnson, Stanford ' U2 Johnson. Stanley 43. 326, 340, 428 Johnson. Vauiihn 102. 235, 434 Johnson. Virgil 337 Johnston. Arrh 341 Johnston, Dorothy 342 Johnston. James S3. 434 Johnston, Jerry 93. 102. 223. 426 Johnston. Marjorie 20 Johnston, Paul 418 Joint ' s. Osa 135 Jones, Caroline 102, 374 Jones, Daniel 119. 426 Jones. Gerald 119 Jones. Graham 102. 426 Jones. Griffith 108 Jones. Henry 77. 221 Jones, Jain 70, 386 Jones, Knox 408 Jones. Lloyd 119 Jones. Martha 77. 237. .303. .335. 339. 378 Jones. Nolan 135. 364 Jones. Phyllis 53. 374 Jones. Quentin 233 Jones. Willis 246 Joneson. Richard 447 Jordan. Robert 102. 426 Jorden. Ed 221 Joselyn, Gary 364 Joyce, Carol 119 Judd. Margaret 135 Judd. Peggy 348 K Kaasch, James 119, 436 Kaczmarek, Leo 77 Kadaby. Dale 119, 416 Kaderii, Barbara 135. 398 Kaderli. Kdwin .53. Hit Kahle. John 119. 410 Kahler. Marvin 77 Kahn. Janet 376 Kahrn. Edward 4 { Kahrs. Robert 234 Kailey. Kenneth 412 Kailey. Vernon 2.33 Kaiman. Myrna 119. 396 Kaiser. Edward 77. 238. 410 KalignfT. Margaret 119 Kalin. Kathryn S3. 360 Kalin. Margaret 119, 360 Kalin, Marilyn 119. 360 KallholT. Margaret 3,59 Kallos. Gregory 102, 434 Kane. William 119 Kano. Adeline 43. 352 Kantor. John 102 Karel. Marilyn 135 Karlson. Norma 135. 390 Karsjens. James 53 Karsten. Herbert 119. 233 Karsten. Nellie 70 Kasal, Gladys 70, 356 Kase. Joseph 102, 404 Kaswiner. Nina 119, 3S2 Kati. Rhoda 102. 396 Katzman. Charlotte 119. 396 Katzman, Daniel S3, 432 Kaufman. Clarence 339 Keck, James 102, 408 Kecklcy, Joyce S3, 392 Keebler, Betty 43. 382 KeefTc. Mary 135 Keenan. Betty 70 Keene, Peter 424 Keeney, Philip 102. 234, 235, 402 Kegley. Keith 234 Kehl. Leonard 408 Kehn, Imogene 43. 359 Keim, Lila 359 Kelberg, Lois 119, 374 BALL DRUGS Prescription Lunch Fountain Service " MEET AT THE VARSITY BALCONY " Comer 13th P St, Stuart BIdg. 2-7037 YOU will enjoy the best of foods and fountain service at EARL WOOD DAIRY STORE NO. 14 508 No. 14th JOE TUCKER— Prop. Fraternity and Sorority • Party Invitations • Bulletins • Publications • Form Letters PRINTING . PHOTO OFFSET MULTIGRAPH . MIMEOGRAPH MAILING SERVICE BOOMER ' S PRINTING COMPANY 2-7045 1210 P Street Kell. Barbara 135 Kell, Shirley 119, 380 Kcllen. Robert 416 Kellenbarger, Jo 102. 357 Keller. Paul 43 Keller. Robert 102, 416 Kelley. Donald 363 Kellison, Mary 102. 388 Ki-lner, Deanc 119 Kellner. Robert 119 Kellogg, Donald 35, 420 Kelogg, George 236 Kelly, Charlotte 44, 355 Kelly, Bill 213, 221 Kelly, Ethel 70 Kelly. Eugene 119. 436 Kelly. Jo Ann 102. 223. 380 Kelly, Marcia 246 Kelly, M 44. 398 Kennedy, Audrey 135, 390 Kennedy. Bruce 408 Kennedy. Charlenc 119, 384 Kennedy, Clay 102, 234, 402 Kennedy. Jack 246 Kennedy. Marilyn 350 Kennedy. Ralph 426 Kennedy. Roberta 102. 382 Kenner. Ann 119, 392 Kenner. James 53. 428 Kenner. William 120, 428 K.-nt. Dorothy 102, 386 Kent. Elna 70, 356 Kent. Jack 53. 404 K,nyon. Harry 119. 234 Kepler. Claire 337 Kepler, Clifford 422 Kepner. Janet 135. 386 Kerrigan. Jeanne 102. 304. 394 K ersey. Arden 239 Kersey. Evertt 77 Kersey, James 44. 239 Kess, Clair 35 Kesscl. John 440 Ketsler. Janne 388 Kidder. Jack 422 Kiester, Kenneth 102, 234, 402 Killian. Jack 44. 426 Killian. Leo 135 Killian, Warren 44, 426 Killion, Marlin 119, 213, 221. 434 Kimball, Bill 119, 4,30 Kimball. Rosemary 119, 392 Kimmcrling, Max 102, 402 Kincanon. Raymond 119, 306 Kinder, Marlyn 70. 418 Kinder, Monte 233. 246 Kindscher. Donald 71 King. Calvin 237 King. Conrad 102 King. Gaylon 119. 436 King. Jacqueline 218 King. Nancy 35. 388 King. Ralph 246 King. Shirley 102 Kingery. Wayne 430 Kinnie. Althea 135. 378 Kinnier. Cray 102. 234. 402 Kinney. Lorraine 35. 338. 378 Kinsey. Kay 102. 376 Kinsey. William 102. 424 Kirhofer. Patricia 359 Kirk. Helen 102. 376 Kirkman. Bonita 102. 357 Kirsh. J.din 223 Kittle. Keith 232. 236 Kjelson. Lee 71, 213. 434 Klanecky. Edwin 35 Klein. Ralph 44. 442 Klemine. (Jerberl 119 Klii-nkaul. Bruce 53. 414 Kleinschmidt, Donald 426 Kline. Cozier 430 Kline. Don 223 Klingnian. Laura 102. 354 Klink. Lewis 119, 138 Klopp. Richard 53. 1 Page 476 9 lAndsiA. ' hadwodsilk. Jinsdv HOTEL LINCOLN would be the unanimous choice for Nebraska University Parties A Voyage of Discovery— will disclose Hotel Lincoln ' s super- iority of setting — the exotic Chinese Room, the rustic Garden Room, the classical English Room, the intimate Arbor Room, the festive Renais- sance Room, the stately Ball Room and the Mezzanine Floor Gallery of Art! HOTEL LINCOLN THE CAPITAL ' S FINEST! Page 477 CHINA - GLASS - SILVER JhiL t,i ShofL D ihsL U)£AL LAMPS. PICTURES. MIRRORS China and Glass for FRATERNITY and SORORITY HOUSES — Monogrammed in any pattern desired. Omaha Crockery Co. OMflHfl. NEBRflSKfl Students ! IF OUT OF SCHOOL MAIL YOUR FILM NEPHO Photo Finishinq FOR BETTER SERVICE The Camera Store For Supplies We ' ll Send Mailing Bag Nepho Laboratories 1122 ' ' W Box 231 Lincoln, Nebraska Klug. Mervin i36 Klule, Wayne 119. 418 Knebp). Dunald 119. 402 Knerl. Murjorit- 102, 362 Knudsen, Harry 53, 426 KnudBen. I ' riscilla 119.392 Knuehl, IVggy 348 Koch. Richard 102. 428 Koch, Virginia 135, 388 Koehler. Robert 102, 402 Koehler. Sue 135. 384 Koehn, William 102, 436 Koehne. Carolyn 53. 398 Koenig. Robert S3, 404 Kohan. Richard 119, 446 Kohn, Janet 135 Kohtz. Wesley 119. 434 Kokes, Delorea 1 19. 382 Kokjer, Carter 418 Kokjer, Thomas 119, 418 Kolar, Robert 234 Kolbo, Dorothy 359 Koleszar. Dolores 119 Knniinska, Lnis 358 Komisor. Louise 119 Kontny, Merle .44 Koom, Josephine 119, 396 Koontz, Harry 236 Koop, Dorthea 44, 355 Kopecky. Louise 119. 362 Kopf, Harold 119. 246, 402 Korff. Don 119. 408 Korinek. Donald 213 Koskan, Dalphynie 119 Koskan. June 359 Kostal, Arlene 71. 219 Koslal. Candy 348 Koupal. Howard 102. 426 Kovanda. Keith 120, 418 Kovarik. Virgene 35, 338. 354 Koza, Robert 340 Krafka. Benjamin 102, 414 Krajirek. Althea 135 Krai, Otto 237 Kramer, William 64, 448 Krantz, Lorin 365 Krasne, Byron 213 Krasne, Paul , 446 Krasne, Stuart 446 Krazt, Dean 450 Kraus, Lawrence 367 Krause, Elaine 135, 398 Krause. Harold 422 Krause, Patsy 120, 394 Kreisler. Wanda 135 Krenz, Robert 64, 444 Krenzien, Carl 77, 236. 410 Kreuscher. Allen 135, 234 Krey, Carol 71, 3= 9 Kreycik. Robert 402 Kreymborg. Bonnie 120, 378 Kreymborg. Cayle 120. . " {78 Kroeger, Donalil )!(» Kroger. Don 449 Kroger, John 33. 363. 434 Kroger, Willis 3fi I Kropp, Joan • .l 358 Kruger. William 120 Kruse. John 120. 428 Kruse. Richard 428 Kubicek, Lumir 236 Kubie, Raymond 234 Kuchmak, Micheal 102 Kugler, Mary 348 Kuhl, Ella 90, 350 Kuhl, Richard 120, 426 Kuhlnian. Marilyn 102 Kuhlman, Norman 235, 337 Kuhlman, Paul 53. 404 Kuiper, Darline 120 Kuehl. Peggy 136 Kugler, Mary 136 Kuklin, Floyd 432 Kuncl. Frank 120, 412 Kurk, George 426 Kusek. Richard 238 Kuska. Richard 340. 428 Kuskek, Richard 364 Kyker. Wayne 342 Kyle. Irma 89 L Laase, Leroy 223 LaBelle. Elmer 77 Laflin, Bob 402 Laflin. Bob 408 Laflin, Shirley 218, 360 Lagman, Albert 53, 432 Lahr. Richard 53. 326. 430 Laird. Russell 120. 438 Lallman, Marian 102. 359 Lalman, Russell 410 Lamb. Alvin 102. 420 Lamb, Esther 71, 357 Lamb, Helen 120 Lamb , H oward 238 Lamb. Lloyd 233 Lambert, Stanley 120, 420 Lamborn, George 120, 442 Lammers. Henry 408 Lamoree, Maurice 339 Lampshire, Virginia 120 Lancaster, Susan 44, 388 Landeryou, Lorraine. .44, 328. 337, .384 Landgren, Norman 402 Landon. Arthur 53, 404 Landwehrkamp. Joan 120. 386 Lane. Terry 120. 376 Lang. Hugh 53, 422 Lang, Jean 102. 404 Lange. Echo 359 Lange. Virginia 102. 217 Langenheim, Frederick 53. 