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J g 14-....-Q... -ww.-...f---......,. I 1 Q 4 5'-' E 3 I F ? Q sf 5 1: J I .-.q. f-.-..m.rns--4-i.,.,- --.11 -Q.. .......... ,,-K-LM ph Y . , Y- Q v wb "" -yn.-..-. ,,.,,. ,,, ' V . -mi, ..-.-..... f 3 a a i y 5 y 3 2 Q Ag- 5 2 -',.,,.-:rv-wn,4,,,ss-N-:W -gi! ,ghv-uri A, , mm., -,hhxu my I xx Q ' '---H . NW-., :' 'Q'-1 5 f , J! N 'H wg lv 'S X Tv x 'Q 1 5 I B - 2 Z I E r ,J lj. '1 K 'L K.. 3 .3 i W A946 .a9""""':-E if if If A of 4, . if -,.A-V, 6 ,,f-4" N...-'ff' Nw- 6 Z ff X . . if a s X . X X . X A A X X N X' x. X LV ,i f" ! xx xx, x V ff I ff r I Z I .XXX XX L 1"N K .X ,ff 1 hx 'Rx 5 Zwzwfhy Me ZZMWH WZWWMV1 mf ZZWQZ Q new M0002 , y -' X X mx ,f 'v X XX X -x X, . xy J H f Z if YTH ami 5' ?f 6' Y' 8 UNIVERSITY OF NE-BY. ff ff ,af .1 f' Q x. .. I E 'lu MU K It uW,...- .Ms ff , . s ,- X ,fi K A 3 Q 5 'Q 4 HL 5 N, . X r P 'NH . I JY I F 1 X x X-.X fl if J .M wwf .fAk NS 9 ,W- ir ff H igher education means several different things to students. Some regard education as a broad, cultural lrainingg others value the professional training of spec1al1ZGd educationg too many think it is an excuse to live fouls pleasant years. The attempt to maintain the caliber of university mtlncalion at Nebraska is hindered by a curtailed budget. However, through changes in organization and c ourses, the Achninistration strives to continue on the same educational l p ane. ln this new decade students will continue to develop a in ' " ' ' oie serious appreciation f o an university education. X A Q I X ! I .f i l,,.f'fJMm X, .K f f ! I I I ff, I Xt' J Kd! 967720772674 the student broadcast of sports, fashions, headlines, and lVlarg Krauseis society notes. T116 new nightly program was sponsored by the Daily Nebraskan. mwzwfz-QW the opportunity for flying instruction offered to University students, and Betty Bachman as 0113 of the first girls to venture into this new field. .Qi f or ' prow .. -1- ...QS 1 l l 3 eQ,j677Z67iZQ74NCbT3Sk3,S re- cently constructed practice fields l and field house to be used for intramurals and varsity practice. is l ' Qqeffzewwkw when Love Hall, the new dormitory for Women, was completed and dedicated this year, providing housing for ninety-six girls. I 5 ,1., . r Hamm.-L - . Wwzwafwf the thulling kick-oil ofthe Nebraska. lVlinnesota game of 1939-the year Nebraska scored victories on both Minnesota and Pittsburgh. i iTHllllllll p .f J. v s..M.,,q' -W fi f f' .',-I .X ,gffkfa WM ZZ! QAMM! LEW my KIYZKKWKIQE With the haunting fear of Ulliifid States becoming involved in another W'orld War, university students have constantly Watched belligerent aggresSi0HS Of European countries. A series of open forums on War Sp0H- sored by the University have helped keep students better informed. Hull sts-ions slimulallv thought :mtl gnml slorivs. mfffizi fl7Z6fQOZlEl'71777W7?"X The high-pitched inter- est in politics and a possible third ter government is evident in the discussions of m and in the student attendance at ThomHS E. Deweyis speech, .7 , OCLW ffiuftwfififffff sion tends to take on 3, tend to look at marria Q fl l g ' 'om a more intellectual than emo- tional point of view. Je A never-dying topic for discus- more serious appearanceg students W . ff' 'J rugs ,, . . . , fd D b ffcgffifnnfd A more optimistic outlook to- XV11. , . . 0 ' Ji S and successful careers IS in evidenceg probably ' ' some o t ' ' , , . his IS due to personnel directors appreciating ihfl value of hi l . . 1 A - . . g C1 education and interviewing students. PHS Page 10 Page 11 TIME comes in every studentls life to cast away thoughts of coking or maybe a bridge game and to settle down to the never-ending task of studying. Those who are deserving are amply rewarded by election to honorary fraternitiesg others are recognized at the Honor Convocation, and still others receive scholarships that are awarded by campus organizations, indi- viduals or schools. Kenneth Holmes dozes over his studies Mary McLaughlin keeps busy The knotty-pine library lends The smile and stack of books Walter Kiechel refers to the being study-hall supervisor its atmosphere of concentra- are indicative of a well-spent dictionary to maintain his 90 and explaining diihculties to tion to Bob Simmons as he day at the library for Faith average. Aline Hosman. browses over his hooks. Medlar of P.B.K. rank. Pausing from his duties as Ned Lynn finds it necessary Mary Louise Speidell, a mem- Charles Oldfa-ther follows in editor of the Daily Nebraskan, to use some reference mate- ber of P.B.K., takes advantage the Dean's footsteps toward Dick dcBrown takes time to rial from the Mechanical En- of her professor's aid. scholastic endeavors. type another term paper. gineering library. y noir ,1 -..- ...A 9" ,.., ,,M'-Ku ff 'X"'s.,,. --+4 V X' -2, I, jaswx' x i ' -A A ,W I ,W X W, .-- A 1: 1' if l E 4 Q 11 T',5,:,., . 1,57-n. - h , .. ',, ,. f.,s sv i., llntlx Holi Arlen and Prince, the famous St. Bernard, f-onld justly be classed as doers. Bob devotes his time to the Cornlzuslfer, Kosmet Klub, and other uclivilics. ' 'XM 2 we Janet Harris and Bob Sinky are also active on the campus, Janet, a Tassel and the past Pep Queen, has a host of friends, and Bob can usually be found dashing around the Student Union. ness l.ns:nIx'. new W .X X . ii . ' N -4 president. and of tht- 5,,,,1,,m Ummil- Ends time t, a member lllt' r'nl14-pl-tv ' O fake 111 One Of . F PYIYPII at the L' '. , . wmtcr. mlelslly Coliseum this , Retirin - 3 for 3 While from his usual wbirl on the Campus, George Cost become do U. 35 apparently is attempting to i . meftlc and skilled in culinary art. George s pmmmem 111 barb politics. Page Page 1 page I2 Page 13 Jane Shaw signs out on the A.W.S. date slieet before leaving for one of the Winter formals. Jane is known in Tassels and Y.W.C.A. Leo Cooksley, prominent in the Agriculture campus activities, among which is the Farmers, Fair Board, takes time for a little relaxation while he reads the Cornhusker Countryman. THE FUTURE INNOCENTS AND MORTAR BOARDS, POSSIBLY John Mason, a cohort in bringing the gore to the campus from Radioland, as well as being a member of Kosmet Klub and the Student Council, takes time out for a little music in the Corn Crib. Ss 6 x ff ,, s Q1 7 'Q Z Q P 5, Q v G 1 fgik. w . , 2 Marion Cramer, called the inter-fraternity girl, can always be found in the Drug or buzzing around the campus for Tassels or some other activity. if T rf L 1 I XR ,N 'R :ff 2 we-A--M.- ,MN 1 ' 1 D I ' ff l'rofm-ssor lJ6'liIllIl'I'0 is responsible for nnieli done in llie setting up of nu lll' ' lsllf. is 1lilm'l'11:1linmlly lxmmen - Vlllllllllllllgl ln' ilu IH Hmm Dr. Louise Pound, nationally known Hgure in literary work, is -it prom-ssl-s used in the extrae- also the president of the National lion ul' In-linm from natural gas. Language Society. 1 7 llinnllon pl, - - ' - . anmain ul ilu- 414, . . N . . , I pailment of Lliem. . lol' luis researcli in A ' 5l'IDlllllS :intl in organic ' ' "1 'll of nmlaria, Dr. Van Es of national recogni- tion has contributed much to the control of poultry diseases and swine erysipelas. Dr, Weaver of the Bot 1 My cepartment has gained JII'Nl'llll'illN tr ll - , - . . reeoffnition - - - . ' u in ilnnnl ul Hmm lghllough IHS seientine researcli on roots .. las pun is led m 1 + uel material on this suliject. Page 14 Page 15 1.15.1 Page 14 Page 15 f si W IMUHUKUUF I i ! l ifwn M5657-N l 4 " ' ' ' -. 1 A ,.- Vg: Students at the university find various Ways to help Another quite common occupation is serving and earn their ways through schoolg noodle-making in one cookingg some cook for themselves, and some cook of Lincolnis mills provides occupation for one. for othersg here, hamburger-making is an art. X ,. A common sight at football games is one of a student selling pro- Working on the state papers as dfillern occupies much of Art Piersonls time. Guide service on Nebraska,s state capitol is Ken Olsonas diversion from his school Work. grams and schedules. ,0- ,J-S " Af, .,. X-.rf . +A" . V 'N""'--.,,-wa,--..,. f" """"w-----c..-..., I, WURKE .f-4' :' ,I se. ,TQ l '1 f fb ,a if "u i ,Lf as ' LOIBIBlE.' Q -KA- XIHIVIAXIC IUPUI!! Unrizm Khlfl -lI'iYf'9f1'l' .1 rwru-lnurll-1111 Xll'h'D"lHl HI VZHNIPIIN INlIitifF 'xx Ju- -1-ruw in Hu- Hmm- nf lln- Hrs! girl- f-- 1 1- ff 1- 5imlvnl f.-vunvil. Vrfvurvssiw' l"nrlx 5--flilifwll xiru- rm- fr-vu IIIVUIIQII llw vw- uf rf-tire-fl pre--iflf-nl Hill Sirnnmnrms :xml I:f'lllfI'lll ll:lrlf,lu1r14l. ilu- Jlvtlu' llTl'Nlfl1'llII 21 priluipnl plank nn lIl1'lI' plzllffvrln lluf war v..l- 'lI!lll'll'flIIfI ilu- Fturlu-nt K,fmnr'1l f1'lw'l1-rn 1-f ilu' Pr--m l."l1lI'lllH4'l'. l,l3fl"Nll12 H115 naw ilu- Ill-1-ml Vxlrlx. hllll fyrxml Hvvfl ilr IHTSI- :lent ilu-x fxnum-fl :nn ZIH-Villlllillx4'l1'f'llUll nf ilu Vrfnm f,ummllla-1-. Uvlll ll'-ull-5 is zlvllw' 1- IIN- .ll-mu: llurll f:u'l1Hn uf lllnzllllllulzwl slu- .. . , ,, flfm-. Hu- fHl'l11:IIlHlI 1-f lln- fmvxu' vlulr ulniflu l'l'llIlIl'1'N il 1111-r11l-1-lwlmxp vurfl fur gll v'l1'f'llHl1N. lux lwr-n llllx illf'll'PllF must nlll- N!.nmImu rnffw ilu- u-nr. I rw! J Page lh P386 --- - . - . ...-. v....w:.....-- . --..., W-, .,....., , ...M-.,-......-. .. , ' 1., iff ZZ! 7WW U GEORGE JOHNSON passes many hours pulhng leisurely on his pipe and trying to decide how to save his queens as a chess champion. Teddy bears fascinate Betty Dodds, as her large collection of the bears from all parts of United States indicates. Frank O'Neil draws outstanding cartoons and sends them to persons of national and international notor- iety for signatures. Many will remember his display in the Student Union earlier this year. Photographer George Royal has one of the most complete outfits of photograph equip- ment on the campus and is known for some of his unusual shots. ,WW,,.-.. .':" , W X i 4""YN-,, 1 'Q ,..,N,MVn'-FN I ,., f 1 fe-f .ff C. . X 5 mum Page 17 r 1, "' f . lf' 11 Y LEU ---K- A ROY PI ll14'l'lilillCll llilbkifllli ll IUFFITT O11 the pauillel bars is a member of P: 19 . . f 1 crowds durmg half-tlmes P I Pg 19 A COMMON misconception of varsity sports is that they are limited to football, basketball, baseball and track. Nebraska offers a much larger variety than this, however. Wi'estling is important with all-university and intercollegiate compe- tition. Swimming is another of the Big Six competitive sports in which Nebraska teams participate. Ralph WO1'd6H has received many awards for diving, and last year was high point winner. Dr. Clapp's classes in fencing draw many and require skill, accuracy and well- developed techniques. Many others en- ter the boxing ring for sport. On the campus are several tennis courts which are used by many of the university students besides the tennis team. The athletic department sponsors a golf team which engages in Big Six competition. The new athletic field and field house have been and will be more in the future a boon to intramural sports. NEBRASKA MEN ARE NOTED FOR ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS I-15 I me-6.x l P A' , f , f' r ff X. Y if .'0l'lETl '1Ht,.. 'k- 51 Sllllll, lull- v-nm-s mln thc limm-light 0 i' l.r.l-lt.t- 1-.impu-,ul ilu mlm xl Ill Ulf I 1 X rl--sv-l tlmm-r xxluu llfll lil IHPIW flllll, l1l'1'1'1 lu llu l llltll lllml I A'-' Y, . - - .- , 11,52 Elirg 9 - 'Q ft . Uni Lilx n Ne- NOTHER Phase of social life is shown in Eli - 1 1 . A. '-hid mi-ly. Pl i Delt-Alpha Chi Omega exchange dinner- 0 -4 - Q" ' '-s an or- necessarily a date-affair, pledges eat with Pledges' U' a ' clzmrfe. ' ' and actives with the other active chapter- 8 Page 21 i DIVERSION from the routine of studying comes as social life on the campus makes its appearance. Fall, with everyone still excited about seeing his friends again at school, is the time for open-houses and house-parties. For- mal season is ushered in early in December with the Military Ball, followed by the Mortar Board party. Suc- ceeding weekends bring fraternity and sorority formals, the lnterfraternity Ball, and finally the Prom, which closes the winter formal season. With spring come hour dances again, more exchange dinners, teas, picnics, and best of all perhaps, candy-passings. Cadet Colonel Robert Nelson and Infantry Sponsor Edith Knight Bea Andrews seems more than c4Where's that stud?" and the Chi Mariam Rubnitz and Rolly Wolf amused with her gaily decorated Phi's are ready for another week- have a snack at the Tasty Pastry friends at the Mortar Board party. end of formals. after an evening show An informal occasion when a fel- Frankie Trumbauer and his band The Kappas were hostesses to this low entertains his favorite date at led the swing and sway of this particular open house during foot a Sunday night buffet supper. year's lnterfraternity Ball. ball season this year. u ,,.-5 vq, F 11 'if -Ja-1 Y f vw! 1 W' .7 j f , ff, is f ' 'Og af f y 'I if 5 ff? "' m g u f a - A? "W a vp ,W Z V' 11,4 167 ww fl Page 23 x i X Q lv "' .- 'X ,K 'xx Q 9 X S X PLANT INDUSTRY IRLIILIDING Pa af 1' EBRASKA'S Coliseum is popular as the locale of men's and womenls sports, social functions, and convocations. MID throbbing dynamos and whirring wheels Nebras- ka's future Edisons are trained in the Mechanical Engineering Building. Page 25 10' ' NDREWS Hall is the home of the College of Dentistry. and also accommodates the depart- ments of English ancl German. RT center on the Nehraska campus is Morrill Hall. It Contains the mnsenm with the famous elephant collection. l honm 'y,and leparb :Hman Jraska I. Ir Zh the VH. P11552 6 X 1 Qin! Kim 5-1. ,Q-4. jf? I, 57' 2 J X. 1. 1 1 fp' 1 ,Y - ZX., X 1 X1 l49'l'Xl5II9llI'l9 ill 1869, the Lv11ix'Q1'sily 11215 ff Il U00 -l111Iv11lQ lc'11 1'c1ll1'gcs 111111 a1l11111sl 000 Cf 111 l1'111'l111 Qi K xx 1 1 XZ' X 1' fl XX , ' X x X L, ,XX X V X XX ,.,-ff! X 79 f I fx J 1 X4 !f X! ' f! I if I " s A X X ff i i X X Q, '-lx Xb Y Q1 N I. V I 1 i 1 f A. f 5 J 1 I 15 Q 1 A J 2 'i Wk' I, , Q ,df Rx X ff YPT THE GUVER tilt To THE STUDENTS or THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA! The people of the state of Nebraska have been generous in their support of our public institutions of learning. Our state university is nearly as old as the state itself, having been established only two years after Nebraska's admis- sion to the union. The citizens of this state are convinced that an enlightened citizenry is essential to the preserva- tion of our democratic form of government. Citizenship in our state is not a privilege only. It is also a grave responsibility, the carrying out of which calls for patriotism, loyalty and enlightenment, .Which attributes should he among the products of our educational institutions. lt is a happy fact that the university has discharged its function over the years in such a way as to serve the people of the state, and to justify their faith in it and in higher education iself. It is my pleasure to extend, for myself and on behalf of the people of the state, congratulations to the graduates of the class of 1940. The university is held in high esteem by its patrons, the citizens of Nebraska. lt is their con- fident hope that the young men and women leaving the university to undertake their lifeas work will, by their achievements, and by their devotion to the larger responsi- bilities of democratic citizenship, justify in full measure the maintenance of this institution. R. L. COCHRAN, Governor PII' 9 1 UR KA: nerous g. Our having admis- vinced rserva- enship grave otism, ld be ged its neople nigher iehalf luates steem ' con- g the their DOUSI' ISUTC P13 J Page 31 BUARD 0F R GE T Left to Right: Thompson, Johnson, Gunderson, Shaw, Seaton, Boucher, Long, Devoe. CHARLES Y. THOMPSON President HE Board of Regents, which is the governing body of the University, is composed of six members who are chosen at a general state election. In order to give each section of the state a voice in the government of the University, the members are elected from what were formerly the six congressional districts. The Board of Regents is the guiding hand of the University. In administering University affairs, it supervises the faculty, controls the disbursement of funds, has charge of the building program, and selects the chancellor and deans. Two resolutions recently passed by the Board are of great im- portance to future students. The first calls for a raise in tuition, effective in September of 1940. The second measure, effective in 194-1, requires freshman women to live in the dormitories one academic year. MEMBERS CHARLES Y. THOMPSON, West Point, President ...... Term expires 1941 MARION A. SHAW, David City ....................... Term expires 1941 ROBERT W. DEVOE, Lincoln ...... ..... T erm expires 1943 STANLEY D. LONG, Grand Island .... FRANK M. JOHNSON, Lexington .... . . . .Term expires 1945 . . . .Term expires 1945 4 355 2 . f"1f Q ' " 1111 111110111111 N11-311111-111+ 1111' 'I'11l-1 1I1,1sQ 111-' 11 1 1 . . - 1 11115 lNNll1'111 1111- f,111'11f111.1f.'1-1' 1-111111111-1111111111111-s il 1'1l2ll1gIU 111 1'11111' 5111111 1111' 1 11lW'l'Nl1X' 111 N1-111-11111 1'1I11l1X' 1111s 1111111111 is 1-11111p11s1-11 11111 1111- . 1 . 1 1 111 1111- Ill'1'Fl'll1 r11I111'l11 1111111-. 1-11-11111' l111'l1l1N'l'S. 111111 11111111111s11'11111'1- 111111 S111 I. 1111-Q 11111 111111 1111- 1111111f4111111 111 11111111111 11111 11111111-1' b1ll111'll1S. Ill 11111111' 1'1-sp11lN ,. .., , 111 11111111111 .111 1111 1111151 1111111111-1111 1111-111111-1' 111 1111- 111111-1"111' 1n'l11Il1Y 111-- F 5 1 1 5 . W' S 'X '1 1 11111- l11l'X 1ll'1' 1111- 11111-1 111- 11111111 1111 111 11111111111 11 1ll11r,111 111111 11111111 11111 1111111 xN1111'1X: 1111-1 1111' 1111- ll ' 1111' 111111111 111'1111111'1 111 1111- 1-1111111111111111 lJl'OgI'i1111. I1 1111-1 .11-111111 1111'111Nl'1x1'N 111l111X 111111 FII111 111111 lll 111111 11111 ---111 Q' ' - s1-11 l1lIl'Sl 11 111f'X 111.11111.1111 .1 111111111111-11 1111111 1 111 '11111 '11'1- 1-11-1' 1111"11 111 1111- 1115 N 1 -1- y 1 1 1 1 1 - 1115. 11111 111111. 11 1 11111111 1111111111111 11N il 111111111 111111 rll1'1'1'bF1ll1 111f11111111111. '111lf . 1 1 1 1-N N 1- . , 1 1 . 1111 111 1111 1111111 111 1 XKIX 11I,L11X 111 f11lll'111ll111r. 1111- 111111-1111 11111-111'1' ' v 11114111L.11 111111-11 11111 1-1111 1xl'1'l1 111'N1 11111111111-11 1'11111'f'l'111I11f.f hIg.flll11l'i1l11 111-11-11111 1111-11111111111-111111-11111.1111-1-1'111111 111 11 1111111111 1 1x N 1 -1 N 1 . 1 1 1i1'1'ID 111111- il 1111-2111111 11111 I1 1 111 11 111 11.111, 1 1111 X1l11111ll 1Xf1111-111111111. 11 IS 11-111'1111' 111 1'11111' g1111 S 1 I111l'l 111'-1 xx1N11l'N ff. S. 13UL'C11E1i, C1121l1CC1101' Page 32 1-1 N 13 1-111 1116 1111111 1e1 111111 C0 1-11ec1 1111 S 1111115 sent 1116 I 5111111 11111111 T 1 11111 W111 011 111- 1 1-1111- 115111 11111 91111 11011 11:11 11111 11161 "Ui 311 is in :rely sers, Jects , be- :ntly ram- ,uitS, stitu- The enCY elop- lgflll SUP' DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS IN a statement to the students Dean Thompson says, c'Stu- dents should be taught not only the rules, skills, and prac- tices of life's activities, but they should also acquire good habits of thought. It is of the utmost importance that they learn to think, to analyze, and to form judgments. Educa- tion should be presented in such a manner that clear and correct thinking is constantly demanded on the part of the students." His oflice serves as a liaison office in matters of student counseling and general university administration. Maintaining housing and employment bureaus for men, checking eligibility for extra-curricular activities, passing on students of questionable scholarship, issuing applica- tions and selecting students for N.Y.A. employment repre- sent a small part of the duties performed by the office of the Dean of Student Affairs. Last year approximately 1,600 students were advised on problems encountered at the university. DEAN OF WOMEN IT is the desire of the Dean of Women that every student will learn to utilize and appreciate a university education. Writes Dean Hosp, uThe most ardent wish I have for each of you is that, reflecting at this time upon the experiences of your university life, you find it within yourself to de- clare: 41 am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yes- terday and I love today'.,' In her Work she is concerned primarily with the development of a creative, not a dis- ciplinary program. In carrying on this program the office performs such duties as extra-curricular and personal coun- seling, supervision of housing and employment, adminis- tration of scholarship funds for Women, and advisory membership on Panhellenic and Y.W.C.A. Boards. Page 33 THE DEA DEAN T. J. THOMPSON I DEAN HELEN Hosp MAHIAN KHHJ JEAN MIHULAN JANHTLAK ARTHVRIHLL MHNRHJ.ENGLUND W is-.,,,', A T lllllll' Cllllllllll THE student body on this campus, following the usual custom, selects each year certain of its members as a counseling and govern- ing board. The duty of this small group Of StL1dCI1fS is t0 Undelstalld the desires and needs of those whom it is chosen to represent, and to act accordingly. The thirty-five members which comprise the Student Council are divided proportionately among the several colleges of the University of Nebraska. This year the Council has made an especially earnest attempt to ferret out the elusive campus opinions on various subjects. Among them were such topics as the Student Health service, the advisahility of instigating a motion to have the University library opened on Sunday, and the possibilities of organizing cooperative houses for men. The publicizing of motions put by members of the Council on these subjects has proved an effective means of drawing out student opinion. In the past years, it has been the custom of the Student Council to elect the Junior-Senior Prom Committee and to sponsor the Prom itself. This year the Council assumed this responsibility, but a poll of student opinion show that the campus favored a general election for determining who will constitute the membership of the Prom committee. The Student Council fell in with this proposal, and in the future the matter will be determined by a general election. As yet, it has not been decided who will bear the responsibility for the success or failure of the Prom. The Council operates chiefly on the committee system. The stand- ing committees were particularly efficient this year. The constitutions of several new campus organizations were approved by the committee on Campus Organizations. The Migration committee planned the annual football excursion, which went this year to Kansas State. The annual spring assembly was formulated by the Honors Convocation committee, and the Activities committee made a survey and kept a lilc of men's activities. Plans to improve the conditions and practices of political rallies are yet to be completed. A special committee has been designated to organize a sin le rall f f ' I . . S 3 01 tie Student Council elections, every candidate will be presented at that time and will be permitted to ln-like fl Salon Speech' If is hoped that Il1iS program will serve as a ciec .on the tendency of too ardent supporters to engage in demonstrations. Page 3 P 4 y Bae as AC'l PUI FOI M11 ELI BU IL 1SIOm, ovem. rstand and t0 Iudent ges of npr to .mong ,bility ed on :S for oil on udent vuncil Prom I poll :ction Prom nd in As II' the tand- tions 1itte6 Q the The ation :pt 3 ,llieS IHICCI very d to erve 9 lfl Page 35 Fourth Row: N. Felher, J. Minnick, D. Meixel, M. Kruse, R. O'Cormel1, B. Backlund, J. Mason, K. Simmons. Third Row: R. Drewes, B. Houtchens, R. Clark, B. Eginton, R. A. Sheldon, P. Wicks, B. J. Ferguson, L. Michael. S and Row R Flory, H. Casady, B. Reese, V. Wlleeler, A. Reed, M. Bradstreet. I Roi - A D b , M. Englund, J. Lau, M. Kidd, A. Hill, J. Morgan, E. Steele. OFFICERS MARIAN KIDD ...... ............... .......... P r eszdent JEAN MORGAN .... ........... ..... V i ce-President JANET LAU ...... ........ S ecretary ARTHUR HILL ..... ................................. ..... T r easurer STANDING COMMITTEES ACTIVITIES FILE ................. Margaret Krause, John Mason, Co-Chairmen I-Iortense Casady, Neal Felher, Beth I-Iowley, PUBLICITY . . . ................................ Merrill Englund, Chairman roRUMS ...... ................................... F rank Rene, MIGRATIONS ....................................... Beth Hewley, J Adna Dobson, Vieginie Wheeler ELIGIBILITY ..................................... Lewen Michael, BUDGET ............................................ Arthur Hill, ORGANIZATIONS .................................... Betty Reese, STUDENT UNION ............................... Marion Bradstreet, STUDENT LOAN ..................................... Ruth Clark, CONSTITUTION ................................ Robert Houtchens, IDENTIFICATION AT UNION ....................... James Mineiek, RADIO PROGRAM ................................... Betty Meyer, i Betty Eginton, James Minnick RALLY ........................................... Lowell Michael, Ellsworth Steele Chairman Brandon Backlund, Priscilla Wicks Chairman Chairman Earl Heady, Emma Marie Schuttloffel Chairman Kenneth Simmons, Ruth Ann Sheldon Chairman Robert Drews, Jean Morgan Chairman Neal Eelber, Marian Kidd Chairman Marian Bradstreet, Otto Woerner Chairman Robert Flory Chairman Anna Mary Reed, Betty Jean Ferguson Chairman Chairman Ruth Clark, Betty Jean Ferguson, John Mason, Ellsworth Steele Chairman JUDICIARY ...................................... Merrill Englund, Arthur Hill, Marian Kidd, Janet Lau COUNCIL DIVORCES JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM in rm: 1. nrxuwnl. . Cllr-lfw' V- Pllnff- n. . . fini lv 0- Tfglnlelef- Th I R f' ll I I It Srrunfl Hulr: I. R. .-K. Fl ll B J 5 ll Iuul Rm.: 1-. Imlx, Xl km-r-, 0. Hmlluml. lk. Clllnurv. E. A. Arm! " P.-KR'I'IES PROVIDE FINDS FOR INIPROVENIFNTS FULFILLING a need for a closer relationship between faculty and students on the Ag Campus, the Ag Executive Board came into existence on March 20, 1929. All functions and movements that are of interest to the College of Agriculture are vigorously supported by the Ag Executive Board. The organization sponsors the two major Ag Campus parties, the Farmers Formal, the Ag Spring Party, and, in addition, an annual Christmas program. Five percent of the gross income from the parties given by the various groups goes into a permanent fund maintained hy the hoard. This money is used for improvements to be made at the Board's discretion. The membership includes one representative from the Coll-Agri-Fun Board, one from the Farmers Fair Board, the two Ag College representa- tives on the Student Council, three men and three Women from the student body. OFFICERS Krzrru c:n,x1oRE .......... ,, P d , orm: HEDI, f . """' 'eu en Ifll 1 7 , .LND '11 """ .... Vice-President ,rm .-mm ARNISIRONC .... . M.-umw Kmsr: ........... "" Secrewy . . . . Treasurer mulruli rollin P dents larch llege mers ram. soups used -Fun enta- tdent SSOClA'I' Il WIHVIE TU PON entering the University of Nebraska, every girl automatically be- comes a member of the Associated Women Students organization, one of the important governing bodies on the campus. The A.W.S. is divided into three parts: the board serves as the executor of the will of the Women students, the court tries and penalizes violation of the rules, and the council is composed of the house mothers and the house presidents. The organ- ization is afiiliated with the National A.W.S. During its twenty-five years of existence, the A.W.S. has sponsored many activities on the campus. Among these are the MN" Stamp drive, the Coed Follies, the Ivy Day tea dance, the women's point system, the All-Activities tea, the Barb A.W.S., the Freshman A.W.S. It establishes rules governing the university women's organized houses. OFFICERS VIRGINIA CLEMANS ..,. ............. ......... P r esident MARY STEUTEVILLE ...... .... If 'ice-President MARIAN BRADSTREET ..... ..... S ecretary A JEAN CARNAHAN ...... ............. ..... T I 'easurer BOARD ELIZABETH WAUGH ...... .............. ..... R e gistrations Records JEAN HOOPER .......... ...... A ll-Activities Tea JANET LAU ........... ......... P oint System A PEGGY SHERBUHN ..... ..... B arb A.W.S. JEAN SIMMONS ...... ....... C oed Follies PAT STERNBERG ..... .... ..... ' ' NU Stamp Sale JANET HARRIS ..... ............ F reshman A.W.S. Q , BEN ALICE DAY .... ..... A ssistarrt Freshman A.W.S. ' NATALIE BURN ..... .................... P ublicily Doaori-iv WHITE ..,. .... ........... s C rapbook ORGANIZED HOUSES Third Row: B. A. Day, J. Lau, J. Harris, E. Waugh. Second Row: D. Wfhite, J. Simmons, N. Burn, J. Hooper, P. Sternberg. FirsL Row: J. Carnahan, M. Bradstreet, V. Clemans, M. Steuteville. . - , ' , Spurr, G. Thomas, K. Shawver- 5 ,1 R 11 n. mm. Loc Lignwt W- A xi. S dll. :gnu Rnurin L Lcnwsignnlv H. Lcw,5, L, Jeltrcy, H. Swan, 1 Pei e RCANIZED for the purpose of collaborating with the Dean of the College of Business Administration, the Bizad Executive Board forms an important link between the faculty and students of Business Administration. lt is mainly through their efforts that students opinions and demands have been brought to the attention of the administrators of the College of Business Aclministration. The Board sponsors functions such as the Bizad Honors Banquet which is held in honor of the ten sophomores who had the highest scholastic averages during their freshman year and the seniors who have been elected to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. Two representatives from each of the three leading commercial fraterni- ties, Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, and Phi Chi Theta, are selected for membership on the Board. The remaining members are selected as repre- scntatives of the College of Business Administration. OFFICERS I l.l.0YlJ .lizri-'inn' ..,. ............ .... P , .egidm n..nan.n sw.-xx .......... '. n.-uznnzi' l.l-IWIS .......... ............ ""' V L wprmdem mm' Lorlsi: sm-:lni:1.1. ................ ' "" 'mfsecmary .fx.1i-in-rg rnoi-'usson iv. A. svunliu mama SPONSORS BIZAD HONORS BANQUET BIZAD EXEUUTIVE llllilltll Page 38 Page 39 W. A. A. CUUNUIL HE outstanding event of the year for W.A.A. was the special performance at Grant Memorial Hall, January 18, of internationally famous Hanya Holm and her troupe of modern dancers. Prior to this event the Council had managed the concessions at football games. During the year there are picnics at the W.A.A. Cabin, bowling parties, and a party for freshman Women. Members also assist in the All-Activities Tea in the fall. Each year W.A.A. awards three scholarships of twenty-five dollars each to girls who have maintained a high scholastic average, and who have been active in W.A.A. intramurals. At a mass meeting in October, cups are given to individuals and groups ranking high in intramural competition. The W.A.A. Executive Council, aided by the sports board and the intra- mural board, directs all activities of the Association including Tanksterettes and sports clubs. W.A.A.-EXECUTIVE COUNCIL HELEN KOVANDA .................................... ....... P resident PATRICIA POPE ........... .... V ice-President BETTY JEAN FERGUSON .... ............. S ecrelary HORTENSE CASADY ................ .... ................ T r easurer MARY KLINE .......................... ............. C oncessions Manager JANE AUSTIN, MARY ROSBOROUGH .... ...... A ssistant Concessions Managers ELNORA SPRAGUE .................... ................... ...... S 0 cial JEAN MCALLISTER .................. . . . .......... .... E xpansion JEANNETTE MICKEY .... ..... P ublicizy KATHRYN KELLISON ..... ...... C abin IVIANAGES CONCESSIONS AT FOOTBALL GAMES j S dR Jvrky Page 39 econ ow: . 1 ic e , E. Sprague, M. Rosborough, Lee, Montgomery, Ruth Farley, J. MacAllister. First Row: M. Kline, H. Casady, P. Pope, H. Kovanda, B. Ferguson, K. KBIHSOIJ- t' Xlllllli MM ' Q it tttttt l MLW 1 Illf -f-rxivf- nnrl zwtixitivs of the College Of .-Xg:rif-nltnrf- ure' mort- vztrif-cl than are those of thf- otha-r t'Ullf'gf'F. Thi- fiollvgf' of Agl'lCtllIlll'C f wtrrit-. on it, progrtnn of resident eollege tt-in-hint: nnfl fhort vonrses in zlclclition to the ,-4-4-oiiflmy ff-hool att Curtis. the 2lgl'lClllllll'ill 1-xp:-riina-nt ftution. unfl the agricultural ex- lf'Il'ltHl fc-:wie-f'. Thr- latter are partly Co- ' opvmtiw- with tht' li. 5. Uepurtinent of Agri- 1-nltnrf-. ln all theft- m'tix'ities. home evononiies slinra-5 zlttr-ntion along with ztgrivultttre. Al- llllhl hull' oi tht' stnrleiits in this college are wonivn nizijoring in honiv vc'onomicrs. Through- out tht- flute- nhont at thirrl of the vounties have honn' nga-tits working with the regular county F ngrivnltnrnl 2lQl'lll. The experiment station Z has 1-oincltivtt-rl honn' vc-onoinic's projects flur- , ing tht- pmt hftt-on yvzirs. The- uint of tht- College of Agriculture is, I . ,, hrozully. lo promote nnproveinent and prog- rwf in Y:-ln'ziskzt's lnmhniwiitztl inclnstrv, it,fll'lt'lllllll't'. I t mf xv ' ..a' X.. i.nll,.gt, I ioinv for contented cows iil':YtV'l'i4'lim 1 the ' S host teucliei-'i 5"ld'Wlli lturk tl UI 1 eel ' prize--winning lm P1 C 0 it S A 1'- lltt v, 1 t 4 5 , f U 5 Q X i nt-ixx wp xv, ztln' an 4 lhlgl. H N g A study in concentration ,A rcsuh of the arUsUc urge Fuuue sch nims Watch an experhnent DEAN C. H. OLDFATHER THE College of Arts and Science, since its founding in 1871, has been interested in ini- tiating students in the spirit and content of liberal learning rather than in giving specific vocational training. The subjects of study olfered by the Col- lege are recognized as essential to university instruction. They are classified in four groups: the formal sciences, the natural sciences, the social studies, and humane letters. A student is expected to study one or more subjects in each of these four groups. The Arts and Science College has grown to be the largest college on the campus, embrac- ing eighteen dilterent departments with ap- proximately one hundred and fifty instructors. Due, in part, to efforts of Arts and Science faculty members, the new Junior Division was inaugurated as a part of the university organization. li WQN NE QE 1 T S "'r.'E..'t 1. rl 1 twStN11S num 111 W iunui W1 1X 1919 thc State Legislature created the Coll:-gc of Business Administration as H flirt-vt outcome of the School of Commerce organizf-11 in 1913 by the Board of Regents. Thi- olijf-1-tive of the College is to provide business training for students of the univer- slit. Thosf- persons realizing that business op- portunities are continuing to increase have mach- this the second largest college of the lfnivcrsity of Nebraska. The enrollment has inf-rf-asf-rl from a mere forty in 1913 to about 1.250 at the present time, with the largest 1-lass. 180. cxpcctcfl to be graduated in June 19410. '1'hc college is at the present time striving In provide a broad and complete training for thc professional he-lds of business. Extensive l'l'rt'i1l't'11 is also being carried on by many nwinlu-rs of Business Administration faculty. 1115-'NN .1. 11. Le-ROSSICNOL Den Uni Unc 1 1 If A Y an--4 V 1 . . ey Q he 1 '35, 5 f y Wamamm Statistics requires a calculator A ' . - cconnting requires close figuring P ractical ex -' . xpeiience for future business executives Pggrlz Page 43 1 Page 43 Dent students are all happy University clinic gives experience Undergoing that painless operation DEAN B. L. HOOPER THIS year commemorates the 100th anni- versary of the first dental educational insti- tution in the world. Since 1840 great strides have been made in the dental profession, permitting better methods and theories to be taught and applied. It is the object of the College of Dentistry to pass on the benefits of discoveries made by early pioneers in the field of dentistry, hoping that this same pioneering spirit will continue for many years to come. ln order to give students a chance to take advantage of these improvements, dental edu- cation has been advanced to include, two years of pre-dental college Work and four years of professional training. Many influential posi- tions of Nebraska graduates have proved the practibility of methods taught and practiced in the College of Dentistry. Q tt ml, W nn . in www lllz Lnllvga- ul l'.llQllll'l'l'lllfI has l'Q'f'PIlllf' :lf-w-lupf-fl zi news H1-Ifl of flnfly fm' its slnflvnls. Hx' zinllmritv uf thi- Civil .'xl'I'UIIilllli1'S .'xlllll0l'- ilv an spr-mul vmirsf' in vivilizin flying was inanignrzilr-cl lzifl yvziix Svx'viily-Iwo linurs of glhllllfl inflrnvlirni zinrl tllirly-HH' ln Hfty' lmnrf of rlnzil training pi'1'pui'v slnclvnls for ai 1 . prnzila- npr-rzilrn' 5 llf'1'llbf'. 'lvlw Coll:-gr' ollvrs inflrnc-limi in .'xgl'il'lll- w . w. . lnrul. .'xl'f'lllll'l'llIl'2Il. f,lwinir'zil. f,lYll. Elect- trivul. Xl1'f'll2lIlif'ill. zlnrl Cuinnicriul engineer- ing. ln ull llwsv Y2ll'l0llS rlvpartnicllls of the fjnllf-gi-. 1-niplizisis is plan-ml upon an lnmzicl and llmrnngli trzinnng in lnullwnmtn's and lllc pliwiwil Sf'lf'lN'1'5. .'xIlIPlI1'2lll0ll ol llwsc sul:- N ' ll IIN' ICN 1 magnum-i'iiig H'lf'llI'f'5 lb ai l1llI'llli'I' l'lllN'll0ll of lH!llllIIllll'h lm 5 wc mlma ,gra- 21 C... i'Qh nu il n gnu n in funn' Slllljl'i'lS. liifpm-limi lripf 1-url: Yt'ill'. SlllIllIN'l' snrvcv- ing vunips. .incl zin lfiigiiu-wiiig lfxpvriinvnl Nlillllill prm iflf ullic-i'1u'lix'ili4-s fm'llwsllimlcl1ls ul llllrl'Ull1' N U. ,l. FHIIKLISUN l-'ll "l Ill" l4'Llll.1l l.1lv rqliiiinn-nl Page 44 DEAN H. H. FOSTER UNLESS a young man has more than aver- age ability, and is willing to undergo the rigors of a thorough training, he should choose some vocation other than that of the lawyer. Three years in either the Arts and Science College or Business Administration College are required for entrance into the law school. Graduation from the Law College requires an additional three years work, thus leading to two degrees. The Nebraska law school has been a mem- ber of the Association of American Law Schools and has been on the approved list of the American Bar Association since the first publication of this list. Practical training as well as book knowl- edge is given in the practice court to prepare students for the highly competitive field of law. Exceptional students are also trained in writing notes and comments on Nebraska decisions. szurttl KW M t qi ni,t,iA-tu ini Y' ttnn wg F 1 t'ttiiPgP of HI' hr-t iimw- to f tthh It 1 nn-flif-inv for thf- ftzttv nt' Yr'ln'uskz1 c-ann? in iiiflql tum-f-w-r. nothing with fhmnv to inf'hlfiP . thix r-milf-gr' in tht- liltiYf'l'Siif' of NPill'ZlSkE1 h 1 "1 'z ztrt of thc' Lini- llttili 15583. wht-n it hu nnr i p ' , ' oo wi'fitx'. It wan th r-rnitninffl in inn? and fiici nut twippf-ati' nntii 1902 alt whit-h IIINP it he- rztnir- zithhzltr-fi with ti lt' Unizthzt Uvriivzii Coi- t-gv. Sim-fr 1913. tht- r-ntirv iiflllt'-YPZII' Course ililw hr-vn nf'f0i'f-ci ut Unizthn. ztnfl it is now a mtl'-gp of tht- lfniw rsitv. Thi- Ill'iltlill'f' nhjt't'tix'v of tht- Cnihlgv of Xlt-flit-inv is to kcwp paw with tlw rising Niilllfiill'ti5 nf tht- nir tlilt'ili prntvssmn and to mfs ttu-sv on to tht- ltirlivlrhlzil who is 21 stu- ch-nt and itilw an tititnclf' lim' tlw f'i1iliiPl1filti . . 2 s 1 '. '0Yf'ltN'ItiS WFT? During tht- 'nxt vt-'ti nnpi L . - r w - . nimh- ni tht- hthfn"1tm'x' 1-qnipnwnt. lhv Lni- xt-rfttx' Ilnfpitul h.1ncth'sztll typvs nt' mtsvs and itll'llIrilt'r tnirft-5 with tht-n' p1'ztf'ttf'nl training. t IWI-HY t' W. Xt. t'UYYl'FtI 4 Hun t fll'-itll mn qw-with IH, WMM. 4 xi.thlH" iitl' Ytrlllhix IH IIN Hllilll' ' t ' 1 'IPX wznwt Will? ' ri 1,11 In the fu HU' UNI ' '4 '- V- I thmztt fliipvmilry , 46 Page Page 4 -CIA 7 ,fu- Page 47 I X x ittttf ll uinttfl f 1 lllf program ol' tlw 'licachers College 15 plauucfl to givc thc prospective teacher first, a cultural hackgrouud of courses which give u hcttcr undcrstanding of the social and eco- uouiic prohlcuis of .-Xnierican lifeg second, a loiowlcclgc of human nature and an under- standing of thc characteristics of childreng third. a knowlcdgc of classroom management proccdurcs: and fourth. experience through ohscrvalion and practice teaching under guid- ancc. 'llhc Collcgc also has divisions which ollicr sp:-cial training to students who wish to spccializc in tcaching classes for handicapped chilflrcu such as thc- dcaf and dumh. ln addition to prcparing students for the touching profcssion. thc College, through its cxtcnsion dixision. ollcrs a complete high school t'UtlI'st' to thosc who arc disahled and cannot attcud high school. conducts a survey ol thc puhlic schools. gixcs intelligence and aptitutlc tcsts to thc childrcu throughout the wlitlt'. Ill-MXN lx l.. tllCXZl,lt'R ""'IL"" l -- ' . lun out In tht- womlwmkmg lub lllcwclicri 1 ' 1 . mullet - - . ,- - . . 'll llofull Dl0Xldes important llll-Ol'Il1Z1l10Il lfiui ' . shrug: touchcs on a table leg Pasetl A Musiefs Degree in the offing Hescurcli students seek new methods Special libraries provide graduate information EW? t x N 47 .. DEAN H. W. STOKE SINCE the founding of the Graduate College in 1895, enrollment has steadily increased until there are about four hundred and fifty students taking advantage of facilities offered by the Graduate College. lt acts as a medium for the inquiring student who Wishes to broaden his knowledge after graduation. The full support and interest of the College is focused on research Work carried on by both students and faculty members. A recent avocation is the Social WO1'k field in which the Graduate College is vitally interested. A University Research Council has recently been organized to help further investigations. A publication devoted to research work is also expected to be published. The College is continually striving to equip men and women for their places in the world's affairs and to train them for a type of schol- arship which will be a benefit to the whole world. at W Qttttlll tlltlllh tttt ttttl . -.. - ' 't'ar'es of the Jllllt-Kitt ...tht flnutfn of tht llill I. ' - .- R ' ' - -.H 'is under his admnnstiatixe I Inns-rsitx of Nrlvr.i.lxa Ii.. Q f-nntrul It5tt,lttttt wlunies. lnvlurlerl are the city cgarnpus Iilvrzirx. Ihr- .-Xgirivultural campus library. and the Lollege 1 .,f XI.-.tif-imp liltrarx at Omaha. Services and the ac- tpiisilion ul all Iilarary materials are centrzllilfffl 111 the I . . . . Iil1r'iri'ins olllvf' I l 1 1 . 5 'l'In-rv art- two lnain oltjt-f'tix'es for wlnch the lihiary I stall. as ai whole. is striving: to ltllilfl E1 111019 USCINUI f-nllpf-tittn of Iumlts and to niake all lihrary materials I tl fulfillment of these ob- niore-am-4-ssilvlt-. Tlirougi ic I . I , . 0 . , ja-1-tiws. tht- stall' hopes that it may help students learn In spilt- of thi' inaclvrpiavv of lihiaix faci ities. s 1 elf-nts ust-fl on an average of fifty library hooks pel ' 1 5 .. . .4 ltvr on clnrnw tht- -I-liool xt"ir of l9.iI'l-59. it I it ' iNlXil'QltSI'l'Y .ll'XlUlt DIVISION . . . the Univer- silt ,lunior llixoision is a ncwvonier to the University. I 'Xt-tion on thc ,lunior Division was started in 1938 when thc- I.l1:inr'cllor appointed a mnnniittce of nine which was :I in turn to 1-Iutosv a spa-vial group to study the existing if situation and sulunit a plan for a Junior Division. The plan was formally sulunittt-cl to the University Senate in Sf-pta-nilwr of IWW. and was adopted on October It llliill- IIU' Il"F"11IS IIWII zippiwwecl the plan which is to po into t-Ili-vt in tht- fall of IQIII. 'l'ln- purpose of tht- ,lunior Division is to better the I-otitis:-Iliiig :intl aclxisory system for new students by giv- in: thvln tvsts t-I hnd out wlnvh ht-lil ol l-1-st aplullllvtl. work they are R. A. MILLER, Director ONSERVATION AND SURVEY DIVISION . . . the duties of the Conservation and Survey Division, as pre- scribed by state law, are grouped under geological, water, soil, biological, conservation, industrial, and extension services relating to the development of state resources. Reports on surveys of oil, mineral, and gas structures are published along with reports on geological resources, industries, conservation problems, and soil surveys. The results of the work of this division are effective through- out the state, for its survey and research activities cover all the natural resources of the state of Nebraska. I I I I I I I IL C. E. CONDRA, Director PHS 0 at Page si the pre- ater, sion rces. 5 are rces, The u gh- IUYCI' 2 G. C. WALKER, Director CI-IOOL OF JOURNALISM . . . students in the School of Journalism may specialize in such fields as magazine work, newspaper work, circulation, advertising, radio news and news photography. In addition to giving pro- fessional training in these fields, a study of background subjects in the Arts and Sciences is made to give the students an understanding of the importance of the news. CHOOL OF FINE ARTS . . . the School of Fine Arts is supervised by the Arts and Science College, how- ever, it is centralized under one director who controls the music, speech, and dramatic art, and art departments. In order to encourage a greater appreciation of the fine arts, the school sponsors throughout the year art exhibits, musical concerts, and dramatic presentations. F. Z. CLICK, Director ' RADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK . . . or- ganized in 1937 by the Board of Regents, the Graduate School of Social Work operates as a professional school within the Graduate College. Their work is dedicated to the training of students for service in the field of public and private welfare. This is accomplished through class instruction, field work, research and special lectures. XTENSION DIVISION . . . the Extension Division extends its services to all people who are unable to at- tend the University of Nebraska. To facilitate the pro- motion of a wider program, the work of the division has been divided into various departments. These include educational services, instruction, lectures and entertain- ment, debating and public discussion. 1 E A. E. WESTBROOK, Director A. A. REED, Director ,V . .. , - . ' A V . .,, I - 1 R aw . Pi laying .O.T.C. cadets keep hO1UCWEl1'Cl bound fans 0 p . . - -Nebwska field . . . A 11111 in the very excmng Wlllmesotal Ba 7101 football E1 . ' te 5 3 me . . The bonfhethe even1ngh6f01e I - 1 U111011 01 1 , . 1 ., at the game . . . One of the many lea damee CVCTY N 1 , . d 511111 Wednesday afternoons . . . Tasselb SPIC3 I 1 C. . . . ,. w - -' tlmall ganl where and tlns t1n1e 11,3 at the kclllbclb 11.15143 ' 1 ying aska Lylor 1 on Jery' XR E 3 1 'Xa gf"N-bhxx X gm- MR J' mkfm ' N x E 3. "n 3 39 Q9 Q9 iv fda 4 fi W2 ,ar 43 :QE 'O '?' Q 3 44 'Z 4-6 -QQ "Q "9" I 'D 1' 13, ff- s F1 I af'- "7 -Q 'R 1 'l lac: 3? It 'f ffl . Q . '-nr .--5 1 .En Nxt lr I' 'fl ,Alun Ala: fu 'S' an-:A , -Q 'Y JK-g AQ Yu' MIAI11! I I .'x1I.lII1sn11' I"Nl'III'.u'Iz. -. 'NI 'IIu'I'rnl1, IIIIITFIII XI XIIM1. II. ,-XIl11q11N, X4 :IIpv1'-, I' .'IIl1Il'l'v-H, XA .'XII4Il'I'Nl'lI. II, ,XIIIIVINIIIIN-It .-XlI111tI1lwI. I, .MIHIHI1-I, If .XIIxIIINllII, IL .XIINIIIL II. II.1Iw-n. II. IIQIIU-1.XI. IIQIII. I. Ilnllvnlynf-. I, II4u'I41. II. II.u'lI1. II. II-ll:-N I - . . II4ulw'1'.I'., IIVIIIIIIVII- IIr'mIIf'. II, III-1-I.:-1. I . II1':IIlA-I. II. II4-in-. II. II:-in-. II, Ilf-r:1'1.I, I!f-rgf'1.II- II,-I-uu11'Il,I II1'l1IIII'I- II II:'u'I'. Hi,.,I,.mfr. I IIIVII. IIA lm!--1. IV III.ulx1w.I'f I4I.1zIw1"I ralI.1wf--'- IIIixl. II- lmif-. 'I' Ilnw. II- Ilumn, I- IIUIAIIII' N' 'xx Hors. .I- I'a:"" IIE: . Adams H Aflamsll Adallsll Aflamsm Aesfhhachn Alierggnlg Alhrechgl All 'l elhll, ADAMS, HARRIET B., Salem, BAKER, MONTEE B., North Platte, BERGGREN, EUNICE R., St. Paul, AGRICULTURE, AGRICULTURE, AGRICULTIIRE, Kappa Phi. Farm House, Secretary, Alpha Zeta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron NIIQ 44-H treasurer. Club, Y.W.C.A. Almquisti ADAMS, JANIS N., Slzcnanzloalz, Iowa Alpel-SIE' BUSINESS ADMINISTRAII-ION, BALL, LOUIS C., Omalla, BERQUIST, MARTHA V., Loomis Andersunl ARTS AND SCIENCES, ARTS AND SCIENCES. Andmonlh ADAMS, MARGARET H-I Li'YC0lf1I Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Andemm' TEACHERS, Amer. Inst. of Mining and Metallurgical BEVER, ELDRIDGE D., Virginia, A,bu,,n,l, Pi Lambda Theta, Slglllil Eta CIII. Enalllems- AGRICULTURE, V- 't D' Cl b, All. Zt,4-I-I ifflllllllfl ADAMSON, ELVIN A., entry, BALLANTYNE, LOIS, Norfolk, Cilitii Y my u Im 6 A hmsolll. ARTS AND SCIENCES, TEACHERS, Sigma Nu. Pi Lamba Theta, Y.W.C.A. BIERBOWER, JUNE, Gilmer, ARTS AND SCIENCES, .. AESCHBACHER, WILLIAM D., Hyannis BARTA,PAULlNEILif1C0lf1, Theta sigma PIII, Gamma Alpha Chi, TEACHERS, TEACHERS, Coed Counselor Board. Alf ha Chi Omega. AKERSON, ALICE M., Aurora J BIRK, BARBARA A., Lincoln, AuStin,HI TEACHERS, BARTH, DON B., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Bahsonk Coed Counselor. PHARMACY, Signba Iota, llziational Collegiate ' A1 h T 0 9 Ph I ayers, niversity ayers. gamll- ALERECHT, WILLIAM, Kearney, P a au mega armacy D Ball' ' I BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, BATES, CHARLES R., Lincoln, BlXlJERI DEAN A-I EUISUS, Ba en? Spanish Club, Delta Sigma Pi. DENTAL, ARTS AND SCIENCES, am' ' Delta sigma Dcltn. Gamma Lambda- Bafllhll. ALLEN, DOROTHY LUCILE, Oral, Bates,C. TEACHERS, BAUER, ELMER H., Lincoln, BLATNY, EUNICE, Omaha, Sigma Eta Chi, Y.W.C.A., Vesper Choir. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, TEACHERS, ph' G D 1 5 U ' ' Ch ' 5 Orchesisg Physical Education Club, sec- ALMQUl5TI ALPHA En Swedeburga UnTver3ILymOlee eCtlT1b, OCTET, fClafY9 Comellllls Clllb- ARTS AND SCIENCES, University Quartet. BLAZKOVEC, LIBBY R., Omaha, ALPER5, ESTHER L-I Clflmflifl, BEACHELL, WILLIAM A., Grant, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Bauerla TEACHERS, AGRICULTURE, Gamma Mu Theta, Comenius Club, " F H 5 B1 k d B 'dl 3 4-H Un"e sity Playe's, N -Meds. Bcachelll ANDERSON, ALICE L., Lincoln, CTS? we OC an rl C ll A I u Beallleell' ARTS AND SCIENCES, BLAZKOVEC, LILLIAN A., Omaha, BCCll9lIC Kappa Alpha Theta, Y.W.C.A., Coed BEADLE, ROWENA M., Wilcox, TEACHERS, Beght0l,ll C0l1llSCl0l'- ARTS AND SCIENCES, Comenius, University Players. BeinS,ll- . R. O. T. C. Sponsor, University Players, Beins,R, ATJDERSONS BERGE A-I Lmmlfl, Theta Sigma PIII. BLIXT, ROY E., cczzcwcy, U I ENTAL, L g BMA! Delta Sigma Della- BECKER, CARRYL M-I Exffff-ff, YAllll.C.A., Delta TIISIS PIII, TISck, ANDERSON, J. DOANE, Loup City, DENTAL, Song leader of Junior Class. Delta Sigma Delta. LAW, . EODIE, THOMAS M., Lincoln, Della Theta Pllli R-0-TIC BEGHTOL, MARTHA V., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, R., Papillion, ARTS AND SCIENCES, . . Acacia, PCI'Sl'llTlg Rifles. Bergerwl TEACHERS gaalpcal AAlpha Theta, Coed Counselor, BOE RICHARD C P I I ' L . . . . , ., ortanc, lle'glle"'l LEAN R F C T C . BCIQIIIII ASEIEIIQIEIZQE 1 0 " emcot BEINS, HELEN L., Aurora EA HER5 Be,IeI,E- Towne Clilb TEACHERS, BOOM, AARON M., Blaalen, Bierbowerl . Towne Club. ARTS AND SCIENCES, Birk,B. ATKINSON, BETTY, Lincoln, Wm. Hyte Scholarship. BEINS RUSSELL R. Aurora Bixlenll' TEACHERS, ' ' 75, G Ph- B , , Y.W.C'A- AGRICULTURE, BORDY, NORMAN, 0In.IIlIn, Blum amma 1 e a Alpllfl Gamma Rho- BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, AUSTIN, HOWARD C., Lincoln, Sigma Alpha Mu, Cheerleader, Swim- BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, BIEFRGERI JACQUES F" Sewanlf mins Squad- S' N , R.O.T.C., A S . EACHERS, lgm u Www RORS, JULIAN, Winer, BABSON, ROBERT D., Lincoln, BERGER, WILLIAM W-, Sewflfll, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, L ARTS AND SCIENCES, ENGINEERING, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Corn Cobs, Varsity BlilZk0vcclL Phi Delta Theta, Pi Mu Epsilon. A.S.M-E. Band? Alllllil Kappa PS1- IIIIIWI Blixnllg . 1, BOIIICI BOQRI .SIIH4-In-s:q.v-v--rv, ,,.. ,Mu WR ,H .Wd A, ,,,pf"" " "N-'-v..,,,,,hm, --.-.. BOOIUQ X .Q-" -'---S N' NX, B0fllY4 1'--u....I....----w-""" J, ll0I'5v l PFI" Page 55 .-f""" S .H S-r"" '11-AS, f QS 9 3 QQ al! V I 'Q ,f-Lg '-1 'S' 4 -17' KT I- p? A X Y A 0 . .gi -far 8 1? '9' .af 3i 13 "7 910 v 4. A , ,Q W f f I ft! I ul ' ff anna-- 'C X .A 'Q ffl J! ,.-can T Roypf. Xl. Bradlr-y, 1' I. P-r.1hin.L., 3 l3I'lIN'1.iI, 'i Rfmmgkhllxul Bruun, I' ' . Igfuxyn- Rrum Il- IA Y . fwrmxn1nL,n Rruyhili. il, BI'llt"' k Urugr. Il. BIIHUVL.. 14 Hl11klw.1l:.-:QV f1.lH.m.u,P 14111151111-ll N K..1rl-ml li . 1 f,.ulfm1,I., fi1ll'lluIl,XI. f1'l'.lIl.H. lAla1rk.4 . lflurk, ll. f,l.lNI1lIl. K lm-:mn-, X. lfly'1'1'.Xl. lmllv. I-. l.1vf'Hm'.X1. f1nlIHII.H. l:11lwIl,ll. finrlll-Ifllkl l:lillI'l4'4 H 1 1l1n R. IQ 41 fvls pw 1. X1- I Ury. I. l,mlf.ul. IA. 1,1m.m.V- Llulfl. W' 1 rullwv' 1" : Q I-4,..lpi1', I 1'4vh1'H. PX fllllllllllflw ' l,1lrli-- If D1lI1t'k- Damn. W Dm IP- ff' Dzlx'1r.h' Dm-ig, D11Wrfllle A' PJ2" rf' Ain. T BRA Ts Un RRI? Ac Tri Bri BRO' I An BRO' B11 Ng BRO! ACH Mp and C011 Ag IXROY C Bw Del BROY Am BRON Bu BPI fllu RICE Um Del BHU5 Bri Phi BKLI. Am Mp YN Self MRI BVS Phi HLI Ak' Del CAM AR' Slg Xe X x ef, ll I lradley, Blfllllllgkvl Brin .Ill 30, eta Brogkwll. BTOWH, lil l' Brown, B Town, Tl PbI'0WI1inM Bf0Yhill,P, Bruce, K. Brust, R' Bullock, Q. Bufkhallerl Caiiaw Campbell, S, Carlson, D, Carlson, P, Carlton, ll. Cecan, B. Clark, C. Clark, R. Clayton, I. Clemans,l. Clyce, ll. Coale, ll. Cockle, ll Colton, ll. Colverl,ll Comstoclzl Conistocll Cook, ll' COOPHI ll' COIys 'l' Coulaly F' Cowan, ll' l Cfalts W' Crornwfll' Crosbie, l- Crowell ,ll funnlnllllll A Curlli l" DHf'Cl"l Df1f"l'll' DAVIS, Davis D3Vl51 l DuW5"l'l ntl XEXME Elllll BOYER, MARIAN E., Dearlwoozl, So. Dak., TEACHERS, Alpha Chi Omega. BRADLEY, ROY W.,, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. ARTS AND SCIENCES, University Rifle Club, Phalanx, Camera Club. BRAHINSKY, HENRY J., Dallas, Texas, TEACHERS, University Orchestra, concertmaster. BRINEGAR, THOMAS E., Alexandria, AGRICULTURE, Tri-K Club, 4-H ClI1b, Block and Bridle. ' BROCKWAY, CHARLES E., Wichita, Kans. ARTS AND SCIENCES. BROWN, PAUL F., Broken Bow, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BROWN, REX R., Gene-va, AGRICULTURE, ' Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, 4-H Club, Cornhusker Countryman, editor, Daily Nebraskan, Ag editor, Ag Social Council. BROWN, THOMAS MARION, Kansas City, Mo. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Upsilon. BROWNING, CARROLL S., Omaha, AR'rS AND SCIENCES. BROYHILL, ROY F., Dakota City, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Theta Pi, Pershing Rifles, Rifle ClI1b, Alpha Kappa Psi. BUCE, KARL W., Weston, DENTAL, Delta Sigma Delta. BRUST, ROBERT P., Nebraska City, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade. BULLOCK, CATHERINE L., Lincoln., ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Sigma Iota, Y.W.C.A., Student Council, Coed Coun- selor. BURKHALTER, PHYLLIS L., Wymore, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Chi Theta. CALLAWAY, ELIZABETH, F airbury, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Phi Delta, president, Tankster- ettes, Awgwan staff. CAMPBELL, DOUGLAS, Norfolk, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 'fc CARLSON, DONALD E., Newman Grove, DENTAL, Delta Upsilon, Delta Sigma Delta, presi- dent. CARLSON, RAYMOND, Omalza, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Phi Sigma Kappa, Phalanx, Pershing Rifles: Rifle Club, Interfraternity COIID- eil, R.O.T.C. CARLTON, MARTHA E., Lincoln, TEACHERS, CECAN, BEN R., Tuscaloosa, Ala., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Nu, Pershing Rifles, University DeMolay, Phalanx, Daily Nebraskan. CLARK, DAROLINE J., Farragut, ARTS AND SCIENCES, CLARK, ROLLO V., Falls City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Alpha Delta. CLAYTON, JEANETTE, Lander, Wyo., TEACHERS, Sigma Kappa, Pan-Hellenic Council, secretary. CLEMANS, VIRGINIA W., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, A.W.S., president, Prom Committee, Tassels, Sophomore attendant to May Queen, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. CLYCE, MURIEL, Kansas City, Mo. ARTS AND SCIENCES, COALE, BURTON V., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, COCKLE, MARY ANNA, Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Delta Delta, Y.W.C.A., Student Council, Daily Nebraskan, Coed Coun- selor, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. COLTON, BOBBETTA L., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Delta Theta, Orchesis. COLVERT, RANDAL H., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, COMSTOCK, JAMES F., Plattsmouth, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, A.S.M.A. COMSTOCK, WILMA B., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma, vice-president, Delta Phi Delta, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. COOK, E. JANE, Scottsbluff, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Gamma, Tanksterettes, president, W.A.A. Sports Board. , - mv-Inline-R., ,, 'J "' - vmmm.. 4'-us.,,, -1 af ' ""'i-w...,, COOPER, MARION A., Deadwood, So. Dak., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Chi Omega. CORY, JACK R., Alexandria, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Sigma Pi, Varsity Band. COUFAL, FRANCIS E., Schuyler, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Chi, president, Kosmet Klub Interfraternity Council, COWAN, PEGGY ANN, Falls City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Alpha Theta, Theta Sigma Phi Mu Phi Epsilon. CRAFT, WILLIAM C., Aurora, LAW. CROMWELL, EVA MAE, Seward, TEACHERS, Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Phi. CROSBIE, JAMES M., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, president. CROWELL, KEITH N., Red Cloud, ENGINEERING, A.S.M.E. CUNNINGHAM, ROGER L., Gurley, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Block and Bridle Club Alpha Zeta, Tri-K Club, Innocents So ciety. CURTIS, LEO A., San Juan, Texas, ENGINEERING, Sigma Tau, A.I.Ch.E., Engineering Ex- ecutive Board, Engineer's Week Com- mittee, Nebraska Blue Print, business manager. DANEK, ELSIE J., Lincoln, TEACHERS. DANN, WALTER W., Beatrice, DENTAL, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Delta. DAVIS, CHARLES, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Tau Omega. DAVIS, ESTHER, Lincoln, TEACHERS, Towne Club. DAVIS, LOU, Murray, AGRICULTURE, Home Economics Association, Y.W.C.A. DAWSON, ALICE, Fairmont, AGRICULTURE, 4-H Club, Home Economics Association 7 HA- ,,. ,,,.- DHTM Acm TH-P UHYK Tm CM' YW. NCKE PHD PiB Ddm DOBSC Anrs Sym Emo N Ch Smk Boan DODGE Amu Bhd DOLEZ Tum Ahh DOLPP TEAC Pik DUDE! Ams Kif DKFF Ams NHS Tmm Bonn 3 UUFFI Mmm DUTQ TEAC K CHIEF DQCEI VHAC PiL HCGL1 TEAC R X 1 f H ufr X1 'NX A B . Di 'UW IRI Delmesi Della-,FI DIQINIIIIII DQINOIII EIR OIWILXI deBROWN, RICHARD, Lincoln, EGLEHOFF, KENNETH H., North Loup, FILIPI, PAUL T., Clarkson, ARTS AND SCIENCES, TEACHERS, ENGINEERING, geta ThI3tzI Pi IIIInn0ce1ItS, Kosmet Klub, Glee Club, University Singers. A.S.M.E. ' Q ' 'Q D 'I N - . . D bf.f'QffQ,,,I ijier, 15,,2f,ee2ff'1Ef,u,,e,TQ Imef, EICHE, ELEANOR M., Lzncoln, FINNEY, LAURA E., Lincoln, 0lDl1in,g, fraternity Council, vice-president, Men's ARTS AND SCIENCES, TEACHERS, Dllllelgfl POIIII B0a1'dS AWgWaII ACIVISOIY B0a1'd- Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Towne ClI1b, vice-president, Y.W.C.A., Duifsg DEINES IERRE E S II III III Phi Sigma Iota, PalladianI LiIIeraIIy So- Coed Counselor. -I 4 9 . lv C0 S u 7 I Q T l Q V l Q TEACHERS, Tihlr.C.A.aC,ZbSnet. esta S 0 t e amp FII?IHERr GIIRDON S-I Yvfffa I. p- B t P1 -I s , RTS AND CIENCES, E:ItIZgel.IMI 1 e a H E., Broken Bow, Lambda UpSi10nI lg 5 DETNIER, ARNOLD F., S . El fl, EACHERSQ , Eillglsoiili AJRICULTUREI L lwar Kappa Phi, Y.W.C.A., Tassels, Meth- FISHER, JEAN L-a SUPGVIOVQ ' . I . odist Student Council. TEACHERS, Tri-K Club, Poultry Science Club. U , , S, I ,II I C II e EISENHART, ELINOR H., Culbertson, Fnilferslty mgersf P1851 ent' oe DEYKE, ELAINE E., Lincoln, TEACHERS 0 les' TEACHERS, Alpha Chi Omega FLEETWOOD, ROBERT L., Lincoln, Ch'O ,AlhL bdDlt, D A S s Y,iv,cIi.fga p a am a C a EKEROTH, CLARICE, Wakaaaza, RTS AND CIENCES I ARTS AND SCIENCESI FLORY, BETTY, Columbus, I EIche,E, DICKERSON, MARGARET G., Holclrege, Alpha Kappa Delta AGRICULTURE, lghmltl PHARMACY, ' s Chi Omega, Home Economics Associa- Eisenhaftl Pi Beta Phi, president, Alpha Lambda ELIIJIOTT1 GLENN Fa Frankun, tions Y-W-C-A- Eke thi Delta, Pharmaceutical Club. GRICULTURE, EIHIIG . Block and Bridle, Red Guidon, R.O.T.C., FLORYI ROBERT L" Columbus' III' A., LLHCOZU, captain. LAW: rf A S s Kappa Sigma, president, Pershing Rifles, EnImetl,l SilgiIIaA1NJu,CIi:I1hidl::2nIS3 Pi Mu Epsilons ELLIS? IISIEIIIIIFNETH W-a D9GdW00Ula Corn Cobsg Publications Board, Student EYICISUILI Senior Class, president, Student Council, BIISIIIIIISI AIIIIIIIIIISIIIAIIIIIIII COHHCIIQ Imerfratermty Council' N Club, vice-president, Athletic Board, - I - Student Un i o n Board, Publication Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi. FOI3IIiI21xIIII1IIgtgIIi1IIlNI13I'g Lmcqln' B 'd,V 't F tbll. I my 00 A EMMETT. ROSEMARY K., Omaha. Baa Theta Pi, saabbaa and Blade, DODGE, ERWIN A., Elyria, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pershing Rifles, N Club, Cornhusker AGRICULTURE, Vesper ACIlIIoir, Religious WeIIfarcI:I Coun- Fleld COIIIPEIIIY- ' ci , W. . . Representative, res yterian . Ericksoml Block and Bridle Club' Student Fellowship, vice-president. FQTl33IIIIl?IE3TRICE L" Hastmgs' Ericksoml DZLEZALI MARGARET J-f Lincoln, ERICKSON, CONRAD, Newman Grove, FORD CYRUS A 0 ,I EriCS0l1Il- EACHERSI , BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, ' " ma ia, Estesc Alpha Lambda Delta, P1 Lambda Theta. Com Cobs EUSQNESS ADMINISTRATION, Elmundl' DOLPHIN BETTY M. Omaha ERICKSON RUTHI Lincoln an i Famll,H, T I ' " ' FRASER, JOSEPH J., Omaha, FHYIIIIWA Pi5AI5dlZRPhi, Sigma Alpha Iota. TEACHERS. ARTS AND SCIENCES' hmm. ERICKSONIVIRGINIA L-,NCWNIIIH Grvve, Delta Upsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Fell s s DUDEK, FRANK J., Clarkson, TEACHERS. Pershmg RIHCSQ A-I-Ch-E-5 Cornhusker AWS AAD SCIENQESI ERICSON, LENORE L., Bayard, Flew Company' captain' , PS1 Chl? COHICIIIHS Club- ARTS AND SCIENCESI FRIEDEBACH,LOIS M.,Kansas Czty,M0., DUFF, BETTY A., Lincoln, Kappa Delta- Il2EfIIIESIjIIIAIfI'A2IeIIIfI:ZATI0Nf ARTS AND SCIENCES, ESTES, CHARLOTTE E., Ne a, sa. D za., ' ' OWHC U 3 - - - -3 HN - - - I USINESS DMINIST A ION, Finney? Board, Barb Caanaa. ETIIHUND, F. ETHEL, Hickman, Zeta Beta Teen A:Ief,,eeI business Fisher, - , . - . GRICULTURE, manager. Fisherfltl Dlizlaglalzalgg,AIlallllll5ilQA1lIlInIf.0lni Home Economics Club: Y'W'C'A' FUELLING, MARY L., Westboro, Ma.. Fleetwoo, I FARRALL, J., Harvard, TEACHERS, Flofyrg' DIAIITIISEIIIIIAEIEFTY J" Ogallala, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Y,W,C,A,5 Riding Club, I,Pil,figl-n,l- Kappa Alpha Theta, Orchesis, Riding FAYTINGER, RICHARD D-I David City, FURR, HOUGHTON, Lincoln, Club. ENGINEERING, ARTS AND SCIENCES, , S'gm Chi, Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Beta Theta Pi, N Club, Pe Shing Rifies, EGGEI-Iv MYRA Ia Hlcknlan Lhmsda, A.I.E.E., Varsity Band, secre- Sinfonia, Pi Mu Epsilon? Phi Sigma TEACHERS, tary and treasurer. Iota. P1 Lambda Theta' I FELTHOUSER, JANICE L., Lincoln, RYE, MARJORIE E., Lincoln, EGGLESTON, DELLA F., Berwyn, ARTS AND SCIENCES, AGRICULTURE, II IIB TEACHERS, A.W.S., Daily Nebraskan, Y.W.C.A. Y.VV.C.A., Home Economics Club. or, ' Forth . PrHSC'5 I Ffiejjail .Sa fanlvntnv-'ww-aS,,.e.,s,sIs IIIIIIIII ,II III III "'!'u File , l tl K ,MNT -will 'W""""""'-f---. M '- Fuellmflv . , ff-f-"""'Mww PM . ll. A"""""" ' Puffs IL Fye,A Page 59 Pill I I3U!vH.I Huw, I1 Cairn-lx IX .1- Iv41rx'1wII, I, ll411mu1.xu,l IvlI1NH1L Il I3iNI.,l. UIVIIII, I3- IIIUXVI. INNMIIIIHS' I.- IUnvv.W, IvVHlhIH1nyl- flmy. X. l:l'l'1'l1, III lvI'UNNIII.lII, Il. t1I'UN'III.IIl, I' llrulluwl, XI, fIVuxvVL I, IIl'm1'IAI. flllslslfwn, XI IIAHI-r'II. N. IIugs'Iin. II. II:l:1-r. II, II.lI..nw-11. If II.uIINl1-fI, II. IIJlll1Ill1lIl1I.I Ilzulrv. XI. IIJIII-1'II.XI. II4u'+Iing1. II. - s IIgl1'llN1uI1. Ii. IIz1uIv.II. Il.nm11l1.I. IIz1u-, II. II:'IIx11I. III. lIf'IfrifI1.I. II1'II4'l'. III IIr'Im. IM II4'mpI1iII. II- II,-m.uu1iI1. II1'nn.XI- f X I It'IlI'If'I'W"I" III-rmNI""I' " IIf'wf'll. IH I'IIc'Ii1n:1I1.' - I'Iir'km:m. Ii- IIiIIIIi11IN.IIf IIIIfIl'Ill'iIll'I-I Ilill, A. Vduffn X1 GALY Brin DeII GANZ ART: Dell: Klub GARR ARTS Barb Nehr UI. GARW Ams GAUSI TEACH LIIBSOI .Ioan Cumn GIST, Q Tmcl Alpha Omicl GLENN Tum Kappa I -. I.W.f Jn! C GLOVEI .Im I Sigma urer- v GOODDQ .IQHICL Farm Coll-A GRACE, I,.Iw, DHMI MRANDI Imam Alpha CRAY,A IIHT5 A Chi On GREEN, IEACHE KHppa flffpssm Ihmug Mnhm f'fL0ssIf14 WINES Pershini GROUND TEACHE Imhaj I-Wm R Calltn, J Can1.n,' Garrenuc Gallsmarl CII,,,,,, Gig, Ji ' Glefinfn, Clown. Gooddingt Grace, W. I Gfandniung Gray. A. Grain. Grosgmaneli Crossrnnni Ground, ll Grovert, I Grovert, li Gustalsonl Hadsell, N. Hagelinll Hager, 0. Hakansonl Hallsled, ll, Hammondl Haney, ll Hansen, ll Harding, ll Harrisonl Hawks, ll. Haworlh,l- Hawii D' He kal, Helfrich, I' Heller, ll' Helm, HemSW0llll Henri, M' Iicnficifolfi flerm5l'leld Heweni EAC Hlffkmanii Hickfllmu Ililblinli J- Iiildelffal' A' H Page 61 PIG' lllll GALYEN, JAMES W., Meadow Grove, BUSINESS ADnIINISTRATIoN, Delta Sigma Pi. GANZ, DALE B., Alva, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Upsilon, Gamma Lambda, Kosmet Klub Spring Show, MMessiah", soloist. GARRETT, GENE A., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Barb Union, Sigma Delta Chi, Daily Nebraska, staff, Cornhusker, staff, Y.M.C.A., Band. GARRISON, GEORGE A., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES. GAUSMAN, CHESTER H., Milford, TEACHERS. GIBSON, BETTY, Gibbon, AGRICULTURE, Gamma Phi Beta. GIST, JEANNETTE A., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Alpha Xi Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Delta Omicron, Tanksterettes. GLENN, DOROTHY M., Falls City, TEACHERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Phi Delta, Y.W.C.A., cabinet, May Queen attend- ant, Student Council. GLOVER, ROBERT H., Bennet, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, secretary treas- urer, Band, Honor Roll. GOODDING, GEORGE V., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Tri-K Club, Coll-Agri-Fun Board. GRACE, WARD P., Omalia, LAw, Delta Tau Delta. CRANDMOUGIN, ARLENE L., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Alpha Chi Omega. GRAY, AMY F., Coleridge, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Chi Omega, Delta Phi Delta, Y.W.C.A. GREEN, RUTH M., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Kappa Phi. GROSSMAN, BESSYE, Lincoln, TEACHERS, Tanksterettes, Physical Education Club GROSSMAN, ERNEST D., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADIIIINISTRATION, Pershing Rifles, R.O.T.C. GROUND, MARGARET, Goodland, Kans TEACHERS, Alpha Xi Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, Y.W.C.A., Kappa Phi. 'B l . .9-"""p', GROVERT, ARTHUR R., Lincoln, PIIARMACY, Glee Club, Pharmaceutical Club. GROVERT, HAROLD J., Lincoln, PHARMACY, Glee Club, Pharmacy Club. GUSTAFSON, MILTON O., Phillips, AGRICULTURE, Alpha Zeta, Delta Sigma Rho, 4-H Club, Debate Squad, Ag Executive Board, president and treasurer, Ag So- cial Council, president, Y.M.C.A., vice- president, Farmer's Formal, manager. HADSELL, NEAL, Table Rock, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. HAGELIN, RICHARD H., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, N Club. HAGER, ORVAL, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Theta Pi, treasurer, Innocents, Cornhusker, editor, Kosmet Klub, R.O.T.C., lst Lieutenant, William Gold Key, Pershing Rifles. HAKANSON, ELINOR F., Fairyield, TEACHERS, Alpha Chi Omega, W.A.A. Sports Board, Religious Welfare Council. HALLSTED, DORIS F., Crawford, TEACHERS, Alpha Phi. HAMMOND, LOIS J., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu, treasurer, Tassels, Home Economics Ac- Sociation, president. HANEY, MARY M., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Coed Counselor, Y.W.C.A. HANSEN, MARJORIE, Lyons, TEACHERS. HARDING, MAX, Eustis, LAW, Delta Theta Phi. HARRISON, RAY L., Grand Island, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Y.M.C.A., Order of Red Guidon, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Borrowman Scholarship, R.O.T.C. cap- tain. HAWKS, MANLEY D., Benlcelrnan, BUSINESS ADIIIINISTRATION, Alpha Sigma Phi, treasurer, Alpha Phi Omega, N Book, business manager, Band. g HAWORTH, JOHN E., Aurora, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HAWS, DEXTER, Charleston, AGRICULTURE, Poultry Science Club. HEJKAL, MILO F., ,Hastings, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Phi Delta, Varsity Track. HELFRICH, JOZETTA, Hebron, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Delta, Newman Club. HELLER, RAYMOND, Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, Farm House. HELM, ESTERMAE, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Alpha Iota, Coed Counselor, Y.W.C.A. HEMPHILL, ROBERT F., Blair, LAW, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HEMSWORTH, MARTIN C., Lincoln, ENGINEERING, Alpha Sigma Phi, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. HENN, MARY JO., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Del-ta Delta, Mortar Board, Ves- tals of the Lamp, Prom Committee, Tassels, vice-president, Y.W.C.A., Phi Sigma Chi, national Secretary. HENRICKSON, ART, Cordova, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Barb Union, president, Barb Council, Stu dent Union Board, Alpha Phi Omega, Barb Bulletin, editor. HERMSMEYER, RUTH, Scotia, AGRICU LTURE, Home Economics Club. HEWETT, ELVA L., Blair, TEACHERS, Gamma Alpha Chi. HICKMAN, CHESTER H., Broken. Bow, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HICKMAN, ELEANOR, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Xi Delta, Coed Counselor, Y.W.C.A. HILBLINK, BEULAH, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Y.W.C.A. HILDEBRAND, CHARLES, York, LAW, Delta Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi. HILL, ARTHUR, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADRIINISTRATION, Sigma Alpha Mu, Beta Gamma Sigma, William Gold Key, Delta Sigma Rho, vice-president, Innocents, secretary, Student Council, treasurer, Daily Ne- braskan, business manager, Varsity De- bate, Corn Cobs. 7 S. ."' l of 4.52 -wi 411 V "T '1f "9" 7' 136. gg "7 ...Qs- Q ...4 42 -cl? ...5 I sl fb WH- l, 1 -1' -5213 Arg 47' 'dh OC .4-1 I I -'fl F-2 Aiwa f ' V . 15. fiw H if f .nf 805- .5 ik ffl -v-1146 -www if -4 X ffl Kw- . lb. 1 fl W , 2. -362 'EJ 741 3132? fo 4, .aa-.',,,.f,, -L -can .Qi 3- fa -4, 'KQV' 'T 1 llill. CA llill. S. lll.ix.i, I1 ll"1llM.ilLi-U lluk.lI1n-fibqv llimiil-7 I llnrmmg, X1. ll'-ii-1-I If llullxluig. ll llmmlil. ll, llnil' lllllblylfgq 1, llu-'lin I lllml, ll- lllllllllll, R, llllI'l1'xh,l.- lluxlihl, llllllvhll .ii lrxin,l1. .l.irlx. l.. ,lQ'lll,fl'l, l A .lvlim-R. l. .lm-lm:-li, 5. .lvn-1-n. I. ,Ifiliii-fm, 1 . ,lnliliwii, ll. ,Iiilili-1111. II, -lullllvvll, -Inllli-wi1,lx i 'Iulilm-ii, li. ,llrlili-Hn. ll ,lullll-l11Yl.l Almiwx. l. ll, 'lull'-N. l. bllillfx. ll. ,lmm-, ll. lx.i1l.m. ll lx.iil1-. ll. l'if'iIl1. li Ke-r1iiLl.lii4 kvlhlsl- l-V Kg-fl1fnll"-l Kirlll. ll- Kilnivr. ll- Kimv. ll- Rlllgxlilllll-X Kirrh,-Hlhiill PAS" f-. TEACH! ri B4- EIS: U um. Sf .lim A Sienna B611l'llI lzmlpf llllll, P1 urfrl felor. p0rlCl'- IIIAYA, Brsmir Della 5 HODTWF Tzaciis Pi Lam' Delta. HOKANS .lcmcui .l,C.B.C Club. l HOOPER, Tncnsi Chi On lloardg HORNUN .luis AN Chi Omi HOUSEL, Exams Pi lIuE HOUSTOF Tmcmzf Clll 01114 HOWARD .luis AN l .M.C.A mm, if lfzicunn ,-llpha C liiiisim TFACHEB Sigma B ARTS AN .llpha P Cll1lJg E 1 ,y llrsixss. HUNTINQ ,, lolva, lmcim 0Wlle Q Ns. u li 'lCRIQUIl. THQQQIS C0l111Q11. R XX: Hill, Q Hill, gf Hliiva, D Hodlwall, , H0k3I1g0 lil Hooper It Hor l ' mms! H 011581, El l H0l1Slon,f. H0ward, 1, Hoyt, J. Hullllfifllyc Hughes, ji' gum, D, untiu ' Hufloi Hush, J, Huttenmaie Irvin, D, Jack, G. J effrey, L. Jelinek, I. Jelinek,S. Iensen,l. J0hnson,l J ohns0n,l J ohnson,H J 0hnson,li Johnson,l J ohnson,l Johnsoril Johnsoml johnstoml Jones lo' Jones l' Jones ll' Joyce: H' Kgdatif I ,, I Kathi ll' Kellllytli Kemisto' 3 KemlSlsT'L e Kernodle. , Kiddihlh Kilnlen' Kimcfllm Kinisblllg KirShe"lll Pt' IIIII HILL, GRACE E., Olnalza, TEACHERS, Pi Beta Phi, National Collegiate Play- ers, University Players. HILL, SELMA, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Delta Tau, vice-president, Mortar Board, Phi Sigma Iota, Vestals of the Lamp, Tassels, president, Sigma Alpha Iota, president, Theta Sigma Phi, treas- urer, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Coed Coun- selor, Daily Nebraskan, freshman re- porter. HLAVA, DEAN P., Ravenna, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Sigma Pi. HODTWALKER, RUBY L., Walton, TEACHERS, Pi Lambda Theta, Towne Club, Gamma Delta. p HOKANSON, GUSTAF W., Genoa, AGRICULTURE, A.C.B.C., Block and Bridle Club, Tri-K Club. HOOPER, JEAN W., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Chi Omega, Mortar Board, A.W. S. Board, W.A.A. Sports Board, Tassels. HORNUNG, MARGUERITA F., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A. HOUSEL, ELWOOD A., Lincoln, ENGINEERING, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. HOUSTON, EDITH E., Lead, So. Dak., TEACHERS, Chi Omega. HOWARD, ROBERT M., Flats, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Y.M.C.A., vice-president. IIOYT, JOEPHINE, Corning, Iowa, TEACHERS, Alpha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A. HUBBARD, GERALDINE L., Ashby, TEACHERS, Sigma Kappa. HUGHES, JEAN, Seward, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Phi, Vestals of the Lamp, Riding Club, Delta Omicron, Cathedral Choir. HUNT, DALE E., Crawford, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HUNTING, KATHERINE D., Onazca, Iowa, TEACHERS, Towne Club. HURLEY, GWEN L., Merna, AGRICULTURE, Tassels, Y.W.C.A., Barb Student Council. K MM -. ,, 9 Sim XXi.,,,,,,,,.,,...,-f-"""""PMnw Page 63 HUSH, JAMES M., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Mu Epsilon, Palladians. HUTTENMAIER, ELEANOR E., Beatrice, AGRICULTURE, Omicron Nu. IRVIN, DEAN E., Bennet, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phalanx, I treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi, Scribe, Bizad Executive Council. JACK, GWENDOLYN R., Tekamah, AGRICULTURE, Phi Upsilon Omicron, vice-president, Palladian, Home Economics Association, Coed Counselors, Barb A.W.S., Ag Ex- ecutive Board. JEFFREY, R. LLOYD, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Pershing Rifies, Delta Sigma Pi, presi- dent, Phalanx, president., Bizad Execu- tive Board, president, Presbyterian Stu- dents' Center, William Gold Key. JELINEK, JOAN, Wilber, AGRICULTURE, Home Economics Association, 4-H Club. JELINEK, STEPHEN J., Bruno, ARTS AND SCIENCES. JENSEN, LILAH R., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Pi Lambda Theta, president, Kappa Phi. JOHNSON, CURTIS A., Mead, ENGINEERING, Palladian, A.C.B.C., president, A.S.A.E., Sigma Tau. JOHNSON, HAROLD P., Aurora, ENGINEERING, A.I.C.E. JOHNSON, HERBERT S., Kimball, AGRICULTURE, Alpha Zeta, Tri-K Club. JOHNSON, HOWARD C., Alma, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. JOHNSON, IRIS D., Fremont, AGRICULTURE, Tasselsg Student Council, Ag Executive Board, Y.W.C.A., Cornhusker Country- man, Staff, Barb Council, Towne Club. JOHNSON, KAY, Lincoln, TEACHERS, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Lambda Theta. JOHNSON, ROBERT H., Pawnee City, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ' JOHNSON, WALLACE E., Stamford, AGRICULTURE, Block and Bridle Club, Poultry Science Club, Nebraska Evangelical Club. funn.-z..'uq.. ..v-I.,.A,,,, 4 ""'fx.,.,.,,,w -.v....,,. - R -ov-f.o.,,,., ,, K JOHNSTON, 'THEODORE H., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, Tri-K, 4-H Club, Ag Dramatics Club. JONES, JOHN O., Seward, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Chi. JONES, JOSEPHINE, Onzalzu, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma. JONES, WILMA L., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Kappa. JOYCE, RICHARD L., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Kappa Psi, N Club, R.O.T.C. Captain. KADAVY, G. DEAN, Omalza, ..DENTAL, Chi Phi, president, Xi Psi PlIi, Inter- fraternity Council, Honors Convocation. KATHS, MARION, Lincoln, TEACHERS, Towne Club, Tasselsg Y.W.C.A., Staff, Coed Counselors, Awgwan, staff. KEITH, ANN, Kansas City, Mo., ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Beta Psi, Awgwan, Staff, Y.W.C.A. KEMIST, GWEN, Dawson, TEACHERS, Mu Phi Epsilon. KEMIST, TERRY, Dawson, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. KERNODLE, ELIZABETH, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Chi Theta. KIDD, MARIAN, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, Stu- dent Council, president, Prom Commit- tee, Riding Club, president, W.A.A. Sports Board. KILMER, HELEN, Western, AGRICULTURE, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Omicron Nu, Y.W.C.A., Home Economics Club, treasurer. KIME, MELVA, Cody BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Mortar Board, A.W.S., president, Coed Counselor Board, secretary, Tassels, Y.W.C.A. KINGSBURY, MAXINE, Hozafege, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma. KIRSHENB AUM, SAMUEL, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Long Freshman Debate Cup, Debate Squad. .v..I.-G- ...- ,,....--F r-go. 'f- . ad "-fm.: L . gi ry' klldllm 'Iggy , Rum-lx 1 KHix'kI1?11'. ul. INI1unlfN '1 R 1'v'h1xk-- , N xi, RHNRJH, X Rnx.q11.iA,'H Pxl'1'iN, hl'll1'llII - " RVIIVQVI. I. Rullliu-K., IQ Knnvl, X, K1lll'lll'I,X Ku'k1'H1J-' 1 l..1R1.Nn, l..1llm.m-.I l,.lIl1lH'lI,l l.q1l11g-Inrul l..llll'.I'l"I.1' l,.lI VM" ". Xl laJlll. IVH1-1-I1:11..x l,w'11ll1..wz-fr. Inna, H, 1.11. I,11I4'1-H. X l,lgg4'll.x l,il!Il. lf. l,iIIIl"H.l1 IAIV-r'n111lml+ l,ul'm"!.I I,lluIlll'. I: l,ul111qlH'5- l,l1l'!.h' I,ll1'l'- I' 'ilk-I'-I l.uHU""-' l,1lx. la I,xn1.l"-' IAIIII. X- l,x'm1. If- I U4'1,4nfl"'x' X14'f.l1lff-XY mm 1" , UH. '- Xlilf'D0HfIM" KLEIN TIA Si Q13 XXI Alpha KNICK Y.W.C-1 tion? C KNOWLH TEAC!-IE Kappa Theta! KOEHNK ACHICUL Home E Club, S0 KOPAC, D Ams ANI Della PT pha Chig KOSKAN, Excmm Gamma I KOVANDA Tmcaam Gamma 1 selsg W.. Counselm KREBS, IR Acmcuam Home Ecu KROENINK Ams Ama R-0.T.C. KRUEGER, Exsmssm A.s.c.a., Club KUBICEK, BUSINESS Comhllikg Fha Phi 1 KFNCL, A1 rfacams, KUTCHER, haalmns. KYCKELH1 ENUNEER1 XSAQE Smmif LAKE, MAJ Busl NESS T , ' UM Sjafflgegg Hcemfesif X Uvnnwfu- X NICK nr U rl " ling .f,. Lllinsllmf- IIIQQIMLA Knitlr tha Knowltsll K0Qhnk:I K0paciI.I Kllskanl I. A Olandaxlll KLTEINSCHMIDT, LOIS I., Grafton, LALLMAN, CLYDE P., Winslow, LOOMIS, BERNICE L., Topeka, Kans. EACHERSr BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ARTS AND SCIENCES, Slgma Eta Chl' LAMBERT, JEAN W., Ewing, Chi Omega' K KNICELY, CLARKE A., Omaha, AGRICULTURE, LONNQUIST, JOHN H., Waverly, Krebal. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Tri-K, 4-H AGRICULTURE, Ki0eI11n,IL Alpha Kappa Psi, Club, Band, Cornhusker Countryman. Farm House, Alpha Zeta: Block and ue I ' . '- Kumi KNICKREHM, MARIE E., Grand Island, LAMPHEEE ELIZABETH M-I Aufofar Bridle' Tn K' Kumi AGRICULTURE, EAEHEIQE3 YW C A W A A LORD, KENNETH P., McCool, Kmchgrx Y:.W.C.A., Home Economics Associa- p a 1' ' ' ' " ' ' ' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. IA t , C d C l . I - Kyckelhahl IGH 06 Ounse Of LANCASTER, DEAN W., Holrnesvllleo LUERS, ROBERTA J., Lincoln, Lake,Ml KNOWLES, MARY v., ornolro, AGRICULTURE- TEACHERS, EEACHERS, Bxlceclg cand Bridle, Varsity Dairy Club, Chi Omega, Pi Lambda Theta. appa Kappa Gamma, Pi Lambda "" Theta: Newman Club- LARRABEE, MARIE I., Norfolk, LUKA5, FRANCES G-r Omahaf T , TEACHERS, KIZI3iNUI:36R.2NITA, Soollrolni, K2':JiE121i. Howard Hou, president, Newman Club. L H Home Economics Association, Newman LAU, JANET, Lincoln, LUTTGENv LILI-'IE Sw Wichita, Kan-9-2 LHIIIEAUIL Club, social chairman, 4-H Club. ARTS AND SCIENCES, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Hm eltl. - D l G , V l f h L 5 Alpha Phi, Riding Club, president, Lanlpllcltl KOPAC' MILDRED M" Lincoln' Mlimitllar zBIIigi'l1i, viBi:IfIpEeSiJdeIIt,e AWE. Sports Boards Intramural Repfe' Lancasm ARTS AND. SCIENCES, Board, Student Council, Secretary. sentative, Y.W.C.A. LU h 'v Delta PIII Delta, secretary, Gamma Al- . , Ldlra EPP- pha Coed Counselor. Llncolfl, EW Valentine: Hl1,l- , TEACHERS, AGRICULTURE, Legerdinp K?3SvI:?INgRADIgLEN I., Anoka, Mu Phi Epsilon. A.Cg.G5, Block and Bridle Club, Poul- l r : tl' U. . Lim" Gamma Lambda? A.S'M.E. LEUTHAUSER, NORMAN A., Boornor, Y KOVANDA HELEN M Elk Creek PHARMACY' LYMAN' C' WILLIAM' Lincoln' TEACHERS, " , Egarmacy Club, president, Cathedral gUfINi5 QDMINETRATIOQ' bd 2 ' , I eta psIon, amma am a Gamma Phi Beta, Mortar Board, Tas- one Sels, W.A.A. Council, president, Coed LEWIS, HARRIET V-n Umallflo LYNN, ANNA I-, Minden, Counselor: Y-W-C--'L Cabinet. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, AGRICULTURE, Lewi5,H. KREBS IRIS M Scotia Phi Chi Theta, treasurer, Palladian Kappa Delta, Home Economics Associa- Le I A ' " 3 Literary Society, program secretary, tion, Y.W.C.A. ,y' ' A GRICULTURE, A Bizad Executive Board, secretary, Barb LIIICSIL I Home Economics Association. Council, vice-president, Towne Club, So- LYNN, ENGAARD E., Minden, LiaC"'L KROENING RAYMOND F. Lawrence cial Chairman AGRICULTURE, Iilnnlilll ARTS AND ECIENCES, 7 , LEY, JOSEPHINE V., Wayne? VEpSl'ZiyCBm1iId1a CBI li1l1uISslIBckCaInIi1cI1tEflii1Igiig IW, R,0,T,C, ARTS AND SCIENCES, YIQIIC A a 3 I r 5 KHUEGER, GLEN H-r Elk Creek, Alpha Omron Pi' NI CABTNEY ORLYN M Linc ln ENGINEERING, LIDEEN, ALICE, Orleans, 1 ig A ' " 0 ' A.S.C.E., Secretary and treasurer, Rifle AGRICULTURE, DU?IN?.S DMIIIIISTRATION, Club. Qmicron Nu, Home Economics Asso- C ta lgma 1' KUBICEK, ROBERT S., C,,,,,, muon- MoCLURE, VICTOR B., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINIS1'RATION, LIGGETT, LEE G., Utica, AGRICULTURE, Cgfnhuskgr Comenius Al.. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, R.O.T.C., lst LICH- Loolnifrll-X pha Phi Omega. Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Bizad tenant? 6 U1 On- Lvllflflull KUNCL ADOLF J. Omaha Executwe Board' MCDONALD EDWIN E. David oily Ltlfdylxi LFEACHERS. H., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: LuerSr ' . ARTS AND SCIENCES, 33.1, Un'0n Council. Lukairl' KU,1CHERf LEI HE L" Lincoln' Theta Nu, president, Nu-Meds, presi- I I Luttgemlr '1EACHEn5. dent, Varsity Band. MacDONALD, RACHEL, Tekamall, Lu,g,l. KYCKELHAHN, RUSSELL H., Lincoln, LIPPETT, RUBEN, Omaha, QGETCULTFRE, . n E I Lymanf ENGINEERING, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. hi llpsii on Omicron, Home conomlcs . . . Association. A.S.A.E., president and vice-president, LIPSCOMB ROBERTD L. Z S'A'M'E' ARTS ANJSCIENCES " mo "' McDOWELL, GEORGENE, Hardy, LAKE, MAXINE, Lincoln, Delta Upsilont 5 AGRICULTURE, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, LOEFFLER JANE E Y Home Economics Association, 4-H Club. . ' ' . 9 -9 utan: A Sfaafeggi 'c13IJLf,iSrT1i2Zia,Cii'iiffff TEACHERS, MCGAVREN, MARY G-I Omafla, Lynn, ' vice-president and cabinet. Pi Lambda Theta, A.W.S. AGRICULTURE. E, . Lyllnl 1 Ilouufmi McClU'e'l McDonagh Sax --r---S-....,,MWuwm , I -A ,N MaCD0nlll K PWM, E A mE""""'--r'--n.r....... W S.. llollolw SX-..,.......-. rr NICGMIBUI PIG' l Pg 65 I I I 1 r I 1 4. 1 H .aaa -:Q l l 1 fl 1 gl .4-1 gl 'T' ,..-nu. 'I3 --I lf. .I D152 aw , -ak' iff ',.gn. Q' I'-f' ,...- '17 A3 'E' -ani! fl R -1 1 6 1' 1' 3' aw IS vii 6 if 'DRP ,ln T' VII: .WW 'VP ,AIR 4 -0' .aiiaf 31" i il , 2 ! -0 ' -if 'Q 1 I1 l .-.Q J.:-Q Q3 ,gsm 4 fam flbl SU -Krnl ai 'C .gli X11-all-,-'ip hlvl1ill.l1 Xll'lvf.lh. K4 X11-all-. ii. Nlllxillllllfi x1l'l,lll'fsi.' I ,lp hl.ili, X1- hl.i11'l.,ll. hlailwr, lf hlarhn, hlp Nl.iimi-, lg hlarlivll. X1- hlhrlin, ll Xl-FIT. Xl.llll'viyp. l hl.Illlll'hgl hlhxurll, ll hl1'.i-l. l. Xl1'1ll.lV. l'. X11-1-h.,l. Nlvllun, ll. hlvlxlllv, Xl Nlvwi. ll, xlI'hl'l. 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Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Sigma Iota. Xi Psi Phi. MaIek,0, MCGILL, DAVID P., Waverly, MEAD, CLIFFORD, Cozad, MQHRMAN, MARGARET, Lincoln, Markerla AGRICULTURE, ENGINEERING, TEACHERS, lgarkwl gg-Igiuglock and Bridle, Sigma Tau, Gamma Lambda, A.S.M.E. Kappa Delta, Sigma Eta Chi, Iafmol' I ' ' . glarllellll MGGRAW, KEITH L., Inman, MRIIIRAIQDFQIEIIIIJ-ICESd,LnC0ln, REW7 Osceola, Xpafllltll BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Palladian Literary Society, Alpha Lamb- Farm House. Block and Bridle. Red I'Hser,E. , da Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Mortar - . ' ' Matteo ll MCKEE' WILLIAM Ea Clafmdaa Iowa: Board, Coed Counselor Board, Y.W.C.A. aalapa' R'0'T'C' lat, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Cabinet. MORGAN, JEAN, Hay Springs, Alp-ha lap Omega' MEEK, JUNE, Llnccln, EIAEHESE. I 'd C d C - PAT u h 7 T , p a 1, vice-presi ent, oe - lVIcrl:IEiXcEifiIIZiTON, C, Oma a AIi:IAIi::EIRASgmbda Delta? University Sym- spiaalgr, Sfgognhpsger, Staff, dUngveElSlIiy Chi Phi, Red Guidon, Pi Mu Epsilon, phony, Mu Phi Epsilon, vice-presidenn Couyngflj a aa map aaa ' ta app Gamma Lambda, R.O.T.C., Cornhusker Mauhswll Battery, University Concert Band, Drum MELTON' DONALD' Wallace' MOWBRAY, WILLIAM, Lincoln, XI - Al Major? University Symphony' AGRICULTURE' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1 amtlll N - V h Phalanx, Red Guidon, Rifle Club. , I' I Mead,Q- MGPIIILRSON, HELEN, Hasllngs, Sigma Nu, Interfraternity Council, N MedlarF TEACHERS, MELVILLE, MARJORIE, Broken Bow, Club, Golf Team. Meek,l.' Kappa Kappa Gamma- TEACHERS' MUELLER EMIL Columbus Melwll. MALMSTEN, ROBERT K., Lincoln, Kappa Kappa Gamma' ENGINEERING, 7 , Melllllflll BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, MEYER, BASRBARA: Omaha: A.I.E.E. Bleyel-,B' ll' K h . RTS AND l I appa p a , Delta Gamma, Theta Sigma Phi, presi- MUELLER, GEORGE, Llfwvlfl, MALY, MARY M-, LIIICOIVI, dent, Beauty Queen, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. ARTS AND SCIENCES, SRF IEW SCIENCES, MEYER, JACK, Omaha, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Rifle Club. e ta amma' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, MURRAY, CLEORA, Davenport, MKRER, OL?-A, WUII00, Phi Kappa Psi, R.O.T.C., Football. AGRICULTURE' RTS AND CIENCES, , lleyal. Alpha XI Delta, Psi Chi, Nu-Mccl. plpffpn MAX, Alllapaac MUTH, HARLAN, Seward, . , ' D MARKER, LUCILLE E-a Inavalef AlphaCTaju Omega, Scabbard and Blade, NEIETSE Xi Psi Phi V1 I TEACHERS, Red ui on. ' ' Y'W'C'A'i Lincoln, LiflC0ln, . 'U ' AGRICULTURE, NGINEERINQ Mllienlg MARKO, MARIELLEN, Beatrice, Home Economics Associations Y.W.C,A-5 Sertilicate of Architectural Drawing and Mflppg' TEACHERS, Farmers Formal Queen Attendant. eslgns' aaaaa' Alpha Omiama pi- MILLER, FLORENCE, Llnccln, NELSEN, MARVIN, Uehling, MARMO, LOUIS A., Moosic, Pa., TEACHERS, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, BUSINESS ADMINISTRA'rION, Sigma Eta Chi, president. A030133 R-O-T-G Dalia Sigma pi- MILLER MASON Beatrice NELSON ROBERT ofncnc MARNELL, MARY R., Stockton, Calif., ENGINEERING, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, H ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau, A.I.E.E. ?6IIa1UIEII0H3 SC?I2bHrdPaHfL.B1Hd1f?i.f51a- ' ,. - , I Iona o Ice, ca a1n, rs In . , Mmllililg gilglgedral papa' R'O'T'C' appaapaa MILLER, PAUL, Geneva, major, Infantry pColonel,eR.O.T.C.,1eitS- Moi lan, ' AGRICULTURE, ecutive office, Cornhusker Field Com- 511011, MARTIN, ROBERT, Lincoln, Red Guidgng LH Club, pany- Il 1 , 1,1E,g,n,l- BUSINESS ADMINISTRAUON' MILLER, ROBERT, Hclclfc-gc, NELSON, SYLVIA, Sl. Joseph, Mo. 1 . . lVlowllra5.l Slgma Alpha Epsllon' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, TEACHERS, Muellenl MASER, EDWARD .I., LinCOIl1, Phi Kappa Psi, president, Corn Cobs, Sigma Delta Tall- Muelleni. