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.sV y. ' • T-YTWmft ' Bl _.«Xpt .aa.-i ;?: . Tla ncLoeA. i san oSIalri ©©TO IE ©IF S HHJIB glK W IN THE KM, I. ■;« . (INK lu: l 11 It I hriiiii thiiM- will) like ■■|ir ' faci»s " Mf iisk iti(liil fii( ' -; fill ill this lioiik, wlicii r ran. r liiiu it lallici lliaii lis in;: Ik a il. -KI ' TtMBKK DAY . . . TIIEV ENKOI.I ID l Mill! K V . l WITH E. CITIN(. INTFRRnTliiN-; . TiiK mi ii niKiK Ki ' .urn i n i Q g© SS »ia3j || S u 1 HE Ci)rnliiiskcr oi I ' J. ' io Iki ihi (Icdicatidii. Imt iii l( ' ail. jjavs tr iliutf t(i those young graduates who responded enthusiastically to our appeal, not niiK lor their photographs, hut toi ' their stoi ot tlieir loicign lionu . W e lia e reprodiieeil a leu ol the oiil taniiiMg letters from .Tapan to such out-jiosts as Eg pt. These alunuii are not in " W ho " - ho . imt aic inerel ainliilion- anil lourageous voung people wiio. in some cases. ha e lett the cami)ns onlv re- centK to rarr theii ' perso?ial inlliience and lh ' good name ol the (!ornhu kers to ])eo|)le who po -il]l -till li(die e that l,o Angeles is just a tone " throw Iroin Brooklyn. Last ear Nehra.-ka I ni ei il had oiil i teen tudents ho e homes were hevond the houndario ol the I nited Slates. Imt such a iact is not indicative ol a lack ol co mo|iolilan interests. May these young alniuni. Ii their pre-ence. (haw attenlion Ironi all parts of the woiid to thi- la( t. that Nelira-ka due- h,i e a definite |)lace in the -nn. maiB n -j " ;r«c ! o - : a S " ' ' ' " ' ' ve» Cl» " oti ' - re oeV • ' • ' " nonorei syH K. M. Briltell x ' 32 of Alaska sayt, " My job was 45 miles from Talke- eina and I had lo travel it on snow- shoes with a sixty pound park lo carry " . Student . . . Kenneth Kee at MrCill -UniTersily in Montreal dates enough to note that a itirl is insulted if taken home before three, thinks her escort i bored. Agriculture . . . R. B. Davis stationed in Puerto Rico slates that his goal is to introduce disease-resistant varieties of sugar cane and to continue with mid-day siestas. Teaching . . . Eulalia Crelher writes from a girls Imarding srhool, Egyptian students, like others, love to do things. A remodeled buffalo stable is her project. Glen Harvey ' 36 studies medicine at MrCill University at Montreal. He notes many foreign customs but tells us there are no " house parties. Moon or Drug " . Journalism . . . Vivacious Harriet Ray ' 29 writes by China Clipper that she survived an operation to leave her with " stream- lined srar " and an inability to kneel in prayer. Oil Fields . . . Rowene Millerx ' .ie says hers is the largest Amerir n colony outside of American territory. There are eight tiarhelor quarters and one girPs dormitory included. Consular Service . . Charles Cooper in the busy Jap- anese legation writes that he must obtain Sute Department permission to write for the Comhusker. And thus writes much and says little. rr (g S IF » ' nil il- ten ctillcf f . fciiir rhdol-. ami ;ni illai iii l iliil inn . Nel»ra ka I ni (M it can (IcfinilcU Ix- Icrnicd large. Its size lias come aiioiit to ati ly a need lof a wider scope ol liif;lier ediicalioii .mil nul li iortimate l)( ' iH " (it of jirivalc cndciw nicnt . Iiccaii e Ne- braska lia lull lew sources ol incmiic c i i-pl li taxes and student fee . Il» caiii|iiis is not troujilcd will] ia licali ni or a iioticealile section ol -tiidciit- ol laciillv iiulnlj;in : in l!ij litc t m ' l.clli t nio e- ments siieli as we see on eastern and se.-tern ealioards. 1 lie carn- piis is ' liaracterize l li tlie iiredoniinence of fraternities and sorori- ties ill prominence and jiower and llie ■■Harl) " " or nna 11 il iaicd. Ii nnnilicr . More lashiuiialile llian llic all coidurov. twi ' cd. and sweater attire of many older seliools, nevertheless Nebraska is, as a whole, verv liiisiness-likc and crion . It lia no lime mellowed statues, and lew old lice- to mark il uilh ri ' al " " college almo- sphere " . Iml it is a rich in lii-loiy and im|iortanee as it is lai ' king in traditions and sui ronndngs. Tr i Tlie rccfnl arrival of ilii piclva- ninny liflpii ii-s in l;ecp our prcuni e 111 pirliires ' liy -liowinp yon a more ■ " rolorfiil " " Girnluislier. Your rditor was (ortiinalc lo lie (lie firsi over allowed to take pieliire.« inside llie infanrs ward at Nebraska I ' niversily Hospital. . . The nurses are students. [• ' ■miiif: ■ iliramiii w m mm m wmm T J. HLSL fai iill nu ' iiiliers. aiiiiin : others, have distiiifiuishrd tln-iiiscKcs and tlii-reliv 1ki « ' l)rl|).-(l Ni-liraska In attain its rif. ' htful |ila..- ill till ' -iin. |)|{. I!. .1. I ' OOL heads lliitain. (hi-sMs ucll. " ivi-s inliTcstiiij. ' In- liufs. is aLilliur nf linlam 1 ks. 1)11. (. t l l . kind lii-atlid. Ixxuninf; )iced fallicr nf Iniiiiccnts. has rank ol Dean, heads soil (■onser atioii. has a treniendous a(i|iiaintaiiie. H. ( ' .. DI ' MIN ;. chemist, wrote wideh nsed text. Ke-c i-i ed |i(inr inl- lejje grades. likes to talk almnt it tn encour- age students. Cigar smoking FR.AXK SCHRAMM is a geoloi isl of not, . anthor. s|)onsor of nianx actixitii ' s and a baeheK)r. DK. I.. H. i{AHI?()l H. heads ge )h)gy and nuiseunis. has written mer ten hooks and 4(10 articles in fort -four ears of ser ice. Nervous D . SCOTT is in i liarge of Fresh- man l.nalish. is i hairinan for tldctie Hoard, likes to lish. DK. lll 1 TE makes news as Direetor of Research for l.egis- lali c Commission. Cenial. M ,|t !{ IT.I.I{. headed machine gun hattalion during the War. is atithorit on tanks, lias received man dec. nations. Dl . .1. I ' . SINMNC, is Polilieal .Science chairman. aiithorit on mii( ameral legislature. niend er and ad isor for go ennncnl i oumiissions. Chairman of D,pl. of I ' harnuuN. DK. .1. 1!. iU KT is disc ' o erer of new mediiinal agent, and is known for his tliorou ;lniess. • " j Kwmmmmm irr DFrunkriirti ' i Will C. J. Fl! Wkmiilll!. in- (h.n.mnl, clustriul chemisl. spcrializcs in |) -liiilruni, s|)( n»nr!i studi-nt Kr ani atioiis. is Colnncl in till- Kt ' sppM ' s. Hiph-striiiif:. hanclsoiiie W ll.lU l( LlllMtW Kill is .■..mcrt ur;;an- ist. ])ri tiiiiicnt coniiiosor i)f manv snn s iii- .■lii(liMf; " llail ar it " . Dli. 1!. ( i. CI MM ' . heads plusital fdiualion. funni ' i ri ' cdiil- brcakiiif: allili ' lr iind now incinluT of OKin- clapp Martin pic del( " j;alii n. I)i ' |ia rl nicnl Ik ;id and C.I ' .A.J). I!. M IM1 .n busi- ness manapeiiu ' til atnl smeral titnos aiitlmr of Imoks and articles. W nrld antlii rit i n the hallad. former tennis ( liatnp. |)I!. l.Ol |v| I ' ol |) ,,nni-f from a faniiK of famous N. I . jiradiiates. Head arc liitcct. MM :- II. --Mmi lui Imth ..n foreiiin ad- [ ' (Mind Smilh iMir boards for housinf; and «as witmer ill I ' " i e State Kxhiltits for his famous water colors. DH. J. I ' . (,l ILI (JKIJ. psxeholo- pist. uses his own text, was president of f ' sM hometrie So(iel . Danish DH. II. II. G. HOI,( " K 1 ame from hi.- studies in pluii- i iar( l() ! at I{ Mrut. . ' ria. and I ni. of Chieapo. and no« heads several im|iorlant studies in barbiturates. Dli. D. D. W IIIT- (;iiilf. rrl M. of zoolop fame, puts " eati h (|ii -s- llnick tioiis in exams and •i c» an annual tea. HOW Mil) Cn VMI.ICH. one of best known faeult men. heads Aniinai Husbandry and is government advisor on feed problems. He is host to iinual Feeder ' s Dav. Xt ' lillnrr Gramlirh S V,S f Riih Mi-(laiilf . riiaiiiiai Juiiinr is " rau;;!!! " in l!iaillr " s iialicinalK riMo-iiiizfil " liiha I ' laxi-r ' . W e wanlu ' d ihiou li lu-uspaper picture inur iics to fiiul the kick thai tlic Hij; Six titli-. J23 YARDS OUT] HOWELL n •V - " ? Q|k The ciieral)lc old riuiiiiuii Hall in its spring allirc The new Student I iiicm lia lis foniial i|ii-ninf. ' tlii;- )ear. s 1. 1 I i 1 1 ?• li 4 " =55S5!»F: SmiiIkiI (if a Irriid in liiulicr I ' diirMliiiii and iciiirr nf llic ::rcalr l liidi ' iit a(li ilv. Social Scioncps; is itidood a i- un|ui niirlcus. Il i li( ' ad(|uai ' ters fur Iwd c(i|lij;cs an l llic new Graduate School of Social Sc icuces. l„H,-nt welder a-.d hi. -|lame- go to make up the ears m...t dramatie pi. lure for the Cornhu.ker. UNIVERSITY CLASSES ACTIMTJES OR(; TZ TIONS ATHLETICS About pi rhtv iiercent of N. U. stu- dents allcnil I 111 ' il(( n-|(i n Lincoln c-anipns. I ' urciH-ollnicnl llir ( idllcije ul l)riilistr has the lca l. am Aiis anil Si ' iiMiccs lia llir nio Eiifiincrrinu; hasalimil llir anic rnrollinrni as Atjricn I In it uilh onr-lliinl ihc cxiicnsr ami ir. Extension alone costs more lo nm than seven (iolleirc- piil lo ' cllier Il®(i ia . IBUJIBS Il l ' •j . w mM t X c i.i . " i !! I ®? 23H3ilia 3®M KUV L. COCIIKA.N Governor R OY T,. rOCIIR . popular Drnionat C.vei- noi-. aiul lliiid-lci III raiididalc. iilc t ' lira kaiis llnoiigh tlic ini ' iliiiin (il ihc ( !iirnliii kt ' r: ■ " It is a pleasure iiu ' nic ajzain Id gicet in h ' wav lilt ' laciillv and llic students (it llic I iii ersit of Nebraska. |)ai ' li(iilarl llmsc stiidciiis who are (iiiisliiiip ihi ' ir wiirk in pi epai alimi Inr llic larger tasks llial lie ahead. It seems to me that one ol the tilings we should keep eonstaiitU lieiore lis i that oiii piiMic ' sehools. oiir pnlilie iii liliitioiis ol higher learn- ing, are niaintainecl pi iinariK in the iiileie l not ol the indnidiial luit ol organized siieiel . F ' .dii- cation of yonth is recognized as a go ( rinnental respoiisil)ilit heeanse (d the sound liclief that through education uc can improve and strengthen our ci ilization and make it-- hcnclit more i de- spread. ' riiiis. tlu)S( |-eceiving an education at puhlic expense ha e an ohligalion to iepa societv lor its iiucslment. ' Ilii ohligatioii can lie returned olil li indnidiial conliiliiitioii lo ocial hclter- ment. The contrihiition made li the gi idiKitc- ol the I iii ersit ol Nehia ka lo the development ol our state and nation in the pa t si t - e cn eai are cause loi ' just pride in our lina Mater. id the graduating ' las id l ' . ' 5!!. I extend I ' oiigialula- lioiis and good i hes. conhdciit that this tradi- tion (d service will lie tnanitained li them . Page 26 - 1). l.uN(; K. .i)i: oi-: 1)K.A.(:.ST()KK ( . VTIln || ' s(i I ..i.T i on ©©i iii© ©I? lEivGiiii r? 1 111-, iinaid ot Regents was nealed in IM.. " ) I) a new slate ronstitntion to rlired llic [mlii ics and affairs ot llif I iii iM ' il . Tln cumIioI im IikIc super isi(ni nt tlir fatuity, adniinistiation. stu- dent l)()(i . liuildings and disl)uisetnenl ol fund . 1 he iliancellor and deans are likewise selected 1) tlie Hoard. The six nieniheis are eleeled from wlial weie fornierh tlie six congressional dl-liiits in the state so that each .-eetion ol the lalc nl elnaska has a voice in the government ol the I ni ersit . iVIKMHI-HS Stanlky r . I.ovc. Prc- iilcnl. (iraiiil I-laml Ti-riii Kx|iiri-. 1930 Frank J. Tavuik. Si. Paul T.rm Kxiiin-s |9.W Marion A. Shaw. David Cily Term Kxpin-- 1911 CllAHLKS Y. TlloMi ' SON. Wl■ l Point Tirm Kx| iri- 1911 Arthi R C. StoKKS, Omalia T.-rni Expiri- 194.5 RoBKRT W. Dkvok, Lincoln Term i;xpircs 19.t3 Kegiilar meet i 111. ' - .Ill- held ill Januar and (loin- meneenient dav in .liiiic However, additional ini ' i ' lings are called |i llii ' I ' lc-idrnl ol ' iIh- I ' Miaid when matters ol importance arise. 1 . f. .iinder- son serves as corporation secretar ul llic Huanl (il i{egent . In the last yeai ' the Board reorgani ( d the School of Music establishing an adetpiate and halaneed iaciilt . Ciadiiale School of . " Social Work was eslahlished to sii|i|)l the growing de- mand foi ' more social workers. COMMITTKKS Kxrriilivp rinanie Inilii-lrlal RHiiralinn Mcilical K liiralion Property Sliidpnl Rrlalinns I.ONf.. Stiiki.s. DfXOK I.oNr.. Sii vw. 1)K ()K Thompson. l)t, )K. Taylor Stiikks. Shaw. 1.o c T Yi.iiR. Thompson. Stokks Sii . T Yi.oH. Thompson Page 27 E. A.bLK.NKTT Chancellor I idiipratiihilc the ( juiiliusker staff on its ef- lorl 111 porliax ihc lllll( ' nl lite of the I iii n it of Nehraska in its annual. Actixitic- rcpicxMit an inijioitant |)art of the I ni i ' i it . ilicv deal with student relations, with human intcrot (irnh- lems. and with many phases of the intimate and emotional lite of the student during his or her most formative period. For most ludeuls these experiences are wholesome and (reati e. They present a confliet of forces that is a jiart of life. They develop resourcefulness aiid initiative neces- sary to leadership. Follo ed in e (es thev are haiiiilul since the leave no lime for s stemati ' study. One may spend Inur long vears within the shado nl ' (■la sie halls and altogether miss the thrill ol seholarship. lie ma he exposed to know ledge without heeoTniug iidecled li it. He inav see others developing s stemalie hahils of stud without eidtiN aliiig inh hahits hiuisell. A university should slimidate the student ' s liighe t endea i)r. It slioidd |iro ide the -oui ' ces fi ' om which knowledge nia he a ' i(nired. should surround him with an interest in intelleclual |)ur- suits and an atmo phere ot scholarship. l the same time it should hring the student in eonlact with the practical |)rohlcms of his generation, po- litical, social, and husiiiess, so that he will not he a stranger to the world of affairs. It should d( - velo]) trained and disci| liued mind-- ca|),dilc oi sustained elhut. with enlarged ca|iacil to do the woilds work " . PaRe 28 VStM Mr. I ' ikr ' « offirr. . . . Thr e " ' ' ' purrha«inc ai:rnl of the Vnivfniilv, Mr. Scalon. . . . Showing nnr o( Ihr moul dictiki ! Hulir« on llir i-ampu . payine frr . . . . AatilhcT adminislralive ofliri?. . . . Thi frlloM fn-rnif rathrr lir ilanl about rnlrrinn tlic Dran ' n oHirr. lllK ( iliaricclliii . wliii i i Iiom ' ii |i llic linaiil i)t Regents, is the chief exei-utive olTii-er ol the I tii iT-il . Mllmiigh iiliifil 111 the riil ' anil orders i the Hoanl. he ha Imlh ediieatioiial and business siiper i imi n ir llir 1 iiiversity; this control rmers all the allaii.- ami interests of the Uni ei.-it and the various Colleges. The Board of Regents elects a Dean for eacli of the (]i llege uilliiii tlir I Mi er-it In lie the pre-iil- iiig ntlirer nl the iaeiiltv oi his (inllege ami In |)rilnrni nili nllier ilnlii a- the Hiianl nr ihe lariillx 111 his (College may require. All matters relative to the internal affairs of each College are dtMermined liv its faeiilt . suhjeet to the (.JuiMi ellor and the Board. A I niversity Senate acts as a faculty judicial ImkK. R. P. CRAWlOlil) Assistant to the Chanrellor 1 lit )l- KSS( )|{ Craw Innl furnishes new idea to the I ' niversity and |ie(ializes in jiulilir relations. Among the developments -lailtil in hi.- departnieni the pa.-t lew years have lieen the (!liartrr Day Celehration in Lincoln, the programs of Sunday afternoon concerts, and the .senior reception at Raymond Hall in June. He taught llic lii t courses in .Agricultural .lournalism ill the Iniversitv and wrote the text, " ' rhe Magazine .Article " . uhii h lia heen used in many colleges. The .Assistant to the (ihancellor originated the course in Creati c Thinking, now nationallv known, and last year saw his hook " Think im oiir- self go through three printings. Paee 29 T..I.III() ll ' SON Dean ol Sliii i ' ii! Affairs 1 ROM the office of Stn(l ' ' iit Allairs where lie (Uiil iiiter lews iiKiiiy lialeiil . T. J. rhdinpxiii w rites this iiikT|)iet;iti(iii lA ( ' (hnatidii: " There arc Iwo a pect, ol higher eihicalidn ihat I helieve shniihi lie iciii-laiill hi ' hl in iiiiiid rol- lege jitiidents. The fii l is ihat college eihicatiim. hi) ve er protessioiial. technical i - inllinal. iiiu t he regarded as an a|)|ii-enti ( ' lii|). so to peak. In lijc. I5 its erv iialnie higlier education e ( ' n in its most modern leclmi al and proles ional aspects is (jiiite cloistered and disassociated tmm llie stern realities ot the xocalion. the profession, and lile il-ell. ( ' ollege giadnate ' s who ha e an other conception ol ihe c-M ' ntial xaJiic ol iheii- da in college are shortK di illusi()Med. I he second aspect is related to the lir--t and is more important. II higher cdinalion max he con-idcrc l an apprentii-c-hip. it is important that it he tlKUdiigh. It -lionld he self-e idcnt that onK as training i thorongh can students learn the nicthodoIog ot the technical nv ])rolessional held and dexelo]) logical haliits ot thought. college diploma in ilsei I ha little or no intiinsic aine. it is lor these reasons among otliers that I liciicxe the three essenial elemenl (d a ihoidngh-going highci ' edncational m titn- lion are: I i | A well-trained lacnllx. |2) well-organized courses, and ( . ' ) an insistence on a iiigii ipialitx of sindent scholarship W. C.IIARPF.R and perlormance " . AssislanI » the Dean Page 30 A. H.IIEPF ' NER Dt ' tm oi W omen , .l) l l (i x ' vcial tliiiu aii(l cocils cacli Near i illuininaliii . ami Oimii I Ii ' |i|)iiit writer ln-ic licr conception (]| ciliiialioii tmin tlii (wpt ' iicnic: " Tlie aim of a liheral education sliould al a ,- include ■(•(liiialiini inr lilc and nol Im ' livi ' lili I " . f aic iiHiK ' r()n rioii tii(la il llir danger of over-specialization, il dir Indent specializes too atnli ' U w idi tlir lew III some protcs-ioria! OI ' Micalional work ioi a lixcldmod atlcruai(l . he inav fnid that the sjiccial joli lor winrli lie |iri|iar( ' d hini cll lia ani»licd. Il ' innst avoid loo narrow specialization and serk ihc tnndainmtaU ol cdnralion. naincK a(i|nirc an etpiipmenl ol tools to work w idi. s licrmcr liic ina lead lilni later — ( I I know Icdfie ot |)rinrij)les of sane and IhmIiIu li ing. (2) a trained character possessing tlic nuK h mcdcd lrail ol conrage. honc-l . Inlerance and generosil . Sucli an ci|ui|)rncnt should he of great value in introducing the student to culluial living, ( ' ultui ' c must he lived: il can not he taught. " A person ot culluic i one w ho has achieved a philosopliv of life, who imdersland- hi jjlace in society, who has sympathetic understanding w ith hi lelhiw heings. who desires greater growth for hims(di and others. v lio e contacts arc wide and deeji. who is contiinioiislv studving tor ' more significanl tneanings. ( inltui ' c and education are in this sense synonymous although the cid- tured man mav never ' have licen inside a school huilding. " K. I " . I ' IPKR Assistant Dran oi omen Pace 31 KI.OISE BKN.I 11 l!l Til NEWELL HII.I. CI.V ' i IdN JANE B i;i!(il li -IPlilSIIS! (e(Dl35JSf (g3JL OFFICKRS MEMBERS AL MOSEiMAN President JANE BARBOUR FRANCIS LAWLER ELOISE BENJAMIN I ire-President WARD BAUDER JWIES NELSON RUTH NEWEI.I. Secretary HAROLD HENN ROBERT KrM NN Bill, CLAYTON Treasurer ELOISE BENJAMIN RUTH NEWELL JANE BAKBOLR Chairman oj Judiciary C.oniinittee DeLOIIIS BORS RICHARD McCINMS I K VI T ' ILLARD BURNEY AL MOSE rW fty ' ' V 1 JANET CALDWELL BARBARA KOSEWATER ■ 1 BILL CLAYTON FRANK SCOTT HELEN CATHERINE DAVIS BARBARA SEI.IKCK Ik: VIRGINIA GEISTER BOB SIMMONS T-M WILLAIW) HALL KdllLlil A. NOiaiAN PATRICIA JENSEN !!(»!! W l)ll WIS I ' li LLIS JENSEN I ' M 1, WAGNER Al liKKT 11. MOSKMAN IIKI.KN JOHNSON JANE W M.COir President Pane 32 Jr Jif K--Baudrr. Brnn. Blown. McCinni.. Burncy. R..«™on-r. 3nd «u«- Davi.. Bnr.. Simmon., » aijnpr. Sclitoclcr, Moll. Jrn.rn, l. " » " - ' - «„l(om «oM Baibour. Cl.vlon. Nfwrll. Mo.cman. Benjamin. Bern.lfin. Bonn.ll. , ii®iEs ir ©(©ususji W n II lliccomplftinll nl ' lhr Slllilrnl I ninll liiiildinf: llii i)riii?. llu- Sludeiit Council looks liaik n cr a yeiir of |H()pif - and a - tivilv. ll lia- Ini-ird il-rlf willi li:r fulln- tion of plt ' dg - (d tlif aiioii oifiaiuzalioiis and a(hi-t ' (l llu- I nii.ii Hoard in regard to till ' (.•. i)fiulitiii«- of llicsc funds for llie he [ interests of the student liodv. Through the efforts of the Council, a men " .- acti it jxiint system va | ' nl into effect in the spring which di triliutes men ' s activities among a greater num!:er of stu- dents and at the same time limit s the nundier of activities that can he carried hy any one man. It is hoped that such a system will prochice more eiyicienl and cl1ccli c leader- ship of our uoiihwhile camj)!!- organiz- ations as uell as reduce the extra-curricular burden of many men. Attempting to improve the conditions ex- isting in the Student ' s Cooperative Book- store, a governing committee is to he created to advise management of the liookstore m niat ' er- pertaining to piinlia-c and e i liange (d " new and used texthooks. Tlir PiiMirit Committee has lieen con- slantU at M)rk in pulilicizing the University of Nebraska and its various organizations. This has iieen accom pi ishcii primarily lludugli national i)rcss services and r.idio. Opening with publicizing the .lunior-Senior I ' rom in March the Council has sponsored a iekl broadcast over KF()F{ everv Tues- day bir ihe rest of the schocd year, i ' ro- grams were centered around the various colleges, honoraries. and activities. During l ) ' . " . th - Coimcil has been ac- tivcK intere-ted in cooperative buving bir organized houses and was the primary body on the campus to express favorable student sentiment toward the " association " of the Great Cathedral Choir with the Iniversity. Besides the usual spring and fall elections held |i the Coun -il a special general elec- tion sas held bir I ' rom Girl, which election tolled the largest vote on record. Page 33 3rd Row — Gray. Magdanz, Cruise. Hcaily. 2nd ton— BainIiT. Spager, Lcaton, Halliaway. Richmond. Bottom RoK — Giles. Gu itafsnn, Benn. Kraiu-i«. ® ussiKgi irawJi ©©i iii® OFFICFRS MKMP.KRS II AKOLD BENN I ' rcsitlrnr 1 l!|(ll!IF. Mi WCIS ice-I ' resiilerit LOIS GILES Secretary Mil Ti) (U STAFSON Treasurer I.. K. CROWE MRS. LOUISE VESSEY S ionsors r 1 1 IK ;iiiiilltiral E. Rl TH liAl DKR IIahdi.i) Bknn DkLohis Tors Ray Cri ise Marion Orace Ci ' shing M Mi. ' oKii. I ' ' h m:is Lois Gilks Rf.w KR Gray MlLI(l GrSTAI ' SON EAI-I. Ill I)Y FcN .Ma!;i) nz NiLA Si ' i)i;i; oifiaiiizcd on Alanli 2 ' ». 1020. | , fill iIk nccil l(ii- an (iipaiii ' alinn Id cuoidiiia ' c and supervise aeli ilie- on llie Atr. cartipiis. Al il- lii-nionllil nieeling . llie Asr. Fix- eenlne Hoard exeicises ils power lo resinlak eanipii aiti ilie and -o ' ial lnnrlion . In llie lall. llie IJnai ' d spon-ored llie I ' aii (Ts i ' dnnal. Il also sponsored a (llirislnuis program ol .singing, music, and readings. Five per cent of the gross inc(!me irom mixers, sponsoied In the oiganizalions en Page 34 llie campiis. goes inio a pernianenl tiiiid mainlained 1: llie lioanl. W illi this Innd. ihe Hoai ' d piir(lKi-e niip ' o enienls. The iiK ' ndieiship oi llie Hoard i com- |)osed (d Iwo men and Iwo women e!e-lcd iiom llie Ire-liman and -opliomorc classes: one man and one woman clerlcd hem llie 11- junior class: llie Iwo . Indciil Council mi m- hei- iicni llie (College ol Agricullnrc: two liold-o ei- memliers. and one nicml cr each from ihe Senior Farmer lair Huaid. anil ihe (v.)ll-. gi ' i-l ' nil Hoard ol Managers. i,. ■ ., u. ,..,„...„. i,K».,.., Wa.isli. P " ! ' .. litJ R ' m Vlinn " " l. Clir-inv. Kill.u.k. I)ui nd. Hcndnck.. iullum K.m ra..oc. Bail.Dur. Morii.K. L«u. VI Dale Slips All-Activilit ' s Tt-a Social Cliairman Fri ' sliman A.Vi .S. Barl. A.W.S. As»i laiit Frrsliiiian A.W. Cocil Follies N Stamp Salt Scrapbook Nolificalioii Miss l.i ak lliii. Mrs. i:.E. Thompson l!(l i;i) KATIlliYN lN(,)t 1ST K 1IlinN KlI II (K ' : n;m; n uam» Elizm;p.:h Ciikuny Vi;lma Ekwall Iiu:nf. Skllkrs I ' liYixis RnniNSON l.i.i Miiiii ViAi ;ii rvTitic i Copf: M m; Mm: I1i;nuiiii:ks ADVISERS MissNf.llik Eastiu UN Miss Amanda IIkppnkh Oil III lis JANE liAinol I! I ' rrsiitrri ' M li I 11 M(li;l;(( I ((■(•• ' rc.v.i ivi HELEN PASCOE Se-rc ' ary jwr.T IM Trt ' tiMiriT ' ■P 11 UK A.-MK-iaU-il W ..111. Ml Stiidnits. p.ncrii- ing liotlv of the woiiirn of lln " I iii .i-ilv " t Nehni-k.i. lui- li. ' en an .- organization on llie ranipiis for o (m lut-nty-five years. . . ' .S. is now composcil of llircc priii.-ipal |Kiil-: llie lioard. whose fun. lion i- t. ex- ecute llie will of the women tn(len ' M llie eoiiil. .•omposed .-f olTiieis and -enior w..meii .d ' llie hoard, ulii ' li tries and penal- izes the Ineaking of rules: an l the council, composed of house mothers and house presi- dents. Nel.raska ' s A.W.S. is afTiliatc.l with ill. ' iHganizatioM ot die A . . Til. ' Ii.mkI -ponsors .1 jioiiil sv lem. regulates and limits the activities id " woin.n students. During the vearof 19;i7-;i8 A.W .S. siHinsored an All-Activities Tea lo h.lp women hecome ai piaiiilc.l " idi c lra-cur- ricular activities, carried on ihc .iiiiiiial N- stamp sale to stimulate Homecoming mler- e l. and presented the Coed Follies. The Coed Follies consists of skits from organized houses, a spring style show, during which is presented the Best Dressed Girl. Page 35 2nd Row Lichlixer. MftMar. Ppi lal. Binl. MrAIi ler. Scvrr.i. Gilt Bottom Row- Green. EdiKun, Ekwall. Ekblail, Filley. IB miB . W. i. lB®Iilll© OFFICERS KI. 1 A KKW I.L I ' residfiil ELIZABETH EDISON Vice-Presulen I BEATRICE EKBLAD Secretary RUTH GREEN Treasurer COMMITTK CHMIiMI Co-social CliaiinitMi ( -meml)ersliip Cliairmen Piil)licity Cd-Agriciilliire Chainneii liilraniiiraU .|(l I ' Ksi AL. I.OI (ilLES Eaiih Mi iii.Mi. Marion McAlister Hki.f.n Sf.vera EDIIII ru.l.l ' . I.dlS l.ll III.ITKR M in BiiU) 1 HF, liarl) A.W.S. League serves as a lued- iiiiii lor (711111)11- acti ilic lor iiikiII ilialnl women stLRleiils. It ha lieeii on the campus foi " fi e ears and aids Harli women in exlra- cui ricular a(ti ilie . 1 lie Haili Hoard lim- ulales llie inlere l of imalTilialed women in aeti ilies l) ' recogni ing dio e who lia e earned diirl -(i e or more acli il |)oinl al llie end (d eaeli semester. l die end ol die first semester of 1937-38. diiit -diree women were lormalK recognized al a tea. Tweiil ' were ))i( eiili ' d willi gold |)iii . Paee 36 The Ha ill A.W.S. Board carries out sev- eial |ii()ject each ear. |{(dore the opening ol school each lall. lcller explaining tlie acli ities on tiu- cam|iu- and the acli ilies ' s teni were sent to iiiiall dialed women llii ' oiighoiil die stale. In order to pro ide social contact lor H.irli ■-liiileiiN. weekl lionr-dance al the inioi ' were inangni- ale(j last ' ear ami ha c lieeii continiie l. (Illier social innclioiis -poiisincd ii llie League include leas. Iireaklasis and picnies gi en al arions lime- ihroimhoiil llie eai. JrJ RaH Vriecl. Brrrmati. Sifnunv M«ti|uaitll. C. Klintni.n. D. Mln« m.n. BIn-h.. !nJ Ruu- Hunt. G.trf I. U tanJi|:. «o«il«r,l. Kumillrr. Hafri.. J.c. b..m. » irk.. Bollom Hnu K-iiin. Iliniiini!. Simmons Cmv. » orcmlrr. Cun.tablP. rnni-n. Ml ir.i:i5s orriii ' Ks I.ORIN TllDMl ' SON I,. J. NtKL ' DA Bkn Wicks Or iL Df.Frame ALVI.N KlI ' l ' KN I.OI IS Klink Akmdli) Carlson Dkwkk C.kky Dk.xn Worckstkr Kia.ii 11 «MS Ki iu;nT Fox Bkn otava Byrlk SmcK l.KO III NT Kl.LSWORTll STKKLK Tim I ' akkkk (;i;nk(;akrkit nr ANK KSSAM I ' resiitenI BOB SIMMONS I ii c-l ' rvaidrni llAKDINC; VKIliKl, Secretary MAKTIN SIKMSON Oriiiinizatiim (.hnirmuii 1 HWCIS WOODARD TrfiiMirvr KRI.E CONSTABLE Social (hnirman IiniN VENEl.l. (ihlclii (.huirmun 1 UK Mali- liit T liil( Couiicil was ostali- li lir(l 1(11 ihf i)m|)(i-.f of fiiving liarli intMi an orpaiii alinn tliriMif:li wli ' nli llu-y miplit exnl llicir xxial. pDlitical. ami atliliMic aim-. Tin- (loimcil i- iiiadr up l repre- sentatives sent from smaller imit clniis. A small (lull. matJe up of ten or more meu. i eiititlf I to sciul a representative to tlie loun- ril. l the pre cut lime the rouncil is cnni- posed ol r.presentatives from fifteen eliihs. Under the nnifieation of the ikuih il now. the harli men et forth and uphold definite jiolitical standard-, -poiivor and lake part in ntnnerons soeial arti ilies, and parlic- ipale. on the ame liasis as soeial fra ' er- nities. in the intramural propram . Dnrinp liie pa-t M ' ar the arions einhs have arranged hour-ilane -s with all I he •.ocial -ororities ami have -pon-orcd all- liarli dames, piven at (Irani Memorial Hall. The council cooperate.- with the Ha rl A.W . . ill maiiapiiip Uarh »pen-lloii-e and the liarli picnic. Late in April the Barl. withdrew their snppcn t on the Greek factions. Page 37 2nd «on— Hoiist ' I. LrKHSsipnol. Edwall. Bottom foM- KdskiT, Conn. Hisser. mw w mmmw ib® iii® (HIICKRS V, |l W, low I ' l csidfiit K TII 1!INK lilSSER Trt ' tisiircr ci.EON 0. s y .i;k MEMBERS Cayland Conx Kknmcth Ekw ai.i, IIahkv Haymk Floyd Hoiiskl Kay RissKH IIklk.n Hoskkr 1 HE Bizad P ' ( ' (iiti ( Board i I he jrovcr- niiiij; |](i(ls ol llir (!()ll( ' tr( oj |{u iiiess iliiiiiii triili(in. Besides iiiaiiitaiiiiiiji llie tradilidiis nl llic rnllcijc and iliieilinjj; its arti ili( x. il lric Id develop rlosef relation- ;-lii|) liclwiTii -liidrnl- and lacnllx nicnihei ' s. I ' .arli lall. llic liciard ■ |lnll (l|■ llic lii ad I l()li(H liainpifl. Till ' cvrnl liniiiii tiidcllt ill llii ' ( ' i)llr i ' 1)1 Hii iiii ' diniiii--li aliiin will! ha r allaiiicd liijili scliiilai lii|). llic William (inld -ilmla i lii|i kc are proriiled to llic Icii oplloiiit)rc.s wlin had llic Pase 38 highest averages during their lVc liinaii car. Seniors with llic highest ranking Inr a three- Near period arc clerted to Beta (lainnia Sig- ma, llic Alpha kapjia ' tii t izcn.-h i p award, the Delta Sigma I ' i award, and the i ' lii ( !lii I licia a ard arc al o pr ' cnted. llic Hnaid i made up ol Iwo rcpri ' M ' iit- ati e cacli Irom Alpha Kappa I ' -i. I ' lii (!lii Thcla. and hclla Sigma I ' l. The (;irU " ( .ommcrcial ( ' Inli and the MenV ( iomineri ' ial (Till are al o rc|)re-eiilcd m the vears in which the are active. ;„ «,,„ l„,.,l.,.il. M. ...l.i-..n. 1....1 ri...A..,t.. Mall.n. . ' nJ R..I. ri...„„....i.. Unflo " . T. AiiUrr.011 Kint. «„„„».«..» C.lrraan. .Soil. Il " iii-. H.I.. Ilro.n. 11. ». " " • MKMBKRS I(.l!ltl 1.. M1KH- " N Thomas J.. VNDKitstN Jai.kR. BlNCKMIKIMKR EDMI NDC. ( AIILSIIN Rl(.HARI) N.a)LKM N Nk vkllDeankJknkin llMlRV A.I.ANCSTON Ckuki.kC. Mallon KnolandJ.Pu :rK KTT FiiASK M.Sttirr J.Ci.vkkTiiomi ' son 11 Mini. 11 l. Il ItMll IL (Hl ICKRS [ ' ETE J. BURNS I ' rrsiilenI ll K(H.I) E. RROWN Serrelary i 1.. KlN(. ' ' P I UK Ijiiiln. Cling FAonilivr Hoard is the poveriiinp oi nl llic CollrfSi- f Kngiiicer- iiip. Il ua orpaiii .cil .luring the seroiul semeslfint ih. ' 1 28-1929 scIk.oI v -ar. Tlir Hoard lias as ils niosl iiiiixnlanl a li ilv hc siii (Mvi-ii)ii 1 ' Kiigiiieers " Week. lln- liclil -linrllv i.clon- llu- .■i.! »• of ta ' li s.lircl year, it fraturp- icpresenlalivc dis|)lays of llic ucirk ilonc in iIk ' various di ' iKir ' .mrnls rf llie Colleg -. These displays are cpni In llie piil)li.- one evening during Engineers " Week. At least one all-Kngineering eonvoration a month i orgaiii ed li tiie I ' " .nil. Il also has charge of the Kngin. ' er- " Hall, the inlra- ,nlleg - elerlions. and all general meetings ;ind idinnialioii . The memlei-hip .f ihi- .iiganizalion is eomposed of ill " ' pre-ideni- and -e. relaries of .ill deiiarlnienlal organizations, llie Slii- ,1,.|.| Conneil iei ' n- - " l; l ' ' ' f ' " " ' ' ' " " • ' " ' " lege, till- giMieral manager and ediu.r d the •■HIne riim " and. liv a recently cnaded amendnieiit. the general chairman and ee- relarv-lriMMiier of Kngineers " Week. Paee 39 3rd Ron- Kamsay. Su-rl, an urit, Walroil. Simmims. Lipp. 2nit Riitf [ti-niieii. Morion. Qiiistn berry, Amlerson. Green, Hutlum ( «■- -MoM nian, Park. Srliranini, Lrc. lITiyjIDIlSMl ' lIJS a®M IB® Si® FACl I T ' l ir.MRF.RS Associate Ihokkssok Eahl iLi.n i I antz .Mk. Klduki) Oscau Mouton Miss Maukl Ij:k AssociATi; Pkoi KssoK . l rMii Ann Pakk Associatk. Phokkssoi! Kaui. 1. nNi)r PROKKSSOH ECK KkANK Si II1!A I 1 I,I MM MF.MBF.RS Mil. MU.KIN AM)KHS() Mn. Rav Kamskv Miss Ln u.i.i; Ki ii.i.i STUDENT MEMBERS SENIORS Cknkvikvk Bennktt Al Moskman JaNK U Al.COTT .IIMORS MdHHI-- l.ll ' P lion Simmons SOPHOMORES jl. N loH( N I.I (11. 1. K (iliKI N The Sill. ici ■111 I II lull i Ilia 1(1 (I I it ' cis all phases oi llic liLiilding ' s inanagciiK ' nl ami policies. Stiidrnls alone ai ' c to coiilrol and () ii llic liiiilding villi iiiii ersit adiiunislialion siip- jiKiiij; IhmI. Ii};hl. and janitor service. Seven students, appoinlcd li llic Sliidciil ( " ouncii. six lacnlu niciiilicrs chosen li the ( !liaiicellor. and three aliiinni limii llie Aliiinni Association (■oinposc the l oard. I his group hired ihrce eniplosccs lo direct activities in the luiildiiig. Tiiey are Mr. an SanI as Director. Miss Steel as Social Direc- tor, and Mrs. (Jiii enlierrvas Foods Director. Additional help will he under the siiper- ision of these three. On .April Ai). the regents receiNcd the hiiilding Ironi the coiiti aclor . and a hmise- warming was held on Ma 1 lor the -liidcnl hod with tree dancing, and re! rcshiiu-nts as enlcrtaiiiinenl attractions. . rcliilectiirall . llic ne M ' st edifice on the cainpns aronsed niiieh coin men I. c | ccia 1 1 with its ha 1 1 room. loiMiges. ' caking shop . lihrarv. and ilining rooms, plus air conditioning. Page 40 1 HE first ground ..f the n.-w l.nildinp wa br..k( n In Cluinrpllor Burn.-ll ii.ul the president uf ' the H-ard of Regents. Mr. Taslor The rest of the Board and prom- inent faeult heads were also on hand. . . . Clearing the ground for the sparious strurture. . . . T«n and still going up. . . . Eniptv windows lend a va.anl appearan.e. . . . L.. ked doors keep out curious visitors. . . . Nel.raska sunshine has a ( han.e to enter unhindered through these large windows. ... The haleony over- looking the large ballroom is convenient for int.-resled spe. tators. . . . An ultra- modern soda fountain will keep up with student demand in the fashionable soda grill. (g®ILILIligII ©IF )i: N w. w. i;t liii E STABLISHED in a lalc lluit i |.ir,lnnii- iiantK agiiciiltuial llic ( ' ollcge ol Afiiicnlture lia- llic ic |)(iii--iliil il 1)1 it ulcr lii|) in ( ' (ln ' a- tion llial (leal- with af iii iiltnia I |Mnlilrni . In addilion. il ha- ihc ic |)nn-ii]il il dl (h ' aling silh home lih ' ami |)i ulih ' iii- in ihc liDnic. The (ir l ti ' |) ni lhi rnih ' a nr i ihc ni liiH Inin nl ln(lfnls in rc i(lcnce. Courses lor men lor ihc niii-l |iai ' l collcfic and piadnalc ciinr-c - hnl -onic ol ihcni -lioil. piarlicc conrses — are given in ihc l)a ic anil aixi agiicnilnial ci- ences, such as soils. cid|) . animal prodnrlion. ]ilant and animal di caM ' . and maikcling. Sindics ol Icxtilo. lood-.. home lilc arc stres- sed l(n- the uonu ' n. To roinul out thi training man cicclixc hours arc allo cd the -tndcnt ?-o that -■iii ' li -ourses as hi toi . lilcialiirc. and olhcr nuiN he included. ci large and al o a cv important pari ol the actl iti ' (d tl)i (College i the Woik ol the gricnllnral I ' Apciimcnt Station, an or- gan i a I ion within the (College w liirli carries on expciimcnt- to ohtain new knowledge lor the aid id larmci- and agricnitnral indnslries as well a- managers ol home-. I he re-nIt- ol the lndics arc iinlili-hed and di-trihnted widcK. Page 42 J. HE ft ' iitial t ' |n ' i itnrnt l.itioii i [ llic collcijc i Incatrd at I.iiniilii. l li c iillici |niiiil- over tlii ' lalc aic aii iliai ' -la- liiiiis. 1 1 1 ifialiiiii. ( iii|) iiil.ilKiii. aiimial Icfdiiif:. di ci c ami |)r l luiilml. and (•ruiiiiiii ii tiidic- air aiiKHi llir iiioir iiii- |iiiilanl lUdH ' cl . Sdiiic Ic tinj: umk i» done. I In- liailm testing staliiin i lln ' (inl (nic hI il kind ni die wmld. I lie -•iiiiiii |ilaiil tc ' l anil -clU lii ;-ilii)li ' ia I ' liim. I III ' lirnrllN III dic -r lllilir air nllrird In llir [inlil ir dimiipll the Agririillural Exli-n-iuii Snvirr. llir lliinl ili i iiin nl llir College. Specialist wlm ir|)ii ' rnl llii Srivirc an! |irii|ilr tlirougll d( ' liiiin lialiiiii-. |iiililiraliiiiw. and nllirr (■diiraliniial helps. Mrnilii-i lii|) in Ml (!liili in Nclna ka ihi n cxiri ' ii 2. i.() H) and in liniiic ciiinninir wniiii-nV iliili m( ' inli ' i ' lii|i cMci ' d . ' iO.dOO. In ncailv i ' ( ' r rminlN x ' at i a rniinU aj ri- cidtiiral afit ' iit and in main nl llirni a limnc drnmn li al inn agent ului repiCM-nt llic Cullcgo in it- adiill cdiualiunal snik. Driniin-lruliii): llir |)r " i| iT lan- ami (r ilin;; of liiT niajoly, Maiianic ( ' " » ... A tirnrral iili ' a of liiiu milk is pastiirizid . . . Im said lliat apriciilliiro uasn ' l lu ' coniini ' nicrli- anizcil? ... A view «( sonip of llir imple- iiu-iils used in niiulrrn furniin); . . . One iif till ' iii ' u. larci-. iiiiuliTM liariis siiiiafcil i n llic A riciilliirul (lollriic caiiipiis. Pane 43 (g®ILail©ll ©IF mR ' i i UEW (;. II, Ol.DFATHER 1 HE College of Arts and Sciences lias llie lioiioi of lieiiig the University ' s oldest college, it was loimded in 1871 and at ilia! lime was lallcd llic l.ilieral Arts (College. Known as the leacliiiif; and instructional c()l|e ;e. il does not profess to train sliidenis tor a pi ' ofession. " Its chief j)tiri)ose is mil lo make ihem skillful in the art (d making a living, luil Id leach ihem liou to li c an aliuudani lile: ikiI In train the hand. Iiul In (ipcn ihe uudel slandnig. loipiickcn ihe conscience, lo enlarge the ision. and lo increase the a|)|)recialion nl and rexerence for the beautilid. ihe nolile. and llic hue. " " One of the most significant functions |)er- iormed li the school is ihe training of students iron) all colleges ol the I ni ersit in the aca- dennc courses of the College of Aits and Sci- ences. A coiislant siir ( ' eslimates thai liil - loiir |)erceiit ol the iiistiuclioii given on the l.iiic(dn campuses is carried on in depailments oi this college. Students in oilier iindcigradii- ale colleges ol ihe I nivcisilv carrv I roni oiie- lliird to ihrce-ipiarleis ol their course work under iiislruclois in the ( ' ollege ol AiN and Sciences, thus making il ihe (College willi the largest eiimllnieiil in ihe eiilirc I iiiveisily. P.iBe 4-1 ■ m In answer In llu- |iu|iiilai (Icinaiul id llic liidi ' iit " . llic Iwn dr- [)artnifiit nt iiicidcni tdicigii laiipiuig( ' lia r iiiailt ' a vorv in)| (ii ' tanl ollnirif; In llic (■iirricidiiin ul llic (Millcgc (d Ails and Sciciico. ' llic addilinii i- iii ti iiclinii in lifgiimiiip F ' rcncli. Goniiaii. .iiid S|iaiii li; llic r iniirscs arc open oiiU Id junior ami -ciiidi- ,uid are |)iiiiiaril dc ifined Id f;i e -tndeiil- a rcadiliji knd lcd;j;c ul llic .--iiliieil. I lie iiilrddiHlidii dl llie-e (•nurses will meet llie wi lic id -liideiil lii-ltcr lliaii llie Idiijzir ilillddiieldiA ediii e wliieli invcr llie (d willing ' . I lie iacullv and pradnate liidciil Idllnw llie e lald i-lied praelice (d caii ing on rcscareli and c |)eriniciilalidii. Nola- lile work df tlii- l |)c i licinj; ddiie li llie Hdlan I )e|Kirlnieiit ill llif .■•lii(l (d llic rd(i| dl . cl ra l a |)laiil and li tlic (ieo- grapliv Deparliiicnt in the liid ot tin- heel iiiilii tr . Sinii- larlv. miieli tdVdit i extended in the piilil icalioii dl | ani|)hlcls on such suhjeels a. pha c ot Nelira ka lii t()i . riiii r lu l iin|i iiiiiii «trcikr» |iiTliirl an art -liiilciil uiirkin;: in oiU. Ilinisr «i(i- ' s ni|j:lilniari- a tliiMiii lr) lii lcnl ' « dishwari ' , scl mil to dry. lie docsn ' l want a pati-nl for his contraption, only pray that it will work. Pat Burns, student in analiimy, sur- veys tier effort. (Jipantie relics of a liy-pone day, lliese elephant? stalk Morrill Hall. Page 45 UEA.N J. li. LtKUS lG. UL Modern 1)u iiicss as caiTied nii ,il llic pies- eiit lirtR ' is a iniiili a learned piolessioii as engineering, law or other (■(itn|)lex arts. He- cause competitinii in ihe ecdiioiiiic woild is so keen, indis idiiaU iiiii l lie officienth trained in order lo achieve success. It was to oiler this indispensable training and lo e(|ni|) ii- iiidents with ,1 lilieral edncalinn dial the (iollege ol I{nsiiie» dni ini-lialion was lonnded in I ' M ' ' , in inliilling nrli olijeclix e- llie lainlu liope lo train soiialK minded lln lnes men who will ( ' !ldea ol ' lo liellei llie pioeni eeonornie order. Till ' administralion realizes ihat lhe eaii not tnrn onl linished liiisiness en te r p r i -e i . hnl tlie} do hope to mak ' good heginners who will ha e an insight into the strnelnre and Innelions ot ihe hnsine - world, a knowledge oi the most a|ipro ed linsine |)raeliee. and the heginnings ol hnsine teehniipie. I o arhie ihoe ends ihe enriieidmn i nol nairowi oialional. hnl. on llie ronlrar . rec|nire-- a hioad ciilliiial Iraining ihrongh ihe -liid (d laiignag ' . niathe- nialies. and science, while la iiig iiineh stress on polilieai science. histor . soeiolog . and t ' conomies. whiili ha e heen well ealled llie " New llninanities " . Pace 46 1 UK (!» llr};f (it l!ii-iiic iliniiii-lrali ii i» mil nrils iciidcr- iiig a sei ' irt- In lli - lali ' li training il (iiin ; nit-n anil wrnii-n till tlit ' if Intnrc wmk luit. al-n. it i» aiding; tlic liusin -s men (it llic tatc !i llif |Mililii ' alii n dl the if ult- ut -tudic- in ai i- i)n as|U ' (l (it Ncliia»ka Imsiness. I jinn i iiin|ilcli(iM nl the surveys lli ' aif printt ' d a linllctin- entitled I he rhras iii Slutlics in Hiixint ' .s.s and di-li ilmted wideK tlirougliiint tlu " stalt ' . riie deal uith -mil iin|i(irtant uiijt ' cls as -tdck Inin- over. ( ' (intidl (it retail ereilit-. and (i|terati(in expenses. riie lacnltx pise rndst (it their enerp Id tlieir Udik dl teaching, hut fnid time lor dther activities as well. ridtaliU in research, in gi ing pnlilic lectnro. and in writing, ( ' oncern- ing the latter there were three new liddks pulili lied li niein- jiers (it the tacidlx thi- xcar: llc liiiiin Iccoiiiilini;. In Intro- ductiun to Business, and Survey of Municipal H uter and Electrical Systems in ehrasha, 1937. A !$i a(t liiilciil ' s (irralc-t siiiirci- (, f cinii- fori, an addiiit; niacliinc. . . . The variiiio Imsiness stalcmenls can gel very rompli- caled al limes. . . . Inddslrioiis yoimp biisi- iii-ssmcn al wnrl; in llii- talmraliiry. . . . Tlie l!i ail liiilli ' lin tmard. silli its noliccs nf 111)111 jciti anil luisiiii-ss i-iindiliiins llir Mi;;li- itiil itie iixirlry. . . . . ' i sli aiidlliiriiini. ami llio niidsl 1 f a liislon- lecture. Page 47 )1:AN (;. A. GRIBB I 111 ' (College of l)( ' iitisti ha ncxcr aspiicd Id liccdnic a large college. Il |)i() |ie(li c has always been to lie excclleiil tliroiigli an opli- iniiiii -] (•. ] lullowiiig tlii- idea, the eiiroll- iiienl ha,- lieen restiicted : and the laeidl niainlaine(l euiniielenl. 1 hi alloid- a nio t desirahle lealnre in denial ednealion. a it alloi ' ds (•on tanl snpeiN i ion. Also eontrilinl- ing to the n|)erioiil ol llie ( College, is (he un- surpassed anangcnient of spaee for leaehiiig dentisli . Its constant aim i to keep ahreast ol tlie tiine . The sn ' ees id iIk ' past is eon- hinied li an " .A " rating awaided li ihe Dental F.diieation (louneil id Anieriea (lonnnit- tee. Hetter work, done with greater ease, has resulted Ironi the reeentlv icniodided lalnua- lorie . ihe offices lor depailiiieiits. which iei|uire technological courses, being located ln ' tween the Junior-Senior lalmratorv and the Freshman-. ophoniore ialioralorx . ha e greatly increased teaching ellieieiie . Ihe arraiige- nienl pro iile- lieltei ' access ol -tudents to in- structors, and also allii N lietler uper i nin over the lahoratorio a! all tinie . The value id the iin|)ro enients is evidenced li the en- dnisiastic cooperat ion ol -Indents. Page 48 1 KOOK (.r llic liigli slaii(lai(U of llir C.ilh •;.• i- I..11111I in llic refolds niadf li graduates. Nt-liraska students seldom fail to pass till ' Si, lie hiiil.ij examinations re(|iiii(il of all praelis- ing dfiili ' l-. (Mini ihc ir iill-. -Imw the lop In.nkrN are an- ne (i| li our graduates. More important i llie rr|iiilalion of these denli ts who lia c lieen liained here and who are reeogni ed as iieing progressive; that is, heeause ot the mental atliluile to lered wliile in rliooi. lhe have idiilnincd to as- similate new know ledge, and wrw piUKiple-.. Dean (irnMi lia ell ]( lined llie ipialilications re(|uired oi a denli l: " lie inii l he a hii-.ine» man lo atli.irl patients, a gentleman to meet a wide tratiim ot »oiiet . a clieini-t to handle mediianient- ' . an ai list to deal w illi --iKidiiig ol iii.iln ials used, a scnlptoi lo restore " facial eonloiir. an engineer lo luiilil bridges loi ' the nioiilh. and la ll . a ph ieian to pcrlurm health -ei ices in curative and preveiiti e phases. " Tlial ' u liirc linikin : wl if fal ' r tiiMJi llic I ' ntli ' iiian a in liis liand. . . . One nf llic Drnlist ' s inure mysieriims conlrapliuns. . . . Ami liere it loiiks as tliiMifili «c arr aliuiil to f£( t a lt S(in in llie rlioicr and iisr rf drills. ... .A general view i)f ilie ( illepe ' s «iirk shop. . . . " Open wider please, tliank you. " . . . Prart rally the entire College is lorated on the top floor of Andrews. Page 49 (g®JLILl Jl ©IF DKAN (). .1. I |;K(.I S() f 01? ovei " sixlv vears lite (IcM ' lopnicnl of llir 1 iii i ' i it has Itccn paralleled li a similar p;i ' () lli ol llie (](illei;e ol Kiifiiiiceriiig. As eari as llie I, lie -e eiilies. eiigiiicei ing eoiiises were ollered Ic) ihe -I n.leiil--. In ' H) ' ). ||ir I ' dljegc was made a se|)arale eiitiu. and die re iilliiij: progress has liiil ediilrilmled Id ihe e em| li- fi(alii)ii ol Neiiiaska s plaee in ihe iiii. ()i llie si de|i,i I Iineii| coiwlilnl iiii; ihe eol- lege, the I ' .iigineers (loimeil lor I ' ldlev ional Developmenl. alter critical examinalioii ol the ciiniciila. --lall. !.llMn■alo|■i(■ . and adiiiinis- Iralion. rated five iis acceptable. Tlii- ralinji i- ihe highest accorded. Degrees are given in each di ision alter llie alisiaetor comph ' lioii ol !. ' }() credildionis. This nnmher is an in- crease () ( ' r the pie ioii l rei|iiired nnmher ol ii ' d il-lioiir and has eontrihnle(l lo lh( liengllieiiing (d ihe wcnk. fidlow iiig a polic id con lanl improvement, new courses in l ' aigli li lilcialnre. photogram- ineliN. and dralling have lieen added lo llie cnriicidinn. L.i-I I. ill llu ' college M ' t a new precedenl li warning awa men asking lor admission who ranked in ihe lowe-l (pi.iiierot llieir liis;h .-cliool classes. PaRe 50 »..«v«m 1 111 ' , wdik )l tlif (!()lli ' frt ' (il Knpiiieering is rt ' copiiizcd as i ' ( -il( ' nl. ll- l.ill i kiiiiwii. nut (iiil iKiliiuialK l iit ititci- iialiiiiialK . Iiir il tfachinp al)ilit . il ifsfanli. ami iu aiillicu- sliip 1)1 tcxtliiiitk- and Iccliiiiral articles. I ' lii ' .iliiniiii liavr coiitriliiilcd Id liiiiiiari |ii ' i ;i ' i-» in llic fields ol load linddiiip. liiidpe hiiildinj;. elecliic utililic-. telepluiiie. molidn |ii(lures, and Mian odier lechnical and administrative acti itics. Niiiii- liei ' ed ainonp llie most |ii ' i niinent alumni are the present (]tim- riiis.sioner ol Meclamalinn. the ' F(i ernnr ol Neliraska and llie eliief eveeiitive ol die I ' lotal Tideiiiaiili Compaiix. I(ir main eai ' s the Mccluinii- !)c|iartmi ' nl lia hern testing road materials loi ' the late. So e ten i e and sMrce tnl have been the ojieralion that agents from loieign eountries come to iew the results ol the le»l . Woikirijz in conjunetion with the (!olli ' f;e ol Agriiidture. die Inremo t ti ailnr-te ling station in the (uld i maintained li our uiii er il . till ' Mcclianiral Kncinrrrinf; worii slicip (luc-iri mn 111 luclk (or tM-ll .. . . . Tliis juli rall for a lol of prolrrlion. . . . KIrclrical (•nf;inr -riii(; Irsliii); iiiiil ir . . . . Atiollicr ii-« of llir Klrilriral liop ViioiIkt I ' omplii ' atrd looliini; iiliject . . . Imu lio lliry rcnii-inl«T wlial pipi- dm-s wlial? . . . Slill mole pipes aril niaiiiines and niolors. . . . Tlie«- are • lationary »leani engines. i Paec 51 (g®ILJLIl©Il ©S IL W mmAm i DEAN II. II. F- nSTKR D L ' KI.N(i the past year ihr Sii])renie ( ' on it of Nebraska has made iiii|i(iilant clianges in re- (|niremenls lor admission to the Nel)raska liar. Two years ol college work. | reliminar lo three years of legal training, are now iei|niicd. Also, no recognition is given to law xliool work, not done in schools approved li tlic Amereian Bar Assoeiatimi. P)ei;iiinin " : next didat( all all caiuli(lale . incliuli ng el)ra ka grad ates, must take examinations gi en li the State Bai ' ( " ommission. The standar(i oj this law school ha ealwa s been eonsiderahh in advance of the Nebraska bar recpiiremiMits. Hetore the e new rules were adopted b the Nebraska Sui)reme Court, the icipiirements were raised to three years of col- lege wiiik. Hitherto. iiice law students ineli- gible lor a hnissi(in into the college or those di(i|)pcd liom the college could go elsewhere lor training and still be admitted to Nebraska practice, wc ha c not adxanced as rapidiv as we (lc ii ' cd in raising slandard . itli the growing recognition in the pioio ion oi the necessity lor liigluM ' landards. wc are prc- |)are(l to in ist u|iiin more rigorous standards lor the adnii . ion in thi law ,-cliool. Page 52 rjXCEI TI() AI. sluileiils art " a(Ti)r(lc l alual lc Iraiiiiiig as rnemhers ol tin- -tiulfiit Imard nt (■ditni- nl llii ' Neliraska I. aw Bullftiii III till- writinj; ol aiiiKilaliini and i ' i iiinii-Ml ii|)iiii Nf- lira ka cases. This piililicaliun i ii(( the idiicial organ dI the Nebraska Slate Bar Assoeiatimi. During the |ia t year a seventy-page index was prepared lud(iit cdilors. liiic trnpliasis is heinj; given to the tonipetitive nature of the la er " s work. For main ears we ha e had a pracliee courl a a regular part ol (he work ot ihe senior veai ' . This year a ninnher ol oltintar clnii-fonrt ha e heen organized among first and second year students. 1 1 llic iiitcrol wai rants, provision will he made loi ' a series ol chili-court contests. During the |)a t two vears some new courses have been added such as Legislation. Social Security Legi lati(lll. and Insurance to the curiiculum. Ihe growing dcinaiids Irom many directions, show the neeii lor [)ul)lic law courses. If al first you dun ' t siirrccd in lnoking up a law case. iry. Iry again. . . . Tlios - slacks iif liiioks look rather iinpressi%e. . . . This fellow believes in being roinforlable. . . . We oft on wondered why l,a» students al- ways were tired . . . look at lliose big tomes . . . Still more books, what we like about Law (Nillr):i- is the informality of iheir lib: ary and the people in it. Page S3 (g(DILILIl(§ll ©I? iMIii)3(giJS Jl A . ■A Ste c lA. DEAN C. . M. I ' OYNTER i I IK ( ' .nllfi c (if Mrdicilli ' . illl;ilci] ;il OnKllia. lias alwavs Inllowrd a progressive policy by iiilr(Hlii(in ; lilicral cliaiiges whenever tliey aic llidiighl 1(1 lie (il |)(i il)l( ' licncdi. I ' aia- iiKMiiit 1)1 tlu ' x ' a llcialidiis i- llic mil odiicl nui ol lildck cdurso which |)ciiiiil IimI( ' ii1s Io -lii(l diil Usd (ir llirce courses at a lime hiil cans llidsc llii ' diifj:li Id cdniiilclidii. Ud. ihc existing sv li ' iii now ic(|iiirc hd pilal work loi ' jiiiiido and diil-|ial icnl Wdik loi ' seniors. 1 ' III II I (• hciichcia I rc--iills are ex|)( ' (l( ' (l 1 1 oni I he eslahl i hnicMl of residences in ihc hd-pilal lor those hd lia ( ' cdiiiplclcd ihcii iiilcrnship and wish Id carry on lurlhcr ' sIikIn in palhdiogy, ()rlhdpc(lic . dli lcliics. and l( ' er llierapv. Much altcnlidii has hcen ])aid Id ihe itn- |)(nlaiil (l( ' cldpniciil dl llie col lege ' s cliinc and lihrar . The lallcr cdnlain- main ihdii ands dl dlinncs and d cr . ' 00 pciiddic medical idiirnals. Ihc clinic has inodcni and com- plclc (-(piipmcnl and i ' - (piilc adeipialc hir llie jircscnl si e (d the cdllcgc. In ihc last vear o ( ' rH. ()()() jialicnls reccixed licalmcnl Iree. Uesearch and expeiimenN are in conslanl progress. i ' ailicidarU successful has heen ihc rc car( h in lexer ihcrapx and p ' -v chial i . PaE 54 I ' t ' K tiianv vi ' ars llit " svsteiii ot cdiir.ilioii li.i- Irccii illtllii-iii I ' d l) two iMi|iiirlaiil liriiiU. I In- lir -I i l llic i- two licnd " I- llir j;iadii,il li-c cd llic |ilt ' -iiu ' (lii al i iM|iiili-iiu-iiN. The Coiiiitil id till- iiici iiaii Mi ' dical -»niiali( ii in llic la»l vt ' iir };asf addi ' d rniplia i In llii di ' ilci|iiiiiiil li : ii|iiii iii i llircf (Mi t l |)i c-iiicdiral iii-li iiilinii to H ' |ilaii ' tin ' Iiuiiht two Vfar rc(|lli-ili-. It i lln| cd hv llii In j;i r |i|( -|mc live do( ' t ir a iiiiiic lilicial ciliicaliDii rf idtin ; in an iin|irii ( ' d |ii ' i)- fession and to make llic ccmix ' in nicdirnif ninic id a f iadnalc lii(l M) thai ni-li iirlinn can lie more e len»i e and iniln-i e. TIr " iillier nn|initant licnd i- Inniid in llie clianjiinj; nietlidcl id »lnd .mil in li iirliim. In llie |ia»l te ld k ediiealiiin a- IJiednnnnanl : lin e ei ' . al |He eni llii Ispe |ia };i en a lit clinical lied-ide in lliitli()n. llhipnj;h alniil lligldv. siierc-s of the lalter ile|)enil on llie e lenl A it llie aliiliU id llie enl- lege ' s eliriie and liii»|iilal laiililie In nppK -liideii! need-. Ni ' U (loctiir! |!ainiii|! i ' X| -rii-nrc in llii- liii- MThily liiispilul. . . . Tlir iiiirsi-s icm, Irani liiilli l y praiiii ' i- aii l liy lliriiry. . . . An- iillirr i ' » iif -liiilcnis ilocliirN ill llw Ini- MT-ily liii-pilul. . . . XKuy piiliiti-s pmvr an iiiNuliiulili ' pan nf llir Irainin ul a iliH-lor. . . . I ' arl ip( llii- niiTM-ry al llir I ni- viT pity Mii!ipi!al. . . . Anil all art- im-liidril in ill ' - rrijiilar innrnlnf; " wanl walks " . Page 55 DEAN R. A. I 1 FHARMACY id the inajoritv of students ;il Nebraska iiicaiis nolliiiif; Iml tlir Slndciit llcallli Drpai tiiH ' iil. I lu ' held (d phaniiaiciili- cal scieiire is now undcigoiiig a |iciind nl i;i|)id ( ' X|)ansi()ii. No longer ' is it " ■ ' riii ' I land Maid of IVIediciiie. " lor the rrlali(in lii|) (d pliartnacN to agriculture, hoi liiidlnie. animal Inisliandry and Id die nidiisliies has Keen so inononnicd and ini|ioilant lliat liained pharmacists are m demand everywhere. Even through periods oi dc|)ressi()n the suppK ol gradnalc druggists does not exceed the demand. h ' cause id the constant and rapid development ol this science, the ( ' oliege ol l harmae li-ains students so thai the will not onl he ahle to practice pliarniae . as the fmd it toda . Iml will h( eompetent to tram lliems(d es to piaetuc their prolession as it will he pi aetiscd ten. twentv. or miue eai I rom today. . t proeiit a pha rmacent ieal national !!a- hus is heing re ised lor the lonitli lime liv ex- perts ol the science. Its pur])ose will he to estahlish a iinilorm period ol inslruit ion in pharniae in e ei icdiege ol llw I nited Slates. It is expected that the s llahns will stress phys- iology as well as pharmoeology. P.nHe . ' iG .MB T |i.i-l far i , - M ' fii two iin|n il.inl ic--(mii ' Ii projects car- lifd (lilt. I III- lll--l ol llir-r i- the ili ' clopillt ' lll nl i-iitriic foal- ings loi ' pills. AltfT iiiiiili f |ii ' riiiifiilali» ii -uli iaiircs Id he used lo cover pilU ' Iiccii iikmIiu I ' d »ci iImI liissoliitioii of pills can lie coiilmllrd. ( ii c nl llii» kimw ledge is alrcaiU in progress silli liiliirc iililit atitici|)ated. 1 lie other project lias resulted in a new niedii inc possessing uii- gicidal a.-- ell a geiinicidal piopcrlic . ll i most innisiial that a medicine lia tin- aliiliu In dc-liii holli hiii ' ii ami germs. This research is iml ((iiiiplclcd a cl. iml il ha- ad- vanced Id liie clinical l.igc where it i- ii-ed li doctoi ' s. The animal (piarters of the ( dllefie were receiilU reiiKideled resulting in enlarged space and iinpmved operating facililie . Eipiipnient In regiilale llie temperature nl llu ' (piailei- wa- in-tailed -() thai the Iciupei atiii i- I ' an lie coiitrnllcil the ear around. Tin- will -a e llie li e- ul many animals. riii-s - •.|ii(li-nl arc Icariiini: Imw in makr ii|i prcM ' ripli in». . . . Tlir poor froj! prol)- alily nvviT reaiizt ' d llial Miine day lie would III ' llic I ' t ' iiU ' r of an •■xprriniciil. . . . Il ilix ' -n ' l look u- llioii)!li Ik- Mould have any Iniiililr fiiuliii): llu- intirrdicnN. . . . Tlii-y lia%( to rliinli laddtT- lo rrarh Minit of llii-in. . . . N - » air nmililloni ' d ' X|MTliiiciilal animal Iumim- for l ' liarmU(-olo):y. Page 57 i DEAN F. K. llK.NZl.llv 1 HE liinrlidii 1)1 TcacluTs College reflect (li l iiiitl III llie slate ' s ediicalidiial svsteiii. They are set iditli in the Inlldw ing: prepara- lidii dl elemeiitar and liif;li rliddl teachers and miscellane()u workers; serv- ices of research and pKidiiitidnal xholaiship i the lacidtx : special edncatidiial and clinical services for hamlii ajipcd children, and profes- sional services in the linin oi piiMic -.chool surveys, and reorgani alion ol cdiicalioiuil programs. It is necessaiA to organize and dc eld|) a program ol teacher training aroniid certain fundamental ol)iecti e . The i(nalit of stu- dents seeking training in teaching niii-.t he raised li selecti e admission and then later, they must he adjusted and dricittcd In |irdpcr fields. A licltcr iiiidcistanding ol social and economic |ndlilenis in America -lidiild c ai- tiniled individual-- |ireparing to teach. Fros- |)ecti e teachers hollld lie olleied help in placement, and research and experimentation mii t he cariied dii td advance edncatidii. The coni ' ses. ailivitic-. and department in Teach- ers (!dllege are. llierelore. organi ed and de- cld|)ed in harmdin with the .dioNc dhjectives. Page 58 XI receiil i|i il(i|iiiiriil in llic I f.nlicr (iollt ' fif i tin- cslaMisli- nii ' iil III iciiiril I.I I iiMiliii I ' linio tor stiiili ' iil- u can pmlit li iir|i traiiiirif;. ocaliiilaiy exercises, ul)jetli i ' Ic l-. and conscious praclicc in |) -ciliiij; ii|i i r inoNfiiiftil-- arc iimmI hi liliiltiiifi (lilt -Inn liDrniiif: ami in ini|iiii ill irailiiig elTicicncN . Another significant tlc (lci|iiii ' iil dm iiij: llir |ia-t year has lieen the organi atitin ol a (n)|iiTati c iiiri iriiliiiu laliurattii . its function i to make availalde to -.tudciil ' in |)rofessioiial train- ing the cniileiil and iii-triiitiinial inateriaU ii ed Ini the icor- gaiti ation and ih ' clci] nieiil ol cniii-c ol tiid and icaining material- in tlu ' •-(•Ii( nl ol the t.ite. Thou-and- 111 teailici- hnldiii |iii-il mil- in Nelira-ka and other -late- lia i ' receiNcd | ,iil or .ill id llirir |)rii|e--iiiiial training in rearher (College. I he [leKcnlage iilacemeiil lia- hcen con-taiitl rising so that there is no o er ui |il nl |iiii|i- I . erlv piepared and trained learhers. Till- uiliiiliii-lruli ' iiriirr- iit Truilirr ' - lii);li -rliiMil rnnii ' (rum Mr. Mnrluir- i.fliic . . . I urt of llir scli(M rs wnod (irtcin{: iM|tiip- inciil iji lliis Imnd-saw. . . . Tlii- Arilirry -liiilcnl is I ' viili-nlly liuviii Iroiililr liK-aliii)! llic larficl. . . . Tlu- ••••lioiir ' . urcht-slru is » ' ll knii»n, and puis in Ion): liuiir ' - id hard uiirk. . . . Tile yiiiin): (lirls id Indav an- the M ' win); rirclr niiMnhrrs iif lomornm. Page 59 ,1 ' t- ■ ■r ' t: .- " } - , DEAN F. W. UPSON J UK liisloiN (il llic ;iailiiat( College is al- most as old as that of tlic L iiixcrsitv. (jiadiiate iii lni(li(in a first ollcrcd in IfirlO. which later in 1 H95. was oigani cd into a choul u ilh a designated dean and ia( nlt . hin ihc L ni- versity ' s charier was anieiidcd in 1939. the school liecanie the (Graduate (College. Graduates of all the coHeges ol the I ni- versity of Nehraska or Ironi other universities and colleges of recognized standing who have similar graduation rei|nircrn( ' nl are allo sed admission. The college recognizes these ap- plicants a heing ol two classes: I I ) llio-ewho are eligihle to candidac loi- higher degrees and who wish to enter at once u|)on their spe- cial work: (2| those who ha ing taken a Bachelor ' s degree wish to lir((a len their edu- cation without icleren -e to higher degrees. Degrees are awarded u|)on completion of a thesis and a rei|nire l nnndier of credit hours in courses oi a giadiuite grade nr in reseaich. The thesis nnist end)od the results oi inde- licndcnl sliul or research and gi e e idence of schoJarK altaiiuiu ' uts on the part ol the candidate and of alulilv to usi ' the tec hniijue cniploNcd in hi line ol in e l igation. Page GO I III ' iil)ji ' (li » ' (it llif ciillcpt ' is to oxieiul and i ' iil.iij: - llit work 111 llif undpigraduatc de|)artmfiit and lu |)in idf latil- iti( ' ior s|) H ' ialixatii ii and rt ' x ' aiili. In tlii a it |iif|)ai s lliosc wild « ' xpt ' (l to lii( nine irivpslipaldis. proft ' ssioiial nigi- iicer.s or Icaclici.-- in collciio and uni ( ' isilifs. The Graduate Collepf i llic icnln of llic M-linlaiU umk of tlif I ni frsit . and nian locarclio ot it tainltv air ol the nlnio t iinportaiicr to ihr tatf at laific I ' lic laiidiv mimhers one luitidrt ' d ami nineteen nieinliet- to wliieli eleven have lieen addt d tor the rotninp ear. The student hods is growiiij: in i|nalil and nnndiei with the eai . ' 1 he I ni ei it in the [ia t ear ha e talili hed a tiiadnate Seliool ot Social Work. In thi, ' « seliool student will teeeive training tor [)o itions in various tvpes ot oeial work. |)iililie administration and the like. Training in eeitain definite lield? ol uniiergradnate work i lecjuired tor entrance. Tlii ):ra(liialc- IikIi ' IiI i» ilniii)! rc-canli viKiV. ill ii( Iii):y. . . . The C ra liialc liiillclin Ixiard ii(li-n nmlains iniporlani nolire ' . . . . InliTc-liiij; (■x|HTiiiii ' nl arr carrii-il mil in llir a(l ain " i ' (l Otirmislry cmirM -. . . . !iir - |M ' riiM ' iilin . . . llii . tinic in llic fiflil nf Barlrriiil i):y n impr ' -. .ivc array of lot tiil r.- anil rclnrl-. Iiiil itV a familiar siclit III llii ' aclvani ' i ' il liiilrnt. Paee 61 ,(eiii®®iL ©IF |)|I!I.(I(IK KlliKI ' rUI( K f " ! " ! 1 HK Siliool of Music is striving to interest the student body of the University of Nebraska in nnisir. The aim is to develop in this body iinl (iiiU ,111 ar(|iiaiiilaiic( ' ol llic hot liiil an ap|U( ' (iali(in ol the li( ' l in llii arl. In order Id prcscnl tln cultural a pcct in inu ic in an attractive manner many musical activities such as the University Symphony Orchestia, the Universitv Band, the Universitv Glee Club, and (llioral I nion arc now open to all stu(l ' Uts. A distinctiv new de])arlment has been formed this semester called the L nivcr ilv Sineers. Page 62 DIKECTOIv I.. ( . W l Kl K 1 IIK ScliiHil lit Journalism will coiiinicmo- ial( " its filtfrtilli aiiiiiv(Msai on May 2. ' i. 193H. FuuikKmI ill 1 )2. ' it was admitted in 102! into the American Assoiialion nl Si IukiU and |)c- paitnients of Journalism. The first Certifuale in Journalism as crantcil in 1 ' )! ' ). The Scliool lias lieen serioiisN li,im|i(rc(l in dcxclopmcnt liy lack of adc(|iialc linaiiio. 1 ' lii dchcicncy has scr cd lo |nc cnt a|)i ii |iiialc idvaiice, particularly in some of the ihanging fields of journalism, in the future, as money |)ec(im( a ailal)lr. llie SiIkhiI will enlarsze. Page 63 DIRKCTOR A. A. REEU Thi IE University Extension Division was or- ganized to l)iing the faeilities of all the colleges and departments of the University into the lioiiit ' s oi llie citizens of Nebraska. Sei " vices in research, in social work, and in lectnre and eiitertaiinnent are offered in addition. Thousands of adidts. including teadiers and resident students, take advantage of this type of study, as do many high school students when certain desired subjects are thus made avail- able to them. The Division offers evening in- struction in Lincoln and vicinity. Page 64 Just -{iur lli - riioiinriliMij f. ' aiiic «ln-ii rl.i;i ka Imffalocd Iinncsn la. Beriiio Bierman lookinj; unusually pleasanl mi-Hs the campraman. Oiio of llic iuiclcr nooks on llic (anipiis— Chemistry lil)rar . Slrii tly canclitl shot i f popular Hay Dein. We ( auiiht the new hand inslruflor. Don I.entz. at the Military Ball, futtinp the last hone in place at Morrill Hall. Sprinj: la iness. Bird ' s eye view of Ray Ramsey. A seetion of Dr. Lyman ' s new animal house. S|iorts writer John Bentley relaxes hetween Mis- souri and Lincoln. Ten minute hreak " for the infantrymen. Miss Odell. English instructor, is siirprix-il 1) llie cameraman. Fsiiii , Mmi ms " (D sansi Jlh.AI. plnsical r cirisc Joe (JrilTin. Iroliiiiaii (Jcology major, jicts in VMiikiiifr as a janitor al llio .M.C ' .A. twenU-oMc hours a week. He stokes furiuucs and regis- tered for lluilecn lioiirs of classes in the College of Arts and Scieiues. A N()ilil ' ,i{ fiislmian. irginia Mcisinficr. from a - erly, Nehraska. works twelve hours daily at Bailev ' s Sani- tarium. Her joh is in the ahnornial ward, and being on the night shift, she help s put |)atients to bed. With this routine she is still able to find time to devote to studies for ten hours in the (!oll( ' t;o of Arts and Sriences. R f)!! IxVMl. ' l has cariii-d rrcdil ahcadx in his uiiixiM- sit arcer as a football p!a ( ' r. pla ing a good game at ccnliM ' position. It is unusual and worth remarking that he works from 1 :()() P.M. to 6:00 P.M. six days a week, at Magee s helping set up window displa s. Here we see him |)utting an arm on an otherwise enus de Miio pre- paratorv to dressing her in the latest fashion. An lpha I au Omega, this junior has likewise loaded himself with fifteen hours in the Colleiie of lousiness Adiuinistration. ]MMm ® iLisj s?? It Mui l i- si-iiiiHiaiit that . ' ) ' li-!-s iiioii stu(leiit! worki ' il llii M-ar tliaii last. Imt the total is still Mi ' , and tlicy uveru;;)- 21 ■ •_ hours of uoik |ii-r week |ihi mIiooI work. c KI ' .DI I for ioiijifst workinj; hours goes to George W. Wilson. Lincoln senior in the Fine Arts Deparlinetit. From 2:(K) P.M. daih he dri es a taxi for the Yellow Cab Company. J ARD-instruetor and leader of a jazz hand at the reformatory is Don F.yerett. F.npineer sophomore. He liyes at the reformatory, works evenings and week- ends, and lastly also wields the baton for an old-fashioned Scjuare Dance or- chestra there. c 4ll l{ ll (; In. Ilcaney shows her ability to please the customer in Ben Simon ' s l.adies-Rcadx -to- ear Depart- ment. This Alpha Omicron Pi .senior who wcirks week-ends is registered in Teachers ( ' ollege. In the classroom Roland Nye is an at- tentiye Arts and Sciences senior, hut he- hind the pulpit at K.iinnanuel Methodist Kpiscopal Church he dues the talking. This young idealistic preacher was a foothall and track man in high school. w lll.N there is no call for football. Sam Schwartzkopf lakes adyantagc of the o|iportnnil to work on a n-gular shift at a Standard Oil Station. W hether it is a |)igskin or a ar. this Lincoln student can take care of it. 1 |N(, iif ihc Hamhurger Inn is Ken- neth Olsen. Teachers College sophf)more. His class room schedule adds to twelye hfiurs with another six hours daily spent before the sizzling griddle. (gauging iVLTHOUGH class organ i al ion is mcaiivr al Nebraska, (he seniors are llii ' aristocrats of the cain|tus. They ai-c more seriou . hut less aniliilious llian tile jiniiur-.. and aroecoml onK to ihe so|ili()niores in inlellectnal achie einent whieli. after all. is the main |im ' |iose ol a college ediK a I ion. May the Class of " 38 ever prosper. tf v. ;i -J- :r ' . . .-Ar J " : . ' ' -£A ttm iiimsn eiiiig :ill ©ILI i ©l? Q(£)g@ ARTHUR J. ABBOTT BUSINESS ADMIMSTKATION Sigma Alpliu Ep»iIon: Blurk ami Briille: I ' lrsliine Kifli-a; K.O.T.C, captain. TH() 1 N II. H isnv LAW ADAMS TIIUM II. . ITKEN Tfcumseh AC.KICULTURE Kartn Huif ' : Rlork and Rriillp; Sfiiior Meat Jud(!ing Team; K.O.T.C. laiilain: Kii-ld AnilU-ry. KKini llAROLn ALI.EN ARTS AM) sc:ikn ;es Lambda Chi Alplia. |(i|l W. WDKRSON tmh ARTS AND SCIENCES ROBERT W. ANDERSON Sioux City, Iowa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu. WILSON ANDREWS Ponca ACKICl LTIKE Farm Holisr; Srald)ard and Iliad.-: Trark; Y.M.C.A. ROBERT ARMSTRONG Aulmrn BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION B. ' la TliFia Pi: Plii Alpiia Delta. EVEI.W M. I) IS (l;:,jll,,l., BISINESS AU.MI.MsritATION Alpha Chi OnuTa. CHARLES G. ADELSECK Hastings ARTS AND SCIENCES Aracia. president; Clit-mical En- giiii ' eriiig Society, irt-asurer; In- terfraternily Council, vift-presi- ilL-nt; Blue Print; Y.M.C.A, Council. liOKOlin M. M.IIKICII . 1 1 CO hi ACKICLLTTRE Canima Plii B ' -ta; Home Eco- nomics Association; Y.W.C.A. I ' M 1 .lOlIN Mi; 1 . ' I AKTS AM) SCIK.NCKS Delta Tan Delta: " N " CInb; I ' uhliealinn Board: liM.lhall: Batkelhall: Baseball. . 1 K(. MiKT M)KH I) AGRICULTURE Phi Mn; Home Eeonuniien . s-ao- ciatiim; Agrienllnre Y.W.(;. A., viee-president ; Acrieiiltnre Vr.- pcrs, chairman. VIRGINL ANDERSON Omaha AKTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Al])lia Tln ' la;Junior Senior Prom Cunimillfe; Stuilcnl Coun- cil ; Junior Atten dant to May Queen; Tlieta Sigma Plii; W.A.A., (-ounril, .HpurU board ; Daily Ne- braitkan, society editor ; Lincoln Cathedral Choir; Beaiily Queen; Sponsors Club. DOROTHY A. ARCIIIR Sioux City, lotftt BUSINESS ADMINI. ' TIi.VTION Alpha Oiniernn Pi: (lamma Alpha Chi. CONSTANCE ASI I l!l KN Gihlitin BUSINESS ADMINISTR.VriON K THRYN E.ADAMS Linnttn TEACHERS Kappa Alpha I ' heta. GENEVIEVE AGNE X Fullfrlon TEACHERS Mu Phi Epsilon: R.O.T.C.. sponsor; Y.W.C.A. HKT.s ' l I,I,EN Lf ' ncoln TEACHERS Delta Delta Delta; R.O.T.C., Sponsor. nEN.L MlN ANDERSON S,„inl,lull LAW Phi Deli.i IMii: Law Iliilh ' iin. MF.I.INDA ANDERSON Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES R.O.T.C.. punsur: Lutheran Clnb. ROBERT H. AM )RESON Pltiiiii ' itlf, Knnsas DENTISTRY Xi P.i Phi. I!l II i;i» ARMSTRONG ,i;;« ;en BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Ka))pa Pr i. NKKl.C. AIIIKY B ' auneta ENGINEERING A.I.E.E.; " N " Chib. now AKDklKl.MSTIN BUM MHIN irlll,. Mrii ' . UOItKKTJ. A KKV Ltm,.,U lil ' SINKSS AUMIM rHA1t IN llrlla I | .ll Hi: Al|.l» Ka| |» P» : l ' lt«Uuk, NalKiiiil i]|uUiil; Prr- .1.11.1 Hlllr : Rlllr 1r lll. CARLTON C.B t:il MAN GlUi NaflJi. JUlr«l(all DKMISTRV l h 1 li lM l Mi 1 " M ' -I n M I • Al| li« Clil Oiur««: Mu l hl K| l- lim. Iirouiri; Y.U.CA. COi ST N KM.H KI It ARTS AND SCIKM:t Pi Iu »:|i IIu«; ! l(l»a Al|itia lula: Uirlir«lia. (;Et)R(.EW.BAKKR 1 1 N|Nj s AIIMIMSIKATION l li(. i;i.l J.I1 KF.K (n II.Al.lll.ll Mu I ' ll! K| .il»n. JA Klt HI!ULl{ H K M.IKNttS llrlla (;aaima, (tmidrfti, 3; Mur la Board: Al|ilia Umbda Drlla; Vi-taU ul Ihr Umii: A.W.S.. |.rr ldml, 4; arcrclary. 3; Irra . urn, 2: W,A.A. Cuunrll; Slu- d«-nl Ci.unril, judit-lar rhairmati. I: R. l,1.(]„ •( n 4ii, . ; " (Zurn liu.krr " . .i.H: .». :.a. .lad, J. lli:i.KN. l,UAItKI.K A(;RII I 1.11 RK jiiiiN ii.iiMiin Il ' ii Tlirta I ' i; Srahltanl ami HUJr: " N " Club. IIOMFH 1,. 11 Mill l ; ( in ■ .. . kn(:im. :hing Brta Slima P h Srabbald and HIad-: A..S.M.E. I ' KRRY W.BKACII .M.o n TKAIHKRS ( OlilNN AJANKHKM. Itntkrn fi,m TKACHKKS lloMiK) Hall, |»r« «idrnl. i!()i!Ki(ri.m; i:i tuiAr. n, S»utli f tk ' lQ HTS AMI SCIK.NCf.S A» ' n, »l Rrd Guidon, raplain: Srahbard and; Lirulmanl i:..|....rl, 1 C II lioRolin », BFICIIER ru «ai(.ai ARTS AND s :ii;Ncr.s Kappa Kappa Gamma; C ' .ofd Coun rl..i; Y.U.I. .A.; Tank lri -llr«. l IKIAJ.BF.nNM! TEACHERS Curomrniiia. IKI IN R.BEKRMAW l,lt.,M 1 II. AGRlrli.TI RK Alpha Zru: 1 M 1 Inh. prr ldi-nl: Trl-K Club; R.O.T.C.. Iml. Lirulmanl; Au ' n, of Ri l Guidon. HARRY WBEII. AI.RII.I l.ll Rt Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zrla; Til K Glub. 1. I.DON F.BF.N HA DENTISTRY i I ' .i Pin. AGRlr.lLTlRE M[.ha O mi r r n n Pi: Morlar Hoard: tola .«i nia Pi; Ta «Fh: .Sliidml Ctilinril; Prom Girl. CLARISSA M.BENNETT t. in ruin TKACHERS Kappa Kappa ( «mma Crrrlf Franrai . GENKVIEVEBENNKTT Srolt firtd, HrlUrUtr. Illtnou ACBICl ' I-Tl RK Mnrur Hoard; Al|iha Ijimbda Drha: Ta " ! : Phi 1 ' t • i 1 a d Omirfon: Omirfon Nu : llumr l « nomi - A«« w-ialinn; Minimi roiinril: Sludrnl 1 nion Hf»ard ; .Vl.f:.A,; A«tMi,llurr Kimiiitr ili jr l: tl -it.l4nl It) Farmrr K..inial (Jurni. AI.BKKT r. Bi:Mn IMi ' fK. hma BI SIVf S ADMINISTRATION Phi Kappa P.i:H, O.T.C. Lincnln LA» Vi Kappa Alpha. .x ' mn (giL ii ©I? Q ' pg© " M " (glLHii ©5 a Dg© U.WlUflEH.NSTEIN Omaha BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION Sigiiin Alpha Mii; Innnccnl ; Com Colis; Pcrshinp Kiftota. cap- tain: Cu-Chairman Jr.-tir. Prom; SliKJcnt Cuiinril: R.O.T.C. cap- tain; " Cornliuskcr " . u sistant liiisinciis nianag T; Athlclu ' - Board of Control; IntiTfraleniily Cnun- fil; Hcail Cheerlcailer: Co-Chair- man of Stiidcnl riiioii Board. MYRON O. BICKKI. Lincoln LAW Phi Wvha DHta. MARY BIRD l.iftrittn TKACHKKS n.irh A.W.S. Boatrl; JOHN I,. BISHOP LAW Sipma Phi i;|,.il„ii: ••. " Chih: Itilf-rfraUTiiitv Ciant. il. DON BOKIIM Gntnil hhind ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tati Omega, pn idcnt : in- nocents, trrasurcr; National Col- li BJalr Players; Ko!tnu-t KIuli. srcrctary; Univer iily Players; Sealibard and Blade. BETTY BOWMAN Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi; Tankstcrett - : Intra- mural ri-prrHcntativf. BERT A. BRIAN Columhus ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Kappa Psi. DICK BROWN Pninlfion BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sipma Alplin Ep ilon; lnnucentr ; Student Council; Intcrfrnlcmity Council; " Cornhujtker " , manoj:- inn editor- 37: Ass ' n. of Red Guidon: R.O.T.C, captain. ' ' fm) l.OIS liESTOK I ' latlsmoulh ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha I.amhda Delta; Pi Mu Epfiilon. GLENN G.BIERMAN Hastings AGRICULTURE Al|.hn Camma Rho: 4-H Club; Pniiltry Cluh. WILLIAM JAMES BIRD Sr. y.,«.;, i, .l ,;, „„„ ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi P«i: Sifina Doha Chi. ALICE BLACK I.„k,:u,le HUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Chi Om.-ea; Y.W.C.A., Frrsliiiian Cahinct. C. DALLISOMI I ftfttirifv BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Camnia Lambda; Rifle Team; Band : Orchestra. LOUISE BOYD Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kiippa Kappa Gamma; I ' an- hellenic Coiinril. lllliM W A.BROOKER Oiilii iii BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phalanx: R.O.T.C. major. I 1 1 MiLES R.BROWN Om ah a ARTS AND SCIENCES Sicma Nu. FFOYDE.BERANEK Ord I ' HARMACY LOUISE BINDERNAGEL Bfalrire TEACHERS Coed Counselors; Y.W.C.A.: W.A.A. MARY JEAN BIRK . in coin TEACHERS Pi Lambda Tbeta; Coed Coun- selor Board; Orche-iis. M NHGAKETBI.AUFUSS Umnhii ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappa (iamnia: " Corn- husker " , stalT. I A A.BOKM Piipilliitn AORICILTURE Dair - Club; " N " Club: 4.H Club: Ass ' n. of Red Guidon; R.O.T.C, lioulenant. ROSALIE BREIIER l.iruoln Alpha I.amhda Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; Tank.iiereltes; Commenius Club; Nii-Med : Regents Scholarship. AIDK I). I!K() Htm am a AGRICULTURE FORREST H. BROWN Western ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Gamma Delta; Rifle Club; Daily Nebra! kan. II Mini I) 1 IU;i) f hrtlrt KM INtKltlSr, l hi llrlu Tliru: A. S. l. K.. [■fr«lilrni : (Incilif-riini Ki«vulikr KM I ' ll KI.MKlillKlSK A(;Rii:rt.Ti UK Tri-K i ' Auh, tii-r-iifr iilriil; AI- |)ha Zria: til Cruli; 1« .V» Grain KORKKTJOIIN III I.(;EH in. u n Kjip| i Sisma, |irr«i()ri)l : Prr- •liinii man: Sicnia llrlla Clih I ' hi Drill Phi: Sluilntl Counrll. II Villi ' I .iii;ii NCIM.IHINO ■ ii d I ' « u. «iif • |irp iilrnl ; A.S.M.ft... lcf|iir«iJi ' Hl ; N«-I»r«» ' U Hlur IMnl. IXIUIM.. ULKI.I. I. in rain AGRtCt LTl ' HK HtHur Eruntimit Club; Y.U ' .C.A. MAKCARKTBll-S (»ir,. li Mu l-hi K|»iluii: II.U.T.C... ■ | iHi»(ir, J WIKMJ.HKOWNEI.I. 4 i.m. r Rl SINESS ADMINISTRATION MII.DItKDI.. UlKl.l. . l l(-l« ll AI1T » li 1»M . JKANK. BUNNELL ttmahit AGKICl LTCKK llumr Krunttiiijia A (K-iali( n. 1 ii;- Mill Mi (. 1(1 111 1)111 KNETI " LE.STKK 1. Ill U- ' ll. Linritln Lin uln Hirfnna ACRItl I.TIKK TEACHERS IIISINESS ADMINISTRATION Drla TiM ' la I ' i: lll.xk aii.l Rihlli- Drlla I ' pailiin. Cluli; A-.ii. ..( Kr.l (;u,.l..ti: I ' I I ' i: R.d.T.r.. r«|.ljin. IRMELC.nrsiI ADELEE.BYERS i MKK.IA WWMS l.incln Mimlr-n t ' rrmiml TKArHKRS MtTS AND SCIENCES ARTS AND SCIENCES Drltd Ptii Delia: l.inniln Kappa Kappa Thrla. Kappa Alpha Tlir ' la: P.i Chi; R.U.T.C.. •|H ii ii. Arli l« Ciiilil. MARION nvRn CATHERINE (Mill 1. JANETCAMI ' BKI.I. tJmiihit Lmciln Ilm ha ARTS AND SCIENCES TEACHERS TEACHERS Kappa Kappa Canitna; ' .C.A. Kappa Drila: «.A.A.. Spi rl Roaril; Ta) « -U : Coril Cnutiftrlnr; Y.W.C.A. Drlla Camma. DAMDT. CARDER C.EDMl NO CARLSON MVRJORV CARPENTER All.inn Lincoln II am i Ion ACRICl LTl RE MECHANICAL ENCINEERINC TEACHERS Farm ll " U«r: RIork an l Rritllr Enninrrr E« iili« Commilirr: Mil riti Ep ' ilnn. alumnar •rr- Cliih: Dairy C a 1 1 I r JiHJcinp I ' i Mil Kp il n: SiRina T«u. •r -. rMar -lrraaurrr. Team; ' arailT Dairy Cliiti; kuy rriarv: A.S.M.E.. •rtrrun. niri Kliib RrMir: CullAnFun; l!ni»rr«il» IH Club. REXN.CARR SMl.V OWENS CARTKI! MVHVK.CARTNEY . ini-. n rfiniiAa Linmln RT- AND SCIENCES Mll »M SCIENCES AH rs AND SCIENCES Nii ' Mi- l. Raimoti.t Hall: f amnia Phi Mii; Cnunril of Rr)iginu« lpli.i 1.1. Wrifarr. x ' llL Y mn (giL gg ©IF a g® ' fihY! ' . ipsiii (ea gi ©s " ii(£)g@ MARGARETTAS. CASH Uftuluiintl. S ' lulh Dakota TEACHEHS f. ' arri.- Bill Raymon.l Hall. BETTY CHERNY itrtli lifntl BISINESS ADMrMSTKATION Alpha Xi D.ha: Motlar Boar.l. IriasurcT: Junior. Senior Pro ni Cumnnlli-c; Alpha I.anihila Del- ia; Beta Caninia .Sicrna: Plii Chi Thna: Y.W.C.A.. „- -r,larv. vi,-.-. |.r. : .S. Boar.l: Tassel; (.oeil Connselor: Altemlanl to ' " V ) n: William Col.l Key. IIELE.N CHRISTEN.SON AGRICI I.Tl hi: Kappa I ' hi; Y.W.C.A.. eal.inel; Home Eronornies Assoejation. MELVENEC. COI I n Crff-tiin. 1,111 a TKACIIKH. ' i 1 W II. ( (l(i Kl{ l.i„,„l„ ItllSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sipma Alpha Kp-ilon. CELESTE A. COll ' AI. one;;., ACKICMI.TIIKE Hi nie Eeononiirs Aitsociution Y.W.C.A. R.I..CROS.SON..IR. .j.,ri-,i«,. ENGINEEKINC A.S.C.E. GEORGE ClIIXEN, JR. I.mrnla ART.S AND SCIENCES Alpha Tan Omeea; Sealil.anI and Blade; R.O.T.C, raplain. ' " ' ' ' ' . »» ' tt l I.ACECHAIui | ' K Mr. Clain- ACIilCl I.TIKE Blork an.l Bri.lle; Var.ily Dairy Cluh. IfdWI.D C.CHASE Fuirhury BUSI ESS ADMINISTRATION Acacia. .1. 1.Vl.E CHRI.STENSEN M Kli: CHRISTENSEN Ceno.i BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I ' hi Kappa I ' si ; William Gold -Sigma. Key : Beta Ga CAKOI. I). GIARK Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Carrie Belle Raymond Hall; Barb A.WS. Board; AwBwaii: Daily iNehraskan: Religioi,, Welfare Coiineil, :i: .ii. W-COM-STocK Piallsmauth TEACHERS 1. 01 l.|{. (.()K | EJea, ACRICl I.TI:HE .;Mpha Zela; Acririillure Board- ■ni; Cluh; Junior and -Senior l.jye.loelt JndeiiiE learns; Barb nlerrlnb C,M,neil: Bb.ek an.l Bridle; 4-H Club; Dairy Judeinf l. ' am: jrsiu ll„i,v Cl.ih. V - C- CRITTENDEN Linrtiln Bl MNESS AD.MINISTRATION K-O.T.C. eolon.l; Intaulry C«. del OITirers Assoeialion; Phalanx; Corn Coh». I!l li l :K . ClilTSE ;,„„„ „ AGRIClll.TUHE Home Eeonnniien As«neiation. SAMlELJ.Cr. UnNS falh CM, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Freniani ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Thela. W HJ.IAM G. CLAYTON Cr in, l.tlaml PHARMACY Phi Kappa Psi. president: Inno- eenls Soeiely : " Cornhusker " , ed- ilor; Sliidenl Couneil. Ireasurer, ju.liriary enmniitlee; .4 w j; w a n slaff; Junior-Senior Primi Com- inillee; Pharmaeeulieal Club presidenl. 2; Reil Guidon. Presi ' d.-nl: H.O.T.C-. lieulenanl rolo- nel; -Si-abbard and Blade. GAYLAND W. CONN Cn eley. Colorado BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Thela Xi: Intt-rfralernity Coun- cii; PJialaiix: Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega. JEAN CORNELIUS Humbuldl ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Phi Delia. E. JOSEPHINE CRONN Linniln TKACHF.RS WINSTON V.CRUZ A Oklahoma City. Okla ium-i DENTISTRY Siyma Nu. J.E.CUNNI-NGHA.M Grand Island ARTS AND SCIENCES KultKHTK. I MKI il-r.j i.jiiioii iir... AlpMj ru; Tn k Club: « II Llub; K.O.T.C, Ilin i ,Sl|.|)A ll» (» t.ittprr. B toMiAf AHTS AM» MJtNCtS Sisnta Nu ; I r t • h 1 n f Ktflr ; R.O.TX., ma)ur, r«|tUio. wii I iwi i; n i lllSINtSS AllMIM 1IIAII«N Alpha T«u Omr : IVf hmc KiDrt: Band. HEKNAKDS. DEMAKS lliutingt BUSINESS ADMIMSTKATIO.N R.O.T.C. K. 1A 1M;|)I( k ARTS AMI StIKNCt.-. Alpha Xi Delia; Y.W.C.A. fkan :ksm.I)AN i.j i. , lil M M It NLI.S K«|i|ia lplia Ihrla. I Mil.Kl.l.KI). DAM.s llmMllHgt TKAi:lll.H I ' l Una IMii. W l DOl ' All. DECk Tint •» « LA% I ' hi 4i«mina l rli« ; rh«lanK. MEI.HA l)b; ()E Ltnrotn THACHKRS l j Hr|« Phi. %irr-ptr«i Jml; I ' anhrllrnir Duunri). I!l Til LOUSE UIEKKS K T.S AND SCIKNCfcS I ' i Hrt» rhi; VralaU of ihr Lamp. JANICE l)Al ' t;ilEKTY MaiaAa ACHICllLTUKi; Kappa Alpha Thcla. MAIUAN l.lH 1 EI»A IS t.tMtt tm Aiii am m:u.ncls Gamma Alpha Chi: Y.W.C.A. 11 KDEITEMEYEK u fl H1 AMI SCIKNCtS I ' liaUni. MAIO k. DKWi: AKT!» AM) SC:iKNCES Kappa kappa Gani«ia. B.J.DIERS Otrtham ARTS AM MJIKNCfcS i|Enia I ' hi llpailnn; A « n. ol Red Guiduo. I.OIS A. DIETRICH (;eok(;et. niN.sDALE i iiTii o. nn EN Allianrr Palmr, OnaAa TKACHKRS BISINESS ADMINISTRATION ARTS AND SCIENCES Drila Drila Delia. Phi Tau Thrla. •r rnary; DrIla Sigma Pi. •rninr wardrn; L ' oi. trmitv Rrltcitiu Counril; PalUlian. G. E. DODRILL ELMER II.DOIIRMAW w im;k. i) i iiN(;o KntU ENCINEERINC StapUhuril TEACHERS rrptng K «lrr M.Ria I.Tl RK A.I.E.E. Thrta Chi. pir i lmt: -N " Club. «irr.prr«itlrnt: S r D i • r CUm. prc«i.lml: Simon Schnlarkhip: Sludmi CMunril: F ll all: Ba«. krl Ball: Ba.rhall: Tia. k. Alpha -la; A.C.B.C: TriK trca ' uf-r: Innrr !! 4-H CI«b Rail ' Intrif lul. Cnunril. EILEEN DONLEY R. HAROLD nOM FY PMI.D. DOLliT,. . .,«. ,. a r.inrnfi. ARTS AND SCIENCES KENTIMKY ENGINEERING DrIla Gamma: Siiima .Alpha tuta. I ' rlia Si«raa DrIla. . ' ( san iL ig ®T a i , ' :J V lai (gSL ig ©IF Q(£)g® IM HKNCK l)()I I) I ' llAKMAtY Chi I ' lii. THEODORE DOYLE Cuflif AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamnm Rho; Alphii Zda; Blo.k anil Bricllr Club: " N " Club: Football. WU.LIA.M i:. Dl CA.N Granti Ixltind ARTS AM) SCIKNCKS Drlta Upsilnii : Srabbarrl and CECILIA E. D M:h Ran,l.,l,ilt TKACHKKS K lOli r.lTEL l.inr.iln LAW Bcia .Siniiia Psi. CEUKCEJOIIN KLLI Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Ahh ' ii. of Ri-,1 Cni.lon. MARTIN N.EHCK I.inciiln ARTS AM) SCIENCKS r.T.hini: Rin.-i : C .. rn Cob, R.O.T.C., ,:aiilain: Gin- Club. M.E. I-AWCEIT t)mtihn ARTS AND SCIENCES. 