436 Langin. Edward 343 Langstroth, Aurelis 120 Lanspa. Myron 434 Lantis, Melvin 3 i Lantz. Harold 4 , 71 Lant7.. K. N 235 Lapp, V. W .....233 Lapp. Virginia 136. 388 Larsen. Gloria 136. 394 TURNPIKE WHERE THE BIG BANDS PLAY . . . MARVELOUS FLOOR . . . CONGENIAL COMPANY . . . FINE MUSIC Watch the Papers for Your Favorite Bonds. Pige 478 Robertson Grocery Located on the Campus Fresh Meats - Fruits - Vegetables 1406 S 2-1504 Larspo. Herman 213. 221 Larson. Bill 103. 426 Larson. Dwight 103. 438 LareoD. James 339 Larson, Marlene 136 Laraon, Mary 120 Larson. Patricia 120. 219. 372 Larson, Raymond 363 Larsun, Robert 53, 414 Larson, Roger 120, 414 Lassen, Robert 408 Latta. Mary 103. 388 Lathrop. Dorothy 120. 372 Lauer, Elaine 359 Laughlin, Merle 77 Laurie, John 53. 440 Laurie, Peggie 103. 388 Law, Davis 120 Law. Joan 136. 380 Lawlor, Nancy 103. 392 Lawrence, James 120. 412 Lawrence, Marilyn 120, 380 Lawson. Allen 418 Lawson, Arthur 236 LawBon. Carolyn 90, 350 Lawson, Edwjn 103. 363. 438 Layton, Charlotte 136 Layton. Jean 358 Leadlcy. Jean 136. 386 Learning, Joann 120 Leary, Frank 416 Leatherman. Keith 103. 363. 438 Ledyard. Lewis 65 Lee, Patricia 90 Lee. Patricia S 103. 350, 390 Lecdom, Jack 120. 416 Leeka. Sherry 71. 336, 394 Lefler, Clanence 246 Leger. Norman 103. 422 Legge. Alex 120. 412 Legge, Marilyn 120. 394 Lehman, John 367 Lehman, Theodore 44, 340. 446 Lehmkuhl. Helen 136 Lehnert, Wilbur 341 Lehr. Donald 234 Leigh. Ronald 103, 404 Leighton, Cene 246 Leinberger, Robert 136 Leininger, Susanne 103, 388 Leininger. V. E 450 Leiay. Jean 120, 219, 378 Lemon, Georgia 44, 388 Lemonds, Dale 214 Lentz, Donald 103. 221. 416 Leoz, Miriam 338 Leonard, Carl 78, 237 Leonard, Glendiae 71, 359 Leonard. Lona 44, 398 Leonard. Robert 339. 364 Leonard, William 120. 440 Lepinski. John 120. 424 Levander. Melvin 440 Levenson, Doris 120. 396 Levine, William 103. 412 Levinger. Harold 103. 446 Levy. Sanford 432 Lewien. LaVerna 359 Lewis, Benjamin 64, 444 Lewis, Clarence 236 Lewie, Evelvn 136 Lewis, Joan 120 Lewis, Kirk 418 Lewis. Lowell 233, 367 Lewton. Burke 406 Leymasler. Homer 339. 341 Liakos. Angeline 120 Libershal, Mary 120. 380 Lichlner. Norma 103 Lidolph, Dorothy 335 Lieber, Dean 44, 365 Lieber. Nancy 120, 378 Liedtke. Clare 336 Liedtke. Stanley 238 Lierk, Shirley 71, 392 Liggett, George 18, 64, 444 Liggett, James 103, 438 Lightner, Norma 352 Liljegren. Ivan 234. 340 Lilly, Daniel 103. 424 Lilly, Harriet 44, 392 Linbaugh. Jack 414 Linch, Laurel 120. 390 Lind, Christy 440 Lind. John 35. 221. 341. 365 Lindley, Joyce 136, 386 Lindwatl, Rodney 236, 430 Line, Patricia 71, 217 Line. William 221, 449 Linn. Jane 136, 376 Lino, John 236 Lipp, Lela 136 Lipps. Robert 103, 233, 246, 412 Lisher, Joann 136, 348 Lisius. Esther 44, 357 Little. Frank 442 Little. Paula 103. 386 Litlrell, Virginia 103 Litz. Helen 136, 374 Livingston. Eloise 53. 380 Llewellyn. Phyllis 71 Lock. Jean 219. 398 Lock. Lillian 103. 338, 354 Lock, Norman 103, 408 Lockwood, Russell 450 Lococu. Joe 213 Loder. Jo Jen 136. 392 Loeffel, Frank 103, 234. 420 Loerch. Russel 426 Logan, Patricia 71, 355 Loisel. Robert 103, 416 Loisel. Thomas 438 Long. Fern 136. 348 Long, Norma 120, 354 Long. Robert 430 Long. Stanley 18 Long. Walter 103. 234, 428 Longfellow, Frances 65. 355 Longman, James 103, 434 Loomis, Maryann 103, 384 Looschen. Mary 91, 350 Lord, Dorothy 103, 352 19D2 194B FDRTY-SIX YEARS DF SERVICE TD LINCOLN AND NEBRASKA NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE 13th 4 " O " Streets Lincoln, Nebraska Member F. D. I. C. Omaha ' s Finest — By Far! HOTEL FONTENELLE Bombay Room — a Magnet for Milesl Page 479 Lord. CUdy 13 i Loreoson, Krith i36 Lorenz, Frederick 246 Lofilroh. Ardis 335 Lolspeich. Beryl 103. 382 Louden, Patricia 103 Loudun. Carrol 53 Loudon, Janet 136. 386. 408 Lovan. Owen 54. 404, 130 Love. Howard 120 Lowe, Marilyn 71, 382 Lowo, Robert 213 Lowe. Ruth 120. 352 Lowe, R. S 450 Lowe, VirKillia 223 Lowry, Frank 36 Lowry, Nancy 120. 392 Lucas. Evelyn TI. 374 Lucas. Trudy 120. 386 I.uchtel. Harold 103. 436 Luilluw. Polly 120, 340, 343, 354 Ludwick, Valine 103. 342, 357 Ludwickson. James 236 Luebbe, Lawrence 136 Luebs. Ralph 36. 235. 337. 420 Luedtke, Kenneth 136 Luedtke. Roland 450 Lueninuhoener. G 239 Luelh. Harold 238 Luhe. T. F 450 Luhra. Gordon 402 Luikart. Gordon 412 Luke. Karl 64. 450 Luodahl. Glenn 234 Lundin. Corrinc 103, 357 Lundquist, Verniel 103. 348 Lundy. Frank 84 Luntey, Robert 44, 239 Lutes, James 234 Lutber. Clyde 438 Luther. Dale 234 Luther, Ernest 65, 438 Luther. Marylou 136, 386 Lutton, Kathcrine 121, 3B( Luvieo, LaVerne 35 Lui. James 420 Lui, Ronald 420 Lul. Stanley 340 Lyberis. Nena 71. 360 Lykke. Elinor 103. 376 Lyle. James 104. 424 Lyman, Joy , 121, 388 Lyness, Marilyn 104, 338 Lyon, .Margaret 71, 378 Lyon. William 44. 434 Lytic, Keith 412 Mc McArthur, Donald 104, 430 McArth ur. Jane 104. 382 McAuIey, Donna 104. 223. 352 McBeth. Lloyd 104. 426 McBride. James 430 McBride. Patricia 121. 398 McCann. John 424 McCarthy, Donald 78 McCarty, William 426 McClain. Helen 362 McClain, R. W 236 McClain. Richard 121, 440 McCleuchnn. Robert 121, 436 McClurc, Joan 136 McClymonds. Neal 416 McClymont. Philip 428 McConaughey, Robert 104, 412 McConncIl, Lou 136, 398 McCorkle, John 342 McCormick, Leonard 54. 365 McCormick, Pat 121, 378 McCormick, William 78. 418 McCoy, .Stacy 367 McCracken, Dale 121, 408 McCracken, Gerald 442 McCracken, June 223 McCreighl, Marion 238 McCrorv, Janet 101 TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT Royal, Smith, Underwood, Remineton Nebraska Typewriter Co. Distributors for Royal Typewriters, Mitneoirraph and Dictaphone 130 N. 12 St, Lincoln, Neb. 2-2157 MarCuaip. Jane 121. 386 McCullough. Edward 44. 406 McCurdy. Mary 104 McDaniel. Richard 54. 404 McDerniand. Wynona 223 McDerniott. John 104. 412 McDerniott. Thomas 136, 363 McDill. John 104. 234. 402 McDill, Louise 121. 380 McDill. Robert... 36. 234. 255. 337. 402 McDowell. James 136 MrEachen. Edmund 104. 424 McElhaney. Marian 104. 335. 352 McElhaney. Marjorie 136 McElwain. Jan 44. 372 McFarland. Phyllis 44 McGeachin, Thomas 426 McGehee. Robert 424 McGrath. Betty 44 Mclllece, Dorothy 350 McKeag. Donna 121. 372 McKelvie. Alan ' . 238 McKenna. Shirley 71. 382 McKenzie. Mary 121 McKenzie. Robert 44. 339. 342 McLaughlin. Jean 121. 378 McLean. Melvin 54. 414 McMahon. Joan 121. 394 McMaster. Robert 121. 438 McMcekin. James 426 McMichael, Bruce 426 McNannav. Robert 232 McNaught. Marian 36 McNeely. Harold 44. .363. 438 McPherson. .Alexander 104 McPberson. Jean 350 MacQueen. Margaret 71, 355 McVicker. Sid 424 McWha. John 422 In Lincoln . . . It ' s KFOR 1240 KC KFOR FM 102.9 MEGACYCLES Cream, of the Air Shows ALL DAY-EVERY DAY American Broadcasting Co. 9- First Trust mpany LINCOLN, NEBRASKA. Page 480 dhmnmbii L JhoASL QolhqsL (OcujJk with KODAK PICTURES in COLOR OR BLACK AND WHITE EVERYTHING FOR YOUR MOST POPULAR HOBBY- PHOTOGRAPHY EASTMAN KODAK STORES, INC. Telephone 2-7216 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, 1221 O Street M Mack, Herold 233 Mackey, Allan 402 Mackey. George 408 Macklem, Gwendolyn 136. 398 MacLean. Charles 234 Maddocks, Clyde 36. 234. 337. 420 MaddockB. Fred 234. 238 Magid. Bernard 340, 432 Major. Dorthy 219 Malashock. Stanley 104. 340. 446 Maliolm. John 223 Malek, Donald 410 Mallory. Mary Helen 121. 388 Malone. Jeanetle 360. 303 Malone. Marvin 136. 364 Malowney. Jim 54, 426 Manchester. Donna 121. S. i? Mangold. Marie 136 Manion. John 78. 442 Mann. Jean 121. 372 Manning. Lucille 36, 359 Mansfield, Rollin 104 Mansfield, Roy 440 Mansfield. Twyla 121. 359 Marcell. Joan 104. 