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. IFCHSUICT- NELSON, TED, Omaha, MATTESON,, MARY, Sutton, MILLER, SARAH, Wall Lake, ENGINEERING, , '1'EACHERS, LAW, , h Sigma Tau, Pi Mu EpSilo.n, A.I.E.E. Y,W,C,A,3 V Ch ' , S' a Delta Tau, treasurer, Alp a esper on 0 Lpghnbda Delta, Classics Club, Y.W.C.A. NEVIN, RILLAQ Custer: South Dakolas MATTHEWS, LOUISE, Brownvllle, TEACHERS, AGRICULTURE, MIZNER, HAROLD, Brandon' Alpha Xi Delta, vice-president, Tassels, TWC Y.W.C.A., Home Eco.nomicS Associa- AGRICULTURE, Y-W-C-A-s Coed COUIISCIOFS UIIIVCISIIY M' maih HI tion, Coed Counselor, Orchestra. Glee Club. PIHYCIS- ' cg ll l Nallfpylliq - -f"""" NBISGIV' Nelson, ,,..l.-a-nu.c.,,,,,?wnmm 9 ,sn C 50a M Y ,,,n4""" ua-M'N'a""'--a..,,,,sf I I no 1--.hh Nc SOIII' A , ,,,,,,,,M,,, A Ju- """' W mamma. 1 I ' Neviflla' MMM' Mi Page 67 IJ 'af-'E D67 Q 13 if -AL. pl? 2 .ss fr'- C 'T 4 'P' C "7 aww. f-:H 331 -J 'Z' ,-l 'fix- .L 'lil ij.-:.. Z ,..a-an , 3 W t. If ,I rfriiffti' if in 1 I .aw -0 flu I '7' -.-1 ,.-ng, X 'S F-" -4 6 far' Q' 29" V.. .ar 'ff 1 x 'Z' 1-911 X Q 'S Nrnlwii x NK'Nlvl1fyL 11 XUWH. .I- Xivkpl' Q. Nicnmzm, QQ U'l'u11x1,,f,1 UH--.1. Uh,-nh IW. lxlfkr-yl 1- l'.1rIm-r,'x1, lx.llllN'I1 H I1 .llll-nmj Pf'LlTNuI1. lxl'l'Lxll.HI,-I PVNIIIX, IH-Hin, I. l'fr'ifT. W, Vfv'i!fu'r, EQ, Vfluu. Xl, 1. llllxlnlrx I VillNl11lrx,lQ I . Im .11lIul. x, Vilnvr. XX. l,iIl1'r,H, l'l.mI7, II. l'l.m, P. l'1u'HIvl.U I'ulnn-LL! l,llfl4'f.f'. l'nI'l1'l. N1- l'mIT1Ir. li. Iyiluxlvh I'H..,l4rw.l H.llv4'lf'Y- K R.1mlf'l. W R41ll1l.lH. V HJ.,-f, Xl. IR lllllmmf. R4m.1II,x- Hl'rIlIllL-lr' H1'1I4lf'. V- Rvrwl. Rf-Q-J. H- Rvitz. V- Rirv. f - Rinnfz R- 1ca,.1f-su U' Riplf'Y- 'I' Fai" v N wiwsifif ' 215551 gi1ll1bQfd nine UI' .mardi .BU Tezu WWBVRT glslxnss WWELL1 TmcHERf Kappa K heurl, 19' WTKEL- V TEACHERS XIENIANN. .Kms AND Acacia! Editor. MONNOR .kms AND .Xlplm Ta UTTO. CH. .Kms mf Beta Sign' OWEN. PAW ENGINEERI Pi Tau S X Club. ITKRKER, K Luv. PARTNER, Tmcnzns. VAILSEN, Asus AND Pi Kappa PAKLSON, Fxmxsmu. .W.S.C.E.g VHARSON, .Kms AND Gamma li 5-W.C.A. VFCKHAM, .WICULTU Eh' Upsilc lfwunselorg VFSHEK, A EFACHERS, I Lambda VETTIT, LE EVSINE55 I IFPDL1 DE 'r'Eln5Cl0l': Bally N651 1-pglw, WI 5'fmf1Phi hack: S CUUDCHI Pfsils' DQ a'fYJud2 H Q I ewllflga etttftl eWell,j ' all lemamlil tcollllorlil Ho. Q, ' ' wen, ll, arkef, ll Hflner, ll' 3l1lSenl HI iulsnn, yt earsgml Bckhamy SMI. elm, L, leili, W, leifier, H, Jug, W, llsbury, lL llsbury, H, tcailhletll tner, W. tzer, ll. antz, ll. lm, F. Iellot, D. lonsky. l- rter, G. rter, lll. offin, H. gsley, ll. 1 gateri. li neler, A- del, ll. dall, ll' er, W' hbone,l alt, ll' ldick, ll- Llys P' d, I' .IH- z, P' , C' ,HI cy, D' ey, J' Fifa KSSNM llllt NEWBERG, ARTHUR H., Lincoln, ENGINEERING, Scabbard and Blade, A.S.C.E., S.A.M.E., Rifle Club, Sigma Tau, Clark E. Mickey Award, Engineers Week Committee, "B" Team Football. NEWBURN, BEN A., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. NEWELL, JEANNE, Omaha, TEACHERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Nebraska Sweet- heart, 1938. NICKEL, WILLIS E., Western, TEACHERS. ' NIEMANN, HAROLD E., Nebraska City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Acacia, Innocents, Daily Nebraskan, editor. O'CONNOR, JOHN W., Kearney, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Tau Omega. OTTO, CHARLES L., Hampton, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Beta Sigma Psi, Corn Cobs. OWEN, PAUL, Hastings, ENGINEERING, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, A.S.M.E., N Club. PARKER, CECIL F., Edgar, LAW. PARTNER, MARY E., Kearney, TEACHERS. PAULSEN, HAROLD A., Laurel, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Kappa Alpha. PAULSON, VERNON H. A., Lincoln, ENGINEERING, A.S.C.E., Band, University Symphony. PEARSON, ELAINE, Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta- Phi Delta, Y.W.C.A. PECKHAM, CHARLOTTE C., Hardy, AGRICULTURE, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Y.W.C.A., Coed Counselor, Home Economics Association. PESHEK, ANNABELLE, Denton, TEACHERS, Pi Lambda Theta. PETTIT, LETHA L., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Coed Counselor, Religious Welfare Council, Daily Nebraskan, society editor. PFEIFF, WILLIAM H., Lincoln, Sigma Phi Epsilon, N Club, Football, Track, Simon Scholarship, Student Council. PFEIFFER, RUSSELL L., Elkhorn, AGRICULTURE, Varsity Dairy Club, 4-H Club, Varsity Dairy Judging Team. PFLUC, WILLIAM D., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Gamma Delta, Track, Y.M.C.A. PILLSBURY, CHARLES H., Fort Crook, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Beta Theta Pi, Pershing RiHes, 2nd Lieutenant: Cornhusker Field Company, Brigade Colonel. PILSBURY, ROBERT D., Fort Crook, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Beta Theta Pi, president, Pershing Rifles, Cornhusker Field Company, In- terfraternity Council, secretary, R.O.T.C., major. PITCAITHLEY, HARRY W., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Theta Nu, Varsity Basketball. PITNER, WILL J., Stratton, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, business manager, Alpha Zeta, chancellor, Tri-K, Block and Bridle, Ag Executive Board, treasurer, 4-H Club, Cornhusker Countryman, ag- ricultural editor, Spring Party, chair- man, Junior Fair Board, Senior Fair Board, business manager. PITZER, RUTH E., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, Kappa Phi, Barb Union, 4-H Club, Home Economics Association. PLANTZ, ROGER E., Litchyield, AGRICULTURE, 4-H Club. PLATT, FRANCES E., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, Mu Phi Epsilon, president. POELLOT, DORIS M., Coleridge, TEACHERS, Alpha Phi, president, National Collegi- ate Players, Panhellenic Council. Y.W.C.A., University Players. POLONSKY, JEANETTE A., Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Delta Tau, president and Secre- tary, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Gamma Alpha Chi, president, Y.W.C.A., Intramural representative. PORTER, GEORGE V., Denver, Colo., TEACHERS. PORTER, MARGARET L., Creston., Iowa, TEACHERS, 1 i Delta Omicron, president, University Symphony, Lincoln Symphony. PROFF ITT, ROY F., Hastings, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, a Alpha Tau Omega, Innocents, vice-preSI- dent, Kosmet Klub, president, Yell King, Rally Committee, Gymnastics, N Club, Corn Cobs, William Gold Key, Cornhusker, assistant business manager. PUGSLEY, HARRIET A., Genoa, TEACHERS, Ka a Ka a Gamma, Pi Lambda Theta, pp pp president. PUSATERI, FRANK, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Sigma Pi, Phalanx. RABELER, ALEX W., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, 4-H Club. RANDEL, MARGARET L., McCook, AGRICULTURE, Sigma Eta Chi. RANDALL, WILLIAM F., Wood Lake, DENTAL, Pi Kappa Alpha, president, Xi Psi Phi, Dental class president. RASER, WADE, Cering, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Upsilon, president, Interfraternity Council, Pershing Rifies, national com- mander, Nu-Meds, Scabbard and Blade, treasurer, University Singers, Glee Club, R.O.T.C., lieutenant colonel. RATHBONE, JACK, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Upsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. RAWALT, VERNE P., Aooca, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gamma Lambda. REDDICK, DORIS E., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. REDDY, PAUL R., Kearney, ENGINEERING, Phi Gamma Delta, Architectural So- ciety, president, Engineering Executive Board. REED, JEAN, McCook, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Alpha Theta. REED, RALPH L., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Upsilon, Innocents, Corn Cobs, president, Kosmet Klub, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Bizad Ex- ecutive Council, Cornhuskerg Men's Ac- tivity Board, Rally Committee. REITZ, PRISCILLA E., Chaalron, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Gamma, Beauty Queen. RICE, CHARLES W., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Theta Pi, Pershing Rifles, Rifle Club, R.O.T.C., Battalion Adjutant. RINNE, REINHOLD P., Steinaaer, AGRICULTURE. RIPLEY, DORIS, Lincoln, Kappa Delta, secretary, Y.W.C.A., Coed Counselor, Sigma Eta Chi, president. RIPLEY, JOHN A., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Sigma Pi. yt , . ...4-m-fx-u...,,,,w 7 if '-1'ux-I..u.- S.. T"""'-hw -..,-. ,,,-,, n..n po, 'Nlv-Wh ,-.- Rllxplt.. D4 Hisl, H. llululuinx up. llull,-Hxvp llUllI'lVl1. 1 H1-xlnl, "ug lllII'1'rI,1. X , lm-x.-ll l 5.11nl,,1l.l illlmln 7.-E N mud. :., Numf 1 Nluylvfl Xl s.Nl1.-my 51'l11-rr, ll 5Cl1liLl', S4-Imlp. lv N lllIlwl', 51'l1n.w-, gvllllrlllf- Fvlnflwl. I Sl'lInlu'll. Fvllml. '- S4'llIl4'lv T. 5vllu1lfl.l N'l1u.ul7. Nunn, l. Spxlull. ll FILHXXI w. Nl'--rlpwl Shri nm! Flml-wr-.' NI4'lIl" ' -l 5iIlIHll.l 5lll11'l1" . . 1 5!II1ll. Slrnlll, lx Fmllfl- ll Smlllw, ll . I' Fmlllllv l' 5m'l'l-' 5ulu1'l.l'- X FOIIIIll"l' Fmlldllh Npwlll' lll Spf'llf"'- Slwllffl' l ' pdf R Fm11'l1"l- l HIST, HIT- BVSINESS .llplul fl CuunSel0I ARTS AND Xu-MCd5 llllllllllrllsv .lcrucml l-'arm H0 ljvestocli ROHRICH, Brsmzss HUTHW EL ,lGllICULTl Kappa Si Awgwan. RLAPERT, I .lnrs .mop Alpha Xi RISSELL, , .lcmcum SANDALL, l .lm AND Lincoln C SANDERS, .lm AND .llplla Om SAKNDERS Brsmnss Chi Phig l SAWYER, I lmcnsns, Della Ups 5,lll'l'ERy p ll.lCHERS, P' liimllflz NVHEFFEL, DENTAL, Della Sign NllllEvE, H .lcmm "ll Upsil lflllllli ll0Hrd. Fflllucppp Gmucum Ome E p ll Clulll WUCKB CINEERI snlgllla Tu ' x llp if. preslfl rllrelall" L ' Y lllfllun, 'l X D. R. Ins, ,L Is, L Gln. Nelly, rl, Q, ll, J, all, C, ers, L, ders,j Ver, F, ter, W' liel, H, re, H, lClIlm5mQ uckenlir node, A nase, ll. neider, l. obel, P. obert,ll ock, G. rielter, ll udel, H. IwartI,P. iw, E. zton, ll. Iwver,ll :rburnnl :rman,l Iberl, C msen,ll- non, E- onS0UIl lldt, P' .,an, K' ileif W' ith, Br rha, il' yrllifw C bel, R' mm uchellslll ulillllf F' e1'rN' eid0ll' ll' envef 'lt cnccfv Fil' www' lllllll RIPPE, DAYLE D., Olziowa TEACHERS. RIST, RITA R., Humboldt, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A., Coed Counselor. ROBBINS, MARGARET, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Nu-Meds. ROBERTS, LYLE T., Tecumseh, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Block and Bridle, Junior Livestock Judging Team. ROHRICH, JOSEPH, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ROTHWELL, ROBERT L., Hyannis, AGRICULTURE, Kappa Sigma, Block and Bridle, Awgwan. RUPERT, GLADYS I., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Xi Delta. RUSSELL, JEAN L., Fullerton, AGRICULTURE. SANDALL, CHARLES E., York, ARTS AND SCIENCES, ' Lincoln Cathedral Choir, Varsity Band. SANDERS, LOIS JEAN, Superior, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Omicron Pi, Y.W.C.A. SAUNDERS, JOSEPH E., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Chi Phi, Delta Sigma Pi. SAWYER, FRANK A., Torrington, Wyo., TEACHERS, Delta Upsilon. SAWYER, WILMA F., Chester, TEACHERS, Pi Lambda Theta, Y.W.C.A. SCHEFFEL, HARRY L., Ponca, DENTAL, Delta Sigma Delta. SCHEVE, HELEN E., ,Plymouth, AGRICULTURE, Phi Upsilon Omicron, treasurer, Home Economics Association, vice-president, E.W.C.A., 4-H Club, Home Economics oard. SCHLICHTMAN, LEAH M., Edgar, AGRICULTURE, Home EcO.IIomics Association, Y.W.C.A., 4-H Club. SCHLUCKBIER, ROBERT R., Palisade, ENGINEERING, Sigma Tau, historian, Pi Tau Sigma, SCHMODE, ALVIN F., Winside, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, N Club, Delta Sigma Pi. SCHNASE, MARY A., Atkinson ARTS AND SCIENCES, Gamma Alpha Chi. SCHNEIDER, FRED D., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Sigma Chi, Gamma Lambda, Varsity Band, Symphony Orchestra. SCHOBEL, PATSY V., Bloomington, TEACHERS, Pi Lambda Theta. SCHOBERT, RALPH E., Springfield, AGRICULTURE, Y.lVl.C.A., Phi Tau Theta, 4-H Club, Tri-K. SCHOCK, GEORGE W., Falls City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SCHRIEKER, MARY C., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, Chi Omega, Home Economics Associa- tion, Y.W.C.A. SCHUDEL, HAROLD L., North Loup, AGRICULTURE, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, censor, Tri-K, president, 4--H Club, Block and Bridle Club, Y.M.C.A., Crops Judging Team. SCHWARTZ, PAULINE M., Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A., freshman cabinet, Coed Coun- selor. SCOW, ELEANOR, Shelby, AGRICULTURE, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Home Economics As- sociation, 4--H Club. SEXTON, DON C., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SHAWVER, KATHARINE L., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Chi Theta, president and recording secretary, Y.W.C.A., Coed Counselor, Bizad Executive Council. SHERBURNE, MARY S., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Kappa Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Sigma Eta Chi, Coed Counselor, Y.W.C.A., Tassels. SHERMAN, IRVIN A., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Zeta Beta Tau, Innocents, Kosmet Klub, Corn Cobs, Cornhusker, business manager, Red Guidon, Pershing Rifles. SIEMSEN, DONALD H., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Sigma. SIMON, ERVIN R., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Corn Cobs. SIMONSON, RAE L., Broken Bow, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Acacia, Secretary and treasurer, Theta Nu, Corn Cobs. SINDT, PAUL H., Naponee, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Block and Bridle, 4-H Club. SLOAN, KENNETH N., Pawnee City, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Chi Phi. SMILEY, WAYNE, Milford, AGRICULTURE, Block and Bridle, A.C.B.C., Crops Judg- ing Team. SMITH, BRYCE G., Franklin, LAW, Delta Sigma Rho, Delta Theta Phi, president, Nebraska Law School Asso- ciation, board of directors, Varsity De- bate. SMRHA, MARIAN R., Milligan, AGRICULTURE, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 4-H Club, Home Economics Association, Coll-Agri-Fun Board. SNYDER, CHARLOTTE M., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Towne Club, University Singers. SOBEL, RUTH F., Scottsbluff, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Delta Tau. SOMMER, NOLAN B., Merna, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Varsity Band, Cathedral Choir. SOUCHEK, RUSSELL A., Seward, LAW, Delta Sigma Rho, president, R.O.T.C., Junior Law Class, president, Law Stu- dent Association Board. SOUKUP, FRANCIS J., O,Neill, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, SPEIDELL, MARY L., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Towne Club, Secretary, William Gold Scholarship, Bizad Executive Coun- cil, treasurer, Coed Counselor. SPENCE, JOHN W., Atlantic, Iowa, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Nu. SPENCER, CRAIG L., Gladewater, Texas, vice-president, A.S.M.E., treasurer and secretary, Engineers Executive Board, SHUBERTA C' LOYDQ Ulysses' X. P . Ph. chairman. TEACHERS. 1 1, 1 S1 1- sx .S -1-nt-x..Sw-q...,,1,J-,HM-HK ,N Q SI., p-"FMT, -..,,.x W . ..,,,,.. S. vi--....,,.' -V -1 -A.. .A . ,,-. 5I"'lh'x'T, I F5-11rl.f.41, 5I.1II1IIy -1 b:.1I!::I,,5 51411-J., Nj Sm-LV ' .rl. 51'--II3 I'- FII 1'I!v x I . .l'llIv'x Ill, 1 5T1'llIl'X1- . " 5Is'u,L:1. II 5.1-u.xII,X1 SIl'N,lII- XX Film-r,I' Nu-.,z1,!' 5I11.mI,I 5Ill.IlI, II FIIIIH. I', 511IIlx.m. IQ FXIII vwlr I SXMIII, II 5niNI1f-1. II 5uuI llvl I ,II TIIJIIIHI, N 4I.lIIll!,:H.I IMI--1,1 ,I..lXIl'l. II. AI.lXI"T. I' IIA:-uIIr1I,' II-l'II1l'Ium,' II4'I I' II. I1.,,,,I II Il,..1I.,v.II II1fvll .1-. "I 'I Inmy II Iwwgf 'I Iwmgx IIIHII Q' II II"7i -' I II Inu. I 'I'I1mnIv II-- 'I lm11If-.'- 'l'.1.1-M1--I 'l m1f-H- I' 'I'il:11"'- 'A II'III4'flIl-I" II1lllI4I,I. 'I'fvII"-- XI' I-if SPIT I :PET hx Si? Del uh Bl' Ye STAT Ex Th STAT Ts yj STAT .Tn Pi Y-I STEI .IH .III Bn CI1 odi C0 Sig sTEI hx .U HTH .Tn Ch sTEl .In .III La If C0 Im NTU .In Al lzll III III: 1l0 mi NITE .Ir Tr Dr T. ITE T1 XIII .T PI C. 3: BI sn .I K ylor, P. Illulitt, EP. T, R J. lim, H lt E I n S, tl H. P. tus, H Cvillejl Swillegl HH, H. art, M, art, W, r, F. on, P, rt, J, rt, R, Ir, P. 1van,H Jolla, l. n, H. Sher, D. Iboda,D. bot, N. lman,F. ylor, C. ltlor, D. l herowl erien,ll onuasll Olllasall l0ma-SI Iornllswi I IomP50l' Iompslll IOIUPSW 10n'lSCn4l' wr. E' hornbwll hurllffl ibbellll ildenil' ilgHC"l', ittrgfifo' oil I ' ollffsf ll rt" lllll SPENCER, TRUMAN E., Lincoln, ENGINEERING, Sigma Phi Epsilon, A.S.M.E., R.O.T.C., Detoneers, Glee Club, Intramurals, Rifle Club. SPITTLER, JOHN J., Ewing, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Newman Club. STALBAUM, RALPH H., Alliance, ENGINEERING, Theta Chi, A.I.C.E. STALLING, EVELYN M., Scribner, TEACHERS, Y.W.C.A. STALONS, MAXINE, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Y.W.C.A. STEELE, H. ELLSORTH, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Tau Theta, Barb Council, Barb Union, Classics Club, Religious Warfare Council, Meth- odist Student Council, president, Student Council, Daily Nebraskan, news editor, Sigma Delta Chi Feature Award 1938-9. STEELE, PAUL WARREN, Valley, ENGINEERING, A.I.C.E. STEPHENS, RUTH, Loup City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Chi Omega. STEUTEVILLE, FERN, South Sioux City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Xi Delta, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vestals of the Lamp, Y.W.C.A., Theta Sigma Phi, Coed Counselor Board, president, Daily Ne- braskan, news editor. STEUTEVILLE, MARY, South Sioux City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Xi Delta, Mortar Board, secre- tary, Vestals of the Lamp, Y.W.C.A., Theta Sigma Phi, A.W.S. Board, vice- president, Daily Nebraskan, news ed- itor, Tassels, Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee. STEWART, H. RANDOLPH, Tecumseh, ARTS AND SCIENCES, STEWART, MARY E., Randolph, TEACHERS, Delta Gamma, Pi Lambda Theta, Y.W.C.A. STEWART, WILMA L., Garnett, Kans., TEACHERS. STINER, FRED K., Hastings, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Phi Kappa Psi, Innocents, Red Guidon, Cornhusker, managing editor, Junior- Senior Prom Committee, Student Union Board. STRYSON, PAUL S., Seward, ARTS AND SCIENCES. XSS, 'er 5.9-pied' STUART, JOHN, Lexington, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Palladian Literary Society, Sigma Delta Chi, Sigma Upsilon. STUART, ROSALIE E., Lexington, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Phi Delta, Palladian Literary So- ciety, Gamma Alpha Chi, Barb A.W.S. Board, Barb Council. STUHR, PEARL A., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Chi Theta. SULLIVAN, ROBERT M., Hickman, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Newman Club, president. SVOBODA, AMOLIE O., Weston, AGRICULTURE, Home Economics Association, 4-H Club, Coed Counselor, Phi Upsilon Omicron, president. SWAN, HAROLD E., Kearney, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, presi- dent, Cornhusker, assistant business manager, Bizad Executive Board, vice- president. SWISHER, DOROTHY J., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Alpha Theta, vice-president, Phi Sigma Iota, Vestals of the Lamp. SWOBODA, DOROTHY M., Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Delta, president, Gamma Alpha Chi, vice-president, W.A.A., S p o r t S Board, Awgwan Staff. TALBOT, NAN, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma, president, Vestals of the Lamp, Y.W.C.A. TALLMAN, FRANK P., Creston, Iowa, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Theta Pi. TAYLOR, CHLOE A., Valentine, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Kappa. TAYLOR, DOROTHY E., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES. TAYLOR, PHYLLIS E., Lincoln, PHARMACY, Alpha Phi, Pharmaceutical Club. TENHULZEN, RICHARD E., Firth, AGRICULTURE. TETHEROW, CLAUDE L., Wood Lake, ENGINEERING, Theta Xi, president, Sigma Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, A.I.E.E., secretary and treas- urer, Nebraska Blue Print, Interfrater- nity Council. THERIEN, ROBERT C., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Sigma Phi, Nu-Meds, N Club, Varsity Basketball. THOMAS, HELEN E., Red Cloud, AGRICULTURE, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sigma Eta Chi, 4-H Club, Home Economics Association Board, Cornhusker Countryman Staff. THOMAS, H. GRANT, Grand Island, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Chi, Innocents, Kosmet Klub, business manager, Corn Cobs, Varsity Basketball, N Club, Junior Class presi- dent, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. THOMAS, MAXINE A., Red Cloud, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Kappa Delta, Kappa Phi, corre- sponding secretary. THOMPSON, CAROLINE S., West Point, ARTS AND SCIENCES. THOMPSON, CLIFFORD, Dunning, ENGINEERING, Theta Xi, Sigma Tau, secretary, N Club, S.A.M.E., A.I.E.E., secretary, En- gineering Executive Board, secretary and treasurer, R.O.T.C., captain. THOMPSON, ROBERT, Sioux City, Iowa, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Nu. THOMPSON, THEOS, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Phi Mu Epsilon, Phi Lambda Epsilon, Football, Cornhusker, photographer. THOMSEN, VERNON, Ingham, AGRICULTURE, Poultry Club. THOR, ERIC, Stanton, AGRICULTURE, Alpha Gamma Rho, Corn Cobs, 4-H Club, president, Farmers Fair Board, Livestock Judging Team, Meats Judging Teams, Interfraternity Council, Inter- fraternity Ball Committee. THORNBURG, JOHN, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Phi Gamma Delta, Red Guidon. THURTLE, GEORGE, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Nu, Red Guidon. TIBBETTS, LOIS M., Palmer. TEACHERS. TILDEN, DORIS M., Blair, TEACHERS. TILGNER, JOHN, Lewellen, ARTS AND SCIENCES. TITTERINGTON, CATHRIN E, Lincoln, ARGICULTUURE. TODD, ISADE S., Fort Scott, Kans., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Pi Kappa Alpha. TOLLES, MILDRED, Sioux City, Iowa, TEACHERS. 'imi- Imm-, HA IUUI. Imul--1. I Tw, II, ,I'ri1uI.I,.-II' Vlhfmxllyjxi T urn:-r, XI. X411 XM- X.u1IIf':Ig. Xt'1Il'fI1.II. I1'rxm,II XII.II1lX.:gl NIWIVI I XY.11II.,II,1 XI uw-I1 1- " II Jun. W.lI1I.I , XX 41:14, X, XIQIVIII-I-I, I II .lllQIl, I XY:-il-1-I, Il. XX l'IIHlI, I XY 1-nIIwII. I xXV1'lIII'I,IX. XX-l'I'IIIIII"I'I, XI I--I. II. wmv! 4'I- II, 'II XI I1w'I1'r.I XYI1il.ILf:. III1IllI1X,I II ivIx1uI.I'. XX if-L-. I'. II IIIIIH. II XX iII,IfI-' 1- II IIIII'4'II'I 1 XX1lmfI.II XXIII. I. xxnlf, I. XX MII'-I-, I' XX muI.1I'I. XYmI.1H'I' XX I.r1ImI II'-I VI umm 1- I- HQIIII: I- Xm1l1y.If4 Hunnu- II- I I K SI IUIIE W5 ADD mon I BISINES5 Della 'I TOOL, JI Ixus ANII S IIeIla Ph' U rm, MARS TEACHERS, I'.II',CA-4 I IIIINIBLEI H7 .Iomcumuml IIIOWBHIDG ,Im AND S' Doha Gamm IIARNER, MA .IGRICULTUHE Coll-Agri-Fu Cuunselorg I CIub. IIN ANDA, I Tmcms, Kappa AIpI1I IIN DENBAI Texas, Ilrslxnss An AIPIIH Chi C IEDENE, D0 Itacnsns, I'.W.C.A. Ifiasmf, Hg ENGINEERING .I.S.C.E, IITAIIVAS, I LAW, IIIIHIIIIIXQ DE IW: Studer lrllpunq M IIIGIER, 101 IIIIINEEHING II' Gamma IIIIIESQ A IIiIIe Clubs' .Img AND Sl Uflla Delta 5 TEACHERS, IIGIIH Gamm INNER, J E :ICR .Wa P1 -, .III Assogigfi IIIHL CAR a , I AIIIIS Sf I I 11x11-fm II X ilmk. lf. ? If ,I J. qu, S, Rl H. l. H. lllg, H brit' er, Mill hh, Dehhmi Rn, NH, TAI. Cf, l. low, L ohm, ner, 1, Il, C, Iek, A, 'lield,J, Igh, E. bel, H. ton, l. Idell, T. 'ner, ll. rnimontl st, ll. stcolt, ll eeler, l. itakenll- imey,l- :kman,l zks, P. hur, ll- lafhflfl nberlelfl mer, ll. I, l- lf, l. lfersll' oflard F i . 1 rlallflf if rll'IU'3n' nflelid 'I' T54 I' H151 IHS' K' teftls B' :lit L' Pail lllll TOMES, RAYNOLD G., Utica, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, R.O.T.C., N Club, University Wrestling Team. TOOL, WARREN H., Denver, Colo., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Theta Phi. TOOL, JEAN K., Denver, Colo., ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Phi Delta. TREE, MARY M., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Y.W.C.A., Coed Counselor, 4-H Club. TRIMBLE, HELEN E., Milford, AGRICULTURE. TROWBRIDGE, MARY J., Columbus, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma, Y.W.C.A. TURNER, MARGARET L., Lincoln., AGRICULTURE, Coll-Agri-Fun Board, manager, Coed Counselor, Y.W.C.A., Home Economics Club. VAN ANDA, FRANCES E., Fremont, TEACHERS, Kappa Alpha Theta, Y.W.C.A. cabinet. VAN DENBARK, ANNELLA, Alamo, Texas, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Chi Theta., VEDENE, DOROTHY F., Kimball, TEACHERS, Y.W.C.A. VERSAW, HERBERT, Ayr, ENGINEERING, A.S.C.E. VITAMVAS, GERALD S., Fremont, LAW, Phalanx, Delta Sigma Rho, Varsity De- bate, Student Council, Delta Theta Phi, tribune, R.O.T.C. VOGLER, JOHN R., Scottsbluff, ENGINEERING, Phi Gamma Delta, Phalanx, Pershing RiHes, A.S.C.E., A.I.E.E., S.A.M.E., Rifle Club WADLOW, LOIS M., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Delta Delta. WAECHTER, MARJORIE E., Omaha, TEACHERS, Delta Gamma. WANEK, AGNES E., Kansas City, Mo., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, PI Beta Phi. WAP-FIELD, JANET, Beat,-ice, ARTS AND SCIENCES, kappa Kappa Gamma. WAVUGH, ELIZABETH, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board, Vestals of the Lamp, Alpha Kappa Delta, A.W.S., W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Junior-Senior Prom Committee. TVEIBEL, HOWARD A., DeWitt, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Tri-K. WELTON, TED M., Sioux City, Iowa, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Beta Theta Pi. WENDELL, THURLAN W., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. WERNER, KATHRYN E., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota, Orchesis, president, Towne Club, Y.W.C.A., Psi Chi. WERNIMONT, WAYNE H., Ohiowa, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Religious Welfare Council, Cornhusker, photographer. WEST, MINNILOLA, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Delta Delta. WESTCOTT, MARY J., South Sioux City, TEACHERS, Alpha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A., Tankster- ettes. WHEELER, VIRGINIA E., Glenwood, Iowa, TEACHERS, Delta Gamma, Tasselsg Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Ivy Day, Junior At- tendant, Student Council. WHITAKER, DWIGHT R., Havelock, TEACHERS, Phi Gamma Delta, Menls Glee Club. WHITNEY, FRED R., Fullerton, AGRICULTURE, - I Block and Bridle Club, Tri-K, Farmers' Fair Board. , WICKMAN, KATHLEEN R., Guide Rock, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Nu-Med, Gamma Mu Theta. I WICKS, PRISCILLA, Fremont, WILBUR, RUTH H., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Omicron Pi. WILLADSEN, ELEANOR M., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Orchesis. WIMBERLY, CLEM O., Kearney, AGRICULTURE, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Poultry Science Club. WITMER, MARY J., Lincoln., ARTS AND SCIENCES. WITT, JUNETA, Syracuse, TEACHERS. WOLF, JEAN A., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Nu, Pershing RiHeS, national commander, Kosmet Klub, Corn Cobs, Alpha Kappa Psi, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Interfraternity C o u n c i l, Daily Nebraskan Columnist. WOLFERS, BETTY, Hopkins, Mo., ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Sigma Iota. WOODARD, FRANCIS O., Chester, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Scabbard and Blade, Barb Union, Barb Council, R.O.T.C., Y.M.C.A. WORLAND, KENNETH J ., Kearney, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Phalanx, adjutant, R.O.T.C. WORTHMAN, FRED H., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, "B" Basketball. WUNNER, ROGER J., Ewing, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. YAFFE, IRVIN, Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Alpha Mu, president, N Club, Varsity Basketball. YOUNG, EVELYN O., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, Delta Gam1na, Phi Upsilon Omicron. YOUNG, RICHARD B., Mitchell, So. Dak., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Upsilon.. ZASTERA, BERNICE L., Schuyler, WAGNER, JEAN D-, T9CU'NlSCl1, TEACHERS, i AGRICULTURE, W AGRICULTURE, Delta Delta Delta? Pl Lambda Theta? Y.W.C.A., Home Economics Association. Kappa Phi, Y.W.C.A., Home Econom- Mortar Board! Y-W-C-A. Callgnetf gm' I ics Association, Raymond Hall Council. dent Council? Y'W'C'A-I PFCSI ent, 35' ZOOK, LOREN J., Lzncoln, Sels, Secretary, Ivy Day, Sffphomofe at' AGRICULTURE . -- WAHL, CARL C., Eustis, tendant, W:A'.A- COUUCIIS R-Q-T-C V' . , D . ' Cl I ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sponsor, Religious Welfare Council. a1S1tY alfl' UD- M, 'Ai ...,.v-:manor-u..,,.S., ,w.: 1,-.,..,,,,, I t R 2-M. p 5'-fS'rI,iz. . v.,,,.vf""' -n'm""""""-fw--.,...,.,,,,, ,A N- I -'n""'f'---..,,,f: . Ni? ' L' " M ' l ' ,...-..wwr. f -:ui 'I 2 X., I I 7' -.I A' 4 I if 'T is LC L H A4 ' s N v' ' I n V W . . X 1 E I Wlhl A I 1 ' . 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Dah., BECKWITH, JOHN H., Albion, BULLOCK MARY B Lincoln BUSINESS .ADMINlSTRA'l'ION, AGRICULTURE, ARTS ANS SCIENCES " ' Beta Theta Rig KQSIHCI Klubi COTH- Farm House, Block and Bridle, Tri-K Alpha Chi Omega' Coed Counselor llllskefe managing editor' Shih? 4-H Club, Cornhusker Country- Board, vice-presideinti, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, lan' Ves er Chairman' Reliffious Welfare ADKINS, JOHN I-I N0Vf0llfI E - , , ' "m , II,B, BUSINESS AUIIIIIISIIIIIAIIIUN, BEERMAN, PHYLLIS A., LIUUUIII, Igfygmffgm QfQ2iffiQd"i to May Queen Id,3, Delta Upsilo.n. ARTS AND SCIENCES, R Alpha Phi. BURNEY, DWIGHT W., Harlington, ANAWALT, ROGER G., Aurora, A S - S' EUSINEE? AIXIIIIEISTIEATIONF 1 D 'I N Begg?-'EYv TXAUL J-1 LIVICUZVYI lgilTKalI,llpDa IElIIJ1liSES,KoSmet Klub, Prom - igma u, p a appa si, at y e- NESS DMINISTRATION. 'I , - h '- G, braskan, busine S s Staff, University T Omml tee C0 C anman R Chorus, Men,S Glee Club. BELL, NED E-I York, BUTTMANN, MARGARET A., Malvern, H ARTS AND SCIENCES, Iowa, ii' ANDERSON, DONALD E-I Lincoln, Beta Theta Pi. TEACHERS, ARTS AWD SCIENCES, D 1 . G 9 Y-VV-CIA' Sigm, ijhig Gamma Lambda, presidents BERGER, VILMER K., SIUUQI Cay, Iowa, 6 id Emma Phalanx, Phi Mu Alpha, Sigma Delta BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, BYERS, JULIAN, Walllzill, Chi, Varsity Band, Band Executive Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ARTS AND SCIENCES, Committee. BERNER, ELEANORE A., Omaha, Nu-Meds, Intramural Representative. ANDERSON, MARIE, UUCOZHS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, CAMPBELL, DOROTHY M., Lincoln, iiii- AGRICULTURE, Alpha Phi, treasurer, Panhellenic Board, ARTS AND SCIENCES, I,P. Kappa Alpha Theta, Tanksterettesg Co- Panhellenic Council. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Sigma Iota, ed Counselor, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. ' Vestals of the Lamp, Alpha Lambda ' BILES, WILLIAM, Jr., Pender, D lt . v. ARMSTRONG, ELLEN A., Si. PUIII, AGRICULTURE, 6 a u i , VE' AGRICULTURE, Sigma Phi Epsilon. GIERPENT EE, ZACH 'l., Beatrice, ii- Al h Ch' Omega, vice-president, Home , USINESS DMINISTRATION- M, EclglnliJmicS Club, Ag Executive Board, BOONE, MERRITT A-I FGLVIIUVVS CASADY HORTENSE D M , v I 1 L Secretary, Farmer's Fair Board. AGRICULTURE, ' I ' es Omen mm' ' Alpha Gamma Rho, Gamma Lambda, ARTS AND SCIENCES, ' ' ASHWORTH, ALLEN A., Lincoln, Poultry Science Club, Varsity Band, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Sigma Iota, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Cornhusker Countryman, staff. Vestals of the Lamp? QYCITCSISZ SIUCICHI Phi Delta Theta. Nu,MedS. Council, W.A.A. Council, -treasurer. 9 BOTTS, LUCILLE I., Des Moines, Iowa, k AUSTIN, JANE F., Beatrice, TEACHERS, CASH, FRANCES P.,Deadwood, So. Da ., ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Alpha Theta. TEACHERS' s,ll. E3lL1rG2fgfi,ia2 W-A-A Coiiiiciii Ciiiii' BOWERS, MARIAN, Lincoln, CArTHgER,SHELEN L., Long BUUUII, Calif., E. 7 D TEACHERS, EA HER ' reetll BACHMAN, BETTY, Omaha, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tanksterettes. Kappa KHBPH Gamm E 5 Y'W'C'A'i ' , W.A.A., Daily Nebraskan. HK, ARTS AND SCIENCES, NOR L, Z III1. Qipiiib Ciii df2,ii?i,gii539DCiia Piii Deiiiii BOAliEfC,EfTE,fE ' mo n' CHACE, DOROTHY B., SiUII.IUU, ' ' est resse Ir . - D 2 TEACHERS, Iii. BACKLUND, BRANDON H., omU1III, Alpha Phi' Kappa Aipiiii Tiieiii- IDI ENGINEERING, J., Gfafld Island, F., Seward, Phi Delta Eheta Tstuilsnt d30uIX:SiCIEn- GEti:rhTERP,hi Beta' Vestals of the Lamp' TEACHERS, gineering xecu IVC oar g .... , X I , . ' h Th , -d 5 AWS' S.A.M.E., Corn Cobs, Scabbard and '1HHkSIC1'4'?tgSS3 SE1dCf1t.t?011nCJl6higXiiI Egslpdag Angetqagjif em Blade, Rershlng Rifles, .Lincoln Cathe- SecretarYI mm 0mIT11'CC, C - dral Choir, Rally Committee. BRIGGS, KATHRYN C., Ewing, CIEAMBERS, GLEN D., Minatare, BAILEY, ROBERT D., Lincoln, AUIIIUUIIIUIIS. AiZ3ifaiERiNG' M' ENGINEERING, - 3 CksD Delta Upsiloni Pershing SCHIJ- Alexandria V., Nortlz Plane, 3, - . . . D a lllllllnii' bald and Blade, A.S.M.E., S.A.M.E. Barb niiwiz repogterg I?-H glib, AGRICULTURE, BAIRD, D . , I 5 OUHSE OE? Ome CO' , ' ,him AGRICULQEEE' Wayne fIiIiQiUESrE1Ub?eAg COllCgQ.Sf,,XICl1f1C, GE CQQLSEJELRED E,P1lger, lnleil Elrl? House? Block and Bridle? 4'H Association? Farmers Fan Oar i Alpha Gamma Rho. J I u . ' BRION, MARY, Ewing: ilgli' BAKER, BETTY A., KUlZf.9U.S Cay, MU., AGRICULTURE, D E i Club Cf2rilixg1qiPif!3SiLLE M-I Miiiienf ' I Aim AND SFENCHSI i Alpha X1 Demi Home Couonilcs i Chl omelqa, SUUIUIAI-y, Y.W.C.A.: Pi Eeiii Piii- BROWN, CAROLE E., Beaver Cay. W.A.A., CUIIIIIIISIIUI-, Daily NCIJFESICHIIQ BAKER, GENEVA L., Lincoln, '1'EACHERSg Coed Eoiiiiseioi' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Alpha Chi Omega' CHOPPER, WALTER H., Omaha, qw N lk, ARTS AND SCIENCES, BARTH, ROBERT L., Aslzlancl, BOIXIEIQEJIEIIZONNA IN 0ff0 Alpha Sigma Phig Lincoln Cathedral v UH. 1EiiG1lllEEpEINEf AIE 13 Alpha PIII Eiiiiii- I 1 u 51011, .. . . ' e,D' p 'M' P. n, . .I A R. 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DAVIS, LE ENGINEER Beta The sity Band DAVIS, ST Ams AND Bela The lleLASHMI Brsmsss Sigma Ni mms, R1 Aims AND Ta llel0NQ, I ACRICULT, Della Del llln Omit We-presi DFWOLF l -'hms AND Sigma A1 ARTS AND TE'lCHERs Phi Mug DREDLAI ARTS AND Della Del A X 'X K T'-Q I, D. B. CROSS, ELIZABETH, Linc l . , AGRICULTURE, 0 II, Dlijls, BEATRICE I., Gothenburg, GALBRAITH V Delta Delta Delta! Y.W.C A KHARMAEIY, AGRICULTUR, MARGARL11 L" Bccffwf, 1 i appa PSHOH, Secretary d ,Ei , DALE, BARBARA A., Oni, D . an treasurer Kappa Pm, Cood Counselor, Y,W,C,A. mum ARTS AND SCIENCES, YL' JOE, Omaha, GIBS I Chi Omega, EUSINESSI ADMINISTRATION, AGES? MARION, Fdifbllofy, V' Igma pha E '1 ,P h. . ULTURE, DALY, MARY L., Cambridge, PS1 OH ers mg Rifles. Delta Gammag Y.W.C.A. IJ- 'rEAmims, EBZERY, KENNETH E., Sheridan Wyo R' Alpha Phig Coed Counselor, Y.W.C.A BIJSINESS ADMINISTRATION, , .2 GLOCK, ROBERT F-, Lincoln, IKIKI Cabinet, TaSSelS, Secretary. Sigma Nu' TEACHERS' DAVIES, TOM, Folio Cicy, EGINTON, BETTY A., Poccion, GRINSTED, WILMA L., Lincoln, ENGINEERING, TEACHERS, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Tau Omega. ?1g51f2,:AChi Omega, Student Council- Chi Omega' DAVIS, CHARLES, Foil., Cicy i ' ' GROTH, BETTY Lincoi ARTS AND SCIENCES, ELr1T?S, EVELYN A., Neola, Igwa, ARTS AND SCIENCES, ni Alpha Tau Omega. 'AACHERSA Alpha Phi' Vestals of th L ' Newman Club, U ' ' Pl , Sigma Phi, S 'h Cf Ompi Thgta K p DAVIS, GERALD W., Lincoln, HIVCTSIW HYCIS. Cathedral Choirpams ub, Orchesisi li ARTS AND SCIENCES, ELIASONI RAY A-i CBVGSCO, f' ' Glee Clubg University Singers. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. HQKANSONA JEAN K-i Fdiffeld, 1- EACHERS. .II DAVIS, IERALD, Sioux Falls s D if ELSONT PEGGY R., Amarillo Te P. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, 0 U A., ARTS AND SCIENCES, mg, HlgLLOWELi'i CECIL R-, Omaha, an,H, Beta Theta P'g C h k ' Kappa Kappa Gam 3 Y.W.C,A, -USINESS DMINISTRATION, business managjerg Iliilgcirgiatsr, ' asslstanf ma Chl Phl' cil muy Colm EVERSMAN HELENI J i A ' A -A U es We C010-i HANEY - TEACHERS ' J' GORDON, Hyannis DAVIS, LEON W., Hagiinog Al l 5- . AGRICULTURE , ENGINEERING, I pm Omlcmn PM Y'W'C'A' Kappa Sigma. Beta Theta Pig Gamma Lambda- V - EWING, MARGARET V M ci' M my Band' , ar ARTS AND SCIENCES, 7 a mm, HAANEY' VIRGINIA L" LinC0ln, ,N. DAVIS, STEPHEN M. Plattgmouth Tanksterettes. P?AgiZREfh. 7 ' v 1. HMB' ARTS AND SCIENCES, FELBER NEAL A L Z A. Beta Theta Pi- PIIARMZXCY i, awe , HANSON, GLORIA A Orleans IW DCLASHMUTT, HARRY D., Burwcuj Delta Student Council. EECCSIERS' ,II ISIJSINESS ADMINISTRATION, FERGUSON BETTY J A I mega. . - . - i ., urora, It Igma Nu, Red Guidon. TEACHERS, HARNSBERGER, CARL W., Ashland, DELFS, RICHARD, Shickleyg Chi Qmega, Student Council, W'A.A. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, ARTS AND SCIENCES, gogjngljx Secretary, Coed Counselor, Elflbligppah Psi: Corn Cobsg KOS,-net Alpha Tau Omegag Nu-Medsg Track. . . . . u , orn usker, staff. DRLONG, DORIS L., Fort Morgan, coio., FORKE, AVERY E., Lincoln., HARRIS, JANET, Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, TEACHERS, , Delta Delta D lt 'd - p - - Delia Upsilong Cornhuske , 't Tasselsg A.W.S, B d- N ' 1 - Ilhill lon Omieron, ecliiaipigieri 62,2 business manger, Varsity Bllindflssls am 035011 Club: Pep QiifAn', Y.2IIlfJCI1jA,5Egg.. ,l- vice-president. 7 FOX RUTH L ed Counselor. R. . , ., Red Oak, Iowa, dyw, DGQVOLFT JIM, Kearney, TEACHERS, HEDLUND, OPLE A., Ciioppcii, L SES A1-E i1CIEECEi, Pi Beta Phi? Sigma Alpha Iota- AGRICULTURE, 11, me D 21 psi Ong Red Guidon. . Ag Executive Board, T 1 - C d Sic. DIRJLER, RACHEL E., Diller, FPIJAZSIEQRXALLIS Ee Lincoln' Counselors Home Economigjsgsgrd' oe I- ATSISZIAIEIFIISIISIENCES, i Phi 'Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tang Freshman HENNEY, WILLIAM H., Elgin, 1 mega, president. Engmeeflng Award. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, DOFNOVAN, KATHRYN L., Lincoln, FRENCH, IVAN M., O'Neill, Newman Club' EACHERST ARTS AND SCIENCES HESS ELIILY ' , , T 7 7 , L., H b . D1-is Mu, Y.W.C.A. Theta Nu, Nu-Meds, Palladian. TEACHERS, 6 mn v. I AR?:fgD1VgtRI0N En Crew, FRINK, JUNIOR L., Gibbon, Kappa Alpha Theta- IENC 'GI Delta Delta Deltzis, gimNEm.NG' . HEATER, DORIS Vo Eustis, agen- Igma Phi Epsilon. TEACHERS. lfo WW, d, ' up ff' W. ' . ..... ' , XR I A -S """'N-1..,,,nMmmA I, , 'DI f wdwfmwwvfwnw , Q N-AA. ,,,, 'mmm F A E I, I M 7 1 my WMM N.-.,.,t11 www- . ..., , 1 " I -W . M p .,,,Wm,, tg Page 81 Pll , I ard .sae ii' --9' All 1llFiP 0? f al l! af Q lf 149. 'il 45 3-IFJ N MAL ilb IIFI A 5165 Q "!5F' rf -1:pv' 1532? 2 0 2515? 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Hia, Hhglh Ha,-i Hopi Holla Hull. 4 -I -., HUM lliighh Hun, Hilaili lam .lafllmli IOIHISIE lohlnil l0l11IwIl l ohrrloir Keifal Kelleil KeIly,Il Keimeli Kenigal lliecliell Iirkendl Kline, Il Knight, I inox, II loelileil- r 1 .0lir, l- okjtfi Fflusea lfgpf, .um Il. ,hncy lfkas uvelli UIEIXIE .2 I1- , er, If. ,I . I rllllllfli .onnfli I orlill' IQUFILL aflflel I l nf' Jlliilllll HIATT, RICHARD, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade, Corn Cobs. HIBBERD, NORMAN, Gibbon, A BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Phi Epsilon. HILLMAN, LILA I-, 0506, TEACHERS, Chi Omega. HINRICHS, WILLIAM A., Aurora ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HOLMAN, NATE C., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Nu, Varsity Glee Club, Pershing Rifles, L'MesSiah" soloist, Kosmet Klub Spring Show. HORN, THOMAS C., Hay Springs, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Chi. HORNER, KATHERINE, Beatrice, TEACHERS, Delta Gamma. HOWELL, MALCOLM C., Albion, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Theta Pi. I HOWLEY, BETH, Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Student Council, Tassels, Coed Coun- Selor, Raymond Hall, social chairman. HUPQIQXKER, BARBARA N., New Berlin, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma, Phi Sigma Iota. HUNT, ROBERT C., Blair, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Upsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Corn Cobs, Red Guidon, Scabbard and Blade, Bizad Council, Cornhusker, staff photographer. HUSTEAD, ANN., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tassels, Y.W.C.A., treasurer, Coed Counselor. HUWALDT, EDWARD, Grancl Island, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Beta Theta Pi, Pershing Rifles. HYLAND, RUTH E., North Platte, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Chi Omega. JOHNSON. BETTY J., Scoasbzuyj, TEACHERS, Pi Beta Phi, Awgwan, Staff, Coed Counselor. A JOHNSON, MARY L., Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma. JOHNSON, NORMAN C., Burton, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Theta Phi. JOHNSTON, GORDON A., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Kappa Psi, Pershing Rifles, Red Guidon, Scabbard and Blade, Corn- husker Battery. KEIFER, OSWIN, Bostwick, ENCINEERINC, Beta Theta Pi, Pershing Rifles. KELLER, LOIS M., Omaha, TEACHERS, . Kappa Alpha Theta. KELLY, MARY L., Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma. KENNEDY, BETTY A., Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma. KERRIGAN, MARY F., Fremont, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Beta Phi, Y.W.C.A., Theta Sigma Phi, Coed Counselor. KIECHEL, WALTER, Tecumseh, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Beta Theta Pi, Pershing Rifles. KIRKENDALL, JAMES F., Sioux Falls, Iowa, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Nu. KLINE, MARY K., Madison, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Gamma, Kosmet Klub, honorary member, W'.A.A. Cabinet, Cornhusker, managing editor, Prom Committee, William Gold Scholarship, Coed Coun- Selor. KNIGHT, EDITH E., Alliance, TEACHERS, O h ' Kapp Alpha Theta, treasurer, rc uesis, secretiryg Cornhusker, staff, Y.W.C.A. KNOX, HERTZLER, McCook, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Upsilon, Mu-Meds, Cheerleader. KOKJER, MADSEN C., Hyannis, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Chi, Gamma Lambda, Rifle Club, Nu-Meds, Red Guidon, Varsity Band. KRAUSE, MARGARET, Albion, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma, T a s S el S, secretary ' Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Daily Nebraskanl radio fashion editor, Awgwan, staff. KREPS, DALE A., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Chi, Nu-Meds, Menls Glee Club. KRUSE, MARVIN L., Loretto, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Cornhusker Cou.ntryman, Tri-K Club, Block and Bridle Club, Ag Executive Board, treasurer, Corn Cobsg 4-H Club, Meats Judging Team, Co-Manager Farmers' Formal. KUHNS, BETTY E., Beresford, So. Dak., TEACHERS, Alpha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A. KUSKA, MILTON, Colby, Kans., ENGINEERING, Phi Sigma Kappa, N Club, A.S.M.E. LAUVETZ, MARY J., Wahoo, TEACHERS, Gamma Phi Beta, Tanksterettes, Sigma Tau' Del-ta, Y.W.C.A., Newman Club, Riding Club. LOMAX, EVERETT E., Wilsonville, AGRICULTURE. LOWE, MAXINE, Mullen, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Chi Omega, Religious Welfare Council, Y.W.C.A., Panhellenic Scholarship. LUTHER, WALTER A., Cambridge, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Upsilon, N Club, Pershing Rifles, R.O.T.C., lst lieutenant, Varsity Foot- ball. LUTZ, ELEANOR, Council Blujs, Iowa, TEACHERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma. MCARTHUR, GERTRUDE M., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Delta Delta, Vestals of the Lamp, Coed Counselor, Y.W.C.A. MCCONNELL, EDWARD B., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Upsilon. MCDONALD, WILLIAM W., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION. lv1cDO UGAL, JAMES, Tecumseh, IRWIN, FAYE, Fullerton, KOEHLER, BETTY J., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, ARTS AND SCIENCES, ARTS AND SCIENCES, ACaCiH- Alpha Chi Omega- Delta Gamma? Sigma Alpha Iota' MCFADDEN, HARRY W., Sioux Falls, JACKSON, BETTY, Neligh, KOHR, YVONNE, Lincoln, So. Dak., 1 TEACHERS, ARTS AND.SCIENCES, FIRST? AED SCIENCES, Kappa Alpha Theta' Alpha Phi, Y.W.C.A. C 3 U- O: ' 'ml'-'.'u" 'F :fn-.,,,,,h ,A -I. ,,,,,, Timur ,www N.-...-.....,,,,mWWhwMNd,N- 'UW' M , 'I' ' ' S . ,X I-rf" -a I "x J U1-NI,,4,,,t Xl.ll1Im,LX Xl.l!Tl1h'.-M - Xl.1iq,,. X5 Nlarlw, X1 h1.1r17,r XI-lx-fix, I hlmlhn, X hhxyl hlf'M'r, II hiu'l1.svW hlivlluhhe. Nllhl, XX X1ilhq.X1 Xlilhx, I' hh-1. ix,- .ln V1-vll-,NI Xlrilhml Nl.-W., fx hlnlf-lhq ' X'-nm h XVII. Xirlwh. IT Ni:-luv. XX Xhillf, 1' Null!-I, ,A Nfmlh, X If-1 umm ' H'll.mh4 HI-Ilhlif Ulwn, h Ullxhk' flue 11. V lhmhh' Iv,.,4,,.. Im-M. 13 I-r.. IV-.1 I'1.M4f. V' l'4nylr'T.' Vvluf. X Vlllrwlffi HH'-H I: K.-l1w"' ' v . Iywlllw-'I'-I IQ4-wif"-I Rhmh'-. X' 1 ,.x, NMI Aa C01 HAH LA' XMI, 'KH Del hus NIM? Ax' Raj Xl :XR AH' M1 NMR Am Del hm NHS! Am Mp nlvn NHT! RIF Bel, Slly NNY, A-Km Del Nl HY' Am Kal har Dai Cm NlIf,I hm The WCP Bl'- Phi XIILP EN1 Ven VILI A-he M Til Nl I LI RU. Ah, MOR AR Ph illlf H x r Kit-I11g14lII'l u V'-' hugs G. ll. A. ll. IIn,l ll, ll. n, C r, ll C. C. All B. E. ll. I. A. ICYIIA I, I ll .Ill lllll MCMURTREY, GEORGE B., Cody, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Corn Cobs, Nu-Meds. MAHLIN, KENNETH E., Rising Ciiy, LAW. MALMBERG, LOUISE M., Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Gamma, Theta Sigma Phi, Corn- husker. MALSTER, MAURINE, Aurora, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Raymond Hall, treasurer. MARTYN, WINNIFRED, Columbus, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Y.W.C.A. MARTZ, CLYDE O., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Upsilon, Kosmet Klub, Daily Ne- braskan, news editor. MASON, JOHN C., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Tau Omega, Kosmet Klub, Stu dent Council, Cheerleader. MATHIS, ARLIS A., F airbury, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Beta Theta Pi, Varsity Band, Univei sity Singers. MAY, EDWYARD W., Shenandoah, Iowa, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Upsilon, Lincoln Cathedral Choir. MEYER, BETTY, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vestals of the Lamp, Tanksterettes, Theta Sigma Phi, Daily Nebraskan, Cornhusker, Student Council, W.A.A. Sports Board. MICHAEL, LOWELL, Lincoln, ENGINEERING, Theta Xi. MICHEELS, GERTRUDE, Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Chi Theta. MILEK, WILLIAM A., Omaha, ENGINEERING, Pershing Rifies, A.S.C.E. MILLER, MARION C., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Omicron Pi, Vestals of the Lamp, Tassels, treasurer, Cornhusker. MILLER, PAUL T ., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, MORRIS, MARJORIE M., Cozad, TEACHERS, Y.W.C.A. IVIORROW, MARY L., Scottsbluff, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Coed Counselor, Tanksterette, president. MOSEMAN, ART G., Oakland, AGRICULTURE, Parm House, 4-H Club. MUELLER, BETTY J., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Sigma Iota, Orchesis. NENNEMANN, ERNEST B., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. NEU, RICHARD P., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Della Ilpsilong Pershing Rifles. NICHOLS, BETTY J., Valley, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Phi, Riding Club, Vesper Staff. NIEHUS, WILLIAM B., Valentine, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Della Unsilon. NOBLE, DAVID A., Sioux City, Iowa, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Red Guidon, Al- pha Kappa Psi. NOURSE, ROBERT W., Omaha, ENGINEERING, - Sigma Nu, Pershinff Rifies. NOV AK, AL, Wilber, ENGINEERING, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon. O'CONNELL, ROBERT E., Sterling, Colo., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Phi Kappa Psi, Corn Cobs, Cornhusker, assistant business manager, S t u d e n t Council. O'HANLON, CLARK I-, Blair, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. OLDFATHER, CHARLES H., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Phi Delta Theta, Choir, Track. OLSON, KENNETH O., Lincoln, OWEN, MARGARET, David Cizy, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Beta Phi. PAULEY, CAROLINE J., Harvard, AGRICULTURE, 4-H Club, Coed Counselor. PEDERSEN, MARION W., Hardy, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Tri-K Club. PERSON, BRUCE A., Waunela, AGRICULTURE, Sigma Phi Epsilon. PHELPS, ELBERT T., Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Sigma Phi, Red Guidon, Nu- Meds. POPPE, MARCILLE, Bern, TEACHERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Y.W.C.A. PORTER, JANE, Nebraska City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Y.W.C.A. PRIME, PATRICE, Omaha, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Phi, Delta On1icro.n. PUMPHREY, DWIGHT I., Lyman, AGRICULTURE, Cornhusker Countryman. REESE, BETTY, Lincoln, TEACHERS, Delta Gamma, Coed Counselor, Student Council. REHMEIER, FRANCES, Weeping Water, AGRICULTURE, 4-H Club, Home Economics Associa ton, Sigma Eta Chi. REIMERS, ELEANOR, Gretna, AGRICULTURE, Kappa Delta, Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A. RENGLER, ILAH-MAE, SL. Edward, AGRICULTURE, Home Economics Association. RHODES, MARY R., Osceola, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Phi. RICHMOND, GANIS, Campbell, AGRICULTURE, Tri-K Club, Gamma Lambda, A.C.B.C. ROACH, BETTY A., Scottsbluff, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Beta Phi, Awgwan, editor, Coed Counselor, Prom Committee. 9 A. .1 . .-,A Alpha Tau Omega. BREEDING, M ' iEilE,i'S12fZZEiL Fr St' Paul' OUSLEY, CARL A., Omaha, Phi Kappa Psi, Ried Guidon, Scabbard ARTS AND SCIEFCESA and Blade. Phl Kappa PSI' nww' ,-v'-v,,,..w"" - ...,,,,, -:ww I-,,w,,.. 'Q ,ff J . 3 -3 4-F0 gl JE '7 '5 147 'C .440 4f C 'i 4? E3-lv' .-ai ,?' Jill? f ADI "7 -Q E if' j , CE-1' l,.. lg. Q -any .DR -a ,AQ ' -l '3 -5- G' -od 53:5 ,-ft" fi a ,497 . 43' WSE-I' 'YQ J -7 'il 'T -3 'Q' ? ,vb AR 6 4' 'f3" a-riff r fi? "Z-' 5 ll'-.ll ll ll ll ' "l"'1'x. ,l, ll'-M. Xl. lllllll ILM.- .xml ,. 5,1l1vllll Q , .1::.E- ,, N-lu 1- .V xvllle xv ll N1'lllllv 11- I ' I N' 7141.4 -V Nvlmll l' ftxllllll, In Nt'llhm-1 I' Flhlhl 5lll'l1ull1- lx Fllrlflfllr, ll 5lIlI1',l A N'l1ull.ll. Niluulmml.-, Nunn 111-. 'll 5 111111-xzyll llll .I Flmnll. 5l.1:f-l, l' Fl.uw'.vlf . Flllllfl. l. Nmlill. l'. Nlllilllls. l' Nuflfnl Nllvl. Al Nlllllllhw' M U Nile ll'. Nlvvldl 5l.n1l1H.1P flpg L1 ' '- ,. N'l'lll'll- ' 514-lnlllwv 5lHH"- ll 'I'v1r'l1. li- 'le-aur. ll' rl-llfllllll' Illflllllllp' ll ll4l'lll1lif'll'T I lllmnll- F4 lllrrnll Il' .H 0' .Ill HOACH, 1 ENGINEE HOBECK, gl-s1xEsS Kappa I secretarY Hass. MY ACHICHLT Farm H4 Cubs: R lulsker l manager' HHH, F H BL's1HEs5 Sigma All ROUND5, f lllEACHER5, Gamma L, slly Band. SANDBERC ARTS AND .llplm Tal S.lTTERLEl TEECHEHS. SCHAPER, TEACHERS, Delta Dell, FCHLEY, Rl Rr's1HEss I .llplla Tau Slllll.UETEl ENCINEERIP ll-ll-V.: P Freslmlan .lwardg Se CQHROEDEI' YEACHEHS, Della QQFUFF, EACH llflla ERS FL Elms AND llflllpa litflllall. flem Ulm cfllllaln, lECUND Bush l H RN UNIUII ROACH, DAVID A., Haigler, ENGINEERING. ROBECK, JOSEPHINE A., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Kappa Delta, treasurer, Phi Chi Theta, Secretary, Y.W.C.A., Coed Cou.nseloI. ROSS, MYLAN E., Lyons, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Block and Bridle, Corn Cobs, Red Guidon, 4-I-I Club, Corn- husker Countryman, associate business manager. ROTH, FRANK E., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROUNDS, G. WADE, Lincoln, TEACHERS, Gamma Lambda, Menls Glee Club, Var- sity Band. SANDBERG, J. ROBERT, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Tau Omega. SATTERLEE, RUTH V., Omaha, TEACHERS. SCHAPER, LEOLA C., Broken Bow, TEACHERS, Delta Delta Delta, Y.W.C.A. SCHLEY, ROBERT W., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Alpha Tau Omega. SCHLUETER, RICHARD E., Kenesaw, ENGINEERING, P.L.V., Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau Freshman Aw a r d , P.L.V. Freshman Award, Secretary A.I.C.E. SCHROEDER, BETTY J., Curtis, TEACHERS, Delta Gamma, Y.W.C.A., Intramural Representative. SCHUFF, BARBARA, Grand Island, TEACHERS, Delta Gamma, A.W.S., Y.W.C.A. SCHULZ, DON P., Beloit, Kans., ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Sigma, Nu-Meds, Varsity Bas- ketball, Varsity Tennis, N. Club, Stu- dent Unon Board, vice-president. SCHWIEGER, IDA V., Grand Island, SHAW, JANE M., David City, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Beta Phi, Vestals of th L - T - selsz Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Cdged ZCBiTiISeIbSr. SHELDON, KEITH W., Scottsbluyy, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Tau Omega. SHELDON, RUTH A., Neliawka, AGRICULTURE, Student Council, Ag Executive Board, Tassels, Coed Counselor Board, Y.W.C.A., 4-H Club, Home Economics Asspciation, Cornhusker Countryman, Sta . SHIRE, CAMILLE B., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES. SCHULL, RUTH E., Broadwater, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SIMMONDS, NORRIS R., Colby, PHARMACY. SIMMONS, M. JEAN, Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vestals of the Lamp, S e c r e t a r y, Y.W.C.A., A.W.S., Coed Counselor. SIMMONS, ROBERT, Lincoln, LAW, Phi Beta Kappa, Palladian Literary So- ciety, Nebraska Law Bulletin, staff, Student Council, Barb Council, presi- dent, Barb Unio.n, vice-president, Stu- dent Union Board, vice-president, Ne- braska Representative National Conven- Ition of Student Unions, Corn Cobs, N Club, Secretary, Varsity Track, Ath- letic Board of Control. SIMMONS, ROBERT F., Chicago, Ill., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Sigma Nu, recorder, Corn Cobs, Swim- ming Team, N Club. SIMON, ROBERT E., Geneva, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Y.M.C.A. SLAGEL, PHILIP W., Davenport, ENGINEERING, SLAYMAKER, FRANK H., Lincoln, ENGINEERING, Pi Mu Epsilon, A.I.E.E. SMILEY, FRANK H., Milford, AGRICULTURE, SOHL, ALICE D., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Y.W.C.A., Gamma Mu Theta, Nu-Med, Sgelpretary, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sigma Eta 1. SOUTHWICK, STANLEY H., Friend, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, N Club, Red Guidon. SPELTS, ORVAL M., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Upsilon. SPIEKER, ANN, Fremont, ARTS AND SCIENCES. STARLIN, MARION E., Lincoln, AGRICULTURE, 4-H Club, Home Economics Association, Y.W.C.A. STECKELBERG, WILLIAM H., Stanton, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Nu, Varsity Band. STENTEN, MARION M., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma. STERNBERG, PATRICIA L., Creston, Iowa, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Vestals of the Lamp, A.W.S. Board, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Freshman Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. STONE, MARION G., Omaha, TEACHERS, Kappa Delta, Y.W.C.A., R.O.T.C. Spon- sor, Panhellenic Delegate. TEICH, KENNETH W., Columbus, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Chi Phi. TESAR, MILO B., Tobias, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Tri-K Club, Block and Bridle, Alpha Zeta Freshman Medal, Coll-Agri-Fun, Ag Executive Board, Farmer's Formal. THOMAS, PHYLLIS I., Beatrice, TEACHERS. TRIMBLE, ARCH, Gothenburg, AGRICULTURE, Alpha Gamma Rho, Red Guidon, 4-H Club. TRUHLSEN, STANLEY M., Herman, '. 'N tx 7 i-r""' f. l ARUICULTURE- Varsity Dairy Club, Block and Bridle ARTS AND SCIENCES, SEA Club. Sigma Nu. GREN, HA . . lftl- ENMNEERING RRY E, Omaha, SMITH, PHYLLIS I., Duluth, Minn., UHLMAN, FRED J., Broken Bow, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Ist ARTS AND SCIENCES, . BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, h k Cl b. lieutenant, Scabbard and Blade, pledge Alpha' Chi Omegai Riding Club? VCSPCT ECHL f6amm4151gmH2 Com Us er U A Captain, Honors Convocation, Varsity Staff. al Ouncl' Glee Club, University Singers, A.S.Cl1.E. SMOLIK OTTO E. Omaha, UHRENHOLDT, HARRY, Elgin, SECUND, MABLE M., Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. AGRICULTURE, B1 k d B ,dl n V , BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, R FLQYD A W 1. bil? Iclifiifmi Hoiziuiln AgrSoEialCiOI11riy . Ch' . . - SNYDE , -, U 00: , I 9 ' 9 ' Wkgkmega, Coed Counselor, Y.W.C.A., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, CII, Gamma Delta' P' gffrvrfnnl in e , 'Lash eng. ,. .f-a-101114-1-w-q...,,,.W rpllr my-JKMN-5 Q-th ,K Wi. "1 Il ' ,-,,,f""' Mxmwqvaw W... is Two' H A-A olflb Xxxgb-M-MVHNMMMWWMT Plgli Page at .', ' 'A , N. 1 N ' . X I ," 1' X , . j , X xx Q Q A A Y Q .RE - H v-lxfffylff-fu . 4,4 ' , . K? ., Q is 1 ' -' A k- t .b , U . - ' - , , ' s . .W q A - 0 5' - ' - ls I - .T Q Q- I . ,9' ' 13 ,JA -1 V... is L.. , sgs - x X . ' Q 1 V . 1,- - 1... I 1Q'XlNx X.' '1 KXMMMMM Page 89 JU l0ll VAUGHN, FRANCIS J., Gordon, TEACHERS, Phi Mu, Tasselsg Freshman Cabinet, Y.W.C.A., Coed Counselor. VEITH, ELEANOR L., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Phi Mu, Y.W.C.A. VON SEGGERN, BETSY, Wayne, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Pi Beta Phi, Y.W.C.A. WALLA, JOSEPH, Linwood, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Nu, Red Guidon. WALLACE, RUTH A., Lexington, AGRICULTURE, Alpha Chi Omega, Home Economics AS- sociation. WATSON, ANNE P., Inman, TEACHERS, Alpha Lambda Delta. WEAR, DOROTHY H., Lincoln, TEACHERS, Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A., Coed Counselor. WEAVERLING, MARGARET, Kansas City, Mo., TEACHERS, Pi Beta Phi. WEKESSER, ROBERT, Lincoln, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Delta Upsilon, Social chairman, Corn Cobsg University Singers. WHEELER, ROBERT S., Ncmalza, AGRICULTURE, Farm House, Block and Bridle, Corn- huskcr Countryman. WIEBE, ELSIE H., Beatrice, TEACHERS. WIEMERS, GERALDINE M., Diller, TEACHERS, Gamma Phi Beta. WILDHABER, JOE B., Fairbury, AR'rS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Nu, Nu Meds. WILEY, ELTON R., Lincoln, ENGINEERING, Acacia, A.S.M.E., Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Riiies, national editor, Kosmet Klub, Cheerleader. WILGUS, KENNETH A., Crawford, TEACHERS, Football, student manager. WILKE, CHARLOTTE L., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Kappa Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A. ' WILLIAMS, GUY H., Omaha, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Acacia, president, Red Guidon, Scab- bard and Blade, Interfraternity Council WILSON, EDMUND F., Norfolk, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Sigma Phi Epsilon. WILSON, JOSEPHINE M., Nebraska City, AGRICULTURE, Chi Omega. WINDLE, MARIE A., Rell Oak, Iowa, FINE ARTS, Delta Gamma, Y.W.C.A. WITTENBERG, EDWIN S., Lincoln, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Zeta Beta Tau, Corn Cobsg Sigma Delta Cm, Daily Nebraskan, news editor. WOODS, JEAN, Council Bluffs, Iowa, TEACHERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma. WORDEN, E. RALPH, Alliance, ARTS AND SCIENCES, Alpha Tau Omega, Cornhusker Field Company, Nu-Meds, N Club, Swim- ning Team, Track Team, Cheerleader. WRAY, JOSEPHINE, Creston, Iowa, TEACHERS, y Delta Gamma, Y.W.C.A. YODER, .TACK P., Cheyenne, Wyoming, AGRICULTURE, Phi Delta Theta. ZAHN, VERONA L., Cook, TEACHERS, Pi Beta Phi. ZIMMERER, JEANNETTE E., Nebraska City, TEACHERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Coed Counselor. ZOCHOLL, SYLVIA I., Exeter, AGRICULTURE, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics Association, Coe d Counselor, Corn- husker Countryman, associate editor. . . ,lc "N .f""" K.. A I 7 PM 1 .v""""dM, . Anangu, , ' "' Fv'm.'-.,,. , H MN N ' -uma, """"""'-w-, v -vw. ,- -w" -.:r '-mx, 5 I 9-..... Linh' .4-,I l ASX 4 J C-,Rf A My fa fi 14 ,- SU f Zuni liig Y Y X. IIAPXIQIQY HIYDQ ' sqm - . . 1 - ll Ill hlzlk vzlrds in LIHOI1 Card room . . . Hzuold UWC 1"lfl'll4'F il nam In-lwf-ml vlussvs . . . CORNHUSKER worker, WH1'1'6u Di'h""' . . , . ' RS im-If ilu- Sprung . . . Corn Lolm pledge, Jlm Selzer, sells CORNHUSKE . . . ilhrh V1-lcrsmm is il RAC news editor . . . Paul Svoboda is anolllfjl H Xl HH me mlm N ,. ' . Q1"l1S Y M ' . . . .ophomores are always proud of then num f . . . - '- -zkoaf vu llllllvll' i1'vfl1lm1115'c'a11' . . . TXN'fJDClt21Cr2llllI1l2lS . . Ed Sdmfutl I was il sh-lla 1' sophomore guard. Pu' W i 0 ID Gilt: UIU E00 uni l Z 1 IM POPPLE, freshman, looks ahead four years . . . Prince provides entertainment . . . What, no studying to he done? . . . Studying in the Union between classes . . . Clean those Walks, Frosh . . . Mr. Crews is t00 Sleepy to study . . . Respite from the daily grind . . . Basie drill uniform as Worn by Tom Miller . . . Better he good, freshman. Zim! n- X Z J X J' xuw , .- fxC'l'lYl'l'lES at Neliraska are for energy 110 usml in studying. They include clmlmilics, pulili uilioiis. social life, ll.O.T.C., athletics and politics fx-fx . ,fl X 'I , Xxx . fb xx A . i , Q I ,f ,f 3 if l ,. , , ff T , W 4 If I f' 'R ix lf 1' li ' w F X N f' ' ' x C 76 Xi x fi I f li ff li X if X i f i lui I xx X XA N 'X - "X-X, A ,,-- ' Ng! ,,,,,rf......x. assi' --. -.-.ENQAX N. N-.. A., M.. sxku: t xxx, 1 -'xxx-,.i X Xxx I -, wiki ,. A xx E X -"' , 'N-.X x ' X' C ,ff X 2 1 3 5 Q! 1 .9"""" QE: . ,J K I 1,1 X, ,J 5 J' mf ,,.11-""',a".,".-,""'-w.,,,ho"m X5-Q...--,-,J ,X .f , ..f-""" -r If - 4 7 h ' sh .Q1t,:1': ., ---Q... ..- -.., 'M ,L ""'-ev ig --4 ltIltIitI'l'S ttl'l'ili BXTIUNS NND I'l'lttI"lTS UI" t't'ltt.It1X'I'IttNS lil: 1 ' nicht l ' l'rn-en - .. - wfl Rf-ii: l'. l.illni,1o, I.. lu 3. . 1. PN 'll le ' 7 fl' V4 . I I lion: U. if-lin-,in, I.. l,. XX ,ilkf'1. ll. l.. limrll--r-l. l. . HE primary function of the Publication Board is to appoint editors and business managers for Nebraska student publications. It was given this duty in order to make possible the selection of students on the basis of their ability and previous publicaton work rather than al affiliations. All major positions their fraternal or campus politic on the Daily fYC'bl'fISlt'!IlI, Awgwan, and C0l'lllLll,Sk6l' are filled through appointment by this Board. The Board also supervises the editorial and financial policies of these publications, and sanctions their con- tracts for printing and engraving. uBag,', Awgwan, and Cornlzuslfer profits go into a Publication fund which the Board controls. ' This spring members of the G'Pub" Board and staff members of '9 W' lf '.- Xl ll Mili the three principal publications met at a series of luncheons in order il ""' """' t o become better acquainted with each other and to discuss their common publication problems. These luncheons were successful in making possible a closer working relationship between student editors and Board lnembers. The l'ublication Board was organized in 1912. lts power, originally. included only the appointment of Daily Nebraslfan editors and business managers. l..ater it was given similar control of the lll'f'll'lllI. and finally. of the Cornlzzlslrer. The Board consists of the Director of the School of Journalism. the Director of Student Activi- ties. and three other members of the faculty appointed by the tfhanccllor for an indefinite period. The student body is rep popular vote. l'l'lll,ll'.lTl0l lllllllll re- sented by a sophomore. a junior. and a senior, elected yearly by ll Pdzf 94 int editors 4. It was ttrdents on ather than ' positions fd through e editorial their con- fornhuslzer remhers ol ns in order stills: then vrzessful in lent editors Its power, L-an editors ttrol of the nifts of the lent Aclivi' the ' repte' y I5 ted bl' li yfftlfly ll wig. - ':3g:::::::::i DISCUSSING the news . . . The girls do their part . . HDaily'7 worker are always busy. Deadline-time is approaching . . . Marg Krause, leading society writer . . . Editor Roach plans a new issue. How the work piles up . . . An industrious staff means a good P U B L I C A T I 0 yearbook . . . Managing editors always have fun. . if iw ,f j! - H 'ff n , ,Ji-fy 5 I i I 9 IU I I Q 1 3 DIN II. O. IIACEII. Editor I IIIYIN SIIEIINIAN. Iinsinr-s'r I I I I I X 'I fl . - 2 f I I f I ,fs , I , , fy, U fwwf Zfld wx- EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ........... ................................. O RYAL O. HAGER xltllllltllllll Editors .......... ---- 1 IOBERT ADEN, MARY KLINE NIen's Organizations Editor... ------------ JACK STEWART Assistant ...... ....... ----- A I ARGARET FOWLER Womcn's Organizations Editor.. ------- SHIRLEY RUSSEL Assistant ...... Ifraitcrnity Editor... Assistant ..... Sorority Editors... Senior Editors.. ,Innior Editor .... Hurli Editor ....... Administration Editor Assistant .... . Studio Editors .... Ee-uturc Editor. . . Military Editor ..... Assistant. . . . .. NI:-n's Sports Editor. Assistant ...... ....LUCILLE COX SELZER WARREN DALTON RUTH MCMILLAN, HARRIET 'TALBOT ...EDITH KNIGHT, MARIAN MILLER ................LOUISE MALMBERC GEORGE GOSTAS ... .............................. KRIS BERGER .JOHN THIESSEN ....EDGAR GEESAMAN, VIRGINIA STODDARD PRISCILLA CHAIN . ....LOUIS OUREN . . . . . . .LEE PELTON WALTER RUNDIN ....JOHN GRAHAM XYOIIICIIIS Sports Editor... ...... SHIRLEY RUSSEL Indvx Editor ........... .... A IARY ROSBOROUGII Assistant to tht- Editor... .... DONALD D. WI-IITE Ilmuity Qnvf-n Editor... .... MARIAN DREDL.-X ti.-XNIERANIEN EDITORIAL ASSIS'I'AN'I'S Ernie' IIiItIvr tfliurla-s Edholm Grin- Gztrrvtt I'r1't-ton Ilaiys Iiolu-rt I.irI1ly Donald Niorris Hnlwrt Ogzdt-n Cvorgt' Royal Rolwrt Sandberg Erzmk Sims Wnym- Wt-rniniont Alicc Louise B ecker Ruth Brickell Ann Craft Betty Ann Dixon Betty Dodds Shirley Heldt Shirley Hoffman Lawrence Huwuldt nom-:it'r .-xnxx. mm' KI iw xi-in-1.-ing r:.1atm-S ,..,.nn Mary Lou Johnson Annc Kind:-r Beth Merrick Edward Mildvr Iivtty Nvwinun Ann 'IIIIOIIIRIF Iivtty Niuric Wait I 1: qt II I II I I I 2 I P4096 I Pm I I . , W! -. O. H IXRY KLINE K STEWART ET Form -EY RLSSEL ULILLE C034 NIIQS SELZEII ,IIN DALTON IIIQT TALBOT IIAN MILLER . XIALIIBERG RCE COSTAS LHIS BERGER IX THIESSEN ,X SIGDDARD LILLA CHAIN LOLIS OLREN .LEE PELION .IIQR RLNDIN IIIN GRAHAM I'Il.IiI' RLSSEL lIOSBOIl0LCII XLIJ IJ. WHITE RIAX DIIEDLA NISTANTS xt! IJJU IUIIIISOH tilt' Kinrlff .th Nlffrrick iuaril Ililflfr .ug Newman wh' 'liholiliii 1 I ,Ht Aldflff wan , , Page 97 2-Q NSPIRED by a new decade, the 19440 Cornhusker has tried to develop a new life. Various make-up and 'photographic changes have been undertaken. A Barb section has been added, and an attempt made to create a more interesting military section. A pic- torial feature is the survey of types of students and their activities. Promoted by an efficient business staff, this year's Cornhusker will reach a third of Nebraskals 7,000 enrollment. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ....................... IRVIN SHERMAN Assistant Business Managers ............... JERALD DAVIS AVERY FORKE, ROBERT O'CONNELL Advertising Managers ........ JOHN COCKLE, PHIL FORD LEONARD GOLDSTEIN, HUGH WILKINS Circulation Managers ....................... ED CALHOUN WARREN JENSEN, JOHN KUPPINGER BUSINESS STAFF Second Row: J. Kuppiuger, G. Gostas, B. Howley, L. Gold te n H W1 me First Row: J. Cockle, A. Forke, I. Sherman, J. Davis R OConnell Ford. EDITORIAL STAFF Third Row: W. Rundin, K. Berger, W. Dalton, J. Se e L O ren Malmberg. Second Row: L. Cox, D. White, V. Stoddard, R. Sandb K gh Russel, M. Miller. First Row: R. McMillan, G. Garrett, B. Aden, O. H g J Stewat P Chain. AVERY FORKE, JERALD DAVIS, ROBERT O'CONNELL, Assistant Business Managers rw' f 2, ,W. A f v wr f ' Wm! f ffff . f X.. . af '-S ,. X 47' -HZ 1 ' .L 5 fl! 4 W WH? 2507! EDIT ORIAL STAI' F FIRST SEMESTER Editor-in-Chief .... Managing Editors. News Editors .... Sports Editor ..... Ag Campus Editor .... ----'- Radio Editor ........ Fashion Editor . . . Society Editors. . Sscoivo Smiizsruu HAROLD NEIM ANN UDHHIUHRICDHARD 'tiQi5itoii1iXi,"MERR1LL ENoLi1Nb CLYDE MARTZ, CHRIS PETERSON LUCILE THOMAS, ED WITTENBERG .JUNE BIERBOWER .........REX BROWN PRUDEN . MARGARET KRAUSE ......... MARY KERRIGAN RICHARD deBROW N Editor-in-Chief .............................................. Managing Editors ............................. NORMAN HARRIS, CLYDE MARTZ News Editors ....... MARY KERRICAN, MORTON MARCOLIN CHRIS PETERSON PAUL SVOBODA, LUCILE THOMAS Sports Editor. ........ ................................... Ag Campus Editor... Rudio Editor ....... Society Editor ...... Piiotogruplly Editor.. . BUSINESS STAFF Fmsr Sizmzsrmt .JUNE BIERBOWER COOKSLEY PRUDEN ....MARY ANNA COCKLE ........CEORGE ROYAL ...ARTHUR I-IILL Business Manager ...... ................................. Assistant Business Muuugci ..... BURTON THIEL, ED SECRIST Circulation INIunugcr . . . ............................. LOWELL MICHAEL RADIO BROADCAST Q V W U Sncoixo Smimrmt Rminvss Mzumgzer ......... .................................... A RTHUR HILL A:-sistunt Business Mzinugxers.. ..... BURTON THIEL, ED SEGRIST Circulation Nlauiugcr ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, L OWELL MICHAEL li.-KRUIJI NEINIANN. AR'l'HL'R IIILL, RICHARD JCBRQWN I'-'iilnl' Niunuger Editor , . .. .,. , ., if ' f r . ,xr Q 5 B .gff I 93 C Page .anim icuii militia 'RBUWER . Bron PRLDEN xrursr .ERRICAN fleBR0ll'X LE XLARTL ?ETER50N L more LERBOWLH LOOKSLLL N PRLDLN A COCKLL GE ROYAL THLR HILL LU SEGRLST L MICHAEL ITHLR HILL gn SEGRIDT ,L MICHLEL Page 99 '? HIS year the Daily Nebraskan successfully planned and conducted a daily radio broadcast. Five times a week Nebraskan radio editors reported society, fash- ions, sports, and regular university news for hundreds of college listeners. News bulletins of the latest in- formation concerning the war in Europe were posted in the Student Union lobby, and a special column in the Daily covered the international situation. Nebras- kan editors also carried on a survey of university housing conditions. Second semester editorials contained discussions of the future of universities-bringing to the student eye all that is happening today in American education. The Daily also investigated the possibility of a central booking agency and surveyed student opinion on more popular university regulations, activity tickets, and an improved student health service. EDITORIAL STAFF Third Row: M. Margolin, R. Alslrivli, E. Clark, P. Svohorla, H. Wilkins F H. Ogden. Second Row: M. McCarthy, N. Harris, C. Petersen, C. Martz, M. Kerrigan First Row: J. Bierbower, M. Englunml, H. Niemann, D. deBrown, E Wittenberg, L. Thomas. I BUSINESS STAFF Third Row: .l. Lee, F. Olmstead, .l. Hill, B. Novicoff. Second Row: E. Calhoun, E. Clark, L. Lee, M. Rubnitz, R. Anawalt. First Raw: L. Michael, B. Thiel, A. Hill, E. Segrist. LW XWJZLLWZ Editor ........... Managing Editor. . Associate Editor ..... Contributing Editor .--- Exchange Editor . . Assistant Editor- . . Val Anderson Ernie Bihler Ruth Holland Carl Olenherger Janet I-laggart Nancy ,lean Haycock Gene Bradley Betty ,lo Bylleslmy Dick Gellatly Boll l-lemphill EDITORIAL STAFF -.-....-.....-. so .-... .. .- ...... ll .....BETTY ROACH GEORGE FRISCHER ....BOB HEMPHILL 'IARGARET KRAUSE ........JIM LIPSEY WALTER RUNDIN ART Bob Hunt Ed Smith Ralph Comhes GORE!-IOUNDS Velma Riegle Virginia Wheeler SECRETARIES Betty ,lean Johnson EXCHANGES Flavia Ann Tharpe Connie Merriam CONTRIBUTORS Ann Beth Keith Mary Kerrigan Margaret Krause ,lim Lipsey BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ...... Assistant Business Manag Advertising Solicitors. . . Business Manager ....... FIRST SEMESTER . . . . .LEONARD FRIEDEL ers. .GERALD SPAHN, MELVIN TANNENBAUM ' ERNIE BIHLER, CAROLYN CHARLSON EDWIN MILDER, MARTHA WHELAN ...fu--...n-......- SECOND SEMESTER GERALD SPAHN Q1-S. .iajiiiii 'M'1LoER', 'M'EEyiN TANNENBAUM Circulation Manager .............................. MARTHA WHELAN Assistant Circulation Manager. . . .................. DON STEELE CAROLYN CHARLSON BOB JAMES, HAROLD LARMON Assistant Business Manag Advertising Solicitors. . . Betty Roach, Editor Gerald Spahn, Manager Leonard Friedel, Manager George Frischer, Managing Editor Pu' W' l I I l Page 101 T the end of its twenty-eighth year of publication, the Awgwan boasts not only its greatest popularity among Nebraska students, but also the highest ranking as a college humor magazine that it has had. Under the leadership of its capable editor, Betty Roach, the past year has been one of variety and progress for the Awgwan. Many of its best stories were written by freshmen as a result of the special encourage- ment given them by the regular staff. The size of the popular '4Core" columns was considerably increased in order to include a larger group of campus socialites in each issue. Bob Hemphill's page on current popular records, appropriately called ccPlatter Chatter", was an inno- vation enthusiastically endorsed by Awgwan readers. After several years absence from the magazine, the comments of '4Awgwan, Jr." were brought back to the editorial page. A new column on campus personalities, 'LCuess Who '?" was written by ,lim Lipsey. The Candid Camera section was increased. The scope of the publication as a whole was broadened by the appointment of an Awgwan representative on the 4'Ag,' campus. Credit for the financial success of the Awgwan goes to its two business managers, Leonard Friedel and Gerald Spahn. Many new adv6rtiSCfS, both local and national, were obtained by them. Third Row: M. Tannenbaum, E. Mildcr, G. Bradley, V. Anderson, D. Stcclc, E. Smith. Second Row: B. Johnson, B. Byllcsby, C. Olenherg, B. Horn, N. Haycock, P. Beyl, C. Cllarlson. First Row: M. Krause, E. Scgrist, J. Lipsey, G. Spahn, B. Roach, L. Fricdcl, B. Hemphill, A. Kicth. OFFERS HUMOR FOR STUDENTS f WZKWZ fi I CE nfffzifagf HW 44- 26 Q I r V., ' A WIQNDELI. TIIACKER Editor l,l'iU IQOOKSLEY Manager ACIIICULTUHE I L BLICATION HE Cornlzuskcr Countryman is the only publication devoted wholly to the interests of t'Ag', students. It strives to stimulate interest in College of Aqriculture activities by presenting stories of campus doings and articles alTout the experimental work of various Agricultural departments. The magazine is published eight times a year through the active effort of more C3 than thirty students. Since its founding in 1921, the growth of the Countryman has been rapid and consistent. The increased use of pictures has added interest. and has increased circulation to over twelve hundred copies per issue. Every County agricultural agent, home economics teacher, and vocational agricul- tural teacher in the state, as well as many students, parents, and alumni. receives a copy regularly. EDITORIAL STAFF Fmsr SEMESTER Editor. . . .Associate Associate Manager. Associate Associate Associate Associate Iudttor ............ . . Agricultural Editor .... Home Economics Editor .................... . BUSINESS STAFF Manager . . .................. . . Manager. . . CIRCULATION Manager ...... . ......................... . .... . .... . . . Home Economics Manager. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Agricultural Manager . . Managing Editor ...... Agricultural Editor ........ Home Economics Editor ......... Advertising ...... Circulation .. . . . . .. Agriculture. . , , ,, llotuc IUCUIIOIIIICS . . .-..............-... . SECOND SEMESTER ASSOCIATES ...........-....... .--. .......REX BROWN ...... .WILL PITNER . . .SYLVIA ZOCHOLL . . . .EDWIN ROUSEK . . . .KEITH GILMORE . . . . . .MYLAN ROSS .....LEO COOKSLEY . .HELEN THOMAS .....MARVIN KRUSE .WENDELL THACKER . . . . .LEO COOKSLEY DWIGHT PUMPHREY SYLVIA ZOCHOLL ...UMERRITT BOONE, MYLAN ROSS, ROBERT WHEELER LOUIS DAIGGER ..MARY BELL HAUMONT DALE' 'iiiEo'1iAEDQ TACK CARTER, Ango "t'ESAlt NORMA JEAN CAMPBELL, Eniut sic lylinrlli 'llunz I.. Ihtiggvr, Xl. II. Qllaumnnt, L. Cuokslcy, F. Itchntcicr, R. D. Coodding, R. Lamb, O Pumplircy, E. Sic. Iyifltldli-Et : -N kj sianipln-ll,,lt. Lmute-nl. B. Crandall, W. Fausch, O. Pfcilicr, J. Burr, I. Beckwith, D R gg b li. ' ' ' ""' ' ' """"' I' Hi"'t""f1'- II- 5lf'1'lC. C. Vcltc, B. Kicstcr, F. Olson, R. Whcclcr, C. Gardner, D. Thcohald. Intl Run: ll. Itrtmn, lt. l'u-scott, M. Ross, S. Zocholl, W. Tliackcr, M. Boone, M. Tcsar, E. Buc cn I4 duhl. 4 Pa Page 103 Aware ITH its March, 1940 issue, the Prairie Schooner began its fourteenth year of publication. Recognized for many years as a magazine of high literary quality, it is now rated as one of the three or four outstanding regional quarterlies in the United States. Edward J. O,Brien, famous short story critic, places the magazine on a par with Harpers, Scribners, and the American Mercury, and uses many Schooner stories in his collection of the Best Short Stories of the year. Subscribers to Prairie Schooner include many important universities and city libraries in all parts of the country, and several large publishing houses. Virtually all of its readers are uni- versity men and women. The Prairie Schooner was founded in 1927 by the Wordsmiths, Nebraska chapter of the national literary fraternity, Sigma Upsilon. Professor Lowry C. Wimberly is the present editor Of the magazine, heading a staff of seven faculty and student representatives. EDITORIAL STAFF ' S i Editor .... .................. L OWRY CHARLES WIMBERLEY ASSOCIATE EDITORS RUSSELL T. PRESCOTT FREDERICK L. CHRISTENSEN MARTIN S. PETERSON MAURICE O. JOHNSON GRACE OWENS LOUISE PERRY CONTRIRUTING EDITORS LOREN c. EISELEY WELDON KEES HONORARY EDITORS THOMAS M. RAYSOR GAYLE C- WALKER ROBERT D. SCOTT JOHN G. NIEHARDT J. E. LeROSSIGNOL BUSINESS MANAGER ROBERT SEIDEL WELL-KNOWN CONTRIBUTORS WILLIAM MARSH JOHN G. NIEHARDT EDWIN FORD PIPER LOUISE POUND MARI SANDOZ WINIFRED GRAY STEWART JESSE STUART DOROTHY THOMAS HAROLD VENAL MARIE DE. L. WELCH -U BESS STREETER ALDRICH STANTON A. COBLENTZ LOREN EISELEY ' ETHEL ROMIG FULLER 'CLIFFORD GESSLER ALBERT HALPER A ROLAND E. HARTLEY , J. LQSROSSIGNOL WALTER LOCKE ' ATTRIBUTED HIGH LITERARY QUALITY L. E. WIMBERLY Editor ,-..w......-u.,-M., -..T . - ..,- ,. i 1 . 1 -k '1 ! 1 1 1 ! BEUAII BRICHAM cheeks at the Reserve Desk . . . Resealeh H01 1' . . ' ' ation . - the mam readmg room . . . Card Hles hold valuable 1HfO11n Ruby YY llcler presldes over Reference Room . . . Old Llblaly H31 Reserve Reading Room, a good place to study. PS f' 1 "wh, d""""""'v-,v .HV 5 's .xxx M..--,--..,,,,N'W ff' . A X ' K "Nv,4'g if--Q " W. 'wx X fu... I 11-xx YQL G ,,..,-v MN.. na-1--"""' 2 K sw "s Z 3. Third Hon: ll. A-lpn, F, C-iulal. C. Fri-rhcr. L- C0'tkil"!"' E- Willey- C- Mani' Srr-nn.1 limi: IP. llntnrv. ll. llarn-lrergcr. J. Xlasfm. l- Sllffntiln- R- Rpml' Ijul kan: J. W1-If. lt. l'r:-flill. C. Thomas. O. Hager. record crowd of over twelve hundred was present last fall to see Delta Gamma, Sigma Chi, and Phi Mu win first place honors in the annual Kosmet Klub Fall Review. Delta Camma's "Ye Olde College Dazew and Sigma Chi's uDizzy Doings of the Dean" were first place winners in sorority and fraternity competition respectively. Phi Mu's c'Radio-hos' was voted the best curtain act. At the end of the show, the newly-elected Nebraska Sweetheart, Miss Beth Howley of Carrie Belle Raymond Hall. was presented by Prince Kosmet, .lim Xlinnick. ln the spring. an all-male cast, working under the direc- tion of the Klub and Armand Hunter, presented t'Ski Slealersf' a take-off on the Russo-Finnish war written by Robert lmacllcv. This year Kosmet Klub made the initial payment on its new scholarship fund. which is to be built up by annual pay- ments from Klub profits. when it has reached SL000, the fund will be invested. and the S50 interest given annually to the sophomore who is outstanding in scholarship and extra- curricular activities. The principal will bc used as a reserve ful'm'0lllillf14'l11'il's. Kosmet Klub was organized in 1911. and limits its active membership to fifteen iunior and senior men. lift MET liLlllt OFFICERS ROY PROFFITT .................. Presideru GRANT THOMAS ........ Business Manager JEAN WOLF ..................... Secretary PROFESSOR SCHRAMM. . .Faculty Azlrfser lit J .- , P .fix . X' A . t ' 5' " .' L I "- r'-1 ' l ,, Q ','ev?..""'," We BETH HOWLEY Nebraska Sweetheart Page 107 . .. . " B. Novicolt. ,if U fl RH: 5. NI. lklr-rlwnlmurn. Xi. Buspar, J. Stewart. C. Sllllbcrl, II- BCNIYC. Wlnlroub. . ,f.f.,"1.-of fp., c. vam...m, A. mu, lt. souuwk, H. A. wlme, J- R- Ivws, B- G- SHHUI- C- C- Simm- IIULIJS NON-DECISION I NCB .-XTICS IAR ITY DE HE 1940 debate season was another busy one for Dr. H. A. Whiteis varsity debaters. In addition to their customary participa- tion in twenty or more intercollegiate debates, they engaged in nearly a dozen intra-squad exhibition contests before numerous off-campus organizations. Among these were the Optimists Club, the Lincoln and Omaha Kiwanis Clubs, the Knife and Fork Club, the Iowa State College Forensic Society, and the Nebraska State Peace Conference. During the year, the team traveled to Missouri for debates with the University of Missouri, and William Jewell College, to Iowa for debates with Iowa State College, Drake University, a11d Simpson College, and to Omaha for debates with Creighton. Nebraska, in turn, was host to debaters from the University of Kansas, Kansas Wesleyan University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, the University of California, and North Park College of Chicago. University of Nebraska debate teams have not engaged in de- cision debates for nearly twenty-five years. This policy was begun by Coach Fogg and has been continued by Coach Vlfhite, with U16 result that debates have developed into interesting and informatiVC discussions of current problems rather than mere attempts to dis- prove opposing arguments. The popularity of this style of debating has been increasing rapidly in the past few years. V p OF1"ltIlCltS liI,?'SlfI.I. .-X. SULftlllIfK ................... ........ I ,l'C.Nl.flf-771, Xlll.'l'UX U. tlLiS'l'.-Xl"SON ............ ..... V ice-l'1'v.sidCII1 .lmltis li. IN INS ......... ........ . Sccrclury DAYIIJ W. l.QbH'l'lSS... ...... Tl't'215lll't'1 HATE fmt Rau j,-ull R' Hui RU' Filler ff.-:nd R Kinlf' 1.-if Raw' Lnyra 4 MH? Ron' I Il- E1 '--It R. H' Ilirrllxalz Q Sbfagt HUM R1 I C. DL my Row Page 108 page 109 Fwh Row- P Borchman, G. Jones, N. Leuthauser, M. Cory, F. 1 ' ' OMPOSED chiefi Choir attempts to bring together for Worship these and other university students, as Well as the general public. This worship in no way removes individuals from their own particular faiths. Choral vespers are held each Sunday afternoon during the y of University of Nebraska students, the Lincoln Cathedral winter season. Dream of the Choir is that there may some day be a cathedral on the university campus which will symbolize this friendship of many faiths. Last June over sixty members of the Choir, under the direction of John M. Rosborough, sang at the Waldorf Astoria and in the Temple of Religion at the New York World's Fair. Behm, C. Moore, R. Sherwood, B. Lower, O. Schroeder, A. Blinde M. Knott Row- W. Ellison, W. Jalide, R. Westfall, S. Kirkholi, C. Shonerd, B. McKean, W. Neihaus, N. Somnlers, G. Joy, J. Mercer, Ludwicki F0'i'5hR0w.' B. Manning, J, Currier, R. Wilcox, D. Pankonin, R. Johnson, R. Shirley, E. May, G. Howard, R. Adams, G. Hagemann, D. ThHPatterson, M. Stettheimer. d Row: J, Redelfs, L. Bixler, V. Butt, F. Cash, M. Maddy, K. Tunnison, J. M. Rosborough, H. Henrich, M. Rokahr, J. Pestal, E. Secolzingeryy B. Groth, C. Enslow. F. IROW. E Wright M. Rosborougll, W. Seaton, M. Wood, J. Zimmerer, E. Baker, E. Kaiman, I. Keyes, R. Brokaw, M. Rosborough, L. Us - ' ' Enyeart, E. Chore. Ll UUL. U THEDRAL UHUIR UNIVER ITY l GER ' , . G. D ,- , L, Landgren, E. Thelanrler, Fif1huRow: R, Delgoardy P. Fuenning, R- Andreggen, B, Smutz, G. Ganz, A. Mathis, H. Stutheit, H. Cecil, aus 1 . Erck. . - J. Dutton, C. ' L. Z k d, J. Fritzson, D. K0UPal, Fourth Row: F, Matteson, E. Jenkins, B. Roach, L. Myers, J. Donovan, B. Whinneryf 1 mun P E ,R0HCh,J.She1ley. B k V Kreuscher E. Harding, L- Jacobsen, M- Upper ' TIWSPRUWT glam L. Stapleton, I. Schultz, M. F0l'I'eYa A' Hedden' L. a er, T i b F H b an N Armstrong rague, i d , H. ' 1 , P. R 5 lm, , a erm , . , Second Row: H, rgeliy, B. flied F, Maggie, R, Vondracek, B. Baird, C. Remington, Mr. Tempel, osen ai rffifieimlefz' ii' Baker' i f .1 M P r S J. Miner, M- Gaiman, B- Schfoedeh A' Skoda' w: , ' Page 109 e er orter, D. Custavson, W. Row, S. Bonham, M- Laverty' H' woo ' i 'lliam G. Tem le, the University Singers RGANIZED. only twzfyflilgsfiiigt 1f:lioi'Xail groups in thc? middle west. This select has develofed mio gneoices is the first of its kind on the Nebraska campus. grOup.OT SIXTY ml? Vd was the Singer's Christmas Rhapsodie, given last December Brllhantly per Tame Members took an important part in the Winter Choral 21 tT1e1StudlE11T1uTi::OQni Appearances of the Singers came also at Honors Convoca- estiva on ' - ' Carmen presented late in April. - Messiah and in the Opefa tion, the annual 1 l ! i rl' l' E if l I r 1 l ?""T 1, M . iii 'Uh 6 . SW-r J P4 N11 111'Yl4 1'111'S1'N1 11I11f1' 111111111 1111 11l'illllil111' 11111-111 1111 11111 N11111'11s1iz1 111111111115 is 11111 1-11-i'1'11l'f1I1W E II X I 1,1.lX1'I'S. X11 1ll'1l11ll1'1111llF i11'I' 111z111z1f,:1111 111111 11111111 111 113' st111111111s. XX 1111 ll ' ' 1 1 11 5 , . . '. " ' 1 ml ul W1 I MH l 1111.11 111.13 111 1111- 117.59-10 w11s1111 1111- 1'111x'111's 1'11111'111111111 1111111 1121111 IW 1 - - . .' - 1 11111 1111'111.1111-1-111111 I111-11' 111111111-H1111 111-111' 11s il s111'1'11ss1111 1111111111 lllg 111911111111 1111- 1llN1 111111 111lw 51-1151111 11111 1111111111111 XX1111111w 1,ll1l1lCl 1,1111 11111111 - - 1:41 ' ,...'u' H111 11lll' 1111111 . 5111'1'1'551xk1x p1'1111111'l11111s 1111111111111 1'z111111Y 171111111111 J 1111" 1111111 .1111111111 11111 1111'111 1f111'1fl. "XX-11211 il 1,1111f' il 1f111111J11y 115' C1i11111'11 C0111 A rw , gg ff .- . . 5 - N .. .. . 11 11 1111l11, 1111111 . 1I1lXN 5 1111- 1111111111 1,f'1lP11'. 111111 131111sw111'I11. 111111111111z111 1 511111l'F 11I1XX.II'l1 1111111 1111- 51ll1'1il1I' 1.1'111is 11111111. l'1l11II11'lT1I'l111El11' 4 'pu-.hq+"""vn.-.uV!f 'x X X .4M"'-xqb fm' af 'R MV' A 'mb 1 'Y'-is 2 6""m,.'1v X3 6' W'-NRE Ram. q 5 6 Q Q 2 X . E 0 5 1 , 3 0 2 K K fj xx A 3 , 3 e R ' 1 E , , S ' A x f I 1 g . 2 1 w ' 1 'E 1.. WI M"-1-u. 3 if Nl I 4 Qi NNEAL Hbreathern in the university formal season is the Intel.. fl.aternity Ball. At that time tuxes and formals are thrown an-ax. for more casual clothes and Nebraska party-goers are allowed to be comfortable iust once before the end of the formal season two weeks later. This year on February 17 nationally known Pinky Tomlin and his orchestra played for the Ball. Wiriter of such songs as Hfjbject of My Aflections" and rated as one of the top bands in the countrv, Tomlin proved his merit for hundreds of Nebraska students. Over hve hundred couples jammed the Coliseum at one of the university'5 biggest parties. i The lnterfraternity Ball is managed by the lnterfraternitv Ball Committee. Members include representatives to the lnterfraternitv Council. General chairman of this yearis Ball was William Mowbray. The Ball is the only university function given by the various fraternities for both alliliated and non-affiliated students. Always one of the highlights of the social season, plans are being developed to make the 1941 affair of even greater importance. COMMITTEES WILLIAM MOWBRAY ....................... ..... C cneral Chairman LEONARD FRIEDEL, CHRIS PETERSEN ..... ........... P ublicity BILL RANDALL, ED SECRIST ........... ..... C haperones ROBERT MILLER, TOM SHAFFER ........ ..... O rcheslru CLINT JURCENSON, JAMES STUART ..... ....... T ickets ...................... ,,,,, D ecoraligng '. S ia cr. C fl 1 I ft ' ' If tl 1 . M. In-wks. x. limit. Peggy Sherburn reigns.on her straw throne . . . Gi.ngham dresses and overalls carried out. farm theme . . Dlck Vhlls furnished music. at HIS year s Farmer s Formal, largest fall party on the Agricul- gy tural College calendar, reverted to the theme of a barn dance Over 2 I two hundred and fifty gmghamed and overalled couples attended the affair held on October 27 Corn shocks and a huge spider web I V+ 2 on the ceiling aided 1n transforming the Student ACTIVITIES Hall mto in I ,W X, :I a reallstic barn loft. Late in the evening a gigantic haystack on the stage was pulled 4, H, l open, uncovering Hrst the eight attendants and then the ueen of fp the 1939 Farmer s Formal, all chosen by a vote of the men students L H 1 , 'N , '1 attending. The attendants, appropriately attired in barn dance nip costumes, were as follows: Lois Hammond, Gwen lack, Marie pf wg, Lienert, Harriet Millburn, Charlotte Peckham, Mary Schricker, in 'r 11, Marian Smrha, and Amolie Swoboda. High point of the unveiling A W I a was the first glimpse of the Queen of the Formal, Peggy Sherburn. KM, After receiving the acclamation of the throng, the Queen descended My HH, Nl: from the stage beneath the crossed pitchforks of her attendants, and ip M l 1, fi began the dance played in her honor by Dick Mills and the orchestra. PEGGY SHERBURN , I L V Sponsor of the yearly F armer's Formal is the Ag Executive Queen I Board, governing body of the Agricultural College campus. Com- ls mittee chairman and members are chosen from the various members if ,gf I of that organization. li COMMITTEES I A Co-MANAGERS ip BETTY ,IO SMITH --MARVIN KRUSE if CO-CHAIRMEN D F A Ii M E R OSCAR TEGTMEIER, GWEN JACK ........ ......... P resentatron I Q5 I OPLE HEDLUND, Miro TESAR ............................ Decogallgon U ' WILL PITNER, RHODA CHESLEY ..................... f ....... T10 as gl RUTH ANN SHELDON, GANIS RICHMOND ...... '. Orchestra and Favors Q r ELLEN A. ARMSTRONG, KEITH GILMORE. .PHTJIICIIY and Refreshments 3: 5 PEGGY SHERBURN ........................... Farmeris Formal Queen ge 115 . Page 113 ' 3, I 4 f I fi Sf . ,M r vi? FAIHIERI' FAIR CWEN JACK flmlda-ss BTOST important activity of the season on the Agricutural College campus is the Farmers Fair. This year's Fair, held on May 4, represented twenty-five years of progress at the College. Educa- tional exhibits in campus buildings were featured, as well as the customary parade of floats, and a rodeo and horseshow. Other events included the Kampus Kapers show-a program of skits, boxing and wrestling matches, and a style show. Funmakers for the thousands who attended the Fair were the evening dance in the Student Activities Building and a large midway with concessions. Goddess of Agri. culture Gwen Jack ruled over the 1940 Fair. She was elected by 3 vote of Home Economics women and was first presented at the annual Ag Spring Party on March 10. Twelve Ag College juniors and seniors, members of the F armei-'s Fair Board, manage the Fair each year. Six senior members are elected by student vote in the spring. The six juniors are chosen the following October and are announced at the Ag Fall Party. Undergraduate students in the college work on committees under the direction of Fair Board members. The aim is to present a complete picture of campus activity in the College of Agriculture. SENIOR BOARD EDWIN ROUSEK, Manager FRED WHITNEY, Treasurer WILLIAM PITNER ANNABELLE HUTCHESON PEGGY SHERBURN, Secretary ELLEN ANN ARMSTRONG JUNIOR BOARD BETTY JO SMITH KEITH GILMORE ROBERT WHEELER SYLVIA ZOCHOLL JANE BRINEGAR GANIS RICHMOND lillldlll mm- nn lmrcpq W - ' ' - - - . . as an interesting fair feature Horse ' ' . . . - jumping and bronco lnuslmg Iurnislnrd vxcitem P45114 Plu Pm 115 NE of the important activities on the Agricultural College campus is the annual Coll-Agri-Fun show, held each fall in the Student Ac- tivities Building. This year's show, the eleventh successive produc- tion oi the board, was held on November 18, and proved tg be one of the best revues ever given, there being a more definite emphasis on the quality of entertainment shown. Winner of the traditional silver loving cup, awarded each year to the organization presenting the most outstanding skit, was the Ag College Boarding Club, with their ingenious HAt the Stroke of Twelve". HThe Royal Union", entered by the Cafeteria Club, Won second place. First place in curtain acts Went to '4Musical Midgets", entered by the Pie House. Second and third places in the curtain act division went to Milton Custafson's HViolin's Protest", and the Cafeteria Club's uSinging Waiters,'. The main purpose of Coll-Agri-Fun is to create interest and fur- ther development of talent in dramatics, music, and leadership through the expression of individuals and agricultural student or- ganizations. The Coll-Agri-Fun Board, composed of three seniors and three juniors, is in charge of the show. Members of the board are elected by a popular vote of the Agricultural College students, and four faculty advisors are appointed by the dean of the College. SENIOR MEMBERS LOUISE TURNER ............................. ............ M anager GEORGE GOODDING ........................ ..... A ssistant Manager MARIAN SMRHA .............................. ......... T reasurer JUNIOR MEMBERS VIVIAN BROWN ............................................ Secretary MILO TESAR FLOYD OLSON FACULTY MEMBERS MISS EDITH CARSE PROF. L. W. HURLBUT . MISS ETHEL ELLIFF PROF. D. B. WHELAN, Chairman Second Row: W. Hurlbut, M. Tesar, F. Olson. First Row: M. Smrha, G. Goodding, L. Turner, V. Brown- CULL-AGRI-FU A.C.B.C. won first place. Thomas Quartet harmonized. Loomis Hall girls sang pep songs IVY IIAY IVY DAY is one of the oldest annual events on the Nebraska campus. For more than thirty years it has been the day when Xlortar Boards and Innoeents are revealed and the May Queen is f-rowned. The queen this year was Virginia Nolte. Coronation was preceded by the Ivy Day Chain and the p1'0- eession of Mortar Boards and May Queen Attendants. Trumpcters were Nlary I,ou Daly and Betty Pierce. Attendants included Ireslnnen Elaine Jordan and Shirley Russel, sophomores Ellajo Nlarshall and Charlotte Uttg juniors Dorothy Glenn, Mary Ellen Osborne. Ennna Nlarie Schuttloflel, and Virginia Wheeler, seniors, llelen Catherine Davis and Marjorie Schick. Freshman Frances Keefer read the Ivy Day poem and Willard Wilson gave the 01321- lion. The traditional ivy-planting ceremony was carried out by Crant Thomas and William Kovanda, presidents of the junior and senior classes. Hola XYAIIICII falls as number 1-It-veil VIRGINIA NOLTE this May Queen PIILITIIIIA ' IG feature of Ivy Day for Nebraska activity men, and one of the high- points of the afternoon is the utap- pingn of Innocents. Following lVIortar Board masking, the thirteen crimson- robed Innocents, members of the ae- tive chapter, stalk through the crowd and one by one tackle the new initi- ates. Nebraskais new chancellor, C. S. Boucher, was made an honorary Inno- cent last year in a surprise ceremony just before the regular tapping. AC- tive and honorary members sur- rounded the Chancellor, Stanley Brewster, president of the organiza- tion, slipped over his shoulder the fil- miliar red band with the white devills head and proclaimed Boucher aS im honorary Innocent. Previous hon0fH1'Y memberships have included Chancel- lors Avery and Andrews and Chan' cellor Emeritus E. A. Burnett. IIII IT I ffl May Queen and attendants on dais l H Pine 117 Elizabeth Waugh masked as Mortar Board president Thetas win lntersorority Sing THE UNIVER ITY FAMILIAB to all Nebraska students is the picture of the black-masked, black-robed Mortar Boards moving silently in pairs through scores of interested onlookers-preparing to mask their new members. Arms folded, eyes straight ahead, the Mortar Boards saunter through the audience during the lntersorority Sing. lm- mediately following the Sing the masking is be- gun. Members file back to the row of thirteen chairs placediin front of the dais and proceed with the announcement of the next year's chapter. One at a time the girls go out after their vic- tims. Sneaking up behind the Mortar Board-to- be, the active places a mask over her eyes and helps the stumbling, excited girl to the dais. Cl1S'f0marily, the president is masked first, with the other officers and members following in rapid succession. In 1939, for the first time in many years, MONHI Boards masked fourteen new members Into the group, instead of the usual thirteen. - iANOTHER traditional part of Ivy Day festivi- ties includes the lnterfraternity and lntersorority Sings. Fraternities sing first and open the day's program. Kosmet Klub, men's dramatic organ- ization, awards a silver loving cup to the Winning group. Despite the rain which drenched them during the middle of their number, Delta Upsi- lon singers succeeded in scoring an upset over Beta Theta Pi, Winners of the two previous years, and took home the coveted cup. Second place Went to Beta Theta Pi, and third to Alpha Tau Omega. Initial event of the afternoon on lvy Day is the lntersorority Sing. Kappa Alpha Theta was the Winner, making their third consecutive victory in the annual contests. They sang an original number composed by Nebraska Theta members. Delta Gamma received second place honors, and Alpha Omicron Pi, third. The prize- Winning cup was presented by Elizabeth Waugh, acting for the A.W.S. Board. flolom-Is Pillslmry and Waugh presented with attendants . . .The grand march begins. Ri THE thirty-first annual Military Ball was held on December 9, opening the university formal season. Over four thousand spectatorS and dancers witnessed the colorful pageantry of the ball and saw the presentation of Elizabeth Watlgh as Honorary Colonel. Mock machine gun fire from the wings of the stage shot awHY the door of a stage fort and Miss Waugh was revealed as the DSW colonel. R.Ofl. iC., and sang Wfhere ls No Place Like Nebraskai' HS Miss gh was escorted to the floor by Cadet Colonel Charles Pillsbury- Battalion Sponsor of Field Artillery Harriet ,lane Bowman, -In' fantry Regimental Sponsor Edith Knight and Engineers Baftahon 7 Sponsor Barbara Lee, were also presented. Advanced R.O.T.C. members and dates formed the letters Wan For the first time this year, a canopy extending from the ColiSCUm door to the street was erected, adding even more pomp Ellld dignity to the spectacle. ILL Paz' 118 P 'Sl 119 Second Row: E. Segrist, B. Backlund, B. J. Ferguson, D. Burney. First Row: M. Kline, B. Howley, M. Bradstreet, J. Harris, B. Roach. The presentation and the dancing FFICIAL closing of the winter formal season is the Junior-Senior Prom. Over 450 couples attended this year's Prom, held on March 2nd at the University Coliseum. Yvonne Costello, Chi Omega junior, was presented as 1940 Prom Girl. Stepping out of a huge fifteen foot violin placed on the stage, Miss Costello was serenaded by the HSWi11g king of the violin", J oe Venuti. She was then congratulated bl' Senior class president, Adna Dobson, and Forrest Behm, head of the junior class. Passing on to the Hoor, the new Prom Girl and F01'1'est Behm led the first dance. The .lunior-Senior Prom is managed by the Junior-Senior Prom C0mmittee, composed of six men and six women. Members are selected each fall by the Student Council. The committee for this Year WHS directed by Marian Bradstreet and Dwight Burney, co- Chai1'men. Prize for presentation plans went to Betty Newman. JU Illll- ll lllii PIHIM YVONNE COSTELLO Prom Girl W l l ml Rolf: Nl. CI'ilIl1Cl', YV. BHSYC, C- MCMurtfeYa J- Swenson' l In I lellllf ll. Spalm, S. llill, R. Reed, B. Howley, N. HarI'iS- H ln' O'SI1f-11 and .lam-I Ilarris, prcscnt and past Pep QUCCIIS HUMEUUJING THE Homecoming Party, given in honor of the grads for thi pose of electing and presenting the pep queen, was sponsored Y9 combined efforts of the Corncobs and Tassels, November ll, 193 -t Approximately seven hundred couples attended thenfunction Ht the Student Union from nine until twelve. This party, being dllfelen from other campus parties, consisted of two main attractions- DUSIEY Rhoades and his orchestra furnished the music for dancing in t C ballroom, and other rooms on the second floor were filled Wlth Con' carnival, some of which were weight gt1CSS1Ugv Penny cessions of a pitching, dart throwing, and shooting galleries, all being run by the two organizations. The climax of the evening was the presentation of the new Pei queen, the votes for whom had been previously cast at the door- h huge cor11 cob was wheeled down the length of the ballr00m '30 t fi SWEZC, Wl1C1'6 the cob was husked by the presidents of the two sponsoii ing organizations, revealing the new queen, Betty Oishfia' jlalf Hi11'1'iS, PCP queen of the previous year then presented her Wlgfhl e Lholllll and royal Cape, and the audience responded with the Slllgmg ol H ' ' ieie ls No Place Like Nebraska." CAR IVAL 6 Wu-u,.,,h.w .XV X fx I x H. xx, Q9 Q xx 5 '7 ,N H f""w,n 3. Nw. H W Q , K 4 Q 3 2 QA 42 T 6-4 ef 2 Z T XX ""-Hu. ,Q 'A 'I' CHARLES ROBERTS 1940 SOONER University of Oklahoma RICHARD MacCANN 1940 JAYHAWKER University of Kansas JACK WILLIAMS 1940 BOMB Iowa State College RUSSELL HARRIS 1940 SAVITAR University of Missouri AL NIAKINS 1940 ROYAL PURPLE Kansas State College QW M 7 jf? ZZ fmemaf 1.940 A DESIRE was felt by the 19410 Cornhusker to break away from the selection of professional beauty made by noted artists and connoisseurs and to turn to the natural broad- minded opinion of the campus pulse. It was for this reason that the criticism of college men Was solicited. The judges of the 1940 beauty queens were the editors of the annuals of the other five universities in the Big Six conference. They are: A1 Makins, Editor of the 1940 Royal Purple, Kansas State College, Charles Roberts, Editor of the 1940 Sooner, University of Oklahoma, Jack Williams, Editor of the 1940 Bomb, Iowa State College, Russell Harris, Editor of the 1940 Savitar, University of Missouri, Richard MacCann, Editor of the 1940 Jayhawker, University of Kansas. Thirty-six girls were nominated and sponsored by different campus organizations. Pictures were made of the candidates and then they were sent to each editor. No information aS to identity or measurements was given to the judges, and all personal history was omitted. The six candidates receiving the most votes were selected as the Cornhusker queens. All of the editors declared the selection difficult. The editors commented enviously of our bevity of beauty and considered the judging task the nicest part of their edit' ing job. The individual comments were limited, but Ne' braska has established herself as a haven for good-looking coeds who compare favorably with her athletic teamS- lf is the desire of the five editors and of the 1940 Cornhuskef that the selections will meet with the approval of the campus' The Six beauti' queens chosen are more than deserving Of honor, and we sincerely congratulate them. .M 4,54 'Z rad' P QlEE S SHDULD HUULD ' H. EPRESENTING the upper ten percent of charm, grace, poise, personality, and loveliness in six bundles, the beauty queens must observe a code of ethics which strives tor a high standard. the best men on the campus, she dresses f others A beauty queen dates ' are guided by the gaze o neatly and Well. Her actions ' d is one of interest and spirit. and her g eneral attitu e age 123 ' e- nfmwmriately as mo L all delgd by Beautiful coiflures are the prides of all Ruth McMillan does her exercises li 'e and Betty Newman. queens must' Fattening food is the neme desire queenly appearances. ' t ll who so-W-e S15 0 a so Betty 121116 Dutcn' ,W .......- I ,,,,,.-yr jg, PM A L Ei E . O WWW iz as 'Sr THE refreshing elfervescence of Miss Maxine Fuller h21S made her a glowing Freshman coed. From Kansas City, Missouri, Miss Fuller recently moved to Omaha. Associa'li0I1 with new people is as interesting to her as playing cards, fishing and howling. This Pi Phi's arresting smoothness lends that characteristic grace. To keep her exceptionally gwd figure she delights in T-bone steaks and French fried pota- toes. Men to qualify must have character and personalitl' abundant. These hazel eyes look to participation in Campus activities. 7 i SMILEQ PLEASANT WITH AN ENGAGING 1 f i f PRIDE OF PI BETA PHI AU Q C i I 1 2 4 V1 i Q J I 1 z ff 5 V 9 3 H 3 5 E i Q 1 e 1 I i 3 XXI I 3 1 . , a i 2 , TTB WITH A RADIANT SMILE. X f THERE is in Miss Holly Shurtleff the pique that makes her personality a spark from a flaming fire. This striking per- sonality has become one of the most sought-after coeds. OHS of the best dressed girl candidates from the Alpha Phi house, she wears vivid colors and conservative styles. She is es- pecially fond of horses and her dislike for teas comes from the inevitability of losing a removed shoe. Sharing the feel- ings of Mari Sandoz, she loves to shock biased and p1'6jUdiCed persons. A COMBINATION lor SOPHISTI CAT A 1 I u 1 V I, I. -11:--isp! vw!!! i 4 E I AND A QUALITY OF ARISTOCRACY K I 1 r M Wye f WUC A Lincoln freshman, Miss Kathryn Park has early in her college career reached the pinnacle desired by beautiful coeds. When this tall, slender beauty is not breaking the hearts of tall, blond and curly haired Nebraska men, she is busy saving lives in nearby swimming pools. Her enthusiasm for swimming almost reaches Eleanor Holmes proportions. Miss Park also delights in tennis and riding. A most unusual hobby is her collection and use of varying shades and flavors of lipstick. Alpha Chi Omega sorority and Arts and ScienC6 College claim this coed. co-ED A SMILING AND VERY SMOOTH 1 f I l f 1. -an e 3 6 - "--up-.m t I 3 E 1 Y zo-ED f 0606744 ...WJ AQUESTRIENNE extraordinary, lVliss Eleanor Crawford is a true' sports woman. Swimming and tennis are of great interest to her active sense. Her unusual hobby of collecting similes is as engaging as her stress upon escort courtesy. Miss Crawford has a stern dislike for war and alarm clocks that work. Evidence of her true sense of humor is her love Of Russian peanuts and sleeping on hard beds. Her enthuSiHSIU for sports marks her conservative clothes. saw THIS LOVELY POPULAR FRE MAN FINDS TIME FOR UNNUMBERED ACTIVITIES X xi I di X Q- N,X. , I - 1, 21 RN 5 W YQ f Z f X ,,,, 71-W . f f. My ff-f 7 , ,f4,.f,,...v,m., ww, ,, ,, W V f l f 7207! WWW! THE sense of congeniality surrounding Miss Eleanor Berner is one of her most engaging attributes. An Omahan, lVliSS Berner has pinned relations with the S.A.E.'s. She enthusias- tically dislikes masculine bow-ties and historical mores. This Alpha Phi with gentian-blue eyes has a quiet loveliness that is well known on the campus. Marked as idiosyncrasies HIC her love for shrimp, mushrooms, pecan Waffles, and high heels. A junior in the College of Business Administration, Miss Berner's future is very bright. WIT TALL AND POTSED H E WITH T' f wwe JAM' effliflfi if ' 39 A FOLLOW JLICIBLE men on the Nebraska campus may include politicians, athletes, fraternity prexies, scholars, "smoothies", and the typical "College Joesn. All, however, know their fun and like it. They go for football games, picnics, caking, and bull sessions. They attend all the biggest parties, wear the best clothes, and date the most beautiful girls. They smoke pipes and cigarettes, like swing music, and drive fast, con- vertibles-new or old. Nearly all of them study a little, and can be serious when the occasion demands. IO' .I-Urinal slum- Tum Shunfm. and Xvmqrml v I - l""""" - - - B00 Bull and Louise llclliliiiinilnsi alloy then. lack Ellsworth rates with the best of Stag dancers' Phllu-r . . . Klan-gl. Runyun ullluvciutvsilsliulxe Ii'1:s'1:?-5 to- Stags know the newest in music and Bud Rohde is no ex- ,,I,W.mmm . . I Gerald Spuhn, u gentleman um U . ns stag CCDIIOII . . . Football DlaYe1. Bob Luther amuses Marian on, stdgs. Bowers with a finished technique . . . Grant Th0mHS with PHI Woods represents Nebraska's best. C ,ff-wu..,,,N X fm if W! ,ff ,RM FH We awk x'-2... Hn., -Q-g.,,,N H... fmm s.,NQn,a X 2 W4 6 ,Q a xg X? X 9 4 7 Il h xx Ln '-14. PW COLONEL THUIS ASSUMES R.O.T.C. COMMAND NICI. llll.-XltI,lCS A. 'l'lIl'lS CUMMA DER THE beginning of the first semester of the school year of 1939-40 found a new commandant at the head of the University of Nebraska R.O.T.C. unit-Colonel Charles A. Thuis. Colonel Thuis came to the Military Department of the University from the Army Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, where he has spent the last four years as general administrative olhicer in charge of all the R.O.T.C. units in the Sixth Corps Area. Prior to this office, he had also served two years as Inspector-General of the Sixth Corps Area, and two years on the General Staff while being located in Chicago. A brief analysis of his extensive army career would provide such interesting items as his active participation in the Mexican campaign while being connected with the Pershing Expedition, his having seen action in the Philippines six times, and his engagement in several battles in the World War, from which he emerged with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Since that time, he has been placed on the General Staff twice. One of the hardest jobs was the reorganization of Nehraska's Corps of Cadets this year, for the Army drill has been recently revised. Under the direction of llt0 Colonel's able stall of instructors, this work of reviailtlt luis progressed very well. The Cadets have cooperated with their instructors, and the result is an increase ill interest in the Military Department. Some of the staff of instructors are new to the Universillh also' Millfll' Bain, Major O,Donaghue, Major Creamer, 111111 Culllilill Uflley are all here from active Army P05l5' P150 l Third Row: J. Parker,.R- Schafer. A- A- Long, N. Nelson, C. Gaze, C. M. Foley, C. Engle. Second Row: Wm. Smith, H. D. 'Farris,'McGimsey, Capt. Grove, Capt. Hough, C. E. Hoffman, R. Damon, H. L. Sims. F ROW! MHJ- Cf , Mal- Bam, MGI- 0'D gh Mj H d Nlj B kl Mj Ayotte, Maj. Philp Mj C C p 0fTl COLONEL CHARLES A. THUIS .... MAJOR R. G. BARKALOW ...... MAJOR PAUL R. HUDSON .... MAJOR JOHN U. AYOTTE ..... MAJOR W. F. OIDONOGHUE .... MAJOR WILLIAM R. PHILP ..... MAJOR BENJAMIN B. BAIN ..... MAJOR JOSEPH K. CREAMER ..... MAJOR RALPH E. CRUSE ....... CAPTAIN ROBERT H. OFFLEY .... CAPTAIN CHESTER C. HOUGH .... CAPTAIN WILLIAM R. GROVE ........ STAFF SERGEANT C. F. MCGIMSEY .... STAFF SERGEANT H. D. FARRIS . . SERGEANT RAYMOND SCHAFER.. SERGEANT NELS M. NELSON ..... SERGEANT CHARLES E. ENGLE. .. SERGEANT CARL E. HOFFMAN .... SERGEANT HAROLD L. SIMS ..... SERGEANT CHARLES S. GAGE .... SERGEANT RALPH B. DAMON ..... PVT PVT PVT. PVT. IST CLASS JOHN R. PARKER. IST CLASS AARON A. LANG . IST CLASS CECIL W. FOLEY . IST CLASS CHARLES L. CLAPPER .... . . . . . . .Infantry . . . .Field Artillery . . . . . .Infantry . . . .Infantry ..... ...Infantry . . . .Field Artillery . ...... Infantry . .Infantry Corps of Engineers .. .Infantry Corps of Engineers . . . .Field Artillery .......D.E.M.L. . . . .D.E.M.L. .. . .D.E.M.L. .. . .D.E.M.L. . . . .D.E.M.L. .. . .D.E.M.L. .. . .D.E.M.L. . . . .D.E.M.L. . . . .D.E.M.L. ....D.E.M.L. . . . .D.E.M.L. . . . .D.E.M.L. ... .D.E.M.L. CHARLES PILLSBURY Cadet Colonel CADET OFFICERS CHOOSE P 0 BEAUTIES TO SPONSOR ORGANIZATIONS INFANTRY EDITH KNIGHT ..... .................. MARY L. BALL ............ ........ MARIAN BOWERS .......... MARY JANE WESTCOTT ..... L4 DOROTHY BELL ........... KATHRYN KELLISON .... GRACE LEADERS ...... EVELYN HERVERT ..... BETTY MUELLER ........ RUTH MCMILLAN ........... BETTY JEAN PETERSON ..... RUTH IVERSON ........... DONNA BULLIS ......,...... MARY LOUISE MORROW ...... MARGARET C. HEDSTROM ............ PHYLLIS HURST ....................... ENGINEER BARBARA LEE ....................... RUTH FOX .............. PRISCILLA R. WICKS ...... DOROTHY GILMAN ...................... FIELD ARTILLERY HARRIETT JANE BOWMAN ............... JANE L. PRATT ............. PEGGY C. SHERBURN ...... PRISCILLA REITZ .................... CONSTANCE HOURIGAN ................... .... IDR . .Regimental . Ist Battalion . . . .2nd Battalion . 3rd Battalion HAS, Company Company "B" Company 'ACB Company HD" Company "En . . . .Company "F" . . . .Company "Gu Company "H" . . . .Company UI" Company NK" . . . . Company "L" . . . .Company MTW' . . . . . . . .Battalion Company "Av . . . . Company UB" . . . .Company "Cv Company HD" . . ..... Battalion CCA!! . . Battery . . . .Battery HB9 . . .Battery HC" DOROTHY WEAR ...................... .... B attery"D', ADDITIONAL MARY LOU DALY .................... Cornhusker Field Company ELNORA MCNAUGHTON .......................... Varsity Band I.:IlIZ',u3I.:'I'H XYAALIGPI BETTY BACHMAN ........ ..... F reshman Band Hmmmn, Cnlmml MARIAN BREMERS .... ..... P ershing Rifles S.-rwml R-mt Nl. Xlnrruwh M, Daly, D. Il ll'l ll l S ' - fin-If Rlm: li. llrrn-tl. ll. IIIIHI. K. Kvllinln, M- I1tj:.:n:un'Fn:kkl11r:::2' H:lurm'1n'liI' Ipfilll. P. Sllvrburn, R. Fox. . .. . , - - Hman, . .1'4'. ll. Mr-Nlillnn, C. Lenders, D. We Paz' igil tt SV' l ltlsll Itt ,,.t ,lntt mai' ,lzll Will CHARLES H. PILLSBURY .... .... C adet Colonel, Commanding JAMES E. JONES ......... ...... C adet Major, Executive B R' 1 G A I, E lm THEODORE M. WELTON ..... .... ' Cadet Captain, Adjutant fr A F F l ll ALFRED W. MARTIN .... . . . . . . .Cadet Captain, S-2 lt 5 I ROGER A. EMRICH ..... , l . . .Cadet lst Lieutenant, S-3 l ROBERT A. NELSON .... .... l E Cadet Colonel, Commanding I F A N III R Y ll It JOHN D. FOLSOM .... .... C adet Lieut. Colonel, Executive . ,Pl tl, t ll! ll, I I ORVAL O. RACER .... .... C ndnt Int Lieutenant, Adjutant R E G I M E YI! lt. L RALPHL. REED .... ........... C nant Captain, S2 l MAX M. RAINES .............. ............. C ndnt Captain, SR T A F F tl l ROBERT D. FILLSRURY. Cndttt Lieut. Cnl., Cntntnnntttng lst Rnttttnnn I ERNEST F. HEINZ ............. ........ C ndnt Mnjnn Executive CHARLES W. RICE ...................... Cndnt Captain, Adjutant gl JOSEPH J. FRASER. ..Cnt1nt Lieut. Cnl., Commanding 2nd Battalion JEAN A. WOLF .............. .......... C ndntMnjnn, Executive , F ROBERT L. FLEETWOOD ........... Cndnt lst Lieutenant, Adjutant V DONALD M. SEWELL ...... Cadet Mnjnt, Commanding Rnd Battalion QI' It EDWIN T. SMITH ..... ......... C tant 2nd Lieutenant, Adjutant A I Iijt Ill lf lay, 9 izzzidnizfz n?'tRzstt?.' EaFzIt..Rg t. tt ..... . El Ati tj i R I .L f l H L . pl I ,Y It I I n t t t I l t l , . I i I I 1 t ' . 4 Plg141 V il 3 -ill t lsil, I l FIELD AETILLEEY EEEIMEET ENGINEER EATTALIEN . . . . . . Cadet Colonel, Commanding RAY L. HARRISON .... . . . . .Cadet Lieut. Colonel, Executive MAX E. MEYER ..... ROBERT C. RUPP ................ Cadet Captain, S-1 and Adjuiam FRANK C. SHIPMAN. .Cadet Lieut. Col., Commanding lst Battalion ROBERT A. OLSON ...................... Cadet Major, Executive IRVIN A, SHERMAN ......... Cadet lst Lieutenant, S-1 and Adjutant GUY SCOTT .......... Cadet Lieut. Col., Commanding 2nd Battalion ANDREW J. ANDRESEN .................. Cadet Major, Executive FREDERICK K. REMINGTON .... Cadet 2nd Lieut., S-1 and Adjutant STERLING L. DOBBS ....... Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding ELTON R. WILEY ....................... Cadet Major, Executive DONALD E. SCHELLBERG .... .... C adet Captain, Adjutant HOUSTON JONES .......... ..... . .Cadet Captain, S-4 F I I gh XV. M h II B. OI J. Swart A. Sclrl Fr I f gh D. S I d .I. Sams EV. M D Sl Ilb g Paz' I Plee 143 Engineer cadets practice machine gun firing Pontoon bridge con- structed by engineers Artillery cadets also fire pistols At Fort Riley artillery- men learn how to sight targets S4504 "' . f ' f ,V I fl ,II 1 I 2, ,L ,Y ' SIL, w?f:.f M5 if-if NW. 44. lu. Q I I' VN I -N, II I I I I I I I I I I I I ,Y It 1 , I I I II ,I Iv I I I I I I I I I I I I Ili' ALI, cadet officers are required to attend a six weeks summer training camp before they are granted reserve commissions. The infantry cadets take their training period at F011 Crook and the artillery and engineering cadets are at F out Riley. The purpose of these camps is to supply the practical train- ing of military science to supplement the more theoretical education studied during the academic year. The work of the camps is entered chiefly around practise with weapons, solving field problems, and drilling. , 'tv "5 A - - M 'IE-5 'hi' Fort Crook infantry cadets stage parade Drill for platoons included in training program Cornhusker Field Company practises with mO1'tH1'S mf 1 AARNI, WILLIAM H. f ADAMS, ROBERT E., ALLGOOD, RICHARD C. ANDERSON, BERT C. ANDERSON, ORPHA E. ANWYL, PHILIP R. ARINCDALE, BOYD E. BAKER, WARREN E. BELL, NED E. BLOCKER, HARRY E. BOWERS, CHESTER A. BOYER, RICHARD C. BUCHANAN, EVERETS R. BERNARD, FRANKLIN V. BURNS, JACK B. BUSKER, JULES M. BUTLER, EDWARD P. CECAN, BENJAMIN R. CHRISTENSEN, JACK N. CLAUSEN, BRUCE J. COULTER, VICTOR Y. CROPPER, WALTER H. DAVIS, ALFONZA W. DAVIS, GERALD W. DAVIS, STEPHEN M. DOW, HERBERT EBERLINC, RICHARD D. EITEL, HENRY G. ESSMAN, RAYMOND BACKLUND, BRENDON H. BATEY, ROBERT M. CONDIT, HARRY G. CRAMER, DAVID H. DAY, WARREN B. DOWLING, JACK R. FAIRFIELD, JAMES G. FRAZIER, WILLIS BACHENBERG, DWIGHT A. BAIRD, DONALD W. BECKER, JOHN D. BECKER, WILFRED C. BECKWITH, JOHN H. BEHM, FORREST E. BISGARD, RICHARD L. BLUMHORST, VIRCIL C. CAREY, BILL R. CASTLE. JACK B. CHOAT, LYLE L. COLBORN, ROBERT COLEY, FLOYD E. DeLASHMUTT, HARRY D. DBWOLF. JAMES C. IFITZ, DON D. YGAYER, JOHN H. CADE ff FIR T IJE TENANT FARMER, LeROY R. FRISCH, ROBERT K. CARST, DALE E. GRIFFIN, RAY A. CRUBE, BRUCE - GUINAN, WILLIAM A. HAGEMAN, ROBERT H. HAYWARD, MAX M. HELCESEN, DONALD HANSEN, FRED D. HERMAN, RICHARD L. HIATT, RICHARD E. HOHLEN, KARL S. HOPP, HARRY HORN, THOMAS C. HORSCH, ,DONALD J. HUTSON, GEORGE H. IHRE, LGROY C. JACOBSON, H. LEONARD JENSEN, WARREN K. JOHNSON, LESLIE H. JOHNSON, MELBOURNE W. JOHNSON, BERNARD A. JONES, ARNOLD O. KIECHEL, WALTER KLUM, ARLO A. KNIGHT, GEORGE W. KREPS, DALE A. KUBE, ROBERT B. LAHR, ELWOOD M. MCCAMPBELL, ROBERT MCQUILLAN, THOMAS M. MARTIN, JAMES G. MASON, BYRON H. MEIER, H. CLIFFORD METZ, ROBERT L. MILLER, CLARK E. MILLER, EDWIN L. NEKUDA, LESLIE J. NIEHUS, WILLIAM B. NILSSON, DONALD C. NORIEGA, VIRGIL NYE, ROBERT M. NYE, WALTER F. OBBINK, JACK OBERG, WALLACE G. OLENBERGER, CARL F. OUREN, LOUIS H. OUSLEY, CARL A. OJHANLON, CLARK J. PELTIER, LEONARD F. PETERSON, H. RAYMOND PIERCE, FRANKLIN O. PILLERS, ROBERT E. PITTINGER, JAMES S. PITTMAN, HIRAM L. POLICK, LEON H. PROTZMAN, FRANK A. EN GINEER, GILLESPIE, WILLIAM G. GRANT, ALLYN C. JORGENSEN, EUGENE L. KEIFER, ASWIN LAHR, WOODROW W. LITTLE, FRANK R. LUCHSINGER, CHARLES R. LYLE, HAYES A. MILEK, WILLIAM A. MILLER, RICHARD G. NAKUDA, PERSHING OLMSTED, WILFRED M. ROBERTS, CHARLES A. ROACH, DAVID A. RODENBURC, EDLOR E. ROE, ORVILLE FIELD ARTILLEY HARVEY, LYLE H. HAWES, SAM W. HOKOM, LESTER H. . HOLEMAN, HARRY G. HUNT, ROBERT C. HURLBURT, CHARLES P. HUWALDT, EDWARD A. JEPSON, LOWELL D. JOHNSON, VERLIN K. JOHNSTON, GORDON A. KOKJER, MADSEN C. KOVANDA, GLENN E. KUMPF, WILLARD O. KUPPINGER, CLARK MCDONALD, WILLIAM W. MCDOUGAL, OWEN J. MCKINZIE, WILLIAM E. MCLEOD, ROBERT W. MASSIE, PHILIP E. MILLER, ROBERT H. MORAVEC, DANIEL F. NOBLE, DAVID A. O'CONNELL, ROBERT E. PHELPS, ELBERT T. REMINCTON, FREDERICK K. ROETTELE, PAUL J. ROSS, MYLAN E. ' ROSS, STANLEY B. ROUBICEK, CARL B. SCHLUCKEBIER, MERLE E- SOUTHWICK, STANLEY H. SPAHR, DELBERT D. RIISNESS, ERIC RITCHIE, CARL W. ROHDE, HAROLD J. ROMANS, WARREN L. RUBINO, FRANK J. RUDOLPH, MARVIN C. RYDMAN, ROBERT H. SCHEWE, NORMAN E SCHLUCKEBIER, GLEN H. SEARLE, ROBERT N. SHELLHASE, WILLARD L. SIMON, I. IRVING SPELTS, MILTON STODDART, JOHN P. SWARTZ, MAYNARD T. TANNENBAUM, MELVIN THIESEN, RICHARD G. THORPE, WILLIAM G. TOWNLEY, FRANK N. TUCKER, RALPH N. TRUHLSEN, STANLEY M. VAN NESTE, KEITH G. VIDLAK, FRANK J. VINCENT, JACK F. VOLD, WILLIAM R. WILGUS, KENNETH A. WILSON, GERALD G. WORDEN, RALPH E. YOUNGER, EVELLE J. SCHOENAUER, LYLE A. SEAGREN, HARRY E. STONE, JACK M. VRANA, VERNON E. WALTERS, FRANK WEBB, DAVID W. WEBER, PHIL E. WILSON, ROBERT O. STANEK, MILLARD J . SOUTHWICK, STANLEY H SPAHR, DELBERT D. STANEK, MILLARD J . STOUT, DONALD I. STOUT, RUSSELL, TESAR, MILO B. TRIMBLE, ARCH VanBUSKIRK, ROGER W. WALLA, JOSEPH WHEELER, DONALD G. WIEBUSCH, VERNON R. WIELAGE, DONALD R. WILLIAMS, GUY H. WILSON, JACK R. WINTER, ELDRED M. S 5 I I 1 I 1 F 5 1 1 f i I i i 2 1 1 v l 5 I Q 4 W. W INFANTIH' CIHIPAN IE 7515? if . v " . 1 . L11 wg ' -LJ, ff. e 5.55 U ...A a NX lil ,fflptunn fn W1 -d""w,iiu ,,.L- - ,, :U - an 'fW".'?' fl 'II wg., Y Page H" Page 14. W l 1 Q ll 0 ll Y tl Y ll l CADET PRIVATES--lst Platoon I l 1 S d-Carveth, Red lf, Y g, M. - CADET OFFIC ' 3 Slflndgiison, Stone, Arpkg. Ouu v Altblllet, KearnS, RYa11, Cadet Captailgiliil ' . 2nd Squad-Carlson, Borden, Backer, Bromson B Cadet lst Limit Sim' . Bmlel., Peterson, Hutton- , rogan, Hayes, Reed, Tannerenants-Car-nahan, Craft, Kuncl, Klum, Porter 3rd Squad-Steen, Deyke, Witham, Wideckjohnson B h . Gritzfeld,EbCl1I1a- 2 C feHS,Heg1ey, CADET NON-CoMM1ss1oNED OFFICERS I CADET PRIVATFS-2nd Platoon 2232: figtfgiggalltt Schwartz. . er 1 lggilqnalil-Dazler, Needham, Yoachim, Newcomer, Alstot Rehm Cadet Sergeants, Wi3:l1sl,S,LBSlxd2lCltYc?e3m. f C llc er' even' , ar' Cadet Se1'ge21Y1tS, .lohnson Jen B' I MR Squad-It-Douglass' LUCFS, Thompson, Hahler Chilvers How d C WO0druH"SGIl1ad Leaders Sen, lshopt Young, WCYSCUB 1 0 erts, oss. t 7 ar , adet Corporal Theri GZ , 3rd Squad-Brady, Dowell, Studna Lohr Weesn Cadet Corporals O1 ent? uldon Bearer' f Kuroki. ' ' er' D0Ugl3S, Kline, ' SGH, Ha21ra,Cohen, Clow, Malashock, Reese. l CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon CADET O lst squad-Short, Laym n, J h H , . A FFICERS 2 Eldgvardg, lgeyef-, Riimgj, Lq3i1l?S1gIg1.molg?S0n' Mccolmlck, Nadent . gaget Captlalin-lVlillion. n 'qua - eiffer, ea , Br k , F-k , B .F a et st ieuten t B , FJ . Flick, Roberts Farley, Straufgoms 1 e oone, Mulliner, Pattullo, C Olsen, uedel, Kmemng' Leuthauser' 3rd Squad-Leach, CoffeY, DeFruiter, Davis, Chilvus, Green Bryan., adet 2nd Lieutenant-Hulbefh Orth, Mulgrue, Nuswanger. 1 7 , CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon Eadet lst Sergeant, Smith lst Squad-Richardson, Kaimmer, Ch ll C l adet Platoon Sefgeantst ODDS , L ' . ZtlittsftvetgoogtAtF2fgf,t,1,,HutFJ1fi f Swan, Cam 5:33 22553311539 artnet Keiltfflieuides- - Om Sv C 3 CTW, I " , B ' - ' a om' atesv iers ,If ,C kl ,R' . Kleagerg Anderson, Whitmen, Kuroligiliiglmolrlown, Cooper, Ryan, Cagcft Corporals, Reynolds, Christiansgii, I-lldiilg, SYrfi1s,eRaLI:1lif?lZ 3rd Squad-Camp, Beethe, Caplan, Dresselhaus, Briggs Blazior enwlck' , Uhrich, Kleinhaus, Owen, Nelson, Wachtel. D , , M Y tl Y U I CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon - CADET OFFICERS lst Squad-Thompson Leik Car th S '11 Folsom, Chadak. ' t 0 CFS, mit , Baker, Bramson, Cadet Captain, Jones, 2'1t,it:ad'RO0If Clemens Ros om, E333 ttrtistttsta CtsLisie,t2,2iQi3tffeeHtLum Srcirriigxlaid-gimniermaii, Heniming, Pearson, Peterson, Koenig CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS U, lnds, Larson. ' Cadet lst Sergeant, Crounse. CABETSPRIVATES-2nd Platoon Eagles glatoonfeggeantsii Hovijell, I-gigwgll, J, gt dhw . a e ergean s, cott, arne u - ' , ar d S - ' ' stec a- qua . , nHe quad Jackson, PCdC1'SCI'1, Newcomer, Hurley, Stonebraker, Cadet Corporals-Wflitiiiirjre Haberlan Von ' 3d gsef, Biltoft, Schricker Wadley Morton Th-os ' ' Bosklrk' Plum, ' - , 1 en. rC0hg:,a?lZgR?SlfiG11rEE3lieI', Sorensen, Becker, Weekly, Maxwell, ' ' tlllll' tl Y ll CADET PRIVATES 1 '- Sf Platoon ' CADET OFFICERS 1Sl11,i2E?iIHJe1d, EI'iCkS0n, Walvoord, Conklin, Cooper, Mease, Cadet Captain, Heinz. 2nd Souadigames' . Cadet lst Lieutenants, Case, Therien, Welfte. Bmgan. Onemimy Wills, Olderog, Koop, Heston, Austin, Rashid, Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Sukup. 3rcgchSggzEd1fWgLegma11, Taylor, Nelson, Mack, Metz, Longroo, CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS , lg' lbson- Cadet lst Sergeant, Irvin. LADET PRIVATES-2 d Pl Cadet'Platoon Sergeants, Cockle, Milder, Evers. lst Squad N n moon Cadet Sergeants, Conrey, Laird, Svoboda-Guides. Ri H ' HUUOH, Bradley, Marquiss, Lowr Fodfe, Hill Mills, Cadet Sergeants, Cunningham, Nelson, Clow, Grimes, Danley, Clldld ya in a 2nd Squajonb Brunson, Magnuson, Strand, Hays-Squad Leaders. Winter ' ank, MCKCHna, Huston, Kruger, Rouch, White, Sloan, Cade5dCor1pIorals-Yifirge, Agisgn, Batty, Miller Kollmorgan, 3 d ' B' ex, ayper, icimon , oster rHaEgili?d51E5f?nPe1', Menzer, Cratopp, Green, Wooster, Gauchat, I C . ' A?5TSI?1R5VATES-3rd Platoon , 2nd SZuaaLhgCYCT, LOWry, Miller, Delaney, Dioke, Laros, Wilkinson Buohholy meeum, Robertson, Morrill, Samuelson, Campbell, Cole, I 3rd Squad4M. ' Neolsa' Mellen, Cameron, Stoner, Wosda, Wunde-rlich, Siwinski, l' P0137 NFHTIHW UUHPMTIE z "-2 'P X 1 5 J Kim. . , , 4 5 , fe gf , W,,fv9, 'A' -F ,'f.:'j4L . -'vvif '- ,,. N f f L 'C . " Q ft' . N' xc 141. ?1f.5fL',-- x 1 yn, ' 1 1' .,, s I 2 x L' .2 Nil' .sm xl--A All ', y AA, , , .Ni Q: It V V "1 ' " Y ' " 4 v' --y1'1,'-7:-.5 ' iff ' ' fan ' "-x""' 'iw ' 1, : 5-,,-493, p.,,luM-- 12'-'.,sg -- W' A ,gg . H 5 ' . ,,,-' 1 . Q' -rug 'r'wa..9' Lg, f' . K Q, X, . J' - , H. ig' . a,f3'.x s , , ,.,.,..,. ., I 3 ,J 1 V N , ,Hi L,,:W'qi' ,'L' it-. fxlxaig n 4 " W' A' EF' l":1 '- - :"-l"ff5f'f- li-5?-':""9"5a3'.f -,If -: ik' R f ' 1 :gf X ' ' 1 I - , . x Q4 - I , , . f i. ' ' gh rg! If A .'f' lil. - 'f Q A H 1 . , , .- w , ' .u 1 I y 0 'vi f A ' F 'I I I 1'. I ' ' i Q -E il - 1 ' 1 A V 1 4 a 4 1 kia - - L ' If 'fr ff- : H U - L -V A -L - ---2: ' L , my-9 Y T21--M ll! 1 . :-u -,-'11"' V A. 1 I S v--ru ..,-fs. 'G-.un . j--N. A 1 ,' , r l., A I-f.. RQ-, r l 1 .V ,V We UIIMPA YE ADIIT PRIVATES-Ist Platoon C 1 1513 Squad-Marvin, Uehling, Blankenship, Prostak, Bursjk Dal. Ballentine, Donovan, Spittle. ' 3' 2nd Squad-Larson, Meyer, Horn, Hecox, Brinkmeyer, Olson Afrord Schwartz, Gardner. ' ' 3rd Squad--Tenbroeck, Budacek, Bell, Carlson, Hardin, Peterson Bordy, Brown. ' 1 CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon 5 Ist Squad-Jones, Beshore, Scharman, Koupal, Weishahn, Tebo, Rea , B 1 . J Zndovggiad--lVIills, Welch, Gottschalg, Moore, Brinkmeyer Zieg Brown, Timbers. - ' I 3rd Squad-Swift, Wittaker, McCarthy, Miltchel, Hoops, Bennett Dickey, Rundin. 7 CADET PRIVATES-Ist Platoon 151 Squad-Anderson, Alpher, Budig, Carter, Olesligle, Wehrman, Anderson. 2nd Squad-Hartman, Stein, Hayes, Dennis, Hammond, Wahlstrom, Anderson, C. 3rd Squad-Hauplman, Hurst, Hurst, Lichenburg, Williams, Minor, Van Vliet, Mallin. CADET PRIVATES--2nd Platoon Ist Squad-Younkin, Sadler, Magnuson, Roberts, Zemrenski, Wood. 2nd Squad-Van Keuren, Bailey, Branson, Hergenrether, Saklar, Prid, Wersenmiller. 3rd Squad-Pitney, McNutt, Boldt, Brenneman, Weesner Hutton, Herr. CADET PRIVATES-3rd Platoon Ist Squad-Seaman, Maser, Deyke, Krickbaum, Hart, Robinson. 2nd Squad-Traudt, Gilmore, Duling, Sindt, Wilson, Axtell. 3rd Squad-Schappaugh, Hill, Kohire, Larspa, Hull, Larson, Hogan. UIIMPA YG CADET PRIVATES-Ist Platoon 1stS uad Bauer Podoll O'NeilI Moore Kramer q 1 7 7 2 7 ' 2nd Squad-Punken, McQuinllan, Meyers, Hoffman, Cotner, Freeman. 3rd Squad-Selberg, Whitehead, Burgon, Crews, Chase, Eastman, Lofink. ' CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon Ist Squad-Aukerman, Pettygrove, Salem, Douglas, Gillmore, Sherwood. 2nd Squad-Wisley, Loibl, Greenberg, Williams, Jones. b 3rd Squad-Prokop, Kaczmarek, Armstrong, Wood, Sullivan. comm YH CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon lst Squad-Chapin, Freeburg, Flood, Condon, Moore, Kubick, Ford Same, Schwalm, Fastabend, Kramer. 2Hd,Squad-Freeman, Bornemuer, Bolton, Swanson, Oldfield, Fact Hlle, Wieland, Hessner, Martinson, Mitchell. i 3rd Squad-Krause, Walcott, Putney, Grote, Hartnell, Cuttell, Fritzson Klrschenbaum, Porter, Stevens, Allpress. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lsgsqglad-Carper, Hunt, Lee, Olsen, Bartu, Crouse, HiSlCY, Tfeinerf H11 e 2 , Watson. t , ng Squad-Ring, Pettit, Munsen, Vrtiska, Thiel, JCIISCH, Blckson 3 l1tton,Irick, Bihler. .D . fd Sqqad-Smith, R., Penterman, Hulbert, Barger, Humphrey, -HWS Comm, Kern, Tharp, Rossitto. if ASI, . B? -148 , P16149 7 7 7 CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Bodie Cadet Ist Lieutenants, Irvin, Kalina, Lippett, Peterson, Welton Cadet 2nd Lieutenants, Meyer, Whitford, CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet Ist Sergeant, Moore. Cadet Platoon Sergeant, Mathis. Cadet Sergeants, Brookley, Alexis-Guides. Cadet Sergeants, Adams, Blakewell, Lewis, Keating, Garrison Covey-Squad Leaders. Cadet Corporals, Norall, Miller, Canheld, McPherson, Alley Rosenberg. CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Tallman. Cadet Ist Lieutenant, Burruss. Cadet 2nd Lieutenants, Calnon, Wood. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet Ist Sergeant, Uren. u Cadet Platoon Sergeants, Smutz, Stearns, Stewart. Cadet Sergeants, Wilson, Sienknecht, Stevenson-Guides. Cadet Sergeants, Cox, Orr, Miller, Coirn, Sample, McDonald Reese, Gray, Ogden-Squad Leaders. Cadet Corporal, Larson-Guidon Bearer. Cadet Corporals, Heinprecks, Demmon, Cruson, Willie, Lasken Donoven, Vomgard, Whitehead, Watkins. CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Grossman. Cadet Ist Lieutenants, Bradley, Drury, Kriz, Yost, Younger. Cadet 2nd Lieutenants, Spence, Anderson. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet Ist Sergeant, Johnson. . Cadet Platoon Sergeants, King, Nozlska. Cadet Sergeants, Dalton, Mason-Guides. Cadet Sergeants, Dalton, J., Shelly, Bradley, Jacobson, Desek, Longman-Squad Leaders. Cadet Corporals-Buell, Novicoff, Pan-tel, Howard, Smrkovsky, Fox. CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Wolf. Cadet Ist Lieutenant, Daub. Cadet 2nd Lieutenants, Anwyl, Pierson, Thompson, Anderson, Carlson. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS 1 S nt, Gershater. I Cgdgl Pihtoiiigesergeants, Bush, McPha1l. Cadet Sergeants, Benger, Seberg-Guides. ' Cadet Sergeants, Worley, Livingston, Rohn, McNurlm. Anderson, Dreyer-Squad Leaders. Cadet Corporals-Dillon, DeBord, Scott, Nordland, Bosley, Velich. 7 5 ' , Hllll lX FfH'TIH' UUMPANIE .1 . WU A '4 .4 ws... , V 1 '1 A WJ? "ww fm af' ' . , ,, !4,i,2,.71,A "fag J Lg 6 1 n a w ' w,. ,MM i NZ Page 150 P420 15 iv CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon lst Squad-Huffman, Jones, Miller, Brody, Frankforter, Schroder Sklenar, Copple, Beckwith, Beardsley. 2nd Squad-Clearenger, Goetze, Stage, Sykes, Mullally, Holstedt, Marcks, Cerver, Hanson, Royce. 31-d Squad-Howard, Abel, Fallon, Huffman, von Goetz, Stonebarger DeBask, Steiner, Hinton, Anderson. ' ' CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst Squad-Czirr, Ray, Wermensten, Vigly, Curtiss, Roberts, Shaw, Bishop, Bosier, Haas. 2nd Squad-Swanson, Sandoll, Zacke, Goldstein, Nokes, McMartin, Worten, Wlater, Royal, Bohnenblust. 3rd Squad-Taylor, Wittenberger, Hansen, Grimes, Swanson, Powell, Moss, Cram, Hirsch. CADET PRIVATES-3rd Platoon lst Squad-Garey, Lehr, Howard, Needham, Loerch, McCoy, Beggg, Hull. 2nd Squad-Menneck, Prochaska, Butz, Benson, Lvnn, Dale, Kmhn Moore, Pittler. 31-d Squad--Stuht, Hernden, Kelly, Matthews, Pahl, Bristol, Bower Pulley, White. CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon lst Squad-King, Lichty, Younger, Means, Herre, Geesaman, Hetrick, Backer. 2nd Squad-Romherg, Schmeling, Vacanti, Thompson, Martins, McKean, McCarthy, Genzlinger. 3rd Squad-Byler, Bristol, Sauer, Honstedd, Foster, Sala, Rodenburg, Crellin. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst Squad-Shindler, Domalakes, Nocita, Larmon, Callan, Folsom, Pittenger, Hansen, Soule. 2nd Squad-Harper, Crancer, Sbododa, Crabill, Blackstone, Manzitfto, Kleage, Mohr, Rubottom. 3rd Squad--Johnson, Quinton, Morey, Fisher, Rumery, Bates, Simon, Vejrastica. CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon lst Squad-Lunzman, Green, Ditzler, May, Senften, McCue, Pospisil, Gelattle y. 2nd Squad-Knight, Maxwell, Rebal, McCandless, Boomer, Veach, F lint j er. 3rd Squad-Bordwell, Kersenbrock, Douglass, Lawrence, Raasch, DeLaurnat, Devine, Moritz. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst Squad-Dier, Barthule, Schlatter, Lovelady, Schmidt, Bresee, Harkins, Clase. 2nd Squad-Jackson, Cohen, Miller, Ellis, Baabe, Porter, Eastmann, Hubka. 3rd Squad-Rundquist, Miller, Jackman, Marvin, Pazen, Bough. CADET PRIVATES-3rd Platoon lst Squad-Polhkop, Glover, McMaster, Calwell, Krejar, Grovert, Bernstein, Albin. 2nd Squad-Altsuler, Adams, Kenudson, Beede, London, 055310, Spilker, Dyas. 3rd Squad-Studna, Wood, Mulliker, Johnson, Brockhoif, Strahle. CIIMPA Y M CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon lst Squad-Loisel, Schroeder, Pratt, Wiley, Hahn, Gilland, Hemmings Moffet Be , rge. 2nd Sqlfad-Francis, Murphy, Bolks, Rhoades, Evans, BFOZ, COPPM Francisco, Wood, Hall. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon , lst Squad-Wisner, McCandless, Anderson, VerjraSkH, Baller, Bufgm Neslev, Rickey, McQuinsey 2nd Squad-Franklin Patterson, Phillips, Mausoufv Noffisv Miller' Ginn, Hagelberger. , ' Pine 151 I it 3 7 CADET orrieaas Cadet Captain, Ward. Cadet lst Lieuftcnant, Graham. Cadet 2nd Lieutenants, Johnson, Nitz, Rosser, West. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet lst Sergeant, Husemoller. Cadet Platoon Sergeants, Arthur, Clawson, Nelson. Cadet Sergeants, Rumbolz, Griffith, Spralding-Guides. Cadet Sergeants, LaVelle, Nispel, Deck, Sorensen, Archer, 'Peterson, Landstrom, Linder-Squad Leaders. Cadet Corporal, Johnson-Guidon Bearer. Cadet Corporals, Enghdahl, McKerney, Eiler, Wright, Brainard Wanek, Snocker, McConnell, Nelson. CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Joyce. Cadet lst Lieutenants, Pusateri, Worland. Cadet 2nd Lieutenants, Gabarron, Cecan. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet lst Sergeant, Crampton. Cadet Platoon Sergeants, Hay.nes, Armstrong. Cadet Sergeants, Oliver, Davis-Guides. Cadet Sergeants, Anderson, Wherry, Coffee, Young, Baskins, Buchholz-Squad Leaders. Cadet Corporals-Nesper, Saalefeld, Goodsell, Flammang, Melena, Eberliney CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Baker. Cadet lst Lieutenants, Clare, McCartney, Nelsen, Newman, Raines, Tomes, Williams. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet lst Sergeant, Unzicker. Cadet Platoon Sergeants, Bessire, Buzard, Hilmes. Cadet Sergeants, Ashton, Weeks, Coffman-Guides. Cadet Sergeants, Osborn, Dohrmann, Sanders, Garbers, Douglas, Lamprecht, Dorsey, Carr, Cooper-Squad Leaders. Cadet Corporals-Bollard, Andrews, Wilson, Malone, Kerl, Nelson, Shephard, Heeln, Westervelt. CADET OFFICERS C ' , F d hagen. B333 lipgldluterfsnsdj Fleetwood, Souehek, Worrall. Cadet 2nd Lieutenants, Bull, Mlinar. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS l t Sergeant, Ockerman. D Cgdgi Platoon Sergeants, Howard, Wright. . Cadet Sergeants, Zajecek, Waskiewicz-Guides. Cadet L Cadii' Corporals, Graham, Mayfield, Pantel, Roper. Sergeants, Crane, Smrth, Johnson, Smith, R.-Squad ders . ,gf 'P , , ,., 42- .. .' S' px 1 Jim W B B B B l52 , 540153. ATTERY A CADET PRIVATES-Ist Platoon Blue, Bruce, Carper, Clark, Curry, Dahl, Farwell, Floyd Gausman Com J k. johnson, Lawver,vLindgren, Lyness, Meyer, Palmer, Schick, Schmidt: S'1f el enlkmsi Woods, Wrede, Wright- Ney' Wa U CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon . 5 t'on-Adcock, Arthaud, Beauchamp, B'd ly 1, B- k 1sl..BtfZklendal1l, Buls, Burke, Burton, Busch. U en dugl 100 S' Brown' Bryan d S tion-Campbell, Creamer, Day, Day, R., D' ' f , . .v 2n Goose, Gel-IGH, Graham, Green. ieringer all, Egly, Elhkman 3,-J Section-Harnly, Harris, Hermanson, Herrin ton H' Huwaldt, Ike, Jeppesen, Johnson, Klasna. 41 S tion-Klein, Klostermeier, Landgren, Liedtk, L ' L t1Lou:?5ry, Lundy, Mcclurkin, Mccoy. C oewcnstem, Lomax, Long CADET PRIVATES-3rd Platoon 5th Section-Mahar, Major, Mecham, Meyer, Miller, Moseman, Murphy 3 Q ISEZIHS, Horsh, Hutchinson Newton, Patterson, Paulson. Newer' 6th Section-Pelky, Peterson, Plaster, Pratt, Price, Ramig, Reed, Roth, Sahs Sather Sclnner. , ' 7th Section--Schneider, Scott, Sloan, Smith, Snyder, Stanley, Stevens Stuart Stubbs, Swanson, Ulrich. ' ' 8th Section-Voigt, Walkar, Washborn, Wenke, NVilkins, Williams, Whitham, Woods Worsham, Wynne, Young. ATTERY B CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon Austin, Bay, Beuttele, Collins, Dickerson, Ellis, Epstein, French, Gibson, Glcsmann Heugel, Hoffman, Holm, Janicek, Knox, Kral, Lacy, Larrick, Magor, McNeill Monson, Morgan, Nelson, Peterson, Pierce, Plantz, Rasmussen, Steckley, Stevens Strasburger, Thomas, Trumble, Van Boening. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst Section--Abberhaus, Allen, Arnold, Bailey, Baker, Bauerlc, Bigelow, Bish Bleicher, Boyer, Bradshaw, Brehm. 2nd Section-Brednal, Briggs, Buschow, Byran, Clabaugh, Clausen, Claybaugh, Cornish, Daniels, Davies, Dennison. 3rd Section-Dillard, Doering, Ege, Elliott, Epp, Farmer, Frey, Glenn, Goos, Grace Green. 4th Section-Halversen, Harnsberger, Hay, Heermann, Heines, Holm, Jensen, Johnson, R. B., Kitrall, Krupacka. CADET PRIVATES-3rd Platoon ' Sth Section-Kuhlman, Lewis, Lindberg, Livingston, Lord, McCright, Markland Martin, Melton, Miller, Morrow. 6th Section--Morse, Mundorff, Peters, Pierson, Priel, Pryer, Roach, Ronnenkamp, Ross, Ruby, Rupp. 7th Section-Sandy, Saunders, Schultz, Settles, Snodgrass, Speicher, Staltzmann, TanCreti, Thom, Titterington, Troth. 8th Section-Tryon, Vackiner, Velte, Wade, Webb, Wiles, Wilkins, Wilsey, Young, Zigmund, A. H., Zigmund, L. D. ATTERY U CADET PRIVATES-Ist Platoon Ainlay, Atkinson Binderna el Bur ess Chalou ka. Cha man Cherr Corman O g r g P . P a ya 1 -Q Carman, O. V.,,Doren, Rausch, Gingery, Goldenstein, Hansmire, Hanway, Harris, Hill, Iske, Keech, Kinney, Kizer, Lienemann, Miller, Minthorn, Preston, Rishel, Rosencrans, Schrader, Shube1't, Struthers, Vakoc. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst Section-Anderson, Andrews, Barada, Bartz, Bocken, Bonahoom, Borret, Brooks, Bstandig, Buechel, Chastain. 2nd Section-Curttriglrt, Danielson, Dean, Decker, Dewey, Dickey, Diller, DOW, Dredla, Dumond. Fitzgibbon. 3rd Section-Furrer, J., Furrer, W., Greenlief, Guenzel, Gustafson, Hansen, Hazen, Heitz, Hewett, Hilgert, Hogan. 4th Section-House, Jolmston, Jones, Kampfe, Karre, Kasal, Klein, Klingman, Kreischer, Larrick, Lauby. A CADET PRIVATES--3rd Platoon 5th Section-Lemmerman, Liggett, Lock, Loomis, Metrakes, Metz, Miller, Moell, Morgan, B., Morgan, C. 6th Section-Nelson, O'Donnell, Olson, Osborne, Palmer, Porter, Potcet, Powers, Prior, Rawson. 7th Section-Reiher, Riley, Sawyer, Schlapliofl, Sehmadeke, Sclmeckloth, Shoemaker, Slcmmons, Splichal, Stuart. Sth Section-Swedberg, Tool, Vetter, Vogt, Wake, Wankel, Westergard, Westmoreland, Westphalen, Wilkinson. ATTERY D CADET PRIVATES-Ist Platoon Eacofly Beattie, Bratt, Davis, Dority, Elscn, Elwonger, Gaba, H010Cl1. KUIVPIUSCI' Raune' Llggelt MacMillan, Mecham, Metz, Nelson, Ncwhoff, Nutter, Peterson, eynoldson, Rochlitl, Ruyle, Snyder, Taylor, VOSS, WalSl1, Wafd, Whllef Yolml' C AIJET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon 5tBSCCU0l1-Adamson, Albers, Alberty, Berogan, Bcstor, Bldnkcnbukcfr 3012- Boufgt 2m,"g"",,D- E., Brown, v. W., Brunzell. . F ection-Burtcli, Cast, Cook, Cramer, Damewood, Dolezal, Ebcrle, Epstein, ad CYEUQOH, Finnell, Foe, "'HSel13tion-Green, G. H., Greene, R. A., Gritzner, Gustafson, Hansen, Hasenorhr' ,hh ag SHS, Hecox, Hendrix, Hofferber Hood. , K . I L muon--l95C1'S, Jerauld, Johnson, Kearns, Keller, KCHYQ Kmghf, mse y' ambenf Laughlin, Lenhart. A PRIVATES-3rd Platoon MiffZ:t1:mELieTk, Locber, Lowry, Luebs, Lyons, McGill, McKeon, Malfunct Marcy' 6 3 IC eson. , thSaflfsmSnEO1l1niEir 015011, Pelton, Peterson, Pllillh Prawn, Rausch, Rice, Rohman, 7 - .C UC e rer. ths Sm"""Sc0rr, scars, shifiey, Sinclair, Smith, 511155012 Sutter, Swanson' weeneY, Sweet 8th Section-Turnbull, VanNcstc Wasson Weedman, Wells, Wenz, Wilson, Wood, Yerkesr Young. ' i C s v a r s 7 CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Harrison. gadet lst Lieutenants, Glandon, Stuart-Executive Officers. adet. lst Lieutenants, Miller, Sl'lCl'IllHI'l-RCCOIIIIZIISSHIICC Officers. Cadet lst Lieutenants, Ochsner, Melton-Motor Officers. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet lst Sergeant, Sobotka. Cadet Staff Sergeant, Conover. Cadet Sergeants, Crawford, Ervin, Fleming, Ken ne dy, McLaughlin, Patterson, Rowher, Shaughnessy, Sherman, Smith, B., Smith, W., Theobold, Thomson, Wieland. CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Elliott. A Cadet lst Lieu'tenants, Scott, Cooksley-Executive Officers. Cadet lst Lieutenants, Rupp, Monson-Reconnaissance Officers. Cadet lst Lieutenant, Wiegardt-Motor Officer. Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Sire-Assistant Motor Officer. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet First Sergeant, Seybold. Cadet Staff Sergeant, Beebe. Cadet Sergeants, Aldrich, Derr, Ford, Froman, Greesley, Kiser, Newhoff, Owens, Sinclair, White, Steele, Zorn, Zuroski Yetter. Cadet Corporal, Smith, T. 7 CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Meyer. Cadet lst Lieutenant, Day-Executive Officer. Cadet Ist Lieutenant, Shipman-Reconnaissance Officer. Cadet lst Lieutenant, Thornburg-Motor Officer. Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Quante-Assistant Execu'tive Officer. Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Van Buskirk-Assistant Motor Officer. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet lst Sergeant, Pulos. Cadet Staff Sergeant, Higgins. Cadet Sergeants, Bryngelson, Buekholz, Cluck, Free, Gabelman, Geiger, Indra, Judy, Lamb, Meyers, Pester, Pine, Selzer, Sorrell, Waymire, Wielage. Cadet Corporals, Arnold, Erickson. CADET OFFICERS I Ca tain Carter. Cgiigf lstpLie1itenants, Mack, Cameron-Ezrecutive Officers. Cadet lst Lieutenant, Andressen-Reconnaissance Officer.. Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Stiner, Assistant Reconnaissance Officer. Cadet lst Lieutenant, Thurtle-Motor Officer. . Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Essam-Assistant Motor Officer. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet Fir? Sergeant, 3055. h t, e r1c . . Cgdgf Sieaigeaiifiezgannell, Chambers, Cooper, Feber, Gooding, Grossman, Hall, Jahde, Williams, WillC1T1S- Cadet Corporal, Ferguson. Kenyon, Roggenbach, Weibel, ...r --.... i U ., - , ' Q Il'-'I ' V' .. "' ' . 1' ,f ,- xr' vs. - 1 . .. "ew--' L Q. v. JN AN' , ,.. . N I N log - WU. A - J. N ..-o-.4 .. Y .Q .- 2' " - -- . ,Jn --N, - . AJ: ' : A - - . - -an .32 - . W-,Key-Y-r .--, . ,, , Q. l .,,, . A f. .7 -.t... .,, ,Y ,7 7,10 N ,, 'fy,,.,,'.,,.tf:.j vw 1- , - .- rr. , . M N.. -Y93nM..' - , tn, v 1 Q-n ,'7 K. -nl Wg I r . IIMPA Y A U I l 1 CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon S d-Eatough, Haacker, Wickett, L h , C . lslvluyilsliyaii, DeCou, Koch, Maser. u mann ook, Aggen 2nd Squad-Sherrill, Seifert, Muelhhausen, Critchtield, Sengstake Phelps, Runnalls, Harvey, Reber, Steinmeyer. S d-MacDonald, Christen, Mild , G , S '1 3r?JimlLulKlaus, VanGundy, Speidel. er men ml ey, Peterson CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst Squad-Brochtrup, Bucholz, Brodahl, Lobdell, Hyatt, Cole, Benson Naylor, Spatz, May. 2nd Squad--Dahnke, Bulter, Lovick, Koontz, Marlet'te, Lof, Hanlen Deterding, Davidso.n, Murfin. 3rd Squad-Strobel, Simmons, Jensen, Canarsky, Still, Stutt, Kell Quinn, Kellogg. comm YB CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon lst Squad-Keller, Nyden, Watson, Wayman, Swihart, Clark, Kahl Jensen, Vespe-r, Curry, Nugata. 2nd Squad-Lange, Robinson, Athey, Paul, Piskac, Lantz, O'Donnell Eaton, Lewis, Willits. 3rd Squad-Anderson, Gralheer, Hitchman, Pipher, Wiles, Dienst Reames, Eacker, Sprout, Damkroger. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst Squad-Morrow, Schrader, Cherry, Fox, Skar, Laux, Coombs Sears, Mathauser, Everett. 2nd Squad--Artus, Johnson, Gardner, Franzen, Schrader, Egger, Johnson, D., Peterson, Stewart, Moxham. 3rd Suad-Lewis, Jungrnan, Wittmuss, Waldo, Knott, Sorensen Rader, Schlitt, Jackson, Way. ' CADET PRIVATES-lst Platoon lst S uad-Orth Cadi an Kuska Peterson Reed, Kilburz, McCoy, q 7 g 7 7 7 Bresee, Gabus, Saunders, Baldwin, Ellis. 2nd Squad-White, Clark, Jones, L., Schmall, Herzog, Mayfield, Beeman, Young, Trumble, Hagerman, Franson. 3rd Squad-Barker, Becker, Bamsey, Peterson, E., Rogers, Andreason, Eggert, Hurley, Cannell, White, C., Earnshaw. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst S uad-London H ff in Larson Cam en Meshier, Mutz, q . 1, 0 ma s 1 p 1 Huttenmaler, Klug, Kratochovil, Ford, Munhofen, Wagoner. 2l1d Squad-Brodbeck, Johnson, Bloomingdale, Flannigan, Nisley, Kellogg, Smith, Johnson, A., Sullivan, Gavenman, Way, Kelly. 3rd Squad-McMaster, Anderson, Hartman, McLemore, McDowell, Greenwood, Pence, Davis, Johnston, Silver, Anderson. CADET PRIVATES-Ist Platoon lst Sqllild-Schmall, Thelander, Campbell, Borchman, Soderholm, Bolsrad, Harris, Lehr, King, McDowell, Lenneman, Halm- 2nd Squad-Zimmer, Meyer, Johnson, Knoll, Peterson, Vette, Parker, Lamb, Jensen, Beard, Smith, L., Bitner. 43rd Squad-Pollard Bush Kathol Hildebrand, Gould, Phillips, Yost' Alder, Jensen, Cdder, Sbhleusenhr, Krohn. CADET PRIVATES-2nd Platoon lst Squad-Church Penner Evans Beall, Wheeler, Jones, Silver, Burke, Fonda Straube Wheeler 2nd Squad-Sickman Clapham ,Clover, Vrana, Jackson, Shaner' Chambers, French lVIacAdam ,Green MaI1i0T1- 3rd Squad-Farrevl Widtfeldt Butcher,,E1Y, Snfldbllfg, Miner, Alam, White, Gansman, Dyar, Kriikac. 154 P-ee 155 7 7 7 7 5 CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Kammerlohr Cadet Ist Lieutenants, Krecji, Barta, Jones, Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Rogers. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet lst Sergeant, Sprandel, Cadet Platoo.n Sergeants, Ankeny, Lynch Cadet Se1'geamS, ROQCFS, Woest, Ruhlow, Schmeeckle, Evers- man, Krenzien-Squad Leaders. Cadet COTPOTQI, Miller-Cuidon Bearer Cadet Corporals, Westgate, Tilma, Anawalt, McDonald, ll., Taylor, R. CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Wiley. Cadet Ist Lieutenants, Cohen, Bailey, Martin, York. Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Adams. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet Ist Sergeant, McKay. Cadet Platoon Sergeants, Moon, Wittman. Cadet Sergeants, Graff, Sanderson, McCune, Dahlstrom, Harris Jones-Squad Leaders. Cadet Corporal, McDonald-Guidon Bearer. Caget gorporals, Lininger, Sehnert, Evans, Staver, Carlberg ran . CADET OFFICERS Cadet Captain, Dobbs. Cadet Ist Lieutenants, Alt, King. Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Traver. CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadet lst Sergeant, Leonard. Cadet Platoon Sergeants, Carrol, Kersey. Cadet Sergeants, Metzger, Versaw, Foster, Martin, Brix, Stafford. Cadet Corporal, Wendland-Guidon Bearer. Cadet Corporals, Wagner, Hall, Ham, Bryant, Vogt, Evans. CADET OFFICERS C d C ' , W chter. Ciidgi Igpligilteniints, Lewis, Cadwell, Evans Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, Kohler. ET NON COMMISSIONED OFFICERS CAD ' Cadet lst Sergfgant, Anderson. K t , nts, rown, ra z. C333 Igeliigggalntsijriilgiciirsey, McConnaughey, Wertman, Kuska, Williams, Smith-Squad Leiaderg. l, Dewey--Gui on earer. ' I 7 Ciidi-ii cglbilpioizals, Martin, Pearson, Methany, Kindlg, Deaver Clift. , 3-, 1 -is K Q A . 3: Qfk fee: 3 '5"s3"' X 'Q 'X XM .. . WW , VGQ 0, ,- VAR I'l'Y PERSONNEL RICHAR BAND OFFICERS DON A. LENTZ .......,..................... Conductor- . D WHITPL ------- ---........ ........ 1 1 1-ssidsm WARD NIOORE .,,.,,,. hnuhu A Ssitant Conductor .............. ....Vice-President PAT MCNAUCHTON .... ..... in Ist-slang Assistant DON ANDERSON ....... ...... icilemlyill-i,iiisiiif.i FLUTE Don Hartman Richard Morse Leon Davis Jack Thompson Keith Vrana JJICCOLO Robert Glover Gilbert Hueftle OROE Edwin Hayes Emil Pelcak CLARINET Harold Bergquist Richard Faytinger Jack Corey Donald Anderson Glen Graham Vernon Paulson Jesse Younger Allen Andrew Willis Skrdla David Webb John Welch Ivan Sunderman Max Laughlin Eldon Mathauser FOLSOM ..... Gene Whitehead William Dean Edward Brinkmeyer Richard Raasch Frank Messersmilth Franklin Walters Richard Jones Avery Forke Francis Wintz Donald Sullivan Warren Schroeder Donald Pike BASS CLARINET Robert Keast Norman Landspa Herbert Baumann Harold Lewis BASSOON Fred Schneider Paul Beezley SAXOPHONE Ray Wooster Ganis Richmond Roland Urbanek William Brockhoff Tom Budig Arlis Mathis VARSITY TEAM OFFICERS DOBBS ..................................... FRESHMAN TEAM OFFICERS M. D. JOHNSON .......................... . . . .Captain .Manager . . . . . Captain .Manager LUHMAN ............................. .... Adams Alberty ,. Albin Anderson, J. I-I, Anderson, V, W, Arnold Arthur Axtell Beall Berns Becker Ballentine Baker Bailey Bil-mfr Rerge licssrre Bleicher Bowers B0yden Bradley Brochtrup Brodbeck Burns Byram Cameron Qanarsky Lannell Chastain Cleven Collins Coffroy Cox Cummins Curry Doen Dahlstrorn Denison Dobbs Douglass Eastman Eaton Evers Fahrnbruch Freeman Galley Gottschaly A Graham Guinan Hanlen Hendrix Hogon Horn Huffman Hull Hunt DON HARTMAN ....... MEMBERS FRENCH HORN Richard White Edward Edison Robert Gates Robert Weekly Leon Hines Robert Shoemaker Calvin Gorham Merritt Boone James Archer - BARITONE Clifford Mead e Robert Slemmons Richard Koupal Calvin Menzer Howard Berger Clarence Miller Luverne Smida L. C. Harlow Preston Hayle Earl Jenkins Ward Griffen Harold Lewis CORNET Neil Short Val Kleppinger John Church Robert Seidel b OFFICERS F I CHESTER MEMBERS Hurlburt Hutton, R. A- Hutton, W. I. Jensen, D. L- Jensen, S. E. Jensen, W. D- Johnson Jones Kaufman Keast Kell Krickbaum Kokjer Kohiro Kratz I Lambert Lawrence Leonard, C. L- Leonard, J- W- Lindberg Long Luhman McCarthy McConnaughCY McDonald McMartin Maser Malton Robert Krefci Robert Zieg TRUMPET Robert Buddenberg Keith Sturdevant Robert Ellsworth Ward Rounds Woodrow Melena Kenneth Longman Franklin Gee Lee Stoner Robert Miller Allen Waltz Melvin Gibson Donald Huegel Donald Chaloupka William Hastings Milton Kuska TROMBONE Pat McNaughton Harold Larmon Milton Buls Robert Gelwick Robert Nelson Frank Coffman Darrell Hammond Wayne Bornemier Warren Jones Deane Versaw ...........Publicity Merle Andrew Marcus Tool Allen Koskan TUBA Monttee Baker Claude Wright Austin Lewton William Huffman Herbert Bauman Peter Donnley James Maxwell Harry Haskins Paul Thom STRING BASS David Day Norman Landspar Herbert Bauman Harold Lewis PERCUSSION George Splittgerbei Ronald Strahle James Dutton James Jones George Earnshaw Charles Wills Max Cherrington Bill Lyman Val Anderson Wharton Meyer RIFLE CL R.O.T.C. TEAM OFFICERS DOBBS ....................................... Captain EUGENE JORGENSON ........................ Manager HEARST TROPHY TEAM OFFICERS BOWERS ......................... Melton Metrakos Miller Million Miner Moell Moore Mortensen Nispol Oelrich O'Do.nnell Pederson Phelps Piercer Popple Reed Rice Romberg Rothwell Schappaugh Schricker. Schwalm Sears Senften Sims Simmons Skar Sklenar Sobotka Soderholm Soldervilla Sorensen Spink Stage Staver Stewart Still Stuart Swihart Tilton Torgenson Ulvenholdt Van Vliet Wahlstrom Wallin Wasson Weekley Welch Westervelt Whitehead Wickett Wilson, M. E. Wilson, R. B. Wittmuss Young Zikmund BAD .................Captain .Manager ,,,, ,mg , , mir. ,. IIIHSUTI, 1 . C ll H. s . J- H- Caver- fl IIRR DPM' ll I .Ili T N IB ' W Cgiilfgrgy J, Fglgom, R. Heed, J. Rathbone. . . Q l fill! llllll .IF RNI NI Hy K ll ER Y ' :in nn : . . ini cy. . ruscr, . 1 v ,V . I Nl.-HON ll.-'HNIC BOB NELSON i Sponsor flnrlvt Captain .Ulllllzlltll All! BLADE -Sf,-H111 nn 1 , ,Til Zlllflrl. . HHIICH Yflllln, 1 C SUD, A ,. , , e'cr, H. ammeroir. . . WIC - SCABBABD and Blade, as an honorary Military Advanced Student Fraternity, has as its purpose the uniting in closer relationship the military 'departments of American universities and colleges, the preservation and development of the essential qualities of good and efficient ofhcers, the preparation of themselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the mili- tary affairs of the communities in Which they may reside, and above allithe spreading of intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. These are high ideals, indeed, and Scabbard and Blade has done well to live up to them and to uphold them. The first company of the eighty-four chapters to be organized was the unit at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, in the year l904. Nebraska's company, officially designated as Company C, Third Regiment, was organized in 1921, and has been active in lVlilitary circles on the campus ever since. Since its inception on the local campus, Scabbard and Blade has been the outstanding military honorary fraternity on the campus. It recruits its members from the high ranking junior oflicers in the military science course, and thus obtains the highest possible caliber of manfone who is able to live up to the ideals set forth by the organization. These men have to pass rigorous practical and theo- retical examinations to prove 'themselves Worthy of becoming mem- bers of this active organization. Although its affairs do not directly affect or come in contact with Silldelits other than those of its membership, Scabbard and Blade often invites speakers to its meetings, and gives programs which a1'6 dpsigned to accomplish the worthwhile purposes of the society. QHC of the other various ways in which the aim is realized is the showlng in 'moving pictures on military subjects, thus acquainting its mem- Jelb .W1th. the Vauous aims and Phases of the service and then' relationships. OFFICERS SOBERT NELSON ,.,...... iT'Tf'f.5'?Tt1f5?TtT'... .....,.., -183 PBIEFSSSR ............................. .... 1 st Lieutenani HARRY KAMMEiiLoHifi.'.'.' .'.'.'f.'.'f ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '2udiSi1sZi22i2t FAX MEYER HHH. n ' A I u SEMESTER Captain SOBQRP BAILEY .................... Lieutenant mimis WOODARD . . . .Znd Lieutenant HARRY KAMMERLoi1'1i',',',',' 15, Sergeant P Pace 159 I-IALANX, National Honorary and Professional Militar F1 t . .a e .- nity, was brought to this campus in the belief that the Uniiilersity df Nebraska needed a military organization composed of advanced military students and officers. Its purpose is to strive for the better- ment of the interests of our country, our Universit partment, as well as to promote interest in military training. Phalanx was founded on the campus of the University of Illinois thirteen years ago and has been on this campus only six years. Its success may be attributed to the fact that it has been able to bring out the interesting points of military science that ar found in the classroom or on the parade ground. As a result of the training received in this unit, the Wearers of the black and gold cord have always ranked high in the cadet corp. The annual national convention was held this year on the campus of the University of Minnesota, at which time further plans were announced and discussed. National headquarters for the organization are at the University of Illinois. The local chapter holds an annual formal party which is the high spot of its social program. This yearis formal, held during the first part of the second semester, was attended by several members of the Creighton University chapter. That there is a close correla- tion of the activities of the chapters of Creighton and Nebraska is further evidenced by the fact that many members of the latter chapter attended Creighton's annual Military Ball held at the Hotel Paxton in Omaha this January. Phalanx takes an active part in the plans and details connected with the annual Military Ball. In fact, for the past several years, it has taken complete charge of the sale and delivery of the miniature sabers and rifles used as favors for this annual social event. y and Military De- e not ordinarily expansion OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER ROGER EMRICH ........ ..........,........ ......,.. C 0 mmanger FRANK PUSATERI ........ ............... ...... L t . Corliirgian er KENNETH WORLAND ..... .... : .... Jiglant DEAN IRVIN .............. ................. .... 1 1 iance-O cer RAYMOND CARLSON ..... ..................... -..--.-- H 1 SIOFIHH SECOND SEMESTER PHALA X . . . . . Cl ROGER EMRICH ...... ..................... . ...LL FRANK PUSATERI .... ................. . . Adjutant BRUCE GRUBE '--- - ""pig,.Qf..Q., gmc.. CAPTAIN OFFLEY ROGER EMRICH ggggK1fgg.L'E'-- - ...... sponsor Cadet Captain Fourth Row: R. Carlson, A. Grant, C- Huflbuftv S' Dobbs, F' XVHHEYPRE' hlieodinblfliiieKi3,WIiJT1E2jnetl'hnlLFlclTI'Villlilk- Third Row: S. Shellhase, H. J. Daub, -I-'B' Bums' H' T' Welg' Meltsn .Cillf3Sl'IlCv D- Webb- Second Row: WI11- V0111, A- -Ionesf A' Tmmllan' L' WMMCIIG Oli F Little J. Fairfield, P. Nakada- First Raw: D. Anderson, D. Irvin, F. Pusaterl, R. Emrlch, B. ru e, - , Sr'-nm nn: '. . Hill . . - UU 01'- I R P ll X I Y X C ll L Intl Run: ll. li. Nia-nn, P.. li. Wiley. J. A. 1' ,fl y. Oli fflll'iANllfR .IICAN WOLF Sponsor ffaulc-I Captain NATIUNAL I'llIi.'HlNG RIFLE. H. Ouren. Wolf. W. B. Day. R. A- Nels-"H ECAUSE of the rapid growth of interest in Pershing Rifles, it was not long until the necessity for expansion became apparent. Based on this necessity, the local company established a National Head- quarters at the University of Nebraska in 1925. Interest continued to grow, and the unit continued to expand under capable leadership, until soon the necessity for further division arose. As a solution to this problem, Regimental Headquarters were established and made responsible to the National Oflice. That, briefly, is the history of the National Headquarters of Pershing Rifles, located here in the University. At present, Pershing RiHes boasts of seven regimental headquarters and thirty-one com- panies, all located in prominent universities throughout the nation. This rapid expansion is a result of hard work and leadership of the men in the national office, coupled with a growing interest in the organization by outside schools. The National Staff itself is divided into two parts, the adminis- lrative staff, subdivided into various departments, and the publica- tion staff. On the administrative side are the Commander and his Adjutant. These two men supervise all actions of the entire Staff and maintain the correspondence between units. There is also all Expansion Department and a Historian. The Publication Stall ediTS the semi-annual 'cPershing Riflemanf, the ofhcial organ of the unit. Every summer a national convention is held at some school hav- illg Tl Pershing Rifles company. At this convention representatives 0 a the ' activities of the next Varlous regiments and companies gather to talk over lite ' year and to elect a new commander. The lllllt this Year has been under the direction of Cadet Colonel .lean A- Wolf, ol the University of Nebraska. OFFICERS . ........... ........ C olonel, Coinggncling . . . . . f ' ' ll ml-I-ON K. WILEY .............. lvld-101, JU a Boa Natson ..... .IRAN A. Worr ...... WARREN B. DAY . . . . . . . .Major, Publications Editor . - ' - ' OH1 61' QLQIQDN nAsoN ....... .. '.'.'.'.'.'. . '.'.'.M.d.lf'ficif.l.ili5l'if101IiiS.0fi..1 LOUISRHQQJIGIRTETER .... ....... C aptain, Assistant Expansion Omwf FRED VQICTHJN ----- ..... C aptain, Assistant Publications Ed1l0l BIMMR MUNHOP-I:.ii'N: ........................ Master SCI'Seam . . . . . . .Sergeant, Assistant Pl1lJliCZ1Il0n5 P me 161 ERSHINO Rifles was begun in l892 as a 31-y military organization by the commandant of the R.O.T,C, unit Lieutenant John J. Pershing. It was not until the unit adopted the name 4'Pershing Rifles" in honor of its founder. organization and egan to grow slowly and n extra-curricular honor- 1894, however, that Other schools saw the possibilities of such an applied for membership in it. The unit b surely under the capable leadership of such men as Ge until at present it embraces companies in thirty-one of the leading neral Pershing, universities in the country. Pershing Rifles, as an honorary military fraternity, aims at pm-. fection in drill as well as in military courtes d k l d y an now e ge. To be eligible, the applicant must successfully pass an examination before a board composed of the company oflicers, and another ex- amination by the sponsor, Major Hudson. These examinations are on military courtesy, knowledge, and manual of arms. They are then placed in a special training unit for a period of two weeks, given a third examination which, if passed successfully, admits them to the regular unit. In the past, Pershing Rifles has aided the Military Department in the presentation of the annual Military Ball by having their Crack Squad give an exhibition. They have always provided a fir- ing squad for the Armistice Day celebration. The unit boasts of the best drilled men in the R.O.T.C., and as a degree of distinction, presents the active members with a blue and white shoulder cord after their initiation, and a blue and white serv- ice bar after one year's service. PER HI G RIFLE OFFICERS BOB PILLSBURY. . . . ................. ..... C aptain, Commanding HARRY SEAGREN. . . . . .......... lst Lieutenant BILL MILEK . . . . ...... ....... 2 nd Lieutenant . FRANK PROTZMAN .... ..... 2 nd Lieutenant MAJOR HUDSON BOB PILLSBURY JACK NICPHAIL ...... lst Sergeant Sponsor Cadet Captain . ' ld D.Ad ' , C.W'l d, YV.B lb k. ghlfflllfgffia RBVC1O:lriT3i 1:l7li'teEanIcTergdRellf CCoQSliA0nPehftitHlLl, Milrl:3i'n0P.,VanKeluri9rIl?nW- Nlatliigfiollg- D3Ui0lS?1':, g- Klilllfililgan, D15 LEWIETEC9- : ' V ' ' . ' ' ' ' i i ' , ' . llen R. in crg, . ra e. T111 R - P, B, B - , J. E. Bleicher, W. E. Evers, T. Hlsgms, J- Shelley, H- Besslfe- J- POPPIC- B. A i D. M. Segrmd 21310: M. Gelgxier, M- Murphy, R. Woest, C. Reed, M. R. Adler, W. G. Kratz, D. A. Horn, R. G. Batty, H. E. Dewey, Jr., Y '. . - . . , F. W. First Rlclliiiz L. Sprandel, J. Arthur, J. McPhail, W- A- Mllekf R' D' Plllsbury' F' B' Hudson, H' E' Seagren' O E Anderson Protzman, K. E. Husemoller, N. B. Munhoferl- Filll: Row: D. Bavlncnlzcrg, R. McLeod, P. Roettelc, A. Selders, C. Hurlb7ut,BFf. ilohrisolili AH Tlgiml-l'jlChAic.g.yAnI?ll'CgiIg, tD-Bglfgiey' F I If -: D. WI -clcr, C. Roubicek, D. Spahr, S. Hawes, M. Tesar, . um ors , - un v - 00 S 9 , - U., 7'fiilrllIRng1i H. Holi-inan, D. Moravcc, W. McDonald, F. Coley, J. Walla, M. Ross, L. H.'Harvey, .l. Gayer, D. W. Baird. s IR uskRBnSSn'kGJhrJBkrhFSh1kb E from mr: . . . Hill? . . ll Cf. - 0U IWIC , . o ns on, . ec W1 , . c uc e ier, . Huwaldt, H. DeLashmntt, P. Miller, E. Sire. o urn, M. Monson, M. Meyer, D. Melton, R. Harrison, E. Mack, R. Olson. Firwl Rau-: It Rupp, F. Remington, J. Castle, R. C lb XI.-UOR BARKAIDW NIIl.'I'ON MONSON SPOIISOY Cadet Captain RED G IIHIN RGANIZED in 1937, the Bed Guidon Association is open to any advanced student in Military Science of the Field Artillery Regiment who is in good scholastic standing with the Military Department. A vast majority of the Field Artillery officers are members of this organ- ization, which exists on the local Agricultural College campus only. Red Cuidon has as its purpose the promotion of a closer relation- ship between the senior and junior cadet officers of the corps, and to promote greater achievement for the Field Artillery Unit. To ac- complish this purpose, the organization meets twice a month, often inviting prominent citizens or military men to address them on vari- ous subjects throughout the school year. Major Benjamin B. Bain, one of the instructors at the university, recently addressed the asso- ciation on the new Infantry organization and its functions. Besides this feature, the group has been shown various military pictures, including one about the flying corps, the 155 mm. gun regiment, and cadet days at West Point, in order to more fully acquaint them with not only the various arms of the service other than Field Artil- lery, but also their practical application and relationship to one another. These things have served to promote an active interest ill the organization, with the result that the membership of Bed Guidon has increased to the present strength of approximately eighty. As a distinguishing mark, setting them off from the rest of the Cadet Officers, members of Bed Guidon can be identified by the red citation cord which they wear on their left shoulder. Among other of their social activities, the organization has a picnic every spring, and an annual stag banquet, set this year for May l6. These are the two biggest Social functions, but are by no means the extent of them- . To Major Barkalow, through whose promotion and sincere devo- tion. the Red Guidon Was Organized and fostered into a W01'thY 01" gilmzafionv they Cl0 extend their most sincere and hearty thankS, and wish him success in his new position, A. M. MONSON ...... OFFICERS Captain ROBERT coLBoRN..fff "ffffff"""' 'mfffffidjutanr l 0 C I A T l MAX MEYER "'- ------ I iii..lFinance Omcef JACK CASTLE... Historian DONALD M1-3LToNffff. .jjjfiggiggn omcer I' 416- "Huh-"if f F K E 'x ,XM 1 Li sm w--.. 'Q lm -an wh ...NM Q- ewswh., w 5 'M I 725 K 'M 6 R M., nm X J rd Ka 5 N, 2 X J ,,..1" -.,.,....,.-ur -f .Fm-..., ww R21 "'h..v? pbf-11. Mills. THE Athletic Board of'Control is the governing body of intercol- legiate athletics at the University. With the construction of Memorial Stadium in 1923, the Board of Regents created the Athletic Board of Control on January l, 1924, as an administrative body to manage and control all University athletic affairs and their consequent finan- cial obligations. Originally there were eight members, six of whom were Univer- sity oflicers determined by virtue of the offices they held, and two of whom represented related interests. Since 1932, student representa- tion has been accorded through a senior member of the Student Council and a senior member of the MNN Club. Currently the board is composed of Professor Scott, chairman, Dean Thompson, L. E. Gunderson, L. F. Seaton, John K. Selleck, and Athletic Director J ones. George Holmes, appointee of the Board of Regents, and R. E. Campbell from the Alumni Association repre- sent the related interests. The Student Council designated Adil-21 Dobson as its representative, and the UNB Club selected Robert lVlillS- Hiwinig C0mpleted payments on the Memorial Stadium and U16 Univ. fill! Coliseum the board turned to routine tasks. When Con' struction this year was begun on the physical education building located at the north end of the stadium, the board shouldered H 1'eSl901l5ibilitY Paralleling that of the Stadium or Coliseum in lm' P01't311Ce. Under construction are the foundation and concrete coll' nectillg Walls joining the building with the old Stadium. A tunnel under the east wall will permit access to the east Stadium in HUY we ather. Other outstanding features will be an indoor field, 90X200' and 45 feet high, with a dirt track and a dummy room for football practice in inclement weather, I P C URING the year 1916-17, the University of Nebraska HN" Club was organized by the University athletes who had Won varsity letters in the various branches of sports. Doctor Stewart, then Athletic Director, was instrumental in the formation of the organization, The requirement for membership is the winning of a HN" through intel.- eollegiate competition. However, it is necessary for a letter man to be initiated before he is finally admitted to the club at which time he receives the Nlron N", symbol of the organization. The purpose of the club is to make it possible for the athletes to coordinate their activities into a common est possible representation of the University on the intercollegiate athletic field as to performance and sportsmanship. The MNH Club holds monthly meetings in which the club trans- acts its business and attends to routine matters. Included in the club's various activities are plans for the initiation of new members the formulation of plans to aid the Athletic Department concerning the State High School Basketball Tournament and State High School Track Meet, and the Homecoming Day dinner, a significant annual event. On file in the Athletic Office is a complete record of all for- mer University lettermen. All men Whose names are on this list receive invitations to the dinner. With one hundred thirty-five men responding, last year's dinner was a huge success. Among the high- lights of the club's activities are the 'GNU Club dance and the club's picnic. The club has been in no small way responsible for the enthusias- tic and courteous reception and treatment of teams visiting Nebraska and for the energetic and active part Nebraska high schools have taken in producing a better type of athletics and a finer type of athlete. of the various sports cause, namely, the high- 7 OFFICERS ROBERT MILLS .... ............ .... I . . .iresizient ADNA DOBSON ............. ---- L CC- ff?-'lf C715 ROBERT s1MMoNs ........... ........... S ecfemfy ROBERT MILLS HARRY HOPP, ROY PETSCH. . . .... Sergeanzs-az-Arms PrCS1d6r1t . S Dobbs D Schulz D M ll on F. I R : A. S h d 7 L. W lk , G, Ab 1, J. Ashburn, E. Mclhavy F. Preston, R. Therlen R Batey Fflffffl 'ia"Zw1 c.'5r1'ffLSS0n, n.aweJit1m.m, ii. women, H. Mum, J. 1v15De1'-11011, H- Rlmdle- 0 Tegtmffe L C Schmmleke W Simmer Cadwell, J. G. Geicr, F. Rubino, R. Lyman. Tl'd 1: E Newkik E Dees L Clare R 'fumes D Joyce G Knight W- Luther, V F't"'C'S B M0"'b'ay J Folsom W Alison ur ow: . r , - , - t - 1 ' ' ' , J -,R.Chtt,E.W'. L Seconlggleirineixiiil G. Prelsnell, E. Thllngeff S- Sollfhwickv M- Kuskaf G' Thomas' F' Tauman' 'I' Barry R E Smmons F Me er B eMaSter J ,A.J.L tl k' B.Lk. . HP ll First 013522: H- Roivlvizgn gwspheiffy B.U lfurmss, E. Schwartzkopf, R. Proffitt, A. Dobson, B. Mills R Smmons J Hemsworth tcaxti ey Yalle, D. Fitz, H. Rohn. V , I tt l lil WMM L k f ns rallY the night be- Players WH1'm-HP briskly 11.-fm emit I a . Toilgrilieagame and the day of the the brg test- on ll game. gr s t ' -f .1 nk 1 1, Q ff, nf - Q ' 1 l W , corded the 3Cll0ll vrful varsity hand creates The glor1ous touchdown that beat The camera re mm , . e. C ounlursker enlhusmsm. MIIIHCSOUH- each gam l - l . . ' ' bulld- ITTLE do Nebraska football fans realrze the terrlflie task lnvolved 111 , . l ing football teams. The University coaching staff Works all months 1n thCGYfZi to produce the caliber of football teams demanded by Cornhuskers. 16 E , -. l appree1at1on is due the young athletes who unselfrshly and noblY glve T612 K best to win regional and national recognition and eharnpionsh1pS. P91 apt' 2 . . . . - ' - rskel' the basrs for the eontrnued sueeess 18 founded 1n the never falllng COIUTH spirit-win or lose. Pagr Ill P330 I F 9 fm ' I , mens as players Come These hopes were dashed but once Bench players 'cworkw as hard as ,' 1 elf' 'mlmalldo in 1939. the rest. onthe C ' Bill Sterns broadcasts Minnesota To a Well-earned rest with Corn- Qame. husker praise. t 1 OST f00tbaH teams than they are of the State Capitol. They - t C01'I1huskers are mO1'C Pl'0Ud of their Splendld i . - . , - l E16 iillgllfied, for undoubtedly theinat1on recogmzes Ne- lag ' 1' H more for her football squads, which a1WaYS finish ' C 0 136 t0 the top of any rating, than the rest of her is a . I, p C Uevtiments. W I L 1,3 5160 P9167 . A A "'-un.. I COACllllG TAFF RESPECTED FOR SPORTSMANSHIP AND GENERALSHIP E 1 'iBlFF" JONES L. Jones, H. Brown 1 ,J .. .1-Lx .f I . I , Q 5 1, . ti R. Ly i D Athletic Director. . . ,,,, ,MAJOR L. JONES -A Football Coach ..... ............... M AJOR L. JONES Assistants ................. W. H. BROWNE, ROY LYMAN GLEN PRESNELL, ADOLPH LEWANDOWSKI HAROLD Pm Basketball Coach ..................... L .... W. H. BROWNE Assistants ...................... ADOLPH LEWANDOWSK1 . CHARLES ARMSTRONG, PAUL AMEN Track Coach ....... Assistant .......... Swimming Coach. . . Tennis Coach ...... Golf Coach ......... , , , Gymnastics Coach. . Wrestling Coach . . Baseball Coach .... .........EDwE1R ...HAROLD PETZ .PETER HAGELIN .GRDGG McDR1DE ....ED NEWKIRK CHARLES MILLER ...JERRY ADAMS .WILDUR KNIGHT Intramural Director .... ,,,,, H AROLD PETZ 1 r full' PAH T3 T I V- I """""1 i'-I---1m--w-r N 1---Q-........,.'----.3-......x Y V Y r v K, -- - "' K if -M WT- rv by H f , Y n f . S V V il "y a ,- Y 7 f'-H -U F ll Row: R. Kahler, C. Seemann, F. Behm, W. Stocker, Fred Preston, A. Ne b , D. R NI. Tl ' ' oull.lVincent, H. Knickrchm, J. Nelson, C. Carper, W. Bunker, D. Ziegler. um el-get user, l wmpwn, K' Simmons' D' R"b"'t0m Tl'd Row: B. Knivht, W. Luther, B. Burruss, B. Ramey, J. Sandall, J. Dut-he , V. S-ll '-l, D. W dd"k H. ll mc. shuben, G. fume., H. zo.-f., F. Leik, G. schiuckebief, F. Harris, E. Lnaines. M1 a IL t Ke yt C' Herndon' W' Blue' Second Row: H. Rohrig, R. Whitehead. B. DeFruiter, S. Schwartzkopf, E. Schwartzkop f, H. M 'k , R. S 'l, L, M k' B. H . Alison, G. Stearns, E. Lomax, R. Petsch, H. Rohn. T. Thompson, V. Francis, B. Iluclwick, lL!lbMIlyers, Flnxlbior. Us mi ermhmn, lv. First Row: Arlo Klum, B. Kahler, H. Hopp, A. Dobson, W. Browne, Link Lyman, Biff J - G, P Cornell, F. Botturof, D. McClymont, R. Pruchaska, J. Ashburn, J. Procha RESH from the 1939 football campaign, the Cornhuskers can look back not only with great satisfaction upon their record, but conidently face the future. ln years to come the 1939 football squad will be remembered as one of Nebraska's great teams for several reasons. For the first time mighty Minnesota and powerful Pittsburgh tasted defeat from the Huskers in the same season. This is triumph enough to satisfy the most ardent Nebraska fan. Ending a splendid season with a victory over the Oklahoma Sooners, lately the Huskers nemesis, brought the final touch of glory to the campaign. Another outstanding character- istic of the season was the tough brand of football Nebraska played. ln several games they returned t0 old-time power and simply steam-rolled the 0PP0sition. Playing their best game of the sea- SOH against Oklahoma, Nebraska clearly dis- PlaYCd the fury of power they could unleash. more, in any game one could rest assured that 011 the bench sat another team as capable as Further ska. ones, resnell, Dr. Dcppen, Dr. Schickley, A the one on the field. When Nebraska clicked the opposition faced a long and busy afternoon. Many individual honors were heaped upon the team members. Two of Nebraska's gridmen, Herman Bohrig and Warren Alfson, received All- Conference honors. The latter also received a high honor when he was given recognition by the United Press on its All-American second string. To the West coast went Sam Schwartzkopf and uBiff" J ones as player and coach to participate in the annual East-West tussel. Although Nebraska will suffer losses by gradu- ation including Jack Ashburn, Adna Dobson, William Hermann, George Porter, Robert Bamey, Sam Schwartzkopf, and George Seeman, there are ample replacements and a bumper crop of aspir- ing freshman. Some of the outstanding fresh- men are: Dave Bradley, Bethanyg Joe Byler, Elmo, Marvin Athey, Juanita, Harlan Brendal, Bayard, ,l im F ricke, Bayard, and Melvin Kuska, Fairmont. vin Irv Fooriziil. Hopp kicks to Indiana 7 INDIANA-NEBRASKA 7 OIJENINC the season at Bloomington against Indiana, the Cornhuskers with a timely touchdown in the last minute and half of play squeezed through in a story book fashion to gain a 7 all tie. Trailing 7 to 0 with four minutes remaining, Ne- braska flashed an aerial game that carried them to the Hoosier l. After two unsuccessful plays, Luther dashed around right end on a reverse for a touchdown. Rohrig converted the important ex- tra point. In a desperate attempt to win, Indiana employing an aerial bombardment, advanced from their 35 to the Husker I0 before lVIonsky ended their march with 35 seconds to play. Rohn-ig runs against Minnesota 0 MINNESOTA-NEBRASKA 6 Before 33,000 excited fans Nebraska achieved the triumph all Cornhuskers desire when mighty Minnesota was throttled 6 to 0 by the Scarlet and Cream. It was a sophomore, Bob DCF1'l1llC1',lhat provided the margin of victory as he suddenly raced across the goal on a beautifully executed deep reverse in the second period. This was the same play that had caught Indiana napping the previous week. The Cornhuskers gave one of the finest exhibitions ever seen in Memorial Stadium, Playing like demons and throwing but one pass, Nebraska employed old time power to batter the Gophers. Throughout the game Nebraska'sf01-. ward wall refused to yield. 7 IOWA STATE-NEBRASKA 10 In the Big Six opener Nebraska grabbed a I0 to 7 victory over Iowa State. The Huskers scored early in the first quarter on a I7 yard field goal by Rohrig. In the third period a Cyclone fumble, pounced on by Alfson, gave the Cornhuskers the ball. Rohrig on a double reverse advanced the ball I5 yards, completely fooling the Cyclone de- fense. Then Butch Luther on a reverse from the Cycone I4 shook loose for a touchdown. Sporting a I0 to 0 lead, the Huskers ran into trouble in the fourth period as a desperate Iowa State rally pr0- duced one touchdown before it could be stopped. Nebraska nears Iowa State goal lin? George Seemann, En Vike Francis, Back Forrest Behm, Tackle Herman Rohrig, Back Harry Hopp, Back Roy Petsch, Back Walter Luther, Back George Knight, Back d radii :fy--8. '3 9? .1 . A 1 kg, Y' 9' dhmxmu an-O"' 4 112.65 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 Y I 1 1 11 .1 1 1 1 , ,. 