1 I!V l.Ol ISEDOW (,,, ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kapjia Ganiina. mi:u(:ei)k i,. dk tii ffcrriii.tri, Kumoi) THARMACY Caniina I ' hi Beta: I ' liarmaccu- lical Club; Kappa Ep iilon. I TI.LV K. Dl.N.N Pu rdu m ACKICILTL ' KE Farm House; Tri-K Club; Y.M.C.A.. president. ELIZABETH EDL- ON Linciiln ARTS AND SCIENCES Barb Council, scrrelary-treaaurpr; Barb A.W.S. Board, viccprisi- (lent: Taj-scU: Coed Counsplor: Y.W.C.A. II Ki.j.i;i,i)iiiii(,L Dmciha MiTS AND S CIENCES Alpha Thria: Lincoln Calhcdral Choir. .IA. H;.s V. KL.MOKE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES ■ ' ■■r«hinc Ri(l -»: Ganuna Lambda: Alpha I ' lii Omi ' ita; Corn Cobs; Gloc Club. ROHERT E. EVANS Mrritliiiv (itovr I ' HAKMACY Pliarmiicy Club. II IHH.I) M. MM, II Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES JACK W. DOYLE Tht ' dfonl LAW Nrbratrka Law Bulletin; studtril fililtir; Law School Association, vice-president. JOHN W.DRENCULS Scfibner BUSINESS ADMINISTRATON I ' lii Gamma Delia; R.O.T.C.. captain. MAMNEH. DLRAND Morrill ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Delia Delia: Morlar Boanl, presidenl; VeslaU of the Lamp; Sigma .Mpha lola: A.W.S. Board; V.W.C.A. Cabinet, secretary; Coed Counselor. I»(IUI KIILKKS AGRICULTURE Alpha Xi Delta: Phi Upsilon Oniieron: Llnivcrsity Stud en 1 Club: Home Economics Associa- tion; Y.W.C.A. WLNKIELDT. EI.IAS Wymore LAW Beta Th cta Pi. president; Inno. cents, secretary: Kosmet Klub. president. WALLACE!.. ENGI.L ' ND Choppfll AGRICULTIRE University Dairy Jud[:ine Team; Dairy Varsity Club: l-H Club. ELINOR L.FARRELL Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Chi Thela; Student Council; I ' anhel- Ionic Council; R.O.T.C.. spon- sor; Coed Counselor. HK LKI.1 A.FINKLK ARTS AND SCIENCES Debate Trophy; Vamily Debate; " Curnhusker " . staff ' ; Daily Nebraskan. stall; Cbccr- lea»ler; Dramatic Club. CI.Ml ' l " - I l. I INN ti ' .ai:iu:hs rill Mu. J WlK.sK.ll.KMlNi. I. in,, .In AKlh AM) SLIt.NCt liMltlS ANN KORKMAN luii.f do TKACIIKHS k.i|.|» Alpha Thrill K.O.T.C, IKlW I!1)(.K EFISIIE1{ Ofllnl ' LAV II i;ii i A i l i.ttia Ptiu nrr Mils AM) SCItM;tS Chi I ' hl: l «mni« t niltil ; Band. I|{(;|N1AK().STEK t.tnf ttn ARTS AM) SCltNCKS I ' l Una I ' hi: II.U.T.C, •|H n or. M l!1 !. 1 I ' -l l! .i i m h AHTS AM) SCIENCKS Chi Omrta: l ' i Chi; K.O.T.C. •liun»i i ; Rrauly urrn. liu.ll ul)ll. l, N ACIIICILTIIIK Alpha Zrla. Wll I Uini.KOSTKH t,.lr, III SI.St S AIIMIMSniATION .Alpha Phi Oiiinta. KMIIION J.lOl TS MARJOKIK FRANCIS JOHN now i;i) i keed Suulh Sioux Lily TEACHEHS Lint ' iln GRICll.nitt Kappa Phi: Ac- K»crumr Uiiaril: Kattiirr Kair lloanl : Ta c|«: Hiim KcMnMinirB DuanI; Homr Ounomir A mi- rialiun; LurtI Cdum rlur; Y. i.C.A. timuho engineerim; Sipma Tau; Pi Mu tp»ilon A.S.E.E.: Pri.hini! Rillr.: RIHr Club. EMDMAYKHITTS„ln TEACH tU l-i Thru: Kapp.! Phi: Cord Cnunnrliir. lACILKK. KKV Ctoy trntrr TEACHERS Phi Mu. RITIIE. El LION Linciiln TKACIIEKS Pi UihIhU Thna: U.A.A.. %trr-| rr iilrnl. KDWIN C.GEORGE Linrnin 111 SINESS ADMINISTRATION Drlla Tau Delia: " N " Club: Al. pha Kappa P»i; Baarball. LESTER W.CERHEK Culumbu, ARTS AND .SCIENCES Cr.AKKNCKJ.GKKNKU Cffir AKTS AM SCIKNCKS Gamma l mlxla: Xi P i Pbi: Hand: Symphony Orrbrslra. L.NlUJL.NtGll I.KT Lineotn TEACHERS Chi Omrta: Alpha Lambda DON 1. 1)1 . (.(!(. .IN LoillanJ BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Honor roll. C.ANNCOLDSMITII falli Cilt TEACHERS Drlla I EANE. GORDON Lini- ' ln ARTS AND SCIENCE.S ' I Mil Alpha Lambda Drlla: T« KENNETH M.liOl 1. 1» Brokrn ItuN ARTS AM) SCIENCES Kappa Sigma: Thria Nu : L ' ni- rr«ily Plairtu; and Bladr ..I.I...I.I IK l.AIK)KA(.H l ap " nrr AGItlClLTlKK Zria Tau Alpha: Y.W.C.A.; Mnirif K( ••iii.mK • A iHriat iiiD. mH (glL gi ®I? Q U© ' KhY - x m . -5 . I ' ll!!! (ga ©IF m LUCRETA W. GREEN Scoirxbiuff TEACHERS Pi Beta Phi : Si ma Alplia lola; UnivtTftily Playcrfi; Lin- coln Cathedral Choir. V. M.GRISWOI.I) l.inr.iln TFACHERS I ' lii Mm; Y.W.C.A.: Co,J Counselor; Awgwan. II H(ii.I)L.(;l ' rs(:iikk falls Cily LAW ll.DOLCl.A.S HALL Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Ka[ |ia Sifima. nrrrclary : Scal)- banl and B I a rt o: Pershing Rifles; Awgwan; " Cnnihiiskcr ' ; R.O.T.C.. captain. i) i wim: II i;ni (; AGKICl LTL ' KE Detlu Delia Delia. ■ K Ml v.. II U l(l ;.„;,„ ,. ACKICl ' I.TURE . l( lia Oniirrun Pi. HARR I!. II X ' l IK Linvuln BUSINESS AOMIMSTKATION SiRma Nu; PrrsliiiiK Riflr .. Na- tional Adjutant. National Cum- mander; Alpha Kappa Pwi. p r p« i (I c n I; Inlerrralornily Cniinril; Bizad E x p c u t i v o Council; Crack Sqiiad; R.O.T.C, liciilcnnnl rnlonct ; " Comhiihker " . i itaff: Interfr.i- tcrnily Ball Conimittce. INEZL.HEANEY , in coin TEACHERS Alplia Oniiiron Pi: Si iiia Al- pha Inta; R.O.T.C, sponM.r. ' ' f}m rRANKP.GRIKFEK Mitr itilli Kiinsfis LAW l.aiiiliita Chi Alpha: Ci rn Ci bs; IMii Delia Phi. l! Kli HAJ.(;Rll-KIN FuHerl-iri TEACHERS Di-Ila Gamma. l WINK [{.GROSSMAN G. IIKI.KN GK()S KNOR Lincoln Auftra Bl SINESS ADMINISTRATION ARTS AND SCIENCES Vi-st.ils of llie Lamp; .Alplu Lambda Delta: Orchi-sis. WILLI l l ' .(,l iini w Platntieu- DENTl.STRY Delia Sigma Delia. MKGLMA KAIL HALL i.inro i ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Omega Pi; Tassels; Delia Phi Delia. DKRRILLE. HARLA.N . in rttin BLSINESS ADMINISTIiATlON Phi Gamma Delia. MiKIBLKT II KT I W (.u.shurn PHARMACY Sigma Phi Epsilun: Pharmacy Cluh; . . s ' ii. ,il Red Giiiflun. I) IIX.. 11 KI) l.inroln DENTISTRY Delta Sigma Delia. LOWKLL LKN r II ll Johnson LAW V. T. HA.WE.MA.N l.inrain TEACHERS Phi Ml] Alpha; Sinfc.nia. Will I WIIL HARLA.N " nif„l,l. Knnu,-. ART AMI SCIENCES .1 L II AILS It,, I oui.. ;„„„ TEACHERS Kappa .Midia Tliela. LAULd. HK i) Impvrieil ACRICULTIRE Alpha Gamma Rhn; Alpha hron icier: Pi Ep ' ilon Fair Boarrl. as- A|;ririillure Hlnck and rla Pi; Farnieri ' HiHtant manacrr: Exerulivr Board wii 1 1 wi K. in: Mil),„ifi HUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tail Omega. Bridle Club; Tri.K Cluh. (;i.i: L. iili)(;k.s l.:n.„ln BUSINESS AD.MINISTRATION Pallatlian. president; Phi Tan Theta. vice.presideni ; Delta Sigma Pi; dec Cluh. KAKLC. IIKOLIM) AUIllLt 1.11 Kh Kdrni HituM-, irr« urrr ; lonu- M» •fi l llrlifir, |irr«i- I III Ci t ; Acrii ullurr ii.tdi I : M(-4t ' ' • »: iunlitr a II •! ■ k Juilclng Irarn- " . •ufl; Cuuniryntjii ' i-i " iiiirr (■•trmllv llounril: I ' rivlilnf KKWKTM.UKILU.Ki; I.IK(-iWfl MITS AND SCItNCKS I.K. IIKM)Kll.K MITS AM SCIENCKS M|iha Lhi Onirca; Urila llrlla. Y.W.C.A. I N K. IILKMIM K .i,l,., n AHTS AMI SCItNt.l-. I ' i Mu Epailon; PhaUns, M Ma 1.. IlllilttlU) Keorni-y TEACHKRS Nrwman Clult. (•rr«i«If-nl. AI.ETIIAT. HILL IliiMinti TKACHKKS Alpha M llrlla. MILDKLDIKENLIIILL » i lr«„.,rf. South Dakota TEACHERS Chi Omrfa. KLSII-: L. IIOMXIN TEACHERS Chi Omrta: Y.».«..A. BKITY M.HKDSTHOM A«;HltlL1lHE Urila Camuaa; llumr Etuntioilra Clul.. (;k(Hu.k ii IKANCISL. IIEl.MK k I.Htcatlt TEACHERS H)l L- ' IILNKL.JK. ENUlNKtHING DUNN A lUHUMIIATI AGIIICI l.Tl HK Phi l ' | ftiti a Omirron: toflar II fi a r il. arrrrtarr : Danldtlh Srhnlar hi|i; K a f m r r » Kair R u a r l: Ta " rl.: AtTiruliurc E«rcmi c Boar.I: Y.W.C.A.: Ilfimr Eronomirii Cliih; Canina Cluli : Cit (:«un«rlHf : Frr«h- riun ( " 0111111 i«»i I »n l.ratlrr . DtiKl.sL. IllKTT Stdnry TEACHERS HERMECEE. HILL ttmalm ARTS AND SCIENCES L. Ill ;.1KL Thria Tau : I iiC |irr iJf ol. .1; Siyma iirrilne S l ' m: A.S.C.E. ' l lll il|(l|;N thrntrr ACRlCl ' ITtKE Kappa rhi; IH Clul.; H«mr Kro- niinii ' 9 A ' Mwiaipnn : 1 .W.L.A.; Con) C ' lunarlor. t;ENE IE EII tLE K l nrt TtACHERS Sigma Kappa. prr.iilriil ; Ta " rl«: Y.W.C.A.: Kappa Fhi. CalnnH : (: «i c l Coun rl( r : Inlramural Rc| " " ' ' : WW IIENDEKSON A(:Klt:l I.TIHK y,im Huu.r: Alpha . r I i V.M.C.A.; TiiK Club, pmldn Cio|.» Juilglns Traui. LLI .AHKIHJ.IIEKIt l.tncittm AGHICl l.Tl HE Alpha I ' i. i.(ti. Lij iAiii rr lil SINE. iS ADMIMM RATION Chi Omtra. pr - i(lr il ; l bi Chi Thrla. C. I). IIILDEIUJXM) y,„k LAW llrlla I p.iUin ; Clrr Clulf. .i ' i Kiiiii ARTS . NII SCIENCES Gamma .Alpha Chi: Y.W.C.A.; Cor.1 Couoarlnr. I.WLIV .IIIMIinH PmriimM, kant » ARTS AND SCIENCES Mll.llKEHK. IKH l Ml .11. ..In TEACHERS Delia llrlla llrlla: H.d.T.C: SpMn ir Cluh; Ta».rU: Y.W .C.A.. Uhincl. ipmn (ga gi ©1 Q gs ' ' ' ' ' ' f! , l " !!]!! (glL ig ©IF Q Dg© M AIO (:. IIULLMAA Lincoln TEACHERS Si;:nin Kuj | u. pre idenl ; Pi Lauibda Tliria; Kajipj I ' lii, )irei jilcut. JANE RITII HOPKINS ff Ittlin . luuit TEACHERS Mil Phi E| sil(in; Prcsidcnl if Raymonil Hall; Y.W.C.A. HELEN ANNKIKiWIK Sc tu l Tr ARTS AND SCIENCES CocJ Couiii elur Board; Y.W.C.A. W. WOODKDW III 1,1. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES nn:i I.AJ.IVER.SON Lincoln TEACHERS W.A.A., Cnmuil: Barb A.W.S. Boani; Orrht-sis; PIiyMral catiun Ctiib; Tennis Chib, president. 1 M (11. K.I (.KSON BUSINESS ADMINKSTRATION Phr Chi Thi-la: Lincoln Ca- llirilral Choir; Raymonil Hall, treasurer. H Kli li .IIlAU Lincutn ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Clii OnirKn; Vrnliil!i of Hk- Lamp: Y.W.C.A., Fresh- iiMrt ritliinel. Wll I.IA.M E.JOHN i:imu,„t,l 111 SINESS AD.MINISTRATION Newman Cluli; Delia Sigma Pi. ' ' ' ' m)) ' 1.. UAI.LHUL.MBl KG Gibbon BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sieiiiu Phi Ep ilon; Bt-ta Cam- ma Sigma; Drita Sigma Pi. ELMER R.HOR.STMAN Osiniin it ARTS AND SCIENCES Pfi Chi; Sipnia Upsilon ; Y.W.C.A.. Cabinet. J iiovr M,Cn„li AGRICILTI KE 4.H Club; Poultry Clul ; Methodist Stuilenl Council; Y.M.C.A. LLK(J ' l L. IlLLl ' ULlST Minden AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rhn: Y.W.C.A., Cabinet; Varsity Dairy Club. JAME.S Rr.SH IVIN.S Crau l ,r,l LAW Kappa ipma f Sigma, president Kho; Corn Cob bate team; Publications Intprfralernity Board Control. Delta ; De- Board ; of M MM II I, ..I VCK. ' IIN l.l,„„ n TE.1CHERS riii Mu : Tank lerettcs; W.A.A. LK. . Cji;i KLK.s Aurora A GKICULTURE Vartiily Dairy Club, president ; -Ap College Chnriix; University Glee Club. DELOS L.JOHNSON . i-n ' mitil Cravt ' ACRICl l.TI KE " N " Club: A.C.B.C, Club; Block and Bridle. c:L. lKi■:.l.]lol.. lL Rock Springs. Wyoming PHARMACY Kappa Kpsihui; Pliariiiacy Club. FLOYD E.HOUSEL Kt ' arney BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Gamma Delta: Alplia Kappa Psi. ELOISEB. HIGHES Ceresro BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Y.W.C.A. ELIZABETH LNHELDER Foster AGRICULTURE Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.: Home Ecunumic! Club. JEAN ALBERT JACK Trknmtih ARTS AND SCIENCES " N " Club. KrssKi.(:..L (:K()i!M) .S(. E,lu„r,l Vt.RICULTURE l-arm H.Mise; Block and Bridle Club; Varsity Dairy Club; Senior Livestock J u I k i n g team: Meats Judging team. ll.l.. KI)S.JLIFi:H1 Sirnmslturg ARTS AND SCIENCl.S Kappa Sigma. DORA L. JOHNSON Hooper TEACHERS -17 1. MWINKJONKS - li ll A.KAl FKMAN in. .rf« 111 SINESS AIIMINISTKATIIIN llrlla Zcla; Caiiiiiia Alpha Clii. pf(.«i.lriil; Cur.1; Y.W.C.A. OI.A A. KA AN l. a t .ui ARTS ANI SCIENCES IM{() MKKI.KKIIM Ihttrnttiitl M.HU.iLnnt: . l|,li. Ir,,: TtJK; 111 Club; it.o.T.t:.. 11.11.1: Ax.ii.i;. 111! I t KMIl.HSKKNNV HI SINt:SS AliMIMSIItAUO.N Slsiita Al| ti« Itxilon; l rr htni; |Uflr ; liifandv Olltrrr ' « Club; K.O.I. :.. .a|.i«ili. K. SMI III KIAWolMin .inc n ARTS AMI SCIENCES DKANM.KKRL a rw i;,u,i III SIM S MIMIMSIIIATKIN K.i| )iu Siciiu: A " ' ii. of Itril Cui.loii: ll.d.T.C. ..ipiiiti. RICII.XHDC.KIKl I l.tnu.H„l KMJNtKKIN . Sinritd T«ii: Chrmi «I Kiiiiinrrr Sm-irly: Y.M.( ' . .. r«l»inrl ; Url- i«n (- ' niiin l.lirr«ry SiM-icly. pmitlrnt. |-.j.kki{skmiroj:k krarnr i hak U4:y SiKina Chi: AMifwdn, d kiiUnt bu in( » ntiii«|tr( : l ' b«fih«i ' y Club. i i;i i;. KKiMioi. l:,-,,.-. SnUlh i .,k.,ia TKACHKHS Al|ilu Plii: Di-Ila (liiiiriiin: l.ill- I ' .iln CillK-drnl Clinii; K.O.T.C., fpiinniir. K.ll.KlllU CK ll,„„l Hivri. Dirfua TEACHERS Alpba Chi Omnia: A.W.S. Iloai.l: allrn.lant l.i Ma Qiirrn : Y.W.C.A.. rabitin; Cir.l C.itin.rlur. KMMKVN K.KILMKH 1 U rilrin ACRICl ' l-TUHE Y.W.C.A.. «la(I; llonir Ec... ntimir. AMiirlallfin. 1 (.i;oKi,i; iif i 1. t.incoln MITS AND SCIENCES Linruin Cdlhnlral Clioir. ci.M DC. kim; AGRICI ' LTIRE ■Alpba Ganinia Rb.t: Alpha Zrla: Tri ' K; C.imhii.krr Cuunlnman »tan. J 1 1 .KI (..JI(. Lm,-.,li ENCINEERINC EniJinrri. ET.-.-ulivr ll.iai.l: Slf- nia Tan; I ' i lu ' .n: Srab- bai.l ati.l RIa.Ir; Encjnrrr. Ni|:hl Ciintmillrr: Slii.lrnl C hrmiral Eniiinrrr. S »rirly. pfciilrnl : Nr. bia.lta lllup I ' rint, hu.inr . man •tet; R.O.T.C.. lirulmanl- rolonrl. run Ki MM iNCKi; DENTISTKY Cjiiiiii.! I.AtiilHia; Dflu Sisin. Ilclu. Domnii ' i KI i i l.itii -liti AKTS ANhSCIKNCKS kdp| A Orlla: TliFta i|tni« I ' lii, lrra»urrr: ConJ Oiunnrliir. |l KIN IK! I (. l N ,.„.,..,; M.KICII.TI RE Alpha Zrla; A.C.B.i:.: TilK Club: 4-11 Club: Grain Judiini Tram: V.M.C.A. (,U:N (.. Kl.lM.MA.N AGRICll.TlRE Alphi ru: Tri ' K Cluli: A.C.- ■I.C: Barb Cniinril: Inlrrrlub Counril; Y.M.C.A.. vice- prmiilrnl. WILLIAM L. KLli Linruin DISINESS AOMIMSTHATION Nrwinan Club. nw .K ' ' Uraliirr IIENTISTRY Drlla Si(ma Drila. 1 KANCESKNUDTZON ARTS AM SCIENCES Drh. Driu Driu. Wll 1 l M V.KOKOS 111 SINESS ADMINISTRATION Nr»maii Ch.b: IVIia Siftna 1 " 1. ( IIIUSR.KOKTMAN ULSINESS ADMINISTRATION mn (oiL ii ©s a s© " - !PII]!1 (glL ii ®IF Q(£)g© RICH RDE.KOSMAN Oni oh II ill M.NK AUMINISTKATION Delta Upsilcin; K.O.T.C, raji- taiii ; Ass ' n. of Ri ' d Giii«lnn ; Huiiur list; " B " football; Fre!«iininn football. »»)y)S M l!Ii: K. K()S I TA MARIKI.. KOTOUC lluml,.,l,ll mSINKSS ADMINISTKATION KupjNi Ka|i[i:i CaiiiiiKi. treai iircr; Morliir Kitanl; Jiiniiir - Senior Prom Coititiiillef; W.A.A.. M|Mirt board. Irca iiriT, iiri-siilrnt: Al- pllu Umlxia Drlta: Clli Drlla Phi; 11 c t a (f a ni in a Sicina: Y.W.C.A., lahincl; CoeJ Ciuiii. Hclora; " Cnrnhiiskrr " , slafT; K.O.T.C. sp.m.or. MII.O KOTT AS Ml RIEI.KRA. ' NF. K.V.KR.VTCHOVII Uillii:.,,, f, . ' ,„,.„, t ' irrcr PHAUMAL1 TtACHKKs KN(;iNF.ERIN(; Pharmocr-ulical Club. Siiima Delia Tail, i.rpsiilfiit ; Al- lilia Cbi: Tassels; Daily Nebras- kan ; K.O.T.C, sponsor; Ivy Day page; Y.W.C.A. : " Cornhusker " , slalT. Sigma Tau; .A.I.K.E. THIKODOREC.KUBICK MARY BELLE KUEHN THELMALADEGAR T,il,l,- R,nk Murdoch Siilnvy AKTS AND .SCIKNCF.S ACKICULTUKK TEACHKKS Si4;n)a Gariima Epsilon. Kappa Kappa (ianinia. II i;in . i.woToN ) a, I. ENGI.NKEK1N(; A.I.E.E.; Nebraska Blue Prim. general manaiter; Eniiiiiei-ring. Exeeiilivc Board. K()s l, I. MII .Mn ' i ;.iri..„;n AliTS AND SCIENCES Sigrna Delia Tall ; Alpha Lamb- ila Delia; Vestals of llie Lamp. .IDJIN A. LARRABEE y,inkti n, uut i Daknta ARTS AND SCIENCES ( Hincil of Keliyious Welfare. M. 1.. I.AWKENCE llug.tlo. II yumiiig AKTS A.ND SCIENCES Kappa K.ippa ( aninia. I ' llll I LEASER (h„„i,„ tlSCINKKKlNC Zcta Beta Tau. GEKTKLDEF. LEWn 1 7.rnco n TEACHEKS Alpha I.ambila Delta; Y.W.C.A.: Palla.lian; Pi Lamlicla Tliela. . L K1II A LLEEEKS GLK-N K.L!.V 1A TI:K E. . LLEFEERI)l k Lincoln Aurnrti Alma TEACHERS ARTS AND SCIENCES ACHICll-Tl ' KE Chi OiiU ' Ku; Cord Cniintit ' Ior; Lt ' udnr of Hobliy t-rniip; Sinnm Eta Chi; Y.W.C.A. Theta Nu ; Psi Chi; Pershine Rifles; 4-H Club Seholarship; . lpha Zeta Seholarship; K.O.T.C, majiir. Kap|ia Kappa Ciunina. MARYE. MKN JOHN A. LIMING HOW Ri) . men ,j lt » ri Rngfrs lu,..,l„ Tl VCllEliS ARTS AND SCIENCES 111 MM ADMIMSIIIAIION I ' hi Tail Tlifta; Sicriia (iamiiiu E|)»itoii; riinlanx. Delta llpsilon; an,l Illaile; Interfraternity Coi il; K.O.T.C.. major; " Cornliitsker " . business nian,iger. I ' M 1 XLLIND.STEDT LA VON PARKER LLNN JAME.SD. LITTLE Stromshurg Paun,;- i.ineo n CHEMICAL I:NGINEEH1NG ARTS AND SCIENCES LAW Sigma Tiiti: Piilludiuii; Clicniiitlry Soiirty; Nrbrattka Blue Prinl; Phi l.niiibda L ' pi-iloii; Frcdhman Ch(. ' ini! lry Award; Harrowiiian Srliolar bip. Delia Chi. Chi Alpha: .lo.l; Corn Cobs; Ass ' n. ol Keil Gniilon. IIIIIN l 1 l KI A ARTS AND SCIENCES AI|.h Xi hrlu: Y.m.C.A.; Vf-«|irf t:huit. KIKiAU M.l.ook ABll.l. III | f .» MIMIMSTIIMIII.N MAKYM.I.UCAS ( trfiui Chititi, r» «-i« TKACHKKS 1« I ' di K|; V,W.C.A.; »•• pff Choir; l nitrrally SviitplmnT llrrhralra. Kills A.l. ' iM Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Signu i. a tK-jalr iiirintii-r. (;i:KA1.1)I.. McCALD Alliance AKTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tnu Onu-ca. I RIEM.DOWEI.I. TEACHERS Mplij Drlia Thrta. |irn«Hlriil: K.i| (ia Phi: Drila Omirrun ; I ' nivt rally Chi rii«. .1 i. i ii(i Lincoln LAW Mrlu Siema Rho; Phi Alpha Ortia: Law School A«»K-iati»n. prroidrnl : Stuilfnl Cniinril; Dr- |i.ilf Tram : lnl« rfr.ilrrnily CdUliril. nnWLDK. MA(;n N ACKICl I.Tl V.V. Karm Hoiiar, pri «ii|pnl ; A)|ih« • !«, rhanrrlliir; Cornhuakrr Cniinlrtman, rililur; A|[. Lxrcu- i - Itttaril; Amrriran Y n u t h KiMjn ' laliiin Sriiiilar ' litp: (lliM-k .in.l HiiillrCluh: Y.M.r.A. JWKIIKI.KNEI.OCKK BISIM S tUMIMMHATION Kappa Alpha Thru: I ' hi Clii Thru. I) I(;I1TI.EKI.0KI) M. r...,( ;aa, i„n 111 .SINK.sS AIIMIM TII«1lllN VUnKI.LEL.I.l ' NDEEN l.innitn TKAC.IIKIIS Alpha l llrlla. ciiAwiM. n. HwfirHr . . rtr Yofk ARTS AND SCIENCES Sisma Chi. ANNA M.MrCAinMV Platt.tin»utfi ARTS AM) SCIKM.I- DpIu llrlla IMia. CORDON W.M.ENTIKK Lincoln AKTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tail Otnrea : Cull: Ri« Sii Champiiiiiahip awaril. l DHl.l l. l BEIIS Kan i.lpli lUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IMii Chi Thru: Kappa Phi: V.WX.A. lOI ISEF. MAGEE Arnninf r»n AI.RICI I.Tt RE Drlta ( jintma: llonir Eionnmira r.liih: «.A. .. .pnrf |H»«nl. k ' Mdf M.lOKWKNSTKIN Kr»rnr ACHItllTIIlK I ' arni IIuum ; Vai- 411 Cluh: A ' n. Ilaiii Piulurl. I H.O.I I lilSSELLI.OVEI.I. s...ri Ui.f I.A« SIcma I ' hl Kp.ih.ii: IMil llrlu Kappa; T«u kappa Mpha; Mrn- liir« (J lull : NrHiuall Cluli: I ' lil E| ilua rhi. II MJOI.DJ.LinTON 4i« .iii.l ARTS NI1 SCIKNCKS I ' hi f. annua hrlu: Nu- lnla. ll«.l l l li |l l iJairnftalt TKACHKHS Phi Mil: Frrahman Cabinri: Vr«- prt riiuii: Y.W.C.A. I WII R.MrCI.YMONT II.Adirt ' K ■ Ni) scienc:ks Phi Kappa P t: •Imlrnl (iMiiKall maimrr; -N " Cluh: R.O.T.i;.. .aplairi l KJORIE A.M.I, EES Line III n teachers ALBERT MAI)(;E1T Hatting LAW Phi Kappa P i. MWINKC. . IA(.IIKR frtnttnt lEAC.IIKRS Phi Mil. mn (giL gi ®iF Q g© ' " ' ■flTx v«{V. irmii (OiL ii ©J? Q(s g@ NANCY MAHOOD Sinux (Ul . Iiiittt ARTS AND SCIEN ' CES Willi l S. l AliSII Omnha ENGINEERING Sipina Tau; Clirmical Engineering Society. JEA. ALICE MAK I. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Lambfia Delta, seninr ad- viser; .Morlar B »anl : Cned Coun selor Board, president: Pi Mn Epsilun. secretary ; Palladian ; Vestals d llie Lamp. ALFRED!.. MATIIIS (Aintiin ACKrCll-TURE Alplia Cainm.1 Hlui; TriK Club: 111; lian.l; Y.M.C.A. i;i) (IMIK 1 WWKLI. St. ;„„■,, ,, M„,.,uri Bll.SINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Bi ' la Phi. ,NA(). 11 MKNDLMIALI. Lincoln TEACHERS Sigma Ela Clii. JEAN FRANCES MF.IV Yurk TEACHERS Kappa Kappa Camnia; Oiitilhonil Eihiraliim Club, MARGUERITE MIA K|{ Lincoln TEACHERS Sigma Kappa: Y.W.C.A. DON AI.DB. MAITl.WI) BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I RAMKS ! K I1 Ml Arlingl.m ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Gamma; .Alpha Lanihila Delia; P.i Chi: Cod Cnunsclor: y.W.C.A.. rabintl. LELIAK. M V.S.SIE ClllY Cfnicr TEACHERS Delia Oniirron. CORNELIA .MATTE.SON Surttm BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (.amma Phi Beta; Girls CuiiiniiT- rial Chili; Phi Chi Thna. l l K. l BISINESS ADMINLSTRATION Aliiiiu Tau OiUL ' ca. .MAKY.L. lK LK " l Council ttluffs, Intta Alplia Omirron Pi; Mu Phi Ep.iilon; Y.W.C.A. n.OYO R.MEYER Lincoln TEACHERS Phi Sigma Kappa: Pi Mil Epxi- h»n: Cla irM Cluh: Newman Club; R.O.T.C.. eaplain. Koi.Wn 1.. WVA KKOTT Ctilerijgc ARTS AND SCIENCES LWKRNEMARCY l.inciiln TEACHERS Kappa Delia; Cueil Counselor; Y.W.C.A.; R.O.T.C. sponsor. HOHERTR. ! HTZ , in coin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delia Upsilon, president ; Inno- renls; Kosniei Kliib, business manager: Alplia Kappa Psi; Bela Gaiunia Sigma. CARLF. .MASTER.S Syrttfuse AGRICULTURE Tri-K Cluh. FRANCES L.MATZ Sou lit Siiiux City. TEACHERS Y.W.C.A. IHI l I) M. |K(. Ml Liittiiln TEACHERS Glee Cluh: Ass ' n. of Re,l Gui.l.m. .M WLNKMERKL Aftkt ' ny, lotcfi ARTS AND SCIENCES Kai.p.a Alpha Theta. CHKTCIIFN I.. MK ' i LI! ;i,„ .. „ AH IS AM) SCIENCES WILLI 11. MIIILI! Linmlii TEACHERS (;k i:kii. Mil I KK UfiuAti TliACIIKKS Y. .C.A. M K I Ml h III I I IKACHKKS Kj|tt 4 k«|iiid ( AHima; Ctii Ilrlu rili; r«liil ttl llir 1.4Iii|i: I ' i l.aililiild Thru. t|i ' r-|iir lili-||| ; AI|.Im I. iiiI..I Drila. MII.ION 1.1{N T Miillli KNGINKKI{IN(; i ' l Mil K| " ilHn: Sisma Tau; A.I.K.K.: Ban.l. M K I II Mu ' i ( entral Cily a(;ricli.tihe llrlia Gamma. I.KKAI.DIM. I,. MOOlil FallM Cily 111 SINESS ADMIMSTRATION riii Ohi Tln-ln. •i-rrrlary. l i;(; RKTK. MOKKIS MS AM SCII-.NC.l.S l rlla Drila ni lla. lil( II |{l)l..M().M.Kii l I •iliiiiiaiMt DENTISTRY llrlia SiiEina Orlla. IIKSTERIIII.nA MOTT TEACIIEHS Ka| [iA Pi Thru. WKBMII.I.S ARTS AMI SCIENCES I.. I I l!l N I II. Mill K enc.ineehim; Siciii« T«u; 1 1 lu E|»ili n: Drltali I nion. i;i( II Mill I ' M I Mlllllt l.inruin Bl SINESS ADMIMST RATION WillUm CuM S ' lliil »lil|. Kry. .11 I II 1). lll I ' KEN nl SINESS ADMINISTRATION DrIla Siicma I ' i; Rrligiuu Wrllatr (. ' ounril. riiM.i.i-- AW Mitoiu: Miliqurllr TEACHERS RlTll ANN MINOR IfriiiilJtr iif. Alitrilit, ConAiU AH1S Mi SCIENCES M1.I..1 Clii Olur(a; DrIla I ' hl lirlial ll|■.NIi W Mdl I ' IM. RIISINESS ADMINISTRATION I ' hi Slcma Ka|.| ' : R ■ ■ 1 Mtlll A. U)Kl!(t Mrtnt TKACMKKS Raymnnil Hall: Mortar B»anl: TawrU. prr«ii|rnt. I. •rrrrlary. 3: A. U.S. Boar.l. irr-| rr iilrnl: Al| li3 Lamixia Drlia; I ' i Lamlnia Tin-la; Taiik-trrctlr . II (JLl.l. M(i Kn 11 timaittt TEACHERS Sifma DrIu Tau: Y.V.C.A. (II IU KSR.MOWRRAV BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sisma Nu; Prr hinii Riftr : Srali. Iiat.1 anil Rlailr: Hillr Cluli; " N " Cluli: K.O.T.C. raplain. i-ai lalii. . I ' M I MtiNSON A(;RICI I.Tl RE DrIla Iji.lliUI. I ' I 1N M.MlMlKII II ,. •..»•. LA« DrIla l ' |«n. |ilr iil«nf; fin DrIla I ' hi. |itr.iilnil. Ali. ' TIN ll.MnKIT AvAmrAa HI SINESS AUMIMSTRATION Corn Cob«. »irr.prr ulmi: Harb Council ; Inlrnluh Counrll. Al.Mt»I.MAN ACKICIUTIRE Farm llou»r; lnn K-«il« Sorirty. virr.|irr«lilrni : Slmlrnl C»»unril, prr t lml : Juninr ■ Srninr I ' nim Ciimmilirr: Aj, Ki u!i»r lfi)artl. irr-iirc ' -itl ' -nl : Alpha Zrla. r -n- Mir: Blork anil Briillr Club: Tti- K Club. • .if«-a».: 4-H Club, •rr.: StU ' lrnl t nion Bf»ar l : Jun- ior l.i« r«|iK-k Judging Tram : Crop Juilsin Tram; fr ' armrr Knrmal. rti-manaf rr : Ciimhu«krr ( ' ■•iiiiir nijn. agTiniliural nlilnr. RO. nAI.IK1IKI.F.NMOTL Uii r i TEACHERS Chi Omr a, " M friary. 2. ifr. (•rr iilrnl. 3: M.irlar RnaiW; Slu- Irnl Ciiuoril. Juniof-SrtiiMi Prom Cnmmillrr; Pi l.amlMla Thru; Y.W.C.A.. rahinri: " Cnin. l,„.l,.- .ijfl: 1j..rl.. M KNF. Ml l.I.IKEN ( hetter TEACHERS DrIla Drlla Drlla, | rr.i lrnl : Al- pha Drlla: 1 a... I. V.W.C. , irsaii (giL g ©IF Q D © t mn ©a gg ®i? a g© MARYE. MIIIFN TEACHKKS K»ppu Atjilia Tilda. RUTH E. NEWELL Omnha ARTS AND SCIKNCES Stiidciit staff. Ka|)pii Kappa Gatnniu Cniinril; " Curriliiitikci 1 I HELEN NOH Clarksim TKACHEK.S Ali.lia Phi: Y.W.C.A. ALBERT E.NORE Alhum ACRlClLTLItK Farm Hoiiiic: Cull • Agri - Fun B (I a r (I, iiiaiiagt-r: Corriliiiskcr Coiirilrymati (aff: Ag. Kxcriitivr Buard; Dairy Club. i)()i{()Tii M i;t l n Lincoln AGKICLILTIIRE Home Froridinics AssncKition. liOliKHT A.OLSON AHTS AM) SCIENCES Clii riii: riii Lamliria U|»ilon. NEIL C. PARKS Alpliii Siciiia I ' lii; Alpiia Kfi|ip " « ' • i ' i;(,(.V E. I ' ASCOK Frrtnont AGKICl I n RE Clii Oiiict:a. prcNiilrnt: Home Ernnoriiirs A«Mi.: Y.W.C.A.: Pan- hilhiiir Rcprtsnilaliv.-: R.O.T.C. pniiv.r; AKric ' uIliir.- Fun Hi.anl. ■ ' fmi ' ' ALVIN F. NELSON Oiikliin ft Ains AND SCIENCES V.M.C.A. Ili) Mil) k. NKWTO.N ACIilCLLTl KE A.C.Il.C: IH Cliih; TriK Club. .lEANNENICKLES Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Phi D ' lta; Y.W.C.A.: Awywdii staff. ACNES C.NOVACEK Milligim a(;kiciilture I ' hi Mil: Oniirnin Nu ; Phi Upsi- lull Omicroii ; Alplia Lainbiia Del- ia; Hium Ecnnoniics Association, presi.lrnt: Y.W.C.A.. Freshman CommiHsiun. leader: Rostevick Scholarship: May Queen - ltcnriarit. illKHKA K.NYE Wisni-T TEACHERS AI|ih.i Chi Oiiii ' iia: Alplia I.amh la Di-lla: Y.W.C.A.; Tas».U; H.O.T.C, n.„r. .IKA.NETTEOSBORN Ptiunrt ' City ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Phi Deh.i: Palla.lian l.ilcraiv S... i.rv. JOir T.PARKER Crnlnit City ENGINEEKINC Itela Thcia Pi; Sigma Tan; Phi Lamhila lIp tilon: Pi Mii Epwilon: Scahhard and Rlnde: Engineering Executive lUiard; Student Conn- eil; Military Hail c miniitlee: Siguiii Tan Freshman Award; Phi I.anihda Upjiihm ErcNhman Award ; Engineering Week com- mittee; R.O.T.C. liculenanl eohuiel. REX :. l TrEKS() Crntrul City LAW Beta Thela I i. ' !: IERED NELSON Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Y.W.C.A.. president; Alpha Lambda Delta, president; Vestals of ilu- Lamp: Panhellenie Schol- ar hip Award. ALICE L.NIELSEN Crith Orchard ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Lambda Delia. HAROLD R.NOOTZ Linrnln Bl ' SINESS ADMINISTHATION Delia Tan Delia: Persliine Rifles, national staff; .Alpha Phi Omega. vieepresiiknt; R.O.T.C. II.n.-XUERNBERCER n nkefu-ld EN(;iNEERING Delta l]rsil„n; IVrshini; Rifles; A.l.K.E.. viee-ehairniaii. KOLA.M) W.NYE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES I ' hi Tan Thela: Men ' s Clee Clnl.. JOHN PABST Lincftln ARTS AND SCIENCES RUSSELL PARSELL Lhicttin ENCINEERINC Phalanx; A.S.M.E. II K(ll.l) . I ' KHin Urn all It BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu. i R l.AVKKNKITrriisoN M M ItKTI PnilixON sTA.M.K Y S. PETKRSON - M I t ' nti t! J I KtN i ' nTiN«.ni M VT. IMIKI.I ' S t ..... M in in A K PHIPI ' S t;KOH(;KK. IM.ACE .lAt i n AHTS AM s»:i :.sti;s K.J PI.ICKNKTT ri..c.. ■. 11; Ii .|.h,. c;f:(ik(;k i roiMKK LAW ka| pa Sicma, I MIM; I I SIIIHI K PnTTKH .V. !. W Ull||.l ' t)WKI.I..JK. I. II. I ' • ' ■ ' ' ItMT Mittdrn MITS AM) SCir.NCHS Phi Kappa P l. ' «i; r Ik Wll I fl I I I M Alpha Omtrritn t ' l; (lrrhr«i Thxlral l ' .tiirali Hi Cluh. Rl Til I.KKRM ' AI.KK r.iKwiaii i! i)itK FRKDI.dWKI.I K IM ' r.fktm »KT AM ) cil:.Nr.l I.KlVDA.PFI.rM 4 ,MI t Ml Ml. •M l lll l-|iltlif. JOK A. PIIIINt; III MMj « AIIUIKIwrilATION MVKIKPI.I MKR Tl Arllilis KII.KKMHiVkKII. «.. 4 r.i, T « :il|ji» Itii M». to»r « i ali WII.I.UMlt. I ' l ( C ««a III «IM- Al MIM ' T tllt% niiK«rr« • ' JAY 1)1 1)1 K RAMSAY Itmmkm ni MN»» MiMIMMIIATIOI K.I.EONAR! RASTF.I)E r. t.t t.rM sc. S ma Dii Fr«b«: A. t.C.F.. mii ©iLiigg ©1 ww Tm (QiL m ®w Q g© ALICE M. REDWOOD Falls Cily ARTS AND SCIENCKS Dfha Urlla Delta, vicc-jirfsijt-nl ; Liiii-iiln CaltiLMlral Choir; Y.W.C.A. CIIAS. E. REIL1.Y..IK. I.mcuin AKTS AND SCIENCKS Bila Th.-la Pi: I ' lT.hini; Kiflcs: Srahbard anil Blatie: Intt-rfra- liTiiily; (;l.r Club. PAlllNKC. KEY.NOI.DS Lincoln AKTS AND SCIENCKS Alpha Omicron Pi. OGDEN C. RIDDLE liar thy AGKICrLTllRE Alph:! (iaminu Kh«i. prcsitlrni Alplia ria; Tri-K Cliih. vicir presi.l.-nl: 4-H Club; Y.M.C.A. Farmrr!- Fur ma I, iiiuiiactr : Inter ' fratrrnily Cuiinril: " Cornhusker ' olafE; Ae Executive Buard. EM.L D. Kll ' TEACHKRS Kapiia I ' lii; C inicuiu Cluh. HENRY ROBERTU.S ,11!. Britlgrpiire ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Phi; Delta Thtta Phi; Phalanx. ELEANOR A. ROGER.S ARTS AM) SCIENCKS Ka|ipa Alptiu Tliela. CLARICE LOREE ROSS Lincoln AGRICl ' LTliRE Si mn Kappa; Home Eronomirji Chih: 1-H Cluh. ' fi»» ' ' MAR.STON C. REED Torrinnton. U yoming ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Lip tiluii. liKKN un KKIWIII 1 SliijAfhursI ACKICl ' I.TUKE nioek aiHl Binlle Club: Newman Club. JOILN L. Kl(;llAUU. ' t).N Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Si|;ma Phi; " N " Club; Football; Ass ' n. of Red Cuiiloii; K.O.T.C. captain. DORIS H. RIISNESS t ' rfigliUtn TEACHERS Pallaiiian l.ilerarv Sorietv; Pi I.ambJa Th.-ta ; OrrbeM.; W.A.A. Coimril; Cof.l Cuun«i-lor Board; Sin. lent Council; Phy-ical K.ln- cation Club; Barb Coiiucil: Barb A.W.S.,l. KX ' l KISSKK l.inrnin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Mu; Phi Chi Thcta. prisi- (lent; Caniuta Al]ilia ( hi ; ( ' oc.l C.innsclor B.iar.l; -Coruhuskcr " . FlalT: Bi a.l Council; Y.W.C.A.. frc!.hinan leader. TIIKODO.NA l{(JBIN.SON l.inrnin TEACHERS HELEN C.RO.SKER Linritin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Chi Tbeta. tr.-a»urer; Bi«ail Executive C o u n c i 1, secretary ; R.O.T.C. pon or: Alpha Lamb. la Delta. Kl III lOlISERO.SS rcn f.j City TEACHERS Pi Beta Phi. ARNOLD A. REID Ali.1. Su II n ton AGRICULTURE I Gumma Itlio; Bankelball. I KTII AR.RESLER U uunfta ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Delta Delia; Nu-Meds. NAONH A. RICHMOND Camphell AGRICULTURE Phi lfp iiloii Omieron : Hall, president ; Agrir Exeeiiti e Rnanl. Loomi illure JAMES H. RIISNE.SS Creighlon ENGINEERING Pi !u Ept ilnn: Sijima Tan; Pal- lailian: A.I.E.E.: Barb Cuuneil; Barb Interrlub Council " ' Corn- busker " , staff. MARION ELANF. RIST Humhnlill TEACHERS Delta Delia Delta: Y.W.C.A. V. V. ROGERS Ainsuorrli ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tau Om.fa: Ban. I. KICIIVRDJ.ROSE M,(:.,..k ENCINEERING Sipina Tau : N. ' wuian Club. pre»i. .lent : Chemical Enpineerine So- ei.-ty. treasurer. HKI.EN l. lioTIIKRY TEACHERS Il. ' lt.i Delta Delta: Pi Tbeta. 15). irmii m i %% ®i JKANNKltitWJ. Tt M 111 i. - BETTY KOUI. AM " »HI« »M ' » II SCI - 1 «i»niir iMi iMiii 1 II i;s 1 l:i iV| ll l{OI.I)S « K III -|M i.i «ll l|MsT|lt1lo «IIII IK (K r r HYKdN DAI.K SADI.K l ltl KSADIK .■..., » Ill S1N» S M MIM TII.MI lN I ' l,. 1 1,, 1J,... k ..... i-ii, IIKIMI.SNM)KK 1... V » 1 . , H . . ' ..1 l.ultiM ' lUHT t l1l« • ■ . K.JANKSAUUK 1 1 (UK . i II W ' VM Bfokrik Kim TKACHKHS llrli. Onritua: fi Uml-U TK. I.KSTKKSCIIMADKkK f.iiK 1 1 Ti nr yU i MMIh •(«M. •(! Mai. M.HKKTSCIIKOKDKK f.m.inkkim; Thria XI; ( 4mm« l-anilMU. pfr«{ ilcm: AJi.C.i;. Kir.uli,r llixi.l Sittilral Cuuniil; fcnginr iin; 1 ffruiivc Rtmnl. •r«-rrur . KKNNKTIIS IIROKDKU Phi • •«!; - _ !t l.aaacil. IMRMSKI S( MUK ... -1. MKRI.INSI IIWKl.MW RTS M1 si;ii:NCES I ' l ' ilana; ( «nim« Drlu; Infanlry 1 adrl Ollkrr. A«M rUliaa. J MKS F.SCOTT l,tmeaitk I.Am KapiM ShM: Pkl Itrlu Pki: PI SII.M AVb. KR N(;E. 4F..SCl ' m)KR Smmm t RIMM " t|lUIM«TII«TIMK IWIi. 1 1 . .1. « 1 4.. TMl 1. W l IKK A.SKII KK Crantt lil»nd III SINF.SS AllMIMSTRMIKN MKRI.K.SIKIKMXkKR ni!StNC5. A0MIM " iT««TIO!ll J « kK.SHOFSTAI.I. A«T« ASiD M;irJ»CM CI.VDKti.SIIONKRI) TfMIURS Phi Ml. lph.. inl.«i«. EK.KNK.- IIOWAI.TKK .«!...• rn.. » Al.llKKlA U. ' IMMN f JttUtf »I1T »M) M irSf 1 « vvJiS: ■ ' ' yyyS ' ' %i l " !!!!! (glL ii ®IF Q pg© MARY LOUISE SIMON Culfnilf,- AGKICIXTURK H inir Erftnfiniiro Cliili. (II Mil (iTTi. I, - IITII l.,ni„ln TEACH F.KS 1K(.1M A i..- iriii Pillsliurg, Kiinxas ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Bcla Phi: Cercl.- Franrais; Spaiii.h Club: Y.W.C.A. RlSSEl.l. A.SOUCIIl.K Srwartl ARTS AND SCIENCES Law Stiiilcnt A ociulioii. PAULLKHn I ' liol I franklin ENGINEERING Phi Ton ThiMa. [irpsiilint: Pha laiix: A.S.C.E.; K.O.T.C. rafilain. M i!(. Ki;r r uii (IK Chnuuml. luua BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Xi Delia; Sigma E(a Chi: Phi Chi Thria: William Gcihl S.I,.,loi.hi|. Key. M: I) STKKMU I{(; Uii,.,„ ARTS AM) SCIENCES All ' lia Tall Oini-Ka M { l». STKW KT AHTS AN!) SCIENCES Kappa Dclln; (•aiiim.i Alplin Clii; S p on HO r Chib: Y. W. C. A.: VJ -A, A., roiinril. iiporlH boar t : Coctl ( ' niinHcliir Boartl : Awi;wun, u» ii tliinl rilrltir. ' ' ' ' m» ' ' THURMANL.SIPP Linciitn ENGINEEKING SiRma TaiJ A.I.E.E. : I ' i Mil Eprtilon ; : W. H. Sawyer Aw ant. nVLEW.SMITll F ' litmiinl ACRICl I.TIKE Farm Hmisi-; Alpha Zrta. ri-nsor: Tri-K Club: l)l..,k au.l Bridle Club: IH Club: Crops Ju.lcine Team: P.r hiiii; RilUs: K.O.T.C. raplain. IIU.I.M A l,Ki:.N. l - Si. Jiixt ' ph. Missouri TEACHERS Dt ' Ila (ianmia. Ml LANAYSPVDKK Lincoln At;RICL ' LTrRE Afjrirulliirf Exc-mtivc Bnard; Phi IJpptilon Omicruii; Huiiic EriHiDin ics A«80cimi »n; l-H Cluli; Fanii- erft Formal: Field Arlilh-ry Unit Spoii! or. II ll l.dlsSHI! Iliiighl AGRICULTURE Alpha OutiiTon I ' i. rili:KE.s. L. .STAN A I.incntn PHARMACY Camnia Phi Beta ; TasAL-U ; CihmI CniiiiHi ' htrs; R.O.T.C: npnnnor; Kajipa Epoihm. F. E. STEUTEVII.LE Snuth Siitux ( ' it TEACHERS Mpha Xi Onlla: Aliiha Di ' lla: Phi .Vlu Ep ihin: Pi Laiiibila Thcia: Claiuir Club. CI. A IRE .STILL . in riiln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Kappa D.ll.i: Y.W C.A. CORA LEE W. SMITH llmnlin TEACHERS Alpha Oiiiirron Pi. HERBERT A. SMITH Cltilonin TEACHERS MAIiLE M.SUULliilOl.M Wahoo ACRICrETURE Oniirriiii ii: Kappa Phi. (11 HI.ES F. SPICER ni SINESS AD.MI.MSTHATION . ( ' ariu; .Swimiiiiiii: Tram. AI.ICK ll.sIM I.ING Scilmrr TEACHERS l- ' KANCESE. STEELE Kim hall BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION H u » a r il Hall: Tankslrrelli-s; Y.W.C.A. Co. A.W.S.: W.A.A.: 1 C.M-. ' Ic.r.. D. W. .STEVENSON Orff-on, MisMmri ARTS ANIl SCIENCES I.atnh.hi Chi Alpha: I ' i Ep-ih. Pi: Inti-r(ral -iriilv Ctniiiril, WALTER F.STOLLE Mriidoiv Grnie ENGINEERING Si)!nia Tan: Chrniiral Kn- llinccrini! Surjrty. ' T F DALEtVKKKITSTONK I.IJIfu it lltMNKSS AUMIMSTIIATIKN lil Tl- l.Dl .slKIM.KK TtACIIKRS Aliiln I ' lii: W.A.A.: Y.Vl.C.A. CLEM E.Sl ' NDSTKdM flltttnmuth lltSlNESS ADMINISTHATION ••N " Club. JAMCTl MU I ll I Lini Ilia TEACHERS Alpha Omicron Pi. WII I i M T 1 OK 111 INt» Mi flM lli MIllN I ' lii Mil Al| li.i; I ' hdUiK: II.O.T.C. ral.laill. (iKl.O A. THOMAS ARTS AM) SCIENCES Si mn Nu; Prrnhinp Rifips; Track: R.O.T.C.. ra,.loiii. ORETCIIENTIinliliiN rliflt TEACHERS I ' (;K.I.Tn VM.EY mMNES ADMIMMHATION Sigma Nil. E.JEAN STONE llmmlm TEACHERS lirlta ria; Ta rU; Panhrllrfiic Cuuni ' il; Cuctl Cuuo»rlur«. (.KOKI.E.NK.STLAE I.IJIt-| M AliRIClJLTlRE Alpha Chi Uiii ' ta: Y.W.C.A. lll.KHEKTSrND.STROM ft ' lllHtfiUlh AKT.s ANl» SCIENCKS DpIu L ' |» il(m; A— ' n. i ( llrd Ciiitliin: Siiima Ddu (Ilii: K.O.T.C., rapliin. ( 111 K i; xt r in Orntfi, Culumdu BUSINESS ADMIMSTKATION K«) |ta StEtnii: Corn C ' !»»: Inlrr- fralrriiily Coiinril: A EMdn. l»u»i. n r n nianaKi-r; " C irnhii»kfr ' , huMinritm kuR : Oaily Nrhraakan, buAinriiit ntanai!t r. BES.STEC. THOMAS (tmafia AC.RICl I.Tl RE GRACE E.TIIOMI ' . ON Sioux Ctly. loua ARTS ANO SCIENCES Y.W.C.A. i;i 111 iin( Srhtatkt City ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappa Gamma: Spnniior Cluh. MWINERl niTKI Ml I ' lira r.RICl LTIRE NORMAN p. STOUT C pcr, W 1 limine ENlilNEEKINC I ' t Kappa Alplia. prf iilfiil: Sie- iiia Tan: I ' i Mu Kp-il-n; Vri- •hine Hiflr.; OiniiKdil KhKinrrr iiig StH ' iri); Nrbia Wa Ulur I ' fitil. klafl. . incoln ARTS AND SCIENCES rill i; a m m a Orlla: rn-hiiiE Ritr.: Hlllr Club: Rillr Tram: R.«ri «llllam« Club, |.ip iilFnl: U.O.T.i:. ra| laiii: Dailf-Nr- braskan; A«i;«ian. CARI. A.SWAN.SON Kratnrt AtiltlCl l-Tl HE Earni Htiu r. Iiuvlnt inanas ' : HI.K-k ami Hri.llr Club, •wirlary- irrakurrr; Cornliuakrt Country- man : Junior l.ivr tfM-k juileinc Tram: lral» Ju l(:inc Tram. ( II i;i i i;. i " » I 111! l.AVl Muma (.hi: I ' hl Drila I ' hl. G. ROBERT THOMAS l.inroln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Sisma: Aaa ' n. oj Red Guiiinn: Arrhllrclutal Sorirlr: R.O.T.C. raplain. I. I I .(IM)E THOMPSON ,inr ' i n ENGINEERINC Chrmical Eneinrrrine Six-irlr. accrcunr; Drinnrrr : R.O.T.C raplain; Enjinmins Et«-ali»p BnarJ. MWINKK.TITI.KH Lincoln TEACHERS Sicma Alpha loia. MARJORIEIl.EETVE JamrfpoTt, MiiMiruri ACRICILTIRE Phi l ' p«il«tn Omirron. »«:rcl«ry; Omirrnn Nu : Hnmr Eoonomira AftHMriation. Ifra urrr; Y.W.C.A. inai ©iLiiii ®iF a Pi© ' ' JT - ' vv " Sir . :aii (oai i ®i? WW® GtOKGtK. LM ' IIA.NK Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha 1 ' uu Onii ' na RUTH A. A ATTA R,m.M,,h. In,,,, TKACHKHS Dilia I),lla Oi-lla: l i Lambda Tlicu. BET ' I " ! IIORNE l.inioh, TEACHERS Drha Drhn: Drlia Onii- rron Sponfi Cuuncil; Cliih: Slutlcnl Y.W.C.A. L in riiln TEACHERS Vr»|ii:r« Choir; V.W.C.A. DONALD J. WAGNER «m rr ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Sicma Phi, proidpiit; Corn Cob : Sicma Delta Chi; Daily Ncbrji»kan, aii! oriale editor. J m: w i (o ' l r l.inniln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kojipa Kappa Gamma: Mnrtar Boar,!: R.O.T.C. hnnorarv roloni-i; Siii.iml Vnum Biili.lJnt: noar.l; Daily Nrhratkan. nrw e«lilor; Cord C Minf«rhjr ; Ta nflo; JiiniorSrninr I ' roni Com m i 1 1 f r, co-chairman ; Tht-ta Sipma Phi. ODETTE WALLACE Omaha TEACHERS Chi Onirsa: l i Thtlo- Pi Mil E|.«il.,n. II inn- L. WEAVER Line tit n ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa SiRma. ' m- - JOHN IIKI.DI I ' SON . I I ntln ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Epnilnn. IMI. NNDERlUG.Ii;. Sttt„l,ir, BISINESS AD.MIMSTHATION Thpla Chi: Srahharil aii.l lilacli- Rilli- Chih: R.O.T.C. laplaiii. ii;(.i i 1.. m; ' Hfuttice AKTS AND SCIENCES Dfha (fanima. GEOR(.K LA.S.Mk Lincoln BISINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Phi Omega: Phalanx; R.O.T.C, firm lieiitrnant : In. fanlry Officers At-soriatinn. i:i) IN K. W Mil. ■- , . (I . TKACIIEKS R.O.T.C ra| taiii; A !. ' ii. of V.f,l Cui.l.Mi. liwil I 1). w i ki;n S,„llsl,lu!j LAW EDWARD J. VACEK Ravenna TEACHERS Pi -Mil EpNilon; Cumcniiti Cluh. (.RACES. VANl-IU KG HUIier TEACHERS I ' lii Mil: L i n L- » I D Cathr.Iral Choir: XtTipcrs Choir: Y.W.C.A. «lafT. BKK.MCEL. ELTE Lexington TEACHERS Coed Counselors; Y.W .C.X. RAY.MO. ' NDE. VOLK «.irirfo;p i Rl .-ilNE.SS AUMIM.-iTRATION I ' M I 1M;K. W LTER. Gi„„l AGRICULTURE Phi U| »ihin Oniinon: Faniicrs Fair Hoaril; FariniTs Formal Vucni : Coll-Acri-Fiin Boar.l : Cord Cniiiii elor ; Y.W.C.A. I). IKGIM W | I (: Kfurrtey TEACHERS Drlla Gamma. RITII IK(,IMA W UI) GKOKGEF. WAKRE.N " ' " " ' " ' l ,„, ' rr. ColoiiiJu IKACHEKS DENTISTRY ' ■ ' " • " ■ Chi P«i; Delia Sigma Delia. FRED S. WEB.STER„In AKTS AND SCIENCES Rola Thria i ' i ; Thila Nu; •■N " Club. IIENRYO. WKKTIJ iiricu;,! DENTISTRY Delia Sij;nia Delia. ELIZABETH I. VEI.I TEACHtHS Cullrce Chtirua; Y.W.C.A. IMl. I ' KAKI. Will IK Linmln TEACIItKS WKSTOI). WlinWKK ACIUCll.Tl ICK Alpha .ria: TriK Cliih: arsily Dairy Club. iKiKiH in II. Willi WIS Si. V.iuI TKACHKHS Alpha Chi UnirKa. K MllinN WIMJl EST TtACHERS Chi Onirta: A.W.S. B«ai l: Ta . fleU; Y.W.C.A.. rabinri: Cord Counitrlurs; Junior atlrnilanl lu May Qurrn. li i I ' ll s. wonnRii T l.r.,n,l hl.inil AHT.-i AND SCIKNCE.- Chi Phi: Gamma l.ambila; Pailv NrbrA. kan. lalT; Orchr-jilra ; Ban.l. NEAI.I). ' lOl MANS Minntnre LAW ipma Chi. IAK(.AKET K. IKK Linrit{n TF.ACHKRS l t Itru IMii: Pi Lamhila Tlirij. EUNICE M.WKUNKK AHTS A.SD SCIENCES x (..WHITE .mru n TEACIIKHS Siciiia Kappa; i i Lairih )a Thria; Kappa I ' hi ; ( itnl Cnunarlnr ; Vl ' .A.. .. illliamuial irprr.riilaliyr. CLARISSA WICKS Hrl.,..n TEACIIKHS C ir.l C PunTlui : Y.W.C.A. (; E II Willi wi-- Lini ' ln BUSINESS ADMINISTHATION Alpha Chi Omrea. U. Kl LA W IMLKMiilL Chamltrfs ACRICILTIRE Phi rpitilon Omicron: Honic Ern nt niir« Club. Ill WCIIE A.Wl ' E.STEI? Itomr. Kamtis AHTS AND SCIENCES DEI.OKKSMU AC ACRICri.TlBE r)rll4 GjiiiniA. II KOl.l) l. IEC, tiniirn HtSINESii ADMIMSTRATION Univrnilty Glrv Club: Dand. ' ' ' tr JLINEENCLEWEKNEH Lincoln BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION nil II l!l) I . Wlllll. Lmruln BUSINESS ADMINISTIIATIUN Araria; I ' hi Mu Alpha, prcvi- •li l; Uirbmra; Baml: B.U.T.C, a« « nil llrulrnaiil. DAN A. WILLIAMS l.intoln ARTS AM) SCIENCES l i Si|:ma Alpha: Y.M.C.A.; SiN ' lal WrlUfc Cuunril. IIINKIKITA M.WILSON t. Iff •tin ARTS AND SCIENCES Camilla Phi Hria; Y.W.C.A. Ki« II lilH.. Wll IM Lincoln ABTS AND .SCIENCES Phalani: H.O.T.C. raplain; RiAr Club: NuMrda. IIENRIETTVT. (i1;K SrollMhluff ARTS AMI SCIEN :KS Alpha Chi OmP8«: I.inrc.ln Ci- ibrdtal Chnir: Drlla Omirnm: Y.W.C.A. J WKTI. M Nt.UI I I I. in coin ACRIcrtTl ' RE Kappa Drlia: Sigma Eta Chi; Ilnmr Er«nttmir« Akvorialion ; Y.W.C.A. . i:. ii:(,K HKiN Mrmfthii PHARMACY Pharmamiiiral Club. mH (glL S ®I? Q §© ' ' ' ' f} W .v ' iii ' ' T SSK1 .Kail Swifts HUM liio mis fii ' iii (Idc.- iml Iiik ' Iririm iiil Dun liui ' liiu s allcn- liuii from the game. Prof. Biikpy ' s blackboard notes in I ' harniacy 4 promise head- aches for students. Successful liliml sliideiit. Kwahl W ' arnslidl . I |n-s using a genuine touch system. Finiininc licarls stand still «hcn l.hner Dolirniann. Kast- est Game star, steps out. ith " Mood Indigo " saxaplionists introduce I ' rom (iirl. Hig-W igs stride along — Bob Marl . D.U. shining ligiit. I)i( k lirown fussed, and flasli passer of pigskins, Thurston Pheips. !,;uik Hob Parsons dolTs liaskctbaii attiic for tuxedo. Winsonie F.loise Benjamin pauses, (lornhusker ballroom oti c c of a lormal dance. a jT?5 ]2©s m " smiM m ii ®i? m KLTll EUW . UA. I Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappu Delia. TED ROBERT l 1 1.1 Lincoln AKTS AND SCIENCES Plii Sit;iiiu Kiippu: Nu-Meds; Lincoln Callirilral Choir. ,i()ii 1). i)i;n () Orti lift li en(;inki; Delia Tau Delia: I ' l ' riliine Rillcs. LOREiN AKM rK() (, Cutumltu TEACHKUS TanlcMcrcltca: Y.W.C.A. y I 1 1 I!. 1! KKH ARTS AND SCItNCES Alpha Plli: Tosscla; Cocil Cnlin- cclors; Intrnrmiral rrprcscntalivo; Y.W.C.A. 111.1. AN I. BECKER. JR. Miuliell. South Dakula BUSINKSS ADMINISTRATION Zfta Kc[u Tun. TEODORIO C. BA .SANG Balac. PtiUlipine Isltjnils ARTS AND SCIENCES RUSSELI. W. BIERMAN ACKICUI.TLRE Gamma RIki: t-H Club; Scirriff Club: Corn. liii! ke r CniinlTyinan. assisrant ag. riciiltural nlilnr. Alpha I ' oiillrv HOBKKT ALE. A. I)EK Lincoln Ain S AND SCIENCES Sigma Nu: Plii Mii Alpha: Sin- fonia; Plialanx: Pcr-hinc Kiflts; Men ' s Gleo Club; Rifle Club; R.O.T.C., second lirulonanl. ELEANOR ANDERSON I oldrcgf TEACHERS Delia Gamma : Vesials »if tbt Lamp: Y.W.C.A.. Freshman Cabinel. WAI.TONR. ANDER.- ON ff ashinftnn, Kunsiis 1)1 SINESS AD.MINISTRATION CHARLES F.A.SHBY Fairmont ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Upsilon: Pershing Rifles Nu-Meds. L.O.BARRETT Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Wll in RB. BEEZLEY Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DeitH Tail Delta: Barb Inter, hih Council, president: Barb Coun- ril; Corn Cob- : R.O.T.C. seroml lieuleiianl. li li(U I) W. liKNN Ord AGRICULTURE Farm Hmine: Tri-K Club: Bhn k and Bridle Club: 4-H Chib; Siii- deiil CtMineil; Ai:ririiltiire Ex- eeiilive Board, prrxideni: Junior- Scnioii Prom Conimiltee: Farm- er Formal Cnmmittrf; Corn- hiinker Cminlryrnan. slafF; Alpha Zeta, J CK W. BITTNER FrrmnnI Rl ' SlNESS l IIM TliMlllN RITA ALGER ARTS AND SCIENCES I ' i Hria Phi. EUGENE E. ANDERSON fir III ARTS AND SCIENCES Al l, N VKMHKl STER BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bcla Tlula Pi: Rillo Cluh. JANET . L AUSTIN L in coin TEACHERS Alpha Delta Pi: Y.W.C.A.: Delta Oinicron. LU. BAUMGAKTNKH Kearrtry ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Mu. DON 1 1) F. BELLAMY I. mil hriilgr RTS AND SCIENCES Lincoln CatliL-ilral Chnir: Nu-MrJs. liKRG Sl,-lla ENGINEERING Delia Tail Delta: . meriran eiely itf Meehanie : Blue Print, staff. MARYBLOO.MINGDALE rhriiska (Aty BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Y.W.C.A. FRKDK. »(i|)IK t.litroin lltSINKSS AUMIMSTRATION At«.ia; ' N " Club. KKANCKSV.UOLDM W TKACHKKS Driu G«ltimji; Y.% .C.A., rahinn ; llally Cunimlllrf-: « .A.A. Call- inn; Juniur-Srntiir Pfont Com- •chairman. DWK.IITl). BOMIAM uWr «... I lll!SI KSS AKMIMS11IATUIN CaniHia l inliila; IMlalana; K.O.T.C. Band: Orchnlia. IH.l.l lil M KILUUK I ' Al I.IM. l!tlS l.N 1(1 H W IIH ITKN HTS AMI SCIKNCtS i Ua Clit lmni«: Slutlmt Cuun- til: Tti»«rU: Ac Karruli«r H«miiiI; .U .i:.A.. rdltiiirl ; Omhiiikrr Cuunlltnidii, a ialiinl bu inr HI a n « K r r : Conl Couiikrltir ; Daily Nrbra kan: AwgHan; llmtir KrunonilcB A»Bociiituii. A nruVfi ARTS ANI Si;lKNCtS Chi ()m (a: TaurU: W.A.A.. Citunril; Sporu llt aril; C ril C..un. -I. i.. If. t,uk IKAtlltllS Drlla Urlla Drha. S. M.HKKWSTKK FRWCKSA.UROWN lUTll N.BROWNE HISINKSS ADMINISTKATION Sicnia Alpha K| «J)on; Jiininr Clao rrrKiilnil; Kn«mrl Kliib; " (; " fnlni»Ici-r " . ■lafl: dirn Cfib«; Jiiniof-Soniui I ' miii Cummiltrr. Jlf rr TKACIIKIIS Sicnia Ka| | a: Y.U.C.A.; Aiclirn Club. rhrtin.,ft, hi. » yuming A(;ni ;i i.Ti ' KK ll..nir l nuniir Club; Y.W.C.A joilN T. ItoWM.Kt.JK. Itmithit IIL ' SINF.SS AnMlNISTRATION Dila Thria I ' l: Turk: Corn CI... |(ill lldltMi 1 IIUI 11 AKTS AND SCIF.NCKS I ' hi Kapiia V»i. llllUTII 111 IS AiiTs AM si:iKM;t:s I ' hi Mu. MAUGAKKTBLRKK Bnncrufl BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Bcia Phi. CI.At niNF. BIRT l.,n,-„ln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta DrIla DrIta; L ' nivcraitjr Player . .i ' ..i. ii ' i!i;i I ..IK. I.intt ln RTS AM) SCIENCES ii:ma Nu ; AMfcwan, nliliir; Sipma Delia Chi: K.O.T.C. -re. ontj liculrnani; Prr hinic Hillr . KilIN IIK.NKV CARTER (tmaha AKTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Chi; Camnia Lambda. I ' llM.l.l. lUKKllALTFK ITymorr IIUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PATRICIA ANN CAIN fall! City ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Una Phi; Alpha I mhtla Delia; P.i Chi: Phi Mii Ep.iinn .Axvoeiate: Kreneh Cluli. iKiKdiin .1.1 Mil) Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi OntriEa. JOHN W.C.VTTI.L SfKafd AKTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Chi; Rifle CKih. •prrriary and Irraturcr. IID.N.MKULK.N Lincoln TEACHERS Phi Mii: Alpha l mbila Drlia: Vr»tal» of ihr l mp; Ta««f U; W.A.A., Counril: Cord Counvrlora. II ! .abi;thcm i. w t„i,l.u,y ARTS AND SCIENCES Tank.lernir.. Bl.AINKI ' . CNRKY Srhratka l-ily LAW Phi Delia Theta: Nu-MrJ.; Rifle Club. I ' .J.(.1I. . 1BLKLA1 Lincoln ACRICLLTURE H«innr» C«in» M-ation ; Ta «rU; Y.W.C.A.: Phi I ' pnilfin Omirton; Karmrr« Fair R( aril: Cord Coun riot Hoard: Homr Economira A i lanl Rnard. lai (glL ii ©If Q(| g S ' fMf,, mn (oiL ig ®ir m KOBKRT II. (11 AMBERS PHAHMACY M ARJORIE CHURCHIU. Ftiirhury AEiTS AND SCIENCES Tassels; Daily Nrhraskan. news editur. CARL S.CLEVELAND Ktinnif City. Missouri ARTS AND SCIENCKS Sieiiia Chi: Nu.Mi-.l,. .loilN .( K WIKR Lincoln E.NCINKERING Enginccrine OITirial Cluh. now NKnciRTISS.jR. .,„„,, iil M. K.-» ADMIMSTKAI ION Kappa Sigma. ALBERT THANE I)A I Ilyan n is AGRICULTURE Kuppa Sigma; Awgwan. tJt(T; Curnliiisker CMuntryiiuin. staff. SMITH iJ.DWI.s Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Dilln,,,,: Sigma Up«ilgii; Awgwaii, .lad.- Univcrsily i Inycrs. EV ERETT CH AS. DEGER Fairhu ty »USINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu. .L.L11KL ' -TENSEN St. Paul AGRlCl;i.TURE Farm H„i i,c-: m,i,-k and nri.lle Club; llnivcrHiiy Mcn B CIce Club; Curiiliusk r Cuunlrvnian slafl. RYNOLDA.CLMFEL (. ' lark sun AGRICULTURE Coiiienius Club; Newman Club. ERLEM.CON.STABLE Vymorc HI SI.NESS ADMIMSTR.ATION Caiiima I.ainbija; William Cold Schularsliip Ki-y; Y.M.C.A. KA ' i IKSIIKCKLLSL Gurley AGRICULTURE Farm Hmisp; BImk an.l Bri.Ilr Club: Alj.ha Zela : Acrirulnire Exr.utivr Roanl; Farmers Fair Buanl; Cull . Agri • Fnn Board; Junior Livenluclc Team; Senior Livestock Team. MARVEL ANN I) Mil ostings TEACHERS Al|.li,i I,.niibda Di-lla: Cla-sii. Club. m:i.E C. DAMS Lincoln TEACHERS Delia Cailltlia; Stiidciil CmiiiLii; Awgwaii. fanliioiis editor. I ' .l l AHKIII |) 1 Suprrior IICSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha I ' lii. REUBEN H. DENNING Kmcrolfl BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Reta Gamma Sigma; Harb Inle flub Council; Corn Cob- Tau Tlicia; " N " Club; Ua I ' ll} rball. GRACE CHRLSTLANSON Springfield TEACHERS Y.W.C.A. BETTY G. CLEMENTS Klmuoud ARTS AND SCIENCES Ta»scN. president; Tanksteretles; W.A.A.. Sports Board; Barb A.W.S. Board; Y.W.C.A. I.WVRENCEC. COY Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTR.ATION I ' hi Delta Thela. 1L KR1ETCL. LMER Ashland BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Clii Theta; Tasscis; W.A.A.; ConJ Counselor ' : Jiiriior-Seiiiur Prom Cnnimiltee. BERN VKDJ.DALTON l-in,:ln ENC1. EERIN(; Scabbard and Blade; A.I.E.E.; Engineer Officers Cklb. RICH i;i) II WLS Hosliiif, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega. I ' KANK II. DAY Superior ARTS AND SCIENCES noM.EN.DERRY St. foul ARTS AND SCIENCES KKANCES DILCER TKACIIKKS ( amm« I ' ll! Ilfia. II MtlO I,. DdlilllN KM.INJ t 1(IS(. HOBKRTK.DII I LimcviH lll ' SINESS ADMIMSTHATinN I.KODKENNAN Mils M) SCIKNCES IHKNE DORCAS EDEN Burr TEACH KKS Alpha I iiiIh|4 Orlla: Barli A.Vl.S.: (;la..i.-. Cluh. HELEN E.EICIIMY firtjkrn Biiw TEACHERS Kappa IMii: ' .C.A. KOBERTB. ELl.Ior ARTS AND SCIENCES Sicmi Phi Ep ihin: Ba krlhall: ••B " KiH.lhall; " N " Chib. II KIO A. Kl ' PERSON Sioux City, lotra ARTS AND SCIENCES Di ' lld lp«ilnn: Prrohing Riflr«: Kn) Cuiilon: C(»mhu krr Hal- trt : Inlrrlrdlrmily Coiinril. low HITll FARREI.I. Srhutirr m AM) SCIENCES Grrmaii Club: Nrwnian Club. ADNA A.noBSON Lirtealm ARTS AND SCIENCES Sifma Nu: I ' ulilkalltin Bikatil; F.K ll.all. PE(;GYDI RI.XM) .V..r ..M BISINESS AIIMIMSTRATION Kappa Kappa (•amiiia. T(» l I.ED VARr)S Omaha ENGINEERING Alpha Tail Onir|;a; Prrahins Kiflr : Srabbar.l «ii.) RbJr; A.S.M.E.: lliflf Club. MAKJOKIKDIKKS .4 u turn ARTS AMI SCIENCES ■■l ((.-la I ' hi. RUTIIDOBMiN ARTS AND SCIENCES Vr ial ol thr l mp. (.1 liYS A.DWORAK Krarrtri TEACHERS Y.W.C.A.: Crinian Club. KREDEt.l K. Lilt coin TEACHERS Alpha Tau Omr(a. M RJORIE EISEMI RT UK TKICE C. EKlil l) lulhrrf.m TEACHERS Alpha Chj ititirxa. 1 XHTELLEJ.F.I 1 I TEACHERS Sicma Hrlij Tail, lirr-prr idml. TIIEODA ERICKSON Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi: DrIta Phi Drila; Y.W.C.A. HAROLD K.KAL.scll Cuflr- Knck a(;riciilti:re Alpha Camtna Rh«: 4 ' H Cluh. Linriitn AKI AND SCIENCES Pallailian l.ilrran Siwtrlv: Taa. •rU: Raih A. « S Iloar l. .rr. rrlary: RrliyiiMi. Wrilarr Council, .rrrrlary. W EA.ENVEART BrllK„„d niJSINESS ADMINISTRATION Camma l.anil»la: R.n.T.C. Rami. OSWIN D. K RK Suprrior ENGINEERING MWINEE. FEDERLE tarruon TEACHERS Kappa Drha: Y.W.C.A.: TawrU Tank-CfrriiM: Vr«prr Ch«»ir ; CunI Coun r|iir . -.v jSvvU, ' ,. T irmii (giLiigg ©5 a i ' p sHii (gjL ii (DS ' mw JEANNE B. FETTER TEACHERS Pi I ' lii: Tinsel,: Rifli- Club. PAl ' I. FRANK FIDI.ER Mfhiisf, Miintiiiiii AGRlCt ' l.TlRE Farm House: Alpha Zeta: Block ali.l Rri.lle Club. EDITH FILLEY .i ic, n ACRICLLTI RE Palla.lian: Barb .S. Boar.l: Tassels: Y.W.C.A.: Home Eco. nomic Association. IKi.lM I ' l.KKTWOOl) AKTS AM) SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Tliila; Dplta Plii Delta : Ta,!»«-U: Coed Counsflorit ; " Cornlnisker " . staff; Fresliman Calnnel. i:. 11. M,ii; i! ( II BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Aljiha F.psibui. IILLKN CLAIHK FOKI) BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .Aljilia Phi, presi.lcnt. . 1AKI-,AK1:Ti.. lOSTEK TEACHERS Alplia Omirniii I ' i ; Y. .C.A. . lAK(,AUt;Tll.lKE. (;li Cuncurdiit, Kttnxas ARTS AND SCIENCES HUBERT GANNON Frfmont BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi; Kosmet Kluh: " Curtihiisker " , staff. 2. managing editor. 3. CARROI.I.I..f; REY l.„:,„l,i ACItlClI.Tl RE Farm Huiisc: Alj»lia Phi Omepa; Awgwan, Hlaff: Cnll-Acri-Fuii Boar.l: Y. M. C. A. KVTHERINEGARNANn (;,ir,l,-,i dry. Kansux ARTS AND SCIENCES MRGINIAGEISTER ( ' .(trltmd TEACHERS Pi Beta Phi, president: Tass.-Is: K.O.T.C., sponsor: Awgwan, staff: Stu.l.-nl Council: Coed Cnunscbirs: Chi Delta Phi. LOISERNESTIM, (,II.ES AGRICI I.Tl HE PallatJiaii Literary Sciriety; Plii Upsilun Omiirciii: lliii. 4H Club, treasurer: Ai: Y.W.C.A. Vesper Choir: Au Executive Bnaul, sec- retary: Barb A.W.S. Riiard. C. WILLI l (,|s|| «e,i rirc ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Tbetu Pi: Scabbar.l aiul Blaile: " N " Club: Pershing Rifles: Re l Cui.lon: Track: " Corn. husker " , staff. FKRN L A GLENN »..... « icr AGRICULTURE H.mie Association: 4- H Club: W.A.A. Intramural B.iard. no Al.l)J.l;o. ZALE: Elmtvooii AKTS AND ftCIKNCES Alpha Sinmn IMii: Gnat Calhrd- ral Choir: K .-nirl Kluh Sprinc Shnw; Rillf Club: K.O.T.C.: Red Cuidun; CornliunkiT Batlcr)-. I.Al KE. CEi;i!AF i aponee BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sicma Phi Epsiluii: Rifle Cliil.; Corn Cob!«. 0KN EK1). GK.W AGRICULTURE Corn Cobs: .IH Club: Interclub Council, presiil.-nt: Farmers For- mal Committee: .Ac Executive Board: Barb Council, vice-presi- lent; Comliusker Countryman, business staff. DWAN GREEN Linmtn ARTS AM) SCIK.NCKS Sigma Plii KpHitim; InliTfralrrntly Cniiin-il. Rl ' TlI E.GREEN TEACHERS Barb A.W.S.. treasurer: Stiiilcnt Inion Boar.l: Y.W.C.A.: Coeil Couns.-lors; Spanish Club. EF.EANOR GRKF.SF.L ( ni„l„i TEACHERS Phi Mu. BETTY V.GRONQUI.ST l.iii,„ln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha i Delta. ErNICE,U LIS II l l flumhnl.ii AKTS AND SCIENCES v iplia Chi Otiu ' ca. F. r. II MILTON ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tau Omega. i |{i;ari;tiia iii.ton MtrS AND SCIKNCES I.KOI.IIANSMIKK HryauUt ACHICl l.Tl ' KE Alfha i: iiim Hliu. ■I IZVUKTIl A. HEDGE (.i i... n lil AM SCItNC.KS K.i|i| A Ka|i|ia (iaiiinta. K.SlEllESnACIIKR Dr Moinr,. l„Uii TEACH KRS Kap|i« K.i|i) ii t;aniiiia. II. (. IIIIDKlii; Wli Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Nu-Mriln, (.KKICIIEN llINRirilS AKTS AM) SCIENCES Drlla I ' lii Orlta. I. IMOGENS IIOI-STER Ciillauay TEACHERS JOHN i.-iiori ' t: Lincoln EN(;iNEEKINC Stiima Alpha Ep«ilon. MARY JANE HANEY t.tncoln ACKICl l.Tl HE fill Mu. lOlsMllVKPSlEU Afur it ' r BISINESS AHMINISTKATION Al| ll Olliiriiili I ' i. (:AK()l. N li .iii.i i Ort III ACIIICl 1.TI KK Hume Et-onumir A MM-laliim; V.W.C.A. HELEN E.IIEVinT lliltlingi TEACHERS Clii Ontr|;a. II. II. nil iii.i!i; ii ARTS AND SCIENCES Drlla Uii.ilon: Tliria Nu : Nu- Mr.l : r.Irr Club. U.K. IIOl.l.AND.JU. Lincttin ARTS AND SCIENCES Palldilian Lilrrary S«»rirlj;. trra urrr; TliHa Nu ; Nu-Mr»N. FAYE HON Kril Oak. louo TEACHERS Pi Bria Phi; Y.W.C.A.: A.W.S. KERMITREAlinVN- KN AKTS AMI SC.IKNCKS Itf-ia Thru I ' i; IVi.l.iiiB Hiflf. raiilain; KtMNifl kliiK Spriiii: Sltow : Crral Calttr lral ChuU ; ■■Curiili» " Wri " . ■lafl. iiMdiMi i. II i; I Kfitney AKTS AND SCIENCES ka|)|ta Alpha Tlifla. WINH Ui:i» . MKNkK t r,n. ( ;l.,„l.l„ kn(;ineekim ; Sienia Kappa. T.M.B. HICKS 3rd. Ktnutlnn. t rnn tivanit SCHOOL OF JOI KNAI.ISM Araria. ill in I i nil I ' i i:h l.iniiiln TEACH EKS Kappa Alpha Thrla. IIKl.EN 1). Il()l.l.t) . " .I ' nro n ACRIClll.TlllE I ' lii l ' p«il in Ontirrofi: Homr Erti. n.ilnii- Cluli; Hoini- EomiiDiir. dull R.iaid. BETTYJ.HOPEWEI.L Trkamnh TEACH EKS K.ippa Kappa Camnia. l i;i N llol ' I ' KRT Lincoln ACRICrETlRE Alpha Chi Omrja: »mr Ero- nniiiir A« Karmcr Fair Buaril: Ciifil C Min! r|i»ni. ,, svWm , M II. linK « spring BISINESS ADMINISTRATION Si»ma Chi: " Cornhii-lcrr " , aMi»t- anl hu«inr«« managrr ; Fhalans, ritnimamlrr. ; Corn Colw. mn (ga gg ©i? Q i ni si ii ©5 W3 THOMAS C RL HORN H« Springs BLSLNESS ADMINISTRATION Sigaa Chi. WILLIAME. HORNBY ARTS A-ND SCIENCES Phalanx: Infanlrr Offirrr CHARLES E. HRANAC CATHERINE HI WALDT Crnrxo ARTS AND SCIE- CES WINIFRED JACOBSEN Tccumsek ACRICLLTIRE Var itT Dairy Qub: A.C.B.C secretary; Barb laierclob Council, ROBERT L. JEFFREY BISINESS ADMINISTRATION ralUdua Lilrrarr Sorirtv; DHu Sigma Pi: Pmiiiiii: RiBr : Phi- Uni: Williug Cold Krr: H lr SrboUr llip; Rigr Club. IJI. AH RITH JENSEN TE.4CHERS Ki| |u Phi. FRANK L. JOHNSON Coz BISINESS ADMINISTRATION Arwij: Ka art Klab; Com Cob ; Dail N ra kui. . Mi taiit Ba«innw Usaa|;fT. ERNESTINE JONES Omaim ARTS AND SOE-NCES Drilj Camma: V.W.Cjl. CAROLYN KENNEDY Sidmry TEACHERS CaaBa Pbi Bna: Mo Phi E|Miloo; Vr |MT Choir. Grand Itlajid TEACHERS Delu Camma: W..A.A. Cotmcil: -Archcp Club. ERNEST F. J AEGGI orth PUu TE.ACHERS Sucma Phi Ep ilon: StoJcsi Manner. CAROLINE R.JE.MISON Aarorm TEACHERS PATRICIA O.JENSEN Orad», ' od. SontJi Oakotc BLSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Phi: Phi Chi Th«-U: Slu- drtii CouDril: Ta?. «-l.: Co«J Coon«-)or : Y.W.C.A.: Daily Ne- bra kan. iafi : A vpvan. iaff. Sofhomorr Altoiiianl lo May Qneoi. HELEN . JOHNSON CHOOLOF Ml SIC Delia Omicroo. prc»i jmt: Slndoit Cooacil. KENNETH G. JONES iMtroln DENTISTRY Sit»a No; " V Clab: Xi P«i Phi: Svinimiai; : Chcrrlradcr. FREDERIC CKIECHEL TrfmmsfK LAV Brta Tk«a PL EL S OOD A. HOLSEL Lmctttn E. CIXEERIN ' C A.S.MJ;. BERNARD E. INGRAM Sehon Bl SINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Camma Delu; Alpha Phi Omrra, prrsid ci; R.O.T.C.: Bazid. CLEW R.JAMESON Wefping Waler ENCINEERLNG S mj Tan: Palladian Literary Soirty: Ncbra jLa Bine Print Uif; Qmnical Eo ecrinp Socirt . HELEN M.JENND.GS D«r np iTt BISI.NESS -ADMINISTRATION Alpha Chi Onega: Y.W.C_A.: PanhFlIoiic Drlf K. PHYLLIS ANN JENSEN Sdifk TEACHERS Chi Omrga: StDdrni Council- V.W.C_A. MILES L. JOHNSON Ftrmomt BISINESS -UJMINISTRATION Sigma Nn. HOWARD KAPLAN Omakm BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2«a Bna Tao: Pmhiag RiSrs; Ko fnef f ■ " -. -. - kan r Klub: Dailr NVbTa - ' MILDRED B. KING VaiAiAf ofi. A ' «jua:r ARTS . ND SaENCES ROBERT R. KING CEORGF HOVER kiRK EICE.NE KNOX .-•-vM, ». _. .i- AJ T«- ' s-IJ U.MOVARDKOENKk r M ri I I yt u fir.i t M NDff I K JOYCE KOVANDA It-:.- « ILI.I M KOVANDA ■nof J. FR NKKIDRNA no(H . a i IRVING KIKLIN Zro Brta Taa: -V dak PATRICIA A. L HR DOROTHY H Kl TCHER GERALD L LOCKHART in:sntss «iM(r n T««TKM ■jO.TX L l REN U. LAMl ' LKT «jO.TX_ LOIS LEE LATTA •nncHE«s KENNETH B.L. MB C RL R. L l RITSEN I A«T - t MRCINIAMAELE. HAROLD A. LEDFORD D.MAIREEN JKE rPTTH r I n«:Y JOSEPHINE V. LEY -T«.»TI W n. F.Vf " UL AKTHLKj. UtN Al; .v. ; : _ :i]i gi gi m w v vVA ' i _v,vi v UaH (glL ii (Dl? Q1?g(p VANCE EUGENE LINK MORRI.SJ.I.IPP £u.t i. n,lh Pt„l!r ARTS AND SC1ENC:KS AKTS AND SCIENCES Thi-la Nil: Nu.M. ' ,l ; Band. Sigma Alpha Mu: Corn Colis; Sigma Delta Chi. fcrrclury; Daily Nebraskan, nrw!) editur: Rally Comniitipe: Student I ' nion Board. BERNICEI..I.OOMIS CLAUDE [). LUTTON Tupeka. A ' u i».i. AM.m.t ARTS AND SCIENCES ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Omega. OKI ■ i. I((:. ktm;y K.W. I.( (IKKINDAI.E .ffirw n Hrlh-vui- BUSINESS ADMINISTR.ATION BUSINESS ADMINI.STRATION I ' altadian; Delta Sigma Pi. MII.I.ARDB. MrGEE HELEN McLaughlin Dmahti Lincoln Vli IS M) SCIKNCliS ARTS AND SCIENCES NELLIE F. LIPPITT Mrailvill--. Mi.o.mri a(;rici:i.tiire Alplia Omiiron I ' i. GEORGE NELSON LYON elsnn BISINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Phi. I.LOVI)Md;KE Ord ARTS AND SCIENCES J. II WnidM) M.Msll M ARIONT.MAGEE S„lnr, BlISINESS ADMINISTRATION Hrnningruri ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Nti: Alpha Kappa I ' tii. Delta Gamma; TankttiTeltes; Awgwaii: Riding Chih. OUHIN.I. l VKCV BARHARA MAR.STON « Springs Chndrim ACKICUI.TIIRE ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha ( aiiima Rhu; Red Ciiitliin: I H Cliih. Sigma Kappa; TasjieU: Areherv Cliih: Y.W.C.A. DAN MAUTKR .inr. n LAW nnruvniv i wwki.l 1 fi i ' ly 1 I ( 111 n- K. ' d C.uidnti. FLOYDJ.MECHAM DUANE MEIER Crnnil l,l„n,l .)nr. ;i ACHICUI.TIRE ARTS AND SCIENCES Alplin (iamiiin Rliit. Aeaeia: Theia Nu; Nu.Med«. Lincoln AKTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappa Gamma. Kappa Delta: Sigma Eta Chi. JOHN w. McDonald Tfkamah ENGINEERING Thela Xi; Alpha Phi Omega: A.S.M.E. MII.RON J.MASTAI.IK Pierce ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Phi Epsilon; R.O.T.C: Rand. IVAN ALBERT MAY Crete AKTS AND SCIENCES Sitriiirt Plii Epsilon: Nfii-Me U. GEORGE E.MEIER Peoria. Illinnis BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Acacia: Pfrshinp Riflr«i. I I K1.. MKVKKS IITS AM) si:U; rFS i.Kdlii.K 111. K MiTs AND m;ikn(:ks l -lu lV iliin. li(illi:i TJ.M()l. Kl{ lu,..,ln lll ' SINKSS ADMINISTKATION Trrahinc Hiflr ; Si-aMtanl aitil Ilan.l. HON Ml) l. MOSS Lincotn BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Oiiii ' ca: ' Titrnliu-k rr " , a " i tanl liiivinr iiianat;ri : K »iiiri Kliil.: I ..II. I ..I.- liillN W. Ml KM i:i! I in. . KMilNKEIIING Alpha Siciiia I ' hi: A.I.K.F.. ,1 VCKKEI.LY N MUI! Gtnnil Ifttinil BUSINESS AI MINISTR TION illiam Cold 5chuUn»hip Kfv. ALICE K.-Nt.MlIC Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Kdppa DrIla; Tankatrrrtlr ; V.W.C.A. IHK.NRM.NKVII.I.E TEACHERS Kappa Kappa Oamtna, WM.TERI. MKVKR KNGIM:KHt.NC S ma Alpha E|»«ilua. MARJORIEA. MISril ;i ir„(» AHT AMI .SCIENCES .Mj.tia (tnili-ron l ( ; Drlia Omti-liin. JOSEPH K. MORRIS .S ' t-inMtff 111 SINESS ADMINISTKATION Sicii.a fl.i E, IIDROlin Mill I IIIN LtHritln TEACHERS Mpha Chi Omrca. W WNEL. Mll.I.ET .Superior ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Phi: Mm ' . CIrr Clul.. I»i) Ml) I . N Miir ' ji ft t i Bl SINESS ADMINISTRATION Drha I p.ilnn: H.O.T.f .r. ...,.l lirulrnanl. ;. RI)KN NKsTRt It Omahm nCSINESS ADMINISTRATION Drlta Tau Delia; Band. IR(;iMAR.NOITE Unrnln AHTS AM SCIUNCES WsIaU (if |)ir l ni| : T«««rl«. ar . ■fclan; Tank«lrrrltr«: Y.UX.A.; Cord C»un ' lor . tirc-prrttidrnl ; Vn%%fr j Plavrr . STANLEY A. MK.HAEl. fN :» HHINC Tit. ' l4mt..U: Var- •il 411 lUnd. ■•!•• ' •Ill ' •liiiiati .li..l- 4« iM| Aoard. MVRJORIEMOLLER TKACIU.KS Ka|t|«a k«| | a ( anima. LORA E.MORRIS IStifiini. t tHtnrrttcul AHTS AMI SCIENCES Drha Caiiima: I iii«i-i«ii« PUyrr . I{0»ERTA ,. Mii R llaml.oldl ARTS AND .SCIENCES Drha lirlla Drill, MMfi.VRETMrNCER I inf. tin TEACHERS Oil (imnta. II iMiR I . m;i •«(»% i. h aftpett ARTS AND SCIENCES Karipi Phi: amma Alpha Chi: " i: " nihu«lirT ' . •laff: Y.W.C.A., •l4(l ; ( mnI C un«r|( r«. IfoHKKTi.. . H MANN f happrit TEACHERS Sigma Nu; Stuilmt Counril: ••N " Cliil.: Track. rARLJ.NORDEN l.tnri tin ARTS AND SCIENCES D( )la ( ' (•■ildti : " C«i»nhu«k " , •lad: Sralibard aod Bladr; R.O.T.C.. rapiain: Capiain nl rompan »ioniits C«fflprliti(in. x ' ik .VV fi ' f irsm (giL g ®iF w ' v-vAii ' CA mn (eiL ii (DS ' m JOHN F. NOTTELMANN Ptattsnumth ENCINEEKING Thcia Xi; A.S.M.E.; Com Cobs. KICII RDOSTWALD Omaha ENGINEERING Brm Sigma P»i; A.S.M.E. (.KNK M. l ' TKi( K Lincoln ENCINEEKING A.I.E.E. W. R. PETERSON tiranr AGKICLI.TLRE Farm House; Tri-K Club; ■IH Club. ELINOR (;.ri(:kel Full Mitrgfin, (.Ulitrndo BUSINE.SS ADMINLSTKATION Pi Pbi. HOB K WIK ' I Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISl KATION Alpha Tau Om.-|!a; " N " Club; Fuc.lball. N.KEIlLAENnFn LincI,, TEACHEHS Delia Gamma ; Dilla Phi n.-lla. GEORGE D. RICHARDS Orrgon. fissi uri AKTS AND .SCIENCES Lamhtla Clii Alpltu; Corn Cnl . MARY L.O ' CONN ELI. Sterling, Cutorailo AGRICULTURE Alpha Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A.; Ho ■ E(-f noiiiics A !fiot-i.ition. TIIOM S H. I ' A.NSING Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Calli.MlruI Choir; Pershing Rifles. i)() AIJ)il.i»K. ER Beatrice ARTS AND SCIENCES FRANCES PRICE cttmiin (wrote ARTS AND SCIENCES Ka|i|)a Delia; Y.W.C.A. KIRK H.KADMORE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Phi. W AUL K A. ' LK Gering ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia U[ »ilon; Pershing Rifles ailjulant national staff; Nu.Meds Glee Club. 1 l LOUIS REIMKi; lleatrice AGRICULTURE PHYLLIS G.ROBINSON , 1 71 CI tin ACKICUI.TUKE Alpha Clii OmeRu; A.Vl .S. Bnanl ; Ta ' «-el!t; W.A.A. rrpresenlalive. HAROLD OTTO OLSON Lincoln ENGINEERING A.I.E.E. HELEN L. PASCOE Frtmont ARTS AND SCIENCES Clii Omega; Veslals of the Lamp; R.O.T.C.. sponsor: Y.W.C.A.; A.W.S. Board, secretary; Daily Nebra ikan, managing ecjilor; Freshman attendant to May Queen; Homanre Language Honor Society. PHYLLIS E.PER.SON tt ' nunela TEACHERS MARGARET JANE PYLE Kray. Colorado ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A.; Sigma Alpha Inla. KATIIl! ' ! LK |( II St. Joseph, Misfouri BUSINESS ADMINI.STRATION Alpha Phi; Y.W.C.A.. Vesper GEORGE RAY Omaha KNI-.INEERINC W MTKRH. REUSCIl Lincoln AIMS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Fp ilon. BETTY ROGERS , tintlen TEACHERS ItOllKKTP.KONM!: IIUSINKSS AIIMIMSTHATIUN $i(ina Chi; Itrd UuiJun. PAUL carl ROOCK VlU, AKTS AND SCIENCES Drla Siciua Pii. GEORl.E 1). ROSEN AHTS AND SCIENCES Drlla Tau Drila; Si uia Caiiima Epiiloii; Cum Cnl..; " Curuhu krf " . alafl ph ilu|;faphri ; .%«(Man. alafl ph u sraphrr. IIAKIIAKA Kl) I. ATi:i! AMIS AND SCIKStKS Al| l i Driu: Chi Uriu rhi: SluiJrtll Cuuncil; Daily Nrhlu- kan, iir«» rtliliir. rilM.l.lMtolllWLLL ftmnhit TtACIIEIls Sifou Ela Chi. TEXR. ROLNDS lEACHEHS Kappa Drlla; Y.V.C.A.; Mrlh. o»lul Sluilrnl Ciiunril. »fYlrlary. LUCII.ERIMERY TLACIIEHS GLADYS LRLPERT AHTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Xi Drha. Itl TMANNARISSEL AtiHICLLTUHE T « » • r 1 ■: Ci fs| CuunM-ltii : rhi I p.ilun Omi.r»a: II o III r Ertinumir A MH-lall m Ruattl; Eafiiirim Kail ItuaitJ. TtACIlEltS I MO K. T(I l(i;. ir AHTS AND SCIENCES Ka| | a rhi: Y.W.C.A.: Homr Eronuniin Cluh. l H(. RKT.sA T(l AKTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Umlxla Drlla; CUuira Club; Ta.M-l.. MAIiJOKlKX.IIK.K f. ' uf i.i AGKICILTIKE K«ppa DclU. |iTr hirnl: Homr Krunnmir» Aos ' M-iation; 4-tl Cluh: T««cU: V.W.C.A.; .A.A.; CocJ Counorlon. 1 l.( M)(:.Si:il L l)EKE AVil man Grinr ACRICl LTIHE Farm Hoiit: HKk k an.1 Briillc Club; lla.rl.all: " N " Club; III Club. (;. ROBERT SCIIRICKER bN(;iNKEKIN(. LamMa Chi Alpha: IVr hing Riflr : Alpha I ' hi Omrga; Y.M.C.A.: Riflr Tram; ••C«rn- huskcr " , Blaff. (ll.BKRTL.SCIIROFF Strinaurr III SINKSS AHMIMSTKATION Sit:iiiu Phi K|i»ilon .lOIIML.- COFIELI) t.inciiln AHTS AND SCIENCES Sicnta l hi Epoilnn. FRANK M..St;OTT Mct„ot ENGINEEKING IRENE E. SELLERS Cuittr, South Dakota BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Xi Orlu. p r r « i tj r n 1 : A.W.S. Rnar.l: U illiain CoM Sch..Ijii liip Kry: ll.O.T.C, ) jiun»iir. Wll 1 --ICKEL Mil.krtt. S,.ull, l)ak„la ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi. ROBERT (;.SIM. IONS J!.ifiro n ARTS AND SCIENCES Palladian l.ilrrarv Socifly : Slu lmi Counril; Sluilrnl Dninn Ruil.linK R.tar.l of Control; " N " Club: Rarli Cnunril. pr «)i)ml; Inlrrrluli Counril, rvft-ltry. trra urri: Corn Coh». e ajanemn(:lair Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Alplm Plii: .!aU nl the Ump; I ' flnhrMrnir; Sluilml Counril; " Ciirnhii-kr-r " . •lafl; Y.W.C.A.. Vr«prr« Staff; Frr«hm«n Cnmi». •ion Lra.lrr: Daily Nrhr« kan. • lafl; A«Kwan. -lafl : R.O.T.C., pon»or. JE.SS V. SKINNER Wnnrt A(;HICL:LTtKE Farm floii»F. KK 11 VRIllL. SMILEY AKIS AM) SCIENCES Drlla rpailon: I ' rrahinf Riflra; (;lrr Cluh. mn (gsL i ®ir m I ' m!! (ga ii ©i? m ' noKlSAKI.KNE SMITH L in cnln AGRICULTliKK Alpha Oiiiicron Pi. JOHN DAVIS SMITH Livingston, Munl ' inn ENGINKERI.NG Alpha Tau Onieya. AK. (JI.L) A.SORENSON l u.on Cily tNGINEERl.N ' C KRANCKS I. SPENCER i.inciiln TEACHEKS Chi Omc-gii: Y.W.C.A.. Fresh. m«n Cabinet; Sinma Alpha lola • Dnivcrsily Syinphoiiv Orrhcslra. M i;i NL.STALEY Lnicoln HLShNtSS ADMIMSTRATIOX Alpha Lambda Delta : Tassels ; FuIIarJian Literary Socipty ; Wil- liam Gold Key; Cord Cuun clorf ' : Barb Cuuncil. .ii»i;i ' iiT. ri;i ' iii; .s I ' .tttritidit, luiiii AKTS AND SCIENCES Drlla l)|i.ih,n; Ciirn Col »; Ko». mcl Klub: Gn-m Calhi-ilral Choir; AtsoL ' ialiun iif Rrd Cuiiloo; Fcrshiiif Rides. KOREKT I.. STOKER Lincoln ENCrNEEKING Thcu Xi. C.M.STURDEVANT Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Thoia Nu ; Clcc Club. l " II liETH.|.S nTH (i,i,.,l,„ ARTS AND SCIENCES . l]iha Utiiirruii I i. I ' M l, K. HTII A(;R1CI I.TIKE .tt.C.. .; Hume Ectiiiiunii. ' I ' llll.ll ' l.x)! TUWICK Friend AKTS AND SCIENCES I ' hi Kaji .u j " ,i; l i M„ Epsiinn; K..smpt Kliib: Cm Cobs, srr- l! -anl al arm.; Phi Lambda Lp. silon Freshriiuii Award ; Sigma Tuu Freshman Mp.Ial; ■■Corn, hnsker " , staff. TRUMAN E.SPENCER Linraln ENGINEERING Si ■ma Phi Epsih.n: CIre Clnb A.S.M.E.: R.O.T.C. first li.ulin. am: Kill.- Club. HELEN M. ST NK() Sht ' ridiin. tl coming HI ' SINESS AD.MINI.STRATION jNfWinan Club; Utiivi-rsitv Wo. men s Tennis Champion. 19;t6. i.i: UEli.sTui;i7 i N West Point BUSINESS ADMINI.STK ATION Alpha Sicma I ' hi. ,I MES STUART Lincoln ULSINESS ADMINISTRATION Plii Di-lia Thrta. GEORGE E.SVOiioi I Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Sifma Nu ; Phalanx ; Pcr«hini! HidM. JANE SMITH Slieltitn TEACHERS Sigma Alpha Iota. ii;(,i i K. iiTii Lincoln TEACHERS Kupp.a Alpha Tbi-ta. men AKDE.SPANCLEK Pliiltsinouth AGRICULTURE Kappa Siuma; GIcc Club; A»- cwan. staff; Cornbusker Coun- tryman, business staff; " Coni- huskel " . business staff; Poiihrv Club. li; :(MAD.STALDEI{ Salem AKTS AND SCIENCES Clii Ompga. EDMUND STEEVES Lincoln AKTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Nu; Daily Nebraskan, news editor; Junior-Seninr Pr.un Committee. en-chairman; Aw. (!wan. assistant editor; Corn Cobs, vice-president; Sicma Del- ta Chi; Rally Committee. W-E. STONEBRAKER .Vr- i , AGRICULTURE ' " " " 11 ' : C.dl- Agri-Fun . 1-11 Club. C.E.STUKI)i; T Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Gamma Landida ; Glee Club; Rami. seeoiKl lieutenant. ii:hi,km; i.t tk(i Odcll TEACHERS Siiiina Alpha lola. EVELYNTAYLOK AHTS AND SCIl. CtS All ' ka Xi llrlla; Al| ha l nilKla llrlu; lal " I kr Lamp: Chi Uriu I ' lii; " :urntiu kri " , ■l«fl; V.W.C.A. Oklorl. 1.(»IL J.TIIKKKK1 KN Ltnfotm AKTS M SCIKNCl.S l|.hj IjhiIkU Krlu; K |• ' t I ' hi:; T nli»l ' -» ' n ' ' «; Tan- hrllniir ..h.iUfhi| . .ip. I ' " ?- KRICP.TIIOR .S tin Ion AOKICLI.TI hi: MpliA r.amni4 Bh..; t;..iii Cob ; I H Club; Karnirr l ' «ir BiiartI : liitrr(i.tif-rnity Couocil; " Corn- hunker " , atafl. M l; i. Ki 1(1(11 ' I .i i. .. » TEACHKKS Alpha (Imicron Ti. ..J.TKKAkl.L ACRlCLLTLHt (.K.dKC.KC.T NKK AKTS AM) SCItNCES DpIu Tau Drlla. UN M K KK I . t ACRICILTURE Nrbranka E anr -lical Club: Poultry Scicncr Club. MAKIKANNKVUGT eliftttko t:il TEACHERS Alpha Phi: Alpha Prlla Y.W.C.A. GLENMI.TIIACKKK t;HlCl l.TLKE rnt-c Club, |tir iUnil; C«rii- MWINt: A.TIin.MAS TKAtlU.KS K«p| A l bi. JAMES R.TISDALE f.tit Smiih. Aiin a li1S AM» »:!rNcts UiiibJa :iii Al|.b : A»K»«n. •lad : |Vi hinc KiHr«. MKCIMA M.TlHiKKA in...(n TEACHEllS Alpha llrlla: V.W.C.A.; Coetl Cuunaclor . V { K M. IKKAlnNT Siou% Falh. Sttulh Dakota BLSINKSS ADMINISTRATION Siitroa Nu. DONALD L.VAMIORN iirth Li ' up ACRICl ' l.Tl KK Alpha Gamnia Bh... BERTVICKERV.JK. ttmahti ARTS AMI SCIENCES Phi Kappa P«i: rri.hini: llill ' JOHN J.WACIITKR tuiriiln Bl ' SINESS ADMINISTRATION Rrla Thria Pi. vW ' Y C.W.TIIKDIUII) AHTS AND SCIENCES Eir niau Euwlball. I w TiioMi ' soN Oa»Aa ARTS AM SCIENCES llrlla Tau llrlla: NuMrilt; Priahttic Riflr . C. WYNNE Tdl.llKRT CoHeoftttm, Kanittt AKTS AND m;ikn :i s l mbtU Cbi Alpha; Ininlra- irtnily Cuunril; Baiiil. JOHN W.TOOl.E Iriflt ENCINEERINC rn.hinc Killr.: A.S.C.E. J.KKNTTl IM ' KR Linfuln BISINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omrja. ROBT. . AN N()I!M N Baitfll PHARMACY Drlla Tau Drlla: Sludcnl Counril. i ryk.vo{;el ttmahm BtSINtSS AOMIMSTKATIilN Kapp Alpha Thrla. PAILK. WAGNEK Homer ARTS AND SCIKNCE5 Alpha Sigma I ' hi: Kn-mM Kloh; SlUflrnl Counril: Rail Ommil- irr; InlTlralrfnil Counril; Cnm C«b». mH ©ILIiii ©IF W ' llf, sin (ga gg ©IF Q(s)g(p I.. E. ' R ALLINGFORI) Omnha ENGINEERING Sifma Alphl Epailon; A.I.E.E. EDNABELLWELBOKN Mary ,» vitlr . Miss„u ri TEACHERS D lca Ciimma; Y.W.C.A. FRANCES E. WEYEK Aimiiorlfi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Omcpa: Alpha l).|. la: William G„ld Siholareliii, ESTHER E.WIECI I KKT Lincoln AGRICULTURE Phi Ul.«non Oniicron. librarian; Homt- Econnmirs Cliih. vice- prcflidrnl: t-H ChtU. WILIJAMB. WILLIAMS HI SINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Gamma Dclra: IVrshi,,,; Rifli- " ; Alpha Phi Onie-Ea, viro. prt.i.lonl: Awewan, ,ta(C; Slu. ■ITI Group n( Ri-iipiou, president. GORDON L. WILSON Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES MAKVK. WITTERA Kearney ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Gamma: Y.W.C.A.- Arch. ery Cluh; ■•Comhu..ker " , alaff. ALICE M. YAGCIE } ' ari on, Soulli Dakatn BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROBERT J. WEAVER Lincntn ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Upsilon; Phalani: R.O.T.C. HELEN M. WENT Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi. I)WI(;htr. iiit kkr Lincoln TEACHKHS Track. FOKRE. ' T e. wilke Bealricf BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION Siema Alpha Ep.ilon : Siabhanl and Blade: Debate Team. m SINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Kappa P i. l H(, HKT E.WERNER Uncolii TEACHERS Delta Gamma. Ml KILL G. WHITE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES - Gamma Phi Beta; Panhellem ' c Couneil. president ; Y.W.C.A seeretary; Kreshman commission leader; Coed Counselors. LUCY JANE WILLIAMS York Delia Gamma. TLLIA.M WILLI WIS Columhus ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Delta Theta; Corn Col,. Spani.h Cliih: Pershinc Rifles. JANE WILSON Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Beta Phi. DORIS P. WOODFORD Sergeanl Blug. Iowa TEACHERS Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A.: W.A repre»entali%e; Great Cathedral Choir. MARGUERITE YOUNG Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Omrga. CLALDK S.WILSON l-incatn ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Ta,i Omeea: Per,hinp Rifles: .Scabbard and Blade; As. sociatnm ol Red Guidon. K AHL WITT Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sisina Phi Epsilon. n. V.WORCESTER. JR. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Honors Convocation: Palhnlian Lilerary Society: Corn Cob-; Barb Inlerelub Council, secre. tary; Publienlions Board; Barb Conncil. EDWARD . LZ IIM .s,,„;,;,„, AGRICILTIRE Farm House; Alpha Zela; Bio, k Cornhiisker Conn. ■IH Club. and Bridle tryman, stall V HOM thrir vanta ' .- pninl nf fralcrnil n.u mildlx slufiioii. Tli.-las lui.-k in Minshinc. W |.rixa( N is U-ft f..r a {lirl?. ays FVfigv Pasroe. dn-ssinp for the Coed Follies. Out vshere the winter procession reallv ral.hes the north wind. Our attractive nu.dcl di phns a hea. h . oat for a un m-1 to , Prof. Zeis is baffled hy a student, or something. Margaret Munjier. Chi O.nejia. showing the resuhs of " Six Easv Lessons " . This " sprinplike " clinch took the prize in Bouton-s Act for Coed Follies. A pood picture of an up and r,.n,inp vounp lady - Francis Bolduian. Dr. Lxman. Dean of Pharmacy and Health director takes to his shirt sleeves on a hot registration day. 1 HK |ii(iiiiincncc of aili iiics lias l()ii r l)epn a tariret lor criticisin hul to the iiiorc enlightened thev extend some of the most aliialile training: op[ioi-tiinil ies. and offer the most pleasant of all eolleirt memories to giadiiates who had (he aniliition. initalive and energy to indulge when llie had the ehanee. WwT JWJ W m y- i 2 S e I ST ■- ' ta 1 sJ. • «: i9 j?T;ii2.3SJ 3©5r ' lg F l)| (!l ' .|) to ( ;inilli ' lii;lit diiiiiif. ' a shortage nf iiiiix i-rsit i liTlriiit . lluwaid Kaplan. " Kag managing editor, shows liow a journalist ' s life must go on. regardless. Helen Pa.scoe. " Rag " editor, gloats with second managing editor. Morris Lipp. over a sizzling editorial. Pencil over ear and in hand. Dick McCJiniiis ponders over the husiness worries of the Awgwan. He -liiiijld. Iicing tlicir luj.-iness manager, (laught in tlic a( 1. those " Cornhusker " Managing Kditors. Hob Gaimon and I ' at Lahr. look industrious for once and sadK worn. Advertising sales look optimistic for the daiKs workers. Arthur Tlill and Helen Severa. Tanton. " Rag " business manager, and Kajilan chuckle oM-r an Awgwan! Why? ww n ipTj:BiLje 3©?«r u© sd MKMni-.RS (;AYI.K ( . W 1 KKH II. K. HK nHH!!» J. K. SKI I KCk J. K. I -AWKKNCK N. . BENC.STON J. R. I INS 1)K WdKCKSTKR ADN DOHXtN A rrLMl ' l IN i to keep Nfl)raska piil)liralii ii witl i tlie leaders in stliool papers and magazines over the eonnlry. Professor Gayle C Walker. (.Chairman of llie Board, made an extensive lour ot some dozen leading universities ami t olleges making a thorough inspeetion of their plants and organizations. Suih an investigation a made pr inr to the moving of the pulilication offices into llie new Student L nion Building to wliirli the I ' nli- hoard i-ontriluited SIO.OOO. aluahle suggestions for e(]uip- ment as well as new iiuules of lontrol were gained finm the tonr. t. ' il K ( . MkKR Chairman The Board whiih is composed of five fae- ull mendters and three stutlents appoints the editors and husiness managers of ihe three prominent I niversily of Nebraska puhlications. the " Dailv Nehraskan " . ihe " Awgwan " . the " ( ornhusker " . It endeavors to guarantee alisolule fairness in ele ' li(in of slalf mtMnliers. It i- al o iheii- fuiutinn tn oversee and sanction all i iritrail tor piinlin . ' ngrav ing. clc. tiir tudenl pul)liialioii . il i iIk practice of this group In maintain a fair systematized handling of all such contracts The Board also exercises the power of cen sorship of the pid)lications and follows the p dic of lcnieiic in r ' -Iraint. Pae 119 FJ)1T()I!I l. SI l 1 Edilor-in-Clii.-f WIIIIWl (,. ( I WTON .Managing Edilorj- I ' ATHICIA I.MIR HOHKHT (; () Sorority Edilor .I M:TI, 1 Women ' s Oi;;anizaliiin EtIilMi- EVA JANE SlNCI.MIi. l in I . W ITH;ii Men ' s Oriiani ali.ins E.lil,.! I Hl.l) STINEK Sfiiior Edilor Hllll K M ' M.EK Junior Editor I ' llll II ' ■-1)1 TIIWICK I I.I ' I T N I.OK. . - i-iaiii Adinini-ualinii Kdil..i ()H l. IIACKR Iridrx Eililnr r.di; I ll ' COMI! i ' W 11 I I 1 (.. f.l.AYTON E(lil " r-iii-(!lii( ' f Sliidid Eililcir S|ii-rial Ffaluif Edilcir PATHICIA I.MIH liDHKUr (. NNON Matla ill ' : I01ili»rs MHCIM OEM AN. ' KALl ' ll KEEl) PAUL liKADl.EV STANLEY RKKWSTER Canifranicn RORERT I.ANCSON, (;K()R(;K ROSEN T. J. THOMI ' SON. RORERT HERNINc; ,mun Spnii- Eclil.M- M lll(l MDJ) ELINOR NEI.- ON Kn ' Sports Editors RYRON YODER I.I () ' l) (;RI I I. " isi:,nl Miliiary E.lilois CARL NORUEN Wll I I 1 GISH. Assistant Editorial Assisianis M WINE I KE JEAN MOROW, ll! ( K W li l WW LI 1 M ' .Lill ill VCY 3ril Row — Reed, Lipscomb, Bradley. Yoder, Hatrt-r. 2nd Rate — Lake, Van AnJn, Cish, Sliner, Clematis. Bridge. Bottom Row — Lau. Cannon, Claytun, Lahr. Rapalee. I H ijB 1 ■ B wm |M H H l i V - ' iH i mI y M i l r ' ' ' l 1 i E 1 - -t. H S H B vH IT ' 1 ■ " ' H 1 ■j jj[ I PaRe 120 ' A M i:ss 1 Ml liii-iii... MaiiaC T W. now Mill I IM II -sisiiml llii-iiir-. Miiiiiij;.T- l H. Ilttli DON M. MOSS ,K.rli-in NLiiia;:.!- lUKIO I ' liOl TV II KOI.I) -W , IliWIN --111. H l (:ir(iil«li..n Maiiuprs KO I ' KOI HIT KM. I ' ll |{i;i:i). IKON AIM) 1)1 NkKK liu im»s Assislani- KOHKKT (VCONNKI.I. WKHV loiiki;. JOHN i soN W. HOW AKI) I. INCH Uu-ini- - Manauer I 1 1 1; Cornhiisker of 1038 lia hccn dedi- cat« ' (l til a |ioitiayal oi ( ' liia ka " s place ill the iin. and li -o doing the stall lias liupt ' d to lake a liroaik-r sicu (it liic im- portance that Nehraskans wiild Ixitli al home and aliroad. The Itook makes its appearance only once a year and there can lie no retractions or promise tdi a hetter issue next iikuiiIi. The tlioiiglits ot one editor extend oiiU as lar as his hook unless he is successful in estalilisliiiij; a good trend. W c lidpc wc lia i ' i ' talili licil this trend tow aid a nunc arcuiali ' . more coloriul and more important hook. MAX IIOK.N DONALD MOSb Assislani Bii«inc Managers Jrd Rotr — Lamport, Brown, Dunktr. Roo«rk. SpjinKlrr. Inil Kuir— Rrrd. Swan. OrlUllv. Adkin . Elli . Ritttitm R ' tu — Sherman. Horn. Linrh. Mo« . Protitt. Page 121 ,1. KDWARD Ml Kli Editor First Semester IIKI.KN PASCOE Editor Second Semester I DITOKIAL STAFF llll l Sf.mestkr Editor EDWARD Ml lii; Associate Editor DON WMAEK Iaiia!:in!i Editors Will |{|) lilKNEV HELEN PASCOE r - E(lili rs 1 UI(lKli: ( III HCHII.I,. MOW RD KMM.AN MoHKI ' s I IIM ' . II R()I,D NIEMANN RAKBARV U() K TER. ED STEE ES Socielv Editors l KV ANNA COCKLE lOIINNY HOWELL Sp,,rt- E.liL.r ED rKEVES Skcond Semester Editor HELEN I ' ASCOE Mana in Edit.irs HOWARD K M ' l.AN MORRIS I.H ' P News Editors MARJORIK CIH RCIHI.I. RICHARD dt-BROWN. MERRII.l ENCI I ND FRED ll RMS. BAHHXRA ROMW TER ED yrKE ES Socielv Editors M ICl NNA COCKLE ED STEE ES SpnMs Editor El WOOD RANDOL ThROUGHOIT 111. ' past Nfar. tlif Nc- Itiaskaii took an t ' ditoiial laii(l lof in- creased lacililie . iiKitt ' iiisiinctdis. a li- htafv. and reiorniation ol the extia-ciii- I ' icnlar activity system on the cani|)ns. Devoted to tlie policy of roiistruclive criti- cism, tlie editorial cdliniins carried dis- cussions of purposes oi liifzlici cdiiratiuii. Jrd R tw -Bierbower. Fcllliaiiscr. Zcllc-y. Suiarl, Eii{;luiiil, Bunu-Il. M. Steuti-ville, F. Sleulcville. ! ' «( Kait — DuvitlKon, Slei-le. ttuutlul, . iryrr. Niroll, Vanilerwule, Garrett. (Jet)rnwii, Witlenlierg. Hatlom Run. — Kusi-waltrr. Sleeves, Kaplan, Buniey, Murrav. Pa i-ne, Nieniaiiii, l.ipp, Ctuirrtiill, P.lEe 122 l!l SIM.SS TMK KlRST Skmkstkh Biisinrs MaiiajKT l!n|! W |l|| |S Assi iaiil Bii»iiii-s Maim iiT- UT Mil I, KKWK .l(l||Nv(i SkCOMI SllMKSTf.lI Hii ;iu« Manajirr ( III ( K I ll) A-isi-lani Bii ini ' «- lana);iT l l Mil I ri; Nk JOHNSON anr [ " leti A ' A ARTIIIR nil. I. Mi WK KHIN oN As islanl Bii iiii- " Maiia " iT HiiUKKT W 1)IIAM lliisiness Manafier Fir«l Si-mr liT t.llAi;i.l r VNION Bii!-iness ManafErr Srrollij Srliir»l T l,J Ruu Crjt. Sn.lrl. Kyju. JnJ. Riiu Krjiivr. Mirharl. GuinU. Scvrr . K.,ii„m K.,u J..tHi...ii, n j.lhjni . Hill. Page 123 .iid Ht ti — trciili- ' l. rilliiiii, Siiiiiiiuii?. Fiil lci. Aiitjei uu. ijtiig, S ubuJa. Omi-ii, Auntin. 2nii Row — Roi en. Kolliwctl. Kerl. Krisi-Iu-r, Ncmt-c. I ' arkiiii un, Geister. Davis, Roach. Bottom Row Shncniakfi. Tij dalc, MfGinnii , Taulon, Campbell, Stewart, Stpeves, Clemans. EDITORIAL STAFF First and Second Skmesters BRUCE CAMPBEI.I. Assislanl Editors ED STEEVES MARY PRISCII.LA STUART, GEORGE ROSEN Fashion Editor CAROL CLARK ConlriKiitirit: Editors NORMAN BOLKER IRG1NL GEISTER Editorial Staff Members JANET DAVIS. HELEN CATHERINE DAVIS I RL N BREMERS. MARL N NL GEE M ARC;ARET OWEN. JEAN PARKINSON BfriTY . 1i:(;EACH1N. ALICE NEMEC DOROTHY SWOBODA. DON SHOEMAKER ( I.VRENCE SIMMERS. BETTY ROACK GEORGE FRISCHEK BUSINESS STAFF ElHST SENtESII-.U Business Manat:er CHARLES TANTON Assistant Bu-in.