374 Mapes. Jerry 408 Marcel. Joan 104, 374 March. Gordon 237 Marer. Sally 136. 396 Margolin. Peggy 54, 396 Margrilz. Ceraldine 91, 350 Mardeson. Silas 428 Markhara. William 424 Marks. Robert 121 . 422 Markossen. Marilyn 336 Marlowe, Loren 54 Marquarl, Paul 136 Marr, Gaylord 214 Marsh. Babelle 104. 394 BETTER FOODS. INC. MERADITH ' S CAFE 14th and O St. Marcell. Joan 104,374 Marshall, Anne 121, 385 Marshall. B 246 Marshall, Mary Ann 44. 223. 380 Martens, Winston 410 Martin, Howard 54 Martin. Janiea 246. 412 Martin. Riihard 54. 418 Martin. KiiharJ 104, 4:12 Martin, Roger 421 Martin. Staney 246 Marting. Wilbert 104. 410 Marvin. Joseph 104, 408 Marymee, De lores 121 Maryott. Charles 426 Maser. Wesley 44. 424. 246 Mason. Clinton 406 Mason. Nathalie 71. .394 Mass. Jo 380 Mastalir. Clara 121 Mastalir, Lee .348 Mathes. Donald 104, 414 Mathews. Shirley 137, 392 Matson, Wareld .54, 410 Matthews, Reginald 233 Mattison, Phyllis 104. .357 Mattox, Mary 104, 398 Mauch. Richard 408 Mauk, Arthur 418 Maupin. Myra 121 Mavis. Allan 104. 436 Maxwell, Jack 434 May. Derald 234. 343, 418 May. Thomas 364 Mayer, Leonard 121 Meade, Robert 420 Means. Arden 137. 246, 434 Means. Louis 233 Means. Richard 137. 412 Means, Robert 104. 412 Mecham, Paul 234 Medley, Gene 71. 359 Meehan, John 424 Meehan, Mary 137, 382 Meehan. Pat 121, 382 Mehuron, George 342 Meier. La Reta 137 Meininger, Keith 121. 426 Meininger, Oliver 121. 404 Meisinger, Donna 121, 390 Meisinger. Mildred 137 Meissner. Richard 424 Melick. Lloyd 104. 416. 236 Melick, Mary 121 , 380 Men, Walter 428 Mengshal. Shirley 121 Menke. Marion 104. 384 Mercer. Ellis 71, 422 Merritt. Jack 137, 432 Merritt. Jacquelyn 44. 392 Merritt, Harold Ip4, 366 Merritt. Lois 137 Merten, Walter 104 Meshier. Dorothy 71, 373 Mesner. Dale 339 Messinger, D. E 237 MestI, Herman 236. 341 Metcalf. Don 137, 364 Metcalf, Marilyn 44, 388 Metheny, Robert 104, 424 Metrakes. Robert 104. 440 Metz, Walter 428 Metzger, Louise 342 Metzler, Ronald 238 Meyer, Barbara 342 Meyer, Dede 424 Meyer, Eldo 36, 234, 337. 420 Meyer. Frank 121. 424 Meyer, Frederick 430 Meyer, George 121. 440 Meyer, Milton 54. 418 Meyer, Patricia 104, 374 Meyer, Ruth 137, 398 Michael, Shirley 137 Michalek, Richard 137, 418 Mickelaon. Gordon 137. 436 Page 481 Mickey, Thnmaa 121. 438 Micklc. James 420 Mickle, William 104, 428 Middlelon, Cocil 343 Middleton, Ramnna 338 MIdow, L ' Morie 137 Miesbacli, Neal 137 Milder, Orvel 137. 446 Miler, . iidrew 104. 436 Miles. Anne 104. 388 Mile.. Richard 54, 412 Miller. Charles 233 Miller. David 121, 428 Miller. Dorothy 104. 390 Miller. Elaine .45 Miller. George 326, 339. 412 Miller, Herbert 54, 246. 434 Miller, James 1.17. 412 Miller. Joyce 350 Milter, Kenneth 424 Miller. Kenlner 121. 418 Miller. LaVern 137 Miller. Loren 104. 436 Miller, Marilyn 121, ,180 Miller. Marilyn 104. 374 Miller, Marilyn 121, 372 Miller. Nancy 137. 388 Miller, Neil 234 Miller, Phyllis 45. 380 Miller. Phyllis 104, 396 Miller. Ralph 121. 406 Miller. Raymond .54. 438 Miller. Richard 238. 438 Miller. Ruben 121, 410 Miller. Ruth 121. 372 MiUiken, Thomas 122. 428 Millman. Maurice 122, 432 Millner, William 404 Mills. John 137. 430 Mills. Orman 78, 237 Mills, RoUand 223 Mines, Nancy 71, 376 Minuick, Billie 137 Minnick, Paul 122, 418 Minnick, Paula 72, 378 .Minlhorn, Marjorie 36, 382 Mitchell, Cenene 104. 394 Mitchell. Robert 238 Mitchell. Rosalie 219 Miya, Tom 365 Mize, Franklin 364 Mlaska. Louis 236 Mnuk. Mae Ann 104, 374 Moats. Myron 122. 365 Mockett, Marcia 45, 328. ,337, 360 Mohler, Charles 450 Mohnsen, Oliver 122 Mohrman, Charles 104, 408 Moline, Harriett 104, 358 Moll. Ruth Ellen 104. 388 Molthan. Leila 72, 359 Momoda, Mason 339 Monfort, Marilyn 137 Monson. Gwen 122, 354 Monson. Marvin 122. 402 Monson. Warren 137. 402 Moodie. Robert 418 Mook. William 122, 438 Moomaw. Robert 54, 440 Moomey. Bill 122, 418 Moon, Marion 137, 380 Moore, Charles , 234 Moore. Clyde 36 Moore. George 105, 404 Moore. Gerald 54, 246, 434 Moore. Jack 122 340 Moore, James 424 Moore. Kenneth 54, 404 Moore, Marjorie 105 Moore, Nancy 128, 398 Moore. V. R 448 Moore, William 122, 234 Moorhouse, William 246, 426 Moran. Bernard 450 Morehead. John 424 Morehead, Phvllis 137 .Moriian. Christopher 235 Morunn, Donald 45. 426 Morgan. Maynard 105. 404 Morin. Joseph 105. 366 Morlork. Ray 410 Mortis. Gerald 105, 221, 422 Morris. Marjorie 352 Morris. Maryellen 72 Morris. Rex 105, 422 Morris, Ruth 54 Morrison, Don 246 .Morrow, Andrew 122, 363 Morrow, Donald 448 .Morrow, Thomas 434 Mortlock. Phyllis 45, 388, .104 Moseman, Verne 54, 221 Moser, C. H 236 Moser. Mearl 64, 444 Mosher. Robert 137, 418 Moskovitz, Mayer 137, 340, 432 Moss, Jo 105 Moss, Nancy 359 Moss, Nancy 122 Moss, Rodney 45. 342. 366 Motter. Rosemary 137. 394 MoultiKi. Mary 137 Mountfor, Roger 137. 438 Moyer. Charles 105. 436 Moyle. Mary Ann 105. 382 Mozer, Forrest 137, 432 Mozer, Harold 78. 143. 445 Mozer. Sylvia 105. 396 Mueller. William 122. 434 Muenchau. Orville 105. 404 Muldoon. Sylvester 78 Mulhcrn. Paul 422 Mullen. Robert 122, 434 Mulvaney, Mary Jane 72. 336. 372 Mumford. Willard 45. 406 Mundell, B ill 122. 364 Mundt, Don 449 Munson. Ben 105, 408 Munson. Philip 64. 444 .Munson. William 408 Munter, Duane 36, 234, 326, 402 Murawskc. Ralph 122, 436 Murfin, Paul 78, 237 Murphy, Arthur 213 Murphy, Sharon 137, 374 Murphy, Virginia 72, 356 Murray, Helen 219 Muscheites, Margaret 137, 392 Musgrave. Mavis 105, 354, 338 Myers, David 122, 438 Myers, James 105. 246, 426 Myers. Norma 137, 384 Myers. Philip 246, 430 Myhre, Leiand 122 Myhre, Molly 122. 354 N Dale. 36. 234, 235, 337, 402 Nahrstedt, Margaret 137 Nahrstetlt, Mary 137 Nakanishi. .Shigeo 78, 236 Nail, Robert 105 Nama. Betty 358 Nash. William 122, 430 Nastrom. Margo 122, 398 Nauinan, Don 122, 430 Nay. Elliot 234 Nebelsick, Harold 122, 442 Nebergall, Joyce 72, 376 Nedrow, Robert 122, 430 Neely, Pat ...338. 340 Neff. Phil 416 Neill. Dean 54, 412 Neilson, Lowell 137, 366 Nekuda. Lydia 122, 360 Nelson, Douglas 36, 424 Nelson, Duane 221 Nelson, Galen . 234 Nelson. James 234 Nelson. Jeanette 54. 355. 362 Nelson. Keith 105 Nelson. K. L 236 flsimsmibsDv !! For more than 30 years our organization has furnished Nebraska Cornhuskers with required books and supplies. Let us continue to be of service to you in the future. ,♦ • ENGINEERING SUPPLIES • TEXT BOOKS • ART SUPPUES • TRADE BOOKS • ZIPPER NOTE BOOKS BDDK5TDRE LINCaLN - NLBRHbKtP Page 482 WARNER-MEDLIN STUDIOS • Foremost Ln the Midwest • Thank you for past patronage. We will welcome and appreciate serv- ing you in all future photographic requirements. LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 714 Federal Securities Bldg. Phone 2-6272 Page 483 Nelson, Luaoa 122,386 Nflson, Marilyn 137. 374 Nf l.on. MarUnt- 122, 374 Nelson, Maxine 358 Nelson, Muriel 340 Nelson. R. D 450 Ntlaon, Ralph 65. 416 Nelson, Robert 45 Nelson, Bodola 36 Nelson. RuJolph 137 Nelson, Shirley 137 Nelson, Vernon 430 Nelson. Waller 416 Nerenberg. Florence 217 Neuenswander. Claudia 355 Neumann, Temple 105. 442 Newberg, Lloyd 105, 408 Newcomb, John 440 Newell, Charles 122, 436 Newell. Louis 54, 365, 404 Newhouse, Keilh 236, 339 Newhouse, Keith 341 Newman, Clark 72, 442 Newman. Daniel 236 Newmann, Roy 238 Nicholson. Kathleen 72. 336, 382 Nicholson, Lillian 137, 354 Nickerson, Robert 54. 426 Nicodemus, Jean 105, 382 Niedenthal, Dora 105. 219. 386 Nielson, Aldon 36 Nielsen, Duane 105 Nielsen, Grace 122, 386 Nielsen, Jess 343, 367. 449 Nieman, Lauren 54. 414 Nieveen, Arnold 234 Nix, Kenneth 221 Noble, Joanne 122. 