11 1. 1 11 12 1 1 11 1 11 11 ,1 14 1. 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1, I1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 fi 1 I 1 1 I. I 1 1 1 1 1 ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Nr-braska converted two kicks against Baylor 0 BAYLOR-NEBRASKA 20 TN the initial game between the schools the highly rated Baylor line was completely riddled by Ne- braska. With only six minutes gone, Hopp smashed through from the Baylor 10 for a touchdown com- pleting a sustained drive from the Bear 47. After leading 6 to 0 at the half, Nebraska's machine- like offense manufactured two touchdowns in eight and one-half minutes of the third quarter. A persistent downfield march ended on the Bear l by a holding penalty against Nebraska, never- theless, the drive produced a touchdown when llohrig shot a scoring pass to B. Prochaska in the end zone. Moments later the Rohrig to Prochaska combination produced another touchdown. 9 KANSAS STATE-NEBRASKA 25 Although drawing first blood with a 23 yard field goal, the Wildcats were unable to maintain the lead. Within two minutes Bohrig behind brilliant blocking returned a punt from Nebras. kais 20 for the first Husker touchdown, AS Nebraska kept the Wildcat attack smothered, Luther, Dobson, and Hopp smashed the line with Hopp racing 14 yards for Nebraskais Second touchdown. A wildcat fumble recovered on the Kansas State 24 by Nebraska gave the Huskers another touchdown when Luther fought his way across. Again a Kansas State fumble started Ne. braska touchdown bound. A short drive culminat- ing in an end sweep sent Delilruiter over for the touchdown standing up. 27 MISSOURI-NEBRASKA 13 The Tigers gave Nebraska its first defeat 27 to 13. Early in the game the highly touted Christman put the Missouri passing attack in motion. After a Tiger touchdown, Alfson soon intercepted a Christrnan pass. A few plays later a statue of liberty play ending in a reverse sent Luther over for a Husker touchdown. Behind' uPop-off" Paul, Missouri again picked up two more touchdowns to lead at the half 20 to 6. After a third quarter Tiger touchdown the final period saw an inter- fered pass, Bohrig to Seeman, ruled complete on the Bengal 12. Bohrig sprinted across for the touchdown and converted the extra point. ' I ,A ' ' 'K I I 1 1' ' -u . l "ln l'1gb"Q P110 UD lil:-S-PS! SCOYC Of Season against Kansas State Luther soothes the Missourr defeat with a touchdown Robert Kahler, Back Robert Burrus, Center Henry Rohn, Back George Porter, Back Robert DeFruiter, Back Theos Thompson, Back Sam Schwartzkopf, Tackl Leonard Muskin, Tackle lack Nelson, Tackle C Clarence Herndon, Tackle Warren Alf son, Guard 2:5 S 1"l'I Na-lnuiska end misses pass into Kansas end zone 0 KANSAS-NEBRASKA 7 A plucky, Hghting ,layhawk team fell before the Cornhuskers when German Herman Rohrig .iroke loose to score the gameis only touch- down. After a sustained drive, with Rohrig and 'tohn as the spearheads, had put the ball deep in Kansas territory, Rohrig scored and converted for the extra point. Twice in the first quarter when the Huskers seemed ready to roll, fumbles proved costly. In the fourth quarter Kansas des- perately fired a barrage of passes in an attempt to reach pay dirt, but Nebraska successfully ward:-d oil' these attacks. Throughout the game Nebraska's scoring machine was unable to click lint their defense was more than adequate to stop Kansas backs. Rohn nnikcs his first touchdown and it's against Pitt! 13 PITTSBURGH-NEBRASKA 14 Playing in Panther town the Cornhuskers out- played and outscored Pitt to gain their H1-St Vic. tory in this series since 1921. The proud Panther line was continually ripped by the hard vicious plunging of Francis and Rohn. With a drive started by a completed pass, Rohrig to Petsch, Rohrig on a faked pass hauled the ball down on the Pitt 1 where Rohn crashed across for Nebraska,s first touchdown. Knight converted. Leading 7 to 6 as the third quarter opened, Nebraska strength. ened their lead with Francis in the featured 1-011 as he tore his way through the Panthers on a 23 yard touchdown run. Rohrig then converted. 7 OKLAHOMA-NEBRASKA 13 For the first time in three seasons powerful Oklahoma met defeat at the hands of the Huskers. In a big second period Nebraska tallied twice to gain a lead which was never relinquished but des- perately challenged in the fourth period. Although both Nebraska touchdowns came as a result of passes, Rohrig to Petsch, powerhouse football was the deciding factor of the game. Repeatedly, Francis rocked the Sooner forward wall as he gained precious yards through gaping holes blasted open by the Husker line. Nebraska's de- fense was superb in holding the Sooner touch- down department scoreless until the last minute and half of play when Oklahoma countered. Nebraska revenges Oklahoma with victor? Students form colorful card routines for visiting rooters. The Brigade and Regimental staffs lead Armistice Day ceremonies. The Baylor cheer section was colorful and powerful, COPD Cobs, Tassels, Mortar Boards, and Innocents pre- 'lsr 175 Sent the Pep Queen. F00'l'BALL 'l'A'I'l TIC GAME 'YSEEJE' '1'.'b'i'1'.1.YS' N.i21sIeS' NS25a.,Y1' N1?.1S1eI5' 131323551 1'2'5.5'sIes1F1'. e'?1i350S11"iS'iisY1 1"irst Downs Earned. 6 12 8 3 6 8 13 3 10 1? 13 11 75 8 10 6 10 5 11-E First Downs Penaltyij 3 Y 1 1 0 1 0 0 0-A 0 9 - 2 1 Iw- 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 Yards Gained Rushing. 34 71- -135 1311- 173 93 185 53 151 178 144 159 191 79 199 162 1535 paesesA11empted...i 13 21 1-D12 1 15 9 11 3 1 16 13 9 19 6 113 yi? Passes Dompleted...i 6 10 1 1 0 3 5 3 3 1 5 3 1 11 4 11 131111 Passes Incomplete ..... 4 10 0 10 1 8 4 4 1 7 6 2 8 81 0 5 1 1 7 Dwn Passes Intercepted 3 1 0 1 0 4 0- 4 0 1 5-w 3 0 0 2 11 1 -2 2D Yarc1s Gained on Passes 37 149 3 13- 0 25 84 29 24 125 86 189 3 129 44 129 389 953 Net Yards Gained ..... 71 220 138 143 143 128 247 61 161 275 218 326 164 196 212 240 73 D202 Laterals Attempted .... 0 0 0 1 0 2 1 1 0 1 1 2 0 1 1 1 0 D 3 Laterals Completed .... 0 0- 0 1 0 2 1 1 0 1 1 2 0 1 1 1 0 3 YardsGainedonLaterals 13 11 0 1 0 24 3 2 0 0 1 12 0 0 9 6 0 D 3 Punts ................ 9 1 11 10 15 11 11 12 3 10 1 12 11 11 10 9 13 11 Punt Average .... 42- 43 42 43 38 48 32-I 34 41-- 39g 46 32 40 42 38 37 35 38 Punts Returned ....... 9 35 3 66 46 49 9 1 -114 -1 -53 - 3 76 11 21 15 29 47 Punts Blocked.. .....s 3 1 0 0 2 A 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Kickoffs ......... 2 2 2 1 1 4 5 0 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 1 Kieken Yardage ....... 16 44 44 52 60 155 278 0 350 39 333 52 62 77 175 114 237 25 Kickoff Returned ...... 48 88 17 18 37 25 0 47 2 86 14 104 12 20 0 65 0 65 Ball Lost on Downs. . . 0 0 1 3 0- 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 1 ODD 1 fumbles .... .......... 1 0 3 2 6 2 3 3 2 5 2 2 3 3 4 5 1- 5 Ball Lest on Fumbles.. 0- 0 1 0 2 D 1 2 1 0 3 1 0 2 1 2 3! on 3 OwnF11mblesReco11ered 1 0 2 2m 14- 1 I 2 2 2 1-Q 2 1 2 2 2-D 14D 2 Penalties. ........ L... 1 2m 5 3 3 M 4- 5 3 3 3 3 - 8 2 1 1 3-D 4D-T 1'0m1111'1'9rd1ge. .... 15 10 35 -35 25-- 30- 45 15 35 15 Z1 70 20 . 5 10 311 D404-31, 111610 c:es1s At1empted. in 1 0 19 1 1 0- 1 0 1 1 0 0 I 1 0 0 6'1'T Field Goals sueeessfsl.. 0-1 1 0- 10 0-1 1 0- 0m 3 0 1- 0 on 0 11 11 11-70 L Touchdowms .... .. 1- 1 0 11 1 1 3 11-1 4 1-' 2 ' 4 1" 0- in Q- W2 ,L Conversions . 1-1 on on, 1 1 1 2 0- 1 D11 1 3 1 0 ZF- 1pD1 JL F"'1'S9"'1' ' lj- 6 11 9 1 20 0- 25 9-9D 13 27 1 D0 14- 13- 13 L cmd, , . . . . 12,187 29,628 11,770 28,488 14,042 -15,203- 5,641 D-26,655p 34,524 4 PII 217' Plie Pu 9177 11 11 1 E fl , . 1 1 1 I E V1 1 1 I1 1 1 lil 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 4 , A 1 1 1 111 1111111111 'ml 110 1 1 A H 2 FINAL BIG SIX STANDINGS Won Lost percent Points Opponents Qklanoma. .... 8 42 .800 425 354 Missouri .... 8 2 .800 406 315 4 Kansas ...... 8 2 4 ,800 399 349 1' NEBRASKA.. . . 2 -4 3 .200 370 404 1 1oWa State .... 2 8 4 .200 334 411 Kansas State .... 2 3 .200 300 401 l NEBRASKA'S RECORD 1 1 NON-CONFERENCE 1 CONFERENCE fi 39 .... ..... S outh Dakota ..... .... 1 5 44 .... .... I owa State. . ..... 28 1 39 ,,,, ,,,,, 1 ndiana, , ,.,, ,,,, 4 9 33 ..... ....... M 1330911 .,,.... ..... 4 6 1 1 11 48 IIQ' ulilv S tam-Ord .... i lgl. 47 25 ..... ..... K ansas State ..... ..... 3 2 1 37 .... .... M 19563619 ..... .... 6 1 I I jr 1 :"16EZi11Z1:11a"1 D" ju' f 1 A 40 ---- ---- U wh -.---- ---- 6 3 40. .... ...,, M issouri ..... ...- . .41 11 +553 .Q 53 .... .... W isconsin. . . . . .,.. 43 28 ..... .... . Oklahoma. . ..... 45 1 A 46 llll --'-- D etroitl H ' U gall 47 61- ..... ..... K ansas State ..... ..... 2 8 46 ..... .... C alifornia. . . .. .... 32 321111: U h . A l . . . . . .313 1 Won 4, Lost 4 Won 2, Lost 8 1 CONFERENCE NON-CONFERENCE , V g fg ft pf pts g ft pf pts Total Pts 1 1 ilarry Pitcaithley .... 10 15 14 20 44 s 19 15 73 117 ' I Siduerngld.. .. . 10 25 18 10 68 8 14 9 46 114 Frank Tallman ..... 10 28 10 17 66 8 6 9 34 100 twin Yaffe. .. . . 10 24 12 25 60 3 10 11 36 96 1 bon Fitz ..... 3 9 1 5 19 8 15 12 57 76 Al Randau ...... . 10 18 1 19 43 8 12 14 32 75 . Y Fmmann Goetze. . . . 10 9 11 15 29 7 7 13 23 52 4 51 Robert Therien .... 8 6 1 4 13 3 0 3 12 21 1 ,1ohn Hay. . . . . 1 6 5 2 21 5 0 2 0 21 5 1 Lyle King. ...... 5 0 4 2 4 8 1 8 17 21 1 Eharles Vacanti .... 3 0 1 1 1 8 1 1 7 8 1 Eruce Duncan. . . 4 1 0 , 1 2 Y 5 11 2 6 8 Eeslie Livingston ..... 2 0 0 1 0 4 4 5 6 5 5 Warren Radtke. . . . 0 0 0 11 0 1 0 1 is 0 11 0 0 ?0TALS 10 1- 1143 1 84 1 112 370 1 3 129 90 115 348 718 1 2 1 I 1 1 H 1 1 COACH BROWNE AFTER breaking even in the Win and loss column of their pre-conference games by defeating such formidable opponents as South Dakota, Stanford, Wisconsin, and California while losing to Indiana, Minnesota, Utah, and Detroit, the Cornhuskers opened their Big Six schedule by soundly thump- KETBALL ing Iowa State 44 to 28. Plagued by injuries, the most serious resulting in the loss of stellar per. former, Don Fitz, for several games, the Huskers continued to play fine basketball in the face of tremendous obstacles. Although twice defeated by Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, the Corn- huskers brilliantly Whipped Kansas State 61 to 28 near the season's close as Tallman collected 23 points to turn in the team's best individual scoring effort of the season and one of the top scoring per- formances in the Conference. Pitcaithley, Held, and Tallman with 117, 114 and 110 points re- spectively Were the three Huskers to collect 100 points or more during the season. Close on the leaders was Yaffee with 96 markers. Seniors on the squad were Tallman, Yaffee, Therien, Duncan, and Pitcaithley, While Held and Goetze were out- standing sophomores. Tl"'jf ff"'l'1 QR- V011 llllgklfk. L. Livingston, Coach W. Browne, Asst. Coach P. Amen, Asst. Coach C. Armstrong, Asst. Coach A. Lewandowski, frnlllvr L. Docs, R. Rh dos. 5 rl R J H l KK D P .rcnn ow: . nv. ,. , . 0 oc are , acami n i ll . tl llk.R.G C.V ,R.Rb ,C. I. I .wr Ron-: ll. Gm-lzr-. ll. Pitcnilhlcy, D. Fitz, A. Iflandall, S. Held, R. Tliletiien, F.uH':lln1an, I. Yaffe. is-,iii iw 1, was was EJ:alll1,Kh1lia L 1 L FN ' truer l 5 iggsinsrl Q 5 1 l 2 1 L PIG' ll' 1 Page fl i l 3 P E L H, Goetze, Guard It Yaffe, Forward L. King, Forward D. Fitz, Guard A. Randall, Center H. Pitcaithley, Forward B- Duncan, Center F- Tallman, Forward S' Held, Guard a . . . 'l'allmau working under the basket I kat on lllxllllfillll l I um I I un Nt ut Im lllllltj' semi-s ou Oklahoma . . . Randall jumps FOLLOWING the practice established in previous years, the gynu1aSUC team entertained the spectators with thrilling feats on the parallel bars Hllfl mats during tlme hall-times ol most of the basketball games. T116 if-121111 wah L'Utlt'llCtl by Charles Miller. l . The Pershing Rifle crack squad and Tassels also ollered liall-time eutertaiumeut. S d R w: G. Costas, E. Wiley, J. Mason. F IR : R. Worden, R. Proffit, N. Bor MA AGER IND the scenes of modern football exist student managers, Whose duties do not involve actual participa. 1n athletics but who are extremely important from the adminis- ve side of affairs. These student m eral care and checking out of all footb ll TRAIINRA DCHEERLEADERS S a group of individuals, 311-21gC1's are in charge of the 21 Cquipment along with ei minor but necessary details. Their presence at all practice sions and home games is compulsory. The senior manager also ' 'Q' j j ccompanies the team on all out-of-town games and is awarded a major HN" at the end of his term. Under the manager scheme there W' V - ale six sophomore managers, three junior managers, and one senior X ' 'T manager. At the end of the season selections are made through an V' ellmlnation method and appointed by Coach J ones for the next year. Three of the sophomore managers become junior managers and one of the junior managers is chosen senior manager. Dick McClymont was the senior manager this year. The three junior managers were Jack Vleyer, Kenneth Wilgus, and Leslie Nekuda. J ack Meyer was selected as senior manager for next year. This year saw a change in the personnel of the training staff as Elwyn Dees, former Kansas University athlete and head trainer at Pittsburg University, replaced Lonnie Cornell as head trainer of the Athletic Department. Another important side of the athletic program, that of providing leadership and guidance to student enthusiasm and stimulation of school spirit, is in the hands of the cheerleaders. The duties of a cheerleader consist of leading cheers at the rallies, football games, and basketball games. The various positions are assigned for each game so that Work will be equally divided. The Innocents Society chooses the cheerleaders for each year. Those chosen were: Roy Proflit, Yell King, and Ralph Worden, Norman Bordy, Herb Knox, Elton Wiley, John Mason, George Costas, and Max Whittaker. dy. Lonnie Cornell, Trainer Leslie Nekuda, Kenneth Wilgus Jack Meyer, Junior Managers Dick McClymont, Senior Manager fag I TRACK AND FIELD THE Cornhuskers, coached by Ed Weir. climaxed a line outdoor t1'3Ck season when at Ames, lowa they annexed the Big Six Outdoor T1'HCk Title giving Nehraska its only confer- ence championship of the 1938-39 season. The hnal results of the meet showed the following points for each team: Nehraska 56 9flO, Oklahoma 47 2f5, Kansas State 32, Missouri and Kansas tied with 31 lf2, and lowa State 25 2fl0. The outstanding Nebraska per- lormer at the Meet was Simmons, who not only established a new conference rec-ord of 11-7.7 seconds in the 440, hut won the low hurdles race with Dawson, a team-mate, second. W'right tied Olxlahoma's Trihio lor first in the 100 yard dash and gained a third in the 220 yard dash. In the field events Wihhels and Prochaska placed first and set-ontl respectively in the discus with Nlills receiving a fourth. The .iawlin throw was won hy Knight with Wililit-ls ret'eix'ing a third and also a third in the shotput put. Neumann and St-ott were in a hte-way tie for third place in the pole vault. Mills won a second in the shot put and Dawson and Neumann placed third and fifth i't-spt-vtiwly in the hroad jump. Sophomore Lloyd Wright in the hundred. . --I .--,,nll-W-1'-""'- 'Wa '44 .. fl ' 5 .ai . ' xt f ' X, I t t vt . fx... .,u Nlahaffey of Kansas Stat tied with Eddie Trihio of Oklahoma for first place NM, W ,, - 2. us. .. . e goes over the har in the high jump. HE indoor track season was one of Nebraska's most successful in years. sparked by a group of talented sopho- mores who make Nebraska's future in track look bright, Coach Ed Weir' de- veloped a versatile squad that ran Over all opposition. Outstanding among the superb crop of sopho- mores Were Littler, Smutz, Hunt, and Brooks. Not only did Littler consist- ently Win the 60 yard dash and the 440 yard dash in dual meet competi- tion, but he equaled the American 300 yard record in the Illinois relays with a time of 31.2 seconds. Wibbels blossomed out as a fine shot-putter in the dual meet with Kansas State, de- feating the favored Hackney in the event. The Huskers climaxed the brilliant track season by winning the Big Six crown. The final results of the Big Six meet were: Nebraska 35 1f5g lVlissouri 32 112, Iowa State 20 1f5g Kansas State 19 1f2g Oklahoma 14 115, Kansas 10 2f5. An inter- esting sidelight on the Big Six meet WHS that the sophomores tallied 31 Points of the 35 1 f 5 total that gave Nebraska the victory. Littler Won the 60 Yard dash, the quarter mile, and ran anchor on the mile relay, the event that P1'0vided the margin of victory fm' the Huskers. Smutz captured the low hurdles and Hunt gained a first in the pole vault. Ye 19,3 The start f ' Misgomhi lust tae 150 llltlh lll1l'lllES . . . Loncsonic John Mnnski of 115 GY Z1I'l'1S Of kansas to win the niilc . . . Mnnski is in 1 fourth place as the 'l nn ' " . . - ' e SldllS out . . . Xtllllllillllll ol Kansas Stale Puts the shot. ,, K- 1 vttmx an 'umm f sy ly tx ipiIw!'vlfliiitmllNvl' 3 Q .. 1 I 1.1. ,I lil, , ,2g w,, , v wg - --f W... .---vv' .,W,.,,,- f 0 V, .J ,,. I I 2 M...-, . .- , 1 'mum Q Q -N all . W Wf4.:a..Z file? 133127912 ,-.,-.,,,.Tf.2 P32212 Hjggig wg! ,.,, ' ' .. ,..,,,K.,,., ---.:g.u4. 1"-my --1.-W..." .vp ,K H . . 'wwf Aki ' rf M- '-ef . .. -- .-.. .. I --M- . - - , M . Y -- , , 5 A 5 -- f ,W-...,,. .wwmh x.g.,,g-4 ..- ,, imm--..f -X. ... ..a,.?.' -W--H f - +I f - 'A Y ' ' ' .-1-sl M -f ,f ..-...-3-wfff-f""'M if , ....,..,.AM .M "'.'-' 'W' ,, .--- "' W .. an-.. .- -H-,.,,,,,. .--Q-i-........, .A . -1 , - .,,-., . L V M , .. M W g .lv .l Q M .Q , 1 Q ,- A U 1-. ...+..-.Q.. N .. - 8 N ..u -,-,gl - . ., -,L ff- , , N... W- .fm . - .-.,.. .?,,jQ'T.5':',3.1',j.--,..,,--f-' rl kg- -df A- -lpeivm-up - -QE' - 'H 1- .- I 'WIIMI G r . 1 F r I 1 2 Second Row: W. Edwards, P- Hagelina J' Agcrf R' Worden' F' Rodenbcck' Finn Row: F. Fairman, C. Roberts, N. Burdy, E. Peterson, L. Foster. I I Q Q ? Y j I X X S' - .. 1.-?'ilZl12lz05cj1v.G R. Tomna, W. Rumbolz. H. YValkup, A. Millikan, J. Adam, C. Seemzm. ' ' Cucklcf L- Clare, N- Copplc, E. McConnell, M. Kuska 3. E A , I r ' Y Y 5 , I l Q . 1 r! 1 a PII rl' "lac lg' C AMPERED b - . y a lack of r ' . tl , eturnin lt W1 1 a squad dpmlnated by Sophomoiese ICRIFEH, Coach Hagelin hegan the tank Year tl fi - ' . . IC rst individual win Nehra k h t ough sophomore Bill Edwards gained IVIIIIHCSOIS. took S a as th scored 3, . e seasonfs opener 53 to go Aft gfilngst tl1e Gophers SIIICG 1937, defeated Nehra ' ' Ska 111 tl1e H k . . , 1 - Sr os111U to C 1 the Cornhuskers wo G US ers lflltlal Conference meetio 0 Oradoi Kansas State H tl H l As the season progressed D ' ' 5 State- I u 1e1r rst victory from G n a final serles of dual meets Neb k rinnell after dropping o11e to Iowa bww arid Oklahoma, the latter b 1 7 T35 3 whipped Kansas, hut lost to Kansas ' ' . Y 3 C Ose scor 4. . Rildlig llziqtodllle final event' Nebraska gained, ailtig lilo, Elfter the meet Was deadlocked ce I1 - . . . P 111 every event exce tth 150 p ace in tl1e Bix Six meet as P 6 yard hackstroke and tl1e 4100 yard relay 4if 4 1'-f ,4 V, SQUAD PRACTICES START CONTINUOUS PRACTICE REQUIRED ON HOLDS ITH only four lettermen returning from last season's squad and with only a group of untried sophomores to draw from, Coach Jerry Adams' task for tl1e seaso11 was not an easy one. Veterans who returned were Kuska, Clare, Tomes, and Seeman. However, sophomores Copple, lVIcConnell, and Cockle saw considerable service dur- ing the season. Nine meets composed the regular schedule for this year. Following a loss 'to Iowa State Teachers in their opening meet, the Huskers journeyed east where they tangled in meets with Michigan State, Illinois, and Chicago. The first two were cl1alked up as losses, the latter as a win. Returning home, the hapless Huskers fell not only before Minnesota, but failed to win any of their remaining contests. Closing the season witl1 the Big Six wrestling championships at Ames, Nebraska succeeded in gaining fourth place in the conference. 'E ME' I 'l'ItAlVl RAL THE Department of Intramural Athletics, under the supervision of Harold Petz, is a part of the Athletic and Physical Education Department, es. tablished for the purpose of giving the mass of men students an opportunity to compete in 1-ecre. ative sports. A broad program is sponsored that includes competition for both organized and unor- ganized men. In each field of competition, appropriate awards are made. Fraternity champions in each sport re- ceive plaques, emblematic of those championships, for their permanent possession. Annually, the fraternity that has amassed the greatest number of points in all their intramural play receives the J ack Best Trophy. Current Winner of this trophy is Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Interest ran high in this year's intramural games. Setting a torrid pace, the Betas and the SAES were deadlocked in a tie for first place, each with 360 points at the halfway mark. Behind the leaders were the Phi Psis, Sigma Nus, and Phi Delts with 285, 275, and 265 points, respectively. The BCIHS grabbed an early lead in intramural competili0ll as they annexed the golf, tennis, and touch football crowns, only to see their impressive lead fade 35 the SAE's, after a slow start, Won the volley ball and water polo titles and began seriously threat- ening the Betas position at the top of the heap' The Betas defeated the Phi Delts for the golf Championship. After Winning the tennis title l1'0m the Delts, tl1e Betas humbled Farm House in the touch football finals. SAE won the championsh1pS in volley ball and water polo from the Phi P515 and Sigma Nus, respectively. F11 1'I1 1 House captured the Class A basketball Cll1'ml'i011Sl1ip and SAE won Class B. 'W' l l Pa, I' FALL SPURTS AND UHAMPIUNS BET'A'S Winning football team . . . Volley Ball championship Went to Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . D. U. and Kappa Sig battle for football laurels . . . S.A.E.'s on their way to success in volley ball . . . Osborne tosses pass for Sig Alphs . . . Sammies reached volley ball quarter-finals. E -!-1-vs-17 F., WET ,, 2? E513 lf! ,L ' ' ., ,MM .104 -1,3 , 7 ,- 2 2?-'I "W f1 Q QL K 11111111 1 11 11 1- 1111- Nlll' I111' XY'l1l'l' 1111111 1'11111111'l1l11111 1,1, l,,,11 I1 111111-x1-11 1111111 1'111l '11111 11'lllllN 1'11'1111p11111Q11111Q "1l 111111 . 1 K""7"'i"" , Liu E111 1 Q .1 , f ' f' .J ,.-W1w- - -3 'L FLQQ fl' if R v S.. mv ..- - Tv 4.1, , TW .IQ Q :Qf'1' 'Q 1115 1111111 111111111i1' 1111111 g1'1111l1y i111p1'0vQd the facilities for i11t1'z1111111'111 , 1 . . ' - ,710 111111 f11111111s. 1'111'111111'1y, 1l'2l1Gl'l1ltY 111111 1111z1fH1111te11 111611 111111 to 101111103 1 1 111 1111sfi1111 Huis" I111' their battles 1111 11i1fHC111t p111yi11g 561115. Tl1GHe11 11li1' 110111 is 1111'g,fe 1111o11ff11 to z1C1f111111110d'1te 111'111Y 01111165 played 51' .11 C '.2D 0 ' . . 11 H1111111511' so 111111 sports 111-111 11111111 111111 1111 11o111p1etG11 111 1121111111 time 101 ' 111211115 1111111110 Img. foot 11111 f' JK Jvfuwnwhw a X X 1 X X 1 x xx .xxx R 4.-,W "Nav, z.,M .4""'1a fr-s. if L' E 'L 'ffx ' ,Q 'R !"'v-swf,-106 N f mxj qw 4, 2 Qa ,Z ka 9 if WW nan' S I 3 i . l . , , Q . ' la' W, Film Raw: J' Hpihmn' C. Iilmllaulgi Lirilheii' IiinnElgyliriibilcluQlleliisEliofLaE5mlliislhbsslvillmegnelhg M. Stratton, M. Crandall. F IR ': ll. lla "lrn. . . . rumic. . . arm, - Q - ' ,: K ' '. ' ', - l . Tjiljlrljlkogilz M. j.1QHi:jTjX:i,.i YQ puuh. j. MgL.kf.yQ MQ Ha,-IZQ Agkey, J, MacA1l1steIp, F. Glnens, M. Martin, E. Kealy, L. Beers. ennis, K. Kellison. P. Pope, E. Linscott, D. Patterson Nliner, E M Small, H. Goodman, E. Blatny. .S I R . ll. l'l'l:lw. Nl. Xlullikvn. J. Wallace. M. .l. W cstcott, B- Gmsslllanf D I'il:icIlnl?nxa-,in L. Xlonljgnnu-ry, 5. Bvnnv-lt. J. Danielson. L- Alwily. C. Rausch, M. Lee, N. l . - CELEBRATES 40TH N 1900, the University of Nebraska granted a woman member a certificate of Physical Education and a college degree at the same time, thus becoming the first educational institution in America to do so. Since that time more than two hundred and fifty-three women have completed a major in Physical Education at this university, and many more have taken their minor in that department. The fortieth anniversary of the granting of the first certificate in Physical Educa- tion was celebrated this year by the Physical Education Department and the Physical Education Club, an organization for all Physical Education majors and minors. In addition to this celebration the club also sponsored social dancing for the university men and women, showed instructional films for the Physical Education Department, and held meetings when professional visitors Were in the city- striving to promote in general a professional spirit among Physical Education majors. The Physical Education Club was reorganized in September, 1938, after about four years of inactivity. Governing board of the organization is the Physical Education Club Council, composed of the oflicers and one representative from each of the four classes. Representatives are Josephine Heilman, Bernice Askey, Kathryn Kellison, and Leota Dennis. 7 7 OFFICERS ANMXERSARX GF P. E. HELEN GOODMAN ..... .........,.... ........ P f esident Q Q Q Q Q I-IUNIIZE BLATWY ...... ....... ' -P .11 f DI'.PAR'lNIP.Yl l me en Y DOH IS l'A'l"l'ERSON .... .... S ecrclary-Treasurer I'lIl.lCAL EIIUCATIUV or ll Pig' lm Page 5 100 Pm A'-Rin X, Second Row: B. Pierce, J. Carnahan D. Putter 1rLRow .I Cook M Kidd D Sssoboda J Hoo ei HE W.A.A. sports board is composed of girls who manage the individual sports in intramural competition. Members work with the W.A.A. Council in directing the various tournaments. This year the schedule was changed so that tournaments take place during the entire year. Raymond Hall was the winner of the first tournament this season-soccer baseball. Deck tennis honors were taken by the Independents, and Gamma Phi Beta won the neirt two events-Nebraska ball, and bowling. Other sports include ping pong, basketball, swimming, baseball, archery, and tennis ACH fall W.A.A. presents a placque to the sorority highest in intramural competition during the previous season. This year Delta Gamma won the coveted award, second high honors went to Delta Delta Delta. A full schedule of inter-sorority and barb sports is sponsored by the lntfamufal Board. Major tournaments are held at five oiclock on week days in the gym, and minor games are arranged by the contenders. Outstanding players are selected at the close of each tournament and meet to play in all varsity game Third Rows S. Shaw, J. Shaw, L. Ericson, L. Luttgcli, D- Allen' . V . , i second Raw- L M fa,-11 E Elias T Bcrtclson M Donnelly, G- 51211101-B'0"n PURT BUARD I TRAM RAL BUARD . . ans , 4 , . 7 ' - ' ' ' First Row: J. Mickcv. J. Tinker L. Kicnker, M. Rosborough, B- Schroeder' l lrnlcnpuvlm- flnnc III, Linghl . . . Wil. calvin fin' iw-f'l:'.llim1 . . . Swim- ming laugh! in 1'UllN1'lll1l ...llnnlingl prnr'li1'4'1l . . . Xl:-ve-.1 fur spnrls fvrnnl Xl:-lnminl llgill . . . lfngg- li-I1 Illillif' plnywl. , , r v F 7 l , N thc spring and fall many girls relax at the W-A-A ' I ' l cnhin which is located nine miles northeast of the Cillllljklsi l 0 'Il 1 on picnics or overnight hikes. Light and water facilitlif l l have heen installed making it of modern convenience. 11 15 he1'5 open for use by any women students 01' faculty mem ,- . . 'al with the payment of a small nommal fee to COVC1 gellel expenses ol the upkeep. iiil Hilti? h A rw X V s fx 5. E3sEsl mums ALL W, . men are required to participate in a certain amount of athletics. Thes ' - C EICUV ' ' . . . IUGS lnclude dancing, tennis, golf, archery, baseball, soccer, swim- min gt volley hall and numerous other sports. By far the most popular afftiviti . . . . . es are those which students select to voluntarlly partlcipate in for extr . - a currlcular enjoyment. .W l e 19- Zim! QMM P X TUDENTS are organized in social, p1'ofessi0lli1l and hOllO1'E1l'y fraterllities. The strength of social f1'ate1'11itie5 lies in the f1'Z1tC1'llEi1iSHl, boarcl and room offered to members. P1'OfCSSiOI1E11S and hon- X Ol'il1'iPS are llll1'll1l'Cd by the University. Ii ,XXX XX ffwx K f XX X ,rf xx W 'XX ,jf x , ff' ff' X x I, ' I ,f ,ff 1 ff X J X ff' , wx 1 .X-ff 'rx K ,-X 3 j f 'X XXXSS-fx-gg yy xy xg 4 x x Ng 11601 'Nutt' 'virvh . 11, 4,1 W, , 5 Zia cf ., . ', , div! df , guy A W A V X 9 X Q6 Q M " -M. ,W M . -.,':t,wx wf,m'v,fv' Qfgw ff , mx Tlifi Rn,-1 J, Dm-ia. F, Cnufal, W, Mowbray, V. Rawalt, R. Carlson, P. Grant, R. Rothwell. D Sflrnlnl Rim: Lvl- I,iggf-it, E. S1-grist, T. Shaffer, Wade Raiser, E. Bauer, H. Dold, J. Nottlemann, Friedel. I I F XVI f' J F kforu-r R. Pillsbury, M. Hawks, R. deBrown, S. Kahn, E. Lof. L lfmfr Run: I". .m'II1-Iv, ,. if-v, .. . ran y y OFFICERS MANLEY HAWKS-Alpha Sigma Phi... RICHARD DaRROWN-Rata Theta Pi .... ROBERT P1LLsRURYHBata Theta Pi... ROBERT MILLER-Phi Kappa Psi .... MEMBERS ACACIA ............... .............. ALPHA GAMMA RHO .... .......... ALPHA SIGMA PHI ..... ALPHA TAU OMEGA .... BETA SIGMA PSI .... BETA THETA PI ..... CHI PHI .............. DELTA TAU DELTA .... DELTA UPSILON ..... FARM HOUSE ..... KAPPA SIGMA ......... PHI DELTA THETA .... PHI GAMMA DELTA .... PHI KAPPA PSI ........ PHI SIGMA KAPPA ..... PI KAPPA ALPHA ......... SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ..... SIGMA ALPHA MU .... SIGMA CHI .............. SIGMA NU ............ SIGMA PHI EPSILON. . . THETA XI ............. ZETA BETA TAU ..... GREEK REPRESENTATIVES GOYERN FRATERNITIES INTEIIFIMTEII ui cotton . . . . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . .Treasurer . . . .Elton Wiley . . . .Harley Dold . .. ...Edward Lof . . Francis Loetterle . . . . . . Charles Otto . . . .Jerald Davis . . . . . .Ed Segrist . . . . . .Dow Wilson . . . ...Wade Raser Roger Cunningham . . Robert Rothwell . . . . . .John Goetze . . . . . . .Phil Grant . . . . ...Lee Liggett .Raymond Carlson . .William Randall . . . . . .Tom Shaffer . . . . .Sidney Kalill . . . .Francis Coufal .William Mowbray . . . . .Verne Rawalt . . .John Nottelmall . . . Leonard Friedel N The , Interfraternity Council regulates all matters pertaining I0 .ebraska s social fraternities. Highly successfuly in accomplishing ll1l5 flllllculttask, the Council has at the same time been an inlluential fact01' m l'euer1'lg the relations among its twenty-live Greek-letter members. FII 9 I 9 2 1 I 4 I l ,ge 195 Plas 197 4 ,XL PA HELLE OFFICERS MISS MARGUERITE KLINKER PHYLLIS HURST .... .........Chairman JEANNETTE CLAYTdN .i .. .. .i .a ....... ............ P resident . . . . Secretary-Treasurer ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS Miss Marguerite Klinker I Mrs Dale Bo les Miss Hortense Allen M' i Y Miss Gertrude Beers Miss Eleanor Berner iss Jeannette Clayton Miss Phyllis Hurst Mrs. Phillip Schmelkin MEMBERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA. . ALPHA OMICRON PI. . ALPHA PHI .......... ALPHA XI DELTA .... CHI OMEGA .......... DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA ....... GAMMA PHI DELTA .... KAPPA ALPHA THETA .... KAPPA DELTA ............. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ..... PHI MU .................. ...Q sn. Q. -. PI BETA PHI ............ SIGMA DELTA TAU .... SIGMA KAPPA ...... .--..-.-.- . . . - - . . . . - . . . . 1 . . . Q . .Rachel Diller, Arlene Grandmougin . . .Dorothy Heumann, Marian Miller Eleanor Berner, Doris Marie Poellot . .Annette Biernbaum, Harriet Wood Gloria Hanson, Marguerite Hornung Gertrude McArthur, Martha Whelan . . . . . . . . Betty ,Io Koehler, Janet Lau . . . .Betty Gibson, Maxine Wertman . . . . . Gweni-th Orr, Dorothy Swisher . . .Marion Stone, Dorothy Swoboda . . . .Dorothy Campbell, Jean Woods . . .Kathryn Donovan, Eleanor Veith . . . .Margaret Owen, Charlotte Stahl . . . . .Sylvia Nelson, Shirley Polsky . . . .Frances Brown, Helen Higgens We, the fraternity undergraduate members, stand for good scholar- ship, for the guardians of good health, for wholesome cooperation with our college's ideals for student life, for the maintenance of fine social standards, and serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Third Row: Marguerit H g G1 H F B D ly H N 11 Marion Stone, Rachel Dll , Second Row: Helen Higg K y D El V th, Anne Blefllh D G ' h O El B -. . , -1...i.,.-l. IC UUU UIL LIP COUNCIL MAINTAINS SORORITY STANDARDS Arlene Grandmo g ly S h r, Marjorie Fy wenxt rr eanor Lower Rows Peggy West, Betty Gibson, Dorothy Campbell, -lean Woods, Jeannette Clayton, Owen, Gertrude McArthur. Harriett Wood, Margaret U l ACACIA, original- ly a Masonic club for college men, was incorporated under its present name in 1904 at Ann Arbor, Michi- gan. The Nebraska chapter was estab- blished in the same year, At present there are twenty-five undergraduate chapters and over ten thousand members. Originally membership was limited to Masons, but because the average age of men entering col- lege falls below the age required for entrance in- to Masonry, this limitation was lifted to include any man who is a Mason, son or brother of a Mason, or vouched for by two Masons. Only those in this category are eligible for initiation. Though not strictly limited to Masons, the fraternity still rests upon the Masonic ideals with which it was founded. ' Cny Williams, President 0 63615 Among the traditions of the Nebraska Chapter are its biennial Bowery Ball, the annual Found. ei-'s day banquet in early February, the May Morning- breakfast, and the Mother,s Day ban. quet. Over all these social functions presides Acaciais beloved Mother Brown, who this year completed her twenty-seventh year of association with the chapter. Acacia is proud to claim her as its own, and is deeply indebted to her for what she has done. Other social functions are the for- mal dance, held in place of the Bowery Ball every other year, a party given by the pledges forthe activesg one given by the actives for the pledges, and an annual Christmas party at which presents are exchanged among the members. Among Acacians prominent on the campus this year are the editor of the Daily Nebraskan, a member of the Innocents Society, two members of Kosmet Klub, the Kosmet Klub's uPrince Kos- metw, two members of the National Staff of Per- shing Bifles, the president of the Varsity Band, and two members on the Cornhusker staff. Who is behind the "eight ball" OI pass 11- v Pu' ls V ACTIVES DAVID CRAMER, '41 North Platte WARDEN DALTON, '42 McCook WILLIAM HASTINGS, '42 Newman Grove HARRIS LARSON, '40 Newman Grove RICHARD LEVERTON, '42 Lincoln JAMES MCDOUGAL, '41 Tecumseh GORDON MILLIGAN, '40 McCook JAMES MINNICK, '41 Cambridge RICHARD MORSE, '41 Lincoln WILLIAM MORTON, '42 Lincoln HAROLD NIEMANN, 40 Nebraska City LOUIS OUREN, '42 Omaha HAROLD PATTERSON, '41 York ELBERT ECHMIDT, no RAE s1MoNsoN, no Broken Bow BURTUEJ THIEL, '42 lIlIlf07l. KEITH VAN NESTE, '41 Anselmo P42109 Top Row: R. Bloomingdale, G. Chambers, D. Cramer, W. Dalton, W. Dean. Second Row: R. Douglas, M. Eastman, W. Hastings, D. Hecox, C. James. Third Row: V. Kleppinger, R. Leverton, R. Lindberg, J. McDougal, L. Miller. Fourth Row: H. Minnick, R. Morse, W. Morton, M. Nelsen, H. Niemann. F P lt E S hmidt R Simonson R Slemmons Filth Row: L. Ouren, H. Patterson, . e on, . .c , . , . . Sixth Row: J. Smith, B. Thiel, K. Van Neste, R. White, E. Wiley, G. Williams. lst Semester GUY WILLIAMS. . . JAMES McDOUGAL ..... LOUIS OUREN ..... ,. BURTON THIEL. .. OFFICERS .Vice-President. . . . .Secretary. . . . .Treasurer .... . 2nd Semester .JAMES MCDOUGAL . .Presiu'ent. . . .. . . .WILLIAM HASTINGS .GUY WILLIAMS . . . .DAVID CRAMER ELTONL WILEY, 41 incoln GUY WILLIAMS, vu Omaha ' I PLEDGES RICHARD RECKWITII, '42 Cen trol City R. RLOOMINGDALE, '42 Nelzraxlm City JAMES RORDWELL, '43 South Sioux Cilv GLEN CHAMBERS, '41 Minalare WILLIAM DEAN, '41 York ROBERT ILQOUGLAS, '43 ozad MCKIE EASTMAN, '43 Yunlclon, South Dakon CLARENCE JAMES, '42 Springville, Iowa VAL KLEPPINGER, 42 David City RICHARD LLINDBERG, '43 incoln HARVEY MINNICK, '40 Cambridge MARVIN NELSEN, '40 Uehling FREDRICK PELTON, '43 Lincoln CHARLES SLAGLE, '42 Shubert JAMES SMITH, '40 Albion JA .,'3:,, tftx E25 , .ffit 4 'ti A 1 ,Q S, LM . :vnu-...--5 Il .i ! l 5 1, l l 1, l 3 1 4 A L P H A C h i Omega held a na- tional convention last summer at Seigniory Club, Montibella, Prov- ince of Quebec, Canada, proving the international scope of their organization. Seven members from Xi chapter at Nebraska attended the convention stop- ping at Beekman Tower, Panhellenic headquar- ters in New York, on the return trip, Last spring one of their sophomore actives was chosen Best Dressed Girl on the Campus. The Alpha Chi's furnished a freshman and a junior attendant to the May Queen. For the second con- secutive year the pledges won the Coed Penny Carnival Cup with their c'lVIatchmakers,' Booth. Kept husy working on publications are several memhcrs of the Cornhusker and the Daily Ne- - wi if Elegy braskan staffs. Other girls who wear the lyre pin are the secretary of the Agricultural Board, the vice-president of Coed Counselors, and the chair- man of the Vesper Staff. One of their number is a member of Student Council. Two of the Pan- hellenic scholarships awarded this year were won by Alpha Chi's. In January, Xi chapter held its annual winter formal at the Cornhusker, This fall the mem- bers added to their reputation for giving success- ful house parties. They had two parties, one using the theme of an ultra-modern nite club- the Town Tripper, and the other a Snow Frolic, complete to an Igloo. The alumnae banquet and the senior breakfast are also important events on the Alpha Chi social calendar. In the ranks of Alpha Chi' alumnae are Dorothy Thompson, famous newspaper woman, president of the third largest branch of A.A.U.W. in the United States, several novelists, and a singer in the Metropolitan Opera Company. :l'i . f ' . , I1 s sn llllllf 0 Rachel Dlller, Presldent . Class at nine ,lg ACTIVES EEN ARMSTRONG, no EL St. Paul BETTY BACIPIMAN, '41 Omu a PAULINE BARTA. '40 Linco Il JANE BIRD, '42 Scottsbluff MARIAN BOYER, '40 Deadwood, South Dakota CAROLE BROWN, '42 Beaver City CATHERINE BULLOCK, '40 Lincoln MARY BULLOCK, '41 Lincoln MARION COOPER, '40 Deadwood, South Dakota EVA MAE CROMWELL, '41 Seward RACHEL DILLER, '41 Diller BETTY EGINTON, '41 Paxton EIIINOR EISENHART, '40 Culbertson A. GRANDMOUGIN, '40 Lincoln BETTY GREEN, '42 Lincoln PAT GRISWOLD, '42 Lincoln ELINOR IIAKANSON, '40 incoln JEAN IIOLTZ, f42 incoln JO HOYT, '40 Corning, Iowa ELAINE JORDAN, '42 Lincoln JANE JORDAN, '42 Gordon MARION IQRGENSEN, '42 BETTY KUHNS, '41 Be'95l0Vd, South Dakota PHYLLIS LONG, '42 Grand Island NANCYLMAUCK, '42 incoln BETTY MEYERS, '42 A matare PRC 291 I ir Tvp Row: M. Adams, E. Armstrong, B. Bachman, P. Barra, J. B d Second Row: M. Boyer, C. Brown, C. Bullock, M. Bullock, R. Con Th Cp C ll D11 B 't EE'ht RITA RIST, '40 Ilnrnltolrlt ALICE SVOBODA, '42 Lincoln J.UCJI,J,E THOMAS, '41 Lincoln ANN VAN DENBARK, '40 .-llarno, T,-Xu, MARXLI. W'ES'l'GO'I"I', 40 -oath .Sioux Lily O PLEDGES MARY LEE ADAMS, '43 Ogallala RUTH CONKLIN, '42 Hulrltell VIRGINIA GOMPERT, '43 tultcltell FRANCES GREEN, '43 Valley FAYE IRWIN, '41 Fullerton VIRGINIA LONG, '43 Grand Island PAT MCNAMARA, '43 llliarni, Florida LILLIAN MINOR, '43 Mcrlicine Hat, Alberta, Canada BETTY NICHOLS, '41 Valley KATHRYN PARK, E43 CONNIE IEATHBURN, '43 MARTHA REED, 143 BETH SCHROEDER, ,43 Mitchell RUTH sLOss, T43 North Bend PHYLLIS SMITH, '41 Duluth, Minnesota JEAN STURDEVANT, '43 Lincoln GLORIA SWANSON, '43 incoln MARY THORLEY, '43 Springview RUTH WALLACE, '41 Lexington LILLIAN WIND, '43 Lincoln ird Row: M. 00 er, E. romwe , R. i er, . Egm on, . 'ISCH Fourth Row: V. Gompert, A. Grandmougin, B. Green, F. Green, P. G ld. Fifth Row: E. Hakanson, J. Holtz, .l. Hoyt, F. Irwin, E. Jordan. Sixth Row: J. Jordan, M. Jorgensen B. Kuhns, P. Long, V. Long. Seventh Row: P. McNamara, N. Mauck, L. Minor, B. Myers, B. Nic Eighth Row: K. Park, C. Rathburn, M. Reed, R. Rist, B. Schroeder. Ninth Row: R. Sloss, P. Smith, J. Sturdevant, G. Swanson, P. Taylor. Tenth Row: L. Thomas, M. Thorley, A. Van Denbark, R. Wallace, M. Westcott C"'IA'vQ OFFICERS ,ttf RACHEL DILLER. . . . . . ............ . ....... .President ,Til if ELLEN ANN ARMSTRONG. . . . . .... . Vice-President 5.51, - . .' f, RITA RIST ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... . . .Secretary ij, . . . . Treasurer C' ' - ELINOR EISENHART .... Quinn... , Q fl P 4gfiQ :'Qi tif , 4 5, mf 355 ' f ig t f N A.'4"ff?'5iv"5f5 ii G' if Ha' a I I 1 ,Q 51 .f if Vk Q, , ALPHA Gamma ' ii 9 Rho members will 4 'A V ' h 't 1 , . ff,,,'S,t ,f5,gy, A look to t e Capl a ,L af- il city with interest, as i?-fg7,e',t.1?y . , N f A! ' . . f Q . 1 it is the scene of 5. their biennial na- ' Q tional convention. Alpha Theta Chap- ter of Maryland is the host for the convention, marking the thirty- sixth anniversary of Alpha Gamma Rho's found- ing on the Ohio State campus. Delegates from thirty-two chapters will attend the conclave. In campus activities Alpha Gamma Rho has the vice-president and two members in the Corn Cobs, one member of Kosmet Klub, president of the Agricultural Executive Board, Farmers' Fair manager, and editor, business and circulation managers of the Cornhusker Countryman. Other activities of Alpha Gamma Rho members are membership on the Point Board, Varsity Dairy Club, Block and Bridle, Sigma Tau, Alpha Zeta, and Cornhusker Countryman staff. Also, the A.G.Rfs have the president and treasurer of the 9 lfelwili Ronsvk, Presirlmn 0 if ummm 6. University 4-H Club, president and seven mem. bers of Cornhusker Poultry Science Club, presi. dent and four members of Tri-K, vice-president and two other members of Gam ma Lambda. Scholastically, Alpha Gamma Rho ranked second among all the fraternities. Membership in Alpha Gamma Rho is restricted to students interested in agriculture and related subjects. The fraternity was founded in the fall of 1904 at Ohio State University. In 1906, the Delta Rho Sigma fraternity was organized at Illinois University. Both groups were organized because it was felt that a social fraternity com- posed of agricultural students could offer more to its members than a general social fraternity, and on April 4, 1908, the two local organizations united to form Alpha Gamma Rho, which now has thirty-two chapters in the United States. The first week in April saw a double celebra- tion for Alpha Gamma Rho actives and alumni, as they celebrated the founding of the organiza- tion at their annual spring party and also cele- brated a Founder's Day banquet. The party Was held April 6, and the banquet on April 7. p Why did we forget those top coats ACTIVES RUSSELL BEINS, '40 Aurora MERRITT BOONE, '41 Fairbury ' BRODRICK, '40 Fairfield REX BROWN, '40 Geneva DWIGHT CHERRY, '42 Cortland LYLE CLARK, '41 McCool Junction FLOYD COLEY, '41 Pilgcr LEO COOKSLEY, '41 Broken Bow EARLE COX, '41 Uconto RAYMOND CRAWFORD, '42 Alliance DONALD CROSIER, '40 St. Edward HARLEY DOLD, '40 Maywood WALLACE FAUSCH, '42 Guide Rock KEITH GILMORE, '41 Callaway CLARE GLANDON, '40 Wilcox FLOYD HANSMIRE, '42 Fairbury V. KERSCHBERGER, '41 Hay Springs WILLIAM KIESTER, '40 Hemingford GLENN IEOVANDA, '41 xeter CHARLES LINDGREN, '42 Campbell VICTOR MCCLURE, '40 Lincoln OTTO PFEIFFER, '41 Elkhorn RUSSEL PFEIFF ER, '40 Elkhorn LESTE? REID, '40 wanton EDWIN ROUSEK, '40 Burwell JOHN iCHICK, '42 urtis ORIN SCHNIEDER, '41 Hallam HAROLD SCHUDEL, '40 North Loup EUGENQE SHAW, '40 ostwick FRANK SNHIIPMAN, '40 WILLIS LSKRDLA, '41 ewitt MILLARD STANEK, '41 Walthill Pl!! 203 Top Row: R. Beins, M. Boone, S. Bridenbaugh, B. Brodrick, Rl. 'R. Brown, D- Campbell- Second Row: L. Cherry, L. Clark, F. Coley, L. Cooksley, E. Cox, R. Crawford. Third Row: D. Crosier, H. Dold, H. Fausch, K. Gilmore, C. Glundon. Fourth Row: F. Hansmire, C. Hermanson, V. Kcrchberger, W. Klester, G. Kovanda. Fifth Raw ra . Lindgren,'V. McClure, . Marc , K. Palmer. s W. K 1, C C D Y Sixth Row: J. Paulson, O. Pfeiffer, R. Pfeiffer, L. Rexd, R. Renmck. k R R p I Schick O Sclmelder Seventh Row: D. Roth, E. Rouse , . u P, - ' . - - Eighth Row: H. Schudel, D. Sewell, E. Shaw, H. Sxlvey, W. Skrdla. Ninth Row: M. Stanek, R. Steele, G. Thacker, W. Thaoker, E. Thor. V A T bl S T E V B 'g P V Neste G. Weedman. Tenth Row: . rim e, . ryon, . an oerun, . an , DONALD STEEL, '42 Valley GLENN TIIACKER, '40 Daxuxon WENDELL THACKER, '41 DKHIKYOIL ERIC THOR, '40 Sltllllllll ARCH 'l'RlAllll.E, '41 Cullzvnlturg EDGAR VAN BOENINC, '-ll Uluwlz ill CAR ROI . VOSS, 'Al l KL'tIfltt'j' . PLIQDGES DUANIC REERE, '42 Nurlll Bend S. BRIDENBAUGH, '43 Ilulilrarrl GARLYN CAMPBELL, '43 Sargent LA VERNE CURRY, '42 Tvcurnsclz M. HERMANSON, '43 Curnpbcll CREIGHTON KRAL, '42 Bluden. MAXTON LAUGHLIN, '43 Gcring ENGAA RD LYNN. '40 Minden CHARLES MARCY, '43 Hay Springs JOHN MECHAM, '43 Grand Island EDGAR OCKERMAN, '42 Lincoln KENNETH PALMER, '42 Red Cloud .IACK PAULSON, '43 Q Valley MEREDITH RENNICK, '41 Pilger DONALD ROTH, '43 Hayes Canter ROBERT RUPP, '40 Aurora DONALD SEWELL, '40 South Sioux City HARRY SILVEY, '42 York FOSTER SMITH, '43 Callaway D. TITTERINGTON, '43 Lincoln STANLEY TRYON, '43 Rushville PHILIP VAN NESTE, '43 Anselmo DEAN WALDO, '43 DeWitt GEORGE WEEDMAN, '43 North Platte F'--fx OFFICERS ' '-A. EDWIN ROUSEK ................. ........ P resident flnqlj KEITH GILMORE ............... .... V ice-President HAROLD SCHUDEL .... ....... S ecretary 'Q HARLEY DOLD ...... ---- T fefmffef To the heaty swin- copations of a col- ' r ored orchestra, the 1 -, fb af 1, , members of Alpha T3 r i jg Omicron Pi and r r if tl ,. their guests danced l P l at a Harlem Hot AM-A--H-H' Spot house party last fall. More at- mosphere was supplied by huge silhouettes of Harlem high life which appeared on all avail- able wall space. ln a more formal mood, ,mem- bers of Alpha Omicron Pi were hosts to the cam- pus at their annual dance, January 20, at the Lincoln Hotel. Founderis Day calls for celebra- tion among sorority members and alumnae an- nually in December. Since its founding in 1903, Zeta chapter has been prominent in campus activities. This year members have been active in Y.W.C.A., Coed Counselors, Home Economics Club, Lincoln Ca- thedral Choir, and R.O.T.C. Sponsors Club. Last Ivy Day AOPi won third place in the inter-soror- ity sing and was represented in the Court of the ' N4-Il ' r - '--Q . . ' ll l" H' I " ' Nl' 'll ' Nloral ol thc story- 1159 Lifel, May Queen. A Zeta member served as treasurer of Tassels, women's pep organization. Recog. nized for scholarship, a member of Zeta received a Panhellenic scholarship and another's efforts were rewarded with a Phi Beta Kappa Key. Five girls from Nebraska's chapter met with representatives from the forty-eight other Amer- ican and Canadian chapters of AOPi at the bi- ennial convention, Which Was held last summer at the Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California. Zeta Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was estab- lished on the Nebraska campus October 24, 1903. An endorsement fund of sixty thousand dollars is maintained to assist chapters in building houses. Two fellowships are awarded annually, one is given to a member of the sorority and the other goes to a graduate of a university where a chap- ter of Alpha Omicron Pi is located. Alpha Omicron Pi is justly proud of its famous alumnae among Whom are the only Women Muni- cipal .ludge in the United States, the national president of Theta Sigma Phi, journalism honor- ary, and of the very promising protege of the late Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink. ouy asf turf astra- uf tlfrlitlf AGTTVES BETTY BURQNER, 141 Falls City BETTY CLARKE, 41 Lincoln MARY CRITES, '41 Omaha LIZABETH DIETZE, '41 E Lincoln HELEN EVERSMAN, '41 julcsburg, Colorado VIRGINIA FRANKLIN, '42 Council Bluffs, Iowa JEAN HUMPHREY, '42 Lincoln JOSEPHINE LEY, '40 Wayne NELLE LIPPITT, '40 Meatioille, Missouri MARIELLEN MARKO, '40 Beatrice MARIAN MILLER, '42 Lincoln MARY NEUMAN, '42 Chappell JANE PRATT, '41 Omaha VIRGINIA RAPP, '41 Omaha JEAN SANDERS, '40 Superior PATRICIA SLATTERY, '42 Lincoln DORISLSMITH, '40 incoln LUCILLE STEPANEK, '42 Omaha JEAN SUNDELL, '41 Wakejield MARY SWEENEY, '40 Lincoln DORISLYOTGT, '42 RUTH WILBUR, '40 Lincoln RUTH gOIiIRD, '41 45, Top Row: M. Beckman, J. Brauer, B. Burgner, M. Cekal, L. Chant. Second Row: B. Clarke, M. Crites, E. Dietze, H. Eversman, V. Franklin. Third Row: E. Harding, D. Heumunn, M. Hoppert, J. Humphrey, P. Johnston. Fourth Row: D. Latsch, J. Ley, N. Lippitt, L. McLaEerty, M. Marko. Fifth Row: D. Marshall, M. Miller, J. Mulder, M. Neuman, P. Opper. Sixth Row: M. Pickering, J. Pratt, V. Rapp, P. Rosenbaum, J. Sanders. Seventh Row: J. Shaw, P. Slattery, M. Staah, E. Steinhauer, L. Stepanek. Eighth Row: J. Sundell, M. Sweeney, D. Voigt, R. Wilbur, R. Yourd. OFFICERS NELLE LIPPITT. . . ..... . . ........ ......... P resident RUTH WILBUR . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---. ViC9'Pfe5Wle"f BETTY ANN CLARKE ..... ....... S ecretary Treasurer BETTY BURGNER ....... ---'- PLEDCES MARCIA RUECKM.-KN, '42 Lincoln 'JUNE RRAUER, '43 Omaha MARCA R ET CEKAL. '43 IJIICOIII LORAINE CIIANT, '43 S'U'Kf-Y. South Dakota EULA IIARDINC, '-ll Pivrrv. South Dakota DOROTHY I-IEUMANN, '42 SUIUIIIII MARGARET HOPPERT, '43 Lincoln MAISIE IMIC, '43 Seward PAULINE JOHINSTON, '43 DOROTIIIY LATSCH, '43 incoln LUCY McIbAFFERTY, '43 rnaha DORIS MARSHALL, '43 Weeping Water JEAN MULDER, '43 Lincoln PEGGY GPPER, '43 Lincoln MARTHA PICKERING, '43 incoln P. ROSENBAUM, '43 Harvard JANET SHAW, '43 Omaha EDNA SIGGINS, '42 Cody, Wyoming MARJORIE STAAB, '40 Lincoln ELAINE STEINHAUER, '43 Council Bluffs, Iowa ' 1 :lg 1.24, . .7 1.5, , 9' Enom ALPHA Phi retain- ed its position in social events this year by holding the first formal of the season at the Corn- husker Hotel the - night after the Mili- tary Ball. A Week ,. 2. N-14-LKf,,...av' ',-. 1 later in the Georgian room of the Cornhusker they gave a dinner party for their dates, Whom they were escorting to the Mortar Board Party. Earlier in the fall they rounded up all of their friends and held a dude ranch house party. Nu's pledges have won many honors for the silver and bordeau in the University Riding Club. One of them won first place in the Horse Show last spring, and this year she is president of the organization. Four other members took top hon- ors in the same show. Alpha Phi is active in other sports, having won fourth place in Intra- murals last year. The wearers of the Phi pin maintain high scholarship, numbering two Phi ' Doris Mario Pocllot. President 01,1 the limelight M1 M' Beta Kappas and five on the honor roll as an. nounced at the Honor's Convocation last spring. Last lVlay an Alpha Phi was introduced as one of the eight beauty queens, and on Ivy Day an. other acted as page in the court of the May Queen. One sister had the distinction of presenting her junior musical recital in her sophomore year. Five Alpha Phi members are coed Cotmselors, and others participate in Y.W.C.A., A.W.S., and the freshman cabinet. One member is a feature writer on the Daily Nebraskan, and another sings in the Lincoln Cathedral Choir. Honorary organ- izations listed in the fraternity are as follows: Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Omicron, Vestals of the Lamp, and Pi Epsilon Delta. Still another Alpha Phi is vice-president of the student govern- ing body, Student Council. 4 Alpha Phi was founded on the Nebraska cam- pus in 1906, by thirteen girls calling themselves the uLucky Thirteenv. During the World WHT, the Alpha Phis supported a foyer for Women work- ers at Rouen, France. It consisted of a cafe, a recreation room, and gym. ' Play it again I Z Q Q F J l I 4 ruff, P-HU use 20" ACTIVES OROTHY ASKEY, '42 D Lincoln IEAN BAKER, 441 ' Lincoln BARBARA BEERMAN, '42 Lincoln IJHYLLIS BEERMAN, '41 Lincoln BE'1'TY'BENs0N, 442 Lincoln G. BERGGREN, '41 Wahoo ELEANOR BERNER, '41 Onzaha HARRIET BOWMAN, '42 Lincoln ELEANOR BOYD,' 41 Lincoln MARION BREMERS, '41 Omaha DONNA BULLIS, '41 Norfolk RUTH CHAPMAN, '42 Aurora MARY LOU DALY, '41 Cambridge MARION DOBNEY, '42 Norfolk HELEN GARTNER, '42 Lincoln MARJORIE GRIESS, '41 Lincoln MARGARET GRICGS, '42 Buffalo, Wyoming BETTY GROTH, '41 Lincoln DORIS HALLSTED, '41 Crawford JEAN HUGHES, '40 Seward GENEVIEVEV JIOHNSON, '40 MARY FRAN KIER, '42 incoln BETTY LAMPHERE, '41 LIL LUTTGEN, '40 Wichita, Kansas , FLORENEE MOLL, '42 incoln JEAN MORGAN, '40 Hay Springs IANICE MORRISON, '42 Lincoln DORIS POELLOT, '41 Coleridge . PAT PRIME, '41 Omaha RUZANNEOPLIRDHAM, '41 ma la MARY RHODES, '41 Osceola 44 a Pig! QW " iw vita, . 4 V' ,A I ' ' 2' ' .. 'ff I, Vi? va ' 2 A , ' -M . Q , .N 3 t g., , h V - A' . , Hg. ,il Y , dv' ,Q I, Qi A , i v , :V 7? ..,'. g, ' , ' rgwg ,mx K I I I Top Row: D. Askey, H. Baker, J. Baker, M. Bauer, A. L. Becker, B. Beerman. Second Rows P. Beerman, B. Benson, G. Berggren, E. Berner, M. Bird, H. J. Bowman. Third Row: E. Boyd, M. Bremers, D. Bullis, V. Chambers, R. Chapman, J. Christie. Fourth Row: J. Cummins, M. L. Daly, M. Dobney, H. Gartner, M. Goodrich, M. Griggs. Fifth Row: B. Groth, N. Halligan, D. Hallsted, H. Hedelund, S. Heldt, P. Herminghaus. Sixth Row: B. Hodgman, J. Hughes, G. Johnson, M. Kani, M. F. Kier, Y- KOIIF- Seventh Row: B. Lamphere, L. Luttgen, F. Moll, J. Moon, J. Morgan, J. Morrison. Eighth Row: M. Patton, D. M. Pocllot, P. Prime, B. Purdham, R. Purdham, M. R.. Rhodes. Ninth Row: M. Rivett, B. Rohrbaugh, H. Shurtlell, M. A. Stryson, P. Taylor, D. Tipton. ' M F W'I P. Wilson, E. Winslow. Tenth. Row: V. Way, B. L. Wentz, . . xson, OFFICERS , DORIS MARIE POELLOT ......... ....... 1 ...President JEAN MORGAN ............... ..... V ice-President GERTRUDE BERGGREN ..... ........ S ecrclary ELEANOR BERNER ........ ---- T fwwfvf R IC'I'TY ROI I R ROUCII, '41 Lincoln IIOLLY SIII7R'I'I.IfI:I", '42 Lincoln l'IlYl.I.l5'I'AYl.OR,'-10 Lincoln B Ii'I"l'Y LOU WI'1N'I'Z,'-12 Lincoln MARY WILSON, '-II Lincoln i31,15ANo1z wlwsrow, '40 Lincoln I PLEDCES IIILIJICCAIIIIIC BAKl'IR,' 43 Lurlrx MARCELLA BAUER, '43 Ulnnlru ALICE L. BACIKER, '43 Lincoln MARY BIRD, '43 Scollxlnlulj VIRGINIA CIIIAMIIERS, '43 Lincoln JEAN Cl'lRlS'I'lE, '43 Omalru .IANE CUMMINS, '42 Seward MARILYN COODRICII, '43 Dclroil, llliclrigan NANCY HALLIGAN, '43 Lincoln IIARRIET IIEDELUND, '43 Omolra SHIRLEY I-IELDT, '43 Scottsbluff PAT IIERMINGIIAUS, '43 Lincoln BARBARA IIODCMAN, '43 Lincoln MARION KANI, '43 Omaha JANET MOON, '43 Lincoln PRISCILLA MOSELEY, '43 Lincoln MARION PATTON, '43 Lincoln BETTY PURDHAM, '43 Omaha MARJORIE RIVETT, '43 Omaha MARY STRYSON, '43 Seward DOROTHY TIPTON, '43 Omaha VIRGINIA WAY, '41 Wahoo PAT WILSON, '43 Omaha XY' ' V f . .X I N- ' NM? K F, V S.. -i 4, ifwi , is f'f.+'2 f'7""'i3? ' -4 M' "" "'f'4" if' "Jw 4" g 1 - '50 f,1'.,,'5 , -V, ,tr VH 'QM Q ff-k ,'7qff,-,gy ,,'k , r N ,X f' ,Q .,.. ,-jj? M: 4 E xx . t A f sf. e x 5 4. if ti 5 5, A If . 4 ' wi j "' 1 X A A 5 1 If ' I, 'Q-Ji ' Q as Y. ggi' yn. vt ,fits IN 1845, Alpha Sigma Phi was Ar M founded at Yale , A Q, N . V -,,Q . , University. Because g f 'i"' A 1 fi of the opposition to iv Q secret societies, this ERIE' .-..-.G 1, ..,,,. 1 . sophomore organi- zation had to fight for continuance with the aid of Delta Kappa Epsilon, then a junior or- ganization at Yale. For a while the fraternity was forced to struggle to exist, but in 1907 the national chapter was organized. ln 1913, the Bushnell Guild, a local society at Nebraska, ap- plied for membership and was accepted. Last year Xi chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi celebrated its 25th anniversary. In late 1939, arrangements were completed for the ahsorption of chapters at Baldwin, Case Tech, Armour, Mississippi, and other eastern schools. With this addition, Alpha Sigma Phi has thirty- nine chapters throughout the United States. Xi chapter of Nebraska had the privilege of aiding 9 hN.!iil'l 1 lUlllll'l'. I'rq-aifll-nl 0 X1 ' t nsic hath charin in the installation of some of the new chapters. The annual formal, always held in the spring toward the close of the formal season, was given on March 15th, at the Hotel Cornhusker. Infor. mal parties of various kinds were also given throughout the year. Among the members of Alpha Sigma Phi was a member of Sigma Tau and Pi Sigma Tau, who was selected to represent the local chapter of Pi Sigma Tau at the 1940 national convention in Georgia. The treasurer of Alpha Sigma Phi was chosen president of the lnterfraternity Council for 1940. A member of the N Club, a varsity football player, two basketball players, and two members of the Lincoln Cathedral Choir were members of Alpha Sigma Phi, as were several R.O.T.C. officers, and Corn Cob workers. Also a member was one of the designers of the Cen- eral Motors Project at the New York Worlds Fair- The chapter as a unit stood high in scholarship among the fraternities and was active in intra- murals and other campus activities. At pfCSCm there are thirty-two active chapters. 9 Practice for the sing Vx! a ,' , ACTIVES ROBERT ALDRICH, '42 Elmwood WALTER CHOPPER, '41 Omaha WALTER DUNN, '42 Bcnkelman WARREN DUNN, '42 Benkelrnan JOHN GAYER, '41 Plattsmouth HAL HALSTED, '41 Omaha MANLEY HAWKS, '40 Benkelman MARTIN HEMSWORTH, '40 Lincoln GUY HOLLAND, '41 Omaha LEONARD JACOBS, Grad Lincoln DEAN JONES, '42 Lincoln EDWARD LOF, '42 Omaha KENNETH McGlNNlS, '40 Omaha ELBERT PH ELPS, '41 Omaha JACK PUMPHREY, Grad Lincoln CHARLES 2SANDALL, '40 ork JOHN SANDALL, '42 York 209 I.. '33 A Top Row: R. Aldrich, W. Allison, P. Borcllman, M. Cory, W. Cropper. Second Row: Walter Dunn, W. Dunn, J. Gayer, M. Gottschalg, H. Halsted. Third Row: M. Hawks, J. Hemsworth, M. Hemsworth, G. Holland, C. Hurley. Fourth Row: D. Jones, F. Lof, K. McGinnis, E. Phelps, P. Pospisil. , Fifth Row: C. Sandall, J. Saudall, W. Snooker, H. Stoltzman, R. Therien. Sixth Row: D. Thiescn, A. Tinstman, D. Tinstman, P. Wagner, F. Wcilcr. Ist Semester F. EDWARD LOF. ELBERT PHELPS ....... DALE TINSTMAN MANLEY HAWKS ........ OFFICERS . .President ....... . . Vice-President. . .Secretary ..... . . . .Treasurer ..... . 2nd Semester WALTER CROPPER DEAN JONES . .DALE TINSTMAN . . .F. EDWARD LO1' lllllll.-Xllll SIMON, '.l0 Lincoln lcolslfim' '1'u1c1u15N, '40 Lincoln lJAI..Ii Tl NSTNI AN, '-ll Lincoln l'A UL WACN ICR, 710 llorner . l'l,lfDClfS Wll.I.IANl Al.l.lSON, '43 Ccring PAUL BORCI-IMAN, '42 O rn a h ll MAX czolw, '41 Alexandria MELVIN GOTTSCIIALC, 43 Plylnou Ih CLlFFORD HURLEY, '42 Ohiowa JAMES llEMSWORTll, '42 Lincoln MARTIN M URPHY, '43 Lincoln ' PAUL POSPISIL, '43 Omaha WENDELLGSNOCKER, '42 ermg HARVEY STOLTZMAN, '43 West Point DICK THIESEN, '41 Lincoln ALLEN TIlNSTMAN, '40 incoln FRANCIS WEILER, '42 Lincoln 'EMHTQW' HQ SCG ' 4 0 2 324 THREE youthful Confederate sol- diers, Otis Allan Glazebrook, Alfred Marshall, and Er- skine Mayo Ross, returned to the cam- pus of the Virginia Military Institute following the termination of the Civil War, and on September 11, 1885, they established the first chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. The Gamma Theta chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was founded on the Nebraska campus, May 29, 1897, by William Shives, of Wittenburg College, and others who banded themselves to- gether as charter members. Following the World War, which had taken all Taus for service over- seas, the fraternity adopted a policy of building a reserve fund which led to its permanent home on the city campus at 1433 R Street. During the summer of 1939, seven representa- lives journeyed to Richmond, Virginia to repre- scnl Gamma Theta at the Diamond Jubilee, where 9 Francis Loctlcrlc, l'rcsidcnt 9 Who is she 519291, M a special dedication of a monument on the cam. pus of the Virginia Military lnstitute marked the end of seventy-four years of successful adminis- tration. All Mother Goose Land came to life when the Story Book Ball headed the A.T.O. social season at the Hotel Cornhusker, March 9,'194O. Buffet suppers and alumni chapter get-togethers consti- tute part of the social events along with house parties and banquets. Gamma Theta has on its roster five varsity football men, three varsity swimmers, including the Big Six diving champion, one Big Six gym- nastic champion, and the University heavyweight wrestling champion. The fraternity also has a high intramural standing, and the winner of the Freshman Debate Trophy, president and a mem- ber of Kosmet Klub, vice-president of the lnno- cents, two members of the Corn Cobs, three Sigma Taus, one lieutenant-colonel in the R.0.T..C., H member of the Student Council, and three cheer- leaders, one of whom was head-cheerleader. Gam- ma Theta is also represented in Scabbard and Blade, Phalanx, Pershing Rifles, and Red Guidon- 9 Motorcycle built for four vi' 0 ca P' ' lx ACTIVES WENDELL BAYSE, 441 Lincoln ED CALHOUN, '42 Grand Island CHARLES CARPER, '42 Lincoln DAVID CHRISTIE, '42 Omaha DOUG DAVIES, '43 Hastings TOM DAVIES, '41 Falls City CHARLES DAVIS, '41 Mt. Vernon, New York ROBERT DAVIS, '41 Lincoln JOHN ELI6.ISgfaORTH, '40 BEN HEARD, '41 WILLARILHEIDORNE, 142 CLARK KIIJEIZINGER, '41 JOHN KUCRREJCER, '42 FRANCIS IBOSELTERLE, '40 NED LYNN, '42 Omaha JOHN 441 ED IVIOKEE, '40 Clarinda, Iowa MAX MEYER, '41 Alliance PAUL MILLER, '42 Lincoln JOHN O'CONNOR, '41 Kearney ART PIERSON, '42 Lincoln ROY PROFFITT, '40 Hastings RAY ROLLAND, '42 Lincoln ROBERT SAANDBERC, '41 incoln ROBERTOSCHLEH, 41 maha EDMUND STEENBURG, '40 Aurora WILLIAM WILEY, '42 Lincoln RALPH IYZORDEN, '41 EVELLE YOUNGER, '40 Hastings O PLEDGES GEORGE BLACKSTONE, '43 Lincoln ROBERT EIONKLING, '43 incoln P se 211 'P Q? Ii .rk '94 ,ff H C r Q 524' is, 'fe -M. f . ,- I , , I ' , 3 ' ' , if-.-we S' . .A 49" - gf:4,,f.l Q .7 . . ' :fy - .. I ,f 'S - W -' . Q N 'fir L 'V -. fav 2 A 1 1 " f a ' ' .5 . '4 .L'j11, A f Y Q51 , , .V f 4441.4 'vi , L , f . ' ' 2 n va-.,. mea... ' H :sv ff' '-An., A ,:e,. 1 4-'-1 0 1 ,, ' - -Q - ,H ,M 'X' R- ff' , ,4 3' A I. Y D Barth W Basey G. Blackstone, E. Calhoun, C. Carper, D. Christie. To Row: . , . , Segand Row: B. Coffee, R. Conkling, W. Dann, T. Davies, C. Davis, R. Davis. Third Row: D. Delfs, J. Ellsworth, K. Federle, P. Ford, B. Golding, R. Green. Fourth Row: K. Harding, B. Heard, D. Higley, W. Horne, R. James, Jensen. Fifth Row: R. Johnson, R. Jungmafl, C- KUPPBISCT1 H' Larmon, F- I-Clk, W- L0bd'3llf Sixth Raw: F. Loetterle, B. Lofink, L. Loomis, N. Lynn, W. McKee, J. Mason. Seventh Row: D. Metheny, M. Meyer, P. Miller, L. Myers, J. O'Connor, F. Pierson. R T. Pierson D. Porter, R. Proffitt, W. Reese, R. Rolland. H. Sampson. E' h h 1 1 . . Niith Roz? B. Sandberg, B. Schlater, R. Schleh, XV. Schwartz, K. Sheldon, H. Sinclair. . D Smgmy, N, Steenburg, J. Stone, YV. Stubbs, S. White, WC Xviley. Y e K. Younger. Tenth Row. . mu: R. Windle, R. Worden, R. Yost, E. oung r, Eleventh R lst Semester OFFICERS 2nd Semester FRANCIS LOETTERLE ..... President .... ..... E VELLE YOUNCER EVELLE YOUNGER ..... .Vice-President. ......... ROY PROFFITT ED M KEE RALPH WORDEN ..... . . . .Secretary ............. 1. . . c JOHN ELLSWORTH ........ Treasurer ........ JOHN ELLSWORTH KENNETH FEDERLE, '41 Harrison l'lllL FORD, '42 Ornalm WILLIAXI GOLDINC, '43 Lincoln ROBERT GREEN, '42 llastingx KEl'I'LER HARDINO, '43 Lincoln DON IIIOLEY, '43 Alliance WILLIAM IV ERSON, '41 llerningfoltl ROBERT JAMES, '43 I-'ails City ROLLAND JENSEN, '43 .'1in.m'orllt ROBERT JOHNSON, ' 43 I. in c oln ROBERT JUNGMAN, '43 .-ltlrinsan HAROLD LARMON, '42 11166001-J FRANCIS LEIK, '41 Hastings WILLIAM LOBDELL, '43 Lincoln WILLIAM LOFINK, '43 Lincoln LAIRD LOO MIS, '43 Columbus DON METHENY, '42 Stwnnnnli, tllissottri TOM PIERSON, '43 Lincoln DALE PORTER, '43 Nebraska City WARD REESE, '42 Nelzrnxka City HAROLD SAMPSON, '40 Lincoln ROB ERT SCHLATER, '43 Lincoln WILLIAM SCHWARTZ, '43 Casper, Wyoming KEITH SHELDO N, '41 Scottsbluff H. M. SINCLAIR, '43 Olnnlut RICHARD STASTNY, '42 Wilher JACK STONE, '41 Lincoln WILLIAM STUBBS, '43 Riverton, Iowa SID WHITE, '42 Grand Ielancl ROBERTSWINDLE, '41 alem IIALPII YOST, '42 Lincoln KENNETH YOUNCER, '43 1101111656 'TY-'Q' . twiki 'F F. Y tl DELEGATES from the fifty-four chap- ters of Alpha Xi Delta met together at Asheville, North Carolina, last sum- N mer to hold the ...LM N, Y 1-X , 5 A f' r I 'sg ,E 'f . . 5 Q, 'T' a gar. brag. . far ' l I ' if , K-'lg i'. I Q 1 'fs g r-3, 3 rr 4 l nineteenth national convention of the sorority since its founding in 1893. Two mem- bers from Nebraska represented Rho chapter at Lincoln, which was established on the Nebraska campus nineteen years later than the first chapter founded in Calesburg, Illinois. The proverbial intelligence of the Alpha Xi,s was proved when they received first place at the Panhellenic scholarship tea for the second con- secutive year. High scholarship is not the only accomplishmcnt of Alpha Xi Delta. The twins of the chapter were masked Mortar Boards on Ivy Day. Two members serve on the A.W.S. Board, one in thc capacity of vice-president. .1 nys' ggruur f. , Za Others are active in W.A.A. Council and Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. They also have representation in Stu- dent Council and Tassels. The girls who wear the quill participate in athletics with several mem- bers in Tanksterettes, and two others were the win- ners of the tennis doubles championship in Intra- murals. Two Alpha Xi Deltas are associated with University Players, and another sings in the Lincoln Cathedral Choir. The list of honorary organizations numbered in the fraternity are as follows: Alpha Lambda Delta, Vestals of the Lamp, Theta Sigma Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, and Mu Phi Epsilon. This year the Alpha Xi Delta formal was sched- uled for the last night of the formal season before the Junior-Senior Prom. It was held in the ball- room of the Student Union. The Alpha Xi house parties were also notably successful this year. The first was held amid the excitement of the Home- coming celebration on November ll. lts theme, that of a Military Brawl, was a take-off on the annual lVlilitary Ball held on December 8. Y I ' ,-Xnncttc Bicrbaum, President ' ai vu-Hp' Let's try it once more 'VE' KI ACTIVES TTE BIERNBAUM, '41 NE Rapid City, South Dakota MARY BRION, '41 Ewing PRISCILLA CAMPSEY, '42 Sioux City, Iowa RUTH CLARK, '41 Tacoma, Washington ELEANOR COLLIER, '41 Stapleton BETTY CONWAY, '40 York IRENE COURTENAY, '41 Lincoln BEN ALICE DAY, '42 Lincoln MARIE DONNELLY, 41 Lincvln JEANNETTE GIST, '40 Lincoln BETH GREENE, '42 Lincoln MARGARET GROUND, '40 Goodland, Kansas JEANNE HECKER, '42 Sioux City, Iowa ELEANOR HICKMAN, 41 Lincoln MARTHA LONG, '40 Custer, South Dakota OLGA MAREK, '40 Wahoo RILLA MAE NEVIN, '40 Custer, South Dakota LOIS CQWENS, '40 incoln DOROTHY PERRIN, '40 Grand Island GLADYS RUPERT, '40 Lincoln VIRGINIA SACK, '42 Ord DEE SCHILL, '41 Alliance 8 I' se 213 ' - . I . f. ' -"'f,'i4!?3 Top Row: B. Askey, A. Biernbaum, M. Brion, P. Campsey, R. Clark, E. Cullicr. Second Row: B. Conway, I. Courtenay, B. Day, M. Donnelly, W. Fowler. Third Row: J. Gist, B. Greene, M. Ground, J. Hecker, E. Hickman. Fourth Row: M. John, P. John, H. Jones, M. Jones, B. Klingel. Fifth Row: W. Krebs, B. Lawson, M. Long, J. MacAlIistcr, O. Marek. Sixth Row: R. Nevin, L. Owens, R. Owens, D. Perrin, G. Rupert, Seuenlh Row: V. Sack, D. Schill, C. Smith, G. Smith, F. Slcutcvillc. Y Eighth Row: III. Steulevillc, J. Tolhursl, M. White, M. Wlutncy, H. Wood. OFFICERS LOIS K. OWENS ................... ........ P rcxiclcnt RILLA MAE NEVIN ..... ..... Vice-President RUTH N. CLARK ..... ...... . Secretary MARY BRION ...... .... I 'reusurcr IN IQI'INIf1'IIfYIf SNIITII, '-II Lincoln I"I'1RN S'I'IfII'I'EYII.I.I'I, '-10 Suulh Sioux Cily NIA R Y S'l'EII'l'lCYlI,l,I-I, '40 Soulh Sioux City MARION WHITE, '41 Lincoln Il.-XIIRIITI' WOOD, '-I2 Sturgis. South llalfolu o I'I.EDCI'IS IIERNICE ASKEY, '42 Unmhu M A CDI li I+'0WI.ER, '42 Alliance INIARJORIE .IOHN, '43 Cilllllilliligt' PAULI NE JOHN, '43 Cam bridge HELEN JONES, '42 Ilurrixonuille, .Yew .Icrscy IARGARET A. JONES, '43 Crawfolli BE'I"I'Y KLINGEL, '42 Lincoln WANQA I-I.. KREBS, '43 Sioux Lily, Iowa BIi'I"I'Y J. LAWSON, '43 Alliance JEAN IN'IucALLISTER, '42 Omaha ROSEMARY OWENS, '43 Lincoln HELEN RESS, '43 K' I1 'l llll il. FRANCES SIMON, '42 Geneva CATHE RINE SMITI-I, '43 Lincoln JEANNE TOLHURST, '43 Raymond IIIARIAN WHI'I'NP1Y, '43 Council Bluffs, Iowa ,.--,. . - -A if i 3: A..." f. ?Q.fs1...1,5,.1.f,- -nf 'ww' . ' L-0 I " '.. ' 1 rcii'-'4 fr iv- .1 y .f"?? X REETING their .Lf""" ip P- W jff, I .argl brothers from col- wrj of Fig? 'T A leges of the middle west, the Delta Chapter h e l d th e e p National Convention "hu A H. - W - 1 of Beta Sigma Psi A f at Lincoln in Febru- ary, 1940. This is the first time that Delta has ever had the privilege of being the host for the other chapters of the fraternity at a National Convention. The conven- tion was a great success and climaxing the cele- bration, a dinner-dance was held at the Hotel Cornhusker. Beta Sigma Psi was founded at the University of Illinois at Champaign, Illinois, in 1920. Upon learning of the presence of similar organizations at Purdue University and the University of Michi- gan. it was deemed advisable to form a national fraternity. The national chapter was established at the University of Illinois on April 17, 1925, to promote a fraternal society for l.utheran students at universities and colleges. There are three ac- 'K h.nrlt-- flltn I'r- il'lll 0 XI A - 'S H usl lu- a fornlnislxer 0 eh ZQIYZKZ tive chapters located at the J J! University of Illinois, Purdue University, and the University of Ne- braska. Valparaiso Unive rsity, Ohio State Uni- versity, and Michigan State University are in the process of forming chapters. Beta Sigs celebrated the house at 1325 R Street by opening of their new sponsoring a uLil Ab- ner" house party. Other events on the Beta Sig social calendar were the Christmas Party, the Spring house party, and lVlother's Day Banquet. An excellent record in campus life has always been maintained by Beta Sigma Psi. A member took a trip to Georgia for the Pi Tau Epsilon National Convention last year. Among the other brothers are the business manager of the Ne- braska Blue Print, two memoers of Gamma Lamb- da, a member of Sigma Tau, a member ofthe Red Cuidon, pledges in Corn Col Sigma Delta, a member of tl Board, an officer of Scabb os, a member of Delta ie Engineer Executive ard and Blade, three members of the Symphonic band, and members in the Cornhusker Field Comp any, Cornhusker Bat- tery, freshman band, Nu Meds, Pershing Rifles the Student Council, and the The freslnnan's the Student Union Board- fl -PQ P ACTIVES KARL RAMESRURCER, '41 Mernn HERBERT BAUMANN, '41 Cruflon GLEN BERC, '40 Wuhno KENNETH CAUSMANN, '42 Ravenna ROSCOE HEINS, '41 Ruskin HAROLD HORMANN, '40 Mnlnm MARVIN JOHNSON, '41 Colurnhus H. KA MMERLO HR, '40 Kenexaw Lf-ROY ERAKIER, '41 DELMAR LJIENEMANN, '41 npr mn GEORGEIMCEIXEL, '40 HAROLD QUEIZKERS, '40 WILFREDOOIELRICH, '42 CHARLES OTTO, '40 Hampton 2-I4 I' e 915 54 'ZS' Top Row: A. Austin, K. Bamcsbcrger, H. Baumann, E. Brinkmcyur. Second Row: XV. Brodbeck, K. Causinan, R. Heins, W. Jahde. Third Row: M. Johnson. H. Kanunerlohr, I.. Kramer, C. Krenzicn, V. Krohn. b D Li c nn C NI' -l H Oelkers W.Oe1rich. Fourth Row: R. Lam , . en ma . - 0 UNL , - , Fifth Row: C. Otto, R. Seidel, F. Waller, E. Winter, N. Wittmann. Ist Semester ELDRED WINTER ........ LeROY KRAMER. .. FLOYD WALTER ......... HAROLD OELKERS ...... OFFICERS . .Presi1lent. . . Vice-President ..... . .S6CI'8fl1l'j'. . . .Trensuren 21111 Serneslcl CHARLES OTTU .MARVIN JOHNSON WILFRED OELRICH HAROLD OELKERS ROBERT SEIDEI.. 'VII Seward FLOYD WALTER, '42 Chambers IfI.OREII WINTER, '40 Norfolk NARYIN 2'Vl'l"l'XlAN, '41 'lillilllll' U PLEDGES ARTHUR T. AUSTIN, '43 .Vvrurrmn Clove EDW. BRINKMEYER, '43 Seward WILLIAM BRODBECK, '42 Onmhu WILLIS E. JAIIDE, '42 Albion CARL H. KRENZIEN, '42 Norfolk VICTOR KROHN, '43 Winslow ROBERT E. LAMB, '42 Ornuhu RICHARD ILUNDCREN, '40 rvlnonl ujffj' QI,-L 'f 9 1 'T - ' ,' ' yi' pri-wo '4Z," LE mein tury of develop- ment, Beta Theta Pi gathered last sum- mer on the campus of its founding, Miami University, to celebrate its one hundredth anniver- sary. In spite of the oposition against secret so- cieties at Miami U, John Reilly Knox and Samuel Taylor Marshall established this second oldest na- tional fraternity, and since then ninety chapters of Beta Theta Pi have been located on leading campuses. The Alpha Tau chapter was estab- lished on the Nebraska campus on September l3, 1888, through the efforts of William B. McArthur. The Nebraska chapter now has a list of fifty- cight members. Social events include an annual Thanksgiving party, a dinner-dance every other year, house parties, and the Annual Spring Triad party with Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi. In chapter ac- tivities, the Betas were second in the Interfra- ' Rohr-rt Pillshnry, President 0 Our dog prince MARKING a cen- ternity Sing, and in a ten year period are tied for third in scholarship. This year, Beta was the only fraternity on the campus to have two members of Innocents so- ciety. It is the first house for many years to claim both the editor of the Daily Nebraskan and the editor of the Cornhusker at the same time. Betas also have a managing editor, an assistant business manager, and two staff members on the Corn- husker. The Brigade Colonel, the Lieutenant- Colonel and a major in the infantry uphold the army tradition in the house. Other individual honors include a member of the Publications Board. The vice-president and secretary of the In- terfraternity Council, and two members of Kosmet Klub. Membership is also held in Alpha Kappa Psi, Sinfonia, Pershing Rifles Crack Squad, Corn- husker Field Company, commander and six mem- bers of Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Lin- coln Cathedral Choir, and the Varsity Band. In athletics, the Betas have members on the swim- ming team, Wrestling team, freshman football team, varsity basketball team, tennis team, and track squad. 0 He likes the camera .gps ,..,e "NNX 3' fa' . C ' ' ll: v-4 'c ' ld' '-'F WILLI Jon mutt HOUK HERE ox' sin Mite Howl Jor osi witi LO DE QHARL Ross cn HAI caokc Jic Jon FRA LEL ACTIVES ROBERT ADEN, '41 Sioux Falls, South Dokola ROY BROYHILL, '40 Dakota City GEORGE COCKLE, '42 Omaha JOHN COCKLE, '42 Omaha JERALD DAVIS, '41 Sioux Falls, South Dakota LEON DAVIS, '41 Hastings RICHARD de BROWN, '40 Lincoln WILLIAM EDWARDS, '42 Lincoln JOHN '40 WILLARDJ-PBILSOINI, '42 HOUGHTEINOIFURR, '40 HERBERT GLOVER, '41 Grand Island ORVAL HAGER, '40 Lincoln SIDNEY HELD, '42 Lincoln MALCOLM HOWELL, '41 Albion EDWARD HUWALDT, '41 Grand Island JOHN HYLAND, '41 Lincoln OSWIN KEIFER, '41 Bostwick WALTER KIECHEL, '41 Tecumseh LOUIS MEYER, '42 Lincoln DEAN MILLER, '42 Harlan, Iowa CHARLES PILLSBURY, '40 Fl. Crook ROBERT PILLSBURY, '40 Fl. Crook CHARLES RICE, '40 Omaha HARRY RINDER, '42 Columbus GEORGE Sg1'EINMEYER,'40 ealrice JACK STEWART, '42 incoln JOHN STODDART, '41 Hiawatha, Kansas FRANIE TALLMAN, '40 reston, Iowa LELAND TAYLOR, '42 Sz. Paul Pls 217 3 2 '3 2 R. Ad , B. All , C. All , J. Bell, N. Bell, C. Bocken, C. Bradley, R. Broyhill. gggofjuiiolug R,eEl0w, G.eICock1e,SJ.0Cockle, J. Davis, L. Davis, R. deBrown, P. Dinnis, W. Thirgdlyjghszl' Folsom, L, Folsom, YV. Folsom H. Furr, H. Glover, O. Hager, B. Harper, Fourth Roig: K, Howard, H. Howell, J. Howell, M. Howell, S. Huffman, W. Huffman, E. . ld . Fiflli-hlxiiirlit' Hgilielrrw. Kiechel, R. Lichty, L. Meyer, D. Miller, S. Mutz, R. Peters, C. Pillsbury. . , - b ., C. R' Y H, R' d , J. Sherwood, J. Stewart, J. Stoddart, F. Tallman. Sgirgiilliolljozv:RII..P'I'ziTlii1".' F- Veili? J. W'eilrI'gaTien, T. Welton, J. Yfiedman, N. Withruw, T. Woods. OFFICERS ROBERT PILLSBURY .............. ...... , . .President FRANK TALLMAN. .. ..... . ..... .... V ice-President EDWARD HUWALDT .... .....iecfewo' ORVAL HACER ........ .... r easurer . . . .Recorder JOHN WEINGARTEN ..... ERA NK VETTE, '-12 Omaha JOHN WEINCARTEN, '40 Omaha TED WELTON, '40 Sioux Cily, Iowa JACK WIEDMAN. '42 Lincoln C PLEDCES mtm' ,u.LEN, '43 Omaha CLARK ASHTON, '-13 Omaha JAMES BELL, '43 York NED BELL, '41 York CHARLES BOCKEN, '43 Iarlan, Iowa GENE BRADLEY, '43 Lincoln ROB ERT CLOW, '43 Omaha STEPHEN DAVIS, '41 Plallsrrmulll PAUL DINNIS, '43 Lewislon LOWE IZOLSOM, '43 incoln BRUCE HARPER, '43 Creslon, Iowa KEITH HOWA RD, '43 Omaha HAROLD HOWELL, '42 Marysville, Kansas JAMES HOWELL, '42 Fairbury STANLEY HUFFMAN, '43 Elgin WILLIAM HUFFMA N, '43 Elgin LAWRENCE H UWALDT, '43 Grand lxlan ll ROBERT LICHTY, '41 Charlron ARLIS MATHIS, '41 Fairbury STERLINC MUTZ, '43 Lincoln RICHARD PETERS, '43 Omaha JOHN SHERWOOD, '43 Red Cloud NEIL WITHROW, '43 Grand Island THOMAS WOODS, '42 Lincoln 'J' sf 4 J THE sixty-two members of Chi Omega have just cause to be proud of the honors and achievements of their sorority dur- ing the past year on the Nebraska cam- pus. They are represented in Mortar Board with one member, on the A.W.S. Board with two mem- bers, Student Council and Junior-Senior Prom Committee with one member each. Two of their number were chosen as R.O.T.C. sponsors for the Military Ball. The secretary of W.A.A. is a Chi Omega, and on Ivy Day last spring a Chi O. was presented as Maid of Honor to the May Queen. ln the University Symphony Orchestra may be found two girls who wear the Chi Omega pin, and one in the University Players. Their schol- astic achievements earned for them tae cup for sixth place at the Panhellenic Scholarship tea last fall. and Phi Beta Kappa keys for two worthy ' 'lllrow anolhf-r log on the tire 0 Bvuv Irlmy pmqidem . , , ,L , rl V Q 4 QA' QW 0 members. Other honorary organizations included in the list of activities of Chi Omegas are Sigma Xi, Pi Lambda Theta, Delta Phi Delta, Phi Chi Theta, and Vestals of the Lamp. On November 10, the night before the Home- coming Game, their annual fall house party was held at the chapter house. In keeping with the spirit of the season, it was a football party, with decorations of goalposts, football players, and pennants on the wall to carry out the theme. On January 19, the Chi Omega winter formal was held at the Cornhusker Hotel. ln the way of special chapter social events there was, besides the Founders Day banquet and the Spring and Fall Eleusians, the party given for the chapter by Governor and Mrs. Cochran on December 9 at the Mansion. Among Chi O. alums well-known to Nebraskans are Mrs. R. L. Cochran, wife of the present gov- ernor of our state, Amanda Heppner, retired Dean of Women at the University, and Miss Evelyn Metzger. The one honorary member is Dr. Charles Richardson of Arkansas University. ' Try WOW -I Wxlll .1 EAN MARY WON ELA L0 IRETT' BET Al' JO. XYIIAT NIATI R .,,,. GLOI LIL. JEA PEGG EDIT 1 RU'I BA1 Bl NlAf ROB MAH LENOI MAR NIA RU! RUTH page zu ' "ln 219 ACTIVES MARJ ORIE BROWN, '42 Lincoln JEAN CARNAHAN, '42 Lincoln MARY COMERFORD, '42 Lincoln YVONNE GOSTELLO, '41 Walthill LUCILLE COX, '41 Mullen BARBARA DALE, '41 Ord LENORE DALY, '41 Fremont ELAINE DEYKE, '40 Lincoln LOIS DRAKE, '42 Beatrice llET'I'Y FERGUSON, '41 Aurora BETTY FLORY, '40 Columbus AMY GRAY, '40 Coleridge JOAN GREEN, '42 Lincoln WILMA GRINSTED, '41 Lincoln NIATILDA HALLEY, '41 Rapid City, South Dakota GLORIA HANSON, '41 Orleans LILA HILLMAN, '41 Otoe JEAN HOOPER, '40 Lincoln PEGGY HORNUNG, '40 Lincoln EDITH HOUSTON, '40 Lead, South Dakota RUTH HYLAND, '41 North Platte BARBARA LEE, '42 Shelton BEE LOOMIS, '40 Topeka, Kansas MAXINE LOWE, '41 Mullen ROBERTA LUERS, '40 Lincoln MARY MEMIJLLIN, '40 LENORE MANSFIELD, '42 Malvern, Iowa MARY SCHRICKER, '40 5 In KQ, avi .--.. ,- 1 Lincoln MABLE SECUND, '41 Lincoln 740 Top Row: B. Barney, L. Becquet, M. Beranek, M, Black, R, Brickell, NI. Brown, J. Curnulmn, Loup Guy Secozlli 2235? Y. Cosgello, L, Cox, . Dale, L. Daly, I. Davidson. E. Dcykc. B. Dixon, L. Drukc. RUNIANN WALKER 42 nndRmm LlamaB.wmMm.ufnnLB-HMLALFMMBAAGRLJLQSU 1 Lincoln ' Fourth Row: W. Grinsted, A- Hackman, M' Halley' G' Hanson' ' 'nrlson' ' ' ma Fiflllqgsolijf' P Hornung E. Houston, R. Hyland. M- -l9lI0"d51 V' Kreuscllcrf B' Lee' L' LC"Cr""" .. -, . - V, NLC' ll ', III. M Mullin, J. Macoy, L. Mans6clrI. NWI' Rowf B' L00""" M' LOHQ, R' lf"c.i"x1Cigr' II'uNTlllar, D.C1Illlcr, J. owen, R. Salisburv, Seventh Row: M. IXIuxCY: B- 'xwc M. Schricker. V h Eighth Rota: M. Sccund. P. bllllll J. Xvitlxcrs. BETTY FLORY . . . JEAN HOOPER ..... LUCILLE COX ..... MAXINE LOWE. .- Page 219 1, R. Stcplxcnr, R. OFFICERS Walker, D. Wear, J. Wilbun, Z. Wi President . . .Vice-Presitlent . . . . . .Secretary . . . . Trcaxttrcr IJOROTIIY WEAR, '41 l,inL'uln .lOSlCl'lllNl'I WILSON, 'rl I .Yvluttglm City l'I,EIJC2ES lllC'I"l'Y BARNEY. '42 Lincoln LUIS RI'lIlQIllf'l'. '42 Lincoln MARY lll'lRANl'lR. '42 Unl AIA R Y llI.AiIK, '42 Lincoln JUNE ROWARIJ, '43 Lincoln RUTH RRICKELI., '42 Fairlrury MARY HELEN IIIIASE, '42 Lincoln ILENE DAYIDSON, '43 ."1lII1lIll't' RETTY ANN DIXON, '43 Lincoln .I O DU R EE, '43 Lcxington DONNA FISHER, '43 W frll ,.f-1l1 MARCARI-Ill' FDWLER, '43 ALYCE HQAZKMAN, '43 BONNIE HARIRISON, '42 MARY JEIFEORDS, '43 VE RNA KREUSCHER, '43 Lincoln LUCILE LEVERTON, '43 Lincoln V IVI AN MCCA ULLEY, '43 Lincoln .IO ANN MACOY, '43 Lincoln MARILYN MAXEY, '42 Lincoln BETTY MAXWELL, '42 Lincoln RUTH MEIER, '42 Lincoln RUTH MILLAR, '42 Pierre, South Dakota DOROTHY MILLER, '43 Lincoln LA VAUGHN OWEN, '43 Rapid City, South Dakota RUTH SALISBURY, '43 North Plnltc PEGGY SMITH, '43 St. Edward ZOE WILSON, '43 Lincoln JEAN WITHERS, '42 Ulysses f 1 XI 1 I' f., f Q. -C- -nfl: , 5, , 1.- ap ' I MEMBERS of the Alpha Theta Chi chapter of Chi Phi ',t if 2-9 .h eagerly awaited their annual Spring Dinner which was especially impor- tant this year be- cause the dinner commemorated the forty-five years of existence of the local fraternity. Congregating in Omaha on May 9th, alumni and active members cele- hrated the anniversary of the club from which Chi Phi grew. Chi Phi has not always home its present name hut was installed as the Zeta Delta chapter of Chi Phi in 1932. The chapter was known as Alpha Theta Chi and had on the day of installa- tion terminated a forty-five year existence begin- ning May 9, 1895, as the fifth Creek letter fra- ternity organized on the Nebraska campus. The fraternity traces its origin to the early date of Devcrrrlrel' 24, 1824, as the 'tChi Phi Societyv founded hy liohert Baird, a Princeton tutor. From 'lUl5fuH4.lWrvdmn .lHHNNHHQfHNDmUH this society there grew, through several phases, the Chi Phi fraternity of today. Because of a strict expansion policy, the fraternity stayed in the older schools of the east and south until 1930, and now has thirty-five active chapters. Again this year Chi Phi had a very successful and enjoyable formal party for its members and guests on January 20th. Monthly buffet dinners held for members of Chi Phi and their guests, hour dances, and exchange dinners were supplied on the social menu of the chapter. This year the annual Congress of Chi Phi was held at Hotel Warwick, Philadelphia, Pennsyl- vania, from August 30th to September 2nd, 1939. This Congress was known as the Theodore B. Appel Memorial Congress. An important meas- ure afliecting the Nebraska chapter was the chang- ing of the name from the Zeta Delta chapter, as it has been known since 1932, to Alpha Theta Chi. Dutstanding members of Chi Phi will be found in several fields of activity. Last year again folllltl a Chi Phi listed among the Phi Beta KappHS- The organization has a junior on the varsity f00llJHll team who was chosen as All-Big-Six Guard. 'thu your eardstnithe udde Ing 'V' WARE CECIL GEOR R, Kin cror- Gao' WILI-'RE' mr M Wm JOE RD Cro. s KENN uni C K' 221 age AGTIVES WARREN ALFSON, '41 Wisner TOM ANDREWS, Grad. Minden WARD GRIFFIN, '42 Lincoln CECIL HALLOWELL, '41 Omaha LEO HARMAN, Grad. Pawnee City GEORGE JOHNSON, '41 Superior DEAN KADAVY, '40 Omaha R. KREBSBACH, 'Grad. Lincoln GEORGE LONIE, '42 Bayard GEORGE LYON, '40 Nelson WILFRED McDOWELL, '42 Hardy PAT MONAUGHTON, '40 Omaha WAYNESMULLET, '40 uperior JOE SAUNDERS, '40 Lincoln ED SEGRIST, '41 Humbaldz GEO. SHAEKELFORD, '40 KENNETH SLOAN, '40 Pawnee Ciry CRAIG SPENCER, '40 Glarlewaler, Texas 1f9i1- . ., 4 , 220 Pigs 221 ,, H , ' 1. IK r-Aids gd' '3' Top Row: W. Alfson, E. Bihlef, B- COQPQT, Cmbill- Second Row- O Eyre J. Gabubz W. Grnim, C- Hallowell- Third Row: l M.'.Ienkii1s, G. JoRi1son, D- Kad-'IVY' V- Kramer, G- Loniej Founh Rows G, Lyon, W. McDowell, C. McMaster, P. McNaughtOn, W- MUIICI- Fifth Row: J. Saunders, E. Segrist. K- Sloan. C- SPCHCUY- K- Tach- OFFICERS ED SEGRIST .......... GEORGE JOHNSON GEORGE LONIE .... KENNETH TEICH ..... WARD GRIFFIN .... ............. - CECIL HALLOWELLT. 1 ' '.. ........Presirlen1 . . . .VICE-Pl'6Sl'll6fll .Secrclary Treasurer ec onrlin Secretary .Corr .pr g ' . . . . . . .Sergeant-at-Arrnv KENNETH TEICII, '41 Colunzlinx R,-XI.I'II WOODIIITIT. Grzul Grand Island U IIIIIDGES YA YDEN ADAMS, '42 Nrlxon RIIIII.-XRD BECKER. '42 Lincoln ERNICST BIIILICR, '-I3 Ornalm BOB COOPER, '43 Omaha B0 B CIR A BILL, '43 RHI Cloud OSWIN mjmt, '41 Supanor JACKSON GABUS, '42 Peru BOB GRIFFIN, '42 Lincoln NORMAN IIANSEN, '41 Herningforrl MORRIS JENKINS, '42 Humboldt VADEN KRAMER, '43 Superior COLLINS INIOMASTER, '43 Lincoln DON OLSON, '42 Lincoln DICK ROSS, '41 Lincoln BOB SALLFELD, '43 Omaha BILL WADE, '41 Nelson I lu 1 l THE Tri Deltas won second place in Intramurals this year, winning first place in the basket- ball tournament and - in the ping pong I singles. Not only in athletics, but also in campus activities we find the crescent and the star at the top of the list. The Tri Delt skit, HlVIutiny in the Nursery", presented by the 1939 pledges in the Coed Follies, won first place. On Ivy Day the 58 members from 1601 R, watched the mask- ing of two of their number as Mortar Boards. At the same fete, one of their sophomores was an at- tendant iu the court of the May Queen, and a Tri Delt pledge had the honor of being the first fresh- man to be chosen Ivy Day poetess. One of the eight beauty queens selected by ea 0 nh of Tassels, and the vice-president of Ag campus Y.W.C.A. are Tri Delts. Representation in hon- orary organizations include Vestals of the Lamp, Tanksterettes, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Pi Lambda Theta, and Mu Phi Epsilon. A Tri Delta is the associate circulation manager of the Awgwan, and other members aid in the publication of the Daily N ebraskan. Representation in campus goveming bodies include Student Council, W.A.A., and the Y.W.C.A. Un February third, the girls and their best beaux gathered in the Cornhusker Hotel ballroom to spend the evening dancing. The fall house party had decorations appropriate to the song, 'Stairway to the Starsv. Also of interest was the fifty-first anniversary of the founding of the soror- ity, which was celebrated with a banquet at the University Club on November 18. Kappa chap- ter of Delta Delta Delta was established as the Earl Carrol for 1939, is a wearer of the trident. fourth national sorority on the Nebraska campus The president of the Y.W.C.A., the vice-president in 1894, ' I-H f, . l Us lim ' Dolls Dffllmtg, PT9SlflCIll 'And he told me that na m -li!-I-2 45-33531411 'fl I I . i s Ar ETHEI MCE Bl MARY All ELIZABII 09531 ti. DE HQAHLE BET'll JAN LOIS S1155 NIARI LORRA MARX lIl,l,ENO RLTF FRANK' G. M BETS' .I HANE1 ROBEH DORIS llE'l"l'Y FHAN .I .NNE RMIHEI LILLI! NIAR l.l-IOL ,IEM 23 ,. age "' ACTIVES ETIIEL BEESON, '42 Geneva ALICE BLACKSTONE, '42 Lincoln MARY ANNA COCKLE, '40 Omaha ELIZABETH CROSS, '41 Lincoln DORIS DeLONG, '41 For! lllorgan, Colorado C. DEURMYER, '42 Lincoln PEARLE DORBANDT, '40 Alhcns, Texas BETTY DUNN, '41 Lincoln JANE ELLIS, '41 Lincoln. LOIS ENYEART, '40 Bellwood SARA FIELDS, '40 Phillipine lslancls MARY GAYER, '42 Platlsmoutli LORRAINE GRANT, '42 Lincoln MARY JO HENN, '40 Lincoln I-ILLENOR ISAACSON, '41 Norfolk RUTH IVERSON, '42 Lincoln FRANCES KEEFER, '42 Lincoln G. MCARTHUR, '41 Lincoln BETSY QIALLAT, '42 incoln JEANETTE MICKEY, '42 Lincoln ROBERTA MOW RY, '40 Humboldt DORIS IZATTERSON, '41 Ondu, Iowa BETTY ANN PATTON, '41 Lincoln FRANCEIS PLATT, '40 incoln JANET REGNIER, '4-1 incoln RACHEL ROBERTSON, '42 Plaltsmoulh LILLIAN LRODERTS, '41 MARY IIIOKAHR, '42 incoln LEOLA SCHAPER, ,41 Broken Bow JEAN SIMMONS, '41 incoln Page 223 L... -.