-ss Manaf:.Ts DH;KM(:GINN1S JAMES TISDALE Semestkh Business Manager DK k lc GIWIS Assistant Mana ' ers JAMES TISDALE LEONARD FRIEDEL Business Stall Mend.ers H RRY (,l NDER.SON FRANK Kl hi; . TIL NE DAVIS JOHN DM I l i;. ED SEGRIST T II ' , ' ' Awgwaii " lias liccii llic dllicial liiiiiiof magazine of tlie UiiivetsitN ol Ne- braska since its organizatii)ii in I ' ) I 2 and lias liccit issued coiiscciitixelN ' since 1 ' )3 1 . its piililicalioii is sp()n ()ied l) Sigma Delta (!hi. iialidMa! li(itini ' ai joiiiiialislic fialei- nity, and il is issued itidiilliU diiiitig llic selinnl cav. Il imu tanks, ai ' cdi iliiig to na- lional advett i ei and (illicf lollege maga- zines, among lite l()| t enl sitnihif college pul)lieations. I tidef ihc difcclion iil Ininioiisl-edilof Biiice (]am|)liell. the niagazitie im|)ii) cd consideral)l iti a |ipea lance. st le. and illiisti ' alixe conlciiL Ihe piincipal tilings acc )in|)li licd tlii past eaf included a clean-ti|) campaign ol eampiis gossip and the exchange jokes. " Gore " was icplaceil liv " StiiiT Ahoiit People " . consi.Ntnig ol inoilcn iM ' comments alHiiil the social life and activities of lam- liii peisonalities. Page 124 SIM r Eilili r A! i laiil Kililiir . »i taiil lloiiif Ei ' iinoniici lilililcir Biisinrvo Muna ier Asitislani Biisiiii-s Manan ' T As i?laiil Bii- inf» Manager Circulation Manajirr Assistant Circtilatii n Manaf-t-r KDITOKI l. STAFF (;i.KNN rii ( Ki li K lilttlWN I ' M I -MINI N t.KI{ lli OKKIN M AKCV I.OKKN iti(;(;s MKIMN i;l ANT Mils J()||N ' -() i i K InI TI!() (; ioisciiks II Ht)l I) liKNN IIKI.IA Kll IKI! JEKK |•,H() || l i;j( l{IK l!l K1 I l!()|! li l ' l ' iu sim;ss assist wis LOL ' IS n. ' WIKK 1)() Ml) (HOI SIKK LEO II N-- IIHi: KliW l Kdl • 1 K Mil IN KUKIIKI.S Wll I 1 ! X IINEEKI.OCK i;ik(.;llaiiu a i iams IIAROI.D KOICM MONTH BAKEK ROGER CL NMMill M II KOI.|) SCHUDEL ALEX KAHl.KK I III! |iiii|)(p i- lit llic " Coniliiiskcr Coiiiili ni;m " is to create intere;;! in Agiiciiltiii;il Iii(I(miI and camini aiti itit and Id pidili li llic ailixilic- il tlic xaiinii Apiicidtmal deparlniriils. Of spcrial inlnc-l In llic farmers of tlic slate are the results of the experimctits carried mi al the College, and uhic h arc pidili-hcd in I he mapa iiie. The |)uldicalinii i issued monthh and now has a circtdation ol ahnost one th(in and ami i di-tiilmlcd ihroiiphoiit llic I nited Stales and la-ka. Not onl does it reach the students on llic Agricultural college canipiis. lull main alumni. Home Economics teachers, and each cotintv Agrii nlliiral Extension Agent. An interesting and novel feature of the magazine is that the parents of each tii(Ient siil)scrii)er also receive their cop of the pulilication as a conilcsy of the stall. OLE.N Til ACKER Editor ANN GERSIR Bn«in -«s ManapT MEIAIN GI.ANT . Cirnilation Manajzer Page 125 ir.i H.m l.un.Nlrom. P-tlr-.n. Lihor-hal. A.!.! .-, k. l,..,Mterlr. ' 2nd Row — Bcrp. Stout. Frrrd. Paulson, MillfT. Brown. Bishop. Bottom y?»ii- -LindBtedt, Giltan, Evingcr. Latigstun, King, Forrtslcr, Haynes. m iFmiis ir KDITOHl Al. STAFF BUSINESS STAFF H. I ' . CO.N ETT B.J.DAI.TON J. H.KKi;t;i) II. i:. II X ' lNKS 1. W.LIBEKMIAI I ' . 1.LI 1)STKI)T L.C. H NDSTKOM . II.PAn.SON W. W.HKF.nY C. G. ADELSECK W . B. BERG H. 1. BISHOP II. W. BUOWN LEOCIRTIS ,I.W. EOKE.STEK F. R. EOETTERLE N. II.MIIFER EMA l El, OL.SON J.I). SMITH N.P..ST()LT FACULTY ADMSFll PROF.M. 1. EVINGER N EBRASKA Blue Prim hit nc lu-ifihi this yPar since it iml (UiK increj ed in ma- terial hut in ize. The inonthlv niauazine. |iulili lie(l li llie Kngineering (loUefre. has grown t(i a 9 " x 12 " issue of twcnlv -lour pages. Aim oi the journal a to |)nhli h something of interest to an reader, either sludeiil. alumnus, or lacultx. To tlii- end articles wei e written in a semi-le( hnical st le itha ei ' liheral use ot illu-tral ions. In 1902 Blue I ' riiil fir-1 appealed on the eampus. heeanie an antuial pnhl ical ion. llun semi-aninial. and (inallx a mon ' hU issue. riiirlN-five years then are included within its historical pan. O. J. Ferguson, proent dean of the college, was its editor in 1903. One cover eai ' was a i-ejilica (d that first issue which ha ince Inrncd liom a puich scientific rex icw lo include e en an editorial coinnient colimm. 1 ' ine o|)portunit t(n- its staff ha lieen the iu ilation to enter competition loi ' the T.K.N. Clip. annnalU prex ' uteil to the hest Fngin- eeiing ( " .ollege magazine. Basis oi the award is excellence oi editorials, scientific merit, and general compo ition. Page 126 i.iiwia (.ii i!ii; i iiti;i(i Kililiir AsstxriATK KlllTOIIS i;i Kl I I. I ' KKSl OIT IKKDKKK K I .( III!I TK SKN i HiiN . ri;ri:i{ (» i i kk k o. jniiN n GRACE OWENS LOl ISK l ' KKK CoMKIIll TIM. KlHIllUS IDHKN (. KI KI KA WKI.ItoN KEES lloNOHMIH KDmiH- THOMAS l. KV SOK J(ill (.. MIIIMJIH KOBEKT 1). SCOIT K. I " . CHAWKHiD GAVLE C. WALKEK J. E. I.kROSSI(.N( H KOHEKT SEIDEL Biij-ino!. ManaiitT L.C. WIMREKI V Kilili r w i:i.i.K ( :() Ti;ii;i KUiS l.cur f Alilif Bess Sireeler Alilrich Stanton A. Colilt-ntz Lorpn Eiselcy Etli-I Romi;: Fnllt-r Cliffi.r.l Ges. Ur llirrl llalptr Roland E. Ilarllcv Waller Lock.- William Man li John (;. Ni ' iliardt Eiluin Koril Piper Mari Samlo . Winifred (irav Stewart Je-s - Stuart Doroihv Thomas Harold iiial Marie de L. Wel.l. I tK t rl e vears. si ci lice its onpiii. " ■ I he Prairit ' Scliooiici " lui- liccii ])iil)li lif(l at lepiiiar tjiiaiU ' il intc ' i al ami ha.- ailiic c(l national iprofiiiitioii as a maga iiic nf liipli liteiaiy standards. Gieat iiedil ti i il- di— tinctioii conies from its )nil)li«ati )n ot tlx ' earlv work of some tutntv writers wlio siili- sequently earned general appreiialiim. Of particular interest is the high rating which Kdwaid J. () " Hricii ga c the |)iil)liia- tion. even using Schooner stories in his c»d- lections of Best Short . ' t()rie ol the vcar. Other magazines have called for rejiriiits. I{cgular featui ' e nl llic niaga iiic arc: Crossroads, a coiliTtidn nl |ii iiii»; liihliana. a I ' oiimiciilaiN on iccciil lio(ik : and liic ( ). Cart, an editorial column hv the Kditor. 1,. ( ' . imhcily. Frc(|iicntl -loiic- or poems ol I iii ci it tiidents ai " » ' |irinted as in the case of Weldon Kee . Fred Koch. l) Niglit I ' erkin.x. and Norman Holker. The editorial hoard, headed In Mi. W im- licrly. is composed ol lacull memliers and students. Nebraska chapter of Sigma I psi- loii. a national Milci ' fralcrnilv. fn-l puli- lished the Schooner. Pace 127 nan ' cWm } iv c% f iM, 5f j Ron Liulwick, Slionari!, StepJicns, Clausen. Clark, Backluml. B. Mnnrt-. C. Mocirc. LoiilhoustT. Cropper. Oallnn. Hansen. 4th Row — Gonzales, Sandal, Johni-on, Bass. Almnnd. Paiisinn, Kerklioff. Dii ' knian. Bellamy, Snmnier. Uulrott, Anderson, Enslow. 3rd Roil- Coclz, Miller. Allely, (ireen, Liel»end rfer, Kohh, Crtith, Aden, Brokaw. Bi e«er. Adams, Billner. 2nd Rnu M. Marshall, Hii|:einan, Hiipiies, V. Mar liall. M. Kosburoiicli, KienlKil;. J. Kosluirntit:!). Jarksnn. Barnetl, Bet:)itu], Peftlal. Liiier un, X ' u (l. ftotlom Ron- Calbrailli, York, Bixlcr, Vrit;lit. Johnson. Kidd. Eidridpe. Anderson. Bennelt. Woodford, Speiirer. Weaver. KditnrV Ndtr: The Lincoln Cathedral (Ih oir deserves a I dace here for the material reason that it was the sab- ject of the biggest news story, exdud ' ing alhleticsy on the , cbrasl,a carn- l tis during the year l .iT-I ' f. ' iH. iLm i im ' s mm))iimL ®E®m IF the N( ' ;irli(Hik i hi tnak ' cNeiN ellorl to record llic s li( ()l car. it cannot possililv overlook tlic ( ' lioir and its acliieNcnicnls. Every nieiiilter of the Choir is either an ac- tive stiulent or a recent alunnnis of the University. The Student ( " oinicil passed a nnaninions resolution to he presented to the lioard ol Regents asking that the Choii- he given per- manent and snitahle (piarters in which to inactice. In lew ol this siipporl and al ihe same time to allow the (!hoir to progress at its own pace, it was called alliliation for lack ol a lietter term to descrihe tiiis unpre- cedented action. Ihe Daily Nebraskan held a sample l)allt)t on the issue and the general stuileni liody upheld the Student (Council by a Iwo-lo-oiie vote. The issue has been be- loic a special cmnniitlce ol the Hoard ol Uegents arid at the time ol printing has not come officially before the Hoard. The hous- ing of the Choir has become a double prob- lem as the School of Music fa( idl insists on extra rooms of e(pial size outside iheir School for their singing groups, if the ( hoir is recognized. Pase 128 The Lincoln ( atliedral Choir is now in its eighteenth season. Their two ajjpearances in New York City were marked li concerts in Carnegie Hall. Rockefeller (Center, and ves- pers at Riverside Church. They sang before the President and his family at the annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Washington and in some of America ' s most lieantilid ca- thedrals. While the issue was in lull swing, the Lincoln ( ' allicdra! ( ' Iioir was honored li a series of six national broadcasts o er the Columbia chain during the Lenten season and on a N.R.C. hookup loi ' the first oi IVlusic W eck in Mav. The ( ' lioir has as its great objective the building oi a great ( " athedral on the I ni- versitv campn- where all lailli- nia lia e a magnihccnl place of worship. The (Cathedral is the vision of ihe Choir and gave them the vast dislinctiiin ol lieing much more than a singing groii)). As a beantitnl suggestion of their spiriliial s oith. the past winter sea- son the have attracted hundreds lo the beautiful vesper services in the (!ornhiisker l)all icioMi. Sinidav allcrnoons. ■]6k. aiLa iiiBi : THi. i) MOT: iiiK cwir — I{Il,K : THi; CI N — FKiAcii: Tin; lUWS coiiMii -Kii; ai{T1LLi:k .ml:. ; thl backs soon to i;i; i iu I!m;i). PaRe 130 i (II (iM I wii 1 1 i II. HI n l jnli ( II Mil K K. i ' i;ki; i ,ioi; i;. (.. iivKk i(t I J()K JOHN 1 ' . IIDKW i vjuH JOHN I . A ' oni: I JOK JKSSK I ' . (;kkk i j(tK win iwi i{. niii I ' l ,|t K --l.l.l ! W. NHKH i jiii{ JOHN . ii l JllK W l UK . WOOD (: i ' T ! c. . iioi (.11 CAPTAIN Wll.l.lAM K. t;U(i K staff sgt. c. f. mcgimsky skkceant ii. d. farris i:k(;kant r. sciiafer SF.RtiFANT . M. NFI SON SKR(;KANT «:. F.. 11()FF I N sfrcfant w. i. smith sfr(;f nt(:. f. kngi.f l ' RI MK II. I.. SIMS I ' R1 MF . . LONG l ' KI ATF J. I FWIS l ' KI TF J. R. I ' VRKFR l ' HI TF R. n. n MON i ' Ki TK c.s. i;ac;f ? I . .R.i. Iiifunlry Fi.l.l Vriillrry liilaiitrv liifunlr ' lrifuiitr rlillrry liifiiiilry Infiinlry Fll;:illri ' r « Fn);iiiirr .1 Arlill.Tv I). F. M.l.. l». K. M.I.. I!.F. M.l.. l). F. M.I.. I), F.M.I.. II. F. M.I . II. F. M.I.. II. F. M.I . II. F.M.I. . II. F. M.I.. II. F. M.I.. II. F.M.I . II. F.M.I.. Fi. ' M 1 UK inslnirloi.- lor the IJcserve OfTirors " Tiainiiip (jir|i al Nehraska compose llii- Milit,ii I) ' |iaiimciil Stall. Tlli slalT. alil lommaiuled ii ihc runiDiaiidanl. (jiimicl . II. ()ui . is composeil oi roniniissioiicd and iii)ii-coiimii»i()ii( ' d oilircrs of llie United Stales . miv. I 111)11 »alisfaetor ' coiiiijielidii nf llie advaiirc eoiirse and llir suniiner lainp. the students receive commissions of SecontI l.icii- Icnanl in llic ( )lTi(crs " I ' cseive Coip of tlic I iiiled Stale- im . Jr ft ft OK l.r-mi . Ptirkrr. Schalcr. Cagr. NrUon. Long. Sim " . Englr. D«m n. . nj ffo» Sniitli. MrGim«rv. Gtn r. Mtrr.. Philp. Hi iHlh. Sh . H.i ' n.m. I ' -tinm Rnu voltf. W(H .). Sprrr, Oiirv. Itarkslow. florin. Giro « 4 . H ' £_ ' L. V ' 1 H HH b m X! f stt M r ' L m - 1 w t«-i l HDA Ww- H COI.ONEI. W. II. Ot RY i ' .ommnniiant « (ailrli JOI.ITZ ROBERT I. BEA EK C-lom-l. Comniaiulins Brigade JOHN A. BOTTORF OilMncl. C.pTnnian.lin;; Ri-iniciit CHARLES E. JOLITZ Lieut. CoL Brlca.U- Adjniani HERBERT A. BRL N Lieiil. CoL Rft:iim ntal Adjiilant HARRY R. HAYNIE . l.i.iil. C.l. Execnlive Oflict-r RAYMOND HERSHNER .Major, Ass- ' l. Adjiitanr HOW ARD LLNCH Major. Refiinunlal S-l LAWRENCE LANSING Mai..r. R.-i.mnlal S-2 RICH RI) MTTMAN Major, R.fiin.fiilal .S-3 FRED J. CRH ' FIN .Major, Regimental S-4 1 HIS lafT pcrfoinis iiiininoiis and aii()iis t ' linrtioiis lliroughoiit tilt ' caf. It lias [ w giealfi ' sliaic dI icspoii- sil)ilit III the Mililaiv Hall, tin ' annual xn ' ial t tMil spon- sored liv till ' military department. It ii|iei ises the ei)ni|)an in perli(ins. wliirli iiivperl ||u ' state til eili- cieiicy, lite trainiiifj;. and ippearanee tit the arii)ns units, the ( " adet ( )ll it •(■! ' Hampiet. an annual event w liirli iisiial- 1 tieeiiis alter (mi eiiiitient Inspeetinn. anil enteitains as Ikiihiii ' iI o|ie! ts. lite i itmo in peelmj: iillieei . i ' aratles in which the entire ladel einps |ia ltieipate . antl lite iiinial (iiiMipet. in wliieli iniliv itliia U. plaliiiuis and entii- paiiies ie liii hiMKits. are alsn duties. liOHERT BEAVER (u ' li ' t C( (; ie , Seronil Sfiin tcr lULI CRFITENDKN ( i iili ' l (iiliiiiel. First Semester i: .1 i; iM.i. iK ll SI ' ADEK i i;i. i{Kr HI i i n i i((. i;i;i i i n K()SKM K KWi: I K(; KKI IIKNDIJK K I! K1! K 11. KK l KIK Wll I l. ' i UK1 Al.l.KN Jean IIoopkr Pnis( u. Stkw Mir I ' MIIH l BVKKS KUlHA ALUIN Pf.ocy Shkrbi ' rn Kkanchs Marshall DiiKoiin Ki II iiKi! I. khvk Makcv IIfxen Rosker Doris Smith Helen CoTTiNcauM IIllkn Jenmn(;s iKi.iMA Johnston Dorothy Williams I ni N Beardsle Mmicahkt McK KaTHRYN Al AM Phyllis Chamueklain Elinor Farrell I ' ai line Walters Mar Tooey Mary Elizabeth Kienholz Jane Beli. Hi ' cimrnliil Fii ' lil ArlilliTN I nil I ' .n inrcr liiil I ir-l Ballalion Si ' i ' iiiul Ballaliun Third Bulluli»n I ' icKI ArlilliT Bullalioii KnciiirtT Ballaliun (! inipun A Inf. Conipuny B Inf. (!i ni| an ( ' Inf. ( !oni| an 1) Inf. (:cini|ian K Inf. (lompany V Inf. ( ' iinipany (• Inf. ( Jmipany II Inf. Company I Inf. Company K Inf. Company I, Inf. Comparu l Inf. Company A En;:. Company B Eng. Company C Eng. ( " ompany D En;;. Il(|. Ballt-ry. V. A. Ballery .A, F. A. Ballcry B, F. A. Baiter) C.F.. . ( iiirnlinskt-r Ballcry Band — arsily Frfslinian P.-r-liin " Rill. jam: ( i.( ott Himnrur (.i limrl i_j VAW iiH ' iiilicr III tlii- orgaiii iitidii repre- seiits xmu- unit nl ihr (lailrl ( iip . w ImiIkt it l)( ' a roinpanv. Itatlciy. Iiatlalioii. ur tlic regiiiK ' iil. Ilic pirsidt ' iit of this rluli. llic llciMorary Colonel. i cIkix-m Ip llic ■«lml -iit Ip(k1 . 1 1 iitlici iiicnihcr arc clici-cn |i llic (.•ommaiuler of the iiiiil wliicli tliev repre.spiil. 1 lic are escorted liv the cadet ofTicers. Ilic sponsors give a tea dan« c for the cadel olfi- cers, and serve cold refreshnieiils to all of tlie cadets during ' ■( omi)et " . 4lh Rote iuhn ton. Willry, Ko krr, Shrrbum. Ctttlinicham. A Urn. BpanJulrv. 3rd RuK Mar hdll. lilli4m . Jmning-i. Ki ntii t . Strwari. M«rry. ChamttftUin, Walter . 2nJ Row Ailama. MrKav. Itvcr , Karrrll, Alliiii, Kanr, Smith, Toocv. R..U u , Sp.i.j r. M.iK. W.1I.-..II. Sinrlair. Mrrrr. H-- ---V- p,-.Kf : : Niit-rejibiirjitT JlS OaS HIlISi ' ©I MCDS i S ' S ' 1 HIS imil is composed of a hattalion con- sistiiifi ol a stall and tour lettere ' d compa- iiics. Tilt ' imil cominandei ' is a lieutenant I ' olonel. and the hattalion e ei-uti e is a major. ' riii liattalion has taken part in all ol the radet coi ps Innctions and is last gain- ing leeognitioii loi " itself. Because of the lack (d ' room and facili- ties, llie null has lieen compelled to restrict its training to drill and theoretical work uith verv little practical training. The train- ing tor the hasic students is similar to that ot the Inlanlry. The hasic engineers have close order drill. stutK maiksmanship. and fust aid. The advance students. houe er. study engineering as it is applied to actual waifare. that is. demolition, luiilding Inidgcs. loitificalions. and emplacements. }. I.. KING Lienl. Cnloni ' l. I ' nil Comniaiulcr J. v.. PKASt; Lieiil. Coliiiiil. BaUaliiiii Comniaiulcr II. It. NUERNBER(;t;t{ Captain. .A.ljuiaiu I ' ' . V. HOWARD Caplain. Ci.inpaiiy A J. CR.AMI R Captain. Cuiiipaiiy B P. L. SPROUT Captain. CompanyC T. L. Pt-t.l K(;I:K Captain. Company D JAY KIM, ' utennnt Coionel p.-if-p i:m 6JA h u i ' ffsir i i.uiirlifii, Kr-Urr, Sine, ( rrrn, Klmll, Kratt, VhsitrO, rii|| . Ii urn i»ar rrf. l iici. Carri«un. Sih fuH Ptttatn : Ffr|;u«itn. MrWhortrr. Finch, Karl, t.imy, O ' Connor, Finnry, hiion, Fairrhlld. Wagnrr, l.rwu. Vrfnrf, Hall, Kriirr, Kvjt. Ojtnrr. ith Ruu Hriititi ' s: Fr«nrh. Harrison, JuboMin. OUnn. Jnhn«nn. TTard, Blomalrand, Mtddtrton. Srliuldt. Davlf , Eberle. Day, CalU, XluckUl. AldHrh, Rmichafi, Arl rl, Brurknrr. Jr i Riiu Pniuirs : Friabir, Sunotn ' , ltr ' liin. Mtirllrr. Cithrn. Fili| i, llrilici . McKat , Nunn . Lvon, Halm. Fii kxm, Chriatrnvrn. CatUon. Hall, 2nd Row ( ' ufpiiriUs : Couk. Gcoricr. lirint, U aihtrr. Crrhatd. Sinl n, Bak -. Ki tir-ri . Slacrl. Ca» rll. Vofkv. IVarxtn. Botlom Ro f Ogictri and Str$tanl3; Wiley. Backlund. Nour»r, Andri -v T ■ ■ M. .. ...i U r M....i;h, I ar rl|. Pcimoa. Enclr, K»tilrr. Srmlak. (S®iMIF Sf T K. . HOWARD J.L. TONNtR C. O. AiNDERSON V. L. DALBY W. W. FOSTER F. M. SCOTT (!u| luin. (iiMiinaniliii): Cuplain Caplain Caplain First Lietilt-iiaiil Srrniiil Liriitenaiil ©©MIP SIT IB J. CRXMKK I ' . ROI.KKS K. Rl Til M. I ' KTKR.SON A. H. NEWBERG F. l. l.IKHKH-ll 1 I (Caplain. Commaniling Caplain First Lieulcnanl Firi-t Lirulrnaiil Srmnd l.icnli-nanl SiTonil Lifulrnanl 6 A Rtiu Priiati-M Hall, IViiitli], Jai rn. Bullrr. l.illlc. Cohrn, CraiK. Kalhion. Brurr. Ewalil, Albrrrbl. Damr, KiinM r. Carif, lUrknrM. .i A ( ' fH- — Pticulfi: Lovirk. Prix-ha ka, WriiiKlrin, Davi . Ilurhain. Frlilman. Vrltf, Irirr, Prik, Smilli. RiMlrnkurc. Bml. t)at(tl 4 n, Villrrilink. Ri linr. 4lA Rtitt Privates ' . Clark. Cripfr, l.iirh«in|tt-r. Sk v|taaril. Malimanck. MrCall. (llratr. Rainr«brr|trr, Armalronf, PriM-hutka, Mohlrr, Sirmrn, Hrjkra. Hanaon. Bunnrv. 3rJ Kou- ' Pfiralr$: Buddrnbrri;. Atjama. Ilardunii. Gravbral, Koon . Mark, Lambert. Nurri . Wrbrr, Rurkiii«haw. Millrr, llimr. Wamlrtlfcll. Milrhrll. 2nd Ritu- Lurporatsz Johnson, Fox, .Mailtlux, Cualin, Kinalrr, Ehlrra, Thnmpann. Kork, Barkrr. Amlrnton, Martin, S hrmlrr. Millrr. Wlllrr. Ritllon Rut€ Srrgrania tinj Officers ; Franklin. Alt. Hitrhcock. Shafrr, Kalfr . Long. Ittiran, Baillini, tt ' iNMl, Ruth, Lanc«itn, Uailrr, DrrErmanil. DowlinR, Suruvski. t V »VV f V.V ?iVt k Page 1.13 ftth Ron — Privates : WiUon. Rarki-r, trncr, Half , Anilpr- nn. Si hrtinli-r. Jamison. (Ihrisli-nscn, l.y 1«-. Krazt-r, Davi . l.aiihuin, Evert-tt. Jitlilz. Oglr. Slh Hon —Privates: Harwell, Still. Karzmarch. Nakada. i i-ls«m. Kiiudls.m. Allt-s, YaiiiiK. Travcr, Cliiiidvall. Kigitr. Kicr. I.eisv. Kuska. U iltmann. 4lh Ron — Privates: TTfini-n. Bet-br, Voigl. Lalir. Itockstruiii. Klt-in. LitKlholiii. Goud. Hiic-hanan. Lt-wi . Wilsuii, O-Ion. Hfrbulili heinit-r, Suii ]eriiian. 3rd Row — Privates: Foi-lil. Bulz. Frictlrirh. Slonr. Haney. M«-(;owfn. Huriiiatiti. Ryan. Hcalh. F hftiiian. Knoi-ll, (!)iilt -n(lfn. Downing. U ' atlcn. NcNon. 2nd Row — Curpurals: Meixel. Ruucli, Yost. Branie). Krejci, Pap|ias. Scheltberg. York, Betzer, Joner. Craft, MilU-r, Quick. Brnnrr, Kiinkan. liottom Row—OQicers and Sergeants ' . Berg. Barta, Haney. Milrk. Stuart, Kilpatrirk, Srhreiner. Wood. Hough. Phrlps, Englr. Jorgen on. Kaniinrrlobr, Olniiitead, Peterson. (g(DMIP S (0 1 ' . L. J. R. i:. c. J. w. V. 1.. A. I). H. II, SPKOl I Captain. Cnninianflinp 0(;LEK First l.ieiiti ' nant ZEORIAiN First Lieiilrnant TOOLE Second Lieutenant LOETTERLE Second Lieutenant U 0L L Second Lieutenant M ' ERNBERGER Captain lAti) (g®MlPIiS ® T. I,. PFLlKliER Captain, Cominandinji J. C. THOMPSON Captain F. E. PHELPS Captain R. H. AMMON Captain A. E. BI.ECHA Second l.ieiilenant B. J. DALTON Second Lieutenant J .E. PEASE Lieutenant CoIuneL (Alt) 6th Ruw— Privates: Voiglit, Goelkc, Novak, San(]cr on, Krrycik, Boyd. Roe, Srlilueker, I ' olls, Anderson, Miliar, Condit, Grant, Leverlon. Carlson, Htk Row — Privates: Lippitt, Sturdevani, Hajt ' k, Vojiler, Kroyvr, Webb, Versaw, MrCarlley. Nucrnberger, Sirwart. Brown, Watson, I.rnncrniann, MrNlik, Bane, Retienorraft, Srhol . •tt i Ruw— Privates: Schwab, Vrana. tlljsoii, Ivrri on, Hht-lpi, Kouba, Marler. Mi(;inni-. PaM-hk.-. N.-N„n, agner, Janecrk. Kolnian, Wcit rl, Fairfield, Harely. 3rd Rutt- -Privates: Wilgus, Hornby, Linke. Catlwi-II, Mirhaelis, Gibbon, .Manter, Baldwin, Trobert. Kemp. Epp, Hardeman. WiUon, Marchand, Johns- ton, Bayer, Cornell. 2nd Row — Privates: Morrie, Ellsworth, Fuller. Kaska, Welte. Sampson. Lunilgren. Paradise. Voss, Beekorel. Schlueter, Rohrbotigh, Slenkrauss. Bottom Rott—OQicers and Sergeants: Evan , Uobb?!, Clau ien. ( ' augh, Cramer. Thompson, Huran. Pflueger, Wood, Ammon, Spencer. Bailey. Seagren. Maek, Counce. Pace 1.16 nd HuK — Vhiiiman, Hrr«hnrr. Laii ine. Hotlom Hou— - Hjynir, lluiiutf, Utimi. aj iFM imiT mii JiMiis i ' j i wii wi I N spite of tilt ' iiuieiising popularity of the otlier two hraiuhes of service, llu ' inlanli is still the largest hrauch of ser ii r in the K.O.T.C!. at the I niversity of Nel) a l a. This liiaru li cDii.-i.-t. of twelve letter companies, all of which thill on the main campus. The iiitaiiti ' N (dur.-c ot tiiil i (ii i(lc(l into luo parts, the compulsor or liasic course, and the iiptidiial (ir aihancc iiim c. In thr I mi yeai ' hasic course. iich ulijc(t- a fir-l aiil. musketry, and map reading are -tndicd. Tn the advance course, the students arc taught till ' (Intic- of officers. These duties inrhidc a(lniini trali c details, the composilion ul oral and written orders, and field work. H - tween their Junior and Senior vcar. llic in- fantry students attend catnp at Korl (aook foi ' six weeks. Ilcic thev receive practical ti, lining with iniantrs weapon , and in held iHolilenis. JOHN A. HOTToHt IIAKKV R. II X ' iMI IlKKIUKI . ItKI W KAVMOM) IIKKsllNKH IIOWARI) I. INCH I AWKKNCE L.AN. ' SING KKK.n j.(;rikfin KICIIARI) WITTM N RALPH K. MIKliKI, ROBERT WERY (iI.EN R. I.EVMASTER Culiini-I, ( iniinaiiilin): RrciiiuMil l.ieiil. (, ' iil ini-l. Ext-rulivc Odircr Eiciil. (! il(incl. Aiijiilatil Major, A slanl Adjiilaiil Major. SI Major. S-2 Major. S-3 Mai..r..S-t Major, Commaniling Ul Ratlalion Major. Oiinmaiuliiit: 2nil RaUalion Major. (!oiiiiiian lint; 3ril Itatlalion JOHN BOTTORF C.nlnnrI Pagr 137 tnh Run PtUiiUi LfsMiiliuii. . KKciii-;v. Lunc. 1 " tiyus uii, Martin. Moiii- ' .. liwjri. Mcllugh. Chunliill. Mt K ' t, Piudeii. Cox. Sih Rou --PrivatfS : Dreps. Rajip. Kbrlin . Brooke, Steckleberh. Rolh. Longman. Fort-nian. AnJtTson. Oleiihtrgcr. Martin. Bingrich. Barbuur, Boylsion. 4th Rotc Privalcss Baumann, Nye. Rice. Ruberl! , Cippx, Potter. Farmer. O ' Connor. Engliind. Wedgwood. Haworth. Becker. Keller. Beu ' hausm. Segri .|. 3rd Rou- Prit ' ates: Liebetidorfer. Zoz. John! on. Robbius. Fisher. Siuckey. Kuehn. Brockway. Calyen. Newberg. Slryson. Cashen. 2nd Row — Corporals: Fop. Sdtllers. Early. Sroit, Newbold. Hallgren. Powell. Damm. Egleboff. Duwding. Anderson, Ingram. Reed. Bottom Ruu--0§icvrs and Srrgrants: SamueUon, Dubson, Evans, Robertas. Thrasher, Abholl. Place. Nelson. Sorp. Worrall. Hager. Matlson. Mr- ©©IMJPIiS l GEORGE PLACE First Captain IRVIN THRASHER Second Captain LAWRENCE NELSON Second Captain JAMES ELMORE Third Captain HENRY ROBERTUS Third Captain FRED BODIF First Lieutenant MYERS CVTIIER First Lientenant (e®IMIP Sf IB JOHN BOYD WIRT SALTHOrsi-; BRLCE KENNY WH.LIWl FARRENS H RRY ADANL- WH.LLWI 1H1RNBY BISHOP TOMS First (. ' aptain Second (Captain Tliird (Captain Flr-I Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Sth Rmc — Privates: l}pltz. Kregli, Wriglit, Scliillz, Trutllsen, Goetz, BlciistiiK. Morris, Mitrris. Muraii. Lyman, Dillon, Korsmeyer. Van Horn. Clianay, Chambers. 4th Role Privatfx: Cory. HIara. Pusalera, Kanias. Turkel, Emerson, Estcl, Foy. Linslman, Malonc. Slnv, Pintierlon. VanBoslcirIc, Hannan. 3rd Ruu — Priavtes: Rector. Ihril. Lhley, Carrol. Mallen, Miller. Williamson. -Mc-Manus. Kiechel, Hann, B. Antlerson, Ruser, Beezley, Nirkel. 2nd Row — Corporati; Pierson. Carpencer. Ford. Harilint:, Rodenbeek. Tallman. Pllug. Sexlon. Tyler. Grant. Bottom Rou: — Officers and Sifrgftints : Yhrenh iltll, Turner, Nuwaeek, .Ailams, Hall, AyoCle. .Seliafer. Smith. Mowbray, Zoesrh, Meyer. Brusl. B2 1 lii k r ' JSM I W Eti HL-a im W Ej " jJ t S m mpM Paee 138 r»lh Rifif -Frivateai McMastrr, Srhnridrr. Ra«mut«rn, Harti. LAilJnr. Thir«r . Simp»»n. Slill. l.rMi . StubmU. Stulhril. Rrrnil. ;A (• »- — Ffivatrs: Campbrll. Pawaun. Sirwarl. Carrcll. Pa« -»r. Kriltfcrrali). Vrigrl. Zimola. lltoMn. Burbark. SrhMan. K nian. Aahworth. 4iH fou ' — Privairs: Ca«l . Rakrr. Lar itn, CarUon, Cain, Villur , Chailtlrrilun. May, ( trrn. Ita«t l, i ' airraon, S| ralntan, Satiifr. ifit R m — Prifttrt: Sirni«in. Thomas. Mark. FI -rtMo« tJ. Ciithrrv, Albrrrht, Vant rr«lirr, |i rii , St t in. Malonr. SnialMitii. Vrr aw. HulrliiMin. Jnii RiiK — Corporal : Hoiichltm. S-hoiiirr. rirt.-c. Ilarlxx-k. Mapr . Doran, Kii l ]| h. Sha%«f. KuIj-i. J nhnMin, Marntr. Hoftom Rou O0icrrs anj Srrfc anis: Harkrr, %ii Mlard, l.rulhaii i-n. Niilrr, Filrh. Itatt. Cibbir, I ' frtft-r, C M»k, loyrr, Malin lf . Dati , KfUnr. ©©aOIP l l ' (g I.W KK i; I ' KKIKFKK JOHN (iKBBIK l HT1N kk ;k Wll in K BKK IKV W l,l)() DKCK W ITKK HTCll l( i I Kin Kirsi Captain SiTond Captain Thin! (!aplain Fir l liciilcnant F ' ir l I.ii ' iilcnant First Lieiitcnani First Lieutenant Fl) X.IIMIl) Will lAM TAYLOR M.IiFKT BKNTON HOHFKT STIFFFLF.R Wll I I l l) I ' " IU;i{ l!l» WIIITF First Captain Sernnd Captain First Licntenant First Licntenant Fir " ! I.ieiilrnant Fir l Lieutenant f lh RoH — Privates ' . BrII. Albfrl-nn. Kfn-i T. J. Slama, Yapp. It. Slama, Lirn. Cnm. Darling. WaiJr. Eynnn. Dowlins. Hrard. A HiiK PtiiatrM Marr, tilk, ( lolr, Farrell. Siikiil. Andrrxtn. Br(i|:an. Gram, l- ' ialirr. f ' rilirr. Kilnirr. tirrman. t.rnian. kalina. 4ih Him PinitttM ItrBri.wn. I ' aprj, Orr, Fairman. " -. C.ilr. tirrw. .Nriiniaiin. t n iii|En. anXflr. CuK ltrlt. Sla ln . J. Coir. SimmMti. llaanMli, Brrgrr. -UdRoH-Privalrs: mtVv , Carry, Wilt nn. Simmonil . Irwin. Crovrrl. Hail, MrCall. Hriipr, Damm, Pirrrc. Dfiora. Ewrr. Bilby, Blake. 2ntl Ritu--€orpnT,tt k: Bti«h. Brown. Britvhill. Canll. . ' pr a. Jawor«ki. Campbrll. Ba«». Hillman. Maiwrll. Simon. H„llom R.,u O ri, .r. . ni .SV |[r,in «: F..1-..II1. Cillalh. Dunkri. B.111..I1. lljirilr. C.rr.n. S. Iiw.-sriianri. r..ll..rk. lt. T.. Sni.lrr. C .llrr. Ftir.VI M m tL KUf Al ' IpUffiJP JT a tL 4L ' K • A . -« r V w " m % » ' P te 133 t)th Rou Pltxni- : li..ri.|. ' . ) ' iiirliell. FrtTlitr. Itrnwninp. I ' lM.r fii. (..iiiy.T. .i-|i-. Uii-in---. liu-sr-r, ii.-r{:-irMni, jnrc. Sth Rou— Privates: Hacrlel. Silvcniiun. Rumtlc U. Siiiilh. Morrll. OberniiHer, Wilkiii! . Maixiitr. McKn-. Kay, Lindcr, Wcitlt-nbach. .MrMurtrcy. 4lh Row — Privates i Crillendfii, Srlmt ning. Nt ' kuda. Bcranek. Pi ere f. Hahn. DeLauraiit, KJIjialrirk. Kuriiig. C. Sniilli. Leveke, Bowman, Srffrey. 3rd Row — Privates- -Hunter, Mlinar, Siile. CuUt-ll. Tiirrn-r. Zabcl, Carraber, Simninns. Curlt-r, Niroll. Marliii, Bce-zlpy, Haywar l. 2nd Row — Corporals: Rogers. Sliiart. Kraf nf. Lake. Slet-lr, Kurul. Cockliii. Sim ., Tilpner, Miit-ller. Harnly, Rai-rly. MaMUi. Hot torn Row — Officers and SergL-anls : Olsen, Nelf oii, Hieck, MiUb, Liiiiiiig, Boltorf, Hoiigli, Gray, Culleii, Bishop, Coone, PilleiibrKer, Ceier. (g®Ml? S n WILLIAM i.KW First Captain FRANK BISHOP Secimd Captain WKB MILLS Third Captain II RKY WILLIAMS Thin! Captain CIIFSTFR BIECK First Lieutenant CAYLOKD CONN First Lieutenant GENE ASMUS First Lieutenant LEN RICKY First Captain DONALD GOGGINS Sec.uni Captain PAl L HART Third Captain I.KWIS LII ' M AN First Lieutenant ALBERT DFT.MW First Lieutenant JACK BOSSE First Lieutenant ftth Raw— Privates: Tbomp ion, Pipber, Shellhow, Stoddarl. Burchcl, Taylor, Cbrisleiisen, Brazehoii. Lalir, Jobnson, Cablwell, Romerozy, MrCann, Heiseiiiaii, Sanery. Eiiiiery. U i Kou -Pritates : Fowler, Griimr . Miller, Ebzery, Mart . Matliiati. Webb, McConnell. DePulron, Jones, Deals. Koebler, Piiyer, Allgood, Binper. 4ih Ruu — Privates: Neufield, Riibinu, Knight. Herp »Ubeiincr, Guetrowski, Aesclibackor. Da% ' is, Durbin, Lind. Tliorpe, Dailry. Peters. Prime, Ceisfi- inger, Sbatialian, Irwin, O ' Coiwiur, Cramer, Fine. ird Row — Privates: Helzer, Wiltenbery, Miller, Benson. Smith, Morrison, Sberwood, Ttirnes. Kinyoun, Wibbels, Gabarrnn, Husu, Unlamt, Foster, Scbuly, Lynn, Baugtin, Dirksun, Aurno, Putlurd, Eluni, Matbis. 2nd Row — Corporals: Deefs, Ralston. Blinde, Simmons. Vollava, Davis, Cooper, Scbrag. Smith. Knirkrebni, ' anBuskirk. Holland. Worley. ( ' illaspie, Prochaska. Anderson, Wilson, Ruddy. Bottom Row — Officers and Sergeants : Thomas. Larson, Gallup. Go{;|{ins, Do ' e al. Ayolle. Speer. McGinsey. Her-hner. Bndie. Swarli. ' ieb»i«eb. Carl- son, Coopersmith. Page 140 I o ? J|p|H|P ' l-- ; ♦ ;. . -m. j IB Kl Ps i Hjft tiyT -. jj) « dM (oM- — riiairj: JcjI. Uorlhman. John, l.unk. NrUon. McCullock. Hr«i|rti-k. L himan, Ounilrraon. lurnbult. «irrn«m. AndrtMin. jth Rou- Pritatn: Whrlan. Baum. Huilrr, Rinr, ' iUnn. LinKfll. Crrrn, DrnitU. ErirkMti. Townlry, V iUon, Nru. Ka «f I. 4lh Rou — Prnatfi: French, Cuwrll. LrT:alr. ltrn. Mnriti. Flrminic. O ' lUnU. Bro ri. Campt « ll. Srhnirtlcf. (;uinnn. Antlfr ' n. Urli«in. ird Rotr — Pntiira: Griflilh. Cowrll. OUon. V. C.rahAni. IVirr .m. Hi |.kiii . I.i»ni[.kin. Thi»m|.« " n. ( uHu. lUtantlic, Wunnn. Mtllr . .m«I. Jnd Rinf — Corftorals: E. W t. Hrrnunn. C. Hrti«n. ;. (.latk. Hn.rnthal. I., lr rr. Tlirrirn. tt «M i limi ll. Ta%l«r, Jir.lrnh«jrn. hiun. I ' lanri. Uclr. Bottom Row — Offierrs ojtd S rgfitnls : U. Corlt. C. rilUhurv. X . Aiiilr»...ii. |{. Mukc-I. |.. l n iii|:. S. M ci . J. A ul|r. H. Mt-)ri . fc. Uurif. K. PilUburv. L. Ball. S. Craham. (0®M3 I S T ® i;k()K(;k :i 1 1 kn K.I.DON KK K (.KKM.n n A i s c;k()K(;k i. . Mk R M.I ' ll WKUKK JKKOMK S()|!(. First Capluiii Si (iii«l Captain Third (iaplain Third (laptaiii First Lifiitcnanl First Lieutenant First l.ieiiteiiaiil (11 i .t. KKII.1.1 (;k()K(;k SCOTT JOHN i)RKN(;i IS JACK KI.SON ROWLAND MiCI. MoNT . LBEKT KKISER I? I ir-l I .i|il.iin S.I ..nd ( Seriind ( Third ( Third ( aptain aplain aplain aptain First Lieutenant ttlh Rtm—Privaus : Brrccrn. Crcwbir. Slianalian. Gratiam. I{«WMin. ricrcp. Olibink. Srliumart»rr. San lu ltr. Harr». Cranrrr, ilh Rotr-Pricalri: Hral. Jainr«. CrIvaT. Chri«IPn»rn. Rijipr. Linillinlni. Lors. Mrinhrtj. Hnnrt.. Valla. J.ihn.rn. Slrniprr. IA R«ir " rirolrj : Nirhu.. Barlh. Paynr. Oilrr. » ilr.. » alil. Brhi. Jonc. M.M.rr. Cljili. Mryuai. NoUa. irti Row Prttatrs: llali-. Cimli-v. ft illi . I a i«. Kinrnin ;. Calhrr. Hinkri. Kra llf- . K. »al. MaTri . Plrifln, Kir hrnl aum. Intl R:m -Cirporala: Thrnnpnon. Calnim. A».t. ft il on. Al(» n. PIrill, Croxman, Jiilinorn. Mrnkr, (.miirh. Bufdrll. »Vkr..rr. McCailnrt. «alilti n. flu Mai Ron — Ogiceri aitj Serlranll: Brm ' fm. Drrnfui: Huouii, tUoti, MrCimtmr. Ayollr. MTrr«. Rcilly. MrClj-maiil. »rb»lrt. Roman . Grimm, l.iilhrr. • fikhU fi ; Paec 141 6th Run — Pritalfs: Cniifrl. Jo)in« on, Volti. Minnirk. Di nk y, Ljn it:r n, CI«-nians. Smith. i illi-ini-. .i.k.; -i lirain, Hinricks, Ccty. J vrcn . Mohr. Creon. Francis. 5lh Rim— Privates: ToHnsend. Ca))ron, Spittler, McCraw, Burm-ll. Bainrs. Miinson. Hi)waril, Kinkey, Cooper, Soudcrs, Haskell, Frank, Upton, PonetJt ' l, Brown. Mcrlz. 4th Rim- Privates: Cilk-n. Bumcy. CuesI, Tanner. Aufrcchl. Smith. Heiiney. Schumacher. Tanlon. Kalin. ElUworth, Dcvoc. Heiser, Parks, Siroh, Laboviiz. 3rd Rim- — Privates: Walker. Cropper. Molzer. Tiinbrrp, Nirjcrson. Haworth. Searcy. Brigner, A?hburn. Kaliler. Dawson, Pitiman. Slo(J Iari], Kierslead, Sampson, EdeUtein. Eiscn. Miller, ' esl. 2rtd RoH Corporalsz Avers. Burlint:lon, Erickson, Weingarlen. Yoder. Guftin. FIanii:an, Farrens. Vfain. Kounk. Har h. Baker. Bell, Gerloff, Cronk, Ir in, Anderson, Horn. Lewis. Schwabatier. Bottom RoK — Officers and Sergeants: Beck. Stewart. Case. HaJsell. Wirk, Alleni . Crittenden. Ciinsey. Mycre. Hansen. Smith. Rector, Weinberg, Bordy, Fcehon. ®®Mip s a GEORGE GRAY WIII.I M Die, AN HolitKT HANSEN D. B. DOUGLAS HERBERT S.NHTH ELMER PIERCE I.MKI) WOLFE Firsi Laplain Socciml Caplain Second Caplain Third Captain Third Caplain First Lieutenant Fir I Lieutenant DA ID BERNSTEIN Fir i Captain DOLGLAS HALL Second Captain WILLIAM SACKETT Srrond Captain JAMES NELSON Third Captain ROBERT SMITH First Lieutenant KARL Vi ' ITT First Lieutenant HAROLD NOOTZ First Lienlenanl ttlh Ruu I ' riialps: Pcllit-r. ' Icrry, Itirkiiijn. (JniliaiiKli, Kinnry. S iiiircs. Slilii. ft nyju-r. Kilisiin. Byers. SpaJiii. MrNccji. Enipsitn, Fniuiii, Hdl rrt. 5 i Rott — Privalts: Ellis, Monillcy, Tool, Wllhctiii. Kyaii, Voss. EdwartU, BiirnrtI, McMartin, Boom. Torres. Walloon. Wrighl. Bslailtlit;, DuiK ' on, Vidlali. 4lfi Knu- -Pru ' utcs: Adam? , Kinp, Millt-r. I ' itcailhly, Hcniscl, Melz, LamI), Silken. Hines, Kicliardson, MrCarlv. Hullien, Manav, Yoffev. Sehoek, Silken. 3rd Itou. — Privates: Derr, Miller. Cujnn. Kinimerlv. Oatis. Tucker. Boyer. West. .Mottre. Jolint on. Railmore. Corile . LeninniU. Yoakum. Santlall. 2itd Roir— Corporals : Pelerj on. Worland. .Mercer. Carlisle, Horan. Rice. Pelscli. Tale, Kobe, Prai, Clark, Barelo.s, Chail. Bottom Row — Ogifprs and Sergeants: Kaplan, Lipscomb, Sinper, Vail. Bignell. Sacketl. . very. Green. Shaw. Smith. Vla niek. Will. Bauer. Wolf, Schewe. Page 112 ' ,, " ■ ft-.. ' . rniil.s liih..r. U..i:.-... M.Mtti. Hi.,I , II. .iL. -«,nj. ' . I ' ....fc-|,i n , 111, 1. ■•. ' I..«.. .1. I ' .,,r,., u. .■■■■■_ _ K.I-t. I.. ' .t. lU.o,..., Millrr, I «nii, CluMvon, Bjiird. Lakr. i A Ri ' U Pritttt - : Kuiifnun, Ttirrr . jllj. Shut k. Hpllrr. Adam . Ovmukr. Krrl. Siloriu . Faubrl. B i«rt . Hawry. riNltttif, %«« . Ktan . Ailhrtm. C«r|irnirr, (iAlht ' urt, Schltrliiic, Nrw 111411. Ith Huw Pfuu fi : . Vllincrr. Anawall. niirlun, Balicnnpcrgrr, Re««l, K a nirka, Krr», Johnxtn. Hitln. Vut. Ur»hall, Mnrill. SInlrt. I r«kp. Hru «-r. K.lhollii. Jr-.rn. Rdlkri. Ou-kv. Jrd Riftr Priiair -, Spahr. Itvan. alil. Kiiin|tf, Link, Uati . Simiin, W«ri|rii. Glal. rUIri . Korkr. Tannrr, FlnlgAn, Sun lrriii«n, MrCluir, Myrr . rUnn. Ktllicjn. Mrltiinjlil, I.i| i-Mnili. JnJ Hou Cnrtutrals: Pirr on. rinnt-ki-r. Dd itNnn. Tonirk. Raokrr. Crhrl. M tlm«n, K«iilknrr, lltmE m " ) l)J »t tn ' ( Wattl. Markftan. Asrn. Hallr , ISinc T. MjMk . M««nnt ' h. Bottum R.itA i iff f-m anil Srrgranta: Smolik. Rilchir. Jarub in. Orc. Hill. NrlHia, Firklinf. Vanir, Dacao, Sehnlnlri, Kr«ri)tKi. Sallhi»uftr. Cam:, . |«rT. Ku ( ll. Srwcll. ©©iVJi lMl ' 3. J A. 1 M )K» Ki; CIS I ' KTKKS KI.VIN 1)1 KRK WII.l.lWI FKKI.IM, JOHN M)i:K (t KMHHKT WtWKK KMMAM EI. KKAMKK l ' li l (!u plain Si ' iimil (iuplain Sntiixl (laplain Tliinl Caplain Fir l l.ioiili ' iiant First l.iciilrnant First Liciiti-nant (B®5VaS J 5 T 5VI I.TKK McCI.ANAllAN W AITKR STR(M n HENRY M(tEI)l (. M. n. ( RVHll.l. I.Ed DRKNN J. T. REDEIEI.I) (:llAHI.E.- MIEI.EI, Firiil Captain SiTimd (laplain Tliiril Captain Fir«l l.iriiti ' nant Kir t Lieutenant First l.iruti ' nani First l.ii ' iilrnant btft Rvw — Pricalrs: Nrwbum, Lrrogor, Kiitilir, Foituvrr. Siituivilv. Wailr, F.rirlL«on, Anitrr »n, H««linfi . U «xnrr, ilirriiaon. U ilM n. Slncrr. Sth Huu ' -Prirates: SiltifT. ItArLcrt, Rarrr. Wnlf. EnpluniJ. Ratirr. Drrirr. SliiiM , Cliitrr, Kr«l lv, M«sr , Hntilrn. krtl ia. 4itt Ruu--Prirntrii : tiwrr9, Sliun, Ror! lpr, Wrrnitnnnt. SrtimiMlr. Graliam, t ' anlfr. Ctilr . KnulMin, t ' tilirli, I ' lnliman. IlirlLxin. Srvttp. Ilvrtd. Jrd ftw — Pritatrs: Lrunard, McAfrrly, Clarr, Faitdis, Smilli, Vinrrnt. Slrantlnknt, %illi«in». Sinnr. KrrlihiiA. Sriilrl, l «ra li r, Sctiturlri, MrMatifm. McAltMrr. ' init Riiv- -CorporaU : FomeT. Wortbman, Feed, Ncwburn, ftinKrnbrrf. Crp« nw o I. Krci»rhrr, Bradtry. W brt. O ' Hpfj. JohnMin, Marllirtrr. Bottom Rov — Officrrs and Srrgf ants: Lcwin, Wocrncr, Ntiirltfr. Tavlor. Siraud. ti-Clanahan. Aynllr. Myrr». Mitntins. Fianli, Wolrnll, FraM-r, ItaliMtn, PiiKC 11.1 2nd Row — Bunting, ThoniaF-, Knl. Bottom Row — Paul, Jolilz, Clayton, Pralt. mmm m. m imi i s ' M mm A LTHOUGH organized by the War De- partment late in 1935, the Fiekl Artillery unit at the University of Nebraska is one of the most completely ecjuipped units in the United States. The ecjuipment consists of a cniuph ' te truck-drawn l)attcr of French 75 m.m. guns. Such a battery is composed of eight cannon and sixteen motor vehicles. This entire unit is housed in a new building ol its own on the campus at the College of Agriculture. The four complete batleries form one battalion. Because of limited equipment, the strength of the battalion is set at a maximum of five hundred students. The basic students find the training very in- teresting because of their aried duties. Tlicv lulfill the capacities of cannoneer, truck- driver, and operators of such instruments as range-finders, B. C. telescope and foui " com- plete sets of short-wave radios. KoiiKirr hi: i:k Lieutenant Colonel rornnianilin " KirsI Semester W 11 I 1 I CLAYTON Lietttennnt Colonel Commaniliii!; Seionil Isenieslcr OFFICERS WILLIAM G. CLAYTON Lieut. Colonel, (ioinniaiider LILLARI) K PRATT Lieut. Colonel, Lxeriitive JAMES R. PAUL Major. Adjutant ami SI EARL C. IILDHAI) Major. S-3 lIKKBKUr L. SINDSTROM Captain, S-2 .IA li; . l. BL.NTING (iaptaiu. St THOMAS AITKEN ' Captain. C-0 II l!(ll I) K. HOdK ' -TKOM Ca|ilaln. R.O. |)L l. KKRI, Captain, i lant S-l |lll | I) |. MKC Ml ( ' aptain, - i tant S-3 I.. HOHKRT THOMAS Captain. Liaison Officer Pawe 144 H.ikanMin, Sr rik. rUii|;h. Jnlin " !!. K )iiuk , Krii«r, I rnnr« , Sitm K. 6fA Hnu Ptnatr ' ■ Mr llhrMlrnM.n. I». ..i.. J. MMl.r. O. h.i».,. JrA ffuH PnvQtf: Hr krr. Trrni4in. |) Hl|;f. Siirll. Hanrv. T»mi h. KolirrI . KfniMti. lUirJ. M .rm«M. Il rtnrll. U if.lrl. A Um . an Skher, l.nm !. M«riin, Mrk««-ramMh. 4(A ffoM Prual : Rurcr. CUrk. (!an )lin. Km hhrrcrf. Ilililrlifant). (JiMik. U ' Nrill. Sirrlinc. H«ll. MattrMm. M(ti««ir. Cirld. Jr|iMHi. Tr««r. %«•• •», Aniirr). MrKin«ie, ( ' ornrliu . Tondrrau. I u«li (ann. Jrd ffiiu Pni-at : Bar tow «, Tf-tctinfiT. Holrnian. l.rwi , Smilr . PirUiirk. Hupp, lcr n. Sharnian. V.tanr, | ipi|rirh« n, Maeor. Skradla. Farwrll, n. CUrk. Khipr . Mi Krr. ti ..rT milh. Tha. krr. Jnd Rim t nrpunth: tlorgf tnif T , Rniiark, Hirrnian, hilnr- , lljiri . II irnnionit. Ilr-llrr. an ni|r|, (joairf. O ' Hrim, l.onnqut l, Ktlr l. (iin b tc. PrrrT, Punphrrt, Oaiccrr. tt r rf. AillalriK-k. Bultiim Hon O i rri nnH Srtgmnts: C«Tlrr. Hrrrmari. Car lrn . Thuma . It. John n, »nilrf. I ' aul. I ' hip. (ini r, BltMim. Hunline. Knl. |«v han. Mrllnlirr, Kirrll. Pabil. mn iD ii iii iiiii jok e. snyder john pvbst koukkt k. dvmki.i. I.EO II. lilOOM DkI.OS M. JOHNSON CORDON McENTlRE Claplaln, KalliTV (!i niiiian lrr Captain, Ballrry Kxriiitiii- Caplain. R.O. Captain. M.O. 1st l.iont. Asst. Excriitivc Isi I.irnl. Assl. R.O. FREDERICK W. CAR.STENS 1st l.ipiii. Asst. M.O. ' Jk F) Xi I Rl( IIAKIt K. k(» lAN CEORCE J. El.l.lS DONM.D W. :i NNINCIIWI RICHARD S. IIROWN CHRI T()I ' 1IKK II. S NDKI{- C. W II 1 I l (.IMI KM N1 II ol -ON t.apl.irii. H.ii|i-r ( .• iiinuiM irr (!nplain. Ilatlcn Exniitivp Caplain. R.O. (iaplain. M.O. l-i I.i Mil. A " l. Ex. I-I I.irnl. A-.I. R.O. l-l Assl.M.O. ftlh Rntr Ptirmtm: Oiin. Rurhsnan, irclrr. .Alkin«. Slrtrn . Orwrv. Mnnxm. Cliri-lrn-rn. niith. I uf1irli|. Hnonr. Kuppincrr. Ctamrr. St ft Kim Priiain: V inirr. Millrr. Brnjamin. Ilanrork. Kni»rlv, Nrlwm. F«»«lri. Volk. Crmik. Ili»llin|;«w tih. Kii»rr. Ilan m. Slr m«. I r«- lia, Ratnr, Bliimnor !. .Arnold. 4ih Knu Ptirnir ' . Ru kirk. Krohlirh. ( nliNmilh. Dunlap, Ki«rtl. Prlkrv. Martnann, Choai. GIntrr. Spn . Pnllanl. Sln-klr«. Krri. Drrr. I.ii l rr . D " tlr. Parri . Sprrhl. ifd R " u Priint t: Ri«jEar l. Kommrr . f rlkrr«. Thirnhardl. Miillin. O ' dmnrl. NHhlr. Lunil iritin. Nrnnrm«nn. Jrn«rn. Pul««. nrrkvilh. RitHMll. nrU«hmu(l. Klo«irrmrvrr. Wallin. Whrclrr. Frrnrh. Jnii Rou Cnrporiih: Thnrnbiirg. Jrlinrk. E»«am. Koninirr . r.nnulr . Flnr». KIrm. Slinrr. |al rhullrl. Srhuilrl. Kflnllirrk. Ripprlrau. Hoflman. Mavhrlil. Gilmorr. Colry. Sallrr. Ha , Shrrmin. Bottom Rou Ogierrg and Sergeants: Drtmrr. KIIJ . Ri «rnt rnc. tt r. Danirll. OUon, Spiirliw-k. Philp. Crn r. Kii man. HroMn. Rn«kalroRi. Santlrr . Nrwtn«n, Trump. pAfZC 145 bill R,m Prit ' ii..: K... .f. Snip,-. Slautkr. l..nrf. K.i%, H.inl. 1. F.».i.l.„. I[.nU,.jrl. t:..|l...rn. ll.fiuiif:. r.-.i.-r...n. M.i-mi. Oat. li. Br.mii. Whorlrr. ItiJCCf. Rottt)in . Ctuiii. Slh Rirtv — Privalfs : Kovaixlii, Huwaltll, CuncJon, Cuiiiiiii )iaii). Youiij;ia. Mart iianll. Dt-Wolf. Sicrip) (Mi, Sloan. Wi»ita. Gt-c. Kohl, Adkin . Wiebush, Pft ' bles. Muxu ' t ' tl. Campbell. Hadraba. Lr Master. Gardener, ■tth Rati- Privates: Chris|cn fn, OUan. Armsirnnu, Sluhnier, Sinimontls, Likes. Gausniaii. Sherwoin!. Hejkal, Gorniley. Schick. Spelts. Heacock, Lunt. Le »cli, Petersen, V. Suniititroin. Cronk. Swan. ' irti Row — Privates: Coffin. Sampson, Sire, Thompson, Millard, Newbeery, Kriz. Sontliwiek, Harnsbercer, Gayer. Maedoncall, Tiipper. Medorif . Scbleb, Biebcr, Moon, H ousel. Hrigfrs, Mowrer, Smiley, Thompson. 2iut Ruu — Cort»irfil.s: Stonek. Tlmrlle, Wilson. Rees, Mcehan, Fowler, Hiisli. Fnclis. Koefoot. Wood, Nit-niann, Prf.fTilt. Jones.. C. JonMnn. R. Miller. Schmeckpeper. Hollowell. Bottom Ruw — Officers ami SiTgeanfs : Remington, Biillrr. Woods. Little, Null, ( iinnin(;hani. Pliilp. Hedliind, Sundslroni, Miller. Joecni. Sehwartznian, Hansen, Duirie. UJ IKlIll ' IB 1.1 1 W II. SI ' I Hl(»( K C. IKKD (;t l) CI.MliOUNE . MII.I.Ki; ROHKKT I " . RONM-: .1 A U D. I.ITTLK I ' M I. M l.L IIAKKI KIVETT Captain. Hallrry ConiijiandiT (iaplain. BatltTv E. riiili c Captain. R.O. ( ' aplain, M.O. Isl l.ieul. .Assl. Executive 1st Lieut. Asst. R.O. 1st Lieut. Asst.. M.O. © ISl © .|()|| I . Kli.ll KI) 0 EDWIN E. WAlll. .lEAN A. .L (:K EDWIN AN DENHARK EDWIN L . r EY ( Captain. Halli ' r ( !oninianilrr (iaplaiii. Battery Executive (. ' aptain, R.O. Captain. M.O. 1st Lieut. . sst. Exi ' euli e MOKKI.SON LOWEN.STEIN 1st Lieut. Asst. R.O. KTIIl R J. HOVE 1st Lieut. Asst. M.O. 6th Rmv— Privates: Roctlele, Mark, Woodward. James. Koclling. Farrar, R. Peterson, Rachenberg, Reynotdson. Sherburne, McLcod, Seldcr» . Layson. R. Brown. Qiianle, Hokom. 5th RoW ' -Pritdtes: Patterson, Volk. Scboberl. Trimble. L ' brenholdt. Rykei, Dold, Teieb. Pleiffer. Hoyt. Clytner. Pierce. Morse, Pohl, H. S. Johnson. 4lh Kinr — Privates: AUbiiry, Nemcchck, Applctou, Yodcr, J. Syndcr. W. Johnson, Willtani! , Kramer, Kinnc, Koubicek, Lowe. L. Schneider. M. Snyder, Blylhe, Ha elrigg. 3rd Ron- - Privates : Wiegardt, Plantz, Chapin, Qiialsct. Olson, MillniU, Sclander, V ' oss, Mastic. A ' alt;ren, Schluckcbicr. Horak. Bornion, Guildnor. 2nd Rote -Curporiils: Short. Ross. Mvcrs, Sloehr, Culshall. Scott, Kirsclmcr, Pitner, Hand, Andersen, Dreicr, Sanders, Jones. Robertson, Rolliwell. Mellon, McGill. Bottom Row — Officers and Sergeants: Harrison, Jack, Lorwenslein. Diers. H.irlnKin. Rieliardson. Philp. Grove. Aitken. Van DenBark. Maxey. Walil, Snlyards, Behm, Page 146 irn A ' . ' M lljn .. i. J. l.n- .M. Latllr. Kj| .-|rr. I...n jk -. kti.trn... M. 3rd Ro»r Salv«r l . Mitlrr. Strtfit . Matrv. MrClurr, l.amtt«-rt. Mail . Krubic ind Rou Sorrrll, % tUon. r.tiri«irnoiin. (rrjv. (ilnnli. NaiiehlMii, M nttrl, Grilitnrr. Graham. Bottom Rou Maiiirr, Ila nr4, Uolitnl, (•iah, l:!p|irt«un. Loom, K oin) , Drnnia. jjsi. iki!i iLiL:ii!iT M. )msim. II MiKlSON KITKKSON hi;n n. (;h All i Al I.TON KOI. AM) JOSEPH STKI ' IIKNS Cl.AlDK C. WILSON Kiillrry (jiiiiinanilcr BalliTV Exi-iiilin ' Ball.n R.O. Firsi Scr(;i-uiit ( iiiiliin RrariT HI!--! ' PI.VTOON SK (»M) PLATOON JOHN 1 WNi: JOHN - I un JOHN ( ITI.K PlatiHiii Scrccanl Rijllit (iiiiilc L. ' JOHN ll»0 J WIKS Kl DHN I II 1H I • II NKS Plalixin SiTcrant Kiplil (.iii l - Lrft (Hiiilr tril Ritu ' ■IKlJ« ln. Cnllin . l-ilirrshal. Lnrllfrlp, Connni. inrf Rou Maurrr. Tnnlr. Ktnu. Thi»mp!«on. MrC.tmpn. Ritltnm Rnu — Mryrr. A(lam , (] )wari) , Wol%in. Pant- 147 ird Hotf — ( ' aninpr, Shctnian. Bcntlry, Carlisle, Tyiirr, Smilfv. Jarkson. 2nd Rotv — Slohlmaim, Cuiiipbell. Slnisheiin. Tisdalr. Mills. Bopttner, Colvcrt. Siliachclfonl. Bottom Roif MiAzcT, Nelsen, Bruncr. Grron. Lcdfonl. Rascr. Deger. iPMa®IS MIF S l !!! M AUTi.N OKLKILII ALBERT W. KJAR KERMIT HANSEN JACK FATE JONATHAN WOLCOTT Baltalion ComniaiidtT Adjiitanl ionipan (icunniander Ciimiiany (!iiniiiian(ler Ciinipany Conimaiuler UOBEKT MILLS HERBERT HEUMANN . EARL i L UER ER IN BOETTNER W II LI M 1!. W II II M- First Scrpcant Platoon Commander Plaliion ( jiiiHiiaiidiT Platonii SfTjirant Plalciiin S(T " ' anl 5lh Run — K liitakiT. Rabrr, Kovanda. Svoboila, Mar-liall, Fate. SInsburp. I.radb-y. 4th Raw — Carnolian, Jones. Smith, Meier. KUioll. Alexander. Dawson. Worrall. Farrrll. Srd Row -Bunham. McGeaeliin, Weeks, Heliniann. Rosenthal. Bereuter. McCartney. Kirk. Sterner. 2nd Ron — Grossman. Nabily. May, Brooks, Anderson. Shasteeo, Fitle. Bottom Ron- — Cannon. Tupper, Munsterman, Green, Phillips, Jeffrey, UhienboUU. Page 148 r " i JnJ Kt ' U IVlrrvrn. Hdrii . Alujliaiit , Lorklijri. (• iai f.tH ltfU, Kritrafl. (•frt-it. illijiii-. ii$3j®iii aMif As iia ' S ' l.l.DM) JKH Klil First Sfrt;i-anl WILLI 1 li. WILLI l Flr l Si-ri;i-anl WADE RASKR Piatiiiin (J n niaiuiiT ROBF.RT M(:(.EA(:ill PlatiHin Giinnianilfi ' IIKRBERT HTl.K I ' laloiin CciminandtT Wll 11 | WLII. I ' laliiiiM Cnninianiirr ROBKKT CONM-n I ' laloon Serpfanl HOW Hi) k n I ' laliioii Scr iiaiil R(t li R ES I ' laliMiM Sir;:raril .1 IK H RT I ' laliMiii Sirjiiaril Inl Rtttt Hohn«t ' -in. Driiry. Tanner. Dirk . Bruwn, Kjor, Maxlultr, 2n ' i H.fU Virkrr . William-. Br-.irr, Slriiit rri:i-r. W.-a».r, Jj.-..|.-. Wolrnii. Salrni. H ' Hf.u Cljrkf. Kaplan. Smart, (trfrn. Karun, l intnttili, HrrMalrr. P.-iKf 141 rnINISke = =£££ = = wi siia i ' 11 5 ® MEMBERS FI.ITE Leon Davis Riiliard Morse Dwijilit Bonhani Richard Linn PICCOLO Kolirrt Clu fr OFJOE ictor Molzrr Edwin Hayes Mfilc Hancock CLAHINET Lyman Spurlock Robert Chandlers Clinton Stnrdi-vanl Vernon Paulson Royal Alhers Roherl O ' Connell Harold Berjiqiii -l Nolan Sorniner illiani HarlioLir James Welden Richard Faylinper Donald Anderson Alan Peterson Arnold Mason Warren Hammel Carroll (;arey Kinfisley Almond Ivan Snndernian La erne Kiister Donald I ' yies Wayne Enyearl Milli.n Maslalir Avery Forke George Slama n.mald Pike Leon Sanders BASS CLARINET Kay Dame BASSOON Fred Schneider Calvin Rollins SAXOPHONE ern Rawalt Joseph Tomek Stanley Michael (;anis Richmond FRENCH HORN Richard W Idle Dale Bonham Edward Edison Ormond Schroeder Rohcrt Gates Clarence Cerner CORNET Diiane Harmon Robert Fenslerniacher Roland Fricke Charles Tol belt Fred Nebe John Haniel Paid l.indslcdt Ridiert Seidd Marion Bonhani BARITONE Dale Ganz Clifford Mead alter Zink TROMBONE Lowell Michael Pal McNaufihlon Ronald Broderick Richard Hiilt BASS TROMUO.NE Herbert Cecil George Cow ger BASS Monte Baker Lynn Trank Archie Stiirdevant Dean Bixler llerlierl Haiiman STRING BASS X ' illiam Southard Dale Higgins Gene Garrett GLOCKENSPEIL James Fowler T ' lMPANl ' arren Tenipleton PERCUSSION Ray Malteson (leorgcSlillgcrher Charles Lyman James Lawson Page 150 IF)BliH5Va5 5 IBJ S D MKMnKKS Ell . AU.rpclil Paul BffilfV Rolirrl Biniz Mfri-a Bliiiile Merrill A. Bonne Wayne Bornemeir Julian Biirs Rulierl Bn lclenlinr : Curtis Bunney Walla. eClnireliill Clark Jack C iry Ellis W. Dann Roy Dame Carl Eckel Robcrl ElUworlli Edwin Finigan Pearle Finijian Fredrick Gillierl Rnbert Gill Roland Gleason Arley Gnodenkanf Georyc Giioilinc Or ille llan-on Ben Heard Kiirl lliieflle Arnolil Jones James Kimsey Briicf Knoll Mailx-n Kokjer Millon Knska Jean I.anilierl Allen l.efferdink F. I.ilwrshal Kenneth Longman Engaard Lynn Clarence Miller Roherl Miller Morris Lloyd Philip MuUin Leo Myers Alfred Novak Charli-s O ' Conner Franklyn Ra(:an (.. Ward Rounds er l Row son (Charles Sam nelson Norman Schewe Harolds, hoi N.irris Shick Willis Skrdla Rol.erl C. Smiih I Rue Sorrell Slanley Soiithwi.-k Irvin): SiK- ak Richard Slasiny William Sleckell er(j Ray Slcinacker llar.dd E.Swan Richard Th.H-ne DaNi.l Tli.inipxm Ray V.ilk David Webl) Wayne Werninionl William W hilniore Flov.l Wilhein. Page 131 ' ith Htm Riir. McKay, Brown. Scagrrn. B. Pillsbiiry, FrasLT, Faulkner. Cramer. C. Pillsbury. F. Bunlell. 4tli SoM ' CarUon. Kuhrbaii(:li, Slewurl. Vrana. Tale, Barkliiiid. Sluarl. Fredenhagen, Sewell, Kierhel. 3rd Roll ' Niehus. Fulsum. Ove, Miller. Aii.iersiiii. Marl . Bail -v, Bcrnstrin. ft ' ilev. Luther. 2ntt Run- Kaplan, Wrhtr. M.l),«-t-l.-. Neu. Broyhill, Grant. Taylnr. Miller. Prouly. Matron. Rim Kreji. Hunker, I.c.Kurfl. Mi-vers, Hansen. F,pinT i»ti. Stephen-. Nflson. Wolf, Scliewe. iPniBiiiiaM® JuaiFiLiii MEMBERS Bill Anderson BranJiin Baiklunii Bol) Bailey Harry Bane Bob Bernstein Tom Bodie Charletcm Bmwn Roy Brr.vliill Frarilv Bnr.lell Jack (!alni n Ray (larUim Ed«ar(i (ihail Brnce (llausen David ( !ranier Warren Day Leonard Dunker Joe Dye Bob Kvans Clark Faulkner John Folsoni Manriie Forney John P ' redenhafien Joe Fraser Hon ' lilon Furr Bill Haskell Leonaril Jacobstm (■ordon Johnston Di kJnvoe Earl Ka| lan Oswin Keiter Walter Kiechel Anton Krejci Bob!:s,,n Bob l.nther John MeDermolt Dean MeGralh Ray McKay Clyde Mart . Bvr4in Mason Bill Milik Raymond Miller Richaril Neii Bill Niehlis Charles Pillshnry Robert t ' iUsbiiry Harry Proiity Charles Rice Jack Ri hrbon h Stanley Ross George Royal Dean Sclieele Norman Schewe Harry Seagreii Don Sewall Robert Stuart Bowen Tavlor B,di Voigt eriioii rana Bob W eber Elton ilev Jean Wolf OFFICERS KERMIT HANSEN Captain HARRY EPPERSON Secoinl Lieutenant HAROLD LEDFORD Second l.ieiileiianl BOB NELSON First Sergeant l .|(l|v . lli Sfiiitisitr KLIiMU HANSEN Captain PaKP 152 H.illiim Knu Crbbir, lUyiir, Hxri. Rrilly. s i a®!i i iL ipsm miisf ® m mm GeNF.HAL J..lin J. I ' .T-liing r.iurulr.l P» ' rsliiiig l{iHt ' in I} ' )1 uliilc lie was a ser- oiid lieuteiiaiil and I ' lolf oi ' of Military Srieiice and Tailio il lti - I Mi ersily of Ne- braska. OripinalK tin- unit was named ■■ ai il IJillc-- " " li l ' iT liinf:: upnti lii Ac- pailmc two vears lain, tin- Mirii ' i was re- named Pershing Rifles in ln Ikpiioi. The organization existed as a loral grnii|) until 1925 when similar units in ollu-r nni- frsities re(|uested ailmittanre into a Na- tional Organization, and rapid expansion ha rariicil I ' ri-liing Itillc iiniu iiili) twcntx- •seven seliooU cxlfiiding from coa-l to coast. Ne- iiraska. the mother companv. serves as the national headtjuarters. Members of Pershing Rifles are selected from llii- basic grou|) on a lia i of their rating in trv-oiits and arc then elected to njem- bership by vote of the active mcndiers. Thus till ' organization i made up ol men who are outstaiuling in basic military science. " The Per-hing Killcman " which is the nllii organ of the Societs is an iniporlant factor in maintaining the tmit of the far- Ihmg organization. It i jiublishcd twice u car to |)rornotc the spirit of friendship and fratcrnalism the Soiietv wishes to develop. MAJOR WOOt) nlinnal Sponior II AKRY JIAYMK alinnal ( nmnianitrr Page I 3 Jr,l Ruu --Tome, liiiuii, (.IjMoM. Kiiii:. Culliii. 2n «ou— I ' ullork. Bi-aviT, Hailline. Lillle. Cish. Lincli. Bottom Rati — Mull. Lansinj:. Jolilz, RriHy. Dugan. KO iBiB si® m® jm m) HENRY MKVKl !S CHARLES JOLITZ Cuptaiit OFFICERS ( ' .(i]itain CIIAKI.KS JOI.II . Caplain WILLIAM DUGAN.. Secretary JAMKS ITTTI.E Treasurer MFMRERS IlDmcr Barllin Knlicrl Hi-avcr jniiii H r llcrl)i ' rl liriaii William (llaylim (Jcorfie (liilji ' ii. Jr. Williuin l)i] :an X illiani i ' , A l)MU :la-Ilall (;liarlr-.|,,lil Jay Kin l.awrcnci ' Larisirif; I Iduai ' d l.ini ' h James Meyers (Jus Peters Cordon Pollock Lillanl Prall Donald Reardon CliailesKeilK.jr. Iii-|1..|PT..M|S 1 HE Nebraska cliapter of Scahliard ami I ' ladc was (■ lalili li( ' (! on llie University of Mehra.ska campus in 1921 lor the purpose of furthering militar ailiic cineiit and de- veloping a liigh standard among ofl ' icers in the R.O.T.C. units. The nalional organization a lonndcd i 1904 al ihe L ' nivei " sity of iscon-in and now includes eightv-foiir ciiapters. The Neiiraska chapt ' r hold- meetings once every two weeks at wiiicli lime leading figures in the military field are ol)tained to speak to the members on various to|)ics re- lated lo nnlila r experiences and acli ities. 2n( ioit ' — Lansing. Rcillv. Diigan. Ciatl. Il„lt„m R.m-SoVni. Mcvrr., I.illlr. Paee 154 4th HoK Calllr. Ttiolr, MuUrr. ttlwarJ . NrwbrrK, Gnnnun. Uniwnlrr. t larkr. Jfd Hum Nabiiy. McOarhiii. KoUn l. E|iprnion, I.iirllrrlr. Tu| | rr. LrtlfurJ. Il4»rr, Wiuiruub. JnJ HitH Htiran. I.ilirr lijl, Vilkr. % iNon. Laniprrl, Smilr , Mallun. Slr|ilirii . BulloM Huh IKril. Wo.kI.. MaiKfii, kiplait, Wutcull. ! )o«buT|C. Virkc-ry. Bi iBsiMD smT) mLimii 1() lie i ' lif;il)lt for iiuMnl)t ' islii|) to Scali- liaitl and Blailt ' tlie randiilalcs mii l make an 85 average or above in the adv.iiK c Mili- try Scietu-e course, and lake an a(ti ( ' in- (ert ' st in R.O.T.d activities on the cainiJns. The pledge ( lass this year was llie larfjest the organization has ever liad on this cam- pus, and. as sucli, elected their uuii officers, and held their own inccling . Tvvent -ninc |)lcdgcs met the stiingcnt mendiership r ' i|iiirenieiits successfully and well ' iiiiliali-d iiilii llir orj:a ri i at ion in M.iivli. Ill pi il. ihi- new initiates, in ii)ii|iiiirlion with ihf old incrnliers, held their ainnial diiuier dance. An K.O.T.I - I ' - " ■-•■ " ■ ' • !■■■ ' ■■■ ••• •• " ••■ I .M)K ll»tK N MOW i ) KM ' I.AN orncKRs lin VRD K I ' 1. N KKHMIT IIANSKN |ii|| WOIXOTT I ' rr-idrni iii-j ' n-iclcnl Scm-lnn -TrraMircr Jtilm Hrownlir John Catllc Ritrliii- Clark) ' iirrnarcl llalli.ii llarrv Dvrk Tipiii K l»aril ll«rr Kp|MT« " n Kill tri anMnn Dun ( in li ' Max (piiiilil |)in cT (irav Krrniil llan n JmIiii iliiran lli»tar l Kaplan I ' l.i.DGi:. ' Frank Kmlrna l.anrcn l.aiii|MTt K..l rrl l.-aJIrv llar..|.ll. ' .lf..r.l Kranri«l.ilnT ' lial John l.i i» Kranii " l.iifHrrli ni.l M. (; ' acliin ( linrli- |ii;;i ' l Harlan MiMir KnlM ' rl rr Dun Naliitv rllinr Nr»lMir ! Martin Orlrirli ailc Kawr Aniiiin Roland Slanlrv lnv|iur|Z Rirlianl Smiley Jiir Strplirn- J anil ' Sinarl J ilin T " Milr Krni Tiipp r B r! irkrrv Rill Wnl Kiirn- l W ilkr Claiiilr Wil .. n Krni " t U inlniiili Jolin % ' iilriiM Mark WihmK Page 15S . ( i R,.u urlrtl. Haii-.-ii. h.nni,. l.un.l, Mjr. v, HoIjm.I. Kri bi ' . Jnhnson. WfilH-l. 1jmi.-. 4th Rou Rnnne. Havnes . Ci.n alcs, W iU..ii. X .....i . Su-plu-ns MrCliirr Bartz. M.-Naiiehlmi. Millrr, Graham. 3rd SoM ' Kudma, Maiitrr. l.ani| rrl. Ailkt-n, I.iltlc. Dicrsi. Boniiaii, Beernianri, Kirt ' ll. Grit niT. 2nd foK— Rosenberg. Ciiniiinghain. Null, Pabsi. Spurlork. Johnson. Ellis, Kosnian. Harinian. Ki-rl. Daniell. Bottom Wow— Miller. Bunting. Clayton, Gisli, Hetlltiml, Epperson, Pratt, Walil, Mefc-ahan. Van den Bark. IBH® (§ipa®®s IjAST spriiif;. forty advaTiced field artil- lery students iormed an organization and named it the Red Guidon. Tliese charter ineiiiliers drew up a constitution and elected their officers. This organization is open to all advance field artillery students who are in good standing in their branch of service. Tlieir first social function thev had was a l)an(|uet which was lield at the Lincoln Country ( luh. Since then, their group gath- erings lia c liccn niitneious. Thev had a special party for all of tlicir s|)onsors, sonie- tliing that no other unit has done. This ear. the field ollicers were in ited to attend the aiuuial l)an(juet of the 31 1 and 342 Field Artillery Regiments at which nianv of the Seventh Corps Area officers were |)iesent. This organization takes its name from the characteristic red guidon of the Field Artil- lcr . All niemhers wear a red citation cord on tlieii- Icit lioiildei-. Red Guidon is new IjiiI Iki set an cn iaiile pace. OI-FK KRS FiKST Ykah 1937 Wll I I I CLAYTON Caplaln III VKI.KS JOLITZ |-ir l l,i,.ulriiant )V. KKKI, I lnaii-.()Hi,-,T CHRIS SAM)I:KS llisloriaii LV I SI ' l KI.OCK A.liiiianl men VHD I ' M I l.ia iMn()IIi,■,■r Skccim) ■ I Ml |ii:l7.1 ' ).i!! IJOHKKT BK i:i! Caiilain I:AKI. IIKDI.IM) l-irM l.i.-iil.i.anl Will I l (;|SII I ' inaiuv OITIrci IIARK ' I Kl ' I ' KHSON lli-i..iiaii lOIIN KICII VHnSON Ailjiilanl CH Kl.i:S lOiny I.iasi..nOfTi -.T MAJOR H RK MOW Sinnisttr RomcR r iu;a i:i; ( ' .(ipfiiin Page 156 Sih Hi u — }. Harrii. Jrfirrv. Crowlry. HcMirr. Ifrrrnlrr. U ihin. ob«tU. IV«.r. x-liti«-cni«n. 4th Rou- WillUni . Frrcuaon. El »n. Vn lir. J hn i n, jNiiarn. Hull. Lr lbrllrr. .M r«liNilt , |lonh«nt. Jrd Ri ' U Salrni. Mnvnr. Wr««rr. )««nik. Hrnilrv. Sha-lrrn. Hrr liin«. S|in ni. . n y R ' m Cunn. Shrrntun. Phillip . Rrookrr. K |irr1ti«. Drinirr. Smilli. U iMin«n. K irk. Buttum RuK- Huward. T« l ir, Spurlmk. Viuniru . Ctitlrndrn. A cr . I ' lUnirr. Cr«uirr. ipm )Lss.mii N ri()N I llr.i,l(|iiarlt ' i ()f [ ' lialanx. ad- Nancfil militarx li((ii()rai . arc on lliis caiii- |)ii . F«)iiiult " (l at llic I nivcisitv of llliiini . the orgaii izatidii lia lict ' ii licit- luil toiii years. In that time an extensive expaM i()n pioprani has licgiin which promises niiich accompli hiiiciit in liilure years. Phalanx hopes to develop lietler officers and citizens, endeavoring to aiionipli-li liii- tliiipiigli n- opcration. (•on tructi c ciili i rn. and prac- tice in militaiv work. Epsilon Morae chaplcr of Phalanx was host this car to a National (lorncntion. Social ai ' ti ilics ol the pi( n|) incliidiMJ an officer ' s partv in the fall. nmnci(pii laf; affairs, and an annual spring |)arty f(n niem- i crs and their gnests. The cliajjler |)ledgcd and initialed Iwcniv-thrcc uu-u this ' ar to whom they can give aid in prc|)aralinri tor their senior year of militai y tiaininp. Some four chapters on different campi aic now carr ing on the aims ol Phalanx. Tln |, OFFICF- ' .RS UDltKHT I. KK ' I Cnmnian.l.r WILLIAM II. TWI.OR Ailjiilant anil Kinanre Ollior ROBKRT M. HANSEN lli. -.i,.rian TIIEO. L. I ' KLt ' EC.ER Expansion Officer M J(»K CHARLES E. SPEER Sponsor I.OCM. OF ' nCF.RS lit t. COOK Coinnianil.r n l N I). SPl RLOCK t.ii ' iilrnanl f ' nmmancliT (iERALD S. MTAMVAS Adjnlant WII.I.IWI II. TWLOR Finance Officer TIIKO. I.. PKH EGER Historian l J()K JE.SSE I ' . GREEN Sponsor l .|OK sPEKK Salionol Advisor liUllKHT WLHV Sational Adjutant Paefi. W 4th Ruu Li|..Tvh;il. M. VS.I..I. I .,iT . Wi.Ki,., I ' .,,., II. 3rfi Row- Ruth. Cinwily, Kiillr? , Vnciira. Karlliiic, Anderson, Thompson. ' 2nd Rou- Marion. Toole. Sroll, Prii-rson. IMIuoper. Harris. Vucler. Dalby. Bottom Rou-Vvar ' V. Cranifr, tt k» Is, NiuTtiln-rtirr. HoukH, Eilwards. Kinp. ®Iiir®3i IlIllli: 1 HIS organization, altlimigli lill in its first year, is becoming very prominent and popu- lar among the advance Engineer students. To distinguish themselves from non-mem- bers, the charter memi)ers of this organiza- tion devised a representaitve shoulder insig- nia. They consist of a white Engineer castle on a red background. The personnel of this group take the name of " Detoneers " . because one of their main lun(ti(in in ac- tual comI)at is to blow up tlic cncnu " s briilgc and roads as well a build liicni lor tlieir own troops. Because of the extended efforts of its first meml)ers and its sponsors, this organization is firndy established as a part of the en- gineer unit, and it is alread being rcaarde l as an lionorary organization for the ad ance Engineer cadets. In the short time thev have existed. Detoneers have become a sizeable niililarv organization. 1 his organ iza I ion will be llic inic]cn oi all social arli ili( ' . OFFlCr.RS now Mil) II. i i;i;M!i;n(,Kii JOHN w. (.:k. .mf.r ico-Hroidcnl TOM EDWARDS Secrilaiy-TiaMiicr SI ' OXSOHS 1 ,|ll|i W. . WlMlD. jr. c. rr i ( . ( . 11(11 (,ii CAI ' TAIN IIOl (,ll Sjinnsor now Ki) M i;knbkk(;1 ' :r Cai)lain Pafie 158 H Ki jI J f w j L H k H E ' PS ' K ' al f ' li V . B l Bv A ' B B HT Ut K- - B K ■ B - |L V, % i-ir. 2 k B BT oi ' ' hL ' M r ' " mtM K " St Vj HH V B E vX ' 4 1 m w fcjty r _J P BA I l piH ■R ' j H HH M I Sth Riiu- Drat . Linil. Frnstrrmarhcr. Fra»i r. Schninlrr. Ornnrv. T " uc«. Tli ni| »n. 4lh Knu Suscl. Brown. l,ihrf h«l. Cnrnrliu . Janiom. I)i»hli . Rocrf . Ilnrnhy. kiin»r«. Silkrn. l ' «Tk«. ( K " U Jonr . Mcrriidii, liliinilif| l, )K iltinjn. tt. Sirwdrl. Ki r. IVlrr-ntl. S ' hrflr. Ilrdnt. U rUrl. Jmt Run M. HaMki- " . M jr«| Ali-x«in ff r. Tatrwii lk. John-rii. It. l iUmi. San.lrroon. ilkr. ilr «liill. Armttni Bi itom Rau Kotrsirr. H...lir. Mt Ml rj . Sprrr. A rr . I ' ..| .ini. »:jii|c. Mri;iiii«rv. y.HtiU-. I hrmliuMi. • Irt. m ir iLi (ga. iPl i MIMI ' .IItS W. ariii II.I)«vrr 1 " . Johnson E. Neumann (liarle-SlaRel K. Alclricli K.Kvans K. Jorjienson .Martin Oelriih P. .Slaple R. Alexander R. Feiislerniaelier (). Keiyer Carl Olson Art Smith 0. E. Andersiiii M. Finch P. Keller N. Parks Milford Smith A. Armhrn-iler L. Fine J. Kimsey S. Pasralc R. Smith Riiliert Avery G. Fisher S. Klein W ade Pasehke N. .Starkcy (). Itaker John Fnlsoni 1). Km..ll P. Pasewalk Boh Stell K. Barker James Forrester M.Kolii.r . Pauls ,n W. Stewart J. .1,1. Hass B. F.,sler Kkohler J. Peas«- R..S|oddart K. W . Baley Jusepli Frasi-r it. Kohl R. Peterson J.Stone Ki lierl Bced George Galli vay ( . Kovandu I.. Petri II. Swan S. Binisnn Stewart Ganz . Kreyeik D. Pohlenz B. Tavlor . BliMindiorsI G. Garret P. Kraper F. Quant e ( :. Thompson (1. BliMiinslarnd H. Gilaspie B. Kuhe Bill Radmore 1). Tomi-s Fred Bndie I). (Mtnzales A. I.andierl D. RapiH ' lean R.Tueker Timi Bipilir J. Good F. I.eiliiMidi ' n A. D. Ree.l 1). Trump ( ' .. n. BiMiliani I.. Gray F. I.ihershall C. Rilrhie (inirce L ' hrenholdl i;.. Hn.Oiill A. Grant (leorge I.ind O.K. Roe K. I nland |.Bver P. Grant . MaeDo.i):all M. Ropers K. an Neste Bii ' .i Canipliell K. llarrlMin R.MrCamhell R. Rothwrll R. an Skiver Boh Carlisle M.llart William MeDonald John . ' saNards R.dxrl illars Don Clianey M.}la»k R. 1. Kea W ' . Sanderson R. oipl K. (Ihristensen Max llavuaril R. I. Kr,. K. .S-harman Bill Weil J. Gordes R. Henl ina R. Manpiardl D. S, h.el,- D. W .it jt D. ( ' ramer William llinrieks C. Mart . Kd. Sehmid F. W ilhelm G.Grano R.lloll M. Mrdaris . . " schmode B. Wil 1.. I)ai):):er K. Holland K. Mel in G. .Srhlnekehier F. W ils..n ' .. Deats II. Ilorniann B. Menk ' M-. ' rhoeninc Forrest W ' ilke G. Denney ll.llornhy Bill Milek II. .Schomer II. William- J.DePulron J.lluhI.ell H. Minor II..S-hr H-ilen K. W inter J. Dewey L. Hunt R. . orris D. S-well Ed W i tlenlK-rs S. Dcddis ( . Jamison Boh Mowhrav N. .Silken R. W ittman 1. Donley J.JazI (;. Mueller W . Silken B. Dii):an C.Johnson Don Nelson R. Siloniiis Page IS9 F OKI Kilt ' v l oys inspect niiiiiature field pieces at the six week ca ali and aiiilliT suninier session. At Fort Crook the infantry " " rookies " pause from drill to clean rides. Down in the tarjiit pits where summer heat is at its zenith the lio s set u|) tarijets and pal h thcni after llie liaxe liccn riddled 1p some marksiiKin. Major Speer. in |)erson. takes a antaf;c position for scoring hits and all the misses. In prt)ne [)osition Bud (.ather reloads his " inn preparalor to target practice. Mot guarding a faetor as so riiarix niijilias lodas. iiot jusl ii ' arning the trii k of iKiiidling machine guns, these I ' drt (!rook iiiililarists wear looks of si ' rious coiKcritralion. Ml this panorama is loo familiar In aiKariicd R.O.T.C. studcnt wlm must, at least, once attend such a i amp. sin lim ' IK®i3MS11P 353. © MAKCAKO .M(.kA1 Nebraska Sweetheart oiTicr.Rs WINKIKI.I) ELIAS PrcsidenI i;h mills liusiness Manager DON BOKIIM Secretary PROF. K. F. SCI Hi L 1 Faculty Advisor MIlMr.FR s Don Bix ' lim V,-I. Mills Slanlcv BrewsU-r Don Moss W inli.ld Elias ■riiiM lcin Phelps Kdlicrl (ianiiiiii Pliiliji Siiiilliwick Frank Jnliniidn Knliirl Wailhains Howard Kaplan Paul W a ner Robert Mariz Joe Stephens f ' ?. !( —J« ' liii? ' ii, St ' -ph ' -n- . Ka[ Ian. M " «s. S.mtlnM. k. 2nd Row — Brewster, Wapner, Gannon. K ' adhams. Bottom Roll — Boehm. Mills. Elias. Mariz, Phelps. rOUNDKl) ill I ' M I. Ko Mnet Kliih uas a direct oiitcoiiu ' of the plav gixcii that ear by five iiuMiihris ol the .liniior class fof the eiiteftaiiiniciit nl I iii rrsit stiulents. The KIiil) is now organized with a iticmliership limited to fifteen men, choxMi from the up- per three classes on a i)asis of work done for the Kin!) (hnin i tiie preceding vear. Tlie " workers " , as tiic men aspiring to nieni- i)ci iiip are called, are assigned to vaiioiis committees through the year. (hi ihe nioinirig of Novemlicr (ilh. Miss Margaret McKay was presenteil al ihe I- all Revue as the 1937 Nehraska Sueetlieai I. ( )l all the soroiit -kil . the lpha I ' hi " So- ciety Section " won ihc rir t jjlace award, in the fraternity competition the skit. " Acropo- lis No. 7 " won for Zeta Beta Tan and I ' i Kappa Aljilia. new award, given ' vear for the i [ [ lime to the winning hiirl ciirlain act. went to ( lii Omega sororit for tiieir dancing and singing act entiUed " The Hig Apple " . " Hades ' Ladies ' ): ' ! K u Spring Show, was writlcn i Joim Edwards and directed hv Joe l er on. The phiv re- leived enthusiastic applause especially for its cle ( ' r action and lines. Page 162 I ni:s " LAl)li:S ' lirn (iiinil anil Kmti-U |)rj; T lia - iii a litllr ilial. . . . Df icr anil lr»i TMin ili-rii (inn I ' - ll: e i-nce. Boll Kiinnc. a Junior, ainii-cs liiniM ' lf willi a firr Iruik. . . . Tin- Iriii. Ilolniaii, Ra- ' r. ami ( aiu. carry on. Ila}:rr. Kriil. ami Wolroll as pail of llir Hail Mrn (Ihoriis. . . . Rfillv and (!arl on snppl ' cel tl-c lovo inlcrrsl. EniiMTor Napolciin was cliarac- leri nl liv Bol Miller. . . . Tin- lail will) ihi ' kiHT ;:artrrs i tlranl Thomas. Kin;; llrnr . porlra fil liy Bill Williams, in llir rlmrns and al- li ' mplinp some Iwrntirlh ccninry Iriirkin " . 1n( ' i ni:rnity was prr ali-nl in llii- vrar ' s show as is drmon-lralrd In Ailna Dolison and Art Ball. r M r lis awnsiiaipi ' ipa nsig f).|ol,rr UAU ■•FII!STI. I)V N(i eiiilicr U-l.) ■•SOI i!iN(; iiii: ciiicLir l)eceiiil)ci- ()-l 1 ••I ' l W ' l W ISK " Jamiarx ID- 13 " I KNOW lll.K " FcluLUIt 11-19 HIGH TOir M.uvli 1 1-1 ' J •I ' LI MIKTII Tin; nl EEN " Vera Mac Pclcrsim. in a scone frnni " Klizabclh llic Queen " . Knini " I Kniiw Her " , we gel this inleresling picture. The nrxl llirce shots arc from " Squarinii the Circle " . Miss Pet (Tscin ajiain. applying make-up for her part as " Elizabeth " . Page 164 ■IV i.h H. M K.a.lMn.. Mull.t. Co.liv Uirfl. U1 1 ' 1 . hii.M.i.. l.Uikt. .irj Huu lldwkr . krii|iitiiirnr. Thurbrr, llril|;r«, | rtf-r«i i . Sniilr«, Crovrrl. Tr«%rr, Mrtalian. iitii Huu- lINitiirlh. Ilartnon. St-i»ll. ( rdlijni, Nvr. PmuM . Sliir )rvant, lta rr, Buiinm Ruu Baurr. link. Ka«. HiUlrlirand. Trmprl. iKiufall. HiMrhnml, ilan», Plirlp . Miisf ' ai m Q mm Roller! Alexander Klmer Bauer Stanley Rimsim Al (!lirislen.-iin Rilt ' hie Clark (ierald Davis Kennelli KjjlelmtT James Elmiire Merrill Engliind Marlin Erek Paul Fiiennin : Sam Kiienninjr Dale Gan Riiliert Giilijsmilli (.eorpe (itislas Max Coiilil Mi. ii ' .i;i{s Sliirl Graham rlliiir (IriiMTl Duane llarnxm (ieiir i ' lluukes Glenn Hedges Diiran llilcleliran l Nule liiilnian James Kempt home Krank Kiidrna Jark Maurk Riihard Morsi- Wavne Mullet Neil Park- Darrel P.ter- Allin Petir-nn liarnld Phrlp. llarr - Prnuty t aile Ha er KoI.ert Kav Charles Reilly Ro s Riddiins (iny Seoll Paul Snyder Richard Spanpler EllsKorth Slohlnian Clifford SturdevanI ( ' lintiin Sturdevant arren Templetim Thiinias Tlnirlier Jack Traver (»r illeZahel Or-TK I l!s 1 IMI i;ii( k VeWe .r |{(1|. M) E lliisinr s Maiianei HOWARD IIIIDKHRAM) Trfaa. 1 III ' . Men ' s Glee Cliilt va (ii ' l nigiiiii t ' d 111! the Neliraska canipiis in 1 ' I0 li l r«t- lessor Howard Kiikpaliick wlin i llic pies- rnt flirecloi- of tlie School of Miisir. I iider the diiorlorsliip of W illiam Tfin- pel the group meets three limes a week re- hearsing for its pid)lic appfaiaiices. Besides appearing o cr ihe radio and lakiiig il- an- nual tour, the glee cluli has simg for hasket- hall game fans at the coliseum and for ari- ous other Iriiversitv fimrtions this year. It was this group who introdtn i-d and populari .crl llir new -rlmol sotig ■ " Hail ar- sitv " . Il is the aim ol tin- Men ' s Glee Cluh not oidy to ren ler service to Nehraska lint to also give its memliers the jirivilege of the cultural adxantages of singing fnie musical literature. They also receive the advantage oi musical fellowshi|» and so -iaI contacts made possihie hy their meetings. One hour of I iiiversilv credit is offered lo all mem- liers of the group. To lie eligilile for mendiership a man mii l lt ' -oiiI for the glee cliili. Page 165 a 1 W fJ K Vs. 41 « I d l l .it d Hun luikrl. M.M«liai.. H..1I..11. li.ill.-. Mu.. k. Wx un . Zwil.I. 2nd Rou Sliefler, Srli.-clc, i:urlis .. Hill, Tiirkt-I, Fiiikclsicin, Bstainiint;. X iniraiili. Bottom Rou -S-aucht-k, Sliufinakcr, t-riuT. Wliilf. Siliii|nT. Wilkrr. Ki- -r»sIatl. w mia ' ©iiiBi : OFI ' ICF.RS cAKi.os s( II i ' i:i; I ' re.sidciil KDMIND W. IIOI.I.STF.IN ii I ' -I ' i csidcnt JAMES K. IVINS Sriri ' liiry l liKI ' vT W. SKKCK Trcusiircr MKMBERS Paul Bstandi Eugene Ciirtiss David Ciirtiss T,i ' ii Eiscnslall Humid (iiirske William liai-lan Ai ' lluirllill ni ii rniflz Mill Shoemaker Rii».ell Souchek Leo Turkel (lliarles Spann W iike KrnesI irilioiil) Olio Wdpriicr During tii he last tew yeai ' s tlie ileliatin ; teams ol the I ni ersit ol eliiaska lia e engaged in lliiilx ur iikhc iiileicnl lefiiate r()nte ls eaeli seaxiii. Diiiiiifi llir present ycai ' the iirgani aliiiii -i-nl Imii men In |iai- tici|iate in a sliiilenl lejiislal i e assemblv held ;il ' I ()|)rk;i. I c III l 1 1 Mill- lia e maili ' lri|i- 111 ( )l lali()ma liir a series ol driiale- on ll)e siiiiject ol imicameial legi-laliire. and to South Dakota and Iowa for discussions on imporlant phases id the lalior -iliialioii al the present time. Some ol the eliiel op- pniicnU mel in ihe Narioii- deliales were the lni ersit of ( " .aliioniia. Arkansas. Okla- homa. iV ' Iissoni ' i. Kansas State ( ' ollej:e. Urig- hani oiiiif:. loua State ( " ollege. Drake and Smith Dakota. This year tlie deci-ion feature of determ ining the onleome ol dehati ' s has Keen prae lieallv (hiiie aua ilh. Il is lielie ed iha I he teams are I ree to enter each (h ' hate u ilh out leeling thai there is a ni ' ees it to adjiis the e iih ' ni-e to the indixidiial helieis ol tht judges. ' I ' o rephiee the (h-ci-ion the aiiili eiiee idten oiees its opinion on the merit ' ol llie deliale or (111 the merits (d the ipiestioil Page 166 3 :i:s3iiii - W®5 I1M •»»w J r ii University of " ' ' " " sJcer ° ■■■r. Clayton: t was ver-v Because +u_ . . Barh° Goodwin ° e Spieth. Nebraska c« ' ' ' ' " ' eethettTortt r " or this Tn., ' ' Cornhusker. ' ° op of ' ■ th every n .... . ' ' ' ' -ery good vash for " Mr. I ' l-llv «( ' arc indrlilrd In iiii fur yciiir fffiirl- i[i making llii- licaiily Ouccii selrc- tioii. inir abiiity and slylr a.« a iialion- ally kiiij»n illiislratnr of braiiliful «imipn makes you unc nf ilic nm l iiiiii|)i-ti ' nl judges in .Vmcrka li)da " . ' B. Petty I ' l-tAV " ' 1 have fa urs Un- llic ladies, but I luneu ' t a thinti In ' illcr lli ; Copvrishl. 1038. by E qitirt Cornnrt In -. ©rn JL ILMIM 1_ I-)a ;iliiiii |ilicre — Mortar ISnanl (iiniii(in l u liispi ' iiiii;. I ml I lie I iiiiui i ' nl Icmk contented. Nut llitli-r. just I.aiidis oialin . Inlcrmissidii (in(l llir fralrrnilics and sororities relaxing. " Hail ai il . iiii: the lirla and llic .1.(). . . I lie wiiminj; Betas show their iniril. Maxiiie Diirand. the iieu Moilar lioard president, has a contagious smile. luo examples nf a caiiieramaii s delight, allendaiits Jean Meents and Pat Jensen. For variety Johiiin Unwell i tackled In an jmiiieent. Old Innocents sober-faced while their just tapped heirs look self-cdiiscious. Nnte the poses of new cam- pus Big Wigs in ( (iinplele arra . Ajiain those in sterious omnipresiMit Mm tar l oarcl . I ' KOCHAM iMi i;n; iKKNin inc I i (Hi lln DM ' - ' i WD l (ll l I ' KOCKSSIONAI. I (iKtiN I l(i (II | (,U EEN l I) ' i I ' dl I I ' l w ri (. UK I III i rE(:k - iii i l ■TKRS()l;lllil M SK1N(; OK TIIK NK MdKTAK HOAHDS TAI ' l ' INc; OK TllK IN.NOCK.NTS Jl. N W I.T mir ® ' Ar f a l() rl «|iriiif: (l,i l,i-t M,i . Nrlnas- kans patli ' rc(l In wiliio- the nio t |)i(liii- fs(|ii( ' (;uii|Hi-- tiaililiim. I I as . jciii Wall presided a llic May ( )ii(mmi. uilh Jane Keefer as Maid ot llnnm-. Her rctiiuu ' in- eluded Ardis (Havl)iel. era W ekesser, seniors; Kalln n iniiiie--t. iiginia Ander- son. Kallierine Kilhiick. Agnes . ovaeek, juniors; Patricia Jensen. Honnic Riini. snpli- oniores; and Marie F,gger and Jean Ieeiit. . Ireslunen. Pages of the court were Muriel Krasne and Virginia Geister. I |)a Purl wa- i)iii(illi Hi-nl wlin read ,111 oii inal poem, and ••lalnr was I ' rank l.andis. a Paw student. Kappa Mpli.i Tlieta and Beta I licta Pi canii ' d ulT llie iiip Ml llii ' inlrrt ralrrniu and Intei-nioritN itig. Leaders of the Daisy and I (lliain were Rntli Fidton. Frames Scudder. Mary Pris- rilla Stewart, and Pauline Walters. ( " iimaxing the program was the u Mal iin- tiation nf Miirtar Hnaid- and imiocenl-. I was planted In the (■ia-- [jre.-idenN. iuiliert Wadhanis and Plovd Baker. Pasc 177 Presenlaliiiii Stage Dcioialidiis I ' loor Ufcoralioiis I ' rugram ( ilicck Roiim Mu-i.- Ti.kels Publicity Floor Arrangement Guests luvitatiiius COMMITTKF. W II I I 1 C. CHITTKNDKN T. I.. I ' M.L K(;i;k KOL ' KKT BE W Kli FKED GKIKI IN I. n. HKH IIM ' .K ll!) AH!) Ll.NCll (as FETERS HKN COOK (.l.i: I.K F STEK C. E. JOLITZ Wn.FlAM (;r y WILLIAM C. CRITTE.NUE.N JANE WALCOTT. W l. CRITTENDEN Honiirnry Colonel and (Unlet C.olnnel mmi wi u jLiL V IIII.K a thioiigeil Coliseum ol some 6.000 sperlalors and atlciideis watched. Jane Waliott was presented as tlie Honorary Colonel at the t eiit -ninth annual Ball, which welcomed to the campus the Engin- eers and Field Artillery Units. An impro- vised castle furnished background with the guidons of the three units hung upon the hack curtain. The crack team of the Persh- ing Rifles performed, followed by a pageant depicting tlie histoiN oi the R.O.T.C. unit at the I ni ei it ot Nebraska. The Honorary Colonel was escoited from the castle to the floor b the Cadet Colonel, illiam Crittenden, where she marched be- neath an archway of crossed sabers, and then ie iewed from the stage the Grand March with her party of the Cadet Colonel ' s staff and their sponsors. Eva Jane Sinclair was |)resented as the Regimental Sponsor. with Nila Spader and Margaret Buls as Field Artillery and Engineer Units sponsors. The " (lid h ' tl-han ler " . Joe San(lei . and his orchestra entertained the crowd. Page 178 .1 h ' ■. K.. . .4lrr. r.iMHii.-.. Wj ii... J.ti..r.. M-nri. Biiilum Rvmr- FtrrtwooJ. kapUn, Iloltlman. Slrrvr , Chambrrlain. MrOtnnU. jraiM3®i!i-iJ:iii nDii ysWM VjI.OSINd llic fdiinal M ' ioon. llic Jimioi- Senior Prom on Maicli 1 |)i( ' -i ' iilcil F.loise Benjamin as Prom Girl. Some 900 watclied her step out of a hiipc saxaplione on lln- Colisptiin stape to the muted notes of " Mood Indipii " , |)la ed hy four saxaphone phiyers seated on the instrument ' s keys. She was presented w ith a li(iii(|iii ' t nt Xriu ' rican Beau- ties hy the Junior Class President. Stanley Brewster, and danced out onto the floor n ith the Senior Class Pre ident, Elmer Dohr- mann. Mi iSciijamiii ua the first Prcirii Ciil to lie clfilfd in a pciicial election on ihc cain- |)ii . liiphK latcd a CrilT illiams or- (■|ic lra. en route from the Mark Hopkins Hotel in . ' an Francisi-o to the Kdpewater Beach Hotel. Throuph conletii and sln-am- ers the cro s(l danced to il fa orilc. " The I )ipsv Doodle " . The Junior-Senior I ' rom comniitlee com- menchiMv manaped (he |)arlv un(h ' r the co- chairman hip of Frances lioldman and Kd- mund Steeves. KH)ISK ItKNJ ll from (iiti COMMITTKK Cnchairman FR ANCE.S BOLDM AN. KI) STKEVE.S A(lvrrli- in); anil Publicity Presienlalinn Invilation anil (!hapernnr! Tickets Orchestra I ' llVI.I IS JKNSKN ll » KI) KVF ' I.AN MKt.lM n KKTWOOI) I ' Al I. WA(;NKR I ' llVI 1 IS (MWinKRI IN II I{t)l I) ItKW ll RH K ROSKWATKK DICK M.(.INMs lURRIKT CI MNIKR STAM.K BRKWSTKH Page 179 MLA SPADEK Goddess oj Agriculture COMMITTEE Co-cliainm-n I.AVEKNK PETKKSUN. I)()N III VIT Agricultural Exliibils GORDON JONES Hume Econnniics Exhibits PAULINE WALTERS Folk Dance and Style Show MARJOKIE FRANCIS RUTH ANNA RUSSELL Concessions EARL HEADY I ' ini IIS CHAMBERLAIN Equestrian Circus MFI.MN BEERM N Indoor Show M K1()N IIOI ' PERT. EKK; TIIOR Puhliciiy LaVERNE PETERSON. DONNA lllATT Livestock Exhibit and Parade RAY CRUISE I? SlMllIIi g J? 3ia 1 HE greatest paitiripatioii of all the func- tions of the College of Agriculture is at the Farmer ' s Fair. This event includes a niid- ua witli all the featui es wiiicli are an iii- tegi al i)art of every fair. Besides this, there are inanv features including an outdoor pageant, over which the Goddess of Agri- idtiire reigns, and a riding contest. There is an indoor show which features skits, and a girls ' chorus. A pony chorus has been added this year as a special attrac- tion. There are twentv-fnc men ' s exhibits and twenty women ' s exhibits in arious buildings around tiie cain|)us. ( liic of the biggest attractions for persons not on the Agricultural campus is the horse show and intersor()iit riding (■()ntc l sliich i hcM the night before the fair. The Fair is l)egim by a prc-fair dance given exclusively for students on the Agri- cultural campus on Wednesday night and ended by another (hince on Saturdav in ' ght. Cotton dresses and oNcralls arc comi)ulsoiv attire at every Farmers Fair. 2nd Raw — Jones. Rusf fll. Thor. Chuinbcrltn, Cruiso. Hoppert. Bottom Ron- -Wallrrs, Beennan, Hiatt. Peterson, Francis, Hrady Page 180 . ' . I.. .». l . . ' . ' . j K.-n - baujrr. - H-n.-n Hum 4;ilr . • lljlhawav. Rirhmund. on, Kranri«. I?J S5V3!ES g 3 ' ®IllMJ i Un Ortoher 29. students of the College of Agiiciillme (lamed to tlie mii ir of il Maii- dall. Held in the Aiti itie? Buildinp. the party wa- attended hy students elad in the eonipulsoiy attireof wash dress and overalU. The entire huildiiig was decked out in the atmosphere suggesting a gypsy eanip. A fortune teller and other novelties eontril)ul ' d to the entertainment. Highlight of the jiarty was the piesenlatioii of the Faiiiiers Formal Oueen. I ' aidine ailer was the honored rider of this year ' s event. ihi- maid-of- honor was Genevieve Bennett; Naomi Hich- moiid. Nila Spader, and noima lliall were attendants. Amid a gypsy camp scene the candidates l(U the honor formed a circle. At the con- I ' hision ot a folk daiuc. pa i ' ticipanl dropped to their knees, and I ' aulinc W altcr stepped lorth into the spotlight. This party is an amuial fall occurrence, sponsored li ihe Agricultural Hoaid. Sin( ' l ' )26 it lia lieen cu toniaiv and i-cstricl -d to tud ' nN if llic ( ' ollege of Agriculture exclusively. I ' M t.INK WALTERS Farmer ' s Formal Qtirrn COM N i;krs MIITONGUSTAF. ON NAOMI RICIIMOM) COCIIAIRMKN Dororalinn II ROI I» BKW. DKI.ORIS BORS Prr..nlaiii.n H ( Kll l . Ml SPADF.R Tickets r)F.N t:R CK N ' l. l RJORIE FRANCIS PiiMirily and Rrfrr-limfnl- Orrheslra EARl IIK I ' . RI Til H l DKR DON l l ! (;n NZ I nis (;il.ES Pagr 181 Dli.K Jl H(,t:NS And ,s Orchestra COMMITTEE General Chairman D.W E BERNSTEIN Tickets LEWIS ANDERSON. BERNIE WHITE DWAN GREEN Cliaprn.ns PICK RROWN. BILL SAWTELL CHARLES ADELSECK Decorations DAVE BERNSTEIN Orclie-tra W LRU Mill S. MARTIN 01. ERICH CHAKI.LS RKll.l.V I ' .ilili.iiy EARL HEDLUND CHARLES TANTON MITJEHilFIIilil ' IEIIiSf aiT ©l ILIL 1 RILMPHANTLY the Interfratemily Ball Conimittee brought Dick Jurgens and his or- chestra direct Ironi the Aragoii ballroom to the Interfrateriiity Ball in llie Coliseum the iiiglit of February 12. where some 700 hearkened to his times. Decorations con- sislt ' d of lighted Greek pins, representing the (■am[)us fraternities. Unusual fair weather aided and ai)etted tlie crowd. A crowd listened to Jurgen ' s trumpet w hilc otliers cii ' clcd the floor through a maze ol conteiti and serpentine. Six committees. in charge of arranging for tickets, chaper- ones. decorat ions, orclicstra. and publi(it . organized the party. l)a e Bernstein was the general chairman. Commemorating its eighth anniversary, this party is tlie onK uni ersit lunclioii in which the Greek letter tratcrnities cooperate to provide entertainment for the entire cam- pus of affiliated and non-affiliated students. The Interfrateriiity Bail is largely financed initiallx li the frc liinan fees collected at the beginning ol rush week. 2n(I Rou -Grvcll. Tlii r, liiisliiiian. Biiltum Row Ot?lrirh. -MilU. BiTii-lriri. Anderson. Page 182 ■ - h,i K-iu riK--|. Il.-i-riii4ii. Si.-Mi.ui-. MiiKiujr.ll. O. KlMii;!iMii. 1 ' . Miii.uuii. 11,.- JnJ AiiH Hum, ( drirt. IUlan li|;, U ' mirUnl. Kumiltrr. H«rti . Jariiti i n. V icki. Hut turn Kuu K« iini. Di-ntiinc. Simtnunn, Crav. Wurt-r irr, Oin labli , mrn. S II T IPI IFi I ' J fi« LKI.KI5K TI (; fl.r;i kan . jiil.ilaitt ov -r tlu- .Miiiiif.-ota ileteat in ii)()tl)all. ilanrt ' d to llie imisir of Ely Rice and his colored four- teen piece l)an l at llie (A)liseum the night of Oetolier 2. It was the fust Varsity Parly of the year, and coidd not lia e iieen on a niori auspicious occasion. The Barh Council spon- sored three such parties this fall, all after home foolliall games. On Dad ' s I)a . at- tenders ■■truikcil " to Jinmiie Nichols direc- tion. The crowd had that rainv dav cheered Nehraska In (•-() coie w illi ( )kl.iliiiiii.i. ( ' los- ing the season. lh ' Coinicil sponsored Ken el-(in and hi iiand at a parly after the Idwa liiolliall game. Next year the Marli (louneil plans to in- crease il re-|)()n iliililie . In addition to scheduling fall parties for the liarlis. it will serve to integrate all liarli activities. Mem- hershij) on the (iniincil will lie di ided ei|ua!l among men and women, elected liv imallilialed students. The (iouncil ' s pri- Tiiary purpose has continued to he to olitain good oirlie-lr,i» at reasonahle prices. l!l(. H i ' Mif OFFirFRS Presiilent Vici-- President Secrelarv-Treasiirer Piililirily Chaperones On lir-lra Deroraliiins HOUF.HT SIMMONS DKWKK I, KAY KIIZVBKTII F.niSON IIKI.EN .SEVEKV. iniU K Sill ( K AISTIN MOKTIZ M Mil N STALEY. OORIS RIISNESS I)K WORCESTER. CARI. At. EMS (.I.KNN KI.INCM W f!