388 Noodell. Pauline 122, 396 Norall, Marion 105, 394 Nordeen, Howard 105, 430 Nordgrcn, Marilyn 36, 380 Nordgren. Stanford 105, 412 Nordin, Charles 45 Nordin, Patricia 122, 374 Nordstruni, Virginia 137 Nore. Russell 365 Noerenberg, Beth 36, 328 Norroan, Jack 105, 406 Norman. Joy 105, 384 Norman, Ruth 72, 352 Norris, Joanne 122, 394 Norton, William 430 Norval. Oliver 122, 412 Norval. Pal 137. 390 Norval, Vivian 45, 388 Nosky. Richard..... 105, 442 Novak, Ralph 55, 414 Novicke, Thaddeus 64, 444 Novolny. Edward 45, 193, 412 NulBch, Palli 358 NuUman, JancI 122. 374 Nye, Curtis 105. 440 Nye. Wiliam 430 Nygren, Hazel 359 Nylander. Paul 236 O U ' Baunoii. Keith 122, 418 Ohernieier, Melvin 234 O ' Brien, Cyril 64, 444 O ' Brien, Madelyn 122, 398 Ochsner. Helen 105, 340, 354 Ochsner, Jacquelyn 105, 386 Ochsner. Tom 122, 434 O ' Conner, Darrell 105, 438 O ' Connor, Mary IDS, 390 Odell, Mary 122, 390 Odill, Robert 418 O ' Donnell, Peggy 122, 374 ODonnell, Roger 105. 246. 438 Oehlrich. Herman 122, 418 Oehrle, Charles 428 Oehrle, Kenneth 418 Ogden, Dorothy 105, 376 Ogden, John 105, 438 Ogle, Donna 105, 398 Ohirich, Harold 105, 414 Ohman, Lachlan 236 Ohman, Lashlan 78, 422 Ohmslede, Ila 122, 378 Ohse, Virgil 105. 418 Oita, Aileen 45, 337. 352 Okawaki, Rose 352 Olberding, Robert 367 Oldlalher. Charles 39 Olive. George 339 Olmjlead, Robert 122, 426 Olmsted, Lois 45. 223. 355 Olney, Richard 137, 422 Olney, Ward 450 Olsen, Willard 122. 438 Olson, Betty 137, 360 Olson, Delroar 123, 402 Olson. Don 223 Olson, Duane 137, 418 Olson, Elizabeth 137 Olson, Marlowe 449 Olson, Orvin 78. 364 Olson. R 236 Olson. Willard 55, 412 Olson, William 137. 408 Olsson, John 137, 428 O ' Neal, John 363 Opheim, Carol 137 Orcult, Beverly 350 OrcutI, Richard 234 Ormesher, Doris 137 Orr, Charles 123. 426 O ' Shea, Sara 72. 388 Osier, John 105. 234, 402 Ossino, Angelo 233, 246 Ostenberg, Clive 408 Ostergaard, Albert 72 Osterloh. Byron 78, 238 Oslerloh, Vernell 72, 378 Osterman. Anita 223 Otie, George 235 Cite. Marcus 105, 402 Otto, Darel 105, 410 Otto, Elaine 36 Otto. Roger 420 Overing. John 238. 364 Owen, Suzanne 56, 394 Owens, Beverly 123 Owens, Orvid 213 Owens, Robert 238 P Packard, Edward 64 Packard, Robert 123, 430 Page, Olive 72, 357, 359 Palmateer, Joan 36, 394 Palmer. Jack 105, 426 Palmer. Walter 246 Palmer. William 221, 237 Palmer. William 45, 422 Panke, Walt 45. 339 Paperny, Bernice 45, 396 Pappas, Clara 232 Parchen. Art 440 Parchen, Roy 137, 440 Parker, Robert 137, 213 Parks, Gene 137, 406 Parks, Gerald 72 Parks, Marilyn 217 Parsons, Connie 45. 355 Parsons, Jo Ann 357 Parsons, Marilyn 138, 376 Partington, Joe 246 Partridge. Robert 426 Patterson. Arlis 72, 328, 394 Patterson, R 267 Patton, C, R 341 Palton, Dan 105, 404 Patton, Joanne 106, 384 Patton, Robert 246 Pauley, Gordon 106, 418 Paulson , Congdon 138, 428 Paustian, Eloise 123, .135, .380 Paustian, Fred 138, 436 Pavoucek, Elsie 350 Nebraska ' s fashion center where smart co-eds go for FASHIONS with high campus " Eye-Q " thai keep iheir telephones hu mming their datebooks " Booked up " ! at parental pocketbook-pleating price». 1240 O Street Linc olii s offifial store Page 484 Paynr, Crystal 357 Pearlnian. Philip 123, 432 Pearson, Donna 358 Pearson, Leon 342 Pearson, Roger ,, 234 Pearson, Wanda 358 Peck, John 426 Peery, Gene 55, 436 PelTerman, Donald 416 Peirce, Norman 123 Pejsar. Barbara 348 Pellon. Phyllis 106 Pcnner, Helen 350 Peregrine. Barbara 340, 354 Peregiine. Barbara 138 Perkins, Pal 138. .190 Perkins. William 106, 122 Perry, Donald 234, 340 Perry, Robert 234 Perry, Stan 123, 438 Perry, Winona 33 ' ) Peschel, Pat 390 Pesek. John 246 Pesek. Martin 64. 326. 444 Peter, George 412 Peter, Rnth 36, 303, 354 Peters, Charles 106, 410 Peters, Jeannine 138, 378 Peters, Nolan 234 Petersen, G. M 238 Petersen, Marilyn 398 Peterson, . rlene 123. 390 Peterson. Charles 12J. 426 Peterson. David 45. 418 Peterson. Douglas 236 Peterson, Frederick 18 Peterson, Gail 234 Peterson, Harold 138, 426 Peterson, Jimmie 138, 406 Peterson, Lloyd 106, 412 Peterson. Maralie 123. 388 Peterson. Marilyn 138 Peterson. Max 246 Peterson. Ronald 55. 436 Pettett. Vance 234 Pettijohn, Rex 123. 213. 214. 436 Pleiller, Donna 106. 343. 356 Pleiffer, Katie 106, 372 Pflug, Fred 123. 434 Pflng, John 55, 434 Phe]p«, Robert 424 Phelps, Mary 45, 355 Philbrick, Charles 123, 408 Phillip, Lois 72. 392 Phillips. Christine 138 Phillips. Delmond 138. 438 Phillips. M. R 55. 434 Philpot. Donna 123. 378 Piccolo. Frank 138. 408 Pickett, Jack 106, 424 Piderit, Richard 123, 246, 426 Pierce, George 342 Pierce, Janet 360 Pierce, Maryann 359 Pierce, Norman 340, 438 Pierce, Robert 138, 412 Pierson, Darwin 234 Pierson. Jean 72. 219 Pierson. Nancy 106, 218, 376 Pinkerton, Leo 138. 402 Pinney. Gloria 123. 388 Piper. Elsie Ford 20 Pipher, Einniett 106 Pipher, Gerald 78 Piachel. Patricia 123 Plctcher. Marilow 106. 355, 362 Plith, Kenneth 138, 418 Plouzek, Raymond 106 Poe, Carson 440 Poeschl. Melvin 341 P.dil. Shirley 91. 3.50 Polack. Joseph 138. 4H2 Polanskv, Harriet 106. 380 Polite. Barbara 106. 384 Pnlski. George 55, 414 Polsky. Burton 123. 446 Polsky. Don 123, 446 Polsky. Gloria 123, 396 Pond, Richard 123, 237, 363, 436 Pool, Eloise .339 Popken, Donald 123, 420 Porter, Dean 239, 246 Porter, Joy 106, 428 Porter, Nancy 138, 388 Portsche. Stanley 123, 416 Port wood, David ., 123, 438 Post. Roland 234 Postlelhwaite, George 239 Potash, Leonard 106, 432 Potash, Yale .,.35, 432 Potter, Alan 123, 424 Potter. Herbert 106. 412 Powell. Eugene • 340 Powley. Harlan 123. 438 Powell, Kenneth 106, 408 Powell, Teton 55 Prado. Edward 364 Prakop, Carolynn 390 Pratt. Donna ' .123. 390 Pratt, Marcia 138, 384 Pratt, Marion 138, 340, 374 Premer, Isaac 236 Premer, Marjorie 106, 390 Pressly, Dean 55, 365 Prestia, Ross 45 Pretzer, Helen 72 Price, James 213 Price, Pat 138 Price, Ralph 450 Prokop, Carolyn 106 Propst. Richard 424 Proud, Richard 449 Puckett, Doris 91, 350 Purdham. Virginia 45, 223, 376 Purdy, Charles 55, 440 Putchard, Gerard 420 Putjentcr. Gerald 138, 402 Putney. Mick 123. 426 Ouackenbush, Paul 1.38, 402 rk, Mattic 386 gley. Coll 45, 388 gley. Dean 106, 366 gley, Elaine 106, 340, 359 nn, Harriet 45, 328, 380 nn. Thomas 55, 404 senberry, Karl 106, 339, 420 Racely, Edward 123. 426 RadcliRe. Barbara 45, 392 Rademacher, Mary 123, 392 Radenbauglt. George 235 Raetz, Jack 55, 404 Ragan, Patricia 138 Bains, Earnest 55 Rains. Embree 106 Kaill. Dale 426 Rakow, Norma 382 Rail, Frank 339 Ralston, Robert 106, 430 Ramer, Leo 55, 223, 426 Ramsay, Thelbert 55. 424 Ranken, Colleen 138 Ranken. Patricia 123 Rankin. Perry 106, 422 Rapp, Kathryn 123. 384 Rasmussen, Dana 106, 223, 430 Rathje, Elnore 138 Raun, Ned 36. 234. 326, 337. 402 Rauner, Francis 234 Rausek, Ernest 139 Rawcon, Vincent 234 Raybnrn, Barbara 138, 378 Raynard, Philij 106, 234, 402 Reagan, Dona 106, 335, .3,57 Reasoner, Anna 106, 357 Reboul. Jack 123, 442 Yancey Hotel Third City ' s Finest Hotel for . . . Banquets Conventions Dances Air-Conditioned Sleeping Rooms Restaurant Located in the Business District GRAND ISLAND, NEBR. ' T ie wired music thnt satisfies ' ' also Conimiiniration and Sound Equipment Program Service Co. 2-1692 Room 518 134 So. 12 DAY or NITE Eat at the ACME CHILI PARLOR 14 " O " St. Steaks — Chops — Sea Food — Sandwiches Page 485 Fairmont Ice Cream Milk Butter Frozen Foods FAIRMONT FOODS CO. Phone 6-2326 2823 No. 48th SlEGEL Office Equipment Company 228 No. 13 2-2666 Reckewey, Nadinc 336 Reckewey, Rex 72 Reckewey. Shirley 106 Rector. Eugene 138. 442 Rediger, Georganne 123. 386 Reece. Jack 426 Reed. Barbara Ann 138. 