--s.. . , 1 ! g L . xg . i ' A .gf , ,rs , A . 5 l . EV. . E . Top Row: E. Akin, E. Beeson, A. Blackstone, F. Breed, S. Buckman, J. Burr, XI. Cocklc. Second Row: E. Cross, A. Crouse, D. DeLong, C. Deurmyer, P. Dorbandt, AI. Drcdla, B. Dunn. Third Row' J. Ellis, L. Enyeart, S. Fields. M. Gaycr, L. Grant, R. Grant, B. Green. H ' NI H It B Horner Fourth Row: C. Hall, V. Hansen, M. Henn, K. ennlngcr, . . 0 ze, . . I-'ifrh Raw: E, Isaacson, R, Iverson, J. Johnson, F. Kecfcr, C. Kuuba. J. Lim-rk. Sixth Row: J. Luclwick, G. McArthur, B. Mallat, J. Mickey, R. Muwry. XI. Nicholson. Seventh Row: D. Patterson. B. Patton, F. Platt, R. Riley, H. Roberson, R. Robnrtsim. lfighllz Row: L. Roberts. M. Rnkahr. L. Suhapcr, J. Simmons. O. Spicth, F. Timlrcrs. Ninth Raw: M. Tunks, L. XYaslluw, M. West, M. Whelan. P. Win-ks, P. Young. OFFICERS DORIS DeLONG .................. Prcxiflcrxt ELLENOR ISAACSON, 'Jo HENN. . .Vice-Prcsirlcrzlx RACHEL ROBERTSON ....... ................... rcasurcr FRANCES PLATT ...... ...... ....... . S cr'r:'lary OLIVE SI'IE'I'lI, '-10 Urnuha LUIS WADI.OW, '40 Lincoln NIINNILOLA WEST, 40 Lincoln NI A RT II A W II ELA N. '41 Lincoln I'RISCII.I,A WIIIKS, '40 Lincoln O PI.EDCES EI.EANOR AKI N, '-11 Corning, larva FRANIIES RREED, '43 Lincoln SAR A II RUIIKMA N, '41 Ilcalrici' .I EAN BURR, '42 Lincoln ANNA CROUSE, '43 York MARION DREDLA, '41 Craft' RUTH GRANT, '43 Lincoln BE'I"I'Y ANN GREEN, '42 Lincoln CAROL HALL, ,42 llal Springx, Soulh Dakota VIRGINIA HANSEN, '41 Omaha K. HENNINCER, '43 Lincoln MARY KAY HOLTZE, '43 Sioux City, lown BETTY J. HORNER, '43 Dorchester .JANET JOHNSON, '42 Sioux City, Iowa CHARLOTTE KOUBA, '43 Omara JANET LIERK, '42 Ornara JEAN LUDVVICK, '43 Long Bench, California MARION NICHOLSON, '43 Red Cloud ROSEMARY RILEY, '43 Little ROL'k, Ark11n5g,g HELEN ROBERSON, '41 Rackporl, Missouri RUTH SATTERLEE, '41 Omaha FRANELL TIMBERS, '41 Topeka, Kansas MARY M. TUNKS, '42 Sheridan , Wyoming PHYLLIS YOUNG, '42 Auburn f l 7 V, A-J ,M '--. 12. ,X ew"-"U s 's "3 , a ,N 'IQ3 f D I-.. x '12, , ELTA Gamma ix . -y j ff- I . i ' g 5 had awinning streak I .XI , . ," .1 '43 A' ' , . i ' A. 1 t- this fall, capturing x I ity' Al l gr., many coveted cam- if . i 1 i pus honors. Their ' Homecoming deco- DS it I ' ' ft . -H554 . 'Tig rations, "The .Iones Family Scores Again", brought brst prize award to them for the second consecu- tive year. In the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue the D.G.'s again took first prize with their musical skit, "Ye Olde College Daze". Last fall the In- tranniral Cup for Hrst place in W.A.A. competi- tion went to Delta Gamma. After winning second place in the Intersorority Sing on Ivy Day, the Delta Gammas watched a incniber be masked as vice-president of Mortar Board and clapped for their two sister attendants to tbc Nlay Queen. Earl Carroll selected another as a Nebraska Beauty Queen. Nlcnibcrs are listed in Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vestals of the l.ainp, and Sigma Alpha Iota. In publications iiii M! QKZWZWZKJ Delta Gammas work as managing editor, junior editor, and assistant sorority editor on the Corn- husker, and as gore editor, fashion, and contribu- tion editors on the Awgwan. These Coeds are vice-president of A.W.S., secretary of Tassels, members of Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, W.A.A. Council, Sports Board, Student Union Board, Tankster- ettes, and Sponsors Club. They number an hon- orary Kosmet Klub member. In the annual social whirl, D.G. pledges gave a Showboat party at the house for the actives. Their Formal was on January 27, at the Cornhusker and the banquet was in March. Delta Gamma began its career in 1874, at Lewis School, Oxford Institute, Oxford, Missis- sippi. Kappa chapter of Delta Gamma was grant- ed its charter in 1888. Founder's Day is cele- brated each spring by both actives and alumnae members, at which time the scholarship awards are made. A ring denoting the highest scholastic average for her three years is given to a junior girl. The official publication of the fraternity is the '6Anchora" issued quarterly. Prominent alumni include Ruth Bryan Owen and Grace Abbott. ' Xnil II:-lla Il.innn.i s4'orml again ' With tIt'C'0l'llIIOIl5 ' Yan 'llalbot Ilreeiflgnl . , . E V Joint, -'Iliis Se ...-9 CX. Jo. wir izu iw Nl. Nl. IQENP MTI It-tltll ,IOS MAX N l!H'l"I NMR Lott I ll.-il HEI B Ill-Il". NIA IIAI N .5 Pu! v pig, Pal' 22' ACTTVES JANE AUSTIN, '41 Beatrice JOANNE BELTZER, '41 Grand Island WILMA COMSTOCK, '40 Lincoln ELIZABETH COOK, '40 Scottsbluff PATRICIA FRANK, '42 Scottsbluff MARION GIBSON, '41 Fairbury I! MAXINE GRANT, '40 , Lincoln ' ' GENEVIEVE HARMON, '41 Beatrzce Ia 5 y 3 KATHERINE HORNER, '41 Beatrice BARBARA HUFFAKER, '41 New Berlin, Illinois JOSEPHINE JONES, '40 Y ' x Omaha MAXINE KINGSBURY, '40 Holdrege MARY KLINE, '41 Madison BETTY .IO KOEHLER, '41 Lincoln MARGARET KRAUSE, '41 Albion JANET LAU, '40 Lincoln LOUISE MALMBERG, '41 Omaha MARY MALY, '40 Lincoln BARBARA MEYER, '40 Omaha BETTE RATHBURN, '42 incoln ,41 . r l fi... Lincoln Q j ,' Q :- PAT REITZ, '40 M I M , ' Chadron A Lg. A BETTY SCEIEQEDER, '41 ' -9- MARY STEWART, '40 Randolph HARRIET TALBOT, '42 Lincoln NAN TALBOT, '40 Lincoln Top Row: J. Austin, J. Beltzer, M. Buttmann, W. Comstock, E. Cook. P. Cooper. Second ow' Donle', E. Elias, P. Frank, M. Gibson, M. Gillette, G. Gimplc. . R . J. y Third Row: M. Grant, G. Harmon, B. Holtorf, K. Horner, B. Huflukcr, M. Johnson. Fourth Row: J. Jones, K. Kiesselbach, M. Kingsbury, M. Kline, li. Koehler, M. Kruuw. Fifth Row: J. Lau, L. Malmberg, M. Maly B. Merrick, B. Meyer, ,I.Monre. Sixth Row: B. Newman, P. Patterson. B. Rathburn, B. Reese, P. Reitz, B. Roberts. Seventh Row: B. Schroeder, B. Schull, M. Stewart, H. Talbot, N. Talbot. A. Thomas. Eighth Roxc: R. Tomlinson. M. Trowbridge, M. Wacchtcr, G. Wallace, Y. Wheeler. .Yinth Row: A. Windlc, J. Wray, A. Wykoff, E. Young, N. Young. OFFICERS ,, NAN TALBOT ..................... . .. ...... President YVILINIA COMSTOGK .......... ............ I 'ice-President MARY MARGARET MALY ............ Recording .Secretary JOSEPIIINE JONES, BARBARA IIUFFAKER .... Trcosurcrn Page225 V., MA RY TROW BRIDGE, '-10 Culurnlnus M. WAIClIll'l'Eli, '40 fjllltlllll GI'IRAI.IIIN If 1T'AI.I.ACE, '40 Kmtrrirx' VIRGINIA WIIEELER, '40 fflrrtlrutnl, Iowa l'1YEl.YN YOUNG, '40 I inculn 0 l'I.ElJGl'IS M.fXRGARE'l' Il1lT'l'MAN,'-ll .lIalt'crn, Iowa PATRICIA COOPER, '42 Lincoln JEAN ANN IIONI.EY, '43 lincoln EI.IZABE'l'll ELIAS, '43 Wm ' 'rn on' MARY GlI,l.l-1'l"l'E, '42 .Yorlollc GAY GIMPLE, '43 Cranzl Island BETTY IIOI.TORF, '42 Alliance MARY LOU .IOHNSON, '41 Omaha K. KIESSELBACH, '43 Lincoln BETH INIERRICK, '41 Kearney JESSIE MOORE, '43 Lincoln BETTY NEWMAN, '43 Aurora PAT PATTERSON, '43 Central City B ETTY 'ROB ERTS, '43 Lincoln BARBARA SGIIUFF, '41 Grand Island ANN THOMAS, '42 Omaha RUTH TOMLINSON, '43 Lincoln ANN WINDLE, '41 Red Oak, Iowa JO WRAY, '41 Creston, Iowa ALYCE WYKOFF, '42 Omaha NAOMI YOUNG, '43 Lincoln Af' . yuf aid! ' .f .1 . ' 'qs I 'viva THE history of Delta Tau Delta is the evolution of a fraternity from a small group of col- lege men at Bethany College, West Vir- ginia, to the Widely entrenched organiz- ation of today with seventy-four undergraduate chapters and sixty-seven alumni chapters. With an active membership of more than 34,000, they attained first place in scholarship among the so- cial fraternities of this country last year. A cornerstone in Delt history was the Mile- High Karnes, the national convention held the lattcr part of the summer in Estes Park, Colorado. Approximately five hundred Delts from all over the United States and Canada gathered there to discuss the future and to establish objectives for the coming year. Beta Tau of Delta Tau Delta, founded April 7, 1894, was the fourth national fraternity to be ' .X fru-nelly ltllle' ,came ODOW Wilson prceidem ., , ,N MZZQZW af represented on the campus. Among charter mem. bers are Arthur J. Weaver, Adam McMullen, and Ceorge Henry Dern. More than five hundred men have been active members of this chapter. Men of the present chapter are proud of their Delt heritage-a heritage that is a tradition of good scholars, outstanding athletes, and activity men. Living in a new location nearer the campus Beta Tau affiliates have taken a renewed interest in campus life. The Delta Tau Delta formal dance, given January 5th at the Hotel Lincoln, attests this fact. This year has seen a revival of enthusiasm for Intra-mural sports, which has placed the Delts among the leaders in competitive standings. Among members who have achieved distinction in extracurricular activities are: a member of Corn Cobs, a letterman in varsity base- ball, a varsity cheerleader, a member of Univer- sity Players, president of Y.lVl.C.A., a letterman in football, and numeral winners in freshman football and basketball. Honoraries represented are Sigma Tau and Sigma Gamma Epsilon. ' What will we sing Y A i F 5 t 'L i l f l if J E s f z Bi i' it ZF 1, 1 Z' If lr ? A w 1 ix 3 i 5 4 O Puff' I hge 22 i ACTIVES DON ANDERSON, '40 Omaha D. D. BAYLES, '40 Lexinglan DICK BOYER, '41 Omara CHET BROWN, '40 Overton BERNARD BUELL, '42 Bassett ROLLO CLARK, '42 Falls Cily EDWIN DOSEK, '42 Lincoln JACK GELLATLY, '40 Lincoln WARD GRACE, '42 Omaha GORDON JONES, '41 Minden ROR MCCAMPBELL, '42 Omaha HAROLD ROHDE, '41 Omaha ROBT. VanNORMAN, '39 Bassett MAX WHITTAKER, '42 Belvidere ' DOW WILSON, '40 Dow City, Iowa Paar 'tr un Ia Top Row: D. Anderson, D. Bayles,, M.. Behrens, D. Boyer. Second Row: B. Buell, R. Clark, R. Czzrr, E. Dqsek. Third Raw: K. Evans, 1. Cellatly, R. Gellatly, W. Grace. Fourzh Raw: G. Jones, B. Mcllanlpbell. H. Rohde, R. Ross. Fijlh Row: J. Spittler, C. West, M. Whittaker, D. Wilson. OFFICERS Presfllenl DOW WILSON .... ............... ............ Vice-President DICK BOYER ........ ......... ........... HAROLD ROHDE .... GORDON JONES ..... D. D. BAYLES .... Recording Secretary Corresponding Secrelary Treasurer IILEDCES NIII.'I'ON REIIRENS, 'AI3 l.'n:ml .IACK ti.-X'I'ES. 'PI2 lflllllil lxluml RAY CZIRII, '43 Illllilj' IIOII D1-l"RIfl'I'ER, '-I2 Ltilillgltlll KI'lI'I'II EVANS, '-I2 Sllllllflf DICK CI'II.I.A'I'I.Y, 'AI3'uln STAN KLEIN, '-II Cluulrnn CIIARLES ROOT, '-I2 lhlxsrll RO R ROSS, '43 llarifl City .I ACK SI'I'I"I'I.ER, '40 fflvillg WII.I.IAAl TIAIEISEN, '42 fllllllllll CHA RI.ES WEST, 'MII Uulclrmzl BERNARD WEYCINT, '43 Lzncnln pq l We THIS year from September 7th to 9th, at Lincoln, the Nebraska chapter of Delta Upsilon :Jr15a.i.n,. played host to the one hundred fifth National Convention of Delta Upsilon. Other important events of the Nebraska chapter were the Orchid Dinner Formal, well-known to the students of the university, held on January 6, two fall parties, one spring party, and initiation. Delta Upsilon was founded at Williams' Col- lege, November 4, 1834. The first chapter, known as "The Social Fraternity", was formed by a group of young men handed together to oppose secret societies, and later changed from a policy of opposition to a policy of non-secrecy which eonstitutes the present-day aim of Delta Upsilon. Un Dec-emher 9, 1898, a local organization at the l'niversity of Nebraska called Tau Delta Omicron was admitted to the national organization, mak- 0 Om- ol the mans' 6 0 ing the thirty-eighth chapter of Delta Upsilon, Today Delta Upsilon has sixty-two active chapters, and the local chapter has sixty-three members. D. U. members ranking high in military achievements include adjutant and historian of the National Office of Pershing Rifles, members in Pershing Rifles, president and vice-president of Scabbard and Blade, and Regimental Colonel, and a cadet major. Seniors of Delta Upsilon have attained membership in Innocents, Phi Beta Kappa, and Sigma Xi. D. U. has members on the varsity football squad, freshman football squad, Kosmet Klub, Clee Club, and Univer- sity Singers An assistant business manager of the Cornhusker and two staff members, three staff members of the Daily Nebraskan, one Awgwan staff member, president of Corn Cobs, .lunior Class president, and a member of the Student Council wear the Cold and Blue of Delta Upsilon- Delta Upsilon, for a period of eleven YC3f5a ranked third in campus scholarship, and won the Kosmet Klub annual lnterfraternity Sing. F01' eleven years D.U. has ranked third in scholarship- - ' Wade Raser, President ' Around the new radio I w""'T W -6 . Q f f 5 Q' Y Q' 5, f, -9 .a 0 T an if . , .nf ,. , .N ' 2 'f 4 gi Q Y 5 . t Q I 4 ,SN , ' ve"-5 , Pal' 22' ACTIVES JOHN ADKINS, '41 Norfolk HARRY ANKENY, '42 Lincoln ROBERT BAILY, '40 Lincoln FORREST BEHM, '41 Lincoln THOMAS BROWN, '40 Kansas City, Missouri DONALD CARLSON, '40 Ncwrnan Grove WARREN DAY, '41 Lincoln LEONARD DUNKER, '40 Lincoln ROBERT EVANS, '40 Lincoln NEAL FELBER, '41 Laurel AVERY FORKE, '41 Lincoln JOSEPH FRASER, '41 Sult Lake City, Utah DALE GANZ, '40 Aluo ROBERT HUNT, '41 Blair HERTZLER KNOX, '42 McCook WALTER LUTHER, '41 Cambridge WILLIAM LYMAN, '40 Lincoln WM. MCCONNAUGHEY, '42 Lincoln EDWARD McCONNELL,'4I Lincoln R. NICCQEIBELL, '42 JACK Ivglnliiltxllc, '42 CLYDELIWZRTZ, '41 EDWARD IVIAY, f41 Shenandoah, Iowa WALLACEOSIXLQUNSON, '42 ROBERTONELSON, '40 RICHAIEIQC 1?1EU, '41 WILLIAIRINIQIHUS, 441 THOMAS PHILLIPS, '42 Rapid City, South Dakota WADE RASER, '40 Gering JACK RATHEBONE, '40 Lincoln RALPH REED, '40 Lincoln GEORGE ROYAL, '41 incoln FRANK SAWYER, '40 Torrington, Wyoming Page 999 X 1 A-. " . . 1 . . 't ,ii 1 54 VZ' fr J? Qs 'Q 8:1 tw 4 . KG 1 'qt ff Lf H -f . 3. LQ . ,ao , X ,, - . r v 1304 1 " A 1 Y . it ,.., . . It LWTTTT A , 'J - , ,af I ' .' it 'WS' -Q' gin ! 4 ,Z Q, . .V A . I! ggi, ' H E . , T., Top Row: J. Adkins, V. Anderson, H. Ankcuy, R. Bailey, R. Bcclhc. F. Bohm, Second Row: W. Brainard. T. Bown, D. Callan, D. Carlson, R. Chamber, P. Condon. Third Row: YV. Day, H. Deurmyer, J. Duling, L. Dunker, F. Evans, R. Evans. Fourth Row: N. Felber, A. Foe, A. Forke, J. Fraser, D. Ganz, R. Crcenc. Fifth Row: M. Colley, C. Hildebrand. R. Hunt, W. Johnson, H. Knox. W. Lulhf-r. Sixth Row: C. Lyman, R. McCaHerty, J. McCarthy, W. 1IoConnaughcy, E. Alcflonncll I' McConnell. I Sgyenlh Row: J, McPhaiI, R. Markland, C. Alartz. E. May, XI. Meyer, W. Monson. Eighth Row: J. Nelson. R. Nelson, R. Ncu, W. Nichus, J. Phillips, W. Rascr. .Yinth Row: J. Rathbone, R. Recd. G. Royal, F. Sawyer, J. Shelley, E. Smith. T1-nlh Row: O. Spclts. R. Sllliohal. R. TYICF- E- W'0C'kf'M K- WCIWSSCV- R- Wl"'f"Y- Elccvnlli Row: M. Wiclauml, H. Rilkinr, Al. Wood, D. Yates, D. Young, R. Young. OFFICERS THOMAS BROWN ....... I ........... .......... P Moten, WILLIAM LYMAN .... ........... ..... V 1 cv-Pre-vlflvnf EDWARD MCCONNELL. .... ........ . Sccrelory RICHARD YOUNG ........ .... . Slczcartl JAAIES SHELLY, '42 Lincoln EDWIN SNIITII, '42 lincoln ORYII.I.E Sl'EI.TS, '41 Lincoln R,-'Il.l'll TYLER, '-10 Lincoln ROBERT WEKESSER, '-10 Lincoln Nl AX W-I ELAN D, '42 Lollonu-v IlL'Gll WILKINS, '42 Gt'lll'l'll DEAN YATES, '42 Culluuwilv Rltlll.-IRD YOUNG, '40 ,1liIt'l11'll, South Dulcolu O PLEDGES YAI. ANDERSON, '42 Cillvllv, l7,j'0IIlllIg RAY BEETHE, '42 Lincoln WARREN BRAINARD, 42 Lincoln DEAN CALLAN, '43 Odell RICHARD CHAMBERS, '42 Lincoln EDWARD COFFEE, '43 Lincoln JERRY DULING, '43 Lincoln FRED EVANS, '43 Lincoln ADRIAN EOE, '43 Red Cloud BOB GREENE. '43 Kanxas City, Missouri MELVIN GULLEY, '43 Lincoln WAL'I'ERIJ0HNSON,' 43 .incoln RICHARD LUTHER, '42 Carnbrirlgc ROBERT McCAFFER'I'Y, '42 Louisville JACK, McCARTHY, '43 Lincoln MILTON MEYER, '43 Lincoln JACK NELSON, '43 Omaha RICHARD SPLICHAL, '43 Vulcntine ERNEST WEEKS, '43 Omaha BOB WHERRY, '43 Omaha NIURRY WOOD, '43 Lincoln DONALD YOUNG, '43 Mitchell, Soutr Dalcolu W TN 1905 the Farm House fraternity was founded at the University of lVlis- souri, and is now represented by nine chapters in the im- ! portant middlewest- ern agricultural col- leges, where its interest is centered. The Ne- braska chapter was organized in 1911, and has made rapid progress in varied fields of activity since that time. Highlights of fall activities were the 4'Burning of the House Nlortgagev banquet and the annual fall party. At the Honors Convocation held at the College of Agriculture the scholarship cup was presented by the lnterfraternity Council to Farm House. This is the seventh time, out of eight, that thc cup had been awarded to Farm House. The winner of the Stuart Scholarship was also a mem- ber of this fraternity. Scholarship is the primary ailn of this social 9 ling:-r lfunninglium. llra-sirlvnl 9 llvrusing the "rug" WWZ Elfdg fraternity, but other activities are not neglected, Holding one of the most coveted positions on the campus was a Farm House man-the president of the Innocents Society, who was also a member of the Student Council and Chairman of the lVlen's Point Board. Another senior was business man- ager of the 1940 Farmeris Fair Board. While they presided in these high offices, they watched the progress of their younger brothers as places were won on the Student Council, Ag Executive Board, Corn Cobs, and the Junior-Senior Prom committee. Farm House men hold numerous of- Hces on the Ag campus. Among them are the chancellor of Alpha Zeta, president of the Block and Bridle Club, representative in Tri-K, Block and Bridle, 4-H Club, and the Ag Executive Board. The fraternity was represented this year on the Meats, Livestock, and Crops judging teams. Also the high individual in the National Crops Judging Contest at Chicago and the newly elected National president of the Student section of thf American Society of Agronomy, wear the shield of pearls and rubies. ' The 'afunniesw mil AM' D W .I R00 LF' lil GI RI' NO WI V Ri KF IAN .l W A l N 1 'age 231 A CTIVES DANIEL ATKINSON, '42 Pazurzvv C ily HAROLD BACON, '42 Lexinglan DONALD BAIRD, '41 Wayne MONTEE BAKER, '40 Norlh Plallm' WILLIAM BEACHELL, '40 Gran! ,IOHN BECKWITH, '41 Lorrllo ROGER CUNNINCHAM, '40 Curley NORMAN DAVIS, '42 IIli1f'llf'll PAUL FIDLER, '40 ,Vvlrasfu Maulana DON FITZ, '41 Lincoln LAURENCE FRISBIE, '40 Lincoln CIHARLESCARDNER, '41 Tecunrxeh GEORGE COODDING, '40 Lincoln RICI-IARD EOCODDING, '42 NORMAN GUS'I'AFSON, '40 WILLIAM TILIARTNELL, '42 WINSTONLHEIDGES, '40 RAYINIONBeIIj,ElLLER, '40 KENNETHLI-IOILLAND, '41 LOUIS KNOFLICEK, '40 Platlsmoulh MARVIN KRUSE, '41 Lorezlo IQOBEREIILTIB, '42 JEAN LZMUBERT, '40 JOHN LOWNNCEJUIST, no now MAYFIELD, '41 llueeping Water DAVID MCGILL, '40 Waverly MILTON MONSON, '40 Osceola ARTHUR MOSEMAN, '41 Oakland GENE MUNDORFF, '42 Clay Cenler EMERY NELSON, '42 Sidney MARION PEDERSEN, '41 Hardy e2 ,-I I' u we "U s 1: 3' 2? -9 rg , k' 5 , H. B' ' , D. B' ' I, II. Baker, W. Beachcll, J. Beckwith, R. Cunningl gt-'5gy?d"'32u1'3' Q' Dnug: D. FRZ?n.l. Fitzgagbon, L. Frisbie. C. Carclncr. G. C04ll1tllIlg, R. Cuuild Third Roxvz' Cusuifson, W. Hartnell, W. Hedges, R. Heller, D. Hcylne, W. Huh-hinann. , , . '. - ' . McGill B. Mal F uni, R014-5 N. hrusv, R. L.umb, J. Lambert. .I. LUHUQlll.l.v R. XI.LlurI.m, D 1, 4 film R011-1 xl. M.,n..m, A. x1.,.cm.m, C- 311111-10:11, LE. Tinian, 31. lil-llir-L"Z7,'AiUH"Z?.fL'Uf,' C ETBOH. F L I P I , . .I xv. P- . P. P an, , Preston, . I uberls, D. 1'XilE1':1l'!llllllCk, AI. Ros-. ' ,EZZZLIIQOLEOIUZ C. 'E'1'Ii'l11uiIckcj L. Schnxaclekc, R. Schrader, I'. Nndl, D. blunt, II. I':-Qnr. Eighth Row: H. Uhrenholt, C. Yelle, H. Weibcl. R. Wlzeclcr. W- Whfelcf' H- ZW"- OFFICERS ROGER CUNNINGH.-UI ............ ........... P resulenl WILL PITNER ........... .... B ll.Nl'IIC.N.Y .Wanager .IEAN LAMBERT ....... ........... l'C'llSlll'8L NIONTEE BAKER .... --'-Bf'C"""'r5 KENNETII I'E'I'ER9ON, '40 Slrrling WILL I'I'I'NER, '40 hlmllnn FRED I'RES'I'ON, '-II Fairburp LYLE ROBI-IR'l'S, '-I0 Trc'urn,wl1 I". ROlllLENBAllII, '-I2 lfixner XIYI..-KN ROSS, '-II Lyrrllx lf. SIIIINIADI-IKE, '-I2 Ilrarlixh LLOYD Sl Il I M A DEK E, '-I0 Ilrurlixh RICHARD SCIIRADER, '12 .Yvligh I'AI.'L SINDT, '40 .Yupunev DON S'l'OU'I', '-11 Unml XIILO TESAR, '41 Tobias IIA RRY UH RENHOLT, '41 lzlgm CHA RLES VEL'I'E, '42 C1018 ROBERT WIIEELER, '-I1 Ne m uh n HOWARD WEIBEL, '40 DQ-Win I HOWARD ZORN, '42 Dnllnn O PLEDCES JOHN EITZGIBBON, '43 Tobias WARREN GABLEMAN, '42 Tilzlen RUBEN HEERMAN, '43 Pilger DON HEYNE, '43 Wisner W. HUTCHINSON, '43 Albion NORMAN KRUSE, '43 Loretlo BILL MAHAR, '43 Smithfield ROBERT MCCLURKIN, '43 Shelton IVAN PETERSEN, '43 Sterling RANDALL PRA'I"I', '43 Silver Creek JOHN TRUMBLE, '42 Lincoln DALE WEIBEL, '42 llellfiu WILLIAM WHEELER, '43 .Y rrn nh a ,I-,i..fJkg . 1. QL, -A, -Lyla' ,,'..Uf.L., 'J "1 A QUARTER of a century ago, the Pi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta was found- ed on the Nebraska campus, and from that time on has held a prominent place among the sororilies at this university. This year the chapter is especially proud of its activities and achievements. At Honors Convoca- tion, Gamma Phi Beta was awarded the Panhel- lenic cup for third place in sorority scholarship. Extra-curricular activities include many Gamma Phis, and the presidency of W.A.A. is claimed by one of this group. lVIembership is held in lVlortar Board, A.W.S., Tanksterettes, Coed Coun- selors, Daily Nebraskan staff, and co-chairman of the Junior-Senior Prom Committee. ln addi- lion to these activities many Gamma Phis belong to honorary societies, such as: Nu-Meds, Sigma Alpha lim, Pi Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Vestals of fmzffm' M ' QM, the Lamp, Iota Sigma Pi, lVlu Phi Epsilon, and Lincoln Symphony. Evidence of the sororityls interest and ability in campus sports is shown by the award given to Gamma Phi Beta for winning third place in intra- mural competition for the year. The judges of the annual fall horse-show presented three rib- bons to Gamma Phi members of the riding club. The social whirl always includes these sorority girls, and on December 15 they were hostesses to their many friends at their annual formal dance held at the Cornhusker Hotel. Other social func- tions included a pledge tea, a scholarship banquet, and Founders Day Banquet, all of which were attended by about 100 actives and alumnae. During the coming summer, members of the chapter are looking forward to attending the ln- ternational convention which will be held at Washington, D. C., celebrating the sixty-sixth an- niversary of the sorority which was founded No- vember ll, l874, at Syracuse University, Syra- cuse, New York, by Frances E. Haren, Adeline Curtis, Helen Dodge and lVlary Bingham. 'Dmfl fur 'I ll ' ' -- ,,- - ' fi' " "NNI ' NIJXIIIP Wertinun, President ' Sunday morning l .dl Bl I. MAI li B I IRE C A ll R NIA El AN NIM Nl! 1 Q PIE' 23' P it 'Ee 233 4132 Page ' ACTIVES BETTY ATKINSON, '40 Lincoln LUCILLE BESCH, '41 Lincoln MARIAN RRADSTREET, '41 Grand lxlanrl RUTII COORDES, '42 Omaha B ETTY FOSRURY, '42 Lincoln BETTY GIBSON, '40 Gilllillfl IRENE HOLLENBACK, '41 Omaha CAROLYN KENNEDY, '40 Sidney IIELEN KOVANDA, '40 Elk Creek RUTH LAVENDER, '42 Lincoln MARY ELLEN MCKEE, '42 Alkinson ELAINE PEARSON, '40 Omaha ANNAMIARY REED, Grad. oxie, Kansas MARYELLEN ROBISON, '42 Elk Creek MARCQRET ROST, Grad. rlinier, Illinois MYLDA SPELTS, '40 Loup City Pm 23.3 Top Row: M. Albrecht, B. Atkinson, L. Besch, M. Bradstreet. B F b y .I Cdd B Gibson Second Row: R. Coordes, . os ur , . e es, . . Third Row: M. Cuinan, G. Hawkins, M. Hoffman, I. Hollenback. Fourrh Row: L. Howell, E. Hyde, C. Kennedy, H. Kovanda. Fifth Row: M. Lauvetz, A. Lavender, R. Lavender, M. McCracken. Sixlh Row: M. McKee. E. Pearson. M. Robison, A. Rust. Sevenljl Row, M, Spelts, E. Weiand, M. Wertman, P. West, C. Wiemers. OFFICERS MAXINE WERTMAN ................ ....... P fesuzeni PEGGX' WEST. ....... . .... Vice-President HELEN KOVANDA ....... ....... S ecrelurl' IRENE HOLLENBACK ..... ----- T fell-Wfef NIAYINIC WER'I'Xl.-KN, 'klfl .llillnril l"lfIlCY WEST, 'All Heil Unk, lmra 0 PLEDCES .I-D115 All.-XNIS. 'ell .Shrni1mIuah, luira NILIJA :1l.llRElfll'l', '-lfl Lincoln JEAN Clflllllfg, 712 Grunzl lilllllll XIARJORIE CLYIN,-KN, '-lil Lincoln FRANCES ll:1NS, '42 Virlrrllirie CERALDIN E H AWKINS, '-I2 Lillflllll MAXINE IIOI-'FM A N, '-I3 Nurfall: l.lfAl'l JANE IIOWELL, '-lil Fremonr ELEANOR HYDE, '42 Lorlgrpole MARY LAUVE'l'Z, '-ll lffahzm ADAH LAVENDER, '43 Lincoln M. MCCRACKEN, '43 Lincoln JEAN RUSSELL, '40 Fullermn ELAINE WEIANIJ, '43 Sidney CERALDINE WIENIERS, '41 Diller dial Vghxx 7, :A 'S H f mfr ' , I T' s. ,sf lx, I, -4, -gn-5 . M ,IN THE year of Kappa Alpha The- ta's seventieth anni- L 1' versary, Rho chap- - - ter played host in November to its Grand President, Mrs. Donald B, Sin- clair of Toronto, Canada. Nebraska Thetas had invited her at the district convention held last summer in Colorado Springs. Included in the roster of honorary organiza- tions are many Thetas. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Iota, Mu Phi Epsilon, Beta Sigma Phi, and Vestals of the Lamp number sisters of this fraternity. Present Student Council president and first woman to hold this office is a Theta. Other activities in which they participate are W.A.A. Council with two members, including treasurer, Tanksterettes, Tassels, A.W.S., and Co- ed Counselors. Un lvy Day Theta captured for the third con- secutive year the Intersorority Sing cup and wit- 'I know l made- my aw-rage 0 P,-is qjlmin pn.. , S nessed the masking by Mortar Board of one of the kite-Wearers. At the Panhellenic Scholarship tea Theta was given the cup for fifth place. At the Corn Cob-Tassel fall party a Theta sophomore was elected Pep Queen, and three sisters were chosen as sponsors for the Military Ball. Surrealism as interpreted by Theta actives glorified their fall party for the pledges. The winter formal at the Cornhusker was preceded by a dinner. Among the Theta alumnae gradu- ated from Nebraska are Patricia Lahr, now so- cial director of the Student Union, and Mrs. J. C. Whitten, president of Junior League. Thetas of national fame 'are Helen Jacobs and lVlargaret Kinnan Rawlings, author of The Yearling. Kappa Alpha Theta was first established at De Pauw University on January 27, 1870. In 1887, through efforts of the Kappa chapter at Lawrence, Kansas, Rho chapter was given a char- ter at the University of Nebraska. The Kappa Alpha Theta magazine published quarterly, lie- gan in 1885 under the direction of the KanSHS chapter at Lawrence. Since 1909, it has been published at Menasha, Wisconsiii. ' Look at the birdie Al -tl Bl: NIA Mi L Dt PHI I1 BET ll tv 1.0 I F K P. Ll .li NIM? Rl Nl. tl B RE' Ill.. ll Nlllt' BA W .I lI.Itl lllttl UOR Vit.-U 'ue 235 ,. Page "' ACTIVES ALICE ANDERSON, '40 MARIE ANDEIRSON, '41 .INN EEZIQD, '42 Lincoln MARTHA BEGHTOL, '40 Lincoln MARION BENNISON, '42 Lincoln LUCILLE ROTTS, '41 Des Moinvs, lrnvn TESS CASADY, '41 D05 Dloines, lozva DOROTHY CIIACE, '41 Slanlon PRISCILLA CHAI N, '41 beirarcl PEGGY COWAN, '40 Falls Cilj' IIE'I"l'Y JANE DUTCH, '40 Ogallala EUGENIA FAULKNER, '42 Lincoln LOIS FRIEDERACH, '40 Kansas Ci!-v, Misxonri EMILY HESS, '41 Hebron LOIS KELLER, '41 Omaha MARIAN KIDD, '40 Lincoln EDITH KNIGHT, '41 Alliance PAT LANIGAN, Grad. Greeley LOUISE LEFLER, '42 Lincoln JEAN LOBDELL, '42 Lincoln MARY MCLAUGHLIN, '40 Cranfl Island RUTH MCMILLAN, '42 Lincoln MARY MARNELL, '40 Slocklon, California GWENITH ORR, '41 Lincoln BETTY O'SHEA, '42 Lincoln RETTY PETERSON, '41 .Yebrnslra Cilv .IEAN REED, '40 McCook BLANCHE RIDDLE, '41 Dallas, 7'1-.ras DORISAIEQGERS, '40 MARY ROSESJROUGH, '42 BARBARZ4 SCOTT, '42 WANDALEEHTON, 42 ALICE STEINMEYER, '42 Clatonia VIRGINIA STODDART, '42 Hiinratlia. Kansas DOROTHYL SWISHER, '40 incoln FRANCES VAN ANDA, '40 Fremont 4 Page 235 l .Q ,. , 'G -A A- .-L , 4. .. ...ff . Top Row: A. L. Anderson. M. Anderson, lIiI4IrcsI Anclcrson. P. Anderson, A. Bourrl, BI. Bcghlol M. Bennison. L. Botts, B. ByIIesby. Second Row: T. Cassidy, D. Chace, P. Chain, P. Cowan. B. IJUIIIIA. M. A. Ilnnmxm, Ii. .I Dutch, E. Elliott. Third Row: Faulkner, L. l"rierIebacI1, S. A. Gardner. SI. A. Harmon. E. HL-Af. A. Hofmun B. Jackson, AI. Jones. - Fourllz Row: Marjorie Jones, L. Keller, KI. KIIIII, E. Knight. NI. J- KHUFFV P- LSIIIIHHHI, L LefIer. J. LoInIcII. r ' Filth Razr: H. Mclntosh. H. McMillan, M. R. Nlurncll, II. Klunuliun. XI. Munro. lx. O Connell ' J, Osborn, B. O'SI1ea. I- 1- I- I- 1- 1- Sixlli Row: B. J. Peterson, J. Recd. L. Ilccml, J. Rccmler. B. Riilmllv, D. Rogers. XI. lin-Imrouglx St'l'8l11,lN'1TtIl'I YV. Seaton. J. Slllilll, Y. Smith. A. 5lCIllllI1':v'0I". II. Stewart, Y. Slrnlilnrl, D I "sl A. L. T I . . lifg.'l1Tli'HZIL': F.Cq'L:I1c.AlllJ11, IS. Knit, L. XYaring, D. w'CII'iCJl, AI. NI ukcrzer. IJ. Wulfcrf. KI XVUUIIS, B. York. OFFICERS PRISCILLA CHAIN ................ ......... P miffwn DOROTHY SWISIIEH .... .... I 'ICC-PfC.NIllCl1l NIARIAN KIDD ....... . . ..... .Secrelnry EDITH IQNIGHT ..'. .. 7fCll.Nlll'Cf XIILIJREII WI'IKIfSSER, '-II l.ina'oln IIE'I"I'Y WOI.I"ERS, '40 lloplzinf, .Ilinouli NI.-XIIIIANN WOODS, '42 Lincoln O I'I.EIJCI-IS XIII.IIRI':D QXNIJICRSON, 'J3 Slnrgix. Sunil: llnliuln I'IIYI.I.lS ANDERSON. 'III Sioux fnllv, Snnlli, llnlzula IIET'I'Y JO IIYIIESRY, 'VII l"airlrnl'x JANE'l'lifOS'l'EI.I.O. '42 .Sioux lnll.x, honilr, llnl.ola RET'I'1' IJOIJDS, 'VII Unialia NIARY ANN DONOVAN, '-I3 Lincoln lCl.E.-XNOR EI.I.IO'I"I', '42 .IIl'll'l vll RA RRA R A ERN ESTI, -I3 l.inm'oln SIDNEY A. CARIJNER, '43 Lincoln AIARY IIANSEN. '42 Lincoln JUNE IIOLNI, '43 fllllllllll ALINE IIOSNIAN, '43 Ornalia I3E'I"I'Y JACKSON, '41 .Ywligli MARION I J ONES ,313 Lincoln XIARJORIE JONES, '43 Lincoln NIARY JEAN KNORR, '42 l,lllllXlllllLlllI PIIYLLIS LANG, '43 Sioux Falls, Sou Ili llalcoln IIARRIET NICINTOSII, '43 Urnalin NIARION NIONAIIAN, '43 Ornalin MARGARET MOORE, '43 Ulvgnn, .llixxonri BETTY O'RRIEN, '43 IJIAUIIIIMIKIIIISIIS KATHRYN O'CONNELI., '43 Slurling, Calorazlo JEAN OSBORN, '43 Lincoln LOUISE REED, '43 Jlrlclwll JANE REEDER, '41 f'lUlllUIll VIRGINIA SMITH, '43 LiL'ill,lf.YlUll, Jlnnlnna RARRARA S'I'EWAR'I', '43 Lincoln LOUISE TENIPLE, '43 Lincoln IIE'I"I'Y NIARIE VVAIT, '43 fllllllllll LILA WIA RING, '43 Gfll f'L'H Do1i0'1'I-ix' WEIRICH, '43 Lincoln BARBARA YORK, '43 0 III a li a . 7' 'f 4. dl . , , , J gil? rd L. U . 2 Lia, 1 lil ,.'f' .f ,,, . V'-, .a THE Kappa Deltas at 405 Universlty rr, YL 013 4 . 'x Ut" A Q1 Terrace joined the social whirl of the campus with their formal at the Corn- husker Hotel on 'A' , ..g.'. 41: . f...---I ' - T March 2. Last fall the actives trans- formed the chapter house into a KD Sanitarium for a house party. In return, the pledges gave a spring party for the actives. Other social events were a chapter picnic, a faculty tea, and a Christmas party. The social calendar ended with the second biennial state conference, celebrating the twentieth birthday of Pi chapter. Last spring forty members of Pi chapter of Kappa Delta saw one of their sisters as a senior attendant to the May Queen, and another member as a leader of the Daisy Chain. Another honor came to the chapter when they learned that one of their actives was the only sophomore woman to receive a Panhellenic scholarship award. The wearers of the diamond shield are repre. sented in many college honorary societies, includ- ing Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Sigma Eta Chi, and Gamma Alpha Chi. Pi chapter is well repre- sented on the staffs of the Daily Nebraskan, the Awgwan, and the Cornhusker. KDS are active on the finance staff of Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. Sports Board, Home Economics Club, Vesper Choir, and Tassels One member is a soloist with the Lincoln Cathedral Choir. ln 1920 Delta Omega, a local organization, be- came Pi chapter of Kappa Delta. The Nebraska chapter celebrated its founding with a formal ban- quet, followed by the traditional loving cup serv- ice, at which the Founder's Day message was given by the National President, a resident of Lincoln who was elected at the forty-second con- vention held at Yellowstone National Park last summer. At the formal banquet Dorothy McCul- lough Lee, KD alum and state senator f1'0l1l Idaho, gave the opening address. Today there are seventy-three active chapters of Kappa Delia- 0 Oil to PL-lltltll 0 Domlhy Swohoda, Imresidem . First Spring day Ni..- I, ., Q flush' V M Bl MAR LU' GA M. LORR NI. M LE DC JOSE! E. SC LIL MAR! BII DORO' W M mt za: aS ACTIVES MARIAN DIENST, '40 Lincoln BETH DOUGLAS, '42 Crete MARJORIE DOUGLAS, '40 Crele LUCILLE ERICSON, '40 Bayard GAIL FERGUSON, '42 Lincoln MARJORIE FYE, '40 Lincoln LORRAINE MCGAULEY, '40 Lincoln M. MCMASTER, Grad. Lincoln M. MOHRMAN, '40 Lincoln LETIIA PETTIT, '40 Lincoln DORIS RIPLEY, '40 Lincoln JOSEPHINE ROBECK, '41 Lincoln E. SCHNEIDERWIND, '40 Omaha LILLIAN SHINN, '42 Lincoln MARION G. STONE, '41 Omaha BILLIE SUING, '41 Omaha DOROTHY SWOBODA, '40 Omaha 6 236 P-ge 237 I.OI'lSl-I AWILKE. 'Il Lincoln I-II.I,I-IN WILKENS. '-I2 llflfiu I l'I,liDGES Xl :X R I .-X N N If GOFFE, '-I3 Lincoln RANIONA II.-XNSON, '42 Harrison .IOZE'l"l':X lIl'fl.l"RlCll, '-I0 llrluon IIE'I"I'Y HENRY, '43 Lincoln EVELYN HOPKINS, '-11 Lincoln NIILDRED KINDY, '43 Lincoln ANNA I.lMl'I', '-I3 Lincoln ANNA LYNN, '-10 lllinrlen Nl ARY O'DONNEI.l., '43 Lincoln ZELNIA PETERSON, 713 Genera ELI-IANOR REIMERS, '-II Gretna BONNIE RIXSTINFI, '42 Lincoln MARY SIIERRURNE, '40 Lincoln .IOSEPHINE S-MALI., '43 S Franklin CLARICE YWORLEY, '42 Lincoln Top Row: M. J. DiensQIB6Iaougg1as,HM. Douiglaxsil -Iaricicfn,KIi.dI:'crgllSon R : M.F,', . Oe, . auson, . erica,-. ,. T'iLi?gdRoil1'h' A. M.'fLirilpp, A. .I. Lynn, L. McCauley, Nl. E. Muhrman. : NI. E. O'D ll, Z. M. Peterson, L. Pettit, E. Reimera. 5'i,lLlhUG2z5L?hU Di Ripley, Bvnlg? Rixnline, .I. Rolieck, E- Sfhngiffefwinll- Sixth Row: M. Sherhurne. L- Shlfm- M- G-051000 B- 3 l"'f'g' Seventh Row: D. Swoboda. L- Willie' E- Wnkenif C' Wo' 83' EC OFFICERS DOROTHY SWOBODA ............ .... 2 ....Pfe.q.,1em ESTHER SCHNEIDERWIND .... ..... I ICB-Pf6.Cltl8Hl DORIS RIPLEY ....,......... ......, . ieffemu' V JOSEPHINE ROBECK ..... .... r C'Cl.SllVEf ,.. ., - .... 7iZf! l THROUGH the in- fluence of the Sigma Chi and Phi Delta Theta fraternities, twelve girls belong- ing to '6The Tempest Tossedn society, ap- plied for and re- ceived a charter for Sigma chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma and were installed May 19, 1884. Since that time Sigma chapter has been active in campus activities, and this year Nebraskals Honorary Colonel was chosen from this chapter. Three other Wearers of the key marched as sponsors in the presentation. Ivy Day brought the Kappas the honor of hav- ing one of their members masked as president of Mortar Board, and another revealed as an attend- ant in the Court of the May Queen. On the A.W.S. Board the blue and blue were in the roll call with a member as vice-president, and again in Y.W.C.A. with a member as treasurer. ln sports Kappa Kappa Gamma is active on W.A.A. Sports Board, in Tanksterettes, the president of which wears a '.lr-anne Nr-well, Prvsirlent ' ls anvone vulnernb I Kappa key. Honoraries to which Kappas belong are: Vestals of the Lamp, Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta, and Theta Sigma Phi. Publications claim society editor of the Daily Nebraskan and staiineditors of the Cornhusker. At the Panhel- lenic Scholarship tea, Kappa was given the cup for fourth place. ln November the pledges entertained the ac- tives at a prison party carrying out the theme in costumes, decorations and refreshments con- sisting of bread and Water served on long tables. Even the band was dressed in the conventional prison stripes of the well-dressed convict. On February 16 all joined together for their annual winter formal. Last April a province convention of Kappa Kappa Gamma was held at Columbia, Missouri, and this year many members of Sigma are eagerly looking forward to attending the biennial con- vention to be held at Sun Valley, Idaho. Dorothy Canfield Fisher, noted author, iS H11 alumna of KKG, as are Alice Dyer Miller, fiCii0l1 writer, and Ella Alexander Boole, the National President of W.C.T.U. ff ' Guest night LL. T93 Nw -- M MAI L M. Q 1 DC LULI 8 i Dt NIA Bl:I'l Nl la ji l HEI MAP l tit l JI BET ltr NH Rt N Pllcw 1 P S 239 35 Ac'1'1VES MARY LCQILJIIIISALL, '42 MARY ELLA Bi+3NNE'1"1', '42 LOUISE LBE5S0N, '40 MA1uANLBQ?x4'ERS, '41 1'AUL1IiE QBIOYD, '41 1a15'1"1'Y IZUEIGESS, '42 uoRo'1'141Y LQAI?1PB1-QLL, 441 JANE CHAMBERS, '42 Norlh Plaltc MARION CRAIVIER, '42 Calcsburg, lllinoix LULUB ELL HEMERSON, '41 Lincoln DOROTHY GLENN, '40 Falls City ANN HUSTEAD, '41 Lincoln MARY LOU KELLY, '41 Omaha IJETTE ANN KENEDY, '41 Omaha MARY KNOWLES, '40 Omaha ELEANOR LUTZ, '41 Council Bluffs, Iowa JOANNE LYMAN, '42 Lincoln HELEN M-QPHERSON, '40 Hastings MARJORIE MELVILLE, '40 Broken Bow BETTY MEYER, '41 Lincoln CECILE MITCHELL, '41 Nehmvka MARY MORROW, '41 Scottsbluff JEANNE NEWELL, '40 Omaha BETTY ANN NICHOLS, '42 Omaha HARRIET CIJUGSLEY, '40 MARJORIE RUNYAN, '42 Omaha ROSANNE SHEEHAN, '42 Council Blujs, lznva MARION LSTENTEN, '41 incoln g 233 Page 939 N Top Row: M. Ball, M. E. Bennett, L. Benson, M. Bowers, P. Boyd, B B g . lll' CS becond Row: D. Campbell, H. Cather. J. Clmmlmers, H. Coyne, A. Craft. Third Row: M. Cramer, J. Cullinan, P. Elson, V. Emerson, D. Glenn. V f Fourlh Row: S. Hoffman, A. Hustcad, M. L. Kelly, B. A. Kenncmlv NI X lxnnwleb. ' ' ' N tl ' A M L 'Il Fillh Row: D. K ocnlg, E. Lutz, J. Lyman, M. .IcCar ly. . . . I. - Sixth Row: H. McPI1crson, YV. Martyn. M. Melville, B. Meyer. C. Mitchell. l R M M J N ll B Nichols M Palmer, M. Poppc. Sevenlz ow: . . 1 orrow, . Iewe , . . . .4 Eighlh Row: J. Porter, H. Pugsley. M. Runyan. R.-bheehan, M. blcnlcn. .Yinlh Row: V. Stuhl. K. Tunison. J. Warfield. E. Wangh. A. can-Q. Tenth Roux: P. Yvelclm, S. Woodruff, J. Woods, M. Yioodwarl .I Z OFFICERS JEANNE NEWELL ................. ........... l "fo'.NIllCLIl HARRIET PUGSLEY ....... ......... l 'ledge Caplazn LULUBELL EMERSON ..... ..... R ccorcling Secretary DOROTHY GLENN ....... ............ l 'rcamnrer VIRGINIA STLIIT, '42 Omaha .I A N ET WARE! ELD, '41 HQYIIIIUQ' EI,IZARE'I'I I WA LGII, '40 Linruln Slfl.-XNNIQ WOOIJRUFIV, '42 Linvnln JEAN WOODS. '41 l.'tlllHL'l'l llluflx, lrnrn MART WOUIJWAIIIJ, '-I2 Lincoln Q I'l,ElJGES M A RY REI-ISON, '-I3 Lincoln IIELEN IIATIIER, '-Il Roll Clonzl IIELEN COYNE, '42 Ulnalzn ANN CRAFT, '43 Galvshurp, lllinuix .I EA N CULLI NAN, 513 Lincoln PEGGY ELSON, '41 ,'lIIIIlllllU, Tzxras VIRGINIA EMERSON, '43 Lincoln SI'IIR'I.EY IIOEFMAN, '42 Ulnalza DOROTHY A. KOENIG, '42 Lincoln MARY J. MCCARTI-IY, '42 Omaha ANN MCLAUGHLIN, '43 Lincoln WINNIFRED MARTYN, '41 L0lLlIIll1lA.Y JEAN MINNICK, '43 Lincoln MARTHA PALM ER, '43 Sterling, Colorado MARCILLE POPPE, '41 Berne, Kunxas JANE PORTER, '41 .Veluoska City KAY TUNISON, '42 Omaha ANN WEAVER, '42 Omaha PHYLLIS WELIIII, '42 Shenandoah, lowa J. ZIMMERER, '41 .Yalfruxlfa Cily if 5V,, I . MF IVE friends and brothers',, as they are known in the Kappa Sigma his- tory, began the first organization of this fraternity at the University of Vir- ginia on December 10, 1869. Because of their close relationship and earnest endeavors, this fraternity has grown from that one chapter to a brotherhood of 110 active chapters in as many colleges of the United States and Canada, and has more than 4-7,000 men listed on its membership rolls. One of the first southern fraternities that felt the need of expansion, Kappa Sigma grew under the guidance of S. A. Jackson, and because of this man the Kappa Sigs hold an annual celebration of S. A. Jackson Day and Founders' Day. Nine men brought about the organization of the Alpha Psi chapter of Kappa Sigma on the Nebraska campus on Februar 10 18 existing chapter, which has a membership of fifty. four members, and an alumni roster of over six hundred. I The Kappa Sig social calendar this year in. eluded such events as the F ounder's Day banquet and formal, Barn, Dance, and a spring picnic. Coming at varied intervals, waffle breakfasts and buffet dinners were held. Also important was the annual freshman house party given by Kappa Sig pledges. Honors bestowed upon Kappa Sigs include membership in Innocents, Student Council, N Club, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Red Guidon, Phi Delta Phi, Block and Bridle Club, and Interfraternity Ball Committee. Other dis- tinctions include president of the lnterfraternity Council, two varsity football men, two basketball men, workers in Corn Cobs, a member of the Stu- dent Union Board, two members of Cornhusker staff, and members in Glee Club, band, and Nu- Meds. Kappa Sigs have a managing editor and news editor of the Daily Nebraskan and one Of . Y , 97. Since these is also president of Sigma Delta'Chi. Thel' that day Alpha Psi has developed into the present number a member of the tennis team. 0 Robert Rollm-pll. President omlother for the collection .S d U K? tu ying. It I C19 H .l Nl I .I I ,I 0 H R0 C l VI lil D F Cl 1 Al ROI D DI KEN Z E E New . Page 241 Pagg 241 Page Sw ' I ACTIVES 1:1c:11A11o BISGAHD, '41 Harlan, Iowa Cl IARLES ROURRET, '42 Harrison HAROLD CONROY, '40 Lincoln JACK DOWLINC, '41 Lincoln MERRILL ENGLUND, '40 Lincoln JAMES EVINCER, '41 Lincoln ROBERT FLORY, '40 Columbus JOHN FREDENHAGEN, '40 Lincoln ROBICRT HACEMAN, '41 Lincoln ROBERT HALL, '41 Pl11t1.vmoull1 GORDON HANEY, '41 Wh illllllll DEAN HANSEN, '42 CIIBYEIIIIC, Wyolning JAMES IVINS, '40 Crawford ROBERT KERL, '41 West Point VERNON KREYCIK, '41 Wood Lake WAYNE MACK, '41 Tulsa, Oklahoma RICHARD MILLER, '41 Lincoln DONALD MOORE, '40 Oketo, Kansas FRITZ OLMSTED, '41 Neligh CHRIS PETERSON, '42 Blair ALFRED PORTER, '42 Broken Bow ROBERT RIOTHWELL, '40 yannzs DONALD SCHULZ, '41 Beloit, Kansas DONALD OSIEMSEN, 40 malm KENNETH LSPRADLING, '42 "x .Nl r 3 v 3 Top Raw: D, Bisgard, J. Bixler, C. Bourret, L. Bukacek, J. Clarke, R. Crews. Second Raw- ,I Dowling, J. Evinger, R. Flory, E. Grace, R. Hageman. T d R R l C H n H C hir ow: , Ha l, . a ey, D. ansen, . Herndon, L. Hines. Fourth Row: V. Hunt, V. Ingrallam. H. Kelly, B. Kerl, Kreyeik. Fifth Row: L. Lehr, W. Mack. J. Miller, R. Miller, M. Manor. Sixth Row: D. Moore, G. Neiswanger, F. Olmstcacl, C. Petersen, Porter. Seventh Row: R. Rothwell, D. Schulz, D. Sicmsen. F. S 5. lx.HSpra1ll1ng.' H Eighth Row: J. Sullivan, L. Van Buskirk, R. Van Buskirk. K. Nxlllilflllfk. R. Lunola. lst Semester OFFICERS YALE WIEGARDT ........ Grand Master .... ROGER VAN BUSKIRK. .Gran1lProc11ra1or ..... . GfUHl1MH.VlCf ROBERT ROTHWELL. .. .0,1cefe1111,11fe.Q. . . . . . . l Ufllllll Scribe 21111 Semester ROB ERT ROTHWELI .JAMES EVINCER ..Dl-IAN HANSEN 1 I' VILING ........ .. -' ------ , , H , DDCNIEXED' SIEMSEN ...... Grand Treasurer L. X :KN BLSKIRIX JOHN Sl'l,l.lYAN. '-112 I 1' 11 1 1' 111 lllllllllll lr, 111 1111111 I.. KAN BIJSKIRK, 'All ll'orl11111l, Irjllllllllg ROGER Y,-KN lll'SKlRl'f, '-I0 l!11r.'11111l, lI,1a1111'11g YALE WIEKZARIYT, '-I0 .llullrn K. Wl'I"l'S'l'Rl'liK, 'vll I.i111'11l11 R'Al.l.Alllf ZIMOLA, '-ll S1.'l1u,sl1'r O l'l.EIJCl'IS MAX A RNOLD, 'All l.1111'ol1l JOIIN BIXLER, '-I2 llurrimn LORENZO BLKACEK, '-I3 .'Y1'ligl1 JACK IILARKIC, '-I3 Lirxcoln REX CREWS, '43 ClH'j'l'IIIll', lI'3o111i11g EUGENE GRACE, '43 N1-ligh LEON IIINES, '43 1iL'Illil'1llI an HA RI. I-I UNT, '42 Alliance VERN INCRAHAM, '43 Lincoln FLOYD IRVING, '44 Cheyenne, Wyoming LEWIS LEHR, '43 Elgin PAUL MATHEWS, '42 lllullen JOHN MILLER, '43 lincoln MATT MINOR, '43 Alliance GALE NIESWANGER, '43 Broken Bow HUBERT OGDEN, '42 Fairmont WILLIAM ROBINSON, '44 Lincoln FRANK SIMS, '43 Casper, Wyoming DONALD SCHIQLE ' gif-1 .V ,J ,J., . i l ir: a small group at the 0 ,.,.-, 1 1 I R OBEBT Morri- son and live col- leagues proposed an organization to John lVlclVlillan Wilson and out of this plan principles were formed, called "The Bond of Phi Delta Theta". By these seven men, Phi Delta Theta was begun at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, December 26, 184-8. Other chapters were soon formed in the following years, and became lo- cated over the United States and Canada at lead- ing institutions. There are now 102 chapters bear- ing the emblem of Phi Delta Theta. This year thc Phi Delt National Convention is to be held during the latter part of the summer at Minne- apolis, lVIinnesota, at which delegates from all over the country will attend. The first fraternity to be established on the Ne- braska campus, Phi Delta Theta was chartered by y ung university on March 16, 1875 Because of facult y opposition the chap- .'I"" N"l""f P""5l'l"m 'Tickling the ivorie ma, pray, ter relinquished its charter in 1883, but was re chartered again in 1884 after a reversed decision by the faculty board and since then has maintained a successful existence. Phi Delta Theta's major contributions to Ne- braska activities are members in the Rifle Club, varsity football, varsity basketball, varsity track, swimming team, Scabbard and Blade, officers in R.O.T.C., Engineering Executive Board, Junior- Senior Prom Committee, Student Council, A.S.lVl.E., A.S.C.E., and Corn Cobs, Phi Delt members are engaged in Work on the advertising staff of Daily Nebraskan, Architectural Society, varsity band, Nu-Meds, writing on the Awgwan, and freshman football. A grand celebration, With a dinner the day before Ivy Day and the Triad dance following H few days later Was one of the features of the Phi Delt social season. Also occurring during The school season was the annual Phi Delt Spfing Party on March 8, the annual open house Paul' in October, and the closed formal Christm21S party on December 20, held at the chapi61'h0uSe following the formal dinner. ' Bull session -7 ACTIVES GEORGE AREL, '42 Lincoln DICK ANWYL, '40 Des Jloim'.v, lawn ALLEN ASHWORTH, '41 Lincoln BRANDON BACKLUND, '41 Omaha CIIARLES BASKINS, '42 .Yorlh Plulle JAMES CAIN, '41 Fullx City FRED CRAFT, '40 rlurora FRANK HELAM, '42 Aurxxax City, Missouri FRED FAIRMAN, '41 Jlunilu, Phillipine Islands RILL FOX, '41 Omaha IIARTINIAN GOETZE, '42 Sl. Joseph, Mixsouri JOHN GOETZE, '40 Sl. Joxepli, Missouri .IOHN HAY, '42 Lincoln DICK HPERMAN, '41 FCWIOIII DICK HIATT, '41 Lincoln BEN JAMES, '41 Lilchfielrl, lllinois RILL JOHNSON, '41 Gary, Indiana LYLE KING, '42 Lincoln BOB POE, ,42 North Platte GORDON RECTER, '40 North Plane CHARLESL ROBERTS, '41 incoln BILL RYAN, '40 Tilden Gm '57 24. Plze 243 h Z ,ia -'Q .,-4 1:3 Inf, al? Sli! '7 Top Row: P. Anwyl, R. Anwyl, A. Ashworth, B. Backlund, L. Barnebey. Second Row: C. Baskins, J. Beauchamp, A. Bolton, H. Boyden, J. Cain. Third Row: T. Davis, N. Douvus, F. Fuirman, J. Falloon, W. Fox. Fourth Row: H. Coelze, J. Goelze, C. Harris, J. Hay, J. Hvwelt. Fifth Row: R. Hiatt, D. Jackson, L. King. R. Kryger, J. Lee. Sixth Row: YV. Luers, C. Meier, C. Olllfalher, R. Poe, C. Reeter, C. Roberts. Seventh Raw: J. Ryan, W. Ryan, H. Stewart, J. Stuart, D. Wyrens, J. Xmlrr Ist Semester JAMES STUART .... FRED FAIRMAN ........ HA RTMAN GOETZE ALLEN ASHWORTH ...... OFFICERS . .President .... ....... . .Vice-President. . . . . . . lfurzlen. .. . .Chaplain .... . . . 2nd Semester .JOHN GOETZE CHARLES ROBERTS . .DONALD WYRENS .CHARLES RASKINS I I E R R ST EWA RT. '41'uln J A XI ES S'l'1'AR'l', Grml. L anvoln DON ALD WY R ENS, 'VII Sfullxlrlllll PLEDGES I'IIII.II' ANNYYI.. '-I1 llrx Jluinrw, lmru I.AI'RI-IN l1ARNI'fREY, '-I2 Urrmlm JACK ISEAIFCIIANIP, '-I3 II EN RX' BOYDEN, '43 Grunzl lalunfl 'IJIIUAIAS DAVIS, '-I3 lilIl'UllI NICHOLAS DOLIVAS, '43 lluxlingx JAMES FALLOON, '43 Full.: City CHARLES HARRIS, '41 Urnuha JAMES IIEWETT, '43 llnxlingx DEAN .I ACKSON, '42 l,invnln RALFII KRYGI-IR, '-I3 .Vvligh JACK I.EE, '41 Frem nn! WALTER LUERS, '-I3 Lincoln CLIFFORD NIEIER, '42 Urrmhrz CIIAS. OI.DFA'I'I'IER, '41 linrnln JOE RYAN, '43 Tilrlen JACK YODER, '41 f.'ll"wrnru', Wmrnirag GX3 2 me 1 -o 'PTJ o 0 : 'BBQ 'L I 0: g ' " : 2: " lunch 'X iwiim fi 'J' 'U' 17 rr f , M-- t , f " 1 .r PHI Gamma Delta encourages a bal- ance of high schol- arship, extra-curric- ular activity, and social life. As a part of the social life the formal dance, preceded by a dinner at the chapter house, was held in the Hotel Cornhusker ballroom, on February 9. The annual Norris Pig Dinner, held during Home- coming in honor of the alumni, was held at the Hotel Lincoln. The Omaha alumni chapter an- nually sponsors a banquet for new initiates at the Hotel Blackstone in Umaha. In addition to these social functions the chapter holds a lVlother's Day Banquet, an Urchinis party for underprivileged children, and several house parties. Founded at Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, on April 22, 1848, Phi Gamma Della began under the leadership of John Temple. ton McCarty. A constitution was adopted on Ma Y 'hull li-ll cm. N-nator gl-phil Gram P .d , resi e ggwfzffm Q 1, 1848, now recognized as Founder's Day. The fraternity now has seventy-three chapters in the United States and Canada, and a membership of over 345000. Five charter members established Lambda Nu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Nebraska in 1898. In June 1940, two members will attend the Ninety-second Ek- klesia in New York City. 8 For two years, Lambda Nu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta has not been lower than fifth schol- astically. Last fall the Phi Gams received honor- able mention in the Homecoming Decorations con- test. Members who uphold the fraternity scholas- tically, athletically, and in extra-curricular ac- tivities are a letterman in swimming, two mem- bers of the track squad, a varsity football player, a freshman football and basketball player, the business mnager of the Awgwan, a member and a worker of Corn Cobs, two members of AlPl1a Kappa Psi, four member of the lVlen7s Glee Club, a member of Pershing Rifles, a member of Pha- lanx, and the president of the Engineering Execu- tive Board. HI ' Swing session l li l l- litll lll ll F N li: lil Xl .l lil Y ll l2 l Page 24' ACTIVES ELIIIER RAUER, '40 Lincoln ROBERT BUTZ, '42 Lincoln ROBERT CHATT, '40 Tolfnrn ah RAY CRANCER, '41 Lincoln K, EISENHART, '40 Culbertson KENNETH ELLIS, '40 Ilcudwoorl, Saullz Dulfolu ROISERT GOLDSMITH, '41 Fnlls City PHIL GRANT, '41 illilchell IIICIIIHI-IR'I' HILLMAN, '40 Fairbury GEORG E LARSON, '40 Lyman EUGENE LITTLER, '42 gllilchell WILLARD MERTZ, '41 Lincoln TOM INIINTHORN, '42 Lincoln CARL OLENRERGER, '42 Lincoln DON POLLOCK, '41 Fremont PAUL REDDY, '41 Kearney GRANT REED, '41 Lincoln JACK HOHHBOUGH, '41 Lincoln DALE RUSER, '41 Omaha EUGENE ECHROIIDER, '42 rnperial GERALD SPAH N, '41 Culbertson MARVIN THOMPSON, '42 .RIIICIIGH JOHN THORNBURG, '40 Lincoln ROBERT TOLLEFSEN, '40 Ixearney WILLIAM WAGNER, '40 Omaha DWIGHT YYHITAKER, '40 incoln SCOTT WISNER, '41 .Yorlh P16110 CLAUDE IVRIGHT, '42 Mitchell P3322-15 U I-.I 1 I " 4 x 5 ,Q ia . I I I I I Q X, f iv 1 . . X -.i' f ,O Ixizifn 4 . , M' .4 I ' , 'uv PLEDGICS Nl A R ION IIAKER, '-I3 Umulm ROGERS II.-KNNEI.I., '43 Hustings .IOIIN CARR, '-I3 Umulna SIIISLDON CHARRON, '-I3 Umuhu NERHIION IIOl'l'I.l'l, '42 Lincoln IVAN IIRANI, '-I3 Trkumuh GEORGE IIRANCER, '43 Lincoln ROISI-III'I' Dt-RORD, '-I3 Lincoln IIRYON DI-IIIK, '42 Lincoln JERRY DU'I'tIIIEII, '42 Omaha NATI-I EASTINIAN, '43 Kimball I.OWI'II.I. ELLIS, '43 Deuclwood, South Dulfolu CURTIS CI-I'I"I'MAN, '42 Lincoln IIERBI-1R'I' GROTE, '42 Omaha KENT JOHNSON, '-II Fremont JOHN KERL, '42 Oakland RORERT KLAMER, '43 Omaha RICHARD MILLER, '41 Kimball R. SCHNECKLOTII, '43 Lincoln HERNIAN STEIN, '41 llaxlings WARREN SWANSON, '41 Fremont DAVID STEVENS, '43 Cozad JERRY TCHOEVIPSON, '41 EDWARD TOLLEFSEN, '41 Kearney FRANKLIN WHITE, '42 Lincoln Top Row: RI. Baker, E. Bauer, R. Butz. R. Cannell, J. Carr, S. Clmrron. Second Row: R. Chatt. Copplc. I. Cram, R. Crancer, R. DeBorcl. Third Row: B. Deck, J. Dutcher, N. Eastman. K. Eisenhart, L. Ellis. Fourth Row: K. Ellis. C. Cettnmn, R. Goldsmith, P. Grant, H. Grote. Fifth Row: H. Hillman. K. Johnson. J. Kc-rl, R. Klamer, C. Larson. Sixth Roxr: W. Hertz. R. Miller. T. Xlinthorn. C. Olenbcrgcr. D. Pollock. Seventh Row: P. Rcrlmly. C. Rcccl, .l. Rohrbougll, D. Ruscr, R. Schnccklotll. Iiighlh Row: E. Schroedrr. C. Spahn. H. Stein. D. Stevens, J. Thompson. Yinllr Razr: KI. Thompson. J. Thornbcrg, E. Tollcffcn. R. Tnllc-lien, J. Y I Tvnlh Row: W. Wagner, D. Whitaker, F. While, S. Wisner. C. Wright. PHIL GRANT .............. , ...... . ..... Prcsiflcnl KENNETH ELLIS ..... ............... 7 If6'll.YllfCl' JACK ROHRBAECII .... ....... R ccurfling Sccrolury ROBERT 'l'OLI.III-'SEN .... ..... I forrcxporzclirzg Secretary GERALD smnx ,..... . ..............., .IILNIUITUII Sw PHI Kappa Psi placed on the cam- pus of the Univer- sity of Nebraska its Nebraska Alpha chapter, on March 28, 1895, because of the efforts of an organized group of undergraduates under the Greek letters Zeta The- ta. Nebraska Alpha is one of the fifty-two chap- ters of Phi Kappa Psi which had its start at .lefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Through the efforts of William Letterman and Charles Moore, who found the spirit of fraternal- ism during an epidemic of typhoid fever at the college, Phi Kappa Psi was formed. Thus drawn together hv a connnon service they be h . 7 gan t C hrst chapter. This year the forty-hrst Grand Arch Council will lake the place of the District Council at the Hotel Monmouth in Spring Lake, N, J, In the social way, house parties, holiday dinners and parties, alumni and mother dinners were held at ' liolwrl Xlillvr. l,l'l'SlllQ'lll ocood f A 45' different times during the year, and the annual Phi Psi dinner-dance formal was held on Febm- banquet was ary 9. The initiation and alumni given in March at the Hotel Blackstone in Omaha in honor of the new initiates. Phi Kappa Psi ranked in the upper ten of both intramurals and scholarship this year, and had .many of its members in activities. Activities rep- resented Were varsity football, basketball, Wrest- ling, gymnastics, baseball, and track teams, five members of the N Club, and six student managers in athletics, including the senior manager. ln hon- oraries Phi Psi has members in Sigma Gamma Epsilon, president of Alpha Kappa Psi, student associate in A.I.lVI.E., Scabbard and Blade, Red Cuidon, treasurer of the lnnocents, treasurer and two members in Corn Cobs, Pershing Rifles, as- sistant business manager and staff member of the Cornhusker, Pershing Rifles Crack Squad, and several R.O.T.C. officers. Phi Psi is also l'CP1'9' sented in Kosmet Klub, Student Council, and has the vice-president of the Bizad Executivfi Board. The fraternity has ranked third in schol- arship over a ten year period. Ili? ood and freshman entertaiimient X7 l MRL W ,J plilll COR l Rl B1 W1 .I ST I C Pima . Page 247 1 Page 2' ACTIVES LOUIS BALL, '40 0 III a ll a CARL HARNSBERCER, '4I Axlzlanrl WARREN JENSEN, '42 Council Blujjx, Iowa BERNARD JOHNSTON, '41 Omaha GORDON JOHNSTON, '41 Umalza DICK JOYCE, '40 Lincoln JACK JUDY, '42 ,-islzlnnd LEE LIGCETT, '40 Ulica ROBERT MILLER, '40 Iloldrcge BOB O'CONNELL, '41 Slerling, Colorado WILLIAM SAMPLE, '42 Omaha JAMES SELZER, ,42 Scollsblulj . BERT SMITH, '42 Auburn STAN SOUTHWICK, '41 Frzenrl FRED STINER, no llaxlings HAROLD SWAN, '40 Kearney GEORGE YETTER, '42 Winnellca, illinois O PLEDGES CHI-:T BOWERS, '42 Council Bluffs, Iowa BEN BROOKS, '43 Lincoln AL BUSCH, '43 Omaha HERB QUSHING, '42 earney MALCOLM DOW, '43 Omnlza TOM DEIEDLA, '43 rele 5 I page 2-I7 fi go IQ an Q .x ' Qui' ' Z -114 A 'I Top Row: L. Ball C. Bowers, B. Brooks, R. Brust, A. Busch. Second Row: M. Dow. T. Dredla, C. Eggcrt, XI. Flinljcr. T. Crimes. Third Row: R. Cnenzel, C. Harnsberger, D. Hurnsbergcr, W. Jcnwn. B. Johnston. Fourllz Row: G. Johnston. R. Joyce, J. Judy. T. Kizcr, G. Liggc-It. Fifth Row: L. Liggett. R. McCIymont, J. XII-yer. R. Miller. D. Nloravei-. ' -- ' Xorsc R. O'ConncIl R Osborne, C 0 I" Szxllz R014 . J. Morrow, T. .I , . . . us ry. Seuenllr R xv: KI. Phil , S. Porter, J. Price. W. Rudlkc-, C. Robertson. 0 P Eiglrllz Row: C. Rohman. R. Rydman, W. Sample. H. Sawyer. J. Sclzer. ' A 'rl ' S :I -' k F mx Ninllz Row: J. Scnflcn. B. Smith, D. bmi 1, 5. 'ou nur , . IHCF. Tenth Row: H. Swan, N. Swan, D. Walcott, L. Wilson, C. Ycller. J. Zimmer Isl Semesler OFFICERS 2nzl Semester ROBERT MILLER .......... Prexirlenl .... ...... LOUIS BALL ............. Vice-Presirlenl. ..... . STANLEY SOUTHWICK. ...Secretary .... . . . .. LEE LIGGETT ........... . . .Treasurer . .. .ROBERT MILLER . . . . . .LOUIS BALL WILLIAM SAMPLE . . . . .LEE LICGETT F. 9 Q ' , . , . Y 1 v ' . ' ,.J,".? 5, !f IIIl.'XRI.ES I-IIIIlIClI'I', '-I3 :lurum XIIKI-I I-'I.lN'I'.IIClI, 'AIS Siilnrj TONI ILIIINIICS. '-II-I fllllllliil RUR ILLENZI-II., 'III Lincoln IJIIIIQ IIARNSIII-IRIIEII, '-I3 411 1 TONI KIZI-IR. '-I2 fllllllllll CLRTIS KNIQDSON, '-I3 Lincoln GEORGE l.IILGIi'I"l', '-I3 Utica DAN NIORAVEC, '-II Sl. Paul .IOIIN NIORROW, '-Il Scullxlnlull TH OKI AS NI O RSE, '43 Lincoln BOB OSB OR N E, '43 Lincoln XIILES I'HILI", '-I3 Lincoln SPENCER PORTER, '-I3 Omaha JIM PRICE, '43 Lincoln WARREN RADTKE, '42 Coiuicil, lfluljs Iowa GORDON ROBERTSON, '43 Omaha CARL ROHMAN, '42 Lincoln ROB RYDMAN, '42 Olnalia II CCH SAWYER, '43 Puawue Cily JACK SENFTEN, '43 Genoa D EL B ERT SMITH, '42 Auburn NORRIS SWAN, '41 Kearney DAVE WALCOTT, '43 Lincoln JOHN WELCH, '43 Lincoln LYLE WILSON, '42 Lincoln JACK ZIMMER, '43 Lincoln QQ CIJKIIS Ei' B E T A G a m m a chapter of Phi Mu celebrated this year the national absorp- tion of Alpha Delta Theta which was agreed upon last summer at the Phi lVlu convention held in July, at Glacier National Park in Montana. In December a pledging and initiation service was held for over one hundred Nebraska Alpha Delta Theta actives and alumnae. This event was cli- maxed with a banquet at the Cornhusker Hotel. Phi Mu's social events began with the actives h Q. ., ono11ng then twelve new pledges at a nautical fall house party. Then came the Christmas part Y: followed by the sweetheart dinner in February. Last was the annual winter :formal on January 12 at the Cornhusker Hotel. Phi lVlu, the second oldest secret organization for women was fo d d , un e chapter of Phi Mu grew out of Sigma Beta, a 0 Did somebody knock? Q phylli s Hurst, President oln 3 Z ff local sorority which sent a petition to the Phi Mu organization and was acecpted on April 18, 1921, Activities taken part in by members al-eg Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Coed Counselor Board, Home Economics Club, Tanksterettes, and W.A.A. Sports Board. Others are listed in Vestals of the Lamp, Omicron Nu, and Sigma Alpha Iota. A member transfer from Georgia is a Mortar Board, and still another sister is president of the Univer- sity Panhellenic Association. At the Kosmet Klub Klub Fall Revue, Phi Mu won for the second con- secutive year the cup awarded for the presenta- tion of the best curtain skit. A modern Portia of the west coast, lVlarie Herny, is included in the list of Phi Mu alumnae. Augusta French, who plays the lead in the stage production, uThe Women," wears the clover leaf. December, 1857, saw published the first maga- zine of the fraternity, the HPhilomathean Gazette." Robert E. Lee was the first honorary member, and Jefferson Davis was another. Prominent alumlli include Augusta French and Marie Herney. happy mood mf - WO kk Pa, ACTIVES DOROTHY ALLEN, '41 Nnrllz Plnlle NATALIE BURN, '42 SI. Edward WOODIE CAMPBELL, '40 Colurnlrus, Georgia KA'l'IIRYN DONOVAN, '41 Lincoln ,I ANET EBNER, '40 Lincoln LOUISE FROLICI-I, '42 Louisville ,I A N ET H OEV ET, '40 Lincoln RUTH HULT, '42 Lincoln l'IIYLLIS.HURST, '41 Lincoln NI A RY McMAS'l'ERS, '42 Lincoln ELLA JO MARSHALL, '41 Lincoln MARION OLSON, '41 Lincoln RETH SCHMIDT, Grad. Lincoln FRANCES VAUGHN, '41 Cordon ELEANOR VEITH, '41 Lincoln . PM 24-J nge 34: .'- 'Q' Top Row: D. Allen, N. Burn, W. Campbell, K. Donovan. Second Row: R. Fairley, L. Froliclr, B. Greene, B. Hcckmnn. Tliird Row: R. Hult, P. Hurst. D. McCartney, M. Mciluslcrx Fourllz Rows B. Manning, E. Marshall, BI. Olson, B. bchnml. Fifth Row: F. Vaughn, E. Veilh, B. Vlasnik, L. Wiggins, F. Williss. III-I'l"l'Y XIASYIK. '-If Lifzrulll IfIll'I'II I'IIRI'fNIIIlI,'I'. ' III f.'l1-ulnnlwr I'I.IClN2I'fS Rl"l'II I"f'IlRI,Y, '12 flllll lim-I IlII.I,Il'f lllilil-2Nl'f. '-I2 liml.'fn lion' RI-1'l"l'1' IlI'X:KXlAN. 712 I,in4-nln DORIS I'iI'lNNI'lIlY. 'VIII H nl-'flfnrvr I"IlANIIIfS KICNNICIJY. "II If nlwllmly IlO'I"I'II'I N14-fl.-'IIi'I'Nl'IY. "II l.in1'oln IlAIlBARA NI.-KNNINC, 'II l.in1'oln NIONICIA IIVOSE KI.-XLN, 'III ll ulvrlllzly' VIRGINIA l'E'l'ICRS, 'ISS Lincoln LL'CII.I.E WICCINS, 'III illimunlu, ,Ilonlnnn FRANflES YYILLISS, 'hlfi l.in1'oln IRIS W'RENIIOI.'I'. '-II filflllll nlwl OFFICERS PI-IYLLIS IIIQRST ................... ......... P resizlenl ' ELLA Jo MARSHALL ............. .... i 'fmpfesffzeflf KA'1'Hm'N DONOYAN .... ......- - Secfewfx DOROTHY ALLEN ..... ..... 7 'rffnwrer . 4 f . f wt, -a . lg L! 3 4 I fa . 'f ,. 3 SIGMA oeutemn ir chapter of Phi Sig- ll ma Kappa existed ,Q g ff .p as a local fraternity , fiat fl fraternity on the , University of Ne- t if 1 ll? 1 iuya braska campus from 4 . . at af 1911 till 1925, as Silver Lynx. Found- ed as a club for unaffiliated ganization grew in membership until there came a time when membership was not limit particular city. Phi Si 1873, at Amherst, lVlassachusetts, home of the Masuchusetts State Omaha men, the or- ed to any gma Kappa was founded on March 15, College. There six sopho- name of uThe Three Tisa' until about five years after ' more gave it the first its founding it was give its Creek letters of Phi S' g igma Kappa. ln 1888 the second chapter was established at Union College, Schenectady, New York, and now has grown to include more than fifty chapters in this country. "1'utu' v j isanmsmg awww QW Because it was decided at t year that a location away from the hustle and eneficial, Phi he beginning of the bustle of the campus would be b Sigma Kappa left its former home street from the Student Union and moved across the into the original governor's mansion at 1421 H Street. Social activities of the year at the Phi Sigma Kappa house included two parties, one in the first semester and one in the second, and the annual spring party at the country club. The annual Founder's Day dinner was scheduled for March 15, while special fall and celebrations were part of the year's program. Phi Sigma Kappa men have participated in campus activities during the current school year with positions in important university activities. One member of the organization is a varsity wrestl spring alumni roundup er, and four are in the varsity and freshman bands. Three advanced military officers are ill the brotherhood, as well as a pledge to C0111 y Nebraskan editorial staff member, Cobs, a Dail a member of Phal man basketball squad. anx, and a member of the f1'CSl1' 'Raymond Carlson, Pr esident ' Wanna pledge? '7 T GEO LEON 1:.n'Nl mit Nlll RIC DE XX ARI- tlll R01 P25 ACTIVES TED ALLEY, '40 Lincoln GEORGE BRUNER, '40 Lorelta LEONARD CARLSON, '40 Lincoln RAYMOND CARLSON, '40 Omaha BRUCE CLAUSEN, '41 Kimball MILTON KUSKA, '42 Colby, Kansas RICHARD LeMAR, '42 Bradshaw DEAN SCHEELE, '41 Dix WARREN SCHROEDER, '42 Fllifllllfy O PLEDGES CHARLES ARPKE, '43 Beatrice ROBERT BARLOW, '43 Sidney ., 250 Pac 251 V! 4 ,, Alt it . bm. Q ...,, 4 'fr rj!! ,,. Top Row: T. Allely,, C. Arpk Second Row: H. Boone, H. B1 ...qi xcllhulz, R. Carlson. Third Raw: F. Heston, C. KCSIUF, D- Krwll. Y L by. R. LeBIar. Fourth Row: M. Kuska, V. au Fifllz Raw: N. Morrow, XV. Schroeder, R. Sullivan. Ist Semesler OFFICERS Zllll Semester ARLSON Precizlenf R XYNIOND CARLSON RAYMOND C. .,.... . ..,. .R , . . - MILTON KUSKA ......... VfCe-Pfe..ff1en1. ..,..... MILTON KUSKA WARREN SCHROEDI-:R ..... Swerflfy .... .WARREN SQHROEDER BRUCE CLAUSEN .......... Tfcfmlfcf ., ........ DEAN SCHEELE IIAROLI3 BOONE, 43 Fuirlrury IIERNIAN IIUCIIIIOLZ, '43 lin! Pain! C H A RL COLE, '-13 Lincoln EUGENE IJODD, '-12 f'llilIlUlb FRANK IIESTON, '-13 .-Ilcuundnn ED III RSCII, -I3 Lincoln CLARENCE KEGLER, '42 Cln'n'nlu', ll'1'olning mx Kmuuz, '42 DeWi11 DALLAS KNOLL, '43 For! Crook VINCENT LA UBY, '43 Hrirlgvpurl NEALE MORROW, '43 Hastings RUSSEL SKOVG UA RD, '42 Ornulm RICHARD SULLIVAN, '43 Fuirbury 'VI 11 4'Z Lv I I i 1 I 4 I I I I , LAST fall Pi Beta Phi ' actives e n t e r - tained the pledges with a Hollywood premiere house party complete with Hoodlights, m i c r 0 - .t phone, and old- I fashioned movies. mnae were entertained at the Children of the alu traditional Christmas party. The annual formal was held on February 10, at the Cornhusker Hotel. A sweetheart dinner, a spring house party, the ban- quet honoring the new initiates, and the Founderis Day Banquet held in A 'l pri , complete the Pi Phi social calendar. At the Ivy Day ceremonies last lVIay, one mem- I . . - mer, president of A.W.S., was masked Mortar Board. In .Ianuary this year, a junior member was elected president of Y.W.C.A. She and an- other sister represent the hous ization, Tassels. The Pi Phi editor of the "Awgwan7' is also a member of the .Iunior S ' - en1or Prom Committee. A news editor of the Dail e in the pep organ- Y ' Alargzircl Dickerson, President 0 Quite 8 Uatherinn fa I-, QQLZQZZ, Nebraskan wears the arrow, as does a the business staff of the Prairie Schooner. Among the ho ' ' noraries represented in Beta chapter ar e Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Epsilon, Alpha p, and Theta Sig- member of Kappa Delta, Vestals of the Lam ma Phi. If we wandered through the coliseum we would be likely to find a good number of the sisters att ending a Tanksterette meeting. Pi Phi's shooting gallery placed second at the Penny Car- nival in February. During the 1939-40 Univer- sity Player's season, a Phi Phi h leads and has been elected to the National Col- legiate Players, rewarding her splendid work. Pi Beta Phi was founded in 1867 at Mon- mouth College, lVlonmouth, Illinois. Originaled by twelve girls, the sorority has grown to IHCIUIIC 31,161 members and covers the country in eighty- one chapters. Nebraska Beta chapter was founded in 1895, and since 1926 has owned the chapffil' house at 426 North Sixteenth Street. Social work is maintained by the national organization in 3 settlement school at Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Which teaches the mountaineers arts and t1'ad6S- as had several '-sgsx 'Letis go to class IT I Pls' if P x'IRf Bl BE PATI NE I' VIH R. NAI I RL VIR4 CLA K, ANI NIA EVI BET' MAI BI I BEV CHA NIAI FLAV Al PEGG XIII IKE ACTIVES VIRGINIA CLEMANS, '40 Lincoln M. DIGKERSON, '40 Holdrege BETTY DOLPHIN, '40 Ornaha PATRICIA FLEIVIING, '41 Council Groves, Kansas RUTH FOX, '41 Red Oak, Iowa NELLIE GADEN, '42 Omaha K. GARNAND, '40 Carden City, Kansas VIRGINIA HANEY, '41 Lincoln RUTH HARVEY, '42 Lincoln NANCY HAYCOCK, '42 Callaway GRACE HILL, '40 Omaha RUTH HOLLAND, '42 Lincoln VIRGINIA HORNER, '40 Beatrice CLAIRE HUSTEAD, '40 Falls City KAY JOHNSON, '40 Lincoln ANN BETH KEITH, '40 Kansas City, Missouri MARY KERRIGAN, '41 Fremont EVELYN LEAVITT, '42 Lincoln BETTY MCGEACHIN, '41 Lincoln MARGARET OWEN, '41 David City BETTY ROACH, '41 Denver, Colorado JANE SHAW, '41 David City BEVERLEE SISTEK, '42 Omaha CHARLOTTE STAHL, '42 Lincoln MAXINE STALONS, '40 Lincoln FLAVIA ANN THARP, '40 Kansas City, Missouri AGNES WANEK, '40 Kansas City, Missouri PEGGY WEAVERLING, '41 Kansas City, Missouri MIRIAM WELLER, '42 West Point P2-1 C 253 .ty tx L. Q, Wi .. I A I d, H, Al' , B. B kcr, N. Beveridge. Y. CICIIILIIIS, F. Cllmll. gogojiyoigbwp'JAdg,":f?n'I,ADein'1:s"'IAI. Dickeisirg, B. Diihbs, B. Dolphin, Faylingcr, P. Fleming. Tlzird Row-' Rfofm. mic.-. N. cam. K. Gamma. J. Haggm. Y. H. liars'-f F nl Rougq Hzgcock G. Hill, R, Hallannl, V. Horner, BI. Hossack, C. Hustvuil. I.. lil:-, Fell! V2 's 'B zlohnson Johnson, A. Kcilh. H. Kc-Ily, BI. Kcrriggan, A. Kiniler. Sfvj Raj, E' Le,,,.,,, 'yy Lnrisciwf, B. sl.-Gem-han. C. Merriam, si. Mort., sl. ow.-... Sgjezm RAM.. ' B Roakh S, Scott, ,I. Shaw. S. Shaw, KI. Simpson, B. Slslckv. I E' ltl Row" C 'Stahl AI. Stalons, G. Swallow, F. Thorp. B. von 5CSI1"V",- II-'lk N2igh'R0w.' A 'xvanelg P. Weavcrlingy M, Weller, B. Yennc, K. Young, I. Lshn. OFFICERS 1 'l' I MARGARET DICKERSON ........... ...., . ...Qfeaflfn , A r Y " 2- I I'A'I RICIA PETERSON ... ...... ...I ict -rem en . . . . .Secretary VIRGINIA CLENIANS .... NIAKINE STALONS . .. Treasurer I'I .EDGES IJEIAIA AIIANISON. '-I2 .Venn-l -XI.IfG ANN AR'l'IlAl'II, 'VIII Lincoln lllfI.I'fN RI"l'Il AYERS. 'III Lincoln II I-I'l"I'Y A K R, 'Il I Kansas Lily , .Iltssouri N.-XIJINE IIEYERIIIGE, '-I2 .Ilar-xsiillr, Kansas l"RANliES lll,Olll'l', '-I3 Plottsmootli .IEANNE CRAIG, '-IIS Evanston, Illinois lIE'l"l'I-I IIORIIS, '43 Lincoln SllIRI.I'fY I-'AY'l'lNGER, '-III Denver, Colorado XIAXINE l"l'I,I.ER, '-I3 Omaha .lANl'I'l' IIAGGART, '-I3 St.Paul XIARIIC IIOSSAIIK, "lil Omaha LOUISE IDE, 713 Creston, Iowa I3E'l"l'Y JOIINSON, '-II Scottxhlujl IIELEN KELLY, '-I3 1.'lrurit'il filorvs, Karlsax ANNE KINIJER, '-I3 Lincoln YELASGA I.OR'l'SGIIER,'4lI Sabelha, Kansas KI. Nl ERRIANI, '43 Omaha XI II.D R ED NIORT, '-13 Fort Omaha SIIIRLICY SGO'l"l', 'VIII Lincoln SUSAN SIIAW, '-13 David City Nl A R Y Sl NI PSON, '43 Lincoln GEORGIA SWALLOW, '43 Fort Morgan, Colorado II ETSY V onSEGG E R N, '43 Wayne GEORGIA WALKER, '43 Lincoln II ETTY JANE YENNE, '43 Fort Morgan, Colorado KATHERINE YOUNG, '43 Red Oak, Iowa YERONA ZAIIN, '-II Cool: ' ' 4 5 llII.'.'7I'l,. : .. .. ...,.-. -"W :NA QT'-P 5,71 9 , 1? .7 ry.: L "Q l ORGANIZED by a group of Congrega- tional students, a club known as the Bushnell Brothers, later called the Bushnell Guild, - came into being on September 26, 1910. On the nineteenth of April 1924 the cl b 1 9 U was accepted as a member chapter on the a p- proval of the Grand President of Pi Kappa Alpha d 7 an this Nebraska chapter became known h as t e Gamma Beta of Pi Kappa Alpha. Pi Kappa Alpha had its start at the University of Virginia, through a meeting on the night of March 1, 1868, of several men who had served in the Confederate army. Although not a sectional organization, the Pi K As limited expansion to the country below the Mason-Dixon line until 1900. Since expansion enactments, the fratern- ity has spreld out d 1 z an brought its total member- ship to eighty chapters at d 2 1 1.000 members. .luv Xlillvris lwst 3 B urney has the aces -5-'T In December, 1939, a district convention was h ld ' ' ' e in L1ncoln, at whlch Gamma Beta 1 p ayed host to the district representatives. The National Convention of Pi Kappa Alpha is to be held in A . ugust, 194-0, at Chicago. Other events that are listed on the Pi K A calendar are buffet dinners, parties, and the annual f ll h a ouseparty called the 6'12th Street Brawln. In the spring the annual Alumni Banquet and a spring formal held the fraternity limelight. P articipation in intramural competition, activi- ties, and athlet school life. Gamma Beta has listed on its mem- b . . ership roll the president of the senior law class, e senior dental class, and also ics, mark a phase of a Pi K A's the president of th the president of the freshman members are the co-chairman of the .1 unior-Senior Prom Committee, a member of Kosmet Klub, and members in Alpha Kappa Psi, Xi Psi Phi, SIU- d . ent Council, Pharmacy Club, and Pershiltg Rifles. Pi K. dental class. 0ther A. is also represented on the fresh- man and varsity football squads, and has ranking officers in B.O.T.C. 9 William Randall, President f, V v ytllil WA HH 111 1 l .N l Fl .1 H0 ll. WI ru Pg 25 P8418 ACTlVES FORREST ANDERSON, '40 Paxton WAYNE ANDERSON, '41 Laurel CHARLES BROOKLEY, '42 Ravenna DWIGHT BURNEY, '41 Hurtington DONALD DERR, '40 Dodge IAIIQRBERT DOW, '40 Lexington ARCH FLETCHER, '41 Orchard ALLEN FREI, '40 Omaha ROBERT KEMP, '40 Omaha FRANCIS LAWLER, '41 Paxton JAMES LEFFLER, '41 Omaha ROBERT MALMSTEN, '40 Lincoln HAROLD PAULSEN, '40 Laurel WILLIAM RANDALL, '40 Wood Lake CARL RAPP, '41 Omaha Page 255 F M Y Av, r,4Q Top Row: C. Brookley, C. Brown, D. Burney, J. Creamer. Second Row: D. Derr, R. Derr, H. Dow, A. Frcl. Third Row: R. Kemp, F. Lawler. J. Lcfllcr, R. Alalmftnn. Fourth Row: H. Paulsen, 0. Platt, W. Randall, C. Rapp. Fifth Row: K. Simmons, YV. Sirumon 5, I. Tudll. 21111 Svnzeslcr WI l,l.l.-'UI RANDALL lst Semester OFFICERS FRANCES LAWLER ..... ...Prexiclen1...- ... DWIGHT BURNEY ....... Vice-Prexizlelzt .... ROBERT KEMP ......... . KENNETH SIMMONS. .. . . .Sccrclaryn . . - . . . ..Trcasurcr. . . .. . .. KENNETH SIMMONS . . . . .ROBERT KENII' WAYNE ANDERSON l.Ol'lS Stil4lNlillJl-IR, '-Il Lincoln KEN Nl-1'l'll Sl Xl NIUNS, '-lil l'uleu11'm' XX'Il.lil'R SININIONS, 711 Cuzml lllfRNARll SXIITII, '-I0'uIn lf. X.Xl.l.lfN'l'lNlf, 'all 5l'Hl'f.'l-I . l'l.l'IlJlll-I5 KARL llAR'l'llL'l.l'l, '-13'nlr1 lflll'lS'l'l'lR BROWN, 713 Sturgis, Suulh Iftllilllll JOE CIR E.-11ll'lR, '-13 Ruwv, NHL' .'Il'.KilfU RUB ERT DER R, '42 Tl'ClllllM'll GliRAI.D KA'l'l lOl., '-13 lllllllllglllll RHIIIARD .l'E'l'lCRSON, '40 I' art Scoll, Aan xas O'l'lS l'l,A'l"l', 'Lll .YUIIII l'la1tw IZAAC TODD, '-I0 full Stull, Kalman 1. .K Q SIGMA Alpha Ep- silon was founded March 7, 1856, at the University of Aalabama, for pur- poses of establish- ing a bond stronger than friendship, To- . day, in its eighty- fifth year, it lists 113 chapters and has a member- ship of over 50,000 members. The Nebraska chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was organ- ized on May 26, 1893. Arthur J. Tuttle, then a member of SAE at the University of Michigan, was urged by Miss Lola Paddock to found a Sig Alp chapter at Nebraska. With the aid of Wil- lard P. Bross and his friends, the chapter was founded and given the name Nebraska Lambda Pi, which was taken from the initial letters of Lola Paddock. The sixty-five members in the Lambda Pi chapter this year came back to a house which had been improved and enla d b rge y a six- teen thousand dollar expenditure. 'A lesson in bridge? . kwa ff This year the national convention was held in Fort Wo1'th, Texas, during January. Delegates from Lambda Pi were sent to the national con. vention, to the leadership school designed for fraternity training, and to the province convention in Iowa City, Iowa. The annual formal dance was held at the Corn- husker Hotel ballroom n December 20, follow- ing a formal stag dinner. A formal dinner-dance was held in May, two months after the annual Bowery Party given after the week of duress of- fered all pledges. A commemorative banquet was given on March 9, for Founder's Day, most hallowed of SAE traditions. This year SAE placed five men on the varsity football team, also representatives on track, swim- ming, and basketball teams. Other members are in Alpha Kappa Psi, N Club, and are on the Daily Nebraskan, Awgwan, and Cornhuske1'stailS- One of the thirteen Innocents is an SAE. AS 3 group, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was current .lHCk Best Trophy winner, and winner of the Homecom- ing Decorations contest in the fall of I939. Well, it won the prize ' Tom Shaffer, Presideni MATERNITY """ Cl! fzcom 0 WZ ld in gates con- for ltion Iorn- .IOW-' ance nual 5 Of- quet nost rsity vim- are the aifs. Is a lack 10II1' ACTIVES PAUL BROWN, '40 Broken Bow ROBBERT BIJRRUSS, '41 Omaza DOUGLAS CAMPBELL, '40 Norfolk MILLARD CLUCK, '42 Scottsbluff JAMES DeWOLF, 441 Kearney JOE DYE, '41 Omaha BRUCE DUNCAN, '40 Broken Bow BOB EVANS, '41 Lincoln JACK FATE, '40 Lincoln CHESTER FLIESBACH, '40 Scottsbluff VIKE FRANCIS, '42 Lincoln BILL FRANK, '41 Scottsbluff JOHN GUTHERY, f4O Broken Bow BILL HANEY, '40 Omaha JOHN HAWORTH, '40 Aurora BOB HEMPHILL, '40 Blair BILL HINRICHS, '41 Aurora LEONARD KJIACOBSON, '41 BOB LIIIEZILCK, '42 RALPH IZEEEIICK, '40 BOB IVIZARTIN, '40 WALT IVILEQIILER, '40 ALEX MILLS, '42 Osceola WEBB MILLS, '44 Omaha DAVID NOBLE, '41 Sioux City, Iowa CLARK OEQNLON, '41 w'ALTHHWHliiND1N, 442 wf.4HHENL3ggX1ANs, '40 BILL SCHOCK, 440 Falls City TOM SHAFFER, '40 " Spencer, Iowa VIC SORJENISON, '42 DICK STQRASSER, '40 incoln RAY TIMBERS, 442 Mitchell JOHN UPSON, 441 incoln I L Pane 257 ,Au Top Row: C. Beede, K. Berger, P. Brown, R. Burruss, D. Campbell. S d Row' M Cluck M Crouse, R. Davies, J. DeWu1f, J. Dolezatl R G econ . . , . - Third Row: B. Duncan, J. Dye, B. EVHUS, B- Frank, - HTY, L- 'Emanu- Fourzh Row: J. Graham, J. Guthery, J. Haworlh, B. Hemphill, B. Hinrlchs, J. Hust Fifth Row: H. Kennedy, N. Kline, H. La Master, J. Larson, D. Lawrence, B. Ludwi Sixth Row: B, Martin, J. Martin, B. Metz, W. Meyer, A. Mills, D. Noble. Seventh Row: C. O'Hanlon, H. Osborn, J. Rea, W. Romans, F. Roth, W. Rundin. Eighth Row: R. Salisbury, B. Schock. L. Seybold, T. Shaffer, V. Sorensen, D: Stras Ninth Row: Dick Strasser, J. Thiesscn, R- Timbeffu J- QPSQTH T- Ufcns 'R- WHJIBY- Tenth Row: B, Waugh, B. Wellingcr, B. Wcrtman, S. Wilkinson, L. Wright, J. Wun OFFICERS TOM SHAFFER .................. .......... P resident R. SCOTT WILKINSON ..... ----- V iC6-PVCSMCYU MILLARD CLUCK, JR. ..... ........ S ecretarl' WEBB MILLS ............ ------ T ff-'U5UV0f ck. ser. TOM UREN, '42 Omaha BOB YVAUGH, '41 Omaha BILL WELLINGI-IR, '41 Denver, Colorado LLOYD WRIGHT, '41 Beatrice R. SCOTT WILKINSON, '40 Curtis O PLEDGES CHARLES BEEDE, '42 Lincoln KRIS BERGER, '41 Sioux City, Iowa MURRAY0 CRPUSE, '42 HBO DEVFIIES, '43 JOHN DIOJZHZAL, '43 ROGERMOQRY, '43 LEE GLISEMAN, '43 JOHN GRAHAM, '43 Falls City HARRY HOPP, '41 Hastings JOHN HUSTON, '42 Lincoln HAROLD KENNEDY, '42 Beatrice NAT KLINE, '43 Madison HUGH LzIiMASTER, '43 incoln JACK LARSON, '43 Omaha DALE LAWRENCE, '43 Lincoln JACK MARTIN, '43 Lincoln BILL METZ, '43 Nebraska City HAROLD OSBORN, '42 Lincoln JACK REA, '42 Lincoln HERMAN ROHRIG, '41 Lincoln RANDALL ISALISBURY, '43 lwood LOUIS SEYBOLD, '43 Omaha DALE STRASSER, '43 Lincoln JOHN THIESSON, '42 Jansen ROBERT WADLEY, '42 Lincoln JACK WUNIDERLICH, '43 Ne awka BURDETTE WERTMAN, '42 David City JOE WOODS, '42 Lincoln 5 l'l 1 l N 1909, Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the College of the City of New York. The object of the fraternity as set if forth in the pre- amble of its consti- tution was Hto form a close social and fraternal union of Jewish students to the various schools in American. Establishment of the Beta chapter at Cornell University in 1911 began Sigma Alpha Mu's national expansion and at the present time there are thirty-six active chapters. The Sigma Omicron chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu grew from a local fraternity known as Kimett which was founded in 1925. The national fraj tcrnity of Sigma Alpha Mu in December, 1926, he Nebraska chapter, which at the present time has thirty-eight members The national convention was held in D granted a charter to t ecem- hcr, 1939, at Cincinnati, Ohio. Sigma Alpha Mu this year won first honorable mention for the 0 lfour num- and we would have a quorum ' W UN November 26, 77726 M F ounder's Cup, denoting the best all-around chap. ter. Sigma Omicron's exchequer was also award. ed the exchequeris key as best exchequer at the convention. The social calendar of Sigma Alpha Mu con. sists of Founder's Day, on December 11, lVIother's Day, ,four houseparties, a frosh smoker, frosh party, and a high school weekend party. Placing a large number of their members in university activities the uSammies" have the news editor, managing editor, and business manager of the Daily Nebraskan, secretary of Innocents, win- ner of a William Gold Scholarship Key, secre- tary of Menis Point Board, treasurer of Alpha Phi Omega, and treasurer of the Student Council. Also, members were placed on the following teams: varsity basketball, varsity swimimng, freshman basketball, freshman football, and val'- sity debate. Sigma Alpha Mu took first in scholarship, and holds first place among all fraternities for a ICH year period in scholarship. It is 1'ep1'CSCUted in Corn Cobs, Varsity band, Beta Gamma Sigma, and a member of N Club. 'Irvin Yaffe, Presidem age ACTIVES NORMAN BORDY, '40 Omaha PIIILIP BORDY, '42 Silver Crvelf EDWARD CHAIT, '41 Omaha FLOYD COHEN, '41 Tarkio, Missouri NORMAN GREEN, '42 Norfolk NORMAN HARRIS, '41 Omaha ARTHUR HILL, '40 Lincoln SIDNEY KALIN, '41 Sioux City, lon'a IIOMER LABOVITZ, '41 Lincoln NORTON MARGOLIN, '42 Omaha STANLEY MAYPER, '42 Omaha BEN NCQVICOFF, '42 incoln MAX PROSTOK, '42 Omaha M. TANNENBAUM, '42 Omaha HAROLDLTURKEL, '41 incoln IRVIN YAFFE, '40 Omaha P ge 259 Top Row: J. Belmont, N. Bordy, P. Bordy, B. Bramson, E. Chait. ' k 1 Second Row: F. Cohen, R. Cohen, P. Crounse, B. Epslem, S. Fraen e . Third Row: E. Friedman. N. Green, N. Harris, A. Hill, S. Kalin. Fourth, Row: P. Kantor, L. Kronick, H. Labovitz, R. Lewis, M. Margolin. Fifih Row: S. Mayper, B. Novicofl, M. Prostok, J. Raznick, T. Rolhkop. C. Shinfllc-r. Sixth Row: M. Tannenbaum, H. Turkel, H. Wine, I. Wohlner, I. Yafle, J. Younger. OFFICERS IRVIN YAFFE ..... ........... .... ..... P r i or SIDNEY KALIN ...... ..... E xchequer NORMAN HARRIS .... .... R ffcorfler PLEDCES .IOE BEl,NlON'l', '-I3 Omaha ROR RRANISON, 713 Omaha ROBERT If. IIOIIEN, '43 Sinlzx Cl!-Y, Iowa P.-XIII, CROIINSE, '-I3 Omaha BERNARD EPSTEIN, '13 Omaha ERVINO FRIEDNIAN, '-I3 Sioux Cllv, lmra PI'llLLII" KANTOR, '-I3 Siour film lon'a LLOYD KRONICIK, '41 .Sioux Cily, lmva ROLAN D LEWIS, '43 Omaha JOSEPH RAZNICIK, '43 Omaha TED ROTHKOP, '43 Omaha CHARLES SIIINDLER, '42 Omaha HARVEZ WINE, '43 maha IRVINC VSOHLNER, '43 maha JESSE YOUNCER, '42 IYPIL' Yllllf, .Yew Yull: I ZZAA A ff X If MORE than eight hundred active and alumni members at- tended the Forty- fourth Grand Chap- ter held last August in Los Angeles where headquarters were established in the spacious Ambassador Hotel. The Grand Ball was held in the Hotel St. Francis on Catalina Island. The Sigma Chi fraternity was established at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on June 28, 1855, because of dissension of six of its charter members with membersiof Delta Kappa Epsilon on the Miami campus. Today it has ninety-eight chapters in forty-six states and Canada, With more than 43,000 members. A This year Sigma Chi is in its fifty-sixth year on the Cornhusker campus and has 3 Claim to the distinction of being the fraternity with the long- est continuous existence on the campus. Alpha Epsilon chapter was founded at Nebraska on 'Frank Coufal, President ' ,N We 554' January ll, 1883. The Sig house Won the Kos- met Klub Fall Revue and took third place in the annual Homecoming Decorations contest held dur. ing November, the decorations were designated by the judges as 'fthe most artisticn. The first house party of the season used HA Sig Circus" as the theme, and featured a parade along fra- ternity row, headed by a calliope. The annual Thanksgiving banquet took place on November 27, and the Sig dinner dance, highlight ofthe formal season for the Sigma Chis, took place December 20, with the blue and gold fraternity colors as the theme of the decorations. Sigma Chi has a member in Innocents, the treasurer of Kosmet Klub, and a member in the University Players, the Lincoln Cathedral Choir, and A.I.E.E. Other organizations in which the fraternity has members are Phalanx, Hell Gurdon, com cons, Alpha Phi omega, Delta Phi Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Nu-Meds, Theta Nu,Pl1i Mu Alpha, and Pershing Rifles It is also 1'CP1'e' sented on the swimimng, basketball, and fresh- man football teams. . . The nag looks tired and so are we "w'-'- .,,,.... -xii a- 5- ll ,L alle 26" ACTIVES DONALD ANDERSON, '41 Lincoln WILLIAM A. BUTT, Grad. Dnadilln JOHN CATTLE, '40 Seward FRANCIS COUFAL, 40 Schuyler RICHARD FATINGER, '41 David City DONALD HARTMAN, '42 Vermillion, Soulli Dakota THOMAS HORN, '41 llay Springs RO BT. HOUTCHENS, Grad. Greeley JOHN ORR JONES, '40 Seward ARTIIUR KLEINHANS, '42 Colby, Kansas MADSEN KOKJER, '41 Hyannis DALE KREPS, '41 Lincoln ALLEN LEFFERDINK, '40 Lincoln KENNETH LONGMAN, '41 Lincoln DONALD MARLER, '41 Lincoln JESSE MIEKERNEY, '41 earney JACK MARQUARDT, '41 Creighton ARTHU R MASON, '42 Lincoln KENNETH MILLER, '40 Lincoln CORWIN MOORE, Grad. Oregon, Missouri JACK MOORE, '41 Oregon, Missouri CHARLES PARMELE, '42 Lincoln Page 261 LEONARD l'EL'l'lER, '42 Linculn if . , ,3- Top Row: D. Anderson, R. A rnold, W. Brockhofl, YV. Butt, S. Carroll, J. Castle. Second Row: J. Cattle, J. Conklin, F. Coufal, R. Ely, R. Faytinger. ' D H ' ' R H Tlurd Row: G. Graham, G. Hagerman, D. Hartman, . aney, . err. our or ' ' urn ones, A. Kleinhans, M. Kokjer, D. Kreps. F th R v. 'l. H , J. J Fillh Row: A. Lefferdink, K. Longman, J. Lovelady, J. McKerncy. R. XIcNult. Sixlli Row: D. Macdonald, D. Marler, A. Mason, K. Miller. D. Mo:-ll. , . ' ICH!! . .Seucnlh Row: C. Moore, J. Moore, C. Parmclc. I.. Iclllcr, J. SLI k' Llgrlh. Row: F. Schneider, W. Stccn, G. Thomas, W. VanHurn, I WJ' lsl Senzexler FRANCIS COUFAL ....... JOHN CATTLE .... ARTHUR MASON. THOMAS HORN ..... ... OFFICERS ..Presiderzt .... .. ... Vice-President. . .. . .Sccrelaryx . . .. . . . . . .Treasurer . . I. unix. 2nd Scnzcxlcr .GRANT THOMAS JOHN CATTLE 'fiiidk FAx"1'lNcr:1: . .THOMAS HORN FRED SCIINEIDER, '40 Lincoln GRANT TIIONIAS, '40 Grand Island . RICH.-'IRD HORN, '41 L rfri V Um o I'l.EDCl'IS RICHARD ARNOLD, '43 Lincoln WM. RROCKHOI"l", '43 Seward SAMUEL CARROLL, 43 Umaha JACK CASTLE, '42 Omaha JOHN CONKLIN, '43 lllinalarc RICHARD ELY, '43 Guide Rock GLEN GRAHAM, '41 Lincoln GERALD IIAGERMAN, '42 Niobrara DALE HARVEY, '43 Lyons RAYMOND HER R, '43 Lincoln JAMES LOVELADY, '43 Sidney, Iowa ROBERT MCNUTT, '43 Colby, Kansas DONALD MacDONALD, '43 Umalia DWIGHT MOELI., '43 Lincoln JOHN SCHENCK, '43 McCook WILLIAM STEEN, '43 Lincoln ROBERT WILCOX, '43 Lincoln . ' I ta chapter of Sigma Delta Tau will be hostess this year to the twelfth biennial convention of the sorority. Collegiate chapters from all over the country will meet Nebraska's twenty-four members late in June at Omahais Hotel Paxton. During the past season the S.D.T.s have re- ceived many honors. In April of last year one of their junior members was elected president of Tassels. A month later, on Ivy Day, this same girl was masked by Mortar Board. She is also publications chairman on the Y.W.C.A. cabinet and treasurer of Theta Sigma Phi. Theta chapter is well represented in campus honoraries. Two are members of Sigma Alpha Iota. Several be- long to Vestals of the Lamp, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Pi Lambda Theta. The president of Gamma ' Must be :1 new panic 0 Ieunnem, P N EBRASKA The- 1 W!! gg!! I Alpha Chi is a Sigma Delta Tau. In addition, the sorority claims a member of the Y.W.C.A. freshman cabinet, a Daily Nebraskan reporter, and a number of Coed Counselors. Scholarship is high in the Sigma Delta Tau house. Since 1925 this sorority has been hon- ored each year for its high scholastic rating. In 1939 members of Theta chapter received the cup for second place among Panhellenic groups. Big party of the year for Sigma Delta Tau was the formal dinner dance held January 13 at the Cornhusker Hotel. In the fall the pledges used hay and cornstalks to redecorate the house and gave a HF arm Hop" for the actives. Parents of the girls were honored at the annual tea on Motheris Day. National chapter of Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell University on March 25, 1917. Eight years later ten University of Ne- braska women organized a chapter on this cam- pus. For several years there have been active alumnae clubs in Omaha and Lincoln. Olonsky, President ' First snow mf W P156 262 ACTIVES SHIRLEY EPSTEIN, '42 Omnlm SELMA I-IILL, '40 Lincoln SARAH MILLER, '40 Wall Luke, Iowa SYLVIA NELSON, '40 Sl. joseph, Missouri I. POLONSKY, '40 fjlllllllll SHIRLEY POLSKY, '41 Lincoln MIRIAM RUBNITZ, '42 Omulm PAULINE SCHWARTZ, '40 Olnnhu RUTH SOBEL, '40 Scotlsblup' RUTH SOMBERG, '42 Omaha GENEVIEVE STEIN, '42 Omaha M. STETTHEIMER, '42 Wichim,Kansas SELMA ZVEITEL, '40 Grand Island Page 263 A A .M H. Albert, A. Arbilman, S. Bravermnn, A. Dnskuvsky. e on ow: S. Epstein, S. Epstein, R. Goldstein, S. Hill. Third Row: B. Himelslein, E. Kalman, S. Katzman, R. Krasne. Fourth Row: M. Lipp, S. Miller, S. Nelson, J. Polonsky - Q Top Row: S c d R Filth Row : S. Polsky, M. Rubnxlz, P. bchwurtz, R. -obel. Sixlh Row: R. Somberg, G. Stein, M. Stetlheimer, S. Zxcilcl. JEANETTE POLONSKY SELBIA HILL ......... SHIRLEY EPSTEIN . .. OFFICERS SARAH MILLER .......... PAULINE SCIIWARTZ. Presirlenl Vice-Prexizlenr . . . . .Secretary . . . . Trenxllrer . . . .Hislnriruz PLEDCES 1'x' v-1-4 llI.I.I-.fNl'. Al.RElxl, 43 Omnlm A N NA A RRITNIAN, '43 Omuha '43 SAREYA RRAYERNIAN, Umm! lxlfuul ARONITA DASKOVSKYQ-13 llinlun, lmm SYLVIA EPSTEIN, '43 Omaha ROSE COLDSTEIN, '43 Omaha RERNICE llIlIIELS'l'ElN,'43 Onmhu ELAINE KAIMAN, '43 Lux Angrlrx, Culilnmiu SYLVIA KATZMAN, '43 Illllllllll RHODA KRASNE, '43 ljnunril Iiluljx, lawn MARIORIE LIPI3, 43 s North Plain' I 'A -Q 'S .,,,.,..,Y A - Z, IN THE fall the pledges of Sigma Kappa entertained the actives with a c'Stairway to the Starsi' house party. Among Alpha Kap- - pa,s traditional par- ties are included the Founders Day banquet, the Christmas party for children of the alumnae, the Elk dinner followed hy the formal, and a dinner honoring the birth- day of Alpha Kappa chapter. Sigma Kappas are represented in Student Council and Coed Counselors. One member won a trip to Washington, D. C., because of her out- standing work in the 4-H Club. Two other mem- hers as Tassels participate in upholding the tra- ditions of the pep-preserving organization. One member of the triangle was a senior attendant to the May Queen on Ivy Day. ln athletics top bowl- ing honors were given the Sigma Kappas as 3 result of the Intramural competition with other ' l"r:mr'is lirown, Pre-sident 'Coing some place? . , , . yan! Greek fraternities. Their Indian curtain skit pre. sented at the Kosmet Klub fall revue was colorful with its rendition of a group of Indian love songs and its picturesque war dance. Last July several members of the Alpha Kappa chapter of Sigma Kappa attended the fiftieth in- ternational convention at San Francisco. Again in November, a regional convention was held the chapter house in Lincoln. Representatives from Colorado, Minnesota, and Kansas chapters met with the Nebraska girls. Influence of the war in Europe was felt when the Canadian delegates were unable to attend. Nationally, Sigma Kappa is one of the oldest members of Panhel, having been founded in 1874, at Colby College, in Waterville, Maine, but this chapter, gradually gaining prestige, is the youngest on this campus. In the spring of 1923, Alpha Kappa chapter was formed from the l0CHl sorority, Delta Psi. Since that time they have occupied several houses and are now residing at 41-25 Uni Terrace. The official quarterly publica- tion is the UTriangle,'. ' Open wider, please 45 P855 ACTIVES REATRICE BARTLING, '41 Lincoln FRANCES BROWN, '40 Ilaigler ,IEANNETTE CLAYTON, '40 Lander, Wyoming MARGARET EATON, '40 Lincoln HOLLIS EGGERS, '42 Lincoln HELEN HIGGINS, '41 Brownlee GERALDINE HUBRARD,'40 Ashby WILMA JONES, '40 Lincoln ANNABEL LEE, '40 Brownlee B. MARSTON, Grad. Omaha E. M. SCHUTTLOFFEL, '40 Walnut, Iowa 1 ,gg W., ' ' ' 'a 7 -2 F,--.f, " r.lf:..,w Page 255 it 1- ,zu W . S '3 .'L11'.'4',.f ' .. f'Y1,1 '11 12 'fwil wise' 'V ii 1" .1'klB21's'E'5'v!4'.' . Hczafwlxkv wwf 5' , , . , ' . L. '.Q.il15l-,glI.'4.." '.l..'