(itU l!T Wll n Page IKI OFFICERS Manager Assisiaiil Manag Senior Member Secretary Treasurer Jiiniiir MiMiiliiT 1 NORE I ' M I INK W ITERS l ' i;(,(,V PASCOE R V (KriSE I K III ITl.ER CAROL CAREY FACl ' i MKMBERS MISS LOUISE LEATON MISS MAHIXN RKINKE PROF. L. K. CROWE PHOK. . w. Mi:ni i{ coil XCHIFliN SKIT (g®ILIL» S (§Sia-IFII2rs LOLL-AGRI-FUN, a College of Agricul- iLiit ' a(ti ity, presents a yearly show featur- ing the students of the college. The Coll- Agri-F ui Board directs this production and attempts to create interest and ac(|uaint the students of the college with its opijortunity lor talents in dramatics, music, leadership. In addition to cash prizes offered for the liest acts. Coll-Agri-Fun awards a trophy to the organization presenting the winning skit. The Ag College Dramatics Cluh with its, " What? The British " , won the decision as 2nd Row — Medlar, Reinke, Pascoe, Crowe. Hultom Row UuTfv, lAultfr . Nore. ' r. Crui te. the final curtain went down this November 19. " Evolution of the Corn Plant " by Farm House won second place. Melvin Beerman with " Repology " won top prize in the cur- tain act division, while Farm House won second place with " Redemption Road " . The proceeds from tlic sliow are conliili- uted to a special Coll-Agri-Fun Student Loan Fund for Agricultural College stu- dents. Any new fixtures on the stage as well as properties in the Activities Building are added early by the organization. Page 184 j,J «.... Ml,. 111. llj.l, . II.. II,.. K.ut. A.I.I.,. 1l. i;...r. :;iii R.JI4 krai.Hhtil. Malli.ti. S1.1UI. l.un.Klroni. II. Hroxn, Kurni. Glllan. K. rolrman. Auffum fou - Kii nr «, ( i-rharj. Itfrjy, II. U ' . LIrottu. l.4nK«lun. Mulii, !is (§as iiiiis ' winjK H IGHEST aspiration of eacli engineering stiuit ' iit oil the cainptis i.s to lie presented with one of the (It ' paitineiital awards for achievement at the Kngineers " Hanipict. .Ath- h ' tic coiitot Ix ' lwfcii the arioiis depart- ments are lieKI. The proii|) winning the most events is presented uith a trophv at ihe BaiKpiet. .Annoiincenifnt il the ■ " Hhie I ' lint " SlalT for llu- following year is made at tlii time. Engiiu-ei " Week a originaled in 1804 to serve as a hirthdav releliration tor tlu- society. In 1 • ]. . the other engineering de- partments joined the eleitrical engineers in putting on this disfihiy. Since ihcn. the custom has continued to grow until, at the present lime, an Engineers ' Open liou-.e. Field Day. and Haiupiet are held. The Engineer " Open House i held on llic evening of (!harter Day. ' rhi attenipl to lio N ihc pnliiic in an entertaining and edn- tational way. just what the C(d!ege of En- gineering is doing. Ork on the dciiion tra- tions is done entirelv l)V studi-nls. ENGINEER ' . ; DEMONSTR.MION GENER.M. OFFICERS Grmral Cliairnian II VKHV RROWN Serrrlan-Tri-aHinr 11 RR I AMiSTON DEP.VRTMEM l, (IIAIRMAN , |:rii-iiltiiral Eni:in iTin|i .Arrliilrrliiral Engini-rrinc Glieniiral F.n)!inrrrinf! (jvil Enginrrrinp Elerlriral Enttinrrrinp Mfrlianiral Enftinerring Rl IIVKIMOI K 1 N DONALD (.KRAKD NORMAN STOl T VI III, REEDY MILTON MOIIR IIVRltl D RROWN Page 185 ®iii(gi s a a® Nothing is more tvpical ol college lliaii adilialion u ilh some t roui). Uiten carried to the extreme aiifl lon r the target for amhilioiis members as well as jewelery sales- men anfl national secretaries, scores of clubs carr on to satisfy, if nothing else, the insliiicj |o be thai which the Soiilh calls a " jiner. " All hail fraleriiil ! m ► v ■ l?iiIi liii IJ 3Il! Jrd Rou — Cri- n. Grant. Austin. Rcilly, Haynie, Sawlcll, Conn, Tolbcrt. 2nd Rou- — Hnllund, Bishop, Davis, Thor, Cund, Wagner, Lipp. Lockhart. tullom TJoit— Ivins, Oclricli. Frankforlcr, Mills, Schramm, Adelscck, Anderson. aSf UmiFIIili IIlllS a {g®115JS!!(g!]IL OFFICERS EH MILLS President CHARLES ADELSECK I ict ' -Pri ' sidcnt JOH lusiioi ' Secretary L KTI OELRI(:H Treasurer FACULTY AUMSOHS PROF.SCHRA LM DEAN HARPER PROF. FRAN KEORTEK BOARD OF CONTROL jIM ININS EAKLIIEULUND ACACIA CHARLE.s ADELSECK ALPHA GAMMA RHO ERIC TH OH ALPHA SICMA IMH P rL WAGNER A LI ' I I TAUOMF.GA M i; IN KOMIG itr.TA SICNLA PSI l IMIN OKI. RICH BETA THETA PI CII RI.ESRKI! ( CHI PHI FKEDCLNI) 1)1, 1.1 SICM I ' l t. V ' l LORDCONN DELTA lAl DELIA WILLIA.M SAWTELL Page 190 MEMBERS DELTA I PSH.ON HOWARD LINCH FARM HOUSE EARLHEDLl ND KAPPA SIGMA .1 WIESIMNS LAMI!i) cm ALPHA W NETOLBERT PHI ALPHA DELTA I in NK.MAIION I ' LII DELTA THETA LOUIS ANDERSON PHIGAMiNIA DELTA IMIli lll ' CH NT PHI k.VPPA PSI LYLECHRISTENSEN PHI SIGMA KAPPA KENNETH SCllROEDER SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON WKB MILLS SIGMA M.PIIA MI .NKJRHIS LIPP SIGMA CHI HOW Kn l TIN SIGMA l II VKR ' i II N NIE si(;m nil LPsii.oN l)W N CRKEN THETA CHI NHLAN WLSEN THETA XI WILLI W! REK II RIiT zi;TAHi:r TM BERN Mil) WHITE r- " »«w ;., A ' ..i. U.]..i..k. . Duul.v. Liciuii. MjIi.i... I ' uUuui. it.i H ' U Sjm t. H»v I. Hill, Lri-. MaKlnii. Sr-ninnc . . ' h ' f»i4 Srltrrt. rytr, llillvrr, t ' dirrll. rowrll, Elmbari;. H ' fit.nn Ktiu KvhlrAiidrr. Suldrr, Kuhn. V liilr, Schick, Stewart, Swobotla. IPI Sf IIlIlILlLii:i ' J(B ©©HJjgiSiJiL Ol 1 ILI.KS • l iu;l KRITEKI.INKI-H ( ' .hiiirman Ml i;ii;i. WHITE ' resilient l VKJORIE SCHICK Sc ritiir h l--(ll; i;ii iii» ULAN 1 1) lli:ri ' .NLK HORTENSE ALLEN CLRTRI DEItEERS MKMKKKS l I ' ll cm OMKGA nr.LKN JENNINGS l KI()N linl ' I ' ERT l)i:i.T 1)I.I,T 1)1 I T MARGARET MORAN HETTY N MiiUNK K ' V K V ' (.WIM I.OI ISEH()M PECCV 1)1 Rl NI) i I ' ll ()Mici;o I ' l WIl.MA PI I.I.IAM NELLELIPPETT |)| I 1 (. WIM EII.EKN IHINLKY NATALIE REHI. VENDER I Ml Ell I KN POWEI I I ORRMNE E1. IK()R(. ALPHA PHI BETT B() i N EVA JANE SINCLAIR c. MM PHI r.rT Ml un.i will 1 1. DETTA ROIIN III TA PHI i)e ()e li(;retia(;reen l.rii A 1 Dl.LlA FLORENCE STEUTEMI.LE IRENE SELLERS K l ' l ' M.l ' li I lll ' .TA ELINOR I RRKI I. HETTY IHI.LYER SlcM 1)1,1,1 I M ROSALYN LASIlINvK ' i ROSE HILL I III () !l(- IR(;iNIAST I.I)ER IAR(;ARET JANE I ' M. E k i ' i ' i)i,i.r M K STEW Kr UOROTIIY N (H!(i|) H RR R l RSTON NN IUT lEE Page 191 (Q m OOUNI) In the ir;ilrniali m (if MasoniA. iiicmhers of Acacia are represented, not by Greek letters. Init by a Greek name, taken from the eastern Evergreen. The same year of its original foimding at tli( I ' ni- versity of Michigan, 1904, a chapter was estab- lished at Nebraska, and since that time has iiccn conspicuous witli its presence. Especiallv |)n ' -cini- nent is the record Acacia has shown in intraniural athletics; this year she is headed toward w inning the Jack Best trophy for the third consecutive time. The Acacia social program is a veritable parade of uneqiialed festive events. Starting with the pledge ' s " Kid " party and contituiing tlnoiigh the iornial dinner-dance. Acacia made college life a little more bearable. Next year, this year ' s initi- ates will experience for the first time the Bowery Ball, for it is a bi-amnial e ent. iisua!l held in the middle ot the iormal season, lelaxing formalities. m IjAST February first, a member of Kosmet Khib. the secretary of (lorn (Job . the ice- president nf Interfraternity { onncil. and jirobably all the other mend)ers of Acacia, hovered ovei ' theii ' ie pe(ti ( ' radio to de- termine Ikiw tiieir brollier in the b(in(i was faring in the East-West football game. Cheering loudest was his teaimnate on the Nebraska stpiad who was not quite so for- tunate to make the trip. Acacia was represented on IkiIIi the edi- torial and business staffs of the DaiK e- braskan. and also on the Blue Print. One of the fi e oiVicer in the I{.().T.(L was a arsitv swimmer and anothci-. a membei ' of th( (]ornlui ker Halters. Oi great assist- ance to the ioiiner was an Acacia that was L ' uiversitv swinmiing iii tiu(t()r. Ba kin in llir Min a stime? llimw frum ihe capital. Paee 192 k4J lUllrT §JAB J..lni...n OKFICKRS Kiiiii.itr (li 11(1 Max IUilky KkKI) liUDIK I ' miilrnt I ite-I ' miilrnt Srrrrlary Tmiiiirrr A( TI KS (.ii i i.K Aiikl k(:k, ' .Ifi Max II.Hailky, ' 10 Fhki) Hodik. ' .ta Thomas BoDiK, ' ' to lUllliV ClUIM. ' W linNALI) IJIASE, ' 38 John G roth. ' 38 Kiiiit;i Ti;i TRli. ' 40 Thomas Hicks. " 39 Frank Johnson. ' 39 Harris Larson, ' 39 Ja K l Ki iK. " 38 III M IniKR. ' 39 GKoRt.t: Mkikk. ' 39 H ROLI) NlKMANN, ' ■«) MahkOwkns. ' .38 c;kor(.k Plack. ' 38 Imimn ri.ofK. ' 3 9 JiiK Kkdkki.i), ' 38 Mar :Rohy. ' 38 FrkoShirky, ' .38 RakSimonson. ' 38 KicHARii Smith. ' 38 lll( K WlllTK. 39 Waltkr ink. ' IO PLKDCES KiNGSLKY ALMOM). ' 10 EiickneBkck. ' 39 DKAN BlXI.KR. ' tO Ki ' SSKLL Dickson. " 11 Clikton Hillecas. ' 38 RodkhtKahlkr. " 40 Richard 1,kvkrton. ' U) i;krai.i Lyons. ' 41 Jamks McDicAL. ' 41 J u 1 miikr. ' lo Jamks MiNNicK. ' 41 Hl HARD MoRsf.. ' 11 W KNIIKIXNlCKCK MN. ' 11 Jamks Pai ' k .. " 41 Omkr (.Iailskt, ' 41 KlIWARI) Shkrwooi). ' 41 Klton 1 ilky. ' W (,i Y Williams. ' 41 Pane 193 aipm (gma ©iMn i vJVEK the week-end of April iiinlli a tri-jiin ince idint ' iiliiin (il Mplia ( ' . u Omega was held al ihe (iraiid I ' la a Hotel in St. l.oMi . Ii soiiri. Tothi.s inid-wesl gathering went the president, as ih ' legate. and as nian girls troni i cliapler as could (iiid die necessary ti ' aiis])ortation. Tlie jiroljalily discussed with girls from otiier chapters the |)arlies thev had. The Nehraskans could tell oi their annual parties — the Ulue and SiKer l)art before ( ' .hri tnias. the for- mal held this year on January eighth, and the Spring Cord - (Cotton house partv. In the meetings of the convention the lact that Aljiha (Ihi was celehrating its fift -lourth auni er ar with sixtv-three chapters was most likeU mentioned. Again, the Nebraskans could desi ' rilie theii house into which thev moved in 1926. This e ent took |)lace nineteen years after the chapter was installed on {Nebraska campus. Xi chapter has been here three decades since its origin on a Thanksgi ing Day. Creencastle. Indiana, is the national lieadipiarters loi- the wearers of the lyre. XiS these girls got to know their di tant sisters Ix-tler at convention, we can hear tell of some of the honois tlial came to the wear- ers ol the lyre. They placed second in the Homecoming house decorations. Then, not to be outdone, thev got bus and won the Coed Counselors Cuj) for the best booth at the Penny (Jarni al. Among tlie individual honors the Blue and Sil ei- claimed the A.W.S. Uoaid meudier in charge of " Coed Ft)llies " " and a senior member of the Hoard. In the Y.W.C.A. Cabinet tlie had three on the roll call, one ot which had al-o been elected to Student ( ' ouiicil. I,a t and not least, a member ol Mortar iioard graced their ranks. Moi-eo er. we mu t not forget to mention their representation in S|)onsors Club and mun ' rou honoraries. Magazines and papers taking preference over books. Page 194 c..,;i K ► ■ ' l lUlnuM tL. ; a lUiu HUck llull.xk, C. ilullmk. M. OKKKKHs lloU 111 I.I V Jl NMM. I ' lrutlrnl H 1 111 ISK O ' CONMXI 1 iir-l ' iryideni I.l rnhar1 DllMllTIIV Dl.K V||.LIAM Sn irliity Kium ■rilllilU N 1 Trrit titer OttfiiitniouEin ( v s KVKL Xiiwt-., ' ;i8 WiMI iii.iiNklmin, ' 40 Vl-ici: lUlM M. 39 Til i. Ills NvK .■w ILnJiuk. Ai.lcK Bla K. ' ;«{ M i I-.O ' CONNKLU ' .W Iluiiprrt DkLoris Bohs. ' y Mahy Kllkn Osil(IH , ' W l...tie Minor Morton Moullon Murlirt U rvtroll Whilr Uiilatl «« «illian«. n. 11 « lllUmv G. York lr . Buhnp CATIIKKINK BI ' LUMJK. " Ml I ' ll l.l.l KolllNSON. ' .W iKl.lMA FRIM. ' JO UkTH KciULWO. ' 38 Arlknk Chamimoi cin, U) Loiisk Sciinkckloth. ' Ml Maruabkt 1Ikm ric:ks, " 39 Bktty Stkwaht. ' 39 Uiii N lloi ' PKRT, " 39 GkorgineStiive, ' 38 Bakh k Jk hy, ' 38 Bk »:ki.i:y kaveb, ' 38 IlKi.iv Ji.NMMis. 39 M :r. « isTrinr. ' 10 Katiikrim; KiLni ck. ' ?: Sarah Aw W iiitj . Vifi imCK KOVANDA, ' 39 DoRIITIlY I). W ILI.IAMS. ' 38 EOITII l.KISY. ' 39 GWKN W ILLI M». ' 38 RiTnA MiM»R.40 IIknriktta Vjirk. ' .Hi noRIITllY Morl.TllN. ' 39 n F.IK.KS Kli-kn a. Armstrom.. 1(1 Bktty Kllkn Kihns, ' 41 Pai u K Barta. I ' hyli.i!. " 41 Mary Bi i.limk. " 41 IIii-in Mortiin. ' 11 EsTlii.H I)VM . " Ki liirn li I i.i i ii. U NUhjiirik Kisk.miart. ' 39 Javk l ri.vKB.4I Bitty n K(.i t i . ' H Bit Ki t. ' U1 M RY Kl.LK FAhWKLI.. 41 ALII:». SttOIIIMIA. " 41 SHIRI.KY (iRI.KNK. ' 41 (Jmihgia Tcten. ' 40 Elf.amih II sk son, ' 40 Lini-LKTmiM -. ■»! EwmikIIalm. ' 39 Bf,rrYjKA Ti r kb. 41 ' AI.K - K II SRPKR. ' 39 ELI.ANOR WlLLAII,st. . ' 40 Page 195 aipiaii (§ !MM mM® i. HE very iiantf of Alpha (laniriia Rlio signifies the ideals and aniliilion ol il incinlicis hccaiisc il was (leiived Irom ' " Agricullmc. " Formerlx a pro- fessional Iralcrnity. it was reorganized, after a merge with Delta Sigma Kiio. to i)ar dual nicniher- shi|) with a .-ocial fraterntiy. This legislation took place in l ' - ]?. a ear lluil marked the destinies of many aspiring Nebraska farmers, for it was that year that Nebraska Kap])a uas ioiindcd. 1 liis xcar Kai)|ia ]ilayr(i host to chapters representing seven states, the occasion being a distiict con ention which is held ill altcniat( vears with the national con- vention. Kappa, as a body, had a fine record to present to their neighljoring brothers. They have never been w ithoiit a scholarship pbujne and this last yeai " their cllorls placed them thiid irom the lop ol the schol- arship leaders. The first week in April sees double celebration, bir the annual spring party is held Saturday night, followed li - the founders da banonet on Sundav. A LTHOUGll lpha Cainnia Kh., i cssen- tialK interested in afiiicidtnic and conse- (piciilK inlcrotcd in acti iti ' on the ' " Ag " i ' aiiipii . thc ha i ' aUo managed to take an active part in (at campus fc li ities. As in every fraternil . ad anred military training interests some, and five A.G.R. ' s res])ondcd. while iniirol llicni w cA their at- tributes to win arsil letters. Alpha Zeta bouiHcd nine A.G.R. ' s, sevei ' al of which bc- longed also lo xarious l)e|)artniental clubs and organizations. Numlx ' icd anmnj: lliese organizations is the Rlock and lb idle which claims three A.G.R. ' s, Tii K. ol which -c en are nuMubcrs. the Varsitx l)air ( ' lub. and A.S.A.E. NaturalK ihc balance leans toward " g ' publications widi leu men sci ing on the ( ioiii h u skci ' (!ouutr man. iucbulinj; the Kditor-in-chie Hradin tile scandal with peace, nnl appri ' liinsiiiii. Pace 196 ■ ' Ilrll llirini«n, 0. ItirrniAii, K. lli.Hlrirk C.lntlrl Ulark, I.. Ciilriiian Slf.lla Smith Tharkrt Tlor Tomirh TrimM« Nan H.irn ,A ' S ' omcKits Oc.llKN RiKIM.i; Kahi. IIkadv Claiii KiNf; II MlIl Ki II. I ' residenI I iifl ' midrnl Srrrrlary Trnisiirrr AtmVKS llMiii Hu.i., ' 38 Clknn HiniM N. ' ;{8 RUSSKLL BlKKMAN, ' 39 RitviK Hhodhkk, " 39 Rkx Bhown. ' H) RVNOLnClMKKL. ' 30 DknmsClakk.M ' J Rk.iiahi) Colkman. ' 39 i.kocookslky. ' jo RonF.KT Damkix. ' 38 II Mil. ( Dm II. to TllKOIHIKK DOYLK. ' 38 i.k.o hwsmirk. " 39 KarlIIkauv, ' 38 I.KROY lIl ' LTQI ' lST. ' 38 CiAi I) KiNC. ' 38 .Al.rHKII KlTKK, ' 39 (IIIIIIN I MK v. ' 39 i.i III II M Mills, ' 38 Ki.ii I) U,i MWi. ' 39 Law hkn i; Nklson, " 38 RoiiKHT Pklkky, ' 40 Mt.HLK I ' ktkbson, ' 38 Rl SSKLL Pkkikfkh. ' W OCIIK.N RlDIILK. ' ;J8 Kdwin Roiskk, ' W IUkoldSciii |)ki.. ' UI Clknn Thackkb, ' 39 Khk TlloH. ' 39 Hon an IIokn, ' 39 Palmkh Wklsh. ' 39 PLEDGES II Mini. II lUlIM II. ' II MkbkittBimink, " 41 Lyle Clark. " 41 Bon CoRNKLii s. " 41 Don Crosikh. ' 40 JaMKS DiMdN. ' 11 Lynn Farr m, " 11 IUriilii Km .sen, ' 38 Bi RToN Krknch. ' 41 llou ARI) ClLLASPIE. ' 39 KK.ITII CiLMOHf.. ' 41 VKRN Kr.Rr.llRKGKR. ' 41 KrwrTU Kofl.LlNr. ' tl llllW Mill Kill . ' II Bernard LkMastew. ' 41 Bill I. bensen. ' 41 Leslie Newman. " 41 Lelani Parris. ' 41 . R iiLl Rkiii. ' .38 tt ii.lisSkrhla. ' 41 MiLEIIRI) . " MITH. ' SO LaWRENCEToVIII 11.39 Arch Tbimiile. ' 11 IIABLEY WALLi . " 41 Donald Wecneb. ' 41 Page 197 1 wo delegates from Zcia cliaplci- of Al|)lia Onii- fioii I ' i went lo llif liiciinial coincritiori at Canyon I lot el ill ' l t ' llow loiii ' I ' ark til is past siiiiinicr. lien tlie returned to (liool. tlicv were greeted li twent sisters who joinrd witli tlicni lor a lius riisli week uliicli resulted in their pledgiuf; t ent -one p;irls. This was a defiuite increase over the eleven eharter nienili( rs who estaldished AOPi on the Nelnaska eampus in 1903. Their first soeial event of the year was a fall house paitx. the " AOPi Zoo " ; decorations were ca ges holding animals representing mascots of the loothall teams which eliraska plaved this fall. At the Cornhusker Hotel the sorority held its foinial on Jannarv sixth. Jnst two months later every AOPi ' s heart swelled w itii pride as one id their iiiimhei ' lose Ironi the liell (d a gigantic saxaphoiie to he ac- claimed the 1938 Prom Girl. 1 HIS Prom Girl, well-known on the campus lor her work in acti ities, held such posi- tions as viee-president of Mortar Board. Student Ciumcil. and Tassels, in addition to heiug the president ol Phi Sigma Chi. na- tional |)ep organization. On the da sin- was masked, one of her sisters was Ivy Day Poetess, and another. Ireshinan attendant to the May Queen. The wearers of the cardinal were also represented on the A. W. S. Board and the Student rnion Board of (Control. In a variety of organizations residents of 1,541 S took a |)roniiiieiil part as in ()riliesis, Sponsor ' s C.liili. and the Vesper Choir. Last spring fue ol this group were recognized at the I louor Coinocatioii li heing announced memliers of Phi Beta Kappa. We ((Mild play bridge if we only had a fourth. Page 198 ir 4 r f f}: f O ' fJ-i -f " Ok Q ,,i Irr %v O a " t] 1 tlln«ri 1 ..•tri OKKUKKS lUlirv W IIM I ' l MUM Dulll- " Mllll Sakaii IIakmdn I ' rrsidenI 1 irrJ ' residenl Secretary llranry llriiilri(-k« Una J K KniM.KH ( TI KS Trrii.Mirrr Dorothy Arciikii. ' .JH W ii.m I ' l i.i.iam. ' .HH Jank Ettinckh, 39 I ' ai mm. Ki . vulks. ' . ' M HMi llMiMoN, ' 38 Cora I. KK Smith, ' .{« iNKZ Hkanky, ' 38 Dohis Smith, 39 Mary J. 11kmiru:ks. " Ul Km .aiihth Smith, ' .W Riin IlKiii), ' 38 IUvnahSrii. ' .38 Nkllk l.iiTiTT, ' 39 Mar II.Swkknky, ' W Mary Jamck Mkneray, " .38 Jankt SwifT, VMl MarjorikMisch. ' 39 Mary T m)kv. ' 39 Sue Pickering, ' 39 Jun W adk. " 39 n KIICES .iallrl.l ' rhniiill Ellen Andermin. ' II J WE Pr tt. t1 " .hcr ooil -imilh. C. L. Betty Clarke, " U 1R(.IMA Rai ' I ' , ' W ' milh. D. Margaret Foster. ' 39 Ri thSaaleelk. ' HI M RY MWINE HANEY. ' tO Mary .M.SruMiin, ' Ul Nmilli. E. IoisIIari ' STER. ' .39 Ki.eeta Sherwimiii, " 10 ■irb ■ ' WrPllffT Phyllis Ivers, ' 41 Mary Tree. ' 10 ■iwill Poory Josephine Ley, " 39 Charlotte t ri. ' 11 Ri nYMrC.EE. ' M) l!i ni iii Rii. ' II M V11HN Mii.i.m. 11 Tirr Ull W.Jr Mr.. I. ..n. Page 199 aipm ipsia r IRST ill llic KdMiict Kliili fall rcMic. (ii l in x)- roiits -house I loiiiccoiiiiiig (Iccdialioiis. aiul first in the ratings of PaiilicIU ' iiic scliolarsliip — these are Alpha Phis acconi|)lishiii( ' rits lor one week in the fall of " 37. These three large siKer cnps togethei ' on one mantle should lie an inspiration to any pledge class, pai ' ticulaily the largest on the campus, — twentv-niiie girls Irom Osicola to Omaha. Then in soeial events we loimd the maiiis ot 1531 S holding the first house party oi the year. Not to be outdone, they lented the Cornhusker hallrooni for the night after the AlilitaiN Hall and retained their ])rimary position. Nil ( ' lia|)ler of Alpha Plii seemed to have a suc- cessful thirty-second year on the Nebraska campus. orkiiig together in a strong single unit under able leadership, they attained many group honors. Last spring the beginning came with their possession of second |ilaee ill the hy Da ' soioiity sing eompe- lilidii. fN»tai v7 this same day two members of Alpha Phi were attendants to the May Queen. One of these was also in Stiulent (Iduiicil and Tassels. EaiK in the lall the il ei ' and bordeau saw an appointment to the women ' s organization editor of the " Corn- husker " come their way. Then on December third this same girl marched second to the honorary colonel as regimental sponsor and thus a member of Sponsors Club along with another sister. At Honors Coinocation two Phi Beta Kappas were annonnred who wore the pin of Alpha Phi. . iiolliei ' . in the roll call of Delta Phi Delta, receiyed a year ' s scholarship to stiid art in Paris. Those who were (list to coiigiatiilate her were repre- senting Alpha Phi in sui ' h dillerent lionorai- is as Delta Omici ' oii. Theta Sigma Phi. Beta (iainma Sigma, and Vestals of tiie Lamp. Spiiiif: air just doesn ' t mix «illi scholastic endeavors. Page 200 y ' - ' H ' r) r K-)i ' " V{ ' A t)H (KK.N ll l.)N hiiiiii I ' iruiirni M HI.AH».T SmIIII 1 irr-l ' rrudrni lluHinglon Jl N III l.llt.S Srt rrtary I ' Mllll 1 J» Nsl N Trraiurrr UU A .TI h liKATliii i; AM)Ii»: v . " M) " - R II 1 Ml isi li M.Ms, .17 riiM.l.i HAKi:H. .W Jt.AN MoK(.A . ' 40 [ull.i HinvUlATTY. ' H) iMAN Noll, ' :w X ' .tr ' f IWTTY llllWMAN. ' ;W lloHlsM. PolLLITT. HI II Mill Ml III W INC.TtlN. ' 141 III in KollRHAI I.H. ' U) llufhr Jr-n cn TiiKoiiA Khickmin. ' m Hklkm CLAIHK FoHI). ' .W WilmaSm:klk, ' 3V K J M Sim lair. ' .W JitlllltiKI J ACQ! KLIN K Kl I.I.KH. Ul Mahi.ari.t .Smith. ' ;i8 Mai.l. ' U) Bktty lor Sthin«.»;r, ' .18 Kohr J . III i.llf. . K) I ' m III- TvYi.oH. ' Wi Montan Patricia J KNSKN, ' .V YvoNSf. Koiiii. " JO Mary K.Traiy, ' «) Iarii; m.t, 10 H K. KU.MKiIjT. VW M iM Wknt .. " .W 0«|K.rn riKlK.KS i. . .s iil.U»l JaM.TTI. lU.KLLI M», ' 11 I ' opr I ' rimr Col RTNKV SIIT(»N. " I1 ;km;vikm Johnson. ' 10 Jt N lUkm. " 41 Bl TT 1 »MI ' I1I Rl. ' Wl Kairh Phyllis Bkkrmw. 11 Im. Nkil-son. ' U KMhrlmufh Klkaxir Bkhmk. tl Arlim. Boris. Jl Kl.NNKTIlA O-noRNf.. ' U |H(.INIA rilll.R-oN. ' tl SirkrI Klkanor Bovii. ' II MaxinkPoi ' i. ' II M Mil N Itlll Ml II-. ' 11 NS I ' MIIH I I ' lllMt . ' 11 in IJir NirrkrltwrB DonsaBi i.i.i . " 11 K Mill RINK HaK H. ' .19 Tatl»r Bi tlkr. ' 11 NUrmkir (RorriR. " 38 Mary Ki th Khoius ' tl IrknkSkyiiolii. U Mary I.oi Daly. ' H jANK rSTKCKLKni Rl.. ■»! Trjf? Eli .aii»:tii Day. " .W M RY ST tnD»RT. ' 11 MARr.ARLT(;Ri;is . ' Jl U INl W » .N1R. ' J1 Mr . Si-hniiMrl Pajic 201 1 HOSE meni!)ers of Alptia Sigma Phi who acted so foolishly last fall in their kit ot the Kosmet Kluh show were to become very serious the follow- ing April at their tAventy-fifth anniversary banquet at the Lincoln Hotel. The addition of Nebraska Xi chapter twenty-five years ago was only a detail in the extensive expansion that started in 1907 after the fraternity had lieen dormant for a period of forty-three years due to external opposition at Yale, the place of its original founding. But. this small detail that is mentioned above proved to be a strong link in the powerful chain of fraternal significance of Alpha Sigma Phi. Living up to the fact that it is a social fratemit} , the Alpha Sigs entertained in a singular, but en- joyable manner when they held their spring part} Hawaiian style. Instead of die usual invitations, leis were used as bids, and every one attending en- joyed the affair immensely. VV ITH three members of the Lincoln Ca- thedral (]li()ir and one member of die Glee Club, the Alpha Sigma Phi ' s have a record that would be difficult to surpass in the wav of vocal music. They can present a diversi- fied collection of men in all campus activity ' including military, honoraries, and ath- letics. In any society of advanced R.O.T.C. you may find an Alpha Sig and consciously or unconsciously, you saw one of the fra- ternity performing on die gridiron last fall. This adilete is a member of the " N " Club as is another who traveled through Texas with the baseball squad. Applying hard work u itii his popularity on the campus, one Junior became a member of Kosmet Klub and of the Junior-Senior Prom Committee. In other cases. Uieir were members of the Student Council. A.S.M.E.. and treasurer of Alpha Kappa Ps A real good session in ttie wee licuir of the night. Page 202 Crupfirr U OKKICKRS First Seinr«ler " " Va..M.H Prt iJenl Don Gonzalks livf.l ' rrsuUnl ' ■ " - ' ' « ' S rrrtary Hal IIalstki. r.r„,„,rr SercinrI ScnnXiT " ' " lALSTKD Vo , ,.„ Pail Wacnkr Hce-Presidrnl John Mi kllki. S.-rre ory ' " - P " - 7-rffl.vHr,T Acrn ' ES riiMiLKs Blivkns. ' Grad. Niel Parks. ' 38 ()MAHBl)HNKMKIER. ' 38 JacK PlMPllREV, 38 Don Gonzales. ' 39 John Rkhahdson. M 1 1 i. iiALSTED, " 39 Dick Simon. ' 39 Doi (.LAS Harper. ' 39 Leslie Stoltzman. 39 Ralph Hopkins. ' 40 Vu: Stri ve. ' H) Leonard Jacobs. ' 39 Don W agner. " 38 Galen Jones. ' Grad. Pai l W acner. ' 39 JiiHN Mikller. " 39 PLEDGES Walter Cropper. ' 41 P i i I.inkk. 11 Bon Dalton. ' 38 Rorert May. ' .39 JohnGeyer. " 41 RorkrtMitciielu ' 4I George Graham. " 40 John Mi lgri e. ' .39 Gregg Hi tson. ' .39 Don Pkorock. 41 lill.l. I K.I -..1 . " 11 FlIWK PHU( n KA. " 11 Jack Jackson. 10 George Ri sselu ' 41 Bill Kinyoi n. " 41 Charles saniiall. 10 KIIN I.HIIIKTTER. ' 39 IHl K TlWTMAN. " 41 V N a Septenilicr aftcrnodii stncntv - yec years ago three voiinf; ( " (iiilc(l( ' rat( ' Icll llic urge ot Lrolli- erlv love so slronglv tlu ' v started w hat a to lie (Hic of tiie largest and most indncnlial ()ipani ali(iii ol its type. Al|)lia Tan Omega. Again this year tiiere appeared a Noiiiig man in llie clothes of a Confeder- ate soldier, hut in a muili different situation, sui- rounding him were Indians. Vikings, angels. S])an- iards, Scotsmen and every type of person imagin- able. The occasion was Ye Storie Booke Balle. the l)iemiial A.T.O. triumph. The coloriul arrav of costumes harmoiii cd with the picturesque Mother Goose hanging.- that (i ered lioth walls of the Cnrii- husker hallroom and tliose disguised characters luid no dignified method of descent to the dance floor, because to reach thai destination thev were forced to glide down a wooden -lide. making the A.T.O. stalwait- that hattle for the fraternity ' s high place in intramurals hiok rather foolish. This event was in a year tlial was only one of a long succession of successful years. -ifS- " OOMK ol the ho.-t.- al the Ikill were the men that were carrying on the tradition of A.T.O.s prominence in extracurricular ac- tivities, representing almost e ery form of campus organization. Two oi these celelira- ties were memliers ot Ko-nu ' t Khd) while three hel|)ed hring Major Jones a mo t snc- cesstul first ear as loothall coach. An In- nocent was also ]jresent. hut the one that lelt most at home in such attire was an out- standing member of the L ni ersitv Plavers. In the wav of iiuMication-. two mend)ers ga e their services to the Blue I ' l inl. uliile a third labored in the caiJaiitN ol as islant business manager of the Cornluisker. The College of Engineering honored an A.T.O. bv taking him into Sigma Tan. top ranking and one ol the oldot national hoiioiaiv ' n- gineering fiaternilies. Tliir ' - w a n ' l niun li lal)l ' s In j uniiind after supper. Page 204 ( .« i MiSM »rl. ■wx lldrlli th.-, ' lla. r i n..rliiii ■ Ilu.luii4ii .m. llullri :i.rk !ranirr liullom iiKKICEKS llatiiUiin llatin Don Bohim, Jh. I ' rt ' sitlfttt l «i . I). (iKOIll.K (Jl.l.KN. Jr. 1 iie-l ' resiilenl Hull lillilitsll Serrelary Kclri Imi IN l t MI(. Trvnsurrr K.Il.oortli iii»l TINES Glau HdniiltMii l)l)N l! RIII. " l(l Jerky. I(:(;all. ' .38 )l -jriM-k Ural.l Don Hokum. M8 Gordon McEntirk. ' .3t Hoian IUn Hi mimxn. ' 39 Hon MooN. ' UI i. .v (:i. HK. ' 40 Do.N Moss, ' 39 1- ;,:.,i.. ■ Ji i DwiDsoN. ' 39 .Stanley Peterson. ' 38 jolin-oii Kdlli W ii.i.HM Davis. ' 38 ALERED PROEEin. ' .39 Kirk KmIiI Krki) Eclky, " S9 KoY Proeeitt. ' U) 1 ...l ... jllllN Ellswdrtm. " Id HoiiERi Reddish. ' .38 1 i|irr( DtiN Glass. ' 39 I R IN RoMK.. ' 38 I.orllrrlp I ' RWKI.IN llwiii.roN. ' 39 1 111 L Rom i(. II. ' .39 May Hii.i. IIkmii). ■.!« J :k S( hock. ' .39 MrCall HollKRT IIdWK. ' 39 John Smith. ' .39 M.Eiilirc Don Jknsen, ' 39 KENTTI l-PER. ' 10 M.... I ' liii. Kam. ' ,38 Geori.e I ntiiank, ' 37 Nnblc Hi I) I.AMI ' KRT, ' 39 Phil ea er. ' H) O ' CMniitir Oder Robert Leadley, ' 39 E ELLE Vol NC.ER. ' U Prlfr-iiin rn.rli PLEDGES Pr..lTill, A. Prnllill. R. Hoii Adams. 11 ( l.Mlk Kl rrlNt.ER. " 11 Ramry Georce. yers. " H) Elmer Ladine. ' Ul Rctlili.h R..srr,. H. Wkndki.i.Hvsvk. " U John Mason. ' 11 Rotrri.. W. F. Ki) Ri) Hi ' 11 Roiu.htNoiile. ' Ul Romic. M. A NK GlIXMt.R. " 1! John Oder. ' 11 Rnmie, P. Sanilhrri: Tom Dwies. ' 11 John 1 ' smore. ' .37 Srhlch |)i( K Davis. ' .38 Bi IK Prime. 10 Simon Smith Tom Edwards. ' 39 RonSANDEBC. " 41 Tom Cist. " 11 Clarence Simon. ' 41 Stern buric Thompiton HkN IlKXRIl. 11 Damd Tiiomi ' son. ' 41 Tuliprr .lollN l|oR N. ' Ul Jim ierecc. ' 41 L ' nlhank VirrcK Hll.l- Johnson. ' 11 Hon OH.T. ' 41 VnithI DanaKoiii.. ' .3K n hi tt a rr Wil.oii Mfilrn Ynuncrr Paee 205 d T I III " , iiii ' iiiii( ' r III l|ilij i Oi ' It;! (l( ' s( ' r ( more iIkiii one il or cii]) l ii ' liic iiii|M(i cniciil tlicv liave made in scli()lai liiii. In 1 ' ' . ' 57 llic IkhI made the greatest gain and unc in lonilli plaic. This year, still steadil im|)r() iiig lliey arrived at second. Not one ot ihc older luilional sororities on the Ne- braska campus. Iia ing heen installed in llie e ( ' nlh province of Alpha Xi Delta as Klio rliapter on Jnnc 5. I ' M 2. llie lia e Won lor ihemseU e a high rating. II was llii cliaiiler that origmaU ' d the enstom of a i.itieohrs Mother (Mnli. Klio lias heen very jjeneficial in Inrnisliing a i-ooni at the Lincoln (General Hos- pital besides eonlrilmting to the national ( ' arcassone project. At one of the earl inhnrnal honse parties of the year the acli e,s treated their loniteen new pledges to a new l pe ol house party, ' " ' i ' he Swcatei ' Sw ing " , ill sl le w ith the moilern dance. Next in (nder was the annual lornial held on ,Iaiiiiar ei :lilli. Ai.TiiorGi . ' GU strong ill -cholai -hip. the girls at 1019 R seemed to liiid time lor ex- tra-eiirriciilai ' ai ' livitics. One ol the Imsier girls was treasurer of Moitar iioard and the . ' V.W.S. Board nicmhei in charge of Fresh- man A.W.S.; nevertheless, she had time for fieta Gatmna Sigma and Phi ( hi Tiiela, l i ad scholastic honoraries. In the jour- nalistic field wc found the president and several nieinhers of Theta Sigma I ' lii. and a news editoi- of the l)ail ehiaskan. The latter also re p resell tetl Al|)lia i Delta on the Stndeiil (!ouncil and jmiioi -Senior Prom comniillee. The wearers ol the ipiill were er acti e with Iwo memhers each on the Goed Counselor Hoard. A.NX ' .S. Hoard, and . ' .( . ( ' ahiiiet. Th ' pa rtici|)aled in lplia Lainhda Delta. Glii Delta I ' lii. I ' i l.ainlid.i I lii ' ta and I ' lii I psiloii ()iiiicion. ZAl ,Iii l line iniiir Mine tii ' fiiir «c (in to sludy liall. Page 206 Clirinr 3 rir t ' : ' Q ' - C? " IttMl (II ' IICKKS IllIM Si 1.1.1 ll JaNK I ' KNiM.NGTON ItKTTY GnoNyrisT Kloiik.m;k Stkutkvillk Orcult 0» ' ii. ri-nniiiKli ' ti Ro i-wali-r llMiM-rl II II III Sliill Scllor. Smilli . lanililnril Slriil( ' illr, Fcni :Strulrvillr. Klor. Striilr%illc. M. Tfltlor , Tlirkrr j Whilr Ml.. M c«hall I ' rrsiilenI y ' ice-l ' resitlenl Secretary Treasurer ACTIVES Bktiv Ciikhny, ' 38 Lois Coopkr, ' 39 l WINK Dick, ' 38 DOHIS EllLKHS. ' 38 Jean Gist, ' 38 Betty (iitoNyi ist. ' 39 ELKANdll. 111! KMAN. ' Ml i.i iii llii.i.. " 38 Duiidhi I iim)N. ' 38 Helen Lively. ' 38 MxHTii Long. ' 39 Arlene Macnuson, " K) liii.i.v l i, Nkmn. ' WI Janet Olson, ' 38 AicleneOrcutt, ' 38 I (PI OWKNS, ' ' W J NL rENNINCTON, ' 38 Bariiaka Rosewater, ' 39 I RENE Sellers, ' 39 L ll(. MIET Standieori), ' 38 Fern Steutkville. ' JO F.Steuteville, ' 38 1 io Stki ti: ili.e. ' M) E ELYN TvM.llH. ' .W NtARCERY NLXNCHESTKII. ' 10 M RV l.lll Tl I KIR. ' .tV PLEDGES Alice Ann Bedell. ' 41 Gi. in Ki i ' i.rt. ' .39 Annette BiERBALiM. 11 nn l iiii. lii iii. ' ll Betty Rose Conway. ' It) Di.i. Si mill. 11 Eleamiii Collier. ' 11 Helen Severa. " 10 Irene Lloi rtvey. ' tl Genevieve Smith. ' 41 K Tiiin HiniiiM.w. ■.! ' KIAN White, ' 41 r.i.MV Ki 111 Lm.i.m n, ' I1 Alii i; ' .! ' » PaRc 207 J_jAST Fel)ni;ir ' . ■ 1i(mi sixteen nienilieis of Beta Sigma Psi journeyed to St. Louis, Missduri for their national eonvention, they were anxiously wait- ing for the oppoitnnilN to exchange stories of suc- cess with their ' iieighhoriiig hidthers. Thi was es- peciall) Inic of the Nehraska group, for ahhough it is a comparatively young fraternity, its progress has been ra|)i(l ami r()n isleiit since llie (]a in April 1926 when Nehraska Delia was estaMished. From the scholarshi|) ratings of all social fraternities it is easy to see that hooks were used for something besides a letter file or to put a crease in a pair of ti " ousers. On the night oi November sixth the nu m- bers of Beta Sigma Psi abandoned those hooks that placed them third from the top. ari l collected at the Hotel Cornhusker for their fall party. This was (lecidedK dillerent iiom the general run ot house parties. This was followed by an alunuii hampiet on the night oi Homecoming and several successful spring house parties. i ' the annual MolherV l)a Bancpiel. a nmnher of the sons present were rcjjresent- ing Beta Sigma Psi in the societies of the ad anced !{.( ). ' ! .( ' . depaitment and one was the ca| tain (d the National Headipiartcrs of Pershing Killer. Paired uith this ofTieer was a member of Scabbard and Blade hut op- posed lo them, upholding the honor the Ai- tillerv were two members of the Red (Juidon. A fifth, not aiVilialed with the militar de- partment, but closelv related uas a meudici ' of the ai it Kifle Team. To round out ihe program of acli ities Beta Sigma Psi claims the business maiuiger of the Prairie Sehoonei ' and the man thai was elected ecretai ' oi the liilerl raternitN ' Council. Between halves ol a football contest, two Beta Sig iivc doing their part lo spur the pla ei ' s on. ii-iirlim;; niw from the papir and the new radio. Page 208 li%l IVIhlint ' Jf OFFICERS Al.llKHT Kf;l KII lliiMI l( llM(IL|N(. llMIIILI) At C.I Ml ' KollKKT SKIDKL I ' miilent I II vl ' rcsiilciil Sri rt ' tttrv TmiMiriT rii rs llMIOI.I) Al (.1 STIN. ' 38 lloMKH Baktlinc;, " 38 HTM I II BOYK, ' 38 1.IINKII COLTKIt. ' Ml RosroK IIkins. " U llMllll.l) lllPIlM N . Ill Claiis Johnson, ' ill lluN M.I) MkIXKI.. " to H.mioluOklkkhs, ' K) M MiTiN C)ki.iii(:ii. ' 39 |{i( iimidOstwai.I). ' 39 CiiMiLKsOrro, ' M) I ' m I. KooiK, ' 40 kl IIMI I UnsKNBKRC. ' 38 II Kin K wiMi ui.iiiin. ' 111 SiiiiKi.. " Ill ll.lnill.l lilt.. l ' j..»,ilk rlanit i 111 HI Kkim-.h, ' 38 Kl.lllUI) W INTKH. ' 11 PLEDGES llmiii.ui Dm m n. ' 11 I ' M 1. l ' sK M.K. 11 LESTKB 111 IlKHT. 11 I. IN I ' l.VNKK. 10 l(... .k Ko«riiltrt|: Salvar.U Si i.lp! MAHMN IIOIINSON.II I.K.KOV KKAMKK, ' -IO Dki.mxh Liknkmann. tl .lllllN .- M. HI». ' .W HoWAUDSI .VDKHMANN, VHI.K iKMI-INf;. ' 39 ' W Page 209 IMlNKl ' i -M K years ago eight young men raised llu ' ir voices foi- the first lime in praise of Beta Tlieta i ' i. I.a [ |)i inji (nicc a aiii " I lie l.ov inj; (aip " rang ( ci ' the caiiii)!! . I lii nrra--i(in va llic l I)a Inl( ' rlral( ' iiiit Siiij;. ami llic |iiilgi ' dccidi ' d lliat Beta deserved xoral ii|ieri(ii it over all ol the roni- peting haleriiilio. MnelN-nine ears ago e cn tlie fondest dreani of these eight Miami I niveisity stu- dents liould not ciineeive ol ii(li a record a the metnhers of Beta Thela I ' i now claim. Those years have seen eightv-seven chapters created over the I niled Stale.- and Iwii in (ianada. One ol these is Nebraska ' s Al])ha Tan. Thosi ' that were initiated into Beta here can look forward to next car with doiiMv great aiilicipalioii because 1939 not oiiK mark- the national ceiileii- iiial lull the - ' mi-ceiitemiial ol tiie local clia]iler, (he lliird -iich I lalciiiitv to lie oigani ed on the Ne- liia-ka campus. Scholar-lii|) record -how that Beta stands among the hi " h ri ' in ciiriiciilar acli ities. 1 HE hearts of tliose Betas that did not sing with the -elected tweiit -(i e la-t Ma . swelled with |)ri(le when tliev saw the ( ' ap- tain of Pershing Rifles, the rre-ideiit ol Kosniel Kliili. and the Managing Editor of the Cornhusker present in the ictorious group. That alternoon. one (d their bi ' otliers a- tapped secretaiv ol the Innocciils So- ciet . on can be -lire that the lour Betas who wei ' e members of the Lincoln Cathedral Choii ' . one (d whom was the liu-iness Man- ager, bolstered the voices of tliose that were not so confident. The latter might well ha e been tlii ' two memlier- ol the track team nv die pledge that wa- to |ila ar-il lia ket- ball the eii iiing inter. Beta activities were not conlmcd lo the cil cam|)u-. tor the member ol the Block and Bridle (lliib was al.-o to be on the .Ag. I ' Acculix e Board. 8 t)iifsn ' t llial pipe and armcliair liHitv ;;(n d III vou? PaRe 210 s L i ll i o " ( Q o HttnlMic llacr K.rrhrl. F. W f in|;.tilrn 111 l(.l.|{.S WlNHKI-l) 1. ll.lAs I ' resiilfiil lIllRACJK K. Crosiu t irrl ' rfsiilrnl JoNATiuN A. Woi.corr St ' f ri ' ltin riiiiu III! i:. KiiiiiM. Tiia.Mirfr i ii i:s Allan Ahmhki stlh, " .W Don M.i) Kki.i.imm;, ' 39 HollKKT HM T(1M.. " M 1 lO.lll.RK. KiKCIILL. ' to JcPMN 1! IIH . ' Ill John Klosk. ' .19 HoiiKiii Hi.(.irroi., ' M lioiiniT Ml (;riRK, ' 38 I ' Al lUkadlkv. 11) !.. i)ni)(.RK . ' 39 JKFFERSON nilOAIIY. ' .W JiiiiN I ' ahkkk, ' 38 JiiiiN Hiidwnlkk. " M IU: I ' AITKRMIN. ' .iK UliV BlIDVIIILL, " JO KlIllAIII) I ' ai l. ' .18 .1 M1.S Bl ' .NTINC. ' 38 Arthi r Kahkr. ' .39 KollKKT ClIAMilKKS. ' 39 CiimilksRkillv, ' 38 II()HA(;kC:h( siiy, ' 3 ' J ClIAKLKS KlCL, ' 1(1 KlClIAHl) l)KnHOW . " IO WlRT. ' ALTIIOI SK, ' .J8 I)(ll (.LA lldllT. ' 39 W II I.I M SWKKNKY, ' 39 Hii iiAHi) Doty, " 39 Dallas Tassif. ' .38 W i nKLi) Elias. ' 38 Frank Tallman.Ui John Folsom, ' 40 FlIKl) Wkrstkr, ' .{8 RoiiKHT Cannon. ' 39 John Wkini.artkn. ' 10 William (;isii, ' 39 Jamks Wkldkn, ' 39 OhvalIIaglr. ' 40 Tli) klton, ' «) Kkrmit Manskn, " .V) Ion tii v Wdl.foTT. ' : ' , ' ) PLEDGES Jamks Armstrom.. 11 W xltkhKikciikl. " 41 Lkon Davis, " H HorfrtKi RL, 41 Lkon Donlky, ' Jl J AMIS MrLLIN, ' 41 lloi i;hto Ft rr, " 10 lionLRT I ' lLI.SRIRY. ' JO IIkriikhtClovkr. ' Id :il RI.Ks PlLLsnt RY. ' 4 1 SlDNKY IIaRIIKMAN.II John . ' toiiiiaart. ' 41 Mil 111 1.1). 11 Frank Vktik. ' 11 KdWAHU 111 WALDT. 11 Ml i.u Williams. " Ml OswiN Khifkr. " 41 Pafie 211 (oma ©MJi i A SOlJOllll ' Willi ilic Soiilli ill il III I. Ii.niiif; heeii Idiiiidcd in l ! ' )5 al Favptte illr. Arkansas, walkccl oil willi (ii t |ilaic in llic Kosuicl Kliili lall sliou ciiilain acts with a skit (Ui " The Bifr |)|)le " , llic Soiitlu ' iii (iaiicc ci ' azf. This was oiil ihc be- ginning of the honors whitli were to come to mem- bers oi (] u Omega. I ' hey were represented in all fields of activity on Ag cani|)ns. in honoraiies. in puhlieations and in music. These girls started out tile thiil -(iltli year of Kappa chapter of ( ' hi (). I) pledging twenty girls. In October these girls were entertained b the acli es at a llallowccn bouse partv. and in March the pledge class took the honor and gave a scavenger limit for their u])perclassnien. On Januar twcnlx-ninlh lhe ' all joined together for their annual iormal. At different times during the scar round-table discussions on etlncation. vocations and personnel were held bv the chapter. In such ways Kappa chapter is striving to uphold the standards ol the national sorority. IjAST spring, on Ivv dav to be exact, one of the resident- of 480 North Sixtccntii Street, was masked a meiniie]- (d Mortal Board. Her sisters, there to congratulate lier. included a secretai ol .A. A. Coun- cil, and secretary and another member of the A.W ' .S. Board. On the aiiic dav the latter was attendant to the Mav ( ueen and the next v inter received the Mortar Hoard award lor the most oulstaiiding senior. At the beginning id the set ' ond semester a Chi Omega, a member of Theta Sigma I ' lii and Phi Sigma lola. was ajipointed editor of The Daily Neinaskan. one of the highest )io-ition- in iournalisin. Her sister at the same time was acting as eiiior member ol the C]oll- Agii-i ' nil Hoard. In music lliev were reprcMiitcd in the L niversily Syin- phonv Orchestra. XQl Qiasing bines away after Icn-lliirly quiet hours. Pui u2)2 0H f _ k% ' V ' i: ' a 1 1 - j Q tiiiil. L. Ilfltp 1 il-k ' -II 1 •-tKUBon OFFICERS PK(.(;V pASCflK I ' resiilcnl » flar ni-;rr I ' miu 1 irr-l ' rrsitlenl 1 lorr ■illrll Km II (;ii.i.i.ri Serrrliiry i.rai KlUNCKS 1k kii Tri ' a.Mirrr llr.rll i ri KS lliall Hill I ' mlink Bo vkn, ' 39 lU 1 .) iMls. ' 39 Mttliiidii ll..i,l..,ii Dorothy Chase, ' 40 Joyce Malzaciier. ' 40 H„„|„-, Bkity Clizbk. ' 39 Mary Jane Mi Ii ' IO Mahy Fislak. " 38 l ' T Meier. ' 39 llornuiiit BF.riY ruiHY. ' K) Rosalie Motl, ' 38 ir..iiM.i.. K. il..usr,„. It. . I.FKKUENHAr.KN,;}8 Marc.aret Ml ncer, ' 39 llvlaiiil EMDClLLETT. ' aS Helen Pascoe. ' 39 AmyGhay, ' 40 Pe(;cy Pascoe. ' 38 Kimly IlKLKN MkWKTT, " 39 Mar(;aret Jane Pyle. " 39 Knmc KryKcr LoisHiATT, ' 38 Frances Spencer. ' .39 1 ooini- 1 owe Elsie Hoatskn, ' 38 Virginia Staldeh. " 39 Edith IIoi ' sten. ' 40 Harriet Stearns, ' 40 M.Miillin RlTIl IIOISTEN, ' 38 Frances Weyer. ' 39 Mdlzjriirr Phyllis Jensen, ' 39 Betty WiDENER, ' .38 lav Mrirr Jr. N Khisl, ' 38 Kathryn WiNgiisT, ' 38 Moll Mildred Kruse, ' 40 Margi ' ERite Yoi ' Nr.. ' .39 I. in KVTIIRYV, ' 39 Mungrr r.,MMM-. H. PI.EDCES IMc Simonaon Mmi(;arktHk tty. " 11 1 l ' f.(.(.Y lloKM (.. ' 10 Leona Brant, ' 41 RiTii Hyland. ' 41 Sethyne Brant. ' 41 Charlotte KiNDY. " 41 -•-.l.l. t I.icille Cox. ' 41 Maxine Lowe. ' Jl J WET Davis, ' 41 Betty Jane NU . ' ll W ll.XMISK Erickson. " 40 Jean Simonson. ' 41 Betty Kehgison. ' 41 l.OI ' ISE . ' tapleton. ' 41 U rvrr U iilrnT Mildred Hill. " 38 Ri th Stevens. ' 41 I.ILA HlLLMAN. ' 41 Odette Wallace. .38 Mr«. I ' rnulv Ji N MiMii ' ER. " 40 Page 213 ®si3 iP3aa 1 HRKK nalii)iial IVatrriiilii- iinilcci in 1874 to form Clii I ' lii. a i- kimw il. The I ' liiicctoii Order coiiiliini-d w illi llir I loliarl Order tu loriii the North- ( ' 111 ()rdi ' r aiitl laliT with the Snulhciii ()n]( ' r. A tiitni at I ' riiiictiiii first created the iratcniitv alter an earlier .societx h the iianie ol ( " hi I ' hi. I.itth-else is known ol the hi-toi of il until j )3() wlien it abandoned il- polies of limited national expansion with some thirty-five active eliajiters lepresented to- day. So Zeta Delta chapter, installed in 1932. is rela- tively young on this campus. However, it had heen existing here since 189.5 inider the guise of Alpha liii ' la (!lii. Social e eiits ol the year included the traditional ( ' hi I ' hi Cocoanut Grove formal, held Jamiarv 8. lealuiing. in addition to potted palms, the music ol Jolimu W liitnex and his hand. Moiithlv liullel u|ipei and several house parlies conclude this hill of fare. An alumni haiKjuet was held this spi iiij; III ( )maha. OCIIOLASTIC leaders seem to flourish in the (] u Phi house as if it were a critaljle hoi-house. The three Hhoiles scholar- from iNeliiaska for llie last ten ( ar |)ei ' iod have heen hidther- in tlii li ' ateriiit . Ilari Florv is 19.38 " s representali ' lo ( ) foi(l. In ilramatics one hail the leatling role in the kosmet Kluh Spring Show. In piihlica- tion- they count the business manager of the Awgwan. The same ( " hi I ' hi was elected to the .Tiiiiioi-Senior I ' idiii (!omniiltee and was likewise lo the student council. ( )tlier oi- gani ation mi mlieis ajipear on the rosters of Corn Cohs. Chi I ' si. Third Molar Cliih. I ' ei-hing Rifles, and Phalanx. Kight faculty memhers are ( ' hi Phi ' . The lead in the Kosinel Show is al o a mcmlier ol the Asso- ciation ol the Ked Ciiidoii and a Captain in the I ' ield Artillery. Sprint;, llie Clii Plii ' s. and siiniiint; on tlie porcli. Page 214 wt (wvur.n Cuiul Ki rstSkmkstfr IliU.mrll J.Kk Kkkk ;i m I ' irMitriil JiilinMiti KoiiKHT Olson I ice-l ' iesitlenl Hi r.LL Nai ' giitin Srrrclary liALl-fil WnouHi yy Trra.fiirer t.(.UM)M..MK.STKH Kailavy Dkan kAl A PrrsiilrnI I-yon MrCrc- Khhaki) Mi:(;i ms iiF-l ' resitlenI M.Cinni Hi KI.L N I Ml UN Scrrrlary Mll.l.Mtl) |( (ill. TrvnMirer ACTIVES TdM l)HK vs, Gra l. Dir K |c (.INM . ' 39 TAliBKiKMn KI WaYNeMi LLKT. ' 39 MrNaiichliiti Mull. ' i Jdiin n i.LiN(;. ' 3 ' ) ii( iini.soN. ' 3a lll.nn I.AWKKNCK DAVIII. " U) Hi kllNai r.iiTiN. ' .39 IIaiii-an Kkroi ' S. ' 38 (;EORf.K SlIACKELFORn. ' 39 llMIH li.oiiY. " 38 llll.l, Sl ' KM Kll. " 10 FrkdC;iind. ' 39 Craig Spencf.b. ' 40 J (K F.rnf.stTi i-Lis. " 39 )y KvnAVY. VW Rai.i ' H Woodri ff. ' 38 Rnlirrtil Mll-LMIIl |t(;EK. " 39 SrRti-l Spcnrrr T-i. " !! I ' lKDCES riKN Aii i . ' tl I ' M |r Nm (.htin. ' 39 Warrkn Alfson. " 40 I ' hvnk I ' rcm ihzka. mi Ki l!ii i. T( . " 11 l(KK F H l)MORE. ' 39 Kmn Crowkix. ' 30 IIfnry Rdiifrti X. ' tl (hi ilIIallowkll. " 41 K1)SK(.RIsT. " 41 VI , Hii.L Jackson. ' 41 f:ABI. STOERBE. ' 39 lt.. Hnllitlf. (iKORGK Johnson. ' 11 Kfw Tm II. 11 ootlh ■ (;f.urce Lyons. ' 39 Hill Wade, i PaRe 213 DUIL ©HIL ' a ' Ii ©HIL y ) llic (la (il the |)i( ' sciit;iliciii (il u- I ' .inliclli ' iiic sc ' Ii(ilar lii|) axvards. Delia Delta Delia w a tlie |iinii(l rerei er ul Iwo eup.s — (iiie lor lia iiig made tlie greatest gain in scliolarsliip and another tor lieiiig in third place among llie oidiitie on the campns. 1 " lii is an a(liie ement that a shared h sixt - three mendiers. and l enl ■ e en pledges since the fall. These pledges had joined the Ka])pa ( hapter of a sorority which a larted on the el)raska eainpiis in 1891. This nmnher seems small com- pared lo tlu tuent -fi e thousand memhers whicli have heeii affiliated with one of the eighty-seven chapler in the 1 nitcd States or three in (-anada. During the fall the Tri-D ' lts held their amiual Fonnders Da l)an(piel liesides entertaining the Na- tional President and lia inga tall honse part . ( )n Feliriiary fifth the girls and their hest lieanx gath- ered in llie (Jnnlmsker hallroom to s|)end the eve- ning dancing. ( ) er two h in id red additional couples attended. iiOT oid in scholarshi]!. hut also in ath- letics, we lonnd the ereseent and slar at the top ot the list, -this time at the er top in inliamnrals. This ma lia e some coimee- lion with their possession oi a position on the W.A.A. Council and Iwo on the Sports lioard. One of the latter was the recipient ot the W..A..A. cup for the greatest nundier ol points received in intianuiral sports dur- ing the last year. Then at the acme of wonuMi ' s activities we fomid one ot the girls from 16()f R — president of Ahutar Hoard and also a niemhei ' ot the . .S. Board. They also had two repicsentatives on the Y.W.C.A. Board. Coed Counselors and Tas- sels. TIk! wearers of the trident are nuisi( ally inclined, as we diseo ( ' r them taking a |)roni- inenl place in Delta ()micron and . ' igma Al|ili i Iota. A Tri Poll ' s enjoying llionisplves at someone ' s expense. Paec 216 t) " e ■ l.«»iiB • inch OKKICERS Jli.w ' 11 Alenk Mi i.i.ikis l ' re iilenl ■ inn Dolmill Dtll, Md.LKLLAMI iirl ' resiJent ' iraiid 1 ;ii. MiiKW Secretary 1 IN- Mil 11(11 H Trrasiirer t Ktrarl H. ' M. Ilai.lini! ACTIVES Mrnn Flora Albin. ' 38 It. It. Ii :i.El.l. ND, ' 39 BktsyAllkn, ' 38 M H(.AHET Mohan, ' .38 Il..i1,„ ,k Jank Alvkv, " 40 ELOISE MoBHls. ViS liili. ' l.l, ' f ri.M dinkBurt, ' 39 KOBERT !(l 1( . ' .39 Kniiili t.n Mahv AwaOmklk. ■ w ALENE Ml LL1KIN. ' 38 l.OlsDlKTKKH.Mfi Elizabeth .Neely, ' .39 1 na-l DoLORis Doll, " 38 Frances Platt. ' H) 1 iii(lt|uiot MaXINK Dl RANI). ' 38 Uhtiu Ruse ' .38 1 :ul,i,-k M ' Arlliur l.ois Envkart. " 39 Sara Fields, ' 40 Helen ! Hotiiery, ' .38 Frances Scudder, ' 38 M.CIcIb,,.! M. El.o, Ada MAXiNEHARKiNr. MahvJoIIkw K) . ' 38 ViRCINIA Sill LEH. ' 40 Hi th An tta. ' .38 Mordn Mildred IIiu,i. m). Mh Hull AN HOHN. ' .38 M.,r.i. Frances Km DT o . ■; J8 l)iiiii oN IU:k(.en. ' 40 ' -wrv JeanetteI.eMastkr. •38 l.ois Wadi.ow. ' IO ! .Ilikin ..,.|y Hi th 1 IDWICK. ' 38 pRisciLLA Wicks, ' 40 i tl in ■i tlpltl ri.Ki NNX M MrCMfTV. ViR I.EONE W 11. -ON. " 1(1 PLEDGES ll ' .lv n .l Krjrnirr H.-.|rr Rkba Bratten, ' 39 Betty Browne. 11 NlMi ' i JoMcElroy, ' 41 Ueit nn Patton. ' 41 lli.l Elizaiietii (.ho». 11 Edith I ' iiili-ot. 10 K..brrl. Doris DeLonc, " 41 Alice Redwood. ' .38 ' tothrnr - ...Idrt -i.ulcr BETTVDr.NN, ' 41 Jane Ellis. ' 41 Janet Re(.nier. ' 41 I.ILI.UN HollEKTS. 11 inimona Betty IIoac. " 41 Jean Simmons. " 41 Tavlfir Helen IIoeemakk. in M WINE TAYLOR. " 41 analta I KIAN Iniieldek. 11 MiNNii.on West. ' 10 an llorni , in iirrKcn Ellenor B. Isaacson. ■11 Urtha Uhel n.ii Wa.lluo Betty Imlhein. " 41 SlIlKI.EY WlLllv ' ll tto.l MaHJOHIE I.INDyl 1ST. ' 41 Ol1 E Wll.I.KMs. 11 H hrUn Gertrude .McArtiu b . ' 41 vJN March Iwcntv-sixth mrnilMTs and alimiiiae of Kaj)|)a ilia|ili ' i nt Delta (iaiiiiiia a»cnililc(l in the Cornhii-kcr hallruoni lor ihcir annual lian(|iicl. This, liowcMT. uas till- liani|(icl ol lian(|nct Id Ictc ihr lonndcrs dii the (liliclli anni ci ar ol the lironzc, |)ink. and iilnc at iNehraska. Mrndicrs had come lioin V asliinij;t(in. 0. C. lo Phoenix. ri ona. to |)a ' tr ' ilinlc and to iccall ihcir college (lavs with fond inetiioiie : memories ot pranks they had |)la ( ' d on tlieii- sisters when lhe li ed at I ' oniteentli and K. Also the li lene(l lo the lort -seven actives, eigliteen ot them ni ' wU initialed, tell id the house of today at seventeenth and !{. or moic properlv 100 I ni 1 ' errace. The vonngsters, as it were, told of the hon-e |iartv uliicli they gave for the actives and of theii- first ' per ieiices with a sorority formal on January twenty-second. s all those gathered were thinking ol their local existence ot fifty years, never- theless, the M ' re no! lorgetting their sixt -fonith liirthdav nationalK with lortx-eight other chapters. 1 Hhl wcareis of the anchor (d while and gold told their older sisters of their achieve- ments ol the yeai ' . )n l l)a one (d their innnlier was masked a mend)er (d Mortar Board. She also was jiresident of the A.W.S.. and chairman of the Jndiciaix (Committee of the Student (Council. Tlic were represented again on the A.W ' .S. Hoaid h Treasnrer. Thev told ol the co-chairman ol the Junior- Senior I ' rom committee, a niemlier (d the W.A.A. Ci)nncil. and vice-president ol the Y. ' .CA. C-ollecliveh . the were second in intranmials with a phnpie for archerv and the ping pong douliles. Sponsors (ilnli had three in its meml)ershi|i. Among ihc honor- aries we lonnd Delta ( " .ammas in estals of the Lamp. I hcia Sigma I ' hi and Sigma Alpiia Iota. W lici i? llif atlrui ' tiDii fur llie Delia Gamma sisters. Page 218 AiiilriMm lUilxmi lltildinan lluiiih.m ( «in Cami.brll (Iiim.liirk (: H k l a l.| oii (11 IICEFtS ll..nlr. IIII.IM I.I I ' riMilenI (want Criflin Kit.NESTI.NK JONKS 1 ite-l ' resiJenl Cuifniri llrd.lioni IIki.en (Athiiiim ]) l- Klk.a.noh A.nokhso.n Srcrrtary Ttvusiirer lluHakrf llu.aMl June. E. Junr«. J. Kfiif.bury .AfTIVKS Kl.K N(III M)KHSON. ' .i ' l l.ol l E MaCEK. ' M J ANK liAHUOl H. " .{8 M MIIAN MaCI.K. ' W Kline kraufc {.annjalir Trances Boldman, ' W ii.m (:()m iiii k. ' 10 Mary Mari.aret maly. 10 1 iumes Marshall. " .{S Uu Lr. Helen C.Davi.s. " 39 Bariiara Meyer. ' 10 Betty Jean Davidson. ' .iO Natalie [U.iilaender. ' .W Masr,-. I.. Jane Himery. " .49 IR(.l IA. ' MYTH, ' .{8 Matrr. M. Malmbrri; Malv Mar.liall KlI.K.EN l)llM.E . ' .}8 I wim; (;i m. " in HAIIIl K {;iilKHN, ' 38 IRK.MK VASEY. ' .IS ;khm.iiim; WM.l.M e. " 40 iRLiNiA Wallace, ' .18 Mr«rr BeITY llEl)STmiM. " .38 Marcaret Werner. ' .19 M«m1piMiirrv Morri MiimfurtI K.r.c Catherine IIiwaldt. ■.i9 M Mll.MIKT J()IINS(»N. ' : H Ernestine Jones, ' 39 iRciNiA Wheeler. ' JO I.I ( Y JvM W II.I.IWIS. ' 39 Dolores YouNC. ' 38 Rrhlarnilrr Rrlli Smvlh StrvmiMin Thomp-nn Janet I.Ai. " to F.vei.yn Yoim.. Mfi IRf.lNIA l.EA, " .W i ' i.i:i)(,i;.s Va nf Warchtrr W.llarr. C. n ' allarr. V. Helen Hi hmiam. ' H Dorothy Cain. " 41 IsnuCampbell. " .38 l.oi i E Ialmiieh(.. n Martha MoNTf. iMERY. ' .38 l.ORA MoHHIS. ' .39 Jane Cook, " to Sara E. Mimeorh. " in 1 rrnrr « hrrlrt William.. J. W illiam.. L. J. Jean (Ii tzmer. ' H i ' .t. l KMON. ' H H Mill Ml Ml eeaker. ' U Betty Reese. " 11 I ' at Keitz. 10 Betty .Stevenson, ' 41 Josephine Jones. ' 4fl Phyllis . . Thompson. " 41 Wilfra Y..iiii«. ! . Yniing. E. Mr.. Wil.on I INE KlNCsril RY. " 10 M RY Kline. H NUr(. retKrai SE. U M RjoRiE Waechter. 40 Edna Bell Welrorn. ' 39 Joan Williams. " 40 MwineLangjahr. 41 MxK F Wittera. ' ,39 Page 219 I UK 1884 issin nf the fiainhoir. Delia Tan Delta ' s nllii ' ial jMihliialion. dci ' larcd thai ihi ' mirnlicr ' of chepters had liccii iiicrcaM ' d uilli die addition ol Ne- Ijraska Beta Tan. llir loiiitli Iralciiiilv to he or{;aii- izcd at Lincoln. Tlic loni ' hnndrcd and ninrtx that were to lie nlliniatcls initiated tliroiigii IJcta Tan and tlio c iintiatt ' d li the seventy-seM ' ii otiuT active chapters swell the total nicnil jer.-lii|) well o er tliiil - two llionsand a (ignre that onld a-lonnd those eifiht a |)iring onths at Bethany College. West Vir- jrinia. in ]i]r) when ihev first had isions ol a iia- tion-w ide oiganizalion. A good ag(M ' is that the hohinen now on the eanipus were impressed with the facts that they snreU learned last tall if they visited the Delt house; those heinj; that Delta Tan Dtdta lias niore Innocents than an othei ' liaternil on the campus and also holds ihe record lor the inter! raternit sing, having won it (i e con--ecnli e times ni pre ions years. r r Avoiding statistics. conl.l aN that Delt- won more ha ketl)all game alone than all the other plavers condiined. thi la t sea- son. As it was on the gridiron, thice ol these stalwarts gained all-Big-Six mention, and one was recognized the conntry over as an eligihle AU-Anierican. Delta Tau ' s Innocent gained innch pidi- licity as the Daily NehraskanV nr t male Society Editor. Imt no more than the two ath- letes that tra eled to Pxnlin two years ago with the OKniiiic team. Stall mendiers of the Cornhnsker. Awgwan. and l)ail Ne- braskan pnlilished these lete- w ilh piide. and the clu erleader certainK pnt more gn-to in- to his cheers lor his liidlhers. Seat ' d in the liont low ol the Ko inel KInli -how wa- the president (d I ' harmacv Clnh. a mendier of the StiulenI (lonncil. a Sigma Tan. and two I Sigma ( " ramma l ' .p ilon. I ' lii ' V atl wail on llic purcli In see llieir neijililMir. Page 22n ■ »■ ■■ »«vw ' rlUllr ►-V ■ ' - . |i . " :i ' .-51 Mt ' CanipbclI Marr Saw I c) I Schlirklinp Taylor Thompson OFFICERS JuIlN lldWKI.I. I ' rciiilvnt Don Anukkson Vice-I ' resitlent Jack Gkllatly Secretary AllDKN NkMIU 1) Trriiiiircr AC ' nvES I ' M I MKN. ' .}8 Arden Nestri ' u. ' 39 Don ALU Andkhson. 10 Robert Parsons. ' 38 Harton BKHr„ ' 39 (;eoh(;e Rosen. ' 39 RO LLO Claiik, ' 40 illiamSa vtell, ' 39 JackOkllatly. ' U) Lynn Thompson, ' 39 Kdwin (;korck. ' 38 (;E0R(.E TVNhH. ' 39 W II.LIAM GH Y. ' .{« !)(.« Wii.-DN. ' KI JDIIN ll()WKLL. ' 38 I ' LEDCES Wii-Bin Bkkzlky, " 39 Frank MARR. ' tl RisskllBkhr. ' 38 Robert Midoleurook, ' 39 Lko Bloom. " 38 A.NtUSNiCOLL, ' !! Richard BoYER. ' H James Pearson, ' 41 Charles Brock, " 39 W m.terSchlichtinc, ' 41 FLOYI) EBAKiH. ' 38 Dm i.i. r M. ii. ' 11 AliikrtKjar. ' 39 RoBKiM N (iii n . ' 39 Wiiuiiiiiiw IUdi.i M). ' 39 Charles West, " 41 ROHKKT |l ( VMI ' liHI , " 11 W I 111 the closing ul ru h week and the stroke of the gavel at its first meeliiig. Delta I |)siloii found itself again high in all phases of Iralciiiilv stand- ardizing. The galluTcd throng recalled illi pride the |)rei( ' dnig vcar s schoalaiship recurd which found I). I . in ec()nd jdace — a IruU phenomenal acliie ( ' inent when the i e of the traternit is con- sideied. lor D.l . i enjo iiig one ol the largest nieni- bersliips ol her career. In late winter this same gavel called to order the l ' ro iniial (Conference of Delia I ' psilon at the Stale Senate chaniher. where represenlaliscs ol tweUe nnixcrsitics ol the Mid- west and (Janaila met to discuss the affairs of the fraternit . just as the thirt young men did when thev met loi ' the lirst time in a illiams College (lormitorv with such hitler feelings toward secret societies. rhe ' succeeded in founding a memorial lo those feelings luil in the (ine hundred and lour years that followi ' d. the memoiial changed and grew and now we hehold Delta I p--ilon lialernit . 1j l!l. in the .Spring the active chapter initiated a large grou|) of |)roniising fresh- men who are predestined to dutinuc to up- hold the prominence of their chapter. Some- thing 111 stri c for is the example set liv the upperclassinen ol this year. Thev ha e not only made a fine record, hut the will lie of assistance in starting this vduns g ' oup on their a tn such honors as the Iimocent Sociels. (II ' l)Usiiies Manager ot the (jirn- husker. otliiug hut their o mi iiiitiali e call cari them lo llie heights achieved liv two |).l . this year how(ner — candidacv tor Kliodcs Scliolarship . At the tiaditional Orchid dinner-dance, the oulslanding social acli il . the laces of |)roniiiient campus per- sonalities are mmierons. To nu ' iition a few, are the two memlieis ol Kosiiiet Kliih. a varsilN loothall pla t ' r and memhers ol niili- tar and hoiiorar organizations. I ' lio pine mom wlierc leisure hours are mostly spciil Page 222 ¥ OKKICKKS Koiit.iii Mmu llllW Mdl I. IN) II I ' M L IllN ON Don Nauity I ' teiiilenI I iie-l ' resiJrnl Srrrelary Treasurer ( ii i:s Ifiiiiuii i)Kivs. 38 (XAMUN nkk V, ' . ' 1H (:ilAI(LK AMIIIV. " 39 KiiiiKKT A KHY. ' 37 (,l.KNN AVKIIS, ' .18 KlIIIKlIT lUll.KV. ' U) Li;sBiiiisiK, ' 39 Hon Caiilson. " i ' ) Kavmom) Colvkht, ' 39 Smith Davis. ' 39 ILLIAM DlCA , ' 39 Leonard DiiNKKB, ' Ml Harry Epperson, ' 39 CAHTKK (iANT. ' 39 Dale(;anz, ' M) (JkorueGray, ' 39 DORAN lllLDKDRAM). ' 38 How )Ut llll.llKIIRAM). ' 39 Don JoiK.ENsKN. " 38 Gene Knox, ' 39 Rl( ' H HI KOSMAN, ' .38 l 1 ke, ' JO kt.NM.Tll I.AMH, " 39 How Mill l.IMII, " 38 liolU.IlT I.II ' SI OMIl. ' 1(1 J M k 1. M N, ' .38 KollKHI I HT ., ' .38 (;koi«.e Milne, ' .38 I ' AII. MONSON. ' 38 I ' l.lVY MoolHK. ' .38 Don Nauity, " 38 KoiiKRT Nelson, " U) Cahi. Nokden, ' .39 II. Nl ERNBEBtER, ' .38 W M.TMi Nye. ' 10 Ki.wooii I ' ankomn. " IO M MilO I ' KOITY, ' U) W n K sER. ' .39 M H TON lU.EII, ' .38 Kalimi KEE! . ' 10 ILLIA.M . ' ACKETT, ' 38 Doic Sarson, ' 39 l.oi is.Sass, ' .38 l-RANK Sawyer. ' Ml KicilARi) Smiley, ' .39 Joe .Stephens, ' 39 Herb Si ' NDstrom, ' 38 ' W) KollKIIT EANER. ' .39 PLEDCKS John AiiKlN.s. ■»! Edward Anderson, ' 10 Charlton Brovvn. ■■» WAkiuv Day. ' 11 KoREiiT Evans, ' H) Neal Kelrer, ' H VKRY KoRKE. ' H W ii.i.uM Haskell. ' H KOIIERT Hi NT, " Jl Charles Kenwortiiv, ' I W M.TER Either, ' Ml ILEUM l.YMAN, " Ml EWARO MtCoNNELL, ' Jl Ull HVKII lr AY, ' .39 Clyde M ht , ' 41 Edward May, ' 41 Mason MiTfHELL, ' 41 ALL E MoNSON. ' W Richard Nei . ' 11 W ILLIAM NiEHI S. ' 41 ELDON NlERNBEBI.EH, ' 41 lioHERT Nye, ' to (.LORI.E KoVAL, ' 11 E»WARD.Sf;HI CK, ' to KToR Shelters, ' 40 Orval Spelts. " 41 Pace 223 J the eve of the Homecoming game with Kansas hif t fall, a gronji (it nnderprachiates an l almnni turned tliiMr faco to the ( i t ami. willi tlirii dates, proceeded to the IJioadx iew (lonnlr (Jidi In attend a dislincti ( ' tall |)ail . TIicn wrvv the incnilicr- it Farm House frateniit . MiIkmij ' Ii their interot- lie essentialK in Agrienlture. they ha e managed to gain a prominent |)(i ili()n on holh caini)!. One (if the main aini ot the Fai ni House chapters is the maintenance of an eiuiahle sholastic rating, and this the eliraska chajjler has done with re- markable consistency. This year Farm House seems to be continuing its fine record s ith the largest mem- li( ' rshi|) in its histors. and thus have fulfilled the ideals of the seven Missouri stinlentsthat fust started the fraternity organization they now hchold. Farm House is 23 years old and it centers its strength in seven active chapters in prominent col- leges of agriculture. A l the head ot ihc Iwo l(l l |i(iwcrlnl ex- ecutive hodies of the Lnixcrsitx are Farm ffouse men — the ])residcnt and a mi nheiof the Sliidcnt (loinuil and the icc-|)re idcnt and a nicmher of Iiniocents. W hilc thev re- side in those high offices, thev watch ihc j)rogress of their voinigcr lirothers who seek the same honors and who aic now members (il I III ' jiniior-Scnior I ' rom ( ' onnniltce among other acti ities. F,i|uall consiiicuons on the Ag ' am|)n . thc s( cm to excel in |nesidcn- cies. holding these honors in the Tri-K (]lub. Block and Bridle. Alpha Zeta. Ag Y.M.C.A., and the Ag F.xccutive Board. in Farm Ihnise. on ma lind the entire Live Slock jnilging and Meats judging teams of the I in ' ersil and in these groups are represenlcd the I ' .dilor ol the ' ■Cornlm kcr Coimtix man " and ihc manager of Coll-Agri- Fim. V A liil (if (roll ail Ijtfiiic liiuiii}; llie scliool boolcs. Page 224 MUxt ft- . ¥ Im 4| - iiiiK Kn ' tihalrnarii, A. • l.n.lrll.rl,. M. Tds M m.imn f ' rt ' Mtlt ' iit Cmii. Sw nson tlti.unrys Mtinaprr uniiincltam I) MI) CMIIIKII Sr retary I ' unn MJJrt 1. Mil. Ill.lll.l Ml TffiiMirrr ( TIVES ' ■irijnrr Tom itkkn. ' ,{8 Wesley l.iiT, " 38 ' .jircv irariliil III iikiit.Vllaway. ' .58 !. I.OKWENSTEIN. ' .38 t.Unli Wilson .A.mihkws, ' 38 Hon Ma(.I)ANZ. ' .38 lljilnrll MoNTK Bakkr. ' H) l losEMAN. ' 38 lUlioLi) Bk n. ' 39 l. oKE. ' .38 ll. ' .llun.l DaviuCahdkr, ' 38 l i KK.E Peterson. ' 38 ll. ' lnl. ' r...n Lylk Ciio.ate, ' W Ri nuall Peterson. ' 39 l.„-,.l..„n . LVIN ClIHISTKNSKN. ' 39 William Pitner, ' 10 Kav Cm isk. " 39 l.ii.LARi) Pratt. ' 38 Kinc RotEB Cunningham. 1(1 ERNE ReYNOLI)S 1N, " 39 KrUKf Weslky Dunn. ' 38 IhRON . M)LE. ' .38 1 ••t ' li-trri Pai lFidlkb. ' 39 ClIHIs .s ANI)KRS. ' .38,- 1 awrenckFrisiiik. 10 James .Sanders. 10 Cahroi.i. CxnEY. ' .39 Lester. ;! UMAiiEKE. ' .38 M«.l.i..« l. :Ro Cikxriiot. ' .38 JessSkinnkk. .39 M n.4n. A. II. M ' Krnian. A. C IU. 1N Clantz. ' .39 Dm.k. .Smith. ' .38 ,.ir Winston ' U) W ii.i REii Stonerraker, ' 39 I ' rtrf.on. M. Kami. IIkih.i no. ' .38 Phil Si rroN. ' .38 W Mill IJKNIIERSON. ' 38 I ' rvnk S oiiiiii . " .38 (Vlri-..ri. fl. ( i.inoiii) IIkynk. ' .39 Carl « nm n. ' ,38 I ' rjII l(. ' inMl,l,„n Hi m:i.l Ja(:oiison. ' 39 loM Kinc, ' .39 Eljw rii ahm. .39 PLKDCES S,»IH|»-|«. C. Saniirr " . J. IlllN HmHII. " Jl lxR iN Khi e. " 11 Srhnntlrkr.L.Vl . l rlimj.lclir.l..C. l.oREN Bir.(;s. " 39 Cl. RK Kri(; ;s. ' H Raymond MlKee. ' 41 RTHI R loM.M N. ' H hRoN (:mhi tenson. ' .|(i hi. N Ross.ii kinnrr Smjih Loi isClymer, ' 39 lollN ol,K. " ll Strinrbr«krr CIIAKEESCVRIINKR. tl linn Wlll.KLER. 11 -W,|„„|J William II htnkll. ' 11 Page 225 1 I rli;i|ilfi- (if ( aiiiiiia I ' lii licla cflrlu alcd litis vear llu ' ir Iwi ' iilv -iitlli anni ( ' i ar (in llic .Ncl)ia ka cam- |iiis. Diiriiig the ucck-fiid ol Ft ' lii-|iarv fiflli. n cv (illv alimiiiae Iroiii iar and near gallieird .il llic chapter house fof tlii ' Juliilcc. Oii Satiirdav night ihev hehl their antnial lian(|nct and Snndav aftoi- noon a fireside ehal lor acli c and almnnae alike. W hilf the ehraska Canima I ' hiV were conimemo- ralinj; tlicii ' il ( ' i- anni cr ar . the national ororitN ' was thinking ol its sixt -ionr years of existcMice in(e tlie lonnding at Syracuse University at S ra- cuse. New York. Now there arc forty-four active chapters and lour inaclixc clia|)lers on canipi where Greek organizations have heeii hanned. This fall tlie had a Street Dance as something new and different wliidi the |)lcdges planned in the actives ' honor. The house was decorated with lani|) posts, stop lintton-. and llic like. ihc acti cs returned with a li.dlooii allair. l)( ' (enil)er elexcnlli the so- Knils enleitained at a tornial dance at the (lorii- hn ker Hotel. x MON(; the fi ( ' groups represcnled. these girls of 416 North Sixteenth presented a skit at the Kostnel Kluh Fall lle ue. imitating arious ' name liand . plaving on comi)s. and decked out in alilire iated tuxedoes. In oilier campus activities tliey took part, as in the Coed Follies w ith a curtain act and in the Penn (Carnival with a liooth which won third place. Indi idnalK . a wearer of the crescent moon wielded the gavel at meetings of the Panhellenic Council, and was this year elected to preside likewise o er . .C.A. Another sister was Assistant Concessions Manage I ' lor .A.A.. and e cral were Co-ed Ccnnibcloi . in port Gannna Phi Beta ' s active in tiie rille chili and Tanksteretles. llonoraries to which man lielong are: Mu I ' hi K|) i]on. Phi Chi Tlieta. Kapjui Fpsilon. anil the Pliaiinacentical CInli. I ' rcsliman sliidy hall — lieep your eyes (111 llir lMiiik . Page 226 3 { J { ll.ilirn Shadrr. A. Sh.ilrt. J. ! ? 1 Mfini)! " - kT ll.lf. ()| VV (YU I l4lll SN H KlHI ' resident At i»Hi;v Mahmiall I ice-l ' reiideni IliMiiirr Wii.MiN Secretary 1 Ml.lCI.I.DI.n UllAIII Treasurer M.iwkin lt..ll -nlHit ' k ACTINES Doiiiiiin Vi.iiKicil. ' .tS Al DliEV Maksiulu ' UJ Kaciikl Aldhk H.ltl Jean Meiilhak, ' 38 kriinr,!) Kinedor I.i cillkBesch, ' JO NM I ' ICKETT. ' 38 Kf anila kulK 1 ItKTTV Ann fMn KI Annk M hy Reeo, ' 39 Mkbckoks Dratii. ' 38 Uetta Koii. ' 38 Kathhyn Foster, ' 39 Alice SiiADEB, ' to Lawrmrr .Maiiv(;ekla :ii. ' M Jeanne SiiADEH. ' U) Marshall fMMr«on riiAis Ann Halkv. ' 39 Theresa Stava, ' 39 Mrlillxf (Miin. N Kennedy, ' 39 MwiNE Wertman. ' JO IIF.I.I.N Kent, " 38 MlRIEL SlllTE. ' 39 Helen Kii ni)a, ' JO Henrietta Wilson. ' 38 Mr.r,. Millrt n.l-DC.KS llaklr. ncr.i 1 Mil N Bradstreet. ' 41 Cornelia Matteson, ' 38 Frances Dilcer. ' .39 Maxine Meyers. ' 39 Arlene Hawkins. ' II l)t: N Miller. ' 11 Irene Mollknhack. " 11 l. mia (Iakley. ' H Mary Louise Kuncil. ' 41 Mary .steinbbecker. ' 40 iKi 3?ip i iLiPin msi V VER till- aiiuavt ' s Achraska Tlicla " - lia i ' faincd themselves a lepiilation. Winniiig llic iiilir--niiii il siiip (111 I na llirv iiiiiiirilialcU iiarcil liicir lal- ( " 111-- 1)11 tlic iiali()ii- iilc I ' oiitiac ai il Show liKiail- ia l liniii llic cdi i ciiiii ami x ' xcial l)!()a(l(a l later Inr llic l.iiiiiilii (JiamlM-r nl ( Idiiiiiicicc. AIkpiiI llic aiii( ' liiiir lllio cliaiilcr (il Kappa l|)lia I licla liiinu ' il llii ' iiKiilgajzc on llicir house al 1.) 13 S. ' hc lia e li L l ill llii Imnx ' lor Iwelvc vcars. Tliis. however, is a slioil tiiiic coiiipaicd lo llic (illv-oiic years llial llu ' . llie second oldest soioritv im ihc canipiis. have heen installed at Nebraska. Tlic iia- tidiial xirorilx a Iniiiidi ' d jir-l seventeen years be- lorc at Dt ' paiiw I iii crsil in (Ircciicasllc. Indiana. On Mairli h ( ' lllli ihc ' riicta " s held inilialioii for all ihc j;irl ihal llic had plcdt;c(l in die fall. Thai iiiflhl these sevenlceii new iiiiliales Icit the lliriil ol allciidinjj; ihcir (ir l liaiii|iicl. , lon j; the social line lh - lia c had ihe usual iiiii ol lall house parties and llieir loriiial a iclaxalioii in ihe midst ol a tii ' e- sonie exam week. 1 llh lilaek and fiohl were proud lo lia e a blue ribbon winner in their iiiid l. es. it was fii t plaee in ibe inlei oiorit riding contest held anuiialK dining llic farniers I ' ciir. l ' " ollowin ; aloii ; in the Spiinj; Iwo Phi IJcta Kappa ' s graced its inlelleclual roster. Then after the meeting of the I ' ub. Board we found a wearer of the kite as managing editor ol tlu ' 1938 " C()rnlni ker " . The latter was also the chief liookkeeper lor the hiiid ol .A. A. and as snch war- ranted a position on the (Council. Another juiiim ' pciil her car a a nicndier of Tas- sels, the (locd ( ' oun elor Hoard and llic .Iiiuior-Senior I ' roiii commillce. I lonoiaries " nicnibcr include: e tal ol ihc l.ani|). Delia I ' hi Delia. I ' lii Sigma lola. lplia Lambda Delta and I ' hi Chi Tlieta. ♦ W lialcMT il i , llif Tlu ' la ' .- m-i ' Iii miglily interested. Paqe 228 .UllM ( . ...l.l...„. 1.. l .lrl l. n,lrl...ll. . u lin ■d Q :j -J 4llV OFIICEKS ' ' jin l Mil, Mil r li K I ' resideiil Olinr I ' 1HI( 1 l. lll( I ' ire-I ' rrsiflrnl Utnn Dauehrrly Itrwrc«r Rkiiekaii Oliihtio It Ei.EAMMI l{ll(.HI Srirt ' lary TrfftMirt ' f AC TINES lliilrh Eldritr F.,„rll lw....,l kMllll N ll MS, ' 38 Alice Andkrson. ' W JVM ll YES, ' 38 Beity IIillu;k. ■39 Imiii VlHKINlA AMJEKSON. ' H Maiuorie Hoi ser, " 39 Mahtiu Begiitol. to Marian K . ' Ml ' I. ml I ' M nil l UllOTT. ' 38 IsahelleKri MM. ' U) ' 1 Adkle Bvkhs. " 38 I ' mHII M 1. Mill. ' 39 ivcr IIdiitense (;asai . ' 11 J WE Locke. ' .38 Jean Cook, " 39 Margaret McKay. " .39 llou«rr Frances Dann. " 38 Maxine Merkel. " .38 KM Knieht Jamik Dm i.iiKiiTv. " 38 Mmii Ml i.MN. ' 38 Krutnni Bahiiaha Deweese, H) Kkiiekaii Oldkatiier. ' ,39 Betty Jane Di ' Tcii. ' 40 JeanRkkd. ' IO Lnrkr Jane Eliiridce, " 38 Eleanor Rogers. ' .38 MrKay MrLdUclin Markry Elinor Farrel, " .38 Virginia Fleetwood, " 39 ircinia. ' mith. ' .39 Frances Vmi . ' 10 Mimcll Frances Goodwin, ' 10 DiilinTll Patpen, ' •10 Lorraine Grant. ' 38 K VoGEL. ' 39 Mriklr Mullin Barbara Hart, " 39 Jkan Willis. ' 39 Mull lll.lf.1ll.rr 11. t I ' lEPGES Li ciLLE Anderson, 10 Edith Knight. 11 lircil Marie Anderson, " n I.OIISE Ma key, 10 Kogrn Smilh. V. E. RiTii ArsTiN. ' 39 Mmo lii Til Mahnell. ' 10 Smilh. V. R. ' an Anila Mary Jane Bennett. ' W Betty Brown. ' 11 Jkssi :aMi TZ, 10 MaR McI.AI (HLIN.ln PRISI ILI.A ClIMN.ll (iWENITH ORK, ' 11 Van Paltrn Vo,cl I)()II0TII (LINE. 11 IKGINIA. ' MITII, ' 11 VlilliK Caroline IIakkison.ii Mll.llKl.ll W KKEssl.K. ' 11 M... Coi Page 229 1 1 cliaijtcr ol Ka|)|»a Delia was first ainoM ' ; tlie cliaiilci ' s on llii ranipiis and ol llicir national organ- ization to lia c ' a state ronlerence. ' I ' lii |)iinf; con- ference was a ingh-hiilit ol Kappa Delta s acli il on tlii canijins and lirouglil logellier ainnniae Ironi all over Nebraska. At this time tliev entertained also iIkmi ' National Kditor. ice-l ' rcsident. I reasnr- er. and I ' .psilon I ' rox inie President. The conference inlininalcd in the annual sjjiing liampict on May twenty-first. Then on Snnda tnoininj; all the ont- of-toun finests were ser ed hreakla t al the cha|)ter house. tnonii the other social e ents ol the vear. traditioTialK lhe held the last lornial ol the year on I ' " elniiar l ent - i th. An added lealnic was dieir new sweetheart song snug l) a Kappa Delt and dedicat(Ml to i ' i chapter. ( )n Friday, Mav ihii ' teenth. the pledge-.. a ling as hostesses, gave for the actives a linl . " nperslilions I ' artv. NationalU. this xnorits was fonnded in 1897 in Farnndle. irginia and |oined the ational I ' an- hellenic (lonncil in l ' )12. J S we wen! the roinid ol activities, we lound five Coed (!onnselors and a senior inendier ol tlie Hoard helonging to Kap])a Delt. The latter was also assistant editor of the Awgwan lor the Near. In the ' l . . oilice there was a inemlier (d the staff who was most greatlv concernetl ahont the Ves- per hoii ' . because she was director oi it. Thev have been ver acti e in W.A. A., with a mendier ol the Spcnts Hoard. Tankster- etfes. and general participation in intra- mnrals. In honoraries these girls ha e taken a great part especiall in . " igma Kla Chi, in which lhe ludd three olTices. secretary. Ireasnici ' . and editor. )dier honcuaiies in- clude Cannna l|iha Chi, Thcta Sigma Plii and Iota .Sigma Pi. Till ' iii iliiriiar MuikIiiv nij;lil allirrin of III. Kl)-. Page 230 ) 3 }i O (• f - M.iii-I.. Mar. V M,.l,ii,.. ttillr niinsltliil Mt.. McOuirr III I II I i; l VIIJIIIIIK Si Mil K l l( I ' KiM ii.i.v »i : Mir jiiiiiiiiin KiiisiiN MwiNK I ' KnKiii.i: I ' iriiilent I ' ire-l ' rfsiilenI Sri rrtary TreuMirrr (.T1 KS l!i 111 | AMS. ' 39 I I km: !mim .S8 IIK.IMA rilAHNOCK. ' 10 I t TIIA I ' KTriT. " M) M WINK Fkdkhlk. " .W Diiiiis Kii ' i.KY. " to liDiioTMY JVKHsoN. ' .W Mahjohik Si;iih:k, ' .W N Jacobs, ' m K. Sciimkdkrwim). " H) liiiiiunn Ki.iNK. " 38 AwSoi ki i-. " .W I.ORRAINK McCaI LKY. M ' ) 1 M! I ' . M I « VIM. •;}« MvHi.MiKi MiMastkrs. ' .39 Diiiiiiiin swihihiia. ' Kl Mii-iiRKii Man kk. ' 39 I ' lKDCKS R KTrV H K N KTT. " Jl I Ml 1 1 ( I ' II 1 1 K. ' 39 CATHKRINKCaIIII-L. " .JS Jl)SKI ' mNKRl)HK(K. H Marion Jkan Diknm. Ui Roinds. k) Marjorik Fyk. " W Mii.krki) Storkr. 10 Margikritk Malovkc. ' 40 IIili.ik I.itillk . ' i inc.. " Jl MaRCARKTMcJIIRMAN. ' Ul I.OI ISK WiLKE. ' 41 ALICK NkMKC. ' 39 J NKT YoUNf.BUiT. " .38 Paee 231 l till ' aliimiKH ' . ;uti ( ' s. ami mw iniliates of Sigma chapter ol K.ippa K.i|)|)a (iatiima were allcnding their annual liaiii|iifl. llic w iliir-x ' d an inni nal event. A |)iece ol paper ua linmghl in on a sil cr jilatter. I ' his. ho e ' r. was not an mdinaiN ])a|)er, linl the nioi ' tgage which was lo lie Imincd to their h(iii e at OK) Ndilli Sixleentli Slieel. I he ainnniae ehaiiinan ol the liou e ediiiniillee put a inaleli In ihe mortgage, and it disappeared into ashes. W ilh it went the nienioiies ol their moxing into tlii pres -nl house dining the fall of 1925. Before. tlie had li e(l three d(ii)r mhiiIi (in llie same street. Thev had iiKiNcd inaiu liiiie helore since llie i ' ( eeive(l their charter (III hiv 19. 1 884. The soeiet Id which tliis charter was granted was a local eluli on the campus know n as The 1 enipesi Tossed. The Sigma Chi ' s and the I ' hi Dell ' s, the oiiK national fi-aterni- ties on the campus, encouraged lliein to send lor a charter. I l)a 1 1 rough I In I he weareis ol I lie gold kev their share ol iiidi i(liial honors. The lirsl lhe claimed w a- Mav (,)iieeii. c l. in the allernooii. two oi lliein were masked mcmlieis ol Ahirtar Hoaril. One ol these was |)resident ol W.A.A. and the olhei ' was to receive her greatest honor the next fall. On Decenilier third lie wa pioenlcd al the Military Ball as tlu 19;5, " , llonoiarN Colonel. As such, she was head oi S|)onsors Cluh in which two ot her sisters were memhers. Fiii- iher in the social line (iiu» was represented on the Jimior-Senior I ' roiii c(iiiiiiiillce. On A.W.S. Board the liliie and liliie wei ' c in the roll call with the nicmliei in charge of " N " Stamps sales, and again on the W.A.A. Council. In die goxeniing --Nslcni. Kappas were elected lo Student Council, with a sec- retar . and two other memhers. A We ' re sorry li iiil( rnipl your deep ciiiuenlralion. Page 232 ill lll Im.,.I. I.. .1.1. is l (11 1 1( i;u.s 1 .i.lcr Jank .- wi in Prrsiilrnl 11, 1.! MlI.DItlll I.WMIKMK itr-l ' rfsitlrnt 1 dmi.hrll, 1). A. i:.l bell. I). tiuninirr ■ ■..» l vll i iiN M Mill Kiiiiii 1 Sri rrlary TrrtiMtrrr ACTIVES l.i„r.. .i, MaHY.Ai STIN .W Marie KoToif.-, ' .18 l-l.nii ll.-l.... V.-t llMlTiiiun JankBkll. " .ia Dorothy Ki tcher, ' . ' 59 DollOTIIY ItKtilKII. " .iH TllKI.MA I.AIIEI.ARII. ' .38 CXarissa Bennktt. ' .SB Mildred Lawrence, ' .38 ll. p. ' »rll l.oi iskIJoyd. ' . ' i8 BEnY I.EEFERDINK. ' 38 ll.i.l,a.l Kut.-ui- NUhc.ahktHlai Fiss. ' 38 Hklkn i.iilin. VW ktiti hpr ClIARLOTTK BRIDT.K. ' U) Marjohie Melville. ' 39 l..l ln;aril Ri Til Aw Rt HNS. ' 39 Mary Jane Mitchell. ' .38 [ .iwronrr 1 . ' ITrr.lirik Maiiiav BvH ii. " 38 DoKOTHV A. CAMI ' IIKLL. Ji.w Met , ' .39 ' .38 Jeanne Newell, lo lull M. ' l.iMchlin Mrl ' lii ' t»on Jf.AN f:ilAMBERS. ' .39 llADRlKT ClMMKR, " .39 Ri Til Newell. MH 11 MtlllKT Pi I.SLEY. " 10 l in K.Dkwky. •.18 lii 111 R i ' LEE. ' .ia Mi-lvill,- MaHY I.Ol I.SK IlOM. ' .?a IJKLIN NN ReX.HI lpl« Mrvrr Mililirll. C. Pk(;(;y 1)1 KLAMi. ' .59 Dorothy Glenn, ■«) Jeanne Kowe. " .JH Jane Saw YER. ' .ia Mit.lirll. M.J. El-IZAIIETII IlKor.E. ' 93 BXRIIARA SELLECK. ' .39 Kathkhink IIkndy. ' 37 Hi Til ' I ' hyi.eson, ' .38 Ml.lllT Wvilli- N. woll. J. SueHesbackeb, ' 39 Ri.rr .I M. Iloi ' KWEi-i.. J NK Valcott, ' 38 ■.39 Eli .aretii Waicii. ' W N.«.ll. It. i ' .lt-l. PLEDGES ri.i|...i. ' . ' l.oiisE Benson. ' 40 HiTTY Meyer. ' 11 H.„. 11. Il.i . V. Ai.yceBlai El ss. " U 1 K iLE Mitchell, tl i;.-« Marian Bowers, " tl Urjorie Moller. ' .39 i;..wr PailineBoyi). 11 Irene Neville. ' .39 l:ul.rn.l. ll Sl .ETTEBRAriKOHl). 11 Hetty Ray. ' H Dorothy Cami ' iii.i.i.. " 11 ehn Ray. n lrnti " n 1 liTci ..n UK. IMA D in. ' 11 I.ILI IIEI. K.MEKSON. ' 11 (I.MKE RlRENnALL, " 39 Mmiion Stenten. ' JI Anne Moeiman.II Jean Swainson.H n.ii 1 NN 111 stead, " n Janet Warhei.d. " 41 n .1.11:1. Kl.EANOM 1.1 T . ' 11 Je n Wooio. 11 u 1 t... 11. ....1 — Helen Mi Pherson.K) Page 233 5» When iIk ' (mici of llic (jcsccul and tlic Slar sang over I. ink lAriian " .- program la l lall. the line singing, inspiicil |p ( ' i c members of the (ilcc C.luh, liroiiglil liack III niinil the isi(iti ol the fixe (iiing men lliat limmlcil Ka|jpa Sigma i t -se en Ncars ago. ( liilx one nl those five lias i)een aide lo see the frateniilN grow o rapiilK ' and consisteiilK nntil to- day, there are one iiiindrcd and eight active chapters. An inspiialion lo woik and good fellowsliii) in hehall nt Alpha I ' si. is an engraved phnpie wliich the chapter pi-c cnl each car to the onlstanding pledge, and the " " {{oil of Honor. " a similar distinc- tion awarded to the active mendier. W itii spii it (il cooperation that cqnalcd that ol competition, Kappa Sigma won the I loniecotning decorations enp and gave tlie Phi (]hi " s a sonnd heat- ing to w ni the Miler-canipn title in lia ketl)all alter li sin : the (male in inlraniurals. i ll ' A the chajiter acts as ho l foi ' the dis- trict coinenlion next fall, they will he able to look on 1937-38 as a successfnl ear in the way of activities. They tan tell id the man that acted a husiness manager tor hotli the Awgvvan and Dailv Nehraskan. the same school year — an outstanding accomplish- ment: of the sixteen men that took an active ])ait in R.O.T.C.. including the Scahliard and HIade and Pershing Rifles: and ol the senior memliers of the PiiMicalion Hoard and Fraleinitv Hoard ot Control. Practic- ing the axiom that diversity keeps a fi ' atern- ilv alive. Kappa Sigma can jidiiit out with |uide into either the hehls ol athletics or scholai ' slii|i. li(N ' aus( two ol her memhers v (M ' e vaisitv ietler v iiiiier-- and two were honored liv Alpha Kappa P-i and n ' lta Si ;nia (ihi. w Thr K;ipp;i Si ' s ami llirii iiiiiiH-ri iis l i liopliics. Page 234 13 " - H " Uiwrn liisl I M..r. Kirilf-iili4i;i I Coul.l ( UllllrraiiII llai;riii.iii IIjII. I . Ilill. I IIaiicv Hrfilli- l%ina JrHrrv Kr,l. II. Ktirlbnc Kiidrna MrCatlhT Mark Millrr Minor Miiori Olin tra,! r..rlri Ray Sinkfv Slirll Spanit1t r Tanlon Th«ma« Tumrr Van Bu kitli. I.. an Ilu kiik. K. Wra»cr iri;arilt ilfiM r.illi (11 I K l.|{ Jamks Imns ( Mim.K I ' OIITKH Doi (;l.As IIall IU. N Kmi. (iranil lu lrr ( ' •raiul I ' niruralor Crnnil Srrihr (•riiiiil TrriiMirrr ArrivES J MI lil.LI KH, ' ,19 lloWAKU CUBTISS, ' 39 liiwi Dams, ' 39 Jack Dowi-inc. ' U) Mkiiiiili. Kn(; , " Mi KllllKlIT Fl.OIIV. ' U) W ILLAIII) jKKntKV. ' 38 Dkan Kkki., ' 38 Kll NK kl DUN . ' U) Don M.I) MooHK, ' U) ILHIKII OLMSTKAI). ' H) (iKolir.K PoRTKli, ' 38 JiiiiN I ' m iiiMi M.f N. ' Ill l{i iu:in KmiiwKi.i.. ' !(( l ; )i 1. 1 1. " 39 DoVAI.uSlEMSF.N, ' -10 Dill l.l. S IIaI.L. ■;«} Kh IUHI Sl AV(.l.KR. ' 39 KouKRT Hall. ' 10 Koiikrt Tiuimas. ' 38 l.onis Hall. ' U) Cmarlks Tanton. ' .38 l!ii iiMiii Hitchcock, ' to I.himi i w ,r. ' .38 .l U iMNs. " 38 PLEDGES DlIN M.ll ltllllllK . " U Jack Christknsen. " U RouKHT Conrad. 