376 Reed. Jame« 106. 426 Reed. Robert 430 Reed. Stephen 123. 434 Reed. Susan 138. 392 Ree«. William 55 Reese, Ardilh 91, 350 Reese, Herbert 138 412 Reeve. Marjorie 138, 378 Rchmcier, Lyman 234, 3 ' 10 Reid, Robert 123 433 Reider, Henry 239 Reiman, Frances 358 Reinhardl. Richard 450 Page 466 Reins, David 106. 442 Reis. Irvin 78. 236. 341 Relph, Roger 138, 422 Rcniillard, Robert 72 Renard, Joan 138 Renord. Mell ,. 234, 235 Rciiken. Randall 426 Rennemann. Conrad 221 Rennen, Carla 398 Renlzsch. Pal 123. 390 Requartte. Janice 138. 390 Ress, Willard 450 Reuter. Ferdinand 123, 442 Reuter. William 72, 214 Reynolds. Jack 138, 428 Reynold.. Joan 123. .382 Reynolds. Marjorie 354. 380 Reynolds. Marjorie 72, 106, 338, 354 Reynolds, Peggy 138, 392 Reynolds, Rosemary 72, 394 Rrnolds, Thomas 138, 428 Khoades, Charlotte 123 Rhodes. Joan 138. 374 Rhodes, Kathryn 123, 390 Rhylander, Gorgon 106 Rice. David 106. 446 Rice. Don 123, 446 Rice, Donald 123, 408 Rice, Fred 236, 238 Rice, Phillip 138, 422 Rice. R. O , 450 Rice. Richard 138. 434 Rice, Thomas 55 Rich, James 424 Richards. Charlotte 138. 382 Richards. Elizabeth 348 Richards. Robert 123, 408 Richardson, Betty 138 Richardson, Dorothy . .106, 214, 237, 392 Richler, Charles 450 Richmond. Lois 360 Ricketts, Walter 105 Rickly. Polly 123, 380 Rider. Donald 238 Riechers. Marjoris 3 " 9 Rieke, Charlotte 36, ,340, 359 Rife, Lawrence 339 Rigg, John 232 Riley, William 138, 422 Rinder, Jean 138, 384 R ingler, Don 106, 410 Ringler, Wilbcr 36, 235 Rist, Ruth 348 Ritter, Roger 138, 418 Roads. Wayne 106. 236. 246 Robak. Cleo 442 Roberts. Carolyn 138, 394 Roberts, Charles 123, 418 Roberts, Jean 36, 338, 380 Roberts, John 138, 414 Roberts, Gerald 106 Roberts, Myron 213 Robertson, Lloyd 232 Robertson. Ralph 426 Robertson. Virginia 341 Robertson, W. A 382 Robertson. William 46. 418 Robinson. Ben 123. 432 Robinson. Richard 106. 426 Rockwell, Jane 138, 376 Rockwell, Lois 106, 357 Rockwell, Randall 123, 442 Rockwell, Richard 138, 403 Rodin, Helen 123, 393 Roesler. Edith 124. 362 Rorsler. Gerald 364 Rogers. Robert 138. 436 Rogers. Robert 138, 442 Roggenbach, D. R 238 Ruhrs. Dennis 213 Rolfsmeier. Dolores. . 124. 343. 357, 362 Rollsmeyer, William 106, 246, 424 Romig, Harold 124, 442 Romine, Lloyd 428 Rommel, Charles 440 Roper, Charles 138, 436 Roplinger. Philip 366 Rose. Faye 335 Rosekrans. Ruth 223 Roselius. Harold 138. 434 Rosen. Myrth 138. 396 Rosenbaum. Audrey 139. 396 Rosenberg. Howard 106. 446 Ri senblalt. Ricliaril 139, 446 Rosenblum. Hubert 55. 446 Rosenlof. Elizabeth 139. 372 Rosenlot. George 27 Rosenquist. Robert 342 Ross, D. R 448 Ross. Elmer 340 Ross. William 139. 408 Rossmiller. Jerry 364 Roth. Delberl 412 Rouch. Robert 213 Round. George 85 Rousek. Ernest 402 Rouze, Cordon 106, 426 Row. Merwyn 36. 234 Rowland, Barbara 106, 304, 386 Ruder, Robert 410 Ruiz, Alcides 238 Rundle. W. A 448 Rud ' dph. Marvin 55 Ruede. George 55 Rufl. Shirley 139 Rummel. Jean 139 Huplinger. Phillip 124 Ruse. Delores 65. 382 Russel. Matlew 106. 236 Russel. Robert 139. 436 Russell. Jack 106. 438 Russell, Madeline 124. K ) Ruther. Paul 237 Ryan. Evelyn 64 Ryder. Del 107, 424 Ryman, Janice 124, 392 Ryons. Mary 139, 392 S Sabata. Joanne 107 Sabatka, Elaine 357 Sabin, Shirley 107, 214 Sack, Clayton 414 Sackick, Jennie 91, 350 Sacks, Kenneth 139, 432 Saferstein, Sara 124. 396 Sailors. Don 246 Saladen. Rickard 124. 430 Saleslrom. Darwin 246 Salsbury. Joyce 124, 386 Salyard. Ralph 213 Sampson. Eugenie 124. 394 Samuelson. Carl 246 Samuelson. Mae 124, 396 Samuelson, Myrna 124, 396 Samuelson, Ronald 107, 436 Samuelson, Suzanne 139, 392 Samuelson, Walter 55, 436 Samuelson, William 56, 414 Sanchez. Billie 430 Sand. Patrick 239 Sandall, Wesley 234 Sandsted. Roger. .36. 234, 235. 337, 402 Sandstedt. James 233 Sanstedl, Ruth 139, 398 Sanley, Patricia 139 Sano, Patrick 367 Sargent, Ruth 56, 372 Sarlts, Charles 107 Satterfield. Richard 139, 418 Saum. Dona 139, 359 Saunders, Alice 73, 218, 360 Sautter, Edward 234 Sautter, Howard 36 Savage, Sally 139, 376 Sawyer, Francis 236 Sawyers, Betty 124, 384 Sayles, Helen 107. 356 Saylor. John . .i4.124, 422 Scanlon, John 236 Schaefer, Lenora 107 Schaefer, Lois 46 Schaffer, Shirley 124 Scharman, Lou 107 Schaf, Joe 234 Schaffer. Shirley 386 Shcaller. John 414 Schmale, Mary 107. 376 Schanman. Loy 380 Schart. John 139 Schaumberg. Edward 46, 412 Schaumberg, Ray 213 Scheer, Thomas 107, 434 Scheenleber, Paul 36 Scheerer. Milt 124, 440 Scheldt, Ralph 236, 339, 341 Scheldt. Shirley 1.39,372 Schenck, William 107, 430 .Scherff, Laura 1.39 Scherich. Erwin 78. 236 Scheurich. William 420 Scheve. Harold 410 Scheve, Robert 124, 420 Schick, Robert 36, 234, 402 Over by these Students while in school : . ' -: em through , NEal PHONE BUS HEADQUARTERS FOR 2-7071 FOR OVERIAND GREYHOUND BUS SERVICE Everywhere AIR CONDITIONED BUSES UNION BUS DEPOT fted. Burlington TRAIlWAyS American Buslines 320 South 13th St. Lincoln, Nebr. • ALL BUSES STOP AT THIS TERMINAL! • ■ag.- 488 Schinzel, Phyllis 124 Sthirmer. Jack 107. 426 Srhlaebitz. William 238 Schlanker. Shirley 356, 124 Sihlecht. Barbara 139 Schlecht, J 367 Snhleigcr, Richard 107. 126 Schleiger. Robert .16. 246. 426 Schleusener. Richard 107. 110. 238 Schleve, Harold 56 Schloss. Hannah ..107. 386 Schlueter, Carl 36 Schlueler. Henry 436 Schinaedecke. Donald 238 Srhmechel. Frank 78. 434 Schmidt. Berdear 78. 410 Schmidt. John 139 Schmidt. Patricia 107. 378 Schniieding. Orville 16. 246. 110 ■Schraode. Carol 142. 372 Schneider, Donald 139 Schneider. Dorothy 107. 219 Schneider. Elizabeth 124. 394 Schneider. Robert 107. 428 Scheurich, William 426 Schniltkcr. Shirley .56. 328, 382 Schoen. Esther 124. 313. 357 Schoenleber. Paul 410 Schoeltger. Theodore 56. 101 Schoonmaker. Kathryn 121. 398 Schoor. Margaret 73. 398 Schorniann, Jean 124. 356 Scholt. Eloise 107. 343. 352 Scholt. Valeria 139 Schramm, Esther 239 Schreiber, Kathleen 139. 372 Schroeder. Fred 124 Schroeder. Gaybert 124, 426 Schroeder, LeRoy 107, 410 Schroeder, Mary 124. 374 Sc hropfer. Jean 139 Schrunk, John 238 Schiiltz, Betty 46 Schultz, Charles 85 Schullz, C. B 239 Schultz, John 428 Schultz. Robert 139, 410 Schultz, Wilhelinina 341 Schwartz, Benjamin 56, 132 Schwartz. Kathrvn 107. 390 Schwarz, Melvagene .359 Schwartzkop!. Edward 73, 246, 416 Schweser, Jeanelte 139, 376 Schweser, Thomas 139, 436 Schwinck, William 107 Scofield. Eleanor 139 Scofield. L. M 239 Scott, Catherine 124, 357 Scott, Edwin 404 Scott. Jane 37, 380 Scott, Janet 124, 381 Scott, Joan 139, 371 Scott, Nelson 238 Scott, Owen 107, 136 Scott, Robert 236 Scoyille, Robert 46, 430 Seacrest, Kathleen 124, 390 Seagren. Richard 78. 438 Sears, James 36, 337, 420 Sears, Ralph 56, 221, 438 Sechovec, Georgia 124, 362 Secord, Dixie 123, 406 Secord, Jeanne 36, 359 Sedlacek, John 246 Seevers, Ila 124, 3.54 Seewald. Eugene 448 Sehnert. Paul 78, 236 Sehnert. Waller 107, 365 Seibold. Patricia 139 Seiboldt. William 412 Seide. Jo Ann 107. 376 Seifel. Pat 73. 388 Seidell. Harriett 138. 388 Seig, Alice 124, 382 Seller, Virginia 124, 360 Seller, J 246 Sellin, Duane 124, 340. 402 Selzer, John 107, 408 Senfton. Dorothy 124, 378 Seng, Hubert 78, 236, 442 Seright, Eleise 37, 372 Seright, Shirlee 124, 372 Setzkorn, Irene 124, 359 Seymour, Kathryne 139, 391 Seymour, Richard 78, 236 Shafer, Jack 36, 377 Shafton, Donald 139, 446 Shalla, Norma , 124 Shane. Zada 91. 3.50 Shaner. Darrell 107. 238. 440 Shannon. Shirley 107. 343. 359 Sharp. James 246 Shaw. George 107. 436 Shaw, Jean 124. 371 Shaw. John 150 Shea, Tom 121 Shepard, (barmen 121, 335 Shepar.l, Donald 139, 436 Sherman, Betty 107. 