.' 'aZl""f- 1 E11.4,1f,:.1 fl .1 Top Row: B. Bax-tling, F. Brown, J. Clayton, M. Eaton. Second Row: H. Eggers, M. Haack, H. Higgins, G. Hubbard. '- - ' k Iarslon C. Nelson. Third Row. XY. Jones, A. LCE, B- A , Fourlh ow: , Petersen, E. Schutlloflel, A. Shuman, D. Slurjulmnn. R C Filth Row: C. Taylor, J. Tinker, E. Tomich. OFFICERS FRANCES BROWN ............... JEANETTE CLAYTON ............. EMMA MARIE SCHUTTLOFFEL ..... ELSIE JEVONS .................. . . . . . . . . . .Prexirlenr V i ce-Presizl en! . . . . . . . .Secrelary . . . .Treasurer ANNE SIIUMAN, '40 Lincoln CIILOE 'l'.-XYLOR, '10 Vulrnline O PLEDGES X1 ILDRED. HAACK, '41 Lincoln Y. KI R KR RIDE, Cruel. lilueliill YIRGINIA 1111-GRA'l'l1, '41 Linculn LUCILI .E Nl AXWI-ILL, '41 Lincoln GERALDIN NELSON, '41 Lincoln CAROLE PETERSON, '-12 Lincoln L. SCHWEDHELM, '42 Lincoln D. STORJOHANN, '41 Spencer JEWEL 'l'INKER, '42 5 a 1 I Lincoln ELSIE TOMICII, 43 Buxhnell .I . 1. x Jgpi O RIGINATING from the Legion of 12"f"'i Y ,L Honor, on .lanuary - 1, 1869, at the his- + toric Virginia Mili- 'T L tary Academy, the -r M'-.5-'. Pi- fraternity of Sigma --" Nu was given its Creek name. Found- ed hy John Hopkins and two of his close friends, the Legion of Honor had been established to op- pose the over-bearing control of another secret society. Although the Legion was already in strong existence before January 1, 1869, the Creek letters Sigma Nu were not adopted until then. Today Sigma Nu has ninety-eight chapters and u membership of around 33,000 Uutgrowth of the work of eleven men, the Delta Pita chapter of Sigma Nu was established on the Nebraska campus on June 16, 1909, making it tht- University's ninth national social fraternity. Sinee then Sigma Nu has flourished and devel- opml: ul the present time it has sixty members and pledges. A convention was held this year at the Hotel Broodmoor in Colorado Springs with two members of Delta Eta present. High spots of the Sigma Nu social season were the annual Pig Dinner held in a local hotel this fall, and the spring formal held soon after the Junior-Senior Prom. A house party, which had as its theme the gold rush days of VL9, was held as a closed affair in the fall of 1939. Costumes and scenery reminiscent of the gold rush days made this a colorful house party. The senior class president, a fullback and quar- terback on the varsity football team, a member of the Student Council, a member of the Publi- cations Board, and a member of the Student Union Board were members of Sigma Nu. 0ther activities which Sigma Nu was represented were the swimming team, Corn Cobs, Kosmet Klub, golf team, Interfraternity Council, Innocents, freshman football, the Daily Nebraskan Stall'-'ill both the editorial and business divisions, the track team, and Alpha Kappa Psi. They number a mem- ber in Sigma Gamma Epsilon, geology ll0l10l'31'y' o 1 .W , , , . - l lf .1 umlvlr IMISIIIIH 0 R111, President ' Need a Candle? A CTIVES ROGER ANAWALT, '41 Lincoln JOHN AINLAY, '42 Isllifilllf-Y HOWARD AUSTIN, '40 Lincoln JACK COLE, '41 Lincoln VICTOR COULTER, '40 Syracuxc ADNA DOBSON, '40 Lincoln KENNETH EBZERY, '41 Sheridan, Wyoming KEN HOLM, '42 Omaha NATE HOLMAN, '41 Lincoln LESLIE JOHNSON, '42 Omaha JAMES JONES, '42 Casper, Wyoming BOB KING, '40 Lincoln JIM KIRKENDALL, '41 Sioux City, Iowa GEORGE KNIGHT, '41 Lincoln ROBERT KRAUSE, '42 Fazrliury JACK LEE, 42 Foirbury ROBERT LIVENGOOD, '42 Woodbine, Iowa HOWARD MARSHALL, '41 Atlantic, Iowa ROBERT METZ, '41 Omalm MASON MITCHELL, '42 Foirliury WILLIAM MOWBRAY, '40 Lincoln BOB NOURSE, '40 Omaha JIM RICHARDSON, '42 Omaha ROBERT F. SIMMONS, '41 Chicago, lllinoix WM. STEGQKELBERG, '41 Ulfl 1011 PAUL SIYOBODA, '42 incoln ROBERT THOMPSON, '41 Sioux Cily, Iowa GEORGE THURTLE, '42 Lincoln STAN TRJUHLSE N, '41 RUDYARDLVIFQUAIN, '41 incoln JOE WILDHABER, '41 Fairbury JEANLWOLF, '40 incoln 'aj f 9 1 Top Row: E. Adamson, J. Ainlay, D. Albin, D. Ananull, R. Anunulx, H. Auxlin. L. Bu-.inI, J. Cole. Second Row: Y. Coulter. R. Day, H. DcLashmu!t, D. Dewey. A. Ilolmin. K. I'lI1Zl'fY' W- EU I ll Third Row: R. Ford. G. Gilmore, R. Hulslcill, I'. Hays. J. Hill. N. Hilnu-H, K. Holm. Fourth Row: N. Holman, E. James, G. Johnson, L. Johnson, J. Jones. R. King, J, Kirkenilull. Filth Row: R. Krause, J. Lcc, R. Livengood, H. Marshall. R. Mclz. M. Mitchell, R. Mull ll Siivlli Raw: T. Moorc, W. Mowbray, R. Noursc, R. Phillips, J. Richardson, J. Robert R Simmons. Seventh Row: J. Spence, W. Stcckclbcrg. B. Stulit. R. Svulionla, R. Thompson, C. Tliurllc S Truhlscn. I H H , Eighth Raw. K. Yifquain, R. vif.,....s... F. vuigl, J. xml... J- IW-lmber, J. moi., J. it If OFFICERS WILLIAM MOWBRAY ............ ......... P f0.Sl'tLCIIi JEAN WOLF ............ .... I 'icc-Prcnsitient ROBI-IRT F. SIMMONS .... ..-.---- - SCCVCIUVJ' KENNETH EBZERY ..... ---TVUYI-WVU' l'l.EllI2I-IS I-Il.X IN .-XDNMSON. '-I0 Cori-1, ll y olning DON ALRIN, '-I3 Lincoln DONN AN.-XW.-Xl.'l', '-I3 .lnrurn I.c'ROT Bl'Z.-XRD, '-I3 Ulnallu ROBI-IR'l' DAY. '-I3 I.iIIL'Uill II.-XRR1' Ilcl..-1SIIMIJ'I"I', '-II iinrnvll STEY li DEWEY, '-I3 .Nrrgvanlx lilnil, lon a NY.-Xl.I..MIl'I ENIIDAIII., '42 Llllllllltl BOB FORD, V13 Lincoln GEORGE CILMORE. '43 Umuhu JOHN GOODSEI.l,, '43 LIIIHIIHK ROBERT I'IOI.STED'I', '42 Sllvlilitlll, J!'jlIIIH'lIg l'R ESTI J N I I A YS, '43 Lavpvl, li fflllllllg JOIIN llll,l., V13 Omaha NEAL IIILMES, '43 Ulnalm RICHARD HOLM, '43 Omaha EVERI-I'l"l' JAMES, '43 Lincoln GROVE JOHNSON, '43 Omaha BOB MOFFETT, '42 franklin THOMAS MOORE, '43 Omaha ROBERT l'HII.I.lPS, '43 Lincoln JAMES ROBI'IR'l'S, '43 Omaha JOHN SPENCE, '41 Atlantic, Iowa WILLIAM STUHT, '43 Omaha RICHARD SVOBODA, '43 Lincoln KENT VIEOIJAIN, '43 Lincoln FRED VOIOT, '41 Lincoln JOSEPH DWALLA, '41 Linwood GORDON WISDA, '42 I incoln V 1 A I H L, J, 'L 'f'fffjT'f 5-all ,ge 260 Page 26: I LAT Richmond Col- lege, now the Uni- versity of Richmond, in November, 1901, the Sigma Phi Epsi- lon fraternity was founded. A society called the Saturday Night Club with the six charter members Carter Ashton Jenkins, Ben- jamin Donald Cow, William Hugh Carter, Wil- liam Andrew Wallace, Thomas Temple Wright, and William Lazell Phillips formed the present day organization of Sigma Phi Epsion which has, since that memorable date of founding, advanced to twelfth place in number of chapters among the forty-two national social fraternities. Sigma Phi Epsilon has listed on its rolls seventy active chap- ters and a total membership of 22,000 throughout the various states, District of Columbia, and twen- ty-eight foreign countries, territories, and pos- INCSBIUHS. 9 liliyllnn roundup , U' 42 7254 JZfg The Nebraska Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was formed from a local fraternity and installed at the University of Nebraska on April 15, 1911, where it since has grown to a chapter with a membership of thirty-four. It is located at 601 North Sixteenth Street in an old English Gothic style house, which has been dedicated to the composer of one of the fraternityls songs, HSig Ep Cirlsi' Social activities of the Sig Eps were centered on such parties as the Sig Ep breakfast dance, the Sig Ep Blue Party, and the formal dinner dance held at the University Club. Last year the Nebraska Alpha chapter was host to delegates at the annual district convention of Sigma Phi Ep- silon May, 1939, in Lincoln. ln fields of campus activities, the Sig Eps have placed members in Alpha Kappa Psi, Pi Tau Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Xi Psi Phi, Publications Board, the University Players, Corn Cobs, Per- shing Rifles, Scahbard and Blade, Varsity Clee Club, University Singers, and have officers in R.O.T.C. 'nc Walters, President 9 Something must he funny PSS ACTIVES BILL BILES, '41 Pender ,IULIAN A. BORS, '40 Wilber JOHN E. BROWN, '41 Norfolk DWIGHT CLEMENTS, '42 Elmwood DARREL FOSTER, '40 SC0l5blUi ROBERT GELWICK, '42 Falls City CLINT JURGENSEN, '42 Julesburg, Colorado ROBERT KRIKAC, '41 Rapid Cily, South Dakola HOWARD LISTON, '42 Elmwood MILTON MASTALIR, '40 Pierce AL VASLAV NOVAK, '41 Wilber BRUCE PERSON, '41 Waunelo VERNE RAWALT, '40 Auoca JOHN SCOFIELD, '40 Lincoln HARRY SEAGREN, '41 Omaha BOB SEARLE, '41 Bellevue TRUMAN SPENCER, '40 Lincoln ED STECKLEY, '42 Weeping Water LARRY SWEDLUND, '40 Slerling, Colorado , 265 Page 269 JY QQ .yn C EN E WAI.'l'ERS, '-I2 llirrriplirry I-'OR EST VWIISON, 'Il Anrjulli . I'I.EDIlES NI A RY I N ATIIEY, '43 ' If'uune-lu II lI.I. IIIfRKI.IlNII, CNHI. Sulhrrlnnil ,IAIIK RURNS, "IQ Cusprr, Nj um ing ROBERT DEN ISON, '43 Omulm CII A RLES DICK EY, '43 Colurnbux JUNIOR FRINK, '43 Cilrlmn NORNIAN IIIIIBERD, '1Il Cihlllln JAY I'IOI"ENIAN, '43 lfealxirlr, lmru TED HUBBARD, '43 Columbus JEAN LACEY, '42 Irflll orc RYRON MYERS, '43 filllllllllllll, AIIIIAIIJ DON SMITII, '43 Sterling, Colorado EVEREII SIORI-.NSI'.N, 42 .IINI VOCT, '43 lhrnrrmf! Top Row- XV Biles, I. Bors, B. Burkland, J. Burns, D. Clements. Second R',,,.-, 'R, Denison, c. Dickey, J. Frink, R. celwick, N. Hablma. T1,i,d Row: j. Hoffman, C, Jurgensen, R. Krikac. H. Listou, XI. Blnqulir. Fourth Row: A. Novak. B. Person. V. Rawall, H. Seagren, B. SL-arlc. Fifgh Row: D. Smith, T. Spencer, E. Stevlfley. .I. YDS!-h Sixlh Row: C. Walters, C. Wcnke, G. Whnehf'3fI, F- WIISOU- Ig Semeqfgf OFFICERS 2111l .SC'n1f'xll'r CENF WIALTFRQ ..Presi1lenI .... . .. .IIARRY SEACREN I J A A T-I . . rf q--g w 1 4 1 - HARRY SEAGREN ...... . iffce-Pfesfffenr.. .czux ION JLHc,i.xsi.x .IULIAN BORS ..,,.. ,. AL NOVAK ....... VERNE RAW.-XLT.. . .Secretarpz . . .Historian . .Treasurer . . . . .ROBERT SEARLE ...........ALNOYAK ...HYERNE RAW.-XIII' CLARK WLNRE, 43 GENE WIIITEIIEAD, '43 Tvvu IH I rfli KEITII WINDRIINI, '43 5 L-4 vi i 1.4 V77 terinity was found- Polytechnic Insti- tute in Troy, New York, April 29, 1864, and was the only fraternity to be founded during the Civil War. All founders were former members of the Sigma Delta fraternity who had separated because of internal dissensions. Determining to build anew their ideal of unity and fellowship they began a new chapter. The first years of Theta Xiis existence were difficult, because many of the universities of the country strongly opposed college fraternities. Within a few years this op- position was overcome and with this change Theta Xi began to expand. The seventy-fifth anniversary was celebrated this fall with a Diamond Jubilee Convention at Troy, New York. Here a memorial was presented to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute by the dele- gates attending. ' l iff' of the party 0 X 1 I THE Theta Xi fra- ed at Rensselaer WMA, .927 The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Theta Xi fra- ternity was established on this campus the twenty- sixth day of February, 1927, just thirteen years ago. This chapter had its beginning when it was formed from a local engineering fraternity that had existed on the campus as Mu Sigma for several years. Theta Xi enjoyed a successful social season with a round of house parties, terminated by the annual spring formal. The Theta Xiis well known M6294-7' Eounderls Day Banquet was held this year at the Hotel Cornhusker on April 29, the date of Theta Xi's organization which is ob- served annually by members of the fraternity. Taking a prominent part in campus activities this past year, Theta Xi has a member on the Student Council, a member on the staff of the Daily Nebraskan, the secretary and two members of Sigma Tau, the vice-president, secretary-treas- urer, and another member on the Engineering Ex- ecutive Board, officers in the R.O.T.C., members in Pershing Rifles, the president and repre- sentatives in A.l.E.E., A.S.C.E., and A.l.A.E. to carry on the engineering traditions. 1 - . .f rt mr ,ein, President 0 Dom he flg-serve it? "' Pal' 270 I 3 all ACTIVES ROBERT BlIviIE1EU'I'EIi, '41 IIAROLRHRQUR, '41 CLAUDI2inD0IEf4'I'S, '41 WOODROW FULLEN, '41 Scollsblufl FRED KLUG, '42 Norfolk FRED KOHLER, '41 Lincoln ARTHUR LIEN, '40 Fuirbury IVAN MucDONALD, '42 Tcliamali JOHN NO'I"I'ELMANN, '40 Plntlsmoulll FRANK SCOTT, '40 McCook CLAUDE TETHEROW, '40 Valcnline RICHARD THOENE, '41 Utica GORDON WORLEY, '41 Lincoln C PLEDGES DALE ANDERSON, '42 Aurora JARED BRZNGELSON, '42 Top Row: D. Anderson, R. Bercut . J. Bryngclsnn, J. I! Second Row: D. Coder, H. Duulm. C. Deals, W. Fullcn. Third Raw: F. Klug, L. Knurlsc-n. F. Kuhlcr. A. Lvin. Fourth Row: I. BIacDunuImI, L. lliclmvl. J. Nuttc-Imann. C ogm-. Fijllr Row: C. Schluckebiur. F. bum F. Simnmns. C- Tf'lIIf'Y'H'- Sixlll Row: C, Tlmompsun. K. 1YickCll. H. 1Y'iIIiums, G. XY urlvsy. ls! Scmcsler JOHN NOTTELMAN ..... .. ROBERT BEREETER .... .V FRED KLIQC ............ . . GORDON WORLEY ........ OI"FICERS .Prcxizlvnl .... l'CC-1Jf'CNl'llCl1l . .Sccrc'lury. . . .TI'L'll.Ylll'Cf. 21111 .gL'lllL'NlCf .. . .:XR'I'III.'R IFIN . . . .FR.-'INK S1IO'I"I' ... .I-'RED KOIILER GORDON XY ORLEY .IANIIIS III.'lfIII'IR, '-I2 Ulrgull, .UI'JAUL4Il' .IINI 1i1,,xl's11:x, me .fhnnnnllh IIONJXFII COIIRR, '42 51. luxrph .1!I'J5UUlf RIUIARD DI-I.-XX, '43 l.1nruln IIOII.'XR'I' IJI'IWI'IY, '43 Ulnnlm IAUK IIONOY.-KN, '-I2 Lincoln I-IRYIN II.-X.-Xl-'l'I, '42 llrnlon I.Ol'IE KNLDSI-IN, '43 Umuliu R. I.. NIa1c':'KIJAXI, '43 l'ollrl RO R If R'l' NI l'I'l' R :X KOS, '-III l.l'ni'uln I,OWIiI.I. NI ICI IAICL, '41 Linruln IIIfIII.'1RII.NI4II,SON, '43 Curlu DARWIN I'AI.NIER, '43 lincoln CII-'FORD ROGERS, '42 Urnnd lglnnzl GLEN SClIII,l,'llK'ICRlER, '-ll Lv' FRED Sl NI NIONS, '43 Lincoln IQI.IFI"ORD 'I'I'IOXI PSON, '-III Dunning K IfI'I'H W I CK E'I"I', '43 Laurel IIERRERT WIIIIANIS, '43 Lvfzzlullv, Cululudu ,tx 52442 1. TFA 4' X ...?,V Y, ru Page 2:1 I , 'X I all .7922 .Ulm gf lop.. ' THIS year Zeta lnterfraternity Council, Zeta Beta Tau has also Beta Tau returned a central agency located in New York. The local from a Christmas chapter, Alpha Theta, was an outgrowth ofthe vacation and moved Bedford Club, and was installed by a group from into a fine, modern- the University of Missouri in 1922. istic fraternity The national convention of Zeta Beta Tau was house that had been held in San Francisco, December 28 to January remodeled from the 1, where delegates from nearly every chapter at- old house. Square, tended the parties and meetings. Special parties modern-style construction, with well-lighted and for the opening of the new house, two house- newly furnished rooms, has made the new house warmings--one for the alumni and parents, and a fine home for the Nebraska chapter of Zeta Beta one for the University students-were given dur- Tau. ing the year by the ZBTs. ln addition to these, The Zeta Beta Tau national fraternity began its monthly house parties were held. existence in 1898 with some fourteen men, who ln activities, Zeta Beta Tau has the business conducted their meetings at irregular times until manager of the Cornhusker, news editor of the a local group at the College of the City of New Daily Nebraskan, managing editor of theAwgwan, York took over. In 1902 the Alpha chapter was and exchange editor of the Awgwan. Two Zeta formed, marking the organization of the first Beta Taus are on the varsity football team and are members of the N Club. Representation iS also held in lnnocents, Kosmet Klub, Rifle Team, Pershing Rifles, Sigma Delta Chi, and other honoraries. chapter of Zeta Beta Tau. Since this first found- ing, thirty-four active chapters have been located at leading educational institutions in the United States and Canada. A member of the National O.. . A . I -- , l llnnk xl lllI'0llg.ll. himc oLe0mu.d Frledel, President .At home . . Y.-'afi N. .9 Pd' .y ag' 3" ACTIVES ROB ERT COIIEN, '41 Um all Il NIORTON EISEN, '41 Wes! .Yew York, New Jersey LEONARD FRIEDEL, 440 Omuliu GEORGE FRISCIIER, '41 Kansas City, Missouri LAWRENCE GAVEMAN, 142 Ogallala LEONARD GOLDSTEIN, ,42 Omulzu JOE KIRSHENBAUM, '42 Omaha JAMES LIPSEY, 742 Omaha EDWIN 2InIaI5PER, '42 IIUBERT 323NSKY, 442 LEONARDOVMITSKIN, 141 IRVIN SI3IEaR?4'AN, 740 ROBERT SIJEXIERNIAN, '40 ERNEST YIHIEEROUB, '41 EDWIN WIEITQEINBERG, '41 I Plre 273 1 Top Row' B Altsuler, H. Bernstein. I. Cohen, R. Cohen, XI. Eisu Q ein, Second Row: 1 L. Friedel, C. Frischer, L. Gavcnman, L. Go 1. Il. . ,l'IIlll'N. ll 1 R C, b J Lipwy, I. Xluluxlmck. Nl ll L NI k Third Row: S. Kaufman, J. Kirshenbaum. M. Kirshen aum, . Fourth Row: C. Menzer, C. Milcler. E. Mildcr, E. C. . iicr, Fiflh Row: I. Sherman, R. Silverman, S. Simon. N. Smcerin. Sixth Row: H. Sludna, R. White, E. Winlrunb, E. Wittenberg. OFFICERS LEONARD FRIEDEL ............... ROBERT COHEN ........ ... LEONARD GOLDSTEIN... JAMES LIPSEY ........... ROBERT SILVERMAN ..... uf in. .. .....Prexiden1 .Viee-President . . . . Treasurer . . . . .Secretary .. . .Historian 1'I.EDllES mzizxiulm ,xl.'1'si'1.i:1:, 21:4 l. involn ll.XROl.lJ IiI'iIIN5'IiI'fIN, '-IIS tvillllllfll H1110-, Irma umm: mlliix, 21:4 I-UIAlH'Il Illufi-, lun 1: IIAYXIUNIJ IQIIIXIES, 'AISI lieu: rr, lfulvrmlu SIIELDON K:Il'I"NI.-IN. '-I3 Urnulm NI. KIIiSlIENIIAIfNI,' -II fllllllllll IIIYINIQ NI.-XI..-KSIIUIIK, '-I3 Ullmlm II.-'IIAII-IN XII-INZER, '-I3 C're'.w1oll, luuu IIARI. NIILDER, '43 Umulm EIJWARIJ IC. NIILDEII, '43 lllllllllil 5'I'UAR'l' SIMON, '43 Umalio NORMAN SNIEEIIIN, '43 ll'uorllrlne, 101411 HARLAN STUDNA, '43 Omaha ROB ERT WIIITI-1, '-I3 Umulm ..J,. I V .. i . b . " .rg ,jiff- .-J - ., fi,"- Hllll E IUTHER FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES Sifxll: Razr: Mrs. Adams, Sigma Alpha Eifl ' M pi on, rs. Barnes, Pi Beta Phig Mrs. Bentley, Sigma f.hi: Xlrs. Bishop, Al li. Cl' 0 "' ' " l p x ll IIICE-1, Mig. Bixby, Alpha Tau Omega! MTS- Boyles' Slgma l'hi lfpsiloii. Hflli Ruir: Urs. llrmxn, .-Kraztiag Mrs. Chase, Della Dvlta Dcllag Mrs. COX, Kappa Alpha Them' Mis. Davis, Pi Kappa Alphag Mrs. Dunlap. Alpha Oinicron Pig Mrs. Fcc, bigma lNu. 1 I-'uurlli Run: Xlrx. Frrnvli. llowarrl Hall: Mrs. Gaithrrr, Phi Kappa l'Si: Mfff- Gibsonv Igfphilcssg D1-ha: Xlr-. Gwen. Sigma Della Tung Bliss Hauhcnsac, Dclla Gamuiag Miss Hcncly, 011 lla'-inlr'm'v Halls. flrinl Run: Xlrs. llullingsuurlli. Chi Phi: Mrs. Hylaml, Thcla Xi: Mrs. LUV, KHPPH Nlr-. Nlinivr. Phi Gamma llvltag Miss 3lllIlSllllW, Kappa Kappa Cammag Mrs. Pelton, 11 lluuw, Nrvnrirl Rtllfl Ura l,f'llI' .. l-luis. llvlla Thvla Phi: Mrs. Pvlvrlnivlival. Phi Delta Thclag Mrs. PllilliP51 llvll-I l'pfilon: llrs. l'ir'i'4-v Bela Tlll"l'l Phi Nl P , , r 3 1 rs. routy, Chi Omcgag Mrs. Qllilik, AIPIW Phi' IPITAI IQHIVZ Xlls. Sl'ilIllllll' " - ' P l. kappa Sigma: Hrs. N-lirzuls-r, Signia Kappag Mrs. Stcfvart. Phi Xlrx. Xhiivlis, Gainnia Phi livtag Mrs. Wcihusch, Alpha Gamma Rhog Mrs. WlIlCHhCfg, 0 Hola Tau. 7 I I s f' NM r' I fMwm""uu-xl X 2 X Q?"-Q 'x 'N ...NN-X '- mx 5r""x,L X N, xx' X. ,S HK mu f' - .X W..- s XXX-.11 is L xx ax- fd 7 K' ff f ff 1 B A, Duff, H. Klalt, B. Hutchinson. X K V. Ekblzul, R. BI. Peslul. THE Barb A.W.S. was this year reorganized and given the name Barb Activities Board for Women. The new name designates the board's function, to encourage unaffiliated girls to engage in extra-curricular activities. The board sponsors a traditional fall tea for freshmen girls to interest them in activities. With its growth the board has not only sponsored hour dances, parties and recreational sports but has also, cooperated with other barb organizations in sponsoring the barb Winter party, the annual spring banquet and barb membership card. Revision of the point system was a major task of the first semester. Board members meet each week with groups of unaffiliated Women and receive an account of the points earned by girls. At a spring tea, a gold recognition pin is awarded to the girls who have earned one hundred activity points during the year. Mary Cannell and Harriet Schwenker have served as sponsors. AIDS UNAFFILIATED OFFICERS GIRIS IN ACTIVITIEQ MELVA KIME ................... ........ I 'resident PEGGY SHERBURNE ....... . . .Vice-President VICTORIA EKBLAD ........... .... S ecrezary BETTY JEANNE SPALDING ..... .... T reasurer IIARII ACTIIITIEI INIAIIII F0li WIHVI ,rb d's ,ar to Aly so, .ter ion 1rd ive old red Pace 277 BARR CUUNCIL THE Barb Council, organized in l929, is the snprcmc governing body for all Barb organizations. This year the Council promoted a most successful sale of Barb membership cards. These cards, sold only to barbs, entitle their own- ers to such privileges as free attendance at the barb dances in the Student Union, to a miscellany of parties, picnics, and a hit of special mid-winter fun at the popular barb formal. Another accomplishment of the year was the setting up of a Barb loan fund for the purpose of assisting those unaffiliated students who need small, short time loans with no interest and a minimum of red tape. First applications will be received September, 1940. The mid-winter formal proved to be one of the biggest social events of the year. Preceding the formal a banquet was given by the Council to which all unafhliated students were invited. OFFICERS EARL CONSTABLE .............. ...... P resident HARRIET LEWIS ...... ......... V ice-Presidenl VERNON WIEBUSCH .... .... S ecretary and Treasurer Third Row: E. Steele. R. Simmons, T. Higgins. A- Henflckson- . Second Row: H. Clabangh. M. Kixne. L- Johnson. R- Grosvenor' H' Alexis' First Raw: J. Swenson, H. Lewis. E. Constable, V' wiebllivll, B. A. Duff, R. M. PCSU!- PRUMOTED SUCCESSFUL BARB MEMBERSHIP CARDS I, R C J I H xl L L B I H' R. Murray, E. Ruby, E. Brcnn, R. Catch, R. Strasburger. fl 1 R N S I I., C, Ii C C H, Scholz, J. Byers, W. Baker, R. Kubrcek, J. Mercer. S I R J XX 4. H -Xl I E C. Hucftlc, R. Weidman, A' Garvers. YV. Green.u Q f I I rr XI Il 1 II I E XI D 1.1, B. slfmn, A. Henrickson, E. Conswble- R- Wllwn. H- Berry- N 1938, the Barb lnterclub Council reorganized under the name of Barb Union. Each Barb Club, made up of ten or more members, sends one representative to this organization which supervises and directs Barb extra-curricular activities. This year these individual clubs served as a unit on which Barb intramural competition was based. Twenty teams participated in each of the tournaments of touch-football, basketball, volley ball and baseball. The biggest accomplishment of this year was the successful sale of the new Barb membership cards. These cards served as a check upon the unafhliated men of the campus, thus drawing them into a more closely-knit organization. In conjunction with the Barb Council, this group sponsored barb parties, picnics, the mid-winter formal, and the Barb banquet. OFFICERS ART HENDRICKSON ............. ...... P resident HEI PQ QPONJQOR EARL CONSTABLE . . . ........... Vice-President QCDCIAI FL NC-TIOXJQ BLAINWSLOAN ..... .... S ecremry and Treasurer BOB WILSON .... .......... S ocial Director ED MCDONALD ........ . . .Organizations Director MILTON CUSTAFSON .... . . .Organizations Director MRI! NIM W Z 2 i ,I 3 l I l , -1 :E - -Q EA A Page 278 Pase 279 All CULLEGE Illblltllllll UL ll f HE Ag College Boarding Club, better known as A.C.B.C., was es- tablished in 1930, by Mrs. B. C. Wilstitt, who is still the tnain inspira- CU0l'lfIliA'l'lVlfI FUR AGlilCUL'I'UliAl. STUDENTS tion of the organization. This group is especially known, because it provides an economical living and furnishes a well-rounded social lilc for Barb Ag-men. The Club is outstanding in its production ol strong athletic teams which compete in the Ag intramurals. This year A.C.B.C. added to their trophy collection when they won the Ag intramural basketball trophy. They are always well represented on the Ag judging teams, in Alpha Zeta, KKK, and Block and Bridle. For the past two years this organization has wo11 the Coll-Agri-Fun skit trophy. The main social event is the annual Fall Party, which this year was held in November, in the Student Union ballroom. It was attended by two hundred and fifty couples. OFFICERS CURTIS JOHNSON. . . .......... ...... I 'residelzt ROBERT WIILSON .... . . .Vl.C8-PFCSITICILI GUSTAF HOKANSON . . .... Secretary GILBERT BARROWS. . . .... Steward A ,. .. 4 . . ltz, R. Szmdfort, A. Lunt, 0. Cormatn, D. Lambert, C. Voigt, IJ. Sloan. W. .lobn-ton. ilsliitlihiiliiv-BIS CflxdftiLkH'Rcill1-zilllllirll,lwfcillltcs, W. Ptelstifk, H. Ktingman, tt. caltiftm. C. tu-tt-wr, it. s.-1.-.t..-ft, lt.'rm...m., c. citttn, 0. waist. T1,f,,1 Row- ' L' NIgKc0ri c. app, P. Miller, xt. Finnell, 1. Lux. c. Nutm, c. ttouttatfck, D. catnn, J. mat..-tt. tm. ctttfk, o. ll'gl'IIll'l1'l'.4 Second Rmiy- ji Cm-ter fl Xfyers, H. Skong. C. Locring. D. Lancaster, D. Wheeler. W. Jams-r. B. Schmcr, H. bu-tat'-mt, Nl. Laughlin, I'. L-In-Imnn Fi,-H Row. bormanl Smiley, F. XYl1itncv, G. Richmond, G. Hokanson, C. jollnson. Hrs. Wil-on. R. Barron-. Cf. Kipp:-tt, A. 'luppcn L. limcp I 4 1 . l r l ll it Y l F 6 if Y f, S E It l Q gas il fha.. tl :rr ll tn, ItE.'lllENT HALL F0li Wlllllll BARS of dreaming and planning Of P1'0Pe1' housing facilities for college women bore fruit ill the erection of Carrie Belle Raymond Hall in 1932. The newest addition is Love Hall, founded in honor of Julia L. Love, the wife of Don L. Love, former mayor and prominent citizen of Lincoln. The dormitories can accommodate 370 students. The halls have their own student governing organization in their uHouse Councilv. The social calendar is filled with many traditional events such as the annual faculty dinner, musical teas, a Christmas party, a Birthday dinner, a Freshman Recognition Tea, and a May lVlorning breakfast. Besides these, weekly hour dances and informal parties are held throughout the year. Resident Hall women have gained their share of glory in student activities. Two of them are Mortar Boards, one was a page in May Queen presentation, three were heauty queens, and one was the Nebraska Sweetheart for this year. Ol"l"ICl2RS ,IANIC l.Ul'1I"l"l.l'iR ............. ...... I Jresident Nl:XRCARl'IT C.-XLBRAITH . . . . . .Vice-Presidemi NIARIUN PICRCY ......... ...... S ecretary NIM'liINIC'1'1Q1: . .. , ,,1',w,u,e, rl .r..f Top BRcFw: Nina Armstrong, 43, Emersong Rosemary Atkinson, '42, Onmhag Liiis alamYnC, '40, Norfolkg Roma Biba, '43, Geneva, Irma Bork, 'll' Akaton, S. D. Second Row: Geraldine Briggs, '43, Norfolkg Esther May Calhoun, lu' ,Pm-'HFC CHX! Frances Cash, '41, Deadwood, S. D.g Virginia Clarke, '43, bCW8Id1 Muriel Clyec, '40, Kansas City, Mo. Third Row: Helen Collins, '42, West Point, Barbara Cook, '42, lmxintllvni ylrglniil Cfflfl, '43, Omahalg Wanda Crnrnhallgll, '43, EIHCFSOIIZ JCM' Davclllwn' 43, Blue Hill. Uuflfl Row: Frances Drennuis. ,42 Scribner' Evclvn Elias, '41, Nwlil, -l""'ai ?t""'Hff1 EPPS, '43, FortbCruok5 ,Margaret liwingf '41, Madison, Jean lrshcr. '11, Dowagiac, Mich Fi Ill Raw: Br '- 1 - H .- ' . ' . ' ,, '. Vesthoru WW f f'mlll'IL,C Fold 10 HalbIIIl"S Lois Furllm . 10, l ' Nvlarggaiwt Galbraith, '41, Bccmcrg DDiana Gordon, T43, Ogilllulai Maxine Croshach, '-13, Enders. ,,, . , .,, 3, -4 at S., . 1 1 , ,, f W- Y 'X X f 3 1 J, I ,Y ,, W X t 1 , Q w x' X ' . l F , ' F' ffgy' 1 ,Q 'I' '1 ,- . "'A ,5 Lois '43, :I Pawnee iewardi ingtou? enpoffv Iowa? Fishery , Mu.: Maxine P8 1 5, :SU Page :si 4u. Lai Q wi' TOP ROW: Ruth Grosvenor, '42, Aurora: Kathryn Hanley, '43, Omaha, Alice Marion Holmes, '42, Ashland, Beth Howlcy, '41, Omaha, Maisie Imig, '43, Scwartl. Svcond Row: Norma Johnson, '-12, Stro1usburg,, Mclva Kixuc, '40, Cody, 5 Marie Knickreluu, '-10, Grand lsland, Rosa Knickrehm, '43, Grand Island, Anita Koehnke, '40, Scottsbluff. Thifll ROW: Lucille Kruse, '43, Calhoun, Murydean Lawler, '43, Sl1ll1C1'l2il'1'-19 GYHC0 Leaders, '42, Papilliong Phyllis Loekard, '43, Falls City, Jane Loclllcr, "my Yulan. Fourtlz Row: Marion Lydick, '42, Valley, Dorothy llcCutcheon, '-12, Ravenna, Martha McGee, '40, Columbus, Betty Hallo, '42, Omaha? Clara MHISWY, '13, Aurora. Hill! RUN: Maurine llalster, '41, Aurora, Louise Matthews, '40, Brownvillc, Fiilfl RUW5 C0l'lrude llicheels, '41, Omaha, Marjorie Morris, '41, Cozad, Jeanne Neville, '43, Hildreth. ,...J' -on '31 44, 6 '43, ng T Tap Rolf: l'atrit'i.1 O'Conuor, '-Ili. ll:-mer. Colo., Mary lull--u 1'.ll'llll'!, 'ill Kearney, Esther l':lttcr-ou, '12, Cmrul l-lau-lg Us-111-xi--uf 1'.tul, '12, llama Margaret Porter. '-10, Cn--lun, Iona. 'ecurzfl Row: llah-Mae llvuglt-r,, '11, il. Iitlwarflg Catherine llifgharil-on, I-'nyc Sawyer, '40, Clif-tt-r. Third Row: Lorraine Skinklo.-, '-12, Cha-lruu, .Kulunetlu Skurla, '12, Da'-'ivl City Ann Spin-ker, '-1l, Frvumul, Exelyu Slalliugg. '10, Strilfucr, l'atri-:ia Slcruhcr '11, Creston, lmsa. fourth Razr: Wiluur Storiefiplner, '11, Clunpp-'11, Dorothy Stull-. '-12, Coty Caroline Thompson, '-10, YYC-I Point, 11.rrjurif: 'lhmup-ou, "Ll, Frcrnon Lois Tibbetts, '10, Palmer. Ruseruary Yonwlracek, 'l'2, Ye-rfligrc: lf-an XVa,1m:r, '10, 'llggumtfh .luncta Witt, '-10, Syracuse, Bette Wolzi, '-13, lilairg Elizabeth Yates, ' Bridgeport. Red Clourl, Helen Ruby, '-lfj, Lisvog lluth Sattcrl-:e, '11, Omaha, Wilma if Il rfR0u': F. Simon F Hursnn H. Kilmer, G. Gacleken, F. Hamer. 1 , ' 'li 1' B. Crandall E Plucknett D. Schudel, E- Loscke- com! Rvrr: C. .ln1'k. Vi. WI l,, t ' A 1 .rl Rmr: Sl. Gavin, B. J. Smith, Mrs. Atkinson, L. Riggs, M. Bauder. OOMIS Hall accommodates girls who are Home Economics majors and LO0Ml HALL who have been selected by the department on the basis of scholarship and character. Its fourteen members are active in Ag and City campus activities with a member of the Y.W.C.A. cabinet, a member in the Ag Society Executive Committee, a Mu Phi Epsilon and a tassel. The highlight of the social season is a spring dinner dance in connection with the other 'coo-op" houses. OFFICERS BETTY JO SMITH ............ President OWEN JACK ............. Vice-President ELEANOR PLUCKNETT ....... Secretary FLORENCE JUSTEN .......... Treasurer WINIFRED WHITE ..... Social Chairman MRS. ATKINSON ......... House Mother TARTED in 1932 as an experiment in cooperatives, Howard Hall has paved HUWARD HALL Full: the way for the founding of three other cooperative houses. Junior and senior class women are chosen for membership in this house on the basis of scholarship, character, and actual need. One member, as Daily Nebraska sports editor, has gained fame through Bob Ripley's BELIEVE IT OR NOT column as the only woman in the United States to hold a sports' editorship. Other girls are active in Tassels, A.W.S., Y.W'.C.A. and Mu Phi Epsilon. OFFICERS FRANCES LUKAS ...... ..... P resident BETTY SCHMIDT .... Social Chairman MARY ANN BARTZ .... ..... T reasurer MRS. DON FINCH ........ House Mother 5 I Row: Xl. Bartz, J. Bicrbuwcr, M. Dailey, V. Erickson, B. Eubank, Vs! Raw: l'. Lucas, ll. bflllllltll, R. Sliull, P. Thomas, E. Wlicbe, 1 HS 4' Q .iws . ,,-f , J A f . uf ff ,- Q. Q. t . 0 I o - 'P .- ' f QT' l 2, ,FC . - ' :N A .2 J. A ?,,,x,Q'j ,K . X ffass L, .' ., ' is T. an I ,V ..,. N1 A a t In , f , ,,.. i A .-as , . l .3 1 ,, .. , P s f, Z, i N g , - . , 5 1' if 'Y ' 1 f X ga rf: . . K .1 1 -, Y x... , ,V it 4 1 , -. -.., . X 1 l , , M f l A Q ff 2 'V H ' 1 we , , 3 X f ff I f K 5 S -if . 2 ix 'W N X X 1 l ff x e 4 g f -e f- .i 'iii' V' . gy.. - - 43 . gf A l V ! 4 D i i . , I ' fe. ' T. I lv Q , -f - ' 'ff ' '..., ' - 1' , .. 1 K 2 td rd es re al iS. nt 'Bl' Cf ed rd SIS gh he ls, llll ICI' Pat' its Page 283 Third Row: M. Brown, A. Olson, Z. Uvhlinf, L. Lou-1 ann, , givrso L g. nt R fri n. Second Row: M. Rockcy. E. Flnnnigan. P. Platz, S. Kl'lll'llllHf'L'f L Will N Dt-spoto l l r ll .l I I FHM Row: E. Kensinaer, M. Barr, S. Phelps, E. Brown, C. L. Wiles, I.. M. Bin. 1-, HE hrst all-freshman cooperative house, Rosa Bouton Hall, was estab- lished in 1936. Two senior girls act as sponsors to these girls and aid in advising them. Hour dances, teas, and formal dinners enable these new students to make valuable acquaintances. Rosa Bouton Hall holds a tradi- tional Home-Coming Tea to which all former residents of the hall are invited. By active participation in freshman activities, these girls are al- ready making a place for themselves on the campus. OFFICERS ELIZABETH BROWN .......... President MARIAN BROWN ................... SHIRLEY PHELPS ..... Social Chairman ............... Director of Intramurals GRACE WILES ................ Secretary MARGARET Cl,ELAND...Ho11se Mother ECAUSE Howard Hall proved to be such success, its founders instituted in 1933, a similar house for freshmen and sophomore girls, Wilson Hall. All of these girls have received regents' scholarships and have been chosen on the same principle as those for Howard Hall. This cooperative house enables girls to live in an environment of well-balanced social life as well as one conducive to conscientious study. Wilson Hall has representatives in freshmen and sophomore activities. OFFICERS CHARMIAN BLOOM .......... President LUCILLE MILLER...Secretary-Treasurer AVA WHARTON ....... Social Chairman MRS. HATTIE HALL ...... House Mother Third Row: P. Roberts, C. Moore, R. Buckland, D. Fisher, L. Bertelson, L. We-gcncr. Second Raw: E. Rejsek, I. Losede, T. Bertelson, M. Bull, S. Bonham. First Row: J. Chamberlin, A. Wharton, C. Bloom, Mrs. Hattie A. Hill, L. Miller, E. Hartmann. 0 B0 TUN HALL HALL ? ' Atfifwf. i , . ' , LJ-,,,v-1" i ' ' ,::.L--'-"' 3 1 Iii Q i 5 my-we V i JOIN nights ul flurrie Belle . . . Making merry at the Barb Winter Party . . . luli'a1n1111'nI xx mixers l'ltf'K'lVO their ziwalris . . . How the girls in Carrie Belle maintain llieir llXt'lAll2l' . . . Swingin' mil ul the Harb Party . . . A meeting of the Council . . . illmlkiup an-wllwr vis-lury . . . Henricksmi plans for the new year . . . Three linppi zmami xxeinmws. .4 I-QW imlixeimluuls H-ulize that Ilmr-Gfllis of the enrollment of the Universitv of Nvlii-askin me iinuililiulml students. Tlirmigli organization the fraternities and sorori- limw lmw mipliin-il pmiiiiiieiice. but the "average-7 student is a barb. This large llllliIWI'iiY fwinlribnles lu ltYPl'tlilil1Q' that is "unive1'5ity7i. Tilfiil' activities include iilbli-lic-S. wi-itil ref-reulimi. extra-c'uri'icular work. and the rest. Most characteristic is llwir M'l'iHllS tlvfire fur an efliwulinii: so serious is this desire anti tbe determination m ,nw-lil lin'-viigli an mllufulimi lliul meer fifty pe1'f'e11Lwi'k illtli bmml in orcler to "go tw sclmolu. CI lo C3111 El 1JO1'liOIl of TOOHI X sZeL Pas iss --q " X!! :XHBS 11211106 . . . H1111 1111111 111 111611 1111111-1' 11411111111 , . . 1'I1Hl1IIlIl1. 111111 11111 11 .' 111- 11 1 .. be good .... -X 11111 K1CI161'CC gues 1111 1111- Llll ...- X.1..11.1..f 1111 111111 111111 .... X1 . . . . , , Sadie Ha11'1x1115 11a111'e 5110 gC1s 1lCI' 1111111 111111111 1111111111-4 111 12lI'l'l1' lJf'11f'5 ' 1111 1111 111 . 1Jl'L'X1 b1.fx1.1111L'1Ag l'l'1L1X1'f 111 1,111'1'11' 111-11c. pa1'1o1's . . . 1JL11'1J5j11I11IJ ' ' - sf 1 . . . . . , 4 S 11111151 111511115 are 111 1I1l1Y6I'Sl11 1111' 2,111 1'11111'11111111. 1111-1 111'1' 11111 uf 21 l'll1ff 11111f1'1-f11-11 111 campus go1'e1'11111e111 111' 111111111-s. H11 11611-1'. il 111111111111 11115 s111'1'1-1-111111 111 11rg11111z- of 1lI1d11111d1C11 111119111' 1111'11111f11 111f' 1111111 1111-1111111511111 1-11111 f11 1119 a 111126 p111'11o11 1 f F 111111 111 H11 Campus e1e1't11111s 1111111 11110 se1'11111f1y 11lI'1'L11f'I1N 1111- 111111111111111zu111111 111 Greek 1'3C11UI1S. Lv11111111111e111y. 11 11111 l'21l1Ll1I1l' 11111111-141111 1- 1-11111111111-11. 1111111- 11111111111 111 ex11'a-C111'r1C111a1' 3011111165 11111 paw 1111-1' 111 11a1'11S. I l l l A l s 2 r lttlftmm -f 114 -- t'l'lllll UNH! . . D inf' QUIET study in the hook nook . . . The Union from 14th and R - - am D - . . ' th ing P0113 1Il the ballroom . . . Afternoon siesta 1n the lounge . . . Workout 111 C P . n D for luncll room . . . Three o'elock caking in the grill . . . Hungry students stop . . . The cold lunchroom . . . Intermission in the lounge. . , . - f Managers N the two years since the Student Unionls formal opernng, the Boald O Survey of . . . . - a has only begun to explore the possibilities Within its range- Thls year . dby , . . - .. ' 'Sas student opinion was made to provide a guide in activities and p0l1C1e . am U5 are the students. The study revealed that the desires and needs of the C P constantly expanding and that the possibilities are unlimited. ancing 5 Pong lunch nagefs Vey of red bY 1s are 4" I mdf K X R qx N 1, Nw.. . J ff'-f-Ntgxk, Q A xx ff 64 iii 259 Q76 X441 Xi!! r . K s g. xox F4-'S , f 4 2 5 7 wg 1 9 Y Z Y. X.. ss.. P18 I KNIYERSITY OF NEBRASKA? SENIO Fin! Huw: A, Svrnnfl lfrm: 0 Hupr I ilurnun H. Ni4'lll1ll1l1. C. VIQIIOIIHIQ. R. W,HllQll. R. Rm-nl. R. dPHrnwn. Dobson. Ii. Pruflntt, R. Cunnlngham, A. Hill. F. Stmer, Xl. l',ngluml. 5 W i 267614 q!!iZiZl27A!iiZ g f'ffflfZ Q7 Q!g!'!'!WC5?!ydl!ff Q k I sifhs-.B-N , 1 : 1? 1 'I . if I hx . 1-. , U lx? X - . l .f-: ' W ,ao-ff' ff 11 1. 1 x Q L 1 , g Z a- H I f -K fwfwfx' ffff ffff . Zffffgwimyf Lqffnff fbfffffffz , ffixff wx QQJJ F fx' , - 6f'fffffL7Wf1xffJ fffffxz !'7iZf!!! f3'!'fff ygj4 W! E N103 y Mews HoNoRARY socierv 42 V 'WZ 5 rz iw 5' NNUC ROGER CUNNINGHAM President OFFICERS ROGER CUNNINGHAM President ROY PROFFITT Vice-President ARTHUR HILL Secretary FRED STINER Treasurer ADNA DOBSON' Sergeant-at-Arms E O be one of the thirteen chosen to wear the red robe and devil's pin of the Innocents Society is the ambition of every Nebraska man who has excelled in scholarship, leadership. and service in extra-curricular activities. Each spring twenty- six Hactivityw men who have fulhlled these qualifications are nominated by the student body. From this group the active members of the Society choose thirteen to be 'ctappedv their successors during the Ivy Day ceremonies. The Innocents Society is distinctive in that it is not affiliated with any na- tional organization, but is solely a Nebraska institution in origin, character, and tradition. . Innocents activities are varied and important. They begin in the fall with an informal convocation on Freshman Day, held for the purpose of explaining the functions of important university organizations to new students. At the same time red "beanies" must be sold to freshmen boys. Before the first football game Innocents members must have selected and trained varsity cheerleaders. Within the first few weeks of school this society starts the administration of the Men's Activity Point System. This year, on Homecoming Day, the first Innocents Open House was held for alumni. Among the many former Inno- cents who returned were three charter members of the Society. After the open house, a luncheon was held and plans for stimulating interest in the problems of the university pre- sented by the newly formed Innocents Alumni Association. That evening prizes were awarded to the winners of the Innocents Homecoming Decorations Contest, Delta Gamma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Year by year this active Nebraska institution is attaining greater success in its aim "to form a working connecting link between the university administrative groups and the student body, and to function as the chief inspirer of Cornhusker sportsmanship and the primary guardian of Nebraska traditionf' MASKS NEW MEMBERS IN TRADIT10, Kimc, M. Henn, V. Clemans, M. Kidd, I. Hgoper, H.'Kovanda. rn, F. Mc-dlar, E. Waugh, J. Lau, M. Steutculle, S. Hill. f f my f,,,.fQ,,, QW Zyfiflfl 357720724 Zfflilfll E072 Wafer 7f!2I7Z Qijkif Q 5 Ziff! Z' Q13 ww ON AL IVY DAY CEREMONY WZ Z M fu' P29 W Heel UIITAR BUAIHI ELIZABETH WAUCH President OFFICERS ELIZABETH WAUGH President JANET LAU Vice-President MARY STEUTEVILLE Secretary FAITH MEDLAR Treasurer PEGGY SHERBURN Historian EMBERS of Mortar Board, national women's honorary, represent the peak in activities on the Nebraska campus. To be masked by this organization is considered one of the highest honors which can be given to a senior woman. Nc- braska's Mortar Board was first organized in 1905 as a local honorary for senior women-Black Masque. In 1918 a national womenis honorary, known as Mortar Board, was founded, and i11 1921 Black Masque became a member of this organization. There are now seventy chapters. Na- tional president of Mortar Board is Mrs. F. D. Coleman, a member of Black Masque chapter. Mortar Board carries on many activities. First appearance of the year comes at the annual freshman convocation early in September. An All-Activities Conference is held in October. At that time campus activity leaders speak to in- terested coeds on leadership training for university activities. A record crowd attended this year's conference. In the spring all women with eighty averages are invited to the Mortar Board Scholarship Tea. At the tea gifts are awarded to several senior women best fulfilling the qualities of service, scholarship, and leadership. Newest service of Black Masque chapter is a student loan fund. This fund, established in 1939, grants short term loans to any university woman. Contributions to the fund are made by various women's organizations on the campus. In February, 1940, the administration and supervision of this project was transferred to the office of the dean of women. Traditional in university life at Nebraska is the Mortar Board Party. It is a vice-versa affair, with coeds buying tickets, corsages, and cokes. Saxaphonist Frankie Trumbauer and his orchestra played for this year's party. Ivy Day brings the climax of Mortar Board activities. Members have complete charge of the presentation of the May Queen and her court. In the afternoon new Mortar Boards are masked by the active chapter. Final selection is made from a list of junior women outstanding in scholarship, lead- ership, and service. This year's chapter contained fourteen members, a larger number than there has been for many years. 6 Sq. Q PHI IIIII IIIIXII S-ij ..,....,,NN FALL INITIATES FRANCES K. EEATY A CHARLES E. RROCKWAY BETTY ANN DUFF ELEANOR M. EICHE JAMES M. HUSH. WILLIAM A. MOCONNELL FAITH R. MEDLAR SARAH R. MILLER GEORGE P. MUELLER RAYMOND L. MURRAY DORIS E. REDDICK . DORIS RIPLEY ELLSWORTH H. STEELE LUCYLE THOMAS SPRING INITIATES AARON M. BOOM FRANK J. DUDEK MYRA I. EGGER GORDON S. FISHER RICHARD O. FREEMAN HOUGHTON FURR DONALD. W. GIFFEN RAY L. HARRISON MARJORIE E. HOWE ROBERT L. JEFFERY HARRY G. LAMMEL JAMES LAURIDSEN GEORGE S. MAPES HENRY J. MAXWELL JOY E. PESTAL FRANCES E. PLATT EMMETT C. RANKIN HELEN M. REYNOLDS TED R. SMALLDON ALFRED H. SHAMBERG MARY LOUISE SPEIDELL WILMA L. STEWART JOHN E. STEINHAUS MAURICE TATLEMAN WENDELL J. WILLMORE OTTO WOERNER SELMA R. ZVEITEL CQ BK . I I-I 5' Pm 293 ji FALL INITIATES BEATRICE .ANDREWS ALEXANDER DAMN! NEAL HADSELI. ARTHUR E. HILL ROBERT L. JEFFRY MARY L. SPEIDELL KENNETH J. WORLAND SYLVESTER C. WRIGHT SPRING INITIATES WILLIAM ALBRECHT KENNETH R. EGGER CHARLES W. FOWLER DONALD W. GIEEIN DRVAL 0. HAGER LILLIE S. LUTTGEN ROY E. PROFFITT FRANK 1. PUSATER1 HAROLD E. SWAN AGNES E. WANEK GRADUATE MEMBERS ARTHUR G. AUBLE LESLIE BOSLAUGH EARL M. CONSTABLE GEORGE R. HAVVKES DOROTHY B. MCCALL JOHN B. SAYE RICHARD WHITE RALPH S. WOODRUF F ""Kx.-,,s .1 -Q - If '--...i ,,-.. Jr I K BETA GAMMA SIG IA 1..,..f-f-,X k 1 .3 If ff' if I xxmk i ,- Af D' , 1 F E ., ,- 1 J, fl! f 5 .Sw Q L., I. if ff .,...ff' IGMA XI .1-"f2-J! J .lj . foo-ug-Q Sl". ""w-KNNNHN. 'ff ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MONTE R. BAKER DONALD B. BARTH CHARLES E. BROCKWAY JOHN W. CRAMER CHARLES R. EBERLINE STEFAN J. FRAENKEL GEORGE V. GOODDING RAY L. HARRISON JAMES M. HUSH EDWARD C. KLOSTERMEYER JEAN .W. LAMBERT WILLIAM A. MCCONNELL GEORGE P. MUELLER RAYMOND L. MURRAY JOHN K. PATTERSON WILLIAM J. PITNER JOY O. RICHARDSON ROBERT R. SCHLUCKEBIER MELVIN G. SCHWAB P-1'2" T"f'f'lRZ'U1 Aivc' MiflcrfyHMEbCli'?'liUl'Hll. Lsllsuird 'yilkc E Sprague ll Cusnalv I' Nvlxwarlz N Stull-Lui. I . . 3 H i . . ' , ' ' ' ' V - ' Secom ou.. . M. crr . . tarts Q". C. erncr, 1 . 1 cwnmn, - , O 1-zu .Ewen-.On '. '41, '. . an ur. y NIDIIJ Jw iiliixln E R V fx I E B k Ill J TI 1 F R f F I 1 'r...,n.-,- r KA...i...u, x x.,...., . . , - FU'-V Row- L- A- D-WIS, A- Blilflfl, . 1 . os us, . uc Ulllill , . loin rsun, . cc cr, .. brent-r, L UTORING freshman women and cooperation with sororities in the promotion and maintenance of scholarship are the chief projects of Alpha Lambda Delta, national scholastic honorary society. Meni- bers ushered at the annual Honors Convocation in March, and in October initiated Nebraska's new dean of Women, Helen M. Hosp, as an honorary member. The national chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois, recognizes high scholarship attained by freshman women, and encourages the continuation of high schol- arship. The Nebraska chapter was organized in January, 1931, through the efforts of the former dean of women Amanda H. Heppner, and the Black Masque Chapter of the Mortar Board. At the present time there are fourteen active and thirty-nine collegiate members in the Nebraska chapter, members being active when sophomores and collegiate when juniors and seniors. New members are chosen each year from a list of those freshman women of high character enrolled in the University of Nebraska carrying twelve Or more credit hours and making an average of ninety or above during their first semester or year. Dr. Winona M. Perry, a member of the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta, sponsors the organization. OFFICERS FRANCES KEEFER ................ ,..... 1 ...pfestfzeflt BETTY JEAN ROBINSON ......... .... V Ice-Pfewlfnf HARRIET JANE BOWMAN ..... ..... 5 emma' EVA sEP1ER .................. ----- T fwfufef ,.. ,.. -. TUTORS FRESHMAN WOMEN ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA . A , r- . vi? 1112 1 l I , . 1 1 I i 11' 1 '1 li il ,E 1 1 1 1 I ,I ist "P 1 1. d . Qi 1 1.. Nw lint qw 1 .iw 1 1 it 1 rr fi 1 v 5 3 G' 1 ., 4 ll 1 E1 . . ' h 1 n H, Larmon. .S . I R w: R. Crews, R. Hunt. G. Spahn, R. LlchlYv C' R0 nla ' . - 5 Ff'rTfnf?111L"i C. Kniccly, R. Anawalt, J. Bors, H. Swan, R. Broyhllly L- Llggetl' B' wckesser' f 3. it 3, I is f I 1 1. PRESENTS MEDALLION TO OUTSTANDING SENIOR ' 1 , 1 I 7 5 1 1 1 i I 4 1 1 l AMONG the most important awards at the. annual Bizad Honors Banquet is the Alpha Kappa Psi Medallion, presented to the senior man in the College of Business Administration who is voted most outstanding in scholarship and activities by a faculty committee. Alpha Kappa Psi was founded to promote scholarship, to cooperate in special college activities, and to provide a means of supplementing classroom instruction with practical business information. The fraternity meets twice a month to hear talks by business men and professors, on alternate Friday afternoons its members visit Lincoln business houses with the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Alpha Kappa Psi was founded in 1904, at New York University. The oldest fraternity of its kind, it has forty-seven chapters located at the principal schools of commerce in the United States. The newly-elected national president is Professor C. D. Spangler, Assist- ant Professor of Economics at Nebraska. The local chapter, Zeta, was organized in 1914. Alpha Kappa Psi attempts to limit its membership to those who are seriously concerned with their education as a preparation for business. The fraternity requires a seventy-five average and limitS its membership to men who are working for a Bachelor of SCiC11C9 degree in the College of Business Administration. OFFICERS . . . ......... President . . . . Vice-President HAROLD SWAN ................. ROGER ANAWALT ..... JULIAN BORS ......... DAVE NOBLE ........ CLARK KNICELY ..... . . . . . . . . .Secretary .............TreasurCr . .... Master of Rilul1lS i ' ALPHA KAPPA P I PII C Jnors enior most ittee. erate nting The 1 and ncoln trsity. cated The lssist- Zeta, 2 who ,n for limitS eience Page 297 Secuml Row: R. Hiatt. G. Spulln. .I. Husker, ll. Hunt, Xl. Kruse, L. Cooksl--v, I Third Row: K. Miller. R. Simmons, C. llnrnslscrgcr, M, R055 K. Cilnmrv' G' Ml.Munn,v W H , . uysr First Row: N. Harris, li. Miller, R. Recd, Colonel Frankfurter, E. Rousr-k, li.. Witlcnlwrg, l-I. Dusck O create and build up Cornhusker spirit is the chief function of Corncobs, University of Nebraska,s men's pep club. Its members arouse enthusiasm and encourage interest in athletics by organizing pre-game rallies, selling football novelties, and attending all home basketball games in a body. They promote a more friendly rivalry between competing schools by attending one out-of-town football game each fall. They are an active service unit in school affairs, providing ushers and selling tickets for many university functions. The annual Homecoming Party is sponsored by the Corncobs in con- junction with the Tassels. Corncobs was founded in 1921 On this campus. Under the direc- tion Of its early Officers, the club was organized into a national pep fraternity, Pi Epsilon Pi. Under the capable leadership of Colonel C. J. Frankforter, the club was reorganized in 1937 so that its active membership now consists of sixteen men who have served a year's pledgeship, and a large group of pledges. Any student in good standing may become a pledge, but only those who have actively participated in the Corncob functions and duties are elected to membership. Corncobs has had consistant progress and is accomplishing the purpose for which it was created by becoming, Han Organization truly worthy Of representing Cornhusker enthusiasm and spirit." OFFICERS RALPH REED ........ ............ ......... P r esizlent ED EOUSEK ........... -.--- V ive-Pfwdcnf OEOEOE CAMERON ..... ........ 5 meme' ROBERT MILLER ...... ----- T fwffffff PEPSTERS BUILD CORNHUSKER SPIRIT C0111 Cllllt' 'e 293 onsor fresh- d un- zk all sisters pro- , arly iooths 'inner chool, 'ough- tmpus The spon- n was away Jrgan- lt waS Page 299 Second Raw: B. Anderson, C. Bates, C. Bm-vkcr, K. Bruce D. Carlson .l Cl 'I .. W D, H F. .l. I FH-rf Row: C- Grwllwnz. E. Nespur. Q. Quay, H. si-nextel, R. St-uell, D. Tll"1l.incil"xx'uil...fmu' ' A NM' LAST OCTOBER, Nebraska was host to the annual Provincial Con- clave of Delta Sigma Delta, national dental fraternity. Delegates from Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska dental colleges met and discussed ways of helping the fraternity attain greater success in accomplishing the purposes for which it was founded: the promo- tion of dental education, the unification of students of dentistry, and the elevation of ethical standards. The Conclave, which lasted over a week, was planned and conducted by the Nebraska Delta Sigma Delta chapter. Among Delta Sigma Delta's many alumni are such prominent men as G. V. Black and Arthur Black. A well-known local ualumi' is Dr. Guy L. Spencer, who recently retired from his position as local deputy after many years of able service. This oflice is now held by Dr. Don Edwards. Delta Sigma Delta is the oldest dental fraternity in the United States, having been founded at the University of lVlichigan in November of 1882. The local chapter, Beta Beta, was organized on May 28, 1913. This organization is unique in that it is the only professional fraternity on this campus governed by the graduate body. lVluch of Delta Sigma Delta's success, both locally and na- tionally, is due to this feature of its administration. OFFICERS DONALD CARLSON .................. ..... G rfmd MUSIC' KARL BRUCE ................. .... W orllzi' M11-ffff HARRY scHE1-'FEL ......... --.----- - -Sfflbe DR. DONALD EDWARDS ...... ........ D epwy 1 . PROMOTES HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARDS DELTA lllill DELTA Ph li I N P22511 oers ,ally ving what ' list gold Crue Olar- was 1907 olar- iness ld of uni- nd. ilms, ction rgan- Jlved PIG' Pa-ze 301 Tlzirzl Row: B. DcL:1nrunl, D. Anderson, D. Fat - W. Ma ls 'I II4 II I' -I I Svcunzl Row: W. lIuIIct, D. llzxutcr, 5. Ile-int-s. rliillltflllll IST. lliilrpih, lf.n.m.mgIn, J, hill I I I! S II It BI l L .I It I C, II L, 1 I L It I l 'I - ' o 1 T 1 , . ' ' ' -4 , -. . first Ixuw. L. bI1.1n.1mn, . llll 1, . lx, , M--sun' Q. ,Juv . ,,,,,,m,' . ' HROUGH a series of smokers featuring addresses by judges, practicing attorneys, and law professors, Delta Theta Phi law fra- ternity attempts to aid law students in college and to make con- nections for those who have graduated. The national fraternity encourages high scholarship by annually presenting a loving cup to the chapter which has maintained the highest average in relation to the average Of its law school for the preceding year. Two years ago the Nebraska chapter won this cup. Last spring, Delta Theta Phi debaters were victorious in the inter-fraternity debate contest, thus winning possession Of the silver gavel for a year. Two other members Of the fraternity won places on the varsity debate squad. The organizaion does not emphasize the social aspect of campus activity, although one of its important events is an annual party at East Hills Country Club. The fraternity was founded at the Cleveland Law School in 1901, through a consolidation of three legal Organizations. Its fifty-eight chapters have had more members than any other professional law fraternity in the United States, and have included such prominent men as Calvin Coolidge, Newton Baker, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Edward Douglas White. The Nebraska chapter, Maxwell Senate, was formed in 1922. OFFICERS LOWELL JACKSON .................,. ........ a ...Dam ROY E. BLIXT .......... ....-.---- V we-DWI DOANE ANDERSON ..... .... I vlwef of Riwul GERALD v1TAMvAs .... ........ C left- of R011-A RALPH GILLAN ....... ..... c lcrlf of Ercfwwwf HAROLD NELSON ,,,, ..... 1 ......... T rzbaric Barca O. sA11rH ..... ...... ...... B 1 1111.0 YIC'l'OHIOUS IN IN'l'HANIL'KAI.. DEBATIS DELTA THETA PHI f 1 Y P15303 e the ng a s, as t has faska it the lween aring -town ne in Nhich raska miza- isical mem- mbda in the band Sixlll RfJll'!y E..Scuw, I.'K1'o:liS, C. Htrllbnuvr, L. Oslcr, .-K. Svulmnlu, XI. II.ui-It-r, I'. l.1nil.l. I'. XI-'XI.nlx--u, XI. SunIi.i,. XI. SIJIIIII, I.. Il-mil, I. Davis, Ii. Pilzcr, B. Lnstcru, H. XIIIIIDPTII, E. Berggren, II. Wallace. FUN' Row: H- Sllilkfff. F. Touiich. E. Strachan, E. I-'imllm-y, XI. Newnun. Il. lIr.uul.ill, II. Illini-, II. lxrlun-r, I. .IuIlllunll, IJ, 5--lunlrl, In Plucknelt, E. Rcimvrs, C. Pauley, Ii. Tislllulnlner. Ii. MacDonald, R. l'rv-lun, I-Q. .-Urn-lruug. r . 'WC' Q - 5I1l'lU - - - 1 . . 1' UH", . vi' v, .. 0-me, 1. ou N, i. fran u I . fhzrrl Row: II. ba " . n' - 4 f 1 v ' " , ' ' 2 F Fourllz Row: PL Kelly, F. Simon, F. Hullson, XI. Johnson, M. Rousey, 1. II.irlni:. Il. llr.uIl X IxrwhnL-', XI. lxnnrkrrlun, II. Ixnarkrrlun, A Nc II R II n Il Nnilh F II lun ' x Y li 'pl F L l l' If I I l I ll ullu I I3 x ruin F II n r .I I ll ll I' W1 lu., S I I I It N H w - V I - - - -H 1 . - 1' .on. .. Us v. - . no v. .. . uuunrl, XI. Ilmlnll, I.. I-AI:-un, I.. . --lnln-Iillnuu, A. Illlllllilll .I. Sutton, I'. Walsh, I.. Scliwecllielm, NI. I.inu'ornh, C. Ynssln-r , D, Ili-I.uug. II. Klall 1 I I L I , .."1-I. I ll SPcnmlRa1u: N. Brillell, M. Noxon, C. Wills, IV. Franke. M. Miller, M.. Slum-, Nl. I-'tml'-r, I. Itnullnnl, IJ. Alkin-un, NI. Ilunvy, II. Iilaylinnllgll G. McDowell, .I. It-linek, M. XI:-Caivrn-li, C. .Iuvk, L. Wolford, E. Iliur-klvy. I. Wagrur. FIU! ROW5 E- WIIIIWIIQ- N- ClllHl'I1PII. L. Riggs. O. Ili-mllunnl, II. 'I'Il0Ill1l'd, .I. Iiurr, II. Si-In-rv I Ilmnuuu-I, XI. IJHIIIII, 5. bwlmll, A. l.nlr-rn. D. Rziisingcr, A. Hutcheson, M. Sweeney. N organization for girls registered in the Department of Home Economics is the Home Economics Association. Made up of more than one hundred and twenty members, the primary objective of the year has been to give each one of these members an opportunity to participate in activities. Specific activities include the big event of the season, the presentation of the Goddess of Agrciulture at the tradi- tional Ag Spring Dance. A Hospitality Day for Home Economics students in the surrounding high schools is held in October. The an- nual Ellen H. Richards dinner is given in November, and a musical tea is held in May. The Nebraska Home Economics Association was established twenty years ago. Since that date the club has attempted to give each Home Economics major a chance at professional participation in a group relating to her field, without the restrictions of a scholastic honorary organization. As a part of its program to aid Home Economics students, the Association maintains a student loan fund. OFFICERS Q LOIS HAMMOND . . . ............... .... u . . .Prestljenl HELEN SCHEVE ..'. ,, .... Vice-Ifreszz ent JEAN BURR ......... ..... .S ecrelury SYLVIA ZOCHOLL ............................ ..... T reasurer HELEN THOMAS ............................... . . .Historian CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES MAXINE COPSEY ............................. PVZEVIUYF MARY LCL8gD ......................................... ocxt LOIS RI .............................................. . DOROTHY MATTLEY, NORMA JEAN CAMPBELL, P blicill ESTELLA BUCKENDAHL .......................... ginanci, E'EEE5EH1i51Ifm:1111111"' "'""'""'1iiZ.wiea.bef.1ffp OPLE HEDLUND .... ..... ALICE LIDEEN. .. "" PLANS PRESENTATION OF AG GODDESS noni llUOI0iIlC. .'.0CIA'Pl0I Fifi Pu' 303 I I Plge 503 Phi, held an at ction augh- tered ,radi- ty of state apter it the amen. icoln. .owed mong ,gious tl life Page 303 1 1 un lf FI. Iiozrrlh Row: W. Bosvly, Tyner. L. Mc-yer, W. MCI-'adult-n, R. Women, L ,. rr. qlllfd Row: R. Hcrpolslwlnn-r, C. Murray, A. Munn, N, Bl-i..,' A 'i ,.,, I. , Second Row: A. Olson .... 'ox . . . o 1 xins, , Anyvn, er -. u H, ,' ilu. I ,. "' gl., C NI I II IJ II I I Il ' -I VNII II RII R I I ,C Bk ,J II IIII I Ill L.. ,IRI Ftrs! Row: N. Hvlllya-, O. Rude. I.. Tunlu-rg, K. Wit-kmnn, C. NI1-Murlrry, J, Iiyrr., A, Iii?-,,,l:l. 'nm' N address by Dean Poynter at the opening of the first meeting of the fall semester begins the yearls program for Nu-Meds, an organ- ization for pre-med students. At that time, suggestions for the plan- ning of courses are given to the new freshmen, and a little of what will be expected of them in medical school is described. One of the big events of the season is the trip to the Nebraska School of lVIedicine at Omaha. On this day, known as Pre-Medic Day, Nu-Med members are shown through the buildings and given demonstrations of the school's equipment. Each spring Nu-lVleds present a gold key, known as the Nu-Med Award, to the outstanding pre-med freshman. New members of Theta Nu, national pre-medic fraternity, are announced in impressive ceremonies at the annual banquets held twice each year. The forerunner of Nu-Meds, the University Medical Society, was founded in 1894. In 1913, when the College of Medicine was moved to Omaha, the name was changed to Nu-lVleds. The purpose of the organization is to create and stimulate interest in the medical field, and to promote scholarship and provide social contacts for pre- medic students. OFFICERS LEE TUNBERG ........................ .... i ...President GEORGE McMURTREY ...... ---- V 1Ce'Pfe5lde"l HARRY PITCAITHLEY .... ....... S ecrelary KATHLEEN WICKAIIAN ..,,, ........ T reasurer PHILIP HELLER ........ . .... Publicity Agent VISITS MEDICAL SCHOOL AT OMAIIA I I IU MED PW E lent at- to tol- V a lay, 1 is On, ' of by juet the ies. in lest ted ity. ter? KRT PAL .AR SON YES JTZ ESS SON Pm 301 iiflll Row: OCh5I10l', Ni655, Irvin, Robinson, Lcnlhuuscr, Nadin, Ebcrlc, Leach, Wintz, Wmnls, Winks, XX.unL. 027511 Row- C'l'0VCl'tf H-.J-, GFOYZCFI, A. B., Hartz, Holland, Hughes, Mason, Barth, Iiuonv- H1-rgvnn-llu'r Chun-hill l'mk-tp, llulml, Yitllmk. Tlzzrxlgplzvz Simmonds, Millard, Fisher, WIICILIHJ, R. E., Curncr, Hccox, Chuit, Alvurd, I' ll XX I I, Xl. Xl., K.nrun.1rvL, M.nlhir-sun, llluicr, R , , . . Svvvgffxlvfvr Van Nornwn, Foster, 0'C-mnor, Anderson, I'uppus, Dickerson, Taylor, 1. L., r..n1,..t.f, mn, mmf., 'ri,'1.,f, F. M., s,...l.f, sm, i V CS First Raw: Lyman, Jannkc, Burt, Hargitt, Licrk, Jensen, Duis, Redford, Mills, Wiblu, Ilolck, Hopkins HE Pharmaceutical Club, sponsors of Pharmacy Week, which is one of Nebraskaas significant traditions, is an Organization for all students enrolled in the Collegeiof Pharmacy. On one night of that week Open house is held in the Pharmacy Building and demonstra- tions and displays are Open for exhibition to university students and the general public. -During that week the annual spring Pharmacy Banquet is given. The Club holds a picnic for all pharmacy students following Pharmacy Week, and a fall picnic for all freshmen in the college. Founded in January, 1910, two years after the beginning of instruction in pharmacy at the University Of Nebraska, the club has since served to foster and promote friendly relations among the students of the Pharmacy College. The aims of the organization are: to stimulate and develop a spirit of professional morale, to promote a better understanding On the part of the public of the scientific nature of pharmacy, and to foster interest in pharmaceutical affairs by sponsoring programs consisting of lectures and demonstrations. Although composed of members of the smallest college on the campus, the Pharmaceutical Club claims the largest membership of any professional student Organization in the university. OFFICERS NORMAN LEUTHAUSER ........... .... U ...President HOWARD JENSEN .......... ----- V 'Cff-Pfff-t"1C"' VERNON LIERK ........... ........ gs ccffcafy MARGARET DICKERSON ..... ----- f CUWC' HOLDS ANNUAL PHARMACY WEEK PHARIACE ruin CL 1: l Page 309 Phi ,ard :gal nen use egal with ting ties, 369. and icial W:-S Page soo J1- lui Tlzinl Row: R. Hosltwnlkmw, P. Wit-'s, 1 , DMN." 'I Unison " it- ' - JC lx -X I I 1. lx .ll .. . Saconrl Row: M. Line, L. Marker, W, F. 5uwy,,l.. M. DUIHJIQ ivilhuill illl::mll'J,Rli'iIl'l1l::'l:'.' First Row: J. Loclller, M. lu. Stewart, A. Platt, C. Stn-rm-r, Il, 1',,g.1,-5, xl. ,v,ll,,,,,' 5' lump Kmlllm, H FTER College What?7', a study of how American women spend their leisure time and how improvements can be made, constituted the year's program for Pi Lambda Theta, professional educational sorority for women in Teachers College. As such, the program was the object of intensive study and research, and the basis for lectures and group discussions. Monthly meetings were placed under the supervision of each department in the college, in this way carrying out a Very successful departmental program. To give concrete en- couragement to graduate study for Women, the national sorority of Pi Lambda Theta offers an annual fellowship award of 361000 for advancement of education and research. Pi Lambda Theta was founded thirty years ago at the University of Missouri, in order to honor women students in education and to foster in them professional spirit and pride. Since that time, many additional chapters in colleges and universities in all parts of the United States have been added. Omicron chapter of the University of Nebraska was organized in 1923, and installed at that time through the initiative of Ella Victoria Dobbs. Membership in the sorority is limited to those Women in Teachers College who main- tain a high average in scholarship and possess outstanding character. OFFICERS HARRIET PUGSLEY ......,.......... .... l .. President MARGARET ADAMS .... ....... .... .... V 1 c c-President CELIA STERNER .......... . ............. 3. . .accrelflfl MRS, 0. H, WERNER ,,,,,, ..... C orrespomlzng .Secretary HAZEL DAVIS ,,,,.,, ................. T reasurer ELSIE JEVONS.. .,-,., ...... K eeper of Records FRANCES PLATT ,,,,, ............ R eporter ENCOURAGES GRADUATE l STUDH IN EDIICATION Pl Llllllil TIIETA -1 I .SVFIIIIII Rmr: XI. Bartz, P. Burkhallt-r, R. Clark, Flannignfh E- Kefnmlle' First Run-: XI. I.:1kr'. C. Mir-Inc-els. J. Roh:-ck. K. bliawvcr. P. SIIIIHH DOES MARKET RESEARCH PHI CHI T . OINC market research for Towle Silversmiths and studying an insurance survey under the direction of a Professional Guidance Committee are only two of the interesting projects carried on this year by Phi Chi Theta, professional business sorority. The out- standing social event of the year is the Founders Day Banquet in which both the active and the Lincoln alumnae chapters participate. The sorority also aids in sponsoring the annual Bizad Banquet and various other activities of the Business Administraton College. Last spring a dinner dance was given jointly with Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta Sigma Pi, and joint meetings with the two business fraternities were also held during the school year. Phi Chi Theta was founded in June, 1924, at Chicago. At the present time there are twenty-four active groups. Nebraska Rho chapter gained its charter in 1927. Members of Phi Chi Theta are elected once each semester by the active chapter. Candidates are required to be at least sophomores working for a degree, and have an average of seventy-eight or more. A key is presented each year by the sorority to the woman in the College of Business Administration who has achieved high scholar- ship and has maintained outstanding character and leadership in college activities. OFFICERS KATHARINE SHAWVER ............ .......... P resident PEARL STUI-IR ............ ......... V ice-President IIARRIET LEWIS ........ ................ T reasurcr FRANCES SENN .......... ........ R ecording Secretary .IOSEPHINE ROBECK ........ .... C orresponrling Secretary I'H'1LI.IS BURKHALTER .... ................ C lzaplain CERTRUDE MICIIEELS ..... . . . , .... Historian HETA png 310 IS H PIII f eals of a music in All his year PII recitals, gave Ile Sunday . wmrity also women, III it at It .DI I ea. Ilusita noi the so lounded i is lhe old am the ia IIIIH Iltlppa ISI III It I I I t Ia IIIIISIIH, Htl is rrojegq Iota QU lllIIIOf0, h lm le ol 'ei Nm IILILI atm , ALICE I 1 2 I S 71 I Ill S B D B S t 'o B 'l ,.-...i.i--i-.. , I in 1 Y Second Row: B. Dolphin, B. Egint , R. F S H'l . First Row: B. Reese, M. Rubnitz,02. Sohhmbl. Stalbiis,FI'.KaIc'sI: i UCI cr. As a part of the plan for carrying out its aim to uphold the highest ideals of a musical education and to further the development of music in America, Sigma Alpha Iota, honorary musical sorority, this year presented monthly recitals, sponsored one of the faculty recitals, gave a public musicale in February, and was co-sponsor of the Sunday Afternoon Concert Series. Various members of the sorority also furnished music for the annual tea given by the dean of Women, the All Activities Tea, and the Panhellenic Scholarship Tea. Musical selections for the annual Coed Follies are another part of the sorority's contribution to campus musical aiiairs. Founded in 1903 at the University of Michigan, Sigma Alpha Iota is the oldest national musical sorority in the United States. It is also the largest, containing seventy-three active chapters. Ne- braska Kappa chapter was established in 1915-becoming thus the tirst musical group on the campus. An annual Founders, Day Banquet is held each spring to celebrate the sorority's beginning. One project of the national group is the maintainance of the Sigma Alpha Iota Cottage at the lVIcDowell Colony for Creative Artists at Peterboro, New Hampshire. Oilicial publication of the sorority is Pan Pipes. OFFICERS ESTHERMAE HELM .................. ........ P resident SELMA HILL ,,,,,,, .... ..... V i ce-President RUTH FOX '..... ...... S ecrelary ALICE SOHL ..-.. ...... T rcasurcr PRESENTS MONTHLY MUSICALES IGMA ALPHA IIITA P Tlzinl Row: D. M1-ixcl, M. Anrlcrson, E. DuTcnu, W. H. Morton. I '1-L-nm aw- f cnrif' 'son 'cl1ramn1, C. Costas, D. Schulz. . . . . . . - . S I R X ll lx E F S First Row: E. Leavitt, H. Talbot, K. Arndt, V. BoylC5, M- LCC- CONTROLS POPULAR STUDENT CENTER t t l THE administration of the Student Union is vested in a Board of Managers consisting of seven faculty members appointed by the Chancellor, six students selected by the Student Council, and three alumni. The Union program is supported wholly by the fees paid each semester by students and faculty members. The University provides custodian service, furnishes heat, and is responsible for part of the upkeep of the physical union plant. The Union actively cooperated with various university depart- ments during the year to present a varied program of activities. ln conjunction with the School of Music, it presented monthly con- certs and Weekly Harmony and Request programs. With the De- partment of Fine Arts it initiated a new program of art which included sketch classes, soap and clay modelling classes, a student mural, and painting and photography exhibits. It joined with the University Convocation Committee to bring Grant Wood and E. A. Hooton to the campus. Sponsored solely by the Union during the year were several Travel Film Hours, numerous graduate student Coffee Hours, Weekly matinee dances, ping-pong and bridge tournaments, movies, marion- ettes, student talent shows, and an interfraternity quiz. The Union lecture series featured Dr. Paul Popenoe James Furbay Lawrt-31106 Judd, and Coetano Salvemini. 7 7 COMMITTEES MISitt?!?li553if'elLPT'SEFSEQSEE' Stifitiellfs 5s'ii1YLlf,1..,tt ,Wt Progfam ll?ii,kE?Z,Il21ztteteeiaeeese''eteseffreeee """ """ Li.'tiLA2,14ge'bluiIilifilll 2Hf5AIfglP3I3?1ii MR. ciosrils ......... '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. Qi. fi. . . .House Rules M gut., xNo,RTolv ...... 5.971llltiifftlllliif.lTT5.9?5lff?it.Il?lli .....,.. l HI: OI'1'ICERS ..... .............................................. E xccutlivc elnnne UNIUN Rotten anti THE sels. . llnlven ers. tln llomecc eeming Com Ce ntl bas rallies i and sort sene on ing at u teas tlurg Student 1 Tasst lloltar 1 tomenls other gh, llfttttlta l att held t S l l l l l of he 'ce tid ity for LIT- es. on- Je- ich ent the A. :ral kly .on- ion nce gram licill' goms Rules uarlC0 uti1J6 I P Wg: lee 313 Fi Third Row: E. Leavitt. B. ' lea, , F05 ur D l women Lin ber ' ' E' ith Row: J. Echtenkamp R McMillan N Mauck J Burr L F1-oli 1, XI , ' ' , ' ' V v - , - : , A . Cramer, C. Bl , ll. A. D- ', Fourth Row. H. Talbot, F. gringtixs, J. Shaw, L. J. Marshall J Tinker H Collins B icliiiiillt li lard, S 5 B b y J s it ii P S, d R : B. H I- . K- B yl, liu. Crandall, M. Robison, B. J. Spalding. FigllnR0tyllw S R R UFC Al LMHSQIIZHII, N. J. Campbell, Tian? Leung-rsh l'..ll:'ilTnsii.l.lllslrialireai, Jordan, V, LQLLIM1, L, Duke, ' ' ubse v ' U nl Z, - 1 Cr, M. Krause, S. Hi , . , cnn, , uw c-' I us cu UU - . . . HE highpowered salesman on the Nebraska campus are the Tas- sels. Traditionally, members of this national pep organization sell University Players tickets, Mortar Board Party tickets, and Cornhusk- ers. An annual project is the managing of the aN', Balloon sale at the Homecoming football game. The big party of the year is the Home- coming Dance, sponsored jointly with the men's pep organization, Corn Cobs. Regular appearances of the Tassels come at every football and basketball game throughout the year. Members also attend all rallies in the fall and conduct pre-rally speaking tours of fraternity and sorority houses. Two of the group are elected each October to serve on the Rally Committee. Other services of Tassels include usher- ing at university concerts and convocations, and serving at various teas during the year. Each fall the entire Tassel chapter attends the student migration to one of the out-state football games. Tassels was organized in 1924 by the Black Masque chapter of Mortar Board. Eight years later the Tassels founded the national Women's pep organization, Phi Sigma Chi. Since that time four other chapters have been added-Kansas State, Kansas University, Omaha University, and Vlfashburn College. National conventions are held each April. OFFICERS SELMA HILL ...................... ....... P resident MARY Jo HENN .....,... ..-.- V ive-Pfe-Wien' MARGARET KRAUSE .... ........... S ecrelari' RIARIAN MILLER ...,,, ............. reusurcr BETH HOXVLEY .,,, ....... P ublicily Cliazrnmfl ANN HUSTEAD ..... ..... . Mnificulivn Clllllflllllfl SELL TICKETS, BALLOONS, CORNHUSKERS TACCELL . - . C E. P I, E. Crawford, A. Barnett, I. Johnson. i'f'h ,Rami IEbAgphf31d'EH'Gli?fn5?bergerg Bel1gS,jL'BhgZi1keI.i. Ttfloxiiidghsi Ig Slliginlrsifeeir, R. Sliroboda R Huston, S. Henderson V. Bergsten guru aw, . mi . ILSIC . urer, - ' V 1 ,,' .. ' ' i ' , . ' . ' ,- ' , D C. J. G ffng, L. Lanahan, M. L. Drake, M. Terry, J. Woohner. 5fzzi.":ef.i,. Ik D.a2sf.',q ?s.:',5z..:5. G:i'hff5g..'Zf1ttilmii.-..2i:Qiz M. .5123 L. M. Clem, E. E. Dam... First Row: iD. White, K.1Knic, E. Davis, M. L. Speidell, L' E. Finney B' Ai Dug' M, Bbardsley, C. Snyder, K. Hunting, L. Hammond, L. House A BARB ORGANIZATION FOUNDED FOR WOMEN TUWNE CLUB A NE of the newest and the most successful barb organizations on the Nebraska campus is the Towne Club. Members include unaffili- ated Lincoln girls. Growth in membership has progressed rapidly since the beginning of the club two years ago, and has superseded all previous records for barb groups. . Towne Club girls presented an extremely interesting and colorful skit in the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue last November, and became thus one of the first of the campus barb organizations to participate suc- cessfully in this activity. A I Regular meetings of the club are held in the Student Union Build- ing, and invitation dinners are given monthly. Highlight of the social year for Towne Club members was the spring party held on March 29 at the Cornhusker Hotel. Well represented in campus activities, Towne Club has repre- sentatives on the executive boards of A.W.S., Coed Counselors, Y.W'.C.A., and Barb Council. Several of the group are members of the scholastic honoraries, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Beta Kappa. OFFICERS BETTY ANN DUF F ................... ......... P resident LAURA ELLEN FINNEY ...... ,,,, V ice-President MARY LOUISE SPEIDELL ..... Secretary MARIAN BEARDSLI-:Y ...... 'H ' ' H ... . . ....Treasurer ESTHER DAVIS '---- - - ........... Historian KAYE HUNTING ------ - - ...... Social Chairman CHARLOTTE SNYDER .... ..... P ablicily Cfzairman LOIS HAMMOND ...... ........ S ang Director 1 , Pg 314 on ili- Elly led 'ful hus suc- ild- the . on pre- ors, s of ?Pa' P15511 Page sis Filtli, RlpfE1lierE. Nelson, R. Pratt, W. Pitner, A. Monson, E. Smith, R. Brown, L. j0lm,,,,,. 1-1. Liggvul M- T,.,u,' W. I-,yuh 5. mam' J. Higgins' I Fourth Rowzi J. Beckwith, C. Velte, W. Gabeln , R. .l ld, R. L b F. R l B W- -- I -- ' ' 1 Tlhgatigey, ?Jchudel,dV.1l1leiIgJle, M. Starlin, Lindbii? L. Almllxrnw. Whhijnmuer. . Kaur. . Johnson, E, plmkncn' R. Falrlrpu C' ur ow: . rossero e, . oxon, M. W ' , L. Ol , E. F' dl ', L. M K1 , K Xl Cl k' . H.. 5 l r .. 0 sclllichrmfm, A. cm, P. Janes, M. smrhfniiilgdiawalludseff N. Daills. ai C um 'H' I M JI' I Om" L' B"""m" I Second Row: H. Sautter, N. Brittell, R. Karre, R. Crawford, H. Stevens, C. Gardner, Y. Purnplm-y, P. Strut-lun, M, Fi-.-her, l. llradlurd. E. Wllkens, S. Poole, C. Vossberg, P. Beyl, R. Steele, W. Fausch. First Row: E. Shaw, R. Wheeler, M. Schluckebier, M. Ross, M. Kruse, K. Gilmore, L. Frislrie. ll. Wilken-, Nl. llrown. J. llrim-gur, E. llnuark, E. Tomich, P. Kelly, M. Gill. ACTIVITIES of the University 4-H club, orgnization for Agricul- tural College students formerly members of 4-H Clubs, vary from holding apron and overall parties to sponsoring a 4-H Club week for over four hundred 4-H Club members from all parts of the state. An annual picnic is held in the fall for all members, and at that time the freshman are oriented to the college. Each year the Club presents scholarship medals to the highest ranking 4-H club member in each of the four classes in the College of Agriculture. One of the new service projects of the club is the sponsoring of a student loan fund for students in the College of Agriulture. The University 4-H Club was organized on the Nebraska campus in 1923 by former 4-H Club members and leaders, under the direc- tion of the University Extension Department. The aims of the organ- ization are to broaden acquaintances, promote good fellowship and cooperation among former 4-H Club members, and to instruct mem- bers in carrying on 41-H work in their own home communities. Since its beginning the club has worked constantly to interest students in agricultural subjects with a View to developing skill in all fields Of agronomy. OFFICERS EDWIN ROUSEK ..... ............ ..... . . . .Prexrdenl NIAX -.-... ..... V LCE-Preslclenl JANE BRINEGAR .... ...... g 6Cf23lli2i KEITH GILMORE .... -'-- ' ea- U . . . .Reporter MARVIN KRUSE .... MAINTAINS STUDENT LoAN FUND lllllllllll ITY 4-H UL ll 6.3 A Andersen L Johnson C Schmadeke, O. Tegtmeier. ?zf:,:hRf,':'r J'2.,E?:5sfrGH'NZ:z?r?"YUEg.3a2r5Q It Sgzsiznoi R. H.i1i.,'D.whe.1tf,'R. Cram, E-VaEB1gqH1ir1g, D. Tram. 1 : . , . , - 1 ' . ' , . Srcanrl Raw: V. Snodgrass, H. Borman,.J. Bay, W. P0rn8m0lCl',.R- S0h'1g1f'1ch3l:' gsgiiltiont-Ehevzymfv'Cmwei Vey Fire! Rnw: I.. Curry, L. Bullet, O. Pfeiffer, H' Sm1leYf R- Pfeiffer' A' 'pp ' ' ' ' DAIRY JUDGING TEAMS WIN HIGH HONORS THE Varsity Dairy Club is composed of students interested in the dairy industry. Its purpose is to develop a closer and more friendly relationship between the students and faculty members of the Dairy Husbandry Department, and to bring interesting and practical prob- lems before club members for their solution. The Dairy Club has always been an active campus organization, sponsoring yearly an informal mixer, a dairy cattle and dairy products judging contest for students, the Dairyland Cafeteria, the College of Agriculture Convo- cation and numerous other functions which require initiative and energy. The major activity of the club is sponsoring and financing the Dairy Cattle and Dairy Products Judging Teams. The members of this year's Cattle Judging Team are Clare Clandon, Russel Pfeiffer, and Otto Pfeiffer. The Products Judging Team is composed of Alvin Rippen, Loren Zook, and Lawrence Buller. Both teams com- peted in the national contest at the California Worlds Fair, where the Cattle Team won fifth place honors. These two teams have con- sistently brought credit to Nebraska by their commendable showings in national contests.. The Dairy Club annually awards each team member a gold medal in recognition of his work. The Varsity Dairy Club was organized in 1915. Much of itS success, and that of the teams it sponsors, is due to the capable leadership of Professor L. K. Crowe. OFFICERS RUSSEL PFEIFFER ................ .......... P resident HERB ERT SMILEY ----- ........ V ice-Presia'ent QFTO PFEIFFER, JR. ..... ..... . Secremry-TreaSl1f6T ...... ...,. N 9103 Reporler VAR ITY DAIRY UL B Pss'3'6 HE Husbax leaders and spi Eat nations delegal and pri Ofi Buller, lllllll' ll. A. ludging Tupper This gr l0UIll1 1 and nil lnlerna Snrship Fifth Row: M. Tesur, D. Sloul, M. Kruse, B. Mayhcld, L. Cuokslev. Folfrlh Row: R. CllIll'lillgllllIl'l,.E. Dodge, W. Pitner, W. Johnson, Ci, Wimbm. yv ' U I Thlfd Row: A- Kupefv T- BT11102013 G- H0k1111SU11, E. Bever, H. Ulirenhu l, l'. Sim , Second Row: R. Wheeler, I. Lux, O. Tegtmeier, D. Baird, V. Kerchbergzer, D. Mm- Zi . Y I l ll First Row: M. Ross, W. Smiley, L. Roberts, L. Bnller, L. Tnpper, C. Gardner, Ii. Mi-. ll 1 up 1 HE Block and Bridle Club is an honorary organization for Animal Husbandry students. Its program of activities is directed toward fostering leadership, promoting cooperation, and stimulating the spirit of competition and sportsmanship among its members. Each year, during the International Livestock Exposition at Chicago, the national Block and Bridle Club conference is held. At this meeting Nebraska delegates meet those from other states to discuss the methods of management and proposals for improvement of their respective chapters. Officers of the local chapter are Lyle Roberts, president, Lawrence lluller, vice-president, and Leo Tupper, secretary-treasurer. ROM those who competed in individual try-outs in the fall, Professor M. A. Alexander selected eight men for positions on this year's Livestock Judging Team. Those eight men were Lyle Roberts, Keith Gilmore, Leo Tupper, Edwin Rousek, Wayne Smiley, Gustaf Hokanson, and Eric Thor. This group participated in numerous contests throughout the country, placing fourth at Fort Worth, Texas, fourth at Waterloo, Iowa, sixth at Kansas City, and ninth against twenty-nine United States and Canadian teams at the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago. The team is under the spon- sorship ofthe Block and Bridle Club. Second Row: L. Tupper, G. Hokanson, K- Gi1m0l'C, W- 51111197- First Row: E. Thor, R. R. Thalman, E- Rousekf L' Roberts' 1 It li ll ll Nl li k l lx J IS L. ll lx I I K ll X S ' A. Detmer. F 11 R ': M. Pedersen, M. Tesar, A. Andresen, W- PlUlf?l'1 M- Kruse, L' Campi . . Tzlgdlkogii K. Patterson. T. Brinegar, G. Hokanson, A. Dreier, .l.'L21l1'fb9I't, H-Jwelbek -lbaegglg-Vlflb -1- Miller- Svrond Row: R. Scholnfrt. L. Wolfe. G. Gcrloff, W. Skfdlll, W. PlC1SllCkf W-J inleif 'R Messgrsmith Firsl Row: C. Hurrneft-ld, J. Carter. D. McGill, J. Lonnquist, H. Schudelt T- Ums Oni ' ' TRI-K UL B URDP J DGIIJTEAM Srconrl' Row: J. Lumbcrt, R. blCSSCI'5llll!ll, A. Dreier. l' Row: XI. TL-sur, W. Pitncr, A. Andrcsen. OR the third consecutive year the winner of the American Society of Agronomy's national essay contest was a member of the Nebraska Tri-K Club, while another Nebraska member was fifth place winner. The Tri-K Club was organized in 1921 to develop a spirit of friendship between students and their instructors. It sponsors the varsity Crops Judging Team and conducts an annual judging and identification contest open to all College of Agriculture students. Serving as oliicers of the club this year are Harold Schudel, presidentg David McGill, vice-president, Ted Johnston, secretaryg and John Lonnquist, treasurer. HE year's principal activity for Tri-K Club members is sponsoring the Crops Judging Team. The 1939 squad, composed of Milo Tesar, Will Pitner, Andrew Andresen, Jean Lambert, and alternate August Drier, continued the success of previous Nebraska teams by placing second in the annual Kansas City competition, and second in the National Intercollegiate Crops Contest at Chicago. In the latter meet they completed against teams from eleven other midwestern colleges. The notable success of Nebraska Crops Judging Teams of recent years has been due largely to the able and thorough training given by their coach, Dr. A. L. Frolik. Pas' 318 HE Pouln Sie latina' Semi in P011 id an egg iam, whose club rooptral ihile enlerpr llanin llaugy airetaiyg am lldlliillil aiiwrded to I lily. and ge igaiiization. memory at Q it in their pg :lion of hig Swing as tin llerle ll I l 1 1 I l Pas, 515 Psze 319 Third Row: R. Rinne, R. Grossman, M. Boone, W. olnson, . Bachcnlicrg, K Qfm,1,-N, V. Tl l ll T J l D . .. Second Row: D. Haws, M. Lictcrs, K. Gresslcu R. Gin crv, D. Cierrg . on rc.u. .. 5 Q . cl hrs: Row: F. Musselll, R. Rupp, R. Doyle, L. Clark, A. Dctmcr, C. iV1mbcrly, lI.1Qualsez, HE Poultry Science Club, accepted in 1939 as the fifteenth member of the National Poultry Science Club, was organized in 1937 to stimulate in- terest in poultry. Each year it sponsors a student poultry judging contest and an egg show, and acts as the official sponsor of the Poultry Judging Team, whose expenses it pays at the various contests. During the year the club cooperates with the University Poultry Department in promoting worth- while enterprises and carrying on an educational program. Its officers are Marvin Vaughn, president, Mac Newberry, vice-president, Raymond Doyle, secretary, and Lyle Clark, treasurer. - EMBERSHIP in Theta Nu, honorary pre-medical fraternity, is the honor accorded to those pre-med students whose scholarship, leadership, person- ality, and general ability have met the high standards of this national organization. New members are utappedn twice a year in an impressive ceremony at one of the regular Nu-Med dinners. As initiates they promise to do their part in helping the fraternity accomplish its purpose-the pro- motion of high standards of scholarship among pre-med students. . Serving as officers of Nebraska's Barker chapter are Richard Linn, presi- dent, Merle Mohr, vice-president, and Lee Tunberg, secretary-teasurer. llblll' l'0lL'l'lll' 'UIE UE Ulil It TAN Third Raw: J. Lipsey, D. Nilsson, L. Meyer, T- Anderson, M' Raines' y Second Row: C. Kleager, R. Smith, N- Green, P' H?ucr'L Peltier First Raw: W. McFadden, L. Tunberg, Wilde, R- Linn, ' ' f,Llg.,c,X g of 1- , 5 es ,, 5 it 1 Thinl Row: L. Michael, D. Rippcteau. C. H. Krueger, R- H- KY9kell1ahn- H S ul Razr: C. Cannon. G. Cadwell, H. Jones, R..Schluetcr, P. Reddy. ' . FE:v'i,Rnu': H. Kammcrlolxr. F. Scott, R. Schluckcbxcr, C. Thompson, F. Norris, C. Eberllne- t E El EEEIE EXECUTIVE EEAEE t'IEt'IttT1t HE purpose of the Engineering Executive Board is to supervise Engineers' Week activities, and to manage general engineering convocations, meetings, dances, barbecues, and elections. The Board was organized during the second semester of the 1928-1929 school years, and owes its origin to the clearly- indicated need of a governing body which could sponsor the various activities of the College of Engineering. Membership of the organization is automatically composed of the presi- dents and secretaries of all departmental organizations, the two Student Council representative from the Engineering College, and the general manager of the 'cBlue Printv. HIS year Sigma Tau, honorary engineering fraternity, created a new scholarship, a monetary award to be given annually to men in the top scholas- tic ten per cent of the College of Engineering senior class. The fraternity each year presents the O. J. Fee Award to the outstanding graduating Engineer. and its own Freshman Medal to the sophomore having the highest first-year scholastic average. The Sigma Tau loan fund has for many years been maintained for worthy engineering students. The Nebraska Chapter, the founding chapter of the fraternity, is under the leadership of Milton Staab, president, and John Cramer, vice-president. F"U'f" R"'1'1 ll- 5l"iK1'l- C- .lollll-fm. E. Cox. S. Dobbs, T. Davies R Hitchcock F H Sla k - V P I Tllirrl limr: J. ZPIIHIII. l.. Cl1o.ll. ll. S 'lll'il lcr, l'. O ' , Xl. F. 