39 KoiiiiT Dkvok. ' 40 H MIKV (;iM)KHSON. " tl KoRKRT H M.l.MW. ' 11 I 111 i Hu.i,.tl CiiKiiDS H Nt:v. ' U ItllllKRT KkHL. ' Jl Howard ' 39 ll.l.l M koMMKRS, ' 39 II i.iwi Kiiini M.. ' ] jll-U ' H |l IVHTin. Ml W iM Mm K. ' 11 KiCIIARII Mll.LKR. °n Hkiiiikkt Minor. ' U Koiikrt Ka . ' U) Holtf.RT SlNKK . ' 11 K.ARL. ' iNLLL. ' M HoiilrtTi RNKH. ' JO I.konari) an Hi kirk. °tl RoGKR Van Ri skirk. ' 10 Klnni.tii W iLf.i . ■»! Jack Wilson. " H Page 235 rol AnKDal Hosloii riii . ' i itv in ]9()7 fnmi the Cosniopolilaii l..i (lliili. lanihda ( " hi l|ilia while one of the yoimgest Irali ' i iiilies soon estahlished the ri ' |)iilali(in n I)ciii ; ainoiig ihc mn- iirogressive groups. Tliis is e idfiiced |i ihc lail ihat its ninc- licth chaiJtcr was installed at I ' loiida diiriiif; |iril of this year, and is iiiteiiuilidnal with a chapter at lOrontd. (laiuula. The local ciiaplcr (it l.ainlida ( ' lii Alpha, (iamina Beta Zela, was started on fJeceniljer 18, 1919, from a local lVatcrnit . Kappa Delta Phi. It lia always been high in cholarship and this last year rated in seventh place. Tops among their social events oi ihi ' eai ' was their lialloon parly, the night alter the I ' roni. ini- tiating the spring iormal season. Pill lioxes with prescriptions were issned as invitations. During the (li t of March these resident of 1510 U held their anmial lian(|net honoring their loimders and new " iniliales. They, also, held the general iim id |ning and (all house parties. il NTERlNC into activities again this vear as the also ha e in ears helore. the ear- ers of the Cross and Crescent h(dd high po- sitions in |)nlplications. lionoraries and intra- mnrals. In particular this inclndes the as- sistant linsiness manager of the Awgwan, several first and second lieutenant in the R.O.T.C. Infaiitr and Artillei nnils. aiul memljers in professional law fraternities and mnsic lionoraries. To assist the ]jrogress of iheir chapters, the national fraternil hold an intercliaiiler contest |ia--ed on college ac|i ilic-. chapter organization, and scholai ' -hip. l o it is the national requirenKMit for each chapter to issne a jicriodical al lca t lonr limes a year. Several members have ranked high among dns carV law treshnien and one is treasurer ol ScaMiard and Klade. niilitar honorarv. And riiiirinlier wlu ' H we limk lliis one of liiin after lie - " Page 236 s$d oriK Kiis Dkiikili. Stkvknson KoBKtKT S(;iirii:kkh Kmiii Vl.l.l.N Taliikkt Wynnk Kkiiii 1.LKN, ' 38 h: I.KKKLKR. ' ;« James LiTTLK. ' 39 Georck Richards. ' 39 l HM KiCIIARDS, ' W I ' reiiJrnI i ' ice-l ' resiJenl Secretary Trrusurer ACTIVES KUEll KtiKHSAMEN. ' 39 KoUKRT SCHRICKEH. ' 38 Garland Sloan, ' 38 Dkkkill Stevenson, ' 38 James TiSDALE, ' 38 W nkTolbert, ' 39 PLEDGES M iii.iN Kim ii.ll ] mi r:ALDWRLL, ' 41 ??:= OIXTV-TIIKKK yeiirs ajio. llic riii fi il of e- l)|-a l ;t au it- first social I ValciiiilN or Minzc l on iIr ' caiiiiiiis I ' lii Delta ' I ' licta. This was twcuty- scveii years al ' lei- the I ' lii Ddi- had liccoinc well es- tablished o T tlic roiinti and was to be soon repre- sented in the ranking nniversilies of Canada. The mnnher ol men that lia e iieen initiated throngli these cliaplers exceeds the initiates of an other se- rial fraternity. In the sjjring of each year I ' hi Delta Theta eol- hdiorato with two otiier fraternities to ccleljrate their tnntnal birth place. This gala event is called the Miami Triad lor it was at Miami I niversitv in Oxford Ohio, wheic these three fraternities were first recognized. Other parties are the amuial din- ner dance, just before Christmas vacation, and the opener of tlie spring formal season. This year, Nebraska Al])ha chapter can set down a new and greater triumph in her amials. lor she is now the possessor of a beantiful new chapter house. If on hap|ien to tand on the coiner of sixteenth and l{ stieet- some evening. ou may see tall, distorted shadows ascending the glass-enclosed staircase of a new ultra- modern fraternity house — the Phi Delt ' s impressi e domain. The owners of these shadows might be the drum major of the Varsity Hand or a member of the arsity football team: or. if tlie shadow held a mili- taristic poise, he might ha e been one of Phi Belts five Pershing Killemen or one of its eight K.O.T.C. officers, if. on the other hand, this shadow, stepped not (juite so high, he might ha ' been one of the tuenl -cight new phikeias pledged dniing that hectic week in Septend)er. Four of these have the privilege (d addressing their fathers as " brother " and some ol lli ' athleticalK in- clined mentioned above competed with the Ireshman swimming, basketball and tool- lall teams. Thai lerrihlc nrrvmi- iin-iciri of the final week. Page 238 ' ) g omCKRS KlIlM SkMI Ml H Dwill |)I KIN- MMIK W mills 1 1 II I t;i Kri!K (.nltlKlN lillTcill M MiK l( l» JtlllS l.tH.T A. CdlllXIN HKinillt I ' U I. II IIT I ' trsiilrnI II r ' rciiileni Secretary ff antrn I ' mitlcnl I (■ rl ' reaiilvnl Secretary Treasurer ( TI KS I I « |s MII IIMIN. " .! ' ii.LiAM Andiu;son, " ;}9 ItOIIKRT BaRSON, " 10 (;kor(;k Bacon, ' 39 WMiKKN Bald. ' 39 |{laink(:akky. ' 39 FiikdCiiai- ' t. ' 10 Im k I) wis. " 39 |) Mlll)KVKINS. ' 39 Don GifsON, ' 38 John (;(iKr .K. ' ' to I ' AlLllAKT. ' 38 AlMahst. ' 38 lioKIION RKfTOn. ' K) JaMKsSTI ART. ' 39 Mark Woods. ' W PLEDCE.S Noiu.K m kh o . H Brandon Backh nd. 11 W ILLIAM BARIIOI R. ' II BRI It. BiKHKR. ' 41 Harold Brown. ' 39 Frank Bi rdkll. ' II Jamks Cain, ' U Don Coy. ' 41 I. wrkn :kCoy, ' . ' ?9 IIamr Dyck, ' U Frank Elam, ' 11 Frkii Fairmnn, ' !! Cl. RK Fm LKNKK. ' 11 William Fox. ' 11 iik ii Kii(;ii.i.i.N. ' )i Itli II Mill lll.llM W. °ll Kmii IIoiilkn. ' II lU.N JVMKS, ' »l Cldrk Johnson, ' ■11 Dkan Mohr, °II n 1N I ' OWKLL. ' 11 IUroi.d Biioiik. °II Charlks Rorkrts. ' 41 William Kyan, ' U) Oak Smith. ' M) IIkrrStkwart. ' 41 RorkrtSti RT. ' 41 Willi M Williams. ' 39 Don WAhlns. ' 41 Page 239 WllKN till ' (lrlcf,Mlc from tlif cliaptrr- of I ' lii Guiiiiiia liclla gallicr iicxl Seplemlter at I ' oithiinl. Oregon for llic iKilional coiivfiilion. they will ili - (•ii llic iiiaiiagiiig ol llic lial ' init affairs lliat were (irsl advocalcd l) llic ix Law sliulciit- of olil jcf- l(M oii ( ' .ollcgc. iiiiictv ears ago. l ' cili.i|i lliey will sec (il lo install new devices for tlic lictlci inciit of the lralcriiil as has hccii done lielore. because it was Phi (ianuna Delia iiili (xhiicd the travel- ing field seeiclarN and the resident house tiitoi ideas into the Irateinity system. After its revision ininiediatelv at the end ol llic World War, the local chajiter of I ' lii Camilla Delta — then t eiil ear old -grew with iii |iiri-(l vigor iiji to this vi ' ar vvlieii it showed it merit as a hodv. Iiv wimiing a eliolai slii|i |ilai(iie and a high place in intiamnrals. Tlie mkkiI aetiv itie- were exeiiipli- lied li the animal I ' ig ilinner. while inanv eoloi Inl house parties |)rov ided iclaxation lidiii the proh- ietns ol sr|io(d life. 1 III ' , I ' hi ( anis have di triliiited llieii tal- ents into tlir ' cc general field- (d e tra-eur- lieidar aetiv itie . In the ailvaneed mililarv depaitmenl. I ' lii ' iamiiia Delta iHimhcrs rep- reseiilalives in iiili pKunmenl societies as the Scahhard and lilade. i ' lialanx. Pershing Hides, and one soldier acted as Hattallioii Adjutant this spring in (lonipct. I lie vvg- vvan and Dailv Nehraskan have pidilislicd the literarv and journalistic efl(nl (d fne Phi (Jams lhi eai ' while a sixth xdieited advertising lor the (-oridiiisker. The third group represents the result ot niidiiiglit oil and a strong determination not to iiit clas on snmn alternoons- niemliei ol Sigma ' Ian. I ' lii Delta Phi. Alpha Kapjia Pm. and Hiisiiies Admiiii-li alioii (!ollege (jiimcil. i ' hi Oam has eompleted a ucce lul vear in then new home. , ii» lri ' ii IImw]! I ill. w;,i iii; ii.iim a ' iiin. P.1KC 240 S - Milk I 1 •« mk iMliiil 4£a tiariihtftl, II. I lli . K. Incmtii Ji.liii lloliil .iiii:li l ahn timnirr r. It lor I lloMi.1. ( hodllMiri; iMllrl.rn . lrt. G. N.-cl ' -r. C. on SrfBrrn V iliiama A il.-. W lie III fiiinf; Mf. Minirr OFKICKRS III 1.11 Kl IMI III NimM N Ki.i.i I ' l.ii II Hot KI. John ii .SKCtKHN I I Ul- I l.ll.ll Trramrer Reruriling Sei relary (iirreiiionding Serrefary lliiliirian i ii i;s Klmkii Baiikk. ' 38 KollltK.ST ItllOWN. ' .m W A I.IK I Dkck. ' .W J(lll DllKNCltlS. ' 38 III I. II I ' .ISKMIART. " .i " Kl NM.III I- ' .I.SK.MIAHT, ' 37 Kl NM III KI.I.IS. ' 39 NoiiM N, ' 38 I ' llll.l.ll ' (illANT, ' 40 Itll.l. ClIWKS, " M I)i:l(l(ll.l. lUltl.XN. ' .IH l.l.oMi llii.i.. ' .iH I I.OMI llmSKL, ' 38 Kkiinmiii Im.ham, ' 39 llllWAKII Klll. KKK. ' . ' W (IKIIIII.K l.MIMIV. ' .(9 l.l. M I.KI(.1I. ' .)9 IIaiioi.1i l.moN. ' .«) KdiiKiiT M(;(;KA ;mN, ' 39 (illtAIIII I ' l TNAM, ' 10 ( I.XIII M.I. Si MMI.Il!.. ' .18 ItoWt.N 1 M.I)II, ' to Mmiiiin rii(iM s. ' ,18 Jims M.1.KH. ' . ' 58 lullN ON .SecGKKN. ' . ' JS ll.l.l M Wm.m.h. ' U) Cl.l.MKM W M.IIHON. Jl(. ' Ml .StI MIT II.I.V. ' JO Wll.l.HM W II.I.IAMS. " 39 .1 MI. Vol N(.. ■.!9 I ' l.tlJliK.s llAitnv Ham;. ' 11 Al.HII.I) llM M. " Ill .Milton Hknjamin. ' Id { ' All. BlIAZKl.TON. ' H UaLI ' II Caiii.i. lk. ' H Boil CllATT, ' 39 HaV flHANCKH. ' H Ja( K Dkwi.k ' II (;kiii (.k Diikst. ' 41 JoK Ki.i.iori. ' .W Mow Mil) KlMK. ' 11 III mil III Mil i.M N. Ill (.1 Johns. ' II riiMii.ns Mf:(:ri.i.orii. ' 39 W 1 1.1. HI) Ml.llT . ' II John Nkwmav. ' II l.i.ovn Nkwton. ' 11 I ' Ai I. Kmin. ' .lV (;rant Kki.I). ' 10 j ( K ItollllllM l.ll. ' II IIM.K lil -III. 11 ( KKALII M ' MIN. ' II John Tiiokmii m.. ' .39 Hon Toi.i.i.i- KN, ' 10 I.I.OBCE VOGLKH, ' 41 llMIOI.II V ' tlll.llT. ' tl V DDLY ciioiij:!!. I ' ll! Ka])|ia Psi grew out of a great cala-li n|ilii ' . ' riii lal( ' riicnl. Iioucxcr. Iiciomes very logiial wlicii it is explainrd llial (liiriii : an ci)!- demie ol l iilmiil r ry in Jell ci --(in ( (illcfzc. l ' ciiii- 1- aiiia. Iwii iiicii liiiiiid tlial llir (•(iii taiil (■(Hilacl willi slrickcn tcllow -iiu ' ii cicatcd ii(li a drvnlinii lliat some eonimemoral)le society slionid preserve tliis friendship forever — lliiis Plii Kappa Psi. Tliroiigli ( ars of .-trilc and pr( s|)( ' rit . I ' lii Psi exlciulcd to ( ' |}ra ka and was tlic i di lialciiiitv 1(1 place a iliaplci ' on ihc Ncliraska i ' arnpii . and U linild llic (ii l liiiildinf: lur the sole purpose ni a Iralernitv. In llial lioiix ' llii ear. ihe niendiers (d Phi Kappa I ' i did nunc lliing lor (he purpose (d the lialernil l) iiiean ol cnrricidar and onl- siiie aiti ities. ( )verslia(lo eil l) a most siiceesstnl year in aeti itie . tlie xicial season finally came into il- own aller a horl dela . The cha|)l( ' i ' enjoved thcii ' lormal dinner dance al the Lincoln llol ' l. ' I ' lie second semester was pack ' d wilh sororit and tra- ternitv iclatioiis as well as acti ities on the campus. 1 III ' , np-and-comnig acli it men id Phi Psi. this war. ha e a wonderhd oppoitnnitv to gather a wealth ol alualile inlormalion conceining campn W(nkmg Irom their two l rominent Innocents. ( lomliined. the-e two I ' epresent almost ever ioini oi campu en- lerpri e. ()ne. the editor ol the (iornluisker snper ises three suh-editor lirolhers, while a foni ' lh i a memlier of the business staff: the other di ides hi time between the gridiron and other inlei tndent relation . in lii(ling Kosmet Klidi in which he has taken an active pai ' t as a memlier and a- a perloiriier. Three Bi ad tndent have heen initialei! into Alpha Kappa Psi, while the alhlelic stalwarts weie keeping Phi Psi np among till ' leaders of the intranuiral race. Someol lho e that helped thi ' nio l w ill not lieeligilile next eai ' because lhe are Ireshmen that ha e hown great pi ' omi e lor next year ' s track, swimming, and ar il lia kelliall. Eiiji ' Viii;; tile at ct)lli-j;i; hum llicir friinl porch. Page 242 WJLU Aim I mac BwtUuch (Jiri lrn i n Furh..;i .] Kuril . Kotirit Harn bric ' l.iCKrII Mt-CKnionl. J. MrCUmnnt. It. Mj.lerli l hrl|»g Putrrll l u|:»lrv ShrMun Soulliwirk. r. Sttuthwirk. C. OFFICERS FikstSkmkster llll.l. tl.WUlN Jim Hichanan llll.L I ' l (.M.l l l) I ' llWKLl. »f. UMI KMKMHl KlIWI.VMI MlCl. MONT l! Mcivu Mattkson llii I I ' rcsLEY lll I ' liW HI, I ' lesittrnl I ' irr-l ' residrnI Srrrrlary Treasurer I ' resiilenl t ire-l ' reiidenl Secretary Treasurer ACTIVES Dli K VliMSTRONG. ' . ' Ml (,KNK ASMIS. ' W l.oi isBali.. " W TiiKMAs Bknton. ' 38 Hil.l. BiKlt. " SO l.KSLIK HOSLAI (,H. " 39 Ukrt Brian. ■;«) IllllN Bri sh. ' TO Jim Bi m an. ' 3 J ikBvkrs. Ifl 1. i.K ciini Ti-. !iK . ' :w Bii.i. Clayton. ' 38 JackClkary. " 38 ' U) Bkrnari) Johnston, ' .W Richard Jovr;K. ' 10 I.KK LltiGKTT. ' 39 Al-HKKT Maix.ktt. ' .38 R MONII M tti on. ' 38 Robkrt.Millkr, ' Ml Rl(IMRI) MrCl.VMONT. ' 39 Ro L Nii M (X MONT. ' 38 Robkrt Moosk, ' 39 Till K TON PlIKLPS, " 38 w hi i ' ow kll. ' .38 Bill Pi j.slky. ' .38 J Al K RlIIII K. ' U) Jm K RoRLHTMlN. ' .38 Philip .S i tiiwk k. ' , 9 FrkdStinlr. ' M) BKRT MKKHY, ' 39 Bi u YoDKR. ' 40 PLEDGES Roiikht Bri t. ' W Km HARD Fmis. ' 40 RoRKRT Fl i:h . ' 10 P i L(; LLor. " n (Am. II MINSHKRCKR. ' 41 (ioRlioN Johnston. ' 41;n Kohsmkykr. ' 41 I M K U.YKR. ' to I) S MoliWH . ' 11 rorlrt o ' connkll. ' 41 CablOislky. ' 41 L Randall. " 41 ClIAINCY Shklimin. ' .38 IUrold Swan. ' 41 n rii swartz, ' 41 ipiaa m jN the week-end iieaiesit llic loiirlli of March, lliis year on Satnrday the fiflli. llic I ' lii Mii held a !iain|nf-l in recogiiition ot |- " (nindi ' i I)a . t llns lime a local [nililicatiun. known a? the " " .Moo C uw Moo " , was issued. It contained quips and anecdotes aliout actives and alumnae alike. ProhaiiK it re- called the story ol the liiiinin ; of tlic mortgage last spring of their iiou e at 1320 H Street. During 1930, the year they moved into ihi- house, they also cele- hratcd their tenth anni ersar on the Nebraska cain- |)u as a national sororitv. Zeta Ganuna clKi|)ler ol Phi Mu grew out of Sigma Beta, a local xiroiily which sent a petition lo the I ' hi Mu organization and was accepted on April 18, 1921. Their social events began this year with the ac- tives honoring their eighteen new pledges at a " Big Apple " fall house part . Then came the (lhri lmas |)art lollowcd li the date dinner heltl on pclnuarv eleventh. Last was the aiunuil formal on seventeenth, preceded hv a lormal dinner at the I Mi ersil (llnli. f OR the third consecutive year, a Phi Mu held the presidency of Phi Chi Tlieta. na- tional commerce sorority. She was also a senior memher ol the Coed Cotmselors Board. Meanwhile three of her sisters were acti i ' " liig sisters " , and one of these headed the Charm school. On the W.A.A. Council one ol their Tassels s|)enl a l)u lall lieing in charge of candy and hot dog sale at the football games. Her ofTicial title was W.A.A. Concessions Manager. In the Y.W ' .C.A. a Phi Mu wa on the (Jahinet and stafT leader ol the personnel group. In her position »lie e i(leiiti urged trie freshmen to enter this licld of acti it because two earned |)lai-es lor tliemsehes on the Freshnuin Cabinet. Last year two Mortar Boards left a herit- age lor prominence in w omens activities and in pioiessional and honorary sororities. Anrl I was so lliriilod when lie wliifpered that — " Page 44 k ' l ? , IUumfi4rlai r HiriiiMil • 0 ' lliinr lluiii ' ■ ' Ki 1 1( i:i{ Elkanoii Kki.i. I ' rrsiilrnI rartnrv Kii.i 1 N I ' dwm. 1 ii e-l ' rrsiileni llraiiii ;rjiM(i r(l l in 1 M i( U. KH Serrrlary I ' uliittaii lMn J M IIWKY Treusurer AC ri Ks l) iitt;|j M Mil. mu:t Anderson, ' .IK M Mini .1 ( KSON. " .VA Kinn Kri-v. C. l in 1 i ii Hkavkhs, ' 3 ' J Eli ahktic JoNKS, ' .39 Krrv, L. lioitoniv I.KK Bonk. ' 1(1 F.LKANOR KkLLV.MR BONMK Bl RN, " SO KaTIIIIINK I.IMIIII.AI). ' .W (•mmrl I ' .ri.wol.l H K. rMITNKY. ' .JR IIK.INM I :Al»AMS, ' . ' IS Ifaiirt 1 (11(11 VIM KlMRORG. ' . ' W I IM I (.1IKR. ' .38 M..r-i (.l. l) I ' lNN. " .iH A(;nks Novackk. ' .■!8 . i: ritKV. ' K) Kll.KKN I ' dWK.I.I.. ' .m lnli.l.I.t l.,.k...., ),,T|. - ].il1.l|l|.t.l IIK.IM (.Ul (ll.l). Ml! K MllillM. K1SSI.R. ' .{8 Mmo .I m IIwi V ' ■ ' ■ ' JaNKT llOKVKT, " 39 l!i III W Mdi. " .iS 1.01 ISK NZLAFK. ' .39 Kl.lZXIIKTM IMIKLDKR. ' .58 Mjtiiit l.ii lioll Mrv»-r« I ' l.KnCES DlllluTin NN 1.1.K . " 1I K MlllllM lIllMIN N. ' tl I. llM Ml.MlINKR. ' . ' W Bkti Dim (.lxs. " tl V|R(.1MA BlKRMW.U) 1.1 1 ii.l.i. l-nv. ' .iO C.wrll AlUIR nRlTTON.Ml ELKANOR (iHKlSKL ' 39 Ki««rr Trnik Kdimtm Bi is. ' 39 Piivi.i.isjf. III nsT. ' 11 Ji nkCapi ' .s, 11 Ellajo Marmivli.. " 11 Knid Coi.trank. ' 40 BAf.lVA Mkykrs. ' )0 jntlrtiiire I.oisCra«k(iiii. ' 11 (.LAII THMK. 11 IIK.IM V |t I-. ' tl Pace 245 XiS ;ill lrali ' iiiJlif liail. -o did IMii Sigma Kapjia have a t()iiny iiciind ulicn llic mitcoiiu ' ol llic Ira- tt ' iiiity was (loiilillul. l)iit witli the same spirit tliat the original loiiiulers had in 1F!73. thev managrd lo reorganize in 1900. and |)ro(eed to Imild un llie firm foundation hiitl hy tliose six sopliomoies of Massachusetts State (lollege. One of the chapters that was organized alter the resurrection was Sigma Deuteron on the University of Nebraska campus. The high spot of the social season for all mem- bers was the Rainbow jiarty. gi Mi at the (lomitrv Clnl) on Mav 6. Not onl local iliapter ahnnni. Iiiit active mendiers fiom the Iowa and Kansas chap- ters were present for the oicasion which climaxed the annual l?onnd-up week. Acli c memlicrs busied tlicmscKes the latter part ol the Sjuing with plans loi ' the national cdincntidu that a held the tollow- ing sununer at Slanioid I ni ersitv and which marked the si. t -(iltli armi ersarv ol the national fiaternit and the thiiteentli ear i the chaptei ' . l lt]Mr»Kl S of Phi Sigma Kappa welcomed anothei ' alumni brother back to the scene of his bnnicr triumi)hs during the past ear. when that brother returned to assist the coaching stall in producing moi ' c win- ning Cornhusker teams. Actise lucndiers point with ])ridc to the growing list ol suc- cesslid. and still lo al alunmi members. (Quietly and unassumingly the chapter forms a part (d the -tudcnt body that consistently keeps its scholasic rating high abo e that of the average uui crsil student. Originally inlcuded for imafTilialed Omaha luen. it now offers aflilialion lo men other than from the big city. Beiore it en- tered (ireekdom. the organization was known as the Silver Lynx fraternilv. the i liapler house of I ' hi Sigma Kap|)a lia been located at the prominent corner i [ 1 llli and l{. lor many years. aiiit mil txily diil ln ' lircali the date, bul — " Page 246 llrlr 3 pr llfitllrr h III 1 h i:i{ Clltllrnilril Hall kil|.4ln.k. I-. K. H. Sr lllllll III II I ' rrsiilrnI 1 111 II ln 1 II t II f-l ' ti ' siih ' itt 111(1 It. CLAI SK Sfi rrliin tlKORUK Hill NH( Trrti iirrr Kjipaltii k. U . AC TUKS Kii W.i W ,■, Tki. AiXKV.VV l " II || N 1 11. ' , ' 1 CKOHCE HlllNKH. .1 ' ( KKNNKTII . " i IIIIIIKHKII. ' . ' 18 Hill ih. Clauskn. ' Kl JlXN . VANS(IN. ' . 8 KKNNETH FRITZLKII. ' Ill h iKis Tiiin. MO M liiii: Q„i,.n n.KDUES Srlirrlr It N MUM) CMII.MIN. Ml Willi XM KlIlKI ' Mllll K. ' W 1. 1. ( 1IITTKM)K . 11 Mll.lIlN kl K . ' 11 GkorukIIm.i. 11 llKNln MllKIII.NC. ' .Ifi K. 11 I.MKOl INN. 11 Slir..,.lri t L ...1 I ' M 1 Kii.i ' xniM k. 11 Kl SSKLLSKl V(. ril). 11 m ©n IP1II3 Ti 1 ' " liigliliglil nl llir Lill 1(1 nicmliers ol I ' i Hda I ' lii was tlicii ' iiianh. willi oilier f;r(iii|)s. Id Jdliii Sellerk ' s limiif in |)i(ilc-l llic Idialidii dl llieir season footliall li(ki ' l . I lie allilclir iiianaficr. --waniiifd witli iiidi ' i ' - tdi- lickcN. dill hi- iiot Id i|iiift llicii ' pleas and ImalU it ' lnndcd halt ihcir iiidnc Id thnii. Thus. t cnl -nine actives and t N( ' nl -nine pledges enjoM ' tl ihi- Iddlhall games at hall price. This, however, uas not the oidv exciting e enl ol the eai " . During the tall lhe had several lioiix- parties and on Fe|priiar nineteenlh theii- annnal loimal. Less than a monlh laler. the held a cuniliinatidn lianqnet in honor ol the new initiates and the lonnders. die loiniders who had inslalled l eta clia])ter ol I ' i I ' iii in ItW. and loined die ranks ol a sororitv lounded in 1 ' () a I Mdiinicindi ( ' .dllege in ATonindiith. Ill inn is. Now die aie one among eighty cliapters. During theii ' lorlv -three years on the campus lhe lived in nine dillerenl Idcallcins. Since 1926. the I ' i i ' hi ' s dwii dieir home at ' 2() Xorlh sixteenth street. Tlie sisters pan? up In iIh- IihU IkiII (iir a clianjie. IF we wandered thningh the Iiasement of I Hall -])aiti nlarlv through the pnhlica- lidii dllices — we v dnld lie likelv Id find a goodiv nnmlier ol girls wearing llie gold- en arrdw. In the " Coridiiisker " office we vsonid ilixiiver the tn(]io editor, and if she were not tliere, mav lie. she woidd he iloing a little fashions work on the " Awgwan " . Keep- ing company with her in the latter place, might lie one of the Pi Phi secretaries or their contrilniling jjresident. She also skips n|) the stairs every other Wednesday after- noon to attend Student (lonncil meeting. Lest we forget, her writing aiiilitv has also gained lor her a place on the roll call of (]iii Delta Phi. nidng the other honoraries are. Aljilia i.amlida Delta. Pi I anilida Tlicia and Sigma Alpha Iota. Page 248 m EZll. 221 " 1 - « 3 2 Q bl Jl ■? 0 ' ! ' ■•?;2 P i M l 2i . 7 A ill ii2 A ! - ' Mm M(rr lUrnrfl ll lr. rr ■ jin lijirUtin ' I ' -iuaii ••rtiiiKloii l j.l OKHCERS I)r,. r IHI.1MA (.I.IMIH I ' midrnI l ,. kr..„r, Mki.iia Dkviik 1 irr-l ' rfsiilrnt li.rrk.. I ' .rk. l MH Jam: Srrrttary l vKi i.Ll.K Dams TrriiMitrr Dolphin KrIIrr . .TIVK.S, K..,. H. Rita Vu.kii. VW (iRAlK El.lZ RKTll llll.l.. ' JO K.„. H. Mahmiki.i.k Hatks. MR Kay Joiinmin. ' U) MaIU.ARKTBi HKK. ' .W l.tlRRMNK I.Y NN. ' U) ' ■rrrn I ' ATRIIIACAIN. ' .Jfi Marhia MMai.i.. Crail. Hjtirv IIH.IMA CLK.MANS. ' Ml BKrr URMK, " Ki llill II. .„ Marcf.llk Davis, ' 38 Patricia Petkrson, ' JO Mki.iia Dkvok El.KANOR RiCKi:!.. ' .19 H. . . ' .„l Jkiiiiy Diknf.s, ' 39 M AXINK. TALONS. " Ut 1 ■ k. BKnYDoLI ' HIN. ' M) Ji nkStkriiins, ' U) 1 Lll...!!. , l. .A. K iiiraiijr Jr.ANNK Kkttkr. ■.!« |R(.IMASMITII, ' 38 1 ..•rn IKI.IMA |- " ()STKR. ' 38 J KAN SWUT. " 39 IIklkn Tox. ' 38 Rl Til AN . I.YKK. ' .{R l-.fbrnilitr(rr iri;ima(;kistkr. ■3 » M Mil. Mill t U H. ' .38 l- nn l.(;r.vliin I.I 1 kkti (;kk.k.n. ' 3H M.ii«. ' ll ' tmc PLEDGES . it«fn MarjorieBarnktt. " 11 l Rr.ARHTOwKN. ' 11 i ' lrkinaoii i- Irr«cn Katiikrink Bixnv. ' ll Mary J. I ' ahkinxin. " Jl Ki. ' krI ■ Jrh CAHtlLY N CllARLSON. ' H Bi.rr Ri)A ii. " 11 MaRJORIK CoRRIMiTON. ' tl Jf N KllMAN . ' lI .M-lv Maiijohik Dirks. ' 39 DF.I.I ' IIINKSKII.Y. ' MI -I..W Hi hi Ki.x. ' 11 JankSiiaw. ' H -l,.T«..l-l Virginia Hanky, ' 11 BkttySiikbwooi). ' H •- M.,,.. FaykIIi n, ' 39 Marjiiiiik Tiiiiiai.i., ' W Cl.AIRK llrSTKAO, ' 39 l. KA KRl.lNr., ' ll mith .Mary Ann Jiiiinmin. " 11 Mll.DRKII V KRFR. ' -11 L.lhlll IlKI.KN I.K|N( AIIIK. " 11 Mary Kay W ilks. ' U Rl Til I.ARSf.N. ' H Krani I ii.i.iams. " 40 VV .-brt J. LiF.NBF.NDORFER. ' tl Bnr M " T.kai iiin. ' H I MUM 1 I.I.I AMSON, " .39 .. . 11, ...... V illijmaon A .Uon ■ mrt u«. Bixbr i EXT August some two llidUsaiul I ' i K A " s are ex- prftod to patlicr at l.os Augelcs lor the liicnnial roiucntioii marking llie seveiilietli xcarol I ' i Kappa Alplia as a iialioiial fiatcriiitv. The Luxurious Ani- hassador llolcl will In- llic ccutt ' i ' oi artix itics. Thev will iTniiiiiscc back lo those days, seventy years ago. when a gidu|) ol i undergraduates at the I ' ni- versity of Virginia first handed together. As is the case in most frateiiiities, there was much strife dur- ing the ci il war. hut Pi Kajijia Al|)ha prospered and the result shows se ent -eight chapters today from coast to coast. During the fourteen year period that Ganuna- Reta chapter has ])een at Nehraska, they liave ad- auced in all respects. Man were llie social events al uhicli I ' i K A ' s entertained: On the night of .|anuar 2 ' th lh( traternitv gathered to celebrate their annual lormal dancing parl . and al that time, they were looking ioruard lo the spring liampict and the follow iug party. r I K A ' s continued to he active in campus doings, mainls tliKiugli the efforts of their Innocent, who was aNo the President of Corn Cohs. Managing Editor of the Daily Nehraskan. and a mernher of Sigma Delta Chi. ot altogether. howe er. did lhi man dominate, lor there was also a mcmlier id the Student Council, the Student 1 uion Board of Control, and the President of the rally committee. The main pur[)()M ' oi colh ' gc did not es- cajje the I ' i K A ' s. in sjiitc ol llie acti e part thev took in extra acli ities. heeaiise in chol- arsliip. they won fourth phnc in llie listing of social fraternities and al o a mcmher in Sigma laii and Phi Mn l p iloii. One next notices that il wa a I ' i K lliat clccliiric- the llu-k ' r ioolliall fan la l fall with lliiilling. long iiins. his speed credited to the fact that lie letleied in track. We liclif ' vc llicy arc acUially icadiii llie Cornhuslver. Page 250 ICj|.i. ' inmiMii-t. W. trjg OFKICKKS NullMW STOliT II. I.I M lUWOK ' lll HollKKT MM.M.sTKN I ' dlllllM Mlllls(IN I ' rrsiilrnt I iie-l ' midrnl Srirrliiry TrftiMirrr (:ti ks FOHBEST ANUKHSOX. Mo Wll.l.lWI ll(lll , ' . ' { ' ) NkIL BkKZLKY, " 39 J MKs I.KI- ' KLKH. M ' J Wiiiiiiiiuw lU IK.K, ' .{H W II. 1. 1 Mil) I!l IINKV. " . R lliiW Mil) CaMTT. ' lO Ki( iiAiU) Dkckkk. °38 ClIARLKS DkFoHI). ' 38 FiKMiN Fkltz, ' 38 Don Flasmck. 38 IIdw mid II awohtii. M ' » ( KKALI) I.IHKIIAItT, ' 39 KdiiKHT Malmmkn, ' U) KollKKT NATISON. " 39 William Pktkkskv. ' U) Caul Rait. ' «) i.oiissciinkidkh. ' 38 Bkrnabo Smith. " 38 NiiiiM Sthi ' T. ' 38 II I I M II «i)i(ni. 10 J Mt: In in. ' .38 I ' l KIH.KS ROBKBT BkKO. " 41 C.KOHGK BKT .KR. ' 40 l l(.IIT Bl BNHV. ' H Donald Dkbb. ' Ki Jack Dodd, ' 38 ; LLEN FREI, ' 40 Kl( IIABI) I ' lEBt E. ' 41 William Randall. " W Roy Rinkkr. ' II Kenneth Simmons. ' 41 iLHi R Simmons. ' 41 Kenneth mitii. ' II Page 251 ElCIITY-TWO vears ago. the .l(v|) m.uIIi j,m c liirlli III Sif iiia l|)lia l ' ' |) ili)M at I iixaldosa. Ala- liaiiia. This sdiilliciii I lalcinils cxpandcil ikhIIi and west, until it liainjcd lugetlicr one liiindrcd and ten arti ( ' riiaplcrs. (iiic ol wliirli was el)ra l a l.amlida I ' i. l.cila Paddock, a Nebraska coed ac- tually started tlic ciicuuragemeiil inr a cliaptci- of S.A.E. at Neliraska in IJl ' . ' and in licr linnor. I.andi- (la Pi was named. Tlic l()il acli ( ' incnilicrs of lodaN is a nolalilc increase in ((inipariMHi In tlie eight original ionn- ders. and rii h week icvcalcd scxcntccn new as- |)irant had pledged. I y Day saw these sixt win secoTid place in the interl raterniU ing with ihcir ■ " iolels " " ; ihcir hou e dccoration uon the same merit on I lomeeoming: and the intiamurals " final standing lonnd S.A.E. ' s ionilh trom the top. Because all S.A.E. social Junctions are closed cNcc])! ihe fall lormal. it is a large and gala oc- casion. A traditional series of hilarious house par- ties arc held hefore tlic sedate spring dinner-dance. JuAST spiing an S.A.E. was graduated from the I ni ersit who lielil more honors, sclud- a ticall . than an other giadualing senior. Among those that cheered loiidot tor thi Phi Beta Kajipa and Hcla (lamma Sigma were two menilier ol the Innocents SocieU. a representative to the Student Council, and liic Juni(U ' ( " lass President. Among the other S.A.E.s that admired tiieir icuowncd lirotiiers were men that were destined to make names lor tliem el es on the campus. The fact that thice were to win arsit letleis. two wer( memliers of Kosmet Kluli. including the Business Man- ager, three were Corn Col) . on( to scr e as President, a liiluic memlier ol the .Iuui(U- Senioi- Prom Couuuittee a pre ent with the l ' resi lenl ol the Interl rateiiiitN C iuncil is now |)a t hist(U . proudls lucscrved lor e liiliition in the crap hook ol S.A.E. Ttii- fiHid itial inal es llic S.A.K so l)ig and slroiig. Page 252 Clirivlrtiarn OIIICKK.S Cllllrl KlIIIKIII 1 IKilIS |i 111) IIMIII ItllllW N ' f. ' S . ll fiie-i ' miilrnt II.IM. Jll lolllll.M Wli.KI. Seiretary I .J.I. W HI Mll.l.s Treasurer Kdrtcii K.I. ' ACTINKS llllll H AlMlllTT. " . ' Jfl IlKi ( K Kknny. ' 38 Franc i Ciilh..rv lUcrlin Ijll II MID UaKKKS. ' lU ClIWT IUnson. ' H) It M.I ' ll 1 1 IIWK K. ' 38 John M MK.MiKT. ' 39 Ha.i. llMtoLII lioilKSTllOM.MS KlIIIKIII Martin, ' 39 ll,.«..rlli Si M.t HllKWSTKR, ' .{9 Walter Mkvkr, ' 39 ll,.|.,..- HXLI ' II HUISTdL. " 10 Wkii Mills. ' .38 J.i(-. li . ll k.-..p.. I ' M L UmiWN. ' tO Kl.MKH I ' IKHCK, ' . ' (9 ki.i:. lii( iiAHi)Itm) vN. " 38 MIIIKN Hum N . " Ml l.rcnl. ' KoIIKHTHI HHl ss. ' 10 W M.TKIl Kl KM II. " 10 I.u.loirlc. It. Kov (:niiisrKNSKN. " ;}8 Willi M .• ' «( iioi k. " W I.ii.lwirk. ft. Marearrt M.irtin M (:oovKK, ' 38 Bill CK ni VCA . ' W JackShokstall. ' 38 El (.KNK . " llinVALTKR. " ,38 HoiiKHT Knans. " H) Richard . ' TR ssKR. ' 10 Mr.rr Mill. . ..blr (ni nl..n l ' ..i... William Fabrkns. ' 38 J ( K Fatk. " 39 Clll.-TKH Kliksu (:h. ' 39 Robert Thornton. ' .38 John I pson. ' 38 l.I.OY D W ALLINGKORIt, " JO 1 11 NK Gallup, " 39 Robert Waich, ' 10 I ' l... .■ Krii«cli K. ti.ail John (iiTHKR . ' W KlCllAHl) IlACKLI . ' 38 F oHIU T W II.KK. " 39 liiuiKHT Wilkinson, 10 IL.tli .■i.llork William Hanky, " 39 John IIdppe. " 39 llMiin Williams. ' 38 Shof.lall Sh..»allrr PLEDGES Snipe Stra.«rT llll.l. lil 1 II N . " 11 .I i Krii Cmii.min. ' 11 I) MI1 NOBLK, 11 ( I.MIK OIUnlon.II 1 |....n Jim DkWoli. 11 (.OKIION I ' INK. " 11 ft allinct.iril ftaiiKli ftrllinsrr Joseph Dyk. 11 IKK Khwc i . ' 11 Fb nk Kotii. 11 Vl.l.KN Snipks. " 40 ftilkr John llwMiHTll. Ut Hill " 41 ft ilkin ' on ■ Lkonard Jacobson. Ml Lloyd Wrk-iit, ' 41 ft illijm- ft rishl Y.Ml ILLIXM KmnK. " 11 Thkoimirk I,k(. tk. ' Il HTIII H VOST. ' 10 Mr,. . Page 253 mm M,)pm mm It iiaidiy seetiis pn«;sil)l( ' llial Sigma Mjilia Mil can pailicijjale in so many cxlra-rmi icnlai ' aili ities, am] lill niainlaiii llic liiglu ' sl sdiolaslic average of all social Irateiiiities. Not only. localK . hut also the national conipilalioii slio the tliiit -llirec S.A.M. chapters in third pace w illi one ot ihoc licading the list. This incii ' dililc record is consislcnt hack to 1909, hcn at the Colh-gc (if the City of New ( l. eight earnest students hrst cstalilishcd llic society. In the twelve years of Sigma ( )niicron " s existence hci ' schnlars lia e eslahlislicd scxcial traditional parties, such as the annual li ' eslunan parl . and have al va ' s made it a point to lake an ai ' ti e ])artici- pation in e ery intramural incnl. orth of note is the lact that the ehraska chapter has iiuited a German lelugee sudent to make his home and eon- linue his education with Sigma ()niicidii. in co- nperalion with the nalional offices oi the lrateinit . r AR ' ri(:ii ' Ti (; imh.. k-. ium Kiuhskii last lall were iiiiinei()ii cam|)ii notaliles — a memlier ot the Innocent Soeietx . (U ' the chairman ol the Inlerl i ' ateniit Hall, or one of the L ni ersit Fla ers. for instance. Three of these participants dexolcd their talents to the pen and were dnl rewarded w itli positions on the Aw gw an and Da il Ne- laaskaii editorial stalls, and one was elected seeretar of Sigma Delta C. u. Another trio gained ci ' edilalile dislinclion on the ileliat- ing s(piad. while still tlir ' e more occupied execuli e positions on the Student I nioii Iniaid oi Managers, the Athletic Hoard of Control, and the lloiiois ( ' oiuocation Com- mittee. Sometime during the school ear one sees the I ' eishing Killcs. two ol which are Sigma Alpha Mils, and one. a maiiistax ' nl the ( aack S(|nad. The riia ri ' l li r llir Samiiiit spiinp fuotliall prailiic. Page 254 -J- - — «T« nft Brrnalcin, H. BrrnBirin. K. ■ 111 I II i:ks lux IM. KIIKI. I.K.O KiSKNSTATI Mllltlll l.ll ' l ' I ' lrsiihnl Kxrhet uer Keruriier ACTIVES Dw Ml Bkrnstfin. ' 38 Mokhis l.ll ' l ' . ' 3U N((H i N Mm hickTatklman, ' 39 l{ MUMI liUnWN. ' aV I.lllTl I1KKL, ' 39 Leo EisENSTAn. " 39 H m.i.k.ii oolk. " .JS I1()N FlNKKLSTKIN. " 3K IlIMN VHK. ' H) II Ml in (.IN »KII(., " 39 lUMM. MITKL, ■.}« IIkmiy Greenbekgkh. " 39 PLEDGES KoiiKRT Bernstein. " II KlIW ARII ClIMT. ' II l " l,() II (JIIIEN. ' 11 I.KONXRIl FiNE. ' H NnllMXN II HI I . ' 11 Aium RlliLL. W iiiN( X Km. IN. ' 11 llw II) K w KM, " 39 llllMER LaBOVIT . ' i; Mike Nox k. " I1 II MIDI. II Tl ItKEI.. °U If you see a giil on the (•aiii|)ii wearing a pin that consists of a eross of gohl on wliite eiianiel. yon will know lliat slie is a " Sweetheart ot Sigma dhi " . It) her it lias a (iillVretit signifiranic than it did to the six Noiing men ol Miami I ni ( ' r it wa hack in 1855. I iioe six |)ioneers in Sigma ( " hi ohin- taril withdrew Irom the Deha Ka|)i)a F|) ih)n tra- ternit over omc di |)iit( ' and w ith hcautilid isions, started hnihling one ol the most powerlnl Greek lettei " organization in the hi lor of fraleriiilies. An outgrowth ot their foresiglit was tlie (]on tantine chaptei ' which came into existence at the start ol ihc (-ivil War with tlie purpose of preserving the Ira- ternity in that time of stiife. To pro ide llie po- tency of this act one mu t onl consi(h ' r the record of Sigtna Chi. There are now ninet -seven cliapters s])i-ea i well over the I niled States and onl f " i e of this group do not ow u then ow n houses. A II KPSILON of Signut Chi i the name of tiie chapter at the Universitv of Nebraska, and it. as so many ol the others, has a long and illustrious career. Although it was not the rn t liaternitx on this cam- |)us. it does lia i ' tlic loiigol hi tor ol con- tinuous existence, for since 1883, the Lin- coln chapter has been active in the duties of the IrateruitN and on the cam|)u . Thi vear is no exception to the rule and activities in athletics and puhlications are |)redominent. The records of those men that participated on the haskethall team, on the husiuess staff ol the .ornhu k ' r. and in the Lincoln Cathe- dral (]hoir ina all he louud in " I he Maga- zine of . ' igma (]hi " " , the oOicial |)uhlication ol the fiaternitv . Several acti i ' arc mem- bers of the Lincoln Cathedral Ciioir. Mii l lie a (;oud iiiii ' tii attract tliat many at once. PaKe 256 MrtK tfi ni Ittrfkiif liii;rf Kjrklini; f i»ri-iii4n 9 ' ' - lluilli ' lirii- Kri«i-nliiti -k . ' ■ •, ,C;4 q n r: Mtll.r. II. fi Millrr. K. Mdttrr. C. M...,.r. J. n . KnMiin. OKKICERS llliW Mill l MIN IIOII lllirTUIIKNS Thomas C. I Ions I H l i Cm f M. I ' risiilent I ire-l ' n-iitlrnl Sri relary Treasurer ( ri KS Mow Mil) Al MIN, ' .W jAMt.sBAKR. ' .59 John Cattlk, ' 39 CaklClkvklam). " .W Francis CotKAL. ' to RoRKKT Fknton, ' 38 il.i.iAM Ficklim;. ' 3R 1!. i;,iiM.i.. ' .w l lloi(N. ' 39 Thomas Horn. ' 39 Hon lloi T(jiiK s. " 39 Frank I.andis. ' 37 llRI IK l. ' »ON. ' 38 Jack Mm k. ' 11 Don M.I) Mkikr. ' .3« IJrHDKTTK Mll.l.KR. ' .38 (lORXMN MoORK, ' .38 II.l.MM IoORK, ' 38 l!l UN Mil) lollllls. " .W korkrt ronnk, ' 38 Ciiari.k.sTam.oh. ' 3.5 (wiantTiioma.s. ' W FiivNK Kkrsknbrock, ' 38 Nkil Youmans. ' 38 PI.Knr.ES LkoNMII) ltl.lll.MllliM.ll l!ll.L Ml Kl.JlNK .lO r.KoRr.K Bin(;kr, W Jack Mar ,)1 ardt. " tl i;. II. li.ii iiKNK s. " n KoiiKiii i Mioi Miiii. ' n John Cartkr. ' 39 William Mkhian. H Rii iivKi) FWTINCKH. ■»») Kknnkth Milllr. ' H Aiiiiii 11 KoiiLMAN.ll John MooRK. ■»() John Jonks. ' Id Madskn Kdkjkr. " II Dalk Kkki ' s. " U LLKN I.KH-KROINK. ' Ml ARRKN l-IITITT. " H Kknnkth I.oncman. ' 41 DalkRkks. ' U) II Mlol.n ROHRINS, ' II Kl)« HI) R N. " tl W ILI.IAM . N|)I K .I1 Richard an Mohn. ' 41 Paee 257 mm ©niL " ir m I IIII IL1 " ,. cai af; i I lirla iliaplri nt Sigma l)cila Ian firsl appeared im llii— caiiipii-. At lliat lime, tlie iialioiuil soroiilN loiiiuled al (lonicll I iii- ( ' rsit ill Illiaca. e v (uk. was oiiK eiglit eai ' s old. At the present tim ' tlieie are sixteen clia]Jteis. Since ]925, llie acli e cliapter lias increased from ten to t vent -si memlieis. Tlie lia e li e(l in several places and nioNcd into this i ' sidence at ()26 North Sixteentli in the lall ol " . ' 57. Dm ini; this time .Mrs. Madelaine P)aer. an hninirarx mcmlier ol the soruiilN. has been honseiiiolher. ThcN have always stressed high scholarship and consequentlv have al- wa s lieen near the to|) in the I ' anhellenic awards. This year the cii|) lor lonrlli |ilace was recei ed hv them. As lor social e (-nts. the animal lorinal was held on } ' chrnar l eiit -riitli at which time the S.D.T. ' s cnlcrtaiiic(l the campus. Ilicv nia lc annoimccmciit ol the allair with Mack cardlioard to|i hat-, as iii- itations. lahclcd " llold that lopper " . Thes igma Delta Tau " s ha c taken a erv nnporlant place in hoiioiaric on thi cam- juis. Thc hold the presideni ' N ol (ianiina Alpha (!hi. national women . ad ertising so- nnitN. and . " ignia Alpha Iota, as w(dl as the jiosilion ol ' secietary of Alpha l.amlida Delta. Members are also erv acti c in Tlieta Sigma Phi. estals (d the I. amp and Nn-Meds. ( )iie ol their members has lin ied hersell all year with pnblicits and piiblii ' a- tioiis. She worked on the ' " Rag " , and was |iiiblicit chairman (d Tassels, and publica- tion cha irman ol the A .( !. . Stall. As a group, till ' wearers ol the gold torch jire- sciil ' d a skit in the (locil F ' ollics and entered a booth in the I ' eniis (iarnixal. ( ' haracler- istii ' ol this s(n()rit is a national endowiiR ' nl Innd lor loan and scholarshi]) purposes. The . ' iDT ' s lalic advaiilafic nf lliat wariner spring sun. Pane 258 ■»»» T nlHi KHS Ml HIM. Kiu Nt; NUrtki.i.k F,i. un; I ' ni.iiNsK JoM.I ' IIIM. 1(1 IIMI II el ' rrsiilrnl Svrrftiiry Trramrrr i TIVES 1 MO Hllir l N. ' .W 111 IT liKKSON, ' 39 IIARRIKTI H ' HON. ' .W Mmitkllk. Ki,m v. ' .W Ml iiii.i. Khwk. ' 10 Jank(; )ktz. ' .W RoskHiii.. Id SKI.MV 1 1 11.1.. 10 iDMiii. Kii m:. ' 10 Ml HIM. Khasnk, ' .{8 Kii-M N 1,X-III KY, ' .18 Sahmi II. Mii.i.Mi. " in I ' kaiil.Mkyhrm»n. ' M) LlCILLK MciSKdVIT . ' V) Jl.XNNKTTK I ' OUINSKV. ' W Jd.SKPHINK RlRMT .. " V) I ' M 1.IM. S( IIW Ain . ' HI Kith . ' oiiix. ' ■«) SklmaZvkitkl. ■• ) PI.KDGES lii.i.iw Ihiuii. mimi. ' II l. I M.!.(». ' ,W UkTTK I.. lllR.- IIKKI.II. ' 11 . " HIRI.hV I ' ol. ' -kV. ' M MiN v KiniDi.. ' II SaraSmkkrin. ' II Carols nKi i.i ii. ' ll Chari.ottk Ski.ah. 11 J I III III Lkvknso , ' 41 With alimuiai ' and aiti cs woikiiij; tojjt ' tlifi. Al- |)lia Kajipa cliaitlcr ol Si{;tiia Ka| |ia lakes ii|)nn lliemselves ( ' (M ' ear some loi ' al pliilanllnopx . Tliis yeaf llie licid a lnidfre liciiedl in nidiT to raise iiu)ne . Willi llii- nidiicv llic -cnl Idiii Nclnaska 1-11 meinhers lo llie iialioiial 1-il lainp diiiiiiji llie suiiiiiii ' r. NalioiialK Sipiiia Ka|)|)a is one of llic oldest nieinljers of I ' anlicll. Iia ing liecn ioiindcd in 1874 al ( " oli) (.olicf e. in aler ille, Maine. Iml lliis iiia|ilei-. giadnallx jraining j)restige. is llie soiingest on (his caniiins. Since llie lime llial lliev were in- stalled in I ' ' l2. ' ?. llie have oeeiipied several houses and now are residing al 125 I ni Teri ' aee. In Mairli Willi a surprise " I lonev moon llolel " |ia 1 1 . llie pledges did llie honors. Among their tra- ditional parlies i included the l-Onndcrs Das lian- picl. ihe Christmas paitv. llie Iradilional K.Ik dinner, lollowcd li llie lormal. and a dinner honoring the liiillida (d Alpha Kap|)a chapter. vJN October ninth, a large nnmlier of the Nebraska Sigma Kap|)as did c to Ames, Iowa, lo -ee llie Iowa . lale-Neljraska lool- liall game. These girls were entertained hy llic Alpha Kpsilon cliaplcr. The Iwo groups pidliaM compared noU-s as lo lioii-e parlies. interest in extra-euiricnl aiacliv ilies and par- licipalion in honoraries. In llie laller we (ind memlieis ol lli cliili taking a |)arlicn- larK prominent pari in Kapjia I ' lii. national ■Methodist girls oiganization. I ' i lainhda Tliela. Pi .Sigma Alpha. Oanima lpha ( ' hi and .Sigma Kta (ihi. Sigma Kappa iiol oiil |)ai ' tici|)ales in inlianiiirals. hut se eial of the girls heloiig lo some ol llie spoils elidis .sncli as Orchesis aiul the . rcliei (!lnli. This year also a wearer of the red triangle was a recipient oi one oi ihe W .A.A. scholarships. The " Devil " is a pood place for sprin;; hull sessions. Paee 260 f O . " ) ( lllUMII liUt Ion K«ltiii lr«. Srhrarlrt .4, 3 JmnrjiT •! 1 II 1 lis i;f.m;mkm IIim I . . I ' midenI FlIANCKS UllciW N I irr-l ' rrsiileiil Jkannkttk Clayton . Secretary Elsik Jkvons Trriisiirrr ACTUKS I ' i!Am;ks Brown, ' 39 I mk.i k.kitk Wya t.u. ' . ' 18 Jkannkttk Clayton, " 10 l in i ' liii-rs. ' .is WiMKHKI) llKNKK, ' .SO l.iillKI 1{()S . " .W Cenkmivi Hoik, ' .38 1 iillllMM Sill IK. ' .38 M in ( :. Ilni i. i vN. " 38 Kmma tildii il. ' 10 1 . ■ 111. II i JiiNhs. " 39 DoHLS .Stkk KS, C;rail. l. giiillaii l. ar ! in NN Mil 1. I.K.K. ' Id l WINK W IIISLLII. ' .38 M I ' vrr 1 h m:ks McQuillan, ' .38 BAKII I! Mxh-ton. ' .W l in WiMU. ' .38 iipp PLEDGES r I.OllHMNh IIMIII.IM.. 11 111 in 1 1 li i N. ' 11 . liuck Mahcmikt Kmov. ' IO l.lll IM. OlllllP. 11 -■ liillllollrl liwrtllirlm DahlknkIIansln, .39 llKLKN lllGr.lNS. ' 11 ULIULDINK III IIIIMII), ' 11 El NICK Si iiwniiii i.M. M MIK Till HMON. ' ll NaOI.NL 111 N(.. ' 41 ' .38 Page 261 ■mm m 1 mS year the men of Sigma Nii reeiiacted an old tradition of their fralernitv. for in llieir fold are a licnlcnant-coldiH " ! of llic Ix.O.T.t]. and the National Adjiilanl oi riMsliinj:; Hillo. Such dignified posi- tion recall the da s. i t -nitie ears ago when the Legion (d Honor at the Virginia Mililarv In lilnle first coiieeived Sigma . u. Delta Eta. the local cliaptei ' and one of the ninetv- five ehapters located thionghont the coinitrw has esalili hed for ilsell nian nnitpie tradilion . In this gronp i the I ' ig i)i inter, one ol the ino -t la i h affairs oi ihe social season, and the Sigma " n- Sigma lpha l ' .p ilon field da . leatniing a idtlen egg fight hetween the two ])ledge classes followed hy a house |)art . which is onlv rivaled in hilarits hy the annual Gold Rush party. Those that are eon- spiciions peiloiiners in the field day events are the men tliat helped liring Sigma Nti champi( n hip plai|uc in loolliall and rifle shoot, and a second in water polo in intranmral competition. Why boys ronic lo ruliific. (ir liow to l)e real sociubli ' . Be: lESIDES the nolalile militari t . the pres- ence of Sigma Nii ' s in all fields of student relations is remarkahle. Ihe mo t prom- inent oi thcM ' is the l ' i( ' i(lcnl ol the Inno- cents Soeiet who doubled as the lpu iness managi ' r oi tlie Dailv Xehraskan and later shared a page of the l»ag with one of his hrolhers. who occupied the ilesk ol a sports editor. He wrote of the athletic fetes of three of his fellow-men when he was not hnsx with the Prom ( ' ommillee. id which he was co- ( hairman oi ' lii ice-|ire idenc in th ' Corn (]ol s. H ' dexoling all (d hi lime to pulili- ealions. one Sigma Nu achiexed the (li linc- tion ol l» ' ing appointeil Editor oi the Vwg- wan lioth semesters. When the two Sigma Nu mend)ers oi the Student (lonncll go lo the Ko mel Klnli pring how. lhe will see three lamiliar lace . two in leading roles of the pla and one mi ' udicr ol the Klnli. Page 262 f ■ " » Hi ti ii: li-i«iiilrr ....ll k ' •«n S i V ' l. ' ll Cjintibjll (■apron ..iIf (tKKICKKS .riifjii IIOWAIII) KiMIIII Commanilrr Kakhut 1,1 uiriiiiiil (.nmmunilri l r Kl..t, lUiiiii.ii ' i.yM Trrasiirrr ;i .|..„n JmK lirM.KMIKIMI.II Hp ' oriirr i.llcr IU«nir A(.TIVES Mitlman Junr KoltKIIT Al.KXANDKn. ' V) RoliEIlT MoWRRAV, ' .38 Jiiliii on i y. Amikhson. ' .W WllLUM MoWllRAV. ' M) kinc llt) AKI) At STIN, " .W Kl lilt HI (M KSE. ' M knii:l.i Jack Hi (.kmikimkh. " .W KiiiincT Nei man. ' .39 i.rjfoi.r Mjfli.ill M.K..- FoHHKST BL H)I . ' M jdiiN B(« K. ' 3y Hahold I ' eehv, ' .J8 JokPillin(;. ' ;18 Dick ItHDWN. ' .tH ] t R M ' v. ' .38 1. Uh J MKS I) HI IW NULL, " .W I ' M LKEI(HsTADT, ' .38 M..«ll.j.. U. Bill ckCamimiklu. ' 39 Ri ii rdR an. ' Mi Mo.i„4.. n. Thomas Davidson, ' 38 KiKMAN .SaMIELSON. ' W tu.ll.r KVKHKTT DKCEH, " .V) Kd Sell MID, ' .38 Ki)DkKi. iTZ. ' 39 j i K Simmons, ' .39 Nruman I.KONAKIl DiKKS, ' 39 Roiiert Smith. ' Ml IVcry Al NA DOIISON, ' -W Ed Steeves, ' 39 i ' lllins Howard FisnKR. ' 38 Ceorke Svoiioda, ' .39 (iKoncK (mlloway. ' 38 Orlo Thomas. ' 38 Ramftay Ilvriin 1U M ;.■.3« 1 ' (.eTownlev, ' .38 KaUlon Ki.hjr.l ..n RollKHT lllI.SAIlKCK. ' .38 Miles Johnson. ' 39 Kr nk Tremont, ' .39 Ed Nail, ' .38 l:%jn Kenneth Jones, ' 39 IUrold Voss, ' ■10 KoiiKKT King, ' 39 JniiN Wert . ' 39 Am(icl oii Srhmid liAKOM) l.KUEonn. ' 39 I ' M 1. Wert . ' .39 Scnil Jack McKee, ' W Jean Wole. ' tO Stmm in». J. Simmon . R. Hammond McNish. ' 39 Robert Morris, ' 39 Robert Zoes ;h. ' 40 " ■IfH-krIhrfB Slcrvr PLEDGES Svuhotla Tatr 1 hiiina« KOCER Anawai.t. ' 11 Harold Atherton. ' IO J cK Potter. ' Jl Ci rtis Ralston, ' Jl ...J. . John ( ' .apron, ' W Eir.ENE Richardson, ' 41 i rrniMiii JackCole, •»! J cK Scott. ' .39 RrssKLL Derr. ' 11 RtiRERT Simmons. ' 11 Wrrli. J. NateHolman, ' U W lELIAM .StECKELBEHG. ' Jl Ceorc.e Knii;ht. ' tl (;AILrATE. ' 41 » rtli. P. How RI) l H IIM.I.. " 11 EDSEL WlBBELS. ' 41 ■ - RoiiEKT Met . ' 11 KredXoic.t. ' 41 i-. I ■ ■ KolHMl Ml Hl.lH. " (1 ' mm ipum iiipim®s Al IH A ( ' vc )c statrd a woiulroiis fait: Tlicrc exists a man lliat possesses t veiil llii)ii aiHl iiejiliew: W illiain I.. ■•Lnele Hillx " riiillii. . lie 1 ill. ' Ii.virl ot Sifiiiia I ' lii K|)-.ilnii anil one nl llie ()nt lan(lnig anil mii t ilexoled 1 laleinih leailei ' s in the einiMtr . He assisted in llu ' imniding ni Sifjina Phi K|»ili)n and sinee l ' )()l lias walelied it pniw and |)ri) |)er friini llie piisiliiin nl natiimal seeretary, lor lie ean iiiiw eonni e eiil rlia|ilei in almost every stale ol the Union. To lie sure, Neliraska is ])resenl in that grouj) of states that is so consunnnateU romplete and to lie sure, she has ronlrilmled to the greater nrress of the traleinitv ' s progress. Hut aside iium all ol llw accomplishmenis thai she has arhie ed. eollege ouths must also have diversion, so we must men- tion llie sorial calendar of the Sig Eps, wliirli in- cludes surh no el parlies as the Breakfast Daiiee, |i|-ereiliiig llic Kosinet Klidi Show, and the annual Blue I ' arh held in the |iiing. s I.NCE . elira-ka Alpha ua- inimded at llir University, in I ' M I. it a- ronlriliuled lo the arsit loolliall ti ' am at least one man eaeh year, and at the present lime ISeliraska Alpha has eight letter wimieis representing the foothall. track, liasketliall. golf, hase- liall. and wrestling teams. Eleven men lonslitule the cha])tei s quota in advanced R.O.l.Ci. drill, and fm others are members of the R.0. 1 .( ' . Hand, and still others re|ire ent Sig K|i in l ' ci liing liilles and on the ( Irack Sipiad. Nebraska Alpha has alwa s been a lead- ing contender in the liilei Iralernih sing, liaxing won the cup lor three successive years. Al the |)re ent lime the Sig Eps are eadirig the inliamiiral race tor the Jack Best ' rro|)h li irtuc of (ii ls in oll bal haiidliall. and ccmiil in loolball. All lllc riitnlolK lit liiiliu- alKJ iKit iiiiwclfil filher. Page 264 «0 II., q 1% c ej Q iti e S ti J. ' ifl r dm JL, l unlj|i I llioll MrCorkinJale Mr . ilollr omcKKs I ' liN Mil Dm i.i. N Ei)r.KN». Ai.rKii JiiHs Hi-imi- I ' irMilriil I iie-l ' muilrnl Sftfetarx TmiMirrr ACTIVKS ji i.i N Hoiis. " 10 1 II K Cole. ' 38 W II 1.1 v i DiKHS. ' 38 KoNAi.i) l)i i (;las. ' . ' {R LLOVU 1)1 NLAl ' , " H) DonaldDirfke. ' 39 Robert Eliott. ' 39 Laurence (;nAF. " 39 nWANCREKN. ' Sy Adki.iikrt IIartman, " 38 ERNKSTjAir.i;i, ' 39 William Khvamia, ' 39 Charles I.onc;. ' 39 Milton NIastalmi. ' 39 I w May. ' 39 William Pkkifk. ' Ml I.LOVI) Pfli M. ' .3« John Scofieli). " 39 Thiman Spencer, ' 39 KiT.ENE Walters. ' 38 I ' Ai L Wknkk. ' 39 n i:iu;f.s AN Alexander. " 39 John Brown. ' 39 Lee Clare. ' 40 Walter Dinrah. ' 11 iiii.i. knon. ' h Km.l lliii.Miii ii(.. ■3« Urice Pers in. ' U Frank Racon. ' -U Leonarii Rasteiie. ' 38 I.IIM { M.V. ' Ill alter Savidce. " 41 Hkrme Si.iiw art . " 11 KlIllT. Mi.CoRKIMKI.K. ' 39 1 M. N SCIIROFF. ' H Harolii Mallo. °tl llxllKY SEAr,REN. ' 41 Krnest Ma . ' 11 y.i Steckley, " 41 Morris. " .39 Lawrence .Sweiilino. ' .38 lfhei o k. ' 41 Paee 26i san a It is very aii|)iii|iri;it« ' llial Thcla i was first or- ganized at a school lii( li devotes itself entirely to Engineering, liecaiisc Tlicla i ilsell. is an Engin- eering frateinit altlioiigli lliey estalili lii ' d them- selves on thiit -si caniiii as a social Iraternity. That school was Rene.-selar PoKleclinic ln tiliile and every April a founders day bancjuet is iield in celeinalion of lliat event seventy-four years ago, that made college life so much more enjoyable for hiiiulrcds of aspii ' ing engineers. Of the chapters llial will ccleljrale ■■6201 " this year is Neliraska Alpha Kpsilon, a chapter that has comliined the tra- dition of tlie Engineering turriculum with a success- ful social season that included several house parties, stag smokers, and climaxed with the big event of the year — the annual Spring Formal. Before 1927, the year that Theta Xi was im- bodied in the national mganization, Mu Sigma was a local -ocial frateinit . but because of the fact that ' I ' hcta Xi was an engineering fraternil . il was impossible to charter the local organization. It is true that most of the members of Theta Xi are Engineeis. but to gain uch prom- inent positions as these men have is attained only thioiigh diligent work. For instance, in the (chemical Engineering Society, the vice-president is a Theta Xi or the Engineei- ing Executive Board contains lluec of this fraternity. Wavering from the mutual col- lege, but occupying a parallel position is the president of the Business Administra- tion Executive Committee, and pairetl with him the vice-president of Delta Sigma Pi. However, preserving the old tradition ai ' c two members apiece in A. S. ( . E. and A. S. M. E. The Engineering College as a body saw fit to lia e two Theta Xis " repre- sent thcni in the Studcnl Council and one received the ultimate honoidl all engineers. Sigma Tan. nalidiial enjiineciing ociet . Walchin llie fcniiniin ' piiKliiilu go liunie for liiiuli. Page 2G6 -J (ti I n i;i{s ( (illKl.t. IIUKt.S r.diiKHi Srcpiiiii llllNM.K lit- .ImiIIKN (.VMdIlll ( ()N I ' tesiiienI iir-l ' rviiilrni Srrrelary Trrasiirer A( IIVF.S liiiini Amjkrson, ' .18 (timi.i.t. Kin(;khy. ' 39 WM.TKK BLIM, ' 38 JnllN MArDcjNALll. " 41 (iAM.oiinCoNN. 38 John Sciikkinkh. ' .W Dun Mil l)t J MIDIKN. ' :! ' . . SrllROK.DKII. ' 38 I UK llM.l-. ' Kl Hmiii.htStiiiikh, " 39 (.111111. 1. IIUKKS. ' 38 PLEDGES Nnltrlmjitin liiiiii in (JouNCE. ' 41 Cl-AI 1»K DkATS. ' H EvkbetteIIale, ' 41 Ml llluKIl IIkikes. ' 38 II. 1. 1 M .lcil.ll . " II KlIKII KlIIII.KK. " 10 Stanley Michael, ' 39 JlMIN NoriLEM w. ' 39 Fhavk Sccitt. " 41 IlKRnEBT Schneider. ' .39 UlCIIARIlTllllENE. ' 41 Page 267 Just as llu- new Sliiilciil l nlon liiiilrliii ' :. (iircclly across lidiii it Irniil ddDi ' . i dcdicatrd Id llic ac- li ili( ' s of ilic Nebraska campus, so Zela Beta Tau lias dedicated itself to an adive iiarlicipation in llie I niveisily affairs. A cliaptcr of a fratciniu which lias taken an energetic ])ail in llie fraternal world since its founding in 1P 98. Al|)ha Tlieta of Zeta Beta Tan at Nebraska has registered innncious achievements. As a group, Zeta Beta Tau lias dis])laye(l active campus interest, which is exemplified in the fact that in conjiniclion with Pi Kappa Alpha, the chapter succeeded in carrying nIT top honors in the fall Kos- met Kluh revue. Zeta Beta Tau social activitv was marked last year by a novel " Jailbird " party at the Cornhusker Hotel, and in the same unique manner this year the chapter presented a program of social activities that was notaJjle by a " farm brawl " at the chapter iiousc and successful Cornhusker affairs. x FTER only sixteen years — a compaia- ati el short existence — on the campus. Zeta Beta Tan now inchidc- within il member- ship, a managing edil(U ' oi the Daily Ne- braskan, and an assistant i)usiness manager of the Awgwan, representing them in pub- lications; and five officers in the advanced R.O.T.C.; and two memljers of the Scabbard and Blade, representing them in miliary. One man divided his time between the Kos- met KluJj and the Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee; while a cheer leader and a footiiall manager did their parts to help the Nel)raska eleven tlirough the season. The varsitv ten- nis and football teams both carry a Z.B.T. on their rosters, and two actives jiarticipate in varsilv ilebate. A part of the success of " Hades " Ladies " , the spring Kosmel Kliib cl)icle. can be attributed to Z.B.T. ' s. one a sonn; writer and the other a choristci ' . Sinill- at ;llr liil.llf. icllurtj., and liiild llial pose. Page 268 x nriK KRS run, I.VM.H II Mllil II I ' l Kl.l.M KitNKST WiNTHOI 11 STANLKV Sl.oslll hi. I ' rciiili-iil I It f-l ' rrsiilriil Trriisiirrr Sfrrelary (TIVES 1)1 l. N T. Ill c KKII. Jll., ' .! ' II I ' l 111 I. M N. ' .W l(lllllllTroHKN, ' 40 I.KON Mil) I ' llllDl;!.. Ill liiiw Mill K M ' l.w. ' :w |H IM. Kl KI.IV. ' ' I ' liii. 1 Kn. ' .m II Mll.VN ■.! " , JkHOMI. MiLllKK. ' M lll IN MIKIIM N. ' Ill lillllKIIT Sll. l.ll I N. ' 10 Si AM.KV . u Mii ih;. ' .{ " J Sam . ' rKiKii. Jh.. " . ' W HohkhtStiki-lkh. ' . ' 18 Bkhnahk Wiiitk. ' 38 Kbnkst Winthoiu, ' 39 Sltiallliri: PLEl)GK.S SaMI 1.1. |)A IDMIN. ' II Sll MlTliAN . ' ll MOHTON ElSKN. ' ll I ' M 1. kH NK. ' 11 KOUKHT EDKLSTKIV. HI I I uN Mil) Ml MN. " 11 Gkobgk Frischkh. ' 11 KiiwiN W ittendkrc, ' 41 Shi-flrf Wliilr Vi inlmiilt Willf-nlirrc PaRC 269 S mHiJll IBHILILIg iSP OlllLl.K-S 1 Wi; llol ' KINS President 1 IMII MOKIioW Vice-Presidenl ODKTIK WAI.LACK Secretary IN JACKSON Treasurer MEMBERS (ii ' iievieve Agnew, ' 38 Cla lvs Dwnrak. ' 39 Kllcn Anilcrsnn. " II Jean E(lger iiiilM ' . ' U liiilh VrlMilliiini. ' K) Clarice Ekerolli. ' Id inii ' iif Annslnm . " . ' 9 Kvclyn Klias, " tl ( cuislancr Aslihiirn. ' 38 JaiitM Enipkic, (I: ail. Mary Janr Barfie. ' 38 Marcrlyii Erickson, ' 40 I ' .lizaheth Barllinj;, ' 38 Lcicilc Ericsnn. ' 10 Mary Bales, " 41 lvian Esse. ' 11 liiilli Batz, ' 39 IliliMi E rrsniaii. ' II li,-e Ann Bedell. ' H Lavcm Kairley. ' 10 Mar ' iaret Bedell. Grad. Elizabelli Kaweell. " 38 Marcella Benzien, " 41 Shirley Fink. ' 41 irfilnia Bergman. ' 11 Kallicrvii Kimls. ' 38 Luis Beslur. ' 38 IImIIj- Kreiicli. ' 39 Elinor Brown. ' 10 Juliaiuia Fricka. 11 Evelyn Brown. ' 11 Adelaide Bnrke. 11 Edilli Burkelt. ' .iS .Marian Byrd. ' .38 allierine (iailiiailli. " 11 Nlargarel (iaihrailli. ' 41 Barbara (M.lden. ' 10 Genevieve Grainier, ' 41 Marjorie Carpenter, ' 38 Lueile Graf, " 41 .■ ally Carter, ' 38 Lyda Gril .field. " 10 Marfiarelta Cash, " 38 Ireni ' Hahn, " .58 Mary Callerson. ' 41 Elinor ilakanson, ' 40 Marie Christensen. ' 38 Alice Chnrehill, ' 39 Clark. ' 38 ( laroline (!lark. ' 10 I ' mv Clements. ' 39 d.lisCole. ' 40 Collar. ' 38 Eleanor Collier. ' 41 (iaiherine Cook. ' 39 Jean Cornelius, " .38 Helen Cnltinchan. " 39 Celeste Coiifal. " 38 I.ela Curry. ' 39 Milada Dolival. " 10 .lean Ilakanson. " 41 Geraldine Haley. " 41 Eunice Halm. ' .39 Catherine llarll. ' .39 l.averne llausehild. ' 40 Orh ne lla«i rlli. ' 10 Syhel llaynes. ' .39 Berniece Hill, " 38 Jane Hopkins, " 38 v.. llourif;an. " 41 Helen Ann Howie, " 38 (leraldine Hublard. " 40 June Hujihes. " 10 Florence Hiiriipliie . " 11 aih K.m .X nn.. A.hl.uoi. Ili-,.r..i. 7l i ?o«---ElfanMr IIthuii. K clvn hrowii, Carpi-iiliT. Cartfr. Cash. 6lA Foil Chunhill. Caroj.Clark. C. CInrk. Cliiiuiil.. Cole. Sih Rnu- Collar. Collirr, Corncliii,. Cfillint:liani. Coiilul. 4lli Ron Dworak. Eki-roih. Fouls. Fromh. Gullirailli. Jrrf Sou Coldni. Grainier. L. Graf. V. Oral. Halin. 2int Sou ' - ' Hakansoii. Haley. Halm. Hayncs, Hill. Bottom tou ' — Hopkins. Howie. Hurley, Jackson. B. Johnson. Pasje 270 ID ATMOi ri) siALl Cwriiil.ilMi lliirit y. ' U Ninila I ' . r, 11 kallilitiif llyiiik. ' M Sliirlix I ' mur. MK liiu Jack .)!!. ' 38 IVkby Pi.iiiiiU. ■ It) I ' larharj Jnlin-iiii. ' H r a Jane I ' rall. ' ll II. 1.11 J.ilin i.n. ' i ' lla .l Kay, 11 Viola J iliii! " n,l rail. Klraiior KrimiT . ' 11 laxin.-J..lin l..ii. ' ;m llali la. ' K.n;;l,i, ' 10 Marian Katli . ' II) Htlly Kayman. ' U) UlaKavan. ' 38 I ' milint- Kifkin. ' U K tlirr Kcnwiirlliy, ' 38 Jran Ruiiian-, ' II M.lia kiinr, ' 10 I ' liyili-. K..|li»,l!. ' 3 ' ; Marli- Kniikrrliin. ' U) Jane Rowley. ' 39 lleyeii ko(n ' (ky. ' 3 ' W ilnia Sawyer, ' 10 Culliryn Ko llan. ' 11 Mae Koiitsky, ' 1 1 Lucille l.anilierl. ' lO Lois Lee Lalta. ' 39 Hazel l awrenee. ' M) lletly Lefler link. ' 38 Kleanor Linville. ' 38 Loris Lonp. ' 39 Mar " arel l.neas, ' 38 Marcarel Saxlon, ' 39 l.ncilleScliullz, ' 41 ir;:inia Smilli, ' 38 Uli e Spiel h, ' 10 Aliee Stalling, ' 38 K rlynSlallin;;. ' It) Helen Slanke. ' 39 Patricia Slernber};, " U Rolieria Stoiil, GratI Kli jibelli McCrady. ' 39 Kntli Sliilsman. ' II Martha McGee. ' 10 F " lorence Surlier, ' 39 Hellv MiKinnie, ' II Sininne Tliierry, Crad. Nanry Maliou l, ' 38 tiamline Thompson, " lO Manrine Malsler, ' 11 Grace Thompson, ' 38 Maxine Marshall, ' II Lois Tilihells, ' 10 Leila Massie, ' 38 Leota Tonsinj:. ' 40 Frances Malz, ' 38 Odette Wallace, " 38 V.Middl.l.rook.l.racl. Dori- Weaker, ' 38 I irace Miller. " 38 .al.elli S ells, ' 38 Hellhe Mnlzahn. ' 39 Marjurie Murris. ' 11 Manila Morrow. ' M Martha Noel. ' 11 i ian I ' arr. ' 39 Doris Patterson, ' li Chryslel Peden.ll Leola WesloM-r. ' 39 Mary K. W ever. (;ra.l. Riilli Williur, ' 10 Barliara Win;;o, ' 11 Hazel Wisner, ' ll Jiinela Will, ' 10 Martiarel Willwer. 10 Mari:ar.l J. Pen. r. 11 Horis VVoodlord, ' 39 I ' liNli- Person, ' 39 K%a Woodruff. " 39 Hellv Pierce. ' 11 Blanche iiesler. " 38 Marie Plimier. ' 39 Mice Yagiiic. ' 39 Manrine Porak. ' II Helen Youn . ' 39 Mar;;arel Porter, ' 40 ink Rnir H. J " lin " on. K«lh " . Kaon. Kr«»otllii. Krirkr hm. ith Kir II R Jrrf ' - I I.. «ill«rt. i la Newman. 4lh How --Anderson, Hallanlviu-, ttla ku 3rd Row — Blaskovec, Emim-u. 2nfi Row — Hurlon, Mercer. fioltom Row- ' Vcitvc, Vining. 6 1 Rotv — Beal, Callaway, Churchill. jih foif— Eden. Eiuhmy, Giles. J i Row Ghzrs, Hinthorn, Larson. :ir l Row- -Maukcs, Nelson. Standkobt. 2nd Row -Steele. Thomas, Tro.vell. Bottom Row — Whit.nau. Wicks, Mrs. Finch. 3rd fitm- -Hanson. Kikschner. 2nd Ron Micheels. Mover. tlntlom Row RiCKtiHsoN, Swenson. HOSA BOUTON HOWARD HALL WILSON HALL holMlIn . m,I, T-nll. ' 1(1 .i liallaiilyiic. 10 l-ilihy Blazki v T, " W Lillian Blazkovcc. " W In-Ill- Bui-klaiiil. " l() Kulh DariiiinlMii. ' lO HiiM-niaiy K. Kmnicll. ' 40 Mai ' arcl Gricpeiislroli, ' 40 llalli-iiall.irlmi. " 40 Marjorif llnrlcni. 10 Mary Malti-soii, ' K) Kli .abelh Mercer. ' 10 tiarol L. Peirce, ' 40 J.iy K. Peslal. ' 40 Palri(-ia Pupe, ' 40 K..-alieSluarl. ' 4() Irnia rt-liliii;:. ' 40 I!arl)ara Viniii , ' 40 Odriiiiia .lani- Heal, ' 38 Klizalielli Calliiway. ' 39 Marjorie Cluircliill, ' 39 Irene F.den, " 39 Helen Eiplimy, ' 39 l.,)is(;iles. ' 39 Knlli E.Green. " 39 l.a eta Hinllidrn. " 38 Helen Larson. ' 39 Audrey Maheiis. ' 38 Klinnr Nelsiin. ' .39 l).ir..lliySan(lf„rl. ' 39 LraiK-e? Sk-ole, ' .38 la ine Thomas, ' 39 Manreen Trexi-I, ' 38 MaydeneWliilnah. ' 39 Clarissa Wieks, ' 38 lirllx Jane HiUfinrr. " 11 lli-len Dn.lek, " 12 Klizalielli Hanson. " 41 Jean Kirseliner. " 41 Lorene Ki(-nker. ' 41 Lonise Malleson. " 41 (Jerlrnde Mielieels. " 41 . ' Vvloni- Moyer. 42 RnlliMae Peslal. " ll Margaret Poyer. " 1 1 (!allierini- Rii-ki-ixm. 1 1 PlnllisHoI.erls. " 11 Rnlli.Slileifier. " 41 Ida Solmiegi-r. " 41 Edilh.Sic, " 41 El Mora Sprat;ui-. 11 Ji-anet Swi-nson. ' 41 Mary Lou inter, " 41 Pane 272 ( »lUNOKb tt)NVOCAI10h IN hecognition of high sc«oi4»s«» UNIVEKbllt OF NEBRA Wi Xr } -i jij JiJia yii u §s« M® as s ®(eiis g g®(eaii OFFICERS KdHKHT W Mill WIS President l lU-.HT Mo lM N Vice-President MMIi:i,I) tllAS . Secretary DONALD HOEIIM Treasurer JOHN HOWELL Scrf;c,i,il;il-arms MEMBERS (RohsiAL (jdadhamA. (UbohL Tl loAsimayL U)in MjdL licuiu (DoncdcL (BoohnL h L 9{owidL (DavicL (BcAit JbdrL cUiL KsMund. JhwudorL fihdfLdu (RdLgaL Tnwd (jJUlcUicL Swmsuf dUchjcvut £jwwn ■,.1 N ... I ' l.. ' l|.v llr...n, l...,. . l.lj l„r . Mjrti. l.ll.. Ilrin lrin. ittttluim Hum llvdlunil, tlurbiii. M . riiijn, Ud.lliaiu . (Ilid . HuMrll, ) lt ' l)niar 7. 19. ' 8. fm ili - fii l time in tin- liistory of llie society, tlic ImikmciiIs " lapped " a new meinhei " to add to tlie ori(i;iiial group alieailv ilio-cii cwi Ma ' (). 1 " . ' 7. Tin ' mcinhers ol the Iiiiioi ' ents Sociel - are clioseii as tlie oiilstanding jiininr iikii mi llir canipiis on the hasis of seliolastie. athletic and extia-cmiiciihir lueiil. Dmini; the ( uircnl year the soi-iety has investigated the practicaliility of the estal)lishMieiit of an activity jioint hasis for men ' s ae- tivities itnilar to that legidating women ' s extra-cuniciilai umk. Acli ilies sponsoifd li the Innocent- al the |m-cnt time include ihc organization and di- rection of foothall rallies and the card se tion disjilay at Idutliall games, and tin ' .iiipninlincnt of eheerdeaders for the sports season chosen from sophomores competing in the fall lr -ciul . Homecoming, when students meet old grads. the In- nocents sponsor a decoration contest among the social organizations on the campus. This year the top awaids went to Alpha I ' hi in the women ' s competition and Kappa Sigma among the men ' s groups. This fall the Innocents managed tlu ' sale of some 900 Irohnian ■ " 11 " caps. Dad ' s Day is annually sponsored liy the Innocents on which lay the fathers of students are honored at a special luncheon and at the fo(»tl)all game. The society endeavors not onlv l strengthen and perpetuate Nehraska traditions, hut also to |)romote and iinulate iulcrc-l in new and worthy projects con- stantlv arising through the suggestions of the faculty and student bodies. KOHKKT W |)|I M I ' resiilrnt OFFICERS maxim; ni i; wn ELOISK, HKM M1N DONN III rr BKTTY (IIERNV jam: W ! COTT President ] icc-Presiitent Sea etary Treasurer Historian jMEMBFRS 9flwcuuL (DwiancL (DonncL dUaiJL TrioudhcL TTiohhow TyiWlJUL J{jDh)lUL ' smwkvQ (BimnsdL lx)jLnJLgMjcL TklAD L (Rd uoUsl TnoiL ansL (BahboiVv Hutlum Huw— Chemj, Benjatnin, Uurand. Ilutl, ftalrull. NrUun. % lORTM! n nalitiiKil lionoiarv sucictv fni- senior Wdiin-ii. liad ils licgimiinp on llic .N« ' liia ka iaiii|uis in 1903 as llie Black Ma-iiiic. a [dial (irpaiiizatidii. The iialiiirial iliaplcr of Mnilar Hoard was fdiiiulfd in FVInuaiv. 191P . The Nehraska pronp Ix ' canie associated with llic national socielv in 1921. Tlic pni pose ol llic orpani ation is to pronioto collcpc loy- allv. iccopnizc and encourage leadership, maintain a high standard of sch(ilai hip. and |)io- niotc the pii it of fellowship and service on the ranipiis. Meinlieiship to this organization is one of llie liiphi l li r- that can he given to a inior woman. It is determined chieflv on the liasis of service to the iiMi eisily. scholarship, and leadership. c n memhers are selected finm ihirty jnnior women ihosen from the class l y a Mile ol all senior and junior umncn. From this group memlters of Mortal Hoard- ailixc chapter select any nnmlier tiom fi c to luciils to perpetuate their grou|). Mortar Hoard sponsoied this year a second cii iiies Conference for all coeds interested in leadership and school ser ice. I hi- included ronnd-tahies and dis- cnssion group led lt .-luilcnl- high in the various ex- tra-enrricular activities. Since 19.i2 the organization has given a Leap Year parly, this year on De eml er 10. Klovd Hav. a torrid a aphone player, and his Harlem Dictators furnished music. Ill llic -jH iiip Mortar Hoard features a scholarship tea. On Iw Hav tliev manage the presentation of the Ma (hieen and m.i-k the new Mortar Hoards. president Tpm ©i ii iKaipJii OFFICERS IIAKK " i KLKZ JAMES WADSWORTH . . CIllTORn M. t K MAKGAKKI ' ( WNKLL MRS. A. W. Wll I.IAMS ... I ' resident Vice-President Srrretary Trt-asiirer Historian Virginia R. Amos CoNsr. N(:K M.AHioN B. kf.r .I. NK .A. Hakiuhk KoiiKiii I. Bkavkk MVIIILK . BkK(.(.1!KN Lois Bkstoh I ' heo . C:. iiii.i.. Jii. r.AROLY.N n.AVlS I ' II ii I, II Di.MiVG SlIIHLKV (;. I)l. MONI) (iknkvievk k. dowi-int. IIarky Davis Klory l!l HI E.NTKRI.INF. Fl I.TOM i tlHHI M. (llTTY MF.MBFRS Kenneths. GiFFEN Ardis .Merneli. Cravbill Gertriide H. Grosve.nor Hl-.LEN ' R. I ST AS I.onsE p. Johnson KATIIEKINE H.KlLBl ck Hermine L. Klekman .Marie Louise Kotoijc ROSALYN LaSIIINSKY Gertrude F. Le.avttt Glen Ronald Leymaster RuFiis . sHLEY Lyman Laiiiv I. Mi 1.I,IMI.1I RoHI.HI K. M Mil Jean Alice .M iuin Mary Jane Mikhill James Edward Murray l in I ' Nkl ()n Winifred Nelson RiTH E. Newell Alice Lenore Nielsen Roberta . . Olson B ' l RLE (;. SHICK Florence E. Steutevelle Edward J. Vacek Edward I.. Weaver I ) will. li I III l II. 1. 1 i- Km.I ' II , ' . W (lllllHI FF r III I ' n ' la Ka|)|Ki. loiindcil in I 77(). has lor its olijerl the proiiKitioii ol xluila i -hip ani()ii ;; llic liHlciits and gradiialcs ol .Aiiicr- ican r(illci;c . ' I he Alplia ni ( ' lira--ka chai)- Icr was loiiiidcd in I ( " )95. The (IhaptiT ' lccts Inmi oiic-lcnlh In niir- sixth (il ihoM- cligihle whose sclinlar lii|i average is highest. iiiiniiiH rincnl is iiuiilc al a siiriiisr coiuucaliiui. In (ndcr to he clifiililc lor election, a -liideni --liall he a candidale lor graduation al llie succeeding jiinc i iininiencenienl or shall have graduated at ihe |ireceding mid- year or preceding simuner school coitimence- nieiil Inmi au (College ol ' the I ni (M ' silv of eliia ka. piiiv id ' d the group rcipiireuieuts lor gradual ion I khii the (!ollege of Art and Science.- ha c heen lullilled. liJSiV3J 7il 1)15. II. W. 1 MI H DU. K. W. ANDKKMN nil. M. A. HASOCO i)K. M. t;. (;. B 1)1!. M. II. - Wl ' NK oi riciKs ' flMl ' " ( I ice-l ' resiilriil Ser trial TrcuMirer (.DiiniiUoi MEMBKKS Ki»M.iK K. Hia.i Ml llAKRY F.SI.KY HHOWN ttlNTHBiV W II.I.IWI HlKlWN I ' llMlNh HlMIM. I N K MoM)II ;R sn EB GLKN KoNM.K I.IYM STKII Lot IS C. LliMDSTROM Mii.TON Kkn!-t Momi l!(ll. M) KllW Mill NU.YKHOTT i.ic;k Lknork Nielskn ROBKRT . l CL ' ST OLSON John Thi nmn I ' xrkkk II Miin I.LOYD Wkavkr Khliikmii kSiumin kii tkii EjACH spring Sigma Xi elects associate members from the underpradiiates wlio have a high record of scholarship and who have given promise of achieving success in scien- tific rocanli. . cli c memhership is granted only after the publication of rc carcli in standard scientific journals. At monthly meetings, local or visiting men in science lecture. At the joint meeting with Phi Beta Kappa this year. Dr. W . M. Slaidcv of ihc Rockefeller Institute at Princeton wa- the guest speaker. Sigin.i i was organized at Cornell lo |)rnnintc M-ientific research. In ] ' V) t . the Iniversilv of Nelnaska wa granted a chap- ter, to XNhich helong the majority of Ne- l.raska men. who are outstanding in the field of modern scientific research. 5lh Roif— Lcavilt. Nielson. Slutl, Rcynolde, Grosvcnor, Pennington, Bcslor. F. Stculcvillc. 4l i Roll — Brpvcr. Saxtnn, Kriipirka. Staley, Cain. W. Nelson. Lashinsky. Therkelscn. Cordon. Srd Roll- Pounds, Conk, Edrn. Burn. Cladr. Tookry. M. Smith, Line, F. Marshall. R. Bauder. 2nd Rotv — Marvin, Redd irk. Miller. Schwartz. Deykr, Ca! ady. Deweese. Piatt. Farrar. Perry. Bottom Row- -Larson, Stuhr, Mcck, Polonsky, Bcardslcy, Medlar. Kilmer. Fern Sleutc% ' ille. JLIPie JL MIB® ©JllL Ii OFFICERS 1 Mil N HKARDSLEY P resilient KAITH MKDI.AK f irv-l- ' rfsirlrn! JEANETTE POI.ONSKY Secrelary PEGGY SMEKBIKNE Treasurer Fay Bale Jane Harhour Kiitli Haudcr Gen( ' ievr Bennett Victoria Berjigri ' ii Lois Bestor Rosalie Breiier Bonnie Burn Palriiia (iain Elizal)elli Cliernv Marvel Dalil Genevieve Dovvlin " Irene Eden Eleanor Kielie Jane Ellinf;er Marjorie Fretlenliafii Eni(l (iillell Alma (ilaile Jean Eleanor (iordon Gerlrnde (Irosvenor Kuseo Helen Islas Marjorie John--Ion Marie Louise Kotone Evelyn Krnpieka Marylonise FJaker Marian Beardsley Horlense Gasa ly Dorolliy Cook Barliara I)e«eese Elaine I)e ke Margaret LUekerson Margaret Dolezal COLLEGEVTE Lila Kryper Patrieia Lahr Helen Larson Rosalyn Lasliinsky (rorlrnde Leavilt Eleanor Lewis Muriel Line Franees .Major E ranees Marshall Jean Marvin Marv Milehell Manila MorroH- MF.MBF.RS ACTUE Marjorie Farrar Peflgy Pounds -Marfiarel Griepenstroh Doris Reddiek Helen Kilmer Blanelie Lar-on Eailli Medlar June Meek Sarah Miller Fraiues Plait Jeanelte Polonsky AleneMullik,-n inifred Nelson Loins Niehola Aliee Nielsen Aunese Novaeek Tlieora Nye Jane Penninjrton Devorah Philipp Heirn Kevnolds Helen Busker Mar ;aret Saxlon Rmh Selioberl Isabel Roseoe Pauline Srhv arlz Pe;;py Slierlmrn Mary Louise Speidell Fern Steutevilh " Ruth Stuhr Ruth Shankland Marporie Smith Marian Staley Florence Steuleville ilma Stnit I elyn Taylor liie Ti ' rril Lotus ' riii ' rkelsen iriiinia Tookey Marie Willi Kalhrvn erner 1- ranees ever Al.IMFA stimulate liishcr Delia Wiis established to (lid I a si i (■ arliicv cniciil among ficslimaii girls, and to aid tiicm in ada])tiiig llH ' m rl ( ' s mofe icadilv to class uoik ill llic iiiii ersilv ol which llicv are students. The Nebraska chapter ol Alpha l.amhda Delta, the national scholastic honorary for freshman women, was install( d in Jamiarv, 1 ). ' ?!. through tlie efforts of Dean Heppiier and llie lil.ii k Masque chapter of Mortar Hnaid. ii Iresliman woman sltideiil (il liigii cliaracler in llie I ni ei il ol Nelnaska whose schedule ineltides twelve or more credit hours is eligible to membershi|) in this chapter. proA ided her a erage lor the (list semester or year, is ninet or abo e. Mend)ers are active through their sopho- more year and remain in the organization as collegiate mendiers during llieir last two years in school. The faculty advisor for the group is Dr. Win M. Page 280 J. n. .. - ..i... 1 I. If » 1 , r-. i.f...M. |i.. I--, rti.tii. I III- k -i. f Ivnn. Hrilliinil, Van ll rn, llrll. llrimF, Pr4ll. Krini. Mrirrlit nrt, Brrrnunn. i%)iin. nunirll. Brtcr, Kinji. Coriiian. G. KtinKntan. U liilMcr, Cirardoi. Sloitrliiakrr, . ' ft K-u 1). K lineman. Urnn. Brurr, |)umini;i . Crui«c. | rlrr«iii), Lurwriialriit. B»ii im Rut l rattii, Allowair, Moacman. .Macdaiu, llrady, KitlJIr. ILIFOai n First Skmkster DON M.I) l (.1) Z MBKRT MOSKMAN ncDKN KIDDl.K 111 liKIM Al I K KI. y. u OFKICKHS SkconuSkmestkr Chancellor DOWl.l) IA(;nAN Chan cellar (Censor M.BKKT MOSKMAN Censor Scribe (X.DKN HlliDIK Scribe Treasurer III III.KT Ml 1 Treasurer Chronicler i: HI IIKVin (Chronicler r ()KTY-(). E years ago. a group of ener- getic anil fai-siglitecl individuals on tlie Ohio Slate L niversity eanipus iierame aware of tlie faet that there was a need for a na- tional agricultural fraternity. As a result, ihe Townsend chapter of Al|)ha Zeta wa estahli hed in 1W7. Since that licginning. the fraternity has spread o er the entire I nited States and now has a nicni|per hi|) of over l. ' i.OOO. The Nel.ra ka cha|)ler a installed on llii- campus on January 21. ion I. Alpha Zcta. a . trictK lionorary agricul- tural fraternity, was founded to jiromote the profession of agriculture, to develop high standar ls of leailer?hip. scholarship, anil character, and to encourage a s|)irit of fel- lowship among its members. Since its es- tahlishment it has ranked as one of the niost inipiM ' tant organizations on the Agricidtural College campus. The organization main- tains a high standard of eligibility foi " nieni- bcrship: ord lu(lciit- who rank in llic up- per twenty per cent of their class scholas- tically. and who have demonstrated ipiali- lies of leader.-hip and character may enter. Anyone eligible for membership must al- o be majoring in the agricultuial college. Two nu ' ctiiig aic held each inoiilli in Agri- cultural Hall on ihc { ' i and third Tues- da . Speakcr prc.-.cril talk- to the group on topic- which are related to agriiullure. Not iimK i Alpha Zeta an honorary fra- Icrnilv. but it is also a ser ice organization. In past years the organization has spouMued the Agricultural College Honor Convention. Each yeai " a gold .-cholai-hip medal is given to the highest ranking Ire.-hman. The fra- ternity also sponsors an Ag College dance and a comprehensive and explicit excursion of som e phase of endeavor on the Agricul- tural ( ' ollege rampns. The national (ugan- ization pid)lishes the " Alitha Zeta Quarter- l " and the " eeklv Im|)etu " . Paee 281 3rd Row — Holmburg, Mariz, Arndl. Christcnsen, Giffen. 2nd Row — Kirshman, I.cRoss ignol. Dcin. Swanson. Bottom Row — Kotouc, AlbiD, Frcdenhagcn, Davis, Chcroy. ©n ii o MM wmmi§ OFl ' lCKRS ALLEN J. SWANSON President M VKJOHIE E. FREDEM1A(;EN Vice-President EARL S. FULLBROOK Secretary KARL M. ARNDT Treasurer MEMBERS Elizalietli icturia Clieriiy James Lyle Chri lenson Carolyn Lcniic Davis Marjiirie Elizalu ' lli Krcilcnha ' cn Kenneth Slewait Gillen STUDENT Lceinaril Dalf Holniherj: Marit Liiiiisf Kutoiir Rnl oil Russel Marlz Allen J. Swanson Karl M. Vrndt T.T. I?iill..,k RavniiiTuI (i. Dein Karl S. KullhruMk ClilTur IM.IIirks Jdlin E. Kirsliman FACULTY Katlierine K. Scliiefen .L E. LeR issi ;ncil (). R. Marlin Clilfurd l).S|,an.i;ler (;. O. iriiic iJF ' .TA Ganiiiia Sigma, one of the top rank- ing Rnsint ' ss Administralion lionoiai ' v Ira- tcinilics was cslalilislicc] al llic I nivcisju df Nebraska. Mav 10. 192 E and lias l.ccn in (■(intiniioiis a(li ( ' existence since thai lime. To he eliglMc lur iiiciiihcishi|). tiic caiiili- dates iiiiist nol oiiK he in ihi ' ii|i|icr ten pcr- ct ' iit ol the Senior C lass, Inil ihey are also judged on character. i)(Msonalit ' . and prom- ise of liitnre ahilit to he among the leaders in the hiisiness woild. Page 282 Alpha rlia|)ter is one ol the lort Beta Camma Sigma chapters located ihidiighonl llic I niled States. The national piihlica- lion ol the oigani alion. the " I-icta ( ' anima Sigma Exchange " , correlates llie fint cliap- Icis ,111(1 ihidiigh its circulation increases the inteicsts of ihe group and ar(|iiainls them with the national ideal-s ol the organ- ization lor higher pridessional standards and leadci-liip ihiiuigli iiirii i cd cdination in the held ol luisiiiess. ...I. i....i. ( |., . IL.O.r. I.J.UII.l.rlM,,,. - Ml» ri|.ri. Mi.. Clatlk. Ki..rt. Klr«-(Muoil, Sl -utrvillr. Mar«in. Nollf. Uilkr. (e®:Ei) s®i?siriiEiL®iii ©©i h d MF.MRKRS SKMoIi Mary Jt-aii Itirk lli ' ltn Annr llii«ii- Mnrllia l.crfiTs I ' liyllis (llianilicrlain .11 lnli SOPMOMORK Failli Medlar KayRissc-r Jiaii Marvin irpinia Kli ' i-lwdod ir " inia Nulli ' Kirn Slriitr illr OFFICr.HS JEAN M R 1N I ' rcsidrnl IK ;iMA NOl.TE KKKN STKITKYIILE Srrrrtar ■ Trrnsiirrr OIC Sisters to tin- iiiulTilialcil iVr-lniini women at llic I niveisity of Ntln.oka aic the Coed Counselors. Tliflr mlirc aim and ideal is In promote liieiidslii|) n lite lain- piis. Mendiersliip is foinpri-i-d ol a Hi aid and one Innidied volunteer coiinseiois who make agreealdeness llieii- chief asset. To orient freshmen eoeds, the Board spon- sors a parlv during the first week of school. During registration week they assist them in every possiMc Na . cidi freshman hcing assigned to a c()ini elor. In () cnd)er a friendship dinner va ludd to pcrpctiale tiie organization-i " hund-- with the coeds. Each M ' ai " Cncd Cnnn clin ' - -pnnsor a I ' enru (!arni al a a Minnc -making project. Theix ' is keen compclilinn among sororities and groii])- nf mialTilialcd wnmcn fur a ciiji awardeil the pi ize-w inning liootli. Thi i- deeided li iiailol cast li ( " arnival allcnil- ers. Charm .School and various lloiilty groups are. likewise. acli itic d thi» or- gani ation. The Mnard ai i partici|)ale in one Vesjier cr ice. an Ml • I iiiversity Church Sunda . and the All- cii ilics Tea. The lioard i (omposed of .six seniors, lour juniors, and two soph«)mores, elected each spring by women students. PaKc 283 3rd Rou — Uoii i . Ralur. Joyce. Lcdford. Reel. 2nd Row — Ellis. McNi h. Johnsrn, Ccorge. Bottom iou — Spang Icr. Park . Avery, Haynie, Scin. aiFie iK s iPi ipio OFFICERS IIAKRY HAYNIE ' resident KOBKRT AVERY I i c-Pre.sident KOliERT MARTZ Secrelary NEIL PARKS Treasurer MEMBERS R(il)ert Avery Gcdrfic Baker Kenneth Ellis " Snrman Ellis Eclw in (ieorpe Harrv Havnie Floyd llniisel Bernard Infiram Riehard Joyce Frank Kudrna Harold l.dford l.i ' ljzelt llaniinotid McNish Roliert Marlz Neil Parks Ralph Reed (herald Spahn Riehard Siraiisser Harold S a • ' N ' " V7 LDKST piolL ' ssioiial (•omiiicicia] tra- leinity on the campus. AIjjIui Kappa Psi. was fomulcd in 1904 at New York rniver- sily. Since tliat estal)lishnient the oifia niza- tioii has a(hle(l toit -six cha|)ters to its rolls. the Nebraska diapter heing created in 19] 1. Professional meetings of the lraternit . which are held cverv two weeks, form a series of lectures on sulijecls ol ])articular interest to the cluli. ID gi e the memliers practical know ledge, the lraternil makes an industrial inspection loiii ' to Omaha each spring. Last fall the cluh adopted a i ro- gram of visiting some commercial house of Page 284 interest in Lincoln on every other f ridav afternoon. This tri|) is taken jointly with the Junior ( ' .handier of (Ainunerce. Each ear at the Bi ad Honors ( ' i noca- tion. the traternit award.- the Alpha Kajipa Medallion to the senior man in the Col- lege of Business Administration rating high- est in scholarship and actixities. To hecome a mend)er of the organiza- tion, a student must ha e two (lualifications: he must lie working lor a di ' gree in Busi- ness Administi a! ion and ha ( ' an a erage of seventy-fi e in his courses. Many lacuity men are memliers of this fraternit . mtsmaM irii K m H«nirTi. Arrhrr. Kt «rr. Hill. 2hU Homt ' Str«iart. Nrl tin. Dran. 04»ffuM Jtoir- ' R «-M a, n«ti . kaufloMli, Cartrr. (Q-i MMA m W liiJJ MlMlil.KS lU ' lty Bffson Sally (jirler Marian Davis Cliarlint- Drin Darli-ni- llan tii [ Hly Hill Sara Anne KaiifTman Eliniir .Nt-lson Kallirrinc Risser Mary l ' ri«i-illa Stcttarl 0|-||(:i.l! S K . KM WWW I ' resilient HKTT BKKSON I ii r-l ' tesidenl M KI N DAVIS Serrrlary SAI.I.Y CARTKR Trea.siirer KATIIKKINK RISSER Reporler G AMM A Alplui Clii is a national Ikuioi- aiy and |)iofessional advertising sorority founded at tlie University of Missouri in 1020. Epsilon rliapter was installed at the I iiiversity of Nebraska in 1927. under the direction of F. C. Blond the iiresent farnltv sponsor. Tlie purpose of tlie organization i to pro- vide actual practice and foster tlie interest of women in the field of advertising. It also helps college women to make milacts in the business world. This year, the sorority distributed 3000 sets of notebook dividers free to the univer- sitv students. Advertising space was sold lo loial firm . and the dividers were pre- pared Ity members of the sororitv. Other activities of the group have included pub- licity and promotional work. Those eligible ft r membership in Cannna Alpha ( " hi must receive a recommendation from the facidty spon or. receive a unani- mous vole of the active members, and must have successfully completed one course in advertising. Candidates are sele«led from women taking advertising at the universitv who have a high scholastic n-cord. Prominent individual in the neld of ad- verti ing frequently sjieak at nieeting nf ihc group. Pane 285 t 3 « :1 J» • » m 4th Run Horan. Ue JarJit-n, Lil.t-r lidl. Ucmiiiglon. Bart , Jaw„r-ki. MtHridt. drd Won- Toms. Jackson, Diidi-k. W. fosifr. E. Burnett. Schricker. MiDnnaM. Conn. 2nd iou -W. Foster, Carey, Steele. Hand. Yale . Harrison, CoIilMtiilh, Filipi. Sloddanl. Bottom Ron — Roland. Gregory. Daw- on, NooU. InRrani. Vlasiiick, Elliot. Hill, Hulchin on. OFFICERS First Semkster Second Semester BERNARD 1 (;RA. 1 President BERNARD 1 C;RA.M I ' residrni IMROIDNOOTZ lire-l ' resitlent HAROLD NOOTZ I icel ' resiilenl III I liariir i f pri {;rain In cliarfie of program HILL B. W ILLL - 1S V ire-President FRED REMLNGTON Vice-President In chargi ' of pledging In charge of pledging FRED REM1N(;T()N Secretary BOB ROLLAND Secretary VRTHl ' R HILL Treasurer W1LLARI1 FOSTER Treasurer GEORGE VLASMk Historian ELLSWORTH STEELE Historian C I, AIMING llie (listinclidii of liciiip tlie only national service fiateniiu in tlie United States, Alpha Phi Omega has found- ed fifty-two chapters since its origin al La- favetl( College in Easlon. Penns Kania in 1925. The Nebraska cliai)ter. Alpiia Sigma, was organized in 1935. Its nienihcrshi]) in- eliales a cross-section ol (■atn|ui men iii- leri ' sleil in doing coinmmiiU scrvii ' c. Tiiis fraternilv ' s program is di idei] into four major fields. It strives to give service on the campus, to serve youth, to helj) those within the fraternity itself, and to serve the nation as active participating citizens. For the carrying out ol llie piogiam o ei- a period ol ome dozen Ncais the National Inler-fraternil ' Council awarded Alpha Phi Omega the special classification of " Serv ice Fraternity. " This year the Nebraska chapter has car- rield on an extensive program of service projects. One of the services rendeied to the campus was the regulating of tralTic at 1 1th and " S " Streets during the school hours. riii (uk rouhed Irom the aeipia intanee ol various Lincoln grou|) with the danger of this ero sing. because ol ihe excessive trat- fic at certain hours of the day. The group has also been active in conducting a tralTic poll picparatory to fuilhcr rcgulati c meas- ures ui romieitiou With uili l pe (d inter- sections where serious aeeideiit lia e nv miirlil ea il (x ' cur. Page 2SG . ■. tu tkt.. 1.4... .. i.....v. r (ti»ou, Kiitfc, . Uiti»ii. ■i . Smith. MjIIom. l.iiiiNlrtll. Chaar. Krrlin, Stuul, lUh). " k. Sitillr. riui kiirtl. Muhr. Forrr«trr. Surkry. Cillan, Mrrtinc. Jnti A ' l r— KtniiK-hril. Firnl. Kiianrw. Ro«c, Marah. Lrvnia«lrr. Dri-krr, llavnr . Riitt- l ili ua. Brri, Jamrvun, Parker, LuniNtrum. Brown, Sipp, Carl««n. gjOMl IT TJ Ray Bailey Harry Brow n Carl Carlson Alfr.-.l Chaso (linar Dahl CfTorj;! ' Ileikfs (flt ' ii JanieS4iii Kicharti Kcrlin Jay Kinj; Kenneth Kralnelivil Ivan Leymaster Paul l.inilstedt Lciiiis l.iinilslmni George Mallon Ml.MlIl.KS Rieliad Manion Fritz Merling Clarcnee Muck Milton Mohr John Parker Ceorge Peter-on Will Reedy James Riisness Riehard Rose Thurnian Sipp Norman Sloiii Marion Thomas Norman hision W alter Slolle Barton Bert- Leo (jirits Robert Deeker kirk Klorance Jav Korresier John Freed ( ' ■erald (iillan Frank Ilanway Harold Ilaynes Francis l.oelterle illiam Marsh Knolanil Plmknell FIlis Smith Ni ' al Starkey Ul I ILl.KS LOUIS LrNDSTROM Pnsiili-iil II K { HKdWN I iifl ' rrsiilenl JOHN PARKF.R Kerorilin ; Serrflary CARL (: RI„ ON Corresjwndinfl Serretarx Till RMAN SIPP 7 " re is»ref CLKN J AMFSON Hhlorian iJlGMA Tail is an lionoraiy eiigineoriiig fraternitv ami is tlic only organization of its kind on tlic Nebraska campus. Sigma Tan was lomiclfd on February 22. l ' )()l. as a nalional organization. The Jralcrnilv was establislicd mi tlic Nebraska campus the same year of its founding. Thr nalional frateniit imw includes some twenty-one chapters located on llic campuses ol well- known engineering colleges throughont llic United States. For eligibility a student must be either a junior or senior in some (College of Engin- eering. The grou|) has recently established a student loan fund to aid aspiring engin- eers. Eight years ago. the fraternity was honoifd with the distinction of being the first honor society to rc(fi c full member- ship l) the . ssociation of (College Honor Societies. Annually Sigma Tan presents the O. .1. Fee Award to the highest ranking senior student in the engineering cidlege. A Sigma Tau Freshman Medal is also presented to the man with the highest scholastic rating in ihc Frohman class. Page 287 4lh Ruu—C rtit ' T. Fidlcr. King, Knoche, Sandt-rs, Sultim, Mosrniaii. 3ril toa— Christ ensen. Heady, Jacobson. Siliniadckr. Ciiuluiipka, SadU-. L. ' . Schwaik ' ke. Zaliin. 2nd Roil — Pratt, Lipp. Glaniz, Doyle. Cruise. Johnson, Benn. RcinniilltT. Bottom Rotv Magilanz, Sanders, Swanson, Bunting, Hfdhiiid, TJiahnan, Aitkcn, Cornian. BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB 1 HE Block and Bridle Club, which has l eeii in existence on this cam])ns for many Ncars, is a meniher of the national organiza- tion of the same name which was founded by the Animal If usbamlry Cliil)s of the mid- west agricultural colleges. Each year the national organization holds its meetings dur- ing the International I,i estock Exposition. The Block and Bridle Club has the def- inite puipose of seeking and practicing ad- vanced methods in all lines of agronomy. The entire program of activities sponsored by the clul) aims to foster leadership and cooperation, and to slinudale the spirit of competition and sportsmanship. 1 HE members of the Senior livestock Judging Team, sponsored by the Block and Bridle Club, are selected on their indi idual ability to judge various breeds of ]ive li)ck. The team, coached by Prof. R. R. Thalman. is made u)) of Earl Hedlund. Carl Swanson. Lester Schmadeke, Ray Cruise, Russell Jacobson and DeLos Johnson. The judging team makes several trips each year to nation-wide contests in hich they match their skill with teams from other agricultural colleges in the United States. During the past the team entered into com- petiion at Forth Worth Texas, Kansas City, Missouri: and Chicago, Illinois. 2nil Row — Rein mi Her, Jarobsou, Thalman, Johnson. Hot torn Row — Cruise, Hedlund, Swanson, Schmadeke SENIOR LIVESTOCK jUDCING TEAM Pace 288 » M t t « ' S 9 f ?.t A K ' ltr l.Miiip, totii tlA, L. rnrrann. Nrwtun, ta•lrr•. ?« )( , ?utl in. 4th Huu- Junra. Htunniom), l.onntiuial. CarUun. VribrI, K. Prtrr«un. Brnii, Jrit Aim KrriirU, Mrirrtirnry. N. Dawr . Kriii, Jour . l( B4 nian. HraJv. 