394 Sherwood. Jeannette 107. 378 Shinn. Ricliard 139. 422 Shipman. Charles 124 Shipps. Jeff 239 Shirley. Howard 239 Shoemaker. Joan 139 Shohmd. Harold 238 Shopbell. Mary 124, 386 Shopp, Bryce 124, 422 Shoup. Neldea 107. 359 Shuey. Milton 139, 365 Shultz. R 124. 422 Shuman. Beyerly 124 Shumow, Duke 56, 446 Shumway, Robert 434 Shurtleff, Bruce 107, 408 Sinister, Arlcne 124, 338, 357, 362 Shyken, Sylvia 124, 395 Siebold. Patricia 318 Sieboldt. William .56 Siegmund. Paul 139. 106 Sienknecht. Helmut 213 Sievers. Beverly 107. .386 Sievers. Lois ..121. 380 Siggart. Byrne 112 Sigler. Marv 139. 398 Sim. Eugene 36. 102 Sim, Robert 121. 102 Sinianek. Mary 121 Simmons, t alcii 124. 422 Simmons. Ray 408 Simon. Walter 107 Simpson. Faye 124. 374 Simpson. Frederick 124. 428 Simpson. Patricia 124. 380 Simpson. Phil 414 Sinclair, Don , ' . 364 Sipple. Sally 125. 398 Sistck. Burton 430 Sittler. Doyle 79. 237. 365 Skanderup. Dean ....238 Skelton. Irving 231 Skiles. Guinevere 358 Skinner. John 426 Skinner. Phillip 234. 420 Skochdopole. Richard 107, 246, 438 Skochdopole, Robert 107, 43 8 Slajchert, George 79 Sloan. Darrell 236 Sloan. Helen 46. 358 Slonecker. Roger 139. 438 Slucher. David 125 Slusher. David 442 Sniedley, John 64, 412, 444 Smith, Alice 139, 386 Smith, Ann 125, 380 Smith, . nnetta 73 Smith. Bonnie 107. 392 Smith, Catherine 125 Smith. Cecil 213 Smith. Charles 234. 428 Smith. C. W ..238 Smith. Darlene 91, 350 Smith. Donald 139. 436 Smith. Donald 107. 234. 340, 402 Smith. Donald W 139 Smith. Harvey 139 " FIRST IN SPORTS " 1400 On Your Dial " Linking Mutual with Lincoln " IF IT IS SERVICE YOU WANT IT IS QUALITY YOU WANT IT IS VARIETY YOU WANT STOP AT UNIVERSITY DRUG 500 N. 14th Smith. Janice 46. 388 Smith. Jean 139. .384 Smith. Jeanne 360 Smith. Jeannette 125, 338. 340. 380 Smith. Linus 238 Smith. Marian 107. 384 Smith. Marilyn 139. 338. 380 Smith. Martha 139 Smith. Nancy 139. 378 Smith. Nancy Lee 46, 374 Smith. Opal 107. 357 Smith. Raymond 139. 412 Smith. Reniy 56. 404 Smith. Richard 46. 412 Smith. Richard 107 Smith. Robert 125. 223. 434 Smith. Ruth 46 Smith. W. C 340 Smith. William 139, 412 Smolik. Mary 125, 362 Snell. Aleta 219 Snider. Jack 213. 221 Snyder. Joyce 107. 3.59 Sobotka. Marvin 107. 365 Soennichsen. John 107. 418 Soennichsen. Mary 107. 394 Soflley. Helen 107. 357 Sohl. Stanley 125. 442 Sokolof. Soralee 139. 396 Solar. Beverlee 107. 396 Solomon. Jack 125, 432 Soltow, Virginia 139 Somerhalder, Bertrand 238 Sommer, Mary 218 Sookhdeo, Sonia 139, 352 Sophus, Larsen 233 Sorby, Virginia 140 Sorensen, Ruth 360 Soucek, Imogene 107, 398 Soults, Charles 436 Page 489 Keep Tuned to the STARS RADIO WOW ... 590 on your Dial Permits You To Keep In Tune With These Stars: JACK BENNY PHIL AND ALICE CHARLIE McCarthy FRED ALLEN HENRY ALDRICH GRACIE ALLEN AL JOLSON JACK CARSON VOICE OF FIRESTONE TELEPHONE HOUR DR. I. Q. FRED WARING PEOPLE ARE FUNNY BILL STERN TIP SAGGAU MYSTERY THEATER AMOS ' N ' ANDY FIBBER McGEE BOB HOPE RED SKELTON ROBERT MERRILL EDDIE HOWARD FORD THEATER NBC SYMPHONY DENNIS DAY GILDERSLEEVE DUFFY ' S TAVERN MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY JIMMIE DURANTE TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES KAY KYSER GRAND OLE OPRY JUDY CANOVA LIFE OF RILEY And many, many others RADIO WOW ..c OMAHA ISOW CEUMHATim; ITS 25TH AISNiyEKSAKY JOHN J. GILLIN, JR., PRESIDENT Page 490 Spain. Jo 125, 390 Spangler, Lauren 450 Sparano, Mickey 233 Sparkes, Betty 73, 376 Spatz, Dale 237 Spease, James 367 Speck, David 64. 412, 444 Speer, Barbara 107, 382 Speer, Dorothy 140, 378 Speer, Norma 125. 390 Speer, Ruth ' 140, 378 Speidel, Glenn 339 Spencer, James 125 Spencer. Robert 79, 237 Spense, Herb 214 Sperling, Evelyn 125, 340, 359 Spikes. William 107. 414 Splichal. Marion 46 Splichal. William 213 Splinter, William 125, 238, 410 Spomer, Don 246 Sprague, Philip 233, 246 Sprandel. Louis 236 Sprow, Barbara 108, 382 Spurgeon, Ruth 46, 390 Srb. Jo 73. 374 Srb. Marianne 37. 328, 374 Srb, Richard 125, 436 Srb, Rodney 125, 410 Stacy, Donald 140, 434 Stacy, Howard 239 Stahl, Eleanor 108. 372 Stahl, Gayle 79, 418 Stahl. Gerald 234 Stake. Robert 125. 365 Stalder. Iris 238 Slalder. Merle 214 Stalker. Harry 125. 422 Stanley, Victor 108. 365 Stannard. David 140, 408 Stanson. Virginia 140 Stapleton, Marian 108, 218, 378 Stapleton, Marjorie 125, 378 Starch, Eleda 125 Stark, Beulah 140. 340, 354 Stark, Marilyn 125, 380 States. Terry 125. 438 Stauffer. Dale 108. 337 Stava. Ardis 46, 304, 355 Stava. Jack 367 Stebbins, Marilyn... 108, 392 Stech, Gene 79, 237 Sleeker. Lester 36 Steele, Joyce 125, 376 Steele, Richard 236. 367 Steenburg. Houtz 125. 422 Steffen. Richard 108. 420 Stegeman, Margaret 125, 335 Stehly. Betty 125. 372 Stehly. Richard 125. 418 Steinauer. Phyllis 108. 388 Steinhauer. Roger 125 SteinhofF, Robert 364 Stenberg. Beverly 125, 372 Stennfeld, Grace 91, 350 Slenger, Babette 73, 376 Stenson, Virginia 398 Stephens, Gloria 73, 384 Stephens, William 56, 414 Stephenson, Waller 140. 426 Stepp, Robert 213 Stern. Donald 432 Sternhagen. Carl 108. 404 Sterns. Floyd 125. 430 Stevens. Marilyn 56. 382 Stevens, Robert 140, 436 Stevens, Willa 46 Stevenson, Ann 140, 394 Stevenson, James 213 Stevenson, John 56. 246. 408 Stevenson. Mary 140 Stevenson, Rita 140 Stewart. Margaret 108. 392 Stewart. Frank 125. 406 Stewart. Ralph 46. 339 Stewart. Roger 56, 412 Stewart, Ruth 125, 376 Stewart, Toddie Fiddock 42, 374 Stewart. William 140. 424 Stickler, Joey 37 Stillinger, Robert 125, 414 St. John, A 367 Stockham, Phillip 140, 408 Stoddart, James 46, 412 Stocsz, Leroy 46, 239. 426 StoU, Eugene 213 Stoller. Honalil 340 Stone. Dick 221 Stone. Edwin 108, 488 Stone. Hubert 450 Stone. John 64. 450 Stoppkotle, Annette 140, 340, 358 Stoppkotte, Jean 125, 340, 358 Stork, Beulah 354 Stork, Floyd 73, 246, 410 Story, Charles 56, 246, 408 Storz, Susan 46, 304, 388 Stoural, Patricia 140 Stout, T. M 239 Stowell, Willard 125, 420 Strahl, Harry 140, 430 Strahle, R. H 448 Strain, Jeanette 46, 394 Strain. Jo Ann 46. 394 Strain. Leanor 140, 380 Strand, Norman 140, 406 Siransky. Barbara 108, 359 Strasheini, Don 233, 363 Stratton, Janet 125, 388 Strauss, William 79, 237 Stribling, Norma 73, 376 Strickler. Elmo 125 Sirickler, Joey 359 Stritkler, Particia 73 ,360 Stroh, Donald 246, 416 Strong. Carol 125, 390 Stroup, Samuel 140 Strumpler, Arthur 125, 402 Stryson, Lucille 37, 376 Stuht. Mary 73, 392 SKYLANE CAFE Delicious Steaks — Chops Fried Chicken flir Conditioned 56 Cornhusker Highway apeflafitt IMLSICCCMPAIMY • BAND INSTRUMENTS • ACCORDIONS • RADIOS • RECORDS • ACCESSORIES Visit our new Air Conditioned Music Store at 223 North 12th Tel. 2-5889 OLSON CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS LINCOLN. NEBR. SALT LAKE CITY Page 491 Sliilil. Sally 108. 392 Smihrit. Arthur 79, 236 Slullirit. Mary 125. 360 Siiieo, Beatrice 352 Sullivan, Darbara 37. 388 Sullivan, Jamcd 418 Sullivan. Mary 140 Sullivan. Rirlmrd 56 Sumplrr. Clayton 125, 406 Sun. Jane 108. 2. J8 Supp, George 140. 418 Suttle, Demaris 108, 386 Sutlnn. Suzanne 108. 388 Svoboda. Artliur 234. 420 Svohnda, Irma 140 Svobuda. Ki.liarct 46. 436 Swan, Cliarlrs 367 Swan. Eldonna 46. 372 S%s ' an, J nan 125, 372 Swanberg, Virpinia 108. 392 Swanbnni. ( arol 46 Swand.i, ArrltT ■ ' » ' Swansnn. Eleanor 108. 394 Swantitm, BurncU 140 Swanaon, Grace 56, 303. 376 Swanson, James 56, 430 Swantinn. Jeanicc 73. 382 Swanson, Jerry 125. 418 Swanson, Kathryn 140. 381 Swant on. Leslie 108. 418 Swanson. Rulli 108, 354 Swunson. Sherry 108. 