'NI'll . R 11 y .. ' i yma ell I . au son. HFFIPIIII Ron: I.. llinrrlmut. N. llarnnrcll l,.iD ' hen 1 f 1 I cr' i S611 umm, D. A' Roach' C' Haynes' H . Harclung, L. Wacll , C. C.d ll, R. B ' H hm: lhm-5 IJ. llurkm-ss, li. Grunu. C. Smith, I'. K. Slaymuker, lsiru. Frnn,lcell,eR. Sclrigligbicr,.C1TelFi?,.Tl1oxnpson, D. C. Houslcv. Pale 330 HE :tNe Students, 1 thine'-eight un tears. eni-teehnit give them , une as a students. General p Dun Eeusle HE Arehl students inte unted with t un. Since teenuting he beting at in tud construe The Club dn-presiden ildl EIB i l V I t ,sN P PBI 416 321 Tlzzrd Kow: I". Little. D. Schrader, W1 Sanders P. W .1 . T - , S'?C0"d ROW: N- Schick, J' Rflllflwugll. L. Julmtiin. S. Fi-.ii-ifkcl' Emirfilvili'.-P""li""' First Row: L. Bingham, E. Gro - Q -r . ' ' ' 'lf U9 D- H'N1bl4!. H- .lUlll'P, ll. Kannlncrlohr. N. llarnaud, HE c'Nebraska Blue Print", edited monthly by Nebraska Engineering Students, has been the official publication of the Engineering College for thirty-eight years and of the statewide Nebraska Engineering Society for two years. Its purpose is to bring students of the Engineering College semi-technical articles in their various fields of future specialization. to give them practice in preparing technical papers for publication, and to serve as a record of the activities and accomplishments of these Nebraska students. General Manager of this year's uBlue Print" is Houston Jones, editor, Don Housley, and business manager, Harry Kammerlohr. HE Architectural Society was founded eight years ago by a group of students interested in furthering pleasant relationships among those con- nected with the Architectural Department-students, faculty, and professional men. Since its formation, the Society has aided students of Architecture in becoming better acquainted with the many aspects of their profession by having at its meetings practicing landscape architects, interior decorators, and construction men speak about their respective occupations. The Club, under the leadership of Paul Reddy, president, Norris Flodine, vice-president, and Darrel Rippeteau, secretary-treasurer, holds as its ultimate goal the improvement of architecture in this state. Fourth Row: R. Hageman. G. Wrede. W. Fullcn, M. Johnson. G- Rector, . . -1"-U HIilE PIlIlT ARCHITECTLHAL SOUIETl Third Row: B. Graf, XV. Gillespie, S. Campbell, G. Golding. D. Gerhard, A. -Dl'lllllll1l- C- if' ,H - Second Row: M. Carlson, D. White, 1. Bixlvr, 5- Russel. M- Rflkahfv E- Hem' 'J ' ',' "fi '. , D -Kult n. ll. . u .li ku in A Dunn -X kfjl S l' lrf l l' ll xullnll First Row: B. Volava, N. Flodine, D. Leavitt, P. R. Reddy. D. RipP0U'f"'- -' ii' ' ' U ' s, , rin . N 1 C JI on W Sanderson E Cow W Stuart, C. Meyer, G. Lewis. Tlunl Ron Y Jcn cn L Irl cr om , . . . . . l I I . S l d , L. F rsbre, D. Wielage, E. Munter. S ronrl Rrm N Short Nl Plum D Kru e N Wrttml-zfnrkvLll Ciriiirmerp. V- Eshelman, M- Kuska, M. P' Brlmig, O' C. Hansen ,ng Rm E B ktt I Hurlhut R yc e 1 GRICULTURAL engineering students on twelve campuses are banded together in the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, an organization which attempts to create a better and broader understanding of this field of engineering. The Nebraska chapter, second to be formed, was organized in 1913. In addition to its regular meetings, which feature prominent speakers, the Society this year sponsored a special Convocation for all engineering students. As in the past, A.S.A.E. members took active part in Engineers' Field Day, Engineers' Night, and the Farmers, Fair. Oliicers are R. H. Kyckelhahn, president, Philip Eshelman, vice-president, and C. W. Cannon, secretary-treasurer. HE purpose of the Nebraska Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers is to present to its members practical information on engineering problems. This is accomplished through talks by both students and authorities, and by inspection trips through engineering estab- lishments. During the year A.l.E.E. members present numerous technical papers in preparation for their annual District Student Convention at which students from nine A.l.E.E. branches compete for district and national prizes. Each spring the society supervises work on Engineers, Week exhibits. Serving as officers the first semester were Frank Scott, president, Ted Nelson, vice-president, and Clifford Thompson, secretary. 'l'I'IlR'E4 4 1 UH Y ri Lrison, J.1Lumdin, E. Brenn, D. Schrader, J. C. Ward, i'::1'RnZ" 'f -1' lf HH cm. B- lu- Ewvrs, A- F- Deming, F. H. Slaymaker, F. Little, N. Schick. S lu H A Tm Ml -l' M- MUUYCY H- F- Cabfl, C- PHPPGS, H. Scholz YV. T. Hannan. NMA, Rm' dm R Mar'l'm'l L -l W HCYHHF- E- L- Mllellfff. J- R- Parker, W. Georgei H. Bishop, O Edison. rrrl me l 1 .I hnolt .I Calc H Berry, F. Scott, C. Thompson, D, Webb, rare 3 'I HE pur rherrical e heir eornl heh, allfl 5 el their pr Engineers eholarshi h.I,E,C. p ht the hrs! seine lehrig, as HE Arr ship amor lhal prob primarily hi-weekly society in Walling th Under leach, an ducted h 5 wrrrnlior led lion of in ers, ing srs' :ntg tute tion both tab- ical iich zes. Ted i S Psse 323 Third Row' D Moore W Frazier G Short A Noxak S D bb ' ' v - v ' , - '.. .,W.I-'all-, ccond Row: YV. Larson, J. Carrol, Bonncss, A. Mrstik.0F.QNcwhurri. lRv.pH,Nilirl:ri0 RU First Row: L. Curtis, A. Zuick, D. Kouba, R. Kerlin, H. Johnson, R, Stnlhnnm E, . C. Frankfurter, C. Ebel-line, A. Rehrig, C, Haynes. ' " HE purpose of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is to offer chemical engineering students a means for concentrated action in promoting their common interests. The organization encourages fellowship, coopera- tion, and scholarship. At its semi-monthly meetings the members' conception of their profession is broadened by hearing speeches by practicing Chemical Engineers and students, and by seeing informative technical films. High scholarship is stimulated and rewarded by the annual presentation of an A.l.E.C. pin. At the beginning of the second semester, Walter' Herrick succeeded the first semester president, Charles Eberline, and Rex Bessire replaced Alex Rehrig, as vice-president. HE American Society of Civil Engineers was founded to promote fellow- ship among civil engineering students and to acquaint them with the prac- tical problems of this field of engineering. The latter aim is accomplished primarily through informal discussions with prominent alumni at the club,s bi-weekly meetings. As an incentive to improvement in scholarship, the society annually awards a slide rule to the civil engineering sophomore making the greatest improvement in scholastic standing. l Under the leadership of President Kirk Florance, Vice-president David Roach, and Secretary Glen Krueger, the Nebraska branch this winter con- ducted a special conference in St. Louis to plan for the national A.S.C.E. convention in the spring. I1 X Xillllll X illlll i .lor tntu ll Nl ll l Kult II Xl hx I XX ll HIL ' k. Third ROW? J- Cramer, L' Carlson, R' Evans, B' Backhmd, D' iioachil O- Iilelrgferjdis'J:i2aCI?lor:1r1cc I. liar Second Row: F. Lawler, M. Crabill, S. Fraenkel, Pelersenf Tlaugigiwrgr CbR8lH,r'lS' Y First Row: P. Slagel, M. Siemsen, W. DRY, C- Mickey, J- YM ' ' ' ' lfijlli Row: P. C. Haswcll, T. L. Davies, YV. Paschkc, R. O. Wilson, G. R. Miller, K. N. Crowell, P. Weber, R. B. Douglas, D. F. Semlak, Fnudilz- R. King. L. C. Johnson, K. O. Olson. .l. Rollrbo lgh, E. lxluernbergeli, E. Wlileysrcm- I-life, Filipi, D- A- Rader- Tlrirrl Row: R. D. Bailey, F. C. Paradise, Nunns, Walters, Cadwell, Schluckebier, Spencer, li10Ska?, INOL. OUSC Sv:-nnfl Ron-: Lurlwicksmm, Nakada, Lcavizl, Berger, Dorf, W. Paradise, Carroll, P. Owen, lptte mann. Fimz linux: Luchs, DcBauhc, Slaymaker, Mead, Stewart, Richardson, DaV1S, HHHCY, Barnard, D0 Son- . .M. E. Pl'I'1l O ACQUAINT engineering students with the scope of their field is the purpose of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. lts bi-weekly meeetings seek to accomplish this through technical moving pictures, student papers, and talks by professional engineers. A luncheon, followed by an inspection trip through the Union Pacific Shops as guests of the Omaha Engineers' Club, was the highlight of the past year's activities. First semester officers were Gaius Cadwell, president, and Joy Richardson, vice-president. During the second semester Joy Richardson served as presi- dent, and Cliiford Mead, as vice-president. i HE members of Pi Tau Sigma, national Mechanical Engineering honorary, are those junior and senior engineers whose technical knowledge and schol- astic standings make them most likely to attain success in their profession. The fraternity was organized to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in coordinate departmental activities, and to Promote scholarship. Each year the Nebraska Chapter awards a slide rule to the Mechanical Engineering sophomore with the highest average, and write letters to the upper half of the sophomore class commending their scholastic success and encouraging them to maintain their high standings. I'ln'nI Row: T. Davies, BI. Hcmsworth, W. Paschkc, D. F. Semlak J R'l d P W b , . N ' if-5-fini Rlawzn 1,1-Wai, F. imfmiasif, C. ncaa, R. schluckcbier, P. Owiziiiazfofilzidxvell,eTfrS1ilendi-ziiluhaughi R' Hitclmck' :avr nn. . I.-im-1, ll. Joints, A, A. Lnuhs, P, ix. Slaymakcr, J. W. Haney, J. K. Ludwickson, N. H. Barnard, W. Sinton. paso 324 n f? 941:25 3 1 ii!! H f 'l lajnmtil W nf jflill 2 in ,nh the latte fg:1ldi'H 'Pl ,i.!llelln'ehiP R-fall In i r,1nl1lellJllf5f: ,lihlflii pres: linetzrt. lil! injoied tif, f Ziff. lle si-rit rainls. lt lining len 015: "EP lf' iff'- - . r in ol 514.4 i lim fy, Eg 'tiffrifaa v lvill tenets ft I I fail A P13325 15 Third Row: M. Tesar G. Wilkins L. Buller M Kruse C Wilulu-rley F Shi - ' . 1 1 1 - , . , . pnmn, A. Amlr---u, XX. Tn -., iecon31zRa1v.R.l.CCarter,l H. Berman, M. Pedersen, H. Johnson, A. Dreicr, K. l'utl1-rson, D. Mritllill, ll, IL..,lill,..-f, lt, XIV...-,.,,,5,y,, U'-95 ow- - lmnlnglam, E- Bevef, H. Sclludel, W. Pliner, H. Filley, J. Lumln-rt, NI liakrr, W. Sk:-ll.n. N, hu-.l,,f..,u, ROMINENT speakers lecture on current agricultural problems at the weekly meetings of Alpha Zeta, national agricultural honorary, tours through- university buildings and laboratories are conducted monthly to acquaint members with the latest methods of research. Alpha Zeta strives to promote the profession of Agriculture by setting high standards of character, scholar- ship, and fellowship for its own members. The fraternityis presentation of a gold medal to the highest ranking freshman in the college is an annual feature of the College of Agriculture Honors Convocation. Alpha Zetais president is Will Pitnerg its vice-president, Harold Schudelg and its secretary, Jean Lambert. CTIVE members of Delta Omicron, national honorary music sorority, this year joined with Sigma Alpha Iota members in presenting a February musicale. The sorority also sponsored one of a series of School of Music faculty recitals. Delta Omicron was founded in September, 1909, Theta chapter of fellowship, to develop character, and to encourage the performance and appreciation of good music among student musicians. Officers for this year include: Margaret Porter, president, Martha McGee, vice-president, Hazel Mae Ogle, secretary, and Lois Baker, treasurer. ALPHA ZETl DELTAUHIURU Nebraska being organized twelve years later. Its purposes are to foster J. Hughes, M. Mccee, H. ogre, M. Porter, . Welch- l Svrnnll Rmr: Nl. Florvr. Nl. Srhnasc, J. Bierbower. fire! Rn.:-: FI. llervert, D. Swnllorlzi, E. Hewett, R. Stuart. G MM AL GA A .'f'runrI .l. PHA AMA TMETA utr: . rib DVERTISING surveys for nationally known firms and studies of specific advertising subjects and problems were the projects of the year for Gamma Alpha Chi, national honorary and professional advertising sorority. Regular meetings consisted of talks by outstanding advertising personages. Gamma Alpha Chi was founded at the University of Missouri in 1920 in order to provide actual practice and foster interest of women in advertising. Nebraska Epsilon chapter was organized in 1929 by Prof. F. C. Blood, the present faculty sponsor. Officers of the sorority are: Dorothy Swoboda, president, Elva Hewett, vice-president, Rosalie Stuart, secretary-treasurer, and Evelyn Hervert, reporter. AMMA Mu Theta, women's medical sorority, is the newest of the campus honoraries, having been organized in the fall of 1938 at this university. lts membership consists of women taking pre-medic courses with the intention of becoming doctors. The first annual banquet was held last spring, and a tea was given for the women doctors of Lincoln. During the past year the sorority held regular meetings at which prominent doctors gave lectures and talks concerning the field of medicine. Officers for the year are: Libby Blazkovec, president, Alice Sohl, vice-president, and Arlene Mann, secretary- treasurer. N R Xi B nga, P. Griswold, N. h1lll'k, N. H H1 , G. NI ' H S ' h I IR X xl A S H D W A i l1cBl',k iYV-i urrillw . mit , rx uns .' . . ann, . . but , r. aim ff. 4- M UNL, . VICAUHZIII. Paz' 326 Paz' 326 Page 327 Second Row: P. Cowan, M. Grounl, R. L H d' k .1 , First Row: H. Fricke, M. Dolezal, Platt? .fir lffleek,GC.KIE:1:i11yl: Muslim' CTIVITIES of Mu Phi Epsilon, national honorary music sorority, include sponsorship of the first of a series of faculty recitals, a guest night for music students, and a joint musicale with Phi Mu Alpha, honorary music fraternity for men. A scholarship is awarded annually to the mest outstanding fresh- man woman majoring in music. Mu Phi Epsilon was founded in November, 1903, at the Metropolitan College of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mu Gamma chapter of Nebraska was established sixteen years later. Officers for this year are: Frances Platt, president, June Meek, vice-president, and Milada Dolzal, secretary- treasurer. T the beginning of each semester Omicron Nu, national honorary for senior women majoring in Home Economics, cooperates with Phi Upsilon Omicron in sponsoring a transfer tea for new students. Later in the year this organization honors Home Economics majors with high scholarship at their annual honors tea. The sorority also recognizes the ten sophomore girls who ranked highest scholastically during the previous year. Nebraska Zeta chapter of Omicron Nu was begun in 1914. The officers for this year are: Gladys Swift, president, Marjorie Farrar, vice-president, Esther Horsh, secretary, Lois Hammond, treasurer, and Maxine Armstrong, editor. Second Row: J. Postal, G. Blaker, P- Shefbum, H- Kilmer, A' Lldeen' E' SxQ,cpLE-ld' Ejoljllmennmivr' Fin, Rmn- F I-Inreh, I.. Hammond. G. Swift, M- AfmSU'0I1gr E- Berggren, ' 'Imp ' ' 1,1 I . PIII III. IIIIII IIIIKIIIIN N Thin! Row: L. Davis, B. Smmy L, Hammond, J. Pestal, R. MacDonald, M. Emrllagn A. Newell 9'fC0"f1 RW' H Ki""'2' A Lnleen A' Hu'cl'eS0", H' Klan' V' Brown' E' irgir 11, D. DeLong, G. Swift. first Row: iM. Iiaurlcr, 'l'homas,!P. Sherburn, H. Scheve, A. Swobodar S- 0010 1 HI Upsilon Omicron, national honorary Home Economics sorority, Spon. sors an annual Phi-U mixer, an active-alumnae banquet, and takes charge of caroling in the Home Economics Building during the pre-holiday season. Various scholarship teas and teas for 4-H Club girls and transfer students are also given during the year. This year a February Leap Year Party was sponsored by the active chapter. P ll I P I L 0 Xi chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron has been active on the Nebraska campus since 1925. Present oliicers include Amolie Swoboda, president, 0 M I U R1 0 Gwen Jack, vice-president, Mary Gilbertson, secretary, and Helen Scheve, treasurer. EBRASKA Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Eta Chi, national Congregational sorority, was hostess from June 7 to July 22, 1939, to the Sixth Biennial Convention of the organization. Forty delegates from the seven national chapters in various parts of the United States attended. One major project of the national group is the sponsoring of a backwoods school in Lotts Creek, Kentucky. During the school year the sorority holds Weekly programs and carries on various philanthropic Works. I G M A The Nebraska chapter was founded in 1928 and has a present member- ship of twenty-four. The president for this year is Florence Miller, vice- T A ll I president, Doris Vernon, secretaries, Margaret Adams and Lorraine U Schwedhelmg treasurer, Frances Rameyg sponsor, Natalie Stromberger. Third Row: W. Sliekncy, M. Shcrburne, R. Rehmerer, P. Worster, N. Burn. Second Row: J. Miller, F. Stern, N. SITOIIIDCTQCT, D. Ripley, L. Kleinschmidt, L. Sharrick, Frm! Row: F. Rainey, R. Dale, M. Adams. F. Miller, D. Vernon, D. Allen. E. Pierce. Pazfw P45 ,335 Plze 329 ,.... ,,,, , Third Row: S. Jelinek, G. Garrett, C. Martz, C. Pele,-gen. Second Row: H. Ogden, N. Harris, P. E. Svoboda, P. D. Dulcy E, Wim-njwrg First Row: R. Rupp, D. Garst, D. Anderson, G. Walker, 1. Stuari, R. dcllruwn. i OR the second consecutive time Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism fraternity, led all fraternities on this campus in the second semester schol- astic standing. In addition to its encouragement of scholarship, Sigma Delta Chi annually sponsors the state convention of the Nebraska High School Press Association, conducts news and feature writing contests in Daily Nebraskcm, and is responsible for the publication of the Awgwan. In the spring it joins with Theta Sigma Phi to give the annual Gridiron Banquet. Sigma Delta Chi officers this year are: Fred Harms, president, Donald Anderson, vice-president, Dale Garst, secretary, John Stuart, treasurer. HETA Sigma Phi, national honorary for women in journalism, cooper- ates with the men's journalism fraternity, Sigma Delta Chi, in sponsoring a Gridiron Dinner in the fall. Members of the Nebraska chapter also con- tribute regularly to the official publication, the "Matrix.,' Lambda chapter of Nebraska, is one of the forty active chapters of Theta Sigma Phi, founded thirty-one years ago at the University of Washing- ton. Prominent alumnae include Bess Streeter Aldrich, Mari Sandoz, Dorothy Thomas, and Louise Pound. Nebraska chapter oflicers for this year are: Barbara Meyer, president, Mary Steuteville, vice-president, June Bierbower, secretary, and Selma Hill, treasurer. UIIIIIII IIIILIHI PIII 'IIIIITII IIIIIII I'III , . . , 'Ike P. Cowan. S av R z A. S k , F. Irwm, C, Shire, R. 'Deweese, M. W1 yu ' ,I ,Y I in dh S- Figinleowfiw L. Benftiger. Steuteville, M. Steuteville, B- Meyer, 5- HIUY M- M"'U"" J NJ" L' 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 l 1 I I 1 -,, ,, -W f?f.'in'f1,,fii'U R1.l'sullZfaIIf"1k1,'f.1.,ff"5'.' i1..ff1f"l3'.' 15-1.lZ?eS'. 1'f1'.fli'ZQ'i1ZI3.,AA.A LA 221313.52 I . 11 ' RESHMEN Women whoare members of the Y.W.C.A. join freshman com- mission groups. At the Weekly meetings of these groups, upperclassmen con- duct discussions of campus activities so that freshmen girls may be better 1 T equipped for future Y.W.C.A. Work. Two members of each commission group F R1 E H M A are elected to serve on the Freshman Cabinet. This body supervises the annual A Christmas Vesper services and helps to plan the May Morning breakfast. Before Thanksgiving and Christmas, members collect money, food, and l U A lg I E T clothing for distribution by the City Social Welfare. G campus Y.W.C.A., although a part of the university Y.W.C.A., has its own officers, representatives, and staffs. The president, Helen Kilmer, is a t member of the city Y.W.C.A. board, but aside from that, the Ag Y.W. is a l completely separate organization. Vesper services are held on Thursday ' A W U A and discussion groups meet each Tuesday noon. The organization also T I ' ' ' ' ' sponsors a commission group for Home Economics freshmen. A membership 12 l U A lg I E tea is given at the beginning of each semester, and various conferences and 1, 4 1 retreats are held during the season. I l 1 y 1 .5 ,V-f- .,,., 1 11' ,,..t 1 M. N .-rtA11.,.11. P. ut-u.1111111. I'lf.Nl If rllt' : C. l' z'1' kl 14llll. ll. Dl'Lol L N S ll S , l 1 1 l 1 1 il 1 1 1 ,ll 1 1 - 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l Y PIG' lil 3 8539 Page 331 Y.W. SINCE I884, the date when it received its charter as a member of the national Y.W.C.A., the University of Nebraska Y,W,C,A. has been one of the most important and most active organizations on the campus. Sponsor of some of the traditional affairs in university life, the Y.W.C.A. has Worked to fulfill the national purpose of the group-uRealizing a full and creative lifef' Weekly vesper services are held 'throughout the school year, as well as various group meet- ings, some in connection with the Y.M.C.A. and the Council of Re- ligious Welfare. Each Christmas a Hanging of the Greens dinner for activity Women is held in Ellen Smith Hall, and a May Morning Breakfast is given each spring. At the beginning of each semester the Y.W.C.A. holds a mem- bership drive, climaxed by a tea for all new and old members including students, faculty, and alumnae who practice international, interracial, non-sectarian, and democratic ideals. OFFICERS PRISCILLA WICKS ...................... ........ P resident MAXINE LAKE ........... ........ ..... V i ce-President IRENE HOLLENBECK .... ........ S ecretary ANN HUSTEAD.. ......................... ......,... T reasurer HELEN KILMER ............................ ...... A g. President STAFF MEMB ERS MARY BULLOCK ........................... ............ V espers MARY LOU DALY .... ................. ...... C r eative Leisure MARY JO HENN ....... ................ ............ F i nance SELMA HILL ................................. ...... l publications ELLAJO MARSHALL .................................. Conference FAITH MEDLAR, MARRY ELLEN OSBORNE ........ Social Service HELEN KOVANDA ......................................... Social DORIS REDDICK ..... Representative to Council of Religious Welfare JANE SHAW ............................................ Personnel JEAN SIMMONS ................. ................ S harmon Study PAT STERNBERG ........ ...... C omparative Religions FRANCES VAN ANDA ,,,,, ..... F reshman Commissions BETTY ATKINSQN ,,,,,,, ........ P ersonal Relations PATRICIA POPE ,.,... ................. P iace FRANCES KEEFER .... ..... V esper C. olr MARY KERRIGAN .... ....... P ubllclty M. Bullock. Tl ' 4 R 1 P. P F. vamxnda, F- Keefcf, H- K0Vf'P.da' M. K Sggznd Zugw, F igjalm. M. L' Daly, M, J. Henn, J. Simmons, P. Sternhcrg, ' 1- . '.. A .1..-.1 n WH,-kc I. Hollenbeck, M. Lake- erriga A. CAR ACTIVE AT NEBRASKA PS ' t Q C Vlfhen any editor attempts to offer his appreciation to those to whom he is indebted, he faces a task comparable to editing a yearbook. His gratitude is small reward to the staffs who have spent endless hours in tiring routine work which makes a Cornhusker possible. However, your editor extends his sincerest thanks to all and hopes that in their completed yearbook they can find justifica- tion for their efforts. None of us offer apologies or explanations for the 1940 Corn- husker. We have produced the thirty-fourth volume, and may it satisfy the students of the University of Nebraska. If it can rank on a level in all comparisons with previous volumes and has reason- ably portrayed the first year of a new decade, we feel our job has been Well done. Certain features have been changed in keeping with modern ideas in lay-outs and designs. We hope the revised military section and the new barb section have added interest for the students. The opening section on student types was planned to replace a general theme which this year has been rather avoided or at least minimized. The craftsmanship of the 1940 Cornhusker is a result of the combined efforts of the Jacob North Printing Co., Artscraft Engrav- ing Co., Townsend Photograph Studio, Kingsport Press Cover Division, Carpenter Paper Co., and the University Studio. - Sincerely, CQMQLQ CQ. L jdddiiflf MEUNVWMKUJENVQQE STUDENT UNIDN s always tomorrow" R 'TDR IRVIN SHERMAN, MANAGER nRvAl. cn. HAGE , ED kg V X! TO THE STUDENT BODY UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA The book is now in your hands. The engravers, printers, and cover manufacturers have worked hand in hand with us in the attempt to give to you the greatest Cornhusker in history. If you are satisfied, and find pleasure in owning and reading it, we are amply rewarded for our efforts. If We have uhoundedi' you in our attempt to increase circulation and to get you to have your picture taken, we Wish to apologize, and hope you realize that it is only through such eliorts that the Cornhusker can be issued. Recognition should be given to Gerald Davis, Avery Forke, and Robert O'Connell, the assistant business managers, for their splendid cooperation and efforts in managing the circulation and advertising. Their assistants, too, deserve much credit. Tha11kS is due' the student body for their support in our endeavor to make the 1940 Cornhusker a truly representative yearbook. lf you feel that this volume is a true picture of this year at Nebraska, We will consider that the stamp of approval has been placed on our Work. BUILDING - UNIVERSITY DF NEBRASKA - AT LINCOLN With the advent of fall Lincoln lives and prospers as thousands of students return to University. Winter brings formal season and a yuletide spirit that Open everyone's pocketbook. Spring calls students to the refreshing outdoors Wlth many picnics and spring parties. Page sas ' 4 i 4 ' nimlu ff I I ,ffgif mf QW! Vi!! f mess or mul I?-7 - 7 Somewhere down +he road-on +he farm, in 'rhe home. +he office, 'l'he faclory or 'l'he laboralory-Y0U+ Wg' begin 'rhe business of making your dreams come TU - . . - - " for The reallzahon of your dreams lies in y0UI' Plan living"g a plan which roday 'fakes +he uncedainlyg 0:2 of 'romorrowg a plan which is 'rhe ins+rumen'r of a Of which makes dreams come hue. Life Insurance is such a force. Dealing wi+h +he hopes and plans aboul' which lives are buill-dreamS of securi'ry, peace of mind and independerwe- SUIIMIITE CIINPAII UF NEBRASKA HOME Oi-FICE LINCOLN, SINCE i887 Page336 Eiicniiiu Niw imiwg This beautilul building is a symbol ot our constant eltorts to serve you better. -A.,....l1.--I LINCOLN, NEBRASKA ww MODERN Ln, Umahcb The I-loTel PaxTon IS ndea'ly locaTed nn downTown d T T Our Omaha near The shopplng and TheaTre IS rnc: personnel IS Thoroughly Tranned To glve you Tops ln hoTel servnce And The genuine Trlendllness whuch has become permanenT wuTh us will rnalce you glad you chose The I-loTel PaxTon as your address Omaha ATTRACTIVE PRIVATE ROOMS FOR SORORITY AND FRATERNITY PARTIES MUSIC AT LUNCH AND DINNER IN MAIN DINING ROOM DANCING NIGHTLY ALL PUBLIC SPACE AIR CONDITIONED ElTIj.t .ITT-I T111 L, EMMETT J. BIEGER. MANAGER l Q Pg 338 1 '11us f if f x - - W" f' f ,Y ,1- 1-i ? N ' -' 4' 4?-, V . X Y, . ir 'IL ' I The Best Dressed PRINTING. . p Formal Bids Announcements I I R O T C Invitations Programs p Personal Stationery - U N I T S 30 Years of Service to the Students Mifxugziest i B 0 Y D , I -li 7 0 I Henr 113 so. 14th street Phone 2-1917 V Y S Unlforms Y Ji f it YA V YY: Y Nl . -Ii 1 R E , pt J I A . B Safe ' Dependable ' Quality ri Outfitters to the University Ar 6 nw t of Nebraska R O T C Ice Cream-Cheese V I . Milk-Butter IU Salad Dressing it ,I Write Us for Samples li I markable record of sustained service to the people - I of Lincoln over a period of 40 years ' Beatrice Creamery Company I 1 ii UMFORM DEPT' I l B ' Wichita, Kansas I 720 L Street W 1 1..-...... E fereefee gP1i'I.g I gyeeuafs. .J L - ifeeiaia -E 4 A 1 , vi I :,fJwi ' i zli1w f .s,n 1 I I I iii.: 525225 fa-eif? Eff 2 132 52? I I Kg? 15125551 ESQ: si ",r ' ' if 'Q :5:g:g:g.3,.g,gE E. E5 E5 ,25523211-1":y',E3?3gEj -' I1E1E3, 3:5 1 is , 0 ' ' 1 ...:1:z22i1?1?1?5??? Sa E522 1 ' ?5 iii SYEE 2223: E5 fat fi- H., 1, H 2.11 ' :P I 'qi .,:.134:g::e.. xiii I1 . r . 'igizffii 'fit 'L I K D eil? .W YEHQ ,.-,., A I V AND WE ARE PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS IN THE KODAK LINE . . ELOP, PRINT or ENLHRGEI Kodak quality crlwcxys mountcuned when we DEXIIIS at the some Pflce- your film. Either High-Gloss or Velvetone QD EASTMA KODAK STORES INC- 1221 O Street Y ,Y Y Ei. ' -1 41 '-if Q- , 2 - D"'LiB 1 1 Page ass RESPCNSIBILITY I N T E G R I T Y AND ABILITY he three fundamentals necessary for the bu11d rng of anythrng that 1S worthWh11e '2 Y '23 by the JACOB NORTH PRINTING CCMPANY Prrntrng of the better class 1118 ZZ M '33 L1neo1n Nebr This Gornhusker was printed 4 . , . - , vm we .. , -n g A CONVENIENT i AND PLEASANT SPOT FOR REAL BUNGALOW HOME-FASHIONED TREATS FOUNTHIN ff-l CHNDIES i BOOTHS-TABLES ICE CREQM phone 2-3933 :: 2: 108 South 13th Street , 4: PROGRESS . . and Printing it go hand in hand. Thots and writings, philo I sophy and debate, reading and education, t printing and progress: they all go together. L See us tor printing, and tettershop work. t BETZER co - i 8I9O 0 LINCOLN . t 1 - - ' . . . Preference night brings Rush talks on the terrace . . . Freshmen sweitel' U1 dull umforms . ' es the elusive rushee . . . Regis- "ohs" and Halas" . . . Phys Ed class in actlon . . - MUSE tam A tration daze. A- -gg g g g g A A A in T 'iii I 3 3 A A11 Makes Typewrifefs 8 Adding Machines i i COMPLETE h i -, D-TRADE LAUNDRY SERVICE BOUGHT SOL Q 0 , , G All Types Supplies , CALL i ' chan Q i t . - gg BEST LAUNDRY Broom 1vPew"'e'E" la L TowNsEND at PLAMONDON '55 L 125 NO' 12th Stree g L A it 2241 o s+fee+ Phone 2'7 1 L 3 nf- ,V-,ii ti-ire, T fiii' E 1 i Page341 r N . II I l I 1 W I l I l Q , I-ff ' ',- I f 'M-" - f.f I f :ff ff A I ff' 1 I 'azz'-l ' ,4'. y f, fl, I Q' , A,:':f9,Q. 4 D 'vague 3 I. V- l I klw ' fafyaf-5 , ' ,fffk-rf 941 V' ' ' - pf " '. ' ,-, 1, if U- f , ' ' - " .-if I l ' rf ' ',?' I I I I ' fe' I - 7" I . 3. I ,I-5'1" , I I . I as ,ia - tgffsii' 1 , ., - . 4 f I I I TEE NEW STUDENT UNION BUILDING rl 'll I I DIIVIS Is WILSON HRCHITECTS !i T P E , l IOPENI ALL NIGHT I X NEW AND ENLARGED BOOTHS egaggggme Ninifiiiliiiiii Wfiff' I GENUINE MEXICAN CHILI Acme lunch-Ehnla Parlor Try Our f Famous Acme Chili I I I Serve Chili for Your Next Stag Party Priced at 20c pint, 35c quart, 65c per half gallon, and 31.25 per gallon Dinners - Lunches - Sandwiches - Steaks - and - Chops A. F. ClllllS'I'0l'UI.0S, l'l'0ll. I . l ALWAYS OPEN Lenders in Fancy Pastry and Party Specialties Acme Bakery i Stfeet Plloxle , I , I II ' ll Il I -Q-,,., K' Famous Omaha Favorite OF NEBRASKA MEN AND WOMEN MANY a reunion has been held at the Blackstone. Many a roundup . . . formal and informal . . . has taken place ' f the Nebraska in its gay party rooms. The Blackstone 1S part o tradition. Courteous Schimmel Service, delicious food, and the finest of metropolitan facilities combine with the ever present collegiate atmosphere to make Hotel Blackstone the social headquarters 0 I ht for grads and under-grads alike in Oma a. XH t l Blackstone LINCOLN, UNDER SCHIMMEL DIRECTI05 dh. Uiaion, ioflm, Jaime N BACK of every great accomplishment there is a vision . .. a dream. Columbus dreamed his dream and discovered America. Our Colonial forefathers dreamed their dreams and gave us the Declaration of Independence. Pasteur, Edison, Fulton, Marconi, Madam Curie, every great man or Woman h21S dreamed a dream. Back in the middle 1830's a village blacksmith in central Illinois dreamed his dream - a plow that would scour in the prairie soils of the opening West. It Was just a dream until that early spring morning in 1837 When John Deere turned his dream into a reality and laid the foundation of the great organization- that bears his name t0daY' With John Deere, as With every man or Woman who leav6S an 1mP1'eSS 011 the pages of history, success followed the ablhty to turn the gossamer of a dream into the granite of achievement- John Deere, Moline, Illinois -.,.-fll""U I' "1-Zi? Y- 4.-V ir.,-f " 'f ' Af, Yrg Y i I Woodmen of the World YEAR L0 GTI I O On June 6, VVoodmen of the Worid will have com- pleted 50 years of service to the families and homes of America. Founded in Omaha in 1890, Woodmen of the World has paid more than 317 million dollars to members and their beneficiaries-is today the world's strongest fraternal benefit society. LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY De E. Bradshaw, Pres. Home Oflices, Omaha . ASSETS-MORE THAN S129,000,000 1 , H , A f -1 l Il -, I ir YY , 'Y-1 1 ' 1'- if ' 1 , ' -I - -7, pgnij., , Y if V A ,,---V ' - X -- Y - - - - - - - - - l r 1 F VAN SANT ScHooL ' or BUSINESS ,I V Concluding Its Forty-Ninth Year of Educational and Placement i Service 1 1 0 There is no method of producing electricity, or type of ownership - federal, mu- nicipal or otherwise that could bring to our customers better Standard Courses Day and Evening Divisions New Classes Form Monthly or cheaper Service than they i can get from the . , , Review Classes Form weekly A- V A N S A N T . 'I PLACEMENT BUREAU iii No Fees to Eu1D10Y9l' Of Employed wer ' Nebraska Po IONE C' DUFFY, Om 0 JA 589 A X 207 S. 19th S6 A H lg--A , I- , Z ,Y 1? - .,.--"' -L -Y iz A-E--71-I I-I Page 345 C0-EDUCATIONAL Q lm 1.'f E THE BUSSES AN TREET CAR FOR AFE A D ECONOMIC L TRA PORT TIO The Lincoln Traction Company A -'W , A, A A . O ni 'O My AAA O I . Lincoln Aeronautical Institute F I N E S T T 5 Oiers You Career Training QUALITY 5-'A 'I I in AVIATION hm- ,,A,: qnll I I I yt Two Year Course in Aeronautical Engineeringipre- - ad-k gall' I ' pares for responsible position with Airplane Builder Item-Barmettler Products 0 We cordially invite Ne- ! BARMETTLER brcxslccr University Students TEEZERS H gisit the "Wor1d's Most 0 o ern Bakery" when in OOKIES O BARMETTLER Omaha- GRAHAMS Ride Comfort LINCOLN TENT 8. AWNING CO. 1616 O Street 2-1977 L -1 -in H- 47" ,K YAYY Y nu- W Y, or Airline. Next class starts June 10th. Other classes starting September 28th and January 30th. i'APPROVED Mechanics Training leading to Govern- ment Rating as Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Mechanic QA and E' Ratingj prepares for immediate employ' ment' as Maintenance Mechanic with Airline, as Airport Mechanic or as Aircraft Production Mechanic. YAPPROVED Flight Training. Advanced Course pre- pares for Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor Ratings. Primary Flight Training prepares for Prl- vate Pilot Rating. Also Offering short term courses in Airplane Drafting and Detail Design . . . Aviation Mechanics . . . Air' craft Sheet Metal. EXCeDtional employment opportunities in all branches of Aviation. Write or call for complete informflflfm- This School, QPCERTIFICATED by the U. S. Civil Aero- nautics Authority as an Advanced Flying School and Airplane and Engine Mechanics School Offers A- A' AIJPROIVED Training in Flying and Mechanics . - - Highest O. A. A. Rating given. U- S- ANDY Air Corps as Training Base for A1r COYPS Cadets. APPROVED by .State Aeronautics Commls' sion. LINCDLN IIERONIIUTICIIL INSTITUTE, CINO-l LINCOLN AIRPLANE 81 FLYING SCHO0L DIIIISIOII 2415 "0" st. Lincoln, Nebraska' - P f eeef - T Page346 Y 'elf-' 1,g 1--Y Y Y"'Y,Y,Y""f,-fif :J ' 1- 7 ,ul we ww, proud of our graduates U Jim C0-CP BOGK AND SUPPLY STORE 1229 R Street 5-9302 ' -1 'l V 1 Y Diamond Rings l The Diamond Rin-" shoull I H 7 , 1-. 1 re glu-u just lwfnrv ilu- Clllldf' IS passed, und n the lll ' Qt , ng 1-onu-s from lhln s ore lt means you have presented her n Ning nl' lu-ul Beauty :md Lasting: Quality. SARTC5xlSNlllliDljlillEl co. 1301 0 STIIEIWI' LINKLULN, Xl'Il!ll.kNli,K Diamonds Watches Jewelry Silver . 'f Those PGPPY Cheerleaders . . . Yell Klng PYOHM Sans um ff' orm . . . October and the first - ' the camera - houseparties . . . Pep Queen HHITIS Smlles for . - , 3 , Campus b1gw1gs xselcome ill Queen . . . Downtown with the victorl' bell' 1. '- ,1 I A, f Laundry and Dry Cleaninq D Pick-up and delivery all Over Southeastern Nebraska Globe Laund1'Y Lincoln's Largest Family Laundry L 2-6755 1124 'D YOUR . v ' ,l ol Sunlrlies for Rvwy ADDI ox eirllsvglfgty pepartment Also a Complete Line of YERY Q F0L'N'rAIN PI-ZNS ' ' STATIQPI mg , L-p,fp0-pA'r1-3 1,uzr:,u.r A ' OFFICE Sfll?FIf1F un Hmm su-'es . ,,.- La 0 L. if 2 , ff-.--l rl ' - Page 347 a n w k ' In .sl-Ljfll Vyll :El i i : 'j,: Enfgia Q'-iffffje'--.A E EBQBH :El 551:1- . I H9--:LML-11: I' I ' ulLl FFT C492 -fl mf HOTEL LINCOLN ldhw, Jim, Jbwr, Svnial Junciiom, dm Mu Beautifully reconditioned and modernized rooms and parlors are available at sensible rates. Ideal for homecoming parties and speciql seasonal social events. Plenty of room and excellent facilities for ban- quets and large meetings - the services ot the management are available at all times in aiding work done on any ot these programs, Best wlsHEs UPON YOUR GRADUATION-sENloRs come BACK AND see us AGAIN E. L. WILBUR, Manager LINCOLN - - - NEBRASKA l l LLIllIC0LN'SLEADING"1lHEATREE-ull L L f - . 1 PLU BI G it tp L l ll A A lnfgait p F EL . OIL ebraska tl l l Extend Their Compliments L . To The Class of 1940 I A Call A ' To Every N. U. Class We Extend I. Our Sincere Appreciation and A M Pledge Ourselves T0 Keep the ' 2 1 High Type of Entertainment As - , ingthipast' gg T 24-Hour Service 7 Days a Week Y nr , Y 4 - 4 - A l i A Q- Pg ,343 Page 349 fuiynllf maney lil the ca Mais I 6'l!l'lW1Zf'liZ41V.!Efff Try a new Ford yourself! Not only in actual measurements, but in looks and feel and ride and action, you'Il tlnd it bigger money's worth than you ever thought low price would buy! ale IN Mensuktm sms! Longer and roomier than an Ford car Brakes are the biggest hydraulics ever used on a low-priced car. Learn for your- self what a difference 8 cylinders make why they are used so extensively in the more Costly cars. Own a Ford and you enjoy 8 Cylinder erforrnance . . . Y has ever been. Up to 4 inches more legroom in sedans. B16 IN Rlvff Springbase inaFord is longer than in any other low-priced car. In addition, longer, softer springs fon 85 h.p. modelsj and improved, self-sealing shock absorbers give a soft but steady big-car ride. BIG IN "FPEl."! Gears shift easily and quietly, with linger- tip gearshift on steering post. P at low operating cost. DIFFERENT FROM ANY Low-Pmctn cnn D v'a ymyvtsvsnsrtuz . I 1 1 E 5 I i . 1 I I 1 4 I T 1 1 , i i T 1 1 , ef. ,,. 3 1 L , i -XII if S - 1 T 1 l V! ll it I ,,....1..f..,,..., ! A I 4 1 v r ,E 1,1 ,ix 5 l 'T 1 Ii if 11 ,. is - 1:1 E E is-gui' , 1 Y . 1911 1940 il L S ELL YOUR REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY ' . Through FORKE BROS., The Auctioneefs Q TWENTY-NINE YEARS Pl EXPERIENCE LL 'L The most WHO .Successfully conducted 11218 auctions the past fowl years in Nebraska and seven neighboring states, L L Our auction service will promptly turn into cash farms LL ranches, homes, any real estate or personal pr0perty, mi 1 9 matter where located. equitable way to close an estate. Nineteen ' ' IN 1 L years of experience. . TRUST SERVICE , 1 romcr anos., The Auctioneers 1 1 ly 307 Security Mutual Bldg., Lincoln, Nebr. 1 'I Qf B 4 ,E g on 2 VV L The J Y 'T Invite Us To Your Next L PARTY or PICNIC ' 1 We Have a Full Line of 1 , Cheese, Ulives, Pickles A 1 First Trust Compan , , O AL ,Q BE CHLY BRO . A LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 11 I -2-6557 martest bu in the lowest price field TUDEBAKER CHAMPIO U l ?I , ,, 5, ,W lf l 'i I . 'E li 3 Illustrated: Champion Club Sedan 3700 delivered at fggtoyy. ' DeBrown Auto Sales Com V 1 pan LINCOLN, NEBRASKA OU'LL get a real thrill out of driving this roomy, powerful 6- cylinder Studebaker Champion -and a lot of pride too, for it carries the same prestige as Stude- baker's f a in 0 u s Commander or President. And your gasoline bills will be smaller- 1016 to 25W smaller than if you were driving any 0119 Of the 3 other large-selling lowest Price cars. Drive this car so much admired by everyone - and s a V 9 money' Low down payment - easy C- I' T' terms. Page 370 6 F ST NAT ONA NATIONA 0 C C CONTINENT N O LINCGLN CLEARING HUUSE ASSCDCIATICN . 'W 4 i--L - X -3 . 1 , During Your ' 'alma garage mm" l l ' C l A You become very familiar with l the splendid local and Long Dis. l - tance service furnished by this l ll Company. Should you locate , BILL KRAUSE GERALD KRAUSE it permanently in southeast Ne- "If ifs a roof, we have it." l' I bfeskev We Shall esteem if H UR ROOFS i privilege to serve you again. SOMfE OF 0 I u " Student Union, Coliseum, Andrews Hall, Morrill l pf Hall, Carrie Belle Raymond Hall, and Love Hall ' Buy from an old established and reliable firm l, i i ROOFS-SIDING-SHEET METAL WORK , Q1 OF ALL TYPES W ' p The Lincoln Telephone and pl The Krause Co. ' Telegraph Company Lll'lC0lI'l 65 Y t L. I Grand Isla-nd i ll "A Nebraska Company Serving, Its People" ears In H'lC0 n l Paco, With, 94.Q6!l6Ld.k6l. For fifty-six years the Union Stock Yards Company has played its part in the build- ing of the State. Today as always, its plant offers to the live stock producers, a dependable and efficient service in linking the ranches of the west, withthe consum- ing east. S UNICDN STUCK YARDS CO. . . OF OMAHA . . g ssz Y 1 ""-'T'F'- 7 Y - ' ' ,'!--.- NL- . fr- Li J' l , I E . , l FINEST ID Town f l l Hodgman Mortuary I OF IZ33 K Srreei' i CHOICE . 1 I STEAK-CHOPS-POULTRY-FISH LINCOLN, NEBRASKA BEN HEITKQTTERS 2 I I l40 so. IIIII s+ree+ CREDIT a DELIVERY 2-I273 Y L L ' 1 ' Yv4iY YY Y Y Y Y ill' Y Y U R1fles sal- . Ph' D lts . . . Pershmo Alums return to homecoming banquet ' ' ' Those Igauucafflay 1. .e Victory bonfire, before . - - lute on Armistice Dal' ' ' ' F311 Parade fans on a Ogoy and after. i 'Q i vii ful in E Y Y -H' Y' ' CHARLES ELCE a soN I The MOGUL BARBERS 3 i LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Certified Library Bvvkbfndm We Make School, College find Public Library Work a Speclalty Ph 6-3224 2626 No. 48th street one - 'A ' A Page ass A L, ,,. 127 No. 12th Street I L -'V ' ' 1 'ir HOME OF THE FAMOUS TASTY PASTRY SHOP 9153, dlwzup, Homecomin ' ' ' at Hotel Cornhusker . . . Where the season's cleverest parties are held . . . Where college men and Women gather after the theatre or a shopping expedition . . . Where delicious food is excellently served in an atmosphere of gayety and charm. ' ' ' The Cornhusker has become a part of the rich tradition of the University of Nebraska. The companionship and pleasure you enjoy now at the Cornhusker Will be among your cherished college memories of tomorrow. Hotel Cornhu ker UNDER SCHIMMEL DIRECTION HOST TO THE MOST LINCOLN NEBRASKA A ,--'W ,--f' 1 Compliments of i The MID EST Life INSURANCE COMPANY O N l LINCQLN, NEBRASKA li-- ,Wf - ll V ' v,--g-l f Are invited to our store and 'K mSl3eCt our complete line 2 A Microscopes Ophthalmoscopcs BI, Otoscopes M361 " QE Q og 5 e , an-ggi ' A" 'D 7 Q V7 1 - Baumanometers 5 f Tycos Splrygmolnanometers A' B-D Manometers I-Iaemncytometers B-D AND VIM LUER SYRINGES PHYSICIAN'S OUT CALL BAGS OFFICE AND OPERATING GOWNS Surgical Company, Inc. Physicians', Nurses', Hospital and 1 Sick Room Supplies Medical Arts Building, Omaha, Nebraska Phone ATlantic 5825 i A Y Y Y- 5, 1, - Y, , -A Y L u 'I , , Bauml Khomlata, AMERICAS CELEBRAT ED CANDIES House of Bauer , Creators of Fine Confe0fi01lS LINCOLN, NEBRASKA A -f - 1 ,f -, -iii - -I I T, , "fig, w f - , , , ,A ff, whatdzm, '74owLdZucvwtcezL? When you are involved in an automo- bile accident, you need resources that a12G immediately available to pay lawyers fees, doctor's expenses, repalf 111115 an other costs. A full coverage State Farm DOUCY Wm ' Drovide you with adequate Protecuon' available immediately. AUTO INSURANCEEBSAQA STATE FARM MUTUAL Phone 2-7053 " - Af' 11 'T' -I -I if-Q' '-ft' Pasesss ' lll ft, 4 1 S X . 'F L - l' ll el ' K TV Q fu' i 5.13 X f f Your fashion center re where clothes MEAN mo S T n 0 112 0 T 3 aska's Fashion Center but C0 Nebr I Hovland-Swanson we 45 1-'iii'-., lee I I , i f 4 x W fl N W Y ji -lg 1- --, - 1 1 ,' 'I , Y -g - ' 1, KINGSCBXET COVER THE 1940 CORNHUSKER COVER A Symbol of Quality, Beauty, and Workmanship A Product of the Kingsport Press, Inc. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE GREETINGS f OIDEHNERYS To University Students Q J gufom made 59,14 CECILE CROWN JEWELRY PQ Hairdressing Salon 9 CO 206 Sec. Mutual O 1 2.4204 1040 "O" Street N GLADYSE WRIGHT'S Ag? Beauty Shoppe e u y op , 1 227 Nam Bank of com. 302 Security Mutual 2-4111 5-4949 1 VOGUE RUTH EDDY F Beauty Salon 4 235 smart Bldg. Bgilgge Shoppe South 22526 3-2125 THE FAMOUS "Has the Clothes" 1218 "O" Street Y SHARP BLDG. BARBER SHOP 1 FOR EVERY OCCHSION BOOTS - TREES SAM BROWNE BELTS iw CAPS - HATS UNIFORMS l and EQUESTRIAN EQUIPMENT THE J ODHPUR BOOT OR J ODHPUR OXFORD is very popular on many camlfu-99-9 " made from bovf leather and full 2.2289 l leather lined A I 1 MILWf313iIfE-EELIPSBIISEQPTTESSEN P Us THE DEHNER CO- Inc' 1419 -101' street 1 OMAHA, NEBRASKA A Pg 356 EE .f ZX S RHI 2 , lui," '.:EQ:.'- - 1 1- 3.5. 47 ,- - .. ,.., -.' . jf Q . . Z V fff gt .. ' ff ,I 4? Q 4 sl" Q 'E . . N fA" S N QQ H- 'K mg, Q Q xg .F-'.-1 I m '- gf- u E 25552 ,E I- .iz :--':5:- ll. I.. 5' ,E ll. ' . 'Zi' :H-255: .lllll... - l -5 : E:'llllas.. -QE ssgigssga n 'gf' ez- " lllllllu -.EN '::5E::- 113 uses -'1'-Q llllllll' 'lit :gas 5 sis llll."'. -Z, xz Eifx 'll' ,.. wx-SEN 'Sag .gil 'wsx 'Q I .J,1,J- fe l'E N - lisisfss l""Hll Q' aux ' rs EER lawn x. ESNQSQ , 'u RX NQNNS If- NQNN Nix S -Q 'W' IT'S HOTEL Founsnfuf Where everyone goes - where everyfhing happens. The colorful King Cole Room and ihe Amazing Amber Room Coffee Shop offer a nafurel rendezvous where Nebraskans rally round fo sup and sip. Smariesi' in clienfele - fines? in cuisine - cleveresi in en+er'rainmen+ fearures. THE BOMBAY-BLACK MIRROR ROGM ysyfwmufwwwmmwm DMAHA-NEBRASKA Plz 357 -n- Qu3-1 -l - f 1 1 I, - - -r ATRADE MARK or QUALITY if LOOK FOR THIS TRADE MARK WHENEVER YOU BUY C FAMILY FLOUR O PANCAKE FLOUR I CAKE FLOUR 0 CERALS Whe eve you se Ihe VICTOR T ade-Ma Ic o ucI y In y I III cerIa Iy of saIIs ac- o Ihrequar rs of a cen ur VICTOR d OUALITY have bee sy onymous y u buy Fa Iy Flou Pancake o r Ce eals I3 y VICTOR and from Ihe o y II ALWAYS ssI rIVICTORI YeIyou pay III ng exIra To VICTOR QUALITY ALSO A COMPLETE LINE OF VICTOR CATTLE AND POULTRY FEEDS The Crete M1115 L CRETE, NEBRASKA I I I I I I I I I I I rug' 'Tu I II II II I.. I A -'I A a I ' If Ig ' If. III I' I ii- I I II I I? . 'I1gI I I I gI,I I II I ' I I-, 7 I I I I I I I II - I I I If I 7 II TI I I I Y I I I II I I I I I I I I I I II I I Q n r e r r TI a ' II Prod ou can u I wi in I I I Hon. For ver e - Ie I y X I In Il an In ll n n y . I I NexI Iime o mi r, FI II, ' I I V Cake Flour or r - u , yI I n n ou' ini o , no I r , A I: IIN I i N W y . I I I - II I LINOMA BEACH NEBRASKA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL PLEASURE RESORT SWIMMING - PICNICKING BOATING - FISHING LINOMA REALTY COMPANY PHONE 2-alo ASHLAND, NEB. , l I L' "nl 5, lug pa ass -ii , L- 1 17 1 AV "JL" , JF J I , DRINK D r. P epp el- PL HTE Hand. IDA- 1427 o street GLHSS COBSDHNY Wm 9 1004 Dr Pepper Shogo Bottling co JoHN ROHRIG 1001 L S treet 2 2554 - ir ? Y V 7 F Carol singing in the Union . . . Mortar Board shin dig J presented . . . Pat McNaughton and wife . Impressive rendition of Handel s Mess1ah B0I'Cd martyrs at the Mortar Board. Costumes for Rent A B L E We Carry a full line of costumes, W1gS, beards, grease paints, evening dress suits, tuxedoes, and wooden SUOGS, etc., for home talent shows and entertainment. Your show will be better with the proper wigs or such as butler, bell boy, and police uniforms, NIEMANN CO.STUME CO. 2772 22 Box 167 Grand Island, Nebraska Phone 2 l " ' ' E -Y - - J .,....l.- 1 A 1 - ' 7' - - -1 - - - - v- 9153, Jlafumq, A3110 Leaders HT ' Stale, 0 Qmliflf o Falco Truly a man's store Americcfs Greatest Clothing Values l23O O St. Lincoln, Nebraska p L li 1 , USE FAIRMONT'S ICE i and DAIRY PRODUCTS it l They're Pasteurized for Q Your Protection C VST F IRMONTS MO A L N I The Fairmont Creamery l, L Company Lincoln, Nebraska Y'- "1 I ' '4 " 41 ii' L -' ,Ar V Y Y -, - -' " 1 l ""l Smiling We Greet Youf CREAM r l 1 r l l N l, l Enioy the Privilege ot Fine Foods It's a Date at Meradith's . HAMBURGERS ! STEAKS ! Cl-lOPSl ' , "buy 'em by the sack-' 1 or BILL MERADITH r serween mir and I4+h on sou+h Pa 1 - - . 7,-, - - l "' -V-T1-,V mfaww 'TIT' ,., 'vw Qysm Yun- " I n ,lg -.rxX - 'mW'fua 'Lili-mTi We u avlium' 524 3 ' E I t e ff fe M. T fi l 4 . D0 . lr. ' i 5 QQ mvufLT31"'D4 1 EB ',-., ,..,. Ti- xo, " -:. .au- l'lg4KE 'T I u -. ery n un o up LTR 75733 :REB E D- 1 I I W " xlmrw., I Q I 4 Fig VAIIUAI . 4' E 4 I ff --,I -Qi' Q5 5 .fm f 13 lugfu W' Bull' W if A +1 MT. V I L ll ee i I l l . : . TN i . ' , i"'lf,,, - 'Ai 1 , ' u filiflil ----T"'t' J 1 Egg-5 9 A- -L ' -33:1 5' The Butter-Nut Coffee I Family - .f I X P sf G CANNED FRUITS N 2029432 AND VEGETABLES i' Egg eq, .51 igfgga-A si . EEQNWJQE i PAXTON sl GALLAGHER co. ii' OMAHA W lf'33fifZ12fflQ,zl,f if5ffS'ZIf2'f J we i'??a wg I, . J. , L it Drugs ' Toiletries ' Sundries 1 CHEAPPER TUXEDO PARK SYSTEM, Inc, V CRETE, NEBRASKA I 7 O 1325 O STREET LINCOLN, NEBRASKA M i BOATING, BATHING, FISHING TELEPHONE 2-1747 , , 0 N0 need to be puzzled . . . no need to wonder Where to buy . . . the best CABINS FOR RENT place in Lincoln is your "CheaPPe1' l . Drug Store" where prices are rock- bottom everyday .V . . where yOU get the last drop of value from y0U1' dollar . . . and where the merchandise YOU buy, whether it be Drugs, Cos- metics, Sundries, Cigars or Tobaccos, is always Quality Merchandise! T WHY PAY MORE Dance Every Evening You will enjoy a vacation at P A ' Tuxsoo PARK L - ' T fi ,N 1 ! - I ,. ' "' 'Tx ,Lf ,LL , Y ff .L 711155: L:-- -YY-V - Plee 361 Rudge 8z Guenzel Co. CQNGRATULATES Jim gran ng 1940 We have been through many of these graduation seasons-thinking in terms ot parchments, caps and gowns, and White ribbons . . . being very festive and slightly saol . . . striving to help make this lune a shining moment in your sun . . . triumphant, memorablel 0 We Wish you luck and happiness, anol know that in what ever Walk of lite you choose, you'll finol Ruclge's Your Favorite Place to Shop Rmdlee Gwi nne tt Q Lincoln's Progressive Department Store Free Checking Postal Telegraph and Western Union Station Offices for University Organizations Free Meeting Rooms Travel Bureau Ticket Selling Service Lounge Rooms Cafeteria Corn Crib "Coking Spot" Faculty Dining Room Recitals and Concerts Game Rooms. Cards and Ping Pong L Senior Farewell Dance Weekend Dances PlAll+YlllfFlNl1'llN'AI' Lunch Room for those who bring lunches from home Convention and Con- ference Facilities Lost and Found Department Private Catering Music Room Programs Graduate Coffee Hours Matinee Dances Lectures and Forums Variety Shows Book Nook with Periodi- cals and Best Sellers Hrt and Photographic Exhibits Hobby Hours I'I.J.,.0 70171 GRA D ISL As always Nebraskas th1rd largest c1ty 1S backmg the Cornhuskers In everything you do Grand Island IS for you one hundred per cent PATHFINDER INSURANCE CO. "Insure with the rest in one of the best in th west." SEARS, ROEBUCK 8z CO. Shop at Sears and Save! Through these merchants the C1ty of Grand Island Wants to say Congrat ulat1ons' to every member of the 1940 class It has been a fine year, may y u recelve your Just desserts WEBB LIVESTOCK COMMISSION C0 Livestock Auction Sales Hogs and Horses Every Tuesday, Cattle every Wednesday. ULRY TALBERT CO. Blue Ribbon Coffee HAINLINE SUPER SIERVICE OVERLAND NATIONAL 24-Hour Service BANK Phone 1 l 91 Frcrtemities and Sororities Call 6-2623 CHOICE MEHTS POULTRY EGGS and ICE CREHM You can save money by renting a Refrigerated Locker. Coryell Commercial Center Buildings on Campus Built By ERNEST RoKAHR a. Sons MASTER BUILDERS Since 1894 1815 Y Street P. O. Box 1474 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Andrews Hall Carrie Belle Raymond Hall :N Power Plant Julia L. Love Hall I g L 1- , Page 364 -1 v - -h - 7-l Peterson Cleaners l C. fttlosewell jloral '60, SERVICE-COURTESY-RELIABILITY i , htm-0: 120-24 So. 13thSt. Plmnv 2-7021 0 0 G1-ve-nllotlst-sz -HHS Hill Sl rn x 3, 77 ' 27th and R Streets Lincoln N b k Um 6 i I 1 e ras 3 r s t Variety At All Times F - ,ir Y-,, iLY I: 114' .M Ad inistration Hall cleep When the campus is beautiful . . . Cold feet between classes . . . m f t . . . Registration brings up new proh- H1 Snow . . . Snow must be shoveled from roo ops 161115 . . . Nebraska Hall needs a new roof. is , LY , Yost Cafe 132 No. 11th Street O "Patronize a Taxpayer" ullivan Transfer and Storage l 7 Wlvrmfm. -'5f0!l2fI-6' - pflffU2Mf l arate locked rooms i Fire-proof buildings, sep . l your goods are safe in our care. Oflice 301 North Eighth Street Phone 2-6737 ' i Lincoln and Grand Island, Nebraslza .LL df 7 - I Pa 365 --Y 417 fnwwml cnmwn NORTHRUP-JONES COMPANY FOUNTAIN DRINKS P FINE. PASTRIES SANDWICHES 1617 Farnam street SALADS GBHI ilinglizh 311111 5004 Dodge Street Recommended by Duncan Hines' "Adventures in Good Eating" BOTH LOCATIONS COMPLETELY AIR-CONDITIONED N21.'.fl21i1s12j.s'5E OMAHA V ig: A 4. 5 I Q . xg ig P , , .Y ,,,.- -1' ,,,,.,W .,,,,, jifffi 1. f .. K '4 . , , A 51127 , ' 00 WTTTDTTAQ :NA QR ff, , Q if-5, E. z?'7uJwffW f 3?f2,yJ' 'Y 'AQQJDSX TJWR fx QX1 ef , f Q0-2 11' ff ,' AAAAA A 5 Q, ' of 1 . M A . ,, K ' ff? . ,:fQQ:i ' iff- , OT 0 . Timflf , A rl ' I JY HA ,f Ai' of N ff s,.' , af 5-,1ff,fQ M9 65 - r U' ' - A , ' S F-A ,,g,4,vZWX I , of X.X. ,,, , , Aw, I, Q, , , ff A A 1 QQ 'Q I gf 9' I T. - Ilia' 1 ,'.. 1 , A V, , If R 1 - V J l,xLLllJa. . I I A A I 1 ,iglfoeeasoaq 1 f, , J r I I I V K . ,kkv K 'N -- ' in , :jrf ,: 'A A I f f - Vg , T . ' H ..., - 'hu 303-3,131.1 -NV X in 1 I f ' I R. , ,.,, .. f ,. Q -L'L+n'i, "' .--' . 1 -3. ' " A A I4 :ig Qi Aff? I "'x, J gf! I !'A. f j N"' rfsij'-"H 5 b - -, . . f-If -'V- 'WWW :Riff 'Z Y' ",v. F F- . I E wmpcm 1 ,ARSA R"-' h Y Q en fo GdVCIr1ced , 1 met ods ' ' 1 ' I ' . 1 ic t b Wlfh lIIlprOVed serv- ,'V T S 0 ' - Oth HS PO11CYhO1ders Ng x',' I 1"11f ,,1--- - -"' ,, A OIHCI Representcrtlves Wi ' , A A -, " " -f A I "'f A son o ,.. I . A - . in A '+ T, - IIICO I1 L1b91't A' I If , 'fAS' Y j f, , , A . ' , ' -, , , T ,-.. f A . T A 'Sq of , A I L f xkrly ,hrxx ..k, ,ryl 1 e vi ' V, ,. I , , i . A ,. , I ' ' A INSURHNCE COMPRNY ff' 1- '." Q H L f ' X, A I ' Q24 -:,1 YRLVQMWMAV, vv-V'v'v.--I-V VVVV A ,A Lmcolnf Nebraska H , u Wm ., . ,, . .... A . , 4, He S S0 proud 0f his new Suit from IOS. HLBIN, Secy. cmd Gen'l Mgr. nobody can touch himf' QT To A ...1D0,0U0... NEW AND USED TEXT BOOKS REFERENCE BOOKS ENGINEERING SUPPLIES NEW AND USED FICTION ARTIST SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN PENS NOTEBOOKS 97i0nQq,. F 19" mu Us Text Books I 4, Studeni Supplwf HmumHH.5v1n BHHK A JOHNNY JOHNSEN TURY STUDENT HEADQUARTERS FOR OVER A QUARTER CEN Page 367 I-IAPPY preserved For the years to come Lnxfowz SCHOOL ""'XANN UAL is I Eg r. fi , I ,I II V4 Thrilling day th ded wIth the ac- tivities and t fth h ol year's end. my erffzr Wonderful n f d p g t t glamoro I ff d t g thl t games tog th th th f h nt fi in th I 9 I k p I1 llif . QQ ,,'e Y I, I I p th S 9 Iaen d f th fll d t e-to I ,Q :naykey :h gh ttry k ,ly tf I perhaps 0 amuse e nex Senera Ion. CO. 7612 lifhbfwesfls Complefe Prinfing House Pile -..:,:'L-"' Page 369 4 l r Q 1 r L Tie lhe Knol of "GOOD TIMES" . . . in lhe lhreacls of your doings al lhe 'turn of a new decade wilh ihe do- lighlful afmosphere, gracious service and real foocl ai +he Hofel Capita?-ihe popular galhering place of campus men and women and chosen for ihe "best" in social affairs. Whelher i+'s ihe deli h? of an afler-parly parfy snack in ihe com' forfable Coffee Lounge, ihe privacy of a quiel foursome in lhe Zephyr and Rocker rooms, or ihe rhrill of a hne banquet in fhe Alpha and Omega rooms, ifs 'lhe spirif of real cheer and fellowship-lied always in lhe lmo+ of "GOOD TlMES" a+ 'rhe HOTEL CHPITHL J X """7" .. v :full ff-.'l,y 4f'v I lg ' ll! 1-52' 2 ,..-.,,h f E n yo y these great artists an your other favorites brmg you the muslc you wont, when you wont If DHNCE BHNDS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRHS GREHT INSTRUMENTHLISTS HND SINGERS PERFORM WHENEVER YOU WISH ON VICTOR HN BLUEBIRD RECORDS Why not become better acquamted u ith 4 music just for yourself Y XVe carry one of the finest selectlons of Higher Fidelity Victor Recordings as ailable in Lmcoln Come in and leisurely audition wour favorxtes Listen on a new RCA 1 lctor Radio Phonograph Combination Play Records Through Radio Sets! RCA VICTOR RECORD PLAYER R100 Here s a marvelously mexpen awe way to gxve a home thejoyl or Record musxcl The RCA ,?,,,.--- Vxctor Record Player can be K 3 fffd connected to any modem AC radio at lxttle or no expense and xt plays records wlth tone com parable to that of the radxo. KVe feature a full line of RCA X lctor Portable Vlctrolas and Radlo Phonograph Combinations Schmoller 81 Mueller P18110 Co 1212 O St Lmco1n,Nebr Fenernl Oillces 1.116 Dodare Gt Omaha Other Branch Stores at Grand Island Gcottsblutt Nebr Council Bluifs Stout City Iowa W W W W W W IW - W W . . W ' W W W W -1:f:2:2:2:2 2:2:2:2:2:2 :2:2:2:2:2:2 .2:2:2:2:2:2:2:-""-:2"'"2:2:2:2.,'f32:2:2:2:2:2:-jj:c2:2:2:g:2:2I, :2:2:2Q2:2"Q2:2E2525252 '3'E2E5E2E1: 5121215122: 515225225252 3222525222527 2522252215 ..2f252S2E252' 2:2:2:2:2:2' 22:2:2:2:2.2.2:2:2:2:25?" :2:2:2:2:2:'2:2:E2E2E1:., Eifflfififffififil 'ffifiiifiiffffiffiifl Z2fliiflfiflfififififilii' 2:2:2:2:2:':2:2:2:2:2:2, 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2rf :2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:5" W Q 0 o - . . . . . - - W . W ' - c n . ' Y V Y I ' . I ' -Y ' a r , - I g f i I I i ' ' i 1 ' W ' ' ' H ' ' ' ' ' W ' 7' W . W W W - W W - . , I W . W I n . n , Q-xl - W Cf. X 6-gf? lr W V nr. K u . r .J ' S -N 'M' 2 - ,, ,,. ' . . ' , PX - ..V..,. J A. . W - ' -- ' W W 1 -. K 44. '-S .' -,, f: 'v :JL f' ' W T - . I W O W O . ' u I V n. o , I o I l- C O1 , L . . . tandard arket V W SANDLOVICH BROS. Wholesale Provisioners Corn Fed Meals Our Specially AAA "Special Prices to Fraternities arid. Sororities' A A 1535 O Street Phones: 2-6591, 2-6592 page 370 KE To tht besl 1 wilh 1 emo he as lb' oI1lY QLUIN an H ,f The hood witl rua' Q I MQ Page , , ' ,.,.f" " ir 'Y ' V' Y , -QT' HJ! i e- -rg.. , -l f , i.- In i KEEPING IN TGUCH W, i To the members ot the Cla f 1 best Wishes for continued s?.1Sr:cZss,9gLnYie1 extend our y with the University ot Nebraska, With th Ose contact memories, the institutions ot your cam u elgcenes, the y in the University family. p S' 9913 Cictive YOUR RECORD WILL BE KEPT as the University follows you , onlY 52.00 a Yearfand Yourrceilefiie I'i'i-1fRmiNlEdues are A Y of QLUMNUS., The University News, The Football laaasiga L U M N I an Hlumni Directory and all bulletins, Gbloldt I I O N Unive1'SifY of Neb 'Y ' e ' rf' 'r ,, ,ff rdskq ' ff ' V' ' -Y 0 7 , e i A Lincoln, Nebr- -gil-' 1. 1 -, L J I ' ,il 1. l 'th their match-making T . hilstfluplia ggldomega S0r0rity won first place in the Penny Carniva W1 with a Ligue L11Ii1?tS fished with the Kappa Alpha Thetas . . . Alpha Phi went melodramatic mary 0 Th 6 act in the Carnival . . . Nebraska's wrestling team was very active in Feb- '-A . . e gymnastic team entertained during half-time periods of basketball game. f A NT BETTY' QUALITY PRGDUCTS ARE BAKED FRESH DAILY 0 . Wendelm Baking Company 1430 South Street ' SKA Call us for your Special Orders LINCOLN, INZEBRA and Party Suggestions 3-23 R-:E - Y V Y i Y Y Yi V Y A - -17' 1-W if ' Pale 371 - .... - F7 W Y . Rf' 53 r 9,0 1 I, 5: fp: if . TA , We "1 1 1 1 if 2 V 1 W, 1, ' 4 1, ! 44" 1 'S 2 . "ti 'ig , I if E , , i ,Mix X if 3,5 E A 2 ff X t ' z 4 K fr I 3, ' ft - f V,-i ? .- tgivfiftfwvvi ' 31 W t a tt ,t '71.g,., i Y iz. i, 0 I vi 1 Aftiiyii f -K1 ' it f 4 X s' 1 ' V 0 f ff 1 pg f'4?':1?y i , 1 . - ,, 'Ei , A idk' A - 'f Q ,E+ 13, zz 1 V, .K Ay. U ta f, ef K .. ,f.,..q, t +. f A ,, 5 , NYY? M Q- A1535 fm . . f' 5 -t '- Q5,'1'G,i:gQ f y .. 345 A 3203 TSSGTVG S I'eS9I'l 9 W ,X ' Q 4 .. 33256. X 4 N 5 .- IZ., i r the Future" it Q9 fis t a f -' .wi , fm uit 1 I K ' .Mei 3, I A 'f - t ' ,f V 'fel -, a - ow t ,- O U if J a it 1 Q '- t CC riginality, personality, together with technique contribute in making our portraits superior" TOW E TUDIO 226 South Eleventh Street Page 372 'iff ' 2-691 ,.,..,.-..1.. , "ll i-7 1 Y Y A i, I i is --5-'-tif, OVER 50 YEARS 3 W h e ave served the students and faculty gf the UniversitY of Nebraska with depend, ablY fine laundry and dry cle . g W k Umm or . aaa N . 12 0 'WW WWW 2-6961 H ali Block South of the Campus on 12th Street in 'Y ' , AN ICKLE , gm and pm 50. ' 2-6931 143 South 10th Street 2-6931 ,s'ia" '- ' .,,, HB0 Pakean MAGEE'S" N! She's a honey in that new Outfit from Expert Fender Repairing and Storage Harley Whites Garage IF It is Service you want It is Quality you want It is Variety YOU Want It is The Unusual you want It is Something Better YOU Want . . 'f Prescrlptlons L gg ti ,Candies y . U Fountain Cosmetics DON MATTISON'S Bradfield PharmacY . ' I nent Store Lincoln's Biggest Little Depllf f FREE DELIVERY Y FREE DELIVER phone 3-2355 TO ALL STUDENTS YOU LL b t TEAC d MAGICM g Af mat th Y SHIFT FREEDOM fl WW 1 9 sl-lock Aasokasns Students' Teachers' Heres Magzc zn Wrztmg ln the most sensatlonal portable ever offered Wlth MAGIC Margln Locked Segment Shlft Freedom Shock Absorbers '1 ouch Controlk and many other excluslve Royal MAGIC Features never before offered on any portable typewrlter It s the portable for you the portable that makes personal typmg a thrlllmg reallty for everyone' Hens ef? First and only portable with MAGIC Ma gin Touch a tiny lever-and set the ma gln 3 tmes faster And your typing is neat accurate fnnkefm K PURIIZZE NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER CC Dlstrlbutors l30 No I2+h Street ' Phone 2 2l57 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 2 Page 574 0100 - - 5,0JwLca,- Tlres Batteries Phllllp S 66" Gas and Oil 1200-1204 P si. NEBRQSKH Www 94011, "yu the tam, gm, lm" oPEN DHY HND NITE wifi' QS' o I , Let s Swing and Jibe Some Moe With the Ole Maestro F YOUR PRRTY IS LQRGE OR SMQLL BE -6705 SURE 'Jo oivs DHVE HHUN 0 cams 0 S1Winz,Summef, Fall and Winter Pafffes 05,33 0 SOMETHING NEW PICNICS BY HORSEBHCK MOONLIGHT RIDES ..0I'.. HOBSEBHCK RIDING FOR ENIOYMENT HND HEHLTH Shreve's Riding Academy -,Ai V Y V STUDENTS We Solicit Your Pcttronoge Hospitality is Our Specialty Enjoy the Comforts of Home RT THE 1-Ioirsr. YANCEY COL. STEPHENS, Moncigef GRAND ISLAND, Nrsanasna ' 1 - ' 4, Liv 0MAHA'S BEST POPULAR PRICED HOTEL 200 Wiodem, Wlawly, juaniaheal Hanna, With Private Bath 32.00 With Private Bath 31.50 We iiwite a trial stop with its We know you will be satisfied W Conant-Sanford Hotel his go s 3- l ri. M J- w t I i i -,w,,,, Wm Half, Wall- Sfvp. 1 V . M i if V191 Lincoln ?i'5i'ff?7'2 CALUMET CAFE O ,, 2425 f E ma a ,f 6 , r I H wvwmm Th' TRAD ' IS E MARK IS your assurance of quality and freshness KITOILIFEQVER PQTATO CHIP CO P i Y Y V 42'-L John Mason swings out at the SOICGS were served at the Prom for the first time this year . . . , Hmm - - . Forrest Behrn and Adna Dobson escort Yvonne Costello, Prom Girl, to the dance Ogr . . . The crowd at the ATO's story-hook hall . . . Bob Aden, Marian Cramer, Nan Talbot all Orval Hager at the same party with more of the crowd. FY YYY Y ' --Y , f' Y Y 1 Y -- , -- , gall' Ctflflzlalj, - Printing - i You will look better, feel better, h better, when you put on yon rtiy cleaned and reshefefi Party Invitations and Program expe Social Stationery clothesfii we do it. Wedding Hnnouncernents can I l , 236 North 13th Street r S Phone 2-4500 t 6-1679 - One-Day Service I- ,L-, .,. e, e - e r ...L .,-ini-J" "i, 1- ,V -L-if ilvf- J f' -7.376 -- Page 377 STUDENTS, The careful expert processrng ot your trlm rs assured by the At the better Lincoln stores or drrect by mall to Nepho Laboratories Lrncoln Nebr Box 1368 NEPHo sYsrEM LAST CALL for the WORLD'S FAIRS' ' SAN FRANCISCO FAIR - Reopens May 25 ' NEW YORK CITY FAIR - Reopens May 11 Qc Burlington Trailways Route of the AIR-coNoIrIoNEo p15 ERS An Amazing Travel Bargain! FFF Wea? Sooe p Complete Round-Trip Transportation 'W' San FI'ancisco's Great Uay brzage Come in and talk it over. We'll help you plan your trip to ride the great Air-Conditioned "DieseLmers", amazlngly spaclous and luxurious . . . the buses all America is talking about. Smooth diesel power, perfect comfort in any weather, and fast through service between California and Chicago. Unhmited stopover privileges enable you to see the glonous West, the Pacnic Coast, the historic East, on your way to the Fairs, at lowest travel cost. ,Inquire about carefree, economical, All-Expense Vacation Tours UNION BUS DEPOT "3"'I1':.'L'35lI'fe'S' Phone: 2-7071 L 1, L ' - "' 1 nn v L ,E 1 l Y -1 Y 77' Y - - ' " ' I- COSTUMES... ' UNIVERSITY Q THEATRICAL and MASQUSERADE 1 U G Reasonable Rental Rate p WRITE FOR DETAILS I Theo. Lieben 8: Son l ' Largest in the West Since 1889 . y ka I 16th Sz Howard Omaha, Nebms A G. L. McMIU-AN Erin 4 '-' 'Y 1 f if e-L--, f'-i-f" g- lr v Y 7 ml , 1 -n :sql-'L Y - Q Yi Y ir Yfi F' GRILL BARBER SHOP ll ll I JACK and GENE HOLMES p lp ' II y Holmes Recreatlon Farnam at 16th g 2-3771 p , i- Q d S Streets l DIRECT WIRE ON ALL SPORTING EVENTS A I I 14th an BILLIARDS I ,.. -L L I BILLIARDS POCKET p if ? 1-K Paz 379 The Store With the Attractive Front SKANS F arnam at 22nd CMI-SHA 6 4- L.. i F-5 . , '-- 7-F iln i,vV Y 7' viii- ,rv - ' -. Y' is-'E 1 I GOMPLIMENTS OF THE LINCOLN PACKING C0 LANCASTER BRAND 0 .fThe Kinds: 320 N Street Linwln, Nebraska ,- A i - Y, ir! ig?-i MARY JAN 1235 N Street de-To-Order Nebraska's Home of Ma Cotton Garments GLEE CLUB COHTS ORMS OFFICE COHTS GLEE CLUB UNIF N CHOIR ROBES ORCHESTRH IHCKET S LHDIES' HND MEN'S LONG COHTS DENTHL GOWNS HND MHNY OTHERS NURSES' UNIFORMS P ices gladly quoted on request. Qll orders made to measure or size. I u W Group orders as Well as individual orders QIVGU COUTTGOUS Utlemlon- e are ready to serve you after college. ou during college and we have served y QY, 1 f '-171, , , 7401 Livtiflwlft dt gfdml 3 CORRESPONDENCE COURSES 3 OH COLLEGE, HIGH SCHOOL, ELEMENTARY LEVELS For Those Who Wish to Continue Their Study Outside of the Classroom A Selection of Subjects to Please a U Variety of Interests tl The it University of Nebraska I UNIVERSITY EXTENSION DIVISION I I For Further Information Address i 7- ,,,-, , ,f -- , 7 , fs-ii Earl Woods Dairy Stores O MILK BUTTER ICE CREAM DAIRY MAID BREAD DAIRY MAID CANDY "Stores All Over Lincoln" SHORT LUNCI-IES AND REFRESI-IMENTS FREDDIE'S Castle, Roper 81 Matthews C. H. ROPER 8: SONS I A. A. REED, Director MORTICIANS O I 0 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA LINCQLNI NBRASKA D ,IL A I A I t C l f J Qhin ff t A,-f CHINA--GLASS-SILVER Jlw 91225 Shop, ng, gm ww., LAMPS, PICTURES, MIRRORS China and Glass for FRATERNIT Y and SORORI TY HOUSES-Monogrammed Patterns in pattern desired, any OMAHA CROCKERY C0 OMAHA, NEBRASKA ' ? I IEVVELERS T 7 i I yu I T I 4 OPTOMETRIST5 T Bulova-Gruen-Elgin T Hamilton Watches , B0 fl J6W6l1'y CQ, p 12111 and O Streets Lincoln el, J R, y ' T C d F llies Kappas presented a Puppet x , ff H EEC Powder Box Revue of Chi Omega in the oe o . . . OW - . ,. Korn Krib Kiddies of Delta Gamma . . . The Kosmet Klub Spring Show, 'Ski lshel Stealorsn, with Jack Bitner as Egor, the Pony Chorus, the Three Cossacks and Ralph Worden as Haiti Mata. -y '?'- 'T 1 --V HA'-WL I-V4-:g,.,u.4? Hr' -17 - 9 0 Bo den s i For 25 years in Lincoln we have servvfl Fraternities and Sororities with our laun- and cleaning. Call Paramount for l dry quality and liability. A T FOUNTAIN A LUNGHEONETTE I LAIEAEM I PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS ' au V 83, S mb ,M I STUART BLDG.-fLINCOLN I3 3.2306 f O - he uv-S-LF 1 I p - - ,Y gzip 5...-I--f'T1'H-"i"" ' Pg 383 X dxf' mar' RTCRAFTS EN GRAVING CCD For twenty flVC years the Artcrafts name has meant faultless prmtmg plates plus dlStlIlCtl0H ln solving the practical creatrve problems of yearlooolcs We can help you to grasp and keep ahve on paper the treasured memoues of your school A request will Iormd further information wltlmout oblrgatlon 'k Write to ARTCRAFTS ENGRAVING COMPANY, ST. JOSEPH. Nhssoum Z, f I t r Page 384 g ....-- .......,- N Q Pak get, , ' -K ' ' , fx-l-2 J., i HOME OF MODERN CLEHNERS. INC., 21st and G STREE'1'S-LINCOLN LINCOLN'S MOST MODERN CLEANING PLANT You CUT1 depend Upon the MODERN CLEHNERS for the highest t e work- . Y manshrp and SGTVICG Whether it be School clothes or Formal garmlebnts they will have that fresh new appearance when processed by this Old religble establishment. L M0dern Cleaners CLEANER 36th Year in LINCOLN 1 1 fm O ff E e - I E The I O U W ll jwm, V fm I .... Meets the requirements of student CERIES I Igmups, professional and business Interests In WHOLESALE GRO l the productions of l PUBLICATIONS ' OFFICE AND PERSONAL STATIONERY - 4 , PROGRAMS Distributor in Lincoln INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS For HANDSOME CREATIVE COLOR WORK I American Print Pay-3 l AND IJAVE RANKIN, Year 1936 l ' Y, AMERICAN PRINTING UBB 'I COMPANY CANNED GOODS l 2.1331 LINCOLN 130 No.19Ih I I ll I I Pace sas owbra -L on Compan 246 NORTH 12TH, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA g Tri- w00D' LinC0 if 5 ,V V2 ll , G, l . li lt FIIICSSI ljrcnestras V Y VVYYYVV W Mirrored Dance Floor Modernistic Band Stand 0 0 COU fu io977alm,flzQ,,Q1u1.QAL6'allzwnnL.... the Naiionally known Orclieslras Coming Soon Include: G '11 l. Adequale Space Ozzie Nelson, Jimmy Joy, Duke Ellinglon, Tommy 2, Smarf Appoinfmenfs Tucker, Russ Morgan, Geo. Hall and Dolly Dawn. 3' Ta5LlY Releilogy Serlgcig Hal Kemp, Dick Jurgens, Blue Barron, Sammy 4. uxuriousy mooi oor I C l' ' 5. Pa'rrons You Enioy Being wilh Kaye' Ted Weems asa oma 6. Modern Music in 'rhe Modern Manner "P1easingly Exc1usive" 6 Miles South on 14th "Chcxrming1y Beautiful" Q. Page386 Pig --Txuij F T T 6 nw T S S Tri-State Typewriter Co. V T, L T DISTRIBUTORS 0 , wooDsT0cK TYPEWRITERS For RIDEN CALCUL F SPEEDOPRSVTTOIEEJPLICATORS ' , Sales, Service, Rentals, Supplies V omlaiiittlgiltary 240 Norih l3'rh S+. ll i il Lincoln, Nebr. 2-2666 l I-INCQ0!-yum AfBMn-will-ORE 5- -S 6' fair, 6' , S S a - f days en- . - h T rnplke . . . Sunday Phi-Delts bask in the sun . . . Spfmg dance attracuons at t e u - he labl of . f b lm breezeb . - - T W courage clean-up campaigns . . . Tr1-Delts take advantage 0 H Y the intramural games. Tl LOWER l i FOR QLL OCCHSIONS Fifty-three Years of Service Shop at Sears and Save! E d Where Prices Are Alwaye Low an T ka Quality Always High T Lincoln, Ixebras 1014 "0" sr. Linc01n,aNebfaSka gg Q 6 S Pa 381 Lincoln Merchant . . . WE'LL HAVE 33,000,000 NEXT YEAR And we'11 spend it in your town O We'11 Spend It For: O Clothes C Corsages . C Board O Shows O Room I Tobacco O Dances O Miscellaneous The on ly way fo reach all of us is Through The ILY EBRA KA Official Paper of 7,000 Students ' Sincerely yours, THE STUDENT BODY l l 2 1 l Ark 4 G4-301' ge l AAC? "1 I Ggfd Ad H3121 d jams aillss A alllss Adalflss AdamS 1 Mari Adamsz Adamson, El Adamson, I Adcoclii Da Aden, Robel k' , lidd5M'1if Aesclll1?Cher QEAXECU' A.1.c.E. A.l.E.E- - Alllliilla Joh' Akin, Elear Albert, Hel' nban, DOH- Albrechli ll Albrecht, l Aldrich, R' Alexis, 0- Allred, BCA Alison, WH Allely, Ted Allen, ,Berl Allen, Dor Allen, Nei' Allgood, R Allison, Vi Alma, B. l Almquist, Alpers, Es ALPHA C ALPHA C ALPHA I ALPHA 1 ALPHA l ALPHA. ALPHA f ALPHA 'l ALPHA P Alla Rlfilll Altsuler, Alvord, A Anawalr, rlnawalt, Anderson Anderson Anderson AUd6I'S0I AHIACISOI Andersor flndersoi Alldersoi Alldel-S01 Alldersoj Allderso Anderso Allderso indbrso Allderso nflersc Andere ig Andrei Alldresi Wil, Arhlilf ARCIE Sog- Ps 389 l N , . ........... 54 Bachenberg, Dwight A.. .162, 319 ............239 , A Abel, George P.. . . ACACIA ......... A.C.B.C. ......... . Gerald J. . . Adams, Adams, Harriet B.. . Adams, Janis N.. . . . Adams, Margaret H.. Ad , Mary Adiiiiiion, Delma G.. Adamson, Elvin A.. . Adcock, Dale M.. . . PERSONAL ....165 ....198 .. .... 279 .. .... 322 .54 ...54,309. 328 ........201 ........253 .....54,267 . . . . . . . .279 Aden, Robert L.. . . 12, 78, 96, 97, 106, 217 Adkins, John J.. . . Adler, Milton R.. . . 161 -oooh.:- Armstrong, Ellen Ann. . . Armstron M AND .36, 78, 201, 303 gr I M. . . . . A1-mstrong, Ni2i115mB. ..... 109: 261 Arnold, Richard J ., , Afpke, Charles K. After, Wilma J...1fiff' Afthalld, Alec A. ...... 1253 Arthur, Jack D.. . . . A.S.A.E. ........ . A.S.C.E. Ashton, Clark .,,, Ashworth, Allen A.IQi8Q ASICCY, Bernice H.. Askey, Dorothy M,, A.S.M.S. .... . ASDIHHCI, Elean0r ATHLETIC BOARD Aitkinson Bett 9 Y P.. . Atkinson, Daniel E.. Atkinson, Rosemary AShburn,'J:,io1Q'ixif I I I I I fio5,' .....190, ....1o1, ...oo- 251 304 330 161 322 328 169 ... .161 217, 257 213 ... .207 ....324 .54, 314 . . . . . . . .164 .....54 233 231 280 7 E.. Atkinson, Doris M.. l. . . :303,'304 Austin, Arthur T. . u ......... 215 Austin, Howard ...... 54, 76,267 Austin, Jnno F. .......... 78,225 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS ............. .37 AWGWAN ................ 100 253 Ayers, Helen R.. . . ,B Babson Robert D Balantyne, Lois L.. Aeschbacher, William D. ..... 54 Agar, .................. 184 AG EXECUTIVE BOARD .... 36 A.I.C.E. ................... 323 A.l.E.E. ................... 322 Ainley, John M. ..... .... 2 67 Akin, Eleanor E. .... .... 2 23 Albert, Helen J. ..... .... 2 63 Albin, Don. E .............. 267 Albrecht, Meda ........ 233 Albrecht, William ....... 54, 300 Aldrich, Robert S ....... 99,209 Alexis, O. Harold. .277, 278, 306 Alfred, Betty Joan .......... 109 Alfson, Warren F. ...... 165, 169, 173, 221 Allely, Ted R. .............. 251 Allen, ,Bert P. ......... -161, 217 Allen, Dorothy Ann ..... ,54, 191, 259, 307 Allen, Neil C. .............. 328 Allgood, Richard C.. . . . . . .300 Allison, William ..... .... 2 09 Alma, B. Lenore ...... .... 3 15 Almquist, Alpha E.. . . . . . . .54 Alpers, Esther L. ............ 54 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ...... 200 ALPHA GAMMA RHO ..... 202 ALPHA KAPPA PSI. .... ..296 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA. .295 ALPHA OMICRON PI' ..... 204 ALPHA PHI .............. 206 ALPHA SIGMA PHI ....... 208 ALPHA TAU OMEGA ...... 210 ALPHA XI DELTA ......... 212 Alt, Richard C. ....... .... 3 22 Altsuler, Bernard ..... .... 2 73 Alvord, Allan S. ............ 307 Anawalt, Donn W. .......... 267 Anawalt, Roger G. ....... 78, 99, 267, 296 Anderson, Alice L. ........... 54 Anderson, Atha F. .......... 316 Anderson, Berge A.. . . . . . . .54 Anderson, Bert S. ..... .... 2 99 Anderson, Bette Jane ........ 306 Anderson, Dale ........... ,. .271 Anderson, Doane ....... 161, 321 Anderson, Donald E. .... 78, 227, 261, 301, 302, 159, 329 Anderson, John .......... 54,300 Anderson, Leonard N. ....... 323 Anderson, Marian A. ........ 312 Anderson, Marie ......... 78, 235 Anderson, Mildred L. ....... 235 Anderson, Orpha E. ......... 161 Anderson, .Phyllis M. ....... 161 Anderson, Thorwald R. ...... 319 Anderson, Virginia M. ....... 101 Anderson, Wayne P. ........ 328 Andreesen, Reiner T. ........ 109 Andresen, Andrew' J.. . . 162, 318, 325 Anwyl. Philip R.... .... ..243 AHVYYI, Richard R. .... .... 2 43 Arbltman, Anna .... .... 2 63 Arbuthnot, Ellen R. .......... 54 ARCIHTECTURAL SOCIETY - ......... .... 3 21 Page 389 Bachman, Betty J.. . . 78, 140, 201 Backer, . Charles ............. 300 Backlund, Brandon H. .... 35, 78, 119, 243, 323 Bacon, Harold N. ........... 231 Bailey, Richard A. .......... 324 Bailey, Robert D. ........ 78,158 Baird, Don W. .......... 78,162, . 231, 317 Baisinger, Dora M. .......... 303 Baker, Betty A. .......... 78,253 Baker, Carolyn A. .......... 304 Baker, Claudia I. .... ..... 3 05 Baker, Geneva L. ............ 78 Baker, Hildegrade B.. . .109, 207 Baker, Jean K. ............. 207 Baker, Lois M. ............. 109 Baker, Marion A. ....... 245,317 Baker Mary L. ............. 325 Baker, Montee R. ........ 54,231 Baker, Warren E.. . . . . . .278 Ball, Louis C ....... 54, 136,247 Ball, Marjorie A. Ball, Mary L... ......304 . .54, 280, 309 GENERALINDEX Bauer, Elmer H. Bauer, Ivan W I I ' ' '54, Bauer, Mnroolln' i 1 . l B J. ........ . auman-U, Herbert E.. . .215, 196,245 .207 Bays John J. .............. BEIYICS, Donald D. ........ 11227 Bayse, Wendell ......... 211 297 Beachell, William A. ..... 54,317 Beadle, Rowena M. ....... , 54 Beard, Ruth Ann ......... Beardsley, Marian M.. . .295, 314 Beauchamp, Jack. . Becker, Alice L.. . . I I J I 1207, . . . .243 330 Becker, Carryl M. ...... f 'ft Becker, John D. ........ Beckman, Marcia C. ......... 205 Beckwith, John H.. . .78, 102, 162, 315,317,318 Becquet, Lois R.. .. 219 Be9de,.Cha1-loo G. ......... 11257 Beerman, Barbara Jean ...... 207 Beerman, Phyllis Anita. . .78, 207 Beers, Lucille G. ............ 190 Beeson, Ethel B.. . . . Beezle Paul G Y, . ............. 78 Beghtol, Martha ...... 54, 76, 235 Behm, Forerst E. ..... 77,169,171 Behrens, Milton H. ......... 227 Beins, Helen L. .... . . . . . .54 -Beins, Russell R ......... 54, 203 Bell, Jim D. .............. . Bell, Ned .E. ....... . Belmont, Joseph S.. Beltzer, Joanne .... Benner, Robert E.. . , 314 .217 .78, 158, 217 .........259 .........225 320 Black, Harriet J,,, Bennett, Mary 239 Bennison, Marian ........... 235 Benson, Betty Jane ......... 207 . 136, 239, 329 219 271 324 .....107, Benson, Louise M.. Beranek, Mary K. .......... . Beruter, Robert L. ......... . Berger, Howard S. ......... . Berger, Jacques ............ .54 Berger, Wilmer K. .... 78,97gZ57 Berggren, Eunice R. .... 54, 303, 315, 327, 328 Berggren, Gertrude F. ....... 207 Bergsten, Virginia R. ........ 314 Berner, Eleanor A.. .78, 197, 207 Berns, Phillip B. ........... 161 Bernstein, Harold E. ....... 273 Berquist, D. ................ 302 Berquist, Martha V. ......... 54 Berry, Henry W.. . .278, 320, 322 Bertelson, A. Lucille ........ 283 Bertelson, Thordis M.. . .191, 283 Besch, Lucile ............... 233 Bessire, Howard D. ..... 108,161 293 214 BETA GAMA SIGMA ...... BETA SIGMA Psi ..... Bllwk, Mary li. .... BIUCBSIUIIC, Alice 1. .... Blackstone, George .-X...lU8 tanker, Gertrude 0. ...... 'air Blilwr. Eunice .......... 51190 Blazler, Maurice .......... 307 Blazkoyec, Libby Rn ,54, 305 .320 Blazkoyec, Lillian A. .... 54 Bleicher, Jerry E. ..... ...101 Blix", 301' E. ......... 1:5-1-301 BLOLR AND BRIDLE ..... 311' Bloom, Charmian ....... 283 313 Blomlllllglllllc, Richard W.. . .199 Blue, Wayne L. ............ 11,11 Brut: Plant' ............ 321 Blumhorst, Virgil Q, ,,,,.- .150 Bockcn, Charles R. .... Bodie, 'l'homas ...... 51 Boe, Richard ...... ,,,, 5 .1 301198, Addison. ...... 2-13 Boom, Aaron ................ 54 Boone, Harold ......... 251,309 Boone, Merritt ...... 78, 102, 203, 302,319 Bonness, Quentin ........... 323 Bonham, Shirley . . 109,283 301 Borchman, Paul ..........,. 209 Bordy, Norman .......... 5-1. 181, 259 lm Bordy, Phillip .............. 250 Bork, Irma ................ 280 Borman, Harold .... 119,316,325 Bornemeicr, Wayne ......... 316 Bors, Julian ......... 5-1, 269, 296 Bosley, Warren.. ......... 305 Bolts, Lucille .... 78,235 Bourret, Charles. .. ....... 2-ll Bowers, Chester ........... 2-17 Bowers, Marian ..... 78,239, 136 Bowles, Robert ............. 309 Bowman, Harriet ....... 1-10 207 Bowman, Virginia Lucile... 311.5 Boyd, Eleanor M. ........ 78.201 Boyd, Pauline ..... ....... 2 30 Boyden, Henry ............ 2-13 Boyer, Marion C. ........ 56,201 Boyer, Richard G. ......... 227 Bradbury, Beatta ........... 303 Bradford, lla Mae ...... 303,315 Bradley, Gene E. ....... 101,217 Bradley, Roy W. ......... . Bradstreet, Marian J.. .35,37 119 Brahinsky, Henry J. ...... . Brakel, Frank J. ......... . Bramson, Robert ..... .... Braskett, E. E. ...... .. .. Brauer, Martha June. . . . . Bamesberger, Helen E... .... 314 Bamesberger, Karl W. ...... 215 BARB ACTIVITIES BOARD FOR WOMEN .......... BARB COUNCIL .......... BARB UNION BOARD. Bard, get? A.. . . . . . . arne 7. 3.11I'CI1 . .... . Barnett? Annette F. ..... 305, Barney, Betty Belle ..... Barr, Marilyn Lee ...... ..,. .ooo -... 276 277 278 109 . . . .243 314 219 283 Barrows, Gilbert A. ..... , B , J hn H. .........- Bghlzll, Pguline ........... 54.201 Bartha, Donald B. .... - ...54, 78, 211, 307 Bartling, Beatrice .l-- ---- - ' ' Bartu, Milo W. ......... ggi-310 Bartz, MHTY Ann' ' ' ' ' ' BASKETBALL SCOR 177 SHEET ................. 243 Baskins, Charles ..... 120, Bayse, Wendell . ..... mi, 293 Bates, Charles R. ........ 54,-225 Batey, Robert .... Batty, Ralph . ..... 3 328 -Bauder, Mildred F.. .30-3, 31 1 BETA THETA PI.. Bever, Eldridge D.. . . ........216 .54 316 " 31i,325 -d , v-' 'n N. ...... 253 ?,ZZf,U pig, . .101, 313, 315 Biba, Roma A. ............. 280 Bierbower, .1 une lN'I..2.8.254j9Z2,3Z96 Biernbaum, Annette ......... 213 Bihler, Ernest, Jr. ..... . Biles, William .......... Binckley, Eva Mae ....... Binder, Lois Mae ....... 28 , Binning, Geraldine E. ...... . Birg, Game ................. B' , , ary .......... ..... Bi-lk, Barbara A. .... .... . Birky, Marcia .... .... . Bischof, Mary 1 . .... - - - - - Bishop, Harold ...... . , - - - Bisgard, Dick- ' ' ' ' Bixler, Dean 'A. ..... . . . Bixler, Lorraine ....- - - - - ' Bixler, James MH - -- "jjj Biirler John 812.113 EXECUTIVE . . . .221 .78, 269 303 304 190 207 207 .54 314 190 322 241 . 54 304 321 241 .38 BOARD ........... . . . Bravernian, Sareva . Breed, Francis J. ...... . Bremers, Marian E. .... . Brenn, Elmer A. ....... . Brickell, Ruth .......... Bridenbaugh, Stanley . . . BRIGADE S'l'."lFF ..... Briggs, Geraldine. Briggs, G. Carol. Briggs, Naomi ..... Briggs, William . Brinegar, JLHIC - - ne ar Tom 278, ......78. - 5 315, Bri 'g' 1 ' ""' '6' Brinkmeyer, Edward .... Brion, Mary . - - - Brittell. I.. Nadine ...... 303.313 Brockhoff. William ..... Brockway, Charles ...... Brodahl, Loren. . . .i8, Brodbeck, William ...... 161, Brodrick, Bryce ........... Brookley. Charles .... .... Brooks, 80501911 "-"" On,-n, aroe ........... ' . grown, Chester A. ...... 235, Brown, Evelyn ........... L. Brown. Frances ......... 191. B,-own, Margery .... 19l,2l9, .56 , 18, 233 .56 161 259 322 205 26.5 223 207 322 219 203 1-ll 280 . 78 305 326 315 318 215 213 261 .56 278 215 203 255 247 201 W 233 267 315 Cannell, Roger S. . Brown, Marian ...... . . . Brown, Paul ...... Brown, Rex............ Brow, Rex W. ......... . Brown, Thomas M. .... . Brown, Vivian Mae ..... Browning, Carrol Broyhill, Roy F. .... . 191, 283 . 56, 257 .56, 203 . . . . 102 . 56, 315 115, 328 , 2iiQ Brubaker, Cecil S. ......... . 56 rust Robert P Bryngelson, Jared J Bucher, James D.... Buchholz, Herman. . Buckendahl, Carl G. Buchendahl, Estella Buckland, Ruth A.. . Buckman, Sarah E.. Buell, Bernard T... Bukacek, Lorenzo A Bruce, Karl W. .......... , B , . ..... 56,76, Bryan, Dorothy J. ......... . 0-Q..-.. .u-. ...- ...- .......- .56 296 308 299 247 314 271 . . . . . . . .271 251 102 295 283 223 227 241 283 Bull, Margery A.. . . Buller, Laurence . . .316, 317 Bullis, Donna M. .... 78, 140 Bullock, Catherine , 325 , 207 .56 201 L.. . . , Bullock, Mary B. ....... 78, 201, Willard F. . Bunker, Burgess, Betty Jane. Burgner, Betty ..... Burkhalter, Phyliss. Burklund, Charles.. Burn, Natalie . . .37, 298, 331 ........169 ........239 ........205 .....56,310 Burney, Dwight ........ Burns, John ........ Burr, Della Jean. . . Burruss, Robert .... Burt, Rebecca A.. . . . . . . . . . .269 249, 298, 328 .78, 119, 181, 255 . . . .159, 269 223, 303, 313 165, 173, Burton, Kenneth ..... Busacker, Harold .... Busch, Albert ...... Busaker, Jules . . . ...uf ....- ....- Butler, Max ........... Butt, William ......... Buttmann, Margaret Ann.78, Butz, Robert ....... ....- Buzard, Leroy ...... Byers, Julian ........ 78, Byllesby, Betty Jo ...... 101, C 169 257 309 322 322 247 . . . . .297 162 261 225 245 . . . .267 278, 305 235 Cadwallader, Mile E. ....... 315 Cadwell, Gaius H.. .165, 320,324 Cain, James F. ........ . Calhoun, Edward H.. . . . Calhoun, Esther May ....... Callan, Dean W. .......... . Calalway, Elizabeth .... Camp, Lewis M. ............ 318 257 Cam bell, Dale G.. P Campbell, Dorothy M. . . . . .243 .99, 211 280 279 ......56 .....203, Campbell, Norma Jean . . Campbell, Woodrile Campbell, Sidney. . . . . . . .78, 197, 239 . . .102, 303, 313 S. ...... 107, 327 Campbell, Stuart D. ......... 56 Campsey, Priscilla J.. . Cannon, Craig W.. Capsey, Harold H.. Capsey, Hazel Carey, Bill R. .... . Carlson ....- ...en 249, ......321 ......213 . . . .245 320, 322 ......316 .....304 .........162 Carlisle, Willard R. ......... 300 Donald E. ...... 56, 299 Carlson, Leonard W. ........ 323 Carlson, Millard J. ......... 321 Carlson, Raymond E. .... 56, 159, 196,251 Carnahan, Jean E.. . .37, 191, 219 Carpenter, Zach T. ........... 78 Carper, Charles L. ...... 169,211 Carr, John A. .............. 245 Carrel, James E. .... ...... 3 23 CARRIE BELLE RAYMOND ............. 280 Carroll, Robert P. .......... 324 Carroll, Sam C. .... 261 Carter, Billy J.. . . . Carter, Jack F.. . . .........279 .279, 318, 325 Casady, Hortense. . . 12, 35, 39, 78, 235, 295 Cash, Frances P. ......... 78, 280 Cast, Richard F. ........... 306 Castle, Jack ..... ....... 1 93,361 Cather, Helen L. .......- , Cattle, John W. ............ 261 Cavanaugh, Arthur Cecan, Ben R. .......... 56, T. ....... 301 159 lu Cecil, Herbert M. ......... . Cekal, Margaret E. ......... 205 Chace, Dorothy B. ........... 78 Chain, Priscilla F. .... 78, 97, 235 Chait, Ed E. ....... .... 2 59,307 Chamberlain, Josephine ..... 283 Chambers, Glen D. ...... 78,199 Chambers, Mary Jane ....... 239 Chambers,- Virginia M. ...... 209 Chant, Loraine M. .......... 205 Chapman, Harold W. ........ 279 Chapman, Ruth A. ......... 207 Charlson, Carolyn L. ........ 101 Charron, Sheldon ........... 245 Chase, Dorothy ............. 235 Chase, Mary H. ............ 219 Chatt, Robert D. ........ 165,245 CHEERLEADERS and MANAGER ............. 181 Cherry, Dwight ......... 203,319 Chesley, Rhoda M. .......... 36 Choat, Lyle ........... .320,322 Christensen, Jack N. ........ 299 Christensen, Leno V. ......... 78 Christie, David P. ........... 211 Christie, Jean M. ........... 207 Clare, Clark, Clark, David G. ............. 279 Leland T. ....... 165,184 Caroline J. ........... 56 Colvert, Randal H. .......... 56 Comstock, James F. ......... 56 Comstock, Wilma B. ..... 56,225 Conklin, Jack E. ........... 261 Conklin, Wilhelmina ........ 201 Conkling, Robert ........... 211 Conroy, Harold W. ......... 308 CONSERVATION AND SURVEY DIVISION ....... 50 Constable, Erle M. ..... 277, 278 Conway, Betty R. ........... 213 Cook, Barbara E. .......... 280 Cook, Elizabeth J.. . .56, 191, 225 Cooksley, Leo C....13,102, 106, 162,297,317 Cooper, Bob E. ............. 221 Cooper, Marion A. ....... 56,201 Cooper, Patricia Ann ....... 225 Coordes, Ruth L. ........... 233 Copple, Newton E. ..... 245,184 279 Corman, Orris ............. CORNHUSKER . . . . . . . .96 CORNHUSKER COUNTRYMAN ........ 102 CORN COBS .............. 297 Cory, Jack R. ....... 56,300,302 Cory, Max E. .... . Dalton, Warren K. .... 90, 97, 199 Daly, Lenore F. ............. 219 Daly, Mary Lou ......... 80,140 207, 331 Danek, Elsie J. .............. 56 Danielson, Edward R. ....... 161 Dann, Daskovsky, Aronita Daub, Walter W. .... 56, 211, 299 R. ...... 2 Harold J . ........ 159, 23:1 Davenport, Jean E. ......... 280 Davidson, Ilene L. .......... 219 Davies, Reginald E. ......... 257 Davies, Tom L. ......... 80,211, 320, 321, Charles C. ........ 56511212 Davis, 211 Davis Robert .... ........ 