2nJ Ruu Wliilwrr. D. Klincman. Ri l«ll«-. Van Hi rn. Uanit-ll. Malliu. Rutlom R.tu Hr nr, DnmtnEO, BtUar. ||rnilrr«on, l ' clfT«nn, Krotik. Smith. Till k (.LUB J fvl K was t ' slalilislicd as an lioiiorary ag- loiioiny (lull ill 1931 lor the puipos of en- couraging closer relalioiisliips among the students iiitereslcd in llie tiid of agri( ul- tiiie. The Tri K. Nvliich has a particular in- terest in cro|) judging, sponsors the (]rops Judging Team and presents in the spring of each year the lop judging contest, wliicli is open to all Ag students. Each year the clul) supervises the national essay contest on this campus as a representative of the s|)on- sors, the American Society of Agronomy. Tlie organization spons«us Ag " mixers " and informal sup|)ers. 2nit Roir Hra iy. Klinicman. Ilaync. Fmlik. H ' lttnm R-tu Prlcf..iii, nhitvrrr. M t«rnian, RiiltHr. 1 HE Crops Judging Team is sponsored ili- rectly hy the Tri K Cluli. During the last eight vears the team has entered the Intercol- legiate Crops Judging contest at (Chicago and has. during this time, taken three first awards, one second, and two thirds. The team gained |)ermanent |)ossession of a silver lo ing ' up and had the honor of set- ting a new team scoring reinnl. The team also entered and won the Interc(dlegiate Crop Judging contest at Kansas City. This year ' s team was com|)osed of Ogden Hiildle. Weston W hilwcr. l Mci eman. an l Maurice Peterson. CHOlN.ll l)(;i (; TKAM Pace 289 3rd Rou -Humunfi. Fillcy. Hiall. Novacrk. Srb. Dominfto. Holloway. Wallers. Baudcr. 2nd Ritu-HoppfTt. Hitrhman. Kcim, Ehlrra, Huran, Spadrr. RuahcI. Chamberlain. S. White. ItitHom Him- SiiTherl. FelerBufi, MaiUen, Arlhaiid. 1 ' intermule, Tye, Ben net t, Gilf . IPiaa iPIFiaiL®! ©JMlKgSKDS OFFICF.RS MEMBERS Kl I.A WINTKHMOTK Presiili ' nl AGNES AKTliALU f ice-Presiilent MARJORIE TYE Secretary GENEVIEVE BENNETT Treasurer ESTHER iIECHERT Librarian LOIS GILES Editor RUTH MADSEN Chaplin RXCIIEL PETERSON Historian Doris Eihlets Helen Ilallaway Ajines Novacek Pauline alters Marjiirie Tye A ne Arlliand Rulli Madsen Raeliel Peterson Lciis(;iles Rnlli Bander Donna Hiatt Genevieve Bennett Elizabeth Horninf; irfrinia Slaufler Kranci-N Major Riilli Sclii.berl Esllier W ii-.herl Kula inlennule (!arrie Marshal ILiran Phyllis Ghanihi-rlain Naiinii Richniond 11() ()K. I V ill tlic Home Economics De- pailiiicn! i I ' lii I |) il()n Omicioii. Eligible lof tiiciiilici lii|) ait ' second sciiicstcr sopho- mores, or al)ove, wliose scliolarsiiip. Icadci- sliip. cliaraclcr. ami professional aHitiKlc arc ajjprovcd i)v a iiiiaiiimons vote ol tlic active cliaplcr willi llic approval ol llic fac- ulty council. riic organization lliis vear coiitrihntcd to llic ( ' onsumer ' s Research study, heing carried out li llic Home Eco- nomics Associalion. ilh (Jinicroii ii thc held a tea for all tiaiisicr Indents, a col- lege convocation aiul a dinner. Page 290 Central Imildinp for activ itics of Phi Uji- siloii Oniicidii is the Home Economics liuild- ini; on the Afiiiciiltiirc cani|nis. Assigned cxcliisivelv lor the use ol v omcn. it houses classidoiiis and lalmralorics lorevcrv phase ol work in Nome Kcoiiomics. Not onlv does the coed learn hen- lo he a ])cifc(l modern housewili ' . ahle to cope ith all siliialioiis. hut also she mav gel the Icihniial training demanded liv iiiaiiv new positions open lor v omeii. Ihroiigh siich an honoiarv as Phi I psiloii (Imiiion she mav make, in addi- tion, social conlacis integral in college lile. 11 1 K.iu M 11. fill. W , 1,1,1. .Ilk.-. ti;i;.il, tt nil iiit 1..1.. iri ft u« -Ltniprr«-ht. (latllr, ti-Mill4-ii. riuniiiirr, l rlli-n«i(-k. St ' liwiiru. S -tiniitll. 7nJ Run — CrUoulJ. Hrii,li-r. Wilbur. Hi. kcl. Mun nii. Trill. Ilrirr. Jolinnun. Aurium Huu Kallitiuin. lUlrt. Crilliii. Volil, Oilirl.l. Nu |iii I. Kuoruw. )pmm .ipiai ij MEMBERS ACTIVES Mvron Bii-kfl Dnain I.impri-clit Gravden Kallilmn Paul Kaslcliiii I,.-.. M.Mahi.n Carl Riier Ki liirl K j;iTl llarrvMrMillan Rohfrt Roscow W illiuin ( ril!ii) WallrrMiiir Mvniii Trill Mar iii C.ri uald l)ickMi)« ' s Olio Viclli ' iisirk llariiM (liirsclie Jcihn Miinsim Fraiiii W illiiir ll ' nr llallv HmIiitI N( M|ui-l Willar,! il ..M Kinniili Juhnson Kay PluimniT PLEDGES Karl ol ill;;loll Paul Bender Cliarles Hi$!gins William Pliimnior Riil).rt Callle X ' illiam ClIncliiT Carr.ill R.-i.l VI arrrn (!allan l (!lilTiiril I.iM-rmiirr W illiaiii Kill ' ; (ieorjif Doni ' llxin {leers;.- McNally Gordon .Siliinidi Lowell lliilin (iail Olsen Robert Sniilli ©na li OFFICERS ROKEKT NUQUIST Justice J. LEO M.NLMION iff Jtistii f KOMKKT KESCOW Clerk WILLIAM W. (;RIKFI Treasurer ami Sleuaril IIKNKY HALEY Marshall AlTlldl (;il I ' lii I|.Iki DrlL, i.a nalii.iu.l professional law iValfi nil . it cuiuliicts its plt ' dginp. gt ' iKMal manageinciiL and social fimcliuns in llic aMic mamuT a do llie so- cial fl■at(■ llilic on tlic campus. Heese chap- ter nl I ' ll! Mplia Dtdla mainlaitis a limise on llic Ncliraska campus and takes an active jtait ill all Interfraternity activities. . t llieir meetings the organization pro- poses to give the studcnl an opportiinil tor closer contact with the active and practicing attorneys of the slate and vicinitv . The at- tornev speaker at each meeting gi c valu- aliie advice gaincil Imni his legal schooling anil his varied field of experience. The or- j:ani aliiiir aili ilics arc not wliollv con- liiicil to M-holastic affaii Iml al o include social events. Each year a formal dinner- dance is given at which some nationally known personage is the guest of honor. Each year the fraternil oliserves its Founder ' s I).i with a lianipicl IhM tor actives and alumni niciiilpci . ( )llicr social activities of the vear include two liou c |)artics. an an- nual P.A.D. stag tliimer, and several " smok- ers " with informal discussions. Page 291 4th Ron Trilifrow. Sort-iiFn-ii. Doilrill. Oaltnii, Skow. Ainiiiuii. Howard. Amend. Brcnn. 3nl Hutc — Snili, Slaab. Srlirirkfr. AiIh-v. Lant:« ' ion. Jnhitfon. Mock. Zcinaii, Murllrr. 2nd Rote — Kralorlivil, lty lrotii, Millrr, Frc«-tl. Mtilir. KiiHricitii, ' ft ' iltman, Forrester. U ' allingford. Hagcr. Bottom Ron- -Utaui. FLTcimtiii, Binehuin. rimknell. Aiidernun, Nuenibergcr, Hollislcr, Suve, Olson. Uq l o I OFFICERS I ' ihstSkmkstkh iVM Hn J. DAI TON (Chairman MILTON L. STAAB ire-C.hairmnn CI MDK L. TKTIIKROW Sftretary I ' lidK. 1.. A. BIN(.II M Counselor Skcond Srmkster THOMAS J. ANDERSON ( ' .hairnnin HOW lin II. NIKUNBERGER irf-dhiiirnian kNOl.AND J. PI.l ( KNKTT Secretary 1 Inward S. Amond RuImtI II. Aiiimun T.J. AlullTSCIl Verl C. Alh. y Elmer A. Bri-nn. Jr. GleuBriggs K. N. Crowell Bernard Dallon Oswin Eyre R. D. Eaytin ' er Jav Fiirrester Jniinll. Freed Riiberl V. Ilaf;er Ilariild llayiies Rid)ert Haynes Frank Ilnward Ralph Iliala. (!arl Jaeiiliseii Lauren Jolinsim Donald June MIMIIKRS llatr KaMiiiii-riiilir k. . Kraliielivil llarr l.aii j-liin I ' hil i.aser Riehard .Maninn Franri. ' i l.ibershal Richard Manion R. E. Marlinsen Kril.! Merlin}: N. II. Miller ( llarenee Muck Millim Miihr Jcihn ni. Mueller II. Nuernl)er};er Harold OUon Eufjene I ' alriek Frank Phelps knolaiid I ' lurkmil R. ll.l ' .irlerlield llanihl I ' rai J. II. Riisness Riehard Rvslnim R. G. Sehrickcr Frank M. Scott Tluirnian .Sip Harvey Skow . ' rnold Sorensen Norman Sove .M. L. Slaal) Neal Slarkev Glaiule Telheniu Marion Thomas Clifford Thompson Walter Tiplon Leo aehler L. E. Viallinilford Roland W hile Juliii illinann J. A. Zeinan I III ' . iKiliiiiial |in)f( ' s i(iiial society for eleo- triial rMoiiK-t.i .. il„- Aiiu ' iican Iii.slitiite of Kli( Irical Kiigiiiccrs. was fomidcd in 1881. I lie cliraska local cliaplcr a (■ talili li( ' (! 24 years lalcr in 1908. Id lie clifxililc l( |- iiicnili( ' i lii|) ill llic .l.l ' ..l ' .. llic apjilicanl iiiiisl lie cither a lii- (Icnl or a laciillv mcmlicr ol llie Klertrical Kiigineering D ' |)artmi ' iit. Since the found- ing of the organization the nicmhership has increased to 20.000 persons, 4,0()() ol lii( h are student iiieiiihers. During the |)ast ( ar tlie Nebraska chap- ter ol A.l.l ' l.l ' . has (illered a arieil pro- gram ol acli ilies In it- nieiiilier . Il coii- diicled iii peil iciii tdiiis nl ari(i(i electrical projects in and anniiid Lincoln. The orgaiiizatinii has pr( seiitcd coni|)e- ti ' iil speakers talking on ariou ul iects peitinenl to ihe groups interests at tlie regu- lar nionlhlv iiieeliiigs. t arioiis tinio the sludenl nieinliei.s lia e iircsciiled lor piiMic inspection many exhiliit on phases of elec- trical Iraiiiiiijr. PaRe 292 t t t f- f :.lh K-.f ■ ' [.f.M.t. i:. I , ■■. i .,1... H.-, . p..v,iiMi . K.1,1. W-lt. JrA ffuH -Mt ' tttinnt ' l. Hr«il ()n. OolitHn . Crdinrr, pAuUon. Janri ' rk, York. Robert . Jrti R jtf SUcrl. Olni ' lrail. l illrn. rr«flw. NcwIhtb. Floronrr, Kru«T;cr, Horrnann. CibboD. Jnii Row- Sirmvpti. Ctun un. Krnly. Smith, L. Anilrrimn. Knitlfdr, Mean, Litm|t, Honkc. Buttum RoH- — n ' ht«li)n. Nrttrud, Cjr»lcn9, M. AnJmun. Turnbtill. DeKlou. Srhrortlcr, Cbuc. ' Q lEo 15; MEMlill! s . 1). Vhi-i..i. A.R.Jaii. -.k A. IL .«l.crg J.K. Kfiaii 11. W.Gil.lM.n G. II. Garslcns K.J.D.klnlz ll.J.Wnlf I. L. Andersen A. . Srh liT G. k.(;illan K.M.KenI K. B.S.lic-.l.T ILL. Dot hins W . W . Reedv V.L.Cl.a-.- L. R. n(lrr ciii K. L. (!ri ssciii C. I. Mi(;.in.(;al D. (i. Lamp !■:. .. ' li,.r K. I.. Wti.lii.r . W . Ciiliiila K. B. Floranre II.M.Turnl.ull R. VI . Gri.l.b . T. Nepriid (;. II.Rav G. . B.T!: I ' .l. Rasle.le M. 1.. Sienis -n R.J. Lnnilgrcn R. B. Olmsleatl J. 1). Dimiiing PROF.r.E MICKEY J. E. MA. ' ON Fmulty ■tdiisT Contort Member Oll ' ICI.liS Fllor SK U.MKIi MORRIS ANDERSON ' rrsiilfllt CHARLES CAR.STENS I irr-l ' resiileni HAROLD Tl RNBLI.I. Secretary-Treasurer Skcosd.Skmkstkk HAROLD TIRNBILL I ' resident R. Y CRO.SSEN I ire-Presiilent ED DEKI.OTZ Secreliir -Treasurer 1 HE Ameiiran Society of Civil Engineers, founded in 1852. i- tin- nldesl national en- gineering soc ' ietv ill the I nited States. Since tluit tinir. tlie society has grown to he kiiowii as the largest anfl nio t highly organized en- gineering group in the nation, now ha ing 114 student chapters and 5.000 student niemhers. The Nebraska chapter was or- ganized on October .5. 1921. and was recog- nized liv the natiniial organization on o- vemlier 6. The programs of the meetings consist of prominent civil engineers speaking or show- ing illustrated slides on some pertinent (pies- tioii ol engineering. The -tiulenl xmIcIx sponsors such social events as smokers, in- pecli(iii trip, and liaiupiels. 1 lie pinjiose ol llie chapter i- to piomote liieiid liip among the stu(lent . encourage scholarship, and to sponsor all civil engineering e ents of that department. To stimulate scholar- ship, the organization presents a slide rule to the ii il engineering sophomore who. in his freshman year, maintained the highest scholastic average of all ci il engineering freshmen. All students of civil engineering are eli- gible for membership in the society. PaRe 293 t-f:« ' t f ? f ,1. % %x 5lh Rou — Doul)l, CooiJalp. Flcior. EdwartU. Hrmsworlh. LrflkT. 4lh Rou — RIanrhard, Bailey, Smith. Chancy. Wilson. Sfnilak. Filipi. PoUiy. 3rd Ron Lirn. Lun Ulrnni, J. Ur«wn, Biuk. 0»lwalil. SaniJrrs. Porcrll. Morrow. Slrolhrrs, Koch. JnJ Amu — Kuchi anicn. Gaffnrv. Howe, Barllinf;, Lonp. Pollartl. Buchmann, Bailey. Hunt. Boliom Rou -l.ocba. Wciland Barnard, CarUon. H. Brown. H. C. Brown. Payncr. Hancy. Slaymaker, Bellamy. OFKICKHS 1 i.i. Skmksikh II Miol.l) !•;. liKOW.N (.hniniHtn IIAKin W. HKOWN ir€-(.h(iiru]un CARL E. CAKl.SO.N Serretarv DON I. PAYNE Treasurer Si ' Hi.NG Skmkstkh DON I. PAYNE Chairman CARI. E. CAHI.SON iti ' -i.hainiiiin EI.I.IS C. SMini Serretar KEITH . STIU rilKK Treasarer MI.ES H. BARNARD llitnttrary (Chairman A. E. BUNTING IWENTY-NINE years after llic fonndalidn of llie national organization in IfiJiO. the Nebraska Inane li of A.S.M.E. was estalilislied. In 19. ' -51 the oifianixa- tion reorganized and made the 18 student branches a junior organization. Tlii ino e was made to give the engineering student an independeiue in iii.- profession, to ae(|uaint him uilli tiie broad scope of his fiehl througli contact with professional engineers, and to allow him to oli er e the operation ol an engineering society. At the monthl ' meetings the students are gi cn alu- able training in giving technieal |iapei ' belore others ol their profession. The Student Branch ol the mmiean SoiieU ol Mechanical Engineers dedicate lhi p.ige lo I ' roiessor Albert Kgglcton Unntmg. who i retiring li ' om acli c teacliing duty after thiil -one years ol continnons service at tlie I diversity of ] ebiaska. Hi- character, personalilv . and willingness to help sill lie icniem- bered b thon.-ands of Nebra ka cngineer sho ha e had the prisilcge of attending his classes. I | on graduation, members are eligible lor promo- tion lo llie lank ol Jimior f ' ngineer in llie National Society. Page 294 lih H .li ll.I.i.-r, r.irk.t. llll.-v. K -.-k r.i. M.U-li, Hr.!.-,-., I Iniin. Jfii R ' w -Knlin, L«r«on, Movrr. Ani]pr»t)i), U iri;«rl, Alrxdmlrr, Kulh. CrrrnlnTcrr. JnU ftuu— Htynr , T«Mj|r, Stollr. I.iiuNtrill. L " « tlrrlr. Hurtrh. Aucu lin. Rii r. Jamr un. Hotlum Ifoic- ' Sloul, Curii . Shult, AdtrUrck, Frankfurtrr, Kirii:. Thunipson. Drckrr. fil iL HS ' JS JJiJlSil) g® ' g;jll Charles Aclclsock Bnico MrxaiuliT li-l in Anilt-rsiin IlarnUI Aiigii lin Lawrence Bekfnrd Riiliert Benner R.iliert Biniz Willirrl Brc.«n Jolin Biirlrh I.eii Curtis. Riiherl Decker Frank (•onclman Harry Greenherger (Charles Havncs MEM n I. IIS Ceorye Heikc Glenn Jameson Ellery Jolinsnn llarnlcl Jolinsiin Donald Jorpenson Kicharil Kerlin Jay Kin Rolierl Larson I ' aiil Lindsteilt Francis Loetlerle X illiani Marsh llallaril Mover John Parker Alex Rehric Marcus Roliy Richard Rose Kd«ard Riilh Harold Sampson Richard Schlueler Irwin Shiill f alph Stalhaiini W alter Slollc Norman Stout Clyde Thompson Robert Whitford VI ayne X ii ' pert Leroy Willey Alvin Znick OFFICERS Fall JAY KING I ' rcsiileut (;i-:()R(;k iif.ikes I ire-l ' resideni CLYDE THOMPSON Secretary geor(;e adelseck Treasurer Spring WILLIAM MARSH { ' resilient WALTER STOI.LE I ire-l ' resitlent WAYNE WIEGERT Serretary LEO CI RTIS Treasurer 1 Ol NDIll) lliiitct ' ii veais ago hy a group of stiult ' iits iiitfiested in fiirtliering a iiioie liiiuling relationsliip among chemical en- gineers, the Chemical Engineering Society has gained wide recognition for the en- couragement il affords pursuing tliis field. The organization holds regular meetings the first ' ednesday of every month. Dur- ing the past year prominent speakcis have heen presented. Motion pictures on chem- ical engineering suhjects are presented tic- (|uently. Many of these monthly meetings have been joint meetings with the Nebraska chapter of the American (-hemical Society. Aside from the regular im iness of the year the organization held a smoker in the fall and a picnic in the spring. The society, as it has done in the past, will prepare and present exhii)its at the annual Engineer ' s Week. The yearlv award to the high laiik- ing senior will again l)e presented tliis spring. The three ranking seniors, m hol- astically. are candidates for the honor. Prof. C. J. Frankforter. ap|)(»inted as facidty advisor in 192 f when the group was organized, has served continuously. Page 295 ©HIL TJ ®5 a ' JSSi®l?3 (;ii i:s Janel Austin. ' 39 Marjiirif Misrii, ' 40 1arv I,,iiii-r Baker. ' W Sally Prllicr. ' 38 kalhiiriiii- lli-r-liiiir. ' . ' W Iarcar.-I Pi.rlrr. ' tO llilrn irjiiiiia J " liiismi. " .TO Aiitr Hrdw I. ' .{8 Marx Kli ahi ' lli Kii-iilii lz, " 38 l.iuili- Scliapir. ' 38 (jcralilini- KraiiM-. ' 10 Marv Tnllnirsl. ' 39 l. -ila Massio. ' 38 KiilliBrokau. ' IO Ji-anm-llc{;isl. " Kl llnclir-. " 1(1 litlly aniliirnc, ' 38 ■Li:iJt;i:s ' ir)-iiiia McDowi-ll. " 38 Martha McCei-. " 40 Jane Welch. ' 40 IJi ' M r ()niirinii. llie oldest national music sorority, was loiinded at the Con- servatory of Music. Cincinnati. Ohio in 1P)95. It is also the only music sorniiu that rc(|uires its members to lake a lull cmir t ' in lici ' (linden (iclil. Ihcla iliap- ter was installed in the Fine Arts ( ollej e of Nebraska on October 22, ] 921, and was the first music group on this campus. Mrs. Carrie Belle Raymond, al llial time a lai iilt mend)er in the fine art deparl- ment. was the first sorority mother. Arnonj; theii ' activities ol the vear we bmnd them enlcrtaininf: their naliniial president al ban(|uel al llie ( !iirnliii-ker iiiilel nil M.iirh I w ( ' III •-■i lh. l)iililijZ the la 1 1 llieir pri ' sidcnt attended, as delejjjate. the national convention in (jiuimiali. An- other member was delepati ' to the pro- iiice rum en! idii held at Deiner. Colniado ill llie -priiifi. Ill addition to two regular meetings each month, tiie local chai)ter observes Founders Day with a ban(|uet anil pro- gram. This year llie l.incolii aliiinnae |ilaiilied a |)ii|i|iel -liow idi la (Ir-t. 4) Rakrr itrukjiw HuKlu-fl Jnhntton Ki ' -iihiilz K raiisc Massif Mi-Onwf Pnrlrr ail IIoitK OFFICERS HELEN li;(.l l JOHNSON l ' r,-si,lenl W.W.V. IU:i) (l(ll) Vice-President l.l ' CIl.l-: sen AI ' KH Secretary t AKJORIE MISCI 1 Treasurer Pa(!e 296 Kr: WW ipm iE!! mip)s (:n KS new Mavl..-ll.- All.-n. ;ra.l |;.rn.-n. ' .W ' ' ..krr (irniAicM- Aiinrtt. ' .ill Jam- Iliipkin . ' .{R lUiiiutii Mill- Kainiiiii. ' .tK aiiiKii Kiiiiifclv, ' .19 larcaiil Hakir. " .{« Marjiaril l.iiia . ' . ' 58 I ' Milh Hiirkril. ' .iR MarN Jaiiiri Mi ' iirray Iarcuril Hiil-. ' 3R Kiilli Iiirrav. ' .W Marjnrii- (iarpcnli-r, ' .18 lNrll.l{.-«ii-r. ' 3R AliiiCluiriliill.VW Kiilli. ' il.l.v. ' SR IlllfkrtI lliil ( .irprlilrr Chiirrhill ' •■rgi-n ll..|.kin. Mrnrrav .•.il,Ir% ' .18 .f 1 1 I ' ll! I ' ]|i ili ii. iKilioiuil liDiKir soricU in riiu ic. i i( ' prt ' ( ' iitc(l mi the ' lna k;i ciim- |)lis li llli ' rlKi|iliT. Mil (.JllUll.l. Il I- Dlir (il the i t -li r cluiplrrs llial lia r licril cliaitcied since llic fnuiuliiip of llie national iriiii|i in (jncinnati. Oliin in l ' (). ' i. Mem- bers are eliosen Ironi tii l ' nt lunitip nn- nsnal innsical aliililx. liijrli ideaK an l iliol- a.-lic latik in tlic ii|i|ici Iwciilx -rue |)it rcnl ol llif jiiniof or -ciiior class. This sororilN cnronrago liifili lan(lai(l of inn i(alsliiii Ity granting a scliolarsliip to the outstanding frcslmian girl in llic School of Mu.sic each year. 1 liese awards are made fmanciallv |)ossiliIe hy |)rescnling rnnsical arli.-ls in public concerts. This year tin- concert was held on May seventeenth. The national Mniclx maintains a national rliil) li()ii r in i ' oik (jl and li|ipoits a settlement school of muf ic in (Chicago. It also contriluites to the MacDowell (-olony, a fonndation encouraging creative work in music at I ' eterliorough. New Hampshire. Their publication. " The Triangle " , tells of interesting activities of nalionalK and in- ternatonally famous Mii I ' liiV a well as news of each cliaptci " and alumiun- rlnh. ()FFICER.S GENK IK K (; K I ' resiilcnt MAI{(. KKr BAl-vKK I ' ire-I ' resiilent JANI HOPKINS Secretary ALICE BAIMM Treasurer Page 297 mms: aipum m ACTIVES Ciinslaiirc Raker. ' 38 S.lmallill. ' U) B.k.t llarrirll Bvnin, ' .W MrCKIlanl. ' K) UolMlliii llrltvl)..l|iliin. ' 40 V.-.-l...ui- - Iar liali. " 39 Purjinil Kil.-.n D.iiilrv, ' 38 Jaiul Ol.-dii. 38 Maxim- Diiranil. ' 38 Mar;:arfl Jaiir Vyh; ' 39 (iniii- ( avliird. ' 3 JaiiiSniilli. ' 39 l.iKTi-lia (Jrrrn. ' 38 l.rl.ii ' T(lr... ' 39 liic . Ilfanrv. " 38 Maxiiu- Tiller. " 38 Marfiart ' l Ilancy. ' 3!! I ' l.l.lHiES Clara Monro. ' 39 Frances .Speneer, ' 39 ll..p.K.m.lI. ' 39 s 1(, 1A . I|iIki liil.i. laijir-l nalmnal imi- siral fraleniitv lor wdnieii. was foniKletl in 190. ' 5. al llic I Diversity of Michigan. Ann Ailior. Miciiigan. It is tlip object of tlie sixty -five clia|)teis to aid serious - minded musical stiidenl in deNclupiiifi all |)n ilile musical acKanremenl. Ka])|)a cliapler was eslaMishcd on Nebraska campus in 1915. Kacii inonlli llic active cliapler presents a musicalc in order llial llie nicnd)ers luay gain poise in peiloiniance. This year they also furnished the nuisic for the style show ol the (!oed Follies and for the tea given hy ihe Panhcllciiic hoard ol ' nin ic ororities. Tlie alunuiac cliaplci- gi c an annual for- mal musicale. inu ician who lia c lalil i licd and niaiu- laincd an ouNlandiui icpulailtm lor high nui-iral standards ma l c in ilcd to licconie an honorary member. Among their num- ber are Lucrezia Bori, Myra Hess, Lily Pons, Crete Stuckegold and ( " dadys Swarth- oul. The national group aUo maintains a colonial house known a I ' anV (!ollagc at the MacDowell Colon . I ' clcrborougli. New I lanip liire. jiciifi:r T.ilro Thl.T f m OFFICERS II Kiiii:n iiMioN President CONSTA.NCK HAKKH I ive-Prcsident .1 NK.T 01, SON Secretary " IXOWI. (.XM l)Kl Treasurer Pasc 298 . ' ,i A ' mm llUkd. Kifi ' v. H " . lou| . ilv.idn.lic Hi.kiixiii. . t l . 2ntl Hou- t)r»t , (iifirn. Mnnircn, J.ihii. nin««Iiilr. SnllHrtk, Jrnt.-v. MrCarlnrv. Bvllom Rou- -Taylor, Bji il lru|i. Swayifr. KAmjII. Conn, lljtUfll. M ' ilham. Knras. ©niL ii mi®ms m Hxlirrl RjiHUlriip Paul Bslandit; (•n lancl ( !i nn Jamrs Oriickpll (irnrjir Din-dalf Kt ' iinrih Kkwall laiiilc Drals Ki ' iiiii ' tli K}:j;er Va ni ' Gal yen (Jeorpc Hawkes mkmi?i:rs A(;ti i:s Krnnclli (liffcii Nrallladsfll (ilinn lli ' ilges l.l.i (l J.fTrey illiani Julin William Koros PLEDGES riii ' liT llirknian Diaii illaxa Dean Irvin Orlyn MrCarlm-y Hair I..Illrrll Aii-ii-l I..nlI Jiilin Riplt-v .laiKi- Seillaiik I ' rank Taylor Tiini Niililc Mill. .11 SI. .lip H..I..1I .-l(all OFFICKHS KIAMMII KkW All, Ilvathutisler (;ayi.()ri) conn Srnior ff artlen NKM. IINDSEI.I. Junior it tirdrn IJnr.KKT HJoDSTIil I ' Trriisiirrr JAMES CHOCK KIT Srrilie PROF. KARl. AKNDT Chaplrr AHiiser 17 I ' , 1. 1 Si ni.i I ' i. an intern, il inn. i i rnni- meri ' ial Ir.itci nil . ;i Innniird in l ' M)7. I he Nrlir;i ka }ir(in|) nwnlc a|i|il icit inn .mil received their rli.ntri in l ' 21. I lir [hii- pose l llu ' orgaiii atioii i nl In-triinj; llie sIikK (il lin ini ' in iiiii ( ' i iti( lliioiigli- niit llic riinnliv. .iiiil (Micoii raping tlu scIkiI- arshi|) .iiid the association ot lnilrnt- in- terested ill ini iness reseanli .iikI [uaelire. The organization offers a varied pmgrain for its nienii)ers. TliKMifilmnl llie e.ii l.ilk- li liii-iiie s iiicii and tacultv riietiil)crs. in- dii tiial films, slioun li various Imsiness ( ' (iiieerii . indii liiiir ol ijiiiiiln and ( )in.ilKi liii incss hoiLses. and Mieial aeli i- lie aic presented li llie ir.ileriiilx . I lie h i) eliij;i|pilit i|iia I iliealinn tor mcinher- lli|i ai ' : the lli(l ' iil niii l lie ie i li-i ed in the l i ad College and niii l niaiil.i in a x-liol- asl ie axerage of sc enl -li e or liellcr. The !)ell.i Sljzin.i I ' l -rllnl.l l-ll 1 |i ke is gi ( ' n cacli ( " ar In the -enini h.niiif: the highest a ciagc in the cidlcgc of iJiisiness dmiiii tratioii. This recognition i one oi the highot auard.-- that a senior in that c-oi- lege can recci e. PaRc 299 5th Rote — Yorlcp, Drion. Arihand, Ross, Chcslcy, Brip R, Scliick. Hunt. F. Turner, H. Nobacek. P. Robinson. E. Bci gren, Klati, Sl-uw. 4th ioM — MrAlicter. .Meyer. Thoma». K. Kilmer, Bracket!. Schneiderwind. Yuncbtul. O ' Connel. Johnson. Kovanda. 3rd Rote — Filli-y. Hnrari. Keim. Walnrs. Fr.inriii. Hijiil. Brnni ' tl. ScJirrf. Hedliiiid. Sadie. Wiolers. Browne. Horns. 2nd Roic — (ilcnn, Hri ' l, Lirlilt-itrr. H. Kilnu-r. Srb. Hint home, R. Domingo. Spadi-r, Smrlia, Krejrik. K lineman. Brown, Burke, Hnpperl. Bottom ifou--Petor» ' on. MatUtii. Giles. Bander. Holloway, Wieclier, Novak. Tyr, Cliarnberlain. Hiitisel. Wintermale. Hiaciiinan, Peckham. m®©m.m©m OFFICERS AGNES NOVACEK President ESTHER WIECHEK ' P ire-President MAKJORIE TYE Treasurer I ' KCCV SlIKRIiUKN Serretftrv mi:mi!Ki;s SENIOR Dorothy Aldiiili Marfiarrt AndcrMiii Lois Baldw in (frnr ic i ' Rcniicll Madrlint ' Hciirainl Kllin..rBi;;n. ' ll Doiris BiK-ll .Iran Bunnell Olcslf Coufal Birenice Cruse -Marjorie Epp ' era (iraf Genevieve llamniar Belly lleclslrnui nonna lliall Bernellia liiiillKirn Mrs. (!arrie lliiran Klizah.lli Inlielder Klvera JtthiiMin -Maxine .liiliiiston Mary Belle liuelin Evelyn I.ajieseliulle Frances I.afiescliulle Elizalielh I.elTerdiiik Louis4 ' .Maj:ee Di ' larese Maliacek Franees Major Eli ali.-lli Marshall .■ ;;nese .Novaeek Dorolliy iNuetitnian lat;;anl I ' ascoc aoini liii ' lunonil Clariie R,.-s l.orella Ru e Rulli S(liol)ert Mai ' v l.ciuise Simon Nila . " spailiT llannali . rli Bessie Thomas Maxine Trump Pauline allers Sarah Ann While llsllier ierlierl I ' .ula W inli ' rmiile .lauil nn lilnlli I! Mill llen special JIMOR l.ueille Backemeyer I ' .rnia Bami ' slier;;er Ixiilli Baiiiler Alia lienesh Elsie Brnasek (ierlrude Blaker BellieBolddll l)el,,,ris Bors .lane Braikell Bonnie Brown llallie (!ana la I ' livlli-ChaudM ' ilain hilM-l Childs Helen Chrisliansun Kallirvn ( inolcv Marv D.iuhl Dornlhv Elsefl.T Gerlrude Enus June Eriokson .lean Evans W illene Eager Edilli Eilley nn (iersih l.nis Giles I ' Vrn (Henn Carcilvn Heist Mary I lilcluiian Marian llopperl Elizalielh lliirnun;: l.nella Hunt Carolyn Johnson Genev ie c Johnson .leanelle Jor ;i-nsen yona Keiin .lo ce Kovanda Donna l,ee l.ois Liehliler Mrs. Eleanor I.ieliers Marion MeAlisier Rulh Madsin Marjorie Meyer Evelyn Millell Cleora .Murray Mary l.onise 0 " Conii ll Helen Pauley Rachel Pelersen Shirlev Pilcher Phyllis Rol.inson Rulhanna Russel Marjorie Schick Paula . milli Eli ahelh Stewart Eda Stinson Frances Turner Marjorie Tye .Marion Wilson .-SOPHOMORES Ellen .Vrinstron Eunice Berggrcn I.ucile Besch icrlrude Blaker Mice Davxsnn Mildred Dodrill Bellv Dolphin elma Falldorf HarriellndleGrecnvMHi l.vda(;rilzfeld 1 .ois Hanunond Avis Hann- Jozella llclfii.h ( ioniclia llnril nnaiielle Hulchi ' son Eleanor llulli ' iiuiaier Cvvendolyn Jack Dora Jenkins Iris Johnson 1 U ' leii Kilmer Marie Knickrehin Helen Krcjic ( •nevieve Le ' cch . nna June Lynn (ieorf;ene .McDowell Helen M.Neel Charlolle Peckham Marv Ellen Petty Mar arcl Pandel -Mary . " salo Eleanor . " scow Pe ;j;y ShiTliurn .Marian .Smrha Margaret L. Turner W inifr.Ml Wilkens Uahel Woodward Bcrnicc Zaslera FRESHMAN Ina Bartels Marv Bales Mildrr ' d Bander Mcha Beck Alic.Beachle MiceBed.-ll W ihna Bender N.idic Blarkhnrn Eh ' ancU ' Boyd ( ' ora Briji s Carol Briji -s .lane Brine ar Marv Brion l.oua Brillcll I ' Milh Brown ivian Brown Laura Burke Lola Burke Rhoda (Jiesley Bessie Chrislopidos Helen Clayhauph Ella Daniels (I Frances Egger Merle Eveland Lillian Friedlander Bod lie .Marie (ianz Dorolhv Good LaDonna Gutredjie Mildred Haack Roma llapfiard Doris Hall alena Harper larf;uirile Harvey Opiellcdiund Delia ln :alls Helen Klalt (Jaraniae Klin;;inau -Mary Kuns Dorothy Leesley Margaret Mi(;ralh Vi ilma Morrison Moneiha Newman Hel.-n orri Helen . ovacek IvyOlley Julia Pauley I ' rances Rehmeier lone Rossamiller Bernice Sadli ' Helen Scheve Majidalen, ' Dc,- Scliill Allieria Schmidt Edilh Schoiuaker Margerv Shannon Ruth Sheldon Barliara Skoj;land Belly Jo Smilh llarriell .siormau Rnlh Slulsman Jo.Vnn TcfTi .Marjianl Thrailkill Gertrude on Baif;en .■ pnes Wlaker Ruth W allace Marfrni ' riel X ielage Ruth ielers l.ela illeidiai h Ramona ood " lorke Mine YiMins Paj;c 30D •-l.f t t.f 1 tjr . ' m r BH 1. I B V nBK H M ■ m( w K aiS . V BD i. V P ' liiV H I ? f t£ ' Sjjw }mw j Jvi " ttafM mM ' t. m r AiAr V iifilll 1 ' 1 " IHI B f 4j V JH ' B ■•— - T- laiB ftKM l M i v t H| U }i» JH B H ' H Bl. Bi !l£r r U0 f ' SIW XT 1 l ' -lT ™J M ■ T Bi B fek £B H4BF - en - -. JHHBMB I j i WuK . jnt. Lijrk. Uiiiiit i ' . wn ■ ' i ■ tiannun. t.rain. Mii-klrr, Ht rtiir l. Nf[«i ii. M itinio. aniM ri. JiA fuii Citn|irr. Minlliorn. Fruiulorn. Hiiiil, Farut-niiotl, ilollnur. Hrll. .Mjrk« r. ;ioiiiiir. Muorr. hit Rou i am . Suihtr. Millrr. Jrn rn. Colh. BUtlcnrr . Hawlrv. Hall. Kipa. Hluikon r. . n(i ffoic Caiii| l rll. Kriiirtii. Monk. Duvi . MiclifUon. M -i-iiii:«-r. WallAr.-. Ja -k« ri. EkIiorT. Bollom Rnir Siiiilh, Tln-rk«-Uiin. Fii:hmv. Saillr. U ' otlrr . Hill. HriKliani. Amlt-r uii. Hitu cii, Tliiiniao. MKMIJKHS OITICI-RS D.irMiliv Aii.l.rson (;rii.-vi vr lloff iicinia Osl.-rpard Rial, A liKl(;il M Hfiila Hri ' iliani Mary (!ariilyn llollman Ia(l;;r I ' licr cm I ' n-sidriil Kiltfii (!aiiiplitll Kmma llcirnirl ilia Riiil l ()KnrilV WDKH dN llfli ' ii (:liri liaii ( ii Kli al)clli llnrmin}; Marian Saillc i ire-l ' resiileiU MarCcniMT Marxian! l..-pp l.nraine Scliiirk i ivi.- tiu, i is; li.-l.n Ki iliinv Mar.,llal.v..ii Marjnri.- Smilh V. V I ll ' IM As Marjurir 1-rancis,-v Maxin.- Tl..„Mas h.r„r,linp vrrclary Darlfiu- Hansen lliia Mills MaryWIiile 1) VKLENK 11 ANSKN Hcrnelhallinlliorn Elliil .Mook Treiisiirrr , r-r T-r. IIKI.EN KUill.MY " ■ Cnrrcsiionilin ! Si ' i rrltiry Ilarriet Adams FrancesGdh H.-l.-r M.,ll MADGK I ' KTKKSON Marjiirif Hall Amlra Hawley r.linor .Nelson Hitlorian 1 ililiv HIa kovec l.uella Ihinl Clirvslel Peilen ,.ioo i m i v lillian Bla kovec Jean lliinler Rulh Pil .r MISS U ' I(A 11. II III. K.Mh Clark Wil ma l-av Jackson EveKi. Kipa .S ..-H.v»f MaxineClopine l.ilal. Jensen Mart;arei Kol.l.ins Ml.sS lU BY W ATI KKS Kva Mae Cromwell Frances l.a;;esrliiille Durolliy Samlforl Associate Sponsor F.sllicr Davis (ienevieve- I.eerli Mary .Salci I.eola Dennis l.iuille Markel l.allia Sliannnn (Jayle DiilTield Jeannelle Marlin Mahel .Si.dirliolni Klva Dunn Callurini ' May Benlah .Siirkler (leraliline KkliofT ir inia Mi-isinjier Kiilli Surlier Kniily Frandsen Mavnie MickeUen Frances Turner Marjiarel (;all railli da Cluirlciiii- Miller I ' arnella Wallace I ' I i 1 1 ' , ili i ' r assoi ' i.iliiui 111 McIIhkI i-l w (iiiirii 1 h 1- llicinc is (|i- chiiicil in (In- -rin i-iiionlli- iiii llic r.iMii ii is llii ' i|ijc(li (■ (it Ka|)|ia l iiii ' - ' tino; nj ihc (iigaiii alinii. Tlic siili- I ' lii. nalional Mcllindist :irls " dnli. The jcct. " I Im i niis " . v;is clioscii lui lliis xcai ' s Ncliia.ska pii n|) is mic of lucnty -lUc (liap- work. Tlii()iif;li llii.s. llic mcmlpi ' is df Kappa Ums iDcaU ' il (111 llic canipi ol -laic iiiiivn- I ' lii wcic cncoiiraficd in tlic (Icxclopincnl of silies. Each xcar llic diili oiillino a (Icdnilc llicir aim- in rclipiou.s liaiiiiiig and in social, [nograin wliicli is pnlilislicd in a cailiook. scliolastic. spiiiliial and moral life. PaRe 301 nnnRV n K l DH ' W r i H r 3 ■ iif L i Mr A V H tJHk w M WI J Ji p , Or 11 H B H s. F jPLf F L5 lJ ! Um l jj j jl ■■ 1 k m ' A m Bt S -mA K E A - X] rHnvfi pr. r - m r i V ' m tMHfc r l B jf: ' Otf, H ' ju A.ljin-. Ki----. .juif.-. lli.-tivn. Hrdiiur. Orlrj. I,. ll,l,ink. (.l-nii, (.i-li.i.. K...f....t. Sth Hou- Monovilz. ThoniU!!. Punier, Keminclon, Link. Mcyi-r. Dann. Dt-aii. Frt-iuli. Pt-llier. E. Pt-nner. Frey. 4th Ruu—Hvimvr. Herpulslirimrr. Sirandiakov. Klt-apcr. Bolkt-r. Sandusky. Kreps. Julinson, Keuhn. Prot man. Sniilh. Waldnrhmidl. Fillry. 3rti W.IK -RrciHT. Hnrark. Tunbtrp. Meier. Hildebraiid. Brodrick. Hansen. I aulsun, OUon. D. Penncr. Stanpenberk. Randel. H ' iese. Kowl, 2nJ ft ait— Lammv]. Lamb. A«by, Hollaml. Cleveland. Bender. Subl, Mirhelsen. Meisinper. Wi« knian. Kesler. Horniing, ChriiitianKon. Boiiom f»ie Petersnn. Knox. Liiiiridnen. Mutz. ( adi . Kankin. Linn. Kokjer. ( ' iltniann. Stn-i nn, Miillin. S Ii ' -IMIl® ' OFFICERS KihstSkmkstkh CI.AIR RANKIN ' resident Al STIN MITZ iiC-Presidt ' nt JAMES LAURIDSKN Secretary SkcoM) Skmkstkr JAMKS I.AliRIDSEN ' resident AliSTIN MIT ue-l ' resident ROHKHT HOI. I. AND Serretiiry l)H. OTIS W ADK Ftuu tv Sftonsor H. II. Adams Kditli Alcciry l!i-n Ashwiirlli ,1. Dflmar Hirk,l, H.BIazkovrr Kcpiiald lircidriiik (;i(n W. Clark Ellis C. DaiiTi Dimald Diik-i.n Riilx-rt . Evans Ivan Krencli Mano Frey Genevieve George Werner Goiter Gccirpe A. (Joslas .Mildred Heck Ridirrl ller|iiiUlii-iniir William I lines Oliv.r llurak ( !edric Johnson MEMBERS Mvnm C. Johnson HilK Kinynnn -Madsen KokjiT Minna Korol Dale Kreps ( ■rald Knelin Rnhert M( Lead ir-iinia Meisinper Leslie Meyer la nie Mielielsen linrdetle .Miller Philip Mnllin Slanley Neil Irvinj! Nelson JaekOhhink Martin Oidrieh Donalil renner I ' .hnir I ' enner Leonard Peltier llarrv Pileailhlev Frank Protzinan F.leanor Randel J.C.Roddy Donald Riee illiain . " andiiskv Don Sehnlz llilina Smith Kichanl II. Smith Hohert Clark Smith Alice Sohl -Mildred Stanek John C. Thomas Lee Tiinherj; Doris Turner Jaek inceilt Harvev Waldo Paul W aldsehmidi Alice W ilsun Elsie W ilstjn Ralph W orden 1 HE i i{.;ariizali(iii imw kimwii as iIk- . ' ii- Meds was origiiialK Iniiiidi ' d iiiidcf the iianic of llic I ' liivcisilv .Medical SocicU . In IcWl llic lorcnitiiicf ol lite Nii-Mcds society was established wilh llic |iiii|)o c in iew ol proinoliiig scliolaislii)). aidiisiiig iiiteicst in pie-niedical snlijecls and acli itic.s. |)i-o id- ing social contacts for stndcnls who c |)ecl to entei ' the nieclical ])rofession, and encoiii- aging a feeling of niiily among pre-niedieal stndenls. I ' he clid) liolds icgidar monthly lian(|net- iiieclings. al which addresses are gi cii 1) liKittiittciil pits iiiaii and surgeons on sub- jects of special intcrcsl to sltidciils ol medi- cine. The purpose ol this sci ies of lecttifcs given tiifoiighoiit the ear is to gi e the stu- dents loiesight into the field ol medicine ihidiigh actual cdiitact with leading medical men and teachers. In the spring of each yeai ' the orgaiii a- lion is the guest of the Medical School at (•maha. On this day. known as Pre-Medie l).i . the siiidents are accpiainted with the school aitd its faculty. Each year the or- ganization |)resents a gold l e . which is known as the Nu-! led Award, to the out- standing prc-med freshman ol ihc ear. PaRe 302 JM Hou D.nilM. Cr.if. V ootLii.l, Siintiioii.. K. Rii-ii -. l.iii ( tt |t. I.rMi-. M.Drn i.l. I K.ts. l.iin.l ' i J A HifU Mdrtiii. l - J. l ' - ul. Hu )i. tUrti mi. Miiu. StiiatI, ( ' Uybatisli, MrCarlnrv. Kintim J ihk i n. liauilrr. In f( H Kirr. Kii nr« , Sljlrv. -l ' iiii.iii. Kklitutl. l.JiK. Nrwrll. riaeia, (. ' .irUon. Stuart. Iltilronih. Jnhn«uli. Jml Nott (•ill- , Kiltrv. Hj«i-«. U fit u«i-|i. Knoll. Ki-llt ' iitmriirr. A. Mi-Kav. tlit-lif, Swrn«rti. Iljitioun. Kriin. V. Ekblail. Hnltum R.tu onetlrr. Mrdcr . Sttilt. l.utnl-trtiin. D ltoni. Kmlv. l.t-nviit, HollAitit. Mi- |liir. FkwAll. Alrxi . IPI ILIL DIIMM ILH I Hil Ill i®(g!]ll Eliimr Ackcrman Carl Al.xU Kiilli RaiicliT llariilil Iliixlon Kvrlvn (Carlson Kli-aiiiir Kiclw llralri.. ' Kkhla.l kriiiiflli l-.kwall (I ma Kkuall Kdilh Killry Tiiciii Killey l.oisGil.-s James llairi-inn James Riisness Josephine Alexis Brilv Binning lleli ' ii K. (!layliaii;:li (!liarlrs CIcvelaiul jane DelaliMir ietiiria Kklilad Biirk.-l {Iraf Elizalielli Hanson Oil ICI.K.s (;ienM;:i- Klaille lloli ' oiuli K»l erl llollaiul Ciirlis Jiilinson W vona Ki ' ini Adelaiilr ' l.aiix (Jerlniilr l.ia ilt Paul li ' ill l.iiiiis I.iinilslrciin Jean Marvin (Irlvn McCarlnrv B..l MrDermonij Arniiilinr IiKay Failli Miillar SSO(:i TK MtMBKHS Kalpli Doiilx PI. EDGES Malcolm Hayes Janir-. Hush l.l..y.ljilTrry Arlrni ' ki-llrnl)arf;er W arreii l.r«is Jnotinr l.iinii tritni |{a 1. Kav Unlh Mae IVslal Au lin Miilz l.vdia Niwrll Jranellr Osliorn Jov Prslal Marie Piaz a Will Kr -ilv |)..n Kiee l)nri Kiisness Koliirl Simmons Marion Slaley John Sluarl (;ladvsS»ifl t)iaii Worcester Glenn Jameson Eric Riisness Bill Sluarl Bid) Sluarl Rosalie Sluarl Jeani ' l Sweuson W arren Tout ernon W ieliusch I ' raiues iiodard ()I-i ' k:i,|{s EiiistTkhm JEANETFE OSBOHN I ' re si lien I LOUrS I.INDSTROM Vire-I ' resiilent WH.I. REEDY Sevreliiry i;ni:i;iiT HOLLAND Treasurer Second Term GLENN HElHiES I ' resiilent JEAN MARVIN I ire-l ' resiileni AUSTIN MITZ Serretarx KIWKTH EKWM.I. Treasurer T II ' r,ill.iiliaii Literary Society was fouiid- t ' ll (III tills ciimiiiis one weok after tlie uni- versity opeiifti in ( )(t )iifr. 1( 7I. Its sixly- seven years of exisleiiie makes it the oldest social piDiip on tliis cani|)iis. Tlic sociclv lias icllcclcd llic progress of the iiiii (Msilv since its earliest years when cxlia-i in lii iihir lile radiated entirely from such iilcrar so- cieties. Being a harji organization it has played an important part in the organiza- tion of liar!) aiti ilies. Palladian menihers mainlaiii high mIioI- arshi|) and encourage active |)articipalion in campus activities. The wiikiv meetings leature memliers with aliilil in music, drama, and willing. Annual contests in oratorv. essays, -hml -Idiies. and eise are sponsoi ' cd Iiv the ahininl groiij). i?ani|iiels. Itartics and picnio. add ariety to iIk year ' s ailivilies. The formal dinner-dance, given dining the winter season, anil the spring iornial are the social highlights ot ihe vear. The organization piiMislies a fifty page humor magazine called the " Pal Daze. " This year the society revised the (dd cnn- slitulion and hv-laws. Page 303 Sifi Rou Sire, Kol.iii-i.ii. Hailinan. Slilli. Aiiaiii-. Ki-r-ciilir... k. J.n k-i-n, Aii.ifrsun. Ilfi Run Vidlak. Miinl»y. Holiiu . Lony. u-..!. Cottar. J.!i..iii. Krllnr. Marlin. 3rd Hou Sjiehr. Surber, JorKciisun. Millanl. H. ;rovcrt. Barili. A. Croverl. Taylor. Kinher, Bcwiey. 2nti Ron -Sta a. Zit-ccnhcin, O. Uiitliaimrr. tilasj-itw. Smith. N. Lrulliausfr, Fink. Drath, Catjy. Cliurdiill. Roltitm Ruu -l.yman. MilN. HoUk. Itukrv. E%aiis Van Nurinan, LctMlint;, Cl.n. R -.H..rcl. Burt. Uiii.Iy. Te r 57 Jix Tp) Af? fiK i Ts T ' i? Wfr lA T? rf TI TT t Ir) V v ]simS W . Jli ib ibiyi j OIFICKRS MKMBKRS DOYLK K. LEEDINGS llrrlnil Garnr r ()li e l.iMithanser Ajina Marie Rnlli ' resident Jfaiirlli- (;la }; tv, Frank l.ien Norris Simmons JACK GI.ENN Ja.kUcn (iei ' ald l.illidall EujieneSire li.e-l ' re.sulent 1 ynn (.yrmai, Arthur ( rovcrl Chester Finder Kenneth Sloan ClifTord Fonj; rrnoe Smilli HOBEKT E ANS llamldCr ,1 Rohert -M ' C.anley eane Smith • ' ' ' • ' ■ ' ■ ' " " ■ ' K,,l„rlllall Dale le(;ona!;le Mar-iaret Spehr HORERT V ' ()K 1A.N Ad.lli.rl llarlman Ilarol,] Ianley Tlicn-sa Sia a Tn-iisuiiT Carl lliilt;f Edna Martin Clen Steele KirliarJ Hcniininp Arnuld Masuii Ray Sliiiiaihtr Jiihn Adams tr al (!(ioIey Claire 1 lulincs Kenneth Millard M. E. Stith Eiirri-f-I Aiiilersiiii Ezra Datum Francis lliiclie s Otto Miller Florence Snrhi-r Waviic Anderson Josepli DiniiisDii Rii hard Irwin William _Mnr|ili Ronald Taddihen Dmiald liartz Marfiari ' t Diikprsnn Ridicrt lr iri Neal Willard I ' Inllis Tavlor llarr R.ikwitli Slanli-y Di.lczal Tliiciddrf Jack son Anton elTl Edward Townley Olliclln Ili-i-zli-y I.awnnir Dnml ll.iward Jeiisri Donald e in Rohi rt an Norman Rnliirl Millainy Mcncdi-s Dralli ir;;inia J( irfiensen llarvev Oihiner Frank idlali l ' lc. d Bcranrli Bralric- Dni FraTik Kirci-iil r.ieh Charles O ' C.. line. r W ilhur W alker llarcild Rk-vins Rohrrt Evans Dana Kc. Id Charles I ' aleh Dal.- Wallin Don RriMike Neal Kt-lher lIuMard Konm er I ' hvllis I ' latz James Weeks Tlioinas Cady Louis Eaddis MiliKultas I ' h.v.l Redificr Ralph Willard Riilii-rl ClianilxTs James Fisher F.lw vn Kraninick RoIktI Renes Rcdii-rl illson JarTii- Cladin Roherl Fox Flnier l.adine Ceral.l Rine Riihanl W ..od W aHaee Chnrihill llnwardFVye Doyle l.eedin;; Harold Rohhins Ralph Vosi William Clayton lr iii Freiser Nornian l.eiilhauser Eu;;ene R.diin cm W allir Zi( ;;iiilMin i 111-, I ' luirniacciilical (.liih was slaitcd mi eai ' s llie cliili has sponstu ' ed a licslinian lliis -aiii|)iis ill 19()f]. Siiic ' llial lime the picnic at which the stiidenls meet the fresh- ilnii lias lii ' lil aniiiialU a l ' liaiiiiai-v Niglil tnan class and hecoine better ac ptaitited and a l ' liariiiac l aiii(ui-l. I ' liannacy Niojit with their laculty. To gi e the stndents a is a sperial iiiglil set asitic for llif pulilir In hetler itisiojit into (Commercial I ' harmaey, see the work done in tliis hraiuli ol tlic I iii- the eliih arranges each spring a lri|) to some versity. On this night pharmacy students leading eommereial pharmaeenlical mami- exhiitil (lenioiistrations of lai)oiat()r woik. fael tiring estalilishment. exposilioiis of the efTect of iiiiannaccnlical TIk ' c lull vpniist lied li Dr. i. man has one (•(iiiipoiiii(ls on animal lil ' and explanations ol the largest metnhcrships among the ari- (il evei (la pliaiinacN sulij ' ets. In recent (iiis o|oj|ii ;|||oii on the camptis. Page 304 J J A t. . UU-u.. Ul.ilii h. Lu«kr. Ddw. Suii.Iilwt.I, Jd.k.MU. l.rwi Bottom Rou S« llr. MooTr. Ki rr. Htxkrr. l -tfr- iii. ipua (goaa la: Canilyn Davis Brily CluTiiy Harriet (iiiMinifr l) ri Eastman Kliiicir Farrrll Ina Jack i n I ' at Jensen Kli alielii Kermxlle MK.MHKRS Harriet Lewis Jane Locke Audrey Maleiis Cornelia Maltesmi r.eraldine Moore Doris Peterson Kay Ris-er Helen Rocker Marian Sadie Irene Sellers Frances Senn Katlierine Sliawver Jean Sliuler Ina Marie Smitli Mar;;aret Standiford Mavdene W liitnali Alici ' aj;f;ie OFFirKHS k KI KK ' resilient PAT JENSEN ice-l ' resiileni HELEN ROSKER Treasurer GERALDINE MOORE Hri iirilinn Serretary MARIAN SADLE C.orresponiling Secretary INA JACKSON Historian A lift cliaplcr (il I ' lii C.lii Tlitla came as an outgrowth of the Girl ' s Commercial Chil). There are twcnts-tditf aili c iliaplcis cxisl- itifi in iitiiverisities whose Schools of Busi- ness ai ' incnilicis nl ihc Aiiiciiiati A s()iia- lion oi (]( ilepiale Schools ol Hiisiiiess. (landidales fur memherslii|). who are se- leclcd once each semeslcr. inust lie al least sophomores working for a degree, and ttui-l have an average of seventy-eight. Kach yeai I ' lii ( ' hi Theta awards a key to the junior giil in ihc ( College of Business .Ad- minislralion who has ailiicvcd ihc highest schi)larshi|) atid tidhllcd the i c(|uirements (il (iiil latidiiig cliar.iilcf and hMilfi-lii|i. The Koiindcr ' s I)a hani|ii(l. Iieid in M.iiili. is ihc (iiil landing e cnl ot ihc car ior llic iiu-tidier.s of Thi Chi Thcla. The main projccl of the organizatioti fm ihis year was niaik ' l research which was coii- diK led foi the Towle Silversmiths. Senior women were interviewed concerning ihcit ta ()rite Towle patteiii. The icsulls are to he used in lh ' ompany ' s advertising. Paee 305 ■If. K.m TavK.r. Siiii.iii. IliKill. Turpil. llumi-v. Sliii. -. ; n, iuii -Cri(I i-. Pierce. Vail, Lcich. Cruise. Mau.l. Bur.lell. Htttnrn Holt ' Anilernun. Lyman, Scott. .Marli. Moodie. Eliil|. ' eT. jpiaa ©niLi ' ii ipsaa OFFICFRS PLINY MOODIE MagistiT JACK LYMAN Clerk HAKOLI) CONROY Tribiinr J AMKS .SCOTT KxcheqiiiT KOUKKT HLLIiKK Historian liiii Vndirson Rohcrl Bulger Charles Hiirdell Harold Conroy Albert Maiisl Pliny MoDilie .lames .Seotl MEMBERS Kii ' lianl . tines Charles Taylor Edwin Vale Theodore Cnii i Elmer Pierce James Tnrpit Rriiiard Dual Edw ill Simon Lewis Leifrh 1 ' rank (iriffee ( liaiincey Barney Elmer .Scheele Jack Lyman 1 HE oldi ' sl iialiiiiial legal fialcrnilN in ex- istence today is I ' lii Delta I ' lii. l llieii meetings leading nieniheis ol llie I5ai ' . well verseil in llie experiences ol the legal pm- fession. give leelnres on legal work and gi e aliiai)le knowledge gained in llie aeliial inailiee ol llie law. ()|)en loriiin di (ns- sions follow the speeches to give llie sliidenl members practice in pnlilie jieaking. The sliidenl nieinliers arc active tlironglioiit llie year in aiding in llie imlilicalion ol llie Nebraska Law lliillclin. This year r.inl Good, alloiney general of llie tali- oi e- Inaska. was aeli e in llie orgaiii alioii as its alinniii advisor, llie niajorih n[ llie laciillv ol llie Law College are alinnni iiieniiieis ol I ' lii Delia I ' hi. Karli x ea r al the Neliia-ka Har (loiueiilioii the older inenilieis ol the IraleriiiU hold a reiiiiioii haiKinet. Sliidenl social aelivilies include |)iciiics anil the iiii- lialion liaiii|iicl. Meiiilicr lii|) eligiliililx include-. IweKe lioiiis credil ill (jillege ol Law and a schol- astic a ei age ol not less lliaii 1 12.. |)erceiit. Page 306 ■1 n m 1 n 1 11 1 1 V! ■ F J " - n O 1? ?r ' iV I " s ■ - ' , v ■ « :5: Or y llh Htm l.l.rin. ( . . k.1. i. Hjru.-I. Link. Hur. Mill . ..m)M. (■•■nii ' -r. Int Rutf Mcirr, Rolkrr. Kar«n. Ilililrbf jdiI. Klt-aerr. HutUicl. I.r»mj.lrr, tt .-|..Irr. NrUttn. Unti Rutf -Knox. Ca hrn. Sjlvar.l " . SlA|i|iriil r -k. Julin«iii. Slurili- unl, Linn. Mahr. Bottom R m RanlLin. T trliiun. Ljinitiirl. U atlr, Laiiri l-f ii. Ilrjna -, I ' ldi ' i-. :ii:Ea ' m MKMin-.HS Harry I.aiiinicl Nuniiaii Hnlkrr Krcdrriik Nrlic Nanci ' Liiik Krtd ili lfr Kfiiiictli Ilaincl Gi-(ir};i ' Pla«i- nuanr Meier Diik Slopiienlieck ClifTiiril Sliinlexanl Maiiriir Talelman Hliiier Gli nn Glenn l.eymasler Aslilon (luckier James l.anridsen Roberl Holland Eugene Knux Ricliard Linn Cliarlrs Hranar Howard Hildehrand Myron Julinson Claire Rankin I.ueien Kovan Russell (iaslien Clyde KleajuT Max (Iciuld Donald Penner ir-.lin Mul . John Solyards Dunald Rice NKI5RASKA WESLEY AN Merle Malir Wajiner Nelsen OFFICERS Fiiisr Skmkstkh CI. MR RWKIN I ' rcsitlt ' iit JAMES l.Al RIDSEN I iffj resitifnt MAI RICE TATEl.MAN Secretary Second Semester JAMES LAl ' RIDSEN Presiilent HARRY I WIMEI. I iif-l ' rfsiilrtil CHARLES HRANAf! Secretary I 1 1 1. 1 M i ,1 iialiniial |iic-in( ' (lic ira- U ' liiiu. 15arkcr i lia|)tcr ot I licla Nil was estalilislied at the Uiiiversily of Nelnaska on Mav 20. 1922. The primary piiipose of Tlieta Nil is llie pnimolioii of high staiulanls of schoUirship among pri ' -metlirs. .Memhcrship in this or- gani ation is haseil upon general altilitv, pcrsoiialitx. I( ' a(lt ' i hip. and higli standards 111 Mli(ilai liip. Alllioiigli the annual rn-Mt-dii- Dav is sponsored li the Nu-Med soriely. the mem- Ikms of Theta Nil are largely ies|)onsil)le for its arrangements. At this time all jue- medies are the guests of llic I iiiversity Med- ieai Si hodi a! Omaha. Tlir dav is spent in touring aritnis |inildiiif; whuli -Imw llie actual wiiik nil ihi ' medical |)rogiam. The organization also s|)ous(Us tin- piili- licatioii of " Nu-Med News " , the profes- sional hnlletin of the pre-medie eollege. The organization has lieeii extended to lake ill the Nehraska Wesleyan pre-niedie students, and student in this college are eligilile fm admis ioii to the honorary. In order to he elected to this group, students must he pre-meds with a scholastic ranking in the highest ten per cent of their class. Page 307 " W fw T w - ir.i a..,, Kir.ll. H. it..rinan. K-.l-.-rt-on. I ' l.-iHrr. i-.-iw riM.n.. Mit.n.. 2n(i toii ' —FranIz, R. Juiolism. Jt-ffiTs. Zook. Hulttiiibl. Eii ' luntl. I. Itorniati. Hiiniinimd. Bottom y? »u—-Lan ' on, SaiiJfro. Bi ' ver, Mcrhani. Wusf on. Ki| |)cn, Sfliuiiiarkfr. w jnia ' iD asii ' (mm OFFICERS DON RADENBAUGH President VKR.NK JKFFERS I Ue-I ' resiilent CHRIS SANDERS Secretary-Trasiirer RUSSELL PKEIEEK Reporter PROF. L. K. CROWE Sponsor KMri.lfK ' Bpver Kan licirinaii 1 1 amid liiii ' iiian Oa itl (larder Liiyal Cornian Wallace Clialaiipka Hill Eicliberser Wallace Englund I an Franlz iiiili llaninianil LcK-.y llid.iiii-l . lh- lBERS Russell Jacolisen Rij- iil I ' feiler inifre l Jaciilisen Dnn Kadenliau li erne Jeflers Ah ill Kippin Harry Kivetl Paul Ri)hiTlS(in Tom Kill? Chris Sanders Oakley Larsnn Bill Schneeflock Wesley Lipp Ray Schumaclier Morrison Loewenslein E. Thompson David McGill Arrel Wasson Floyd Mechani Palmer Welch A I Nore Loren Zook 1 HE aisily Daii ( ' liili was orgaiii ed al llii- iini ( ' rsi| in | ' )|o. (Closer iiiiiU and a s|)irit ol pood t(dlo lii|i anionji llic Dairv I lii liaii(lrv studcnls is iIk- |iriniai ' |)ni|)ose of tlic oiganizalion. Ilii ' clnli also aims lo liiinp iiih ' rcslinp and piacliial prolilcnis lic- lorc llic giuup. During llic year the oigaii- ization spoiisois two niixrrs. an animal dairy calllc and dairv |)r idnrls judging ronlc l. llii ' Dairyland Cafeteria, and arioiis other inh ' rcsling finnlions wlmli arc jihinncd lo liiiild leaders w illiin llic liuli. Pace 308 The (lull diicctly sponsors and finances llic dairy judging teams wliicli rcpiocnt this nni crsil at nalimial conU ' sts. Another si)onsort ' d team ol the arsil Dairv (]hd) is lhi (laltle .judging Team which maintains the perpelualK high lankmg it has won. Tliis year tills learn was represeiiU ' d al the National Dairy Show lield in Chnidand. nhio. where il won high honors. The I ' ro- ducts Team entered compelition at New ()i ' lean . Louisiana and won lop honors in the Imlter judging eonlest. ' .;A «..!. Crj., S ..|... la, H-..,.. k. ■. , . _ . - - - i i,. K.mii. Mili.i. J. lin::, C- mi, li.i.. r)..milii;.,. M.v,,.-. W ili R..14- . lo.rnijn. H. Brllo. 1. lit.tmin. I.irhlilrr. Kutjrif. Klein, Kni:lun l. Zalim. iilk. L lirrnhnMl. CirUnn. H. Biii ' r. Il H ' tH- I.. . «-»mjn. fchilr. II. Riirmdn, M. Sliinrk. Frcnrh, Whfrlrr. Krij, Ficlil. RrrkMilh. IVlrr-im. Klincman. Mallii . JrJ Hou Tht r. Iloyl, Ri.null. C. Birrnian. H. CtK-loill. N. Cockcrill. M. E. F.vrlatul. F. Itrlinirirr. Hinllmn. « »•, .Srhrvr. Sadlr. J liliik Jmd Rote — N. Nrwmaii. Uilirt, Schifk. kornkr. llUkfr. Shcldiin. Brini; , Pilxrr. KirliinnntI, Srii«rnpv. E. IIi-rna " rk, Slarlin. Bottom Row- Lo al, dirnian. H. Fiiu«(-h. H. L. Schudrl, Dawm, Johntton, Havne. Gil , Brrrmann, Biumh. Cruitr, Gii lafitoii. Brnn. - (giL :B E rrrll l liiir Ajinr- ArlliaiKl Diinalil Bairil Mililml Raixl.T Kinnflh RtMir Jiilin B.M kwilli Mrl in BtMTniaim % ilma Bindrr llarnlil Bi-nn Riilli Bi ' iin Kiinirr Bcrrprrn KUif BiTna -k Ralph Binn- iliiir Blai ' kliiirn (liTiriiilf BlakiT R. ' ltir Rolliilt Dran Biin-all llarnlcl Rnrman l an Borman (llarkf Rrifips (jiTa Mae Bris;!:- Jam ' BriiK ' par Tlii ma» Brinigar Nailint ' Briltrll K flvn Brown Max Brown Rrx Brown Ralpli Rnise l.aiira Burke l.ola Biirkc Marjorif jukirill Nor.lla Corkrrill Dalla?. Coffin Kallirvn Coolcy Loyal Corman Rav Crniso MF.MBKKS Mici " Daw -on til Hawr- Doroiliv Dii ' ilrirlixn Janir- Dixon aoini Doniin :o W avnr Domingo Tlu ' odorr Dovir Willis t;i,lilrr;;.r W allacf Kn liinil Mrrlf F.vflyn Kvclanil W illi ' nf Faper Wilson Kii-ld Kan Franlz Itohliic Ganz • Miarlrs (iarclniT;il,-s Marv(;ill Ft-rn (ili ' nn Doroiliv Cood D n rr (irav Millon (liislafson l.ois llai;rlin Janirs llanry is llarnis Raymond IIoIIit inlon lli ' sicr Clifford llrvno Bt-rni ' llia llinlliorn Hiijzo llorurrniryiT Irrnr Hoffman D. ' lla InualU Joan Jtlinck K Urra Jolin-on Iris Jolinson allarc Johnson Thioilorr Johnston Myron Krim Thomas Kin " ; I.fwis Kflcin llrli ' n Klall ( laramat Klin;:man Daylon Kliniiman tflenn klin;:rMan Anita Korhnkr Helen Krejei Marvin Kriise Mary Kiiehn Mary Kiin!? Jean l.amhert Donna l.ois Liehliter Marie l.iinert ()li»e l.inil(;ri ' n Morrison l.oeweiistein Vi-rginia MeCralh Patriria McMahon Jeanetle Martin l.iieile Mecham Mariorie Mevir Paul Miller Harriet Milll ern W allaee Monson Vrlhtir Moseman Moneiha Ni-wman Keilh Ni wlon llarolil F ' elerson I.a erni ' FVterson Rumlall Pi-lerson OltoPfeiffer Rnssel Pf.iffer Ruth Pil er Roherl Pollaril OIFICKRS MKLVIN BKF.RM N I ' rviiilfii I TKI) JOIIN.SON ( irr ' l ' rfsiilfnt CLIFFORD IIEYNE Scrrrtarv LOI. GU.E.S Treasurer REX BROWN . ei(S liejinrler Dwifihl Pnmphrey Alex Kalieler Mar;;aret Randil Franei ' s Rihmeier erne Revnold-on l.yleRoherls Paul Roetele I.ari-e Ross Mvlan Ross Marjory Riinkel Berniee Sadie Jirisiopher Sanders James Sanders I la el Sanller Helen .Sehcvc Marjorie Schick Leah Sehliehtman Allii ' ria Schmidt Llovd Milford Sehmeikpeper W illiam Sehneeffork Paid S-hneider Ralph Srhoherl Eleanor Scow Frances Sons -nsv Margery Shannon Rnlli Ann Sheldon PanI Sinrll Marion . " smrha Dah- Smith Millard Stanek Earl Stevens Nornian Stevens Wilfred Slonehraker Frank Svohoila Joan Teffi Helen Thomas Harrv I hrenhol.ll (iertrnde an Barj;en John oik Rnlh Wallaci ' Esther W ii ' ehert Rolierl While Marie W illey Rolierl W ilson I.ela itienhaeh Ramona Wood Mareella W ri lit Edward Zalim 1 HE liiiviM ilv l-ll Cliil. is ..lie of linn- dreds of similar liil( mulor tlie national 4-H Cluh movement. .Ml of [ w v cliilis have the purpose in view of furthering good fellowship among students interested in ag- ricultural suhjects. From this group lead- erslii|) is hoped to he developed in all fields of agronomy. The eluh is interested in maintaining high scholastic standards with- in the chihs. The cluh presents an annual scholarship medal to the highest ranking Ml (]liili mcndier. Pase 309 .mi H " U r iirKJoimni. Kii| lan, irfvr-, (•lining. Doltom Rote — Lipp. Butncy, Murray, Haley. ' mm mmL mi oMici;i{.s ED MURRAY ' resilient (HKHT Sl ' M)ST! ' ()M I ire- resi( enf -MORRIS l.II ' P Secretary ED STEEVES Treasurer Rill RinI Dnrial.l lla Rruce Caiii|ilirll Fiirliard (IrRrnw ri Merrill Eiifihincl Rnbcrl Dreibur- Gcne Garrett .MKMi;i.l! Howard Kaplan Morris I.ipp Ell Murray ASSOCI TK MKMHKI! Ralph Rider I ' l. EDGES I .aw n-rui ' Griffiiii; I red Harms Emery Iloeiishell Dale Johns Tim I arker Marslim li. lA Ed Sleeves llcrlirri SLind-lrnm RoIk rl Hii|i| EllsMorlli Slei-le Jciliii Shrarl Rnssell Weher Joe Zclley 0IGM7 DcILi Chi IuiiimIcI al Dcl ' aiiw University, Grecm astlo. Imliaiia. as a pro- fessional Joninalislic oifiani alioii. Siin ' c il- loiiiKling it has cxiiamlcd its iiicnilii ' i lii|i lo iiiiliidc 1.) iiii(lci-i:ia(liiat( ' cliaplcrs in educational in l il iil ions tliioufilionl llic United States. ' I ' lic Nebraska cliaptci- of Sioma Dell; Chi, established on this canipns in 1 )|3. Ik enhirged its activities to imlndc llic (irid- iron liaminct in (dnjiniclion willi ' i ' licta Sigma riii. Tlir (•ntluisia ni uilli uliicii llic Pa. ' ie 310 ' lla Is first liani|iicl was received in I ' . ' •)() pronipl- cd an c cn :rcalci ' (iiidiidn |{ani|ncl lliis year, jliiiino the hisi cai- the iVatciiiilx has s|)onsoicd Iwo -pccial is ucs ol the |)ail Nebraskan on the occasion ol ihc Nebraska State (iiiddcis eon enli(in and the Nebraska High School I ' ress eiin enlion. s in llie |)iist. the iHoani al ion eonlinnes lo sponx)!- the " Awgwan " . iuinior |iiilil iealion. Undergraduate members ol the organiza- lion aie chosen largcK Iroin ihe jnnior and senior members ol the Scliool ol Journalism. 4l t R.m i:Urk. Hollman, Schlirklinit, KiUncM. Hill. Lcavitl. Frill . Jrd Ritu- Murruw. Moil. Cupiieraon, I ' rrry. S ' hwriUirlm, Brrrw. Mirlrny. i rif ffuu ' Wallat-f. Slrtilr illr. Plait. Cillrl. Vunallu. Kanllntrn, itakrr. Birk. BttUom Ron -Whilr. Kultim. Mili-lu ' ll, Kowr. Dtf«ii . Jrvaiio. Gurrini:. m iLi M® m Miss Brt-rs Miss I.ctia Clark Missr)a is Miss Easiliiini .Mi-i.sK »aii KllilT Sarali Apprrsim Mar):ari ' t Bakrr Mary Ji-an Birk Kniil Krilz Kiilh Kiilinn MIMl ' .KRS 1 i I I. TV Miss K ans MissCillcit Miss (iorrin;; Miss Hill Miss P.rry ACTIVE Anii ' lia l.iindalil Jam- Miillar Mar Mirlciu Mary Jane Mildiill Manila Miirriiw Mary (!ar ilini ' ll illiiian Kusalir Mull bllsif Jfvons Dciris Kiisiicss (irrlriiile Leavilt Helen Rollicry Mrs. I ' lall Miss Srliliclitiiif; Miss Scliwrnkcr Miss Wilscn Ji-aniu ' Ko M ' I- liirtnif Siriilrvillr ' Diiriitliv Slr«arl Kiinlcr Sihwidliclni Kiilh analta Oil.llr Wallace Mary liile MarKarri Zemer OFFICERS JEANNE ROWE I ' resideni M WW ,1. MITCIIKI.I. II f-l rrsi(lfril RUTH El I.TON Serretary GERTRUDE GOERING Corrcs tornlinp Si ' rretnry IIAZEI. DAVIS Trfasitrer ELSIE JEVONS Kecjirr nl Hernrits IIKI.KN HOTMI ' .HV lii-lnirlrr P I I,.imli(l;i Tlu ' ta is a senior lioiuirarv so- cit ' lv ol wonicii stiidiMits ill ( ' (liiraliciii. Il- purpose is to honor uoiiicn sUulciiL- in cdLi- catioii and to foster in tliem professional s|iilit am! piidr. I lir (i|s| cli.i|ilri was loiimlrd at llir Iniveisits ol li--iiiiri in I ' MO. The orpanizalion has groun until thnr now arc lhirt -three aelive chapters and cij;litccii .iliiMiiKic clKi|itcrs. ( Inncron chapter at the Lniversily of Nebraska was fonnded in 1923 and installed at that time li Klla ictnria Dolihs. I lie main purposes oi llie Nilnaska i hap- tci ii( ' : to losiri pi iilcssKiii.i I s|iiiii and training, to encouiape an interest in all edu- cational affairs, to encourage graduate work al the I ' niversity of Nebraska, and to pro- mote a feeling oi good fello N liip among the women of Teachers College. riie national fralcrnit gives concrete encouragement to graduate stud for women through its aniHial award of one thousand dollars to further current educational inves- tigation and research. Pane 311 5th How — -Hawkit, Marlfry, Haytrw, Montt-i-n, Dinrxlalc. MorrU. Halilrn. l,arral»rr, U ' aMsirhniilil, Wilkc. Ktxicnbcrk. 4th Row — Drew. Savcry. Miirjthy. Williams. Roilrnltcrk, McMinin. Hciirv. K ' mliciit. Kanpflrr. Jnt Ran- Lrwrllan. nrokaw. Kriiti -p, S|»;i(-lit, Tnokry. niirklin. Kiliiirr. Schlripcr. IR ' criicr. . ' fi ?. « MrKuy. SJl(lll w, O.-llil. Sli.iwvrr. CarUtiii. Hakan on. Clark. Drlalmir. (ircrii. Bottom Ron Erck. Cartiicy. Wnnt-t. Kkhlud, Hayc . Scudjcr. AnJcrsuii, Savcry. Ccr usun. OFFICKRS C. D. HAYES PresiilenI FRANCES SCIDDKR ] ire-l ' resiilvnl HEATRICK KKHI.Al) Secrclarv-Trrnsiircr commhtki.s DR. (). II. WERNER DR. C. II. I ' . TTERS() FRANCES SCIDDEK (UI.BERT SA CRY I oris M)ERS() l VK-i Kv rilRY. CART.NEY (Jxiirnuin til Siiriey anil Sillily (.hiiinniiii nj Speakers anil Counselors Chairman oj Deputations Chairman oj Special Events Chairman of Conierenres Chairman oi I ' uliliiily 1 HE Council (il Religious Welfare is a (•(iiiiicil (il cniiiiciU. ll . iiiiMiihcrs represent llie ;iiii)ns relif ions pionp on llic cainpns w aie joined logelluM ' lo promote a eo- iierenl anil e(lcili i ' nni ' rsil reli !;ious eniricnla. 1 here are lliree main (li i ions ot llie Council of Religion Welfare. Croup A consists of faculty luemheis who lia e heen appointed li ihc ( Jianccllor. The econd division is coiuposed of I in eisil pastors, the secretaries of the IJuiversilv Y.W.C.A. and .M.C.A.. and re|)re enlali e of the various canipn.s relijiioiis orj;anization . The Page 312 la l di i ion i made up ol ' lndcnl rcpre- senlali e lr nn the relifiioiis oigani al ions as uell as ihc AV.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. This year the activities of the Coimcil of Relif;ion Wcllare were carried on li a ( jinnniltcc on Sni c and Stnd . a (!onunit- lee on S|)eakers and (]oini elor . a (!om- mitlcH ' on Local ( ' hurches. a ( " onnnillee on Campn l ' rolilcm . a ( ' onunitlee on ( ' onr es and McthocU ol Religion,-. ln trnclion. and a ( onnnillee on l ' id)licity. ( )ne of the largest social event- of the (ioinicil each vear is an Intci national I ' VI- lo hip iianipicl and picnic. JfJ Wat — Millrr. Kanarl. Ohl on. Kothnrll. Hr.. .n. Stan«h|:«r.l. Sharri. k. Chrrl.urnr, Mrirr. Jnd Rtm — Pifrrr. Schwrdhrlm. Vrrnnn. Soil, Oillrlr, Burn mrir, Mohrmnn. Dofl. Moypr. Hiillii h. Bottom Ruu- — William . Bruwn. Ki| lrv. Srhwrilhrlm. Lrrfrr . Yuncblut. MrNUfllcr. Schlrigrr. Mrnilrnliull. mm n i (giFjij Fern Burncnifior Bi-llv Brown Biinnif BnuMi Mary (!allorson Di ri thv Dofl Alio.- F..I1I Jiilia(;illtMti- Marian lliilfi li Naomi IJnilenhal Martha Leefers Mar ar.l McMa li MKMBKFiS Doris Meyer Florence Miller Marijarel Molirniann Aylona Moyer Evelyn Olilson Sally Peltier Betty Pierce Doris Ripley Frances Raniev Eleanor Randel Mar ' arei Ramlrl Phyllis Rolhwell (Gloria Schleiger Riiih Schleiger Eunice Schwedhelni Lorraine Schweilhelm Lorraine Sharrick Mary Sherlinrne Marfzaret Slandisford Doris Vernon Ruth Williams Janet YnnfzMiil OFFICF.RS MARTHA LEEFERS I ' reaidenI KLMCK SCIIWEDIIELM I ii e-I ' rrsiitrnt JANET YL ' N(;BLUT Hccnrfiinp Scrrclary BONNIE BROWN Corrrsiiondirifi Sfirrlnrv (il.ORIA SCMI.EUiER (Jidftlain DORIS RIPLEY Treasurer AL R(;ARET MrMASTER Kililiir NAOMI I.INDKNII L Marshall OlGMA Eta Chi is iIr- national (loiigrega- liniial W (iMieirs organization. Epsilon, Ne- braska ' s chapter, was organized February 22. 1928. It is llic aim of the group to promote re- ligious education and chnnh lo ah among Congregational women students. Mend)ership is open to all women stu- dents of the University whr) have completed a course in Congregational history and Christian principles. During a candidate ' s pledge time she must maintain a sufTiciently high average in her school work and ac- quaint herself thorongliK uilli llic uoi kings ol the oragnization to be eligiljle for acli c memberslii|). A iiiiiiilicr ot speakers on religious ac- ti ilics arc secured dining llif ( ii. This year Sigma Eta Clii iia- been adivc in in- tramural sports and (iii cs lo interest stu- dents in church by various social activities. Among its honorary members the group claims Judge Florence E. Allen, first woman district judge; Mary E. Wooley. president of Mount Holyoke College, and Margaret Slat- tery, a speaker and young |)eopIe ' s worker. Page 313 i ' f. 5 - nh H»u—Rvi, iT, Fumiiirn;. »ak. r. Tourtrloi. Akxis Hilt. Jullll ..[l.|.KOii. Stout. inl ftou Hrnilv. Graliani, CnrnrliiiM. Lurextii. Brown. Roi rn, Van Drrt Ba k, Burkiioldcr. 2nd Roll — Kuhitk. Cralmm. Hunt. Tirhv. W.iitr, RnhhinT.. Shirk. Hnrnrv. Botlam Ron- — Reed. Benf ' (»un, Schranini. Burhour, Andersen, Frankf " " - ■ I Tumbiill. mm ®MmM mmm®m OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester HAROLD ANDERSEN HAROLD ANDERSEN iMKMliKKS I ' resident in WIN VAN DEN BARK I ice-l ' residciil WADE TLRNBL ' LL Treasurer JAMES TICIIY Editor ' resident WADE TIRNBILL iie-President WII.MER SHIRK Treasurer GE0R(;E ROSEN Editor Carl Alexis Hariilrl Aiulrrsen L..uisBall iri;il Baker Paul Burkhcl.ler (iliesler Bnnvn Lee Ciirneliij Paul Fiienniiiji (;e ir;;e Galloway Jack Graham Roliert Giilni W.K. Homey Jcie Jolinsiin Theodore Kiibirk II. Weston Rohbins (George Romii ilmer Shirk .lame- Tirh WaaeTunihirll Harry Tonrtelot Eil«iii Van Denhark O IGM A r7;nnm;i E])silon is a national pro- lessional Iralrinilx lur Unli ' nls ol geology. The Nebraska diaiMcr origiiialed as a local ' " Pick and llannner dlnii " in 1 16. and a year lalcr hecanie alTilialcd uitli ihc na- tional society as Delta chapter. I he purpose of Sigma ( annna Kpsilon is to aid in tile advancement of its nicndicis in nrij|. Mliola lic. and scientific field , tl also contrilintcs toward iIk- ((uination oi a strong national society devoted to llic ad- vancement of geology, mining. mclallurg and ceramics. Ihconls li cd ipialidcalion neccs ar loi ' PaRC 314 nicndii ' r--Iiip in Signia Camma Epsilon is dial die slndiMil must haxc a major in gc- olog . Selections troin the e sludcnls are made on the hasis ol scholarship and per- sonalilx . An c cnt ol |)aiamoiml inlcrcsl to tlie Iratcriiilv llii- car a llic II Ui Biennial ( ' oincnlion held in ii t in. Texas. The ))iir- po-c III diis meeting is to lormali e a closer relationship ol the lraternit as a national organization: enahlc ihc delegates of the dillcrcnl clKiptci to exchange ideas: and acipiaini die delegation with the geolog in die icinil ol the coiuentioii iit . ID!E1 J g2SM W ' L ' ll (tl I ICKKS I ' liii II ki i;i ' i ' i t;Ki{ III!..! ( ()Hs() i; i. K i ' i ' IHi. (.1 V 1.. SI ' KNCKK I ' li-Milenl ) iiel ' reiiitent SfiTftiify-Treasurrr Bjtbc AnillT-nll l.oriii I.. Allilrr nll Cliarlr- I{. I iil ' CiirnI 1. H.ik.r Karl liriuc Diiiialil (larKriii Jiilm l)iMiH llurolil Diinlcv illiaiii ( ' •iitlimari Wlllanlllall Cliarlcs Dale Harm Da iil lia anl MI.MIil.US 1. I.. B.Ja.• |. ..Il I ' liil II. kli ' p|iin i-r Kav M. kiiapp I ' aiil l.akr Kii ' liunl Mnscrnvf J. l.iMiii IViiiii(!i ' r Harry l..Silu(Ttl Warner SillliT Gfiiriii- Warren Henry O.W eel h Henry Zie , Jr. I ' LEDGKS Jaiiii ' K. UiirlinjAlon (.liienliii (,). Uiiay Hanild Caliaclier Harold (. ' .. Wallace l i;i,T. Sipnia Delta was foiiiulrd at the I iii tM il ol .Micliigaii in l ! 2aii l rc.- liicts llic mcmliiMslii)) tl) liiil( ' iit- iif ilriill trv. Heta Beta cliaptrr was fslalilislii-d mi lliis campus May H. I ' ' l. ' : and lia atlaiiu ' d in- dividual accomplislinient.s in Student t onn- rii. Kn-tncI Kiuli. i .().T.( " .. and scliola.slic ailiic cnieiits. Most of Delta Sipma Drllas aitivilies center around i. ' )l27 M . " treet where the niajoiilv of the metnlieis li e. Pace 315 Jrrf R.m— KHcrlr. Hill, H-i . -i.u. ElniboFt. : ' nif Auii— Linilbliil. Kilbin k. lu... k il. IIdt!. Bolilman. Ki ' Iw. Kc l.luk. Bottom Rolf- Mull. ' liite, Clirrny, Nelson. Green. Ekwall. Sciiddcr. liiMawsiJiiga 1 . w. (g. . OFFICERS WIMFHKD NELSON I ' residenl BETTY CHEKNY I ice-Prvsitlent Ml KIEL WHITE Seirelary EIM EKWALL Treasurer BERNETHA HINTHORN Ai; I ' resident MILDRED GREEN Genera Seeretary COMMITTEES HETTY CIIERNY .LANE BRACK LIT 1T{ WCES BOLDM N lOSEI ' llINK R( BMTZ DELORIS liORS .lOSEI ' lllNE RLUMTZ k rilRYN I.INDBI.AD IRANCE.s SCLDDER EVELYN TAYLOR ROSALIE MOTI, K TIIRY KILIU CK KLKWOR EICIIE LoKi; im: ki iborg DOKIS REDDICK FRANCES MARSHALL NLAXINE EEDERLE Gomi aralive Religions Creative Leisure Conjerence Convoralion Estes Cc-op Fincnce Fresh rutin Com mission luterualioual Relations Menibershi[) . Nebraslta in China New Citizenshi]) Personal Relations Personnel Posters Vespers 1 esper Choir 1 ROM a small f;r(iii|) of stiidcnl-. wlio joineii llic new ' i . .{].A. in 1884. tlic imni- Ijeisliip has iiuMeased to 650 coeds. A slu- dfiit cabinet, an advisory l)oard. and a gen- eiai secretary lia c supervised tlic activity of the organization since that time. It lias liccil ciilargcil In incliidc a liiaiirli dii llic Ag campus. Various diversions are offered li llic Y.W.C.A. to the coeds. A study oi compara- tive religions, international relations, lahor, and jjcrsonal relations are among the groups organized tor memliers. Every Tuesdav il has sponsored a esjier scr ice ol no di ' - nominal loiia I rcslnclioii luil wilh o|ijiorluii- il lor inspiration lor all. Otfice training, poster making, creative leisure are also centers oi discussions at oilier roiiiiil !alilc . AvailaMc lo all woiiicii -■tiidciils arc the liiiiclio whirl i llic organi alion -noii-ors dail . selling llic lood al cosl. h ' nil!Ciship 1 1 ri c . an animal h ' iciila I I ' a aar. llic Hang- ing of the Greens Dinner, the May Morning Breakfast are all .W.C.A. aimual tradi- tions. Of nalioiial impoilancc is llieir par- liiipalioii ill llic i ' cace i ' isl and llic Estes i-oiilcrciice. Pane 316 n n ii ini PHV rf. f ■ T r7i r rnl w ■ N j - 1 w © m f " « ) . • ' ■( (• " -. Kmmrll, Smrrrin. Wliilnah, Ainlt-rattii. .ti k ' ii . ! ' ••• •. Jnii H,m rr ldl. Collirr. Sliiilrr. MrGrr. Mul-lrr. liiitt.nn fttiu- Hrnnrll. run. Irilrrlc, Koiinil . VI irk A. Ytitinl. VESn.K CIlolK I 1( tST Iwi ' iitv Mis ago a gi()ii|) il ti ' ii girl oiganizi ' d a ilioir under llic leatltMsliip of . .C .A. lo aiil ill csper St ' i ices lu ' ld eac ' li Tuesday at EUcn Stiiilh. Todav tlio Vesper Choir lias gmwn tn hkhc lli.iii Iwicc ils original size. liesides lurnisliing llic musical iii |)iia- linn liii till ' live o ' clock Vesper Ikhh-- each wffk. llir choir gives special niii i(al Ka-lci- and ( ' .hrislnias services. Mcridiership is secimii llirnugli Irxouts lield al llie liegiiuiing nl (vuli x ' tiie.-ler. Tliis vear under the diiedion ol Ia ine Fcderle. the clioir has endeavored to carrv out the purposes ot the .W . ' " . . Fk (l i the ariou- iVe-hniau Commission grou|i . led hy u |)|(eri las n)en in the .W .C.A.. are selecti-d two Ire huu ' u from each group for memhership on the V.W .C.A. Freshman ( ' ahiuel. Ficshman Cahiuet niem- l)er arc elected |) lellou lic hriien in each ol tlie ( ' (iniini inn gronp . It is the aim of the Cal)inet to heltei " eipiip themselves for V . work and hel|) the Senior Cahinel w illi the la Moiiiing i reak- la-l. .in .innnal nmllie: -danghlei ' pro|ert. Meetings aif iield every two weeks at Kllcn . " mitli at which time various (Uitside speakers are presented to enligiiten I hem on topics relative In " . .C . interests. ltd R.,u ki.«.- ' . II.IU. I ' l..t.;:. I I.M.ilii.ii. I.nnc. 2i 4 R;u Th..iiij.. M. (.jrlnrv. Mjt.hall. Al.fl. Slrtnlirrv. Knir. r, Rm V.i.n;l.n. Bi. v.l. Nrl.nn. Mr Arlliur. I II. HiiJl -a.l. . W. C. . I ' I{|-:SII 1 CARINKT ■f:tK.e 317 uh K. ' u it.iri.nN-. C.irl-.-ii. (:..ll...rri, Kii.»li.-. l.iiiil. Hull.r. Ri.lim-.n.l. Hnkjii-.m. Mcirrlu-nry. Kcin. V. Joliii-c.n. U hil.-. Iih Ron ftil-uti. (;r;n. [). JohiiM.n. C. JohiiMm. RnlurU. Sluhimr. Chuluupa. Miller. Kippen. SiiyJir. Taylor. .{ril Ron Whimsy. Maiiinxinil. hilwt-r. M nvriT, Jfltrrs, Quaiitc. Doniiii;; " . llcvcr. Trglrni-ir, Kinrli. iNt-wlicrry. Bonsall. : ' n Kou li. Burtiian. MiMJtluii. f). Klinniiian. Etjcal. Khim. Englun.l. Magor. Siiiilry. Mcttoii. ' I ' huinp»on. Siintlherg. Httltam Raw -Hui;!, I. Korman. Mnirc. J.iroliHuii. G. KlitiKiiian. MaifzuarJl. Ki-iniiller. Harfii , Coniian, Laf ' ion. ( (Q©M m m®smDm® ' mm® OFFICERS FlKST Sfmksi ' kk DKMII.K I AKUl H1)T J ' rfsideiil GLEN KLINGMAN ' ire-President IMKRi:i) JACOHSKN Se(retar BERNARD REINMII.l.KR Steward Spxond Semester LEWIS E. KLEIN President ARNOLD CARLSON I ire-President ALVIN RIPPEN Secretary DELL HARRLS Steward El. Iridic Bevcr Biinsall llaidlil Horman l an Biiinian Ralph Bniie Lawrence Biiller Arni)l(l Carlson Loyal Carman VI allace Chaloupka Roherl Colburn ayne Doniin};o Dean Edeal Vallare Enjrlnnd Charles Fensler Denver C ray Georfie Haniley Roherl llamnioml (nislaf llokinsiin James Iloyt inifred Jarohsen MKMBKRS Paul Jeflers Curlisjohnson Delos Johnson Wallace Johii-on Myron Kciin Lewis Klein Donald Kinch Harry Kivell Dayton Klin ' man (ilcnn Klini;rnan Harlan Knoche Oakley llicrl Liinl LilcolmMac lilla Joliii Mafior Orvillc Marcjuardl Or " in Mi-ierlicnr Donald Mellon Pan! Miller Raymond Milnar Mac Newberry Frank (Jiiante (ianis Richmon l AKin Kippeii l, le Holierls I ' aid Robertson Harry Silver W aviie Smiley Marvin Snyder !arl Sinhiner Donald Sundberf! irnil Tavh.r Ovrar Tealmeier KKiii riiiiinpson Robert ilson Donald Wheeler Robert W bite Fred W liitney Weston W hiluer 1 HE Ag College Boarding Clul) caiiu ' into existence in T)3(). t llial lime the lniin(l( rs proposed to estalilisli an oifiani alinn llial UDiild |ii ' i) ide li iiio; ediKJilidii ol a lii li standard Im liaiii aj; shideiil- at a tniiii- liniin rost. Eligiliilils Inr tiieiiilieis|ii|i in the A.(].l ' 5.( ' .. iMcliides t (i re(|iiiieinen|s: jo lie eilKilled as a regular sliideiil in llie g College, and lo he iiidi ' |ieiideiil (il all (illier The activity program sponsored li tlie ehil) is large and ai ied. Dm ing the 1936- 37 schuol year ihe (irganizatimi gained second place laurels in the all-liarh alliietic idiiipel II ion. Aside Iniin alhlelic and cam- pus acii ilics the organization is verv active socialK lliidiiglioiit the entire ' ear.. Each year a I ' all i ' aitx is held. Throiigli- oiit the year at aiioii time- lh clnli spon- sors house part ies. Page 318 3rd H-u H. ' V..-, I il..-r hdl, ItjrK. ItrrnrT. JnJ Huh BtntliAai. tn r«rl, B«le , S|iurltH-L, CAilrt. Httthtm R.m- (juiok. SlurJrtanf. D. llualiam, Con«l«blr. O S S IL IMIB® Donald A. AniltTson (lliarlfs Bariz Half II. B -r):iiiiisi Dale Konliam I)ui :lil Bonliam Marion (!. Bitnluun KxliiTt (iliamliiT Krlf C:ipn lal)lf ayiu ' Knycarl Dale B. Ganz Kiiberl Gates . iL ii;i.u Riilanil E. Glrasoii Gillicrl Golilin;; X arri-n K. llainiiK ' l K.iluTI lli)«c RicliardC. Iliilt Diinalcl I). Jriison I ' liil Kii-ppin ir All.ii A. Kraiicis l.tlifr l al tiliarlf Vi . Lvnian ClilTorii 1.. M.ail Slanlry Micharl ol IK.I.KS (iharlo F. Sanuielson l.tiui 11. Sanders Kiril I). .Srlini ' idiT Allirrt .Schnicdcr I.ynian Spurlixk ilriiin r (ilinliin .Siiinlivanl Char!.-. W.TnlIicrl arran Trank James C Vi elden Leonard Williams DWIGIIT D. BONIIAM ' resilient CLINTO.N .STI ' KIIKN ANT ire-l ' resiilciit KRI.E CON.STABI.E Secretary KOBEKT GATES Treasurer ll() ui; in MEMBERS Sgl. Ferries W illiam " " Biilie " Onirk Donald Leniz l.vie Welrli C J M I l.ainlida is an lionorarv frator- iiily organized within lln- li.n.T.(;. ImihI. i he fraternity was loimdiil mi tlic I ni ci- sity of Neltraska campus in 1912. Since llial tinir tlie group i - hccii a li i- in liir- 2nd Ruu — Cunslablp. Cair . Bottom Roic — ■Sturdcvaol, Quick, Bunham. llicriiif; llic interests of llic l)and as an or- ganization. Gamma l.amltda led die iliive to secure llie new iinilnitn wliicli wctr pnr- diased two years ago and in( c tliit time lias assumed the responsihilitv fm their care. The organization has played an important |)arl in making ar- rangements for trips for the hand and worked out the iniicpie lorma- lioiis which picisidc o mui ' h ' n- tcilainment during half-time at the tootliall games. Among its other activities (iannna I.amhda sponsors the an- nual all -hand lianipiet and nu- merous smok« ' rs each vear. Page 319 30ILIl l](ei IMehraska ' s iMnnvsi hi l lor (anir is inwl(iiili|c(|| ii- alhli ' lic (lc|iaiiincnl. F -()s|MT(iii ImiI uii, cI1i Ii. il has ' " ■l| " ' ' l I " I ' liild a i:iTal iii liluli(in. As aiiiliassadors of jiddilw i || iIk alliliirs lia c i:ii ur|ia c(| o|HMir- liiiiilir- and we can |,c ju || pion tlial llic " lliiskcrs " ' lia c l.ll iha s|ioii-iliilil and |irii(innrd w j-,,.| i( SBMilH Wm mW I f LmiiaiN 1. ' ' 2 1. ihi ' Hci.ird nl ' K. .;niN nc- Cllrd llic llilc ' ll liiiaiil (il (.iilllldl 11 llial llli ' ic wiiiiiti Ik- Mitiic a li)iitii li ;tti (- |ii (l Id c ' lirilinl all I iii ci it atlilclir-. ( )ti}iiiiall . lliiTf ut ' ic cifilil mciiiliiT . »i 1)1 wlidiii wcif I ni i ' i il ollnials and llic oilier Iwo lepiCfiOiilcd lUiUidc inli-i ' -l-. lluwever. siiicc i ' ). ' 52. studcril rcpresentalioii sas granted liy clioosiiig a seiiiot oi the Sliuleiil ( Imm- eil ami a senior nienilier oi the " N " CIiil). The l?()ai(l is ht aded iiv Professor H. l " ). Scott. ( lllier I niversit meinlicrs are Dean I iiumiisoii. Finance Secretar (liindcrson. I ' lnchasing Agent Seaton. Director ol Stiidciil iii ities Selleck. and Athletic Director Jones. K. K. ( ' .aM)|)licll is llic liniiiii Association ' s representati c. while C. . Ilcihncs is an oflicer of the First Ti ' ii l (loni- |)an which issued the lionds lt)r MciiKnial Sta- dium. Fred Shirev from the " N " ( " .liil). and William (.laxtoii Imm llic Sliidcnl (Council are tiie student nn llif JKianl. ' I ' lic Allilclii I ' xiard lia lakcii care ni the financing for the Stadium and llic Coliseum. riidi-. K. I), scon (Chairman OFFICERS rUdl. K.D.SCOTT (Chairman L. E.GUNDER. ' ON I ice-Chairiiian JOHN K.SELLECK Serretary-Treasurer MEMBI ' .RS I ' rnl. K. 1). Soil Major I.. McC. Jcnrs Di-an T. J. TlioiTi|i-iin i. E. Camplicli I.. E. (miikIitsiui (I. ' . tlnlmrs I.. F. Sralon W illiam C. ( lavlmi Inliii K. St-lleck Fred Sliircy Top J?oic- SrIIeck. Jon« . Holnti , Campbrll. Bottom Row — Gundcrsun, Shirry, Claylun. Scalnn, Thompson. Page 323 L Jnil Ron — rront-ll. Kiii;:li(. Aniislnmp. Hjyclin. Vf 7, Lfwan li w ki. Ilntlum Run Lvfiian. Hntwiic. Jotu- . Sriiulu-, SflU-rk. Weir. Aiti A - i (S®I (eil03Sf (§ i lFlF Alhl.-iir I)ir.- l..r l .|(il!l W KENCE McC. JONES Fdoiball 0)afli I W KENCE McC. JONES Assislanis IlKNin X II I l.TE. W. II. BROWNE H) I.Y I N. GLEN I ' RESNEI.I Mini I ' ll I.KW ANDOWSKI. C. li l.sTHON(; in. WKIK lia.-kulbaU Cuach W . II. BKOW AK Assistants ADnl I ' ll I IW NDO VSKI C. I! 1 TI!() (; Baseball Coach .. Wll HI K kXK.IIT T J ST ( ;tr in llic ])iing a new tiiaii look o i ' i ' llic iciii ol llic head coatli and director III ' allilclics at the liiiversitv of cliiaska. I III- mail. " I ' ifT " Jdiics. caiiic here willi llie liaid la-k ol liNiiif: lo make all elira kaiis lorgcl the man who had iii l letl lo lake o ( ' r a similar po ilimi al llie I iii ei il ol Te a . l)aiia . ililile. Il i e er. ■■P)ill ' " -ooii won o ( ' i ' all w ilh whom he came in conlact. II i-. |to|inlaril reai-hed iiiiloi een liei :lil-- la t lall alter ihe season iiail opened due to ihe greatest victory Nebraska has liad in main years, the deleal ol llic great Minnesota learn. ' I ' uo ex-Neliraska players ictiii iied to their ■ ' alma inaler " la.--l ear to coach. 1 lie e Track Coacli Assislanis Two-Mile Coach Boxinj; Coach .Swimniiiif; ( ' oacli Tennis Coai li Coif Coacli Cyinna, lics Coach Wrc llini: Coach HENRY SCIllI.TE lIAROI.n PET . KI) WEIR IIKNin ■-( III l.TE II K(I1.I) 1 TI1EWS PETE n (; CRECC MiBKlDE Kl) NKWKIKK (11 KI r.S Mll.I.ER jKHRY ADAMS Iwo are Adolph I.ewandouski. and Tden I ' re nell. " ' Chili " iiiistrono; came up to the Lniversitv liom lielhanx liigii school lo ludp coach foolliall. ha kelliall. and ha eliail. i.ewaiidowski will ludji coach loothall and liaskelliall. while i ' resiiell will ludp coach loothall and liasi ' liall. ( " oach IJrowne. the head haskelliall coach, came thidiiizh this Near with another line teani. Ileiiix Sclnilti ' . the oldest niemlii ' r ol llie coachino stall and track coach. aiiiie ed anothei Indoor Track Title. I ' ele llagelin i the oungest memlier ol the idachino t,ill and is whippini; his so|ihomore swimmi ' is into shape. Hageliii is the oiil student on the coachiiio Uil). Pane 324 I 1 1 1 -liidciit allilflic iiiaiiagfi arc |iail (if iIk ' iiiipcirtarit Iml uiilii ' ialilcil liinrlinii nl niixlci ' ii ) ' i)llt ial( ' IiiiiiImII. I Im ' allciul all piaclirc f-. i()ti . anil llir liniiu- games. The seiiicir manager goes to all the (nil-of-towii games. These managers lia c charge of ihe chccking-oiit anil care ot all c(|iii|)ineiil. Kouland McCKnionl ua llic .-cnior man- ager llie past year and was assisted hy Jerry Alilder and Holi Moose, jiiiiior managers, and i sophomore managers. Three of tlie six sophomore manager will he ' hosen as jnnior managers for next year, and one of the junior manager i then clio-cii ,i llie senior manager. The senior manager is given a major " N " lor his services. The cheerleaders chosen for ihe past, year hy a committee of the Imunents Society wei ' e: ell King. l)a e Meriistein. vith Hill I ' ug ley. Bol) Leadies. liol. i;.d(li h. Norman Bordy. Fred Remington. l{o Prof- fit, and Ernest inthrop helping ont. HtlW I M) nol! MOOSE Ws iy 2nd Rou- Pniffttt. U inlroub. I ' upslry. 3»» a Botlutn Row - ltrmin|!lnn, Ilprnitlein, Lain|irrt. Sth Row — Mowbray. BiRhnp. Owrn, Gallnway. Denning. Grimm, Rccdv, Baxlrr, Forrcsler, Ncymann. 4lh Row — Pfciff. McElyniunt, Anilrrws, Wilimann. Allicy, Jolinsiun. Loa k, Parsons, Thompson, Webster. 3rd Row — Reed. Burman. Harri» , Werner, MilU. Bruek, Dawson. Mtllravy. Hipnrll. Delrirh, Kuklin. 2nd Row-iicoTfit ' , Dudd, Amen. Simmon«. Kaniey. Duli.ton, MrEnlirf, IMofk. IIofTman. Gi(ih. Bottom Ron — I ' ctcrs, Dohrmunn. Douglas ' , Lewandowski, Jones, Scliiille, Dt-ppi-n, Duyle. tbaugh. a g -g® ' " m •99 OFFICERS BOB KAMEY I ' re si (lent CHARLES BROCK Vice-President BOB SIMMONS Sergean Is-iil-A rni.s BOH MILLS, CHARLES MIECEL Sergeanl-at-Arms MEMBERS Harris Andrews Wilson Andrews Paul Amen ' erl Atliey William Andrcson .lack Barry Arthur Ball Ed Biiinell Charles Brock Fred Boilie John BniMnlce Kay Baxter [van Bciriiian Jiihn Bishop Warren (ialland Bill Callihan John Detrich Doiiplas Dort Adna Dohson Reidien I)cnnin ; llarwin Dawson Jack Dodd Ron Dou la- Bert Dnrkee Elmer nolirniann Ted Doyle Floyd Ehaufili Roherl Ellioll Lowell English Jay Forrester Lloyd Friedman Eldon Frank Perry Frank Lloyd (irimm (leorp- (lalloHay William Gish Edwin (ief)rfie Tony Hamoy Riihard Ha(;i ' lin Martin Dell Harris iliiam Heirman John Howell Hti o HofTntati Kenneth Jones Delos JohnsiMi Irvin;; Knklin John Kraiise James Knijiht U iliiam Kovanda Alfred Kiiiier Ralph Lndw ick Richard Lcask W iliiam Luke Ervine Klein Bob Mehrin Boh Mills (Jordon McEnlire (Charles Mowhray Rowlan d McClymont Roherl Neumann Lawrence Nel on PanI Owen Edward Oreult Marvin Plock Rol ert Parsons Thurston Phelps (Jus Peters illiam Pf.-ifT Edw in I{e nolds John Richardson Leonard Rail William Reedy Ralph Reed Boh Ramey ( Jee Smiley Rohert Sinimons (ilemens SMn l-trom Lloyd Schmadeke Fred . ' hirey (Jiflord Thompson Roherl Thornton Sam Schwarl .kopf Kenneth Shindo Alton Wi ' rner Roherl W est Julius W ittman Fred Wehster Eugene Zuspann Page 326 riih RoH- — Roman . Nirmann. Worcwlrr. Wade. Brown. Proffill. iih Hotf — Miller. Jone«. Simmon . Tlior, Brownlrc, Rupp. Ryan. Strplirn». Iih Hou — Rr««l. Cunnincham. Valnrv, Brt-w tir. Flory. Hill. Hurn. CrIlNtly. Otto. Jri f u— Camrron. Sprnrrr. Cravrn . Crdf, Thuman, Tullnian. Kaphm. WaRnrr. Jnii Auu- ' -Gray. Sirtlrl. Drnnini:, Clanlz, Tftn un. Black, Villian) . Bvllom Avu— RfMrn, Lipp. iuhn»on, Bumry, Slccvr . Mow, Andrrsun. Kmlriia. MKMHKRS Lewis Anderson Julin Bniwnlce Stanley Brewster Riieben Dennin;; Con Erickson Diiane E uni Melvin Glanii! Bill Craves Denver Cray Frank Jnlinsim Moward Kaplan Frank Kiidrna Morris Lipp Diek MeCinnis Don Moss Clayton Phillips Ceorpe Rosen Bob Simmons Phil Southwiek Riehard Stapjjenherk Ed Steeves Joe Stephens Paid Wapner Dean Worcester pli:dgi:s Julian liors George Cameron Roper Ciinninpham Bob Flory Jack Cell ally Phi! Crant George Graham Arlhiir Hill Max Horn Bill Kilpatrick Robert Malnisten Bob Miller llarolil Niemann John Nottleman Charles Otto Bill Petersen Roy Profill Ralph Rerd George Rirhards Lyie Roberts Warren Roman? Edwin Roiis -k Robert Rupp Irvin Sherman Ol I ' lCKKS i;n MILLS I ' resilient ED STEEVES I Ue-I ' resiilent DON MOSS Treasurer FRANK JOHNSON Secretary Bob Seidel Bill Spencer Jean Swanson Bnd Tallman (iranl Thomas Eric Tlior Jean alters Louis Wilkins Bill Williams (;.ne Wolf Fraiu ' CH X ' oodaiifl Page 327 -i Slii Hou — Collui). Hlil. Ctuiiiiull, Mi ' irrr., niiinp. Ei khidil. ; axl(iii. Ncvin, U ' hcfler. 4th ?oir — Kalli i. Kiiiu . Wirk», Robini-on. CIcmrni-, Bakrr. Slono. Hall. M. Siriilcvillc, Jcnrn-n, Ca»9idy. Jrd Row — Hill. Mal Ai-lKT. Rowcn. Hncvil, iSrliiilllnfTcl. H»niMi in l, Jnhn on. Conlon, Shrrhum. Donner. Schick, Clcmani. 2nti Row- C ry. S(«lry. Sriinrckclnili, HofT, ( rirbeni triili. Hpnii. Fedcrlc, Schmidt. Hurley. Bauder. Fillcy, Boltum Row — FteL ' lwuud, Rutinit , Cummer, Bcnjaniin. Morrow, Nolle. Russell, Pug ley. Krumm, Boldmuii. giUIL: OFFICKRS M MiTlIA MORROW ' resident ELOISE BENJAMIN I ' ice-President VIRGINIA NOLTE Secretary HARRIET CUMMER Treasurer JOSEPHINE Rl BNITZ Publicity (Chairman RUTHANNA RUSSEL Notification Chairman lASSELS, local cliapter ol tlic luilioiial honorary girl " jx ' p orgaiiizalion. I ' iii Sigma Clii. was organized dm ihis campus in 1924 imdcr the sponsorship of Alorlar Board. This group was founded to promote a greater school spirit and a sense of fellou liip among women students at el)ia ka. The Tassels are easily recognized at all cam|)iis rallies and athletic (•onte t li their traditional red sweaters, white skiit . and white cap- w ith red tas els. i{e ide attend- ing all football games, haskelhall contests, and rallies in a liodv. this n on - |io I i t ica 1 group pKimolo the selling ot lieket lor Paee 328 I ni crsit I ' lavcrs. the (!ornhii ker. the Mortar Board Annual dinner, and n-heis at Universit concerts and con ()iations. This year the Tassels weie hostesses to the National con ' ntioii ot Phi Sigma Chi in piil. llaiiif ' t (aimmer wa in charge ol the allair. 