392 Swanson. Wallace 56, 430 Swanaon. Wilnia 359 Swartwond, Frances 140 Swartr, Sieve 125, 446 Swell, Robert 125, 408 Swift. Wayne 3 12 Swigsart. Byrne 1(W Swiler. Sally 47. .IHH Swindler. William 8(1 Swoboda. Grctchen 47. 394 SvKr-slpr. Donrll 2.15, 337 KENDLE BROS. DIAMONDS — WATCHES JEWELRY — SILVERWARE 1311 O St. 2-4292 Dagwood Cafe For... Quick service and good food — Located on Campus 1227 R 2-7419 T Tnil. Dean 108, 430 Tnllichct, William 108 Tangenian. Robert 64, 211, 444 Tansenian. Stewart 422 Tatnian. Dunna 37, 378 Tavlnr. DonaW 108. 426, Dcm.tliy 358 Taylor, Cweniliilyn 73, 219. 376 Taylor. John 342 Taylor. Virpinia 372 Taylor, Virginia 140. 384 Teaguc. HowarJ..37, 234, 235. 337, 416 Tegtmoier. EJ 213 Teptineier. L ' Marcc 125, 3.56 Trmine. Donald 108. 410 T.-tnnir. Hirlirrt 79, 237, 410 IVinple. Dorothy 47, 303. 448 liMiiple. I atrii-ia 125 Tepperinan, Mareia 125, 396 Terrill, Gene 234 Tettor. William 108, 233, 234, 365 Thepe, Wayne 56, 414 Theisen, Casper 79, 236, 438 Thelaniler, Stanley 125. 434 Thcodoscn. John 424 Thiel. Don 233 Theonc, Gaylc 426 Thoni, LeRoy 108, 410 Thomas, Gene 125 Thomas, Gerald 56, 436 Thomas, Howard 126. 440 Thomas. Janet 125, 378 Thomas, Jess 108, 412 Thomas, Patrick 125, 438 Thomas. Richard 140, 406 Thomas, Warren 126, 434 Thomason, Richard 140, 418 Thomassen, Cora 350 Thompson, Alan 246 Thompson, Beverly 140. 378 Thompson. Charles 18 Thompson, Edgar 233 Thompson, Jean 47, 376 Thompson, J. B 339 Thompson, John 442 Thompson, Leroy 237 Tlo.mpson, M. L 236 Ihomnson. Richard. .108, 243. 246, 424 Thompson, Robert 47, 339 Thompson, T. J 21 Thomsen, Charles 108 Thomson. James 246 Thone. lla 140 Thorfinnson. Lois 108. 338. 380 Thorman. Jack 432 Thornton. William 108. 404 Thorson. Janice 223 Tidd. Joy 108, 434 Tieman. Norbert 108, 410 Tiensyold, Bonnie 126 Tiller, Kent 126, 213, 221, 434 Tilly, Ardith 140, 374 Timmerman. Willard 140, 410 Timmons, Glen 233 Timperley, Doris 73 Tirro, Arthur 126, 438 Titos. Joan 37, 392 Tohin. Barbara 126,374 Tohin. John 108, 234 Todenhoft, Charles 73, 434 Todcnhoh, Norman 213, 221 Tolman. Martha 37, 359 Tomek. Bol 221 Tomek, Charles 79, 236 Tomka. Jerry 140, 406 I ' omka, Victor 126, 406 Tompkin, Harold 238 Tonisik. Jerry 126, 426 Tonner, Jack 448 lool. Patricia 73,386 Tool. Richard 47 ' I ' oogood. Charles 246 Toogood, Jerry 126, 438 Toohey, Loren 239 Torczon, Richard 126, 442 Tons, Mary ._ 126 Tiiovclle. Ann 126, 374 Toiiwsma. George 57 Trabert, Letamae 110, 378 Tracy, Feme 140. 390 Tracy, Parker 108, 440 Tracy, PanI 140, 406 Tranl. Virginia 73. .194 Traphagen, Jane 140, 388 Trauro, Jo 73, 384 Trautwein, Henry 57, 442 Travis, Dorothy 126, 394 Travis, Mary 126, 354 Trcece, Ted 79 Tremain, Charles 126, 416 Trilinsky, Milton 108, 432 Tripp, Claralynn 126, 380 Tripp, Margaret 108, 372 Tritsch, Robert 140, 428 Troester, James 126, 410 Trocslcr. Olio 108. 410 Trombla. Billie 108. 388 Trout. Chahner 108. 436 Troxell. Ruth 126. 390 True. Thomas 126. 428 Truhlsen, Joan 108. 380 Trumble, Edward 108, 436 Tubman, Geraldine 126 Tully, Allen 140, 446 Turkel, Norman 57, 432 Tu rner, Fred 235 Turner, Robert 108, 238 Turner, Sally 126, 392 Turner, Susan 140, 392 Twehous, Ray 234 Tychsen, Paul 239 Tyler, Varro 108, 426 Tyner, Jerry 108, 340, 438 Tyner, Neal 126, 438 Tyson, William 422 u Uhe, Delia 126 Uhrig, Loren . . . . , 234 Ulbrick. George 64 Ullom. Helen 65. 378 Urbom. Carl 450 V Vaage. Kufus 4.30 Vacanti. Sam 246 Vaggalis, Mike 221 Vaid, Janel 140. 381. Van Burg. Alice 140. 394 Van Burgh. James 126. 434 Van Cleave. .Ma 126. 356 Vandel. Elmer 140. 416 Vandel. Thomas 126, 416 Vanderkolk, Tyler 426 Vanderslice, Robert 126 Van Eaton, Glenn 422 Van Every, Barbara 126 Van Horn. Carolyn 126, 376 Van Horn, Glenna 108 Van Home, Dorothy 126, 376 Van Home, Joline 73, .384 Vanis. Bibiana 3.50 Van Kerrebrook, Richard 236 Van Neste. Robert 364 Van Norman. Ray 126, 416 Van Norman, Warren 65, 416 Van Ornam, Robert 108 ' an Sant, James 236 Van Sanl, Joan 126, 376 Varney. Thomas 140, 412 Varvel, Edward 64, 444 Vasika, Viola 354 Vasina, . nlhony 367 Vcacli, Lorraine 342 Veacli, Robert 449 Vcilzer, Irving 126, 432 Velte, Luella 140, 340, .3.59 Vrnablc. Eliza 108, 376 Vermass, Harold 108 Verzani, Robert 126 Vesper, Robert 239 Veys, Charles 236 Vielc, Cherie 108, 380 Viele, Donald 126, 366 Vitek, Helen 140 VIcnn. Paul 37, 234 VIcek, William 57, 418 Page 492 PEONY PARK Midwest ' s Finest Summer Playgrounds f%V-i( i- 78TH DODGE OMAHA WA6253 Winter or Summer It ' s Peony Park in Omaha Summer Season Opens Saturday May 29 SWIM i DANCING OUTDOORS I i in the World ' s Famous ? I ROYAL GROVE i i EVERY NIGHT EXCEPT MONDAY | I With the Nation ' s i Finest Dance Bands ? ■.•■.•■■•■■•••••••-••••-••■•••••■••■••■■••■•■■••■•■■••■•■■•■■•..••.•.■•.■•■■•..•.. »..•.. •„«..•„«; ¥.•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..•..«..,..,..,.....,..,..,..,.....,..,„,.....• 40 ACRES OF PICNIC AND PLAYGROUNDS DAY OR NIGHT IN PURE TESTED flRTESIflN WATER SEASON TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE Vllstiom. Ila 219 Voight. Robert 109 Voight, Robert 234, 404 Voight, R. W 236 Vngel, Morris 126 Vogler. Robert 126 Vugl, Wiley 126 Volenline, Royce 126, .382 Vnllerlsen, Donald 246 Vollmer, Robert UO Von Bergen, Sherrijl 108. 340 Von Eato n, Glenn 108 Voorliees. Marilyn 126. 219. 382 Vortnian. Ruth 73, 352 Vosika, Viola 109, 354 Voss. Bonnie 57, 398 Vos9, Jacqueline 108, 386 Vuss, Orvill 213 VoBS, Shirley 140, 398 Votava, Josephine 109, 392 W Waco, A 235 Waddle, Boyd 140, 408 Waddle, Craig 79 Wade, William . . . .; 239 Wageman, Donnie 73, 219, 336, 374 Wagenian, Elmer 234 Wagener, Joanne 140, 386 Wagey, Nancy 140. 386 Wagner, Elliot 140, 436 Wagner, Harry 109, 438 Wagner, Robert 141, 422 Wagner, Shirlee 109. 380 Wagoner, David 79 Wagoner, Eloise 136, 358 Wagoner, Roderic 126, 418 Wahtstrom, Larayne 37, 338, 340 Walilstrom, Richard .. .37, 234, 339, 402 Wait, Robert 126, 418 Waile, Donald 109, 436 Walberg, John 57 Waldie, William 428 Waldron, Barbara 47, 392 Walker, Donald 367 Walker, Donald. 109, 213. 236, 341, 434 Walker, Howard 126, 408 Walker, Jean 348 Walker, Marjorie 126, 374 Walker. Mary 109, 382 Walker, Norman 367 Walker, Norman 232 Walker, Reynalda 141 Walla, .Albert 236, 341 Wallace, Audrey 47, 223, 385 Wallace, Dean 126, 406 Wallace, Frances 141, 372 Wallace, Robert 126, 422 Wallace, Shirlee 109, 376 Wallersledt, Donald 126 Walrath, James 126, 436 Walsh, James 233 Walson, Eldon 238 Walslrom, CliHord 234 Walter, Ivan 109, 410 Walter, Red 234, 420 Walters, Robert 141, 424 Ward, Betty 141, 374 Ward, James 109, 416 Ward, Marianna 109, 398 Ward, Patricia 57, 382 Ward, Richard 47 Ware, Frederick 19, 428 Waring, Robert 141, 418 Warner, Kathleen 109, 394 Warner, Phyllis 126, 356 Warner, Russell 126, 436 Warner, Ruth 338 Warren. Margaret 140, 394 Warren, Phyllis 73, 336, 386 Warren, Samuel 47, 213, 436 Warwick, Marjorie 350 Warwick, Norraan 109, 414 Washiibrn, Elaine 378 Washburn, Mary 91, 350 Washington, Bonnie 126, 372 Wasliinglon, Velma 141, 372 Watkins, Nancy 109, 384 STUDENTS! KEEP FIT! COMPLETE STOCK OF GOLF, TENNIS, BASEBALL. SOFTBALL. TRACK AND BOXING EQUIPMENT ALSO, ALL COLORS AWARD SWEATERS AND JACKETS Harry Reed Sport Shop SPALDING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 1321 P Street 2-4191 Watkins, Velma Ml. .178 Watson, Eldon 126 Watson. Robert 341 Watt. Catherine 57 Watt. Marlin 57 Watt. Stanley 236. 341 Weaver. Joanne 141 . 390 Weaver. Leroy 236 Webb. Olin 109. 440 Webber. Hubert 109. 404 Webber. Mary 127, 335 Weber, Marilyn 141, 386 Weber, Susan 91, 350 Webster, Ann 141, 372 Weekly. Eleanor 127. 