1 Davis, Esther C. ............. 56 Davis, Esther D. ............ 314 Davis, Gerald W. ..... 80,97, 109 Davis, Jack B. .............. 196 Davis, Jerald B. .... 3,80, 97, 217 Davis, Leon W. .......... 80,217 Davis, Loa E. ....... 56,303,328 Davis, Norma Jean ......... ,315 Davis, Norman C. .......... 231 Davis, Stephen M. ........... 80 Davis, Thomas M. .......... 243 Costello, Yvonne V Coufal, Francis E. .........209 . ..... 119, 219 . .56, 106, 112, 196, 261 . . . . .160, 267 Coulter, Victor .... Courteney, Irene ...... Cowan, Peggy Ann. . . . ......213 ..56,235, Clark Elizabeth A. ...... 99, 123 Clark, Lyle F. ....... ..... 3 19 Clark, Lyle L. .............. 203 Clark, Roberta M. .......... 213 Clark, Rollo V. .......... 56,227 Clark, Ruth N. ...... 35,298,310 Clarke, Betty Ann .......... 205 Clarke, Jack S. ............. 205 327, 329 Cox, Earle F. ...... 203,320,322 Cox Francis C. ............. 161 Cox, Lucille M. ...... 78,97,219 Cox, Violet Mae ............ 304 Cox, Wilfreda Ann .......... 304 Crabill, Maldon ....... ..... 3 23 Crabill, Robert A. .......... 221 Craft, Ann ............. 123,239 Craft, William, C. ............ 56 Craig, Jeanne M. ..... ..... 2 53 Cram, Charles I. ........... 245 Cramer, John W. ........... 323 Cramer, Marion ........ 13, 120, 239,313 I. .......... . Dawson, Alice Dawson, AuraLee A. ....... . Day, Ben Alice ...... 37,213,313 Day, Frank E. .............. 308 .56 314 Day, Robert G. ............. 267 Day, Warren B .... .158, 160,323 Dean, D. William ........... 199 De ord, Robert K. ...... 109,245 deBrown, Richard C...11,,58,98, 99, 196, 217, 288, 329 DeBsuk, Jack S. ............ 324 Deck, Byron R. .- ............ 245 Decker, Malvin E. .......... 300 DeF1-uiter, Robert ....... 169, 173 Deines, Jerre E. ......... 58,253 Deines, Margaret E. ........ 314 Deines, Stanley ............. 301 DeLashmutt, Harry D.. . .80, 162, 267 DeLatour, D. Jane ...... 298,306 DeLaurant, Bernhart G. ..... 301 Clarke, Virginia ............ 280 Claybough, Helen E.. . .277, 295, 303, 306 Clayton, Jeannette. . . 56, 197, 267 Clemans, Virginia W. .... 37, 56, 253, 290 Clemonts, Dwight L. ........ 269 Cloidt, Frances ............. 253 Cramer, William L. ......... 199 E 245 Crancer, George ' .. . . . . . . . . Crandall, Barbara E.. . .102,282, 303, 313 190 Crandall, Marjorie M. ...... . Crane, Carroll B. .......... . 278 Crawford, Eleanor E.. . .303, 314 Crawford, Raymond E. . 265, Creamer, Joe C. ........... . Crews, Rex R. ...... 91, 241, 102, 315 Delfs, Richard C.. . . DeLong, .80, 211, 305 Doris J. .... 80, 223,303,, Maxine C. ......... 304 Clow, Robert ........... 161,217 Cluck, Millard F. ........... 257 Clyce, Muriel M. ........ 56 280 Coale, Burton ............... 56 Cockle, George M. ...... 217, 184 Cockle, John R. ......... 98,217 Cockle, Mary Anna ...... 56,223 Cader, Donald R. ........... 27-l COED COUNSELORS ...... 298 Coilee, Bill ................. 211 Cohen, Floyd ..... .... 2 59 Cohen, Irving ...... .... 2 73 Cohen, Robert ........ .... 2 73 Cohen, Robert C. ........... 259 Cohen, Crockett, James H. ........ . Croft, Virginia A. ......... . Crom, Richard L. .......... 31'6 Cromwell, Eva Mae. .56, 201, 304 CROP JUDGING TEAM.. . Cropper, Walter H. ...... 78, Crosbie, James M. ......... . 255 296 Crites, Mary E. ............ 205 300 280 318 209 .56 Crosier, Do.nald A. ........ Q .203 Cross, Elizabeth ..... 4 . . . 80, 223 Crounse, E. Paul ........... 259 Crouse, Anna Belle ......... 223 Crouse, Lorraine A. ......... 314 328,330 DELTA DELTA DELTA .... 222 DELTA GAMMA ........... 224 DELTA TAU DELTA ...... 226 DELTA OMICRON ......... 325 DELTA SIGMA DELTA .... 299 DELTA SIGMA PI ......... 300 -DELTA THETA PHI ....... 301 Deming, Andrew F. ..... 321,322 Dennis, Mary L. ............ 190 Derr, Donald H. ............ 255 Derr, Robert J . ....... . Detmer, Arnold F. .... . Deurmyer, Catherine Deweese, Rowena B. ........ 329 Dewey, Dennis D. .... .... 2 67 Dewey, Hobart E. . DeWolf, James G.. Deyke, Elaine E. ........ 58,219 Dickerson, Margaret Dickerson, Roy L. ......... . .....255 ..58,318 J. ...... 223 .........16l ......80,257 G...58,253 307 Shirly .............. 239 Colborn, Robert G. ..... 162,279 Cole, Jack R. .............. 267 Coley, Floyd E. ..... 78,162,203 COLL-AGRI-FUN ......... 115 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ......... 40 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE .......... 41 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ...... 42 COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY.43 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING .......... 44 COLLEGE OF LAW ........ 45 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE.. .46 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY.47 Collier, Eleanor ............ 213 Collins, Helen G. ....... 280,313 Colton, Bobbette L. .......... 56 Crouse, Murray H.. .. Crowell, Keith ..... i...l56, Crumbaugh, Wanda Cullinan, Jean ............ 257 324 C. ...... 280 .239 207 Cummins, Jane ............. Cunningham, Roger l.L.. .56, 76, 231, 288, 289, 317, 325 Curley, Janet L. ............ 330 Curry, LaVerne G. .......... 316 Curtis, Leo A. ........... 56,323 Czirr, Ray W. ...... ...... 2 27 D Daigger, Louis A. ........ . Dailey, Mamie A. .......... . DAILY NEBRASKAN ...... Dale, Barbara A. ........ 80, . 102 282 . 98 219 Dale, R. Marian ........ ' .... 328 306 Dale, Ruth A. .... . , , , Dickey, Gerald A ........... 300 Dienst, Marian J. ........... 237 Dietze, Elizabeth E. ......... 205 Diller, Rachel E. .... 80,197,201 Dinnis, Paul E. ............. 217 Dittmer, Ellen .......... 304,314 Dittmer, May ........... 304,314 Dixon, Betty Ann. . Dobbs Bette ..... .........219 , ......... 253 Dobbs, Sterling L. ..... 159, 165, 320, 323 Dobney, Marion ............ 207 Dobson Adna A. ...... 35, 53 9 53, ' 164,165,169,267,288 Dodds, Betty M. ......... 17,235 Dodge, Erwin A... ......58,317 Dodrill, Mildred E. ......... 303 Dold, Harold N. ........ 196,203 Dolezal, John R.. . . ........-257 Page390 Dolfizal' Dolvllfl' Dolpiilrl, Domingo? Donlelf ' D0nf1611y9 Domltlllyf Don0Van' DOUOVZHQ Don0Van llorbfan' Dgseka 1 Duty, 11 Douglafi Douglas Douglaf DovaS, DOW, DOWQ I D0Wf19 D0Wl1Il Dowllll D0Y1ev Drake, Drakef Drake Dredli ,Dredl1 Dreiel Dreng Drew Dude Dudl Duff, Duiil Duis Dule Dun Dun Dun Dun Dui Dui Dui Duf Du Dy Ea Ea El El El E E E E E I I 1 1 Dolezal, Margaret J.. .58, 309, 327 Dolezal, Milada R. .... . .....295 Dolphin, Betty M.. . .58, 253, 311 Domingo, Clifford E.. . . Donley, Jean Ann.. Donnelly, Marie .... Don.nelly, Do11ovan, Jack P.. . . Peter J.. . ....306 ........225 ....191,213 ........303 ........109 Donovan, Kathryn L. .... 80, 197, 249 Donovan, Mary Ann ...--... Dorbrandt, Pearle E. ....... . Dosek, Edwin F. . . . 227, Doty, Richard M. .......... . Douglas, Beth L.. . . Douglas, Marjorie P.. . . . Douglas, Robert B. . Dovas, Nicholas G. .... . ow Herbert V nn-nn-n. ...- nn.. D , . ..... .... . Dow, J. Malcom .... .... Dowd, Loretta Dowling, Jack R.. . . Dowling, Paul T.. . . Doyle, Raymond F.. 235 223 297 303 237 237 . . . .199, 324 243 255 247 303 241 308 319 -... Drake, Howard B... .... 300 Drake, Lois M. ......... 219,313 Drake, Mary Louise ........ 314 Dredla, Marion E. ....... 80,223 Dredla, Thomas J. .......... 247 Dreier, August F. ....... 318,325 Drenguis, Frances J 280,313 Drewes, Robert W. .......... 35 Dudek, Frank J. ............ 58 Dudley, Charlotte P. .... 109,304 Duff, Betty Ann ..... - .... 58, 276, 277,314 Dulheld, Dean C. ............ 58 Duis, Beatrice 1. ......... 80,307 Duley, Phil D. ........ . Duncan, Bruce ......... Dunn, Aetna ...... 179, Dunn, Betty J. .... Dunn, Walter .... Dunn, Warren ..... Duree,Jo...... ...... Dutch, Betty J. ...... 58, 123, Dutcher, Birney J. ...... 169, Dutton, James N. .......... . 329 257 321 223 209 . . . . . . .209 219 235 245 109 257 Dye, Joe .......... .... 8 0, E Eastman, Nathan L. ........ 245 Eaton, Margaret E.. . . . . . .267 Ebeling, Richard D.. . . . . . .323 Eberle, Donald E. .......... 307 Eberline, Charles R. ..... . Ebzery, Kenneth E. ..... 8 Echtenkamp, Jean .......... 0Q Edison, Edward ............ Ely, R' h d L Emersdg aRu 2 by . . Emmett, Rosemary , , Emrich, Richard C... Engdahl, Wallace ENGINEERS sTArE.I""' Englllnd, Merrill W, J lil' ........58 .......159 267 142 .....34,35, Enyeart, Lois A. .... Ugg, Epp, Carl H. ...... ..l.-219 hpps, M. Barbara .... , , H280 Epstein, Bernard ........ Z.-259 Epstein, Shirley L. ....... 1.263 Epstein, Sylvia ............ 1263 Erck, Martin M. ........ 109 308 Erickson, Lucille ..... J 237 Erickson, Ruth I. ..... 58 Erickson. Virginia L. .... 58" ETECSOU, Lenore L. ...... 58, Slelman, Ph'1' V. .... 279, Estes, Charlot1:egpE. ........ T322 Etmund, F. Ethel ........ 58 Eubank, Bettye E. ......... J. Evans ' Evans, Evans, Evans Evers, Eversman, Helen I. ...... 80, Evinger, James M. ......... . 282 191 , Keith D. ..... .... . Paul W. .... ,,,, , , Robert V. .......... . William E. ......... . .58 303 282 227 278 Robert E. .... ..... 3 23 257 161 205 241 322 280 Ewers, Bruce E. ........... . Ewing, Margaret V. ...... 80, EXTENSION DIVISION ..... 51 Eyre, Oswin D. ............. 221 F Fairfield, James G. ......... 159 Fairley, Ruth M. .... 39,249,315 Fairman, Fred F. ....... 243,184 Falloon, James H. .......... 243 FARMERS FAIR ....... -...114 FARMERS FORMAL ...... 113 FARMHOUSE ............ 230 Farrall, Harold J. .... ..... 5 8 Farwell, Ralph A. .......... 279 Fastaband, Henry L. ........ 299 Fate, Dick L. .............. 301 Faulkner, Eugenia V. ....... 235 Fausch, H. Wa11ace.102, 203, 315 Faytinger, Richard D....58,236,1i Faytinger, Shirley M. ....... 253 Federle, Kenneth W. ........ 211 Feelhaver, Minerva M. ...... 301 Felber, Neal A. ...... 35, 80, 301 Felthouser, Janice L. ......... 53 Fenster, Charles R. ......... 279 Ferguson, Betty Jean.7.8.,.1-5292, F , Ol've G. .......... 23 FIETJDOHARTILLERY ....... 142 Ford, J. P11111 Ford, Robert Fvfkf-1, Avery E. .... Ifmaokoi F0rr6y, Margaret L. .... 303 F0Sbury, Betty E. ....... 233,313 Foster, Darrel D. ..... ,96h Foster, LeRoy ....... HHH134 Foster, Sydney ......... J J -307 Fouls, Geraldine M. .... J J .303 Fowler, Margaret ....... 219.303 Fowler, W. Maudie ..... 1.1213 FOX, Ruth L. .... 80,140,253 311 FOX, William R. .......... ,243 Ffaenkel, Stefan 1. ..... 259,.3-20, 3' 2' Francis. van, A.. . . 165, l7i Francke, Winona .......... 1303 Frank, Patricia J. ......... 225 Frank, William R. ......... :257 Fraser. Joseph J. ........ 58,158 Frazier, Willis E. ........ 80,323 Freeman, Sam ...... . . . . . .321 255 Frei, Allen F. ............. . French, H. Gwendolyn ...... 306 French, lvan M. ............. 80 Fricke, Hazel M. ........... 327 Friedebach, Lois M...58, 76,235 Friedel, Leonard L. ..... 58,100, 101, 196, 273 Friedman, Ervin P. ......... 259 Frink, Junior L. ......... 80,269 Frisbie, Lawrence 1. ........ 231, 315, 322 Frischer, George .... 100, 106, 273 109 Frolich, Louise A .... Fritzson, Gerald F. ........ . . . .313, Froman, Harold G. ......... . 249 279 Frovert, H. J. .............. 327 131 Frushour, ElRoy ....... Fuehrer, Henry E. .... . .280, 323 Fuelling, M. Lois ....... Fuenning, Paul G. ..... . Fullen, Woodrow W.. . . . Fuller, Maxine 1. ...... . Fuller, William C. ..... . Furr, Houghton ........ Fye, Marjorie E. .... 58 G Gaba, Herbert .......... Gabelman, Warren H.. . . Gabus, Jack W. ....... . . . . . .53 ....109 271,321 253, 330 ....323 .53, 217 197, 237 ...- .... 322 . . . .315 221 303 Gadeken, Grace ........ 282, George, Warren D, Gerhard, Donald W Gerlo11', Gerald C.. Gershater, Ephraim Getttnan, Curtis W. Gibson, l.aVerne 1-I. Gibson, 1-ilizabetlt B... J H Gibson, Lucy l1,,, , Gibson, Marion O., Gibson, Melvin R., Anna llelle. . . Gill, Gill, Marv E. .... . xtfffff .60, Q30 322 321 318 161 245 303 197 233 qqa ,-.4 302 315 315 - Gillan, ltalph ll. ........... 301 Gillespie, Eleanor J. ....... 31.3 Gillespie, William G. . ..159 321 Gillette, xtnry 1. .......... 1225 Gilmore. George F. ........ 267 Gilmore, Keith W.. .36, 203,291 300,315,317 Gilna, Clyde A. ............. 279 Gintple, Gay .............. 225 Gist, Jeannette A. ........ . Glandon, Gare E. ...... 203 Gleason, Mary K. ......... , Glenn, Dorothy M. ....... 60 Glisstnan, Lee 11. ..... . .213 ,316 31-t 2:10 -'57 -n Glock, Robert F. .......... .80 Glover, Herbert F. ....... 60,217 Goetze, llilfllllllll, Jr. .. . 178, 179 Goetze, Jol111 W. ........... 240 Gofle, Marianne E. ......... 237 Golding, Gilbert R.. 321 Goldsmith, Robert W. ...... 245 Goldstein, Leonard 11.39, 97, 273 Goldstein, Rose ............ 263 Gompert, Virginia L. ...... 201 Goodding, George . . .60, 115, 231 Goodding, Richard D.. . . 102, 231 Goodman, Helen E. ........ 190 Goodrich, Marilyn D. ...... 207 Gordon, Diana ............ 280 Gostas, George A. ....... 12, 97, 181 312 Gottschalg, Melvin G. ...... 209 ottscl1alg, Melvin G. ...... . Grace, Gilbert E. ......... . Gra e Ward 1 C , - 1. ......... 00 GRADUATE COLLEGE ... GRADUATE scnoot. or SOCIAL WORK . Graf, Burke! E. ........... . Gral1an1, Glenn E. ......... . Graham, John V. .......... . 209 241 227 . 49 .51 321 261 257 Grandmougin, Arlene L. ..... 60, 197,201 Grant, Allyn C. ............. 159 Grant, Bruce R. ..... ..... 308 Grant, Lorraine . .. Grant, Maxine ..... Grant, Grant, Gray, Phil 1-I. .... . Rtnh 11. ..... fffff . .. .196 Amy F. ........... 60, .245 man Joe B Edwards, William T. .... 217, Egger, Kenneth R. ......... . Egger, Myra 1. .......... 58, Eggers, Hollis R. .......... . 320 267 313 322 Edison, Elizabeth G. ........ 314 184 300 309 267 247 Eggert, Charles N. ......... . Eggleston, Della F. .......... 58 Eginton, Betty Ann ...... 35, 80, V 201,311 Eglehoif, Kenneth Harold .... 58 Eiche, Eleanor M. ....... 58,306 58 04 Eighmy, Helen E. ....... . Elsen, Morton ............. Eisenhart, Elinor H. ..... 58 Eisenhart, Kenneth D. .... . ,3 .273 ,201 Fields, Sara E. ............. 223 Filipi, Paul T. .......... 58,322 Filley, Dorothy F.. ........ 32 Findlay, Ethelyn B. ..... 303,313 Finnell, Marshall E. ..... V274 Finney, Laura Ellen ..... 58,315 Fischer, lV1lI1ll3. .......... Fisher, Donna V... .... 219, 258 Fisher, GordonRS. .......... 307 Fisher, James .. . . U i ' u .58, 280 F' h r, Jean L. .... 1 F1Pz,e Don D.. . .165, 173, 179, Fitzgibbon, John ........... Gaiman, Marie N. .......... 109 Galbraith, Dorothy M. ....... 304 Galbraith, Margaret L.. G l , James W. ........ 60,300 GAMMA ALPHA CHI ...... 326 GAMMA LAMBDA ......... 302 GAMMA MU THETA ...... 326 GAMMA PHI BETA ....... 232 Ganz, Dale B. ........... 60, 109 Garbers, Arthur H. ....... 2 .E223713 Gardner, Charles O..3.1.5.,1g117,,31g C, dner, Kellllelh H. ....... 325 Ggidner, Sidney A. ......... Garey, Robert W. ........... 25A Garey, Roger W.. ........... 253 Garnandl Kzijthergte D. ...... 30,2 G , Her ert . ......... . 311111 Gene A 60 97 320 Ga , . ...... 1 1 Garrison, George .... . . . . . Garst, Dale E.. ......... . . Gartner, Helen .. ...... . . . . 60 329 207 GR EAT CATH EDRA1. CHOIR ................. Green, Elizabeth A. ........ . Green, Frances H.. . . . . . . . . . Green, M. lzltzalietlt ..... . . . Green, oan D J r . ...... .... . Green, Norman l'... . . . . . . . Green, Green, Ruth M. ......... 60. Green, William li. ......... . Greene, E. Gertrude ......... Greene, M. Beth ..... ..... Gressley, Keith lf.. . . . . . . . Grilhn, Alberta ...... ..--- Grillln, C. Ward ..... ..... Robert R. .......... . Eitel, Henry G. ........ . .301 Ekblad, Victoria J. ..... 306 Ekeroth, Clarice ........ 4 Elias, Evelyn A... . .. . .53 191,280 . 80, Elias, O. Elizabeth ..... 191, 225 Eliason, Raymond Elliott Eleanor C A. ........ 80 .235 Elliottl Glenn E...'IIIf"IIf. Ellis, B. Jane ..... Ellis, Kenneth W Ellison, Evelyn L. .... . ElllS0t1, Wayne W Ellsworth, John All ' ' ' --... 7 . 58 223 . ....... 58 245 Ellis, Lowell ....... ...... 2 45 304 306 211 315 Elsen, Stanley J.. . . . Elso.n, Peggy R.. . . . Page 391 1111.80 231 231 .300 F1 g, . Qnonnv U ' Flggiiigan, Ethel C. ..... 283, Ftebbe, Barbara D-- -'-' Fleetwood1DRobert L. ....... F1 'ng, atr1c1a ........... Flierlltlier, Michael S. ......... Flodine3 Norris E. ....... gg-219 Fl , 63.11 ..........--- 1 Flliili, Robert L.. .35,58f2481'i35081i Folsom, John D. ........ 1 65, 1 , Lowe R. .......... . 31222, Willard vgt ........ 217 FOOTBALL SCO .... 176 SHEET '-"'i,""'ffI.58,230 Ford, Beamce 58 Ford, Cyrus Ar-H Gatch, Roy P. ....... .... . Gates, John R. ..... . Gates, Robert 1.4. .......... - Gausman, Chester H", "" ' ' ' Gausman, Kenneth W. ..... . Gavenman, Lawrence ....... 278 322 328 .60 215 '773 .. 1 Gavin, M317---"""" Gayer, John ...- - Gayer Mary H. ............ . . . . .282 153, 162, 209 223 233 dd S, Jean. .U ............. -- Gge, QE. Franklin . . . ...... Geier, Jacob G. .......... :ZIQ37 Gellatly, Jack C. ......... 227 I., R' hard M.... Gellat in fscb rt Gelwlckv 0 C 12392202 Grimm, Carol jean ......... Griggs, Margaret L. ....... . Crimes, Raymond L... . . . . . . Grimes, Tom M. ........... . Grinstefl. Wilma L- """ 80' Gr-igwoltl, Patricia... .... 201 Grosbach. Maxine W. ---,- -- Grosserofle, Stephen ........ Grossman., BCFFFU - - - ' ' ' '60 Grossman, Ernest D.. . . . . . . . Grossman. Raymond :1- ..... Grosrcnor, Ruth L.. .277. 231. te Herb C H! ,,.. ...........- C-liittt, E. Betty .......... 80. 223 225 223 245 219 109 223 201 201 219 319 21 1 304 278 249 213 319 3-04 221 314 207 273 247 219 326 280 315 190 .60 319 293 245 207 Ground, Margaret A. .... 60, 213, 304, 327 Grovert, Arthur R. .......... 60 Grovert, Harold J. ....... 60,307 Grovert, Robert E. ......... 307 Grube, Bruce W.. . . . ...ann- Guinan, Marjorie A. ....... . 159 Guenzel, Robert C. ......... 247 233 279 Gustafson, Hollis W. ...... . . Gustafson, Milton O. ......... 60 Gustafson, Norman D.. . .231, 325 109 257 Gustavson, Dorothy J Guthery, John M. .......... . H Haack, Mildred B. .......... 267 109 Haberman, John M.. . Hackman, Alice ............ 219 Hadsell, Neal B. ........ 60,300 Hagelin, Richard H. ......... 60 Hageman, Robert H. .... 241,321 Hager, Orval O. ....... 60, 96, 97, 106, 217, 288 Hagerman, Gerald J.. Haggert, Janet E.. . . . .......261 .......253 Hakanson, Elinor F. ..... 60,201 Hakanson, Jean K. ........ . Halstead, Hal F. . . . Hall, Carol M. . . . . Hall, Robert F. .... . Hallam, Alberta L.. . . Halley, Matilda W... Halli an Nanc ......- .nn-eu. .80 209 223 . . . . . .241 313 219 207 ez . y J-- Hallowell, Cecil R. ..... '.80, 221 Hallsted, Doris E.. . . . 60, 207 Hamer, Florence J.f I I . 1282, sos Hammond, Lois J. 60 303 314,327,328 Haney, James G. ........ 80,241 Haney, Mary M. ............ 60 Haney, Virginia L. ....... 80,253 Haney, William P. .......... 324 Hargett, Hanlen, John W. ........... 279 Hanley, Kathryn A. ........ 281 Hannan, William T. ......... 322 Hansen, Dean M. ........... 241 Hansen,',Marjorie L. ......... 60 Hansen, Mary A. ........... 235 Hansen, Orville C. .......... 322 Hansen Vir inia L . . . .223 102, 203 , g . .... . Hansmire, Floyd A. .... . Hanson, Gloria A.. . .80, 197, 219 Hanson, Ramona ........... 237 Harding, Eula R. ....... 109,205 Harding, W. Kelper ..... 60,211 Hardung, Leopold D Frank J.. . i Harmon, Genevieve . . Harnsberger, Carl W. ......320 .......309 .......225 ...80,106, 247,297 Harnsberger, Richard ....... 247 Harper, Robert B. .......... 217 Harrington, M. Eloise ....... 190 Harris, Alva ................ 323 Harris Charles ............. 243 Johnson Harris, James F. ........... 169 Harris, Janet R. ...... 12, 37, 80, 119,120 Harris, Norman ......... 99, 120, 297,329 Harrison, Bonnie ........... 219 Harrison, James ............ 306 Harrison, Ray ........... 60,162 Hartman, Don .............. 261 Hartman, Elizabeth ......... 283 Hartnell, William .... ..... 2 31 Hartwig, Jeannette .......... 303 Hartz, Margaret ..... ..... 1 90 Hartz, Vincent ..... ..... 3 07 Harvey, Dale ...... ..... 2 61 Harvey, Lyle ............... 162 Harvey, Marguerite ..... 303,306 Harvey, Ruth J. ............ 253 Hastings, William .......... 199 Haswell, Paul .............. 324 Haumont, Mary Bell ........ 102 Hawes, Sam ................ 162 Hawks Manley ....... 60,76, 112, 196, 209 Hayworth, John ..... Haws, Dexter . . . . . . . Hay, John ...... . . . . .60, 25? .. .60,319 ..178,243 Haycock, Nancy ........ 101,253 Hayes, Edwin .......... 306,323 Hayes, Morris .... ---- 3 06 Haynes, C.W. .... ---- 3 20 Haynes, Edgar .... ---- 1 69 Hays, Preston .... ---- 2 67 Heard, Ben ........ - -211 Heater, Doris ......... ..... 8 0 Hecker, E. Jeanne .......... 213 Heckman, Betty ...... .... 2 49 Hecox, Donald ....... .... 1 99 Hecox, Richard C. .... .... 3 07 Hedden, Alverga ..... .... I 09 Hedelund, Harriet .......... 207 Hedges, Winston . 231 303 326 190 321 314 215 60 Ilfaofaof Hedlund, Opal . . . Heffle, Norma .......... 305, Heilman, Josephine ......... Heim, Emest ........ . .... Heinman, J. ............... . Heins, Roscoe .............. Hejkal, Milo ................ Held, Sidney ....... 178,179,217 Heldt, Shirley .............. 207 Helfrich, Jozetta ......... 60,237 Heller, Raymond .... 60,231,316 Heller, Philip .......... 305,319 Helm, Estermae ............. 60 Hemphill, Robert .... 60, 101,257 Hemsworth, James. . 165, 209, 324 Hemsworth, Martin ...... 60,324 Henderson, Sara ............ 314 Henn, Mary Jo ...... 60,223,290 306,313,331 Henney, William ............ 80 Henninger, Kathleen ........ 223 Henrickson, Arthur ..... 60, 277, 278,312 Hergenrether, Jack ......... 301 Hermanson, Charles M. ..... 203 Herminghaus, Pat ...... 207, 330 Hermsmeyer, Ruth H. ........ 60 Herndon, Clarence V. ...... 169, 173,241 Herpolsheimer, Robert W.. . .305 Herr, H. Ray ............... 261 Herrick, Walter J. .......... 323 Herrman, William A. ....... 169 Hervet, Evelyn R. ...... 140,326 Hess, Emily L. .......... 80,235 Hescon, Roe F. ............. 251 Heumann, Dorothy L. ....... 205 Hewett, Elva L. .......... 60, 326 Hewett, Floyd E. . . .J ...... .300 Hewett, James V. ........... 243 Heyne, Don J. ............. 231 Hiatt, Richard E. .... 82,243,297 Hiatt, Virginia S. ........... 304 Hibberd, Norman R. ..... 82,269 Hickman, Chester H. ......... 60 Hickman, Eleanor M. .... 60,213 Higigns, Helen C. ...... 197,267 Higgins, John E. ........... 315 Higgins, Timothy G. .... 161,277 Higley, Don N. ............. 211 Hiblink, Beulah I. ........... 60 Hildebrand, Charles D. . .60, 308 Hill, Arthur E. ..... 34, 35, 60,98 99, 108, 288 Hill, Grace .............. 62,253 Hill, John F. ........ 99, 161,267 Hill, Selma ......... 62,12o,29o, 311, 313, 329 Hillman, Herb D. ........... 245 Hillman, Lila J. ......... 82,219 Hilmes, Neal H. ............ 267 Hines, Leon C. ............. 241 Hinrichs, William H. .... 82,257 Hirschfeld, Lucile R. ........ 305 Hitchcock, Richard E.. . .320, 324 Hlava, Dean P. .......... 62,300 Hobart, Leon J. ............ 309 Hodgman, Barbara J. ....... 207 Hodtwalker, Mildred M. ..... 314 Hodtwalker, Ruby L. ..... 62,309 Hoffbauer, Christine C, ,,,,,, 303 Hoffman, Jay F. ............ 269 Hoffman, Maxine A. ........ 233 Hoffman, Shirley M. ........ 239 Hokanson, Gustaf W. .... 62,279, 317, 318 Holeman, Harry G.. . - Holland, Guy ......... Holland, Robert E.. . . Holland, Ruth M.. . . . Hollenbeck, Irene . ......162 ......209 ......309 ......253 . .233 331 Holm, Kenneth B.:i::...11,267 Holman, Nate C. ........ 82,267 Holmes, Alice M.. . . . ......281 Holstedt, Robert E.. . . . . . .267 Holtorf, Betty ...... ..-- 2 25 Holtz, Jean M. ............. 201 Holtze, Mary K . . 223 HOME ECoNOM1Cs ' ' ' ' ' U ASSOCIATION ......... sos HOMECOMING CARNIVAL ............. 120 Hooper, Jean W. ..... 37, 62, 191, ' 219, 290 Hopkins, Howard G. ........ 328 Hopp, Harry ........... 169,171 Hoppert, Margaret G. ....... 205 Horn, Dean A. ............. 161 Horn, William ............. 101 Horn, Thomas C. ........ 82,261 Horne, Willard R. .......... 211 Horner, Betty J. ............ 223 Horner, Katherine A. .... 82,225 Horner, Virginia M. ........ 253 Hornung, Marguerite F. ..... 62, 197,219 Horsh, Esther R. ........... 327 Hosman, Aline R. ........ 11,235 Hossack, Marie A. .......... 253 Hourigan, Constance M. ..... 140 House, Lorraine ............ 314 HOUSE MOTHERS ........ 274 Housel, Elwood A. ....... 62,324 Housley, Don G. .... 320, 321,322 Housto.n, Edith E. ....... 62,219 Houtchens, Stanley R. ........ 35 HOWARD HALL .......... 282 Howard, Keith L. ........... 217 Howard, Robert M. ...... 62,278 Howell, Harold .......... 90,217 Howell, James E. .... ...... 2 17 Howell, Leah J. ............ 233 Howell, Malcolm C. ..... 82,217 Howley, Beth E. ...... 16,82,97, 106, 119, 120, 281, 313 Hoyt, Josephine ......... 62,201 Hubbard, Geraldine L.. . .62, 267 Hudson, Florence E. .... 282,303 Hudson, Fred B. ............ 161 Hueftle, Gilbert W. ..... 278,302 Huenefeld, Charles A...306,318 Huffaker, Barbara N. .... 82, 225 Huffman, Stanley M. ........ 217 Huffman, William B. ....... 217 Hughes, Francis L. ......... 309 Hughes, Jean ....... 62,207,325 Hult, Ruth V. .............. 249 Humphrey, A. Jean ..... 205,313 Hunt, Dale E. ............... 62 Hunt, Eileen L. ............ 304 Hunt, Robert C. ........ 82, 162, 296,297 Hunt, Vernon H. ........... 241 Hunting, Kaye D. ....... 62,314 Hurlbut, Charles P. ..... 159, 162 Hurley, Clifford D. ..... 178,209 Hurley, Gwen L. ............ 62 Hurst, Phyllis J. ........ 140,249 Husemoller, Kenneth Hush, James M. ....... . Hush, Marjorie R. .......... 306 Hustead E. Ann ........ 82, 239, 313,331 . . . . . . .253 ....161 .62,306 Hustead, Claire L.. . . Huston, H. Ruth ..... Huston: John E. .... . .......314 .......259 I I Ide, Louise W. .... .... 2 53 Ihrie, LeRoy C.... .... :159 Imig, Maisie C.... ,,,, .281 Ingraham, Vern ...... ..... 2 41 INNOCENTS ............. 288 INTERFRATERNITY BALL ................. .112 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL .............. 196 INTRAMURAL BOARD .... 191 Irvin, Dean E. .... 38, 62, 159 300 Irwin, Faye E. ...... 82,201,329 Irwin, Richard L. ........ .1307 Isaacson, Ellenor B. ........ 223 Iverson, Ruth . . . Ivins, James R.. . IVY DAY ...... .......140,223 .......108,308 .. ....... 116 Hutcheson, Annabelle R... .303, , 328 Hutchmson, Betty .......... 306 Hutchinson, Warren A. ...... 231 Huttenmaier, Eleanor E.. .62 327 Huwaldt, Edward, Jr. . . .82,,I62, 217 Huwaldt, Lawrence H. ...... 217 Hyde, Eleanor M. ........... 233 Hyland, Ruth E. ......... 82,219 .I Jack, Gwendolyn ..... 36, 62, 114, ' 276, 282, 303 Jackman, Charles ........... 321 Jackson, Betty ........... 82,235 Jackson, Dean .............. 243 Jackson, Lowell ..... ..... Jackson, Patricia . . . , , , , Jacobson, Lois .... J ahde, Willis .... James, Ben ..... James, Charles ..... -Q-.- ....- 301 304 . . . . .109 215 243 . . . . .211 7 James, Clarence ..... ..... 1 99 James, Everett ............. 267 James, William ........ 1279, 316 J anda, Pearl ........... 303, 315 J anecek, Adolph ............ 323 J effords, Mary ............. 219 Jeffrey, Robert ....... 38, 62, 300 J elinek, Jean .... ......... 3 03 J elinek, Jean ................ 62 J elinek, Stephen ......... 62, 329 Jenkins, Earl ...... ....... 1 09 Jenkins, Lois .... ..... 1 90,221 Jensen, Lilah .... ....... 2 04 Jensen, Howard .... ..... 3 09 Jensen, Lilah ...... ...... 6 2 Jensen, Reuben .... ..... 2 11 Jensen, Udella .... ..... 3 04 Jensen, Vearl ........ ..... 3 22 Jensen, Warren ............. 247 J erauld, L. Ronald .......... 315 John, Marjorie ............. 213 John, Pauline .......... 213, 330 Johnson, A. Kendall .... 316, 319 Johnson, Betty Jean. .82, 101, 253 Johnson, Clyde ..... 278, 279, 320 Johnson, Curtis A. ........... 62 Johnson, Curtis E. .......... 322 Johnson, Genevieve ......... 207 Johnson, Grove ......... 221, 267 Johnson, Harold ............. 62 Johnson, Herbert ........ 62, 325 Johnson, Howard ........... 323 Johnson, H. Clair ........ 62, 279 Johnson, Iris .... 62, 303, 314, 315 Johnson, Janet ............. 223 Johnson, Kathryn ....... 253, 309 Johnson, Kent .............. 245 Johnson, Leslie ......... 267, 315 Johnson, Lowell ....... 158, 277, 321, 324 Johnson, Marjorie ........... 303 Johnson, Marshall .......... 300 Johnson, Marvin ........ 215, 321 J oh11son Mary Lou ...... 82, 225 Johnson, Norma ..... .---- 2 81 Johnson, Norman .... ...... 8 2 Johnson, Robert ............. 62 Johnson, Robert N. ......... 211 Johnson 112 Johnson , Wallace .... .--- - , Verner..... . 62 Wendell .......... - Johnston, Bernard .......- - - Johnston, Gordon .... 82, 162, 247 Johnston, Marjorie .......... 306 Johnston, Pauline ........... 205 Johnston, Theodore ...... 62, 313 Johnston, Wayne .... ..... 2 79 Jones, Arnold ..... ..... I 59 Jones, Dean ..... ---- - 209 Jones, Gordon ..... ..... 2 27 Page 392 1011859 Jones! jones? 101165: 1011655 Jones! 1011659 1011651 jones! Jones! J0I1e5: 1011651 Jon85 Jon0S Jorda 101113 Jorge Jorge Jorge J0YCf Jlldys J UNJ Jung Jurg' Kam Karl Kah Kah Kail Kali Kan Kan Kar Kar KA KA KA KA KA Kai Ka: Ka, Ka K K K Kc K1 K1 K. K Kinder, Anne S.. , Kindig, Irene R.. 1 1 1 1 .253, 330 KJWJY, Mildred 112112, Lyle E. ....... 178,179 243 193, Robert R. ...... .2671324 Kuska. Milton .......... 82 251 Kutcher, Lettei L. ..... 322, Kyckelhalm, Russel. 64,1 322 Kingsbu , M ' ' ' Kirkendzlila, J aEiiimeFLu I 1 .62, 323 es . ..... 82,267 L Labovitz, Homer T. ........ 259 Llpscomli, Marguerite Laird, Lucille A Kirschenb J kiroohohhgifil 1V1l3rris'1E1. ' ' ' Kirschenbaum, Samuel I 103 Kirschenbaum, Samuel , 62 Kizer, Thomas L. ..... moo. Helen o. ..... ooogooooo, Kleager, C1 if .1 D Kleinhans, lhiihoh 'bf I ' ' ' ' '319 Lake, Maxine ... .... Lamb, Robert E. ..... 25115224 Lamb. Robert N. ...... 215, 231 Lflmbkimjiicld F. ..... f ,322 Lambert, Dwight W. .... 11.1279 Knickrehm Hubert Knoll, Dala L.. . . . 290, 323 Jones, Helen ..... .... 2 13 Jones, Houston. . . 321, 324 Jones, James ..... .... 2 67 Jones, John . , .... .62, 261 Jones, J osephine ......... 62, 225 Jones, LeMoyne. . .62, 225 Jones, Marjorie .... ..... 2 35 Jones, Marion .... ..... 2 35 J ones, Mary .... .... 2 13 Jones, Paula ...... ....... 3 30 Jones, Richard ............. 302 Jones, Warren .... 302, 318 Jones, Willard ......... 279, 325 Jones, Wilma ..... .62, 267 Jordan, Elaine ..... ....... 2 01 Jordan, Jane ........... 201, 313 Jorgensen, Eugene .......... 165 J orgensen, Marion .......... 201 Jorgensen, Orlin ............ 323 Joyce, Richard ...... 62, 165, 247 Judy, Jack ................. 247 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM. . .119 J ungman, Robert ........... 211 J urgensen, Clinton ....... 94, 269 K Kaczmarek, Frank T. ....... 307 Kadavy, Dean G. ........ 62,221 Kahler, Bob W. ........ 169,173 Kahler, Royal J. ............ 169 Kaiman, Elaine M. ......... 263 Kalin, Sidney L. ........ 196, 252 29 Kaminsky, E. ........... 306, Kammerlohr, Harry W. ..... 158, 215,320,321 Kani, Marian .............. 207 Kantor, Phillip ............. 259 KAPPA ALPHA THETA. . .234 KAPPA DELTA ............ 236 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA..238 KAPPA PHI ............... 304 KAPPA SIGMA ............ 240 Karre, Richard F. ..... .... 3 15 Kasal, James M. .... .... 3 15 Kaths, Marian F. .... ..... 6 2 Katzman, Sylvia ...... .... 2 63 Kaufman, Sheldon A. ....... 161 Kealy, Eileen A. ......... 5. .190 Keating, Francis E. ......... 300 Keefer, A. Frances ..... 223, 295, 311,331 Kegler, Clarence P. ......... 251 Keifer, Oswin ....... 82,217,323 Keith, Annbeth ...... 62, 101, 253 Kellenbarger, Arlene F. ..... 276 Kleinschmidt, Lois I.. . . Kleppineer. Vol D... Kline, Mary Ku, Kline, Nat D. ....... . ........199 .....s9,a2,95, 96, 119, 323 ... . . . 257 Klinael. Betty M. ..... ' Klingmall, Harold M. ..... Klug, F redrich H. .... 271 Klum, Arlo M. ...... ...., 1 69 Knicely, Clarke A. ....... 64,296 ooo.-no Lambert, Jean W. ...... 64,.190, 231,318,325 Lampefl, Lauren ........... 308 Lamphere, Elizabeth M.. .64 -207 LeMaster, Hugh ........ ,257 Lanahan, L. ............ 1:1314 Lancaster, Dean W. , , , Landgren, Lani an A nes P g 9 g . ......... . Larmon, Harold E..211, 296, Larrabee, Marie I,,, Lynn ............ ....o4, one 1 J. ..... . Knickrehm, Marie E..64,281,3?13 Knickrehm, Rosa C. .... 281,303 Khio, K. ................... 314 Knight, Edith E. ..... 82, 97,235 Knight, George W. ..... 94,165, 169,171 .......251 Larsen, Larson, Larson Larson, William H M. Elaine ......... George E. ........ . , James A. ......... . Larson, William M Latsch, Dorothy J LHH, Janet ....... ...,....- . 64 109 235 302 304 190 245 257 323 323 . ......... 205 .34, 35, 37, 64, Knorr, Mary J.. . . . Knowles, Mary V.. . .......235 Knotts, James A. ........... 322 . 65, 239, 309 Knox, Hertzler .............. 82 Knudsen, Louis B. .......... 271 Koch, William J. ....... - .... 324 Koehler, Betty J. .... 82,311,323 Koehnke, Anita M. . . 64, 281, 330 Koenig, Dorothy A. ......... 239 Kohler, Fred Kohr, Yvonne ...... Kok'er Madsen J. ........271 82,261 Lauby, Vincent W. ......... 251 Laughlin, E. Maxton .... Lauvetz, Mary J. ...... . Lauritsen, Carl R. ..... . Lavender, Adah J... Lavender, Ruth J. .... . Laverty, Carol M. ..... . Lawler, Francis J. .... . Lawler, Marydean ...... Lawrence, Dale W. .... . Lawson, Betty J. ...... . Leach, Carl D.. . . . ... .279 .82, 233 . . . .301 .......233 .233,305 .....109 .323,255 .281 161,257 . . . .213 J , ...... Koons, Audrey M. .......... 295 Kopac, Mildred ..... ...... 6 4 Koskan, Allen J. ........ 64,324 KOSMET KLUB ........... 106 Kotas, Rose Marie ......... 295 Kouba, Charlotte M. .... 190,223 Kouba, Delore L. ........... 323 Koupal, Richard F. ......... 109 Kovanda, Glenn E. ......... 203 Kovanda, Helen M. ....... 39, 64, Leaders, Grace L.. Leavitt, Berton J.. Leavitt, David .........307 .140, 281,313 .........324 .....321,324 Leavitt, Evelyn M.. .253, 312, 313 Kennedy, Betty A.. . . . Kershaw, Loydene . . Kellenbarger, Shirley ........ 283 Kelly, Howard G. ...... . Keller, Lois M. ........ . . . . . 169 .82,235 Kelley, Helen E. ............ 253 Kellison, Katheryn A. ....... 39, 140, 190 Kelly, Howard ......... 109,241 Kelly, James R. .... ...... 3 01 Kelly, Mary L. .... ..... 8 2,239 Kelly, Pearl T. .... . . . .303, 315 Kemist, Gwen ........... 62, 327 Kemist, Terry L. . . . .......62 Kemp, Robert B. ........... 255 Kendall, Betty Ann ......... 309 82 239 Kennedy, Carolyn B.. . Kenned Harold R I 12331 327 y, . ......... 257 Kensinger, Eunice R. . 283 Kerchberger, Vern H.. . Kerl, John 1. ......... . Kerl, Walter R. .... . Kerlin Richard G. . 126.1317 . . . . .245 .......241 , . ........ 323 Kernodle, ElizabethA. .... 62, 310 Kerrigan, Mary F. ....... 82, 99, 253, 329, 331 . . . . . . . .314 Kidd, Marian K. ...... 34, 16, 35, 62, 191, 290 Kiechel, Walter, Jr. . . . 11, 82, 217 Kienker, Lorene G. ......... 191 Kier, Mary F. .............. 207 Kiesselbach, Katherine ...... 225 Kiester, William L. ..... 102, 203 Kilmer, H.. . .62, 282, 303.327, 328 Kime, Melva 1. ......... 62,276, 277, 281, 290, 298 Page 393 233, 290, Kral, Creighton W. ........ . 33 1 203 Kramer, Leroy 0. .......... 263 Kramer, Vaden. . . . . . Krasne, Rhoda L. ......... . Kratz, William G.. Krause, Ma1'g3fC1 .........161 L. ..... 82,95, 101,313,323 Krause, Robert J. .......... 267 Krebs, Iris M. .......... 64,303 Krebs, Wanda H. .... ...... 2 Krejci, Robert F. .... ..... 3 5 Krenzien, Carl H. .......... gil Kreps, Dale A. .......... 82,219 Kreuscher, Verna J. .... 109, 241 Kreycik, Vernon C. ......... 269 Krikac, Robert J. .......... 159 Kriz Robert L. ........ . Kroening, R11Ym0nd F Krohn, Victor F. .... . Kronick, Lloyd G. .......- .64 215 259 , 320 Kruegerbgga Lee, Annabel .............. 267 Lee, Barbara ...... 140,219,313 Lee, Chester E. ............ 324 Lee, Jackson F. ......... 99,243 Lee, John E. ............... 267 Lee, Louise ................. 99 Leiferdink, Allen J. ......... 261 Leiferdink, H. Rosalind..64,327 Leffler, James R. ........... 255 Lefler, Esther L. ........... 235 Lehr, Lewis W. ............ 241 Leik, Francis H. ....... 169,211 Lein, Arthur .............. 271 LeMaster, Bernard R. ....... 165 Leuthauser, Norman A...64,308 L t n, H. Lucile ......... 219 L3ii3it3n, Richard A. ........ 199 Lewis, George G. ........... 322 Lewis, Harriett V....38,:m,2375i Lewis, Roland R. ........... 259 Ley, Josephine V. ....... 64, 223 LIBRARY ............ .1296 Lichty, Robert D. ....... 64,303 Lideen, Alice M. ........ 1 1 327, 328 L.eberS, Niax P. ...o.o.o..o. Lienemanllo Delmar A' "" '-215 ' 14, J et E. ............. 223 .... Liggett, Lee ...... 38, ...237 L1mPP, Ann? 1 " "I1I'.::.151,199 I-1l1SCOllllJ, Robert LJIJSCF, James L. .... 101 273.1119 145109, Howard ........ 12691303 Little, Frank ....... 159 321,39-1 1-5910. James D. ....... ' .... 1.355 Lfwlaood. Robert .......... 261 LWUISSIOII, Leslie ..... . 178 Lohaoll, John ............ Locked. Phyllis .......... f'-2111 Loefflfff, lane ....... 64 2811309 Loetterle, Francis ...... 11961211 Lohnk. Bill ............... 1211 Llfflgi Vernon .............. 328 1-IIVILBTOCK JUDGING l'l-IAM .................. 317 1-01, F. Howard ........ 196,209 Logemann, Lena ............ 283 Lomax. Evereu .......... 112, 169 Long, Martha .... ..,,,, 2 13 Long, Phyllis ....... .,,, 2 01 Long, Virginia ............. 201 Longman, Kenneth ...... 261,302 Lonie, Wallis ....... ...... 22 1 Lonnquisl, John ......... 64,318 Loomis, Ber11ice ....... .61,2l9 Loomis, Laird ......... .... 2 ll LOOMIS HALL ...... .... 2 82 Lord, Kenneth ........ ..... 6-1 Lortscher, Velasca .......... 53 Loscde, Elaine .......... 282,303 Losede, Imogene.. ..,,., 328 L0VClHd5', James. . ....... 261 Lowe, Mary ............. 82,219 Ludwick, Bob ............. 257 Ludwick, Jean ............. ,223 Luebs, Robert .......... 169,324 Luers, Roberta ...... 64,2l9, 369 Luers, Walter ............. 24,3 Lukas, Frances. ..... 61,282 Luke, Willia111. ........ 165 Lunt, Albert ............... 279 L11tl1er, Walter ...... 82, 136, 165, 169, 171 Luttgen, Lillie ....... 64,191,207 Lutz, Eleanor . ........ 82,239 Lux, Ivan. . . Lydick, Marion ....... Lyman, Joanne . . ......61,279 oo. -oo Lyman, Charles.. .... .. Lyman, Ed ...... ........ Lynn, Anna ............. 64 Lynn, Engaard ............ Lynn, Ned .............. 11 Lyon, George ............. Mc MrArthur, Gertrude M. . . . . McCampbcll, Robert P.. McCarthy, Mary Jean.. 197, ..99, McCartney, Dorothy G. .... . McCartney, Orlyn M.. . . Kruse, L -1 F Kruse 11016 "" ' - L.. .35,36. 82,2311 Kruse, Marvggz 315, 317, 318, Kruse, Norman W. ........- 243 Kryger, Ralph S... ....... 64-278 Kubicek, ROPCT1 5' """ ,190 Kubik, Evohgelme J-- - ' -9520, Kuhns, Betty' E" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' -64 Kuncl, Adolph -J" "" ' ' " 317 Kuper. Alfred W' """' 1:1211 Kuppinefo 53.1,i1k'o.'::::: .... 91 Kupplflgefw Lindberg, Rlchard L- b , 'Xenia A.. . .. Li33gii33, Charles R.. - - - Line, Muriel E. ...... - - rho. Richard---------' Linscott, Elaifle' ' ' ' Lippitt, Nelle ...... L' , Marjorie ......... Lgggett, Ruben .......- - ,..- .313,315 ...,203 ....309 .64,319 ....190 ...,263 197,205 ..6-1 I v 7 v 317 281 239 .64 307 237 .61 211 221 . 82, 223 227 239 249 300 McCauley, A. Lorraine ...... 237 McCaulley, Vivian J. ........ 219 McClure, Victor B. ...... 64,203 McClurkin, Robert B.. . .23l,3l5 McClyn1ont, Richard 1.. ..... 169, 181,247 McConnell, Edward B.. . .82, 184 McCracken, Maryellen ...... 233 B1CCll1CllCOIl, Dorothy 1.. ..... 281 McDermott, John S. ........ McDonald, Edwin E. .... 61,218 McDonald, John B. ......... 305 McDonald, Rachel ........... 63 McDonald, William W.. . -32. 16- 3icD0ugal, OWCII J. ...... 82, McDowell, GCOFECUC --'-' 64303 McDowell, Wilfred 0. ....... 221 McFadden, Harry W..32,30-51319 noroflood. Bern' Jw' ----- -304 Mclfarrcn, Marjorie 1. ...... 3305 NlcGavern, Mary G. ...... 64,333 N1cGeachin, Betty .......... McGee, B1Z1F15l3P1'.. ....--- gf ,311 V . ........ 1 1 McGill, Da 1 317,318,325 McGinnis, Kenneth ......... 2296 McGraw, Keith L. .......... Xlcllravy, El110f1- - - McKay, Kay D.. . . . McKee, Mary E. .... . McKee, Wililam McKerney, Jesse W.. McKeon, Leo C. .... . McLaI'1'erty, Lucy G.. McLaughlin, Anne ...... McLaughlin, Mary M.. . . McLeod, Robert W.. . ....306 ....233 .66,211 ....261 279,315 ....205 ....239 .....11 ....162 -McMahon, Patricia F. ...... 303, 309, 330 McMaster, Mary E. ......... 249 McMillan, Ruth K. ...... 97,123, Mauter, Dan ...... Maxey, Marilyn H.. . . . . . .301 . ..... 219 Maxwell, Betty Jean. ..... 219 Maxwell, Henry J.. . May, Edward W.. . . Mayfield, Boyd A... Mayper, Stanley .... Mead, Clifford L.. . . Mead Verne. . . . . . .... 66 . ...... 84 . ..... 317 ........259 .....66,324 , . ......... 324 Mcdlci, Faith B. ..... 11, 66, 290, 295, 298, 306. 331 Meek, June L. ........... 66,327 Minthorn, Tom ...... ..... Mitchell, Cecile A. ......... . Mitchell, Mason E. ....... .. Mizner, Harold M. ......... . Moell, L. Dwight ....... 161, Moellering, Eric T. ........ . Moffett, Robert W. ....... . Mohrman, Margaret E.. . .66, Moll, Florence ............ Monahan, Marian J. ...... . Monsky, Hubert ........... 245 239 267 . 66 261 . 66 267 237 207 235 169 Newell, Alberta J. ........ 323 Newell, Jeanne E. ....... 68.239 Newhoff, George .........,, ,316 Newman, Betty E...123,225.330 Newman, Monetha N....295, 330 Newman, Elton W. ........ ,316 Nichols, Betty Ahh ......... .239 Nichols, Betty J. ......... 84.201 Nicholson, Marian B. ...... ,223 Nickel, Wiuic F. .......... ' 68 Niehus, William B. ........ 1.84 Niemann, Harold E....68,98,'99, . 199, 288 McMullin, Mary J. .... . McMurtrey, George B.. . 140, 313 .. . .219 .84, 120, 297, 305 Meier, Clifford H. .......... 243 Meier, Fred J. ......... 165,169 Meier, R. Jeanne ........... 219 Meixel, Geo. Donald ..... 35,215, 312, 320, 324 Mekie, M. ................. 190 Melton, Don L. ...... 66, 159, 162 Melville, Marjorie ....... 66,239 MEN,S INTRAMURALS .... 186 Menzer, Calman M. ......... 273 Mercer, John ............... 278 Merriam, Constance M. ...... 253 Merrick, Beth .............. 225 Mertz, Willard N. .......... 245 Messersmith, Robert R. ..... 302, 317, 318, 325 Metheny, Donald E. ........ 211 Metheny, Fred R. ........... 243 Monson, Andrew M. ..... 66, 162, 231,315 Moon, Janet ................ Moore, Charlene A. ........ . Moore, Donald C. .... .... . Moore, Donald E. .......... . Moore, Jessie B. ........... . Moore, John M. ........ 261, Moore, Margaret ....... 235, Moore, Dale R. ............ . Moore, Tom B. ............ . Moravec, Daniel F.. .84, 162, Morell Au ust , g ............. Morgan, Jean ..... 34, 35, 66, Morris, Marjorie M. ..... 84, Morrison, Janice L. ..... 207, Morrow, John P. ...... . Morrow, Mary L. .... 84, 140, Morrow, Neale H. ......... . Niess, Otto A. .............. 307 Nilsson, Donald C.. . . Noble, David A. ..... ifI1a4,'3i2 Norris, Jay C. ...... . Nottelmann, John F.. .......320 ......196, 271, 324 N ourse, Robert W. ...... 84, 267 N ovak, Al .......... 84, 269, 323 Novicoff, Ben ........ 99, 108, 259 Noxon, Mildred A.. . . 303 315 N uernberger, Eldon 1169: 324 NU-MEDS ................ 305 Nunns, Edgar D. ........... 324 Nutter, Chas. Fred. . . O ....279 Ochsncr, Harvey A. ..... 307 Malster, Clara ....... Olson Pick McNamara, Patricia Ann .... 201 McNaughton, Pat C. ..... 66,302 McNutt, Robert D. ......... 261 McPhail, John R. ........... 161 McPherson, Helen M. .... 66,239 M MacAllister, Jean H. ........ 39, 190,213 MacDonald, C. Ivan ......... 271 MacDonald, Rachel ......... 303 MacDonald, Roy S. ......... 328 MacDougall, Boyd L. ....... 300 Mack, Edward A. .... ...- . 162 Mack, Harold L. .... ..... 2 78 Mack, Wayne H. .... ..... 2 41 Macoy, Joann H. .... ..... 2 19 Maddy, Maxine ..... ..... 3 04 Madgett, Albert ..... ..... 3 Mahar, Bill F. ............. . E Mahlin, Kenneth .. Malmsten, Robert K.. Malashock, Irving .... Mallat, Betty J. .... . ....84,278 ....66,255 .......273 .......223 Mallo, Betty ............... 281 M 84 97 325 Malmberg, Louise . . Malster, Maurine .... Maly, Mary M. ..... . 9 9 .......281 ........84 66 225 Mann, Arlene M.. . .295J 5051 326 Mann, Kenneth L.. . . .......324 Manning, Barbara M. ....... 249 Mansefild, Lenore E.. . . . Marchand, James R. . Marcy, Charles R.. . . Marek, Olga ........... Margolin, Morton L.. Marker, E. Lucille. . . Marko, Mariellen ....... Markytan, Stanley L.. Marler, Don F. ..... . Marmo, Louis A.. . . . Marnell, Mary R.. . . . Marshall, Doris J. ..... . Marshall, Ella Jo .... Marshall, Howard J Marston, Barbara J.. . cc... 191, 219 .. . .322 ....203 .66,213 .99, 259 .66, 304 309, 314 . 66, 205 ....300 ....261 . . . . .66 .66,235 ....205 249,313 . . . .267 267 Metz, Bill ......... Metz, Robert L. ..... .. Meyer, Barbara L. .... . .....259 .....267 ..66,225 Morse, Richard L. ........ . Morse, Thomas I. .... . . . . Mort, Mildred ............. Morton, William S. ........ . MORTAR BOARD ........ 207 283 323 241 225 322 304 308 267 247 300 207 281 314 247 239 251 199 247 253 199 291 O,Connell, Kathryn A.. O'Connell, Robert E. ..... 35, 84, 97, 247, 327 O'Connor, John William. .68,211 Meyer, Betty Sue .... ..... 3 29 Meyer, Carl L. ............. 322 Meyer, Elizabeth F. .......... 84 Meyer, Jack F. ...... 66, 181,247 Meyer Louis M. ........ 217,305 Meyer, Max E. ..... 66, 158, 162, 211,279,308 Meyer, Walter L. ........... 142 Meyers, Henry F. ........... 279 Michael, Lowell W.. . .35, 84, 99, 271,320 Micheels, Gertrude ....... 84, 310 Mickey, Jeannette C. ........ 39, 191,223 Milder, Carl B. ............. 273 Milder, Edward E. ...... 161,273 Milder, Edwin G. ....... 101,273 Milek, William A... Miles, James MILITARY BALL.. Millar, Ruth Millard, Kennth E.. .....a4,161 ........322 ........11a ........219 Mowbray, J. William .... 66, 112, 267 165, 196, Noseman, Art G. ........ 84,231 Mowrer, Keith E. ........... 162 Mowry, Roberta G. ......... 223 Mrstik, Adolph V.. . . . . . . .323 Mueller, Alice M. .... ..... 1 90 Mueller, Betty J. ............ 84 Mueller, Emil L. ........ 66,322 Mueller, George P. ........ . Mulder, Jeane M. .......... . O'Connor, Patricia A.. . .281, 301 Oelkers, Harold H. .... . Oelrich, Wilfred C. .... . Ogden, Hubert M. ..... . Ogle, Hazel M. ........ . O'Hanlon, Clark J... Ohrt, Margaret M. ..... . Oldfather, Charles H..11 . . . .215 161,215 .99, 329 109, 325 .84, 257 ....315 ,84,243 Olenberger, Carl F. ..... 101,245 Olmsted, Wilfred M. ..... 99,241 Mullet, Wayne L. ....... 221, Mullicken, Mary J. ....... . Mundorff, Gene M. ....... . Munhofen, N. Blair. . . . . . Munter, Ernest L. ........ . MU PHI EPSILON ........ Murphy, Marvin L. ....... . Murray, Cleora T. ........ . Murra Geor ia M. .... 305 . 66 205 301 190 231 161 322 327 161 Olsen Lloyd A. ............ 305 Olson, Burman F. .... ..... 1 42 Olson, Floyd E.. . . . . ,. .115 Frank W. ............ 102 Olson, Ken.neth O. ....... 84,324 Olson, 249 Olson, Robert A. .... .... . OMICRON NU ...... ..... Opper, Peggy E. .... .... . Orr, Gwenith G.... Marian C. .......... . 162 327 205 197 Millburn, Harriet A. .. . .307 .66, 303 ya B Murray, Raymond L. ....... . Muskin, Leo.nard G..169, 173 Muth, Harlan K. ........ 66 Mutz, Sterling F. .......... . Mutz, Virginia F. . Myers, Betty ..... I Myers, Lynn ..... Myers, L. Wharton .66 326 278 , 273 , 165 217 306 239 7 ..........169 .....109,211, Matin, Martin, Alfred W. .......... . Dorothy A. ........ . Martin, Edna M. .... .... . Martin, Jack H. ..... .... . Martin, Miriam M. ......... . Martin, Robert H. ....... 66, Martyn, Wi.nnifred R. .... 84, Martz, Marvin, Clyde O.. .84, 99, 106, Betty Jane .......... 323 190 307 257 190 257 239 379 305 306 Marvin, David K. .......... . Maser, Edward J. ............ 66 Mason, Arthur W. .......... 161 Mason, Byron H. ........... 160 Mason, John C. ...... 13, 84, 106, 181,211 Massie, Fay J. .... .. Mastalir, Milton J. ......... . Mastin, M. Imogen ..... 304, Mathieson, Donald R. Mathis, Arlis A. .... . Mathis Warren . 84, Matsclfullat, Wayne Matteson, Frank P... 109 269 327 . . . . . . .307 109 161 301 . . . . . . .109 Matteson, Mary E. ........... 66 Matthews, Louise ........ 66,281 Manck, Nancy A.. . .201, 313, 326 302, 319 N N CLUB .................. 165 Nakada, Pershing ....... 159,324 Nalley, Aubrey C.. . . .66 NATIONAL PERSHING. ' " Osborn, Harold .... ..... 2 57 Osborn, Jean ............... 235 Osborne, John R. ........... 247 O'Shea, Betty ...... 120,235,313 Osler, Lilliam L. .... 303,315 Ostergard, Virginia H. ...... 304 Ostlund, E. ........ . ......- Otto, Charles L. ......... 68, Ouren, Louis H. .... 97,160, Ousley, Carl A. ......... 84, Owen, Margaret A...84, 197, Owen, Paul A. ...... 68,320, 331 215 199 247 Owen, Judith L. ............ 219 253 324 213 213 Owens, Lois K. ............ . Owens, Rosemary ........... P PALLADIAN ............. Palmer, Kenneth A. ....... . P m r Martha R 1 , . ......... . PANIPIELLENIC COUNCIL. Pappas, Chris .............. Pappas, Jennie ............. Paradise, Francis C.. . . Paradise, William G 6--.- .......- Park, Kathryn L. .......... . Parmele, Charles C.. .. Miller, Ada C. ......... 295,304 Miller, C. Marshall ......... 320 Miller, Dorothy, M. ......... 219 Miller, Ernest D. ........... 217 Miller, Florence R. ...... 66,328 Miller, George R. ........... 324 Miller, Jean E. ............. 328 Miller, Jeanne Y. ....... 109,300 Miller, John E. ......... 241,318 Miller, Kenneth A. ...... 261,297 Miller, Lee R. ..... ....... 1 99 Miller, Lloyd C.. . . ..... . .322 Miller, Margot E. .......... 303 Miller, Marion C. ..... 84, 97,313 Miller, Mason F. .... 66,320,322 Miller, Mildred L. .......... 283 Miller, Norma H. ........... 205 Miller, Paul E. .......... 66,315 Miller, Paul T.. .84, 162,211,279 Miller, Rex C. ............. 302 Miller, Richard G. .......... 241 Miller, Richard K. .......... 245 Miller, Robert H. ....... 66, 112, 247,297 Miller, Sarah B. ......... 66,263 Miller, Talmage E., Jr. ...... 302 Miller, Thomas ............ Milliken, A. ......... .... . Million, Don A.. . . Mills, Hiva E. ..... . Mills, Milton H.. .. Mills, Robert F. ..... 111164, Minnick, James Minor, Lillian .... Minor, Matt .... .91 184 165 . .304, 314 257 165 199 s. ....... 35, . . . . .201- .....241 RIFLES ................ 160 Neiswanger, Gale C. ........ 241 Nekuda, Leslie ............. 181 Nelsen, Marvin C. ....... 66,199 Nelson, Emery W. .......... 315 Nelson, Geraldine V. ........ 267 Nelson, Harold R. .......... 160 Nelson, Jack T. ........ 169, 173 NCISOH, James E. ........... 231 Nelson, Robert A. . . . . . . . . .66 Nelson, Robert G. .......... 158 Nelson, Sylvia F. ........ 66, 263 Nelson Ted H . . . . . . ,66, 322 7 s u o o Nennemann, Ernest. . Neu Richard ........84 4 P. ............. 84 Neumann, Mary L. ...... 205, 303 Neville, Jeanne S. ........... 281 Nevin, Ril1a'M. ......... 66,213 Newberg, Arthur H. ......... 68 Newburn, Ben ......... .... 6 8 Newburn, Floyd A... .......323 Partner, Mary E. ........ 68, Paschke, Wade W. ......... . Patterson Doris .... 190, 191. Patterson: Esther M. ....... . Patterson, Harold F. ....... . Patterson, J. Kenneth...318, Patterson Patricia.......... 7 Patton, Betty Ann ........ .. 306 203 239 197 322 307 324 324 201 I ........ 322 Parker, Joe R.. 261 281 324 223 281 199 323 225 223 207 Patton, Mario.n L. ......... . Page 39+ Elem Gene Paulliya Paul50Ils I Pau15CIls J Paul50Il1 I Paulson, 1 P,,ulSOUs I Pearson' Peckham' Pellks RIC Pedersen, Pelcalia E pcluer, 176110111 lg effllla irrSHU person, I 176511610 Peslalt 'T Pestali I PCICISQ I PeterS,ll Peters, l Petersen Petersen PeterS6U Peters0I1 Peterson Petersor Petersoi Petersol Petselh PCIIII, A Petrir,1 Petty, Petzold Pfeilf, Pleilier Pfeiliei Pflug, PHAL1 PHAR CLP Phelps Phelps PHI I PHI I PHI I PHI I PHI 4 PHI Philli Philp PHI PHI PHI PHY C Pia PI Pielsu Pier Pier Pier Pier PI ' PI, Pill Paul, Eleanor H. ......... . 314 Poellot Doris M Rhodes, Mary R Rippeteau, Darrel: 3 I I . . .320: 321 Paul, Genevieve N. .......... 281 Pauley, J. Caroline. . .84, 303, 315 Paulson, Harold A. .......... 68 Paulsen, Howard D. ........ 255 Paulson, Jack F. ........ 203,316 Paulson, Elinor J. .......... 304 Paulson, Vernon H. ..... 68, 320, 321, 323 Pearson, G. Elaine ...... . . .68 Peckham, Charlotte C.. . .68, 330 Peck, Richard C. ........... 308 Pedersen, Marion W. .... 84, 231, 318, 325 Pelcak, Emil J. ............. 302 Peltier, Leonard F. . .261, 305, 319 lgolloclf, Don F. I J J J 1Jolonsky,. Jeannette A.. . , 68 oole, Shirley A., , 1 Pope, Patricia M.. . . 39.190, 315 Poppe, Mnfciiie E.. . 104' 109, 233 PoPPle, James C. ...., , 91,161 Porter, Alfred F. .... I J i J 241 Porter, Clara E. ..... 1 i 3 i J .109 Sorter, Dale .......... J I I i .211 orter, Geor e Porter, K. JaI1e.Y .... 68, 173, Porter, Margaret L.. Porter Pospis , Spencer M,, , il, Paul F. . 325 .......247 209 POULTRY SCIENCE' ' ' ' ' ' ' CLUB .............. 319 PRAIRIE SCHOONER " ' .103 Rice, Charles ....... J J 1 R1chardson, Catherine ...... ,531 R1chardson, James ,..... 279.594 Rtchmfld, Canis ..... 36 04,35-, Riddle, L. Blanche. i Q35 RIFLE CLUB ..... """"i5 Rigas, Lois ....... I""9g-3'30l1 RQSHCSS, Edith ..... I-H1-90,306 Rfssness, Eric ....... "'B00'306 RUSUCSS, Ruth ..... i H , 306 Rinder, Harry ....... 1 196'-717 Rrnne, Reinhold ....... 268,319 Rgpley, Dori, ........ 68 237'3-13 Ripley, John .......... 168,300 Rlppen, Alvin.. ...279,316 Pf9Sr9n,F dn. .... 16.1 Ifiith M. ..... 5' 169 Pratt, Randall A. ..... 201' , 315 , 231 303 Rist, Rita ........ I I Ritchie, Carl .... Ritz: ..... Roach, Charles. . . Pelton, Frederich L. ........ 199 Perrin, Dorothy E. .......... 213 PERSHING RIFLES ....... 161 Person, Bruce A. ........ 84,269 Peshek, Annabelle ....... 68, 309 Pestal, Joy E. ...... 306,327,328 Pestal, Ruth M. .... 276,277,306 Peters, Dorothy K. .......... 314 Peters, Margaret A. ......... 109 Peters, Richard A. ...... 161 217 Petersen, Carole L. .... . Petersen, Chris. . .90, 99, Petersen, Clarence M. ..... . Peterson, Betty J. ........ . 2211 .267 329 Price, James B. ...... 111111247 Prime, Ann Patrice ...... 84 207 Pfochaska. Jerome J. ....... '. 169 Proffitt, Roy F. ..... 68,106,165, 1 Prokop, Leon D. ..... Prostok, Max ............... 259 Protzman, Frank W. .... 158,161 Pryor, Wyman W. .......... 315 Rivett, Marjorie. Rixstine, Bonnie ..... Roach, Betty ........ B5,95, 101, 109, 119, Roach, David .... Robbins, MHFURFCI Robeck, .losepbhinei Roberson, Helen . . ....70,201 . 159 .307 .207 .237 100, 253 . 109 B6,' 320, 323 .. . . 10,305 .86, 237, 310 Purdham Bett Peterson, E. .......... .... . Peterson, Ivan A. ..... .... . Peterson, Kenneth S. ....... . Peterson, Zelma ............ Petsch, Roy ............ 169, Pettit, Aubrey R. .......... . Pettit, Letha L. .......... 68, Petty, Wilma M. .......... . Petzold, June E. ........... . Pfeiff, William .......... 68, Pfeiffer, Otto H. .... 102, 203, Pfeiffer, Russel L.. . .68, 203, Pflug, William D. ......... . 323 235 184 231 231 237 171 161 237 304 303 165 316 316 . 68 159 PHALANX ................ PHARMACEUTICAL CLUB .................. Phelps, Elbert T. ........ 84, Phelps, Shirley M. ......... . PHI BETA KAPPA ........ PHI CHI THETA .......... PUBLICATIONS BOARD. .94 Pugh, Vivian J. ......... 304,190 Pugsley, Harriet A.. .68, 239, 309 Pumphrey, Dwight ........... 84 Pumphrey, F. Vance .... 102,315 .223 Roberts, Charles . . .243, 323, 184 Roberts Elizabeth .......... 225 Roberts, .lim ............... 267 Roberts, Lillian. . . ......... 223 Roberts, Lyle .... ...... 7 0,317 Roberts Pauline. . 9 Robertson, Doris. . , y J. .......... 207 Purdham, Rozanne E. ....... 207 Pusateri, Frank ..... 68,159,300 Q Quay, Quentin ..... ..... 2 99 PHI DELTA PHI .......... PHI DELTA T HETA ...... PHI GAMMA DELTA ..... PHI KAPPA PS1 ......... Phillips, Robert J. ......... . Philp, Miles W. ........... . PHI MU ................... PHI SIGMA KAPPA ....... PHI UPSILON OMICRON. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB .................. Piazza, Augustine J. ....... . P1 BETA PHI ............ Pickering, Martha A. ...... . Pielstick, Weston T. .... 279 Pierce, Ed F. ............. . Pierce, Elizabeth R. .... 191, Pierson, Fritz A. .......... . Pierson, Thomas C. ....... . P1 KAPPA ALPHA ....... a 307 209 283 292 310 308 242 244 246 267 247 248 250 328 190 306 252 205 318 328 233 211 211 254 Pl. LAMBDA THETA ...... 309 Pillsbury, Charles H. ........ 68, 139,217 Pillsbury, Robert D. ..... 68, 161, 196,217 PI TAU SIGMA ........... 324 Pitcaithley, Harry W.. . .68, 165, 178, 179 Pitner, Will J. ....... 36, 68, 231, 315, 317, 318 Pittenger, James S. ....... . .300 Pitzer, Ruth E. ...... 68, 303, 304 Plantz, Roger E. ............. 68 Platt, Frances E. ....... 68, 109, 223, 309, 327 Platt Otis B. ............. . , .255 Platz, Phyllis E. ........ 283,295 Plucknett, C. Eleanor ...... 282, 315,303 Plum, Melvin L. ........... 322 Poe, Robert C. .... . . . . Page 395 . 243 R Rabeloer, Alex W. .... ...... 6 8 Rader, Don ........ ..... 3 24 Radtke, Warren .... ..... 2 47 Raines, Max ..... ..... 3 19 Ramey, Bob ...... ....... 1 69 Ramey, Frances ......... 10,328 Randall, Al W. ......... 178,179 Randall, William. Randel, Margaret Rapp, Carl ....... Rapp, Virginia . . . Raser, Wade ..... Rathbone, John. . . Rathburn, Bette . . Rathburn, Connie. Rawalt, Verne .......... Raznick, Joe ..... Rea, Jack ........ Rector, Donald. . . .......68,255 L. ......... 68 ..........255 ..........205 .....68,196 .......68,158 .. ...... 225 .. . .201 68, 112, 196, 269 .......259 .....257 . . . .300 Rector, F. Gordon ...... 321, 243 Reddick, Doris . . . Reddy, Paul ........ . , .... 68 .34, 68, 245, .. ...... 283 .... .314 Robertson, Gordon. . . ..... 247 Robertson, Rachel Robinson Eu ene .....223 .. ...... 307 , 3 - Robison, Mary ......... 233, 313 Rockey, Mary .... ...... 2 83 Rodenbeck, F. ...... .... 1 84 Rodenburg, Elton. . . .... .159 Roe, Orville ........ ..... 3 23 Roettele, Paul .............. 162 Rogers, Doris ............... 235 Rogers, Gifford ............. 271 Roggenbach, DeForrest ...... 102 Rohde, Harold ............. 227 Rohman, Carl .......... 247,296 320, 321 RED GUIDON ............. 162 Reed, A. Grant ....... 16,35, Reed, Clyde.. .... ..... 8.235 Reed, Doris J. .... ..... , 235 Reed, Louise ............... 201 Reed, Martllga A.. -120. Reed' Raft """"15B,2BB, R d , Jane .............. . Rigs? Betty ..... 35, 84,225,311 Reese, Ward ............ 8 -4--102 Rehmeief' '503',315, ,ns 323 R h.'g, Alex ............... Rgigfe, Velma .... - - - -3331 Reimel-S, Eleanor ..... 68,225 Reitz, Prgfzdla ........... , 283 ' k, ie ..... , ......... s Rgiiifngtonf Frederick ....... Remington, Gene ..... . - -54-281 R gl , .........- -- 9 Rgiinizlc, Robert ............ Rhoades, Ray ........ .... Rohn, Henry ....... 165, 169, 173 Rohrbough, Betty ........... 207 Rohrbough, Jack . . .245, 324, 321 Rohrich, Jack ...... 245, 321, 324 Rohrich, Joseph ............. 70 Rohrig, Herman .... 165, 169, 171 Rokahr, Mary .......... 223,321 Rolland, Raymond .......... 211 Romans, Warren ........... 257 ROSA BOUTON HALL ..... 283 Rosborough, Mary. . .39, 191, 235 Rosenbaum, Patricia .... 109,205 Ross, Mylan ........ 86, 102, 162, 297, 315, Rost, Ada .................. Roth, Donald ..... ........ 2 03 Roth, Frank ...... ..... 8 6, 251 Rothkop, Tedb ...... . . .7.0. .129569 Rothwell, Ro ert 241, 317 Roubicek, Carl ......... 162, 279 Rounds, C. Ward ............ 86 Rousek, ..... f Rousey, Marian ............ Row, Wglma ..... ........ 1 7 Ro al, eorge ............ L. .W Rubino, Frank ......... 169, Rubnitz, Mariam .... 99, 311, 169 Rubottom, Donald .......... 278 Ruby, Ellls .............. 281 Ruby, Helen ..... ...... 1 84 Rumbolz, W. ..... ..... L 257 Rundin, Walter- ' ' ""' 916, Rundle, Harold.. .... .... .933 Runyan, Marjorie. - - -10, 513 Rupert, ""' ' "'. 1 , ae ...... .---- - - - EBSQ' Rfilifi ...... 162, 319, Q29 Ruseg, N. Dale ......... 169. -gg Russell, .lean ....... 321 Russel, Shirley ..... 1 S Sack, Virginia M. .......... 213 Salisbury, K,,,1,,.,.,,,,, Hn N Sw Salisbury' Randall ,Zu H35.. Pulllllle, William A. Hull:- Sampson, llarold R. . . -511 31111151-11. Jack 13. ..... fit: Sundall, Charles Qlllddll. John Cu ,, Rundbffll, .l. Robert -, ...10,2UJ .....169 , 209 1' -1 Sanders, D. Kim-th .... llflijiifgil Rundcfs, L- Jean ..... 70,f2f1S'3-rt, Sanderson, Walter l.. ....... i 161, .., .,,,, Sandfort, Robert C. .... jhliiir-C Satterlee, Ruth Y. ..... m8610211 Saunders, joseph l-I.. . , -TU' 3-,I Quufwr. llazel 11. ....... 303515 QUWFUF, Frank A. ......... 1.70 PUWYCF, George ll. .......... 2-17 Qlwcr, William 1'...70,:is1 510: sCAB11ARU Aan 111..m1:.f15B Schaper, Leola C. ........ 86 223 Schelfel, Harry L. ........ 1 70 Schellberg, Don lf. ....... H1-I" Schenck, John N. ......... C261 Schere, 11.-Ian E. .... 70, 30115211 Schick, John N. ........... 1203 Schick, Norris l'f....278, 321 32" Scllill, M. Dee ............. 1213 Schlaphoff, Elmer C. ........ 316 Schlater, Robert W. ..... 86,211 Schleh, Robert W. ....,,,,,, 211 Schlcich, Victor ............ 169 Schlichtman, Leah M. ....... 70, 303,315 Schluckcbier, Glen ll.. . .169, 273 Schluckebier, .l. Phillip .... 32-I Schluckebier, Merle E. ...... 112 Schluckebier, Robert R.. .70,3l5, 320, 32-I Schleuter, Richard E. .... 86, 320 Schmade-ke, Clarence H. .... 231, 316 Schmadekc, Lloyd C. .... 165,231 Schmer, Robert W. ......... 279 Schmid, Beth E. ........ 249,313 Schmidt, Betty J. ........... 282 Sch111idt, Elbert H. ......... 199 Schmode, Alvin l"....70, 165,300 Schnase, Mary A. ........ 70, 326 Schneckloth, Roland E. .... . Schneider, Ernest M. ...... . Schneider, Fred D. ....... 70,11 -- Schneider, Orin D. ........ . Schneiderwind, Estln-r M... . 245 39-1 261 203 23 7 Schobel, Patsy V. ............ 70 Schobert, Ralph 1'I...70, 279,318 Schock, George W. ...... 70,257 Scholz, Harold K. ...... 278,322 SCHOOL OF l"lNl'I All'l'S...5l SCHOOL OF JOl.'RNAl.lSM.5l Schrader, ..., Dale l.. ...... 142, 320, 321 3 .22 Schrader, Dean C. .......... 3 Schrader, Richard A. ....... 231 Schram, Vernon W. ......... 300 Schricker, Mary C. ...... 70,219 Schroeder, Beth ........ 109,201 Schroeder, Betty 1...86. 191.222 Schroeder, Harold E. ....... 243 Schroeder, Warren H. ..... ...231 Schudel. Dorothy M. .... 2-82, .10-5 Schudel. Harold l.. ...... 10,201 315,318,325 Schuff. Barbara li. ....... 86.225 Schultz, Irene E. ........ 109, 301 Schultz, Jack ...... L ..... 21? Schulz, Don l'...86,l6:1,2-11,312 Schumacher. lfli7al,etl1 ...... 304 Schumacher, Ralph 1'.. .... -1.316 Schuttloffel, Emma M...26A.30'l Schwulp, Melvin C. ...... 3-..3' Schwartz. Pauline M. .... 10,293 Schwartz. Wiillizgqni Cul ------. - -QL' . -1 , ,I wart ....... , Schuartzk ip 1652169 Schwartzkopf. Sam ...... 169, 1,3 Schwartzman. A. .l0H?l'h ---" H2 Schwedhf-lni, Lorraine A. .... Schwieger, Ida V. ......... . Scott, Barbara E. ........... 235 Scott, Frank M. .... 273,322,370 Scott, Shirley .............. 253 Scow, Eleanor ....... 70,303,330 Seagren, Harry E. ....... 86, 158, 161,269 Searle, Robert N. ........... 269 Seaton, Wanda J. ........... 235 Secund, Mabel M. ....... 86,219 Seeman, George M. ........ 169, 171, 184 Segrist, Edward L.. .99, 101, 112, 119, 196, 221 Seidel, Robert D.. . . . Selders, Archie A.. . . . . . .215, 302 162 . . 142, Simonson, Rae L. ........ 70, 199 Simpson, Mary S. ........... 253 Sims, Frank C. ............. 241 Sinclair, H. M. ............. 211 Sindt, Paul H. ...... 70,231,317 Sinton, Walter ............ 324 Sire, Eugene M. ........ 162,307 Sistek, Beverlee E. ......... 253 Skinkle, Loraine G. ......... 281 Skoda, M. Antoinette. . .109,281 Skoog, Harold A. .......... 279 Skrdla, Willis H....203,318,325 Slagel, Philip W. ........... 86 Slattery, Patricia L. ........ 205 Slaymaker, Frank H. . 86, 320, 324 Slemmons, Robert S. ........ 199 Sloan, Blaine F . ............ 278 Sloan, Kenneth N.. . .70,221,, 279 Sloss, Ruth M. ............. 201 Steele, Paul N..' ......... 72, 323 Steele, Robert D.. . .35, 101, 102, 203,315,316 Steelman, Mildred E. ...... . 306 Steen, William N. .......... 261 Steenburg, Ned ..... ..... 2 11 Stein, Genevieve J. ......... 191 Stein, Herman R. ........... 245 Steinhauer, Elaine E. ....... 205 Steinmeyer, Alice L. ........ 235 Stell, Robert C. ............ 323 Shanahan, Eugene L. ........ 301 Selzer, James M.. . . 90, 97, 247 Semalk, Don F. ............ 324 Senften, Jack W. ........... 247 Seng, E. Roberta. . . .... .190 Seng, Harold W. ........... 321 Sewell, Donald M. .......... 203 Sexton, Don C. ............ . Seybold, Louis R. ......... . .70 257 Shaffer, Tom D. ........ 112,136, 196, 257 Shaw, Eugene W. ....... 203, 315 Shaw, Jane M. ...... 13, 86, 191, 253, 313 Shaw, Janet W. ............ 205 Shaw, Susan P. .... 191,253,330 Shawver, Katherine L.. . .38, 70, Smeerin, Norman ........... 273 316 Smiley, Herbert F. ....... 86, Stenten, Marion M. ...... 86,239 Stepanek Lucille, M.. . . ..... 205 Stephens, Ruth .......... 72,219 Stern, Florence H. .......... 328 Sternberg, Patricia L. .... 37, 86, 281, 331 Sterner, Celia A. ........ 295,309 Steuteville, Mary .... 37, 72, 213, 290, 329 Steuteville, Ruby F. ..... 72,213, 290,298,329 Stevens, David F. ........... 245 Stevens, Harold M. ........ . Stevenson, Aubrey M. ...... . Stewart B arbara ........... 315 300 235 243 324 217 Shepard, Emily K.. 1931151 Sheehan, Rosanne . . 310, 314 ........239 Sheldon, Chauncey C. ....... 308 Sheldon, Keith W. ....... 86,211 Sheldon, Ruth A. ...... 35, 36, 86, 298, '303 Shelley, James A. ....... 109, 161 Shellhase, Willard H. . ......159 ........327 Smiley, Wayne ...... 70,279,317 Smith, Bernard B. .......... 301 Smith, Bert A. ............. 247 Smith, Betty J.. .36, 282,303,328 Smith, Bryce G. ........ 70,108 Smith, Catherine M. ........ 213 Smith, Delbert H. .......... 247 Smith, Donald D. ........... 269 Smith, Edwin T. ....... 101,315 Smith, Genevieve L. .... 213,314 Smith, Hilma 1. ............ 326 Smith, James ...... .... 1 99 Smith, Janet ....... .... 2 35 Smith, Peggy M. ........... 219 Smith, Phyllis J. ........ 86,201 Smith, Ray M. ..... ...... 1 69 Smith, Richard D. .... .... 3 19 Smith, Virginia J. .......... 235 Smrha, Marian R... 70 115 Short, George R. .......... . . . . .35, 169,255 Sherburne, Peggy C.. . . 113, 140, 290,327 Sherburne, Mary S. ...... 70, 228, 237,298 Sherburne, P. .............. 328 Sherman, Irvin A. ..... 70, 96, 97, 106, Sherwood, John W. ........ . Sherwood, Robert M. ...... . Shinn, Lillian K. .......... . Shipman, Frank C. ........ . Shire, Cammille B. ...... 86, 273 217 300 237 325 329 323 Short, Norris W. ........... 322 Shubert, Charles L.. .70, 108, 169 Shull, Ruth E. .......... 86,282 Shuman, Anne L. ........... 267 Shurtleff, Holly K. .......... 207 Sic, Edith M. .............. 102 Siemsen, Donald H. ..... 70,241 Siemsen, Martin L. ......... 323 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. .256 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA ...... 311 SIGMA ALPHA MU ........ 258 SIGMA CHI ............... 260 SIGMA DELTA CHI ....... 329 SIGMA DELTA TAU ....... 262 SIGMA ETA CHI .......... 328 SIGMA KAPPA ............ 264 266 268 320 294 316 273 203 SIGMA NU ................ SIGMA PHI EPSILON ..... SIGMA TAU .............. SIGMA XI ................ Silven, Ruben L. .......... . Silverman, Robert K. ...... . Silvey, Harry L. ........... . Simon, Ervin R. ............. 70 Simon, Frances L. ...... 282, Simmon, Fred R. .......... . 303 273 Simmonds, Norris R. .... 86,307 Simmons, Ken.neth L.. .. Simmons, Jean M.. .223, 295,331 Simmons, Marjorie A. ..... 37,86 Simmons, Robert G. ..... 165,277 Simmons, Robert F.. .11, 86, 165, 255, 267, 297, 306 Simmons, Wilbur M. ......... 16 Simon, Robert E. ............ 86 Simon, Stuart E. .... ..... 2 73 Smutz, .3-03.,.315, 328 109 William W. ........ . Snooker, Wendall A.. . 209 Snodgrass, John ............ 316 Snyder, Charlotte M..70, 109,314 Snyder, Floyd A. ............ 86 Sobel, Ruth F. .............. 70 Sohl, Alice D.. . .86, 305, 311, 326 Sommer, Nolan B. ........... 70 Sorenson, Victor W. ........ 257 Souchek, Russell A. ..... 70,108 Soukup, Francis J. .......... 70 Southwick, Philip L. ........ 247 Southwick, Stanley H. ....... 86, 162, 165 Spahn, Gerald L. ...... 100,101, 120, 245, 296, 297, 136 Spahr, D. Dean ........ 158,162 Spalding, Betty J. ...... 276,313 Spann, Charles C. .......... 108 Spehr, Margaret M. ......... 307 Speidell, Mary L.. .11,38, 70,314 Speier, Eva ................ 295 Spelts, Milton O. .......... . Spelts, Mylda T. .......... . Stewart, Herbert J. ........ . Stewart, Randolph H. .... 72, Stewart, John W. .... 97, 108, Stewart, Mary Elizabeth ..... 72, 225,309 Stewart, Wilma L. ........... 72 Stickney, Wilda L. ......... 328 Stiles, Helen J. ............. 283 Stiner, Fred K. ..... 72,247,288 Stocker, James W. .......... 169 Stoddart, John B. ........... 217 Stoddart, Virginia M. .... '. . .97, 295,235 Stoltzman, Harvey 51... .... 209 211 237 313 Stone, Jack M. ........ .. . . Stone, Marion G. .... 86,197, 303, Stonecipher, Wilma V.. .281, 304 Storer, Mildred M. ......... 326 Storjohann, Deloris ......... 267 Stotts, Dorothy J. ........... 281 Stout, Don I.. . . 162, 231, 316, Stout, Russell .............. 317 162 Strachan, Emma R. ..... 303,315 Strosburger, Robert 1. ...... 278 Strasser, Dale M. .......... 257 Strasser, Richard F. ........ 257 Stratton, Marguerite ........ 140 Stromberger, Natalie ....... 328 Stryson, Mary A. ........... 207 Stryson, Paul S. ............. 72 Stuart, James ...... 243,306,329 Stuart, James H. ........... 306 Stuart, John L. .......... 72,306 Stuart, Rosalie E. .... 72,306,326 Stuart, Wilfred J. ........... 322 Stubbs, William J. .......... 211 STUDENT COUNCIL ....... 34 STUDENT UNION BOARD ................ 312 Studna, Harlan E. .......... 273 Stuhr, Pearl A. .......... 72,310 Stuht, William C. ........... 267 Stuht, Virginia E. .......... 239 Sturdevant, Jean ............ 201 Stutheit, Herbert W. ........ 109 Swenson, Jeanet M. .... 120,276 277, 295, -' Swift, Gladys E. ........ SWIMMING ............. ' 184 2X'.1,S1l.?.12.,D1'3i,'li.'11.yJ51.733133515 237, 326 T Talbot, Harriet C.. .225, 312,313 Talbot Nan ............. '2 Tallmain, Frank P. ....... E5 165, 178, 179,,21j1 Tan Croti, Alfred ........... 301 '1' annenbaum, Melvin ....... 101, 158,239 '1' ASSELS .............. 313 Taylor, Chloe A. ........ 72,267 Taylor, Dorothy E. ...... 72,299 Taylor, Frances M. ......... 307 Taylor, Patricia H. ......... 201 Taylor, Leland W. .......... 217 Taylor, Marion E. ......... 1.307 Taylor, Phyllis E. ....... 72,207 TEACHERS COLLEGE ...... 48 Tegtmeier, Oscar L. ..... 36,165, 279,316,317 Teich, Kenneth W. ...... 86,221 Ten Hulzen, Richard E. ..... 72 Terry, Merrial ............. 314 Tesar, Milo B.. .86,102, 115, 162, 231, 315, 317, 318, 325 Tetherow, Claude L. ..... 72,271 Thacker, Glenn H. ......... 203 Thacker, Wendell ...... 102,203 Tharp, Flavia A. ........... 253 Theisen, Dick .............. 209 Thelander, Ellsworth R. ..... 109 Theobald, Dale A. ...... 102,316 Therien, Robert C. ...... 29, 72, 165,178 THETA SIGMA PHI ....... 329 THETA NU ............... 319 THETA XI ................ 270 Thiel, Burton G. ......... 99,199 Thiessen, John P. .......... 257 Thomas, Thomas Thomas Thomas 9 Ann .............. 225 H. Grant. . .38, 72, 106, 107, 136, 165, 261, 288 Helen, E.. . .72, 303, 328 Lucile E. ....... 99, 201 Thomas Margaret A. ....... 303 Thomas, Maxine A. ......... 72 Thomas, Phyllis J. ........... 86 Thompson, Caroline S.. . .72,281 Thompson, Clifford E.. . .72, 165, 320,322 Thompson Gerald R. ....... 245 Thompson Jean E. ..... 295,304 Thompson, Marjorie M. ..... 281 Thompson, Marvin D.. . .169,245 Thompson, Robert A. ........ 72 Thompson, Theos J .. .72, 169, 173 Thomsen, Vernon A... 72 319 Thor, Eric P. ........ iii72Z 317 Thorley, Mary E. ....... . Thornburg, John C. ..... . . . .201 72, 245 Thurtle, George S. ....... 72, 267 Tibbetts, Lois M.. . . Tilden, Doris M.. . . .....72,281 . ...... 72 Tilgner, John ....... .... - .72 Timbers, Franell D. ......... Spence, John W. ........ 70, Spencer, Craig L.. . .70, 221, Spencer, Truman E. .... 269, Spieker, Ann E. ..... 86,281, Spieth, Olive C. ........... . Spilker, Hazel E. .......... . Spittler, John J. ......... 72, Spomer, Wally C. ......... . SPONSORS CLUB ......... SPORTS BOARD .......... Spradling, George Sprague, Elnora D.. .39, 109, Sprandel, Louis W. ........ . Staab, Marjorie H. ........ . Stahl, Charlotte L. ........ . Stalbaum, Ralph H. ..... 72, K. ...... . Timbers, Ramon H. ........ . Timmas, Alberta J.. Tinker, Jewel G.. . . . Tinstman, Allen L. ..... 159,209 Tinstman, Dale C. .......... 209 ........303 191,267,313 Suing Billie L. ....... .... 2 37 Sullivan, John R. ........... 241 Sullivan, Richard L. ........ 251 Sullivan, Robert M. .......... 72 Sundell, Jean M. ........... 205 Surber, Ruth E. ........ 304,314 Sutton, Justine A. .......... 303 Svoboda, Alice M. ...... 303,328 Tipton, Dorothy ............ 207 Tisthammer, Betty Ann ..... 303 Titterington, Catherine ...... Todd, Isaac T. .......... 72, Stalling, Evelyn M. ...... 72, Stalons, Maxine ..... 72,253, Svoboda Svoboda , Amolie O. ......... 72 , Paul E. ..... 90,99 329 Tollefsen, Robert L. ....... . Stanek, Millard J. ...... 162, Stapleton, Louise B. ....... . Starlin, Marion E....86,303, Stastny, Richard L. ........ . Stearns, George E. .......... 169 Steckelberg, William H.. .86,267 Steckley, Edwin J. .......... 269 Steele, Ellsworth H. ..... 72,277 . 86 233 267 324 324 329 223 303 227 165 140 191 241 295 161 205 253 323 281 311 203 109 315 211 Svoboda, Richard F. ........ 267 Svoboda, Rosanne M. ....... 314 Geor ia R Swallow, g . ........ 253 Swan, Harold E. ..... 36, 72, 247, 287,296 Swan, Norris V. ............ 247 Swanson, Gloria A. ........ 201 Sweeney, Mary H. ...... 205,303 . 72 255 Tolhurst, Harriet J. ......... 245 Tollefsen, Edward D. ...... . Tolles, Mildred E. ........... 72 Tomes, Raynold G...74,165, Tomich, Elsie M. ....... 267, Tondreau, Hubert A. ....... . 184 303 Tomlinson, Ruth L. ......... 295 Tookey, Rosalie M. ........ - Tool, H. Warren .... . . . .74 Page 396 K 'l00lf, 'lean SV Torpllls hu 13113 ' lille! '11 31 Trowbn ggi: Truh1591l9Ma Trllmbll? H31 550 s i1ib?'ff,CC. is 1 . lillil4l5f Mm Tuppsri Turktl, M 91,2 vin iiitff Don' Uelillllgs ZF Uh malls Uhrer1h0ldl NIVERSI UUIVISIO UNIVERSI UNIVERSI UN1VERSl Upsont Joi llreflr C' Vacanti, l Van Andi Van Boen Van B051 Van Busl Van Denl Van H01 Van Kel Van Nes Van Net Van N0 VARSl'l VARSl'l VARSIJ VARSl'l VARSI' Vaughn Vedene Veith, Velte, Vernon Versan Vette, Vidlak Tool, Jean K. ....... .. .... 74 Torpin, R. Stanley .......... 301 WNE CLUB . 314 TO . . Tree, Mary M. .... . . . . .74 TRI-K .......... ..... 3 18 Trimble, Arch .......... 86, 162 Trimble, Helen E. ......... . Trowbridge, Mary J. ..... 74, Truhlsen, Stanley M. .... 86, Trumble, Mary J. .......... . Truscott, Harry A. ......... . Tunberg, C. Lee ........ 305, Tunks, Mary M. .......... A. . Tapper, Leo M. ........ 279, Turkel, Harold ............. Turner, M. Louise ....... 74, Turney, William P. ........ . . 74 225 267 190 322 319 Tunnison, Catherine M. ..... 239 223 317 259 115 300 305 Tyner, Donald S. .... . sf.. U Uehling, Zola K. ............ 283 Uhlman, Fred J. ............ 86 Uhrenholdt, Harry. . .86, 316, 317 UNIVERSITY JUNIOR DIVISION ............... 50 UNIVERSITY 4-H CLUB. . .315 UNIVERSITY PLAYERS. . . 110 UNIVERSITY SINGERS .... 109 Upson, John F. ............. 257 Uren, C. Thomas ........... 257 V . Vacanti, Charles ........... 178 Van Anda, Frances E. ...... 74, 235,331 Van Boening, Edgar E.. .203,316 Van Boskirk, Homer E. ..... 316 Van Buskirk, Leonard D.. ..178, 241 Van Buskirk, Roger W. ..... 241 Van Denbark, Anella ..... 74, 201 Van Horn, William ......... 261 Van Keuren, Phil O. .... ...161 Van Neste, Keith G. ........ 199 Van Neste, Philip S. ........ 203 Van Norman, Robert V. .... 309 VARSITY BAND .Q ........ 157 VARSITY BASKETBALL . .178 VARSITY DEBATE VARSITY FOOTBALL' ff ...108 ...169 VARSITY DAIRY CLUB. . .316 Vaughn, Frances J. ...... 88,249 Vedene, Dorothy F. .......... 74 Veith, Eleanore L. ....... 88, 197 Velte, Charles S.. . . 102, 231, 315 Vernon, Doris .............. 328 Versaw, Herbert D. ...... 74,323 Vette, Frank J. ............. 217 Vidlak, Frank J. ....... 159,309 Vifquain, H. Rudyard ....... 267 Vifquain, V. Kent .......... 267 Vincent, Jack F. .......... 1. .169 Vitamvas, Gerald S.. .74, 108, 301 Vlasnik, Betty J. ........... 249 Vogler, John R.. . . .... 74, 245 Vogt, James R. .... ..... 2 69 Voigt, Doris R. .... ..... 2 05 Voigt, Fred H. ............. 160 Voigt, Gerald W. ........... 279 Vold, William R. ........... 159 Vondracek, Rosemary C. .... 1389i Von Seggern, Betsy ...... 88,253 Vossberg, Clare A. ...... 303, 355 3 Votava, Ben A. ............ . W W.A.A. .................... 39 Wachter, Leo J. ........ 159, 320, 321, 322 Page '397 -Wenke, Paul ............... Wadd' k, D wadefcc. RZE2l?.9.'1222eos'1?3 Wadley, Robert L ' Wadlow, Lois M."""""'257 Waechter, Marjorie i Wagner, Jack M. ...... ,278 Wagner, .lean D. ....... Q81 Wagner, Paul .......... 303' Wagner, William H1245 Wahl, Carl C. ......... 74 Wait, Betty M. ........ -0.935 Walcott, David K. ..... ii.-.247 Waleren, Marjorie R. .... fffsofi Walker, Georgia L. ...... 253 Walker, LeRoy R. ...... H1165 Walker, Ruth A.... ""219 Waikup, H. ....... """"184 Walla, .Joseph ..... Wallace, Geraldine L..., i 7 . . . .l90, Wallace, Ruth A. .... 88 Wallin, can 1. ........ i...1322 Walsh, Glenn F. ............ 279 Walsh, Patricia E. .......... 303 Walter, Floyd J. ..... ..... 2 15 Walters, Eugene C. ......... 269 Walters, Franklin C. .... 159,302 Walvoord, Carl A ........... 161 Wanek, Agnes E. ........ 74,253 Wanek, Edward F. ......... 307 Ward, J. C. ................ 322 Warfield, Janet .......... 74,239 Waring, Lila L. ............. 235 Watson, Patricia A. ........ ,88 Waugh, Elizabeth .... 37, 74, 140, 239,290,291 Waugh, Robert H...116, 257, 288 Way, Virginia K. ........... 207 Wear, Dorothy H.. . .88, 140, 219 Weaver, Ann H. ............ 239 Weaver, Beryl A. ........... 315 Weaverling, Margaret .... 88,253 Webb, David W.. . .159, 302,322 Weber, Phil E. ......... 321,324 Weedman, George W. ....... 203 Weekes, Ernie J. ........... 309 Wegener, Lila R. ........... 283 Weibel, Dale E. ........ 231,318 Weibel, Howard A. .......... 74 Weidman, Richard T.. . .165,278 Weiler, Francis B. .......... 209 Wingarten, John L. ......... 217 Weinstein, Gerald .......... 322 Weirich, Dorothy A. ........ 235 Wekesser, Mildred C. ....... 235 Wekesser, Robert A. ..... 88,296 Welch, Phyllis J. ....... 239,325 Weller, Miriam S. .......... 253 Wellinger, Bill J. ........... 257 Welte, Howard T. .......... 159 Welton, Ted M. ......... 74,217 Wendell, Thurlan W. ........ 74 Wenke, Clark A. ........... Wentz, Betty Lou ........... 207 Wenzinger, Mary A. ........ 312 Werner, Kathryn E. ......... 74 Wernimont, WHYHC H' ""' '257 Wertman, Burdette L. ...... . Wertman, Maxine H. ....... 233 West Charles W. ....... .74, 223 Mary J.. 1 74, 1402 Westz Peggy ..... 197, West, Minnilola . . . Westcott, 190, 201 Westfall, Robert ............ Wharton, Ava B. ........... 1 62 Wheeler, Donald G. .... .7b 356 . . . . .881 9 Wheeler, Robert S.. 231,315,311 Wheeler Virginia E 3 2 5,74, Wheeler, William T 225 Whelan, Martha ...... i i D i Whi.nnery, Byrdis .1 . .... H I I .109 Whnaker, Dwight . . .74 227.945 White, Donald D. ..... 1 97,591 White, Dorothy H... Uf:10.1,3i4 White, Floyd ....... ,911 White, Franklin M.. . . I 1 i E45 White, Marion E. ..... 1 D l i 913 White, Robert M. ..... Ifff'i99 Whfie, William E. ......... .315 Whlte. Winifred G. ..... 282:303 Whit h d, G H whitghgia, afiifji. Whitney, Fred 269 Whitney, M ' L. ' Wibbels, Edaglnl.. . I I I I I ' ' ' wicker, Keith W... HH271 Wickman, Kathleen , 305, Wicks, Priscilla R.. . .35, 74,2151-5 290, 309, ' Wiebe Elsie H 330,331 , . . .......... 88,282 Wiebusch, Vernon R. ...... .277, Wiedman, Jack ......... 192313 Wielage, Donald R. ......... 322 Wielage, Ellen G. .... ..... 3 03 Wieland, Max M. ...... 307 Wieland, Ralph E. ......... . Wieland, Selma B. ......... . Wiemers, Geraldine ...... 88 Wiggins, Lucille M. ........ . Wilbur, Ruth H. ......... 74,202 Wilcox, Robert ...... ..... 2 61 Wildhaber, Joe B. ....... 88,267 Wiles, Grace L. ........ 283,305 Wiles, Kathryn G. .......... 190 Wiley, Elton R. ..... 88,106,158, 160, 181, 196, 199, 324 Wiley, William H. .......... 211 Wilgus, Kenneth ........ 88,181 Wilke, Marion L. ....... 88, 237, 307 233 , 233 249 295, 329 Wilkens, Ellen K. ...... 237, 303, 313, 315 Wilkins, Donald W. ........ 315 Wilkins, Hugh ........... 97,99 Wilkinson, R. Scott ......... 257 Will, Lorain C. ............. 283 Willadsen, Eleanor M. ..... . Williams, Guy H. ....... 88, Williams, Herbert T. ...... . Willis, Elizabeth I. ........ . Willis, Frances N. ......... . Willman, Edwinnie F. ...... . Wills, Catherine A. ........ . Wilson Wilson 7 Wilson, , Dow .............. Forrest E. ........ ose hine J p M. .... 8 , Mary F. ......... . . 74 199 271 304 249 190 303 WILSON HALL ..... ..... 2 83 227 269 219 207 278 324 210 Wilson, Wilson Robert G. ......... . Wilson globe? 0. ......... . Wilson, oe . ............ . ' 0. ..... 74, 317. Wimberly, Clem 319,325 Windle, Anne M. ........ 88, Windle, Robert J. ......... . Wine, Harvey H. .......... . Winslow. Eleanor E. ....... . Winter, Eldred M. ......... . Wintroub, Ernest B. ....... . Wisda, Wintz, gragffdgi I I ' i . . D Wisner, Scott B. ..... .--- - Withers, .1 Can V- -"' ' ' ' ' ' ' Withrow, Taylor N. ........ . 259 207 215 108 307 267 245 219 217 Witmer, Mary J. ........ L. . -74 Win, Juneta PM - - ......r4,281 t- , 1 ltmellbeftl. Edwin bu Witttnan, David .,,,, Wittniann, Narvin O,, Wittstruck, Kenneth. .. Wochnef. .lean E. ..... . WOPSI, Robert F. ..... . Wolf, Jean A....T4 100,-160,' " Wolfe, Laird Wolfers, Bam- -.,. Wolff, Bette ....... Wolford. C. incur.- ...aa,99, 297. 329 . . . . .306 .215, 322 .....2-11 .....3l-1 ....259 26. .....3l8 Q ..i4, 235 an .....- 303 Wood, Harriet l....'.'..,i,1nq. 197. W001l. Richard W 213.313 . ......... 3 " Woodard. Francis . . . ....,, W00dfUlI. Sumnm- ........ 239 300115, .lean ............... 239 0015. Marilyn A. ...... 88,235 Woods, Thomas C. .......... 217 WOOJUNJ, Mary 1.. .......... 239 Worcester. Dc-an A, ......... soo Worden, Ralph lil. ....... 88,165, 181,211,305 Worland, Kenneth J. ........ T-1, lf9,30U Worley, Clariee l.. ....... 10237 Worley, Gordon R. ......... 271 Worster, Pauline .... 328 Worthman, I-'red Il.. . .7-1 Wray. J osephint- ..... Wrede, George .... WRESTLING .... ."""' ....88,225 321 184 Wright, Claude R.. . . . 30" 1 - Wright, Lloyd 1-I. ........... 257 Wright, Sylvester C. ........ 300 Wunderlich, Edward l.. ..... 257 Wunner, J. Roger ........ ...T-1 Wycofi, Alyce l.. ........... 225 Wyrens, Donald E. .... ...243 Y Yafiee, Irvin ........ 7-1,165,l78, 259,179 Yates, E. Shirley.. ....... 281 Yenne, Betty J. ............. 253 Yetter, George E. ........... 247 Yoder, Jack P. .......... 88,243 York, Barbara ..... ....... 2 35 York, James A.. . .. Yost, Ralph L. ..... . Young, Donald Xl.. . . . .....2l1 161 Young, Evelyn O. ........ 74,225 Young, Kathryn J.. .. .. . . .253 225 Young, Naomi R. .... .... . Young, Phyllis J. .... ..... 2 23 Young, Richard B. .......... 74 Younger, Evelle J. ..... l65,2l1, 259,308 Younger, Kenneth C. ....... 211 Yourd, Ruth ............... 205 Yung, F. ................... 322 Y.W.C.A. ............. 330, 331 Z Zh,V rna I.. ......... Ziistgra, elldrnice I.. ....... 44,303 Zeman, John A.. . ,. . . .... 320 ZETA BETA TAL ......... 242 Zeigler, Don W. ............ 161 Zikmund, Lloyd D. ......... '109 Zimmer, Jack A. ........... -41 Zimmgrgr, Jeannette E.. . .83. 239 Z'mola, Wallace R. ......... 241 Zhcholl, Sylvia 1. ...... . . . . .74 Zgok, Loren J. ........ . Zorn, Howard B. ...... . Zuick. Alvin J. ....... . Zvcitel, Selma R. ..... . 169. 2'-ll 323 f2ai.'3fJ'1 A Able Cleaners ...... Acme Chili Parlor .......... Alumni Ass'n. ........... . . . American Printing Co. ..... . Artcraft Engraving ......... B Bankers Life ......... Bauer's ................... Beachley Bros. ............ . Beatrice Creamery Co. ..... . Chris Beck's ............... Best Laundry ........ Betzer Printing Co. ........ . Blackstone Hotel ........... Bloom Typewriter Exchange. Boyd Printing .............. Boyd Jewelry ........ Boyden Pharmacy .... Bob's Coffee Shop ..... Bradfield Pharmacy ..... I .... Brown Printing Service Burlington Trailways ........ Butler Cleaners ............. C Calumet Cafe .............. Capital Hotel ............... Castle, Roper 81 Matthews. . . Cheapper Drug Inc. ........ . Conant-Sanford Hotel ....... Coop Book Store ..... Cornhusker Hotel ........... Coryell Commercial Center.. Crete Mills ................ D Daily Nebraskan . . . Davis-Wilson ...... DeBrown Auto Co.. . . . Deere, John, Co. .... . Dehner Boot Co.. . . . ADVERTISING INDEX Dickinson School ..... Dr. Pepper ......... ...... E Eastman Kodak Stores Inc... Elce Co. ................. . Evans Laundry ..... v ........ Extension Division, U. of N.. . F Fairmont Creamery Co.. First Trust Co. ........ . Fontenelle Hotel ...... Ford Motors ..... Forke Bros. .... . Freddies ....... Frey 81 Frey ....... Furr, Archie, Co.... G Grand Island ........... Greeting to Uni. Student .... Globe Laundry ......... - H Haun, Dave ...... Harvey Bros.. . . . Heitkotter's ....... Henry's ............. Hodgman Mortuary ..... Holmes Recreation .... Hovland-Swanson .. I lten-Barmettler Co. .... . K . Krause Construction Co.. Kingsport Press Inc.. . . . Kitty Clover ......... L Latsch Bros. ........... . Lieben, Theo-Costumes Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Assn. Li.nco1n Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Tele Air School ......... Army Store ......... Clearing House Hotel .............. Journal ...... .... Liberty Life ........ Packing Co. ....... . School of Commerce. Tent 81 Awning Co.. . Telephone 81 apli Co gr . ........... . Lincoln Theatre Corp. ...... . Lincoln Traction Co. ....... . Linoma Beach ........ M Magees ............... 367, Mary Jane Garment Co. .... . Meradith, Bill ............. Midwest Life Ins. Co. ...... . Miller 81 Paine Co. ......... . Mowbray-Lyons Co.. . . Modern Cleaners ........... Mogul Barber Shop ......... N Nebraska Book Store. . .- . . . . . Nebraska Typewriter Co.. . . . Nebraska Power ........ N epho .................... Niemann Costume Co. ...... . North, Jacob Co. .......... . Northrup-Jones Co.. . . O Omaha Crockery . . . P Paramount Laundry ......... Paxton-Gallagher Co. . . Paxton Hotel ........... Peterson Cleaners .......... Pittsburg Paint 81 Glass ..... R Roberts Dairy ...... Robidoux Hotel .... Rokhar Construction Rosewell Floral Co.. S Sartor Jewelry Co., , , Sears-Robuck 81 Co.. , , , Seilers Surgical Co.. . . . Rudge 81 Guenzel Col.: U U . ....370 ........361 364 365 362 347 387 355 Schmoller 81 Mueller Co..::::31'0 Shreve Riding Academy.. 375 Skans ................ Standard Market. . . State Farms Co... . . Stovers Candy ........ Student Union ..... Sullivan Transfer Co T 380 370 . . . .355 341 363 . ....... 365 Townsend ................. 372 Tri-State Typewriter Co. .... 387 Turnpike .................. 386 Tuxedo Park ............... 361 U Union Stock Yards ......... 352 University Drug ...... .... 3 79 V Van Sant School of Business. Van Sickle Glass8zPaint Co.. W Wendelin Baking Co. ...... . Wentz Fuel Co. .......... H White's Garage ....... Wood, Earl, Dairy .... Worley, Jay ........ W.O.W. .......... . Y Yancey Hotel .... Yost Cafe ...... 345 373 371 . . .348 373 382 fflsn ....s45 ....375 ....365 Page 398 .idk- n V M ' V r s 1' ,z i H x ' v if' " M 1531 ry A gy Lf, ' j f I f 1 ' 51 f, Q ? 1 w p! 'is ' Qi? Zi X1 1 - 3 Y ' ,F i Q 5 1 1 , i x Q V I . g !i I , Q l I Q i f 5 , 1? F1 A Q: ii 'I E i I 5 1 1f 5: U P , . -Q . ,, ,. !f , X E! sg J 1 ' E 5 ff ig 1 1 g lf. i ? , N 5 X,- 1 V, , 5 1' , , 2 H 35 Y v., ' 11 ' 'sa Q . 1.. i I i , ' 4, V? ,1 - V fs! 57 3 ,' 7 Q.: , il ' :EJ , F4 , , 1 l ! Q ' F l y ii ! f 'f 2 Ni - , ,. r 1 , 5 3 Q "- ' . QV- 2 L . 3,, i ' 5, , if S f if A 3 sg 3 'M ' ji gr ' L E Q , Ei 2, X y-?3f"r' ' 'R ,q 'QS V W , Xu" . ' I l I Y , 1 I Q N 1. ,v 3 4 , - It .ff-haf w A ,5 ,F Y a Q , i 1 Y fi sd J Q 3 5 2 C -x 5 S. 1 !. 5, IE. 23 3 H I 5 if Q11 fy, !. -Ei N W r 1

Suggestions in the University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) collection:

University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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