1 he oigani ation wa incorpo- rated nndei the laws ol Kansas la l nmnier. riie Ta ( ls togethei ' with the Corn Colis instituted a new liadilioii. that ol an annual Tassel-Coiii Coh l ' art loi ' tndent-. I he oarni al was held in the Coli-enm allcf the Indiana game. f " oi the Homecoming game this organiza- tion Mild lialloon to spectators to Inither the lohn Inl I hmiccoming spectacle. CKiitrastiiiL ' lc.-|)air in iinmlciiaiico of Ta?sol ■. Marijarct Saxloii ami rrancos Boldinaii. (tiiomies Moore and liellzcr with Curly Tanloii arc loyal spectators. Charlie Mnxk iiroiiiises his cr Iif l. A heartv hccr from Maurice Re nolds. One line of concentrated, fervent prayer for Nehraska. Where is that game anyway? A hcart cheer with " ' s - go North. L ' an;:! " ' At the depot Cornhuskers in high spirit. root for their de- parting team. It ' s always fair weather when .Nebraskans gel together, zero ornot. Page 329 Like iilUirc a liallci nf larncia.- a ait jioud |)i(kitij;s for incivic cddps. Willi hali ' il lucalli ii-iial crowrl ualclics a free loss. Mplia Plii uimiiii Prtt idea. Cixc il In llirnil Smcmlli aiiiinMiiiiii;: will) Ted llil-iiii; at (hi|i1iit drfcat. One m-II liaiul paiadfs. l i I ' lii Hoilie- rdiiiiiii; ciiiilriliiitidii. ! ' i ' c|)-si ilil al a Iia k(tliall uaiiic iiiidci uoi Id. W Iktc the tcatn goi-s. go llicx . I ' lu IViV caught ihp passei-hys " ey willi lids iilea. Our rr tiii ' d Tassel edines linmi " after Ixidstiiic the team. Pace 330 SVXI JDSl i5 ©II i v JiiLv At the end of llie 1937 season Ne- braska lost eleven nienihers of the s([iia(l lluoiigh graduation. Those li(i were lost were Ficd Sliirev, Klincr Doliiriumn. julm lldwcll. I ' anI Amen. Gns Peters, Bol) Meh- ring. I.ouell English. Harris An- drews, Ted Doyle, Art Halh and John Richardson. Two of these hoys, Fred Shircy and Elmer Dohrmann, were mem hers of the West team in ihc amiiial East-West game at San Fran(i (d on New Yeai ' s da . All d these hoys gave ever tliiiif: ihey had Id Nebraska foothall. and we will all lie sorr ' to see them leave. Prubaljly the moA umibiial piciiirc cjf a coacli ami his- first team ever taken. A year ago Nebraska had their first glim|)se of the liiiitl)all loarh that wa gi (Mi the almo l im|i() i|j|( ' ta k (li fillinf; the aranc Icll when (loaih HiMc left to take i) cr the iciii ol lixitliall cdach at the I iii- cisit 1)1 Texas. Howexer. it a not long lielore l.a sr( nce " Hill " " .loiio won hi a into the hearts (il all ( ' ln ' a kan . il as not niitil the opening game (il the x ' axMi that e ei ()iie recogni cd the lacl tliat Nebraska had a IrnK great tootball coaih. for it was on that (lav thai a t(Mil-hearlcd band nf icd hirt de- li itcd the ll|l|)o edK unbeatable Minnesota team. After that. Nebraska lo.-t oids lo ritl biiigh. Page 332 mUMTJ IDDI ' BIMI riNY team thai niadc .1 mistake apaiiist NVInaska usually paiti loi it l Itisirij; liic -lamr. iliis was the case in the Miimesola game when the lumiiles li Miimesota were tiiriietl iiitii toiK liiiuwii anil iiti r . Ill the liiiiiaiia game the liiiskers stiiiek llie lata! lilnw mi the lii l |)la ol the game and then pla e l an exeellent defensi f game to pmtei t the leatl. So when the final tahulations were made. Nehraska came thrimgh a tough sehedule with ihe lu» III Kill a siugle game In rank well up with the leailing teams ni the enunlrv. I wii of Nebraska ' s gridmen. (iharles Broek and Ired Shirey, leeeived naliona! reeognilimi as Mi- American- diir 111 iheir great wmk in liic lliisker line throughoiil the seaxiii. Iii-d Sliirev and Khiici Dnhiinann as players, and ■ " Hiir " Jones as coach, represented Nebraska mi tiic West team in llic aiimial Kasl-West gami- mi Ni ' i-ars. ■»c- k hi 1- In , —I- — f lh JoM- Biirrii , lloilnian. Schttarlzkiipf, Mills, Morris, Smith. i A fott ' - Tliompwin, (irifTin, Mcllravy, Mepnid, Ball, Hmvell. Dixlii. Callihan. 4lh Row- Portrr, Kliim. Pfciff. Franks. Grimm. B. Smith. Hitrhcork. Mather. I irhariisnn. .W fou.-- -Shinclo. KahU-r. f father. Dohson. Ramey. Phrlps. tlermann. Strasheim. Kingery, Clausen, . ndrews. 2nd Rote — Amen, Dnhrmann, Bmrk, Mehrinp. Shirey, English. Peters. Plork. Petsch. Andreson. Bottom Row — Bnltnrff. Srhiille. Browne. Junes. I.ynian. Deppen. Oirnell. MrClymont. Page 333 ■■ " - y ' ,v »r (II VKI.KS niiOCK. f ntor KI.MEK DOIIKM , i ' .ncl I lair i- iiilrcw i- -re-n afliT taking a lateral from Jack Dudil and procirdin In run llii- liall liark for precious yardage a ain-l Miniie nla. KMi-n MilIraMN U Irailiii lln- inli-rfrri-nce. S MUHi® T ilK ini{;lit (ioplu ' is from Miniu ' sota claimed lo lia ( ' one nl llic greatest teams in the liistorv of llie -rliool. H() ( er tlie IVeliraska team tiiat af- leiiicKin was a greater learn and ended n|i with a 1 1 to ' ) i(t(irv. Minnesota opened the xoiing eaiK in the (nsl neriod on a sustained drue down the held onK to relin(|ni h that lead a lew min- nle later. Hroek reco t ' red a lumMe on tiie iVlinnesota l enl -two ard line, and iidni that point a series ol Imi ' plunges and a pa s pnt the hall into pa dirt. in the -erond hal I. the Cii pliers came hack w itli a (lri e which hronghl the hall to the Ijn- ' kcr thii- leen :iid line where the tried a slicces lnl held goal winili pnt them again in llic lead, (dice more a Ininlile m ' I up thi ' ilii-kci- on die Minne- sota lorl a rd line, and with nd icw - doing the pa sing. Nehra kaii ended the scoring. ri:i) noYi.K. Xa. ki.- LOWELL ENGLISH. Cnar.l an lAir . liani lulling MinniMila back, is seen tryiiif: In -liake liiinself loose from two Nebraska lacklers. Coming into llie plav fmni llie rifilil i Klilen Millravev. Page 3:!4 Itlllt MIIIKINt.. (.iiuni KKKl) MllKl-. ' l. Ta.kir Kill Anilrrsiin. Nt-liraska liark, is st ' i-ii luTf ju l as lie i skirt- ing ihe Cydonf enil dir a few much ni -ili-d Ncliraska yanls. Mallirr i " alioiii III l liirk " III an Ames taekler. 1 I Ih 1 li! l ci-Aiiu ' game at Adio kepi Nrlna-ka fans on their feet most of tlie afternoon due niain- l lo the lirilliaril running nt K. Ki clicr ami a stout defense thai hail the ilu-ker lialTh ' d the lir-t half. Iowa led at the end of the (lr l half. Iiut with Amen on an end-around plav eoxercd eiplitv ar(U lor a si-ore and with anolhcr score later in tlie game, the lluskers pulled ihrmigh. W IIF it rain-, it iioiir- in elira-ka. At lea«l. that is just what hap|)ened the dav of the ()kla- lioma game witli tlie residl that neither team was ai)le to pre?ent a formidalile oflcnse. . e erllie- less. the superior kicking of the Sooners enaliled them to keep Nehraska in its own i)ackyard most ol ihe afternoon. As was expected dn ' to weather conditions, the game ended in a scoreless tie. I ' M I WIKN. Kml JACK DODD. Bark Dnlirmann liail jiisl iiralilieil a pass fnim llouell ulien lie was taikleil liy an Oklalmnia player wlm knneked llie ball from liis jirasp. Callilian. Dnyle. ami Sliirey are euminp In liis aiil. Page 3C5 r ' 1 " I h . )lB t. ' ' h» i ' II KKI V.NDKEWS. Back Bll.l. CM I. Ill N. Fiillliack S(liwaii .knpf is seen pulling llic (inij-liing Uniche? to a nock lie tackle. Also coining into the play are Peters, Grimm, Mills, and RicharH-(m. Phelps is wailing In ihe left. % ITL SKP]R followers flocked to Columiiia in gicat luinilieis lo see Nehfaska dcleal a (Ictermined lull iiiilila-M ' d Missouri Icaiii 7 lo d. The onlv scoring o|)|)orliiiiit wliirli ihc ' lii--kcrs niailc use ol caiiic in the fust lialt when I ' liclp-, who )ila eil llic entire game in the alisence ol ,|(ilin Ihiwcll. -hot a Hat pass to I ' hick lor a touchdown. The (diueisidii cndiiijz the scoiins: was niadi ' li l ' h)ck. 1 HE Nehraskans showed the footlial! world thai she could strike quickly and llicn |iinlert that lead In the Indiana game at l.incohi. ()n the first ])la ol the ganie. Dodd. with peiiecl and hril- liaiit open field iimning. scampered sixtv-five vards to a touchdown lor the inl -core ol the game. Indiana ihrcalened several limes during the game. Iml the lliiskcr lclcii-c held. Till K.STO.N Plltl.lS. Qnailcrl.ack MAR IN Pl.OCK, Back ( oing al full speed lliniugh a hole in the Indiana line is Bill ( ' allihan. The hole was made possihle because Dohson had jusl pul enoujih pressure on the Indiana player. Page 336 . ' !i; ' ' m) |)N DOIisON. Ciiard l.dVI) ClilMM. Kiul Martin IMmk, I ' o (loiiiul ral l itl a(-k fur Nclira.-ka, is sci-ii lri-aking aroiinil llir Kansa left t-iiil fur a siilislanlial iiain. Mt ' lirini:, Nebraska ciiaril, has jnsi l l irkftl Dcuijilas cuil uf play. 1)FF()RE a liomeroniing crowd. Kansas and " - iira ka fought to a 13 to 13 deadlock. However, it was a moral viclorv for Kansas. Kansas started tlie scoring early, and when .Neliraska tied the count, the Jayliawks came right hack with an- other touchdown. It seemed at lliis point that the lluskers were defeated, for it was hite thai a sustained drive of eighty yai ' ds hrought a lie. mws | a great offensive, the Huskers romped over Iowa 2P) to 0. 1 he fiisi punt attempted hv all Big-Ten Hai k Kinnick was Mocked liv Amen, and Ikhii (hat |iiiinl it icipiircd jiis| luo line plavs to put the hall o er. I he open-held rnniiing ot Hodd. which has heen so consistentK hrilliani all season was again noticeable as wa the passing of Thurston Phelps. .SAM .SCMW ARTZKOPF. Tackle BOB MILLS Tarkle X itli Bill Callihan ninninj: inlerferenre. Mar in Pluck swings the Iowa left end fur 13 yards and a first down. Three plays later Dodd went across for Nebraska ' s second touchdown. Page 337 K yfi ' vi ' -Si ' V. ' f. : ' JllllN IHIW UiiarLcrliack JOlIN U H 1 1 i;|) (( . Kiicl Paul Amen, llusker end. is sct-ii pulling ' ilnwii tin- All- Anii ' iii an GoIiIImtj; aflir a slmrl gain. Lloyd Grimm, Iluskcr end alsn. is oiniing up fast to lielp stop the play if ni ' ii-ssary. A. t()iit-li( ' ai ' l( ' (l hand o ( riiMiliiiskcrs made tlic Idiig lick liack Id I ' iiuliiii ' zh and Inf l(iil -ii c iiiiiuites had icli)i in thcif | ()rkfls. oiiK to he dclcalcd tof ihc (if l liiiic ihi caxni. Nritlicf team was ahh ' Id jzcl nii(h ' i ' a in ihc fii-l halt, hill eai ' K in ihc xmdikI laiito mi a |ici IcclK cxe- culcd icverse. Ocuhl laicd vi t .(i c ,iiiU li a toinlidow II. I hi- |ihi was inc( ' lislcd as (Hic III ihr iic t cxcriilcd |ihi - n ihc season. I ' itlshiiif;h caiiic In lih ' a hc)il Iniii ' hilcr and puslied () ( ' r a tdiichddwii. Ihc h ' .id sa -till in llic |)(issc- i()ii dl the llii-kcrs tis Fill missed llie c ' din crsidii. hut ihc liiial ' drc came a the re-iilt of a llii kci liimhic which iced ihc game for the I ' anlhcrs. Sii|K ' iidr maii-pduer ua the wlidle reason Im I ' ills iildi . hecaii-e main (d ihe llllskeis |)la cd the cnlirc panic. Ihc allcndiiif; crowd was rccord-iiic.iknii;. CI s PKlKHS. Ciiai. nil I I ' FKIKl-. (;nai. A |)ili- up at till- liiii- of sirimmagi- resnlli-d in no gain for tlie Pillsbiirgh Panlhcis. Callilian. Brock, (iriiiun ami sr iral olliiT lliiskrrs ran hr seen lirraking np llw play. Page .138 A ' » h Itnli H WIKV. Onltr C.I.EN PRESNKI.l.. N.« I ■II (liarlif Hroik, vcr-alili- lliiskrr ci-ntiT. i sti ' ii hrinpin;: ili«wn a Kansas Slali- man nn llif snuw-oovrri ' il field. ElnuT Dulii- niaiin is t ' umin): in " liilp Briuk stup tlir aiNann-. 1 I IK ( nniluiskers (iefealed tin- Kansas Aggies ' . to nil a wet lifld and also retained the I5ig Six (rn Mi tor anollicf vear. The game was |iias( ' d in a diixing rain with llir ic iill llial neitliei- team showi-d nuuli ot an offense. In llic -ccond lialt. liowcNcr. with tlic Itall on llu ' K.- v Slate t ent -tliree yard line. I.nwtdl English edwialed toe sent the hall l vietorv. ' i i tM -wim I ( ll! iTKun eais the I ni of Neliraska has heeii well represented in the Kast- est game in San Franeisco on New Year ' s da . Thi- vear Elmer Dohrmann aiul Fred Shirey played on ihe est team whieh was eoarhed hy Nehraska ' s own ■■Riff " Jones. liefore this the team was eoarhed |) I). . I ' lilile. former lin-ker -oaeh now at Texas I nix er-il . The |iroeeed- go to charilx . Tlu ' ii ' Xt pirliire sliows a view (if llie Minnesota pame rrnwd jiisl after the pame liad endeil. R.O.T.C. iisliers are tr inp In keep llie crinvd off ilie field. The lasl pirliire shows Paul Amen skirlinp ihe Minnesota end on an end-around play. Page 339 rt A (( u--Mfnke, MrQuay. Kahler. X ilson. AmltTsdn. WibbcN, Hopp. Nucrnber irr. Beranck. Foy. Faubel. Ovt-rslake. Lmhc r, Kail. Fit-KI. Kiiit;bi. 5lh Row — Vcigel, Srliluckcbitr. Obcriiiiller, Gucluwski, Corn. Meier, Capron. Hiit on. Prorock, Hann, Francis. Hclzer, Preston, Newton. Farmer. 4lh Wou ' --E»! ' inan, Jureen . Hanson. Latta, Marr. Lewis, Reynoldsun, Kid r, Hnsa. Lorensun, Cornelius. Kiecbel. Bjerknes, Newbcrg, Peterson, Peterson. Condon, MrCiinn. 3ttt Hon Filz, Hi-adriek. Hiilcheii! . Elarn, Iverson. Gayer, Newman. Loma , Unser. Thompson, Miiskin, Clawson, Wegner, Clemens, Hansen, Reetl, O ' Hanb.n. Slo.biurl. 2rnl Rutt ProcIia!»ka. Breiin«ibach. Caii;;er, Bebm. Keith, Knickrchm. Carlisle. Sloiil, Srhook. Onborn. Cntscliall, Prochaze. Mekie. Delfs, Flliuit, Sinimonn. Bottom (oii ' Ailams. Lewamlow ki. Amistronc Weir, Petz, RaUtun. Kirha ihuu. IFSlJlilllS I S I?®®1 ' 1B JLIL J HIS t irs iic hiiia an lodtliall Icani was sliidili-d willi hrilliant high M ' hdnl |)la t ' rs whirh cr aliK look care ol ihcif assifrn- iiHMit It) give ihc ar it .still work-oiils (hir- ing the lall iiionlh . The imiposc nl ihe lic hniaii Icain i to gi c xcaiiings ( ' |i( ' ii- ence in the Ivpc ol |)la nx ' tl at Nebraska. The lic hnian team also acts as o|t|)osition to the aisil in piacticc thronghoni the regular loothali season. The freshman Icani lliis year was luiiicr the iliicctiou ol Kd W eir as liead coach, and assis ' cd |i I.cwandowski. Ainistrong. I ' clz. anil .|cn ' Adams. 1 he liaikheld condtmalions ol this year ' s team was one ol the licsl in vears. Among the more |iiomising hacks are ike !■ rancis. brother of Sam !• rancis who was an All- Aiiierican hack at Xehiaska in 1936, George " Bus " Knight, an all-state hack from Jack- son high. Ilarr llci|)|i. Edsel W ihhcls. -Nuernherger. Sheldon (Jmdon. and flovd Newton. Walt l.nther. was plax ing his sec- ond Near on the Ireshman team. However, Ai ' wton has since dropped ont id school and w ill not he axailahlc next ear. The most piomismg Ireshman lineman according to ad ance reiiorts is Forrest 15chni trom Lincoln high. Since spring practice has started. Forrest has (le eloped rapidK. and toward the end was alternat- ing with Sam Scli ail ko|d on the first siring. ()ther promising Irosji are I ' reslon. (foetowski. h ' ier. I ' rochaska. I!ii-er. Mns- kiii. and Kalder. Page 340 liiPIPIlifll® GAI E Ntbr. vs. Minn. Nehr. vs. I-State Nfl)r. vs. Okla. Nell M 7 143 33 10 . vs. 0. 5 1 113 49 13 Nehr. vs. Ind. 2 1 14 1 54 143 29 37 3 26 1 12 Nohr. vs. Krnsas Nihr. vs. Piltsliurgh Nelir. vs. Iowa Nfbr. vs. K-State lat Downs E nie l 4 10 9 6 2 5 102 3 2 73 14 171 38 20 10 1 9 10 3 140 5 5 2 3 15 2 13 265 12 11 6 7 Ist Downs Penalt 31 188 112 2 Yards Gained Rushing 61 43 178 41 231 94 76 17 157 Yards Lost Rushing. . 38 27 42 5 3 37 8 1 50 15 8 10 2 9 3 3 1 15 8 28 34 8 24 5 13 1 4 2 7 64 88 228 165 63 Passes Attempted 5 15 2 4 20 9 15 5 Pa-sses Incomplete 15 4 5 10 6 1 Own Passes Intercepted 6 2 2 1 2 2 1 3 3 2 Passes Completed 3 5 3 3 1 5 3 2 2 89 11 6 2 Yards Gained Passes. . . 51 65 42 56 42 56 57 30 128 236 137 94 32 Net Yards Gained 69 206 235 123 48 69 167 2 94 116 2 270 120 95 294 165 126 Laterals Attempt t-il 1 2 3 3 3 1 3 2 1 Laterals Completed. . 2 3 2 2 3 3 1 3 3 2 1 Yards Gained Laterals. 4 2 2 10 3 4 12 Punts 16 8 10 13 19 17 10 10 13 10 5 9 11 9 10 7 14 13 Punt Average 38 42 29 40 37 38 38 39 39 40 42 38 46 37 34 27 40 38 Punts Returned 2 59 185 19 51 no 17 34 JO 20 65 3 £8 28 17 49 76 9 Punts Blocked 1 1 1 1 Kickoffs 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 4 3 2 6 3 KickoiTs Returned. . . . 59 73 21 9 4 42 23 46 25 3 4 2 2 10 106 228 5 8 116 18 Kickoff Yardage 167 145 148 120 50 35 55 2 1 5 42 108 3 110 1 106 4 5 3 27 4 3 162 143 3 2 2 2 3 258 125 Pall Lost on Downs.. . 3 2 1 Fumbles 3 3 3 2 2 5 5 3 25 2 2 1 4 2 1 3 1 1 3 2 6 4 (Iwn Fumbles Rccovercc 3 1 1 3 1 2 4 3 1 Penalties 1 3 5 5 25 6 40 5 25 2 10 4 1 Penally Yardage 5 25 1 ?5 5 20 25 45 5 40 Field Goals Attempted 1 1 1 Field Goals Successful. . 1 1 2 2 1 1 Touchdowns 2 1 3 1 2 4 1 4 1 Conversions . 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 " Crinvci 35.0C0 10,000 16.000 17,000 37,000 35.000 72.000 28.000 6,000 Page 341 k:.rnlJfl !vi h UsJ I kt..«ASfrr tfCBiRSKll .. : I; . -,ii-n..i . I I - ! ' ■ 1,1. ., ,,ii.|.i» -k., . ' I i Kuli—, Elliull. Cliluiii. W l-. n. Buttum K m - ' Amvn. Taison , Ebaiieli, DoliriiKinii, WtTiicr. COACH W. II. BHOWM Nfi ' .ii SF K (iiMiitli ' tt ' d a siiccc»lul ( ' a on in lia kclliall. allli(iii :li the l ' )ii;-Si tillc. uliirli a held li Nebraska along willi Kan a la l vcar. went hack lo Kansas with iSCIira-ka idniing in lliiid. - ( ' lua ka liad cnougli good nialcriak Iml the experienre was lacking. riic eastern tiip uliicli wa.s taken dining ( luislnia.- ' aeation dem- onstrated the need lor ex|)ei ' ienre in the IInsk(M ' line-ii|). ' i ' hc lln-kers delealed Niagara Lnivers- il and lo l to llic I ni crsil ol l)( ' linil and Hrad- 1( ' l ' ol Icchnic Inslilnte. Kelnrning li(unc. die liiiskers played some id the lir t lia k( ' diall oi the season in defeating a sliong L ni eisit y ol California team, and a fe nights later the I ni- versitv of Colorado team which went lo the finals ot the National ( ' ollege ilaskctliall toiirne -. The Hig-. ' ' ix race was lighter this car than in se » ' ral seasons dne to I he lacl that the w inner was ni doidit mild llie last game had lieen )) ' a ed. (fklalioma and Kansas liallled il mil mo l n ihe season with Kansas iinalK coming oul on lop. T u ' ( ' oinhnskfM ' s phucd alert hall against ()kla- homa. losing llie fiisl game al Noiinan li Iwo points, lull coming hack lo Lincoln to win li lonr poinl-. Tlu ' game at Lincoln was one ol ihe liest games seen at Nebraska loi ' several seasons. I he Kansas game a I I .mcoin was also mo ing. and ihe outcome was in doiilil iinlil ihe iinal wlii-lle. Ne- liraskas three senior regulars, lioli Larsons. Paul .■ men. and Flo " d Kliangh. will he greatl - missed ne.xt year, as iheir pla dominaled e er game. PaRe 342 Ill llif ' l)ril ka■lll a Statf ;;aiiii-. I ' aiil iiii ' ii taki ' - (III ' liall fi ' oiii an Inua |ila ri •iiiil |ia?sc.- it til WiTiiiT. I " li l ' arsi n i at the rifjhl. I ' aul iiii-ii |iaii; twn |iiiiiiU fm i-- liraska against Kansas Slalr. llln u;:li sillier iij; fnim a t isl ' .- l kiic ' . it li ' dii ! hiiulri " him. [.iii ti (.I ' iiiiiii. ( liii-l utilit mail ul xjiiail KimtT Diilirinanii. four sport star " )- i ' ar rcisiilar uas un.iiil r.iul Xincn lli ii liner (le elu|iei| last lliis eai Another Junior ke iiian asl)ill Koxaiida IJoi) Parsons was squad s iiiiili iiiiiiit iiuiii Klo d r.hau h. liiizh ranking i-enter A | roniisin : sophomore is Dow W ilsoti ( " .rant Thomas onlv sophomore reirular Ri-; F.lmer Dohrmann ral s the jiaii in the Nehraska-doiorado paiiie. !.li d Grimm. Nebraska puard. and loll Km vanda are also shown. Amen ajiain leaps hi ;li in llie air to brill}; two more precious points to Ne- braska against Oklahoma. Bill Kovanda. is at the left. Pace 343 . r " ,- r.- - - f-.. UmI Parsons . Nebraska forward, is seen al llie start iif a slinl acainsi California. Werner is al till- left, anil Thomas on the right. In the Missouri game, (irani Thomas madly stranihles for tile ball. Elliott is in the center. Bud Talinian jumps liifzh for two points against .Minnesota. Ehau-ih is wailing for a possihii- rehound under the basket. IFSlI 32MJ !i IBI SSil lBI aa T UK licsliiiiaii i)a k( ' lliall team iiiiilci- llic (liicclidii (il coaclies L( ' aii(li s ki and Atiii- f-troiig l)i()iiglit great li(ip ' In lliiskef IdI- lowers because dI the wealth ol good ma- teiial that was imrnNcied. Heading tlie ifeshiiieii phiseis i- l l!aii(hil. (j-tciot 6- iiiili eeiiti ' f tfdiii ihe state ehaiii|ii(iii I mith High haskethall team. . l jjlaxed well all ihroiigh the season, ami his height makes it pr()l)alile that he will (ill the shoes left va- eanl hy the graduation of Floyd Ehaiigh. ,Iimm Taxloi Imm I lastings was the fa ()i " - ite (it the cfowd lieeause ol his ((niekness, good s|i((oting. and last aecniate |)asses. Carl Hansen. 11 a it Piteaithley, George Knight. Haii llo|)|). Don Fitz. and Dean Jaikson will lie there next year. gi ing tiie regidars a rnn for their positions. Added to ihis list ol pidinising Ireshmen ate the memhers oi the Xeliraska " H " team which finished one ol its most sncei ssiiil seasons under the guidaiiee ol Knight. The Uklaluiina uuie is lialleil. a wet spot is discovered. Page 344 I ' SiiiieiK lli (OIE Diiusciii and Franks. Hiisker sprinters, practice starts. Sirntncins «itMiin the 11(1 vard dash. W ilsun and An- (hews finish in dead heal fur tiie mile rnn. . ' ani Francis. Nebraska track ace, wins the siiot ajiainst Minnesota. T IIF Iliiskcrs iaili ' il to incet dclcat diiiiii}; hc Iniloiir track season as lliev bested Kansas State. Minnesota, and Kansas in dnal inccts and vu m ( win ihe nig-. ix Indoor Track lillc again at ( !( liiniliia. Missonii. The Hunkers cniniilctely doniinalcd tlir held in caijlnring six first |)laces, a second, two ihirds. and a fonrth. (iisli won the sixty yard low luirdlcs with Frank corning in third, uhih ' in ihe sixty yard high hnidh ' s ihc siln.ilion was jnst re ( ' rx ' d. wiUi I ' Vank winning fust place and (»ish uiiunng a tliird phne. Boh Simmons, the liig-Si outdoor clianipion. raced home to iclor in the 110 ard dash with Al Knper getting a fonrth in the mih rnn. Eipially elFeetive in the field Boh Mills and Bill I ' teilV. the lormer Lincoln high shot pnt twins, came in one t ' .vo in the shot. llarwin Dawson garnei ' cd a first in the hroad ininp while Ka Baxter was collecting a first in the high jump. In looking to the future, it might he well to list the outstanding freshmen that were iinco ered dining the indoor season. W ihhels. the one-man track team from Wolbaeh. came within 1 1 inches ol the Big-Six discus records, while ike Francis has shown up well in the shot. l,lo d Wright. and Boll Belt showed n|) well in the dashes. I,l(i d t.ardwell is slmuii in tile winning; leap for llie iiroad jinnp. Dawson aiiain aiioiil to start a sprint. I ' ranks and ( " ardwcll lead the pack in the low slick-. .John Hro N nk ' c. prom is in;; distance man. as he iiracticcs a sprint. ms siK Tilt- linishcs of tlir liHl arid 220 ard dashos in llu- liii- lu ' sota dual imccI. M.illcxni is siM ' ii N inning llir " .ill) ai(l run in tin- -anic ihial nii ' i-1. ild llorM- (!ar h (ll li-aps lii h in till ' air in an I ' lTnrt In (■a|iliiri- lir t in lirnad jiniip. S? ' . . - I ' Srluilli ' " li() » Miii niu ' e more the Hif;-Si oiit-door track titir at Stadiiiin in Mav, 1937. As has always been the case, tlic lliiskers managed to get |)()int u liicli had not hccn tonntrd nil. -ikIi as Carwell tliKAsini; the diMii hn tlie rn l tiiiif and garnering a fifth phue. Andrews and Matteson tied for first jilaie in llic mile iim with West coming in second in tlir J ' HO ai-d inn. l{io Milee and Matteson finished tun three in (he tuo Miih ' run. as Sinimons. a sophnmnre. minped to icloiN in the lit) aiil (hi h. In the linrl da iu ' s Dick F isclier garnered twn ioiirth places in llie 110 and 220 while Les I ' aiikoniii tied for second in the 220 ard da-h. Jack ni all ti.ides. (larduell. and Hill (iisli upheld the Scarh-t and the Cream in the hurdles as " Card " unti the 220 aiil Inw-. and came in second in the 120 yard highs. Gish garnered a fiftli place in Imih races. I he mile relax, which was won li Inwa Slate, was oiiU nnd lni- a litth pla -e Im the llnskers. Sam Francis took first place in the shot and was third in the discus with MilU taking Iniiith ill the shot anil ■■(!.ii(l " taking hllh in the discus. Frank and l)nhiinann were third and Inurtli ill till ' javelin illi (!aidwell winning lii si in the luoad jump and .Neumann jdaced linuth. lhr pnini; iip aiul Imping to pet () f r ill the pole aiill. Dawsiin and Kranks iisiiij: blocks to get off in the sprints. Gish and Franks just clparinp the last hurdle against Minne- sota. ith arms flvinp (]ard- well soars in the broad jump. IWJMMM® 1 w CI « iiiMiifis i ' iij(i the fa- cilities of llu ' iiiliscuiii |)( ( I (luring a free lunii in the af- liiiinon. Tlie .-u iniminj; team lines n|i fill a trial lai c dm- in;; one of the piaetiee ses- .-icms (if the ear. IIIL Hunker wiiii Icain cainc llirniiiili willi a ( ' vy siicepssliil scaMin. considciinir ihc lacl thai all (il llu- i ' l ' iaii- were li) l cillicr li graduation or iiiclif:iliilil . In dual niccis the ( iornlniskers wci ' c ict(ui )ii- (i cr Kan a and Kan a State. Ili) e er. in ihc Hif;-Six nifcl at Xorrnan. ()kla- liunia. lhe touk x ' cond |)laee. I ' lcleher Spieer led the 1 1 n ker innnfi with a lir-l. a third, and a loiutli. Jim l)a id-on. Dick Lcask. Ihili Smith, and Ficlchcr S|iict ' r receixed niajm- letler- whih ' minor awards weni In llonjihlon hnii. Max Lake, and ' onnjier. 1 ()l! llu ' -eeonil Iraijilit ear Jim Knij;lit ha. led llnsk ' r M ' estlei in |)i)int . In the Hifj-Six meet Jim won seeond i)laee in the ' . r jioiind class, wiiiie Fred Welister and Hill Lnke won third |)laees in the 11 ! and 1 1- |)onnd ela ' ete. This enaliled the lln keis to win lonrth place in llie conlerenee. alllionph two schools were not re|)rescMted. In dnal meets the llnskeis deiealed Denxer anil tied the I ni eisil ol Iowa, while losing .seven ollu ' r meets. Johnson. Knight. I. like, and Webster won major letters w ith minors going to ( ' hire. Miesrel. and I onu ' s. WSil lKLM® ImII I. like, inajoi li ' llii win- ner in uiestlinj: the past two years is (leininislraliiii; a hold for Sdine VMHild-he wrestlers. liMi kniiilil. hiL:li pnini man ..I llie lliisker team, is t iiig a w restler up in a kimt. asir iBi M si iLg These riii narn ' s udii luiski ' tliall Viul the Sij; |-.|) " s in li,iri(l|iall S.A.E. ' s. champs in " ir " hask. ' ll.all Til Acacia; the liduliiii; lillc This calls for stcarlv ncr os A ili|i iii llic ciilisciiin piMii J.NTK Ml I{ I.S started olT uith a lianp last lall iiniiicdiatcU allcr tli ' i)|icniiif; oi scliool. Sigma Nu won ihc touch loolhall ciowii li (Icfcatiiip Sif;ina I ' hi Kiisihui in the finals. Hdwling was (in lor the sccniul straight year liy the Acacia team. I ' licv vanquished Delta I |)siliin in ihe liiials. As the winter ni( ml hs rolled around Iraternilies turned their attentions to baskelhall. Th( result was Phi Gaiiiiiia Delta win- ning the class " A " " ei-own li downing the Kappa Sigs in a tight game. Sigma Al- pha K]isilon son the first ol three titles liv defeating the Alpha Tan Omega team in the linals of class " B " " basketliall. Theic was a tie for first |)laee in the liaskethall i ree throw ()iitest with Sigma Mplia Kpsilon and I ' hi Delta I lieta coming out on to|). Page 350 Si ina Nii: toiicli liall kin :s In wali ' l |Mil " i. llic- Sif; l|ili Alxi tip .A.1 ' .V. (ice llirow I ' iiif: Hinji leaders wen ' Si;.- Fps tl.l.K I ' .AI.l. lliis vcar ucnl to the Sipnia Phi Kp.-ilon fraternity with Sigma Nu ( m- iiig up willi the second l)est team. In the coliseum jmioI the Sig Alphs out— wam the neighlioiing rivals, the Sigma Nu.-. to cap- ture first place in water polo. The leading men with the guns this year proved ii lie the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity a they out liot ill! other iraternilies to win the rifle shoot. An easy fl l slmrl field All reach I " hit IIkH hall (ir? I I N( , I ' i J I ig a u nn ihi- car l( the Sigma Phi F,p ilon fraternil . A el all events have not lieen completed. Tho e still iieing |)layed are golf. tenni . and xifthall. Thi- ear. foi- the first time, soccer and lra k were left out of the intramural program he- cause in the past they had proved imprac- tical. Horseshoes were also left out lpe(an e of the rain ' weather. Pa 351 A |)n tt swan finm the tup I ' lill ill. it ro| i . frcshinaii! A I liarniiiit; fnlk daiici ' in rnstinne SwiniiiiiT til iim mark! (ict set! A |irctl girl a Imulini; alloy (liilf is also on the |iiii,L:iani OEVERAL ye;ii n in iiilianiiiial s|)()rls were slaili ' il nil llic I iii i-i-il 111 Nchraska caiu- ]ui in an clliiil to gi c lliox ' pcisDits in fraternities not adiNcly iiailicipaling in ar- sity sports a chaiu ' e In lake |)ail in llic arioiis allilelic ((inlcsls. Ikuii a latlici ' modest l)eginiiing. nien ' s inliamnial- now cover every conccix alilr |iiiil Imni luulliall to ping pong. The i(ini|i(lilinn liclvsccn lia- Icinitics l(ir llic Jack Best tro|)li |iro icles mil (iiiK tnr iicllci ' |i(iilsinan»lii|i. Iml lor licllcr iiii(lcr laii(linf: hctwccn llic nifzani cd lioiises. as well as allording the n|i|Mii ' tnnil liir licalllilul |)li sical exercise lo those whose lime or --liMlies do nol |icrniil lliein to compele in aisil athielies. Ilaiohl I ' etz, as inliainnial dircctoi. has aliK taken care ol the joli. Page 352 W©5V311H ' g Ii 33lL11 3(ei 3id to«— Waugh, Srhirk, Hiiwaldl. Ivt-rson. 2nd Row — Popp. Kovuiula, Wiiks, Burn. Boilum toir-Bowi-ii. Ftillnn. KuMuc. SIh Ui , I.jlir w. . . ©(Diisf (gaa. M l!li; KOTOI C HI Til II I.TON I ' All.lM-: BOWEN pat i.aiir bonmf: burn helen kovanda . elizabeth watch i ' atrici i ' ope i ' kix ii i wicks l H.I )RIE SCHICK CATIIKKINE III W AI.DT IDELI.X UERSON I ' r.-M,lrnt Vice-PresldenI Secretary Treasurer Concessions Manager Assistant Concessions Manager Aetivilies Chairman Expansion Chairman I ' nMliity Awards Mimciijiraph ( ' hairman Cabin Chairman liEBRASKA coeds participate in eleven intraniiiial tournaments and eight sport clid)s during the year. I ' idiii llie first soccer hasehall practice in llic fall lo the la-1 lciiiii iiKitrli in the opting, llie W ' onieirs Alhlclic Association calcndai ' is crowded will poii events tlirougii uliidi il seeks lo pidniote sportsnutnship, liealtli. and intcit ' ' -l in alli- letics aniDtig women lii(lciils. 1 The c() eted phnpie V - presented eacli year Id llic high tanking gt ' iin|i ni MiltanniiaU wciH 1(1 Delia Delta D. ' llalln-.lall. I ' hiMn won the second award. Sil er loving cnps were iJiesetited lo the ranking all-aroinid pi)it ()nien nl la l scar: lone Allen. Mar- llial jaikson. Doidlhs Kline. France. Kniidt- zon. and Louise F. Magee. VarsilN teams were ])icked lor the fii l lime litis car. Star petiormers iti each 1(1111 iiaitictil Won |)(i ilioti- (111 two hotuu ' arv teams, the Scarli ' t and tlie ( reani. Alalches were staged hetween tlie teams at the close of each event. The Executive Council directs all W . . . aclisilics. working ihiongh the iiitramntal Hoard and S|)(iiN Hoard. The laltcf directs all iiilraiiinial loiiiiiaiiiciiN and a(li ities. Page 354 3tii RtfH — JarlcAon, Coll, Clubr, Kidtl, WalUce, Thuni|i«un. 2nJ Rou CuniRirr. Willi . Hrnn, SiobmU. Mar " tun. B ' tttuin Horn Magrc. Craiil. Kolnur, ClniirnU, Kuwli-y. ip®i!i i ©©i iiiiD an JiiiiM i iii iLi I ) Vl 1( IMI Hall wnii ihi- -ca .Mi ' - (irst iii- Iratmirai tonmamcnt. sorcer l)asel)all. and (uiinnia Plii Hefa look the Nebraska Hall e eiit wliicli followed. Howling, always a |)o|iular sport at Nebraska, was won liy the Tri Delts. who defeated Howard Hall in the rMial . The Tri I)elt al o annexed tin- ping ponglillc. -tiililii rnl contoti-d 1p the Gain- tiia Phi Heta,-. Ilu k Niilihins son o er tlie Pi l ' hi to take the liailininton loiirna- tiieiil. Oilier |)()rt on the calendar were l)a ketliall. w inuning. deck tctnii-. hasehail. ari ' herv. and teiniis. V ,»1 Ti(: feat- of the Tankstereltes placed Neliraska seventh in the intercollegiate tele- graphic swinitiiing meet. Mermaid irgiiiia liergman won thiid place in the U) ai " d crawl, estalilishing a new clira-ka jmol reiord of 24.3 seconds. 1 he 7. " ) and KM) yard relay teams placed seventh in the na tional competition. Orchesis gained addec recognition throngh their amnial dance re cilal laiih 2(). Knthii ia»tic interest was hown in the new riding cliih. Women stii dents also |)art!cipated in goll. archeiv. ten nis. outing, and rifling clubs. 3rJ Hiju Snifl. Ujllair, SirjrnK. Shrrrirk, C.lrnn. I)rnni«. 2nd ?uu Blaikuiiri-. Cfrrn, n ' illi . SpiAKur. Sriinrrkt-lolh. StoboiU. H;ll.,m R.u Prjll. S. lM.lll..fIrl. FulL.n. V. AMrn. Ktj.h . Jk i 1 s Page 355 W®3MSS55r»g iJP®IIi!Pi F oil! idcils |)(isc iM ' forc (inc ol llu.s,. l,,isk i anln-- ihal lln ' Kidiriji Cliili fa or-. Tanksterettc in goml fnnn alr up. iiii nl liiis I ' cmiis (!Im1i inciiilicr is a lii iiir liackhaiid. Favorilf picnic spul of llic W . . . is liicii- own iai in. Aiinllici ili ' lm ills Moody volleys a fast (inc. (i c cciili(iri s(|ua(l. hut Killc (lliiii nu ' nii)crs dnun at the range. Popular intrannnai spoil. Nciiraska Hall, is pla ecl like ()llc hall. Iiul with a {lifiaiitic ball. More coeds enter iiouliiif; inlrannirals. Several decades apo these W ' .A.A. nieniiiers |)osed. Tlie arc tiie Mrs. Mailin l)iinii . . M. ijoliiiison. F.. K. I ' .iarkcll. Miss E. Miller. Mrs. F. C. W iilianis. II. II. joncs. and Mrs. . I). Clifl. Page 356 W®MiSf ' i gIP®Ill J L ' ST before the whislle l)l(iu . llc l all (oiiipeliturs size up llicii leain ' s ptisidons. Head of the Ridiii : CItih. Mariiiii Kidd demonstrates pood form. I ' mo courts of volley bail players plav simultaneoiislv uith no serious injuries. Varsity teams of kejilers watch Frances Knudtzon. tournament hiph s ' orer roll a curxi-d hall. Archers in the Archery Club learn that steady aim. and a pood draw are no easily won assets. Keep your eye on the ball, golfers! et Mar Kline. Golf Club president, must prin at an admirinp spectator. Tankstereltes plunpe into their favorite medium, water. This spring they dazzled an audience with a water pageant of unsurpassed excellence. Page 357 THE IQ36 DEDICATCD TO A PORTP SdUiyfual Staff- WILLIAM G.CLAYTON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF PATRICIA A.LAHR MANAGING EDITOR ROBERT J.GANNON MANAGING EDITOR CORNHUSKEk irpPASKA ' S PLACE IN THE SUN -UNIVEkSITV — OF NEBRASKA Station A ' BuAWJZM. Stdfj- W. HOWARD LINCH BU5INE5S MANAGER DONALD M. MOSS ASS ' T BUS MGK. WAX B.HORN ASS ' T BUS MGC. Frieiiclb of the Cunihusker: C (if till ' rornliiiskcr stalls lia f lielieved. ti ' ilelv enoiigli. tluit if a tiling was worth ihiiiig. it uas worth (h ing well. 1 he roiitinc work ol colh ' ctiiig, coiiipiling. and arranging thousands of nanus, pictures, and statistics lor a I ni ci it ol this si e i almos t o erwhelming. In this issue, with the coin- liiiied ellorts ol niain willing and capahle hands, we have gone iie (ind the routine and made vast efforts to include more feature articles, more pictures ol a hetter and more unusual (pialit . and haxc included more color, hotli literally and actualU to these 400 pages. This hook itself has the linest |)aper mone can huy, a special lih-nd ol the new rii t shade in ink, a specially designed co er. and the finest prinlmg craltsntaiiship ohtainalilc. s lor feature articles. the rtvpiire main tinie the work their s|)ace would indi- cate and in llii- i siic we lia e ciil to llie far corners ol the earth for nialerial and pictures, in this issue, as compared wilh llie la l hook, there is ahout 10 per cent more picliirc plale included wliicli help to mark this hook as the most important ( ]oriihii ker. photogi a|ilii all sjieaking. el ciunpilcd. our editor is extreniei gratetiil to his tall and ihe I ni t ' isit in general lor the cooperation ihat ha made this hook |)(is ihle. Sincerelv yours, COPYRIGHT IMS DKSTCNKn . ND ENCR.W KD BY ARTCRAKTS ENGR. ING CO. I ' RIMKIl FlY J ACOH NORTH S. CO. IM)I IDIAI. PHOTOS BY TOWNSEM) GROIPS BY IMVERSITV OF NEBRASKA STUDIO SPORT ACTION PHOTOS BY BH.L n RIENI)T COVERS BY DAN ID J. .MALLOUY PLANT AMONG THE ALUMNI H E. RAMS.W Alumni Secretary AND FRIEND5 OF NEBRASKA W E of Nei)ras;ka are proud ni llic men and women wlio 1kiv( come from our plains to make llicir nanio lioii cluilcl wmiK llmmiilioiit America and ihc woild. As Nehraskaiis. we Iia c had mii- liarc ol cilizcn iin|i iilaiil In die lii l()r lit our own and Inline limes. We arc ( ' i| uall |)r(iiid ol llic exceptionalU large i;i(iiip wIki lia e iiceii " graduated licuii oi- atleiided uiir imi ( ' i ' it In Imd their ' place amoiij; the erowded pages of ho " ho in America. The work ol man of ihoe men and women ha not lieen o spectacular a that ol theii- more lamon lellow-. ' el iheir- i- the honoi ' and recognition due men and women who represent to a degree the ery usehihiess in many walks ol life foi- which our uni ersit was founded and to which it is dedicated. Arduously established on the raw Nebraska prairies onl si t - nine years ago, the University of Nebraska is a comparatively young in titution. et in this short pace of time 321 Nebraska graduates have earned the acknowledgment of America ' s lio ' ho. Nelira kan then, are svmphonv conductors, authors, poets. mu ic critic . . . l)oclor . chemi ts. and engineers. The ( )aklan(l-Saii fraiicix-o Itridge is an enduring monument to the genius oi a Neliraskan. Thirteen have been uni ersit |)re idenls. Six have ht ' come go ernoi of tates. Several ha ebeen important in arm circles: one the ( unmander id the A.F.F. in the ( " .real ar. Such imcommon |iiolession a der- matology, and o|ihthalmo]ogy have Nebraska representatives. Foreign .Missionary Service, a Chinese Bishopric, Consular Service in Paraguay, and .Secretaryshi|) of the World ' s .W.C.A. at Cene a are all sc en-league boot steps from the campus ol the ( )rnhu ker . . . but not too tai ' tor ebraskans. W itli this e |)ression ol a |)|ireiiatiiin in the pages ol the Corn- hu?ker we can aild but little to tln ' honor and recognition already given to the names from W lios ho which tollow. We wish, how- ever, to sa ' once moie that their nni ei ' sitv is pinud ol them and proud ol the oppiirtun it eacli ear to re|ili ' ni h their rank wilii eap|ieil and gowned omig men and women, trained to u|iholil the tradition thc ha e m) abl cslabl ishcil and to w ni honor in iheii turn. W. V«erVo. -J= ' ' -J oU-rt..r; M M w i,i:n T3t " A- NEBRASFxANM [E5 IN THE NEWS I m % W 11 1 MIIKI! i!i 11! i;in () IN iilli(iri ' s8 HOIIDK Fiirincr .Ainhui .saddr tn Denmark Cll U. 11, I ' l l!( 1 I.I. Injix i; v ' l M(iM) (Ihicf Kiifiinccr of the McCAKL Sail I " raiiiis(i-()akl;inil Former Comptroller Mav Uridpe General of I ' liiled Stales IMtW Mil) II .v() (;k . j. j. ri.i{. iii (; Diicrloi iif I ' astiiian Commander- in-Ciiief of ScliiK.l (if Mu.-ic the I ' . S. Forres in World War HrRHKHT ,|()H () JOHN (; KISF Al ' Caitodiiisl NKIFfARDT . ullior Roscol nil i) ( barter i ' rofeji or of Juri - prudenee. Harvard Law School i.KORGF W, NolMilS I nited States Senator EDITH ABBOTT, Social Worker, Chicago, 111. . . . GRACE ABBOTT, Social Worker, Chicago. 111. . . . KEENE ABBOTT. Writer. Omaha. Nebr. . . . FRANK ADAMS. Irrigation economist. Berkeley. Calif. . . . JOHN TAYLOR ADAMS. Judge. Denver, Colo ALFRED WASHINGTON ADSON. Surgeon. Rochester, Minn JOHN HERCULES AGEE, Telephone Executive. Lincoln. Nebr. doesiitdoit I DOESN T DO WHAT. ' ■ A diploma doesn ' t guarantee that twenty years from now you will be looking forward to days of happy retirement and relaxation, and that during those twenty years you will have had security and protection for yourself and those dependent upon you. A diploma is a symbol of the tools with which you can work toward that goal. The safe — the sure — the SOUnd way to achieve these ends is through steady savings and investment in Life Insurance; and Bankers Life of Nebraska has a policy to fit your need. See a representative now. You can begin to retire this month. Bankers Life INSURANCE COMPANY o Nebraska Pane 362 On the spot year in . . . year out with the RIGHT things rTTTrrfFTrMTTTF LINCOLN. NEBRASKA KKANCIS ASBVKV ALABASTER. Educator. Lincoln. Nebr HARTLEY BURR ALEXANDER. University Professor. Claremont. Calif ARTHl R FRANHS ALLEN. Editor. Sioux City. la THOMAS STINSON l LEN Lawyer Lincon. Nebr. . . . MILIAN LAURITZ ANDREASEN. College President, Lincoln, Nebr LI L.AH TROTT ANDREWS. ex-President. U. S. Housing Corporation. Omaha, Nebr THOMAS GALPHIN ANDREWS. Law er, Oklahoma City. Okla. Page 363 EDWARD JOHN ANGLE. DermatoIogUt, Lincoln, Nebr. . . . CLARKE RSHER ANSLEY. Editor. New York City. N. Y. . . . BION JOSEPH ARNOLD. Electrical Engineer. Chicago. HI. . . . HENRY J. ARNOLD. 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" OPEN DRY AND NITE PHONES B-G949 B-6940 liOW.VKU .MAIAOL.M B.ALKILX.E, cx-ConRressman, Omaha. Nebr. . . . FRANKLIN DAVIS BARKER. Professor Zoologj-. Evanston. 111. . . . NOR.MAN B. BARR. Clergyman. Chicago. III. . . . HENRY WALTERS BARRE, Plant Pathologist. Washington. DC... FREDERIC K JOHN BATES. Physical Chemistry, Washinton, DC CH.ARLES HOMER BEAN, Psychologist, Baton Rouge. La . . GEORGE ALLEN BEECHER, Bishop, Hastings, Nebr. Page 365 NELS AUGUST BENGSTON. Geographer. GeologUt. Lincoln. Nebr GRANVILLE GAYLORD BENNET. Bishop. Providence, R. I. . . . CHARLES EMILE BENSON. University Professor, Montclair, N. J. . . . MADISON BENTLEY. Psychologist. Ithaca. N, Y. . . . ERNEST ALTHEARN BESSEY, Botanist. East Lansing. Mich THOMAS CHARLES BLAISDELL. College Professor, Lakeland. Fla MORRIS JOSLIN BLISII. Agricultural Chemist, Ithaca, N. Y. 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Nebraska Power Company JAMKS ERNKST BOVLE. Economist. Ithaca. N. Y. . . . tllAKI.ES . ' MltllAEL BKACELEN. Lawyer. New York City, NY... HARRY EIAVVN BRADFORD. Professor Vocational Education. Lincoln. Nebr. . . . WILUA.M NORWOOD BRIGANCE. Professor of Speech. Crawfordsville. Ind. . . . ALBERT PERLEY BORGAN. Professor Philosophy, Minneapolis. Minn EMORY ROY BICKNER. Lawyer. Lincoln. Nebr WILLIAM ALEXANDER CAMPBELL. Editor, Helena. Mont. Page 367 ALBERT LL ' THER CANDY. University Professor, Lincoln, Nebr. . . . CHARLES E. CARROLL. Clergyman. St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . WILLA CATHER. Author. New York City, N. Y. . . . EDWARD FRANCIS CARTER, Judge, Lincoln, Nebr WARREN BENJAMIN CATLIN, Professor Economics. Brunswick. Mc. . . . BEN MARK CHERRINGTON, Professor International Relations. Denver, Colo CHIRIS LAIRITHS C HRISTENSEN. Agriculture Economist, Madison, Wis. 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GEORGE P. CLEMENTS. Agriculture Economist. LaCanada. Calif. . . . ROBERT LEROY COCHRAN, Governor. Lincoln. Nebr. Page 369 HARRY BUFFINGTON COFFEE. Congressman. Chadron, Nebr. . . . CHARLES HERRICK COMPTON. Librarian. St. Louis, Mo. . . . GEORGE EVERT CONDRA. University Dean, Lincoln. Nebr. . , JOHN LENN ' ARD CONGER. Educator. Galesburg. III. . . . HAROLD JAMES COOK. PaleontologLst. Geologist. Sioux City. Nebr. . . . MARTIMER ELWYN COOLEY, Engineer, Ann Arbor, Mich. . . . JOHN RALPH COOPER, Horticulturist, Fayettevillc. Ark We take great pleasure in extending our Compliments and Best Wishes to the students of The University of Nebraska. One of the thirteen modern Lin- coln Safeway Food Stores. This store is located at 27th and South. SAFEWAY Tii ' o h ' rii-ndlv Theatres VARSITY + KIVA Operated by WESTLflND THEATRES, Inc. GOLDSTEIN-CHAPMAN S -JflNE WHITNEY- JUNIOR FROCKS $15 to $29.95 Outstanding style crea- tions lor every campus. Ex- clusive with us. N. U. coeds make our Junior Salon your Fashion Center. Juniors, Third l- ' loor Page 370 oojcL fihbiiinq til Kcas iiiah)c Tru-cs. (ui iiuisl he saiishcJ or %c don ' i w (iiir iniiiu- . (. itfrht fit i ' ratrrttitits uud Sororitii ' s TiiK I I KLl frkss C ADDS I ' KIN I INC 225 So Mh Si rill H.202 ' ' For Laundry and Dry Cleaning Tlif Stidli-nl ' s (Choice — is — 1 Globe Laundry LINCOLNS LARGEST FAMILY LAUNDRY B-6755 1124 L DEHNER ' S I . If inJiviJually pultfiui-d from only the fini-xt (. ' alf- ' shins I ' sfircially srlfCtrJ for f f i)i:HM ' :irs Dress Of I ' icld l?ii( tx S-jin lirownc lijlls liiiot I rccs Spurs Aiul ( )(lic-r Accessories Siiiil for Suuitclits tinti ' riffs THE DEHNER CO., INC. OMAHA. M-.MKASKA SKANS Farnam at 22nd OMAHA MERTON LEROY COREV. Clergyman, Indianapolis. Ind GEORtiE PLRCELL tOSTIGAN. Jr.. Professor I iw. Berkeley. Calif. . . . HARVEY WARREN COX. University President. Atlanta. Ga JAMES WILLIAM CRABTREE. Secretary Emeritus. WaehinRton. DC... ROBERT PLATT CRAWFORD. Educator. Author. Lincoln, Nebr. . . . HARRY H. CULVER. Banker. Realtor. Culver City. Calif IRVING SAMUEL CUTTER. M.D., Chicago. 111. Page 371 J. BROWNLEE DAVIDSON, Professor Agriculture, Ames.Ia. . . . CLARENCE ALBA DAVIS. Banker, Spokane, Wash. . . . EDWIN DAVIS, Surgeon, Omaha, Nebr. . . . JONATHAN McMILLAN DAVIS, ex-Governor. Bronson. Kan GEORGE HENRY DERN. Secretary of War. Washington. DC FRANK WATT DICHINSON, Professor Philosophy. Denver. Colo. . . . ELIZABETH HONOR DOLAN. Artist. Murial Painter. Liniolii Nebi K ' Y. " ) our Kodak Work Gets Expert Attention Through Nepho Service imiwsmmm . NEPHO Phoio Finishing AT MOSr DRUG STORES Nebraska Photoo raphic Service 22(; So. nth street Phone B-1943 n All Branches of Beaute Culture Individual Blended Cosmetics MISS AGNES SCHMITT AGNES ' BEAUTE SHOPPE HOTEL CORNHUSKER Telephones: B-3122 B-697 1 Lincoln. Nebraska Castle. Roper Matthews C. II. KOI ' l-K H SONS TyioAJtldarUu LINCOLN, NLBRASKA Burcham ' s Barber Shop HfllR CUT 35c 1110 ' W Street Ci Jhpui klnx (plaai Id SiofL LEBSACK BROS. HANK — lOHN SANDWICHES HOME MADE CHILI 719-12 " P " Street Your STUDENT SUPPLY STORE Approved School Supplies for every Univer.sity Department Also a Complete Line of Stationery Fountain Pens Oliiee Supplies Up-to-date Lufi age Ollice and Home Safes LATSCH BROTHERS 1124 " O " Street Page 372 CRITTENDEN ( haninq. and (Dipdnq. PHONE B-5252 Plant and Ottice 27lh and R Streets. Lincoln. Nebraska DON PETERSON, Proprietor SaU ' I)if)iH(l(ihl ■ Quality Meadow Gold 1CI-: c:ki: i i;i 1 1 IK GHKKSH 111.K ICE .-V Keniarkable Record of Sustained Senice to llie | People of Lincoln Over a P L-riod of 40 ' ' eur BE.ATHICI-: CRH. II-H f:() [r N I 111.- llpllll Miin old huN - iiidi)VM-d lirads I ' oriict tlicir knowlcdfti ' oon Hut u lot iif old .Ni ' Hruskii Duds Su llie cun ' l liir£ct llie Moon. S7 in S STKAKS and (HOPS or Just a I)ite IhniuMiiade Ice (Veam I Kl SH DAIL ami Hoy! Oh. Hoy! What Stnuhus! 11 I Ml " i I )l I I III MOON coffee; shop 1131 R Si. SCHOOL DAYS . . ARE . . KODAK DAYS AND WE ARE PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS IN THE KODAK LINE Kodak quality always maintained when we develop, print or enlarge your film. Either High Gloss or Velvetone prints at the same price. ▲ A EASTMAN KODAK STORES Inc. i217 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska KHET. CHILDE DORR. Author. New York. NY... JOHN LV.W DKISt OLL. Banker, Boise. Ida ANNA .MEKRITT E. ST. Home Economist. Santa Monica. Calif OLAF EIDE.M. Lawjer. Brookings. So. Dak CHARLES ADDISON ELLIOTT. M.D.. Chicago. 111. . . . EDWARD CHARLESS ELLIOTT. University President, Lafayette, Ind. . . . ROBERT IRVING ELLIOTT, College President. Chadron, Nebr. Page 373 GUSTAF WALDEMAR ELME.V. Electrical Engineer. New York. NY ROLLINS ADAMS EMERSON 2t71 ' T« J:t7t; - - ■ ■ • " O ' A BIDWELL ENGLISH. Professor Psycholog Columbus. Ohio. . . . ALVIN prI " vr . " ' " ' ' ' " ' Educator. Boulder. Colo. . . HARRY HARDING EVERETT. Surgeon. Lincoln. Nebr . . FRANCIS DAVID FARRELL. College President. Manhattan. Kan JA.MES EDMOND FECHET Armv Officer. Washington. D. C. ' Beck Jungbluth Gibson s ' iL ' 1,1 the FALL » ,. WINTER „ ,. SPRING After All:— IT ' S THL ORCHESTRA THAT MAKES THE AI-IAIR P ARAMOUNT . ' Laundry and Cleaners ZORIC GARMENT CLEANING SYSTEM Thit New Garment Cleaning System Utet the Moit Perfect Cleaning Fluid Known. WE GUARANTEE NO ODOR OR SHRINKAGE .» .■,( ! .. .■ ).i. 7 (,rl ll llrrr 837 So. 27th Dial F-2306 FRED IVERSON i ' .Vfrxlhint; in FlfiK ' vrs A A 228 South 12th St. Telephone 61310 During Your " £ dqhL QoUsifSL yjiWiA, oil licc;imc ci famili;ir willi i1k- splLiuIld liiCill ;liul l.iiIlU I)i - l;iiicc " scr ICC f iiinisln. (.1 li tins C]niiipaiiy. Slidulil iiii locale ptiiiiaiiciitK 111 souilicast Ne- braska,, c shall esteem it a pri ilciic to serve on ajiaiii. The Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company " .■1 Nebraikn (Company Scrvinf lis I ' rofle " OLIN JKKO.MK H,K(.IX . . Euiuni. i mmni, Nubi . . . ORIEN WESLEY FIFER. Clergyman. Cincinnati. Ohio. . . . LEONARD A. KLANSBIRG. Lawyer. Lincoln. Nebr PAUL D. FOOTE. Physicist. Pittsburg. Pa CLAUDE POWELL FORDYCE. New York. N. Y. . . . GEORGE NIMMONS FOSTER. Lawyer. Los Angeles, Calif. GEORGE BELL FRANKFORTER. Chemist. Lincoln, Nebr. Page 375 CLARK ADELBERT FLLMER. Vocational Education. Lincoln. Nebr. . . . ELLIS INGHAM FULMER. Professor Chemistry, Iowa City. la. . . . FLOYD WHITNEY G. IL. Botanist. Moscow. Idaho. . . . FREDERIC BENJAMIN CARVER, Professor Economics. Minneapolis. Minn. . . . CLARENCE RAY GATES, Educator. Author. Grand Island. Nebr. . . . JOHN LAWRENCE GERIG. College Professor, New York. NY... GEORGE WILLIAM GERWIG, Author. Pittsburgh. P:i MOLZER MUSIC COMPANY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS COMPLETE LINE OF .MUSIC Phone H-5272 126 North 12ih Street LINCOLN, NEBRASKA I inir ntiisitttl nft ' tls curejtttly looked iiftir •.f.V.l . (irili I ' Jih cheaper in I ' liie Only: Cheaper in Prite (hily! 1.125 O STKEET I.I.NCOI N. NEBRASKA Trlcfthiiiu- It- 17 17 TO need to be puzzled ... no need to wonder where to buy . . , the best place in Lincoln is your " Cheapper Drug Store " where prices are rock-bottom everyday . . . where you get the last drop of value from your dollar . . . and where the mer- chandise you buy, whether it be Drugs. Cosmetics, Sundries, Cigars, or Tobaccos, is always Quality Merchandise! WHY PAY MORE? PiiRc 37e DUNLAP OITICAL ((). (■ llomc of (iood (i lasses 1{ i-jii ' v ill l.iiHiiln i::ti Niii ' iii I ' ih GRAND HOTEL Mks. ( hris RiKJMi . I ' rop. ( ' (iinjdittihlc Kiiinns Rviisdtuihlc J ' licts Orgtiui ztiliiiti Dlnmrs a Spi ' cidlly Vices I hill I ' Irase LLNCHKS IMNNliKS Corner of l M.-lftli nd O Streets Mi flowers m f Dial B-7021 If no answer call Greenhouse F-6571 406 Hill Street A I at c vaficty at (ill finws A fiyzc wrc — A nytiinc ROSEWELL FLORAL ( (). 124 South 13th ■ ' MOMESTS " Ihc nuikin i of jjood cuiicIn is a work of art. Ihc Lati[i;4 of (.-arKlN slioukl he an cnjoxahic sensation comparable to the meditation o cr a fine paintin i or the readin ; of a ; ood hook. It should be one of the niceties of life and cnjoNcd as such. I ' or fort -three ears we ha e endeavored to make our candies so ood that they can be enjo ed with a .est of real happmess whether foi- oui- self or as an attractive ift to someone. All of our materials are purchased with the idea of makin our candies the pur- =55 est, the finest and the tastiest obtainable aiu w here. As cand is a concentrated food, eatin too much at one time max be satiatinji. ' e ad ise ()u to eat a little cand every da - and to remember in eatinfi cand in modest quan- tities it is healthful. Rij htl used either as a des- sert at meal time or as a bracer between meals. j ood cand can become a real source of enjo inent. and at the same time, a healthful and in ifioratiiifi food. ; - T GILLH.N MO.Ni: " (inod C,rtHf y Makers " 1 INfOIN. NKHKASK A K i, BE.N J. tilBSU.N. ex-.Mtorney-Genei.ii. Dc- .Moines. la. . . . SANFORD ROBINSO.N GIFFORD. Ophthamologist. Chicago. 111. . . . ROBERT FLETCHER GILDER. Newspaper Man. Omaha. Nebr. . . . ALFRED ALONZO GILMAN, Bishop. Jankow. China. . . . MELVIN R.ANDOLPH GILMORE. Enthnobotonist. Ann Arbor. Mich PAUL FR.A.NCIS GOOD. -Attorney General. Lincoln, Nebr. . . . CH. RLES NEWTON GOULD, Geologist, Norman, Okla. Page 377 NATHAN R. GREENFIELD. Lawyer, Banker, Rawlins, Wyo. FRED MARSON GREGG. Psychologist, Lincoln, Nebr. . . WILLIAM (iREGG, Inventor. Hackensak,, N. J. . . . LESLIE ROSCOE GREGORY, Educator, Fredonia, NY.... MICHAEL FREDERIC GUYER. Zoologist. Madison. Wis. . . . ERNEST HER.MAN IIAHNE. Economist, Evanston. 111. . . . MAURICE CROWTHER HALL. Zoologist. Chevy Chase. D. C. VVV Y Page 378 $1,000,000 Per Year Spent by Nebraska Students TAP This Large Market Through the DAILY NEBRASKAN jIl. UOWAKl) HANSON. Composer. Conductor. Rochester, N. Y. . . . GEORGE THOMAS HARCIITT. Professor, Durham, N. C. . ROBERT BARTHOLOW IIARSIIE. Artist. Chicago, 111 H)1IN PETER HARTMAN. Lawyer, Seattle, Wash. EARL STANLEY HASKELL. Agriculture Economist. Washington. D. C. . . . DANIEL WEBSTER HAYS, Educator. Lincoln. Nebr. . . . PAXSON C. HAYES. Archaeologist, Ethnologist. Pala. Calif. Page 379 SIMEON HAYES. Clergyman, Lecturer. Lincoln. Nebr. . . . WILLIAM IIAYWARD. LawTer, New York City. N. Y. . . . LAWRENCE BE.NJA.MI.N HILL. Professor, Morgantown. W. Va. . . . DAVID CLARK HILTON. Surgeon. Lincoln, Nebr EDWIN . IcPHERSON HOLDEN. Judge. Idaho Falls. Ida HARRY LEVI HOLLINGSWORTH. Psychologist, M.intiose. NY... LETA S, HOLLINGSWORTH. Professor. Montrose. N. Y. Voted a Masterpiece By loyal CORNHUSKER owners! The Royal Portable lives up to its reputation every day through the years. In School, it helps students get ahead faster — saves their time, helps them do more During Vacations, it writes their let- ters, works with them if they have work to make up and on Grad- uation Day, it leaves with them, a true partner in the years to come. Easy to use, fast, sturdy — with every important mechanical improvement. Royal is the finest portable made. Try it free. No obligation. Four models . . . four prices. Terms, as low as only a few cents a day. Call . . . write or phone us B-2159. NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER CO. 130 No. 12 St. Lincoln. Nebraska ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Page 380 JimsL J o L ducaiionoL dduanamumt CorrcspoiiJciicc SIikIn on ( ollciic I li li School, I IciiiL ' Mlaix I .c L ' ls OtTcrs OpportunilN for All Who Wish to (](»iitinuc Their Stuck Outside of the ( " .hissrooiii I Selection of Subjects to Please a I (irietv of I iiterests The University of Nebraska KXTKNSION l)l IMO.N l-or hulL ' tiii ' . i;i in)J dtscriptlx e mjlerial ■I dJress . . KI-HI). Dirrclnr Station A INCOLN. NHMHASKA aif (jJohl oi] -Printing Parly Invitations and Program Social Stationery Wedding Rnnouncements ■ ■ 236 North I3lh Street Phono B-4S00 1)1 MO D RT CS w T(;iii:s SI I Ki i ( ; sii i:i . .IIWIIK ' M) i.i-:A ' nii i ()( X i)s j Our Policy to Shote Only MiTchoailhe of the Belirr (Jualily. i i ' i in II i( II Ri I ' MRisa s i;i()i; jKWi-.i.ii (,o. l.VII () Street. Lincoln. Nehrosko ! ■■ • n • 5 p» ►- ' ; ti OkhL fl company alert to advanced methods with improved serv- ice to both its Policyholders and Representatives Lincoln Liberty Life INSURANCE COMPANY Lincoln, Nebraska JOS. flLBIN. Secy, and Gcnl Mgr. (.hOKt.i. WII.I.IAM II01..MK.S. B.iiiKci. Linoin. Nebr. . . . JK.SSK IIKIJ.MA.N IIOI..MI.S. t ' lolesaui . Maylan. Pa .. . WILLIAM KIMKH HOLT. Governor. Helena. Mont CILARLKS FR.AN( IS HOKNER. President National Aeronautical Assistant. Washington. D. C. . . . HOMER CLYDK IIAISE. Professor. College Park. Md. . . . RNLEY Bl ' RTCH HOWARD. Foreign Service. Asuncion. Paraguay. . . . .MARY PASCOE HL ' DDLESON. Dietitian. New York, N. Y. Page 381 FREDERICK MAURICE HUNTER. Chancellor. Eugene. Ore. . . . WILLIAM BOYDE HUNTER. Lawjer Economist. Washington. D. C. . . . WALTER JUDSON HUNTING. Educator. Lindsay. Calif. . . . JOHN CHRISTIAN JENSEN. Professor Physics. Lincoln, Nebr. . . . ALVIN SAUNDERS JOHNSON. Economist. New York City. N. Y. . . . FRED H. JOHNSON. ex-Congressman. Hastings. Nebr FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSON. Commissioner Land Office. Washington. D ( ' THE NEW STUDENT UNION BUILDING DflVIS WILSON, RRCHITECTS CAPITAL 30ina)bi6u 3 sjDudlmj dioisJL • Newest hotel In Lincoln — luxurious, yet inexpensive. • A new air-conditioned Coffee Shop that is the " talk of the town. " An ideal place to meet your friends and enjoy a pleasant luncheon or dinner in an atmosphere of genuine friendliness. EPPLEY HOTELS COMPANY E. C. EPPLEY, President 250 ROOMS FROM $2.00 H,C.Browder,Mqr. A—=- AIR CONDITIONED CO FFEE SHOP " Oi;p«nnr A Pofmlar Rendezvous for Students Page 382 BUS HEADQUARTERS PHONE: B-3888 For travel enjoyment, and travel value — Go Burlington Trailways. Ride in big streamline buses, well heated and comfortable. Reclin- ing easy seats, free pillows, baggage stored inside and always liandy wfien you wont it. Daily departures East and West Ptione — or come in and ask — and let us help you plan your next trip. Chicago and the East Denver — Cheyenne — Los Angeles — Des Moines Salt Lake City San Francisco Burlington TRAIIWAVS LOW FARES EVERYWHERE EVERY DAY Save on Round-Trip Tickets DEPENDABLE AS THE BURLINGTON RAILROAD This book is bound in a Molloy-Made cover for which there is no substitute — or equivalent. Molloy-Made covers, produced by the oldest or- ganization in the cover field, are today, as always, the standard of excellence. Your book bound in a Molloy - Made cover will give you the finest obtainable. Write for information and prices to THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois HERBERT JOll.NSO.N. Cartoonist. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. . . . WILLIAM MILTON JOHNSON. Lawyer. BiUings, Mont. . . . CHENEY CHURCH JONES. Social Worker. Boston. Mass LLOYD ANCILE JONES, Physicist, Rochester. NY... JOHN KAY KEOGAN. Educator. Surgeon. Omaha. Nebr ARTIflR LESLIE KEITH. Professor. Vermilion. S. D. . FREDERICK JAMES KELLY. Educator. Washington. D. C. Page 383 ALVIN KEZER, Agronomist, Collins, Colo. . . . WILLFORD ISBELL KING. Economist, New York City. NY... WILLIAM IIARKY KING, Vocational Board Member. Washington, D. C. . . . DAVID KINLEY. University Press, Urbana. 111. . . . HAZEL GERTRUDE KINSCELLA, Musician. Composer. Lincoln. Nebr. . . . THOMAS FRANK KONOP. Educator. Notre Dame. Ind. . . . CLARENCE FERDINAND KORSTIAN. Professor Forestry. Durham, N.C. A fc A STEINWAY GRAND PIANO Now at the lowest price in 14 years . . . and on very generous terms Such an event may not occur again within a generation. In a piano which requires half a decade in the building, and in which there can be no compromise, ever, with either mate- rials or manufacture, only a prolonged lowering of produc- tion costs could make possible the retention of such prices. Culturally, the buying of a Steinway is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. Financially, it should be regarded as a long-time investment. And at present, it is the golden opportunity of a lifetime. It seems only fair to add that the nurnber of pianos available at this new price of (88S is definitely limited. 5 Years to Pay THE INSTRUMENT O F THE IMMORTALS R-C-A VICTOR RADIOS THIS exceptional new 1938 Console offers you Electric Tuning, yet costs no more than most ordinary radios ! Just think . . . you merely press a button. There ' s your station, instantly — perfectly! Sit in your favorite chair. Switch from station to station — with Armchair Control. Treat your whole family with the gloriously-toned Sonic- Arc Magic Voice. Tune in exciting programs from all over the world. It ' s amazingly easy with the new Straight-Line dial. This remarkable set offers you many other big features. Read them ! •asy 9s s» ' r . ' ' ee • ' a •- llo er, dnd ' Us up " ooie ' " 0, ' Ur, " );? l " ' or. o i Our Old ' ■El, S ?(, 1 BIG FEATURES! | ■ • Electric Tuning • straight-Line Dial • Armchair Control optional • Beauty-Tone Cabinet • Sonic-Arc Magic oice « Magnetite Core l-F Trans- • Magic Brain formers • Magic Eye • Air Trimmers • RCA Metal Tubes • Phonograph Connection THERE ' S I xtta l ' a ue IN " RCA ALL THE WAY " 1212 O Street r t£ lAHGEST ELECTRKMl .- ' MUSIC HOUSE tM THE WEST Lincoln Nebraska ▼ Page 384 ,oUr Mowbray- Lyon Company Sicitc i to Dodiic and Save Money! 246 North 12th LINCOLN. MHRASKA HOST TO THE MOST IN OMAHfi (RsduAn nqaqsimsmL The hospitality of Hotel Blackstone, with its pleasant atmosphere and thoughtful service induces Omaha visitors to return again and again. Just five minutes from downtown Omaha — out far enough to escape much of the noise and confusion. Visit the Dining Room, Coffee Shop, and the congenial Chatterbox Lounge. IIOTKL BLACKSTONE UNDER SCHIMMEL DIRECTION tr M mgtr HARRY DEHITT LA.NDIS. Judge. Seward. Nebr. . . . ALBERT RAY LANG. Educator. Fresno. Calif. . . . GEORGE ROGER LaRlE. Zoologist. Ann Arbor. Mich. . . . JAMES EARNEST LAWRENCE. Editor. Lincoln. Nebr. MILLARD CH. RLES LEFLER. Superintendant of Schools. Lincoln. Nebr. . . . DERRICK NORMAN LEH.MER. Professor. Berkeley. Calif . CLARENCE EUGENE LEMMON. Clerg man. Columbia. Mo. Page 38S WALTER ANDERSON LEONARD. Consul. Stockholm, Sweden BLRDETTE CIBSON LEWIS, Statitiscian, Chicago. Ill GILBERT NEWTON LEWIS. Chemist. Berkeley. Calif PAUL MARTIN EMANUEL LLNCBERG. College President. Wahoo. Nebr. . . . HARRIET CATHERINE LONG, Librarian. Salem. Oregon. . . . WILLIAM VERNON LOVITT. Educator. Colorado Springs. Colo. . . . HENRY CARL LUCKEY. Congressman, Lincoln. Nebr. A Youjig Men s Organization . . . the World ' s Strongest Fraternal Insurance Society Woodmen of the World LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY De E. BRADSHAW, President HOME OFFICE, Omaha ASSETS OVER 125 MILLIOiN DOLLARS Jismpm Pool (jJIBl TishhoAkoL For fifty-four years the Union Stock Yards ( ompany has played its part in the building of the State. Today as always, its plant offers to the live stoek producers, a depend- able and efficient service in linking the ranches of the west, with the consuming east. UNION STOCK YARDS CO. . . OF OMflHfl . . Page 386 PRINTING . . Formal Hids Invitations Announcements Prourams Personal Stationer 28 Years of Senice tt) tin- Students (BoipdA. 113 So. 14th St reet rhone B-19r ESTOBUSHED 1M4 TYkdkaL SiudsmtA, ■ - - fire invited to our store and inspect our complete line Microscopes Ophthalmoscopes Otoscopes Baumanometers Tycos Sphygmomanometers B-D Manometers Haemacylometers B-D and Vim Luer Syringes Physician ' s Out Call Bags Oflice and Operating Gowris tSjeZ SURGICAL COMPANY, Inc. Physicians. Nurses , Hospital and Sick Room Supplies Medical Arts Building. Omaha. Nebr. Phone fiTlantic S82S LINCOLN School of Commerce A Modem BiudnMS School Offering Specialized Training ior a Career in Buainew MODEBN METHODS UP-TO-DATE EQUIPMENT EMPLOYMENT SEBVICE Am-CONDITIONED CLASSROOMS For LortMt BuUctina. Write Praadmt W. A. BOBBINS 209 North Uth StiMt Lmcoln. Nobratln ACCREDITED BY THE NBTX aSSOCIATICN OT ACCREDITED COMMERCIAL SCHOOLS ix)sL QonqhahdcdiL! The University of Nebraska on Their New Student Union Building OLSON CONSTRUCTION CO. " Builders " LINCOLN, NEBRftSKfl F c c FREUEKICK LANSEN LI CC. Psychologist. Philadelphia. Pa. . LHa.I» ilLL.M.AK lANtl.N. L .v.;.ci. Seattle. Wash. . . RIFIS .ASHLEY LYMAN. Educator. Lincol i. Nebr. . . . MARCiARET LYNX. Professor. Lawrence, Kans. . . . WAYLAND WELLS MAGEE. Federal Reserv.- Board. Bennington, Nebr. . GEORGE CHARLTON MATSON. Geologist, Tulsa. Okla. . . . FR. N " K LEE M.ARnN. Educator. Columbia, Mo. Page 387 JOHN RAYMOND McCARL, Comptroller General, Washington, D. C SAMUEL ROY MiKELVIE, ex- Governor, Lincoln, Nebr. . . . CHARLES F. McLAL ' GHLIN. Congressman. Omaha. Nebr. . . WALTER SCOTT McLl ' CAS. Banker. Detroit. Mich ADAM McML ' LLEN. ex-Governor, Beatrice, Nebr LOUISE W ILIIELMINA MEARS. Educator. Writer, Milwaukee, Wis. . . . LEH A MECHLIN. Art Critc Washington. D. C. Complete LAUNDRY SERVICE Family Bundles Bachelor Bundles A ▲ ZORIC CLEANING Superior Quality Odorless Dry Cleaning A A Call BEST LAUNDRY Townsend Plamondon 2241 O St. Phone B-7155 {Sn AXL ihsL (pwdi THE LATEST IN GIFTS FAVORS NOVELTIES TOYS BETTER CANDIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE BEVERAGES GAMES Don Mattison ' s BRADFIELD PHARMACY 28lh and South Streets FREE Phone F-G27Q DELIVE.1Y DsOiijlhinq to TlflahsL ihsL J imidJL SaWwonL .... 1. Adequate space 2. Smart flppointments 3. Tasty Refectory Service 4. Luxuriously Smooth Floor 5. Patrons You Enjoy Being with 6. Modern Music in the Modern Manner. TURNPIKE ' Pleasingly Exclusive " G Miles South on 14th " Charmingly Beautilul ' Pafie 388 EARL WOOD ' S MILK DEPOTS I ' M , ' I I ( III Sweet Cream Hiittcr, Milk. ( t»ttatie ( liccse, IJiiltfiinilk. iiul IN HaNors of Ice C rcam In clionsc Iroiii CosjdA. The FAAIorS Has the ( lothes 1109 O Street Since 1901 MODERN CLEANERS SOIM I ' :incl WKSTON ER 21st and (i Street Phone H-2;!77 CAR STORAGE GASOLINE GREASING WASHING OPEN DAY AND MITE Lincoln ' s Largest Service Station KINSEY TIRE AND PARKING CO. 1400 M STREET SULLIVAN TRAXSI I:R AM) STOliACiK M() KKS— STORKItS— P ACKKKS rin-l ' idof lUiildinns, Separate Locked Hooni oui (Joixls Are Safe In Our (are OIIK IS :{ol No. IK.irm sll ' .lll I ' MOMs i; -Jl II. HI M I 1 IN( OI.N. (,K M) ISI, M). M:I!|{. MODERN METHOD SHOE REPAIR CO. i 1211 N St. Ltrr:.1 B-4306 Shoe Rehmldius, and DyciuR of Ml Kinds j.i. (:(i .. .V .S7 VK CIVE S. H. GREEN STAMPS WALTER FREDERICK MEIER. I iwyer. Ruler of Eiks. Seattle. Wa h . . . HAVEN .MEltAl-E. Plant Pathologist, Washington. D. C. . . . JOHN ESCHEL.MANN MILLER. iMerchant. Lincoln. Nebr. . . JOHN .MILLS. Engineer. New York City. N. Y. . . . EDW. RD GERR. RD MONTGOMERY. Agricultural Specialist, Chevy Chase, Md. . . . LYO.N MONTROSS. Author, Sanbornton, N. H JOHN SMALL MOORE. Lecturer. Dayton. Ohio. Page 389 JOY ELIMEK MORGAN. Editor, Washington, DC ROBERT E. MORITZ, Professor, Seattle, Wash FREDERICK BLACKMAR MLMFORD. Agriculturalist. Columbia, Mo BRADFORD JAMES MIRPIIY, P.sychiatrist, Colorado Springs. Colo. . . . JOHN GNEISENAU NEIHARDT. Poet, Bransons, Mo. . . . WIM.IA.M EDWARD NELSON. College President. Takoma Park. DC... HARVEY ELLSWORTH NEW BRANCH. Editor, Omaha, Nebr. 250 Rooms Rates: $2.00 to $2.50 Home of the WHITE HORSE INN M SANFORD 19?h and Farnam Streets 200 Rooms Rates; $1.50 to $2.50 Pase 390 Slli r kn(;im:i:k ' s sippliks artist matkki als lolm ain pkns H()TANV-Z()()L()(;V LAIJOKATOin SKTS LOOSE-LKAF NOTE BOOKS and PAPER FELT and SIATIOXERV " THE LEADING CAMPUS STORE " COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE S. (J. KANCK, I ' roprirlor " FACING ADMINISTRATION BUILDING " 1135 R Street Lincoln, Nebraska • • • • • 100,000 NEW and USED TEXT BOOKS REFERENCE BOOKS NOVELS DICTIONARIES RARE EDTTIONS SdvsL Tyionsuj l BUY AT M mMG ' S COLLEGE BOOK STORES JOHNNY JOHNSON STUDENT HEADQUARTERS FOR 23 YEARS ALLEN THl K.MAN NfcU.MAN. Ucntu Eon. , :. ; . ... Vrk City. N Y .. EDWARD KVERETT NIC HOL.ION. University Professor. Minneapolis. Minn. . . . FRED KE.NELM NIELSON. Lawyer. Diplomat. Washington, D. C. . . HARRY WALDO NORRIS. Zoologist. Grinnell. la. . . . CECIL CLARE NORTH. Professor. Columbus. Ohio. . . . JOHN N. TH. MEL NORTON. ex-Congressman. Polk. Nebr. . . . HIR.4M WINNETT ORR. Surgeon. Lincoln. Nebr. Page 391 RUTH BRYAN OWEN ROHDE. Diplomat. Copenhagen. Denmark HOWARD COON PARMEI.EE. Editor, Yonkers. N. Y. ANDREW CLARKSON PARSON. Superinlendant of Schools. Norman. Okla. . . . WALTER RAMNY PATE. Educator, Peru. Nebr. . . . RICII. KD CUNNINGHAM PATTERSON, Vice-President N. B. C. New York City, NY... ARTHUR SPERRY PEARSE. Zoologist, Durham. N. C. . . . RAYMOND ALLEN PEARSON. Educator, Hyattsville. Md. .V BRANDEIS Con idmJtiaL TbhL to MARY COLLEGE DO YOU KNOW where to find dainty frocks with feminine frills? Charming sport crea- tions with just the right air of casual smartness? find all those other dashing styles for ex citing springtime occa- sions? . IN OUR SECOND FLOOR flPFflREL SHOPS, OF COURSE —and Charley University DO YOU KNOW where to find the classiest ties in town? The snappiest shirts, the smartest pa- jamas, socks and all those things you need for that " just right " ap- pearance? IN OUR FIRST FLOOR MEN ' S FURNISHINGS SHOP USE Fairmont ' s Ice Cream and DAIRY PRODUCTS They ' re Pasteurized for Your Protection THE FAIRMONT CREAMERY COMPANY Lincoln, Nebraska Phone M-2397 Western Glass and Paint Company Incurpiinitcd . RriSIS ' M. Ti:i l. LS 211-1.1 Smilli lltli St. LINCOLN, NHBR. SK. Grill Barber Shop JACK and GKNE HOLMES Holmes Recreation Fninani at Kith Direct W ire on All Sf}orti)i,ii l.veuts Billiards Pocket Billiards Page 392 WHEN CORNHUSKERS COME TO OMAHA ■f !. ' ; 400 ROOMS From $2.50 n FONTENELLE Ideal for parties, luncheons, banquets, after-the-ganne snacks, and for stop- overs. Radiantly new throughout — and air-conditioned for year ' round comfort. 3 iRsiidauAaniA, THE BLACK MIRROR • THE COFFEE SHOP THE BOMBAY ROOM " Omaha ' s Welcome to the World Eppley Hotels Co., E. C. Eppley, Pres. }i VYXWV. IIKNKV PE.XRSON. Professor. East Orange. N. J. . . . ERNEST BERT PERRY. Law er, Lincoln, Nebr JOHN JOSEPH PER.SHING. General U. S. A.. Washington. D. C FRANCIS SAMUEL PHILBRICK, Professor, Philadelphia. Pa. . . . WALTER BOWERS PHXSBIRY. Psychologist. Ann Arbor. Mich. . . EDWXN FORD PIPER. Professor, Author. Iowa City. la. . . RAYMOND JOHN POOL. Bot anist. Lincoln, Nebr. Page 393 WALTER LYNDON POPE. Lawyer, Missoula, Mont. . . . LOUISE POUND, Professor, Lincoln. Nebr, . . . ROSCOE POUND, Dean of Harvard Law School. Cambridge. Mass. . . . CHARLES WILLIAM McCORKLE POYNTER. Anatomist. Anthropologist. Omaha. Nebr. . . . E. PARMALEE PRENTICE. Lawyer. New York, N. Y. . . . ANNA MAY PRICE. Librarian. Springfield. 111. . . . CHARLES WILLIAM PUGSLEY. College President, Brookings. S. Dak. ,V . ;« ,ii V, LIVE STOCK MARKET Wherever you see this em- hleni you may be sure your interests are fully protected. Only ni embers of the Omaha Live Stock Ex- change may display it. Risk in ;ill our Ii e stock trans- actions is reduced to a minimum if ou deal throujjh a member of the Omaha l,i e Stock Kxchanfie. Title to all stock purchased is guaran- teed. I a ment for ' all stock sold is assured h ample honds which every member of this l{ chanf c must carrw THE OMAHA LIVE STOCK EXCHANGE OMAHA, NEBRASKA . .1. DEARTH. Secretary National Cash Registers are solving merchants problems throughout the world, wherever money and records are handled. New and improved systems are ready for your inspection on all types of accounting problems. Call or W rite National Cash Register COMPANY M. D. NOLAN, Sales Agent Sales Sen-ice 1025 P St. B-5027 Mncohi, Nebr. THE BUTTER-NITT FAINIILY Manufactured hv Paxton Gallaji:her Co. Page 394 r -P — 1 - ' ' ' ' s THE HOME OF ' i - JOHN DEERE PLOWS ' andOTHER TILLAGE EQUIPMENT MOLINEJLL. ,.X ' " " ■ ' " ' " ' " • ' " ' " ' ' " •••■■ ' ■ ' = ' " ' ■ ' ' ■ • • K ' ll years V Jjj ago ... in sliapliig liis stoi ' l plow, ec-hot-.s 535 loii.l in tlic Jolin D.oro Plow ' Works at Moline. lllinoi.s. tiHia, . I ' or, hi-ro. with 1,3;J(!,0(1() .s |uarc feet of floor space iiiicler roof, more tlian HiOO skilled Joliii Deere workmen liitilil moilern plows anil other tillage etpiipment to the high slamlanl of ijiiality that wa.s alwa,vs the rnling |)riile of John Deere. The plow that scoured on Lew Crandall ' s farm, near (irand Detour, hronght business to .John Decrc from all parts of the l uslling West. Over the rich plains came an ever-increasing How of settlers from the Kast, and each wagon that came Oran l Detour way runiMcd into the New West with a .John Deere plow sw ung to its siile. The year 184 ' i, John Deere sup| lieil pioneer farmers with KMt plows. Kach clean furrow, turneil in heavy prairie soils, widened the di-inanil. In 1847, John Deere moved from Grand Detour to Moline. Till- John Deere I ' low Works has specialized in liuiMing tillage e |uipnient since that earl.v date. .Vs a result, John Dien- tillagi- ei|uipnient is known throughout the wurld for its good work, grenl strength, and long life. Today, the town Granil Detour is tin- iiistnric Mrthphice cif the John Deere sti-el plow ihe.lidin Deen- I ' lmx ' ..rkN. :ilMi e. tin- largot slcel plow factory in the wurM JOHN DKKKK PLOW CO. ().MAII. . . KI5R. SKA r.raiK hi ' - a( Sinnx KnlN. St . |tak (n: Siilnr . NChriisKn; ' H ' II ( ir , I. .» n JOHN131DEERE THE TRADE MARK OF QUALITY MADE FAMOUS BY GOOD IMPLEMENTS GEORGE PUTNAM, Editor, Publisher. Salem. Ore. . . . t. KLTII rVKTLE, Principal of Public Schools, Lincoln, Nebr. . . . .ANNA YEOMANS REED, Professor, New York. N. Y. . . . CHARLES RISS RICHARDS, University President. Minneapolis. Minn. . CHARLES BIRTON ROBBINS, Lawyer, Chicago, 111. . . . LEONARD H, ROBBINS. Writer. Montclair. N. J. . . . WILBER WADK ROBERTSON, Newspaper Publisher, Yakima, Wash. Page 395 FLORENCE RICHARDSON ROBINSEN. Psychologist, New Haven. Conn. . . . GEORGE WALTER ROSENLOF. Educator. Lincoln. Nebr. . . . JESSE PERRY ROWE. Geologist. Missoula. Mont WALTER ELLSWORTH ROWE. Civil Engineer. Columbia. S. C. . . . FRANCIS WAVLAND RLSSELL. ClerR ' man. Palo Alto. Calif. . . . EVAN TAYLOR SAGE. Professor Latin. Pittsburgh. Pa. . . . WILLITS HERBERT SAWYER. Executive Engineer. New York. N. Y. RESPONSIBILITY INTEGRITY AND ABILITY f he three fundamentals I necessary for the build- ing oi anything that is worthwhile %.1 %3 This Qorn us]nn was printed by the JACOB NORTH PRINTING COMPANY Printing of the better class 1118-22 M Lincohi, Nebr. Page 396 ' Preserve the Present for the Future " (Originality, personality, together with technique contrihure in making our portraits superior " TOWNSEND STUDIO 226 South Eleventh Street ERNEST DARirS S( OTT. Army Officer. Washington. DC PALL BlOhl.OW SEARS.. Professor Botany. Nor man. Okla. WARREN ABNER SEAVEY. Uwyer. Cambridge. Mass ALAN E. SEDGWICH. Geologist, Los Angeles. Calif. HOMER LEROY SHANTZ. Botanist. Tucson. Ariz CORNELIIS LOTT SHEAR. Plant Pathologist. Los Angeles. Calif. . . ADDISON ERWIN SHELDON. Author. Lincoln. Nebr. Pase 397 CAKLTON AUA.MSO.N SMIN Kl.V. Financial Editor. New York. NY... CLYDE EVERETT SIIOREY. Lawyer. Chicago, 111. . . . GEORGE H. SIMMONS. Editor. Hollywood. Fla. . ROBERT GLENMORE SIMMONS. Lawyer. Lincoln. Nebr CLARENCE AIRELICS SKINNER. Physicist, Kinsington. Md FRANK WEBSTER SMITH. Educator, Ridgewood. N J HOLMES SMITH. Professor, St Uniis. Mn EARL E. MAY SEED COMPANY HOME OF RADIO STATION KM A, SHENANDOAH, IOWA • EXTENDS BEST WISHES TO ALL READERS OF THE CORNHUSKER, ALL NEBRASKANS AND ALUMNAE, AND THOSE ATTENDING THE UNIVERSITY. • WE HOPE YOU LISTEN TO AND ENJOY THE PROGRAMS FROM KM A (930 KILOCYCLES). AND ALSO REMEMBER THAT THE EARL E. MAY SEED COMPANY AT SHENANDOAH, IOWA, IS THE HEADQUARTERS FOR NURSERY AND SEED STOCKS OF ALL KINDS. ANY INFORMATION DESIRED WILL BE CHEERFULLY GIVEN. THE EARL E.MAY SEED COMPANY EARL E. MAY, President SHORTHAND IN 30 DAYS DOl-.S NOT COST— II l ' . " i S I pe vriting — Comptometer Secretarial Training BOOKKHKPIN(; • L-I)1PH()NK Mrs. Fi.orfnct I.. Woi.oni, Director DICKINSON SECRETARIAL SCHOOL A 1.5260 22.S-2. ' !(I InlDH Stale 15k. Itld» . ( ) l Ml , MTU SK A SEARS.ROEeUCK AND CO. YOUR LINCOLN STORE Shop at Sears and Save! Where Prices Are Always Low and Quality Always High 1011 " 0 " St. Lincoln, Nebraska Excelsior and Columbia BICYCLES Repairs and Supplies Harley-Davison Motorcycles WOLFF CYCLE CO. ■ BII.I.Y ' NOU ' t LINCOLN S LARGEST CYCLE STORE SINCE 1905 1031 " O " B-1933 TAKE THE (DVl£Ct fijOJUiSL! If people take a second look at you, It may be because you look so snappy, or it may be because you look so dowdy. The road from Dowdy to Snappy is via the the Peerless Cleaners — why not take it? It ' s Ihe easy and inexpensive way. PEERLESS 322 So. I Ith CLEANERS GEO. H. LEMON B-6731 Page 398 GLASS Shalterprool Glaaa Cut to factory blue print apecitications lor all makes ol cars fl regular Factory job . Installed while PAINT FOR EVERY NEED VAN SICKLE GLASS PRINT CO. UJ South lOlh Strocl ( IIIN A— (il.ASS— Sll.N KK THE GIFT SHOP OF THE WEST I. AMI ' S, I ' KIl KKS. MII{K()KS I liinii ai«l l.litss liii IK I IICM I mikI |{( KI I ii i r: — MiiiKiui Hini ' ii I ' liiiriiis ill nil) |llllt ' t ' ll l si|-« tl. OMAHA ( lUK KKRV ( (). ABLE J. II rm l A. l ;r Phone B-2772 221-231 No. 14 BEAUMONTS " Good Fond All the Tinir " W ' c Specialize in Sunda Meals 226 So. 12ili U-«(HU HOTEL 250 Excellent Rooms FROM $1.50 finpidaA. fiAumcL • COFFEE SHOP • DINING ROOM fiofuiLoA, Meeting Places for Students LINCCLN Ten beautiful dining rooms for private parties. An excellent place to hold fraternal meetings and banquets. Visitors to Lincoln prefer this ideal hotel for better accommodations, luncheons, dinners and festivities. Operated For Your Comfort by EPPLEY HOTELS CO. E. L. V ILBUR. Manager The Finest BALLROOM FACILITIES » the Middle West IDA B. WISE SMITH. Preacher. Lecturer. Evanston. III. . . . LEWIS WORTIIINGTON SMITH. Author. Professor, Des Moines. la. . . CHRISTIAN ABRAHAM SORENSO.N. Lawyer. Lincoln, Nebr ORA SELDON SPILL.MAN. Lawyer. Norfolk. Nebr. . . . OLEMS LEE SPONSLER. Professor Botany. Los Angeles. Calif. OI.GA FRANCES STASTNY. M.D.. Omaha. Nebr. . . . JOEL STEBBINS. Astronomer. Madison. Wis Paee 399 ALEXANDER JEKRY STODDARD. Superintendent Schools, Providence, R. I. . . . ARTHUR CHARLES STOKES. Surgeon. Omaha. Nebr. . . . LlXil ' S SEYMOUR STORRS, Railroad Official. Baltimore. Md CHA RLES ALGER.NON SUNDERLLN, Lawyer. Los Angeles. Calif. . . . JOHN TORRENCE TATE, Pyhsicist. Minneapolis. Minn . CHARLES WILLIAM TAYLOR, State Superintendent. Lincoln. Nebr. . EARL HOWARD TAYLOR. Writer. Editor. Tupek.i Kans ■V Seven Lines oE micE .i uHm ,comm ' l stationers [filing equipment -office furniture -hubber stamps-seals ' sifts favors-prizes BUTTONS and BADGES 121.1 N5T. LINCOLN. NEB. I ,■ appriiiule ihi- business of the " Old (jrads " Special Services on Schools for Party Plans SigrgcbrsS. PHONES gni-i ' AFTER ALT. THE BEST PLACE TO BUY YOUR Piano — Kadio — Refrigerator — Stove Washer — Ironer — Cleaner — Heater — Appliance — Music — Air Condition- ing — Commercial Westinghouse Over 50 years of Sales and Service G. A. ( RAN( ER ( O. I-JIO O SI. LiiK ' oln. Nebr. University Drug ;. I,. M MII.I.W 1 Ith and S Streets B-3771 ALLIS CHALMERS AC ThhhaAka, QohiihuAksiAA. • This fast stepping WC Tractor with flllis- Chalmers Tillage Tools and the Famous flU- Crop Harvester is your answer to Faster Cul- tivating, to Faster Plowing and to Faster and More Economical Harvesting and to Better Living — to Better Farming and to More Profit. • See your local flUis-Chalmers Dealer. fiLLIS-CHflLMERS Omaha Branch — Ninth and Farnam Streets LORD fiUTO COMPANY Lincoln, Nebiaska— 1G44 O Street SALES AND SERVICE Re re.shmg You will look better, feel better, be better, when you put on your expertly cleaned and reshaped clothes — if we do it. Call BUTLER ' S CLEANERS M-1G79 One Day Service 2626 No. 4Slh Street I ' hont !-,U24 ( HARLES ELCE SON LINCOLN, NEBRASK„ (:i;h riMi:i) iinuAK H()()kbi. 1)i:hs Wl: Ml hi-: SCHOOL, COLLEGE AM) PUBLIC LIHR ARY WORK A SrECIALTY P.iEe 400 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS fifty-mil- ) iiii s II j ,SV; ;• (■ • Frey Frey I.incolii, Xcl- r;iska J - Shoe and Accessory Salon first floor ft store of youth and iashion that for 28 years has outfitted Ne- braska ' s best dressed coeds. CAPITAL FILLING STATION 17th and O B-6450 WILLIAM JAMES TAVLOK. Educator. Brooklyn. N. Y. . CllAKI.OTTK TE.MI ' LETOX. Librarian, Atlanta, Ga. . . . LOriS .If)IIN TKPOEl.. Lawyer. Omaha. Nebr. . WILLIAM W. TIIEISEN. Educator. Milwaukee. Wis. . . . PAUL L. MONT THOMPSON. College President. Alton. Ill JOHN JA. " IES THORNBER. Botanist, Tucson. Ariz. Page 401 MATHEW ADRIAN TIN ' LEY. Surgeon, Council Bluffs, la. . . GEORGE LEWIS TOWNE. Editor, Lincoln, Nebr FRANCIS EVERETT TOWNSEND. M.I)., Washinston, D. C CHARLES ALFREO TCRRELL. Educator, Portland, Ore. . RALPH WINFKEI) TYLER. Professor. Columbus, O . . DALE REX VAN HORN. WiilL-r. Lincoln. Ncbr. FOR GAY WEEK ENDS IN OMAHA HOTEL PAXTON 5 ' § ' . ' ' pt ,- .. Attractive Private Rooms for Sorority and Fraternity Parties Music af Lunch and Dinner in Mam Dining Room Dancing Saturday Until 1 A. M. ALL PUBLIC SPACES filR CONDITIONED Page 402 . ' r JOSEPH THOMAS VOTAVA. Lawyer. On.aha. Nebr. . . . HENRY BALDWIN WARD. ZoCogi.!. Washinjon, D. C. GEOROi: ALKRED WARFIELD. Professor. Denver. Colo. WARREN SIMPSON THOMPSON. Soc.o og.t. . OEOKUt . i rnr,. FREDERICK ANDREW WARREN. Judge, Oxford. O. . . . FRED WILBERT VPSON. Educator. Lincoln. Nebr. FRtUtKItlv . . Pierre. S. Dak. p (,3 GE0R(;E FKKDERK K warren. Professor, Ithaca, N. Y.. ARTHl ' R J. WEAVER. ex-Governor. Falls City, Nebr. JOHN EARNEST WEAVER. Botanist. Lincoln. Nebr IIKKIIEKT JOHN WEBBER. Plant Physiologist. KiviTsidf. Calif. . . . MAIRKE HARI.EV WESEEN. Author, Lincoln. Nebr. . . . WILLIAM LINN WESTERMANN. (■,,11,.,,,. p,-,,f,...,„- Sc;,imI.,1.. N V The Awgwan " flmerica ' s Foremost College Monthly " Complete Monthly Coverage of the Campus $1 I for 10 issues Issued the Fifteenth of Every Month BRUCE CAMPBELL, Editor DICK McGINNIS, Business Mgr. STATION " A " LINCOLN, NEBR. 1 PLUMB NG FUEL • L :a " NG Ca WENTZ B-1293 24-Hour Service 7 Days a Week Our Plant at 130 North 19th Street American Printing Company FOR UNUSUAL PRINTING: Books, Monthly Publications, Fine Letterheads, Exquisite Booklets, Handsome Programs, Invitations and Announcements. Our Slocks, Tyi)fs. lllusi i;ilioii.s. Inks, Presswork etc.. arc " .Mix ' l with Brains. Sir. " " A merictni I ' rittt I ' tiys -UV.i l.iniolii, Nrlir Beachly Brothers Phone B-6557 We 1 lave Hverythin " in " Ivats " for Your Parties, Picnics or Outings coMii i. iM) i.irr us si: n i; you Ben Heitkotter ' s Phone B-1273 Complete Line of Meat, Fisli and Poiiltr Credit Delivery 145() () Street Page 404 OPEN AM. NK.HT PRIVATK IJOOTHS « Ii.r.- 111.- ■«lii li-fi s 1.1k. !■. hMt ( iiitlilt H»s i. iil. Nlillll - N. V. t ' liriHT I 4lli anil ( SI-. II-7M;17 Mill ll lM-l N iiii-l ' -iii Mm- Tr Our FA.MOrS A( MK ( HILI Serve Ckili for Yomr Sexl Slat forty I ' rii •■•I al ' 2 U pinl, X ' x i|iian. ii. ' m |K-r half t; ll " i ' nixl ! I. ' . • |M-r uiilloii ! ' iiin»T " . I. nil ' h - . ».iri l i. hf . ' nt ' -.ik- afi ' l « 1m»(» Open Sundays and Kveninjfs l .