362 Weekly. Richard 57. 414 Weeth. Marian 328. 384 Wefso. Robert 57. 408 Wegener, CliHord 37, 410 Wehrman, James 57, 414 Wehrs, Roger 109, 340 Weible, Betty 47, 304, 355 Weidenbach, Marilyn 354 Weidenbacli, Marilyn 141 Weidner, Theodore 426 Weiland, Dorothy 47 Weiler, Eugene 448 Weimer, Robert 127, 416 Weinberg, Robert 446 Weinsheini, Peggy 141 Weinstein, Miriam 47, 396 Weisel. Herb 444, 448 Weisenreder, Edwin 109, 406 Weishel, Barbara 141, 372 Welborn, Auretta 47, 356 Welch, James 214, 221, 342 Welch, Vern 364 Wellensick, Irene 354 Wellensiek, Paul 127, 430 Wellinger, Jack 141. 430 Wells, Dean 127, 214 Wells. Edward 141, 213, 4.38 Wells. Iris 141 Wells. Mary Ann 343 Welph, Evelyn 127 Welsh, James 18 Page 493 DAGWOOD CAFE For Quick service and good food — LOCRTED ON CAMPUS 1227 R 2-7419 Wtlli-h.-k. Paul 127. U6 Wellon. Richard 57. 412 Weixleliii. Di.nald HI. W6 WenJIer. Gordon 127. 366 Wendl. .Shirley 109, 35: ttenk. William 127. 418 VlVnke. Bill 127. 4.30 Wenke. Robert 43-1 ttenu. Barbara 109. 388 Werdenbach. Marilyn 354 West. Belly 141. 386 Wesl. Charles 235 Wesl. Jack 141. 416 Wcslbrook. . rlhur 81 Wpslover. Van 57. 426 Welherbee. Jo .Ann 127. 376 Weyenberg. Donald 141 Weyenbere. Normalee 57. 303. 380 Wheeler. John 127. 430 Wherry. Mary 109. 376 Whilcomb. Kennelh 141 While, Archie 234 While. Jack 236, 341 While. Lee 79. 326, 432 While, Nancy 109, 386 While, Roherla 47, 356, 362 Whilehead. Millon 127, 434 Whilehead, Theresa 127 Whilham, Anne 109, 394 Whiller, .Arlene 362 Whilmore, Dean 127, 406 Whitmore. Harold 109. 404 Wbitlaker. Max 214 Wible. Robert 127, 436 Wickam. Donald 109, 418 Wickham, Josephine 91, 350 Wicks, William 109, 366 Widows, Roselle 109, 386 Wiegand. Del 246, 418 Wiest. Robert 364 Wielage. Jeanne 141, 354 Wieland, Patricia 127. 392 Wiese. William 109. 412 Wieskamp. Betty 141 Wiggans. Donald 109, 339, 420 Wighlman. Jarqorlin.- . . . . 109. 223. 374 Wilbourne. llarrjell 109. 381 Wilburn. Marjorie 127. 3.50 Wilcox. Elizabeth IH. 354 Wilder. M. K 237 Wilhelms. M. L 236 Wilkens. Marilyn 127. 390 Wilkerson. Shirley 109. SSti Wilkins, Frank 233 Wilkins, G 246 Wilkins, William 47, 418 Wilkrnson. Donald 57. 430 W ' illey, Charles 237 Willey, Robert 109. 422 Williams, Beverly 141, 388 Williams, Charles 127, 438 Williams. Dorothy 141. 378 Williams. Dwain 57, 438 Williams. Eunice 73. 360 Williams. Floyd 141. 406 Williams. Joan 127. 360 Wiliams, Norman 127, 428 Willman, Ruth 47. 304. 3.55 Willman, Thayne 237 Wilmol. Duane 79. 237 Wilscam, Charles 109. 422 Wilson. Charles 127. 438 Wilson. Janice 73, 382 Wilson, Jack 234 Wilson, John 57, 428 Wilson, John 436 Wilson, Reese 127, 428 Wilson, Robert 422 Wilson. Robert 428. 448 Winchell. James 408 Windle. Barbara 73. 384 Windle. Robert 64. 448 Windrum. Carl 450 W ' indrum. Richard 127. 414 Winer. Herbert 37. 340. 432 Winkhoff. Margie 141 Winkler. William 239 Wirth, Lloyd 402 Wisby. Janel 141 Wise. Eldon 57. 426 Wise. John 109, 121 CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE Upholstering and Refinishing ' UPHOLSTERING CO. OUS IE 1121 N St. 2-2428 Wiseman, William 109. 1.16 Wishnow. Emanuel 213 Wisner. John 341 Witt. Norman 109. 410 Wiltenberg, Mark 109, 446 Wittier. Arlene ; 73. 355 Wittier. LcRoy 109. 442 Wiltinan, Robert 342 Witlniann. Erwin 410 Wodder. Niels 367 Woefel, Claire 127. 378 Wolf. Albert 410 Wolf. Harold 141. 438 Wolf. Marion 109 Wolf. Winifred 109, 382 Wolfe. Catherine 37 Wolfe. Don 79. 237 Wolfe. Jeanne 350 Wolfert. Leland 127. 410 W.dfert, Walter 109. 404. 410 Woltord. Jani.e 127. 386 Wolph. Evelyn 335. 358 Wolsleger. Marguerite 57. 303. 355 Woller. Gerald 127. 410 Wood. John 109. 436 Wood. W. S 234 W ' oodward. James 141, 424 Woodworth, Charles 47, 426 Wopata, Eugene 236 Worcester, Catherine 127, 384 Worcester. Evarts 426 Wrenn. William 79. 237 Wright. Carolyn 91. 350 Wright. Jack 234 Wright. Richard 127. 438 Wright. Sidney 141. 418 Wright. William 440 Wroth. James 141 Wulf. Donald 109. 410 Wuin. Opal 127. 356 Wullschleger. John 127. 406 Wurtz. William 127, 213 Wynkoop, Jack 141. 416 Wvss, Shirley 127. 390 Wyllicrs, G,-..rK,ii.ii 100. :17() Yakal. Philip 57. 404 Yarwood. Robert 141. 426 Yeager. John 109. 412 Yen. Robert 79. 236. 363. 410 Yerkes. Walter 47 Yoder. Betsy 127, 372 Yose, William 109 Yost. Elwood 109 Yost. Howard 47. 430 Young. Bernice 37. 328, 338, 380 Young. Jane 57. 303. 386 Young. John 109. 436 Young. Keith 141. 422 Young. P 246 Young. Wanda Arlene 127. 335. 380 Youngston. Charles 109. 436 Younkin, Carol 141, 382 Yousem, Joseph 141. 446 Yung. F. D 238 Z Zabel, Verna 127 Zahn. Evelyn 127 Zahn, Lorraine 47 Zahn. Norman _. 141, 363 Zahn, Roland 234 Zajicek, Bernice 217 Zeilinger, Howard 234 Zemer, Barbara 37, 392 Zerzan. Richard 127. 424 Zimmerman. .Alita 127. 390 Zimmerman. Charles 57, 363. 408 Zimmerman. ' ard 47. 400 Zimmermann. Karl 221 Zlomke. Clayton 79. 236 Zolot. Marilyn 141 Zorinsky. Edward 9t 7. 432 Zorn. Joan 141. 382 Zoubek. James 57 Zuhlke. Robert 127. 410 Zurovaski. Louise 127. 357. 340 RECORDS VICTOR— COLUMBIA DECCfl— CflPITOL and others ft Superior Musical Service WON ' T YOU CALL TODAY? Schmoller Mueller 1212 O St. PIANO CO. 2-G724 Our Super Market " Food to Suit Your Taste " Fruits — Meats Groceries — Vegetables 2-3160 1717 R St. Page 494 PORi QUALITY engraving, printing, and binding for high school and college yearbooks. Expert photography — artwork and design — color plates and etchings — lithographing ALL U NDER ONE ROOF? OOK SERVICE i TflTf JOUHNflL PRINTING CO 9 00 P ST., L A COL V , A EBfiASKA I n Appreciation Many days and iimntlis lia ' l)ceii pi ' nt in |)ul)lisliiiig this lOU! CoRNllliSKER. Despite the many iliHiculties, the spirit of cooperation lia;; neyer heeii lacking among the people u ho made this JKjok possii)le. ' l " o these people and to everyone who helped uilh ihc hook go many sincere thanks. Statk .|oiiii Ai. Phiminc do. Kastman Kodak Storks, Inc. Waknkk Mkdlin Stuuios TiiK S. K. Smith Co. ' I ' hk Wauiu.n I ' I ' KK (!( . John Kokkkt Poweks k. (.. kosknlok R. F. MoKCAN The following offices and departments of the University: Studknt Umon Stah Univkksitv Publications Hoaku Photographic Laboratory KdITOKIAI. AM) PllBLIcn DUMIIIMKNT PlKCHASINf. DkPAKTMK.N I Thk Daily Nkbkaskan MANAGING F.UITOHS Nadine Anderson Jerry Johnston Jane McArlluir ART EDITOR Dana Rasinusseii 1948 CORNHIISKER Joanne Ackerman, Editor Delphine Ayers. Business Manager I ' UHI.ICATIONS Siisif Kred MUSIC, ART, SPEECH Pat Fiske ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS Ray Bieniond ( Jierie iele ADMINISTRATION John Connely CLAS.SES Joel Bailey Dorothy Borgens Lou Carter Belly Fessler Tish Swanson (;OVKRNMENT Belty BIoss Dick Kuska WOMEN Jranie Sampson Elizahelh Silmeidri INFORMAL Bohhy Buscli Torcliy Rrili ri Jan Stralliiii MEN -Mll.ll H " » By HoopiT HOUSES (!liU( ' k Dii an Kay Kin ry (!y Markeson ()R(;anizaiions Jan Fainhil l Betty (ireen Marilyn Voorliees Mary Jewel Walker SPORTS Rod Fletcher Bruic McMichai I INDE.X Janet Graves Lou Her Jo Lisher ART STAFF Joan Davidson June Fislar PHOTOGRAPHERS Norman Case Bob Duis tJeorge Gregor Hank Lammers Bill Leroy Bill Poe Phil Raynaid Tom Reynolils BUSINESS STAFF Neil Atkinson Dot Chapin Harvey Davis Bud Gerhart Eanies Irvin Kirk Lewis Darrell May Dave Miller Joe Polack .Art Tirio 9 sn . - Ml L " . . iV a-i- - J Jii - i V y 7 ' J V ' v) V -( ) ( f I ii .4 r f v.. V, V V- " aA Hr: W a , ,- r ' M . L I. vN «VJ« - Wm n I ' . ' $ ' 2 ii " - 1 1 Jiei re Lsno place like • •

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