-a liT» in l- ' «n I ' aMry ami I ' artj S( «- ialli -» ACME HAKERY |M-ii K» Tj l»a I mil Miiliiiuhi i: H( M Sirwl I ' liorip IJ-7H:{(1 • TREASURED FLAVOR • udged by any standard of comparison, chocoloi iror-- wor- 1 Jre»n, • . ' . ! and da. ' f • 3ut. do x ot ;ud9e Bauer ' s chocolc heorsoy. " Ta»le then: fc- v-, . ' - • ' . ' : velTe y smoorhness -- : or . . ••« their eye- ppeaUr.7 7 r candy 7iTes such foyoiu ta«ie • Oni(inator« and ManufactureM of Ru ian Mints ORIGINATORS AND MANL FACTL RHRS OF Rr i iI N MINTS THE HOUSE OF BAUER yCretiton oj lint- i. ' tHJfitiomi, LINCOLN NEBRflSKfl PASCAL KIDDER WHEI.PTON. P pj;auor. Reitarch. Oxi.rd. O . . CVRLS VA.NCfc MI.MAMS. Prof ' -.v r, Manhattan Kar..- SA.MIEL ROBINSON HILLIAMS. Professor. Amherst. Ma.s5. Ht.NKV H. WILSON, HOW.AKD STEBBINS WILSON. Life Insurance, Lincoln, Nebr. . . . LOWKY CHABLES W I.MBERLV, Professor, I.mroln Nebr. Page 405 JAMES WISE. Bihop. Topeka, Kans. . . . FREDERICK ADOLPH WOLF. Botany. Durham, S. C. . . . WALTER JACOB WOHLENBERG. Professor. Hamden. Conn. . . . HENRY WOOD, Newspaper Cartoonist. San Francisco. Calif. . . . ELMER GRANT WOODRIFF. Geologist, TuUa. Okla. . . ALBERT FRED WOODS. Director Graduate Work. WashinRton. D. C OVH ININRRSITY lOUNDl-l) IN 1869 RUDGE GUENZEL CO. ■ Ol ' K I- WORITE UEI ' AKTMKNT STORE FOUNDED IN 18«6 jr wrc IW. U. Students Sliof) yoiVLPAudin TImdA. I ' 1 ()(;kams ANNOL ' NCHMENTS WHDDINC; STATIONER ' CARDS W.ll W Ciircfiillv Handled hv Us Just Gall B-4672 BROWN PRINI ' INC] SHRVIO: ZM S.i. Ilth St. LINCOLN FINEST QUALITY 9isuv.—£aAm£JtikA. fiADducidu • We cordially invite Ne- braska University Students to visit the " World ' s Most Modern Bakery when in Omaha. • BARMETTLER TEEZERS • BARMETTLER BITTTER COOKIES • BARMETTLER GRAHAMS Schneider Grocery Kincsl Meal " , in Town I ' or l. ». • ALWAYS A HKTTKH lU Y riiono r.( :i-J2 2424 So. 1»th For Glorified Hamburgers . . . try. . . HAP ' S • • 320 No. 13th St. Lincoln, Nebr. Lincoln Wheel Brake Service 1313 M strep:t oriiv .M(;ht a.vd day sn)KA ;K A.M) I ' AI{K1 ; I5ATTKHY AXI) TIKE SKK ICK WASHi. ; — (;ki;asl ; — roi.isHLVc; COMI ' LKIK IJKAKi: Sl-.l{ l( K, HonV A.M) KKNDKI! AVOKK KADLATOKS KKI ' AIKlin KLM TKICAL SKHYICK COMI ' LKTi; LINK OK (iK.M L K TAKTS WHKKLS AMI KI.MS F«)l{ rA,SSKX(;KK CAIIS AXI) TKLCKS rMTKI) I()T()KS AlTHomZKI) .SKIU ICK STATIO.N B-6885 Page 406 STUDENTS! ATTENTION! University Glee Club We Make Glee Club Coats, Choir Robes, Dental Robes, and other Group Ensembles Great Cathedral Choir Largest and Oldest Distributors of Cotton Garments and Costumes in Lincoln since 1906 A A MARY JANE 1235 N Street Phone B-2G58 ( oAnkuAloiAA. . . ACTIVES AND ALUMS When ordering stationery, cards, pro- grams or booklets call on us. Here you will find a high type of printing and letter shop service at a lair price " The House of Quality " BETZER CO., PRINTERS WARD C. Mgr. 819 O Street LINCOLN Max Armstrong BOOKING AGENT OF DANCE BANDS AND ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR PARTIES Call B-1G62 Armstrong Pharmacy 14th and B Streets Anamr fatnoiu mlhedayjof th Pontj Exp ie 250 Rooms FROM J Z.SO SReAiauAonU i V i l-Ur ' ' =r OH u I MioMWAxs ' namt famni No.36«7l • 169 • 275 (or SI leamlinej JO Strucksher(j. M r Hotel Service ST. JOSEPH. MISSOURI r, FRANK IIEM{V WOOI) . Counsel, l.inrnin. Neor . M.AKK WMITK WOODS. Corporation Officer. Lincoln. Nebr. . . . RIFIS WOODS. Editor. Wenatchee. Wash. . . . RITH FR.WCES WOODSMALL. General Secretary, Geneva, Switzerland . . . WILLIAM HERVEY W RIGHT. Lawyer. Lincoln, Nebr. . . . MALCOLM GLEEN WYER, Librarian, Denver, Colo. Page 407 KOBEKT THOMI ' SON VOl ' NG. Zoologist, LaJolIa, Calif. . . . JOHN FREDERICK BOHLER. Professor, Pullman, Wash. . . . HAROI.l) . FOGHT. Educator. Cherokee, N. C ERRETT WEIR McDIARMID. Professor, Ft. Worth, Tex RICHARD BOI.LES PADDOCK. Engineer. New York, NY LOUIS BRYANT TCCKERMAN. Engineer, Physicist, Washington, D. C. When m Omaha , 7b dhmjLfL ' on£A. Qo. PASTRY SHOP 1617 Farnani St. EXCELI.KNT MKALS FRIENDLY SERVICE FINE PASTRIES EAS " ' PARKINC Wx SmjltHlt Juu 5004 Dodoc St. FOUNTAIN DRINKS FINE PASTRIES SANDWICHES SALADS luvni LOCATIONS compi.i:tf.i. air-conditioned i OMAHA Page 408 RTCRAFTS HXGR.W ' Ixq CO. . . . For twmlyrivc years the Arlcr.ifis ' name lias meiiiil faulllcss prinlinc plales. plus distinction in soNinc the practical crcaliv prol)lems of yearbooks. We can licip you to amsp and keep ali on paper the treasured memories of your school. A request will bring furtliiT infurmalion uilliout obligation. c ve Write lo AuTtKAlT.S llNGRAVING CoMPANV. St. JoSEPII, MiS.SOLRI Names listed in this section are former IMVKRSITY OF . EBR. SK.A STLDENTS appearing in the most recent edition of WHO ' S WHO IN .AMERICA . . . Undoubtedly all persons reading this section are acquainted with some or many of the persons mentioned ... It is hoped that this will prove educational and interesting and will be referred to upon many occasions by all of the readers. Page 409 rr-F— Acknowledgements for eflfort, cooperation and material in making this section must be given to MR. LAWRENCE L. PIKE whose office secured the names of those mentioned in this section ... to the WORLD HERALD whose morgue was used in obtaining the necessary pictures .... and to the ALUMNI OFFICE whose records proved extremely valuable. ■ ' We can go a lot farther on my allowance, girl friend, since Dad got this Ford ' 60 ' " LIKE YOUTH, the Ford " 60 " travels far on a limited allowance. Owners report it averages 22 to 27 miles a gal- lon. It is built on the same big chassis as the De Lu.xe Ford, and brings you the s-m-o-o-i-h pleasure cght cylinders provide. Its price is very low and includes equipment. Save money-and step up to the --8 class! FORD V-8 Page 410 n:i;s() i, wd (;eni:i; i. ) : Abi-l. Hrirn 317 Abiah4ni«, « illijiu IS7 AocK I ' ' . ' . 1 " 3 Achrrntau. lllini r 303 Ailami. Burnrll 3UJ A.lani.. E.rlyn T- ' . 195 AcUin . lUrtT 301 A Uni«. J»hn 30I A Uni . Kithr ii TJ. MI. ■ ■P ' Adani , K..brrl l . XS AJjiu.. Kulh V2. J31 AilrUrtk. Charin 72, l;:6 laS. 190. 193. ;. 5 A lrn, Mortimrr 128 A.ILia.. John 121, 146, 233 Ailkin.. Kobrit 223 Ar«rhb i hrr. WilMam 140 Ac CULUCI.! BOABPINC Clus 318 Knrw. l " .cnr»i -vc 72, 270. 2 " 7 Ailkrn. Thorn.. 72. 156 225. 288 AlbrKon. Ckailr 133. 217 Albin. Flora 133. 217 Albmhi. Kti,h 139 Albrrohl. lilliain .135 Al.lri.h. Doroih« 72. 227 Ahlrich. Krilh 135 Al.lii. ' h. Karhrl 227 Alrsan.lrr. J. Brurr 148. 295 Alpianilrr. Kobrn ' )», 263 Alrianclrr. W. .n 265 Alr»i.. Carl ,103. 314. 37 All.on. Waiirn Ml. 215 . t " . Rila 92. 249 AlUwaT. Hubrri 225. 281 AllrU. Ralph 149 Allfly. Tf l . 98. 247 All™. Bfl.y 72. 133. 217 Allro. DorothT 245 Allrn. Dornhlr 355 All™. Krilh 72. 237 Allr.. Jark .136 AIIcixhI. Rkhai,l MO ALrii Chi Omk.i 194. 195 Altha (;«M it Kilo 106, 197 ALrii« Ktrr4 r„i 284 .ALTIIA UtMBDA llriTA .. 280 .Altiia OuicaoN l i 198. 199 Altha Phi 200. 201 .Al ha Phi Omii.a 286 .AtFiiA Sir.MA Pill 202. 2a3 Alpha Tai Oml-a 20-4. 205 Altka Xi Dilia 206. 207 .Altha Ztta .281 .AUbiirr. ETrmi . M6 All. Rirhaiil 1.35 Wyrr. 217 Am™. Paul 72. 221. JJ6, 333, 334, 342, 343 nirnil, HowanI 292 .VAItaiCA?! I?IAT TUTK OF EuimilCAL L F.Nr.i iKKR. 292 .American Societt or Citil Encinkms 293 .Amkrican Socistt of Mkcsamical FNclnnaA 2 H .Ammnn. Rnbrrl 1.36, 292 Anawall, Roecr 263, 143 .AndrrI, Frnnri M5 Andrr.rn, FlUn 199 Ainlrr on. Morri. 267, 293 .And«T«on, .Alirr 229 Andrr.on. Rrnjamin 72, 306 .Andrr.on. B» ' nir 315 .Andrr.on. Rrrlhold 138 .AndiT.on. Donald 221 AndiT.on. DoroihT .T. . 300 And T.on. Doroih. l.oi. 214 .Andfr.on, F.dward 223 AndriAon, FIranor OS. 219 .And»T«on. FiiBcnr 98 And»T«on, Forr «t 304 .Andrr«on. Jamr 128. 283 .Andrr.on. John 98 .• ndrf«on, John W, 72 . ndrr«on, l.rwM, Jr, 182, 190, 23 ' ). 293. 312. .327 .Anilff.on. I.orin 315 An.lrr.on. 229 nilrr«on. Marcarrt 72. 24.) .And T«on. Marir 229 Andrt.on. MrUin II. l. . .39 .Andrr on. Mrlinda 72 .Andrr«on. Virsinia 72. 128. 229 .Andrr.on. Rob rl 72 .Andrr«,m. Thoma. ,39 .Andrr.on. Wallon 98 Andrr ' on. William 141 .Andiron. RobrrI 72 Andr»-«on. William . .3.33 .Andrrw . Rralrirr 201 Andrrw.. Harri« 326. 3.34 .Andrnr . Tom 215 .liidrrw . Wil in .Aiidiu«. Haloid l arirn .A| plrlon. Watnr . rbilman. MaiY .An-hrr, UoiolhT Armbruiirr, .All™ . rniBlTonK, Alan .Arntvlronie, Film .Ainialronc, Janirv .Aiiiialionc. l.oirnr Aini«lioniE. Kirharil ArnialrunK. Kubfll . aMT Staff Ariiolil, Crurtr .Arlhaud. .A|;nr« Avhburn. Conalaii ' ' .A«hbutn. Jat-k .A hby. Charlr .Aahlon. Courlnrv A.hworlh. .All™ A niu . Grnc Alhrv. Veil riiijiTic Board of Co rrmL Athlitic Ma.macer Alkin . Ncal AueiKlin, HaroM .AuAlin Howard C. . u tin, Howard .Auiilin, Janri .Auiilin, Rulh .Avrrv, RobprI 72. 22S 157, Ax™, Doanr Avrr, Harold .Ayrr», C™ri:c , Aycr», Glenn . 146 259 :. ' . 199, 2»5 • «, 159, 211 146 195 211, 135 98, 270 72, 243 ?;. 211 131 116 2« «, 300 . 72, 270 112 ' 18, 223, 302 201 239 243 .72. 292. 326 323 ... 325 145 209. 29S 124. 263 73, 190, 257 98,296 229 73, 142, 159, 223, 281 124 113 141 205 142 B Ralxoti. Rolirrt Karlirnhrrc DHJtht ilarhinan. Carllon Raohman, Ccr;il4l Rarkliiml. Branilun Bjr »n. CroriJf Bailrv. Oalo RAitrv. Max BailcT, Ravmnnd Baili-T, RobrrI Rainum. Alirr Rain). Dnnald Rain). Kpilh Bale. Jan Rakrr, Con lanrr RflkfT, Ccoritc HflkfT. Joan Bakrr. Marcarrl Rakrr. Marv Bakt-r. Monirr Bakrr. Phtlli Rakrr, tncil Ral.l. Warrrn Rait. Arthur Ball. n..nal ] Rail. I.oui- Rait. Marjnrir Rallanlvn ' , L ia Balirn«prri: r. Dwiehl Ranir-bcntrr, Karl B»ND Ranr, Marrr . • , RxxR Ntuicuib Cornea Rark A.W.S. Lkacit Rarbour, Jane Barbour. Witburn Barkrr. Hrirn Barkr . Rirhar.t Bam H, (arinric RamrT. Ch unrrv Bar r " !!. . »Trnf Rarrv. Jark Rarta, Frank Rarta. Paiiltn - Barth. DnnaM Bartlins. Hnmrr Rant. Ch«rlr« B4!IKmALL R« KBtlX Ra . John Ba.rr. Wrn.Irll BalP " . rbarlc Batf . tarr Batf , Millnn BatrT. Robert Raudrr. Ruth Baurr. Elmet Baurr. irnrr Baurr. I«an Baum. Alfred in. 219 146 73 294 152, 237 128, 138. 152. 237 149. 239 143 136. 193 IK;, 287, 294 1.35, 152, 223. 294 73. 195. 297 145 143 1.35 298 73 201 73, 297 311 296 225 OR, 201 328 314 2.39 213 ,3.33 iv; 111 301 i;3 1.15 IMl 211 37 .35 73, 219, 277, .13. .35 1.39 239 73 136. 1.39 2,53 128 249 .306 98 318 73. 113 211 136 195 111. 2ns .301 73. 2.58, 209 291 117. 1.56. 286 319 .342 342 128. 139 211 139 203 315 . ' l " 270 319 1.16 111. 2«0. .303. 328. 33. 31 241 143 293 11 .241 Hauiiiann. Ilrrbril llauRiCAilnn, Imocrnr llailri, Ha llatpr, Jaiiit llatnr, kriiiirili Hrarh, Prii Hral, Coiinna Hrardtlfv, Marian Brally. .MalKalrl Bralt, BrII llra%rr, RobrrI llrairi , Malv Kr,-lirr. lloiolhy llrik, Fuufnr B -, k. Ilrlniar llckri. Cant 1 llr«kpr, Ilrlvan Br. l.-!, Marit Mr. kri. Wllllr.l llr, kloril, l.awrrnrr Rnkwilh, J. dm Brdrll. Alirr Brdnai, alrria Rrrbr. Paul Brrd, Kobrri Hrrrman, .Mrhiii 156. Rrrrman, Phyllla Brrton, Brily Brrflrv, .Arlhur Brrilry, Olhrllo Brnlrv, Paul Hrr lrl. WilllUI Ri-clilol, Maiiha llrhm, Korrr«l Hrll, Harry Rrll, Janr llrllamt, DonjI.I HriK, RobrrI llrltrrr. amr« Brnda, Fldon Brndrr, Orrlchrn Brndrr, Paul Brnjamin, Eloi.r Brnn, Harold 179, 181. 225. Rrnnrr, RobrrI Brnnrll. Brlly Rrnnrll, Claria a Brnncll, Crnryirye , . Brnnrll, Mjrv llrn«anc, Troilorir,. Brn»i n. Grant Brn«on. Lro Brn on. l.oui»r Brnllrv, Harland Brnlon. . lbrrl Brnlon. Thoma Rrranrk. Fmil llrranrk. Floyd Brrrulrr. RobrrI Brtx. GIrn Brrs, Walirr Brrs, William Rrrsr. Woodrow Rrrsrr, Jarqur BrrFgrrn, Funirr Brrccrrn, l.rland BrTii«lrom. I.r.tnard Rrma«rk. FUir Brrn,l, Jriry Brrnrr. Flranorr Brrn«lrin, Pat id Brm " lrin, Robrrt BrArh, Lurilr Hraairr. Rri Br.lor. Loi. BrrA Gamma Sh.m. BrrA P i BrtA Thkta Pi Brltrr. Grorjr R Bru«hau«rn. Dona),! Brvrr. FIdridir RirkrI. Mrron Birbrr. Bnirr nirrk. Chr.|rr Birrbowrr. Junr Birrbowrr. Junr Rirrman. GIrnn Birrman. Qurtilin Rirrman. Ru " «rl Rirrman. Virginia Birmhaum. .Annrllr Riff , l.orrn RiFnrll. F.lwatd RtnilrnAAr), I,o,ii«r RinFrnhrimrr, Jark BinFrr. Grorjr BinntnF. Brlly Binlr. Robrrt Bird. Mary Bird. William Rirk, Mary Iran Pacra 209 9«. 345 126 13« 145 73 73, 272 133, 280 213 301 :i. 144, 154 245 : . .Ml l ' 3 142 314 98, 269 138 145 13 ., 2 " S .309 -ii: 71 136 135, 251 73. 145, 180. 183. 381, 30 l 301 259, 285 251 140, 304 1.38 98, 221 128, 229 116, 340 73, 197 281, 309 233 98. 128 118 2.15 73 302 291 7.1, 96, 179, 199, 277, 33 3.3, 34, 98 281, 288, 289, .109 136.295 . 231 73. 128, 2.13 33, 40, 73, 277, 290, .100 Ptr BimCalJ, Rirkald Bl bo|,, Franklin Bl.hup, Harold Ht ho|j, John I.. Ilillnri, Jark lliibi. llruiy liilbr. kathrilnr Blllri, llrau Ulllri, John Biairr, l.orra. Bi «|j FiTii I . I •■ , Birikiir... RubrrI H)o,Uliu( , Kubrn Ria. k, Alirr llUkr, l.utriur Blakri, Grilrudr Blanrhaid, FirirtI lllauluaa, Alfrr Hlaulu a, .Marnarrl lllaikovrr. [.ibby hU k,. rr. Lillian lllr. ha. Arthur Bliudr. Allird Bum:k and Bridix Cli-r Bluoniatran,!. (.rrfoiy Bloom. Bloomint.lalr. Man " Bi.i K " Rluiiihoi AI. VifKil BItlhr. Robrit BoARt or Rkcknt. B H:k, John B K-k, Lnidrn Bodir, Frrd Rorhm, Don, Jr. . Borllnrr. Err™ Rtddman. Fraocra Rtdkrr. Norman llonr. Doroihy Bonham. C. Ilair Bonham. DwiFhl Bonham. Marion Bon.all. Ilran B.H.k.lrom. Harold . aron Boonr, .Mrrrill Ror l« , Norman Burin, Arlrnr Borman, Harold 98 2. ' V3 140 233 118. 157 73, 1.39 343 140 71. .340 147 293 1.16 98, 126, 221, 287 73, 251 139 300 111 110, 257 309 1.39 201 74, 182, 255. 275. JZ5, 33 141. 1S2. ISS 227 149. 1.57 -|. 270. 280 282 208. 209 210. 211 1.36. 251 118 :«l. .108. 318 74. 291 1 46. 2.39 140 122 122 ri. 197. .w) 145 9«. 197 245 207 225 :i ' .. .126 74 263 . 257 303 29S .16. 74 74. 243 71. 283. 311 229 Borman. lyan 140. Bornrmrlrr. Frmr Bomrmrirr. Omar Bor.. DrLoria Ror.. Julian Ro lau|;h. I,r»lir Boiinrl. John Bow™. Paulinr Bowrr . John Bowman, Brlly Bowman, Dran Ro d, FIranor Roy.l, John Bot.l, I oui r Bo,d, Paulinr Bo, r. Arthur Boyrr, Rirharil Brarkrti, Janr Bra lfor l, Su ritr Rradlry, Paul Braillry, Roy BraiUtrrrt. larian Bramrl. Rill Brant. I.rona Brant, Srthynr Rrattrn. Rrba Rrarrlton. Paul Rrr.lrholl. Virtor Rrrhm. Willi. Brrmrf.. Marian Brrnn. Flmri Brrurr. Julia Rrrurr. Ko.altr Brrun.barh, Maurir Rrrw.lrr. Stanley Brian. Hrrbrrt Rridcr. Charlotte Brief. Cora BriFC Harrison BrtFham. Rrula BriFnrr. Fu rnr Brion. Mar. Bri.tnl. Ralph Brilton. Inry Broady, Jrffrr.on Brork, Charira Bforkway. Charlr. Brodrirk. Bryrr Rrodrirk. Ronald Brocan, Thomai 145 140 126 74, 90. 265, 326 9 , 128 139 249 193 143 128 357. 140 143. 399 74. 195 139 309 294 2J3 74. 233 W[, 272. 355 301. 272 183 140 . 288 135 145. 231 98 136 145. 159 146 363 294 99. 159. 19S 74 96. 205. 275 148 99. 113, 179, 219 316 302 307 245 , 74 319 99, 1S7 319 319 309 318 253 145 142 145 197 143 2SS 201 46, 156, 308 309 74, 308, 309, 336 311 31S 203 33 , 99. 195 316 265 .243 137 ' 140 331 99. 213. 328 354 143 71 201 110 201 136 Tl, 191 333 333 317 115 209 143 221 300 316 ns .120 141,211 141 227 1.16 213 213 ' ft 217 241 IV5 1.35 201 2 2 280 :i . V13 340 6 vt 253 ,327 74, 1.17, 154 , 243 120 , 233 IIV . 109 146 m 142 WO 2-.3 245 211 126, 333 , 334 1.18 197 .102 1.19 Page 411 NAMES Brnkaw. Rulb . - Brooke, Dun Rrookfr. Hrrman Br Mtk 4, Thr«Hlorr Bniwrr, Rnbrri Brown. Bniv G. Ilriiwn, Bonnie Brown, Cltarle BroMn. ChMlcr Brown, E ' lilti Rrown, Kdiih Brown. Elinor Brown. Etrlvn Brown, Forrral Brown, Franrrn Brown. Harolil Brown, Harrv Brown, Jo« " Rrown. Jotin Brown. L«-Rov Brown. Mjx Rrown. Charllim Brown. Taiil Rrown. Ravmontl Brown. Hvx Rrown. Rirliaril - Brown, Robrri . . Brown, ' i iiiM , , Browne, Briiv Rrownr. Riiihr Rrownt-ll, Janir- Robr Rrownin . Carroll . . Brownlec. Jolui Broyhill. K..V Brurt-. Karl Bnii-kncr. Max Bruncr. Gi Brudc, Ralph BriiAh. John Rn.M. RMb.rt R-tantlic. Frank. Jr. . . Rftlamlic. Krcrlprirk ... R tan It|:. Paul Riirhanan. Rill Biirklin. Pbvllin Budrlrnbcri;. Robert ,, Riir ' hcl. Llovcl . Riifll. DorJH B.ieii. Mji.irf.i ;; RiifTinclr.n, Barbara .. Biii«. E.l.hih Biilccr, Robert . . . Bull. CliarlpB Riillcr. Laurence . R.illi . Dnnna " Riillork. Catherine ... Biillork. Marv BiiN. Marcarft Bunnell. Jran Riinney. Curiin Biiniini:. Jamfs Biirbark, Harrv . Bnr.l.ll, Frank ... Biirfc-e. Flov.l Riirnhain. Kenneth .... Burke. I.aura .... Burke. Lola ] Riirke, Marearct Biirkrti. Edith . Ri.rklmlter. Phyllis Burkhobler. Paul Hiirkincion. Keiih . num. F. Bonnell Rurnell. Emory Burnrli. Ruih .... ' .... " . Riirney. Duieht Ritrney. Uillar.l Riirnihnm. flelrn Rurn . Fninrid Riirru««, Robert .,,[ Rnr-iik. Le«ier " " Burl. Claiirlino ..... Burleh, Elwooil ' . " Riirion. William ' . ' . ' . ' Bu«h. Irniel Hu-b. Rirbar.l Bu ' bman. Lmii-. Biill.r. . rl.n.- " ' filer. E.lw.inl Riiller. John Bliller. Leo Rtil Robert Jark Byrrn. Allele Bver-t. Julian Rver«. Palririii BvnI. Marinn B ron. Mariirtl Cn lwe||. Gamih CAnrr Rn iMCKTAL SxArr Cfldy. Thnmait GBbill. Catherine Cain. Dorolbv t nin. Jame Cain. Patri. in Cabtwrll, CaUioun. William Callaway, Elixabrlh Pajje 412 ra«c NAMES p c. NAMES Pag„ AMES " ' ' iSJif ' ' ' " ' ' " ■ " ' ,V, r " !; " !! iJ T ° " ' ' « " - — . ,■ r„ 335.336 Corkcrill. Norell 309 Ciilu-ll lamrs .1.157 C.m ron. Cruruc 327 Cockle. Man . . . 217 ' " " ■ " " • ■ " ' " " ' 41 (..m,.br . Brmr. Jr 99.124.263 Coiu Cm nseloi, Board 283 " i , Jt ' -ni ' ' " - ' • Oorolhy 233 Coffin. Dallas " in DalilFin r ' li : ' - • ? " " ■ " " M 233 Chen. F 1 .■.■.135, 2s1 D°h 1 Ma, " 1 .4 Campbell. Janel 72.219 Cohen Koberl ll Sko [ ' " " ' • ■ " J " ' ::: Jii-i " ' " 3 " f: ; ' ;: . v. .. .. v ..v ' " - :::::: 39.75. Carrv. William i-iq r..l .v FI,.v t iT. J ' anini. fczra " ' •To- i ' } ' " , " tJ ' ; " r ' ' ■::.■.••.;.:.. 340 ' " VL « D.n,eii, R„ber. fd C Lr SaT d 289,309.318 Co...c. ok Akt.s . n Sc.,«c.s y. .u DZe ' XlVn ■.•.■.•.•■ Ca, .on! Cad ,, ' ,•? C, T. ' " ' ' n " ' ' ' " Adm.nkt,at,o« . .46 Daub. Harol.l :.09 CarLun DonaW " ' Ik r " t ' Z P ' " " ' " « Daueher.y. Janiee 1.-.:. 223 Carl.on. Eleanor ! ! ! ! ; ! ! f J ° ' : Z ' •-■-« « ' = SO Da W.,„. .Mice 253 Carl.on. Ravmon.l ,j- J; " ■ " " • ' ' ' ••» 52 Da,„l,„„. Betlv 121. 5 Ca„,e„,e " Whie t : •, ' : ' • " ' ■ " ' ' ' ' ' ' Davi,l,o„. J„mes 197 309 C„, ,en,er Marjory » V™ »? r " l i Fl ' " " " ' " " ' ■ =6 Davi.l.on. Paul 3.1.74. Car,e„,er.K„o«lJ ' fA Co ' F 11 207,270.317 Davidson. Samuel ■ ' 6.253.275 Carr. Rex ' Co .„ R ,! ' ' " Davi.lson. Thomas 146 Carraber. Charle, :: ,S Co ' ■ FnT ' -« »« " --Ton, ™? JiZii. ' tnl--- " -■■-. P ' f -.::::::;;:::;;;;:;;:::fll Z-Vz „-::::- . ... 75.2 s;ri; - ' " :-:----------- i Er ■■---: ::i i ' -- 140 Carler.John ,„ ' " C n I,,; r T " = " ' ' " ■ ' • " ■ ' " " 99.149. Carler.Sally Ts ' ayn ™I C. S, Vl " ' « Dayis. Jane, 155.211.327 Car.ney. .Vary ; W 2«if cZ C 7 ■ " « Dayis. Leon 139. 152 Cary. Be„y ' oj? ' ™ ' ' " " ' ° " ' ' ••■■,„■,■ ' ' »■ ' - " •■ ' " ' • " " ' " lie 159.211 Ca.a.|y. Hor,en,c . : tll- ' m r„„„e„Rl . Dayis. Marian . IK. 281. 313 Case. Robert ' - f° r Tl r f " ' 2 - ' " ■ ' »» ;». Richard 1.35 Cash. Marearell. -« .„o Lon ' ablf. Erie 100.183.319 Dayis. Smith 118.2..7 Ca.hen. KuJ " ::::: msot- l cZk Ben " ■ • 207 Dayis. Vir,.inia .V. 75. 289 Cassell. Donald . ' ' ?„ r ' " v n .K ' " ' ' " • ' - ' ' ' ' " " " 1 A 309.318 Cassidy. Dorothy ..:;; ,3= C ok fZL , ' 1 ' D.iyis. William 99.2.J3 Cathearl. Robert . Vf? J; °k- J-l ' bMh 219 Dawes, Neil 138.243 Calher. Howard }?V r r ?! ' , 229 Dawson. Har« in 142 Gather. Bud .. f„ J:» " I ' V. Orval 139 Dawson. James ' 141 Cattle.John „„, l C • " .er. Ed ar j.,. Day. Elizabeth ] 183.299 Ki ' .i ' - Cooper.Lo.s 207.283 Day. Fr.,„k 145.253 Cattle. Robert. Jr. fs%l{ cZZ ' J!ilh, V ■ " " " " V.Warren 312 Cavitt. Howard II] ):° " V " ' - " ' " I ' - l- ' oit.rd 140 Deakins. Dayid . . 140 Chaim. Harrv " » r feV T - " " " " ' " " ' " 75 Chain. Priscilla ,29 3l ' - C r„,«7 ' I , ' ' " " ' ■° " - ' ' • " 1 ' ' 75 Cli-il. E.lward Tw J Corman. Loyal 75. 281. Deats. Claude. Jr. 201 :hnl " " pk.i. flallaee ■.■.■;;. 76 288 iia Corn Hr„e 288. 308. .109. 318 Debatf. 99. 245 Chamberlain. Phylli, ' fn ' y„ (■ " ' " ■ rlT ' ' ' - ■ « " (-Brown. Richard ... ...75.235,306 179 180 ' SV JOO lii; r. r, 27 Deck. Waldo 157 Chambers. Dale ' " ' - ' - - ' " • ]f. Corne ,„s. Jean 75, jjo Decker, Robert . . 146..118 Chambers. Robert .. . ,„„o„ r ' oe ■ " " p ' ' ! ' U -p-T. Everett 201 Chatiey. Dan 138 iS ' " , ' " ' " ' " " ' ' « " » « " ,4, .1. 7 195 Cbapin. James .... ' . -M. M 197,.W).3in Dein, Charline 195 Charlson, Carolyn .V S •■r r.o ■ " • ' " ' ' - 3 3 Hein. Raymon.l ...75.133.297 Charnoc k. Vireinia T,. , ' ..p " " " ' " " ' " 120.121 Deines. Jerre .75 Chase, . lfrcd .,„- i " CoRsH, sKEa Coi.NT.VMAN " 125 Deines. John 1.15 Chase. Dorothy . ... f,i ; " ' r.nt-lon Marjorte 2.)9 Deines. Stanley 75.14.1. Chan. Robert ; f, r ' mp 1 M, " 8 Deilemcyer. Harold 156.211.288 Cme,:h LcAnERs .... iil ■ " ' " Bharn, Helen 133.270 Deklo,,. 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Jeannette f, ' ,.„,„, V.. .11.100, Dietrich, Lois " " ' CLyton, William ... ,, 4 ' p,,,, tk If-l ' - " ' I. 225. 281. 288, .109 Dice, Elizabeth 120, 144. 154 ' 1S6 243 275 irJ Cr n iv . " " 306, Fences Cleary, John . ' 2 " ' " ' ' ? " r C, aT ' " " " 6-263 Dill, Robert l- ' S Clemon., Virsini. ,20 1 4 C 11 .n " V ' " 307 Dillow, Dottic [[V 132 V.o ' i; Cullen, Georce 7 ,40 Dinsdale. Georje l.T. .104 Clemen,. John T19 ,n r t, . 151.205 Dirks. I nard . . . . " • ' ;.211 Clements, Beiiv inn, 70 ' ummcr. Harriet 100.179, Dirks. . Li,j„rie .. . 219 r:V:.,o r, c 233. .105. 328. 355 Dii«cu. Martha ... Cleveland. Carl 100 25- ' ' inj Cummin,. San, .. . .- 75 Dixon. James , , ■ " ).2|9,280 Cline, Dorothy " " • ' ' ■ SS unninubiim, Donald jjj 110.2.17 Clirbc, Mary onf C " n " |n :harn, Jean 75 Dobbins, Harry. 141 Clopine, Maxinc ,n? CunmnBlmm, Rofer 225 Dobbs, Sterlinf 99. 272 CoACMtxu Stae. 301 l-ur ,,, Leo . 287, 295 Dob.on, Adna 324 Lurtiss, Howard 100 .215 130 Pages 116, 310 no, 2,53 287 100 1.45 122, 123 308 158, 204 100. 126, 128. 155. 18i. . " 12 201. 317 139 77. 145, 156. 197. 281, 289 143. 302 77. 229 . .128 267 77. 229 317 219 205 135 122. 143. 269 77. 263 135. 205 ...100. 190. 235 282, .105 301 195 .33. 100. 124. 219 213 1.16. 211 77. 249 77. 285 100. 205 100, 223 245 205 77 289. 309 142. 148. 286 1.19. 326 100. 201 100 1.15 239 30 31 302 140, 159, 299 ...122, 166, 211 77, 241 287, 295 100, 148, 163, 263 285 65, 282 249 315 1.19 77 26.293 14,5 312 140 217.317 216. 217 218. 219 296 315 299 220. 221 222. 223 77 145. 159 100. 183, 326, 327 .141, 147. 156 251 142. 145 100 I4S. 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I ' hilip Fssam. Diianr Fssiiian. Kaviiiond Fitlticrr. Janr Fvans. Robrrt Fd .ji I Fwn.. K..bril F an., K.diril V. E rland, Mrrlr Evrrrtt. Donald Fs inert. Jamrs Fwart. FMisin EsTKNstoN DnisION Fviion. William Fvtr. Osniii (ad.ll-. I.oui. Faitrhild, Edwin Faitfirld. Jamrs Fairnian. Ftrd F,itmrt, I.rRov FsHMKRs Fair Fahmkhs Foa i»i. Firm Hoi i Fartat, Matjotir B. Fattar, Vorus Farrrll. Elinor Farrrll, Joan Farrrll, Maurirr Farrrns. Bill Frrrrns, Fld.m Farwrll, John Farwrll, Marv Fair, Ja.k Faubrl. Jack Faulknrr. Clark Faii.rh. Hatol.l Fawrrll, MatKatrt Favtinitrf, Rirhatd Frdrrlr, Maxinr Frrhan, John . , Frihrt, Nral F ' rldman. HobrtI Frithausrt, Janirr Frnstrt, (Iharlrs Frnslrrmarhrr, Robrrt Frnlon, Robrrt Frrniison. Brit Frrituson, Manlrrd FrrKUsson. John Friirr, Jrannr Firkline, William Fidlrr. I ' aiil Firld, Wilson Firlds. Sara Filipi. Paul Fillrr, Edith Fillrv, Vrrnon Finrh. Harold Fin.h. Mrtl.n Finr, l.ronaril Finiiian. Fdwin Fink, l.r.i. (). Finkrislrin. Aaron Finkir, Br rtl. Finn, Gladys Finnry. John. Jt. Fishrt. Howard Fishrr. Jamt Fislar. Marv Filrh. Waltrr Fitir, Hrtbrrt Flaniian, Chrstrr Flasnirk. Don Flauih. Ralph FlrrtWTOHl, Robrrt F ' lrrtwrrd, irfinia FIrminc, Harold W, F ' Irminc. Jamrs Flirsbarh, Chrslrt Fb»or, I ' rhan Flotanrr. Eilwin Floty, Hatty Flory. Brily Flory. Robrrt I.. Flynn. Rirhard Forht. Frrdrirk Folsom. John Foot BaLL Pajr. 78 111. 157 I. " 8, 213 138 272. JI7 143 113 : n 122. 1.18 78. 143. . lu-i, J18 128 217 lUl, 318 i:u lUI. 155. IM.. 223 78 . ' 13 1.15 143 201 142 136 183 no I ' W 116 ;il. J04 138. 253 309 136 126. 143 135 64 130, 265 101. 202 Pa rn Pacra 101 11;; 1.15 116 . 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Phili). f tavrs. William (itay. Amy F ' liirmcr (flay. Drnvrr D 102. 123. Ill, Gray. .rv»rjr Gray. II. .war. I Cray, ft illian. Graybral. Farl Grrrn. Duanr Gtrrn. Ilwan (firm. Ftsinr J Gtrrn. Floy.l (•rrm. Lnrrrii.i Gri.m Paul (•rrm. Rulb ( rrro. Rulh Gtrrn. ft illiao. (itrrnbrtf rt t_ trmr, Shitlrv Gfrmwo.Ml. Srolt GtrusrI. Elran..t titirsprnslt.fh. Mart ' " . Gtirss. Matgrrv (irilTrr. Frank l. ' .fl.n. Parbara .. ' " .. Ftr.1 J. . . • ' " . Jo, M. i.iitiii). ft illiam ft ' . I.4wrrnrr l.r..I.lh. Paul l.nmr., Charirs I -ntiim. Jnsrph l..,mm. Lloyd H. I.f lorfar Gtisw..ld. Maty in (ifiawt.ld. irBinia Gt.ttnrt. I.ylr l.r i. ' l.iisl. Rrtty I. ' .. .man. Eryvrst O. I.i.nsman. Malinr Rorhr (,r..svmor. Grrlnidr Hrl. Briiy Elhrl Giolh. John Gr.iyr Grovrrt. Anhor Cr.vrrl. Hattiid .■ ' .- ' .- .i-a.ifh. Rirhar.l IK ' , r. . .1. Krnnrlh 1 1 l.uil.Inrr. Lrslir 70 (tuinn. Warrm 11:. 211 115 llu 250 l. ' H. 1 Ul. Ill 2-10 To. I 111 2711 TO II ' . .m. 1 1 ' . 1 10. ..iw 102. 128, 145. 156. 203 136 294 295 220 T ' l . ' 80. 128 lUi 165 .101 1U7. 325 270 6U .1113 1 " . ' IIKi. 265 270 117 141 156. 201 111 111. 311 141. 165 195 . 136 229 219 190. 211. 1.12. 110 211 211 .13. 37. 115. M . 318. 327 147 140 221 135 112 102. 190. 265 1.15 142 10. 80. 244. 298 139 36. 102 271 141 r.5. 295 195 14) 102. 245 328 201 I 237. .»6 811. 219 1.12 66 . o| 110 111 110 111 326 145 291 80. 245 147. 1S6 102. 207 141. 148 II- DO i.. JSO 1. ' 8 101 115 165. .104 no. 104 112 112 116 l;l. 141. 142 Page 413 PlfCI Cunt], Fred 156. 163. 9U, 215 Cun ieT on, Harry 141 Gumkr. Harold 80. 291 Cuntafnon, .Millon 33. 181, 3cn fiunlifl, Janirit ... 130. 142 Gulhrrv. John 253. 131) (;ulhnian, U ' illiam P. 80. .115 Culry, Kobrrt Ul. I ' l.l (•ulzmirr. Jran 210 H Hj JrabA. KJwaM 146 Ha J rll. iNeal 112.299 Hurrlrl. Dale 140 Hai:rljii. Kii-liard 253 HdcrtiiJii. Kobt-rt 128, 143, 235 ilanrt. Orval 120. 138 163, 211 HoKtr. Rubcrt 292 Hahn, Irnic 270 Hahn. LuwiU 80 Halm. Ka% ' munJ ... 1 lU Hajik. J»e m, Hakan-nii. Jrhn U5 Mjkan-un, Kliiior 195,270,312 Half, E « " rrii 141, 267 Hairy. Dunald .310 Haley, Crraldiiit- ..270 Halrv. Thais 227 HaK-v. HiTir 291 Hall. EINworih 257 Hall. Grorp.- 247 Hall, DuuKia! 80. 138 154. 235 Hall, LrwU 235 Hall. Lvlr 267 Hall, K..b(-ri .325 Hall, ir inia . . 80 lUII. Willard 315 Halluwfll. Cecil 315 Halm, Eunice 102,195.270 HaNte.1. Hal 203 Hariirl.. John 307 Hamillon. Franklin 102.205 Hamillun, Marcarel 102 Hamrnunil. I.ois 328 Hamnioii.I, Kubert 145,289 308. 318 Haiit-ock. Merle 145 Hand. Neail J46. 286 Hanry. Gurdun 235 Haney. Mary 103. 245 Hanry. Mary 199 Hanrv. Paul 145 Hanev. Uilliam 253 Harm. Leo 138 Haiina n. Patrick 138 Hannrinan. ' emon 80 Hanxm. Hod! un 142 Hanson. Kerniit 103. 128. 152. 155. 211 Hunsun, Darlrne 261. 285.301 Han! rn. Rubcrt 142, 147, 156 Hansen, tt alter 146 HjnT.rn. William 145 Han niire, Leo 103,197 Hanson. Carl 135 Hanson. Elicabelh 272, 303 Harbrrt. Emery 143 Hardrnian. Sidney 211 Harding. Ada 80.217 Harding. Mar. Jr 138 Hardunf:. Leopold 13S Harlan, Dcrrill 80. 241 Harlan. William 80, 166 Harm. Dale 315 Harmon, arali 80. 199 Harmon. Harold 165 Harnlv. David 140 HarnoberBcr. Carl 146,243 Harper. Douglait 203 Harper. Valena 195 Har|i ter. Loii» 103.199 Harrin. James 157 Harrin. Martin 149. 183. . 318. 326 Harris. Norman 145 255 Harrix, William 14l[ isfi Harrison, Caroline 229 Harrison, Elmer 135 Harrinon. Jamen 303 Harrinun, Koy 286 Harrinon, Robert 146 Hart. Itarliara 103,229 Mart, Paul I39 239 Hartniiin, Adrlbcrt 265 Hartnian. Morgan 80. 146 156. 304 Harlri.ll. «i|liam 145. ??5 Harl.ork. Jack 139 Harljf. Vinrrnt 139 Hurvrv. Marifarel .... ?98 H«.k.ll. William 142, 223 Ha-tinK-. -rnun 143 Hawrv. Sam 143 Hawki ' -. (.roriio 165 Hawkill . Arli-nr 7?7 Hawk.. Manl.v 159, 312 Hawlvv. tiidra 301 Haworlli. Howatil 142. 251 Haworlli. Jtihn 139. 253 Ha.orlli. William 1,38. 251 Hayr.. Jane 80. 229 HavfB. l.awrrnrr 111 Havr . Malrnlin 3m llavnrn. Cliarl, ' . ?95 Haync. Harol.l 126, 287, 292 NAMES Page Hayneti, Sybel 270. 289 Havnie. Harry . 80, 132, 137. 153. 190, 261. 285 Hayward. Max 140 Hazard. Da%id 80. 315 HazelriEi:. Mor-.- 146 HractH-k. Robtri .146.205 Hradrirk. Omar 141 Heady. Earl 3-1. 80. 108. 181. 197. 281, 288. 289 Hf-anry. Inei . 67. 80. 199, 298 Heard. Ben 139 Hrar.I. William 80,205 Hedeliind. Vera 201 Hedce. Elizabetli 103 Hedge, Glen . 80,165, 299. 303 Hedges. Winston 135, 225 Hedlund. Earl 81. 156. 190. 225, 288. 275. 281 Hedlund, Wondrow 146,221 Hedhmd. Ople 300 Hedslroni. Belly 81.219 Hcike;.. George 81. 185, 267. 287 Heikes. Thedford 135, 267 Heinn. Roscoe 209 Heiser. Er ' in 142 Hei.Hi. Curolvn 103, 300 Hejkal. Milo 146 Heller. Phillip 143 Heller. Ravmund 145 Helzer. Roval 140 Heminc. Cecil 146 Hempel. Richard 211 Hemxu-orth. Martin 294 Henderson. Ward 81,225.289 Hendricks. Margaret 81. 133. 195 Hendricks. Mary 35. 199 Hen lv. William. Jr 314 Henkr. Louis 81, 235. 293 Henke. Winifred 103.261 Henn. Mary 217,328 Herd. Kli abelh 81. 199 Herdzina, Robert 157 Herman. Richard 139.159,239 Hermann, Harland 141 HerjmNhcimer. Robert 140.302 Hershncr. Raymond 137, 140 Hesbacher. Susan 103, 233 Heuniann. Herbert 148 Heuser. Earl I43 Hewitt. Helen 103.213 Hewiston. Ravmond 293 Heyne. Clin .rd 225. 281. 289, 309 Hiatl. Donna 81, 180. 213, 277, 290, 300 Hiatl. Lois 81 Hibberd, Mary 81 Hickman, Chester 142. 299 Hickman. Eleanor 207 Hicks. Thomas 103, 193 Hiccins, Helen 261 Hildebrand. Charles 81, 145, 223 Hildebrand, Herbert 103 Hildebrand. Howard 103,165, 223. 302. 307 Hill. Alethea 81,207 Hill. Arthur 118. 123. 143. 166. 255. 286, 327 Hill, Berniece 81. 270 Hill. Betty 8l[ 285 Hill, Grace ' 49 Hill. Lloyd !!!! " ■ ' 241 Hill. Mildred 81, 213 Hill. Ro e 191, 259, 316 Hill. Selma 259, 328 Hillegas , Clifton 193 Hillman, Herbert I39 Hillman. Lila 213 Hillyer. Betty 103,191,229 Hinef . William 142 Hinrk-htt, Theda 103 Hinrichs., William I42 Hinthum, Reruetha 81,300, 301.309,316 Hintliorn. La Vela 81 272 Hirschfeld. Beiic ' 271 Hilrhcock, Rirbard 135 Hilchnian, Mary 290. 300 Hiava. Dean 133 299 Houdler. Sidney 142 Hoag. Betty 217 HuolAon. El«ic 81 213 Hocgermeycr, Hugo 309 Hoevet, Janet 328 Hoff, Genevieve 81,261, „ „ 301, 328 Hodman. Anne 233 Hoffman. Hugo 326 Hoffman. William " 1! !l4S Htdilen. Karl 143 239 Hohnstein. Clayton .149 Hokantton. Guftaf 318 Hokom. LcBiek .7. 146 Holcomb. Mari in ' 393 Holeman, Harr%- ' j Holland. Kenneth .140.302 Holland. Mildred 81 217 Holland. Robert . " ..103, SOs! 307 nollenbeck. Irene 227 Hollingswurlh. Fredn ' c 145 Hollman, Mary 82 261 H 11 u . 30i. 311 Ho loway, Helen lo3, 290. 300 Ho nian. Nale 143, 1 3 263 ilolniburg. Dale 82. 263 21 .NAMES Holmes, Claire Holme?. Louis HoUter, Imogene HoMK Economics Association Hon. Wilmcita Hooper. Jean H»tpewell, Elizabeth Hopkins. Jane Hopkins, Ralph Hoppp. John . . Hoppert, Marian Page ...304 Horak, Oliver Horan. Carrie Horan, Jolm .103, 317 300 103, 249 213 103, 233 82. 270. 297 . 141.203 . 103. 253 .103. 180. 195. 290. 300 ...146. 302 ...290. 300 142, 205, 286 Hormann, Harold 209. 293 Hormel. Emma 301 Horn. .Max 103,121, 257, 327 Horn. Thomas 104.142,257 Horn, M ' illiam 251 Hornby, Robert I59 Hornby. William 104 Horney. William 314 Hornung. Elizabeth 290, 300 Hornung. Marguerite 213,302 Horrigan, Kathryn 207 Horstnian. Elmer 82 Horton, Hallena 272 Housel. Elwood 104 Housel. Floyd 82, 241. 284 Housel. Raymond 8, 146 Houser, Marjorie 229 Houston, Edith 213 Houston. Ruth 213 Houlchens. Stanley .257 Howard Hai.i 272 Howar.J. Dean .......135 Howard, Frank ' j 292 Howard. Franklin 157,158 Howard. Frederick 142 Howe. Charles , 294 Howe, Robert Lee 205,319 Howe. Robert ' 135 Huwell. John 275 Howie. Helen 82. 270, 283 Holy. James 82, 309, 318 g " ' - Melvin 146 Hranac. Charles 104,302.307 Hubbard- Geraldine 261 Hubert. Lester ogQ Huenefeld. Charles ! " !!!! 145 Huffaker. Barbara 219 Hughes. Eloise 82 Hughes. Jean 128, 201, 296 Hughes, William 143 Hulbert, Max ..U2 Huifish, Marian 313 Hull, ft ' arren 82 Hult(pii, t, LeRoy 82, 197, 308 Hunt, Cornelia ' 300 294, 314 301 1 16. 183, 223 146 270, 328 245 140 Hunt. Jame Hunt, Luella . . Hunt. Robert Hi.rlburt. Charlr Hurley. GwenduK Hursl. Phyllis , Husa. Amos Hush, James 146,303 Hustead, .Ann 233 317 Hustead. Claire ' 249 Hutchinson. David 286 Hutchison. John 133 Hutson, George 203 Huwaldt. Catherine 104 219 Huwaldl. Edward !!!l46, ' 2n Hyland. Ruth ' 213 Ibata. Ralph Ihrie, Leroy Ingram, Bernard Ingram, Robert Inhelder. Elizabeth ' Inhelder. Marian In-Noce.nts Interfkatersity Ball ... iNTERKRATEH.NrrV CoUNCIL InTRAMI RALS Irvin. Robert .....[ ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Irwin, Richard Irwin. William If ' aacson. Ellcnor Ivers. Phyllis Iveraon, John Iverson, William Iverson, Dorothy Iverson, Idella Ivins. James Ivv Day 292 136 .104. 241, 286 1.36 82. 245 217 274, 275 190 190 350 142 Ut 1.36 217 199 340 136 231 82 ..82. 190. 235 177 Jack, Jean Jackson, Billy Jacksim, George , . , Jackson. Ina Jackson, Jack Jackson, Martha . . Jackson. Theodore , Jacobs. , nn Jacobs.. William Jacobson, Winifred Jacob on. Leonard Jacobson. Leonard , Jacob ne. Ru isel . . ■82 Jaepgi. Eme )t 82. 146 215 149 ..82, 270. . 05 203.287 82.. 245 304 231 149 104. 3J8 143. 253 315 82. 183. 225. 288. 308 104. 265 NAMES James. Ben James. William . Jameson, Glenn . Jamison. Gredon Janecek. Adolph Jaworski. Florian Jearv. Barbara Jeffers. John . Jeffers. Verne . . , Jeffery. Willard .. Jeffrey. Robert . . Jelinek. Joan Jelinek. Stephen Jemison. Caroline Jennings. Frank . . Jennings, Helen Jensen. Donald . . . Jensen. Howard Jensen. Lilah . , . . Jensen. Patricia Jensen, Phyllis . . . Jepson, Lowell . . . Jezl, James John, Gerald . . . . John. William . . . Johnson. Clarence Johnson. Miles , . . Johnson. Barbara Johnson. Carolyn Johnson. CedrJc . . Johnson. Claus . . . Johnson. Curtis . . , Johnson. Dean Johnson. Leios Johnson. Dora Johnson. Cedric Johnson. Earl Johnson, Ellerv Johnson. Elvera Johnson, Frank . Johnson. Genevieve ... Johnson. Genevieve . . . . Johnson. George Johnson. Harold Johnson. Helen ... Johnson. Herbert Johnson, Joseph Johnson. Kathrvn Johnson. Kenneth Johnson, Lauren Jfihnson. Marvin Johnson. Mar - Johnson. Myron Johnson. Richard Johnson. Verlin Johnson. Vincent Jolinson. Wallace Ji hnson. W ' illiam Johnson. Winston Johnston. Bernard Johnston. Theodore Johnston. Virginia Jolitz. Charles Joliu. William Jones. Elizabeth Jones. Ernestine . Jones. Gomer Jones. Gordon . , . Jones. Gordon Jones. John Jones. Josephine Jones. Kenneth . Jones. Laurence Jones. Maxine Jones. Wilma Jorgensen. Guy Jorgensen. Virginialee . Joyce. Richard JorRNALisM. School of Junior Class Section , . Ji ' Mic-Sfmor Prom . . Jurgens. Enmietl Pages 146. 239 141 104, 157. 287. 295. 303 136. 159 136. 293 286 82. 195 318 82. 308 157. 235 104. 148. 299. 303 ... 309 145 104 205 ..104, 133, 195 145 304 104.301 .104, 201. 328 33. 104. 179. 213 145 141 141, 241 82, 299 141 104. 141. 263. 284 270 300 .128. 139. 302 209 288. 303. 318 145 82. 156. 326. 318 82 239 156 138 300 . . . 104. 123. 157. 193. 327 300 300. 201 146. 215 295 104. 271. 296 147, 149 314 249 291 292 209 249 .302. 307 135 135 135 -■ 18 205 137 243 309 1.33 132. 154 136. 144 245 104. 219 287 180 148 257 . 219 104. 263 289 83 261 136 304 284,243 63 98. 112 179 3(0 Page 414 K Kaczmarek. Frank 136 Kadavy, Dean 215 Kahler. Robert 142 Kahler. Hoyal 142.340 Kalin. Sidney I42. 253 Kalina. Edwin 139 Kamas. Theodore -. ' 138 Kanunerlohr, Harry 209 Kane. Rosemary 133 Kani. Philip 205 Kaplan. Earl I42 Kaplan. Howard 104.118. 122. 14 1. 152. 155. 179. 269. 310. 327 Kaita .Alpha Theta 228. 229 Kai ' ca Delta 2,30. 231 Kaita Gai ' I-a Gamma 232. 2.33 Kaii ' a Phi 30I Kaipa Suma 234. 235 Kassel. Robert 141 Kalhs. Marian 271.328 Kauffman. Sarah 83, 285 Kaufman. Herbert 142 Kavan, Liicien 307 Kavan. Ola 83. 271 Kavich. David 253 Keifer. Oswin. Jr 135.211.340 Keim. Myron 83. 281, 289. 309. 318 NAMES kriii). Wyunii Krilh. Juhn krllrnbdrKfr. Arlrar krilrr. Carl ki-ll.«B. Ilonal.l kclK. I ' lrjntir krni| . K ti«-ri krmplhufiif, Jjiiirt krnnr(i , liarMltn kf-nnir, Brurr kfill, kfiinrlh kniMorlht. iJidil ' - krimorlht. t-lliT krii ' hbriieri, «-rti krrkholl. Slaiilr« k -rl. Oran Krrl. Kob«rt Krrlin. Kifh«f l k t r«ra bt iM- k, ( r j • V I KiJtl. Miiritiii Kiri-hrl. Frt-Jni. Kirt-hrl. Waller. )• krinhub, MafY kilburk. kalhrrinr kilnirr. Klov.l Kilmrr. Hrirn kilnif-r, kathrvii kilpalri.k. Pai.l kilfalri.k. VLillijo. kiniball. (.t-« T); ' - kinit . Mf l a kimacv, Janir« Kincaiilr. Ilrlrii kinch, Otinatd kintlv. r.harb li kinK. CUuJ king, imy ... 126. 134. kiniE. Mildred kiuK. Rubrrt king, Thuma« kincdon. Edna kinRrn. Orvilli kini burv. Max in f kinarv. M« rlr kinvuun, Billv kirk, Cctirgr kir«vhnrr. Don Kirwhnrr. Jran kir hrnbaum. Sjnuirl kivrtl. Harrr kivrtt, M«r%in kjar, Albert klall. Hrtrn klrojErr, Ctvdf klein. I-e i klr| | inKcr. Phil klinr, Dnrolhv klinr, Marr klinr. Wtllidm klincnian, lar.i klinKman. Davhm klingman. Urnn klo r. John klo ietmryrr. F.dwari) klufa. William knapp. Rav knirkrrlim. IIiiIm ti knii ' krrhm. M irc- knichl, Edith knifhl. Crtttf Knorhr, Harlan knoAirrk. I.ttili knoll. Dalla. knoi. Eugene knuduon. Franrr . . . . knudKon. Franklin knut on. Rtihert KiH-h. Datid koeh. Paul k»efoo(. Theodore, Jt. koehnke. Anita koelling. kenneth koeneke. Willi koenig. .Albin kohl. Dana kohler. Frwl kohr. Yvonne kokjer. Mad-en Kolman. Emil kiimmer . H t .ir.I kumnier . V illuin Ko«ne. Wavne kopeekv. Helm Kor»l. Minna ktiro . William kor meveT. ,All.iri knrllang, William kortman. Chri« kn«kan. llen kiktman. Rirharil kiMmala. Marie Ko MCT kLia kulouc. Marie kotla«. Milo kouba. Delnre koulskv. Mae kavanda, Jorre k j%anda. Helen P«f-1 A ii:s 2 " 10. 3U0 Kiit4iiil«, Ik illiam 34U 303 Ktanirr, Lrfiir 1 I ' l, 138 Kraallr. Kdylhf 113 kr aiii . Murirl 245 krdsiir. I «ul 130 Ki4t M.hvil. K«.nnrlli loS IIM. 2J7, 2V7 Krdu r. . l«n|«ri-l 83. 253 KfrllrU. Mrltin 2 »3 krciM-hrr. IVlrr 223 Kirli-i. . iitiin 8.1.271 Kfrii-i. Ilrirn 1 5. loT klr| .. llair 128. U3 krrusfr. l.fnitn] 83. 124, krffi ' ik. Vriitiiii 111. lU. 156. 235 krif. HiiwArtl U2. 235 krunrn, l.rif 8.1. 215. 2 )S kiungrr, ;i..n 257. 31 l kiumm, lubrli.- 128. 22 ' ) kruiMrka, Kvrlvil 101. 211 kiuap, Marvin 138. III. kiutr. Mildird 211. 310 krvKrr. LIU 83. 128. kubr. il.ibrri U3. 201. 206 kubirk, lUlol.l J3 . 83. 316 kubi.l, 130 KuJriia, Frank 280. 300. 312 83 kurbn, (prrald 217 kurhn, lUrvbrll.. I.T6. 110. 217 kubna, Brtlv 83 Kiiklin, lr%in|t ,127 Kulr.h, Carolvn 1.15. 150 kumpi, Vill.r.l 210 kunrrl, 318 kuni-rl, Marv 213 kuprr, . Ifrril 83. 107. 281 kil|iIMIIKrr, riarj 31.83. kuaka. Mrlvin 1S4. IS8. 286. 20S ku ' ki, Miltxn .KM kulchrr, Dumlht 47. 105 kvaanii ' kd, VirKil 185. 263 223.288 L •yyj 267 Laboxitx, Homer 219 Udegurd. Tlielnia 142 Iodine. Elmer 140. 203 Lahr. Elwood 1115 118. 205 116 l hr. Patricia 272 Labr, Woodruw 141 Lake. Max 1 15. .108 Lake. Maxine 145. 156 Lake. Paul no. 221 Lake. Waller 300 Lallman, Elma ,102. 307 Lamb, karl ,100, 318 Lamb, Kenneth 83. 315 Lambda Chi .Ai-i-nt 83. 231 Lambert. Arden 210 Lammel, Harr% ' 253 t mp. Donald 300 Lampert. Lauren , - . 83. 183. 281. 280 ,100. 318 Lamphere. Eliiabelh 83, 183 Lamlgren. Lynn 281. 280 300, 318 Lan e. Lee 115 l ngjabr. Maxinr lis 83 Lang-on. Ridierl I ng-tiin. Harr 83, 315 Lanham, Ri berl 1 10, .140 Lan-ing. Lauren •- 220 lUI 261, .310 288. 318 Larr aber. Juhn I r«on, Dorothy I, r«un, Cettrge 115 135. 136 l r on. Harris Laroon. Helen Larkon. Oakley Lar on. Robert I OS. 223. .102. 307 83, 217 l r ton. Ruth 136 La»er. Phill 143 135 l «hin«key. RoMlyn 204 Laiia, Loi« 1 16. 302 Lau, Janet 300 146 l ughlin. Beil» Laurid«en. Jame 111. ' .. 241 139 Lauritaen. Carl Uwrenre. Haxel 116. 20S Ijwrence. lildrr.l 1.1.1 1 M). 267 201 Ijiv nn. Riehard Lea. Virginia 257. .102 Leadley. Rnbri 136 lis Lea k. Riehard Leaviti, Gertrude III.-. 1 13. 2.V5 1.13 Lrdbrtler, Vern 105. 271 Ledlnrd. Harold 250. ,102 M, 200 Lee. A nnabel 118, 213 Lee. Donna 235 Leedinc. Dntle 83 Leefer.. Martha 1.16 Lefferdink. Allen m. 1 IS, I.efTerdink, Elizabeth 1-.6. 223 Leffler. Dean 81 Lertler. Jame« 162. 163 Legate. Theoilore 83. 233. Lehman. BetiT 277.282 Leigh. Lewi 84. ,1«1 Lei- . Edith 1.16 Lei.T. Ir in Its LeMar. Richard 10.1 , 103, 300 LeMa-ler. Bernard 227, 328 LeMa«ler. Jeanettf ' - p«li Iftf NAMKS 105. Its. l.rmulia, |lu)l 142 Mark. Jark 118. 26S. 310 l.riiiirniAiin, milium l.U Mj. k. Robrrl 116. M» l.r..naiil, htib .tl U3 Ml, k. Uaiur 250 l.rljsr, Vnl.l 142 Ma. kr», Loui r 81. 259 I.e.. 138 UaJ.lui, Jukn 1 to. 26 ' I.rui- -f . 110. 30t Ma,l(rll. Albrrl 81. IKS. l.ruir . . ■ lUt MaJ rn, Hulh 2«7. 202 l.rtrkr, lla, Ito Mafiarrl. Juhn 123. 219. 117 t.rvntMHi. Juililh 259 Mai.lana. Uuaakl 28 ' ) l.r%rftiin, Hii ' hatil 1 K.. loj 143 Lrtarllrn, M«fy ilJ Mic.-.-. Frrnr 1 w.. 140 l.t.«l«, t.Uifnirr . ' ■ ' , l ..r, l.ouUr TOO l.r«l , Il«ftl4-| .ILI- ' . Mdfrr, Marlon .-.7. 302 l.rwi , Vlartru 3U3 Machrr, klaainr 166 Lr , J nf.|i|iinr 105, 199 Ma nuMin, Arlrnr 136 l.r aiaal ' ' r lilrn 81. 287. 107 Ma ui, Juhn 116, 197. 309 Librfvhal, Krancl, 105. 126. Mab.....l, Nanr 141 117, 155, I5 , 159, 286. 2V2. 310 MalllanJ, lloual.l 293 Lirblilrr. t.ui, . 36. 184 Maiknrr, liif,r 229. 328 300. 300 Mallrnanrk, l.uiiur 280 Lldrrn. Alirr 128 Mallu, Har..lJ 115. 225. 309 Lirbauilurfrr. i. 138 Mallon, Crurir 213 Lirbrniluflrf. Jr«nii- 217 M.lii.brrt. Ii.ui.r 213 Llcbrr . Im 115 laliii lrn, Hiibrri 142. 211 l.irn, A.lhu. I " ' ., . " tt llaliiiir. Vinrrnt 84 I.irn. Ki«nk 130 Mali.vrr, MarRurrilr 314 l.irn. M ry 84 Mall, Marv 1115. 147. l.irnrmann. Drlnu 2011 Malrarhrr, Jtttrr I.-.6. 2;1S. 327 l-lfifirll. Lcr lUl, 243 Man. hr«lrr, Marcn. 1,18. 302 l.ikn. DunabI 146 ManL.n, Mirhar.1 84 Limine. Jiibn 81. IW lanlr«, llarcilil 195 Limlnrchl. Dwain 2 I1 Marrhanil, Dwifhl 105 269. 326 Linch. Iluwartl 84, 121 Marry, l.aVrrnr 259 112, 154. 223 113 l.inU, i ' .ruTur 110, 159 Marrr, (Irrin 140 Lin.lbM, kallir.n 215, 316 Markrr, l.urillr 227 Lincoln (Iaiiikural Tiiuia 128 Marlrr. Ilitn 197 Linilrr, Clir lrr 140 Marrno. Luul lis Linil|:rrn, Lninaul IIS Marnrll. Marv 36 Lintlhulni, . Uin 140 lari|uar ll. Jark . 217 Linilholni, Ku -rl 1,16 Marquar.ll. (Ir.lll. nil. 233 Linili|ui«l. Marion,. 217 Mariiuarilt. Kiibril 111 Linilntrill. Paul 81, 126 Marr. Frank J« , 205. 303 Marr. krnnrlh Linr. Murirl 280 Mar.h. Villiam Link. EinrrMin 1U Marahall. Auilrry 142. 255 Link, Vanrr 1116 302, 307 Mar.hal. Kllaio 84. 233 Linkr, Paul 136, 203 Marshall. Franrr. 130. 205 Linn. La i n 84 140 Linn, Kii-haral 302, 307 Mar.hall. Huaar.l lai. 118. Li(i|». Morri 40, 106. Mar.hall. Maiinr 120. 229 11:. ... , . ..1 310. 327 Mar.hall. rr 1.16 Li|.|., Wr,lry 225. 288 Mar l« n. Barbara 223 Li|i| ill, Wairrn 1.16, 2.57 Martin. Kilna 120 Li|.|.ill, Nrllr 1116 191. 199 Martin. Rirhar.l in, 315 Lil.....mb, DrWal.l 143 Martin. Robrri 140 l.i,.., ..n.b, R..b...l 120 142. 223 Marti. Cliilr 207 Lilllr, Frank 135 lart«. Rubrrt 142 l.iltir, Janir. 84. 146 105 223, 302 111 156, 237 Margin. Jran 2,16, 237 Livrly. Hrlrii 85. 207 13S Li»rkr, Janr 85 229, 305 Ma un, Amul.l 302. 307 Lorkhral, Grralil 1115 l ' «, 251 MaMin. Bvrun 293 Lorllrrlr, Franri 1.55 126, 147 2 «, 20S Mau.n. John lOS. 121 Ma««ir. I.rtia 147, ISS 136.205 Lorwnnlrin. Murrinon 8.5, 146 Ma.laltr. Milton 201 225 281, 308 Ma trr . Carl 142 Ltimai, Evrrcll Its Mathia . Crorcr 135 Li.n(. Charlr. 158 265, 294 Matht . llrr,l 219 Liini, Clifliird 304 Mathii. Aril- 1,13 Lunc, Evrlvn 261.317 Mati..m. Rnbrtl 39. 81, LunK. PhTlli 195 MrlM-hullal. Vavii ' . 126 185, 202 Lone, Tlionia 294 MBIlr« in. ( ' omrlij . 1.16 Liinfiuan, krnnrlli 1.18. 257 Maltr«.in. Raymon.l 1.12, 137. Lunnquiol, John 145. 289 Malt on. Harobl 140. 151 L.Mikalirll, F.lcar 85 Maurrr. F.arl 81. 312 I.ooini , llrrnirr 106. 213 Mau«t. Albrrl 207 I , John 147 Mautrr. Dan 211 Lor.l, IlKichi 83 Mairi. Edwin 103 L ' ir.I, krnnrlh 110 Malr.. Frank 272. 280 Liirrnaiin, Hillv 197 Mat.rll. Porthr 108. 318 Lotrll, Ru rll 83 Maorll. Fda 203 Liivirk, Eilwaril 1.15 Mat.rll Hrnr. 210 Lnwr, latinr 213 Mai.rll. Paul 84. 269 Lowr, Kicharil 116 Mat. Altin 84. 191. Luca . MarfarrI ES. 297 Mat. Rrlt. 230. 280 Lurhvinirr, Charlr. 1.15 Ma.. F.Uai.l 105 Lu.l»irk, B«l|.h 128. 253 May. Emi.«l .13 . 120. 219 I.i .l i k, Ruih 217 Ma.. 217 Luilwirk, Uilliati) 253 Ma.. Rnbrri 149 . .102. .107 I.ukr, Villlam 149 Ma.hrlJ. Mo.ri. 105 Lumiikin, Frank 110 John 227 Luntlrrn, Ardrllr 83 Mrrham. Flu.d 84. 2M Lunilcrrn, Kirhai.I 136 Mrdlar. Failh 116 Li nil lrnm, Ju ' lin 14.5. 303 Mr.llar. Janr 105 , 101. 219 LuniNlrnm, Luiii. 126. 183. Mrrhan. William 118 .•«r 2o|. .103 Mrrk. Junr .126 Lunil. Albrrl 1 16. 118 Mrcahan. Donald RI. 280 Lulhrr. Walirr iin 152. 223 Vll. 311 LullMH, Clauilr 106 Mrhlhaf. Jran 203 Lullon, HartiM 85 Mrhring. Robrrt 105. 118 l.ulf. FIranor 2-13 Mrirt. Donald 1.12 . 263. 281 Ha.r. 1.16 Mrirr. Dori» 261 I.vman. Charlr 223 Mrirt. Dnanr 105 Lvman. jark .106 304 Ltman. Rulu, 85 Mri, • Bl. 313 L nn. Lrr 140 Mr. 237 l.tnn. Lnrrainr 249 Mr,. SI. 2,V1 L««in. Bfurr 85.257 Mr,.-nc-r ,„.., :17. 291 l.Ton. Grorfr. Jr. 106. 215 Mri.rl. Donald 2S1 I.Ton. Oralil 1.15 Mrllon. Donald 1 10. 211 Mrl.illr. Marior.. 1 M Mmdrnhall. Na..i :ii. " .IK. Mrtirray, .Mary nil, io3 Mabru . Aii.lrrT 85. 272 Mrnkr. Rrmard 136 301.305 MlN ' . Cupt Cu« 116 Mardouiall. C. 146 Mrrcrr. Elifabrlh 197 Marh " rr. Charl .- 113 Mrrrrr. John 217 Mark. E l»ar l 116 MrrkrI. Maiinr Pacrl 130, 257 139 215 229 135 85. 243 290. 300 253 33. 85 181. 225, 281.288 317 85. 219 IMt, 219 n ' l. 215 2U7 H. 118 IV,. . ' 71 86 lUI 115 -ij . 1..-., .-87 219 119, 251 131 231 133, 219 211. 328 207 287 .104 136 86. Ill 156, 211 106. 197 301 1.16, 312 1.19 229 1 16. 159. 257 181, 318 257 143. 221 139 (».. 287. 295 227 143.245 86. 133. 219, 280 lU, 261 128 128 106, 261 ,104 145 253 I in, 223. 275 86, 96. 112, 22.1, 282 86, 277 280, 281 146 152 Ito, 205 80, 271, 296 106, 118, 265 86, 289 110 Hr., 197. 289 .109 251 Its Hr.. 227 Its 118 147 106 136 111 146 106 Bo. 249 146 139 IWr. 148. 20S 213 139. 213 26S 106.263 201 Its 147. 156. 137 106, 107, ,10 .16, 283 280 146, 137 280 86, 14.5, 156, 165 227 Vil. l.« 237 21.1. 311 106. 191 102. .107 vr;. 118. 193 I. 289. 318 141 ■ ' .. .101. 302 136. 209 146.318 2.13 86. 313 ' 1. 199. 297 111 165 r . 128 142 P .. 229 1 I Pace 415 I ' ages NAMKS fanes .N. MES P.ic N. MF.S Pages Mrrill. Mrl in 113 .MiTtiiii:, Frii« 287 Mvru. WillanJ 1 12. 211 .Mraxrromiilt, Frank 113 Mr» rrnniillu Rubrrt 113 MrU, Jean W.. 233 . |ri£. Kobrrt 263 M«-Vrr. Barbarj 1 ' ..I. 21 ) Mryer. Elixab.tli 2.1:1 Mcyrr, Fluvil Be. 217 Mcyrr, Crrlcti.i. 86 Mryrr. Jack 213 Meyer, l,e-lic .102 Mrvcf. MaTt;ii ' iii ' KO. 261 . lcyrr. .Mdriti.n-- 300 . levpr, Sara 122 Mevrr. Watur 107. 117, 253 Mryenm. K..Un.l Mrvrr«, Henry 86 154 Meyent, Maxiii - 107. 227 Mr%er«on. Pearl 259 Miehael, Sianli 107. 123. 267 Mirhaeti-. Kubiul 136 Mi.lM-rU. 2,2 MirheUen. Mavm.- .III. 302 Mi.l.llrluii. ArnoM 1.35 Mi.-i:el. Kali.h 141 Mielrii . Marv 311 Mil.ler. Harlan 26 ' ! MiMrr, Jeruni ' - 269 Milek. Williaiii. J.. 136 MiLiTARV Ball 178 MlLnAMY Sl ' OSsON 133 Millar.l. Kt-nneth . 1 16. 304 Millbern. Harriet ... 280 Miller. A.ia 301 Miller. Amelia 86 257 Miller. FL.rencc 313 227 . 87, 271 Miller. Jolin 143 Miller. Kenneth 257 Miller. Marion 199 Miller. Nurnian 126, 292 Miller. Haul 309. 318 233 Mill.r. Kubcrl 128. 135, 14«, 163. 243, 237 Miller. Sarali 2,59 Million. Dim 143 MilliiiU, ftjrr.ii 116 Mill.. li.,l,.rc 36 Mill.. W el 87, 140, 148. 182, 190. 253. 275 Milne. Ceoree 107. 223 Minnick. Janiej .142. 193 235 Minur. Riilh . 87. 195 Mi.rli, Murjoric ...107. 199. 296 MiUhell. Ceeile 2.33 Miuhell. Mary . . . .87, 233. 311 Mlinar. Cliffur.l 140 Mm k. Clarenre ...87. 287. 292 Moedin . Henrv 87. 143. 247 Mnhr Dean 142. 239 .87. 1K . 287 M ilir KiehanI , 87. 292 Miilirniun. Margaret 231. 313 Muller. Marjiirie 107. 233 Moher. Koberl ...107, 148. 155 142 .302 MiinHun. Paul .97. 223 115. 223 87. 299. 312 MontKonierv. Marllia .87. 219 M Mizint: ». Civile . . 139 223. 306 301 M.iok. Klliel . . 298 MiMire. Ciinvin .128. 257 235 146 Moure. Ceraltline . 87. .305 Moon-. John . . 257 Moore. PLvlli. 87. 301 Moore, William 128. 257 l e. ItoI.erl .... 243 ... 138 Moral!. Marram , .217 Moravee. Daniel 145. 243 Morrell. Aut:u,tt 140 Morgan. Jean 201 Morilr. Au.tin 87 Mi rri». Ilernaril . . 257 Morri.. Donal.l 1.38 M..rri., Kloi.e . 217 M..rri-. Klov.l 1.38 Morri.. Jo.eph 107. 265 M..rri.. I.ora 107. 219 Miirri.. Marjurie . 27! Morria, Itulanil 138 Morri. on. Siiliiev 140 294 Morrow, Marth.i 35. 87. 277 . 311. .328 Mor.e. Kirliai.l 116. 193 MONTAR BOAHI. 276. 277 195 Mo enian, .All»ert 33. 10. 22S. 281, 287 . 288. 289 Moorman, . rlliur lis. 275, 275. .309 Mo e . Kirliaril 291 Mo»|:rove, Rirhar.l 87. 315 M.»lcovil .. Lueille «7. 2.57 Mo... Bun .107. 121. 205. 327 Moli. Hester . 87 Moll. Koanlir . 33. 87 213. 277.311. 316 Moullon. Dorolliv 107. 195 Mowbrav. HoI.erl 87.157. 263. 326 Mowbray. William 138.263 Mo»rre. Keiih 318 .MoKr . Roberta . 107. 217 Mover. Aviona . 272, 313 Moyer, Hallar.l 295 Mr.tik. Aclol|.h 136 Mueller. Betty 195 Mueller. Eniil 140 Mueller. Geon:e 143 .Mueller. John 107, 203. 292 Mueller. Roland 263 Muir. Waller 291 Mullen. Wayne 107. 165. 215 Mulliken Alene 87, 217 .Miillin, James . 143 Mullin. Marv 87. 229 Mullin. rhiliii 302 Mumforil. Elizabeth 219 Muncer. Margaret 107,113,213 Mun.on. Donal.l 142 Mun.on. John 291 .Miiii leritiaii. Richard 148 Mf I ' m EPS11.0N 293 Murray. Jame» 310 Murray. Raymonil 122,275 .Murray, Ruth 297 Ml ' sic, School of 62 .Muskin. Leonard 133. 269 Mutz, Austin 302, 307 .Mutx, Jessica 229 .Myeri,, Carlisle 146 Myers, Resiua 245 Mc. MeA.lams. iri:inia 85,245 McAferlv. Kenneth 143 MeAllisler. Leiand 143 McAlisler, .Marion .36. 300 .VleArlhur. Cerlru.le 217. 317 MeBride. John 286 MeCal.l. Gerald 85. 205 MiCanipbell. Robert 221 MeCann. Georjie 140 .McCarthy. Joseph 148. 235. 317 McCartney. Orlyn 1116. 136. 141. 299 MeCarty. .Anna 85. 217 McCarly. Clark 142 McCauley. Lorraine .231 MeClaiiahan, Walter 143 McClelland. Dorothy 217, 298 .McCUire, Thomas 1.17, 156 McChire. Victor 143 .McClyniont, James 85, 141, 243, 326 MiClymonl. Richard .. , .24 MrConnell, F:dward , 223 .McConnell. Raymond . 140 VIcCorkiiidale. Robert 1116.265 McCulloch. Charles 140.241 McDeriuolt. John 152.223 McDonald. Edwin 286 MacDonahl. John 106. 267 .McDi U|:al. James 193 McDowell. Virginia 85, 296 McElroy. Mary 217 McEntire, Gordtm 85, MS, 203. 326 McFadden. Harry M6 McGeachin, Betty 249 McCeaehin. Robert 148. 155. 241 McGee. .Martha 271 .McCee. .Millard 1C6. 215 McGee. Ruby 199 McGill. David Mfi. 308 McGinnis, Richard 33. 126. 179. 21.5 McGinnis, Stephen 136 McGoiicdal. Claude 293 McGowen, Leo 136. 147 McGraw. Keith 142 McGraw. Lloyd 106 McGuire. Robert 311 McHukIi. Edwin 138 Mcllravy. Eldon 326 McKay. Ray 135.152 McKay. Maritaret 133.229 McKce. Jack 145.263 McKcc. Ray 225 McKce. Chester 138 McKcnny. William 138.257 McKin ie. Jack 14s. 193 Mel.autthliii. Hiden 106. 233 McLaiit:hlin. Marv 229 McLees. Marjorie 85 McLeod. Robert Mft McMahon. Frances , 317 McMahon. Glen 1.13 McMahon. Leo 85. 166 McMaiius. Thomas. Jr 138 Mc.Marlin. Neil 140 McMa.lcr. James 139 McMaslcr. Marearcl 106. 231. 313 McMillan. Malcolm . 318 McMillcn. Harry . ■ 91 MeMullin. Maty 213 MeMurtrey. Georpe I40 MiNauKhlon. Pal 156. 215 McNnish. Hammond 106. 263. 284 McPhcrs.m. H.dcii 233 McOuav. Llovd 141 McQuillan. Frances 261 McVav. Richard 223 McWhorler. Clarence 135 N Naber. Jack . ahily. Don 107, 148, . akada. Pershing Naui:hlin. Buell 147. " N " CLt;a Neely. Elixabeth Nekiida. Leslie . . Nelson. Alvin . . 88. Nelson. Edwin ... Nelson. Elinor lO: 285. .Nelson. Geraldine Nelson. Harold Nelson. Robert Nelson. Sylvia Nelson. Winifred 88. 277, 288. 317. Nemec. Alice 107.231. Nemechek. Rudolph .N ' ennemann. Ernest .Nepruil. Vernon Nestrud, Arilcn 107. Neu. Richard 141,152. Neulchl. Harold Neumann. Robert 107. Neville. Irene 107. Nevin. Rilla 207. Newberg. .Arthur 154, Newberg, Carl Newberry. Mac 146. New bold. Vernon Ncwburii. Ben ' . Ncwburn. Floyd Newell. Jeanne Newell. Ruth .33, 88, Newman. John 143,145. Newman. Leslie 139. Newman, Monetha Newton. Howard 88. Nickerson. Wendell Nickles. Jeanne Nicoll. Angus 122. 140. Niehus. William 141,152. Nielsen. Alice 88, Nielsen. Ineai Niemann. Harold 122. 193, Noble. Davi.l . , Noble. Robert Noble. Tom 145, Neel. .Martha Noh. Vivian 88, Nolle. Virginia 107. 283, Nolle. Fred Nool«. Harold 88. 221, Norden. Carl 107, Nore. Albert 88. 184, Norris. Frank Noltlemann. Jcdin Nourse. Kubert . Novaeek. Agnes , 108, Novaeek. Helen Novak. Alfred Novak. Mike Niiernberger. Eldon . Nuernbcrger. Howard Niiclzman. Dorothy , . Null. Paul Ni ' MSDS Muiins. Edgar Nuquist. Robert Nye. Robert Nye. Roland Nye. Thcora Nvc. Waller 136, 136 107 223 136 215 326 217 140 148 152 272. 301 317 MS 223 259 195. 319 124 146 145 293 221 223 140 263 ■213 328 293 138 318 1.38 143 143 233 233 241 197 309 289 193 88 223 223 280 201 146. 327 253 205 299 271 201 328 Ml 152. 286 223 J S 135 267 263 245. .300 300 .265 2S5 223 138. 292 . 1,56 302 135 291 223 7. 88 . 195 223 o Oakley, l.avara 227 (Ibbink. Jack Ml. .102 Obcrg. Wallace . 113 Oberinillcr. Irvine , , , . MO Ochsncr. Harvey MS OXiinnell, Mary 108. 195 O ' Connell. Robeil 145. 213 O ' Connor. Charle. 138 O ' Connor. John 1.35 O ' Conncr, Robert MO. 205 Oder. John 203 Oelkcr-. Harold 1.13 Oclrich. Martin 148. 1.5.3. 182. 190. 302 Ogle. Ralph 1.36 O ' Hanlon. Clark 141.253 Ohlson, Evelyn 313 Ohlfalher. Rchekah 229 Olenberge. Carl 1.38 Olmstead. Wilfred 235 Olmstead. oRbert 136. 293 Olsen. Kenneth 146 Olson. Carl 116 Olson. Harold 108. 292 Olson. Janet 207. 298 Olson. Kenneth 67 Olson. Robert 88. MS. 215 Osciitt. Arlene 207 Orme. Belly 249 Orr. . ndrcw 1.39 Orr. Cwenilh .. 229 Osborn. Kenneth 201 Osborn. Mary. Ellen 195 Osborn. Jeaiinelte 88 Oslwald. Richard 108.209,294 Otto, Charles 145,209 Ouslcy, Carl 143, 243, 327 Overslake. Henry 143 Owen, Margaret 124,249 Owen. Paul 326 Owens. Lois 207 P Pabsl. John 88, 143. 156 Paine. Gordon 141. 143, 253 Palladian Literary Society 303 Pankonin, Elwiiod 223 Pausing. Thomas 28. 108 Panler. Edward 143. 302 Papez. James 139, 193 Pappas. Chris 136 Parker. Aalan 139 Parker. John 88. 211. 287. 295 Parkinson. Mary 124. 2 9 Parks. Frank 142 Parks. Neil 88.139 203. 284 Parris. Leiand 145. 197 Parsell. Russell 88, 135, 138 Parsons. Robert 96. 326 Paschke. Wade 136 Pascoe. Helen 35. 108. 118, 122, 213 Pascoe Margaret 88,113, 184. 213 Pascoe. Paul 139 Pasewalls. Paul 209 Patrick. Eugene 108.292 Patterson. Rex 88,146,211 Pallon. Beltv 217 Paul. Richar.l 143.143.211 Paulson. Vernon 126.293,302 Payne. Don 294 Pearson. James 221 Pease. John 157.158 Peckham. Charlotte 300 Pedeii, Chrystel 271 Pedersen. Virginia 201 Peebles. Alfred 146 Peery. Harold 88. 263 Peirce. (-arol 272 Pelkey, Robert 143. 197 Peltier. Leonard 142. 302 Peltier. Sally 296 Penner. Donald 108, 302, .307 Peiiner. Elmer 302 Perelnian. Harold 269 Pebshim. RtFi.ES (Local) 152 Pekshinc Rifles (Naliunal) 153 Person. Bruce 265 Person. Phillys 108. 271 Pestal. Joy 36. 128 Peslal, Ruth 317 Pelers. Giis 126 Petersen. Donald I 16 Petersen. George 287 Petersen. .Alice 249 Petersen. William 231, 327 Peterson, .Allen 163 Peterson. Doris . . 305 Peterson. Howard M6 Peterson. Lavenie 89. 180, 281, 289, 309 Peterson. Maurice 89. 225. 281. 289 Peterson. Merle 197 Peterson. Rachel 290. 300 Peterson. Robert 159. 289 Peterson. Stanley 89. 205 Peterson. Rundall 108. 225. 309 Petsch. Rov 142. 203 Petlinger. John 89.313 Peltier. Sallv 89 Pctlit. Letha 231 Peuold. Earl 135 PIcill. William 141,265,326 Pfciffcr. Otto. Jr 141 Pfciller. Russell 146, 197, .308 Pfliicgcr. Theodore 137. 1.58 Pflum, Lloyd 89.265 Phalanx 165 PilAHMACKI TICAL ClUB .304 Phelps. Elbert 136 Phelps. Harold 16S Phelps. Thurston . 89. 96. 243. 275 Phi Alcha Delta 291 Phi BciA Kai ' I ' a 278 Phi Chi I IIETA . . 305 I ' m Delta Phi .306 I ' m Df.i.ta Theta 238. 2.39 Phi Gamma Delta 240.241 Phi KAri ' A Psi 242. 2-13 Phi Ml! 244. 245 Phi L ' rsiLoN Omicrosc 290 I ' hipps. Marv 89,261 I ' m SiLMA Kacca 246, 247 I ' hillioi. Edith 217 Pi Beta Phi 24S, 249 Pickering 199 I ' ielslick. Weston 145 Pierce. David 146 Pierce. Elizabeth 271. 313 Pierce. Elmer 233, 306 Pierce. Richard 231 Pierson. Jack 143 Pi Kaita .Alpha 250. 251 I ' ilcher. Charles Edwaril 289 Page 416 Pi t.AuauA ' 1iikt« Pilltnic, Jur PilUburv. Chjrl - PilUburv, Robrri Pmiirki-r. « illuiu Pt|.h.-r. DoiijU Pilnrr, % illidrn Piltriiierr. Jdinr Pillniaii. HiiAiM PiKrr. Rulb PU«r. litforgf PUitrr. Alvin PlditK. Puerr Pidit, Harriett Pluik. Marvin Plurknrii. knuwlantl PluDi. lrUin PluRicr. Marir Plutnmrr. Ravuuui.l Purllut. t i ri« Puhlrna. Dran Piillaril, Jr«r Pullar.l. Robrrt Pi lt»ii kt. Jrannnif P iUk , Htntrn Pu|tr. Patricia Pupr, Maxinr Ptirak. Maufiiir Piiflfr. licorKr Pi»rl r, Margarrl Porlt-rhrl.l. RiJ ..-l Pullrr. Jai-k Piillrr. Shirlrv Pi unil«. PcKfT Putirll. l ,.naM PumtII. Kilami Pt «rll. Hanil.t Pnwrll. Ward. Jr. " PRAIMIK ScHOUNKR " Prai. I.rwi Pratt. Artj Prall. Lilbri Prrvtia. Arthur Pricr. France Primr. Ann PriH-ha ka. Ravnionil Prc.rtitt. Allrr,! Protlitl. Rov Prururk. DonabI ProiJiiian. Krank Pruutv. Harrv PlBUCATIONS PuK lrv, Harrii-ii PuK«lrv. Willijiii Pulliam, Wilnia Pub»o. Wiltiani Puhcr. Janr Pumphrrv. Max Putnam. Cifar I P l« . Mar):arft Q Uual- rt. Omrr . Vuantr. Frank, Jr. uinn. Lvlr Pxn 311 »• , 121. 2t :i 111. I.S2. 211 1 ' .2. 211 lU III) 1 Ic. 225 IIU U2 3 W ». 138. n. 3U7 III. 2tN 217 2IIU 326 J . 8 ». 28T. 2 2 1 43 K ' l. 2:1 2-) I 201 265 IIU IIS. 2 ll 25 ' ). 280 25 ' l 35 201 271 S-l. 2;t5 271, 2 " 6 2V2 203 K ' ». 271 280 2.V( «■ . 215 1.18 B ' l. 241 127 142 111. I ' W 81. 154. 156. 225. 288 lis 108, 231 201 140 1 16, 205 121. 205, 110, 2ai 1 13, :ui2 152. 168. 223 111 2,13. .128 81. 213. 325 8 l. IW 115 |il5 lis 241 108. 213. 2 ' 8 103 318 247 Vif ' NAMKS P«r. NAMKS P«rt Kabrlrr Alex 147 Kabrr. .Arthur 118, 211.281 Karri.. Ja.k 140 Ra Mr. Brrnar.l 8 Ra.lniof. Ki.liai.l 108 Ra.lm..rr. Ri.liat.l 142 Raican. FrankUn 265 Rahn. Maul..,.! 1.15 Raii-h. Kathr. n 11)8. 201 RaUlon. Robt-rl 261 Ral.L.n, William no Kamcv. Btib )6. 108. 205. 3. ' 6 Rjm« v, Jainr« 8 " l, 263 Kaii.lall, William 251 Kan.lrl. Klran. t •.112. 313 Ran.L.l. Kl. 1 122 Kankiii. T.lair .102. 307 R.i|.alrr. Riilh 80, 120. 2.13 Kapi.. Carl 251 Ka,.,.. Frr.l 138 Ka[ | . ir inia 100 Ka-rr. 108. 1.15. 1 18. 153. 155. 163 165. 223 Ra mu««rn, Mark 159 Ka«Ir.l. ,Frr»Icrirk 80 265. 203 Kalhbun. r ra lrn 201 Kalhirn. Hrrbcrl . 135 Hawaii. Vrrni- 265 Ha . BrllT 1 16. 2.13 Rav. CfHtrgr 108 Ra». Robert !(». 2.15 Ra . Vrrna 2.13 Krarilrn. Donalil 113 Rrt-tnr. Donalil 112 R-,-l..r. C..r.l..n 118. 2,10 Rr.l.lirk. Dnri 280. 316 R.ibrrl 205 Rr,l,lT, Paul 143 241, .104 Kr.lwooil, .Mirr 00. 217 Hrril. Annamarv 227 Rcrtl. Cram 211 Ri-nl. Jran 220 Rccd. Mar ton 00 R l, Ralph 120. 121, 161 . 223, 327 Rrril, Ralph 1.18, lU, R.iM-. Rlrhard 00. 185. Sawlrll. «illiam. Ji 190. 221 2S4, 526 287. 2«5 Saw.ri.. Flank 119. 223 Kt-rdt, WIIIUlii 126, IBS. Ku ra, t.rMrcr loo. 121. Saw.rl. Janr 91. 223 ■MT. 2 ' tJ. 326 .■-•1. 114. 127 Satlun. Malsairi loo. 271. Hrn, DaIr 146, 357 Ko.rnliric Krdiill 156. JWI 200. J28 Krnr, Hrli. 21 ' ) Hi..rnlhal. Ilribril 141. 148 St ' haprr. CarliM 166 HKLtsr., llt «ni. •• Ru r«alrr, baibaia J.1. 100. S4-ha|.ri, l.urllr 01 Rr«i -r. Ja.ub 1.16 122. 179. 207 S.hrc|r. lira., 152. 247 Rr(irr. Mwllr Rrfiiii-r. Kalhr i 2S7 Hu.krt. Ilrlm 38. • . Sbrrlr. Flu.r, 158. 166 217 lU. 305 S.brflr|, II.,,. 315 HrhUn.lri. Nalahr |U8, 21 ' l Rum, l.urrr 00. 148. S.brlr. llrUu 300. 309 Rchnirirr. Frali r 300 Jnl. .100, 300 Sbrwr. Ni.inian 152 Rri. ' har.ll. Williii.a 267 Ru... Milan 225. 109 S-hi.k, Maf|..,.r 109. 231. Kru-b laill. Paul 263 Hu... Rulb ' 10 ' Nl. J09. 328 Rriil. Arliuld ■HI, 105 Ro... lanir. 116 Srhirk, Mur,,. 146 Rrirr. Kd. 2 l Rii.arr. Rubnl 111! Schill, llrr 307 Rrilly. CharlM . m. 141 K.O.T.i;. .sFtllllN »l.l-h. H..|.ril 146. 205 IS3. IM, I6S. 166. 100. 211 AMriLLEHV I I1. . i.i..tri. i;|..,i. 312. 313 Rriiiirr. . hin 108 Hallallon MafI 1 It ■l.l ' ler,, Rulb 311 Rriiitrr. Kalir 302 Hallrr A If. -l.l.. I.lin,, «allri 14.1. 221 Rriiiicr.. Mlilbur 141 llallrr. II 1 If. •••, i;irn 146 Rrinniillrr. llrriiJi ' ' «!. 288. 318 llalirr) 1 116 -•l.l ' .rlrr. C.,1 143 RriK. PiiMilla 210 Hradt|Ua ' 115 rblurlrr, Rlr hai.l 1.16 KrinllttEtiin. Aib ' r ' 147 IUnu 151 Srhiua.lrkr, |.,..|r. ' ' I. 225. 288 RrniinKt»ll. Firilr-n. k .Wi. 302. 325 DrroMum 158 Srbiua.lrkr, |.b„,| ' ■ " 225. 288 Rr ' .lrr. Manila ' HI. 217. 302 lAbi ua Srbnirckpopn, M. ' 146 Rru «-h. Kallrr 108. 2. ' 3 baltaliun SlaH 111 Srhmi.l, Ed 91. 261 Rrl. Ilrirn 233 Companr 135 Srbnii.h, Col. Ion 201 Rrvnuld.. Hrirn 280 ConipaiM It lis Srhnu.ll, Mai. 199. 328 Kr«nuld . Paulin. ' ' HI. 100 Ci ' mpant 1 116 Srh,n.Mlr, 141 KrvnuldMtn, riti ' - 1 In. 225 Ciinipan. 1 ' 116 Nrhnrrkli.lh, l.. ui r I ' l ' . 128 Rh»dr«, Marv 201 t rA TRV Srbnri.lri, Frr.l 1.19 Rhodr , Paul 111 Uallaliun SlalT 137 Srhnriiirr, Hrll.rll 267 Rit-r, Charlr 112. 211 Cnnipan% A 1.18 Srhnrt.Irr, III Ricr. Uunald 152. 302. 307 Company B 138 Si hnriilrr. Louia 251 Rirr. Cil.rl . 138 Ctimpany C 139 .Vbnri.lrrwiu.l. E lli. , .11. TOO Ricr. l-awrrnrr Rirliard . (irttri: - 136 108. 237 Cum pan V |l Cunipan. 1 1.19 110 .S-hnirdrr. Orin .Srhobrrl. Kal|.b 143 146 Rirhard-.. Marki 237 Coinpan. 1 110 . ' irhurk. Cnilcr It. ' JSl Rit ' hartl«oii. Kii|; ' ii ■ ' 263 Cnnipan. (-• 111 Schorning. 5lrrlin 140 Klt ' hariUon. Jnhi) ' H). 142. 203 Ctimpanv H Ml Srhul.. Harold 116 Rit-bartltoii. Jo 146 Ciimpany I 142 Srhoinrr. Crrl] 111 HichntoiKl. (tani 181 Cumpanv K 142 Srhraa. Harold 140 Rirbintiml, Ndoini )0. .100 Ciinipanv 1, 143 Srhram. Vrmon III. 190 Hit-kfl. Klinnr 108. 270 Cumpanv M 143 Schrinrr. John 1.16. 267 Riddle. Otfdrn 00. 107 Ji MjH OrricciiK 1 IT. 1 19 Srbrirkcr. Hobrrt 109. 237 281. 280 MiLiTAHy . " iiArr 111 286. 292 Ririjc Cti n 1.50 Permiim. K1FLX4 ILurall 152 Srhronlrr. Albrrt 11. 91. 267 Rii«iir««, Dori 00. 311 Pkhoiiim. Rifuc in ' •■■■ ' • ■ 153 Schmrdrr, Hal 1.16 RiiMie-. Kri. Riianr . Janien 110 90. 185. PlIALAM Krp (;i ino 157 156 Srhrorilrr. Ilrnrv Srhronlrr. Krnnrir 159 ■ ' 1. 247. 203 287. 292 RkcIMEMAL TAIl 132 .SrhruR. Cilbrrl 109. 265 Rine. Crrald 142 CARRARP AND lll(l l 154, ISS Srhurk. Edward 223 Rincrnbrrc. Lcdtcr Hinkrr. Rav 143 SrONMlRll ... 133 Srhurk, l,4irainr 91. 261 III. 251 Riilh. Frank. Jr. 138. 253 .• hu.lrl. Harold 1 r. I ' l:. 109 Rinnf. Rrinhul.t Ri| a, Kvt-tvn Ki|.bv. Dnri- Ripl. . Ri|.|.r. [ijvb- Ki| [ rn. Alvin Rip|iclraii. I ;irt -I Ri 4f f Kailii ' riri - 141 Kulhrry. HrIrn 00, 217 Srhulll. Lurillr 271 ' Ht. 301 R. lh»rll. Phtlli. liw, 271, 313 SrhuU. Dnn 138 JU. 313 Rulhwrll. Rubrri 124, 116, 2.1s Srhuniarhrr. Ralph 141 200 Rmibirrk. Carl 146 Srhumarhrr. Raymond 142. .108 141 Ruun.U. Tr. 109. 231. 317 Srhultluflrl, Emma 261. 328 : U. 318 Rou rk. Fd«in 1 IS. 107, 309 Schwab. 1.16 145 RiiMr. Jrannr 91, 233, 311 Schwabaurr. Har..ld 110 . 8. 110, Ru»rll, Hupr 298 Schwarla. Brrnar.l 291 215 , 283. 285. :H)S KoMland, Brilv o|, 105 Srhwaru. Paulinr .■■ ' 1. 280 Ri ' l, Mariun 00. 217 Ruwirv, Janr 271 . M-hwarlakopf. Samurl 67 Rim! Rita Rilrhif. Carl 105 RuH«un, rr l 111 Srhwaruman. Jor 146 143 Riiyal, Gr irjr 111. 223 iyrhwarr. Hrul.rn 139 Rtiarli, Britv IJI. 249 Riivrr. Carl lis Srhwnlhrlm. Eunirr 311. 313. 261 Ruarh Oa% id 1.16 Hubrndall. Clairr Z33 Schwrtllhrlm. Lortainr 313 Rubb, Hrurr 128 Rubnili. Juarphinr J.-, ' . .113. 328 Schwrfman, Mrrlin 0|. 139, 157 Kiibbin . Handd Vl ' r «lun 311 Rudolph. Mai. in 139 S-i«m. Alwin 1.19 R.)bbin . HaroM William 257 Rurlikanirn. Ftnlrrii-k 2.17. 294 Scufirhl, Jnhn 109. 265 Kubbino. R»« 1.18. 165 Rumrrv. I.urilr 100 Scott. Frank 39. 109. R.ibrrk. JiMr|.bi... RitbrrH. Charlf 231 Kundlr. Harold no 146. 158. 267. 292 lis. 116. 2.19 Ruprrt. Cladv I ' l ' i. 207 Srott. Cr..rtr I3S R b Tl«. Lillian 217 Rupp. RnbrrI - 1 is. .127 Scult. (;u. 165 Robert . Lvlr RobrrI . Edward :iio. 318 Kunrr. Nrwion 138. 241 Srott. Jark 263 1.18 Ru»rl. Rolhanna 100. 200. .Srott. Jamr •i|. .106 Rubrri . Riibrrt 1.15 .100. 328 Scow. EIranor .100 Rubrrt in. John 146 RuA.rll. Grornr 113 Sruddrr, Franrr.. 91.215. Robrrlxm. Paul Rnbertu . Ilrnrv .108 ' HI. 138. Knih, .Anna Ruth. Edward 180. 207 1.15. 158. 295 Sra rrn. Harry 283. 312. 316 1.16. 1S2. 265 I .:, 213, Edward 142. 2.57 Sr.llarrk. Jamr. 299 Robinaiin. Eugene Robinoiin. Phvlli ' 304 Ryan, Dirk 123. 1.16. Srrly. Drlphinr 249 .15. 108. 263. .127 Srfriat. Edwar.l 118. 142. 215 195. 300. 328 Ryan. William 143. 230 Scidrl. Robrrt 209. .127 Rnbiii-on. Thrtxinra Robv. Marru Rmk trnm. R « RiHtdv. John 00 I ' ll H(. no Rvkrr. Dalr H. lrom. Rirhard s 146 01. 292 Sridrl. Thoma. Srilrr. Waltrr Sriandrr, IlonaM Srldrfy, Arrhir 12.1. 143 91 116 116 RiMlrnbrek. Preilrrirk Rndrnbun:. Ebtor Rnr. Or illr 1 18. 312 1.15 Saallrhl. Ruth 109 Srilrr . Irmr Srmlak. Dan 109. 207 135. 294 1 6. 159 Sark. Harold 91 Sa toR Cutaa 71 Ror rr. Erwin 1J8. 117 Sarkril, William " 1. 112. :: SRHtOR JttM.I C TtAM 2(8 Roe-ler. Thro |ore 113 Sadir, Rrmirr jyi liri Srnn. Fianri .105 Rneltelr. Paul Ri Crrv BritT Rtkgrr . Klranor Rt |[rr . Harold Rocrr«, John Hi frr«. Mrrrrll Rn«rr«. Wilbur R. gr. Lawrrnrr Ri h lr. HarobI lUi 108 Sadlr. Byron Sa.llr, Marian 01. .Vtl. .105 Srn.rnrT, Franrr. Sr.rik, Edwin .109 lis ' HI. 22 » 2a5 Sairm, Charlr. Sahrr, Ran.lrll 110. 1.57 145 Sr. rra. Hrim Srwrll, Dnnahl 36. 123 14.1. 1.52 1.19 Sallhoii.r, Will 14.1 .Srat ' in. Don 1.18 157 Salyaid.. John 147. 209. .lo- Srybnld. Irmr 201 00. 205 116 1 10. 2.19 Samp on. Hatoi l San p«on. Jack Sampson. Rirhard rn 116 142 Sharkrlford. Ororcr Shadrt. Alirr Sha.lrr. Jrannr 148 227 227 Rohn. Hrlta 227 SamurUon. Firman 263 .Shanahan. F ' .crnr 140 Rohrboueh. Fli abrlb JOl Samurl«.n. Clarmir 1.18 Shanahan. ' 141 .101 313 Rohrboush. Jark Roland . Aullon 1.16. 152, 241 San.lall. Charlr. 128. 112. 201 Shannon. 1 117, I.V5, Sandbrre. Robrri 2a5 Sharrirk. 1 r n, . ' H . Sandrr.. Chri.lnphrr 91. 146. Sha«trm. h ' .l.rM 118. 157 Rollr.. Paul Ri nian«, Warrrn RnmrrniT. Slr r Rnmie. Margin Kumijh. Philip Rnnnr. RnbrrI I-.8 111. .-M, l. ' T 110 20s 205 liio. llr,. Ir.l. J ' . " Sandrr . Jampy .• andrr-. I.ron Sandrr.on. Robrri SandT.on, Walirr var,.l|...l. Dor ' .lhy jn.l r.kv. William 225. 28 . 308 22s 2«! 1.16 1.59 272. .101 141. 2S7. .102 Shaw. Janr Shaw. John Shaw.rr. Kalhrrinr Shrldon. Chaunrry Shrld..n. Ruth Shrllhayr. WilUi.l Shrltrr.. irior 249 142 1(15. 312 243 .109 110 1.18. 223 Rnnrk. Paul Rn A Boir.MTO H4L1. Rn«rnw, RnbrrI Ill " 2il » an.i.. Maurinr 109 Shrrbum. Prgcv 1.1.1. 328 , 272 . »1 Sam. Mary Sayerr. Cllbrrt 100. 301 312 Shrrbomr. Kriil, Shrnnan. Iryin 146 l. ' l. 14.5. 269 Page 417 NAMES P « " liriman. J«m«-- ' 18. JS hci».ood. Bt-iij .-249 Shci ...«.l. Ed »ar.l .193 ?hci».K.d. Vfiu 199 Miri i«..M]. K..l.. ' i IW. 146 Mir . Elnirr ■ ■ ' ■™ Shipp " . Liriu " - »« Shirrv. l-rrj i ' fi. 323 hucmakrt. l ..i.aM 124 huriiiakrT. Mffl 91 Miiif-ull. J4.k ' ' 1. -S Mi«liri.l. Chdr " 1. 1 8 huMdltrr. Ku|:i-iir 1. 2 3 Shurk. Bvrlr 16 hul -t. Jean " 5 hulr». Xiritiiuj •■ ' ' •? I liiiti. In»m 133. 29S iblcv. Kulh 297 irkH. Wilnj 109.201 Sicm»«-ii. Uuiialtl 2i5. 139 SltMA Tai 287 Sicnisr-n. Martiu 293 ICMA Au-HA Ei siLo 252, 253 McM AU ' iiA Iota _ 298 McMA Au ' HA Ml 254, 255 McM« ;hi - 256, LSi Mlma Delta Chi 310 SicWA Delta Tal 258, 259 McM Eta Chi 313 MuMA Gamma ErsiLON 314 MiiNA Kaita 260. 261 bKMA Kappa 260. 2( 1 McMA v 262, 263 Mcma Phi Epsilon 264. 265 MuMA Tau 287 SicMA Xi 279 Silkrii. Nirhola 142 Silkrii. Vljlcr 142, 159 ilvr Knb«rl 33.140.269 StnimumlTi, Clair 139 Simnioiitlh. NurrU l Stmniunn. Jamcc 263 SiRiiiione. Kenneth 251,139 Simniuiifi, Jran 21 Simmon.. Kobrrl 140,363 SimnionN Kobirrl 40. 109, 183. 303, 326. 327 Simmunit, M ' ilbur 251 Simun. Albtria 91 Simun, Clarrnif . . 205 Simun. EiJwin 306 Simun, Mary 92 Simpn. Dick 143, 203 Simonsun. Jean 213 Simun un, Rat- 193 Simp-on. Janie 139 im) Hon. Pliilii 147 Sim» . Kari.lall 140 Sinclair. E»a 109,133,201 Sint:rr. Harul.l 142 Sinko. Kobrri 235 Stnlar. Kobcfi 143 Sinlon. ftalL-r 135 Sipp. Thurman 92. 287. 292 iiitv. Eupeni- 146. 304 SillliT. ftrrnrr 315 Skinnrr. Jt- . 109, 225 Sklar. Charlolle 259 Sko (;aar l. KubmcI 35, 247 Skww. Harvry 292 Skrdla. Willie 145, 197 Slafiil, Philip 159.293 Single. Chorles 135, 141 Slania. Ceorijc 139 Slams, HuRO 139 Sloan, (jarlanti 237 Sloan. Krnnelh 146 Sloan. Koberl 143 Slo-bur,;. Sianlry 155,269 Sloup. Mihon 299 Smalldon. Ted 139 Smrerin. Sara 259. 317 Smilrv. Frank 145 Smiley. Kicbard 109,146 148. 155. 165. 223 Smilry. Wayne 318 Smith. Bernard 251 Smilh. Charlotte 92 Smith. Cora . . .92, 199 Smith. Dale . .92.225, 281. 289 Smith. Doris 110. 133, 199 Smith, Elizabeth . 110, 199 Smith. ElliK 287 Smith. Genevieve 207 Smith, Jane 110. 298 Smilh. Herbert 92 Smilh. John 110. 205 Smith. Joy . 197 Smith, Kenneth 251 Smilh, I. wrenr ' - 304 Smith. Marjorie 280. 301 Smilh. Oak 239 Smiht. Paula 110 Smith, Richard 302 Smilh. Robert 302 Smilh. Hubert K. 2 1 Smith. Verne 304 Smilh, Vireinia Ho. J2y. 249 Smilh, VirKinia . . 92. 271 Smith, Virvinia 229 Smolik, Olio 143 Smrha. Marian 300 Smyth, Viri;inij ' »J. 219 Snell. Earl li5. 235 Snipes. Allen 146. 253 Snyder. Carl 139 Sn»-der. Jamm 14 Page 418 .NAMES Pagef Snyder. Martin 146. 318 Sobel. Kulh 259 Snobrl. Mable 92 Sohl. Alice 302. 313 Sokal. LiHinard 139 Somnier. Nulan 128 SorenM-n. Arnul.l 110. 292 Soren rn. Norman 141 Son:. Jerume 138 Sorrell, URue 147.156 Sourhrk. Ku ' i el 92 Suuehek. Gror|;e 142 Suukup. Ann 231 Soukup. Fra ci , 142 . io,iih»»i. k. Philip 110, 243 Soulhwitk. Stanley 146. 243 Suve. Norman 292 Sparhl, Grace 312 Spader. Nila 34,92, 133. 181, 290, 300 Spahn, Gerald 142. 241 Spahr. Delberl 143 Spanjiler. Richard 110.121,235 Spealman. Ernest 139 Spechl. O-wald 145 Spehr. Martiarel 304 Speier. Sam. J r . 269 Spelts. Milton 146. 223 Spencer. ( ' illiani . . , ,136, 327 Spencer. Craig 215 Spencer. France- 110, 213, 298 Spencer. Jean 128 Spencer. Truman , 110. 265 Spicer, Charles 92.193 Spielh. Olive 271 Spinier. John 142 Sprout. Paul 92,157,293 Spry. l ' illiani 145 Spurlock. Lyman 145. 156, 157. 319 Squires. Robert 142. 302 Srb, Hannah 92.199, 290. 300 Slaab. Milton 292 Stabler, irginia 110, 213 Slalev. Marian 110.280.328 Stalling. Alice 92. 271 Stalline. Evelyn 271 Standifor l. Margaret 92, 207, 305. 313 Slanek, Millard 309 Slanko. Helen 110 Slappenbeck. Richard 302,307 Starkev. Neal 287 Starlin. Marion 309 SaUtny. Floyd 139 Stauffer, Ivan 146 Stava. Theresa 92,227.304 Slearns. Harriet 213 Stebbins. June 249 Steckelberg. Janet 201 Steckelberg, William 138,263 Steckley. Edwin 145. 265 Steele. Ellsworth 286 Steele, Frances 92, 272 Steele. Glen 122.140 Steeburg. Ned 92. 205 Stceves. Doriji 261 Sleeves. Edmund 110. 122. 124. 179. 263. 310. 327 Sicinbercer. Frank 149 Steinbrecker, Mary 227 Slcmper. Jack 141 Stenlen. Marion 233 Stephens. Ruih 213 Stephens. Joseph 110, 128. 147. 152. 155, 156. 223. 327 Sterling, Willard 145 Sternberg, Patricia 271,317 Sterner. Wildon 148 Steutevillr. Florence 92, 122. 207. 280. 311 Steuteville. Mary 207, 328 Steuieville, Fern 122. 207. 280. 283 Stevens Earl 145.309 Stevens, Norman 145 Stevenson, Betty 219 Stevenson. Derrell 92, 237 Stewart. Elizabeth 195 Stewart. Herbert 239 Stcwarl, Marv 92. 124. 133. 231. 283. 285 Stewart, Warren 159 Stewart. Wisdom 139 Stickler. Beulah 301 Stiefler, Robert 166. 269 Still. Beufurd I39 Still. Frances 92 Sliner. Frederick 120. 243 Sliner, Richard 145. 306 Stilh. Mvrun 142 304 Stoddard. Koltin 142.286 Sloddari. John 140,211 Sloddart. Mary 201 Slohlman. ElUworlh 148 Siolle. Waller 92.287.295 Stoltzman, Le»lie HO, 203 Stone. Dale 93 Stone, Edna 93, 328 Stone. Jack . 136 Stoncbraker. Wilfred 110. 225. 281 Slorer. Robert HO. 267 Sluul. Norman |26. 185, 251, 287, 295. 314 Sirandokov. Carl 302 Sirand! kov, Frcde 143 Slra llein , Herman 148 . »lra««er. Richard 253 NAMES Pages Strau»9, Jamefi 135 Stringer. Belly 93, 201 Stroh. Alfred 142 Stroud. Waller 141 Slrulhen . Keilh 294 Slruve. Victor 203 Strv-un. Paul .138. 302 Stuart. James . 110,149,239 Stuart. John . 140 Stuart. Robert I.. .122. 152 Stuarl. Robert M 136. 152. 239 Sluckev. Dean 138 STi;DtNT Colncil 33 Stuhmcr. Carl 146,318 Sluhr. Ruth 280 Slurdevaot. Cliford 110 Slurdevanl. Clifford 110 307. 319 Slurdevanl, Ralph 136 Stutheit. William 139 Stult. Wilma 280 Stuve, Georgene 93.195 Suing. Billie 124.231 Sule. Dennie 140 Summers. Clarence 93. 241 Sundberg, Donald 318 Sundernian. Howard ,209 Sunderman. Ivan 136, 143 Sundstroni. Clemens 93 Sundstrom. Herbert 93, 146. 310 Sundstrom, Vincent 146 Surber. Florence 304 Surber. Ruih 271.301 Sutton. Philip 225,288.289 Svoboda. Alice 195 Svoboda. Frank 139. 225, 281, 289, 309 Svoboda, George 110,124. 148, 157, 263 Swainsun. Jean 233 Swan. Harold 121,146.243 Swonson, Allen 282 Swanson. Carl 93, 225. 288 Swanson. Jean 247 Sworiz. Maynard 243 Swedlund. Lawrence 265 Sweeney. Mary 199 Sweeney. William 211 Swenson. Jeanct 272 Swifi. 93. 199 Swift. Jean 96, 249, 328 Swingle. William. Jr. 143 Swobodj. Dorothv 231 T Tallman. Frank 138.211.327 Tanner. John 135. 142, 149 Tanner, Lloyd 143 Tanlon. Charles 93. 124. 142. 235 Tassie. Dallas 211 Tassels 328 Tale. Gayle 142, 150.263 Tatelman. Maurice 255,307 Tatro. Merlene 110.298 Taylor. Allen 140 Taylor. Bowen 241 Taylor. Charles 93.141. 257. 306 Tavlor. Virgil 318 Tavlor. Don 143 Taylor. Evelyn HI, 207 Taylor. Frank. Jr 143, 299 Tavlor. Maxine 217 Taylor. Phyllis 201, 304 Taylor. William ...93 Teachers College 58 Tegtmeier. Oscar 318 Teich. Kenneth 215 Terry. Richard 142 Tesar. Milo 145 Tetherow. Claude 292 Thacker. Glenn 111,197.281 Thacker. Wendell 145 Theobold. Clement HI Therien. Robert 136.141.302 Therkelsen. Lotus 111,280,301 Theta Nl 307 TuETA Xi 266. 267 Thienhardt. Leonard 145 Thiescn. Dick 138 Thoene. R ichard 267 Thomas. Ressie , 93. 301 Thomas. Robert 93. 144. 235 Thomas. Grant J63, 257, 327 Thomas. John 302 Thomas. Lucile 195. 317 Thomas, Marion 241. 287. 292 Thomas. Maxine HI, 272, 300 Thomas. Orlu 93, 263 Thomas. Richard 139 Thtimpson. Caroline 271 Thompson. Clifford 326 Thompson. David 205 Thompson. Elvin 318 Thompson, Grace 93, 271 Thompson. Jack 141 Thompson. Pohn 39, 93, 135. 295 Thompson, Lvnn HI. 221 Thompson, Phyllis 219 Thompson. Roger ' . . , . 141 Thor. Eric 111.180. 182. 197. .309, 327 Tliombiirg, John 241. 245 Thornton. Gretchen 93 Thornton. Robert 253 Thorpe. William 140 Pages Thrasher, Ir in 138 Thurber, Thomas 165 Thurston. Mamie 261 Thurlle. George 146 Thygeson. Ruth 93.233 Tibbells. Lois 271 Tichv. James 314 Tedbali. Marjorie 249 Tmsiman. Dale 203 Tisdale. James HI. 124 148, 237 Tiller. Maxine 93. 298 Tolbert. ( vnne 111. 190. 237 Tollegsen. Robert . . Tomek. Joseph 143 Tomich. Lawrence .... 145. 197 Toms. Bi»hop 154. 286 Tooey. Marv 111. 133. 199 Tookcv. Virginia 111. 280. 312 Tool. Warren 140 158. 295 Tourlelot, Harrv Townlev, Frank 141 -ilev. Page , 93, 263 Townsend. William Track Tracv. Mary " Htl Traver, Jack . . . Treakle, Lawrence . . . . HI Tree, Marv 199 Treraain. L.awrence .... 145 Tremunt. Frank HI. 263 Tri-K Clib 289 Trimble. .Arch 197 Trill. Mvron 247. 291 Trnik. Gladys 245 Troxell. Maureen Truhlsen. Stanlev 138 Trumble. John 146 Trump. Maxine Tucker, Mar - 207 . . 142 Tucker. Ralph TuUis. Ernest 215 Tunberg. Lee , 142. 302 Tupper. Kent 111. 140. 155. 205 Turkel. Harold . 166, 255 Turkel. Leo . 166,255 Turnbuil. Harold 39, 293 Tumbull. John 141 Tumbull. Wade 314 Turner. Bette . 195 Turner. Coriez 1 40 Turner. Darrell . 138 Turner. Frances 300 Turner. Robert 235 Turney. Paul. 306 Turpil, James . 306 Tve. Mariorie . ' . . 290. 300 Tyler. Ralph 138. 223 Tyner. George. Jr. . . 111. 148. 221 u VMey. Donald Ulman, FreJ rrenholdl. Georite . Vlirifnhnldi. Harrv r.MvEH rrr Players L ' mhank. George . . . I ' p on. John Lpton. L. K L ' lt. Charlotte Vail. Edwin an Anda. Frances . . Van Andel. Sherman . , analla. Ruth Van Buykirk. Leonard - an Bu kirk. Roger . . . ance. John andeburK. Franklin ... andeburg, Grace .... Van Denbark, Edwin .. VanDerslice. Karl anderwalker. Eleanor Van Horn. Donald " an Horn. John Van Horn. Richard Van Home. Eliubeth . Van Ncsie. Keith an Norman. Robert . . an Patten. Dorothv Van Skiver. RonulJ ARslTV Band Varsity Parties, Virginia Vaughn. Frances V ' cigel. Charles Velle. Berenice Venell. Irvin Veon. Feni Vernon. Doris Versaw. Herbert Versaw. Kenneth ' esper CHOtR Vrtte. Frank Vickery, Bert ... Vidlak. Frank .. Viere g. James . . ' illars. Rohcrl ,. ' incent. Jack ' ining. Barbara . Vilamvas. Gerald ITS 141 144 309. 148 164 .94. 205 .94. 25.1 142 199. 317 142. 306 120, 229 145 94. 217. 211 140. 235 138, 235 140 94 94. 24S .146, 156, 314 139 122 Ill, 197. 281. 289 138 257 . .94, 217, 296 139 .111,221.304 229 14. ' ; ISO 183 94. 219 317 139, 183 94 183 94, 317 313 136 159 317 ... 135, 211 111, 149. 154. 243 142, 304 205 139 143 272 157 P«Cc« Vla«Dik. Crursr tHfU Maty ViifElcr. John ti«l, Marir Voiei. Kfr,i Vo l. Rohrrl VmUI. ttilliam Vulk. Jiihn ulk, R« niiuttt uii Brrsni, Uitii on StTJlf ' n. J " t " " ..,.. l . lr ..... Il fld ran , rrnoii vv U . . . KxKl-l TI«K Cot tlL U. V. . IstMtMl HAL KU4IID U . . A. SruHT Bwkxu T. Jubn Hjchl r, Leo Charlr Ml Jill . Jcdii lj Jr. M illiam % jdhjHK. Kubrfl «J.JIu«. Ul K jrrhlrr. Marjuric U nrr. Donaltl Uji;iirr, Pdul U j nrr. WillUm ljht. Carl Uiihl. KtUin Wahl. John WjU-oll, Janr . - . - Maldron. CIrinrni «jMM:hmidt. Paul U alicrrn. SU an Ualkrr. Oantrl %jlk. r. llaroM UjIN. Dtmal.) UjIU. K.lMat.l Vkj|ld -r. Oraldint- Vkjlld.r. H roM ljlljrf-. 0.]rllr lalUir. Parnrib V alliii-f, trsinij Uatlrn. Flo,.) Uallm f. r ' T ' ftallrr.. H Wallrr . i . tt alirM. k U j|| -r«. Paiilinr MlarJ. Rirhartl lar.]. Ruth %arn-hoU. EwjI.I ft arrrn. lirnr r W a«»«n. Art II ft a««» n. Lr - ft jt« n. Jamr ft au):h. Kluahr-i ftauich. Kobrri ftr« r.. Br rfU ftf-avt-r. Ctiarl. ft fi rt. LloTiJ ftravrr, Phillip ft «-a»rr. Rr« ftra»iT. Robrrl «. l« IS7. JUb Ill yj ■ ' 11. I.M I5T. Jll III. . 0I iw JOi IM UJ 1 1 ' . I4». 1 ' JOT ♦» ■IT J4I IU u; L ' 63 136 ISO 133. 1S4 J5i iS5 111, ::ii 133 nv. ita I ' M 1 U. 215. 327 123. 275 312. 217 219 M. 135. 2U3 201 33. Ill 1:1. 20.1. 327 136. 143 IW. 241 146 ' II. 141. Lib 143. 205 40. 94. 178. 233. 277 241 111. 302. 312 146 94 112 143 141 219 315 04. 213. 311 301 94. 219 1:16. 145 112. 253. 292 184. 290 265 1.15 91. 133. 180. 300 135. 143 94. 245 96 •U. 315 308 145 1.16. 142 35. 233 136. 253 128. 193 157 91. 235 1 15. 1 19. 205 149 112. 223 XAMK.S ttr«krr. % illiaoi ttrdtrlllng. Wattur Urbb. Iloi.l «rbb. M n brt. MllJf.l «rbr.. rhllh). ttrbri. K l|ph tt rb-lcf, Krrd ttrb lrr. OfllD « .K«l. Il.,t,l rrlh. Ilrnri U rjnrr. Hniiv Vlribrl. KuUnd ritliif-f, b rfi tl Vlril. Ulll tt rlDbrfK. Jor U riDgarlrn. Ji ' lin «ril rl. Il4iii ' ' l ttrk .rr. Mil.lir.l «rlr..rl. K..|.r.l Vlrlboin. K.lnjbrJI % rltlrii. jAltir Urilrii.irli. Olio ttrllmcrr. Hill « rll.. Kluibrlh « l.h. Mal.hall Uritiiii. Tt-.l «rnkr. I ' .ul ft mix. 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Prinlcra 407 Boyd PrinCinR 387 Bra lt ' ielil Pliarmacy 388 Bran.leis 392 Bruwn Prinlini: Service 406 Buck% Coffee Shop (ihe Moon) 373 Burcliam ' s Barber Sliop 372 Burlini:tun Tiailways ■1B2 Buller ' H Cleaners .. . 41)0 Capital FiDini: Station MJI Cannan ' H 368 Castle, Roper, and Mathewfl 372 Charles Eke Son 400 Cheapper System Inc 376 Chevrolet Motors 369 Chris Beck ' s 365 College Supply Store 391 Crittenden Cleaninj; and Dyeing 373 CuUer Shoe Coinpuny - 376 D Dailv N. ' l,ra-kai. , - .179 David J. Moll..,- Plant 383 Da%ii4 anil Wtlhun, Arcliilccls 382 DehntT Buul Cumpany 371 Dk-kinKon Srrretarial School 398 Dnnlap Opiiral Cumpany 377 Karl E. May Scrd Cumpany 398 Earl Wood ' . Dairy 389 Eastman Kodak Stores 373 Eichc Floral Company 367 Evan8 Laundry 376 Fairmont Creamery Company 392 Famous 389 First Trust Company 367 Ford Motor Company 410 Franklin Press 371 Fred Iversim Floral Shop 375 Fred S. Sidles Motors Inc 403 Frey i Frey 401 George A. Craneer Company George Brothers Gillen ' s Candies Globe Laundry Guldstein-( ' ha) man 9 . 400 .400 .377 .371 .370 Grand Hotel 377 Gr.-.n ' s 367 H Map ' s 406 llariey Brothers 36t Hudgnian .Mortuary 367 Holmes Keerealion 392 Hotel Blarkslone 385 Hotel Capital 382 Hotel Cnnanl .390 Hotel Coriihusker 374 H.)1p1 Funtenelle 393 Hotel Lincoln 399 Hotel Past.m 402 Hotel Kobidioux 407 Hotel Sanford 390 House of Bauer 40.1 Hinlaud Swans. in 401 Jai-ob North Printing Company 396 Jay Worley Printing 381 Jolm Deere Plow Company 395 K Krlli-on Furniliire Cumpany. 368 Kinney Tire und Parking Company ... 389 l.alM-h Brothers 372 I.cbsark Brothers 372 Lincoln Clearing House Association .. 378 Lincoln Liberlv Life Insurance Co... 381 Lincoln School nf Commerce 387 Lincoln Teleplione and Telegraph Co. 375 Lincoln Traction Company 368 Lincoln Wheel Brake Service 406 L mn 391 Lord Auto Company 400 M Mace, Ma Midwest Life Insurane Miller and Paine Modern Cleaners Jane 405 ' 407 Company 365 363 389 I Ilcii-Bjrincltler I ' roducls Modern Shoe Repair Company 389 Molzer Music Company 376 Mowbray-Lyon Company 385 N National Ca h Ketiister Company 394 Nebraska Phiili {;raphic Service 372 Nebra-ika Power Company 367 Nebraska Typewriter Company 3P0 Norlhrup-Jones Company l()8 O Olson Construction Company 387 Omaha Crockery Company 399 Omaha Live Stock Exchange 394 Paramount Laundry .375 Paxton Gallagher Company 394 Peerless Cleaneri« 398 R Roberts Dairy 365 Roscwcll Floral Company 377 Rudge Si Cuenzel Company 406 S Safeway Stores 370 Sartor Jewelry Company 381 Schneider Grocery 406 Sears. Robeek and Company 398 Seller Surgical Company 398 Skan» Furniture Company 371 Standard Market 367 Stuart, Lincoln. Orpheiim Theater.i. . . .364 Student L ' liion 366 Sullivan ' Tranvf T and Storage , ., 389 T Townsend Studi o 397 Turnpike Bailrooni 388 u I ' nion Stock Yards Qtimpany 386 I ' niversily Drug , 400 I ' niversiiy Extension , , 381 V Van Sant School of Business 370 Van Sickle Class Paint Company.. 399 Varsity and Kiva Theaters 370 w Wcitern Glass and Painl Company. .. 392 Weniz Fuel Oil Company 404 WcdtT Cycle Company 398 Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Company 386 Paee 42:

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